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No. 1541668

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No. 1541671

File: 1653668213585.png (1.75 MB, 1284x3678, 126F9D5E-21CF-414B-931B-B65BEE…)

Ah yes such a relatable female experience.

No. 1541673

File: 1653668238501.jpeg (358.54 KB, 1284x765, 62B23BF5-192A-456C-825C-75128B…)

Menfolk still trying to understand the concept of pity compliments.

No. 1541674

Shouldn't he know the answer if he is a "real woman".

No. 1541680

File: 1653668918390.jpeg (216.2 KB, 1284x569, 816E3EA8-2508-413A-9285-8A6BFC…)

This one feels so fucking pedophilic. I don’t know a single woman who actually referred to her growing breasts as breast “buds” growing up. The term is always associated with prepubescent girls on the cusp of puberty.

No. 1541681

>getting wet
kek he thinks when women "get wet" we literally get wet. That's cute

No. 1541682

File: 1653669117251.png (163.27 KB, 1035x555, trans women as predatory men.p…)

No. 1541687

If they don’t want to be seen as predators, they should probably stop being predatory. If they don’t want to be seen as caricatures, they should stop participating in womanface.

No. 1541694

Samefagging but their interest in anime in general isn’t what makes them predatory imo. Plenty of people watch generic shonen stuff for example and enjoy it in a normal way. But they tend to be interested in loli and infantile anime, they use loli girls for their memes and that kind of shit. How is that not pedophilic and predatory knowing what else we know of them, especially when they’ve been caught molesting children?

No. 1541696

File: 1653669893700.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3603x2216, 826494B5-5AEA-49B6-9B3A-DAB917…)

warning, these posts are abhorrent.
i made an account and took a look on pawoo.net (posted last thread). i scrolled around for about 5 minutes and found all of these immediately, right on the front page, I didn’t have to search for anything. the website suggested me one troon (and self claimed map) account, i clicked, and then i kept finding more and more. i had to stop because it makes me want to peel my skin from my body. all the ones in this compilation are troons/scrotes (it says so in their bios). idc if it’s all ‘fictional’ and just an outlet for them, this should not be allowed.

No. 1541701

nigga just stop looking at it. Many other extreme things exist online like incels writing detailed fantasies about how they want societies of enslaved women and shit. It bothers me too and makes me lose faith in humanity but we can't censor everything. At least this way they keep it to themselves so I don't have to see pedophile shit while scrolling on generic social media

No. 1541703

Hm I wonder why we think they’re predatory.

No. 1541714

>muh freeze peach
no one cares tranny

No. 1541717

I'm not a tranny but go ahead, sorry you need to accuse anyone who thinks different from you of being a man. Yes I defend free speech, without it I dont even think this website would be up. Or you think in a perfect world a website like this would be allowed to exist? lol

No. 1541725

nta but I believe in free speech too and I know pedo troons exist, with or without this website, but it should really not be as easy to stumble upon these accounts as it is. Even so, ignoring the “muh free speech” argument, how about we focus on what they’re actually saying because it’s sick and deranged. There’s clearly a number of trannies who are into diddling kids.

No. 1541729

Having an "outlet" just means they're constantly practicing and reinforcing the behaviour. It's not like a pressure valve where something bad will happen if you don't "let it out" by acting it out or masturbating to it. Instead, indulging the fantasy and rewarding it with a dopamine rush (orgasm) makes you crave more of it, at higher intensity (more depraved, younger, more realistic, etc) once the original high loses its novelty.
That is why fetishes and transgressive sexual behaviours tend to escalate - the more they are practiced, the more they are rewarded, because they are inherently rewarding through sexual pleasure and excitement, the more intensity is required to achieve the same level of excitement as one becomes tolerant to the stimulus.

No. 1541730

Are you kidding? A big difference is we don't post about how much we love/look at/post CP here lol. Smells like moid to say we're anything like them

No. 1541731

This. I’m all for free speech but we should be allowed to point this shit out too. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of the consequences of it being spread around and talked about. I think anon is a scrote too. Why would you defend pedos this hard.

No. 1541732

Imagine your man leaks urine when aroused. Pissy blowjobs, pissy intercourse. I am so sorry lmao.

No. 1541738

Fr! You never hear them saying they love Death Note or AOT or anything normal like that, it's always some weird gross lolicon thing that real women would be instantly disgusted by.

No. 1541743

File: 1653673280318.jpeg (441.13 KB, 1440x1292, 090FA17A-ED4D-4169-87F1-A0B46B…)

Here’s something a bit more fun to laugh at.

No. 1541744

Allowing paraphiliacs to encourage each other results in paraphiliacs indulging in their paraphilia. If their paraphilia is something like popping balloons, it doesn't matter. If their paraphilia is children, the people who use sites like that WILL end up raping children.
Speech that directly and severely harms others doesn't get a "free speech" pass. You can't threaten to kill someone, you can't incite a riot, and pedophiles can't share their fantasies with each other.

No. 1541747

File: 1653673540586.png (18.51 KB, 593x482, 537CD299-906E-49E7-BDAC-F000CC…)

I mean yeah, what else would those things be.

No. 1541751

File: 1653673661610.png (596.92 KB, 795x499, EC309630-5333-407E-8D4A-9D6C6B…)

Disappointing threadpic. Thought it was gonna be this

No. 1541754

File: 1653673762760.png (220.79 KB, 250x596, EC9B4AF6-DF19-4BA7-8DCE-CAD599…)

Another fun post from Anthony. I’m sorry for it being a little blurry.

No. 1541755

why did Andy Dick get braces, he’s like 60

No. 1541757

Why the hell do so many troons do this? It's like they've never interacted with a woman. And this one has a child…

No. 1541758

File: 1653674104406.png (38.06 KB, 1043x163, periods and other awesome thin…)

No. 1541760

It's retarded to call it a side effect if it's an intended effect I guess, but gynecomastia still aren't real breasts. This feels like a three times yes to get a fourth yes trick Tweet.

No. 1541761

>no blood if anyone was wondering
No shit sherlock. I s2g their understanding of basic biology is zero. Where the fuck would the blood come from troon?

No. 1541762

File: 1653674221605.png (127.84 KB, 1041x521, periods 2.png)

No. 1541765

I'd apologize but I waited like 3 hours for someone cleverer then me to make a new thread and they (you) didn't

No. 1541768

I for one think pedos should have all the freedom of speech in the world. Makes it easier to catch them and put them in jail.

No. 1541772

File: 1653675291557.jpeg (57.83 KB, 640x637, 5c1b0de6a84ae.jpeg)

>Makes it easier to catch them and put them in jail.
First would need to get legal systems to take this shit more seriously in the first place. Small drug offenders or petty thieves oftentimes get sentenced harsher than them.

No. 1541773

Except no one's gonna put someone in jail for talking about their fantasies. Pedos having freedom of speech only benefits other pedos

No. 1541777

That would work great if the teams of moids meant to catch them weren’t also pedos getting caught taking their “work home”. Pedos should be silenced.

No. 1541778

pedophiles shouldn't be allowed to form a "community" with each other on a public social media giant. are you out of your mind?

No. 1541780

Isn’t pedophilia kind o legal in japan? The age of consent is 13 and all the pedo manga and anime comes from there. As much as I wish this website would get nuked and all of its users thrown in jail, it’s a japanese website and that shit is legal there. I hope WW3 comes soon and kills us all, men make life on this planet not worth it.

No. 1541784

File: 1653677138366.png (79.37 KB, 1040x271, The frustrations of a transbia…)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the national age of consent is only 13 for those under 18. Individual prefectures are also able to set their own age of consent, and I think basically all of them have it at 16 or higher. That isn't to say that pedophilia isn't shockingly normalized in other aspects of Japanese society, however.

No. 1541785

The age of consent isn't 13 idk why people keep repeating this. 13 years can have sex with 14 year olds, not adults

No. 1541787

File: 1653677322716.jpg (74.47 KB, 400x400, 5054495.jpg)

> Use dairy milk in a vegan way
So you agree? Material reality takes precedence over a conceptual identity?

No. 1541795

KEK. That's a good idea, actually, they should do that. There are plenty of brave and stunning candidates from these threads that the comedians could choose from to really give an image to their jokes

No. 1541804

it's legal to marry a 12 year old in the US

No. 1541809

File: 1653678573763.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 726.17 KB, 1170x1233, A9977D01-40D9-400A-B485-ABAF17…)

No thank you sir

No. 1541813

File: 1653678793465.png (17.77 KB, 786x315, hsts.png)

male moment

No. 1541816

His assne is worse than Shayna's

No. 1541821

Well, if he doesn’t care then whatever. Thankfully there are a lot of people who do care who are trying to stand against this asinine inability to answer a simple question and who give a shit about womens rights.

No. 1541839

Since when is that website a social media giant, it's some obscure pedo haven that probably (hopefully) already has feds watching it.

No. 1541843

anyone else thinks Doja Cat is secretly a TERF? i can't explain it, i just feel it

No. 1541859

File: 1653682234270.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1166, 1653673307537.png)

Imagine marrying and having a child with a man you think is the one, and then he does this

No. 1541860


No. 1541861

going from being an average-looking, but clean-cut man to an ugly troon. why would anyone do this to themselves?

No. 1541862

This is how I feel about Billie Eilish. One can dream.

No. 1541865

File: 1653682651551.jpg (4.16 KB, 397x298, 20220511_150305.jpg)

No. 1541869

Cut the middleman, laugh at the troons directly in their faces. Watch them throw big mantrums and whine “IT IS MA’AM”.

No. 1541873

Why the fuck do men keep doing this after trapped a woman with marriage and a kid?? Divorce immediately.

No. 1541877

Shit like this is why I'm glad I'm childfree tbh. It's not like you could just take the child and fuck off, unless the tranny dies he'll always be there, telling your kids that HE'S THE MOMMY NOW.

No. 1541879

File: 1653683218175.jpeg (786.76 KB, 828x1541, 4BD9CD84-B25A-4493-91E6-E26C32…)

i wonder what makes this kind of man troon out? he was obviously very good at conforming to gender norms and now he acts like a twink lmao

No. 1541881

if i have a kid i'm going the sperm bank route. moids can't be trusted.

No. 1541882

It shouldn't be that hard to switch out his HRT with drain cleaner or antifreeze, no?

No. 1541885

Dude looks like he's ex-military, he probably tried to prove himself but failed and trooned out instead.

No. 1541886

omg this man is revolting

No. 1541887

ISTG they freak out because it's the first time in their lives that they haven't had the undivided attention of a woman. They go from Mommy, to a slew of unfortunate girlfriends, to wife, and he's the little king the whole way.

No. 1541890

Poor sweet baby.. I hope the mother snatched it straight from that man's arms the second he started trooning out

No. 1541892

not sure if terf but definitely a swerf

No. 1541900

they have a narc crisis about being old and invisible and think that trooning out is the perfect excuse to get loads of plastic surgery act out in the attention-seeking way that they've always repressed.

No. 1541904

File: 1653684267172.jpeg (274.35 KB, 1352x2048, 8132F0A3-4178-4C2F-918A-331CA4…)

That breastplate is so obvious kek

No. 1541907

OT but if any anons still have some of those old "How to Draw Manga" books from the 40+ volume series, some of those sell for $40-60 now. Cash in and sell them to 40 year old troons trying to relive their adolescence.

No. 1541908

noooo I have that book reeeeeee they ruin everything

No. 1541909

>new hips
If he gets enough padding I guess
>soft skin
Why do they lie? They always have this greasy looking disgusting acne ridden skin that looks flaky as fuck. I wish there was some survey asking trannies how many glasses of water they drink per day because I think most of them have never had one for years.

No. 1541910

Shit, really? Pretty sure I got like 20 of them. I'm going to be rich.

No. 1541928

Seriously. I expected them to be penny used books, but people are actually paying for them. There was one that gave me the creeps when it was new, the one that showed every single possession a Japanese school girl would have. It seemed pointless and skinwalker-y even back then

No. 1541931

File: 1653686224103.jpeg (142.29 KB, 1102x1613, D49CB618-4440-4D13-8A0E-50A6C5…)

Reminds me of this one I saw on the other farms earlier. You can just see how the light has left the wife’s eyes.

No. 1541933

Maybe. I feel like the lyrics to "Woman" would make moids, troons and "non-binaries" seethe if they paid attention to all the lyrics kek

No. 1541934

How so? I’m just genuinely out of the loop and would love to know she is one. But with how they’ve had her revealing more of her body it makes me nervous.

No. 1541935

I mean I used to think Janelle Monae was a crypto terf because of Pynk and now she’s come out as enby. Shit sucks. I hope Doja Cat is a terf.

No. 1541936

Oh no no no. Her smile and optimism: gone.

No. 1541937

she's critical of porn

No. 1541938

Love yourself anon, get some actual anatomy books for art.

No. 1541939

File: 1653686488855.jpg (46.75 KB, 300x400, {2A55694B-CA84-4BDC-922E-A6F10…)

I was being a creep myself with those books, like that Turning Red scene but lesbian version. So I don't know if I noticed the actual creepiness in those books.

No. 1541940

I have real anatomy books that one isn't even about anatomy it's just like basic tips on how to set up comic panels, use dip pens… screen tones… it actually has some useful info given that it was done by a manga artist.

that being said I have plenty of proper art books I'm just nostalgic about that series

No. 1541942

My apologies then, I always assumed they were just the kind of books you copy from but don’t actually teach any technical skills.

No. 1541955

These two pictures are like a story. She was holding him in the first picture, looking genuinely warm and satisfied. He had a forced half-smile, and held her awkwardly. The way her hand is balled up against him while his own is in his pocket makes it look like she wanted to hold his hand, but he blew it off. She wanted to get closer, but he was still holding back.
In the second picture, she's not even looking at the camera. She looks tired, and he's just clinging to her the way someone clings to a fussy pet that keeps trying to run off, a plushie his parents or some other people told him he couldn't/shouldn't have anymore or the last of a product at a grocery store. He's not even forcing a smile anymore, and both their eyes look empty (but his almost look challenging, maybe aggressive). I guess she did get closer to him, but it wasn't what she expected

No. 1541956

so what did chappelle say that has troons so pissed at john mulaney? anyone know?

No. 1541959

It’s mostly related to Chapelle’s newest Netflix special and it was a very small part where he made some jokes about trans people. He also made a joke about shoving a woman into a car trunk and a bunch of other shit that no one got up in arms about, just the MtF stuff. I barely even remember what the jokes actually were but he also paid respects to his TiM friend who committed suicide and said “she would have loved that joke”. They’re mad because he was a guest at John Mulaney’s show.

No. 1541965

Skinwalking. He married the woman he wanted to become.

No. 1541966

nah they're okay with stuff that's ultimately directed towards men/being submissive/is libfem-ish. that entire song is about wanting a dude to knock her up; trannies drool over the very idea.

No. 1541969

File: 1653688746841.png (134.34 KB, 823x695, 966.png)

Samefagging, this is from his Reddit account. Now I feel really bad for his girlfriend, damn

No. 1541970


just saw this freak on my fyp, and of course he has a daughter, they always do. Imagine being stuck in a bathroom with this thing.

No. 1541971

Lol I don’t know if she’s a feminist but most brown women hate anything lgbtq

No. 1541973

File: 1653689014534.png (113.32 KB, 812x488, gu.png)

>I took baby steps to re-introduce the subject to her these past months and make her realize that it's something we won't be able to flee (except if she leaves me).

No. 1541975

She is bisexual though

No. 1541979

That wasn’t samefagging since I was the anon you replied to, but ty for the extra milk.

No. 1541980

I’m bisexual and hate troons. Not black, but maybe it’s the same for her. Plenty of bisexuals hate the alphabet after LGB.

No. 1541981

Thank you anon, now we know who the real anon was that shared it.

No. 1541982

hope you all get the PMS where you feel so depressed that you think about killing yourself. Maybe those troons can act on it then, would be nice not having men talking about periods and PMS ever again.

No. 1541983

When I said lgbtq I didn’t mean sexuality, I meant culture. Rainbow pride parade culture is rich white person shit. I know 3 lesbian latinas irl who would never go to those

No. 1541984

I posted >>1541955 and was worried it'd look like I made two replies for no reason, sorry for being unclear nonnie!

No. 1541992

>bisexual people are fine with it
oh, he does believe that? I'm bisexual and I'm not fine with it and I can tell him that there are many that feel the same

No. 1541997

This is seriously disturbing, I mostly lurk but this is actually scary, holy shit I pray to some higher power that everyone posting this kind of stuff is on some kind of list and being watched closely. R-right?!

No. 1541998

this reminds me of the guys that are holding their girlfriends at the neck while walking or standing besides them, you probably know what I'm talking about. I just hate that and feel so uncomfortable for them. And that's just the way he is holding her in the second shot, like he is controlling her, keeping her close and wouldn't let her go without her having to fight.

No. 1542000

100% yes.

No. 1542001

Can we stop with this shit, there's plenty of non-white queer fags promoting this rainbow faggotry and no i'm not white before anyone starts.

No. 1542002

yeah I’m bi and I wouldn’t touch a tran with a 25 foot pole. their bodies and personalities are fucking repulsive.

No. 1542004

Meant this >>1542001 for >>1541983 sorry.

No. 1542005

OT, but recommendations for actual anatomy books, please (yes, I know, we have art threads, kek)

No. 1542006

Absolutely, the way he is clutching her along with the look in his eyes is so possessive and aggro

No. 1542007

File: 1653691420158.jpg (7.9 KB, 207x244, index.jpg)

sage for ot, but I recommend picrel

No. 1542011

the morpho series is good
Michael Hampton's figure drawing book
FORCE: Dynamic Life Drawing

No. 1542013

File: 1653692020465.jpg (126.81 KB, 640x640, lol.jpg)

accept yourself by drastically changing every part of your body

No. 1542021

I’ll never understand why they treat womanhood like it’s an achievable goal for men. You’re still a man, you just wear dresses now. Why should anyone be forced to validate the delusion that men in dresses are women? I don’t get it.

No. 1542026

thank you, nonnas, will have a look at those books

No. 1542034

File: 1653693250768.jpeg (227.61 KB, 1242x1146, AAFB2CD4-B04A-40A6-A6F4-525A30…)

female = pathetic sickly creature born to give birth and die

No. 1542040

they keep creating strawmen to "own the terves" with lmfao it's so deeply stupid… like our definition is female lol. This idiot and his posse are so annoying

No. 1542049

File: 1653694098377.png (4.02 MB, 750x1624, 0592C596-4051-4D49-8F22-06CCAB…)

why the stickers on the mirror? Is he in his daughter’s room trying on her clothes?

No. 1542054

File: 1653694301973.png (99.21 KB, 1030x376, handmaid wife.png)

No. 1542058

Men just can't escape misogyny. I'm glad in a way that troons came along, because they showed me the true divide between men and women, and forced me to look at how much more women sacrifice for society as a whole. Men would never care for their own bodies enough to give birth. They never or rarely read about pregnancy, child rearing, nutrition, etc… Unless they can jerk off to it. Even women who never have children are still burdened with periods, reproductive cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer from trying to look fuckable, menopause, osteoporosis. And most men just look at all that and laugh at you for it.

No. 1542061

Yup. There was a period I thought MTFs weren’t actually that different and just wanted to be themselves and they have completely destroyed that illusion. Imo many of them are more misogynistic and dangerous than men who don’t do this shit. They radiate warning signs at least.

No. 1542066

who… stands like that? they truly are all autistic.

No. 1542068

He probably couldn’t fit in the mirror otherwise.

No. 1542069

File: 1653695557777.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 750x1624, E5231CCF-4431-4F5D-B837-9E74A3…)

this shit looks alien-like

No. 1542070

File: 1653695623585.jpeg (114.53 KB, 828x859, B6DD5343-3E6D-452A-BA4A-321511…)

I hate these scrotes.

No. 1542071

The deflection lol anime is not the reason people think you are predators

No. 1542073

File: 1653695650388.jpeg (504.96 KB, 750x1064, 8B4ED4F7-D4C4-4A01-B71A-A41FB4…)

No. 1542084

Why was he close to a vulva enough to smell it if it wasn't sexual

No. 1542087

I'm probably not posting this in the right thread, but why aren't more women bothered by drag queens??? It seems strange how people will get upset about the smallest things for cultural appropriation when it's related to race, but drag queens are allowed to be these ridiculous caricatures of what men believe women are like, and they are applauded and tipped. You can't make "man in a dress" jokes in movies and other media any more because it offends the troons, but biological women aren't allowed to be bothered by drag queens. I don't understand it.

No. 1542089

File: 1653696805698.jpeg (166.93 KB, 720x1404, BE68599F-0D59-4D76-8119-58F7CB…)

average “female” fgc player

No. 1542090

File: 1653696842339.jpeg (547.05 KB, 1170x1110, 91A0EE14-3AF2-4790-BEA7-2794B9…)

No. 1542099

File: 1653697499527.jpeg (346.02 KB, 1156x792, 1BF60CB9-6A74-4CB7-911F-9E85E6…)

about to a log nonnas help me

No. 1542111

they suck the life out of their wives

No. 1542114

File: 1653699021597.jpeg (117.15 KB, 869x1200, lesbians don't want to see you…)

kek the guy mistaken for being the shooter is now posting pictures of his bulge on r/LesbianActually.

Definitely not attention-seeking fetishism.


No. 1542118

File: 1653699423808.jpeg (179.88 KB, 702x1200, FSWX65uXIAUqJ4a.jpeg)

samefag but some based women in the comments complained (and got called a TERF obviously) and now this picrel has been posted in response

Lesbians should be actively coddling men at all times and encouraging them to post pictures of their cock and balls in tight trousers!

