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File: 1627898834660.png (Spoiler Image, 401.75 KB, 700x1556, spakikomiii.png)

No. 1289334

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Previous thread highlights:
Our blessed Kikomi, inspired by the Wi Spa incident, flashes her packer at a local spa and is absolutely euphoric over being labeled a pervert for it. >>1280546
Literal Hollywood nobody Tommy Dorfman comes out as trans, ensuring an extra 15 minutes of fame. >>1282338
Troon wrecks his animemobile and screeches at the police and EMTs pulling him out. >>1282903
MtFs get their panties in a bunch over the "Trans Men Fight Back" letter that rightfully blames autogynephilic MtFs for the troubling state of transgender activism. >>1284511
Chris Chan faces allegations of raping his elderly mother or something, idk. >>1287356

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit. Do not engage troons who brigade this thread either. Ignore and report.

No. 1289338

Bless you OP, we nearly went 24 full hours without one, and this one looks quality to me.

No. 1289340

File: 1627900453936.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, 1615816730240.png)

anytime, anon

No. 1289341

Shit thank you anon, I was fiending

No. 1289349

File: 1627903228751.jpeg (314.58 KB, 828x1039, 96DD23DE-C930-48A7-8620-EC0356…)

Last thread, someone mentioned honchaser xanderl’s video seething cause of teenage terfs, has anyone seen that steaming pile of shit.

No. 1289353

There goes the MtF breeding obsession again.

No. 1289358

File: 1627905304736.png (390.02 KB, 861x768, L.png)

No. 1289361

Their first instinct is to jump to the most sexual and aggressive male retorts like raping family members and beating people, then expect anybody with ears and eyes to genuinely believe they're women and safe to be around lol, they really are as mentally retarded as they are physically repulsive to look at

No. 1289362

kinda good but kinda feels like he did this to be like "s-see i am a dainty female i have no unfair advantage..!"

No. 1289365

could they be any more male

No. 1289368


Imagine being the NZ female weightlifer whose place this failson took instead.

No. 1289369

yeah he basically took a life changing opportunity to take a piss out of it

No. 1289373

i could just be overthinking it all, but couldn't this just be done to show that 'mtfs have no unfair advantage guise!!!'… after this it will be easier TIMs to get into womans sports…

No. 1289376

Pretty certain that they don't think that far. AGPs are too self-centered and selfish to do that imo

No. 1289377

yeah but you know that tras will use this to point out that trannies don't have unfair advantage, planned or not

No. 1289389

exactly. even if he failed miserably, he ruined a womans life. and for what? for the ultimate uwu validation and showing his rotten armpit hair. next olympics will have many more TiMs thanks to his perfomance

No. 1289394

You're right, hadnt thought about that. While he was planning on winning and just failed (prob didn't bother training properly or improving his technique), the others are def gonna use this to push for more TIMs in women'a sports.

What's with them and always wanting to enter female spaces? It's disgusting

No. 1289398

He still took young woman's place to be there. And as if he doesn't have an advantage when he's 43, out of shape, after an injury competing against top female athletes in peak form their 20s. Honestly TRAs are so dumb with this argument.

No. 1289402

File: 1627909823807.jpeg (115.5 KB, 750x524, 2E2981DC-6397-4D95-A958-F8CE83…)


No. 1289403

File: 1627909871460.webm (8.01 MB, 640x360, hubbard olympic body.webm)

Look at the absolute state of this pig. Any troon who says his loss proves trans women are women is taking the piss.

No. 1289404

File: 1627909921112.jpg (290.03 KB, 1920x752, Screenshot_20210801-060518_Chr…)

>I want to be a cute anime girl
>Slice of life
>Sister dressed him up as a girl

No. 1289406

It's weird seeing this take everywhere. A DNF is far easier to fake than if he'd actually finished which makes it sus and "proves" nothing either way. He literally just took someone's spot for nothing.

No. 1289410

The tinfoil doomer in me thinks that this was 100% intentional. If he had successfully taken a medal away from an actual woman too many people would peak. Now the IOC can quietly change the rules and it minimizes backlash.

Alternatively he just sucks at his sport and is old and busted as hell.

Also kek that hairline

He's going to try to find a boyfriend-free girl in the womens prison the state of Virginia will happily put him in.

No. 1289412


he failed to register a snatch.

No. 1289418

At least fucking put on a sports bra. Women don't get to have their floppy tits showing while doing sport.

No. 1289421

This is kind of a personal lolcow. I have watched this gay guy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFEhb0lDoYI) for years, he used to be 100% homosexual attracted to men and did some drag shows, then came out as pan and had a gf (woman) for a while which is kind of weird. He decided to troonout earlier this year, recorded a documentary and it was broadcasted on TV (from which he was paid lots of money).
He has been talking about hormones and BA non stop in his videos. He even went to a clinic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBL0MsP2AlQ&pp=sAQA) for advice. He's upset that the waiting time in Sweden for hormones is 2+ years, he is 24 and is panicking about his body becoming more manly so someone recommended Gender GP to him and he got a perception within DAYS in exchange for money.
I kind of feel bad for him because he is a genuinely good person. He has struggled with mental health issues for years and I feel like this Tranny shit is just a way for him to "fix" himself.

In the first video I linked, he talks about how excited he is to finally get on hormones and that he can finally get rid of testosterone because Gender GP sold him a nasal spray. I'm afraid he doesn't know about testicles and adrenal glands or how the body works in general. I feel like once he gets on hormones, becomes disappointed, he will fly overseas to get castrated. Sad to see a young gay man fall for the tranny lifestyle.

No. 1289426

man the t has had a pretty bad pr day

No. 1289427

File: 1627912869716.jpeg (867.93 KB, 828x1594, 513C5D21-7B48-4AA5-9DD9-31D173…)

No. 1289429

i don't understand why gay men won't just be very effeminate and wear heels and whatever satisfies their strange internalized homophobia without feeling the need to chop their dicks off and eat hormones like skittles

No. 1289431

the way these trannies are always sporting terrible dye jobs makes them clockable immediately. beside he looks like doug with that nose and the red lipstick really accentuates the stubble over his upper lip. try again male, maybe after "a few revisions" he'll be passable kek

No. 1289432

File: 1627913162937.jpeg (324.21 KB, 821x1109, 99FBFF20-A128-4E5E-9873-BDFDB6…)

They already are. This fat fucking hog lost because he is a geriatric lard tub, but TRA’s remain retarded.

No. 1289435

That likes to quote tweet ratio kek

No. 1289438

Lmao eat shit, he and his millionaire dad should've had this idea 20 years ago maybe it'd worked then. Oh but this whole AGP epidemic wasn't a thing then, there's no way they would've gotten this far.

No. 1289445

>the face I’ve always wanted to see
Courtney Love after wisdom tooth surgery?

No. 1289446

his form is sooo bad wtf?? Did he think he could compete without training?

No. 1289447

File: 1627914455456.jpg (370.41 KB, 1076x810, Screenshot_20210802-172355_Twi…)

He absolutely threw it, the validation was clearly enough for him. The last attempt didn't even look like he tried at all, then immediately after he's smiling and making hearts at the cameras. Fucking vile.

No. 1289448

He failed cause he’s a fat old man.

No. 1289449

File: 1627914555998.jpg (92 KB, 786x1024, 20210802_172908.jpg)

No. 1289450

I’m so sorry NZ, this is embarrassing

No. 1289460

Congrats on managing to troll everyone, I guess.

No. 1289462

File: 1627916944692.png (94.33 KB, 693x528, E7yS3KqX0AI8ZuH.png)

charged with incest and twitterfags are still defending his pronouns

No. 1289464

It would have been better if he had won. Now people will just say see, troons are no threat.

No. 1289466

File: 1627917358535.jpeg (76.27 KB, 1424x294, 851778C9-DF4A-4760-A13E-DC3D45…)

Normies truly don’t realize this also applies to 90% of troons.

No. 1289467

File: 1627917421634.jpeg (647.23 KB, 822x898, 098A28D0-9C35-4514-B966-333796…)

WHY are the shitlib politics of first world countries being adopted in INTERNATIONAL sports, its one thing if countries like Canada, NZ , Aus, Usa want ruin their female sports, why do female athletes from all over the world, who already have it really fucking hard have to deal with it.

No. 1289469

>Incest w/own child or grandchild
is that because he's his mom's carer?

No. 1289471

This uggo already proved the opposite by stealing a woman’s deserving spot on the stage.

Nauseating to see this grown ass ugly man trying to be uwu cute on stage. It goes along with him having the olympics website change his profile picture to a glamour shot to appear less hulking.

No. 1289473

they might have limited categories for booking, not sure

No. 1289474

It's just whoever entered the data too. Clerk stuff, so they might have not cared to be specific since they didn't understand the full autistic spectrum coming their way.

No. 1289477

File: 1627917968871.jpg (30.79 KB, 610x370, lidia-valentin-heart.jpg)

lmao he stole the heart from lidia valentin who does a similar thing after her lifts

No. 1289478

File: 1627917987995.jpeg (132.52 KB, 1921x1080, D8CCDAA6-6077-4777-8C86-98AA97…)

Compare with Li Wenwen after her absolutely dominant victory. So happy for her and people on the Chinese team say she’s just a joy to be around.

No. 1289479

File: 1627918079630.png (674.67 KB, 1765x791, Screenshot (184).png)

Does anyone else find these troons on Pinterest? They're always so coomer-ish

No. 1289480

File: 1627918124130.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1886x582, Screenshot (182).png)

No. 1289481

File: 1627918273562.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1914x593, Screenshot (183).png)

No. 1289484

I think because these types of crimes are thankfully rare, there was only a category for the more common (and also revolting) child abuse variant

No. 1289485

Shit like this makes me wish TRAs were ALL truscum at the very least. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there are any "tru trans" in the real sense, but I could tolerate it a little better if they could gatekeep literal agp coomers like this guy

No. 1289490

And these creatures mess up the statistics on female sexual violence.

No. 1289494

you'd imagine that a person who identifies with womanhood would empathize enough with women to not rape us

No. 1289498

File: 1627920236824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.43 KB, 480x480, 933e04f0e421ec70ba66ffbc8ad853…)

Really dinks your doink!

No. 1289502

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not just shithole countries that hate women. First world countries don’t give a fuck about women unless it benefits men, either.

No. 1289503

File: 1627921403991.jpg (98.56 KB, 1080x395, SmartSelect_20210802-122250_Im…)

Why would feminists team up with non feminists lmao

No. 1289510

what the fuck is with men and sexual cartoons

No. 1289513

File: 1627922507069.png (47.21 KB, 735x325, 1.PNG)

"Defend.Protect & Dilate" is the trans motto.
Feelings don't care about your FACTS. Whenever a brave and stunning tran girl is accused of anything, even if you literally haven't looked into it, they are innocent until proven innocent.
Defend.Protect.& Dilate at all cost, sisters.

No. 1289515

>I've been thinking the same thing
>never listened to it

Kevin's really sticking to his make-your-own-reality personality huh

No. 1289518

He's 20 years older than the average woman in this sport. The fact that he got to compete with them SHOWS an advantage. In a sport where people peak in their twenties, a forty-something year old got there SOMEHOW. Add in that he's out of shape and has been injured, he couldn't have made it that far without an advantage.

Another crime to add to women's statistics and another dangerous rapist to add to women's prisons.

Say you hate women and go.

No. 1289519


Would he go into womens' prison? Or some type of mental facility?

No. 1289521

I have been reading that in Virginia they don’t get transferred to women’s prison unless they have had surgery.

No. 1289540

Look at this mentally ill lardass playing pretend at an international sporting event. The Olympics are a joke for letting him in

No. 1289542

It does happen, actually. I think it's pretty retarded since after the TQ is resolved the people they've invited on board will just do everything completely opposite to their interests. I don't think any real feminists agree with teaming up with literal anti-feminists against troons.

No. 1289543

File: 1627926321927.jpeg (421.06 KB, 1295x856, 286B1295-A4E0-445C-A747-DDBC24…)

>It's gotten to the point I'm genuinely spiteful. I see trans minors complaining about not being able to access puberty blockers and I just think "Thank god, I'll have more company.
Fucking hell,how could you be envious of manipulated children who want to destroy themselves.This man sounds like a sex pest,fucking deplorable. https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/ovbu41/hearing_people_say_its_not_at_the_end_of_the/

No. 1289547

File: 1627926975661.png (655.65 KB, 992x732, woman.png)

i'm gonna become a spree shooter over this shit

No. 1289548

The translation of this is "terfs teamed up with people who won't coddle handmaidens for being a degenerate or a sex worker or a pick me or defending pedophiles or enabling the destruction of women"

No. 1289551

Honestly the best case scenario is that both Chris and his mother go into the care of people who are trained to actually contain them properly. Barbara needs to go to a "home", and Chris needs to go to an institution. He will be murdered if he goes to prison so they likely won't send him to one. If he gets sent to a womens prison, they will still kill him. If he gets put on bail then Josh will crowdfund it

No. 1289562


Really funny how quiet the "woke" lefties are with the fact that this old mediocre white man kicked out a spot at the olympics from a Maori woman. Indigenous woman globally struggle to have this level of international recognition but NZ cares more about placing underqualified scrotes over its most vulnerable population for clout apparently.

No. 1289564

the silver lining is knowing that this is what peaks more and more people

No. 1289566

File: 1627927944195.png (419.68 KB, 508x940, he.png)

Press release from the Sheriff's office calling him a 'He'
Prepare for delicious butthurt

No. 1289570

Please keep discussion of CWC in its proper thread. This thread is for minor cows and flakes who don't warrant a thread of their own.

No. 1289576

File: 1627929100857.jpg (26 KB, 325x500, 51As44gBH0L._AC_SY580_.jpg)

Try this nona. Read critically of course.

No. 1289579

But it's the terfs who team up with white supremacists!

Daily reminder that the Olympic guidelines forbid anyone who ever used anabolic steroids from ever participating, because even if you stop them after using them very briefly, you get a permanent advantage. Your muscles and vascular system are irreversibly altered.

The Olympic guidelines also permit someone who went through male puberty and lived most of his life as a man (effectively DECADES of nonstop anabolics) to compete with women because "muh transitioning", while disqualifying natal females over minute differences in testosterone.

Viewership of the Olympics declines steeply every year, and this is what they deserve.

No. 1289609

What, like Caster Semenya, Niyonsaba, and Margaret Wambui haven't been doing the same? Give me a break - it's not just the West exploiting women's sports.

No. 1289616


Good to know this freak got to compete while the one female track athlete couldn’t because she smoked weed.

No. 1289618

troons groom gay men as well with the fear of "twink death" or hitting the gay wall. they promise that HRT and becoming a transwomen is the key to eternal youth.

No. 1289629


The few remaining sane people on the left can see the huge mistake it is to allow the right wing to be the ones (apart from terfs) living in reality.

No. 1289631

god I pity anyone attracted to men. even gay males can't escape the pedophilic male gaze.

No. 1289634

All men are garbage nonnie

No. 1289637

I'm starting to think this was a big gambling scam.

No. 1289639

if so, i hope him and his family are investigated and go to jail.

No. 1289640

Femme gay men aren't desirable in the gay community. It's all about bears and masc4masc. The only validation (and sex) femme gays get is by trooning out.

No. 1289645

I think that extremely feminine diva influencer type gay men aren't desirable in the gay community because no man wants to be a caretaker to a narcissistic brat who expects to be taken care of like a child. (Heteros are the same way!) I think gay men who are socially adroit, considerate of other people's needs, and enjoy feminine-coded activities or professions are desirable long-term partners for men no matter what "body type" or aesthetic they have.

No. 1289649

Troons are genuinely the most disgusting creatures on the planet. Pilots who are born colourblind are unable to fly due to their biology. Allowing them to fly would compromise the safety and comfort of everyone around them. It is exactly the same for troons. However, they just have to get what they want. They have to participate and have their 'Olympic dream'. As a Kiwi this whole ordeal has been the one of the most humiliating and painful things I have ever experienced.

No. 1289650

>gay men
>long-term partners
Come on anon, let's be serious now.

No. 1289655

> As a Kiwi this whole ordeal has been the one of the most humiliating and painful things I have ever experienced.
As somebody who lives in the US, this is how us sane ones feel every single day kek. Welcome to the horror show.

No. 1289657

Found one a while ago. He had boards filled with images of little girls in swimwear and shit, among other things. I felt absolutely sick after that, and even worse is that Pinterest has no way of reporting these accounts.

No. 1289679

File: 1627940337417.png (103.34 KB, 758x890, dllhost_V7QtEMtoKg.png)

I know that trannies are all mildly autistic/retarded, but do they really understand that human brains evolved for pattern recognition?

Do they understand that increased trans visibility trains the general public to clock troons better?

Does it ever occur to them that even if they rewrite the entire English language to be referred to as women, thanks to their visibility and inclusion efforts, everyone including other troons will still immediately know that "woman rapes her elderly mom, more at 11" is covering a very specific, bedicked type of woman?

What is the fucking point lmfao? Troons will stay miserable until science finds a way for moids to transfer their minds into women's bodies, and even then they'll be clockable due to spewing moid takes like >>1289349 and doing moid shit like trying to fuck children and horses. Everyone will look at your impeccably passing cis mugshot and think, "ah, this must be a recent male to female mind transfer".


No. 1289686

File: 1627940811225.jpg (594.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210802-173715_Boo…)

>At this point I can't look at a cis woman with prominent hips without giving myself a panic attack.
His profile is unhinged. He's def got what they call tOCD where you have obsessive and intrusive thoughts about whether or not you're trans.

No. 1289688

>As a Kiwi this whole ordeal has been the one of the most humiliating and painful things I have ever experienced.
It's fucking awful, I feel so bad for the athletes he's displaced. Honestly I wanna a-log on their behalf, the urge to sperg rn is strong thanks to the combo of CWC and the Olympics.

I can't believe how much emotional labour we are forced to do as a result of trannies. A completely fabricated, nonsensical ideology was invented almost out of the blue and within years has so much influence that we have no choice but to waste all this time and energy on them. We could be focusing on other feminist issues or our own lives or literally anything else but no, men had to create a new level of hell for womankind.

No. 1289695

File: 1627941509257.png (4.05 MB, 2403x1984, stop lying to these troons, th…)

No. 1289704

That picrew says everything kek.

No. 1289706

100% facts anon.

No. 1289707

>men who are socially adroit, considerate of other people's needs,

Good one anon, kek, even the most gentle gay man is still a man

No. 1289708

File: 1627942269149.png (44.73 KB, 300x240, thumb_this-is-what-a-feminist-…)


No. 1289710

Crazy rapist face. Nearly all men have this face there’s no escaping this shit

No. 1289721

Is that not just a lazy Dr. Girlfriend shop?

No. 1289737

It is. Wasn't familiar with the show. Him idolizing a female villain/femme-fatale still speaks volumes though.

No. 1289746

'growing feminine hips'
Bruh. Women don't just decide to grow hips. Fucking scrote brains.

No. 1289759

File: 1627948526460.jpg (15.9 KB, 309x309, 9201b06eed36dba9b426ba91818137…)

kikominon ur amazing and kiko's hair reminds me of cynthia

No. 1289760

why do these retards think they can change their bone structure with HRT
i guess i'm fine with them living the delusion if they go neuter themselves en masse

No. 1289766

is that a military salute or is he just moving his hair

No. 1289769

File: 1627950199167.jpg (526.06 KB, 800x1119, Screenshot_20210802-170928_Ope…)

Imagine spending seven years handmaidening harder than anyone has ever handmaidened just to be slandered as a transphobe

No. 1289770

I hope this peaks more people tbh. I'm sure everyone in Japan only sees a man anyway.

Based! There have been so many fantastic women athletes this year. Men could never

No. 1289774

Hope this peaks her. Imagine bending over backwards to your husband's delusions with a 12 year old daughter. Keep that child away.

No. 1289776

Couldnt screenshot on mobile but this is what he posted on r/menslib about womens fear of strange men around her, especially walking at night
>Personally, I just tell any man that if a woman is scared of him just walking near her that's her problem, not his. It's an issue with how men are typically portrayed in culture, and I think it's a misandrist viewpoint to suggest regular men need to watch their behavior and accommodate someone's paranoia

>women looking after themselves from strange men

Spoken like a true male mra. It got him deleted off that sub too kek. But what a nice feminine tranny to tell all the women to stfu over the real issue of womens safety

No. 1289789

>Men abuse and murder women en masse
>Women take preventative measures to avoid abuse and murder
>"How could women be so sexist?"
The fact that this is a genuine argument I see and hear on the regular is proof that men were a mistake.

No. 1289802

as a fellow kiwi i too am just so embarrassed that this happened. i refused to watch last night even though i love the weightlifting

No. 1289804

File: 1627954825622.jpeg (426.21 KB, 828x1210, D8FDE968-4FEE-4A98-9CFA-A5BF8F…)

Sage for not milk but this bitch is hilarious on Twitter. My fucking sides.

No. 1289806

Screencap it on PC or post the link when you get the chance, anon. I can't seem to locate this comment using pushshift.

No. 1289811

as a non-kiwi, how’s the general public there perceive things?

No. 1289816

shhh I agree with you but you're gonna awaken "everyone except for me is anna slatz" schizo-chan

No. 1289830

I have no idea what her backstory is, but she's a good source for troon milk.

No. 1289836

>Mad that women are wary of him
>"It's misandrist to expect me to change the behavior that makes women wary of me"
>"It's not misogynist to expect random women to alter everything about their behavior and beliefs to accommodate my internal delusions tho"

Males biologically have no innate concept of fairness or proportionality when it comes to females, and with other males they go by "might is right" or "can I get away with this without sustaining injury". Your disobedience will always, always be as bad as their violence, your perceived cuckoldry as bad or worse than rape and murder, and you will never be able to get them to treat you fairly. You will always be some sort of "initial aggressor" in their eyes by just existing, because in evolutionary terms you're a "haver" and they're "have-nots". The only way you can possibly tard wrangle a man into understanding fairness is if you feed him his own medicine, but even then it's a big "if" due to their insanely compartmentalized psyches. That's why their participation in feminism (beyond useful idiocy) never ends well.

No. 1289849

File: 1627960108304.jpg (442.51 KB, 810x1901, Screenshot_20210802-230545_Boo…)

>Do not let others convince you otherwise. We only have that power. If they do not like this, Block and Walk.

Totally not a cult though!

No. 1289858

Shes a cow and she has a thread on here. >>>/snow/1244909

No. 1289871

File: 1627962313083.png (293.64 KB, 343x480, robinson.jackie.png)

sage for sportsfagging, but I can't stop laughing at how this Laurel Hubbard is their Jackie Robinson (first black MLB player) and Bill Russell (first black NBA coach). These guys just exuded a quiet dignity about themselves and are absolutely adored by the sports community. Then you have this fat, lazy, balding, entitled hon being their icon for first trans Olympic athlete to cross the "cis" barrier. It's just so fitting kek.

No. 1289878

File: 1627963337414.jpg (55.86 KB, 900x900, maki.jpg)


truly incredible. reminds me of the many men heralded as being "feminist icons!" by buzzfeed-type sites due to wearing mini skirts and heels that are obviously just coomers in sheeps clothing to anyone who has the displeasure of knowing their true intent

No. 1289880

It's probably the same as in other places. Normies hate it, women hate it, the opposition is pretty clear and known to everyone. I think the only difference is that Ardern's government is quite authoritarian and her collusion with the media makes sure no criticism or scientists who oppose Hubbard are broadcasted. They're also looking to push a new conversion therapy bill that will make anyone who refuses to put their child on puberty blockers(I fucking hate this term)liable for jail-time. Tyranny of the minority to the max.

