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File: 1631373276646.jpg (452.46 KB, 1080x1936, 1630948087480.jpg)

No. 1321244

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1321250

File: 1631373962360.png (1.25 MB, 720x1328, Screenshot_20210911-182303~2.p…)

This is definitely something you would have seen a decade ago on people of Walmart. Now we have to take this person seriously. It's 2021 people.

No. 1321255

File: 1631374557977.png (89.44 KB, 590x538, jaltoid.PNG)

The guy from Jaltoid pretty much trooned out, the girl (emi) naturally found out that she's pan. A classic.

No. 1321261

The naked anime women on the pants and skateboard really sends the message home

No. 1321262

File: 1631375336172.jpeg (180.97 KB, 1000x1229, 03D89C08-E73E-46EC-BCBE-DE3733…)

Wow he’s so feminine uwu

No. 1321265

I have no idea who these people are but it seems they're playing snowflake for their audience. Just took a quick glance at their socials, the dude didn't even change his name or anything and people still use he/him.

No. 1321275

File: 1631377771355.jpeg (190.91 KB, 828x468, 4787A3EA-91EE-4E8D-AEC6-DF72B5…)

Can any of you lovely nonas let me know what the combo of purple white and green means on Twitter? I’m new to radfem Twitter and I keep seeing it. Just want to stay spry.

No. 1321276

Even when he's trying to dress in things he thinks women would wear he still can't resist showing off his cheap coomer male impulse purchases. They clock themselves the second they step out the door

No. 1321277

Those are the Suffragette colors, iirc.

No. 1321279

They're the colors of the UK women's rights movement and have become a symbol of support for women's rights/gender criticism.

No. 1321308

File: 1631381632795.png (1.34 MB, 1318x2048, Screenshot_20210911-121731.png)

If he cut weight for this fight, he probably weighed about 15-20lbs more than Celine Provost did in the cage. I wonder if she was under any sort of pressure to accept this fight or genuinely believed it would be fair because she "trains with men stronger than [her] all the time"

No. 1321311

Somewhat ironically, they're also the colours of the "genderqueer" flag.

No. 1321312

feels almost like you're doing the sicko in the thread pic a favor by using his picture. i'm sure he wanted as many people to see him as possible in his disgusting outfit. but thanks for making the thread

No. 1321314

I thought about that. These types of AGPs that leave picture reviews are a particular type of exhibitionist. Being looked at and ridiculed is part of the fetish. So I’m sure he’d love it lol

No. 1321321

File: 1631382439695.png (730.35 KB, 656x570, a.png)

No. 1321325


Historically those colors represented the Suffragette movement but gendies have co-opted it to represent the “genderqueer” community. Ugh.

No. 1321335

He said that any pronoun is fine (even neo) but I've read him talking about his feminine aura/side or something like that, it's only a matter of time.

No. 1321338

File: 1631384806221.jpg (344.32 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20210911_170126.jpg)

posted without a lick of irony

No. 1321374

File: 1631388508472.jpg (101.22 KB, 960x960, alana3.jpg)

yeah ladies, isn't this exactly the type of fellow girl you want to have a friendly wrestling match with?

No. 1321376

The fact that the real woman's face is covered by the camera focusing on the white man who is signaling "I am special" and "I am oppressed" in every possible way, despite being allowed the privilege of entering competitions that he is literally not qualified for, makes this feel like a brilliant satirical painting.

No. 1321381

>Lives with his mother and can't be bothered to clean his room at age 35
>Mother has to motivate him to act like an adult by not playing his little gender game and pointing out that he's acting like a child
>Scrote proceeds to throw a fit on Reddit over how he is a "real wimmen uwu" and not a child
Get a job, move out. You're useless, moid.

No. 1321384

Literally, a white dude with Pink hair.

No. 1321386

Another reason why women should stay away from these types of men, I swear Military Men & Body Builders, are always chasers and/or they troon out.

No. 1321391

File: 1631389869133.png (34.24 KB, 584x243, 1.PNG)

I love how a troon is saying this.

No. 1321402

File: 1631391003016.png (5.42 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1595 2.PNG)

anyone seen this tim on tiktok? tiktok is generally a place filled with handmaidens and trans accepting people but he's been getting a lot of hate recently for making misogynistic statements such as "there is no such a thing as a biological woman" and "trans women have periods too" and it's just really nice to see even people who are generally apologetic to transgenderism finally criticising a tranny online. i hope this peaked some of them

No. 1321403

File: 1631391043668.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1596 2.PNG)

the comments:

No. 1321412

lmao I love when the most delusional tranny stuff reaches the normies.
Can't wait for the day when they find out about the rest.

No. 1321413

all those likes make me smile.

No. 1321424

Okay not always, but it seems to be those types imo. I should've put a "almost always" or "more likely" but thats how I see it.

No. 1321426

I wish all female martial artists and other combat athletes would just refuse to compete with TIMs, I know most couldn't risk their career with a publicity scandal but to me it feels even more vile than with other sports

No. 1321451

Because it allows men access to a space where they're encouraged to enact violence on women. They still have an advantage in no-contact sports, but that's less obviously vile than sports where the goal is literally just physically beating your opponent. All troon inclusion in women's athletics is bad, but it becomes noticeably worse the higher contact the sport is.

No. 1321456

You're onto something there. Men who've enlisted in the military and bodybuilders are both always pornsick. I think that largely has to do with why they troon out.

No. 1321474

File: 1631395952242.jpeg (Spoiler Image,304.08 KB, 1170x1374, 43D24C9B-05BC-44D2-AD4A-BE94CB…)

I’m so sorry but I found another one. spoilered for jumpscare.

No. 1321493


No. 1321498

Please view the post above yours.

No. 1321528

File: 1631399181198.jpeg (109.35 KB, 500x722, 22244658-3F8F-49DF-9F6C-F27CEC…)

I know right, it’s not like skin walking a little girl is freak shit or anything.

No. 1321542

Literally picking the same name as a girl you wanted to be as a child? What? How obvious can you be. That's so fucking weird.

No. 1321557

i love ittttttttt

No. 1321559

File: 1631401792003.png (311.19 KB, 416x450, geralt flower crown.png)

He is at a renaissance festival getting the flower crowns they usually give/sell to little girls in fairy wings. Oh well. I guess boys can wear flowers, too.

No. 1321568

File: 1631402504067.jpeg (198.21 KB, 1024x2048, 6377A073-07DF-4E33-BCE7-AED920…)

No. 1321571

Which is funny because the Suffragettes were liberal feminists, not at all radical (since radical feminism didn't even exist yet).

But I guess the liberal feminists back then compared to those today are like two totally different species.

No. 1321573

>american soldier in afghanistan
This is a special type of disgusting.

No. 1321574

File: 1631402977528.jpg (80.43 KB, 385x979, Ee9ATvsU0AESe54.jpg)

>since when was this a competition
Since the dawn of fucking MtF activism, if normie women actually "educated themselves"/exposed themselves to unfiltered TRA history ironically enough,
I believe a lot more of them would peak instead of becoming an example handmaiden like they're expected to.
Picrel is a letter to the Sister magazine in response to the back then Janice Raymond controversy from a MtF transsexual activist in the 70s, outlining how "genny women" (they didn't have cis just yet) are ackshually only really good for being
bangmaid incubators, whom the advanced trans women will dominate in no time. They have always been this way.

No. 1321575

I read somewhere that detransitioners give up because being trans today is physically and mentally exhausting. 20-40 years ago being a transsexual meant you still acknowledged your biological sex. Now these young trans people are told there are no differences between trans women and women. I think this is a good thing imo, it just raises their suicide rates becaus they get an obsession with passing “as cis” and female only body functions makes them go crazy to the point where they think their diarrhea is a period. When they realize normies reject them as literal women, they either accept it or lose it. This troon is probably on suicide watch after this reality check.

No. 1321583

Men have always tried to think of ways to replace women. Trannies are just that. They are bio essentialist to the core, more so than TIFs who wouldn’t dare ask for testicular and dick transplants. Uterus transplants have been in the works for years now and a lot of money is poured into it. You’d think it wouldn’t be a priority since women exist and we are already overpopulated but here we are.

No. 1321587

At least when normal men treat us as inferior we aren't meant to valorize it like a nitpicking mother's advice. Show someone this and we'll be told it's harmless and not just as vile as what men say because they're choosing to settle in our inferiority, which we should be so grateful for.

No. 1321589

I looked up the video for this fight. It's really sad, there's a point in the first match where the guy just stands there and the woman punches him in the face about a dozen times in the face and does nothing. At 3:20 he just picks her up and walks with her like he's taunting her. "Haha, I can take a dozen punches and barely feel them but I can treat you like a ragdoll. Enjoying it yet, sweetie?"

The dude could have just picked her up and threw her right out of the ring at any time. What a farce.

No. 1321590

Tbh a lot of Twitter “radfems” have never read a single piece of radfem theory in their lives and are ideologically more similar to libfems. They just think liberal feminism is bad because they mistake it for third-wave bullshit like lipstick feminism. I don’t identify as a feminist because I believe it requires actual activism, though I agree far more with radical feminism than I do with liberal feminism. It’s obvious that most Twitter radfems don’t know liberal feminism even is or why radical feminist began to criticise it in the first place.
Liberal feminism believed men could be feminists and that integrating women in to the male-dominated power structures of society like business and politics was the way to go. Radical feminists on the other hand wanted a complete re-ordering of society through the abolition of gender because they viewed society as inherently patriarchal.

No. 1321593

Hah, they were an histrionic bunch and blaming women for all their woes even back then.

>Fallon Fox channel
Just bros supporting bros.

No. 1321598

>Tbh a lot of Twitter “radfems” have never read a single piece of radfem theory in their lives and are ideologically more similar to libfems. They just think liberal feminism is bad because they mistake it for third-wave bullshit like lipstick feminism.

Even fucking Lauren Southern is flirting with the idea of radical feminism. Maybe one day a huge proportion of women will start identifying as "radical feminist" which completely distorts and dilutes the meaning of the ideology.

Even the TIMS will start calling themselves "radfems" to seem more "valid" as women.

No. 1321602

are you that spergy anon from ot?

No. 1321605

Never browsed there but tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if other people sounded like me.

No. 1321609

File: 1631406965795.png (1.38 MB, 1370x1161, rdtyuhgf.png)

I feel so awful for trans widows.

No. 1321610

There's "gender critical" TIMs already. There isn't any real gatekeeping on feminism, so it being infested by "true trans" snowflakes and racist ex-tradthots looking for a new grift is only a matter of time.
Sorry for the blackpill.

She's better off without him. I hope she has a solid support network.

No. 1321614

Jesus, if I was pregnant with a troon's baby I would simply abort it.

No. 1321619

It’s honestly the only sane option, living with a tranny should be considered abuse because of how mentally ill they are.

No. 1321620

It’s fine anon is probably mad bc her nigel is different

No. 1321630

File: 1631410825768.png (67.95 KB, 570x723, Screenshot_1.png)

So these TRA asslickers want to remove the only protection women and girls actually have against pervs and rapists. Every single assault on a female that happened because security can't legally do anything about a man going into the women's bathroom is something they endorse and want for women. Yet they somehow a problem with the imaginary judge kek?

No. 1321633

>racist ex-tradthots looking for a new grift
they'll probably leave quickly once they realize men don't throw money at radfems.

No. 1321634

if something is against the law people just dont do it, obviously. No need to try to prevent anything happening that's against the law! TRA's win again with their rock solid logic kek

No. 1321643

What a great way to get TSS

No. 1321644

When looking for a boyfriend how do you avoid getting together with a man who wants to transition years later?

No. 1321652

I've been wondering this myself… here's my list of red flags so far (feel free to add your own).
If a man does 2 or more of the following…
>watches anime, especially moe and 'yuri'
>watches a lot of porn
>thinks women have it easier than men
>only hobby is video games
>feels entitled to womens' spaces. This one is something you just get a feel for. They get offended when you treat female friends too well. They're threatened by your closeness with your female friends. They are jealous of your female friends. If they admit to pretending to be a women to enter online female spaces, get the hell out. Trust me.
>They lack direction and goals in life beyond porn and video games

No. 1321659

>when given the choice they exclusively play as female characters in video games
>they use female characters as avatars on social media
>they care about trans issues in any way
>they bring up the subject of trans people outside of the context of having just seen one
>they REALLY like it when you wear heels, stockings or traditionally feminine clothing
>they're overtly sexist or are really into being perceived as masculine
>they bring up the subject of lesbians outside of the context of having just seen one

No. 1321667

Well the most obvious one that no one will mention… avoid white men.

No. 1321668

The only ones that don’t troon out seem to be the extremely religious ones because they hate porn, think transitioning is damaging the “sacred” body that God gave you, and associate transgenderism with homosexuality. But of course religious men are weird as fuck and hate women.

No. 1321669

Non-white troons exist too but I will admit they are usually either gay or have a lot of white friends.

No. 1321675

Never date a CS major.

No. 1321679

Avoid men that work in military/technology, have autism, like anime, have a fetish for East Asian culture/women (especially if it is Japanese shit), watch porn, and are online a lot.

No. 1321689

No woman is out there asking troons if they carry feminine hygiene products.

In fact even as an actual woman I have never had another woman ask me if I had any to spare.

No. 1321693

Men who survived SA or CSA and did not address their trauma with proper therapy and would rather cope with hypermasculinity or porn.

It's mostly white AGPs that trap women in relationships, non-whites usually transition when they're single.

No. 1321714

Just be firm in your beliefs, and leave him immediately if he shows any signs. I will leave my husband without a second though if he even brings up the idea once.

No. 1321716

File: 1631423743652.jpeg (141.58 KB, 744x744, 02D8E0D7-7DD9-40F6-BBF0-92ABDD…)

Also try finding a guy who’s informed about medical science/can read studies. You can peak them with the medical literature. That said dodge the fuck out of people who are into technofuturism shit like biological modification, Rhoko’s basilisk/slate star codex/rationalism.

Also in general people who are willing to read “all sides” of topics before forming takes. People who are susceptible to rigid black and white thinking for instance can get really sucked into all sorts of cult shit. For instance if he’s liberal does he have a nuanced opinion on topics like cultural appropriation/BLM, if he’s conservative can he understand critiques of Hayekian economics and interventionist foreign policy etc. I often toss out that I’ve read both Andrea Dworkin and Carl Schmitt.

I mean in general I think it’s just a good idea to find a guy who can think for himself and isn’t into blind consumption/going with the flow.

Also I say this as someone who falls into this category of “””neurodivergence”””, but don’t date depressed men, men with ADHD/autism or men with body dysmorphia. The smart men I know who ended up transitioning despite not being retards did it as an advanced form of self harm. I actually feel quite bad for them in many ways, transition is often offered as a “it’ll make you not want to kill yourself” magic bullet to people who genuinely have problems. Still you don’t want that in your life.

No. 1321722

> deadname* is supportive and helpful

So this implies that the newly-trans husband is selfish and lazy. Makes sense.

No. 1321725

I've been on both sides of the "shit, does anyone have a spare tampon please??" cry. I have no idea what I'd do if a gnarled, hairy-knuckled hand with poorly applied red nail polish was thrust under the cubicle door clutching a Tampax.

No. 1321729

is that Shannon Docherty on a pile of Borzois? Love me some longboys.

No. 1321730

KEK I hope this eventually leads to more women/girls calling out troons irl and not just online.

No. 1321734

What a braindead take. I guess there’s no point in banning swords in public, since everyone knows that slicing someone in half is already illegal.

No. 1321745

Do it!

No. 1321755

File: 1631428754607.png (Spoiler Image,457.03 KB, 720x703, demon.png)

He just got work done but this is actually cursed

No. 1321757

Never mind it looking inhuman, what stands out to me is the filters. Even when they do have surgery to alter their facial features they still often use filters after which makes it a question of "what was the point?" Clearly they still aren't happy, and probably never will be, with their appearance.

No. 1321758

File: 1631429234021.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.58 KB, 1613x2048, 18D101E3-594C-483E-9E16-02E0A1…)

He will end up like Nikita. Pic deleted is a recent pic of him and Jfc. Imagine wasting that much money to look like this. His proportions are all off. I think this is the troon final form, all surgeries complete.

No. 1321761

I don’t think there is a way. It’s hard out here for us straight girls, and at times I wish I was attracted to women instead. To weed out male degenerates I avoid kinky men, men in the military/police, programmers, anime and hentai watchers and have interest in Asian culture (not being racist here but white men who fetishize Asians are a no). But you never know, just make sure he knows what you will do when he does. Just leave immediately.

No. 1321762

AYRT and I'm sure it would be lovely. Getting back into the arts is a wonderful way to channel and convey emotions, even anger and Schadenfreude.

No. 1321764

File: 1631429811971.jpeg (88.31 KB, 678x1024, FA3D3E7B-318F-4D57-8194-6C7692…)

they transitioned to exactly this:

No. 1321768

The potential trooning out is another reason why I’m policel.

No. 1321769

Lmao he looks like he has a disability. Imagine spending money to look like a bloated fish.

No. 1321770

This is disgusting. You just know these men compete in women’s sports because they feel good about dominating women with their male strength.

No. 1321771

I hate this stupid take. Yes it DOES stop creeps because they know they’ll be busted in a place they shouldn’t be.

And weirdly enough, it does stop violent dudes! A friend had drunk men trying to drag her to their car and she fled to a bathroom to call the cops. The fuckers didn’t get in there! Obviously when cops got there they denied everything but if it had been a neutral bathroom they could have said they were just using the bathroom like everybody else and there was no foul play involved.

No. 1321775

Break up if they watch sissy porn, sissy hypno, shemales or want you to peg them or do other pornsick shit like that in bedroom. If they ever bought prostitutes too. Any very pornsick man could possibly troon out because normal things won't get him off anymore.

No. 1321776

File: 1631431405953.jpeg (43.34 KB, 400x400, 26DA6973-58E7-408A-BF1D-20F378…)

Hello fellow lesbians

No. 1321781

Sage for blog, but my ex is ex-military (got kicked out for reasons related to being pornsick) and he told me once that he wanted to “try” taking estrogen because the idea of trooning out was hot. I identified as bisexual but i straight up told him that i would not support troonery for fetish reasons (this was before I knew that most troonery is for fetish reasons, I was young and naive) and he called me a jealous bigot.
He was also cheating on me with troon prostitutes so I’m glad I dodged that bullet.

I’m now a lesbian, and only date actual women.

Military men are almost universally gross degenerates.

No. 1321786

Don't forget to add Anime to the list. No man watching that braindead pornsick shit full of high school girl porn stereotypes is worth dating. They all troon out to be like their waifu transition goal.

No. 1321787

File: 1631432722563.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1725x17921, F37EDB49-78BD-445E-9E80-6FEB72…)

Imagine being this pathetic

No. 1321790

Tbh just dont date liberal men. Men are by nature conservative and if they are liberals its only because they want the liberty to be degenerate fuckwads and predators. Like all men who are libertarians have asian mailorder brides and defend freedom of speech only to protect lolicon. All male feminists are sexual predators and all socialists and commies are already trannies. Just don't accidentally date a LARPing /pol/tard with an anime pfp who follows Fuentes. Pick up a man who works a real job and has no time for twitter.

No. 1321794

Honestly, "conservative" men aren't much better. Liberal men may be retarded coomers who don't deserve love, but at least they (mostly) think women should be able to have jobs and vote. Conservative men are also degenerate, they just hide it more. The vast majority of men are shit, either way.

No. 1321795

Is this a US thing? There isn't any connection between the military and men trooning out in my country. I hear its because the US military offers free healthcare if people join the military (very evil) and many men who want surgeries and hormones end up joining the military just to get those procedures covered.

No. 1321797

Yeah, it’s a US thing. Basically everyone who joins the US military does it for the same reasons (wanting free healthcare, free education, etc) because our system here is broken as fuck

No. 1321799

Not to mention there were studies about TIMs that demonstrated are actually more conservative on average.

No. 1321801

>If they ever bought prostitutes too
Any man who does this should be shot, tbh.

No. 1321802

I've noticed that so many American trannies LARP as anarcho-communists and cry about fascism and imperialism, yet they also join the US military - the largest imperial force in the world - at disproportionately high rates. I guess they think it's okay if they do it because they need "gender affirming surgeries". Denying them that "opportunity" is literal violence, transphobia, classism, etc.

No. 1321806

Trannies in the military is a true American tradition. Like being a white American claiming to be part Cherokee.

No. 1321807

>but at least they (mostly) think women should be able to have jobs and vote
No they don't, lol. Liberal men care about women's rights as much as conservative men do: not at all. At least conservative men are honest about what they want. Liberal men don't actually want women to be strong and independent, that's why they are all useless coomers who watch porn and enjoy to see women exploited. The liberal men who tell you they care about abortion and women's rights are lying to you to get you into bed. Don't be so naive. They all want lower age of consent laws, free access to jailbait porn and underaged porn of sex trafficking victims and they want abortions because it makes them not face the consequences of their actions. All men are degenerate. At least attempting to hide their degeneracy is a huge plus compared to liberal men who aren't even ashamed of themselves.

All men are conservative on the inside, liberal men just lie about it to get pussy.

No. 1321808

The US is the only country with a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_personnel_in_the_United_States_military

What I hate about this entry is that it considers women who disguised themselves to join the military as "transgender". But I shouldn't have expected any better from Wikipedia.

>Many women during the American Civil War disguised themselves as men to enlist as soldiers and fight in the war. During this time, women were not legally allowed to fight, however it is estimated there were more than 400 women who were passing as male soldiers during the war. Many of these female soldiers' true identities were never discovered throughout the time of their service.[1] As a result of many of those who fought in the war being "citizen soldiers", who had no prior military or combat training, men and women learned how to become a soldier in the same way. This gave women an advantage to learn how to be a good soldier at the same speed the men were learning, while also helping to keep their identity a secret. There were instances though, of soldiers being exposed of their true female identities, usually after having been hurt and sent to a soldiers' hospital. Most often, these women just received medical attention and were sent home. However, in several instances, some women who had been disguised as male soldiers were punished or even imprisoned.

No. 1321812

Which is honestly hilarious as the US military, for the most part, still isn't fully caving to this nonsense. Meanwhile, Canada, Australia, and the UK encourage "pronouns in bio" and related nonsense. https://newspunch.com/australian-military-bans-gender-pronouns/

No. 1321814

We may be a niche image board community but seeing all the based normies calling this utter bullshit gives me hope for the future

No. 1321817


No. 1321823

Even the non-military ones SIMP for highly patriarchal societies like China, or at least peddle the retarded wokebro silicon valley politics that popularized Elon Musk. They use a "woke" and pseudo-philosophical vocabulary, but they're still braindead moids who lowkey believe in "great men".
Stop derailing, and go seethe on the vent thread.