No. 1542119

File: 1653699637366.jpeg (212.92 KB, 828x1410, F3DFF492-07BE-462B-92A1-C27BBC…)

these people deserve rape

No. 1542124

anon… i know its infuriating but only a man would ever say that anyone deserves to be raped. dont be disgusting

No. 1542128

They want to be treated with misogyny and experience what women go through, right? They deserve nothing but the absolute worst scrotes can do

No. 1542129

They literally crave being catcalled and sexually harassed though so maybe not.

No. 1542133

They’re into that, nonnie, it’s useless. The biggest punishment for a moid is losing his cock n’ balls, let’s hope that all of the retarded trannies get their rot pockets soon.

No. 1542134

True. It’s insane how men will sexualize violence and objectification even towards themselves. I apologize.

No. 1542137

Wow, troons are so depraved that wishing rape against them is actually a compliment kek

No. 1542141

important to tell every TRA that the 41% is almost all post bottom surgery troons and Aidens. Because they can’t fucking cum anymore. it’s why agps tend to never get the rot pocket and push the dickgirl narrative. They know.

No. 1542146

File: 1653701763160.jpeg (418.84 KB, 750x988, 66E10EA2-B719-4685-AEF8-F5B24E…)

Do you know what else you can’t be? A woman.

No. 1542147

no nonna, let them show off their male socialization by threatening rape and physical violence to TERFs. that will always be their domain not ours. they demonstrate the unalterable reality of their masculinity when they make those threats, because they cannot understand what it feels like to have a man tell you that you deserve to be raped, abused etc. and as a result they dont hesitate to stoop to that level. rest assured they will eventually experience the most painful thing that any average troon can conceive of (sexual frustration) when they realize the reason they find misogyny arousing is because they’re men and because they’re men they can’t be the victims of misogyny

No. 1542159

File: 1653702630390.jpg (400.07 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20220527-214904_Chr…)

No. 1542161

File: 1653702826753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 810x11504, Screenshot_20220527-214712_Chr…)

More replies. Spoilered because long.

No. 1542164

Almost as if they are the same thing, sexist men. Shocker.

No. 1542165

I'm glad all the incels are starting to go gay and bother other incel men. Was that the psyop in the end? They can have each other, nothing of value will be lost.

No. 1542175

She already has spoken against porn even tho that's basically a sin nowadays. Let's hope

No. 1542187

Koomer Montgomerie still being a nutter as usual

No. 1542192

Ah the feminist agenda: castrating men and making them prison gay.

No. 1542203

File: 1653707089013.jpeg (402.57 KB, 750x1045, E3A17FDF-B3B7-41B3-B505-F09F28…)

“Be your authentic self”, they said.

No. 1542217

On the plus side, at least he realizes some of the truth about himself. Fuck only knows how many 4.5/10 moids think they're the hottest shit ever, 95 IQ midwits who think they're geniuses, losers who think they will stumble into a million dollars one day, and all of the above think they deserve weekly free pussy delivery from a woman who looks like a Victoria's Secret model.

No. 1542222

File: 1653709034074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 940.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220527-204832_Red…)

Same surgeon. I think I'm gonna be sick.

No. 1542228

How the fuck do people look at these doctors’ catalogs of busted ballsacks and think “yes, I’ll let this absolute butcher operate on me, I’ll even pay him”.

No. 1542232

File: 1653709939559.jpeg (141.63 KB, 828x660, 5A95A11F-2A03-4736-8E9D-457BC7…)

No. 1542233

File: 1653709965951.jpeg (26.96 KB, 275x205, 2128B4EC-0035-454C-BAC1-987F20…)

No. 1542234

File: 1653709987176.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1762, E414F72E-DF68-4B4A-B9F9-CC34E1…)

No. 1542238

File: 1653710785235.jpg (94.81 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

kek, it's uncanny

No. 1542239

my jaw actually dropped. these are the clearest examples of blatant experimentation i’ve seen from one of these SRS surgeons

No. 1542240

“I can’t and I won’t” what a selfish fucking degenerate. I feel so bad for his daughter

No. 1542243

this is the narcissist pose lol anybody who holds their hands over their chest like this to show real tru emotion is trying to manipulate you hard

No. 1542245

>Even if they are advocating pro-rape
No woman is pro-rape, and no man is a woman. So YWNBAW, troon.

No. 1542248

File: 1653711752682.jpg (858.96 KB, 640x1051, 1653710378439.jpg)

Hottest post on r/egg_irl right now.

No. 1542250

no they would just get off on it and post online about how validating the experience was for them.

No. 1542256

File: 1653713032407.png (14.3 KB, 321x240, 086c464e132578c33177df813246ba…)

"I'll tell you what he said. He asked me to forcibly insert the Life Line exercise card into my anus!"

No. 1542259

Solanas did kinda write about that and everyone keeps forgetting it. It was her idea to meme men into castrating themselves.

No. 1542260

File: 1653714439380.png (140.39 KB, 720x323, screenshot6.png)

Always has to be about them

No. 1542261

Are they wrong though?

No. 1542263

Yeah theyre in the wrong

No. 1542268

bitch shut up, these faggots deserve to be raped with a fucking jackhammer, hope they get the uwu validation from it while they're brutally murdered too(a-logging)

No. 1542269

Someone needs their med and a nap.

No. 1542270


No. 1542271

this attitude is why they're winning, stop being weak

No. 1542275

File: 1653716240457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 779.67 KB, 2048x2048, C469B28A-3979-4316-AF33-87365C…)

Was the porny angle necessary? I think I can see hair inside the hole, gross.

No. 1542277

and she’s a child! i saw one vid where he says that since he started transitioning, people have been telling him he looks just like his daughter uwu that poor girl is gonna grow up thinking she’s so fucking ugly

No. 1542278

as a latina lesbian i’m kind of excited for pride bc i love the parties after it but i know me and my gf are gonna be so annoyed by all the trans and enbies, especially knowing they will most likely be the majority and there will be barely any real gays

No. 1542279

We don’t condone violence in this house. We just want troons to die of natural causes, such as 41%

No. 1542283

File: 1653717443900.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.35 KB, 958x1438, AD6705DB-ED62-4FCA-B8DB-34AE07…)

I’m speechless

No. 1542284

My eyes. That has to be the worst one ever.

No. 1542286

Fucking kek, it’s so god awful that I’m genuinely just laughing at it. Did they even make an attempt?

No. 1542288

Just think about how nasty men and boys are about mocking female bodies, then look at these idiots posting their own hideous imitations for praise from other men. No woman or girl should ever feel bad about anything an XY chromosome says about her body, I don't even care if she's obese and ugly.

No. 1542289

Just shortened his penis and drilled a hole. Wtf.

No. 1542290

Didn't a tranny shoot up the school..?

No. 1542292

File: 1653718961319.jpeg (53.57 KB, 462x542, FF683D32-1C35-4E7E-8179-78A352…)


No. 1542298

There are visible hairs inside it. If they didn't bother removing hair, theres a good chance that it's going to be like that one guy who has a cavern full of pubes

No. 1542299

Cavern Full of Pubes would make a great band name.

No. 1542300

I think that's one of those nonbinary/salmacian genital surgeries where they get "both."

No. 1542302

File: 1653720320006.jpg (148.79 KB, 1200x1187, a5407faeaa2d557553ab28381122dd…)

No. 1542304

Is that him? This picture is terrifying

No. 1542311

File: 1653721522978.jpeg (139.27 KB, 989x1280, 68E5F598-4E87-4086-8A5B-BE8176…)

NTA but yeah, here's some more nightmare fuel

No. 1542316

Nah, this is just a meme. The shooter was just a misogynist not a full blown tranny

No. 1542318

File: 1653722506064.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1080x2118, Untitled298.png)

Reminded me of those holes spiders live in forreal

No. 1542319

Here's part of the house, if anybody wants to download the HD version and slow it down.

No. 1542321

lord help me theyre so retarded. theyll say shit like this and wonder why women dont like them or want to be around them

personally i think more males should chop off their dicks tbh

No. 1542322

Holy fuck he is repulsive. Some woman made a podcast about him and the comments are full of “just let her live her life! It doesn’t concern you!”

No. 1542323

This was a 4chan meme wasn't it? They talked about it in the america thread in ot.

No. 1542325

File: 1653723282902.jpeg (65.04 KB, 640x391, 65A79652-45CC-4AD5-822C-5E5747…)

Also here’s a quick version of her podcast.

No. 1542326

Joshua Moon ended his stream with a segment on Mr Barbie Pocket over here so just sit tight and wait for the "Kiwifarms is trying to murder me for my identity" saga

No. 1542328

The one with the trans flag is confirmed not to be the shooter, that’s a reddit transbian infamous for posting his bulge on lesbian subs. The only photo I suspect to be of the actual shooter is the one where he’s wearing a plaid skirt, just speculation.

No. 1542331

People who call themselves Trans Inclusionary Radical Misogynists sound like faggots whose real goal is to convince themselves that it's totally straight to like transwomen, so they linguistically posit that troons are female by saying it's misogyny to hate them (as well as actual women).

No. 1542332

Y’all watch his stream?

No. 1542335

GOD I feel bad for this woman

No. 1542338

No, but I was gawking at troons on /lgbt/ and seen some of them sperging about Joshua trying to ""target"" trannies after his recent run in with media, so I skimmed an archived version to see what he said. All he really did was call Dylan a very gay man but tbh that's enough to set troons into a tard rage over people trying to murder them

No. 1542343

Wot? He has raged about trannies (and gays) since forever so idk what they are on about

Has anyone else using 4chan noticed how in a very short time trannies have gotten way bolder to be open about that shit on other boards as well? Even a couple years ago they would have been bombed with kys messages, now seems like a big portion of the userbase ARE trannies/chasers. Alt right to tranny pipeline is fucking real man

No. 1542345

>a great seethening in terf island
Attorney General Suella Braverman has told The Times. Speaking in an interview, Ms Braverman said that, since under-18s cannot legally change their sex, a child who says they are trans is still legally the same sex, and that "schools have the right to treat them as such under the law".

No. 1542352

it has been said before but I'm almost certain this guy is trolling, he is literally an actor and a comedian

No. 1542353

Yeah, it's like the conservatives who are super homophobic but turn out to be banging male prostitutes. They're gay but mentally ill since they are retard men who play games and need these made up complex hierarchies to assert their superiority over other men, so they have to explain away how fucking a man is totally straight since they rely on using women as trophies to symbolise their superiority over other men. Men can't be the trophy because that throws the retard hierarchy out of whack and means they too can be used and seen as an object, so they lobby that fucking men with long hair isn't gay if they say no homo. Plus the seething hatred of women from rejection and the coomer porn brain rot which maintains there belief that women are just objects for sexual purposes. Not to mention the autism which congregates on imageboards. It all makes the retard incel to troon cocktail.

No. 1542362

Just noticed the nails thing, they really only think of the coom even if it means having this deformity

No. 1542369

Kek I was like "why are some of his nails shorter" now I realize why… every single part of their body has to fit a stereotype

No. 1542374

Stop spreading this hoax we arent as faceblind as /pol/ schizoposters

No. 1542375

i hate the "YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US" thing

No. 1542384

There's definitely some men in this thread every so often trying to perpetuate the evil TERF!!1 ideology, I never saw these type of comments until more recently. The scrote conspiracy baitposting as well >>1542311
They really think they're smart

No. 1542390

File: 1653730193940.jpg (231.79 KB, 1200x902, tranny phantom.jpg)

Shooter was just your typical violent maladjusted moid from Burgerland this time, not a troon. However, there's always Tranny Phantom if you want to talk about troon mass shooters.

No. 1542392

>There's definitely some men in this thread every so often trying to perpetuate the evil TERF!!1 ideology
Or maybe some women just hate trannies and wish them the worst. Take your meds

No. 1542399

It's crazy how the most horrible stuff through out history have all been because of men. Now we have to deal with troons who are trying to pretend they are gifted with an ounce of grace and peace that females are born with.

No. 1542431

File: 1653737737624.png (500.7 KB, 696x620, key_dissapointment69.png)

No. 1542432

Nonnies, I had a personal encounter with an AGP last night. Went to a late show, and this old dude in basically hooker attire and a breast plate asked me to take his picture outside the theater. I said OK because I stupidly thought, “He just wants his picture taken. Whatever.” He started striking “sexy” poses, and after I took the first pic, he told me to keep going. It was like a photo shoot, and people on the street and in cars started taking notice and yelling things. I was really embarrassed and kept trying to give his phone back, but he wouldn’t stop. I finally said I had to get to my movie, and that ended it. The gross thing is I know he got off on making me uncomfortable and jacked off to those pictures of himself later

No. 1542437

File: 1653738452649.png (746.58 KB, 675x900, ATransKlaxon.png)

someone tell their grandpa to get off twitter

No. 1542448

Starts at 1:23:45

He is just completely horrified at the tranny like anyone else would be, the chat is going absolutely insane with disgust at Dylan, lol. He is mostly just shocked how many likes, views and comments his videos have, he doesn't even say anything "twansphobic" other than "this is just a gay man".

No. 1542449

File: 1653740975726.png (Spoiler Image, 759.6 KB, 540x960, petermobeter.png)

doc ock, is that you?

No. 1542450

Alfred Molina doesn't deserve this.

No. 1542451

You need to learn how to say no to strangers

No. 1542452

I hope this is the case and that when he reveals it it makes all the handmaidens who support him feel like shit kek

No. 1542455

I don't watch his streams so idk how much Josh spergs about troons beyond occasional run ins with noted tranny cows. He has a point about "extremist" sites/forums though. People hate whenever someone uses lolcow, kiwifarms, 4chan, etc. to air their grievances about trannies but they don't understand that it's their own constant censoring + with hunting that is causing normies to come to these sites in the first place. I use lolcow for pleasure, but a huge part of what draws me to the farms is that I can speak openly about the fear of troon rape and how much they feel entitled to my constant worship/respect

No. 1542458

Back when the Yaniv stuff was happening, Kiwifarms was one of the only places where discussion about him was allowed and a ton of notable TERFs suddenly started talking about it in a positive way. It's exactly because talking about trannies is banned everywhere else that sites like lolcow and Kiwifarms are going to attract more and more normies.

They will also get more and more pressure to be shut down. Lolcow has been pretty lucky so far, but it doesn't make any money cause no advertisers would put their ads on a "transphobic" website. Kiwifarms is already DDOSed regularly and they are trying to get their Cloudflare protection taken away and report absolutely everything Null tries to do to earn money for the site.

Trannies won't stop until there is no space left on the internet where you are allowed to criticize them and they think that will end transphobia. No, people will still hate trannies even if you forcefully shut us up and make transphobia a crime, actually the more you try to force and censor people and oppress women, the more we will hate you.

No. 1542460

>It was like a photo shoot, and people on the street and in cars started taking notice and yelling things.

Haha, sorry for laughing at your misfortune anon but this is pretty funny

No. 1542463

oh god, not erin. his kiwifarms thread is insane, idk if he's ever had a thread on here but he's really funny in a pathetic sort of way. i think he's currently trying to get into politics.

No. 1542464

He is one of my personal favs out of the common trannies posted here. Something about the way he thinks he passes so well just always makes me laugh.

No. 1542469

i have seen other radfems be critical of drag for those reasons, but they are few and far between, at least from what i've witnessed. i guess it's just a bit of a solace that at least drag queens can admit that they are men in costumes, but still men. and a lot of libfems love drag queens because it is an easy way to passively support lgbt and look like a good person.

(small blog, i used to be fairly interested in rpdr and stuff like that because of irl drag queen friends, but yeah, the "fish" jokes and shit like that get old fast. like you said, it really is just a caricature. not to mention how notoriously misogynistic gay men tend to be.)

No. 1542472

Nayrt but I have to admit I get some pleasure from seeing TiMs get upset over drag queens because it makes them look bad and like they’re just crossdressing men while they seem totally blind to how both drag queens and trans “women” are an insult to and appropriation of womanhood. They cannot empathize with women whatsoever even when there is a similar concern.

No. 1542478

File: 1653744878084.jpeg (243.79 KB, 1284x608, DD6C2CB2-8CB1-42E6-8C32-D70630…)

Something about this one annoys me not only because of the blatant “euphoria” obviously equating to masturbation here, but also because I bet this fucker has never considered the hours so many girls and women have put into having to shave just to be “palatable” to the outside world. Getting over the shaving thing has been really difficult for me (and other women who have stopped I’m sure) because when I go out my mind is constantly on if people will find me disgusting and shit like that. The fact that in my case personally my mom had me start shaving at fucking 11 years old just makes this annoy me more. Like I’m so glad he can get off on an experience that is part of an annoying routine most women feel they have to participate in or in some cases are forced to (by workplaces who say body hair is unprofessional, by toxic partners, by their own families who shame them, etc.)

No. 1542481

File: 1653745135502.jpeg (824.31 KB, 1284x1551, 1655089E-65BC-416B-8B6A-B0769C…)

God are men just absolutely retarded?

No. 1542483

File: 1653745231013.png (895.96 KB, 1284x2552, 578385C3-C068-4B3F-9969-0B5DE2…)

No. 1542485

I'm glad he went under the knife. Seeing how much he seethes about people noticing his skin-suit is funny cause you know he went the mile of ruining his genitals for it. I don't know if it was in his case, but it's interesting how many American trannies don't think that something is fishy about flying to a developing SE-Asian country to get an axe wound.

Doesn't he co-parent a kid or something? I feel sad for a child in proximity of that much mental illness.

No. 1542486

File: 1653745656146.jpeg (200.12 KB, 1284x577, D9215F30-1A77-48C8-8C4B-6FAB5A…)

Hm yeah I wonder why they would never want to show photos of their hands.

No. 1542487

>shocked by her arm
She has like no hair? He would have a heart attack if he saw mine

No. 1542488

File: 1653745807237.jpeg (157.6 KB, 980x1470, 138A1BAA-01A8-4B4B-A71A-F41DBF…)

Here’s the full pic, I mean she has a little but it’s negligible. Surely they see women in public and notice that many of us have body hair?

No. 1542489

File: 1653745862655.png (1.18 MB, 1284x2697, 0920C642-96CD-473D-BB3B-03E30A…)

The ones who have this weird obsession with their genitals smelling like “clean vulva” truly weird me out. But kek at the last comment.

No. 1542496

yeah, his wife left him but he has partial custody of their son, who he of course forces to call him "mom". i think his son is like 6 or 7 ish? around that age. he tweeted a while back about the son wanting to get a "nonbinary dog", i can't imagine how confusing all this shit is for a second-grader. but of course he lauds these things as being proof that "if my small child can understand it, so can any adult!" like, yeah, your kid buys into it because he's been groomed and doesn't know any better.

No. 1542500

sorry for doubleposting but i forgot to mention that its mostly his dad who watches his kid. he very rarely mentions his son and when he does its always in relation to trans shit. pretty sad but i am glad that the son has his grandfather for a sense of normalcy, because allegedly his dad doesn't buy into the genderspecial nonsense. he must really not give a shit about his kid if he lets him live with someone he deems a violent bigot lmfao

No. 1542504

I know this is slightly different from your comment but I’m growing weary of seeing trans parents wanting to raise their children as “nonbinary” and forcing gender ideology on them when they can literally just have a child and not implement any sort of sex stereotypes on them at all. Like don’t groom your kid to think they are “genderless”. Why not actually teach them that biological sex is real but should have no bearing on what they can be or do or like? It’s like they take this and twist it in such a real way. We should be letting kids be themselves without forcing them into a box of stereotypes, even if the stereotype is “well you like both boy and girl things so you’re nonbinary”. It’s tiring.

No. 1542527

File: 1653749858603.jpeg (993.61 KB, 1155x1238, EFF3CDCC-10C8-44E8-8C1D-5C7AB9…)

I don’t know if this should go here, but someone has written a thinkpiece about the Indian doctor who plans to insert wombs into men. Excited to see what the TiMs will say about it.

No. 1542530

If anything it gives him: A. A point to cry about (child care is so expensive, I have to have my nasty bigot dad help with him uwu, no choice!) B. Potential grift points (Help me pay for suitable, non violent child care, uwu.) These bastards are good at conning folks out of money as The Most OppressedTM.

No. 1542532

File: 1653750612288.jpeg (658.75 KB, 1439x1103, 66A0D906-F290-44F0-A3A1-D658B3…)

Ok now they should apply this to womanhood.

No. 1542533

Sounds like a sepsis transplant. Good, rot. No child should have to pass thru peritoneal fluid into life.

No. 1542551

And I donated like 20 of them a years ago after coming to my senses. Rip

No. 1542570

kek at these moids acting like they smell “womanly. i have a “scent” after i’ve been to the gym and it is not pleasant. reminds me of the “women don’t fart” jokes my mum used to make.

No. 1542584

It seriously took this long for troons to notice that women have arm hair? They're so ridiculous, they want to be women but have no idea what women are even like

No. 1542586

File: 1653754638745.png (151.59 KB, 1250x598, Capture d’écran 2022-05-28 à…)

they just be showing their true colors more & more everyday, while misogyny hurts they get off

They just be showing their true colors more & more everyday. While misogyny hurts woman everyday and in every way, they get off to it and joke about how much they love misogyny.
It's just a kink to them. They can always go "boymode" and still get all of the male privilege, but we fucking can't.

Also , notice how all the leftists men just jump on the occasion to say awful misoginistic stuff.