No. 1289884

File: 1627964134461.jpg (76.31 KB, 597x695, EfPqT3_WAAA-6Pw.jpg)

Don't know if this belongs here, but anyone else remember that forced-feminization 9S fanfic that was published to Vice Waypoint and heralded as championing feminist ideals and criticizing the way women are treated in video games when in actuality it was just… Some troons femininization fetish, published to a news website.
Here's the link, for anyone interested: https://www.vice.com/en/article/3k5kvw/fanfic-the-trials-of-the-false-yorha-oracle

it's literally a forced-feminization genderswap humiliation fic though that got published on a fucking news website

No. 1289905

Aw, shit. Thanks for bringing this to my attention anon. I don’t read every single thread on here so I’ll keep Anna stuff to there. Forgiveness, farmhands.

No. 1289912

File: 1627967062513.jpg (42.99 KB, 315x474, 26137478_sy475.jpg)

Art on par with pic related.

No. 1289914

File: 1627967383923.jpg (693.92 KB, 810x2264, Screenshot_20210803-010416_Boo…)

Run girl, your bf is trying to wear your skin. Everytime I see one of these F&MtF couples, the skinwalking is always so obvious.

No. 1289920

This male is a coward. He took a spot away from a real woman to compete in the Olympics, didn't even show up for the opening ceremony, avoided all media because he knows he's a male, then chickened out and lost on purpose because he didn't want to deal with the controversy.

I have argued with several people that this Olympics would probably not be the one with massive peakening since there haven't been enough troons who have been training long enough to make a real impact yet for the public to really take notice. If the IOC doesn't change before then (unlikely), you will see far more in 2024 Paris and especially in 2028 Los Angeles.

This guy was in a unique position as he was already a former weightlifter, and what he did by losing was so utterly predictable. He has just paved the future for other troons in Olympic competitions now.

No. 1289921

Of course he’s wearing a Nier tshirt. These women have to be the perfect combination of sexually deviant enough to accept this shit in the bedroom, but naive enough to assume its totally more than JUST that for their coomer bfs. Its not enough to fist him after 10pm, you’ve got to use him like a meat puppet while you’re watching Marvel movies too kek

No. 1289930

It's hilarious and horrifying watching these girls get SWF by their boyfriends

No. 1289940


I have no idea why the trooners want to die on this hill LOL this is the worst possible representation of the "trans community".

No. 1289941

File: 1627974180812.png (1.15 MB, 1654x2298, introjectiveidentification.png)

There's a term for it anon. It's called introjective identification.

No. 1289943

>He's 20 years older than the average woman in this sport. The fact that he got to compete with them SHOWS an advantage. In a sport where people peak in their twenties, a forty-something year old got there SOMEHOW. Add in that he's out of shape and has been injured, he couldn't have made it that far without an advantage.
True age is a huge factor in athletics, the oldest weightlifter to win a medal was 27 years old, he however 4 years later would not even qualify, the fact this bastard in his late 40's qualified is aboustetly insane and beyond the realms of something a natural woman could do

No. 1289944

File: 1627975037684.jpg (198.92 KB, 1440x1080, _image.jpg)

the absolute state of /tttt/ troons

No. 1289947

File: 1627975389163.jpg (21.85 KB, 462x346, georgewomensframes.jpg)

If a younger George Costanza was trans, lol.

No. 1289948

Let me guess, he bottoms on the low and will give her an incurable STD in the near future. I’m on ovarit and I see posts by ex-handmaidens apologizing for hating terfs, sometimes they mention their exes but everyone knows why they are there.

No. 1289951

What even is this Gender GP thing? My personal lolcow (an unstable FTM with a long history of severe mental illness) got on testosterone, a very potent substance, immediately through them. It seems shady as fuck with them prescribing hormones everywhere if you can just afford it.

I've seen so many TRAs and mainstream news outlets do this now.
>See? Hubbard didn't win! So what if he's an injured 40+ out of shape tubby competing with top trained young athletes half his age, still this without any doubt proves that trans wymmyn have no unfair advantage!
It makes me sick and so angry. The people I've seen talking about this that haven't peaked are just squirming and suggesting that we should only have mixed sports in the future, essentially removing the protected female category altogether due to tranny feefees. I'm so over this hell world.


No. 1289952

They were told chromosomes (literally your DNA) isn’t a thing, men and women are just testosterone and estrogen.

No. 1289954

>Everyone will look at your impeccably passing cis mugshot and think, "ah, this must be a recent male to female mind transfer".
my sides anon, but it's absolutely true though. They could alter their body until they're unrecognizable as men yet their male socialization would never be lost.

Yep. Handmaidens will never win with troons due to their endless need for coddling and validation. This poor woman tried for 2 years to convert herself into being attracted to his husband of 10 years trooning out and played into his feminization fantasies while also suffering through suicide baiting and even indoctrinating their daughter missing her father into "respecting his identity". Countless hours of emotional labor only for it to amount to the possessive tranny still not being satisfied. Her husband probably expected her to stay as a subservient servant to his needs and had a narc fit when she bailed.

No. 1289962

This is exactly what is so fucking annoying, massive hons like hontra have convinced these retards that chromosomes don’t, they say. “Oh hoW do you know the chromosomes of someone” “people are attracted to the essence of a women not her chromosomes”. As if cell dna is obsolete .
Lol my dna is 99.5% similar to monke, I am monke.

No. 1289965

File: 1627980058051.jpg (49.34 KB, 750x495, 26b0f139-6fad-5433-89d0-4f596d…)

Handmaidens gonna cape for Troons by demeaning other women

No. 1289966

File: 1627980142055.png (321 KB, 1414x2000, 936DCB23-FD6E-4DBA-8DF5-3334B2…)

Found this on ovarit, the three women who he shoved to compete.

No. 1289970

Imagine not sending in a young, capable woman in the peak of her physical form and instead a pudgy, injured 40-year old man in a dress. Extremely embarrassing for New Zealand.

No. 1289971

File: 1627981749123.jpg (372.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210803-050508_Chr…)

Somehow it's always an older woman. Really makes you think.

No. 1289972

File: 1627982092468.jpg (382.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210803-051403_Chr…)

Apparently he can dish it out but can't take it, haha.

No. 1289973

File: 1627982114066.jpg (100.29 KB, 1200x800, Zarya_03.0.0.jpg)

>TERFs are ugly
>shitty overwatch cosplay

Why am I not surprised

No. 1289974

What an ugly disgusting monster of a thing, I hope no women at the Olympics had to share bathrooms or rooms with this freak, hopefully covid meant everyone was separate.

No. 1289982

Why are all troons called faye lol

No. 1289985

here's "fuck terfs (but don't have sex with them)" by rhythm bastard, a "furry nerdcore punk musician" who sings about how he wants to break women's skulls in defense of trans people.
there's a whole genre of anti-terf punk songs, like olivia neutered john who is a "one man feminist pornogrind band" released a song called terf genocide, etc. what is is about radfems that makes men like this seethe and cape for mtfs so hard?
i can get mtfs having a band like this because they want to larp as the punk/goth girls that rejected them in high school, but why do regular men record stuff like this? what do they get out of it? i assume that any man who thinks about terfs this much is either a chaser or a proto AGP tbh

No. 1289989

It's a free pass to be violently misogynistic, what sexist man wouldn't take that chance? Most of them are chasers and proto AGPs though, it's one thing to believe into the tranny meme as man but when you're making fucking songs about bashing terf skulls that's taking it suspiciously personally.

No. 1289990

Defenitely a chaser, no normal man would seethe over terfs like this.

And in the end, all chasers are just troons who haven't come out yet

No. 1289991


Honestly any male (who's not trooning out yet) and vehemently defends tranners is 100% hiding something. He's gonna troon out somewhere down the line and is probably already a chaser.

No. 1289993

File: 1627986748939.jpg (45.83 KB, 1240x697, 1624498461184.jpg)

To non-NZ anons Laurel Hubbard is actually the son of a cereal giant in New Zealand. He comes from inordinate privilege. No tranny sob story here.

>Father is the CEO of Hubbard cereal a food giant in New Zealand.

>Father was mayor of Auckland biggest city in the country GDP and population-wise.

>Laurel went to an all-boys private school one of the best in the country.

>participated in weightlifting from a very young age.

>set a mens record at age 20 but was too shit to compete at a national level.

>stopped weightlifting at 23 transitioned at the tender age of 35.

I lold at his failure but like others have said it this does set a bad precedent for future troons since he effectively lowered the troon barriers to entry.

Please don't assume New Zealand is all troon garbage from this living, hulking embarrassment.
Our actual female rowing teams and kayakers like Lisa Carrington are shredding while this troon does fake heart signs.

No. 1290001

kawaii picture anon, it really got me laughing

No. 1290006

Literally exactly what I was thinking lmao

No. 1290008

Yeah, there's ZERO reason for a man to go that hard agaisnt TERFS, at best I've seen people who hate women hating Terfs only because "Radical Feminist hate men" and they like the idea of men taking over women's spaces.
However, the vast majority of men who go SUPER hard for trannies are chasers or soon to be troons themselves.

No. 1290015

>what is is about radfems that makes men like this seethe and cape for mtfs so hard?
The "cis" men who cape hard for them are either egg_irl lurkers or just coomer GAMPs who want to normalize "trans wumen are wummen" so that society will view them as straight. They cope and seethe becasue they know straight men exist and there's something wrong with them, which is true. GAMPs suffer from a fetish.

4chan's LGBT board is full of them, they usually have a /Chaser general with hundreds of cope replies going from cis women are ugly to cis women dump me once they find out I've fucked a dude in a skirt in the ass.

No. 1290020

File: 1627993327771.png (36.67 KB, 387x259, Patterns-of-baseline-controlle…)

Yep, technically chasers aren't even bisexual. They're just straight men with an erotic target location error for trannies and more likely to have AGP themselves:
>GAMP men had arousal patterns similar to those of heterosexual men and different from those of homosexual men. However, compared to heterosexual men, GAMP men were relatively more aroused by GAM erotic stimuli than by female erotic stimuli. GAMP men also scored higher than both heterosexual and homosexual men on a measure of autogynephilia. Conclusions: Results provide clear evidence that GAMP men are not homosexual. They also indicate that GAMP men are especially likely to eroticize the idea of being a woman.

>Autogynephilic men were much more similar in their arousal patterns to heterosexual and GAMP men than to homosexual men. However, similar to GAMP men, autogynephilic men showed increased arousal by GAM stimuli relative to female stimuli compared with heterosexual men.


No. 1290022

it's weird because I believe this, but to me they are bisexual. They want troons for their dicks. They have sex like gay men do, it's been said before but you don't hear about men Chasing Neo-vaginas.
Even the troons know they want their dicks, to me it's gay/bisexual

No. 1290023

That's why I object whenever someone says these weirdos are gay or bi. It's well established that gay men are repulsed by trannies. Bi men are a bit sketchy. There's a phenomenon called porn-induced bisexuality and I think they just mean GAMPs.

One funny thing I read in a /Chaser general thread is that one of them said they liked trannies before they ever watched porn and used to dream of trannies (women with dicks). Top kek.

No. 1290024

>They want troons for their dicks.
They wouldn't fuck a regular gay or bisexual man though who presents as male. GAMP means they can only get hard for trannies strictly.

No. 1290027

to me transwomen are men, if a man fucks a transwoman he's not straight, he's bisexual or gay.
A lot of troon fuckers don't ONLY chase men who identify as women, they chase cross dressers and femboys.
I've seen men who claim they are only trans-attracted lusting after cross dressers or even James Charles in drag. Jeffree's ex likes troon too. A lot of chasers will fuck any dude in a wig/make up.

No. 1290028

Agree, to me it has always seemed like the "bisexuality" chasers have is just a symptom of their misogyny and own forms of AGP. More about being turned on by having such an upper hand to women that they don't even "need" them and can fuck a submissive shemale porn fantasy instead of begging women for sex. That's why chasers cope with the "cis roasties are ugly anyway, I'd rather fuck a tight obedient sexy taboo boy pussy".

tl;dr chasers are terminal cumbrains

No. 1290040

File: 1627996455268.png (4.81 MB, 1317x4952, cringe.png)

just delete the tweet bro.

No. 1290041

File: 1627997004706.png (418.77 KB, 1204x969, twitter troon.png)

>63,000 tweets
>Joined April 2021

That's 525 tweets a day, assuming he joined April 1st

No. 1290043

here we see two opposite faces of the same male autism coin

No. 1290045

Even if we suppose he's mostly retweeting, how is it humanly possible to tweet every 3 minutes? Every 2 minutes if we allot 8 hours to sleeping, eating, and cooming, kek.

No. 1290049

Hubbard and his ilk could likely not quality for the next olympics because they are going to be halving the testosterone requirement. So he threw it for nothing.

No. 1290052

File: 1627998870874.png (2.93 MB, 2000x1401, F79CC792-5713-4AFC-B474-4FD440…)

Christ, this guy is pathetic.
>“weak. typical male mindset”
>”I’m a virgin tradwife uwu”
The jokes write themselves.

No. 1290053

Yeah, he looks older than 18 so i'm assuming he's unemployed.

No. 1290061

Dr. Girlfriend doesn't deserve this horseshit just for having a deep voice

No. 1290063

"The dress has pockets gais!!" God he's so clearly just aping what women have said online ain't no way he authentically gives a shit

No. 1290075

File: 1628001860174.jpeg (234.57 KB, 828x655, 09B5ED7B-4975-471F-8390-BF179B…)

I think he’s excited to use the dress’s pockets to stash his coke. Imagine a dress go spinny video where white powder just flies out of the thing kek
Also, there’s a bot that tweets shit he’s said.

No. 1290078

Wouldn't it make sense to also have an XX chromosome requirement for women's sports?

No. 1290086

Hey now some are called Alice

No. 1290092

File: 1628003436488.jpg (87.56 KB, 590x650, hub.JPG)

For anyone that can't load the image it says :

"The Olympic trans athlete that so many people were freaking out about finished dead last in her field. She was the only 1 who didn’t complete a single lift.

Now everyone who was claiming she’d dominate are shifting their tone to complain about cis women who didn’t get her spot."

Wasn't Hubbard injured and practically stole a role for the female maori athletes? lmao. Absolute L for new zealand

No. 1290093

Moids remain retarded. When they use their coom rotten brains to conjure thought,
This is the extent of their brain dead takes.

No. 1290099

don't forget lily

No. 1290100

that was one of the main issues to begin with and radfems were vocal about it. nice deflection tactics, fucking narc

No. 1290105

isn't it just a bit convenient that since he didn't complete a single lift, TRAs can now say that trans women can compete against biological females because there isn't an advantage? him finishing last is suspicious to me idc

No. 1290113

>Didn't complete a single lift
>Somehow was good enough to get into the Olympics instead of several other candidates
>He has a natural physical advantage over women, as a male, and threw the match
>He got into the Olympics by privilege
>He got into the Olympics as a political move
There are no other options. Pick one or more.

No. 1290117

Seeing this balding middle-aged man trying to be uwuwu kawaii on an international stage is really unsettling.

No. 1290122

in regards to that picrel: y'know it's really telling that in my 3 years of being peaked i've never seen a troon who passes for a cute/pretty girl. the richest ones who get countless surgeries always look like plastic surgery addicted blowup dolls and the majority of troons fall into the other category that is "i'll play along and call you she/her so i don't get punched" men, including those with ffs and years of hrt. even the softest faced man has typical male bone structure that looks downright hideous when they try to pass as a woman–and i say this as a woman with a square jawline and sharp features. male anatomy will never be comparable to the least characteristically 'feminine' female anatomical structures.
before transitioning troons should be shown actual results with statistics of how well other troons pass and better yet, how the average troon 'ranks' in comparison to the average women's attractiveness. ik this isn't realistic as studies like this would probably be manipulated for tranny agenda benefit but they need a realistic perspective. but given how men only listen to other men even when it comes to attracting women, this will just fall on deaf ears like women's input always does.

No. 1290123

Damn when did kokomi-chan join the Olympics?

No. 1290129

How dare you insult our beautiful Kikomi like that

No. 1290134

>before transitioning troons should be shown actual results with statistics of how well other troons pass and better yet, how the average troon 'ranks' in comparison to the average women's attractiveness.
The most fuckable, pornified TIM is always going to be a 5 or 6 at best to your average heterosexual moid. I'm still waiting to come across a truly stunning TIM.

No. 1290148

He didn't complete a single lift because he was trying to break a record and ensure first kek. It's not that he was weak, he just wasn't as strong as he thought he was. Trannies think if they wish hard enough they can transform into anime girls, it's perfectly within character to overestimate their skills. I don't think he's intelligent or selfless enough to sacrifice for the greater tranny good kek.

No. 1290151

Anons above assumed correctly that chasers have skin in the game. Men never advocate for anything unless it benefits them personally. Women cannot grasp that concept due to their altruistic and prosocial nature. That's why you see retarded libfems caping for troons but you'll never see a troon meaningfully caping for women.

Chasers aren't gay, they're cumbrained coomers which is much worse. You will 100% get pedo, furry and scat in addition to AGP somewhere down the line. Paraphilias come in clusters.

I don't know if it even needs to be said, but when you see some self identified furfag singing about killing terfs, avoid it. And god forbid, don't ever jam your clam on that or enter a relationship with it, no matter how fucking pathetic and pityfuck soliciting it will act. A chaser will never be satisfied with a trans woman, to them the whole point of dating them is that dirty, disgusting, taboo dick. If that "reducing people to genitals" thing seemed a tad specific and uncalled for, it's because it's IMAX level projection. The fetid wrongness, dirtiness and secrecy of a penis on something that's trying to be a woman is wwhere all of the arousal comes from, and all the "trans wammins are just more feminine" shit is cope no chaser really believes.

Of course once the chaser graduates into a tranny (in part because nobody wants chasers and they will all die alone unless perhaps rich), he will seethe about the very same arousal patterns that made him one. Suddenly it's wrong to fetishize his dropped hotdog and also wrong to establish any preference against it. You may now imagine what kind of utter brainwrenching butthurt and insanity such a creature would go through every day, and rejoice in its inevitable suicide.

No. 1290203

>Discover piccew in /ot/
>make a nice new pfp that fits me
>Discover that it's the main source of bullshit for twitter trannies
Can't have nothing at all.

>Men never advocate for anything unless it benefits them personally.
Don't treat this like a bad thing. There are still men who care about their mothers, sisters and daughters. Those men will murder a troon to protect a woman, just need the right kick in the pants to get them going. Everything else I totally agree with you 100%.

No. 1290211

Its definitely not a bad thing. The bad thing is that women are generally not self interested, or frequently punished for being self-interested.

No. 1290228

Kek the laugh in the video.

No. 1290246

That's not a Picrew icon, it's an edit of a cartoon character. We went over this earlier ITT.

No. 1290255

File: 1628018812592.jpg (1.12 MB, 1439x2358, crazy1.jpg)


No. 1290256

File: 1628018834717.jpg (299.65 KB, 1439x731, crazy2.jpg)

he's not menstruating.. he's constipated LMFAO

No. 1290265

Lol what? Menstrual cramps have nothing to do with your abdominal muscles, and uterine contractions don’t feel remotely similar to abdominal cramps. Way to announce you have no clue what symptoms you’re even trying to fake.

No. 1290268

Fuck off with that shit, estrogen is at its LOWEST during the period, periods are actual hormone fluctuations and physical changes you literally don't have the body parts to experience. Also the fucking chocolate craving meme drives me fucking insane like it's actually misogynist how they genuinely think Hollywood movie/advertising memes are actual female experiences.

No. 1290269

These idiots don't even realize that it's not the abdominal muscles that cause cramps, it's the uterus itself. Menstrual cramps are essentially the same thing as contractions.

No. 1290275


Seriously. Women who actually have a uterus but don't menstruate taking hormones like continual-use birth control magically don't get these symptoms each month. HRT is similarly a constant level of hormones so this doesn't even make sense leaving out the fact these creeps don't have a uterus in the first place. Degenerates pretending they know more about how our bodies work than we do. How typically male.

No. 1290280

this whole post was great but
>You may now imagine what kind of utter brainwrenching butthurt and insanity such a creature would go through every day, and rejoice in its inevitable suicide.
poetry, anonita <3

No. 1290282

they think they're faye valentine

No. 1290290

>Everyone will look at your impeccably passing cis mugshot and think, "ah, this must be a recent male to female mind transfer".

we'd also know because of their god awful hygiene and fashion sense

No. 1290305

this nigga has gallstones lmfao

No. 1290316

It will never cease to amuse me how bedicked tards think it's estrogen that causes "period crazy" when it's the fucking testosterone. Testosterone needs to increase in order for the endometrium to separate.

Women on their periods are more similar to what moids are like ALL THE TIME.

No. 1290326

>Top 99% OnlyFans

No. 1290336

File: 1628026069839.gif (2.5 MB, 600x338, laurel hubbard.gif)

no matter where you go, everybody is saying that he must've faked it. usually it's difficult for non-professionals to spot athletes' mistakes and to rate their performances but here it's just way too obvious.
plus what kind of olympian laughs while losing??? for normal athletes this would mean their life's dream shattering.

No. 1290340

As someone who has actually lifted shit, he 100% faked his shit. I also heard at least some of the fellow lifters there were less than psyched to be in there with him, but you are so right, you don't need to have any experience to see this looks off. I wonder how he felt seeing there are actually well put together women lifting in the olympics, this cunt just showed up in an ill fitting leotard, no belt and just failed for some dainty points.

No. 1290341

I ended up privating all my boards because I couldn't stand them. I wear EGL and I even saw some of my friends' photos being pinned on their fetish boards. I've also seen ones where they have boards of porn and kids in swimsuit next to each other. Absolutely sickening.

No. 1290347


I wonder how many handmaidens are women who went on a 'trying to conceive journey'. This is so niche and I'm obviously projecting but I can almost excuse young women believing this shit because they didn't learn about their own body in school. But once you take your vaginal temperature every morning, chart the consistency of your fucking mucus, and feel the firmness/openness of your cervix, you can't seriously still sit there and think 'Yup, this man is experiencing exactly the same cycle as me".

No. 1290351

Ok first of all Dr. Girlfriend needs to be left the fuck out of this

No. 1290354

These are the kind of hons who post on TTC and infertility forums and groups and the women have to sit there and read their delusional spiel about their monthly diarrhea and their whiny posts about how they can’t get pregnant.

No. 1290360

Most if not all of these handmaidens are just humoring these man-struating troons out of pity. To them, telling a tranny that his spironolactone-induced stomachaches aren't a period is like telling a pitiful crippled boy that he'll never become a dancer like's he always dreamed of being.

No. 1290378

"whoops it fell I'm so clumsy just like a woman tehe~"

No. 1290380

This was my first thought, too. The cramps are caused by the cervix contracting. This guy just has IBS lol

No. 1290382

File: 1628031390769.png (755.21 KB, 1513x2048, mkwn68ols6e71.png)

no contribute, just made me kek

No. 1290384

It's hilarous he's about to have a panic attack about celebrity shit, but what is he talking about?

