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No. 1476153

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1476161

a+ thread title

No. 1476175

Some cis women have small boobs too you know…like that's literally what my breasts look like okay…

I really don't think we should go down this avenue as it's a thing trannies have said to me, a small breasted woman that they don't feel like they pass enough because they have small boobs so…yeah lets not sound as retarded as they do

No. 1476177

I have small breasts too and they look nothing like a tranny's hormone induced moobs, and I doubt yours do too. The shape is all different. Troon moobs, troobs, tend to just look like fat pecs that droop. None of those men in that image have convincing breasts. They all look disgusting especially given that their torsos are so wide.

No. 1476178

Without ever having seen them, I can guaranty you that yours don't look like that since you don't have gynecomastia cone "tits" that sit on the opposite sides of a large male ribcage. It's not the size, but the shape and the positioning that are tells.

No. 1476183

I never developed breast tissue at all due to an endocrine disorder, and I'm still visibly female, I wouldn't worry about yours no matter how small they are or not
Admittedly, I hate it when women say "tits" as a female-identifier, but that's less due to me not being included and more to do with the idea that women would reduce themselves down to their breasts the same way moids would

No. 1476184

Speaking of moobs, how come that our Aquama'am right there seems to have keep 100% male pecs. Is it possible to not grow even the slightest shadow of a moob on HRT he is supposed to be taking for nearly 3 years now or is he not taking any estrogen at all and just some anti androgens in order to keep his physical edge and better ruin women sports?

No. 1476187

prob because of a low body fat %

even female athletes tend to be quite flat

No. 1476190

Okay maybe not exactly the same but I do have tiny cone shaped ones, no droop down, with the puffy areolas so…not all of us are blessed with nice breasts and honestly it sucks when trannies say shit about small boobs not being womanly around me like it makes me fucking hate them even more…boobs can be so varied in size shape and compisition so to have not only patriachal society say I'm not womanly ebough, but trannies, and now my fellow radfem nonnas it just sucks you guys…damn. Sage for sperg
Thank you nonna…

No. 1476192

>I hate it when women say "tits" as a female-identifier
>to do with the idea that women would reduce themselves down to their breasts the same way moids would
fix'd it for you

No. 1476200

As other pointed out small boobs look very different on a male and a female ribcage and the positioning is different, you have nothing to worry about.

Troons claim estrogen makes them naturally grow giant boobs, when it evidently does not. I had a male handmaiden fried who legit thought all of their lies were true; they grow big boobs and curves, get shorter, can get a period etc
They lie about everything and having actual proof of their lies is helpful and eye-opening for many

No. 1476206

First of all, stop using their language and calling yourself a "cis" woman. You are a woman, despite how your breasts may look.

No. 1476210

It's a force of habit…I live in a super liberal area with trannies everywhere. I have to step on eggshells with everything I say to stay under the radar.

And thank you

No. 1476213

Kek was the bulge in thread pic shopped or does he not even bother to tuck?

No. 1476238

File: 1647882809794.png (121.82 KB, 948x480, Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 1.07…)

what are u even talking about, you're overcomplicating it, either you have basic plumbing set up to create eggs or to create sperm and then refer to your body as such. like, it's REALLY not that complicated. this is absolutely where they lost me. yes dana, bodies are complicated, but that's not what anyone is talking about re female or male and you KNOW that oh my god

No. 1476239

aww i wanted the captcha edit as threadpic

No. 1476241

Unless he got bolt ons, no. Actual female swimmers tend to have broad shoulders and flat chests overall, too. Comes with the sport, same as with gymnasts.

No. 1476244

I think they're being stupid on purpose I mean wtf is this shit. Penises are penises regardless of size dude

No. 1476245

Same anon. Not to blog but I have puffy nipped, no underboob cone shaped books. They are called tuberous breasts and I've come to accept them. No matter what we are still 100% women and it makes trannies seethe

No. 1476247

you're like 19, your boobs will age eventually. i promise you don't have troon tits; the little ones like you describe look fine on women even if you think they're "not nice" because they're spaced properly and on the right kind of torso. a woman with zero boobs still has a completely different chest from a man

No. 1476257

That tweet was fake

No. 1476259

File: 1647883785488.jpg (59.2 KB, 806x622, tglxnrik9ro81.jpg)

Actually there is some debate about whether or not it's fake so I'll just repost it.

No. 1476262

The letter was real though. The tweet was deleted but it had something ridiculous like 200k likes before that point. People are pissed. I wonder if Aquamam feels any shame about all this.

No. 1476263

Being a leftist in this atmosphere is insane-making. Everyone and everything can be critiqued and discussed except for misogyny or trans shit. I feel like I'm losing my mind and for so many years, I thought there was something wrong with me for having doubts about the trans movement.

No. 1476264

It's not shopped. He just doesn't give a shit.

No. 1476265

File: 1647884018424.jpg (50.05 KB, 828x1792, 20220321_183254.jpg)

No. 1476266

The left has been losing me for a while. Like from troon shit to "bail reform" and not being able to talk about how dangerous cities are for women right now. Like I get it, BLM, but women are being murdered and raped, most of them black themselves, like are we just supposed to not give a shit?

No. 1476267

what the fuck

No. 1476268

The comments on r/conspiracy (i know i know) are surprisingly refreshing.
There's another subreddit called r/tumblrinaction that has a lot of hate for troonery as well if you want to feel sane again.

No. 1476270

are you fucking kidding me?

No. 1476271

File: 1647884280397.png (163.14 KB, 1428x754, Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 17.37…)

No. 1476272

I really want to begin to hope that this peaks a ton of people but I know better than to get too hopeful. Jesus christ.

No. 1476274

Yeah, I read some article about women feeling politically homeless, and that is honestly how I'm starting to feel as well. Politics has always been shitty for women, but now we have people gladly calling men "women" and willing to mutilate children who don't cater to typical gender norms. Women's rights are imploding and all I'm seeing from people who I used to feel were politically like-minded shriek about "saving trans kids". I'm in my thirties, and growing up it was totally norm to be a "tomboy" and no one ever told me I was gender confused because I hated wearing dresses, enjoy sports, or played video games. If I was that same little girl today I feel like I'd be indoctrinated and told maybe I am a boy. It's depressing as shit.

No. 1476276

So what's her real account then? Does anyone know? It's not >>1476265?

No. 1476281

>I'm in my thirties, and growing up it was totally norm to be a "tomboy" and no one ever told me I was gender confused because I hated wearing dresses, enjoy sports, or played video games. If I was that same little girl today I feel like I'd be indoctrinated and told maybe I am a boy. It's depressing as shit.

same for me. I was a total tomboy, hated being a girl from the moment I turned 13. If I had been exposed to the gender ideology being pushed now I think I would've considered that perhaps I was a boy. I grew up though and while I'm still not super feminine I realise I don't need to be. I'm still a woman and I'm glad I'm a woman. sage for blog

No. 1476285

https://twitter.com/rekagyorgy2 potentially? joined 2018 but either doesn't tweet or has recently deleted her tweets.

No. 1476286

If there's no such thing as a male or female body, what are trannies transitioning too? When they say they're "passing," what do they suppose they're passing as?

No. 1476288

makes sense it's her actual account since she follows a lot of swim accounts.

No. 1476289

Has her letter been posed here yet?

No. 1476294

No. 1476302

I know…I wish they were thought of as normal. I think they are personally, and it's just plastic surgeons trying to profit off our insecurities to call them deformed
I'm 31 actually…but thank you

anyway that's enough from me about my boobs

No. 1476313

I've always been very gender conforming and when I was younger, Ihonestly believed the BS about some people not feeling right in their bodies because they don't like makeup. I sort of took it at face value because I was very young and stupid. But once I started getting into history and politics, all of the discrepancies started standing out to me. Like why is Rachel Dolezal being a black teacher terrible and taking chances away from black women but Lia doing this shit is meaningless?

No. 1476316

even back when i was a tra the rachel dolezal thing didn't make sense to me

race is way more ambigious than sex is, so why is it wrong for her to call herself black if it's right for a man to call himself a woman? i just tried not to think about it because i could tell i was treading on thin ice.

No. 1476322

If there's no such thing as a male or female bodies, why do troons feel disphoric? Why do they need "gender affirming surgery"?

No. 1476334

Exactly, holy fuckkkkk

No. 1476341

File: 1647888530780.png (88.17 KB, 963x963, stopthemutilation.png)

you're not supposed to question it ebil terfphobes!!!1111!!!1

No. 1476342

File: 1647888584218.png (31.08 KB, 955x598, 3939FF4F-4DDC-4814-9361-DD7C93…)

So by that logic just burn the entire bookstore down.
Why do trannies have the ugliest artstyle kek

No. 1476345

Wtf Kim looks so different in this photo I had to double check it was actually him. Weight gain I guess? Aging kek? He looks completely different in this one compared to other photos.

Linking a video (apologies if I did it wrong, my first time). The difference in appearance between the colourfully lit shots and the "naturally" lit shots of him speaking (note the angle, lul) is too funny. Doing their best to hide his face.

No. 1476346

strange how TRA unapologetically promote nazi actions, it's almost as if the two groups overlap and function similarly…

No. 1476351

When women do have a breast shape like this, it's often because they're not done developing.

You're not underage, are you, anon?

No. 1476354

Very true genetically and also culturally. There are tons of people worldwide who are one race but grew up in another culture and so relate more to the race they grew up around. I remember seeing a short doc about a black girl who was raised in Japan and considered herself Japanese for that reason. And for the most part, once other Japanese found out, it wasn’t a huge deal surprisingly.

No. 1476357

The most badass hardcore vocal absolute bad bitch stacy TERFs I've ever met are ex Muslim girls specifically of Somalian descent. Holy shit those girls don't fuck around

No. 1476358

No. 1476359

One of his legs is permanently fucked up from srs so he can't stretch it out properly and is most likely in a lot of pain if he moves around too much, so I imagine exercise is really hard for him. But being chunky usually makes it easier to pass.

Jazz also had a big weight gain, I spot a pattern.

No. 1476360

File: 1647889551953.jpeg (58.39 KB, 800x450, silva.jpeg)

Nonnas, why is there so little study done on what causes AGPitis. Despite it being such a visible and hot phenomenon, theres virtually 0 study on the topic. Ik controversy and all but its still weird. I have a lot of theories. Porn sickness being no.1. I think a study would change things. Like if there was a concrete study saying porn contributes to agp diagnosis, I think that would change things. Has anyone looked into this?

No. 1476361

I just read that Lia didn't suck that much in men's swimming and HRT was even holding him back? So whats the truth now? I'm confused.

No. 1476367

File: 1647889983706.jpg (267.73 KB, 1066x1332, rayblanchard.jpg)

There won't ever be a study like that unless a lot changes. It's not just that AGP is a controversial topic, it's that you cannot admit AGP exists at all. Even though there are self-described AGPs in the world.

Also, I think the kind of study that could be done on the correlation between porn and AGP is very limited. You can't make someone watch porn for a psychological study bc ethics, so you'd have to get self-reported info after the AGP has come out, and they tend to lie about their own history to create a more socially acceptable narrative. Hence why most transwomen in public will say they always knew they were a girl/played with girl toys while in private admitting they decided to transition after being aroused by crossdressing.

No. 1476368

HRT would have held him back if he was on it when he competed against other males. HRT does not negate the structural benefits to being a biological male however, so he is still advantaged competing against females (HRT or not).

No. 1476370

File: 1647890417473.jpeg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoil.jpeg)

Same anon. I have a crazy tinfoil theory that interracial porn also plays large a part. I couldn't help but notice theres virtually 0 black agps. Which is weird because theres plenty black hsts.Why no black agps. I think its a potn rabbit hole that white agps fall far into. Vanilla>interracial (which is cuckoldry porn)>sissy> hypno>transition. We all know porn is about the degradation of women and thats what turns men on more than anything hence why interracial is popular (think about it, in their eyes these women are being degraded by having interracial sex). I think theres a brain rewiring that goes on watching those videos, perhaps they self-insert as the white women. Just theorizing.

No. 1476373

It's pretty well documented that Lia went from #462 in men's swimming to #1 in women's.

No. 1476378

>I never developed breast tissue at all due to an endocrine disorder,
Do you mean you don't have any breast at all, or that your breasts are underdeveloped? I also had(have?) an endocrine condition but since I was treated for it and the treatment worked I do have breasts but they're tiny. My endocrinologist noted that I should be able to get pregnant thanks to my treatment and that my breasts reached tanner 5 stage (no idea if I worded that correctly since I'm ESL) so maybe that's why my breasts look completely different from tranny moobs but they're so small I can't wear bras at all. Were you treated for your condition?

No. 1476380

Nona, my mother had an eating disorder when I was growing up, so my puberty was all fucked up, too, and I’ve never needed to wear a bra in my life. I literally JUST have puffy nipples. A more conical shape or puffy nipples is NOT all there is to it. Fundamentally, your body and your breasts are female. They’re also the product of nature and not medical fuckery and mutilation, and I’m sure that’s reflected in your appearance.

No. 1476382

It's part of AGP to not admit that it's for sexual reasons, they have a "need" to convince everyone around them that they really are a woman as part of the sexual pleasure. It also ramps up the more they do it, what starts as just a dress in private eventually leads to going out wearing full slutty gear in the streets, unless they get proper therapy to stop

No. 1476383

Do you have this prove?
I just saw someone posting stats from 2018/2019 where he finished races as 2nd, an someone else claims he was actually ranked in the top 20.
I really do not want men competing in womens sport, but I also hate spearing fake news only to get owned by tras for it.

No. 1476385

FUCKING THANK YOU. Why is it that when we talk about taking care of xyz racial minority it is ALWAYS centered on men and their needs. It’s like intersectionality was never even a conversation that fucking happened.

No. 1476388

File: 1647891459626.jpg (223.82 KB, 1200x1492, 1600382781277.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 1476389

That's good as fuck lmfao

No. 1476393

I’m pretty sure those races were in a lower category, weren’t they? I remember reading something like that, and it does make sense. It’s normal to hit the top of one category and then move up to the bottom of the next. I could be mis-remembering it though. I don’t think it particularly matters much here, even if he was a good athlete before, we’ve already seen that he can outswim some of the best female swimmers in the world without even kicking his giant flipper feet, whereas he would have had to put effort in to earn his spot in the male rankings.

No. 1476394

I wish I could find the original post on an archive somewhere, it's so good

No. 1476397

nta but you could link to sources for your own claims or at least post caps of where you saw it. I wouldn't start believing men should be in women's sports regardless but it'd be nice if we could not just go back and forth.

No. 1476401

They co-opted intersectionality to include men, and public discourse never recovered lol. Even some self-proclaimed feminists don't know what intersectionality means at this point and think it's just a word for "woke BS", that's how badly leftists scrotes fucked it up with their narc behavior

No. 1476405

>I don’t think it particularly matters much here, even if he was a good athlete before, we’ve already seen that he can outswim some of the best female swimmers in the world without even kicking his giant flipper feet

This. If he didn't throw his previous 2 races he would have swept easily.

No. 1476406

Yeah, no bra needed here either. I guess it doesn't sound quite like tuberous breasts in my case as the pictures on the web don't quite match, they are just quite small with most of the boob being the puffy areola. But yeah true, we are biologically female and I must be honest…these threads have helped me be more happy with myself as I'm an actual woman, no mutilation or hormones necessary as you say.

No. 1476413

Nona I have exactly same breasts when I'm not cold, then they become just normal tits kek. It's nothing to be ashamed about, hopefully you'll learn to love them.

No. 1476416

File: 1647893016990.jpeg (54.29 KB, 940x941, FOXzww8XwAcU2h_.jpeg)

I saw these two posted in a german twitter discussion. They claim it Thomas before HRT

No. 1476418

File: 1647893048991.jpeg (81.62 KB, 471x1078, FOXzwwhWUAEVb3d.jpeg)

No. 1476422

File: 1647894144973.webm (3.57 MB, 640x360, NP0FnkMGo37IYARC.webm)

No. 1476423

File: 1647894171440.jpeg (177.76 KB, 750x1016, FOYfPmUVIAYcYP4.jpeg)

No. 1476425

Give that blonde lady a medal. More of us need to stand up to these men in wigs. Of course he called her a dog. POS.

No. 1476426

This is the actual point though. It doesn’t matter what our tits look like, we’re still female. We didn’t induce whatever breast growth we do have with horse piss tablets in a vain attempt to mimic sex characteristics we were never meant to have. Trannies (males) do the same.

No. 1476427

File: 1647894514543.png (175.3 KB, 362x464, isThisNiggafr.png)

Guy in the back's face really tells you everything you need to know about how the general populace sees this shit

No. 1476429

>the guy in the background watching
absolute kek
What a fucking massive ballsack %41 can't come soon enough.

No. 1476430

I actually think male’s plummeting testosterone levels since the 1970s is a factor. Men literally don’t feel as manly as they used to and they can’t work out why.

No. 1476435

File: 1647895132081.jpg (45.59 KB, 500x500, artworks-000618137341-ynk7tb-t…)

Alex was right

No. 1476436

File: 1647895165158.jpeg (518.02 KB, 1170x1463, ACF4DB08-4B1F-4075-9C4A-151B4B…)

These are his previous scores for the Ivy League championships, right? From what I understand, the Ivy League championships for swimming are what you have to do well in to qualify for the NCAA races. Comparing his mens Ivy League rank to his womens NCAA rank doesn’t seem fair if that’s the case, since you would have to rank very high to get into the NCAA race at all.
Pic is from a pro lia cnn article, he was primarily a long distance swimmer before. Up against real women, he’s an all distances swimmer cruising by on zero effort.

No. 1476438

Guarantee the old man thinks these women are screeching about stupid shit

No. 1476439

File: 1647895335492.png (15.75 KB, 587x258, adsdadsf.png)

Why are these people ALWAYS teachers??

No. 1476441

What did he say that made people go "OOOHHH"? I couldn't understand

No. 1476442

I think it was "call off your dog"

No. 1476446


what does he say he did which is "more impressive" after that woman yelled "you never birthed your children, you are not a mother"? her voice is absolutely savage btw

No. 1476447

"adoptive mom which is even more impressive"

No. 1476448

Yeah lol that's what I understood too, he did win some races at his University or lower level championships–note that he didn't establish any pool or meet records in men's category, unlike he did starting from his 1st race amongst women– but his general times compared to all other men made him 462 nationally, nowhere close to be even dreaming of Olympics. Now he's winning against women Olympians, when holding back.
Also OG question nonna, save your time and consider anything that the trans activists put forth as arguments on this topic as biased or dishonest by default and just immediately start looking for what they are trying to hide, which can be generally and easily debunked by consulting Wikipedia.

No. 1476449

That’s child abuse

No. 1476453

something about a man using his underdeveloped (bc male) breast to ultimately not feed a helpless and precious infant is darkly poetic… there is no way we aren't in a simulation run by some cosmic joker anons

No. 1476454

File: 1647896404948.jpg (35.35 KB, 720x757, D6unbsrUYAAxSxa.jpg)

GODDAMN I'm so sick of these fuckers.

No. 1476455

I don’t understand, if the external body has always been female then doesn’t that mean she’s a biological female, but intersex? Why use he/him pronouns unless she’s a TIM… That’s just confusing asf

No. 1476456

This was meant to be a reply to someone about Semenya Caster, my bad for forgetting to sage like a dumbass

No. 1476461

lmfao they seethe and cope at literally every turn

No. 1476463

File: 1647897181069.jpg (126.78 KB, 1241x1355, IMG_20220321_161150.jpg)

No. 1476465

I hate this fugly tranny so much. He was a pretty cool horror movie tuber and then he trooned out and god he's fucking hideous. He's so ugly I can't even watch him anymore you can really smell the agp coming off in waves.

No. 1476466


Back in my handmaiden/genderspecial nonsense days I assumed it was some type of social recognition problem, and that they wouldn't feel "dysphoric" if other people respected their identity and pronouns and didn't care what they looked like, they wouldn't really have to think about their bodies at all.

Kinda how "ugly" people don't have to worry about it outside of their interactions with other people because being conventionally attractive or not doesn't really influence anything outside of their relationships with others, but end up being influenced by other people's perception of their ugliness and thinking of themselves as ugly even when they are alone. I thought it was a similar process.

I was ethically opposed to hrt and surgeries. but I let these people do their thing and validated them because I'm autistic and knew that most people are very concerned with fitting in socially and that it was ultimately their choice to prioritize other people's perception of themselves and conform to their idea of what men and women look like and do, even though I didn't personally understand why.

I identified as non-binary purely because if you believe in gender as a social construct, I am very much not a woman since I didn't get the whole stereotypical "female socialization" thing. Eventually I realized that just because I do not have this one common experience that lots of other women had, it doesn't change anything because our womanhood isn't dependent on how men perceive us or the social experience we share, it's not something that goes away when we're alone, and defining it in such a shallow manner is vile and misogynistic.

sage for blogpost, anyway you know why there's such a big overlap between autism and funky genders now.

No. 1476467

File: 1647897601507.png (2.1 MB, 948x1246, kevingibes transsalamander.png)

No. 1476468

File: 1647897611513.jpeg (95.72 KB, 1080x810, tumblr_daf27ee5672099fc0c920a4…)

This one is so creepy, they used to collaborate with NightMind on Youtube and then started getting all trooned up and weird, and the guy from NightMind had the audacity not to lick Nyx's programmer socks with enough force and somehow finangled an apology out of NM because he used his stupid puppet as a prop and touched the troon. https://medium.com/@nicknocturne/nyx-fears-apologies-clarities-and-endings-1dce05db5ddb

Meanwhile look at this bald retard. Imagine a 30 year old woman taking a selfie like this and putting it online, proud as a peacock. the arrogance of troons knows no bounds.

No. 1476470

Good lord that sixhead. He must be retarded to post that online. The least the egghead can do is wear a wig.

No. 1476479


>our womanhood isn't dependent on how men perceive us or the social experience we share, it's not something that goes away when we're alone, and defining it in such a shallow manner is vile and misogynistic.

God I wish I could show this to the handmaidens in my life who became nonbinary/genderfluid because "sometimes I like wearing dresses and sometimes I don't". The fact that the vast majority of "nonbinaries" consider womanhood to literally be nothing but gender stereotypes is infuriating. Good on you for coming around, nonna.

No. 1476481

File: 1647898673078.jpeg (142.03 KB, 629x862, 7442A255-8C7A-41CE-A08E-549A05…)

the freakish attempt at surrogate troonmotherhood

No. 1476482


OT but this llama(alpaca?) is SO CUTE

No. 1476485

File: 1647899323212.jpg (98.39 KB, 736x981, d76639cfa44dfe30f9e04a4d18f8f2…)

My least favorite they/them vegan handmaiden is LumiRue who streams on twitch. At first I liked her stream because I skew toward left politics. Then her streams started to be mostly trans rights oriented and pro sex work and yes she does look down on "vanilla" people ie people who don't want to be beat up for "pleasure" lol. The last straw was when she recounted a story of a guy creeping on her and sending innapropriate messages to her and then revealed the guy LITERALLY works at a RAPE CRISIS center. When concerned people spoke up about alerting the center she got super pissed off and condescending saying "What do you want ME to do about it??!" wow you fucking bitch maybe fucking anything. Pathetic cunt cares more about dudes in dresses than actual vulnerable women.(wrong thread)

No. 1476486

It makes me sad how the dengens at the Unicorn Troon Ranch are probably sexually abusing it.

No. 1476487

Cute, yes, but the Tranch isn't know for looking after their animals properly, iirc one winter they left some of the alpacas out in the elements and they ended up freezing to death.