I know the transracial comparaision have been made all over again , but gosh, imagine a buch of white people claiming they're black and saying "mmmh i love when people are racist to me ! can someone please call me the n word? that makes me feel so validated"

But yet if you say one little bad thing about transwomen, they will go apeshit and claim they're the most opressed ppl in the world

No. 1542599

I remember reading sometime ago that women body odour smells like onions?? And men smell like cheese
I don't remember the validity of it though

No. 1542604

Cross dressers remind them of what they really are and they can’t handle it. It’s like their whole existence is invalidating to a troon because “wanting to wear skirts and dresses and makeup makes me a real female!” The only difference between them and trannys is their own personal perspective.

No. 1542610

Typical man who knows nothing about women. It's almost as if puberty is a thing and women grow body hair and breasts after they hit it.

No. 1542613

>why is it always india

No. 1542614

He just decided he was trans a few weeks ago and he already has a date for hormones.. that's insane to me. I hear people here complaining that they've been trying to get appointments for serious medical issues for months now and they just can't.
Also, liking it when people tell you that you look attractive, or when your wife cuddles you is literally so normal? How does that validate your transness?

No. 1542617

they think they can become a woman precisely because they have so little understanding of women, in a lot of cases they've barey even interacted with women so all of their "knowledge" comes from watching media made by men for men, like kawaii anime and porn. it's why you see them do gross shit like "spinny skirt", wearing programmer socks, slutty outfits and acting cutesy

No. 1542622

File: 1653756494429.jpg (80.36 KB, 500x720, tumblr_5860bdf715b0a4470b62c0e…)

it reminds me of this post

No. 1542625

kek scrotes are so fucking dumb

No. 1542629

Tell me you're a basement dwelling weirdo with zero human contact that can't look at other people in the face without saying it lol

No. 1542634

so he literally specifies that being "pro-rape" is not as bad as "misgendering" a transwoman. he thinks rape is more ok than misgendering. troons are fucking scary, never get near a troon noonas. at least he's accidentally admitting there are plenty of pro-rape transwomen

No. 1542639

>yeah but I’m STILL more OPPRESSED than THEM
must be so fucking exhausting. no wonder they all 41%

No. 1542640

I really hope it doesn’t work.

No. 1542653

Do these morons live under a rock? Cis women get accused of having literal disorders for having body hair. Sorry you can't just slap the label "woman" on you and expect everyone to buy it just because

No. 1542655

don't worry nonna, it won't

No. 1542657

It won't nonna, don't worry. It'd actually physically impossible and these men will all die

No. 1542661

obviously retarded murderer but stair wasn't a tranny tho, he knew he would never be a woman so that's why he offed himself, because he had the believe he can be one when he is dead. that's pretty different than a troon to me

No. 1542663

File: 1653759344688.jpg (592.03 KB, 2220x1245, 22-05-28-18-33-55-023_deco.jpg)


No. 1542668

Anon don't be a retard. A man can't grow a baby in his body.

No. 1542669

that or they'd be completely retarded about it. They'd get pregnant with mentally ill retards, drink and smoke the entire time and binge eat

No. 1542672

Why do u guys keep posting this shit

No. 1542689

For real it just makes us look stupid.

No. 1542690

Except It’s literally not biologically possible and the trial subjects will all die. There will be a big lawsuit. Stop enabling postmodern gender special magical thinking

No. 1542692

bottom right is really him and they successfully gaslighted you into thinking it was faked. he wasn’t an id’ing troon though just a pervert scrote

No. 1542693

File: 1653761131776.jpg (58.33 KB, 700x722, 3b3817fd824ecb153290964cd6629a…)

Sorry to say it's actually true, it has been found in a couple of studies that female smell is stronger than males, althougth men balance it out by not showering and smelling like garbage sometimes.

No. 1542699

Yeah there's no reason to speculate how a man would carry a baby because it IS actually, literally impossible. They won't drop it until a few of them die though

No. 1542703

Well then people should stop posting the collage with bottom left because that one definitely is not him.

No. 1542709

As I said, that was probably intentional

No. 1542710

I think so much of trans culture is just zoomers not understanding basic biology because American education is so bad

No. 1542712

top left is obviously him, top right and bottom left have been debunked, but I haven’t seen anyone debunk bottom right

there have also been several reports of him being teased for his clothes, but it can’t be simply that he was poor, because the whole town lives below the poverty line. he was also teased for his lisp and called a faggot.

No. 1542714

File: 1653761640717.jpg (139.87 KB, 1200x629, GMI_Surrogacy.jpg)

Here's why this guy is being silenced. The alternative markets for reproduction are about to boom in the near future. Just follow the money.
Also remember this chart its for >SURROGACY< it doesn't even remove the female from the equation, but in order to make it more marketable and control it better they are going to use part of that revenue to fund research on artificial wombs.
What a time to be alive…

No. 1542722

and now we should also shave our arms? Honestly? They all just have water in their head, there is no brain to be found.

No. 1542725

Plenty of women already shave their arms, especially since it's not uncommon for kids to pick on girls who have stronger arm hair. I did too until I realized no actual adult ever cared about hairy arms. Of course troons base their image of a woman on porn stars and not everyday women.

No. 1542727

The thing is we’re nowhere close to being able to have human babies develop properly outside of their mom’s wombs. They can keep something alive in a TUBE but getting it to develop is something else. And tests on actual human fetuses aren’t allowed, just other mammals and animal studies are not the most trustworthy when it comes to proficiency. But the rat study, that was telling, because not even in basic life forms such as rats were they able to feasibly get male rats to develop babies on their on healthily, without it causing them to die, the fetuses to not even develop, OR even with the help of pregnant female rats that they sewed to the male rats; that shit still had awful outcomes.

No. 1542730

File: 1653762822637.jpeg (628.64 KB, 828x1310, AAD2629A-F2AD-47B9-B272-0F69C3…)

Lmao no women go out of their way to compliment other women like this but troons are so retarded they really believe that acts like this are anything other than pity

No. 1542733

File: 1653762880812.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 118.79 KB, 1080x1426, 604B1B13-34B9-4894-9A6C-6B7E77…)

Dylan spotted in the wild

No. 1542737

It's weird that there are women enabling this gay level 9000 gay man that I guess has a ton of self-hate. Unless they're also in on the joke and this is the troll of the decade.

No. 1542738

He was on nulls stream does he have a kiwi thread yet? I watched that gross tampon video. He has 90s gay hair dresser obessed with barbies face. I've never seen a gayer male

No. 1542742

I don't know if troons are replacing the "Gay Male friend/bestie" or if just all the gay men are becoming troons, so women who have a gay friend, soon have a troon friend.
I feel like they just see them as gay men anyway but on 10 deep down.

No. 1542752

from all the women I've known so far, not a single one shaved their arms, I was always the only one and I did it not for aesthetic reasons (band aids and hair are painful, lol), so I assumed that it's been something, like you said, out of the porn world to have hairless arms. I just hate how we are expected to be hairless and covered, while moids can walk into the supermarket without a shirt and covered completely in hair.

No. 1542756

File: 1653764344220.jpg (295.91 KB, 1174x2737, u4lt9qs0e8291.jpg)

This old creepy fucker who keeps posting in r/oldhagfashion really looks like Josef Fritzl.

No. 1542760

File: 1653764642623.jpeg (199.95 KB, 1170x1838, 9D1658CB-F63B-4425-ADD6-85A75D…)

he doesn’t even look human kek

No. 1542763

It’s great that tiktok teens are learning that girl is when crying, shopping and makeup

No. 1542764

File: 1653764807778.jpg (52.33 KB, 500x500, artworks-000582203948-2brhjp-t…)

jfc he truly is lord farquaad

No. 1542767

File: 1653765067588.gif (111.85 KB, 640x480, f23.gif)

As a person who's the offspring of doctors that worked with pregnant women their entire lives, here's a quick rundown.
First who don't even know how gestation actually works, we have ideas on how it happens but at this current time, gestation is a big mistery, there's a lot of black holes, we don't even completely know how genes decide themselves exactly. Maybe some gene expert nonna can help me with this, since I read about genes a lot but it's not my field.
Second, the conditions outside the wombs are incredibly hard to replicate. To the point every single artifical womb attemp has been a failure, even the goat one failed, the goat died shortly after if I remember correctly.
So at this current time, yes we can rest assure that it's going to take a lot of money and effort to make it happen, this is why I posted the surrogacy data, because some of these funds are going to go to research fields related to artifical reproduction, in the inside circles it's called "alternatives for reproduction" a lot of gynocologists and female reproduction workers are migrating towards it as well, since it has become more lucrative to be involved in IVF, Surrogacy Programs than working in a Clinic delivering babies.
It's a HUGE can of worms to open, but this is slowly happening and we should be worried about it, even if we haven't reached all the data and knowledge in order to achieve it, there's a lot of money and interests at play, not only from private entities, some Goverments want to chip into this in order to solve the low fertiliy rates somehow, since a lot of them haven't been succesful with "female reproductive incentive programs" they're already looking for an alternative.

Sorry to blogpost, this is a long subject to cover.

No. 1542770

Men smell like a poorly cleaned pet shop.

No. 1542774

Yeah I highly doubt that happened. Even 10+ years ago when there were drills, we would hide in any room, gendered or not. A kid wouldn’t be left out because “this boy can’t hide in a girls locker room, in an EMERGENCY situation”. Trannies always have to put the focus on themselves and make up falsities no matter what, even after a tragedy. Disgusting.

No. 1542776

Thanks for the info nonna. Hmmm … though I wonder, how are they going to get past the ethics? It just doesn’t add up. But yeah, some form of artificial womb is more feasible than whatever troons talk about. Even then, it’s not easy. Most likely because mother nature didn’t intend for all this fucky stuff from man to intrude. They never talk about how the critters in these studies die after, they just want you to think it works perfectly fine. The hurdles sound astounding. Also, yes, the IVF thing does sound more reasonable given the low birth rates and issues with conceiving.

No. 1542779

The scary thing is, is if these things happen, how government entities or perverted people will use this as a means to gain access to little kids for their own dirty reasons or to be soldiers/subjects for various studies. I think that’s the main issue with it too. I don’t know, it just sounds really messed up.

No. 1542783

File: 1653766914871.jpg (22.14 KB, 400x400, RKPX1xvj_400x400.jpg)

What are the odds that the breast-feeding troon Dana Fried, whos said he "got off" on it, is one of these pedos?

No. 1542784

Nta, but there really is nothing to gain from this other than having more people using resources that are already scarce, and the whole issue with how human rights would be applied to someone who is a man-made human, made in basically a factory. The whole idea of artificial reproduction is absolutely fucked up and honestly should stay in fucked up sci-fi because humans are: 1. Too fucked up 2. Too retarded.
Just the sole idea of a man getting pregnant should make people see the redflags, specially a man who gets off the idea of getting pregnant and never even brings up the idea of raising a kid, just like all of these nasty trannies do.

No. 1542785

No worries, here to clarify with any userful data I can offer. It's called assisted methods, IVF is not a "research field" since it has been studied a lot.
When it comes to ethics I will say that "In times of need, cruelty, injustice and suffering it's justified by the powerful."
So when they declared that we have a "global reproductive crisis" just like with the flu, these people could go very far with it.
There's going to be a lot of lobbying in the Unicef/WHO in order to "let it pass" around countries who want to addopt it.
Expect a lot of female shaming fot it, since women will be blamed for this "crisis" and silenced…

No. 1542791

God, that’s grim.

No. 1542793

It’s really dark, and I hope I’m dead and gone and or it never happens anytime soon or at all.

No. 1542799

File: 1653767834702.jpeg (460.31 KB, 1536x2048, FAA2DB51-B9C7-49CF-8F57-412600…)

How do they live like this

No. 1542800

SO, which one is it???? People keep saying we’re overpopulated and now people are bitching about birth rates??? Pick one.

No. 1542804

File: 1653768249539.png (18.75 KB, 491x337, Cost-of-computing-over-time-Il…)

Sorry to bore you with economics, but this is the analysis these people are doing.
Like I said before, we are no debating methods in medical procedures, artificial wombs will be considered biotech goods, just like computers.
According to Moore's Law the cost of any kind of tech will go down every decade or so.
They will try to make it work first, then see how they can lower the cost dramatically (this is why they're experimenting in pigs today, they will use pig wombs if it works, they don't care).
This is not an issue of genders (troons) getting pregnant, its an umbrella and people like me and others who have seen this horror show coming for a while.
Reproductive rights are on the table now and everyone is up for grabs.

No. 1542805

The room is a reflection of how much of a mess their life really is

No. 1542807

He's like a more masculine onision

No. 1542808

If they think pig wombs will grow human babies without repercussions then they are seriously sick. Why do they think it’s simpler than it is? There’s so much we don’t know.

No. 1542813

Who decides where these artificial wombs are kept though? If you put that shit in a house, what happens if it’s unplugged or it doesn’t distribute the proper chemicals or whatever the fuck? Do you need a license to keep it, what about maintenance? How do you install it, what if the power goes out, what if you take the baby out too soon? I’m sorry, it sounds a little too sci-fi wishful thinking to me.

No. 1542816

Considering we’re looking at a decade of supply chain breakdowns, food shortages, and gas lines, I don’t know how far that research will go, or if it does go far I think tranny wombs are a distraction towards the real goal of the research.
Notice Billionaires and governments are already talking about how “overpopulated” the world is like it’s the 70’s. Prepping people to be normalized to starvation or life expectancy going down. Doesn’t scream to me that they want another population boom.

No. 1542818


No. 1542822

sorry to sperg but Moore’s law isn’t real and operates on the assumption that these conditions will continue. We’re running out of silicon and platinum reserves and all the shit that makes up biotech. Scarcity and an economic depression will make it shoot up again and blow the hot air out of anything speculative.

No. 1542823


No. 1542825


No. 1542826

File: 1653769413285.jpg (167.09 KB, 819x355, fimmu-11-00265-g001.jpg)

Say that to the millions who got lobotomies by a Portuguese Frankestein in order to "cure mental illness".
This is proto research times for artificial reproduction, anything and everything is on the table.
The reason they're using animals like that is possibly because they will want to lower the cost of a "carrier". You can make use of vestigial structures in a pig womb:

1-Drain the DNA from the deceased animal organ (Genomic DNA Isolation)
2-Replace it with new genomic data, fill it's vessels with fluids again (Capillary Refilling)

I can imagine that will be the first steps, you then need to do some IVF procedures in order to start the gestation process.
At this point I cannot disregard they are experimenting with human organs already in secret research. Maybe all these "pig trails" are just a smoke screen.

Somethings are real if enough people believe it unfortunately. I get your point but a lot of people work under assumptions wich are wrong. We need to deal with it.

No. 1542830

OT but when push comes to shove (conditions are about to get Great Depression level bad) and things like helium start running out the list of priorities will be MRI scanners, computers, air conditioners, etc. not experimental gene splicing biotech research. Economics has more of a say than science, it’s why climate change is still happening.

No. 1542836

I don’t think this time is prime for bio-tech in terms of reproduction … With how bad things are about to get? I don’t know, I think you know what you’re talking about but I also think you’re being a bit too devil’s advocate-ish. Not to take away from what you’re saying, nona.

No. 1542838

What about the guy who died from the pig heart? Why didn’t that work out, didn’t they clear all the stuff from that too? He lived for like two months.

No. 1542839

Nonna I love your optimism. I was like that a long time ago, but do you really think the people in power are going to care about that? Also the one's with all the money will decide what to do with it, we are at the bottom of these decisions, we are expendable to them.
I'm offering information, my second job deals with similar subjects I want women to reproduce always I know you don't know me but, there's nothing more beatiful than the smile of a mother with her newborn. That is something I will always defend.
Talking about research always sounds dull/technical - I'm sorry for it!

No. 1542842

put sage in the email field for commentary/replies

No. 1542844

The last bit was very sweet. You’ve offered some thoughtful stuff here, even if it’s all theoreticals.

No. 1542847

He apparently died from a virus contracted by the pig heart. He was also terminally ill and probably wasn’t going to live for very long regardless.

No. 1542849

What beautiful sentiments. People like you make this world a better place. And don't be sorry! I'm not the original anon you're replying to, but I really appreciate posts like yours.

No. 1542851

I am convinced they are just used to their disgusting scrote smell, and now that it has lessened to a some sort of humane levels, they still reek but not as much so in their noses that equals clean. I had a bout of very high testosterone levels due to an illness and when I say I smelled, I fucking smelled so awful and I guess compAred to that, my basic bo is roses.

No. 1542853

File: 1653771326093.jpg (64.06 KB, 640x632, womb pic.jpg)

That's an organ transplant. Completely different procedure, the organ from genomic isolation for the wombs will be most likely be connected with a Medical Infusion Pump.
That by itself is another problem, gestational times are quite long in humans I'll give credence to the nonnas here complaining about scarcity, we don't yet now the costs of running such an operation I can imagine the cost will be great in the first ones.
Thanks, it gets really lonely sometimes, but those moments give you a tremendous ammount of reward!

No. 1542865

For the medical infusion pump we don’t even know what and how the female body concocts or decides on what hormones to release and exactly when though, so … how would we get a man-made and moderated machine to do that?

No. 1542870

Kinda feel sad for troons, no matter how many sugeries they have, makeup and clothes they wear they will never be a woman. must be a sad existence tbh(emoji)

No. 1542873

(Try not to use emojis they’ll get you kicked, I used an emoticon smiley face once and got b temporarily banned lmao)

No. 1542880

Lol whyy(newfag #1)

No. 1542882

File: 1653772974913.jpeg (209.62 KB, 1284x592, 8A4ED1B9-A851-4BC0-9B2D-CF2AD8…)

Every time.

No. 1542885

I have no clue, I think it’s in the rules though? I was like oh … okay, sorry everyone, lmfao.(newfag #2)

No. 1542889

File: 1653773171076.jpeg (868.61 KB, 1284x2256, 0544C2E8-E208-4FA8-A7AB-459D21…)

Guys how will he open his pickle jars anymore? This poor weak fragile woman. I’m astounded though. Really he thinks he won’t be able to lift kayaks at work? Despite probably doing it all the time and maybe even being around women who do it too? It just makes me laugh because I went on a kayaking trip with a group and our woman leader was the one doing all the heavy lifting.

No. 1542892

nah, if the woman was strong, she was probably trans. sorry anon!

No. 1542893

Oh yeah silly me. No real woman would ever be able lift anything bigger than a lipstick of course.

No. 1542896

They do this so everyone is integrated. Some people type with excessive emojis, others don't. By banning the use of emojis it helps retain the anonymity of users. Also, write sage in the email field when posting unless you have milk, because they will temp ban you for that even if it was an accident.

No. 1542898

Women is when helpless and can't move kayaks.

No. 1542904

Sage your shit please or don’t post at all

No. 1542910

Yes pretty much, you can synthesize some hormones, you can get synthetic blood 'eventually' there had been recent advances in that as well.
The pump will infuse and create a circulatory cicle so it will be similar to a living organ being feed different fluids all the time, including oxygen of course.
Regarding the question of concoctions, we have millions of medical records and bloodwoks, it will be relatively easy for them to get a general blueprint and apply different variants to make the organs have slight differences I can imagine it will be useful for exogenous variations once the IVF is done and the embryo is implanted.

No. 1542914

What's with the phallus thing popping out of their axe wounds? Isn't it supposed to be their '''''vaginal opening'''''? How the fuck can they pretend their genital mutilations have gone succesful when there's clearly erected tissue in a place every woman has her opening? I'm still baffled at their claims of enjoying post-op sex. Some of them have been honest enough to admit their almost completely numb down there. In a way, I'm happy they castrate themselves.

No. 1542924

And this is for the artificial pig outer womb organ thing right, I don’t know this sounds like wishful thinking. If that’s the case why haven’t they worked with it already?

No. 1542925

That's the "clitty"

No. 1542926

ayrt, damn i never even thought about it like that, you're totally right lmao

that and schools pushing trans issues super hard, at least in some areas. i'm from canada and was finishing up high school in the mid-2010s when it really started to take off, and they literally hung up and handed out infographics about how sex and gender are different and you have a "brain gender" and stuff like that, usually art and comics sourced from tumblr. and of course we all bought it, because it was literally at school. pretty grim in retrospect, cant imagine what its like now.

No. 1542931

they always wear bras or bikinis too high up it’s too funny.

No. 1542935

File: 1653775227223.jpg (445.85 KB, 2208x2944, stillmentallyill.jpg)

Kek the bulge troon who posts bulge pics to Lesbians Actually posted a pic to prove he isn't the shooter.

No. 1542939

if this is the same nonny making “woman is when…” posts please know i love you and i will buy your t-shirts.

No. 1542940

File: 1653775286263.jpg (22.94 KB, 600x337, 3d-printer-heart.jpg)

Not only that, also for the upcoming 3D printed organs:
It's a whole new can of worms now. I read articles about how it works (the external device) but I think is mostly for immediate organ transplants, not designed for "long term preservation" of organs and such.
In the other hand we do know how the body works and what it needs to maintain healthy organs, so there's a lot of hard data on that already.

Pigs or 3DPrints, pick your poison I guess…

No. 1542942

I guess there’s no hope for us at all as women, or for future children.

No. 1542945

NTA. I saw someone else do it further up, and I thought it was a hilariously accurate description of how they caricaturize us. Smash gender norms unless you are trans cause everything that isn't hyper feminized causes dysphoria. Totally not sexist though.

No. 1542949

So men can get artificially transplanted pig organs, but a 12 year old girl who was forcibly impregnated by her uncle has no control over her own womb. Clown world

No. 1542950

Troons never iron their cheap flags, don't they?

No. 1542951

For hearts, yes. The man who died had a pig heart.

No. 1542954

That flag is 100% made of cheap synthetic materials and would warp and burn if they tried to iron it. Not like moids know how to take care of their shit anyhow.

