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No. 1098012

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Last thread highlights:
- Reddit user LaurenRossy gets SRS, says vagina is great, has stealth sex with a man, complains about feeling used, talks about how they regret SRS, posts questions on how to fix their vagina letting out putrid smells and other medical issues
- Literallysofie continues to hate cis people, is banned from tiktok
- Anon posts timeline of a MTFs SRS that includes rotting flesh
- Man’s is upset as his wife for not wanting to be a cute lesbian couple, wife is told she’s transphobic and horrible for not wanting to peg him
- An entire subreddit exists to “hypnotize” people into being sexy, bimbo bambies – filled entirely with trans people LARPing
- Trans twitter users upset over Twitter being harsher on sexualizing children, says it targets trans people

People of note:
https://twitter.com/literallysofie (Popular twitter/tiktok user, tiktok is banned and attacks tiktok for being transphobic, says cis women are disgusting, attacks women , says transphobic people deserve to be hurt, transphobic to not want to date trans people)
https://twitter.com/TransSalamander (Attacked twitter for banning people for being trans, regularly attacks cis people, is wildly sexist towards women)
https://twitter.com/thicketthorn (Attacks women, regularly talks about beating and killing women, claims terfs deserve death)
https://twitter.com/dosomemolly (Attacks women, says cis people are jealous of trans people, says cis women will never be good as trans women, sexist)
https://www.reddit.com/user/LaurenRossy1 (Talks about going ‘stealth’ with men aka not disclosing they are trans before sex, posts multiple threads talking about their perfect neovagina then saying they regret it, talks about their neovagina rotting and letting out putrid smells)

Other honorable mentions: Reddit users AdeniaQuinn, whatsupwithMer, tututrap | Twitter users: fayekinley2, ProfessorGutian, Emmy_Zje, newtboob, degeneration

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1070574
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1086919

No. 1098024

>The judges were appalled at the lack of followup done for the kids who were prescribed blockers and HRT. It was difficult for either side to say anything about the long term effects of childhood HRT on mental well-being because the data wasn’t there; the clinic hadn’t bothered to collect it.
I have to wonder why the hell they aren't doing any follow-up. I don't know if things are different in the UK, but in the United States, a lot of insurers require that people on anti-depressants and such go to "med check" appointments every few months. Why doesn't that rule apply to HRT and blockers? They're ostensibly the same type of treatment, a drug someone takes regularly to treat a psychological ailment (as an aside if people kill themselves because of untreated dysphoria, how the fuck is it not a mental illness?)
Is there some kind of funding issue where they're cutting corners on follow-ups to save money? This seems like a problem with gender clinics across the board, which is probably part of why hard numbers on the long-term effects of HRT and blockers are so scarce (in addition to the fact that research into this stuff doesn't get funded because it makes troons look bad.) I don't want to get all tinfoil-hat, but I'm really beginning to think that the pharmaceutical companies in charge of HRT drugs are trying to suppress data against trooning because trannies are lucrative, life-long customers. Also trannies are an appealing customer base because the fact that they take HRT off-label means that they can't sue.

No. 1098031

File: 1607006195862.jpg (23.07 KB, 540x304, 1529087354784.jpg)

Detrans female checking in to confirm that in the U.S., they do not do follow ups (despite my insurance covering HRT). I went to a pretty renowned gender clinic in Chicago for appointments that cost me like $90 per, plus the cost of HRT which was like $30, just to get asspats and blood drawn and confirm my levels were where they were "supposed" to be. Once I stopped going, they never called or emailed or sent a letter, even if they had no qualms sending emails or letters for billing invoices kek.

You might be closer than you think despite it sounding tinfoil hat-y, it's definitely shady practice for any medical field. Imagine having life-changing, supposedly life-saving, medical intervention and then not having your PCP check in on you or ask you to make follow-ups if you disappear for 6 months? Fucking hell.

Sage for blogpost.(blog)

No. 1098040

Informed consent clinic’s social work resources are an absolute joke despite how they’re touted. For anons wondering, in the us these places often advertise as having networks of therapeutic care providers available to patients. Intake on these care providers always manages to be closed, so you have people who are on HRT with absolutely no therapeutic intervention. Plus these clinics are typically ran by nursing students. It’s a joke. I hope you’re doing better now, anon.

No. 1098067

This is somewhat of a blogpost but it's very relevant to the discussion so I don't get why it's flagged to be honest.

No. 1098078

Thank you for sharing your experience anon, sucks about the ban for blog, but it's appreciated and relevant to the thread topic. Good to know someone's first hand experience than hypotheticals. It's really sad, shitty, and telling that they didn't check up on you. I want to think that it's because they're busy/have a lot of patients, but still. Hope you're doing better.

No. 1098081

File: 1607013415270.jpeg (47.17 KB, 583x551, 933D963A-A016-4BEF-B4DA-4B277E…)

Imagine your mom died and your buffalo bill agp dad wanted to replace her. I’d kill myself.

No. 1098089

I wouldn't, I would tell absolutely everyone what a freak and degenerate he is and continue to call him father and "misgender" him at every opportunity. I wouldn't speak to him unless I had to, but I'd be sure to talk about him truthfully. Much more effective.

No. 1098097

File: 1607015583461.jpeg (248.17 KB, 1076x1465, EoSnqbJXEAAYPIx.jpeg)

Based Nick Land

No. 1098098

File: 1607015714257.png (27.13 KB, 989x288, Screenshot_2020-12-03 Came out…)

This one dealing with his TERF sister

No. 1098099

This thread is always monitored more so than the others. I've seen less relevant blogs in /pt/ without redtexts.

>Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.

>that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.

No. 1098101

>>Wah wah, she said it was ok but it didn't feel sincere enough over the phone, reeeee.
It's funny how they think anyone they say this shit should immediately sucking their dicks. Daughter, sister, close family? Immediate fuck you if you're not accepting on their terms. These "women" sure have a lot of compassion!

No. 1098103

Based sister. I hope she can get the rest of the family on her side, especially as the degenerate continues to play out his fetish in public.

I hate to tinfoil but at least one of the farmhands has a massive boner for trannies. Since they can't outright lock the MTF/FTM threads, the best they can do is shit it up with pointless bans.