No. 1321824

Checked and apparently got ffs surgery a little over a week ago. So they're face looks like this because of the work done to their skull. I can't imagine doing this type of surgery to my face, dealing with the swelling for up to a YEAR, and still using filters on top of it all lmfao social media has ruined these people

No. 1321830

Trans politics itself is American as fuck. All the individualism, the cult-like behavior, the hyper-capitalism, the Japanophilia, the weird similarities to Christianity, the adoration of violence, etc. Tranny hot spots in the US are in tech and the military. In other countries I never see scores of trannies in these male-dominated industries like how I have in the US. Trannies in poorer countries are nearly all in sex work and don’t have any political influence. All the countries that embrace TRA bullshit are Anglophone ones because of their cultural and linguistic ties to the US.

No. 1321833

Thats insane. Teaching autogynephiles military tactics, combat, and firearms training…then releasing them in to society. I don’t see how any of this could turn out well.

No. 1321834

If young stephen hawking was a tranny

No. 1321835

It is. I think there are already small tranny militia groups in the US.

No. 1321838

Anyone in America can go to their nearest Walmart and buy a gun, they don't need to join the military for that. I think untrained people are probably more dangerous than those who have been taught trigger discipline and to not point it at anything you don't want to kill.

No. 1321839

>the weird similarities to Christianity, the adoration of violence,
Haha, nail on the head. There are little to no incel nazi-to-troon pipelines in other countries quite like anglophone countries. I even see black trannies cannibalizing white trannies sometimes because the nazi-troon/femboy thing is an open secret in the community. If you're not some angsty middle class white boy you can't really larp as a tradthot saving the white race.

No. 1321840

>Anyone in America can go to their nearest Walmart and buy a gun
Jeez that is fucked. I still think an autogynephile with a gun is particularly scary though.

No. 1321841

What do you mean you're a lesbian now? Are you a bi girl repressing attraction to/put off of men?

No. 1321843

>Canada, Australia, and the UK
We all know they're the US's satellites and only try to look more progressive to seem better. Canada is the worst offender.

No. 1321845

Don't forget science denial until it fits their narrative.

No. 1321846

Another benefit of being a liberal man is that you can infect ideology from within. See: liberal feminism.

No. 1321847

all anglophone countries kek

No. 1321849

You would have to be conservative to believe that gender is innate and that a man can have some sort of "feminine essence". The born-in-the-wrong-body concept is very culturally Christian.

No. 1321853

how did you turn from bisexual to a lesbian, or are you just a female-exclusive bisexual?

No. 1321855

He really thinks he’s gonna end up looking hot LMAO

No. 1321856

File: 1631441851406.png (17.13 KB, 584x223, 1630370932978.png)

>Avoid men that work in military/technology
>have a fetish for East Asian culture/women (especially if it is Japanese shit)


No. 1321858

These two should always be avoided regardless of whether they troon out or not.

No. 1321869

The worst part of this is knowing that there are tech guys in military/police. The giga troon material.

No. 1321871

that image is both hilarious and disturbing

No. 1321877

>Tbh just dont date liberal men.
Don't date men in general. I don't see anything good that comes out of it.

No. 1321880

Men bad. No romance or relationship for you.

No. 1321881

I really don't understand the emphasis anon put on liberal men kek. If the bad thing about lib men is that they're secretly conservative, then why include outright conservative men in your "potential partners" group? Unless you're cool with being expected to be a tradwife bangmaid, so long as the scrote is ~*honest*~ about wanting you to be that.

No. 1321885

I think so many women are so tired of left wing men because of troonery, they think flocking to right wing men is now the better option.

No. 1321886

File: 1631444540230.jpg (114.46 KB, 828x1153, E_DDLx4XIAIRRGD.jpg)

No. 1321888

Since he's a furry, is it okay if we write him down as a sexually aggressive and potentially rapid animal, and have him considered for euthanasia?

No. 1321890

File: 1631444789213.jpg (53.07 KB, 828x543, E-9V9eNXoDQq4TJ.jpg)

No. 1321895

>She hasn't even read Dworkin's "Right-wing Women"

No. 1321897

Anon you can't become a lesbian. It's ridiculous how many women do this. Stop pretending to be lesbian just because you were hurt by a man you liked

No. 1321902

I would urge any women who still date men to avoid military men 1000%. The sexism and pornsickness is off the charts, but they can learn to hide it until they know you are hooked. Their girlfriends will also bear the full brunt of "women live life on easy mode" abusive revenge behavior. Men in the military think they are all the biggest martyrs since Christ, and even if you're working full time with a life full of your own problems, a military moid will still hate your guts and call you a dependapotamus, when he doesn't pay for anything in your life except the condoms. They really resent women to their core, so it's no surprise some troon out.
Of course Fred Flintstone here looks a decade older than he actually is. His wife should have gone for an emergency abortion the day after he "came out", like that scene from The Fly remake.

No. 1321904

They don't troon out because they still have shame and a sense of responsibility of fulfilling the male role in a relationship. Unlike liberal men who expect you to be both the bangmaid AND working full-time. You're absolutely delusional if you think a liberal man will share your workload at home and take care of the kids. Men will never do that, so if you want a man at all (nobody is forcing you to, stay alone forever and be happy) you should pick one who isn't lying to you and himself on top of stealing your bra and expecting you to braid his hair.

No. 1321905

4chan scrotes are conservative men who depend on their moms and girlfriends, and tend to troon out. "Blaire" White and Bruce Jenner are conservative. Contrapoints and many other Breadtube troons admit to being anti-feminist and on the path to being alt-right before trooning out. It's a meme on troon-heavy subreddits that most of them used to be neo-Nazis. You're not safe with conservative men.

No. 1321907

4chan scrotes are not conservative. They are tranny incels who hate black people. Conservative men don't use 4chan, don't have youtube channels and don't have twitter accounts. In fact you probably won't find them on the internet at all.

No. 1321908

>At least conservative men are honest about what they want.
>At least attempting to hide their degeneracy is a huge plus compared to liberal men who aren't even ashamed of themselves.

No. 1321911

Good job removing all context of what I said to get a win. All men want a woman to fulfill the traditional role. Conservative men are honest about that. All men are degenerate, liberal men are unashamed to be degenerate. Two different statements that don't contradict themselves. I don't know how to put this in easier words for you.

No. 1321913

remember the transgender homestuck self insert scp which is the only scp that was so shitty they disabled the down vote button on it to prevent it from being the most down voted thing in the site's history kek

No. 1321914

Your perfect conservative scrote doesn't exist or got married 20-30 years ago, cope.

No. 1321917

>At least attempting to hide their degeneracy is a huge plus compared to liberal men who aren't even ashamed of themselves.
How is this a huge plus? Conservative men get caught hoarding CP and molesting children, signing away women's rights, fighting against or evading the criminalization of child marriage in the US and other countries, physically assaulting and emotionally abusing their wives, etc. What is gained here? Because they read religious texts written and published by other disgusting men? Lol

No. 1321919

Yeah, it's such a braindead take. It's much better to be with men who openly want to take away your rights and force you to be a bangmaid than men who vote for you to be able to study, work and actually be an individual, am I right?

What fairytale are you living in that conservative men aren't degenerate? They aren't hiding their degeneracy at all. Ironically most of TIMs or femboys are conservative men.

No. 1321922

File: 1631447842496.png (392.45 KB, 961x1129, screencapture-twitter-autogyna…)

Yeah, trannies have no genuine political stance, they just do everything for the coom. Lots of them start off as MRA fuck feminazi frog posting type of moids then troon out and become an anarchist commie, feminist, support BLM, sex work, open boarders, prison abolition because they fetishize all of these things, see: "white male feminization" and previous posts about muslim/immigrant take-over fetishations.
So if you're at a BLM or feminist protest chances are the troons there are deriving sexual pleasure from it. It's disgusting.
Pic related is a prime example of above description.

No. 1321923

ring on my finger says otherwise, seethe more that your bf loves his Star Wars toys more than you. Buy hey, he totally supports you working full time while he spends his days playing League and browsing /r/degrading_holes. He's a real feminist!

No. 1321924

You should have just said you had a Nigel from the get go.

No. 1321925

lol you think liberal men give a shit about your rights to study and work. Of course they want you to work, cause it means they don't have to work as hard cause you pay half the bills! Maybe he can even be a "stay at home dad" so you can come home from your full-time job and then do all the housework on top of it! Liberal men don't give any more of a shit about your rights than conservative men do. They vote democrat to get pussy and keep their jailbait porn.

No. 1321928

You should have just said your cats are just like your real babies and you're actually so glad to be childfree and man-free while you spend all day browsing the internet trying to justify to yourself why you don't need no man.

No. 1321929

>Conservative men are honest about that. All men are degenerate
So what's good about that? Honest about being degenerates who want women to be slaves, lmao. Where's the "at least", the "huge plus"? Waiting to hear it.

Oh, that's why. You married a degenerate and are seething and coping daily. Sad. If you have a daughter or even a son, please don't let them be alone with him just because "At least he's not a liberal" thanks. I'm sure he doesn't let you check his browsing history or his phone, either, kek.

No. 1321930

Stay on topic or go to a different thread for relationship discussions.

No. 1321931

we do not care. stop caping for your conservative nigel here, he's in the living room waiting for someone to listen to his autistic rant about how abortion is murder

No. 1321932

Are you really waiting to hear it? Cause I think you're just waiting to take whatever I say completely out of context like you keep doing. Really no point trying to explain it to you a third time, I think I did a good job already.

No. 1321933

I guess your boyfriend is a big fan of abortion? Did he ask you to get one cause he really isn't "ready to settle down" yet?

No. 1321934

>All men want a woman to fulfill the traditional role. Conservative men are honest about that.
pretty sure the worst lib men want a polycule of pornsick bdsm ddlg mdlb hoes (some with feminine penises) willing to get abortions so they don't have to worry about raising kids. nothing traditional about that.

No. 1321935

>there are tech guys in military
Giga troon Bradley Manning?

No. 1321937

They still want you to clean and cook for them on top of that, they just won't give you anything in return and also cheat on you. Big win I guess? Very empowering!

No. 1321938

Yeah, I do want to hear it, and I'm wondering why you didn't mention it. If your points had any merit, they'd stand on their own.

No. 1321939

I already explained it to you in words a child could understand. You just want to twist my words cause you have zero counter-argument to what I said.

No. 1321940

Why do we have a tradthot in this thread

No. 1321942

>b-b-but my liberal boyfriend REALLY cares about women't reproductive rights! He voted for Hilary cause he thinks we finally need a woman in charge!
Keep coping.

No. 1321943

AYRT and I'm gay, but go off I guess.

No. 1321944

It really speaks levels about how secure you feel about your scrote when you get randomly triggered by unrelated shit and desperately try to convince randos on anonymous image board how great he is for not hiding his contempt for women kek

No. 1321945

Alright let's quote you
>At least attempting to hide their degeneracy is a huge plus compared to liberal men who aren't even ashamed of themselves.
I'm asking "how?". "I-It's just better!" isn't an explanation when, if you truly accept that "All men are degenerates" and you aren't just (poorly) trying to fit in here, the only conclusion is to stay away.
This is simple, a child knows what "how" means. So, can you explain, or will you just cry about your words being twisted?

No. 1321946

>all men are degenerates
>but also i am better than you because i fuck degenerate men unlike you
Are you ok

No. 1321947

File: 1631448975917.png (155.75 KB, 500x689, black-lives-matter-danielle-mu…)

Hey, that's not fair, some are also criminals looking to dodge legal consequences, and unemployable manchildren who want "communism" to take over for their mothers. Criminals, coomers, manbabies, it's a wide variety of self-serving infantile politics.

No. 1321949

>Liberal men don't care about women's reproductive rights
>That's why I married another type of man who also doesn't care about women's reproductive rights
Not even cope, just pure mental illness.

No. 1321950

Tradthots think that we're laughing at troons for trad reasons, because traditionalists are fundamentally braindead. They chimp out when they realize everyone here disagrees with them in almost every way. I'm not complaining, her retardation is funny as hell.

No. 1321951

Why do you think we have so many troons running around now? Cross-dressers have always existed. But they used to do it in their own home and they were ashamed of it. They feared going to hell still. Other men beat them senseless for being faggots if they tried to walk around in a dress. Now it's okay for men to enter the women's bathroom and we just have to accept it, because we told everyone "you don't have to be ashamed! It's totally valid for you to walk around in public with a stuffed bra, Steven!" You really don't understand how we went wrong as a society allowing men to not feel shame for their degeneracy? And how it's better for men to fear social persecution and literal punishment from god for being degenerate sissy faggots? If you don't understand this I literally can't help you.

No. 1321953

>Unironically thinking we hate troons because they're gay
>Unironically thinking most troons are gay to begin with
Begone, tard.

No. 1321954

Nobody said you have to get married, but men really aren't so bad if you don't completely delude yourself of what they really are. However I guess you chose to believe that liberal men REALLY care about feminism and then you wonder why you end up a troon widow or alone with no family. Your choice I guess if you don't wanna be realistic.

No. 1321955

Impressive lack of reading comprehension

No. 1321956

File: 1631449284071.jpg (242.19 KB, 1070x1592, 71Y5N13956L.jpg)

No. 1321958

Other men beat them senseless in front of their friends, then fucked them in the ass when no one was looking. Just like now, except liberals are men being their true faggot selves and sane women will get all the warning signs to stay the fuck away.
Is this hard to understand? Are you too obsessed with male validation to accept that we don't need to choose either type?
>Now it's okay for men to enter the women's bathroom and we just have to accept it, because we told everyone "you don't have to be ashamed! It's totally valid for you to walk around in public with a stuffed bra, Steven!"
Who's "we"? Were you a liberal feminist? Makes sense. You never left the pick-me penitentiary, just changed the uniform.
>And how it's better for men to fear social persecution and literal punishment from god for being degenerate sissy faggots?
Go back to their religions/culture and see that every single one of them had males doing the same shit with stupid justifications hiding behind religious dogma. Their degeneracy always finds a way, and you are coping too hard to see it.

No. 1321960

>Using the term faggots for troons and other degenerates
>Gets called out for homophobia
>"Y-you can't read!"
Begone, tard.

No. 1321961

I said men called each other faggots for wearing a dress and acting like women. Not once have I mentioned anything about being gay. You literally can't read and you have proven it over and over again now.

No. 1321962

>Rapists, murderers and child molesters really aren't so bad if you see them as they are and accept them!
Lmao. How is this different from liberals and their "You are so valid, Jake–Jennifer!"? Same logic that we must accept male degeneracy in some form.
>However I guess you chose to believe that liberal men REALLY care about feminism and then you wonder why you end up a troon widow or alone with no family. Your choice I guess if you don't wanna be realistic.
>You have to pick! Liberal tranny or conservative wife-beater! Anon please!
For your sake, I really hope you're some pathetic man trying to convince women to give you a chance because you're "honest" about hating us. That's like your only selling point. Open hatred.

No. 1321963

File: 1631449650090.jpeg (35.29 KB, 490x290, gb2pol.jpeg)

>reeeeeeing over star wars
>women are happier with men who don't want them to have jobs /pol/ talking point
>reeeeeeing over catladies
this is a male.
literally never seen a woman seethe about catladies.

No. 1321964

I'm not the same anon you called illiterate earlier. Have you considered your writing skills may be subpar?

No. 1321966

>complaining about women liking cats
This is one of the biggest non-issues, literally what.

No. 1321967

The strawmanning is really off the walls. It honestly just shows that you have absolutely nothing to refute my points when you have to completely twist my words instead of replying to what I actually said. I know it's hard to cope with reality, maybe it's best you just stay alone, your cats will NEVER vote republican.

No. 1321969

Isn't it funny how the lonely woman cares for animals, while the lonely man cares for nothing and no one, but does rape and/or kill anyone vulnerable/unlucky enough to be within his reach?

No. 1321970

>baaaaabe! Look at this bitch! She said that liberal men don't care about my rights to get abortion and equal pay! Can you believe this? It must be a fucking pol-tard!

No. 1321974

File: 1631450202335.jpg (35.67 KB, 700x420, 4852.jpg)

>Every woman who doesn't suck scrote only has cats
>Men used to beat faggots
>Poor reading comprehension
>You're twisting my words
>You're strawmanning

No. 1321975

>Y-You're twisting my words
No, I pointed out the flaws in your braindead logic.
>muh cats!
I'm 18, and I don't have cats, but I do have a dog. It's so bizarre that cats make you seethe this hard. You've made like 5 posts about them. Are you jealous or something? Are you going to post a "White girls fuck dogs" meme in retaliation, next? Kek. I bet you'll have to scroll past multiple small penis humiliation captions to get to it.

No. 1321976

Unfortunately this. Whether religion or social conservativism, men need societal shame and belief to curb their degeneracy.

No. 1321977

File: 1631450361701.jpeg (19.13 KB, 265x275, 1611149473521.jpeg)

Stop, you are embarassing him!

No. 1321978

How is it curbed? Religion has always made space for degeneracy (Catholic priests and the rape of altar boys, Muslims and bachabazzi), social conservatism is nothing but piss-scented perfume to mask shit (if you've ever actually been in a conservative upbringing, abuse, porn addiction and general horror is off the charts).

No. 1321979

I think it's mostly just funny that women can get their needs better met from friends, a pet, and volunteering, but most men can't because their needs and behaviors are entirely solipsistic.

No. 1321980

>complete re-ordering of society through the abolition of gender
Sounds like they'd love troons then.

No. 1321982

Religion is just an excuse men use to maintain power and be more degenerate.

No. 1321983

Troons love gender though, they only claim to want to "abolish gender", when they really mean "ignore sex".

No. 1321984

No. Troons think gender is real and sex is fake. Radfems think sex is real and gender is fake.

No. 1321986

You're right. The enlightened atheist who is PROUD of his lolicon posters and waifu figurines is much more respectable than the man who goes to church on Sunday.

No. 1321991

i look forward to disney cramming in more women, blacks and gays into star wars so you rightoids will be busy raging over that shit instead of spending your time invading sites like this one

No. 1321992

You've been strawmanning this whole thread, no one wants your lolicon-addicted troon son just because we know his church-going dad gave him his degenerate genes to begin with.

No. 1321993


No. 1321995

AYRT I completely agree, it does end up perpetuating male hegemony. I think religions would be better implemented if men died en masse in wars. The sex ratio globally needs to skew to women.

No. 1321997

Nta but while I agree that it's stupid when women go "I'm becoming a lesbian!!" when men hurt them, that doesn't seem to be the case with OP. She says she only dates women now. Plenty of lesbians have at some point felt attracted to or dated a man, but eventually realised that even if they can feel physically attracted to a man, it's not something they want to pursue in any way because they also think men are overall terrible and not worth dating or fucking. These women do not have to say they are bi.

No. 1321998

If you're attracted to men then you are quite literally bisexual. It's not about who you choose to date or have sex. There are even straight women that engage in same-sex activity for money, experimentation, or to impress men.

No. 1322000

>Plenty of lesbians have at some point felt attracted to or dated a man, but eventually realised that even if they can feel physically attracted to a man

…then they aren't lesbians. Lesbians are not just women sexually attracted to other women but also women who LACK sexual attraction to men.

No. 1322001

Technically, sure. But why should a woman present herself as bi, if her past/current attraction to men is not something she ever wants to talk about or pursue?

No. 1322002

Would you rather they call themselves bisexual and homoromantic?

No. 1322004

All that surgery and still no waist, kek.

No. 1322005

ok i know its probably ot but can you please post anyway nonny or at least tell me the scp number i must see it

No. 1322008

Maybe because bisexual women calling themselves lesbians dilutes the "homosexual female" definition of "lesbian". Many straight men believe all women are secretly bisexual so they think a lesbian could be correctively raped into liking men. It's very harmful.

I'm straight but I have always thought the split-attraction model was nonsensical. I think "female-exclusive bisexual" or "bisexual with a preference for women" makes more sense than calling themselves "lesbian".

No. 1322009

NTA But it's 2721, and just as terrible as she said. It literally came up when I searched "Homestuck SCP", and pretty much reads as a troon whining about being insecure and using Homestuck ti "cope" with being trans and "having alters". You can find this exact shit on any tranny tumblr bio, but this one is extra shit for pretending it's anything other than self-aggrandizing drivel.

No. 1322011

help girl this is so funny. thanks so much way more entertaining than whatever the hell is going on in this thread atm

No. 1322012

stop trying to make "bi lesbians" a thing

No. 1322016

I do think she should be honest to a partner about this, but she should not feel forced to disclose this to new people, on dating apps etc when it's something personal that has no influence on who she is going to date anyway. In the end, sexuality is something private and people are not entitled to know about a woman's ability to be attracted to men she doesn't even want to be with. There can be plenty of reasons that a woman feels this way, like trauma from sexual assault, so it might as well be harmful for her to feel like she HAS to disclose this rather than just saying she is a lesbian, and make anyone think that she's open to being pursued by men.

No. 1322024

I think metokur is a mouthbreathing loser but this video on it is still pretty funny
from the scp
>i talk about it being hard to distinguish between getting into homestuck and realizing i was a lady. they're so fucking intertwined.
hilarious self own from the homestuck fandom kek

No. 1322026

>Plenty of lesbians have at some point felt attracted to or dated a man
Lmfao. Would you say a man that had sex with men in the past was straight? It's fine if you just want to date women and you don't need to identify as anything, but if you're talking about your male exes and then say you're a lesbian actual lesbians will think you're an attention whore

No. 1322029

I would say that he has the right to say he is straight if he doesn't want to date or fuck men anymore, even if he technically would be bi. It's harmful to force people out of the closet, so why isn't it harmful to force anyone the other way? I'm not that OP btw, I'm bi, I just don't agree that she has to say she is bi. And I think plenty of lesbians would just sympathise with her shitty, past experiences with men, not think she is an attentionwhore.

No. 1322032

>I'm bi
We know. You don't understand homosexuality and don't care to. Bis stay being homophobic

No. 1322033

Anon, I am straight but that sounds ridiculous. Lesbians may have sympathy for her but I really do not think they would like it if non-lesbians called themselves "lesbians". It's just harmful.