No. 1542957

I don't think so nonna, even if some of the stuff I'm sharing is blackpilled af, it's only a warning not a doomsday scenario. I want you to understand, not to be afraid.
Nature corrects itself always, there's no reason for women to vanish I believe we will come to our senses eventually.
We have been responsible for life from the start and they can take away a lot of things from us, but the moment they messed up with reproduction, there's going to be hell to pay.
It's our duty to remind everyone about what life is about and how it started.

If we face extinction, men are next. Mark my words.(sage)

No. 1542963

Thank you, nona. This has been something that has scared me for years, starting in my mid teens. I’m in my twenties now, but it keeps me up at night, thinking of how man wants to take over reproduction entirely and use it for such grim things.

No. 1542964

Can you sage?
I genuinely thought this was a photo of the shooter, jesus christ. This troon has been my personal online cow for months now, this shit is wild.

No. 1543010

Why is grandpa dressed like a baddie

No. 1543012

We are really in Kali Yuga times

No. 1543035

File: 1653784984648.jpg (149.52 KB, 720x472, Screenshot_20220528.jpg)

Fucking retards, all of them.

No. 1543037

>for women is a cultural thing
What a fucktard. For women it’s been expected of us by men, so whatever the culture of misogyny is, then sure. I guess it’s a cultural thing. I can’t stand these idiots nonas.

No. 1543054

I bet those women also always wear long pants and sleeves that cover their armpits when they don't shave.
There has to be an element of willful ignorance to it. Girls get put through hell from ages 11-18, all for men to marvel at how well trained we all are in various fields of bullshit. And women are all supposed to be gracious and deny it and pretend that all "teen angst" is the same.

No. 1543061

File: 1653789587777.jpeg (133.83 KB, 828x1050, 756616E5-CB6E-4F98-8DB6-D5855C…)

What is this crossover of trannies who listen to electronic music and Twitter leftists? I hate this fucking subculture so much

No. 1543064

Chapo trap house told an entire generation of men they can be video game playing communists all day and dress up as their porn.

No. 1543073

File: 1653790368940.jpg (613.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220528-220925_Red…)

No. 1543075

BP but i used to have this haircut and i hate how so many troons appropriated it to try hiding their male pattern baldness

No. 1543090

File: 1653792274634.jpg (719.94 KB, 810x2272, Screenshot_20220528-224129_Boo…)

They're blasting Euphoria on r/antipornography, lol:

No. 1543093

it's all men with a humiliation fetish, they're all over, ESPECIALLY in radical politics.

No. 1543106

Wrong thread?

No. 1543109

They’re right, it’s a disgusting show. I made it 3 episodes in and got sick of the pedophilia (the actors all look 35 but that doesn’t make the themes any less disturbing)

No. 1543112

File: 1653793868999.jpeg (405.05 KB, 824x1382, 60016D83-149F-4A4E-B3F7-C2E394…)

based bouncer stopped hunter schafers troon assistant from entering a club . he went on live and asked the internet to “do what they do”

No. 1543116

File: 1653794186229.jpeg (426.3 KB, 1170x1583, 6D2D2176-B2AC-436D-87E5-1AF194…)

man gets offended at misandrist joke and decides to to paint op as a bigot kek

No. 1543124

File: 1653794704284.jpg (713.77 KB, 1079x1535, 929484839202.jpg)

sorry if this has been posted he went from looking like a sperg to looking like a flamboyantly homosexual sperg.

No. 1543125

File: 1653794734189.jpeg (31.75 KB, 384x395, A4470188-2133-4AA5-AC51-B9B9EC…)

Do you think Cuties is a satanic Qanon pedophilia ritual too? What the fuck is wrong with Americans, so obsessed with pedophilia(because we have a pedophile problem, anon)

No. 1543128

It’s crazy that moid brains think being rejected is LITERAL VIOLENCE

No. 1543129

>be safe
TOPKEK they literally just told him no. They should have also told Honter no as well but twitter troons would have probably mailed bombs to the club.

No. 1543131

I'm so tempted to post my leg hair in that thread lol

No. 1543132

Do these mfs wash their hair with toothpaste? Moids just don't know how to keep long hair without looking like a broom.

No. 1543135

No. 1543139

File: 1653797273816.jpeg (333.05 KB, 1540x2048, 48DE0D59-0915-4962-8356-E6354A…)

I’m losing it kek

No. 1543140

File: 1653797411476.jpg (687.36 KB, 1448x3216, gh59o4ibhj191.jpg)

Imagine doing this to your face… why? Also, does this look any "feminine" at all? Some of these surgeons are a real danger, regardless of how delusional their patients are.

No. 1543147

this is a woman you fucking doink

No. 1543156

Nope. OP here I blocked him before I could get his handle but you can do a reverse image search if you’re that bad a clocking.

No. 1543157

You'd think hair plugs would be cheaper, but I guess this comes with a free face lift.

No. 1543158

File: 1653800312043.jpeg (879.04 KB, 2295x1530, F615E12B-0DD1-4E88-B9CD-4280F0…)

No woman would ever dare to post themselves looking like .. THIS

If they did, they would absolutely be bullied and mocked by everyone on the internet. Posting this is such a scrote move. No one else would have the unabashed audacity.

No. 1543159

I literally know them you fucking retard stop reaching

No. 1543173

File: 1653802123969.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x1515, ERf0sjiVAAA70Ux.jpg)

Hi troonie. Nice photshoot on your Twitter feed, it's really weird that the account fabrickind seems to be such a great repository of edited and produced images but there's not a single selfie or normal picture… a little weird, since I've known plenty of cosplayers, one of them even worked with Ubisoft and Blizzard in Gameshows, and these people don't shy away from normal pictures.

No. 1543175


No. 1543177

this is just shayna with a dick tbh

No. 1543179

Looks like Harry Styles in the face.

No. 1543183

Why does he talk like he’s ESL

No. 1543185

Ugh, it's all so cheap and grubby. Looks like that Shein shit where they don't adjust the length on fatass American sizes, and just make things wider and wider.

No. 1543187

hate to break it to you nonnie but this is a woman, link's a vid of her talking with no makeup on


No. 1543189

aren't HI OP posts banned chill our there's plenty of troons to laugh at that aren't enby cosplayers next you'll post farrah fawcett and tell us she doesn't pass bc of a cleft chin
seriously she goes to a lot of cons, has for years and wears a lot of tight high cut leotards with a female voice sage for idiocy, stop giving people fuel to shut down criticism of trancel behavior its already rampant in cosplay as is

No. 1543196

>Chronically ill/vague disability mentioned
Like a hat trick.

No. 1543199

File: 1653805163960.jpeg (343.35 KB, 750x1140, 554B431C-FD76-4A04-A762-6EAD2D…)

Still creepy.

No. 1543200

Definitely not a fetish. No sir. Real women always perv on themselves. Jfc they're degenerates.

No. 1543202

File: 1653805638031.jpeg (465.65 KB, 750x1448, 85758AB3-35FB-4BCF-8456-908F6F…)

Hate? Where? It’s literally preddit. They’re the most privileged oppressed group in history.

No. 1543204

I hate to see actual women posted here just for doing “off” things (the fake breasts were obviously for cosplay purposes) or having masculine facial features, it just fuels the idea that terfs are fixated on stereotypes. Girls can look masculine or ugly or do quirky weird stuff without that making them males. I mean, accusing her of being a moid and the evidence being… not posting pictures off cosplay? Cmon.

No. 1543208

>Marignal community
>Typical white guy coomer with a dose of sexism, literally the same as most men in power.
lmao. They're delulu.

No. 1543212

No. 1543215

File: 1653807101895.jpeg (101.44 KB, 680x800, F7AEEFF8-9814-4F49-87CB-DD2AE4…)

No. 1543224

They don’t go out in public and meet real women. They just jerk it to hentai and watch fake porn stars with $1000 worth of waxing and body makeup.

No. 1543248

And he took a photo of him without his permission. Isn't that beyond illegal here? We don't even have google street view in most places because of public privacy laws.

No. 1543250

I think the tweet can actually be banned on twitter. I remember around the time troons where harassing JK Rowling, they instated a new law about not posting photos of people without their permission.

No. 1543258

That body is 100% female, fuck off tranny. I swear you guys post a woman in every thread

No. 1543260

File: 1653815651995.png (Spoiler Image, 7.88 MB, 2314x3262, Apart from everything thetechn…)

This gives the impression you can't cum without seething about da feminazis

No. 1543261

Why is talking in another accent? Mental illness

No. 1543262

This is the most male shit. They'll be like 'Suck my dick feminazi' and then unironically rage that we don't think they are women or call them women and instead think they are pornsick incels who broke their dick but are to narcissistic to deal with the shame brought by their own lack of self-control and general manchild behaviour.

No. 1543263

>we're looking at a decade of supply chain breakdowns, food shortages and gas lines
>conditions are about to get great depression level bad

damn nonas, i come her to have a laugh, not an existential crisis

No. 1543267

File: 1653816618929.png (295.66 KB, 601x509, lmao.png)

Rowling supports lesbians against troons like usual, scrote responds with hideous self-portrait link kek

No. 1543268

It only got worse later on… promoting 14 year old girl having sex with old guy, outright saying it empowered her. No wonder they included degenerate tranny as well, it fits well.

No. 1543274

is there more male behaviour than throwing a fit after being rejected…

No. 1543277

File: 1653820897489.jpg (2.99 MB, 1920x2560, ugliesttroonawardgoesto.jpg)

Oh not this fugly swamp creature again, he's genuinely one the ugliest people I've ever seen and THE roughest 33yo on the planet. No amount of surgery can fix this fucked up mug, let alone feminize it.

No. 1543279

wait what, that thing is only 33??!

No. 1543284

His fucking nose and the "sexy" selfie - I'm cackling out loud irl.

No. 1543290

Fuck lmao it's amazing how many trannies I've seen and thought "this is it, this is the most repulsive man I've ever seen". He's definitely up there for ugliest face but idk that retarded tranny with the sneaker fetish and massive goiter is probably still at the top of my list.

No. 1543295

Its Nigel Thornberry~

No. 1543310

Mf looks SO haggard and is younger than me I'm so happy! Also why the nose ring with a beak like that?

No. 1543313

built like the letter T
like even for a moid he has such tiny hips kek

No. 1543314

severe mental illness + moids usually can't clean up after themselves because of male socialization

No. 1543315

damn, my grandma looks younger than him and she is in her 90s. I still don't understand where they get the confidence from, I've met beautiful women that wouldn't dare to post pictures online and here we are, having an endless amount of ugly troon selfies.

No. 1543328

File: 1653828936291.gif (149.6 KB, 275x199, 1642403689508.gif)

what the actual fuck am I looking at here?

No. 1543331

File: 1653829392968.png (179.57 KB, 557x450, sneed.png)

The troon's screenname is in the picture on one of the books. I think it's actually a pornstick TIF. Still gross and coombrained, can't even make "political statements" without giant technicolour animal penises.

No. 1543343

Does he have an illness to make him look like that? Did he forget to use sunscreen? Does he just jack off so much that all of his life force is gone?

No. 1543351

File: 1653831065976.jpg (338.46 KB, 1538x2048, 20220529_162949.jpg)

Of course he also lives in absolute filth.

No. 1543353

File: 1653831144109.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.64 KB, 1536x2048, 20220529_163004.jpg)

I need to stop looking through his twitter I feel sick. Wanna have hot lesbian sex, nonas?

No. 1543360

Berlin bouncers really reject people in line for any damn reason, it's a known phenomenon and they're notorious for it, but no, ofc Hunter is a famous troon and entitled to special treatment.

No. 1543364

File: 1653832091242.png (934.53 KB, 640x1138, AliceTrades.png)

No. 1543368

Nah. I want them to know that I’m not conservative and I’ll always hate pornsick men like themselves.

No. 1543371

File: 1653833156715.png (573.37 KB, 683x721, gendermiasma.png)

trans woody allen is back!

No. 1543373

File: 1653833399554.jpeg (886.54 KB, 1284x2256, E876E2F0-CC4D-41E1-B41B-4F9F4C…)

They’re obsessed with this. I can’t wait for the lab rat that man is experimenting on to die.

No. 1543376

It’s always the Indian ones huh.

No. 1543378

File: 1653833851341.png (8.62 MB, 2330x4891, 3C5A9E02-A1D7-43A2-835D-8C50C2…)

No. 1543381

File: 1653833959588.png (122.9 KB, 300x300, killme.png)

n-nonnies.. what is he doing with that poor doll… the horrors it must've seen

No. 1543385

File: 1653834064326.jpeg (158.12 KB, 1284x368, F25161F9-B9AE-421D-B760-DFB933…)

Do they know ANYTHING about female anatomy?

No. 1543386

No, it won’t be.

No. 1543387


AND it’s not even the first time? They already did this shit … with Lily Elbe or whatever and he died, and then with the rats. They failed. Enjoy your sepsis, KF has already shown that this guy is a quack. And just because you slap a foreign organ into a male’s body doesn’t mean you can carry a baby. Your body won’t know what to do with it. Why is that so hard to understand?

No. 1543391

personally i think it’s for attention and that he isn’t going to do shit and this is for publicity

No. 1543392

I'm surprised one of them even dared to acknowledge the fact that their neowounds are not self cleaning

No. 1543401

File: 1653835487324.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.21 KB, 828x968, 2E8AFA23-BB53-489C-A39D-8A3E8A…)

Sage cus not an Anna Stan but her blog has been doing work lately. Thankfully normies are too stupid to dig into personal pasts but I’ve been able to peak at least one friend and my mom with this stuff that passes as legitimate journalism

No. 1543403

Sorry for spoiler I’m on my phone

No. 1543419

This is a crime against my eyes, spoiler his ugly, cartoon villain face next time.

No. 1543437

Wtf I think I had this doll as a kid

No. 1543440

jfc he looks psychotic

No. 1543449

File: 1653841289456.png (61.8 KB, 1032x278, videogames.png)

The female video game character thing has to be one of the dumbest reoccuring themes in troon spaces.

No. 1543450

File: 1653841355722.png (65.3 KB, 979x327, videogames2.png)

No. 1543452

File: 1653841511126.png (163.33 KB, 947x698, videogames3.png)

Last one.

No. 1543454

I play both male and female characters regularly in video games or tabletop systems like D&D. I'm still 100% comfortable being a woman. Sometimes I just want to make a cute guy character. Or when I'm playing a fantasy race that can use magic and is amazing at weapons, being the opposite gender is kind of incidental to that.

It feels like another case of not having a firm grasp on fantasy v. reality.(learn2sage)

No. 1543465

I thought the thread pic was Andy Dick

No. 1543475

let the uterus harvest begin… they realise they will need a real female uterus to even get the possibility of that surgery?

I would love to go there and tell them, that, yes, I clean my vagina and uterus every single day. It takes about 10 hours a day and if I don't do it, my female body parts will start becoming male.

No. 1543481

it's dumb, my brother plays female characters in many video games, he hasn't questioned his gender a single day in his life. And I play, if I can choose, only female characters because I just love the possibility, I remember times without the chance to just decide what you want to play and therefore I take the opportunity. Still, I won't miss out on a game if I have to be a guy. They all should leave the cellar and inhale some fresh air, maybe that would help them.

No. 1543486

If it didn’t work with intersex people how the fuck would it work for a full male?? Beyond delusional

No. 1543492

He has probably passed on HPV to hundreds of women through their shitty boyfriends and husbands.

No. 1543495

That’s what I was thinking. It wasn’t discrimination, bouncers randomly rejecting people is a known thing that happens in trendy german clubs.

No. 1543507

The amount of copium in that guy’s post history is astonishing. He’s posted before about having sex with guys who know he’s trans but don’t want him to talk about it. So because SRS didn’t completely kill the nerves in his groin, that means the countless troons who report having no sensation down there are lying? What’s his point?

No. 1543508

File: 1653846055529.jpeg (425.93 KB, 1170x1295, 0C29EE4B-E646-4D9D-A7EB-ECB367…)

I hate these trannies so much I hate them I hate that they can indulge in their fetishes openly and boil down womanhood to spiny skirts when they'll never experience the pain and fear girls have to go through while growing up. My blood boils when I read this shit.

There are so many young leftists and liberals who support trannies, but it's only because they don't know how these freaks really think.

No. 1543511

>even gynecologists can’t tell the difference!
Why do they insist on going to gynos at all? I feel so bad for all the ones being forced to validate these fuckers.

No. 1543513

He has male privilege and can’t even fucking recognize it. What a dumbass.

No. 1543514

>and have yet to experience any cases where my voice is dismissed and i'm not treated with respect and dignity

because you're male??? everyone can see that you're a male and treats you accordingly???

No. 1543523

>claim your position in society as a woman.
When men have so much power and privilege they can claim anything that doesn’t belong to them as theirs. Meanwhile, women who are voicing their concerns and standing up for themselves lose their jobs and get demonized and dismissed as terfs.

No. 1543525

>wtf is female oppression lmao just speak up

No. 1543543

The way he looks like an offensive caricature is killing me

No. 1543550

This faggot is just a LARPer. Every comment or post is about how women treat him no differently than other women, that he’s had 30 consecutive orgasms, has two AFAB gfs, his wife decided she was bi mid 20 year marriage with 5 kids, that he looks 10 years younger and hangs out with people 10 years younger than him. I can’t be assed to scroll any further

No. 1543559

I lurked this hon and it’s such a display of delusion, it’s amazing. australian. 56. been on hrt five years. yet claims to be completely unclockable and stealth. Over and over. Like half of his post history is him talking about how he is stealth and how he has sex without disclosing and how he’s not part of the trans community and how he’s so much special and better and has a wonderful life. Claims to have a futa and calls himself “surgically intersex”. Claims to have been a lactation consultant. claims to experience “female orgasm” and that his record is 30 in a row. Claims to be a married bdsm polyam bisexual with a trans gf. Brags about being prettier than his sister. All the common AGP LARPs

No. 1543575

He literally looks like a /pol/tard meme of a jewish troon come to life

No. 1543585

of course its a fucking gamer not knowing basic female anatomical functions

No. 1543602

you will have to go home for the wrong shoes or the wrong accessories, even at not so big trendy clubs. If a German bouncer feels you don't fit or might start trouble, you won't get into the club, that's just it. And most Germans don't even know who Hunter Schafer is, it's not like Nicole Kidman wants to enter the club.

No. 1543610

go to a doctor as a born woman and tell me again that they are listening to you. That guy is still a guy and therefore no one will stand against him, because besides being a guy he is a mentally ill guy and even men try to stay away from that type and not to provoke them, who knows which person he intends to hurt or kill.

No. 1543615

He’s so fucking old and he’s channelling teenage girls in every picture. I want to Kermit.

No. 1543622

File: 1653853594690.jpg (685.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201229-055256_Boo…)

I recognize this MRA troon. He deleted most of his account before I ever got the chance to go thru it. Here's some things I did manage to save.

No. 1543623

File: 1653853648279.jpg (856.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201229-055856_Boo…)

No. 1543626

File: 1653853852288.jpg (23.08 KB, 464x640, I4QSRcT.jpg)

No. 1543627

>I pass quite well and am attractive
I can’t laugh hard enough.

No. 1543632

The male brain is truly something else.

No. 1543638

Sometimes I want to get down on my knees and prey that these stories are real, that his wife finds his ugly ass talking mad shit about her and leave him.
You can tell his dick was hard writing this fan fiction, but even if he doesn't have a wife, it's still so fucking sick. Do you know how Reddit would react if an actually attractive, real lesbian were to make a post like this? or actual woman with a boyfriend?
>>I'm super duper hot, I got a lot of work done, a fresh new pair of honkers and my face is tighter then my pussy (ha ha). My boyfriend/girlfriend isn't as hot as me and how do I make him/her feel better??

No. 1543640

File: 1653855042522.webm (14.04 MB, 576x1024, gender therapy 2.webm)

No. 1543646

Imagine making a post called “jealous females” and then shit talking your wife to humble brag about yourself. Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1543654

why does he seem to have his mouth full of something?

No. 1543655

File: 1653856266101.png (2.9 MB, 1246x3660, F8F1CE7B-04FE-4F06-856D-76DF2B…)

Responding as males do. Don’t forget nonas, women are allowed to be assertive (unless you’re actually a woman then shut the fuck up bigot/cunt/bitch/terf/etc.). Let the trans women (men) speak!

No. 1543658

Literally every statistic says the vast majority of kids with "gender dysphoria" grow out of it. The only reason to transition early compared to later is for the possibility to get better "aesthetics", and doing so by sacrificing function.
Wanting kids to transition is absolutely a form of grooming, this ugly evil man want these kids to grow into what he thinks is more attractive and fuckable. He doesn't care if these kids are mentally ill, autistic or have trauma, he only cares that they get more fuckable-looking as quickly as possible. For "their" sake of course, despite the fact that boys trandistioned early like Jazz can never have an orgasm, can't even have the desired "piv" sex because their tiny growth-surpressed dicks wasn't enough to even create a fake-vagina, they're robbed of the ability to have biological children, their life-span has shortened, their IQ has dropped, their bones are breaking at 20 years old, and they live in a constant haze from being pumped full of hormones not natural to their bodies. But they now pass better, so yay.
This man is nothing but an evil cultist groomer.

No. 1543667

They don’t pass better though. Hunter doesn’t pass at all and he talks like a retarded little boy

No. 1543670

File: 1653858048012.png (107.84 KB, 783x964, Katy Montgomerie on Twitter.pn…)

colin is fucking dumb

No. 1543675

I know we have a thread where we a-log about scrotes but will we ever get one specifically for tims? Sincerely a nonnie who has been spending an unfortunate amount of time on twitter.

No. 1543676

What do you mean? You’re basically in it.

