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File: 1666316756802.jpg (46.18 KB, 318x460, 1666009137069.jpg)

No. 1680474

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No. 1680476

File: 1666316851872.png (18.45 KB, 552x189, 1666302458940.png)

X to doubt, much more likely they do not want to offend the privileged media-savvy Westerner that has been foisted upon them. Imagine this creepy AGP foisting his fetish on people in wartime.

No. 1680477

The thread pic kek

No. 1680478

File: 1666316935982.png (2.39 MB, 1295x2048, chrome_screenshot_166630471217…)

No. 1680479

what happened to the #65 and #68 threads? does anyone know why they’re not linked?

No. 1680480

Unit? As in a military thing?

No. 1680482

all those thread links hurt my head, just link the most recent thread ffs.

No. 1680484

They probably are more concerned with, you know, dying.

No. 1680486

Yes, this is a tranny who was doing "journalism" of some sort and now has joined up one of the international brigades in Ukraine.

No. 1680488

File: 1666318009432.jpg (838.95 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20221020_182738.jpg)

America's favorite Troon is going to the Whitehouse. I can imagine Biden's gonna have to drugged up good for this one.

No. 1680489

I hope this causes a mass peaking

No. 1680490

File: 1666318280701.jpg (351.14 KB, 2048x1536, EPjf8ApX4AAkhBn.jpg_large.jpg)

The one on the right is trans.

No. 1680491

No shit?

No. 1680494

I've said it before: industry plant. There's no way he'd be able to do shit like this organically.

No. 1680495

But who is the industry in this case? The Democratic party? I think it's more likely Dylan went viral organically.

No. 1680497

no one goes viral organically. he probably has daddy money or Pritzker money.

No. 1680498

nice try troon

No. 1680499

hopefully biden has a senior moment and misgenders him.

No. 1680501

a couple months of identifying as a gorl but real women work lifetimes as feminists/activists and don't get this sort of recognition. male privilege kek (and I'm not denying he's an industry plant on top of it).

No. 1680504

So happy this is the new thread pic.

No. 1680511

holy kek nonnie

No. 1680514

File: 1666322774533.jpg (22.51 KB, 540x118, tumblr_4458a66a2fd300016a0fd5d…)

A retarded behavior doesn't suddenly become enlightened just because you dressed it up in purple prose.

Also god doesn't exist.

No. 1680515

I was visiting my undergrad alma matter a couple weeks ago, and the number of long-haired men giving off gender vibes was appalling. None of them had a proper sense of alternative/punk style. Instead, they all displayed either ungroomed autist fashion or sad attempts at typical tiktok style. I was known for my alt style in college and still adhere to that image now (though less so since I'm a professional in my 30s), so I knew that if they were gender-men, any acknowledgement I gave them could lead to an obsession on their part. To avoid that, I just intentionally ignored them and only spoke to young women at the event. Trust no man.

No. 1680516

Good to know all a scrote needs to do in order to be worthy of meeting the commander in chief is humiliate himself on Tiktok and support a trendy ideology that is profitable to pharmaceutical companies.

I hope Joe's dog bites Dylan's dick off.

No. 1680521

File: 1666323758517.jpg (66.29 KB, 720x805, Tumblr_l_16890621053420.jpg)

This is retarded. I hate it when they try to spin this narrative that trannies are somehow creating an advanced level of womanhood.

No. 1680522

This has to be written by a tranny for fetish reasons there is no way a real woman wrote that.

No. 1680524

File: 1666324174559.png (3.35 MB, 2048x2190, troon3.png)

No. 1680526

> struggles with her womanhood being defined by her relationships with men
> proceeds to define it by her relationship with a man
gnc straight pickme who deluded herself about being a lesbian due to being gnc?

No. 1680532

samefag, also she (or >she if >>1680521 is correct) seems to have deleted the 96sheep account, suspicious

No. 1680539

Something is extremely fucky with how quickly this troon is moving on up in the world. Has anyone looked into his background? It stinks like either nepotism or him being the chosen troon of some nefarious tranny elites trying to push their agenda with him as figurehead.

No. 1680542

Tbh I think he's just a rich kid. He has familial wealth and got a good agent bc he can afford it. And probably bought shit loads of followers/likes/etc too

No. 1680544

I have a strong feeling this is not in fact a real lesbian but is a troon trying to convince himself/others that a relationship with a bearded man in a dress and a cheap wig is superior to a relationship with a woman

Troons are some of the least spiritual people out there, what's spiritual about hacking off body parts and obsessing over extremely strict gender roles whereby your every move is dictated by your gender?
Spirituality (outside of religion) is all about learning to love yourself and others the way you/they are, be understanding and compassionate, and express your true self outside of the restrictions/impositions of society.
Basically the polar opposite of the troon cult which is all about fostering self-hatred, abiding by extremely strict gender roles and societal constructs, and punishing yourself via mutilation if you don't.

No. 1680548

>no one goes viral organically
There are two junkie teens with a thread on snow who somehow got a million views on one of their tiktoks, lots of random viral posts and Tweets and whatever out there. However I agree that this guy is a shill of some kind since he's so creepy and unlikeable, I can't even see a dedicated TRA looking at that leering grin and thinking here is a true honest wimmin who I want to share my spaces with
He's almost like a reverse-plant since he actually peaks more people every day

No. 1680558

trooning out is an act of destruction, not creation, but go off i guess.

No. 1680560

File: 1666328030522.jpg (81.13 KB, 693x607, CIUCzUp8HLlGmX.jpg)

he's a journalist, the one did that meme reference when a man literally laid dying next to him

No. 1680562

seems like it wasn't enough attention he was getting that way and he is in an international brigade now or something

No. 1680568

Is that a leg in the background?

No. 1680571

Troons just have to make it all about themselves, don't they?

No. 1680572

it's a dead man's managed body

No. 1680576

File: 1666330282414.jpeg (346.39 KB, 750x924, EA13BF63-AB48-4662-B72B-E7E6B7…)

i wish female enbies and troons would realize how much the men they’re caping so hard for despise them.

No. 1680578

File: 1666330799767.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 744.23 KB, 750x1196, 3A233E99-A08E-4C38-9415-219964…)

it looks deadass like a baboon’s ass.

No. 1680580

Eeeew the ripped stitches look like worms

No. 1680585

Plenty of influencers are rich kids with good agents and purchased followers, but they aren't being handed chances to waste the President's time. This is very suspicious. I don't know if he's a plant himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if his manager, agent, etc has connections to Pritzker or big pharma or God knows what else. There's nothing organic about this and it's extremely obvious.

Dylan claims that Biden watches his retarded videos, but give me a fucking break. Biden probably barely knows how to text, there's no way in hell he has TikTok. At best, some fuckhead secretary watched Dylan's crap.

No. 1680586

my autistic fanart made it into thread pic! I feel so honoured, thank you nonnas, I have peaked

No. 1680587

even the baboons don't deserve this slander

No. 1680589

There must be a way to follow the money here. There has to be a trail. What agency is this guy with?

No. 1680590

File: 1666333264399.jpg (90.82 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_20221021_092026.jpg)

Can't wait to hear these questions.

No. 1680594

I see more and more men complaining about theyfabs… not all of them are even cryptoterfs but they're still psyoping themselves holy shit. Troons hate theyfabs because they're women who have the trans card to say whatever the hell they want and expose them in front of anyone without getting blamed kek. Be it asking their pronouns in front of a crowd or anything, if the troon tries to blame you just yell transphobia. It always works because they're retarded

No. 1680596

are we doing it wrong, nonas? should we become enbies en masse?

No. 1680597

File: 1666335430746.jpg (151.26 KB, 980x1200, 20221021_085539.jpg)

No. 1680598

Thanks for that, nona. I very nearly threw up.

No. 1680604

File: 1666336717092.jpeg (220.21 KB, 750x624, 07069E4C-4440-4385-BB32-BF5B0B…)

i’ll never stop feeling weirded out by how they talk about disembodied female body parts.

No. 1680609

what in the logan paul is this shit

No. 1680610

Yeah, something's very fishy. I'm usually not one to tinfoil but he is definitely being pushed by someone with money and connections. I don't think the intentions behind it are pro-tranny though. It seems way more sinister.

No. 1680611

I find their infighting funny. Trans ideology will fall even if people don't peak because it's run by mentally ill inept people who want everyone to coddle them while they're not doing any work themselves, and who can't even get along with each other for 5 minutes.

No. 1680614

Excellent threadpic

No. 1680620

File: 1666341559330.jpeg (122.34 KB, 828x588, 327D211A-DC5F-48D5-B186-E90E3D…)

Troons think female oppression and rape isn’t real

No. 1680625

Misogynists rape, harm, oppress, harass and kill girls and women.
Terfs want trans identified men (who often openly admit gender euphoria gives them boners) to not be allowed in female only spaces.
What fucking part is the same?

No. 1680627

terfs sexually harass and assault troons? they manipulate troons into relationships so they can financially, emotionally, verbally and physically abuse them? news to me

No. 1680631

Yes nonna. it’s from a video he posted on twitter where he’s recording and you can see the entire mangled dead body behind him. It’s sickening, but of course since he’s a troon he faces no consequences for this.

No. 1680632

Trans people are misogynists by default because the ideology is built on misogynistic ideas. The gender stereotypes they base their entire identities comes from misogyny, both the mtf for wanting to be slutty bimbos or thinking liking pink dresses makes them women, and also the ftm who think not liking those girly things makes them not-women.

No. 1680633

Not to cape for troons but like isn't laughing at fresh wounds kinda moot? Like you can laugh at it if you want but I think the point would be better if it was atleast a year old. Just enough time to heal and settle on what it would probably look like until his body finally starts rotting too. Like anything newly mutilated would look gross. Sage for autism

No. 1680635

Anon THEY posts these pics bragging about how much like real vaginas THAT looks. Their delusion is horrifying and hilarious at the same time

No. 1680665

male living space

No. 1680671

nonny i don't think it will get much better than this in a year, in fact it could get worse and become necrotic tissue in the worst case scenario.

No. 1680672

paraphilias come in clusters, so whenever a moid is clearly autogynephilic, a furry, participates in bdsm etc. rest assured they at the very least have pedophilic tendencies

No. 1680673

File: 1666354000648.png (107.68 KB, 2046x1000, iamaninfertilewomanwithoutanut…)

>I'm an infertile woman without an uterus.

No. 1680674

god that would genuinely be so funny

No. 1680675

>can impregnate a woman and have biological children
Do women who can give birth but can’t impregnate others count as infertile too?

No. 1680678

there's no female struggle they won't appropriate

No. 1680679

File: 1666355298398.jpg (7.51 KB, 273x200, proxy-image(7).jpg)

>women are living, breathing incubators

No. 1680682

File: 1666355402752.png (3.3 MB, 1284x3436, 03F4A7FD-2904-4966-A39A-3591E7…)

I saw this on ovarit, it’s a subreddit where they are posting edits and horribly drawn rape porn of radfems. There isn’t much there yet but the crystal cafe mascot is there too. After looking, the sub creator/moderator posts on 4trancirclejerk a lot. I can’t tell what the deal is with this, if it’s trolling or not, but here’s the link shared to 4tran about the terf sub.

Oh so he has another cow helping him?

No. 1680684


Nonas this is finally it, the temptation to alog. My best friend spent two years trying to have a baby, had two miscarriages, her and her husband both at the doctor's constantly - it wrecked her. To see a bunch of coomers appropriating that pain when they don't even want children, they want to be pregnant for hentai coom reasons, is sick. This is sick.

No. 1680687

next they gonna say that circumsition is the same as FGM

No. 1680688

Gee it's almost as if women are being constantly policed about what they should or shouldn't do, so they have to resort to say that they're "non-women" in order to have a tiny little sense of freedom. Meanwhile, men are allowed to do whatever they want and they troonout because of a fetish and not because they actually want to escape oppression, isn't that totally crazy?

No. 1680689

They already say that, nonnie.

No. 1680690

Hmm. Can infertile women call themselves trans women, benefit from drives meant to support trans women, etc?
What is it about being born male that makes some people so entitled?

No. 1680691

Well done nonna, never let your creative autism be stifled.
That breaks my heart, and I'm with you. The temptation to alog is so, SO intense. I am struggling with fertility, too, and to hear these fucking degenerate clowns spew such vile bullshit makes me want to terrible things. I hope your friend has made peace and is alright.

No. 1680693

Unfortunately they already do. Men in general do it, just like they make a lot of noise over how men get raped too but then don’t do anything about it to solve the problem they’re suddenly so concerned about. Somehow all of it is just fodder to talk down to women about how they have it bad too, they don’t actually care about men getting raped or baby boys being circumcised (unless it relates to their own self-distress over their own circumcision. It’s not like they give a fuck about whether or not a child can consent to that anyway). As always it’s just men sticking their fingers in their ears about women‘s issues we want to solve while they scream about ones they don’t care about solving. Not comparing FGM to circumcision myself, just saying if it were such a massive problem in the same way, you’d think men would do something about it instead of shouting at women over it online.

No. 1680694

They're really proving the "troons are disgusting porn addicted perverts" transphobes and TERFs wrong with this one.

No. 1680700

File: 1666357145734.jpg (29.06 KB, 625x626, TvrAuVh.jpg)

>everything made by the same person
>8 upvotes at best per posts
>created Oct 20, 2022
Stop self-posting and baiting.

No. 1680704

I’m not the creator. I saw the ovarit thread about it and thought it was fucked enough to share.

No. 1680710

File: 1666357762141.png (Spoiler Image, 121.04 KB, 812x798, terje.png)

Digging through the profile, this is either a tryhard edgy FtM who hates herself and gets off to guro/misogynistic shit, or an MtF who hates "afabs" so much he's developed a fetish for FtMs lol.
My money's on the former, as MtFs are much, much too narcissistic to solely post about FtMs (especially without throwing in whinging about how hard it is to be a male and never pass). Pathetic either way.
This way of drawing is also very Isabella Jankes, if anyone remembers her from Chris-chan. None of this shit seems drawn to actually get off to, it's made to be disgusting and offputting the way a lot of edgy/mentally ill fakebois do as a "fuck you" to the world. It gives me the same vibes as either the "chaotic enby" or the "chaotic trutrans" from this image >>1679223. Same mental illness as the self-hating FtM who first started drawing "pooners" to make other FtMs feel bad about themselves.
If she knows about this thread, the OP of this shit is probably giggling to herself right now feeling "validated" by any anons saying this is malebrained. Like, look at this drawing by the same person of the FtM /lgbt/ tripfag Terje. This is some personal, tryhard girl-on-girl seething, it's not about coom lol.

No. 1680719

File: 1666359110777.png (899.32 KB, 892x890, pp0.png)

Samefag, it seems so obvious to me now. When she's not drawing autistic pooner memes (including this mini sculpture), she seethes about Kalvin Garrah, often while doing the "not hating uwu" thing most girls/women are socialized to do when they gossip.
How does one try so hard to seem like an edgy male online, and still fail so miserably? She also made one shitpost drawing of PhilosophyTube that absolutely screams "I was obsessed with Nyan Neko Sugar Girls memes when I was a young girl/theyby/fujo on Tumblr", and even that was actually flattering to him in comparison to the way she draws other FtMs.

No. 1680725

>Not to cape for troons
>proceeds to cape for troons

No. 1680727


Thank you, Nona. They were finally able to conceive and she has a very sweet baby boy, but don't think they'll be have to have any others.

Infertility is horrible and women are so undersupported in their struggles. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hope for the best, wherever your path goes.

No. 1680729

What is it about Reddit troonery that’s just so autistic?

No. 1680733

If you spend time on tumblr lesbian spaces (you shouldn't) there are a handful of butch handmaidens that speak like this.. I think they have some intense savior complex issues and get into relationships with these trannies because they HAVE to and the stupid stone butch blues book, and in the end they’re completely drained of any positive emotion they could’ve had towards love. I swear every “butch lesbian” ( lots of them are actually bi or masc straight woman) have terrible soul draining relationships if they choose to date a mtf troon. The trannies are always huge narcs, bpd, gaslighting, ugly selfish retards but you didn’t need me to tell you that

No. 1680738

File: 1666362697383.png (26.24 KB, 950x236, Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 10-27…)

Ugh, he's larping as a single mom

No. 1680740

Chinese agent

No. 1680745

Because regardless of whether they're Autistic or not, these were the boys in school who had no friends (usually because of their anger issues) and only interacted with male creeps on the internet. Half of the older generation started off on 4chan before they "ascended" to reddit so that's where they got their actual social skills. And unlike antisocial girls who usually read a lot of which is proven to improve empathy, these boys watched nothing but anime and porn which is where they got their other ideas of society and women from

No. 1680746

Gross and insulting to real single moms doing their damn best. I know we all say it ad infinitum but there truly is nothing of womanhood they will not use to get off.

No. 1680747

File: 1666363796291.jpg (308.47 KB, 1080x1433, IMG_20221021_162723.jpg)

Nonnas, did you see the genderspecial winner of the German book prize who transitioned to Tobias Fünke in support of Iranian women. Stunning and brave and truly inspiring


No. 1680767

So brave, Mrs Featherbottom. A German man shaving his head certainly is a strong political statement.

No. 1680769


No. 1680770

yeah, showing dead people online before even the family knew about them dying. Hope he gets what's coming to him, inshallah.

No. 1680772

yep, he went from asking women if being infertile was a dealbreaker a year ago to claiming to now have 3-year-old twins. 100% larping.

No. 1680774

File: 1666369027307.jpg (110.32 KB, 750x1224, 20221021_171518.jpg)

The amount of likes gives me hope nonnas

No. 1680786

KEK self-hating fakebois trying to larp as misogynistic moids and still coming across as obviously female never ceases to amuse me. Cope, cry and bind.

No. 1680794

File: 1666370522104.jpg (335.21 KB, 1098x1176, zLEzSZqxbs0qjYd.jpg)

This is sick, troon author who writes "trans affirming" children's stories, this is just an unironic groomer

No. 1680819

She's going to delete her account

No. 1680820

>A Kind LI

No. 1680824

>Kind fe

No. 1680845

If there is one thing I love about being a black woman, it's that I know that I'll always be welcomed in all my TERFy ways

No. 1680857

kek, we need to use Mrs. Featherbottom more

No. 1680860

I know a-logging is bad, but this guy is lucky I’m too busy being an actual single mom to a-log

No. 1680863

It's amazing the treadmill of how they start getting offended by terms. "Natal male" is unacceptable, so it becomes "AFAB", but now apparently that is unacceptable too? And he's acting like it's TERFs using the term to tell trannies they WNBAW? "AFAB" by the very structure of the term suggests that being "assigned female at birth" is something that can be changed later and the "assigning" was wrong. FFS. Of course I have heard troons make this objection to "natal woman" as in "I was born a woman, too [in a man's body]" but it's just proof that no matter what accommodations they are given they want more.

No. 1680900

All the comments are negative, based.

No. 1680904

they are so cruel and irony poisoned then try to play it like they’re innocent victims

No. 1680905

its always the cool black women with really cool fashion that are the voice of reason, bless them

No. 1680906

This I find interesting. Twitter trannies regularly try to paint TERFs as white Republican women when the most trans critical stuff I’ve heard is from poc

No. 1680945

File: 1666383843936.jpeg (873.79 KB, 1170x1253, 9129B4C9-3328-4154-B6AF-818F9D…)

Thanks for reminding me it’s not too late to lose weight and dye my hair

No. 1680949

The way he took the pic from a different angle to look shorter

No. 1680957

If they attack POC the same way they attack conservative white women, it's racism. And since they're riding the coattails of black women in particular "black women are also women so you have to consider us women" bullshit, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 1680959

Brave artists management

No. 1680961

Black women don't have the time or energy to cape for pedophilic white moids in dresses who claim to be more oppressed than us. White libfem pick-mes love being handmaidens because they get to virtue signal and look "progressive" while still supporting white men.

No. 1680966

Lmao nonny, lurk more. Troons don't care about looking racist, lots of them were open white nationalists before trooning out. And there's tons of documented attacks on black & Asian women in these threads. Even their coattail riding is based in gross racial stereotypes about black women being "unfeminine" (and thus on the same level as actual men in their warped worldviews.)

No. 1680968

Unfortunately I do see some black women defending them and even using the “we’re not women in TERFs eyes either!” argument. But definitely less common.

No. 1680969

when will these stupid trannies realize that without hips, their giant oakville trafalgar high school teacher tits mean absolutely fuck all.

No. 1680971

>dyke witch
>drenched with gold


No. 1680974


whatever. male hands wrote this.

No. 1680982

This was like one of the first things they said

No. 1680986

dafuq was he taking shirtless selfies in the gym for? Nobody wants to see that shit, not even the gay scrotes. Pudgy ass dyel. I've noticed that quite many guys who realized lifting is too much effort, even though they have natural roids, decided to troon out. Just because you're a failed male, doesn't make you female. There are enough women who do have the discipline.

No. 1681003

File: 1666389112037.jpeg (371.25 KB, 1242x2120, 9B676556-0CF9-445E-A607-F14AA7…)

no comment necessary

No. 1681012

Wow there's people literally starving to death freezing on the streets but someone needs gender affirmation ASAP!!

No. 1681014

AGP smirk, never fails

No. 1681015

Yeah I gotta vouch for this, I have seen girls at my uni who definitely were not Terfs, not TRAs but neutral on the gender debate, get peaked in real time by white troons racistly comparing their masculinity to their perceived masculinity

No. 1681020

i jokingly used they/them as my pronouns when i was on facebook but it really did function as a get out of jail free card within stupid leftist infighting groups

No. 1681021

>Terfs treat trans people like misogyny treats women
god I wish we did.

No. 1681026

fucking kek theyre the ones jerking off to us having sex with them meanwhile we cant even bear the photos of their axewounds

No. 1681037

Terminally online syndrome.

