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File: 1654532597633.png (152.21 KB, 1325x672, feministally.png)

No. 1551035

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No. 1551042

Reposting the link from the last thread because I'm really curious to see if anyone else here also thinks this is a scam. The fact that noone is calling this person out astounds me. Also, does anyone know whether mtf's need drains when they get implants? Because there's videos of this thing with drains after augmentation surgery. It doesn't make sense.

No. 1551061

Why is this the threadpic? Matt Walsh being a general douche about women has nothing to do with trannies. I’d get it if the tweet related to his doc or troons but this was a stupid choice.

No. 1551070

Horrible choice for thread pic Nona. I’m with you but this is the mtf thread, not a general feminism thread.

No. 1551072

can someone make a new thread? the thread pic doesn't make any sense and there isn't even a link to the last thread (#65)

No. 1551075

yeah you're right. I was just drawing a bit of a blank in terms of what I should make the threadpic and just wanted to get something out there because it didn't seem like anyone else would atm

No. 1551085

It's fine nona, they let the mtf thread a tranny made run its course. Hopefully the thread pic reminds that retarded anon who keeps saying we should simp matt walsh to own the trannies to shut up.

No. 1551088

File: 1654535969883.png (137.29 KB, 1299x648, 435345252.PNG)

No. 1551089

oh thank you! that tuckanon is gonna give me nightmares

No. 1551090

File: 1654536118501.jpeg (635.21 KB, 1170x1796, 6C7D2446-1964-4086-93C2-1F8833…)

Apparently this troon is blaming radfems for terminally online media illiteracy. OT but isn’t Salo CSEM?

No. 1551096

This is true. And the threads do move pretty fast. I hope too if any trannies lurk it’s a reminder that we also dislike Matt Walsh (at least a hunk of us do apart from Tuckanon and whoever else was defending him last thread).

No. 1551101

File: 1654536757176.jpeg (677.31 KB, 1170x1246, E8CCCBCC-C89C-4F6C-BA13-77B263…)

So you lost weight and grew your hair out. Did this faggot seriously name himself after a nintendo character?

No. 1551102

File: 1654536813255.png (45.88 KB, 504x283, FUkgeavXwAEFrNi.png)

Based ex wife. Good for her.

No. 1551104

He calls her super transphobic, I call her a strong woman standing up for herself and the rest of us.

No. 1551105

File: 1654537093209.jpg (52.29 KB, 540x960, FUlaP3fWYAALgWO.jpg)

No. 1551109

File: 1654537223352.png (1.13 MB, 640x2140, 8968F000-4F06-4836-9684-0D28F1…)

He looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo

No. 1551114

ruh roh raggy, looks like you rassumed relma's gender.

No. 1551120

File: 1654537682145.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.6 KB, 720x739, Screenshot_20220606-133948_Chr…)

Sage because I'm not sure if it's a tranny but I went on 4chan for the first time in a year, saw this ad and immediate closed out. I know I shouldn't be giving the freak any attention but this is so ridiculous

No. 1551123

File: 1654537891248.jpeg (129.51 KB, 1170x965, C5747C66-7CAE-44D7-8148-E06250…)

I don’t hate being female I just hate how society perceives women. Moids are fucking stupid.

No. 1551125

File: 1654537935622.png (915.14 KB, 1284x2224, 9286D013-877C-4445-9342-2E98A6…)

Holy fuck they are such men with this shit. I’m not threatened by their supposed womanhood because they aren’t women. I’m not threatened by any other woman’s womanhood either because whatever she does has no bearing on my own. Christ.

No. 1551129

File: 1654538021288.png (1.68 MB, 922x1700, wut.png)

so feminine

No. 1551130

not watching it but why wouldn't they need drains?

No. 1551133

I thought they let Chris-chan out of jail and got jumpscared.

No. 1551134

They’re so stupid because they don’t understand the true oppression that comes with actually being female. They treat it as a pornified, romanticized thing instead of ever using their noggins to think of how actual women move through the world and feel with relation to men and the way they treat us. Like yes, there is some good in being female but it also can be scary and painful. And this comes from how the outside treats us. This is why women do try to find joy in what our bodies are capable of because we’ve been hurt for it, ostracized for it, etc. Even now we can’t mention our biological functions or reality without them getting jealous that they’re not included. They don’t get it and they never will.

No. 1551135

Kek what is this shirt

No. 1551139

support worker… an actual literal retard kek

No. 1551140

File: 1654538416435.jpeg (484.45 KB, 1284x1027, 93397863-83A9-4406-824E-9CBC22…)

Are men not allowed to find things cute?

No. 1551145

File: 1654538808646.jpeg (669.85 KB, 1284x1240, 6C8AFC5E-F754-436B-BF6A-113981…)

No. 1551148

Why did I have to see this? Vomiting.

No. 1551160

They are a threat. A violent threat. A rapist threat. They’re a threat because men are a threat to women, but nice cope seethe and dilate spin on the narrative. Your own pelvis gives you away. Your short garbage chromosome is in every cell of your body. Men will never evolve for the good of society. Their Y will forever be useless. It can mutate and evolve into anything. Only women push us forward.

No. 1551162

The incel at my coffee shop finally trans’ed and honestly his threat level shot up by like 5 levels. Trannies everywhere can 41% if they don’t want to be perceived as a threat.

No. 1551164

Because my point is that they are fucking lying. Trannies get breast implants put in the exact same as women do as far as I can tell. I was wondering if anyone had heard of anything different regarding implants because I'm like 99.9 percent sure this is a scam.
I think they only use drains when removing implants.

No. 1551173

Yeah like if anything them coming out as a trans woman only makes me fear them more because I’ve seen that the depraved shit they post is equal to and in some cases worse than what a regular joe on the street would write. I am used to regular old misogyny. This skinwalking obsession with owning womanhood goes far beyond that and is degrading, insulting, and horrifying.

No. 1551184

File: 1654540648215.png (177.57 KB, 540x725, haytimmie.png)

oh my god SHUT UP

No. 1551189

File: 1654540915930.jpeg (529.88 KB, 828x1006, FF32DECF-51BE-4CCB-886F-291434…)

some doctors use drains if they’re shit at it/the moid is tiny and they have to expand the chest a lot. almost never see it in women. Went down a rabbit hole trying to determine if this was really a troon or a grifter, found out they were called out by THE troon grifter, Debbie Crankin, handmaidens everywhere peak just slightly to elaborate on how Debbie begging for money isnt valid but this one totally is, gaiz!
>GFM is run by an american guy
>claims FFS took place but literally no discernible difference, claims he didn’t get tracheal shave or rhinoplasty because “afraid of too many surgeries”
>creates panic scenarios to generate $, like being stalked and attacked

smells fishy, and not because he’s getting an amhole installed kek

No. 1551191

>Copium prescription

No. 1551192

moid logic is so retarded. just because YOU and your little buddies are insecure of feeling emasculated doesn't mean women feel like that about womanhood. it's just such projection

No. 1551193

>access to large network of thirsty lesbians
dude, other men in dresses don't count as lesbians, you can have them

No. 1551194

Lol I was going to say the same thing.

No. 1551207

Straight up his super high cringy fake female voice immediately made my skin crawl. Now he’s internationally trying to lie and hide.
The amount of cringe knowing what he really sounds like and being forced to sit there through his really poor high pitched attempt.

No. 1551214

That's because they're moids with terminal moid brain. Men are in constant, violent sexual competition with each other and terrified of emasculation. They don't understand the more cooperative & collaborative social structures of women, so they assume we're also in constant competition with each other and terrified another woman will somehow invalidate our "womanhood." The fact that they think "cis" women even pay attention to them, let alone see them as competition shows what male brains they have.

No. 1551228

I’m not threatened. I’m rightfully offended that the oppressor is wearing the oppressed as a costume, minimizing the struggles of real womanhood, and on top of that, being fetishists who get off to women’s suffering. They’re hateful and vile, and they will never be women.

No. 1551232

Oh no, he’s on reddit. Is this mf rich or what? His house looks fancy.

No. 1551237

It’s probably his parents house.

No. 1551247

File: 1654543868721.png (101.09 KB, 640x291, diapers.png)

No. 1551248

I know this is a pedo tweet but maybe there is some truth to it considering how most of their bottom surgeries go.

No. 1551250

>Freshly grown boobs at any age

No. 1551252

He's a pedo

No. 1551255

Because old boobs are gross. A "fresh" pair of tuberous moobs grown on a 40 year old man are obviously much more attractive than the breasts on some gross used up 40 year old woman. They just can't stop hating women and viewing them as consumer products.

No. 1551256

jfc of course he fucking would, these men are so predictable

No. 1551258

File: 1654544331702.jpeg (638.71 KB, 1170x1077, 23740F2B-15B8-4E79-9E69-AA5BEE…)

Congratulations you know nothing of radical femininity ideology

No. 1551259

They are obsessed with saying Samus is MTF too because she’s tall. Like women aren’t allowed to be tall, not to mention she isn’t actually real so she can be any height the creators want.

No. 1551262

they say that but are always on the prowl for minor 'eggs' to groom

No. 1551267

She's also an alien bounty hunter. Men keep seething and trying it. She's a woman since the first game came out in the 80s on the NES.

No. 1551271

Right and that was a major moment for women in video games (even though she wore a bikini, but the point still stands). Everyone thought this giant suited bounty hunter was a male so having a character like that revealed to be female then was a big deal.

No. 1551272

iirc one of the devs made a joke about her being a “new-half” (japanese for tranny) and troons started taking it seriously.

No. 1551276

File: 1654544888494.png (179.75 KB, 499x380, D479F81A-9073-4C2D-B83E-7C3169…)

>there is nothing she has that i can’t have
There’s such a weird gross possessiveness to the way scrotes talk

No. 1551278

That stuck out to me too. They are desperate to claim and conquer things. It’s bizarre.

No. 1551281

lmao I love this, post it somewhere on /m/ too for posterity

No. 1551283

Again, didn’t watch it because no tiktok but I’ve seen drains used in breast surgery but now that I think of it, not too sure has it been more on shows like botched where it’s more of reconstruction/switching out implants. Not trying to fight, just curious because I have seen drains but then again, I’m no expert.

No. 1551302

File: 1654546460784.jpeg (359.89 KB, 1536x2048, FUgtnY3X0AI2_X1.jpeg)

He's got Leno's chin kek

No. 1551304

File: 1654546543308.jpeg (867.83 KB, 1857x1400, 3D5515B8-F40F-4F5D-BB88-1D0348…)

No. 1551310

File: 1654546766367.jpg (72.03 KB, 718x852, Screenshot_20220606-154747.jpg)


No. 1551313


No. 1551314

File: 1654546909180.jpeg (587.69 KB, 1409x1487, 043530EA-30B3-48A9-AC53-22FBFE…)

Giga Stacy Grindset

No. 1551317

No. 1551320

Really tho, where does the confidence come from?

No. 1551331

"just as much of a woman as she is"

what does he share with women that he doesn't also share with any other man?

No. 1551332

kek this is nothing but a cope. they see women effortlessly being women just by existing as themselves, then when we complain about men's oppression of women and forced gender roles they go "ha!!!! i like being sexualized and oppressed!!!! that means i'm a better woman than you!!!!", because they claw at any opportunity to feel superior to women even when they pretend to not be men. and of course the next second he'll cry about things like how periods aren't trans inclusive, and that women shouldn't talk about their female bodies becasue it hurts his poow feewings to feel excluded

No. 1551334

They love to claim superiority while playing victim at every opportune moment.

I think their biggest advantage is that 41/100 of them possess the magic of disappearing.

No. 1551344

File: 1654548312767.jpg (570.94 KB, 810x1898, Screenshot_20220606-164224_Boo…)

Suicidal pre-everything MtF made the comment.

No. 1551347

Casual reminder that transwomen statistically commit crimes equal to "cis" men regardless of hormones and surgeries, the only difference is transwomen commit sexual violence on women AND children more often than non-trans men.

No. 1551354

They’re like every other men. Once you say anything bad about them they lose their shit.

No. 1551357

>if a "man" can look that good
This is just so hilariously deluded. I have never seen a troon that even looked washed and presentable, let alone 'feminine' or 'beautiful'

No. 1551358

Rest In Peace, Magdalen. Keep haunting them from the grave.

No. 1551366

Casual reminder that despite being a smaller population they are actually more likely to be violent criminals.

No. 1551369

It's kind of like… all mentally ill people aren't bad, but all bad people are mentally ill. This is obviously a very general statement, but a person who commits violence, rape and abuse isn't a mentally healthy, well adjusted person who fits into society. And you have to be mentally ill to think and be obsessed with the idea that you're physically something you're not, and can never become. Their brains are already ill and delusional, so they're more likely to commit mentally ill and delusional acts and crimes. They even admit to it by claiming they're all more likely to commit suicide, which is an increibly drastic, selfish and mentally ill act.

No. 1551371

File: 1654549411453.jpg (272.39 KB, 919x1854, hof6ngbyrh631.jpg)

I really hope that women will start talking openly about male pattern emotional manipulation. Because even the ones who don't troon out still do this shit to coerce sex and work out of women, wear down their standards, avoid commitment, avoid work themselves, never do anything in return for the women they leech off of, etc. And the instant a woman doesn't take the manipulation at face value anymore, she's abusive and horrible. Modern society really does expect you to mommycoddle random scrotes for free, with nothing in return, as if they were your own literal babies.

No. 1551375


Are males who think "women aren't funny"
Are delusional about how male and ugly they really look
Want to rape lesbians, but will settle for other men pretending to be lesbians
Male egos, thinks they're 100 times better than they ever will be
Enjoys sexism and fetish jokes
Serial killer dead stare eyes
Ugly moobs, later upgraded with fake looking implants
Autist knowledge in male centric areas, such as programming and gaming

No. 1551380

I have seen many TiMs who look more feminine than I ever could pull off. They might even be more petite than me. They can have femininity (which was mostly pushed on women by men anyway), they can starve themselves, chemically castrate themselves and make themselves fragile. It doesn't matter what I do or don't, I'll still be female.

No. 1551387

Online under fifteen filters or irl? Because in real life, nope as an actual woman you look more feminine because you are female.

No. 1551401

I'm a big hulking ogre and while I am female, there's not much feminine about me, never was. So yes, they do look more feminine than me and they can have all the femininity. It's not the be all end all or some amazing prize to chase or the equivalent of "good".

No. 1551417

I have a "huge catalogue of trans specific jokes" too but when I say them I get called a terf cunt. Sad!

No. 1551418

Rules of moid logic: 1) there needs to be a gender hierarchy. There’s an alpha male and a beta. There are tops and bottoms. A troon is more woman than a woman because he earned womanhood. 2) the world belongs to men, so excluding men from anything or denying them something means taking away a property they’re entitled to. 3) men are the ultimate victims. There’s a worldwide conspiracy to take away from them what they feel entitled to (women, womanhood, sex, a family, manhood, power, male privilege).

No. 1551424

I get why OP used matt walsh because of his recent doc but yeah, maybe should have used one of his troon tweets.

Link to his doc because walsh is an asshole and is crying that hes not getting enough asspats over this doc even though its shit many women have been saying for decades

No. 1551429

Male violence isn’t a mental illness. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

No. 1551434

No. 1551444

File: 1654552596043.png (98.35 KB, 913x752, Screenshot 2022-06-06 175101.p…)

> Troon seethes and copes because his ex wife is truthful by telling him YWNBAW. Gives weird threatening response that there's "nothing she has that I can't have" and it ~totally~ made her seethe!
> Said ex wife knows the moid is not a woman obv. According to comments she has children with the loser manchild and is probably at her wits end because of what he's putting the kids through (they co-parent kids, yikes).

No. 1551454

I love it when they project their jealousy onto women. The delusion kek

No. 1551461

Can people read the thread before posting? It isn’t even that long yet and this has been posted already.

No. 1551465

File: 1654553879840.png (4.33 MB, 4000x2196, malebrain.png)

sorry for the shit collage but the folx over at 4tran are evil as fuck, the comment about how happy he is that "foids are geting what they deserve" or whatever turned my stomach. thread is here:

No. 1551467

File: 1654554014639.png (772.72 KB, 2082x2882, malebrain.png)

sorry the comments are so small, here they are resized

No. 1551471

Is this your screenshot nonnie? We can see your pic in the bottom right

No. 1551474

Every time with the “some cis women don’t pass” thing. What is their obsession with this?

No. 1551486

Yeah I was worried in case it was too small bc the comments horrified me.

The moid talking about "foids" is obsessed with passing to the point that he talks about anything else.
His post history has some comments like he wants women to die and hates all cis women "so much" but he also wants to be one. The majority of his comments however are about all sorts of autistic obsessions with midface, height, being a passoid. It's like Incel Lookism 2.0. Originally the point of transitioning was to like 'transition' and then live a normal life as an unattractive woman to cure your dysphoria. But for these moids it's like their BDD from incel lookism just transforms into something even more unobtainable and they doom themselves to this path. If they just accepted the fucking truth they wouldn't be having these issues but they create their own problems by being terminally online in echo chambers that deny reality. Even if troons do 'pass' they inevitably feel depressed because they know deep down that they are not women. I swear these moids doom themselves and then complain that radfems (aka women) are responsible for their mental anguish.
Troons should be forced to deactivate all of their social media and go touch grass for like a year or two to come to their senses of how retarded this all is. You will never be a woman and you know it.

No. 1551489

File: 1654554886787.jpeg (209.72 KB, 719x983, nightmare 1.jpeg)

Kid doesn't stand a chance.

No. 1551494

File: 1654555044888.jpeg (183.62 KB, 719x852, nightmare 2.jpeg)

A comment underneath it. This is one of many reasons why young women shouldn't marry and procreate with old ass 40+ year old men. If he couldn't get his shit together to procreate before 35, he does NOT want a child for anything but selfish reasons.

No. 1551502

Kek if American moids think the birth rates are low now, wait until the next generation when literally half the Americans in their 20s can't reproduce. Those will be the consequences of CPS forcing lupron on confused children, thereby making them infertile and giving them osteoporosis by their 20s.

No. 1551503

File: 1654555520794.jpeg (159.44 KB, 768x1024, 93CA69C5-C817-4F73-8440-A231C1…)

Tone down that eyeliner bro.

No. 1551504

They seem to live in Lalaland where broad, masculine women are totally accepted and never get shitty comments or treatment. If anything, TiMs get treated better, because they have more social capital and can have you get cancelled. And if people already have trouble accepting adult human females with atypical bodies as women, then they're definitely not going to truly accept the bedicked. They'll just be too afraid to say it.

No. 1551521

Bet he molests that little boy. Hope he gets out, wheres the mother?

No. 1551523

File: 1654556564006.png (9.37 MB, 3126x2142, 09E10F34-DCEE-40CF-945E-067D95…)

I will never understand why average looking moids choose to destroy their bodies just to look cartoonishly hideous when ugly women have historically been denigrated for their ugliness. we get treated as subhuman if we don't look beautiful; our value, no matter how many accomplishments we achieve, will always hinge on how fuckable men perceive us to be. and then the same men who look down on us for not falling within their strict beauty standards turn around and turn into.. this


No. 1551524

So funny how they'll say shit like this, then cry about how heartless we are for not giving a shit about their worthless feelings. Good thing that 41% will only ever get higher. Mutilated, pathetic men will always just be that

No. 1551528

The transbian shirt. I can’t lmao.

No. 1551530

The final fantasy shirt pre-transition is very telling.

No. 1551552

He will never have the experiences of growing up into a women. The experiences of creepy man, the experiences to work has hard as a man does and still get less of a reward. He will never know the meaning of being a women. He will never grow a child inside him. He can not create life. He will never suffer the consequences of being a women.

No. 1551572

I've never seen it but I do know that it's fucked up beyond belief

No. 1551575

File: 1654560451671.png (86.15 KB, 792x773, asdasd.png)

Man tries to bully lesbian woman into accepting his penis, thinks he's in the right. I just discovered this sub, and it's equal parts hilarious and infuriating. Also kek admitting that he's a man by accusing her of being a terf. I thought transwomen were real women hmm

No. 1551579

Except the fact that he shares 0 of the same experiences we do while growing up and has a brain made of cum and the Y chromosome.

No. 1551595

omg maxmoefoe noooo

No. 1551597

He's just lying. He's just saying that because he's larping now and women love cute things so he does too. It's like when transmen act hostile to women post troon.

No. 1551600

nona please lmao. anyway max will likely die of alcoholism before we ever see him troon out.

No. 1551606

>Access to large network of thirsty lesbians(Twitter)
Not going too well in real life I assume kek. Also why did he phrase it so autistically."Access to a large network"? Is it a compsci tranny again?

No. 1551607

So like a normal person?

No. 1551650

File: 1654566029446.jpg (50.44 KB, 521x937, 1617544866524.jpg)

To the family who disowned her for staying with the pornsick scrote

No. 1551651

File: 1654566163083.png (6.41 MB, 828x1792, 27053E7F-6CC6-44FF-845E-32DE94…)

why is he shaped like that lmao

No. 1551653

Because he's an anorexic man. I can't believe how many handmaidens fawn over him in the comments.

No. 1551661

IMDB claims they are over 18, but who knows how true that is. Edgy movies in the 70s, (and 80s and later to some extent) especially European ones, loved skating around the underage laws. Apparently its one of arthouse edgelord Gasper Noe's favorite movies. Zero shock there.

No. 1551662

>Moid reactions to someone with cancer becoming depressed after their mastectomy is "agp" and "good"
Why are men completely incapable of showing empathy?

No. 1551664

Dylan is a twinkhon- thin and painfully doritoe shaped like the geometric man he is. Square face, rectangle torso and triangle shoulders lol

No. 1551665

The sad thing is that they probably still love her, but had to protect themselves from the financial black hole she's orbiting. She's assumed responsibility for his debt to a bank and his parents. Even his own fucking parents won't support him. They were probably so happy when her dumb ass showed up to take financial responsibility for their failson. He's probably going to wait until she has paid everything off before hooking up with another troon and divorcing her.

No. 1551680

File: 1654568895895.jpg (154.76 KB, 1052x875, image.jpg)

He is an incel turned tranny. I saw this post about him complaining about his height and passing

Two TIF handmaidens try to make him feel better and get btfod. It's really astounding how TIFs get treated and they refuse to leave. Almost like an abusive relationship.

No. 1551684

Reddit needs to go.

No. 1551689

What gets me most are the high heels in a hiking/natural setting. It’s just compounds how unnatural and bizarre the picture is, it would be like a TiF wearing a full business suit to the beach

No. 1551701

File: 1654571676001.jpg (603.32 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20220606-230029_Chr…)

A couple of the replies

No. 1551702

File: 1654571718757.jpg (719.71 KB, 809x2111, Screenshot_20220606-231049_Chr…)

Yes, women are jealous of your femininity kek

No. 1551704

File: 1654571862968.jpeg (205.71 KB, 1170x715, 1735FE7C-3A69-4F26-BD29-BB3A24…)

Nobody wants you cause you’re a troon, dumbass

No. 1551705

I’m 25 and GC. The more vocal ones are older due to already having financial and job security and kids they don't want being mutilated. They’re retarded incels who think women only exist for sex and that they’re jealous.

