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No. 1483738


This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1483766

File: 1648404674178.png (26.88 KB, 758x363, on Twitter.png)

The attention whore has spoken

No. 1483773

The 18% who said yes deserve to be hit by a bus, troll or not.

No. 1483774

You know society has gone full madness when Keemstar has an opinion you agree with

No. 1483775

File: 1648405350087.jpg (1.16 MB, 2167x4029, FOtyLe8VEAAwAtk.jpg)

No. 1483778

File: 1648405549694.jpg (224.3 KB, 939x2048, FOKa7SUWYAEHxIv.jpg)

No. 1483781

File: 1648405576388.jpg (625.13 KB, 700x1025, Picsart_22-03-26_17-32-22-203.…)

No. 1483785

First tranny I've seen in long time that doesn't have that gross minoxidil hair texture

No. 1483803

These threads move so fast I have a hard time following them these days. Is there a reason why in particular? Like, was lc linked somewhere, or is it just because of the gorilla looking swimmer cheating by swimming against women?

No. 1483810

I think more people are peaking because of the Lia(r) Thomas situation, & these threads probably appeal to people because you can only safely express gc views anonymously.

No. 1483822

I give it two months before a big hitpiece about these threads is posted on Vice or something.
>The Cis Women Who Hide Anonymously Behind Hate

No. 1483825

Yeah but it feels so sudden. It's like there's a new thread every two days now. Before it wasn't that fast even if there were plenty of anon saying they very recently peaked and have nowhere else to go.

I can see that, but this will either not be a flattering articule at all, or it would be published in several years after the public at large decide to stop ignoring and pandering to trannies.

No. 1483826

File: 1648407378631.png (521.59 KB, 749x1313, on Twitter (2).png)

KF is getting talked about in the tranny circles on twitter.

No. 1483830

God I hope so! The Peakenings would only grow

The irony is that more the trannies complain about muh hate sites, the more people peek behind the curtains and "see the light" so to say

No. 1483833

Honestly if semi-mainstream media outlets decide to start publishing about online terf groups, that’ll only be a boon to terfdom in the long run. I think of of us were TRA’s before we saw a terf thread and decide to take a look, just to see how crazy and wrong these evil terms were only to see people making a lot of sense. That’s why the primary tactic against anything critical of trans people is silence, they know they can’t argue against basic logic and common sense so they need to silence any dissenting thought.

No. 1483838

File: 1648407696868.png (557.12 KB, 748x815, (@sleepyclx) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1483845

The trannies are also watching Ovarit. I saw ErinTrannyDad posted about it. I wouldn't be surprised if they started posting these threads soon. Men can't help but invade women's spaces. I think them posting about these places will peak some more people though. They'll realize it's okay not to lick tranny asshole and see some of the absurdity being posted by these men.

No. 1483848

Vice doesn't even have enough credibility nowadays, do people still care about it? Let them come for us. Newfags will be up to a rude awakening and some will probably peak.

No. 1483851

Depends, the general public barely knows how to take advantage of the internet, they're lazy bitches and just stick to read inaccurate, sensationalized headlines. That's exactly why JKR is hated by many people: she posted a long blog post to explain how, why and when she suffered from domestic abuse from her first husband and why she thinks transwomen shouldn't have access to real women's safe spaces, and people didn't read it, and read headlines deforming her words and arguments. You have people proudly saying that they never read her post because they don't want to be brainwashed by an evil terf or some shit and they put words in her mouth. Maybe if people bothered doing basic research and looking for sources that would be great for all of us.

No. 1483858

File: 1648408308210.png (1.49 MB, 1070x866, Untitled.png)

No. 1483867

File: 1648408862500.png (12.91 KB, 1078x129, is it a bad idea to stop treat…)


Some of the comments here saying you don't lose muscle mass even with estrogen are interesting because you can argue the same with the Thomas situation. But I bet that if there was a similar post but now it mentioned Thomas then it'd have completely different responses.

No. 1483870

Dude ACTUALLY thinks women can't fucking open jars holy shit

No. 1483872

stereotypes lmao

No. 1483873

Aside from him not being a girl, this is the most lazy "goth" look I've ever seen.

No. 1483874

Straight men think goth = eyeliner

No. 1483876

File: 1648409429901.png (130.17 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20220327-142656~2.p…)

I hate this stupid meme and how they fetishize weakness. I rarely have trouble opening jars. Guess I'm a man now. And if I do have trouble, I literally just use a jar opener or run the lid under hot water. They really do think we're weak and useless huh?

No. 1483881

the fact that 1/5 of people said yes is concerning

No. 1483884

There’s a ton of men defending Lia on Twitter. I have noticed they’re all autismo gamers and memers. They genuinely can’t tell there’s a difference between Lia and the other swimmers. I think being nerds also makes them unable to tell what is “fair” in sports.

No. 1483888

I think this place will eventually get coverage because it’s not predominantly white men. People are used to Kiwifarms/4channers but the idea of a woman not drinking the woke koolaid probably freaks those people out

No. 1483895

Apologies as I can't keep up with the pace of these threads but has r/terfswritingtrans been mentioned yet?

No. 1483901

File: 1648410614944.jpeg (89.36 KB, 500x598, 4C5E8E74-9737-4F04-88DF-1D94E4…)

True. Women can be nothing but handmaidens in their eyes, they seethe when we think for ourselves instead of taking every bs thrown at us as the absolute truth. Rage fuel tbh. I'm tired to pretend I care about troons just so people won't cancel the shit out of me.

No. 1483905

File: 1648410676747.jpg (118.02 KB, 1060x762, kek1.jpg)


No. 1483907

File: 1648410701320.jpg (21.14 KB, 601x155, kek.jpg)

In the comments of this post, kek

No. 1483909

what the fuck, this made me angry kek

No. 1483910


No. 1483913

>implying he looks any better post HRT
so close to self awareness

No. 1483915

File: 1648410824357.jpg (120.31 KB, 897x573, whatthefuck.jpg)

No. 1483917

File: 1648410947852.jpg (62.89 KB, 984x515, surejake.jpg)

The cope in the comments

No. 1483919

File: 1648411041107.jpg (166.42 KB, 905x856, almost_there.jpg)

No. 1483922

where did these troons think we get these stories? these are things troons have actually said.

No. 1483925

What point do they think they're making here? Women don't tend to be incels, and don't jack off to themselves.

No. 1483929

File: 1648411334980.jpg (146.88 KB, 743x658, 5kqmsi8khl961.jpg)

They really are so close to understanding.
Yet, so far.

No. 1483934

But that’s exactly why trannies are doing so well on Twitter and tiktok, because you only have what? 127 characters or a minuet to say your piece and that’s it. You can make almost anything sound reasonable in that time especially if you pick emotive subjects (like comparisons to racism) to further your narrative.

Their points and activism starts to fall apart in longer discussions and videos, on YouTube for example Jessica Kalgren-Fozard posts pro tranny shorts and Jammie Dodger does lots of reacting to memes and owning the terfs type content. Hontra digs himself a grave in longer videos essentially admitting he’s just a massive AGP, Blair’s moved onto chasing pedos and the others like Kat blaque (who I think mostly now talks about being groomed and sex work I haven’t checked his channel in a while) have to sell themselves as not like other trans to remain successful

That’s why there’s such a huge wall to academically challenge anything trans aswell, because it’d unravel as quickly as it started if they were allowed to investigate the phenomena

No. 1483935

Ovarit is one thing but idk, I think the average normie would not really understand what they are looking at if lolcow caps get posted. No up votes? How do you know if the opinion is "correct" or popular? No usernames? Who is saying this stuff? Shitty UI? Where is this on the internet and why should I care?

No. 1483939

the average normie doesn't even understand that lolcow isn't 4chan, not to mention our lingo that they would have a hard time catching onto ("wtf is a troon? is "milk" a code word for trans women are men??") if we got any kind of mainstream coverage i think people just would be confused and not know what to make of it

No. 1483944

File: 1648412117168.png (68.1 KB, 601x521, 523432432.PNG)

No. 1483947

I hope someone cowtips and they see the thread about them and 41%. Disgusting r*pist

No. 1483964

Kek at the receding hairline; top tier representation of most - if not all - TIMs out there.

No. 1483968

>Is it because their perceived value in the world is higher?
Pure delusion. TIMs dominate all trans spaces and discussion. If TIFs have all this male privilege and "perceived value", then why are they constantly talked over and prioritized below TIMs? The fact that they aren't talked about in these discussions is evidence that. People aren't worried about unfairness with them because they aren't pushing their way into male sports and spaces. You don't see them beating male athletes and stealing their scholarships. If anything, many of them still try to compete in the women's category. Many of them still choose to use the women's restroom because they're scared of facing male violence in the men's restroom. There are literally subreddits dedicated to degrading them with misogynistic language because no one actually views them as men or conveys the same amount of respect that comes with being perceived as male.
>or is it because they don't have to struggle as deeply with the fact that they want to fuck us?
More delusion. All their complaints about lesbians not wanting to date them contradicts this lie. Along with the fact that the gay ones will often lie about being trans or withhold that information from their straight male dates and hookups, which in turn increases their risk of being beaten up or killed when the guy does eventually find out. The truth is that most people do not want to fuck them. That's why they have to engage in all this lying and gaslighting around the topic.

No. 1483970

Yeah, no, the reason why we're always shit talking transwomen in particular is because they just won't shut the fuck up. It's not that deep. Do these gorilla looking mfs think they can use the good old "homophobic gays in denial" argument with them? If anything it applies to male TRAs.

No. 1483974

>talking about TIFs “Many of them still choose to use the women's restroom”

Nonna you’ve just ruined my image of Ellen page in her oversized suit peeing with a shewee at the urinal of the mens room. Bet she does still use the ladies.

No. 1483985

>Is it because you need to hold us to the same low tier as you hold women?
kek this fucking dumbass just gave the game away! he's crying about people treating him, a trans woman (man), like a woman, because they never actually wanted to be women with all the difficulties we face in life. They wanted to keep their moid privilege and wear their spinny skirts too. They have no empathy for real women, feel no solidarity with us, mtfs are nothing more than entitled MRAs in programmer socks. They couldn't handle a day of real womanhood.

No. 1483988

>over 10k people said yes

No. 1483991

It's not hard to believe there are at least 10k troons and troon chasers on twitter. Keemstar had the ratio tranny going after him recently, they're probably hate reading his page. We don't need everyone to stop believing stupid shit, plenty of idiots believe the earth is flat and yet we can still move on with our lives unaffected by them because the normies disagree with them.

No. 1484000

Wtf is he on about? No one talks about transmen because they're just women, they aren't hurting anyone

No. 1484004

File: 1648414958963.jpeg (744.13 KB, 1440x1814, AB084EDE-2EF9-4469-BACB-CEB193…)

No. 1484008

Keemstar isn't well liked either so it could be just hate clicks too.

No. 1484009

I don’t like TIFs either but, the reason they’re not talked about to this degree is because they are not actively impeding on the opposite sex’s space. They’re not trying to (well, at least somewhat) redefine what it is to be a MALE or MAN. They get ignored and most quietly destransition and aren’t transitioning for perverted purposes in the first place. They transition because they’re uncomfortable with being labeled as a ‘woman’ or ‘female’ because of the sexualization and stigma that comes with it from, guess who: men. Anyone who cuts off a properly functioning limb or appendage for the sake of personal satisfaction needs to be locked the fuck up, but the only reason people now have their eyes on the trans community, specifically TIMs is because of their blatant fetishistic desires and tendencies alongside the fact that they are the ones actively TRYING to erase women. Congratulations, you sick, walking mangled shell of men, you got what you wanted all along.


No. 1484010

File: 1648415121774.png (213.08 KB, 761x654, Miaon Twitter.png)

It's sad right?

No. 1484015

How accurate! The trans moth monster is preying behind a shield of people of color on the gay person

Also lol at the comments REEE'ing at the older lesbian flag being twansphobiiiic

No. 1484016

File: 1648415291925.jpeg (201.28 KB, 1170x608, E7067150-B242-44AD-AEB7-CAC646…)

based wikipedia

No. 1484024

File: 1648416102808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.5 KB, 576x768, ntol447elzp81.jpg)


this "looks amazing" according to troons

No. 1484029

Eh look up the yaoi ones

No. 1484031

Neos always confuse the hell out of me. Why are there always so many holes? Why is this done? Oh well, if will be a festering shit hole soon

No. 1484033

File: 1648416336426.png (Spoiler Image, 435.05 KB, 1070x866, b4 after.png)

more "amazing" axe wounds

No. 1484034

File: 1648416380794.png (308.94 KB, 640x353, thsrthrts.PNG)

I also watched the previous ones, the trans person is an angel, muh sides

No. 1484035

This could slighly pass as a woman's vagina ruined by testosterone. Slightly. And if you're not educated enough and fall for it.

No. 1484039

Is anyone else worried about how troons are fucking up statistics now. We’re suddenly gonna be told that “women rape just as much as men do!”

No. 1484041

It looks good compared to most of them and it still looks NOTHING like a vulva. That block of skin in the middle creeps me out. There's no labia

No. 1484043

I hate how I've seen so many of these horrors on the other farms that ones like this don't even look that bad to me

No. 1484047

Nonnie please

No. 1484050

So a man? No woman would look at that and say it looks real.

No. 1484051

He's literally just making a troonified version of "women have life on easy mode" bullshit so he can complain about women, unreal

No. 1484056

I love the facsimile clitoris.. keep dreaming you disgusting pervert. At least he won't be able to procreate anymore thank god.

No. 1484059

File: 1648417611164.png (1.34 MB, 750x1114, Inaya Folarin Iman on Twitter …)

No. 1484060

Girl I do not need to, but it’s weird yaoi shit what do you expect. I feel no mercy towards TIFs or TIMs in the slightest and think they need some serious help.

No. 1484064

File: 1648417805638.png (469.8 KB, 753x788, Olivia Hartley on Twitter.png)

No. 1484065

File: 1648417966969.jpeg (105.39 KB, 500x750, EA36B699-F69F-4738-8864-BB4277…)


Me too. Ironically this is one of the few “safe” (ugh) spaces online we have to vent our frustration and disgust.

I really hope that this shit is looked at like lobotomies and other horrors of pseudoscience and bunk psychology/sociology nonsense but as many, many others have said here before, I doubt there is a near end to this.

Esther K is right. (The queen from that viral tweet.) We are just being respectful.

We have to be in order to keep our jobs, friends and if you come from a liberal background, family.

The latest generation of feminists who sided with these mentally ill fags in dresses should have never caved and catered to their delusions and brought them into the fold. This has been one of many recent developments in the last 10 years that has and will harm the future of a woman’s bodily protection and autonomy.

No. 1484068

File: 1648418153287.png (697.58 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20220327-165259~2.p…)

They're just mad because they wish they could look as good as JK. Honestly they're all so fugly they probably wish they could look as good as Putin

No. 1484070

File: 1648418215711.png (697.6 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20220327-165314~2.p…)

Samefag but I love how they can't even make their stupid jokes owning the terfs without their fellow troons getting triggered

No. 1484071

File: 1648418247998.png (378.05 KB, 765x660, Milli Hill on Twitter.png)

BBC actually used AFAB in their article but after countless requests to change it they finally did.

No. 1484074

>studied the scriptures
So they admit it’s a religion?

No. 1484075

women wanting safe spaces are just as bad as evil guy that has actually murdered many people xD

No. 1484077

Never thought I'd say this but…based BBC

No. 1484087

Why did they write it in the first place?

No. 1484088

oh my god what's wrong with just being gay or having a fetish. get off the team, retard moid

No. 1484089

Fear of backlash from TIFs probably
Funny how it turned out tho

No. 1484090

Not that I’ve seen, and i keep up with the threads pretty well

No. 1484092

No one talks about transmen because they aren't taken seriously. They're treated as a joke or an afterthought, even in their own communities. TIFs talk about this all the time and nobody cares and they refuse to acknowledge why no one cares.

No. 1484093

honestly there's a discussion about how troonism taken over everything nerdy.

No. 1484095

BBC is publicly funded so British citizens can and should complain about it more.

No. 1484097

>linked to the christ church shootings
Oh fuck off. Some dork posted a video that hundreds of other sites had posted to them, just because fat retard Josh refused to take it down you're going to say they're "linked"? I swear to christ the liesss

No. 1484106

The UK is doing so much better than the US is in terms of feminist activism.

No. 1484108

You'd think TRAs would cotton on when they see constant arguing about 'what is a woman?'. Nobody asks 'what is a man?', only womanhood is up for debate, only we have to defend our existence and put up with men telling us what we are, trannies covet femaleness more than fakebois could ever want maleness… Exactly the way men and women usually work.

No. 1484110

He’s such a fucking male supremacist kek

No. 1484116

Cloudflare was getting heat for providing services to terrorist organizations so I doubt they'll be bothered. Theyve only once considered or gone through with revoking protections (cant remember if they went through with it tbh). As far as the terrorists they refused to revoke protections because they realized it was a slippery slope & that they had many nefarious and controversial clients. Ban one why not bban them all? Any ways they got their start with an escort service. They're really showing their own ignorance here

No. 1484117

First, learn to sage.

But to your question, yes, it is terrifying. And Queen JKR was harassed for pointing out how labelling MTF rapists as "women" is traumatic for the actual female victims. We had a discussion on that a few weeks (?) ago that is probably now too many threads back since this board has been moving so quickly lately.

No. 1484118

why is his butt so dirty

No. 1484119

TRAs don't care, its about feeling good or being accepted

No. 1484120

paging dr. gein

No. 1484129

Have you ever see the testosterone effects on a vagina? The roughing on the skin makes it look wrinkly and the clit becomes a tiny penis. Disgusting

No. 1484130

Normally I'd chalk it up to a lot of people having hyperpigmentation around their butthole. But knowing how horrible men are with hygiene and struggling to clean their ass properly, he probably has a classic case of Male Dookie Dumper™

No. 1484131

File: 1648422845934.png (188.24 KB, 1050x1050, fea6c2cd83a1f09032f9582a444880…)

This looks like a trace of some fanart of Lapiz Lazuli from Steven Universe.

No. 1484160

>(The queen from that viral tweet.)
She's a rightoid who could very well be anti-choice (so in favor of forced birth) given her associations. I hate how low the bar is these days. It's not a "queen" position, it's just common sense and reality.

Also anyone else resent the right adopting successful radfem talking points to go viral?

No. 1484162

i am about to barf plastic surgery was a mistake

No. 1484165

Yep, all the rightoids are asking "What is a woman?" which was a classic radfem question. The conservatives will go on about how troonery is hurting people but they never criticize gender and patriarchy itself.

No. 1484169

Rightists actually think gender roles are based and only hate transgenderism because of its associations with homosexuality and men wearing dresses. Rightists stereotype women as the soft and submissive hysterical inferior sex to males just like their many leftist counterparts do.

No. 1484173


I don't understand. I thought conservatives hated women working outside of the house, women existing independent of men, women wearing comfortable clothes. It would make more sense for them to support troonry than to even bother interacting with feminists at all.

No. 1484174

>anti-choice (so in favor of forced birth)
Ugh like this is OT ig but really? like you know you can just not eat and your body will discard it right?
Really not that hard

No. 1484182

File: 1648426255804.png (689.71 KB, 592x670, 480932830.PNG)

There's too much overlap with radfems and tradfems on hellholes like Twitter.

No. 1484183

yes. instead of being grateful or some shit, we should be taking advantage of this to possibly convert female rightoids or even the odd male (i had one as a business client and eventually got him as close to feminism as an honourless penis haver can get, by bonding over troon hatred)

No. 1484184

File: 1648426282307.png (790.02 KB, 900x3600, 23135234.png)

Slapped this together really quickly, he's having another meltdown apparently.

No. 1484186

File: 1648426344603.png (26.48 KB, 581x254, 324890328903.PNG)

Just say you're a conservative sweetie.

No. 1484187

How fucking embarrassing.

No. 1484192

I did say this would happen years ago. Radical feminism will be diluted by handmaidens just like liberal feminism was.

Reminder that the first wave feminists like suffragettes were libfems. A lot of people just use "libfem" as an insult now but it is its own feminist branch and analytical framework.

No. 1484195

There have been times I’ve searched for gender critical information and one of these threads ended up in the top results. Based Google, kek. Wouldn’t be surprised if normies are getting funneled here the same way, lurk for a bit out of curiosity and end up geting peaked.

No. 1484200

There's many racist and homophobic tradfems like this who orbit radfem communities.

No. 1484203

Lmao I can't stand these pickmes always going on about how much they hate men but would spread their legs for any moid who gave them some attention.

No. 1484209

File: 1648427617533.png (151.33 KB, 798x604, 1520279679091[1].png)

>kairi is angry now

No. 1484212

File: 1648427793699.png (735.28 KB, 754x863, 30940132.PNG)

The only thing troons advocate on behalf of women is getting women in the sex industry. They never say anything about abortion, maternal leave, sexist workplace discrimination, domestic violence, femicide, etc.


No. 1484215

Yup I always see trannies at pro-prostitution events and never any other women's rights activism.