No. 1098106

>Read reply of tweets
>It's only trannies
>Not even reeing or anything about twansphobia

No. 1098112

File: 1607017278650.png (9.28 KB, 1002x118, Screenshot_2020-12-03 egg_irl.…)

his sister seems based

No. 1098115

>I don't think cis guys want boobs

He'll be disappointed to find out the answer

No. 1098118

Will it get to the point of genital transplants? Like when you get your driver’s license and they ask if you want to be an organ donor? I bet you in 5 years they co-opt dead women’s parts. How do we prevent this from continuing because it definitely doesn’t seem like 2% anymore.

No. 1098120

tranny janny

No. 1098125

File: 1607018429562.jpg (36.03 KB, 460x397, 1kvs1p.jpg)

God this is probably the most crazy and scary idea I've read so far. Let's hope it stays a dystopian idea and doesn't become real.

No. 1098130

File: 1607018831433.png (1.52 MB, 1498x830, 5A17074C-363E-41F3-B0D4-6A0D3B…)

I…why would you put this in my head oh my god. I kid, it’s obviously not your fault, it’s a very scary and frighteningly more plausible prospect. Hate to say that if this does become a reality, unless I can take my female reproductive organs off of a donation list, I would nix being an organ donor entirely to prevent my parts from being transplanted into some fucking freak that’s causing his family pain and disrespecting womanhood.

No. 1098135

>I bet you in 5 years they co-opt dead women’s parts

Good. It's going to get them killed. Uterus transplants barely work in real women.

No. 1098143

It technically was a blog post, but I've personally seen way more egregious violations of the rules slip by. My only issue with her post is that she started off with "x checking in here" which sounded Reddit-y.

>Sister points out that acting outside of your gender stereotype shouldn't mean you're the wrong gender
>"Cis people try to change as little of their understanding of gender as possible"
Except what she just said isn't the standard normie view of gender. Insisting you're a woman because you like dresses and pink is clinging to old "understandings of gender." Typical troon, acting like jerking off to trap porn and taking horse piss makes them experts on gender.

No. 1098151

In my country you're able to select which parts you'd like donated, it'd be worth checking in your own country. As of this year at least "genitals" aren't listed.. yet.

No. 1098152

Now think about vaginas. People can't say they don't want to interact with inverted penises without being called a transphobe, but what about the future? Are they going to say not wanting to have sex with corpse's genitalia is transphobic?

No. 1098183

this. Not even trying to hide it kek

No. 1098188

File: 1607022503316.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, 1606352429730.jpg)

At this point you can tell people you have a "chromosome fetish". No amount of botched surgeries and ugly dresses will ever change the XY

No. 1098192

Nta but that's nothing new. I'm pretty certain that this was brought up here already, maybe a year ago, because troons actually talked about wishing they could get uterus transplants on reddit and some anons pointed out that this would require many more parts of a woman's body to function. Pretty horrifying, Buffalo Bill and his skinsuit seems harmless in comparsion

No. 1098202

LOL so fucking telling.. of course a based scrote can tell them to fuck off all he wants. They're truly just reenacting incel-hierarchy, wherein they as beta males bow to alpha males, and expect women to bow to them, and if they don't out of free will, they have to be forced to do so.

No. 1098228

I believe a dick transplant was made successful a few years ago but that was a cis male after a terrible accident. I already thought of this possibility and I honestly find it frightening and extremly unethical. I can already see them bringing up heart transplant as a justification but that's absolutely not the same.

No. 1098246

File: 1607025423873.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, j32bvy.jpg)

It's funny because some people use the term "bro" as a gender neutral yet friendly way to address people. But of course the troon has to make everything about himself.

No. 1098247

File: 1607025469025.png (38.62 KB, 380x613, 53wqhXmwRaE.png)

What are they even talking about now.

No. 1098256

This is absolutely correct. I’m on hormones again because I like a lot of the effects, but while I was “actively transing” clinics would regularly lose staff so they wouldn’t even have doctors available for months at a time for anything but refilling scripts. When this got annoying, I’d taper off and no one would say a word. This was two separate clinics in two states. They don’t care.
And the therapy support is a joke. Best available was group therapy which was completely pointless. Saying anything that indicated you may have social or trauma related reasons for transition was terf shit and silenced.
Sage for blog posting.(no1curr)

No. 1098258

File: 1607026939435.jpg (126.49 KB, 568x865, EoR17t4U4AUs1BG.jpg)

Reminder that all trannies will come to regret their body mutilation when they realize it's not the fantasy they jacked off to while they still had dicks.

No. 1098266

File: 1607027322337.jpg (100.84 KB, 577x1024, 1607022083071.jpg)

No. 1098270

Only reddit can turn a 32 year old grown man into a eunuch forever. By choice. WELP

No. 1098272

>at least my dog loves me
Do they really not think this shit through? What did they expect to happen, they must know they can’t actually turn into girls and grow vaginas?

No. 1098281

The fucking melodrama, kek.
Also I'd really like to know what kind of man would fuck a troon…I wonder if they even enjoy sex with a hairy dirty wound or just do it to get it over with. Disgusting.

No. 1098282

Gotta love how he's admitted to having several surgeries done before even contemplating that maybe his dysphoria wasn't that bad.

Also can't even find the thread anymore, reddit tranny mods deleted that quick. That circlejerk support group of "yas queeen you are brave and beautiful" leaves quick when you start having doubts.

No. 1098283

No they don't. They go online and let the trans cult think for them. When you look up other surgeries you can find people telling you the pros & cons and bring honest.
Trans women actively lie to each other, even trans women without neo-vaginas tell the same lies.

No. 1098287

It's all a massive cope. They spread disinformation to feel better about their short-sighted decisions.

>32 year-old man
>calls himself a "girl"

No. 1098296

how is it NOT obvious why it’s redtexted? posts like that half the time just start retarded debates on which state has which laws and practices. it is irrelevant.

No. 1098297

It's a friendly interaction, it's a running joke that his work is only read by gen X computer nerd trannies who want to be Lain and younger baby trannies into the 90s sci-fi aesthetic

Fascist trannies are a thing and they don't usually complain about transphobia

No. 1098303

“Just had sex with me until he was done”

… I like how these dudes embrace every stereotype about women but not ones about men, even when they’re true. PIV sex is largely disappointing and scrotes largely don’t give a fuck about your pleasure. Get used to it sweetie, enjoy your axe wound.