No. 1290386

Kek, imagine being this unable to cope. Most marginalized people I know can enjoy shit that has brazen bigotry towards them baked in, and this quivering ballsack can't even enjoy music that says nothing about him because one of the performers worked with a homosexual man who said he only likes dick. Weak.

No. 1290387

No. 1290388

>The vice of lust
This dude deserves to 41%

No. 1290392

amazing how you can tell he's a tranny just from the hair

No. 1290413

Not even all women get all of these symptoms, but a fat man on the internet does? Come on dude.

No. 1290425

File: 1628037203864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.78 KB, 960x550, whitebeauty.jpg)

Literally what I thought when he was first posted on here. The weird military salute pose plus the stereotypical trad dress plus the "would you die for me?" instantly rang alarm bells in my head because I recognized it as a (potential) reference to those alt right "save the west!!" memes posted on "western aesthetics" accounts. And the "virgin tradwife" thing confirms it. Yeah, there's NO WAY this guy isn't a nazi/active in nazi spaces. kek

sage for turbo autism

No. 1290431

fun fact, the brave and stunning first and only trans member of the European parliament called himself Vladimir Luxuria. We're supposed to take this boomer hon with a drag queen name seriously. Saw him give a speech on gay rights once and half of it was him literally screaming into the mic with his deep man voice. Scary. Also at the end he had to add "btw women, we don't want to occupy your spaces we just want to share them!!" even though it was completely irrelevant

No. 1290436

samefag and ot but ugh why would you remind me that this shit exists, it's so fetishistic and creepy it makes my skin crawl as a "European" (not a race btw) woman. The men who participate in this inevitably hate women and/or are pedophiles who post pictures of little girls, purely as examples of "white beauty" of course

No. 1290444

Terrible form, bad posture, knee angle is all fucked up and this person is not in shape. You can tell he has bad muscle memory or it comes from a bad teacher I've seen guys do this shit after 1 year (80+ KGs) most trained men can lift way over that, in a setting like this, its a baseline requirement.

No. 1290458

File: 1628044699315.png (25.6 KB, 836x91, 0.png)

(picrel is excerpt from the ask trans subreddit comment) I dont usually post but 1. goes without saying but everyone knows men being aroused wearing lingerie and fetishing what being a woman is like isnt uncommon. 2. "even when nothing sexual is happening" - bruh you just said something sexual was happening

No. 1290460

>quivering ballsack

No. 1290461

File: 1628045393478.png (91.18 KB, 880x237, 0.png)

samefag heres my favourite, excerpt from OPs post and the start of a random replier's comment. its tragic but you also couldn't write this

No. 1290463

When will they stop pretending that cis women are turned on by just existing? It's so fuckin weird but they try to insist that this is an intrinsic part of the female experience

No. 1290467

they do it as a cope, plus I'm sure pathetic handmaidens have tried to placate their feefees by saying how they totally get turned on by themselves too!! if they didn't have the cope they'd have nothing

No. 1290471

File: 1628046752189.png (52.75 KB, 335x442, cathy-guisewite-f2444298-e02d-…)

I had never even heard of "chocolate cravings" being a period thing until men started pretending to be women. These guys thought Cathy was real life. What's next, period shoe cravings?

No. 1290476

File: 1628047004923.png (557.34 KB, 591x899, 1601419404100.png)

No. 1290477

File: 1628047033046.jpg (109.07 KB, 396x879, empathy.jpg)

No. 1290483

File: 1628047520963.png (751 KB, 576x1071, 1619272767682.png)

As a mother the way that they fetishize pregnancy fills me with absolute rage

No. 1290488

File: 1628048568953.jpeg (50.45 KB, 455x485, B6CD4A1A-91AF-4EC0-A7E9-9E67AC…)

Looking like max

No. 1290492

>even gay males can't escape the pedophilic male gaze.
This is why most men with anorexia are gay twinks.

No. 1290496

"Daddy's blessing"
Is some straight up fundie crap. I love how these deviants never fail to out themselves as the worst misogynistic sacks of crap.

No. 1290499

File: 1628049365460.png (21.61 KB, 1054x188, agp102.png)

Transvestic fetishism is practically universal in AGP. One way to argue against the "cis women get turned on by dressing sexy too" bullshit is to show evidence that female transvestism is exceedingly rare. That is you rarely see evidence of androphilic women getting sexually aroused from men's clothing. In other words, getting turned on by wearing clothing of the opposite sex is pretty much exclusively a male thing. If they counter with "we're talking about women getting turned on by women's clothing" ask them for clinical and even anecdotal evidence supporting their claim. All they have are the worthless Moser and Veale studies, which don't prove shit. Veale only looked at fetishism in his study with female controls, which isn't necessarily transvestism or homovestism per se. And we all know how laughable Moser's n=29 convenience sample study is.(Derailing )

No. 1290500

>Period cramps feel different enough that I'd never confuse the two
Kek meanwhile, every woman who ever lived has played, "is my period coming or did I just eat something I shouldn't have" roulette a time or two in her life. Scrotes really have no clue and it shows.

No. 1290506

i wish i could write like you

No. 1290507

File: 1628050811242.png (61.01 KB, 512x512, cecemakeup.png)

Imagine putting clothes on to masturbate instead of taking them off

No. 1290510

You're telling me you didn't masturbate in your stolen mom's or sister's panties as a teen, anon. Or after inserting your first tampon. I don't believe you kek.

No. 1290513

>Feminine music taste
The fuck is he talking about? Most musicians have mixed-gender fanbases. I don't even know what kind of music he could be referring to here. Mariah Carey? Beyonce? BTS? Sure those acts are popular with women, but they're not devoid of male fans, and liking them certainly doesn't make you a woman.

This is classic tranny confirmation bias, recontextualizing every piece of lightly GNC minutia in their life histories to fit the "I was totally an egg" narrative.

No. 1290514

The whole idea of a guy jerking off to his own "simulated pregnancy" is so loathsome. It's like role playing "simulated chemotherapy" for months on end. Pregnancy is hell, And women still die from it. And it just serves to remind women that men will never have to destroy their own bodies to replenish this shitty society. Fat disgusting men like this have never even felt any pressure to not be morbidly obese slugs in the first place. It blows my mind to look at these gross troons, and realize that men truly never did feel the same pressure to be good looking. That Barbie doll and He-Man comparison is absolute bullshit.

No. 1290516

File: 1628052402109.jpg (817.3 KB, 810x1695, Screenshot_20210804-004316_Boo…)

I know we already discussed him last thread, but those arms, lol.

No. 1290517

Men are so gross. No 40 year old mother outside a trailer park would wear a crop top in public. And that's not even a crop top, he's wearing a cheap bra with discolored lace as a shirt.

No. 1290519

I get proana vibes from him. He looks dehydrated with his veins bulging everywhere. And the beanpole thighs when he shows his legs. He's got that male wrestler starving himself to get to the lowest weight class look about him.

No. 1290521

Those giant veins look like the kind you'd see on a 90-year-old man, gross. The AGP smirk and the hair accessory for little girls really brings together the "white trash tranny" look.

No. 1290524

It's a wonder you don't hear more troons complaining about arm dysphoria. Just shows their lack of detail I guess. Tits, hairless body, long hair, and uncanny face is convincing enough for them.

No. 1290528

clocked on sight from the lc first page despite the boob job
i'm a newfag so it still amazes me just how effortless it is to tell they're male despite all the surgeries

No. 1290533

that male waist and forearms, nightmare fuel

No. 1290535

These dudes are pathetic and could never deal with actual period pain. They don’t even know.
Just take a laxative my guy. Your organs are fucked from illegitimate hormones

No. 1290543

File: 1628057971415.jpeg (245.78 KB, 816x922, 8EF0153E-E71B-47E5-963A-CC8D36…)


This fucking fucks, it gets funnier every time how much they hate women, even TIF’s are not exempt

No. 1290545

File: 1628058124430.jpeg (448.95 KB, 828x1358, 66C2B591-0472-4435-95BB-BF5FF3…)


No. 1290552

File: 1628062310725.png (10.53 MB, 3242x6232, e-begging scrote leaves family…)

Proud of her for having the courage to leave in order to protect her children and herself.

No. 1290556

Broke: taking hormones to deal with your period problems
Woke: taking hormones to LARP period problems

No. 1290557

File: 1628063252119.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.11 KB, 577x705, microfemininepenis.jpg)

lol he's doing the same exact heart signal another troon does
oh fuck off, are they invading pinterest too?

No. 1290563

Unbelievable. These incel fucks can straight out say "I'm sorry transmen (women) but we transwomen (men) are way more oppressed than you, in fact you're part of the problem and pushing your toxic transmasculinity and transmisogyny on us!" yet people still support them without question. They've already demonized the meanie terves, now they're going after FTMs to guilt trip them into shielding them even more than they already do. You never see male troons say "Trans men are men" unless in passing like you see FTMs repeating the "Trans women are women" mantra.

No. 1290566

Sees his children asking for things and otherwise "ignoring him" as like getting the cold shoulder in a marriage. Kids don't give a shit about anything but themselves and prefer to talk about things they're interested, especially if dad is weird and creepy now. I seriously cannot imagine having a father troon out and open up a GoFugly to try and raise money to divorce my mom. and of course talk about cumrags on Twitter with a picture of his own face right next to it.

No. 1290567

File: 1628064732996.png (2.37 MB, 1491x1779, narc troon.PNG)

Jesus christ this makes me terrified of the thought of ever marrying a man or having kids with him, the chances of him becoming a narcissistic troon is like playing Russian roulette. His twitter is a hellhole of a tranny parent, he legitimately sounds like a big kid whining about having adult responsibilities and I don't understand how he managed to get children out of his wife.

No. 1290576

if women are turned on by lingerie then how did that manifest when lingerie wasn’t invented or in places where women don’t have access to lingerie? if it’s a culturally bound thing and women turn on by clothes that are assigned female by their culture, then ask them do muslim women get turned on by their burkhas. that’s a concersation i would like to see how they spin it

No. 1290578


He's outed his poor kids as having to go to therapy to twitter. Fucking horrific.

No. 1290591

whichever tranny lurker reported this as derailing, dilate(>>meta)

No. 1290594

The kids going to therapy goes without saying, just look at the fucking father of theirs, airing his fetish in front of the poor things. I hope he loses custody and has to pay for the therapy and a shit ton of alimony so the kids can have their holo taco and games at least. I'm glad the children are getting help dealing with this fuckery.

No. 1290596

>troon outs own children as needing therapy
It's more of a self own

No. 1290598

Notice how he jokes about his wife including the fact that he left a cumrag on the floor in the divorce. The kids or the wife must've caught him watching porn in a wig and thigh highs or some other creepy shit.

No. 1290599

File: 1628074189382.png (170.76 KB, 1828x1220, absolute fucking kek.png)

this is what they believe. they TRULY believe this. FUCKING INSANE LMAO. what a massive cope, i cannot with these deluded moids.

No. 1290600


>muh multiple feminine mind-blowing orgasms meme

it really is all about being able to coom 24/7 for these sick fucks huh

No. 1290606

Lol imaging chopping ur dick of to innumerably coom just to have a rotting wound, with internal hair and smegma build up. Dilating it multiple times a day so it doesn’t seal shut. Honestly never disspell their delusions about neovags, let them chop it of.

No. 1290608

File: 1628075985185.png (46.15 KB, 691x360, 1.PNG)

The Lie

No. 1290610

File: 1628076099228.jpg (255.15 KB, 1538x2048, E77dOPxUYAM4nwv.jpg)

The Liar, Ripley (believe it or not) spazzes out at an old man staring at his "tits' and sirring him to stop "Assulting him".

No. 1290611

and then everyone clapped, DUH.

No. 1290614

There’s a reason Mumsnet is (was?) full of terves. No sane woman who’s struggled with infertility or gone through pregnancy and childbirth can continue to delude herself that womanhood is just a feeling in your head or that men can ever have the same bodily functions we do.

They regularly scold and guilt trip their ‘cis fem’ allies, too. Handmaidens, TIFs and TERFs. I wonder what those groups have in common, but TIMs do not?

Reminds me of those instructional cartoons about making a scene in public and how to best manipulate bystanders into thinking the hulking MA’AM is being violently attacked by some confused elderly man. IIRC one of the ‘transphobic aggressors’ was depicted as a guy with crutches.

No. 1290616

I would literally change my name and to another country, If this was my father

No. 1290617

File: 1628077324331.png (2.02 MB, 2191x1394, vomit.png)

No. 1290618

we need a societal purge. i'll take my ban but i want this disgusting fat fuck larping pregnancy to die. i want chris chan raping his goddamn mother to die, and i want each and everyone correcting me to use "she/her" pronouns when referring to these vile monsters to die. fucking disgusting, coming to this thread today straight up ruined my day. we lived in a better world where there wasn't twitter and reddit for these absolute lunatics to broadcast their mental illness and fetishization of the female sex to the world. when will we fight back? we need to organize, ladies. i can't take this any longer

No. 1290619

Anyone got a video of this freak for the keks? Love to see what he looks like in motion.

No. 1290622

File: 1628077989882.png (221.95 KB, 868x609, 162806231072.png)

He openly admits to his forced feminization fetish, Christ
There are some obvious signs, as seen with picrel most males who troon out are open coomers with various degenerates fetishes

No. 1290624

File: 1628078623588.jpeg (692.75 KB, 623x1055, C2156C2A-EA4B-424A-82BC-FA2DD2…)

This is the absolute disgusting lard tub, he also claims to be “gaslit and abused” by cis women.

No. 1290625

File: 1628078668921.jpeg (755.99 KB, 816x1273, 2D970E8D-AD39-44B1-8D84-E3BFB9…)


No. 1290626


Terf island will lead the way.

No. 1290628

>inb4 mods redtext a-logging

good luck anon

No. 1290640

I was watching that competitive glassblowing show on Netflix “blown away” and one of their challenges was to make some sort of innovation we will likely see in the year 2050. Of course someone has to make a male external embryo so “people who were assigned male at birth can carry a baby full term and abolish gender” and the judges loved it and it won the round. The woman who lost accidentally broke her piece three times, still persisted and still created something decent and despite that was sent home. I hate how people are so enthusiastic about something so grim and if you aren’t equally enthusiastic you’re a bigot or whatever.

No. 1290642

Based mom forums.

No. 1290643

>Competitive glassblowing show
>Even that shit gets infested with tranny pandering
It's so unbelievable I can't help but laugh at this point, we're living inside a South Park episode

No. 1290644

The tasks he wrote about doing take a combined fifteen minutes. Notice how his list includes moving the dishes and dirty laundry, but not actually cleaning those things. His idea of "cooking" is probably frozen pizza and Kraft macaroni. If this is everything he does, I'm left to assume his wife is doing everything else.

He said it's a single-income household, and if he has no money for his lawyer, that would mean that she's the one who works. So she goes to work, does most of the housework, and raises their kids. No wonder she's kicking his ass to the curb.

I love how she doesn't put up with his bullshit manipulation, though. He writes these big whiny scrote essays and she just shuts him down.

No. 1290646

>I love how she doesn't put up with his bullshit manipulation, though. He writes these big whiny scrote essays and she just shuts him down.
This, the woman is absolutely based for not bending a knee like so many other battered transwidows on r/mypartneristrans. It speaks way more about him than his wife that he's posting these intimate text messages of him having temper tantrums at his wife over housework on his public twitter to garner sympathy. I hope she drags his ass in court, if he's this bad at hiding his narcissism online I can only imagine what it's like to be married to him much less live in the same household.

No. 1290648

Here anon!

No. 1290649

>wife feeds, plays with, takes outside and takes kids to appointment/ensures theyre receiving support for the emotional trauma of my selfish actions and horrific open sexual deviance
>but i mainline them with internet brainrot so whos the doing the REAL parenting here

No. 1290661

File: 1628084551917.jpeg (733.03 KB, 828x1281, 6E2F4FD4-9CE6-4626-8579-A7ADB6…)

Ew god he reminds me of this gross troon-fucker purple-haired film professor I had a few years ago who bragged to the class about how he dated a tranny for like 10 years when he was younger and how that made him have a ~woke~ Hollywood POV. Fucking gross. As soon as he mentioned that to the class literally everything made sense.

No. 1290665

File: 1628085324273.jpg (426.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210804-094914_Chr…)

He's truly vile, anon. Just send anyone on the fence about trans issues to his Twitter to instantly peak them.

No. 1290672

exactly. i hope she let's her lawyer document everything this narc posts online about her, it paints a clear picture. not the best move to post about your children while in a divorce battle on your public twitter where you also post about force feminization.

No. 1290680

how are we oppressing them? because our natural bodies look different from their and thus we set unreachable standards?
They always forget that way more MTFs are millionairs and have goverment jobs than FTMs…. wonder why

No. 1290681

As much as I hate everything about him being there, I'm living for the response of the women who won. (starts at 1:50)

No. 1290689

ex wife's reply is so based, i wish i could hug her

No. 1290691

File: 1628087483454.jpeg (315.57 KB, 750x1149, EAD9C228-386C-44CA-9819-C941C5…)

idc if it’s cowtipping, someone find his wife and send her his twitter, especially this tweet. let‘s make sure his wife wins the divorce/custody battle.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1290694

File: 1628088168256.jpeg (400.34 KB, 828x590, C5C90D9D-2FB2-4A1E-92DF-307955…)

Looks like things were fine in April. I feel bad for her and the kids. Troonery is an infectious disease.

No. 1290695

File: 1628088173537.jpeg (602.84 KB, 1242x1396, F8FE6ED8-315F-4121-95C2-3021AE…)

Hm. I wonder why people think that?
Also, sad because earlier I checked the replies on the post and the op had said word for word they hate cis women. That has since been deleted.

No. 1290696

The Steven universe pic kek

No. 1290697

she chose to get dick stuck in by crazy, she must deal with the consequences. even back then he looked like a fat retarded ugly slob who couldnt do jackshit. pathetic. always be picky. always.

No. 1290703

It is so funny how the whole facade created by the media falls away when you ask actual women their opinions. I personally don't think Hubbard threw it - he was so arrogant and prideful that he just thought he would win hands down. His discipline and technique weren't there, he looked like a buffoon.

No. 1290705

File: 1628089162010.jpeg (681.93 KB, 722x1462, 8BEB878B-8CBC-489E-88EA-4D422C…)

You’re not wrong. Women need higher standards, clearly.

No. 1290707

File: 1628089671616.png (187.39 KB, 500x486, DESGOSTEN.png)

i dont want to get labelled ~fatphobic~ but as queen vanessa vokey said - fat tissue is literally hormonally active. ofcourse these fat fucks will be more likely to do degenerate shit when their testosterone is low and their estrogen is higher. its not how a healthy man should be.
>inb4 men who are bodybuilders also transition!!!1
well, if they inject too much testosterone, in a mans body "aromatase" happens, which means part of their testosterone gets converted to estrogen. the higher the amount of testosterone, the higher the amount of estrogen. thats how bodybuilders get gyno.

No. 1290730

Hard to believe, I know, but this somehow didn't make it onto the ProGreSsIvE media.

No. 1290735

File: 1628091482391.png (45.75 KB, 1343x832, danicached.png)

He's deleted all his tweets before July 28, but internet archive saved a lot of them. Sort by from date by descending and start around page 10:
Picrew is from google cache.

No. 1290736

>we literally cannot hurt you in the way you can hurt us
TIMs constantly talk over, degrade, harass, and even rape TIFs, who only mildly complain about their behavior if at all, and they still have the gall to whine about them not being deferential enough. The depravity of these men is without end.

No. 1290744

If my dad became a tranny I'd convert to Islam and honor kill him

No. 1290747

It's been a thing since consumerism told people to give their wives/sisters chocolate whenever they're on their periods. It works for some, not for others but it really filled the coffers of the chocolate companies lmao.

No. 1290749

File: 1628092167478.png (53.61 KB, 640x507, daninarcraging.png)

Don't know how to post the url without it breaking. Anyway his deleted tweets like this one are on internet archive.

No. 1290759

The silence speaks for itself. Fucking based.

No. 1290766

Why the fuck did they even have to ask her that? What the hell? Way to put them on the spot, jesus christ. No way it wasn't intentional, they knew they wouldn't say a bad word in front of the international press about the poor dainty widdle twans girl amidst them.

But thank the fucking god, she had the balls to just greyrock him. Based as fuck, this was so satisfying to witness.

No. 1290778

File: 1628094719098.jpeg (450.69 KB, 828x1077, D9B5DC49-A261-4FB5-85CE-940F32…)

Chris chan is going to be apparently jailed with female inmates.(Wrong thread )

No. 1290784

theres no way. he cant get in unless he loses the dick according to virginia department of corrections kek

No. 1290795

File: 1628095865813.gif (361.64 KB, 499x500, infinite chocolate.gif)

>increasing the nerves per square inch

No. 1290798

>believing anything journos say
kek, anon, don't you know modern journalism is mostly just making shit up?

No. 1290799

state funded SRS incoming

No. 1290805

I’m so fucking glad I graduated 10 years ago, I wouldn’t be able to handle the troon pandering fuckery

No. 1290813

It’s true I was there I’m the grocery store

No. 1290822

even chocolate cravings guys!! he's just like us he's a totally honest to god real woman

No. 1290871

These men need to be shamed and unemployable.

No. 1290874

Oh my god, BASED AF. I love these women. Good for them!!

No. 1290875

He's so fucking close to getting it.

The majority of rapists are biologically male and the majority of victims are biologically female. Statistically, you are a threat to women. Throwing on a dress and programmer socks won't do dick to change that.

I'm not shocked he hates women. Men seethe whenever women see through their nonsense.

No. 1290889

really underrated comment, someone please make this point

No. 1290891

youre all way more insane than any tranny ive met IRL i fucking cannot with yalls delusion LMAO. fuck man, /pol/ was right about dumb whores like y'all
https://vocaroo.com/14wT3spK5GE8(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1290897

you sound fat(took the bait)

No. 1290902

>/pol/ was right about y'all

Kek you can't make this shit up(took the bait)

No. 1290907

This man is particularly trashy and retarded. Imagine coopting the fair criticism women make about TIFs silencing criticism of patriarchy and men, and somehow making it about TIMs. What's even the issue with TIFs doing this, from their perspective? TIMs think it's "transmisogynistic" for women to comment on hating moids, but now it's also "transmisogynistic" to argue against hating on moids?
>"Nooo, don't tell women to shut up about men, that's our job!"
I guess it doesn't matter how well a TIF plays along. She's still female, so they hate everything she can say and do.

No. 1290908

Men are truly a blight upon this earth.

No. 1290913

Misogynistic scrotes feel threatened in female spaces for women calling out scrote misogyny, nothing new. I'm still flabbergasted that so many handmaidens outright refuse to see this behavior.

No. 1290914

Ah, yes, posting violent gore of women. Must suck to be such a vile man who is a disappointment to their entire family history. Y’all have to resort to posting disgusting shock images because you don’t actually have any points in your defense that have any merit at all. Dilate, troon.

No. 1290915

>using y'all unironically
The scrote doesn't even know how to integrate in an imageboard who is he trying to fool with his "hehe based 4chan i hate femoids" persona

No. 1290916

>mfw you're dead and still pass better
Just 41% bro(took the bait)

No. 1290920

Awww is someone triggered? Does someone need his mommy?(took the bait)

No. 1290922

For the love of fuck stop replying to the scrote already. He's here to milk attention from women and that's exactly what you're giving him.