No. 1543677

The sperging about sleeping with "hundreds of married men," is such a transparent lie, I wish someone would call him on it. It's obvious he says that to lend credence to all of his other sperging. I wish one of the other Redditors would ask him for proof of any of this, that would be funny.

He admits to be being non-passing. So you expect us to believe that "straight" men are infatuated with a non-passing troon with a dry, botched-ass stink ditch? Doubt.

No. 1543678

No cause when I try to say any variation of “kill all trannies” in one of these threads I get banned. Are the farmhands crypto-TRAs?

No. 1543679

I never understand what “rights” they’re talking about. The right to mutilate themselves? They can do that already. The right to jerk off in womens bathrooms? I’m sorry, that isn’t a right, and a man’s hurt feelings will never be more important to me than the safety of other women. I don’t just say that because of MtFs either, I’ve gotten in the habit of looking out for women who are alone and are approached by men they obviously don’t know. I don’t trust males and never will. Trans people have the same rights as the rest of us in most developed countries. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 1543680

File: 1653858688452.jpeg (353.43 KB, 1409x891, F5F3E862-DEF6-4E7D-A9EF-DD4400…)

This page is really funny. I’ve heard pretty much everything at this point but it’s my first time hearing that troons think estrogen can make their literal bones feminize.

No. 1543681

File: 1653858948108.jpeg (108.18 KB, 750x1010, 0F15E10C-0244-4F2A-A3C3-6736D4…)

Freudian slip kek

No. 1543685

TIMs lie about being women, so it’s safe to assume they lie about most things.

No. 1543690

File: 1653860932110.jpg (537.57 KB, 810x2203, Screenshot_20220529-174424_Boo…)

The transfem butch urge to behave like men:

No. 1543693

Female gamers have played as male video game characters since the eighties (for lack of any other option), yet it was only in the last ten years that large numbers of women began trooning out. No one decided to saw her tits off because she enjoyed playing Crash Bandicoot or Castlevania.

No. 1543697

File: 1653861413881.jpg (24.73 KB, 580x325, boxtrolls_performance_e (1).jp…)

No way

No. 1543699

Hell yeah punk music is so antifascist and fascists hate patches and pins! Funny how none of them would know what a fascist is if it heil hitlered in their face. In fact they'd probably return the gesture.

No. 1543702

The whole concept of a MTF butch brings the psychological torture of having to pretend men are women to levels never thought possible. That sub makes me want to crawl out of my skin and fling myself into the sun. I hate men so much.

No. 1543703

Thank god we have men in dresses to talk about the patriarchy. The real victims here.

What is it with fetishist retards and persecution complexes?

No. 1543705

The funny thing is that they are the new fascism. Troonism is pure authoritarianism, hence the 1984 comparisons.

No. 1543708

If this ever happens again, delete all the pictures on his phone while you're pretending to take pics

No. 1543711

She has been doing some good work lately exposing troons with actual research. Wasn't expecting a turnaround like that, but good for Anna

No. 1543712

Yeah, this blockers discourse is so dumb. If you're blocking what is supposed to help the kid develop mentally, how are they ever mature to know for sure if they are trans? If they're a boy that never went through puberty, they won't magically change their sex to female by taking hormones a few years down the road. They'll be a person with arrested adolescence messing with their endocrine system, in a way that's a mismatch to their biological gene expression. Troons talk about analogous sexual anatomy (glans-clitoris) and sexual determination of the fetus (also the congenital anomalies) like humans are blank slates and you can reverse all these complex processes - like it's all a computer code.

Immature brain from an arrested adolescence, prepubescent genitalia, undeveloped secondary sex characteristics and general adult anatomy… how many of these troons are aware that giving kids the drugs they also use for sex-offenders, looks like the most pedo shit ever?

No. 1543737

It's truly amazing what NOT going through decades of normalized sexual harassment and sexualized insults will do for a person's confidence.

No. 1543738

File: 1653866545569.jpeg (293.44 KB, 750x1493, 234E016B-58AF-4733-91E9-CA040E…)

But troons are the rich and powerful! Gender ideology, especially nonbinarism, is based on luxury beliefs.

No. 1543747

For real. They have no fucking idea.

No. 1543752

File: 1653868805994.jpeg (720.25 KB, 1557x2183, F41A6041-28C2-4635-BC16-C54CEE…)

A lesbian on tiktok said she doesn’t want anything to do with male genitalia and the troons/handmaidens are going crazy. I’ve never had tiktok, is it really this bad? Who are these people? Are they all troons or kids/teens? This is so depressing. I hope the girl is ok.

Here is the twitter thread of the videos: https://twitter.com/terfalicious/status/1290087860675072002?s=21&t=PxTpGjN0JWtzfipHlN4J0Q

No. 1543757

This is so bad. They’re so homophobic and awful, but we’re supposed to be the evil ones. I hate them so much, stop harassing women ffs.

No. 1543758

Gen Z looks more and more grim as the years go by. How the fuck does calling dicks male genitalia warrant a struggle session?

No. 1543761

But it's fine if a man says he doesn't want pussy. Women aren't allowed to have preferences anymore, we're just expected to take anything and everything life throws at us. Our own desires, happiness, and comfort clearly don't matter.

No. 1543767

Bindel is a seasoned activist and academic. The audacity of this pervert in a dress to assume he knows more about feminism than she does. Typical mansplaining, assuming he knows more than a literal expert because he has a penis and uses Twitter.

Please put all the trannies on a remote island and take their internet away. I'm so tired of men who were neo-Nazis a year ago troonsplaining feminism to me.

No. 1543770

Gen Z people are brain dead, I swear to god. Stupid to the core despite their Phds. But I guess millennials made this bullshit up to begin with, or at least perpetuated it, so we’re equally to blame. If I have to guess, the next generation will consist mostly of conservative christians, all partially mutilated and deeply traumatized as a result of having their parents put them on puberty blockers and force them to play dress up with pedophiles.

No. 1543775

Standing up for yourself is punk rock. Conforming to the enforced attitudes of every other retard your age is not.

These people don't know dick about punk rock, anyway. If they did, they probably wouldn't be caping so hard for it.

No. 1543778

What do her opinions have to do with her supposedly not being alt? I hate that trannies gatekeep communities that have absolutely nothing to do with trans politics. This has nothing to do with them, and they don't have the last say on what people are.

No. 1543804

File: 1653873275221.jpeg (835.41 KB, 1170x1434, 79D631F9-5252-4925-A315-1297A8…)

This is the most terminally autistic meme I’ve ever seen. It’s so absurd it’s making me lose it. Why is he roleplaying as a jojo character.

No. 1543809

They fetishize alt girls so they see an alt girl not being pro-tranny as going against their fantasy and rage.
They really think the non-material gender identity vs the material biological sex is somehow marxist huh? Coomers gonna coom, neets going to beg for UBI I guess.
>Jojo character.
Never let your kids watch anime, always anime, vidya, and coom.

No. 1543811

the hammer and sickle plus the “free speech arc” in his name is the cherry on the shit-flavored cake

No. 1543812

>Metaphysical nonsense
>Believing biological sex is real and observable and quantifiable using science
>Believing in head feelings = you're a woman/man, if I wear the right costume = I am a woman totally isn't immaterial.
Trannies are braindead jfc.

No. 1543813

Men not understanding basic concepts once again.

No. 1543821

File: 1653875209536.png (2.03 MB, 1026x1640, MenBeFunnyChallenge.png)

There is very little worse than trans "comedians".

No. 1543826

They skinwalk as girls they had a crush on as teenagers or in cartoons. Gen Z moids are unironically all school shooters or troons

No. 1543827

File: 1653875730790.png (4.6 MB, 750x1624, 058B3EB7-0A48-4E62-98E4-5B4212…)

1) No.
2) That outfit is awful.

No. 1543829

Before dilating they have to scoop out the gunk/rot with their fingers, hence the short nails

No. 1543830

File: 1653876196063.png (10.21 KB, 902x172, mywifesnameoutofyourmouth.png)

I was looking at the reviews for the lunch place I'm going to tomorrow and found this kek.

No. 1543835

It’s crazy every tranny argument is just autistic Twitter scrote metaphysical word vomit. Somehow they are better at being women than women because boylover Foucault said something. TRAs can never respond to calling it magical thinking because that’s what it is.

It’s the same exact reasoning as justifying misogyny with “because God said so”. Literally schizo nonsense. I blame Judith butler.

No. 1543839

Of course you can. They swear they do the most, even more than we do, to be “attractive” yet they never even apply decent makeup or make the slightest effort to remove their 5 inch ass hairs. Like, you would think the first thing they’d do is groom their new pussies, but they never do. You’d think that’d be top of the list considering their obsession with porn and children but they never do. Chill on the knee-high socks and trim your ass hair, you dumbfucks. Even straight cis men have the decency to do it. Fuck.

No. 1543841

File: 1653877486745.png (2.69 MB, 1040x1592, untitled00100339.png)


same troon. the narcissism is through the roof. absolutely male behavior, how many women constantly talk about how hot they are?

No. 1543842

Sorry, samefag…. But no. Just no. Unpopular opinion around here, I’m sure, but not all men are disgusting pieces of shit. hug Tbh my man prob smells better than I do some days. Sorry you’ve had such an unfortunate experience. Maybe stop collecting dolls and watching anime all day like they do and you’ll find a decent dude, if that’s what you’re into.
(Can’t wait to see how many times I’m called a moid for this.)(integrate)

No. 1543844

shut the fuck up, retard. you type like you're homeschooled.

No. 1543846

You're right, but there is culture here so its pointless.(sage your shit)

No. 1543849

No, you. You’re just as sexist as they are and only serve to make us look like complete hypocrites. You aren’t helping, femcel, You’re probably beat af and that’s why only smelly men have been near you. How do I seem homeschooled? Keep reaching.

No. 1543851

I’m just saying, how tf does it serve us to stoop to their level? It’s embarrassing.

No. 1543852

I’m going to vomit, oh my fuck.

No. 1543855

Go back

No. 1543858

Are you the triggered male who kept reeing about femcels, transphobia, and forbidden garden forum in ot? You're a literal retard. YWNBAW.

No. 1543859

File: 1653878451579.png (464.8 KB, 776x622, surejan.png)

His twitter is full of him raging at women and calling himself hotter than them. Also that piercing is fucking hideous

No. 1543861

The male ego is such a strange and sad thing

No. 1543862

File: 1653878683263.png (536.65 KB, 635x515, YWNBAW.png)

Femcel will never catch on incel trooner coomer.

No. 1543863

File: 1653878733717.jpeg (131.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0831.jpeg)

this guy showed up on my fyp and when i went to block him, his bio said "butch lesbian". only a man would think an actual butch woman would dress like this kek

No. 1543866

File: 1653878833167.png (351.85 KB, 729x561, 310239102948204.png)

Can we stop fighting, and laugh at this troon who's too embarrassed to be seen in public. He's begging for donations for ffs, yet has enough money to go on a cross country road trip, curious.

No. 1543868

Well, butch obviously just means short hair silly uterus haver. /s

No. 1543869

They call Zendaya butch these days. Porn really rots the brain.

No. 1543874

It’s just racist 4chan spergs. Remember that Twitter post about how Hunter was more feminine than Zendaya because they were uwu nordic genes. So interesting that the worst men tend to be chasers

No. 1543877

I wish troons were called out on their racism more, they Almost all are

No. 1543879

File: 1653880478868.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 603.43 KB, 750x1624, 71710355-61F8-4E5B-AD2E-5BA5CB…)

Idiot fries his brain with drugs, almost dies, and all he learns from it is that he wants to “live as a girl”. What the fuck does that even mean? You can’t live as a girl, all you can do is move from one addiction to another and be a worthless moid who lives and dies for his own ego and his dick (inverted or not).


No. 1543883

the male and trans suicide rates truly are a blessing to society

No. 1543889

Just try to ignore the retarded scrote. If we all ignore him he will just be talking to himself like the retard he is. Responding is what his attention craving ego thrives on. Maybe he’ll just leave instead of crash female image boards. Kinda sad really to be pushing yourself so hard into a place you are unwanted.

No. 1543890

Praise be

No. 1543891

Gladly prove that you're a 'fellow woman' then plZ nonnerz

No. 1543892

Is the scrote replying to himself

No. 1543893

They always reply to themselves before posting gore and cp.

No. 1543894

I think so, fucking retard

No. 1543895

It’s almost entertaining. Idk if he’s drunk or what.

No. 1543899

He really think anyone would "thirst" after the freak specimens that get posted here.

No. 1543902

I’m bi, but troons killed the very last of my attraction to men. Their porn addictions and fetishes, overinflated egos, their anger and violence, everything about men is so off-putting. How is anyone attracted to them? I feel awful for straight women.

No. 1543903

Y’all are so cute for thinking that anyone who doesn’t adhere to your man-haters club mentality isn’t a woman. Keep being exactly like the scrotes you hate so much. Have fun complaining about misogyny while also shitting on other women who dare to have have an opinion and thinking you’re being productive.(ban evasion)

No. 1543905

are you having a psychotic episode

No. 1543907

Yes, yes it is. A lot of youtubers and normal people won’t use the platform for this very reason. Anytime you say something that is against the genz rules of the world you get hounded. Same for irl.

No. 1543908

That's just called being male kek.

No. 1543910

Lot of it is sarcasm, maybe stop drinking so much drunky? Wasn’t because you said you think some men are ok. You outed yourself without that detail. Your other posts support the theory. At this point it isn’t even a theory, begone scrote.

No. 1543913

I think this hits home for every real women.

No. 1543920

Sage for blogging but me too. I used to identify as bi, but after a combination of dating women and seeing all of this, I honestly could never go back. Men are an absolute waste of time and energy. If I was straight, I would simply never date again.

No. 1543926

Sage but Gen Z don't have PhD's yet. They're in their early 20s at most. Agreeing with you Otherwise.
The constant fear of being the target of a dogpile makes them all become internet vigilantes, harassing everyone who's made even the slightest transgression in their eyes. Kill before you're killed.
Because being trans is anti-establishment obviously, and goes against christian republican
values. Of course this gay girl is an anti-lgb right-winger for not sleeping with men in dresses.

No. 1543928

File: 1653884823836.jpg (708.18 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20220530-002553_Chr…)

Yet another troon who lives in utter filth kek.

No. 1543929

This skyrim bs is laughable, right when all the good mods came out every scrote I knew irl had a female character bc they were “so hot” and “boobies”. It wasn’t one to two guys, ALL OF THEM.

No. 1543930

As a genz, we are early 20s at most and I hate us all.

No. 1543931

I feel you nonny. I got accidentally involved with a fetishist this week, sold some short shorts on eBay and didn't blink when the paypal they used was a guy's name because many people share accounts with partners etc. Then they sent me a message saying how sexy they were and how good they felt against their skin and signed it with a male name. Uggggggh.

No. 1543932

I'm gonna be sick.

No. 1543934

We already have an HRT shortage in Europe and trans women are shouting about how it's going to kill them, while biological women are left to go through menopause without aid but trans women say it's worse for them because of dysphoria.

No. 1543940

File: 1653886908363.png (1.88 MB, 720x1667, 3BE4385A-C858-48EF-8FEB-8EA9FF…)

Why do the women married to transbians always look like they’re being held hostage? I mean, we know why.

No. 1543943

Trying to hide his janky teeth

No. 1543945

“She’s the one on the left” yeah don’t worry we can tell kek

No. 1543946

File: 1653887856938.png (153.73 KB, 339x502, Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 06.16…)

I am sorry for having to show this to you, but at least the Aussie scientist isn't pandering to the delusions and saying it's potentially damaging to the baby. The kid is now 3, and I hope social services are keeping an eye on them.


No. 1543948

scrotes being whiny and demanding as usual

No. 1543954

File: 1653888787495.jpg (159.17 KB, 1080x1128, IMG_20220530_083253.jpg)

No. 1543955

File: 1653888788352.png (1006.22 KB, 634x1075, twttw.png)

No. 1543956

>onision has to fuck this

No. 1543961

File: 1653890692639.jpeg (152.53 KB, 640x484, 4B8DAB26-3DB0-42BB-B170-4FDE2C…)

He started transitioning in 2017 and she married him in 2019. He had frozen his sperm. It’s not like he trapped her with a marriage and baby first.

No. 1543963

File: 1653890771899.jpeg (34.05 KB, 306x413, BCD28F02-80EE-44D5-810B-BFBDF9…)

He was giving his newborn baby 5ml of galactorrhea discharge when a newborn needs 15ml. How fucking depressing is that. Not enough ml to sustain the newborn, hopefully not enough to cause any harm to the child, but certainly enough for this troon to appropriate motherhood just enough to get an erection. Fuckin die.

In the story it said that the female endocrinologist suggested to him to try pumping and breastfeeding the baby? Why the fuck would she do that? It says that she is apart of some trans health organisation bullshit for breastfeeding couples too. Horrific.

Picrel woman who told a man to let his newborn drink 5ml of galactorrhea fluid from his nipples. Apparently doctors in the hospital warned him not to do it but he did it anyway.

No. 1543965

Samefag but,
> It says that she is apart of some trans health organisation bullshit for breastfeeding couples too

For clarity’s sake, she advocates for LGBTQIA+ but basically trannie couples to breastfeed their children.

No. 1543967

Oh give them a handsome tip and a shining review at the end!

No. 1543973

NOTHING makes a man angrier than a woman who doesn’t want his penis.

No. 1543980

Why would you continue to put someone’s feelings over their health or more importantly, a child’s health? What the fuck possesses these people to go along with this insanity and say shit like; yes you can breastfeed your baby as a man on estrogen, yes you can attach shaved off skin from your arm and make it into a dick on top of your vagina, YES we can turn your dick and balls into an actual true and honest vagina and one day you may have babies— why? Why do they lie to these people and allow them to just broadcast their degeneracy, these people need HELP not fucking asspats. This is getting tiring, nonas.

No. 1543987

So, because I don’t subscribe to your man hating philosophy by simply saying not all men smell, I must me be a man myself huh? Explain your reasoning to me, please. Sorry I’m not a dyke and called you out for being a hypocrite? Get over it.(ban evasion)

No. 1543988

File: 1653894970029.jpg (135.88 KB, 1440x1037, neolion.jpg)

Imagine having a meltdown because someone said men are smelly

No. 1543989

Ove a day old post kek. Men really are fragile. Forever coping, seething, and dilating.

No. 1543990

He also replied to himself kek.

No. 1543991

Literally no one is having a meltdown besides you. I’m not the one attacking someone for saying something as simple as not all men stink. You sound hurt af.

No. 1543992

File: 1653895259975.jpg (45.42 KB, 800x857, surejan.jpg)

No. 1543994

Calm down, dyke, it’s entirely possible to hate troons without hating men as a whole. Sorry you’re so damn triggered by someone literally just saying not all men stink and calling you out for being a hypocrite. You need help. Go collect some more dolls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1543997

File: 1653895953026.jpg (47.77 KB, 913x891, No Need To Get Aggressive.jpg)

Calm down buddy, everything's gonna be okay.

No. 1543998

File: 1653895956723.jpg (27.04 KB, 754x195, movienight.JPG)

Based mom, kek. It was probably just meant as a humorous comment from her side, but of course this guy's so sensitive he needs to have a breakdown and cry on reddit about it.

No. 1544001

Says the bitch who’s bent outta shape because I said not all men are stinky incels. Seethe, bitch, I said what I said. Y’all are doing nothing for the cause by stooping to their level. You sound just as petty and misogynistic as they do. I’m not allowed to have my own opinion? How are you different than them??

No. 1544002

we're here to laugh at trannys, not watch you show your ass all over an anonymous imageboard

No. 1544004

Where’s my ass, retard? Come up with a better argument.

No. 1544006

File: 1653896575196.jpg (50.2 KB, 625x483, SJR8B5M.jpg)

No. 1544008

> TERFs aren't punk
I do more for my scene than any of these faggots. I was cancelled online for being a TERF. My best friend is dating a nonbinary chick and even he admits that he just sees her as a woman.

No. 1544009

Ayrt, that was my only post.

No. 1544010

that plus tranny authority.

No. 1544017

Men really are fragile kek.
>Fucking dykes, feminazis, transphobes I'm not an incel reeee!
Women stay winning. Men stay coping, seething, and dilating.

No. 1544020

Yawn. Any woman that dares to disagree with you is a tranny or disgruntled man huh? Can’t handle different opinions even when theyre this simple huh? Tell me how you’re different from the troons… Absolute hypocrites… calm the fuck down. All I said was that some dudes are capable of being clean and smelling decent. Why are some of you so pressed about it?(infighting)

No. 1544024

Men naturally produce more corynebacteria. Men stink, literally and figuratively. Cry moar

No. 1544025

nta, but shut the fuck up.

No. 1544028

Kek. They make out like the suicide rate of trannies is down to some ungodly oppressive force and constant violence from the rest of us. In reality it's just shit like this.

No. 1544030

File: 1653899863737.jpeg (98.05 KB, 431x428, 6CA7C01F-48A9-4390-8FA4-A83B59…)


Just look at the Google reviews for this place (Silq in Düsseldorf) now, talk about brigading. Troons and handmaidens are really the most fragile MFs in existence, like yes bouncers are assholes most of the time to anyone for any reason, how is this news? The real world is not your tranny asskissing hugbox, surprise. Absolute cancer.

No. 1544032

Because to the people in power these people are seen as gay and/or mentally ill, which means they're less-than-human so they get to tell them any lie they want so they can medically experiment on their sub-human bodies, sterilize them so they can't reproduce with their bad sub-human genes, literally cut up and fuck up their bodies to make them life long medical patients who have to give them all of their money just to live, they get to pretend these people aren't gay when they "look" more straight, all while getting praised as a hero by the very group they're doing this to. Surgeons who hate troons are living the dream.

