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No. 1472529

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1472538

File: 1647581095596.jpg (234.43 KB, 1080x822, IMG_20220318_062444.jpg)

Let the Thomas peaking commence.

No. 1472539

There won’t be any peaking and nothing will be done about it. Companies are still trying to push the “bleeders” and ALL women for period products. Not to mention both bonds and adidas have gone full retard with new trans/pride clothing.

Men will just continue to pretend to be women

No. 1472540

Dae wonder how many handmaidens are secretly disgusted by troons? Even at my peak "ally" moments, I thought they were kind of gross and weird, but supported them just because they were also part of the LGBT community. I thought I had to respect them regardless if I actually understood them or not.

It's nice that the number of people peaking as of late is v high, seeing as how new threads are being made every few days now.

No. 1472545

>seeing as how new threads are being made every few days now.
I hate to rain on the parade but that has mostly been caused by the massive, hundreds-of-posts derail events that happened in all 4 of the last threads due to lack of farmhand moderation. We have to nip it in the bud before that happens again this time.

No. 1472547

Did they only interview the troon?

No. 1472548

>3hrs ago
>only 2k likes

Not to be a downer but I think >>1472539 is right, as much as it's hard to imagine, I don't think this will peak nearly enough people to have any major effect. This will likely go on for a long time more, and when it ends it'll just be replaced by conservative backlash which will be terrible in a different way.

No. 1472549

File: 1647581871659.jpg (442.53 KB, 1080x1154, S3.jpg)

Clown world

No. 1472551

File: 1647582358795.jpg (360.66 KB, 1070x1815, Stupid.jpg)

I didnt realize people were this stupid until I started going on twitter.

No. 1472552

this facial expression is the one the waiter at the dive bar makes taking your order right after he showed up 20 minutes late with a starbucks drink smelling like weed but didn't get in trouble with his boss for it.

No. 1472554

that's actually sadder than if they believe it. when i was drinking the flavoraid i 100% believed all the bullshit. and honestly, the reason for it in my case was the inaccurate medical information we get. society at large is told there's been such progress in surgery that if you have like $100k a genius can sew you a fully-functional vagina, and that HRT is like drinking a magic potion. there really isn't enough proper education about what a "Sex change" practically entails.

No. 1472556

is half a pool length even close to the 6 seconds ahead will gets without any effort

No. 1472557

samefag; also katie ledecky is a real woman who is massive compared to some of her competitors, and yet the "giant margin" by which she wins is smaller than will's.

No. 1472559

File: 1647583638173.png (2.16 MB, 1500x1382, Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 2.07…)

this looks like a fucking serial killer photo. i don't think will's agp - he seems like a virulently misogynist self-hating gay jock - but i think he could murder a woman and likely will, or be arrested for beating one, before he dies. i just get such rodney alcala vibes from will's current media circus. like i can tell this is going to be the "lobotomy regret" of the 2050s.

No. 1472561

File: 1647584156534.jpeg (106.94 KB, 2048x1164, 80C9D5CC-CCBB-4B4F-ACE3-C9EA49…)

I hate men so much

No. 1472563

File: 1647584262655.png (525.45 KB, 1440x675, image.png)

No. 1472565

File: 1647584370105.jpg (101.42 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_20220318-071437.jpg)

Why isn't "Dr.K" fixing his wound? The gen doctor at the hospital has no idea wtf that is and I would've ghosted too.

No. 1472566

Anon, Twitter is full of retards. It's a freakish zoo at this point, it doesn't reflect the real world.

No. 1472567

this was posted last thread

No. 1472568

Everything about this photo screams "alien". It's absolutely disgusting. He already has the bloated corpse look down thanks to the eerie lighting.

No. 1472579

I'm glad a couple instant classic tranny faggot quotes made it to the OP pic

No. 1472585

i'm really enjoying following the farting fanny tranny saga thanks for posting

No. 1472589

File: 1647588731052.jpeg (381.83 KB, 828x1421, E4BB1D4E-24CF-438C-B4BD-60F28B…)

Saw this retard on someone’s post gloating about magdalen’s death and was not surprised to see this kind of bullshit when I went to their page. It’s not a fetish tho!!!

No. 1472591

This is what happens when the majority of information regarding tranny surgeries is misleading and false. All it takes is a quick search of srs complications and it’s easy to see this shit is on par with nazi doctor experiments and that it’s probably not worth dilating for the rest of your life. It’s insane tras try to sell the reality of some money hungry sociopath surgeon chopping up healthy body parts and sewing butthole colon skin to flayed dick skin as “life saving”. Farting out of his “front hole” surgical wound should have been something he’d expect but he was sold a lie.

No. 1472593

even at my peak handmaiden it always felt like something was “off” about troons, but the olympic level mental gymnastics I was performing had me temporarily convinced that they were an oppressed minority group who needed my support. It’s amazing how everything within trans rights activism ideology falls completely apart and all the contradictions become so evident once you being to think rationally. all it takes is one small crack in a troon’s armor and it completely shatters.

No. 1472595

Good! I just wish they all mated with each other, move to a desert island idk be happy and go extint

No. 1472602

Wow so he's actually a "twans gal" then? Eww

No. 1472607

this, the terminally online TRA and handmaidens are just loud online.
I think seeing there ARE other normal women around them who aren't "evil bible-thumping conservative karen terfs" speaking up and being uncomfortable with this makes some of them realize it's ok to let their mind go there, when before they wouldn't even allow themselves to think about it. Once you've peaked you can't go back because you know the truth and see their lies. And knowing you were lied to on purpose makes you not want to go back.

No. 1472619

File: 1647595531018.png (106.8 KB, 1080x769, 4329843294328239.png)

No. 1472620

he looks so comically male in comparison to them

No. 1472621

this is so sad. i hate this clown world and i hate that man.

No. 1472622

Look at the fucking size difference. I didn't realize how bad it really was.

No. 1472623

Lmaoooooo I hope he is happy. Fucker.

No. 1472626

Cute and wholesome to see the girls bonding together while leaving out the sexist man next to them who is trying to ruin their sport, they're so brave for doing even a small gesture like this.

Waiting for the day all of Lia/r's records and prizes are rendered void due to breaking the rules by being a man, we will demand an apology from him for being an opportunistic misogynistic dick not caring about women's rights to a fair competition.

No. 1472627

salute to the women for supporting each other. I hope he gets fucking excluded from every single setting to the point where he cries about not being socially "included"

No. 1472628

How long before women's sport (or "women's sport" is dominated by loser moids who couldn't win in their own category against their own kind? Will we wake up then?

No. 1472629

it's scary to think that all it would take is one moid in each women's sport for them to dominate all the world records. if there are three moids we will no longer see women on the podium at all.

are people still going to pretend like they have no advantage when that becomes a reality?

No. 1472630

File: 1647597412451.webm (1.45 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r6xczluPhv1x6nqul.webm)

yea cause women are MEANT to be choked. disgusting

No. 1472631

i hate moids. i hate them so so much.

No. 1472632

That psychotic stare as he says that, serial killer vibes.

No. 1472638

File: 1647598752425.jpeg (240.11 KB, 1096x1096, 813459F3-AA6B-4810-B0ED-90F447…)

I’d like to know the women he stomped over to be granted opportunities above her.

He didn’t even bother to shave.

>>1472626 exactly what I’m thinking. I’m sure they’ll be considered bigots but they know they’re really first second and third and “Lia” is just a freak show stealing their space.

Though I think others were right when they said that they don’t think this will peak enough people. Gender identity politics is made so deliberately complex and with no room for scrutiny to keep everyone quiet for a reason

No. 1472641

File: 1647598971561.jpeg (165.63 KB, 922x2048, 548FCFAE-A93C-4320-9436-6F66B7…)

Don’t have the link as I got it from Twitter

Amazing after everything I was taught about the importance of womens only ward spaces and the literal night shifts I spent re arranging beds upon beds of patients to make sure we kept them seperate for a reason trannie rights can overstep to this extent.

I’m disgusted.

No. 1472643

File: 1647599220923.jpg (397.06 KB, 1080x1732, IMG_20220318_112538.jpg)

I hope that photo will be featured in history books

No. 1472645

File: 1647599549695.gif (228.67 KB, 400x223, B134BF16-7A5B-4641-A8B6-511BF3…)

holy shit the astronomical size difference. Anyone who doesn’t see a problem with this photo is lying to themselves.

No. 1472646

File: 1647599675026.png (437.59 KB, 582x492, Untitled.png)

didn't see this posted (sorry if it was) on the previous thread, but no one cheered for him and waited to do so when the women finished


No. 1472649

Fistulas don't close, they're basically a healed hole. And you can't stitch them closed because then you're making more holes. The only solution is to commit 41%

No. 1472652

File: 1647600342710.webm (13.26 MB, 1280x720, 90754566.webm)

Here's Emma Weyant getting lots of cheers while Thomas gets booed to oblivion lmao.

No. 1472653

i still can't believe this is real life

No. 1472657

File: 1647601504087.jpg (206.92 KB, 672x608, Screenshot_20220318-035814_Sna…)

NTA but heres an edit I made to show more clearly the size difference by making the floor flat. Thomas is disgusting for doing this to these woman and knows exactly what hes doing. Men are so fucked up. I'm SO SO glad the girls decided to keep the gap and celebrate their win together. What a fucking pathetic person to even celebrate this.
I hope he hears the echos of them in his head before he sleeps. So trashy, how can he even stand there? So smug? Trash. So mad for these girls.

No. 1472660

This poor girl, what the fuck is wrong with this world. Men will rob women of everything, including their own identities and achievements. I hope he castrates himself.

No. 1472670

File: 1647602810475.png (106.88 KB, 634x390, written by a chaser no doubt.p…)

hating how the news is covering it in my country…

doesn't help that practically every news outlet here is own by the same moid.

No. 1472672

If you look on twitter, replies are turned off but QRTs are full of screenshots of vile shit he’s said

No. 1472674

Which country?

No. 1472675

File: 1647603404032.jpg (280.98 KB, 1322x1322, 20220316_171719.jpg)

I loved this edit

No. 1472677

I checked the news in my country, and it's all about Ukraine. Even the ultra woke magazines don't give a shit, I think at most we'll copy Hungarian articles if they write about Reka.

No. 1472679

File: 1647603854803.png (456.4 KB, 719x923, I'm pretty sure I heard some b…)

No. 1472682

There's truly something about how the debate is blocked everywhere. If you search his name on reddit for example, you'll only find either fellow trans cheering him on. The only people against it are the same ones that think women deserved this.

I just absolutely cannot wrap my mind around the fact people defend this. I don't even consider myself a radfem or anything, but are they genuinely thinking it makes no difference? Are they so deep into their own delusions?

No. 1472683

If you search it up on twitter everyone is criticising Thomas. The TRA side want to be quiet about it because they know how bad this looks, the only way I found out about this is because of lolcow, in Europe people only give a shit about the war now and sports news are 90% football.

No. 1472684

They think being liked is the most important thing in the world, even if you're liked by evil people, you just need to be seen as caring and therefore superior the same way conservatives used to be holier than thou and closer to god. They're the same people, just different eras. Same personality disorders. Plus it is especially so for women, they believe women should nurture and be kind, so they have a mental breakdown and chimpout much more aggressively when we say no and defend ourselves since they see it as unnatural and going against their world view.

No. 1472685

I thought the measurements in sports were kind of part of what makes an athlete a winner or a loser, if these girls were as tall as that freak, I’m sure they would’ve had more opportunity against him, but just look at that monster, if it wasn’t for the fucking weird social pressure that they’re subjected to, I’m sure they would’ve just dropped the competition altogether.
Part of me just wants to see more men participating in women’s sports just to see more women either creating underground spaces for themselves, and/or just letting males clown each other so we can see more Thomases dropping out their sports’ careers because they have to fight against actually qualified competitors. I guess then they will pretend to be disabled so they can win the Paralympics.

No. 1472687

Well, if you get banned for saying Lia was born a man, even if you frame it nicely, then who's really left except the crazies? And the misogynist 15 year olds saying women deserve this for wanting rights get a pass because Reddit hates women even more than they do.
November is going to have republicans gleefully running this whole fiasco in their campaigns. And they'd be right to do so- democrats just gave them the perfect commercial on a silver platter. TRAs are going to be shocked and act like it came out of no where, but that's what happens when you intimidate people into silence. The pushback is going to be nighmarish for anyone who cares about abortion or LGB rights or even the environment.

No. 1472688

File: 1647605127136.png (176.15 KB, 2046x1880, wearingpantiesmakemefeelpowerf…)

It's so funny. Not even the most girl girls I know are "1000% femme uwu" at home. Like just… fuck off. Even for the women who like make up it is mandatory work, and taking your bra and make up off after a long day is so relieving.

No. 1472689

Yeah for now from European perspective, it is just some crazy American thing. Until one day Lia ends up beating other countries female swimmers in the Olympics

No. 1472691

File: 1647605192609.png (677.27 KB, 747x945, only 2 sentences.png)

Same news site, legit only wrote 2 sentences about people protesting it.

clown world

No. 1472694

>The pushback is going to be nighmarish for anyone who cares about abortion or LGB rights or even the environment.
This is what I fear so much. I laugh how he is going to peak everyone, but that might very well come with blaming women and LGB, which is terrifying. The push back against both have already begun.

No. 1472696

Half the time I'm amazed TIA is still up, but then they go on their monthly posting spree of how much they hate women again, and it makes sense

No. 1472697

In most of Europe gay marriage is illegal but abortion is legal. One doesn't have to lead to the other. Most women would rather have control over their bodies.

No. 1472698

And isn't it interesting how the rights that are going to be threatened are rights that AGPs can mostly opt right out of by putting on pants again? Weird.

No. 1472699

Of course they don’t mind wearing a bra because bras are basically like undershirts to them, they have nothing to support and protect unlike real women.
And kek at the moid who is 10000000000% “femme” insert obnoxious emoticons at home, to then that probably means wearing a wig 24/7 and shitty eyeliner.

No. 1472700

He looks like that because he's mildly autistic. There are a lot of very in denial handmaidens who claim that "Lia" is actually not a "real trans" and is just an autistic guy being exploited by his coach for money by convincing him he is trans. That's obviously not true but sure look it explains the 100 year autism stare

No. 1472703

I have vague memories of viciously defending Leah Alcorn (if any of you dont remember, he was the trans kid who killed himself and got Tumblr in a tizzy because his parents used his real name on his tombstone). However, looking back, I think I just sort of lumped trans people into the same category as gay people because I was young and naive. I never really accepted them as whatever they transitioned to. This is most handmaidens. It's very clear from how handmaidens act that they are literally doing the same thing

No. 1472707

File: 1647606885274.jpg (5.33 MB, 4096x5790, Polish_20220318_133300098.jpg)

And this is the type of troon that defends it. And of course he also plays sports and thinks it's okay invade women's categories.
So feminine, wouldn't know a difference from cis woman, right?

No. 1472708

Shit’s always like this, but this time everyone everywhere knows what’s going on because the news are loud as fuck and more people speak different languages unlike in the 50’s, or even the 90’s or early 2000’s.
There’s always an extremist side A, then the extremist side B wins, the A side uses the flops of the B side and wins to repeat the cycle forever and ever.

No. 1472709

… this really is just a way of sterilizing the genetic undesirables, huh?

No. 1472712

That delusion is strong. And why do they think estrogen has a positive effect on their bodies when it raises risk of heart diseases? The only "positive" I've seen for them is fat gain in the chest area.

No. 1472715

except for the fact a lot of them are encouraged to save their sperm before they troon out, in case they wanna breed.

And since it's becoming more popular for them to just HRT and not get their dicks inverted now lots of them are able to reproduce if they just go off HRT for a while. Cause HRT isn't a 100% nuke to the balls unless they have been on it heavy doses for years.

No. 1472719

File: 1647607557287.png (842.06 KB, 1342x928, troon libary.png)

thought I will post this up here as well for the lurker nonnies.

Calls cis woman fucking fish. Sound like another trans woman are better woman shitheads. and legit doesn't even bother to shave for photos to try and present as more female.

No. 1472723

then the faggot should go get himself a "pussy". i want to see him break down over fistulas filling it with shit.

No. 1472726

i know most of the shit posted in these threads makes no sense but THIS MAKES NO SENSE

No. 1472727

ew even the way he copied her peace sign. why?

No. 1472730

Trannies just borrow misogyny from drag queens. Gay men hate women for being desired by straight men.

No. 1472735

disgusting skinwalker. i noticed that too. he will NEVER be a woman!

No. 1472746

File: 1647609482783.png (290.88 KB, 969x1246, screencapture-twitter-lae-laet…)

It's amazing how they still lie to each other even after getting their genitals butchered.

No. 1472750

File: 1647609702877.png (595.41 KB, 1299x833, 9 brave woman.png)

I think this is the least blatant troon positive news article here. I fear for those 9 woman that risked their safety to protest openly thou.



yah the current misogyny/bullying circus going on in the news atm is making my blood boil. Murdock isn't even trying to cover up the fact he is in control of the media and fucks around for who ever he approves of in the government atm. At least we haven't had our weekly murdered woman in the news last two weeks. That's like record.

The day Murdoch dies the world will be a better place tbh.

No. 1472752

I love parker posie's t-shirt that just reads 'that man is a cheat'

No. 1472754

File: 1647609863759.jpg (2.8 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20220318_091554130.jpg)

Been hate following this Troon since the wispa protests. They led people to believe they were the tranny in the change room for clout. Now they're saying everyone's a pos for celebrating pride post Covid because they weren't involved in organized activism for trans kids during Covid. I can barely compute the logic that this ugly dipshit uses.

No. 1472756

File: 1647609981557.png (1.66 MB, 1240x1192, Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 13.25…)

This enraged me so much. At least all of Twitter isn't full of idiots though kek

No. 1472757

Is he like, not embarrassed? I don't get how anyone could do this and not feel even a bit embarrassed.

No. 1472760

I was a handmaiden because I’m a 90s baby and we were taught “wrong body” discourse - that troons were a small oppressed minority whose bodies tragically didn’t match their brains, who just wanted to live in peace. I sympathized with their struggles and supported them as part of the LGBTQ family. I also have a family member who’s TIF and we get along great, so I assumed TIMs and TRAs were equally chill. Over time, the discourse shifted and TIMs started pushing into women’s spaces uninvited and talking over us. The real peak for me was the “cotton ceiling” controversy in 2014. The way TIMs were acting entitled to lesbians’ bodies grossed me out and just sounded so…male. That’s when I started paying attention and noticed how many of them didn’t act like women or display sisterhood toward us at all, and were actually quite misogynistic. I’ve never had a real woman call me a “breeder”, “menstruator” or “front hole” before - that’s male talk. I was also uncomfortable with the new “woke” discourse around “deconstructing womanhood” and gender just being a “feeling” while women were losing our real, material reproductive rights. I had no interest in centering TIMs in women’s discussions after that. They peak us themselves with the way they treat us and talk about us.

No. 1472761

Not to derail but if you're interested in this kinda shit there actually was a whole team of men that faked being disabled to get into the Paralympics. Nothing is off the table for troons. I'm surprised Lia Thomas is actually getting more negative coverage than Laurel Hubbard got. That was some of the craziest shot I'd seen in years.


No. 1472769

moids don't really feel shame, i've come to understand.

No. 1472772

I was born in '97 and taught by pop culture that it's a mental illness like phantom limbs, and that it can only be alleviated through surgery. Then I noticed the narrative shifting after 2014 and people saying how it's not an illness and anyone can transition if they want to, this will probably change most people's opinions once it hits the mainstream. If you look at old magazines from the 80s, you'll find that even back then trannies called us "Gennys" (genetical women) and found themselves superior, but that ugly side was kept away from the mainstream because no one wanted to harm the fight for gay rights.

No. 1472773

This photo is so satisfying lmao so glad they left him out and congratulations to the real winners

No. 1472775

I like how he’s hiding his shoulders kek

No. 1472778

File: 1647612148857.jpg (1.19 MB, 3963x3396, E95AqSkX0AYnXgP.jpg)

A femdom "Queer" tranny who makes these beyond cringe femdom comics, always with a femboy character and his mommydom gf
like you can tell this was made by a TIM and no way a real woman


No. 1472781

There's never been an actual woman who has done or said any of this. How would this not be a massive turn off? Males are pea-brained and clinically retarded I swear.

No. 1472783

File: 1647612349640.jpg (76.01 KB, 828x708, 20220318_150424.jpg)

Found this, don't know how true it is but in conclusion i hate scrotes trying to be women

No. 1472786

One thing that annoys me is the girls can’t even walk out on these swim meets. They’re bound by contract to show up.