No. 1290925

4channer trannies kys(took the bait)

No. 1290926

as opposed to a loose clit?(took the bait)

No. 1290927

I think it's funny but you're right lol. Guy's an attention whore

No. 1290928

Scrotes gonna scrote, just report the retarded walking abortion and move on. XY is truly a mental disability

No. 1290929

>The majority of rapists are biologically male and the majority of victims are biologically female.
>Throwing on a dress and programmer socks won't do dick to change that.
It actually increases the likelihood that they're rapists or sexual assaulters tbh

No. 1290930

your insecurities could not be any more obvious. must suck to hate yourself so much. the mutilated women the scrotes are spamming pass better than you ever will. Dilate 41 times for me uwu(took the bait)

No. 1290937

are you all new? just ignore the troon kek

No. 1290938

Too bad you will never make yourself pass kek(took the bait)

No. 1290939

absolutely fucking based

No. 1290943

Is this the front pole someone in /meta/ made a banner of?

No. 1290946

Kek underrated reply

No. 1290948

you should all know from the other threads that responding to bait is not good

No. 1290951

average troon's understanding of female anatomy(took the bait)

No. 1290956

omg haha

No. 1290957

bless you nonna

No. 1290960

Average troons neo-clit: so loose it's falling off

No. 1290963

he looks warm, im happy for him

No. 1290964

Omg anon he's so cute!!! What's his name

No. 1290968

Wait a sec…isn't that the same scrote from the femdom thread lmfaoooooo

No. 1290969

Why, it's Lelouche, of the Rebellion

No. 1290970

my bad I was just really enjoying the brief high I got from watching the video of the winning women being absolutely based during that interview where they were asked about the troon and then scrolled down to see the scrotes raging and spamming gore. It is hard not to a-log but the joke is on me because it is obvious they are already completely unhinged and unhappy.

No. 1290972

Oh sorry never heard of that.

No. 1290976

That's okay, he's never heard of you either

No. 1290978

Nona where did you get this bear. . . So cute.

No. 1290982

File: 1628107836079.jpg (87.28 KB, 1280x720, Divf2erX4AA_3fF.jpg_large.jpg)

The jokes write themselves. How unfortunate for you. A lifetime of delusion and self mutilation awaits you. Enjoy.(took the bait)

No. 1290988

i wonder why they are so mad about women having sex

No. 1290999

File: 1628108186582.png (123.41 KB, 248x581, 1622536444060.png)

I love the fact that I have what these scrotes kill themselves over not having. Like the simple flex of existing pushes them to spam gore and act like children. It's so fucking funny.

No. 1291001

thank you anon for capturing this

No. 1291002

No matter what the price tag, he's priceless. You're a lucky anon.

No. 1291005

Oh myi god what a twis t!!!

No. 1291006

Nice guy strikes again. He never got attention in his life and troonsout as a midlife crisis cope. Anyone successful in forwarding his twitter archive link to the wife?

Also to the troon using vpn service, you're fucking it for everyone else you testicular raging subhuman troglodyte. Go back to /lgbt and cope eternally you crossdressing degenerate.

No. 1291008

File: 1628108782723.jpg (19.06 KB, 400x400, water.jpg)


No. 1291012

While I don't advocate cowtipping, I strongly advocate for giving women help in fighting back against these manipulative monsters. Those tweets need to be forwarded to the wife by someone (not saying it had to be an anon, but I'm saying someone should)(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 1291015

File: 1628109114752.png (846.98 KB, 1773x1681, trancels.png)

No. 1291018

At least he hasn't spammed CP (for now)

No. 1291020

I'm so sick of these fucks

No. 1291021

File: 1628109690198.jpeg (318.81 KB, 960x1027, 4EF7B50A-29AC-46FA-8FC4-284AAA…)

What a loser

No. 1291022

File: 1628109725698.jpeg (378.96 KB, 960x1085, 331F0DDC-B46E-4982-9888-7320A3…)

Someone with some sense

No. 1291023

File: 1628109775287.jpeg (8.78 KB, 281x179, download (2).jpeg)


No. 1291025

So he trooned out, the wife left him, found a new boyfriend and he's being possessive? Figures why his scrote rage is so bitter.

No. 1291032

way to make it crystal clear his transition is solely to retaliate against a woman because she began setting boundaries for the safety of her children and herself.

No. 1291034

Nice post, anonette. Chasers and trannies are birds of a feather. It's funny to think that two fetishistic men who know something isn't right with them RP as a straight couple.

Irony being that straight is the most natural sexuality designed for humans to reproduce, whereas theirs is the most taboo, weird, out there fetishistic shit in all of human history.

The tranny with an MJ voice pretending to be female wearing skirts and bras trying to create a relationship with the Chaser, the Chaser pretending he isn't a coomer, avoiding the tranny at all costs unless he wants to fuck. The tranny writing cope posts on the internet because he saw a pregnant woman on the train or little girls playing in the park.

Male degeneracy.

No. 1291037

they deflected by mansplaining editing this is so funny

No. 1291038

The envy scrotes have for lesbians makes me love being a woman with XX chromosomes and a pussy who loves other women with XX chromosomes and pussies and no one else. Imagine being part of the superior half of the human race, and having absolutely nothing to tie you to the inferior half. TIMs could never.

No. 1291044

File: 1628111344487.png (136.63 KB, 1198x596, wtf.png)

Ive seen enough tranny shit on here but his tweet made me MATI.

No. 1291048

File: 1628111883052.png (800.96 KB, 1080x480, serial killer.png)

No. 1291049

Anon, I frankly hate men and mtfs too but for the love of God. Don't stoop to their level and post gore as well, it's nasty.

No. 1291051

File: 1628112097331.jpeg (938.03 KB, 1242x1728, FF530154-B2AC-48B5-B4CC-3CAB97…)

No. 1291052

Anon it's literally the same scrote. He's just larping as a woman so he won't get banned lmfao

No. 1291053

It is true. I was the cash register.

No. 1291054

I'm not even a mom, but the thought of some greasy troon calling himself one makes me seethe like nothing else can. You just know that these men do even less housework and childcare than the average father, barely even care about their kids, and only want to be a "mother" to fulfill a fetishistic desire.

No. 1291065

kek love it

No. 1291069

File: 1628114110120.jpg (104.55 KB, 1085x760, E75QLyZXMAAdlg8.jpg)

it already has a million views on twitter but so far only supporters
i think attacking all 3 winners for a simple no is something that troons and handmaidens don't dare to do yet
the bronze lady seems to be pretty terfy btw

No. 1291070

File: 1628114148386.jpg (129.1 KB, 1196x769, E750g4zXIAE0N4u.jpg)

No. 1291074

Holy shit, queen.

No. 1291076

omg I love her

No. 1291082

Olympic level cryptoterf? 2021 took a turn for the better, ladies.

No. 1291085

File: 1628114945703.jpeg (349.58 KB, 960x1012, 05B208C6-AC4D-440A-BD46-B039AE…)

Last one

No. 1291087

Holy crap what a petty, bitter motherfucker.
>I started popping horse piss pills just to spite my stupid wife who told me that I was mentally ill for living out my forced feminization fetish in real life!

No. 1291089

File: 1628115365422.jpeg (194.66 KB, 1183x827, A5829B6E-C042-4541-A051-D9284E…)

How long until he troons out? Not a day goes by when he’s not whiteknighting some Mtf.

No. 1291090

>my wife called me mentally ill in court, so I'm going to prove her wrong by cutting my dick off

No. 1291096

The fact that they didn’t even apologize and just said “uhh rough draft, it’s editing duh” proves that this is what they believe. I can’t wait to see the all of tables turn on these homophobic troons.

No. 1291106

if they believed all of their arguments, they should have flown themselves out to fuck this chris person. they all really need to just go fuck each other and have arranged marriages to each other and kill each other, and leave women out of it.

No. 1291111

I really admire Sarah Robles for saying no, so that Emily Campbell and especially Wang Zhouyu wouldn't have to. You can tell they all have something to say, but I have a feeling Campbell and Zhouyu would've gotten torn to shreds for saying anything, even just "no". I'm glad Zhouyu's victory won't be derailed by people constantly questioning her morality, since she wasn't the one to say anything. I admire and respect all three of these powerful women.
Only mildly related, but does anyone know anything about Yulimar Rojas? I think she's really cool, and she's an open lesbian, but Wikipedia lists her as an "LGBT+" activist, and I would be pretty bummed out to hear she's a handmaiden.

No. 1291129

you mean li wenwen?

No. 1291130

God how embarrassing. I have aphasia, so I googled the winners names, and the other two came up correct. Forgive me, if I was wrong.

No. 1291133

Based as fuck

No. 1291136

File: 1628120428609.jpg (55.59 KB, 600x600, 1575597262875.jpg)

No. 1291145

The su context here is so easy to read it’s not even funny. “Cis women I want to fuck lead me on by pretending to be handmaidens but their handmaidenry always ends when I start making physical overtures to fuck them, this is gaslighting and abuse. Also I don’t want to take a traditional masculine role as a provider but I want a submissive feminine anime gf. This is abuse and gaslighting”

No. 1291146

Unbelievably a handmaiden mutual complained about the piece on twitter and speculated that the woman might be a terf because of her focus on wombs and "t-trans women can totally get pregnant already without a machine's help, bigot! Educate yourself!"

No. 1291154

anyone else remember when his secret agp/sissy/tranny fetish tumblr blog was found?

No. 1291186

lmao isn’t this the loser who made a documentary bout himself solely bc he won a lot of money on jeopardy and he was against gamergate??

No. 1291194

wow this is a good find thanks anon

No. 1291212

His wife also divorced him, kek

No. 1291222

I love when women get rid of their chaser boyfriends/husbands, I don't know this fool other then him being mentioned on KF. She may not have done it because of that, IDK, but It's satisfying either way.
Also, another case of men not defending shit with passion unless it gets their dick hard.
Notice, that even male feminist disrespect women, but troon chasers? They go so hard to attempt to normalize troons and troon loving, that they NEVER EVER dare to not defend & protect them.

No. 1291252

File: 1628134933721.png (218.91 KB, 540x1528, grooming.png)

Imagine thinking you can Jedi-mind-trick yourself out of the system of sex-based oppression, and in order to convince yourself of the delusion you vehemently try to rope other people in it.

We don't have to "scramble" for a response kek. Put this in your arm corndog and smoke it: You can "decide" not to be female, but that doesn't make it true. Physical sex is immutable, and it's honestly pathetic that Aidens think throwing on a binder and getting pixie cuts are going to exempt them from sex-based oppression. I can say I'm a millionaire, or a polyglot, or a lawyer. Doesn't make any of those things true when they demonstrably aren't.

Transgenderism is the new Scientology, prove me wrong.

No. 1291254

File: 1628135077775.jpg (89.2 KB, 808x1024, 20210804_234403.jpg)

this woman deserves reparations

No. 1291259

File: 1628135412957.jpg (200.03 KB, 1125x1583, f13c6097-9252-57b4-ba19-6eba3d…)

This is a troll account you guys.

No. 1291264

File: 1628135831166.jpg (414.47 KB, 1079x1629, Screenshot_20210804-234859_Chr…)

chu denied it was his blog and claimed that a gamergater chud framed him but kek i'm not sure if i believe that. it ultimately doesn't really matter if it was his or not bc he's undoubtedly a vile little misogynist and coomer/chaser

No. 1291267

I hope so, but this is so realistic in comparison to actual, outlandish things said by trannys.

No. 1291286

File: 1628139612500.png (481.24 KB, 592x559, 1.PNG)

TIM from pose (who is always saying dumb shit), told a dumb ass story about Da Baby looking at him and saying his name.
We all know why he's telling this story, because Da Baby is hated right now, being called homophobic.
He's trying to call Da Baby DL or out for "flirting" with him, but if he's a woman why is he doing this?
They expose men for any interaction they have with them. The funny thing is the comments on Instagram about it-
This isn't the first time this TIM did this, either. They constantly weaponize men's attraction to them, then wonder why men hide them.

No. 1291289

I'm watching a clip where they do a slow mo of from an aerial view and on his 1st attempt, you can see him hit his own gut with the bar I'm fuckig dying

No. 1291297

ah jest the '' i can't have a gf because im repulsive so you need to give me one!!'' incel speech

No. 1291300

Man,I hate DaBaby. Honestly he deserves it sick of black men getting away with homophobia and sexism.

No. 1291301

>homophobia and sexism
Same, thats why I'm calling out Angelica. He's sexist, homophobic and blames women for the DL men he fucks.

No. 1291307

File: 1628143037702.jpg (632.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210804-235418_Fac…)

Fuck everything. Women try for years to get decent representation in gaming and we get mocked, but this is "stunning and brave".

No. 1291315

>another game VA grifts incelbux by doing paid line requests

Come on anon its not some official in-game character line, its like when the TF2 VA does voice line requests for donos on twitch. Its just another out of context faggy “game journo” filler piece and why be surprised that people who are in scrote heavy entertainment industries are handmaidens kekw

No. 1291326

It's disturbing because it's almost like she's attempting to dangle it in front of our faces like "Haw-haw, I opted out of sex based oppression, bet you'd like some of this too huh?". Ah yes, the solution for universal misogyny, get our tits cut off, go on synthetic hormones and stop being women altogether.

Yeah this, has-been VAs with a somewhat famous role milk money all the time for paid voice lines and TRAs always get them to say "Trans rights". I'm surprised they don't get sued by the companies for abusing their IP, back in the 90's Bart Simpson's VA got in trouble for advertising scientology using the character's voice.

No. 1291328

sage for off topic, she never said she was anti-abortion just that the issue of class matters in the situation and that it is nuanced
most women do want to keep their children but get abortions mostly cause they know they can't raise due to financial difficulties
Its not a new position, and socialist feminists have talked about this since the 60's

No. 1291340

Back when I was a TRA, I kept hearing the talking point about how TERFs view TIFs as "betraying" them. I've been in GC spaces for a few years now and I've yet to see a feminist say anything remotely like that. You typically just see posts about how TIFs still experience misogyny and how TIFs are the result of teenagers fearing the male gaze.

When I see a woman whose internalized misogyny drives her to take steroids and saw her tits off, I don't feel betrayed– I feel pity for her. Disgust with how men treat them has caused them to destroy their own bodies, which is just sad. In all honesty the only people Aidens are "betraying" is themselves.

No. 1291343

Sorry, I should have included comments. So many of friends are handmaidens and shared this. I got mad because I can't share my opinions with anyone except my gf. You guys are right, it's just incelbux.

No. 1291361

Embed it friend

No. 1291369

File: 1628159236196.png (10.57 MB, 2484x5757, discord troon pedo 1.png)

Discord tranny pedo obsessed with "little white girls" and reducing the age of consent loves sending nudes to a minor.

No. 1291370

File: 1628159310378.jpg (845.87 KB, 1242x2016, discord pedo 2.jpg)

No. 1291375

To be fair the people calling TIFs gender traitors refer to them as that for often turning against women altogether after transitioning, not because they transitioned per se. As in typing misogynist bullshit like seen in that tumblr snippet of someone saying "if you hate sexism so much why don't you just stop being a woman lmaoo".

I'm surprised an account posting literal murderous transphobia (i.e. outing pedo trannies) is allowed to exist without being nuked by Twitter mods. Live and learn.

No. 1291376

File: 1628161116454.jpg (4.63 MB, 4537x7887, pedo friend.jpg)

His friend also gives off pedo vibes. A geneticist according to his bio. The alcoholic drink means he is over the age of 21. Something about these men is deeply disturbing and creepy, the anime and hentai posting, RPing as an underage girl, the behaviour and just the way they look.

No. 1291382

Can you see aspects of your high school fashion or sense of humor being worn by trannies, in that stilted, skin-suit sort of way? It's pathetic knowing they're clinging to images of women and girls, and they can't even be good knockoffs. He looks like shit, and it's clear he's trying to emulate the funny, self-aware weeb chick bit, but it doesn't work at all, since he's too genuinely coombrained to be tongue-in-cheek, ironic, or genuine. It's incredible, just how truly worthless and lacking in self-awareness a human-being (or what passes as one) can be.

No. 1291386

They want to be the cute altgirl they had a crush on in high school but never went out with.

No. 1291392

File: 1628164721232.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

>>1291391(took the bait)

No. 1291410

we all love abortion here why would that bother anyone(took the bait)

No. 1291414

kek the tranny/scrote thinks it’s the most offensive thing to say. they’ll never know what true motherhood, the womb envy is very strong nowadays.

No. 1291420

>sex is a human right
Not getting laid is not infringing your human rights, wtf.

No. 1291422

This. Of course a worthless man who can't bring life (or really anything of value) into this world can only find joy in miscarriages. He's an eternal cuck.
If he sees any talk about having periods, hopefully he'll finally rope while jerking off and crying (transvestites and erotic asphyxiation are a power couple).

No. 1291424

The funniest part is that TIFs don't escape from misogyny even after they troon out. They still have to deal with male violence and entitlement, do the lions share of work, bear the children and clean up after men who hate them, they just wear a he/him pronoun pin while doing so.

No. 1291460

What do you mean his fecal hole is very fertile OwO. To the scrotes who occasionally REE ITT: women pity you.
He has an OF too lmao imagine having that much confidence. Lord grant me the confidence of an ugly white man.

No. 1291468

The fact the store owner is wearing a “sith happens” shirt is absolutely hilarious

No. 1291470

I guess there’s a part two. The uploader didn’t even clarify what the sign in front of the Star Wars store even said.

No. 1291475

>You don't look like a woman, you don't act like a woman, you're fucked in the head
This part has me howling, I love this based geriatric

No. 1291482

Based old man. How can you be so embarrassing in public?

No. 1291487

I love watching men argue.

I wonder what the sign says.

No. 1291491

if they’re claiming to be real women wouldn’t they cultivate empathy for the female experience? they can’t do anything but play themselves

No. 1291495

the shop owner mentions it in the second video; it says "if you're born with a dick, you're not a chick".

No. 1291497

>look at yourself for Christ sake….. for Christs sake who would want even to be close
that's the reaction I would make, it's just the absurdity of it all

No. 1291500

File: 1628177679349.jpeg (91.27 KB, 905x1004, C06CCE69-08D3-4A0B-975F-671EA8…)

The sign

No. 1291505

Neither of these males are based kek

No. 1291507

old man may not be based but they are apparently they are going to be protesting his store this weekend and I already see them trying to tag in Disney, poor guy his store is probably gonna be ruined

No. 1291509

I wonder how much of that got to him

No. 1291517

Samefag. But I’m distracted by his wardrobe

No. 1291552

>is there a single person who believes you're a chick?
>I know a lot of people who agree with me and accept me for who I am
Didn't say that people believe he's a woman. Just """agree with me""" (or risk being fired/ostracised) and accepts him for """who I am""" (a mentally unstable man).

No. 1291558

File: 1628180658045.png (75.05 KB, 986x410, oijge8.png)

They're planning a protest. I wonder if there's going to be a tranny/antifa tantrum on the same level as the Wi Spa protests.

No. 1291592

File: 1628182546562.webm (4.88 MB, 405x720, tranny troglodyte.webm)

No. 1291595

File: 1628182608466.webm (4.62 MB, 576x1024, tranny troglodyte romance.webm)

No. 1291597

seeing this fills me with an emotion that I can't quite place, but it isn't a good one.

No. 1291602

File: 1628182954114.png (133.41 KB, 806x616, bf.png)

The bf has Klinefelter's

No. 1291607

File: 1628183282038.jpg (32.13 KB, 676x525, Co.jpg)


No. 1291610

File: 1628183664734.jpeg (336.08 KB, 750x728, 02F8E63A-0A0C-4927-A8E3-8FAA27…)

I think they’re forgetting the part that they’re biologically male and the woman with the masculine features is still a biological woman.

No. 1291612

File: 1628183776403.jpg (186.96 KB, 848x1388, 20210805_131518.jpg)

Actual nightmare fuel.

No. 1291614

As if women with masculine features aren't constantly being universally judged and shamed for "looking like men". And that aside they still look like women no matter how wide of a chin or shoulders they have unlike someone who was born a man.

No. 1291616

i’m not transphobe i’m just a lesbian.

mentally wired to only be attracted to women, y’know.

No. 1291629

File: 1628185541290.jpeg (127.05 KB, 828x804, 4724E3D7-0CBF-4A7A-95C2-6FB0B8…)

I don’t see their point

No. 1291630

what in the skeletor hell

No. 1291632

File: 1628185875008.png (31.65 KB, 600x800, 1e3.png)


No. 1291641

Jesus what is wrong with this person??? Besides the troonism. FAS?

No. 1291643

File: 1628186655909.jpg (112.42 KB, 449x537, 2334652234321.jpg)

No. 1291648

File: 1628186865758.jpg (53.79 KB, 686x584, can you please.jpg)

does anyone have the FAS copypasta. can we please drop the FAS diagnosis, i'm begging

No. 1291653

I can guarantee they think that he is on the spectrum

No. 1291654

Bet he feels like a big man trying to intimidate some older guy over bullshit. I swear men were already shit, but troons take teh cake.

No. 1291661

>Trans, poly, bi, kinky, pagan
Why am I not surprised by any of this

No. 1291662

Oof that handmaiden whiteknighting that hulking man like he's a dainty girl that can't protect himself is straight up painful

No. 1291687

A large man can show aggression and be called stunning and brave as long as he’s wearing a dress, but if a woman shows any kind of assertiveness she’s called a Karen and mocked.

No. 1291707

File: 1628191618339.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1626, B58BE9FF-C56C-4975-BAAD-289EBB…)

nonnies, when i'm down, i like to look up tranny progress pics to make me laugh. am i a bad person?

No. 1291709

At least you can laugh at them, I'm just doompilled further when I see people giving them endless amounts of asspats and coddling while being unnecessarily mean and misogynistic towards women and their looks.

No. 1291722

This video is the funniest thing, the juxtaposition between a large, hulking creature, with male pattern baldness in the most insipid forever 21 clothes yelling in his manish voice “trans women are women “
There is nothing in him that resembles a women, yet he has to drown the old man’s voice by yelling it again and again, because that is the only thing he can do. Its almost beautiful how emblematic this is of the trans moment.

No. 1291733

dw anon, you have good taste in humor

No. 1291736

maybe it does, but i'm not going to judge you because I do the same

No. 1291737

>goes into guy's store to yell at him
>complains that the guy won't leave him alone
>pretends man approached him won't leave him alone when passers by watch
>yells out "stop looking at my ass!" to make it seem like he's being sexually harassed at the end
If only they converted this loud courage and bravery into defending women that were actually being harassed.

No. 1291743

No & thanks for the idea non

No. 1291747

partly same, but i have a group of very average male friends and they're so full of "intolerant" BS that it's a fresh breath of air lmao
people who aren't terminally online really don't like troons

No. 1291749

Is he gonna bite her head off?

I'm 100% sure he's autistic. Just his body language itself really reminds me these two diagnosed spergs that were my classmates in middle school. His weird noises confirms it for me.

No. 1291761

based old man not tolerating other mens troon bullshit, bless him

No. 1291767

I never thought about it before, but since "trans women are women" means if they ever send a shirtless pic even pre-transition it could be used to call them out for gross sexual harassmnet since it's "female" tits by their logic. Cancel them by their own logic u know?

No. 1291769

yes, no longer can they show their gross fem boners or disgusting female-presenting nipples.