No. 1551708

If it was just the older ones, why do they complain about no one wanting to fuck them?

No. 1551709

"Grown woman old ugly mean and worthless!" Then he looks like a busted 55, but you know he's going to be closer to 35.

No. 1551713

I wish they knew how many younger GC there are. GC women they would probably seethe to see in person. They are always projecting their insecurities onto us. I have no reason to be jealous of a male who hates himself so much he wants to become me. Why would I? I have everything he wants already without effort. I know for a fact I have more self worth than any of these guys do and I don’t have to take hormones or mutilate myself for it. I built it up by learning to love who I am with no regrets. They will always be just like every other man to me, desperate to own what they can’t have and never will.

No. 1551716

Right kek I thought HRT made them magically look like hot teen girls or whatever. What are all those lines around his mouth and that dead fish-eye expression? Oh yes. The jealousy is eating me alive.

No. 1551718

File: 1654572709049.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1967, C108DE97-6835-4DC2-A755-567855…)

His cousin should go ahead and get a restraining order.

No. 1551725

File: 1654572900976.png (1015.98 KB, 1284x2308, 6DAB5B71-89BD-4865-A75D-235088…)

Sir, I can assure you the abomination between your legs is not a vagina and the blood and pus emanating from it is not a period.

No. 1551729

>exuded divine femininity
What? I don’t get these men, they both hate us and want to fuck us, I hope that girl runs away from that city and changes her last name because her moid cousin will kill her.

No. 1551735

The fuck does that even mean. They need to stop romanticizing the magical mystery of womanhood and treat us like human beings.

No. 1551755

>the youth of womanhood
Girls have youth. Women are adults and can be old or young.

No. 1551759

I know this is an extremely basic thought/idea, but does anyone else feel a little sussed out by Matt? Not talking about his faith/stance on politics/abortion. I just mean the guy seems to talk about troons a lot. Once and a while is fine to further push back on them being accepted into society but he's been on Dr. Phil about it ffs. I don't really mind him, I think he's kind of a self righteous asshole and I'm glad there are people being outspoken about this, but I dunno. I just get a weird vibe. Not like he's in the closet but, like, I think straight guys that talk a lot about this stuff end up watching tranny porn basically. Example: Nick Fuentes kek.

No. 1551761

Idk tbh nona. I feel more like he found the hot button topic of the moment and is just trying to capitalize on it.

No. 1551770

Men are so delusional. What is there to be jealous of?

No. 1551771

File: 1654575833079.webm (4.94 MB, 1280x720, Feminism_720p.webm)

And this is how Issac thanks GC for their support. I bet that misogynistic detrans Twitter account is him. I always suspected it was him.

No. 1551773

It’s kind of funny they say we are jealous of the “youth of womanhood” when we are the ones who actually experienced it growing up as girls. Or. It would be funny if I didn’t know about all their pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1551776

File: 1654576595774.png (634.97 KB, 568x566, tranny hating dog.png)

soooo other nonnas in the previous thread were saying that they wished more people had listened to rad fems instead of matt walsh and his documentary. but where is their content? genuine question. i want to watch it.

maybe i'm just ignorant but i feel like more women need to be as unapologetic as scrotes when it comes to trannies. if we just stay in our own little circles hidden away, nothing gets done. it leads to only scrotes talking.

No. 1551787

What a literal schizo kek you just know he felt like such a cool, tough guy recording this

No. 1551788

File: 1654577102314.jpg (407.89 KB, 810x1633, Screenshot_20220607-003943.jpg)

No. 1551796

As if he has no responsibility or accountability for his own porn-based invasive thoughts. Here's an idea: STOP WATCHING VIOLENT PORN. Stop watching any porn. Stop jerking off to twisted shit. Stop treating women like shit. You know he's living in his mom's basement and never cleans anything. They always have good reasons to feel bad, and it's not because of anything false that an internet "feminist" said.

No. 1551810

apologies for blogpost, but I hate how defensive men get about this. You tell them they're scaring you and they say "do you know how that makes me feel?" fucking pathetic. Women get killed by people who look like you, Moid. Your childish feelings are irrelevant.

I like how some words bumped onto their own line
>best part about being a troon
>lesbians (Twitter)

No. 1551812

I did the same last night too. I found 4 profiles, I found the one where they mentioned their 'American friend George' and how he set up the go fund me. You can hear 'George's' voice and it is clearly the same person. Also those 2 photos they keep showing of Zainab after surgery I'm fairly certain aren't even him. They look like photos of some Thai tranny. The acting is terrible and I'm suprised people have donated over 30000 to this person already.
Also he claims he moved to another country to escape the abuse but keeps making up stories about being stalked or abused. The other fishy thing is how many american chronically online terms this supposed Pakistani refugee knows like 'microaggression' and 'conversion therapy'
They never seem to show actual updates on their life, its always just them e begging with a snow filter in a white room.

No. 1551815

Also not suprised that troon Tarversia is supporting thus fraud and telling people to donate

No. 1551816

shit like this makes me want to pretend to be a passoid and start a gofundme for my "bottom surgery". people are so gullible.

No. 1551819

The telling thing is that functional adult women understand boundaries, and go away without a fuss when requested. Men feel like it's their right to make an imposition, then get butthurt when women react.

No. 1551820

I know all the zoomers on tiktok are obsessed with trannies but I honestly am shocked noone is calling this person out. Like I am suprised noone at all doesn't recognise the person? Someone on tiktok will post some shit about finding a random framed photo at a thrift store and it finds the actual person in a week. Or someone will act like an asshole in public and tiktok will recognise and get the person fired within a few days but its strange NOONE recognises this fake tranny?

No. 1551828

File: 1654581975528.jpg (714.51 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220607-140342_Tik…)

Claims the friend George who set up the gofundme met him on tumblr and that George is from a Mexican catholic religious family while he is from a Muslim religious family and that's why they have so much in common.
What's the bet that this person is a scamming Mexican dude pretending to be Palestinian? He looks more Mexican than Palestinian.

No. 1551830

File: 1654582049160.png (1.59 MB, 1744x844, themanyfaces.png)

ayrt, I noticed the wrapped up surgery face looked fucking wrong. Totally just some thai ladyboy or something. I also listened to this on a different device and noticed the voice sounds fake as fuck/run through something. Says the location of the fundraiser is in LA, "George" is american, because Griftarina can't use GFM in his new country…. but the medical bills are all in english. kek. Looks like a little Mexican kid to me.
picrel, so others can see what we're talking about without having to sift through the grating voice and stupid text overlay.

Not even creative or inventive with their scamming. This is going to take over the Nigerian Prince scam in a few year.

No. 1551836

Another terrible and obvious lie. Tumblr is blocked in Pakistan.
Meaning this person wouldn't have met their friend George on Tumblr like they so claimed.

No. 1551842

Why can't men accept responsibility for their own lives? Try to find a gender swapped version of this. You won't. Even nlogs like mecharandom know how to own it when they get kicked out of the cool boys' club. Men are out there having whole emotional breakdowns because women they don't even know haven't rushed in to protect their feefees like a toddler. How is this reality?

No. 1551846

Kek it was a matter of time, he's always been fucking unhinged. Of course he'd lash out at the people supporting him. Mental illness, Luv.
Same. I'd need some new power tools

No. 1551847

I think the closest for detrans women would be Helena.

No. 1551854

I really hope so. I'm tired of weird old guys doing this shit like Alex Jones. I hope Matt is just a massive grifter instead of a perverted hypocrite.

No. 1551863

troon cuts off dick and is like "it's like i have less control peeing?" gee i wonder why

"dilation is not that hard"
just you wait until the pain meds are gone, you're in for a lifetime of pain, suffering and medical bills. too tired to dilate one day? oops your wound started closing up so now you'll be in twice as much pain or end up with a half inch "vagina"

No. 1551865

His definition of men are "designed to rape and abuse women and fight other men for the right to rape and abuse more women". That's his definition of his own body and he wonders why women see him as a disgusting predator.

No. 1551869

They think everyone who is against them is a middle aged to elderly white cis female conservative christian, when in reality most GC prople are young, have been handmaidens/trans themselves, LGB, are POC, are against conservative values such as bs gender roles, and are feminists celebrating womanhood.

Even when they find someone who somewhat fits like Rowling she's still only been saying "I love trans people, I just think there is a difference between cis/trans and recognizing it is important for everyone involved" and they call that hate speech.

No. 1551870

Dr. DeDilate more like

No. 1551886

That's what I thought too. He's literally saying that he's made to rape women and by extension women are the ones who get raped. Are masculinity and femininity just about who rapes the other according to him? Not love, not who can protect, not who can give life, just rape and violence. By that definition you know he gets off to rape porn A LOT.

No. 1551888

Does he think women have no thoughts or feelings? We have to worry about how we're just born to be raped and impregnated by men. But somehow he has it worse because he gets the urge to rape women

No. 1551891

File: 1654594142875.png (426.2 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20220423-123437~2.p…)

I keep seeing this japanese troon on Twitter, why is he talking about black trans people when their number in Japan can probably be counted on one hand? Americentric brainrot is getting way overboard.

No. 1551892

No idea who this is but there's two possible explanations: he's either a complete westboo and lived abroad for some time, or he's from the West and just happens to have Japanese parents or grandparents who immigrated to a Western country that's been plagues with trans shit.

No. 1551893

>less control peeing

so surprisingly playing havoc with someone’s undercarriage can really mess about with their urethra. Jazz was pissing outwards for a while. they can’t even piss normally after surgery and they think a human hand can replicate female reproductive organs.

No. 1551898

File: 1654597810710.png (33.33 KB, 917x453, letmeguess.PNG)

>woman talking about being assaulted in a bar
>absolutely tonedeaf response

No. 1551900

File: 1654597842531.png (1.01 MB, 1127x772, howdidiknow.PNG)

ah yes, of course.

No. 1551902

why are so many of them actual retards jesus christ

No. 1551905

Non-retards don't think you can magically change biological sex, simple as.

No. 1551909

>no guys ever talk to me
>I do it when guys talk to me and it works!!
The fuck. He's contradictinf himself.

No. 1551912

reminds me of when Onision said "just shit, piss or vomit on them if you're being raped and they'll stop!" like yeah thought hard about that one there didn't you

No. 1551920

Ive heard actual experts say this but its much more complicated than "just shit on them and they'll stop lol" and there's no guarantee they'll stop at all. If anything it may make them go into a roid rage

No. 1551921

File: 1654603051774.jpg (618.11 KB, 1080x1289, OnisionAntiRapeHotline.jpg)

Kek you're right. I always have the heartiest of chuckles whenever I'm reminded of the Onision rape prevention website.

No. 1551929

Rowling might as well be the crypt keeper to them. We saw how they were mocking the way her breasts looked saggy and ancient when pictures of that GC luncheon came out. The fact that they feel confident to insult anyone’s looks is hilarious to me but that’s just ugly men being ugly men I guess.

No. 1551930

I’m sure he thinks that’s just what it’s like to be a woman peeing. That we have absolutely no control with things like pressure or whatever and are always making a mess of ourselves. I’m sure it gives him “euphoria” even if he can no longer get the treasured euphoria boner.

No. 1551932

This, I would be unironically afraid that if I tried to vomit on a man while he raped me he would just end up killing me instead.

This has to be some of the worst advice I’ve ever seen. Good god.

No. 1551936

File: 1654604782317.jpeg (300.5 KB, 1284x874, 8E557056-D612-4F01-B1FC-4F0FE4…)

1. I doubt this unless her mind is rotted with porn or she’s trying to appease him. Maybe she’s into effeminate men and thinks he’s going to be more like that. Could be a complete idiot. Idk, not a normal reaction. 2. The fact that he thinks coming out while he’s changed literally nothing now means his straight wife is a lesbian is one of the most retarded takes I’ve ever seen (not that it would help if he changed anything since that’s not how it works but jesus).

No. 1551937

and rowling is a lot better-looking at 56 than they are in their 20s

No. 1551941

File: 1654604895212.jpeg (658.25 KB, 1284x1720, 2173681E-0223-4E2D-BD36-4D707B…)

Males proving once again they have no idea have breasts or bra sizes work. I’m sorry if this isn’t particularly milky, I just find it funny to see them be stupid about this.

No. 1551943

Disagree. She probably wouldn't be stuck with the abusive schizo troon if her family didn't cut her off, although I bet if she told them she was dumping his ass, they'd take her back.


McCarthyism 2: Electric Troongaloo

No. 1551944

Jesus this is just 'ways to get rapist enraged and get killed fast'

No. 1551945

File: 1654605139245.jpg (646.07 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20220607-083015_Boo…)


No. 1551951

Hate the "was/were" line because whoever came up with must've been either retarded or ESL. Someone please tell these dumbasses that "was" and "were" are VERBS, not nouns.

No. 1551952

Lmao, good for his girlfriend. I wish more trannies would go be prison gay with each other instead of tormenting women.

No. 1551954

Love when they drop the mask and outright say that you can be a terf (and thus deserving of violence) for not wanting to sleep with them. Rapist fucks, the whole lot of them

No. 1551955

File: 1654605929243.jpeg (101.68 KB, 650x960, EDE4474D-B83E-4975-825C-6A2FB5…)

Hope all the gays who brown-nose for trannies see this shit and reconsider their stance

No. 1551960

Room temperature IQ scrotes treating cup sizes like they're scores on a video game just as reliably as bears shit in the woods.

It's been discussed here before, but male ribcages are shaped differently, completely throwing the sizing system out of wack. I bet a non-troon guy with no moobs whatsoever would still end up with a C-cup measurement. It's how troons like Kevin can claim to be D cups while having moobs the size of baseballs.

No. 1551961

File: 1654606363515.jpeg (756.44 KB, 1284x1526, CEB0D118-4CFB-42A7-AE1C-258D3D…)

They couldn’t make it as females. They could not do it. Maybe this one has slightly more to fear living in Mexico but I just looked and as of right now, 14 trans people have been killed in the US this year (and we know one of those was a TiF killed by her TiM partner). I couldn’t find a worldwide statistic, only that Brazil is the dangerous place for them (which I assume most of us already know). I know they’re a smaller percentage of the population, but there are still droves of them and we’ve also learned that they’re much more likely to be the one committing violent crimes, which says a lot when they ARE a smaller percent. Women are a massive part of the population and yet are responsible for a very low rate of violent crimes like rape or murder. Seeing this kind of stuff gets under my skin because they don’t actually have a logical reason to live in fear of this, especially in the US. I am not saying what happened to the ones who were killed should have, I don’t believe that. But I just looked through a list of the deaths and found that one was killed in a hit-and-run car accident, one was killed by their trans partner (the TiF), one was killed by a man who said a song told him to (so already unhinged), one for intervening in a fight. I haven’t investigated the others enough to know what actually happened detail-wise, but none of those I listed sound like hate crimes to me, and for a lot of these I think there are other things to take into account, like them being more susceptible due to race or location (large cities for instance). I think in cases where they are killed “for being trans” often boils down to the killer being homophobic rather than transphobic, especially in situations where they lie to a man in order to get sex and the man finds out too late. I don’t think that’s right, but do they have no self-preservation? Why would you not be up front? Here’s part of a fun and false comment.

>Here, in the US, this is a sad, scary but valid fear.

No. It isn’t. And it particular isn’t if you’re a white, affluent, straight troon. Those guys have pretty much NOTHING to fear. Anyway, here is the link of the deaths I mentioned earlier too should any nonas want to look.

No. 1551963

A handful of bisexuals and heterosexuals misusing labels does not negate the fact that being exclusively attracted to the opposite sex is the necessary criterion for being homosexual. If you find the genitals of the opposite sex appealing, you are categorically not gay or lesbian regardless of how the other person dresses or how much horse piss they inject.

No. 1551964

Love seeing this because you know they’re both absolutely seething inside having to be with each other and pretend at being lesbian instead of scoring a real lesbian.

No. 1551967

It's so gross and fetishy. Chris Chan literally claims to have DD cups yet has pancake moobs. They really obsess over cup sizes to the point it doesn't matter how their moobs actually look-just what cup they can smash them into. It's just a male trait to brag about numbers and sizes.

No. 1551970

This is why everyone hates bis so much, please stop.

No. 1551971

This is how they’re turning their own against them. LG and even B are starting to get incredibly sick of it and being told who they should date/fuck. No one wants to date someone with a delusion-based mental illness no matter what genitals they have, let alone one who is forceful and has a potential to get violent when they hear the word no.

No. 1551972

They are seriously so creepy. I saw a white TIM and he was wearing a skirt and fishnets in a goth outfit and was walking to the bus stop where I was waiting along with a pregnant mom and her toddler. He looked so fucking creepy and kept staring like a crackhead. I was looking at my phone but I felt was so uncomfortable. I would've taken a pic if he wasn't staring so much. He looked like the ghoul in >>1551702 same facial expression. His skinny pale man legs was the creepiest part. I think that mom was GC because she changed where she stood to get away from him. The thing is us women have a natural instinct that protects us and children from creepy men. Usually it's older women and moms because older women aren't as prone to male manipulation.

No. 1551973

i live on the other side of the world but isn't mexico a dangerous place for women? get your euphoria boy.

No. 1551978

It’s also just because they’re still in like teenage moid brain mode I guess. Teen moids always would brag about their gf having C or D breasts because those were “big”. They don’t get that how big they actually are/look depends on the size of your ribcage too and general proportions. They just hear a letter and think unga bunga.

No. 1551982

Yep. I love when moms just being moms are the thing that make them rage because they’ll never get to have that (forcing their own child to call them mom or to drink their moob discharge doesn’t count). I do worry they’ll kill one out of anger though.

No. 1551986

File: 1654607203199.jpeg (719.93 KB, 1284x1274, 2BAB98A1-B162-4533-87BF-71B32E…)

Another boob related one, this entire situation is bizarre. And of course he has skinwalker tendencies.

No. 1551987

File: 1654607323349.jpeg (847.79 KB, 1284x1559, 853B9390-653F-46F1-BB42-75786B…)

Another one who doesn’t understand female socialization.

No. 1551989

This is like hearing a black person complain about being discriminated against and responding with "Omg why do you hate being black so much?1?1!" No dumbass, we don't hate ourselves, we hate being treated like shit for being born the way we were.

I like being female, insofar as anybody can enjoy their innate state of being. I don't like my intelligence being underestimated, my reproductive rights being stolen away, having a lower income, or being unable to stand up for myself without being branded as a "bitch" and ostracized socially. None of that is caused by femaleness, it's caused by systemic misogyny.

No. 1551990

Yeah they don't get that women give compliments just to be nice. Not to make fun of him or something, just to lift people up. I think women also don't understand male socialisation and don't get that males will take their compliment and use it as objective truth and reason to act superior. Women don't get that men aren't insecure about their bodies the way we are and don't need fake compliments.

No. 1551991

Really true. It’s probably why when women try and let men down easy they think we’re still interested or giving a man a compliment at all causes them to think we want to fuck them or whatever. Most of the time when I give anyone a compliment it’s to lessen how tense or awkward a situation is or to just make someone feel better (not that all of them aren’t genuine, but tbh I now reserve my genuine compliments for other women only, when I legitimately like part of their look or how skilled they are at something). In the past, I complimented TiMs to make them feel better because I felt like they were probably sad and ostracized, but I stopped doing that once I saw they think it means I’m jealous of them. Bruh, no lmao. I was just trying to make you feel like you aren’t a total societal misfit.

No. 1551992

This is why when I see trannies out in the world, I never, ever compliment their appearance as a conversation starter the way I would with normal women. They don't understand that we're being cordial, they think we're actually ~jealous~ of them and it gets their shriveled microdicks hard.

Men do the same shit. They misconstrue basic politeness as "holy shit bro she wants my dick so hard." Kindness for its own sake just doesn't compute in their minds.

No. 1551997

kek they don't know that women only give excessive praise to those we pity

No. 1552009

I hate this height stuff, I'm 5'9, I'm a born woman and there are many women around me that are my height or even taller, it's just that way in Northern Europe. Being tall has nothing to do with being a man and it annoys me that some moids think that you aren't feminine enough just because you are "tall". Well, at least I can wear heels, making me even taller than I am and look over the heads of tiny moids and ignore them completely, kek.

No. 1552017

I'm brazilian and the average suburban lower middle class and above troon wouldn't be in any more danger than a gay, lesbian or GNC man/woman. The murder statistics come mostly from black and poor HSTS prostitutes who get killed by their moid clients or just moids in general, or involvement with drugs since due to being poor they live in shitty areas and get involved with this crowd which absolutely happens to "cis" women as well. Drug traffickers and men involved with drugs aren't known to be very progressive
Way before this trans 'boom' there were always poor, mostly black HSTS prostitutes to the point the country became a known tourist destination for men seeking this out.
So I know this isn't the case for this particular troon as he's mexican and I know mexico could be fucked up as we are when it comes to GNC and gay people, but it drives me insane when I see middle class white american moids bringing up brazil trans murder statistics to victimize themselves kek
Even here a middle class tranny isn't in any more danger than a gay man.

No. 1552019

Does he think people can just shit on command?

No. 1552022

If that gives him euphoria he's thinking of little children and my god that is beyond disgusting. Pedo to tranny pipeline is real.

No. 1552031

I'm bisexual, still don't like trans dicks or trans pussies, sorry, honey, I don't do mentally ill self destructing people anymore and I'm old enough to decide for myself what I want and what not.

No. 1552043

the only reason I would compliment a troon would be me being afraid he might get aggressive if I don't value his look, except for that, no, never. I generally don't do compliments as it was some form of bullying towards me while being way younger and that still is deeply manifested in my brain that compliments are just a joke. Still a thing I'm working on, there is nothing wrong telling another woman that she is smart or looks radiant.

No. 1552067

I’m ayrt and I so agree. The white troons here in the US are honestly some of the most coddled and protected people. They often have high-paying jobs in tech and therefore a level of control over what gets censored or promoted online. They are not at more risk for murder than any other white male and only use the Brazilian stats to boost the sympathy of others and make themselves appear more oppressed. It’s interesting that despite claiming to be women, they’re never sharing OUR rates of murder, here or anywhere else, never talking about femicide at all. Somehow they are exactly the same as us, look like us, act like us, yet they don’t ever help us. They just take what they can use to bolster pity that isn’t deserved because nothing is happening to them. Even on the article, the majority of TiMs killed were African American, a chunk of them probably HSTS who are probably already more likely to be harmed due to being seen as gay, effeminate men.

No. 1552084

He's trying SO hard to brag. He presents it as a question so he has more reason to share/go on about the "validating" experience. It's such a shitty lie when you compare it to how detailed he was and for how long he went on about women envying him. I was better at manipulating conversation at 8 years old than this fully grown man is at his old privileged age; I wish people would call them out on attention seeking when they try to present it as something innocent kek.

No. 1552087

Reminds me of when they make those posts in r/actuallesbians where they’re like “uwu are trans women welcome here” knowing full well they are and have completely taken over the sub. They’re just fishing for validation or things to coom to.