No. 1544036

holy shit you’ve been at this all day in several threads stfu already

No. 1544039

Only men think their opinions are so important they need to derail a thread for hours

No. 1544049

You do know that this site we all pretty much hate scrotes and troons. If anything you either are a scrote or a deluded pick me. In reality men will always see you as inferior no matter how much you defend them you will never be one of the boys, you will always be objectified and treated as less.

No. 1544057

File: 1653906007878.jpg (26.73 KB, 500x500, Pick-Me.jpg)


They'll never see you as equals.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1544058

Guys you should really learn to just ignore derailers

No. 1544059

this made me kek
lmaooo honestly I love seeing comments like these, it's so rare to see people openly shit on tranny shit

No. 1544061

Well i've yet to meet one, kek

No. 1544063

Until women start mass killing and raping everything with a hole then we'll never stoop to their level. Imagine coming to lolcow of all places to cape for men.

No. 1544065

Interesting how the hsts troons always say as kids they felt ashamed of liking boys and liking to dress up/use makeup. Which they even somewhat begrudgingly acknowledge is also common for "cis" gay men. But they still refuse to accept that them being shamed for being gay from a young age had anything to do with them now trooning out to be seen as "straight".

No. 1544071

And you should goddamn sage
Very much this

No. 1544075

it's gotten so bad that i can't even tell if this is a troll or if it's 100% genuine

No. 1544084

Yes I'm replying to a troon but;
>go collect more dolls
This piqued my interest. After I some time ago mentioned on lc (probably even this thread) that the doll threads on 4chan are pretty much women only, a tranny appeared there to bring up his tranny shit. This must be the same moid I'm pretty sure, why would he bring up dolls??

No. 1544085

I'm black and I've always played video games characters who were white or Japanese. Not once did I ever think I was trans-racial.

No. 1544096

kek, I am a woman 80% of the time playing as a male character and never felt male (more like enjoyed looking at cute male character lmao) and fr it's so ridiculous, how do these people deal with playing as a character that looks NOTHING like them???

No. 1544097

File: 1653913686057.jpeg (162.47 KB, 1284x323, 8DDE488D-D476-4272-9E89-5CA561…)

Even the name of the club has been written as this. Does someone at google do this shit?

No. 1544098

post your fem wrists

No. 1544099

File: 1653913783236.jpeg (651.51 KB, 1284x2153, 57CAD049-82E5-4E88-AE31-AA720E…)

This is really not normal behavior. The way troons and TRAs brigade is so weird and childish.

No. 1544103

File: 1653913961862.jpeg (335.95 KB, 1284x602, AADAA6D6-AA72-48A7-BB02-62505D…)

Meanwhile on a regular site to review restaurants..I’m sure they’ll come for this one too though.

No. 1544104

>transphobic club
>tfw you're not part of it
How do I live knowing this nonas

No. 1544105

Wtf that's insane. I've never seen something like this

No. 1544106

but i thought they wanted to be women! this is the way women get treated, bouncers refuse to let perfectly normal women into clubs because they're fat, have acne or otherwise don't fit the beauty standard.

No. 1544107

File: 1653914364724.png (218.98 KB, 2688x2688, 9d5.png)

>how do these people deal with playing as a character that looks NOTHING like them???

Is this how the gamergaters feel when they see a non-white, or female character? They can't project themselves and thus they throw a shitfit?

No. 1544109

there are places in America where dark-skinned black women are explicitly banned from certain clubs, mostly by black male club owners

No. 1544111

Funny. I've said before that the tranny 'hate-fixation' on J.K. Rowling really reminds me of how certain nerdy men online reacted to the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Brie Larsen.

Probably because these are the exact same men, just now they're pretending to be women.

No. 1544114

Me neither. I’ve never even seen it happen for different reasons, like racism or misogyny. What the fuck makes these people so untouchable and special that they can have or change absolutely anything they want. How is that oppression??

No. 1544117

playing as lara croft tomb raider made them become troons

No. 1544118

kek I think you're onto something

No. 1544120

File: 1653915382849.png (2.89 MB, 1284x8676, F6983AA0-836C-49D5-B474-682A23…)

Pedophilic fetishists and autogynephiles, all of them. Do you know how I felt as an eleven or twelve year old when I started developing? Overwhelmed, scared because of attention creepy old men (these kind) began to give me, uncomfortable in my own body because it felt different and little boys would always make cruel or sexual remarks about it. The fact that these males get off on the painful lived experiences of females makes me want to alog so badly. I feel like I can’t even say the things I want to about them for fear of sounding unhinged.

No. 1544125

File: 1653916112842.jpeg (576.15 KB, 1284x1095, 669CB186-4678-4AC3-8B79-49A767…)

>I can tell they are trans by appearance
So it’s okay for them to clock other ones but we are just supposed to pretend and go along with the delusion that they are indistinguishable from females?

No. 1544126

The unhinged fuck is putting on a german accent.

No. 1544127

It’s okay to be unhinged, nonnie, we need to be more unhinged so they stop acting retarded.

No. 1544132

Yeah I was wondering about the fake accent too, why the fuck is he doing that?

No. 1544140

File: 1653918703038.png (Spoiler Image, 847.17 KB, 588x1194, 938B37F5-C650-4B0B-8684-9B5DDC…)


No. 1544141

Bait account, that's in Holland

No. 1544143

KF found that this sculpture is actually from some museum. That isn’t even the title of it. Here is an article about it from several years back. It’s just relayed to mythology.

No. 1544145

The more pandering they do, the more shit they will have to silently remove when the genderfandom stops bringing money.

No. 1544146

File: 1653919196597.jpeg (504.56 KB, 711x1248, 1612A6D8-C8C5-4A38-AAF9-7FDD45…)

The tweet is not accurate, like it’s been said. It’s an art piece from 2017 and has nothing to do with trannies, just Greek myths.

No. 1544147

File: 1653919512519.jpeg (553.97 KB, 1242x878, 19520F0B-9443-41C5-93E9-019047…)

No. 1544148

He pretends to be awoman, pretends to be oppressed because its fun for him. Why not be german?

No. 1544152

These guys are so fixated with race shit, what does the guy being black has anything to do with this whole thing?

No. 1544153

File: 1653920056182.png (292.54 KB, 603x467, 01AA955F-1354-4676-9C4C-D255A7…)

No. 1544154

No one is fucking caping or derailing anything except you weirdos jumping on me for simply stating that some men smell ok lol. If you can’t say the same it’s probably time for you to join the real world and find a better social circle. It’s a board for women right? Where in the rules does it say I have to hate every single man that’s ever existed? I’m not the only straight chick here, leave me alone ffs.

No. 1544156

Sperg harder.

No. 1544159

Stop replying to the incel.

No. 1544160

It’s okay nonna, I’m mentally ill like you, just understand that males are gross and that saying “not all men” is retarded.

No. 1544162

File: 1653920984122.jpeg (70.54 KB, 509x554, 6573E88E-48DB-4CB1-ABF9-D91541…)

More blatant facts at 5

No. 1544163

If that nona really is female, idk why this is so hard to understand. We have to deal with hearing men sperg about “not all men” every day and it’s nice to have somewhere where we can shine a light on their bullshit, trannies or otherwise. It isn’t hypocritical when a lot of it is purely true. Idk why any woman would be screaming so much about manstink and how it’s not real yet here we are (if they’re not a man).

No. 1544164

How do they themselves not make the connection? They’re being sterilized and taken advantage of.

No. 1544167

File: 1653921338509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1125x3697, 5ECBD619-B858-41B0-9BCB-BD75C8…)

No. 1544169

Knowing the bunch of money surgeons make off idiotic people butchering their genitals makes me wish I’ve studied medicine, I would be rich.

No. 1544174

File: 1653921782449.png (Spoiler Image, 78.43 KB, 730x433, B72642A3-2C85-4515-9E76-44B141…)

No. 1544178

Hate that a lesbian felt the need to put herself through this experience - but damn what interesting insight.
>a really deep belly button
my sides

No. 1544179


No. 1544180

Def not a man, def was never “screaming” until you cunts attacked me for saying not all men stink. My main point was that if you generalize like that, you sound just like them. Also that if every man you’ve been around stinks, maybe you should rethink who you’re hanging out with/maybe it’s a YOU problem. Men suck, yeah, but they all stink? Really? Sounds retarded af.(ban evasion)

No. 1544183

No wonder they’re being catered to by politicians and the elites, they’re a goldmine. They’re making them more money than the film industry? That about explains it all.

No. 1544184

This is so gross and I feel bad that the troon parade convinced her that it was totally cool and normal for a lesbian to have sex with a male who was surgically mutilated because there's "no difference" between that and and actual female. It honestly sounds traumatizing. Fucking ew.

No. 1544189

File: 1653922208350.png (225.8 KB, 537x1051, 3EA81692-C0F2-445B-A171-8BAFA5…)

Real women shower kek

No. 1544190

Every kid they get on blockers in burgerland at 12 is worth like 1.6 million in trans affirming care alone.

No. 1544192

kek wtf is this post. sure feels good being hygienic

No. 1544193

File: 1653922529249.jpeg (116.14 KB, 953x1024, D0B38145-247B-4246-8E80-241685…)

Discord tranny throwback

No. 1544196

File: 1653922876806.jpeg (225.06 KB, 1478x1109, 5D90D45C-EEDF-4118-B481-4F4590…)

No. 1544198

How's the ropelet doing

No. 1544201

Kek is this bathroom graffiti? Based.

No. 1544204

I love ms-hells-bells

No. 1544206

I love this one. The brainwashing people have to do to themselves goes against everything we’ve evolved to notice about people in order to find a mate/protect ourselves/etc. Even when I was a super TRA who supported TiMs I still knew they were fundamentally different than me and noticed the way they casually throw misogyny around or get off on it. It took seeing it over and over for me to finally peak, but yes even then I always saw them as men and outsiders, no matter how polite and welcoming I acted towards them. Even FtMs point this stuff out and try to work it out in their minds before they get attacked for it by MtFs.

No. 1544210

i'm guessing her attitude to 'campus violence' is different when it's a woman professor being bullied and fired for un-woke statements.

No. 1544211

better to not use handwriting that can get compared by the thought gestapo to shit you've written.

No. 1544212

Would actually be interesting to know how many terfs are poc, honestly seems like poc are more likely to peak early since troons are often extremely racist and compare black women to men and creepily fetishize Asian women, while troonism is very white middle class at its core

No. 1544213

I think this is actually what they want though. Its not really about passing as a woman, but about having a sexually attractive female body (by moid standards). So a biological male going through an arrested development, pumped full of the wrong hormones to artifically force development in the direction of "sexy female object" not "womans body".

Because they are not women, but heterosexual men attracted to the female form, with a fetish for themselves having that female form. Thats why the think Hunter Schafer is a success story, not because he passes as a woman, but because they are sexually attracted to and want to fuck his body.

No. 1544214

File: 1653925132248.jpeg (446.5 KB, 1284x1317, AC09D72A-58DA-48C4-A9CA-3FCE10…)

I didn’t know about this subreddit until the other day, but literally no woman says this? Here in this thread we rejoice when they date each other instead of preying on lesbians. They always misconstrue what we do and say.

No. 1544218

It is funny how the way "trans women" and "trans men" behave and are viewed by the pozzed spectres of society corresponds perfectly to their actual sex. The entitlement and coercion of FTMs doesn't come close to the degenerate behaviour of male troons. I don't think there's been a single Gayden that gets told to fuck off that reacts like a transbian would. Obviously because of their socialization, but also because even trannies still see gaydens as women and don't actually care about those issues.

Another thing that comes to mind is the uterus transplant bullshit. Where are all the Gaydens demanding dick transplants and where are all the male troons offering theirs since they won't need it?

It's almost like the uterus transplant discourse is about how women's bodies are seen as a commodity to validate the fetish of paraphilic men and the patriarchal system they uphold would never see a man's penis as an organ that should be transplanted for gender affirmation.

Isn't it funny how trannies couldn't not make Roe v Wade about themselves, yet they're literally advocating for an industry where women's reproductive organs are being sold for "affirmation"?

No. 1544219

I want to give them a 5 star review for being transphobic lol

No. 1544222

Diavolo would hate trannies kek

No. 1544223

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume none of these people actually went to the club.

No. 1544224

Troons have the classic male ego of thinking everyone secretly wants to fuck them despite troons being the ugliest creatures on earth. The uglier a man is the more he thinks others want him kek

No. 1544227

Wait what?

No. 1544229


>be male

>call yourself a lesbian
>fuck another man calling himself a lesbian
>TERFs owned epic style

No. 1544233

There's a lot of peaking on communities like Lipstick Alley. I don't think they take too kindly to troons who self-describe as anything but homosexuals with a transvestitic fetish (kind of how it's viewed in the community I think?).

There was also a prominent African feminist who recently masked off and made the trannies really mad, but I can't remember her name.

No. 1544235

I love the anti-trans lipstickalley threads. They're mean as fuck to even the nice trannies that try to earn their approval by saying they "respect women wahhhhhh" kek. It's so refreshing to see women stand up and tell these perverted males to fuck off, even when they grovel for forgiveness. Especially since troons love using black women as their big "gotcha".

No. 1544240

Agree. After seeing how so many of the troons try to use as black women as a means to suggest that they can be women too, that's what peaked me because I noticed that was a common thing I would see when the troons tried to explain why they should be seen as women as well since "Black women are seen as women". Like seriously, these dudes can fuck right off with that noise.

No. 1544245

File: 1653927150571.png (48.62 KB, 960x348, Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 17.11…)

I just went on her blog and saw that she replied with a selfie and then revealed it was actually a random 'trans woman' after she got sent loads of insults KEK

No. 1544247

I agree. Women not backing down is necessary right now. Part of the reason we got to this point is because of handmaidens who kowtow to them and praise them for doing nothing. We need to be able to say “NO”, full-stop and that word get respected.

No. 1544249

Oh yeah I forgot to mention this in my original post, but Hunter having a 13 year old boys body is actually a plus for them, they dont want an actual female body, they want the kind of body they are sexually attracted to. An important difference, because all troons and basically all moids are pedophiles to their core, they are physically attracted to neoteny and the androgynous pubescent form. Its like ancient Greeks wanting to fuck literal 13 year old boys instead of adult women.

No. 1544255

This is one of my favorite TERFisms. It's literally so fucking funny. TRAs really reveal how retarded they are when terves use their people against them.

No. 1544258

I had a childhood friend who developed breasts at 9 and she was in so much pain that she had to quit certain sports, I had pains as well but it's disgusting these GROWN MEN whine or fetishize this stuff we go through as literal little kids.

No. 1544260

File: 1653928283215.jpg (559.65 KB, 810x1759, Screenshot_20220530-121905_Boo…)

OP's getting called a TERF in the comments. Love seeing them eat their own.

No. 1544264

>men can more openly voice their hatred of us
Bruh what? In every mens space online and irl it’s filled with men shitting on actual women for whatever reason. If anything most men probably consider trans women invisible or just weird other men unless they’re chasers that take interest. TiMs do not experience a fraction of the hate that’s thrown at women on any given day, and even if words can be harmful, that isn’t violence in the same way that rape or domestic abuse is (which most white AGP trannies in the western world don’t have to deal with unlike legitimate females of any race). Most people are either kissing their feet or just don’t think about them if they don’t have to interact with them on a daily basis.

No. 1544266

File: 1653928976374.png (34.39 KB, 766x231, i58865865.png)

The feminine urge to reduce women down to their body parts.

No. 1544270

Vaush, defender of men. You really got her, pal. Ukraine is rooting for you.

No. 1544271

Wasn’t he cancelled after his tiff with JKR where Contra even told him to piss off?

No. 1544273

File: 1653929398183.png (391.87 KB, 654x528, VaushImage.png)

Kek THIS motherfucker trying to insult an objectively good looking women. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1544275

hilarious, meanwhile any troon would kill to look like a doll of ANY kind, considering they are the same false & uncanny abstraction of femininity that they are.

No. 1544277

>A cis wrote this
A male wrote this didn't he

No. 1544280

File: 1653929880530.jpg (527.45 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20220530-125702_Boo…)


No. 1544281

Now can they apply this logic to themselves and the way they act around lesbians?

No. 1544283

This is so true. Most heterosexual men in the West consider TiMs the same way they think about gay men, which is to say they just don't think about them at all. For them they're not a threat in any fashion, at best they consider them another thing to have sex with. Women are the ones who have to deal with these freaks and feel their rage…just like we have to deal with cis scrotes and feel their rage too. They really think saying some shit on Twitter is the same thing as being afraid to live alone, or walk around at night.

No. 1544285

File: 1653930243540.png (886.45 KB, 760x1072, Screenshot_20220530-100052.png)

They're all so obsessed with "terfs" what rights do they not have already exactly?

No. 1544286

File: 1653930335959.jpg (37.95 KB, 380x361, dumm-bleibt-dumm.JPG)

of course, they are also racist, it's a club in Germany, so it has to be racist. They never went to a club before, did they? The bouncers mostly know what they want in the club and what not and if you don't fit, you just don't fit, nothing to do with gender or being a troon. Next up we will have reviews from kids getting turned away because they aren't 18 or people turned away, because they showed up drunk, telling us how horrible the bouncers are, they just can't help being minors or alcoholics and shouldn't be rejected therefore.

Now they want to change the opening times to "permanently closed". Gosh, no one really knows about Hunter Schafer in Germany, so why should the bouncers know he is a troon, after all Hunter thinks he is passing well. They are acting like spoiled stupid children.

No. 1544287

This came into my recommendations, and I just had a feeling some fuckery was going on. I didn't even watch it. I went to the comments. So many women calling themselves "a person with a uterus" or something like that. YET they are calling him a man. I only ran into one comment so far calling him a "Cis Man".
Apparently, he used the normal gender cult speak in this video.
Funny how he can be ID'd and called a man, but the women in the comments don't call themselves women to respect trans women/men/non binaries.
But aren't calling him a cis man or a penis haver to respect Trans men/non-binaries. Funny how that works. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but it pisses me off seeing people referring to us as that. I'd rather they say Women and trans men or women/trans men/non-binaries. Yes, thats annoying but it's not as demeaning and disgusting.
At best people put a "Cis" in front of Man/male.The only people I've ever heard call men, "Dick Havers" is Shayna or some trans men.
I've heard plenty of people online bounce around not using the word, "Woman/women" but call men what they are or trans women, trans women.

No. 1544288

Lmaoo this is such an old move that it even has a name. They call it pronoun respecter

No. 1544289

File: 1653930496263.png (36.52 KB, 592x422, 0454623453.png)

Sir you're thinking of an adult daycare.

No. 1544291

Honestly that’s a great question, what exactly are the rights they don’t have? I want a list.

No. 1544292

oh suddenly being treated like a woman isn't fun anymore? think of how korean women feel like being photographed in bathrooms without consent. you made the choice to larp a woman yourself, stupid moid.

No. 1544294

It’s all ridiculous but
Why should other people have to cater to you and give you affirmations? Does he expect the tranny triangle gay flags to be spread in the workplace? People to compliment his fried hair and bad makeup? These trannies always have to be given asspats or they can’t live.

No. 1544295

I highly doubt he looked like a woman though, especially in tight neon leggings. Dude was probably a chaser or wanted to take a pic to laugh at later.

No. 1544296

Trannies want to publicly rape women, “terfs”, and children, without repercussions. They threaten to do so all the time and while it has happened before and some troons have gone without punishment, they want it to be legal in writing.

No. 1544297

they genuinely act like TERFs advocate them being hunted down and stripped of all their striped socks and novelty buttplugs. They have all the exact same "rights" as anyone else in the US & UK, at least. Like, do they get denied housing or benefits or insurance or free movement or guns or free speech? The only right they don't have that they so desperately NEED is to be seen as women by everyone. "Trans rights are human rights" good, you have those here, let's move on.

No. 1544299

he felt uncomfortable? Can be lucky that the other guy talked to him at a well lit place with other people around and not just followed him nearly to his doorstep and took a picture without even saying anything.

No. 1544300

They don't have unlimited access to women's bodies, and it's "literal violence" when women don't want to see their bulge.
Only 60 years ago women weren't even allowed their own bank account or financial independence. Women fight for their right to not be raped and stripped of their human rights. Troons fight for their right to rape and strip women of their human rights including their bodily autonomy and ability to exist in a penis-free space.

No. 1544301

I'd love to hear what makes this man's dick any less of a girl dick than the real trannys dick if he said he was a woman

No. 1544302

Male socialization got these troons wyldin', NO woman would leave her house at 1 AM in eye catching clothing and ride her bike to the gas station. Because we know that we'd be lucky for that to be the worst interaction we had on the way there. Imagine living 25 years as a person who didn't need to take immediate inventory of how many men were in a desolate place late at night then being outraged when one of them takes a picture of your retarded pants.

No. 1544303

If they were a chicken, they would've been thrown into the shredder after hatching. If they were a pig, they would've been castrated without anesthetics, their tail would be docked, their ears would be notched, they would be transported in cramped trucks with no access to water nor food for over 28 hours in some cases and then they get slaughtered long before the end of their natural lifespan. How are MtFs in any way shape or form, treated worse than those animals? Also interestingly enough, female animals are exploited and treated worse than male animals, due to the reproductive capabilities.

No. 1544305

Probably yeah but he had a choice. Women do not.