No. 1476490

That's Kellie Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker. She's been fighting against troons for years. She has a youtube channel. She was one of the first ones to start selling "Women - adult human female" stickers and shirts. She's gone a viral a couple of time for embarrassing male and handmaidens during interviews.

No. 1476491

File: 1647899743835.png (91.75 KB, 480x1384, 400head.png)

Oh god that was the funniest thing ever. What happened was Nightmind (cringe furry) went to visit Nyx's place to do a collab. Nightmind pulled off Nyx's hat during a stream to fuck with him because he was always being a fussy bitch about anyone touching his hat. He hadn't trooned out yet, but he used the hat to obscure his 6head as a means to cope with his dis4eeyuh, so this triggered him into the stratosphere, but he didn't say anything because he's a beta. Nyx then decided he had been assaulted and wrote this absolutely incredible callout https://web.archive.org/web/20190419095452/https://nyxfears.tumblr.com/post/177380951130/a-very-bad-post

He pulled off his hat.

No. 1476495

nta but that Erin troon posted a bunch of claims about Lia and I think that's where people got it from

No. 1476501

File: 1647900494781.jpg (88.34 KB, 888x484, 69ia6i.jpg)

Kek all this because he's insecure about going bald. What a retard.

No. 1476505

File: 1647900922970.png (1.35 MB, 1320x752, expectation vs reality.png)

I need you all to know that the reason this guy is called May is he named himself after a horror movie character played by an actress who happens to have a massive forehead (his forehead being his biggest insecurity). So this is what he looks like in his mind.

No. 1476510

That is Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker. She is a bad ass, outspoken, educated, English woman and I admire her.

No. 1476511

Wow, she's a total badass. Love her now.
Holy fuck…of course it's so fitting of troonery considering what May does in the movie

No. 1476512

jesus christ troons, try some conditioner or hair oil for once in your lives. their heads always look like you pulled that shit from a drain.

No. 1476513

File: 1647901613144.png (117.78 KB, 1381x789, Caster.PNG)


>if the external body has always been female then doesn’t that mean she’s a biological female, but intersex?

No. What do you think intersex is?

Every intersex person is male or female, i.e, they make or should make eggs or sperm. The development of their sexual reproductive system just went awry, which is why the term "disorder/difference of sex development" is preferred because it makes that clear.

Caster Semanya has a disorder of sex development called XY 5-ARD. Do you see that XY, what does point toward?

What affect does XY 5-ARD have:
"5-alpha reductase deficiency is a condition that affects male sexual development before birth and during puberty. People with this condition are genetically male, with one X and one Y chromosome in each cell, and they have male gonads (testes). Their bodies, however, do not produce enough of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT has a critical role in male sexual development, and a shortage of this hormone disrupts the formation of the external sex organs before birth.

Many people with 5-alpha reductase deficiency are born with external genitalia that appear female. In other cases, the external genitalia do not look clearly male or clearly female (sometimes called ambiguous genitalia). Still other affected infants have genitalia that appear predominantly male, often with an unusually small penis (micropenis) and the urethra opening on the underside of the penis (hypospadias)."

See this article for way more detail on Caster, his case, and 5 XY-ARD


No. 1476514

File: 1647901811474.png (450.62 KB, 965x1439, screencapture-twitter-VaushV-s…)

Proof that misogynistic chasers don't view TIMs as women, they have a fetish and hide their misogyny behind being a "trans ally". I'm glad this fat pedo dickhead got called out by Kat Blaque (for sexting) and Contra.

No. 1476515

File: 1647901993502.png (52.31 KB, 680x547, 56645564456.png)

Do you think when J. K. Rowling pass's away there will eventually be some deranged troon trying to vandalize her grave? god I hope not.

No. 1476516


I don't really understand competitive swimming at all, but here are his profiles on the University of Pennsylvania's website as a guy and a girl, which kind of speak for themselves
male: https://pennathletics.com/sports/mens-swimming-and-diving/roster/will-thomas/14590
'female': https://pennathletics.com/sports/womens-swimming-and-diving/roster/lia-thomas/19456

No. 1476517

Probably, but we'll see what has happened to troon movement when that happens

No. 1476520

File: 1647902396140.jpg (706.37 KB, 817x1350, pass.jpg)

logged into tiktok after a long ass time only to find my favourite tiktok tif has a tim "gf" so disgusting.

No. 1476521

This type of hair texture is indicative of minodoxil use. He's definitely slapping that 5% on his giant head every night lmfao.

No. 1476522

>I will piss on your grave with my neovagina
"I will uncontrollably shit through my gaping fistula and then suicide bait on twitter" FTFY

Also, typical moid thinking women piss out of their vagina lol

No. 1476525

>If we learn to cede arguments to public opinion

wow funny you should say that. lol the left is fucking imploding right now… which honestly sucks but needs to happen cause they instead should be doing something more about womens reproductive health being stripped away but nope gotta keep WKing for men in dresses

No. 1476526

File: 1647902966331.jpeg (714.31 KB, 1170x1860, 7BB0493A-7EFB-43F5-97C3-D3318C…)

“mommy why is that ugly man dressed like a lady”

No. 1476529

>I am unmoved and will never cede to peer pressure, no matter who's pushing it
Men learn to apologize and be quiet challenge

No. 1476537

Who’s he kidding? He won’t outlive JKR.

No. 1476542

File: 1647904731712.png (175.38 KB, 1332x1182, lmao.png)

either 41%ing or it being revealed that injecting horse piss gives you prostate cancer in 10 years

No. 1476544

File: 1647905110056.png (66.42 KB, 626x369, womenhate.png)

No. 1476546

>won’t cede arguments to public opinion
>muh right side of history!!!1

No. 1476547

Someone should tell trannies that injecting the estrogen directly in their balls will make them get periods, or something like putting glass vials with estrogen in their asses will make them grow big tits.

No. 1476549

The same people who tell us they have female brains can’t tell you what a female is.

No. 1476551

File: 1647905668742.png (190.18 KB, 629x603, BRO HUH.png)

kind of off topic but what in the ever-loving fuck???(off-topic)

No. 1476553

File: 1647905896261.jpeg (201.5 KB, 640x870, 14E17CAF-82D5-47D4-9F28-DF745C…)

Moids manage to fetishize even the most simple shit, more news at 10. I also read once that looking at the nape of a girl who put on a ponytail is sexy? because they don’t see them often for some reason, men are fucking autistic, specially the Asian ones.

No. 1476572

Gorillas are stronger than humans so we might as well all just kill ourselves

No. 1476578

Men reigning in other men is the only thing that will stop this shit.

No. 1476581

File: 1647908347802.webm (1.89 MB, 640x360, 3092534-7f3a5a48157b8c6c12b9b4…)


No. 1476590

Boobs are mostly just fat and most athletes have less fat in general.

No. 1476595

File: 1647909073447.png (765.42 KB, 2046x8720, troonsfeigningperiods01.png)

Should we have a "Men General" thread for stuff like this? Fucked up shit anyway

No. 1476596

Great visual aid for explaining sexual dimorphism

No. 1476597

File: 1647909235553.png (562.2 KB, 2046x6060, troonsfeigningperiods02.png)

No. 1476598

File: 1647909248578.jpeg (337.33 KB, 1198x1484, D27D3A3F-9056-401A-8157-67667D…)

Not the flex they think it is

No. 1476602

There is one on The Board That Shall Not Be Shown In The Site Menu.

No. 1476604

Is this the reason why women hardly ever wear ponytails at all in South Korea? Since South Korean is even more misogynistic than Japan is and the people are even more obsessive about their appearances.

No. 1476605

Kek true… flawed, but beguiling female beauty versus flabby and bug-eyed scrote dress-up

No. 1476625

I doubt that. I can look at my own vagina everyday.

No. 1476626

faggot lol

No. 1476627


oh my god, I remember being around for this! Nyx at the time wouldn't tell anyone shit, just "i don't want to hear about him" in the livestream stuff, then shortly became trans. And he was real hideous too, kept using terrible lipstick and shit.

honestly glad it was over some stupid shit like this, they made it sound like Nightmind was some piece of shit.

No. 1476628

Friendly reminder to all trannies to 41% already

No. 1476629

I think the amount of hate comments we've been getting in the past few weeks might be a good thing. Why would the handmaidens be looking for TERF content if they weren't questioning? And then they feel bad for questioning so they A-log here and call us cunts to convince themselves that's what they were going to do all along lol

No. 1476631

Sure thing I am, it's beautiful. I'm glad to have one, now go back to lgbt to cry about the meanies on here.

No. 1476632

it's funny when trannies think they will outlive jk rowling.

No. 1476634

the MTF threads have been getting full so fast in the last month or so, people are definitely peaking en masse.

No. 1476635

You have seen vaginas, I have a vagina. Now go 41% already.

No. 1476637

we already knew you were a pornsick freak 2 words in, hon… you didn't have to announce it

No. 1476638

Now that you mention it, it’s easy to figure out whether we’re getting male trannies, female trannies and handmaidens.
>male trannies
>posts gore and cp
>mentions dick at least once
>sexualizes everything
>whores, sluts
And when it comes to the women
>handmaidens and female trannies
>E-evil terf
>cunt, bitch
>admits to peak after a while on /ot/ or /g/
>walls of text defending trannies

No. 1476640

File: 1647911107443.png (85.66 KB, 199x240, 84395734543.png)


No. 1476642

And this is why you avoid narc personalities at all costs. It's a hard lesson to learn, but everyone should learn how to spot a narc in 10 minutes of interaction or less.

No. 1476643

File: 1647911178043.jpeg (247.89 KB, 1242x415, B6A0D8A4-0CF0-462A-81CD-DC95B7…)

How would you define womanhood, or your own personal sense of womanhood?

This definition of what being a woman is seems odd to me, because surely anyone regardless of sex could have these qualities? I’ve been sitting around thinking about womanhood for a week or so and I can’t quite describe what it feels like because I haven’t felt manhood so how would I know what’s so different about it? What comes to your mind when you think about your own personal womanhood in your lifes?

No. 1476645

File: 1647911248477.jpg (1.15 MB, 1214x1050, IMG_1818a-topaz-denoise-ai-den…)

technically only one school was doing this but it got reported as a general Japan thing.

But if I had to hypothesize, the the back of the neck has always been fetishized by the Japanese. The only part of the head that wasn't painted with the white Geisha paint.

No. 1476647

porn doesn't count

No. 1476648

erm…Yikes! categorising reproductive organs into male and female is terfy as fuck, The correct terminology is "holes that men put their penis in", "Afabussy", "designated birthing hole". It costs $0 to educate yourself to be more inclusive and not be complicit in Troon genocide

No. 1476650

the article i read said that 10% of schools in one of the southern provinces had banned ponytails

No. 1476651

Go be part of the 41% you will never be a real woman,you will never menstruate nor bare chidlren. You will continue to be an abomination with a diaper fetish and a hole that continues to putrify

No. 1476654

The top row in the post you're replying to actually look pretty good (particularly the top middle) if you ignore the male head, but the middle row looks cancerous.

I don't think posting that was critique of small boobs, more to say that while breasts are an obsession of many transwoman, they are not able to grow the "big mommy milkers" of their anime dreams.

No. 1476655

Stop responding to the scrote. he needs to go find his rope and you all are being mean by distracting him from his destiny.

No. 1476658

My womanhood was and is very defined by my sex, currently. I have no plans or desire to have children (I'm a lesbian and also completely happy with not being responsible for kids) but knowing that all of humanity was created within the bodies of women and all mothers experienced similar pain of knowing subjugation from men and internal pain of periods and childbirth makes me feel more accepting of my body and respectful towards all the women who came before me. While I know some infirtile women don't have the same connection, I still feel they have more inherent understanding than any male ever could. Males can never understand this aspect of womanhood because it will never, ever be part of them.

Growing up I felt very insecure about my gender and was kind of nlog. Christianity had it in my head early that women were "the secondary gender" and concepts like god being male and Mary being a virgin mother gave me a bit of an inferiority complex. I played co-ed sports all throughout childhood and was always doing my best to be "like the boys" because females were seen as weak and I didn't want to be percieved that way. I was competitive in school and sports because I was very desperate to prove that I had worth. I'm grateful to have grown up in a very matriarchal family and realize over time that I didn't have to feel inferior to men because every woman in my life was living more productive, rich, and complex lives than all the men I knew.(blogging)

No. 1476659

Go find God and plead for forgiveness for being a walking abomination, or perish with your disgusting rotten, flesh hole.

No. 1476660

porn dont count and r/transgender_surgeries isnt real vaginas. cope seethe dilate 41% etc

No. 1476662

Lmfao like you arent?

No. 1476664

I hope she actually dies of old age and not bc one of these freaks kills her. Also kek at peeing out a neovagina. Even after getting “female” surgery, they don’t know where actual women piss from.

No. 1476665

He fucking admitted it mega kek, dumbass

No. 1476666

File: 1647912142562.png (47.93 KB, 739x455, bridget_to_be.png)

it's actually pretty scary how common AGP is

No. 1476668

What is cramping??? Their intestines??

No. 1476672

I know you spoilered it, but can you add a content warning for axe wounds?

No. 1476673

yeah! sorry, i'll repost

No. 1476674

File: 1647912613469.png (Spoiler Image, 715.08 KB, 688x763, nsfl.png)

content warning: disgusting axe wound, proceed with caution

"can someone tell me if everything is good?" kek

No. 1476676

I legitimately believe AGP is just part of male sexuality. It's extremely easy for them to just, engage in it. Even "hereto sexual, normal" men. It's very object oriented and fetishistic, how most men view sex already. They are just reversing the subject in their heads from other to themselves.

"I wish to be the little girl" is something I think of often. Moids who probably hate trannies now said this shit unironically a few years ago. Hell the more honest ones probably already trooned out.

No. 1476678

in a previous thread a young troon was posted where you can go thru his reddit post history and it illustrates how it developed from looking at cartoon transformation porn as a 14 year old kek. In a year or two it progressed into full blown I'm a girl larp and ended up with suicidal and self harm idealization.

Personally I think it's just some men are prone to fixate on certain things during their sexual development and that can later form what they fetishize for the rest of their life.


No. 1476680

I think of it as men are obsessed with us, and want to be the objects of our obsession too. They’re all just insane.

No. 1476683

Men are obsessed with women yes, and it manifests in very disturbing and pathetic ways.

No. 1476687

File: 1647913051936.jpg (102.42 KB, 800x533, lol lmao .jpg)

Why do TIMs all wear this ridiculous egirl getup? Some of the outfits I see them post selfies in would look out of place on a conventionally pretty woman older than like 20, let alone on a fridge-shaped moid lmao.

No. 1476689

As someone who found this forum a couple weeks ago and felt kinda guilty for looking at terf shit before realizing that a lot of you ladies make very good, sound points… Can confirm.

No. 1476690

It's perfect, everything going as planned

No. 1476692

File: 1647913328192.jpeg (15.04 KB, 250x205, F078AFFD-3AA2-426E-BE81-168187…)

>the fishnet tights with an open crotch.

No. 1476694


>I legitimately believe AGP is just part of male sexuality. It's extremely easy for them to just, engage in it.

I have had two different, still cismales now, dress up as me over a period of months or longer, copying hair, makeup, fashion, one a bi guy and one a straight guy, so I have to agree AGP is some natural part of male sexuality.
I think it's an expression of sexual frustration which is why men often dress up as the woman they can't have or who rejected them (exes, high school crushes, etc)
Another, a long time ago, joked about trying on my dress on our first date (found that in an old diary entry, it didn't register at the time)
I am definitely on the femme side of things so I think extremely feminine women trigger it in them as well, most agps opt for an excessively feminine style as opposed to more casual fashion. I think sexuality, attraction to femininity, attraction to women, are all intrinsically tied in a man's head and trooning out is a possible conclusion for that especially given any kind of conflict or sexual frustration.

No. 1476695

Womanhood is about being an adult human female. End of, imo. Everyone experiences their womanhood differently but at the end of the day what it comes down to is femaleness. TRAs kid themselves that gender is a set of adjectives or a vibe or whatever, and that's why answers such as the pic you linked make no sense.

No. 1476700

File: 1647913996801.jpeg (29.75 KB, 523x640, this-is-just-sad.jpeg)

No. 1476702

Yeah abdomen cramps, diarrhoea and indigestion are just side effects of hrt. Troons really are just uninteresting beta schizos compared to the ones that shit out their stomach lining from ivermectin and think it's "removing worms"

No. 1476703

File: 1647914022409.png (286.83 KB, 623x510, noooooooo not hurry putter.png)

No. 1476704

Getting annoyed with a lot of the mainstream media calling Lia Thomas a "biological man" or "biological male" as if there is any other kind.

Just say man or male without the "biological" qualifier.

No. 1476707

Nonnie, imho this kind of questioning is the path that lead to the modern troon phenomenon because it uses a wrong framing. I never had to define my sense of womanhood for the real and simple reason that it was defined for me, externally. Based on my physical characteristics anyone on the world can from 1st glance determine rightly that I'm a woman, which can in turn create discriminatory treatment. But again, this is not based on any kind of self-definition that I have inside, it just is, as my hair or eye color, and is in turn perceived by others. And then I have my own personality which is not male or female just because it inhabits a particular type of body, but is just me, as a person. It's of course influenced by my physical characteristics, for example the fact that I can't punch down a man, but it's not derived from some kind of eternal feminine passed in my genes through centuries.
And then of course we have "womanhood" or "femininity" which are a society wide concept of qualities seen as positive or desirable for your sex and in patriarchy, to make us more easily exploitable by and useful to the male sex, all the cliches and stereotypes against which trans people often mistakenly compare themselves when they try to explain that they are really the other sex. That's why I always find the kind of definition as in your picrel really useless and vague because what else could they be to be able to even seem vaguely relevant to +50% of humanity? Like isn't striving for goals against adversity a general human quality? Why should I be kind exactly when I'm assertive, why do I have to butter up everyone egos? Does it mean that men that are vulnerable with their loved ones are no longer men?
Is this kind of definition even supposed to be descriptive, so when you don't met it, you're not a woman anymore, or something we should aspire to and then why should it be gendered in the first place?

No. 1476709

Yeah calling him a "biological male" feeds into the idea that trannies can still be the sex they say they are without the biology.

No. 1476710

I refuse to call myself a "biological female" for this reason. I'm just female.

No. 1476713

okay IF we look past the obvious wtf troon breastfeeding bullcrap.

The bit that got me was "I didn't use drugs" yes you did. If you managed to pull it off at ALL you would of had to rely on medical intervention to trigger you body to attempt its sorry excuse for milk production. Even adoptive cis mothers need to go thru a course of hormones to trigger it in a natural female body. Because the only way it happens naturally without medical intervention is being pregnant and giving birth or a fucking brain tumor in the right spot.

Please the entitlement of the troon to risk his children's health with his moob milk when no one knows if it's actually safe or healthy for infants. Plus I doubt he would of had any doctors there helping him monitor hormone levels for the treatments and it was diy IF it did happen. I bet he didn't stop his HRT either and didnt give a shit that he was affecting the infants hormone levels IF he did manage to produce milk for the infant.

Of course it's likely he just stuck his non-milk producing moobs in there and got off on the larp and left the actually feeding to the dead mother. I feel so sorry for his ex wife putting up with his bullshit.

Ah there are just so many direction to a-log from in the argument. I swear to go if I had to deal with a "breastfeeding" troon when I was in my breastfeeding classes I would of gone postal on him.

No. 1476716

File: 1647914409440.png (53.12 KB, 623x272, vaushbeing a dumbass part 1345…)

No. 1476718

File: 1647914606226.jpg (408.53 KB, 1440x1926, IMG_20220321_210217.jpg)

No. 1476725

I hate how leftist moids just admit they want to see women physically abused and if we question that we are the misogynists for thinking women could ever be victimized by men.
Oh you don't like to see women raped on film? What do you think she can't handle it? You think she's too stupid to consent?
Oh you don't want a male to compete in women's sports? So you think women are inferior?

These incels just support libfeminism because they want to liberate women's bodies sexually,as commodities, for their own gratification. They want "equality" so they have an excuse to physically harm us without repercussions. "Equal rights equal fights". They can't ever hide how much they seethe about women being fully realized human beings with their own interests and rights.

No. 1476730

A bubble blowing competition wouldn't even be separated by sex in the first place, but nice try. Troons would probably still win though because they're full of all that hot air. At least his moobs don't look quite as tragic as the other cases featured in the last thread. He makes up for it by having an even creepier AGP smirk tho

No. 1476733

kek vaush said feminists in general and not just radical feminists

mask off moment

No. 1476736

File: 1647916036097.jpg (32.88 KB, 580x184, 43223.JPG)

No. 1476737

it's so funny how males have absolutely no innate programming for child-rearing and communal living. they are literally drones.

No. 1476740

Sage for old milk, but the thread pic reminds me when the original it's ma'am event happened. The local news did a story and kinda seemed like the reporter was trying to be woke but they included memes that were passive aggressive kek. They had Aquama'am, Superma'am, and tranny uncensored.

No. 1476742

Sage for also blogposting but this is interesting; As someone who is also autistic and was somewhat of a handmaiden/pro-transactivist in the past, I thought something different. I couldn't meme myself into thinking biological sex was arbitrary or not real due to the things I went through for being female, but I did think gender was a separate thing from sex. I used to agree with the trans-medicalist types and thought that some people were biologically mismatched so transition was somewhat necessary for them to feel at ease with themselves. I don't agree with that anymore and I think trans-medicalists are problematic in their own way (I do think dysphoria is a mental disorder but it's fucked up to claim a minority are born so mentally ill they "need" body parts chopped off), but to a "normie" it makes more sense than the "gender is whatever you say you are and sex isn't real" type thing.

No. 1476744

File: 1647916904471.png (319.46 KB, 734x401, Perfect Sweetie Pagliacci (Dev…)

Yeah this was 90 percent of twitter the other day with the Thomas controversy.

No. 1476745

File: 1647916941070.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 1366x768, Nyx 2022.png)

Honestly, I kind of think the Honta/Philosophytube falling out was something like this.

If you think he looked fucked up back then, here's a screenshot of his most recent video

No. 1476748

It feels like these troons read up on periods and now just making up their symptoms to feel better.

No. 1476749

not to be devils advocate here. But if bubble blowing was an international sport it would 100% be sex separated. Males have 10- 12% more lung capacity than females, so they would have a noticeable advantage.

>The volume of adult female lungs is typically 10-12% smaller than that of males who have the same height and age.

Also another thing HRT wouldn't magically make equal.

I have no idea why I even bothered typing this tbh.

No. 1476756

Ugh this fucking freak. I can't seem to find it right now but he had a YouTube channel and he'd be smoking right next to his adolescent child and all of the backgrounds looked drab and depressing. Walls are probably stained with nicotine. I feel so bad for his son that he has to grow up around a rage monster like that.

No. 1476757

Given that some troons freak out at the phrase 'biologic male' because they are biologically female (cause they are women, see, so their biology is female), I'm not going to complain.

No. 1476759

File: 1647917816076.jpg (142.4 KB, 747x1063, FOKmpZ6VcAMxfeY.jpg)

You can tell when a troon has no arguments in defense of Thomas when they resort to things like these.

No. 1476760

oh my god, I can't believe they called him 'tranny savage' lol. based news writer.

No. 1476761

Wow, that's cool to know. And, also, damn. Females can't even be equal at blowing bubbles.

No. 1476762

Not to defend this raging fag, but he's obviously saying that the feminists who acknowledge men and women are different in any way aren't real feminists, not making a statement about feminists in general. It's the classic moid "by pointing out the oppression of women, you're disempowering women. Ever think you feminists might be the real misogynists mhmm?" It relies on the belief that women's oppression only exists when you acknowledge it, and so by analysing women's oppression feminists are creating it.