No. 1552113

File: 1654617148669.jpg (35.42 KB, 364x504, IMG_20220607_170716.jpg)

Apparently a pregnant woman was kicked out of a pregnancy group for speaking against him. Have we ever really discussed simulated pregnancy? I'm not even sure I know how a troon would fake a pregnancy

No. 1552121

i hate trannies so much, when i see one talking about taking hrt makes me so angry. i have sperged and vented about this before but my mum has suffered so much going through the menopause and is waiting to go back to the doctors about a different hrt form, but she is has to wait weeks for an appointment, i bet she is behind a load of men in a queue waiting to get their hrt!! this is why we have a shortage of it in the uk!! i hate retarded men!!

this is fucked up and makes me want to vomit and neck simultaneously

No. 1552122

This man looks like mr bean changed to female on face app sorry for nitpick, actually i am not sorry

No. 1552125

Oh this was a while ago. I sort of remember him. I feel like he might have simulated a miscarriage too bc he couldn’t actually give birth but I can’t remember correctly. Maybe I’ll try to look for more later, it was a really fucked up rabbit hole.

No. 1552129

Samefagging but as I search for more, here is his blog about his fucked up roleplay.

No. 1552134

File: 1654617873312.jpeg (112.84 KB, 396x879, 800A4ACF-25D8-41BB-BEF8-97465A…)

And Glinner’s post on it from a while back with some of the FB posts and comments from mothers. These handmaidens larping with him and validating him enrage me.

No. 1552135

File: 1654617939272.jpg (629.08 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20220607-120515_Boo…)

Even the constant coddling isn't good enough for them kek

No. 1552136

As a woman who would genuinely love to be an actual mother someday and would really appreciate having a community of other pregnant woman when the time does come, the prospect of a MALE being not only allowed in our spaces but prioritized over actual pregnant women who are literally creating life inside of our wombs is fucking vomit inducing.

No. 1552143

Can you link the thread? I want to see the responses. Oh and kek at
>even if no one call tell you are being deceptive
So you know you're being deceptive? Even trannies know it's a lie.

No. 1552144

It actually horrifies me. Thinking of men invading a space like that just to receive asspats and get pregnant women to participate in his fetish. I don’t know how this is allowed, but damn, if I ever do get pregnant I’m making my own group where people will have to be verified to get in. No males allowed, troons, future dads, etc. Women deserve their own spaces to talk about their bodies without men around.

No. 1552147

No. 1552153

Penises are male genitalia. They’re going to have to deal with this one. This is how we sex all other animals that have a penis or a vagina. No amount of larping or surgery or hormones will ever make them female. Removing a penis to make a hole where it once was (or inverting) does not a vagina make.

No. 1552157

Thanks nonnie very useful website

No. 1552159

Yw idk if it’s really that useful, it’s just one of the first that came up for what I was looking for and even though it’s written in their favor it gets my point across.

No. 1552165

File: 1654619094441.jpg (53.99 KB, 283x352, This_Man_original_drawing.jpg)

kek dude looks like this, creepy fucker

No. 1552170

Thanks, anon. If I see "genital preference," a weapon used against the gay and lesbian community one more time, I'm coming out full terf. It tooks decades to show that it's not a preference, it's not a choice, it's who you are. Fuck these males injecting their male values back into society when we started to make progress.

No. 1552172

File: 1654619268396.png (241.41 KB, 544x713, troon age dreadwoke.PNG)

Nonnas… I just learned Dragon Age dev team is populated with trannies and hurts my soul

No. 1552175

File: 1654619364213.png (79.69 KB, 533x556, sftgnxfyn.PNG)

And of course he is retweeting fucking keffals

No. 1552177

The entire game industry is really full of these types. Go to any "Women in Games" conference or event and prepare for a 50/50 split. It all follows the trajectory of weeby gender-bender manga fan, turned game industry dream job, turned tranny. Sometimes the last two switch around.

No. 1552188

what vile human beings. but they expect us to use female pronouns for rapists, fuck off

No. 1552200

File: 1654620067108.png (22.45 KB, 531x229, rtherth.PNG)

I know, I don't even know why I'm fucking surprised. Bioware is Canadian, has a track record of being so progressive teehee and has the most genderblob audience of all time. The next Dragon Age game will have a major trans character (or several) too.

It was funny though how they try to be so damn Woke but blundering it, in Mass Effect Andromeda they some random no name character in some backwater planet disclose their trooniness the second you meet them lmao. Well, in retrospect it's quite accurate.

No. 1552206

fuck trannies are ruining everything

No. 1552210

File: 1654620359076.png (239.1 KB, 940x747, cotton ceiling.png)

I hope I didn't skim over someone else posting this because jfc. Keep beating the same old cotton ceiling drum, in the end it will only make you look more like the rapists you claim not to be.

No. 1552212

Gatekeep gaslight troonboss: the post

No. 1552214

i am trying to go into the industry (3d modeling though not programming) and im really dreading having to deal with all of them. luckily most of those jobs will be remote most of the time so at least i dont have to be in an office with them

No. 1552216

i loved dragon age and mass effect as a teenager. troons really do ruin everything.

No. 1552217

"post-op trans women exist!" is such a cope, troon ditches are fucking digusting. tbh im convinced that the only reason why normies parrot this is because they have no idea what they actually look like post-op or what they do to construct them. yuck

No. 1552218

There is only one group of people I’ve ever witnessed screech this loudly about how much they deserved to be fucked by women. That group would be men. They greatly overestimate how much I care about any of these reasons for choosing not to fuck them. I do not care about their insecure male emotions. At all. The louder they get the more they prove themselves to still be men. Rapey, entitled men.

No. 1552220

There's anons here working on the industry, you could ask them for help. Glad I buried my dreams of getting into the industry, seems awful.

I know. Both of those series are my favourite ones of all time. Though all of the original writers have left (like Gaider who came up with literally the whole DA lore) and the quality has been through the floor anyway.

No. 1552221

File: 1654620767416.gif (56.15 KB, 220x124, doesntaddup.gif)

>least desired
>most fetishized

No. 1552222

yep and they're still male genitalia, just mutilated ones

No. 1552226

they make everything so complicated when it simply is about them being men. nothing they do will ever make them not men. lesbians don't want to be with them because they're men.

No. 1552228

Nonna your gif is accurate but microscopic

No. 1552230

File: 1654621333648.jpg (39.18 KB, 640x638, fZ14TSL.jpg)

I reported both of those posts and got a message from reddit that they have investigated my report and found that the post "eat shit and die cis femoid" and "foids fucking up their lives because they are retarded brings me so much joy" does not violate any of reddit's rules.

The moderation team on reddit is seriously 100% misogynist trannies now.

No. 1552238

File: 1654621989065.png (4.97 MB, 1170x2532, 19B2B89C-BB82-4675-A96C-2297B9…)

while i can appreciate that t4t trannies are leaving normal people alone, i hate so much how they project onto straight relationships just because they're nontraditional. Leave tall women alone u fucking freaks

No. 1552240

File: 1654622014684.jpeg (965.15 KB, 1284x1832, 4CAF3813-CB58-433B-9FA9-6EF031…)

On the topic of the male genitalia thing, I was reading a post where this woman explained how a TiM came onto her and she said she didn’t want to be with someone with a penis (due to trauma but like imo you don’t owe any of these men an explanation at all). I saw this in the comments. They’re so fucking aggressive about it, it just makes them look even more male when they do this. The finger emoji though. Really? Lol. Sorry bro, your penis makes you a male whether other people play into your fantasy or not.

No. 1552251

>The overuse of commas as weird stand-in ellipses
Number one red flag of internet brain rot.

No. 1552254

Not to mention the seven thousand passive aggressive question marks.

No. 1552258

Well at least people downvoted this sped.

No. 1552260

File: 1654623295830.gif (1.33 MB, 498x280, rhony-dorinda.gif)

this bothered me too so I looked up a bigger one lol

No. 1552268

File: 1654623856062.jpeg (317.72 KB, 1170x978, ABAB417A-84F7-4763-B0D6-8CA1D0…)

peak pedo behavior

No. 1552273

File: 1654624213483.jpeg (38.82 KB, 537x222, 985A8BAA-9739-411A-9DDC-D127C8…)

should be added to our list of tramny subreddits

Also- is there a way to report subreddits? why are lesbian and feminism subreddits being shut down while trannies get to post shit liek this freely?

No. 1552277

>why are lesbian and feminism subreddits being shut down while trannies get to post shit liek this freely?
Because most reddit moderators are agp coomer trannies.

No. 1552287

They don’t even remove the most misogynistic porn subs, they definitely wouldn’t shut this one down.

No. 1552288

Shit like this makes me seethe so hard, they can't even be bothered to read up on how bra sizing works and believe that "having a D/DD cup means I have huge boobs" like the scrotes they are.

No. 1552291

this is why i don't call troons delusional. they know that they're not women and they admit that freely when they're among one another. they know that it's a fetish and that they're forcing other people to participate in that fetish. they just don't care.

No. 1552293

File: 1654625058697.jpg (59.16 KB, 827x436, FUpj4FCXwAEkf62.jpg)

god tests me every day i will not alog i will not alog i will not alog

No. 1552300

File: 1654625315639.jpeg (219.47 KB, 828x551, 47A0DA7F-FE02-4FE2-B22C-A6A751…)

pulled from this >>1552147 thread, it’s so disgusting the way they insist they’re trying to “be themselves”/do this whole song and dance to try to get people on their side by insisting transitioning and sandwiching into women’s spaces helps them feel “natural”, but if you mention anything about their actual, natural bodies, they go fucking gorilla mode. Do they not hear themselves? Do they have no sense of self awareness? They want you to worship their disgusting penis as long as you know it’s a female trait, otherwise if you mention it, you’re responsible for their misery and sadness. The most blatant and obvious self-victimization when they can’t victimize someone else. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing. The projecting and delusion never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1552303

Just the phrase "cotton ceiling" is repulsive. Compare it to similar turns of phrase:
>glass ceiling
A limit on female career mobility caused by biases against us and our leadership styles, causing us to make less on average.
>bamboo ceiling
East Asian students are held to a higher academic standard than their white counterparts, making it more difficult for them to get into their desired schools or scholarship programs.
>cotton ceiling
People not attracted to males won't have sex with males, reeeee!!1!

No. 1552305

Say you are a pedo without saying you are a pedo.

No. 1552307

What? What is wrong with kids been innocent? You can teach them about things in an age appropriate manner without throwing them to the wolves. Frankly, a kid doesn’t really even need to know what a drag queen is anyway. If we saw a random one in public and they asked I would give a very basic explanation but it doesn’t need to go any further than they care or understand. I don’t get this post. I think kids should be able to enjoy their childhoods without adult matters being thrust upon them early on, especially ones that tend to carry a sexual nature (this goes for straight shit too, like how so many kids are exposed to porn of all categories rn). They just want to make it easier for kids to ignore their own gut feelings and discomforts.

No. 1552308

You were not "born in the wrong body." Your body is perfectly normal, and you are mentally ill. An anorexic person is not "born into a fat body," they're mentally ill and should not be enabled.

No. 1552309

File: 1654625544116.jpeg (647.76 KB, 1170x1577, 1B8A1FA3-A981-4AC4-B03D-05FAA7…)

"trans women must be protected theyre the most vulnerable population of all!!!1!11!"
the trannies in question:

No. 1552312

>does not give you ANY right to say anything about how I identify and find myself to be.

Jfc I hate it every time they say shit like this, but freedom of speech does give me the fucking right to say anything I want about it, even if you don't agree with it or if it isn't "nice".

No. 1552314

>Childhood innocence don't real, so lets swing our shriveled cocks in their faces while we dress up as the misogynistic equivalent of minstrels.

No. 1552315

They just want to pee!!

No. 1552317

File: 1654625776564.jpeg (61.68 KB, 540x960, B0420273-5BB5-4A63-B006-69BB83…)

found on twitter

No. 1552318

This analogy was how I peaked my mom the other day. She had to go through my own EDshit and works with a lot of teens now, would try and defend the trans ones, but somehow asking her if you would give an anorexic liposuction because they said they needed it to be their true selves was enough to wake her up a little.

No. 1552322

This is literally pedophile rhetoric. "Children aren't innocent", "children should be exposed to sexual things" fuck you pedo.

No. 1552324

Love you, Nona ♥

No. 1552325

But the definition of a lesbian is a person with a pussy (female genitalia) having sex with another person who has a pussy (female genitalia). Why are lesbians not even allowed to be themselves without being hyjacked

No. 1552327

I honestly disagree with this. It shouldn't be illegal for a man to get fake tits. Get all the stupid surgery you want, it's your body. But don't call yourself a woman. Changing your documents to say "female" when you aren't is what actually needs to be illegal.

No. 1552328

File: 1654626102726.png (75.69 KB, 866x319, 0DA89D89-904D-47E6-BAB5-98D307…)

This dude is fucking tripping. He should ask lesbians how they feel, and I don’t mean other men in skirts.

No. 1552329

You can say vagina anon

No. 1552331

sage for ot and blog but i know that if i ask anywhere else for advice, ill get shut down as a "transphobe"

my TiM apartment neighbor struck up a few conversations with me and was very nice as im new to the city so i didn't think much of it. ive noticed that he's made multiple comments on how he can't imagine being as naive or innocent as i am, and while ive brushed it off as normal commentary, he's recently started talking to me about he and his troon friends sex lives and their preferences in sex (ie domination, kinks, etc. i alluded to this topic being strange as ive never engaged in sex and he literally just invited me over to his place to "hang out and talk"…

i feel extremely uncomfortable considering he's twice my age and im unsure of how to keep boundaries so that things do not escalate.

No. 1552333

lol females born at birth arnt even allowed to be tall now. They must be trans. Where’s some bleach? I gotta do my eyes a favor.

No. 1552334

idk if it's the same person but if it is, i really like martinposting anon and want to be her friend.

No. 1552335

God for real. The word pussy is so gross to me with how much it’s been pornified and how often men use it. We are all adults here. We know what vaginas are.

No. 1552336

file a restraining order nonnie

No. 1552337

Run, run run. I’ve been in your shoes. Soon enoug they will be skinwalking you.

No. 1552338

Get a gun if you are in the US and learn how to use it.

No. 1552339

It's also affects the exact same groups. Teen girls are now en masse transing, and autists are overrepresented in both ED and being trans. For women it's a body image disorder. For men it's a sexual fixation disorder.

No. 1552340

Sorry, I didn’t realize it was a bad word. I just use it with my gay friends a lot. I’ll correct myself from here on out.

No. 1552341

Jesus. That’s scary especially with him being much older. I would gray rock or disengage whenever he tries to interact and if he doesn’t back down get authorities involved.

No. 1552343

grammar fail

No. 1552344

do not ever be alone with him no matter what

No. 1552345

It's not a bad word

No. 1552346

They say "This could mean this thing I just made up" and consider it as good as true

No. 1552348

What the fuck, get away from this creep fast nonna. Don't trust troon moids as far as you can throw them.

No. 1552350

Anon, please don't engage with this moid any further.

No. 1552351

>he's made multiple comments on how he can't imagine being as naive or innocent as i am
Thaaaat's a predator

No. 1552352

Avoid him like the plague. If you know or talk to any other neighbours (especially female), bring it up with them. Let everyone know he's a creep. Just bring it up like "hey did this person talk to you about weird sex stuff too? I don't even know him and it made me uncomfortable". Females will spread it to their moids and friends and people will start watching his moves more.

No. 1552353

Appeal to consequence. Just shut it down in future by saying "directly address the words I used in my sentence, then we can talk about the implications once we agree on terms." Currently on my peaking mission best wishes anons

No. 1552354

This is a good idea. Have as many people aware and on your side as possible.

No. 1552355

holy fuck that's actually what hunter shafer looks like

No. 1552356

It's not a bad word, it just sounds stupid. I'd say the same thing to a grown-ass adult calling a penis a "weiner" or "shlong."

No. 1552357

she was so beautiful, ugh.

No. 1552359

Depends where you are, USA can be dangerous too. Same logic applies, depends where you are.

No. 1552360

Haha well I thank you!! You’ve changed my vocabulary for the better.

No. 1552361

so, I don't have any maternal feelings and never want to be a mother or have children of my own, but that dude is making even my motherly instincts to protect an infant go through the roof. Still don't understand why they didn't kick him out of the group and imagine him donating his "milk", it's so damn disgusting

No. 1552362

kek how to prove your a male 101

No. 1552363

yeah wtf? my RAF major dad still goes "AWWWWW" when his cat sits on his lap. shit i bet mr T. does too. everyone loves cute things, no matter how masculine or feminine a person they are.

No. 1552366

Basically anything written by Julie Bindel. "Sex Changes" by Christine Benvenuto is a good read, though it's also pretty sad. "Transsexual Empire" was written in the seventies, and it touches on most of the same points radfems do today. There's a Swedish documentary about ROGD, I think it's called "The Trans Train." And that's just a handful off the top of my head. There's plenty more.

No. 1552371

It makes me so sad and angry, after all these years women still have to fight in that industry, hell, even have to fight only playing video games and then you have events for "women only" and it's full of ugly incel scrotes in short skirts with cat ears.
Would it be the industry I'm in, I would look for same minded women and build a women only company and it would be women only, no men, well, maybe some to make us tea and coffee and prepare our food, kek.

I still love those games and troons won't ruin that for me, they can ruin their own lives by cutting their dicks off.

No. 1552372

>freshly grown boobs
what the FUCK? fucking pedo.

No. 1552374

This is like when white people try to talk about POC issues.

No. 1552375

nice, now they want the Addams Family as well, can someone take them away the internet and lock them in their homes?
And yes, please leave tall women alone, it's nice being tall, it doesn't mean tall women were born as men.

No. 1552376

File: 1654627689450.png (151.9 KB, 500x798, misssophie-y-plantwithagun-blå…)

I will never ever forgive trannies for taking Blåhaj

No. 1552377

>Women are supposed to be homemakers.
>Wanting to be a homemaker means that you're a woman.
>Women are just human beings with uteruses, and they shouldn't be expected to act based on any role or stereotype.

Tell me which one of these two resemble each other most.

No. 1552381

do you have a male friend or a male relative? If so, invite them over, don't say that's family or just a friend, let them stay for a week and let him see that you aren't alone. After that, leave male shoes visible in your flat, invite that male person you trust over every now and then and make your neighbour clear that 1. you aren't alone, 2. your male friend doesn't want to have anything to do with your neighbour and 3. that you are fulfilled in life as it is.
I had a neighbour once (still have that neighbour) leaving his flat every morning at the same time I would leave, coming home every time I would come home for weeks. That only stopped after a male family member moved in and it's sad that it has to be that way, but I know if I would have told him to stop it wouldn't have changed anything.

also an amazing idea, the more people know, the saver you can be.

No. 1552387

Same. My dad was in the navy and the airforce, and he loves our chihuahua so much he carries her with him around the house. Trannies have the most rigid gender stereotypes on Earth, I swear to Christ.

No. 1552388

Yeah nonas we have to stop letting moids ruin things for us. Keep playing these games. Don’t back down from things you like and enjoy because of troons. They aren’t worth it. I understand boycotting newer things because of devs and shit if they have really prominent positions (like I’m not touching that Bloodborne demake with a 1k foot pole, I’ll gladly replay og Bloodborne). But keep liking things. We shouldn’t let them push us from our hobbies.

No. 1552389

he passes as beanie feldstein

No. 1552391

This is what I said last thread I want to reclaim the shark for terfs. It’s a cute shark.

No. 1552394

if you wear a shirt that has text about who you fuck, don't wear it around your kids. that kid should be removed from the home.

No. 1552396

Idk tbh I’d be fine with an actual woman wearing a shirt that said “lesbian mom” to make a point or something after gays and lesbians have been shit on so much. But we all know this isn’t about that and is just a sign of his degeneracy and desire to fuck women who have no interest in him.

No. 1552398

i really thought he was in his 40s. he looks like one of those old twinks who takes care of their skin but is always internally FREAKING OUTTTTT over their age.

No. 1552399

Nonna, you've already gotten great advice here but I'd just like to add that you do NOT have to be polite and just laugh off the weird shit he says to you. You're allowed to say "that's a weird thing to say" or "whoa too much information" if je starts talking about sex again. You really don't have to put his feelings above yours. Your comfort matters too.
Also DO NOT tell him anything else about yourself. Telling him you're a virgin was a bad move but I can't blame you for not understanding the depths of his creepiness right off the bat like that.

No. 1552400

>Had his kid at 46
Poor thing is definitely going to be autistic. Growing up autistic is hard enough without having a delusional pervert for a father.

No. 1552401

File: 1654628963296.jpeg (97.23 KB, 1297x219, 06D836AC-069E-497F-B27D-0E8E33…)

“Suck my dick”, said no woman ever.

No. 1552402

Why do companies need to take part in the tranny debate? I miss the good old times when they just did ads and didn't try to pander so hard to a specific group of people.

No. 1552405

middle class mexican mcr fan does childish thefts/grifts. it's a classic. he reminds me of my ex boyfriend who used to do weird pranks for no reason on people in chatroulette and facebook.>>1551828

No. 1552407

Ugh, seriously? I have the exact same boots (or rather, the original embroidered Doc Martens that his are probably a cheap knockoff of.) Although I look way better in them because I don't try to coord them with tacky cat leggings and plastic jewelry from Hot Topic.

No. 1552409

ohh kind of. even then though, helena's refusal to take responsibility seems more like a cultural thing to me. her writing is helpful but it's so saturated with american exceptionalism. personally it's sometimes hard to participate in gc or feminist discussions in majority USA groups because of stuff like that.

No. 1552410

weird, my vulva i was born with doesn't make a mess when i pee. it's almost like it's not the same thing as orchigami.

No. 1552413

rowling has been a real-time example of the "who radicalized you" meme. she wasn't full gc or a "terf"(slur) until after she was flooded with years worth of evidence showing her exactly who trannies are. they do it to themselves.

No. 1552414

lmao I love you nona. using this from now on

No. 1552417

Looks like a pedophile

No. 1552418

Unsurprising, they made the hottest moid in Inquisition gay and stuck women with the ugly or boring ones

No. 1552420

Yep. She posted some very tame things about her concerns and didn’t go full terf until they collectively lost their shit at her. Any sane person would have gone the same route after that abuse.

No. 1552425

On the bright side, I think that the attitude towards women in emails may change bc of troons. It used to be that people would immediately condescend anyone with a female name, but in a field like game dev or CS they'll probably assume you're a dude LARPing as an anime girl and will treat you like any other guy.
I've thought about adding pronouns and some weird LGBT allyship bullshit to my email signature just so people think I'm a troon and respect me. It's so annoying being constantly condescended.

No. 1552427

Literally JUST learned abt their infatuation with it.. makes me sad.

Blogging but has anyone else had the experience of seeing a small long-haired figure in their peripheral and thinking it's a girl only to turn around and see a balding stumpy man in a dress? It's genuinely so horrifying and disconcerting. Esp when you initially think they could be a cute girl you could befriend.. So gross. Ugh.

