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No. 1413907

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1413921

File: 1641842193291.png (537.08 KB, 1444x1478, sad!.png)

Sorry ladies I wanted to make this sooner rather than later so we didn't have a repeat/uncreative thread pic.
To start off, I found this narcissistic high school boy on r/MtF, his profile is full of whining and being scared of getting hatecrimed but his actual pictures show him "boymoding" with zero effort to be trans. Clearly a retard who thinks females get tons of attention and love with no effort whatsoever kek. He's 17, I hope that's okay with the rules here.

No. 1413934

kek i remember this person from a r/hockey thread he kept clogging up talking about how he wanted to buy a pair of thigh high socks but was too scared to. He seems unhinged.

No. 1413947

File: 1641845192269.jpg (210.4 KB, 900x675, da0.jpg)

Kek I love this thread pic. Trannies really do think they will be allowed to LARP their highly capitalistic fetish in their commie utopia.

No. 1414023

It's tolerated and forced on lesbian and gay people in Iran. They don't want communism, they love fascism so why not?

No. 1414032

kek true

No. 1414060

>interests are basketball, military history, motor sports, video games and hockey

i love how they're never even a little gnc

No. 1414065

File: 1641854721966.jpeg (186.26 KB, 1147x1057, A2488268-A6B3-4064-A399-504204…)

> omg how dare there exist a population of women that I can’t gaslight and threaten into fucking, now that I’ve transitioned?

No. 1414089

>a man: i straight up don't understand heterosexual women. can't believe u like lmao
>that's gay

Men are a disease.

No. 1414121

File: 1641858051746.jpeg (42.26 KB, 963x481, euphoria-season-2-hunter-schaf…)

Has Hunter Schafer stopped taking his hormones or something? Against all odds looking even more manly now than in the first season of Euphoria

No. 1414138

No. That’s just a male for ya

No. 1414140

He’s just aging and losing his twink-like looks

No. 1414180

To be fully honest this one pic is possibly the closest looking tranny to his cartoon character I’ve ever seen. Try next time some demons from trans subreddits, they are truly horrifying.

Maybe if you consider people who sometimes play mobile games on their way to job while commuting, but in the space of “gamers” meaning game communities or even playing video games in free time at home the gender ratio is at least 65:35 split even in the most female dominated genres.

No. 1414185

File: 1641862445474.png (7.84 KB, 1098x167, Do you keep tampons or pads in…)

Eww, imagine having to use a pad that a troon gave you, who knows he's done with it

No. 1414214

the kind of individualism trannies crave is against any socialist school of thought. Even if you ignore the fact they rely on capitalism/big pharma for the concept of a transwoman to even exist, men are considered a class and you absolutely can not opt out of your class. Trannies fail at even understanding their own belief systems.
why are you gatekeeping for the moids? A gamer is someone that plays video games. Just because it's on a format you personally don't like, it doesn't change that fact. There's no minimum hours you have to put in to be considered a gamer. Moids can't deal with the fact women play video games so draw these lines. Don't make their points for them.

No. 1414215

The idea of borrowing a pad from a tranny just made me shudder

No. 1414216

I'd rather drip all the way to the nearest pharmacy than borrow it from a tranny

No. 1414219

Does anyone even asks for period pads in the bathroom? Because some bathrooms in first world countries have pad and tampon dispensers.
And anyone can just suck it up and use a bunch of toilet paper to avoid having to spend money on an emergency pad or asking someone to give you their spares.

No. 1414222

These troons are delusional. I've only borrowed pads from close friends, I would never ask a woman, even less a troon.

No. 1414232

nonnie most of their face is covered!

No. 1414257

Are there any TERFs on Twitter and tumblr nonnas (besides JKR) or do they all get banned? I wanted to make a relatively tame vent blog for my sanity but idk if will if it just gets taken down right away for “hate” speech.

No. 1414260


there are plenty of terfs on twitter and tumblr but a lot of them are insane and annoying. enter at your own risk.

No. 1414265

File: 1641872843386.png (68.72 KB, 1404x917, I (32, AMAB) have no clue how …)

No. 1414266

It's going to be amazing to watch whatever public meltdown occurs because of this kek
Yes, once you find one you like it's easy to find more through the people they reblog from. Like >>1414260 said tread carefully.

No. 1414270

disgusting. this is why I never date men who paint their nails or do other feminine “expressive” things.

No. 1414272

You have to be careful of what you say because the CEO who took over in December is a dick and is cracking down on "hate speech". Don't get into arguments with troons and avoid calling troons men.

Because of the crackdown a lot of them ran off to gettr.

No. 1414273

samefag, I'm talking about twitter. tumblr is mostly fine.

No. 1414276

No. 1414297

Sure let me go up to a full-blown sirhon and ask him for a feminine product. What laydee wouldn't?

No. 1414305

Coming out during their wife's pregnancy, every time. Like a damn bingo card.

No. 1414308

That choreography was so underwhelming and kim barely danced at all kek. All those backup dancers were fitter than kim too, no woman could get away with that.

No. 1414312

No one wants troon moobs

There needs to be like some PSA about this

No. 1414317

File: 1641878598505.png (362.22 KB, 395x497, shayno.PNG)

dude lookin like shay

No. 1414318

File: 1641878653361.jpg (460.82 KB, 859x1274, Kek.jpg)

No. 1414319

File: 1641878662839.png (389.99 KB, 457x434, shaylolno.PNG)

No. 1414320

>I have been questioning my gender identity for many, many years (since I hit puberty, I'd say)
>My wife has indicated before that she's not sexually attracted to women

This selfish moid could've saved this woman from a lot of hurt. He already knew he had AGP for years before he met his wife, and he knew she was straight and not attracted to women.

You have to tell the man you're with that you would absolutely not stay if they ever thought of trooning out, but even then they can just lie and try on your stuff in secret.

No. 1414324

File: 1641879364991.jpeg (46.85 KB, 768x432, 1F807618-E04C-4080-9ED6-1E9963…)

Anyone else think it will come out some day Sophie raped someone

No. 1414325

Yeah he essentially trapped by having a kid with a selfish overgrown baby.

No. 1414326

File: 1641879475692.jpg (254.65 KB, 1080x1307, Shitty script.jpg)

Can't wait to watch the shitty movie that comes from this terrible script.

No. 1414327


Kim literally physically cannot dance.
Exulansic explained a bit how the scar tissue in his crotch likely limits mobility in his hips.

No. 1414328

File: 1641879544309.jpeg (161.96 KB, 767x1024, FIseHRpUcAg6_k8.jpeg)

Starring weird al's tim cousin

No. 1414331

LMAO they’re so entitled

No. 1414335

File: 1641880522589.jpeg (441.02 KB, 1538x2048, FHPPhK7VIAg6mrz.jpeg)

And course it does nudz.

No. 1414344

File: 1641881481152.png (258.66 KB, 457x434, 1661848661739.png)

Is that his backfat or his moob spilling out of the corset

No. 1414349

File: 1641882054311.jpeg (60.01 KB, 554x415, 5E42C07A-3146-43FB-8EDE-94AC17…)

i only saw retouched pics of his ass before and thought he could pass okayish but good lord is he ugly without filters. that moid hairline doesn’t lie.

No. 1414351

Sophie's been dead for a while now, if it was going to come up it would have happened already

No. 1414353

Out of all mainstream troons (lol Hunter Schaefer) I find Kim sometimes passes in photos but the huge amount of surgery and jaw shaving is extremely obvious.

No. 1414354

sophie was one of the most narcissistic moids ive seen. No way there's not victims in his past. His music was utter shit and he almost destroyed Charlie xcx's career by convincing her to release the vroom vroom EP and let him mix it. He fucked someone elses career up as well in similar ways but i cant remember who. He seemed like a snake, always in someone's ear just like Alok.
kim has never passed. It's always been photoshop. I remember when his music first came on my spotify mix and I looked him up because I wanted to know what woman would be singing about such materialistic crap with absolutely 0 substance to ANY of her singles. Everything is just "haha designer bags, buy me things daddy, touch my tits, I'm an ice-cold bitch, let's get high". Made sense when I found out he's a mtf

No. 1414356

i think that's literally fat. He looks like he's put on a solid 50lbs in that music video. Sadly he'll never get the ind of treatment a woman popstar would for packing on the eelbees like that.

No. 1414359

he used to semi pass before he touched his face. what's so ironic is that usually they pass better before hacking at their faces. he looks horrid now. did he bring down his hairline too? his larger forehead and wide jaw actually looked more feminine in this case

No. 1414369


the attempt to have a waist/figure with garments made for women, only to create two waists. he under stood the assignment, or soemthing.

No. 1414373

File: 1641886046620.jpg (131.01 KB, 888x544, men.jpg)

I'm reading things about him and what a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1414376

Ot but men always show their true colors after they get their wives pregnant so she can't escape. There's also been documented cases of jealousy husbands feel when their wives get pregnant, and a rise in cheating, abuse, etc.

No. 1414378

The thumbnail kind of looks like Olivia Wilde with a terrible case of the mumps

No. 1414379

File: 1641887525699.jpg (832.74 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220111_025003.jpg)

the comments are so bleak

No. 1414381

Petras in these stills looks like a young unhappy chubby prepubescent boy's face superimposed over A cup breasts in a corset stuffed with chicken fillets.

No. 1414392

File: 1641889456585.jpg (688.39 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20220111-112128_Sam…)

This person actually makes sense, shocked to see someone who didn't immediately validate the trannys feelings and put the actual pregnant woman first.
And of course the tyranny didn't reply to it.

No. 1414394

Exactly. It's what shocks me the most in these countless "coming out to my wife" stories, like you've been in a heterosexual relationship for years, you know your wife is straight, so WHY THE FUCK are you expecting her to be sooo happy for you? You threaten everyone and their mother who dare question your supah girly weal identity uwu but you expect someone to magically change sexual orientations just for you? Or maybe, idk, you know deep down you're male and always will be but ultimately you don't care, you just want a het woman to play your lez fantaisies… Isn't it similar to threatening lesbians and accusing them of ~genital fetish~ aka woke homophobia? It just shows how scrotes think they're entitled to all women's bodies, because they see us as inferior beings undeserving of consent and feeling safe.

No. 1414402

how doesn’t fathering a child trigger muh dysphoria for these scrotes. they’re totally fine impregnating their wife which is an overwhelmingly male action but their tranny feelings only become unbearable once she’s expecting a baby

No. 1414406

I'd never ask for a pad/tampon from a tranny since they don't get periods therefore why'd they have any on them.

No. 1414407

This is a slight OT but I'm on tumblr, not running a terf blog but a cute aesthetic photo blog, and the amount of trannies that follow me is ridiculous. No man would ever be interested in the things I post but almost every blog that follows me has he/him in their bio. Even though I can't see their faces I know they're women. Most reblog ungodly amount of gay porn too.

No. 1414410

I just realized I'm in the wrong thread with this post, my apologies

No. 1414443

This is why you have to tell your scrote that you WILL murder him if he decides to troon out on you. Preferably you want to make this clear BEFORE you are married and pregnant. He needs to know that it's not an option and that if he's even so much as thinking about it he should fuck all the way off to hell. And never date men who are autistic or watch Anime or have a reddit account.

I assume most of the women this happens to don't even know it's a possibility, they need to learn. I hope all you straight nonnies in here know to be open about hating troons around your boyfriend. Show him troons from here to peak him and laugh at them together.

No. 1414444

I think they're cluster B and what actually triggers them is the attention the mother gets + the mother having less time and energy to feed their ego.

No. 1414448

Because being pregnant is basically peak femininity. Boobs get bigger, you are soft and round (but not fat), you are confirmed fertile and healthy, hair is shiny and growing, skin is glowing and radiant, woman begins nesting, she is comforting, nurturing etc. Weak beta men look at this and are jealous, because it is something they can't do and will NEVER be able to do. Their part in creating a child is passive, they don't have the same connection to the child. Plus pregnant women get treated kinder and are coddled by everyone around them, get tons of attention etc. On top of that the husband is suddenly not the main focus in the woman's life anymore. Her attention is turned towards her baby growing inside her and the man suddenly feels like he is not being babied enough by his wife anymore. She is too tired to have sex and cook dinner every day, he feels neglected. Which makes him even more jealous.

This is why you avoid dating manchildren with mommy-issues. As soon as you are not HIS mommy anymore but the mommy to his child he becomes cranky and troons out to get all the attention back on him.

No. 1414453

Being pregnant is peak femaleness, not femininity. They don't want to be pregnant, they want to be breed and degraded. It isn't the desire to love and be loved, it's the desire to be dominated. Stop thinking about them as women, they are men.

“How can anyone love someone who is less than a full person, unless love itself is domination per se?”
― Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

No. 1414457

Unfortunately commies seem to support them, I came across a random website from my country which said "we recognize transwomen as real women" where people could add their names for support, and a lot of people were official communist party members (most of them women of course).

No. 1414459

A lot of trannies have pregnancy fetish. Even femboys and gay men talk about getting "boypreggers". Because being pregnant is something that is entirely female and that they can't take from us.

No. 1414467

IMO the origin is the male desire to impregnate, which is normal and healthy, but in some men it becomes flipped and twisted and they turn it onto themselves, similarly to how the normal attraction to women is degenerated in some troons and makes them troon out.

I also think 99.9% of the people who talk about pregnancy are only interested in it in concept, and wouldn't actually want to be or get someone pregnant. They are using it to add the idea of procreation to their cooming to intensify the mental stimulation.

No. 1414468

Same energy as men wanting an abortion. It's all about wanking.

No. 1414469

Procreation isn't inherently degenerate, but can become part of a bigger fetish play, while abortion is darkest paraphilia.

No. 1414475

Extreme OT but I wouldn’t consider those things genuine, my commie country tries to do the whole
>w-we accept everyone(male) and everyone(female)
Just to get the votes from the retards who are and look like the guy from the thread’s pic. It’s all about making all of the small groups feel like they can join forces, even if they despise each other, to create a bigger force so they don’t have to work ever again and live in their individual communist heaven (ie: Free feminization surgeries/ Free pot/ Free prostitutes…) Because the state pays for it with the money of the ebil capitalists.

No. 1414476

Somewhat OT, but does anyone know what happened to Glinner?

I don't follow him at all, I just knew what his thing was, but now it seems lots of women hate him.
I tried googling it, but all I can find is seething trannies.

No. 1414477

That and, imo, a lot of trannydom is the fear of growing up. Because troons are terrified of any real adulting or personal responsibility. And when you think about it, having a child is the adulting you can't escape. A job you can quit, a relationship you can leave, but a child is a permanent responsibility. That stress combined with narc tendencies could explain why they decide to become troons- almost like a mid life crisis but even more embarrassing.
It's kind of similar with how men also get abusive when a woman gets pregnant. Or they cheat. Imo it's not just because the woman is "locked in" but also because men are shit at understanding their own feelings.

No. 1414479

File: 1641906614025.jpeg (68.04 KB, 700x695, 65D9433B-8099-44BA-9D4E-11DBDC…)

reminded me of pic related

No. 1414482

Just hetero women liking men are the problem. Not gay men.

No. 1414531

he got so fat kek

No. 1414537

this tranny really got a rapist to write a whole song about how nice his fake tits are. His face is busted and he's packed on the lbs. It's funny he carries most of his weight in his midsection like a male kek. The fact they couldn't even find a top to fit his beastly shoulders and he's spilling out everywhere lmao
I take it this is a normal part of being neutered as a kid? Same thing happened to Jazz.

No. 1414550

Not sure if it was any one thing. I know a lot of women were just getting annoyed by him being a man trying to steal the terf spotlight or whatever. Doing things for attention instead of helping. I understand, but I’m also like a whatever, at least he’s making a fuss about things and getting people talking.

No. 1414575

I think it has a lot to do with Arty Morty? He basically called radfems bloodthirsty bullies on Twitter after getting into a fight with Karen Davis. Glinner's response was to tell everyone to stop bullying Arty and write about "a tiny group of sadists" in the GC movement on substack.

It was a shitshow and left a lot of radfems questioning Glinner's sincerity and, generally, the role of men in the movement when they're so willing to sympathize with fellow males/AGPs over women.

No. 1414576

Doesn't twink death usually happen in the late 20's? Hunter's only 23 but looks a good 10-15 years older than he should, it's so weird. Maybe he's a cokehead or something.

No. 1414582

Don’t use toilet paper as a pad, nonnie. It falls apart when it gets wet so it makes a mess and the pieces can get stuck up in you and cause a UTI. Better off with paper towels in this situation.

No. 1414586

the fact that they're all wearing waist trainers just makes him look even more bricklike, it does nothing for him, he still has no waist and he never will. also his head got so extra fat, is that a side effect of hrt?

No. 1414591

this person really seems like a rapist going hard on the sheep's clothing ahead of time.

No. 1414593

bottom pic is how i imagine h.p. lovecraft's "the outsider"

No. 1414597

always such cold dead eyes

No. 1414599

motherfucker looks like charles gray

No. 1414625

its the hormones. no one's supposed to have two people's worth of hormones going through their liver every day

No. 1414626

big fan of glinner's work. Black Books is one of my favorite shows of all time, but he should never have been as centered in the movement as he was. There's something else going on with him and his motives beyond supporting women and radfems of all people should be aware a man's motives are never pure when involving himself in women's movements.
Does anyone know if it's true his wife left him over him over this?

No. 1414633

File: 1641923913278.jpg (31 KB, 474x474, cocoNUTS.jpg)

this dumb twink literally cant write anything of substance. All his songs are about his tits or shopping at expensive stores. I saw this video posted on reddit's popheads and was surprised the comments were actually pointing out that he is going to have to release something decent and not shallow listen and you forget about it after 10 mins after songs if he wants to be taken seriously.

I feel like his record label is investing a shit less money into him lately. His albumn cover for coconuts is sad, and this video couldn't have been made cheaper. All he has going for him is he's a tranny and now the newness has worn off it's obvious there's nothing there. He's not attractive even for a man, his head is basically a square now, and he's gotten fat.

Dr Luke the rapist was writing for Doja Cat and Kim and even though Doja didn't support him publicly and Kim did he still focused on writing for Doja over this busted tranny. They'll replace him with another flavor of the week tranny soon. He has no future in an industry that is 100% about how you look.

No. 1414634

cross sex hormones clear up skin and look good at first, but then it starts to thin and starts looking aged very quickly. it's poetic justice for these narc moids because they think they're outsmarting nature and can be a minor lusted after object for their whole lives with some female hormone cheat code, unlike the rest of us dumb "un-augmented."

No. 1414635

sorry meant to reply to >>1414276

No. 1414640

men turn into fat eunuchs without testosterone, who would have thought? if only there were historical records of this very thing occurring then we all could have known the outcome and avoided this horrific experiment. /tttt/ on suicide watch.

No. 1414641

there's probably some minor moid with dirt on him out there, but art and culture gays will never examine their communities tolerance towards questionable age gaps. just men being men.

No. 1414645

how are there so many men like this, what is wrong with millenials?

No. 1414648

no it won't, every tranny in existence is running damage control on their reputation

No. 1414651

Since when are they running damage control? They’re still spewing female hatred and that everyone should cater to them.

No. 1414655

they are literally narcissistic enough to want to pass on their gross agp genes. i hate men.

No. 1414659

when sophie died the tranny brigade was in every reddit art and culture sub spreading "awareness" about this very avant garde, ground breaking trans musician, even trying to muscle out a.g. cook as the father of hyperpop and pc music. it was even in the celebricows thread on this site.

No. 1414673

Do moids who larp as female online-only count/belong in mtf threads? I mean those who don't troon but pass themselves over the internet as real actaul women

No. 1414674

They're probably better suited for the femboy thread if they haven't mutilated themselves and don't sperg about tranny rights and gender coomphoria

No. 1414682

File: 1641927035344.png (897.61 KB, 1140x1654, 1641923046232.png)

I wish they would just use human trannies. I bet a ton of them would get off on it even. "UwU experiment on me daddy fauci!" you can easily meme men into a science experimentation fetish.

No. 1414683

File: 1641927183867.png (856.8 KB, 872x722, fauci.png)

No. 1414697

You have to be an actual drooling fucking retard to not know why a particularly degenerate and drug use tendent, open wound having breed of homosexual moid have prevalent asscancer. higher estrogen levels are already shown to increase aids resistance and troons bravely overcome this so 1000 wuts

No. 1414699

so just animal abuse
lovely, so sick of this
first the dogs now the monkeys, leave the damn animals alone
i thought we were past monkey tests

No. 1414700

Please cancel that study. It’s needless.

No. 1414702

Also, love the idea that pumping male monkeys full of estrogen will make them ‘’feminized.’’ It doesn’t. It just makes them a male monkey with an overabundance of cross-sex hormones. Never mind how this’ll impact the poor animal’s well-being.

No. 1414708

If they aren't also showing the monkeys anime and porn 24/7 then it's not gonna have the same effect anyways.

No. 1414716

we should have listened to Alex Jones

No. 1414722

File: 1641931893122.png (85.62 KB, 975x420, Screenshot.png)

this one too, suprised its not deleted yet

somebody else also commented this and thats so true, it must feel so violating to be pregnant by a person you basically don't know at all, the entire relationship is based on lies
>Depending on how you define "consent", the pregnancy could easily have been a consent violation given she likely wouldn't have wanted to be pregnant had she known what OP knew for years. This is a very serious situation.

No. 1414726

If only ):():)

No. 1414727

I know this girl irl and she was fucking devastated about this meme years back when it went viral.

No. 1414728

Truth and nothing but the truth, how unusual on redddit.

No. 1414731

He has to be trolling and this song is actually about his balls kek

No. 1414736

File: 1641933019860.jpeg (97.22 KB, 1200x900, 6CDD39A8-523F-4C5E-870A-9A3437…)

Sage, but I love this picture kek

No. 1414737

Daaaaaaamn, what? Of all places, Reddit? Are people waking the fuck up? You go baby, holy shit. Truth.