No. 1476763

File: 1647918311047.jpeg (487.71 KB, 960x1116, 14AC7ED0-164B-43A5-92D9-0ADB39…)

Famous pixyteri cosplayer and Canada’s drag race star is getting FFS and a few other surgeries.

No. 1476772

File: 1647918977368.jpg (113.88 KB, 592x783, tiffany-christopher-moore-tran…)

That's disgusting and I feel bad for his son. Albuquerque is full of poverty and a total shit hole so his son is doomed. I found his mugshots when trying to google him.

No. 1476773

>pixyteri cosplayer

No. 1476776

I think my favourite part of this is the subtle implication that women pee out of their vaginas

No. 1476778

He bought pixy’s clothes and cosplayed her at a Vancouver convention and won the contest

No. 1476781

Farting and now Peeing?

No. 1476782

File: 1647920436561.jpg (116.91 KB, 480x463, why.jpg)

No. 1476783

Why does he look like voldemort in that top left pic?

No. 1476784

wow. buffalo bill shit. protect pixyteri!

No. 1476785

File: 1647920691018.jpg (235.53 KB, 1070x1031, Sf4.jpg)

Anthony is going after the detrans posted on Rowling's twitter now.

No. 1476786

File: 1647920809024.png (32.9 KB, 600x483, shitting and farding and pissi…)

No. 1476792

Welcome aboard anon, it's good to have you here

No. 1476793

Same. I used to think he had some pretty cool and well-researched takes on horror films, and now his Twitter is nothing but gross tranny nudes and “SHUT UP TERFS”.

No. 1476794

the cecil mcfly documentary thing about pixyteri made this dude look like a horrifying pt skinwalker,like he wanted to be her but out of hatred, it was very disturbing

No. 1476797

File: 1647921569198.jpeg (389.09 KB, 750x812, BFC56541-3243-4B09-98C4-D07108…)

He used to go by Sai on CGL, he made the “shit pixyteri says” video, but it’s private now. Picrel is him (in her clothing, no less)

No. 1476798

I rate this disturbing as fuck

No. 1476801

I don't care if his original video is deleted I want it to be known that he's a creepy skinwalker and wont let him live it down.

No. 1476802

do these people really believe that more physical strength = superiority? strength is not the only type of physical fitness. men have more physical strength, but women have more resilience.

girls are more likely than boys to survive in the nicu. woman live longer than men pretty much everywhere. i could argue that makes females superior to males using the same logic.

No. 1476803

File: 1647922215233.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1440, sketch-1647922111152.png)

Haha I guess you do have a point, but I'm still not so sure. If you've ever blown bubbles out of those little plastic tubes, you'll remember that blowing harder and longer won't necessarily help you. Blowing too hard will most often pop the bubble so I think women would be able to compete on an even field with men in that regard.
I'll stop talking about bubble blowing before nonnies get mad at me for derailing lol

No. 1476804

File: 1647922236306.jpg (28.56 KB, 297x483, 54534.JPG)

Nope Turning Red is a terf movie made for terfs. Cope and seethe trannies.

No. 1476808

That's so funny. When I was little in the 90s I saw a troon and pointed and loudly said, "Mummy, why is that man wearing a dress?"
I don't remember what he looked like, but i remember my mum being mortified.
Her whispered explanation when we were out of earshot was, "Sometimes, when men love each other, one man pretends to be a woman."
I was remarkably bad at recognizing even my own relatives at that age (poor eyesight and attention problems) and I still clocked a dude from across a shopping mall.

No. 1476809

It’s literally about periods, something only women experience .

No. 1476810

My womanhood is literally me being born with XX chromosomes and the abuse/oppression it brings me. Easy as that.

No. 1476813

File: 1647922629635.jpg (115.56 KB, 1280x720, bubble net feeding.jpg)

Whales can also blow better bubbles than you. I wouldn't worry about it

No. 1476817

That reminds me of the post I made earlier in the thread with the internet tranny whining that the movie paints periods as being a ‘girl thing only’ and it’s like bitch, because it is. Women experience periods only, fuck your dumbass gender charcuterie board of bullshit.

No. 1476820

of course it isn't, read the post. They "made" it. I don't excuse your retardation, stop it

No. 1476822

This was a cute movie but its generated so much rage because men can't relate to teenage girl experiences and it also mentions female puberty and menstruation lol.

No. 1476827

Funny how both conservatives and liberals treat periods as taboo now.

No. 1476828

File: 1647923667161.png (1.03 MB, 736x1442, buckleup.png)

Exciting news! our favorite mentally unstable public bathroom nude-taker has extended his impromptu road trip from 1 day to 3, because he has found true love with two new troons he just met. Very convenient, considering he just lost his job for being a degenerate and probably needs a place to stay. Anyone wanna start taking bets on how this new polycule saga will play out?

No. 1476830

Anon, bless and thank you for the "Aquama'am" thread title

No. 1476831

There were also complaints about the girls acting "cringe". Of course they will make you cringe, they are 13 year olds lol. There are hundreds of movies about teenage boys being stupid and annoying as shit but people give those a pass.

No. 1476832

it's like bruh never knew about lungs before

No. 1476835

There are some sports that women would do better at like long distance swimming and shooting (for some reason).

No. 1476838

File: 1647924440020.png (751.8 KB, 1200x1200, 6ae86959aece34a7182cc9d21e8a4c…)

I only see strange men with weird haircuts and dresses. Nothing else.

No. 1476839

Probably equestrian events too, since they are lighter.

No. 1476845

They always have to find a way to grift, if they really cared about social causes they’d ask for donations to a real charity not just people to send them money because they’re shut in freaks with no income

No. 1476850

I knew people were going to get mad at this movie when its first trailer dropped and they made that reference to periods

No. 1476851

Right? It was great for that reason (among others). Relatable as fuck. Side note, but Mei seeing her own mother as an emotionally wounded younger girl in the spirit world got to me hard. These moids will never understand the generational trauma that comes with being a woman in a line of women, the mother/daughter relationship, or any of the not cringe things in the movie either. I wonder how the director is taking all this since she based a lot of it on her own experiences.

No. 1476858

I say this will last, max, a few months. During this time, blue haired dude will not get a job, instead opting to mooch off his newfound piggybanksCOUGH i mean true loves. A few months later, there will be a very messy and very online breakup, followed by blue haired dude threatening suicide once again. This time, he might actually go through with it since he will probably be homeless due to his own failure to work.

No. 1476859

File: 1647927266544.jpg (191.01 KB, 1334x750, 2eb60888.jpg)

I agree. The unapologetic femaleness of this movie makes moids so angry.

No. 1476860

maybe let's form a radfem alliance with hong kong protestors? i think that could be a good home. we could add uyghurs and other west asian muslims too. build a big enough bloc to oppose the eventual uniting of troons with the far rightover their shared belief in penis superiority, then destroy them with genius strategy from our cantonese members and godlike strength from our female muslim foot soldiers, then elect a solanas-esque schizo who'll let everyone have free speech.

No. 1476862

men and women do compete with ech other at equestrian events, i think

at least i saw men and women both competing at the olympics this year

No. 1476863

it's clear in videos i've seen that he has some moderate (or worse?) mobility issues, but is that really from srs? how do they botch a crotch cut so badly that it messes up your hip/leg???

No. 1476864

idk i still like them because they're on the chest of a female. the wikipedia pic is still nicer than a male with tube tits.

No. 1476865

maybe the skin is too tight? i could see that limiting the mobility of your legs.

No. 1476866

Why the hell would Hong Kong protestors be against trannies? They are really pro-West. It's like why Taiwanese "feminists" are constantly bashing on Korean feminists for being "extremist man haters" and "TERFs".

No. 1476868

Taiwanese gender politics are a joke kek

No. 1476870

>maybe let's form a radfem alliance with hong kong protestors?
Do you have brain damage, anon? Joshua Wong the poster boy of the HK protests and his political party Demosistō are all trans right activists.

No. 1476872

I was more shocked by the movie mentioning the words "drugs", "stripper", and "sexy" lol

No. 1476874

Go take your meds.

No. 1476880

can't they arrest this guy for not feeding his kids then

No. 1476882

he thinks trannies are gay guys, that's why he's doing nothing

No. 1476883

File: 1647929545535.png (2.55 MB, 1562x1498, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 2.15…)

god dammit can we spoiler gibes' scary potato please

No. 1476885

Every year in Taiwan we get more and more tranny retardation. Last year some tranny influencer said he got a uterus transplant and was pregnant which caused everyone to start arguing if that was possible. This year people were screaming transphobia that some tranny couldn't take menstrual leave.

No. 1476888

File: 1647930299960.png (1.17 MB, 1184x1100, covid troon.png)

have you noticed the troons who transitioned during covid are so much creepier than the post-2014 tumblr ones? like total mask off porn-addicted autogynephiles. search "a photo from each march in quarantine" on twitter for a seemingly endless hall of horrors https://twitter.com/search?q=a%20photo%20from%20each%20march%20in%20quarantine&src=typed_query

No. 1476891

what a cutie. hello sweet whale

No. 1476893

I have been reading a bit about the trans shit coming out of Taiwan and I think Taiwan is like the Argentina of Eastern Asia when it comes to embracing troonery. I guess the more willing you are to embrace Western ideologies, the more delusional and fucked up you become.

No. 1476896

remember when facebook got in trouble for conducting a social engineering experiment to see if they could make people depressed by tailoring their feed? perhaps it's another one of those.

No. 1476900

well they both seem to be argumentative with an attraction to drug use from what I can tell browsing their twitters.

Andrew is gonna love bomb the fuck out of them in hopes of securing something or other from them, maybe some for of stability.

And they just seem to be on board for it for hedonistic purposes. They don't seem to know that much about how each other works on a personality level since they haven't really been around each other in person for that long.

Andrew is loving bombing them again in hopes that he will get enough of a foot hold in, so that he can take advantage of it. We have seen him love bomb the last TIF and we know how long that lasted. give it 3 months IF they do start a long term serious thing (which I doubt they will, Andrew is just being tee'd up as a side bitch tbh) for Andrew to show his real colors again and fuck it up.

No. 1476904

the shooting is because women go into it with less ego. even the most sexist sergeant majors all agreed ages ago that women on average make better shooters. just look at how many female snipers there are in military forces where most of the member are men.

No. 1476905

it's not because they're lighter, it's because of center of gravity and leg length/shape kind of stuff.

No. 1476909

Agreed. 13 year olds can be cringe and that's what made the movie relatable. Also I'm so glad that with this movie from what I've heard (I haven't watched the full length of it, just clips), they didn't add stupid gender shit to it like how one of the girls actually thinks she's a boy or having a boy who thinks he's a girl in their group. Thank god they kept it normal in that regard.

No. 1476920

Ty Anon. I agree. What would you say to women who use the idea of womanhood as a concept to uplift other women? I agree that men’s idea of womanhood thrusted upon us is a way to keep us docile, quiet and subservient. So it’s all the more disgusting when trannies try to emulate what they think womanhood is such as wearing short skirts and makeup. Both sides of the male spectrum are so wrong.

No. 1476921

File: 1647933719733.jpeg (972.8 KB, 1242x1685, 72D020A2-492E-420E-B551-D6240B…)

19 year old obsessed with anime and video games specifically fighter games like skullgirls colour me shocked.

No. 1476928

File: 1647935122726.jpg (171 KB, 587x495, Screenshot_20220322-073913.jpg)

This fucking ogre of a moid is so insufferably smug he makes me want to A-Log so badly.

You know how I can tell you're not a real fucking woman, 'Sophie'? I mean, aside from literally observing your hulking, moon faced, lantern jawed form using my eyes? Because no real woman would get universally showered with praise and 'YAAAAAS QUEEN' comments from her followers after posting pictures to Twitter with that much gross fucking armpit hair on full display.

No. 1476932

File: 1647936122564.png (6.7 KB, 224x225, download.png)


No. 1476933

because they dont care hope this helps ♥

No. 1476937

File: 1647936741255.jpg (48.7 KB, 584x199, 20220322_080730.jpg)

Much as I hate having to white knight for George Galloway of all people, him pretending to be a cat one time on reality television - while admittedly very creepy and cringey - is nothing compared to 'Sophie' here pretending to be a woman in every video he makes.

No. 1476938

See, when you know you're right you don't give a rat's ass about what people call you. Twitter clapbacks and hylics mindlessly regurgitating reasons why "TERF bad" will never stop women from calling out bullshit. A bunch of mongs and chomos crying about women being ebil will never make a difference or stop the inevitable mass peak. Buckle up!

No. 1476940

File: 1647937921650.jpg (1.26 MB, 863x1296, 1647937460848.jpg)

Saw this on r/coolguides & thought it could be useful for some. Haven't read the comments yet but I'm sure it will be interesting. Hope it helps some peak

No. 1476941

Same, I was friend with a troon before and during that time I found the mtf threads. At first I felt guilty and started mostly to hate read, until everything clicked and I peaked. Lots of good and logicals points.

No. 1476942

another important factor, It isn't just that women don't grow as much muscle mass as men or have less robust skeletal structures its the fact that having some fat deposits is natural and often necessity women. When I was 19, I was a professional athlete and trained over 20 hours a week. I was the fittest and strongest I've ever been, with a BMI of 18.5 that caused me to literally lose my period… I retired due to health issues and though I kept exercising, I just couldn't beat the biological pull. the same bodyfat level that our male counter parts would have would make a female body literally go into survival mode, even using male training schedules can destroy a woman's body

So even If there was no strength based advantage between TIMs and female athletes, the fact is TIMs bodies allow them to train better and harder then women

No. 1476947

I love how you can tell moids are retarded, don't exercise and have no brain because anyone with half of one and has exercised knows by default men have an advantage when it comes to fitness.
How many moids and troons do you think actually exercise? Like none right? Kek. I've never heard a troon talk about exercising besides chasing little girls into washrooms

No. 1476949

Kek you can see this comment really triggered the troon, didn't respond to other ones

No. 1476950

It honestly seems impossible to read these threads (or any gc content) and NOT peak. There's a reason TRAs do the most to silence dissenters and have to tell each other to block and stay safe uwu, they have to ensure nobody actually listens to what the ebil terves are saying because as soon as they do… they peak lmao. The ideology is a house of cards and it comes crashing down so easily, with just the tiniest bit of questioning.

No. 1476952

I'm checking out the comments and I see lots of people are discrediting and saying it was posted in bad faith because op forgot to hide his power level, his post history shows he's kind of a right wing loon

No. 1476954

File: 1647942468037.jpg (686.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220322-054313_Red…)

Troons are shameless. This man is 50.

No. 1476959

Is he a an alcoholic or drug addict? His body language and speech gives me those vibes.

No. 1476960

I was thinking the same exact thing when I stumbled upon that hashtag yesterday and looked at some of the posts… so many young men lost their way that first/second quarantine and you tell just by looking in their broken eyes it’s from all the porn/tranny brain worms they consumed while sitting at home with nothing to do but jerk off and with no one around to tell them to snap the fuck out of it

No. 1476962

Worse, he's a juggalo kek

No. 1476965

File: 1647944158965.jpg (67.46 KB, 564x751, 1584160324986.jpg)

not that hard to understand, these morons would have been watching porn everyday, multiple times a day for months on end, If not an entire year
that type of brain rot would fuck up any person's brain

same reason we got so many TIFs in quarantine, Its all porn and lack of self control

No. 1476967

Oh that's what he said, I thought he said 'call off your daughter' and was so confused. The blonde woman is Parker Posie, she's debated TRAs over here in the uk on TV a few times. She paid for a billboard opposing troonery that read 'Woman: noun, adult human female' and got so many troon diapers in a twist. I love her.

No. 1476968

consider fucking off. I'm going to buy the HP game and enjoy every minute of it.

No. 1476971

Don't respond to the scrote nonnas

No. 1476972

i'm so happy they're releasing it on the switch so i can actually play it

No. 1476975

do not reply to the bait

No. 1476977

This is exactly what gets me when they say 'I always felt like a woman' because I don't even know what that means. I've asked other women and they've not had a clear idea either or all give vastly differing answers.

No. 1476978

File: 1647945973978.png (417.56 KB, 556x1118, 1647945803769.png)

posts like this make me lose sympathy for TIFs, like how much they are willing to defend their "trans sisters" from all genuine complaints of their degeneracy

No. 1476979

File: 1647945985124.gif (8.15 MB, 640x624, cat-vomiting.gif)

No. 1476981

Because we don’t base our opinions on what other people think of us or whatever the majority opinion is. By your logic any group that is looked down on by is automatically in the wrong, regardless of facts. Men have always hated women, there’s literally nothing new. Every time you speak you peak more people though so carry on by all means.

No. 1476982

Because men have always hated women. Oh you think you're different from incels? That's cute

No. 1476985

at this points they're just acting like religious lunatics who denies science for their own interest, this is alarming honestly

No. 1476987

I wish these racists could stop talking about us black and brown women, I'm sick of it.

No. 1476988

that scene hit me hard too

No. 1476996

File: 1647950442014.jpg (72.95 KB, 937x276, 90009m.jpg)

"prepare to be assaulted" i hate these testerical idiots. there is something so annoying seeing men act like DAINTY LITTLE POOR BABBY DEFENSELESS LAYDEES that are at the hands of the world

No. 1476997

>triggered by female british accents


No. 1476999

How often do terfs assault troons?? Ive legit never heard it happening. The troons that get assaulted usually gets assaulted by men, mostly men who didnt know they were flirting with a tranny, or in fear of people finding out they were flirting with/fucking said tranny. Its man on man crimes.

No. 1477001

You know you're one of the most privileged groups on earth when you get triggered by people's voices rather than….oh I don't know….being worried about actual things like making rent, putting food on the table, trying to avoid being sexually assaulted or harrassed, etc.

No. 1477003

by assaulted he means getting his ~fee fee's~ hurt.

He obviously doesn't live in Britain otherwise he wouldn't broadly group all the accents from Britain together. SO no way in hell would he be physically assaulted from a British person if he doesn't even live there.

Privilege male troon hasn't even been at risk of being assaulted seriously in his day to day life he is comfortable equating it to people online saying mean things he doesn't agree with.

No. 1477007

You know those men who meet a girl at a party, hook up with her, and then show up at her house uninvited the next day with an acoustic guitar and sing a song about how he's in love with her? Baby daddy for 3+ women, addicted to drugs, probably has an actual, professional NPD diagnosis? This is what happens when they go prison-gay.

No. 1477008

Will he accuse them of assaulting him when things go south or does he only do that to women

No. 1477009

File: 1647951591531.jpeg (109.11 KB, 1080x1350, jazz scars.jpeg)

He has a massive scar across the top of his legs

No. 1477010

it's like he's stuck with a 5-year-olds face forever

No. 1477012

File: 1647951864936.jpg (111.27 KB, 740x843, rtrhhhhj.jpg)

No. 1477013

File: 1647951987319.jpg (23.06 KB, 682x123, rtrhhhhj2.jpg)

No. 1477014

The way they speak of being a woman as if it just consists of doing 10 menial side quests like handing a tampon to someone is fucking infuriating.

No. 1477016

they come in small medium and large? I thought they just came in normal and super absorbent for how heavy your flow is.

Is it different in other countries? Or is the troon so unaware of how tampons are used he just assumed it was vagina sizes?

No. 1477018

so basically you're saying that terf = woman

so you do not see yourself as the same as women if women are automatically terfs(stop falling for moid bait)

No. 1477019

large is for heavy flow, medium is for medium flow etc.

No. 1477020

i mean it's a nice thought but this is still weird

No. 1477021

File: 1647952351502.png (163.84 KB, 342x337, laughingbehindurback.png)

It's so telling how nasty trannies equate sex and sexual activity with personal worth.
Must be one of the reasons why they kill themselves so much. Not even other trannies want to have sex with them.

No. 1477022

it's not nice, it's a fetish

No. 1477025

File: 1647952650276.png (270.29 KB, 758x942, RRREEE.PNG)

Dude I don't even carry them around myself and I have periods. I have asked for a tampon once in my life, and that was a very good friend.

Pls nonna don't respond to scrotes. They are masturbating as they bait us, getting closer to cooming with every response.

No. 1477026

File: 1647952663250.png (88.43 KB, 464x434, trannys infighting.png)

with how much this obsessive troon is focusing on pussy and sex, he must be fresh of the incel to troon pipeline kek.

anyway.. Some of my tranny are infighting atm about misdirected cis hate kek.

No. 1477031

i've never had to ask and have never been asked

i bet he jerked off to the memory of it later

No. 1477033

File: 1647953194738.png (616.61 KB, 652x700, 1628309405105.png)

Posting some classics for the angery coomer

No. 1477034

Wait, am I retarded? I have loose tampons rolling around the bottom of my handbag in case I need one. This is the first time I've seen someone say it's weird to just have them in your bag

No. 1477035

File: 1647953246425.jpeg (165.11 KB, 960x983, 1629741030809.jpeg)

No. 1477037

i don't think it's weird. i always have a panty liner in my purse just in case, but that's for my own use.

i do think it's weird to carry products like that around if you don't actually have periods though.

No. 1477039

File: 1647953375415.jpg (124.74 KB, 1374x479, 1632872778055.jpg)

Nah, of course not, just that the trannies seem to think its some thing every woman does and we all giggle and trade menstrual products like Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the women's toilet

No. 1477040

File: 1647953424716.png (159.94 KB, 719x1061, 1628360254756.png)

No. 1477041

File: 1647953440707.jpg (1.35 MB, 2448x3264, 1644532696375.jpg)

No. 1477042

Having them left over from your periods isnt weird anonita, it's weird when you're carrying a tampon with you 24/7 so you can give it to someone.

No. 1477043

File: 1647953515262.jpeg (173.02 KB, 1170x1230, 5CADC6DC-DC67-457A-9E48-C50BD5…)

his father is the big evil meanie because he called out his pervert son who jerks off while wearing dresses but the freaks convincing 11 year old kids they are in the wrong body and they need a lifetime of medication by drugs used to chemically castrate sex offenders, artificial hormones and surgery in order to ever feel normal (spoilers: they won’t) is not harmful at all, and should be encouraged !!

the quicker everyone peaks the better, but i really feel sorry for the family members who have to deal with this, it must be awful.

No. 1477044

based dad

No. 1477045

No, you’re not. I was just thinking about it though and in my entire life, I’ve only been outright asked for a pad or tampon twice and I’m in my 30s now. It’s not the common occurrence troons want to believe it is.

No. 1477047

File: 1647953638174.jpg (16.13 KB, 208x129, washface.jpg)

No. 1477048

File: 1647953646398.jpeg (61.54 KB, 736x487, 1643128989846.jpeg)

Kek based dad

Also telling he mentions his fucking fetish make up like it's somehow relevant

No. 1477049

Kekkkkkk I’m glad to be of service nonnas

No. 1477050

yah I have random tampons in the bottom of my handbag too. But I dont carry them around to hand out. That is like a high-school thing, where everyone is paranoid about it and aren't use to having periods yet.

These days I just leave left over ones in my handbag and buy more on the go if I run out. just toilet paper lining and make a run for the shops. But once your older and use to it it happens very rarely. The thought of asking someone for a tampon grosses me out tbh.