No. 1472787

Iszac Henig is not a scrote, she's an FtM.

No. 1472788

They must have been in collusion with each other to push their stupid hormone narrative.

No. 1472793

File: 1647613150386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,499.05 KB, 2047x1903, FNwdrSPXsAApA-P.jpeg)

LMAO @ the ftm using a fleshlight with a strap on. I too get orgasms from putting one sex toy inside another one

No. 1472795

Idk I kind of feel like a freak but I could ""soft femdom uwu"" another FEMALE, not a tranny. But is it femdom or just lesbian sex then

No. 1472797

So you're telling me he's a woman when he feels like it lmao?

No. 1472798

Gyns, call me a conspiracy tard and put some tinfoil on my head but does anyone else think this Lia Thomas thing is a psyop. Like democrats know transgenderism has gone so far so they're using Thomas as their scapegoat to see how far gone people are. And Thomas is just a huge retard and doesn't realize his gender identity is just a big joke.
>attach T to LGB because right side of history
>suddenly losing woman votes
>hear repubs laughing manically
>realize troons are psychotic perverts
>realize even your white, rich/middleclass blue voters are getting attacked by mentally ill men in dresses
>realize you've been promoting sterilizing children and mutilating their genitals
>realize you need to ditch the T ASAP… but how?

No. 1472799

Oh, I meant in the context of a woman doing the femdom mommydom bullshit to a crossdressing male kek but I getchu nonnie.

No. 1472802

Oh yeah, true. And thank u for ~validating~ muh feels nonnie!

Also, of course women have said so! When a crossdresser pays a prostitute to do so, or forces his poor wife to "dom" him lul

No. 1472804

God I wish it was true

No. 1472806

It’s not actually as talked about as you think it is hence the little discussion you’re seeing. The whole Lia thing is discussed on lolcow, kiwifarms, and Ovarit which are fringe websites. I only saw @them or @feminist bring it up but as a general message of “letting transwomen compete in women’s sports is affirming” or people that bring up Micheal Philips’s own advantage.

No. 1472810

It's actually being discussed a lot on twitter. This twitter only has 10k followers and yet this tweet has thousands of retweets. People are pissed.

No. 1472811

File: 1647614240715.png (1.09 MB, 1087x1228, lmao.png)

picrel dropped

No. 1472812

File: 1647614262009.png (996.47 KB, 1434x666, Screenshot (691).png)

tbf some(like 1/1000000000000) women are pure degenerates who engage in these fetishts, like this lady and her "sissy"

No. 1472813


No. 1472815

This is true. I've said before but nobody on my Tumblr dashboard is celebrating, not a single post, and everyone I follow is a thembie or a giant handmaiden. I think I saw more posts for Hubbard. Not a single post about Thomas which makes me think that other anons are right, that the popular social media trannies are deliberately keeping quiet.

No. 1472816

I bet more than we think. I absolutely was always weirded out even defending them back in the day bc I could sense the weird sexual undertones when I was around them. In some ways they always freaked me out more than regular men, but I thought maybe it was just a me problem back then.

No. 1472817

Yeah but Phelps was a man competing with other men. Just because he has anatomy perfect for his sport doesn’t discount that.

No. 1472818

Wow this truly says it all and gives me hope. We have to stand together as women. Push them out like this, ignore them, berate them, all it takes.

No. 1472821

It’s so fucked up that they can do their fetish while at work.

No. 1472822

she looks like a cluster b mess

No. 1472828

I don’t always agree with everything she says and does but I have to commend her for her boldness. Love her for being loud and blunt as hell.

Lol this is such a stupid fucking comic anyway. Like where is the humor.

No. She’s a “man” when she feels like it. The one of the right was born female.

No. 1472834

More the opposite. She's a biological female who says she's a man gets to acknowledge her biological reality when it's convenient to her (in sports) because she'd get destroyed if she competed against men.

No. 1472836

i don't understand why no one ever question why there are no tifs competing in men's sports

No. 1472840

>The only people against it are the same ones that think women deserved this.
I see this shit all the time on /pol/ and Discord (keep in mind these are all men who don't actually TALK to normal women.) But either way, this is cult groupthink: condition the herd to respond only when something "good" happens. Otherwise, carry on as usual. No thinking outside of the hivemind is allowed, or you'll be shunned from it. And to a weakminded redditor, there is no worse fate than being kicked out of your comfy hugbox.
>November is going to have republicans gleefully running this whole fiasco in their campaigns.
Just make sure to write to your local Republican candidate and fucking demand that they do, because guess what? They're just as equally retarded as the person they're running against and need to be yelled at once in a while. Tweet at them, email them, do whatever it takes to make sure that come November, they have this whole event at the forefront of their campaigns.

No. 1472843

Maybe online, but people are still talking. Normies in my day to day have brought it up without my influence, including a group of my husband's coworkers. They all agree it's insanity.

No. 1472855

why are there two 49 threads?

No. 1472859

Oof good point, this should be 50.

No. 1472866

yes please troons date eachother and leave lesbians and straight women alone

No. 1472894

No. 1472900

They're all huge narcissists, dude. You've seen the shit they've been forcing onto the world for the past 4 years. They will NEVER admit they were wrong about any of it. That's the key symptom of narcissistic personality disorder: you are the only normal person in the world, and therefore always right. Everyone else is just an idiot who can't see what a genius you are.

No. 1472902

It really is peaking regular people. My husband isn’t an active troon supporter, but he’s a chill “live and let live” type of guy. When people bring up troon issues, he usually shrugs and says people should choose whatever lifestyle makes them happy as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. He showed me an article about Lia Thomas yesterday and said, “what kind of bullshit is this, that’s a DUDE! Lia? More like Liam. He’s probably joking with his buddies about seeing those girls naked in the locker room.”

No. 1472926

File: 1647622904654.png (404.82 KB, 590x532, 56446556456454575475.png)

The delusion

No. 1472928

hot are also the farts coming out of said hole hehehe

No. 1472929

This person horrifies me on a deep existential level, as if the spirit of suicide incarnated into a human body

No. 1472930

This one is so homely it's funny. Yeesh.

No. 1472933

could be bradley manning's twin

No. 1472935

what the fuck is wrong with his eyes? are those contact lenses?

No. 1472937

File: 1647623479184.jpeg (112.14 KB, 749x808, D7453639-B113-4597-854E-3C03FB…)

This has joined a girl gamer server I’m in.

I would just like one fucking online space to just vc and play games with other women without fucking trannies invading it. On your a server in general like holyshit

The icing on the cake is he attempts to talk like a zoomer.

No. 1472939

This is repulsive. Do other people engage with him or do they ignore him?

No. 1472941

been thinking on this post and you're right. the hsts i know is always making jokes about wanting a guy to "bust in his hymen" and has an obsession with stepford wives as an "aesthetic", as well as ditzy/bimbo women. so gross

No. 1472943

Literally looks like someone's dad

No. 1472947

what i dont understand is why dont these trannies ever dress age appropriate??

Either they dress like a child or they dress like a porn-star, there is like no normal in between.

No. 1472949

Because they're pedos

No. 1472950

How long until he sexually harasses several women there and said women get kicked out for being transphobic?

No. 1472951


No…they are taking the handmaiden route. I was hoping if people ignored him he would leave but people are just being extra nice.

No. 1472953

The only thing HSTS and AGPs have in common (besides mental illness) is a misogyny fetish. They all want to be hypersexual bimbos because that's how they assign worth to women. Blaire and Honter Schafer just said the quiet part out loud.

No. 1472954

its gross because i remember this is whar 12-13 year olds would wear back in 2016 (and some of them still do) he is literally dressed like a 13 year old girl.

No. 1472956

Please keep us posted nonny, hopefully he'll behave himself but it's unlikely (and if not, hopefully it peaks some of the other women)

No. 1472958

once i remember watching a youtube video where some 50 year old tranny was being taught by a "femininity coach" and he talked about how it never occured to him that he can't dress like a 20 year old as a 50 year old. I thik it's just that they dress as whatever they're attracted to.

No. 1472961

File: 1647624283322.png (489.04 KB, 1242x1180, lmao.png)

Aren't you a "man"? Why should you get to have an opinion on women's sports?

No. 1472962

File: 1647624343173.jpeg (963.67 KB, 1170x1425, 9557EA50-6E3D-45F5-AE0E-9E7B5A…)

not seen anyone talk about this idk if it just gets lost in the sea of unhinged troon shit or if it belongs here but this guy (troon male) dismembered a woman he picked up at an lgbt centre and dismembered her. he was later found sitting on her dismembered leg in his wheelchair. he was in prison for killing two of his previous girlfriends, and since he’s been let out he’s also raped another woman, now killed this one. heard about it on a podcast I listen to and was disgusted bc I knew he was just gonna be a man in a wig even though they keep saying “woman”. (sorry 4 daily mail, everywhere else was only posting the stunning and brave bewigged picture) blackpill stuff tbh

No. 1472963

you're right but even so: if i could hit a button and make all troons hsts i absolutely would. maybe this shit wouldn't have gained so much traction if trannies were going after men more/centered their argument around not being able to fuck men like they want to.

No. 1472965

that's right. we want to erase them from women's sports.

No. 1472966

i was the biggest handmaiden in college, but i remember sitting in front of my computer FOR HOURS when, on my roommate application, i was asked if i would be ok with a TIM roommate. i wanted to be a good little handmaiden and check yes but i knew deep down inside that having a straight male living with me was a worst nightmare scenario. after staring at the question for hours i checked no (THANK GOD) and atoned for my sins by probably doing some handmaiden shit. i still think back to those brainwashed days, where even then i couldnt even imagine being with a TIM in a close personal space. nothing can mask the genuine fear women have for men.

No. 1472967

You're a bit late anon. This was all the rage in terfspaces like a week ago.

No. 1472969

let me guess, he plays ffxiv.

No. 1472971

Looks like the autopedo version of agp.
I'd be worried about him trying to get in contact with underage girls.

No. 1472975

File: 1647624699247.jpg (320 KB, 960x1440, p34622_p_v8_ai.jpg)

No. 1472977

so true story, my exs roommate who was also my exs ex got the gash done (gag). his surgeon told him that if he has any complications like excessive bleeding or popping a stitch that he has to go to emergency but WAIT until a plastic surgeon can see him because most general surgeons are smart and will advocate to close his massive gaping wound because thats what theyre trained to do. I actually doubt that our homie fanny was ghosted, but rather a surgeon decided its not their scope to deal with this. we are also in canada as well.

No. 1472979

File: 1647624855550.png (26.98 KB, 599x235, trannythings.PNG)

can someone who knows more about religion than i do debunk this post claiming troons are spiritual and magical

No. 1472980


From what I’ve seen mainly Minecraft but it wouldn’t shock me.

No. 1472982

File: 1647624969961.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1704x1487, 40F3C3F7-0CA6-4D04-BDA4-0EDAEC…)

What a retard

No. 1472983

From here: https://www.a3performance.com/blogs/a3-performance/swimmers-tall-and-short#:~:text=When%20they%20are%20longer%20and,ever%20swum%20with%20fins%20on%3F
Spoilered bc ugly link. The article is about advantages of height in competitive swimming but the information is applicable to troons vs. women competing. I have edited it a bit for brevity, emphasis, inclusion (of females), and keks.
>There are two significant parts to look at when understanding advantages that tall [troon] swimmers have:
>1st is the length of their body from head to toe.
>2nd is larger and longer hands and feet.
>When these variables work together in unison, they allow a taller swimmer to move faster through the water, as opposed to a shorter swimmer, where every other variable is the same.
>This means if the technique, effort, and determination of two swimmers were identical, the taller [troon] swimmer would win the race.
>The faster a swimmer is moving, the longer his [or her] body needs to be to keep wave drag (the resistance against the swimmer) to a minimum.
>When moving at the same speed, a short swimmer will have to deal with a considerably higher amount of drag, causing him [or her] to require more strength and energy to keep up with his [or her] taller competitor. Therefore, the shorter swimmer will tire out more quickly.
>Longer, larger hands and feet help taller [troon] swimmers move faster. When the arms and hands are longer and larger, the swimmer can pull more water allowing for higher velocity.
>Additionally, the stroke rate can be lowered without loss of speed, which means the [troon] stroke is more efficient.
>Big feet also offer an advantage. Have you ever swum with fins on? If you have, you know they make you go considerably faster. More surface area to kick with allows for more natural propulsion through the water. It’s as if people [troons] with longer legs and bigger feet are already fitted with fins! [kek]

No. 1472987

You should act either ignore him or be as blunt as possible. Men hate it when women don't tiptoe around their feelings.

No. 1472990

Exactly, they say themselves it's about "being the girlfriend." And being creepy moids, some of them want slutty 18-year-old girlfriends and some of them want slutty 13-year-old girlfriends.

No. 1472991

i don't know much about ancient mesopotamian relgion but honestly even if trannies were "magical" back then, who care? it was 6000 years ago. if it makes you feel better anon most "3rd genders" around the world are just homosexuals that society is upset don't fit into heterosexuality. it probably was the same in ancient mesopotamia too

No. 1472993

Don't you have a gaping, bloody wound that needs dilating, Anthony?

No. 1472996

Legit triggered by this shit

No. 1472997

"Second is the new first"
I'm just so tired nonnas.
Bless this woman for her tweet though., I'm glad it seems to have gained some traction.

No. 1472999

i'm no sex toy expert, but wouldn't that cause erosion of the toys? especially if they're both silicone.

No. 1473006

Why are you taking this person seriously? They said they did their own translations, and are some rando. If you have to argue say that 'Dude, you are some tumblr rando, no way I'm trusting you on this' and move on.

Anyway, here is a page that examines the Enheduanna's cycle of hymns to the Goddess Inanna.


No. 1473013

It's still applicable to women vs. women. All this does is encourage people to think tall-women are more similar to troons than other shorter women.

No. 1473019

File: 1647626700917.jpg (246.18 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20220318-140148_Chr…)

Endless entertainment kek

No. 1473025

Wow his Twitter is pretty creepy, lots of anime loli girls and young Asian cosplayers with weird captions like "me n my squad uwu." Sir you are a middle-aged white man and you look like an Auto Zone manager, please get real.

No. 1473026

File: 1647626982185.png (308.69 KB, 414x413, 41099591-A4FF-4A19-B2CF-B5D48D…)

They are protesting because a man is stealing women's achievements you dumbass mfker why is it always "eRaSe tWanS" when literally nobody fucking said that lol

No. 1473027

File: 1647626988873.png (376.47 KB, 662x1146, Screenshot_20220318-130024~2.p…)

"If I could hit a button and make all troons into HSTS I would" lol hi tranny. How about not mutilating gay men and letting them into our spaces? Can you please gtfo u faghags and hsts kill me with the true tranny shit. Y'all are mentally ill and will never be women. Women don't need more men like Laverne Cocks taking opportunities from us. A man who gets fucked in the ass wearing a skirt is not a woman. Cope seethe dilate. And if you are woman- what the fuck is wrong w you and why would you want perfectly healthy gay men to mutilate themselves? Homophobic retard

No. 1473028

File: 1647627051431.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2224x1668, CEC6B895-F155-4BD3-83BB-5C9CB4…)

If you watch the race he does really engages his legs in swimming compared to the ladies in the pool. There’s hardly any splash from the lack of kicking. Pos held back and still won. Hope he doubles down on his bullshit and chops his dick off.

No. 1473029

>and you look like an Auto Zone manager
Anon my sides

No. 1473031


its on the joe rogan subreddit and they all think it's totally unfair to women

No. 1473032

You nonnas have stronger stomachs than me. I can't get entertained by this, every new tweet just makes me sick. I can't imagine NOT wanting to commit suicide if I ruined my body like this through elective surgery. These doctors are pure butchers.

No. 1473034

I think you misunderstood the nonny. I think she was saying she'd rather trannies be HSTS instead of AGP. I'd certainly prefer a troon that is only interested in men over one that that claims to be a lesbian and force themselves into lesbian spaces as well. They are all disgusting and misogynist, but at least the HSTS aren't trying to rape me.

No. 1473036

NY Times had an article about this earlier in the week. I clicked on it because the headline said "woman" and I was like huh, you don't see that kind of killer being a woman every day….and ofc it's a troon

No. 1473037

I feel like there are like a microscopic amount of old school HSTS left. Most TIMs I meet today are hypersexual whether they're male attracted female attracted or both. But that is kind of how the culture is rn (I'm a burgerfag) and even normies men and women are hypersexual. I don't see too many GNC gay kids who trooned out because they weren't accepted as gay. I mostly see creepy weebs and gamers troon out. And the few gay troons I meet are just as sexist and perverted as Nikita dragun who were already accepted as gay boys but they want to stealth rape straight guys so they troon out. It's like they get off on the idea of being used by men and being treated like "women" the same way AGP do. And with AGP they're freaks who want to become their ideal girl (sex slave really because they don't actually wanna be girls). I see the two subsets becoming more and more alike these days. AGPs rape us while HSTS tell us to shut up because bringing up perverts in dresses raping us makes even the good troons look complicit. Actually something else I notice is even TIFs seem to get off on misogyny (pregnant men fetishes) and only have smoke for other women. This a big ass woman hating movement

No. 1473040

me too, it's sick that troons choose do this to themselves but they are also very clearly mentally ill, and we have the surgeons that do this much harm to other people without even telling them of these highly likely and life-long complications… makes me want to throw up all around

No. 1473042

Transphobic, homophobic, racist, transmisogynist like yikes is this forum just a group of fat miserable white hags hating on women more successful and beautiful than them? God don't like ugly ladies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1473043

Honestly it serves them right for being depraved degenerates i hope all the trannies do this shit and end up in the 41%

No. 1473044

I'd say get the fuck out of there to keep your sanity (and leave the handmaidens to bathe in the same swamp as that ogre) but if you're down for documenting his antics for us…

No. 1473045

For sure

No. 1473046

Lol nice fatphophia there tranny, imagine if the fat whale handmaidens that suppprt you saw this shit calling women fat and ugly typical scrote behavior

No. 1473047

Guess He doesn’t like you, by your own claims then.

No. 1473048

File: 1647628366602.jpg (206.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220318-112805_Twi…)

Every time I check on Fanny he has only just minutes ago tweeted some freshly insane shit. This time was no exception

No. 1473050

File: 1647628370674.jpg (Spoiler Image,357.56 KB, 2048x1536, FOHAU6pVgAAdlNu.jpg)

caption: Overall goal: To be a truly stellar lady.
do they even know what a lady is? or what being ladylike is like? do they even look up the words they use? at least they didnt use girl like 99% of them do.

No. 1473051


No. 1473052

And everywhere else that belong to women.

No. 1473053

Don't engage the bait fwend. Plus trannies can say whatever they want since they are so dysphoric!! And misogyny and violence against witches I mean terves is always moral uwu

No. 1473054


No gay men mutilating themselves sounds like a better option to me. Why do some of you want cross dressing men in our spaces so bad? It's really annoying I swear there's still HSTS on these threads because that's still a very retarded take. Some women are SA survivors and don't feel comfortable around ANY man. Whether hes a homosexual or not (not that there's even a way to check if a tranny is gay since some AGPs have gay sex). Like this is how we got here in the first place. Letting men weaponize our empathy and use it against us. It sucks gay men get treated badly for wearing a dress but all he has to do is.. not a wear a fucking dress? Why do we need to protect him. Do gay men protect women? Have they ever? Why must we protect them. Because now you bisexual and straight men demanding the same of us because they are also "at risk" for being hurt by other men for wearing a dress (that they can just take off). It's a slippery slope. And honestly kind of offensive to see men with mommy issues make vulgar jokes about women's bodies and walk around like caricatures of us. Why do gay men have the luxury of hiding behind women when we do not have that same option? TIFs aren't safe in male spaces, they're not even safe from misogyny. This trans shit only benefits men. And it's very sad that the bar is hell for some women that will let men destroy our spaces as long as they do the bare minimum and don't full on rape us. Like just stop with this line of thinking already because now we got incels claiming to be oppressed because they have woman souls or whatever. And we can't invalidate their feelings just because they like women because what are we saying? That real women like men and wear makeup so only gay men can cosplay as us?

No. 1473055

File: 1647628460765.jpg (289.77 KB, 2048x1152, FOHAVbGVkAcJYlo.jpg)

this pic was posted in the same set.
im so confused, if this was a woman itd be a stoner chick. not a lady? am I getting hung up on semantics or am I just overall confused.

No. 1473056

>50 years from now this will be a part of important history
Yeah, as the beginning of the bloodbath.

No. 1473057

ah yes, the allies we need: reddit bros on the joe rogan sub. Those motherfuckers only care about things being unfair for women when they can use it as an excuse to bash trannies.