No. 1552428

They feel the need to shove their degeneracy into people's faces and force their agenda into literally anything. even toy sharks, because "lol randum xD" or something

No. 1552437

Kind of hypocritical for me to say bc I'm bad at speaking up myself but I just want to say that these men never go after women who call them out–they specifically prey on women who are too scared to say anything. Call him out. Next time he says something, tell him that what he said is highly innapropriate and that you'll be speaking to the landlord. Ik there's embarrassment around being called a Karen but I'd rather be Karen than be raped and murdered personally. These men never target women who speak up IRL except to say shit about them online and always physically target their handmaidens or women who are polite to them so even considering as much shit as they get by the freaks in r/MtF, Karens must be doing something right.

No. 1552440

File: 1654630547203.jpg (472.28 KB, 471x748, aids over diabetes.jpg)

Because yeah, I'd rather have HIV over diabetes too….
But it's the stigma…..
Seriously? Such Male brain rot.

No. 1552444

File: 1654630741557.png (631.15 KB, 1132x1220, lord help me.png)

i want to say thank you to the nona in the previous thread who mentioned r/MTFButch. the men in that sub are either fat/chubby and unwashed or freakishly muscular. the latter ones creep me out so much. seeing these roided out troons using the term "butch" makes me sick to my stomach. just look at the sheer size of this man's arms and hands. horrifying.

No. 1552446

I don't have any advice for you that hasn't already been said by somebody else, listen to their advice and please be safe, nona.

No. 1552447

My dad fought in two wars and had a phone case with our cats on it and carried them around like babies, guess troons think he was a woman too

No. 1552450

ayrt it's true. actual masculine men aren't insecure - that's a big tenet of true masculinity. john cena will happily wear a revealing ballerina costume, and violent alcoholic flying aces will put their cat to bed with kisses and a lullaby every night.
your biological reality and your personality have nothing to do with each other. a man is a man no matter how much he likes cupcakes and pusheen. a woman is a woman whether she flies a fighter jet of works in the metal shop.

No. 1552452

KEK fucking war heroes and kittens. name a more iconic duo

No. 1552453

it's true. when women actually like each other or consider each another attractive woman, they call each other stuff like "hi skank" or "hey buttface, what's up"
exaggerated compliments mean they think you're retarded

No. 1552454

To be fair type 1 diabetes restricts your life a lot more than HIV and causes a shit tonne of long term health problems and you have to live with it from childhood and have no control over having it, I can believe a doctor would say that.

No. 1552455

i'm 5'10" and have only been called "short" by men. it's 2022, i think the average height of women under 25 must be at least 5'8" by now. the high school on my street has so many giant kids.

No. 1552458

it's just aggressively sexual. like seriously, my fucking UNDERPANTS are a civil rights barrier now? fuck off.

No. 1552459

>>1552309 Women in the ‘western’ world are now experiencing what is called “state backed terrorism” for no other reason than the entertainment of males. Arm yourselves as heavily as you can, you have to fight back twice as hard if you don’t want to end up like “third world” women, unable to go out without a man walking you like a dog on a leash because there are male invaders everywhere, including the toilets you go to take a shit. Even in the Ottoman Empire, arguably one of the worst eras for women, we had safe public bathhouses without a rape-ape present. Things have never been this bad. There are rape-apes following you everywhere you go that want to cut you open to “extract the estrogen” from your ovaries and the only way to ward them off is by being twice as dangerous. Defend the honour of yourself and other women, do it for your future daughter, your little niece… they’re all in danger. It’s so easy, it takes only one example to make a lesson for all.

No. 1552463

I thought we left that word in 2006. Is it being used again or something? Speak for yourself nona but I’m not using gendered insults like that or bitch or cunt on my friends anymore. I’ll still tease them but I hear that shit enough from men and don’t want to reclaim it.

No. 1552466


ayrt, thank you all for the great advice. i will seriously take it into account. i also think im going to contact the landlord because the conversation was just so… inappropriate? and he wasn't even talking quietly.

aside from the topics i mentioned, this troon told me he had an STI and laughed it off, all while persistently inviting me to his place.

apologies again if i steered the thread ot, i just didn't know where else to go and often have trouble setting boundaries for myself with people. id lurked these threads for ages reading your experiences and never thought id be one to see it or hear it in real life.

i live alone and am new to my environment so i don't really have any males i can trust, but i do take precautions regardless. locking the door, keeping something heavy against it at night, etc.

No. 1552470

You can do all kinds of fucked up shit with magic, including permamently changing your apperance and stuff, but THE prominent transwomen in the franchise, who is a powerful mage mind you, is still a man wearing costume and hasn't even conjured themselve some tits… this also reeks of shoehorning in social commentary that doesn't fit into the games universe, like the other time, where a character tell you how amazing it is to have a female leader, despite fantasy jesus and the fantasy pope being women…

No. 1552472

sounds like you've moved to a new city for school? you're 18/19, a student? maybe see if there are school resources to help with scary neighbours/threatening people. you don't have to mention he's a troon, you could even say he's a "woman." just make it clear you are in danger from an older, stronger/bigger person who is sexually harassing you.

No. 1552474

Drag queens are scary as fuck. They look like clowns but creepier. I’m scared of them as grown-ass adult, so I wouldn’t be surprised if kids find them scary as well.

No. 1552476

i can see those being true and genuine compliments if the women he's talking to are older than ~30 because of the "thin" part, they might have early 00s and older beauty standards that rail thin = beautiful, regardless of everything else. i can imagine that sort of woman envying his pathetic narrow man hips

No. 1552477

For real, I hate that they’re pushing this shit into a fantasy story ffs, can you not escape the tranny shit anywhere anymore??

No. 1552478

Notice how none of the trannies on this thread have any light in their eyes, only psychopathic smiles that don’t match the rest of their faces. It’s like the walking dead, soulless slabs of meat that have nothing but rape and murder on their minds wandering aimlessly looking for their next victim. None of their lives have any meaning except causing as much harm to women as possible. Rape-apes. The nicest thing you can do for a rabid dog is to put it down.

No. 1552491

no need to apologies, it's been the right place to ask for advice and I hope you stay save and that troon leaves you alone. I would borrow you my brother for a week if we would live in the same country, he is tall and big and most troons would be afraid of him, kek. Just know that you can always ask for help or advice here and I hope you will find good friends in your new environment soon that might help you.

No. 1552502

File: 1654633719717.jpg (257.7 KB, 1125x1125, FUn5XZoWUAA_-qK.jpg)

have some news from Germany, dear nonas. Here we have a politician that is part of our parliament taking an interview in a sauna. I remember the "scandal" when Finnland's prime minister Sanna Marin wore a blazer "without" a top underneath, imagine a female politician having an interview in a sauna.

If someone cares to read up on what that troon has to say https://twitter.com/GansGruen/status/1534032174609047552?cxt=HHwWgIC9mdOI_ckqAAAA I'm just tired of German politics

No. 1552503

I'm surprised I never see anyone mentioning Dylan's obvious ED. Definitely ages him.

No. 1552514

Marin also has gotten shit for wearing a leather jacket to some meeting, wearing too much makeup, wearing too little and even as a finn, why the fuck would you ruin a good sauna sesh with an interview? Fucking weird.

No. 1552523

File: 1654635608403.jpeg (516.2 KB, 750x1099, 1F46DF01-DE74-4AB5-AE68-05C652…)

Of course OP is an AGP.

No. 1552524

it just shows how different you will be treated when you are born a woman compared to being born a man dressing up like a woman, no one will insult you for your weird clothes or makeup, they are just trying to be polite to not get cancelled.

No. 1552526

blåhaj is not and never will be trans. any shark would smell a troons rot-pocket wound from miles away and swim in for the kill

No. 1552527

File: 1654635997091.jpeg (510.21 KB, 735x1196, 97AE607B-8BE5-4EEF-ADBF-06F327…)

Another post from his reddit history. He’s literally a straight guy whining about gay marriage being illegal in his country. When the larp is so intense you feel persecuted for literally no reason.

No. 1552533

there are transbians in iran??

No. 1552548

in iran if you are gay they force you to transgender
fun fact they use troons as debt collectors if you dont pay a group of them visit you at you work, this is seen as an embarrassment and encourages people to pay to make them go away

No. 1552551

File: 1654638037742.jpg (23.3 KB, 360x330, FUrgRdLWIAIFBGl.jpg)

No. 1552557

So male. I have no other words really.

No. 1552559


It's even worse when you take into account the rhetoric of "breaking the glass ceiling"…

Men wanting to "break" the cotton ceiling aka women's panties… how rapey and typical.

No. 1552560

File: 1654639513621.jpeg (164.36 KB, 750x744, 9C8D8ABE-8983-4097-AB09-3299F7…)

When are these idiots going to realize the only reason they’re allowed to change laws, shit all over women’s rights, and larp as a civil rights movement is because they’re making the medical industry a fuckton of money? Anti-capitalism my ass.

No. 1552561

File: 1654639638656.webm (616.95 KB, 576x1024, cd9c980bb7dc9dffb8db0a940eedb1…)

quenblackwell posted a video where she was disgusted with a normal fat roll on her back. lots of fatties reacted negatively but this absolute beast of a tranny was really the icing on the cake lmao

No. 1552563

File: 1654639735210.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x2191, Screenshot_20220608-000347_Tik…)

btw most of the fatties were showing their bodies like "does my natural body disgust you?!" yes, you especially lmao
anyway that TikTok was posted 21 hours ago and here's how many videos he's posted since. trannies have way too much confidence

No. 1552566

Okay legit was that tranny retarded? SNK titan looking ass, man needs to be late term aborted, let me a-log ladies on how much I hate these autistic men who think they're entitled to our spaces because what? Society lets men have everything, the fuck, I want the suicide rate to go up already just like please

No. 1552567

File: 1654640112871.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1382, A6DB51AA-E8DD-45A4-A61C-B96CB4…)

They had to monitor the comments

No. 1552571

To think he has to do all of this because he keeps breaking any rope he tries to use to kill himself.

No. 1552573

>>1552567 a woman couldn’t be this ugly if she tried to. More proof god hates males

No. 1552574

they're leaning away from him

No. 1552581

File: 1654640763021.png (439.2 KB, 431x454, 780023dfd069c2889a09ad524f2301…)

his chin clearly ends but yet keeps going

No. 1552583

i thought this was an edit with a smudge tool, every day we stray further from god

No. 1552585

File: 1654641006990.jpeg (286.08 KB, 750x911, 43666B58-7FC0-44FA-A6AD-0504DA…)


No. 1552587

File: 1654641453625.png (1.06 MB, 709x1005, never_ending_chin.png)

No. 1552588

Never could I ever…this looks like the devils work in photoshop

No. 1552592

their faces have the look of pity and fear, if this wouldn't have been an official thing they would have left the sauna after spotting him

kek, I forgot how to breathe, I want this to be a new movie

No. 1552597

He wore makeup to sauna? How feminine

No. 1552600

Next threadpic please to make up for this shit one. I beg of you

No. 1552609

File: 1654643917292.jpeg (396.73 KB, 1284x710, 6DD7EF8C-BB07-462A-90D5-E14229…)

I feel like this guy is trying to imitate what he thinks a “boy crazy” teen girl would say or something, comes off as AGP from his profile imo. Whatever the case, it’s a weird post.

No. 1552612

File: 1654643997041.jpeg (303.44 KB, 1284x786, 8BC18F66-7E64-482C-8155-8154BF…)

The fuck is this pity post.

No. 1552616

boo hoo

No. 1552617

False on all accounts. He wants to beat women or predate on them and wants it to be socially unacceptable to hit him for it.

No. 1552619

Or, get this: you’re a faggy man who isn’t a woman and deserves to be hit by a train

No. 1552630

Christ this troon is acting like the stereotypical teenage girl you'd see in 2000s movies.

No. 1552633

This is pretty much every post troons make, there's thousands upon thousands of them. They're obsessed with this line of thinking and spam JKR with variants of this all the time. It's one of the things that ended up peaking me, seeing how male they are in their reactions, their violent obsession with raping women.

No. 1552646

seconding this as next thread pic

No. 1552647

reporting shit on reddit is such a pain in the ass imo
>why are lesbian and feminism subreddits being shut down while trannies get to post shit liek this freely
Reminds me of a lolicon subreddit posted in the reddit hate thread on /ot/ where one dude literally admitted and told another pedo "cp isn't that hard to find" and that subreddit is still up afaik

No. 1552679

I'm not saying it's a good thing but the average woman would be too self-conscious to post those tiktoks if they had similar thumbnails to those. This is yet another case where troons' overconfidence and brashness while being ugly as fuck clocks them as male.
If only he said this to their faces, it would have provoked a literal attack from those two buff dudes and put this creep in his place. I actually want them to make men uncomfortable so men know some of what women go through and also realize how perverted these freaks are.

No. 1552686

File: 1654652480092.jpeg (721.25 KB, 702x1353, 0AFC27CB-328E-4B31-A080-0196CF…)


Are we looking at the same person? This dude has got serious lizard skin… if a woman had skin like that she’d be ripped to shreds I am so mad at how they get compliments for the most basic things

No. 1552691

File: 1654652852788.jpeg (222.93 KB, 750x562, 2E489BCD-020B-4FDE-AD14-042FD6…)

Keep dreaming.

No. 1552698

Good god, his forearms are the size of his head.

No. 1552700

"Women aren't allowed to say "no" to my dick, why do women keep saying I'm rapey? Here are 10 reasons why you can't say "no" to muh dick."
I'm so fucking sick of male victim-playing. Troon shit has completely taken over all LGBT, and most of it is male troonery.
Never go to a man's house, apartment, or hotel room. It's just an invitation to sex, and they won't let you leave unless you fuck them.

No. 1552702

File: 1654653273613.jpeg (227.7 KB, 1242x1221, 70377558-1D9D-47A3-9B46-F95198…)

>Agent K! He’s a Balltroonian!

No. 1552704

File: 1654653279328.jpg (205.98 KB, 800x600, b7d.jpg)

Everytime I see a troon on reddit bitch about "Why does everybody call me sir? Can't they see who I truly am inside?" I think of this:

No. 1552708

File: 1654653704082.png (420.39 KB, 650x2064, Screenshot_20220608_003552_com…)

To clarify, it was this post from the Farms that reminded me of it. The dude sounds insane in general.

No. 1552714

I would bet 50 billion dollars that they don't react this way when they get a few "mean" comments in male dominated subreddits. They just expect women (lesbians) to coddle them 24/7.

No. 1552716

DO NOT go to his apartment. EVER. For any reason. Promise me.

No. 1552717

Trannies expecting people to be into their gross facsimiles of normal genitalia is like telling a vegetarian they'll enjoy meatloaf if it's shaped like a carrot. It's just not the same, and it's still not going to look like a carrot anyway.

No. 1552725

Let me practice my German: "Oh. Haha. Sind Sie Politiker…in, Frau Bolt-Ons auf Kühlschrank?"

No. 1552727

Joan Cusack mouth

No. 1552729

Kek nonny

No. 1552734


I've definitely screamed it back at moids when they've catcalled me from their cars. Male-coded aggression is all moids understand.

No. 1552736

This guy sounds like an unemployable basement dweller and completely useless, on top of everything else. I hope he doesn't get asylum status anywhere, he's got to be some lazy prick son of rich parents, with no problems that aren't self created.

No. 1552737

File: 1654658047251.jpeg (652.13 KB, 1170x552, 70F90AA3-4384-4E38-AD9B-DD4DEF…)

this just in, gay rape is now the fault of women!

No. 1552738

This logic doesn't make any sense lmfao. How are terfs possibly involved in transbian on transbian violence??

No. 1552742

File: 1654659186632.png (47.92 KB, 670x228, Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 04.31…)

Now even the 'not like other trans' trans are in on it, not appropriating womanhood but appropriating our obstacles all the time. Who wants to tell Mr Van Ness that no one views him as anything other than a gay man and if he's claiming to be non binary then how can be oppressed by misogyny? Professoinal victim just like all the others.


No. 1552743

I really like that art. But goddamn, I fucking hate how women with strong noses and other features, and tomboys and warrior women, are lumped in with troons now. I just wanna enjoy big nosed witchy women in peace. They ruin everything they touch.

No. 1552751

what the fuck is it with them and ikea sharks? kek

No. 1552752

Being compared to Angelica Houston/Morticia was my biggest confidence boost despite having low self esteem. I knew she'd become a troon icon. I sometimes though the pedophilia will lead troons away from her since she's a mature matriarch but then I remember the MILF porn category. I hate moids.

No. 1552753

Even being raped by a troon doesn't give men any empathy for women. It really is hopeless.

No. 1552754

Oh my GOD those pro wrestler arms holy shit!

No. 1552755

I hope he gets his ass beat, thieving little asshole. All the tranny sympathisers on tiktok deserve their money stolen but this guy is so punchable especially when he has his fake Muslim outfit on with the stupid voice.

No. 1552757

He's talking about it like he's the only one who's been raped by a trans woman. Newsflash troonfuck: Women, including terfs, have been raped by trans women and talking about it isn't "weaponizing trauma" or "fearmongering".

Also huge kek at the fact that he couldn't help including how much better he passes than his ex even though it's irrelevant.

No. 1552760

A man claiming to experience misogyny aside: Why can't troons talk about their own experiences without going "IT DOESN'T JUST HAPPEN TO WOMEN!"? Same thing with trans men and abortion. Why can't they say "I'm a trans man and I need access to safe abortions" instead of "THIS ISN'T A WOMEN'S RIGHTS ISSUE AT ALL ACTUALLY!" They don't actually want to be included. They want to keep this us vs. them thing going so they can always claim oppression and exclusion.

No. 1552763

>got raped by one of these “hypothetical rapists”
>this must be women’s fault

No. 1552766

correct anon, i plan to see the landlord tomorrow and at this point im just hoping he'll be as disgusted as i was.

a full promise.

ty again for the comfort and many hugs nonnie. it seriously gets under my skin that it's becoming so taboo to openly hate troons/agps in public without getting harassed or being called close-minded. is this really what our future will look like?

No. 1552776

File: 1654663566958.jpeg (132.68 KB, 800x910, 9F349DC6-9427-42E2-8EE9-2DD346…)

There’s a what where?

No. 1552780

File: 1654664309763.jpeg (320.55 KB, 750x787, F1B59B2E-DB12-4116-B125-0D4F48…)

I wish I had abusive parents!

No. 1552781

The American school system in a nutshell.

No. 1552782

Hope he goes back to the horse piss pills and 41s

No. 1552792

only men would consider "getting pussy" a civil right.

No. 1552793

the troonfle shoofle

No. 1552799

Tfw you missed out on becoming an obese castrati with the face of a prepubescent fat boy on grown man's body.

No. 1552811

Good lord I think this might be the thing about it being possible to finger a man's balls. I remember seeing a diagram of it on one of the mtf threads.

Thanks nona for reminding me, troons are slowly becoming my 13th reason kek

No. 1552814

that hair is so greasy it must have sizzled when the straightening iron touched it.

No. 1552815

this sounds like a made up pro-troon story someone made to be able to point to it and say "see even real trans rape victims (and we trans people are THE most victimized group on earth!) aren't blaming or trying to hunt down these (barely even existing) trans rapists! So you shouldn't either!!! Terfs are totally worse than rapists!!!"

No. 1552816

KEK please this has to be the next thread pic amazing

No. 1552817

kek love seeing trannies next to women, it makes their maleness even more obvious every time

No. 1552819

to these retards think that women never get beaten up

No. 1552844

>>1552737 men can’t get raped, but they can lie.

No. 1552848

File: 1654674535244.jpg (83.17 KB, 480x362, Swa0eDj.jpg)

Oh, him. I distinctly remember him tweeting this bullshit some time ago. The levels of irony and pure arrogance are insane. They're starting to reach MRA levels of misogyny at this point.

Also anon, am I nuts or was the daily mail Australia article written by Jordan fucking Peterson? kek

No. 1552852

Men can absolutely be raped, don't be stupid.

No. 1552861

so close to getting it, yet so far away

No. 1552868

TIMs are worse, they are dangerously delusional and severely mentally ill men.

No. 1552869

File: 1654677168310.jpeg (71.85 KB, 1024x569, A8DD3FB3-509C-403D-B0B1-F16DA7…)

>Cis gender men
>trans women

No. 1552875

Did he steal a yoga ball?

No. 1552876

File: 1654678576768.jpeg (190.55 KB, 750x1804, 3301F53D-E4B4-4BDF-B1BE-5C1753…)

No. 1552880

>the common eye
shut the fuck up man lmao. He's mixing up "the naked eye" and "the common man" to mean "normal people who don't use the internet and don't have autism"
I wish literacy would improve. I'm getting so sick of reading mixed metaphors and botched idioms in self-important internet posts, which are now all using the narcissistic melodramatic tone of slam poetry. They would be annoying enough if they were written well. It's just like watching someone get on a podium and say, "Like this is totally unpoggers for my rights and stuff????"

No. 1552886

File: 1654680468754.jpg (779.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220430-063544_Red…)

This one makes my skin crawl.

No. 1552889

hours late but who is the tranny mage? i thought the only tranny was krem, and you can just ignore her bullshit altogether.

legit want to protect DA but i know what's coming… biggest fear is they're going to destroy the story and lore completely because tranny minds are full of nonsense

No. 1552891

>What does my expression say?

No. 1552893

It’s from the comic series can’t remember the name of the character though kek (a tevinter mage too if I remember correctly, been a while since I read it). I feel like the next game will be even worse than inquisition, really sad DAO is still one of my favorite games

No. 1552896

Kek psycho and AGP in a horrendous package

No. 1552897

File: 1654681637421.jpg (95.64 KB, 787x748, yes_it_is.jpg)

I can't go on that sub without raging, but it looks like the handmaidens haven't started coddling them yet.

No. 1552900

The tranny dept collectors… Do you have an article or something on it? It's so funny

No. 1552910

I think I just a saw a tranny on the train. He was wearing a croptop with belly hair showing and I was like nice, a woman that isn't afraid to be hairy. I looked at his chest to confirm and he seemed to have small boobs. Then I heard his voice. We can't have nice things… Also he had a pink phone case which reminded me of a reddit post where a tranny said he switches to a pink phone case when he goes out as a woman and that it arouses him

No. 1552913

File: 1654684633379.png (269.31 KB, 1905x2530, shark.png)

No. 1552924

they identify with other predatory creatures

No. 1552941

tom cruise prepping for his next role

No. 1552946

File: 1654691157863.png (892.08 KB, 707x999, pedo_shit.png)

> why are lesbian and feminism subreddits being shut down while trannies get to post shit liek this freely?
reddit is a lost cause and always has been. men can't handle the concept of 'free speech' because they always want to extend it to trading child porn and pontificating about how sexy rape is. r/banfemalehatesubs is further evidence of the state of the site. there is no point in reporting on Reddit. it was always a male supremacist website, with varying tolerance over time towards women trying to carve out subreddits for themselves. stop wasting your precious time trying to clean up such a cesspit.
> it's like somehow getting to have this while still being a dude is such a relief
we know. we know you love being able to take off the woman costume whenever you please.