No. 1484216

yeah that's where vanessa vokey lost me

No. 1484217

File: 1648428010049.jpg (289.51 KB, 720x1178, 20220327_193802.jpg)

I dont like keemstar but i cant believe people are this retarded…the amount of likes.

No. 1484222

Because men don’t wash their ass (many of them think it makes them gay to clean their own asshole).

No. 1484225

Remember back when everybody thought celestia was just an insane outlier? Looks like there's a lot of celestias these days.

No. 1484226

File: 1648428419197.jpg (77.41 KB, 611x825, 2132332.jpg)

No. 1484230

Well, looks like truly nobody got her now. Hello radicaltradwife, we all think you're a massive loser kek

No. 1484231

stop posting retarded memes, they are not milk.

No. 1484234

These women are "radical" about hating troons and literally nothing else. It's so tiresome.

No. 1484237

Is this about that, like, ~19 year old girl he was dating a while ago? The one that called herself “it” and was always posting pictures covered in bruises from all the deranged coomer shit kairi is into? If so, good for her. Grown ass moids who mess around with unstable teenage girls deserve to be exposed as creeps and predators

No. 1484243

Lmao, this twitlonger is just a letter to his ex? Get a journal or something damn

No. 1484245

Literally, they cherry pick one radfem point and water it down to nothing.
Go back to pandering to men radicaltradwife.

No. 1484246

Eh, many people get called "racist" the same way they get called "transphobic" just because they don't suck BLM's dick. Even black people get called "racist" by white liberals for not falling in line (they just call it internalized racism/white supremacy).

No. 1484248

These tradfems literally post about how people with dark skin are inferior lifeforms.

No. 1484259

File: 1648430488095.jpg (326.68 KB, 600x898, 1648430396285.jpg)

i wanted to see what he looked like without the weird paint
also his shirt has like 10 stains on it, disgusting

No. 1484261

The ones on tumblr literally post about how the chinese are inhuman, jews are biologically evil, and black people are monkeys, etc. Blog but I'm on radblr and every time a post of mine gets popular I wind up with tons of these racist weirdos adding commentary to my posts about male violence with "well, we all know which men are REALLY the issue." It's insufferable. Trad women are just really stupid I think.

No. 1484263

Okay, it doesn’t really matter when they are not and never will be women lol. I don’t get the gotcha here.

No. 1484267

Still better than TiMs in my humble opinion. Would rather be around a yaoi-addicted doughy woman in T than a male troon.

No. 1484271

If you really think people are calling them racist for not supporting BLM then you're just plain ignorant.

No. 1484286

I think that anon just assumed based off of prior experiences. They're wrong but I can see how.

No. 1484294

File: 1648434145694.jpg (194.68 KB, 1908x1146, axe tranny.jpg)

More like trannies are actually a threat to literally everyone because they're men. No one cares about ftms because they're women and don't go out and assault people or shove their mangled genitals in everyone's face.
Him thinking everyone just wants to fuck him is the most male thing ever too lol

No. 1484298

I remember when this TIM went on his axe murder rampage and people on /tttt/ were calling him /ourgirl/ because they could relate or thought it was endearing.

No. 1484301

Do you think the reason why so many men are adamant about TWAW is because they genuinely can't see TIMs as fellow men? They think they're such ugly failures that they can only be like inferior women who are just the "non-men" category to them.

No. 1484302

You raise a good point. A lot of men think a man who has lost his dick and puts on a dress isn't actually man. In Thailand they consider TIMs to be a third gender or closer to women even though they are literally just men.

No. 1484303

They don't really see them as women but they don't see them as men either. Of course TIMs are men and the fault of men but they are always blaming women for the troon infestation in women's spaces. They separate TIMs from men.

No. 1484304

What's wrong with this guys forehead? It looks like his head is sprouting hair from a piece of plastic. Is it badly photoshopped? Or is he wearing a headpiece or something?

No. 1484308

wow he actually watched boruto? troons really are mentally disabled.

No. 1484309

Most men think of women as a bunch of stereotypes and artifice.

No. 1484310

ugh i KNEW people judged you for this! i keep getting oil/chemical stains on my clothes at work (paint store) and i secretly hoped maybe people don't care about that

No. 1484312

god fuck moids, nuke the moids. even white attractive moids with every good start in life waste everything they've been given to become murder tarnnies

No. 1484313

samefag i meant white in the sense of, that's a good start in america

No. 1484314

there is no "gender". most languages in the world don't even have two terms for "sex" and "gender". it's pure 1000% subversive post-modernist language engineering. radfems are part of the problem and they opened the door to all this insanity. you can hate scrotes and support women without leftist BS which always end up only benefiting scrotes anyway.

no normal heterosexual man supports troons. straight men who do are all closeted trannies, tranny fetishist homos or deranged misogynists who are also closet homos.

No. 1484316

Just looked this up because I hadn't seen this case before, but apparently he started detransitioning in prison right after being convicted. The female inmates also rightfully beat him up and told him he should be in a men's prison. Absolutely wild that this was likely recorded as a woman's crime and then immediately after being placed with women he decided he was actually still male. The only positive part of this case is that he had bottom surgery 5 years before being imprisoned, so he was less of a physical threat, and even then the women at the prison still didn't accept him and attacked him.

No. 1484319

Based female inmates.

No. 1484325

File: 1648436501249.jpeg (292.24 KB, 1170x850, C217990D-0E86-4ACB-871B-008A44…)

love it when trannies eat their own kek

No. 1484329

he’s so close and then totally misses it

No. 1484333

How does this relate to anything anon said? Radfems didn't create the sex/gender distinction, that was pedo John Money. Radfems only point to womens biology as being why/often how they are oppressed. You just come off as triggered.

No. 1484337

File: 1648437034771.jpg (102.86 KB, 1284x1240, FOZKH66WUAseYoy.jpg)


No. 1484341

>actually trans
There's no such thing.

No. 1484352

The irony of Contra saying AGPs aren't trans

No. 1484353

File: 1648437658685.png (23.66 KB, 587x228, 32980983.PNG)

They always ask "would transition have saved her?" anytime they discuss some TIM that committed a crime or killed himself.

No. 1484355

I used to think Ted Kaczynski was an interesting whacko but finding out he was an AGP has made me super disgusted with him. At least he felt shame over his paraphilia.

No. 1484373

Kaczynski was an AGP? I guess I should've known. The Y chromosome really is a disease

No. 1484377

File: 1648438554029.png (21.31 KB, 788x148, 8798.PNG)

>Kaczynski was an AGP?

No. 1484378

>is it because they want to fuck us
Kek. TIFs are always more popular on dating apps compared to TIMs. If only he actually compared his matches with one of his TIF friends, the illusion would be crushed

No. 1484385

>gets degenerate sexual cravings
>blames other people for it and tries to kill them
Definitely an AGP. At least back then you weren’t coddled for being a troon.

No. 1484387

Wow so female brained.

No. 1484388

I had no idea the most famous eco-terrorist was an autogynephile.

No. 1484391

At least he had the common sense not to go through with it. Kind of based.

No. 1484397

File: 1648439426594.jpeg (49.78 KB, 738x415, D3A08EDA-F813-476B-B064-B43FCD…)

A TIM who fantasizes of rap*ng women is totally not a threat to women. I don’t want someone like this in safe spaces for us.

No. 1484407

AGPs really are fucking everywhere.

No. 1484433

didn't contra make like an entire video about how transtrenders are uwu valid or some shit? is contra going for villain of his own people or what?

No. 1484472

Yup. He also made a video on how AGP isn't really a thing and Blanchard is a phony and he totally doesn't have it, despite the entire video basically showing him to be a classic case study of it. He strikes me as smarter than your average tranny, so he probably knows that trenders exist and so does AGP and he def does have it. He does seem to be getting disillusioned with his fanbase, especially after his "cancelling" with the Twitter woke crowd. I bet he secretly wants to detransition (esp after complaining about his "lesbian" dating woes), but is too much of a narcissist to admit to being wrong

No. 1484528

File: 1648446009420.png (44.54 KB, 1148x333, 23092.PNG)

Why is Japan the country that searches for "autogynephilia" the most?

No. 1484536

If the UK is TERF Island then Japan is Pedo Island.

No. 1484557

non-english speakers, and traps/futa/etc are all popular there

No. 1484561

lol poland

No. 1484568

A lot of self-admitted AGPs in Japan that's why. You'd be surprised by how many they are but they usually don't do surgery. That's more of an HSTS thing.

No. 1484583

Lol contra single handedly introduced me to the concept of agp, convinced me it wasn't real and then later convinced me it was real when I actually thought about what he said (he realized he was trans because he couldnt have sex without crossdressing, but that's not agp..somehow?) and how insecure he was about it. I guess he's gone full transmedicalist. Maybe by agp he means "without dysphoria"? idk but I hope he takes his video on agp (denying it exists basically) down, that thing has set us back decades. I'd unironically like seeing a video from him where he defines what being trans means but he would never dare

No. 1484620

could japan also be experiencing a mass peakening? i've noticed a few japanese twitter accounts translating the jk rowling discourse and rt's tweets defending jk rowling.

No. 1484633

No because they hardly even know what transgenderism is. I've talked to Japanese radfems before and they don't even have any mainstream concept of feminism over there, let alone a radical feminist one. Even on Twitter a lot of Korean radfems shit on Japanese users for their handmaidenry and always making excuses for men.

The Japanese Twitter accounts that talk about troons are the terminally online ones that know English. Twitter is by far the most popular Western social media that Japanese people use but they don't often venture over into the English speaking side. It is, however, inevitable that some Japanese people will find out what is going on in the UK and such.

No. 1484642

I doubt it. "Autogynephilia" on Japanese websites is mostly trannies and crossdressers talking about their fetish or activists going on about how its a refuted pseudoscientific hypothesis used to spread transphobia. The Japanese rainbow kweerz are really insane and mirror their Western counterparts.

No. 1484708

maybe.. don't take selfies with the dirty shirts?

No. 1484748

Because they've been publicly shamed into doing it by TRAs. The fact that they changed it proves they don't really believe in troon bs and only did it for approval, if they truly thought it was the honest right thing to do they wouldn't have changed it, I doubt you could get them to change "gay" into a homophobic slur. But since TRA language is very obviously misogynistic once you actually think about it for more than 5 seconds you can't morally defend it.

No. 1484753

>>1484246 yeah but these girls want a /Pol/ for women and this site isnt it, and never will be.

No. 1484762

File: 1648455537937.png (1.02 MB, 1196x1176, gallamode04a.png)

I can't get over what a disaster this outfit is, lol.

No. 1484763

File: 1648455584903.jpg (309.14 KB, 1162x2048, gallamode04c.jpg)

No. 1484764

>>1484583 Contra is a transmed and has been one for many years now, is an open secret in tranny communities. Everyone knows and everyone hates him for it but they don't dare to go in full force against him because a) even as a transmed agp he's one of the best spokesmen for trannies and make normies into TRAS b) he knows enough shit to drag almost every other transinfluencer. Nuke contra means to nuke almost everyone. As for contra himself, he used to be able to hide his hated of trenders, zoomer queers, another hons & agps but i think that thanks to a mix of his addictions frying his brain and overall triedness of the absolute state of breadtube is slipping more and more. Still can't say something radical enough to alienate his cislib fanbase who keeps him as some sort of a pet, "look a trans person who can talk! Werent they all autistic weridos? emoji" but at the end of the day they pays for his larvish lifestyle.
Tldr: Contra and troons hate each other. Been like that for years but they have a Ribbentrop-Mólotov pact and patiently wait for the other to mess up so they can attack first. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 1484766

> transparent dress
> boots with hiking socks
> gold bangle
> silver sequined backpack from claire’s
> gray eyeshadow but no concealer on all that acne
He really picked his ~look~ based on what got his dick hard and nothing else, didn’t he

No. 1484773

out of all the things to comment on and criticize they chose "performing femininity", so I assume they agree with tim's being violent sexual predators who project their insecurities onto everyone else

No. 1484776

File: 1648457557418.jpeg (103.79 KB, 675x900, FOV2xjSVQAU8hEB.jpeg)

Weird Al Wankovic

No. 1484786

It’s very obvious a pol scrote trying to blend in blaming feminists for “postmodernism” and “leftism”.

No. 1484794

Yes in Japan they abbreviate autogynephilia to "AG". The author for 'The Bride Was a Boy' manga even has a journal entry about AGP explaining it with a cutesy comic. Gag.

No. 1484797

Showed this pic to my bf. The disgust is his face, kek. And he has admitted to watching shemale porn lol

No. 1484803

If your bf watches shemale porn just dump him girl. wtf will you wait until you find him wearing your panties and jerking off? or maybe sucking a tranny cock in your bedroom?

No. 1484806

I'm not sure how much he watches it now, since how much I've informed him about trannies, and more importantly, how his boss was a psychotic AGP who harassed even the males with ass rape jokes at work. I know I know, >muh Nigel!!1

No. 1484809

File: 1648462480724.png (65.93 KB, 2046x640, transwomenhelpwomenreclaimthei…)

>transwomen help women reclaim their womanhood:

No. 1484810

File: 1648462746335.png (552.21 KB, 447x891, 9243213415435.png)

Could this MAN clean his fucking cum drizzled shit off of his mirror?

No. 1484816

Normalize dumping coomers. Normalize calling men gay/bi for watching trans porn.
Normalize not sticking around and dealing with men who want to watch gay sex with tits.
Normalize Normalize Normalize. It hurts my heart to see so many women feeling they have to deal with this shit, no. You don't. He's a bisexual/gay coomer nonnie. If he's white there is a huge chance he's going to troon out. People need to understand, if we lived in a magical land where women who don't want to deal with bisexual chasers told these men, "you are not straight. You are gross, go be with the men with tits, don't waste my time" then maybe at least 1% would stop wasting our time. It's a violation. I don't care if this is autistic, I will never forget seeing a woman saying all men were troom chasers and we should learn to accept it, NO we don't. That's what the chasers/troons want. They want women to validate their shitty dicks. A lot of chasers end up with wives and families, while craving dick on the side. They don't want relationships with troons but they want sex. Set them free.

No. 1484820


The "western" concept of transgender isn't very prevalent in Japan. AGPs are still just AGPs, though they'll surely catch on eventually.
HSTS are still acknowledged as gays afaik.

People who aren't AGPs or HSTS will use x-gender labels (see ryosei, musei, chusei). They're usually tied to being LGB, asexuality, discomfort with the traditional gender roles imposed upon them, or appearance-related. I think they still acknowledge it for what it is, and aren't straight up biological sex deniers.

No. 1484826

>> 1484160

And? You think infighting within our gender is going to help things? A conservative woman is still a woman unlike a tranny.


This is the correct response and is much more constructive then automatically dismissing them as hopeless.

No. 1484828

File: 1648464582252.jpg (246.65 KB, 1125x632, tumblr_d329ab8c18a66703fa35e83…)

He is bisexual (heavily repressed though), and that is one of the reasons I started dating him to begin with. He has watched gay porn too, tranny porn is probably a stepping stone for him to that. I know nonnas will crucify me for being with a porn watching moid, but 99.99% of them do so. I can whine about it and he will then hide it from me, but I have no delusions I can actually stop him. For now it does not seem excessive nor does he have any creepy fetishes, he is more "vanilla and boring" than me. I am not having kids, and he knows I will leave the second he would choose to troon out. I don't support porn, but I'm realistic that moids will always find a way to get their hands on it and banning it will not work. But this is a discussion for 2X, not here.

I should not have mentioned it at all as it's obvious people would find issue with it (rightfully so), but I thought it was relevant as even someone who could find trannies attractive thinks behaviour like that is creepy. And men will obviously see the issue more when it affects their lives with creeps preying on them.

No. 1484831

It's funny, I saw the French translation in a lot of bookshops and it's advertized as that educational wholesome manga instead of a manha about two gay perverts. This is the same country that fucked up the "lonely lesbian diary" whatever manga in its official French translation to attract normie, perpetually online LGBTTTTTT activists though so I'm not surprised. For that one they made the book bigger to justify its price increasing, they "mirrored" all the art to make it read left to right like an occidental comic/BD, and they changed the title to "une solitude d'un autre genre" (literally "another kind of loneliness") to make a pun about gender while erasing the reference to female homosexuality. Fuck, this reminds me that I should buy the Japanese books instead and just use a dictionary.

No. 1484833

Is he bi or is he a """straight""" guy who's in denial of his love for cock? I recommend you only stay with him if stops watching porn and gets his together because I wouldn't want you to be cheated on with a HIV infected tranny.

No. 1484835

Why post an L like this? He's literally pretending to be disgusted kek

No. 1484840

File: 1648465931707.png (1.01 MB, 716x955, trandwhale.png)

I'm pretty sure the hate bisexual men is one of the reasons they develop fetishes like APG, since thinking themselves as women taking cock is probably more justifiable and less "gay" and forbidden. Not that I have any sources on it other than my ass.

Not that it is really relevant but I have told him he can fuck men or women if he likes since I literally do not give a shit, but he does not want to. Yes, I am partial to open relationships even though I hate trannies and wokies that are 99% of poly people. Radfems / GCs are not a hive mind and we all all have different preferences and life styles.

Also, do tell me how I stop an adult from watching porn? Install parental blockers on his devices like for a child. I tell him about the issues on the field, and he has to make his own judgement. Unfortunately men often think with their cocks.

On more related issues - more trannies should consider becoming morbily obese, since the lard layers hide sex characteristics so well. Plus they would be less equipped to run after any people they try to rape!

No. 1484842

>bf is pornsick and into trannies
>is ok with him fucking anyone he wants and bringing home stds
>stays with him because a pornsick moid is better than nothing
L after L

No. 1484843

I would be ok with him fucking others (if he wanted to, he doesn't), because I myself want to fuck around and I don't really feel jealousy. People on those kinds of relationships are supposed to use protection against STDs. Some people like monogamy, some people don't, and it's ok anon.

No. 1484844

jesus christ, they're already talking about teaching US how to be women. this is unreal, when will it end

No. 1484845

File: 1648466744781.png (17.53 KB, 2066x184, cisgirlshaveiteasy.png)

why we call them transcels

No. 1484846

>partial to open relationships
>has no issue with boyfriend watching shemale porn
Look, not everyone in this thread is obligated to support radical feminism, but please do not call yourself a radfem. Hating trannies =/= radical feminism. You're just diluting the term and that's how we end up with stupid twitter tradfems and radblr racists weaseling their way into gendercrit conversations. You clearly don't seem to agree with some of the major tenets of radical feminism, so there's no need to try to identify with that label. Just shut up about your creepy boyfriend and get back on topic

No. 1484847

Well, I'm not your mom so I don't really care, just make sure you don't get STDs or whatever. I'm still judging you though kek.

No. 1484848

>Some people like monogamy, some people don't, and it's ok anon.
no one cares that you're a whore. stop derailing

No. 1484849

File: 1648466992920.jpg (180.71 KB, 1250x423, FNiVuvjVkAEiZ-_.jpg)

I did not call myself a radfem, that's why I said
>Radfems / GCs
hoping it would be apparent I am the latter

Also, liking to fuck several people is not antifeminist inherently. Again, a topic for 2X.

Ah, the feminism in action I see kek

No. 1484850

Oh well if he'd bisexuak then at least you know. I still think it's degen but my post was assuming that it was something he told you recently and not something you already knew. I guess my post was more so for women dealing with scrotes who hide it or tell them later on and they aren't comfortable with it.

No. 1484851

>the feminism in action
wasn't aware this is a feminism/post about your life thread

No. 1484852

File: 1648467460371.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1341, that euphoria can boner.png)

No. 1484853

This whole thread is about MtFs being misogynistic, why is misogyny ok coming from you? There is a middle ground between full on "sex positivity yaas queen make an OF!! sex work is work let him abuse you" and "women can only enjoy sex I approve of!"

I'm not sure I have ever even seen "euphoria" things that are NOT related to boners

No. 1484854

>I did not call myself a radfem
>Radfems / GCs are not a hive mind and we all all have different preferences and life styles
As thrilling as this discussion is, next time you wanna dunk on an ugly tranny, maybe leave out the details about your boyfriend's degenerate porn habits. Here's hoping he doesn't troon out nonnie. I really do mean that, but I'm not optimistic for you

No. 1484855

Nonna can you read

No. 1484856

We’ve gone like 4 days without some retard treating this thread like their personal blog, please don’t derail again. no1curr about your specific brand of feminism or the intricacies of your relationship, respectfully

No. 1484857

File: 1648467807939.png (165.75 KB, 1080x602, both genitals.png)

No. 1484858

We get it, can we move on from nonna’s bf’s sexual preferences already? Stop shitting up the board further.

No. 1484859

Whoops. I'll admit I misread that. My general point still stands

No. 1484860

Point taken!

No. 1484861

File: 1648468026656.png (813.24 KB, 774x881, Screenshot_60.png)

>queen of the hill fighting game tourney
>2 troons
we can't have shit for ourselves

No. 1484863

Not surprising, the average woman, even the most womanchild of women, isn't going to be wasting her life in video game tourneys.
Really makes you wonder if they're pushing these so you have the real tourney of men who know they're men and then the tranny in all but name tourney that no one will watch because everyone is sick of trannies.