No. 1681038

why is he wearing a bdsm metal permanant collar in the second pic? kathryn gibes (one of the alpaca ranch troons) is always wearing one of those metal collars in his pictures. so many of them wear this exact one. they're not beating the "larping my humiliation fetish in public" accusations lmao

No. 1681047

"ftm boyfriend" what kind of woman is brainwashed enough to seek out an ogre who writes blatant underage fetish stories? i assume that part is made up and he's just roundabout expressing his femdom fetish by having a woman in the man role, but the thing that gets me about these guys is i always wonder what their social and romantic lives are like. i can't imagine they're enjoyable to be around. also florida man lmao

No. 1681056

File: 1666393920677.png (26.3 KB, 1102x327, Dear Transphobes.png)

>pees all over the seat because men don't know how to aim their shriveled up penis

No. 1681059

File: 1666393995274.png (25.99 KB, 1101x204, dumb.png)

and then all the women stood up and clapped for the tranny

No. 1681060

File: 1666394314747.jpg (235.3 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_20221021-090605_Boo…)

No. 1681061

File: 1666394316867.jpeg (430.34 KB, 960x1718, 53771C3A-2ABE-4857-B49C-E43F8C…)

tumblr is such a cesspit

No. 1681063

File: 1666394533318.png (1011.69 KB, 748x1405, jamie flanagan on Twitter.png)

No. 1681073

i don't know who this is but he looks like a nonce. that grin with the raised caterpillar brows is so fuckin creepy

No. 1681075

File: 1666396296016.jpg (906.12 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20221021_194603.jpg)

4tran shit on Reddit is very entertaining to scroll through

No. 1681077

who knew the grinch trooned out

No. 1681078

File: 1666396545334.jpg (11.94 KB, 300x223, cadc289039c26f27c97994382b1b28…)

No. 1681079

Genuine?? He looks like he's ready to open his huge maw to eat someone's head, like a weird monster with extra big jaws.

No. 1681083

why do they all have rl stine marionette doll smiles. theyre like walking uncanny valley silent hill characters

No. 1681084

>asks to see a woman's genitals
>threatens to reveal his own genitals
>has to go back into the stall because he clearly isn't properly toilet trained
>continues to harass the woman while using the bathroom

Ah yes, totally owned the TERF and showed yourself to be anything but degenerate.

No. 1681088

File: 1666396975874.jpg (107.26 KB, 1300x1051, portrait-of-horrified-woman-in…)


No. 1681089

excuse you! can't you tell SHE has true and honest scientifically proven fembrain uwu?

No. 1681090

Lets not do that to the grinchy-poo, grinch is cuter.

No. 1681091

With the recent discourse, people whining about muh "anti-men" and how "women aren't actually oppressed" is going to push people (at least slightly) to our side, I feel. It's just showing them the obvious: troons are just the fragile misogynists they've always been.

…Or they'll completely suck it up and suddenly all the shit happening to women isn't real. I just hope that's not our future.

No. 1681093

How do you twist your face like that???

No. 1681107

File: 1666399907986.jpeg (81.86 KB, 1300x650, pennywise.jpeg)


No. 1681114

File: 1666400557427.png (77.42 KB, 816x355, depression arc.png)

So Keffals is depressed and keeps whining about him trending (aka pissed that it's mostly people shitting on him and he isn't trending worldwide anyway, isn't some trending trends based on you twitter thingy?) And what gets me is, he picked at Fat boy (Josh) for being depressed and yet all Keffals does is talk shit online,scream at women and was on this high when he was battling Kiwifarms.Yet he expects sympathy and understanding for him but gave that for nobody else.
Now it's all died down. People know kiwifarms is up on .net. Dylan has been a fake woman for what? 220 days and he's talking with Biden. Meanwhile Keffals can barely get 1k viewers on hos Twitch, begs for YouTube watches now, his boyfriend left him and he's getting attention but it's not ass kissing. The fake bots don't matter anymore.
I didn't know where to put this because it's not kiwifarms related really but it's TIM related. Being Trans and kiwifarms is his whole personality. Yet an aggressively gay scrote is really about to be exposed to the masses and spearding the word, just by looking weird and running in fields. Keffals had_has 100k but now has to sue the police or something he doesn't even want to do anymore it seems. Despite all keffals has done, twitter isn’t In his house, aren't his real life friends. I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't disgusting.
I can imagine why he'd be depressed, but like Contra they don't show mercy to anyone but expect everyone to truly give a shit.Remember that depressed TIF they were laughing at?

No. 1681115

Damn, sorry for the long post. Didn't realize I wrote that much. TLDR is,
>>Keffals is a shitty scrote and I'm going to pick at you, like you picked at that TIF

No. 1681120

> There should be a safe word to stop trending on twitter
Holy shit lmao he decided to throw away his entire life for clout and now he's crying about it. The just deserts of a narcissist. Blog but I had a bit of my own brush with virality and the let-down sucks and even more it sucks when people move to cannabilize you but guess what? Everybody fucking knows that this is what happens. He made his decisions. He literally asked for this.

No. 1681122

samefag but he says it would be nice to hear what people like about him … I don't know if any of the troons even can answer this, people only liked him because by accident of history he was in a position to smack Josh around for a couple weeks … in and of himself he is just a narcissistic POS who is probably intolerable to be around and he must know it on some level

No. 1681137

File: 1666402331723.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 335.74 KB, 1767x828, 61C3387A-56F9-4EDE-AEA3-599BE8…)

these angry, jealous men are so deranged it’s actually scary. just because he’s ugly and male he wants to poison millions of real women to make himself feel better. he is so obsessed with his disgusting body but obviously it’s all the fault of women everywhere and not because he’s just nuts. isn’t it interesting how, no matter what they do, no matter what they inject themselves with, they act, talk and think like men, and the worst kind of men too, bitter, angry and creepy.

No. 1681154

File: 1666403492305.png (1.81 MB, 1081x2620, chrome_screenshot_166640346122…)

No. 1681157

File: 1666403932969.jpeg (373.14 KB, 995x1037, 5DA274BC-F5A5-45A3-AF60-0F942A…)

No. 1681158

File: 1666403960036.jpeg (2.19 MB, 2048x2579, EA767FDC-1B20-43FE-801D-CC2164…)


No. 1681160

File: 1666404194088.png (68.31 KB, 596x578, KM what does this mean 2.PNG)

Emma is the perfect person to counteract Colon's stupidity.

No. 1681161

File: 1666404259985.png (61.65 KB, 592x580, KM what does this mean 3.PNG)

No. 1681162

File: 1666404355148.png (62.29 KB, 600x496, KM what does this mean 5.PNG)

No. 1681164

>buys pre pubescent son a bra
>boy is confused and hung up on his genitalia
>wife says bras are for older girls
I am terrified to know how old his child is and the abuse he's going through under his father

No. 1681166

a 5 year old boy asked his father for a bra? a 5 year old boy ordered bras and bikinis off of amazon? doubt.

No. 1681170

not to mention every single chronically online tranny is an inbred white man.

No. 1681171

File: 1666404646535.png (212.96 KB, 427x680, 1665816985895.png)

opinions bad

No. 1681174

Do people really not have anything better to do than thought police people's Twitter likes?
Social media was a mistake.

No. 1681175

File: 1666404816426.png (24.91 KB, 636x251, Fdxd_kaX0AES6RM.png)

this guy is insane or a troll

No. 1681177

I hope she is trolling and not just incompetent at twitter

No. 1681191

The child was mentioned to be 4 in 2021, so he's around 5. If the story is real, anyway.

No. 1681197

I saw this guy's profile too when I was down the 4tran sub rabbithole earlier (thanks to that female artist who thought the terfhentai subreddit would make her look manly lol). they are all miserable and ugly and make me feel so, so much better about myself. true schadenfreude

No. 1681204

File: 1666409564041.jpeg (96.27 KB, 595x842, 8BD77D31-B7F6-42F5-A07C-663A94…)

Joan Cornella is based

No. 1681209


Holy hulkin hun

No. 1681210

File: 1666410439775.jpg (1017.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221021-234318_Red…)

Why even bother kek

No. 1681211

The terminally online, I swear to god. The safe word is to shut up. Stop tweeting. Fade away. That’s how you get it to stop. And even then he’s done enough that some people probably won’t stop, but it sure would help a lot.

No. 1681212

That's not enough for TRAs. They seek to control others.

No. 1681213

File: 1666410938135.jpg (27.49 KB, 590x204, 1665160881982.jpg)

>obligatory Tyler meme

No. 1681221

some furry made a documentary on him and he was as respectful as you can get(even tried to deny the groomer accusations and didnt add his gross mysoginistic tweets) so he can't call him a transphobe to deflect the criticism

No. 1681227

Now unstuff your bra, and take the photo from the same angle and in the same pose. Bonus points if you put on the same shorts from the first picture.
This was deleted but it was bait when it was up. I saw the pictures, and none of them looked like they were made to jack off to. It was pooner type shit. Look at the username–It's clearly a TIF reaching for "ugh this is so malebrained" comments, and some of you retards fell for it.
Why did you censor the part where CPS was called on him for taking pictures of his six year old son? Either this story is bait, or he's an actual groomer preying on his son. Either would explain the details of the story.

No. 1681230

File: 1666414643257.png (335.8 KB, 696x392, Untitled-design-73-696x392.png)

>A Norwegian programmer has revealed a conceptual design for a video game centered around slaughtering women that he refers to as “gender fascists” for being critical of gender ideology.
>Moen first began posting images from his project “Terfenstein 3D” in July and has since shared over a dozen updates on Twitter, including videos of game play.
>Advertising his concept on Twitter, Moen encourages players to “put blood on the walls” and refers to the enemy characters in the game as “gender fascists.” In his tweets, he incorporates hashtags such as #TERFs, #AdultHumanFemale, and #TERFIsland
> Moen adopted the styling of Wolfenstein 3D, but traded out the Nazi enemies for depictions of women. In place of a swastika, the women wear arm bands that display an “XX” logo which bears a striking resemblance to the symbol used by the women’s rights organization Women’s Declaration International (WDI).
disgusting and once more troons are beyond parody

No. 1681231

No. 1681233

I'm not even offended, this much effort just proves how much we get to them by our mere existence, we are winning and all they can do is whine and act out

No. 1681234

samefag, I really hope the boss is JK rowling, it would make her that much more badass

No. 1681236

File: 1666415070423.jpeg (541.74 KB, 750x1099, FEB91409-AF52-4A9F-B368-B32B9C…)

it’s so common it’s literally a joke.

No. 1681239

File: 1666415620406.png (Spoiler Image, 514.51 KB, 555x560, Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 10.58…)

Clicked a trending topic on Twitter and got this, because apparently uncensored full-frontal is fine if you're a nudist. Puke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1681240

holy shit nonna spoiler your full frontal tranny porn

No. 1681241

when he release it i am gonna mod it and change the terfs to trannies

No. 1681244

ngl if I were slightly edgier than I am I'd want one of those XX armbands

No. 1681247

File: 1666416350956.jpg (2.45 MB, 4096x3072, pt2022_10_22_16_17_57.jpg)

Found a photoshop cow validating a moid's exhibitionism fetish for woke points. This is a sickness and it's spreading anons. With the amount of degenerate moids showing off their erect chodes in Asian-sized lingerie on AliExpress and Amazon, the last thing we need is women unironically encouraging them assaulting our eyes. At least they get down voted into oblivion on AliExpress kek.

No. 1681254

>Slayyyy he’s like my gbf fr

Handmaidens jfc

No. 1681255

A shitty, damaged rat's nest of a cheap wig is 'damn if my hair doesn't look good'

No. 1681256

To the surprise of no one

>Moen has been vocal about his interest in pornography and BDSM practices, with a stated interest in bondage in particular. One of his previous games, Spank Fury, is described on Moen’s website: “Submissives come from left and right, and you have to spank them before they get bored.”

>During a podcast interview with Trans Norge in March, Moen credited pornography with his decision to begin identifying as a woman full-time. Previously, Moen had considered himself a transvestic fetishist, sometimes also referred to as a cross-dresser.
>“I began to understand that I was trans when I came across pornography featuring trans women,” Moen said. “I have never made the connection that ‘penis’ means ‘man.’ [The male porn actors] were women, but they had a penis.”
>“I began to question – if they have a penis, how could other people know that they were girls when they were children? And of course, they wouldn’t know. So then I started questioning – what if I am one of these pretty ladies, in reality,” he added.

>While a university student, Moen became embroiled in controversy after a woman complained about his presence in the women’s locker room. Moen, who has not had “sex-reassignment surgery,” received media attention in 2017 after it came to light that he had exposed his penis to women in the SiS Sports Center on campus.

>According to court records seen by Reduxx, Moen and the woman interacted for the first time in the locker room in July 2016. The woman found Moen showering there and objected to his presence. She asked him why he was in the women’s locker room, to which he replied that he was legally a woman. Moen had changed his legal documents to state that he was female only months prior.
>In February 2017, she confronted Moen again after finding him in the locker room again. She told Moen she did not mind if he changed there, but she “found it problematic” that he was using the showers as he had a penis he was displaying. The two became involved in a “heated conversation,” after which the woman complained to the manager of the Sports Center.
>In July 2017 the Sports Center issued a statement declaring that trans-identifying males with male genitalia would be permitted in the women’s locker rooms. Moen forwarded information about the woman’s complaint to the Discrimination Board, and as a result, she was investigated for harassment. His harassment suit was supported by Norwegian NGO Legal Aid for Women (Juridisk rådgivning for kvinner; JURK).
>“[Moen] experienced being harassed in the changing room,” court records claim, adding that the woman had insinuated that he was “a high-risk potential abuser” and that it had been offensive that she had referred to him as a “biological male.”

No. 1681257

File: 1666417030413.jpeg (166.73 KB, 730x528, 3C71B0E0-6344-4351-8D2D-4DBE45…)

Imaoing at the discord grooming second monitor. Why are they all exactly the same

No. 1681258

It's funny how strong the incel troon pipeline is because they've used the same framework with Chan images of Jews, this is an entirely unoriginal idea. That game got picked up by legitimate fascist groups and kkk members so what does that say about this troon? Ofc he can just blantanty advise his unbridled Elliot Rogers autism on twitter kek.

No. 1681259

isn’t this guy on tik tok? i feel so bad for his wife.

No. 1681260

nona, do it please! kek

No. 1681261

of course he looks like the most generic faggy guy that studies Compsci, he's a tranny so there is a 99% chance that he wont ever finish the game because of ADHD or 41%

No. 1681262

He looks like any ordinary smug groomer moid. I hope he kills himself on accident in his rat nest before he can seriously hurt anyone else.

No. 1681266

File: 1666418619953.jpg (147.66 KB, 640x691, 1665206166002.jpg)

browsing r/egg_irl is a guilty pleasure

No. 1681269

> thus living as a girl is better and im not trans for wanting to be a girl
what is this even meant to mean

No. 1681270

> Girls are objectively happier
Yeah, because feeling uneasy every time I step outside and never feeling safe around half the population makes me so, so happy. So does never being taken seriously for being a woman. Sorry, I mean “girl”. They’re so delusional, posts like this just really drive it home that what they see as “girlhood” is a twisted, idealistic fantasy. Real womanhood is draining and depressing. Not that they’ll ever be able to relate to it.

No. 1681271

They unironically complain and say it makes them dysphoric if you talk about the tough things growing up as a girl too. Even if your childhood was atypical in general, they get upset for not having dealt with the same shit.

No. 1681272

So he has fantasies of killing women, and is a certified bathroom/locker room pervert. Don’t forget porn addict!
Every fucking time. It happens so often that I can’t believe so many women still haven’t peaked. Even in my libfem days, I always felt uneasy when a troon would walk into the bathroom (liberal city, happened a lot). I’d feel guilty about that at the time, but looking back on it, I think I always subconsciously knew it was fucked. No amount of wigs or hormones gets rid of male depravity.

No. 1681273

I recently saw some Reddit comments by a troon saying he’s jealous of when women get honked at while walking down the street. His goal was to have it happen to him one day, since it would be “affirming”.

It would happen to me most when I was a teen. It was terrifying at times. It sickens me that our struggles are something to be envied in pursuit of the ultimate coom.

No. 1681274

File: 1666419948278.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2011, F7322E67-B72E-41CB-AA74-588A49…)

My morbid curiosity took me to egg_irl also, and this was one of the first posts I saw.

They really do just see women as porn categories, huh. Because there’s only two types of women: fucktoy and mommy.

No. 1681277

Me too anon, it started around 13 and stopped by the time I was a fully developed woman so what does that tell you about the males who think it's complimentary. No I did not get fat and ugly suddenly kek.

No. 1681285

File: 1666421213312.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x822, 61B93BCF-0987-4F21-9D7D-07310F…)

so troons are basically admitting that John Oliver is indoctrinating and force feeding normies TRA propaganda to parrot

No. 1681287

I still want to know where their brain fucks up masterbating to lesbian porn to "oh I must want to be a woman". Ffs I've enjoyed a good yaoi but that doesn't mean I want to be a scrote. Hot shit is hot.
If they did a legitimate study on how many of these mtf (and let's be honest ftm) people are seeing a reputable therapist or psychologist, I bet it wouldn't hit above 2%.

No. 1681288

File: 1666421281140.jpeg (122.03 KB, 750x709, E269CC69-A411-411A-ABFA-F07C38…)

apparently >puberty blockers and HRT is no more dangerous than Tylenol or Advil

No. 1681289

No. 1681290

File: 1666421420244.jpeg (177.15 KB, 749x1015, DD952230-91AE-4F2F-8F35-7527EF…)

>>op: no TRAs are claiming troons actually change their sex
>>cringe reply guy: well akschually we can change sex tho

No. 1681291

File: 1666421540438.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1280x9087, 91A78DC4-0542-48D2-B4AD-D38A11…)

sage because no one asked for this, but i finally got the collage right.

No. 1681293

is this nasty fucker sitting on a puppy pee pad?
I hate how they make certain body types and physical characteristics align with sexual roles and archetypes. like why does the sub have to be uwu smol and the dom tall? it's as stupid as their gender bs.
I appreciate it, nona!

No. 1681294

i’m a fujoshit in recovery and the main reason why i enjoyed reading fanfic about gay ships is because the relationships they portrayed were peak female gaze. there was nothing realistically scrotey about the characters, or anything, really. just pure, unadulterated female self-indulgence.

No. 1681295

File: 1666422234751.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.02 KB, 586x635, 2DD67698-E05C-4322-9992-689F59…)

pic related: Jordan Gray, a troon “comedian” performed a song about being a “genius” tranny on channel 4 (uk) and then proceeded to strip naked and play the keyboard with his penis at the end. the channel 4 twitter account tweeted a video of the song but ofc left this particular moment out. the song included such lyrics as “I’m better than you I’m better than you” “I’m a perfect woman, my tits will never shrink and I’m guaranteed to squirt, and I do anal by default” he even sings “I am more than just a female Russell Brand” despite everyone knowing he’s not and never will be a female.

I don’t know how to get the video to post in this thread but here is the clip if you want to see (warning: it’s gross)

No. 1681298

>I’m a perfect woman, my tits will never shrink and I’m guaranteed to squirt, and I do anal by default
its always about being sex objects to them.

No. 1681299

sadly a lot of autistic young women don't seem to realize the fact and end trooning out over it

No. 1681302

File: 1666422744551.jpg (138.8 KB, 1200x1821, 297493692_432004875645027_3145…)

he looks like a british comedian in drag

No. 1681304

it's cool when people laugh at these and admit to everyone they still think a woman's worth is in being a sexual object.

No. 1681305

isn't it like, illegal to suddenly expose yourself like that? Did those people sign a waiver? I have many questions.

No. 1681306

>Broken disfigured man outs himself to be seething with jealousy over real women

No. 1681307

>I'm distressed that I can't give birth although I'm not interested in having kids
>I didn't bother looking into fertility options before transitioning because I knew I didn't care
>the only reason to have a child is to experience giving birth
>I'm a melodramatic narc so I say I'm suffering from infertility
>I know I'm appropriating the struggles of women but I'm looking for validation
oh my god how many times do we have to point out that being fertile and consensually choosing to sterilize yourself is not at all comparable to being infertile. especially because these scrotes admit they don't give a fuck about having kids or being parents, only their impregnation and birth fetishes.

No. 1681308

So prior to covid and going trans he was apparently on Broadway. I wonder if hes going to try to used Dylan clout to get women's roles when this wave of attention dries up.

No. 1681309

why would you sage these? this shit is beyond the pale.

No. 1681311

File: 1666424988294.jpeg (56.84 KB, 750x392, dylan-james-cookies.jpeg)

Not sure it may just be his agency and a well times pr come out. His dad doesn't seem high powered at least. He's just some recovered alcoholic.

No. 1681312

It’s actually not that shocking for a comedy set in England to involve someone showing their dong or stripping down, in some comedy circles at least. I find the concept and song lyrics more disgusting and grotesque than him playing the keyboard with his dick (which has been done before by other comedians, not that I thought it was funny when they did it either).

No. 1681313

>despise the vast majority of cissies and want to dump testosterone into the water of multiple major cities
notice how he only wants to only use T in his ecoterrorism and not estrogen? that's because he doesn't hate moids, just women. he resents our beauty, therefore he wants to disfigure women with testosterone. just like the incels who throw acid on women.
umm wtf?? but it's not a mental illness?

No. 1681314

I immediately stand corrected. His grandfather was the highly successful former Padres President and Philanthropist James “Jim” F. Mulvaney. So it's family money and a recognizable name making people willing to do just a bit more.
Proof that that the elderly man is the father of Dylan's father: https://web.archive.org/web/20220925131834/https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/making-a-difference/sd-me-difference-voasw-20170316-story.html

No. 1681316

>moob oozed something that tasted medicinal and oily
this is the same hormonal secretions they're trying to pass off as breastmilk onto innocent babies, isn't it?
there's this double standard where troons are allowed to determine which terms are acceptable versus offensive to refer to themselves, but real women are not afforded the same luxury (because troons also get to talk over us). it's just like how white people were pushing the term Latinx and that's still widely used, even though the majority of Latinos regard it as a slur. plus troons mansplain womanhood in the process. I hope this beautiful and based woman doesn't get brigaded or threatened for speaking up. fuck anyone who calls us "menstruators", "uterus-havers", "incubators" or "cissies". these moids are so misogynistic they don't listen to us when we tell them they're calling us sexist slurs.

No. 1681317

>Female Russell Brand
First of all, you're not female.
Second thing, people know who Russell Brand is. You're literally who? I've never fucking heard of you.