No. 1098309

This is so sad. Like. This is the reality of transitioning that nobody gets to see because it's shut down/silenced. It's very easy to laugh at troons and be angry at their egregious bullshit and entitlement, but damn. I feel bad for this guy, but it's a lesson learned the hard way for being arrogant and undoubtedly shitting on women throughout his transition. Worst part is that any other trannies that read this won't learn from it.

No. 1098320

File: 1607029800817.jpg (93.35 KB, 1080x652, 1607028417736.jpg)

Probably satire but holy shit

No. 1098326

File: 1607030036703.png (368.94 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201204-021315.png)

Christ, Imagine this thing in a womans locker room

No. 1098327

File: 1607030064740.jpg (30.88 KB, 1080x276, Screenshot_20201203-122235_Chr…)

He's dating a "he/him lesbian" that is literally a fucking trans woman who calls himself "Daddy", so a man is both a he/him (correct) AND lesbian.
This dude constantly pisses me off, but he's the easiest way to peak people since he gets a lot of attention on trans twitter and people can't go, "he's just one trans person! Nobody else believes this" nope, they do.

No. 1098329

I said this before but they'd rather these types kill themselves then speak out agaisnt the cult, then when they die they'll chalk it up to shitty doctors or the world being transphobic.
Remember that gamer trans woman who died chasing his obvious fetish? Remember how people blamed the doctors instead of the fact he had a fetish and mental illness?
Now if he lived and spoke out chances are they'd hate him, because they hate anyone who speaks out, even if they do it in a way thats not judging the trans community.

No. 1098331


No. 1098332

>Try to put someone like that into your discreet boxes.
That's what you would call a man, honey.

No. 1098343

File: 1607030788421.jpeg (77.92 KB, 620x566, B42DEAAC-09D1-4045-B63F-63E2C2…)

After the troons took their ill fated victory lap it seems Biden has chosen Vivek Murthy
to be U.S Surgeon General instead of that agp disaster from PA. Pic related.

No. 1098351

Don't you greentext that! The 'feminine pee sounds' redditor was real, why wouldn't the 'smell your poo for inclusion' PSA be real?

No. 1098368

I think this is how the guy in Danish Girl died kek. Makes me think its a lost cause if it hasn't been attempted lately. That, or they know society as a whole would find this Frankenstein-esque idea repulsive and would peak many people.

No. 1098370

The who now redditor?

No. 1098391

File: 1607032749806.jpg (412.6 KB, 750x1216, 1607032215231.jpg)

4chan troon stabs other 4chan troon in the neck


No. 1098422


No. 1098430

thread is already gone anon

No. 1098435

File: 1607035321032.jpg (76.91 KB, 499x902, 20201203_164225.jpg)

No. 1098436

What the actual fuck?

No. 1098439

I'm scared to click this link but I want to know what happened.

No. 1098453

File: 1607036445763.jpeg (80.3 KB, 1242x345, 5E3C584E-CD31-431B-8EA2-657A96…)

No. 1098455

Not much to tell that "Man stabbed at Raleigh apartment complex" didn't already cover. They're violent males with weird delusions. This happens all the time.

No. 1098456

You should, it’s hilarious

No. 1098459

Link already down? The tranny jammies sure are upset over there lol

No. 1098462

There are archive links at least. Tranny jannies big mad, but it’s nobody’s fault that they’re all deficient.

No. 1098464

No. 1098467

File: 1607037140803.jpg (44.94 KB, 595x595, IMG_20191128_191748_733.jpg)

Thanks anon

No. 1098473

Isn't this guy a racist? Glad he's against troons, but is the bar really that low that he gets a pat on the back just for that?

No. 1098493

It's a dismissive interaction, which of course was to be expected by land, nevertheless, any women replying something similar would be read in bad faith as transphobic for it.

No. 1098496

I mean… there was an anon that wanted to eat out azealia banks just because she's a terve

No. 1098498

v v late but it got taken out of the DSM-5 in 2013, the main speculation is that this was done for
a) the growing number of mtf trannies reeing it wasnt an illness
b) so that clinics can profit off of selling hormone therapies
c) so it doesnt have to be recorded for sort of the reason youre saying

if they recorded long-term hormone therapy the results would only be devastating and they couldn't sell it anymore in a legal sense. anons like >>1098040 keep saying theres no therapeutic availability, but, its now not in a doctors business to call any interventions like that.

that anon didnt need to specify it was THEM in the post, they should have said
"even renowned gender clinics in chicago that charge $120 for overall appointments dont check-up after with the patient"

idk why everyones mad, i really dont want to read posts from any form of tranny. nobody cares you fucked up your body

No. 1098499

Land is complicated.. he did interesting and cool stuff too

No. 1098521

Lol thought that guy was Tom Holland for a sec

No. 1098541

File: 1607042518610.png (1.26 MB, 2573x3281, 1607032100620.png)

Holy shit.

i was feeling bad for the troon because nobody deserves to be stabbed but after going through the archive.. wow. daria (the stabbed) is a complete asshole, same as any tranny; sexist, using his ability as a ""woman"" to portray an ""innocent"" guise all while fucking harassing the girl(?), zoe, who stabbed him.

pic related.

troon mentions constantly stalking her online presence, forcefully trying to be her provider, using that as a means to ruin other social relationships she has. one scary part:

>then i make new accounts

>and she friends them and keeps them
>until i fuck up again

a little later down this same block…

>then i creeped on her and called her my treasure and beautiful

>then I showed her a pic of her
>she didnt like that
>she said she'd call the police on me for my hooking shit if i contacted her again

this is only SOME of the cap, theres other grotesque statements:

>i thought like

>shit im gonna spend 20k on this bitcht to have her ditch me when its easy and convenient

how fucking disgusting. and these are all from a year ago, 2019. no fucking wonder she broke and decided to attempt to kill him.

No. 1098543


They're both men.

No. 1098549

In the US doctors get to charge money for every appointment/every medication. Here in the UK unkess you’re rich & pay for private you basically get what you’re given! The healthcare is free but you’ll usually be put on a long waiting list for care. Medications are are fixed cost for each item (I think it’s around £11 per item at the moment though many people get it free if they are low paid or on some kind of benefits) Mental health especially in the NHS is severely underfunded by the government.