No. 1484864

File: 1648468519087.png (2.95 MB, 2160x1424, HeartAmity.png)

No. 1484865

I have totally given up of any hope of profilic "female" gamers being actual women

No. 1484868

File: 1648468692287.jpeg (705.65 KB, 1170x2074, E2DF7CF2-2177-483D-BD5D-BEB858…)

Are they dumb

No. 1484869

SRS is already basically body horror, but the troons that get the weird double genital set ups make my skin crawl. Worst one I saw was a TiF who got a forearm frankendick, retained her “meta dick” aka clit larping as a micropenis, and her vagina was still fully intact. It was never about muh gender dysphoria, they just want to customize their genitals like their building a PC so they can make their coomer genderkweer fantasies come true

No. 1484871

Some so-called "radfems" in a group called "vagfems" started harassing a Pakistani radfem calling her "curry chimp" and other vile shit. Whenever they say racist things about men of color they just cover it up by saying its because they hate all men - as if racism towards non-white men doesn't affect non-white women too.

No. 1484874

File: 1648469077479.jpg (90.43 KB, 960x650, 17353177_10155011037568211_173…)

Behold, the "Chilli Queen"

No. 1484875

File: 1648469330632.png (1.48 MB, 2160x1053, WinterWerevvolf.png)

this is what happens when furries don't get bullied hard enough in middle school

No. 1484877

That’s most terfs/radfem spaces honestly since no one wants to say they’re just against the gender identity nonsense, it’s embarrassing for some reason so they feel the need to rope in larger issues to be taken seriously.

No. 1484880

I can't stand those women. They always bringing up examples of sex-based oppression like FGM or menstrual huts that disproportionately affect brown women to argue that transgenderism is bullshit only to go on about how these brown women are also subhuman. I once got into an argument with these Nazi type (t)radfems who said indigenous American women are disproportionately sold into sex slavery because they are "dumb barbarians" and "naturally slutty".

No. 1484882

Didn’t contra make 2 videos one about trenders being valid and another about agp being a whole theory based on an outlier/extreme minority

No. 1484884

File: 1648469797267.jpg (404.08 KB, 1080x1850, IMG_20220328_141616.jpg)

Phillip Pullman is caping for troons so he can openly hate on women and call them cunts

No. 1484885

File: 1648469848034.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1538, new cute skirt.png)

No. 1484886

At least back in the pre social media days these people would be contained on furaffinity and whatever other sinister forums they'd hang out in.

No. 1484887

I mentioned this dickweed in the previous thread about how I hope people shit on him if the public became anti-troon. He really deserves it.

No. 1484888

I’m im awe about how the whole movement is able to stamp out any doubts about itself. That whole subreddit is an echo chamber reassuring everyone that actually it’s completely fine to get boners from wearing a skirt and cis women experience that too! Reminds me of depression tumblr blogs, its fine cutting yourself is totally valid and normal we all deal with emotions in different ways!

No. 1484889

I wonder if there is any sex difference in capsaicin resistance?

No. 1484892

File: 1648470297927.png (270.6 KB, 1080x892, incel.png)

No. 1484893

I feel so bad for lesbians.

No. 1484894

I think Contra is trying to sus out if transgenderism is really on its last legs. The minute straight white "cis" men decide its cringe on a whole he's going to push the tru trans narrative as hard as possible while throwing AGPs and 99% of twitter trannies under the bus.
Did contra get SRS? If he didn't I could see him detransing and making a shit load of money off of it.

No. 1484895

>Overall, a sex difference was noted in capsaicin-related pain ratings (women x=46.0, SD=28.2 and men x=30.6, SD=28.2) with more men than women rating pain as less than 20 (42% and 18% respectively, p=0.02). No age or race differences in capsaicin-induced pain were demonstrated.


Not sure how accurate this is though since men are just less likely to react to pain to seem tough. Although women do experience higher levels of inflammation.

No. 1484897

File: 1648470819773.png (337.57 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20220328-072749~2.p…)

There's not much research on it, but apparently men are more likely to report enjoying spicy foods but they enjoy them for different reasons. Women are apparently more likely to actually enjoy the taste, but men are more likely to have the preference driven by social factors like it seeming more masculine. So they're not necessarily able to handle spice better objectively, but they're more likely to go harder on it and pretend they enjoy it to seem manly. And dudes with higher testosterone are more likely to engage in this behavior

No. 1484898

File: 1648470861202.jpg (94.57 KB, 1400x1050, Spider_Man_meme.jpg)

>I wonder how my incel self would react seeing one of his worst enemies

No. 1484899

I think its more cultural. Like, if you had an English man and Thai man enter a chili eating competition then the Thai man would probably win because chilis are more common in Thai cuisine.

No. 1484900

File: 1648470992184.png (103.93 KB, 1080x905, is it just a kink.png)

No. 1484902

File: 1648471320309.jpg (78.38 KB, 963x628, 23232.jpg)

This is why I hate mtf/ftm threads, they bring in too many unwanted retards and the threads themselves are repetitive with only difference being more twitterfag/redditfags in each new thread.

No. 1484903

>more likely to go harder on it and pretend they enjoy it to seem manly
I have seen this quite a lot. Many men will try to eat things beyond their spice comfort level to seem cooler. This partially explains why risk-taking behavior is so much more common among men than women.

No. 1484904

More people peaking is good

No. 1484905

Kek this tweet is way too risky even for his easily triggered fanbase because he acknowledges the existence of trenders and AGPs. Though is Hontra thinks trenders and AGP aren't trans then what the fuck is trans? Most trannies are those two.

No. 1484910

Hontra describes himself as an "old school transsexual" which makes no sense because that nearly always refers to HSTS.

No. 1484912

Kek, does he think modern troons all have beards and chad muscles. He's the definition of a current year troon

No. 1484913

Hontra tries to pretend he's some ambiguous typology that is more valid than all the rest. He's a textbook case of AGP though, like how Robert White is a stereotypical HSTS.

No. 1484914

Wait, Hontra is not a gay dude?

No. 1484915

so that's where the fag sperging comes from

No. 1484916

Nope, he's straight but he had pseudobisexuality because he wanted to experience fucking men like women do.

No. 1484917

No. 1484918

If you go on any subreddit filled with AGPs a lot of them describe their desire to be sexually dominated by men but their imagined male lovers are always faceless in their fantasies. It's very reminiscent to how male performers in pornography are often faceless and out of focus while the women is the center of all the activity. They imagine themselves as the woman in porn.

No. 1484919

From the examples-of-autogynpehiles blog (which I think is now discontinued).

>Almost all autogynephiles are heterosexual in their orientations (it is possible that there are some genuinely bisexual autogynephiles, but this remains unproven). However, many autogynephiles have something known as “pseudobisexuality”. Pseudobisexuality is when an otherwise straight, autogynephilic man or transsexual woman see having sex with a man as a validation of themselves as women.

>As such, pseudobisexuals are not attracted to the men they imagine have sex with, they are attracted to the idea of themselves as women doing different “womanly” things (such as having sex with men). The men in the fantasies of pseudobisexuals are often faceless, vague, and are not true embodiments of the male physique. In fact, most pseudobisexuals focus on the idea of themselves as women being penetrated in these fantasies and pay little attention to the man outside of his existence to penetrate and sometimes dominate the pseudobisexual.

>Some autogynephiles don’t have fantasies of themselves having sex with anyone and are often aroused by the idea of themselves as women in completely non-sexual contexts. As such, they sometimes identify as asexual.

No. 1484921

they really keep telling on themselves

No. 1484923

And like a lot of AGP he will try to use quantum convoluted philosophical mental gymnastics to argue how he's not actually an AGP and that women don't exist but he is definitely one.

No. 1484924

I seriously think this is a result of porn. Just like how some men can't stay hard during sex unless they're watching porn. It's like porn becomes a mirror of their self, and they lose the ability to perceive themselves and thus be aroused unless they look like the thing they fap to six times a day. That being a slutty bimbo with hooker makeup and 5 inch heels.
It also explains why so many men trooned out during covid. They were jacking it so much it broke their little moid brains.

No. 1484926

File: 1648474212631.png (109.3 KB, 2046x1000, incelpipeline.png)

>>I was misogynistic, because I resented women. I was incredibly jealous of them. I had surrounded myself with a bunch of far right racist, sexist, homophobic transphobes. I guess my thought was if I surrounded myself with woman hating dudebros incels that made women seem bad, I wouldn't want to transition. I was anti feminist.

No. 1484927

He got his ego boosted by protecting a woman so he became a feminist? Men…

No. 1484933

>Hated women
>Hated women so much and hated feminism
>PrOtEcTeD a WoMaN fRoM rApE
>What actually probably happened was he saw a girl he was attracted too being talked to by another guy and he "intervened" so he could talk to the woman instead
>Wants to be in womens spaces despite hating women before
>Openly admits to being sexist and a misogynist in the past
>Thinks women should welcome him with open arms despite sexist past

I want to die

No. 1484938

Notice they never mention getting therapy, working on themselves, or taking any accountability to grow as a person beyond trooning out. That’s because they’re still misogynistic, racist, homophobic incels. Now they just have OpPrEsSeD status and feel even more justified hating lesbians, comparing black women to men, and sending death & rape threats to any woman who challenges them.

No. 1484940

File: 1648477865216.png (324.87 KB, 1179x1202, obsessed weirdos.png)

No. 1484942

I watched a documentary about "weird sports" on netflix and in an episode about competitive chilli eating this chili queen trooned resigned as one of the first ones. Real women stayed longer, a man ended up winning though

No. 1484943

Leah is right. It doesn't matter if you get artifical estrogen once a day or once a month, it's not the same as the natural female cycle

No. 1484947

File: 1648478622507.png (2.95 MB, 2236x2096, TheWolfpack94.png)

the very picture of femininity (and sanity) uwu

No. 1484952

How tf do they have the nerve to act like they don’t have male privilege when they walk around looking like that

No. 1484954

File: 1648479388155.png (278.61 KB, 2048x1436, hormone-graph-2048x1436.png)

As we can all see from this lovely graph, estorgen isn't just an upward-downward spike nor is it a constant line.

The moids who shoot it up: their bodies do their best to get rid of it by pissing it out. There's no test that can measure "constant" estrogen or testosterone levels in the blood. The test they do measures what they have in their blood at the moment. The endocrinologists probably coddle these mentally ill freaks by doing the test right after they shoot it up their bloodstream like junkies. After a day, two days or a week that level can easily go down to 0 again.

Women and men don't excrete hormones like this, it comes in everyday and fluctuates through out the day.

The troons who take pills everyday would have a baseline estrogen level flowing, it never goes up or down unless they stop using it.

These trannies are delusional and whatever they do or how much sissy porn they fap to, they can never replicate the female hormonal cycle. All they can do is cope and seethe on twitter, writing delusional tweets into the Twitter void that no one will care about except people who want to point and laugh at these circus clowns as past time entertainment, whereas everyone else is out and about enjoying lives and living happily in their natural bodies.

No. 1484958

Rough.is there any way this is a troll

No. 1484965

File: 1648481463951.jpg (100.28 KB, 601x900, FO8TnNYXsAk5U7I.jpg)

Not trying to derail, but I was catching up on the thread and saw the girl talking about her boyfriend being disgusted by troons but jacking it to shemale porn. I just want to say that even if your moid friends are super outspoken about being grossed out by troons and always love making fun of them with you, never trust them. I had two close friends who both claimed to be straight and always shit on trannies. Both ended up dating some of the ugliness, manliness troons I've ever seen. They both shit on troons even after dating them. Men are disgusting and will fuck anything in a wig. Almost none of them have real standards or convictions.

Anyway, here is a candid of Honter from the Oscars. God damn.

No. 1484968

He can afford some of the best hair care in the world and his hair is still greasy as shit. What the fuck.

No. 1484970

File: 1648482082923.jpg (103.43 KB, 681x851, FO6c3h9WYAogV_d.jpg)

His dress is super ugly as well. Some sort of denim nightmare. Whoever styled him was having a laugh.

No. 1484971

He looks so fucking greasy. This dude goes from looking like a somewhat handsome scrote to an below average weird greasy horse girl/boy in other pictures.

No. 1484974

It seems so fake, I don't watch the show but do they date on the show? I'm sorry but it doesn't seem real. Not because I don't think the blue hair scrote is gay/bisexual but because it seems so put on. Every picture is try hard.

No. 1484977

I thought Honter's character dated Zendaya in the show? I don't watch it either. I watched one episode and I thought it was just vapid romanticism of drugs and sexual violence.

No. 1484978

This is clearly a greasy man. People have speculated on whether he's cutting down the estrogen but I kind of believe it after this pic. The estrogen must be really fucking his liver to hell and back because YEESH.

No. 1484979

I mean he always looked like this. I feel it's the voice that fooled people. As someone who only watched one clip of the show, before I did I could tell he was a troon. He never passed well in my eyes.

No. 1484996

The first scene he'a visible is a bicylcing scene if I'm remembering correctly, and it was obvious from the get-go that his hip mobility was not female. His big knees swang outward opposite from the bicycle and looked so clownish. Kek

No. 1484998

File: 1648484721183.jpeg (889.8 KB, 1361x1338, 890065A4-0FF1-4A98-A08D-466556…)

Not sure if this has been posted but this guy on the left tells them to “please call off your dog” to the women with his filthy AGP smirk. Fucking creep.

No. 1485020

You are not a radfem and good luck with your disgusting pornsick scrote trooning out on you in the near future.(let it go)

No. 1485038

reminds me of grimes. i get so pissed off when i see millionaires with ugly shitty hair, like god damn that'd be the first thing on my list of appearance care if i was rich.

No. 1485040

Jesus…his head and neck are so fucking big, idk how anyone can seriously claim he passes. Ive even heard handmaidens claim they were surprised to learn he was trans on the show. I call bullshit. He was immediately clockable to me. He looks like a weird rat. Any actual women that looked like him would've been bullied out of Hollywood by now
Not this again. We already settled this stupid derailment hours ago. Let anon be in denial over her boyfriend, and we can continue to laugh at troons

No. 1485043

File: 1648486828074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 300.28 KB, 1920x1080, Euphoria-Hunter-_Shafer-and-ze…)

People were surprised?!?!? He has his dick outlined in panties in the first episode! It's impossible to miss.

No. 1485045

thanks for this <3(<3)

No. 1485046

>guilty gear strive

so this is what the people telling us to cope and seethe when we complain about getting a troon character look like… lmao i'm not surprised

No. 1485059

File: 1648488276936.png (391.14 KB, 1624x439, everytime.png)

anytime I see some retarded take on twitter under a feminine name, it's always a troon

No. 1485060

the funniest thing is testament isn't even a tranny. the developers said he's "agender" and the voice actor doesn't even try to put on a "feminine voice". idk why they're claiming he's a stunning and brave trans woman.

No. 1485065

File: 1648489151900.png (41.92 KB, 594x279, A418018A-CAEA-4357-966E-84D53B…)

So many of these.

No. 1485068

A lot of women do though. Just because you think a hobby is retarded that doesn't mean there's no women into it. Plus the winner usually gets a prize, it's not just "good job, you play videogame really well" pats in the back. They're taking actual stuff that's supposed to go to women.

No. 1485069

do we usually get this many inane posts? these threads are moving extremely fast lately and it seems like a lot of posts aren't even that relevant

No. 1485075

File: 1648490175578.jpeg (94.01 KB, 750x618, 1646369226837.jpeg)

I feel like the comment that anon made was yet another way of saying women who play video games are just scrotes in disguise, like was discussed in some derail in earlier threads lol. Yes, I am STILL salty for being called a moid for saying I mod Skyrim kek. I just feel like some nonnas here have very unrealistic standards for what women can and can't do to be "pure".

Also completely agree with your comment too - just because the competition is not a thing you enjoy / consider "serious" it doesn't mean it's not scrotes taking away spots meant for women.

No. 1485078


these hips don't lie (and the voice actor is a stunning and brave trans woman himself)

I'm gonna start arguing that the redesign was a transphobic act because it implies you need a certain body type to be non-binary. I wanna win the TRA word games tournament.

No. 1485081

File: 1648490809065.jpg (35.59 KB, 436x600, 205f0a9bbca8701c2f188a3b077aa6…)

tbh before his redesign, he really did represent troons well

No. 1485085

Can we stop posting these obvious bs stories there's more than enough true shit about tranny freaks

No. 1485092

How does this make them based? They shouldn't have wrote in the first place, it's pathetic.

No. 1485093

You could not have tortured this information out of me.

No. 1485096

Yeah I think they're clearly just virtue signaling. But I've even watched reactions to the show, where when they mention Jules being trans (I think it happens before the scene in your pic but I don't remember) and they're like "Ohhh…she's trans?? I had no idea" You can tell the first moment you see him on screen. As least they chose a real little boy to play his younger self to make it even somewhat realistic

No. 1485101

I hope you're getting regular std tests

No. 1485103

It’s funny because testament was forced to undergo surgical procedures which included chromosome replacement and implied castration Sage for sperg.

No. 1485105

You know these women wouldn't call themselves radfems unless right wing moids hated troons. They just want polscrote attention.

No. 1485115

File: 1648493658124.jpg (33.89 KB, 300x300, image001.jpg)

don't spread mean stereotypes nona !

No. 1485120

Do they not know withdrawal bleeds from hormonal birth control only happen because women stop taking the pills for week? Taking estrogen continuously is literally what women do to skip their withdrawal bleed and period-like symptoms

No. 1485122

Sorry to ask for spoon feed, I have tried to find more info on this, but I can only stomach so much. Can someone explain the “don’t ask trans women what they were doing 5 years ago” meme? I get that it’s alluding to lots of trans being nazis, but where did this originate from? Did a lot of trannies really used to be nazis before?

No. 1485123

The difference between insulting Jada and insulting timmies is that Jada is a woman and therefore based, and that timmies are men and are therefor cringe, hope this clears things up.

No. 1485124

Just like you suspected, it's a joke how they were all 4chan /pol/ nazi incels, but went down the porn and "if you can't get a gf, become the gf!!" meme pipeline.

No. 1485128

A lot of TiMs were angry incels, with all the typical racist and sexist bullshit that comes with, before getting groomed by other incels on reddit, 4chan and discord to “become the gf.” There’s a few troons on twitter that still openly hold their shitty political views to show the ibasement dwellers that follow them how cool and based they are compared to real women.

No. 1485134

File: 1648494885132.jpg (362.22 KB, 1768x1820, 2cd50862-f173-5255-90c5-942fba…)

I know how they are and yet every new thing they say still manages to disturb me.

No. 1485146

The thing that disturbs me the most is that a celebrity like Hunter Schafer thinks exactly this way and no one cares

No. 1485147

File: 1648495832344.jpeg (114.6 KB, 1124x649, BB1B6938-C0BC-43D7-82BF-4323C6…)

If they need shit like this to validate their womanhood, I really pity them. Also, yeah, even if I know troons are a bunch of weirdos, I too still get surprised by shit they say (picrel).

No. 1485148

Women still experience weaker symptoms (mild cramps, mood drops), even on birth control because we still have our bodies producing the natural hormones too.

No. 1485149

>Haha I love when men are condescending, belittling, objectifying, and violent towards me!
>I'm totally a woman, how dare you suggest I was socialized as a man!

No. 1485155

Kek how retarded. This is them calling women ugly. They clearly know it's a woman from just looking at her.

No. 1485159

File: 1648496812553.png (2.37 MB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20220328-114715_2.p…)

fucking horrifying. also the caption hides it but yes that is totally a beer gut.

No. 1485160

File: 1648496861580.png (131.58 KB, 1080x903, catcalled.png)

No. 1485162

File: 1648496899952.png (784.32 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20220328-114833_2.p…)


wow not a fetish

No. 1485163

File: 1648497016141.png (647.36 KB, 760x1285, Screenshot_20211230-172528.png)

Hate how Sock Dreams has been catering to their fetishes but this made me kek so hard

No. 1485165

Tbh I have a size 14 foot at 6ft and thigh highs that cater to me are excellent.

No. 1485173

still too small for Kikomi

No. 1485176

File: 1648498255041.jpg (434.14 KB, 810x1619, Screenshot_20220324-103525_Boo…)

Euphoria short lived kek

No. 1485177

Honest question tho: Why does their hair always look like this? Reminds me of a haystack.

No. 1485179

>I'm too ugly to get catcalled now I'm going to kms.
I don't understand how anybody can feel sympathy for troons when they say stupid shit like this.

No. 1485181

that caption, seriously? troons are like the second most homophobic people in the world.

No. 1485184

wtf this is such a cute little white boy. why would he troon out?

No. 1485185

File: 1648498885457.png (68.27 KB, 1080x608, horny.png)

No. 1485187

File: 1648498896621.png (1.18 MB, 1224x840, Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 4.25…)

it's not a dress, it's a full body onesie

No. 1485190

File: 1648498917751.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1577510015190.gif)


No. 1485193

File: 1648499225421.png (512.7 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20220328-162453.png)

From /r/asktransgender

No. 1485195

where did this crazy troon rhetoric come from? "being a woman" means you have 2 X chromosomes. all that suffering and drama stuff is from society, not ourselves.