No. 1544306

Meanwhile actual women get stalked raped and killed but that's just a cute little fantasy to them

No. 1544312

Based vegan TERFs

No. 1544313

Jesus Christ nona I didn’t even catch that he said it was 1 am at first. Yeah never in my fucking life would I go out alone once it gets that late especially if I was going to bike to a gas station of all places. I’m scared going places by myself anyway sometimes because being a solitary woman is essentially putting a target on your back for men to approach you, whether their intentions are good or not. And as far as the bright leggings go, dude could have just worn a bright hoodie or something for visibility. I don’t want to sound like one of those people who blames assault or rape on clothing because I don’t think that at all, but I do think you can keep yourself safer and less of a target for harassment with some common sense about where you’re going and your surroundings and drawing attention to yourself. Maybe this is something this male has never thought of. I don’t know. I just think wearing bright skintight clothing to a gas station at 1 in the morning is a foolish idea no matter who you are.

No. 1544314

Wow, are you saying it's bad for female animals breeding abilities to be abused and exploited? That's a trans women's dream, I can't believe you would insult their desires like that. The female breeding sow locked in a cage experiences the feminine euphoria trans women seek and here you are diminishing it. Feminists are so evil.

No. 1544318

File: 1653932677496.png (Spoiler Image, 544.88 KB, 747x625, barf (2).png)

To have the confidence of a hideous troon

No. 1544319

Ew who the fuck thinks other people want to see that? You just know this AGP is getting off to taking a picture with a thong visible, like wearing it instantly turns him into a VS model or something. Vomit inducing.

No. 1544321

As a vegan terf if I had to choose between saving a chicken or a troon from a house fire I would choose the chicken.

No. 1544322

File: 1653932938143.png (365.14 KB, 793x711, 0139128301298410.png)

Yup. Hand maidens eat it up. Shit like this makes me furious and undoes progress that women have been fighting for years for.


No. 1544323

Take the vegan crap somewhere else, veganism is detrimental for human females.

No. 1544324

How do people laugh at that? Sometimes I wonder if these women who support this are just self-hating or what. Men laughing at and mocking and getting off on the things that have made me fearful and angry isn’t funny to me. It’s insulting and scary.

No. 1544331

File: 1653934161491.png (80.47 KB, 1023x423, weird therapist.png)

Gotta love how anyone and everyone who pushes back against troons in the slightest is automatically a terf. Skeptical gay male therapist? Terf. Anti abortion conservative christian? Terf. A confused middle aged mom with a TIF daughter? Terf. It's truly amazing.
Veganism can be healthy, it just takes more work than a standard diet. If you supplement B12 and eat protein/iron rich foods (ie lots and lots of legumes) you'll be fine. (I'm vegetarian, not vegan before you call me defensive or something btw.)

No. 1544332

Well, of course…the chicken contributes more to society than a troon does.

No. 1544334

>Flexible hours
It'd turn into "not working" pretty quickly.

No. 1544336

File: 1653934492431.png (331.52 KB, 762x824, Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 20.14…)

lmao they changed the name of the club

No. 1544337


Which came first, the troon or its cracked egg?

Why did the troon cross the road? Cause there was a sale on striped thigh highs at the Biglots across the street.

No. 1544338

Not to derail but I was veg/vegan for most of my life, we need heme iron.

No. 1544339

I know, TERF is just there catch-all label for anyone who questions anything about them. Imagine 20 years ago thinking Dave Chapelle would one day be labeled a radical feminist in any sense of the word kek

No. 1544340

But the guy who did was obviously not white lmao

No. 1544343

as a meat eater, who doesn't eat birds, I would save the chicken from every harm that could ever befall her. The troon, well, I would feed him to the chicken.

No. 1544344

I noticed the stat graph on the side of your selfpost and I see that you locked your profile on Twitter. Did the trannies find you?

No. 1544347

I think you're on to something nonnie. Being forcibly impregnated over and over and hooked up to a milking machine for life is the ultimate troon fantasy

No. 1544349

damn, they are annoying. Only time I ever saw that happen was when people changed the name of a big homeopathy manufacturer to "Zuckerfabrik" (sugar factory). Imagine you have a small business and mister Hunter Schafer wants something for free and you won't give it to him, well, you will be a terf and you can close your business down.

No. 1544350

And here I was at puberty thinking that the weird new lumps in my chest were breast cancer and extremely upset that I was growing into a woman, they're so detatched from womanhood and femininity even most normie scrotes have a better understanding of it than they do.

No. 1544351

>Posted 1 minute ago

No. 1544352

File: 1653935532818.jpg (95.51 KB, 943x593, 123456.JPG)

they even have a statement up on instagram and blame it on the bouncer and fired him. I hate how they kiss that troon's ass.

No. 1544354

Cool, now apologize to all the homely cis-women & fat cis-men who were rejected that night too.

No. 1544358

How??? This is the second time they change it. Do trannies run google?

No. 1544362

This is really one of the pinnacles of pettiness. Review bombing is pretty bad but this just makes them look entitled as hell.

No. 1544363

File: 1653936437892.png (73.91 KB, 720x497, B8A596AE-C229-487F-9212-A1DD31…)

of course this was written by a troon. lesbian separatism when?

No. 1544364

File: 1653936473707.png (229.33 KB, 1200x966, C6B1908D-F128-4D4D-9C2D-C4D534…)

Dear god please be a troll

No. 1544365

Poor bouncer. I hope he can find another job quickly and that this shit doesn’t come back to haunt him. You know the club only did this because of the backlash and Hunter having a following.

No. 1544370

racist against germany :((((:((()

No. 1544372

yikes people are so quick to jumping to conclusions. they only heard one side of the story and it’s from the minors perspective. 60% of minors ik are trans or non bio rn. It’s a trend 100%.

No. 1544375

File: 1653937206910.jpg (133.78 KB, 525x700, pedoeggcel03.jpg)

It's not a troll. I found his other social media accounts and pics of him and posted them on the other farms the end of last year. Some Swedish incel.

No. 1544376

File: 1653937286612.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1932, B1AF0B10-AF06-4319-84CF-3C58BF…)

he looks so uncanny and inhuman… why do these moids always insist on intruding in on female spaces

No. 1544377

File: 1653937448666.png (48.29 KB, 1176x302, l935253-.png)

Do any of you remember The L Word. I came across this article, thinking the trans author was seething because there were literally no trans lesbian characters in the reboot (which would be based), but no. He's mad that one of the characters is 15 and can't be cast in any sex scenes, and it's robbing trans of their sexuality. You can't make this shit up


No. 1544378

Lol why is he holding his eyes and mouth that way?

No. 1544379

Ugh why can't they stick to their own subs for this pandering crap? If you're going to the makeup sub, just post your god damn makeup and stop fishing for validation where ever you go. You know if anyone says "no you don't pass" they will be banned within 5 minutes.

No. 1544382

File: 1653937677884.png (630.52 KB, 660x782, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 3.07…)

Because somehow, inexplicably, that is how they see us. They all hold their mouths tight like that, I think under the impression that it will make their jaws and chins project less. Then of course they all open their eyes as wide as they can because the best girls are anime girls, after all.

anyway, this retard needs to start "working on" growing his hairline back kek

No. 1544384

File: 1653937859282.png (201.01 KB, 498x189, O O.png)

>I'm a 24 year old male
>Am I male or female or neither
You are male and you already know this. Stop wasting your beath and other people's time and just say you have AGP and save us all the braincells. Expressing/wanting to express female-typical traits doesn't make you female. Also rope you fucking pedo. YWNBAW
He looks like picrel
>Do I pass?
>Any suggestions?
Take off your sister's clothes buffalo bill.

No. 1544385

that's the hairline of someone 40 or 50…just look at that combover he's trying to pass as "bangs" kek.

No. 1544386

kek and the sartorial choices tell me that the last time he felt young and carefree (like the girl he's larping here) was sometime in 2009. is that his ex-wife's vivienne westwood knockoff necklace?

No. 1544391

File: 1653938377365.png (4.04 MB, 2506x1958, based based based.png)

kek the college fotball player who beat a catfish troon to death got acquitted of ALL charges, including second degree murder, and walks free. TRAs are seething.

No. 1544396

jesus, troons want to cry about ~muh safety~ when dating casually but don’t think disclosure of sex is an important part of communication? no wonder they’re getting beaten to death. preying on young black men who have likely grown up in a culture of severe homophobia is gonna get your face rearranged

No. 1544397

I’m sure they know this and get off to it. Forcing women to participate in their fetish and knowing if we speak out or even give concrit we’re gone.

No. 1544398

They want so badly to identify out of their oppressor status. So what if other men treat them like shit? TIMs are still men who oppress women by invading our spaces, censoring us, appropriating our existence, making the language we use to describe femaleness taboo and devoid of meaning, threatening us, demanding sexual access to lesbians, etc.

No. 1544400

This isn’t based, he killed a man and got away with it lmao. Dumbass troons don’t deserve to be beaten to death because of some man’s gay panic

No. 1544401

shut the fuck up troid. He posed as a woman and put on a wig and makeup to suck dudes off in a "glory hole" style setup. HE was a crossdresser at the least, and that falls under the tranny umbrella.

No. 1544404

This annoys me so bad. No group of people can just identity out of being oppressed. They’re not fucking oppressed for CHOOSING to walk the streets looking like clowns or invading spaces they know they shouldn’t be in. Women can’t opt out of their oppression the same way minority races cannot in western countries. Why is it that people are okay with this?? It really is like letting a wolf loose around a herd of sheep. I hate them and I hate handmaidens too for just going along and agreeing to submit to men like we’ve been forced to since the dawn of time.

No. 1544406

the troon was the town creep and raped many men by deception. so this case was one of a man killing his rapist

No. 1544408

Yes it is lol

No. 1544409

He killed a man who tried to pull a knife on him. I have little sympathy for the catfishing troon.

No. 1544410

I won't lie, I don't give a shit if a moid kills another moid

No. 1544414

they said nothing about the racism wtf

No. 1544415

>Man kills another man.
"This is all the terfs fault"
Idc if men kill each other either, I just hate how it's always somehow women's fault in the end.

No. 1544419

the jury must've agreed because there's no way this was self defense lol. maybe don't rape by deception in fut…oh wait he can't.

No. 1544422

He was posing as his sister-in-law? Why are they so obsessed with impersonating women they know personally? It’s so fucking creepy. Also, any troon trying to rape other men by deception must have a death wish.

No. 1544424

Hope it was worth it! Honestly I don’t care if this starts happening more often. Rapists don’t deserve to breathe, and why should I care about this? They don’t care about us. They make rape and death threats about women every single day. They’ve peaked me hard enough that my sympathy has run completely dry.

No. 1544425

File: 1653940328009.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x2436, 57C96786-3A26-47EC-BF1F-47CB85…)

Troon posts on r/cottagecore, and obviously the handmaidens in the comments are tripping over themselves to uwu validate him. A mod even posted that “bigoted commenters” will be banned, despite the fact that actual women get insulted or made fun of in comments all the time and nothing happens. But nonnies, he’s just so dainty and female, right?

No. 1544427

They may not deserve to be beaten to death but them tricking scrotes whilst completely aware of how they can react? Agp’s fault, should’ve known better than not be a pervert and think other scrotes would just take it.

No. 1544429

I wish I could see what would happen if women weren’t so socialized to coddle scrote feelings and just posted exactly what they thought instead of validating them for being beneath mediocrity.

No. 1544430

He was probably imagining himself as his sister-in-law doing this heinous shit…gross.

No. 1544431

The worst part is the racism accusations might be true, since the reviews that mention it are older than the hunter incident

No. 1544433

I wish it was an anime freak transbian agp and not just some gay guy

No. 1544438

i love how all of their silly little one star reviews will get deleted soon by google because they treat masses of bad reviews exactly like spam/bot reviews.

No. 1544443

File: 1653941001756.jpeg (139.85 KB, 828x644, 9EAE4AB2-8769-4C0E-82FE-ACABEF…)

Germans are notoriously anti-women. Disagree with nonnas in this thread about England, Germany are the forefront of mtf laws


Almost 2,000 rapes in one night in one city by Muslim moids and the police and media refused to prosecute all but one who got one year of probation because of fear of appearing racist. Unlike the rest of Europe Germany’s rape laws didn’t have a no means no clause. Rape is basically legal there unless you have DNA evidence.

No. 1544448

I remember this. People talk about it like it's a dark taboo topic. I was 16, and so confused by the lack of action, the lack of outrage. Why I mainly heard discussions about it on American, right-leaning news outlets, but not on national ones.
Sage for slight ot, but this seriously shaped me, as well as so many young women I know.

No. 1544450

Rapefugees will only be mentioned in non right wing news outlets when they inevitably start attacking male troons and gender clinics. It’s already starting to happen in Sweden. You can’t have both lol.

No. 1544453

Why do they all have assne

No. 1544456

I know it will only end up hurting women but I can't help but laugh my ass off when I see left-wing opportunists getting cannibalized by islamists, and vice-versa where islamists act like pikachu surprised when there is a modicum of backlash against them from the left. We had a great show of that in France recently, a young scrote from the suburbs was presented as candidate for the leftwing party, he got backlash because he called one woman a token arab, another a white whore, etc got support from the party against the "racist backlash" right up until he got dropped like a hot potato because he got accused of rape, just so they party could say they take this kind of accusations very seriously. Just wonderful all around.

No. 1544458

are you thinking of chimamanda ngozi adichie?

No. 1544459

Exactly and moids in power in any country will always side with other men, especially if said men are already crushing women beneath their fetish heels. I’m sure many of these refugee women have dealt with some of the harshest forms of misogyny, they’re probably broken down in a multitude of ways already. But the people who have influence will have to pick, and it’s much easier to choose when you get less of a fight back from the side that’s been historically oppressed and is more afraid than the side that just has to snap their fingers and get what they want immediately like rich white AGPs do.

No. 1544466

The only reason the rapes happened were because the refugees accepted were overwhelmingly young men. The German government clearly didn’t give a shit and left the women to die in Syria. They were probably salivating at the idea of a work force or something.

No. 1544468

Little do these dumbass moids know when we hold our mouths tight it's because we're either holding in anger or on alert because they're around and we wonder what kind of stupid shit are they thinking of doing.

No. 1544472

once saw a documentary about rape and our law system and one of the judges even said that he would never recommend any of his daughters to report a rape, because he knows how those women get treated and how no one believes them until there is any evidence.
Rape isn't legal in Germany, it's just that you have to go through so many walls to get justice and I can imagine that many women just don't have the strength to go that way.

The worst thing in the last months were 11 guys aged between 18 and 22 years old now raping a 15 year old girl. Only one of them was remanded in custody before the trial. The trial started some weeks ago and I fear they will get a very mild sentence as they are still seen as young adults in Germany.

they thought we would get "Fachkräfte" (educated guys working jobs we miss people doing them), well, worked out quite well. Did the same thing with people from Afghanistan now, mostly men got here, women just can't work and have to stay home to breed more men that can destroy their own country.

No. 1544476

File: 1653944473673.png (107.36 KB, 1738x600, stinkytrannies.png)

No. 1544478

Isn’t it funny how they are only referred to as men and not Muslim men? As if organized rape squads were happening 20 years ago?

No. 1544480

File: 1653945013248.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.91 KB, 225x300, AdamLanza-225x300.jpg)

His stupid autistic expression is an almost exact copy of Adam Lanza. The blank, wide eyes and weird mouth. That, or he's watched too much anime and he's trying to copy the big eyed, small mouth look.
Spoiler for psycho scrote Lanza's face.

No. 1544483

File: 1653945440157.jpeg (294.85 KB, 734x745, A419648D-E722-425D-852F-B91D0B…)

It’s ok hon, just make sure the room is dark and he’s shitfaced drunk.

No. 1544490

Because they are filthy and don’t wash

No. 1544492

cant believe it took this long to find a molly ringwald skinwalker kek, how many men thought she was.. butch???

No. 1544496

Is he expecting someone to have sex with him without even seeing his body?

No. 1544502

He has never had sex and thought mutilating his dick would change things? How is this shit legal, I almost feel sorry for them.

No. 1544503

he skinwalked his sister in law, lured men to have sex with him while PRETENDING to be his sister and law, and is all around one huge creep. this man deserved to be put down like the rabid depraved animal he is (i wouldn’t be surprised if he had also harassed women too im the past)

No. 1544504

same fag, in the past* not im the past lmao

No. 1544505

i remember clubs in europe rejecting me or my friends for being ugly all the time, lol. it fucking sucked, but who wants to go to a dumbass club like that anyway? take the L and leave. and not one club fired the bouncer that rejected me or made an insta post to apologize for their misogyny…hmmmmmmmMMMmmMMmm

No. 1544506

the whole dick cutting thing is a blessing in disguise; inevitably they’ll either develop an infection from all the shit clogging their fake vaginas and die, or, they’ll realize the fake vaginas they have will never disguise the fact they’re men and kill themselves.

No. 1544507

remember to sage next time nonnie

No. 1544512

These are the same men who shame women for cellulite, hair, or basically any flaw. They put on a thong and feel like hot shit.

No. 1544536

File: 1653951476020.jpeg (240.11 KB, 1146x567, 405DF68D-F1F6-4F8C-BBDA-04C3F4…)

Jamie Lee Curtis at her tranny son’s cosplay wedding.

No. 1544538

Abort all male fetuses. This might be your future if you don’t.

No. 1544545

Oh fuck I saw these pics earlier and didn’t even notice Jamie Lee Curtis. I thought it was just some weeb wedding. Yeah that’s cursed either way.

No. 1544546

go read Ben's New Penis by the new yorker.

Perverted FTMs exist but they are less loud compared to troons

No. 1544547

She adopted him

No. 1544548

the most unrecognizable cosplays ive ever seen, wtf am i looking at and why do moids ruin everything

No. 1544549

sage, nonnie

No. 1544554

Why is a grown-ass man cosplaying squigly. Also terf icon jaina proudmoore would never officiate a tranny wedding.

No. 1544557

>Doesn't wear deodorant because "smells like a woman"

can't believe there's actually moids out there that believed those women don't fart/sweat/poop jokes

No. 1544558

This is the cringiest thing I've ever seen…

No. 1544562

File: 1653954542535.png (1.51 MB, 1534x1600, 1981CE48-49FD-42E1-95DC-A07FE9…)

No. 1544567

Worse then a harry potter or lord of the rings wedding.

No. 1544589

late but were you at combo breaker too, lol

No. 1544592

Then save another woman from having this future kek

(Btw I’m joking).

No. 1544594

Men are actually retarded and clueless in regards to their personal safety. Not to blogpost but I have had boyfriends who confirmed how little they think about danger, but just walking with them as a woman reduced the catcalling I normally got on the streets to nothing. It’s one of those things that makes you realize that men do actually live life on easy mode.

No. 1544607


>Literally gets called "my man"

>Omg, I totally relate to women's struggles and frustrations

Pure moid thought.

No. 1544608

Sorry "my guy".

No. 1544616

As the old moid saying goes:
>maybe nothing would’ve happened if he hadn’t gone out dressed the way he did.

No. 1544627

File: 1653960710360.png (868.89 KB, 750x1624, 2F557656-D3B2-47DD-8C99-EE7A71…)

Isn’t authenticity supposed to be effortless? Authentic is synonymous with real, and there’s nothing real about surgically altering your appearance to resemble what you’re not and coercively trying to manipulate other people’s perception of you.

No. 1544664

It's because we have eyes, and those of us who've dated men know how many of them have one bath towel that smells like mildew and ass and never gets washed ever.
This is why I don't feel any sympathy at all for troons. People finally started talking in public about how girls get put through the wringer, and of course men rushed in to derail that. And they're coomers, so of course they've said horrible things about women for years and years. You never would have seen them make NOT ALL WOMEN posts, even women don't do that.

No. 1544666

File: 1653965605514.jpeg (735.28 KB, 750x1242, 76429D73-CE55-4CF3-AC26-AACFAB…)

>I’ve made some progress
Apart from what looks like a scalp transplant, what exactly is that progress?

No. 1544667

I’m living as the most true and authentic version of myself because I recognize my biological sex has no bearing on what stereotypes I’m told I’m supposed to adhere to. Don’t feel the need to change my body or anything like that. Pure acceptance is true authenticity.

No. 1544670

A bit off topic but I find that people who travel a lot do this. It’s sort of a way to communicate with the locals better through matching their cadence/manner of speech. Helps people understand each other

No. 1544673

I gotta give him credit though… neovaginas ARE horrifying

No. 1544674

didn’t know steve harrington trooned out

No. 1544680

File: 1653967546079.png (2.72 MB, 750x1624, A6F468F1-1248-4B6D-9302-0A6F09…)

Giggle’s AI is shit then. Maybe he got a pass for the cute little pup.

No. 1544681

Holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1544687

File: 1653968148599.png (8.41 MB, 2048x2731, 5FA3B8C2-1CE3-4DFE-9BA4-EE9913…)

All this troon posts about is cat girls and anime. What the fuck is it with these men and they obsession with sexy animals? Is it because they see women as inhuman and desperately want to assume that identity to avoid reality?

No. 1544690

Just the fact he did that proves he has no respect for women’s spaces and wishes. Why would he need to get into that app? There’s nothing for him there, yet he still uploaded his gross picture, just because he couldn’t help himself. They have reddit, twitter etc, these men have so many places, but the ONE place he was told to stay away from, he just had to try it. It’s so gross, they are like parasites, worming their way in.

No. 1544691

It's so sad that women attack other women when they look bad like this but scrotes get coddled..

No. 1544693

Assuming that he didn't use faceapp or someone else's pictures, either way it shouldn't take long for him to get reported and banned.

No. 1544695

This has nothing to do with "transphobia" and everything to do with autist MTFs being unable to take a joke about themselves without histrionics. I said basically the same thing to a (trans) friend when they didn't cry at a sad film that had me sobbing and we laughed about it.