No. 1291774

"free the nipple"

No. 1291778

Old man seems like a conservatard, but he's right that the troon probably doesn't get called out on his shit enough. A broken click is right twice a day.
Handmaiden coming to troonhulk's rescue at the end is pathetic. She fell for the narrative the troon set up like the world's most retarded prey. Literally screamed "transwomen are women" like a siren to summon her, then pretended he was getting assaulted when he saw someone coming. This absolute dirtbag is going to contribute to the "false accusation" narrative. It's all just a game to scrotes. I hope he walks out into traffic while having a tantrum.

No. 1291779

I don't care about the geriatric and he's not a hero, it's funny and refreshing to see people standing up to the tranny bullshit. First the Wi Spa now this.

No. 1291786

Fucking creep, BAB is for young children and their parents. Someone get this autistic pervert out of there before he asks an eight-year-old how to use tampons.

No. 1291788

All that smudge tool and he still looks like a condom full of mayonnaise.

No. 1291797

anon i absolutely despise you for putting that mental image in my head

No. 1291800

His body language and posture is so aggressive and overly masculine compared to the store owner's. What a disgusting bully trying to intimidate a senior citizen. I don't care if he is a conservative retard, the way this troon harassed him and hulked around him in circles is terrifying.

No. 1291821


No. 1291823

File: 1628205903625.jpg (859.74 KB, 810x3208, Screenshot_20210805-192303_Boo…)

Why they all so racist?

No. 1291828

File: 1628206568043.jpg (219.59 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20210805-193500_Chr…)

And why they always such assholes?

No. 1291849

I fucking adore the british lady

No. 1291882

File: 1628210602154.png (22.48 KB, 925x116, terf btfo.png)

Kek. you terf retards are even getting JUST'd on your own website. Must hurt knowing you can't trash talk us on lolcow, irl or anywhere else online :)(Tranny sperg)

No. 1291891

How can that troon with his nasally nerd guy voice tower over that old man say hes a woman. How can he expect to be taken seriously?
Also lol @ the comments being disabled

No. 1291898

File: 1628212020512.png (14.7 KB, 1011x171, girlgamers3.png)

Kind of new, sorry for the blog but this has been on my mind for a bit. I hang around r/GirlGamers (I know, a mistake) and one trend I've been noticing is the number of transwomen on that sub. I know it advertises itself as a community to anyone whether trans, nb, or whatever, so this is to be expected, but go to any post discussing the misogyny that women experience in gaming and you'll see at least one transwoman (with a shitton of upvotes too) announcing their presence. They can't seem to stop mentioning their transness. Even if the post isn't about being trans they'll find some way to make it about that. I can't help but find it infuriating that these people who don't even experience misogyny just hop into these threads to LARP as women, as if they even have the same problems that we do.

On a recent post (I included an imgur link since there were a few replies + context) one girl shared a meme complaining about how bad the other gaming subreddits are because it's filled with misogynistic men. Of course, once again, the transwomen announce themselves and complain about how the post was "trans-exclusive." Oh no, a woman makes a dick joke when complaining about men, how awful and exclusive. It's a sub for women. They're allowed to complain.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks because this site has peaked me. The more I see stuff like this the less seriously I take them. I understand that actual trans people exist, but why would you want to announce that you're trans all the time? Wouldn't that make it harder to fit in?

Imgur here: https://imgur.com/a/khPCie4 (Sorry, collaging is hard and there were a few replies that stood out and wanted to include them all).

No. 1291908

File: 1628212985816.jpg (644.45 KB, 1079x1282, Screenshot_20210805-212101_Red…)

it's so fucking funny when they hide their male-patterned balding hairline and so many of them do lol. check out this super sapphic witchy wombyn, gyns!

No. 1291910

Is this real? Went from a cute dude to some shriveled up sardine with bad hair

No. 1291920

The assumption that normal humans even care this much is sending me. Dude your dentist is just there to check your teeth.

No. 1291921

>wouldn’t that make it harder to fit in
Yes, and they know this. When they announce their transness they get all the asspats and attention and they can do no wrong. They don’t want to fit it.

No. 1291929

The way troons use cloth hairbands is so fucking funny, anyone who's seen an actual woman wear one would instantly know something's wrong. Even a woman with a big forehead wears it at the top of her head, to keep the hair back. That is literally the intended use. It looks like he brushed some of his hair forward, in a desperate attempt to make it look more voluminous kek.

No. 1291931

File: 1628216183696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 797.8 KB, 1284x1263, E817B830-AC24-4AC7-A5F9-9BEFB3…)

Remember when it was just lesbians, gays, and bis?

No. 1291932

lmao based old man, I hope his shop gets more business

No. 1291933

I have a hard time believing these are the same guy, this image makes me genuinely sad. It’s like one of those faces of meth PSAs. Dude on the left is fit, well groomed, and smiling with his eyes. Now he just looks so run down and haggard. Even if you’re a tra I don’t know how anyone could see this post as positive or uplifting, he looks so dead inside. Imagine what he looks like without the hair band.
Whenever I’m on a subreddit for a male dominated hobby and see someone with a feminine username or someone mention being a woman I feel compelled to check they post history. 9/10 times there’s a gross male selfie or a post to eggirl.

No. 1291936

based Sarah Robles makes me unironically proud to be a woman

No. 1291951

I miss that shit like you wouldn't fucking believe
terfs only trannies btfo

No. 1291954

File: 1628219009258.jpg (315.09 KB, 1079x967, Screenshot_20210805-225824_Red…)

why are y'all questioning whether or not this is "real"? I swear to God women who have peaked on TIMs but not men in general are exasperating. yes, he's real and he has kids https://www.reddit.com/u/BenevolentDead

No. 1291955

Because its the internet and people lie and edit their photos all the time? Especially trannies?
>He's real and has kids
Fucking hell.

No. 1291959

File: 1628219532393.jpg (623.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210805-230809_Boo…)

Ex-military. He's an acupuncturist. Still professionally goes by his "deadname" kek.

No. 1291961

File: 1628219984710.jpg (62.86 KB, 533x800, based geriatric.jpg)

based old man telling it like it is in the way we all wish we could

No. 1291963

>Whenever I’m on a subreddit for a male dominated hobby and see someone with a feminine username or someone mention being a woman I feel compelled to check they post history. 9/10 times there’s a gross male selfie or a post to eggirl.
This is one of my favourite things to do. There's something so funny about how confident they are that they pass as women when they can be clocked with 90% accuracy based on a single reddit post.

No. 1291965

this is me on discord
i can discern with incredible accuracy when someone is either mtf or ftm

No. 1291967

do not do my boy Max dirty like that

No. 1291970

>handmaiden goes out of her way to defend him
>tranny doesn't even acknowledge her or say thank you or anything and goes back to arguing

no gratitude, no nothing, only expectations and entitlement. of course he expected the woman to bow down to him.

No. 1291980

I FUCKING HATE when trannies call themselves mothers. The poor actual mothers who carried the child to term and gave birth must find it a slap in the face. A slap in the face with big ugly man-hands.

No. 1291983

…it speaks volumes that there's no regular rainbow flag. Instead they use the retarded toothpaste flag for gay men. I'm done.

Also what the fuck is "abrosexual?" It's just insulting at this point. Homosexuals really can't have anything, the retarded straights always have to find a way to include themselves.

No. 1291986

A combination of shoop and eating disorders, methinks.

No. 1291991

File: 1628224982699.jpeg (69.07 KB, 494x370, EDA38DD8-91B3-4800-BEC4-8126EF…)

the old man is based as hell and meanwhile this scrotes outfit is a joke. He is wearing a raggedy tshirt with a skirt … get a blouse and at least try ffs

No. 1292006

File: 1628227302939.jpg (28.39 KB, 492x330, screaming possum.jpg)

sage for off topic but
>Also what the fuck is "abrosexual?"
Apparently it means having a fluid sexual orientation so like … I guess it's another fucking special word for being bi or pan … I hate this clown world

No. 1292007

Wasn't really doubting the authenticity, just found the change staggering. Dude looks absolutely gaunt. I feel for the kids, imagine growing up with that as a father. I'd say I hope it's not a daughter, but a son might be even worse.
The video is low quality but you can make out the disappointment and embarrassment on her husband's face when he realizes he's not going to get to look the toys today.

No. 1292026

File: 1628231626394.jpg (145.05 KB, 1280x720, DrDray.jpg)

I bet he's skinwalking Dr Dray, who has a thread here.

No. 1292028

>get to look the toys today.

No. 1292034

The star wars stuff, he keeps looking inside the store and trying to defuse the entire time his wife is arguing with the guy. That's just my headcannon anyway.

No. 1292035

File: 1628232908698.jpg (1.18 MB, 1440x3030, Screenshot_20210806-025427_Chr…)

Definitely has an eating disorder. He's 5'11" and only 145 lbs. And wants to lose 10 more lbs! Commenter even suggested he get counseling for it.

No. 1292036

Anon even the name r/GirlGamers alone is an invitation for troons to come flop their dick around. Any sub that's female-something or girl-anything is bound to be raided by them, I'm surprised the female dating strategy sub isn't yet raided by those "transition thursday" selfie spams like twoX was. And of course instead of fixing their toxic scrote communities themselves they demand access to the safer female spaces where they can whine about meanie male brutes while threatening evil terves with a skull bashing.

While I don't find him attractive even pre-transition it's still eerie how he looked like a regular normie guy, not at all filling the emancipated autistic NEET stereotype. The tranny porn brainrot might strike any man at this point and it makes me paranoid.

No. 1292042

Yeah he looks bad. The obligatory tranny shopping and the headband can’t even hide it. People are surprised at seemingly normie men do this but we have to remember any moid can fall for the tranny psyop. How many normie moids with gfs, wife and kids regularly browse egg_irl and look at shopped trannies on transtimelines? Got the face app downloaded on their phones?

No. 1292043

Knew it, he looks ghastly. Being a middle aged anachan on hrt sounds like a good recipe for gallstones and skeletal problems. Probably going to upgrade that hairband to a hat soon too when the rest of his hair goes.
FDS is safe. Any time I see the sub mentioned elsewhere on reddit one of the criticisms that's always brought up against it is it being "terfy." The sub literally has a rule against "transphobia". They're men though and just can't resist the urge to defend their fellow men or let you know they're one of the "good ones", so they get themselves banned.

No. 1292048

sage for ot, but i've seen anti-tra intersex people speak out, but I haven't women that are post-menopausal, have had hysterectomies, or mastectomies, how do they feel being brought up by TRA's as some sort of parallel equivalent to transwomen or whatever?

No. 1292049

File: 1628236409023.jpeg (164.77 KB, 750x1156, ABF22018-348E-41EE-AE94-4BEE50…)

This. It's because women often use neutral or even masculine usernames because they don't want to invite harassment from men by marking themselves as women. Whereas trannies want to be as ~uwu feminine~ as possible.

Also, I think it's something about the way they speak too, and the things they say. idk how to explain it but certain comments just scream "I'm a tranny!". For example these comments on a post about women who go to college to find educated/well-employed men to marry. I don't know what part of the comment set me off (maybe it's the "I flunked out before I could find a provider because I want to be a lesbian housewife" because that seems like something no real woman would ever say.) Surely enough, I look at the post history, and it's a fucking trannie with a submission fetish.

No. 1292053

ok they don't really bring them up in the same way they do intersex folks, but they do every time anyone says females have an uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, menstruate ("oh so is a woman still a woman after menopause then?" (yes))
sorry for samefagging just used wrong wording before

No. 1292054

oh i get it now lol

No. 1292058

File: 1628237480364.webm (4.04 MB, 608x1080, redditsave.com_would_absolutel…)

This is too embarassing. Thanks for sharing this rich source of schadenfreude anon

No. 1292060

ayrt and kek that's the post that lead me to him. the trans voices sub is absolute comedy

No. 1292061


The fact that a DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) even exists… I'm 99% sure any sane country would not let you carry a doctor title with that qualification. Also I thought oriental was a no-no word?

This girl anything weirds me out so much. Transwomen always call themselves girls. I get that, because they're gross pedos. But why do women do that? Would be so weird in my native language to call anyone over the age of 16 a girl.

No. 1292063

File: 1628238509505.jpg (1.21 MB, 1428x2190, Screenshot_20210806-092249.jpg)

Sorry to let you know, but he has a daughter anon.
>this is the most beautiful mother and daughter pic!!
>mother and daughter

No. 1292066

Its because FDS is run by mods of banned GC subreddit , they are highly cryptoterf.
On against hate subreddit trannies constantly seethe because they keep getting banned from FDS. I thinks thats the the most practical way to go about them, exclude them without even acknowledging them.

No. 1292071

They should be called Trarens

No. 1292077

Always end up sounding like Kermit or Mickey Mouse, lol.

No. 1292085

Got that Jessica Durling 5head headband going on

No. 1292095

He looks like Keith Richards

No. 1292096

File: 1628247677000.png (21.53 KB, 764x538, Screenshot 2021-08-06 120107.p…)

>Travel more, talk to people different from you.
Ah yes, I'm sure my disdain for talk of "gigantic" girldick stems from lack of travel. If I would only just leave my close-minded bubble and spend more time talking to and interacting with abominable pornsick troons and their enablers, I'm sure my opinion would change.

No. 1292097

“Travel more” …as if the world outside the Western Redditor bubble isn’t even less impressed by “ladies with gigantic penises”

No. 1292099

I wouldn’t even be that bothered sharing our LGB spaces and discussions with the other acronyms if they weren’t so obsessed with taking over, centering themselves, invalidating us, and claiming we’re the ones oppressing them because we gasp experience same-sex attraction. A lot of them are just as bad as conservative Christians at bringing rampant, unchecked homophobia and misogyny into our previously safe spaces. So fuck ‘em.

No. 1292103

I'm hoping the "some of the most beautiful women have gigantic penises" is a joke/reference to one of Alaska Thunderfuck's songs.

No. 1292106

A woman would shame herself to the center of the Earth and never admit it if she failed out of a MRS degree. Men have shamed SAH moms so hard, no woman would admit to wanting to be one without a text wall of justifications. And you know he thinks housewives sit around and do nothing all day. I bet the carpet in every apartment he's ever lived in had to be ripped out after he was evicted.

No. 1292110

>It's been over a year of voice training now
>over a year of voice training
He is hopeless and should get a refund or find a hobby. Voice training is always such a cope but at least it's funny to listen to

No. 1292112

It's always a 99% chance it's a tranny. So disappointing. I click the profile expecting the user to be active on egg_IRL, MTF, MTF cute selfie or something. jajajaja

No. 1292115

Bleak. Imagine watching your dad go from a normal man to this. I'll stick with my alcoholic with rage issues dad thanks…

No. 1292117

Looks like its WiSpa 2 Electric Boogaloo, TRAs and likely Antifa are planning to protest old guys store this Saturday.

No. 1292118

Aging like Keith Richards too. Troon is only 35.

No. 1292122

File: 1628254680593.jpg (51.06 KB, 640x465, qwoef1svk8f71.jpg)

All these men in their 20s/30s looking like a haggard 50yo woman when they transition are really convincing me that men age like wine kek

No. 1292127

File: 1628255499372.jpg (667.09 KB, 809x1787, Screenshot_20210806-090839_Boo…)

Reminds me of this old thread where they all gloat about aging better than women.

No. 1292131

What the fuck are they putting in the water nowadays?

No. 1292134

File: 1628256075537.jpg (19.88 KB, 300x401, 635513265011400316-GTY-4899431…)

the "balding old man" headband placement

No. 1292138

>But here's the thing, I don't give a shit about feelings anymore. I'm 78. I went to Vietnam to fight for all this shit. Do you think I care about some body's fucking feelings. Absolutely not!

Based and Yodapilled.

No. 1292146

Kek it's because they're used to hearing "men age like wine, women age like milk" men age horribly the difference is that theyre allowed to age. Switch over to women's beauty standards and these fail males don't stand a chance.

No. 1292147

File: 1628257310624.png (197.14 KB, 510x277, 1607465479781.png)

I have spoken about this before but there's something about their "feminization" fantasies that makes me seethe
for starters they believe womanhood itself is a form of humiliation, to be even vaguely female is the ultimate degradation and they get off on it and second it often portrays Dominant tall women as the one's to feminize them i.e do all the work to make them appear female. to peg them and give them prostate orgasm and also be the breadwinners

No. 1292149

File: 1628257884766.jpg (624.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210806-094905_Boo…)

There's a lot of truth in what's referred to as masochistic emasculation, anon. Sage for armchairing.

No. 1292150

they seem to corelate strong willed and or masculine women as actually being male

No. 1292151

>I sure as hell have no plans to ever go through menopause
What on earth is this male talking about? This is like watching a hen lay eggs and saying "I sure as hell have no plans to ever lay eggs".

No. 1292159

File: 1628259051291.jpg (1.44 MB, 3464x1949, PicsArt_08-06-03.08.51__01.jpg)


> Age like wine


No. 1292162

If women could simply reverse the effects of menopause by taking external estrogen almost each one of them would be doing this, knowing how much women pay for surgeries and anti-age treatments because we are terrorized about us losing any value when we age. What are they on about? I fucking hate how they like to talk and talk how women become uglier especially when it's about older women, they like to pretend that all terfs are ''ugly undesirable old women'' because they only see peope through this fucked up beauty lense

No. 1292164

These guys don’t look young, they look fat and overexposed

No. 1292167

>travel more
I mean, if retard only goes to tranny ball lickers’ clubs, of course, you can travel more to find the same opinions.
But when you go anywhere else that has people that actually goes outside and has opinions based on stuff other than whatever is on Reddit, you can find that normies are actually against the whole tranny stuff because it’s retarded.

No. 1292172

File: 1628260643287.png (949.39 KB, 1865x1052, tranny.png)

Spot the true and honest woman

No. 1292177

>WiSpa 2 Electric Boogaloo
Perfect for next thread kek

No. 1292181

Ah yes all the alphabet people. Homosexual, bisexual, birth defects, mental Illness and special straights.

and A fit Allies, of course!

I’ve seen Het people try to claim being Demi makes them queer. no sweetie. You’re normal.

No. 1292182

KEK holy shit. Maybe bullying is a necessary evil

No. 1292268

File: 1628267135126.jpg (44.76 KB, 500x500, alex jones tinfoil.jpg)

Considering there are several states in America, such as Wisconsin and Minnesota that have Atrazine and Tetrachloroethylene contamination in their water supplies. It's really no suprise that men are being chemically altered by these drugs. It's probably some cocktail combination. You know. To keep it undetectable. You need to drink the water. Watch a specific flashing light frequency. Hear a specific sound frequency, then eat a specific food item , then orgasm to activate the coom-tranny brain mind control. Yes. I am fully aware at how retarded I sound. But I can't think of anything that's more valid than that. People just don't become THIS stupid without some sort of external factor.

Exactly what I expect from an old man who has truly seen some shit.

No. 1292272

>But I can't think of anything that's more valid than that. People just don't become THIS stupid without some sort of external factor
It’s the over consumption of pornography.

No. 1292289

unironically porn is the worse thing that has happened. I hate people trying to convince me that it is some how healthy for men and women to look at porn daily and get off to it. A poll of porn addict communities found that over time porn addicts get desensitized to normie porn and they go for extreme porn over time. Majority of these men are just porn addicts, you go onto their profiles on reddit or other websites you can see there is an addiction. They don't see women as people they think they are lower. Their whole attitude is to be better than woman because they 'simply just are'. They are men with egos that they are not as good as other men but surely better than woman. Any woman for trans rights, do not support real women's rights.

No. 1292301

god trannies are fucking repulsive.
because yes, how dare cis women be afraid of trannies when they act like this. They're just so womanly, threatening to fuck your mother. yup, a woman would totally do that.

No. 1292309

yep. It goes
>normal porn
>extreme kink
>taboo kinks beyond extreme
>sex crimes
>pedophilia and/or zoophilia, sometimes even worse
Then it comes down to whether the scrotes are going to act on their degenerate desires or not. The pipeline is real. Have personal experience watching multiple people spiral out and some recover. Well, they try to. I don't know if they ever will fully break themselves from the disgusting urges and imagery.

No. 1292310

It's more like watching a snake say "I sure as hell have no plans to ever fly". Men can never go through menopause - they're male. They have no choice in the matter.

No. 1292328

File: 1628272796698.jpeg (12.23 KB, 284x177, download.jpeg)

In this particular case, it's just a Bret Michaels thing. He's been wearing it like that since the 80s. It just happens to have the bonus of covering his hairline now that he's old.

As an aside, the 80's was based for having GNC men be the trend. Nowadays if a guy dressed like that, people would squawk about him being an "egg."

No. 1292333

File: 1628273106212.jpg (319.85 KB, 720x960, remington bain.jpg)

dude was kinda hot before brain-worms emerged. also his name is remington bain lol.
i tend to go for muscular bearded men, dont mind them if theyre bald (sometimes it makes it even hotter for me) - this really scared me.. like how could someone who clearly has it all going for him, drop this low? jfc…(sage your shit)

No. 1292341

Love yourself anon

No. 1292342

File: 1628273727781.webm (2.58 MB, 718x404, Watch.webm)

like, how can he be a bad person when he donated a fucking kidney https://www.facebook.com/watch/?extid=SEO----&v=970420806352943 i swear wtf are these troon doing to these men. he seemed like a normal, well-adjusted, kind, goodlooking guy. what the fuck nonnies, explain this. its really messing with me. is it really those fucking subreddits that turn these men into horse-piss-swallowing abominations?!

No. 1292343

I know lol however I can't help but think, "don't help them out anon!" You know they lurk, frantically taking notes lol

No. 1292348

cant stand nonnies like you with your backhanded compliments. sorry im not into hollywood-bs-stereotypical men. he's hot to me, thats all that matters, plus i thought i was safe from a potential troon-out with men like these, but obviously not.(sage)

No. 1292349

File: 1628274087062.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, 1626663155126.png)

I think this maybe the most likely explanation, plus maybe porn

No. 1292351

I have to disagree with anons. The left pic is giving me the autist Gaston vibes of Henry Cavill. I can tell he's off, not surprised he trooned out.

No. 1292357

Same. He has the eyes of someone who was bullied and never got over it. Fragile, but in a "I'm one step from biting your ear off" kind of way.

No. 1292358

You can find 3 guys who look exactly like this in your neighborhood gym oogling unsuspecting women's asses. It's not surprising that he trooned out.

No. 1292360

File: 1628274692126.png (266.61 KB, 315x425, remingtonbain.png)

yes, so scary. so intimidating. eyerolls.(>>>/g/)

No. 1292365

Nta but he has a false expression and self-conscious air in every damn photo. He's clearly not some normie masculine guy just because he has a beard. He is weird, we can see it in his eyes. Who gives a shit he held some baby one time? eyerolls back at you.

No. 1292370

tbh ugly guys are usually better people than vain conventionally attractive guys that all women swoon over, so you win in the end nonnie

No. 1292376

He looks even worse in that one kek the baby doesn't help at all hes wearing it like an accessory

No. 1292377

anon you don't seem to understand likely deeply insecure about his masculinity and likely trooned out cause he felt he could never live up that masculine standard so he stopped viewing himself as a man, see >>1292349

No. 1292378

I strongly suspect it to be bullshit but i really want to see a transwoman that's been on hrt for 20 years now

No. 1292382

He looks like a fag, works in acupuncture and believes in witchcraft.
Red flag galore.