No. 1473059

File: 1647628652538.jpg (49.23 KB, 395x432, 1643839501396.jpg)

Don't you have a child to molest or something?

No. 1473061

their bio reads ''| We are the system “Forest” | 30 | She/it/they | fat trans puppy-cowgirl non-binary milf | pansexual/demi-romantic |''
god, I am so sorry but I am discovering more and more grotesque shes? its? theys? systems?
if you dont want to see cock and balls dont open

No. 1473063

File: 1647628696123.jpg (Spoiler Image,672.46 KB, 1152x2048, FOFjsziVgBYw5Rb.jpg)

forgot to spoiler.

No. 1473068

don't respond to bait. it makes you look like an idiot, shits up the thread, and keeps the troll here longer (probably wanking to your replies). Being ignored is what will piss them off most. Just say no.

No. 1473069

I don't like this image, poor doggy

Does someone on this earth get sexually excited by this

No. 1473072

I'm stupit, my bad.

No. 1473073

fat scrotes have such weird-looking penises. penises are already weird but then you have one that is being swallowed by it's owners fat. ick.

No. 1473074

its okay nona we all make mistakes

No. 1473075

Lias agp. He gets hard at the girls in the locker room. He does remind me of Nate Jacobs though / Patrick Bateman

No. 1473080

Responding to obvious bait and posting gross images nobody wants to see, plz pick a struggle nonna

No. 1473081

he looks so pleased with himself, totally unaware that everyone hates him. typical male behavior.

No. 1473082

File: 1647629088573.jpg (168.44 KB, 536x607, cosmokramer.jpg)


No. 1473083

No. 1473084

This image is great for furry troons

No. 1473085

I honestly don't think he's autistic and I'd be careful of calling that or he's gonna jump on it and use it as an excuse when the tides turn on him. The trans autist men i've seen are very obviously autistic and can't hide it, they usually act out all the stereotypes like that freaky Erin guy. Lia is a predatory, opportunistic and misogynistic man who just enjoys beating women, ogling them in the changing rooms and then getting attention and fame for it. He's way too calculated and aware to be autistic. But he is, however, a full on retard.

No. 1473087

Lia’s smile has that autistic smug agp smirk to it and his eyes are totally dead. Sociopaths and Narcissists know how to fake feeling shame to blend in, sperg men simply don’t know or care, like dumb animals.

No. 1473088

you guys CAN NOT be dumb about this shit like this. Do you know one of the reasons the right make more progress on shit they want than the left? Because they don't care about working with people they hate to get what they want.

If you guys think there's a version of this debate that works with just lefty radfems defending womens spaces you are ignorant. You don't have to like it, but we actually need other groups to peak to add to the chorus. I hate kiwifarms but Josh letting the terfs in was actually a good move that helped. Joe Rogan mouthing off on his podcast helps. The left aren't going to help you, they're going to vaush you. If you're scared of being called "on the right" then leave this debate now, because the left have been accusing radfems of that for years now.

Purity politics is the death of every movement. As long as they believe trannies shouldn't be in sports, let them talk. Men are more likely to peak other men and Jow Rogan's audence is made up of slabs of meat that like hearing how strong they are so let them be useful idiots.(derailing)

No. 1473089

Lia Thomas winning a womens swimming race has been on my mind all day because of how infuriating it is, sorry to sperg and I am not even American (not that it matters actually) or like sports but we do need to protect female athletes and sports from men like him. What’s worse is he was actually able to compete. I feel sorry for the female swimmers and how they are staying quiet in fear of backlash and being called transphobic. I hope there is that much of an uproar that he gets the title taken, but you know that will never happen… congrats on the second place girl, she is the true winner.

No. 1473091

who fucking cares what moid Republicans think it’s not a battle of ideas MOID

No. 1473093

nowherthis on instagram has a post about lia and all the commments are people saying it's unfair with a few sperging trannies

No. 1473094

when trannies accuse us of being old white hags they must be projecting. most agps are usually old, fat, balding white scrotes kek.

No. 1473095

File: 1647629653143.jpg (422.98 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20220318-145205_Boo…)

Peak moid behavior:

No. 1473100

File: 1647629894458.jpg (868.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220318-145726_Red…)

You've got to be kidding me

No. 1473101

File: 1647629906366.png (39.44 KB, 596x485, dggsdgsgsdgdgdsgd.png)

Peak moid moment when you dont even know where your own "clit" is

No. 1473104

he's a man, he's just ugly kek

No. 1473105

i wish people would stop using "autism" as a cover for narcissism.

No. 1473107

I have had 3 men cite a bullshit study that 60% of women enjoy rape because a small population reported to have had rape fantasies to me before.

No. 1473110

This has some glorious irony in it.

No. 1473112

moid thinks women are turned on by being assaulted by strangers, what's new. And just in case it wasn't obvious enough that he's a man, he helped us out and threw in a classic "frigid bitch" accusation for good measure

No. 1473114

He has the gall to say he has "more fashion sense than the her left toe" when he's wearing dusty clothes that show off his obvious male figure

No. 1473115

Ayrt. I'm not using it as an excuse for narcissism, I'm pointing out that it's widely known that he is autistic and that's why his face looks autistic all the time

No. 1473120

this all hinges on democrats actually having values and not just serving the interests of their donors.

No. 1473123

they look like david spade in drag

No. 1473125

Moids are so fucking stupid. The rape fantasy is obviously about not about literally getting the shit beaten out of you, and it's worrying that so many of them don't even question that if they think that's the case.
Consensual non consent is about someone hot you want to fuck anyway want you so bad that they just can't take their eyes off of you.

>Leggings worn as pants
>Uwu girl bulge

Nonnies, have you ever seen a troon in real life in the same bathroom as you? What did you do? Did you say anything?
I'm thinking I need to prepare ahead of time to have a reaction prepared that also doesn't endanger my life with being in the same room as the lunatic on hormones.

No. 1473133

she's right you know!

No. 1473135

men are fucking insane, they can't self-genocide fast enough

No. 1473137

elliot rodgers was diagnosed "autistic" too, when he was a clear case of npd.

No. 1473138

we're supposed to believe a woman was jealous of his outfit?

No. 1473141

>Letting men weaponize our empathy and use it against us

Yep. Women really need to get this in check.

No. 1473146

Nothing gives me more glee than the surgery failures. Not only do they hopefully remove themselves from the gene pool, but they get to be in disgusting pain for the rest of their lives.

No. 1473152

I'm sad OP fucked it up. It would have been such a celebratory thread number.

No. 1473163

File: 1647633164968.jpg (Spoiler Image,732.89 KB, 3208x2318, E_-1Z7gWQAQiQi-.jpg)

why are TIM lesbian fantasies always beyond cringe

No. 1473164

File: 1647633211556.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 3301x2982, FC9FfuiWEAM1uZ4.jpg)

No. 1473170

It’s not that big of a deal you autists. And with the rate these threads are going these days we’ll be at 100 next week kek

No. 1473171

File: 1647633823922.jpg (238.08 KB, 801x1367, E6_xfYAXoAYoVsg.jpg)

this is supposed to be a TIF and TIM couple, I mean seriously in what world would a TIF ever be a "jock" or a TIM be an actual small dainty girl

No. 1473172

I feel like a decent number of LGBs despise trannies, but it's so hush hush because we are all expected to support each other. I can't even publicly voice my dislike of them because then people lump me in with homophobic conservatives who think all gay people deserve to be thrown in conversion camps. Why can't there be a happy medium where I support my gay girls and not the perverted men who jack off into their mother's panties.

No. 1473173

Stop, we get it. The comics are dumb and the art is bad. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

No. 1473178

People are peaking in this reddit thread about Lia Thomas. Slowly but surely. I knew her winning would have this exact effect, it's poetic in a way. Tranny non acceptance accelerationism


No. 1473182

File: 1647634872465.png (49.54 KB, 1085x557, cowards.PNG)

They're already in the process of getting rid of the comments

No. 1473185

The view womanhood as a performance, something fun to just "enjoy." I don't know how any handmaiden could read this and support these troons. Tbh, I think that if normie women could hear how they talk about us, they would all peak, but it's also honestly so draining and disgusting to read about it.

No. 1473186

Why are they done in the art style of a teenage weeb on their first DeviantArt account? This is what annoying cat ear 14 year olds draw like

No. 1473187

>I'd slap you if it wouldn't make you wet for the first time in years
revolting, is he TRYING to sound as male as possible?

No. 1473189

As if I'm not constantly juiced out the wazoo

No. 1473191

File: 1647635855791.jpg (61.94 KB, 585x434, sitdownshutup.JPG)

made my blood boil and I dont know exactly how to phrase it. its true I imagine that hearing how you being a man and just trying to get on with life while getting blamed for men mistreating women would not want you to turn a sympathetic eye to their cause but damn bitch can men not handle a movement that lasted 5 years with a shitty slogan versus thousands of years of women being treated like dogs to men

No. 1473197

File: 1647636206858.jpeg (42.47 KB, 750x280, 1FC6E3D1-7EA8-4907-86DC-283C85…)

“Real problems”= problems that affect men. Things that affect women are not serious problems. KAM

No. 1473205

it's their mess to clean up because they're the ones doing it

men have blamed all women for everything for all of human history and now they're crying because women point out that they're treating us like shit?

No. 1473207

File: 1647636660638.gif (417.84 KB, 480x270, anditsgone.gif)

Post 3 hours old, 20% of comments removed, already a comment graveyard, post will be locked again and removed in a few hours. Rinse and repeat, every "controversial" topic on any major sub. Lightning fast jannies. Why do people even waste their time actively participating on the hellhole platform.

No. 1473210

how much do you want to bet that's a tranny janny?

No. 1473212

anonitas, any time anyone brings the topic up take the opportunity to voice your concerns and tell them how hurtful and humiliating it is that women are silenced just for speaking up against this troons sexism. People are just opening their eyes and seeing that troons actually don't "just want to pee uwu"

No. 1473217

File: 1647637316659.png (284.1 KB, 750x1334, D16D8AA6-CBD4-4BAB-9B58-C67A1F…)

Lol, the downvotes

No. 1473218

Why not both?

No. 1473225

LOOOOOOL newfie with FAS
holy fuck kek

No. 1473231

He looks like Nate from Euphoria

No. 1473232

Holy fuck. The hairy spiritual virgins were right. AGP smirks are real..

No. 1473235

I like how you somehow managed to blame men for women being hellbent on "helping" people
Like women have no agency at all

No. 1473247

File: 1647639989425.jpeg (68.33 KB, 851x783, 599C83BC-89FC-423F-9369-2983E0…)

No. 1473255

File: 1647640296825.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1908, 6F2FF0A0-4C99-4AAB-A999-592167…)

oh, we know babe

No. 1473257

jfc, I-
not only the extreme delusion but also the weird coomer art obsession with women. This guy literally looks like he would kill you, and then put your skin all over his disgusting freak body. I am vomit.

No. 1473262

I can't believe I'm going to besmirch Saint James like this, but this troon's face reminds me of James Spader

No. 1473266

>harry potter book
>scott pilgrim comics
>weird naked women art
>creepy polaroids of himself trying to act sexy
>a clown nose next to his jewelry box
>tarot cards?
>plato's republic

No. 1473267

>harry potter book

how very terfy of him

No. 1473272

>wall of polaroids of himself
>wall of lesbian coomer art
>thinks no one knows he's a tranny

No. 1473273

I love that one girl is wearing a top that has Texas written on it, make him squirm and seethe.

No. 1473274

Wow all of that is so embarrasingly pretentious. It's like he decorated his room based on what HE THINKS an "art hoe" would have. The LARP is so obvious good god

No. 1473289

oh that's based…she's wearing the cowboy hat too

No. 1473295

the tif weights 225? lmao you know a fatty moid made this and thought "whats a low weight for kawaii girl uwu"

No. 1473296

stop trying to frame hatred of gay moids as homophobia
gay moids are still moids and if trannys were all gay at least they would only try to rape other moids. kek if the only troons were HSTS this whole tranny fad would never have gotten popular because straight men would have shut it down immediately

No. 1473301

File: 1647643445239.jpg (523.54 KB, 649x1920, aHR0cHM6Ly93aW1nLnJ1bGUzNC54eH…)

I don't get this "fantasy" sissy fetishists have, women who are lesbians in relationships with men and so instead of just dating other women, they decide to feminize their male partners into women, I have seen it a couple times and it still remains the most baffling thing to me

No. 1473309

>hairy spiritual virgins
I want to put this on a tshirt.

No. 1473310

>teammates claps harder for the true winner than the troon

No. 1473312

Based #5 didn't clap at all

No. 1473314

First they want to be seen and treated as women, then they get treated like women in medicine aka no one gives a shit. He should feel euphoric, nonnies!

No. 1473317

>I have seen it a couple times and it still remains the most baffling thing to me

Its a combo of their fetishization of womenhood and lesbians.

No. 1473318

I wish lolcow could make a game server but it'll be hard to do that without doxxing anyone.

No. 1473320

Are they seriously not aware that they look like grown men? Like even as an adult woman I feel weird wearing pigtails

No. 1473321

File: 1647644397859.png (27.23 KB, 746x364, Doom Pill Pagliacci (@Slatzism…)

No. 1473328

File: 1647645126895.jpeg (219.63 KB, 828x896, F2662A01-41AF-4ADD-9512-9F7D79…)

What a fucking retard, you’re supposed to throw the first match then win the ones when people stop paying attention. They probably had to beg him to lose

No. 1473330

Keep going you freak, make everyone peak.

No. 1473331

Tell me why I’ve been seeing men cheering Lia on like ‘’Haha that’s what women get, so much for equality. You get what you deserve. It takes balls to win a swimming competition. Men are better at being women. We’ll be able to clone and have our own kids soon, the Y chromosome is killing it!”

And I’m like, do you seriously think women wanted this? Handmaidens, sure. But the VAST amount of women? They’re telling us to quit swimming, etc etc we caused the problem and I’m like, wow.

No. 1473334

File: 1647645591497.png (734.78 KB, 788x3124, not a woman.png)

I'm guessing he finally figured out even the handmaidens would start to question his shit once he won that yesterday, so he finally started listening to advice on throwing it. Cause winning wasn't as satisfying as he thought it would be I guess. And he prefers the handmaidens attention and doesn't want to lose it.

I capped it and posted it since that link is acting buggy for me. I hate how other woman and normalize and excuse the abuse of other woman so easily sometimes.

No. 1473336

Men think women being progressive = going against the natural order, or being progressive in every facet of politics aka pro tranny. They ignore that feminists are the ones fighting trannies, even the ones on KF ree about women not being anti everything progressive while being anti-troon because they understand it is just sexism.

No. 1473338

this should be reposted on twitter lmao

No. 1473340

or you throuw by coming in a close second or something.

this isn't even subtle. you don't go from finishing 5 seconds ahead of everyone else and then finish in 5th for your next swim.

No. 1473342

File: 1647645874823.jpg (110.31 KB, 962x642, 1647641881304.jpg)

they cower away from the freak

No. 1473345

File: 1647646061377.png (1.21 MB, 1188x1130, Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.24…)

just lol. shut up!

No. 1473347

Good, keep struggling, we don’t like you or want you here, pervert.

No. 1473349

Number 5 didn't clap lol. Based

No. 1473356

>Wahhh why can't I force people to like me

No. 1473357

Man can only empathize with other man.

No. 1473358

Love how the women are being portrayed as evil transphobes when they've clearly just been asked to pose separately for a runner-up photo.

No. 1473373

File: 1647647024931.png (367.07 KB, 599x1120, vaush btfo.png)

vaush tries to score cool points with troon twitter, gets rejected lol

No. 1473383

Literally this, well said nona. It's crazy the only place on reddit you can have actual honest discourse about Will winning the competition is on the fucking JRE subreddit…fucking kek.

No. 1473386

File: 1647647624680.jpeg (167.89 KB, 826x910, E4018481-156D-48E8-9964-B935AC…)

this is such fucking narc male delusion

No. 1473389

No. 1473390

This is why you can’t compromise with these fucking egomaniacs. Giving them anything they demand just results in more demands

No. 1473393

I just saw the one in the cowboy hat wrote an op-ed today talking about how proud she is that she got to compete with a tranny though. Apparently she is an out lesbian and somehow relates that to the hulking man that beat her in this race. She even calls him "her people" because LGBT.

No. 1473395

ugh how disapointing

No. 1473396

fucking hell

No. 1473399

lol what a cope

they fucking hate it when women reject them

No. 1473400

Whether or not these women took the seperate pic on purpose, or just by chance, they're gonna get harassed by TRAs. That's always what happens when women are in the public eye. They receive 10x worse harassment than men. Praying for the girlies.

No. 1473403

File: 1647648217101.png (637.2 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20220318-195922.png)

This screenshot made me kek. Look at this hairline and tell me which side you think he's fighting for.

No. 1473404

This artist really doesnt understand how to draw emotive characters, they look fucking miis. At least the fakeboy webtoon characters were drawn well

No. 1473412

It looks like he got lost on the way to a Chemical Brothers concert

No. 1473414

Its more that men just shrug it off tbh

No. 1473418

You're not wrong anon. I have a gay friend who confided in me when I came out in support of JK Rowling last year and he told me he's tired of troons and their nonsense. He told me that he never really believed in it but felt he had to keep quiet because he didn't want to lose friends. I suspect more gays and lesbians feel the same way but like you said, keep it hush hush for fear of being ostracized.

No. 1473419

No. 1473420

Anyone on FundieSnark here? I just had to witness someone call Girl Defined TERFs lmaooo. They’ve truly lost the plot.

No. 1473421

File: 1647648950290.png (2.08 MB, 1880x1124, 1647602299729.png)

sage for no new contribution but where can I find more reaction pics like pic related? Is there an actual thread for this or do any nonnas here have any gems?

No. 1473425

maybe she is crypto

No. 1473428

You gotta understand that a fundamental part of the fantasy for autogynephiles is that the people around them (especially the objects of their attraction) see them in some sense as a woman (physically/mentally/spiritually), not a perverted man playing pretend. Thats why you have all these identikit comics about a girlfriend going like 'you silly little thing! You're too cute and pretty and submissive uwu to be a man! You're meant to be my girlfriend <3'

No. 1473435

I remember Leah Alcorn very well, his death shat up tumblr so hard it made tumblr as a whole unbearable (that and the whole "your fave is problematic" shit that happened at the same time). I didn't care about trans issues that much back then besides thinking that trans people were LGB people trying to escape homophobia with surgery and hormonal treatment, but I remember stopping at some point because my ex-friends wouldn't stop posting about this guy like he was a poor girl discriminated against for being a girl even though it seemed really obvious to me based on his suicide note that he was just a gay teenage boy with very homophobic parents who made the mistake of telling his parents about being gay and then being a tranny. Honestly, given how his suicide was used to ruin things for women as a whole, I don't even feel bad for him whatsoever anymore. I don't care if I seem like an asshole.

No. 1473441

File: 1647649910654.png (308.8 KB, 1327x1073, tranny7.png)

No. 1473443

>this information uses the words 'penis', 'scrotum' and 'testicles'.

holy shit they literally need to have content warnings for the very thing these trannies tuck. its hilarious how hard they work to keep up the facade and let them keep coping in the smallest ways possible. also funny how this supposedly professional article reads like it was made for retards like :'while understanding those words are not for everyone'. i guess it is supposed to be directed at children, but this really is fucked.

No. 1473444

File: 1647650025177.png (93.02 KB, 858x901, terfdogwhistles.png)

I just saw the post from the tranny mod. Here's a link to the whole post, but I screencapped the part about "terf dogwhistles"


My favorite part is this: "If someone insists on being called a woman or a man and that 'cis' is bad, they're a terf."

No. 1473445

In not well versed in Innana so I don’t wanna say anything that a loony Troon could prove wrong. But it’s almost impossible for us to know what they meant back then. They could have been writing from a multitude of different perspectives (so it could mean I go as a woman or I go as a man from the readers perspective and not that of the goddess). Also many languages especially older and non Germanic/ Latin languages don’t directly translate into English so how was it translated? Was the meaning or the words themselves directly translated? And even then without the cultural context we can all be reading that wrong.

Trannies have appropriated third genders (which was not uwu magic like they white wash it to be, it was reserved for homosexual men who were sent to live with the women, the things they made or weaved were more expensive and valuable for the magical reason that a fucking man made it and all those societies were patriarchal and misogyny rules all). They’ve completely rewritten it for their own purpose but then stand on the backs of POC (or WOC when they’re a brown or black person themselves) decreeing everyone a racist for not respecting their third gender when it wasn’t a respectful thing in the first place.