No. 1681319

Lucas, you're 'trending' because you have personalized trend turned on. No one cares about you or knows who tf you are. For someone so terminally online and having one personality trait of being on twitter 25/8, you seem to know little about it. Also the safe word you're looking for is log off.
Sorry for mini rant, I'm seeing red every time I see this rat.

No. 1681320

the love interest should have been the girl, troons are all straight men with lesbian fetishes

No. 1681322

other anons have pointed out the BDSM collar but are we going to talk about his handle and account name?
>Manic Pixie Dick Girl
>Slutty Violet
says a lot about how troons view women only as sexual objects, still are obsessed with their dicks, and only troon out because they can't imagine being a slut as a moid

No. 1681324

how deep down the rabbit hole do you have to be to watch this and not peak?
>I'm better than you
these misogynists are saying the quiet part out loud now
>I'm a perfect woman
he says, terrible and male
>my tits will never shrink
does he think women's breasts just like completely shrivel up and fall off once we hit menopause? idgi
>I squirt
you ejaculate and it's disgusting
>I do anal
yeah, like a gay scrote because ywnbaw

No. 1681325

with that ratty wig and those hoop earrings he looks like he's either skin walking Amy Winehouse or he's straight up black fishing

the Certified Insane patch sure fits him though

No. 1681328

I KNEW he was a rich kid, thank you for the detective work anon

No. 1681331

We can't do long term studies when they all kill themselves before anyone can see the results kek. Honestly the schadenfreude when these idiots end up with all kinds of physical ailments is going to be immense. They already stopped giving girls with early menses puberty blockers because it gave them fragile bones and lower IQs, yet somehow despite it being the exact same drug (lupron) they claim it's safe when used for trans kids? Eventually reality is going to catch up with them and it's going to be a complete shit show.

No. 1681332

We love to see it kek no sympathy for groomers like keffals. Did they ever say why his finacé suddenly dumped him? I feel like he must have found evidence for the grooming or some dirt like that that keffals himself kept lying about never happened

No. 1681333

for the crypt keeper in drag, yes.

No. 1681335

File: 1666429081806.jpg (372.56 KB, 720x3200, 05.jpg)

This is just cope, many troons come to think "No one can tell. Maybe some people could tell when I was early in my transition, but not anymore. No one questions. No one can tell." and they start believing it
Taking out the best looking people of those who transition, the ones who spend hundreds of hours on appearance and taking pictures from every angle possible, under every type of lighting, etc, maybe 2 or 3 in a 100 can fool someone in a picture.
None of them give no tells in real life. Literally, none. As soon as you're close enough, you can tell. But no one will tell them that because they think if they do they'll cause the person to kill themselves. And noticing means you're a bad person and a bigot, so Imagine a troon seeing this post and getting their hopes up for estrogen to make them look like a perfect born female and how those hopes would be crushed realizing its just a regular cis-girl, that's why this post from a previous thread unironically did more critical damage than a million YWNBAW rants.

Just 4 words and a clear picture of something that they will never achieve.

No. 1681337

this picture always makes me laugh its like they cant see the obviously different skull shapes

No. 1681340

>girls are happier
Women suffer from depression way more than men, also suffer from more anxiety, PTSD and attempt suicide more. MRA really brainwashed people with screeching about men’s mental health huh

No. 1681343

No. 1681346

File: 1666430907323.jpg (236.53 KB, 1200x675, Hellraiser-hulu-reboot-trailer…)

bless the nonna who made the thread pic, it came just in time for the spoopy season

No. 1681347

This was a legitimately good movie and I have no issue casting a tranny as a demon priest of hedonism and torture.

No. 1681351

i think most nonnas will agree with you there. trannies as cenobites is as close to the source material depiction as you can get. See: >>1657087

No. 1681354

>cenobites were originally human beings who embraced hedonism, depravity and sensations of the body that they become monstrous demons

No. 1681357

File: 1666432437704.jpg (1.39 MB, 810x3785, Screenshot_20221022-054628_Red…)

The hair, the smirk, the eyes, the 5:00 shadow

No. 1681360

Its the demonic eyes, ALWAYS

No. 1681365

This implies John Oliver is that popular. I thought he was universally kind of despised by most normal Americans. His stchick is basically AMERICA BAAAAAAD so why the fuck would anyone like him?

No. 1681367

This might not be popular here but I’m personally convinced that it’s a mixture between cooming to lesbian porn and the super positive attitudes progressive circles had towards lesbians in the 2010s even if it was mostly performative or fuelled by Oppression Olympics it was pretty huge. They want that unconditional love and affection from progressives all while being the hot goth tall gf that everyone memes about.

No. 1681368

> His stchick is basically AMERICA BAAAAAAD so why the fuck would anyone like him?
From my observation that’s basically it, so many Americans like being told how awful their country is it’s lowkey entertaining at times.
A lot also feel like they’re actually learning from watching his show which honestly early on makes sense in his earlier episodes he did put a lot of effort and I remember him getting in trouble with some some countries due to his content (I’m not sure if I’m mixing him up with another one of those political comedians) but his later episodes just lift directly from twitter and his points and conclusions are horribly easily to predict.

No. 1681369

This also fits in r/scrambled_eggs_irl perfectly

No. 1681371

just because some someone critique american society doesn't mean "american bad"

No. 1681372

File: 1666436641210.jpg (299.03 KB, 960x1018, 1666436426603.jpg)

It sure does lol

No. 1681374

The "love" for lesbians was always either fetishization or infantilization, though. It wasn't the treatment we wanted, and we certainly didn't ask for it. I won't deny that it's is clearly desirable to these autopedophiles and AGPs, though. But that's because either treatment of us is based on male fantasies about what we are (fetishization = "lesbian" porn, infantilization = uwu pure soft yuri).

No. 1681386

File: 1666439236626.jpeg (85.78 KB, 687x337, 15471F6C-8672-40B3-B612-A5F390…)

Why do they all have crazy eyes? He looked autistic before but not straight up unhinged. As if the cross dressing wouldn’t be off putting enough, his crazy ass face will scare off any sane people

No. 1681395

File: 1666441994764.png (301.01 KB, 421x679, Jordan Gray.png)

Seems like the typical narcissist AGP husband too.

No. 1681401

i think these women legitimately dont realize its a nasty fetish thing. most likely they just thought it was innocuous and funny bc thats how the queerio community has been pushing it for so long.

No. 1681406

If this degenerate narc who likes to show off his penis to crowds is away for weeks at a time, he’s def cheating. I hope his poor wife gets tested for HIV regularly

No. 1681411

The fuck is co-conspire? Conspiracies are always done in group.

No. 1681422

I can’t even imagine a woman doing this same thing willingly, knowing it was on tv and she was objectifying herself. That’s why I know this dude is a man. They have no fucking shame and don’t have to worry about consequences.

No. 1681424

If a woman performed nude, it wouldn't be allowed to be shown on a comedy TV show. Women can only do it when it's porn.

No. 1681425

Why do moids think their penises are entertaining at all? It’s a tube of flesh that’s unappealing to look at at best and downright disgusting at worst. I’ve never understood the male obsession with dicks, even in school when boys were drawing them everywhere. Like, what’s funny about it? You don’t see women drawing vulvas all over everything or talking about them 24/7. If I knew men wouldn’t get off to hearing about them or talking about periods and other female woes I’d never shut up about them just to make them uncomfortable too.

No. 1681426

Exactly. My first thought of where this might possibly occur if it had been a woman was a strip club or somewhere like that, where the context is her being sexualized. The fact that a scrote can do this on normal tv and not feel sexually objectified or afraid says a lot.

No. 1681428

File: 1666448604007.jpeg (266.46 KB, 1110x828, 80A994F8-428B-4203-ADB1-0B8679…)

Here are the full lyrics to his song. I didn’t even catch the “sexism!” part when I watched it, but now the whole thing is somehow even worse.

No. 1681429

I think some of his takes are relevant and true, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch this one because from what I heard it’s the same gaslighty talking points we’ve heard over and over again.

No. 1681439

The whole left wing and left wing comics/hosts/personalities shtick is basically just America bad, western culture bad, white people bad, kek. I'm not white but I am western and it's just boring and predictable now.

No. 1681444

I love british comedy and that isn't funny at all, even with his performance, it's not funny and honestly, I can laugh about the dumbest shit. Before today I never heard about him and now I have blocked everything about him on twitter so I (hopefully) never have to hear anything from that guy ever again.

No. 1681450

File: 1666450989231.jpg (509.8 KB, 953x2034, IMG_20221022_165944.jpg)

Best german-language book all year without a doubt

No. 1681462

What the fuck did I just read

No. 1681463

"I'm a arousing little mystery in your husband's Google history"
Yes, that's all you'll be. The few men who watch tranny porn will never settle down with you or introduce you to their mum. You will always be just a fetish for a few sick men.

No. 1681464

He is married to a woman nonnie >>1681395

No. 1681465

File: 1666452820633.jpg (147.26 KB, 1080x1068, FfoihGmXwAIKNUz.jpg)

Yes that totally happened

No. 1681467

the username… why are moids like this

No. 1681468

to be fair, after having had the displeasure of knowing straight men, and hearing wtf degen shit they were up to in the changing rooms, I wouldn't be surprised some shit went on but that having anything to do with his gross ass man boobs I doubt. (Sporty)men and boys are just nasty.

No. 1681471

File: 1666453800915.png (186.94 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20221022-114727-304…)

The absolute desperation for oppression.

No. 1681477

AGPs are known to fuck men for gender affirmation even if they're not sexually attracted to males. He's probably fucking chasers on the down low.

No. 1681480

File: 1666454618084.jpeg (219.82 KB, 972x949, AE1D5AD0-CE39-4C79-8956-44D41F…)

Sage for pointless but why doesn’t Shillan Multrooney get some fucking fillers or at least a SKINCARE ROUTINE for christs sake his face lines fucking trigger me. He looks like he’s been doing hard drugs for a decade and he’s a couple years younger than me.

No. 1681486

File: 1666455226261.jpg (195.9 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20221022-120812_Chr…)

The subby dommy mommy shit gets old fast.

No. 1681487

File: 1666455333347.jpg (122.36 KB, 1000x580, b586d8b017377a46088f569c257151…)

kek check him out on the far right amongst other men in picrel

No. 1681490

pics like this give me so much entertainment, how can someone see this and not smile a little bit? It checks all the boxes for what makes a good joke, even just on an "evolutionary" level. This is some of the funniest shit the world will ever see played out on a grand scale. Lmao I'm still laughing what a great image

No. 1681491

There is nothing less attractive and more repulsive than an adult man talking about uwu dommy mommy subby ddlg pornsick mumbo jumbo. Get a grip sir.

No. 1681495

10 years ago all of these fucking nerds would have been wearing fedoras and sandals. It's so blatant how it's a socially influenced thing.

No. 1681499

yup, i was about to post i couldn't help but grin. this is so ridiculous. of course none of them made the effort to have a feminine posture.

No. 1681500

Only women want affection I guess.

No. 1681502

Ah, now I remember why I don't read German books anymore. Guess this will be one of the books to read next in year 11 at school, because it's modern and won a prize.
But just to be clear, he is from Switzerland, so he isn't German and I will be very glad when he goes back to Switzerland and we never have to hear about him ever again.

No. 1681503

How can your clothes and shoes be so ugly

No. 1681506

Idk, but if that’s a minor talking about high school then that’s even more fucked up. I hate how sexualized children are becoming.

No. 1681507

You see them bring this stuff up on r/AL all the time and thankfully more women are starting to downvote it to oblivion or outright call it out. It’s such a male thing that already gets pushed on women.

No. 1681509

Why do they all dress like absolute shit? The ones wearing florals with autism moid sneakers are wild.

No. 1681511

That happened

No. 1681522

Sooo many women are so naive to the sad coomer reality of moids.

No. 1681525

File: 1666459284546.jpeg (181.18 KB, 1130x1326, holyshitwhat.jpeg)

incoming wtf dump

No. 1681527

File: 1666459366624.jpg (621.49 KB, 1034x1425, abuseofwomen.jpg)

No. 1681528

Imagine THE smell

No. 1681530

this triggered my fight or flight response kek. troons insist that they’re just normal women but there’s no way in hell that i, a petite black woman, would feel safe around them, a group of large white males. not to racebait but it just enrages me that the average white TiM thinks that they’re more oppressed than me, or any other woman for that matter. how the fuck did we get here

No. 1681532

File: 1666459470922.png (3.43 MB, 1720x1438, troonlewds.png)

No. 1681535

File: 1666459580203.jpg (737.4 KB, 1456x1165, cursede.jpg)

No. 1681538

Well, nonnins, his "woman" brain can only think of periods, clothes and makeup, skin care routines just don't exist.

No. 1681540

File: 1666459670601.jpeg (49.78 KB, 738x415, troonrape.jpeg)

has this classic been posted yet? i just came across it today. i already hated reporters in general, unless they do sports or weather, because it's a bullshit job with no value but troon reporters are officially the most dangerous members of both groups.

No. 1681542

It has but it’s been a while. I don’t mind seeing older reposts of this caliber bc they’re so fucked up, more women need to see it and new nonas come here all the time.

No. 1681546

File: 1666460395417.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, 199EFE9A-A38E-4891-9159-6B19AA…)

>being so mad about a group of people that you make a videogame about it
I always find it so hilarious when moids and people try to defend this shit, saying that feminists or women that got out of the misogyny brainwashing are obsessed with moids.
But we're not? How many hours does it take to do that? I haven't seen the first 3D shooting game in which women kill men relentlessly, and that is about women fighting against some nazi shit. Some anons may be unhinged in here, but in reality, we all have lives outside of lolcow, we think moids are a disgusting waste of space and resources, specially those doing womanface, but we have other shit to do, hell, I'm sure that even the ultra neets got other shit to do, like cows to watch, memes to create, shit posts to write.

No. 1681548

It wasn't bad for a Hulu remake exclusive. Gotta say that his performance was lack luster and the movie was a bit slow for no reason. The weeper, played by a black woman was probably the best addition. And a side note, but on facebook where it was heavily promoted (I'm old), every single negative comment about Jaime being a woman and laugh reacts were 100% MEN. Not one single woman "misgendered" but plenty of men said "that's a man." Yes, definitely TERFs who are the ones that hate trannies the most and are the most dangerous and critical.

No. 1681574

holy shit is that really what he looks like? these troons take catfishing to a new level. he looks like live action clarence with long stringy greasy hair

No. 1681592

File: 1666463752311.jpg (336.21 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_20221022-203103_Red…)

r/handmaidensforpatriarchy fresh cringe 1

No. 1681593

File: 1666463785034.jpg (212.14 KB, 720x1344, Screenshot_20221022-203144_Red…)

No. 1681595

I rarely read this thread but I love the thread pic; perfect for Halloween. Made my day. Good job OP.

No. 1681597

File: 1666463854116.jpg (259.09 KB, 720x916, Screenshot_20221022-203042_Red…)

No. 1681603

File: 1666464540776.jpeg (503.45 KB, 750x1038, B30303FA-A49D-4315-9E12-F4A90C…)

the troon circlejerk continues.

No. 1681605

File: 1666464639140.jpg (99.33 KB, 850x478, Freaky-Fred-6.jpg)

No. 1681609

Seriously. They always talk about the evil violent terf menace and yet I’ve not heard of a single instance where a so-called terf killed a TiM (or of any woman doing that at all). Every death has been caused by their fellow men, so where is the game about that? It’s pure unadulterated male rage and violence on a target that isn’t deserving of it. All I’ve ever seen from women is speaking out against this and wanting their voices to be heard. Every protest video I see, these guys are attacking women and then saying those women deserved it. So where is the basis for this kind of game? It’s just men enacting violent fantasies against women like they always have.

No. 1681610

>+1213 updoots

No. 1681611

File: 1666465183923.jpeg (389.01 KB, 1284x1343, D6CA8739-FAE3-47FD-9A12-DDDFBF…)

Don’t they repost this shit on AL every other day? It’s nice to see people getting sick of it. I can’t imagine being a lesbian and having to hear “you just haven’t had the right dick” my entire life only to have men forcing themselves into spaces that were free of that. I wish they could obsess over anything other than women and let women be.

No. 1681616

god this one in particular grinds my gears cos he got added to a large private sub for people who are at least a year into sobriety and immediately started posting this shit there as well all like “look at my sober art btw I’m trans fuck terfs uwu”
Are you really sober if you’ve got a raging asspat addiction?

No. 1681617

Women don't kill often, but when they do, it's usually someone in close proximity who has actually done something to them and usually it's in self defense. So unless it's a woman defending herself from a rapey troon or taking revenge after being assaulted, I just don't see it happening and in that case it still wouldn't be about the troon part, but more about the rape part. Killing someone just for existing is something scrotes do.

No. 1681618

File: 1666465858347.png (1.69 MB, 1081x2136, chrome_screenshot_166646580121…)

>What, you're going to tell me I can't use the girls bathroom

No. 1681624

I love the thread pic. It's my dream and nightmare combined.

No. 1681625

File: 1666467034023.jpg (82.48 KB, 749x832, oh no .jpg)

Thank you for reminding me this shitshow of a sub exists.

No. 1681626

I thought his ribcage were saggy moobs and started screaming

No. 1681629

File: 1666467752432.jpg (110.59 KB, 747x772, moidbrain.jpg)

I did too. And of course, he's on egg_irl
>good girl
I hate moids.

No. 1681643

dude is sitting in the passenger sear, facing forward. this is obviously a fucking selife. why lie?

No. 1681647

what's wrong with just being a regular dude who looks like that? he looks like a dollar store thurston moore. why do you need to be a woman? it's 2022 and men have been wearing shirts like that since the 70s disco era. what is the point of this "girl" shit

No. 1681649

File: 1666469664202.png (246.4 KB, 492x444, myface.png)

No. 1681653

I didn’t know Liam Gallagher trooned out

No. 1681672

File: 1666471993766.jpeg (1006.57 KB, 960x1561, 93EDAF41-A6DF-4A85-A546-8CB930…)

feeling way too audacious behind those greasy stringy bangs

No. 1681677

so what youre saying is this whole this is just because no one told men its not gay to use concealer and filters

No. 1681687

safer tucking conference…for 13 year olds…

No. 1681690

nothing enrages misogynists more than ugly women existing. i hope every cell in this troon’s being reminds him that the ugliest woman on earth is a woman and he will never be, and nothing will save him from aging into a hideous blob like any other man.

No. 1681692

File: 1666473678846.jpeg (144.76 KB, 1080x1179, askgaybros.jpeg)

as the men in r/askgaybros put it

No. 1681701

dunno if anyone will care about this since it's not in english but i wanna post this troon from my country's next top model. i don't even really watch it and just wanted to see how he is and he seriously was the most stereotypically obnoxious gay dude and as much of a caricature as he could be

summary of the video
>terrible singing with nasally voice and yaaas slay shit
>says he always wanted to be in entertainment and go to hollywood(kek)
>calls himself an artist while being the most talentless person i've seen on the show
>says trans people are "futuristic" as they experience both genders and are more aware of their bodies,minds and emotions(ironic since he acts like a child when he was eliminated)
>catwalks terribly and the judges are yas queening him for woke points and it's like they also humor him like the part where he says "as you can see i'm a trans woman" and one of the judges say "no we can't that's why we're asking"
>tells a sob story about self harming(he was also beaten up in his teens but it isn't referred here) and he says how next top model helped him accept himself
>says that realised he is trans when his father asked him at the age of six if he feels like a woman(cause god forbid he is gay ig) and his father has supported him since then and said a corny story about crying then and wrapping himself in a blanket and wishing he became a real girl
>while he is away they say how accepting his father is and how there's no trans representation and a bunch of woke shit
>judges call his extremely average male body hot
>judges are hyping him up while he acts like a complete faggot telling him how stunning and brave he is

in the video where he was eliminated he started ugly crying and ofc the production milked the shit out of it by "calling in a psychologist" and shit. and ofc after he god over the shock he turned into a bitter scrote saying how he wasn't given a chance(while he did terribly objectively)and how the judges were telling him he could change the world and in the end he rips apart into pieces his audition number saying "i thankfully wont be needing that and i will appreciate the people who will stand by my side as in my modeling career" obviously coping massively.

in another video where he is at a tv show he blamed his reaction on HRT and another-otherwise pretty shitty-scrote rightfully said that if he is in such an emotional state he shouldn't expose himself like that and that he gives off a negative image and the troon said that he is an inspiration to other people(lmao) basically saying the hormone induced and pretty much male outburst to rejection was the right thing to do.

vid rel is his audition if you want to challenge yourself to watch an unbearable troon in a foreign language. he seems potentially milky but his instagram is deleted

No. 1681704

File: 1666475174232.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1536x2048, A41AA48D-91E1-477C-A7D4-FBB801…)

There's apparently a subreddit targeted at "femboy" minors, lots of disgusting shit, selfies of teen boys in skirts and weird flirty responses. I'm extremely surprised it's even been up for the few days I have been aware of it, considering

No. 1681706

This one reeks of jealous HSTS post op rot pocket. suicide likely

No. 1681713

The phenomenon of zoomer fem boys really stands to show that failmale beta men will literally turn themselves gay because they perceive themselves to be of surplus and need attention that badly.
It reminds me of how 4channers used to talk about one of their friends “being the girl” in a friend group group and everyone buttfucking them. It’s all prison gay shit. And they accuse women of being needy.

No. 1681714

>Turning an image of a historical lesbian badass (Julie D'Aubigny) into a homophobic AGP meme
Scrotes kys challenge.

No. 1681716

As someone in a previous thread put it, how come gay men get to be based

No. 1681719

>>says that realised he is trans when his father asked him at the age of six if he feels like a woman

I can't imagine asking a six year old for a serious opinion about anything, the transcult's idea of taking children's opinions seriously is very pedoish (and has been proven so many times) though this story in particular sounds fake
Like it's so easy to influence a kid since they are literally babies and only know what their parents/school/friends/ipad told them, they can't make reasoned, rational decisons while still growing and learning and with very limited (because they are babies) life experience. Like a 6 year old's idea of gender is literally clothing and voices. They can't know the greater social constructs, expectations, and history behind gender nor understand the physical differences between the sexes and how they affect your life.