No. 1477051

>"I'd kind of lunge at it whenever it got close"
I wonder why it hates men

No. 1477052

File: 1647954088053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 703.8 KB, 2316x3088, 3n89l7e9vk761.jpg)

some amhole goodness for the scrotes and trannies <3 cope, seethe and dilate

No. 1477053

File: 1647954112471.png (52.84 KB, 1274x712, 1642300272604.png)

Right?! They always, always behave in such predictable moid ways kek

No. 1477055

kek i hope my female british accent triggers him

No. 1477057

dogs are terfs? based. but as a cat person i don’t know how to feel kek

No. 1477060

File: 1647954432884.png (56.56 KB, 783x446, 1641806645586.png)

Bri'ish nonitas you are so powerful

My rescue cat is extremely wary of men too nonna, probably because of her experiences on the streets. She has became more trusting lately though, thanks to Muh Nigel, sorry to inform

No. 1477062

Don't worry, troons get upset about pussies all the time

No. 1477066

if you ever want to use my experience or reasoning in an argument against some handmaiden go ahead, I'll be glad to be of service.

Ironically, even in my trans days I never understood this type of enby you're talking about, they seemed obviously fake. I crash landed into non-binary groups via tumblr, in the years before it became socially acceptable/trendy to have a custom gender (aka the last time "why would i pretend to be trans for clout, everybody hates us" was a legit point) and these people, who were mostly uninformed neurodivergent kids like me, were genuine (read brainwashed) about it and our gender labels were chosen logically based on our perceived life experiences. binary trannies espeically MTF were already gross manipulative fetishists but we didn't see them much and most of us had no idea about this kind of fetish and how deep they run (there were a few kinky enbies but they had extremely gross paraphilias, think vore and vivisection and other things unrelated to actual sex acts and we obviously didn't engage with them). When being non-binary became "big", people with no significant identity struggles (besides their need for attention) began to steal our narratives (the "search for our true selves") and that's how we ended up with all these people who think an undercut makes them a different gender. What they don't know is that by doing that, they're actively making themselves into disgusting caricatures of disabled children.

Even the stereotypical non-binary look isn't actually based on "the idea of male as the default gender". It's actually based on what autistic kids liked to wear, which happened to be mostly "male" clothing. They're literally cosplaying as us, it's gross. I want to write somewhere about it, since I'm pretty much the only one who knows and can explain it but I'm gonna get in huge trouble if I do. Because again TRAs are dependent on the exploitation of uninformed disabled/neurodivergent kids.


I also believed the "mismatched brain" thing actually, it's not incompatible. I was just more honest that the average troon about it because I was obsessed (in typical autistic manner) with acquiring a "perfect" worldview that is as close to reality as possible, and thought that surgery was objectively just a shitty temporary solution (conforming to other people's view of their gender) to a lasting problem (the prevalence of said views on gender) and that the only true solution was for people, all of them, to completely deconstruct their perception of gender. I thought medical transitionners were just weak willed people desperate for validation that needed surgery to cope with living in this era instead of a perfect future land where their identity is never questioned and people have perfect 100% honest understanding of each other. More than that, I thought they were absolute cowards that were willing to throw future generations of trans people under the bus by not wanting to work towards the "true solution" and instead picking the easy, temporary solution for themselves. Also that not acknowledging one's biological sex was very dangerous. Personally I just accepted that I had this body for life, that it was biologically female and that as long as it carries me and keeps me alive, it's fine, and that if people really wanted to know me honestly, they'd accept me with it, and I wasn't going to chop off my tits for their sake. Didn't understand why being mismatched was such a huge deal, probably because autism had me feeling like a whole different subspecies of human already and I just lived with it without complaining.

Now that I am aware of the fetishy aspect of trans identity, I think dysphoria is mostly bullshit, for MTF it's just obsessive men wanting to make one with the object of their obsession, because their desire matured poorly and remained as a weird variant of hunger. FTM are partly the same and partly odd cases or confused/traumatized girls who are terrified of their own womanhood. Non-binaries are a whole different business I could easily write an entire book of controversial hot takes about (as I have already demonstrated).

No. 1477067

As someone from central Europe, I am amazed that Britain is called TERF island when trannies would get beaten up in Austria or Italy.

No. 1477068

File: 1647954641948.jpeg (148.78 KB, 750x841, straight from the horses mouth…)

No. 1477070

File: 1647954667704.png (256.17 KB, 471x2212, 4chan thread.png)

capped and complied the 4chan thread made by the Asian Australian troon who has been popular here lately.

he knows what he really is but thinks digging deeper into the larp is magically curing all that kek.

No. 1477071

i wish more women were aware of how moids (troons and non-troons) speak about us when they think we're not listening

No. 1477072

Bitch a few decades back, being anti-gay was the norm. "Every group" was hating on gay people. Bet you also would have been just so you wouldn't be "in the wrong"

No. 1477073

File: 1647954756686.jpeg (85.95 KB, 828x399, 4C5B3752-114D-4309-AE17-7907D6…)

he's basically admitting the incel/nazi to troon pipeline is real kek why else would troons try to appeal to white supremacy
and he's so close to being self aware with the "white gender system" bit - yes countries that aren't majority white and poc in general see people as their sex and not gender

No. 1477077

You are right, anon. Search the hashtags #MNWO or #BNWO on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of racist-against-whites sissy conditioning porn. White men are the lowest-T they’ve ever been. It’s so fucking weird.

No. 1477079

I will keep saying that men are femmesexual and not heterosexual. They are attracted to femininity, not women. Femininity is a construct of the male psyche, It's a construct of their sexuality. Roleplaying femininity is extremely MALE. Of course they are more attenuated with femininity, because they made it up. It's for them and their pleasure. They forced women to play the part so we can serve their needs, but now since some of us have the freedom to escape, look how males respond. They become neurotic and insane. They become nazis, mras and, when desperate enough, trannies.

These men are actually right, and it's very damning for them to admit it.

No. 1477081

I would imagine it’s because we’re the terfiest English speakers (because the world doesn’t exist beyond English speaking countries of course). We have a lot of very loud anti trans women and also we have Joanne who has demonstrated time and time again that she’s the true queen of Great Britain

No. 1477085

My cat is terrified of men kek

No. 1477086

Whenever I see these sorts of hulking men posing next to actual women, I just can’t help but think that they’re so high in copium that the moment the dose isn’t flowing directly in these men’s veins, they will just kill themselves.

No. 1477088

File: 1647955713605.jpg (436.62 KB, 1080x1626, IMG_20220322_142451.jpg)

The shitposting about this situation on twitter is really wild, kek. Also on top of this the NBC was racist and compared Lia's victory to Jackie Robinson.

No. 1477089

I love how he just casually mentions that he used to be racist. Nazi-to-troon pipeline in action.

No. 1477093

Holy fucking shit the racism

No. 1477098

File: 1647956070358.jpg (385.15 KB, 679x551, 20220322_143338.jpg)

No. 1477099

File: 1647956183561.jpg (29.91 KB, 580x696, 1646003353648.jpg)


No. 1477102

yes it's such an advancement that soon you will have to be born with a y chromosome to get on the podium

No. 1477106

Many men hate cats just like they hate women. And they tie us together with stereotypes like crazy cat lady. I think cats are the most terfy animals tbh.

No. 1477110

Source your bullshit if you’re going to make an outrageous claim(taking the bait)

No. 1477111

It’s the retard baiting the thread, nonnie, stop replying to it.

No. 1477114

So he was masturbating to futanari porn from the age of 13, but he's convinced himself this isn't the entire reason he trooned out?

No. 1477115

File: 1647957010717.jpeg (609.63 KB, 1170x1811, 68113AF8-EBAA-45C7-9274-FD95BD…)

admitting it’s his entire personality kek

No. 1477116

I guess detransitioners don't exist. The denial is strong

No. 1477119

kek troons like you hate BW because they don't believe in trans bullshit and you cant argue that they're the "muh privileged white women". failed bait.
They don't want a cure to dysphoria because it would make them admit that it's not so much dysphoria and more of a gross fetish. If dysphoria literally "makes them wanna kill themselves and is so debilitating" any cure would be welcomed. But they don't, they'd much rather coom and wear skirts while the handmaidens validate them.

No. 1477122

The fuck does that have to do with the fact that you'll never be a woman(stop. replying. to. bait.)

No. 1477123

File: 1647957809003.jpg (15.23 KB, 200x200, s200_cheryl.cooky.jpg)

this was the author of the article btw, this is why I hate liberal white women

No. 1477124

Every woman should do one or two years on a male dominated imageboard of their choice. No one can go through that and not come out as a little bit radfem.

No. 1477125

File: 1647957871253.png (202.25 KB, 604x2196, gender communion.png)

It disgusts me how these men admit that they 'used to' be racist misogynists, spend the whole time talking about how it made THEM suffer, and then bait their fellow ex-nazi troons into hugboxing them about it.


No. 1477130

Literally "being wacist was so hawd uwu" I hate these fucking creeps so much

No. 1477131

File: 1647958291031.png (39.53 KB, 737x347, triggered at mcdonald's.png)

serves you right, you creepy fucking loser

No. 1477134

women and girls are so powerful we can make men have mental breakdowns just by looking at us kek

No. 1477135

Not that crazy, nonna. This woman used to do interracial porn for a living and said from her experience trans identification was not unusual to see arising from consumption of it. Not because they are self-inserting as the woman so much, but because it tells white men they will never be real men like the black men are. In fact they are such useless men, they're basically women and might as well transition because they'll never impress and 'have' white women like black men can. Other nonna is right about looking into those hashtags (which gets brought up in this interview too).

Same seen amongst white men and the white boy muslim sissification sector of porn.

No. 1477137

He knows nothing about this girl's life and what suffering she might have gone through. This is objectification in its purest form.

No. 1477142

"girl happy because skirt and platform boot"

No. 1477143

File: 1647959284824.jpg (341.24 KB, 1929x3172, bobposting_discord_grooming_se…)

@bobposting has a 'voice training [discord] server' linked in twitter bio. To no one's surprise..

No. 1477145

ive been saying. agp is a consumptive drive. in a way, they want to eat you. imo sex is consumptive for all men.

No. 1477147

File: 1647959542638.jpg (86.73 KB, 540x540, infographic.jpg)

You're definitely onto something. AGP relies on reinforcing the belief that they really are different from men (picrel), which is why AGP/ sissy porn revolves around them being told they're too small/ pretty/ submissive to be a man so they should just accept that they're a girl.

No. 1477152

>the ultimate eroticism of [AGP] the idea of really…being a woman
why can't cis women be AGP then?
if it weren't about natal males desiring to be women, then women could also have AGP
i hate the redefinition of words so they can reclaim their perversion and objectification of women

No. 1477155

File: 1647959877716.png (778.08 KB, 1900x1820, lara-adams-miller.png)

The best explanation for autogynephilia that I've ever seen is that it functions just like an addiction.

No. 1477157

it's the idea of truly being a woman (or what they think being a woman is)

we are just women

No. 1477158

File: 1647959897846.png (50.52 KB, 736x524, more AGP.png)

dear reddit troons: if you have to ask "is it a fetish?" then it probably is.

No. 1477159

File: 1647960136984.jpg (49.19 KB, 400x400, CX2ToUm0_400x400.jpg)

imagining some troon crying and shaking because he can't dress like a 14 year old girl. Reminder, that is what a lot of the AGPs want to do.

No. 1477160

Good morning nonas, looks like the moids/troons got upset and tried to flock to the forum again, rest in piss, YWNBAW. Remember to practice self care, ladies, this shit is so ridiculous it’ll drive you up a wall.

No. 1477163

File: 1647960328312.jpg (215.53 KB, 992x1472, reality.jpg)

Here is the original image with the sources visible on the bottom.

No. 1477165

>why wouldn’t you want to emulate what you’re attracted to?
Not only this is some psycho autistic shit, it’s retarded as fuck. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean you have to become that person, it’s fucked up, but also a great red flag and something that puts all of their internet addicted kind in a blast.
So all of the adult babies and trannies who dress up as little girls dress like what they are attracted to, right?

No. 1477177

File: 1647961318340.png (98.29 KB, 738x990, SlowlyComingOut.png)

why are so many of them addicted to sissy porn?

No. 1477180

Lots of AGP trannies actually do claim that women also have AGP as a cope, either because they enjoy using or imagining using their (female) bodies in a sexual context, or because some women find the idea of wearing fancy 'sexy' underwear for their boyfriend titillating. It's pathetic because the women are aroused by the idea of having sex with someone they like and doing sexy things for them, not by the very thought of having a vagina and breasts, nor are they attracted to their own self when wearing Victoria's Secret.

In other words, if women are aroused by doing X, men are aroused by 'doing X as a woman'

No. 1477182

Their screetching here does not bother me one bit, quite the contrary. It's so pitiful. They would not be so angry if they did not know we speak the truth.

Gore and cp spamming is unfortunate, I do not like that, but it's so predictable. So many of trannies are degenerate pedos, after all. We should start marking down dates and times of trannies raging in this thread and cp bombing

No. 1477183

File: 1647961695621.jpg (451.7 KB, 1200x1879, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-OiTm…)

After fillers and ffs they still look like this without facetune, and they transitioned as teens.

No. 1477185

File: 1647961819455.webm (1.28 MB, 640x350, terf_cat.webm)

Cats confirmed TERF allies

No. 1477186

they never seem to tell those around them, their friends/partners etc, that they get aroused/hard when they’re “affirmed”, instead they tell random strangers on the internet who don’t mean anything….. almost as if they know it’s bad, bad enough not to tell their irls, and all they really want is false reassurance from others like them, that they don’t just have a fetish

No. 1477189

>your ring finger is longer than your index finger

No. 1477194

Dude on the left looks like Steve-O.

No. 1477196

Men's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers but women's aren't. It's just a general thing, in practise there's plenty of variation in finger length ratios.

No. 1477197

Kek, the old growth neck on the Steve on the right vs the filter version.

It's time to include TIMS in educational content for girls, portraying the fakery and toxicity of Photo editing and it's effect on mental health and self esteem.

Women have always populated the worst of photoshop lists and now it's time be fair to the these entitled bimbbros.

No. 1477198

there's a lot of versions of this posts, dogs and cats that are scared of male scent and so they act the same around MtF, animals can literally smell the maleness from TIMs, its fucking hilarious

No. 1477200

oooof that receding hairline

No. 1477205

It's pretty funny that we can trigger trannies just by existing and talking to each other.

No. 1477206

That's a stupid myth I never heard before, my roommate has tiny "dainty" hands and she still has a longer ring finger, kek. I'd say fat distribution on hands is more telling.

No. 1477209

He's from albuquerque so he probably is a drunk and a druggie.

No. 1477211

Ngl I think the whole trans movement is only possible due to the illusion of social media. If you look at early 2000s magazines and shit only super rich TIMs dared to publically transition and invested thousands in surgeries and appeared on those plastic surgery shows. Now every 4chan incel can look at men like Hontra promoting that you can look "convincingly female" and if you don't have the money you just edit your photos.

No. 1477214

>They would not be so angry if they did not know we speak the truth.

i think that's the reason they hate us way more than the conservatives who are actually passing legislation against them. we know about agp and that sends them into a narcissistic rage. us knowing about agp and talking about it to other makes them feel exposed.

No. 1477216

Can you imagine being a man? This pathetic existence seems like torture. These men have girlfriends and can otherwise have a normal sex life and they still get "addicted" to sissy porn. It's almost astonishing how weak minded men are.

No. 1477217

I spent years on 4chan as a teenager and now that you mention it, I’m sure it contributed a lot to my peaking. So many women are extremely naive about how much men hate us and how deep their depravity goes. Even as a libfem I knew that the TRA argument of “no man would pretend to be trans for a fetish” was bullshit. Never underestimate what a man will do in pursuit of sexual thrills.

>educational content for girls, portraying the fakery and toxicity of Photo editing and its effect on mental health and self esteem
The last time I saw a campaign like that it was shut down for being transphobic because “trans people need photo editing and cosmetic surgery to be their true selves”, therefore campaigning against it is like campaigning against life-saving medication. The organizers posted a grovelling apology and promised to “do better” and everything.

No. 1477218

male sexuality is pathetic and they know it. that's why they hate women they're attracted to. they hate that those women can render them into such a pathetic state.

No. 1477220

File: 1647963887776.jpg (41.67 KB, 500x500, tumblr_piu168ZeaD1r058cd_500.j…)

even if this is fake lets indulge
>woman asks stall next to her for a tampon
>sees goblin manhand snake under stall holding crumpled tampon
>"h-here" in falsetto man voice

No. 1477221

File: 1647964014787.jpg (223.32 KB, 1080x849, IMG_20220322_164537.jpg)

I always remember the example of bugs starting to try having sex with beer bottles because they thought they were just females with exaggerated sexual features.

No. 1477223

The terminology is lite, regular, super, super+ here in burgerland. Is it different elsewhere? I just assumed the tranny was ignorant of the actual terms that women use.

No. 1477225

Spending time in male dominated leftist spaces contributed to my peaking. The way those guys talked about women was sickening and of course they were all huge TRAs.

No. 1477226

bunch of bullies found a new socially accetaple way to be a bully, what a surprise

No. 1477229

they have a humiliation fetish. and to them, being a woman is the most humiliating thing they can imagine.

understand this and never pity trannies.

No. 1477231

Agreed nona, cheers to you. I’m glad I have a place where I can talk to other women where we can be open about these issues.

No. 1477234

This is true for me as well. Considered myself a huge leftist. I watched Hasan's streams all the time. Over time I realized how much he went out of his way to constantly shit on women while always lifting troons up. It's amazing how many leftist males can't even begin to hide their contempt for women.

No. 1477237

Sorry for the very late response, anon, and this is just my two cents, but I’d like to throw down for the idea that womanhood IS something internal.
Something that I see all the time, everywhere, is the innate willingness of women to help other women, and this gives me so much hope. Looking back, this capacity for compassion and empathy has been used over and over again as a tool of control, as a means to make us more placid, and yet I think it’s a double edged sword.
Men are forever creating more problems and more enemies for themselves just because they feel the need to swing their dicks around and shout about how big they are. Male “community,” to me, so often looks like so many squabbling egos.
We have always been forced into alliance by way of family with men, but increasingly, women are choosing to not have children or to not have them with men, and increasingly, women are finding family and community WITH EACH OTHER.
I truly believe that this profound compassion we have, even for other women that we don’t personally know, will build and bind us into a political force unmatched by any in the status quo.

No. 1477241

They have to be fucking kidding. The idea that my accent alone could trigger one of these manbabies to freeze in fear is ridiculous.

No. 1477245

Omg nonnie the same thing happened to me. I loved Hasan's election coverage but slowly realized that any time he's not talking about politics he's obviously just another stunted male who hates women and only barely tries to conceal it

No. 1477247

also he has gone to brothels that have been investigated for sex trafficking.

No. 1477248

I'm still a huge leftist, despite leftybros being creeps and assholes. Marx was a SWERF and Engels was a TERF. Scrotes can die mad about it.

No. 1477249

File: 1647966345864.gif (42.95 KB, 220x163, evil-hands.gif)

and the best part for him was that a woman was going to insert something into her vagina he'd just had his grubby hands on.

They put so much thought into this ffs. I just carry around what I use myself, if I ever had to give anything out they would just have to get what they were given lol (not that I ever have had to since most women are prepared).

No. 1477250

File: 1647966426752.gif (709.13 KB, 220x220, vomiting-cat-bleah.gif)

No. 1477252

True although I personally started to dislike him way before that, but that certainly didn't help his case. It seems so obvious now that he's just another degenerate, stupid man. His political takes aren't even that groundbreaking or anything he's just the only "leftist" with a big following so now he's the face of the leftist movement. Pathetic lol

No. 1477266

It's why porn is a bigger issue in society as it is adding to this mess overall.

Women need to stop tolerating men watching a shit load of porn. I am tired of seeing these coomers whining about life then trooning out because then maybe we might want them (we don't).

I wish we had more lesbians speaking out, all the lesbian YouTubers are like going along with it. I unsubbed to them as they very much don't support women's rights.

No. 1477276

How have none of them died from sepsis yet?

No. 1477277

I'm sure plenty have, but they have no one in their lives who loves or misses them so we never hear about their deaths.

No. 1477281

Exactly. But why should a forced apology prevent another try when it causes harm to our population?

>The organizers posted a grovelling apology and promised to “do better”

Next time, skip this step and proceed to not giving a shit. It only seems fair.

No. 1477296

File: 1647969824614.jpeg (283.4 KB, 1920x1080, 7D8EECB1-25CD-4934-9F06-210A0E…)

I truly don’t know where else to put this but something in me flipped and I’ve finally just gone terf on main, and started pointing out the bullshit where I see it. My friends are very disappointed in me and I regret nothing.

No. 1477302

File: 1647970121612.jpg (36.15 KB, 459x612, 1330325.jpg)

No. 1477320

Omega based

No. 1477322

Same. I enjoyed hearing him talk about communism. I got disillusioned so fucking fast every time he opens his stupid scrote mouth about SWERFs and TERFs.

No. 1477325

File: 1647971261209.jpeg (224.23 KB, 1186x1012, 1DA46CBE-2D88-4DA5-BD2F-D7C80E…)

Is that shooped actually real? The first time I saw it pop up was on this account, they seem to make a lot of memes. I’d hate for people to be repeating a troll as fact, although it is pretty funny.

No. 1477326

I’m dumb but is the SWERF thing just commentary about this guy or are a lots of nonnies also SWERFs? I’m not because “sex workers” are often sex trafficking victims

No. 1477329

Also, is this an Anna Slatz alt?

No. 1477331

SWERF is a slur against women who are anti-porn and prostition.

No. 1477334

Ah, I see. Thank you

No. 1477337

In modern day libtard rhetoric, women against middle class white bitches selling little girls dreams of being a millionaire e-whore are somehow pro sex trafficking because we view porn and prostitution as inherently capitalistic, exploitative, abusive and damaging to the female sex.

No. 1477344

>“sex workers” are often sex trafficking victims
Boom, you’re a SWERF.

No. 1477346

No. 1477348

File: 1647972613791.jpeg (812.36 KB, 1170x2976, 9D2B49B1-2E76-4171-8903-22D513…)

Another Reddit post from some poor handmaiden whose Mormon husband wants to troon out, but won’t because he thinks he’ll go to hell and they want to have KIDS together.

No. 1477353

File: 1647973130762.png (186.51 KB, 1342x728, Capture d’écran 2022-03-22 à…)

same dude saying he never believed that girls received dick pic because he never saw any

> Better than living as a man, I'll deal with the woman baggage anyday. Just that 1 part is going to be hard to deal with.

It's obviously one of thoses incel who thinks being a woman is having life and easy mode and that nothing ever bad happens to us

I used to have compassion for them, but I realise more and more that they don't see women as human being, with feelings and struggles. It's so fucking condescending and annoying. They dont feel woman , they just want to be the idea of what they think woman are in their head. And as hard as they try, they will never get to experience or understand what real womanhood and sorority is.

No. 1477354

How? But also
>”lesbian” marriage
How is her brain not imploding?

No. 1477355

Based anon. I’ve kept my mouth shut IRL because 95% of the people I know or would like to work with (entertainment industry, ugh) are all aboard the trans train and very vocal about it. Saying anything slightly critical about it would be career suicide, and I know I’m part of the problem by staying silent.
I just hope with more people calling it out like you, the general public peaks sooner rather than later.

No. 1477356

Lmao lesbian couple. Handmaiden cope is unreal.

No. 1477358

Every troon I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with has been an ex-mormon who left his wife after marrying way too young. I'm not even from an area of the US that has any sizable Mormon population and I see run into these freaks.

No. 1477359

I'm getting to this point nonnie, congrats

No. 1477361

Same anon, btw if someone calls you out just ask them what they think about transracialism, works everytime

No. 1477362

I very much feel for women being silenced like this. I hope the same as you.

No. 1477363

It's the same in bongland, i'm pretty sure they have nothing to do with vagina size.

No. 1477368

Based nonny. Hope you peak some ladies. Let us know if that happens. I didn't go full terf on main but I did enough that some friends noticed and cut me off immediately. A leftist male called me a fake feminist. kek.