No. 1292398

Call me a schizo but I think there is something about the genes or hormonal makeup of bald men that make them absolute degenerates or psychopathic. Every bald dude I’ve known irl has been one, you see it with prominent figures like bezos, and there must be some sort of historical/cultural background that explains why bald guys are always the villains in media.
It is, just look at any of the old forums populated by old school trannies or hons as the zoomers call them. Genuinely horrifying, but they mostly keep to themselves. Looking forward to the fallout from this mass influx in a decade or two when all the gen Z tranners age up.

No. 1292403

Balding is associated with higher than average testosterone levels

No. 1292405

ayrpt and I thought hons were just mtfs that trooned out in late age?

No. 1292433

File: 1628279487178.jpeg (576.9 KB, 828x1162, 0B65CC66-F11F-42BC-A35A-1E3070…)

Sage for autism but the most geriatric tranny I can think of is Amanda Lepore who incidentally doesn’t even resemble bio matter anymore

No. 1292434

fuck. The fact that he's calling Traditional Chinese Medicine "clinically approved witchcraft" is even worse. i live in Asia and TCM is a genuine wellness practice, especially acupuncture, which is why it became so popular in the west. that being said, no one here will EVER call it witchcraft or even compare it to western medicine. it's a supplementary practice to alleviate symptoms on top of actual medicine and associating it with the occult does more harm in discrediting its real benefits. this troon obsession with witchcraft and femininity is infuriating.

No. 1292439

Being a bad person isn't a requirement for trooning out. You just have to be psychologically vulnerable and susceptible to grooming or porn addiction.

You can also be a good person in some ways while being a bad one in others. In this guy's case, generous and selfless for donating his kidneys, but he also clearly has some misogynistic attitudes. Like most people, he exists somewhere in the middle between "good" and "bad."

No. 1292442

File: 1628280402305.jpeg (131.21 KB, 1080x1080, E8EsDN-VUAU76wS.jpeg)

It's funny how this picture is totally wrong about both terf and incel ideology lol

No one gives a shit about what kind of scrote you like and that you're so NLOG because you like them balding. Go write it in a diary.

No. 1292449

He looks like the kind of guy that would take you out on a date, go to the bathroom, blow a guy in there , come back out with semen on his lips, look you in the eye and tell you he's not gay or bisexual.
Hair, height and penis size have always been seen as a symbols of power ( conversely, in some cultures, being big , tall , having a giant penis and being hairy was seen a sign of being an uneducated barbarian) . Which is why short, small dicked, bald guys desperately overcompensate to survive in this world.

No. 1292450

what argument is this person even trying to make
>thinks all women are atomically weaker then men
I mean that's literally a fact, men on average are physically stronger then women, its not something I like and it doesn't make men superior then women but it is a biological reality
Also these aren't even Incel talking points, Incels literally believe that they get traumatized cause girls don't wanna sleep with their fugly asses

No. 1292453

>Men and women are intellectual equals despite their immutable physiological differences.
>Men are socialized in a way that prevents them from dealing with trauma healthily (of course they still experience trauma you tard).
>Transgenderism is cult-like, not "everyone" who disagrees with us. You have to be "trans" to be part of the "cult."
>How our culture treats and raises you is the result of the genitals you're born with, that's just observable fact.
>I only ever see TERFs use female as an adjective. The dictionary definition calls women female because that's what a woman is. A female person.
>We hope things will change, but we're used to male bullshit going unchecked, so who knows.

>Women are inferior to men in literally every way while somehow also being coddled and spoiled.
>Women can't be traumatized, only male feelings matter.
>Refer to people who disagree with them as "roasties" and "soyboys."
>Women are objects that exist for male pleasure.
>Call women "femoids" and "foids" expressly for the purpose of dehumanizing them.
>Think they're geniuses who "figured out" the secret "economy" of sex and relationships.

No. 1292455

They would never wear headbands properly, even if it's how actual women wear them
I have never met a truly ugly guy who wasn't also a massive piece of shit, no matter how much kindness and patience you give to him. This is just a narrative incels push to try to get women to date them. The truth is, the ideal man is an attractive workhorse who shuts the fuck up and gets regular therapy. Men are truly incapable of healthy thoughts or feelings.

No. 1292480

Kek this fuck inhaled the whole bottle of copium. Literally sounds like all those discord tranny groomers who groom gay teenagers into transitioning with illegal hormones they claim to literally transform them into anime girls.

No. 1292481

Wait until you reach level two and realize that actual trans people don't exist.

No. 1292485

Let's export DND class creation autism to our real identities! Mentally feeble children.

No. 1292489

inequality is at it's highest yet the financially comfortable are mutilating themselves out of boredom or for attention.

No. 1292496

I find it funny they get so mad about misgendering but never actually ask what the gender of the person "misgendering" them is. They always use physical appearance or obvious biology to discern whether it's a a he or a she misgendering them.

Do the pills they take affect skin? Every time someone posts pics they have deep forehead wrinkles at <30. Absolutely nothing wrong with ageing but it's so common in their photos that I wonder if it is actually a side effect or whether it's just a result of posing and trying to lift the brow in pictures.

>an anime pic on a professional site

No. 1292501

Got any links to AHS seethe posts? Curious how FDS manages to ban them without getting their sub deleted for "transphobia".

No. 1292527

It’s probably just that the average man is bad at hygiene and doesn’t do skincare.

No. 1292530

File: 1628288075889.jpg (33.66 KB, 450x300, amanda-0003-1.jpg)

He was kind of a cute boy at one point. But sure, fine wine. Kek

No. 1292536

Im always appalled at this prime example of how males see women but also I can't be too mad at him because I don't have that many strong feelings about homosexual transsexuals since they're not an actual danger and mostly benign. Still his look is absolutely crazy though and tells you everything you need to know about how the ideal woman looks like in moids brains

No. 1292555

Coping and hoping to groom any other narcissist who would fall for the promise of eternal youth. estogen is not magic. this idea that transhumanist trannies can control their biology by having access to drugs the cis do not is laughable, as if post menopausal women don't have access to progesterone. Plus it's not even true, the ovaries still produce a significant amount of hormones post menopause.

No. 1292558

What is MEF? Repackaged AGP that doesn't give trannies a narcissistic injury?

No. 1292559

No. 1292560

I have had an ovaries taken out and have had to grit my teeth through some tranny "we are so alike! we both take hormones and have no ovaries!", some women i've talked about have reported the same. Only once did I see someone go off to a tranny, telling him not having something vs losing something isn't the same thing, based.

No. 1292561

dont tell me youre taking horsepiss pills just like trannies, nonnie. dont fall for that shit, its bad for you.

No. 1292562

Nah, men are shit at skincare and their skin is thicker, rougher and produces more sebum. They’re prone to deeper wrinkles on the forehead/around the mouth.

All the scrotes I know have deep forehead wrinkles.

No. 1292564

Men have thick skin but don't have the fat padding women have, so when female hormones dry out and thin their skin, it's sitting on just facial muscle. They don't get that much fat redistribute to the face, especially if they are anachans like our gay buddy upthread. Trannies get cellulite too, especially when they overdose themselves.

No. 1292565

I have to take many hormones, there's not only e or t out there, nonny and I don't care to have my menopause at 22. Don't start with me.

No. 1292566

Ngl this picture makes me sad. Sad for his wife and child. What’s weird is that he is the natural medicine type of guy so you’d think hed be the last to troon out and take synthetic hormones. The coom can overtake any scrote like a parasite kek.

No. 1292568

sad and pathetic letting yourself get milked by the pharmaceutical companies. you DONT have to take ANY hormones. you're just as deluded as a troon its honestly so sad to see women like you do this to yourself. please re-think your ways and get a 2nd or 3rd opinion from an endocrinologist.

No. 1292572

Are you a TIF? Testosterone necros the ovaries and uterus in teen girls.

No. 1292573

I had cancer, thank you.

No. 1292578

File: 1628292194614.jpg (31.71 KB, 403x403, 8a377cc8a5750a4034e0952e43ab82…)

I'm so sorry you had cancer. No one should have to go through menopause at 22. It's a quality of life issue that medicine can alleviate, don't feel guilty about hormone replacement therapy, this instance is literally what it is designed for.

No. 1292581

NTA but it's clearly for a medical issue, don't try to make assumptions about people you don't know anon, not everyone taking hormones is trooning out

No. 1292586

As another woman who had to get an ovary removed for health reasons and most likely will need to have the other one out as well in the future I'm going to take my ban accusing you of being a scrote who needs to contribute to the male suicide statistics ASAP, it's absolutely worth it. I refuse to believe that a woman would be this oblivious to the female biology.

And for the anon with cancer, I'm so sorry and wish you a long and healthy life. Remember that you will always be a woman ovaries or not, unlike the greasy troons trying to cope by using women who went through traumatizing procedures as their "l-look, we're the same right???" shield.

No. 1292592

>a man, duh!

No. 1292599

Misogynistic skitzotroons are doing a better job of making me proud to be a woman than feminism ever did. You wurstie cows are out there mangling and killing yourselves to be me, it's honestly fucking great. Keep it up!

No. 1292611

ayrpt, thank you for sharing something so personal and i'm sorry it put you in a spot to be criticized by clueless anons.
>not having something vs losing something isn't the same thing
that is the best possible response she could have given him, do men really think we're dumb?
I'm glad to hear you beat cancer, all the best to you and may each day find you more blessed

No. 1292612

yeah i'm sure you know more about women's health than licensed professionals that have studied and researched it for years.
not everything involving estrogen or hormone replacement therapy has to do with troons. maybe step outside and touch the grass a little

No. 1292616

File: 1628299139789.png (1.55 MB, 2365x1277, CEA26DC6-1411-473D-9924-4B17D9…)

New poster. Sorry if my formatting is incorrect or if my screenshots are a bit difficult to read.

I found this mtf on r/actuallesbians and looked into his post history after seeing his post claiming that lesbians disliking dick was transphobic. He's made posts about how his kink is incest rape impregnation, and acknowledges that it's abusive and fucked up.

Fucking degenerate Chris-Chan wannabe.

No. 1292622

this isn't going to peak more people. If anything, it'll be used as an example for why more can participate in women's sports. (See? This one didn't do well in an all women's event so all of them are equal!)
It's just an excuse to put more people to sleep.

No. 1292627

>I don’t think it is wrong
>I can’t stop thinking about how what we’re doing parallels actual abuse, I’m doing things an abuser would do. I feel so much guilt
….so which is it, dude?

No. 1292633

I have a theory that its out of subconsciously thinking they are autistic/retarded. Women tend to be more polite towards the mentally handicapped; you often see this when someone complains about a disabled child being too loud/spilling everything, then a woman confronts the complainer.
Yeah the sign was Q boomer as fuck. But I'll give the guy credit for saying what everyone is thinking. At the same time he's putting himself up for danger because troons are vindictive psychopaths who'll legitimately stalk and try to make anyone's lives a living hell just because they said "no".
Maybe he knows it and is trying to "go out in a bang" like some old people.

Also I want some opinions from other people. Do you see the troon tyranny ending anytime soon? Why or why not?

No. 1292635

>breeding play (understandable because it’s a common kink)
Fuck this shit reality, I wish the internet stopped working in the whole world for a few months so everyone can notice how retarded is what they type on a daily basis.

No. 1292654

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Ive definitely seen more people speaking out about how egregiously unfair this is even after the event(including straight men, for the first time). The visceral image of a massive balding ogre barrelling through the group of talented woman athletes at the start was too visceral. Theres also been tonnes of chatter that he threw on purpose as well from actual lifters. Troons and handmaidens are trying that angle but it's not sticking, don't let the media and twitter fool you.

No. 1292701

literally shut the fuck up

No. 1292706

>Believe men can't be traumatized
Literally no one ever said this.

No. 1292806

Really? That’s unusual in women under 22. I’m not trying to discredit you, it’s just that anyone can write anything on here even larping scrotes. Ovarian cancer requires removal of ovaries at the later stage, and it develops 3-5 years after getting infected with a harmful strain of the hpv virus. Use protection and go get your Pap smear, holy shit (if this is true and not an AGP fap fiction).

No. 1292815

>i don’t care if my gf is cis or trans
Ok sir then go to a subreddit for gay tranny moids into anal sex, or better yet make your own transbian subreddit so you can find each other more easily. Disgusting greasy trancel.

No. 1292822

no, you're not. also this guy's skin looks like fucking play-dough

No. 1292832

Troons and other scrotes are mad at this new show about them disappearing from earth because they have a Y chromosome lmfaoooo my fucking sidessss


No. 1292842


Wait, so now it does matter that troonwomen have Y chromosomes? They really do be changing their opinion every other day. First sex and gender were different and "nobody says they aren't bigot", then sex didn't matter and "biological man/woman is transphobic you terf", and now it does matter again? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.

No. 1292847

off topic but there are stated to be Transmen in the series but they get geocoded by radical feminist extremists…… there's a lot of dumb shit in the original comics and I hope to god they fix it in the series, like the radical feminist extremist group is just so fucking dumb and cringy

No. 1292858

I'm seeing TRAs in the replies saying that the radfems bomb sperm donation sites, which sounds like something radfems wouldn't do. Also, writing a story about all XYs dying, but letting one live and centering the story around him, is weak. Is there a writer here who could write a sociopolitical thriller with some romance having to do with the collapse and rebuilding of society after a virus wipes out all (yes, all) XY individuals (men)? Also the virus kills all male infants in the womb. There's a lot of interesting material you could make with that, without the women acting like men or committing major (if any) acts of violence. I know the audience is cut in half, without giving moids a character to latch onto or fetishizing the women, but I would buy it.

No. 1292860

File: 1628320512282.jpeg (98.65 KB, 1174x338, B4737A5A-45F0-43AC-8FA0-FFA02F…)

Truly no amount of pandering is enough, kek.

>cis man

I’ve been waiting for this… and it’s already shit.


They’ll just code them as TERFs anyway to pander.

No. 1292862

Troons finally peaked me on trannies and men as a whole.
Women have got to stop thinking about airbrushed photos (from a decade ago) of the dozen Hollywood men who aged well (out of literally THOUSANDS) and look honestly at their own family albums. 95% of men are always dumpy, and half of the remainder lose everything long before age 35.
The worst men are always porn addicts, so I see the permanent narcissistic agitation associated with troonism as a fitting punishment. Not enough punishment, but it's a start, along with the erectile dysfunction. I hope it catches all my shitty exes and their broken dicks.

No. 1292868

I know you're right, and I imagine the source material probably did write them as radfems initially, but I stand by the fact that that's retarded. The material is bad, and should be given to a GC/RF woman who could better write the post-apocalyptic struggle to reclaim normalcy in a world where the biggest oppressive class is gone. TRAs are saying "TERFs" would write it as a utopia, and I want to see someone prove them wrong. There could be radfem sorts struggling to make progress due to women who cling to patriarchal or now pointless values, like religion, gender theory, heterosexual attachment, beauty standards, etc. Also, the debate on what counts as "oppressive", now that the only ones upholding the values are the oppressed, among other philosophical struggles with radical feminism and female identity in a world without males.
Kek that no one is focusing on the disappointing nature of the story, because they're too busy crying about male feelings, though.

No. 1292869

I'm sure it's just rage-bait for every group around, TERFS, MRAs, TRAs; getting all the groups riled up for those hate-watching views that a D- Streaming Original wouldn't get otherwise.

No. 1292873

File: 1628321702058.png (8.67 MB, 2237x4756, 392034E5-CA2B-40F5-8F55-627098…)

>acknowledges trannies would be btfod because they have the the Y chromosome
>reframes his hatred by pretending to be angry on TiFs behalf

No. 1292879

File: 1628322432555.jpeg (280.7 KB, 1242x665, 16176833-82CA-4FD6-B926-35C62B…)

Kek imagine the show has a part where trannies panic because the titty skittle factory got blown up and they all run to a farm where they surround a lone pregnant mother horse and wait for her to urinate and they all lay under her and drink it fwqyahhajauwgwcejaafwafavajag AHHHH

No. 1292881

It's based on a comic written by a man, go figure

No. 1292883

Pap smear doesn't detect ovarian cancer, anon. It's only for screening cervical cancer. Ovarian cancer is extremely hard to screen for and it goes metastatic really fast so it's very rare to catch it in the early stages since the symptoms only start showing once it has spread. While it's rare for young women to develop ovarian cancer it still happens, it's not an impossibility. God, why are so many anons absolutely clueless about these things here?

No. 1292894

The role of hpv virus in pathogenesis of ovarian cancer is not confirmed, it's cervical cancer that's strongly linked with hpv. Also, young women can absolutely get it if they are genetically predisposed.
>get pap smear and use protection
You're assuming someone who underwent treatment for gynecologic cancer hasn't done either of those things?
Why do you have such a hard-on for questioning that anon? If anything, you're the one who sounds like smug troon.

No. 1292896

That turned out to be pointless cause in the series even the Sperm cells died, and not just male humans but every single male animal dies as well, all this is a backdrop to a road trip for a incredibly dense protagonist trying to reunite with his girlfriend. also it has so many Tropes that I hate

No. 1292902

File: 1628323420451.jpg (18.99 KB, 300x300, amanda-lepore-2g49-allfamous.o…)

the thing is amanda lepore isn't even geriatric, he's in the early 50's kek. the surgeries and man-bod make him look like a 70 year old

No. 1292907

There was literally all in the back drop of the series, between radical Christian women who believed that end times were coming and due to having more access to firearms and training managed to take over certain region, radical environmentalists and women who wanted to crate Robots for male companionship
none of this was really explored in depth, instead we got 3 horribly handled protagonists

No. 1292912

was amanda lepore technically the first transracial too?

No. 1292913

This feels like the scrote who wrote it desperately wanted to "gotcha" radfems who know that we could feasibly survive without moids at this point, but couldn't unless he got rid of all alternate forms of reproduction and made women act like scrotes.
>"Also, the remaining scrote is the True and Noble Scrote, who is loyal to his property woman, and could do no wrong!"
>"The feminists are the violent terrorists, actually! They don't hate the oppression imposed on them by males, they just hate all males ever! Even animals, and sperm!"
Please, someone who isn't a moid, rewrite this trash.

No. 1292925

No the radfems don't cause the male animals to die, the event(that literally never gets explained) just kills everything with a Y Chromosome, the radfems(called the Amazons) are just one of the many bizarre ideological factions that arise from the Chaos

No. 1292949

File: 1628325733540.png (1.55 MB, 1580x752, 27684725-13FF-4A13-8257-49E13F…)

I remember when a gay photographer tired to sneak him on the cover of a Travis Scott album. Travis had him edited out and they accused him of transphobia (because, of course). Travis said he didn’t know who this freak was and they really thought he would be ok with having an elderly tranny showing his ass on his cover. Some people are saying Kanye was responsible which isn’t surprising because Kanye is a confirmed coomer and has fucked trannies and men before.

No. 1293006

Ayrt, you know even less abiut women's health than these troons, maybe don't come explaining stuff to actual women who have gone through this shit?

No. 1293013

I'm pretty sure he was photoshopped in in the first place. Looks like the troonless version is the original because they wouldn't be able to cut him out so seamlessly otherwise. Yes, I know all LaChapelle photos are shoop galore, but it seems like he really wanted to shoehorn the troon after the fact as his own "artistic vision", without consulting Scott. Plus, they're both old party scene homos, so there was probably some nepotism involved, aka the troon wanted clout for "modelling" for a hot, young rapper.

No. 1293021

File: 1628331307948.jpg (817.04 KB, 810x3241, Screenshot_20210807-061207_Boo…)

>I got a whole dick n balls and milk just came out my tits.
>I for one, if I ever have kids would flat out ask my partner if they want me to help with breastfeeding and if that is a yes, I would jump on this faster than a cat on a mouse.
>Donate it.

No. 1293030

Its official ladies troons are massively and certifiable fucking retarded.
Imagine thinking women just randomly lactate the moment they grow tits.

No. 1293043

Reddit talk about a new tranny pedo Mod who's STILL a moderator for several subs after his paedophilic activities have surfaced, commenter says this will be the post that will get thier subreddit banned (5'th or 6th comment down)

A new Amiee Challnor situation?


No. 1293050

File: 1628335239676.png (121.16 KB, 1108x1292, 02d5fa7727935f81fba622c79f8176…)

I know it's old news, but it's worth sharing.

No. 1293067

File: 1628336573228.jpg (677.02 KB, 810x1735, Screenshot_20210807-074040_Boo…)

Samefagging, but what is it with troons and guns?

No. 1293074

they are still men at heart

No. 1293088

Someone pls write 'cis: the last shitlord', about the last sane man left on earth after all other men have turned trans.

No. 1293091

Men do jack shit when it comes to parenting. But suddenly when it's their fetish and gets them hard, they'll be oh-so-helpful and generous…

No. 1293094

the last reply deadass thinks male secreted nipple liquid is nutritious and healthy for actual children i'm fucking puking over here

please for the love of god keep children away from male troons, i am begging the entire universe

No. 1293095

The funniest part of all this is that
1) they think that tranny tits produce more milk than actual lactating women.
2) that a mother will feed her child moid moob puss.

No. 1293099

just at heart anon? kek

No. 1293100

File: 1628340395374.png (3.51 MB, 2859x3306, larping on TiA.png)

samefagging about TumblrInAction. There are actually trannies LARPing as conservatives trying to get people to stop being transphobic and they question why they support radfems lmao.

Also the way he speaks is WAAY too racist. I got screen shots of some of his comments but there are way worse https://www.reddit.com/user/WolverineIll1375/comments/

TiA does have a conservative tone when they discuss minorities and feminists but they are never this blatantly racist and misogynist, holy shit. Only a tranny would hate women this much.

No. 1293106

File: 1628341737256.jpg (689.75 KB, 1440x2092, Screenshot_20210807-140835.jpg)

Seems like a regular right wing boomer to me anon

No. 1293108

Calling whatever dribbles out of his nips "proper nutrition"?? Fuck off with that nonsense. There doesn't seem to be enough research to indicate whether troon milk has the same properties that help the baby's immune system. I doubt they care about that though when the child can be source of validation and can't refuse to being experimented on.

No. 1293111

File: 1628342610901.jpg (241.61 KB, 1440x743, Screenshot_20210807-141947.jpg)

Samefag but this take of his is based

No. 1293113

The "breast milk" of someone that takes horse piss pills is not going to be healthy for nursing child. Research into the effects on artificial estrogen given to nursing mothers indicated that it can cause hormonal issues and even cancer in the child.

No. 1293115

kek reddit scrotes are hilarious

No. 1293116


Oh no. Oh nooooo. Disgusting freaks. Absolutely vile. Also makes me so fucking mad. I wouldn't even get prescribed the most basic meds while breastfeeding because "it all gets in the milk and we don't know the effect of it on the baby". But sure, horse piss moon cum is fine.

No. 1293119

>please re-think your ways and get a 2nd or 3rd opinion from an endocrinologist.
Just butting in to say it's mostly likely an endocrinologist who prescribed her hormone treatment. You honestly sound like someone who never had any real health issue in her life.

No. 1293160

File: 1628347555377.png (429.89 KB, 927x1095, scrotum.png)

Did you even read his comments? You think he wouldn't drop a "based" comment here and there as a troll?

These men HATE women just as much as troons. Its unbelievable you would call these scrotes based. Here's another woman-hating anus talking shit on the same subreddit.

No. 1293177

>These men HATE women just as much as troons
All men hate women, anon. Have you not learnt that yet? This thread is about trannies, not run-of-the-mill men.
>unbelievable you would call these scrotes based.
I called his one opinion based, not him entirely.