No. 1414746

I'll admit he somewhat passed when he was younger but I agree with the other anons, he doesn't pass at all except in highly touched up photos with careful angling and lighting. I think the reason why troons scamper to FFS is because they're afraid that as they age, they're gonna look more masculine but what they don't realize is that biology is biology and they're still gonna age like men regardless if they have FFS or not.

No. 1414748

THIS. They only fetishize the concept of being pregnant. Most of the time I hear these men gush about wishing they could be pregnant, they fetishize he sex/porn aspects like lactation and being horny. But they never seem to think about the baby or the baby's well-being. It's al about the peen feels.

No. 1414751

is it me or is the tranny movement getting a lot of (negative) looks recently

No. 1414770

Yep. Have yet to hear a tranny talk about how "validating" it would be to have their vagina rip open through their asshole

No. 1414776

God bless the poor wives and kids born to fathers who troon out

No. 1414778

This is the craziest thing i have ever read. I adore monkeys and this truly disturbs me how humans stoop so low to do this to them.

No. 1414787

Yeah even the article talks about how this won’t help humans lol, no monkey tests ever do. It’s just needless animal torture, and this isn’t a Fauci thread but we all know how that guy treats puppies, so.

No. 1414788

It’s not you but wrongthink posts about troons get deleted/memory-hold fast due to the terminal lefttardation of most social media and journalism.

No. 1414832

…anon these are the kinds of studies that need to happen to identify the effects that HRT has on the body so that fewer people become the test subjects. This doesn't even enter the top 50 cruelest nonhuman primate studies conducted within a given year either.

No. 1414833

File: 1641941722137.png (1.07 MB, 1184x459, free the nip.png)

I expected this to have negative upvotes. Did the farmers mass upvote the comments to overpower the troons who'd downvote the comments of sanity?
Imo women should be able to have their marriages annulled and get a divorce payout the same way that divorcees who were cheated on do. If I were her I would take the child away IMMEDIATELY but first gather all the dirt I could to make sure this moid never gets to see his offspring. Hell I'd even lie and say I cheated and its not his if it meant he'd fuck off and leave the kid alone. Last thing you need is monthly visitation where the troon father is trying to force gender ideology onto their child who deserves a normal upbringing.
Okay I swear I saw this dude's nipples multiple times throughout the video (picrel). Since female nudity is banned and nipples must be covered (see: WAP), this should be as well. Can we get it taken down?

No. 1414834

Same op, I'm not spoilering–it's a dude.

No. 1414837

He looks horrible and bad bodied. It's like if the trans who trans young don't remain bone thin, they end up gaining weight and their fat distribution is so off. Like Jazz Jennings, his head isn't fat but his body is just a huge circle.

No. 1414838

And laugh with your moid about how disgusting men look in women's attire, even after they've had FFS, fillers, and all the surgeries to 'feminize'. Make them realize that it's either being masculine or LARPing as a weird circus freak that no one actually believes is a woman. The better that a moid understands this, the less likely they'll troon out. We know moids are dumb in regards to edited pictures as well so in the case of 'hot trannies', make sure they see candid pictures as well. Also good if they have friends who dunk on trannies and not ones who thirst over them and claim that "chicks with dicks are kinda hot bro".

No. 1414839

its not shooped???

No. 1414840

if they don't do these studies then we get peope like jazz jennings and kim petras used as the test subjects, in real time. yeah animal testing is cruel but you all don't even understand what the tests are for and why they're doing them. you're hurting your own arguments by just going straight to "not the heckin monko!!"

No. 1414841

monkeys are assholes, have none of you ever lived in a jungle? personally i hate chimps more, though. those fuckers are straight up evil. fauci should test on them instead.

No. 1414844

it's shooped. anon doesn't know her, is just trying to start what would probably be a really funny argument.

No. 1414847

But who cares about trans shit anyways? Ik big pharma literally has a direct hold on research but money could be going towards cancer research or something underfunded like the ENTIRETY of women's healthcare.

No. 1414849

File: 1641943198500.jpg (233.99 KB, 828x1442, youdontpassevenalittle.jpg)

They can't even pass when they block their whole entire faces.

No. 1414851

you need scientifically rigourous, properly gathered data to prove how bad trooning is for people, anon. if there's no study TRAs just keep saying we're wrong.

No. 1414863

Those fucking boat feet, I didn't know they made women's heels in clown sizes…

No. 1414864

fuck off monkeyhater

No. 1414865

File: 1641944687743.jpeg (1001.24 KB, 1170x1535, BEFE2975-1BCC-4560-AB79-B33883…)

No wonder he hides his face lmao
Predictably like every other troon he posts to any sub he can to get that sweet sweet validation, even subreddits titled femboys, traps, and crossdressing. The AGP is so real.

No. 1414870

His voice also sounded more male this season

No. 1414895

Wow he spray painted words using a stencil, how talented.

No. 1414897

The study isn't affiliated with a pharmaceutical company (it's Scripps) and grant money is earmarked for countless different niche subfields. Don't whine about how there's no reliable research on the potential side-effects of transitioning if you're going to clutch your pearls when reliable research actually happens.

No. 1414899

File: 1641947787802.png (26.17 KB, 1078x363, quote jokes unquote.png)

but where's the funny

No. 1414905

did you reply to the wrong anon? i'm ayrt and i have been pro-monkey study this whole thread!

No. 1414910

it's not shooped she literally looks like that lmfao. she wrote a long facebook post about how upset she was.

No. 1414914

okay well congratulations to her for living somewhere that women don't get shit on for their looks at all, tell me where it is so i can move there. many of us here are ugly and don't shit our pants every time someone makes fun of our weird faces.
i roll my eyes so hard when some unmemorable or chubby "hottest girl in town" moves out of the suburbs to somewhere with more than 12 people and is SHOCKED and APPALLED that she isn't also the prettiest girl in LA or NYC or Chicago

No. 1414921

my bad nonnie, I meant that for >>1414847

No. 1414926

Ntayrt, but this is a really good point. It's of note that all of this men posting about being fearful of "coming out" are aware that their pregnant wives will likely leave them sooner or later. They paint this as a fear, but it seems more like the goal. They don't want the responsibility of adulthood but they cannot leave their wife without being painted as a deadbeat. As a solution, they become trans and force their wives to leave them, thereby transferring responsibility for the separation and simultaneously claiming victimhood from "transphobia". Once female, they then enact their dream of being a ~skirt-go-spinny girly~ and continue to play out their pedophilic, AGP dreams and continue to avoid any responsibility.

No. 1414927

File: 1641949509866.jpeg (365.26 KB, 669x834, 4262326B-FADF-47A0-847F-BB12A8…)

KEK from the celebricows thread.

No. 1414938

No they don’t. Men taking HRT causes acne, premature drying and aging, and thins hair. I

No. 1414941

Holy shit I’m so excited for Euphoria S3

No. 1414946

File: 1641951273460.webm (9.38 MB, 576x1024, VID_20220112_012552.webm)

troon ebegging for 245k for plastic surgery off of teens on tik tok, there's kids in the comments saying they're waiting to get their allowance so they can donate. we truly live in the end times I think

No. 1414947

File: 1641951391656.jpg (212.22 KB, 1266x1680, 20220112_011542.jpg)

the gofundme being advertised on tik tok has raised 90k but there's several of the-this jobless male has got three hundred thousand pounds from this, the new nigerian prince scam?

No. 1414948

File: 1641951451353.jpg (20.12 KB, 749x227, 20220112_011602.jpg)

hopefully the consequences are just him 41%ing

No. 1414949

why do they need to be done? can't they extrapolate the same results from studies done on gay men? they have increased HIV rates for the same reason gays do, because their two men having sex. Dangerous promiscuity, unsafe sexual practices, an open wound ready and waiting to receive infection. if gays can get it from microcuts in the anus imagine how easy it is for troons to get it in their neovaginas? the study is literally an excuse to fuck up some monkeys.

No. 1414950

Responding to legitimate criticism with "it's just a joke" is the first chapter of How to Gaslight for Dummies, I stg. They can't shut up for 5 fucking minutes about how much transition turns them on, but get mad when someone else points it out. You couldn't invent a more insufferable group of people if you tried.

No. 1414951

lol a black man whining that a white woman was able to get funding for an actual emergency (i.e. to get housing) while he can't get hundreds of thousands of dollars to get his man bones shaved down.

No. 1414965

Anon you pointing this out makes me believe if the baby is a boy they could try forcing their AGP fetish and forced trooning on it since they couldn't "grow up" as a 'girl' themselves. If the baby comes out a girl they get to force the most 'feminine-society' stereotype stuff on her while doing it themselves, possibly creeping on the young girl, and the wife/mom is stuck as a mommy/maid fetish rather than the whole person she is.

No. 1414966

anon you are not paying attention. several science-chans have explained how rigor and peer-review and studies work. this isn't a fucking red robin, you can't just subsitute phase 1 animal research for a few hundred gay guys' immunoassays from 20 years ago like it's chipotle mayo and peppercorn sauce

No. 1414968

uh yeah, Loonette needs to dress up for easter dinner too. don't come down on clowns like that, they did nothing wrong.

No. 1414973


At least people on Twitter are wise to his scamming but jesus fucking christ

No. 1414982


I've seen so many troons do this, even if you give the benefit of the doubt things just aren't adding up.

Over 13k in housing fund and the 139k survival fund, even factoring in Southern Cali prices that's more than enough for 2 years worth of rent in a 2.5k apartment unit. Heck even just the 13k is more than enough if they aren't in a luxury apartment.

It's 300k and counting, let that sink in, why on earth do they need more??? How is that not more than enough. They never even explain exactly what it's for or at least give a scan of a surgeons estimate.

No. 1414996

The study is into whether taking titty skittles increases susceptibility to HIV, dumbass. The primates will be on hormone therapy for a few months, have their T-cells examined, and then go back to life as normal. Research into treatment side-effects is conducted because just-so statements from retards on gossip websites aren't acceptable forms of evidence.

No. 1415006

Hoping he gets botched when he eventually goes to get surgeries.

No. 1415007

My biggest question is, who the hell is donating that much money? Undercover rich degenerates? Tranny donation campaigns always seem to get ridiculously high numbers that could let a person live comfortably without having to worry about anything for quite a long time.

No. 1415022

I had to guess either rich trannies themselves, chasers, or people who are major supporters of LGBT+, hell even organizations could be too.

No. 1415056

File: 1641965240608.png (733.28 KB, 460x1433, dcrank3.png)

LOL I saw this compilation on twitter last night of him grifting little girls, but I didn't realize it was the same creep from those multiple gfms I've been seeing
According to one of the now-deleted GFMs I read a while ago, the money's so he can get into showbiz. He's probably not even going to get surgery.

No. 1415058

File: 1641965381864.png (313.11 KB, 588x633, ilnr.png)

this one's some kinda super narc, huh.
I hope this gets lots of publicity because this shit's hard to see as stunning and brave lmao

No. 1415059

File: 1641965502064.jpg (39.41 KB, 827x435, FI1btTOXMAY1iE-.jpg)

lol this is too much

No. 1415085

File: 1641967746451.png (33.54 KB, 594x284, hs.png)

holy shit, it's probably even more than 300,000

No. 1415087

They've changed their "genders" but their male and female socialization are still there, she offers help while he gets mad and angry at her for not handing him money he's entitled to. Kek.

No. 1415088

Alright so which one of you is this? Kek. No way someone with this smart uses reddit on the regular.

No. 1415091

File: 1641969129503.jpg (182.63 KB, 828x1792, FI3b0vhXsAMkTkL.jpg)

The twitch one. loll this con is covering all the bases

That is exactly what I thought. All these teen girls offering up their pocket money to make a man feel better. It reminds me of that piece of shit who faked getting kidnapped last year.

No. 1415093

File: 1641969455359.jpeg (113.64 KB, 1024x1024, 7A74D785-D2E1-4FFF-90B2-4FA951…)

Brave and stunning. Over half a million dollars scammed and you still look like this?

No. 1415094

There's is no way to report this scam huh? >>1415056

No. 1415095

File: 1641969568250.jpeg (379.18 KB, 1536x2048, 3E65AFB2-91ED-42EE-B317-9A81B8…)


No. 1415096

File: 1641969646348.jpg (135.51 KB, 1080x732, FI4bMoMVUAIVnHm.jpg)

I'm sorry, $3342 a month in rent? Well shit, no wonder he needs so many gofundmes
I hate how angry this gets me. I work so fucking hard. I'm so sick of men's greed

I've seen people trying to report it to gofundme, but I haven't seen any results yet

No. 1415097

File: 1641969806277.png (36.5 KB, 597x320, tiu.png)

>this is totally unacceptable

No. 1415098

most trannys get assaulted and murdered in south america, yet I never see donation appeals for them…wonder why

No. 1415101

File: 1641970096822.jpg (49.45 KB, 1024x576, FGFeKt5VEAMWdER.jpg)

he posted this, and it actually made me shudder. The choice of words is very unwholesome

No. 1415103

File: 1641970389473.png (20.74 KB, 599x201, idsm.png)


No. 1415107

He sounds aggressive and entitled. I don't get how he gets money when being so rude. He looks like the type to transition to beat up women in an "acceptable" way.

No. 1415130

>>1414841 you seem like an asshole, let's test the hormones on you

No. 1415137

>>1414897 If they cared about the side effects of hormones, maybe they should do the study before they started to prescribe them massively. We already know that foreign hormones ruin people's bodies and imune system, first of all it's common sence, secondly every transgender suffers health problems from it. Just because nobody talks about it, doesn't mean the doctors in contact with troons don't know. The study is pointless because we already know that the effects are harmful and logically with HIV which has everything to do with imune systems, it will be worse for hormone addicts. They don't need the monkeys to figure it out again, they just need to use their brain.

No. 1415161

That's not how science works. Maybe you should use some of that common 'sence' you keep talking about.

No. 1415184

You're wasting your time on this website. You should be talking to the Nobel Committee about your new method to test drugs by just thinking really hard. I think you're a shoe-in for the million dollar prize in medicine.

No. 1415189

> we truly live in the end times I think

It's felt that way for the past 10 years tbh I wish it would just end already

No. 1415222

File: 1641987964853.jpeg (197 KB, 749x1263, 70A5F0CB-F014-4301-829B-CEF9F1…)


I feel like anyone who had lived or currently lives in SoCal know that’s a luxury apartment price. LA is bad but not as bad as shoebox living in NYC.

A decent apartment that’s unfurnished in a safe area and comfortable will run you minimum 1.5k. This includes appliances that aren’t archaic and some amenities maybe a public pool.

3k+ isn’t normal, that’s specifically seeking out a high living apartment.
That’s multiple bedrooms and a living room kind of apartment.

Good on the LGBT center if they withdrew help because what the fuck? Living within your means. If you need a go fund me just to live there than you shouldn’t live there.

No. 1415227

No matter the money he gets, he will never be happy. Don't be jealous of a mentally ill scrote who uploads pictures of himself in shitty lingerie and makeup to beg for money. He'd be ruining any chance of getting a real job - if he had any, kek.

No. 1415228

Sorry to burst your bubble but most troons don't actually have health problems from hormones, if "nobody talks about it" then there's no way you could know, and even terfy detrans people claim to have no problems. A lot of meds that people are prescribed daily are more harmful than hormones

No. 1415265

genital atrophy, depression, sterility, high abdominal fat levels are hormone-induced health problems prevalent in most of the hrttroonage though.

No. 1415271

Medfag. They do. Just because it doesn't show immediately doesn't mean they're all fine. From chances of certain cancers rising to permanent scars, loss of fertility and genital atrophies, infections, etc. detrans people suffer. Especially if they had feminization surgery, breast surgery, etc

Most of the trans identified males kill themselves when they regret it instead of detransing because even if they had no lasting effects, they'd be known as the once-tranny. They always overshare and act like deranged transvestites, no one would forget them.

No. 1415276

ntayrt, but do you really think that?

>These may include an increased cardiovascular risk in both transwomen and transmen, a significant increase of body mass index and systolic and diastolic blood pressure in transmen, and osteoporosis at the lumbar spine and distal arm in transwoman. Reported adverse effects also include venous thromboembolism, fractures, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hormone-dependent cancers, and finally, with some disagreement, osteoporotic changes in the bone mass, density, and geometry in transmen and transwomen patients have been described.

And puberty blockers are probably even worse. Lupron especially:

>Women have reported to the FDA hundreds of cases of insomnia, depression, joint pain, and more than 100 cases of blurred vision. About 900 reports cite side effects that children below age 13 have suffered, mostly within months of taking Lupron. Those reports frequently note injection-site pain but also include dozens of cases of bone problems, such as pain or disorders, and the inability to walk.
>Among men who take Lupron, its label warns of increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death.

We won't know the full extent of the damage until the huge wave of younger people who are taking hormones now have been taking them for a while. The previous generations of trans people had a high mortality rate because they were often involved in prostitution + drugs, so there aren't a lot of them alive to note the effects. They also weren't often entirely consistent with meds, either because they couldn't afford them or just because it wasn't standardized yet. A lot of desisters and detransitioners haven't been taking hormones for more than a couple of years and already report the beginnings of what will hopefully not be lifelong damage. I've read men talking about extreme fatigue that won't go away even after a year without estrogen, and women talking about chronic pain doctors can't find the source of.(Also, reading about what happened to Buck Angel's vag gave me nightmares)

No. 1415280

Seconding what the other anons have replied, and also meds with "more harmful" effects are usually prescribed for some real medical reason, which would be worse than the side-effects if left untreated. Being a degenerate coomer is not a valid reason to prescribe estrogen.

No. 1415303

if i didn't love my parents too much for that i'd also make a "transition" fund…
the world is so unfair

No. 1415305

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1415306

anons really care more about face-eating disease vectors than abused human children wow.

No. 1415307

kek i'm from singapore and lived in hong kong during school, this person is a fucking asshole. half the male students in my dorm were taller than the beds.

No. 1415308

make it and buy them a fancy condo and a nurse for when they get older!

No. 1415311

we've seen so many obese hypothyroid stringy haired monstrosities that detrans people who say this are just thinking magically in the other direction.

No. 1415314

I’ve reported you for the obvious tranny coping, go back to /tttt/. Imagine advocating for barbaric human experimentation and the violation of research ethics in the MtF thread of all places.
Anons with a background in research like myself have talked about trans studies’ unethical and false reporting throughout these threads. Trans studies are not held to the same standards as other research and any statistician or researcher who reads a few trans healthcare papers will confirm that for you, not just me. In any other field, if there is an issue in research methodology or a blatant data manipulation it will be made fun of across the entire field and potentially ruin your career, yet data manipulation and obvious research methodology errors are the norm for the few published trans studies that exist.

No. 1415319

File: 1642002369663.png (74.73 KB, 738x758, groomed.png)

Discord has trooned an entire generation of men.

No. 1415327

hi science-chan, perhaps you could post a quick primer on animal research to explain to the monkeyfucking-chans why they can't do the study on kidnapped homeless men?

No. 1415329

kek he still got more money from this single gfm than the TIF did, not even counting >>1414947
Imagine having to work for your basic survival needs and 'lifesaving' plastic surgery

No. 1415343

lmaoooooo they deserve to lose their money. I cant stand TRAs

No. 1415346

literally a man with moobs. They custom fitted that corset and it still doesn't fit his male body. He can't even move on stage due to his amhole. Kim Petras is a gross experiment gone wrong but he has the audacity to make a song called "you want my coconuts".

No. 1415355

File: 1642006314872.jpg (579.78 KB, 1080x2515, Screenshot_20220112_173638.jpg)

help I've fallen down a rabbit hole of disgusting twitter troons and I can't get out

No. 1415356

File: 1642006394410.jpg (388.31 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20220112_175026.jpg)

>selena the sapphic girlfriend

No. 1415358

File: 1642006551248.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x4316, Screenshot_20220112_175503.jpg)

only violent fascist terfs wouldn't want to share a locker room with these lovely ladies uwu

No. 1415367

whoa what is that gut? it's like a…soufflé top

No. 1415371

I wanna see genderbends of troons reacting to the troon process

No. 1415372

File: 1642007691973.jpg (51.38 KB, 955x316, 20220112_141304.jpg)

Found this guy saying this about his stink ditch
What's the difference nonnas?

No. 1415375

I absolutely hate how many of these are just men who have long hair and that's it. Would Louis XIV and Slash troon out in 2022?

No. 1415376

it's a very ugly axe wound hole kek

No. 1415377

Eeww the nude woman calendar in the back… Who the fuck under 50 buys those? And why would you proudly show off this evidence that no woman who wasn't your mom has ever stepped foot into your room?

No. 1415379

You mean a clone of the troon but the target gender or natal gender

No. 1415380

Reminds me of either trannies with only male siblings reacting to him confused af or those with only female siblings reacting to him in disgust. Either way condolences to the families of all trannies

No. 1415381

This man unironically gives me rapist vibes, like I can tell he sexually assaulted someone in the past just by the choice of wording he uses

No. 1415390

File: 1642009339539.jpg (414.21 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220112-122724_Twi…)

She clearly looks like a woman

No. 1415391

File: 1642009361172.jpg (346.48 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220112-122732_Twi…)

No. 1415394

TIL that i am a hole. thanks, troons!

No. 1415401

LOL holy shit this is such major cope!! Where was this? Are there comments?

No. 1415403

The word estrogen now repulses me thanks to troons. Fuck do I hate them.

No. 1415405

This should go in ftm thread surely? I was gonna say that’s the best passing tranny I’ve ever seen and he’s a “butch” kek.