No. 1477382

Gigabased. I want to go full terf sometimes too but around libfem friends I feel like I’d be instantly excommunicated. They keep they/theming cis women after I correctly call them “she” because these women don’t have pronouns in bio, I’m so fucking sick of seeing women erase other women like this.

No. 1477386

Not a myth. second digit fourth digit ratio is a consequence of foetal testosterone exposure. Fourth digit being longer means higher levels of exposure. But it's in-womb exposure and the ratio is fixed for life, so although there is a clear pattern or trend there are outliers in each sex.

It also correlates heavily with autistic traits and is one of the pieces of evidence used to support autism as hypermasculinisation of the brain hypothesis.

As a side note if you want to check, you don't just look at your hand. The placement of your knuckles skews it, so you need to actually measure with a ruler. (I did a lab on this in uni)

No. 1477390

thanks i hate it.
i've taken adult ballet classes for 5+ years and dealing with guys just like this is terrible. i took recreational classes at a very prestigious ballet school and there was a couple trannies in the more basic classes. they were allowed to change in the change room with young girls who were in the professional division. many of which are living in dorms away from home, so they're quite vulnerable.

the fact that the choreo had to be tailored for this man is pretty typical. there are so few adult men in recreational classes they always dumb it down for them, our ballet mistresses would do the same for our troons. thankfully since I started pointe again and am no longer in the entry classes I dont have to deal with them because they never make it this far.

No. 1477391

When a MtF looks at a woman, he's not seeing a full functional person - he's seeing someone significantly less than him. To him, being a woman is a sense of powerlessness where women are betrayed by their bodies (periods, pregnancy, etc) and powerless when it comes to societal value against men. They fetishize this. It's literally like when moids end up having fetishes about being a furry or a dog or whatever. They think being a woman is humiliating and pathetic and makes you less than so they adopt it as part of their degradation kink. Some moids are just failures as men according to societal standards so they think they would be better off as woman. But not only that, they'll be better women than actually uterus having cissies. It's an undeliably male thought to think that you know more than women in matters that they're experts in so participating in that thought is the most moid thing they can do.

No. 1477395

Same nonna. I would lose my career if I ever even questioned a little publicly. That pushback against questioning is what led me to peak in the first place because it felt so much like abuse.

No. 1477396

Why do their nipples always get so puffy? Nothing against actual women with puffy nipples but I think it's noticable that these troons always get them.

No. 1477397

Is it always tampons? Why isn’t it pads? I guess it depends on the fetish? Diaper fetish go with pads, impregnation/vagina obsession go with tampons but I swear all these stories are about tampons.

No. 1477398

It's pads for some of them. I've even seen some post that they put like ketchup in pads and wear them to fake a period.

No. 1477401

Damnit I’ve always wanted to take ballet classes even though I’m in my 30s, they’re there too? Ffs troonies piss off.

I did watch that video and absolutely HOWL laughing though watching the ogre thud around on stage. Love that he got his own special dress with a plunging neckline and a skirt that lifts up high when he does his spinnies!!! What a tragic affair.

No. 1477406

A few threads back someone linked AGP how tos on creating period blood. They stick ice cubes of their fake blood concoctions up their rectum so they get a slow release of “blood” and because it’s ice it makes them get “cramps” like a real woman!!!

Some of them even stick tampons up their arse. They’re obsessed with periods.

Also adding to the I’ve never asked or been asked for a pad or tampon by a stranger, only ever… once? By a friend and we were teenagers. Everytime a Troon swears it happened I assumed it was a fever dream from ketchup ice cubes up the anus.

No. 1477407

It's real, NBC really did use a facetuned picture of Thompson.

No. 1477410

Nonnas, this post made me think of something I’ve been wondering for a while. Why are so many radfems from the UK? Genuinely curious if there was a mass peaking event that happened or something like that.

No. 1477415

iirc theres also something about finger lengths in relation to chances of being gay kek. im not sure how legit that is but there has been actual research done on it (tbh im slightly more inclined to believe it somewhat because of my own personal sample size of one lmfao)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digit_ratio for anyone who wants to read more about it

No. 1477418

Their hairlines are soooooo bad literally every time, why don’t they wear wigs more often?

No. 1477419

Nah, I carry a couple tampons in my bag in case my friend or someone else needs one. Pretty normal thing to do, my girl friends do the same.

No. 1477422

Ayrt, this resonants so strongly with me because;

>Last week forgot my hand sanitiser and had to use the swipe card on a train and a woman opposite side of carriage gave me a skoosh of hers

>I do not have children and would not like to have children
>Still live with my mum because I love her so much and help my sister in every single way I can with her own business
>years ago I was assaulted on a train by a drunk man and a man with his very very young daughter scooped her up and left the carriage and it was a group of women around my age that came to help me

I love you anon. You are 100% correct. When I think of all the people in my life who have showed me nothing but love and compassion it’s overwhelmingly women.

No. 1477423

Honestly I think it’s just a cultural thing, British women are loud and outspoken and most of us arnt afraid to tell you or anyone else to fuck off. We’ve got a lot of backbone and a lot of audacity. I think Australians can be a lot like that too.

No. 1477427

Meth addict. You can always tell.

No. 1477428

File: 1647979127639.png (343.4 KB, 585x509, sc2131235-32312-5155D3.png)

Why did Fanny go for getting a pussy before getting a boob job or anything done to his big man face? Dont answer, we all know its a fetish thing.
Also the subtle jab at his surgeon for fucking up his neo vag, because ofcourse its the doctors fault not himself making poor life choices

No. 1477431

i can't take his thread on the other farms because it disgusts me too much but i love seeing how he is balding more and more each time i come across a pic of this ugly ass moid.

No. 1477434

Blunt take: 'class' hits different for the British. The monarchy has decided the fate of their families for centuries. Pop culture would also suggest they aren't afraid to criticize high power for entertainment.

When a common bloke demands to be treated as a wannabe-queen, it triggers caste-sensitive interngenerational trauma and assertiveness

No. 1477440

it's called sex pattern recognition and it's an evolutionary trait in humans. there's no such thing as santa recognition though. isn't nature beautiful that literal babies can clock men in dresses way before they can understand their father dressed up as santa? what a self own this tweet is.

No. 1477441

He should've fixed his eyebrows first

No. 1477445

File: 1647979715889.png (62.33 KB, 1187x257, lmao.png)

>over 100k likes
fuck Blaire White but I think normies are peaking, gyns

No. 1477447

>women find community in each other
Nothing but truth there. I remember when I was in college, this drunk girl stumbled out of the bathroom and said that I was "the sunshine of the heart" and to "keep on shining, butterfly" and then walked away. Five minutes later, I ran into this drunk boy and he called me a racial slur.

No. 1477449

Seems like Fanny is just an effeminate homo that fell for the trans meme to get more attention. Everything about him screams "I'm a gay male" yet he ruined his life by loping off his dick. I truly don't understand.

No. 1477456

his boyfriend is also 20 years older than him, i wonder if this all is just some sadist thing for the bf

No. 1477462

All this bullshit with William “lia” Thomas has lots of local handmaidens sobbing about how he’s a real wahhhhman and how terves get the wall etc etc parroting their classic “don’t be a bigoted closed minded fascist!!” type beat. It’s going to be even more obnoxious when they totally flip flop their views once the lightbulb goes off for them and they decide to not take any accountability for loudly supporting this sexist fetishism and erasure of womens health and rights. If only they understood that their stand point comes from a place that is sexist and homophobic but they have zero self awareness and have their sights set on social brownie points and acceptance amongst a group of peers who would throw them under the bus for saying the word “retard”

No. 1477466

i love you nonna, good for you. those who are disappointed in you aren't real friends - the people who unfollowed me or didn't want to talk to me in real life anymore because i went full terf are all redundant, uninteresting and dull people. intelligent and interesting people can take differing opinions and worldviews without feeling offended or feeling the need to unfollow or abandon you as a friend. and even better, i gained a bunch of other terfs as friends. sorry for the blog about how going terf on main taught me valuable lessons about life kek

No. 1477469

tell me about it… im dreading the day i start practicing medicine and kids come into my clinic with gender dysphoria and i get in big trouble for not offering “gender affirming” options aka helping them troon out. clown ass fucking world

No. 1477471

File: 1647980915416.jpg (75.83 KB, 972x460, fafann.jpg)

maybe the bf has force feminizing fetish over feminizing other men

No. 1477473

I dont like Blaire either but I think its good theres outspoken trans people who put attention to the trans movement insanity, and tries to show people its okay to speak your mind about it! I mean Blaire mainly does it because he loves attention and not for much else, but it still does good

No. 1477478

The fuck? Another med student? I literally was thinking about this earlier today and was like this is why I can't be a GP.

No. 1477479

File: 1647981245956.jpg (138.77 KB, 855x885, fafann2.jpg)

imagine your dad left you and your mom for a tranny. a tranny that is your age

No. 1477481

I simply would no longer have a father.

No. 1477485

Fascism: “Dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy”

They throw a lot of stones considering they live in a glass house. But seriously the issue is lots of handmaidens pander to this ideology because it centres around men and their internalised misogyny is strong. They’ll realise sooner or later and either choose to ignore it or they’ll cross over to actual feminisms side

No. 1477487

nahh i not a med student, just midlevel. but yeah i love pediatrics and theyre pushing the tranny thing SO hard. stay far away from primary care… or surgery for that matter kek. someday theyre going to come up with a hybrid surgery where you can come in for your routine colonoscopy and walk out with a sigmoid neovagina

No. 1477490

File: 1647982227346.png (30.29 KB, 738x372, big boner.png)

this question gets asked so frequently on trans subreddits

No. 1477491

When this is over, and right side of history-ism is no longer vogue, white male troons will just hop right back over to being racist, homophobic dude bros (like Vaush). The BLMs, Transrightsarehumanrights, etc will disappear from their bios. White libfems, no matter how they try to identify out of being white, female and liberal, will be getting all the flack for this. I'm just going to enjoy my starbucks and laugh.

I need to go call and thank my dad for being fucking normal and a good father. Goddamn.

No. 1477495

Congrats nonita! I have done the same thing! I am full terf publicly now. Two of my lady friends that have been TRAs actually messaged me today thanking me for speaking up publicly. They confided in me, and I pointed them in the right direction to learn about this shit. The girls are peaking!

No. 1477496

File: 1647982573549.png (46.39 KB, 868x801, 0000.png)

i checked on my cringy hobby's anon community and it looks like even die hard trans folxx handmaidens are starting to notice that transwo men are cancer.

No. 1477497

medtwitter is rife with pronouns in bio, it's sad to see medical professionals fucking with such anti science beliefs

No. 1477503

File: 1647983080612.jpeg (14.73 KB, 420x250, D4DA1FE5-6840-4F7C-81EC-91FB36…)

Speedrun to be put on a watchlist

No. 1477508

Jesus christ, they suppress any opinion that isn't 100% trans-are-perfect-and-can-do-no-wrong. How is this not peak material for most of the population?

No. 1477509

SA, I think this is why its so profoundly relaxing to be in spaces that are truly women only. On some level, I know that if I went into cardiac arrest or something, the women around me would care if I lived or died. I know that someone would help me.
If I’m in a room with more than five men, some part of my brain is like “confirmed, there’s at least one rapist in the room with you right now.”
I feel so much warmth towards you, nona, and towards this community that we share.

No. 1477515

kek you should see the threads of them talking about harry potter. they make wild generalizations like "NOBODY in this hobby gives any money to jkr!" because for some reason it's just accepted that harry potter woman bad and that everyone hates her. what's kind of refreshing is that they call out gender headcanons or fanart with top surgery scars or fanfic where one character gets transed, but it's always prefaced with "as a nonbinary person" or "trans guy here". but maybe they do this to avoid criticism/being called terfs.

No. 1477516

I was gonna ask if this was W4W but I checked and it isn't despite sounding just like them lmao

No. 1477517

I'm confused, what is the story behind this troon? I looked at his twitter and he seems completely unhinged and also obsessed with harry potter and most the replies on his tweets are from edgy /pol/ moids that seem to be supporting him, what gives?

No. 1477520

Cosmo “Narcissa” Wright was a speedrunner known for holding the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time of time world record. He was invited to publicly compete in the Nintendo World Championship 2017 where he choked in the final round and lost in front of thousands of viewers. He transitioned shortly after, drifting away from speed running and beginning to act more and more unhinged on streams, often breaking Twitch rules but getting off due to close contact with mods due to his history as a world record holder. Idk what the most recent ban was for though.

No. 1477524

What frustrates me is that all the handmaidens I know insist that no TIMs get aroused by crossdressing and they actually hate their penis etc., and any post like this is a false flagging troll. Apparently all the public trans subs on Reddit are populated almost entirely by thousands of troll sockpuppets talking about imaginary boners just to make transwomen look bad.

No. 1477526

he was a Mario? Speedrunner and helped popularise speedrunning. He has skips named after him and world records. Really respected guy.

Nintendo invite him and some no name to a super Mario maker tournament and no name absolutely bodies him.

Decides to Troon out and only drink soy. Is just pathetic loser. Watches Troon hate videos on stream just to cry and gain sympathy.

Banned from twitch for acting like a retard so meltdown occurs.

I know anons hate KF but there’s a comprehensive video by Null covering all the batshit stuff she does if you have an hour to kill.(learn2integrate)

No. 1477527

Have they actually been to the troon subreddits and still say that? Jesus.

No. 1477537

why do you


like this

No. 1477541

No. 1477544

Hate looking at big walls of text, makes my eyes glaze over

No. 1477556

someone report this to the fbi please LMAO I wanna see this troon get in trouble for threats

No. 1477558

Ew this is so fucking gross. “Why am I turned on by crossdressing” um maybe because the sissification fucking worked dumbass.

No. 1477560

File: 1647985509100.jpeg (993.24 KB, 828x1526, C45B8169-8D49-4FE4-B7A8-6E0C67…)

Bratz posted this tranny for International Women's History Month.

No. 1477561

File: 1647985545075.jpg (862.63 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20220322_224423.jpg)

No. 1477562

What's going on with all the newfaggotry in these threads recently and where the hell are the farmhands? No1curr if you're a med student/if you took ballet classes/if you came out as a terf, just leave the blogposting to Twitter or Tumblr where it belongs.

No. 1477563

File: 1647985644732.webm (7.91 MB, 576x936, veondremitchell.webm)

No. 1477564

kek this guy sounds like the final boss of the speedrunning troons, thanks for the info nonas
I'll watch the videos later when I've got time
he's having a mental breakdown on twitter over his twitch ban because it's a permaban and he sounds insane

No. 1477566

File: 1647985699303.png (368.33 KB, 853x1413, Screenshots_2022-03-20-19-30-2…)

He has a thread on kiwi now. I see this as the wife going, "you are gay/bisexual and I don't want to deal with you anymore. Go be with your troon lover".
Now that he doesn't have a dick I wonder of the guy will stay? He did say be "topped" his boyfriend. Seems like he's a old chaser or maybe the guy just loves anal and this troon is the only one he can get it from. He apparently wants him to get boobs and shit. It's so weird for a guy to leave his wife for a troon who no longer has a dick. Usually they cheat with the ones with penises but don't leave. I feel bad for the kids

No. 1477567

File: 1647985754262.png (20.07 KB, 736x228, why do people see us as threat…)

where do i even begin lmao

No. 1477568

>i try to break gender stereotypes
literally how

No. 1477569

Of course the more grotesquely-cartooned-out version of Barbie would stan trans. What’s next, an endorsement from the makers of mentor breast implants?? Or Jessica Rabbit’s illustrator/creator??!

No. 1477572

>I want you to be happy
This is her saying he can have him cause she's tired of being badgered for anal. They flatter themselves so much it's actually impressive how delusional these faggots are.

No. 1477575

I may get called out but unless he uses some really good filters does anyone think this could be the case of a woman pretending to be trans? I'm sorry but this has to be the most passing troon I've ever seen. Even if he trooned out young, there's tells… he doesn't even have that "passes because they look like a little boy" look either.
Also Bratz could've chosen better.

No. 1477581

I believe he’s still a teenager, and his features haven’t finished maturing yet. Combined with makeup, filters, hormones, etc., this is allowing him to somewhat successfully larp as a girl for now
Give it five years time and he’ll be in the same boat as Hunter Schaffer. The maleness always comes through in the end.

No. 1477586

File: 1647986412200.png (386.79 KB, 853x1528, Screenshots_2022-03-20-19-56-5…)

More interesting posts from this account not sure of these were posted. The BF sounds like a fucking creepy weirdo. His wife is better off without him.

No. 1477589

File: 1647986480173.png (197.04 KB, 853x785, Screenshots_2022-03-20-19-58-3…)

No. 1477594

File: 1647986583785.png (197.08 KB, 853x806, Screenshots_2022-03-20-19-58-5…)

No. 1477596

File: 1647986618658.png (354.71 KB, 947x692, sc43234-442344-d2445.png)

No. 1477601

SA- imagine your husband leaving you for a man with balls for coochie lips and telling him he's the most "feminine woman" because he let's him fuck him in the ass. I think i hate the boyfriend more then I do the troon.

No. 1477606

AYRT, the funny thing is, while I used to think that being "biologically mismatched" was possible when I was a trans-medicalist, I didn't believe in the opposite gender brain thing because it was a bit too sexist to me. Another funny thing is I stayed the hell away from MTFs and all my online friends were FTM, so they both were less threatening to me, and it was easier for me to see them as "men" since I only knew them online or the selfies they posted were in flattering outfits/angles. But I never saw any MTF I knew or followed as a "woman" and most creeped me out. I thought they could theoretically be born mismatched but it was more of a theoretical "what if" than someone I met.

I do believe in dysphoria, and I've talked to some MTFs (a huge minority, only a handful) that aren't porn fetishists, but the thing that feels "off" to me about that is that at the same time they're all gender non-conforming gay guys and have a history of abuse/doing drugs/had eating disorders as boys/getting gaybashed/etc. Why is it usually the people who claimed they were "born dysphoric" and have memories of feeling uncomfortable in their bodies since childhood (which is often a symptom of abuse…speaking from experience) gay people, when if it was a biological phenomenon we would see just as many straight people feeling "mismatched" (without getting that idea from seeing porn or being abused)? So while it might be real it's hard for me to not see it as a psychological complex and not a biological difference anymore. We shouldn't have to change the body just for the brain's sake, especially when suicide rates after genital surgeries are so high

(deleted and reposted cuz typos lmao)

No. 1477616

Why are they always called Lilith or Lily? I thought it was a meme at first like Karen or something but holy shit like every other tranny I come across named themselves either Lilith, Lily, Lizzie or some other name with the "Li" prefix.

No. 1477618

Uh oh guys, fannys twitter is now private! Now who tipped?

No. 1477620

Gotta love how they couldn't bring themselves to call him a "she" and instead compromised with "they" kek.


I know right? Male /pol/ has glorification of genocide, racism, homophobia, extreme misogyny and simping for fascist dictators and violent conflicts but women's /pol/ discusses female independence, women's rights and how to preserve them. Isn't that amazing? Really makes you realize how defective the Y chromosome is.(responding to bait)

No. 1477621

dont respond to scrotes report and move on.

No. 1477626

File: 1647987910038.png (67.96 KB, 597x601, trans otherkin.png)

leftist/tranny twitter is a JOKE

No. 1477631

Ew do not ever compare me and my homies to subhuman Y-chromosoid rapemonkeys(stop responding to moids)

No. 1477633

I’m pretty sure this is the only place on lc where we can say these things without being accused of shitting up the thread or baiting, if there’s a more appropriate thread I’d like to know. If one doesn’t exist, well, don’t be surprised that it all ends up here.

No. 1477635

Shit, he got a KF thread a couple days ago so he probably discovered that

No. 1477638

Meh let them. Feels good to know there are women from all walks of life feeling the same and not just fujo neets on this site.

No. 1477642

This is arguably consistent in their logic. I'm waiting for the day these people start saying that race is a construct too so being transrace is just as valid as transgender, lol.

No. 1477653

It's not the doctors fault fanny doesn't have the materials for a better woundhole.

No. 1477654

Now we wait for him to kill himself and blame kiwifarms

No. 1477656

No. 1477670

File: 1647989138691.png (75.42 KB, 925x341, Screenshot_20220322_224307.png)

jokes on you, I'm only one of those things

picrel is a trip, I feel awful for his family and wonder how many fathers feel the same. I also wonder if he cried that make up off in the bathroom in a twist of irony

No. 1477675

Excellent post, you’re so right. And a man saying he’s a better woman than an actual woman is one of the most male things they can ever do (apart from the belittling and threats of rape and violence of course).

No. 1477697

File: 1647989999524.png (11.72 KB, 746x393, undefined (@Ranting_Trans) on …)

Jasman deleted or changed his account name

No. 1477698

Lmao even when saying they’re women they have to mention how big their dicks are. Incredible.

No. 1477700

I’m glad someone told him because you know he gets asspats from almost everyone else

No. 1477702

File: 1647990158887.jpg (652.18 KB, 1079x1986, Justmoidthings.jpg)

A lot of the things you say remind me of this article i read a while back.. male sex drive is the root of all evil -per British scientists lol

No. 1477707

He either deleted his account or got banned because it says "This Tweet is from an account that no longer exists." when you look at tweets replying to him

No. 1477708

uwu why does no one accept my fetish

No. 1477710

File: 1647990502623.jpg (1.14 MB, 2000x1270, FaceApp_1647990341462.jpg)

The yassification of Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville

No. 1477712

I stared at this photo for a good minute trying to figure out if this was the same frizzy green haired uwu witch ~Lillith~ troon i had the misfortune of knowing irl. i guess there's just that many of them.

No. 1477744

File: 1647992071570.png (1.37 MB, 1184x810, delusion.png)

No. 1477758

oh i thought it was only for ps! i don't even think I'll play it for more than an hour bc I'm only interested in animal crossing but I'm definitely buying to support my queen jk

No. 1477759

It's also going to be on PC, but not steam iirc. I was never into Harry Potter but it actually looks pretty fun

No. 1477760

File: 1647993024398.png (82.58 KB, 180x214, grace_v.1.png)

KEK that's what Grace Lavery looks like irl? I only knew him from this pic. Actual catfish

No. 1477764

Dude went from Ringo to obese John Lennon

No. 1477766

File: 1647993230928.png (2.21 MB, 1038x1298, 000.png)

No. 1477775


It's absolutely because of the abuse.

For those that were abused by other men, I think they just want to get away from the image of their abusers. They feel unsafe in their own body because it's the same male body as the men who abuse them. It's not possible to escape one's own body, so this fear is permanent and becomes crippling to the point where the only options are to either die or find some way to get a different, safe body that isn't a constant trigger.

then for some there's also the plain old "women are allowed to like men, I wish I was allowed to like men, maybe I should become a woman" reasoning, which comes with different nuance depending on the precise life experience of the individual. Feeling socially homeless due to the hostility of male spaces is also a factor sometimes.

I think gender dysphoria is bullshit as a disorder however the feeling definitely happens and I guess the term is somewhat accurate for these cases, but I still don't think it's a whole disorder by itself, just a symptom/manifestation/consequence of being traumatized and exposed to the object of their fear (or resentment for some) for such extended periods of time that it ends up completely reshaping their identities.

Considering it a disorder puts too many fundamentally different cases in the same category. AGPs and traumatized gay men have extremely different experiences with trans-womanhood. Meanwhile calling it a symptom would be more accurate, because the same symptom can come up in different disorders. In the case of dysphoria, it could be a potential symptom of an addiction to pornography or a potential symptom of trauma. not sure if this makes sense

No. 1477778

File: 1647993962526.png (30.05 KB, 765x370, Erin Trail Mom (@ErinInTheMorn…)

of course you aren't and there's 30k users that agree with the original tweet.