Also where are the ancient male gods that were protectors of women and children? Or just of children? There are gods that can transform but they are always considered male or female. There are many many ancient goddesses that have roles traditionally reserved for men but there’s far far far less the other way round. Ancient goddesses were fiercely protective of women and their sacred female spaces and tbh I hope if I die and they exist I get a front row seat at the “beating trannies” party they would certainly be having. The fact that they’re not afraid of what Athena or The Morrigan is certainly going to do with them because they have the magic peen is narsasstic behaviour off the charts

Also any tips on peaking my Mexican American boyfriend would be much appreciated. Or do I just hope he grows out of it because he’s still young, I think he believes in the uwu disphoria narrative and hates JK because he runs in liberal circles.

No. 1473450

Your talking about his fucked up teeth or his neovag?

No. 1473453

there is something about looking like their fantasies that piss me off way too much. i have had enough for a lifetime of experiences of tranny skinwalkers and troon admirers getting fixated at me trying to force themselves into my life and trying to be me that it just really gives you the skinwearing buffalo bill creepy experience.

like not only as a woman but personally what kind of woman i am they just want to consume, consume, copy and wear me and i just get way too mad it feels like watching this sick parodu of myself and i just can't feel objective about it i get so mad i have already changed my hair, my style and so on to make distance myself from these assholes but still in real life when i ditch the style they wanna skinwalk they follow and start copying me once again

No. 1473454

File: 1647650270563.jpg (387.85 KB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20220319-013534_Red…)

Reddit is officially peaking.

No. 1473455

I still can’t comprehend this…
Do they have no experience with real women? Are they just delusional and if they say it enough, it’ll “be real”?
I’ve never met a woman with a fishy vagina. I’ve never had any of my straight male friends talk about women with fishy vaginas.
If you have good hygiene you don’t have problems…and even then, the vagina is self cleaning. It does most of it for you

No. 1473462

>I'm guessing he finally figured out even the handmaidens would start to question his shit once he won yesterday, so he started listening to advice on throwing it. Cause winning wasn't as satisfying as he thought
This is definitely what happened. You could see him realizing it when he was on the podium, I think that's what his "weird stare" was– he went in happy and then when the 2nd place girl got the biggest cheers and the rest of the team hugged without him, he was left bewildered but trying to keep on the happy face.

No. 1473468

File: 1647650895964.gif (3.6 MB, 800x800, 1647423280229.gif)

No. 1473469

This gives me hope

No. 1473470

He'll be fine. It'll heal up, one way or another. And he won't have learnt a single thing from the ordeal.

No. 1473472

I hate to say it, but HugeFuckinAnimeTits is right.

No. 1473474

Can someone compare his times to see if he actually threw?

No. 1473475

Holy fuck anon, that is hilarious but jesus you should've spoilered that shit LOL

No. 1473478

Shiddin n fardin tru his newfie fanny eh

No. 1473485

>If someone insists on being called a woman or a man and that 'cis' is bad, they're a terf.

FSU is unhinged.

No. 1473486

>'it may look innocent at first but it is how terfs communicate that they believe lesbians can only be attracted to their same sex'

Imagine showing this to someone who doesn't use the internet. They'd be so lost.

No. 1473495

i feel like i'm taking crazy pills on a daily basis

No. 1473496

>all people should be referred to by their sex
what's wrong with that

No. 1473499

also devil's advocater here but i think he has a point about studies. lots of the sources i see terfs use come from like the 80's/90's have been disproven elsewhere

No. 1473515

File: 1647652938840.png (Spoiler Image,91.83 KB, 809x663, 1647496713999.png)

No. 1473520

Unironically this happened to me, it's how I "peaked". I had no internet (etc) and noticed how much this troon shite was popping up in the real world, so I came here and to other sites to see what women thought about it unfiltered. I haven't left since, love you nonnies

No. 1473532

We can’t have one space without the obligatory tranny powermod making a TWAW SO VALID TERFS R MEAN sticky and the subsequent tone policing that follows. It’s like they smell that shit. Imagine thinking that “lesbians are same sex attracted” is an unpopular belief.

No. 1473535

File: 1647653964681.jpg (67.71 KB, 960x803, 49673984.jpg)

sure jan

No. 1473540

Wtf do they even mean by "Jewish question"

No. 1473544

They don't mean anything. These people use retarded posturing that means nothing. They just wanna use Jewish persecution from WW2 as some sort of gotcha.

No. 1473557

Watched Girl (2018). It's about an MtF ballerina. In the last act, the doctor tells him that they're going to postpone his sex reassignment surgery because he's extremely mentally unwell and can't take care of his own body. Then he chops his cock off with a pair of scissors. I'm pretty sure they cut a carrot for the sound effect. He goes to the hospital, and then it just ends. European filmmakers don't give a fuck about anything.

No. 1473570

File: 1647656549100.png (60.01 KB, 624x350, Screenshot 2022-03-18 10.20.56…)

No. 1473575

They gotta stop skinwalking other groups' oppression

No. 1473578

File: 1647656871433.png (34.25 KB, 720x412, watch as i perform my own orie…)

Kek reminds me of this https://archive.is/WxCSg (WARNING: links in post show everything)
He also posted to 4chan with some more context https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/14909833

No. 1473579

Can you give examples please

No. 1473589

yah I'm also interested. If you could point me in the right direction. What studies are you talking about?

No. 1473596

File: 1647658087678.png (66.91 KB, 978x625, transdyi.png)

>"I want to do more surgeries on myself and have full control over my body. "

horrific tbh. What else does he want to cut up and alter?

No. 1473599

YES. The insane irony when trans ideology is so deeply fundamentalist itself! It was great to see so many of the mods comments were being downvoted.

No. 1473604

wish more scrotes would do this

No. 1473606

File: 1647658976107.jpg (7.67 KB, 200x205, b97.jpg)


No. 1473609

Watching the infighting about thomas is great, you see people being confused why they're suddenly being called a transphobic bigot for pointing out the obvious while still saying twaw

No. 1473610

This is actually kind of based. Removed himself from the genepool, didn't freeze sperm and taxpayers/insurance didn't need to pay out. I hope more of these freaks take this route, honestly. Same result, but you get to save a bit of cash! Kek

No. 1473611

All my keks! I'm glad that retard won't reproduce

No. 1473614

This shit went down March 2020, it's an old thread. Archive.is saved the pics, the originals were deleted long ago.

No. 1473616

hang on, did he already remove his dick? i can't find it

No. 1473618

ah sweet, should I just remove them from this thread then? Or leave them up for other nonny's since it's interesting??

nah he just has a little fella. you can see the head behind his third finger in the third pic.

No. 1473622

May as well leave them up, this is an imageboard after all. Mods might delete them anyway tho
I think he's pinning it to his thigh with his left hand so he can get to the balls

No. 1473623

I've seen the same thing in videos about fundie stuff. Apparently the REAL biggest thing to point out in each video is that x fundie isn't in favor of trans people. Which outside of, no shit they aren't, is imo slightly low on the list of issues with them

No. 1473631

File: 1647660268084.png (274.79 KB, 749x1195, Anastasia Beaverhausen on Twit…)

No. 1473634

File: 1647660657150.jpg (646.5 KB, 1536x2048, FOK55nAXEAAACQW.jpg)

he looks like a toothpaste tube

No. 1473635

File: 1647660831781.png (484.25 KB, 755x485, amy (@amysoandso) _ Twitter.pn…)

No. 1473637

Oh shit I remember that. When it came onto Netflix there was a brief moral panic that it was going to cause teen boys to chop their cocks off en masse, the same way people thought 13 Reasons Why was going to cause The Happening (2008) in real life. They added a card at the start of the film with a link to a suicide hotline, which is the same thing they did for 13 Reasons Why.

No. 1473638

File: 1647661068259.jpeg (804.42 KB, 1242x1700, FC9E1E5F-A762-45DE-BCFB-2BC26F…)

She wasn’t second though…. It was Emma. Why must people outright lie. This has a lot of traction too. I’d correct her but I can’t out myself to friends/mutuals how I actually feel about it lol

No. 1473639

File: 1647661230186.jpg (164.73 KB, 828x1210, FOKviwxVsAEE6tK.jpg)

No. 1473640

File: 1647661321330.png (367.73 KB, 755x871, Andy Swan on Twitter.png)

No. 1473645

Correct out of 'concern' e.g.:

"Emma Sullivan was the second finisher. Lying just provides support to people who oppose makes trans people."

No. 1473647

What effects do hormones have on potentially worsening or bettering mental health in both women and men? Can hormones even change moods like SSRI’s? Obviously, but rarely, I’ll have very low moods during periods where I feel disgusting and ugly but later on I can stare in the mirror again and think I’m alright looking.

No. 1473648

Taking testosterone, for both men and women, can cause a ton of emotional issues, mostly anger, less impulse control etc.

No. 1473651

File: 1647661919959.jpeg (239.89 KB, 1242x466, 4D18E80E-A4F0-4588-A972-91F754…)

No. 1473655

If they were treated equally they'd be on the team that corresponds to their sex, like all the other athletes.

No. 1473658

Testosterone is also said to have antidepressant effect affects on women.

No. 1473671

got scared thinking zac pennington had finally trooned out

No. 1473676

File: 1647663203836.jpg (103.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Found a women he wishes he could look like.

No. 1473687

I accept this as a backhanded compliment kek. It shows we're well read and critical thinkers. Besides, there isn't an expiration date on good science. If anything TRAs are guilty of discrediting older science that discredits their narrative (e.g., Blanchard and AGP).

No. 1473693

I feel so bad for anons that have had these experiences. I can’t imagine how I would deal with a troon in real life. However, I’m from a rural, very southern area of the US. While it’s a pretty garbage society for a lot of women's rights reasons, it rightfully shames trans clownery as it should. No male would dare wear dresses here and call himself a female in public.

No. 1473695

File: 1647665397047.jpg (41.92 KB, 732x463, becausehesgay.JPG)

Hmm, Idk, maybe because you're on GRINDR looking to hook up with GAY MEN? does this guy hear himself?

No. 1473696

careful bro you're gonna give yourself another fistula

No. 1473697

This idiot is literally in the hospital bleeding and farting out of multiple new wounds on his crotch and he's still trolling Grindr? There's no way he's actually looking for a hookup already, he's just looking for attention. I don't see why he's complaining about the guy wanting anal when his neo wound and asshole are connected anyways

No. 1473698

Fucked me up a little bit when I really realized the frankenholes only have the purpose of accepting dilator and dick. I knew it, but I didn't know it.

No. 1473703

i got permabanned from that sub for my comments on their women's day post! kek, banned for "hate" on a sub for making fun of one religion (not all religions, only christians can be mocked there).

No. 1473704

Source? I couldn't find anything with a legit source on this. I have heard, firsthand from TIFs similar effects to what the anon you are responding to is saying though.

>wants to be identified as a woman
>is on grindr

No. 1473709

Can they even really have sex with it though? The most positive male srs "piv" sex stories I've heard have been lukewarm at the very best and even then you know they're lying because it's a medically induced fuckhole, how could it be anything but painful.

No. 1473716

Honestly why do people subject themselves to troon? This one in particular, everything he says is passive aggressive and bitchy. Insufferable.

No. 1473721

If they end Euphoria like this I'll take back all the mean things I've ever said about that show.

No. 1473725

Who is also a man trying to hook up while literal shit is oozing out of him at an abnormal rate. Can't stop the coom even for a bit.

No. 1473731

File: 1647668567863.jpeg (57.73 KB, 710x960, FOLmex6WUAELlVt.jpeg)

No. 1473732

Neovagina dentata kek. Actually a thing believe it or not. Hyper-granulation or something. Looks like baby teeth, vomits.

No. 1473739

File: 1647669564116.jpg (84.97 KB, 739x714, why.JPG)

so much for his goofy ass "goodbye everybody…. i'm leaving social media… i just can't deal with the abuse… don't cry for me" stunt that lasted what, one entire 24 hours?
Now he's back to posting very important things such as…. pictures of him brushing his teeth in the car.

No. 1473741

File: 1647669752423.jpg (89.23 KB, 719x619, themeetup.JPG)

he apparently drove "20 hours" to meet up with some fellow twitter troons that somehow look even more manly that he does

No. 1473744

FoodieBeauty mega simp Peetz has finally officially decided to troon out, he's Catherine now.

No. 1473745

File: 1647669842926.jpg (21.83 KB, 717x143, eyebleachneeded.JPG)

oh, looks like it wasn't just a meetup, it was a hookup, lmfao.

No. 1473746

File: 1647669858793.jpg (554.46 KB, 1443x1080, image.jpg)

"There were subtle clues"

No. 1473750

loving the massive hickies all over the two hookup partners. just cute everyday lady stuff

No. 1473751

No. 1473756

Omg this horrorcow can’t really be soliciting strangers to fuck him in his festering crotch wound. This guy truly has a death wish.

No. 1473760

File: 1647670891153.jpg (226.93 KB, 1080x2089, Screenshot_20220319-171349_Sam…)

two years ago they started pushing to put trans woman into female prison in aus. and this was one of the artsy news pieces pushed by the goverment media. reading thru it all I can think is if they hadn't been such any angry moid trying to punch everything they it wouldn't of gotten as bad as it did. really don't feel that sorry for them even when they hand pick and present the most sorry case they can muster tbh.


No. 1473765

File: 1647671280219.png (17.67 KB, 506x60, disgustang.png)

so they want these children to get this shit?

No. 1473767

I'm a bisexual in a relationship with a man, and I often ponder if I am really a lesbian, I crave women etc. However, NOTHING could be more of a turn off than trying to make my moid a "woman", jesus christ. A man in a dress, HRT or not, is nothing like a woman. The pheromones, the bone structure, skin texture, mannerisms, socialization, GENITALS, relating to each other with periods and stuff, the list is endless. You can never ever come even close with horse piss injections.

No. 1473768

LMAOOO we so saw it coming. Eagerly awaiting for the 41%

No. 1473776

File: 1647673144597.png (116.64 KB, 1176x512, sad.png)

have nonnies ever heard of a trans person who did not get sexually assaulted?

No. 1473777

>"my relationship was turbulent. I was charged with assaulting my partner"
isn't this the definition of removing yourself from a situation you created? He wasn't arrested for having a turbulent relationship, he was arrested for domestic violence. Even the way he words "I was charged" completely removes his fault from the equation and makes it all something that happened to him rather than he caused.
Moids are all narcs, but the tranny ones are another level. Am I meant to feel sorry this man was finally in an environment he couldn't punch his way out of?

No. 1473778

KEK holy shit! It was only a matter of time honestly. He’s an actual autist and was interested in things like my little pony.
What a mess

No. 1473780

I swear chokers are fucking magnets for troons lmao.

No. 1473783

Lmao how is this supposed to make me sad for him? He’s an abuser, if he was charged with assault then he should be rotting in prison, not getting some hit piece that’s trying to hard to make people sympathize with a violent man.

No. 1473787

File: 1647674388893.png (131.03 KB, 1288x772, Screenshot 7.png)

the concept of divine femininity literally makes trannies seethe against women, its great

No. 1473788

so he is staying in his male friends bedroom, and his friends little sister for some reason was also in her brothers bedroom and assaulted the troon in front of her own brother in his bedroom? and the brother/his friend did nothing? this story seems off

No. 1473805

It’s because men sexualise them so much, and trannies are of course men. I used to wear them a lot when I was like 19 - 24 so I had some pictures of me wearing them on dating websites. A lot of men would comment about them and how they like them and think they’re sexy. Men unironically say things like “chokers are a black belt for sucking dick”

No. 1473806

I think handmaidens really did have the best intentions back then. In those times, most tumblr users were like 13-15 years old and just thought they were doing what's right. It's staggering how many TERFs or GC people I've met who also defended Leah Alcorn. Not to speak ill of the dead but I often wonder how much his suicide influenced the beginning of our current day madness

No. 1473807

And people were clowning on Rowling for her "the person who raped you was a a woman" tweet. They unironically say it

No. 1473808

Ofc they hate it. And God Himself hates them also.

No. 1473813

True but also it hides their Adams apple lmao

No. 1473818

There are a million different excuses these people will come up with.

No. 1473823

File: 1647681749041.jpeg (56.72 KB, 607x733, 21F924E6-358C-413A-96AA-755D79…)

No. 1473824

wait so they think being pro-black woman and being a black a girl looking for other black girls to talk to is terfy?

and we're supposedly the racists?

No. 1473831

Same lol I even like "feminine" men, but by this I mean artistic, sensitive men with slender bodies, not anime coomers with a Twitter addiction and a fetish taking over their lives. And there is a world of difference between a man wearing even skirts or flowing blouses or a troon wearing female underwear and pretend acting like a teenage egirl.

Holy shit, now that you pointed it out, I can't unsee it. It's like he's taking 0% responsibility for the reason for which his relationship was turbulent, which was him abusing his partner.

No. 1473832

they are but these a lot of these specific comments are made by black libfems, who have an issue with black women not acting like woke stereotypes and not caping for the black community 24/7

No. 1473835

it's an irony singularity at this point for the woke

No. 1473836

Because being gay and dating black women you will most likely not encounter a tranny since most black trannies are gay. Black women are also more likely to not think trannies are women. They're mad because they see it as a way of escaping trannies. I remember a lesbian anon posted that the best way to find other women on dating apps now was to search by non-white races, as it helped you avoid all the straight anime coomers.

No. 1473837

I understand that, but those comments were from a very small minority of hyperwoke black zoomer girls on the Internet

No. 1473840

File: 1647688348343.png (842.1 KB, 2046x8720, troonspretendingtogetperiodsym…)

Troons pretending to get period symptoms megapost of the year. My apologies for the post summary basically being the entire post, but there's just too much milk:

No. 1473843

File: 1647689312094.png (41.94 KB, 791x578, rredditmoment.png)

Not new but holy shit

No. 1473851

I love the interior design choices as well

No. 1473852

>This is only a problem if you don't think trans women are women.

you're right. they're not.

No. 1473858

File: 1647692195293.jpg (235.81 KB, 1079x922, Screenshot_20220319_131611.jpg)

Anyone working on that lolcow radfem discord? Trying to find any nice community and it's just.. Well, picrel.

No. 1473860

A well-known symptom of hormonal disorders is mood swings and depression/anxiety. Tbh it’s shocking that they don’t check hormone levels before prescribing SSRIs, especially in young people.

No. 1473863

There is a couple servers, check the Friend Finder thread on /g/ (ctrl+f "server")

"Synching up". Bro I have never synched up with anyone, not even when I had a girlfriend. Just fuck off, all of this is such blatant larping oh my god

No. 1473870

That and… well… my period feels nothing like when I’ve got some kind of stomach issue. It’s a completely different pain, even the bloating is different. I just can’t with these larpers.

Also hasnt it been proven men have nowhere near the pain tolorence of women? These anime wannabes would get a paper cut and compare it to giving birth

No. 1473873

What is the point of voice verification if men are let through? Why bother at all?

No. 1473874

i have suspected endometriosis and can definitely feel a difference between gas, bloating and actual cramps

it's a completely different type of pain in a different area

No. 1473876

Lol I did not even notice it had ""voice verification"", wow what's the fucking point? And what if I am a trans man but sound feminine? Or "masc-aligned" nonbinary? Hmmm?

No. 1473877

File: 1647693831659.png (87.77 KB, 651x597, Jenner tranny calling out thom…)


kek Jenner called out Thomas on the faking bullshit.

I wish there where more ex-Olympian troons to call out their obvious shitty behavior. Can't schreech at them for being transphobic can they.


No. 1473878

> Also hasnt it been proven men have nowhere near the pain tolerance of women?
From what I read women feel pain more intensely and have a lower tolerance for pain.

No. 1473879

I read comments about how Thomas' times were weird in general even when he was winning, like it seemed like he was always holding back even then, so the victory was far closer than it would be if he actually tried his best. The guy is a massive piece of shit in every way, and all the very worst assumptions about his motives have been shown to be true.

No. 1473880

and yet we're accused of exaggerating our pain and have to fight for any pain relief

No. 1473890


…They don't have a womb. They have no uterus lining to shed. No eggs. No blood.

This is the biggest fucking cope. Never did I think I'd see the entitlement of men trying to claim periods from women and complaining about it.

We live in absolute clown world. These people are delusional.

No. 1473891

Based Jenner. Rich boomers dgaf even if they’re trannies kek

No. 1473894

>bondage ropes/tied hands on the wall
>SS nazi uniform

goddamn, this film is 22 years old and somehow they got it so accurate

No. 1473895

Could be remembering this wrong but women have higher percieved pain but also a different nervous system response where the same stimulus is felt or remembered less the more it is induced. Which makes sense, women in the past who could tolerate multiple childbirths had more opportunities to pass on their genes.