No. 1098559

File: 1607044894496.jpeg (8.86 MB, 4032x3022, 882AD463-A05C-413A-8CCF-4EA79D…)

Uh is “Daria” (the one who got stabbed) a hooker then? Pic related, left is “Daria” (the stabbee) right is “Zoe” (the stabber). imagine paying to fuck that.

They’re both psychotic.

Imagine being the poor neighbour and having some hulking troon banging on your door at 3am gushing blood from the neck.

No. 1098581

But anon 0.01% of peoples chromosomes don't fall into that binary so it's really not a very useful distinction.

No. 1098584

Facial feminization surgery. They're both trannies, anon.

No. 1098597

File: 1607048766847.png (39.21 KB, 1052x308, 1607032461653.png)

Does anyone know the age difference between "Daria" and "Zoe"? They look to be a similar age but in the archived thread Daria referred to themself as a failed mommy to Zoe (ew) and the screen caps from Daria's friend alleged Zoe was living with a paedo that starting grooming them at 15. I'm not saying this was self defense but I'm curious about the power dynamic between them, it's clearly a fucked up situation from every angle.

The archived thread is really interesting because we're only getting Daria's narrative. I normally hide this thread but I'm so intrigued ngl

No. 1098599

it kinda sucks liking lain and being cis, whenever i talk to other people who have watched it they all end up being psycho trannies :((emoji use)

No. 1098627

File: 1607051808785.jpg (159.65 KB, 1080x808, coomer.jpg)

from The Other Farms
I can't believe how accurate this is

No. 1098636

I'm not certain but think zoe maybe 18-19 (they mentioned they might be starting college soon) and daria transitioned at 27 so they're older than that.

No. 1098660

This reads a lot more like some non trans dude's fetish account

No. 1098769

File: 1607070719498.gif (295.43 KB, 700x704, LainLaugh.gif)

Same, it's one of my favorite anime. I wonder why it attracts so many creepy men. I guess the literal child and computer aesthetic brings them in, like pretending to be a little girl at a computer.

No. 1098823

File: 1607077662483.jpg (86.36 KB, 696x960, EoVVurTUcAAG3e2.jpg)

Troons are only troons to fulfil their narc fantasies, fuck actual women's feelings (1/2)

No. 1098824

File: 1607077694375.jpg (84.68 KB, 728x960, EoVVu0SUYAE6Q8H.jpg)

No. 1098825

File: 1607077770940.jpeg (99.32 KB, 750x512, ED969B05-67F6-47F4-9DD0-D17393…)

Lol isn’t this the cartoon that was under fire for normalizing pedophilia and shit like that? From what I understand the whole premise of the show is showing kids fucking and masturbating and it’s aimed at adults. Not even like they’re trying to make some “educational” show for kids or whatever.

Figures troons would like it.

No. 1098833

File: 1607078364744.png (30.6 KB, 672x95, '.PNG)

Absolute burn.

No. 1098837

File: 1607078716900.jpeg (539.54 KB, 1575x2099, E3CA6E58-1AF0-4695-9582-84162E…)

Sorry this person was replying to me, but I deleted my post to repost because I found even more lol.

How are there so many based replies with lots of upvotes??

(Bottom two screenshots are connected, read left to right)

No. 1098840

I'm a redditfag and honestly it happens a lot there. People silently just upvoting terfy shit. It's quite amusing and sad as the site was censored hardocore when r/gendercrtical got banned.

No. 1098843

Honestly I went to search the post up expecting way more comments about the "transphobic" last line but they are all pretty much downvoted and tons of male entitlement posts upvoted. Loved it.

No. 1098846

This actually made my stomach drop. At first I was going to call it just a stupid troll op but since there's a fucking post history it makes me want to throw up. I'm usually very resistant to react strongly to these kinds of stories but this is way too horrifying. AGP fathers are the fucking worst, they're always extremely jealous and resentful of their own daughters and they're supposed to be the number one male models in their lives. I feel so bad that people like this exist, this creep is stealing her daughter's clothes and willing to leave her out in the streets just so he can live out his nasty fetish.

And worst yet, even if it's just an elaborate troll writing out a power fantasy about punishing his "terf daughter" the fact that people are enabling his actions and agreeing with him fucking kills me. I wish all the best to his daughter if she's real. Also imagine being such a fucking adult baby that you try to pick a fight with your own child about how "she said anti-trans things before" even when she's quiet about it, obviously to avoid conflict.

No. 1098883

jesus christ he looks so dirty. talk about lipstick on a pig.

No. 1098913

Horrifying. She needs to cut that friend group but she’s already lost so much. At 22 you’re still pretty fragile and instead of helping her get back on her feet, this troon just wants to invade. There are plenty of barren women who never experience this. It seems like the easiest escape from everything is yelling transphobe. When we get reduced to the status of incubators, can we then make incubation only spaces?

No. 1098931

Yeah she's so young and has the added trauma of going through this without her husband, something most 22 year olds don't experience. The audacity of this troon is so far off the scale "hey you're going through one of the most life changing events without your loved one but this is about ME"

No. 1098936

Fucking disgusting, he probably has a pregnancy/birth fetish and that's why he's so insistent. Imagine letting some troon watch you give birth while he's hiding his raging boner.

No. 1098971

>being cis
You don’t have to call yourself that. You can just say a woman.

No. 1098980

File: 1607095847120.png (120.85 KB, 449x445, djddj.PNG)

This was on actual lesbians and I found some interesting and sad posts.

No. 1098983

Please let this be fake. If not, that’s so depressing. I’d dump “K” as a friend asap (and all the others the OP mentioned calling her transphobic).

Idk who in their right mind would watch it anyway. The art style is disgusting.

Same. Sometimes I visit those kind of post to do just that.

No. 1098985

File: 1607095933659.png (55.21 KB, 952x510, Capture.PNG)

A lesbian saying she'd feel the same way if a LESBIAN sub talked about vaginas too much, seriously? Stop pretending, just say you don't want men on the sub.

No. 1098987

File: 1607096004854.png (23.47 KB, 427x433, fhhfhd.PNG)

Wait heres the screenshot where she says she'd feel a way if they talked about vulvas too much, my bad.