No. 1485202

Same sister, we are weeb transwidows now.

No. 1485204

File: 1648500675892.jpg (99.95 KB, 1200x630, Jared-Leto-Joker.jpg)

Who's the guy he's dating that looks like a hispanic Joker?

No. 1485208

Wait, how many testament yumes are there? I'm so happy there are other nonas I can grieve with.

sage for my de/g/eneracy

No. 1485209

How does he know these women are cis if they don’t pass?

No. 1485223

He’s so fishing for people to give him reasons to troon out. If he was actually looking for help accepting himself as a man, he wouldn’t be on a trans subreddit talking about how much he wants to be a little pretty princess predating on lesbians.

No. 1485233

wow his boyfriend is more feminine than him. honter has such strong shoulders and lanky/boxy body

No. 1485235

he makes his boyfriend look like a woman dressed as a man in this picture kek

No. 1485239

women with even once ounce of belly fat would never in a million years wear a babydoll dress. it's like our biggest fear and even seeing one at the store makes your brain go REEEEEEE YOU UGLY

No. 1485240

one anon's theory is that a lot of them use minoxidil(otc baldness cure) to counteract the increased hair loss from HRT, and the chemical in it makes your hair dead and greasy at the same time

No. 1485268

File: 1648505918932.png (58.85 KB, 599x542, chromosomes aren't DNA.PNG)


No. 1485269

File: 1648506021508.png (72.49 KB, 594x568, DNA isn't everything.PNG)

No. 1485272

oh my gahhh these girls are men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1485273

File: 1648506123245.png (63.03 KB, 606x558, NOT THAT SIMPLE.PNG)

No. 1485285

File: 1648506542871.png (51.51 KB, 608x581, sport separation.PNG)

No. 1485286

I love how they say "people think they are biologist" but only when they are saying shit against troons. When it's for its pro troon you can say whatever you want. When it's against you need to be an a biologist.

No. 1485290

File: 1648506842177.png (984.08 KB, 739x1600, haha nothing to see here.PNG)

he just started HRT and is pretty young. it saddens me tbh(selfposting tranny)

No. 1485292

File: 1648507047955.png (1.73 MB, 1310x1668, 1648491685596.png)

No. 1485303

File: 1648507857706.jpeg (125.67 KB, 1170x377, FDE24F4D-EBF4-40E1-86E3-659427…)

I hate these men

No. 1485304

File: 1648507987374.jpeg (168.72 KB, 1169x478, 93386BFF-935A-441D-ACAB-9B7893…)

FUCK these scrotes

No. 1485305

“Passing game” Kek. We don’t “pass”, we just are. God, men are so dumb sometimes

No. 1485306

File: 1648508106627.jpeg (556.93 KB, 2048x1502, 13401658-BC1E-455B-B572-14145B…)


Looks like makeup yass queens are about to cancel another woman for her opinions. Honestly I never see men get sanctioned to the extent women do in these beauty spaces.

No. 1485312

They really do fall all over themselves to shit on women, huh. Meanwhile Joffrey Starr can sexually assault people and call women terrible names and they still “Yass qween” him to the moon and back. (At least he’s fading into obscurity finally)

No. 1485314

File: 1648508511133.png (7.9 KB, 82x98, vh.png)

Selfpost? Kek

No. 1485319

File: 1648508791451.jpg (441.54 KB, 810x1946, Screenshot_20220328-185610_Boo…)

No. 1485320

Lmfao I don't know how I didn't notice before you pointed it out. This is actually one of the laziest self-posts I've seen.

No. 1485322

File: 1648508841904.jpeg (105.1 KB, 1170x281, ED002B95-B5CE-4DE9-A0B0-A10A26…)

No. 1485328

Honters character cheated on zendayas character with the blue haired dude

No. 1485329

What's up with troons using the name veronica an irl troon cow is a veronica too

No. 1485330

Wtf is this even saying? What would it mean for a woman to "act like a man" in the men's room? Using a urinal?

No. 1485334

If we're "welcome" in men's bathrooms, so are they. In fact, it's their birthright lol

No. 1485335

We’ve been getting more lately but i think a good portion of them are selfposts

No. 1485336

What's the point of selfposting tho?
DO they think we're going to stroke their egos? Trying to find out if they pass?
His giant neck makes it super obvious he's a man, maybe wrapping a rope around it would make it smaller.

No. 1485342

Don't worry, nonna, we all know that you are a woman. It was likely some tradwife antagonizing you in the prior thread. We know that tradwives lurk this thread, so it's possible they post, too, in the hopes of convincing us that their version of "womanhood" is the only valid one.

No. 1485348

It's also funny how they think moids fuck them because they see them as women when in reality moids are fucking them due to tranny porn addiction. Since I'm guessing most tranny porn is violent, moids only ever fuck them violently.

No. 1485355

sage for blogging

I help moderate a discord server for women of a specific hobby (related subreddit has several thousand subscribers) with voice verification. It’s grown to become a social server with channels for political and feminist discussion Other mods are normies. I end up doing the bulk of the verification in my wfh downtime. I’ve never let a single troon or annoyingly pro-trans handmaiden (based on post history) in. Some troons complained on the sub and the posts were instantly removed when I alerted the normie mods who mod the sub (they don’t like drama). If only they knew how petty I am kek

No. 1485368

File: 1648511174176.jpg (43.1 KB, 450x450, 640-06051024en_Masterfile.jpg)

Lmao thank you for your service anon. You're a true terven patriot

No. 1485375

Based. Never admit to this, act clueless like you don’t know what they are talking about if it’s ever brought up to you directly. Discord has been known to ban GC channels.

No. 1485377

Picturing how they probably look irl while typing this genuinely makes my skin crawl.

No. 1485388

samefag as >>1485192 and yeah im glad there's other nonnies i can share the pain with. they could have just gone the femboyu route instead we're stuck with bayonetta with no tits. i hate the stupid hat btw

No. 1485395

Looks like a TIF and TIM in a relationship.

No. 1485396

KEK dumbass looks like the loser version of my brother in law in shitty drag, the narcissism of these troons to think they're hot shit worth crying over. Is he gonna spam gore and cp now too like all the other moid self posters?

No. 1485408

I've seen trannies at several women's rights events, though tbh they were making noise to silence the women and harassing them.

No. 1485414

Never fails to make me laugh

No. 1485417

you will never be a woman

No. 1485427

you are a hideous man and i hope you 41%(responding to a moid)

No. 1485436

He's a narcissist and loves ALL attention. He probably wanted to cry about the mean terfs and pull out his victim card.
He probably wanted to "boost" himself on here for free to attract views/comments be he wants to be relevant kek.

No. 1485438

This thread is for posting MTF snowflake behavior.
>[…] don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)

Secondly, stop responding to moids and trannies. Ignore and report or face a ban.

No. 1485439

probably wanted to cry about being posted here for attention & validation but forgot to crop the screenshot kek

No. 1485442

so is that mismatched foundation or like what's going on there?

No. 1485444

sage your posts

No. 1485448

kek you're minimodding the mod

No. 1485450

It’s so insulting to see them steal that word from the children’s real mothers. Like no you squirted some semen into an actual female. That female is the mother. You will never be, sir.

No. 1485454

Moids will fuck literally anything. In Tina Fey’s book (not a huge fan of her anymore but that’s a discussion for another time) she even says that men will have sex with a water heater as long as it has a blonde wig on it, lol

No. 1485463


I'm so happy I'm not the only nonna who hates what they did to our boy. I'd rather not have him at all over this hackjob redesign.

No. 1485467

uhhhh mads would NEVER

No. 1485470

congrats on having an animal you have to train and keep a close eye on instead of a partner. kill the coomer in your mind, nonnie.

No. 1485472

File: 1648518034089.jpeg (430.56 KB, 3000x2000, A214A43C-B08D-4073-A9D6-6052A2…)

Anyone remember Anonhi. It was the first troon that peaked me, because he has always been a fat male narc who puts no effort into trying. He also said a bunch of racist shit about how black people don’t respect his gender

No. 1485473

I have a small modicum of respect for trannies like Caitlyn Jenner that still go by daddy to his daughters.

No. 1485477

Okay nonnies, which is worse: making your kids call you "mom", or stealing their underwear?

No. 1485478

File: 1648518386624.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, FOBcxA6WUAEXyuu.jpg)

I hate troons

No. 1485481

I'd say the underwear is worse because it's a direct violation of their privacy and personal boundaries, and has a more obvious risk of escalating into more and more inappropriate sexual behavior around the kids. Both are reprehensible though

No. 1485494

Kweer activists in any country mirror the American/Western ones. The internet allows for the flow of ideas.

No. 1485503

women need to collectively stop dating autistic white men

No. 1485504

People often say the internet allows for the "flow ideas" but really it only helps to perpetuate American soft power. It was a bad idea to let the world's largest and most influential websites all come from a single region in Northern California.

No. 1485505

i guess his well-written female protagonist was actually just his agp self-insert. what a surprise.

No. 1485507

Why do self-proclaimed feminists always use misogynistic slurs like "bitch" and "cunt".

No. 1485509

Asian women especially need to stop this. And I say this as an Asian woman.

No. 1485510

File: 1648520393750.jpeg (158.21 KB, 1125x2000, 9162608E-36CB-4C50-8EF7-F27935…)

browsing bandcamp profiles and stumbled upon the elusive black agp

No. 1485515

File: 1648520738489.jpg (114.83 KB, 1284x1174, FOoq9t9WUAUgoIn.jpg)

No. 1485517

gender dysphoria should disqualify anyone from owing a gun

No. 1485518

kek absolutely true

No. 1485520

let gay men have makeup. if it's no longer a woman thing they'll reeee all about it.

No. 1485523

File: 1648521160689.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1789, 81D7CE1A-E824-451D-BBFC-B993A3…)


No. 1485524

he has a nice voice but god is he ugly and insufferable.

No. 1485529

Women in the makeup community are all self-haters kek

No. 1485534

File: 1648521889515.png (9.63 KB, 875x157, pros of being mtf MtF.png)

girly noises

No. 1485540

File: 1648522225676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 873.65 KB, 1170x1370, F674DB47-990F-457F-998D-CD4425…)

I can’t even go on Twitter anymore

No. 1485541

Not sure if he’s been posted yet but. Anyone kept up on that insane DID tranny on tik tok? He claims he has DID and that they communicate externally through “the body” which acts like a vessel. The two different identities are named Jesse and James (eyeroll) and he had this schizo twitch stream explaining the “lore.” They went on a brief hiatus and now they’re back. I honestly couldn’t explain it well enough myself you just have to look.


No. 1485544

File: 1648522458576.jpg (278.58 KB, 828x1008, IMG_20220328_215225.jpg)

No. 1485545

Of course a dick would make you feel powerful you dumb moid. We live in a phallocentric society and penises are weaponized.

No. 1485553

okay sorry janny, won't do it again though why did i get redtexted for responding to the moid & other anons didn't even though they responded to him like five minutes before me?

why is his face so weird & long? he looks like a goat

No. 1485560

I believe there is a kiwifarms thread on him iirc. All reddit faggotry aside there is also a subreddit on him

No. 1485561

File: 1648523623879.png (248.35 KB, 760x520, on Twitter.png)

what exactly is wrong with this?

No. 1485565

Women of the UK are doing great.

No. 1485568

>women don't want their wombs to be donated to biological males
>"transphobia is killing people!!!"
how would it kill a man to not have a womb? it's not like they need wombs in any way for their bodies to be able to function. in fact, getting a womb transplant would likely be the thing to kill them since the surgery is so experimental and has such a high risk of complications. like what happened to that one troon lili elbe

No. 1485569

I want to move to TERF island

No. 1485570

>killing people
Lmao the womb isn't a vital organ, and it's completely useless for men. You don't need a womb transplant.

No. 1485571

First they said we owe them our bathrooms, next they said we owe them sex. Now we owe them our fucking organs too?

No. 1485572

The whole “trans women will get uterus transplants” is pure fearmongering (there’s no way a womb can be put in a male body without the risk of organ rejection) but seeing trannies lose their minds is so funny kek

No. 1485573

They also think we owe them our kids since most of them are obsessed with Mother’s Day and wanting to put their hairy nipples close to children.

No. 1485574

it's like they want to literally wear our skins. how long until they start saying they deserve real woman suits like buffalo bill?

No. 1485577

What's sad is that women are already more likely to be organ donors than men are. Women always give and men always take. This is the difference between male and female socialization.

No. 1485580

Every time with the pedo focus

No. 1485582

Well there's already artificial women suits (femsuits) for TIMs. They're also cloning real female skin or making it more realistic for femsuits and fembots.

No. 1485584

File: 1648524490661.png (131.42 KB, 796x1030, k on Twitter.png)

No. 1485585


No. 1485586

File: 1648524622060.png (39.26 KB, 751x341, kk on Twitter.png)

men can't always get what they want troon

No. 1485587

I’m sorry sir your neovagina fluid is not a “supernatural feminine essence”

No. 1485589

and the poor baby, there's already troons wanting to give it's moob milk.

No. 1485591

>scared you'll be obsolete?
The only thing men value in women is their reproductive ability. Artificial womb terrify me for this reason.

No. 1485595

>"you believe in a feminine essence and I don't"
says the man who believes he has a female soul.

No. 1485596

File: 1648525241784.jpg (202.11 KB, 768x768, fbls6qg3nzp81.jpg)

No. 1485598

File: 1648525269991.jpg (155.01 KB, 768x768, e2ky8hud38q81.jpg)

No. 1485606

One of the reasons I'm not an organ donor. In the US, when you get your driver's license (typically at 16 years old), you have the option to list yourself as an organ donor or not. My mom basically forbade me from saying yes. Not because of trannies, but because she felt I wasn't old enough or educated enough to make that decision at such a young age and I'm glad she did. It's sad because I'd like to help save someone's life should anything ever happen to me, but you never know what organs are going to what person or for what reason. Perhaps it's selfish, but I don't want my body being used for something I don't approve of. I think it may be possible to exclude certain organs, but I'm not sure. I'll have to look into it more

No. 1485608

Lmao I honestly don’t give a fuck, let them use my uterus just so they can experience organ rejection that will reinforce the fact they will never truly be a woman lol. W from the grave

No. 1485614

File: 1648527236170.jpeg (60.58 KB, 750x831, 0F6F1B35-D347-4F9D-B2B9-D9A67C…)

>”deeply felt gender”
>”gendered soul”
>”born in the wrong body”
>”opposite gender brain”

All common Troon beliefs. Explain to me how any of these are any more real than “female essence”. If a troon said they believed they had a “female essence”, dude here would be like yass queen so true.

No. 1485621

Yeah it's almost religious in nature. If you press them on what an "innate" genders identity really is or what it means to "feel like a woman", they'll usually either list off sexist stereotypes or say it's this sort of indescribable inner feeling. The closest thing I can compare it to is the idea of a soul. Which is completely ridiculous to write laws around or expect anyone else to take seriously

No. 1485627

>though why did i get redtexted for responding to the moid & other anons didn't even though they responded to him like five minutes before me?
Sometimes it's just most effective to redtext the very last person doing the offense. It's nothing personal against you and should not be taken as such. Everyone that breaks rules will receive a ban, it's the last user that will get the redtext in most cases. In the event that an anon is redtexted and then infighting/derailing/etc. continues, we tend not to redtext again (but still ban) because it can be redundant and repetitive to have a ton of redtexts.

No. 1485629

thank you for the informative reply, farmhand.

No. 1485630

Nice point, I'm gonna start using this to peak people

No. 1485632

oh okay i understand! thank you for the information and for the work that you do to make this board a nice place.

No. 1485638

Meh. Women are overrepresented as organ donors and men are overrepresented as donees. I hate the idea that dead women are giving up their organs to help men carry on their lives.

No. 1485639

There's such a strong gender bias in organ donation I ain't ever singing up for that shit. 6 in 10 kidney donors are women – but some 6 in 10 recipients are men.

No. 1485642

File: 1648529882373.jpg (94.75 KB, 634x963, magicalnight.jpg)

member when men could just wear dresses without harassing lesbians

No. 1485643

Maybe I'm just dumb but I thought cross sex organ transplants had higher risk of rejection. Is that not true? I guess not, or not to a significant enough extent, because I think I read somewhere that wives are much more likely to donate a kidney to husbands who need it than the other way around. How can they be so parasitic and not feel any sense of guilt?

No. 1485648

File: 1648530353385.png (2.54 MB, 1358x1362, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.08…)

lubtroonsky equates black children to grown men

No. 1485649

This troon is the most annoying moid on twitter

No. 1485656

overall, it depends wildly on the organ. but generally, organs donated by females have a greater risk of being rejected in men. also, strangely, women who were once pregnant give a greater risk of complications in men who receive their blood in blood transfusions. it’s almost like there’s a different in our genes. our chromosomes, if you will.

No. 1485673

File: 1648531876011.png (438.21 KB, 828x1792, 190531BA-98A3-4764-8B4E-AB7DBA…)

I didn’t realize how widely hated J.K. Rowling is for her terf views, like I just assumed a small percentage of people hated on her and most ignored her but I’m in a baby name group for tragedieghs and one poster name her son after a Harry Potter character and these are the handmaidens in the comments. It was mostly just this throughout the thousands of comments

No. 1485677

>Mary Shelly
Based, troons are basically Frankenstein’s monster IRL.

No. 1485678

First of all, if they're gonna make this offensive ass comparison, they could at least try to be accurate. White people didn't oppose integration because they thought black people would sexually assault their kids. They may have leveraged those arguments against adult black men on white women. But they mostly opposed it because they viewed black people as biologically inferior and feared their cultural practices (many of which were imposed on them by poverty or living in a white supremacist society) rubbing off on their white children and making them more likely to be dumb, violent, poor, and have mixed race babies. It was gross and stupid, but not analogous to trannies whatsoever.
You could kind of make the comparison to gay rights because religious hets did view them as sexual predators and thought them getting married and being teachers would start a slippery slope into accepting pedophilia and bestiality. It didn't help that literal pedo organizations tried to insert themselves into the movement (hmm…where have we seen this before?). But luckily, mostly do to the work of lesbians, they were shunned from the mainstream activism and that shit was quickly shut down.
Trannies are a whole other ballgame because we've seen far too many cases of them actually behaving in sexually inappropriate ways around children and adult women alike. How many times have we seen some TRA been outed as a sex offender? Not to mention them pushing intense, life-altering drugs and procedures on literal children.
Stop comparing yourselves to black people and gay people fighting for their civil rights. They do this because they think they're the oppressed ones in this scenario, but they more closely resemble the racist whites and homophobic hets of the past. Just men bullying women (oppressor class bullying oppressed class) into submission with threats of violence and nonsensical rhetoric. It took black people and gay people literal centuries to make the gains that they have, whereas it took trannies a couple of years. That should tell you all you need to know about who's really holding the power here.

No. 1485680

>you keep the terf’s work alive
naming your kid harry or ron isn’t allowed now because it somehow spreads jkr’s work and platform? most of the names in harry potter are normal enough that if i met someone with one of those names i wouldn’t necessarily assume that their name is related to the books

No. 1485681

Disgusting how someone always brings up the “you’re going obsolete” line. Way to say the quiet part out loud, moids have always and still are only concerned with controlling women.

No. 1485683

I wonder if they maintain this same level of ideological purity for any other creators of things they like? Do they refuse to listen to music made by misogynistic artists? Do they refuse to purchase things from countries with homophobic laws? Something tells me the answer is no…

No. 1485685

My Harry Potter fan girl phase ended about a decade ago, but I’m tempted to buy all the merch I couldn’t afford as a teenager just to spite these people. How entitled of them to think others should pretend they no longer enjoy one of the most beloved children’s series of all time just because the author hurt their feelings.

No. 1485688

It’s a good thing Lubby doesn’t ever make this argument outside of his white liberal bubble

No. 1485690

File: 1648533271138.jpeg (122.94 KB, 750x669, EA242DED-364E-4E66-B293-F4D371…)

have you guys seen this? it might make you laugh, (although half way through I almost started to think it was real because it’s just so accurate)


No. 1485693

File: 1648533395889.jpeg (140.13 KB, 570x567, 6F87FBEF-327B-44FA-BB44-2C8D49…)

Is this guy still married lol

No. 1485696

It’s always women. “Good” women are no longer allowed to listen to Lana Del Ray, or read Margaret Atwood and Sylvia Plath any more because they have problematic ideas. Chris Brown is a serial abuser, Pablo Neruda was a rapist, and Ted Hughes was so abusive he badically drove Plath to suicide; but some how these men are allowed to have a career and legacy separate from their actions in their personal lives.

No. 1485698

File: 1648533893510.png (434.41 KB, 828x1792, 0030C020-D302-44A6-A23C-573F97…)

Idk if it’s relevant but the name in question is Ollivander, a name Rowling made up herself.