Men have lower perceived pain so they can hit each other with clubs for longer but the nervous response is inverse

No. 1473897

My experience says otherwise because most men I've met or lived with are fucking pussies who act like they're dying when they're having a mild tummy ache kek

No. 1473902

I mean…what other purpose did you think they had before that?

No. 1473904

~uwu~ validation

No. 1473905

The funniest thing is that Miss Man was actually played by a woman.

No. 1473906

because to misogynists everything is women's fault and anything bad that happens to women is retribution.
It's their insemination anxiety (their primal hatred of women for being able to reject their genetic material) manifesting in one of many innumerous ways.

No. 1473907

File: 1647696448577.jpeg (1005.81 KB, 938x1897, AE953008-D7E6-4CDA-83D8-EEB366…)

Saw this and it made me laugh

No. 1473908

File: 1647696540257.jpg (136.27 KB, 1172x1462, ZcsgeNE.jpg)

I hate degenerate men taking over the makeup subs but this dude’s massive face…hilarious 1/3

No. 1473910

File: 1647696576087.jpg (176.89 KB, 1177x1568, GPKOnHh.jpg)


No. 1473911

File: 1647696607199.jpg (29.27 KB, 1242x548, utaTLmg.jpg)

You shouldn’t be 3/3

No. 1473912

Men understand trannies are used as a bludgeon against women and our rights. They get it, the trannies get it, but if we say anything about it we are genocidal oppressors?

No. 1473914

This makes me unbelievably depressed. My 18 year old sister took her life two months ago, and before her death she had expressed she wanted to be a boy publically. Her Facebook profile still has a males name, and I chose her birth name. I only have the world to blame for her death.

No. 1473915

File: 1647696755437.jpeg (84.47 KB, 720x935, neanderthal.jpeg)

No. 1473916

File: 1647696783488.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1242x1803, F1188D38-843B-4F87-B615-536701…)

I thank the lord every day for being a woman. I can’t imagine being a smelly scrote. This is disgusting…. NSFL

No. 1473917

File: 1647697016978.jpg (54.13 KB, 564x564, 5a2fc87a5ef8f0df5acd1c1a288d72…)

No. 1473918

Like this total coomer would have driven even 20 MINUTES if cooming wasn’t on the table.

Also: Every time I see one of this dude’s pics, I remember him saying that “he passes and that if someone saw him on the street they would never guess he was trans“. The level of delusion in these guys is astounding.

No. 1473919

This is absolutely revolting

No. 1473920

The spoiler couldnt even prepare me for this shit what the fyckk
They always dress like little girls wtffff

No. 1473929

So an abusive, violent junkie who frequently lashes out when he doesn't get his way thinks he belongs in a women's prison? Was this story supposed to make people sympathize? Imagine what he'd do to a woman when she called him a faggot or told him he wasn't a woman in prison. It'd happen and he'd probably kill her.

No. 1473930

Sorry about your retardation

No. 1473932

nonna, i'm so sorry, that's horrible and completely unfair. i can't imagine how you feel but no wonder you blame the world. i have a little sister and if i ever lost her to this madness i would want to watch the world burn.

No. 1473933

File: 1647698544764.png (147.21 KB, 325x400, one_dainty_girl.png)

I fucking swear that even articles that are neutral or positive about Thomas always choose photos screaming the most "That's a man" to the point that I'm starting to wonder if reporters are all crypto-terfs and doing it on purpose

No. 1473934

A human foot that styles itself like hrhcollection for some reason

No. 1473935

Do you forget WHY terfs are considered to be on the right? Because a bunch of sellouts went on Tucker fucking Carlson a few years ago. Men on the right are not and will not ever be allies. There is no point in cheering on a misogynistic pig like Rogan and his leagues of braindead fans, when they'll use you for one day to support their argument and then go back to trying to take away abortion rights the next. No one here should ever even think to consider themselves as being "on the right".(derailing)

No. 1473941

Christ you can see his entire dick

No. 1473945


Devastating. I’m so sorry that happened. It seems like vulnerable people wind up trying transition hoping it’ll make things better, but it doesn’t. And the narcs in the trans “community” don’t actually care about the mental health of young people who are suffering. It’s beyond frustrating and tragic to watch.

No. 1473946

Who the fuck puts a peppa pig bandaid on their crusty dick. Disgusting.

No. 1473947

I think he also just can’t look feminine, his neck is humongous just as the rest of his body, he needs to photoshop his whole self to even resemble a normal human.

No. 1473948

Men will bother their girlfriend/wife for anal even though they have an actual vagina, why is this moron surprised, aren't you supposed to be a "woman" and know about this shit?

No. 1473949

They can't hide it but it's part of the clickbait game for sure and what are troons going to do? demand the press starts using an anime avatar for a hulking troon?

No. 1473950

File: 1647700817244.png (3.82 MB, 1712x1812, roxy tickle.png)

Roxy Tickle

This troon is one of the main activists that help push trans inclusivity in Australian sports. And has been used as an example of how off putting it is to have them there in the media.

They had a news segment on them, multiple articles ect.

But yah it IS off putting watching a 50+ year old man in a skirt play among young girls imo. And I really wanna know if Tickle is their birth surname or not. Cause it really adds to the creepy vibes.

social media links if anyone wants to peak.


No. 1473953

reddit scrote wrote this with a huge trollface. "checkmate, feminists!"

No. 1473955

I really don’t understand how any woman could want anal. Gay men sure because they’re degenerates like all other moids. But all my feel good stuff is in my genitals why the fuck would I want to get fucked in the ass

No. 1473957

unfortunately a lot of women convinces themselves that they want what their men want

No. 1473958

File: 1647701645995.jpg (119.69 KB, 1000x1331, turkey slapped.jpg)

oh and they use to be in the local baseball club in 2019 before they had SRS, they have since moved on to hockey. She suggests it's because she wasn't very good at baseball but it would be funny if their was dirt involved in that tbh.

Plus the team was called wild turkeys and him wearing the team gear is low key funny.

picrel read the hat

No. 1473959

I mean, men coom the most while getting fucked in the ass because the prostate is basically a g-spot, hence why you never try ass stuff with the nigel or he will want to either troonout or go gay. I wouldn’t be surprised if men thought women also have G-spots is the ass, since they think women are all about sex.

No. 1473960

>I wouldn’t be surprised if men thought women also have G-spots is the ass, since they think women are all about sex.
They know women don't have prostates, it's all about power and control with them. A woman who does anal will probably agree to more degeneracy for her scrote.

No. 1473961

Grooming. Women get told all the time (from porn and men) that anal is amazing and feels good and they end up believing it. Maybe some do actually like it because they can think of something else or stilmulate themselves in other ways while their perfect nigel jackhammers their asshole.

Men don't know that women have specific G-spots, they think any place feels good if it's touched by their dicks, which is why they think deepthroats, blowjobs, titjobs or anal feel good for the woman. Or, they don't care.

No. 1473964

But that ignores the fact that the human ass is disgusting, even clean assholes will always have fecal matter present, not to mention potential anal prolapse

No. 1473966

Watching criminal minds, a crossdressing serial killer called his victim a ‘bleeder’ and the detectives said it was a misognynistic way of referring to women.

Predicting the future

No. 1473970

You might want to read the rule about what age you must be to post here then

No. 1473971

I'd love to know how much is actual delusion and how much is them knowing they are lying.
Weird thing is they're all having medical issues and convincing themselves they're enjoying it for euphoria, when they could literally be dying

No. 1473977

oh no oh no MOOOODDDSSS!!

No. 1473981

nobody wants to babysit at the grownups table, leave
also b&

No. 1473982

File: 1647703540697.jpg (74.83 KB, 792x710, look at her face.jpg)

another well known MtF that made wave in womans sports in Australia is Hannah Mouncey.

And the pics really do speak for them selves. look at the face of the woman beside the troon. kek

No. 1473983

File: 1647703559269.png (241.55 KB, 1453x1323, ok.PNG)

Somewhat deranged mod post dictating speech on a subreddit about…making fun of people who want to control how other people live their lives.

No. 1473986

Maybe it's just me, but I don't scrawl "inspirational" messages on my mirror. It ruins the mirror. Why do troons do this shit? I've seen it in their selfies so many times. WOMEN DON'T DO THIS.

No. 1473987

In Dec last year, he beat everyone by 38 seconds, which we all know is crazy insane for swimming. This was before he became really mainstream, but the people who knew were very outraged. He hasn't done that since.


No. 1473989

They think it hides their Adam's apple

No. 1473990

Good, struggle and crawl through the fucking mud and barbed wire on the battlefield where you belong, scrote

No. 1473992

Lmao I hope this peaks some people

Whats that subreddit about? Fundamental christians?

No. 1473994

I'm noticing an extremely subtle pattern of this man telling weird stories about being attacked by women. Really makes you think.

No. 1473998

He fucking wishes. I think this is psychosis

No. 1474000

You're talking about the sex that can't be relied upon to wash their hands after using the toilet. They do not care.

No. 1474001

File: 1647705328444.jpg (36.74 KB, 694x155, gyufi7.JPG)

> I identify as a lesbian perioT and my only complaint about trans women is most of them have better makeup than I do.

No. 1474002

Lol this reads like he's trying to win the oppression olympics

No. 1474003

LMAO they are so fucking delusional

No. 1474007

File: 1647705943432.png (33.11 KB, 300x300, 1627871429781.png)

>Why are you policing other women's femininity

No. 1474010

File: 1647706760388.jpg (54.96 KB, 585x535, vulvoplasty-2.jpg)

neovaginas go in between rectum and prostate so he might not enjoy anal sex anymore anyway, but i bet he doesn't even know that

No. 1474013

nice man hands and dirty fingernails

No. 1474015


Troonism is really exposing male leftists as being the vile misogynists they always were. Throwing actual women and even black women under the bus and mocking them in extremely sexist ways, for daring to not want men in their spaces.

XYs are literally all the same. Conservative or liberal, communist or fascist, all the same in their resentment of women.

No. 1474018

This combined with the government curbstomping any dissent or freethinkers really makes Australia look like a fucking nightmare for women to live in.

No. 1474030

Imagine the privilege of saying you’re a woman while also looking like that and being like “idk I might wear womens clothes and shave, maybe, maybe not”. Fuck men I hate them so much.

No. 1474032

This is what I was thinking when someone last thread posted the kids tucking underwear. Why would you make your child do something that would cause harm to them? They should just be playing and enjoying life.

No. 1474036

File: 1647709261475.jpg (63.39 KB, 699x1200, unnamed.jpg)

Just this chart alone looks absolutely disgusting/horrifying. I swear if Josef Mengele was alive today he would be having a field trip with these degenerates. I bet he would go on the SRS subreddits and furiously masturbate at their butchered bodies.

No. 1474037

I love it. I’m not spiritual at all but it makes me want to get into some new age yoni group where we paint with period blood and talk about the moon and divine womanhood throughout history.

No. 1474041

Idk I think men are just pussies tbh

No. 1474063

Impossible to know because you can't change sex to experience something as qualitative as pain from the perspective of both genders to compare. Kek.

No. 1474066

Forgot to sage. plz no ban.

No. 1474067

Is it funny to admit that I find out that Sascha Baron Cohen can pass better than most troons?

No. 1474083

File: 1647711800099.png (52.55 KB, 483x492, fanny rope.png)

Fanny is getting dark

No. 1474086

this is pitiful.

No. 1474087

File: 1647711889870.png (292.73 KB, 331x800, twitter lol.png)

Look at this little gem lol. They seemingly have a history of constantly assaulting and harassing people and have no trouble documenting it themselves. Apparently this behavior is what got them fired from their job in osaka but chalks it up to transphobia, guess it checks out lol.

No. 1474090

what the fuck

No. 1474091

I used to go to pagan festivals (I'm a dork, sue me) and crunchy old hippie witchy women are some of THE biggest TERFs on the planet. It's all about sacred moon blood and womb magic with them. Love it!

No. 1474098

Oh my god I want to go to one

No. 1474100

Tranny faggor can be fucked on ass and neovag at the same time through the hole kek

No. 1474101

That sounds amazing

No. 1474102

He's a disgusting, hateful attention whore even when depressed.

No. 1474103

A real freak, right? Saw another tweet where they talked about shoving/pushing some elderly man because he stared at them, not necessarily being rude either lol. This isn't the first they've taken pictures of random people on trains either.

No. 1474104

"I pushed him through the train door and just elbowed another maskless japanese"

why are they in Japan if they seem to hate Japanese people? It feels like a real deep racist hatred too

No. 1474106

he seems like a racist loser
did he get deported? I hope he did

No. 1474111

>why are they in Japan if they seem to hate Japanese people? It feels like a real deep racist hatred too
Slightly off topic but yes this person is genuinely racist and uses "japanese" like a slur. Idk why they're still in japan aside from working as an english teacher or something when they used to live in sk apparently.
No, still in japan just not in osaka.

No. 1474114

Someone needs to send him the little boys guide to tucking and a pair of those mini panties.

No. 1474115

File: 1647714479329.jpeg (171.76 KB, 828x766, 90B560D8-6B74-47CC-92B9-1329A8…)

found this and it made me lol, apparently japanese companies don't want to put up with his nonsense
ironic he has the gall to complain about "transphobia" when he has no issues with assaulting japanese people and making racist comments

No. 1474118

That hairline is so far back archeologies have started digging for it

He deffo goes home and has a wank in his skirt after every match. UwU euphoria

No. 1474120

This stupid fag. He could leave Japan if he could stop being a trainwreck and hold a job to save money.

Dumbbass acting like these companies didn't know he was a troon when they hired him, but somehow his trooness becomes a problem after he gets the job.

No. 1474122

Yeah dude I’m sure it’s every company that’s the problem and not you kek

No. 1474125

Super gross TMI incoming:

I was raised without my mum, I just had my dad and subsequently all his mates to raise me for most of my life. When I was younger he warned me that there are guys out there who will date girls just because they are “dirty slags” and they want to see how degenerate they will be for them even if they don’t like the sex acts they’re asking girls to engage in. Which is gross but so are men.

From listening to men speak about it I don’t think it’s actually even that pleasurable for them, the vagina grabs them all the way around their dick, when they’re inside a woman there’s pressure from all angles and that’s what makes it so pleasurable. When they stick their dick in an asshole it’s like if you held the tip of your first finger and your thumb together to make an O shape, they can obviously still feel it up and down the length of their cock but they only get the sensation from the literal hole itself and after that everything is much looser and less pleasurable.

But because men are fucking foul they completely get off to the idea that they’re sticking their cock in someone’s ass. And now thanks to modern porn and the internet women are harassed and groomed into indulging this (very painful) fantasy of mens.

You actually have to “train” your butt (apparently I’ve never tried it) with various toys to be able to have a penis inside your ass. But men don’t wanna wait for that, they wanna do what they see in porn and just shove it in dry into your ass, just like they do in your vagina because they give zero shits about warming you up and making you feel good, it’s all about him cumming and his orgasm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1474128

whats with all the blogposts and redditspacing nowadays?

No. 1474133

File: 1647716006955.jpg (93.01 KB, 554x1200, EKPrbxiU0AEf7S9.jpg)

It's a real mystery alright

No. 1474137

I need that male feminist, sex offender zen diagram that is just a purple circle meme but with troons and pedophiles.

No. 1474138

Saged for mildly off topic but I went to Jezebel to see how the handmaidens were celebrating Lia's hulk-body victory and…crickets. Guess they can't figure out how to cover this for their audience lel

No. 1474141

File: 1647716378819.webm (5.08 MB, 576x1024, 1358v3lwemBG1xcwrfv.webm)

He's talking about his mom

No. 1474145

Holy shit nonnies, this is the troon who peaked me! I posted his gofundme in the very early threads wow, he only got worse

No. 1474150

>I posted his gofundme in the very early threads wow, he only got worse
Spill, now I'm interested in how can someone like this can possibly get any worse?

No. 1474152

why is that last guy so racist

No. 1474153

Wtf is this moid doing

No. 1474154

yet another pedo troon, this is so disgusting I seriously don't understand why japan hasn't revoked his visa for assaulting kids and being a pedo not to mention him bragging about assaulting people on twitter
I thought japan was pretty anti-trans, wtf is going on? are troons now a protected class there too?

No. 1474156

what happened to them saying transwomen are women, but not female, because sex and gender are different? so you can be a woman but compete in the male sports division. because those are two different things. they had a win with that, why are they trying to change it

No. 1474158

File: 1647717326942.jpg (263.04 KB, 1024x679, gapgirls.jpg)

getting mogged by the cast of snl

No. 1474159

I'll try to find it!

No. 1474161

it's james hunt

No. 1474163

that's an interesting question, if high test would cause someone to act on suicide ideation. perhaps males are the more emotional sex.

No. 1474164

I was thinking about why troons love Twitter so much as opposed to other social media and I realized it’s the only one where you don’t have to post pictures of yourself. Seriously, 75% of troon twitters are hidden behind video game and loli avatars

No. 1474166

File: 1647717554518.jpeg (57.96 KB, 828x356, D05E8F31-61A5-4F42-8C28-973153…)

No. 1474167

mtfs say they feel "better" on estrogen, and it's probably because they are in need of a mood stabilizer.

No. 1474168

File: 1647717627105.jpeg (170.58 KB, 960x960, FE54230C-DB0C-4444-9EE1-3BA793…)

His chest stubble looks disgusting

No. 1474169

File: 1647717668931.jpeg (91.16 KB, 828x608, EBDA8F3E-DD49-42EA-95DA-248B39…)


So fucking tired of men larping as lesbians

No. 1474170

Post more of this faggot. I really want to know why he hasn’t been deported yet but males who assault other foreigners get deported as soon as they’re found

No. 1474173

Why are they always poly…

No. 1474174

Oh my.

No. 1474175

No one cares. Stop analblogging. It is degenerate but some women enjoy degenerate things. If both parties consent and enjoy it who the fuck cares

No. 1474177

You answered your own question. The ledditors are here

No. 1474178


No. 1474179

File: 1647718225890.png (166.82 KB, 1209x643, 129501382 9315.png)

The SRS surgeon told him he's going to get a temporary colostomy until his fistula heals, but the colon surgery doctor ghosted him and now he's discharged with an untreated fistula drinking and doing Ketamine. He can get sepsis or some other serious bacterial infection. This shit is crazy.

No. 1474180

i cared tbh

No. 1474183

No. 1474184

i first visited this place in the days of queen pixyteri snd it is only last year i have started to see this retarded spastics over "redditspacing"

No. 1474185

this is a hard line to go with. Normies, especially 20+, loveeee Harry Potter. For some, it's a lifelong fixation. There's no way tras will be able to make this a stance without peaking a bunch of people.

No. 1474188

>low key racist micro aggression

If a man ever starts talking to you like this run the opposite direction

No. 1474192

you cannot win without a broad base of support. there will never be enough radfems in the world to have enough people to sway policy. you have to reach out to conservative women through outlets like fox and ally over this one issue.

No. 1474194

File: 1647718598219.jpg (621.45 KB, 605x1847, 1568708513483.jpg)

I was a dumb bitch and didn't link it, here's the pic I posted 2 whole years ago wow

No. 1474195

women will watch carlson and rogan especially for the guests, believe it or not.

No. 1474198

File: 1647718723468.jpg (407.04 KB, 1280x1079, tumblr_oye1lhb13f1t8cqqxo1_128…)

>only last year i have started to see this retarded spastics over "redditspacing"
Me too, like wtf, stop it autist. No one wants to read text walls.

No. 1474200

File: 1647718855747.webm (621.63 KB, 320x568, Kenneth now Katie is nothing m…)

who needs the deep web when twitter.com exists

No. 1474202

This is such a weird male behavior, to just give up and pout and not get live saving surgery so you can blame other people for it. Also fistulas don’t heal on their own they’re gonna fucking die

No. 1474203

File: 1647719017490.webm (925.95 KB, 320x568, I love wearing my little girls…)

No. 1474206

Lol, self-medicate with ketamine too much and in addition to the colostomy bag he'll have a permanent catheter… just an absolute clusterfuck of a genital area

No. 1474207

Wow… I get three thousand isn't exactly a lot but it's not nothing either, if they wanted to get out of japan so badly why didn't they wtf? Especially if they are teetering on the edge of being homeless supposedly?