No. 1322039

Ok, so if a woman who dated a few men in her twenties eventually realises she only wants to date women, does exactly that, eventually marries a woman, spends all her life with that women, she's homophobic if she calls herself a lesbian?
Then why do some lesbians think that some bi women are lesbians in denial? I don't think it's so black and white, there are so many different roads to realising you're a lesbian, and so many different mindsets regarding this topic.

No. 1322041

Why are you so invested in bi women being able to call themselves lesbians?

No. 1322044

cus I'm invested in women not being forced to disclose some part of their sexuality that they don't even engage in, when it's no ones business.

No. 1322046

The derailing in this thread is ungodly lmao

No. 1322047

yet it's everyone's business that they have dated men in the past and they need to talk about it constantly lol

No. 1322048

Everyone doesn't do that, but I do agree it's dumb and harmful to casually walk around and talk about male exes while calling yourself a lesbian

No. 1322050

File: 1631455846020.png (545.01 KB, 600x300, 866310BC-8A07-4831-92B0-5AB88F…)

James Pritzker is also an example of the military to AGP pipeline.

No. 1322051

Why is the troon thread filled with infighting amongst femcels, tradthots, and gold star lesbians. Remember the true enemy: men

No. 1322082

I actually knew a guy in college who was incredibly religious (southern baptist). I wanted to see how he was doing and oh wow he’s trooned out.

No. 1322086

File: 1631459768349.jpeg (28.21 KB, 755x406, C9D9360D-A3E4-48B0-B01C-117235…)


I wouldn’t say it’s a competition though, because bio women aren’t competing with trans women. Competing implies you have something to prove, and it is hard trying to prove yourself as a woman when a uterus that renders you a reproductive resource. And if trans women are completing, it’s because of insecurity and lack of self-assuredness, and they would be competing with ghosts who will never let them rest.

It’s just that trans women see femininity as a liberating exercise in creativity, the same way some straight women do retarded make up and wear outrageous clothing sometimes. Bio women see femininity as a burden, something that shackled us for years, and years, and years. This is where a lot of the TERF anger stems from: trans women get to wear the costume, but they don’t carry the burden. Worse; they used to be ones that monopolized resources and perpetuated the burden. So they dress in frivolous and unpractical skirts and bind themselves in voile and muslin, but they are not shackled, at least not in the same way. The whole root of this freak world is Egg Is Expensive, Sperm Is Cheap; Women Are Reproductive Resources, Men Are Not—so they get to cheat biology (that they’ve never had, anyway, but that doesn’t matter). And you know how people treat someone who takes credit but does not put in the work? Like a fake little bitch.

This is why it TERFs seethe when they say, “Some women have PCOS and don’t bleed, you’re oppressing them too.” Ah, but here’s the thing: these women are thought of as failed reproductive machines, failed women. Trans women were never “machines” to begin with, so why are you trying to relate to a burden you’ll never, ever experience? At least not to that extent? It is usually the ones who don’t pass who do this shit (specifically because they don’t pass; they’re insecure). So now it becomes this: yes, I am a woman, but I don’t carry the burden you hate. I get to cheat biology; I am Woman 2.0. Pic unrelated.

No. 1322090

This. This shit is getting annoying as hell. No one cares about nigels and this isn’t the thread to argue about sexuality. jfc

No. 1322091

I like how you generalized two groups that hard, one of which you are a part of.

No. 1322093

Late, but conservative men are often financially dependent on their wives/girlfriends even when they bang on about "traditional values" endlessly. Check out the tradthot thread and see all the tradwives who are bringing home the bacon AND cooking it too for their resentful moid dependent.

No. 1322099

Why do you think we need to depend on some conservative moid to have children? Any woman can go to the local sperm bank and look through a catalogue of Chads and pick out the sperm of the one she likes best. Men are irrelevant, liberal or conservative.

No. 1322104

>It’s just that trans women see femininity as a liberating exercise in creativity, the same way some straight women do retarded make up and wear outrageous clothing sometimes. Bio women see femininity as a burden, something that shackled us for years, and years, and years
you're wrong about both, anyone can perform femininity willingly and creatively (women, feminine gay men, drag queens etc). What only trans women view as a "creative expression" is womanhood itself, because they think womanhood and femininity are the same thing. Which is retarded and insulting

No. 1322106

File: 1631461503564.png (254.19 KB, 719x905, 4chan.png)

Someone posted a link to 4chan archives where they mention LC, I scrolled for a bit and found this. They're seething

No. 1322109

File: 1631461770426.gif (4.67 MB, 342x202, feels-good.gif)

men seething is giving me life

No. 1322111

Is that a troon calling women foids? Ironic.

No. 1322119

File: 1631462675071.png (677.33 KB, 720x1315, Screenshot_20210912-190247~2.p…)

Even the AGPs who at least try to dress like normal women (there's nothing particularly wrong with the hair, makeup and outfit this time) have something really off about their facial expressions. Like they are somehow always overly pleased with themselves and they are always thinking about something creepy.

No. 1322122

They don't actually see themselves as women. They're incels.

No. 1322124

Probably either because they're literally getting off or because autism and agp have a huge overlap and autist body language

No. 1322130

Living for the scrote that couldn't accept that Doritos are bad for you. Kek

No. 1322143

You know it’s a tranny cause only trannys obsessively lurk this thread kek

No. 1322149

Exactly, they know they're moids but flip out if someone else says it.

No. 1322174

it's easy: don't date men. seriously, they suck! (and I say this as a straight woman)
cultivate fulfilling friendships and professional relationships with other women and learn to be happy alone
get some good toys, they'll give you consistently more satisfying orgasms than a man will anyway

sorry but that's the truth
romance is dead, and men killed it

No. 1322181

So glad I never became this bitter and jaded. What a cope.

No. 1322185

File: 1631468312520.png (4.07 KB, 476x106, image.png)

This is like the second time in less than two days some 4chan idiot comes here, gets offended by something, goes back to 4chan to whine and doesn't even make it amusing. Not even the other anons there are impressed

No. 1322188


The scrote in question only told her when she was 5 months pregnant and unable to abort. The waste of oxygen probably waited until it was too late and came out around Mother's Day and their other child's birthday. Obviously he needed the attention most!

No. 1322190

He also had sex with a guy without saying that he's trans. The guy thought he was born a woman

No. 1322198

are there any TIFs who are successful in male sports? it's so fucked that this seems to be a one way street for TIMs only

lol good luck with that, when you're older you'll see I was right. Hopefully you won't have wasted too much of your life chasing dick. Every straight woman I have ever known has only had a string of failed relationships due to scrote bullshit: cheating, stealing, lying, abuse, etc

No. 1322214

File: 1631469954693.jpeg (552.9 KB, 828x1093, 0091FECE-7C39-4C50-AF20-F8F8B0…)

They’re literally all the same

No. 1322225

Yeah why try to find love when you can just die alone and bitter without a family of your own? Trust me, all my married friends really regret not being alone and working all day to make money for a boss who doesn't give a shit about you! It's so fulfilling and empowering!

Sorry Becky, but your vibrator will never bring you flowers, cats don't replace children and your friends will never replace a relationship. Stop coping before it's too late.

No. 1322229

someone touch a nerve, ma?

No. 1322230

Sir/ma'am this thread is about troons.

No. 1322231

sorry you're unhappy in your relationship and are too scared to be alone but not everyone is as miserable as you

No. 1322235

File: 1631471297318.jpg (27.83 KB, 569x378, dcb903e2d506538cafe3423c6baa44…)

how many glasses of cope-a-cola do you have to drink a day to convince yourself you don't want this?

No. 1322237

get a job

No. 1322243


It’s always funny to see this kind of sperging. Happily married women never engage in it because they don’t care. They’ve already happiness, what does it matter if some random bitch on the internet wants to be a wine aunt? But tell me, anon: how does it feel, still being single? Do you imagine your pillow to be a man every night? Do you wish that someone would stroke your hair? How many relationship strategy-type online spaces do you lurk in?

Just a piece of advice. If you keep this attitude, you’re going to end up alone. The miserable kind of alone, not the content one.

No. 1322247

File: 1631472541544.jpeg (113.42 KB, 1086x724, 44F54525-F728-4073-B93E-7F0105…)

If this is the best a billionaire who has access to the best surgeries, drugs and personal styling can achieve, what gives gofundme hons any hope?

No. 1322248

Whew, so much projection. Women in relationships can't use lolcow.farm? Trust me, not everyone here is a femcel and you just know all your friends in relationships secretly pity you.

No. 1322249

ignore the derailing nigel sperg pls

No. 1322251

manifesting your nigel dying in a mass shooting leaving you as a single mother and a widow god bless

No. 1322252

File: 1631472751670.jpg (91.15 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-996934926-170667a.…)

Wait, do I have a "Nigel" or am I a seething femcel? Can you at least agree on a story here?(derailing )

No. 1322253

Oof, so bitter!

No. 1322255

File: 1631472857137.jpg (40.23 KB, 807x659, tiresome.jpg)

FFS. Report and ignore is not a difficult concept.

No. 1322257

Nta, but holy fuck, I always get blown away by how clockable they look next to a woman. If they were already clockable and ugly before, standing next to a woman really really points it out. His massive head, his big hideous man hands and that stiff greasy looking hair alongside those dead eyes and pained smile….they're all built like they got ran over multiple times, their faces, not even their mothers could love.

No. 1322259

You know what, I wish you the best and that one day you find true love and all your bittnerness melts away and you won't have to wish death on strangers. God bless (unironically).

No. 1322261

File: 1631473056031.jpg (38.27 KB, 622x470, E1OxwQeVcAEcRy1.jpg)

No. 1322264

the only people this obsessed with catladies are far right men scared of muh mayocide. who else gives a fuck if some dyke they don't know has kids or not.
idk why they always pester radfems, go hit on and larp with libfems instead they're more likely to buy into your stupid daddydom trad fetish.

No. 1322266

File: 1631473448962.png (744.03 KB, 1024x680, 49cd908dfca3fe82ba08b575feca67…)

Just googling this guy's name makes me want to vomit.

No. 1322267

What is it with the military and trooning out? Is it the porn addiction?

In the tradthot thread lauren southern was liking radfem posts. Maybe it inspired other tradthots to sperg in the troon thread about how their scrote isnt like other scrotes? Just bizarre to me that men will openly post online how they hate marriage, dating, their gfs and wives, and how they only like trad shit to keep women from having a life outside of the home yet women will still bat for them. Like they're content with just using women for cheap and easy sex, porn and video games for rest of their lives so why pretend they dont want that

No. 1322270

Now not only did you reveal to us that you’re miserable in your relationship and you’re overcompensating, but that you are mentally impaired and you have shit reading comprehension. Read very slowly, spiritual femcel: happy women in relationships never engage in this kind of sperging. They can even use lolcow. It’s just that it’s not a habit of happy and well-adjusted women to brag about how happy and well-adjusted they are on the internet.
They also don’t go out of their way to post on a thread about how everyone that doesn’t want their lifestyle is coping. In fact, I’d say it’s the woman who’s seething like a bitter hag about other women’s choices is the one who’s trying to cope with her own.

You know, you can’t act like a spiteful and bitter bitch and then feign honesty and sincerity. One wouldn’t tell that you were the one seething about other women “coping” and calling them Becky a couple of posts ago.

No. 1322276

File: 1631474357047.jpg (483.61 KB, 2448x3264, pics.jpg)

From r/mtfselfietrain

No. 1322278

File: 1631474385339.jpg (294.32 KB, 1920x2560, pics-1.jpg)

No. 1322280

File: 1631474476963.jpg (719.66 KB, 2208x2900, pics-2.jpg)

No. 1322285

File: 1631474590318.jpg (399.01 KB, 1153x2048, pics-3.jpg)

No. 1322293

Is his chest… concave?

No. 1322295

Wtf. I'd scream and run away

No. 1322296

>Am I fembrained if I find it funny?
That's honestly not even funny how regressive their thinking is. BioTransGirl has been posted in male subreddits and none of them said anything like this, just that it was funny.
we had one shit up the thread with femicide gore. Funny how they always come here to rage but you never see the inverse over there.
>estrogen angel
>limp dick
Why are they so disgusting. He looks like an Eastern European opiate addict. If you're going to larp as the soft girl aesthetic don't have a huge neanderthal head with a sloping forehead and a gaunt face.

No. 1322302

Ignore the tranny moid larping as a tradwife spreading the "no eggs" propaganda/hysteria.

No. 1322315

I wish you had spoilered that, now I feel like throwing up.

No. 1322328

lol sorry I'm retarded, this >>1322198 was meant for >>1322181 not for >>1322174

No. 1322333

>are there any TIFs who are successful in male sports? it's so fucked that this seems to be a one way street for TIMs only
I have looked and no, almost all of them were small-time in mens sports, and immediately shot up as they entered women's sports. Nobody questions this.

No. 1322336

Wearing a shirt that says End Trans Genocide while literally participating in the occupation and casual genocide of the Afghan people. There are a ton of guys like this in the IDF too

No. 1322337

Look at them trying not to laugh

No. 1322346

Can someone ban this fucking moid who wants a terf gf? Actual conservative men will literally just trick you, beat you, quit their jobs and force you to pay for all their shit for years until you find someone to help you leave without him killing you. They’re literally liberal men but violent, we aren’t stupid. Go suck a girldick retard.

No. 1322349

Cope, yes happy women have better things to do than sperging on lolcow for hours

No. 1322352

File: 1631479578943.jpg (145.95 KB, 500x1322, 5mqp0y.jpg)

No. 1322353

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was men shitting up this thread by pretending to be tradthots or dumb bi women.

No. 1322366

probably half of trannies are 4chan maga groypers or US soldiers, pretty sure it’s playing into conservative moid gender roles. enjoy being a literal handmaiden in Texas though

No. 1322380

File: 1631482498235.png (351.66 KB, 719x987, Hon.png)

No. 1322392

>no true conservative

No. 1322395

That’s because he doesn’t actually want to kill himself. He is hesitant. People who truly wanted to die could end themselves easily.

No. 1322396

File: 1631483596546.jpg (612.65 KB, 2070x1682, glowup.jpg)

sometimes i think these troons are part of a conservative psyop to make people hate the lgbt

No. 1322401

File: 1631484454859.jpg (370.55 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20210912-150553.jpg)

He's not a bad artist. He would be much better off in life if he detransitioned and focused on painting. Sad.

No. 1322431

This dude has been on HRT for 4 years? I can see his 5 o clock shadow even at this distance. And it looks like he cut his hair with garden shears. Congrats dude you pass as a retarded autist with moobs

No. 1322441

Truly thought this was a bloated corpse!

No. 1322443

*hate the LGB

The T doesn't deserve any respect.

No. 1322448


Humans are pretty ugly as a species, male and female, this person needs to realize they have been memed by consumerism/medical industry trans bullshit to want the impossible, just as all cosmetic enhancements, makeup are all geared towards low confidence people looking for answers. He's not even ugly and looks quite feminine imo, ironically looks more like a girl attempting to be male (FTM) than the reverse, people probably think he IS a girl and they're being kind and woke when calling him he.

Also like the other anon said his art is good. I hate how this industry targets vulnerable and sensitive people to ruin their lives and make money off them.

No. 1322458

I've yet to see an AGP Latino. I'm sure they exist, but it seems like 95% of Latino trannies are HSTS. I think the prevalence of catholicism in SA countries means that those cultures are less likely to enable troonism. However, it also means that they're more likely to be homophobic and misogynistic.

I also haven't seen any NA AGPs (and I mean actual NAs who live/grew up on reservations) because AGP is generally something bored privileged people have. If you're barely making ends meet and dealing with actual systemic oppression, you're not likely to have a lot of free time to jerk off to hentai and be autistic on Reddit.

No. 1322462

>Conservative men don't use 4chan, don't have youtube channels and don't have twitter accounts. In fact you probably won't find them on the internet at all.

How do you even define "conservative"? Since you're allowed to use the internet and read/write then your Nigel is obviously a liberal compared to Afghan rural village chiefs.

No. 1322476

I have seen AGP Latinos but most grew up in the United States or are heavily influenced by the US because they have a lot of US friends. There was a case where an AGP attacked a group of radical feminists in Argentina.

>inb4 "argentina is white"

Yeah, not doubting that.

No. 1322481

>He was also cheating on me with troon prostitutes
Fucking vile, I hope you got tested. Getting two-timed by a chaser is a great way to end up with an STD.

No. 1322488

Wow the maleness of the troon is so obvious. His height, the way he dresses, and his violent behavior. He sticks out so much in the crowd of women.

No. 1322491

You sound like a scrote. Conservative men are just as bad. The choice between liberal and conservative men is "hates women but pretends not to," and "hates women but tries to justify it."

Just don't date a man until you know him well enough to be confident he's not some shade of misogynist, pervert, or mentally ill (which is rare, 90% of men are at least one of those things.) Until then, work on building up friendships and advancing your career. If you need dick that bad, just get a dildo.

No. 1322493

>However, it also means that they're more likely to be homophobic and misogynistic.
AND chasers
>inb4 "argentina is white"
lol, boludos

No. 1322502

Come on anon, you know the general perception of Argies among other Latin American countries is that its the "whitest".

No. 1322506

>The violence was condemned on social media, but not by Ni Una Menos.
>I'm argentine. The Ni Una Menos collective is founded and mantained by open libfems. One of the leaders of the movement, killed a 14 year old girl.


No. 1322524

>I also haven't seen any NA AGPs (and I mean actual NAs who live/grew up on reservations)
Same here. The only indigenous peoples I have seen that are AGP are like the super white-passing ones who only have tribal membership through a distant great grandmother.

No. 1322534

I am originally from latin american and I was talking to my two local gay friends about this the other day. I literally had to explain what a transbian is. Neither of them have ever met a trans identified male who wasn’t HSTS.

No. 1322537

Foul looking human

No. 1322543

I guess it's the same in Thailand. Every TIM and TIF is a self-hating gay or lesbian.

No. 1322545

Are these YouTube shows from the US documenting real life or are they staged?

No. 1322551

Oh yeah the movement is shit. Feminism here is just another branch of Peronism and it is the most disgusting garbage you could imagine, it rots everything it touches. It pervades every single aspect of our culture, you can't even go to pride if you aren't a peronist or you'll be lynched. Anything that isn't Peronism is literal fascism to them (meanwhile they support literal dictators like Maduro)
There's graffiti everywhere about how cis people, specifically women, need to be murdered or raped. Libfem handmaidens are very violent too and they threaten physical violence all the time.
Nonas I really need to get out of this shithole lol…

No. 1322554

I wonder just how many /tttt/ fags come up in here and the femboy thread just to shittalk tripfags and other trannies for not passing enough lmao

No. 1322572


We do have huge amount of trannies in Argentina, most of them make a living out of prostitution since their families kick them out of the house at a young age. Many of them tend to go by the term "crossdresser" rather than "trans girl".

The government recently added "non binary" as a legal gender option for your ID and health care covers hormonal treatment and gender reassignment surgeries.

We have a ministry of "Women, gender and diversity" but they usually do retarded shit intead of actually solving serious matters such as femicides. And we also have a special phone number and police stations for gender violence against women but they don't do shit either and many women are murdered by a crazy scrote after they went to the police 10 times.

same nonny, estoy re podrida

No. 1322587

>this thread
>"conservative men are better"
>"bisexual women can be lesbians"

Were the mods asleep or something.

No. 1322611

I don't see many HSTS but it feels weird when I do because while they are still ugly and obviously not women, they don't look anywhere near as disgusting as AGP. It's such a large visual gap. I think that sexologist Bailey even mentioned that HSTS tend to be much "prettier" than AGP.

No. 1322625

File: 1631494525610.jpg (70.07 KB, 500x744, transpolitics.jpg)

marrying a conservative who thinks all women should be housewives is probably an assured way to get your kids to transition once they're independent. your daughter is going to grow up desiring the freedom her father has and your son is going to want the pampered princess stay at home lifestyle he's told his mom has (not that she actually has that, it's just what far right men say she has). many agp's admit to having been far right (and believing in far right gender roles) before they transitioned.

No. 1322638

File: 1631495478455.jpg (785.48 KB, 1080x3140, Screenshot_20210912-175701.jpg)

Dear god, I hope he doesn't teach elementary school, but I'd be willing to bet he does. It also cracks me up when troons try to dress conservatively. Female teachers wouldn't walk into their classrooms in a dress this short. If they did, I'm sure parents would complain and they'd receive a stern warning from administrators. Troons can wear whatever they want without any repercussions though.

No. 1322647

Dressed like a “teacher” in porn

No. 1322675

File: 1631499545206.jpg (108.24 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20210912_191823_01.jpg)

Of course his account is NSFW.

No. 1322679

He's literally playing out his porn fantasies in front of his students i hope he fucking dies

No. 1322684

I would transfer my kid out of this class or out of this school and make it known it was because the teacher was doing fetish shit. I can tolerate a Troon that keeps it low key but not this AGP porn fantasy shit.

No. 1322691

>violent ex-military man from the u.s. special forces chokes and batters female athletes in mma after hormones and plastic surgery turn him into "woman"
Peak America moment.

No. 1322696

File: 1631501147090.png (19.45 KB, 796x364, 32321.PNG)

No. 1322708

File: 1631502357308.png (55.18 KB, 640x653, af87a511-70b2-5.png)


No. 1322718

>headline says people of squat peeing
>article says people with vaginas
>still categorizes it as womens-gear
wtf is wrong with americans

No. 1322721

That's purple, you dog-eyed piece of shit. Muting the colors and making them pastel doesn't make it a unique flag. God, I hate genderspecisls.

No. 1322734

>I wish I was cos

Who’s gonna tell them that already are cis, they just need to take the clown makeup off.

No. 1322737

Thank you, Donald

No. 1322740

No. 1322741

>That people with vaginas usually have to put more thought into personal hygiene in the backcountry will come as a surprise to no one
The only surprising thing about this sentence is "people with vaginas." I hiked the JMT 3 years ago and was hyper aware of my vagina the whole time, not just because it required some extra TLC, but because men on the trail could easily rape and murder me in the wilderness. Seriously, women who backpack/hike/whatever have to be labeled as just "people" now? Yes, women are people, but it takes a special kind of woman to rough it. Troonery is cancer.

No. 1322744

Hey, colour blindness is more common in men, don't be mean

No. 1322746

Kek nonnie please

No. 1322771

They're typically legit in a "wannabe Chris Hansen" way. First came across these types of channels when tasked with tracking down an individual at work who showed up on one as, unfortunately, not all of them forward the information to someone who can actually do anything or they simply don't have enough real information to forward. Luckily, our creepy gave just enough real information to figure out exactly who he was.