> ignorance romanticized; a bullshit fantasy made up by adults, reflecting every adult prejudice
just like that freak Alok Vaid-Menon who said "little girls are also queer, trans, kinky, deviant", ranting about little girls' lack of innocence to justify sexualizing them. picrel

No. 1552949

Trans identified men's favorites: consumerism, sharks (every little boy's favorite animal), pretending big dangerous predatos are cute and cuddly (just like transwomen), identifying with violent predatory animals, claiming "x is MINE(trans)" becasue they have the male urge to own and control everything, posing with a big fish

No. 1552950

Wait what he's not in his 40s? I thought he was one of those middle aged troons???

No. 1552956

and like 90% of them work in IT or the military

No. 1552965

Do you have any kind of sex offender registry you can try to search him in?

No. 1552966

based. While I love most anons in these threads, minus Tuckeranon I will say that some nonnies inadvertently lean into the male definition of femininity. They'll post a picture of a broad-shouldered TiM without a defined waist and say, "Wow, look at his feminine waist/shoulders," implying that biological women can't possibly also be shaped like that. Kate Upton, Angelina Jolie, and Kaia Gerber are the first examples to come to mind who have that body type (though of course they still look different/better as a whole because they aren't fucking troons).

I'm not personally offended or anything, but I do want to point out that even those of us acutely aware of our female socialization still fall into the trap of viewing women through a male gaze. Women can be "hulking ogres" with "masculine" traits while still being unquestionably female. I'm sure plenty of nonnies here have "masculine" body types and it probably feels shit to read that their ill-defined waist is indicative of being a man in the eyes of other women. sage for potential retardation

No. 1552969

kek this is spot on

No. 1552974

It annoys me too and I’m not even one of those women. But I hate when that kind of thing comes up although I will say in many of the pics we see, it boils down to them looking like a full-package man. A woman might have some more masculine characteristics but typically doesn’t also sound like a male or write/act like a male (I mean in terms of their entitlement and shit like that, not interests). I also hate when anons come in here asking if someone is a troon or not with a pic of an actual woman, and I assume 99% of the time it’s just a tranny attempting to stir the pot.

No. 1552980

>I assume 99% of the time it’s just a tranny attempting to stir the pot.
Yup. I can tell when a tranny is trying to epicly own the terves itt and it's so fucking obvious and blatant.

No. 1552989

nta but agreed. Smallest differences in bonestructure stand out very intensely to me. "Ogre" women are the proof of femaleness tbh, even the smallest male troon looks like a parading clown compared to them.

No. 1552991

This. I have broad muscular shoulders and I'm pretty proud of them. I don't feel bad because I believe people take in the whole and no one would describe me as manly. Troons don't understand this so they hyper focus on one detail like moobs or a shitty outfit, post it proudly and become shocked when a few comments say they do NOT pass. Even the most masculine, butch dykes catch your eye as female if you pay attention because it's a biological reality. Even Hunter, who I believe looks very pretty in some instances looks unmistakably male if you look at the whole. The most feminine trans woman is "off" somehow.

No. 1553000

File: 1654696388581.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1599, i'm so gay lol.png)

kinda sucks how any straight man these days can call himself an uwu gay gurl just because he has a yuri addiction. do trans activists not see how they're being conned into coddling the feelings of eeeevil cishet white men?

No. 1553002

theyre just straight up admitting what they truly are kek

No. 1553011

File: 1654697074566.jpeg (893.6 KB, 1284x1997, 0B21FBB2-E750-4F5B-949D-928F9D…)

Lol….this is what the link went to when I clicked. They are so fucking stupid.

No. 1553019

File: 1654697526068.jpg (414.31 KB, 1484x808, Untitled.jpg)

Some nopixel twitch streamer who 100% sounds like a man trying to sound like a woman assumed there were people who didnt know he was actually a man. apparantly he wanted the world to know he cut his dick off and shoved some fake tits in… so you know… full womanhood and shit. spends his entire life in a gta roleplay server pretending to be a girl while supporting zero other actual females. its almost like he avoids real females at all costs because they clearly make him feel inferior. spends all his twitch money on the exact car he has in gtarp. i havent seen him mentioned on her yet. not incredibly milky but this twitlonger had me in stiches. as we didnt know…

No. 1553024

Why do they always overestimate how well they pass? You see this time and time again where one will say he passes as a female so well and no one ever knows yet you go to see his pic and are met with the most unga bunga looking dude. This one just looks like a wispy femboy fag tbh, but the point still stands, he still looks quite obviously male. I’ll have to listen to the voice later for entertainment, that Mickey Mouse thing they do always cracks me up. I’m assuming his is something like that.

No. 1553026

the voice alone gives him away. there are many men who play women in rp and he is the least convincing.

No. 1553027

Yeah is this the dude who played the cop? I always thought the voice was weird, then I learned about it on the nopixel reddit. Only know what it is because Kitboga used to get on there and that's why I'd watch.

No. 1553030

cop til he was fired for being too much of a try hard and switched to the only "female" racer because doing "female" things in rp wouldnt give him the attention he clearly desperately needs for being such a unique female.

No. 1553036

File: 1654698578662.jpeg (337.88 KB, 1486x1879, 49686DF2-DCB6-4B74-B739-0D49EF…)

we are living in a new parody world

No. 1553043

God, these peoples fucking priorities are bizarre.

No. 1553046

File: 1654699273345.png (3.92 MB, 1242x2688, D9E283A9-A1FD-47CE-810B-ADB803…)

that’s it i’ve peaked

No. 1553057

File: 1654700472643.jpg (699.2 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20220608-105315_Boo…)

Sorry for slight ot but your y chromosome will always be seen, boys.

No. 1553061

What the fuck anon

No. 1553079

That's it everyone, supporting Ukraine is transphobic now.

No. 1553108

I think some nonnies posted more about this in the last one if you want more info.

No. 1553111

nayrt but how is this any worse than anything else people say ITT or anything else the TiMs say to us? It might be sad about the case but I hope they all know they will always be found to be male no matter what.

No. 1553115

Seriously, did anonita skip over all of the r/4tran screenshots or something? Kek

No. 1553159

what did she mean by this

No. 1553180

For me it says
>It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

they all remind me so much of Buffalo Bill and that was one of the movies that teached me some good lessons, first one, don't trust men, second one, don't trust mentally ill men.

No. 1553186

Good. I'm glad he's gone. Probably suffered and died horribly at the hands of a fellow XY; how appropriate.

No. 1553197

that's one funny thing I've read on German twitter way too often, you are pro Russia if you don't want troons in women spaces, you are also a Nazi, but in Germany you are always a Nazi if someone dislikes your views and doesn't have any arguments left.

No. 1553217

File: 1654709291319.jpg (121.39 KB, 1080x310, Screenshot_20220608-192736_Twi…)

alright I've made up my mind, let's ban all the crossdressing faggots in front of children

No. 1553233

How is bringing up individuals who commit crimes cherry picking? She is pointing out a error in the system.

No. 1553242

Banning a sexually-charged performance in front of children isn’t homophobia/troonphobia. These pedo faggots need to go to jail.

No. 1553262

They love their slippery slopes. Also, idec about drag for the most part tbh. I find it misogynistic and annoying but whatever gay men can have it . I do think there should be an age limit for watching the shows since they tend to be sexually driven. Idk how that’s bad.

No. 1553270

kek this is so funny, so they finally admit trannies are just drag queens?

No. 1553278

File: 1654711772726.jpeg (115.68 KB, 1080x875, 4AAA27AB-0FF7-4298-B5F6-D4BDBD…)

I saw this random comment from a TiM, do they just lie about everything? How much do you have to suck to fail at suicide six times?

No. 1553287

File: 1654712184116.png (2.68 MB, 718x2463, C8B975A9-9FB5-464C-96CD-80E6C3…)

Do the wives of these dudes know they don’t have to play along with this shit? They can just leave.

No. 1553294

File: 1654712415311.png (279.32 KB, 549x351, tlog46aopd491.png)

this image contains two men
I can't believe how people don't bat an eye at "lesbians" that have a dick, it's like the Drake lyric that got memed for weeks except it's just accepted

No. 1553302

I'm so curious of the sex of the people that tried to kill him and rape him. I'm 99% sure they certainly weren't female…
Then again, we know these retards think hearing something they don't like is an actual death threat and if someone doesn't want to have sex with them, they see it as sexual assault. Who knows

No. 1553308

He's a flamboyant gay guy who probably think JKR is talking about his fellow flamboyant gay friends with inverted dicks whose crimes tend to be prostituting themselves. I wonder if he knows about AGPs who try as hard as possible to reinforce harmful gender stereotypes on everyone at best and who change their gender on their ID cards to easily stalk and rape women in prisons, shelters, shared hospital rooms and changing rooms. Given how vocal they are he has no excuse to not know about them.

No. 1553313

I literally gasped out loud, holy SHIT. He was no 10/10 but he was quite decent looking in the before pictures. He's aged fifteen years in only one. He looks absolutely REPULSIVE in the after. YEESH. I feel for his wife.

No. 1553320

Yeah like he looked fine before. His wife’s expression looks so miserable. I feel bad for her.

No. 1553342

File: 1654714968544.png (388.35 KB, 1080x844, waaaahhhhh.png)

not having to go to the gynecologist makes you dysphoric? good. SUFFER.

No. 1553344

If I was her, I would just run away, I’m sure she has some family member out there willing to help her out of that toxic relationship with that waste of resources.

No. 1553345

my mistake its pakistan and its people who dont pay there taxes
i heard about it about a decade ago i just misrembered it was on one of those bbc comedy shows, back when people just used to laugh at transgenders

No. 1553346

This is retarded as fuck, some women don’t even go to the gynecologist unless something is actually wrong or worrisome, he just wants to sit on the chair with the leg support things and make a woman suffer while doing so.

No. 1553349

File: 1654715202133.png (48.91 KB, 730x497, comments.PNG)

I love how the one saying cis vagina is getting downvoted. Troons are delusional. At least someone has some sense though

No. 1553351

jesus CHRIST. we need to bring lobotomies back i wish i was fucking joking

No. 1553354

>do I need to go to the gyno?

No. 1553366

Dude getting downvoted for using the term “cis-vagina” and then still validating OP and saying he’s a woman. You literally have to walk on such eggshells with these people they get offended about the stupidest shit.

No. 1553379

HAH as if rich gay LA men know anything about anyone outside of their own insular culture.

No. 1553384


No. 1553387

This, trannies would definitely benefit from it kek

No. 1553396

hahaha wearing a bikini top, 4 inch long plaid skirt, fishnets, and silver platform boots so your cock dangles above the heads of children you walk past isn't "just existing" you fucking troon

No. 1553403

They want to disrupt women’s healthcare (real life saving shit) for the adult equivalent of an imaginary tea party.

No. 1553404

I love it! Did you make this, Nona?

No. 1553408

File: 1654717717982.jpeg (122.38 KB, 1125x1245, 26CF2E06-5951-4332-BD59-3A6A10…)

No. 1553411

File: 1654717831864.jpeg (511.44 KB, 1523x4775, 89063A39-2D39-4397-A598-51BF6A…)

Some collected comments from the lovely tranny posted before.

No. 1553412

the account doesn't exist, hopefully she wasn't ran off the internet for that based tweet

No. 1553417

File: 1654718018086.jpeg (371.78 KB, 1080x4148, F56663E3-C875-41B2-B928-5A6C80…)

Nothing like threatening lesbians am I right my ladies?

No. 1553423

File: 1654718366003.png (365.02 KB, 2012x1262, 1027315C-8C84-4D4A-A0B3-83303D…)

No. 1553428

Apparently he's 25?!?! I know he's a scrote and that scrotes age like milk, but I just can't believe he's under 30.

No. 1553432

you know he told her to propose to him at pride. look at her eyes. she’s dead inside.

No. 1553435


No. 1553436

is this someone larping as a troon to make them look even worse than they already do? either way the fact his insane disgusting posts get upvotes is very concerning because it means other troons agree with shit like this

No. 1553437

File: 1654718692229.png (6.78 KB, 442x95, 7a8c8b0f007bcf0546a05bfe6f327a…)

This got posted in my lgb group and I absolutely died

No. 1553439

That would be wonderful actually.

No. 1553443

and that's what I've been saying all the time, I might be bi, but I won't date mentally ill people. Had the luck with a schizophrenic (he is nice and good medicated now) and two BPD guys, never again. And this guy only manifests what I've been thinking, troons are mentally ill, aggressive and dangerous.

No. 1553448

based take

No. 1553456

seventh times a charm

No. 1553457

File: 1654719608934.png (16.96 KB, 594x238, Untitled1.png)

twitter is a terf

No. 1553459

estrogen is magic

No. 1553460

He tries hard enough he too can become one of the brave 41%.

No. 1553469

Women haven’t lived through a history of being constantly raped, assaulted, and demeaned only for those men to now demand access to single sex spaces and events at the expense of our safety and rights under the guise of being progressive.

No. 1553474

Why did he mention black women. We're saying you're male because you are literally male. Not because of "white womanhood" bs. The majority of libs weaponizing white supremacy are white people trying to deflect onto other white people and virtue signal to who they're arguing with. It's common for them to hide behind defending black people when you're actually using POC as a shield from the fact that you are a white man that refuses to integrate into society because "muh colonization and akshually the rest of world walked with their cocks out too before whitey ruined it all". Trying to hide behind muh evil whitey and noble savage fallacies so hard meanwhile, they are the colonizer in question.
>literally taking over women's spaces yet using the colonizer argument
>not realizing the irony and hypocrisy
Being trans is antithetical to being self-aware and not co-opting the struggles of others so you can only expect so much from them kek.

No. 1553476

That Virgilius guy is fucked in the head. I know he’s been posted before, a total piece of shit.

No. 1553477

File: 1654720938128.jpg (775.73 KB, 810x2156, Screenshot_20220608-163514_Boo…)

There are still workplaces that require women to wear heels. These transvestites haven't a clue. And they pretend to be feminists.

No. 1553482

>hahaha I fucked your mom and gf ahhahaha
>i have a bachelors
>YouTh iN aSia
Very scrotebrained response to completely honest and reasonable rejection. Also he knows she can't say it in the sub because tranny reddit would ensure she got banned and harassed out of a space made for her and people like her.

No. 1553486

Why do men complain about ties so much? They're really no big deal. Just don't get into a fight with anyone.

No. 1553489

Suits and ties are literally comfortable? If it’s cold you have a nice cozy jacket on, if it’s too hot you can take off the jacket. When you’re a woman you can’t even wear a nice bolero with most dresses, heels are uncomfortable as fuck, socks rip even if you lightly touched your leg, makeup sucks, paying to get your hair done sucks, we’re just meme’d to like all of that shit.

No. 1553490

They don’t know how to tie a tie properly because their male relatives hated them and the internet is only for sissy porn I guess.

No. 1553496

File: 1654722078506.jpg (102.32 KB, 640x853, ue845c0vwe491.jpg)

Clocked in less than half of a second

No. 1553498

He can't even bother to do something about his farmer tan for his WEDDING???

No. 1553499

Hope he enjoys permanent long term damage to his feet and legs from those heels.

Not to mention suits are thicker and keep you warmer. How many office women need multiple layers on top of still being cold? Men get real fabric despite being naturally warmer.

No. 1553500

>Why did he mention black women.
He's racist. Most of these white MtFs are "former" /pol/tards (some of them still /pol/tards), and it leaks into everything they say and do.
Here's how they see it: "Black 'people' definitely aren't human, but I'll politely pretend they are, as long as it means society will politely pretend I'm a woman. You got it, ni–I mean uhh, black people and black people lovers? I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!". Racist white leftists see what they're doing and agree with it, while naive black and white leftists are fooled by it and start spreading bullshit about how gender "didn't exist" until the white man, basically helping the tranny agenda along.
They especially resent black women because they already hate both black people and women. Any time a tranny enters a "leftist space", he'll latch on to black women and try to equate himself to them (we've all heard "Trans women are women the same way black women are women"), then proceed to try and stomp on them and elevate themselves through white/male supremacy. They get away with this sort of thing much more easily than when they try to directly stomp on white women, too, but at least they can be shut down if you mention the racial aspect of things without their minions screaming "TERF rhetoric"

No. 1553502

i consider women who date or god forbid marry trannies to be class traitors.

No. 1553506

mens clothing is also more durable, from what i've seen. we get thin lil babydoll shirts made out of fairy hair, and they get actual substantial cloth that they can wear for years before it deteriorates. my ex gf used to shop in the mens section for t-shirts for this exact reason.

No. 1553511

the absolute state of reddit

No. 1553519

Who raped you and sexually assaulted you, troon? It wasn’t terfs, stop blaming us for the shit men do.

No. 1553525

that’s the problem, troon shit is the new way freaks are getting lobotomized.

No. 1553534

thank you anon, it should be applied in western countries to do something with our TIM's.

No. 1553543

Straight women tolerate so much hateful shit before they finally either get peaked on males, or a male marries them and they double down. I guess by the time you are married to one, you're so beaten down you can't fight anything anymore.
"Saying "no" to my dick is violence, so I can beat old ladies in the street. It's not fair that women think I'm a predator!" Episode number ten million and one.
Most men are like Boogie at heart. Boogie couldn't just stop with accusing his dead father of child molestation, he had to accuse his dead mother and living sister as well.
Welcome to dating men, dude. That what you do, treat women as less than an afterthought after the women bend over backwards to please you. Shit sucks, right?
Of course this guy who made being a tumblr twink his persona would be sexually abusing a little girl the whole fucking time. Now his history of beating women in public makes more sense.
I'm now seeing a future society where men do nothing but peacock and whore themselves out to each other all day, while drab beaten down women shuffle on and keep the world turning, as always.

No. 1553558

File: 1654725652120.jpeg (259.46 KB, 828x863, 0D35BA58-3147-4829-B77F-57F1A3…)

No. 1553560

The male urge to commit a murder-suicide because you don't get what you want.

No. 1553571

Seriously. I have never heard a woman think like this in my life. Scrotes are always the ones murdering others then killing themselves to avoid getting in trouble. So not only are they evil shitstains, they’re also cowards.

No. 1553580

File: 1654726667200.png (364.78 KB, 739x611, Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 11.15…)

I know it's a bit early but I wanted to combine the best threadpics

I was tempted to put cumming soon in a theatre near you but thats too gross

No. 1553585

Lmao you and the nonas who made the posters are amazing. Whoever makes next thread please don’t forget. Maybe we should repost it when we get close to the end of this one.

No. 1553586

A toddler level meltdown with adult consequences, perfect for a stunted adult creature who still expects all women to coddle him like a baby in a highchair.

No. 1553591

File: 1654727526364.jpg (2.5 MB, 1100x6763, pt2022_06_09_00_30_39.jpg)

The absolute state of trannies in the quote retweets

No. 1553596

Dude autistic men need their internet usage monitored or something. I don’t know anymore this is repulsive.

No. 1553600

He's an autist but there are few videos and he looks very functional, talking totally normally and going to college. I guess all his 'tism spilled into weird fetishes (and his chin).

No. 1553615

No. 1553617

There is a white MTF in my CS class who always compares himself to me because I’m an Indian girl. He says we are similar because we are both “masculine” and have “masculine features”. It’s really upsetting because he wouldn’t have said that if my skin tone was white and all of my other features were the same. He always acts like we’re beneath the other white girls at uni and projects how both of us aren’t considered as much of real women by everyone else. It makes me really upset because I experience enough of this shit everywhere and now from a troon

I cant even say anything about it cause my uni is obsessed with coddling trans people. I’m not the type to care about racial shit usually but how nobody sees what’s wrong with him saying that stuff to me is beyond me

No. 1553622

Imagine making sacrifices every day for 20+ years, and this is what you get to show for it.

No. 1553625

Does anyone else ever accidentally read MTF as motherfucker

No. 1553631

File: 1654729207426.png (1.29 MB, 1284x3347, D77062E5-E6E8-475B-BB84-592552…)

Fucking hell their period larp is so annoying. “Get chocolate uwu”.

No. 1553632

Uh you should say something. Like immediately. The next thing he says you’re masculine looking, tell him, actually, I think I look very feminine. And on top of that, you should tell your guidance counselor or someone in the admin at school. Part of the problem is troons walk all over people because we let them. And that filthy scrote will do the same thing to other women, most definitely other non white women.

No. 1553634

His post complaining in a lesbian sub that he doesn’t feel welcome because no lesbian is willing to suck his dick now has over 1.4k upvotes.

No. 1553637

This is literally the Ricky Gervais bit from recently where the interaction is along the lines of: “What if he rapes me?” “What if SHE rapes you?!”. It’s so fucking funny how people made a huge deal about it and now we see an actual troon saying the same thing

No. 1553638

Oh sweet nona, I have! I’ve contacted the counsellor and uni student support and both times they sent me a booklet about gender dysphoria or some trans bullshit I didn’t read through. The counsellor was even quite curt with me and seemed to want me to shut up

I’ve told him before that I don’t think I’m “masculine” and he was like “I think most men and women would consider us to be masc” and I was like “that’s your experience” and he was “idk I have a lot of woc friends and talk to more people than you so I think I know better” (not word to word obviously, he just said a more polite version of this). It’s infuriating. He does actually have a lot of black female friends that validate this stuff, god knows why. I think he’s convinced them he’s their ally or some shit

No. 1553639

I was just glad there were some women trying to tell him off (although they had to be “polite” about it to avoid being banned ofc. Can’t hurt the ugly moid’s feelings after all, in a sub for women).

No. 1553640

Unironically, don't put up with it. I would call him racist to his face. Or, ask him "Oh, I have masculine features? Sorry to interrupt, but I've actually never heard that before, what exactly do you mean?". Whatever he says, respond "Sorry, that's just really kind of offensive and weird. You're white" (don't even elaborate on the last part, make him as uncomfortable as possible) and stonewall him

No. 1553641

Kek that's my personal cow. He collects Bratz dolls but stopped when the company kept telling him they'd add him to their PR list or whatever, but never did. He even posted a TikTok crying about it kek. I have posted him in the consoom threads:

No. 1553642

He leaves the reader to wonder if he pissed himself, shit himself, or jizzed in his pants.

No. 1553644

You know? I think I’m okay with not knowing.

No. 1553645

>He does actually have a lot of black female friends that validate this stuff, god knows why. I think he’s convinced them he’s their ally or some shit
Super woke/liberal black women will basically accept anything any "friendly" white person says. Anything they say about standing against white supremacy or even "hating white people" is a massive LARP. They just want to be accepted and live in peace, at the end of the day, so that coupled with female socialization ensures that they'll go along with pretty much any fucked up/backhanded statement and behavior from "allies". Anyway, you 100% don't have to validate him. I'd make it a point to make him feel as othered as possible without outright calling him a man, and just say he's made racially-charged comments toward you and it makes you deeply uncomfortable as a WOC. Him bringing up being friends with black women or other WOC is completely irrelevant because WOC are not a monolith, and he should know that

No. 1553646

Some of them boast about wearing pads to catch the jizz constantly flowing from their gocks.