No. 1098989

File: 1607096080311.png (9.48 KB, 411x162, dbdb.PNG)

No. 1098995


the only reason why this asshole is zeroing in on this woman's pregnancy is because the father is dead and won't be around to tell him to beat it or kick his ass.

and that's why it's the troons "only chance"

No. 1099004

I hate to admit that I thought the same thing. Women are really powerless right now. She grew it in her for nine months, and she can choose how she wants to deliver it. Her choice should be valid but here we are. Since she young, it seems like her friends are all on this transwomenarewomen juice. It’s going to be just like that Handicapped-Chan from the last thread, until their own space is violated they just won’t understand and it is so counterproductive that it needs to resort to that.

No. 1099007

She was incredibly based for saying, "if you want to witness a birth so bad, then knock somebody up," though. I mean, he shouldn't, I hope he sterilized himself, but good for her for saying it kek.

No. 1099031

What do they mean "false accusation" - I've seen so many of these posts, they are very real.

No. 1099037

They try to pretend "no one's saying it, it never happens" then when you show them people saying it and it happening, then they go, "Thats one trans person, thats not a true trans'
Then you show then trans women who've gone ALL the way, in terms of getting their dick chopped & who are popular on trans twitter (Kevin Gibes), saying it & doing it, with tweets with a lot of likes and attention, then they stop talking to you.

All in all they don't care it's happening, they just don't want to address it.

No. 1099039

I can't even imagine a cis woman who was childless trying to watch someone else's birth? For why? They probably just want to see a vagina up close for the first time under the guise of a gender affirming moment.

No. 1099085

yeah and if anyone brings up that remilia posted on 4chan essentially saying "i regret the whole transition and i did it all because i had a hentai fetish" they try and say it's because the gaming industry is transphobic and made remilia regret it

No. 1099150

They'll say that he wasn't "TRUE TRANS" like they do with all who desist, detransition or admit it's a fetish or are nasty creeps like Yaniv.

No. 1099177

Exactly this, they play a “no true Scotsman” game with mtf creeps. I’ve tried to be open to being friendly with them in the past, but most of the mtf’s I’ve talked to have turned out to either be sick fucks or unhinged in some way. I didn’t have to be terfpilled at all, they did the work themselves

No. 1099203

>I didn’t have to be terfpilled at all, they did the work themselves
That's how it always works. It takes an unreal amount of self-betrayal to watch these perverts fuck about and keep pushing the envelope with their demands and NOT lose your faith in trannies. I don't know how the women who tolerate AGP nonsense do it.

No. 1099357

File: 1607116792516.jpeg (686.65 KB, 1178x1878, 7FCF7719-7E2A-4D97-95CC-70019A…)

Anyone else notice the shift in conversation from things that not even five years ago were acknowledged, to now those things being considered wrongthink? There’s the sex and gender thing. But also, like male socialization was a common topic around the time bruce jenner transitioned, I remember. Now talking about trans women factually growing up as boys gets you branded a terf lmao

No. 1099372

File: 1607117234597.jpeg (476.33 KB, 1641x1588, 6021D224-B394-4E8E-9198-898AE9…)

Pic related

No. 1099388

File: 1607117920604.jpg (91.25 KB, 741x559, cassie celeste 2.jpg)

yes, we've been rapidly descending into post-modernist hell over the past five years. Here's my fave related cap: troon argues he never really had male privilege because he was a shy misfit and not a Chad

No. 1099391

Socialisation isn't about whether or not you enjoyed growing up or understood yourself as you did so, it's about how society treats you and expects you to behave. If you identified and presented as a man and were biologically male, you were socialised as a man.

What's so hard to understand about this? They're so desperate to be victims in every possible aspect

No. 1099395

it's so dumb because regular gay guys could say the same about not being one of the guys, but they still are socialized male

No. 1099397

File: 1607118068399.jpg (78.99 KB, 736x641, cassie celeste 1.jpg)

as a bonus, here's him displaying his true and honest gender identity as a woman, aka silly girl who live in brain teehee uwu

No. 1099410

>if you identified and presented as a man
How a child identifies has little to nothing to do with it (maybe not anymore now that more parents are drinking the woke conversion therapy koolaid). Males are socialized male. That's it. Also sage your shit

No. 1099417

It's also a uniquely male experience to have to try to 'act female'. a female child does not have to force herself to act a certain way in order to validate her sex.
Even if they claim they weren't socialized male, they still weren't socialized as female.

No. 1099420

File: 1607118860003.jpeg (370.67 KB, 1289x1015, AF0C4D66-6828-4720-B0EC-38A19B…)

Genuinely tired of seeing this shit lol

No. 1099423

it's not like the idea of a "female brain" was the basis for excluding women from the spheres of education and leadership for hundreds of years or anything

No. 1099427

looks like a low quality drag queen,which basically they are.

No. 1099434

>brain structure
Come the fuck on. That literally doesn't even mean anything

No. 1099436

"Lesbian tiktoks" we live in hell

No. 1099453

File: 1607120173298.jpeg (241.14 KB, 1778x1174, 58C99DE4-EC94-4769-9F28-70FDAB…)

This is a man.

No. 1099474

File: 1607122065437.jpg (53.74 KB, 444x960, 20201204_224154.jpg)

Man in women's changing room purposely swings dick around and gets woman complaining about it banned from the gym.

No. 1099483

This shit is complete bullshit. After looking at all this crap I see why more women aren't using public spaces and I'm fucking joining them. "My genitalia are now feminine" is the worst excuse I've heard in my life. A dick is a dick and only men have dicks, gtfo of the women's shower room you fucking perv

No. 1099486

so there's a family room he could have used instead of being in the triggering men's room and without flashing his male genitals at women and he insists on invading women's space when he knows he's making everyone uncomfortable.

can't imagine not using the unisex facilities in his situation but it's hard to get in this fucked up mindset

No. 1099488

wasn't this debunked or something, i think last thread someone mentioned gay male brains were "similar" to female brains too. i hate this point though, we went from female souls to female brains since the first is easily bullshit.

No. 1099495

the thing is changing rooms women usually keep their bodies to themselves, other than a kid running around I've never seen other women's body parts in a changing room cause they're just going about their business facing the lockers. If enough women have seen his junk its cause he's walking around naked the way men do in locker rooms.