No. 1485699

That's so true. I see it so much with feminist literature. They dismiss texts from the first and second wave because those feminists were problematic and their ideas supposedly outdated. We're not allowed to have any long-standing literary or philosophical canon. Everything has to be recycled for some new bullshit that only makes less and less sense as time goes on. But they never say that shit about men. They don't dismiss all of Freud's theories because he was a sexist piece of shit. All of the "great" male philosophers - Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, etc. - have all said some vile, fucked up shit but you'd be viewed as ridiculous for dismissing all of their ideas entirely.

No. 1485704

So fucking true

No. 1485710

play dystopian games, win dystopian prizes

No. 1485712

>and I'm mentally ill and they wont even let me compete in the Special Olympics

No. 1485714

Or it could mean separatist society is closer to reality. Women don’t have to be burdened by carrying a moids seeds ever again.

No. 1485719

Men can fucking live in the omegaverse for all I care. If women are to become obsolete then leave. us. the. fuck. alone! Go rape and oppress each other. Let’s see how well scrotes treat trannies when women aren’t around to breed for them. What I’m terrified of is what men will do with the little girls and boys they artificially grow in their basement.

No. 1485721

As if TRAs would be okay with a TERF receiving one of their organs.

No. 1485726

Or maybe women as some forever enslaved sex class. Maybe even mass femicide. I don't trust men.

No. 1485729

women generally don't want to give birth, they just accept the process because they wish to have a child

No. 1485734

example of a man not understanding that sex separated spaces exist to protect women specifically from men

No. 1485735

File: 1648538465777.jpeg (370.76 KB, 750x1988, 01768118-07FC-41D9-B0D6-A030B5…)

I could fill a book with “lesbians” I run into on hinge that look like this

No. 1485736

Especially the desire to have a biological child. I remember a bunch of anons were shitting on another anon in one of those tradthot threads because she didn't want to make a baby and was in the process of adopting a daughter. Weird shit.

No. 1485738

They think women not wanting men to have womb transplants and give birth is because "jealous roastie afraid of being replaced". They seriously are just MRA incel misogynists who think women don't deserve womanhood. Because we can say no, because we can reject them, they seethe and fantasize about making US obsolete.

Women don't want troons raising kids because we know those kids will be abused and neglected, because that's what males do. Especially fetishistic, misogynistic, pedophilic men with disturbing views about sexual stereotypes. But that never crosses their moid brains because they lack empathy outright. No, we are just jealous ugly hags afraid of artificial wombs, I mean womb implants.

Seriously, failedmale fixation on controlling reproduction is so fucking telling.

No. 1485739

The bearded male literally suggests that women are obsolete without the ability to give birth, therefore admitting he doesn’t value their humanity at all. Colin tags along to basically admit that he doesn’t even see himself as a woman, and does nothing to refute what the male said. Colin calls himself a feminist.

No. 1485741

Kek a lot of women spew misandrist opinions but they still can't handle the idea of some women living separatist lives completely without men and choosing to adopt a child instead of birthing it.

No. 1485742

Yeah I'd like to have a family someday, but the whole concept of pregnancy and childbirth to me is straight up body horror level terrifying. I hate how troons fetishize something that is so often traumatizing or even life threatening for us

No. 1485747

More women should remove their names from organ donor registers tbh. Cultural influences make women more willing to donate their organs than men, while men treat their bodies like shit and demand those organs more. Public health educators never put more pressure on men to start donating, they just let men get away with being selfish and keep guilting women into giving up their body parts because women are socialized to be sacrificing. There's so much medical misogyny.

No. 1485749

>Either there's a supernatural female essence or males and females can ALL do the same things
This is how you can tell these people are terminally online. They're so disconnected from their bodies they don't realize humans are just animals and not god that do whatever tf they want

No. 1485757

So feminine, so womanly, nothing screams POWERFUL WOMAN as much as male genitalia does

No. 1485759

all males deserve to be "nurtured" by a troon "mother"

No. 1485760

>Men can fucking live in the omegaverse for all I care

No. 1485797

File: 1648551507424.png (32.62 KB, 297x529, 938409384.PNG)

I hate these fucking troons.

No. 1485799

They know exactly what they're doing. They don't want normies to know about AGP because they know that if they did it would be abundantly clear just how many of them have it and they'd see through all their lies about their identity not being revolved around a fetish

No. 1485802


Matt and Trey have always been based about trannies. Making their biggest pervert character into a hateful HSTS, Randy as a filthy AGP shitting up the women's bathroom, the sports ep. They've seen through Trans shit since day one, which is so funny because they've been pro-gay way before it was popular and the TQ+ brigade can't stand two white straight dudes seeing that LGB is different.

No. 1485804

I can't wait for Honter to die. He has a psychotic mind.

No. 1485807

Yep, especially after he posted his Patrick Bateman scribbles.

No. 1485808

So the asker is saying they had to explain they're trans because they're gay and think that being the opposite sex is easier.

And the user doubleca5t is relating and saying they only reveal that the reason they're trans due to their sexual fetish, in extremely online spaces.

Reminder that these people KNOW they're not women.

No. 1485812

File: 1648553660881.png (18.92 KB, 292x278, 382093.PNG)

There's a lot of self-admitted AGP on social media if you know where to look. This one seems to be going through his pseudobisexual phase.

No. 1485815

File: 1648553699508.jpg (112.35 KB, 1080x1252, 349-03940.jpg)


No. 1485817

File: 1648553868164.jpg (41.68 KB, 750x364, 3480934.jpg)

>that username

No. 1485818

File: 1648554093305.png (50.9 KB, 522x395, 39840493893.PNG)

Why are they like this?

No. 1485821

>radfem trannies
What? Does he mean gender critical TIFs? Because a moid can't be a radfem.

No. 1485824

File: 1648554276072.jpg (75.98 KB, 720x462, 1234809843.jpg)

tygress just loves to project

No. 1485825

LMFAO the delusion

No. 1485830

File: 1648555245245.png (269.42 KB, 594x499, ok.png)

tranny memes are the absolute worst

No. 1485834

No. 1485836

He said they describe themselves as “trans identified males” so sounds like they’re self aware/pick me trannies

No. 1485837

he's talking about men with gender dysphoria/AGP/urge-to-troon-out that know that trooning out would be a terrible life decision for them because they'll never pass. they will often read up on radfem/GC and internalize it as a cope to keep themselves from trooning out ("I can't troon out because that would make me a disgusting rapist"). some of them even go on estrogen to ease dysphoria but still keep living and identifiying as men ("manmoders"). on the old gendercritical subreddit there were a number of posters that were self-described male autogynephiles/dysphorics that the mods openly tolerated to prove a point ("see! you don't have to claim to be a woman, even if you have AGP/gender dysphoria").

No. 1485840

File: 1648556235370.png (176.93 KB, 450x236, Original.png)

Extreme doubt

No. 1485841

File: 1648556344794.png (41.76 KB, 482x149, f44c8488c6890ac0e.png)

Literally a male supremacist movement.

No. 1485842

File: 1648556386010.png (488 KB, 1046x463, TarynnWren.png)


No. 1485843

Most women don't watch porn about trannies but most trannies definitely watch porn about women.

No. 1485845

I like how they think that disliking/disagreeing with something equals "hatebating" to said things, because thats what they do themselves and they are so pornsick they have no other comparison, all their emotions boils down to porn

No. 1485846


i've actually seen some terfs act thirsty as hell when interacting with ftms - but never mts kek. of course, the ftms got really mad about it because fucking a woman-identified-woman would destroy their gayden super gay male larp and the mfts got really mad because they desperately want terfs to thirst after them.

No. 1485847

File: 1648556824580.png (527.8 KB, 1080x1572, nazi phase.png)

why were you friends with white supremacists?

No. 1485848

File: 1648556929097.png (43.33 KB, 500x230, 309480934.png)

Meanwhile TIMs completely despise TIFs.

No. 1485850

File: 1648557302801.png (187.3 KB, 327x316, 2ec.png)

let them fight

No. 1485851

then why the fuck they chop the noodle off and pay millions to get a wound goddamn can't they make up their goddamn mind

No. 1485853


ftms really don't like mfs, either. on the reddit ftm and nonbinary subs, they will constantly, and i mean constantly, call mtfs and male nonbinaries pervy men, they just dress it up in woke AFAB/AMAB language ("we need AFAB-exclusive spaces, because trans women need to work on undoing their 'AMAB socialiation', which can be dangerous for AFABS"). i'm pretty sure half of them will detransition and become outright terfs once the gayden larp stops being exciting.

No. 1485857

Kek. Deep down they know it’s all retarded. They know they will never have a real vagina or womb, but they just put it out of their mind and cope that it’s all fishy and flappy and not anime enough anyway.

No. 1485862

kek even in my handmaiden days the idea of watching tranny porn grossed me out. seeing photos of rot-pockets and franken-dicks, even the “nicest” ones (let’s be real, they’re all disgusting), is enough for me to know I don’t wanna see that shit in motion. these men take their delusional lifestyle even further by projecting their porn sickness to where it does not make sense. None of their bullshit makes any sense at all.

No. 1485868

Yuck this is so misogynistic but if you ever pointed out how ugly a TIM is then they will say you are literally killing them.

No. 1485871

File: 1648558412524.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1468, skirt and thigh highs.png)

it means you're a perv, hope this helps

No. 1485872

i have actually lost count of all the times women I know who identify as non-binary confide in secret with other women (non-binary identity bullshit or not) exclusively about how there’s a man (nb/tim) being perverted and acting like a “cis male”. People are so brain washed by this retarded mindfuck fetish larp lifestyle that they have to whisper behind closed doors to avoid upsetting their fellow cult members. Like yeah those freaks are being gross and perverted because they in fact are men.

No. 1485873

There's still hope for TIFs because they are women.

No. 1485874

File: 1648558592866.jpg (99.88 KB, 500x710, 12480943.jpg)

No. 1485875

How often do women wear skirts and thigh highs anyway. He wants to be his favorite anime girl

No. 1485882

i hate him so much. i used to watch his youtube videos before he trooned out and lord is he obsessed with yuri and lesbians it's actually disgusting. desperate porn addict

No. 1485884

You have so much acne scars the skin on your face must be thicker than the Mexican boarder.

No. 1485887

I watched only one video by him because he gave me major creep vibes and when he trooned out I wasn't surprised at all.

No. 1485888

kek she must be tired of all the disgusting trannies infiltrating makeup spaces.

No. 1485890

File: 1648560404326.png (76.48 KB, 1080x798, gender euphoria wood.png)

No. 1485894

File: 1648560772765.jpg (2.4 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20220329_093202585.jpg)

I'm on a doppelganger Facebook page and I always have a little laugh when the troons post.

No. 1485896

File: 1648560874140.jpg (60.97 KB, 974x266, IMG_20220329_153407.jpg)


No. 1485897

pete davidson in faceapp

No. 1485899

and they say it's not a fetish…

No. 1485901

File: 1648561433634.jpeg (273.83 KB, 1242x1270, 587D04BD-61EE-4F67-A10C-FF79BE…)

>he thinks twitter is real life and not a hugbox for looney troons

No. 1485905

topkek @ the woman complementing the "drag outfit"

No. 1485909

I wish I had a twitter so I could tell him 80% of twitter users are male and only 23% of US adults have a twitter account. And 10% of twitter users create 80% of the tweets. By definition, anyone who spends a lot of time on twitter is extremely online.

No. 1485910

Yeah it’s very common for people to hate on jk now, I don’t get the anons here saying only terminally online people care about it. Any mention of harry potter or jk rowling is a recipe for conflict.

No. 1485912

yeah she's his personal handmaiden

No. 1485913

outside the trooning he already pissed me off because his work accomplishes nothing. the nib is a complete echo chamber.
and then since trooning his non-political strip just became about troon politics

No. 1485914

He’s completely addicted and obsessed with twitter, I get the feeling he doesn’t even leave the house. He has clearly lost all cognizance of real life and how the average person thinks and views them. Even with their precious bird app being without a doubt the most retarded place in the world I continuously see more and more people peaking and turning against them.

No. 1485915

Not true. Most people I've met irl (in the US) who don't spend a lot of time online have no idea about JK Rowling's tweets. Book stores where I am still have huge Harry Potter sections too.

No. 1485916

wtf nonnnie you made me like lana del ray

No. 1485917

Really? I still see people talking about how they like harry potter in spaces full of nonbinary girls

No. 1485919

Idk, anons, has anyone here ever been into trans porn? (As I know some of us here used to be handmaidens.) I was fairly into porn as a teenager (never watch it anymore), I've seen pretty much every type of porn on god's green earth but I've never in my life watched tranny porn. It has always been disgusting to me.

No. 1485922

Anon don’t tell me you watched zoo or necro shit

No. 1485924

I’ll admit I watched some out of curiosity, (flicked through a random video) it was so unpleasant I couldn’t stand it for longer than maybe 5 seconds. Just seems a lot like gay porn to me, but more repulsive.

No. 1485925


Yeah someone else had commented that they need to wear less makeup, and I just couldn't help myself and said they don't pass without it… Instant ban lol. It's unbelievable how much trannies are protected online. It's sickening.

No. 1485927

Nope, for some reason I have always been disgusted with troon shit. Born to TERF I guess

No. 1485930

no, and I also watched a lot of porn from a very young age

No. 1485932

File: 1648564396024.jpg (4.04 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20220329_103027422.jpg)

Typical male brain to advocate for violence (and giving trans kids guns apparently). I hate this Troon so much, "their music video" for tear up still gives me nightmares.

No. 1485933

For anyone that missed this a few threads back

No. 1485934

dominic fike

No. 1485935

No, anon. I never was into chicks with dicks or 'roided up clits.

No. 1485937

I'm just a pastapizzanon coming here from her own thread in /ot/ saying that of fucking course trannies came and called us crazy and then posted cp, while shielding themselves with science using women with a chromosome condition to justify their existence. They want us to protect them and they hate us.
Why are they like this.

No. 1485939

Wtf, CP spam AGAIN??

No. 1485940


It's not trannies, it's french pedo retards. If it were trannies they'd probably have spammed this thread.

No. 1485941

Right, I’m so tired of seeing it. Trannies, men, you’ll never get a womb, so stop acting like this is hurting you somehow when it’s not. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 1485942

Check up our thread, if you can't read italian, they used the "schwa" symbol, which is used by italian trannies to make themselves look inclusive. They can't read for shit and use translate to stay here, they can't even figure out what is going on here.

No. 1485943

is that why they linked to a FRENCH website where they were literally discussing IN FRENCH about posting porn here and sharing the images that they were going to post herE?

No. 1485944

anon, those things aren't mutually exclusive. There can be more than one. Plus french and italy are terribly close, it wouldn't be a surprise to be targeted by some circlejerking euros.(sage your derailing)

No. 1485945

right, but I'm speaking about the porn that was spammed TODAY like the other anon is.

No. 1485946

Yes and the people speaking italian in the thread being put on pasture? it was posted twice, the first time it wasn't linked to any website

No. 1485951

does futa and hentai in general count?

No. 1485952

if we love tranny porn so much why are we always getting in trouble for trying to have it taken off "lesbian" subreddits

No. 1485954

KEK even in highly idealized cartoon form the ftm looks like a woman and the mtf looks like a dude

No. 1485957

but why can't he be a man who still look exactly like that? wtf does he get out of being a fake woman. he could live exactly the way he does and still call himself a man

No. 1485962

I can honestly say I’ve never watched tranny porn, not even out of curiosity. my thought process was always: why watch tranny porn when you could just watch gay porn? lmao

No. 1485965

i know a lof of people being ok with jerking of to that, but never the real trannies. It's a weird fantasy but it's still a fantasy, when it's a real body of a shitty creep most of them aren't into that.

No. 1485968

Love it when they tell people where terfy material is, some people will always be curious enough to check it out and hate read until they peak kek

No. 1485969

If I ever saw troon pornography, all I would be able to think is “the fistula smell!”

No. 1485971

Good job anon, I kinda want to know which hobby and discord this is so I can hang out in a troon-free space.

No. 1485972

then no, never been into tranny porn. i like my futas and hentai dickgirls though, because they look like women. i've checked irl tranny porn out sometimes to compare but it made me sick. im against real life porn ideologically plus almost all the people who do porn are disgusting to look at. saged for coomerism and sperg

No. 1485973

Actually because we treat them like little girls (they really are childish tho…) and we're trying to be the mommies or the men in the relationship if we ever find them hot therefore they get mad. They see themselves as manly men (kek?) yet they know just as much what its like to be a man as we do, keep up the good work fakedens. They mad cuz we get to top them.

No. 1485974

You are me, nonnie.

No. 1485975

based. thank you for your service crypto anon

No. 1485978

Liberals believe all homophones are closet gays, all racist have some secret black/jewish/etc ancestry. It's a tactic to remove blame from the majority group for bigotry. men claiming that skeptic women are jerking it to them is to claim radfems are opressing them and the men.(sage your shit)

No. 1485979

Aren't futas just girls with both genitals. Trannies wish they were that

No. 1485982

Never. Even in my weirdo days, I've always been interested in manly men and feminine women doing the deed.

No. 1485987

Who said they liked Rainby High dolls?

No. 1485993

>Aren't futas just girls with both genitals
luckily yes. troons love the genre though and some call themselves futa. a lot of futa/male doujins involve a futanari turning an effeminate boy "into a girl", it's the ultimate agp wank material (which also makes them feel less gay for wanting dick because it's attached to an 'intersex' woman)

futa loving nonnies unite

No. 1485994




Probably likes that big one so he cant insert a pussy in it

No. 1486003

absolutely not. even when i didn't yet have a problem with them and i watched porn, i would never even consider watching tranny porn. that is solely for men.

No. 1486005

Absolutely fuck no. And I agree with the other anons that futa hentai can be hot but it's a) very much not real and b) in the context of futa they literally are biological women with dicks, they aren't trans women. Trans porn is absolutely vile because it involves real life mentally ill men, instant turn off

No. 1486007

File: 1648571371602.jpeg (841.69 KB, 1170x1873, 380F2DE9-D648-4886-8C94-1C6886…)

quit the hentai sperging you degenerates and can someone explain to me what the fuck does this mean

No. 1486008

coming soon
>you think we might be wrong again?.

No. 1486009

sage your political sperging

No. 1486010

I think they are trying to imply that HRT made their ass so big that now they can't turn without knocking shit over. Why do these troons think HRT gives you a BBL lmao

No. 1486014

File: 1648571822236.jpeg (926.73 KB, 960x1464, D90D13DB-0B2C-4CC6-8E49-2A2849…)

You know, given Buffalo Bill-kun’s honesty with porn consumption I can totally see that happening.

No. 1486016

File: 1648572132120.jpeg (551.26 KB, 1170x1911, 3F63C410-8A29-4A5E-ACF6-CF0EE7…)

Troons drawing themselves as cutesy anime girls will never fail to make me laugh. The delusion.

No. 1486017

File: 1648572202259.jpeg (292.42 KB, 828x557, 6427A4AB-91FF-4D76-A0A4-43E8A5…)

Every day we stray further from the light of god

No. 1486019

Same. Tranny porn just looks fucking gross from the thumbnail. They all look so dirty, ugly, doped up and on the verge of suicide. Not resemble even remotely to futanari. It elicits the same disgust as scat. I think most women who watched porn, watch it to self insert. Women may even self insert as a twink in gay porn, but never a tranny.

No. 1486022

> They all look so dirty, ugly, doped up and on the verge of suicide.
That’s because they are on the verge of suicide kek

No. 1486025

Just say pedophile.

No. 1486037

I don’t watch porn at all anymore, but when I used to be a handmaiden dating a tranny (I know, I know. At first he just looked like a feminine handsome guy before taking the pills and becoming crazier and growing moobs), he would want me to watch trans with “cis” woman porn.
It’s all bad. There is no “good” tranny porn. I struggled finding anything. Even if they look just OK (and by that I mean not in neon fishnets), tranny dick is so flaccid that it’s unappealing. They look like they’re struggling to keep an erection. Their thrusts are pathetic and the moaning they make is gross. They’re shoving a flabby dick that can’t get very far into an actress that’s faking it.
No matter what trannies say, their dicks do not stay the same after HRT (along with the porn addiction). It’s a shapeless thing that can’t stay hard. They can’t properly have sex anymore, and it’s why most troons struggle finding a woman to date that isn’t a tranny pretending to be one.

No. 1486038

I dont watch any porn where the woman part (tranny or not) is displayed as a plastic-surgery bimbo who calls herself daddys cumslut and says shit like "oh yeah you like that" - you know all that intensely fake porn only aiming towards braindead pornsick men. And as far as ive seen, most tranny porn is like that

No. 1486044

I can’t believe trannies use their flaccid dick broken by drugs to be like seeee I no longer pop a boner every time I put on a wig so it’s not a fetish!

No. 1486054

It means he's obese

No. 1486060

This cat is too beautiful to have such a retarded owner
>Leona Lewis, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would even say that.
kek at the Adore Delano comparison though
I've never met a single woman, including myself, who's watched tranny porn of her own volition. And if we have the unfortunate luck of stumbling across it, we're certainly not masturbating to it. Most women don't even engage in "haterbating" at all. Sorry our sexuality isn't sadistic and broken and we don't develop pychosexual obsessions with people that we hate. That's classic male behaviour

No. 1486063

Timothée She/They

No. 1486065

File: 1648576609585.png (922.62 KB, 837x831, troon1.PNG)

He used to be attractive when he presented himself as male. What a waste. KEK

No. 1486066

File: 1648576711796.png (216.31 KB, 986x1125, Screenshot 2022-03-29.png)

You're a porn-addicted man, not a woman or non-binary ffs.