No. 1553647

Lmfao, I'll try that next time

No. 1553649

Loving that saying sorry every time you speak is necessary not to make a man get violent or lose his mind. When are mtfs going to start apologizing for literally nothing or are they not going to because they don’t face the same abuse and oppression as women…

No. 1553654

Fuck, anon, I'm raging on your behalf. I have an Indian friend and she had self esteem issues because her skin is dark or thought that she wasn't as feminine as white girls. Meanwhile she's 4'11, an hourglass, giant long curly hair and big eyes with full lips. That troon wants to manipulate you by fucking with cultural stigmas like skin color. I'm telling you that the trans movement just lets white liberals have an excuse to be racist and hate women. That tranny wants your POC status as a shield. It's insidious. I'm Mexican-American and I love diverting any attempt to talk about their transness to my POC experience. It's hard because they'll bring it back to themselves, but I'm good at taking over conversations. White men hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE when you talk about something they can't be a part of. And at leas they know culture is something society isn't allowing them to play along with. Talk about your cultural traditions, especially Indian women, trends, feminine expectations, your female family members. Then let them know it's cool you can talk about your experience to another woman despite "her" being white. I mean just ignoring the moid is probably the best course of action. Interacting with these man babies is impossible.

No. 1553665

this is amazing, nonna. i truly believe that together we will be able to make sharks a transphobic symbol and make the troons burn their precious bjåhaj plushies.

No. 1553667

Anybody understand what it is with UK troons and Mumsnet? Is it just more groomers being upset at child safeguarding or?

No. 1553668

File: 1654731697095.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2750x2048, B8C5D203-7152-4584-AC00-7B36C4…)

I’m sorry bro I don’t think there’s a solution for that

No. 1553670

Homeless people with disabilities don't even ask half this amount to life and eat.

No. 1553672

Apparently, there's a lot of mothers who don't support the whole tranny thing on Mumsnet. Older women (especially mothers) not being fans of men trying to erase biology and indoctrinate their kids when it comes to sex/gender, who would've thought?

No. 1553674

he needs to invest in fixing his teeth instead

No. 1553677

I like how you can always clearly tell what kind of girl AGPs lust over/jerk off to.

No. 1553679

kek why does this weirdo look like bargain bin Pint

No. 1553683

It's beautiful. A truly classic, definition example of mansplaining, this time coated in shiny woke paint that he uses to manipulate others socially. Female attention, validation, and time is his life force, so avoid him if you can. He's at a stage in his life where he thinks he runs the world now because pretty much every woman (and most men) in campus will basically rip open their hearts in awe of how intrinsically amazing and beautiful he his for slapping a pronoun on himself after one night of post-nut clarity.

No. 1553684

Yep they are so transparent with how they couldn’t get the girl so they try to skinwalk her instead. The idea of one of these men doing that to me and masturbating over it scares me. I always hope the objects of their obsessions are living their best lives and doing way better than these sick scrotes.

No. 1553687

I hate these motherfuckers so much. Period just means menstruation, but they can't claim to be menstruating, so they've changed the meaning of period to "shitting your pants and craving chocolate on the last day of the month" even though that makes no fucking sense if you know anything about menstrual cycles.

No. 1553697

sorry to blogpost but I’m literally about to start my period soon and I’m just so sick of this. when I’m on my period I don’t even want to eat choc or shitty foods because I already feel shitty, most of the time I just wanna drink tea and eat crackers or something, they truly believe EVERY single period is the exact same stereotype they’ve seen in film or something, it’s extremely telling. i know there are ladies who crave that shit when they menstruate but goddamn it’s not the requirements.

No. 1553698

i think there are a lot of factors
>troons often assume that terfs are women with short hair and 'masculine' features (characteristics which they often mock because they are retarded). mumsnet users don't fit into that box, which upsets them kek they find the thought of a regular soccer mom being a based terf really scary. this may explain some of the hatred they have for jk rowling.
>troons fetishize aspects of motherhood, like being pregnant or being called 'mom'. they are jealous of mumsnet users because that website is literally about the experience of being a mother.
>the users on there have 0 tolerance for troonery and won't allow a delusional man to com to their website and do a pregnancy larp, lmao let alone participate in said role play it.
>mommy issues

No. 1553700

File: 1654734361311.png (391.48 KB, 806x791, 23812401204.png)

Kek. The jokes write themselves

No. 1553706

No. 1553708

File: 1654735025801.jpeg (693.17 KB, 1773x2048, 03461609-290E-4B46-8593-834471…)

>”People with schizoaffective disorder can have a wide variety of different symptoms, including having unusual perceptual experiences (hallucinations) or beliefs others do not share (delusions),”

But yeah, definitely pump them full of cross sex hormones and cut their dick off ‘cause you’re not a bigot, right?!?

No. 1553743

Die and be reborn a woman?

No. 1553767


a "woman" calling the "man" he dates "bitches who arent stable enough to appreciate anything he does"


No. 1553768

File: 1654738169788.png (3.28 MB, 1078x2244, 4B5B9045-3961-4D75-A65B-E25A8D…)

I don’t know if this was already posted

No. 1553770

File: 1654738219051.jpeg (269.91 KB, 692x1528, F70896E0-4E2E-4391-8A21-0E50E4…)

>puts on a halloween costume and hooker boots
>goes out in public

No. 1553774

at least he has the sense to detrans

No. 1553776

Oh…yeah he used to get posted on KF a lot. Iirc he is actually detrans now though so that’s good at least.

No. 1553785

File: 1654738587253.jpeg (693.52 KB, 750x1313, A07A99D3-EEF6-46B7-B738-17B4A8…)

No. 1553789

File: 1654738674482.jpeg (502.33 KB, 750x1157, D11D0F41-31F6-4921-ABB8-0D2838…)

my feed is full of the ugliest troons today kek

No. 1553794

Now what fucking butch lesbian would ever wear this autismo tragic "outfit"?

No. 1553795

How is this a butch look?

No. 1553800

that makes me miserably sad

No. 1553801

I’m the anon you replied to, sorry this is so late. I’m pissed off for you. I cannot imagine being polite to someone who would say something like that to me, especially the snide “well ackshually we do look masc because I’m friends with a lot of woc.” Inshallah he gets popped in the mouth or run over by a bus one day. You are everything the troon wishes they could be nonnie.

No. 1553806

File: 1654739292470.png (3.12 MB, 750x1624, E93E5148-42B5-4573-8C05-F91195…)

Every time men wear short dresses, it looks like they’re wearing a long t-shirt with no pants kek

No. 1553807

Legitimately looks like a reflection you'd see in a funhouse mirror.

No. 1553811

It's extremely funny to me that they think PMS and menstruation are the same thing and that the whole thing is over and done with in a single week each month. It's like they're not even trying.

No. 1553826

File: 1654740206675.jpeg (396.97 KB, 750x1890, 2CC09393-1B8F-4C04-AE6C-11916C…)

TIL franken-front holes grow hair inside.

No. 1553838

He somehow has a face like Beavis and Butt-Head at the same time.

No. 1553847

it's insane how much happier, healthier and more sane they (both tims and tifs) look once they snap out of it and detransition, it's sad it eve happened to them but i really hope we see more if it

No. 1553872

File: 1654741784756.jpg (895.99 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20220609-122354__01…)

If you don't let degenerate men indecently expose themselves to children you don't care about gun violence nonnies. The amount of handmaidens in the comments making the false equivalency is disturbing but not surprising.


No. 1553873

File: 1654741807930.jpg (260.26 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20220609-122613__01…)


No. 1553878

The way the blatant hatred towards women is disguised as “”jealously” and “dysphoria” is fucking astounding. I’m sorry but I have yet to meet a single FTM that talks about killing TERFs the same way that MTF troons do. It’s fucking disgusting. It’s not about jealously/dysphoria because if it were we’d see just as many FTMs threatening to kill us and skin us and rape us. It’s about a sickness and a fantasy.

No. 1553882

maybe just stay home

No. 1553885

File: 1654742221880.jpg (107.22 KB, 1080x1080, 94e567226611a922dc49b64985e585…)

Same energy kek

No. 1553889

every day I learn something new about neovaginas that makes me almost throw up. Can’t believe people really try to call me a transphobic because I only crave real functioning pussy and real functioning dick. What? I don’t want to put my mouth on a stinkhole that has cock hair and shit hole bacteria coming out of it so that makes me a shitty person? Fuck off. They make it so easy to hate them. I used to be a fucking handmaiden for these troons but every single day I can just feel my disgust for them festering in my gut. I’m a transphobe, but not because I don’t want Asshole V2 in my face when I’m just trying to eat decent pussy. People try and say they’re indistinguishable from the real thing but I have yet to find an image of a neovagina that doesn’t make my stomach churn. Really pussy don’t do that.

No. 1553904

Oh yeah, it happens. Some chaser moid on Reddit (naturally) claimed that while fucking one, he could feel the hairs through the condom.
There's also a troon who posted all the smegma and gunk that builds up in the rotpocket on Reddit (do I even need to specify Reddit anymore?). It literally looked like Dorito cheese.

No. 1553908

god that's disgusting. how is that kind of racism accepted by anyone.it's actual nauseating to think a man spoke to you that way.

No. 1553913

he looks like a homeless prostitute who sucks off drug dealers for miniscule amounts of meth

No. 1553917

Even the troons themselves do no actual research, and just go off the fantasies other fetishists say online. Laser hair removal takes multiple sessions over months to finish, he should have started a year out from the dick chop.

No. 1553920

File: 1654743979340.jpeg (640.79 KB, 1400x4135, 15901A80-8D6D-4FB6-9636-854CFC…)

No. 1553940

I'm howling at this thank you

No. 1553950

“White men hate when people speak about things they’re not apart of”
This is so beautifully written and makes so much since as to why they always “not all men” and “all lives matter” their way through life

No. 1553952

File: 1654746735738.jpg (102.99 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20220608-235047_Chr…)

RIP @malesofreddit

No. 1553955

File: 1654747035814.jpeg (639.83 KB, 750x1190, 8B649771-71C7-47F4-8563-5CC082…)

What’s in the horse piss these men are taking? Is it hallucinogenic?

No. 1553959

File: 1654747229864.jpeg (205.45 KB, 750x896, 4727367A-1594-47FF-90DD-1022C0…)

When alcohol interacts with whatever is in the horse piss.

No. 1553961

reddit is a giant male circlekjerk, ofc they condone violent males while punishing people for saying "you can't change sex" and other banal shit.
high dose cross sex hormones affect your moods/emotional stability. although this guy's just a gross euphoria boner haver. this high wears off pretty quickly.

No. 1553964

Men are just actual retards anon

No. 1553968

This isn’t a clockwork orange cosplay??

No. 1553970

I should have known. They were getting too based, posting all that tranny stuff.

No. 1553987

dory previn mid-pill bender and post-sticking her head in the toilet&flushing looked a thousand times more beautiful and feminine than this retard

No. 1554002

They talk so much about how they got stupid and bad at everything after starting HRT and put it down to becoming more womanly, but isn't it more likely that this stuff is just frying their brains?

No. 1554011

I have a question I was thinking about earlier with twitter. If they hate JKR so much, why haven’t they kicked her yet? I mean they kicked Trump and a bunch of other celebs and radfems as well. I don’t want her to lose the platform, I was just thinking about this earlier and don’t get how they choose who they are banning. Does she bring them income or something? Idk how twitter works in that sense.

No. 1554057

thanks dear troons, I know now that my PMS can be healed with chocolate, I will be forever grateful and will never call you men again…

No. 1554086

there's a study where they put a 11yo boy on hormone blockers, and he dropped 10 IQ points. Don't mess with your endocrine system kek, estrogen/testosterone regulate a bunch of more stuff outside of sex.

No. 1554093

Well, Ursula was based on a dude in drag.

I guess she technically hasn’t broken any rules or committed a bannable offence. They can get away with banning normal women without valid reason because nobody cares about us, but JKR is very much in the public eye. If they ban her for saying something totally reasonable like “biological sex exists” or “women’s rights matter” or “stop sending me rape threats” then they’ll be calling a media shitstorm of immense proportions down on their own heads. I’m assuming she employs PR/social media people to look over her tweets before she posts them and make sure she’s not crossing any lines. Most celebrities probably do this.

No. 1554095

>They see not who I am, but who they created in their mind

This applies to every human on earth, why do they think this is some unique trans experience? Where the fuck did they get the idea that they have any control whatsoever over how people perceive them? Before transing did they go their whole lives thinking their thoughts about themselves aligned with everyone else's? Was their inner monologue never contradicted up until the point that they decided they were something physically impossible? Or were they too caught up in their daydreams about themselves to notice?

No. 1554096

JK Rowling is like one terfy tweet away from getting banned.

No. 1554110

File: 1654754033240.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1467x4455, C10C5A83-93D2-4BB8-B4FE-660475…)

This fool has been on horse piss for 17 months kek

No. 1554115

File: 1654754311068.jpeg (942.12 KB, 750x1225, 75320903-A9E2-43C3-92DB-D0D4A0…)

For a moment I thought this was the instagram vs reality sub. Looks like a sim with shitty cc.

No. 1554118

File: 1654754408981.jpeg (480.61 KB, 750x1215, 6E7C8118-A925-478A-8EB1-BB98D8…)

play stupid games…

No. 1554123

this one's actually making an effort, but it looks like shit full size..
he does look like a shitty sim with way too much makeup on, but i bet if he moves that hair he's holding up, it's hiding a big ole jaw line.

No. 1554135

I hope not but if she does, I hope it causes mass peaking. Most people are too intellectually lazy to even glance at her essay so it was easy to convince them it was basically Mein Kampf 2.0. But if she gets banned for a tweet then surely that tweet will be reproduced in the Daily Mail and at least a few other news sites so more people will see how uncontroversial her position actually is. Imagine a headline like
>Beloved children’s author silenced for saying males cannot get pregnant
TRAs can scream about dogwhistles and genocide all they like but any normie reading that won’t see anything wrong with such a statement and will wonder wtf is going on. I also think certain celebrities will come out in support of her. Is twitter also going to ban Ricky Gervaise? Or John Cleese? Those guys would take this as a challenge. Again, it would be a massive shitstorm and only call attention to how crazy gender ideology really is.

No. 1554140

nona that's facetune

No. 1554144

he even contoured his arm skin but forgot to cover the arm hair pores

No. 1554148

love the smug self ID. that's why PTSD isn't worth shit anymore. i'm glad they are in insane pain from this abomination of a surgery

No. 1554149

>cramps on the right side below ribs
Dude got some liver issues and thinks it's menstruation. They have to know they are just playing a misogynistic RPG, they can't be that stupid.

No. 1554158

>relax my muscles

what muscles. you don’t have a pelvic floor. you bored a hole through your crotch and you’re stabbing your self.

No. 1554167

I always read it that way
what a disgusting piece of shit, love you nona for standing up from his bullshit. You are a beautiful woman with strong will that this hon could never be in the eyes of anyone else. Hope you the best

No. 1554168

They probably are that stupid, or else they wouldn’t be taking cross-sex hormones in the first place. Then when they end up in the hospital needing an organ transplant they’ll appropriate yet another women’s issue and claim that doctors don’t care about TIMs and there’s not enough research into their symptoms. No mention of the fact that they tried to cancel anyone who didn’t humour their “PMS”, though.

>I’ve been shoving large objects into this wound and it hurts! Is that normal? How long until it stops being painful to stab myself?

No. 1554171

He kind of looks like he's glowing, but could just be the lighting.

No. 1554180

File: 1654758185554.png (3.19 MB, 2500x1401, Austin.Kosier.46G.png)

I guess it might liver issues from taking a lot of 'feminising' medication and the liver having trouble/being damaged metabolising it.
Sorry for the repost, I found a better pic to illustrate it.

No. 1554183

File: 1654758413078.jpg (102.93 KB, 910x622, 1650075183525.jpg)

>Even the troons themselves do no actual research
This is the craziest part of SRS to me. Even if you're mentally ill and/or perverted enough to consider it, SURELY your first step would be to do as much research as humanly possible? They might see the massive complication rate (like >50% iirc), or all the horror stories about their colon smell and dick hair and feces leaking out, or pictures of nightmare fuel neovaginas and decide against risking it. Like >>1554118, he got the chop and THEN thought to ask if fucking dilating is painful??? Wouldn't pain be a huge concern for anyone going through amputation let alone amputation + creation of an artificial wound that needs to be forced open constantly for the rest of your life?

They live in an insane echo chamber where they live to groom each other into more suffering and more social ostracization because misery loves company and the only conceivable way they'd be accepted is if they were a majority. They'll just have to cope, seethe and dilate because they literally have no other choice after their permanently disfiguring surgery lmao. AGPs deserve it.

No. 1554185

File: 1654758592616.jpeg (364.96 KB, 1170x1953, 30EDF769-8381-4A97-BC54-6BC407…)

jesus christ the moids are absolutely delusional

No. 1554186

File: 1654758939748.jpeg (877.55 KB, 2208x2928, CA2DC766-C4E1-462F-ABE6-AB4261…)

Seems like he’s trying to skinwalk a girl he had a crush on in high school. Same with the troon in picrel.

No. 1554188

That sir is a 'vile gay twink who after covid closed his theater found his niche as a tiktok girlhood adventurer milking dumb teenagers with a saviour complex' look.

No. 1554189

It's worse than it first seems, because dropping 10 IQ isn't great, but maybe he just had a bad day of the second test. So I think it's important to point out his IQ dropped from age 11 to 14. His brains should have been developing at this point, he should get a lot smarter (not just stayed at the same IQ). The normal difference between an 11 year old and a 14 years brain is massive! You can usually trust a 14 year old to be home alone, but not an 11 year old. And he is dumber at 14 than 11, this is incredibly alarming. They have turned these kids developmentally delayed, in the most literal sense. They can most likely never fully recover from it even if they stop taking the hormones.

No. 1554191

Even then, it’s not guaranteed to be permanent and can come back a few years later. It can also cause tissue damage, though I suppose that’s like worrying about rain before a tsunami.

No. 1554196

I wish I was there to protect you from that racist creep. Can you report the counsellor for racism? Hearing a poc say a white person is racist and being on the side of the white racist isn't a great look.

100% agree with this, call him racist to his face and let other people hear it.

No. 1554198

Good! Adult men dressed up in sexual clothes to introduce children to sexual things is a form of grooming to make it easier for adults to sexually exploit the kids later. They absolutely should be shamed for openly doing it. Why the fuck do they insist that drag is for kids other than for pedophilic reasons? It's not just "gender expression", it's explicitly using harmful female stereotypes to sexually entice people. Drag and kids do not fucking mix.

No. 1554200

File: 1654760515934.jpg (78.91 KB, 863x900, Jordan.jpg)

The caption says "jordan just landed her dream job… to teach people about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals at a natural history museum!!!" but the facial expression says "I am being held hostage and the person that's holding the camera is pointing a gun at me, please help"

No. 1554201

>He collects Bratz dolls
holy fuck I went to school with a guy who collected bratz dolls too and he ended up turning into a troon years later. is this a recurring pattern? lmao

No. 1554203

File: 1654760740873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.22 KB, 293x360, waterbaloons.jpg)

This is how breasts are supposed to look, right ladies? Right???

No. 1554204

WHy do they always go for the harry potter glasses? I see it with so many troons it's insane.

No. 1554208

File: 1654761130980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.87 KB, 1068x1702, Wig dysphoria.jpg)

I hate posts like this one so much. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable sometime is not and never will be the same as being a tran. And what the fuck is "wig dysphoria" even supposed to be, isn't the whole point of dysphoria supposed to be that you have to get taxfunded surgeries and hormone pills to fix it because you can't just step out of it or take it off as you could with say a wig?!

No. 1554210

Sorry for accidental spoiler kek. Hairy Patrick Steward is a little bit disturbing to be fair.

No. 1554212

I'm guessing it's like when weeb troons think they're anime girls.

No. 1554213

It's so funny how despite him standing at an angle you can still see his square torso and his adonis belt.

No. 1554216

Fucking kek I cant women have such beautiful natural stomachs and waists compared to the fridge body of these men

No. 1554219

File: 1654762216404.jpeg (71.9 KB, 828x463, 43D164EC-06DE-445A-B94C-7677BF…)

went to his twitter and he's a typical annoying male autist - most his posts are about dinosaurs and being a tranny
this one made me kek, dude went from being an angry manlet to being an ugly deranged troon manlet so he's downgraded if anything

No. 1554220

File: 1654762256580.png (2.21 MB, 1702x974, Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 4.11…)



this mf is so retarded. "aha see these terfs? they don't look sexy to me, who are they to talk about what it means to be a woman?"

No. 1554221

She's probably delighted to be queer now so she doesn't have to be an evil white cishet! Finally she can talk over black and gay people and they can't call her a Karen over it!

No. 1554223

Damn even older purposefully gender nonconfirming lesbian women look hotter than him. He looks like an unwashed hobo while the women look cute at worst.

No. 1554232

he is genuinely so fucking ugly to me, idk why he's so hyped up.

No. 1554235

Kek his clenched jaws and pursed lips. He hates looking at his own reflection "dO i pAsS?" He already knows the answer

No. 1554236

so he admits it? men think being a woman is only about looking sexy? very progressive take from a bloated greasy worthless scrote

No. 1554248

lmao look at all that distortion

No. 1554253

nooooo wtf this was one of my fav accounts on twitter. we'll never get to see that 8k post waaah

No. 1554259

File: 1654767621078.png (149.83 KB, 712x754, Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 11.38…)

This moid is 25 and has the hairline and skin of a 89 year old. "The Wall" has always been a moid cope, because wtf is this?

No. 1554263

File: 1654768257022.jpg (4.97 MB, 4096x4096, Tragic.jpg)

>>1554248 you prompted me to see for myself kek

No. 1554268

File: 1654768972622.png (160.98 KB, 1396x355, 190573289507381204758369271240…)

At what age will he stop LARPing as a zoomer?

No. 1554271

can hasan get horribly burned in a car accident pls?
These women have something troons don't

No. 1554272

Only did some recoloring, sadly I'm not artistic enough to make original content. But really wanted to do something to show support to anon I originally replied to.
I'm glad to see you and other nonnas liked this. I also hope that others will participate in reclaiming the image of sharks.

No. 1554281

the whole thing is a weird pixelated mess. like he just poorly photoshopped a whole ass outfit on himself
those sure as shit aren't his legs

No. 1554283

his hands look…tiny

No. 1554291

I hate this faggot so much it’s unreal

No. 1554295

File: 1654772511130.jpg (32.63 KB, 350x708, gBTfrOQ.jpg)

No. 1554297

I can't believe he wore that in public kek men have no shame

No. 1554301

detransition, cut your hair and maybe surgery kek.

No. 1554313

>kicking the ass of anyone who doesn't enable your delusion is eye for an eye and totally fair
>women hating men for an entire history of oppression? pfff that's overreacting men aren't that scary and feminism is for them too

A man this retarded shouldn't have been able to survive for this long.

No. 1554316

Holy shit, Jordan looks like he's Asian fishing with his new community-funded $30k busted face. I couldn't be happier kek.

No. 1554322

God I can't even stand hearing this guy talk for 5 mins before wanting to punch his face in

No. 1554337

File: 1654778503536.jpg (197.17 KB, 1080x1496, 20220609_073525.jpg)

i can't lie, idk really get where they're going or how it's euphoric. HOWEVER, it reminds me of this cursed tip i read: if you're constipated, you can put your fingers in your vagina to push through the wall and then push down to force that turd out.