No. 1415408

Think the point she's making is that GNC women will be targeted too. But idk, I know a lot of terfs. We're all GNC, and I've got a few friends who are butch to the point of getting regularly ~misgendered~ and some of them have been questioned in bathrooms. Most of the time, it ends with embarrassed laughter from the accuser. The one time anyone I know has dealt with something worse, it was a crazy religious woman who was just as angry to find out the butch was a woman. None of my terf friends, however, would 1. be so dumb that they'd think a butch was a man, or 2. even tell a troon to fuck off unless he was being a creep.

If this dummy's issue is that ~terf rhetoric~ is making normies more transphobic, then she can eat shit. A bunch of women pointing out the truth and standing up for themselves can't be blamed for bigots being bigoted.

No. 1415420

Yeah. Just a hole. No muscles, no connections to major body organs, no functions outside of being penetrated for cooming purposes. It’s just a hole guise.

No. 1415422

Same, I was rewatching some Golden Girls the other day and they made a joke about having to take estrogen and I couldn’t even laugh because the troons have coomerized it so much.

No. 1415428

i remember a troon activist from my country died at 32 while being on a motel/love hotel because of multiple blood clots on his lungs. obviously other trannies instantly cried MUH TRANSPHOBIA and claiming that the chaser killed him, but when the police discovered the clots, the case was silenced and buried. nothing strange to see here.

No. 1415429

I'm on the masculine side and when my hair is short (and sometimes even when I grow it out) I've gotten a confused look or two until they realize I'm female, and a child occasionally asking their embarrassed mother why a boy is in the girls bathroom or saying I look like a boy etc. But I've never been yelled at or told to leave, and no one ever got hostile with me. Maybe it's because they realize after a moment that I'm not a man, but I wonder where this girl lives. I'm in the deep south and never seen anyone act that way.

No. 1415434

she's not trans/FTM though, she's just saying she was mistaken for a trans woman (which I don't believe for a second)

No. 1415435

I personally knew a TIM who died in his 20s due to a blood clot caused by estrogen. He’d previously injected heroin so his arm veins were already somewhat damaged. At the time, my troon friends told themselves that “transphobia” killed him because he’d been taking the estrogen without a prescription (his insurance/finance situation probably didn’t allow him to see a gender doctor, he’d recently been released from jail for selling drugs at the time of his death). But it’s like…he died from being a mentally ill person who was self medicating with drugs (hormones) because he thought it was the solution to his problems, instead of getting proper therapy.

No. 1415441

Insurance not covering trans-related-healthcare is no more transphobia than it not covering certain meds for a patient with epilepsy is 'ableist'. It's just the system. Shut up and make a go fund me and you'll be on the proper drugs in a week.

No. 1415444

i'm butch too and live in the south (but not the "deep south") like other anon, and yeah old ladies thinking i'm ugly isn't really the same as giant apes stomping into the bathroom used by young women and children.

No. 1415448

It's the mypartneristrans subreddit, a thread about a guy feeling bad about himself because he didn't actually like girl dick even though he was forcing himself to try to

No. 1415452

File: 1642015768119.png (6.47 MB, 2028x1945, ugly troons.png)

made a collage for you nonnies. Let these brave ladies into your female spaces, you bigot terfs!

No. 1415463

File: 1642017340640.jpeg (29.27 KB, 400x400, 423734EA-A542-4453-A0F1-C6A62C…)

Kek I honestly thought this was Sam Ray. Picrel

No. 1415471

These freaks have nothing in common with women so why the fuck do they want to invade our spaces? To talk over us, giggle about spinny skirts and makeup like that's all we do? Disgusting fetishists.

No. 1415474

This is what happens when you elevate 'black trans women" to a god like status and impressionable children believe they must worship them by donating their money.

No. 1415476

Wasn't there some Most Holy Black Transwoman who made an obscene amount of money pretending to get kidnapped by Mexican gangbangers just last year? I swear, these kids never learn. I feel bad for the teenagers who blow what little money they have on these freaks, but I've no doubt that they'd shun anyone who tried to caution them against it.

No. 1415498

idk who that is but the dude in your pic is definitely a rapist too. look at his face, he's uwu jammed his dick into some girl who he said could crash at his house after the trains had stopped for the night.

No. 1415519

the result of every man getting a wife and being able to breed. incel culture is finally a correction by nature.

No. 1415556

File: 1642023987307.png (12.29 MB, 2773x2040, reddit.png)

r/MTFbutch is a goldmine of zero effort AGPs

No. 1415568

holy shit the entitlement of this troon. You can get a nice 1 bedroom around Hollywood for something between 1.5k - 1.8k. For over 3 grand, you might as well be renting a full fucking house. This is definitely a /luxury/ apartment that he doesn't need. Those GFMs aren't for "survival", they're just for supporting his bougie-ass taste while not getting a damn job to support it. What an absolute narc.

No. 1415572

I'm sure femme lesbians are just aching to get with that horrific greasy male built like a fridge holding a huge gun. The nerve of these grotesque freaks to call themselves butches.

No. 1415579

aw man, i livein toronto and you can get a really shitty 1 bedroom downtown for 1.8k. why is the rent in this fake city so insane

No. 1415580

Tangentially related stupid question: in cases where minors get hormones and GRS without parental consent, does their parents' insurance still pay for it? How does that even work?

No. 1415582

No. 1415665

>>1414947 i hope they send his ass to jail for scam, i cant believe people are so retarded to fall into this, btw feminization surgery doesn't counts as cosmetic surgery? he is so narcissist.

No. 1415677

File: 1642033456702.jpg (1.69 MB, 2896x2896, PicsArt_01-12-06.21.59.jpg)

No. 1415681

ugly trannies have no fun
ugly trannies failed son
ugly trannies reach for gun
ugly trannies 41

No. 1415682

Male brow bones are so fucking ugly lmao actual Neanderthals

No. 1415702

I go here but this is retarded a little

No. 1415707

No. 1415718

File: 1642037229370.jpg (501.16 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20220113_022404.jpg)

♪ I'm 25 I'm round and pale, yeah I was born a ginger male ♪


No. 1415730

My heart jumped because that last dude looks just like Jerma. Unless that is him and this is a joke.

No. 1415731

File: 1642038698450.jpg (22.77 KB, 640x360, nu6s7g.jpg)


No. 1415732

first dude is ugly but damn the bottom one is a tragedy. cute guys make hideous women

No. 1415748

>cute guys
straight white women need to love themselves more. i am sick of seeing steve from blue's clues on your phones. your man's not a sex god, you just watched too much tv.

No. 1415754

Yes, that poor horse. What a loss.

No. 1415759

> i am sick of seeing steve from blue's clues on your phones

bet you sat on that joke for a while huh

No. 1415780

totally OT but if people can sperg about gay man then i can say that steve from blue's clues is bald now and he looks good that way

No. 1415782

Sperging about gay men who are also trannies is entirely relevant. Die mad

No. 1415793

i'm sorry i'm not attracted to bland capeshit actors like you

No. 1415796

File: 1642045111440.jpg (552.35 KB, 2048x1536, 20220108_193819.jpg)

Shitty attempts at memes at the twansphobia protest in London

No. 1415800

>gets hole surgery
>thinks a vagina is just a hole and not something with muscle, can contract and clean itself
Is that why troons say their axe wound is just like a vagina?

No. 1415801

Sometimes I wonder what I could accomplish in life if I had just 50% of the blind confidence these delusional men have

No. 1415805

File: 1642045807769.png (128.87 KB, 749x929, troonlaws.png)

Apparently there's a bunch of bills being introduced so troons can't enter washrooms and brain wash kids into being troons. Here's hoping they get passed lmao

No. 1415808

the bathroom issue always gets me. it’s a fucking bathroom. how often are these freaks going to public bathrooms? i honestly can’t remember the last time i used one. to get so offended over where they spend at most ten minutes at a time just makes them look like predators already. like, really? not being able to piss next to a little girl is gonna cause violence? is it because they won’t be able to harass and creep out men like they do women and girls?

No. 1415809

of course they just leave their shit behind once they're done like the petulant little boys they are. Waiting for mummy to come and clean it up

No. 1415810

File: 1642046260763.png (273.24 KB, 759x963, ss4.png)

All dem questions just to say you're male in every single one of them. Troons love their word salad.

No. 1415820

File: 1642047203682.png (8.87 KB, 1148x165, I am a woman with a male body.…)

No. 1415826

File: 1642047670359.png (3.81 KB, 502x121, Why does everybody hate us.png)

This questions been asked several times and none of the responses are ever correct. Even if someone did give the correct response it would probably be downvoted to hell and back.

No. 1415827

Starting to think that sex ed and biology classes have t been a thing in America for years. How are they do retarded? How do males think that it’s just external and not internal differences?

No. 1415829

it’s pretty clear when you actually add all of those categories together. there is not a single person on earth who provides a conflicting answer for each of those or whose sex characteristics are firmly in the middle. TRAs are deluding themselves if they think otherwise.

No. 1415836

He's purposefully being obtuse about it. Troons know very well what biological sex is, but they're hoping to confuse people.

This makes no sense. If tims apparently already have "women's bodies", then what are they correcting? Why are they aspiring to be what they call "cis women", if they are already sooo valid as women?
Not arguing that they don't chop their dicks off, it's better that these moids can't reproduce. Their arguments just have so many flaws.

No. 1415842

File: 1642049124030.jpeg (136.59 KB, 1038x910, FI6t0z6XsIQkn3S.jpeg)

Troons just want more victims in their cult if they are actually against children being evaluated

No. 1415860

Dunno about America but here in Ontario they introduced troons and non binary into the curriculum pretty recently. Im in my thirties and when I was younger they was never any mention of this in our books.

No. 1415863

Kinda based. Thought Finland was deep in gender woo but at least they're not giving children hormones and blockers

No. 1415865

File: 1642052048007.jpeg (374.93 KB, 750x523, 90F26C72-412D-4D31-9220-F045B6…)

No. 1415870

beautiful ano, thank you for making this.

No. 1415891

The tide is turning, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Troons managed to lobby for a self-ID law, but it's been stuck in the parliament for a year and they keep postponing the process. I have my popcorns ready for the inevitabe shitstorm.

No. 1415894

Ot but reminds me of those monkey hate videos on youtube. Why do you hate monkeys anyways? Most of the monkey hater community were white American men and women who had never seen a monkey anywhere but on tv or in a zoo.

No. 1415895

By "cis comfort" they mean lesbians having to be comfortable with taking dick, it's basically advocating for corrective rape.

No. 1415900

>trans lives over cis comfort
A combination of extreme psychological fragility and extreme entitlement lead to this saying. The thing that is allegedly threatening their life is people opening up about sexual harassment. You could say “trans dysphoria over cis sexual consent” and that would be accurate.

No. 1415904

File: 1642055872024.jpeg (457.19 KB, 720x1004, E61019A7-A9DC-4EE2-BD13-0C23B6…)

A troon raped two girls and received no jail time. I hate this planet

No. 1415918

They are trying to silence lesbians and women in general though so isn't that destroying free speech? Try to speak up and and they screech TERF TEEEEEERFFF

No. 1415930

Imagine killing yourself because you can't go to the women's restroom

No. 1415938

Correction, because you can't assault women in women's restroom.

No. 1415977

>This will cause violence
Sounds like a threat

No. 1415990

Some places in US do not require sex ed for religious purposes and some of the biologies is just overlooked. Yeah, most Americans are taught women have periods and children but like that is about it. They don't really teach women biology to boys and male biology to girls.

No. 1416005

I live in the deep south in America and sex ed was the most basic of basic you could get. The genital anatomy section of textbooks were always completely glossed over and I didn't even learn about the clitoris until I looked it up on my own. Clown world.

No. 1416009

If all of those things somehow won't define him as male, his weaponized incompetence surely will

No. 1416020

He was required to register as a sex offender for life despite being a minor. So at least there is that. I'd be interested in seeing the full judgement though, the rationale will be in there.

No. 1416022

>According to the Daily Wire, the Judge apparently noted that the boy had "one of the most disturbing" psycho-sexual evaluations she'd ever seen, going on to say: "You scare me. What I read in those reports scared me, should scare families and scare society."

No. 1416026

And she let him go free?? Infuriatingly stupid.

No. 1416029

All but the last one of those options is a phenotype caused by your chromosomes and 99.9% of people's physical sex based appearance will match their chromosomes. Thankfully the definition will never actually be changed because it would indirectly fuck over every animal related study or concept.

No. 1416035

he apparently got no time bc the mother of the victim was lenient
https://4w.pub/skirt-wearing-teen-boy-sentenced/ (sry ik It's An Imageboard but this whole article can't be capped)

No. 1416040

they're basically saying that the word "woman" doesn't mean anything and that real women don't exist at all, and they wonder why they're accused of being misogynists

No. 1416050

The mother, THE MOTHER of the VICTIM was lenient??? What the fuck is wrong with her???

No. 1416054

I'm pretty sure there were at least two girl victims, even. that makes it worse to me. fuck that mom and fuck the courts for allowing that.

No. 1416056

I'd be beyond furious with my mom if I were the girl. Did they have a say at all? This is so disgusting I want to hurl and punch the mother and castrate the rapist. Hope he mutilates his genitals in the near future and suffers complications.

No. 1416072

>>1416050 She was probably threatened with being outed as a transphobe or something, or even violence. Not to blog but I've known a tranny who'se parents threatened the families of the girls he assaulted.

No. 1416077

This is so disgusting. To have to fear being labeled a transphobe just because you defend your own daughter who got raped by a tranny. Ludicrous!! I hate this woman hating society so fucking much I have no words for this bullshit. And it's really cowardly of the parent to give up fighting just because they'd be labeled a transphobe. If I were the mother I wouldn't give a fuck. That tranny committed a hideous crime and it has nothing to do with transphobia to demand that he suffer the consequences of his actions.

No. 1416086

So the father of the first victim has been smeared as a psycho transphobe for that embarrassing scene where he was dragged out of the meeting looking like a fat drunk being ejected from a strip club, and I remember reading the first victim being quoted as saying she didn't want anything bad to happen to trans people just because of what happened to her. The dad says his business has been blacklisted because of how he was portrayed in the media, and that girl's social life is basically over if she gets seen as a terf at her age. I think the mother is trying to protect the two of them. It's hard for me to judge because I can't imagine being in that situation. She's probably terrified and hadn't heard of all this bullshit before this happened.

Guilt by association is a very popular tactic in troon politics. That's why they beg randoms for apologies they don't accept. The pageantry is to keep everyone afraid of being ostracized. Imagine any other minority group commanding this kind of power.

No. 1416092

The troon cult has completely engulfed America with its tentacles since the Joe Biden adminstration. Remember how the ugly troon secretary of "health" was questioned on whether he accepted cross sex hormones to be given to kids by Rand Paul and he completely evaded the question? The media coped by saying he was facing a transphobic smear campaign since any kind of difference of opinion against this cult of psychopaths is considered an attack on their human rights, lmfao. These people are actually one of the biggest threats in the Western world.

No. 1416098

calling a 15 year old girl a terf because she got raped by a tranny.. I… I am speechless.

No. 1416101

Handmaidens, not even once

No. 1416104

Using this kind of logic we should also strike off any laws regarding species or race or even the concept of being alive. After all, those are just categories invented by bigots hundreds of years ago with no concrete definition either.

No. 1416106

Think this has been going on a little longer than a year lol There are a lot of republicans with money in this. They play bad cop to keep their constituents happy, knowing that the dems will push the other way. When there are huge sums of money to be made, the issue is always bipartisan behind the scenes.
The current CEO of the National Center for Transgender Equality (the biggest American trans lobbyist group) is Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, the daughter of two Republican congressmen. I know we're not defined by our parents' politics, but she's still chummy with them according to her twitter.

I'm not American, so I'm not loyal to either party, but speaking as someone from a country with two major parties that aren't so deeply in each other's pockets, I think it's shortsighted to put the blame solely on that thousand-year-old puppet and the goobers he's surrounded by.

I mean, to clarify, I don't think she is a terf, not that there would be anything wrong with that, but the word's used as a cudgel to beat women into silence, and I imagine many teenage girls are terrified of being seen as one. It makes me sick to imagine how scared she must be after everything she's already been through.

No. 1416122

It's quite obvious that this hasn't just started last year and has been developing over for at least a decade, mostly thanks to astroturfing done by Big Tech companies. But it's undeniable how much mainstream it's gotten since Biden became a sitting president. I mean, he's gotten a troon to be the first "female" 4 star admiral for goodness' sakes. I don't support republicans or democrats since they're both puppets of the same agenda at the end but I'm just calling it how I see it.

No. 1416129

just ignore all these reports of bathroom assaults, anon, thinking trannies rape women in bathrooms is totally conservative hyperbole and fear-mongering!!

No. 1416132

That admiral thing was so ridiculous. I loved watching people try to act as if that were possibly a good thing. And yeah, I know what you mean. Even if there's very little difference between the two parties in terms of how they're handling things, it's exhausting having to hear them go on pretending they support trans people for any other reasons than financial ones. The propaganda is so ugly, and it's everywhere now.

This video goes over some of the strategies the Transgender Law Center is using to mitigate the fallout from the incredibly bad polling numbers they got on the debate about Transwomen in sport. The parts I thought were most interesting were that the approach to compare the issue with other issues (especially race), and also that in essence, the less people know about trans people, the more pro-trans rights they are. Imagine campaigning for something that gets less popular the more people know about it. Don't envy that job. (Also lol at that little weasel at the end. He praises contrapoints and then says something like, 'who cares about transwomen in bathrooms? SPORTS on the other hand…')

No. 1416133

notice too how every single tranny thing is focused on men because simply identifying as a woman doesn't make you one and men scream the loudest with their entitlement. i never see a trans man being "the first x".

No. 1416151

These are the same people who called female inmates TERFs for not wanting to be raped by the troons being transferred into the female estate.

No. 1416153

Apparently the girl has already been attacked (probably because of it)

Yeah I notice that too. The biggest thing trans men have had since the whole wave started has been that cover on the magazine I forgot the name, Shinji Page and getting roles in netflix shows nobody cares about.
I don't think I've ever seen TRAs triying to explain/justify this or even mentioning it.

No. 1416156

File: 1642086966538.jpg (200.93 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20220113-101211_Chr…)

Local media now refers to the assailant as a boy/male. He also will be on the adult sex offender registry. Guess they don't want this one to "count" in all their statistics.

No. 1416158

>trans lives over vis comfort

If your very existence makes people uncomfortable you should rethink your life. People aren’t uncomfortable cause you’re “different” it’s because you’re alien and wrong.

No. 1416163

File: 1642087857841.jpg (27.15 KB, 1058x81, cognitive dissonance.JPG)

Imagine writing this. Imagine the sheer cognitive dissonance you need to say this

No. 1416164

It’s truly evil to drop something like this on a pregnant woman. Disgusting.

No. 1416174

File: 1642088484409.png (78.98 KB, 746x436, retard.png)

man is unpopular among lesbians, more unsolvable misteries at eleven

No. 1416188

I hate how they call themselves femme. Slight ot but I have a friend who is surely going to troon out sooner or later and he calls himself femme. It disgusts me. There is literally nothing femme about him.

No. 1416256

File: 1642094086011.jpeg (785.94 KB, 750x6003, Nig_Heke_BannedTweets_Transwom…)

To the nonnie who was looking for nig_heke's banned tweets last thread: https://files.catbox.moe/08eaih.JPEG
The contents of the tweets contain evidence that transwomen masturbate in female bathrooms with women present and then sell this content specifically labeled as transwomen invading women's restroom exhibition porn on their OnlyFans. Cross-post this to the kiwi thread on tranny sideshows so it's archived in multiple places.

No. 1416266

The mental gymnastics men go through to prove to themselves they aren't obnoxious and hideous. What a distinctly male way of thinking. No one likes you because… drumroll… You're unattractive! There's not some unspoken woman code at play here, which he would know if he were a woman.

No. 1416268

File: 1642095506043.jpeg (815.53 KB, 1284x936, 3DD31ED5-C2C9-4833-8FC2-0A1B32…)

Not milk at all, just saw this recommended on youtube and now I want to know if the TRAs will be coming for Jimmy Kimmel kek

No. 1416269

Probably not he's a man

No. 1416271

Silly nonnie, ftms get to be celebrated for being the first pregnant men!

No. 1416285

based finland (for once)
a lot of tranny negativity as of late online huh
keep it coming
got banned for using an emoticon sorry nonnas

No. 1416286

would love to read the psych report

No. 1416287

outside of that though yeah ftms get ignored pretty much compared to mtfs kek

No. 1416289

File: 1642097486475.png (371.27 KB, 665x547, someone's father.png)

why do so many of them look much older than their age?

No. 1416290

jennifer pritzker is also a trans advocate and a republican too. so is caitlyn jenner.

No. 1416292

because of all the fucked up chemicals that erode their bodies over time and moid genetics in general

No. 1416293

from the man who brought us girls on trampolines and the man show. your motivation is brought on because you're sick of seeing ladydique in your porn. no thanks, jimmy! go fuck yourself!

No. 1416294

File: 1642097800151.jpeg (130.05 KB, 1440x1080, 9FC685E4-6186-4AAE-8AB7-6B80F4…)

No. 1416296

they've never taken care of themselves in their entire lives and think that cross sex hormones are going to undo that somehow. they are usually autistic and have even worse hygiene than normal scrotes and the most exercise they've ever done involves frantic mouse-clicking and jerking off.

No. 1416305

Hitting the wall is men projecting. They look ugly after 30 years old and it only gets worse.

No. 1416306

File: 1642098575126.jpg (296.66 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20220113-182543_Tin…)

god has abandoned us

No. 1416315

Forget 30, most are bald or losing their hair in their mid-20's.

No. 1416321


No. 1416323

I can't decide which is worse, his hideous mug or his horrendous uniboob.

No. 1416326

This getup looks like something they'd put one of the guys from Impractical Jokers in during one of the punishment skits

No. 1416336

always with the head looking like some 70s rocker and the bottom half being some weird hippie or bimbo shit lol

No. 1416340

Is that one of those weird breast plate things? It looks uncanny as hell. The fact that these people want to be taken seriously is hilarious.