No. 1486068

>therapist tells confused person to initiate and engage with disordered thoughts as homework
You really don't have to know shit about anything to become a therapist, huh?

No. 1486082

6’7”?? They’re always the most massive dudes. Not trying to attack any tall nonas btw bc they’re obviously still women. I just find it funny that so many MtFs are so tall and so many FtMs are so short.

No. 1486086

File: 1648577887999.jpg (80.53 KB, 1200x662, EsDIiILW4AAZAq3.jpg)

Your average TIM/TIF couple

No. 1486089

File: 1648577951563.jpg (323.75 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20220329_201311.jpg)

found this one in the wild, a whole male implying that all non white (and eastern European?? that's a new one) women look like men, and this is somehow progressive. Well meaning normie liberals are one thing but I have to believe these men who actively care this much about terfs are chasers, closet trannies, or just fucking hate women, there's no other explanation

No. 1486091

I don’t understand why they think women masturbate to things they hate. That is such a male thing to do.

No. 1486095

I love when they admit it on public forums though. Archived forever for all the world to see.

No. 1486098

Transgenderism and progressive politics as a whole are going to be trown under the window once the WWIII legit starts. And i don't say this so the trve tradwives who lurks on this site feel validated (if anything is a sign that truly dark times are coming for women, if anything it means that the power and cultural influence are moving from west to east. Guess how eastern women are treated) Progressive politics are losing it's grip everywhere but the anglosphere, and that is because they create and maintain it so of course they will be the last to abandon ship. But anyone with eyes can see how there is a bubble around progressive politics ready to pop at the start of a mayor political turnover. So i won't be surprised that hontra and co (junkie rats whose biggest aspiration in life is to never work) are leaving crumbs just in case that this happens on their lifetime.

No. 1486100

I also watched one out of curiosity but when the male tranny moans started up I couldn’t stop laughing, especially when they’re trying to act stereotypically feminine. It is just the weirdest thing.

No. 1486102

Why's he pretending it's got anything to do with race when 99% of trannies are white. I'm more likely to assume a white woman is a tranny than any other race

No. 1486104

File: 1648578746529.jpeg (253.28 KB, 1230x1080, 405DD709-7974-4F75-9075-B3CAE8…)

I was trying to find a picture of Eunice to use as a profile picture and sadly came across this. How suitable.

No. 1486110

>all non-white, non-western women look like men
How do they get away with saying this? No dude, we're not all as misogynistic and stupid as you are. I'm assuming he's saying middle eastern and west asian women because they tend to have darker/thicker body hair? They're still obviously women. I'm assuming he's lumping all black women under "african" and using the fact that they're more likely to be seen as masculine by racists. They still look like women! And actually tend to present more hyper-femininely to combat this stupidity. I don't understand the eastern european one tho. I thought moids stereotyped eastern euro women as being sexy blonde models and prostitutes, tho maybe I'm just thinking of russians specifically. Either way, most trannies are white, western men so his point is moot. If we're so bad at clocking transwomen, then why does it only seem to be men who are dumb enough to be tricked into being sleeping with them (before panicking that it makes them gay and either rationalizing it away or murdering the troon in question)?

No. 1486111

could trannies be somewhat redeemed by terfs/anti porn feminist if all porn completely consists of trans women? like no biological vagina in sight? no women being trafficked and subjected to abuse and whatnot

No. 1486113

no because this will never happen & they would still want our bathrooms and organs

No. 1486114

The only people I've seen say this kinda shit are TRAs and Racist,white supremacists even some dudes on KF claim that "black Tims pass better because black women look like men".
I hope they know that no matter how they dress it up, what they are saying is the same. Non white women look like men and can be "clocked " by "Terfs" because they have the same "gives" that biological men who transitioned into men do.
It's racism. It's disgusting. It's stupid. More so then that the people saying this KNOW what a woman looks like. They just don't see some POC (mainly black women) as full women. We are in a subcategory that they are in. It's not because oppression, it's because of their racism.

No. 1486122

Will never happen, but would be extremely based if it did. Moids would riot.

No. 1486126

Men don't want to be seen as gay tho even if they're into trannies. So that would never happen

No. 1486129

I wish but a look at r/lesbians, a porn sub with only cis women posted and straight men flapping to them, and look at r/actuallesbians, a lesbian sub that's only trans women, so still straight men fapping to lesbians,would tell you it's impossible. Men don't want troons in porn, they only defend troons because it causes women distress and steals from their comfort or opportunities like with olympics or homeless shelters.

No. 1486135

File: 1648580501279.png (23.04 KB, 823x121, i am feel uncomfortable when w…)

No. 1486141

File: 1648580874434.png (294.34 KB, 1106x1212, 1648580574337~2.png)

Every fuckin time

No. 1486147

They force lesbians to date and accept them but wouldn't date their kind instead. I already said it but it's ironic theres not a single trans woman in r/lesbian porn sub while the other sub consists of trannies.

No. 1486148

bruh my mom would dig up the rifle if she ever saw you

No. 1486149

>The feminine urge to say you fucked somebody's mom.
Kek no amount of hormones or surgery can hide their maleness.

No. 1486153

File: 1648581380806.png (698.99 KB, 1080x1564, thigh highs.png)

yes, we all know you smell bad

No. 1486159

good to know what I'll ask a trans girl the next time I see one.

No. 1486161

The Nib was the laziest DSA low hanging fruit grifting off forgotten trump administration culture war moments

No. 1486162

When AGPs realize no women will actually date them and they date another AGP they always look fucking miserable like they can’t back out now

No. 1486164

I can't get over how Swedish he looks, dude could be Avicii's tranny bög brother. He's absolutely repulsive.

No. 1486167

Prison gay AGPs are the funniest thing ever. It's even better if they come in polycules.

No. 1486168

I was gonna say a norwegian faggot but swedish bög works too kek

No. 1486172

File: 1648582044280.png (5.84 MB, 2079x960, A13FFA8E-6738-4870-817D-2312A7…)

He certainly wasn’t bad looking. It’s a shame he’s so coombrained that he thinks becoming a woman is the answer. In the new video I posted he gave us a shot of his room with the doll on his bookshelf. Next to the shelf was a Framed picture of a lewd Bowsette.

No. 1486177

Not even once of the story of humankind a native men confused their native women with men. ~POC~ women aren't getting misgender daily that is a neoliberal racist fantasy (Aka, what most TRAS are). Degendering the enemy, otoh, It's a demoralizing tactic very used in colonization antics. Notably by the anglos and french. No matter how progressive they claim they're, they're still racists neoliberals with a colonialist mindset. At least the tttt autistic troons with their retarded memes of "don't ask a troon what they were doing 5 years ago teeheee" don't hide their origins.

No. 1486178

not true actually, if you look at statistics, a lot of them are not white. but the non white trannies tend to be poor and don't operate in the kind of middle class social milieu where you post narcissistic larps on twitter/reddit all day, so they don't end up getting posted to sites like this.

No. 1486180

File: 1648582316989.png (103.38 KB, 958x600, 1610-Race-Transgender-FIG-1-e1…)

No. 1486190

I wonder if there is a chart telling us how many white tims identify as lesbians.

No. 1486191

Yep that doll is DEFINITELY getting a fake pussy installed

No. 1486195

Fucking HELL can they stop being racist for a second? "Unga bunga I only think women I find hot are feminine" is what this troglodyte sounds like. And Eastern European women often perform femininity the hardest, where does he think their desirability among burger/anglo moids as mailorder brides comes from? These failed coomers all go on about how feminine (aka uncorrupted by feminism) they are. Every single time. Even the ugliest women are female, something troons will never be. Femininity isn't just about clothes or makeup jfc.

No. 1486202

iirc its about 30/30/30 for transbian/bi/gay in mtfs. i think in reddit surveys (white AGP central) it is about 50% transbian. sexuality in mtfs is also heavily correlated with age, the ones that troon out at 40+ are 90% transbian whereas young transitioners <25 lean more androphilic.

No. 1486219

No. 1486221

File: 1648584075405.jpeg (42.73 KB, 600x597, Doris_the_ugly_stepsister.jpeg)

Out here looking like the Ugly Stepsister from Shrek

No. 1486226

File: 1648584197223.jpg (261.45 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot.jpg)

Not specifically about white trans women but I thought this was interesting

No. 1486227

Poor baby boy deserves better

No. 1486228

I don't know how embed Tiktoks but look at this one https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdmMcJr6/

It has 150,000 likes and ALL of the comments are GC.

No. 1486229

Do people even learn about biology at school anymore

No. 1486232

File: 1648584889090.png (1.02 MB, 585x3298, kek.png)

I just saw this on twitter.

In case someone doesn't know Kikomi has one:

No. 1486234

File: 1648584939286.png (45.83 KB, 580x429, 2022-03-29_22-15-40.png)

No. 1486236

is that the actual kikomi artist or just someone using the name? either way they're a really good troll because it exposes just how hypocritical and meaningless it all is. why can an amab transgirl be valid but an afab one can't?
also kek at the tranny using fae pronouns for kikomi even though she's obviously trolling

No. 1486237

lol aren't they trolls

No. 1486238

And yet there’s troons that insist that they actually are biological women, shriveled dicks and all.
TRAs make no sense.

No. 1486239

File: 1648585264632.png (29.89 KB, 583x375, 2022-03-29_22-16-18.png)

I feel like I read here that it's her, but I'm not sure. Maybe someone else can confirm.

No. 1486240

Idk, I could be wrong, but I feel like in some ways zoomers are less "woke" than millennials when it comes to accepting trannies. It could be completely anecdotal, but most of the people I see falling all over themselves to validate troons and tell them they are real women are people in their thirties. It's refreshing as hell to see those comments on Tiktok though.

No. 1486241

I love how good the Kikomi troll is. She keeps a good watch on all the troons. I wonder if she posts here too?

No. 1486242

How can anybody take troons seriously when they use color pronouns unironically.

No. 1486244

It's just someone trolling using her art lol

No. 1486245

File: 1648585487638.jpeg (464.67 KB, 1284x1262, 0AB8031F-63AA-4E05-9BFB-1F86C3…)

Terminally online reddit retard troons out while wife is pregnant. "Transbian" with a yuri fetish while ofc fucking men. Blames lack of sex partly on his wife cause she has a post partum body ewwww!!1 (instead of his limp peen and gross tranny lifestyle) And of course a fucking weeb. Based wife doesn't want to call him mom and refuses to be called a waifu kek. When will these retard moids get blamed for cultural appropriation?

No. 1486251

this guy should legit be harassed

No. 1486252

Stop a logging retard.

No. 1486255

I'm stealing this

No. 1486257

No, only time I've watched porn is BL/hentai (if you count those) and I used to watch porn parodies and skip over the sex scenes because I thought the bad acting and bizarre set ups was funny ass shit.

No. 1486259

not a-logging, if justice existed husbands who troon out would be publicly shamed into being afraid to leave the house

No. 1486260

File: 1648586474238.png (129.29 KB, 1080x1138, wet spot.png)

i may actually puke

No. 1486263

what does euphoria mean in this context? sorry for question

No. 1486264

It means feeling aroused while wearing women's clothing

No. 1486265

File: 1648586932743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 3931x3088, 29D73440-A816-4911-A624-E5B667…)

>shitty makeup
>disgusting sissy fetish
>has stickers on his car "woman: Anyone who identifies as a woman for any reason" thinking he owned terfs. At most this guy looks like a dollar tree Damiano David if he trooned out kek

No. 1486266

thanks anon, i tried googling out of curiosity but only that jules from euphoria kept coming up kek

No. 1486267

Dude has his fishnets cut at the thighs for “easy access” god I’m gonna puke

No. 1486268

Jesus christ that one is disturbing

Are there any ACTUAL women or lesbians in there

No. 1486269

Literally just cooming.

No. 1486270

anons i hate when trannies mention HRT as my mum takes it as she is going through the menopause and for some reason i get irritated when i see scrotes in dresses saying they take it

No. 1486272

File: 1648587291819.png (126.68 KB, 2135x555, Screenshot 2022-03-29 134951.p…)

google 'gender euphoria', its when trannies get euphoric when someone genders them correctly or they do something 'gender affirming' but it actually just means that they get a boner

>family bathroom

i found this other post of his particularly horrible because he wrote 'girlnipple' which is a term that i never want to see ever again for as long as i live

No. 1486273

Your mom takes it for her health, as was intended, these are just men being perverts. I started calling my thyroxine meds hrt just to piss off troons though kek

No. 1486274

Can you show me a troon that doesn't have a messy box filled room? lmao.

No. 1486276

File: 1648587515387.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1832, walmart bra.png)

note to self: never buy underwear from walmart

No. 1486277

It annoys me too because it actually shouldn't be called HRT for trannies since the replacement part refers to replacing the hormone your body stopped producing with an artificial version of it, not taking something completely different

No. 1486278

Hi, zoomer nona here. There are a big chunk of us who don’t really like transgenderism at all, but we were mostly quiet about it until it started taking over everywhere. I even went out to Lush today and they had a sign in there that said ‘’Trans kids belong’’ and I walked right out. The people I see caping for trannies my age now are terminally online and mentally ill handmaidens, which are typically TIFs or women who don’t wanna use she/her pronouns. The rest of us, even my little sibling who’s 16 at the moment, don’t really vibe with it as much as older people would think. They’re annoying and extremely perverted.

No. 1486285

Search "euphoria boner" on reddit and see what comes up.

No. 1486287

File: 1648588170798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 3931x2134, 9FB30AE1-545E-4312-922C-81E66D…)

It gets even worse. He keeps posting his gross bulge pics on dykesgonewild and identifying as a 16yo girl. Of course he still has a gf and keeps calling himself a lesbian while drooling over moid neighbour. Someone replied to him calling him adorable and wanting to kiss down his stomach and thighs. The account was deleted soon after kek.

No. 1486288

Scrotes don't take HRT (because they aren't replacing anything). They take cross-sex hormones. They stole that word, just like the try to steal everything else.
If you want to stick it to troons, always call it cross-sex hormones.

No. 1486289

Jizzing your panties when you wear a dress so feminine uwu

No. 1486302

The Stunning and Brave episode was amazing. BUCKLE UP, BUCKAROO!

No. 1486306

File: 1648589533085.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 448.44 KB, 1284x2010, 404F7090-987F-4AE1-8914-FB43F9…)

God help us the salmacian trannies want their special flag to be more visible at Pride like it isn't already ruined by tranny degeneracy. If this shit becomes more known to the public I guarantee it will either cause mass peaking alongside Lia or people will start blaming the lgbs for this shit.
Soon lesbians don't have to accept girldick anymore, they'll get a girldick with a scrotehole. Gynaecologists won't be able to tell the difference anymore you bigots! NSFL image

No. 1486309

why are they always BBC fetishists

No. 1486310

File: 1648589868430.png (83.04 KB, 750x751, e3c.png)

>post mentions guy with dreadlocks
stop watching porn

No. 1486313

Ew, I clicked without thinking

No. 1486317

What was this video? Says "currently unavailable" now.

No. 1486318

go post your retarded /pol/ memes somewhere else and stop derailing

No. 1486320

Can you post caps nona?

No. 1486321

>They're just mad because they wish they could look as good as JK. Honestly they're all so fugly they probably wish they could look as good as Putin
Late, but I'm just catching up on this thread and this gave me a hearty kek

No. 1486333

palestine doesn't need pedos. pick up a gun and shoot a zionist or yourself, either way is great

No. 1486334

this kid could have easily become a model. it's very sad to see such a young self-hating gay man in this day and age.

No. 1486337

Just some girl stating it's stupid that troons claim to have periods and pms symptoms when they don't have uteruses.
Comments all agreed with her.

No. 1486339

File: 1648593505953.png (27.55 KB, 633x356, Screenshot from 2022-03-29 14-…)

No. 1486343

yeah i am white and in the nonwhite communities where i've lived "manly smelly white woman" has been the stereotype since like…the first white woman was brought to the country. i never hear this nonwhite woman=man from anyone but trannies and tumblr children

No. 1486348

What country or region did you live in?

No. 1486350

they are literally autistic racists. in their minds light = feminine and dark = masculine. it all comes from their own shame and insecurity of being "feminine" white males.

No. 1486353

File: 1648594730997.jpg (72.09 KB, 1080x722, reality.jpg)

I did once, but unknowingly because it was advertised as a lesbian thing on the thumbnail. Then I saw their white nerd moid faces and immediately noticed how weird looking their vag's/breasts were and the fact that the camera wouldn't get too close.
They were all obvious bottom surgery trannies. Disgusting.

No. 1486357

watching people use each other's ridiculous pronouns is actually hysterical

No. 1486358

men are so ugly

No. 1486369

I fucking hate anime and it’s effects on autismo white nerds. Remember 20 years ago when it was considered freakish and perverted and nerdy

No. 1486374

File: 1648595949648.webm (1.71 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000c90tdtrc77u41eeltp…)


here you go, i saved it before it got deleted. reason it's unavailable now is because they got her whole account banned off tiktok.

No. 1486379

File: 1648596541381.jpg (68.36 KB, 642x558, pf5.jpg)

I watch a lot of porn. I'll watch TIM porn if the TIM is being abused because I'm a sadist and I hate moids.
But I'm not one of the radfem women / "terfs" these moids are harassing online, just a misandrist.(not a general gc thread)

No. 1486381

i lived in kowloon and then in a chinatown/pakistani neighbourhood in canada for a bit, then the philippines.

No. 1486382

Oh good idea fellow thyroid anon, I’m going to do that now too simply to annoy them (and because technically it is HRT lol)

No. 1486383

It’s not the original Kikomi anon, it’s someone else. I think OP said they found it funny though.

No. 1486385

Jesus, get help

No. 1486399

Blanchard says pretty much all the bisexual and asexual TIMs are just AGP and thus straight men. I'm gonna bet most of the "queer" and "other" ones are also straight.

No. 1486401

NTA but I'm Korean and we have a stereotype that non-East Asians smell bad.

No. 1486402

File: 1648598460777.jpeg (350.59 KB, 1242x1625, A6C4F65D-3827-40B0-B70B-943146…)

kek, the level of narcissism to post a picture of himself and truly believe it proves his point when in reality everyone can tell immediately it’s a dude. it must really suck to be him

No. 1486404

Quit your porn addiction.

No. 1486406

This Kikomi roleplayer should try more subtlety when arguing with TRAs.

No. 1486413

Dry earwax gang rise up.

No. 1486417

She's hilarious. It's all using their same arguments against them. The biotrans movement is real and valid.

No. 1486418

Are jokes about their pervertedness the only ones they can make?

No. 1486419

I hate men too but that’s nasty. Close the pornhub tab.

No. 1486420


No. 1486421

>euphoria boner
just admit you have agp

No. 1486422

File: 1648599693175.png (633.37 KB, 585x757, 38093.PNG)

We need to stop the libfems.

No. 1486423

No. 1486426

Can this gringolover quit politics already. It’s fucked up how men are allowed to have their terms intact but when are reduced to wombs.

No. 1486427

Yeah all these parody accounts need to do better at the mental gymnastics and confuse the TRAs better because so far the TRAs can see right through them.

No. 1486434

File: 1648600573329.png (4.81 MB, 1170x2532, 11DEB404-7E40-402D-A4D1-153C52…)

Kairi deleted all recent tweets and went public again. His last playing the victim pity me manifesto surprisingly was not about knifepuppy and the Riley / Boston circle. He forgot to delete posts from October which feature some other troon Cami (wondertease) and flying out to see him and sperging about how much he cares for them. His account is private unfortunately.

No. 1486435

I love how he doesn't realize how racist this is. And these are the people who supposedly have my best interest at heart? Love to see it

No. 1486437

>trannies are trying to shut down kiwifarms because it is mean to them
The reason why TIMs are such a threat in our information age is because so many of them work in tech and now how to control what you see online.

No. 1486440

Why do white men always claim brown women look like men? The fuck?

No. 1486443

Also if he actually spent time around woke anti-racist Twitter then he'd know that Middle Eastern activists tend to refer to themselves as "SWANA" now.

No. 1486450

the english worst of all

No. 1486452

grew up with weak arms and weak mother and have opened all my jars by using a hammer on the lid. it breaks the seal. men are retarded as usual and would fetishize hammering jars as well.