No. 1681720

Its seething cope and it always has been. It’s blatant jealousy of women having lives independent of men, and there is nowhere where that hatred and obsessiveness intensifies than on the lowest ranking incel males of their social ladder who used to be given pity wives. Incels and men who watch anime are much more dangerous than jocks.

No. 1681722

>Trans women are women and trans lesbians are lesbians
They chant this shit like a mantra lmfao Its like brainwashing

No. 1681724

>"We just want to be included! We're just like you! There's no reason to exclude or differentiate us!"
>"…But we are going to spam this subreddit with trans-specific content, and we will get mad at you if you want more general or actually female homosexual content."
The "actual" in r/actuallesbians is sarcastic at this point.

No. 1681731

They often still can't, that dude's account got banned.

No. 1681738

and she will still look more like a woman than he will ever. even if she is born with wide shoulders, smaller hips, flat chest and doesnt shave body hair- she would still be instantly recognized as a woman

No. 1681740

File: 1666477493044.jpeg (43.24 KB, 522x522, 522x0.jpeg)

Where was the lie, though?

No. 1681741

File: 1666477503467.png (36.13 KB, 1003x349, straigt men are trash.png)

I have never wanted to track someone down and beat them about the head with a shovel, than this moid, who is openly fetishizing the oppression lesbians face in a 'lesbian' sub, looking for sympathy cause he never got oppressed for liking girls.

No. 1681743

Their seething jealousy toward masculine women is so telling. Imagine getting effortlessly mogged by someone who doesn't even care.

No. 1681746

I'm convinced this "uwu subby" thing all the troonsbians do is just cope for being utter failmales. They're incapable of providing for a family or competing with other heterosexual men to attract women, so they fetishize their own uselessness and yearn for a mommy figure to take care of them forever. It just rarely works out for them, because catering to a useless moid is the most repugnant idea on earth for lesbian women.

No. 1681748

Every time. We know you want women to do all the work for you, scrote.

No. 1681749

His father is the vice president of Alliant insurance brokerage company in CA and has been a board member for several philanthropist non profits as well. Hate to tinfoil but there is much to tinfoil about - the fact that Alliants CEO was a signatory on a diversity and inclusion pledge alongside biologics companies such as Pfizer and Eli Lilly, the investment firm that owns Alliant recently launching an investment platform for biopharmaceuticals and gene therapy. I'm sperging out and doing more googling than I probably should be but Dylan has been a "girl" for less than a year and has arrangements to speak with the president as well as to speak at the Forbes Women's summit. I'm genuinely doubtful that TikTok clout and family money are the only things behind his sudden notoriety

No. 1681756

No. 1681758

The thing is they aren’t posting lesbian content. They’re posting straight content or content that relates to porn or hentai like the anime girl dommy subby stuff. Most lesbians just want a place to chill and relate to each other without men or their fetishes nearby.

Congrats on your sobriety nona. Sorry about him though.

No. 1681761

You probably mean his father is A VP, titles at banks and the like are inflated. Being a VP doesnt mean too much, it's a step above Associate, just means hes been at it for 5-7 years

No. 1681765

I’m surprised that sub hasn’t been banned yet. I know it’s comprised of men but every time I’ve seen a TiF post there they tear her apart, plus I’ve heard it’s gotten considered for the ban hammer before.

No. 1681767

File: 1666479515929.jpeg (192.6 KB, 960x642, C7136CB4-16A3-4842-B12A-E80861…)

>girl on tiktok criticizes dylan multranny and ulta
>tras and handmaidens criticize her appearance and makeup

No. 1681774

Reddit is run by TiMs. They don't give a damn if a male majority subreddit shits on TiFs. The tranny jannies only care when women subs don't suck the girldick.

No. 1681775

typical for handmaidens to immediately go for an ad hominem attack. common pickmeisha behaviour.

No. 1681776

File: 1666479984679.png (2.25 MB, 3000x2954, 1666418390111930.png)

No. 1681780

isn't this also racist? i mean having to do your eyeliner as close as your eyelids to make it do something that doesn't looks ugly as shit is typical of people with monolids or similar eyeshapes. but as always, pickemeishas can be racist if troon dick has to be sucked

No. 1681784

File: 1666480764201.png (288.61 KB, 708x1881, 2022-10-22.png)

I just checked and so far only like two weren't banned. society

They forgot to take into the fact that TiMs usually have zero female secondary characteristics

No. 1681785

it was a white girl but seeing these retarded nlog pickmes shoot down other women in the name of protecting their stunning and brave is… something

No. 1681787

is that what they were trying to say? sounds so weird, like yes eyeliner does indeed grip onto skin.

No. 1681792

Handmaidens take another L.

No. 1681796

Those bangs can only do so much to hide a receding hairline

No. 1681797

This might be a troll post since that’s a pretty subtle Chris chan reference and the story is just way too agp stereotype.

No. 1681811

File: 1666482192418.jpeg (172.06 KB, 828x934, B39A67E2-F5EC-4AA4-8730-ECA895…)

Genuinely how are you supposed to even respond to trannies and TRAs being this delusional irl?

No. 1681813

Ew. First of all…

1. I thought intersex people weren’t “cis”?
2. What does this even mean
3. Yes, it is what misogynists do. Such as referring to us as “uterus havers” or “menstruators”

No. 1681815

File: 1666482547397.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 1280x720, 1666452727491007.web.webm)

A troon just got naked on live TV.

No. 1681817

The second point was referring to trans people having more female brains than some cis women apparently and that making them more of a woman than having a vagina.

No. 1681818

they fetishize their own uselessness and see women as coddled children. men are so fucking stupid, i swear.

No. 1681819

File: 1666482883676.jpg (17.67 KB, 507x371, image0.jpg)

theyre all just so terminally online. the real world doesnt warp to fit their twitter logic jesus fuck i hate it on this rock. any conversation with anyone irl and youll find people generally hate this overbearing erasure of actual women for these loud mouthed skinwalkers. but no one wants to get fired or screamed at. we are all obligated to be polite while knowing and believing otherwise.

No. 1681820

Well, tell him or her or it that “sexed brains” is sexist propaganda that has been used to discriminate against women for millennium. Not to mention it’s been debunked numerous times. I’m too lazy so if you want a source just look on google scholar.

No. 1681824

Furthermore inasmuch as it is true, the only troons with "female brain" (heavy on the quotation marks) are HSTS, and gay men who are not troons tend to have it to. AGP/troons who are attracted to women, don't.

No. 1681827

men's legs are so short and unshapely. they have ugly bodies.

No. 1681828

i mean my bad, that take was just plainly retarded. eyeshapes aren't unique to a specific ethnicity, but the only people who don't do their eyeliner a close to the eyelids are thirteen yo girls with their first liquid eyeliner and AGP trannies, and both are equally retarded

No. 1681829

what the fuck i have monolids and english is my second language and i make more sense than whoever wrote that comment.
and i didn't know that making sure there isn't a space of skin visible between my liner and lashes was unusual? sounds to me like the people commenting are bad at makeup actually.

No. 1681834

File: 1666484038306.png (2.1 MB, 2430x1620, misogyny with extra steps.png)

hahahahaaaa she thinks the gay men on reddit are "radical feminists"?? what the fuck does terf even mean
he look like alexis arquette. aka VERY MANLY

No. 1681839

File: 1666484481423.png (1.09 MB, 1081x4253, chrome_screenshot_166648421175…)

Troon expects to wife to 'beg forgiveness'

No. 1681843

The simple fact that no one wants to be with a troon is lost on them. Also, if troons are “real women”, what’s the issue? It’s a good bet your partner is straight since they married you. If your partner is straight and you are a “real woman”, her leaving you is only to be expected.

No. 1681844

the actual lesbian then got banned from the sub for this coment.

No. 1681848

wtf, glad this is archived for future viewing

No. 1681850

why do they always end up looking psychotic???

No. 1681856

Because only psychotic people think they can become the opposite sex. It's simple, thas mento illness luv.

No. 1681857

Every freakin time

No. 1681866

i hate seeing this guy on my dash

No. 1681877

Ah yes, of course he would idolize the "lowest" point of Russell Brand's life where he was likely still addicted to drugs and had a sex addiction. Makes complete and total sense. The only part he forgot was that people at least gave a shit about Russell Brand.

No. 1681879

I really appreciate you for making this!

No. 1681884

File: 1666489114820.jpg (113.93 KB, 1280x720, img_1280x720$2022_10_11_12_38_…)

idk if this was posted before but this tranny stabbed both his parents in my country (the old they don't accept my choices) but apparently he was just a slob who didn't want to work and lived off his parents while hitting them. He was even forbidden to come near the parents by court orders yet they were idiots and let him secretly in the house.

Last I heard he went to a female prison and guards didn't want to search him but they were ordered to, though they protested. Half of the news claimed a "woman" had stabbed "her" parents, I hate this world

No. 1681885

File: 1666489283040.png (532.68 KB, 593x835, Ffs1wkIXgAATgaq.png)

what the…?

No. 1681893

File: 1666490083090.jpeg (281.27 KB, 827x1122, 5CE57A11-B3CA-4BC9-AE04-284677…)

Dylan is trending and Ulta stock is spiraling down. I do hate the scrote author grouping fat women in with troons though.

No. 1681896

File: 1666490384864.png (281.49 KB, 400x334, EA573079-157D-4F06-9016-8C0B43…)

>playing wow with that UI
Autist kek

No. 1681897

What's with the "fatness" shoehorned in there, I haven't seen anything from Ulta other than this tranny bullshit, is Jennifer trying to catastrophize

No. 1681898

They learned that the world laughed at them for wearing trenchcoats and showing off their katana moves so they decided to become uwu goth gfs instead, because they think once again that this will show everyone that they’re different, cool, sexy edgelords. And again they’re laughed at and treated like speds and again they react by saying they’ll go Columbine/Randy Stair on anyone who boolies them.

No. 1681900

Without fail my dumb ass thought he said "woke tranny". That would be one hell of a slip.
So brave, so stunning. You're still a joke to the right wing freaks too.

No. 1681904

Stupid. Many women are fat. No women are men.

No. 1681905

Use them how? Do "trans men" automagically bleed from somewhere else? Like their brains or something?

No. 1681906

> scrote author
is Jennifer Graham a tranny? or just a handmaiden? whatever s/he is the fact that she's writing "trans girlhood" without interrogating how questionable that concept is for a whole ass adult male like Dylan is disgusting

No. 1681907

That thing is the size of a small animal's turd, I feel bad for his wife

No. 1681930

File: 1666496542764.jpg (172.02 KB, 1080x1801, FdlsEYgXoAAvFWU.jpg)

>skins their faces
yup totally normal conversation

No. 1681935

kek a troon drew your picrel

No. 1681941

File: 1666497784732.jpg (51.14 KB, 436x635, FfrsBlTX0AAaLG-.jpg)

No. 1681942

File: 1666497805578.png (59.71 KB, 403x624, Fe31qhvXwAId9cC.png)

No. 1681946

>only a c-cup
A c-cup is a pretty medium size. Either he doesn’t know what a c-cup is or he expects to end up with massive boobs… or both.

No. 1681947

It's always boobies or tits to them. They never use normal words. It reveals their scroteness, like how moids never say vagina, it's always "pussy". Either uwu little girl ddlg agp (boobies) or blatantly sexualizing porn addict agp who believes women aren't human (tits)

No. 1681950

File: 1666498601244.png (241.94 KB, 601x860, ywnbaw.png)

No. 1681951

hand resting on boob is an absentminded thing and i don't gain comfort from it or anything else. scrotes are dumb

No. 1681954

I wish their homocide rates were as high as they claim it to be

No. 1681956

Isn't it 57% or something now according to Oliver lol

No. 1681966

File: 1666502884193.png (5.58 KB, 717x64, Untitled.png)

it's probably a lie. most troons end up with less than an a-cup.

No. 1681968

jesus fuck

No. 1681971

so he files for divorce and now he's reeeeing because she's fine with it?

No. 1681972

Why do his eyes look like that? Why do all MtTs have such demonic stares?

No. 1681983

nta but really? wow they are truly everywhere, like cockroaches hiding amongst the normal people

No. 1681985

Kek at men realising they aren't a prize and women aren't going to beg to get back with them nor grovel.

No. 1681993

All stocks are currently crashing. This likely has nothing to do with Dylan at all.

No. 1681999

I just love how this disgusting TiM is complaining about Rowling, yet his mere existence and audacity to put on this trashy “womanly” cosplay is only making all the terf comments valid. How come these scrotes can get away with this shit??

No. 1682019

File: 1666511571845.jpg (72.3 KB, 595x842, Joan_f8bd80_5641964.jpg)

No. 1682025

Most troons have c/d/dd cups because of their massive rib cage and male chest. It has nothing to do with breast size. I’ve seen numerous tiny gynecomastia boobs posted in Troon subreddits tagged as D+ cups.

No. 1682026

File: 1666514043255.jpg (659.32 KB, 810x2468, Screenshot_20221023-042052_Boo…)

>"Who cares if it’s sexist, they thought I was a girl and that’s what matters"
>57 upvotes and counting, no controversial comment dagger

No. 1682035

I hate reading shit like this, because these "harrowing stories of abuse and neglect by women" men write are uniformly just narc reimaginings of relationships the man was the abuser in. "Wah wah she missed a date." What are the odds it was because she was working her ass off to support a deadbeat husband? He trooned out on a straight woman and expected her to stay, and holds the fact that she gave him space when he was upset in contempt instead of giving in and coddling him (likely during arguments, so he was hoping for her to give up her views and always agree with and support his), so he's definitely a complete narcissist.
This has been posted before, but I think I hate it a little more each time I see it. Did you know that clover is edible, and even healthy for you? This meme makes it out like "cis" women are just picky and ungrateful for not accepting or enjoying misogyny. We're literally being beaten, raped, and killed by misogynists, but I guess that's not a big deal because we're being "validated" as women. We didn't choose this, and we can't escape it. Even passing TIFs face misogyny. There's a reason Buck Angel is in porn, and it sure as hell isn't because she's a tranny or because the job is fun.

No. 1682055

File: 1666522279375.jpeg (33.47 KB, 564x564, 91E979C7-5A0D-42D3-8E8F-885D1A…)

thanks nona, time to delete it and find a better one.

No. 1682057

File: 1666522302692.jpg (493.13 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20221023-064104_Red…)

"Jokingly" promoting dangerous medical advice to kids

No. 1682060

in their mind it’s just a catch-all term for person who doesn’t agree with them. terf covers everything from
-ugly women
-womens rights speakers
-anyone who won’t fuck them
-rape/assault victims
-that one poor martial artist who got her skull broken by a tranny

i’m sure there’s more but that’s off the top of my head

No. 1682061

gee weez, i really wish getting birth control would be as easy as just going to the store

No. 1682062

Autism and severe mental illness.

No. 1682063

Very pathetic but completely on-brand for handmaidens. I wonder how much you truly need to hate other women if you are this quick to attack a random girl so viciously because she dares to criticize a mentally ill misogynist in drag. Male attention is like crack to them.
Like another anon said reddit is moderated mostly by TiMs (and especially any subs revolving around women, lesbians, feminism, etc.). Since most of them are AGPs they don't give a fuck about what gay men do in their communities - if anything they're having a good laugh about it because TiMs hate TiFs anyways.

No. 1682068

File: 1666524087397.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1640021007449.gif)

It's been weeks since I let my mustache/peach fuzz grow out because waxing that shit hurts and yet nobody thinks I'm a boy or a man despite this, my very thick eyebrows and my very flat chest. Hmm, I wonder why.

No. 1682070

and the audience clapping is why this happens and will continue

No. 1682082

You know why.

No. 1682083

File: 1666525802987.png (843.83 KB, 637x959, 1399580911911.png)

>there's probably more cock in "actuallesbians" than there is here

No. 1682088

Was wondering why this artist hasn't been blasted all over Twitter and canceled, looked them up and found out it's a man… mystery solved. Still funny tho.

No. 1682099

this moid is seriously just describing himself. also his music is literal dog shit.

No. 1682101

I got of ig a while back. I forgot that Joan Cornella's posts were one of maybe 3 accounts I loved following. Damn.

No. 1682105

File: 1666529779475.jpeg (28.46 KB, 455x780, C9D42EFC-C155-40FB-A996-D61C44…)

is this a fucking deltarune cosplay or am I just retarded and reaching

No. 1682107

The dead eyes meme is true for all trannies huh.

No. 1682108

God, can't believe I'm saying it but I miss when men like this would just be regular fucking weeb neckbeards. The normalisation of AGP and its consequences

No. 1682111

Did he delete this? I can't find it

No. 1682115

I keep hoping things will snap back to normal, as if we all awake from a bad dream or something.

No. 1682121

File: 1666531694459.jpg (225.83 KB, 1200x1437, Simon_Hanselman_a_València_06.…)

ntaryt but yeah, author is a full time crossdresser and seems to recognize that he's very much male but it still ruined my enjoyment of the comic bc you just know he's a raging autogynephile

No. 1682122

lmao dat chin. are his freckles fake?

No. 1682127

File: 1666532324447.jpg (363.89 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20221023_093823.jpg)

from the comments. TRAs cannot exist without MRAs.

No. 1682134

File: 1666533165954.jpg (95.88 KB, 1169x1101, FfbbHOYXoAA28GF.jpg)

No. 1682136

TWAW yet they all conveniently act and think exactly like all other moids, and we are supposed to think they’re different just because they put on some shitty eyeliner and fugly meme socks or a pleated skirt.

No. 1682138

May god grant me the confidence and lack of self awareness of a mediocre white man. Amen

No. 1682141

It's so sad men are allowed to reject troons but women are obligated to cater to them.
I guess everyone is clapping to troons in lesbian subreddits because there are no actual women there.

No. 1682143

File: 1666534016242.png (1.23 MB, 811x981, Screenshots_2022-10-23-22-05-5…)

>i dont wanna give up boxing

No. 1682146

>>Are allowed
>>Obligated to cater
Hey look it's the root of all this bullshit and every other issue we have!!!!

No. 1682149

Does this guy think plan B is what women take as regular birth control? Does he not know that daily pills exist? What am I saying, of course it makes sense that a guy is illiterate in women's health issues

No. 1682151

Don't want to shit on women but handmaidens really let it happen. I will never understand the logic of these women who encourage men in cheap wigs to beat and rape other women in restrooms/prisons. It's always women who support misogynistic trannies. I hate troons by default of course, but I'm starting to hate handmaidens more and more every day.

No. 1682155

i think jordan peterson tells it best when he said women tend to be more agreeable than men, cuz if this shit was done to men, they wont put up with it. see >>1681692

handmaidens were a result of female socialization sadly, but a woman can only put up with so much abuse before finally cracking. the mass peaking is almost upon us, ulta was just the start.

No. 1682166

>Jordan Peterson
Opinion discarded, tbh I haven't heard of him for a while, heard he wrote a new self help books but I thought he was a vegetable from his benzo coma a few months back.

Handmaidens are unironically the result of patriarchy and so are trannies.

Handmaidens are the result of libfems and libfem ideology becoming more widespread and normalized. The solution isn't shitting on women indiscriminately like Jordan Peterson does, it's peaking them about fucked up shit. If normie and libfem women knew about sick tranny shit, and the general degeneracy of the things they support blindly due to their naivety, like porn etc It would take a lot of brainwashing to still retain that handmaiden/pickme status.

Of course there will always be ones that fall between the cracks though, but all you can do is fight the good fight.

Women absolutely aren't 'more agreeable than men' and this is some blatant scrote shit. Speaking as if women are some intrinsically peaceful unicorn of acceptable, airy fairy bullshit is misogynistic. Women aren't more agreeable than men they just don't have an option ever and never have to disagree.

No. 1682168

File: 1666537845013.jpeg (43.85 KB, 493x622, 490AE6B6-AC37-4BA9-8874-BF1E9C…)

very intellectual take

No. 1682170

hold up does birth control also gives cancer ? lol

No. 1682176

America is bad kek

No. 1682179

>It happened because of handmaidens.
Trying to keep claiming this won't suddenly make it true. It always makes me chuckle when someone goes go 'you did this', when most nay sayers are female, most protestors against it are female (terfs), and most people protesting in favour of it and pushing it are male (troons in big pharma and any position of power gained from male supremacy, antifa, big tech scrotes censoring things, male politicians not caring or being pro with only the few saying no to it out of need to keep up their retard hierarchy because they see troons as unmanly men and not because it is a dumb and sexist concept). Why are troons shat on more on here than sites like the male imageboard 4chan even before troons became a big thing? Truth is scrotes push. It's all in an effort to pretend male pornsickness degeneracy is not real and needs to be dealt with before it completely destroys society. It's all about protecting the coom. It's not because women are so gosh darn agreeable, it's that women are punished for not obeying scrotes every command, eg. look how female anti-troon people are harassed vs scrotes getting to say and do whatever they want like JKR still getting death and rape threats and moids getting the old 'I'm disappointed'. This is perpetuated by scrotes via societal cultural control. When women are ever like 'men are dangerous/more likely to be rapists, etc' scrotes chimpout and seethe the same way. This shit wouldn't be pushed so heavily if it wasn't a male entitlement movement being shilled by scrotes in positions of power for various reasons (eg. rolling back womens rights and making discrimination socially acceptable again, creating a protected class of men, or just to make money). Women are punished for recognising and defending against male degeneracy. Even most handmaidens who embrace trannies aren't actually too agreeable and nice and were in fact the old 'haha feminazi, see I'm just one of the boys' types a few years ago, like Illuminaughti for example. Men can identify as muh based troon haters as much as they like, doesn't change the fact that troons are their product that they created, pushed, and are responsible for kek. Troons are pushed on women and women are punished when they don't comply because scrotes can't have women who disobey the whime of coomers. Scrotes identify as based troon-haters the same way they identify as women, as in they actually aren't what they like to claim.
>Sighting Jordan Peterson
KEK, the Benzo's addict who put himself into a coma and rees that women are the embodiment of chaos and the movie Frozen is a psyop against men since it's about non-romantic love between sisters, the bastion of wisdom.

No. 1682185

I agree it's stupid to blame women for everything but mass peaking would help us a lot. Spicy straight pickmes and fakebois are still a large part of troon supporters.