No. 1293185

>what ends western civilization
>people on tia don't talk like this
yeah… you're not exposing a secret trans, that's just a generic /pol/ brainlet. they all talk like that.

No. 1293203

>fuck… every other feminist
Clearly he's cranky and had to become a troomer precisely because he can't manage to do that

No. 1293205

File: 1628352712283.png (385.26 KB, 750x430, btk-killer-evidence-photo.png)

Fun fact the monstrous serial killer Dennis Rader known as BTK, during his cool off periods would take pictures of himself wearing women's stolen clothes while in bondage. He admitted that he was pretending to be his victims that he had recently murdered as part of a sexual fantasy, In fact he admitted he started his fantasies after coming developing an obsession with extreme bondage phonography, which he would be addicted too throughout most his life and would make his own hand drawn bondage art while in Prison


No. 1293207

>Imagine a world without jealous cis women
Where do they get this jealousy thing from? What on earth is there to be jealous of with them? They project so hard.

No. 1293221

Col. Russell Williams had hundreds of photos of himself in stolen women’s (and girl’s) underwear. He burgled 82 homes just to steal underwear.

He’s one of guys J.K. Rowling based her serial killer character on.

No. 1293226

Males lactating isn't even that rare, it's usually after antidepressants and it's an indication to switch them to something else. It happens to women too.
It's because their hormones are messed up… So yeah, it's just your body telling you something's wrong. Not your body telling you you're close to motherhood kek

No. 1293232

Stfu cunt

No. 1293257

File: 1628360874332.jpg (532.08 KB, 1080x3903, Screenshot_20210807_122424.jpg)

Sometimes I think you guys exaggerate with the generalizations and stereotypes because I refuse to believe they're so on the nose about their weird obsession, but then I see this kinda thing in the wild…

No. 1293262

I wonder how all the japanese artists on it felt when it first started getting flooded with these types

No. 1293263

even redditors know that female avatar means tranny

No. 1293266

Fuck, I can't find the screenshots…they are either in one of the dress-up threads or the old GC threads but there was huge controversy on twt because a japanese Picrew artist made a picrew saying something like "Gays go away!" and the only option was a silhouette necking itself.

No. 1293267

They love to intimidate people

No. 1293270

The people in the thread would shit a brick if they ever saw what goes on on /tttt/. It's an open air hormone market.

No. 1293277

Kek, please find the screenshots anon.

No. 1293288

File: 1628363882830.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1442x1528, C2EFCC0F-9ED6-487E-A504-474F89…)

holy shit the dress. hope the wife runs away before she inevitably snaps and stabs him in the gut

No. 1293301

So every few months he and his wife hold a ceremony celebrating the fact that he's a better wife than his wife?!

No. 1293340

the "my first calendar", kids drawings and kids like aesthetic makes me think this is a fetish thing for the couple

it's funny how the bad angle makes it look like he grew manly quarterback shoulders kek

No. 1293344

The Harley Quinn hair just screams "I am terminally pornsick". Harleys weird childish ditzy cute-but-psycho shtick is a magnet for coomers who are obsessed with women who act like kids, so basically troon fodder.

And emulating childish personalities lines with what appear to be butterfly stickers for a small child bedroom decor and some kid looking posters on the wall…

No. 1293346

The background is giving ‘at-home daycare’. Please say this man is not around little children say sike right now.

No. 1293360

I remember that it was when western users first started to make piccrews and they filled it with flag shit so japanese artists retaliated with piccrews making fun and telling them to get out.

No. 1293367

Ah I love based JK.

It’s wild that they think whatever they’re producing could feed a baby, too. Isn’t there a period of time when a newborn needs colostrum that can only come from the mother? Sorry for being stupid about it, I’ve never had a child.

No. 1293369

Yeah, some of the tranny flag people were seething here about it and getting mad at people for saying genderspecials who make shitty art need to get off Picrew and make a site for their western BS, too.

No. 1293417


No. 1293422


No. 1293425

File: 1628371037969.webm (906.91 KB, 853x480, 1627721642471.webm)

and to laugh at this trainwreck of a tranny (this is creepy but it is safe unlike the other webms. sorry for the PTSD btw)

No. 1293453

File: 1628371785741.jpg (325.53 KB, 1079x709, Screenshot_20210807-172815_Red…)

56 posts in a month, 55 of them were of pictures just like these. this dude is narcissistic asf for someone who looks so utterly slow. i tracked his profile down so i could further speculate about his job and didn't come up with much but from the fucking dozens of pictures it looks like he might run a daycare out of his home

No. 1293454

why tf are you posting this shit(sage your shit)

No. 1293458

picrel is his comment. he has 3 kids btw

No. 1293472

File: 1628372515081.jpg (7.94 MB, 960x12048, Screenshot_20210807-173305_Boo…)

Enjoy a r/TransLater collage. Because we all know how transwomen make better women and age like wine, unlike "cis" women. Sage for turbo'tism.

No. 1293473

For the sake of children everywhere, lets hope it's a fetish not a home daycare/home school they're running/working at etc.

No. 1293483

Jesus. This is amazing anon. They all look undeniably and thoroughly male. How do people keep a straight face when seeing them irl kek

No. 1293490

Please don't hate me for this, nonitas, but…I'll give props to some of these and I stress, a very few of these, for at least going for a normal woman look, not a sex doll look. The more they cover themselves, the better.

No. 1293494

File: 1628373908064.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1644, troon.png)

No. 1293499

Not in the flesh.

No. 1293502

not with those eyebrows

No. 1293509

Yes, and my nose looks cute like Belle Delphine's at a specific angle. But you would never mistake me for a man in motion and in person.

No. 1293513

having to wear a mask in public has been really kind to these troons. Too bad they can't cover up those linebacker shoulders kek.

No. 1293519

File: 1628374904855.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210807-181853_Red…)

He doesn't pass at all here, anon. He seriously looks retarded or something.

No. 1293527

>cutting out the hands
Man hands. He looks like man in skinny jeans. Women's hips aren't that small, it's almost comical how small men's hips are compared to women. The only thing that's missing is his male adonis belt but he's obscuring it with a hoodie.

No. 1293528

They even fetishize female avatars kek.
The overtly decorated female avatars are always trannies.

No. 1293537

File: 1628376135631.jpg (268.84 KB, 1200x1200, 3079.jpg)

Genesis P Orridge was 70 when he died last year. He's the oldest troon I can think of. He and his wife decided to be "androgynous" and become one being or some shit. Idk, he was involved with the process church and did copious amounts of drugs. Once he started Psychic TV and wanted to form a cult his bandmates from Throbbing Gristle cut him off.

No. 1293538

File: 1628376224977.webm (2.91 MB, 574x786, young tranner.webm)

idk what to think about this one. the bulge and the hands are offputting but honestly.. if they put the dick away i dont think i'd be able to tell its a teenage boy from the hands alone… what do you nonnies think?

No. 1293539

File: 1628376479924.png (558.83 KB, 800x420, 429FE894-156E-4777-8C3D-9249C6…)

> He and his wife decided to become one being or some shit.

Where have I heard that before?

No. 1293540

>Feminists have spent decades invading male spaces, often using the power of anti-discrimination laws to force themselves in

kek, another moid seething that women are allowed in the workforce

No. 1293546

Knuckle-dragger (long arms). No hips.

No. 1293552

nta, but really, no hips?
his arms are weird though and also thick neck

No. 1293555

wide ribcage, especially the upper part of it
hips are wideish but look narrow because of upper body

No. 1293559

File: 1628378054064.jpg (559.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210807-191143_Chr…)

I can't stop laughing where I paused the video. Literally has the face of a preteen boy.

No. 1293568

this is just sad
his arms are bigger than the average adult woman's right now, just imagine what they'll be like when he's fully grown up

No. 1293575

does he have fillers in this?

No. 1293582

File: 1628378949590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 673.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210807-192707_Red…)

Don't forget Bruce Jenner (71), anon. I've seen quite a few geriatric trannies on Reddit. This one is 70 and transitioned at 69.

No. 1293584

His hands are absolutely massive. How many filters are on this?

No. 1293593

we are talking about trannies that have been on hrt for 20 or more years, it hasn't even been 10 years for bruce

No. 1293614

he's a textbook case of introjection identification. his life was so fucked up and he treated people so poorly. it's so nauseating how he gets a pass because he's an nyc scene grandpa and people looove throbbing gristle and industrial. rot in hell, hope you suffered.

No. 1293615

he's had everything done. he's bogged as fuck.

No. 1293628

>Reddit has become a transphobes playground
>literally cannot speak one truth about trannies without getting banned

No. 1293631

All I can think when I see these is how much they threaten to rape and/or kill women while wearing us like a costume.

No. 1293652

File: 1628384048648.jpg (525.49 KB, 1078x1119, Screenshot_20210807-165901_Red…)

No. 1293658

File: 1628384606687.jpg (52.49 KB, 800x445, future explosion.jpg)

Mark/Marci Bowers is in his early 60s, transitioned in the early 80s. Aging like a guy who takes care of his skin, no estrogen magic or anything like that… or maybe he siphons the youth of the people he butchers for a living, picrel.

In typical troon fashion, he was abusive to Cosey Fanni Tutti, before and after trooning out.

No. 1293666

This person had an obvious facelift.

No. 1293678

File: 1628386120156.png (1.24 MB, 1417x761, candice-brown-elliott-2017-you…)

Oh, Kay Brown then. Personal HSTS cow of mine who transitioned during the late 1970s.

No. 1293680

File: 1628386395348.jpg (27.86 KB, 450x350, 8d452da0417c2e063e0e99e8259076…)

Seeing older TIMs that aren't super plastic or aged horribly is quite rare, so I couldn't really tell with him lol

No. 1293686

File: 1628387273142.jpg (58.26 KB, 1280x720, mcpoyle.jpg)

that's no troon

that's a McPoyle

No. 1293687

Words cannot describe how much I do not want to interact with this person in either pictured stages of his life. I get teenage 4channer pedo vibes from him. That poor shirt must be straining to contain the sweat, grease, pube-like body hair, and sheer force of his gamer coom stench.

No. 1293688

jesus fuck

No. 1293697

Part of me wonders if this is why so many of the foreign-made picrews seem to have house robes from Harry Potter in them. I don't want to support people who are outright homophobic, even just verbally, but LGB allies who hate on troons, handmaidens, and libfems are fine. Using HP stuff could be a good way to signal against TRA/libfem types, without bashing feminism or LGB people, so I'd be more than happy to hear if that were the reason why that stuff is there.

No. 1293721

kek that's one of those subtle fun house mirrors that make you look slimmer, I bet he doesn't look like that in a normal one

No. 1293741

Is bowers HTST or AGP?

No. 1293759

Kek he must botch everyone else to make himself look better. The chin gives him away, though.

Probably HSTS, given the fact that he's an old-school troon and he almost passes.

No. 1293770

Ew he's wearing that same greasy metal collar that gibes does. Why are they attracted to the tackiest shit?

No. 1293777

Troons who do this realize they're part of a privileged class and are flexing. The point of pictures like this is to humiliate; to confront the audience with their obvious, overwhelming masculinity, knowing full well that everyone will either humiliate themselves throught reinforcing the false narrative of him being a woman, force themselves to remain silent, or be mercilessly slapped down for insubordination.

No. 1293785

Unclear. Terminally closeted gay or AGP who tricked his wife. They remained married for… business purposes?
>A family in Seattle, where wife Ann runs a clinic for her and raises their children (…)

Also, I fucked up here >>1293658, he actually transitioned in the 90s.
Either way, not many personal facts out there… besides fluff pieces to prop up his status as a Butcher Superstar.
>After the birth of their third child, “there was a lot of angst,” she recalls. “I just couldn’t go on without making [the transition] happen. I was trying to live this false life, being a family man. I was living for others and being who I wasn’t.”
Yes, they had three children. Here's the rest of his brave history: https://onwisconsin.uwalumni.com/features/for-transgender-patients-a-surgeon-who-understands/
Same old retcon of their lifestory ("blablabla i was always a gril").

No. 1293800

even kids have cancer,do you live under a rock?

No. 1293808

no lol

No. 1293814

>"Needed" to transition during his wife's pregnancy
Heterosexual nonnies, just don't get married. I'm begging you, from a place of love and respect, fill the void left by the lack of a romatic partner with literally anything else. Female friends and colleagues, work, artistic endeavors, athletics, caring for your community, activism, self-improvement. Anything. Moids aren't worth the risks.

No. 1293851

File: 1628402421917.jpg (471.65 KB, 1000x1516, 1461794688580.jpg)

Reminder this is what Transbians think they look like, we may see a disgusting man with his poor suffering handmaiden wife, but this is how they see themselves

No. 1293873

>Almost passes
Literally until he opens his mouth, then he's unquestionably a man.

No. 1293881

I feel so sad for gay men who feel the need to do this to themselves just to blend into society. It's truly awful that he uses his surgical ability to force his own shame-based choice on other gay and gender non-conforming children.

No. 1293897

Or have those relationships in the short term but don't fucking trap yourself. Moving in together and (god forbid) baby = game over. That stuff kills romance anyway, so it's defeating the purpose.

No. 1293901

>A family in Seattle, where wife Ann runs a clinic for her and raises their children
So he jets around the country butchering cocks while abandoning his children and leaving his poor wife to do all the work of raising them. On top of all that, she runs his practice too, meaning that she's the actual doctor managing patients and he's just a surgeon (or should I say butcher) for hire. God, troons are all the fucking same, hanging their wives out to dry and getting rewarded for it.

No. 1293905

Or just don't have kids. Seems like troons are a lot more likely to torpedo relationships if their spouses get pregnant/give birth. It's a lot easier to kick a guy to the curb if you don't have a little crotch demon chaining you to him.

No. 1293908

He's a prototypical AGP late-transitioner. Transitioned at 38. Wife, 3 kids.

No. 1293911

Why does his house look like a special ed room

It's a BDSM thing. They wear the collars to signify that they "belong" to a "dom."

No. 1293928

File: 1628409775970.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2880x4048, Femalelevelup.jpeg)

Tranny gets banned from r/femalelevelupstrategy, after he just HAS to broadcast that he's a man.
>Until I got banned I just assumed it was women helping women
>But at the same time I'm a woman
You sure about that mate?

No. 1293952

He legitimately looks like Randy Stair and it creeps me out.

How many "my big titty goff gf forcefully feminized me into a submissive cute goth girl" comics are there? One thing I've noted is that each one of them have the girlfriend be much more muted while the trooned out male has much flashier clothes and hairstyle with a lot of accessories.

No. 1293955

It's a power exercise for them, like an abuser trying to control their victim by gaslighting. The best countermove is to do what we do here, point and laugh behind their backs at how obviously male they are. Stay based nonnies

No. 1293956

> Eww terf shit seeped into women's spaces

Almost as if every woman with an opinion that doesn't align with your delusions is called a terf.

Most normie women (and maybe even some handmaidens in denial) know deep down that you're straight up men and do not want you around. Women belong in women's spaces. Ya know, the female kind. The only kind.

> Oh what's that you have some "masculine" features? Clearly you're not a woman

No, you have male features. A dick and balls. Male. There's nothing wrong with women who have masculine features, they're still women.

I hate these parasitic men constantly trying to twist words to victimize themselves like this jfc. They're trying to make it so that being a female or male is based solely on hormone levels when it's literally not

No. 1293957

>"TERF shit seeped into women's spaces"
>"TERFs are the worst predators"
>"(TERFs) target women who don't meet their expectations of what a woman should look or be like"
>"TERFs think that women with masculine features must be men"
How much projection and general retardation can you fit into a single comment? This dude could be cow material.

No. 1293961

Troons start shaking and crying when they leave their libcucked terminally online bubbles and realise that women can clock them from a mile away, women have to be heavily indoctrinated with the tranny doctrine to believe in their delusions. FDS can be cringe sometimes but thier militant male exclusion is soo fucking satisfying.

No. 1293963

File: 1628413596901.png (1.15 MB, 1437x675, Screenshot (27).png)

>How many "my big titty goff gf forcefully feminized me into a submissive cute goth girl" comics are there?
surprisingly a lot, wholesome feminization/forced feminization drawn artwork is easy to find to twitter and year you are right, often the females feminizing them are always portrayed as more taller and more mature then males being feminized

No. 1293964

Troons and their "I was living a false life" claim always makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. What they often mean is
>I don't want to take care of my responsibilities as an adult male and do my part in the family/relationship, I want to be pampered and worshipped while living in easy mode like all women are!
Especially because it seems to happen so often during the wife's pregnancy or after childbirth. I guess the tranny gets jealous of the mother receiving so much attention and care and figures that he's entitled to that.

>Terfs are the worst predators, they target women who don't meet their expectations of what a woman "should" be or look like.
Kek you mean they target men? The projection reaches astronomical levels, they hate masculine women because they're unfuckable to them and would yell at them to transition already if they could but no it's actually the terves who want women to be bimbofied 50's ultrafemme housewives.

No. 1293969

You know this guy is a porn addict, and spent years picking apart women's bodies and faces all the damn time before he finally trooned out. They all do it. Then they cry this shit after years of tearing apart women who looked 1,000,000× better than troons do. The same way men abuse, mistreat, and discard girlfriends shamelessly until they get bald and fat and then whine on mgtow about how superficial and mean women are.

No. 1293977

Compared to other hsts like idk, Nikita or Blaire, he passes imo. Could be using filters though, wasn't blaire for example caught for using one to change his bodyshape recently?

No. 1293996

File: 1628418682250.png (38.63 KB, 733x306, 1.PNG)


No. 1293999

File: 1628418766560.png (64.55 KB, 701x616, 2.PNG)

The ONLY brown person just so happened to be a non-binary person & the terf mother was totally owned! Such true story!

No. 1294000

Trannies looking decently feminine in a short clip or a photo doesn't count as passing, you have to take into account physical things such as their voices too. He's definitely filtered to shit.

No. 1294020

Going to bite the bullet here and ask if this is really a filtered tranny or once again anon trying to fuck with the obsessive skull measurers here into being fooled into believing a girl is a troon. No link to profile, no name mentioned, no traces at all.

No. 1294036

>grabbed my camera that’s chocked full of my porn
Wtf how degenerate do you have to be to need your porn with you at a wedding. (And no woman owns a camera “chocked full” of porn)

No. 1294049

File: 1628422889087.jpg (31.29 KB, 516x731, Hunter.jpg)

They also start ageing like men rapidly after 20. /tttt/ards are seething now that their poster child Hunter Schafer is looking like a classic HSTS tranny even though he transitioned early.

No. 1294074

i posted the zoomer trooner. im not gonna link its tiktok profile because im scared it could be traced back to me. i stand by my radical beliefs that men will never be women and i know it could get traced back to me because the troon isnt famous at all. and anyone could go and cowtip, even troons tryig to brigade our forum. so just believe me when i say, yes this is a young troon. they took their moms menopause medication at age 11 and officially started hrt at age 12. theyre from spain btw, so i dont think theyre lying on their profile.

No. 1294080

what /tttt/ doesnt understand is, is that the Y chromosome is responsible for bone structure. puberty blockers stop that expression, but cross-sex-hormone treatment doesn't, although it is shown to slow the expression. thats why trannies like kim petras (which honestly passed extremely well as a teen) looks like a man now, with broad shoulders and no hips - his shoulders grew and gave him a manly bone structure and he passes less, if he doesnt dress to try to hide it. same can be said for jezz and hunter schaefer. they will get more manlier bone structure as time passes. you cannot stop the Y-gene expression and its delusional for ppl to lie about them.
also trannies' hands will always be gigantic. some men can have small feet, but ive never not seen a man with small hands.

No. 1294091

I've said this before, but these boys pretty much a pedos ideal fantasy, the person in the pick doesn't look like a woman, he looks like a 13 year old boy with long hair and what more could a pedophile want

No. 1294093

I don't even know why anyone think he passes for anything other then male anyway, people says his voice passes, but every time I see him, I see a dude. The bar is so low, at least bimbo trannies give me the idea they are trying to look female and I can see why troomers would like that, but he..he just looks like a dude to me.

No. 1294174

This is some Silent Hill/Marilyn Manson art cover shit right there.

No. 1294211

File: 1628436902075.jpeg (142.65 KB, 1913x323, CC1B9174-EEB9-4FE1-8099-CB2AAC…)

They really think female = feminine. Like “oh no, not chainsaw talk in my female sub. Day ruined.”

No. 1294215

He looks way more like the pretty boy he is than like a young woman. I don't get how anyone can be so in denial over this guy.

No. 1294226

That name in the search bar rings so many bells I had buried deep in my memory. Is this the troon that was obsessed with Ranma 1/2 and helped run that Otaku World website back in the late 90s? Something about this name makes me want to play with virtual paper dolls.

No. 1294232

File: 1628438735941.jpg (9.67 KB, 194x224, zEHdr6W.jpg)

Dovsherman was one of them Otakuworld team I think, but the troon was Jennifer Diane Rietz (picrel)
Honestly, I'm surprised he doesn't have a thread, but I guess he's inactive now but boy howdy was he a mess, making so much gross pedo shit and being totally out of his mind seeing UFOs and shit

No. 1294243

You're absolutely right. I hadn't thought of any of these people in at least two decades. Thanks for the clarification, you're a real one.

No. 1294319

it's super easy to use a filter that alters your body in whatever way you want, taller, skinnier, smaller waist, bigger butts and boobs, smaller head and face etc… even if someone passes pretty well in a video it's most likely fake and doesn't translate irl

also that one has a dick bulge

No. 1294322

I might be dumb as fuck but I just realized TIMs are extreme moids. The average moid would objectify women and sleep with them, only a TIM would get to this level of moidery by wanting to skinwalk the objectified women. Real life women arent enough, they have to draw themselves as extremely objectified. Where are the forensic psychiatrists in this whole tranny shit? They know these people better than any of us.

No. 1294331

He has no hips. His wide back and man arms don't help either. With the video filters and all the other body sculpting AI apps I wouldn't trust a troon's self-recorded video either. Go to twitter and look at troons porn accounts and see how much they edit their pictures and videos. I have seen an Asian tranny completely transform his body and coomers pay for his AI OF videos kek.

No. 1294348

As much as I hate them and think that their entire fucking retarded campaign is one of the most successful misogynistic schemes of the last decade , their existence is almost poetic.
Men spend years of their lives cooming to women being debased, abused, dehumanised, tortured and humiliated, they think that womanhood is the ultimate humiliation that one can experience, yet as a sort of tragic twist, the most coomsick ones get mentally ill enough to actually mutilate themselves and to adopt womenhood, something that is ultimately unattainable to them.

No. 1294372

could someone post that screenshot by that 4channer on /lgbt/ who talked about this, how the mommydom is just another bangwife who gives male gratification and that they know thi

No. 1294375

Y the last man is a moid's testerical fantasy about how women will totally be utterly devastated by his demise. It's so hilariously masturbatory it's basically like the 25th "you miss me yet? This time I'm totally doing this!!" suicide note by a retarded BPD sibling.
Blanchard's clique (Zucker et al) agrees with you in a sense that the current theory of sexual attraction is a scale that starts with "wanting to fuck the thing" and ends with "wanting to be the thing" (the pinnacle). AGP is basically superstraight.