No. 1554340

File: 1654778657253.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1717, neckbeard.png)

troons aren't even trying these days

No. 1554344

You know how Matt refers to the default abuse victim as a "her", seethe more trannies and your "muh male victims"

No. 1554348

File: 1654779547973.jpeg (561.18 KB, 750x938, 3AD64D55-CC5A-4FAE-BD05-48C745…)

if you cut the photo it looks like he has tiny feet

>we represent the tranny guild

No. 1554351

File: 1654779645033.jpg (109.79 KB, 749x651, capture1.JPG)


Transwoman is raped by another transwoman. I didn't read through all the comments, but I found at least two others admitting to being raped by a transwoman as well, but fuck terfs, am I right?

No. 1554353

Hasan is a fucking idiot. Wokebros in general are so stupid and annoying, and people give them money for mansplaining and pulling bullshit out of their asses.

No. 1554354

File: 1654780029396.png (62.16 KB, 1330x238, Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 9.07…)

how does that work…

No. 1554361

i don't usually doubt anyone who says they have been raped, but i make an exception for troons. they lie about it because they get off on it and they believe being raped makes you more of a woman.

No. 1554366

I have no idea what thread it was in, but this guy either looks just like or actually is this weird facebook troon obsessed with being a "slut" for men of different races from him who was posted in a previous thread. Also appeared to be into uppers.

No. 1554370

Jesus how can they mistake that for PMS at all? I guess if they’ve never experienced it they wouldn’t know, but those are such completely different areas. I’m a former alkie who used to deal with bad liver pain and the idea that those feel the same, let alone are anywhere in the same remote location is baffling and kind of hilarious. Where do they come up with this shit? I second it probably being related to HRT or meds or something. We know that shit can fuck your organs up.

No. 1554371

he almost passes as a tif though

No. 1554374

I feel like they all have main character syndrome or something and just expect people to know what they are thinking at all times/to go out of their way to remember every little detail about them. It reminds me of the fakeboi types who have rotating pronouns based on day or mood or whatever, like most normal humans would laugh at entertaining the idea of memorizing that much arbitrary bs. I think trans people as a whole also think they invented the wheel, that other people have never gone through puberty and felt awkward or hated themselves, that other humans in general never have problems they work through, especially not the dreaded cis boogieman they’ve created in their heads. It just all boils down to thinking they’re unique and special but no one else is instead of realizing no one is actually that special, we’re all just people trying to get through life without getting scarred too badly. I mean, how is that guy categorizing the people he’s complaining about? He’s shoving them all in a box just like he doesn’t want them to do to him. I think they won’t be happy until everyone who doesn’t agree with them has a brain implant that forces them to celebrate transness at all time. Only, they might end up not liking that because then they wouldn’t be ~oppressed~ and therefore would have nothing to complain about anymore.

No. 1554376

People who say shit like this don't actually care about female abusers or male victims. They just want to scapegoat male abusers, because if you can relativize it, it's easier to erode on female spaces and boundaries. Same with dudes who go on about false rape accusations. They're not scared about innocent men being framed, they're anxious about rapists getting brought to justice.

No. 1554378

I still love that pic from the luncheon. They all look so happy that they have each other. I wish I could spend time with them. I wish I could spend time with more older butch lesbians in general, they’re a dying breed and always give the best advice. Going to be really sad when all that’s left are TiF lesbians who have transed. I hope a lot of them grow out of it but it will never be the same once so many older lesbian role models are gone.

No. 1554382


No advice but sorry to you're having to deal with that, nonna. He's probably just jealous of you (I've always thought indian/sea women were very pretty) and is negging you to cope.

No. 1554384

File: 1654782322874.png (1.31 MB, 1284x2852, F5F50650-CDB7-4A74-A489-ADD875…)

LARPing about something that only affects females, that give some women pain that makes their lives a nightmare, that girls in other countries are forced into menstrual huts for because they’re considered “unclean”, that women and girls everywhere are stigmatized and mocked for. #justtroonythings

No. 1554386

File: 1654782428593.jpeg (674.88 KB, 1284x1184, DE92EBEC-08BF-436B-BA5D-83F1BE…)

>when will this fetishization of my dick end
That’s a new one lmao. How about your fetishization of women and women’s lived experiences?

No. 1554388

File: 1654782586100.jpg (52.05 KB, 690x362, 6j43cu.jpg)

No. 1554390

File: 1654782885430.png (5.3 MB, 1274x6081, 53D0EDF7-0511-4B32-9B54-6100EB…)

I looked at this one’s profile, and someone needs to keep this man off the internet and away from lesbians. It’s all shit like this. Disgusting that these scrotes get entertained at all.

No. 1554391

its just insane how they drive themselves crazy with this bullshit, all this mental anguish for something that isn’t real. just be a man and live life normally, it’s that easy.

No. 1554398

File: 1654783443486.jpeg (334.66 KB, 1284x1792, 3CACBB26-3F2D-411F-A37B-AF4E16…)

I mean I don’t really think people calling this out are projecting anything when all they do is write about how much the fetishize everything about womanhood and often times include their erections in those posts. We are quite aware it’s a sick sex thing, they make it incredibly blatant.

No. 1554399

File: 1654783517499.jpeg (537.21 KB, 1284x1236, FD0DFFFC-A4A8-4EF0-A140-46C987…)

So, if nothing even happened to you, why invade our bathrooms? There are also family bathrooms if you’re so afraid of the other men. Stay the fuck away from women’s spaces.

No. 1554400

File: 1654783552554.jpeg (342.29 KB, 1284x808, 25A31E22-083C-4E17-85FA-18E20C…)

Last one for now, I just found it funny. Chad is going to off himself.

No. 1554408

File: 1654784059592.jpeg (76.49 KB, 749x550, DDB2F82E-0FC2-4266-9EA0-88B49C…)

No. 1554417

they truly do sexualize every little thing. it is disgusting.

No. 1554453

no offense (seriously ily all in this thread nonas) but can we read the threads before we repost? this and a lot of other stuff keeps getting reposted

No. 1554454

It's funny how that works. 'Female' and 'woman' are both words you can identify into and have no strong definitions, yet all of these degenerates understand what 'AFAB' and 'AMAB' mean.

Definitely not an indirect admission of their delusions.

No. 1554456

I don’t even like the term female because I use at work for animals. At least women is humanize. Kinda hate the whole afab

No. 1554458

Humans are animals that's why we're either male or female we aren't some superior beings. Don't be a retard

No. 1554463

This thread is bad about it, I think because it moves so quickly.

No. 1554466

Nayrt but at this point I don’t care anymore. I’ll call myself female because that’s what I am and it doesn’t bother me. I know incels and shitty men use it as an insult but whatever, I’m not them, I don’t think like them. Troons don’t want to be called men? Fine. I will call them males instead, because at it’s base, it’s as biologically truthful as one can get.

No. 1554473

>Their fearmongering about hypothetical rapists
His post is literally proving the opposite

No. 1554474

Trannies are delusional, anon. I'm confident that you look nothing like him, and that he's just trying to manipulate you into being a human ideological shield. Also, not that it matters, but given that most CS AGPs look like Shrek, you probably seem like a supermodel compared to him.

No. 1554481

>weakness from diarrhea

the emotional support blanket is what really gets me though. when we, actual women, get our period we are expected to suck it up and continue as normal. these moids think that when a woman has a period, all she does is stay at home and eat cookies with her emotional support blanket wrapped around herself.

No. 1554489

When I read that part, my first thought was appendicitis. Tranny subs are going to get someone killed by telling them that their burst appendix is "period cramps."

No. 1554498

Give it enough time and they'll be frothing at the mouth over how transphobic "amab/afab" are. They're not happy unless they can invade ALL female things. They will either claim amab/afab have always been transphobic words to use, only terfs use them to exclude trans people. Or they'll claim they were afab through some weird mental gymnastics like "women have penises, so actually i'm afab because I was a female with a penis at birth".

Just like how they used to claim trans people have gender dysphoria that make them want to kill themsevles. But now claiming being trans is directly related to having gender dysphoria is transphobic. And how they used to claim they were "born in the wrong body", but now they're in the right body but their dick is a female girldick so saying their body is wrong was transphobic all along.

No. 1554499

File: 1654788496003.png (113.27 KB, 1475x975, Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 17.27…)

kek he is sui baiting on his blog. Sommeone cowtip him so he does it
http://www.nydolls.org/news/MtF/comments/v89g7i/im_killing_myself_sorry_im_such_a_stupid_fucking/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1554501

therapy my dude, and not a bogus "gender therapist", a real one who can help you accept that you're a man who doesn't have to live through delusions

No. 1554505

why do they keep acting like it's not a choice? they chose to give themselves dysphoria by watching tranny porn and scrolling /r/eggirl, it's nothing that can't be undone by getting off the internet.

No. 1554507

No. 1554510

I’m like 90% certain I’ve already seen some of them doing that with the amab/afab thing. Reminds me of how now some TiMs are starting to say that they “have always been female, just with genetic defects”. Keep telling yourself that bro. The fact that they even tell this shit to medical staff is wild like, why would you risk it?

No. 1554526

The fact that they always threaten suicide and never do it is genuinely disappointing. Just do it coward

No. 1554530

File: 1654789542725.png (160.49 KB, 1967x544, sad.png)

Chad has random strangers tell him he is model material, tells him he's handsome, had good grades, but succumbed to AGP and porn. Many such cases.

No. 1554535

>peculiar soreness on the right side for months
>sympotms of nausea, pain, vomiting
He probably has pancreatitis.

No. 1554547

File: 1654790375789.jpeg (111.8 KB, 1080x878, C7DE9813-C64A-4C14-8B0C-F81227…)

This feels relevant. I know he’s not suicide baiting here but he’s still putting blame on women for…having done literally nothing to him yet.

No. 1554549

Oh no, a smug Twitch shut-in told these successful lesbian academics he doesn't want to fuck them! Whatever shall they do?

Julie Bindel sounds more intelligent when she farts than this guy does when he's at 100% brain power.

No. 1554576

Very pleasantly surprised by this. When I first saw his posts I expected him to double down most of them do, but I guess I was totally wrong. Absolutely no complaints from me though. He looks a lot healthier.

No. 1554594

I have to admit I have done that. That's another thing no man could ever do, the troon wounds would break if they attempted to.

No. 1554601

oh, I want those dinosaur plushs, I didn't even see that there was a human on the picture at first, kek.

No. 1554602

It's the hypocrisy of demanding to be treated like gods while being seemingly incapable of treating the rest of us like humans that really gets me. Even if they weren't stomping all over our sex based rights, grooming children into their cult, or forcing their fetishes down our throats, I still wouldn't like them as people. That narc/main character energy just seeps into everything they say or do and makes them detestable to the core.

No. 1554645

sure, tell you what helped me. Sitting on the armrest of a couch for some minutes, only position that will ease the pain for some while, then I have to move again. Crying also helps, waking up in your own blood is very nice, too. Once I even fainted at a supermarket, but sure, honey, you've got cramps from your period. The time my period cramps stopped was the best time ever, still having PMS with strong depression and suicidal thoughts some months and I hope they could get that, too. I just can't anymore and I might go to reddit and tell them the truth.

No. 1554726

File: 1654797751846.jpeg (203.89 KB, 750x708, B48B27EC-17FA-4CDB-B513-50B8E3…)

No. 1554729

Really. Women and girls are still expected to work and do physical activity. I remember being in middle school and the coaches having multiple yelling fits about how the girls will still be expected to run and do push ups despite being on a period. And girls are expected to do this when they are still adjusting to living with the symptoms, and having irregular bleeding and painful cramps. TiMs are so damn coddled and it’s pathetic they think diarrhea cramps are even close to a period.
I would be so mad if there was a tranny at work who got to take off a week because he was “going through his period”. Most women would get laughed at or scolded for daring to bring it up.

No. 1554736

I wish all these pedophiles a very painful die.

No. 1554737

this is so weird to me because men don’t usually care? like women go into the mens bathroom all the time when they women’s is full and no one gives a shit

No. 1554739

I honestly remember a case of one trying to do that, I feel like it was in the EU somewhere. Idk if he was actually allowed but he wanted time off for his horrible “period” pains.

No. 1554741

File: 1654798302499.jpeg (372.09 KB, 1536x2048, holyshit.jpeg)

The chin on this one

No. 1554744

They thought(correctly) he was a creep ass crossdresser there to hook up and didn't want him there, not bc they thought he was a woman. I've pissed in the mens bathroom a bunch of times when the womans was full and nobody has ever said anything.

No. 1554748

File: 1654798425258.jpeg (57.63 KB, 768x1024, 29C23235-AA8B-473C-A411-92CEDC…)

No. 1554750

i really dont understand if he wants to be a woman why does he still have facial hair?

No. 1554761

long hair and red lipstick is all it takes to these people lmao

No. 1554766

at one time my PE teachers suggested that they would check our tampons if we really are on our period or just don't want to participate. That didn't work out, but still, it's been a horrible idea back then. Same with calling in sick, we get sick leave in Germany, so no need to come in if you just can't and no woman I've ever met would call in sick because of their period. One girl even had to lie on the floor at work because her pain was so bad, still she later worked again like nothing happend.

No. 1554770

>at one time my PE teachers suggested that they would check our tampons if we really are on our period or just don't want to participate.
Please tell me someone got fucking fired for this.

No. 1554780

You would need a doctor's note if you didn't want to use tampons but still use the school pool. Some of us have debilitating cramps caused by medical conditions that don't get diagnosed until we are close to menopause. We spend decades getting taunted and laughed at and called weak and lazy until we are diagnosed with life threatening problems with our reproductive systems. Some of us were learning to insert tampons while these boys were jumping off the roof thinking they could fly.

No. 1554781

Fr I have legitimately done this before. Most guys just look at you weird and then you just say “what I had to pee” and then they act like you’ve offended them lol. They’d probably try to spin this as me invading their spaces but men aren’t oppressed or at risk of being raped by women so no.

No. 1554788

File: 1654800260443.png (4.03 MB, 828x1792, 31DA7634-A699-497B-9B2E-1A9601…)

hi queens just here to curse you with your daily dose of dylan! today he wants you to look at his non existent moobs
his comments are insane to me, do they not think his attitude is weird and borderline pedophilic??

No. 1554791

is he even on hrt? i'm like 50/50 on whether this is all a practical joke

No. 1554795

Calling them “buds” is literally so disgusting and pedophilic. I don’t know a single girl who ever referred to them as that growing up. Like I know that’s what emerging breasts are technically called but it always felt like it played into the sort of thing of a young woman being a little blossoming flower or whatever men like to say to infantilize and sexualize girls. Vomit worthy.

No. 1554806

This dude was either a victim or monster in the past. I know TikTok has an aura of "braindead" but it's concerning how many people follow this shit.

No. 1554808

He has to be trolling cause he's flat as a board

No. 1554811

>A FEMALE gets caught

kill me now

No. 1554817

File: 1654801357477.jpg (59.54 KB, 986x611, 280096205_305105348455024_6821…)

I know this is a month old, but I can't believe a fucking news outlet picked this up. It's the truant tranny that Keffals was dramawhoring about not being able to piss in the girls' room. They're acting like he was being sent to a death camp when the retard decided not to go to school himself. It's even more stupid cause the faculty let him use the staff bathroom instead of the boys' room.

The only one I feel sorry for here is the foster care for having to deal with this mess.

No. 1554822

Autism is not a fkin excuse to diddle kids
I hate people like him so much and I hope nobody thinks this is what autistic women are because they're not even women.

No. 1554824

Nonnies.. Let's all just take a deep breath and unclench our fists.

No. 1554825

When will Elon take over twitter. I find him vile, moronic and desperate, but I want to rob Trannies of a safe place, just like they're robbed us of our safe places (except theirs is mental and ours are fucking physical).

No. 1554836

Why can't we be mad? Men like this deserve to be hung in public squares for trying to fuck children.

No. 1554837

File: 1654802201022.jpeg (134.41 KB, 630x793, F2876263-AB09-4F0F-8394-081508…)

apologies if this has been posted before but
>6’5 and 107 kilo/237lbs
>both pics are mugshots

No. 1554839

why god. genuinely wondering who the fuck likes posts like these. chasers? other trannies? the fuck

No. 1554850

They have got to shut this shit down. All these men need to have their real names available so that the public can be aware of them and so help me god if they don’t stop saying “woman” or “female” in the reports. These are not our crimes. I know Reduxx tells it how it is but most don’t and it’s really fucking annoying and harmful to us.

No. 1554854

Holy fuck when they ask him why he was going to meet a 13 yo girl and he said “well, I’ve tried dating sites, I’ve tried meeting adults and it didn’t work”. So that means it’s okay to go after children?? Nonnies I am exhausted by these gross scrotes.

No. 1554883

how does someone like this become a diplomat? he looks and sounds retarded

No. 1554885

Diplomat makes it sound like they're a powerful political figure, but they probably just work in a diplomatic office.

diplomatic staff and foreign service workers, like UN Peacekeepers, are sex tourists

No. 1554887

it's been common knowledge that cancer drugs damage your brain, or at least your cognitive ability, for decades. there are even some that they don't use on children with cancer, that are only used on adults with cancer. i don't know why thishas suddenly been forgotten when they start using them on kids who wore a dress to school one time.

No. 1554888

what the hell, you can stil clearly see his male shoulder angle/body shape in such a close crop. trooning doesn't fucking work at all

No. 1554890

can they stop calling it vaginoplasty like wtf

No. 1554902

File: 1654805099205.png (1.04 MB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220609-215157.png)

No. 1554904

File: 1654805155534.png (7.82 MB, 1170x2532, D9F524F1-999F-4566-8B80-47B81B…)

the longer you look the worse it gets

No. 1554907

these fake breastplates are so fucking funny because the troons make it so obvious they’re wearing one. high angles, so much “cleavage,” chokers to cover the seam. one of my favorite coping methods of theirs honestly

No. 1554908

so dramatic. no one thinks this much about it. drink water and go to work if you wanna act like a real woman.

No. 1554910

I love how he’s wearing a bandana to cover up the silicone seam lol

No. 1554914

why do they say "pee" like little kids? why not "piss" or "hit the can" or "whiz" like all other adults?

No. 1554917

most women used to agree, until the troons started stealing "woman". i used to hate using "female" as a noun too. but they're the ones that made it happen.

No. 1554920

Losing the weight was worth it.

No. 1554921

File: 1654805697469.jpg (494.73 KB, 1112x794, Farquaad in a dress.jpg)

No. 1554925

how come everyone i know who killed themselves never told anyone or even left a note?* it's almost like these trannies are just saying it for attention.

*don't do drugs, anons. junkie suicides are way higher than in the normal population. not by ovedose, i mean by hating how much you've ruined your life and killing yourself because you can't fix it

No. 1554928

File: 1654806052181.png (593.48 KB, 592x684, smells like cheetos.png)

No. 1554932

File: 1654806161143.jpeg (580.05 KB, 1170x1036, 869BAE86-CB1D-4168-898A-8E1EAC…)

kek did disney seriously pay this troon for this promo

No. 1554933

that cop with "Are you winning" gets me every time. i bet his kids are doing great

No. 1554934

Not going to lie nona, this is a weird nitpick. I usually say I have to pee if I need to go or whatever. It’s definitely not because I feel like a kid, it’s just one of the easiest words to say without being overly vulgar about it.

No. 1554936

Seriously. If they want to act like real women they should continue to go about all daily responsibilities and just power through their pain.

It’s so funny, it is that meme irl.

No. 1554940

if a tranny has changed both his first and last names, it's a sure bet he's a convicted rapist or murderer.

No. 1554941

it's so bad in east asia. native whites are legit racist against ones who come as diplo staff or vacation homme owners because they are guaranteed pedos.

No. 1554946

kek, not at my school. Most of my teachers were alcoholics, knew each other very well, married and changed partners between them, some even married former students and one of the PE teachers was famous for "accidentally" going into the girls changing rooms. It's just been a rather rural school, so no one cared and at that time it seemed normal, only today, I truly see what it's been and I'm amazed how little my parents cared (and still do).

No. 1554951

Also note that he is wearing an off shoulder top to showcase cleavage kek why are men

No. 1554952

Nayrt but honestly I believe it. I went to a public city school which was bad enough but my mom works out at a really rural one and the shit she tells me is mindblowing. I’m sorry you had some negative experiences, hope you’re doing well or at least on the road to a good life.

No. 1554956

wtf are you talking about. I say pee

No. 1554960

thank you, nona. That stuff didn't really hurt me, the bullying, family stuff and depression was worse, but I'm on a good and healthy way. It's just sad, I've spoken to younger people and they still experience PE teachers and stuff like I did, it's been years and nothing changed and even from different schools people have similar stories to tell.

No. 1554986

I really don't get why men think liking yuri (coom material made by men for men) makes them women. Same with fakeboys and yaoi.

No. 1554989

oh hm. maybe i'm just ghetto then, sorry nonas

No. 1554992

File: 1654810179845.jpg (46.91 KB, 490x735, troonwarp.jpg)

>i remember doing the troon warp
>dilating those moments when
>the biology hit me
>and the rope would be calling
>let's do the troon warp again

No. 1554997

this makes me want to die

No. 1555001

sounds accurate to my small-town experience as well. And you don't have to go back far to experience this, I was in middle school early 00s

No. 1555012

File: 1654810788177.png (497.71 KB, 1251x615, freedomofform.png)

God grant me the self-confidence and peace of mind of autistic STEM scrotes with transformation fetishes.

No. 1555017

File: 1654810906882.png (990.26 KB, 864x1067, Screenshot_20220609-173807.png)

anybody else keeping up with degenerate AGP pornstar lance hart @mamahartx on IG,the capsular contraction on those implants are real

No. 1555018

File: 1654810942428.png (1.27 MB, 864x1280, Screenshot_20220609-173903.png)

powerful queen

No. 1555021

Setting aside the fact that the gross knitted quilt he's looking is the ugliest excuse for a dress I've ever seen, everything about this just screams "autopedophilia." He's not even wearing a bra or something to give the illusion of breasts, which is also suspicious.

I'm still not certain this guy isn't just an elaborate troll or "social experiment."

Leave Riffraff out of this.

Fun fact, I once got lectured by an FTM for liking RHPS because she said it was problematic for using the word "transsexual." It came out in 1974, does she expect the creators to be able to see into the future? No other term existed for trannies back then, and in any case, "Transsexual" is the name of a planet in the movie. The real kicker is that this Aiden hadn't even seen RHPS, she'd just deemed it to be transphobic based on the snippets of it she saw in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Christ.

No. 1555022

File: 1654811029419.png (963.11 KB, 863x1211, Screenshot_20220609-173920.png)

He went through full body electrolysis as well to look exactly the same but with longer hair and shitty make up. Delusional .

No. 1555023

this seems like it's more for furries and not for tims/troons, although these days there's a strong overlap between the two

No. 1555026

same difference

No. 1555029

File: 1654811218008.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 864x1296, Screenshot_20220609-174613.png)

open at your own risk, this is what pornsickness does to a MF

No. 1555030

Sent this to my sister and we currently messaging each other about it seething together. My sister is a zoomer, Twitter user, primary school teacher yet we both hate trannies. I love her.