No. 1322789

Well yeah, see the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch.
Four or five militaristic men with women's names in ill-fitting combat-wear. Plus Kevin Gibes who just sits thirstposting all day.

No. 1322799

Women get called host bodies, birthing bodies, people with vaginas, people who squat when peeing, people with uteri, people who menstruate, and non-men.

No. 1322801

Probably real. Something completely fake is To Catch a Cheater.

No. 1322803

File: 1631512243553.png (509.2 KB, 619x388, Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 06.50…)

Someone fucking explain to me what a "Nigel" is please because all I can think of is picrel

sorry for derail.

No. 1322806

I saw them spreading conspiracies on Reddit that TERFs purposely chose the Suffragette colors to appropriate genderqueer culture.

No. 1322807

File: 1631512452817.png (36.81 KB, 838x347, 657657.PNG)

No. 1322808

When a woman recognizes that all men uphold the patriarchy except for the men she likes, these men are known as "Nigels" and it commonly refers to romantic partners (boyfriends/husbands) but it can also be used for sons, friends, etc. These men are somehow exempt from holding power over women or misogynistic behavior in the woman's mind.

No. 1322811


No. 1322814

I’ve been wondering why the name nigel specifically. Did this start on mumsnet or something?

No. 1322817

A lot of women have this body type or are bigger (except with the curves of a woman). I wish they'd admit they have psychological issues with self hatred and transitioning is false solution.
Also can't believe how much they whine. I wish I was thinner and taller, but you have to accept your god damn self. Most people aren't models. Jesus.

No. 1322830

Definitely not. I first saw "Not my Nigel" being used in radical feminist communities to criticise liberal feminists who viewed feminism as male-inclusive and believed that patriarchy hurts both the sexes. Radical feminists disagree with this position because they see feminism as female-exclusive and believe that all men uphold and benefit from the patriarchy at women's expense.
It was also used to criticise other radical feminists like Andrea Dworkin because of her weird relationship with John Stoltenberg. You can see a lot "Not my Nigel" posts on old radical feminist blogs from the early 2000s like finallyfeminism101. A lot of the radfem community moved to Tumblr in 2008-2010 and their ideas found a much wider audience there.
Mumsnet isn't even a feminist forum, let alone a radical feminist one. It's only infamous now because a lot of the mothers on it were concerned about the spread of child gender transition in the UK. They have every right to be concerned but they didn't come up with this vocab.

No. 1322831

No, it's old radfem slang. It does sound British though so maybe it's from Britain.

No. 1322838

There's that one grooming incident that the admins was involved in. Of course, the sick fuck gets out scott free while the rest of the trannies cover for him and do damage control.

No. 1322857

Who do you think you are fooling? Honest question. It's like you try to instill fear and uncertainty into women who decide to remain celibate. But all the ideals of relationships or marriage you try to present (models in a photo shoot lmao) are cartoonishly shallow compared to life experience. Everyone witnesses their family's relationships at least. You really have your head up your ass.

No. 1322865

File: 1631521837779.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, 21-09-13-09-19-51-315_deco.jpg)

Look at the shape of this cryptid

No. 1322866

I love how quickly it devolves into a conversation about Hitler. Never change, 4chan scrotes.

The rest of it is just trannies parroting the same nonsense they always do in response to our observations:
>You're just jealous of us because we're better at being women than you!!1!
Femaleness is innate, it's not a competition. It's like saying you're better at having brown eyes than someone else.
>You're taking us out of context!!1!
The context usually makes you guys look even worse, kek.
>You're actually alt-right!!1!
One person criticizing George Soros for something unrelated to his religion does not make our entire movement anti-Semitic. You guys are the ones who can't go five seconds without bringing up Hitler.

You don't actually give a fuck about black people, stop lying. You just use them as props to lend legitimacy to your nonsense. That's how you tards have gotten this far– by hitching your wagon to the more sensible gay and civil rights movements. You're white, middle-class men who take horse piss pills and sperg on Reddit. You have zero in common with black people, and many of you were alt-righters before trooning out.

No. 1322872

Ugh… It's just… So… crude.
And infinitely ironic that these meek failures that could not even cope with being white straight men, weakening and sick from the horse piss, always threaten violence and say these socially outlandish words with no filter. Truly the ultimate omegas.

No. 1322878

pretending to be female while displaying male violence loud and proud, what's new

No. 1322883

I just don't get the 'suck girl dick' shit. It doesn't get more male than to tell people to suck your dick. It's disgusting and degrading, kinda rapey to tell someone that.
Reminds me of when I was watching some kind of an iceberg video and the guy angrily said 'by the way, I'm nonbinary, if you don't like that you can suck my dick'.
They claim to be enbies because they don't want to be lumped in with the typical male violent shit but they just can't resist their testosterone ape-brain.

No. 1322884

Anon, please tell me this wedge of gross cheese with moobs wasn't one of the 15 finalists.

No. 1322885

File: 1631527246295.webm (7.72 MB, 320x580, Un homme transidentifié antif…)

tranny tries to burn lesbian protesters signs

No. 1322886

B-but TERFs are the violent ones!!

No. 1322888

File: 1631527680677.webm (5.32 MB, 654x360, STREAM @KaceyMusgraves ALBUM N…)

The troon kek. What makes them these troglodytes think they make good looking women?

No. 1322892

French people are always wild on the streets.

No. 1322893

He went from a fag to a fag.

No. 1322894

euthanasia is legal in some countries, and covid restrictions are getting more and more loose.

No. 1322895

So he exchanged his murica flag with the sexism flag, does the same military shit like before but with different colors and tries to pretend that he is not a woman hating rightoid.. Great, a fanatic found a new religion.

No. 1322904

these colors dilate

No. 1322916

It’s interesting how there’s so many people crying about not being able to kill themselves nowadays when there’s so many options and a pandemic, like, just go outside if you’re so pathetic.
People immersed in the world of arts are always so fucked, I swear they’re usually the kind of people that ends up catching weird shit on the way of bettering their craft.

No. 1322919

I can't remember the name of the account to grab more screenshots but yes he was

No. 1322924

Lol he looks like a soft-serve ice cream cone…

No. 1322931

Why are they pretending to care about racism and right wingers as if they aren't all racist right wingers themselves. They would be full-blown neo-Nazis if it weren't for their trooning out and joining some anarcho-syndicalist commune on Twitter.

No. 1322957

File: 1631542944715.jpeg (165.88 KB, 1111x1570, D5626B5D-E17B-43E1-BC10-DF910B…)

Grabbed from ovarit. I think other than the total rapist vibes this gives, the most interesting part is the idea that you can’t let him finger you bc of an “irritation” down there, but fucking is totally fine!

No. 1322965

They keep talking about this so called stealth sex and I keep not believing it actually happens

No. 1322974

Hey there was that one tim that managed to trick 2 guys into doing anal by saying he was on his period
Granted they were like 15 at the time

No. 1322980

> have a good time girl
This sounds like the worst sex someone could possibly have and it’s also rape

No. 1322985

That makes it sound way more likely, not fully developed teenage boy + retarded horny teenage boy overjoyed to get anal, but I'm not believing some tranny who trooned out past 30 and thinks no one around notices

No. 1322994

If they want to take that risk, it's on them, just keep women's name out of it, which is hard for them. I'm sure they'll find a way to blame women why they have to trick "Straight" men into being with them.
"If straight women told straight men, that being with a trans girl didn't make them gay or anything but straight, then we wouldn't have to trick men."
Or, "Straight women should tell straight men they shouldn't feel "tricked" by transwomen, because we are women! If women did then men wouldn't harm us or be disgusted."
This is a male on male issue. Men thinking they are entitled to sex from anyone who shows a little sexual attraction.

No. 1322996

>but at least they (mostly) think women should be able to have jobs and vote
Kek that's not true at all. They only support women having jobs so they can split the expenses and go 50/50. Even when married the woman will still do the majority of house work and childcare, PLUS working full time.
Men never support anything if it doesnt benefit them.

No. 1323041

File: 1631548765862.jpeg (295.92 KB, 640x766, FA986927-AAFB-4893-8838-B12463…)

No. 1323048

some bum-scratcher allegedly pointed at it and said 'look at the state of that'. Sorry troons, ugliness isn't a protected characteristic.

No. 1323065

serving minion

No. 1323079

>A letter sent by the supermarket to Miss [sic] Yeomans said CCTV footage from the store on 3 July in Palmerston Road did "not indicate either party behaving as alleged".

No. 1323086

No. 1323101

This is so fucking funny. Based lady.

No. 1323110

trying to diminish her for what? she's right.

No. 1323123

Not even once

No. 1323142

File: 1631556868484.png (1000.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210907-174301.png)

Just your typical day on Her.

No. 1323155

Has there been any update on the case of the terves that got kicked out of that bar in the UK? They were going to look at security footage. I forget the name of the woman.

No. 1323161

No. 1323178

File: 1631561051503.jpg (60.45 KB, 804x960, Gru.jpg)

My nigga got da physiognomy of Gru

No. 1323182

Is this a copypaste?

No. 1323184

No. 1323186

File: 1631561401369.jpeg (178.28 KB, 1012x1200, 5A0AE7B8-08E3-4728-9AA3-A80CA9…)

all i could think of kek

No. 1323187

Yeah, if Gru skinned a minion and started wearing it around

No. 1323192

File: 1631562035277.jpg (988.07 KB, 1393x2220, 21-09-13-20-40-22-053_deco.jpg)

No. 1323195

Kill it with fucking fire

No. 1323196

I need further explenation on this head shape

No. 1323197

File: 1631562385133.jpg (17.96 KB, 360x450, Moon_Man-1-.jpg)

His chin sticks out further than his sad synthetic-estrogen chest

No. 1323200

he says that like nobody would be able to tell lol

No. 1323201

He's another one with a fucked up axe wound. He was crying about it a few weeks ago, but also bragging that it's so tight he bleeds and guys love that.

No. 1323213

No I wrote it

No. 1323216

Not what he really looks like. He is ugly tho.

No. 1323263

File: 1631568642796.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x2019, 344F1C05-4E3D-4CBF-94D9-9F9A7C…)

They should meet.

No. 1323264

Who the fuck holds their board by the axle? That shit's disgusting.

No. 1323265

funny cucumber head

No. 1323300

maybe these fellas trooned just to get a state sponsored chin removal

Theyre gonna realize the bad feels from looking down at their peens was just their windpipe compressing

No. 1323301

i actually think there are (a tiny amount of) real tramswammin out there, of the old tranny/jan morris/quiet drawing teacher at your small rural university type.
i used to think all troons were valid, until i became aware of these violent fucks who are so clearly men engaging in a fetish, especially when you compare them to the well-behaved old-fashioned mentioned above, who DON'T threaten to rape lesbians with their penises and don't pretend they have periods or belong in a women's hospital.

No. 1323304

holy fuck the way they move makes me seethe. you think that's what women are fucking like? that means you hate women. fuck agps

No. 1323306

There's no such thing as a real/fake transwimmin. They're all just males pretending to women based on their perceptions of gender.

No. 1323307

my sides

No. 1323308

Nahh they're HSTS. AGPs are far more horrifying to look at.

No. 1323310

>i actually think there are (a tiny amount of) real tramswammin out there
what did anon mean by this

No. 1323312

File: 1631572796259.jpg (494.59 KB, 1440x1693, Screenshot_20210913-233859.jpg)

Funny autists.

No. 1323313

i love her too and honestly who the fuck are these uglies acting so haughty and above her? are they seething that she's more woman than them

No. 1323321

Those would be HSTS and AGP respectively.

No. 1323322

Jan Morris was AGP.

No. 1323325

I have one bone to pick with your argument. Over the use of the word "creativity" in "It’s just that trans women see femininity as a liberating exercise in creativity".
Trannies are such retards that they cannot actually comprehend true creativity. They will never understand the genius of Renaissance painters, sculptors, etc. because they lack the brain functions to do so. To them, "creativity" is something only physical. For example, getting bolt-ons is them being "creative". They feel they are more feminine because they can see fake tits on their chest. Whereas the old masters of painting would study a form, learn how it moves, what makes it push and pull, and truly understand the physics of it, before committing it to wood panel or canvas. They understood the female form billions of times better than any modern troon EVER will. The most "creative" a troon ever gets is in commissioning SOMEONE ELSE to draw their stupid fursona or catboygirl. Therefore, I move that instead of saying a troon is being "creative", we say "a troon is expressing their mental illness".

No. 1323328

File: 1631574080114.png (151.11 KB, 1406x908, 2323432.PNG)

She's talking about TIFs but I have noticed that men think women = long hair + boobs + makeup. It's no wonder TIMs always think they pass or look better than women.

No. 1323336

Women simply exiting in their natural forms is considered "masculine" because femininity is ritualised submission. Men who pretend to be women adopt aspects of femininity to be recognized women but they will never actually be women. This is why trannies love gender so much. They don't want gender to be abolished because their identities relies upon this system. They do try to deny the existence of sex though, because it gets in their way of being recognized as what they claim to be.

No. 1323339

Wait actual AGP or just not homosexual?
I only briefly skimmed through some stuff and ashdaskld

No. 1323347

Speaking of spaces, I'm at the gym and it's usually no one there but I'm always hyper aware that a troon could be in there. I swim too (not as often) and the other day the changing room was packed with women and underage children (it's common). Again, I'm hyper aware that a troon could just walk his ass in there and the fact that it's 100% legal is insane to me.

No. 1323350

Men that hate women and want to see women suffer exist. Just look at the support the MMA tranny got by regular men. I don't think anyone can be born in the wrong body, and if someone genuinely believes this they belong in a mental asylum with the schizos.

I also don't think HSTS is a thing, they are homosexuals who develop AGP, and then subsequently become pseudo-bisexuals. I don't think AGPs are homosexual or straight, they will fuck anything that validates their fetish. The reason I belive this is because I've seen many gay men who troon out become pan/bi. TIFs also exhibit bisexuality post-troon out.

No. 1323351

Theres footage from another angle in the comments. it looks like he tries to burn one of the women.

fucking psychopath. why do they feel so entitled to our bodies.

No. 1323357

Samefag but someone posted a video of contra + that gay troon talk about wanting to have vaginas so they can get fucked like women. These men are obsessed with the female body, and attaining these qualities/parts is their ultimate goal. They are in love with their "female" selves, and anyone who loves this "female" they get off on. A genuine gay man wouldn't want a vagina. Yes, there are gay troons who say they find vaginas disgusting, but ask them if they wanted one and they will say yes due to "dysphoria" (which I don't think exists). One example I know of is a gay man who all of the sudden started dating a woman, then trooned out and wanted breast implants when he isnt even on HRT. I belive he got with her to get intimate with a woman and study her body, reactions and probably vagina. Like this is a thing, it might sound insane but the moid brain is just that, insane.

No. 1323366

Do you think all trannies are actually bisexual but sexologists never considered it because they were too focused on heterosexuality and homosexuality instead?

No. 1323377

kek if you asked someone like alfred kinsey he believes most of the human population is bisexual but only act on their opposite-sex attraction because of heteronormativity

No. 1323379

Fingering and oral are like…100% of the foreplay experience for women. This dude thinks a guy won't think something wrong if you literally tell him not to touch or look at your pussy? Lmfao

No. 1323381

File: 1631577864630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.41 KB, 828x1167, 75F61571-DC8D-41A7-9EAB-6706BE…)

I love when these troons find a way to insert themselves to actual right wind circles, such as black metal. This man posts the same botched selfies every time and never passed yet doesn’t stop and loved throwing around “bigot” like… I’ve never seen a troon with a black metal man fetish, but here we are. The internet remains victorious. Spoiled for ugly..

No. 1323384

Soon black metal will start getting called out for transmisogyny but no one will ever care about the regular misogyny that is pervasive.

No. 1323385

>implying moids actually care about pleasuring women and won't happily and immediately opt-out if given the option to (minus the occasional pick-mes)

No. 1323401

Yeah, most moids hate foreplay and doing things unrelated to their dicks, so they'd just see it as a plus.

No. 1323414

File: 1631581091997.jpeg (432.13 KB, 1479x1044, 440AB340-4127-4AD5-92F0-8BE00A…)

I wish more women understood this.

No. 1323425

Off-topic, but I love that for you, anon. I dream of hiking the JMT someday. But this is such a real fear, and I fucking hate seeing it get erased by this kind of rhetoric. In hiking/backpacking/etc, it is so completely and nakedly a matter of who's bigger and who has the vagina and it keeps a lot of women from doing it.

No. 1323428

Is this real life? That has to be a filter, right…? RIGHT? Jfc what a monstrosity.

No. 1323430

One day there will no longer be blogs aimed at "solo female travellers" because they will all be called "solo people-who-squat-when-peeing travellers.

No. 1323458

Holy shit, donate that shit to Chin Chan

No. 1323492

Do it! Seriously.

No. 1323567

Oh I promise they do exist, you just don't hear much from them bc of a language barrier i guess?
I had a guy that stalked me since high school, troon out and then proceed to tell me he uses me and my aesthetic as transition inspiration

No. 1323570

Same anon, also relevant to note that we went to a catholic school run by nuns lmao not even us third world dwellers are safe

No. 1323574

Why do they tell you this shit, as if it's the highest honor, when they know full well that they'll be claiming to be the "superior woman" a couple months down the line, regardless of how you react? Is it just a power play?

No. 1323576

Hey don't make fun of based Brexit lad. He survived that fucking plane crash.

No. 1323592

You guys are stupid and blind I'm pretty sure 1.the attitude and mannerisms are for ~comedy~ and 2.only one of them is a tranny/drag queen… do you guys not see Victoria pedretti?

No. 1323594

My theory is that he knows he makes me uncomfortable and kinda scared too ngl so it's definitely a power play for him
He has also directly addressed and apologized for previous incidents of him being a creep while continuing to be a creep

No. 1323638

read the story. it was a scrote delivery driver who allegedly said it.

No. 1323644

Jesus Christ anon, you're not necessarily wrong, but you sound unhinged and you're wasting time arguing with Trad-chan. Take your meds.

No. 1323648

He probably gets off on making you uncomfortable, unfortunately. A lot of men are aroused simply by the act of shocking or repulsing women.

No. 1323664

File: 1631614011937.jpg (209.61 KB, 556x526, adthatsucks.jpg)

I wish somebody would do a study on facial blindness in men after years of porn, anime, and porny game use. I realize it would be really fucking hard to find a control group under 50. They obviously develop it, I just want to see numbers and charts that show how hard they fail.

No. 1323665

>Why do they tell you this shit
Okay, I'm not going to pretend there aren't men who are into doing that but like here they're more than likely completely oblivious to how fucking weird it is
Keep in mind that there's a massive overlap between AGP and autism

No. 1323666

>woman in the image

throw up

No. 1323694

some good points but also i think the guy might just be autistic or come from a rigid culture. Most people can definitely tell a short haired woman from a man, it would only be hard if they're kids/teens and haven't grown into their adult bodies yet. Covering the hair and/or tying it up in tight buns and knots have been standards for women all over the world for centuries until recently.

No. 1323700

I don't know, I've seen both men and women question the genders of women with short hair.

No. 1323712


Uterus transplants have been in the works for years (and one has actually already delivered a healthy baby) for transplanting into actual women. Assisted reproduction is a huge business, and uteri make relatively good transplant organs because you can take them out once the baby is done, and that is where the scientific/medical interest comes from.

I am not saying it is necessarily ethical, just that it's very much only being done for the sake of putting uteruses into other biological women.

No one is seriously looking into putting uteruses in men. Not because medical science would never do that, but because anyone with relatively basic biological knowledge realizes that it is a dead end. Male bodies can't do a pregnancy no matter how many organs you shove in there.

But AGPs read about "uterus transplants" and assume that it is something that is in the works for transwomen. It's not. I am not sure if their delusion is cope, or part of a wank fantasy, or if they just can't imagine that anything might not be all about them, but they are very caught up in it even though 5 minutes of reading would tell them that it's not happening.

It's quite amazing watching them talk about it though, because it shows how none of them know shit about the female reproductive system despite expecting people to think they're women. Grace Lavery tweeted recently about how uterus transplants would allow women to produce female gametes lmao

No. 1323718

>you WILL fuck my open wound
>you WILL like it

No. 1323726

Yes, this is totally how a biological woman prepares for sex.

No. 1323732


This just sounds like a woman who has not realized that her partner is autistic or has mild faceblindness kek

Women don't get their hair cut off and then everyone male does a double take and says "wait a woman went into that hair salon but now it is a MAN"

No. 1323741

It's not even about pleasure tbh but straight scrotes absolutely want to touch and eat pussy (regardless if they're any good at it or not) my point is they would definitely find it weird if a "girl" had a bunch of rules like don't do anything else but stick your dick in there. That alone could tip someone off that they're trying to fuck a troon

No. 1323742

but men really do reduce women to the feminine artifices like high heels, short skirts, and makeup.

No. 1323745

Exactly. Some women might think they're being nice and inclusive by calling a troon ma'am and allowing him into a knitting circle. But it's all just wank fodder to him.

No. 1323746

Kek, that's not true at all. Loads of men don't eat pussy because they think it's "humiliating". They want the woman to give him blowjobs but they wouldn't perform oral sex on her. He thinks sex should be about prioritizing and pleasuring him. The woman is just a masturbatory aid and his dick alone would be enough to bring her to orgasm. Telling him to eat pussy instead can actually be considered "insulting".

No. 1323755

>but straight scrotes absolutely want to touch and eat pussy

Straight men want to put their dick into a vagina but a lot of them actually don't eat pussy. They think a woman giving oral sex is 100% mandatory because it's her "job" to suck dick. But a man eating a woman's pussy out makes him seem "unmanly" and "submissive" because he isn't getting sexual pleasure out of it and he is "serving" the woman.

Some men just don't do it because they think pussies taste and smell bad like "fish" but men who think this shouldn't expect blowjobs because penises are so much more disgusting than any vagina.

No. 1323759

Relax anon. I fucking hate scrotes too but that's not true. Most moids love badly eating pussy (or fingeting you) for 30 seconds before they stick it in. Like I said they're not actually any good at it, but I think the troon advice of "just don't look at it, lick it or touch it" when it comes to their rot pockets is insane bc that's definitely fucking bizarre in any kind of normal sex setting

No. 1323772

Thinking about this makes me sad. At the end of the day, a lot of handmaidens are just naive and think they're being nice. If only they knew the true nature of troons and how much danger they are putting women in by holding the door open for degenerates

No. 1323774

Men will forever be retarded I can't believe they're still in power to this day.