No. 1682202

Yeah, of course they are a part of it and help, but I hate seeing the whole ‘women did this’ thing being shilled because it’s so blatantly false kek.

No. 1682213

That character is canonly a genderspecial so you’re not far-fetched. Undertale is known for its large troon fanbase.

No. 1682216

File: 1666542059631.jpeg (377.81 KB, 1170x787, 3EDC19DA-EFB4-4F4A-9536-1C2B9D…)

I hate being a RE fan why do I see this faggot everywhere. Any dirt on him?
Sage for vidyasperg/spoonfeed

No. 1682229

File: 1666542887296.png (186.3 KB, 1080x760, sweet.png)

Sorry no milk it was just nice to see
Also the amount of likes on JKR's tweets give me hope

No. 1682230

Here's an exercise: How come transracialism was immediately shot down while transgenderism continues to make inroads into American society to the point where they are even invited to the White House? Keep in mind there have been attempts within academia to validate transracialism (just like transgenderism). In the Rachel Dolezal documentary there is a scene where a black "intellectual" says he sometimes feels like a white woman. How come society reacts to the first word with laughter, but the second one is met with applause?

Answer: One side has in-group support while the other does not. One side has people suicidally cheering for their own demise while the other does not.

This shit will end the minute liberal women with savior complexes say "No". You can blame misogyny for this, but it would be as meaningless and unproductive as blaming racism for black people hypothetically supporting transracialism.

No. 1682236

File: 1666543443243.png (38.83 KB, 592x278, Screenshot 2022-10-23 12.01.17…)

No. 1682239

nick mullen and adams friedlands daughter looking rough

No. 1682243

Because gender is a social construct, nonny! Race is pure biology though and you can't appropriate a pottery design from another race you fucking bigot!

No. 1682245

i think narcissistic personality disorder and bpd should be diagnosed earlier for minors in a category of emergent personality disorder where treatment would be either cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectic behavioral therapy.

No. 1682251

>>Fucked anothony Cumia
>>Anthony Cumia paid for his tits. Which are botched.
>>Did porn, dated Natalie mars(I think)
>>was traumatized and trolled by 4chan

No. 1682252

what effort it's just a poorly drawn reskin of doom

No. 1682254

Basically all teens act like they have a personality disorder though, that’s why it’s rare to diagnose stuff in them. The puberty hormones and lack of life experience makes them highly strung and more likely to do dumb shit while thinking they know everything.

No. 1682264

Used to go by Sue Lightning, and also did cam shows. His last one ended with him apparently crying whilst jerking off. He was also involved with Anthony Cumia who paid for his boob job.

No. 1682265


No. 1682287

All I know is that his voice is annoying, he's very into Capcom games and may be enough of an influencer to get insider info sometimes, and he commissions art for his social media accounts and his videos from an artist who mostly draws futa and femboy shit (and badly at that).

No. 1682298

Shit like this is so absurd it helped me get over my severe lack of confidence and my imposter syndrome over the past few years, ngl. Now I know that while I'm not perfect, at least I'm not a straight white guy who looks like an inbred albino gorilla who thinks he's hot shit because of people's pity.

No. 1682301

handmaidens are anything but agreeable. they fight tooth and nail for crusty incels in programmer socks. they’re morons.

No. 1682314

>>"jordan peterson tells it best"

nonna please have some self respect

No. 1682316

women don’t have class consciousness like other groups do, especially now that they want us to believe that men are the most oppressed women in the world. and no one is getting rich off of race change surgeries and treatments. if there were hundreds of thousands of oli londons and rachel dolezals, and white supremacists were invested in supporting and validating them, maybe then transracialism would become a movement.

No. 1682317

I hate seeing this faggot and hearing his forced nasally voice. No actual self-respecting woman would willingly commission artists to draw themselves as uwu anime girls with big boobs. On top of obviously skinwalking the ideal gamer gf they have always wanted. Trannies are something else.

No. 1682318

File: 1666547476750.png (85.27 KB, 916x547, Screenshot (171).png)


No. 1682319

Then what is their motivation? "Hurt this evil terf and leave a quiet handmaiden me alone"? Quirky/brownie points? Being able to shit on other women for scrote attention without being called out for nlogism?

No. 1682323

File: 1666547667033.png (40.33 KB, 904x330, wtf.png)


This was a pinned post on R/actuallesbians from three days ago. I'm pretty sure this mod is a hand maiden and not an actual tranny, but I can't get over the fact they made a pinned post to gas light lesbians into accepting males into their spaces. Going to a gyno with an axe wound is on par with Yaniv getting his nasty balls waxed at the salon.

No. 1682325

pretty much, yeah.

No. 1682332

File: 1666548042179.jpg (45.58 KB, 813x383, ywnbaw.jpg)

lmaooooo I really want to know what an ob gyn is supposed to do about a smooth muscled wound? Can anyone enlighten me because I seriously don't understand it. There is no cervix to swab. There are no cells that a woman's body has. It's just a gouge in the groin area and maybe or may not have an inverted penis (I've seen both?) Troons should still go to urologists, as I assume they still keep their prostates. Does anybody have an anecdotes from ob gyns? Probably not since they fear losing their jobs I'd guess.

No. 1682334

he recently switched from crossdresser to "transwoman"

No. 1682339

Of course he fucked woman beater Anthony cumia. Anyone notice chasers are always violent psychopath chimps?

No. 1682353

Yep, every single one is a degen, hates actual woman or has been/is violent. More then likely towards actual women.

No. 1682355

To my knowledge there's only been 2 TiMs that have fought in women's combat sports, Fallon Fox and Alana McLaughlin(last year). I find these two invaders of women's sports particularly vile. You have to be a extreme misogynists to not only decide you want to "become a women" but fight real women in the ring. What's also telling is Fox and McLaughlin are both military veterans and neither participated in combat sports before transitioning. Fox has said he had no interest in MMA until after he got the dick chop and came across a women's MMA match on tv.

No. 1682373

>tbh I haven't heard of him for a while
Peterson got his twitter account suspended back in June for criticizing and misgendering Ellen Paige. He did a YT interview with Helen Joyce last month discussing gender ideology that I thought was pretty good.

No. 1682397

File: 1666551026661.jpg (1.16 MB, 1536x1643, 1666550522781814.jpg)

No. 1682401

File: 1666551089810.png (59.64 KB, 782x746, pedo.png)

looked on reddit about some ob/gyn stuff and they're so fucking creepy.

No. 1682406

That dialogue reads like fanfiction kek

No. 1682416

lmfao what the fuck

No. 1682419

Is the Pap smear not for the cervix? I'm so confused

No. 1682421

>I don't think I'll get better medical care if my doctor knows my medical history

No. 1682422

don't be, he's lying

No. 1682428

File: 1666551897205.jpeg (833.25 KB, 1170x1685, FBB2F8B3-F0B2-4D97-8FCA-4455C5…)

Because only women can be a support role, right? At least there’s some backlash from the replies.

No. 1682440

remember when gaming was a male hobby? now it's a tranny hobby

No. 1682441

They write dialogue like an unsocialized creep whose only reference is cringy reddit comics.

No. 1682455

>>There are experiences that are only applicable to one AGAB…

You mean like being a lesbian??? These people I can't even.

No. 1682458

That’s the same thing, nonna.

No. 1682465

>”uhm, ackchyually that’s because it is natural!!”
Sure kiddo.

No. 1682478

File: 1666554071801.jpeg (177.1 KB, 750x544, 14C2A34D-D41F-4F7A-9153-A48E47…)

the manly urge to commit murder suicide.

No. 1682484

This actually happens regularly to mothers and family members of males. Key word being males!

No. 1682486

Do 12-year-olds even go to the obgyn for procedures like that? I went for the first time in my late twenties and know a lot of women my age who’ve never been at all.

No. 1682488

Please be an FBI honeypot and not a real person…

No. 1682491

only if they were raped and it's part of a criminal investigation.

No. 1682494

There really can’t be gynecologists wasting time that should be spent seeing actual patients by performing pretend pap smears on cervix-less flesh wounds, right? It’s hard enough to get medical care in this country without a scrotes trying to get doctors to tell them they have the vagina of a child.

No. 1682498

yes, there are some. Mama Doctor Jones capes for troons on youtube and I'm sure she would absolutely see one if one scheduled an appt with her.

No. 1682499

No, they will only do it as a minor generally if you've actually had PiV, whether it was rape or not.
If you go to the hospital with bad abdominal pain and it's not appendicitis, they will start to ask questions too, but will just do an external echo if you've not had anything up there before/if they don't suspect rape

No. 1682502

i dont have to agree with everything he said, i just agree that women tend to be agreeable because they put up with moids' bullshit way too much.

the fact that they agree with the gender ideology that is harmful to them and them enabling their abusers means that handmaidens are agreeable if it means "being on the right side of history". hell i would even argue that this whole shit started/has gotten worse with the rise of libfem culture; thats why SWERF became a slur to silence other women who is against porn/sex work alongside the popularity of using TERF as a slur.

perhaps it was moids who did push for this, but the handmaidens sure damn enabled it because otherwise, women wouldnt have allowed troons into their restrooms in the first place nor defend them in accessing female-only spaces.

No. 1682508

Women cause/enable misogyny in the same way that DV victims cause/enable their abuse. Right?

No. 1682511

you DO know some DV victims defend their scrotes right? women tend to protect people that doesn't deserve it/are causing their abuse which further proves "agreeability"

>agreeableness describes a person's ability to put other people's needs above their own

No. 1682514

File: 1666557541191.jpeg (220.87 KB, 1080x1920, 58F3C257-3711-4FDA-B282-63203B…)

good lord.

No. 1682521

ok, i think i get it. women are so adamant in putting others’ needs above their own (and by extension the needs of other women), so that’s how you get handmaidens and pro-forced birth women. they think they’re protecting an oppressed class or babies or whatever it might be. but that’s also how you get terfs, when we start protecting women’s and children’s rights.

No. 1682526

File: 1666558216067.png (456.94 KB, 701x767, Screenshots_2022-10-24-04-48-5…)

what is it with moids and not showering

No. 1682529

heehee his head is shaped like a egg

No. 1682536

They tell on themselves so fucking hard

No. 1682538

You should go by the time you're sexually active, earlier if you have issues, but I went at 16 due to issues. I think many women who are virgins think they don't need to go before 25 and maybe they don't go even then.

No. 1682539

Popularity/social status, I posted the Illuminaughtie example before, who started as a disagreeable “ree feminazis!” Kind of person. Once pornsickness became unstoppable, and troonism was pushed by gay orgs since they needed a new grift to get donations (they could of fought for different kinds of gay rights stuff but it would’ve been harder to get funding since people really can’t conceptualised or care about more mundane rights or ones in different countries they don’t see the effect of), it became popular to be pro-troon for social status. All the incel men became trannies and all the women who wanted to be pickmes for retard women haters (gamer type fags for example) began to cheer on troonism.

No. 1682544

Autists commonly have an aversion to bathing. In general "why do troons always [x]" can be answered by "the tism"

No. 1682546

Agreeableness isn't a good or bad thing on its own. It's associated with patience (mainly in social settings), cooperation, negotiation, as well as emotional intelligence in general.
The trait that causes an abuse victim to stay and try to mitigate their abuser's anger is the same trait that has someone listen to their upset friend cry on the phone for an hour.
An agreeable friend can be a godsend when you're at a shitty point in life and just want someone to comfort you instead of telling you you fucked up, but can be frustrating when you want someone to help you figure out how to pick up the pieces.
It can also be a self-defense mechanism. One of the easiest ways to escape a threatening social situation is to appease and then flee when possible. It doesn't always work, and nobody should be blamed for not going with it, but keeping your mouth shut isn't a bad idea if you're in danger.

tl;dr Agreeableness is kinda like groupthink or populism but for small groups. And if the AGP troons were more agreeable, they'd keep it to their bedrooms instead of forcing their creepy fetishes on women-only spaces.

Sometimes yes, but it's usually on a more personal scale. A lot of agreeable libfem women may doubt trannies in general but still defend the ones they know personally.

No. 1682561

File: 1666560475948.jpeg (355.12 KB, 750x1735, BD24DA10-E586-46E0-A8F2-8A0D8E…)

my favorite thing in the world is when tims realize they’ll never be hot women. even an attractive man makes an unattractive “woman”. look at honter from euphoria, he would look like young leonardo dicaprio if he detransitioned, but he’s ugly in womanface.

No. 1682565

Another tim writing his pedophilic self insert fic on Reddit

No. 1682568

exactly, which is why we need a mass peaking so that handmaidens will stop protecting troons and start protecting themselves and kids from troons

No. 1682576

>the guys drank instead of kissing me
what the actual fuck is he talking about. deranged

No. 1682583

in spin the bottle games, you can either kiss the person or take a drink of your beverage. The guys at the party drank every time, meaning they knew kek

No. 1682585

>Fox and McLaughlin are both military veterans and neither participated in combat sports before transitioning
i can't believe men let them get away with being such BLATANT cowards

No. 1682587

Does he really think those guys don’t want to kiss him because he’s not “pretty” enough for a troon? It’s because you’re a man, honey.

And no troon wants to be a plain or ugly woman, they all want to be “hot girls” because they’re incels and believe the dumb 4chan meme that hot girls live on easy mode. Their only use for ugly women is hating & envying them for effortlessly being women without jumping through hoops to perform femininity.

No. 1682588

samefag; war scared them too much so they sought out weaker people to beat up to make them feel strong

No. 1682590

I don’t think Fox has any combat experience. McLaughlin served in Afghanistan.

No. 1682592

so fox was too much of a pussy to even fight a real fight in the first place

No. 1682595

File: 1666563977443.jpg (169.74 KB, 938x872, 1666544596745816.jpg)

happy to see the trash is taking itself out

No. 1682598

File: 1666564565037.jpeg (209.4 KB, 750x1936, 362E5DB6-8A86-4859-A843-CAC733…)


No. 1682599

the cope

No. 1682603

afaik theres no Le 41% stat in the terf community kek kek kek

No. 1682604

HIV is not a death sentence. I have a friend with HIV and he’s fine, he takes a pill every day and that’s it.

No. 1682605

these stats really line up with blanchard's whole thing kek

No. 1682606

File: 1666565024781.png (1.08 MB, 1182x689, 1666549260685794.png)

this guy kinda looks like a woman to me but he admitted to having surgery

No. 1682607

hiv still reduces your quality of life. most likely the troons don't disclose that they have hiv either and infect each other. I'm glad for your friend, but it isn't a desirable thing to have.

No. 1682611

selfpost ?

No. 1682613

Sausage fingers

No. 1682614

it's on /lgbt/. Was just wondering (idk how he looks IRL) how I could really say get out of women's spaces when most normies would stick up for someone like him. he looks like an alien on the right though so IDK.

No. 1682615

malding + sausage fingers + keffals level facetune

No. 1682616

nah he looks like the reviewbrah

No. 1682617

no offense but you browsing /tttt/ doesn't make it less likely this is a selfpost. also even if it isn't, have you never heard of photoshop? filters? stealing random women's pictures? why would you believe a tranny on a 4chan actually looks like the images he posts. why would you think it's milk or share it here.

No. 1682618

I'm not him and it's not milk, I saged. I shared it cause it's a troon who had FFS. We post other moids all the time. It's all good nonnie.

No. 1682619

Oh, a supposedly passing tranny. So what?

No. 1682620

File: 1666566105195.jpeg (268.36 KB, 828x1424, EF0CB5C1-7732-43BC-B342-F6BB4E…)

Men are so fucking whiny

No. 1682623

If moid's true feeling is to start wearing women's clothes then they better keep that shit a secret from everyone

No. 1682624

Troon just stole my nigel with his impressive sympathy for men, now they're in a totally not homosexual relationship.

No. 1682626

File: 1666566545877.jpeg (167.19 KB, 828x1055, 6BE1576F-E5C6-4C98-BE56-E5E2B2…)

Bring up misandry not being real around trannies and watch the MRA come out

No. 1682629

File: 1666566726293.jpeg (166.92 KB, 828x1172, 02E253B4-ECEE-43F3-BAB5-C6734C…)

Totally normal that in the year these comments were posted both accounts have transitioned from being alt right meme accounts to left wing tranny twitch streamer accounts. Definitely not a pipeline.

No. 1682632

And since it’s coming from “the world’s most oppressed” now, everyone will more than willingly gobble it all up. Like clockwork.

No. 1682634

File: 1666567077098.jpg (223.87 KB, 897x1975, gender-stats-graphic.jpg)

notice how they cropped out the part about women being 3 times more likely to attempt suicide

No. 1682637

Actually that moid referenced it in another tweet saying that women do it for attention

No. 1682639

"50% responsible" as if suicide is caused by everyone else who is alive?

No. 1682640

True, men are so impulsive they usually just decide to shoot themselves and of course there’s no coming back from that. Their argument completely falls apart when you mention it’s not a strictly male issue because they somehow want to prove they’re victims so bad, as if misandry is ever a real threat to them in daily life. Dudes killing themselves is not our fault, we can’t control their actions and we’re not the ones pulling the trigger.

No. 1682641

>62% of black transgender women had HIV
This is why black women vehemently avoid men who show interest in/have slept with TiMs. Black men who have sex with men have high HIV infection rates. Black men on the DL do not use protection when getting butt fucked by other males and males in dresses.

No. 1682642

File: 1666567572051.jpg (380.66 KB, 1974x876, neo cervix should not be a wor…)

I was curious if there was even a reason (beyond the fetish) for these men to think they could get cervical cancer. It turns out, some surgeons construct "neo-cervixes" during SRS out of penile skin, and that skin can contract HPV or penile cancer. In other words, they are getting dick cancer inside their bodies, and making women's doctors deal with it.

No. 1682647

Most normies would not stick out for him if they knew he was male. We need to make it illegal for troons to change their sex on their official documents, that way you could just ask him to show his ID to confirm his sex. Troons with proveably fake IDs would get sent to jail.

No. 1682651

>guy plays video game normally
>he's a tranny!!!!

No. 1682655

the gyn's get money from stupid trannies lol

No. 1682656


No. 1682657

Its also why women avoid bisexual males. That woman who did porn made a tweet about women needing to be careful or refuse scenes with men who did gay porn for this very reason. And she was bullied for it, then killed herself.

No. 1682658

sorry for ot but I knew a girl in middle school who had to go because of extreme period issues related to endo.

No. 1682659

dumb bait

No. 1682662

I mean, that's the internet. Anything posted in public can become a topic of discussion elsewhere. You will never be a woman but if it makes you feel any better, you are pretty and pass better than 99% of other transpeople.

No. 1682663

File: 1666569482323.jpg (400.72 KB, 1318x1168, beforeafter.jpg)

No. 1682664

get out of here tranny, you don't want us in your lane, stay out of ours.

No. 1682665

you will never be a woman and i hope you bump up the male suicide statistic soon.

No. 1682666

>>1682662 is the nicest thing anyone is going to say to you here, I assume you know what this site is, and were probably posting yourself looking for affirmation or something, it's not going to happen and you're not going to wind up with a neat story about how the TERFs suddenly accepted you as one of their own.

No. 1682667

How's that supposed to be better?

No. 1682668

men also commit 90% of crime, who cares

No. 1682669

this is literally because of murder suicides lmao, a crime that is virtually always committed by an abusive male against his partner. men murdering women and themselves more is somehow women's fault.

No. 1682670

it's probably due to shooping but this looks like the FFS surgeon shaved an uneven amount off the different sides of his jaw, horrifying

No. 1682672

File: 1666569985405.jpg (22.68 KB, 800x450, he was funny once.jpg)

say it ain't so nona. for a while I thought his comics were deliberately taking the piss out of trannies and genderspecials. has he really gone full retard?

No. 1682673

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.
Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1682675

Dylan comes on at a little over the 21 minute mark. Also, spot the woman.

No. 1682677

you are literally the creepiest and most misognyistic form of male possible. you want to wear womanhood like a skin suit. if you want to be not like other trannies, detransition and leave women the fuck alone. we will never accept you and we never want you here. you will never, ever be a woman. i'm done responding now but i hope you take what i said to heart and stop trying to dehumanize women by pretending our lives are funny little costumes. being a failed man probably sucks, but it's not the same as being a woman.

No. 1682678

prove it's you then

No. 1682679

> I’ve been here for years.
I believe you, but why suddenly pop up and identityfag about it? If want to laugh at cows or talk about girly things or whatever and manage not to draw attention to your dick, nobody is going to complain, but if you come in here crying about it you're going to get the YWNBAW copypasta. You should know better.

No. 1682681

it's the bait tranny that's always posting here stop giving the tranny the attention it wants.

No. 1682686


Dude, my man, stfu. You were born a scrote and you will die a scrote, no one gives a flying fuck tbh.

I'm sorry your stuck in having to play pretend against better judgement everyday but again, what's on the internet will be discussed on the internet.

No. 1682689

funny that they think all TERF's do is sit around hating trans. IDK about everyone else but I pop into this thread, have a giggle for a few mins, and pop back out to my normal life.

No. 1682690

File: 1666570589518.jpg (187.53 KB, 715x1509, Screenshot_20221024_021142.jpg)

No. 1682696

File: 1666570718704.jpg (145.04 KB, 720x773, Screenshot_20221024-021213_Fac…)

why do women lie so much to gas up fugly moids

No. 1682697

File: 1666570740587.jpg (100.61 KB, 720x531, Screenshot_20221024-021228_Fac…)

No. 1682699

File: 1666570831846.jpg (99.08 KB, 720x515, Screenshot_20221024-021506_Fac…)

No. 1682700

this is why they end up committing to the troon bit, women probably never talked to him this way before he tried pulling this stunt. they probably never talked to him at all. I always assume they're jacking their shit to these comments

No. 1682701

It’s like being friendly with the special needs kid, it makes them feel like they did a good deed by acting fake.