No. 1486454

File: 1648602585429.jpeg (418.25 KB, 828x980, 64497203-E4EA-4E35-B8B3-E419C2…)

You have to understand a lot of these men are 4chan autistic racists who believe in skull science. Their facial blindness and lack of empathy leads them to completely argue this in earnest

No. 1486461

oh god SWANNA, I hate those who say that, it's all people from the region who have lived in America too long or if they're still in the motherland too much time on american spaces so fucking annoying. Not as annoying though as freaky ass moids who think they're women tho by just wearing a skirt and going spinny. Does anyone have any movies that would be deemed transphobic btw, like Silence of the Lambs? I want to laugh at scrotes since I can't do that in public cause it's "problematic" now. But back again, I'm from a country that's basically irl handmaids tale for women so seeing the stupid ass fuckery of "urr whats a woman" especially from these racist af pasty ass mayo skinned moids and their equally stupid ass women who simp for them, makes me believe in god again to hope they all get ass cancer

No. 1486473

File: 1648603719686.png (128.35 KB, 591x764, fyjtdurfi;rf.png)

Insane speedrunning troon Narcissa Wright gets unbanned on Twitch after threatening to shoot up the headquarters.

No. 1486476

File: 1648603895543.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.79 KB, 835x621, BE08E3D3-BDE6-48A2-9772-3661D2…)

(nsfl and not a troon)

No. 1486479

Well, they can’t say they’re surprised when he actually does it

No. 1486481

I can't stand AOC.

No. 1486482

What the hell. Zendaya doesn't look manly at all while Honter looks more male than his own boyfriend.

No. 1486485

what a #girlboss move threatening to shoot up a business when you don't get your way.kek

No. 1486492

I can sort of understand why they're trying to use "SWANA" since "Middle East" is a very Eurocentric term but they don't seem to recognize that "Asia" itself is ALREADY a Eurocentric term. SWANASA (Southwest Asia/North Africa/South Asia) is worse since it groups Tuaregs with Bhutanese. At this rate they could probably incorporate all of Central Asia like MENACA does.

No. 1486494

Holy shit he looks especially male here

No. 1486496

Can you give context at least

No. 1486500

I deeply regret opening that spoiler.

No. 1486506

I’ll be the fucked up anon who admits to having watched troon porn and enjoying it. But I was sexually abused from 4 to 12 and used to get off to really fucked shit like guro. I’m the nonny who started the fucked up fetish thread on /g/. I quit watching porn, got therapy, and quit drinking/using drugs. It’s not like I obsessively got off to tranny porn, it was a phase and makes me want to kms whenever I look back on the drunken time in my life.(wow no one cares)

No. 1486511

Glad you're out of that state now, nona.

No. 1486514

File: 1648606415531.png (62.67 KB, 794x375, 382938032.PNG)

Lmao has anyone checked out RationalWiki's "TERF glossary"? It actually used to be a decent wiki that debunked alternative medicine and beliefs like Creationism but now its become a tranny propaganda hub. They will say astrology is pseudoscience but non-binary and other shit is valid.


No. 1486516

>Dogs are TERFs
>A phrase used to mock trans women. Based on unverified stories from social media about people's dogs, which were known to be wary of men, growling at trans women.


No. 1486517

RationalWiki is chock full of trannies now. Same with Wikipedia. Troons are masters at controlling information because they are terminally online or work in tech.

No. 1486519

File: 1648606968044.png (16.18 KB, 854x44, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 10.2…)

No. 1486525

This. My friend and I were once sexually harassed at a femme dance party by a TIM who groped us and rubbed his erection against her, and afterwards she said “she kinda made me feel the way I do when cis men harass me. Is that transphobic?” It made me feel awful that women can’t even get angry when TIMs harass us without feeling like bigots.

No. 1486528

>I hate men so I actively support men profiting off abused women
That’s not the own you think it is. There’s a porn addiction support thread around here somewhere.

No. 1486537

File: 1648608277345.jpeg (14.19 KB, 415x739, images (6).jpeg)

Reminder that the creator of ratwiki is an AGP, that Created it in protest after Wikipedia would not allow him to distribute Child porn for """informative purposes"""

No. 1486539

This shows you tranny privilege even in their own circles. Hasan Piker got permabanned for saying cracker despite being one of their lefty streamers

No. 1486540

File: 1648608367716.jpg (133.95 KB, 1280x720, mark redwine.jpg)

I know what that is.
That's a grown man, cross dressing, wearing a diaper and eating shit. He was on Dr.Phil searching for his lost son. Turns out. His son had found his porn collection which included his gross shit eating fetish, transvestism and other gross moid things and murdered the poor boy.

No. 1486541

How can women just put mens feelings first constantly while she literally gets sexually harassed.

No. 1486545

Don’t forget Scandinavian women! They also resemble men according to troons, in addition to Arab, African, Asian and Eastern European women. I’ve heard troons claiming literally every ethnic group of women “fails to pass” except for troons themselves, who are of course all perfect hypersexual anime bimbo princesses uwu

No. 1486546

Hasan didn’t get permabanned what are you talking about. It was a like a few days to appease the deranged Reddit moids who might actually shoot up twitch HQ, unlike a 90lbs tranny who hasn’t seen the sun in months.

No. 1486548

I don’t keep up with hasan. I don’t like him at all. But that’s what the article I read said. Sorry for putting out misinformation

No. 1486551

File: 1648609033432.jpg (736.81 KB, 951x2135, Screenshot_20220329-195510_Chr…)


Damn. Sucks that it took nine years for a conviction. I guess he's a better liar than Chris Watts

No. 1486552

>transphobic movie recs
Dressed To Kill, 1980, is an underappreciated classic directed by Brian De Palma (Carrie, Scarface, The Untouchables) and starring Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson and Nancy Allen

No. 1486553

He’s so fucking deep tranny assholes. I don’t understand why supposed socialist men validate troons so fucking much when they are the very manifestation of hyperconsoomerist society. Leftist moids truly don’t give a fuck about womens rights beside like saying “rape is bad mmk”.

No. 1486555

I only watch solo homemade if it involves women at all. I can't stand hetero PIV porn, it triggers my PTSD. I don't have empathy for males and I don't care if they suffer or are "exploited". Everything I watch is free on 4chan or leddit anyway, so no one is profiting.
It's not meant to be an ""own"" anyway, I know I have an addiction and I do whatever pleases ME not what is best for whomever. I was just answering the question.(derailing)

No. 1486558

this is sad and all, but the guy isn't a tranny

No. 1486562

You can’t know if homemade is real or fake idiot. You do realize porn studios stage amateur stuff right? Fuck off back to those sites, no asked what kind of porn got you off in the first place.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1486565

The “euphoria” stuff is ridiculous, it’s all just boners. It’s too bad the term “transvestite” is out of fashion, because most of these guys would be much happier living as feminine men with a cross dressing fetish. Now they just get memed into self-mutilating and killing themselves instead. So woke, such social progress kek

No. 1486566

Troons pay their bills anon. Breadtube consumers is 90% thigh socks and 10% handmaids.

No. 1486569

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

No. 1486572

It's too bad Brian De Palma is a nasty misogynist. He thinks women in thriller movies are only there to suffer and that women's pain is erotic.

No. 1486573

OT but I heard Sisters was way more feminist than the rest of his work

No. 1486576

Poor baby. I’m glad he finally got justice. There was no need for anyone to post that disgusting image without context, it was probably a troon.

No. 1486578

Who decided to start blogposting about their porn addictions? Get help

No. 1486586

I've been looking for transphobic movies and a lot of people say Soapdish is transphobic lol. Never seen the movie tho.

No. 1486591

I actually didn't know any of that, but I just Wiki'd and it seems there is some divided opinion as to the perspective of his work: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_De_Palma#Criticism , some believe it to be feminist (citing Sisters as also mentioned by anon >>1486573 , and Pauline Kael considers Casualties Of War as being so). I admit some of Dressed To Kill is gratuitous as was especially common in neo-noir of the era (like Body Heat, explicitly depicting what was only hinted in noirs of the 40s and 50s), though I personally found it to be empathetic to the dangers women face, and while the more gratuitous parts may have been somewhat difficult to stomach like the elevator scene, they didn't outright annoy me as much as in other films (like Body Heat, lol). I'm not the hugest fan of Scarface but it's well-known and generally respected so I included it in my first post, but am a big fan of The Fury, which I would say has feminist themes as well. Thanks though for bringing this criticism to my attention, I wasn't aware

No. 1486592

If it helps, I always felt Scarface was extremely anti-moid and moid excess.

No. 1486593


lipstick isn't even close to his bra. of course he can't see that because statistically men can't see as many colors as women. literally our EYES are biologically different.

No. 1486594

>Brian De Palma: "I'm always attacked for having an erotic, sexist approach — chopping up women, putting women in peril. I'm making suspense movies! What else is going to happen to them?"

No. 1486595

Too bad moids admire that movie and think Tony Montana is wicked cool.

No. 1486596

>frequently illustrated with carefully selected, non-flattering pictures of masculine-looking trans women who are not very representative of trans women

What a cope.

No. 1486597

How many videos of TIMs getting abused are there even?
I can't imagine there's that many since I've only ever ran into one.

No. 1486598

File: 1648613020489.png (22.34 KB, 791x175, 9879232130938093.PNG)

No. 1486600

yeah he is, he killed his son because his son found the above posted photo, his dad in drag eating out of a diaper.

No. 1486604

nta but god damn it i just remembered the story
don't think i've seen the photo before tho

No. 1486605

No. 1486606

he's not a tranny you absolute fucking idiot. he wore a bra and a wig. I guess every guy that does that is a tranny now? He goes by he, always went by "he", if you even bothered to read the story. He never once claimed to be a troon. He was a cross dresser at most and that's NOT MTF. stop derailing with this retarded and disgusting story.

No. 1486608

tbf he's still an AGP regardless of what he identifies as so it does kinda fit

No. 1486610

that's what a tranny is, a sexual paraphiliac.

No. 1486611

Yeah. Like everything that quite accurately depicts male violence

No. 1486614

File: 1648614336072.png (580.1 KB, 631x771, (@ErinInTheMorn) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1486616

Not just straight! But also retarded.

No. 1486618

File: 1648614585878.png (80.76 KB, 803x929, The Punished Ad Sappies on Twi…)

anthony with the dumb hot takes again, just because he can't get a woman to date him because no one wants a tranny.

No. 1486620

> guess every guy that does that is a tranny now?
same fetish

No. 1486622

Notice how women (even the most loyal handmaidens) rarely express any sexual attraction to troons, yet troons can’t stop talking about all the chicks who are totally attracted to them? Even their discussions of TERFs are highly sexualized. Women see them as oppressed minorities and exotic gay friends, and troons just want to fuck them. It’s serving moid.

No. 1486625

So many troons have violent fantasies of raping radical feminists and they even make porn of it. No radical feminist would do that shit to a TIM. Only men would fuck the people they hate.

No. 1486626

Has anyone read Janice Raymond's new book 'Doublethink'? I wish Raymond's work got more attention than Abigail Shrier's stuff.

No. 1486627

File: 1648616168654.jpg (208.92 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_2022-03-29-17-50-28…)

Omfg. Trannies may be able to trick drunk moids into organically dilating their ax wounds, but troons could never fool a lesbian, even if she was completely obliterated. Grown ass, sexually experienced men will slip out of a woman and obliviously fuck the mattress, but women aren't nearly that retarded.

No. 1486630

>Contraception rights aren't based on sex they're based on the concept of equality between people who can get pregnant and those who can't
You mean… the two sexual classes of humans? As in, biological sex?

No. 1486631

Holy fuck the word salads and bias despite it being a "rational" wiki.

No. 1486633

File: 1648616836368.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)

>women wouldn't know what a vagina feels like

No. 1486635

Haha holy fuck. A woman would be able to tell just from one look that something was off, let alone if she were (god forbid) to get up close with it or try to do anything sexual with it. Even if you blindfolded her, the smell alone would be a giant hint.

No. 1486641

I haven't read Doublethink yet but Transsexual Empire is a must-read because it is so prophetic and accurate. This is a really interesting interview because it talks about early radical feminist reactions to troons and how they already hated them kek.

No. 1486644

>sheila jeffreys recounting how she was the only british speaker at the radfem meeting, with everyone else being an american
>now the uk is terf island and the us is ground zero for troonery
Oh how the times have change.

No. 1486648

File: 1648619739912.png (114.08 KB, 2046x1020, timlookingforwardtolifeoneasym…)

TIM looking forward to life on easy mode:

No. 1486649

definitely lmao my gf asked me to show her where I go to hate on TRAs so she could vent as well but she couldn't figure it out

No. 1486652

Lol. Men's complaints about patriarchy is not being allowed to cry while women complain about being systematically dehumanized.

No. 1486654

bless based kikomi

No. 1486655

File: 1648620362126.png (28.6 KB, 2066x266, iwishicouldbeasmolsofttightswe…)

TIM wishes he could be a smol, soft, tights-wearing lesbian so bad.

No. 1486659

Lmao, he’s in for such a harsh awakening. It’s impossible to feel sorry for them though. They could easily avoid this level of delusion by listening to and empathizing with literally any women.

No. 1486661

>kiss women and have it be gay
This is such a weird thing to care about and wish for. It's not even about his actual desire to be with a woman or to kiss someone, but rather the desire to be seen as gay and be able to apply that label to himself. Even if a magic fairy turned him female, loving a woman as a woman would require him to see women as people as well as understand what love even is, and he clearly isn't capable of either

No. 1486664

File: 1648622675281.jpg (517.97 KB, 810x1565, Screenshot_20220330-022922_Boo…)

Yet another one who trooned out circa their partner's childbirth.

No. 1486665

File: 1648622714064.webm (2.79 MB, 608x1080, transcendenttortoise.webm)

Nice hairline kek

No. 1486666

god why is he so creepy

No. 1486667

>What do you mean, "am I having a seizure?" I'm just batting my eyelashes uwu

No. 1486669

Anons, what would you do if you were in a straight relationship but your husband/boyfriend trooned out while you were pregnant?(not a general gc thread)

No. 1486671

>he’s not a tranny
>just a man wearing a bra and a wig
And the difference is?

No. 1486672

Depends on how far along I am in the pregnancy but I would seriously consider aborting the baby if I couldn't talk him out of it. Then I would divorce him. Having a baby with a troon is so not something I want in my life.

No. 1486675

If it’s a bf I’m with then paper abortion it is.

No. 1486676

Please just stop derailing with these stupid fucking questions you tranny psyop.

No. 1486680

lmao all that "i secretly DO know better" when that i exactly the male behavior he's trying to describe, he has zero self-awareness

kikomi i love you, you are so brave and stunning

No. 1486688

HURLING wtf imagine eating out an amhole, you'd get fucking poisoned by the fecal etc bacteria. Jesus.

No. 1486689

Oh that's what it was, he was trying to bat eyelashes like a fucking cartoon lmao

No. 1486695

He kinda looks like that priest dude from fleabag

No. 1486701

File: 1648627360166.jpg (64.41 KB, 680x649, FPEb_qTWQAU-xfg.jpg)

No. 1486706

File: 1648628491280.png (825.1 KB, 1172x1264, thejoke.png)

imagine going to a comedy show while looking like a joke kek

No. 1486710

File: 1648628808252.jpg (57.12 KB, 640x799, james.jpg)

His face reminded me of picrel

No. 1486714

File: 1648629329227.png (1.8 MB, 1172x1312, ureallydontpassdude.png)

"I think I pass to most cis folk"
They legit think they pass when it's glaringly obvious to everyone how male they are. The level of delusion is honestly fascinating, and a bit scary.
I almost feel bad for these people, you just know their friends are lying and hyping them up with lies to not hurt their feelings

No. 1486715

File: 1648629337575.jpeg (29.78 KB, 480x360, 1_rnqeznYhoqE84dF9tcTjTA.jpeg)

he looks like an oblivion character

No. 1486720

File: 1648629572087.png (888.46 KB, 2066x992, inhibitedtransvesticexhibition…)

>i just wish i could shamelessly flaunt my transvestic exhibitionism

No. 1486723

>A slur which is an amalgamation of "trans" and "goon". Because "goon" means "hitman" or "idiot", the term is used to frame all trans women as inherently dangerous, despite them being the ones at highest risk of being put in danger. Sometimes, goon can be substituted for loon, implying that all transgender people are mentally ill. "Troon" can have legitimate use as a place name in Scotland (it's a town on the Ayrshire coast), but be wary of Scottish TERFs (like the Women Won't Wheesht crowd) using it for unfunny puns to dogwhistle with.

Fuck off. 'Troon' is YOUR fucking word. Back in the days of Something Awful forums, users used to call themselves 'goons'. Because it was a community mostly composed of nerdy white men, there were inevitably some trannies in the mix, and because trannies are all narcissistic moids who demand special treatment, they wanted to broadcast their trans status, and so created the moniker 'troon'.

It's a portmanteua of 'trans' and 'goon', but not 'goon' in the sense of someone stupid or violent. It literally just refers to SA users.

And now the TERFs have started using it to make fun of them, they're doing this revisionist history bullshit to make it seem like the troons weren't the ones who made that term up.

No. 1486725

It's like the 'attack helicopter' meme. That copypasta was originally written by a trans woman, but now they're claiming it's a right-wing slur.

This literally always happens.

Tranny says/does something stupid.
Tranny gets roundly made fun of for saying/doing stupid thing.
Tranny pretends that they never said/did the stupid thing and that it was actually the evil TERFS/right-wingers that made up the stupid thing because they hate stunning and brave trans girls uwu

No. 1486726

yeah, a lot of posts feel like troons posting themselves likely to screenshot and post elsewhere "see how these terves are obsessed with us! see how much they hunt our most mundane posts??"

No. 1486730

God it's obvious people treat him like a woman because he wears makeup and women's clothes, they don't actually think he's a woman. Try removing the makeup and wearing a basic tshirt with jeans and see what happens

No. 1486731

Keek, was just about to post the latest I found among one of my hobbies.. Guess you'll all have to survive not looking at his mug.

No. 1486732

nta but I hope you're kidding lol a tranny is a man who calls himself a woman and wants to transition medically.
That man just crossdressed, he didn't identify as or want to be a woman. How are you in this thread and don't even know what a tranny is? I'm wearing men's clothes right now, am I a tif now?

No. 1486733

those anons are absolutely retarded and want to make that man proof that trannies are bad as if actual trannies aren't bad enough. A tranny isn't someone who crossdresses and doesn't transition otherwise they wouldn't be bothering us so much

No. 1486740

how are troons at the highest risk of being in danger when only about 300 get killed in total a year, and that's for the entire world combined? My country has had 0 killed trans people for years, while we actually have troons who literally murdered other people.

"cases go unreported because of transphobia!!!"
If the person was not openly trans, then they were not killed for being trans because the killer wouldn't have known about it.
But let's say only 1/10 gets reported and the real number is 10 times higher, that's still only 3000. Meanwhile about 80.000 women get murdered a year, and half of those were by partners or family members. If we talk about abuse and rape, the stats go up to literal millions.

No. 1486742

Imagine being the sort of smug prick who'd call your wiki 'Rationalwiki'.

I miss Encyclopedia Dramatica.

No. 1486746

Do you think there could be a correlation between the decline of ED and the rise of such open degeneracy on the Internet? Say what you like about ED, back in the day, but it did seem to be this looming, dreaded spectre that all these autists and furfags and weirdoes feared running afoul of and ending up on.

Now it's gone and I feel like the asylum doors have been flung open and all the crazies are loose, loudly declaring their delusions to the world and smearing their shit up the walls.

No. 1486748

Meanwhile, on terf island, the first troon MP is a right winger who ran from a car crash and seems linked to a sugar daddy website


No. 1486750

is it even gone? it keeps floating around the toilet bowl. nothing stopped chris chan, so there's your answer.

No. 1486752

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I just feel like the public shame of having your own ED page that inevitably popped up if ever someone Googled your name kind of kept a lot of spergs who might otherwise have become degenerates to either refrain from such behavior or keep it well hidden. Nowadays, there's nothing like that.

No. 1486754

File: 1648635040306.jpg (136.28 KB, 551x470, Screenshot_20220330-110427.jpg)

>mfw he's not just a tory, he's a WELSH tory

No. 1486756

File: 1648635374259.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x1920, torytroon.jpg)

When are republicans going to start using this excuse?

No. 1486758

Literal lolcow behavior. Imagine seeing all of that shit and still thinking, "Yep, that's my man, he's got my vote in the next election, boyo!"

The Welsh, man. Not even once.

No. 1486760

Speaking of troons from Wales, any of you nonas familiar with Lauren (formerly James) Harries.

A very interesting case - basically the youngest child in a family of serial con artists, who was referred for gender reassignment surgery by his own mother under an alias, referencing fake counselling qualifications purchased from a diploma mill in America.

Keith Allen made a documentary about him and his family called 'Little Lady Fauntleroy' that is well worth seeking out.

No. 1486764

File: 1648637128816.jpg (44.39 KB, 680x430, FPFpT6PXwAAuSoJ.jpg)

First of all, not disclosing youre trans before banging someone is wrong as hell
But second of all, do they really think people cant tell? How many troons are out there passing well enough for you to just have zero idea theyre trans? Are people really that blind? I havent seen a single troon that passed so well that I couldnt tell, and im not even talking about the horrors of neovaginas

No. 1486765

Nice try, Gappyteeth, but if a potential partner told me they don't think trans women are women, I'd probably become MORE attracted to them.

No. 1486767

Okay, so he put on a skirt and now he's a girl? That's literally the only difference between these photos.