No. 1323788

Because men have the advantage of greater physical strength and the ability to forcibly impregnate women. This is why I never understood why people want to act like the reason for male domination is separate from biological sex. Women were beaten and raped into compliance and submission by moids for generations. Then it was reinforced through the social construction of gender where people tricked into thinking women are naturally childlike, stupid, and emotional unlike mature, intelligent and rational men.

No. 1323801

tinfoil but i dont think moids who make a show of "loving" eating pussy/fingering you and proceed to do it extremely badly and showily for a minute or two actually enjoy it, i think they enjoy the performance if anything. and it gives them a reason to pat themselves on the back for being good at sex because theyre ~chivalrous~ enough to consider the sexuality of their female partner. theyre not actually invested in bringing women pleasure or deriving any pleasure from the act itself, imo.

No. 1323804


No anon, that only happened after modern western cultures imposed their colonialist ideas of there being only two sexes; before that, non-western women could simply identify out of their gender roles if they wanted to not be oppressed, and the fact that none of them did means that they must have all just been stupid sluts

i lost so many IQ points just typing that

No. 1323809

> i lost so many IQ points just typing that
they were already gone, stop getting your history lessons from a 14 year old on twitter anon

No. 1323817


ayrt, I thought it was obvious that I was making fun of twitter 14 year olds retroactively replacing historical sex-based oppression with oppression based on ~gender~

No. 1323845

File: 1631629277295.jpg (Spoiler Image,736.97 KB, 1080x5134, 14092021161927.jpg)

Hmm, I wonder who wrote that article for AnimeFeminist.
…Of course it's a troon. They are so fucking predictable

No. 1323850

File: 1631629766322.jpg (17.01 KB, 600x315, 8.jpg)

>furry avi
>tweets about kink
>San Francisco
>"actually Japanese"
Sounds like a typical autistic white weeaboo to me, but what do I know…

No. 1323881

Of course but that's not my point, the point is it's truly insane to ask someone not to touch your pussy when they're literally putting their dick in there. It's really strange that troons think that's NOT weird, or that men wouldn't find that weird also

No. 1323891

If they are somehow stupid enough to get that far and remain clueless, why not?

No. 1323899

Not unhinged just passionate and pretty based. You trying to convince me i'm mental for speaking my mind (even though you agree with the things I said) and invalidate me is very scrote-like. You might not like my delivery but that doesn't make me unhinged and it doesn't make what I wrote wrong either. How I express myself is just too aggressive for you and you whining to me about it is not my problem. Being mistreated, oppressed and controlled by men IS a subject women should be angry about.

No. 1323915

transracial japanese lol

No. 1323917


No. 1323923

believe it or not there are moids who enjoy the taste and smell, sex is sometimes motivated by pheromones and shit and not just domineering headgames, who knew??

No. 1323928

File: 1631636161199.jpg (46.99 KB, 1130x362, chiaki.JPG)

No. 1323934

File: 1631636374458.jpg (92.29 KB, 850x644, zim.jpg)

>no matter how many organs you shove in there
More organs means more woman, anon! It WILL work!

No. 1323951

I always thought anime feminist gave off heavy handmaiden vibes, makes sense that trannies write for them.

No. 1323964

This hasn't been my experience. Men barely ever look down there and they don't notice things. They do just literally want to stick their dick in a hole for 5 minutes most of the time. It wouldn't surprise me if a bunch of men do fall for it and it would be hilarious.

If you are dumb enough not to be able to clock a troon and you swiping yes to everything you come across on tinder then you deserve everything you get.

No. 1323984

That's what I used to think but he has made it very clear he knows his behavior always made me uncomfortable.
It's almost like he thinks now we're both "women" he gets a pass for being a fucking weirdo?

No. 1323985

No. 1323994

Why do so many of these "journalists" write about hentai? They're really overestimating the number of people who want to read an "intellectual" justification for weirdly specific fetishes. AGPs are literally the only people who care about this garbage.

No. 1324024

Because it's what their agp life revolves around.

No. 1324056

nonita, please post moar of this freak holy shit lol

No. 1324073

File: 1631644277060.jpeg (178.23 KB, 719x956, screenshot.jpeg)

IAWTC. Peak content mill drivel. Are any of the writers for that site actually confirmed women and not just word salad men? Their "feminist" judgement of shows is basically non-existent. Picrel ostensibly female writer retweeting "genderqueer" clueless moid writer gushing over the originating moid writer. Nobody female should care about hentai shit, that shit is 100% centered around degradation, every fucking time.

No. 1324083

unreal amount of autism in that bio holy shit. loves anime and obsesses over "public transport and cute girls" …just say you like trains and titties and go, moid.

No. 1324087

definitely gives me the vibe that he films women in dresses and skirts on the train and uploads it on porn sites. what a freak

No. 1324167

File: 1631653086083.jpeg (928.83 KB, 1170x1579, 9EF0FC25-A0B4-4096-B870-F0D6B6…)

My new favorite hobby: Rating trannies on photofeeler saying they’re in the wrong section. It is full of gross agp men in the women’s only section thinking they’ll get asspats/that they pass.

No. 1324173

Surprised he's actually asian, tbh. Probably raised in the USA, Japanese degenerates usually stay full anon or hide behind a persona.

>Are any of the writers for that site actually confirmed women and not just word salad men? Their "feminist" judgement of shows is basically non-existent.
Wild guess (since I'm too lazy to actually browse through that radioactive site): site was founded by real women back in the late 2000s/early 2010s, they usually spouted milquetoast libfem takes in their anime & manga analysis, invited men in dresses to the staff because it was the progressive™ thing to do, then those males slowly took over.

No. 1324175

That part struck me as strange, too. The way he phrased it, along with the additional context of him writing about hentai for his job, reminded me of that fucked up simulator from Japan where you stalk, rape, and kidnap a girl on a train. Speaking of that, I wonder if the same bastards who wrote about that "game" in their otherwise innocuous list media (think "most disturbing games") are also troons, now. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1324188

late but i'm 99.99% sure that's not a troon but symone, the winner of rpdr s13, who is a gay man. which makes it kinda funny that he was included instead of a tranny kek

No. 1324190

File: 1631655551932.png (370.66 KB, 643x436, a_male.png)

(sry for samefag im retarded)
junji ito looking ass

No. 1324192

>Japanese American
Not surprised at all kek

No. 1324196

Japanese autogynephiles are some of the most vile of all autogynephiles which is saying something. I also never understand why Western Twitter would call Japanese fujoshi “based” when so many of them are batshit like offering to be the wives of gay Japanese men in lavender marriages or renting out their wombs because they want to be surrogates for gay Japanese men.

No. 1324217

I blame the language barrier. They don’t see how fucked up LGBT activism in Japan can be.

No. 1324225

File: 1631657878654.jpeg (371.61 KB, 2285x835, download.jpeg)

I acknowledge this isn't a TERF general, and I'll take my ban if this is OT. But, has anyone else seen Vanessa Vokey's schizo rants comparing face masks to the burqa?

No. 1324229

Wow what a clown. It's so embarrassing to see rf and GC ppl be anti mask like this.

No. 1324237

Imagine being right-wing and planning to vote for the PPC and calling yourself a radfem at the same time. Embarrassing.

No. 1324240

We joked about VV being a retard in the previous thread. She calls herself a radfem when she actually likes gender which is why I've been saying too many complete randos are calling themselves "radical feminists" now.

No. 1324263

File: 1631661537350.jpg (1.83 MB, 2560x1680, 21-09-15-00-16-47-915_deco.jpg)

His username is brianannguyen on Instagram and tiktok. Here are some screenshots of his very feminine figure

No. 1324265

File: 1631661620802.gif (330.33 KB, 220x220, rdj-fp.gif)

>comparing a health mandate by the state to a tool of oppression tied to a 1000 year old religion
Big brain moment.
It's the "do you support gender equality? then you're a feminist!" thing all over again, but it's the radfem version now (exchange the first question with "are you against the trans craze?" or something similar).
Same dance, different song.

No. 1324282

>Writing an undergraduate thesis on Touhou project
I hate how many tranny fans 2hu has

No. 1324287

Not surprised she’s kind of a retard

No. 1324316

File: 1631666042696.jpg (114.33 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20210914-173031.jpg)

RIP NeovaginaDisasters.com

No. 1324320

lol dude is built like a barrel.

Shit, again? They should host their stuff with whoever handles KF.

No. 1324321

I will never stop being amazed by how these men can go out looking like whatever the fuck is that gru looking ass supposed to look like.
How is he not killing himself?

No. 1324328


It's creeping me out how actual full on guys are doing this shit. Like manly guys. Fucking weirddddd.

No. 1324354

Regular dudes and hypermasculine men breaking under their fetishes is nothing new, nona. Back in the day (+20 years ago) they were forced to keep their insanity on the DL, now they're free to flaunt it out in the open.

Can't help but feel this is just a large-scale eugenics program.

No. 1324363

Remember, sites that host literal rape porn and bestiality have no problems with hosting. But talking about people butchering their genitals is too much of a travesty!

No. 1324364

TIMs being hypermasculine isn't unusual because masculine men are also more misogynistic and uncontrollably horny. It's like how a lot of TIFs are actually hyperfeminine with their complete doormat behavior, love of fashion, and boy craziness.

No. 1324366

>likes gender
Wtf, radfems see gender as the social construct that upholds the patriarchy. I guess VV thinks being a radfem is just being mean to troons. Being mean to troons is based but don't call yourself a "radfem" just for that.

No. 1324386

It's because men actually know how to into websites.
[spoiler]also there's literally nothing wrong with either of those
and yes I know you'll assume this is bait and yes I'll probably get b&(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1324388

File: 1631672418284.png (135.79 KB, 662x926, 434333.PNG)

No. 1324391

It’s impressive how we’re seeing stuff like this right now, it thought it would take a bit longer, it’s also kind of sad how he just got the modern conversion therapy approved by the woketards.
But of course, this will get deleted by the mods and the dude will get banned for wrongthink.

No. 1324392

Jesus christ
also there are sooooo many deleted comments

No. 1324397

It's an 11 month old post and the mods there are more lenient.
/r/detrans has been brigaded twice, but I guess they managed to find an ally at reddit HQ so they held off the tranny powermods… for now.

No. 1324417

There’s going to be a lot more stories like this in the next few years, so many psycho parents brainwashing their children into this crap to post on their social media.

No. 1324418

It happened to me, and I had double Ds. It's like hair is the most important gender marker.

No. 1324432

She's got a point about the masks. No politician ever asked his constituents to vote on them.

No. 1324439

Do parents really trans their gay kids? I don't see how having a transsexual child is supposed to be better than a homosexual one.

No. 1324441

>Japanese >___^
>obsesses over "cute girls" (pedophile)
>1 article published
>and it's about regressing to a manchild and buying useless plastic shit
The jokes write themselves.

No. 1324443

It's bizarre and unfathomable to any sane person who isn't homophobic and hasn't drunk the troon koolaid, but if transactivism has shown us anything it's that homophobia is way more alive and present than many of us probably realized.

I guess their logic is that if someone transitions, they will pass and be seen as that gender. That way the embarrassment of a tranny kid won't be a problem, nobody will know. Can't force a kid to hide their sexuality though, and apparently to many of them it's simply worse to be gay than to be an 'invert' or 'born in the wrong body'.

No. 1324444

This is a Brazilian girl's name so I'm guessing this user is from Brazil. HSTS is very common in Brazil because it's crazy homophobic. I'm not surprised this is happening to a gay boy like him.

No. 1324446

The four 4s confirm your guess.

No. 1324447

Transphobia isn't even real in my opinion. It's all just different shades of homophobia and misogyny.

No. 1324451

>forced to transition by homophobic mother
>k-pop icon
>english isn't their first language
>female name is lais

This is has Brazilian written all over it.

No. 1324454

>public transportation simulators and cute girls
These are two of the most stereotypically Japanese otaku moid interests. I bet he has autism.

No. 1324458

How is there zero difference between the width of his face and the base of his neck. Dude is shaped like a fucking thumb

No. 1324463

He dresses up like my divorced 50 year old Japanese biology professor.

No. 1324469

Kek I am Japanese American so I was gonna say he looks like the education mama who developed a Costco addiction after living in the US because her husband works for the North American division of a car company.

No. 1324470

I'm not Japanese or American but I had a nikkei friend with the almost the exact same type of mother wtf. Husband didn't work at a a car company though.

No. 1324491

>so tight he bleeds
>guys love it

Fucking disgusting. And people want to think these men are sane? Nah dude, if it's bleeding it means something is wrong… Well more wrong that what they already have what with the axe wound but still, fucking gag.

No. 1324523

He'll have a small penis and will be short but he'll pretty much go through masculine changes and puberty if he starts T and will be okay. Most of the MTFs on puberty blockers get pretty masculine in their 20s anyway.

No. 1324524

Yeah, they don't even have to express homosexual attraction, just any type of gender non-conformity. In a couple of threads back there was a couple wondering if they should start transitioning their 3 year old son because he liked dresses or something.

No. 1324528

KF already has a SRS thread with hundreds of replies. It’s way worse than neovaginadisasters

No. 1324530

File: 1631693419049.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1725x3931, 081317FC-2914-4764-BB4A-0749C5…)

No. 1324538

File: 1631693892963.jpeg (191.37 KB, 870x1310, AFD1864C-735D-4F56-B726-C4EAFC…)

Since we were on the topic of Japanese autogynephiles and their obsession of cute little girls, white men are not that far behind.

No. 1324547

she only does her ""radfem"" shtick for the attention and approval of /pol/tards (hence why the emphasis on the whole "look at what a based straight tomboy i am uwu" thing)

No. 1324563

he looks deranged (on top of being ugly as sin)

No. 1324569

In some religious communities, yes. Being trans is an “illness” that you can cure by transitioning, and then you can lead a semi-normal life and marry hetero and not shame your parents. Being gay on the other hand is akin to pedophilia.

No. 1324572

A lot of these white AGP are huge fans of anime and other Japanese media from my experience.

No. 1324574

Would she get more approval from /pol/ if she just leaned into her conservativism? Also, tomboy? She's made that """embracing femininity after losing weight""" tiktok. She's a ""sewist"". Not wearing makeup doesn't make a woman a tomboy.

No. 1324575

Never understood why "seamster" never caught on. It sounds nicer imo.

No. 1324576

>stereotypical japanese girl pose
I bet he also does the V sign, gao, near-chu, walks pigeon toed, and covers his mouth when he giggles.

No. 1324578

literally activated my gag reflex. men are gross

No. 1324580

File: 1631699223826.jpg (972.85 KB, 1440x1839, Screenshot_20210915-102957.jpg)

It's a portmanteau of "sew" and "artist" I think. Because apparently cringe embroidered slogans is art now.

No. 1324586

gave up on VV after her braindead takes on BLM. i dont particularly love blm or its 'leaders' but her calling it a terror organization…like ok

No. 1324588

Kek the beanie, absurd pose, damaged-looking hair, artificial femininity, and terrible clothes made me think this was a TIM being ironic, at first glance. She looks like an autist. And scrotes like her? Usually they only follow their dicks, but I can't imagine wanting to fuck this woman. She looks like she smells like moth balls and cat piss.

No. 1324596

File: 1631702165014.jpg (222.15 KB, 1242x2155, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…)

trans women aren't very happy about using the HER app! what could the problem be..?

No. 1324597

File: 1631702211675.jpg (132.82 KB, 885x731, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…)

well they don't get enough matches of course!!

i wonder what the fuck are they gonna do about this at HER.

No. 1324600

How about the improve the experience of their original users, actual women, by kicking out the men from the app.

No. 1324603

this picture is so bad, it looks like someone from /pol/ took some hipster kweer they/them etsy seller's picture and photoshopped a bunch of "terf" slogans over her merch

No. 1324616

Just watch, they'll start banning women who didn't match with or blocked troons too many times

No. 1324623

It's all the women who should be complaining. Letting disgusting men onto an app that's supposed to be for women? Come on.

No. 1324637

I wonder what percentage of the Her userbase are hims.

No. 1324642

They don't work tho, they found this out in the very beginning of covid.

No. 1324645

Didn't know Vanessa was so based.

No. 1324650

based on what

No. 1324652

Imagine you match with a troon, you realize he catfished you or you just don’t like him then you get a “reminder” that trans women are women and some lecture about mouthfeel

No. 1324661

I was wondering what country this was until I saw the name Laís.

No. 1324701

>I can't imagine wanting to fuck this woman
good thing radical feminists don't judge a woman's worth by her fuckability. that's what men, autogynephiles and handmaidens do.

No. 1324707

>men, autogynephiles
No need to mention men twice.

No. 1324726

It’s going to end up like any women only space: all women will leave and only troons will be left or troons will chimp out and get it shut down

No. 1324731

I get that Vanessa has said dumb shit before, but tbh she gets more hate than deserved. I think (in a way) she might be a gateway for more normal girls to realize that all this tranny stuff is dangerous and retarded.

No. 1324732

Supposing that actually happened, which sure why not crazy people like that exist, I'd bet on it happening in the USA or something even if the mother is Brazilian. It's not common at all for parents to troon out their kids in Brazil. TIMs in Brazil are extremely ostracized

No. 1324777

What's funny about this is that even women who are overweight with an apple shaped body still very obviously are women, whereas as this Gru shaped mfer is offensively male looking

No. 1324800

File: 1631722451124.png (51.73 KB, 767x491, fuckthis.png)

On the erotic authors reddit, a guy who writes severely sexist porn lays out how he averages $2,543 in monthly income from trannies


quotes of note:

>My stories deal with potentially problematic kinks including misogyny, non-consent, and others. My kinks aren't my politics - I go to great lengths to make this clear on my site, including publishing Reality Check articles touching base with healthy behaviours in the real world. I donate 5% of profits monthly to registered women's charities.

>In terms of writing, I write what turns me on. Stories are written to please me, first and foremost.

>BUT of that breakdown of men and women, a surprisingly large number of those women are trans women. While I don't write stories featuring trans characters or directly engaging with trans themes, my focus on strongly gendered humiliation seems to attract a large trans audience.

Tl;dr, I'm such a good guy that I volunteer irl to help women even while I rake in money writing porn of their degradation, also trannies LOVE it!

No. 1324805

"not getting matches" kek really? that happens to ugly people on regular dating apps. boohoo

No. 1324806

File: 1631723212124.jpg (160.89 KB, 1440x467, Screenshot_20210915-172146.jpg)

>she might be a gateway for more normal girls to realize that all this tranny stuff is dangerous
Really? I think her catastrophising and self-righteousness is insane to normal people.
Picrel, her arguments are disjointed and illogical. It impacts her credibility, and therefore undermines her GC message.

No. 1324822

Yeah I guess I haven’t been up to date with her current postings lol I think the burqa thing is insane. But I live in a very right wing area and I can honestly see some of the women around here agreeing with her on that. Not that that proves Vanessa is totally sane though. I wish she would just go back to talking about troons without freaking out about BLM or whatever.

No. 1324883

>terrorist org
she’s high-key right but has a completely unhinged way of expressing it and needs to focus on troons and maybe take a chill pill

No. 1324913

File: 1631729691246.jpeg (156.49 KB, 2498x476, download (2).jpeg)

>any sort of criticism, however friendly or non-confrontational, will be met with a similarly aggro response.
You're not wrong. I've not followed her for long, so her chatting grease about burqas to threw me off. Thought she'd lost the plot.

No. 1324915


Vanessa just gives me the vibe that she sees things very black and white and that she is easily persuaded. She’s hitched her ride to rad fems only for the time being and wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up a trad down the line since she’s so fond of gender.

No. 1324916

File: 1631729815222.png (3.48 MB, 2518x3578, disgusting autogynephile.png)

Troons are overrepresented in porn consumption across the board. They are the biggest coomers alive.
I was on r/MisogynisticLife and most posters are just spam/stolen pic accounts or women trying to get men to subscribe to their OnlyFans, but I noticed one user who posted frequently almost every hour, and I was like that has got to be a tranny and low and behold, it is. He has a necro hole installed too so he larps as "39F" and no where in his bio does it say tranny. Note how I only captured his posting history for 1 day.

No. 1324924

I've seen so many male "feminists" (regular coomers and TIMs) waving off their insanity so it doesn't really get to me anymore, but this person's spiel gave me a hearty kek. Before saying he was "surprised" by his audience being made of mostly men (probably 80/20, instead of 60/40), he wrote this in a single paragraph:
>(Again, it's my kink, not my politics, and arises largely out of real-life time spent fighting exactly this kind of oppression of women.)
>(It's important that I'm not actually a misogynist, too - plenty of readers who want to enjoy this kink without supporting real-world hatred.)
This is your brain on coom and he's (allegedly) tossing $120/mo to ~charity~ just so he can sleep at night. lol It's pointless repeating "it's just a kink bro, not a misogynist I swear" like a mantra when he's constantly reinforcing a pleasurable response to degradation.

No. 1324925

Can't have a subreddit for cis lesbians or superstraights, but you can have one for misogyny. Lovely.

No. 1324926

ayrt what a freak, men like this should be put on a watchlist


yeah and the thing is that sub is mostly women, many who first start writing porn on the zon and then switch to steamy romance or just regular old romance and see porn as just a chance to learn the ropes of digital publishing

so he's essentially telling a sub full of women how much he respects women when he doesn't

No. 1324929

sorry for repeat posting, surprisingly that sub is majority women! I've been lurking it for a few years now, either people make it big cause they have discipline or they think it's a way to make fast money and then fade when they realize it's not

No. 1324932

I definitely believe there's women abound on that sub but I'm also willing to bet that a lot of "female" accounts are fictional pornsicko fodder created and maintained by men typing with one hand. I think I'm willing to give up the educational and hobby niche side of Reddit if we can just nuke it all from existence.

No. 1324956

>so he's essentially telling a sub full of women how much he respects women when he doesn't
I guess that explains why no one gave him asspats for being a Women Respecter™ and decided commenting on the business side of his post, hahah

Every innocuous corner of reddit with a clear female presence becomes infested with rotten dudes. You either have to keep an invite-only community a la Ovarit or everyone has to pretend being men.
We've regressed to the 2000s. Lovely.