No. 1099500

you might not like gender roles and how the society wants/forces you to act but it doesnt make you the opposite gender

>many of my natural and learned tendencies matched the women in my life

inb4 he liked cooking and playing with dolls

No. 1099501

Exactly. They're so pornsick they think we just run around locker rooms jiggling are tits and asses in front of each other when most of us prefer to keep privacy. He couldn't even do the favor of facing a corner and hiding his dick.

No. 1099507

but anon, using the family room wouldn't be affirming of his identity as a woman!

a troon I know IRL got his gym to add a gender-neutral changing room, then promptly starting complaining that it's much smaller than the male/female rooms. there's no appeasing these perma-victims

No. 1099512

Remember when Yaniv was talking about how genuinely disappointed he was because he didn't see one vagina in the womens' changing room? Coomers literally thinking women just show off their bodies all nude in the changing room like it was a porn flick.

Yes, actually the study proved that homosexuality is biological while transgenderism isn't. AGP brains were identical to heterosexual male brains while HSTS brains had similarities with heterosexual females.

No. 1099514

Brain sex trannys are the biggest copers

No. 1099517

Male socialization isn't a thing yet how many screenshots get posted in these threads of trans woman complaining about not having a female childhood and missing out on those (imaginary, Hollywood movie) experiences. So which is it? If you missed out on a female childhood it means you were raised and socialized as a…

In their screed they deny male socialization because they were somehow raised in a cave and fed via a tube despite mentioning their family in the paragraph above, so we're pretending we were raises by wolves now in order to deny male socialization.

No. 1099522

Oh great Cassie this is really helpful, why is it silly girl who lives in brain and girl and not "brain" since you are a girl? You admit you're a man with a "girl" living in your brain as an alternative personality?

I think many trans women actually have very varied mental health issues which aren't solved by shoving every non-conforming male into the trans box and walking away.

No. 1099524

Wh..what kinda period are they having and is their doctor informed?

No. 1099528

>we're not invading female spaces
>gets women kicked out of their own spaces if they don't like the invasion

I hope this post is fake because this is so messed up.

No. 1099537


sounds like they have some form of autism/aspergers tbh

No. 1099570

Yall should care about science, not opinions, geez.
Gay men have a similar brain like hetero women; gay women have similar brains to hetero me. Cis women have nearly the same brain as transwomen.
Look up Youtube "MaiLab Transgender". Mai Thi Nguyan Kim is a German scientist and will cover my points not with emotions, but facts. Turn on English subtitles.
I get you find troons disgusting like I do; but for the love of science don't let your "facts" be based on opinions but vice versa.
Sage for sciencefagging.(medfagging)

No. 1099582


Yeah, and taxi drivers have 'taxi driver brains' kek


No. 1099599

File: 1607129432470.jpeg (78.05 KB, 1055x756, 7513DC2A-0D92-4D2B-B261-9270C2…)

No. 1099605

Their female brains makes them want to be stereotypical women and act in stereotypical ways they feel women should act.
Oh it also makes them scream about their dicks and how it is feminine & if lesbians don't want them they are transphobic!
what is a bisexual brain similar to?

No. 1099628

Gendered brains are a myth. The behavioral differences between men and women are caused by upbringing and socialization.

No. 1099634

NTA but really there aren't clear differences between male and female brains and we don't know how genetics and the environment interact to result in these differences/similarities.

We still don't really understand how the biological function and anatomy of the brain translates into mental function or personality, nevermind gender.

No. 1099644

if science says this then come correct with caps anon. lol @ "sciencefagging" more like the same pseudoscientific claims troons have been parroting without evidence for years

No. 1099652

Did you learn that in gender studies class?

No. 1099671

File: 1607132594659.jpg (6.99 KB, 198x293, download.jpg)

ntayrt but gender studies courses in the year of our clown 2020 are more likely to teach the misogynistic myth of "female brain sex" and how it validates troons than to address socialization. I'm sure you studied neuroscience and physiology instead of gender though right? kek

if anyone wants some reading on this Pink Brain, Blue Brain by Lise Eliot PhD pretty much obliterates the idea that girls and boys are born with different brains, with rare exception (boys do seem to have an edge in visuospatial reasoning), while clearly explaining the supporting evidence(medfagging)

No. 1099675

File: 1607133157511.jpeg (57.28 KB, 567x366, 621FE52E-7F66-4627-96CB-E2B252…)

Are troons who don’t have lady brainz valid too uwu sounds pretty transmedicalist.

No. 1099676

>Albert Einstein told me she was banned and everybody clapped

This never happened.

No. 1099681

I think you misread anon. They kicked her but the other women didn't agree with the decision, let alone having a troon in the locker room. With the way companies force Troon acceptance i really wouldn't put it past the gym to let her go

No. 1099705

I searched the username, their only post is the one in the screencap as well as a few replies to the original post. Looks like bait to me.

No. 1099762

File: 1607141045771.jpeg (3.48 MB, 3024x4030, DC4B72A4-2E6C-4DC6-956E-9F204F…)

There’s no such thing as a female or male brain. That’s sexist stereotype and it HARMS women. Because people believe females and males have different brains men get away with “passion killings” much more frequently than women, because they’re believed to just be naturally unable to control their anger so it’s not their fault, but for women to become so angry to kill is “unnatural” so they receive much higher sentences even if they’re killing as a reaction to severe domestic abuse or rape. Also, because people believe women are more empathetic and emotional women who stand trial against their rapists are evaluated more negatively by the judge if she shows anger rather than grief.

Modern studies have shown there are negligible differences with female and male brains. A lot of the old science that claims to have found differences was biased male scientists trying to prove there MUST be a difference between men and women, to prove we are biologically inferior and different from them. (yes scientists can be biased too, they often get so lost in trying to prove the point they already believe in their head that they cherry-pick data and ignore anything proving their theory wrong)

I don’t believe there’s any meaningful difference between male and female brains, the difference is in socialisation and brain plasticity. It’s pretty obvious if you look at how different males (or females) raised in different types of environments can be, or even if you look at the differences between people from different cultures. There’s no hard-wired way anybody is born being.

No. 1099773

so when men and women were living in fucking caves, why did men hunt and women gather?

No. 1099816

The concept of "lady" brains had been debunked before gender studies classes were even a thing.