No. 1477784

File: 1647994160420.png (28.94 KB, 749x402, chris udalla on Twitter.png)

as expected

No. 1477788

oh is this one of those self hating black female NB?

No. 1477791

It's currently sitting at 3K replies, 8K retweets and 32K likes. They couldn't even ratio it. lol

No. 1477795


it's at 31k likes
it's not going to get the likes it deserves because if people liked this then they'd get doxxed.

No. 1477798

File: 1647994634580.jpg (58.78 KB, 680x650, FOesRi_VsAEsnt_.jpg)

Trannies post this but they never believed it themselves.

No. 1477802

… what…? Why would radfems want to abolish cops/prisons when males are responsible for 90% of violent crimes…?

No. 1477803

>Troons back then: helping struggling homosexual youth and sheltering them, recognizing that they're not actually women but instead gay men who feel more comfortable in the societal role assigned to a female because of the misogynist and homophobic society denying their maleness
>troons now: wax my feminine testicles cis roastie or I'll 41% myself after getting you fired

No. 1477805

he's literally a convicted felon

No. 1477807

File: 1647995074530.png (35.36 KB, 1200x1000, FOeBR__VQAIMMmU.png)

No. 1477808

File: 1647995105336.jpg (164.12 KB, 1272x1296, FAAGlDoVUAUn3V8.jpg)

This meme made me KEK

No. 1477814

>getting cat-called and receiving non consented sexual imagery from men is a part of womanhood and I guess I’ll deal with it
>being told I am not a woman by women is transphobia and must be stopped at all costs

No. 1477818

File: 1647995287020.png (35.47 KB, 729x497, Erin Trail Mom on Twitter.png)

where did his prostate disappear too?

No. 1477824

everything is always women's fault according to men.

No. 1477826

what discord is this from? a politigram one?

No. 1477831

Resorting to misogynistic slurs and showing their true colors every time.

No. 1477832

This male retard is technically correct. Gender was just another word for sex but got co-opted by trannies to mean gender identity (gender stereotypes). I was there when libfems argued that no one thinks they can change sex, just their "gender."
But gender doesn't actually exist or mean anything. Gender is sex. Sex is gender. And a male will never be a female.

No. 1477835

Really telling

No. 1477839

Wish they had kept this framework bc if we could define being female based purely on sex we could actually have a chance at defending our sex-based rights.

No. 1477841

> no one thinks they can change sex
Well except for troons now. They changed the meaning of gender for trannies and now they have to change the meaning of sex for them too?

No. 1477842

What about intersex or people birth with both parts? Are we supposed to assign them biological gender based on what’s visible or chromosomes? Are you supposed to wait until puberty for secondary sex traits? I feel like the gender binary is just as made up as the concept of biological sex being binary

No. 1477845

File: 1647995913099.jpeg (146.08 KB, 1080x1311, A6A9FC81-BF4D-4475-B108-BCBAD0…)

It’s been explained multiple times and I can understand their retarded reasonings but somehow still I just can’t quite seem to get why men who so obviously hate us are also so desperately want to be us? It really is just a case of “they hate us cause they ain’t us” kek. I wonder when we’ll start to see troons try to larp as terfs; it’s another ‘girls club” they can’t join, I hope it drives them crazy.

Also check it out, another scrote proving once again exactly what kinds of people these men are.

No. 1477850

File: 1647996013680.jpg (114.52 KB, 1078x636, Xydefective.jpg)

No. 1477852

Of course. "Gender" was just the tip of the wedge. As soon as they had enough influence they bullied their way into being seen as "female."

Why should we change the very foundation of biology (male and female) for a tiny, tiny subset of mutated people? Like I don't want to be mean but intersex people are not "typical"- their struggles are very unique and have NOTHING to do with gender identity and troons. If intersex people want to better understand how they fit into society, that's one thing, but that has nothing to do with the AGPs and pals currently terrorizing the general public.

No. 1477853

It doesn't matter if they invert their dicks or pump their bodies full of hormones. Not sure what "tissue" he's referring to - breast tissue presumably? It wouldn't matter if you were the most passable tranny in the world. I can make a hyper realistic wooden carving of a duck, put real duck feathers on it, play recordings of duck calls, even fill it with anatomically correct fake organs, and plop it into a lake. It still isn't a duck. It's just a wooden doll and that's all it ever will be. No matter how hard they try, they will never be female. The best they can ever hope for is to be a sad simulacrum of a woman - a cheap imitation of the real thing. They are wasting their lives, ruining their bodies and personal relationships, to chase the impossible. I would pity them, but they'd only exploit that sympathy for their own selfish ends

No. 1477864

do they not realize how terribly they age? worse than a normal man

No. 1477865

For the love of god keep your daughter away from this fucking tranny I don’t care if they’re the same age bracket fucking bolt man. Unless she’s a handmaiden then perhaps make her peak. Would be funny to see him all buddy buddy then eventually treat her the way he treats his mom and sis.

No. 1477869

Im so fucking tired of heterosexual qUeERs!!! It's always the straightest motherfuckers who throw homophopic slurs around every 5 seconds. Sage bc unrelated to your post but i know they are the biggest slur sayers ever just by looking at them. Gross.

No. 1477872

he locked his account lmao. Do you think they're here in these threads?

No. 1477877

This guy looks like a completely different person in every photo.

No. 1477878

oh nvm he got a dedicated kf thread made about him.

No. 1477881

Silly nonny the prostate evaporates when the trannie is uwu euphoric and estrogen makes him fully XX chromosomes he now has a fully functioning uterus and six fallopian tubes hope that helps

No. 1477890

File: 1647997302947.png (249.26 KB, 853x1465, Screenshot (9).png)

Mr. Fanny Fecal matter has actual shit in his axe wound as if this couldn't get any funnier.

No. 1477892

If scientists thousands of years from now happen to find your skeleton, they will know you were male by that alone, they don’t make enough silicone or horse piss pills in the world to change that.

No. 1477898

File: 1647997844672.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2239x2995, FFE6271B-3DD1-49CA-8C94-CAB441…)

nearly had a heart attack cause the bridge in one of these pictures looks exactly like a bridge i grew up playing on, turns out it’s near Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (UK) which is close but thankfully not my hometown…. still, where the hell did he get this uniform from?

KEK it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. goddamn times like this I really wish I had a dummy “troon” account so I can see what hilarious things they’re saying even when they go private

No. 1477923

slight derail but w4w def peaked me after already peaking a million times. i love how the place is mostly full of TIFs and the discourse and vent threads often complain about how awful TIMs treat female-born transpeople, but they can't put two-and-two together and realize it's misogyny and men hating women regardless of pronouns

>AGPs and traumatized gay men have extremely different experiences with trans-womanhood
even then i feel like there's grey areas where these categories overlap; blaire white is considered a textbook HSTS but he still has all the bimbo plastic surgeries. i've also read about HSTS being AGP at the same time in the sense they're gay men who want to be bimbo straight women fucking men. it's too complex to claim it can be solved by injecting hormones and surgically inverting a dick

No. 1477939

I know I know no cowtipping but if I saw this in the wild I’d report it to the school concerned that he’d be using the uniform to access the school and the students.

I looked up the school you mentioned and a couple of local schools to me. Most of them have online stores and links from their uniform page to their suppliers and you can just buy them online. Nothing to say you need to prove your a student. Anyway uniforms are there to keep the students safe. He could approach year 7 students (ages 11-12) who don’t know better and if they’re trusting assume he’s an older student and…

Also look at that creepy fetishist taking pictures of himself in a public ladies room. Excuse me sir why are you creeping around the ladies toilets? Pervert.

PS: he needs to clean his disgusting kitchen floor

No. 1477945

File: 1648000532188.jpg (571.92 KB, 972x3336, 20220322_215245.jpg)

No. 1477949

wrongwarp glitch 41% speedrun

No. 1477964

This is the straw that broke the camels back for me. Was already disillusioned with his bullshit about trannies but after I learned this I was done.

Now my little sister watches him and I hope she comes to a similar realization but shes a little SJW handmaiden. Hopefully she grows out of it

No. 1477965

the toilet selfies they post are always about power tripping

No. 1477973

File: 1648002090818.png (1.01 MB, 821x1024, CA263ED4-1E0D-4A6E-80E0-1BCEE0…)

How could you ever look at a moid who looks like this and think he wasn’t a fucking rapist is beyond me. He is immediately disgusting and regularly fucks poor street prostitutes and underage brothel workers.

No. 1477979

Why do so many troons have this face? I don’t know how to describe it.

No. 1477981

This is hilarious considering trannies have always hated radfems and Transsexual Empire was even published in the 1970s

No. 1477983

File: 1648002637396.jpeg (21.27 KB, 235x232, 543054E6-CCE6-472D-BC2F-0C39C6…)

AGP Laura Les of 100 gecs has married a woman who pretends to be a man by wearing a fake mustache in public.

No. 1477988

Right, it's like none of their parents wanted to get them braces. All have fucked up teeth and bird neck

No. 1477989

Waiting for the inevitable callout from his wife detailing typical creepy agp predatory behavior in a few years when they divorce.

No. 1477995

lol is bill scott the bf?

No. 1477998

>Women as a social/political class, not a biological kind
Radical feminism was literally built around discussing the experiences of biology being the root of women's discrimination. It's why some radical feminists believed that true female liberation would not be possible until technological advances could free women from childbirth or having less physical strength. It put them up against socialist feminists who said that women were oppressed because of capitalism and liberal feminists who said that women were oppressed because of the law. All three branches made valid points.

No. 1477999

his partner is a woman who takes testosterone. there needs to be a new category of abuse to encapsulate all fetish fulfillment spousal abuse that goes beyond fantasy and includes all the kinks like bdsm, feederism, and transgenderism.

No. 1478006

White incel face

No. 1478009

Bdsm and chubby chasers aren’t hurting anyone the way troonism gets people raped

No. 1478011

No, it’s not the Chud face. It’s like a very narrow goblin face with crooked teeth.

No. 1478016

Sort of off topic but why did we stop shitting on furries a few years ago? They used to be a huge punching bag but now they’re wholly accepted. They’ve always been fucking disgusting sickos and disproportionately male autistic perverts. Female furries are almost always less scary.

No. 1478017

you really gonna claim bdsm doesn't get people abused and raped.

No. 1478019

Radfems have always hated trannies too since they considered them to be males appropriating womanhood. I don't know why people say Dworkin was pro-trans, she probably felt bad for some prostituted HSTS but she didn't see them as actual women and she didn't write about trannies much in general.

No. 1478022

Buffalo Bill is the best and most accurate TIM rep.

No. 1478024

i'm talking about feederism, where people encourage their partners to get to upwards of 300 lbs and get off to the fact that they are immobile. no one is talking about fat people dating. it's similar to transgenderism because it's focused around domination through transformation and control by limiting their options.

No. 1478026

Dworkin is the most famous radfem and she showed some sympathy for trannies so now everybody who has never actually read anything thinks all radfems back then liked trannies.

No. 1478027

Even then dworkin was way more sympathetic with ftms than mtfs

No. 1478033

File: 1648004282645.jpg (136.42 KB, 1010x1010, hasan-piker-merch-hasan-piker-…)

Lol if you want a good laugh, check out the full pic of him in that outfit with his stupid little cropped pants and white socks he wears all the time. His fashion choices are so embarrassing. Pic related is his merch by the way. Thanks God we have Hasan here to fight against the patriarchy for us

No. 1478039

File: 1648004667953.png (1.92 MB, 1192x1950, Bodwell 04.png)

No, I think this is the current boyfriend

No. 1478040

Maybe troons should read about big name radical feminist active during the 1970s like Germaine Greer, Janice Raymond, Sheila Jeffreys, Mary Daly, Linda Bellos, etc. "Transphobia" isn't some new development in radical feminism, it's always been there but troons have a tendency to rewrite history as they see fit.

No. 1478046

File: 1648004878662.png (46.17 KB, 748x609, Twitter.png)

>what's the definition of a woman
what a clown world

No. 1478058

amazing, even with the karen hair, carefully applied eye makeup, and only a small portion of his face visible above the mask, he is still immediately clockable

No. 1478064

>Retweeted by Mr Piano Teeth
Of course. The urge to a-log is overwhelming.

No. 1478068

File: 1648005491193.png (48.8 KB, 754x491, Stacy Cay on Twitter.png)

No. 1478071

fanny and jasman are both privated or gone. who else can we get off twitter kek

No. 1478078

blue haired andrew guy?

No. 1478079

he knows damn well if hitler was trans, troons would insist we use his ~ correct pronouns ~

No. 1478084

proud of you nonny, and others like you. please share your experiences with us

No. 1478104

Weren't the trannies sperging about misgendering Chris Chan after he raped his mother? Their priorities are astounding.

No. 1478105

I mean, saying that kids should get bullied is retarded, Hitler didn’t know he was going to become a dictator at 12.
Unless he’s talking about university students, which makes the whole bullying thing unlikely since adults are less retarded and too busy to give a fuck about other adults, it would make more sense to mention Hitler.
Is he going to be the Satan of Troonism or is that going to be JK Rowling?

No. 1478113

i was talking about tim petras but does jazz have the same surgery? so their surgery does do something to your leg area? there's like 80 different ways the butchers do it, so i don't know if there is one where they cut your leg/hip at all that could cause mobility problems if it didn't heal or got infected

No. 1478115

Wasn't this the one who said his family acted like he didn't exist/didn't interact with him because they were transphobic? Seems clear why they don't want to be around him

No. 1478116

lmao they got the same forehead

No. 1478121

for those who don't know, the troon in that pic is charles clymer and he has a whole thread on kiwifarms

No. 1478122

Watching this debate between Julia Long and Heather Peto is giving me brain damage. I can't believe intelligent women like Long have to argue with a tranny waste of space like Peto.

No. 1478123

wow a fucking decent moid for once and this kid just throws it right back in his actually good father's face.

No. 1478124

File: 1648007729613.jpeg (389.6 KB, 1242x1223, 5FE37CA5-D334-425A-AEBF-1ECB1C…)

I want this fag who thinks it’s soooOoOo funny to make women-bad-drivers jokes in 2022 gone next. His greasy face makes me wanna vom.

No. 1478126

What pisses me off the most about this Lia Thomas drama is seeing conservative men crawling out of the woodwork and blaming radical feminists for validating tranny delusions or asking "its come to this point, why didn't feminists speak up sooner?".

No. 1478129

They always love to say that it’s women’s fault regardless of what’s going on.

No. 1478130

Men think all feminists are the same thing and find a way to blame women for male-created problems. TIMs are men but conservative moids don't ever stress that its because of gender roles, systemic misogyny, and male privilege that TIMs have been able to get away with it for so long. It's just women/feminists fault.

No. 1478132

When men especially conservative men hear feminist their brains go to a woman with pink hair telling them their video games are bad. Men are fucking manchildren and many right wingers have begun siding with troons on Twitter because they have so much common ground

No. 1478135

I hate that Matt Walsh soyjak mfer has taken the spotlight from actual terfs

No. 1478136

mine too. i think it's the voices, for him - he's lived with me my sister and our mum all his life and gets scared even if a man is talking downstairs.

No. 1478137

jackie robinson was definitely a dude but you are correct anyway

No. 1478139

Any feminism men don't like is radical feminism. They say the women who participate in slutwalks and say TWAW are radfems kek.

No. 1478140

i watched him a couple years ago. i’m kind of embarrassed to admit that back then i used to just mute or click away whenever gender topics would arise then come back to the stream 20m later or something. when i found out he “supported sex workers” in poor country i was done. (if you really wanted to support them just give them the money without forcing them touch your dirty dick)

i so wish there were more sane leftists because capitalism is literally the cancer killing this planet. idk why so many have this fucking blindspot, it honesty makes them sound exactly like your typical shitlib.

No. 1478143

Moids ignore radical feminists speaking up against this shit for decades and constantly harass them because of the strong stigma against radical feminism, but as soon as some man repeats the exact same talking points radfems have made about trannies all the other moids think it makes sense. Just being male makes everything you say seem so much more credible to others and it's sickening.

No. 1478148

I’d be able to accept that but it’s a dude who literally doesn’t want women to be allowed to get abortions or marry other women. Fucking disgusting person

No. 1478151

I love how you can immediately which one is male and which one is female regardless of what clothes they wear. Julia Long is an intelligent and wonderful person. Peto is vomit in human form.

No. 1478152

Agreed, and I've seen men spout, "This is what you wanted! Equality!" with a lot of laugh emojis. Pisses me off.

No. 1478153

Conservatives appropriating radfem ideas was inevitable

No. 1478154

> TIMs are men but conservative moids don't ever stress that its because of gender roles, systemic misogyny, and male privilege that TIMs have been able to get away with it for so long.

Yeah the conservatives take a lot of their talking points from the radfem crowd but they always omit the stuff that says patriarchy is a thing kek

No. 1478160

No. 1478162

You can tell when an anon is a scrote on lolcow when they accuse other anons of having many pet cats.

No. 1478163

lilith was the real first woman in the bible but she was too based so god squished her and then made eve out of adam's rib instead.
that's why troons use the name, they think they are the badass woman instead of the subservient shittier one that cis women all descend from (acording to the bible)

No. 1478168

Same, it’s got me like what the fuck is wrong with you, I highly doubt waves of women out there were cheering for men to be able to walk in our restrooms with their dicks out and invade our spaces like it’s no big deal. Nobody wanted this, except perverts. It started with the bathroom shit. The slippery slope does exist, and we’ve been tumbling down it for years.

No. 1478170

they're trying to make anime facial expressions

No. 1478171

Didn't Lilith become a demon?

No. 1478174

She’s nowhere in the bible, btw, I mean that in a friendly way, sometimes text tones don’t translate well. She is found nowhere in actual scripture.

No. 1478176

if someone tries to fuck my cat i will shoot them.

No. 1478181

whoa he got fat

No. 1478182

Lilith appears in a lot of Middle Eastern folklore but she isn't in the Biblical canon.

No. 1478192

It's crazy how the TRAs will blame radfems for transphobia and "killing them" while the conservatives will blame radfems for creating the tranny problem or never speaking up against them.

No. 1478195

I literally have three cats so I don’t know what you’re on about. I hate the stereotype bc I fit it.

No. 1478197

Yeah somehow radical feminists invented both transphobia AND transgenderism.

No. 1478198

Yep, this. She doesn’t exist in the bible itself, is nowhere in scripture, factually. Just folklore, myth, etc. Not legitimate or proper teaching, though.

No. 1478200

It makes no sense.

No. 1478204

Anon is saying that moids use it as an insult because it's a really common belief among conservative men that cats are turning women away from their "natural duty" of childbearing.

No. 1478205

Moids believe cats are evil and make women waste their fertile years by being their substitute babies.

No. 1478206

Oh, my bad. I thought they were saying I was male and was very confused.

No. 1478207

That's exactly why troons are doing their best to get rid of that framework. They are the people who push to ditch it.

No. 1478210

jesus fuck that toilet selfie
wE jUsT wAnT tO pEe

No. 1478212

File: 1648011681992.jpg (148.31 KB, 757x901, 4543435.JPG)

No. 1478213

File: 1648011682164.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2062, B68017C8-EB2C-4484-988A-0604C6…)

Holy shit kek thanks to briefly looking at his KF thread I now know his actual name is Landon Hiscock. What a name. Sorry to share an image from the other farms but it’s just so hilarious.

No. 1478215

>Cats have seductive and feminine allure. Look at the graceful movements of a cat. Observe the lazy seductive stretches of its body. Cats are the natural exhibitors of female sex appeal. Any woman wanting to learn seductive female body language could learn well from observing a cat, and carry herself in a similar fashion. Humans have always been seduced by this appeal of these creatures from history.

Why don't men just admit they want to fuck cats

No. 1478218

>What about intersex or people birth with both parts?
Intersex people are either male or female and their reproductive system development went awry. That's it. They aren't some of halfway he/she.

Sex is a binary because there are two options, ova and sperm. That's it. Gender = sex. Gender identity is made up bs.

Jesus christ.

No. 1478220

are we sure that isnt a joke? if it's real, then we know why he turned out so stupid. His parents were legally retarded

No. 1478222

Scrotes are so convinced that dogs are alpha and cats are betas but actually cats are alpha and dogs are beta because dogs are subservient while cats don't do anything yet women still flock to them.

No. 1478223

Because the kinkshaming is bad now so hating on furries went out of fashion.

No. 1478224

Well said, simply put.

No. 1478229

oh sorry. i'm ayrt and i thought "Scripture" was the same in all three. like they all had the same old testament pretty much. lol i'm dumb sorry

No. 1478230

File: 1648012903658.png (33.66 KB, 481x302, jasman sad.png)


He is back what ever it was. going thru the suicidal pinwheel atm. If it's already bad now, can you imagine how hard its gonna be for him during the first few weeks after GRS?

God I hope he live tweets it like Fanny does.

No. 1478231

Prayer circle for a 41%.

No. 1478237

Content note

No. 1478238

Cartoon Network.

No. 1478240

No. 1478242

I miss when trannies were a taboo freaks in society and no one used to take them seriously.

No. 1478243

OOOOHH I hope he gets his undicking surgery soon, I really think if he does we’ll be able to witness a 41% once he wakes up out of his boner haze & realizes he destroyed everything for a coom that he can’t even experience anymore

No. 1478244

Bratz has always been a trashy franchise for little girls. Their whole theme is bimbos obsessed with fashion and boys.

No. 1478246

at least barbie is a renaissance woman with a million jobs. what do bratz do?

No. 1478248

I'm sorry anon but I don't think we should give Blaire too much platitude because it's not coming from a sincere place and it's all about being contrarian to be "not like those other troons". In order to to see proper change and stop this mental fuckedness, you have to be critical of them all. Because even on the surface Blaire may say things that sound reasonable but there's still the fact that he's invading women only spaces (I don't doubt for a second that he doesn't use women's restrooms, especially after finding out what he does at airport security))and we can't pick and choose who gets to use our facilities because if you let one man in, you have to let all of them in.

If Blaire was actually calling for thrid spaces, I'd be a little more lenient but he's not doing that so this is where we are.

No. 1478249

get their big ol bug heads chewed on by children at drop off daycares nationwide

No. 1478250

> i've also read about HSTS being AGP at the same time in the sense they're gay men who want to be bimbo straight women fucking men

This is the thing that confuses me. From what I recall of AGP, it's pretty much a man who is trying to become this hyper feminized to pornographic degrees image of a woman and that most of them are straight but Blaire White like you said, dresses like an AGP only with less bad makeup but can HSTS also be autogynephelic even though they aren't attracted to women since they're gay. That maybe the AGP in them comes from the attention they get from men wanting to fuck them?

No. 1478254

It's the peakening happening, I think all the newfags and blogging is a good sign that more people are becoming wise to this

No. 1478257

I can feel the trainspotting from here
He is honestly so deranged looking I doubt anyone would think he was an older student. He has the kind of glassy eyed expression that suggests he could knife you at any moment, plus those proportions are clearly of someone above school age. But they should have more restrictions on uniform buying, it never crossed my mind perverts would be buying school uniforms.

No. 1478261

Are these even the same people in these pics wtf

No. 1478262

fuck he is creepy. If I was you I wouldn't be able to resist cow tipping. I would be making a anon facebook account and posting his photos over the local mother's groups in the area warning them about him tbh.

like >>1477939 said I can totally see a naive 11 year old falling for that bullshit. I know I was that naive as a kid and resulted in a few older family friends trying to take advantage of me. As a mother myself now, creeps like that freak me the fuck out now. Burn it with fire.