No. 1294388

Why do so many of them have that weird thing where their gut sticks out like that? Contrapoints has it too. I don’t feel like it looks the same on skinnyfat cis men

No. 1294433

File: 1628448356921.png (313.39 KB, 2476x992, ff.png)

Found it, Its also good pink pill of the mentality of males who identify as “subs” , The femdommy mommy or hardcore Dominatrix is just an object for moids fantasies, she is there cause the moid wants her there and she no real power in the dynamic and is a slave to their fetishes and desires

and frankly it's easy to see that only the males desires are being met, the "sub" male wants to be in this dynamic cause he enjoys it, he enjoys the orgasm denial and or prostrate stimulation or whatever kink, he enjoys his dommy mommy making decisions but he can leave any time he wants, or he can murder his partner, cut her up and wear her skin as a flesh suit, compare that with female sub/male dom dynamic
the woman is stuck, she can literally die in these relationships if the male punches her purposely or even accidently

No. 1294471

I've wondered if it's gut bloat from gobbling down synthetic hormones, or just men being gross enough to take skimpy photos 12 hours after binge eating 10 pounds of pizza.

No. 1294478

That's just where fat naturally accumulates on males, also probably some duck pose happening to try and simulate female anterior tilt

No. 1294502

my fucking sides LFMAO this old man passes better than ALL of these young greasy haired balding trogolytes who shoot up 500 ml of estradiol, use 5 filters and distorted angles, starve themselves and think wearing thigh highs is all that it takes.

No. 1294557

Probably the same way when westerners started flooding pixiv with shitty art. Wouldn't be surprising if in a year or so, a new platform similar to picrew comes up and the JP artists migrate there.

No. 1294636

He unintentionally admits that men aren't worth a relationship with, but won't say why, and expects lesbians to coddle those same unnamed reasons in him. Wilfully oblivious to the fact that by the time a woman is committed enough to call herself a lesbian lesbian, she has witnessed more than enough male pattern abuse, but without the cloud of hormones that blind most reproductive-age straight women. Troons can try to ruleslawyer genitals all they want, lesbians don't want gross male brains. If a medical sex change was actually possible, I wouldn't object to it, because then maybe somebody other than personality disordered TiFs would do it, and more women might be able to marry a person capable of loving them back. Men would still harass real women, though, because they can't stripmine other men for services and resources the same way they do women.

No. 1294666

Holy shit that's tragic, I remember Hunter looking relatively passable at least compared to the other blond hon in that show but looks like the Y chromosome kicked in bad. I thought this was just a male model twink before I read the post. Agree about Kim Petras too, I was shocked to see recent photos of him looking very, very male compared to in his teens when I was amazed at how well he passed sans the hairline.

Extremely based post.

No. 1294735

File: 1628457951262.jpeg (19.51 KB, 680x417, Hunter-Schafer-Euphoria-2021-1…)

Never saw him as remotely passable tbh. Voice passes well, but the face? It's tragic.

No. 1294781

his skin looks prematurely aged and his eyelid folds are drooping.

No. 1294801

AYRT and shit I got him confused with another troon. Yeah he never passed

No. 1294895

File: 1628460096837.jpg (53.5 KB, 407x423, tranny.jpg)

No. 1294932

File: 1628460836174.jpg (35.94 KB, 396x408, J56G5JH6KSK.jpg)

No. 1294936

He just looks like a Hanson brother in the 90s. How can other women can say this moid looks like we do? Do they have extreme BDD or are they that afraid of being called a terf?

No. 1295007

File: 1628461901506.jpg (433.28 KB, 1200x1803, hunter-schafer-at-miumiu-photo…)

When is the rhinoplasty due? He's too ugly for male/androgynous modelling now, surely.

No. 1295051

/tttt/ards also don't understand that males are different from the moment of conception. For example, male fetuses leech more resources than female fetuses, because they're programmed to grow larger. The effect is so significant it actually reduces the mother's life expectancy to a measurable extent.

To you, a lurking 4chan trancel who probably enjoys evolutionary biology when it suits him: even if you had started trooning at 5 and not 25, you'd still not look like a female and ESPECIALLY not like the kind of female you want to look like. Even the most attractive trannies look "pretty for a man" or like a 6/10 cis woman as the very best (think "world's most beautiful trans model") case scenario. That, my friend, is because beauty is an inherently female trait, and all women are on average more beautiful than all men. Broadly speaking, this is why resource coercion and copes like "m-men aren't supposed to be pretty, they should be burly and stately" are necessary to fulfill the unnatural "every man gets a wife" program. Only about 20% of men can be true looksmatches for the vast majority of women.

Females are designed for higher genetic quality - to the point that a beautiful man and a beautiful woman are ~25% more likely to produce daughters. Just like the strongest male weightlifter will always beat the strongest female one, no matter how many ribs you remove, the prettiest tranny will always be uglier than the prettiest woman.

No. 1295055

This set off my fight or flight response

No. 1295117

File: 1628463858393.jpg (37.23 KB, 720x540, SmileDog2ndHD.jpg)

lmao it's the predatory, deep set, beady-ass eyes men have, nona. Thats why all troons look creepy when they smile even when it's a smile of genuine joy. The contrast of male features and feminine fashion choices just make it more visible via uncanny valley effect, so you shit a brick.

No. 1295118

>underdeveloped genitals to look like that
smh lol. Did he really transition as a child? Jazz's male genes are coming through too. Anon who said they start to look like men past the age of 20 is on to something.

No. 1295121

ladies, can someone recommend a good free online image stitcher? I have had the (mis)fortune of discovering some local free range milk but all the stitchers I've found are god awful

sage for being a dumb old fag

No. 1295155

The forensic psychiatrists have always been in on this and the link between AGP and violent moidry is well understood and successfully used in profiling. Idpol and political correctness goes out the window if you need to catch a dangerous criminal. Problem is, it's one of those "elephant in the room" taboos that everyone understands, but won't publicly discuss or draw conclusions from. It's the same for anything concerning males - the scientific establishment is hilariously cautious in the way they word any findings that are not only mildly implying that men can be a problem, but also findings that simply aren't consistent with how men like to see themselves (for example, no one is allowed to plainly state that men can be sexually conditioned because of "men rigid women fluid" dogma even though raw data and plain evolutionary theory show a malleable, learning-based, paraphilic sexuality). The more obvious the problem, the longer the "explanation" paragraph will be, and the more convoluted and far fetched the excuse - anything to avoid saying anything damning about males, regardless of evidence.

With women though? You'll see the same kind of psychotic reaching, except it's to force a conclusion the average male would really like to be true, akin to "lesbians obviously exist because they turn men on". It's actually pretty hilarious and I recommend taking note if you have to wade through scientific publications for school. Once you see it, you'll never unsee. Even moids whose job is to be critical wear foreskin-shaped wishful thinking goggles 24/7.

No. 1295161

File: 1628464892116.jpeg (356.67 KB, 821x599, A655E1DF-FDDB-4E75-97E1-51A3E9…)


No. 1295178

>visible double smile lines on resting face at the age of 22
Oh no, I thought HRT was something like a font of youth?

No. 1295185

Daily reminder that male features look inherently older, and female features are inherently (possibly due to pedophilic selective pressure from males) more neotenous. A "twinkhon" is a common tranny meme because even the most youthful and femmy twink will look like a 45 year old Karen (that is, if he's lucky enough to pass) if he slaps on a wig.

No. 1295196


No. 1295204

No. 1295299

posters like you nonas are why this thread is one of the best ones on the site <3

No. 1295310

you too, >>1295051 <3

No. 1295315

This looks straight out of one of the Columbine shooter journals

No. 1295320

Is that an old term? Where even would trannies be so self-aware? Transmedicalists? The trans cult is such an echo chamber set on validating the ugliest men who make even uglier women.

No. 1295324

File: 1628470151235.jpg (416.42 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20210808-174642_Ins…)

No. 1295327

File: 1628470271784.jpg (287.72 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20210808-175054_Ins…)

Small and delicate

No. 1295329

Even normal 22 year old men usually don't have smile lines, though. This guy is probably a coke fiend.

No. 1295331

I bet he copeposts on /tttt/ lmao

No. 1295347

File: 1628471084992.gif (988.67 KB, 500x250, 224d3266ffc2a092579df88114cd2c…)

No. 1295362

File: 1628471613768.jpeg (294.1 KB, 1241x1840, 3C8DDF55-FF0F-4A94-A86A-81124E…)

update on our she/her lesbian friend (>>1257631) post surgery. Face is as loooooong and angular as ever. These doctors are scammers.

It’s even more deranged to read something like “my gender was influenced by a need to be used by men”, when you remember he “transitioned” when he was like 14 or something.

No. 1295387

maybe im blind but i genuinely would have a hard time thinking this was a mtf unless i focused on the neck which gives it away

No. 1295388

same, anon

No. 1295395

i pray for the both of us, sometimes ill see some mtf screencaps and some dont look so bad until anons point out the obvious.

No. 1295401

File: 1628473953915.jpg (19.3 KB, 320x240, fb6bcf48daf710c79673da94ca413c…)

No. 1295404

sounds the the sexualized cope of someone abused as a child. now all of hollywood gets a turn!

No. 1295407

marci bowers has a shit nosejob

No. 1295425

When did Ali G transition??

No. 1295427

This was the most user-friendly image stitcher I could find, anon:

No. 1295439

Trannies condition and blow dry their hair challenge kek.

No. 1295441

Goodbye horses…♫

No. 1295446

pauly shore hasn’t aged a day

No. 1295468

File: 1628480354108.jpeg (624.44 KB, 828x1319, ADA8895F-95BA-485F-B379-62DA4A…)

They can never be women, its almost like how most pretty boys age, either they can pull of the manish look, or they just end up looking like pudgy uggos (leo di caprio)

No. 1295470

The only human being who finds this attractive is undeniably a pedophile

No. 1295472

This dude always gave me unhinged vibes. Didn’t he post weird creepy shit about women on his socials.

No. 1295492

File: 1628481747882.jpg (165.33 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2021-08-08 20_35_30.jp…)

Hard kek. This troon's body language is sending me. Women standing in heals typically have their feet at 12 and 3 o'clock, or 12 and 9 o'clock, with one hand resting on their hip. This dude has both feet basically pointing straight forward, with both hands on this lower back to keep himself level. Also lol @ him subconsciously matching based Yoda's stance in the second photo. Troons are clueless.

No. 1295551

Hormones that aren't intended for your genetics will probably age you in dog years, anon. From your body's perspective, cross-sex HRT is a grave hormone imbalance. Troons will never understand this, which is great.

No. 1295555

File: 1628486053945.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 2429x3264, 8Dt8Lzk.jpg)

This is a "Trans Goddesses" that TRAs and coomers often bring up and use as an example of how "hot" Transwoman are compared to us cis-bitches

No. 1295557

They don't realize how badly they're stressing their bodies out. They think e gives them magic ageless baby skin, but they're just losing collagen kek. Men could age well if they took care of themselves.

No. 1295584

He literally looks like a man in every way. A man with a crossdressing and humiliation kink. Those red shoes are truly struggling to contain his ogre feet, and the outfits he wears really highlight the fetishistic nature of this, by emphasizing that he's got a completely male body structure. Fridge waist, no hips, no breasts, linebacker shoulders, massive hands and feet, male skull, male leg structure.
If you took off the wig and put him in a suit in that last picture (the "schoolgirl" one), he would look like any other 35-year-old white male politician or pastor.

No. 1295604

>Do you see the troon tyranny ending anytime soon? Why or why not?

Tech monopolies get a pass for scummy plutocratic behavior by paying lip service to crotch zombies, they have a vested interest in perpetuating troon kultur terror. Troons are sociopathic ladder climbers and shameless crybullies by nature, by playing stasi-lite on the social media platforms everyone uses they'll have no problem forcing the rest of us to tolerate their delusions as a prerequisite for participating in public discourse.

No. 1295609

sage for sperging but metalfag anon here, metalhead men typically have long hair so i have never been able to see any troon as even remotely female despite long hair, in fact i think long hair tends to accentuate male features even more. Just like how women with more masculine facial features look really cute with short hair because long hair can make them look more "boyish" when it in theory should be the opposite (obviously still looking female and a billion times better than any troon could ever hope to be)

No. 1295610

File: 1628489440019.jpg (458.46 KB, 1080x1766, IMG_20210809_072837.jpg)

>cringe to futa
The 4chan/hentai pipeline is real.

No. 1295632

I love how upper class fetishists and Big Pharma roped all trannies into this scam.

No. 1295645

File: 1628491261777.png (173.79 KB, 692x800, cpb.png)

A few threads back an anon made one of these for troon cows in general, so I decided to make one for individual posts. Enjoy.

No. 1295651

File: 1628491560363.jpg (68.02 KB, 628x864, 22.jpg)

that's nothing, wait till you see his "wife", he's a literal giant who presents himself as a Dominatrix and makes "lezdom" and "femdom" porn

No. 1295656

>When your autistic little brother gets into mom's makeup

No. 1295660

The shelf of uncanny-valley sex masks next to him is very Buffalo-Bill-chic.

No. 1295669

[Goodbye Horses playing in the next room]

No. 1295672

>My sexual orientation is an attraction to misogyny
>My gender was so influenced by the need to be used by men
>Why is it that rape is fetishized by both sides of the binary
HSTS trannies, folks. Don't cape for them, they're just as bad as AGPs

No. 1295676

Truly the sort of retarded outfit only a troon would try to wear in public.

If you're going to be a pervert and wear a translucent dress, at least pair it with some nice-looking underwear? Dude just threw on some nude granny panties and called it a day. Also you can see the bulge of his sad microdick, but that's a given at this point.

No. 1295678

There was supposed to have been a demonstration at the store this past Saturday over this incident. I've been looking for some news about it, but can't seem to find anything about it. I'm hoping that's because nobody bothered showing up in support of the trannies.

No. 1295701

lmao they unironically pass better and are way more presentable than 97% of TIMs bc of the professional stage quality wigs

No. 1295711

File: 1628495804016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 662.76 KB, 1185x2114, Screenshot_20210809-085037.jpg)

The only men who finds this attractive are gay chasers kek he just looks like a classic tranny porn star

No. 1295719

File: 1628496711727.jpg (85.17 KB, 595x466, 8Dt8Lzk.jpg)

Even with Hormones and feminization surgeries he is still undeniably male, also could someone edit the wig out, cause as anon said you wouldn't even be able to tell that this is a tranny

No. 1295730

File: 1628497673429.jpeg (832.5 KB, 818x1207, 4B3805A3-CF33-4556-B598-6940A6…)

His body is so undeniably male, he did not even attempt to get bolt on tits and ass implants like the rest of degenerate troons.
It’s obvious he is catering to chasers.

No. 1295731

Those arms and hands kek

No. 1295733

Isn't this the pornstar that Contra based himself off? The bar is low for troons, it's really pointless to pick at.
Chasers like "feminized" males, so of course this is a "hot" woman that passes perfectly that we are jealous of. TRA's call all troons "Brave and stunning" and troons think all women are jealous of them.
It's just cope.

No. 1295739

Maybe, the pornstar toon is called Natalie Mars and Contra named himself Natalie after coming out, he probably watched porn of him and got inspired

No. 1295741

File: 1628498329566.png (102.03 KB, 710x533, GSN.png)

Jesus Christ those forearms are massive, I'm pretty sure even the most genetically gifted female athletes wouldn't have forearms that size, simply compare the forearms of a fit woman to his you can see what a Joke it is so to compare Troons to women

No. 1295743

File: 1628498765186.jpg (818.03 KB, 1440x2059, Screenshot_20210809-094341.jpg)

His FACE is so unmistakably male too, the expression alone. That's a behaviour you can't unlearn.

No. 1295746

has anyone ever seen his forehead?

No. 1295765

File: 1628500717126.jpeg (83.05 KB, 720x1280, DE9CsdhUIAA5HBH.jpeg)


He def had his hairline operated on kek
Look at those bald patches

No. 1295766

There's a face under all that makeup? Christ it's like he applied his foundation with a snow blower. Poor son of a bitch can't even pass with a gallon of makeup on, tragic.

I'm not even sure gay men would be into this. Last I checked, gay guys aren't big on flaccid microdicks. I don't think anybody outside of chasers and other troons could ever find this appealing.

Nitpick but those bangs are horrible. It looks like a bad wig.

No. 1295768

This photo is old, so possibly prior to ffs, also he has a tome of fillers now.

No. 1295769

File: 1628501084042.jpg (489.86 KB, 2048x2048, EJBlstuW4AAtM7g.jpg)



No. 1295771

>There's a face under all that makeup? Christ it's like he applied his foundation with a snow blower. Poor son of a bitch can't even pass with a gallon of makeup on, tragic.
also he's been on Hormone for years and has had multiple facial feminization surgeries and yet anyone can easily tell that he is a man

No. 1295775

File: 1628501788454.jpg (34.72 KB, 620x340, qxijzLI.jpg)

He does "lesbian" scenes with women and you can clearly see how male he is. It's actually disgusting to look at.
Coomers love non-passing troons. The passing talk is just a cope for not being straight.
I noticed all of these faggots have Dom gfs. There's a porn star chaser who fucks every tranny under the sun, has no standards for passing (he would fuck picrel) and he also as a "Dom" gf in real life. Why do women do this to themselves?

If you want to look him up his name is Christian, he has a public twitter too (NSFL).

No. 1295778

from the same social circle, Charlotte Sartre's husband Lance recently revealed he is now a trans woman and "MILF" and goes by Lucy.

No. 1295794

Same I clocked him the second I saw him. The Yandere Dev side profile was a dead giveaway.

No. 1295795

heard about him on kiwifarms, that Christian dude will literally fuck anything. If his girlfriends not actually a man (a troon), i'm not surprised he has a "Dom" gf. Who else outside of sexual deviants/other pornstars is going to want to be with a man like that?
No one normal.

No. 1295801

File: 1628503791499.png (691.46 KB, 691x507, 1.PNG)

Oh wow, I looked him up and not surpised.
>incest porn
>pegging porn
>gay porn
>tranny porn
>sissy shit

He's a coomer and this is the next step. Pornstar milk and i'm not talking Shayna tier, is a fucking shit show. Back when I used to read Datalounge they had threads on pornstars, you would'nt be surpised the lives these people live. How quickly some of them go from doing straight porn, to tranny porn, to piss and all of that. I remember hearing about this pornstar dating that troon who got mad a straight actor didn't want him, saying they'd have sex for drugs, just openly on twitter. I expect more Pornstars to troon out (males) and it makes perfect sense.
Men enjoy doing porn more and they don't need to be told it's "Empowering" by celebrities and shit either, like they do to groom women into it.

No. 1295835

File: 1628507026628.jpg (19.99 KB, 299x556, 12.jpg)

nonnies that's not a "woman" its another Troon, they have infested the femdom community as well and call themselves "TS Dominatrixes"

No. 1295839

Holy shit, foot length.

No. 1295851

I dont want to derail the thread, but charlotte sarte is a huge degenerate and so is her husband, she talked about getting water boarded by piss and what not, her husband has been making sissy porn for years.

Someone who is kore acquainted with them please please make a thread.

No. 1295856

I think there should be general pornstar Industry cows thread

No. 1295866

File: 1628509737759.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.06 KB, 1379x2031, E8SmnaTUcAEvO6S.jpg)

Another TS Dominatrix is this dude, call himself "Amazon Goddess Severa" he's got nothing going for him expect he's tallish for a man but in the Kink scene these "Tall Amazon Dominatrixes' is something some scrotes will pay a fortune for

No. 1295877

Yes please!

No. 1295886

I agree you should take it to the thread request or if you know enough make the thread. Sounds interesting.
Here's the thread

No. 1295927

I just realized I linked the wrong fucking thread, just go to PT to the thread request thread if you are interested anon.

No. 1295945

>ugly overlined matte lipstick that should be left in 2016 where it belongs
>moobs dont even fill out the tiny cups on that top
>giant bowl bangs, crooked nose resembles a pair of asscheeks
Fucking bleak

No. 1295948

File: 1628518088119.jpg (135.93 KB, 1400x1400, 18070_1_1100.jpg)

I always first think he's Poppy when I see him. Resemblance is uncanny

No. 1295979

his hooves hanging out of those shoes. infinity kek

No. 1295982

nose is botched

“Passes” as well as the average feminine twink if you gave them a wig.

The protest was cancelled. They claimed they did not feel it would be safe.

No. 1295985

Yeah cause the owner had his military friends outside protecting his store for a couple days and they got intimidated and didn't show up, if that old man didn't have those people protecting him then they would trash and burn down his store

No. 1296017

File: 1628522164026.jpg (298.55 KB, 1080x1733, IMG_20210809_171333.jpg)

All you gross whiteys aren't oppressed as women because you're white you can thank this tranny commenter for freeing you of your shackles now go skip around the street freely without fear of men and sexual harassment hallelujah

No. 1296019

File: 1628522171755.jpg (59.23 KB, 624x468, urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-16…)

The fleeting beauty of twinks. At least normal goblimoids (who always looked ugly) can pull off the "rugged and manly" copelook, and their ugliness is surprisingly persistent/recognizable. Pretty boys just age into extremely weird looking people. But in general, all handsome men are almost unrecognizable after 30, especially the white ones. The only exception I can think of is Jared Leto, but he nips and tucks something every other week.

The whole "wall" screeching from incels just seems like debilitating projection on their part. I'm thoroughly amused by how afraid they are of aging, and how deep down they all know that's something that's designed for a shorter lifespan will naturally age earlier.

lmao a cis woman looking like this would be called a 3/10

No. 1296025

File: 1628522818143.jpg (428.4 KB, 1000x563, david-bowie.jpg)

sage for OT but I do think its possible for former pretty boys to look good after getting old, for e.g David Bowie I actually knew about his past glam rock persona, I only knew him as this intense looking think guy that had IRL anime Villain aesthetic

No. 1296027

>They have infested the femdom community
Kek they invented the femdom community. Tranvestites/transexuals are synonymous with degenerate BDSM shit. Doms for men can only be other men.

No. 1296036

File: 1628523199496.jpg (170.22 KB, 1024x843, david-bowie.jpg)

It's only because he ain't that pretty anon, at least in terms of facial structure. I see a pretty normal chad jawed britbong, just skinny and flamboyant. He's no borderline femboi like Andrej Pejic (who trooned out to dodge the twink wall) or Bill Kaulitz.

No. 1296040

File: 1628523519432.jpg (46.41 KB, 650x430, david-bowie-billboard.jpg)

tell me he doesn't look like a character who'll give a hamfisted Anime-tier lecture about some vague moral philosophy
Andrej Pejic admitted he was on Hormones since he was a teenager, there's a theory that goes that child actors are given Hormone suppressers so they don't grow up too fast and lose their marketability

No. 1296042

No woman as ugly as Kim Petras would ever have had a pop music career, outside of some nepotistic disaster like Kelly Osbourne. The fact that he's rapidly masculinizing is so satisfying.

No. 1296045

Yup, exactly because he would've hit the wall by age 18 otherwise.

No. 1296051

It's a fairly new term from /tttt/ kek, even zoomer trannies know they'll look like grannies after transitioning

No. 1296059

his parents did this to him and I kinda feel sorry for him tbh
not from /tttt/, it came from Susan's Place (og TIM forum)

No. 1296077

>you may know me by Yoshikage Kira…

Bowie had an intensity. He know how to carry himself and enhance his looks. He leaned into his strong features and knew how to make himself look pretty.

sage for also ot

No. 1296080