You tell me, since you clearly still live in one. Here's an idea: maybe hunting wasn't always viable for nomadic women because they're the ones who could have the vulnerable condition of being pregnant. Seems more likely to me than ladybrain making them allergic to spears.

Inb4 tranny janny redtexts both of us for derailing.

No. 1099819

1. They didn't

2. Reproductive function and childrearing

No. 1099856


Anon were did you get that info from? Do either of these people have social media where I can look at or other photos? I am sooooooo confused on this situation, their're both mtf, but one is that got stabbed talked about talking ED pills for his dick, getting her a vagina so they could have "proper sex", and "zoe is the first girl who paid attention to me" so he's AGP? But is working as SW w/male johns? But the one who stabbed him has been living with some cis gay (who may or may not be a pedo groomer) and is HST? This is like some next level jerry springer shit

No. 1099859


Because they probably didn't, and that is a much more recent interpretation of what males and females where doing back then, probably slightly biased by all the men in the field that don't know and can't imagine a different life as of more recent times.


No. 1099862

File: 1607147609661.jpeg (25.39 KB, 240x180, 940E06B5-9ADE-4C96-B560-40957F…)

They didn’t you retard

No. 1099866

>if she wants to witness a birth so much she can knock someone up hereself
KEK absolutely based. Poor woman though. She needs to cut that troon off because that's just insane.

No. 1099878

In her situation I would have lied about having the coof lol.
>Sorry tranny-kun, I just don't want to get you sick!
And if that doesn't work, she could get her mom to intervene on her behalf. Idk what your parents are like but my mom would chew someone's ear off if she creeped on me like that.

No. 1099904

I doubt the troon cares about her mom's opinion either. It might help OP's other "friends" come around though. Hopefully it works out for OP.
My mom's quite vicious and she not only would have chewed their ass out, but definitely would have spouted all kind of "transphobic" (kek) insults.

No. 1099914

File: 1607152404723.jpeg (4.37 MB, 4032x3022, D92042E7-99EE-4FFD-9E12-923723…)

Woman stands up for herself against obvious male predator. His response is to suggest threatening women from now on with pepper spray and tasers, when they are much more physically weak than him and didn’t have any weapons to harm him with and only used their words.

Note how he doesn’t say “I was scared/fearful for my safety/life,” he says “I’m so angry.” He doesn’t want to protect himself. He wants to retaliate and harm women who anger him.

No. 1099925

I feel like there is either more OR less to this story than is written. Because it's hard to imagine a random woman willingly tailing a tranny out to HIS CAR for no reason other than what's said. She already said her piece, no reason to put herself in danger beyond that to… what? Repeat what she already said?

Seems like this is either fiction or he infringed much worse (and possibly the woman had some authority position wherever this was idk).

Something just seems really off. And yeah anon, I agree that this kneejerk reaction he's written is alarming. It comes off as him saying he would have maced her if he had it.

No. 1099929

Do we have "nearly the same brain" because we are all the same species perhaps?

No. 1099930

>husband dies while pregnant
>ur a selfish bitch for having boundaries
can AGPs at least try to conceal their misogyny for two seconds

No. 1099932

Anon, you seriously fell for this bitch's bullshit? Recently I even get ads about her, she obviously has strong backers. She's likely part of that group of youtubers who somehow get paid by broadcasting fees who all are uber woke, so of course she shills tranny stuff, a quick search already shows me that she has multiple videos about it.

No. 1099933

Probably fiction, he comes off as a coward to me and wouldn't dare go into an occupied women's space looking like that.

No. 1099936

File: 1607156707530.jpg (8.91 KB, 228x44, 456.JPG)

They want to shoehorn on an anime for little girls.

No. 1099939

jfyi there's a bunch of people posting outrageous stories involving TiMs in AITA to get people to peak; don't take them at face value because there's a good chance they're creative writing.
This is not supported by research…

No. 1099972

File: 1607163391729.png (74.57 KB, 976x503, Screenshot_2020-12-05 Really i…)

straight from the horse's mouth

No. 1100009

Yeah this was the creepiest bit. He didn't ask to be there to support her, but to watch the baby being born. Ick.

No. 1100011

AMAB et AFAB terms always feel off. Isn't it supposed to be intersex terms ?

No. 1100080

It is. Trans community stole it. They want so bad be intersex

No. 1100086

if you look at archaeological writings on "cave men" they were predominately written by men in the early 20th century who are notorious for excluding women and children from any of their write ups for obviously exist reasons. maybe pick up a book from time to time anon

No. 1100105

>Carry a tazer or pepper spray
This is a horrifying reaction to someone just getting mad and telling him to use the correct bathroom.

No. 1100117

I kind of like it, people usually stop arguing with me if I say I only want to date female identifying afabs. It's how you traverse lgbt spaces these days

No. 1100149

>there's no such thing as a female or male brain because that's SEXIST.

Have you ever read Jung? Ever heard of the Anima and the Animus? The shit is real. We may not have a female or male brain but each gender has a bit of the opposite genders traits. I believe MTFs get consumed by their anima which makes them seek out transitioning into being a woman.

No. 1100215

File: 1607191966800.png (480.11 KB, 599x597, puke.png)

Found this obnoxious troon stealing art on Tumblr. He's one of those virtue-signalling white SJWs who recolors characters to be brown. The hideous eyeshadow, poorly applied nailpolish, and stubble are quite the ensemble. He calls himself an "mlm transfeminine."

No. 1100217

>mlm = man loving man
>transfemme = transwoman(?)
I don't get it.

No. 1100228


probably just some gay guy who wants to be considered neither some "boring sizz ghey" OR some "straight binary trans woman"… anyone on tumblr knows that if you're "camab" you can call yourself whatever you want, whether it makes sense or not… meanwhile if a "transmasc" called herself a lesbian the same people would call her a predatory man

No. 1100245

>sure there's science, but have you ever read JUNG?!

kek anon the only part of you're post that's accurate is
>i believe

No. 1100311

File: 1607198520202.jpg (78.2 KB, 720x782, 20201205_221204.jpg)

No. 1100318

Why do all alt troons look like that?

No. 1100340

>surely they want us to LOOK like…
Isn't GRS meant to be for the wellbeing of the client, not for the amusement of passers-by?