No. 1478263

he honestly strikes me as someone who would troon out if his wife left him

No. 1478269

File: 1648017158347.jpeg (320.92 KB, 1170x1428, E2CA8FAC-9F1F-4378-8F5E-320AEB…)

Is jameel accidentally almost being a terf?

No. 1478271

I don't think so, she seems to be saying that we shouldn't care about trans women in sports because there are bigger problems

No. 1478272

>just mute or click away whenever gender topics would arise then come back
I need to stop doing that. I rationalize it to myself that I need to know what an average leftist reddit male is concurrently regurgitating.

No. 1478273

She’s being sarcastic and saying men in women’s sports is just a minority issue to distract us and we should focus on the abortion thing instead. As if abortion bans haven’t been a constant subject of protest for literally ever and will continue to be to hold women hostage in left leaning environments. I’ve noticed it’s a common liberal thing to say “ignore this problem because this thing is much worse in comparison” as if you’re not allowed to have mental capacity to speak out on more than one topic and they have the right to tell you which one is worth the outrage.

No. 1478274

The thumbnail is priceless oh my god. Also based comments

No. 1478277

No, she's a libfem and a huge a attention seeker. So much of what Jameela Jamil does is to get people to like her and liberal feminism is an acceptable and "trendy" identity to adopt.

No. 1478279

First time I've seen a half decent opinion from this woman

No. 1478281

File: 1648018742386.jpeg (155.78 KB, 969x1024, AFC55220-5528-4327-A655-90B424…)

She turned her back on the woman who made her in support of men. She isn’t a feminist.

>JK Rowling swishing her magic wand and calmly uttering one single phrase on the morning of the BAFTAS

>Trannicus Tyrannicus!

No. 1478282

She's just trying to say that we should stop hating trannies because abortion is the bigger issue. Women can can hate both trannies and be pro-choice. She's never going to be a "TERF" as long she remains a loud and proud libfem with Munchausen syndrome.

No. 1478284

File: 1648019233111.jpg (450.56 KB, 1427x912, 928309380833029.JPG)

>attention seeker
Jamil had a ridiculous personal life entry on Wikipedia before mods deleted most of it.

No. 1478286

Kek peto means beast in my language, how fitting

No. 1478287

How the fuck does Jameela get randomly attacked by four separate bee swarms in her life.

No. 1478295

In my language, it means fart.

No. 1478297

Based bees.

No. 1478302

Why for the ever living god did the troon not fix his bra strap thru out the entire video?! like I know he should be able to feel it. Is his man hands to big to fit thru the collar of his dress to correct it? Was he secretly getting off having a room full of people see his "undergarments"?

Troons are fucking weird. For someone who is so drawn to and identifies with female socialization/presentation you would think he would try and fix that shit. yuck.

No. 1478304

It's part of the AGP fetish to flash female underwear.

No. 1478305

Heather Pedo

No. 1478309

Emma being a huge handmaiden aside, I just love how women are not allowed to age. What a stupid ridiculous article, looks like a scrote wrote it under the guise of 'objective reporting.' It's just there to mock her with the side by side.

No. 1478323

Most Taiwanese women are totally ignorant of transgenderism and if they are aware of it then they tend to be annoying ass libfems. The most vocal person speaking up against the tranny takeover of Taiwan isn't even a Taiwanese woman but the American scholar Jaclynn J. I've met way more mainland Chinese radfems than I have Taiwanese ones despite the former group suffering from restricted information access. Really says a lot.

No. 1478327

I feel like the more liberal and pro-America the country is the more pro-trans they tend to be

No. 1478356

Is that fucking Kylie Minogue?

No. 1478367

that's really interesting anon. I just measured mine (happened to have a ruler right by me) and yep my ring finger is considerably shorter than my index. huh, I never knew!!

No. 1478368

File: 1648024443983.png (11.72 KB, 511x295, heather.png)

Lot of very interesting skeletons in this Heather Peto guy's closet.

No. 1478369

File: 1648024471298.png (7.21 MB, 2208x1242, A2E476A4-C526-4512-885D-414DB6…)

Anon this is great! Does anyone have any other similar videos where a tranny gets btfo like this on a panel? Post your favourites or ones that spark joy.


Fast forward to 7:39 and it’s gold. The tranny is called Vicky

>Radio Host: An elderly woman who needs personal care is entitled to have that delivered by another woman rather than a man who’s decided on a Wednesday he’s a woman. C’mon Vicky you must see that.

>Tranny: I have a nephew who is severely disabled-
>Radio Host: I’m sorry to hear that but please answer my question.

No. 1478371

I guess I'm half man half woman since mine is longer in one hand kek
>It also correlates heavily with autistic traits

No. 1478372

Hahahaha I love this thread.

No. 1478375

Yes Pedo has his own Kiwifarms thread.

No. 1478379

Julia Long is great. And she's an actual radfem scholar not just your typical conservative gender critical drone.

No. 1478381

I can't believe conservatives are calling themselves "gender critical" now.

No. 1478387

Not a video of a tranny getting BTFO but I think this video of Julia Long explaining how TRAs control language is good. She mentions that "good trans" and "bad trans" is a false dichotomy. I always see a few anons here give a pass to some TIMs who recognize they are biologically male. It doesn't matter what the tranny's specific beliefs are, all trannies are bad because they rely on the social construct of gender to form their identity.

No. 1478399

nonnies is there a place where you can find accurate scientific information debunking trans propaganda? I remember seeing studies linked here and there but I can't search through 50+ threads just to attempt to tell my handmaiden friends that estrogen doesn't actually make a man physically equal to a woman in any way. It's always obvious to anyone with a brain, but they refuse to listen to the "transphobic" reality unless it's put in front of them in clear black and white

No. 1478401

This page should be a good start for you, anon.


No. 1478413

File: 1648029134713.png (701.75 KB, 602x784, 34542354123.PNG)

So brave.

No. 1478419

File: 1648030043222.jpg (124.41 KB, 827x1151, 20220323_210634.jpg)


No. 1478425

this artist's exceptionally ugly coomer art style takes away from the message

No. 1478439

LMAO that means beast, and, yes really, a predator in my language

No. 1478450

right why does the mother have balloon tits and a huge ass

No. 1478453

He’s always reminded me on Randy Stair too, interesting

No. 1478454

thank you, the peaking of my handmaiden friends will commence

No. 1478456

Because some radical feminists believe radfem is a complete theory, ie the entire capitalist system is patriarchal and therefore the entire system (including prison) should be scrapped, ushering in communism. However the type of (usually American) radfems who think prison should be scrapped also seem to believe that being GNC and/or homosexual somehow makes men less male…

No. 1478457

>the concept of biological sex being binary is made up
How many people have conceived naturally using two eggs or two sperm? Is there a third sex cell in humans that only you know about? The purpose of biological sex is sexual reproduction, and it IS binary.

No. 1478461

Thanks to modern medicine it's easier now than ever to understand which intersex disorder a patient can have, even as soon as they're born depending on the symptoms that are visible. I'm not intersex, I had an endocrine disorder that made it very difficult for my pituitary gland to generate enough growth hormone for me to grow up unless I could receive a medical treatment and the doctors check whether I suffered from Turner's (so just one X chromosome instead of XX) with just bloodwork like 20 years ago. Sex is a tangible thing even if it's not obvious at first glance.

No. 1478463

File: 1648034851692.png (869.68 KB, 1196x1138, anarcho_gender.png)

have fun making sense of the tweet on the left lol. another retarded twitter moid who identifies as a female cat and plural system

No. 1478464

>The purpose of biological sex is sexual reproduction
It makes me so frustrated when people don't understand this. The ONLY purpose of sex is reproduction, but you can't say that without trannies and libfems screaming that we think women who can't reproduce aren't women. Those women still have every other part of a female because sex is binary and there is a clear distinction between both. Just like humans are bipeds and missing a leg doesn't make you non human

No. 1478469

>The cat girl is out of the bag

Well put it back in before I see my breakfast for the second time today. YUK!

Also nonnas I picked up my clothes from my ex’s house and noticed that all the waistbands (mostly on my underwear and pyjamas) are all stretched out. It happened a bit when I lived with him but now they’re all fully ruined from his man hips. When he troons I’ll be sure to share some pictures with you, make sure you laugh extra hard at him.

No. 1478470

I always pretend to have cats so moids can threaten me with dying alone with them. I have no cats, but it amuses me.

No. 1478471

File: 1648036206177.png (Spoiler Image, 447.68 KB, 575x640, sc423234-423da-3213g.png)

Fannys twitter is already public again, I dont think he can stand being away from the attention for 5 seconds. You know he secrely loves people talking about him, even if he gets super upset whenever somebody calls him a man, despite the fact he posts selfies like this

No. 1478472

What a fucking nonce. Why is he wearing school uniform when he's a grown-arse man. I still have my old secondary school uniform somewhere and you wouldn't catch me dead putting it on in public like this. I actually hope someone on Nextdoor flags this creep up because I wouldn't put it past him to approach actual kids.

No. 1478474

Kek her entire life sounds like a soap opera.

No. 1478477

File: 1648037071062.jpg (473.85 KB, 1079x1717, Screenshot_20220323-080325_Sam…)

It's funny seeing trannies completely unable to cope with the fact that their "movement" is damaging and irreversible, so all they can claim is that it's fake.

No. 1478481

He looks like he's wearing pads or diaper underneath. So it's not the mutilated wound that's fat but it could be if it likely overflowing with pus or the flesh swelled because of something else.

No. 1478491

Holy shit nonna, good for you for getting out!!

No. 1478495

Some girls I know irl are obsessed with tranny pandering and love this singer Laura Jayne Grace. One look at their twitter and it's the same shit

No. 1478499

sage for blog, but I also discuss some stuff about autistic men & women

Both of my ring fingers are significantly longer than my index fingers. no1curr but I was girly as a kid, grew out of that before puberty but never wanted to troon out. I went to nerd school and will finish my PhD this year. I did not end up in STEM but seriously considered it; my natural talents were more in STEM tbh. I rarely if ever experience sexual attraction.

All of that said, I 100% do not believe that digit ratio has any correlation with ability in STEM subjects (this used to be a topic). The autistic thing might track better, especially for me, but such a diagnosis would have done absolutely nothing for me as a child/teen. I want to say, though, that high-functioning women - regardless of whether they have autistic traits or not - are forced to adapt to situations, whereas autistic men are often tolerated or even venerated for the same traits.

I have a side project investigating notions of "genius" and how this term is almost exclusively used to refer to men. This gendered term, once given to a man, absolves him of abrasive or anti-social quirks. Women never receive this absolution in the workplace or in academia. Women are forced to adapt and fit into society if they want jobs and recognition, whereas society accommodates the autistic man and makes a place for him. This is true even when a man commits criminal or morally repugnant acts, provided his perceived "genius" is strong enough. It's sexist bullshit that I've seen play out on a small stage at universities and on the world stage.

Worst of all is watching otherwise intelligent women make excuses for mediocre autistic men. "He's just different." "That's just how he is." "You have to understand X about him." Fuck no, I don't. I have to live by a completely different set of rules and do work 100x better in order to get a crumb of praise.

No. 1478501

File: 1648040164731.jpg (148.08 KB, 540x802, tumblr_68d6b0b3803e37f237a1cee…)


No. 1478502

File: 1648040383037.png (282.96 KB, 597x453, ripx4nutmeg.png)

does anyone know anything about this actress, natasha ward? she spoke up about troons in women's sports and tra's are trying to cancel her

No. 1478504

File: 1648040495382.jpeg (396.43 KB, 1222x1512, ACC98B5F-EF9C-4128-A445-F78B4D…)

nonnas help i can’t do this, i’m going to die from laughter. how is this world real

No. 1478506

They get what they ask for lol

No. 1478508

Some people go to science classes at school and don't remember what they were taught at all and say shit like that. It's like when you're taught that species just happened to evolve thanks to random mutations and the ones left are the species that could survive in their environment following said random mutations, and people think that means that species purposelly evolved to adapt to their new environment like you can change your body whenever you want with enough willpower like in some bad Naruto episode kek. These people must think the same for sex/gender, that it can be adapted on purpose based on muh feelings. When we say that sex is what determines your role in reproduction it means JUST that, but good luck trying to make trannies understand that because they'll think you're implying weird shit.

No. 1478509

File: 1648041243636.jpg (155.37 KB, 1200x800, transparent11.jpg)

Hyper exaggeration on the sexual dimorphism.
Look at the second panel nonny; The troon is built like a statue, perfect posture, cartoonishly massive arms, the mother is also built like a statue, but one of the perfect woman.

After watching transparent, every troon I see looks like Jeffery.

No. 1478512

See the studies page at the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine


No. 1478518

KEK this deserves reposting properly. Dance starts at 1:02

No. 1478519

Nice wig, bro

No. 1478521

>What about intersex or people birth with both parts?
I'm not a scientist but I'm pretty sure this isn't possible. Intersex people are men and women with a medical disorder at birth, not hermaphrodites. Some of them might identiy as trans or third-gendered as a coping mechanism but humans can't produce fertile sperm and fertile eggs at the same time, it's either one or the other or neither due to a health issue. Ovotestes exist but they're usually damaged, on the inside of the body (so you can't tell if someone has them by looking at them), are apparent in both intersexed men and women, and they usually have to be removed because they cause cancer (since intersex is a disorder and not a third sex).

It's honestly dumb to claim sex is a construct just because intersex people exist, since like I said, it's a health disorder and a very huge minority. That's playing into the TRA's game, since they argue the binary isn't real because of a minority, when they are a minority too (or were - there's 5x more people becoming trans than people being born intersex). Sex is just about gamete size (even if they become damaged) and phenotype as much as chromosomes.

No. 1478522

Why is it confusing? Gay men who want to appeal sexually to straight men, so they imitate what they believe is peak femininity.

No. 1478527

I follow a pelvic floor PT and she made a stupid tiktok meme video about how women with vaginismus and transwomen with SRS both have to dilate. She even had a pelvic floor model of an amhole next to a normal female model.

No. 1478529

This might as well be a comedy holy shit I laughed so hard when the last one came in.

No. 1478532

>The way they orbit him.
>The way he takes the lead for a split second before doing nothing for a minute.
>They aren't dancing for the audience, they are dancing for him.
Twitter the Ballet.

No. 1478533

They gave him a solo at the moment but he barely does anything. He also couldn't stand on his toes properly and sometimes forces himself to raise his legs higher, especially in jumping.

He also doesn't have much twirl and spins movements and mostly sits down. Mostly uses his hands as well. I noticed he's the only on to wear a low cleavage. The other dancers looks younger than him too.

No. 1478538

File: 1648043948931.jpeg (885.06 KB, 1284x1560, 3B803123-2197-43B1-8D41-8B22A7…)

He looks like he wants to be Futaba from P5

No. 1478541

Fuck that was pathetic. Painful to watch.

No. 1478542

poor futaba, her story is sad but eheh funny gamer coomer girl right?
I wish all male gamers a very good die

No. 1478548

it's insane how everyone caters to these moids. people act like they're kids from the make-a-wish foundation.

No. 1478550

I laughed through most of it, watching him this around and flail his man body was hilerious!

But the. The flowers at the end and his big bow? How was he the lead? He didn’t DO anything! The other girls danced around him and he kicked his legs every now and then and waved his arms. Fuck me the pandering needs to stop.

The girls are so graceful and elegant, he absolutely towers them in every way.

I bet he had a great big wank in the girls changing room afterwards

No. 1478559


I don't think it's that complicated or confusing. It's the "women are allowed to like men and are liked by them, let's become a woman !" reasoning.

But they're not attracted to women. So they don't emulate the type of woman they're attracted to, like an AGP skinwalker would. They're not attracted to the idea of themselves as women, they're attracted to being fucked by men, so they emulate what they think will get them the most dick basically

And they're not always bimbos. Some HSTS in countries where childish cutesy women are considered more attractive will go for a cuter look because it's more likely to attract men. It also depends on what kind of men they're attracted to, I'm sure there are some semi-skinwalker cases out there of HSTS who skinwalk the love interest (or type) of a straight man who rejected them before.

No. 1478560

Pity there's no surgery for those gigantic Krusty the Klown feet.

No. 1478562

Can you imagine being a girl in that company having to dance a round a troon solely so your company can put on a woke performance and get woke points. Damn.

No. 1478564

would be funny if it was real lol

No. 1478570

I swear every troon has this same $12 wig from amazon

No. 1478577

File: 1648046604521.jpg (266.44 KB, 1800x1200, troon bow.jpg)


This picture is his Facebook masthead. Eventually the novelty of troonlarp will wear off and even shitlibs will get bored with making the soy o-face at every "revolutionary" move these no-talent gorillas make.

No. 1478578

Im mtf and several lolcowers have literally begged to give me a bj.(delusional)

No. 1478583

aren't they ashamed of themselves for being treated like damn toddlers

No. 1478585

they don't have enough self-awareness to notice

No. 1478589


He's a poet too:

"I had days where I had to work myself up from zero. I finished every single day being my own journey's hero." Most performers are narcissists but this guy is on another level.

No. 1478591

Lmao of course that’s his header. It encapsulates the troon desire fully with everyone standing around giving the brave and stunning male accolades. Almost hilarious.

No. 1478593


Oh never mind, the narration is by a "spoken word artist" just as talent-free as our Sophie

No. 1478595

File: 1648047242058.png (54.12 KB, 169x195, fed up.png)

I love these troon photos where you can see someone in the frame looking super unimpressed.

No. 1478596

tif and tim likes to be infantilized because it boosts their ego. It's the reason why they act entitled and spoiled because people are walking on eggshells around and about them. If only troons aren't dubbed as 'endangered species'.

No. 1478598

Literally Dances With Women

No. 1478606

Kinda wish you photo-shopped the WOC being held

No. 1478608

Aren't these the two who went to one of the Paul brothers party and they weren't let in because they weren't "real girls"
It's crazy how the one in pink looks just like James Charles in the shopped picture, but IRL he looks like a animated Roach named Charles from a knock off Disney movie.

No. 1478610

File: 1648047922863.png (117.74 KB, 329x245, kek.png)

def my favorite part of troon spotting tbh.

No. 1478616

braces don't always fix this problem sadly, poor diet and posture also have an effect

No. 1478619

It hurts so much when women do shit like this, but even more when it's coming from a black woman. These men spend all day comparing BLACK WOMEN to fucking transwomen for their arguments, they know the difference.
If you believe in troon shit, then the reason people say "Cis" and "trans" is to show the difference. I'd even take a "Whoever identifies as a woman" as dumb as that in, then, "I don't know".
What the fuck does that mean? Suddenly you, a woman, don't know the differences between you and your husband? Whats even dumber is I doubt she believes this shit. It's just her not wanting to make the troons mad.

No. 1478620

I just love how everyone is forcing a smile.

No. 1478625

What do you even mean tho “their reproductive system went awry” do you understand how a fetus develops? All fertilized embryos start out “female” until the ovaries drop and the labia fuse? Also >>1478457 they’ve literally made a fetus from two female eggs successfully but it was more like a clone
Also what about al the animals that naturally hermaphrodite in times of stress.(derailing)

No. 1478627

not an American, but honestly I would want to abolish prisons for women. So many women are in prison because they defended themselves or their family. Or rather need psychiatric help, economic assistance etc. Never mind that you can be locked up with an AGP in some countries nowadays. In Rojava, women are the ones patrolling the street with guns, protecting everyone. Back in the day in Spain there was Mujeres Libres, giving women guns to protect themselves from men. Cutting out the middleman, because a man is faster going to side with other men. No need to lock up a dead rapist.

No. 1478639

False, all fetuses do not start off as female, that’s just a lie, haha. That’s saying they have XX chromosomes and then somehow magically turn into XY.

No. 1478641

Isn’t vaginismus a psychological condition? There’s something really sinister about equating the two. One is a wound that needs to be forcibly kept open to stop it from closing up and the other is the physically normal vagina of a woman who experiences psychological distress about being penetrated. I’ve read that “getting used” to penetration can be part of the treatment but that’s still psychological in nature. By equating the two it sounds like she thinks the solution to vaginismus is to jam foreign objects in the vagina to physically force it open, as is the case with inverted penises. I would not trust this woman as my physical therapist.

No. 1478642

I'm sorry, I see where you're coming from but no. Some women 100% deserve to be in prison and no psychiatric or financial help is going to cure their inherent evilness. We need prison lmao

No. 1478646

It can have physical causes too for example as a consequence of surgery disrupting the pelvic floor.

No. 1478652

File: 1648050074644.jpg (111.34 KB, 594x832, llllllllo.jpg)

i love that even if they manage to threaten everyone into compliance they still know that no one actually believes them. they will never get genuine faith from anyone, just polite tolerance and it kills them.

No. 1478654

This argument is dangerous because you could say the same about men in a lot of cases. Serial rapist? It’s mental health problems. Armed home invasion? But his family needed to eat! Crimes are crimes for a reason.

False, all foetuses start off as undeveloped male or female. Their chromosomes determine their sexual development, except in cases of DSDs. Scientists playing God does not mean procreation in humans happens between two eggs, and other animals aren’t relevant to this conversation. Dogs have four legs, but humans don’t. Your points are weaker than wet paper, embarrassing.

No. 1478659

File: 1648050648452.jpg (104.92 KB, 1067x1600, Stretched Earlobes Issa My Sav…)

You can use dilation as part of treatment for vaginismus, but yes, you need therapy too. They're not remotely the same thing.
Vaginismus is like if somebody had a fear of eating, so they clenched their jaw muscles really tight all the time, which made the muscles short and inflexible. Stretches could be part of the therapy, but it won't fix the cause.
SRS dilation is like stretching your earlobes but with much more serious consequences lol

No. 1478662

inb4 therapist tells him cutting his dick off will make him feel better.

No. 1478670

the reason it takes up so much mental space is because he knows it's true

No. 1478673

File: 1648051050094.jpg (2.02 MB, 960x4603, troonshit.jpg)

Twitter schizo has a meltdown over people not liking pussies/girldicks, throws a shitfit and claims they were raped, brings up unrelated articles because they think people not liking certain genitalia is what causes murder.

Cannot take an ounce of criticism to their hilarious claims, of course.

No. 1478680

File: 1648051272273.png (18.31 KB, 598x404, ranting_trans_deleted.png)

He must have found us kek. I was just browsing his account like an hour ago.

No. 1478688

File: 1648051459356.jpg (421.3 KB, 1080x1324, troon2.jpg)

Bonus: This weirdo saying they are entitled to be included in other people's sex lives. It is a little rich they call the people criticizing them "incels" when they're having a psychotic episode over somebody not liking dick/pussy or their SRS counterparts.

No. 1478697

holy kek, every time i see narcissa having a meltdown, i wonder what john numbers is doing with his life.

No. 1478699

File: 1648051894892.jpg (271.28 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20220323-061910~2.j…)

This is so fucking bleak.

No. 1478700

If someone can't define the word 'woman', they are not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. This bitch gotta get back to preschool to learn the basics.

No. 1478701

File: 1648052137938.jpg (734.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220323-121521_Gal…)


The eyeshadow and the nasty smile is sending me. What a trash fire.

No. 1478703


Being black typically a difference experience just as being a woman is. The girl though she does consider herself culturally Japanese she still had a black experience as visually she isn't part of the homogeneous of Japan appearance wise and will make her a target to the whims of Japan's society.

Even if a boy is raised as a girl, and a man becomes a woman later in life, there is still a difference that most women can tell.