No. 1324984

I feel like she really comes across via text as a facebook boomer with all the exclamation marks and the hyperbole

No. 1324999

Vanessa was a based spokeswomen when it came to JKR but now she’s lost her pizza and photography jobs and got an ego. She wants to make money being a hot take Internet personality. She is not intelligent or learned enough to have any actual radfem insight, and the more she posts about other shit it becomes obvious she’s just a vaguely gender critical, right leaning, Jordan Peterson fangirl who can only think in black and white.
Girl ur autistic it’s not a shocker you don’t do well with the sensory hell that is masks, but the totalitarianism commentary is superficial and bad.
Book reviews would have made better content then her politically blatant dumb little sewing projects, and her merch has always been lazy and bad.
I feel like you can’t criticize her heavily on ovarit so apologies for the VV sperg.

No. 1325010

examples? haven't seen any myself, but I'm assuming they have gofundmes? more power to them if so

No. 1325040

Seethe and dilate tranny.(sage)

No. 1325094

confounding post

No. 1325129

>I can't imagine wanting to fuck this woman.
You let your dick slip out there

No. 1325158

AYRT And I wasn't commenting on how I value her, I was asking if scrotes like her, because I thought I saw someone imply they did. Maybe I should have been more gentle or concise?

No. 1325204

what’s so bad about her hair? why can’t she take a joke posed picture without being brought down

No. 1325206

You're responding to this woman being a little cringey by going on a tard rant about how much it infuriates you that people give a shit about a woman you don't seem "fuckable."

Newsflash autist-kun: men will fuck a microwaved watermelon, It's not exactly a mark of quality. It should go without saying that a person's worth has absolutely zero to do with how willing a scrote is to fuck them.

A tranny is a misogynist retard regardless of how many other misogynist retards fuck him in the ass.

No. 1325209

Lmfao these "problems" are all fellow users rejecting the them, not any fault of the app

No. 1325211

They thought that covid was similar to the flu at the beginning and there was a worldwide shortages of masks. Masks work.

No. 1325212

Why the fuck are anons sperging about some retard faux-GC woman? This is the MTF thread, not personal cows thread.

No. 1325244

File: 1631754174809.jpeg (193.56 KB, 1080x938, 9A1D38D3-C995-4016-9F08-570A24…)

Pornsickness is now a treatable birth defect everyone.

No. 1325248

>Having a XY chromosomes is a birth defect
He's right about this, but wrong about it being treatable.

No. 1325249

i’m glad someone finally admitted being born male is a defect kek

No. 1325288

Finally a line which might get TERFs onside, being born male is a treatable birth defect.

No. 1325292

Men can't cope with social isolation, they are way too fragile

No. 1325303

Jesus, is there anything that men haven't sexualized? I go onto their profile and it's all random specific porn that is like everyday shit. Coffee,sundresses,age,etc. It's just fucking weird and not to mention, this guy is obsessed with "breed me" fetish that troons all have.

No. 1325333

Uh oh, that's ableist! Go back three spaces!

No. 1325402

File: 1631771893121.jpeg (422.88 KB, 960x1072, C63CCACE-1F58-4B3D-BFAB-210303…)

His wife needs to leave him lol.

No. 1325408

File: 1631773624465.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

This is basically my current explanation for why these ex-Hyper masculine guys end up trooning out, these males are totally insecure about their sense of masculinity and so they often try to over compensate
I have a cousin who was really shy as a kid and used to get bullied a lot, he joined the military and presented himself as a hyper-macho bro for a couple years, but that was an act, he was still deeply insecure about his sense of self, he didn't troon out but he did end up in a major depressive rut and started self harming, but thankfully got out thinks to family and some much needed therapy
And this is completely self afflicted shit that men do themselves, its not even society its their own fragile sense of masculinity

No. 1325409

File: 1631773773573.png (195.57 KB, 689x1426, Thread.png)

lmao how the fuck did hundreds of idiots upvote this? it legit sounds like a 4chan tendies shitpost.
I couldn't resist turning it into one. hoping this doesn't count as cowtipping since I had no contact with him. the two replies were directly copied from the redditor's replies with minor edits, such as posting photos changed to posting pepes.
channers thinking it was an over the top joke making fun of neckbeards (gbp means good boy points) speaks volumes about how narcissistic reddit's transgenders are.

No. 1325429

File: 1631777109725.png (105.75 KB, 1000x1034, 283350.png)

You know most people in the Military aren't all soldiers right, Grunts(Infantry soldiers) make up a only small % of the Armed Forces, most trannies seem to be POGs(person other then grunts) so its unlikely that any of them have any special light Infantry training other then some basic firearms knowledge
I've noticed that the only trannies who've served in Infantry are officers, note on average Officers come from wealthier backgrounds and are better educated then non-officers in the Army, like Rachel Levine or other Tranny in Congress, both were officers

No. 1325433

no respectable skater use these coomer board, they're just for show

No. 1325434

Tt's actually kind of amazing how 4chan neckbeards have higher expectations for themselves and their peers than mainstream TIMs.
I would never have believed that 10 yrs ago

No. 1325438

He should be put down

No. 1325439

>someone born male can give them a run for their money
Yes it’s all about competing with them for men, and not because they’re sex pests and child molesters with violent temperaments kek.
Also he can run all he likes but since we exist this way naturally he will never catch up. God it must be fucking sad being a tranny.

No. 1325441

>toxic masculinity
One of the stupidest terms to arise from third wave feminism. When will people realize that all masculinity is toxic? Second wave feminists criticised all of masculinity because they were aware that gender was a harmful social construct placed on the two sexes to create a hierarchy where men are superior and women are inferior. This means femininity is toxic too.

No. 1325446

Lol, not buying this. I just did a cursory scroll and saw what looked like a bunch of obvious moids LARPing using random women's pics. The coombrained writing style with zero grasp of women's sexuality is unmistakeable. And most of the real women I saw seemed to be niche sex workers.

P.S. Why are you lurking in a misogyny sub for years? That's almost weirder than posting there.

No. 1325448

Oh gee, I wonder why any woman would "feel threatened" by "AMAB" people? There can't possibly be any rational evidence for feeling that way…right?

No. 1325471

This is in UK, most troons in the military live in the US

No. 1325495

obvsly because we can't compete with their super-femininity, their designer-ginas and their all-time-availability to men! All our husbands, brothers and fathers lust for the girldick brigade and we are just left seething… I am so sad frends, I wish I had male-pattern baldness, no hips and linebacker shoulders, but I am just left to feel threatened in my femininity by these goddesses.

No. 1325497

File: 1631789149471.png (397.04 KB, 295x858, 5f5f.PNG)

They even admit it themselves
>it is accepted in some cultures for men to wear flowers
>so today that's why i'm wearing one

No. 1325511

Ehhhh it's socially unacceptable for sure, but not massively more than homosexuality. I'm the early 2000s, probably most visible mtfs in American media were from Brazil, which speaks at least somewhat to its acceptability. Even if it's confined to the fringes of society, it just takes one mom who would really, really prefer a trans kid over a gay one.

Semi-related, this vid was shared many threads ago.
"Growing up transgender and Mormon."
The dads relief that his kid is trans and not gay is palpable. It's disgusting, honestly.
"My son— errr, daughter is not a freak!! She has a treatable condition is all! God gives some children cancer, God gives some children the wrong sex chromosomes! Homosexuality is a choice and a sin."
Obviously it's not so explicit in the video, but man is it apparent that this is the general belief system of the kid's family.

No. 1325515

File: 1631791914119.png (Spoiler Image,777.39 KB, 1114x697, 34343.png)

I know its only an extreme minority of exceptionally degenerate women who actively take part in their male partner's degenerate "feminization" fetishes but its still disgusting to witness
Like this entire fetish is the definition of misogyny and she is actively taking the role of the "bang maid/Dildo" for her "sissy bf" and she doesn't even realize it

No. 1325517

Careful, the femdom harpies will descent upon you. This is actually "based" and "empowering".

No. 1325525

If you read the femdom thread here you can see that men into the misogynistic sissification shit are seen as red flags who will troon out soon.

No. 1325530

I think she's talking about those 2 femdom anons, who brag about their bf's being into pegging, chastity and crossdressing while also claiming that the fetish totally isn't misogynist and that they totally won't troon out

No. 1325537

Ackshually anon, being an accessory mommy dom big tiddy goth mom gf who literally serves no other purpose than to be bangmaid and be compliant in a weird closet troons exhibitionism fetish is EMPOWERING. PEG. THE. PATRIARCHY. You have ~internalized misogyny~ uwu

No. 1325554

File: 1631797479641.png (696.09 KB, 720x1066, 1624504053275.png)

I didn't even notice that, she's literally a "dom big tiddy goth mom gf" kek, Its so blatant I didn't even notice it
but for real I wonder how she translates this kink into IRL, does her "sissy bf" present as a "transwoman" to her friends and family and if he hasn't you know he'll "come out" eventually, when that happens will she declare herself a lesbian or bi-sexual, will she support her bf going into women's spaces and shelters

What I don't understand about this sissification fetish is that they just always end up looking ridiculous, like why do they believe shit picrel ?

No. 1325559

He has no muscle tone, his shapeless body is absolutely disgusting. The only thing most men have to offer is sex, at least fuck one that goes to a gym. Fucking a gross man is like eating cheesecake flavored with dogshit.

No. 1325576

File: 1631801235758.jpeg (527.71 KB, 822x1179, 74B12A26-64A9-4945-AC91-BDBBDC…)

Their confidence baffles me

No. 1325577

I can't stop staring at the top of his head

No. 1325582

This is what they see when they look in the mirror: >>1325554

No. 1325587

Ayrt, but theres a good chance it's not her fetish at all. For all the men I've ever met with a sissy fetish, and for all the troonspace/sissy fetish sub credits I've combed through looking for uggos to laugh at, I have never seen a woman post without a man. There is either men posting pictures alone or posting about their domme gf. There absolutely 0 women expressing any kind of enthusiasm on their own

At best, you might see an OnlyFans girl advertising her domme content, and even then she has to be fucking paid to pretend to care

No. 1325599

Exactly, women engaging with these scrotes' fetishes are likely the paid type of domme. Others don't want to engage with their shit. I never see women who are sexually into femdom say that they want to humiliate a man by making him like a girl.
By the way this fetish makes zero sense. If a man thinks women are there to be submissive sex objects and the biggest humilation would be to turn into one - why does he want a woman to be dominant for him and not a man?

No. 1325603

Some people theorise that gender dysphoria in males comes from a problematic relationship with their mother during their formative years. While I can't say this is true, there is definitely a handful of cross dressing serial killers who are known to have been emotionally abused/humiliated by their mothers growing up, and people think this creates both a resentment for women ("women are filthy its humiliating to be one I'm going to dress as a woman to humiliate myself") and a reverence for women ("nobody can humiliate me like my mother can, I need a big woman to humiliate me")

No. 1325605

File: 1631803876482.jpg (1.15 MB, 2731x4096, 1631581686104.jpg)

from the recent met gala

No. 1325606

If I worked at a women's charity and got a donation from a man who earned that money from writing rape books I'd refuse it and report him for sexual harassment. That is next level sexually deranged behavior.

No. 1325608

File: 1631804039375.jpeg (64.36 KB, 1200x799, CDB2AF8A-80BA-49ED-A8C1-11ED97…)

mrs doubtfire?

No. 1325610

Serving microwave burrito in Adidas sandals.

No. 1325611

File: 1631804114836.png (317.71 KB, 460x690, 1_large.png)

lmfao the Arwen necklace. i bet this mf thinks he's a beautiful ethereal elf princess

No. 1325614

this motherfucker is so fucking nasty

No. 1325615

the balding receding hairline and scrote seppuku eyes

No. 1325616

that red feet and fridge body

No. 1325617

File: 1631804415150.png (633.1 KB, 704x724, Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 10.0…)

Jesus fuck

No. 1325623

File: 1631804631580.png (108.29 KB, 245x274, beth-esda.png)

A Morrowind elf, maybe.

No. 1325629

File: 1631805007275.jpg (17.25 KB, 391x470, 357321743.jpg)

That dress is more Coke can than Paco Rabanne.

No. 1325632

That's an incredibly male midriff. Why show it off if you're a troon?

No. 1325634

One of the pornos he recommends, Seitenkan Kyoshitu, contains rape, incest, and pedophilia (I didn't read it, it was tagged that way on a manga site).
Why the fuck is this revolting degeneracy promoted as feminism?

No. 1325646

"sex positivity"
we never should have allowed this shit into the feminist discourse, hetero sex is always gonna be borderline sexual assault as long as men are in control and the moids wasted no time in co-opting and using the idea of sex positivity against us

No. 1325652

File: 1631805913749.jpg (39.39 KB, 740x545, BTK.jpg)

I can't evaluate every serial killer but I've watched a couple documentaries about BTK, he had a stable childhood but both his parents had jobs and worked long hours and left their kids to do basically whatever they wanted
his fetishes seemed to have started when he uncovered one of his older brother's prono mags and spent most of his childhood seeking more and more degenerate fetish magazines(he was particularly obsssed with women in bondage) killing animals, stealing women's underwear and masturbating
during his "cooling off" periods he dressed himself in women's clothing, tied himself up, and posed in the positions he left his victims in as he set up a camera to take photos. then he jerked off to it. sometimes using the stolen clothes of the women he had murdered
In prison he entertains himself by drawing bondage porn

No. 1325657

File: 1631806076660.jpg (67.39 KB, 720x820, BTK_art.jpg)

samefag this is an example of his "art"

No. 1325663

The fucked up thing is that this isn't too dissimilar from "vent art" your average tranny would post.

No. 1325673

File: 1631807068951.png (99.57 KB, 597x408, 8607678.png)

The level of cognitive dissonance here…

No. 1325685

based doctor

No. 1325688

>all doctors who believe women don't have penises get banned from operating on transgenders
>only lunatics are allowed to operate on them
>botched surgeries and deaths everywhere
they want the trans genocide conspiracy to be true so much that they're enacting it themselves

No. 1325689

They can go to the pee pee doctor, where the pee pee people go. It's not that hard.

This poor lady is about to lose her job cause she's sick of explaining to idiots that she's not specialized in urology.

No. 1325698

File: 1631808637628.png (317.12 KB, 1400x1356, force_fem.png)

Speaking of Mommy issues, I looked up some confessions of men with feminization fetishes and where it came from and these are their explanations, and yes they blame their mommies
Some of these scenarios seem plausible, the others seem like pure LARP

No. 1325702

Honestly the doctors who perform SRS are the real TERFs. They take troons’ money and cause them excruciating physical pain, as well as mental anguish once they realize they’ll never “pass” as a real woman with their artificially constructed vaginas. Based as hell imo, TERFs never ruin trannies’ lives the way that SRS surgeons do.

No. 1325703

I can kind of believe the dance dress modeling one, and maybe even the OP's autistic mother story, but that last one is absolutely fake. There's a good chance the others are fetish LARPS, but that one doesn't even have a shadow of doubt, for me. It reads like an incest hentai synopsis.

No. 1325716

File: 1631810171686.png (412.55 KB, 486x482, 11.PNG)

Nikita Dragun did some weird video and "outted" tyga, whose been outted a million times and nobody cares he's bisexual he's a nobody. Anyway she used a black female rappers body and put "dick over it".
Asian doll responded.

No. 1325717

File: 1631810259812.png (243.84 KB, 413x397, 33.PNG)

I already know people going to get mad at AD for misgendering this man.

No. 1325718

File: 1631810283745.png (586.02 KB, 473x479, 22.PNG)

No. 1325724

File: 1631810421588.png (82.86 KB, 297x395, 44.PNG)

more lies from nikita

No. 1325725

What's trans whanau?

No. 1325731

Whanau is apparently Maori for extended family. His pic looks white as fuck, so wouldn't that be cultural appropriation? I thought libfems/TRAs "cared" about that kek.

No. 1325738

i have a feeling this is gonna piss some handmaidens off. cheers to the peaking that is about to occur

No. 1325740

File: 1631811290142.jpg (128.48 KB, 1080x1440, 20210916_184452.jpg)

What you deserve when you hack into your perfectly healthy genitals.

No. 1325741

File: 1631811404449.png (75.81 KB, 386x233, refreshing.PNG)

refreshing to see a blue check black woman call this shit out, I hope she doesn't apologize, AD isn't really popular and is full of it herself, but she's 100% right.It's killing me to see some BW whining about "Misgendering", when this non-black transwomen who people already think is racists is saying that MEN set the trend, that we are trying to be like men.

No. 1325744

What the fuck? The outfits aren’t even similar, I swear these idiots just love picking fights for the sake of it.

No. 1325746

I'm assuming it's (unfortunately) a legitimate female, unless doctors are allowing mtfs to use nexplanon now?

No. 1325749

idrc but come on, the top is basically identical
is… is the word weirdo censored?

No. 1325751

Notice he didn’t answer the statement. We are the originators. His very existence is a bootleg of us. He really should humble himself.

No. 1325752

even if it is so? Troons copy and fail to be everything that women are. When we say his whole existence is copying us then it's "transphobic". He didn't have to put "Dick" across her picture. Didn't have to include her at all.

No. 1325754

Oh fuck, I didn't really understand what the original tweet was referring to. I might be retarded. Also, imagine being an upper middle class white woman with access to birth control using Maori terms and caping this hard for troons.

No. 1325758

>trans women set THE trends for cis gender females
how can you be this delusional and self absorbed, lmao

No. 1325761

File: 1631812123851.jpeg (41.5 KB, 400x400, bRIBfXra.jpeg)

honestly looks like an mtf, maybe it is and the entire interaction is made up? wouldnt surprise me

No. 1325765

File: 1631812210964.jpg (540.13 KB, 2148x987, 2.jpg)

sage for OT but any male attracted to the "Kardashian" body type is low key a faggot, their attracted towards ridiculous displays of femininity rather then actual women, a real Heterosexual male will always choose the company of the women on the left rather then any monstrosity human sex doll like the Kardashians

No. 1325766

>cis women are not the only women
Seeing as this was a gyno, what men need is not her field and also of no interest to her.

I don’t see it.

No. 1325770

I don't like that agrument because while I think it could be true, that some men who are into super fake women would also fuck troons, women with a lot of PS are STILL women.
There's a huge difference between liking build a bodies on women, and liking hard tits, fake ass and a DICK, which what men liek Tyga like. He goes after big penised transwomen (and men), some that don't even pass.

No. 1325772

In typical moid fashion, he ignores the reality of women being the sole reason he even exists and than only focuses on the appearance of his "trans sisters" as the only important thing to them. What a cope

No. 1325774

Also, Nikita is always hanging around black famous FEMALE rappers. I hate this and i'm happy that most of the urban sites I seen reported on this was getting on his ass.

No. 1325778

while yet the former group are still biological women, both are still surgical monsters and attraction to either is unnatural

No. 1325783

attraction to female plastic surgery monsters is pretty natural though, they are exaggerating and fabricating attributes that are attractive to humans. on top of that, it's a display of wealth and vapidity that became attractive through history.

No. 1325788

>any man who would pick pornified woman in bikini over dowdy 1940s volga woman is secretly gay
Lol come on anon

No. 1325792

I doubt rural village peasants or men even a century ago would the Kardashian even remotely appealing, again its mostly faggots attracted to shit

No. 1325796

I wonder if anybody here has followed the site authors since its inception. I didn't. I just laughed at the idea, since 90% of teen anime is just cookie-cutter coom bait. You would either have to review everything and look like a ranting psycho, or only review 2-3 shows per year. And these guys didn't even do that, they just created a run-of-the-mill anime review sure with lots of added baizuo shit on the side. Because men know that men will be fucked if women keep their eyes on the target.

No. 1325799

It’s not the same. And the style is very common, nothing new. Looks like hundreds of carnival outfits out there.

No. 1325801

File: 1631814029046.jpg (2.01 MB, 1920x2560, 21-09-16-18-31-38-519_deco.jpg)

Why is their hair always so greasy?! They're all half bald anyways it would only take them 5 minutes to wash the few remaining strands

No. 1325812

That they/them moid looks dumpy as hell. He needs to wash his face and lay off the liquor.

No. 1325814

File: 1631815133909.jpeg (239.01 KB, 750x1033, A2099BC0-05AC-44C1-852C-430553…)

the erasure of black women is starting

No. 1325820

File: 1631815644597.jpeg (225.8 KB, 828x1018, E62EC3AC-BF16-4BB5-AA66-5FBF17…)

I hope Asian doll beats Nikita dragun ass lmfao

No. 1325821

I wonder if the first one is a female enby on testosterone

No. 1325824

File: 1631815846719.jpg (118 KB, 675x1200, C5zeeY9UsAAFup8.jpg)

I remember when Nikita photoshopped her skin super dark, that was embarrassing to see

No. 1325826

the flabby stomach in a picture that's supposed to be his "best". kek

No. 1325828

I don't agree he looks black, but he wants to go for that mixxed look. I truly think HSTS like Nikita who try so hard to be involved with black people/black culture hate black women the most tbh.I also don't want to hear the "Asian Doll is black but calls herself Asian doll", when Nikita is a man, who calls himself a woman, tans himself darker and is speaking on what black women have done for the black culture.
It is what it is.

No. 1325831

don't "respect" his pronouns, especially since he's a piece of shit misogynist

No. 1325832

File: 1631816332860.png (88.74 KB, 598x955, Screen.png)

>I wonder if anybody here has followed the site authors since its inception.
I wouldn't be surprised, in a previous thread there was even an anon defending saya no uta (animu child rape porn game) as wholesome, weebs are completely delusional.
Animefeminist's purpose is to normalize fetish porn to kids and dumbshit adult libfems so they'll spend money on merch for pedophile, autogynephile or other fetish series that crunchyroll has licensing deals with, like dragon maid (not agp to my knowledge but extremely pedo).

No. 1325837

seems likely with the facial hair pattern and acne

No. 1325838

File: 1631816989018.png (27.61 KB, 850x250, Physical-characteristics-of-bo…)

Yeah I think the first story is probably somewhat true, mostly cause its not really that ridiculous
his mother didn't really "force him" to dress as a girl(which is a common fantasy for AGPs), he just did some dress up with his sister and his mom probably found that cute and thought nothing more of it, his delusion that this is what made his mom secretly wanted was probably his own autism, the third story where the guy resented his mother cause she wanted a daughter is also possibly true(I doubt thought she wanted her to son end up a degenerate however)
However I doubt the dress modelling one happened, male body figures are vastly different then female one's, this is true for even young pre-pubescent
It could only work for very young toddlers who wouldn't even remember it

No. 1325843

It was more how their body fat was distributed, I know guys can get flabby but something about that level of "softness" looks female.
Also the eyes

No. 1325844

>black woman calling herself asian complaining about an asian man appropriating black people

pot and fucking kettle lmao this is some foolery

No. 1325847

She complained when Nikita tried to call her trans for some reason when she was outing tyga for the 30053x time

No. 1325849

File: 1631817973692.png (914.9 KB, 1201x567, annoying troon.PNG)

That annoying trans got his face redone

No. 1325851

I remember on Reddit there was a tranny scrote who would message feminist women and try to talk about his horrible childhood where his mom forced him dress in sissy clothes, and try to get them to look at his selfies. It's just a retarded fantasy they have.