No. 1416343

Hard to say with potato lighting, but it looks like it could be symmastia, which is a potential complication with breast implants especially oversized ones. Basically the area between his moobs may be separated from the chest wall leaving him permanently disfigured in his quest for coom. If it is indeed a breast plate, then they really fucked up making it look real and this autistic moid is too dense to recognize that it doesn't look remotely normal.

No. 1416347

there is lot of gender woowoo in finland but the health officials are kinda based, they even argued that paying for plastic surgery for troons is kinda unfair because why aren't for example cis women given boob jobs because some women feel insecure about having small boobs etc

No. 1416348

it's a breastplate, he was wearing it in a bunch of the other photos where it was far more obvious. just shitty lighting here.

No. 1416353

Yeah, they won't even fix "deformities" if they're not bad enough or cause pain so giving troons free plastic surgery would be very unfair. Non trans people can feel insecure and hate their bodies too. And if your biological sex doesn't determine if you're a man or a woman why do they need the surgeries in the first place, what is there to fix if you're already a man/woman despite your biological sex?

No. 1416354

what boogles my mind is that the majority of the men posted here are the people who went through the incel to troon pipeline.

what i dont understand is why didnt these men have surgery to looksmaxx instead of trooning out.

All the money for getting bolt on tits, neo-vagina or facial feminization surgery instead of getting surgery on their overbites/underbites.

No. 1416355

somehow it slipped that I was talking about breast deformities. But it feels really bad to call it that. Not everyone's breasts are perfectly round and perky.

No. 1416365

File: 1642103549072.jpg (81.47 KB, 1001x382, Screenshot_20220113-214635_Ins…)

I am so fucking angry I want to punch a wall and do so much more I can't mention here. This new inclusive way of speech is not proggressive at all.

No. 1416371

Incel-mentality focuses on how much easier they think women have it. An attractive guy would still have to approach women (something they could never do) so they think if they just become women they will live life on "easy mode" and potential partners will approach them. Of course this doesn't work, but that's what they think.

No. 1416374

I can't believe the mother doesn't believe that this boy will grow into a man and be a menace to women and society. They really think he's not capable of murdering or assaulting anyone just because he went to rehab for a couple years? He's smart he can fake that, and based on what the judge said about his history I can't believe they let him off that easily.

I'd like to know if they used boy in previous articles about him.

No. 1416383

No acknowledgement from the popular troon accounts about the assault case and the boys sentencing when they were defending him a couple months ago when the victims dad got bullied by the media for standing up for his daughter.

No. 1416390

File: 1642105270734.jpg (6.21 MB, 2448x3264, 1642105046710.jpg)

Can't follow any alt fashion subreddits without seeing these beasts on my frontpage

No. 1416392


The victim's mother said she thought there was a chance he could get help in treatment and zero chance he would get help in jail. That's why she asked for it. I can't fault her for that logic.

lbr, that boy is degenerate. He's never going to not be a rapist. He's just going to learn to pretend to be a decent person in treatment. In jail, he would probably learn how to be a more brutal rapist.(sage)

No. 1416394

Of course it's a closeup and he has the trans flag in the background. Fucking narcissist.

No. 1416398

He doesn't need help he needs a bullet to his head.

No. 1416405

File: 1642106083555.jpg (41.3 KB, 960x733, FIxNc9wXwAoxFu9.jpg)

No. 1416407

Based wife

No. 1416412

File: 1642106720793.jpg (187.37 KB, 864x1920, FIyuYwbVgAAPICK.jpg)


the sad replies

No. 1416415

even one of their own calling him a creature kek

No. 1416421

Buy lots of lube too instead, of you know, more important things like food and a home!

No. 1416431

If I ever got roped into a relationship with a man who decided he wanted to be a troon, I'd absolutely do this.
>pretend to be supportive "lesbian" waifu
>completely support his delusions and desire for surgery, saying then you'll be "real lesbians"
>serve divorce papers while he's dilating

No. 1416460

A HSTS made a song about pissing on the floor if you're not let in the bathroom and it's a bop even though I don't agree with the message kek.

No. 1416469

this is bonkers. imagine being a trans woman angry that women who are forced into having their genitals mutilated for male pleasure are calling it female mutiliation, even though you as a male will never undergo FGM and gaslighting women into thinking they're not forced into FGM because they're women, but because they are "clitoris-having"

absolutely insane, the state of this political climate

No. 1416477

FGM is one hell of a good argument against the retards who say "cis oppression does not exist". Like?? How do these fuckers think they sound when they say "cis" female oppression doesn't exist?? Is it transphobic and literal violence just to admit it does?

No. 1416483

They say FGM occurs because the victims are 'women' not female. They pretend that they think that misogyny is only about gender identity and not at all about sex.

No. 1416485

The most general definition biologists use for the animal and plant kingdoms (not fungi because they're weird) is based on what sex cells you have. If you have small gametes that move, you're male, and if you have large gametes that don't move, you're female.
Regardless, humans are are very obviously one or the other sex, there is no need for these bad faith redefinitions. This fucker is never going to gestate and he knows it, no amount of gaslighting the public is ever going to change that

No. 1416487

You mean you can't tell when a six month old male baby identifies as a woman and needs to have 'her' penis sewn shut? /s

No. 1416490

Didn't he anally rape one of the girls? He's already a rapist. The mothers probably got bribed, hope the money goes to therapy for daughter.

No. 1416494

Trannies are the same incel men that advocate for fgm to happen because its only fair, they get cirsumcised afterall(???). None of these men care about women since they seem to think women oppress them by not sleeping with them. that's their excuse for every hateful act. To lesbians, to girls they rape, etc.

No. 1416498

also, there's ALWAYS the private handicap/family bathroom, JUST GO THERE ffs

No. 1416499

File: 1642113578649.png (37.25 KB, 1108x448, Are they transphobic or do the…)

They don't have to hang out with troons if they don't want too and it is not transphobic do so so.

No. 1416501

Ngl this is kind of sad. He'll never fit in with the girls or boys.

No. 1416506

File: 1642114188160.png (3 KB, 921x65, The main difference between us…)

No. 1416507

What about the millions upon millions of selectively aborted female fetuses from across the world? Like you literally know nothing about this blob of cells apart from that it's female, which makes it undesirable. What's gender and identity got to do with that?

No. 1416508

the hilarious and sad thing about this is that this is just human nature. How many women live with roommates only to find out the three other (female) roommates exclude them/hate them for some reason/have groupchat with out them? This happens in groups of people all the time and most likely has nothing to do with him being trans at all, they just don't fucking like him. Like it sucks and I kinda feel bad for him but it has nothing to do with him being trans most likely and everything to do with… they just don't like you.

No. 1416510

The popular girls not liking him and quietly trying to exclude him while talking about him behind is back is probably the most female experience he will ever have.

No. 1416518

fucking CedarWolf being the mod of that sub is the icing on the fucking cake.

No. 1416539

>p-pls tell me is transphowobia so I can force them to hangout with me
I hope the women team up with the men to make him gtfo, but that won’t happen. Anyways, even if he was a naturally born adult woman, I’m sure he would still get excluded for being a fucking asshole.
I don’t feel bad for him, at all, he surely knows he has the transphowobia in his sleeve, and that he can throw it at the women and get the support of others, he sounds like an annoying little faggot who cries over the most normal shit.
But most importantly, he’s a grown ass adult and a man, he should’ve known that he wasn’t liked by the group, picked up his shit, and left, but now he’s losing any sort of “dignity” by whining about it on Reddit like the absolute loser he is.

No. 1416546

>feeling bad for this male retard who thinks he's entitled to women's friendship
fuck him lmao i hope they tell him he's a man

No. 1416575

I hate when they say this. There's actually a lot I like about being a woman, but the whole misogyny thing really ruins that. They're just exposing their privilege when they say this.
I'm not familiar, can you share more?

No. 1416595

File: 1642119694953.jpg (227.85 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20220114-022041_Ins…)

No. 1416601

File: 1642119840035.jpg (176.54 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_20220114-022045_Ins…)

No. 1416603

What the fuck?? How about advocating for not circumcising boys? But no, "If I suffer you must suffer too!"

No. 1416615

File: 1642120902315.png (60.87 KB, 200x200, 55583.png)


No. 1416618

File: 1642121184588.png (343.5 KB, 748x560, Amelia Is Dipping Her Toe Back…)

apparently this thing is back on twitter

No. 1416620

he dug his grave yada yada

No. 1416621

File: 1642121480977.png (15.99 KB, 738x174, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter (2)…)

Imagine a bunch of troons just sitting in the women's bathroom as a protest lmao

No. 1416624

Women ought to take that crazy troon's advice who made a song about pissing on the floor and piss on the troons sitting on the floor.

No. 1416625

Hot(unsaged bait)

No. 1416626

the shock of realizing that facts don't care about their feelings of being female and women still won't fuck them

No. 1416627

Switch the bathroom signs and let men use them as urinals.

No. 1416629

Theyd probably get turned on to that. You should just throw books and heavy objects at them instead

No. 1416635

File: 1642122611680.jpg (130.59 KB, 1124x1498, FI_tBPvXsAcRTTU.jpg)

No. 1416642

File: 1642123030278.jpg (48.86 KB, 680x850, 183.jpg)

No. 1416644

throw tampons and pads at them too. there's no way they could get off on smelly slimy used products like that

No. 1416654

Add used syringes to the mix and you got a great combination.

No. 1416655

File: 1642123778276.jpeg (339.52 KB, 2048x2048, B06DFFB5-74DD-4487-B459-C79118…)

American McGee is selling a “gender dysphoria” rabbit on his Mysterious store. I wonder how he really feels about it?
The backstory is as a teen his mom sold their house so it could fund her agp gf’s surgery. They left the entire house empty except for his room because they abandoned him.

No. 1416662

Got the fake boobs plate from wish I see

No. 1416667

I hope he bleeds them dry

No. 1416668

Oh, sweet summer child…you really underestimate the limitless potential of male depravity

No. 1416684

Did you crawl out from under a rock last January? This thing has been building for more than a decade, the current administration has nothing to do with it. If anything I’ve seen more peaking in this administration (not that I think it has anything to do with that either).

No. 1416691

>I highly doubt she can legally bar you
I mean that’s true; in the vast majority of jurisdictions you can’t kick someone out of their house without 30 days notice, even if they don’t pay rent. Exception is if keeping them there is an immediate threat to your safety, in which case the police have to be involved in you kicking them out.

No. 1416699

Unfortunately, I think he'll keep the dick because he's a rapist who probably gets off to the act of penetration.

No. 1416700

>Today it was learned that he has been sentenced to residential treatment in a locked facility for three years, and was ordered to a life-time registration on the sex offender registry beginning from age 18. Despite that, his identity is not currently known to the public due to his juvenile status.
He's not being released into the wild. imo putting him in a place where he's medicated and counseled for years is much better than putting him in prison for the same amount of time, where he'd probably pick up tips on how to be a better criminal. He's still probably going to reoffend, but this lowers the chances a bit.
The troonacy has been in full swing for the past three years, you dumb schizo. If anything more and more people are starting to get wise to it.

No. 1416701

go ahead troons, piss on the floor. by all means, make a degenerate spectacle of yourselves. then further peak the people who see you do it with the erection you get from your piss fetishes.

No. 1416706

Silly Jana doesn't she know that if she just identified as a man all the men would have left her alone?

"hey we're gonna marry you off to this 50 y/o moid"
"actually I'm a man"
"whoa no homo bro, that was a close one"

No. 1416710

File: 1642128324508.jpeg (101.03 KB, 768x960, C8C7118B-5196-4E13-99C2-0CA3AE…)

Lifespan going down

No. 1416714

>morbidly obese, sedentary
>McD's diet comprised of sodium, transfats and HFCS
>has a festering rot pocket between his legs he refuses to upkeep
>chugging synthetic estrogen, known to cause blood clots
This poor boy is going to die of a stroke or heart attack before he musters the courage to kill himself. I'll be shocked if he makes it to 30.

No. 1416715

You remember that mtf mod amy something that was in the news a while back because he was running for office in england and it came out that he was a groomer, pedophile, etc and was a super power mod on a ton of subs especially those targeted towards teens? CedarWolf is a friend of his, and just as creepy and groomy as that amy guy was. any time someone brought it up to him during the fall out (or even mentioned him, he'd turn up in subs he wasn't a part of, must have been searching his name) he would write 6 paragraph long responses about how amy was misunderstood and that wasn't the whole story etc. He's just as disgusting and pedophilic as the rest, plus he's a head mod of r/yiff as well.

No. 1416717

Two words: Jonathan Yaniv


No. 1416720

He's never going to get any better. I watch the Exulansic series on Jazz and oh my god, what they put him through on that show is horrific. His narc family just constantly ganging up on him and belittling him. If anyone in his life actually loves him then they need to intervene and get him out of there, but then no one intervened when he was being wheeled in to be castrated so…

No. 1416724

There’s no way he’s leaving that house for good while alive, just looking at him shows that they’re living off copium.

No. 1416746

>his brother is dating a black troon now

No. 1416755

his story was recommended to me on that gma(?) type interview on youtube from when he was 11. ever since then I've been getting TLC vids in my recommended about him now, all fat and binged out. i think it's depressing how his family has exploited him throughout his life. i actually feel sorry for him.

No. 1416762

Remember that troon her took onlyfans pics in his kindergarten students' classroom a few threads back? Whatever happened to him? Wanted to check in on that guy but forgot his twitter handle and can't find the threat he was mentioned in.

No. 1416766

File: 1642135494227.png (1.27 MB, 922x998, dead.png)

Poor guy

No. 1416790

Honestly, this is a phrasing I use when trying to peak friends. Vocalize a belief in a Manichaean binary of good trans/bad man, say that you support the good trans women entering women's spaces, and then show explicit examples of the bad men to say why you fear men. By slowly introducing an increasing number of bad men, you can help people see how rare the good trans is and how frequent the fetishistic man is which will lead to an eventual peaking.

No. 1416794

It boggles my mind that they never seem to be able to apply eyeliner in a way that lines their eyes. There is also that gap between lashline and where the liner starts. Do they just not notice how bad it looks? Is it a motor skills thing? Do they only ever take inspiration from other men on reddit?

No. 1416833

What happened to buck angel's vag?

No. 1416844

File: 1642145508436.jpg (359.91 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20220114_092814_com…)

Overwhelming positive comments on this video.

> said that transphobia in the lesbian community is only a recent development

> to not assume that everyone is as bigoted as the comment

No. 1416850

Is this supposed to be a tim? or is it another predatory enby
Tims can be hostile too, but there's something particularly creepy about these enbies that insist that they're "safe" and "lesbians" because "we're not men tho!"

No. 1416857

I legitimately feel so incredibly bad for Jazz, seeing what his family did to him and how they treat him now is heart breaking. They blame him for all of the mental and health issues he has now and don’t stop to think how castrating him as a child might’ve been why he’s so messed up now, his mom and siblings constantly bully him and use him for attention. Jazz is probably the only troon I would root for to get better, but knowing the family life he has he is probably gonna 41%.

No. 1416863

File: 1642148811293.jpeg (307.74 KB, 640x825, 27172EA8-B82E-4DFF-AD5F-2268A0…)

Omfg guys look at this comment thread
> The reason you think cis women dislike being women is because you're probably reminded that for everything good we have, we've had to work for it for many decades, unlike men who had all their rights from the start. You even thinking cis women hate being women tells me that you don't understand anything about us at all. Reflect on what you've said. Until you realize why it was wrong, your goal will never be within your reach.

> You know what? This answer really made me feel miserable. It just confirms that I'll never be normal, like you. I'm tired of thinking how I think and since I'm not a normal girl i guessed that I will never think like a cis woman… I am not one of you and i guess that you don't even want to accept trans women in such great communities bc I guess that we don't deserve sisterhood at all. I can't think like a cis woman. I can't stop envying you. I see cisfeminity as a treasure i will never be able to reach….ik im baised when I aggressively rant. I guess that male socialization will never let me be free from its chains. There a barrier between me and cis woman I'll never overcome…I'm just a weirdo compared to you and cis women. When I see cis woman telling me how femininity can suck, it just destroys my hearth. It reminds me that even the fact that I see feminity as a treasure makes me different from you…i guess you're right. You are normal and you know what's is like to grow up as a girl. I have only experienced misogyny personally for a couple of years, since I started passing. Sadly, we are not the same. I wish I was like you, like cis women. I'm tired of thinking this way but sadly that's how I was born…sorry. Just know that you are right. I don't understand you at all and I guess that I can't, since I'm not normal like you

No. 1416866

File: 1642149362909.jpeg (67.18 KB, 640x726, AD0D9E1E-1160-4C18-A027-8D2391…)

No. 1416870

File: 1642149488688.jpeg (232.22 KB, 640x727, B7242957-96A7-4A34-89D6-73E176…)

This guy is a goldmine of seethe. We might not all look pretty in the morning but we all look like WOMEN. He’s also crying about how he wants to marry a cis man.

No. 1416891

File: 1642151541499.jpg (34.42 KB, 640x549, xfi34of3ka571.jpg)


No. 1416892

Having children is good for women's health. There are articles that show breastfeeding decreases breast cancer rates and pregnancy helps with immunity.
What ages women is taking care of the moid like hes her son, getting abused, cheated, negged and most importantly having to do all child care, cooking, and house work. All that and their husband doesnt even earn more which means the wife does most of the labor in their relationship while he lazes around.

Men tell women that it's the new greatest thing to work on their career instead of having children so they don't have to provide for the women. Women should be supported throughout their education and career as it's better for the children to have educated women who will raise them better instead of internally misogynistic tradwives.

Sorry for the rant.

No. 1416895

>Most cis women aren't naturally pretty

Spoken like a true scrote.

No. 1416897

File: 1642151993153.jpg (29.8 KB, 702x282, GlsRfBr.jpg)

he can marry a "cis" man…it's gonna be a gay man though.

i'm keking so hard at his posts though. tucking is apparently "suffering". pathetic troon. say that to the women that have pain from uterine diseases. and this moid's an idiot to think that a crotch wound would be less painful, just goes to show that no trannies want to admit the realities of what srs really entails.

No. 1416899

Went through his post history and he used to be a cute gay guy and probably had higher chances of marrying a cis man then.

No. 1416905

You're right, he looked fine before. He also says that he hates being a "bisexual trans girl", because he only wants to like men. He also mentions an envy of how his "cis" female friends have an easier time getting sexual attention from males. Seems like a case of internalized homophobia.

No. 1416906

And then they took it as a hint to stop doing the tranny shit and lived happily ever after. The end

If only

No. 1416908

File: 1642153377605.jpeg (132.53 KB, 659x659, 327A0207-7C3A-4A34-9769-6EE495…)

Anyone else remember GLOSS (Girls Living Outside Of Society’s Shit) They had a bunch of PR for being the first troon band. All of their music is about violently attacking people who don’t accept them.

“Lyrically, Trans Day of Revenge strongly criticizes people's pacifism towards state terrorism, hatred towards transgender people and respectability politics in the United States.[2] Per Pitchfork, the lyrics have "sensitive detail that give them the occasional rhythm of poetry."[1] On the closing title track, several concepts are represented in only one verse, mainly with how the media and even people who are a part of gay communities negatively treat transgender people: "Remember those/Dead and gone/but don't let the media set us up for harm/HRC, selfish fucks/Yuppie gays threw us under the bus."[1]

The first few lines of the opening track, "Give Violence A Chance", are "When peace is just another word for death, it's our turn to give violence a chance!"[1] The song deals with how the amount of police brutality in society can lead to what Pitchfork described as "superstructures that determine who survives in America"

No. 1416912

File: 1642153580030.jpeg (566.21 KB, 2000x1466, 672F0012-07EC-4C03-B7CC-F400B1…)

Sadie Switchblade (dead name Zack Smith) now records under the name “Dyke Drama”

No. 1416914

File: 1642153700615.jpeg (561.23 KB, 2880x2880, 99EADEF4-070D-4E2B-AA74-7F4869…)


That always seems to be the case.
Because being a creature is better than just being a gay guy right?

Here’s what he looks like since everyone won’t just post the images.

No. 1416923

No. 1416940

File: 1642157868644.jpeg (451.28 KB, 1284x1697, 8BB39BC5-B672-4A19-B91B-AFC22F…)

>It's not mental illness!!

No. 1416951

He wants a cis, straight man. That would be the most validating thing in the world to him.

No. 1416952

Nta but yeah that makes sense I do think a lot of ppl go through a trutrans phase before peaking

No. 1416956

They think it makes their eyes look bigger. I've seen guides telling them to avoid lining anywhere near their eyes. All the weebs who did the same thing were professional makeup artists compared to that.

>The atrophy fused my uterus and my cervix together, along with my ovaries and everything else, creating an infection that burst and became septic.

No. 1416959

>his gynecologist
Kek. Maybe if you need to see a doctor specialised in female care you're not really a man, uh?

No. 1416960

File: 1642161762479.jpg (34.43 KB, 400x190, slider.jpg)

Okie dokey.
>So hopeful! I'm going to be a lady!
>No one likes talking to me because I talk about my trauma and everything Jordan Peterson says all the time!
>When people tell me that I'm ignorant for not understanding people's feelings, it makes me want to hit them!
boy's got a touch of the 'tism.

No. 1416961

My heart breaks for this boy. He never had a chance. Can you imagine how terrifying his situation is? He was born into a prison basically.. and the reality TV situation from a young age just puts another dystopian layer on top of all the other suffering. His parents must hate him.

He seems to just be playing a character at this point, and not very convincingly. I can't even imagine what his true internal dialogue is like.. I just hope he has some real friends he can talk to.

Exulansic's series on Jazz is very good but certainly not for the faint of heart.