No. 1544702

Don't you dare, Steve is gorgeous

No. 1544705

In Germany lots of the bouncers are black or Turkish and they don't like weirdos. "Having fun" in the queue also makes it sound like Honter and friends were being loud and obnoxious and they might not have liked that either.

No. 1544726

File: 1653972230910.jpg (43.21 KB, 212x340, 1496247516021.jpg)

He looks a bit like poop brooch girl now.

No. 1544736

TIMs are such children jfc

No. 1544741

Angel Cake, I'm so sorry you had to see this.

No. 1544761

anon… the who now

No. 1544763

asherbee kek

No. 1544798

File: 1653979688593.jpg (1.65 MB, 2560x2560, 22-05-31-07-42-30-390_deco.jpg)

This is one of keffals tranny mods

Things that make you go hmmmmm

No. 1544801

Some of them are probably just outright underaged.

No. 1544804

Imagine reacting to women being hurt with "lol u just bad at sex". It's 100% male clown behaviour.

No. 1544805

I think its because catgirls and anime girls are always portrayed as the infantile baka stereotype, whos only desire is to appeal to the male gaze and never threaten their masculinity or ask for respect. A real human woman is too close to the uncomfortable fact that women are human beings too.

(This is separate from furries, those degens just want to fuck animals)

No. 1544806

peak faster maiden-chan

No. 1544817

An early thing that peaked me about troons and especially ftms is when you listen to their argument for transness it’s essentially saying EVERYONE is trans and they just don’t know it. That’s not an exaggeration, the underpinning philosophy for many trans writers and activists isn’t “please leave me alone”, it implies every cis woman or man is somehow lying to themselves. That immediately set off a red flag as a cult survivor.

No. 1544824

Yeah troons love this dichtomy of colonialist-indigenous when it comes to the concept of sex. Like white Europeans are the only civilization to ever recognize male and female and discovery of sex chromosomes is in itself about oppressing natives. Funny, it's 99% white US and UK troons crying about this.

How are they going to say that and ignore the vast amounts of traditional civilizations that have fuck all to do with European colonialism, yet treated women like property? All the various tribes and societies where sex segregation is a fundamental value. From ancient Romans to modern-day islamic fundamentalism. Tons of contemporary cultures where a woman isn't seen as equal.

All of this is on the basis of sex. Women in these cultures can't identify out of being oppressed, left out of education, raped or being trafficked. Troons can fuck right off.

No. 1544825

File: 1653985853689.jpg (Spoiler Image, 604.51 KB, 810x2061, Screenshot_20220531-042657_Chr…)

Protecting transkids by sexually harassing and intimidating women.

No. 1544826

13 of the 24 police forces surveyed in England and Wales record gender by self ID.

2.8% of recent rape defendants were classified as "women", even though in UK law, rape can only be committed by someone with a penis, i.e. a man. This could potentially lead to victims being told that they were raped by a woman, despite them being penetrated by a penis.

87 of the 146 MTF troons in UK prisons last year were convicted of at least 1 sexual offence, so around 60%. For the male prison population, that figure is 16%. Troons overwhelmingly go to prison for sex crimes.

No. 1544827

idk how to say this other than at least give an image description warning because I was not mentally prepared for what the fuck that is

No. 1544829

Typical moid shit tbh. Can't even escape them in our own gender. There really should be a distinction between cis-women and trans-women when it comes to crime statistics, it's completely deceptive otherwise to report it overall as "female" offenders.

No. 1544830

File: 1653986954017.png (50.54 KB, 626x282, D5D2482C-8C35-4B00-9969-ED985E…)

they’re going to really do themselves in with this shit.

No. 1544831

I'm sorry but that is bullshit. Most people who came here where young men. It's the sexism in Syria that made the families send only their sons. (An absolutely retarded decision since refugee women tend to do much better in school and integrate better in general)

No. 1544834

nonnie it's so endearing you don't know what that is but i'm sorry you had to see it

No. 1544837

File: 1653987885207.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x1707, 1582484328740.jpg)

Just wait until they start using statistics like this to say that the wage gap is smaller/gone.

Pic semi related - a female only speedrunning event

No. 1544838

They act like they're the victims but statistically troons are more likely to rape/sexually abuse a woman or child than even a "cis" man. Lots of women have always had the gut feeling of not trusting troons, because they can tell something is "off" about them that makes them a threat. Always trust you gut when a man gives you bad vibes, better to be safe than sorry.

No. 1544839

god I can imagine the fart and decay smell of their wounds and rotten dicks

No. 1544840

implying that bdsm conveys emotions aside from the desire of violence of sick individuals that can be excused with "kink" lol
Whoever can't have vanilla sex is the most tryhard person ever

No. 1544843

could have gone my entire life not knowing what the inside of a rectum looks like

No. 1544845

My thoughts exactly, they grow up so quick

No. 1544851

Sorry you had to goatse that anon

No. 1544856

File: 1653993510584.png (25.83 KB, 801x295, lol.png)

censorship at its finest

No. 1544861

i love pics like these, spotting all the male traits like the guy on the far left kek he looks male in every way til you scroll down and he's got grandmas skirt on

No. 1544862

File: 1653994351887.jpg (36.66 KB, 275x214, kek2.jpg)

No. 1544878

The person is using a male character with lipstick as their avatar, so likely a tif. If it's a tim then it's very ironic.

No. 1544886


Unfortunately this is not satire. I used to be Facebook friends with this weirdo and he was always posting the creepiest status updates asking women about their bra sizes and other sexist fetish shit I’m sure he was getting off to

No. 1544892

File: 1654000111957.png (33.71 KB, 644x206, ywnbaw.png)

Can you link your sources? I would love to see updated numbers. Just want to make sure it's not this (but I think it is) https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/

No. 1544903

File: 1654000767318.jpeg (309.9 KB, 750x1617, 670C1FFB-7FF1-4E39-AD24-B45FBE…)

I hate it when TIMs make a mockery of the dangers women face. They’ll never be women, so they’ll never experience any form of female oppression. They’re also the same men sending rape threats to radical feminists.

No. 1544906

The second comment. Stupid dumbass. They’re nicer to you because they see you as a mentally ill male in a dress and don’t want to deal with the inevitable tantrum you’ll throw otherwise.

No. 1544907

File: 1654001119069.jpeg (495.39 KB, 750x1085, FB3DB941-34BA-4B3B-AC58-4BA85B…)

This is such a pedo this to say, holy fuck.

No. 1544912

File: 1654001709153.jpeg (425.8 KB, 1284x739, F8D4BC0B-2E4A-419E-B5D9-401A03…)

Oh, I can answer this one. The reason is because you’re not girls, you’re not women, and you’re sure as hell not females. You’re mostly pornsick males who objectify and appropriate the lived experiences of women, who are intent on destroying everything women have worked to obtain for centuries, who mock and belittle us, who make rape and death threat towards us, and who generally act and think more male than some of the most stereotypically masculine men out there. Women have a right to stand up for themselves against you because we don’t want everything we’ve worked for to crumble because of men. It’s no different than any other hurdle we’ve faced for centuries, just males being males, this time by mimicking us (not so different than some wild animals who do this to get at the females, really). Whatever empathy I once had for you, you’ve completely annihilated it by proving why we SHOULD fear and hate you. You aren’t women, you never will be. Fuck off and leave us alone or deal with us being rightfully upset about it.

No. 1544914

No. 1544916

File: 1654002037735.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x2270, E84B374A-0AD8-456E-8428-8F9BFE…)

Another one who thinks he doesn’t stink. Wtf are these weird ideas they have about women? Do they think we aren’t human or something?After exercising, especially outside, I smell like crap and need to shower immediately. I’m sure some people have a less offensive smell than others but just because you don’t smell yourself because you’re used to your stink doesn’t mean others can’t. I’ve been around people who were completely unaware of how bad their BO was. I imagine this guy is like that.

No. 1544920

If my clothes smell anything like me, it means I've sweated a lot and they stink. Idk what this "smell of femininity" is

No. 1544921

File: 1654004123619.jpg (35.84 KB, 239x324, 1653987885207.jpg)


When I see this pic, I always vibe with this lady. Dressed appropriately, no danger hair, looks happy and well adjusted… and just absolutely surrounded by weirdoes. I love speedrunning, but like with any other "nerdy" shit, it's better to never see or hear about the people doing it bc they're probably embarrassing to gaze upon. And fuck all those dudes for weaseling into the women's part, I honestly think women aren't usually as good at precision gaming bc of reflexes and stuff and here they come to ruin any chance the women have of having a good time and equal competition. Plus from my days of going to shit like this, it was probably nice to have no smelly, socially retarded men hovering around for a few hours.

No. 1544927

File: 1654004539289.png (21.97 KB, 500x469, D7CCA85A-2BD3-4222-9B32-F15656…)

The pay gap between women and men, so funny haha I’m dying, how fucking hilarious. It’s just so funny to laugh at all the ways women get oppressed amirite.

No. 1544930

File: 1654004659861.jpeg (130.83 KB, 1080x1223, 0786B35F-E042-45D4-97CB-CA5803…)

Oh of course the joke was originally from Playboy. Yeah no wonder the man found it funny.

No. 1544940

File: 1654005648314.png (857.69 KB, 777x758, manlet.png)

what a beauty

No. 1544943


It's because he cheated. When I got verified by Giggle, you were supposed to take a close-up with no makeup, your hair back and a blank expression. Make-up, hair, and smiling change the shape of your face and probably fooled the AI who was trained on a completely different set of photos.

No. 1544944

such a bizarre image. the smoothed skin and makeup with the caveman features…

No. 1544947

File: 1654006826726.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3703x2144, 72422F9F-3549-444F-9E2E-CEC754…)

sorry for sperging on pic related but I am just so sick of logging onto twitter and seeing these men try to convince everyone that they pass or that they even believe they pass, when everyone can SEE with their eyes, plus we all know deep down that even they know how blatantly male they look (and are), despite (or because of) the greasy long hair, bad make up or moobs. also i cannot believe this troon is still posting that one picture of his “hips” even now. he posts it daily, it’s the most unhinged behavior. i almost feel sorry for him.

plus, aren’t they supposed to be “progressive” and yet they talk like every other male? a woman is not defined by how much attractive some gross moid thinks she is, and even if a women is bare-faced, hairy, butch, whatever, she is still a women, something he will never, ever be.

No. 1544952

They always bring up women “passing”. Women don’t need to pass, how many times must we say this? I respect the ugliest woman on the planet more than I do any of these men who are obsessed with keeping beauty standards alive and well and are intent on showing their maleness by trying to enforce these standards of beauty upon women, shitting on them if they don’t wear makeup or shave or whatever. I don’t think most women even think about the concept of passing (and many have probably never even heard of it but either way, how can we pass or not pass as something we just are?). These men are obsessed with it and yet they can’t ever fully mimic us. They can use all the makeup, all the filters and angles they want online but once you see their mannerisms or hear their voice in person the jig is up. It is so exhausting though, do they not see they’re just forcing the concept of womanhood to keep fitting a mold where women are expected to do all this shit? This is why many women don’t go around as we naturally look, because we’ve been shamed out of it, and they continue to do that. They are the ones who make these boxes, not us.

No. 1544953

Why would radfems alter themselves from nature and participate in feminine beauty standards? Every time you call them an "ugly dyke man-hater" you simply give them more HP. Trannies are retardmaxing everyday to the point that it should be a comorbid condition

No. 1544954

This. At this point troons calling me a dyke or ugly or a man-hater really is more of a compliment than anything else. I always laugh when they point out the most butch GNC lesbians like do they think she gives a fuck what they think?

No. 1544961

Wtf does sexual dimorphism have to do with beauty and makeup? I'm speechless. Men are retarded.

No. 1544965

Maybe they think women are naturally made up with lipstick and mascara like female animals in Dreamworks movies or something.

No. 1544968

File: 1654009412621.jpg (145.37 KB, 1640x1093, 1000 hours in ms paint.jpg)

No. 1544971

beautiful work nonna

No. 1544973

Wojaks are moid humor

No. 1544975

Good one nona.

No. 1544978

Why are they so disingenuous. No one is saying that trans people aren't people, just disagreeing that men can be women. Telling a male he can't go into the changing room with little girls isn't denying his humanity.

No. 1544980

imo sometimes it’s okay to use their own weapons against them. i hope it pisses them off plus it’s always good to remind them we are laughing in their faces

No. 1544981

Again with the tight-lipped grimace? What sissification binaural beat includes that expression because they ALL do it.

No. 1544983

Doesn't help that even some anons in this thread say asians pass better

No. 1544986

What? You weren't born with a bow in your hair and full painted face so the doctor could assign you female?
Please pick a man that does not openly appear to have pinkeye

No. 1544987

nah. also her wojak meme was based

No. 1544990

Exactly. What they bitch at us about really seems to boil down to making our bathrooms modern cruising locations, and women giving them constant reassurances of their femininity. Don’t like being killed, I get that…take it up with your fellow moids.

No. 1544993

ew you bet they get off to their own stink imagining it's some "feminine scent" or some shit

No. 1544994

I honestly feel like part of their cope about women not passing is related to the fact that even in our most natural states, body hair and all, we are still female. They know they will look like males no matter what, but they get angry when they have to put out all the stops just to look like an effeminate man or a mentally unstable man with a fetish and we don’t have to do anything to just be women. I’ve seen them get unreasonably upset about seeing a random girl outside who isn’t made up but is more feminine than them anyway. Maybe they get upset that we don’t have to do all that shit and are still seen as female.

On another note, I was thinking about handmaidens earlier and was wondering something. Sometimes I’ll see a TiM make a blanket statement about “cis” women, shitting on their behavior or appearance and the handmaidens applaud this. Do they not think they’re included in this statement? TiMs don’t just hate terfs, as we’ve seen in many posts here. They become belligerent at the sight of any woman on the street because they can’t wear her skin or fuck her right then and there. Are most handmaidens straight or spicy straight, and therefore they don’t really feel like they have to do anything to appease these men because they aren’t the usual target as much as lesbians are, for instance? Is it all just female socialization they haven’t worked through? I just don’t understand why you would bow down to people who hate you so much.

No. 1544999

Women stop having the biological children of the most atrocious looking scrotes on Earth challenge

No. 1545002

Meanwhile even actual research papers couldn’t help but mention how badly their axewounds stink despite it not being part of the study kek

No. 1545005

I think it’s more or less an extension of some types of women idealizing having a gay male friend. Look at how much normie women lose their shit for drag queens. I think they associate the generic troons that they defend as being gay drag dudes who are just taking the performance as a full on identity. Also as you said heterosexual women don’t have to deal with them as much (until their husbands troon out) Troons also conflate themselves so much with LGB that women who aren’t bigoted against gays and lesbians feel obligated to blindly accept and defend the T as well.

No. 1545008

Women have better reflexes than men. It's been researched a lot in the military and why many countries utilized women bomber pilots. The thing about speedrunning is that it attracts autistic traits. Over indulgence and obsession with hyper focus. Women aren't good at it because, generally, the autism in females presents differently and they don't give a shit. Men have communities in speed running that many women didn't participate in so it's a matter of exposure. I'm guessing there's not many talented female speed runners because the small pool of players which is why it's necessary to have these niche groups. Just men not understanding why women only spaces exist other than getting them a "lesbian" girlfriend.

No. 1545010

Men infiltrating female events is extra annoying because some women go to female only events because of trauma with men, a few of my female friends were scared of men as teens. Naturally troons don't care about anyones comfort but their own, and they especially don't care about real females.

No. 1545013

File: 1654012982146.jpg (266.11 KB, 741x891, based as fuck.jpg)

Holy fuck so based

No. 1545014

File: 1654013011874.png (32.94 KB, 593x275, 4587548.png)

sexual dimorphism is inherent
eyeliner makes no difference and is pedomorphic, if anything

theyre also angry they have to do the most to 'compete' over worthless scrote attention which is pretty much their only concern in life. this one loves to brag about the hypocrisy and homophobic retardation of the pederast zoomerscrotes around him as if they are a catch
scrotes exhibit all this disgusting behavior 24/7 that reveals their real selves and can't put 2+2 together as to why inceldom is skyrocketing

No. 1545015

I wonder how trannies would react if we started reacting to them coming out by saying "Oh, you're like that Chris chan!".

No. 1545018

File: 1654013079800.jpg (105.61 KB, 1200x1200, 42496E04-A666-4594-A72C-FD7BBC…)

I was going through the programmation of a music festival in my city. I see the name HRT. 99% chances this is a troon band. It is. They make very shitty electronic music.

No. 1545020

Yeah this really is accurate as hell.

No. 1545027

File: 1654013726386.jpeg (990.03 KB, 2227x1485, 672A3292-8ED1-498B-8830-5422B0…)

Testing my clocking game and decided it would be quicker and easier to circle the real women. Thoughts?

No. 1545029

As someone who lives in a liberal city I know several Aidens and troons who would insist wearing your body hair means you are a man.

No. 1545030

I think the most accurate way to sex people in this picture is by whether or not they're hiding huge discomfort behind a grin.

No. 1545031

At first I thought you accidentally posted Red Scare Dasha in the troon thread kek

No. 1545035

Some people love to pretend they're inherently revolutionary feminists whose very existence threatens capitalism and every status quo or whatever just by being "alt"… it eases their guilt over being terminal consoomers whose entire identity is artifice (kind of like troons lmao)and don't actually contribute to any cause whatsoever. So when another person with the same style has different ideas than them, especially if that someone is true to their beliefs, they feel threatened and must "disown" them.

Funnily enough, some autists like to do the same now too, disown the autists that don't understand transgenderism. As if telling them they're no longer autistic would change their whole brain.

No. 1545036

he's probably lying

No. 1545037

that’s actually a girl on testosterone, still insane she calls herself butch lmao words have no meaning anymore

No. 1545038

blue hair to the bottom right and the one kneeling to her left are also women
deleted my comment to add: I think the one with the skull shirt, to the left of that troon with the offensive red hair, is also a woman.
then again I'm bad at clocking in photos

No. 1545045

File: 1654014694170.png (34.78 KB, 760x319, Screenshot_20220531-092917.png)

Seethe cope ect.

No. 1545047

what an idiot, mass report this post on twatter

No. 1545048

Absolutely based. Whoever wrote this is brilliant with words and eloquently described the truth

No. 1545050

No wonder women troon out and become enbies, they don't want to be the evil cis women everyone hates. Fuck trannies. Fuck men.

No. 1545051

Funny because he posts many aesthetic photos of "cis" women on his blog. Lmfao could not be a more obvious cope

No. 1545053

reported, doubt the account will be banned though. I get so so livid and disgusted that I do need to start minimising this thread. I fucking had these perverted trannies from the bottom of my heart.

No. 1545055

he literally looks like a 15 year old boy

No. 1545056

File: 1654015543375.png (160.31 KB, 650x336, hrt.png)

There's this retarded post on Tumblr too. Remember that person ITT that did "DIY HRT" and posted his hand turning purple on Reddit? They act like this shit can't trigger autoimmune disorders, issues with blood and organs, and can't negatively impact the endocrine system. Enjoy your stroke, I guess.

I think they truly believe "HRT is magic" because this is some delusional, detached from reality thinking. Also kek at them being salty at "transmascs" aka women. Stay in your lane, foids!

No. 1545060

it's so annoying how some self-hating women pedestal gay male "besties"

No. 1545062

>not having access to HRT kills
maybe seek therapy if you're gonna kill yourself if you can't inject wrong sex hormones..

No. 1545069

Well these autistic losers act like they're so well engaged in whatever retard pseudo-intellectual ventures that they can apply that knowledge to everything. They believe that sex is mostly hormones. I'm guessing some of this misconception is because they found out in high school bio class that both men and women have estrogen and testosterone. They didn't get to the part that analyzes how intricate and specialized metabolic reactions are. One chemical substance has multi purposes in the body. What one hormone does for one body is NOT what it does for another. Your body does its best to regulate a sensitive metabolic balance and these dumb fucks just pump random shit in them so they can get dumbass side effects like moobs.

No. 1545088

based and accurate

No. 1545090

nta but this is my first time actually seeing the image after years of hearing about it, glad it happened here with my terf sisters <3

No. 1545091

next threadpic?

No. 1545093

Jamie Lee Curtis deserves better.

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No. 1545096

I really want to move someday to what is a likely more liberal blue state, but what is going to suck is encountering all of the genderspecials and likely even more aggressive/violent TiMs. As is I am in a red state, in a small conservative town, and while there are a LOT of downsides, the one good thing is that the trannies are shunned and I rarely ever see them. The few TiMs I have seen mostly keep to themselves, because they know people think they’re insane. I don’t really see them outside of Best Buy kek. Idk what I’m gonna do, do you just treat them like any other “special” or possibly volatile person when they try to approach you?

No. 1545097

ot but yeah it does seem oddly normalized. i don't care what art style is popular, using childlike shapes to depict adult men and women is gross.
even more ot, a lot of miyazaki's work is pedo as fuck. even in spirited away, the exagerrated babylike shape and movement of chihiro's face, with drawn out whining and squealing from her, is so obviously fetishistic. adult men lust after the child in castle in the sky, we see nausicaa's naked ass in the first fucking shot of her, the man's just got a problem with adult women and i just suspect he gets boners for kids.

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No. 1545100

you can tell from the before pic that he's a 99th percentile porn addict. that's why.

No. 1545101

some of them do it on purpose. there was a reddit post in an earlier thread where a guy is saying he wants to wait to troon out because it will hurt his chances of getting a wife and kid if he does it single. i've seen multiple guys say their plan is to wait til they get the baby and family

No. 1545102

God you’re lucky then. I live in one of the reddest states and I still can’t escape them. It’s not even a huge city either. There are two at my workplace, my last friend group became riddled with them. They seem impossible to avoid unless you live in a small town or something.