No. 1682702

File: 1666570968257.jpg (30.54 KB, 720x249, Screenshot_20221024-021520_Fac…)

No. 1682703

and for some reason this kind of handmaiden loves doing troon's makeup/giving makeup tips, like they may have done with a little brother as kids but sometimes it also strikes me as almost sexualized? on some level like contributing to the agp fetish

No. 1682704

>I understand and if i were born like you i would have similar values but i have to work with what i was given in this life
Yeah, no, fuck off. I'm glad you will never be a woman, you can't even begin to imagine what is it like to be a woman, you will never even have a microscopic idea of what is it like to be a woman.
Go 41, faggot, you will never resemble a woman, that's why you only take pictures that hide your massive shoulders and those shovels you call "hands".
I fucking hate it when these men try to play "the uwu I just want to be like you" card when in reality, these are the moids posting batshit insane shit about wanting to murder us and rape us, sexualizing our childhood and our struggles.
You don't want to be like us, you want to be us, if you wanted to be like a woman you would be a normal person with a real personality and a real identity, instead of larping a character and making others play along.
Fuck off.

No. 1682705

He ate glitter.

No. 1682706

>132 like and love reacts
fucking bleak. what is wrong with these women? if i saw this guy in public i'd avoid eye contact and try to get out of his line of sight ASAP. the wig, the dogshit makeup, the GALL to post this shit online for everyone to see. this pattern of behavior just screams UNHINGED. DANGER. STAY AWAY. so why tf do these handmaidens enable them constantly & embolden them further? i hate to blame other women but ffs. they're part of the problem.

No. 1682707

Uncle Fester dressing up as an egirl for this Halloween.

No. 1682708

just because your life sucks doesn’t mean you get to invade womens spaces narc

No. 1682710

>over an hour long
I don't know if I can make it. I'm jumping ahead and checking out the Dylan part right now and I already want to bail.

No. 1682722

citing the typical CSA to troonery pipeline isn't going to make us any more sympathetic to your distorted way of coping. rope, dude

No. 1682723

Does Biden inappropriately touches him?

No. 1682724

File: 1666571897420.png (419.56 KB, 960x540, works in any thread.png)

i'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but meg's his AGP character, anon.

No. 1682725

>this will be my last reply
>this will be my last reply

No. 1682726

>have a giggle for a few mins
really? i always tap out due to crying after like one scroll

No. 1682727

File: 1666571987760.jpeg (40.01 KB, 760x429, 75257AE7-D416-406D-AED2-14DC80…)

Live Biden reaction:

No. 1682729

they don't want to get murdered, probably

No. 1682730

God I feel so sorry for his kid.

No. 1682731

man just stop posting and go back to /tttt/ no one here wants to listen to moid whining

No. 1682733

Dylan is neither underage nor female, so no.
He parades the false "transwomen of color are being murdered at high rates" claim, and Biden then says "more than any other group of people".
So glad i didn't vote for this old, wrinkled ballbag.

No. 1682735

> one of the good ones hsts
> pity my csa
> muh hateful terfs
just stop, know your audience if nothing else

No. 1682739

report the tranny and move on nonas.

No. 1682741

File: 1666572726256.jpg (127.28 KB, 1370x717, um no.jpg)

No, Creepy Joe, it is not fear. Its common sense that we don't want creeps around us or our kids. And we know because many of us used to support these idiots, back when we were more ignorant. We learned, and what we learned wasn't pretty.
Also, abortion is the segment after troon shit. And of course, they talked about "peoples" access to abortion care. Not womens.

No. 1682743

Maybe it's because these women believe the 41% meme. They're afraid if they don't praise these moids they'll self-delete.

No. 1682745

I don't like how it's common now to shift the blame for killing yourself on other people

No. 1682746

Yeah, it's a common male abuser tactic, the old "If you leave me I'll kill myself so my death will be your fault if you don't stay with my abusive self".

No. 1682752

called it, it is, not even the slightly passing one in the pic

No. 1682754

if he did kill himself, nothing of value would have been lost. what irks me is that if this guy hadn't bothered to put on this terrible makeup & disheveled wig, these women wouldn't interact with him. so of course all these old degenerate moids with nothing to lose are trooning out. it's so incredibly transparent. & the fact that handmaidens are ignoring these glaring red flags makes me so disappointed. wonder if they'll feel any differently when they see these hulking men hanging out and staring at them in bathrooms and locker rooms.

No. 1682757

It's obvious because every 30 year old troon on Reddit has the same sob story

No. 1682759

him trying and failing to skinwalk a relatively better looking tranny (as far as that goes) is pretty funny though

No. 1682764

I've heard this behavior described as a kind of broken bird syndrome. some handmaidens get something out of dedicating themselves to a lost cause like an ugly troon.

No. 1682766

Yup, all these handmaidens performatively praising them for being stunning & brave just give them euphoria boners. What is it with libfems and enthusiastically supporting every degenerate male fetish? Most of them cape harder for troons and bdsmfags than they do for actual women’s issues.

No. 1682773

I never thought about this before but you're totally right.

No. 1682776

ntayrt but exactly! apart from intimate partners, women are most likely to be murdered by their sons. if you are the mother of a male (adopted or step-sons included) you are more likely to be murdered by that son than murdered by a friend, coworker, neighbor, or any other acquaintance combined.
>they fear what they don't know
no, gramps. we know all damn well that these scrotes are sex pests. we know exactly what they are and we've been dealing with manipulative chauvinists like them all our lives. it's completely rational to want to keep predators, rapists, and violent misogynists out of our spaces.

No. 1682783

For real
>I am not content to be hugboxed by allies or other trans people, I want to barge into yet another women's space where I am not wanted and throw a pity party

No. 1682787

Honest question. Are the Democrats intentionally trying to lose?

https://twitter.com/RNCResearch/status/1584325795665047553(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1682800

File: 1666577013251.png (1.86 MB, 1300x1310, ifuckinghatetroonsAAAAAAAA.png)

holy fuck oh my god i hate this guy. he keeps drawing shit like this that COMPLETELEY DESCRIBES HIMSELF AND ALL TROONS then goes back to being Le Stunning And Brave Tenth Grade Biology.

No. 1682802

oh so i guess erica cartman really was trans!

No. 1682804

no they just think that because the GOP had a senile reagan that they can have one too, but they don't have the fearless assholery that repubs do. it's not working for them because they're using it in the wrong way. your'e supposed to use your senile puppet to get rich, not to try and look good.

No. 1682815

File: 1666577697234.jpg (134.3 KB, 659x1022, unclebibby.jpg)

So has anyone posted this guy– petermobeter/patty/"UncleBibby" yet? My friend sent me picrel as a meme and it turns out his reddit is very much still active, and he has a HUGE digital footprint. He mentiones having support aids so he must be genuinely lower IQ? seems like Chris chan 2.0 vibes, his reddit and youtube are so fucking milky
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/petermobeter/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/UncleBibby47

No. 1682817

lolcow isn’t for scrotes, gtfo.

No. 1682818

He's been posted a couple threads ago and he has a thread on kiwifarms.

No. 1682819

i can guarantee he doesn’t pass irl. it’s all editing and angles with troons.

No. 1682826

that's the thing, with senile Joe in charge, it's government by committee, and the committee is of "repressed" groups, which is why you get so many women and minorities in government which might arguably be a good thing, but the troons got a seat at the table too. the problem with openness is that it matters what you are open to.

No. 1682828

i thought their side thought race was a social construct

No. 1682829

Fml this idiot platforms that creepy troon and talks about muh gender identity BS when there’s states having women die from no abortion access and student debt relief is also on the line for millions of people. But no this polarizing issue is worth discussing? I know republicans are so much worse on everything except the tranny shit but I can’t happily support Democrats after seeing them eat up this utter shit. Women have their rights on the line but noooo we need to talk about men’s fetishes and the right to mutilate your child when they play with a different color toy.

No. 1682830

Ah I didn't know, thank you nona. Wish I could lurk it, but I guess the site isnt live right now </3

No. 1682831

now let’s see him in motion next to a woman without any special angles or blurring

No. 1682834

File: 1666579156789.jpg (536.65 KB, 1080x1881, tranny.jpg)

The tranny from earlier is complaining on 4chan now.

No. 1682835

whoaaaa that's a pedo if i ever saw one.
bet the "neighbour" was someone's kid doing chores.

No. 1682836

>republicans: everything sucks ass
>dems: everything sucks ass BUT ALSO large men in your shower!
tough choice.

No. 1682837

>trannies, aka severely mentally ill failmales, aka incels calling women incels

No. 1682838

last troon telling him what he needs to hear

No. 1682839

>posts pictures of himself on the internet
>waaaaahhh they're trying to doxx me!!!
Nah faggot, nobody gives a fuck about your unwashed male ass, we just told you to rope and fuck off.

No. 1682840

You mean the classic UI kek? He probably uses man hands to shift bar with ease. That, or he's another garden variety grey parsing troon which is much more likely.

No. 1682842

"Mah son, Beau…", followed by gibberish. CHECK
>Transgender women are being murdered at an alarming rate
Uhh…WHERE??? Show the receipts. REAL women are murdered every single day in this country!!! A LOT by men identifying as women.
I've gotta a-log, nonnies.
Joe looks like he's about to fall asleep the entire time and like there's a piece in his ear talking to him to tell him what to say and keep him awake. Fucking joke of an administration. Our country is a joke to the rest of the world. It's depressing.

No. 1682843

there's also a page of the comic where meg kisses mog and i know it's supposed to be because he says he tastes like pizza but it's still weird to me. i just would never want to draw a woman kissing a cat full on the mouth idk

No. 1682844

So he expects us to believe it wasn't self posting?

No. 1682846

File: 1666579980633.png (1.63 MB, 1172x850, nein why.png)

samefag like if he says he tastes like pizza, why not pretend to take a bite out of his leg or something instead
please help me anons

No. 1682847

No. 1682848

Incel failsons coping that the women who reject them are the real incels proves the whole male projection thing and will never not be funny. Women aren't the ones seething about women rejecting them like troon hons are kek.

No. 1682849

Why are they like this? If they don't want anons from another imageboard making fun of their pics than don't post them on a public form. Use a discord. Troons are the only group of people who act like this besides a few lolcows.

No. 1682851

Where is the Tyler the Creator meme?
Stop being a dumbass and posting your ugly ass, deranged, mutilated face and body where you know it isn't wanted. Fucking idiots. And they say 'cis' women are dumb lmao

No. 1682852

wait, what? do you have receipts of that? last i read about this thoughts, he just didn't care enough about gender to question his identity especially since he has a child now.

No. 1682854

hi troons ywnbaw

No. 1682855

When men try and claime they are the rational logic gender (tm) just post this image kek.

No. 1682856

File: 1666580382148.jpg (97.87 KB, 894x894, im_a_giantess___by_unclebibby4…)

He was posted a few threads ago. He has autism and tourette's syndrome with violent outbursts. He became trans after getting electroshock therapy to curb his violence. Here's a post where he talks about it if you're curious about his backstory: https://www.reddit.com/r/Psychonaut/comments/l0i4q2/in_2018_a_psychward_put_me_on_electro_convulsive/

No. 1682857

Jesus fucking Christ spoiler this Jumpscare.

No. 1682859

holy fucking SHIT. that thing should not be living on its own. he needs to be in an institution. he's 6 foot 5 at minimum! even if he wasn't fucking autistic and smelly and uncontrollable violent outbursts, a man that large approaching me while i'm alone and asking "do you like chocolate milk" would be one of the scariest things i'd ever seen.

No. 1682860

Well republicans are also trying to get abortion banned wherever they’re able to and are against any relief for the working class. Just because they pretend to care about women in the trans issue doesn’t mean they’re going to allow us independence or reproductive healthcare. So those issues kinda edge it out, at least in America currently.

No. 1682861

he will be another chris chan, won’t he?

No. 1682862

he lets people call him "he" since 2021 but make no mistake nona, unless they literally call themselves drag queens, these guys usually do a stretch of "no no i'm not a laaady" after the kid is born, then once they're settled in to family life, go right back to stealing bras to jack off in and insisting they are SHE

No. 1682863

File: 1666580749493.jpg (1.74 MB, 3289x2380, 1666497403606663.jpg)

i went to /tttt/ for the first time and i am dying, they have a thread where they selfpost pretending to be anons wanting to marry/fuck them(selves) and also shit talk other ugly trannies, literally none pass kek

No. 1682865

this looks like a still from a movie where paul dano is serial-killing 4chan mods and livestreaming it

No. 1682866

> allow us independence or reproductive healthcare.
the dems don't even accomplish that though, all their shit gets reversed or voted down because "progressives" don't show up to vote, they just complain online.

No. 1682868

As a Canadian I can't be more embarrassed and apologetic. First the scourge of Keffals, and now this thing. We are very, very sorry. If it makes any of you feel better, this ogre says he's from 'Western Canada', so hopefully that means Alberta or Saskatchewan where he'll be a thousand times more likely to get the shit kicked out of him.

No. 1682869

File: 1666580978622.jpg (2.73 MB, 3024x4032, 1666506233594017.jpg)

>Cute but I always thot you were a transbian
>very cute makes my heart hurt
keeeek, i though 4chan troons would be more self aware considering they cant report mean comments but it's a hivemind just like reddit

No. 1682870

I would become a danofag if for that movie kek.

No. 1682872

File: 1666581091582.jpg (76.87 KB, 640x640, hxieap8ozs781.jpg)

He doesn't live on his own, he has some aides with him most of the time. They take pictures of him in women's underpants so he can post them to the internet. But yeah, he's huge. That's why his parents won't live with him. Idk why they opted to leave him with some aides instead of putting him in an institution.

No. 1682873

I write off the entirety of Canada at this point

No. 1682874

did you not run into the cat sex bits? kissing the cat is the tip of the iceberg. idk how anyone can read it without setting off their agp alarm unless they are a troon already

No. 1682875

Canada seems to produce very destructive troons. Not only did you guys give the world Keffals but Jonathan Yaniv and Morgane Ogre also hail from your country.

No. 1682876

File: 1666581255686.png (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 885x1364, 1628657199193.png)

It really is hard to discern what his true thoughts on trannies are when he draws something like this. All I can guess is that he's definitely supportive of them but at the same time, recognizes the absurdity behind a lot of this stuff.

Spoiler for drawn gore.

No. 1682877

Well if the suicide rate is supposedly so high, and they consider suicide murder as evidenced by >>1682629, is this what they refer to when they say that? Narcissism is truly a prerequisite for transgenderism

No. 1682878

Shit I forgot about those abominations. Until now.

No. 1682879

You forgot diaperfur Sophie Labelle. He's also Canadian.

No. 1682880

I always thought of his comics as mostly tongue-in-cheek commentary about the dregs of society. unfortunately even decent comics artists are still freaks at the end of the day

No. 1682881

/tttt/ is a mixed bag. Last I check there was a autogynephillia general where AGPs disccuss how to manage it without transitioning.

No. 1682883

it's because pretty much every drug and sex act is legal here, you can be an expert in eating 6g of mushrooms and yiffing while eating a cheeseburger in the park by age 19 so the only logical next step is abdl troonism

No. 1682885

Well fuck. We'll just have to load the blame on our tranny-loving cuck prime minister for giving these failsons the confidence to 'live their truth' in public.

No. 1682886

good lord. massively autistic gay man with hardcore christian parents on the left, meth-addicted degen who screams "I AIN'T NO FAGGOT" at the slightest provocation on the right.

No. 1682887

i know he has aides. even that is too much living alone. he needs to be in a lock from the outside only room in a government institution.

No. 1682890

File: 1666581856643.jpg (107.84 KB, 800x418, McKinnon-1176875520E2889Ar.jpg)

Fuck, I knew there was one other I was missing. And I'm just now remembering Rhys McKinnon "Veronica Ivy"

No. 1682894

sorry but johnny ryan does that without unironically drawing cat sex.
i'm glad i threw the series away after the cat kiss because ew

No. 1682895

i would call the cops too. that poor woman.

No. 1682897

anon i know it's hard because megg makes you feel safe when you're a sad teen, but sadly this man is AGP and only on break until his wife is done breastfeeding. soon he will be back to drawing cat porn and messaging kids on discord.

No. 1682900

who is that in the middle??? i love her and she should join my cycling club where she and i are the only members.

No. 1682908

kek nonny

No. 1682922


No. 1682927

The long midface is how you spot a scrote every time. Their distance between eyes and mouth is much larger than in a woman and no surgery can fix that. Their skulls are just built different, kek.

No. 1682930

> Claims to be a women
> Immediately falls into "Your aren't interested in me? Well your fat and ugly anyway reee!" in the form of "You won't accept me into your girls club? Well your all incels anyway reee!", most stereotypical male shit ever.
Men cannot stop posting their L's kek.

No. 1682934

File: 1666583958699.jpg (22.22 KB, 200x290, photo.jpg)

YWNBAW and cropping random womens photos will never convince anyone failson kek. You know who posts womens photos to try and trick people into believing they are a troon or not a troon? 4fag males kek.

No. 1682944

What in the fuck are you talking about

No. 1682949

File: 1666585762826.jpeg (89.51 KB, 1280x1280, kek.jpeg)

You always end up acting like a typical scrote kek, you retards can't even larp like a women and do the same shit as other men just on the other side like picrel. Do you mentally ill men think you look like picrel? Scrotes are delusional. No wonder you retards are incels. How shocking you out yourselves with male behaviour once again. Cry more, YWNBAW, and cope harder about being despised by that which you can and will never be. You are the hons and troons you mock yet are too egotistical and retarded to realise it because of the old XY deformity.

No. 1682950

Samefag, am >>1682934, troons are:
Retard males cannot blend in kek.

No. 1682953

>sewing deceit
kek learn english anon

No. 1682954

It is male. Don't bother replying.

No. 1682955

Males are so pathetic. They really think photos of average looking people upset us in the same way that they seethe over Stacy on Instagram. No one cares if a prettyboi can fake being a girl in a selfie. And baiting retards (probably your kind falseflagging tbh) into shitting on random women for "masculine" features is equally pathetic. You fundamentally misunderstand us and it seems like you will never fully grasp that fact. We are female by nature of the reproductive role we were born into, and shaped by how others treat us based on that undeniable reality. It is something you can never replicate, it is completely beyond you. The very best you could ever hope for is empathy towards us, but you fail in even that regard. Give up. You can wear whatever costume suits your fancy, but you cannot become a part of our sex class.

No. 1682956

Not even average, just pretyy women without makeup. Shows you how moids think kek. They truly are the cope sex.

No. 1682965

>You can wear whatever costume suits your fancy, but you cannot become a part of our sex class.

This is pretty much all that the ebil terves want. Go play pretend with other losers on discord and 4chan, no one gives a fuck, acknowledge exactly what you are. stay out of sports, bathrooms, women's spaces, and stop leeching medical resources and funding on Frankenstein surgeries, bullshit propaganda and appropriating civil and womens rights struggles and taking over any serious discussions about anything to make it about trannies like a typical male in any meeting room.

Being called transvestites or traps was the best era for them, no one outright hated them until they wanted to pretend they have a cervix and that they're entitled to a dead woman's womb transplanted into them within 10 years.

No. 1682966

/tttt/ invading, they are wishing us we get incel stalkers for thinking they are ugly moids that dont pass, peak male brainded behaviour, kek

No. 1682968

Imagine getting so little pussy that you have to basically coinflip your own death just so you can be your own girlfriend LMAO

No. 1682969

File: 1666588044710.jpeg (321.16 KB, 729x1553, FAFE65EF-4553-46AC-A0D9-B85C30…)

you can’t make this shit up kek

No. 1682970

As a fellow Canadian I hate these kind of posts and will go feral.

No. 1682971

Let me guess, they're about to post their stash of HD black cocks, gore, or CP that all trannies coincidentally have ready at disposal (very feminine behavior)

No. 1682972

>scientists around the world would entertain this retardation and give him an asspat answer that uwu maybe one day he could replace all the cells and chromosomes his body yess indeed

Kek we've gone back to magical thinking validated via joint group delusion… and call it science

No. 1682973

For the faceblind: male aggression clocks tims every time

No. 1682974

No. 1682975

File: 1666588513768.png (28.16 KB, 722x210, malebehaviour.png)

They were posting it yesterday kek. It really is just picrel.

No. 1682977

Sorry for blogpost, but back in my handmaiden days it literally was my motivation. I never saw troons as women, i saw as mentally ill men and felt bad for them. That's why gay men don't appreciate fakebois in their community, men are unable to feel sympathy so they don't play along, and i realized that when i heard about "trans athletes". I know it's a terrible thing but it's the best peak material.
Also I really want troons to realize that even handmaidens don't see them as women, they just feel bad for them.

No. 1682978

File: 1666588735327.jpeg (479.58 KB, 750x763, 6D6ED8B6-0AE8-4831-AD2F-2A4D8D…)

i went to /tttt/ for the very first time and opened a random thread. trannies are on a whole other level of schizo sperging over there, literally comparing themselves to MLK and Malcom X, wtf.

No. 1682979

It's because men have a retarded victim complex, while women have real fears.

No. 1682980

Sorry for requesting a blogpost, but how bad the troon situation is in Canada? Are there any safe facilities or the entire country is infected?

No. 1682981

how racist do you have to be to compare race with perversion and gendersperg

No. 1682982

yeah even back then I struggled not to stare, man or woman. Something didn't feel right about it but I wasn't informed enough yet to know what it was

No. 1682984

What has happened to our country? We used to be so good.

No. 1682985

that's what they want, but instead they get Dylan. men always talk about how the world could be ran without women and it'd be fine because women can't control their feelings? They can't even run their own movement because of feelings

No. 1682987

BRB summoning Malcolm X from the grave to show him that the terminally online white guys with porn addictions think they are fighting the next civil rights struggle

No. 1682989

Scrotes think not pandering to male delusions is oppression kek.

No. 1682991

> Men’s takeaway of not pandering to male degeneracy being that they need to be more violent and extreme.
How more male can they get kek.

No. 1682992

It highly depends on where you live. The big cities are relatively pro-troon, but the rural areas are full of people who don't even know troons exist. The prairie provinces and the east coast are more conservative than the Toronto area, southern Québec, and the west coast, but since it's Canada our conservatives aren't nearly like the American ones and leave women's rights like abortion alone.
Misgendering may be illegal but troons need to be willing to complain for that, most police here probably don't even know what that is, and they know they'll be socially excluded if they start filing complaints.

No. 1682996

File: 1666591041375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 486.9 KB, 750x1158, 2CEE3FEA-FAB2-433A-91DF-26BBCB…)

nice prolapsed asshole.

No. 1682998

It reminds me of keffals rotpocket. I feel disgusting knowing what it looks like, by the way.