No. 1416966

Can someone translate? Can’t understand wtf he’s saying. His voice is so fucking manly. The musical style just sounds like redneck kid rock and not at all punk/riot grrrl.

No. 1416967

What is the deal there btw? I feel like I've seen/read way too many instances of gay men fetishizing and lusting after straight men.

No. 1416972

all men are told to take what they can't have, and sexually aggressive. straight men want lesbians, gay men want straight men.

No. 1416973

It's just the other side of the coin as straight men wanting to fuck lesbians. Men get angry when they're told there's something they can't have. Gay men are still men. This is also how gay men can coom to feminization/bimbo shit despite not having AGP.

No. 1416977

File: 1642164242162.jpg (36.08 KB, 680x383, FIxsDZXWUAkC7Sd.jpg)

lmao at sophie's little goblin girlfriend being a slave while he gives a speech

No. 1416979

File: 1642164503986.png (22.33 KB, 975x162, FI6mJjNXIAAH6du.png)

Also he was having a whinge about this comment on twitter lmao

No. 1416984

>I want to wear normal cute soft panties
That feels gross to read, what’s with men thinking that just because it says “for women” in the label, it will be uwu soft and uwu and perfect?

No. 1416990

File: 1642166118219.jpg (435.33 KB, 1080x1763, IMG_20220114_141240.jpg)

Kek why do they even try

No. 1416992

No. 1417001

rapists do not need to be medicated and counseled. There's no curing it. some of you really need to get over the fact this boy is a teenager and see him as the rapist he is. It does not lower his chances to reoffend at all. In fact, the longer you are out of prison the higher your chance to re-offend if you are a sex offender.
In fact, mental health professionals aay people with ASPD (anti-social personality disorder AKA "sociopaths") usually use those sessions to learn how to manipulate their victims better and are never honest with their therapist. Treat him with kid gloves and why would he fear going back to prison?

No. 1417003

pregnancy is not good for women. pregnancy is an extremely high reproductive cost and women are abused for this fact. the shortening of the telemeres resulting from pregnancy can result in women dying years younger from DNA damage, causing higher rates of both disease and cancer. women develop tears, prolapses, and incontinence. some women develop permanent damage in their skeletal system and some lose teeth. breastfeeding also steadily strips women's bone mass. pregnancy can leave women crippled or with a new chronic disease triggered by the gestation. some women may have a nice pregnancy but for the rest of women, reproduction is a massive net loss.

No. 1417004

It's just the final form of the predatory not like other men feminist. The skulking betas that don't actually care about women but are just too pathetic to hang with men so only women will tolerate their meekness. Therefor they have to be more secretive with their perversions to gain access to vulnerable women (usually through emotional manipulation and trauma bonding).
It's like when a lesser male animal pretends to be a female in order to gain access to females without getting killed by stronger males. These types of males are too meek to be outright misogynistic, they have no spine so they don't have any beliefs of their own, so they just copy what women are saying to get them to like him. Then once he's in the clear he'll start whittling down women's self esteem with snide passive aggressiveness in order to establish dominance over way too accepting women. This class of male is the most likely to cry that men aren't allowed to cry enough. This is the ultimate nice guy. The final form.

No. 1417006

The fact that this Bob is dressing up like a toddler in public and not getting beat up by any passerby is what makes me lose faith in humanity.

No. 1417008

the fact that so many trannies go from being gay men to bisexual or straight tims proves that gayness can in fact, be changed

No. 1417011

File: 1642167850538.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3024x4032, 6A6D996C-74FD-4BFA-AEED-9057D3…)

It's the AGP, unironically. I had a TIM ex before I peaked who had those special tucking underwear, and because of course he never did his own laundry I've had to wash them loads. They're not hard or whatever, they have a similar texture to any other pair of compression underwear (just obviously quite a bit tighter than ones meant to hide a bit of a tum since they're cut like normal undies) and they kind of look like either swimwear if they're made of lycra or like a weirdly chonky undie if made of cotton. Either way it's just men whinging about whatever thing they've autistically focused on singling out as hindering them from being true and honest uguu anime girls - if he got an amhole installed he'd be complaining about his necrotized "clit" falling off.

Picrel, these were just pulled of Google but IME they look like this. I'd think this type of dick binder is better than taping your dick behind your balls or whatever it is they normally do to tuck but I guess it isn't "cute and soft" enough for him lol.

No. 1417013

These look like little boys' underwear

No. 1417014

I'm your next worst thing
Could be your best nightmare
I'm a lot of things
Like a flaming queer

You say I'm second to none, like I ain't second best
You say I'm second to none, a cut above the rest
You say I'm second to none–
But I'm still second to one

I'm your next best fling
Your consolation prize
I hear your frequency
Got demons in your eyes

You say I'm second to none, like I ain't second best
You say I'm second to none, a cut above the rest
You say I'm second to none–
But I'm still second to one

One of those girls

No. 1417016

More like there are more bisexual men than most people realize

No. 1417017

File: 1642168863603.png (8.64 KB, 657x86, Untitled.png)

did you know that birth has an extraordinarily high mortality rate that's only somewhat saved by modern medical equipment and that women still die from catastrophic infections during birth even in first world countries?

No. 1417018

holy shit an anime avatar said something intelligent for once

No. 1417020

There have been studies supporting either sides of the argument and while it's true pregnancy can be hard on our body, if someone truly wants a child it'll definitely be worth it. Having a child and bonding with them has positive psychological benefits aside from the physical ones I've already talked about.
Like everything pregnancy has its pros and cons. It's the woman's choice in the end.
Though I wish less women settled and had kids with men like the ones mentioned in this thread. Imagine going through a severely life changing event just to have your husband come out as trans during you're pregnant.

No. 1417022

Not wrong though

No. 1417023

Considering US a first world country when talking about healthcare makes no sense. US has a terrible healthcare system and even then, any type of surgical intervention has a chance of mortality and complication. Even things as simple as fillers can cause necrosis and blindness and teeth infections when not treated right can be fatal.
Sorry for OT.

No. 1417025

I wish men would still get beaten up for doing this so they'd leave kawaii fashion shit to women only and it'd be at least less of an eyesore

No. 1417026

this reminds me of a very detailed public post by my personal troon cow where he posts a picture of his own face next to an anime version of himself as his transition goals LMAO

No. 1417028

kek this is good. these men are dangers to society and need to be put down. a hulking man like that who's let to believe he's a woman and arbors a hatred towards anyone (read: women) denying his delusions is nothing short of dangerous.

No. 1417029

File: 1642170498864.png (26.11 KB, 1966x280, CC6938D8-31B6-4814-AA15-85AB02…)

>making “goblin noises” while hugging your “boobers”
>just girly things!

No. 1417033


shit like this makes me feel grossed out to have a female body.

No. 1417035

File: 1642171236664.png (5.6 KB, 326x69, fat.png)

No. 1417036

This is a diary entry at best, why tf do they feel the need to post shit like this in public

No. 1417043

Why do trannies talk about themselves in a weird analogue of how female redditors talk about dogs. I guess there's no actual reference for them to skinwalk so it's coom derivatives only

No. 1417051

File: 1642173019438.png (505.79 KB, 695x649, uwu.png)

No. 1417055

That poor woman having to deal with her failson, sad.

No. 1417056

sounds transphobic. i thought men could menstruate too?

No. 1417060

holy shit John Belushi!?

No. 1417063

I'm never going to have kids bc one of them turning into a hulking troon is too frightening of a possibility

No. 1417071

Quelle surprise.

No. 1417073

File: 1642175176003.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 4032x4030, 50302219-EF9A-4D6D-A727-A8A820…)

forgot to spoiler this abomination

No. 1417076

File: 1642175330650.jpeg (25.34 KB, 269x276, 101AEBFA-6C97-490A-B7A9-DB088C…)

No. 1417077

Ya don't say

No. 1417094

File: 1642177267789.png (180.79 KB, 245x321, thousandyardstare.PNG)

this is so fucking funny
good lord

No. 1417097

I love it, he looks like a Weekend At Bernie's as played by Wierd Al Yankovich cosplay.

No. 1417098

Yes, drag his ass!

Even when I was a TRA I only ever acknowledged them as women bc it was scary not to. I can’t think of a single TiM I didn’t see as a man in a stereotypical woman costume. They’re like sore thumbs and you never know when they’re going to release their narc rage at you.

No. 1417106

Bottom right corner, eyepatch cardigan made my sides split. What a nightmare collage.

No. 1417111

File: 1642178901451.jpg (691.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210106-001707_Boo…)


I've been keeping tabs on this transcel for over a year now. I nicknamed him Elle Rodger, lol:


No. 1417116


No. 1417118

No one understands what this song is about. It only makes sense in some mentally ill tranny's head. Stop self posting your shitty song.

No. 1417120

She went though 9 months of pregnancy and decades raising this moid just for him to become a degen tranny. Tell me again why I should have children.

No. 1417123

You're not wrong kek. They're basically briefs several sizes too small, but compared to binding for TIFs it seems it'd be positively comfy. At least compressing your microdick doesn't make it hard to breathe.

No. 1417128

>I wish those cis women would magically be transformed in hairy,tall and disgusting men with broad shoulders and a deep voice so that they feel like shit, so that they feel like me everyday of my life.
Nobody will ever hate trannies as much as they hate themselves. Also makes me wonder if this kind of reasoning consciously or otherwise is part of why some of them push hard for ftms to get on T, or hate detransitioned females so much. Even on T, even tall, even hairy, they'll still always be female while this moid won't. It's delicious tbqh, all he can do is cope and seethe over how even the butchest of butches is still visibly female while he has to don a costume just to get a pity "she/her" wherever he goes.

No. 1417153

It sure is feminine with this BEER GUT PUSHING UP MY PLEATED DRESS

No. 1417159


No. 1417165

I’m sure he would stay as round as he looks even if he only ate salad with celery.

No. 1417169

File: 1642184252516.jpeg (143.27 KB, 828x456, 3DD590FB-A8A1-40A2-924B-49070E…)

What I imagine dating a mtf is like.

No. 1417175

So is Tammy Bruce. And she claims to be a lesbian.

No. 1417181

File: 1642185311495.jpg (36.98 KB, 545x312, Capture d’écran 2022-01-14 193…)

samefagging with this tranny goon who just posted in that group as well

No. 1417182

File: 1642185347125.jpg (323.15 KB, 2048x2048, 271855178_10160094277693641_59…)

The stare of a sane and balanced individual as you can see

No. 1417183

Programmer gloves

No. 1417186

exactly the dumbasses here dont realize that his hormones are fucked up and no matter his diet he will be over-weight, ive noticed that alot of trans people who start with hormones at a young age tend to have weight problems and going for low hanging insults is not helping.

Also his parents encouraged him to be trans at a young age so i dont know why he is being treated like the other troons here.

No. 1417192

exactly, reminds me of those kids that grow up in borderline-cult religions. life inside may be shit but leaving is terrifying.

No. 1417198

Being a part of the lolita community in the early 2010s is the reason I'm a proud TERF, because disgusting AGP men often made our online spaces incredibly unsafe. But now that J-fashion communities have become overrun with men in dresses and he/they women, I have to put up with people like this for fear of social ostracization. At this point I just made the decision to stop buying secondhand (at least from sellers outside Asia) because I don't want to unknowingly purchase some man's fetish-wear. Fortunately I tend toward a more subdues style whereas men always go for the overtly childish kawaii look, but it is still a fear.

No. 1417200

How are they not embarrassed to show themselves to the world looking like this? No sense of style whatsoever either.

No. 1417208

Their fellow men ignore them and women coddle them endlessly, they honestly don't realize how ridiculous they look.

No. 1417217

there are either some bad genes or not enough exercise goung around in the "west". i have been to england, USA, and canada, and most of the men are balding by mid 20s, or at least their hairline is receding way more than i remember seeing on men in my 20s (i'm 38). in east asia, i see some indian or pakistani men who bald like that, but my white dad is 70 and has a full head of hair, and i can only think of a few middle aged chinese guys with gross combovers who i know.
is this an early puberty from processed foods? or is it the lack of exercise? (my personal tinfoil is that staying fit lifelong is the "secret" to being healthy and looking young. just be on your feet, don't work in an office et cetera)

No. 1417218

retarded underage incel moid

No. 1417219

oh snap, i guess butch lesbians aren't women then. guess i'm a man now. can i have 25% more money and get my boss to stop complaining that i didn't wear makeup and heels to the sales meeting?

No. 1417222

more proof that ugly women are literally invisible to moids. we're not even people to them. i wake up and see a gross fat bitch in the mirror every morning. get a biology masters and buy a condo like the rest of us, it's called learning to deal with your problems like a fucking adult.

No. 1417227

he looks like he'd smash your head against the sink if you looked at him weird in the bathroom
second from right looks like he'd attack a radfem while wearing a green wig and a backpack covered in dangling anime plushies

No. 1417230

i think better resources and separate schools/more special teachers for autists would stop so many of them from trooning. i hate troons, but i don't hate autistic little kids. and those children are being done a disservice by a society that tells them their mental disability is a social problem of their own doing, rather than a way they were born. remember how shitty dyslexic kids' lives used to be when teachers tried to cure it by hitting them?

No. 1417234

since autism is a spectrum alot of people dont care as long as they are high functioning even though they just as much have bad impactful effects (especially when it comes to socialization,emotion and EQ).

Ive noticed that autistic people in general have a problem with relating to the stereotypes of their gender which in turn makes them troon out.

No. 1417239

translation: "i will murder you unless you say i am better than a natal woman and suck my dick instead of being in love with her, you evil dyke"

No. 1417245

>all men are told to take what they can't have
is this why men scream at and threaten me if i say i'm not interested even though i'm not even hot? i'm a normal looking short brunette woman and scrotes flip out like gigi hadid turned them down if i say i just want to drink my beer with my friends

No. 1417247

why do their faces always look like they have a boner under their desk on a zoom call

No. 1417250

They probably do in Eastern Europe.

No. 1417260

File: 1642190117815.png (1.18 MB, 1276x984, Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 11.5…)

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1417263

maybe he should just stop buying packs of $2 underwear from walmart made by child slaves out of weird factory second polyester. i wear men's boxer briefs from h&m because i don't like any other shapes and they're plenty soft on my "uwu cIsFeMiNiNe" ass. they also fit better because unlike these surgery addicted scrotes, i am a natal woman with no curves but the gubmint won't give me money for better boobs and butt cheeks.

No. 1417264

that's motherfucking john wayne gacy's ghost anon, spoiler that shit!

No. 1417271

plus, ASPD and being a rapist are two different things. they could put him in one of those psycho schools but it would do nothing to address the raping, which is 100% incurable. drunk drivers and rapists DO NOT STOP. EVER. they have to be locked up for life or never allowed to drive again (in the case of the DUIs)
these people mentally live in a different world from you and i. they live in a world where rape is a possible action, the same way "get a burrito" or "buy a hat" is a possible action to you and i. imagine how insane it would seem to you if you got arrested for getting a burrito from chipotle and everyone told you you're not allowed to go buy a burrito from chipotle again; that's how rapists see their charges.

No. 1417274

yeah but you don't do it when you're 17. in the old days, there was a saying that "you lose a tooth for every child". babies are a huge stress on the body and scrotes are absolutely required, imo, to provide the support for their partner if they care about her and the baby. (which IMO they don't. they view women as lesser and i really believe that straight men do not truly love their woman partners. they are seen as possessions or status symbols, even by the "progressive" ones)

No. 1417275

what the hell is going on in your country?? my hopsital in the philippines sounds cleaner than yours, and we are told the USA is a much better place to live.

No. 1417280

"it's not a fetish"

No. 1417281

that guy's gonna kill his mom

No. 1417292

This right here is why you should all get a gun and take several gun handling classes.

No. 1417302

his family are also all narcs. they shame him for his habits, then when he changes them they mock him for all the times in the past when he didn't change him.
literally the "doubling down" episode from south park

No. 1417305

i go to an art college and the 18-19 year old real women who dress like this still creep people out. no adult should ever look like this unless they're in a play

No. 1417306

yeah i think they should just do it like schools for the blind, that have people ranging from total blindness all the way to motion issues only. these kids wouldn't troon out if they weren't being forced into "ableist"(ugh) education where there isn't really much of a place for them.

No. 1417307

>me: 120lbs, work at apple store
>him: 250lbs, ex paratrooper, work at car mechanic
yeah i'ma cross the fucking street no matter what you're wearing you fucking murder fetishist

No. 1417308

When do you think we’ll get a transition regret suicide from a celebrity? I think Elliot Page might kill himself. Might peak a lot of people tbh

No. 1417310

nah better option is hands self defence and practice running. it is highly unlikely a gun owner will have the discipline to react properly in surprise situations. look how much time they spend drilling military people on it; look how bad cops, who are drilled on it, still suck at reacting in emergencies.
a weapon you don't fully understand belongs to your enemy. that bigass scrote will turn the handgun around and shoot you right in the stomach. try to aim a gun when a gorilla is trying to take it from you. not easy.

No. 1417314

oh she will. what she's going through is the body dysmorphia suicide feelings many teen girls have. she was a balding, loose-jowled 35 year old woman who is also a lesbian (hollywood only likes gay with dicks). life in her profession had likely become hell compared to the a-list status she enjoyed in her early 20s.

No. 1417321

File: 1642194011352.jpeg (1000.93 KB, 1080x1229, F5758A5C-99AD-46C5-B348-40E77F…)

They seemed so unhappy in the Oprah interview, like on the verge of tears every second.

No. 1417324

This pic sends me every time

No. 1417328

it absolutely has to do with him being male/trans, wtf
the US has a horrible reputation when it comes to women's health, we've even talked about it in anthropology courses

No. 1417331

Men age like milk, even fake men.

No. 1417342

Isn't she only 34? Jesus she looks awful

No. 1417348

Nah it’s probably because they don’t wanna get dressed or be vulnerable in front of a tranny like they might around each other. There’s no way it’s not because he’s a tranny. Normies don’t actually see trans women as women even if they sometimes pretend to.

No. 1417350

That’s why street harassers go from “Hey sexy mama…” to “Fuck you fatass bitch!” in 3.5 seconds when you ignore them. Moids gonna moid.

No. 1417366

where did that jaw come from? I guess from same place as her abs..

No. 1417383

I'm intrigued nona, tell me more about boxer briefs on a woman's body. Does the dick pocket feel weirdly roomy? How are they on your period? I use cloth pads that wouldn't work unless I rigged up a velcro system or something, but I can see them being helpful for leaks. Sorry for derail.

No. 1417390

The first person that comes to mind is Jazz. That boy is miserable.

No. 1417395

File: 1642198202874.jpeg (425.13 KB, 1465x861, 860AA1A3-C510-4DEF-BDED-B07388…)

No. 1417400

File: 1642198820488.png (17.28 MB, 2857x3757, dykesgonemild.png)

shoutout to the lovely lesbians of r/dykesgonemild!

No. 1417416

Men's clothes are always so much comfier than women's. I remember noticing this in high school at Pac-Sun, the girls' hoodies were thin and less soft on the inside while the mens' were thick, plush and extra warm. We're left with all of the sheer, scratchy bullshit and dudes get to have comfortable, functional clothes.

No. 1417419

oh it's not a dick pocket, that thing is just a hole because scrotes are too lazy to move the underpants out of the way when they piss. these are the super short tight things that are just like, briefs plus the shorts' leg part(?) if you live in a big city or a normal country, a men's XS is for people with 34-36" hips. they're just like a cotton version of running shorts? or those aerie boyshorts but they don't ride up on my curveless gollum body.
i only have a 1-day period ever since i finished cancer treatment so i use like, 2 tampons a month.
exciting stuff, am i right

No. 1417420

PS you better not be a scrote looking for wank material. cloth pads? i'm suspicious, wish i hadn't responded now.

No. 1417421

yeah that's cause they know women can be forced to shop more often, men aren't socially conditioned to get new clothes.

No. 1417431

You've really never heard of reusable (aka washable) cloth pads? Maybe not with a 1-day period. Way less waste and less expensive over time.

No. 1417434

Jazz was a little shitty kid before he transitioned though, a spoiled brat pretty much. He overstepped a couple boundaries with him and his sisters and friends.

No. 1417436

soulless eyes

No. 1417439

File: 1642202023632.jpg (100.1 KB, 750x633, FJCdIRoXsAEUzC4.jpg)

No. 1417443

File: 1642202324159.png (22.08 KB, 746x595, 4.png)

No. 1417451

never before have I wanted to use the puke emoji so much

No. 1417460

Based fellow female brief wearer, pure comfort and fatass accessibility
these collages you're making are fucking terrifying good job. Male hairline was a mistake, whole male big mistake

No. 1417463

This has to be the next thread pic

No. 1417469

ayrt i know what they are, they're just a 60s thing in my mind. pads in general aren't a good time if your underwear isn't super super tight. not bone rattling but if your hips are 34" or smaller, adult women's underpants are just not proper tight. so i have used tampons since like…my second period ever. i thought diva cup was the only reusable thing!

No. 1417471

watch them shit up womens healthcare even more by using the names of female exclusive conditions

No. 1417478

File: 1642205688429.png (74.79 KB, 1113x1022, is this gender dysphoria or ju…)

another wife gets pregnant, man troons out

No. 1417481

Which one is this one? There’s so many sophies

No. 1417485

>I have a forced feminization fetish since I was 10
He answered his own question.

No. 1417500

File: 1642206756013.jpeg (471.68 KB, 893x1887, F80F88E0-E220-4488-A046-E33718…)

Holy shit I looked up his posts and this is insane. These tims usually end up alone with no irl girl or even guy friends eventually bc they pushed them away with their toxic overbearing energy. And these guys wonder why women don’t want their unstable asses around them.