No. 1474212

Absolutely disgusting. I hate these pedophile tranny freaks

No. 1474213

He’s not, troons have no empathy so they’re completely fine with lying to the Cis straights. Also Japan has government provided housing and really good healthcare. Just being a fucking selfish weeb parasite. I hope they throw him in Japanese jail rather than deport him, he’ll get his fingers cut off by Yakuzas

No. 1474221

File: 1647719672614.jpeg (259.44 KB, 1170x559, 943C37D7-8AC5-4227-B419-BE4994…)

lol troon is angry people are going to buy a game based on a beloved ip instead of his shitty catgirl indie

No. 1474234

So we can't have fun because a lot of entertainment is made by bad people?

No. 1474236

Honestly sometimes they do give platforms to women who are trying to do shit and I do watch those bc no one else is letting them speak.

No. 1474241

damn from the face alone you can tell this is just a textbook autist incel

No. 1474243

we have themicropedia.org advertised on billboards now

No. 1474245

File: 1647720306976.png (104.3 KB, 595x1261, weight-lifting_records.png)

Sage for autism, made this because my handmaiden friends insist that Lia and other trans women competing with women is "actually fair".

Weightlifting is a pretty good measurement on raw strength and as we can see here, the very strongest woman's total is still 157kg/346lbs behind the male record. Based on these numbers the male average is about 86kg/190lbs higher.

No. 1474247

imagine cutting people out of your life because they like a book series made by an author who said women don’t have penises then immediately sit down and play video games made by companies with several sexual harassment lawsuits

No. 1474250

if he's in a major city he could crash on a friend's couch and raise $3000 in 2 months working as a waiter. not even a good waiter, either. just find a floor to sleep on for free for 2 months, don't buy any drugs, then spend it all on a plane ticket home. people do it all the time
i think you gotta pay up front for japanese healthcare though, i remember my dad bitching about getting sick there like a week before he had to leave. but he's old and cheap as fuck so maybe it's not as bad as he acts like it is

No. 1474251

people just don't know how big the gap is. i told someone about high-school male runners outrunning female olympians and she found it really hard to believe until i showed her the times.

No. 1474252

kek ask troons what they think of roman polanski

No. 1474254

OT but Robert Glasper is a really solid promoter of women. All his stuff showcases woman artists on a regular basis, most of them are black (american) too.

No. 1474255

All the stereotypical girl names troons can and do go after (Chloe, Stacey, Daphne, Stephanie, etc.) and this guy chooses fuckin "Debbie-Ann" kek

No. 1474256

jokes on them because I knew nothing about the game but thanks to them talking about it so much I got curious and looked it up, the game looks fun so I'm probably gonna get it. If you want something sold, make troons hate it and you get endless free advertising!

No. 1474258

that's pedo bait

No. 1474259

File: 1647720660296.jpeg (155 KB, 827x1147, 12379D8B-0E51-4819-97F3-32FF8A…)

I just looked this up. I can’t believe this is real. Just fucking end it already

No. 1474260

He’s got no one to blame but himself. Maybe if he wasn’t such a dick to everybody he’d have a better irl support system, but who wants to try to maintain a relationship with someone who posts screenshots of your text messages and airs your dirty laundry for his thousands of twitter followers if he deems you not sympathetic enough to him? (Sister, mom, random grindr guy, and that’s only who I’ve seen in my brief observation of this guy)

No. 1474262

Yeah don't women have twice as many pain receptors as men?

No. 1474264

And after seeing shit like that, I don't get how parents of female swimmers all over the U.S. haven't gotten together and filed a class-action lawsuit against the NCAA.

No. 1474265

i love how none of the top comments are about troons kek. normies couldn't care less.

No. 1474266

he hates everyone that is happy. I am happy to see a miserable troon. Circle of life.

No. 1474273

i wrote in an earlier thread how much those surgeons remind me of him. just how insane and sadistic do you have to be to butcher people to that extent? they never stop with their experiments, pushing the limits of the human body further and further

No. 1474276

Why does the new clit look like a Beetlejuice sand worm

No. 1474277

File: 1647721655418.jpeg (287.15 KB, 828x1133, EF26CCE1-38EF-4CFE-A342-EDF08D…)

They really think there’s a conspiracy to trick the masses into thinking women can’t have penises. Why do none of these troons ever point out that all of these people were cis until maybe 2018?

No. 1474280

its not uncommon for people in medicine to have god delusions especially among surgeons,
if you think about it the surgeons who do this must think this is the ultimate god delusion trip,
you are 'reversing' biology you are creating 'female' from male
they probably have a massive ego boost and think how godlike they are
when infact all they are doing is mutilating some moid

No. 1474281

File: 1647721889547.png (221.84 KB, 826x1274, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 4.27…)


i can't stand this type of shit. whatever narrative you've concocted here is fully based on YOUR interpretation and people are eating it up because it goes along with what they want to believe. what are your sources to come to this conclusion besides "yeah this sounds good"

No. 1474282

Couldn't tell you more beyond what's on their twitter. It's more or less sperging about how japanese are facist and racist. I don't know how japan deals with deportations but I'm genuinely surprised they are even still living there.

No. 1474284

Sexually assaulting KIDS and he still lives in Japan. Do the local police know about the shit he did?

No. 1474288

thats why i also think that there are gonna be some who attempt uterus surgeries
god knows how many troons already died, but of course they dont care about those statistics

No. 1474290

Japan is super strict, you’ll get deported or jailed indefinitely for having weed on you

No. 1474294

if they think acknowledging that men are physically stronger than women is sexist that says a lot about them. men being stronger than us is one of the biggest reasons why they have been able to keep us subjugated. it has to be acknowledged if we want to make the world a better place for women.

No. 1474295

File: 1647722306140.jpg (78.06 KB, 615x615, 0_Jessica-Alves.jpg)

ahem… www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9830169/Jessica-Alves-reveals-plans-undergo-womb-transplant.html

No. 1474298

File: 1647722421901.gif (478.92 KB, 400x225, lifeofbrian.gif)

No. 1474299

almost certainly, i remember hearing about it being planned years ago

No. 1474302

Nonas, we’ve had this discussion about Jessica what’s-his-fuckface threads ago, and about uterus transplants and why they don’t work. Go back and check it out if you need to, but there’s no point in repeating what we’ve already discussed and debunked in terms of troon delusions.

No. 1474304

>…and why they don’t work
we know that it doesn't work (and kills them), but doctors and trannies are likely still gonna try because they're sick freaks

No. 1474305

>any tips on peaking my Mexican American boyfriend
Yeah, show him all the articles and news stories of trannies raping kids.

No. 1474309

no legit doctor is gonna touch this with a 70ft pole

No. 1474310

They were claims made by a few students about this person being a pervert, no idea if it holds any weight. What is likely is the fights/shoving a kid off a bike given how much they like bragging about harassing Japanese people.

No. 1474312

Then it was found out that he went there to promote some bullshit or something. Planned years ago or not, it’s not going to happen or work. Troons really think we have the tech for this shit when we simply don’t and don’t even know all the mysteries of pregnancy. They believe truly that they are on a level playing field with women in a biological sense when they are not. It was tried with rats, they died, you can’t do it with humans: no space in males, organ rejection, no proper brain function or way for the male body to register what the fuck it is and use it (it’s literally not in their dna/cells), nothing to hold it up with, no female endocrine system, the list goes on. Just another moid cope moment. It’s a lost cause like them.

No. 1474321

Ty for the rec, nonnie

No. 1474322

Learn to love yourself, pick-me.

No. 1474323

Of course they can confidently claim "women will still win" when they think troons are women, lmao you ain't slick and we see through your lies

No. 1474326

Right lmao I can’t believe a woman in here is defending anal

No. 1474327

women having to wear diapers from doing sex acts it's physically impossible for them to gain pleasure from is ok because don't yuck my yum teehee

No. 1474329

I can't reload my shotgun fast enough

No. 1474330

File: 1647725247740.jpg (433.91 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220319_222328_com…)

KEK it lets you submit your own apparently. I'm going to submit ones against italians

No. 1474337

File: 1647726297198.jpeg (127.83 KB, 828x727, 35D63C56-260A-4EF0-BA0A-B580FA…)

Vaush replyguys are the most disgusting moids on earth

No. 1474340

this is deranged

No. 1474343

nonas are there any mtf that's detransitioned publicly? I see FTMs do it but most mtfs quietly fade out or 41%

No. 1474347

this is going to be hypocritical coming from me but these guys really need to go outside

No. 1474349

Fucking kek nonna the furious masturbation to axe wounds part

No. 1474352

Based 44, i love her.

No. 1474357

Every now and then some documentary company will interview detransitioners and some of them will be male. A slightly twisted female on youtube just posted a vid compilation of detranstioners interviews and vids, some of them are male.

No. 1474359

She's braver because she's got a dick, lol these guys are not even trying to pretend they're not just huge misogynists

No. 1474367

There's Cluniac on youtube but he threatens to 41% every week so

No. 1474380

hm interesting another face of autism, who would have thought

No. 1474382

seriously, how do these people get hired in the first place? how do they act normal for interviews?

No. 1474387

haha ketamine! so female-brained art heaux! nuke dimes square.

No. 1474391

No. 1474393

why is Bilek anti-Semitic? for pointing out a few of the big pharma execs involved in pushing for transgenderism are Jewish? was it anti-Semitic that the Sacklers were held legally accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic? anti-Semitism isn't a cudgel you can use to squash anything neoliberals don't like.

No. 1474395

File: 1647730453174.jpeg (240.8 KB, 1134x2048, D80C4E0F-3844-4F57-815A-BAB31E…)

Kikomi has evolved on Twitter

No. 1474396

File: 1647730459935.png (54.79 KB, 758x600, Omgsomeonesomewhereonearth on …)

anyone understand this word salad?

No. 1474399

Is this faggot fucking serious? It wants to be referred to with different pronouns every other fucking sentence. An example would be
>Hey, this is Martin, he goes by Martin because that’s the name that their parents gave to her
How is that not fucking confusing? What a fucking little bitch, god dammit I hate this shit so much.

No. 1474400

is this a tranny using a jewish identity as a shield? and why don't they think rothblatt, the worlds richest "female" ceo is an influential person? why do they get zero engagement on anything else?

No. 1474403

nb are crazy. that's pretty much it.

But if you really need to know, there is the type of woman who goes by more than one pronoun and expects all of them to be used. So these dumpster fires are saying if you only use one of their pronouns you are 'kind of misgendering them'.

No. 1474404

Translation: people need to read my mind and understand that some of my many preferred pronouns TRIGGER me if you use them too much and also if you use some too little it also TRIGGERS me so fucking watch yourself cis scum.

No. 1474405

I'm not against broad bases but this is literally not true. When this was attempted in the second wave wrt porn, it failed, and the Christian right's take on gender and porn became 3000X bigger than radfems'. Every feminist accomplishment that we can measure in the US has come without the right. It hasn't come exclusively from radfems, we've partnered with the broader feminist world and the democratic party, but it hasn't ever come from explicitly joining with the out-and-out right.(derailing)

No. 1474406

Yes, that's literally what some of them expect.

No. 1474413

the christian right also had a boost from just how violent and degenerate the 1970's were. i don't consider most modern republicans the christian right/evangelicals. i don't think those people even watch rogan, who is a libertarian "live and let live" "degenerate" who smokes weed on his show. i think there are a lot of woman who only have become conservatives or moderates because of how far the left has moved, but some radfem concepts like women's land and moon goddess woo scares those people, because it can easily veer into anti-science territory. the biggest gains women have made are inextricably tied to economic gains. men die and women are "allowed" their place and make economic gains which in turn allows them a small hold on political power. "Spinsters" came about during industrialization from men trying to neg women who had jobs and money from working in the garment industry who didn't need them. taking a cautiously optimistic long view, if we lose a lot of undesirable men to troonism, the next generation of women coming up can make a lot more gains than our generation can.(derailing)

No. 1474420


No. 1474425

I didn't really care for the Harry Potter books or movies when I was a kid but I remember playing the game and it being very comfy, so I might check this out
Genociding troons will be the cherry on top

No. 1474429

the difference between these poor detransitioners and the creeps in this thread is that all of the former experienced childhood abuse..

No. 1474430

i think i can decode this as an ex-nb tif. the idea is that since i'm afab you calling me "she" is (probably) under the assumption that my gender matches my agab (that's assigned gender at birth for anyone that doesn't know). "he" is slightly better because it isn't agab. "they" is best because it's what i prefer.

the second person is probably like…more on the "man" side of things, so they prefer to be called "he" because it shows people see them as a guy. but "they" for trans people can be interpreted as "you're not calling me by he/she because you're either unsure of my gender (which means i'm not passing) or you're trying to be an asshole and using the assuredly safe "they").

that's a clusterfuck but yeah, kek

No. 1474432

Lol how tf do they expect people to remember all this shit at any given moment? The narcissism is off the charts.

No. 1474433

he and his "little uwu clit" can go fuck themselves

shall we start placing bets on how many days it'll take?

No. 1474434

The evangelical right got a boost because Ronald Reagan was extremely charismatic and efficient at promoting their ideology into material branches of government at a time when people felt like liberals had failed the economy, not because of any spiritual failing of the 70’s. Why do you think far left = pro-tranny instead of something like tankies or Maoism?

No. 1474435

File: 1647733643339.png (4.23 KB, 1050x47, I want to be a girl... when it…)

This tells you something about the male environment, maybe be the change they need instead of invading female spaces.


No. 1474437

They don't want them to remember because then, how would they scream bloody murder when getting misgendered.

No. 1474441

yes, evangelicals are notoriously obsessed with the economy. maoists and tankies only exist online. pro-tranny = left because they have infiltrated and become the left, and have made material gains, that's the problem.

No. 1474447

File: 1647734685880.jpg (Spoiler Image,345.89 KB, 962x642, I got you fam.jpg)

No. 1474449

Evangelicals rise is almost entirely related to material economic consequences and policy as well as general Carter era malaise, yes. They have never taken up more than maybe 20-30% of the country yet their voices were amplified more than any other. Do you seriously think ideas trump simple cause-and-effect?

No. 1474452

also, Evangelicals were at their highest concentration statistically in the 50’s. The numbers had actually declined sharply by 1980.

No. 1474456

STOP we are not doing this again #StopDerailing2022

No. 1474471

on one hand, derailing has made these threads move crazy fast. on the other hand, it's annoying as fuck.

No. 1474478

>that first line about lesbians
They have so much in common with /r9k/ types, they believe that "female homosexuality doesn't exist" just like your average inceloid. Funny how it works, how come didn't they mention male gays? It's almost as if…

No. 1474480

i think its a canadian project, probably made by suburban white women who teach at second-rate universities, with some help from racist jewish professors who claim to be "not white" whenever they wanna say something racist.

No. 1474481

wow picrel is a great example of how advocating for women's rights gets called racist lately.

No. 1474482

comfy is such the right word. all the games and internet content were so good tbh

No. 1474485

File: 1647736860808.png (653.78 KB, 748x801, Commander Stephanie Sterling (…)

"Mommy, why does this man smell like a rotting corpse"

No. 1474488

not him pushing together his sad little moobs to make a "cleavage"

No. 1474491

and like him they're all incompetent.
mengele had terrible grades and wrote crap research. he only got ahead because of his political sucking up. if there had been no nazis, he would have dropped out of university and become an actual serial killer. i really wonder if some of these doctors like bowers and gallagher are a similar type of person, but with troonism instead of nazis facilitating them.
mengele said about a trainload of new prisoners "all i could see was skin, thousands of yards of skin" (or something like that, i don't have the book with me), and gallagher similarly separates her patients' being from their bodies when she refers to "the teets" like "my commute every morning to yeet the teets". as if instead of operations done on individuals, she sees a pile of boobs she has harvested.

No. 1474492

File: 1647737001701.jpg (63.65 KB, 661x790, kdjad.JPG)

My god, he is such an asshole to everyone. This dude on grindr is clearly a normie just trying to be nice to him and this dickhead still puts him on blast to all his twitter followers. Absolutely insufferable behavior.

No. 1474496

Did he get the Covid vaccine? Is that why half his face looks paralyzed?

No. 1474497

File: 1647737073551.jpg (223.59 KB, 1049x1425, Screenshot_20220319-173234.jpg)

How do you go from winning the 500 yard race by several seconds to coming dead last in the 100 yard race two days later? He obviously bowed to public pressure and ridicule he wasn't anticipating when he decided to compete in the NCAA finals, but the fact he put all of his teammates and competitors through the stress and heartache he did just to quit after the audience booed him and called him a man is somehow more insulting than if he had won. I'm sure he's going to fade into obscurity now and everyone will forget this whole mess until the next troon athlete comes along.

No. 1474498

File: 1647737076477.jpeg (1.59 MB, 2718x3030, 4E730893-6458-4CB0-A5E1-5FC63F…)

Apparently in a news report on Lia a high edited picture of him was used. Wonder why.

No. 1474501

KEK what. That is so funny. Not even the snapchat filter could save him.

No. 1474503

lmao this guy is a field trip, unbelievable

No. 1474504

nothing is ever good enough for troons. if you're supportive, you're never supportive in the right way.

No. 1474506

Woah news outlets showing fake photos? Say it ain't so.

No. 1474507

>I should leave twitter for my mental health
>8 hours later..
He really loves the woe is me shtick doesn't he?

No. 1474509

what a piece of shit, it's infuriating that this is gonna be used as evidence that he had no advantage. He 100% started doing this because he saw after winning the 500 that he wasn't going to be treated like the hero he expected.

No. 1474511

Thank u for this

No. 1474513

Good, now keep making him feel like shit until he 41's himself. Let every troon know what happens

No. 1474515

KEK vote for next thread pic!

No. 1474517

honestly i am glad he overdid it. if he had finished like, second or third people could claim that he wasn't doing it on purpose but finishing last is absolutely all about him throwing it

No. 1474528

So Liam knows he's in the wrong since he clearly threw in the towel at dead last but what will his supporters say hmm? How can they defend this now?

No. 1474529

tell him agps exist. a lot of guys from the less-pozzed countries don't realize that trannies are a danger to women, not a gay guy who'se removed himself from their competition

No. 1474530

i hope people see this and realize they should distrust any supposed source of progressive authority that is so protective of the regressive older age group currently subjugating everybody who isn't them.

No. 1474533

File: 1647738327223.png (566.28 KB, 748x821, Commander Stephanie Sterling (…)

No. 1474544

File: 1647738892077.png (1.76 MB, 2101x1939, 1647688840112.png)

KF comes through

No. 1474545

Its so gross, he's so gross
It's funny because back before I truly peaked, I was watching a review of his, I think it was the best/worst game of the year and he was like, "Transwomen are women" and this was randomly at the end. I was like, "what the fuck does that have to do with anything?"
Yet I should've known when he was gushing over fallout for having poly relationships, him being pansexual and when I realize Laura was a man.

No. 1474546

File: 1647739264357.webm (3.05 MB, 1138x640, datingdobelikethat (1).webm)

Legit it's all editing and lies, these people love to say women are liars and horrible but yet are the very thing.

Also womb transplants are only going to work for females.

No. 1474547

You're here now but not when nonas calling other girls pick mes for enjoying anal. swear ya'll stupid teenagers who never cummed during sex.
The threads are not ever gonna be good again, too much retarded infighting.

No. 1474548

I think I saw this posted on Ovarit originally.

No. 1474553

File: 1647739666923.jpg (39.89 KB, 872x204, 3424132.JPG)

>A hospital told the police that a patient could not have been raped because her alleged attacker was trans, the House of Lords has heard.

>The attack took place a year ago and the woman reported it but when officers contacted the hospital, which has not been named, they were told “that there was no male in the hospital, therefore the rape could not have happened”.

>Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, who raised the issue during a debate on single-sex wards, continued: “They forgot that there was CCTV, nurses and observers.

>“None the less, it has taken nearly a year for the hospital to agree that there was a male on the ward and, yes, this rape happened.

>“During that year she has almost come to the edge of a nervous breakdown, because being disbelieved about being raped in hospital has been such an appalling shock. The hospital, with all its CCTV, has had to admit that the rape happened and that it was committed by a man.”


No. 1474554

File: 1647739741437.png (306.69 KB, 456x479, CObfqyb.png)

Yeah, you are quite the lady Jim.

No. 1474560

But trannies only wanted to pee in peace!!

No. 1474561

File: 1647740156594.jpeg (162.98 KB, 1284x1373, FOQADP0X0AEPv8W.jpeg)

Twitter is uncharacteristically silent on Will's last place finish which leads me to believe even his fellow troons know he threw the match.

No. 1474562

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK Lia is really screwing this up. Based retard sabotage

No. 1474567

this is so sick that poor woman.

No. 1474571

Ok this is being brought up in House? That’s kind of encouraging. I think 2022 is peaking way more people who we’re on board like 2 years ago

No. 1474572

File: 1647740840515.png (36.91 KB, 719x505, Alexander - Sex Critical on T…)

these people aren't understanding that the troon could have done so much better if it wasn't trying to pretend to be handicapped.