No. 1555038

anesthesia does also

No. 1555043

Jesus Christ, his tits look about as soft as bowling balls. He needs to see a doctor.

No. 1555045

i hope this isn't a hope macaulay knit dress, please don't be a ghoul, please

No. 1555047

They look like one of those anime girl boob mousepads

No. 1555049

it's crazy how they don't want freedom from cubicle hell, or dog-eat-dog capitalism, but just the ability to experience the grind in an animal body that they will most likely get bored of and want to change again and again.

No. 1555052

>They hate us for existing
After seeing this…maybe.

No. 1555066

why do you assume he is telling the truth about being a diplomat? it sounds like a nonsense lie. He is spouting gibberish about having diplomatic immunity, he is British in the UK, of course he doesn't have diplomatic immunity.

No. 1555072

File: 1654813077653.jpeg (50.77 KB, 239x318, A75F8EF5-296D-4EB2-9B60-290DF7…)

No. 1555083

Wow, he acquired and was diagnosed with PTSD within 24 hours? Troons really do love speedrunning.

No. 1555089

ayrt and that's so dumb. RHPS is just random shit, that's the whole point and also why it's good. i was never a superfan but i do like that it's become a bonding movie within families - like western families love the first time they get to watch rocky horror with their kids. it's really funny and cute to me.

also the reboot was fuckin retarded. making a tranny play frank n furter is not only the opposite of the character, but also wouldn't it offend troons to have a trans woman play what is canonically a man?

No. 1555091

Why is a tranny using a gods name as their personal name

No. 1555096

File: 1654815286259.jpg (138.7 KB, 2208x1242, bob.jpg)

Speaking of bobs burgers. This is how they portrayed trannies on the show

No. 1555098

because they're the center point of the focal universe obviously! and everyone (specifically women) should bow down and cater to their delusions

jokes aside, nearly every tranny ive seen name themselves the weirdest shit. ive seen a few moids use female video game characters, kek

No. 1555105

File: 1654815644886.png (90.15 KB, 1360x360, Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 6.59…)

can white men just be white men without cosplaying genders/races/etc

No. 1555106

yea I’ve seen that too but idk it seems pretty disrespectful, like it would be disrespectful to use Jesus as a name, no? different to calling yourself Yoda or something

No. 1555107

Jesus is a real name

No. 1555110

well idk much about Christianity sorry, but it’s disrespectful in Hinduism because Shiva is the name for god not just a name. A better analogy would be Allah ig

No. 1555126

If pronounced and implied as the son of Christ, yes, but Jesus name-wise when given to people is with the J pronounced as an H, think kind of spanish-y.

No. 1555139

the trannosfere is the same as the manosphere, but for AGPs.

No. 1555154

This is true, and people just ignore talking about it for some reason. Don't get any surgery if you don't have to. It's hell on your body.
I agree. He's likely just another teflon tard, whose regular excuses finally wore out that afternoon. You can tell by the way he was talking in circles that he's used to worming his way out of trouble without any pushback. I hate that men are allowed to get like this, somebody should have kicked some accountability his ass a long time ago.

No. 1555166

File: 1654820139020.png (1.06 MB, 1920x2773, letterboxd.png)

kek the letterboxd page for our threadpic scrote's docu has been wiped clean and all the reviews and ratings are now hidden. does letterboxd have an all-trans staff?
here's an archived version of what it looked like a few days ago:

No. 1555171

They could just say "My boobs are growing and it's gender affirming" or, you know, not say anything at all, but they can't keep anything to themselves and they ALWAYS mention either how much their boobs bounce, how much they jiggle, how squishy they are or all three.

Do formerly small chested women who've gotten implants talk about their breasts this way? I've never seen it myself.

No. 1555179

I’ve had friends and relatives get implants and they all did it pretty quietly, didn’t talk much about it. Maybe mentioned a difference in how they shop and how it helped their confidence but nothing related to shit like how these female fetishizers talk.

No. 1555192

File: 1654821579645.jpeg (529.19 KB, 1284x1174, AA2DBE1C-A02F-495F-9C52-0D0930…)

Of course a TiM would say this about that sub. It’s one of the only places TiFs are able to air out their grievances about how these scrotes treat them, which is still as obvious men with misogyny issues.

No. 1555211


Actualtransbians has been filled with people like this for a while. God calling yourself yuri despite being a white moid makes me kek

It's so cringe knowing he chose it for that. It's the equivalent of a ftm trron making yaoi their last name. Kill me nonas, I'm a logging so hard

No. 1555227

surprisingly enough (or maybe not idk anymore) it seems to be mostly women, they always talk about how he’s a ray of sunshine uwu
my theory is that they are those kind of straight girls thatd do anything to feel special so they say they’re bi and only surround themselves with gay men friends. supporting a trans woman seems like the next logical step i guess

No. 1555232

File: 1654823269730.jpg (43.32 KB, 857x694, 20220525_145148.jpg)

No. 1555239

File: 1654823533846.jpeg (712.98 KB, 1242x2704, F3D1C0D1-039C-4DE2-8FF7-5B1BD2…)

Why are they allowed to have genital preferences but we aren’t? I saw this on KF and it’s from the HER app, which bans women deemed as terfs now, aka you said no trannies. They can say “cis women only” though?

No. 1555243

File: 1654823639012.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x10568, 009E706E-3EDF-44E9-823B-898D5F…)

Handmaidens to the rescue!

No. 1555264

The comments are just boomers going 'my god the he she is ugly' and I've been laughing the whole time

No. 1555266

would love to ask him why he doesn't consider dating another tranny. might it be because they aren't women?

No. 1555269

handmaidens in these situations are always like "i adore trans women!!! except not me personally i wouldn't date you not anything against you or trans women I love trans women have i mentioned that i've dated trans women??? i just wouldn't date one right this second meaning i wouldn't date you"

No. 1555270

Yeah they all know exactly what a woman is when they want to fuck one.

No. 1555278

File: 1654824778275.jpg (137.61 KB, 740x1110, gllpy_740x.jpg)

Holy shit anon, it is, you can see the name "Hope" on the corner. You mean to tell me that he paid four hundred USD for that atrocity?

No. 1555283

Handmaidens in these situations have to jump hoops to not be seen 'transphobic' or else they'll be labelled as a terf and be endlessly harassed. These troons won't care how traumatic their experiences are with men because that makes them 'dysphoric'. This entire mentality is so cult-like, it's pretty sad.

No. 1555290

He’s been wearing their stuff for a while. Didn’t watch the video but since he tagged them I assume they sent him PR. I wonder how much he’s making between the millions of views and the sponsors. Trooning out seems far more lucrative than whatever he was doing before.

No. 1555296

Oh god anon you reminded me of a very scary moment from high school. Sage for blogging but my male high school gym teacher came into the changing room, saw that I was the only girl there (because I was the only one he told to grt changed, everyone else was in normal clothes), and locked me inside. Luckily I called my mom and she called the principal, the got a (male) student to come and unlock me. One of the scaries moments of my life.
These trannies will never know the true horror of being a woman in rural america.

No. 1555306

Did he really just shorten Japanese to "jap"? While talking about naming himself after a manga/anime genre?

No. 1555313

UUUGH. He had a boyfriend for the first decade of his adult life, but now that he's 28 he wants to experience a woman and have a child. In other words, secure a lifetime subscription to a bangmaid. Thank fuck it looks like he's 400 pounds and a troon. I'm glad that men like this fucked around, because the pool of women who will date any man shrinks every year older they get.

No. 1555316

Nona… that's how the name of the son of the Christian god is pronounced in Spanish.

No. 1555323

Kek, Yuri is considered a man's name in Western countries. This is what happens when anime is your only frame of reference for how human beings act.

No. 1555329

NTA but think what she's attempting to say is that it's taboo to name your kid "Jesus" or "God" in anglophone countries specifically, which is where most trannies live anyway. It's doubly weird for a white person to have a name from a nonwhite culture, so a tranny naming himself "Shiva" breaks multiple Anglo taboos.

No. 1555337

Lmao people are just going to assume he’s a Russian man

No. 1555338

trying to support female creators/entrepreneurs without supporting het and gay men doing womenface is becoming impossible.

No. 1555347

Tinfoil: exactly as intended by moids mad women out compete them when laws no longer oppress them on an artificial basis (not allowing them to open their own bank accounts, etc).

No. 1555351

>Why won't you date another MTF?
>I need a broodmare to bear a child for me, duh.
Love that they can suddenly tell the difference between the sexes when it comes to exploiting us. Hope this creep never reproduces.

No. 1555373

Holy crap nona that sounds terrifying. I’m sorry that happened to you. It pisses me off so badly that these assholes get off to these kinds of traumatizing experiences, things they never had to and will never have to go through. God I feel so bad for young girls these days who are being taught to trust these freaks.

No. 1555386

>Hope this creep never reproduces.
You and me both. You know he's probably broke as a joke and his major assets after a decade of adulthood are (at best) a worn out old used car, gaymin PC or console, and a black PVC sofa. Maybe a $40 bedframe, maybe not. Woman can provide sex, food, better home, better car, baby, furniture, ego boost therapy, etc…

No. 1555413

yeah that makes sense i suppose since there seems to be an endless supply of brainwashed handmaidens on the internet who will yass queen even the most pathetic fat balding agp for smearing lipstick on his face. sad

the fact that he thinks hes special for being a heterosexual man with a lesbian fetish. lmao
slight ot but sometimes i hate being gay but shit like this makes me revel in it because its funny as fuck that they cry themselves to sleep knowing that they will never actually get to be a lesbian

damn this is cringy as fuck

No. 1555417

>abuser's name is lily
Haha tranny on tranny violence

No. 1555424

File: 1654831088599.jpeg (360.49 KB, 2098x1289, 66C99D9B-FA8C-4CF8-946C-94FE0B…)

it seems the person who uploaded this was forced to write “female” in the title, even though they (and everyone) knows it’s not a woman. i guess youtube doesn’t want troons to look like the gross sex pests they are, or they just want to avoid any drama from the men, either way what a joke

No. 1555429

I wouldn’t put it past handmaidens to pity date troons for the virtue signal points.

No. 1555433

>dog-eat-dog capitalism
Anon I think you may be expecting too much from people who have been known to jack off to animals eating other animals (vore)

No. 1555438

This is such an emperors new clothes situation. Everyone knows but no one can say anything.

No. 1555443

Many women know but say nothing in order to keep making money off them.

No. 1555444

File: 1654833290216.jpg (144.94 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20220609-234527_Boo…)

Stupid take of the day: Cis women feel like women impersonators too.

No. 1555448

No, stupid troons. Women don’t relate to you on any level. We don’t have anything in common. We’re not impostors, you are.

No. 1555449

File: 1654833704430.png (36.66 KB, 734x177, olympics.png)

and gold medal winner in mental gymnastics goes to…

I feel really sorry for asexual and simply dysphoric mtfs (they exist) who have to interact with the fetishy creeps

No. 1555450

I've actually felt like this before. I got asked if I'm trans the other week. I have a prominent jawline, naturally thick brows and am 5"9. The guy was being quite innocent so I don't know if he was negging or being a typical scrote but goddamn it felt bad

I know I'm a woman, but I cried for like an hour after I got home. Sorry for the blog

No. 1555454

File: 1654833942523.jpeg (108.08 KB, 750x1177, D3CF5984-3E16-463C-862D-2F928A…)

Holy shit, there’s a sub called that. Should we take over and larp as transbians?

No. 1555463

Don't bother feeling sorry for troons, it's a waste of your energy.

No. 1555466

all troons are fetishy creeps.

No. 1555472

I know I've definitely said and believed this sort of stupid shit, trying to be a "good" person. But there's a big difference between women struggling to be perfect consumable products for men, and men getting mad because reality blocks their coom. Overall, men and their coom are vastly overvalued.

No. 1555479

why is he giving himself a japanese name when japan openly hates and mocks trannies? the horse piss hormones must be frying his tiny moid brain

No. 1555483

I'm sorry anon, this hasn't happened to me but to my mom who also has a strong jawline and a moderately deep voice (nothing crazy, for female standards anyway). I hate troons for skinwalking womanhood and making us feel extra inadequate on it.

No. 1555495

And who put such standards in place, hm?

No. 1555511

Hmm, quite the mystery…….. Clearly, it must be the women themselves! Men have absolutely no involvement and are actually the victims here. Yes, that must be it.

No. 1555530

Sage for blogpost but Wow sounds like we went to identical redneck middle schools lmao. I got kicked out of the girls locker room permanently after my PE teacher found out I was gay. Had to change in the boys locker room after everyone else got done changing. Told the office about it and got corporal punishment for it. Girls who bullied me would tell the office I made them uncomfortable with my gay shit & accused me of hitting on them & again I'd get corporal punishment. Had male PE teacher ask me shit like if I've gone all the way with my girlfriend and reassured me he didnt mind I was gay because "he liked tits too" & always called me sweetheart. Shit legit traumatized me as a young lesbian. Fuck rural ass white redneck towns.

No. 1555533

No we should larp as biotransbians and post btg4btg shit

No. 1555534

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Thanks!

No. 1555536

The worst part about oppressive female fuckability standards is how they impact women born with a Y chromosome. Only a used up old ugly fat cis hag would believe otherwise.

No. 1555537

File: 1654837112460.jpg (52.2 KB, 1024x689, EdOtm1ZX0AUsoAt.jpg)

Oops, I forgot to add how it's actually quadruple oppressive for troons. They'll double cry themselves to sleep at night because they could never cry themselves to sleep at age 12.

No. 1555548

Are biotransgirls welcome here? uwu

No. 1555552


ayrt, I didn't think it was an actual sub kek

No. 1555553

File: 1654838815868.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 735.18 KB, 750x1216, 65030E02-DC83-4089-BB92-A4A802…)

literally a second asshole.

No. 1555556

File: 1654839138174.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 750x1410, 9B20DACC-EFE1-472B-B588-19E6D5…)


No. 1555557

File: 1654839390358.png (715.83 KB, 1098x475, Screenshot-2022-06-10-at-01-18…)

he posts a shitty blurred selfie of his botched face and a random unflattering angle of the other male. who's he kidding?

No. 1555560

yeah no this might be the worst one i've ever seen and i've seen some shit. killing myself.

No. 1555562

File: 1654839533363.jpeg (630.01 KB, 750x1288, E32DBF1E-DDFD-4F91-A58C-676A07…)

girl RUN, it’s not too late!

No. 1555564

File: 1654839991367.jpeg (324.45 KB, 750x806, ED07DD93-3745-4EFF-AFD6-BDC8D9…)

Karma is a dilator.

No. 1555569

>Who's he kidding?
The TRAs who are now walking on eggshells to find ways to tell him that he isn't a korean woman.

No. 1555571

You should've responded by asking that faggot if he was trans. We've established that scrotes are faceblind, so he probably just saw a tall woman and thought about the chaser porn he wanks off to. Or, like you said, he was being a neg.

Furious on your behalf, anon. Shit like this wouldn't be happening if men trooning out wasn't suddenly so common, and if normies didn't feel like saints for enabling trannies.

No. 1555573

Funny that they tell each other that carving out an unnatural cavity in their body won't hurt

No. 1555575

uh is the slit the urethra?

No. 1555577

This looks like a fucking alien of some kind what the fuck

No. 1555578

Someday she'll be grateful for that miscarriage. That pervert almost babytrapped her, and I wouldn't be surprised if his "egg" broke while she was still pregnant. I really hope she calls off the wedding and gets the hell away from him before he ruins her life more than he already has.

No. 1555580

Is this what men actually think vaginas look like? Like, men who have never felt the touch of a woman? They think pussy is just like a stinking pus-filled bleeding butthole?
As a sapphic, every damn day I thank the universe for delicious biological pussy. So lucky I was born with one.

No. 1555581

The egg part of your comment is so true. It’s like they have a pregnancy fetish and think that the buzzing in their boner = time to go to troontown

No. 1555586

how many of us Nonas started out as handmaidens or even still LARP as handmaidens to stay safe? I’ve just been very curious.

No. 1555587

I feel so bad for her but if I was her, I'll dump him the moment he trooned out. It's not worth saving it if he already killed the relationship.

No. 1555588

>karma is a dilator
KEK anon

No. 1555589


Isn't he baiting?

No. 1555591

i trooned out as a pre-teen/young teenager, but thankfully desisted before any hormones or surgeries. i don't pretend to be a handmaiden and just tell people i used to identify as trans and know more about the community than them when they try to come for me.

No. 1555592

agreed nona. just the fact that they're still living together in the same house strikes as odd

No. 1555593

File: 1654842137403.jpg (118.2 KB, 1408x1073, EkVXaJrU8AA-6r5.jpg)

It's so fucked up that the transing trend is so normalized that it gives males permission to ask girls if they're some mentally ill scrote.

Most people underestimate how fundamentally sexist society is - we don't scrutinize men's looks like we do women's but none is willing to stop giving in to sexist expectations, which basically communicate how we value women who are submissive to outside pressure - not just some amorphous appreciation for "beauty".

the teenage weirdos transing treat the entire like toxic males would. they shame eachother for being 'hons', whine about whether "it's too late for them" while looking no older than 13, and a young-looking 13 at that and then there's the predators who keep referring to them as "youngshits".There's a very creepy youth-fetishizing thing in the male-majority trans scene. And being young, dumb and deluded teens makes them even more insufferable than the old AGPs. I hope they all get cancer. At the very least, I hope transing at 17 leaves them sterile so they don't fuck up some kid's life.

No. 1555594

Trannies have totally ruined this word for me. "Sapphic" and "Achillean" are bizarre to me, because by modern standards, both Sappho and Achilles would be considered bisexual. There was no concept of gender-specific sexuality back in Ancient Greece.

No. 1555595

I was brainwashed by the TRAs on tumblr to be a handmaiden. I peaked when half of the aiden mutuals I had at the time reverted back to straight girls and actually went to a date with a transbian(on HER from all the dating apps) where I was basically walking on eggshells to not offend him the whole time. Mind you, he's a 6'5 white man while I'm a 5'0 brown woman telling me how oppressed he is and how he could be easily killed or raped. I was just nodding and agreeing so he could shut up.

No. 1555599

File: 1654842777006.jpeg (570.15 KB, 750x1220, 3E7C2FE1-2FC4-4B3B-A456-6E6CEE…)

get a face transplant bud

No. 1555602

the buffalo bill hairdo definitely help make him look "trans"

No. 1555606

File: 1654843152875.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 475.32 KB, 750x1116, 0493F3C3-D7B0-444E-A98B-4E21A9…)

da fuq is this shit

No. 1555608

File: 1654843245344.jpeg (268.23 KB, 1799x1285, 7F036002-64AF-4734-8CEF-1156F5…)

Do they normally describe themselves as trans AND crossdressers? Or is this just a boomer trying to fit in with the kids online and doesn’t know the implications of saying both in tiktok will be

No. 1555609

Even back when I supported troons (this would've been about five years ago) I was a transmedicalist, and I believed that anyone who didn't want the surgeries was a trender. At my most Tumblr-y, I still disliked SJWs and their puritanical behavior.

I'm a cryptoterf IRL. My mom is the only person who knows my true stance on trannies, but I still haven't told her everything. I have tranny acquaintances whose pronouns I use, but I don't cape for them beyond that. I got in one FtM's face for constantly saying faggot, but the pretense I used was that "hearing out might be traumatic for some people."

I literally can't afford to be openly GC. The industry I work in is very online and very connections based. My career just started, so I need to take the path of least resistance and look PC for the time being. On all my social media I have "F," except for Twitter, where I put "she/her" just to be safe. I'm sorry for being a coward, anons, but my career is at stake, and I don't want to give the AGP Twitter lynchmob an opportunity to ruin my life.

No. 1555614

This violent scrote is creepy as fuck, he threatened to kill his own mother at the age of ten or something. Bleak.

No. 1555615

but why use she/her if you don't want to? even some TRAs have left it out of bios until very recently.

if you fear getting lynchmobbed for not doing something you're just enabling them by giving in.

No. 1555616

Mainly just used the term because I respect actual lesbians enough to not insert myself into their terms but I guess people here don’t care about that so I could’ve just said bi. Whoops. Not being sarcastic or anything, just genuinely have respect for lesbians since the troons seems to be taking everything away from them so I might as well give them something right

No. 1555618

Was a handmaiden, now I larp as one. Started when I heard how a friend was “oppressed” because they can’t go to the womens bathroom. While knowing I’m uncomfortable with it, bc I was a CSA victim. They say I shouldn’t be bc a women is just as likely to rape me in a public bathroom. Funny, bc I’ve been harassed many times in life and never by a women. This concept opened my eyes.

No. 1555619

their crotches always look so male wtf I feel like anyone could photoshop even a real vulva onto a male crotch and I’d still be able to clock that shit. it’s just… so masculinely shaped.

No. 1555621

I think it’s valid to not be openly GC. I’m not. I also find work in a very online space and can’t afford to get cancelled because I don’t trust AGPs nor do I want them in my spaces. I can’t afford to lose income so I shut up.

I feel like more and more TRAs are peaking though as time goes on. Or at least, that there are more TRA larpers than we realize. One day something big will happen and we can start to speak up again. I hope. Someone in a previous thread mentioned they suspect a troon doing a shooting soon and I can’t help but agree… I don’t want it to happen of course but it feels like they are such angry fucks that it might.

I used to be a TRA but every single real world experience I’ve ever had with a MtF has been awful. I tried so hard to stay hopeful as a TRA but I still have yet to meet an MtF that isn’t hypersexual, boundary-less, and downright abusive. I’m my experience they are all just abusive white men in womens’ clothing.

No. 1555624

“less open” what does this even mean? Do they want a puss that’s just labia majora? do they not realize plenty of real women have “open” puss too with prominent inner labia? or do they just not care?

No. 1555627

bruh I know mostflogged is a cow in her own right but after seeing her get publicly flogged, the most, for posting anti trans anything I won't ever feel safe posting anything GC in cosplay spaces. They're insane. I don't need to justify my real life experiences with these freaks to anyone. I do wish I could do more but I am beyond burnt out giving a single fuck about that self-serving crowd despite how many friends I keep there.

No. 1555631

i still don't understand the fanaticism even otherwise reasonable people have towards troonism. no other group is treated with this kind of devotion.

No. 1555633

I never supported it and was debunking the brainscan transmed thing a decade ago as a teen to right wing scrotes who ironically enough supported troons because they think they're hot because "they're more feminine than women from our country". Also called out an exfriend fujo TiF. So I deleted my entire social media presence to not get found out about it, when it suddenly became a big deal. The nonbinary trucute thing bothers me less, just seems like today's emophase and less likely to jump into full transitioning and no ladybrain boybrain claims. Also gives me acceptable lingo to phrase my terfy views without getting picked up on it.

No. 1555634

I don’t get it either. At this point the only explanation that makes any reasonable sense to me is that MtFs are men and men will forever be higher up on the social ladder

No. 1555635

me fuckin either, nonnie. Cosplayers cape for them like their life depends on it, saturated every inch of the space both in person and online. The amount of harassment is just staggering and nobody cared because idpol means you can never do any wrong to them. Sorry wearing a breastplate to dress up as a girl doesn't mean you can molest kids.