No. 1417503

nyart but reusable pads are pretty sick, especially if you have irregular periods like me and want a pad on hand that doesn't get fucked up from sitting in a bag tossed about for over a month. Plus they come in cute patterns, I personally use Cariona (not a shill, I just like their ACNH pattern) and it's cheaper than disposables, comfier, and more eco friendly. For a one day period it and stuff like the Diva cup are not worth it at all I'd imagine but for most women with 7~ day periods a reusable pad/cup is a good option.

Slightly OT but never will not be mad that so many women worry/are shamed about the waste they produce on their period due to disposable period products while AGP tims just shove tampons up their ass for the validation feelz.

No. 1417537

File: 1642209894675.png (38.27 KB, 244x554, Magne_TV_Animation_Design.png)

Idk why horikoshi didn't get called out by troons about iNAcCUaTe RepReSEntAatioN about troons. Instead fanarts have "glow up" versions of him kek

No. 1417553

looks like a spot-on depiction of trans women to me. based Hori

No. 1417556

samefag, but the most inaccurate part of this character being trans is that his death was from Overhaul killing him as opposed to him 41%-ing himself

No. 1417563

File: 1642211480531.jpg (320.59 KB, 1440x1600, 667900743246790007433.jpg)

The skinny one is an ayden

No. 1417569

they look like the two people no one knows who start a fight they can't finish at the after hours bar and get thrown out by the bouncer with their faces bleeding while all the gay guys at the junkie table watch without sympathy, and the guy who they tried to fight gets a free drink but he's so embarassed he just sits in the corner with the female drug dealer for a while.

No. 1417578

>I clean myself, therefore I have girl brain
I fucking hate these males and I can’t believe that woman fucked that disgusting tranny.

No. 1417590

Such a complete proof of mental stability, this is a prime example of a person that should definitely get surgeries to botch their body on a whim and to get cross-sex hormones that won’t totally fuck him up.

No. 1417620

No. 1417626

Oh so he's retarded

No. 1417627

File: 1642218901795.jpg (287.15 KB, 826x1018, e22772e38e438ca5717f9f9a397819…)

Not only are they going to be degenerate Sissy fetishists but they expect their girlfriends to be the one to do all the work to "feminize" them
but it would be the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig

No. 1417634

Can we stop acting like giving birth is some catastrophic event, a cut could kill you without modern medicine. everything can kill you so lets just live in a bubble.

No. 1417642

One minute of the purest autism, I hope he gets to live his dream of being surgically turned into a dog one day

No. 1417654

hideous, no one wants to see any type of bulge. the troon on the far right has hank hill bod.
this could be turned around and used against troons as well.

No. 1417658

Is that noise in the background him grunting some kind of fighting game background music

No. 1417660

are you telling me this isn't an elaborate god-tier troll?

No. 1417667

File: 1642223332423.jpeg (809.14 KB, 1125x1533, E47DB345-9925-4532-9EEF-710BC7…)

depressing how they still arent getting it

No. 1417673

File: 1642224282502.jpg (57.67 KB, 564x564, 1624454305212.jpg)

I'd be disgusted and terrified if I ever saw that thing IRL. Fuck. But I guess that's the case for all troons.

No. 1417678

I bet if a woman made the same tranny it would be JKR level excommunication

No. 1417685

File: 1642225505695.jpg (140.2 KB, 529x647, tumblr_inline_okrft2FeJ21un9ek…)


Kek, Ken is a male name even in Japan. Did the other troon misgender him this is nuts, even in real life troons can't follow their own rhetoric. But since Hori is a man no troon complained

No. 1417692

File: 1642226156970.png (66.87 KB, 613x141, Untitled.png)

this is gut-wrenching. it reads like a fucking horror short.

No. 1417695

Yes, you couldnt, cope seethe dilate harder

No. 1417709

File: 1642228027179.jpg (67.24 KB, 656x428, okama-characters.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is cause of the fact most Japanese TIMs tend to be HSTS and are mostly crossdressing gay males

No. 1417710

Okama is different from trans as I recall… Altho a lot of gendies will claim an okama character is trans lol

No. 1417712

File: 1642228606875.png (387.32 KB, 1600x1920, NYKyza_Neutral.png)

It's not just extremely online gendies, the English translation for a very popular Nintendo gacha game(Fire Emblem Heroes) they/themed an okama character since referring to a feminine gay man as "he" would apparently be too much for the fanbase. Poor gay tigerboy

No. 1417722

from what I understand Japan has a "don't ask, don't tell" approach towards male homosexuality but on a societal level, its far different from the LGBT culture and rhetoric developed in the west

No. 1417729

ayrt pretty sure op is a tif which makes it even sadder

No. 1417734

Trust me, even the "ugliest" women look more authentic and womanly than the trans identified males that spend thousands on surgeries and hours on makeup. That's why they keep comparing their filtered and shooped pictures to bad pictures of women.
Hell their whole game is over whenever we see a picture of them next to a woman, no matter the woman's attractiveness, it's clear that one is the real thing while the other is a knock off.

Not being noticed by majority of men is better honestly. Men who go after model like women only because of their looks are retarded and toxic.

No. 1417740

The same anon you were replying to and omg, this is so true
>they view women as lesser and i really believe that straight men do not truly love their woman partners. they are seen as possessions or status symbols, even by the "progressive" ones
I really think most men aren't straight and much rather have sexual and romantic relationships with other men if society was more accepting. Most guys have deeper connections to their male friends than they do to their wife who mothers their child, which is super weird. They also have gay/tranny fantasies.
Only time scrotes care about a woman is if they see her as their pride and property, their wives, daughters, sisters come to mind.
Even in trans identifying males you can see they care more about fellow trans identified males rather than real women or trans identified women.

No. 1417741

Lets not get into the radfem theorizing, these dumbass takes are the tools trannies use to enter women's spaces
the ideas expressed by sub-humans really have no value

No. 1417742

I'm not feeling bad for him? He ruined his chances of meaningful friendships for a retarded fetish and that's sad and pathetic.

No. 1417744

The fact that they hate us just for existing, living our lives, it's scary. Like we picked our sex before birth.. I'm genuinely terrified of these people and I can't voice my concerns because I'm "not as oppressed" as the poor trannies and the next thing I know I'm labeled a terf, lose all my friends and will get threats of violence, rape and murder from the most uwu innocent people in the world. Trans feefees over women's lives. It's disgusting how trannies are celebrated and women are pushed aside. I do not feel safe. And that's exactly what they wanted.

No. 1417749

the designs on these, holy shit. literal manchildren

No. 1417750

I get sadistic enjoyment from reading things like this. I’m so glad they’re all fucking miserable and seething 24/7.

No. 1417758

>It does not exist
Agree to agree

No. 1417767

God, you're absolutely right. Reading that gave me chills, a tragedy in two sentences.

No. 1417769

File: 1642237132057.png (16.93 KB, 746x595, 1642202324159.png)

Ftfy troon

>claiming his "womanhood" isn't a costume
>that username

No. 1417772

I wonder how many women identify as nonbinary just to be safe from trannies? They're shooting themselves in the foot by supporting this trans lunacy but doing so they must feel like they have no other options to keep themselves safe since trannies have this "you're either with us or dead" kind of mentality… Just a little tinfoil.

No. 1417786

some do just to fit in with the dumbass lgbtqf3jvna+- club. trannies hate anyone that is "cis", it's all about gender now, and sexuality doesn't matter anymore. you either gotta be a tranny or some made up thing to be included and not labeled as a "bigot". lots of handmaidens add "they/them" just to not be called a "cissy". people that go along with it are definitely shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 1417806

File: 1642242821956.jpg (106.34 KB, 616x960, tumblr_76c9cdacc9834d9278693f4…)

is this peak AGP

No. 1417816

yes although if he's been on hrt for a while his dick might already be too broken or shriveled up to even get a cast

No. 1417817

I never assumed any of these were trans, just gay/crossdressers

No. 1417818

File: 1642244450067.jpg (605.92 KB, 1398x2688, iokwLRm.jpg)

No. 1417824

File: 1642245326231.jpg (32.44 KB, 610x415, PySBLGj.jpg)

i hate them

No. 1417829

File: 1642245844256.png (323.59 KB, 924x1222, twitter spergs.png)

Twitter's currently sperging out about this article, but the author is right.

No. 1417833

This is too much of a exaggeration to not see it as stupid clickbait. Nerds are like 20-30% of male population in developed countries, trannies are 0.2-0.6%.

No. 1417835

Not all nerds are trannies, but all trannies are nerds.

No. 1417844

I once went out with a guy who later turned MtF… I'm an A cup and felt super disgusting when he said his moobs are 'about the size of mine'. I'm glad we don't talk anymore because he kept asking me for makeovers and clothes shopping together - this was before I peaked so I just felt uncomfortable and tried to gently tell him that I don't even like clothes shopping or makeup. Now he has poorly bleached blue hair that turned green immediately because moid… which reminded me that he always said he had a fetish for blue haired girls. Why the fuck was I so nice kek

No. 1417853

nta but her takes aren't dumb. I'm glad she posted!

No. 1417874

Kek, I will always prefer the transracial version, they will never get it because they’re so up their own asses, with all the yass queening and gaslighting they make each other go through, that they wouldn’t get it even if you showed them documentaries of women going through hardships just because they’re women. That would only give them more sexual fantasies.

No. 1417877

Okama was just that culture's word for 'effeminate gay male'. It wasn't considered relevant whether an individual okama considered himself a woman or a feminine man, they're both okama.

No. 1417878

I don't know if this is true. All AGPs are extremely online in the twitter/4chan/reddit way, but a lot of HSTS (esp the gen z ones) seem to be more online in the instagram/tik tok way, which imo isn't really that nerdy. I couldn't see, for example, that one tik tok troon that gets posted a lot with the weird BBL doing anything "nerdy." Or the ones that got beat up in LA awhile ago either.

Not trying to write a thesis or anything but it seems like AGPs are more stereotypically "nerdy" on the whole than HSTS. Anecdotally from what gets posted here anyway.

No. 1417882

File: 1642252701411.png (308.09 KB, 527x426, jazz.png)

I did not realize that Jazz was this huge oh my god

No. 1417885

It’s kind of insane the family and TLC are keeping this show going when he looks like this, AFAIK he is on meds like antidepressants too

No. 1417893

Imagine having trans flag pillows. Maybe the munchie mom has started using tendies to get him to dilate.

No. 1417896

That's a doctor's office's waiting room. They're trying to appear woke.

No. 1417901

I feel truly bad for Jazz. Trooning out was never his choice, his crazy jew mom forced it upon him. It's child abuse. That's why he's turning into a superfat now. If you've ever seen my 600lb life, almost every single one of them has been diddled or beaten as a child. He can only find happiness in food it's tragic.

No. 1417906

kim getting fat, too. And they both carry their fat really awkwardly. Wonder how much of it is to do with the blockers and how much is depression from being a eunuch

No. 1417907

This reminds me of that one family guy episode where Brian get neutered and he gains to be bigger than Peter and just gorges on food on the couch. Funny that that's what really happens to these men.

No. 1417967

great example of how tranny moobs lack cooper's ligaments and just look like mini chest guts

No. 1417970

This is a mentally handicapped person.

No. 1417972

How'd this dude end up looking like a teen bart simpson lmao

Who the fuck TALKS like this

No. 1417975

I read that last night, and also read it when it first did the rounds last year. The title is misleading. She's married to an autistic man and has an autistic son. She thinks if nerd culture were still a thing, her son would have people to talk to about star trek. Instead, he's hyperfixated on gender shit and can't stop thinking about it while refusing/unable to think of how he'll feel about the results when he's moved on to the next fixation.
It's a pretty good article, but it made me anxious thinking of what mothers must be going through right now.

No. 1418017

File: 1642268053011.jpeg (187.61 KB, 800x600, my best friend.jpeg)

excuse you, Mr. Hammy looks lovely in his date night outfit and i'll thank you not to compare him to these bogtrolls.

No. 1418019

I have no respect for any woman who marries and breeds with an autistic scrote. We've seen time and time again that they're violent, perverted, more likely to have paraphilias(yes there are researchers about this) while also being terrible fathers because they're emotionally retarded.

No. 1418021

File: 1642268520769.png (485.13 KB, 750x900, 2.PNG)

a true and honest lesbian

No. 1418022

File: 1642268556850.png (13.61 KB, 397x214, 3.PNG)

bonus kek at him admitting he thinks tifs are women

No. 1418030

>whispers affirmations in my ear
because even you know your "womanhood" is not real and you need outside validation unlike real women.

No. 1418032

super sad because he only uses onee kotoba in private, and talk in a normal speech in front of the player and everyone else. Everyone sees him as male

No. 1418033

next thread pic kek

No. 1418034

thank you, i am one of the genX-chans who posts here and i worry that onlyfans-wave young feminists compromise too much on their rights. be as angry, demanding, and entitled as males, please. don't do anything they don't have to do!

No. 1418035

This goes for autistic people in general tbh. They should not breed. Look at Hila Klein for example as an autistic mom, she is completely emotionless around her kid and has a nanny to take care of it cause she can't properly bond with her son. They just don't make good parents cause they are missing maternal/paternal instincts, warmth and social skills that are desperately needed when interacting with children. That and of course the high risk of the child being autistic as well.

No. 1418036

samefag;i'm the one who made the losing teeth post

No. 1418037

in the 2010s this would have been a shitty indie musician in a faux-military green jacket who never gained weight and turned out to have raped all of his bandmates girlfriends when they were single

No. 1418050

File: 1642271011595.jpg (388.83 KB, 1920x1080, 2022_01_15-19_21_01_chrome.jpg)

Every year's biggest troon gathering is on again

No. 1418063

Haha. I have what I'm assuming is hirsutism, thankfully I have minimal facial/neck hair but my body hair is much thicker than the examples you see on google images, but even with that! I'm still a cis woman. Troons are so delusional to think that women straight up lack body hair and that having it makes you masculine.

No. 1418065

I hopped in for exactly two seconds to see two people running a sonic game, one dressed up in sonic cosplay and the other using an anime VR avatar thing, with the pronouns (they/them) under their name. quickly noped right back out.

No. 1418067

not to sound like a liberal but isn't the burger king crown a racist dogwhistle? like from that video of the white guy saying the n word. troons really fighting the good fight there.

No. 1418071

>fuck you god, I don’t want your challenges
Girls have no problems in life EVER. We live life on EASY mode amiright ladies

No. 1418074

>they're all white
lmao chapelle was right after all
why do they all have that same doughy, soulless face

No. 1418079

So you've also noticed a lot of troons look like they would just be indie/hippie musicians in a previous era?

No. 1418086

File: 1642273695941.jpg (190.77 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20220115-120655_Chr…)

Excuse me, nonnas, but what the FUCK kek this dude looks like he's 2 seconds away from trying to decapitate everyone there

No. 1418088

Probably getting triggered for not passing

No. 1418117

Jazz, Elliot, or Bruce Jenner.

No. 1418122

File: 1642274974217.jpeg (26.35 KB, 739x415, images (40).jpeg)

Sex predator stare

No. 1418127

You're right. Ot but feel bad for hila and ethans children.

No. 1418128

File: 1642275250942.png (467.92 KB, 357x472, Johann_sebastian.png)

I've literally seen him in a Zork video game.

No. 1418133

fucking kill them with fire

No. 1418137

As long as people are watching, they will keep the show going until he 41%.

No. 1418139

they literally equate female hormones with sissy hypno. atp i'm praying for the suicide rate to keep going up.

No. 1418141

jazz: gains weight like a victim of horrific abuse
america: puts the abuse on tv

No. 1418143

he's on so not the right meds. i think their for profit health system allows for rich people/parents to contact various kinds of doctors and get weird meds just by asking. in govt healthcare, i can't just ask to try out lithium and thorazine and "NU!-NOMORSAD-PHETAMINE(by general electric)" whatnot, the suggested prescriptions are based on an MD's exam and diagnosis. and they're not allowed to advertise, solicit to doctors, give promo prizes, or even sell anything until it's passed a bunch of tests they don't have for drugs in the USA.

No. 1418144

it's dr. sidhbh gallagher's office - the teet-yeeter/butcher/jeffrey dahmer to troons.

No. 1418145

i always think this, crazy how much america pushes their meds, no wonder so many tards over there believe in the big pharma conspiracy. american society is cancer.

No. 1418146

[jasper voice] that's a bathroom rapist

No. 1418147

aw what? i thought it meant it was your birthday. what do high school kids wear at lunch on their birthdays now?

No. 1418148

those demographics are where physically weak rapists went. chad/sports community is where the physically strong ones go.

No. 1418151

NTA but it recently became one after some (literal)schizo wearing one kept getting dragged off of planes for going on racist rants against the staff

No. 1418153

This picture smells terrible. The guy furthest right looks like the moon lmao

No. 1418169

Kek are you a scrote? I’m ntayrt but the radfem theorizing is actually quite interesting and is a relevant discussion of moid/troon psychology. A lot of women like myself are single and scared to attract a moid who troons out so these discussions on warning signs and straight male psychology in general are on point.
If you’re a lesbian you can always ignore this but for straight women this is our reality.

No. 1418175

I hope he scams troons out of their money and her mother and her "gf" suffer for the rest of their lives.

No. 1418176

so much stunning and brave in one collage, thank you anon

No. 1418178

is this american mcgee guy against tras or something?

No. 1418179

there are literally tons of caps of them saying they go through the garbage for womens pads and put them on

No. 1418182

Love how they always make wearing trans flag colored things their entire personality, like dude we know.

No. 1418187

No. 1418199

sophie from mars, british youtuber

the author is right and lots of TIMS admit it themselves, how the nerd to trans pipeline is real.

yeah the AGP kind are mostly nerds it seems, except for the older ones, those 50+ who've usually been AGP for decades just without transitioning. they didn't have their 'egg cracked' through nerdy interests like anime like you find with younger AGP. HSTS are obviously far less likely to be into anything nerdy, their interests are usually far different from AGP.

the headpatting thing again. no one does this, your dumb fucking anime isn't real.

No. 1418200

bruh.im not surprised, considering that the whole 'alice mcgee' revival feels like nothing but a scam. people keep paying so much money on patreon for years just to get nothing but promises.

No. 1418228

lol personal troon who went to Thailand and boasted about how well it went has to go back. He says he "got a free esthetic correction" but yesterday he coughed an ripped something down there, i think it’s way way worse then an esthetic problem.

No. 1418256

his mom's tranny bf ruined his life when he was like 15. it's super fucked up.

No. 1418258

based thailand making money off retards like that plastic surgeon turning gerald broflovski into a dolphin

No. 1418267

When he was about 15-16, one day he came back home and found it empty, his mom sold everything to pay for the troon's surgery. Fuck both of them

No. 1418277

we're going to have many more autistic scrotes if the prenatal marijuana study is correct.

No. 1418284

America still exactly like it was depicted in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

No. 1418285

i noticed there were tons of troons on this doc about the history of gaming (high score) and even though american mcgee was someone who worked on a lot of early popular games and studios, he wasn't interviewed.

No. 1418299

wtf i like a scrote now? he seems kinda based for a penised individual.

No. 1418369

He honestly is pretty based. The care he put into making Alice’s character is quite rare these days.
I’m not saying who I know but I’ve seen a smidge of actual game footage.

No. 1418378

File: 1642293677349.webm (7.23 MB, 405x720, Snaptik 7053199085444140334 Ro…)

>Spicy content girl

His username is "baby girl Roberta" too

No. 1418382

Reminds me of the lady who hangs out with and forgives/loves the four dudes who raped and killed her daughter

Idc how forgiveness is a virtue if my mom did that Id haunt her

No. 1418383

>tranny moobs lack cooper's ligaments
but they're just like ours!!!

No. 1418386

Is this the man behind kikomi's avatar?

No. 1418387

That nose hair is so womanly

No. 1418393

File: 1642295802270.webm (11.08 MB, 1078x1990, 20220115_201328.webm)

Okay I don't know if I want to laugh or cry at this freak

No. 1418398

Please make this the next thread pic, holy shit

No. 1418401

so beautiful

No. 1418405

File: 1642297076205.webm (2.82 MB, 405x720, Snaptik 7049921623746448687 Ro…)

I've been obsessed with them, I made a post about them earlier in the thread. They're a "little girl" ageplayer who is married to another trans woman but moved cross country to be the gf of another transwoman who is also their mommy while still being married to the first transwoman wife person and begs for money for food as neither him or his current trans mommy gf man work

No. 1418411

File: 1642298273676.png (69.79 KB, 1088x1033, ‘AGP’ hurts trans people.png)

No. 1418419

Nona pls, Jherii would and will destroy any troon who attempts to merely speak to her

No. 1418421

File: 1642299454533.png (19.25 KB, 1068x260, Liking cis women as a trans wo…)


No. 1418427

He’s begging so hard for a pat on the back and “I date a normal woman” successful stories that it’s seriously pathetic.

No. 1418430

The tif too kek. Why tell a tim he looks like a "guy" unless that guy was a pre t female?

No. 1418431

File: 1642300108275.jpg (238.82 KB, 1047x714, very pretty.jpg)

the confidence of a tim is astounding

No. 1418433

>still don't pass
>girls at my university are either bi or lesbian
>starting to wonder if the issue is that I'm trans
>you can't force someone to be attracted to you, but
it's gotta be bait… right?

No. 1418435

File: 1642300704571.png (146.89 KB, 1084x2846, Why trans people scare cis peo…)

it's long but this whole post is just so fucking dumb. Normal people just find troons disgusting and pitiful.

No. 1418440

Oh, so that's where all the iamverysmart fedora tipping atheists went.