No. 1682999

The fact that's the urethra and not the vag hole, dude's going to be dribbling piss everywhere and probably shitting out of it too as it inevitably ruptures into a fistula.

No. 1683000

Our prime minister is a troon apologist and devout minority ass-licker. He recently dumped another several million dollars into a program to helping gender specials find jobs, because diversity quota. Ontario and Quebec, being his base, and likewise mostly fucked. The prairies remain fairly based, but I have seen in my own hometown here in Alberta THREE different fucking trannies all in the span of a month's time. One works at Home Depot and is 6'5, probably 100 pounds soaking wet with rainbow fag hair and the usual try-hard effeminate voice.

No. 1683001

Hating men because they are violent isn't the same as hating people for just existing. STFU incel. Yes, all men. Yes, you.

No. 1683002

my guy, how could your looks possibly make a woman insecure? you are a major self esteem booster

No. 1683003

C-16 made it a criminal act to question troonism. The key here is selective prosecution like any corrupt state. You might go to jail for saying women don't have dicks, you might not, it depends if you are a political enemy of the state.

No. 1683004

>Equating women's words to violence
Very male of you. Hope you get sepsis

No. 1683008

Thanks for the information nonnie. Kek at the fact that they are trying to get permanently online autistic genderspecials find a job

No. 1683010

brain bug

No. 1683012

I thought you didn’t need to have dysphoria to be trans tho. Also, a lot of us were TS-identifying or would be trans if they were younger in today’s age. This goes far beyond than “just hating another human being”.

No. 1683013

The Troon North strong and free, amirite

No. 1683017

So many not like other troons lately. They hate this place but try to infiltrate it because that's the only female only space left and they can't stand it.

No. 1683018

Nonnas for the love of God stop replying, every reply makes him jerk off faster

No. 1683019

i’ve peaked multiple times, but the most difficult part of quitting handmaidenry was realizing i wasn’t evil for not wanting to enable the delusions of fetishists and mentally ill people. if i had to reincarnate as a troon, i’d hate to be lied to and led down a path of self-destruction. i’d hate to be an agp, i’d hate being a misogynistic pos and i’d wish someone would stop me. putting myself in the shoes of troons only makes me want to commit more tervery.

No. 1683020

Ah shit, I just remembered we have another claim to shame- Trafalgar Highschool's Tits McGee.

No. 1683021

He is trying to invade a female only space while being a man, that's already more than "just existing". Also we never know what he have committed irl, he obviously lying about being uwu harmless twans. They all use this tactic of pretending to be harmless to prey on women and children.

No. 1683024

Troons have the most severe case of narcissistic personality disorder, and yet they hate themselves so much they 41 or get themselves killed while being a "sex worker"
Lobotomy should not be so stigmatized after all, it might be the only way to reduce troon destructive behaviour

No. 1683025

Hey suspiciously absent mods- we could use some fucking moderating right about now

No. 1683027

I know we should ignore the troon, but i kek at
>persistent mental anguish
Ah yes, the true and honest suffering of not being able to jerk off to his sissification fetish publicly, he truly is the most oppressed man in the world

No. 1683028

Nonnies please don't reply to the man, just wait til mods come in to ban him

No. 1683029

Trans women are very self-righteous and greedy cretin, they need to find Jesus to change habits, because it is said only rich and successful ppl become that way because they made deal with Sat-n for their selfish instant gratification of their wants. Though its not good advice and they will lose because Jesus always wins. Every time a transwoman blasphemes God, He just becomes more powerful.

No. 1683031

Because its said the elite and rich folx all worship Sat-n and want to usher in the new world order for the antichr-st, because it is said only rich and successful ppl become that way because they made deal with Sat-n for their selfish instant gratification of their wants. And the trans thing is a part of that to normalize transhumanism but wrongly thought it would make them female instead, eventually turn them into fallen hybrids to go to the bad place after Jesus judges them.(jesus-chan is back )

No. 1683032

I know this isn't technically against the rules but whoever this poor woman is, she doesn't deserve to be posted here. God, I can't imagine having to stand chest to stuffed bra with this dude at close range and his massive gorilla arm locked around me. I'd hate to be his caregiver, how terrifying.

No. 1683033

Nonnie, please fucking relax with the Jesus shit

No. 1683035

So he was self posting.

No. 1683036

Those man hands holy shit

Also kek at tranny logic
>gender is a social construct! Also I'm totes a girl for liking to dress in pink skirts teehee, because liking "girly" things means you're a woman!
>gender dysphoria is a mental illness! Also I'm literally a woman and you should treat me as such!
Remember when the argument was that the reason we should reaffirm trannies' identity was so they wouldn't experience strong dysphoria (a mental illness) and kill themselves? Now we're supposed to treat them as what they claim to be because they have a "medical condition" and are literally intersex (as in, actual female brain in male body). When the fuck did that change?

This reminds me, there are more male adult trannies than female adult ones, and most TIFs are teenagers. The reason is simple: for men it is a fetish, for girls it is a subconscious attempt to escape misogyny.

No. 1683039

Funny thing is the troon currently posting claims to be ‘one of the good ones totes a woman’ while not taking no for an answer like a typical scrote and reeing that telling him to leaves us alone is gaslighting like a regular abusive moid.

No. 1683041

100% he jerks off to the hate he gets here

No. 1683044

It’s probably the only attention from actual women he’s gotten in awhile. They’ll ree about generalisation while saying women are porn categories for men to mimic. Incel troons simply cannot help themselves but show they are retardedly male.

No. 1683046

File: 1666595948208.jpg (144.66 KB, 750x1082, 17c5f3888848ea00ef3cbc53ee4226…)

Look what we have here, a textbook abuser.

No. 1683047

>You realize most TS think that ts women and cis women are not exactly the same right.
Then get out of the thread like we ask. Trannies are not welcome here.

No. 1683049

These /tttt/ faggots swearing to God that they're genuine non-AGPs and valid women are the same troons who were coping and seething at the Canadian troon teacher, saying he was just making fun of trannies or that it was a psyop lmao

No. 1683051

If they truly did believe that they wouldn’t call themselves women and throw tantrums and threaten people to be let into womens single sex spaces like bathrooms, prisons, homeless shelters, sports, awards, etc.

They don’t realise they are all hons to real women because they aren’t women but sexist men.

No. 1683052

Samefag, the woodshop troon is the same as all other troons, not a woman.

No. 1683060

I may be an outlier here, but I really wish I could debate or at least talk to the train that was here but I will never step into /tttt for my life.

No. 1683063

based lundy bancroft

No. 1683064

Please just leave. You're not going to get any meaningful discussion, and you are not wanted here. This is a board for natal women, there is no reason for you to be here.

No. 1683065

i live in a very small town on the east coast and two tims have popped up in the past 5 years. one is the typical hsts goth gf uwu but the other is a 6’5 hulking man with thinning hair and wears nothing but pj pants and trans shirts.

No. 1683066

For every other illness it's considered cruel to encourage and play into delusions and you actively work to help them get over them, even if it brings them joy in the moment to have their delusion validated. Affirming a troon is the same as saying to an anorexic person that they look so much better now that they've lose a few more pounds.

>So many not like other troons lately
It's because more troons are peaking too kek

No. 1683068

Wow, a Woody Allen lookalike and a John Wayne Gacy lookalike in the same photo.

No. 1683069

maybe I just have yet to peak further but I would buy that there exist trans people who are "true" in the sense that they don't make it their mission to try and encroach on spaces that aren't for them, and who just want to live their life, who resent the trenders, the fetishists, the misogynists and internalized homophobia-havers for making it all such a circus. but in the end they've still kind of lost the plot by attempting to transition, attempting to be something they can never be.

I've heard from detrans people on more than one occasion that they stopped because they realized what they wanted (to become the other sex, biologically) is simply not possible, that being trans was a poor substitute, and that it would be better for them in the long term if they just learned to accept themselves for who they are. more troons should come to this conclusion and grow the fuck up. otherwise rope and be done with it

No. 1683073

I work for corrections. If you can document that you identify as the opposing gender and can prove tou started transitioning before your sentence the govt. will pay for your reassignment surgery.


No. 1683074

>I would buy that there exist trans people who are "true" in the sense that they don't make it their mission to try and encroach on spaces that aren't for them
Anon that's devoid of any logic, all of those things you listed ARE the reasons people are trans. No one is "just" trans - that doesn't exist. I think you're trying to say that you think "gender dysphoria" exists and that makes someone trans, which is correct in the sense that they are a group of mentally ill people. That mental illness always has a cause. There is NO way to believe you are something that you are physically not without that being a delusion.

No. 1683079

And I like playing DPS because making a small mistake has the smallest chance of me getting yelled at by the party. God, why is everything gender to them? It's so fucking tiring

No. 1683082

thanks for your input, tbh I think I have a hard time teasing this out because I know a couple of pooners who are decent people who mind their business so maybe I'm just seeking exemptions that justify their poonerism. also seems possible that they aren't really comparable as women do the ftm trans illness necessarily differently owing to the fact that they are biologically women at the end of the day and not so inclined to being pornsick coomers, etc

No. 1683089

Nonnies, what's your gender? DPSgender? Tankgender? Healergender?

No. 1683091

Real women play everything because they're not constrained by stereotypes

No. 1683092

I kek when normies suggest to just make a transgender league and call it a day.
Troons don't want to be around other troons, they want to be around real women, that's why they chose to troon out in the first place.
These t4t troons aren't a thing, they only do it because they are desperate to fuck and no real woman wants them.

No. 1683093

>troons are peaking too kek
And what does it mean for them? They will be a troon version of nlogs, or, i know it's too much to ask, realize that troonism is nothing but a fetish and get mental health checked?

No. 1683095

File: 1666603415240.gif (1.88 MB, 500x500, DA46BA18-30E1-4FE4-BF3C-EB30BD…)

No. 1683097

Whos the troon next to nick? Someone self posting on /tttt/?

No. 1683098

I'm crying so beautifully spoken nonna

No. 1683108

>troon version of nlogs
that's just truscum/blair white

No. 1683109


If only they could see how much they hate each other…strange how that is, isn’t it, if troons are the good, kind, beautiful, totally real women they say they are they wouldn’t hate each other

No. 1683111

Holy shit.

No. 1683112

A lot of us do know a couple of decent trans people, you'll understand your trans friends/acquaintances A LOT better once you realize they're just mentally ill and that's the whole driving force behind it. You don't have to try to justify it for them, people are allowed to be mentally ill. You don't have to bend your brain into trying to figure out all their confusing double standards like "girls like pink… but that doesn't make them a girl, except if they were born male then that is a sign they're a trans girl, but pink has nothing to do with gender, but pink is for girls…" They're mentally ill, so of course it doesn't add up! You don't have to agree that your anorexic friend is fat even though you can understand that's their whole world view that they're hyper focused on.

"Trans" is just the word for a collective of mental illnesses that leads you to think you are and/or want to be perceived as the opposite(or both, or none) sex. It used to be defined only by "gender dysphoria" but has since expanded to include ALL of the reasons people are trans, rather than just one.

No. 1683113

Cheers, nonita!

No. 1683114

File: 1666607238844.jpeg (313.41 KB, 960x740, 6DE783AE-0856-4CFA-BD47-862FBF…)

id love to swap my hourglass body for that of a balding 40 year old man with psychopath eyes experiencing the most brutal skeletal twinkdeath ever seen on national television. this should count as shcizoposting

No. 1683115

I love this picture of Rhys so much. It’s so autistic and males, it’s just perfect.

Also I recall he got fired from his cushy job and moved back in with his mom. He’s been pretty quiet since then, I guess he’s embarrassed maybe.

No. 1683116

>And what does it mean for them? They will be a troon version of nlogs, or, i know it's too much to ask, realize that troonism is nothing but a fetish and get mental health checked?
Yes, to the last part. People typically peak slowly, it goes like:
>"all trans people are innocent and just want to be themselves"
>"X group of trans people (AGP/trenders/truscum) are ruining it for everyone else!"
>"Being trans is a mental illness or fetish but I'm one of the few non-delusional trans people because I'm self-aware"
>"Shit this actually never made sense"
>Seeks help to detrans or 41%

No. 1683118

White hands wrote this.

No. 1683124

Am I retarded, why is everyone cheering for the copypasta?

No. 1683127

NTA but even when I was pro-tranny I believed that 99% of """gender dysphoria""" would disappear if gender stereotypes didn't exist, there would be practically no reason for people to want to be the opposite sex because they'd be free to do and be however they like without being assigned a role and restricted by their sex in society. Then, the only kind of "gender" dysphoria would be an incurable mental illness, akin to schizophrenia, experienced only by a handful of people. There would be no reason to count these people legally as the opposite sex, because having a mental illness that makes you believe you're something you're not does not make you that thing (just like being anorexic and believing you're fat does not make you fat, and believing you're the opposite sex doesn't make it true). If only things were like that in reality.

That's what I was wondering too, I think there's a lot of very new posters in here kek.

Damn I missed it. What retarded, totally not sexist shit did it say?

No. 1683128

Dylan reminds me a lot of Joe from Joe Goes. The super weird and forced voice and smile especially. Not sure if he was ever posted, but he came out last year and I was horrified. I was hoping he would say sike throughout the whole thing. I loved his videos as a teen.

I agree that Dylan is definitely astroturfed, but why the hell would they choose him? He is super creepy and offputting even by tranny standards. It almost seems like a 4D chess move by a TERF to peak normies.

No. 1683130

Sage for no milk and kinda ot, but how easy is it to be banned on /tttt/? I feel like anything I'd say there would offend all troons.

No. 1683134

Easiest 4chan board to get banned from

No. 1683137

I have a tinfoil that the reason why so many troons 41 themselves is because eventually after years of damaging their bodies they realize that gender dysphoria doesn't exist and troon cult lied to them, but they can't go back to be normal men/women, so the only thing they left with is their mutilated male/female body. Bleak. So glad i peaked.

No. 1683139

Gee i wonder why, could it be because mtfs have the most fragile ego of all men?

No. 1683143

Basically "girls have it better, who wouldn't want to be happier? Therefore I'm not trans for wanting to have the life girls have, it's just logical"
(Only that the opposite is true, of course. What woman wouldn't want to have been born male to not have to suffer under patriarchy? But that doesn't mean we have to identify as trans, since we accept our biological sex, which is unchangeable, and do what we can to cope with misogyny)

No. 1683144

I don't think it's a tinfoil, I think there is decent evidence to support it. Statistically suicidal transwomen are more likely to kill themselves after srs, not less. Why would they feel worse after finally have their "true" body? Many detrans people say they finally realized their mistake only after surgeries as well.

No. 1683145

The absolute STATE of men these days, Jesus Christ.

No. 1683147

I would like to read some tranny suicide notes out of curiosity to see what the actual reason for killing themselves is. Both pre- and post-op.

I can't believe I used to trust the claims that transitioning makes them less suicidal. I wonder what different studies actually say about that. I bet they just cherry-pick the one study that suggests SRS is good.

No. 1683149

Mind you he is both scary levels of severely mentally retarded and autistic.

No. 1683152

>I would like to read some tranny suicide notes
A lot of them go full mask-off on their twitters when they are spiraling. They admit they are living a lie, will never be women, it's all cope, etc. But then if they come back from that, they just say it was a cry for help and attention and they didn't mean it.

No. 1683153

As i said, the state of men

No. 1683154

They are so stupid. They think everything that negatively affects males is misandry. Homeless men? Misandry. Suicide? Misandry. Are they becoming homeless and being forced to kill themselves because of their sex? No, then it's not sexism.

No. 1683155

No. 1683156

File: 1666613342778.jpg (180.76 KB, 615x964, Ashley-Hallstrom-Post.jpg)

Found in quick google search
Maybe reddit has something

No. 1683157

File: 1666613413882.jpg (52.32 KB, 810x539, Ashley-Hallstrom.jpg)

The "woman" in question
I don't feel bad for him

No. 1683158

File: 1666613580197.jpg (19.32 KB, 220x389, Leelah_Alcorn.jpg)

"When I was 14, I learned what transgender meant and cried of happiness. After 10 years of confusion I finally understood who I was. I immediately told my mom, and she reacted extremely negatively, telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn't make mistakes, that I am wrong. If you are reading this, parents, please don't tell this to your kids. Even if you are Christian or are against transgender people don't ever say that to someone, especially your kid. That won't do anything but make them hate them self [sic]. That's exactly what it did to me."

Leelah Alcorn
17 years old agp in training

No. 1683160

>don't ever tell your kids to love themselves as they are, it will make them hate themselves

No. 1683161

Wasn't he gay though? That would make him HSTS.

No. 1683162

I've seen moids say that men dying earlier than women is misandry. They literally think men not being superior to women 100% of the time is oppression. Fuckin weirdos

No. 1683163

>Incels and men who watch anime are much more dangerous than jocks.
Seriously, the idea that "nerd" or looser guys are nice has ruined so many women's lives. They will drain you dry, like a 200 pound leech.

No. 1683164

Interestingly, they always fail to identify the ones responsible for those problems. It's mostly other men who cause both men and women to suffer. Very few women have that kind of power or sociopathy.

No. 1683165

And these are the same kind that would never admit that other forms of oppression that might actually be affecting these men exist. Poverty, racism, homophobia? Nah, but they are all victims of misandry.

No. 1683166

>I've seen moids say that men dying earlier than women is misandry
Fucking how? Do we have the ability to steal the life force out of scrotes to live longer than them or something? kek

No. 1683167

Yeah everyone knows those girls lie about being raped by the football team. Same as Duke Lacrosse.

No. 1683168

they also think their pwecious suicide stat is misandry too

No. 1683171

Yet, at the end of the day they are the ones who need to put on a kilo of makeup and apply a hundred filters to their ghoulish selfie to remotely resemble a woman that they will never be, all while even the most mannish woman on the planet is still female without having to do anything.

No. 1683172

AGP and HSTS aren't a real thing nonna. They are all disgusting men who see women as holes to be raped.

No. 1683173

Lmfao these scrotes wouldn't last two seconds as a woman. Wah wah society hates me! Guess how many other groups are told they are evil or weird or unsalvageable for physical features they were born with. You're a regular ass non disabled man no one ever told you you were a freak.

No. 1683174

File: 1666614651328.jpeg (285.3 KB, 1305x1099, Nazi.jpeg)

This one also turned out to be a nazi.

No. 1683175

I mean I love shitting on men, but I also feel like it would be interesting to analyze the motivations behind troonism a bit deeper than "it's because they're rape apes". Feels idk, intellectually lazy.

No. 1683177

kek at all the troons on twitter tweeting at buck about this troon and how “she’s” a nazi. that’s a dude, that’s a whole man, a whole neo-nazi male. this isn’t the first time we’ve seen nazi troons either and this just goes to show you can’t trust any of them, not the tankies, not the right wing ones, not the “good” ones, they are all troons and therefore they are all awful in their own special way.

No. 1683179

Yeah, but most drop the nazi thing and replace it with the troon thing, this guy is basically multitasking by their standards.

No. 1683180

The jews of gender(racebait)

No. 1683181

Understanding why men believe that they can become women is like understanding why men believe they are closer to god and so superior to women. It doesn't make any sense. It's all lies.

No. 1683183

It's sad he threw his career out over this. I loved his videos.

No. 1683186


No. 1683187

>womb succubus tattoo
Anime and hentai help, too

No. 1683188

Rhys is still pretty active on twitter and was on The Daily Show back in June or July shilling for males in women's sports.

No. 1683189

>White stockings with frilly socks
>A sliver of a tartan skirt
>Ugly tactical sleeve thing over black halter
>Bra, thong and succubus tattoo clearly visible
In what world is the considered a cohesive outfit?

No. 1683190

How do these guys expect to be treated by other men when they go out like this?

No. 1683194

trannies are so fugly they make me feel better about myself, not worse.

No. 1683195

They always think transitioning will somehow turn them from an ugly loser into a beautiful social butterfly who everyone loves, and they get their delusions propped up along the way by the internet and handmaidens lying that it’s true and that estrogen will completely and utterly change their face and body to be beautiful. And then they interact with normies and realize people don’t actually all want to fuck them and worship them now, they’re just ugly losers with longer hair and gynecomastia now.
Most of them react by blaming twansphobia for why they’re not adored, but over time more and more people who have been sold the idea that transitioning will make them look great are going to realize they were lied to.

No. 1683197

they want to be objectified and harrassed by men, it's the only way they can feel like a real waman. That's the end goal for their fetish.

No. 1683200

Men only see women they are attracted to. When men say "women" that's really what they mean. So these dudes thought all women are hot and adored by default.

No. 1683201

I don't even seethe over good looking women, why would I seethe over photoshopped men?

No. 1683203

who is this? how is it milk? we have plenty of trannies selfposting or posting pictures of women claiming they are troons. provide some background to this or be gone scrote

No. 1683204

File: 1666617927575.jpeg (67.49 KB, 828x289, 216F4D48-84BD-48EE-9DDF-6FCD72…)

Isn’t this a biological woman though? She has they/he in the twitter bio and has tweeted pics of her as kid (a girl). Plus plenty of tweets like pic related. Even the picture you posted, she posted with the caption “girlmoding”

No. 1683209

yes, it's a biological woman. she has pussy pictures on reddit and even though the clit looks weird, there's no scar tissue.
schizo tranny posting biological women detected, fuck off moid

No. 1683210

Makes sense, I thought her body shape was too feminine for a moid.


Holy shit you guys are retarded. Adams apple where?

No. 1683211

You can tell this is a salty ugly troon. I've seen plenty of legit beautiful cis men and women don't give a fuck if they are. You will never be the hot girl that turned you down.

No. 1683212

Kek, I literally just came here to post this. This fat fucking finnook in his problem glasses is a bit of a personal lolcow for me.

I'll never understand why trannies feel the need to try and do the edgy sideshave hairstyle thing - it only works on real women because it contrasts their naturally feminine features. On men, it just emphasises their masculine features.

No. 1683213

>I'll never understand why trannies feel the need to try and do the edgy sideshave hairstyle thing
I will never understand either. Why is every single transbian obsessed with the same style? They all want to be a badass cyborg "butch" lesbian video game protagonist with a neon sideshave and face piercings. It's like they've all latched onto this fantasy version of the girls they couldn't get back in the early 2000s. Very weird.