No. 1325852

seriously, im starting to think they think it's impressive that a rapper that everyone knows like Trannies, who nobody really cares about is a brag. This isn't even the first time Nikita bragged about Tyga. Every other day a troon is saying Tyga tried to fuck them, we KNOW, nobody cares.

No. 1325854

Her instagram is gone.

No. 1325856

people were saying she said she needed to take a break, if she comes back with an apology i'm going to be mad. There were a lot of blue check black women and men defending her, most the people on the shaderoom and places like that were on her side.
She's not going to get Da Baby'd because she's not a big rapper.

No. 1325857

>I've never seen a cisgender female even come close to looking how my sisters look
He's right lol just not in the way he thinks. His "sisters" look like botched deluded males and we are the women they wish they were and are trying to replicate. The fact that they truly believe trannies are the blueprint for the trends women follow is the biggest projection I've seen. Do they genuinely believe we'd ever want to look like them?

No. 1325858

Wowwww this looks bad. I remember him being relatively cute when he first started blowing up but now he legit looks like a turtle

No. 1325859

those lips are so botched

No. 1325860

File: 1631818484559.jpeg (57.3 KB, 1062x596, C9aZlTKVYAEz91Y.jpeg)

he looks like real life rory cummings-dise drawing

No. 1325862

I mean he’s not wrong, I’ve never seen a cis woman with a five o’clock shadow

No. 1325868

File: 1631818800650.png (721.15 KB, 1024x780, Chinese_Euunch.PNG)

That scenario makes sense though, If a woman hates her male offspring and wanted a daughter she'll be aware that they can never turn a man into a woman and even if he was a castrated Euuunch he's still turn out male, the only case I know where a woman who wanted a daughter but never got one just told her sons to give her granddaughters, she didn't feminize them into Trannies

No. 1325870

This looks like aftermath of a facial trauma reconstruction. These people who do this to themselves are deranged

No. 1325872

HOW did he make himself look even scarier holy shit

No. 1325878

Don't be dense, he was exposing them to his fetish and sexual selfies.

No. 1325880

File: 1631819370401.jpg (45.04 KB, 629x562, rdc.jpg)

No. 1325894

I remember someone posted about pegging on Ovarit and the comments were all "it's empowering". How is it empowering? The center of pleasure is on the male. It's disgusting.

No. 1325897

Because you're dominating him?(sage)

No. 1325900

lmao stop

No. 1325902

his thicc neck always makes me kek.

No. 1325903

File: 1631821135735.jpg (448.54 KB, 1440x1755, Screenshot_20210916-203904.jpg)

The most empowering thing a woman can do is become financially independent; buy a vibrator, glass dildo, some weed, and never touch a man again.

No. 1325905

it's "empowering" because being like men is often framed as "empowering" for women

No. 1325908

File: 1631821572251.jpg (59.49 KB, 1024x576, 1586771842520.jpg)

I was half asleep after a hard da of work and this ugly picture woke me up. He looks so much like a straight tube in these ugly as fuck clothes, yet you can clearly see his dick's outline. Yet we're supposed to think he's a woman.

No. 1325909

NTA but the reason so many angry darlings on here hate it because it’s rooted in “woman weak, man strong”; flipping the roles is sexually exciting because it’s “humiliating”, not empowering. it demeans the man’s masculinity, because he’s in the position of a woman

historically, it’s a humiliating one for men. remember how it’s cool for ancient romans to be tops but not bottoms? being a top doesn’t demean a man because he’s in his “natural” state, being a bottom does because he’s demeaning his masculinity by “feminizing” himself. same for ancient egyptians, lesbian relationships were cool and permitted, and so was being a homosexual top. being a bottom, though? it wasn’t cool, mostly because being a bottom insulted the ancient egyptian model of masculinity

don’t really agree with all of this, just explaining some of the reasoning. just because the roles are reversed doesn’t mean it’s empowering

No. 1325911

You didn't even sage this embarrassing take. If you're not being physically pleasured by the act and he is, you're submitting to him. It doesn't matter who's doing more or who's "on top". A man can only submit to you by giving head, which is why most don't.
To be fair, we have documented proof of moms trooning out their effeminate gay sons, so TRA mom logic exists and is just as retarded as regular tranny logic.

No. 1325913

I can't believe women on Ovarit fell for an "it'a empowering" meme.

No. 1325917

>You didn't even sage this embarrassing take.
It's hard to remember ;-;
Anyways, firstly I'd say that dominance is more about leading/controlling the interaction. Second, I don't know how well they work, but I know there's a lot of strapons that are designed to stimulate the clit of the wearer

No. 1325919

The third Bogdanoff brother.

No. 1325921

I hate to add another post on but (for example) a girl tying a guy down and ridding him would generally be considered to be dominating him
It's not just about pleasure

No. 1325925

The problem is that there's absolutely nothing subversive or empowering about a woman sexually pleasuring a man and having to rely on herself for her own physical pleasure. It's what's expected of us, and has been expected of us for generations. It's still a woman servicing a man, even if she's not the one getting penetrated.

No. 1325940

If you look at male-dominate sex, that's basically what he does (sexually pleasuring the other party can be missing, but I feel like it usually isn't)

No. 1325947

They aren't wrong. They are men and they created femininity as a sex role. A woman is still a woman if she doesn't perform femininity but the same isn't true for him and his mutilated bros. kek

No. 1325956

Ovarit's userbase is made of recently peaked libfems who just want a spot of their own, it's not a radfem stronghold or whatever.

No. 1325973

File: 1631827404931.jpeg (250.49 KB, 828x1418, FEA2E9E6-0653-4813-8D7C-06F01F…)

The best part is reading the comments left on blogs. A lot of black women openly hate troons and would call it what it is.

No. 1326011

I always hated that troon, his entire life is a clown act.

No. 1326014

File: 1631831092584.jpeg (441.22 KB, 1584x1081, 632ED38B-ACB9-43CF-87DC-61122D…)

Didn’t see this posted but trannies are making a second rumored capital insurrection all about themselves as usual.

> OH em GEE American GIRLIES listen up! *purposeful moob titty shake* Children are being kidnapped and killed in child armies in South Sudan and trans women in suburban America are in the most DANGER of ALL TIME! We are at the biggest risk right now! Please be safe ladies! We just can’t live our busty and supple existences in peace without people killing us!

> uwuAdelaideLanza: OwO don’t worry girliez I have my AR-15 and Nazi heels ready for some stomping on elementary school self-defense grounds!
> lesbianfairywitchqueen: u/uwuAdelaideLanza yesssss queen, so fierce!! if you feel threatened then unleash the wrath of hellfire on the evil nazi terfs. i suggest getting as far away as you can and then firing on them from afar. make sure you have enough rounds for a crowd. here’s an idea of what i mean hee hee! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Texas_tower_shooting

No. 1326023

>i wish I was post-op, though; would feel a lot safer these days
What does having a rot pocket even do if he’s concerned about “passing”? Is he going to try getting fucked by some dude with a gun or something?

No. 1326028

I think that person might be TIF. Unless AGAB is something other than a typo for AFAB (F & G being beside each other)

No. 1326034

I mean… This is a joke, right? Right??

No. 1326042

"as my AGAB", my Assigned Gender At Birth
as if gender is what gets assigned and not sex

No. 1326045

File: 1631833208978.jpeg (155.09 KB, 1242x844, F889CDE0-2F89-453C-9732-2C959C…)

No. 1326062

File: 1631834347856.jpeg (36.71 KB, 413x395, F5A82F66-6421-4AE2-B4CB-39BD64…)

I can’t with you bitches KEK my sides are in actual orbit

No. 1326081

400 gecs

No. 1326090

File: 1631835810837.jpeg (560.72 KB, 828x1300, C7F3DE7C-22A7-4C69-8A75-AAC920…)

I really hope he buys all the intimates he tried on cus even as a woman I don’t do this

No. 1326091

File: 1631835895645.png (1.26 MB, 958x1416, www.png)

I found this one really ridiculous troon. At first I thought this must have been really hardcore trolling since he looked like any eboy chad but seems like he really does identify as a lesbian
Over half of his posts are constantly about how much he hates his mom, it feels like he's gonna Norman Bate her one day.
The rest of his tiktoks are talking about how much of a lesbian, even tho he identified as a gay guy before.
He has girls complimenting him and he's probably too delusional to know its cause they view him as a cute alt guy

No. 1326093

he looks like he's cosplaying adam lanza

No. 1326103

File: 1631836770389.png (853.5 KB, 806x1354, wwwww.png)

I can't post the vid but there's one really funny post he made where he was complaining about guys thinking they can convert him, a "lesbian", straight

No. 1326109

Assigned Gringo At Birth

No. 1326110

Lmfao he must be a troll

No. 1326111

Why do so many dudes have to take pictures of themselves trying in clothes in the women’s fitting rooms, then post them? Nobody wants to see your nuts in a suit meant for a females body

No. 1326112

TIMs really like spiked bats for some reason.

No. 1326114

I felt like he must have been one, and still feel like he might be.
But seems like he's probably not by how much he vents and how long its been going on, even has a sjw pan gf.

No. 1326116

Glad to see the Latinas in the comments upset by this video.

No. 1326122

Damn, delusion is infectious.

No. 1326125

kek maybe he's trying to pander to 'straight' guys with the 'lesbian' act. reverse psychology? thinks he can get dick by being the troonsbian who isn't into men… also yes women have that kind of hair buddy. cope harder.

No. 1326129

>talking about how much of a lesbian, even tho he identified as a gay guy before
Conversion therapy with extra steps.

No. 1326131

He looks horrible in motion, Nikita is the trans jeffree star

No. 1326141

File: 1631839677956.jpeg (92.42 KB, 960x864, 0F9B6CED-D15F-4C15-AB4B-11DD98…)

Why are men

No. 1326146

File: 1631840163874.png (717.78 KB, 1433x921, 2333243211.PNG)

Anons in previous threads were talking TRAs trying to pass self-id laws and destroy female-only spaces in Japan (like abolishing women's toilets in small offices and women-only passenger cars). The debate is becoming increasingly intense and Japanese radical feminists have even opened up a website this month to fight back against it.


No. 1326154

Japan is the type of place where child porn is rampant and women can’t keep their surnames when they get married but TRAs will say gender feelings are real and wokies at Tokyo U will believe it. No wonder troons worship the country so much.

No. 1326161

How come they haven't gotten over this egirl look yet? Has it been what 5 years or more?
kek this is my new favorite insult, thanks

No. 1326162

Agreed. Femdom is not empowering in the slightest. What's empowering about giving a man a guaranteed orgasm while you have to work to reach yours?? Only getting head till you cum is true empowerment. All these femdom mommies and pegging enthusiasts give me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1326166

File: 1631841818075.jpeg (86.41 KB, 446x400, 28A0D19B-76D7-4960-BCC9-EF3818…)


No. 1326168

jesus fucking christ, it really is spreading across language barriers. it's no longer confined to anglophone retardation.

No. 1326170

Probably because he wants to skinwalk Asian Doll, and was hoping people would think her body is his.
Many such cases.

No. 1326171

File: 1631842475324.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, kek.gif)

No. 1326176

I've noticed HSTS seem to mimic black women, like how straight TIFs sort of mimic Jewish men, and AGP wish they were Asian women.

No. 1326178

She called herself that as an in-joke because other people thought her eyes looked Asian. Nikita Dragun never trooned out because people thought he was a black or blasian girl, lmao, nice try.

No. 1326179

I always read "ACAB" as "assigned cop at birth". I even knew someone who was asking what "Arab" meant.

No. 1326181

What about lesbian TIFs

No. 1326184

A lot of the transbians I've seen try to look like anime girls.

No. 1326187

Nonny, she's talking about lesbians who troon out to "identify" as men.

No. 1326188

Because they wanna look like the women they're attracted to. We will be in 2025 and they will still be dressing like e-girls.

No. 1326190

My bad, I misread TiF as TiM kek.

No. 1326195

They're not as common as the rest, nor do they go out of their way to be very visible or vocal. They're not as fetishtic either, usually.
I'm guessing they mimic the most bland white guys, with minor external misogyny to fit in.
Or they mimic straight tifs

No. 1326198

File: 1631843890507.jpg (34.51 KB, 300x522, 20180707_blp514_0.jpg)

Lesbian TIFs all want to look like the most boring straight white men NPCs. Picrel is the TIF called Charlie Kiss.

No. 1326206

File: 1631845093390.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.62 KB, 216x174, tranny.jpg)

Nikita Nicholas Troon changed his Instagram profile picture to this, now he's spamming dicks and shit about tranny rights.

No. 1326208

what a butthurt little sperg

No. 1326220

He can only play the tranny card against any backlash for so long. Who even likes him at this point besides blue checks that don't want to be canceled on Twitter for being transphobic

No. 1326224

acting like a whole ass man baby. surprised he didn’t photoshop the pfp to be darker skinned you know because he tans so much. he stole everything from black girl style and it wouldn’t kill him to just be respectful. at this point it might though tbh.

No. 1326232

I love how all this blew up in his face, trans don't know what to do when they aren't getting hugboxxed. He thought he was going to go viral outting Tyga and nobody would notice him calling out Asian doll, instead he got misgendered and roasted. Then he had the nerve to talk shit about black women. Trans rights to them means "The right to say and do whatever I want, then pull the trans card".
Also, noticed how Nikita was so obsessed with vaginas now he's all about his dick? He's as dumb as he looks.

No. 1326235

the troon card doesn't work on the crowd he offended, there's a lot of black handmaidens but a lot of black women were offended from the JUMP what he did to Asian doll. Then when he made that comment going, "no. Black transwomen and black gays create the culture" when someone said black women do, that REALLY pissed a lot of people off.
Only idiots on twitter are crying over him being misgendered, the people who were defending him even if they had a lot of likes had a lot of comments going "fuck that". I feel a lot of women, especially black women are sick of the shit troons pull. Nikita was the token trans that some of these female rappers had around for some reason. I wonder if thats going to change.

No. 1326240

File: 1631849498982.jpeg (314.73 KB, 1570x1416, 4B5C4938-9956-4726-9F0F-956D65…)

Have you ever noticed they always fall into one of this categories?

No. 1326243

but why ? your literally using a Phasic plastic dildo and shoving it up a man's asshole
I don't find that shit empowering in anyway, its just gross as hell, I'd probably vomit If I even stuck a finger in a man's asshole
okay, but its still gross and the case of pegging the man is probably the one into it, in every pegging story I've heard its always the male partner whose into it and then he later he troons out
But that's the thing, you are not forcing the man to be there, he already wants to be there and for him being "dominated" by a woman is the just his fetish cause he knows women have no power over him in any substantial way

No. 1326254

first story is fucking insane with how much hes seething about his mommy.
stuff that gives women ptsd: being sexually/physically attacked by the people they were supposed to be able to trust or complete stranger who felt they had the right to use and abuse them
stuff that gives moids ptsd: mommy saying he looked cute being dressed up by his sister, mommy removing herself from frustrating situations instead of getting aggressive towards her children

also lol at him saying she was "probably autistic" and then going on to say she "only" responded to "nonverbal queues and body language" ie literally the opposite of autism. that story is so fucking telling, moids are literally just bad apples who will blame you for their psychosexual degeneracy even if you try your hardest to raise them well. abort all moids.
would put money on the last story being a retarded larp

No. 1326255

Anon, do you have the TIF one too? I need to save it to my collection.

No. 1326256

What's the difference between degenerate and organic strap? This list is missing the violent serial killer and/or rapist who trooned out in prison.

No. 1326259

I guess it's based on what their appearance is like, so the degenerate would be a failed bimbofication project while the organic strap goes for the cutesy anime girl. But there's a lot of overlap among then personality wise

No. 1326260

Yeah it needs the Buffalo Bill type TIM

No. 1326261

Sadly no

No. 1326262

File: 1631853386553.png (733.2 KB, 967x989, 332121.PNG)

Here's something /tttt/ came up with.

No. 1326264

The Last story is very clearly a LARP, I mean where does a 16 year old girl in the (90's or 2000s) even get a Dildo
the first story is real in just how the moid tries to frame it, he acts like his mother forced him to be a tranny degenerate, when in truth he did that to himself

No. 1326265

These pictures are way too kind to trannies, especially the casanova wtf. I’ve been in this thread for years and while I’ve seen some discord groomers they usually look closer to fat 12 year old boys than “cute tranny” wojacks.

No. 1326266

>a man appropriating womanhood is a source of guidance to feminists

No. 1326268

>middle school health teacher

No. 1326270

The fact that it tries to be affirming and nice to nearly all of them, lmao.

No. 1326273

They probably think this is self-deprecating humor, too. Troons can't even handle papercuts kek.

No. 1326288

File: 1631858964875.png (290.51 KB, 929x1205, What_The_Fuck.png)

Why does anyone believe in this shit

No. 1326289

File: 1631859145837.webm (10.82 MB, 720x1280, Tranny.webm)

No. 1326295

>that fridge body and linebacker shoulders
Fucking kek

No. 1326299

he looks what, 16 ? i can't help but feel for him, without all the pressure and grooming he could have been a normal gay kid

No. 1326301

At least he looks like he somewhat showers, his hair doesn't look greasy like the other troons.

No. 1326305

i dont understand people who do performative crying for tiktoks or any video, its so weird

No. 1326308

There's so much effort that goes into it too. It's not like a regretful or impulsive tweet. Weirdos.

No. 1326312

Holy shit this is about the best description of all the tranny types I've seen. The middle-aged hon killed me kek

Also because most AGPs trooning out are in the age bracket that was obsessed with the Belle Delphine e-girl look and as we all know these perverts want to become the girl that made their peepee hard and they can't get over, be it the twitch thot they first subscribed to or the alt goth girl from their high school class.

No. 1326315

Amazing how 80% of the time FTMs pass better than MTFs in every way, scrolling down I really thought this was just someone's dad. No wonder 6 feet hons obsessed with becoming the cute teenage catgirl seethe over FTMs reaching their transition goals.

No. 1326316

File: 1631863478619.jpg (351.48 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210917-092136_You…)

Cis women don't even come close to such beauty

No. 1326319

I like to look at older MTF accounts. 9/10 it’s inactive and they commit suicide. Their post history is all the same:
>am I trans?
>how long until I see effects from HRT?
>I was told I would be a hot girl by now.
>omg I have dysphoria very creepy detailed descriptions of random girls they saw irl or from social media or posts random girls Instagram pics without their permission.
>I hate my parents/ the government why is surgery so expensive/ I hate my mom/ I need surgery
>f“ I’m so depressed I vomit, I can’t eat or go outside”

No. 1326322

Gay TIMs pretend to be sassy black women, straight TIMs pretend to be submissive Asian women, straight TIFs pretend to be nice Jewish boys, and lesbian TIFs pretend to be the most boring white men to ever exist.

No. 1326323

Transmaxxing, only realistic in a world where photoshop and AI face apps exist. Seriously, I’m starting to think the best thing that’s ever happened to these Buffalo Bills is the internet.

No. 1326324

>"the IQ" pic and description
I sure do wonder which stereotype the OP wrote to describe himself

No. 1326326

Jesus she really does look like some no name NPC

No. 1326328

He’s like 1000x uglier than Sophie Halil, which says a lot. The acne growing on top of his acne scarred greasy face, bell pepper nose, weird pointed chin implant, beady eyes. He wasn’t even attractive as a male. We need to stop hyping these ugly men up on social media in the name of inclusion.

No. 1326330

>more beneficial to society
No troons are beneficial to society.

No. 1326332

Testosterone is a growth hormone and there’s genetic reasons why FTMs pass better too. MTFs piss out the estrogen they take, which must be terrible for the environment. They also account for 98% of the hormone DIY subreddit.

No. 1326333

I am disgusted with how they see no shame in their autogynephilia. Though at least /tttt/ can admit to autogynephilia, mention it on Reddit and they will immediately ban you for "promoting psuedoscience and transphobic hate speech".

No. 1326334

Imo Sophie Halili is legit deformed. He has a fucking piggy-MJ nose and his eyes look like he had 6 facelifts. At least this one still has his original nose. Asians already have the benefit of having prenatal features and therefore passing better, but they always ruin it by making themselves look like blow-up dolls, which just screams "FAKE FAKE FAKE!".

No. 1326335

So she chose her name out of appropriating asian eyes? I dont know doesn't really make it any less hypocritical, I'd say it makes it worse

No. 1326336

is this legit? i thought it was satire

No. 1326337

Just be a normal gay man, jfc. They are so desperate for straight men and will literally troon just at a shot at them and then cry and moan when straight men still don't want to fuck their man-ass. It's so utterly pathetic.

No. 1326338

This one isn't ugly as sin for once.

No. 1326340

Carl Andersson aka Vintologi (swedish pedo behind transmaxxing) is 100% serious.

No. 1326341

Isn't he in jail for CP?

No. 1326344

Nah. You're confusing him with another pedo white guy. Nathan Larson, maybe?

No. 1326348

Funny that it's only his teen male metabolism that lets him eat that much junk food

No. 1326353

the rap community doesnt attract the brightest to be fair, just a bunch of misogynists, rapists, racists, and pedophiles who die from either drug overdoses or murdered

No. 1326359

Kek what is it wish AGPs and always bragging about how they have a high IQ? I see it constantly on /tttt/. They say AGP have high IQ and HSTS have low IQ. Some of them say this means "HSTS are closer to cis women because women also have lower IQ" and "this is proof that AGP trans are superior to cis women and HSTS".

No. 1326366

Gay trannies are so pathetic and embarrassing. They troon out in hopes they can finally get to fuck straight men, and end up perma-virgins, exclusively fucking hideous GAMPs (usually for money), or dead bc they lied to a straight man. He could easily detroon and date gay/bi men, but nope, he'd rather be miserable, crying on TikTok bc straight moids won't touch his bootyhole, lmao

No. 1326369

File: 1631869805116.jpg (50.19 KB, 850x450, till kottmann.jpg)

the absolute state of trannies LMAO wtf?