No. 1418443

>our stunning bravery enrages the cis

Oh boy, whatever they got to tell themselves I guess

No. 1418447

>why do we use the phrase "trans woman" as opposed to "transwoman"? because we are women
>we don't have "curlywomen" and "blackwomen"
once again troons trying to use black women in an argument and equating them to being tims

>cis het people stay for decades with the wrong partner
yet there's plenty of trannies forcing their wives to stay with them or else she is labelled "transphobic"

No. 1418460

File: 1642303214242.jpg (78.96 KB, 1170x880, 4WIXPu0.jpg)

No. 1418467

File: 1642303778341.jpeg (33.08 KB, 757x405, C6E30549-0BD3-4302-9C02-D1DB0E…)

This bitch is about to rise from her grave

No. 1418478

kek exactly what I thought too, so stunning and brave

No. 1418480

Male circumcision is to keep men's dicks falling off from infection due to lack of hygiene.
Female circumcision puts women in the risk of infection and fatalities just to heighten male pleasure.

No. 1418481

File: 1642304860195.jpeg (119.14 KB, 1242x934, 4068278F-2147-4DEB-83DD-A453CC…)

No. 1418490

kek he was "correctly gendered" by a guy from the religion where you don't see a woman besides your mom and sister for the first 21 years of your life.

No. 1418492

circumcising men is dumb and should stop, it's only done because the cereal man told the american president that it would end masturbation.
it's not the argument troons think it is because only one retarded country does it.
that said, they should all fuck off and die if they really think they can compare their outpatient skin removal to a jagged knife being used on an 8 year old in front of her whole town.

No. 1418495

ty for fixing that anon

No. 1418501

What religion is that….

No. 1418512

File: 1642310580001.png (260.99 KB, 957x387, 115.png)

One of my libfem friends sent me this, like it was supposed to be soft of own
I have actually read the Earth Sea books, they are decent from a world building perspective but they are boring and drab as hell, plus the misogyny of the books really jumps out

No. 1418513


No. 1418514

plus le guin wrote "the ones who walk away from omelas" which features a young child horribly tortured for the benefit of everyone else in the community
and that child? is jazz jennings.

No. 1418516

hahaha wtf iain banks? neil gaiman? fucking twee-ass jokes of writers. banks is teen/"YA" scifi. gaiman wrote 50% of one good thing (good omens with terry pratchett), and pratchett had clearly adopted him like the tsar adopted pushkin; he allowed the poor idiot to think they were "equals". salman rushdie is a fucking misogynist, don't tell me the moor's last sigh was narrated by anyone's voice other than his.

No. 1418517

Not even that. It was started in the US to stop boys from masturbating. It's now done mostly out of tradition, with the hygiene thing as a figleaf over it. (If it was hygiene, euromoids would have their dicks falling off every other day.)

Other places where it's prevalent, its done because of religion.

No. 1418519

>It's now done mostly out of tradition
lbr it's because egotistical moid fathers want their sons to have similar dicks. They have to believe their penis is the best kind of penis, and worthy of passing down to the next generation. They absolutely could not cope with the fact they have desensitized, dry, inferior dicks and lost out as a result of their circumcision.

I'm unironically a MRA when it comes to male circumcision because it's so ridiculously unethical, if men had any sense they would focus on real issues like mutilating children without their consent instead of inceloid nonsense. But nooo it's only relevant when it makes trannies feel invalid and gives them a chance to downplay an even more heinous way women are harmed.

No. 1418525

Its not even 1/100th on the same level as female circumssion but its utterly pointless and a potential danger, I don't get how its still a thing
my nutty MIL is so goddam insistent that I circumcise my son for illogical reasons

No. 1418529

can someone explain why TRAS say "gender isn't real", yet being transgender itself is about following gender stereotypes? if gender wasn't in place there wouldn't be a need for "transgender", right?

No. 1418530

lmao there's no explanation it makes no sense. it's also why transgenderism and the concept of being nonbinary cannot exist at the same time. it's conflicting ideologies.

No. 1418536

Holy cope. Here's my thesis:
Trannies (like many of us) had dysfunctional childhoods and as a result are codependent adults. They have difficulty experiencing appropriate levels of self esteem (too high or too low), setting functional boundaries (they transgress others boundaries because they have none of their own), owning and expressing their own reality (not validating their personal reality is literal violence), taking care of their needs and wants (not having immediate access to hormones and ffs is literally killing them), and finally, experiencing and expressing their reality moderately (lmao no comment).

As a result they sabotage themselves in the following ways (pasted straight from the fuckin book) : Negative control: we give ourselves permission to determine someone else’s reality for our own comfort. Resentment: we have a need to get even or punish someone for perceived blows to our self-esteem that cause us shame about ourselves. Distorted or nonexistent spirituality: we have difficulty experiencing connection to a Power greater than ourselves. Avoiding reality: we use addictions, physical illness, or mental illness to avoid facing what is going on with us and other important people in our lives. Impaired ability to sustain intimacy: we have difficulty sharing who we are with others and hearing others as they share who they are with us without interfering with their sharing process or with what they share.

I accept my armchair ban. This all comes from Facing Codependency (Pia Mellody) and aligns too perfectly to resist pointing out.

No. 1418537

File: 1642314973400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.11 KB, 514x680, 1642260465038.jpg)

Okay, which one of you nonas post this on /tv/jazz thread

No. 1418547

File: 1642315649775.jpg (55.07 KB, 679x376, E7qTTsmWEAEq_Dh.jpg)

No. 1418548

i'd like to see any case, ever, where a foreskin circumcision killed the baby. meanwhile plenty of women die horrifically painful deaths from fgm.

No. 1418550

Lol I know the one with the AJJ and Dayz n Daze patch. He thinks he's a crust punk, but he's just a meth addict with a fetish.

No. 1418563

There are studies that show circumsized men get less stds and infections. Men can't even wash the shit from their asses so it's not shocking either that uncut cocks are more likely to be infected and smelly.
I don't care if it numbs their dicks or whatever, it's something men push onto other men and then blame women for it.
I'm not going to care about 2 mm of skin loss when women suffer from greater struggles everyday.

No. 1418575

File: 1642319099580.png (751.63 KB, 1125x1647, cc.png)

They did this shit with Anne Rice a couple weeks back, I know some nonnies defend her cause they watched Interview with a Vampire and found the characters hot but Anne Rice was a below mediocre writer who inserted her fetishes in to her books, such Sleeping Beauty BDSM trilogy and throwing a fit if you were to write fan fiction about her precious husbando who was based on her IRL husband


No. 1418614

File: 1642323010562.jpg (796.01 KB, 1242x2208, usAgLXq.jpg)

imagine seeing this when you go for a walk near the woods

No. 1418617

honestly would be a slay if he was wearing black sandals instead and also wasnt a troon

No. 1418618

It’s a wendigo

No. 1418622

love the trash in background very classy

No. 1418661

The picture on the right is uncanny and nightmarish

No. 1418662

how can he hate having his picture taken LESS now?
he looks absolutely deformed

No. 1418664

That smug look on them, surprise, still hideous

No. 1418665

File: 1642331248161.png (354.61 KB, 601x593, bethereorbesquare.png)

No. 1418677

File: 1642332415681.jpg (214.92 KB, 1152x2048, 20220116_122616.jpg)

No. 1418689

I finally figured out what the wide-eyed eyebrow raise thing is about. It smooths out their cro magnon brows by spreading the thick muscle across their suborbital ridges. I realized this when my bf poked me in the eyelid (affectionately lol) when I raised my eyebrows and said he could feel bone. When I did the same to him, I was surprised by the amount of muscle I could feel under his eyebrow since he doesn't have a chad face lmao
I know this is spergy, but the reason I bring this up is that the part of trans culture that depresses me most is how much of their brains must be taken up by all of this stuff. I've been studying anatomy for close to a decade, and I had no idea that was one of the ways we're sexually dimorphic. They know this because this shit is ALL they think about. I have no sympathy for the nastier trans people, but I'm sure there are a lot of them who wouldn't be nasty if they didn't get addicted to this hobby, and I truly believe that is what this is, just as much of a hobby as being bronies or weebs. Acceptance is addictive to people who have low self-esteem and poor social skills because it's wired into humans to chase acceptance. If you cut these people off from the internet and gave them something more fulfilling to do, so they could feel helpful and part of a group and rewarded for their skills instead of their bodies, I think most of them would detrans and regret transition immensely.

No. 1418700

the fucking bro tattoos lmaooo It looks like he's smuggling a casserole dish under his shirt.
He went from 'weed dealer who wants you to hear his shitty mixtape and watch him play halo' to 'local woman sets fire to elementary school for having Harry Potter themed fundraiser for victims of childhood leukemia'

No. 1418704

Imagine skinwalking Nancy fucking Pelosi lolll

this gave me an epiphany. Was the 'ugly feminist' boogey(wo)man of gamergate nightmares actually the kawaii catgirl within? I've seen a handful of women in my life who fit their rainbow-hair-meanie-with-glasses bill, but I've seen bucketloads of troons who are the spitting image of it. I've also seen LOADS of troons claiming to have been part of gamergate, lamenting the ~internalized misogyny~ that led them astray.
Anyway I'll shut the fuck up now. The last three posts are me because I'm high on addy and having epiphanies wherever I look lol

No. 1418716

File: 1642338417565.jpeg (302.23 KB, 1258x744, AEC64598-9BC6-420F-9B53-42112E…)

It’s so bizarre how they always act like being on HRT puts them into immediate mommy mode. Are they just retarded? And ofc there is a guy in the comments who mentions inducing lactation. It’s just so gross to see things like this esp knowing it’s all to fulfill a pregnancy fetish.


No. 1418722

File: 1642339291871.png (268.48 KB, 896x1812, kek.png)

New Harry Potter series in the making where Harry's dad will be black, his mom will be a tranny and Peter Pettigrew will be ftm.

No. 1418724

So they're just hijacking Rowling's series' because they're buttmad about reality? Just leave her and her work alone.

No. 1418725

Disgusting fetishists

No. 1418726

Turns out Voldemort didn't kill Harry's parents and 6 million mudbloods. Harry's dad just went to the store to get some smokes and said he will be right back and his mom hung herself from the ceiling rafters after realizing she will never be a real woman. What else has the Ministry of Magic lied to us about?

No. 1418727

Honestly looking forward to it. It's gonna be a cringy trashfire, even more than woke Heathers.

No. 1418728

>>1418722 you gave me a lil scare that this is the official show that was talked about some time ago, but it just seems like a fanmade thing.

No. 1418730

And how did they think this mom gave birth to Harry?

No. 1418731

Magic, duh.

No. 1418733

Yeah why would there even be trans magicians, they'd probably use potions to change gender or shapeshift. Makes no sense in-universe.

No. 1418734

File: 1642340236215.jpg (32.87 KB, 500x518, 1631945150182.jpg)

I was asking myself the same thing when they forced the Sims 4 creators to add tranny-options to the game. Why can you just not make your simself the gender that you wish you were? It doesn't make sense to force this inclusivity in every media if you think there is no difference between women and trans-women. Why do they not feel represented by women actresses? Why do they not feel represented by a female sim? Because they know they are not women and they actually love that they are not women, they are proud of their dicks and swinging them around in everyone's face and what gets them off is that women can't do anything about it.

No. 1418740

Like most ambitious web projects this is going to crash and burn before a single episode gets released.

Here's the tiktok of the showrunner for the lols https://www.tiktok.com/@meganmckelli

No. 1418742

File: 1642340654220.jpg (409.94 KB, 2128x1507, 1642175900958.jpg)

imagine being so fucking buttmad that you create a nonsensical and inconsistent fan series that will probably cost thousands of dollars and real effort just to own the writer who said trannies shouldn't be allowed in women prison's
also surprised they are casting a non-white actor as James, I remember TRA's using him as an example of Rowling be an awful person cause the enlightened "white male bully" gets redeemed

No. 1418747

Just like you've said. They want their little sims trannies to piss standing up, that's literally the only use of the tranny feature. Kek.

No. 1418751

File: 1642342254660.jpg (359.31 KB, 825x2678, jesus.jpg)

The absolute delusion of TIMs

No. 1418753

They are LARPing as the Stacy that rejected them, kek.

No. 1418761

even as a hairy tall disgusting man i wouldn't be as unstable as this tranny nor would i desperately want to be a woman. if i were transformed to a man i would live a normal live without being negatively affected by patriarchy as much. it would be nice, actually. but i'm a woman and unapologetically so. seethe harder, tranny

No. 1418763

File: 1642343229444.png (Spoiler Image, 938.85 KB, 2066x4002, EDBB1894-3240-4D56-89A8-756A6D…)

Literally this shit attracts the most depraved men. I saw this on the other farms but check out the other subreddits where this man posts (r/rapefantasies, r/girlgooners - not sure what that means and I’m too afraid to look, r/fapdeciders). They’re so pathetic it hurts. If they weren’t also so dangerous and entitled I might not care as much. Spoilering for gross text.

No. 1418773

What's the n word of the potter universe?

No. 1418775


No. 1418776

When trans people try and come up with metaphors for dysphoria that 'cisgender' people can understand it never works, and this is why. Transgender people genuinely think they were 'born in the wrong body', so they think cisgender people have the same reaction of visceral disgust over the idea of suddenly turning into the opposite sex. But most people have pretty neutral feelings about the idea, like it would be an adjustment but they wouldn't really be inherently worse off, just different. Being hairy, tall, and having broad shoulders are objectively pretty neutral traits to me, especially on a guy.

There are people with horrible, disfiguring diseases who are less of a bitch about it than this transvestite is about the fact that he looks like a transvestite. I know mental illnesses are as 'real' as physical illnesses, but come on.

No. 1418789

File: 1642346235816.png (495.11 KB, 825x1432, 1617.png)

No. 1418792

Perfect nona, I like how you added the agp smirk too.

No. 1418794

I think it's mudblood? Either way the fact that they think that's akin to the n word is very telling lol

No. 1418805

LMAO they're literally retarded, imagine hating something so much yet dedicating so much time and work to the franchise…… I didn't even like HP, I watched the movies and read the books recently because since JJK Rowling became based radfem I actually started to give a shit about her work. It's good, the wokies vanished from the fandom kek

No. 1418807

No. 1418812

File: 1642349037164.jpg (10.37 KB, 250x254, 2721264-d8f20f84d5c79c69695319…)

Leave children alone goddamnit. Troons are so fucking disgusting. Moids will live and die by the coom. All morals thrown out the Window just for a nut.

No. 1418820

Violent rapist moid with fantasies of raping girls in bathroom stalls now identifying as female, how shocking.

No. 1418823

sage for my autism
a lot of these characters are pandaka, fyi
a super fucked up Buddhist thing, basically a gay/effeminate man who exists to service "straight" men so the "straight" men can still go to enlightenment but the pandaka will go to hell
once you know about this trope, you'll see it everywhere in japanese media

>fucking kill them with fire
better not, they'll find it validating being burned like witches

No. 1418828

File: 1642350260341.jpeg (15.04 KB, 250x205, 8D550D01-9742-4B3A-92CB-23AB78…)

I hate this.

No. 1418829

why can't people just make up new stories?

No. 1418833

The woke made Peter a tranny and even worse… Harry's MOM a tranny too? For god's sake how is Harry borm lmfao?? Trannies can seethe and dilate for their womb envy goodbye

No. 1418839

They want to revenge Rowling for her "sins". They want to attack her and her work because they hate her.

No. 1418841

Some people just make fandom shit a little too big a part of their lives

No. 1418849

File: 1642351398776.jpg (177.97 KB, 634x1056, 1641197533165.jpg)

Reminder this is what got JK Rowling cancelled, she'd be considered a libfem to most people here and yet they still branded her the worst type of bigot who literally wants to kill all trans people

No. 1418853

Imagine being so high on coom you force your child to suckle on your nipple even though your "lactation" isn't actually anything close to what pregnant women have.

No. 1418856

Kek the perfect edit right there

No. 1418858

>I can be a amazon gf
So pretty much a fetish? Like how do they come to the conclusion they're a tranny based on this?

No. 1418877

As far as the whole woke fan harry potter thing goes, it won’t even take off. Normal ass people are gonna see it and walk the other way. Imagine being so ass hurt you make a fan series that doesn’t even have any actual point of existing outside or the fact that you wanna make the OG creator mad or something because her ideas hurt your feefees. Go ahead, waste all that money and peak more people with your nonsensical show. I think they had a tranny wizard in High Guardian Spice (another woke and painful show), a ftm who was like ‘’I take potions to get the body I want’’ or some shit. All of this is giving me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1418880

Dude needs to be arrested for a child abuse charge.

No. 1418883

> capitalism and the state must be done away with

considering how it's capitalism and the state that is pushing all this tranny shit, sure go ahead lmao

No. 1418891

Sage for OT, but around 1/100 neonatal male deaths in the US are due to botched circumcisions. It’s higher in some developing countries. Then there’s the awful case of David Reimer, who was had forced sex reassignment surgery as a baby after circumcision destroyed his penis. He was raised as a girl, later identified as a boy and killed himself.

No. 1418918

>and Peter Pettigrew will be ftm
Arguably the most vile character in the whole series lmao they're so blatant with their disdain for tifs. Or maybe they giving her a redemption arc, either way I can't fucking wait kek

No. 1418935

File: 1642358478766.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 22-01-16-18-38-18-933_deco.jpg)

The contrast between him and the women behind him

No. 1418936

She literally said nothing wrong and even catered heavily to their ways of thinking with saying there are multiple gender identities. The only thing they could get her for is saying sex and gender aren’t the same which the TRAs themselves claimed for years (gender is what’s in your mind/sex is what’s in your pants). When that started changing and they started outright claiming they’ve always been the opposite sex just “broken”, that’s when all hell broke lose i think.

No. 1418941

They literally can only think in porn stereotypes.

No. 1418964

who is this?

No. 1418970


Kim Petras. Supposedly the best possible outcome for early transitioning.

No. 1418991

I actually do like the trash lmao the little pop of red ties his shoes in to the rest of the pic and make them look less random

No. 1419016

not a single shred of self awareness exhibited

No. 1419018

>using hair extensions to hide your beefy body and lack of waist

No. 1419084

So, how come a moid with violent Ted Bundy-esque rape fantasies decided he's a woman? What in his mind clicked with him that he was apparently a female and that he could relate to us?

No. 1419097

why do straight moids with different variations of the same fetish like just doing drag or japanese crossdressers are always better at making themselves look like women with fitting clothes and makeup, while still identifying as male? sometimes they don't even have the sexual component of AGP and just do it as a hobby, meanwhile TIM's commits themselves to a long term delusion and they never get better at anything, they don't even try to understand women

No. 1419116

Why are there no tranny back up dancers that's kind of transphobic where's the inclusivity

No. 1419150

File: 1642371709726.jpg (215.64 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20220117-001502_Ins…)

So trans "women" and women are not the same nor equal after all. Who would have guessed. And trans men and afab nonbinary people are women too! Trans women are terfs themselves.

No. 1419156

its almost like they're all transitioning from men into men but now the masks are off once they call themselves women

No. 1419186

File: 1642378704960.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.87 KB, 1125x669, F8A340A0-8B77-4071-9BDE-833611…)

…. are his tits okay?

No. 1419187

Maybe he injected silicone on his disgusting pepperoni nops.

No. 1419189

They're uneven kek.

No. 1419191

File: 1642379253052.webm (1.92 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik 7053598793534655791 Ro…)

Why does this tranny need to specify transwomen after saying women? Also this is such normal "lesbian" behaviour to talk like this about women

No. 1419200

File: 1642379630115.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, B0378E39-D8D0-4246-A203-4E51C8…)

>pepperoni nops
anon you’re killing me

No. 1419211

File: 1642380462903.webm (7.65 MB, 404x720, grifter_struggles.webm)

The grifter Debbie Crankin (or @DeborahCrankin on tiktok) has been exposed for spending the $350k he's raised on "transitioning" on hiring big name producers and engineers to work on his shitty music project.

Vidrel is a clip of a "transphobic attack" that he shared with his donors to sucker them into donating more. He claims to have been attacked and assaulted by this "transphobic black male" but you can hear him actively bringing it on and telling him to attack him.

No. 1419213

i think the practice damages male infants psychologically. i also don't understand why it's not sacrilegious for non-jews to be circumcised.

No. 1419218

today's porn soaked culture is just as bad as the pornographic era of the 1970's and it will not surprise me at all if there's a resurgence of serial killers

No. 1419226

Is that a chinese name? Does the CCP still want court enunchs?

No. 1419241

the men look to be the same height?

No. 1419275

File: 1642385564862.jpg (346.15 KB, 720x1218, 20220116_211221.jpg)

lmaoo if only they knew about this website. All the death treats just to defend a troon. they clearly have become a cult at this point brainwashing people especially women. Btw the qts are full of weirdos.

No. 1419277

There is this stereotype that women rejects short men. This troon use it to the fullest it became parody

No. 1419288

not only america does it lmao, plenty of other countries do as well, not to even begin to mention jewish communities and countries wish a mostly jewish population (israel) don't be retarded nona

No. 1419291

My thing is why can’t they just accept that the tv relationship between hunter and zendaya is not a lesbian one? If they’re gonna say it’s queer that’s one thing I guess but there is objectively nothing homosexual about their paring.

No. 1419297

Im so fucking sick of troons doing the peace sign. Firstly, it's ironic given how many rape and assault cases are caused by them, and how they vent their anger towards real women and send them death threats. Secondly, NOT EVERY WOMAN FUCKING DOES THIS FOR EVERY FUCKING PHOTO. ENOUGH, YOU WEEBS. DAMN.

No. 1419305

>shoves tired Christian symbolism into book about pagan wizards
That's funny 'cause Mass Effect did the exact same shit, and that was a sci-fi series, and was also wildly successful.

No. 1419315

I noticed that too. And I'm actually relieved they didn't turn him into a she/her full tranny.

Actually, some autistic people are extremely affectionate. Also, lulz for using a woman who isn't even autistic as an example.

No. 1419319

File: 1642388273216.png (28.63 KB, 1239x148, Screenshot (431).png)

Looked up, wow I bet TRAs and libfems this concept is so more progressive then the regressive west

No. 1419344

That guy’s name was Rani Faye Brandt. The last update from october said he had been suspended pending investigation, but nothing since. The directory for the district however still has him listed as an art teacher for two elementary schools, so it either hasn’t been updated or he was cleared and not fired. He deleted his social media.