No. 1474576

>"The threads are not ever gonna be good again, too much retarded infighting."
>is the person infighting (about liking anal no less, hours after discussion stopped)
everybody point and laugh. we must utilize public shaming in the absence of farmhand moderation

No. 1474580

File: 1647741292504.png (24.7 KB, 748x197, Themboy Zizek on Twitter.png)

Why is it always a TIM saying this?
We have segregated sports for a reason and most people understand that men have a greater advantage at sports because of their biology.

No. 1474584

File: 1647741493911.jpeg (113.77 KB, 1170x397, B7D0479A-C31A-46D8-AA63-B97642…)

Getting sick of people like this, really. It was about the movie Turning Red, and the girl with her period. Someone else had a gripe about it in the reblogs too saying that what if a 10-13 felt like a boy and Pixar kept saying it’s a woman thing. Because, stupid bitch, it is. Get the fuck over it, my God.

No. 1474586

yes troon, the reason women have slower times in every sport isn't because we're not as fast as men (only evil fascist TERFs think that!), but because no woman has ever tried hard enough, apparently.

No. 1474587

File: 1647741640265.png (61.68 KB, 735x338, pathetique.png)

>buys clothes made by Uyghurs concentration camp prisoners
>still plays blizzard games after being sued by the state for extreme sexism resulting in employee suicides
>drinks coca cola and eats nestle products
>is tweeting from an iphone that's made from slave and forced labor
>watches cancelled directors films, listens to canceled musicians music, laughs at canceled comedians comedy, etc etc

"hunrng u cant ethically consume harry potter because jk rowling thinks woman has a definition hrnengg"

No. 1474588

I have no faith left in humanity. Even being terminally online is no excuse for being this mind-numbingly stupid

No. 1474589

File: 1647741704055.png (216.99 KB, 473x563, lw1.png)

That woman in the cowboy hat on the podium at the NCAA meet released an article DEFENDING Lia Thomas. "Like anyone else in this sport, Lia has trained diligently to get to where she is and has followed all of the rules and guidelines put before her. Like anyone else in this sport, Lia doesn't win every time. And when she does, she deserves, like anyone else in this sport, to be celebrated for her hard-won success, not labeled a cheater simply because of her identity."


No. 1474590

This was already posted >>1474221

No. 1474591

I wonder if he was instructed to come last or decided to do it himself. His massive male ego doesn't seem like he'd want to throw it at all, why would he have gone this far if he didn't fully intend on stealing all the women's prizes? But then again he can now cry about being a poor bullied twanswoman and he's a narcissist so he'll love the attention.

Him being a cocky sexpest who demands you fully support him 100% as a woman I really can't imagine him suddenly growing a conscience and throwing it due to backlash. Half of his team didn't even want him to be allowed to swim with them, he clearly has no problem stomping all over women. Either he was forced to, or he plans to use it for sympathy propaganda.

No. 1474595

But he is a cheater because of his identity, he’s literally a man; whether he identifies as one or not. Just because you paint a blueberry red doesn’t make a it a damned strawberry.

No. 1474598

File: 1647742341765.png (268.16 KB, 327x482, FOQKZZaVcAEumAu.png)

No. 1474599

File: 1647742384070.png (254.13 KB, 480x641, the cope.png)

the cope of these troons.

Fanny liked the tweet. And we all know what fanny looks like kek. And we know lana from two threads back, he is the tranny who thinks his lesbian room mate wants to fuck him when they shit talk about them behind his back.

The false bravo and insecurity of these moids. look at them seethe kek.

No. 1474601

chris watts looking motherfucker

No. 1474602

File: 1647742629095.jpeg (893.78 KB, 2316x3088, troon.jpeg)

c'mon nona he is totally hotter than actual women and that man was totally eyefucking him

reminds me of the memes with the fat dude/troons imaging up a completely different scenario than what was actually happening. I wish I had some to post.

No. 1474604

>>him thinking the guy wants him
>>The guy, actually keeping a eye on him hoping he won't blow up his spot and expose him as a troon chasing bisexual, in front of a woman.

No. 1474607

File: 1647743118582.png (563.87 KB, 748x871, lana eats pizza on Twitter.png)

pre troon

No. 1474609


No. 1474619

File: 1647743683932.png (278.03 KB, 713x1086, Jerrica on Twitter.png)

>comes out as a tranny
>wife doesn't want him anymore

No. 1474620

File: 1647743697802.jpeg (107.52 KB, 500x494, 7C594C1A-7E8E-46FA-B23C-F510F2…)

Sage for art

No. 1474622

kek good one nonna

No. 1474623

File: 1647743940213.png (33.92 KB, 739x397, Jerrica on Twitter (2).png)

good thing his ex left him

No. 1474626

Is he in a traphouse or something?

No. 1474629

the tweet quoted is conservative bullshit about da ebil homosexuals "choosing to be gay" to pursue a "life of sin" and "destroy the american family." Of course the tranny co-opts the understandable outrage from gays and lesbians and makes it about himself

No. 1474631

File: 1647744372079.jpg (95.78 KB, 640x725, hannah handball.jpg)

apparently its a collage frat party in a basement.

nearly a 100 dicks sucked…

I'm beginning to think they purposely go out of their way to give them selves trauma to fuel their hyper sexual self harm tendencies.

Like first its for the coom-> then it's put them selves in dangerous situations -> then use that trauma to fuel more hyper sexual self harm -> rinse and repeat

No. 1474637

It's 100% a trick to make him seem like a poor victim of the evil cissies, so he gets his narc supply either way.

No. 1474646

jesus fucking kekking christ, look at his shitty acting. look at his face! who's fucking falling for that??

No. 1474651

>Jokes on her you ended up being the hotter girl so you ultimately win
I can't even articulate my thoughts on this comment, I just want to say that I hate these motherfuckers so much

No. 1474653

i doubt the male coaches would have told him to throw. they want their money and if he wins, then on paper their team is the best and they get more money.

No. 1474654


No. 1474655

Unreal that this faggot is still on grinder when he just had surgery

Is he gonna show them his fresh surgical wounds? Expect them to fuck the fistula???? I literally do not understand what he is doing on there

No. 1474658

i think most of the clothes are still made by teenagers in wuhan

No. 1474660

You guys are failing to take into account the scandal that would ensue for not just thomas, but his coaches and his school if he were to have continued to blow away the competition. His coaches are aware of this, and likely decided the potential funding boost is not worth making themselves the center of a prolonged and intense public outrage. And if they didn't decide that for themselves, the higher ups at Penn state decided for them.

No. 1474661

File: 1647746289792.png (590.27 KB, 932x764, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 11.2…)

they really think they're hotter than this woman, and the transbians really think they can compete with this lesbian

No. 1474662

i bet his house still looks like that though

No. 1474665

that is one suicidal gay boy. troons need to realize that the discrimination they face is due to male homophobia. the same thing that is making the kid in this picture look so unhappy.

No. 1474667

25 in 20 years is a hilariously low number to brag about if he's someone who does hookups. if you're a non-ugly woman with a high sex drive you can easily do that in a year.

No. 1474673

She's an incredible person, thanks for the teen nostalgia anon

No. 1474676

File: 1647746973145.png (380.04 KB, 475x628, cause not doing teh laundry is…)

nah he lives in a trashy share house in the inner city.

No. 1474677

File: 1647747015292.jpeg (396 KB, 1170x870, A973717B-1D54-4157-96DA-A7AC09…)

This was so funny I just had to share. The cope is real.

No. 1474680

He tried to genderbend the things he knows about himself lol. He forgot the male experience is not universal (and especially not the incel experience)

No. 1474681

jesus in the bottom right his feet are almost as far apart as they can go and he's still as tall as her

No. 1474683

i love how positive and supportive she is to other women, instead of pulling the ladder up behind her like many successful women do. (and which i understand the urge to do sometimes)

No. 1474685

god this idiot must have lost the whole 10 points from HRT
they're called trans WIDOWS because the troon, in its own words, has told them the person they married has died. the wives don't choose that - the troon killed their spouse.

No. 1474686

so progressive, the goal in a woman's life is to be the most beautiful woman. how feminist.

No. 1474688

idk i think the coaches who clearly don't respect women in the first place are just very sure that no one will watch women's swimming. like the coaches of the women's teams hate the women they are coaching, and did already before will showed up.

No. 1474689

is this St. Vincent?

No. 1474690

No. 1474691

File: 1647747807864.png (1.69 MB, 1094x1350, accurate picture of lana eats …)

No. 1474692

i'm a call them "fertilizers" from now on since apparently this is ok

No. 1474695

No. 1474696

wah wah, she's a white-collar-crime supporting jerk with anger issues. being a douche isn't the same as systematically oppressing women
let her be a dick, at least she's not trying to show me one

No. 1474703

File: 1647748200893.jpg (99.38 KB, 1041x1388, Screenshot_20220319-204832~2.j…)

This is probably a huge ask but can someone please make a collage of fanny traggot's tweets in chronological order? The abridged version will do just fine. I just want to see how he made the leap from dick to axe wound to farting through his fistula to shaming gay men on Grindr for wanting to have butt secks with him instead of fucking his non-operational neo vag. Please and thank you!

No. 1474706

I've seen "ejaculators" being used

No. 1474719

File: 1647749288830.png (401.81 KB, 583x453, ugly.png)

This ugly fat ginger scrote really thinks he's special

No. 1474724

oh fuck do those emojis mean "cat gender"

No. 1474727

nah that still gives them too much agency. makes it sound like a male must be present and have a fun orgasm to create the baby. but they don't even need to be there, they can fertilize without anyone having to fuck them.

No. 1474732

Yeah, when he randomly went on a rant about trans women are women, that's when I started to realize he was gonna be one of those guys. Ugh sucks because I did enjoy his stupid reviews but he went off the deep end. Laura really pushed him to Troon out. Disgusting

No. 1474733

File: 1647750218337.png (97.29 KB, 750x1205, Sall Grover on Twitter.png)

No. 1474738

My wife was so happy this movie was made and even got emotional because 'women never get to talk about their period so openly in an animated film. Good for the future generations of girls growing up' but man always gotta seethe instead of minding their business. I hate men so much

No. 1474740

This is a clown ass world. That man is enormous

No. 1474744

File: 1647750999745.png (1.47 MB, 1039x955, x758fque68n31.png)

No. 1474746

File: 1647751217040.jpg (106.64 KB, 827x932, FOKwj29XsAAxUBI.jpg)

No. 1474753

Imagine going to visit your grandpa and you find him walking around dressed like a 20 year old party girl. You know you're in danger

No. 1474757

womanhood is a subculture to these autistic men with shallow stereotypes as style guides. it's literally no different than steampunk or rockabilly.

No. 1474761

jesus, those women half his size, just getting absolutely annihilated and bouncing off his gigantic man body and nobody sees anything wrong with this. Bleak world.

No. 1474766

i think you could put a wig on a mop and a man would want to fuck it.

No. 1474768

You don't even need the mop, they'd fuck a wig

No. 1474776

File: 1647753516978.png (22.38 KB, 766x137, (@autogynamelia) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1474778

It's insane to me that men are not immune to this trans disease at any age.

No. 1474783

t. kate moss

No. 1474798

We prove it every moment of every day just by existing with a female body lmao

No. 1474810

File: 1647756916544.jpg (104.06 KB, 828x1059, FOO49YtXIAA_Hqk.jpg)

No. 1474813

File: 1647757552474.png (39.44 KB, 625x226, Screenshot 2022-03-20 2.24.03 …)

i don't know if it was guilt, shame, stress or if he is trying to make his advantage less apparent

No. 1474814

They almost never include gay men in this reimagining. Only the definition of lesbian and woman is up for debate.

No. 1474816

that tweet made me homer-simpson-fade into the hedge

No. 1474817

samefag; no wait, it made me do the grampa simpson walk-in-and-turn-around

No. 1474819

File: 1647758038643.png (716.92 KB, 1006x777, tst.png)

We're entering hellworld at very quick rates. The field of psychology is a circus at this point


>A prominent psychologist within the Gender Identity Clinic at Tavistock has called for normalizing ageplay, furry fetishes, and a variety of sadomasochistic sexual practices as "sexualities."

>Dr. Christina Richards, the Lead Psychologist and Head of Psychology at the London Gender Identity Clinic, is responsible for a number of publications which seek to rebrand extreme fetishes as “further sexualities."

>In 2013, Richards, a male who identifies as a woman, co-authored a professional guide on sexuality and gender, in collaboration with Meg John Barker, a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University. In the writing, Richards places extreme and violent sexual practices on the same spectrum as heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality.

>In the guide Richards introduces ageplay, which involves “an adult identifying as a baby or young child, and is also known as adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) or infantilism. There may be a sexual aspect… associated with humiliation.”

>Richards goes on to describe how adults who engage in ‘ageplay’ accumulate various objects and apparel associated with childhood, including children’s clothing. Often one adult will roleplay as being any age from infancy to teenage years, while another adult participates in a dominant sexual role.

>“Terms which may be encountered here include daddy’s little girl (DLG) in which an older male top treats a younger female bottom as a nurtured child,” Richard elaborates. “The term ‘sissification’ intersects with ageplay as it is where an adult male is consensually ‘forced’ to don the clothes of, and behave as, a young girl as part of a BDSM scene. The humiliation the adult male feels at being dressed as a young female is the source of the eroticisation.”

>Despite repeated assertions from Richards that ageplay is not related to pedophilic impulses, a 2016 study by Kevin Hsu and J. Michael Bailey published in Psychological Science found that autopedophilia, an adult becoming sexually aroused from fantasizing about themselves as a child, "was common among pedohebephilic participants," with 49.1% reporting "feeling at least mildly sexually aroused when they imagine being a child or having a child’s body.”

No. 1474820

File: 1647758051333.png (55.74 KB, 313x536, Screenshot 2022-03-20 2.32.30 …)

i loved turning red

No. 1474821

File: 1647758069820.jpg (7.64 KB, 275x183, lesbian.jpg)

I guess drake is a valid lesbian then according to them

No. 1474822

well luckly the footy peeps did end up barring him from competting past a community level because of his build and test scored.

He has since gone back to handball which he use to compete on an international level as a moid before this trans bullshit.

Playing for a collage team UTS and was going to compete internationally in 2020 at japan but he ended up getting turned down from the role because he refused to use separate bathrooms for showering and changing and his teammates weren't having it.


Currently he is defending Lia thomas vigorously on twitter and trying to file a lawsuit against the footy peeps.


No. 1474825

People should do this, but with "trans women" and insist on it. If the goal is for women (especially homosexual women) to no longer have language to define themselves, we should rob trannies of their right to do the same and colonize them back. We're all in this together babes
>Trans women can be born women and trans women can have two X chromosomes. What "trans" is is an umbrella term and up for the people to decide what they mean for themselves. There are non-binary trans women, detransitioned trans women, atransitional trans women, biological trans women, assigned "cis" trans women, male trans women, retransitioned trans women, and all of them are vali

No. 1474828

LOL his chin is bigger than his forehead. how does someone just boldly post this for all to see without spontaneously combusting with embarrassment. Peak male narcissism

No. 1474830

I generally hate it when cringey women say shit like "this made me gay" but this made me go full gay. This made me understand why troons desperately want to cut their dicks off.

No. 1474831

essentially what kikomi and the other “biotrans” are doing on twitter

No. 1474839

Funny enough, the bio-trans kikomi posters actually get people kicked off for troonsphobia. They want to play a retard game, game on.

No. 1474841

File: 1647759819231.jpg (67.51 KB, 800x800, snipsnip.jpg)

No. 1474842

yo how do these hungry-eyed psychos get into positions of power. this is the shit you see in a horror movie and go like "no WAY could a guy like that end up as university chancellor"

No. 1474848


No. 1474851

Who the fuck is letting troons compete in these? It’s clear that normies think this is wrong but who is making these retarded decisions?

No. 1474852

m-m-m-m-men, baby!

No. 1474853

holy shit, not to get personal but this was one of my "gender therapists" back when i was messed up and thought i was a tranny. he was terrifying to be alone in a room with, never thought i'd see his scary face again

No. 1474854

File: 1647762485096.png (117.05 KB, 1482x298, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 3.49…)

other farms speculating that fanny is a wife-beater while i KEK because lol newfie domestic abuser i'm SHOCKED

No. 1474855

anon i was >>1474842 and he is terrifying even in a blurry picture. he freaks me right out

No. 1474862

Holy shit anon you should contact someone like on reduxx to spill the beans

No. 1474864

Turning red was amazing (I watched it today) and I was honestly surprised with how unapologetically 'woman' it is for being disney/Pixar and I will never understand how the troons last thread thought the tomboy girl was trans?? Im really happy disney/pixar showed that you CAN be a tomboy and still be a girl without being trans. It was amazing to see the sisterhood between the girls and how they supported each other. Such a good movie and I recommend it to any nonnies.
(Also can we talk about how gross it is that men, especially old men, are watching a movie about a young girls period and expecting to relate to it and cater to them? A CHILDRENS movie? Deluded)
Any troon who refuses to participate in male/XY sports are narcissists by default. They don't care about flashing woman or kids their dick, let alone if a woman has a disadvantage in her own sport. They don't care about any reasoning we have because their feelings get hurt.
I've seen men transition to woman in video games I play simply because they will be the top 'woman' player in (game) because their attempts to get on male PR are fruitless. Pathetic

No. 1474866

File: 1647765740736.jpg (168.29 KB, 810x1653, 20220320_033744.jpg)

moids will constantly look for ways to invade women's spaces, but then pitch a fit about needing their own - also, kek @chilifartso

No. 1474868

People actually defended this

No. 1474869

>moid who would've raged about how women age like milk loses his shit when sides are switched.

No. 1474871

my theory is that he's a dumb arrogant moid who thought that the best way to show he doesn't really have a massive advantage over the female swimmers was to finish last place while not realizing it only made him look even more suspect.

No. 1474874

Lol @ muda insisting on calling Chris Chan "she" and "Christine", even the guest started using those words lol

No. 1474877

Why don’t troons ever clean their Fucking room

No. 1474879

people with mess in their head have always mess in their room. Since troons accepted the mess in their heads, embraced it and enjoy it, they also enjoy to live in fitlh.

No. 1474880

File: 1647767989380.jpg (184.76 KB, 768x820, 1400500403477.jpg)

>me looking at my messy apartment

No. 1474882

I know it's been posted already but she's really is a dumbass. All that's needed is 2 more men claiming to be women and she'll never get to see the prize podium again. She's a lesbian who claims to be part of stan twitter so she's got the terminally online brain rot, I'm sure all of her online friends would cancel her if she said anything against troons

No. 1474888

this reminds me of a 4chan screenshot i saw where the poster said they go to trans reddits and post selfies of actual women and post things like "just started hrt", "first day dressing as a woman" etc. in order to demoralise troons

No. 1474889

It’s so convenient how these are same views the rso wi spa predator has and crying terf when it comes to protecting girls. No decent male regardless of what he’s going through would ever go to a changing room with women and young girls. That’s what a pedo and predator does as we see this time and time again without fail and no bs tumblr twitterspeak will change that.

No. 1474891

This is a copypasta

No. 1474892

He definitely wore a cookie monster snapback and gangster spongebob t shirt

No. 1474894

File: 1647772106972.png (216 KB, 1280x699, tumblr_3c74b530857d0bb75d8df90…)

Man, Jim 'Stephanie' Sterling could easily have his own thread at this point.

No. 1474897

Wut jim sterling trooned out? I watched some of his reviews years ago tho I never followed him or anything. This is weird.

No. 1474898

File: 1647774435211.png (46.73 KB, 889x889, ryujdty.PNG)

No. 1474899

A woman is raped by a troon in a hospital and then the hospital gaslights her for a whole year that it never happened because he wasn't a man?

No. 1474900

Lmao. Must have been evil terfs!!

No. 1474903

Anglophone countries are so fucked

No. 1474907

Anon did you take this screenshpt. If so, we can see your pfp. Also, youre pretty af.

No. 1474908

File: 1647776070845.jpg (283.46 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20220320_123313.jpg)

lol his likes consist entirely of people kissing his ass

No. 1474909

File: 1647776374948.jpg (286.94 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20220320_123905.jpg)

samefag my bad there's also this creepy shit

No. 1474911

Funny you mention that, nona. He made a hilarious 30 minute video seething and coping and calling everyone evil transphobes for not wanting to watch video game content and not an obese 39 year old British man pretending to be what he thinks a woman is.

No. 1474913

Nonnie your pfp is showing and you're so pretty!!