No. 1486768

wait why does he randomly mention getting raped? what the fuck? imagine if a female politician did this. oh god now that I think about it, it probably makes him feel more like a woman and that's why he is wants everyone to know

No. 1486771

I think it's a bit more complicated than that. Not by much, though.

He's a straight white man. And if he's a Tory, he's probably quite wealthy. That's a straight flush of privileges. But now, victimhood is en vogue. I think, in his mind, to be a woman = to be a victim. To be raped makes him more of a victim, ergo more sympathetic. And to be a raped TRANS woman, well, that's the most victimised minority of all!

No. 1486777

but will that get him tory votes? aren't they put off by all the labels and self victimizing?

No. 1486778

Yeah, but on the other hand, they love weaponising tokens against the left. Look how eager they are to crow about the fact that they've had two female Tory prime ministers. Look how prominent people like Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak are in the current cabinet.

"How can we be 'the nasty party' when we're so diverse!"

No. 1486790

>people who don't believe trans women are women should disclose that to potential partners
correct, you don't want to run the risk of sleeping with TRAs and degenerated who will troon out on you.

No. 1486795

File: 1648643095138.jpg (843.84 KB, 3045x2250, FM9DQ8NXEAc9Orh.jpg)

nightmare lol

No. 1486796


This is why the secret board needs to be listed. Nonnies want to have these conversations but can't find the radfem board where they really belong.

No. 1486799

>eating shit out of a diaper.
>AGPing it up in an unclean room.
>Narcissist, who made the entire search for his son about him.
>Sharing the pictures for validation
When the crime happened in 2012, it was not cool to be open with your vile fetishes the way people are now.When it finally went to trial, it was okay to be a troon- which is why the entire thing was downplayed.The man was 100% Buffalo Bill tier.

No. 1486800

>he's not a tranny you absolute fucking idiot. he wore a bra and a wig. I guess every guy that does that is a tranny now?
Yeah, just a totes normal thing that every guy does.

No. 1486806

Extremely few trans people pass, and the absolute majority hasn't had srs. They will know you are trans from your genitals either way. Do you want the horny drunk straight man to find out in a crowded bar or in a text message… or do you want to wait until you are alone with him with no chance to escape if he gets violent? You’re the one trying to force someone to interact sexually with a body they did not consent to. You're a rapist, or at the very least a rape apologist perpetuating rape culture.

No. 1486809

What's the end game here? No women will ever want them.

No. 1486810

the tinfoil going around is that he might be about to be charged/exposed as a sex offender of some kind, hence the 'i was raped and also i am a troon'.

No. 1486818

What's really hilarious is that I'm pretty sure terfs picked it up from the moids at kiwi farms who used it to mock troons first, but of course it's blamed on women.

No. 1486827

a goon is something awful lowtax killed himself with. the tra revision of it works and makes them seethe so it's fine.

No. 1486828

Almost all trans-specific slurs seem to be invented by trans people: troon, tru-scum, girlboy, femboy, attack helicopter, animal/object-gender… all of the words they take offence to they invented themselves

No. 1486831

So everyone that does weird shit is a tranny? Do you know what a tranny is

No. 1486837

But she's not a biologist, anon.

No. 1486838

Does he live in the 50s? I literally struggle with the first three things every day, people will always judge you and compete no matter if you're male or female.
>men holding doors
Women also hold doors for women. Men for men. At least where I'm from.
>men lifting heavy objects for me
Literally doesn't happen more than once in 5 years. When do you even need to lift heavy shit?
Last three things are just fetishizing sexism.

No. 1486855

File: 1648647833984.jpg (197.48 KB, 1080x1594, FPBvYIhXsAYwll0.jpg)

Hurting a patient on purpose because they make fun of a pronoun badge, how stunning and brave

No. 1486856

Such people need to get reported, imagine hurting a patient because they know about some dumb cult shit. This wasn't even malicious.

No. 1486858

File: 1648648236023.jpeg (56.32 KB, 571x571, 8FB20739-6296-4940-AA81-AF287C…)

Men seeing women as the fragile and helpless sex, at this point I’m not even surprised. Yet TIMs say they think like us. Sigh.

No. 1486859

LOL it’s the fact they wouldn’t even need to disclose. Only other men are retarded enough to not recognise if a woman is trans, even then I think it’s more choosing to not notice. Regardless of hormones, surgery, SRS, etc. The absolute cope to believe a hole wound with a depth of not even the average penis size and a deformed dick-clit would fool anyone, especially a real woman.

No. 1486861

File: 1648648451193.jpeg (61.86 KB, 1242x953, B3E084F6-65A8-4E9F-B1D8-8AEFD4…)

love whenever i search a handmaiden/troon up and their account is already gone lmao, good fucking riddance. seems they were reported too, and their medical school had to tweet about it. i hope she will be expelled and not be allowed to practice medicine, clearly she is not in the right mind to.

No. 1486862

Work ethic? Never heard of it

No. 1486863

Imagine being this petty over something so harmless that a patient just said as a joke. Imagine if on top of that the patient's first language isn't even English?

No. 1486867

I'm on mobile so I can't show it but her school's twitter replied and said they'll take action against her. Imagine being expelled from med school because you wanted to brag on twitter over how much of a handmaiden you are to trannies who don't even care about you kek

No. 1486877

File: 1648650066315.jpeg (514.67 KB, 1125x1413, 550D4264-4A10-4D24-9832-CFE112…)

Here, nonna, I got your back. This is the school’s reply

No. 1486878

I wonder what % of anons who haunt this thread are troons? I always think people who post selfies of random troons doing nothing like “eww, totally clockable! Doesn’t pass!” are deranged self posts.

No. 1486879

At least 41

No. 1486880

I’m unfamiliar with this person since I’m not a britfag, but it sounds like he got a hit-and-run DUI in November and is trying to escape accountability by bringing up his rape, gender issues etc.

No. 1486881

And this is exactly how y’all get murdered by the psychotic moids you choose as partners but go off

No. 1486883

>go off
Please integrate

No. 1486885

She's a burger no? I love thinking about the tens of thousands of dollars she wasted kek

No. 1486887

File: 1648651150440.jpg (84.14 KB, 750x796, FPCi3aDWYAENMEj.jpg)

Idiot thinking he is smart and funny for making this comparison to us not wanting men in female bathrooms. What an idiotic take, its a fact that men commit sex crimes against women, its not a fact that gay people are more likely too.. and even so guess what, most of the gay people who commit sex crimes are, you guessed it, MEN!!

No. 1486888

Bish I’m southern, this is how we talk. It’s not my fault twitfags use our dialect to sound SaSsY

No. 1486889

doctors are supposed to be level-headed and, for the most part, unbiased to the person they're dealing with. if she can't ignore a mockery to something stupid in the first place how compose can they be in a stressful environment where your needs aren't prioritize before everything else.

she's just exposing how immature she is, good riddance in getting in trouble with her school. One less idiot in the profession, kek.

No. 1486890

Nah she’ll still get work in the American health care system, it’s full of incompetent people who hate women so she’ll be among her peers

No. 1486891

He is correct. I don’t want gay men, straight men or trans-identified men in WOMEN’S bathrooms because MEN are more likely to be predatory rapists, regardless of their self-reported gender or sexual orientation. And yes, it is a public safety issue. It’s funny how close moids come to getting it, but they never can quite see the elephant in the room because their trunks and big flappy ears keep getting in the way.

No. 1486894

if he changed it to 'gay people should be banned from jerking each other's cocks off in front of anyone who walks in' it would make historical sense.

No. 1486901

I don’t give a fuck what men do in their own bathrooms! Jerk each other off, have orgies idc. Just stay out of women's bathrooms.

No. 1486903

I thought men were the more logical sex

No. 1486904

He is a fucking idiot. I don’t give a fuck about sharing toilets with gay WOMEN, only gay men dressed as women.
I wish retarded conservatives would just stfu, they hate women more than any man no matter how much of a predator he is. They don’t give af about trannies if it doesn’t effect them.

No. 1486906

File: 1648652567808.jpeg (274.65 KB, 1283x1292, 6A4493FB-9392-4CA1-9619-2BF91E…)

this is literally grooming

No. 1486908

File: 1648652697922.jpeg (271.03 KB, 1284x1292, 615070DA-BBE9-4AF3-ADEA-F8185B…)

then they shit on detransitioners

No. 1486910

This was true years ago maybe, now doctors give out HRT like candy. And yes they will shit on detransitioners for "lying" and "not researching enough" when this is their advice

No. 1486914

File: 1648653151729.jpeg (416.17 KB, 1172x926, 9A3A92FE-B003-47F5-A16E-B14D6C…)

Kind of a silly tinfoil tweet in regards to what they are replying to, but all the cope from the TRAs in the comments is hilarious. Do they genuinely think this shit isn’t harmful? They really believe HRT and blockers are just silly sissyfying skittles with no consequence.

No. 1486917

i like to post ugly troons from time to time just to laugh at them and their own delusions, are we not here to laugh at troons?

No. 1486918

ANON kek

No. 1486920

Lmao this is full of gems. Predictably the answers are all about crying, putting on wigs/bras/makeup, getting sexually harassed by men, and popping euphoria boners in women’s changing rooms.

No. 1486926

File: 1648653809298.jpeg (71.65 KB, 939x311, 9E921B88-91A2-4966-8244-C257F7…)

Getting a boner from things actual women hate: just #GirlMoments!

No. 1486927

File: 1648653972251.png (72.84 KB, 583x642, 54534345534453354543534.png)

So many excuses and explanations to ruin womens sports, absolutely no shame. How about you dont compete at all if it means youre being unfair towards the entire female gender, if you were actually a woman you would think you would have some solidarity with them. But no, you love the attention.
Also, notice how he slid in that theres no male on his level in track sprint cycling lol, gotta slide in that quick brag (also I doubt it)

No. 1486928

File: 1648653973303.jpeg (382.63 KB, 1125x1243, E0D9DC29-2ACC-4E0A-B4B3-BF43AA…)

Kek they even get euphoria boners when psychotic moids on public transportation threaten them. How is this not mental illness??

No. 1486931

It is a cult. They need to believe the dogma no matter what, because otherwise they have to leave.

No. 1486932

I can’t take this shit serious omg… it’s literally all just female stereotypes kek. Trans women are “real women” to them only because they’ve never interacted with an actual real woman (no more than seeing them in media and porn).
If men could engage in (listening rather than talking over) feminist discussion and actually challenge patriarchy, maybe they’d realise that gendering scented candles and nail polish is dumb and could be comfortable in their “assigned gender” without self-mutilation and harassing women.

No. 1486933

Kek, it always gets me when they think them being weak is more feminine, when it’s just a side effect of them poisoning their body.

No. 1486934

File: 1648654421734.jpg (224.26 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20220330-173243_rif…)

Fucking hell…

No. 1486935

Bad news nonnies who can't relate to any of this stereotypical trash, we aren't women!

No. 1486936

File: 1648654780758.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.96 KB, 1248x672, 669DBE28-B955-4F5F-B891-73AE59…)

Found on manmadepussy. The fat one in the middle thinks he's a butch lesbian kek. Obviously the first one is a disgusting filthy weeb with his uwu censoring. Of course his bedroom is absolutely crusty and so is his "winged" eyeliner. And god that last one. Another moid with a "missed girlhood" fetish and ballsack "lips". The agp smirk is strong with these retards. Nsfl smirking nude agps

No. 1486938

Moids decorating with tapestries has always been a red flag, but I'm just now grasping what the flag itself was signifying.

No. 1486940

File: 1648655178780.jpg (77.93 KB, 828x1252, FOrrbjgagAABPsl.jpg)

Im so tired

No. 1486943

I hope those women find other places to share their experiences. Troons are happy now but once there's no female spaces left for them to infiltrate and live out their fetish, they'll scream at women for that too. Lesbians and women subs are already filled with trannies, it's hard to find an actual woman on reddit nowadays on any sub aside from FDS.

No. 1486944

Have moids no sense of danger? I'm surprised more troons don't get injured.

No. 1486945

I can’t relate to any of that. It’s all faggot behaviour.

No. 1486946

The more they ban, the more women peak. It's a win for us.

No. 1486947

Race yourself of a cliff “Dr” Rhys McKinnon.

No. 1486948

Stuff like this makes me want fake being a trannie on Reddit and ruin the spaces they try to take from us

No. 1486949

File: 1648656480130.jpeg (16.17 KB, 199x254, A2E4354F-7622-43DE-841B-9381A8…)

>I’m a closet tranny who was blackmailed and raped
Just say you where fucking drunk mate.

No. 1486951

He was probably asking for it. I mean how can you even rape a fattie that's probably super strong? Kek.

No. 1486952

Kek I was mainly talking about why he crashed his car and fled the scene. He was obviously just shitfaced
>when I crashed my car and fled the scene, I did so because I was terrified
Terrified because he was driving drunk.

No. 1486955

Even their "Girliest Moments" give away how male they are. Getting targeted by a crazy man on a train who sexually harasses and threatens to rob you before lighting the train on fire(!) would be a TERRIFYING experience for any woman. But since the troon is more similar in size and upper body strength to the lunatic and could probably take him in a fight, he's free to interpret the experience as euphoric and gender-affirming. Troons will never understand the male privilege they walk around with.

No. 1486960

This was posted two years ago, and you can visit the subreddit just fine (at least I can).

No. 1486963

just shows how stem and especially ai research is dominated by sick sick men. whatever ai is making these clothes was "fed" by the kind of troon fucks that look to anime and gaia avatars from 2005 for examples of women's clothing.

No. 1486964

And they want me to feel bad because poor twanzwomin are getting killed?

No. 1486965

Yeah I'm not even sure I believe the rape and trooning out shit. Sounds like a rich white guy getting shitfaced, doing a hit-and-run and then avoiding accountability with tales of woe. "I didn't mean to do tequila shots and key bumps until I passed out at the wheel, it was my uwu TrAuMa!"

No. 1486970

yeah it kinda reminds me of how Kevin Spacey was like “I’m gay everyone!!!!” when shit started coming out about him

No. 1486973

File: 1648657905290.png (33.61 KB, 609x216, justinwhangconfirmedchaser.png)

Got this from Kiwifarms and I'm hoping it just means, "I'm friends with trans women, I'm not attracted to them" or I'm sad to say Justin Whang may be a chaser. It's annoying even seeing people I like involved in troon shit let alone liking tweets. Regardless he's another youtuber I'll no longer watch. I don't care of its petty. I have very low tolerance for supporting anyone who supports this shit nowadays. Also this dude sucks, so to interact with him in general is weird.

No. 1486976

Men have no sense of fear and it's why they killed in higher numbers than women. They life live in a delusion of safety. So all the things we know might endanger our lives is just gender euphoria for these boners. Trans women will almost 99% of the time be murdered by another man. They exist in violence, yet feel like they're invincible. Defective.

No. 1486978

Why does it surprise you when men support their fellow men? They do so in every other area of life, why not here?

No. 1486979

this is why we need to push for more women in STEM. The future of womanhood depends on it

No. 1486980

It doesn't surprise me that Justin Whang is a tranny lover, he has "extremely high karma on reddit" energy.

No. 1486984

He’s so full of shit there are obviously men at his level, I’m sure the middle school boys wouldn’t mind beating a grown man at running.

No. 1486991

File: 1648658724773.webm (2.31 MB, 540x961, 1601909289932.webm)

This has to be a peak HSTS male moment, I feel sorry his parents

No. 1486996

>I only humor your delusions because I want to fuck you
many such cases
Do the troons notice this or do they not care?

No. 1487003

How are u sure if a tranny is AGP or HSTS? Just because he pass better way better than other troons doesnt mean he gets more pity

No. 1487004

>TRAuma kek

No. 1487005

femboy is not a troon-specific slur, its from troons to gnc men agps

No. 1487006

Lmao this is not a flex on any level

No. 1487007

uh, because he's gay nonny? and he doesn't pass, what are you on about

No. 1487008

Take it to the femboy thread if regarding agps who deny trooning

No. 1487009

He doesnt pass but he doesnt look as disgusting as other troons. A HSTS is a tranny who trooned because of gender roles unlike AGPs who troon for fetish reasons. Who is he and is he documented?

No. 1487010

HSTS means homosexual transsexual. He is fucking another man.

No. 1487015

Nona, a homosexual troon who troons because of fetishtic reasons of seeing onself as a woman sexually attractive is still AGP. HSTS trannies give fucks about their own pleasure and aims to stimulate other men's coom.

No. 1487018

I think you're a bit confused. He's HSTS because he's gay and dating a man. People here are making fun of him for pretending dating his dad's creepy groomer/chaser friend is a flex, not pitying him because he passes(??)

No. 1487021

File: 1648660886141.jpg (72.74 KB, 540x720, 1505411930916.jpg)

Its funny I can instantly tell that this kid is HSTS TIM rather then an AGP, same with blaire white and sam lux
they all have this certain "look" that sets them apart from AGPs

No. 1487024

This. Like just look on Twitter how many tweets are pouring in calling him stunning and brave for "coming out". Man was just drunk as shit.

I kinda hope he commits to the bit now and see him "transition" kek.

No. 1487025

HSTS for the most part put effort into their appearance. They don't just slap on a dress and walk outside with their receding hairline. I don't think they pass at all, and they usually go for an ultra bimbofied/Kardashian sort of look.

No. 1487026

I know this is so weird to ask, but can a kind nonnie tell me what happened? My internet is running so slow I can't even watch videos or view all the pictures. I'd appreciate it forever.

No. 1487027

I don't think it's that mysterious. They just have slightly better hair, makeup, grooming & hygiene skills than the transbians do because they're gay men instead of straight men.

No. 1487028

Source on the sugar daddy website? I just knew when reading that article earlier that there's more to it. I met him once and he made me feel uncomfortable.

I love that Boris was making trans jokes last night then brownnosing in the commons this morning.

No. 1487029

>a homosexual troon who troons because of fetishtic reasons of seeing onself as a woman sexually attractive is still AGP
if he is attracted to himself as a woman he's agp (and not entirely homosexual because he is attracted to women at least in theory), if he troons because he wants to be attractive to straight men he's not. The latter (liking straight men) isn't really a fetish either imo

No. 1487032

troon's dad misgenders him in front of his (dads) friend, troon is peeved, dad apoligizes after the friend shows confusion. the troon then proceeds to show clips of him apparently dating the dad's friend for two years

No. 1487034

4chan's boris?

No. 1487036

Boris Johnson

No. 1487038

Yup. As both subjects & objects of the male gaze, gay men have a deeper understanding of what moids find visually appealing and more incentive to achieve it. Straight men look at women and just see hair, boobs, ass and thigh high socks, and their attempts to resemble us are just as sloppy and lacking in detail. Gay male culture is also very appearance-oriented, and you tend to get ignored if you don't look good. Straight men feel entitled to female attention no matter how hideous they are, so it makes sense they'd believe lesbians owe them sex for merely "feeling like a woman."

No. 1487039

>(liking straight men) isn't really a fetish either imo
if they go for straight men exclusively then i would consider it a fetish.

No. 1487042

who's pitying him or saying he passes?

No. 1487043

The way I see it is, Gay men seem to put more effort into their looks to attract men, so HSTS for the most part will dress up to attract scrotes. HSTS always seem to be men who care about make up or hair and fashion. Not all of them pass, but most of them go for the drag queen/bimbo look.
Just like a lot of AGP's like straight men, don't give a shit what they look like. They think/know they can get a woman anyway.

No. 1487049

File: 1648662739303.webm (8 MB, 576x1024, d4e19c23b06d1bf565fe500555f5c3…)

No. 1487050

File: 1648662768463.webm (6.59 MB, 576x1024, e89aae76943de2ffe949a5edeb62a5…)

No. 1487051

Sorry, having to delete and rewrite bc I worded poorly. But I don’t understand how they can want to stand up against all other forms of discrimination until it relates to biological sex and the way women and girls have suffered for centuries. They just want to keep us down and do not give a single shit that they (biological males) have always been the oppressors. It disgusts me and it literally makes no sense to be like “we have to listen to x minority bc of their oppression” but then with women it’s just radio silence or more abuse.

No. 1487053

SA- I don't even think it's a case of, "Women have to put in effort for scrote attention" because any woman knows you don't have to do SHIT for some creep to creep on you good or bad. Sadly, just being FEMALE brings disgusting scrote/attention, you don't have to be legal. You don't have to be covered in make up, dressed to the nines, long hair, make up etc. etc.
HSTS still have that gay mindset,and it's funny because I feel trooning out gets them worse looking scrote partners then staying a man.
A lot of them seem to "Settle" when it comes to finding a scrote to date, especially if they want a "Straight" man whose open to dating troons. It's like they cut their already small dating pool into a even smaller one. Then they think Chasers and weirdos who want to fuck them on the low, means ALL men secretly want them.
Which they find out quickly isn't the case.

No. 1487054

I think a difference also comes from how HSTS perceive femininity compared to AGPs, for HSTS femininity is genuinely empowering and they like dressing up and being glamorous, AGPs find it humiliating and they get off on it

No. 1487056

File: 1648662908419.webm (7.78 MB, 576x1024, 8389fc9e618dd3ba4e61ea5b806861…)

Handmaidens are so embarrassing holy shit