No. 1478705

Even when I was my wokest, when I knew someone was trans regardless of how much they passed, they weren't fully seen as a "Woman" to me. I remember there was a Black transwoman who passed very well, I had no idea he was trans. When I found out, I no longer saw him as a woman. Not as a man, but not as a woman. Just a transwoman. I remember I found out this guy was into troons, I no longer saw him as straight. Not gay, but bisexual.
At it's core, I feel very few people truly think of troons as the gender they say they are. Once you know it's stuck in your head.
I think only coomers can convince themselves that troons aren't "men", because the CoomBrain. Even then they know deep down the dick they are sucking is still a dick.
Thats why so many of them get mad at people for not thinking they are straight. They still need others (mainly women), to validate their lies.
The only way you can view them as women, without a coom brain is if they pass well enough and you don't know.

No. 1478708

This is just showing how non committal politicians riding the tranny trend are tbh. If she were committed to the troon cause she’d be out there saying “anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman UwU” but she knows that shit isn’t going to fly with normies, and she can’t give a biological definition without offending the wokes.

No. 1478711

Silencing woman is abuse

No. 1478719

How are you this ignorant. Read a biology text book.

>made a fetus from two female eggs successfully

with mice. in a lab. after altering both eggs and one egg to look like a sperm.
Humans aren't mice. And don't reproduce by having their gametes altered in lab.

>Also what about al the animals that naturally hermaphrodite in times of stress.

Those animals aren't humans or mammals, they have nothing to do with human reproduction.

No. 1478720

I really hope they don’t pick her, my word. WHY is this controversial? This is why America is going straight to fucking hell in a hand basket.

No. 1478723

>Also what about al the animals that naturally hermaphrodite in times of stress.
This has to be bait kek. Anon we're not slugs, show me a mammal species that doesn't have a binary sex

No. 1478724

Even the loudest handmaidens clearly don’t see TIMs as women because they don’t treat them the same way as other women. They might pay lip service to black, ‘queer’, disabled, immigrant etc. women in the name of intersectionality but they will never show the same uncritical reverence, subservience or self-deprecation to those women as they do to trans-identified men. They often treat TIFs the same way as they treat other women too, just with more pity. You can clearly see this whenever there is conflict between TIMs and women, marginalised or not. The TIMs’ words and actions are excused and defended no matter how inappropriate, violent or depraved whereas the actual women are told to just be nice, be kind, be quiet, take up less space, accommodate, appease.

No. 1478725

kek all i kept was the gym uniform
fuck that $100 blazer, i'm not throwing out good sweatpants though

No. 1478727

Just because 1 in 6000 times you flip a coin it'll land on it's edge doesn't mean you can't functionally consider the options to be heads or tails. Same with sex.

No. 1478729

god FUCK OFF troons. calling CHILDREN liars and fakes is abuse. actual abuse, not just a guy who wants a videogame discount calling you "sir"

No. 1478732

against me's lyrics got so fucking bad after the trooning. he used to be articulate and perceptive, now just writes songs about tHe WoMaN iNsIdE mE. he is fairly chill outsdie of having ruined his band though. he lets his kids call him "dad" because he is still their dad (his words) and has an age-appropriate girlfriend.

No. 1478733

>Ronson contradicted Jamil's version of events, describing "one or two individual bees" and walking "slowly inside" in


No. 1478736

if that digit crap about STEM was true i'd be an engineer, not a second-rate electrician. my index is 3.5" and my ring is 4". sometimes women are just tall

No. 1478737

If he wants to be in ballet, then he should be expected to uphold the same strict body requirements that the female dancers do. He should have to starve himself down like they do to achieve the ballet world's desired waif aesthetic. But nope, he is accommodated and celebrated for his mediocrity. Meanwhile, girls are rejected from companies because their boobs are too big, or they look too muscular, or they're a few inches too tall or too short.

Just like >>1478499 said, men are coddled and accommodated in so many ways that we aren't. I'm not autistic, but my best friend is and she's complained to me about the exact same thing. Not to blog too much, but I have ADHD and it gets a very similar treatment. It's usually diagnosed later in life, if at all, and it's usually the inattentive type as opposed to hyperactive. Moids will use this info to claim that women don't really get ADHD or if they do then it's not as bad. No, it's because if we acted like annoying spazzes all the time, that would be very quickly shut down and punished by the adults around us. We adapt because we aren't given any other choice.

No. 1478738

benny hill troon

No. 1478741

I don't think they realize they're getting treated like tards because people feel bad for them. They think they're getting treated like chads being celebrated after winning a football game.

They need to realize thats why normies dislike terfs. Normies see us terfs as picking on the tards. Because normies see troons as tards.

No. 1478742

they molest people like he did too

No. 1478743

Yep, lets use gossip sites for example. How many times have you been on a mainstream gossip site where they talk about women, looks, bodies, surgeries and lifestyles? Rather, they've done something wrong or not to "Deserve" these comments? Now look at those sites when a TIM is involved. Suddenly they are a lot nicer in tone. Suddenly they think it's wrong to pick at plastic surgery. Or they don't post troons in a bad light at all. That's why I stopped going on Dlisted years ago. I noticed that the gay men/women on there were so nasty towards EVERYONE, but when it came to TIMS suddenly they feel the need to not say the things they say about actual woman.
Now BW aren't even protected, I remember when people loved to pander to us, but unless you are a black transwoman don't expect special treatment.
I'll never forget some gossip site, was actually DEFENDING Laverne Hiscock saying it's BW's fault, that black men don't date troons and harm them. It was the most fake sounding "BW" as well.

No. 1478744

Anytime a man says he hates kids it always makes me think of Onision & his whole "I can't be a pedo I hate kids! They're creepy & stupid, and one time I was attacked by a group of kids & they tore my shirt off!"

All pedos sound the same lol

No. 1478745

those are pretty small feet for a moid

No. 1478748

File: 1648054622109.png (62.17 KB, 436x558, Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 1.00…)

No. 1478750

haha no you beat me to it!! i love this woman.

No. 1478752

File: 1648054764430.png (36.89 KB, 469x497, feeling like.PNG)

Also, this is probably the first gossip site that I saw people calling out the "Feeling like a woman" shit and I remember reading these comments going, "What the hell? This is so fucked up and transphobic".
Last I went on the site, it was agaisnt JKR and I think TRA central. But this site has almost always been "Woke". This was about Sam Smith.

No. 1478753

No. 1478755

Agreed. 1) I hate that feminism includes defending mentally ill men. That's not real, hons. 2) You can tell it's just ugly make up, bad tan and hair. It doesn't seem like she's had hair loss, but it might because she's ana-channing it? Mentally ill defending the mentally ill.

No. 1478757

File: 1648054846464.jpeg (594.58 KB, 2048x2048, 7548172D-8A84-4780-BCCB-107B03…)

Before and after. I wanna die

No. 1478759

check if those tweets about being a nazi are still up he could have purged them while locked.

No. 1478761


Anon, we need to do a collage of all the glow downs. From clean cut guy to brett michaels in a dress.

No. 1478763

File: 1648055010338.jpeg (240.04 KB, 720x1280, EBC52C77-4AA7-46F6-8B06-FCD338…)

having a disgusting room is so feminine!

No. 1478769

This pic smells like mental illness. Why is there a massive hole in his programmer sock

No. 1478779

>empty toilet paper roles everywhere
I don't even want to know

No. 1478781

black women caping for troons is the most uncle tom thing i can imagine

No. 1478782

File: 1648055463273.jpg (36.81 KB, 720x403, 5d7c104a3e02ceeda97678dd.jpg)

kek literally lives like the typical gamer male

No. 1478783

File: 1648055471216.png (27.28 KB, 753x440, GAY TIMES on Twitter.png)

>New bill doesn't allow teachers to talk about the gender specials to children under 8 (shouldn't be talked about at all because this has no basis in science but whatevs)
>this is somehow bad
This all started when we started pandering to troons, I feel bad for the rest of the normal people out there.

No. 1478787

That's very true anon. I'm grateful to my female friends who pointed my social issues growing up and helped me learn normal socialisation, but I can't help but be jealous of scrotes who never got called out by anyone, never had to learn anything and get to whine about how hard it is to be an autistic man (and somehow their primary complaint is always that they can't get laid, when autistic women's main issues will be receiving no support or diagnosis growing up, having anxiety due to lack of social skills, struggling to make friends or find employment, being targets for abuse, etc). Especially the troons who call themselves "autistic women" when their experience being autistic is entirely different from mine.

No. 1478788

Man he looks like a legit mental case. He trooned out after the birth of his daughter too.

No. 1478790

how does he not see that he looks exactly like matt lucas

No. 1478796

i actually honestly did see them as women, and ftms as men. i'm a bit older so never really saw any that didn't put a LOT of effort into passing, but the main reason i seriously did 100% believe what i was saying is that i grew up hearing that the surgery completely works and doctors have perfected it and the hormones also completely work.
i honestly didn't know the majority of wokies and handmaidens were just overcompensating out of guilt that they couldn't REALLY see troons as their claimed gender.
i think a decent amount of people over 35 who drink the flavoraid are like me; if you're not a doctor but have seen the insane progress in medical technology over the past 20 years, it is really easy to believe that a surgeon can sculpt a functioning vagina, and that they have a drug that turns male bones and muscle weak enough to play soccer with females.

No. 1478799

correct, nonnny. women who want to be scouts or marines have to pass the same physical test as all the other scouts. men who want to be ballerinas therefore must pass the same requirements as women.

No. 1478801

File: 1648056021505.gif (3.23 MB, 500x281, melgibson.gif)

No. 1478805

>that ass sticker in the background

No. 1478806


Wherein Grace laughs with Paris Lees about fucking one of his stalkers. Just girly things

No. 1478809

This guy literally peaked me out of TRA status by being the first TIM I ever saw explicitly making one of those "any woman who questions my gender is a bitch who needs to suck my dick" comments, lol. Shame because the band are good!

No. 1478810

I’ve been going around and around on this one for years. I was raised in a very, very liberal community and have known men and women who have transitioned, starting in about middle school. (Bizarrely, one of my closest friends is a gnc man who identifies as trans; he doesn’t seem interested in performing femininity and he pisses in the boys room, though.)
I’ve never seen myself as or wanted to be a hateful person. (Still don’t.) I’ve argued in defense of troons many times. Of course people should be allowed to dress how they wish. Of course everyone should be allowed to be their truest selves. Of course I don’t want other women raped, beaten, and murdered by bigots!
And I looked past all the creeps at first—I wouldn’t want to be judged by Betsey DeVos or Ann Coulter, so how is it fair of me to judge trans people by monsters like Yaniv? I figured the problem was a need for more gatekeeping. (I’ve never understood how or why that was such a dirty word.)
But Jesus, I can’t argue with a single word she says. She is calm, articulate, and grounding her arguments entirely in fact and logic. It’s such a contrast to the shrill, unhinged discourse you get around gender identity, which typically uses feelings as fact (“I was so sad I was going to kill myself before I got what I wanted!!”) or just makes up facts entirely (“there is absolutely no biological basis for sex”)
Goes to show that literally anything that comes out of literally any man’s mouth (even a deranged man in a dress) is given more weight than anything any woman has to say about anything.

Sage for blogpost/autistic spergfest

No. 1478811

the red hair one is a troon too? of course they want to talk about sex

No. 1478815

Back during my brief Tumblr career I used to chat with a woman who was a longtime fan. Let's just say he didn't have a good rep for how he treated his female fans, but the stans would rain holy hell on anyone who mentioned it online. It's not a coincidence he moved to crazy troon central (see Parker Molloy).

No. 1478820

File: 1648057486774.png (45.23 KB, 1122x410, My(cisF) girlfriend(MtF) has r…)

No. 1478821

I'm really starting to believe the tinfoil that all this trans shit is a psyop to destroy the left, dismantle feminism from the inside out, and undermine women's rights and to a lesser extent gay rights.
They somehow manage to weasel their way into leadership positions in leftist groups, big and small, online or irl, even if they're literal sex offenders (see the whole r/antiwork mess). By tacking the T onto LGBT, women took pity on them because we viewed them as basically just extremely flamboyant gay men. And of course, we weren't willing to listen to conservatives' criticisms of them because we know that conservatives fucking hate us too and want any excuse to take away our rights.
So we're left with 2 shitty choices: the left, where we have to kowtow to perverts and support "sex work", or the right who wants to keep us barefoot and pregnant. That's in the US at least. I'm not sure if the UK is the same as us in the sense that politics are only ever split into 2 groups, where a third party has no real chance of winning any major election. I think it's not quite as bad over there because I don't tend to hear British TRAs call any and all dissenters conservative like American TRAs do (see Vaush). Maybe that's why the TERF presence is stronger over there. Correct me if I'm wrong on that tho, British anons.
Nobody points out how much money they have behind them either. Of course pharmaceutical companies are gonna be pro-trans because it secures them lifelong customers who will require expensive medications and even more expensive surgeries, which will in turn require even more medications and further corrective surgeries. Also, I'll try to find it but I remember reading somewhere that trans shit gets more funding (from extremely wealthy backers who often happen to be white millionaire middle aged AGPs) than L, G, and B combined. Does no one on the left find it suspicious that this tiny group that's supposedly the most oppressed of them all has all this money behind them? The left caters to them to a bizarre degree. Even the leftists who will shit on any discussion of racism or sexism as idpol, will still cape for trannies.
Then you have all the center and right men blaming feminism for all this troon nonsense and that's what we get for trying to fight for equality. As much as I love to watch mass peaking, I'm scared that people will just swing hard in the opposite direction and the right will gain power again.
Either way men will be guaranteed sexual access to unwilling women. Either way gays will be punished, be it through homophobic laws or through TRAs convincing self hating homosexuals to sterilize themselves. Either way, women lose rights.

No. 1478826

why did he take a picture where we can see how close his head is to the ceiling
this man is MASSIVE

No. 1478829

average /tttt/ poster

No. 1478834

File: 1648058191510.jpeg (198.44 KB, 1242x1602, 8BB8893E-205F-408D-B867-F12CC2…)

No. 1478837

I understand and agree nonny but this post doesn't really belong in this thread because this is for laughing at mtf cows, you should use the secret board for this because anons will call it derailing if you post this here.

No. 1478840

File: 1648058442163.jpg (50.39 KB, 702x690, e20072dfa2e94c057bbbd47ba4aef0…)

She gave birth to two daughters but can't/won't define 'woman'? Last I checked, troons made up less than 1% of the US population. Can someone please explain why actual women can't define themselves anymore? Seeing this headline genuinely broke my heart.

No. 1478841

For fuck's sake, stop lumping the LGB in with the fucking crazy TQ+!!! Most people don't give a FUCK about gay, they're sick and tired of teachers trying to groom kids into mutilating themselves! Christ!!

No. 1478844

>respect my gender, respect my sexuality
I don’t have to respect shit. It is earned, not freely given. Demanding it from me is the #1 way to not receive it.

No. 1478847

Also samefag but I hate seeing them pull the card that is like “I was a victim of childhood rape therefore I cannot be a rapist”. We all know this isn’t true, particularly for men who go on to be offenders as well. Also if you’re not a rapist, stop using rapey rhetoric.

No. 1478848

>trans men sometimes have testosterone and trans women have estrogen
Yeah that’s how biology works. Good job.

No. 1478849

Yeah you're right, my bad. It's just seeing all the shit in this thread took it from being a far fetched tinfoil to being very plausible to me

No. 1478850

And you would be right

No. 1478852

>go cry about your rape somewhere else

No. 1478856

Any woman who supports this shit after seeing how utterly rapey and male trannies are needs to be sprayed with a hose.

No. 1478861

I'm trying to find the link but I saw a confessional post from a gay man who developed AGP because he forced himself to watch straight porn as a form of DIY conversion therapy as a teen, and instead of turning straight, he ended projecting onto the woman to the point he was incapable of having a sexual fantasy with men without pretending he was the woman. This guy was also 100% anti-trans at the same time and was seeking a form of castration to stop, which was interesting. I think "gayGPs" can also manifest from fucked up shit like that too.

No. 1478862

File: 1648059926608.png (795.68 KB, 1184x1042, ohgodmakeitstop.png)

abortion is screwed, LGB rights are screwed, saving the environment is screwed, blm is screwed, worker's rights are screwed, national healthcare is screwed, because of degenerate men.

No. 1478863

Yep, I agree.

No. 1478872

Oops accidental terf moment. By saying you'd need to be a biologist to know what a woman is, aren't you admitting that there's at least some biological component to womanhood?

No. 1478878

I see people on LSA so far up this woman's ass trying to explain this, but the thing is they support her because she's a black WOMAN. She could've answered better then this.
I can see some of the arguments people are making but it's too much of a TRA thing for me.

No. 1478880

We're probably going to have a republican president after Biden inevitably flops. So many progressive people are turning conservatives because of this postmodernist shit.

No. 1478881

he really has zero skill lmao
it really bothers me bc ballet is so fucking demanding both physically and mentally, there's so much focus on you being dainty and light and perfectly ~fememinine~ and then there's this fucking bumbling idiot as the lead for literally no reason at all… the only thing men are useful for in ballet is basically lifting women and impressing you with high jumps and he's not even doing that
sorry for ballet spergign they just really can't let us have anything for ourselves

No. 1478882

I don't know how anyone can support her. Surely she's aware of the current disaster that is the TRA agenda? Surely she's aware of how pissed people are?

If she's completely ignorant, that means she's unfit for the role. Has her head just been in the sand? Did she think republicans wouldn't smear her face in it the minute they could? Craziness. What the fuck are democrats doing? I wonder how Bernie feels about all this- he never seemed much about transgenderism.

No. 1478884

I was super on board with her until I heard her say with her own words how "Unfair" it was that men get charged per piece of child porn they receive rather than an overall charge, because there's not an actual crime taking place like with child rape. She gave an 18 year old that had 600 piece of child porn on his computer a 3 month sentence which is years lower than the guidance. Her whole point was congress shouldn't set minimum terms, even though they had to do that because Judge's keep letting pedos out with basically no punishment because "It's just images!!!".
She's another bleeding heart lib so I'm not surprised she caping for trannies. She's still more qualified than anyone else but yeah, she's not on our side.

No. 1478889

>I was super on board with her until I heard her say with her own words how "Unfair" it was that men get charged per piece of child porn they receive rather than an overall charge, because there's not an actual crime taking place like with child rape

Oh my god.

No. 1478892

File: 1648061013212.jpg (491.35 KB, 946x1636, 20220323_134006.jpg)

No. 1478895

Oh so that's what some people on lsa were trying to defend, wow. I need to read up more. She sounds a mess, but again the support she gets is being a black WOMAN from certain people. Yet she can't define a woman. It's a slap in the face

No. 1478896

Moid rapists in dresses are so angry they aren't entitled to lesbians just because they want one. I bet this man doesn't want to date other men in dresses either. He'll eventually had to settle for though since most trannies either end up alone or with other trannies.

No. 1478899

how the fuck do i, as a black woman, tell people i don't like being compared to troons without exposing myself as a terf? i'm not good with words at all

No. 1478900

I’m not sorry but
>She was a real teenage girl and was stabbed and killed because she had a dick
Made me laugh. Come on, he’s only pretending to be sad, he should be sad because someone groomed a gay teenage boy to crossdress and have sex with scrotes while pretending to be a woman.

No. 1478901

it's so funny how they say "if you do or don't do this very specific thing you're transfobic" like we're gonna be like nooo please don't call me transfobic unu

No. 1478904

File: 1648061365807.jpeg (370.68 KB, 640x806, A5DE804F-B666-42F7-BB32-94AE0F…)

I honestly think the terf presence in the uk is all thanks to mostly JK Rowling but also Maya Forstater and Magdalene Berns and Posie Parker (who I personally don’t like but whatever). Jk Rowling is incredibly rich, people really forget just how much. She might live modestly and give away a lot of her wealth but her net worth is still billions. She’s always been a feminist icon to millennial women from their childhood up, no matter if they’re a liberal feminist or just a woman who wants to be rich and powerful. Also, the newspapers like the telegraph and the Daily Mail always seem to potray trannies in a negative light and will not hold back on reporting the facts.
I think anons in this thread are forgetting women in the uk have been literally fucking arrested for posting terfy shit, so it’s not all rosy for us. There is still a lot of tranny bullshit. The fiasco that is Bristol University proves this.



No. 1478906

did y'all see that jackson had a trial where an 18 yr old man had a shit ton of child porn on his computer of children as young as 8 and she gave him 3 months when the prosecutor asked for 10 years… she has a track record of doing shit like this for sexual assault crimes and its fucking gross

No. 1478907

I would play stupid and ask them to explain the correlation because you never thought of it that way. They'll be embarrassed and either be unable to explain, or they'll try to imply black women are masculine or something equally sinister. Then you can immediately pounce. If they try to make it about prejudice, ask them why they are bringing up black women specifically, and not asian women for example. Just watch them crumble if you ask them to explain themselves.

No. 1478909

File: 1648061506929.jpeg (103.75 KB, 640x539, B01FDA2C-1E87-4AEE-801B-3B26D2…)

This woman is suing Bristol University for the horrific and unfair way they treated her.

No. 1478911

File: 1648061562360.jpg (43.4 KB, 600x315, 1631029936830.jpg)

Jackson got promoted by Pedo Biden because she gave out lenient sentences to convicted pedos who possessed CP. So of course he loves her lmfao.

All politicians in the white house are pedos. Clinton and Trump regularly hung out with Epstein along with Biden.

Being a scumbag is a requirement to be a high-level politician.

My hot take is that everyone need to stop 'following the rules'- not as in rioting but more of passively protesting. Like every women not participating in a competition when a troon appears. Or slapping an out-of-order sign on a woman's bathroom just as a troon tries to use it. And if moids want to throw a fit, gaslight them and say "no its a misunderstanding, we love troons" (at maximum, don't do any other bullshit like putting up the shitty tranny regime flag) and wait till they 41%. Stop depending on politicians to do all the work, they're never going to and are legitimate harm to women & children at worst.

No. 1478913

Truly distopic. Where are this energy with homophobic, racists and xenophobes?? Trannies are so full of themself.

No. 1478915

The thing with Jackon is she outright said men caught with child rape images need understanding and basically said they can be healed. She thinks they just "lost their way" because she's dumb as a rock and thinks long sentences hurt them and are wrong because they weren't the actual one raping the children.
I know this sounds sick, but I wonder if she'd be so chill with men having these images if it was of her own children?

No. 1478922

>because there's not an actual crime taking place like with child rape.
That's an interesting discussion tbh but nobody ever wants to talk about it with derailing into pedo apology. It's like the people who watch those horrible mexican cartel murder videos. Are the viewers committing/ reliving a crime by watching it ?and should they be charged for watching it?

The culture of comparisons is inherently racist. Your skin color is not a mask that you can remove at will. Let the terf flag fly if they keep it up. I've lost a lot of friends on facebook because they've revealed themselves to be extremely racist tranny chasing moids and handmaidens over the same issue.

No. 1478924

It has been shown, time and time again, that someone watching the rape of a child doesn't become sated by it, they want to act on their impulses even more so. But even ignoring that, are you happy to have a video of your rape hanging around out there for moids to jerk it too? No? Then why would we allow that for children? There's no discussion on that subject because it's retarded and only child rapist moids want to make some big distinction.

No. 1478928

this is like that reddit founder that topped himself talking about how child porn should be legal because it's just pixels on a screen and you can't make that illegal. Also if people are watching that creates market demand which means more cp gets made.

No. 1478929

holy shit i never heard that, that is infuriating she's so fucking retarded?! i think what you said needs to be said, i would love to see how she would react if her children were found on some moids computer god the more i learn about her the more i am shocked that she was even a candidate

No. 1478930

Troll them. Say you support Rachel Dolezal/trans racialism. When they ask how you could possibly support that tell them it's because you think they are just as valid as troons

No. 1478931

Damn, do you have any more details on him mistreating female fans? Just out of interest

No. 1478933

I think the differ