No. 1419355

File: 1642392313681.jpg (166.62 KB, 908x1322, FJQQ_ABVgAMJac8.jpg)

No. 1419356

File: 1642392379848.png (124.48 KB, 2538x987, s3.png)

this is the screenshot he posted by the way. Never heard of a troon getting a fake cervix

No. 1419370

Some research has already predicted this but they said it's simply because there are too many [unemployed?] single young men and that number is predicted to rise substantially.
Apparently women have it coming to them if we don't play bangmaid mommy for every moid in existence including the ones who spend all day writing how much they hate us online.

No. 1419378

either way being a modern serial killer is impossible these days
>Forensic Techognlgy is better
>Increased surveillance
>people are more knowledgeable about stranger danger
>everyone has a smartphone that can be traced and its easy for the police to track your last location

No. 1419383

wtf they look like literal tunnocks

No. 1419384

hunter is very obsessed with violent, dangerous sex and writes stories about it to be filmed and marketed to underage kids. it's weird. i don't like hunter. this is a valid reason to not ike him.

No. 1419385

sigh there goes my dream to finish what aileen started :(

No. 1419386

that graphic is fucking disgusting
"uwu sexy lady leg funny picture of murder-cannibalism"
it's like if an article about diarrhea had a picture of pink lacy underpants around the ankles of a woman wearing stiletto heels on the toilet.

No. 1419389

oh she wasn't a serial killer, she was a spree killer motivated by revenge. more like a "terrorist" i'd say. idk why she's considered a serial killer at all when there's no pathology or personality disorder to her. she got raped and beaten a lot so she decided to kill the people who rape and beat women.

No. 1419392

samefag even one of the most smarter serial killers like the Original Night Stalker got caught with DNA evidence
so its just literally impossible for any person to be a potential serial killer in a western nation

No. 1419397

and yet london ontario has at least 2-3 active at any one time.
i'm also convinced there was one operating in the bloorcourt area of toronto a few years ago. several late teens women who all looked pakistani or afghan went missing in an area that is heavily white and ethiopian.i remember saving the missing person notices after the first two and showing my mom and she said i didnt sound crazy

No. 1419404

well that's a situation where no one reports those women missing, Pakistani/Afghan communities are just not willing to report to the police, this phenomena also happens with in the black and native Indian community in America
The Grim Sleeper murdered almost a Dozen women and The Atlanta Child murderer killed over 20+ children and teenagers but the fact was that in both cases the local community and even the families of the victims were unwilling to work with the police or provide any information, its just stupid fucking Tribalism that hurts women and children

like before Rotherham grooming gang case became public, Pakistani men targeted Indian and Nigerian girls since the 70's and they got away with it cause those girls own families wouldn't report to the police
its beyond messed up

No. 1419409

Willoughby almost deserves his own thread at this point? Didn’t he try and force a straight man to kiss him on I’m a Celebrity to prove he wasn’t transphobic, and when the guy rejected him he threw a massive fit? But also that was still terfs fault somehow.

No. 1419428

>bloorcourt area of toronto
Was there anything on the news about this? I live rather close to this area

No. 1419439

File: 1642405172902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 337.64 KB, 750x905, 4A1A5399-C8FD-4D7F-9B31-780DCD…)

No. 1419442

File: 1642405315260.jpg (318.96 KB, 1064x1563, D3.jpg)

Self hating gay man addicted to coom becomes self hating troon

No. 1419444

File: 1642405401858.jpg (281.53 KB, 1080x674, D4.jpg)

And this funny comment.

No. 1419445

File: 1642405469984.jpg (65.4 KB, 640x1312, 4wxp2hivu2c81.jpg)

Did he tie his moobs with rope?

No. 1419446

File: 1642405565517.jpg (62.72 KB, 951x317, Girlie things teehee.jpg)

Still not a fetish~~~~

No. 1419488

File: 1642415699061.png (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 1242x2208, 83E6D37E-1C1B-4522-B160-2677A0…)

twitter troons jealous of a video of two trannies injecting heroin while wearing aliexpress dresses, calling it 'cute' and 'goals'

No. 1419491

File: 1642416303798.jpg (96.07 KB, 1170x707, FI7hjxXWQAcywo6.jpg)

This guy's so fucking funny I hope he goes to prison

No. 1419493

File: 1642416553657.png (182.81 KB, 586x452, akjsdhkadhs.png)


Looks like we were right nonnas!

No. 1419508

>they forced the Sims 4 creators to add tranny-options
Kek so how does it work? Do they have 5 o'clock shadow options and severed titties scars in the character creation menu?

No. 1419511

ayrt didnt mean to slander aileen. i havent gone through anything like the hell she did, my fantasies arent about vengeance really, i just think moids are below pigs and should be euthanized LOL
this one always fucking gets me. looks like a skin tag. you could treat it in the same manner even.

No. 1419516

File: 1642421603553.jpg (369.23 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20220117-130406.jpg)

I just know her friend hangs out on egg_irl. She forgot to mention the feminine trait of making skirt go spinny

No. 1419524

He has the same face as Stuart from Letterkenny

No. 1419527

Oh wow, he could've been a pretty boy if he didn't troon out. Wonder when pretty boy lovers are gonna start hating the troon agenda as much as tomboy lovers hate it

No. 1419528

Because they think killing women is sexy, isn't it obvious?

No. 1419529

File: 1642422513774.jpeg (283.18 KB, 1436x1080, 6A3BDFEA-4B0F-4785-BE94-C77EC1…)

Never seen gynecomastia this bad. Absolutely hilarious, literally chuckling to myself over it. He and all the rest deserve these Mrs. Garrison-tier “tits,” they’ve been warned since those episodes came out kek

No. 1419532

"getting hiv and being a sexual degenerate is just because i suppressed WHO I AM and it's all society's fault" was the prototype gay excuse before it turned into today's troon excuse

No. 1419536

I'm not surprised, who wants to bet this faggot sexually assaulted or raped a woman too?
Actual fucking degenerates. Beyond trash. There is no redemption for these freaks

No. 1419538

meant to quote this

No. 1419541

Kek what the fuck, they’re both ugly. The standards are SO low, and that’s without the heroin. May they nod off forever

No. 1419546

File: 1642423756402.jpg (23.1 KB, 410x544, gender10.jpg)

Sadly nothing quite as funny, it mostly means you can basically make a male-figured sim and have him wear female clothes and get pregnant/sit down to pee.

No. 1419549

It's a shame, he could've been so handsome. He still is because you can easily clock him when he's not hiding behind angles and filters but imagine the potential.
Anyway, in a few years not even hormones and surgery will be able to conceal his Y chromosome.
He looks androgynous for now because he's young but as they enter their 30s all men inevitably turn into beasts, unmistakably male.
On top of that he's straight (he claims he's a lesbian) and AGPs are more likely to be the very manly and aggressive kind of trannies as they get older.
The only TIMs that are ambiguous are very young men, I've never seen a convincing troon over 30.

No. 1419554

so ass cancer then, it’s an open wound down there of course you’re gonna get cancer dumbass
it’s not a cervix, and your stink ditch isn’t a vagina
cope seethe and dilate

No. 1419555

Hold on, this guy is one of the few men these days who are pretty AND are straight? And he still decides to troon out?
This is the kind of shit that would make me a Kpop stan if I were younger.

No. 1419557

samefag, but its like this dude took playground insults calling him a "girl" or a "fag" too seriously. It's like if the Death in Venice kid became a troon

No. 1419558

I have never been so relieved to have a Hank hill ass.

No. 1419560

File: 1642425898045.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.12 KB, 1242x1550, C9EE833E-3ACA-4664-9B89-DE55C7…)

Has anyone else had the displeasure of coming across this troons Twitter account and seeing one of their pictures? They are so creepy and soul-less, and they always use the exact same pose/location and angle etc yet all their troon mutuals worship them. It makes my skin crawl.

No. 1419571

I fucking hate these people. Nothing on this list applies to me as an actual woman. It's pathetic how delusional these porn-sick moids are.

No. 1419573

Room as empty as their soul.

No. 1419577

Why do they always give the most basic external shit instead of the internal stuff that could be probably seen in different cultures.
They know traits of organization and self-grooming used to be seen as part of masculinity, right?

No. 1419583

This is blatantly a fucking scam. Any nonnies remember The Arkh Project from back in the day? This is that, but with wizards.

No. 1419598

maybe all potential serial killers in the west were already neutralized by troonism? since agp's share more than half of characteristics with white serial killers

No. 1419606

but i remember an article from the US reporting a place were a lot of people went missing over the past ten years, even a disgusting transbian couple was killed there, wasn't it?

No. 1419608

that's true kek a lot of white serial killers had a strange fascination with women's clothes, women's jewelry, ect

No. 1419625

Sage for unrelated, but I don't understand why men can't just sit down when they pee. I lived in a country for 10 years where, according to male friends, men are taught to pee sitting down, and for many standing to pee was a sign of infantilism. Most bathrooms there were single-stall/unisex, and it felt so much more hygienic to not have to navigate around moid piss since no men were aiming their dicks around the bathroom. Standing to pee is great if you're outside without a toilet, but if there is a toilet just sit.

No. 1419631

File: 1642435783881.png (76.17 KB, 1112x722, e4.png)

>starts thinking hes a troon on january 3rd
>already wants hrt 2 weeks later
Oh and his wife had a baby 9 months ago..

No. 1419634

Bruh, if I was still on the dating market I'd avoid Anglo men or any man from high troon acceptance countries

No. 1419643

>already researching divorce options & planning to start HRT in secret
yeah, smells like someone way deep into an online hugbox who has probably already emotionally cheated on his wife. Stories like this scare me. Men scare me.

No. 1419651

Just avoid autistic men, redditors, twitter users and all who watch anime
or capeshit and you're pretty safe.

No. 1419661

And she’s already trying to stay in the ship and help him with his feminization fetish.

No. 1419670

She's so going to regret not moving on from him. Having one child is bad enough but another after he trooned out?

No. 1419672

Transwidows are their own worse enemies.

No. 1419683

Yes his room is weirdly, completely bare. And he obviously photoshops his body in other pictures but no one says anything.

No. 1419706

File: 1642441037988.jpeg (233.19 KB, 750x779, 7379E6E2-C679-497B-AA51-E863DE…)

not this girl thanking fetishistic men for being the reason she has self esteem and acting like it’s revolutionary kek. female socialization never changes

No. 1419719

exactly what he deserves

No. 1419722

so gay men's post-twink death plan is to transition into a woman so a many will settle down with them?

No. 1419725

fatjack the perfume nazi transitioned??

No. 1419726

there's nothing more absurd than seeing a trans couple, one mtf and one ftm, because it's this twisted form of heterosexuality where both parts have fucked up bodies and their biological sexes get so much more apparent just by them standing next to each other, one obviously a male trying to look uwu girly and one obviously a female wearing ugly ass clothes and having an aiden stache

No. 1419727

Men fuck animals, balloons and food items, this gives off the same retard energy as being proud of flies landing on you. What could possibly happen to a woman to retard her to this degree?

No. 1419729

Nonnies here sperging about "liberals, autistics, weaboos, the j00s, programmers, etc etc" moids as if there aren't a lot of conservative normies trooning too. Just look at the geriatric and ex-military trannies.
Honestly, most trannies I know (both HSTS and AGPs) were a case of "good xtian boys gone wild" (especially ex-JWs and ex-mormons). Really, be more careful with dudes who never watched anime because "mommy forbade it" than the ones who just watches Dragon Ball out of nostalgia. One day you'll catch your Nigel wearing your panties and he'll blame Satan. And you're going to have to help him fight temptation like a good wife because Jesus hates divorce. Avoiding men in general is always the safest course.

No. 1419732

this is fake medical fetish porn, heroin users use micro fine 0.5cc needles.

No. 1419751

File: 1642443373646.png (886.4 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20220116-122433_2.p…)

oh god not gloss. all the troons in the hardcore/punk scene here love them. jenna pup from hirs/the hirs collective (another pretty closely related troon band) is a personal cow of mine. the context of this picture is already disgusting but the hoodie covers up his tragic male pattern baldness a bit.

No. 1419794

File: 1642445538674.jpg (854.3 KB, 1564x1564, 1595168428576.jpg)

I just want to point out this might be the same tranny I posted about months ago >>1009811, in which he wanted 30k and then upped it to 75k in a day.

I didn't save many pictures of the guy, but this has to be him right? He was a shitty musician.

No. 1419818

File: 1642447024540.jpg (78.59 KB, 1485x420, tranny.JPG)

The responses here are incredible.


No. 1419822

what the fuck it's the rape dwarf

No. 1419827

Those make Lori's tits look normal. Is it because he never went through female puberty so the breast tissue didnt mature?

No. 1419828

it was a few years ago..i stopped seeing "evidence" in 2018. there were just the missing person notices on telephone poles and one i saw in the paper and all the girls looked really similar. i don't wnat to start a conspiracy&i'm not a dtective but it seemed a really unlikely coincidence to me?

No. 1419830

>get pregnant

No. 1419837

To think that libfems worship these freaks

No. 1419843

File: 1642448376024.jpg (471.96 KB, 1371x580, wall.jpg)

Why do trannies think that HRT is a fountain of youth?

No. 1419849

Because they never saw the old school trannies grow old, and they desperately want to believe that just because some troons look ok on estrogen when they are young totes means it will keep them all looking good forever.

Tl;dr Because cope.

No. 1419855

Is this the one who always feels the need to tell everyone that he's 5'3 and has botched, wonky, silicone moobs? He's everywhere.

No. 1419891

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. THEY ALWAYS TROON OUT WHEN THE WIFE IS VULNERABLE. Trooning out should be an acceptable cause for grounds for divorce.

No. 1419893

cope seeth dilate

No. 1419919

it seems like a troll but might be for real.. a lot of people, even some women i've met seem to think you can conceive 24/7

No. 1419924

If this dumb motherfucker looks down on women why does he want to try to be a woman so bad? What does it say about this retard?

No. 1419946

Yes that’s the same dude! Good find, thanks! Do you think he’s legit trans or that he’s just a grifter who is using the trans identity to e-beg? A group of us were wondering if he goes out “boymoding” normally and throws on that shitty wig for his social media antics kek.

No. 1419947

That's male rationality for you, us silly foids will never understand

No. 1419949

Does anyone want to wife a 40 year old ball-less tranner though? Also
T. 52 percenting eunuch
>Risk of pregnancy every time you have sex
Obvious Lack of sex ed via incelism but I do admit it's a blessing that Troons can't reproduce

No. 1419950

File: 1642454531421.jpeg (504.74 KB, 1376x1140, ADE3A327-53B6-43CA-8908-35EB16…)

It’s so sad how they think people’s fear/compliance means that they pass. Should we start purposefully gendering them properly? I’m kinda scared to get recorded and uploaded to Twitter by a dude who says I misgendered him because he’s “obviously presenting femininely”.
The only solution is to feign ignorance by playing dumb and calling them by “they/them” so they know you’re confused bc they’re obviously not a woman. Then you look like a random normie who has no idea but wants to be polite, but they also get the point. Refer to women around them with gendered language to really hammer in the difference in gender like “hello ma’am” and “thank you miss!”

No. 1419954

Because they are jealous of the baby, disgusting

No. 1419955

tranny-ism shows the bottomless pit of male delusion perfectly. this hulking male with a face as long as a plank and shoulders this broad und pointed can't seriously be posting online about how he passes perfectly. we can see, you know. and we all see a male. you're not fooling anyone.

No. 1419956

It's this but the thought of this scares me so much
LLime the idea that so many men are really so emotionally unstable that their own child getting more attention from their wife than them is enough to cause real jealousy
It's sick tbh

No. 1419957

*like not lime, soz

No. 1419958

The hardcore scene has always been filled with failed men rapists and groomers. It makes sense they all trooned out at age 30+

No. 1419964

feels more like typical scrotal womb envy to me

No. 1419967

NTAYRT but yeah. Every male in the scene is degen in some way, shape, or form. If it's not beatdown moids singling out women and jumping them at shows, it's the "HARDCORE IS NOT ABOUT HYPERMASCULINITY" guys in skirts and shitty eyeliner singling out women and jumping them at shows.

No. 1419971

File: 1642457330093.jpeg (450.13 KB, 1170x1121, 9143CC9A-0D04-405D-87D1-5F1765…)

Idek if this is on topic but I hate when troons project their mental illness onto butch women. Just because a woman had a short haircut and likes to wear suits doesn’t mean she secretly desires to be a man. https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/24071264

No. 1419988

wait til this anon hears about "butch" transbians

No. 1419991

File: 1642459646917.jpeg (405.09 KB, 990x557, 87C94834-73A2-454F-9C65-B88186…)

You talking about freaks like this psycho?

No. 1419994

pink hair on men gives me a fear response now from this psychotic man.

No. 1419998

File: 1642460229042.png (611.3 KB, 894x699, xLhaBlx.png)

Does Hunter still id as "lesbian" now that they're dating Dominic

No. 1420003

File: 1642460393227.jpg (45.15 KB, 640x709, ag6ddly7s9c81.jpg)

They don't want to be women, they want to be stylized little girls who mimic anime tropes. I wish they'd just admit they resent and despise actual women and really want to be hentai caricatures.

No. 1420013

File: 1642460906629.jpg (85.21 KB, 640x672, 2qih93ad93c81.jpg)

Wow these retards really are at the wrong end of the bell curve

No. 1420014

tbh he fucked up by continuing the plastic surgery

No. 1420018

I read a more recent tweet where he said he is pan or whatever so yea

No. 1420019

>used my show money for sex work
is he saying he paid someone to use him as a prostitute? like backwards prostitution??

No. 1420022

He unironically identifies as a rape victim, so it doesn't matter

No. 1420025

>most of the staff is central asian
OT but that sounds nice, where does he live that has accepted so many kazakh refugees? i'm glad somewhere is safe for people trying to escape mr. xi's jackassery

No. 1420029

No. 1420030

Are…they saying they don't know where to buy a skirt? Something that pretty much all clothing stores and outlets sell?

No. 1420047

he's a waste of a good looking male smh

No. 1420053

since troons already claim they experience PMS/cramps, can breastfeed newborns and believe circumcision = FGM , any predictions on what deranged bullshit they’ll come up with next ? I’m thinking
>insist they’ve experienced menopause
>insist they’ve had a miscarriage
>claim there’s nothing wrong with AGP (I’ve already seen some on /lgbt/ say it’s a “blessing”

(I don’t want to give them any ideas but also want to see how many I get correct lmao)

No. 1420075

a rule of thumb with men is that whatever deranged bullshit you can think of, some male has already exhibited that exact deranged behaviour you thought of

No. 1420082

im sure there are MTFs somewhere claiming menopause already but a miscarriage would definitely be something new

No. 1420084

File: 1642465912710.jpeg (832.96 KB, 1772x1330, bruh moment.jpeg)

No. 1420095

Eh he still treats his sisters like shit and assumes they’ll be wombs for him

No. 1420103

File: 1642467279953.png (390.78 KB, 1080x1961, Screenshot_20220117-185157_2.p…)

from what i can tell he was just saying that he hired a prostitute, but either way it's a bizarre thing to be so casual about on fucking instagram. he also posted this on his other account. sex pest behavior to the max

No. 1420105

>claim there’s nothing wrong with AGP
They're already doing that without an ounce of self awareness on Twatter and Reddit, even saying porn or hentai contributed to their "awakening". And of course their fellow deranged AGPs praise them and admit they went through the same thing.
They also share their stories about stealing and wearing their sister's underwear as teenagers and they all think it's funny and quirky and not completely deranged and vile like any normal human being would

No. 1420121

I’m pretty sure it’s a PR stunt relationship. Hunter seems to be different from other people Dominic’s dated, and Hollywood started reporting on this relationship right when the second episode of the aired.

No. 1420127

more like bell END

No. 1420132

File: 1642470866616.jpeg (174.98 KB, 1280x720, FJUpYogXMAYd2ln.jpeg)

>>game is broken and dull
>>babies suck
>>no cars yet
And along with a million other issues, yet they want to add pronouns to the game. I can list 200 things that the game could add.

No. 1420133

File: 1642470938652.jpeg (207.77 KB, 934x745, 4CCF2A7B-1735-44B5-B6F9-B0A79C…)

You know that it’s a troon when they talk about posting naked pictures and starting “sex work” for funsies, without a care in the world about their safety or their privacy!

Ik naive young girls get groomed into the sex industry but this moid is old enough to know better. Safe to say that men and better yet society treat troons very differently from how they treat actual women kek.

No. 1420137

SA- I can't wait for someone to create a mod that gets rid of whatever bullshit they add to the game just to watch the community freak out. TBF it's probably going to just be a interaction going "ask X's pronouns" and maybe they'll add some shit to cas.

No. 1420142

game isn't even open world like the last one but lmao okay i guess it matters if my sim can go "um actually it's xim/xir"

No. 1420145

Hunter is 100% An agp narc. Has none of that Kim Petras energy

No. 1420152

Are you fucking kidding me…….
I hope this shit is optional

No. 1420155

File: 1642472344406.jpg (41.09 KB, 500x640, 4r8kcqtw19171.jpg)


No. 1420157

File: 1642472751175.jpg (124.19 KB, 900x1351, f12.jpg)

No. 1420158

A tranny took an admittedly corny scene about female empowerment and made it into an autistic fantasy where a tranny murders a woman for not enabling his delusions. Bleak.

No. 1420159

this should be next threadpic for sure

No. 1420164

>claiming women's achievements and hard work as their own and fantasizing about hurting/raping those who commit wrongthink
Exactly how they operate in real life, it's like pottery

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holy shit my sides
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