No. 1474917

Alt. Headline: mentally ill man rapes vunerable woman after hospital let's him in womans-only areas, hospital denies his xy chromosomes

No. 1474918

troon athletes will repeat this cycle in most sports until they deem society submissive enough to the idea, then they will start winning against real women, just occasionally at first. Outrage will roar for more FTM athletes eventually, but these athletes will not win as much as the MTFs, so the idea will become just a virtue signal for the libfems. This is the projected path for whats happening currently, and the only way to stop it is through extreme social humiliation and knowing men, more violence.

No. 1474919

File: 1647777270148.jpg (8.82 KB, 406x59, anglosfaari.jpg)

No. 1474920

Do we need to have this conversation on every single thread? It’s 100% fine if others think it’s disgusting and can’t understand why anyone would want it, but all this moralfagging does is create unicorn pick-mes who think they’re God’s gift to man for enjoying anal. Take it to /ot/ or something(stop going back to anal)

No. 1474922

I'm still upset that Ashens got caught up in this shitshow.

No. 1474923

>In 2013, Richards, a male who identifies as a woman
Says everything we need to know. Troons are running the world and they’re gearing up to say pedophilia is okay

No. 1474924

Wait what how is he connected

No. 1474925

is this finnish

No. 1474926

No. 1474927

But I don't want to, he's repulsive. I just want to know if Ashes is pro or against that

No. 1474928

Actually I change my mind. All Western countries are fucked.

No. 1474931

File: 1647778927121.png (297.46 KB, 583x580, stupid traa meme.png)

so you agree? "lia" thomas has a physical advantage?

No. 1474932

so because there are men who are dominant in men's sports, men should be able to play women's sports? what is even the reasoning here?

No. 1474933

What? LMFAO I forgot when Phelps was also competing against women.
Shouldn't have expected much from reddit

No. 1474934

I hope all men who support trannies in women’s sports get aggressive testicular cancer and die slowly and in pain and impotent. I hope they all suffer immensely.

No. 1474935

I wonder if someone’s going to bring up the fact that one pieces are banned in men’s competitions because they make them swim better

No. 1474937

File: 1647779610059.png (43.34 KB, 288x302, 1646424672121.png)

No. 1474939

"They"? Did he just misgender him kek
Love the Freudian slips that show not even troons see themselves as women

No. 1474940

he goes by they/them

No. 1474941

File: 1647780564607.png (533.29 KB, 667x531, racist.png)

"m3ntallyillmoron" is right. can troons stop bringing up race whenever the topic of males in female sports comes up?

No. 1474942

they know their side doesn't hold up on it's own so they need to attach themselves to something else

No. 1474945

File: 1647781012810.png (243.44 KB, 640x336, qs5ah47xuhd61.png)

No. 1474948

I love how it put the “racists segregationists” on the black man’s arm, not very pc of tranny Reddit.

No. 1474953

We're not gonna get rid of this Troon shit until women actually stand together, stop being hand maidens and pick me and face the reality that men are invading. This is some literal hand maidens tale shit where women are being pushed back 100 years to being house wives and baby makers. The west had the advantage in women's rights but they are throwing it away for men.

No. 1474955

he basically agrees that thompson competing is unfair kek, also false equivalence

No. 1474957

I’m trying to figure out if what they actually mean is that we need to prove our “femininity”, because you can’t really prove womanhood when it’s your entire existence. Which, if that’s the case, women HAVE been doing that for centuries bc it’s what has been expected of them. And now that we have the choice to be comfortable/hairy/GNC they like to say we aren’t “real women” if we don’t perform stereotypical femininity 100% of the time. They really act like this is a gotcha to say we aren’t women, when like…we just…ARE.

No. 1474958

No. 1474959

This is so stupid. If we can’t properly define an identity than it can’t properly be protected. If anyone can opt into lesbianism them what even IS lesbianism? How are lesbians to be able to define themselves and gather together or have legal protections if like every person and their dad can be a lesbian?

No. 1474961

I believe living in this echo chamber of twitter and reddit where every woman (specially white women) is a karen bible thumping conservative solidifies their positions regarding gender, queer, etc. If they saw that normal people are against this shit too I bet they'd be a lot less vocal. They feel they are in the right because in their minds the only people who disagree with them are Qanon types, ultra religious etc.

No. 1474962

It was so good. I’m not of Chinese descent but Mei and her friend group were so relatable to my preteen experience. So glad we have that movie and that periods came up. Cant believe moids are upset over it. They’ve tried to call the tomboy a trans girl already. Also wasn’t the movie heavily based on Domee Shi’s own experience growing up? They are always eager to speak over WoC.

No. 1474964

>I don’t have to hate any part of my body to be trans
Okay, your penis still doesn’t make you a woman though.

No. 1474966

File: 1647783759830.jpeg (823.59 KB, 1170x2133, 45A0A80C-B70E-447F-9C53-5D416E…)

No. 1474968

so why doesn't he do it then? there are no laws against it, right? so just do it. i want to point and laugh at the result.

No. 1474972

As badly as these “vaginoplasty” surgeries are going, I can only IMAGINE how horrible a uterine transplant would be.

No. 1474973

File: 1647784109407.png (717.82 KB, 1201x536, disabled plural transfem pizza…)

searching the keywords "trans" and "plural" on twitter yields some errm, interesting results

No. 1474974

autistic men needs to be kept off the internet at all costs

No. 1474975

>”A woman who is born without a uterus and a man who transitions into a woman because of gender dysphoria have a similar claim to maternity if we consider them to have equivalent rights to fulfill the reproductive potential of their gender,” Balayla said. “And I think that we should.”

Fuck this guy. TIMs do not have an equivalent “right” to maternity. They just want it for the coom

No. 1474976

>there isn’t an ethical reason why they should be denied access to the procedure
Geez, I wonder which organ of the moids are the going to recycle to create a whole ass womb, it’s not like there’s going to be even more women from 3rd world countries disappearing left and right for organ harvesting, nope, the bunch of tifs are enough for all the males with pregnancy, lactation and period fetishes.

No. 1474977

So, so many babies would be killed and resources wasted. I’m thinking this guy was bullshitting so hard. An infertile man who got his dick and balls cut off and an infertile woman are two different things, and as an obstetrician and gynecologist he should know that.

No. 1474978

>disabled plural transfem pizza cats

I cackled, is he seriously saying the samurai pizza cats are living in his head?

No. 1474980

File: 1647784750524.jpg (244.57 KB, 1241x1861, 5X1f3cl.jpg)

No. 1474981

This guy sounds like a total quack. How the fuck would you get them to carry it, you are aware you cannot slap a uterus in a man and expect him to carry a baby right? Like, that ain’t how it works in the slightest. Not to mention, these surgeries already have less than favorable side effects for women and don’t usually work, but this loon wants to throw men in the mix? Good luck, you’ll kill them all. May reality piss on the graves of the insane.

No. 1474982

Good. The faster this perverted, fucked up movement dies, the better.

No. 1474983

>Of their gender.

Nigga one is a literal female the other is a man in a dress, by this article alone I can tell you’re retarded.

No. 1474990

>amab and afab bodies are different
>but transwomen are totally women!
I don't get these people

No. 1474991

I think he just wants to do some medical experimentation. Josef Mengele Jr.

No. 1474995

File: 1647785911589.png (287.95 KB, 600x482, 1720987368235719588012.png)

No. 1474997

Why was this taken in a serial killer's basement

No. 1474998

the way these ugly moids think slapping the word "girl" on everything makes them automatically better than others. Like "I am a fat disgusting ogre subhuman faggot but at least I'm a girl".

No. 1474999

its the sex and gender are different argument
which is where they should have stopped

No. 1475000

Someone cowtipped him in the other thread so he's probably reading this rn. Hi, YWNBAW kill yourself you smelly ugly male.

No. 1475001

I agree with you, but I think this post is a beginning for certain types of people. This might not be the end goal, but it's put in a way that certain ppl will actually accept the argument.

No. 1475004

Me too, the procedure on the rats was done soon after in like summer in China and they died. Guess he got his answer, lmfao.

No. 1475006

File: 1647787350256.png (350.6 KB, 900x441, melodyaligned.png)

a grown-ass man using moth/it/bug pronouns

No. 1475007

Where's the baby gonna come out? They have to dilate their holes just to make them wide enough to get a dick in

No. 1475008

lady souls

No. 1475011

C-section, is probably what they would’ve thought but there’s literally nowhere for a uterus to be held up inside of a male body and they have no structure to hold it up with, on top of the uterus collapsing in on itself due to the lack of space in the male pelvis. A uterus is just something that holds a baby, so much more goes into it but of course, moids and trannies think it’s the key to all.

No. 1475019

Not to mention the male spine would collapse before the third trimester.

No. 1475020

Yeah overall it wouldn’t work, it’s not going to, biologically speaking there is way too much that doesn’t translate over well or at all, and he’s on par with the degenerate nazi scientists from the past. This is why some people need to be dropped into the pit.

No. 1475025

i think we'll have children being born from artificial wombs long before we'll see a man give birth. i don't think we'll ever see a man give birth tbh.

No. 1475028

Yeah, you’re right. Even then with the artificial wombs it turns into an issue with potential government abuse. No dude is giving birth, sorry not sorry, fellas. I know trannies like to toss around “20 years ladies!!1!1!” but again, it’s massive cope and they’d all be dead anyways. Their movement is already collapsing in on itself as we speak, so it’s all wishful thinking for perverted purposes.

No. 1475032

File: 1647790296237.jpeg (28.97 KB, 391x539, Cnk6JWAVIAA7XWN.jpeg)

is that not the pedo's boy love symbol on the belly of the first panel?

No. 1475039

it felt a bit 'under duress' but who knows. what is anyone without 'fuck you' money supposed to do when the troon mafia makes you an offer you can't refuse?

No. 1475040

Oh my god it is. And the comic call them "valid".

No. 1475041

I don’t get neopronouns. Like, those aren’t pronouns. Those are just words of things.

No. 1475042

>implying that 99.9% of the TQ aren't white mentally ill people with the occasional self-hating black and latino

No. 1475043

Also legitimate question. Would male skin even be able to stretch the same way to accommodate a pregnancy? Isn’t women’s skin slightly different in the way it’s made up? I remember something like that being a reason women are more prone to cellulite too. If a man carried a baby would his skin not just rip growing that fast? I’m sorry if these are very stupid questions, I legitimately don’t know.

No. 1475045

I think it's an edit nonnas. Though of course you can never know lol

No. 1475050

>women are more prone to cellulite
Yeah, male skin is thicker. I don't know how that would affect pregnancy but isn't it funny how EVERY single part of our body is different

No. 1475052

File: 1647791353827.png (778.23 KB, 1206x710, menokh.png)

most AGP's are weird, but this guy really pushes the envelope. idk, maybe it's because he's into that creepy "drone fetish" shit.

No. 1475053

Do I even want to know what is a "drone fetish"? And yet again, >polyam, lmaooo

No. 1475055

No, it would not. A nonna made a good comic on it a few threads back. There are countless biological limitations and differences between the sexes on a cellular/dna level that would not allow male pregnancy to take place OR end well.

No. 1475059

Men do get fat and get stretch marks too nonitas. If a man can bloat to 600 pounds, the skin would stretch for pregnancy too (if it was possible). Let's not get silly kek

No. 1475062

Of course, but that’s progression of weight gain, which all humans experience. Men do not experience pregnancy, and in a concentrated area (which again, they cannot accommodate) it wouldn’t end well.

No. 1475063

Also this is even if the baby got that far and didn’t die from severe complications as it would in the first days or if they’re lucky, weeks of life.

No. 1475064

I was also going to say that’s over years though. Esp if they become 600 pounds. It’s different than rapid growth in one area over 9 months.

No. 1475066

File: 1647791965631.jpg (7.59 KB, 259x194, microcephaly-59303.jpg)

I knew his face looked familiar and then I realized it's because he's a dead ringer for the older hartley hooligan.

No. 1475071

Might be true, but idk what would really happen, I don't think the skin would just rip apart lol. Huge amount of scarring most likely. Of course this is all pure fantasy.

No. 1475077

it's an edit.
In the original the shirt says No. 1 SLUT and stomach is bare

No. 1475080

Why do so many of these moids claim to be disabled? Mentally disabled, yes, but I feel like most of them are larping as physically disabled people. Using a cane as a fashion accessory doesn't count. Is there not one group these troons don't try to push themselves into?

No. 1475098

Haha, me neither, not like a pack of skittles or anything but we just all know it’s not gonna work, all in all.

No. 1475100

Sympathy points.

No. 1475106

File: 1647794125122.jpg (482.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220320-123330_Bum…)

I saw gorgeous red hair and then was immediately met with disappointment. Their profile also says the world would be a better place with more cute trans girls… Way to attract a real girls attention

No. 1475113

Some are probably larping for the internet, some might actually have physical disabilities, others are genuinely too mentally ill or autistic to function normally. Disability is irrelevant to troonism.

No. 1475119

File: 1647794598768.png (151.49 KB, 466x1612, dissapointed parents.png)

this troon has been popular lately and looking forward to flying abroad to get SRS surgery soon.

him and our crowd favorite erin bond of disappointing parents and having them 'give up on them'. kek

No. 1475122

Handmaidens are just as unbearable as troons I swear

No. 1475127

File: 1647794970281.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x600, EsLxGTdXAAAuk3n.jpg)

The current state of women sports with the ball being women sports (picrel is the dainty rugby girl Hannah Mouncey another nonna posted, who his team coach described as "folding women like lawn chairs")

No. 1475130

but that's a troon

No. 1475134

Finally I can imagine what Claire would have looked like.

No. 1475139

File: 1647795400100.png (32.73 KB, 596x400, BARF.png)

No. 1475142

File: 1647795456523.jpg (125.68 KB, 1080x666, 20220317_193532.jpg)


No. 1475143


No. 1475144


SNIP IT, get a festering hole, never have kids

No. 1475146

incredible kek

No. 1475147

File: 1647795791639.jpeg (342.76 KB, 1170x1996, 5A851DF2-915C-41C1-B6FB-8224CF…)

CD -> CrossDresser

I think more LGBs are starting to peak because ppl are responding with shit along the lines of "Yeah I only respect real trans women," which means they're starting to re-discover Blanchard's classifications. Such a stupid, roundabout way to do so, but the sooner these handmaidens realize what disgusting perverts AGPs are, the sooner they'll realize that NO MTFs are on our side.

No. 1475149

File: 1647795840289.jpg (152.38 KB, 828x960, FOOx8gcXoAw2WQN.jpg)

No. 1475156

AGPs living out the “if I can’t get the girl, be the girl” meme once again

No. 1475158

File: 1647796334354.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 20220320_100853.jpg)

Jesus christ. Can you imagine having this thing as your failson?

No. 1475162

Damn the stereotypical Asian high expectations really fell flat with this one

No. 1475163

File: 1647796877444.png (659.45 KB, 872x1022, biotrans.png)

No. 1475165

I like how that innocuous small talk question is apparently killing oppressed POCs left and right, as if there are never things that fathers make their daughter do in conservative white household for religious reasons too. SWJ activists are so fucking hilarious with looking down on Christians for their stance on gay rights or women being priests but caping for Muslims.

No. 1475166

File: 1647797152368.png (678.81 KB, 665x716, Opera Snapshot_2021-12-29_1327…)

Oh god, yes, yes!! First Erin, now Jasmine! All we need is for Bryleigh to come back and get the snip!

No. 1475167

Kek at him managing to get sacked 5 times from English teaching companies in Japan in just six years. The teaching in the name is actually a lie and all they want from their employees is an ongoing pulse and a documented history of being born in an English speaking country with no teaching relevant education or experience needed since they all basically want to hire a human audiotape.
So the industry is shit, it's a loser job, especially when you do it for so long because you also ruin your job prospects in your country of origin, and the companies are already used to work with uwu japan uwu sexy 1000 old lolita was-a-weirdo-outcast-back-in-the-US-of-A incels, but he couldn't even perform at this level.

No. 1475168

I'm so confused, is this satire? Kikomi???

No. 1475177

it is satire

No. 1475182

File: 1647797811012.png (82.94 KB, 586x355, 45456645456465645645465.png)

Fanny continues to be an absolute asshole to everyone asking about his vagina, even though he is still on a gay hookup app desperately looking for attention and telling everyone about said vagina

No. 1475185

What astounds me is them using height as a catch all for how there's no advantage. Not to blog but I'm one of those super tall women and I can assure you that a 165cm guy could still beat me up with ease

No. 1475186

why is he even on grindr? it’s like he’s just looking for someone to take his anger out on.

No. 1475188

it's a completely fair question lol, especially when it's a fucking wound that can tear. what an asshole

No. 1475191

I truly do not understand why he is on that app, just to get upset? He is not even a gay man now, why is he on grindr?

No. 1475192

Late, but I think people think I’m a tra. Simply because I’m in the punk scene and my best friend became a gender special (despite me continuing to refer to her as she).

But yeah, I was always disgusted by troops even when I thought the same.

No. 1475193

I still don't get how he's planning to have sex a couple weeks after surgery

No. 1475198

>I've seen men transition to woman in video games I play simply because they will be the top 'woman' player in (game) because their attempts to get on male PR are fruitless. Pathetic
Isn't this what that tranny on jeopardy did?

No. 1475202

Imagine going on a relaxing hike and seeing this.

No. 1475214

did this post get locked already? I can imagine the comments it got

No. 1475216

This fills me with so much rage. Men being in women's sports needs to peak people already. Especially women.

No. 1475217

Atlanta anon here, decided to stop by the protests the past couple of days to see what's up. A good showing on the side of Save Women's Sports, they even pulled in some normies to join in and hold signs. And a sad representation of 4-5 teenage males on the counter-protest side lul. Massive support for the women from those coming in and out of the venue. Many quiet thumbs-up and thank yous, but also lots of parents are super pissed and spoke openly about it. Very little pushback other than the pathetic cries from the counter-protest side. People outside the trans debate can see what's going on, it was very heartening to see. There were also quite a lot of cameras and reporters, but who knows how it will be presented?

No. 1475219

>I will never understand how the troons last thread thought the tomboy girl was trans??

Troons think all tomboys are trans because female who likes to dress masculine equals trans to them. They double down on gender roles because it validates thier mental illness gender identity.
I feel sorry for all the tomboys now. If they are anywhere near troons or gender specials, they will get pressured to be trans or nb.

No. 1475224

File: 1647800794180.jpg (65.14 KB, 720x291, 20220320_132443.jpg)

When they found out that most woc are terfs

No. 1475227

File: 1647801046842.png (47.16 KB, 746x441, Erin Trail Mom (@ErinInTheMorn…)

poor anthony, he's finding out that troons don't want actual relationships, just people they can coom with.

No. 1475231

File: 1647801269056.png (350.61 KB, 1514x1080, transwolf.png)

pronouns are sheep/predator, pls respect

No. 1475232

File: 1647801333951.png (27.94 KB, 751x292, Katelyn Burns on Twitter.png)

Anthony the tranny mom and this and other troons aren't mentioning the fact that he lost the second race. Wonder why

No. 1475233

we need to add some nazi symbology and BDSM gear to that furry to truly represent them.

No. 1475234

File: 1647801519719.png (82.12 KB, 758x810, MayaScientist on Twitter.png)

This tranny is actually saying TIMs have a disadvantage against actual women now.

No. 1475237

Love this, anon, so cute

No. 1475239

It's like the most insulting part of it, not only those moids can come in and sweep prizes designed for women, but since they have invested zero effort and training into this outside of being born male, they can pick and choose whatever they will deign to take first place or not, based on how they feel this day, because ultimately they don't care that much, no more than I would care about winning a rock climbing competition against people in a wheelchair since it doesn't say anything about my real ability. It shows that troons only compete in female categories for the coom of validation.
The same with that weightlifting troon in the last Olympics who failed to even make a lift with correct form which shows that he did no real training and preparation going to the fucking Olympics because it was that casual of a thing for him. No real woman doing the same would be able to be in his place because there is real competition between female athletes because of an level playing field, and layabouts and unmotivated people never make it to the NCAA or Olympics.
Fuck Thomas for stealing that last place from another female athlete for whom it still would have meant so much because she worked hard for her sport unlike that poor excuse for a moid.
Very heartening to hear, keep up the good work!

No. 1475241

File: 1647802056086.jpg (28.28 KB, 564x555, 63b9124a305d3d52e131a804cc75d1…)

this is so scary like something out of true crime. like he just killed a hiker in a secluded national park and is wearing her clothes and they found these pics on his digital camera

No. 1475242

r/honesttranger is kind of based in that it's filled with troons who don't toe the party line and are like Blaire White and Rose of Dawn. So it probably didn't get locked. They are still troons though.