No. 1683215

File: 1666618331139.jpg (143.97 KB, 1200x1200, cyberpunk-2077-judy-alvarez-g8…)

It's also the hairstyle of the one lesbian from Cyberpunk 2077 kek

No. 1683216

Yeah, this is just a self-hating woman dressed like she took style tips from gimp girl. Trannies dress like this and convince themselves they look like her.

No. 1683217

File: 1666618394605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 2316x3088, e1ib4tehlxb91.jpg)

peep the vagina without ballsack skin or joker scars, fucking tranny

No. 1683219

what did he want society to do? not see him as a man? that’s impossible.

No. 1683220

Add glasses and piercings everywhere (and cartoonishly huge boobs) and that is exactly what they all want to look like!

No. 1683224

File: 1666618691775.png (398.15 KB, 483x590, Screenshot 2022-10-24 153806.p…)

i think this hairstyle also conveniently hides their male pattern baldness

No. 1683226

Browsing her twitter account for literally less than 5 seconds and it’s the most obvious thing in the world that this is a biological woman, although one clearly with mental health issues. She’s one of those handmaidens who want to be a transgirl/femboy (or pretend to want to be) for whatever reason, but it’s a real woman kek and idk why you’d post this. Are you a moid? We can tell who’s a woman and who isn’t in a matter of seconds, so don’t even bother.

No. 1683227

He was clearly a gay gnc boy. He was also told by his parents to repress being gay which likely led to him IDing as a woman. I don't like seeing Alcorn in these threads, he was clearly an abused minor. You could argue he would have grown up to be this awful guy but we'll never know.

No. 1683229

They always leave out the prostitution part.. trannies do get murdered at surprising rates in other countries, because they try and sleep with men, and once those men realize they've been lied to, they crack skulls. They always say trannies are dying and blame it on the terfs, but they never talk about how many of them will suck dick for simply for a line of coke

No. 1683230

But it just makes their overall maleness all the more apparent.

No. 1683234

same, he's a textbook case of an effeminate gay male, traumatized to the point of believing he was a woman, in a attempt of coping with his own sexuality and in hopes of being accepted into a religious enviroment. the only bad thing he really did was his 41ing, but thats the essence of male suicides, making a mess and traumatize someone else

No. 1683235

Do they even get killed at higher rates than female prostitutes? Or is it that a higher percentage of troons are prostitutes? Also, the cases that make up the US stats are almost entirely from Puerto Rico.

No. 1683246

File: 1666620864448.jpg (58.26 KB, 675x499, 6xz6om.jpg)

Graphic a tranny unironically shared in an AGP post that got locked on r/asktransgender:

No. 1683248

> almost entirely from Puerto Rico
Continental american white middle class and upper straight moids most affected. Also, women's fault.

No. 1683252

>told by his parents to repress being gay which likely led to him IDing as a woman
>in a attempt of coping with his own sexuality and in hopes of being accepted into a religious enviroment
So he believed he was a woman because only women are penetrated by men? Still dehumanizing and misogynistic. A man can be abused and be misogynistic at the same time.

No. 1683256

Actual women cannot have AGP any more than they can have functioning dicks and balls.

No. 1683264

unpopular opinion but i think anyone can have AGP. male, female, mtf, ftm. femaleness is inherently sexualized so i think anyone can sexualize a female (or more feminized) version of themselves, no matter their actual sex. I'd argue something like bimbofication is proof of that, and both transwomen and ciswomen engage in this. (when it's done in a sexual way.)

No. 1683266

>femaleness is inherently sexualized
I agree with you that women can sexualize themselves but being female isn’t inherently sexual. Existing in my body isn’t inherently sexual. It’s literally just how I exist.

No. 1683267

>oh, you tried to fit in and adjust to the beliefs of your entire family, community, and support network? RIP to you but i'd be different

No. 1683271

It's the new "goth gf" look to moids even though it was only trendy with actual women for like a month 5 years ago. There's at least one female character with this hairstyle in nearly every video game. Kek it so makes sense trannies try to copy it. Male fantasies, male fantasies

No. 1683272

File: 1666623643668.jpg (618.94 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20221024-105406_Chr…)

He's the worst. This woman's literally suffering in pain right now:

No. 1683273

File: 1666623659022.jpeg (123.53 KB, 750x377, 6F44D41A-FF6B-4A3F-81FB-A386AA…)

enbies are killing more troons than terfs ever could kek

No. 1683274

not inherently sexual, but sexualized, in society or whatever. I just mean if youre trying to concoct some sort of hypersexual fantasy to put yourself into, making yourself into a female is pretty much the way to go. And you can do that regardless of your sex. At least i think so !

No. 1683275

File: 1666623675407.jpg (500.82 KB, 1080x1781, IMG_20221024_165954.jpg)

Noooo he saw a triggering thumbnail on youtube

No. 1683276

File: 1666623688068.webm (6.7 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cdao82bc77u81bvjks…)

the comments are so promising, nonnas. is this what hope feels like?

No. 1683277

AGPs don't just get off on feminizing themselves or bimbofication. That's just ordinary transvestism. Autogynephillics get off on possessing a female body and all it's functions. You have AGPs like Yaniv who get off on menstruation. AGPs like James "Lisa" Shupe who got off on lactation. There are AGPs who get off just by being in a all women knitting group.

No. 1683278

No. 1683280

Why are its feet so weird, like I feel we shouldn't see them naked like that…but I feel sorry for the poor thing, in a way, if he's truly low-iq or something

No. 1683282

>male, female, mtf, ftm
Everyone is either female or male.
>femaleness is inherently sexualized
No, it isn't. Being female isn't the same as following the norms of femininity. I'm female. That's how I exist. I have nothing to do to be female.
> something like bimbofication is proof of that
A woman following the norms of femininity isn't the same as a scrote doing it. To women, femininity is a cage they were born into. A man has to build it and can step in and out as he pleases.
>transwomen and ciswomen
Learn to write like a woman at least if you want to shit this thread, scrote.

No. 1683288


Their main stupid problem is, transwomen think femaleness and being a female is inherently sexual, hence the AGP and wanting to obtain female-related stuff and called she/her, because they think the objects and pronouns help ‘turn them into a girl’., they’re downright idiots.

‘cis’ men also think being a female is inherently sexual, hence them always catcalling and chasing women, making any excuse to harrass and sexualize them badly too. They always say red pillers are one step away from trooning out.

No. 1683291

Why is it that every few days a tranny comes in to mansplain how women can totes fetishize the idea of becoming a woman as a man? Anyone with more than 2 brain cells can realize how that makes no fucking sense

No. 1683293

File: 1666625039101.jpg (700.23 KB, 810x2836, Screenshot_20221024-111549_Red…)

>Pretransition trans women are mostly outranked by the cis women around them, and end up submitting to them, doing a lot of free work for them, and falling under their control.
u/RevengeOfSalmacis is one of the biggest transcel cows on reddit. Always complaining about "transmisogyny" and "oppressive" "cis" women

No. 1683299

Men's need to mansplain.

No. 1683302

I can play too. Woman (member of an oppressed class) doesn’t want to be treated by male (oppressor class who commits the most violent crimes towards women).

No. 1683305

Men are impulsive and don't think a damn thing through (troon thread is proof enough) and always put themselves first. If they had some hidden breadth of deep humanizing emotions, or some personal truths that would improve their lives through expression, we'd all know about it by now. It's just not there. The only emotions 99.9% of them have are shitty basic rape ape impulses. Acting pitiful is just a sex acquisition strategy for the ones that can't actually impress a woman.

No. 1683309

You’re a male.

No. 1683312

But anon, didn't you know? Us evil women are supposed convince the Moids that fucking the trannies is not a faggoty thing to do. It's our fault they kill trannies don't cha know? /S

No. 1683318

File: 1666626159590.png (406.81 KB, 697x783, j,.png)

Male, you tried this before. Where are the autistic AGP/sissy captions made by women? If women could have AGP, you'd see them making and doing shit like pic related for their own pleasure, or getting turned on by non-sexual acts like using women's public bathrooms or trying on birthday dresses.

No. 1683328

> Do we have the ability to steal the life force out of scrotes to live longer than them or something?
based scrote-lifesucking witchcraft
picrel, it's actually a tranny meme but says more about them than they want to I think

No. 1683331

File: 1666626581856.png (3.01 MB, 1330x1923, itsnotafetish.png)

some delusion/cope with a side of "it's DEFINITELY not a fetish, guys"

No. 1683332

His caption tho, men serve other men every day in their sausagefest jobs, sports and hobbies. And you can suck cock for free any day without needing to change gender, it's called being gay

No. 1683334

File: 1666626687153.jpg (71.5 KB, 500x913, njgnp4bhvhv91.jpg)

forgot the picrel

No. 1683338

didn't read+ur male+lmao

No. 1683340

> This place is more fun to post on than /pol/ but is basically the same
> obsessed with rape
spoken like a male
> one of the good ones hsts don't rape
no, they just want to wear women's skin and view women in a way that is a product of rape culture

No. 1683341


No. 1683343

File: 1666627220900.jpg (304.63 KB, 1570x1416, 1666179514950.jpg)

you read like a combo of ms robot and the degenerate my dude

No. 1683345

>I’m not sure why you think we want to rape women when we aren’t even attracted to women

If you're not one of the rapey hons, then this thread is mostly irrelevant for you. The fact you are in here not all men-ing speaks to something, you are trying to stand up for the rapey hons? If I see a shit freak pervert I feel no inclination to rush up and make sure everyone knows I'm not one, because I don't self-identify into their group. So even if you claim to "not be like them" you are still identifying with them by your constant posts (assuming this is the same guy who's posted before) denying you are like them. If you truly are nothing like these freaks, then keep walking.

No. 1683346

stop responding to scrotes.

No. 1683353

Nobody is creating caricatures, we literally just repost unedited images and text that the trannies post about themselves.
The only people making caricatures are the trannies.
Again, if you don't identify with these freaks then why are you posting in the thread?

No. 1683355

I don't get what he's trying to say here.

No. 1683358

>we're not all bad
>stop complaining about the bad ones btw, they aren't real
Crossdress and be gay. Nobody here actually cares until you start claiming it makes you a woman, trying to enter our spaces and make everything about yourselves, being misogynistic and trying to cape for your fellow men (who are straight but claim to "transbians" and screech at actual lesbians for not taking their dicks). You're doing two of those things right now. You and all other HSTS should leave us the fuck alone if this is just about "alleviating your suffering". There is no good reason for you to be considered a woman. You're just a man with a mental disorder, and it's not strangers' job to try and convince themselves you're anything else just to keep you from cracking.

No. 1683368

This entire website. You're a man on a site for women mad that we have the nerve to complain about you and your brothers pushing themselves on us, our IRL spaces, women's groups, politics, etc. Stop doing this shit, stop insisting your festering wounds are "totally vaginas", stop being entitled, delusional and shitty in general, and these threads would be empty.
On /pol/, you're with the other mentally damaged men.

No. 1683369

He's trying to invalidate misogyny by crying about being a failmale. Very typical, if you couldn't tell by the hulking hon not-all-men'ing in this thread

No. 1683370

"Leave us alone" says the tranny that invaded a female space and expected to be coddled.

Hoping the tranny in thread can give some insight on why you insist you are women/think like women but never give a fuck about womens issues only your own tranny-centric problems such as pretending to be oppressed when the entire world caters to you. How come anytime any remotely independent/strong female character comes along and you must impose the idea that they are trans instead of just relating to them as they are (wow it's like you don't even see yourselves as women)? Your group constantly "other" categories itself when convenient but wants to vilify anyone else for doing the same.

No. 1683372

Scrote detected.
That's an actual vagina.

No. 1683374

Interestingly I have yet to see any TIF describe herself as an "infertile man"

No. 1683376

The "we just want to exist!" narrative is so tired and transparent by now. They won't let us have sex based women's shelters, crisis centers, bathrooms, sports, healthcare, changing rooms, or even fucking jails, and then to have the nerve to come here crying about how we don't leave them alone. Typical male behavior, they can't resist being told NO

No. 1683378

>no clit
And I thought it was just a meme that men can’t find clits even though they’re obvious and right in front of them.

No. 1683381

I wonder if that poster is the same tranny attention whoring in this thread, claiming that insulting rapists and other creeps is the same as picking on normal people, that we're the males, that he's "actually nice", etc.

No. 1683382

> tranny is probably in the top 1% of trannies as far as passing goes
> selfposts here for affirmation because affirmation of fellow troons and chasers is not enough, needs to invade female spaces
> doesn't get affirmation because this site is full of TERFs and also just women in general (who are better at picking out troons than men)
> cries, compares us to /pol/, says we just make fun of people (what are the first three letters of the site's name?)
> claims to be a regular user of this site, not content to blend in and larp as a woman, is only upset when he himself is mocked

No. 1683384

Tranny is not only a low effort fail male but also a low effort troll. Don't acknowledge, don't engage.

No. 1683387

oh and I forgot
> does not sage as expected here but like it is his natural habitat of 4chan

No. 1683389

File: 1666629305850.jpeg (410.17 KB, 1170x2018, A95A13AF-DC58-4F67-AAB3-D668F6…)

Has anyone been following this Taversia bullshit?
This tiktok user that refuses to disclose if she/he is trans or not. She’s been milking the attention for years and now claims to be starting an OnlyFans page to finally “confirm” but everyone seems to thinks it’s another in a long line of scams.

No. 1683394

nonna thats a man

No. 1683397

"I'm a nice guy. I totally do all these nice things for women and they don't appreciate me."
"I'm a failed man, that means I'm a woman."
Like most "nice guys", there are probably jack shit real instances of him doing any nice things for women. They always want credit for things they didn't do, things they are certain some other man definitely did. (Spoiler: Nobody did a single fucking thing.) He has just read enough things written by women to steal their wording and use it to disguise his "nice guy" bullshit.

No. 1683400

>"I never claimed to be nice."
>"Every post I’ve mad is actually nice and I will never attack anyone here lol"

No. 1683402

>They always say trannies are dying and blame it on the terfs,
Now that you mention it I wonder why they blame le ebil terves for tranny deaths, if the violent scrotes who actually kill them do so out of their own male hatred and aggression, it's not like a murderous homophobic moid would listen to what a radfem has to say lmao

No. 1683411

Trannies are all leeches i swear to god, that's what truly peaked me. They demand to control all your thoughts and actions as if that was possible like moody teens but they're grown ass men with the social and literal power of grown ass males. At some point in adulthood you have to accept that you can't control how everyone thinks about you but yet here we are.

No. 1683414

This is so funny lmao. Is there any comment about owning this?

No. 1683420

God why we have lost autismos in these threads posting this braindead take at least once a week. Lurk moar, retard, it was explaned last thread why this isn't possible, with studies and all. It was explaned by the man who coined agp himself, too.

No. 1683421

calgary kek

No. 1683427

replace "guy" with "lady" or "woman" or something and it's spot-on

No. 1683429

So feminine and totally not incel-like at all! I hope everyone realizes how stunning and brave this woman truly is!

No. 1683430

really canon genderspecial or just ambiguous gender for rpg self insert purposes?

No. 1683441

File: 1666632697403.jpeg (36.33 KB, 441x250, E05BEF24-118E-4B25-BE16-3D3A26…)

The tranny posting here probably looks like Kim Petras. Cope tranny he started hormones at 15 too, it is inevitable.

No. 1683443

Schrodinger’s tranny. If you’re a genderspecial the character is canon NB. If you’re not then it’s ambiguous.

No. 1683451

Stop interacting with him retard.

No. 1683452

his father would pimp out when he was a kid and was made to dress as a girl, yeah that fucked him up

No. 1683456


Ladies this guy lurks and has been known to talk to farmers on discord. Be careful!

No. 1683464

troons say this then end up dating other troons because no one else finds their frankenstein body attractive

No. 1683465

women cant get off to becoming female because they are female. it is even debatable if autoandrophilia (getting off of becoming a male) is a phenomenon among females. gtfo of here with that troon agenda parroting.

No. 1683466

these women baffle me a lot. wtf would this phenomenon even be called? autoautogynephilephilia? extreme female coomerism + handmaidenism?
he didn't just 41% but he also intentionally martyred himself for the tranny cause and stated that clearly in his suicide note, which was also cause a huge push to the current state of things wrt trannies. fuck him, he deserved no sympathy. fuck all the other hsts too, it's because of them that the t was added to lgb in the first place and now we have this mess just because they were too homophobic to just call themselves gay crossdressers but still wanted to leech off the gay community because obviously straight people would never accept them as the "fellow straights" they claimed to be. because if a gay man can identify as a "straight woman" why shouldn't a straight man be allowed to identify as a "lesbian", right?

No. 1683469

We call it "pulling a kikomi" here. It's mostly a symptom of being terninally online and groomed by trannies.

No. 1683471

File: 1666634537631.jpg (53.39 KB, 463x356, Fdxc.jpg)

You know the funny thing is, if these boys just existed as regular alt dudes and literally just hung around(don't even have to socialize) they would find that tons of girls were into them, I just don't understand men, they don't have to do this coomershit that isn't gonna last them long

No. 1683473

File: 1666634550188.jpeg (368.68 KB, 1678x2089, 8DB797FC-534D-4EEE-B383-971FBB…)

He goes by papayawhip. I know quiet a bit about him but this is not the place to talk about it. I had known him for quiet a while before he revealed to us he was a man. Here’s a pic he sent reversing himself back into a man. I feel bad for him because he’s very insecure and has had multiple surgeries. I am not surprised he’s running amock in tranny spaces now.

No. 1683478

Moids lack empathy, how surprising.
Also, this is the difference between the "oppression" trannies experience and the oppression suffered by women. Troons say they're traumatized for not being included in women's spaces and considered women, as if they had suffered any life-threatening situation ever for the fact that they're men, it's not like they know what sex-based trauma is like. Meanwhile you have this woman who was actually raped and traumatized, who needs medical care, being banned from a hospital for not wanting a biological male to touch her (which makes perfect sense as she has real trauma from sexual assault). But no, the fetishistic delusions of one troon doctor are more important than the life and mental health of a rape survivor. That woman's trauma doesn't give a shit if we live in a clown world that allows scrotes to legally identify as women for fun, her subconscious sees the troon for what he really is: a biological male, and reacts accordingly. But apparently that's reason enough to ban her from a hospital and label her as an oppressor.

>women- I mean cis women are just as bad as men- I mean trans women guys!!
If that were true where are the hundreds of videos of women masturbating openly in women's bathrooms? Countless cases of trannies being raped or sexually harassed by women? kek
It's the same shit as insane MRA logic just with a woke coat of paint.

No. 1683482

File: 1666635165904.png (370.26 KB, 640x638, This is a 23 year old woman.pn…)

FTM "femboys" are an interesting phenomenon, wanting to be "femboys" rather than men is definitely due to so many of them being obsessed with twinks imo which is really an extension of the obsession with bottom gay men

No. 1683485

> She’s one of those handmaidens who want to be a transgirl/femboy (or pretend to want to be) for whatever reason
let her be, there should be more women transbaiting to make troons mad

No. 1683493

Unfortunately, nona, they are not interested in what women actually want, only what their dick ruined by porn wants. Just like incels wonder what they can do to get a woman to fuck them and instead of listening to the opposite sex they just listen to other males. (Actually that's just most men in general lmao)
That's because they don't respect us, as you can see every time they try to enforce their opinions on us instead of allowing us to have our own thoughts acknowledged.
The men who realize they can dress as cute alt boys to attract tons of women are mostly manipulative and abusive.

Isn't it sad how both MtF and FtM sexualized ideals cater to male sexuality?
Also lol at the implication that you can't be a woman who likes pink and girly shit if you have short hair or like a few "non-feminine" things. No, you have to be feminine "but in a male way"

No. 1683496

I think FTM femboys are really creepy, cause even though their often adult women, they try to style/present themselves as young teenage boy

No. 1683504

File: 1666636324331.png (624.31 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshotaa.png)

Nonnies wake up mass peaking just dropped
Sory no milk again i just love her

No. 1683505

File: 1666636375665.png (174.02 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_2.png)

I think something good is coming

No. 1683506

File: 1666636410973.png (200.22 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20.png)

No. 1683512

If that person isn't trans they have a hormonal disorder and should go see a doctor. Just look at that face and listen to that voice.

No. 1683517

File: 1666637080353.png (250.77 KB, 1176x1848, comments.png)


No. 1683519

Isn’t she already cancelled for being an ebil terf?

Also, the constant talk about ”mass peaking” reminds me of religious nuts talking about the rapture a bit. I truly do not know if it will ever happen, this is too beneficial for medical companies & for the elites to keep common people at each others throaths arguing about social politics.

No. 1683520

kek that’s an embarrassing LSAT, good luck on the bar

No. 1683521

Of course men get away with calling him out

No. 1683523

this bitch could be the next biotransgirl KEK

No. 1683527

No. 1683529

if gay troons were decent people, they’d be content with identifying as femboys. but no, they feel entitled to womanhood just like their rape hon bros. they’re all misogynistic scum.

No. 1683545

i wish you retards weren't retarded twitter migrants or you'd see that not spending money at ulta anymore and convincing ALL of your friends to do so would have a profound impact on tranny future market predictions, including medical. "the elites" dont give a fuck about trannies and its why all of their medical support has been pulled from insurance recently

No. 1683551

unforunately not even femboys are content with being effeminate gay men, they also have to go on about how as men they're supposedly "better than women at everything including being women". unsurprisingly most of them are also schrodinger's trannies, effeminate gay men or trannies or somehow even both at the same time depending on which one gets them more clout and sympathy at the moment.

No. 1683563


No. 1683565

based nonna

kek for sure there is a medical lobby push for trooning out but that doesn't matter because troons will always exist.

what matters is women are still the ones driving the market and the ulta stock crash proves it. once these companies see that pushing troon agenda can land them the same fate as ulta they are very likely to not do that. changing the public opinion on troons by exposing them as the misogynistic coomers they are will make it so that trooning out goes out of fashion.

No. 1683578

Within the next 10 years? I heard 20, then I heard more or less. It just fluctuates. Is it because it’s just not even fucking possible so they hold onto it and repeat it like a broken record. Some nonna help me out here.