No. 1326371

File: 1631870246263.jpg (1.09 MB, 1000x1498, LMFAOO.jpg)


No. 1326379

File: 1631870697384.png (258.42 KB, 861x438, Csdsd.png)

Incels/niceguy have a similar logic, "dumb roasties only want Chad for his looks while, they can't comprehend my intelligence and the complex philosophy I've learned from watching Anime"
meanwhile the Chad memeguy(the one with Blonde Hair and with the football shirt) that they post as an example of a Dumb Jock is a successful finance accountant

No. 1326382

File: 1631871077390.jpg (420.4 KB, 1140x1710, tillie_kottmann.jpg)

No. 1326383

A lot of bi men are really into trannies though. I had a friend who had a bi bf but he left her for an HSTS.

No. 1326386

>"I'm sick of feeling more like a fetish than a human"

>whole video is just him performing an unrealistic fetishized stereotype of a 'sad teen girl' he saw in movies made by old men

No. 1326387

Bi men are just homosexuals who think they can have both dick and a mommy-gf to take care of them. Trannies can have them, I don't know any woman who would be interested in dating a "bisexual" man. They are utterly degenerate.

No. 1326395

They are incels, lol. "Roasties are so dumb" is common incel rethoric, usually they are manchildren who have been told by mommy that they are "gifted" and they have nothing else in their life to brag about. Women must be stupid for not recognizing their genuis and rewarding the A they got on their math test with sex. Ofc they all have a fetish for bimbos and "HRT makes me such a dummy dumb dumb cock slut teehee".

No. 1326403

Yes but even "nice guy" normies believe in this shit, that their somehow "intellectually superior" to the dumb jocks

No. 1326404

File: 1631873652112.jpg (19.55 KB, 260x312, 1629002812742.jpg)

>straight TIFs pretend to be nice Jewish boys
wait what ? I've never see this shit

No. 1326406

There is something so glorious about a celeb troon and his tranny defenders peaking hundreds of thousands of handmaidens with this statement. Words cannot express how much joy I feel–thank you Nickolas or whatever his deadname is kek. Instances like these >>1321403 (THOSE LIKES!!!!!!!!) make me think that it's possible a decent portion of gen Z women and normal moids have peaked truthfully because of tranny social media antics (and the shit they're pulling in colleges now) but everyone is too scared to say anything. I'm in uni right now and I definitely take note of the number of people who don't have any pronouns listed on their school accounts. Students are much more defiant about it because I've seen departments in my discipline where every female faculty has pronouns but a number of the male faculty members don't.

OT but I recently saw a department page that had a "she/they" female prof listed, "she/her" for all female professors, and then 1/3 of male professors with no pronouns at all (most of them being old as fuck so you can bet that they didn't forget but that they actually disagree with tranny nonsense). I'm willing to bet my future earnings that the gender special professor bothered the fuck out of the other female professors (anywhere from passive aggressiveness to outright harassment) to include on ~tHeIr pRoNouNs~ on the department profiles but didn't make nearly as much of an effort to make sure the males submitted theirs as well. I say this because NB women have no issue with being absolute snakes to other women but are dead ass silent when it comes to transphobic men.
Ik this is super OT sorry but it's a male dominated field and women are treated like shit in it already which is why it ESPECIALLY pisses me off that women had to bend to the tranny rhetoric while the men didn't. Our job market site is overrun by incels and like 3/4 of discussions nowadays are just ranting about women and the 'dating market' kek. I've argued with men on there as a woman but every time I'd bring up trannies in regards to women's rights the post is removed. Yet transphobic men complaining about troons' posts are still up weeks later on this sexist ass site. I hate how men kill trannies and outright talk about how much they hate them but the second women don't call ourselves womb havers or don't say our pronouns we need to receive the worst of tranny wrath.

No. 1326407

It's a recent thing, there are a lot of young straight tifs obsessed with Ezra Miller, Finn Wolfhard, and Timothee Chalamet. Often named after these dudes, but mostly it's always Ezra or Mordecai (such an old man name, I'm just as confused tbh)

No. 1326408

People in general think bi men are actually gay and bi women are actually straight.

No. 1326409

Try reading through some of the TIF threads.

No. 1326410

Please don't start the bi man sperging again nonas, it happens every thread. All scrotes are degenerates.

No. 1326412

never underestimate the rage straight women have for bi men kek

No. 1326414

It rivals that of the hatred lesbians have for bi women

No. 1326417

At least gay men keep the HIV to themselves.

No. 1326418

I'd say its worse because a lot of lesbians and bi women do date each other whereas the vast majority of straight women are completely and utterly disgusted by bi men. A lot of bi women will admit to being bi (even straight women will pretend to be bi) whereas most bi will pass themselves off as straight and deny their same-sex attraction forever. Every bi male thread on /tttt/ is full of constant repressing and r/bisexuality is the same.

No. 1326420

Its cause Jews are still considered well meek and unmasculine something TIFs relate, also its an easy way to not be "boring straight white men"

No. 1326422

At best terminally online male "IQ" results in some ability to code. Big whoop, many people who aren't incels can code. Despite having no life and all the time in the world, this ginormous population of supremely genius and male-brained incels have never produced anything near the level of Aaron Schwartz and it's now easier than ever to learn to code.
If you check /mtfg/ in /tttt/ you'll see what they really do with all of their time, which is flourishing in all of their degeneracy on social media. I checked earlier and it was a lot of gun sperging which is of course worrying to say the very least.

No. 1326425

>Jews are still considered well meek and unmasculine
Since when?

No. 1326426

Ashkenazi Jewish men are stereotyped to be nice, unmasculine, nerdy, bad at sports, white-but-not-really, (usually) grow up in conservative households, have controlling Jewish mothers, and engage in self-deprecating humor. TIFs love this shit or can relate to it.

Also Jews experience antisemitism so a lot of non-Jewish TIFs (TIMs as well) will try to convert to Judaism to get more oppression points.

No. 1326429

How do you know they're not jewish? I mean Jews statistically are a lot more neurotic and mentally ill due to their long history of inbreeding cause they refuse to procreate with anyone who isn't a jew. It's make sense that a lot of these neurotic mentally ill women are actually jewish.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1326431

Because they keep talking about how they're going to convert to Judaism. If you're already a Jew then you're not going to convert.

No. 1326433

I'm a straight woman who doesn't hate bi men but I have noticed that not even bi women like bi women. I always see gay-lesbian solidarity but never bi men-bi women solidarity. Bi women are always seeking "sapphic" solidarity with lesbians rather than bi men despite sharing a sexuality with the latter.

No. 1326435

File: 1631876930303.jpg (118.19 KB, 1007x699, Capture.JPG)

Been following a black female artist for years on instagram, she's openly autistic and does a lot with rainbows, it's super cute art and I always thought that her relationship with her big bearded husband was sweet.

But alas, he is now "Lavender Rose" and she's stayed with him through his tragic transition. Can't help but feel he's taking advantage of the fact that she's autistic to keep her with him - it's not like he's making any sort of effort to look like anything other than a fat gross male. Saged for sperg I guess I'm just tired of seeing this happen to nice women who deserve better from their Nigels.

No. 1326439

mental illness has to do mostly with inbreeding of European Jews
have you never heard of the nice Jewish boy trope, or how commonly jews are cast as nerds or dorks, their not "feminized" like Asian men tend to be
in Media and popular culture you can argue that Jewish males are often emasculated, either helpless victims in WW2 films and in general media Jewish boys are often stereotyped as nerdy and portrayed as weak, nervous, skinny, shy, not particularly masculine and awkwardly dressed
I don't think it ever dawned on the men making these films There were plenty of women who found these traits and characters more attractive then the stereotypical action figures

No. 1326441

I know a lot of East Asian American women have a fetish for Jewish men. Never thought culturally Christian white teenage TIFs would too.

No. 1326444

Oh man. First she loses that amazing apartment and now she loses her man. That's so depressing.

No. 1326447

the fetish for jewish guys with regards to white girls mostly has to do with their perceived nerdiness and "cute" features that certain jews have
curly and dark hair and some light swarthy features

No. 1326461

>the sheer amount of she/her badges
I can’t

No. 1326467

Moid is so disgusting that he needs not one but eight pronoun badges.

No. 1326472

>appropriating eyes she was born with
Are you a troon?

No. 1326474

Yeah because apparantly men so completely amazing and irresistable that women can't compare. Weird attitude.

No. 1326475

What kind of Buffalo Bill shit is this?

No. 1326481

I love it when bi men get mentioned because it causes an immediate spergout in the thread and it's absolutely hilarious. I'm straight and I don't hate bi men but I have also literally never met a bisexual man in real life.

No. 1326484

>literally never met a bisexual man in real life
That's the exact problem. They'd get into relationships with straight women but still get dick on the dl and deny they have any kind of same-sex attraction. Putting women's health in danger and suspecting them to STDs isn't funny.

No. 1326487

Same here nonita. I always forget they exist. It's like there are 30 bi women for every 1 bi man or something.

No. 1326490

Amazingly, I've seen them make similar claims w/r/t gaydens and lesbians TIFs with the former being high-IQ and the latter being low-IQ. I think it has more to do with their hatred of homosexuality.

No. 1326492

He kind of looks like that portly Buzzfeed girl whose husband trooned out a year ago, kek

No. 1326493

Maybe, but imo its also due to the fact that HSST are from mostly black, Hispanic and lower class white communities

No. 1326495

even with the trans issues aside wow this is embarrassing

No. 1326496

NTA but good point. /tttt/ shits on HSTS all the time because they are gay men but they also seem very envious of them because they think HSTS are more "beautiful" than AGP. The AGP/HSTS typology is constantly discussed on /tttt/ but using those terms on Reddit will get you immediately banned.

Yeah, they're really racist (obviously) but the weird thing is they keep saying TERFs are bad because they are racist.

No. 1326498

I feel like once you see how tall they are or hear how their voice sounds it’s out the window though.

No. 1326500

File: 1631883275924.png (159.19 KB, 764x271, 1442331.PNG)

>/tttt/ shits on HSTS all the time because they are gay men but they also seem very envious of them because they think HSTS are more "beautiful" than AGP

Yes, they obsess over HSTS a lot.

No. 1326501

kek that response

No. 1326503

And you know the general public is still calling him sir kek

My belief is that it’s more common than we think but like other anons said most bi men keep it on the d/l so they don’t get called gay. I’ve only met one who was open about it in my entire life and he willingly owns up to fucking with both sexes.

No. 1326505

Lesbian TIFs are the most boring looking trannies. Maybe AGP think the more horrid you look, the higher your IQ.

No. 1326509

File: 1631884241169.jpg (17.23 KB, 300x360, CHARLIE KISS.jpg)

She kind of has this femaleness to her face. I can't describe it.

No. 1326514

She has Shayna features, like the honker nose and the beady rat eyes.

No. 1326520

she looks like my Turkish dad, in fact she looks like most Turkish Boomers

No. 1326522

Please tell me this is not the fate of the woman who made the Lisa Frank inspired apartment. She's been through so much already, she does not need a fucking troon to top it off

No. 1326525

ftm's pass so much better and it makes trannies seethe, kek. Testosterone is irreversible, whether you are exposed to it as a fetus or an adult. You can never bounce back from looking like a male and start looking like a female, but you can easily look like a male when you start off as a female.

No. 1326528

It's the less prominent brow ridge. Taking hormones can't change your bone structure.

No. 1326532

The majority of men who like yaoi/BL are bisexual. If you want to find bi men, you have to go look for fudanshi.

No. 1326534

File: 1631886567252.jpg (214.28 KB, 1280x720, 1280px-ContraPoints.jpg)

The midface and philtrum are short. Contra has the opposite problem. That's why transwomen tilt their head and unwashed 40 yo men do the opposite.

No. 1326535

Her fault for making her Nigel think this was an option. If you are going to date a moid you have to make it very clear that if they troon out on you they will die in a horrific rat-poison related accident. Men need to know where the boundaries are and since they are all socially retarded you need to spell those out clearly for them and tell them what will happen if they cross them. Also, why even date if you can't make fun of fugly trannies with your partner? Tell any man you meet how much you hate trannies and if he doesn't agree, NEXT!

No. 1326536


It's Amina Mucci's husband, her instagram is @studiomucci - I think it's the same person but not entirely sure

No. 1326537

Fuck off with your samefagging and inbred kike sperging nobody fucking cares and it’s all bullshit.

No. 1326538

Face is too round for a man this age.

No. 1326540

File: 1631886840961.jpeg (12.81 KB, 592x518, images - 2021-07-02T221401.902…)

>they will die in a horrific rat-poison related accident
Kek my sides

No. 1326543

File: 1631887012542.jpg (57.81 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop.jpg)

This. Picrel is a TIM before and after FFS. Shaving down the brow ridge makes a huge difference.

No. 1326544

It's not bullshit and Jews will even tell you yourself, lol. They are proud of being "racially pure" because they are endogamous (only marry other Jews). And yeah, it leads to marrying cousins, especially when the populations are small due to persecution and there's not many Jews around to chose from. It's not even an antisemitic stereotype, you can look it up yourself.

No. 1326545

My sides. I love women, they are the smartest.
He still looks like shit even if he has a short face. Men are doomed, their Y chromosome is a incurable disease found in every cells.
Silence scrote.

No. 1326546

File: 1631887334717.jpg (53.93 KB, 1000x664, thumb__1000_664_0_0_crop.jpg)

Getting the jaw shaved down is also a big procedure they do. Look at how blocky the face was before and after.

No. 1326547

tbh this is so sad, i cant even laugh bc it was just a teen and he was probably struggling with self-esteem issues and he thought it would made his life better

I'm so mad that this trans bs is becoming so mainstream, it's destroying so so many young ppl life

No. 1326548

Wow, at least from this angle he looks very feminine after surgery.

No. 1326551

He had a shitload of work done
>brow ridge shaved
>jaw shaved
>hairline moved forward
>eyes recontoured
>cheek implants
>forehead recontoured
>chin contoured
>adam's apple reduced

I think the lips are different too.

No. 1326553

How much do all these surgeries cost in total? $100k?

No. 1326556

Same reason why deviant men flash their dicks at women on the subway. They get off on being exhibitionists.

No. 1326557

Californian tax dollars.

No. 1326559

Could this be the elusive AGP HSTS?
I'll agree that these pics show pretty good results, but I bet this surgeon is uber expensive and someone of this caliber isn't accessible to most, the average surgeon can't even seem to know what a healthy nose looks like. In other words, you'd get a shitty weird face cause your surgeon is shitty and weird

No. 1326560

She's a lolcow too tbh. Badgers on about everyone copying her rainbow vomit style, got evicted because of late payment but pretended it was because the landlord wanter her retarded looking apartment.

No. 1326563

They moved the lips closer to the nose so the philtrum looks shorter.


Men have giant head compared to women so probably not.

No. 1326568

>Men have giant head compared to women so probably not.
Men also have giant bodies compared to women, so shrinking their heads with these surgeries does make their face look too small

No. 1326575

I remember reading some tumblr posts about her, how she was a poor black woman whose art style was being stolen by ebil white people, Its no wonder she ended up attracting a tranny and staying with him
girl needed a stable husband

No. 1326578

I mean while I making fun of trannies, It would be weird if my partner did it with me
he agrees with me that trannies can't ever be women and shouldn't be in women spaces, he's unaware of shit like discord grooming or trans furry commites or other internet bullshit

No. 1326581

My experience is the opposite, I've met more of them than gay guys and lesbians.

No. 1326590

Its cause of some old biased study with a ridiculously small sample size.
It goes like straight TIFs are the "smartest", with straight TIMs and lesbian TiFs being equal and gay TIMs being the "dumbest"

No. 1326595

File: 1631892126254.png (652 KB, 2246x1766, le ftm types.png)

Nta and late but there you go.

No. 1326601

AGP tims have access to better information and schooling, so that might be a factor

No. 1326602

Men will never know how bad trannies really are unless you show them. Plus it's fun to laugh at ugly tranny hons public freak-outs together. Couldn't imagine keeping funny shit like that from my partner and not laughing at it together.

No. 1326606

File: 1631893036784.jpeg (271.4 KB, 1650x2048, 373F6933-3DE3-45F1-836A-FAAE5C…)

No. 1326614

the fact that he's still standing there like a linebacker

No. 1326618

File: 1631893775725.png (352.7 KB, 352x856, s.png)

god those fucking hip surgeries they get make them all look like centaurs or satyrs or something

No. 1326620

Ugh, someone messed up while creating this CG model.

No. 1326625

It bugs me so much how they never get the waist right, why is it that the men that troon out always have an inverted triangle shape and never have a decent fucking waist? He needs some extra implants on the sides of his weird looking torso to make it seem like he’s got the hourglass figure he will never have.

No. 1326636

>"gibs me uterus nao"
Reminds me of one of the Jack the Ripper suspects, Francis Tumblety, who absolutely hated women and had a large collection of preserved uteri he would show others.
Society should not be enabling these insane men.

No. 1326650

Its probably more to do with a survival bias, with gay TIMs having way less barriers than the rest to transition.
Doctors back then scrutinized non gay TIMs way more, particularly TIFs, even more so straight TIFs.
The ones that got to transition were the ones that successfully cheated the system.

No. 1326657

>>We just need super unethical doctors to experiment on women to try it out so I can replace all the women that won't fuck me. I also dont understand biology and anatomy at all.

No. 1326670

I mean the point where it would be "possible" to give a man uterus, well we'd be at at gene manipulation to cure Cancer in terms of scientific progress

No. 1326673

He thinks straining to keep his eyes wide open and speeding up his video will make him pass better, but it just makes him look and sound even more deranged than he already is.

No. 1326689

Kek he transitioned into post-troonout Ellen Page.

No. 1326696

So basically, default to assuming everyone's lives revolve around cock until proven otherwise. You realize how absurd that is, right?

No. 1326697

Hip bones fuse at like 17 iirc, so you're not going to see any hips unless they started as a teen or for some reason developed them anyways (XXY syndrome or something)

No. 1326706

File: 1631899635587.jpeg (81.13 KB, 828x811, BE983919-B37A-4F5E-AD81-818506…)

Cope Nikita, you still got a cock between your legs and that’s why straight men won’t fuck you.

No. 1326724

They can't change their bones kek all that work and his torso is still undeniable. Notice how he hides what should be the middle of the hourglass with his ratty hair.

No. 1326729

File: 1631901042781.webm (18.4 MB, 576x1024, 5a25a9a285f8fd92c981383c5f4ad5…)

check out this blue haired guy with stubble who is a comedian (not funny) and calls himself a "big lesbian", kek. besides the rapey-ness of it all, the delusion is strong if he thinks anyone would need him to "disclose" to them that he is, indeed, a moid

No. 1326735

kek, they're always so fucking smug while "educating" you on some retarded take. i love when stupid people are confident in their retardation, not knowing how many people are just laughing at them

No. 1326746

And how is anyone supposed to look at him and know he wants to be a woman? Even the most accommodating people would still call him sir

No. 1326747

they'll never be able to get rid of that manly thick neck

No. 1326754

Their necks, hands, shoulders, natural waists and genitalia

No. 1326761

File: 1631902894152.jpeg (300.19 KB, 718x1389, noclue1.jpeg)

If he did a flip, good. If he "detransitioned", a man like this will 100% destroy the mental health of any unlucky woman who enters his coomer orbit. I can't stand this shit.

No. 1326762

File: 1631902915705.jpg (238.79 KB, 1500x1602, 322383370[1].jpg)

Maybe I'm just blind but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the difference in neck size

No. 1326763

File: 1631902945355.jpeg (192.32 KB, 718x1161, noclue2.jpeg)

Sorry, I can't collage it because I'm on mobile.

No. 1326767

File: 1631903071296.jpeg (108.6 KB, 718x498, noclue3.jpeg)

Men have no fucking clue how much work 85lb tanned fitness models with salon hair and nails go through. Like the post where somebody mentioned cost, and he thought they meant just the money for FFS.

No. 1326768

File: 1631903183179.jpeg (244.46 KB, 719x1255, noclue4.jpeg)

And they don't even see women they don't want to fuck. They do not see them. It's like how Tesla's AI can't see the broad side of 18 wheelers and firetrucks.

No. 1326771

File: 1631903402660.jpeg (265.99 KB, 719x1218, noclue5.jpeg)

They think top 2% of effort women just role out of bed literally perfect. And other women just don't exist. These are the men who end up shaming thin girls into eating disorders and completely ruining their lives.

No. 1326781

Autistic men like that tranny deserve butchering their bodies, the low self esteem that they will never fix and being depressed until the 41% naturally happens.

No. 1326789


I wonder if this guy ended up 41%ing. He posted at 15 and 16 about his depression, suicidal thoughts and clear delusions, then never again. Anyone speak german that can find him?

No. 1326798

File: 1631904839415.jpg (1.38 MB, 2560x1920, 21-09-17-19-50-55-235_deco.jpg)

Egg with a Hank hill ass

No. 1326802

>live longer
Yes. By taking cross sex hormones you're totally going to live longer, lmao
>stop and reverse hair loss
Doesn't happen
>people will treat you better if they think you're female
>less likely to get killed
Double kek

Is this vintology guy the same that was making lots of retarded threads at saidit gc? Guy is a complete nutjob. People tried to talk with him but soon realized he is very deep into his delusions. I think at some point he was simply ignored and banned any time he tried posting crap again

No. 1326806

File: 1631905368217.png (75.12 KB, 513x862, pwxuorosdwv31.png)

trancels are coping with being uglier than HSTS

No. 1326808

Bro your mansplaining does not pass, kek. It sounds like one of those shower-arguments you have where you think about what you wish you would have said in a situation to totally own the person.

No. 1326814

i'd be fine with it if the modern-day ability to express their fetishes stopped them from murdering their families and attacking women like they did in the repressed past but no, they still do it. so it doesn't seem like letting them troon out really heped anything, as they claim it did

No. 1326815

Yeah, we should totally waste medical resources to enable mentally ill men's fetishes instead of spending the money and time on curing diseases and actually helping people who have conditions that are not self-imposed. God they are so entitled.

No. 1326820

File: 1631905929973.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2305, Screenshot_20210917-201011.jpg)

>They think top 2% of effort women just role out of bed literally perfect. And other women just don't exist.
Kekekek let them believe they'll transform into fitness models after HRT, so we can enjoy watching them neck themselves after posting shit like picrel.

No. 1326829

why would the vagina doctor treat someone having testicle problems? i don't care if you wanna believe troons but this is like going to a dentist to get heart surgery. she didn't study that.

No. 1326834

I never realized until troons happened that men do not know the difference between a 2-piece swimsuit and actual underwear.

No. 1326835