No. 1100409

Interesting article but
>Importantly, the team cannot know the individual’s gender identity, but rather only biological sex (which like gender doesn’t always exist on a binary). In other words, they can’t say whether the individual lived their life 9,000 years ago in a way that would identify them within their society as a woman.
Oh my fucking god, what are they even trying to say with this? That a caveperson might have been defined by their ~gender identity~ instead of whether or not they can get pregnant? That being a hunter would have meant 'living as a man' in their cavesociety? You cannot escape this nonsense.

No. 1100415

so flat women are men then????

No. 1100436

File: 1607206567091.png (268.38 KB, 2030x590, Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 22.06…)

If you can stomach it, a new sub to check out.

Gurl World 🌎 Is a Community Where Like Minded Gurls Like Me Can Post All About Being A Gurl & Being As Femme As You Can Be & Share Photos Of Your Fabulous Outfits & All Your Make Up Tips. Have Fun Gurls. Hugs 🤗 Tina xoxo 💋

No. 1100437

File: 1607206599247.png (872.46 KB, 1002x1284, Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 22.09…)

They're not delusional at all.

No. 1100447

Aren't they taking estrogen to get tits tho? Or it got to be "rocking" DD+ size for it to count as female?

No. 1100450

File: 1607207378735.jpg (180.33 KB, 960x960, vxkq4zqbgu621.jpg)

Thought you guys would get a kick out of this. This person Dial-A-Song/Samantha gets top posts their before/after pictures because they are constantly self posting on reddit. I thought her transition was great but after reading up on her life story she's kind of a huge asshole.

Sam was married with kids beforehand, and her wife was accepting of the transition. That is until she met a hotter, younger lesbian and she divorced her wife. Apparently the wife was handling all the health insurance and helped Sam with all the research on HRT/medicine/etc. With the wife out of way, Sam struggled to figure out how health insurance worked and unaware how to get HRT.

No. 1100459

File: 1607207808076.jpg (Spoiler Image,485.81 KB, 1610x3274, iag17umexw261.jpg)

oh my god. I'm gonna throw up. this is one of the usual posters on that sub. I wish I had no eyeballs to see. u/Sensy-Arlette
at least he knows to censor out his face.

No. 1100462

kek it's funny how he has zero ass even when he poses like that

No. 1100466

No. 1100467

have we ever saw this person untouched face? What does his "lesbian" girlfriend look like? I remember seeing this dude and all he had were selfies with the same exact fucking face in them. A face that looked edited as hell.

No. 1100470

TBH I think we have some newer people here or it's the case of, "They pass so even if they act just like the unpassing ones, I'm going to call him a "she"

No. 1100475

did I see him on r/curlyhair or am I confusing trans? he looks airbrushed as hell

No. 1100477

I admire your enthusiasm anon, but please.

No. 1100481

this dude seems to post his obviously edited face everywhere.

No. 1100483


No. 1100497

you can tell from the shadow of his head that he's bald kek

No. 1100511

Lok- I mean Keyes??

No. 1100522

>Taking Jung seriously
Don't listen to the haters, my phrenologist says you're 100% right.

>MTFs get consumed by their anima

More like consumed by their anime.

No. 1100546

File: 1607213133220.png (588.84 KB, 719x586, IMG_20201206_010401.png)

Heck filter really work overtime in all these selfies. The reality looks a bit different.
Also the girlfriend…

No. 1100551

Isn’t gurl a term used exclusively by cross dressers not mtfs

No. 1100568

Gynecomastia doesn't develop like real breasts do. It's shaped wrong and misplaced. Even troons without the hucow spinebreaker fetish need surgery for their breasts to resemble a woman's.

>More like consumed by their anime

Holy shit, rekt

No. 1100587

File: 1607215018266.jpeg (84.77 KB, 719x526, 0D73AC3F-A70A-44AA-81B1-DCA4AF…)

Ew this one made me unsub from r/curlyhair i distinctly remember thinking this dude was just fishing for an excuse to post their transition selfies everywhere for validation. No different from any attention whore cow. If it was an actual woman not a troon they’d be called out on their attention whoring. But since it’s a man it was all handmaidens tripping over themselves to fawn over him.

No. 1100617

File: 1607217117941.png (60.03 KB, 618x615, wha.PNG)

>lesbians can be attracted to nb ppl and men
I'm getting real tired of this meme. Of course it's being pushed by an obese troon.

No. 1100652

>Lesbian(s would)… rather misgender us than admit they're attracted to a man

Is this real life?

No. 1100692

File: 1607222273956.jpeg (302.01 KB, 750x1268, B2078207-85BF-419F-96F9-EAC37F…)

i‘m just speechless at finding transbians out in the wild, the post is complete nonsense and the creator pinned this agp‘s comment - his page is the ultimate tranny starter pack. begging for money, attention and compliments, agp smiles, bad outfits, sharing every single interaction he has with other males because uwu gender euphoria, he even claims to have „cracked 3 eggs“ (aka convincing three guys to become trannies) and that doing acid made him realize he is trans. pure cow material

No. 1100698

It's really sad how much actual intersex people have gotten the short end of the stick in all of this.

No. 1100702

Yeah I was gonna say that sub looks more like pure crossdressers but idk.

Anon is on fire tonight.

No. 1100705

Its funny because Geov is literally a woman who just took testosterone for a couple of months.

No. 1100708

>rather misgender us than admit to being attracted to a man
Kek sorry some lesbians just don’t believe you can magically totally legitimately medically change your gender and instead live in the reality where Ellen has been a woman for the past 33 years.

No. 1100711

>women and cis women
Okay if you’re going to suggest that then I think people can just go ahead and keep saying women and trans women, if they must. I know it’s being facetious to attempt to make a point, but what would they prefer, women and AGPs? Take the kindness from people who haven’t peaked yet, losers.

No. 1100751

Can someone translate this for me? Because of the ~gender affirming~ pronouns I honestly can't tell who left who for who

No. 1100827

The troon left his wife for a younger girl after transitioning. Ex wife was also handling all his medical needs regarding transition and after they split the troon doesn't even know how to get titty skittles.

No. 1100864

I've seen her before, (suddenlysamantha is her Instagram) she looks great imo but also agreed she seems like an asshole with how she treated her wife and kids.
Plus, calling yourself "mom of 4" and trying to displace the actual mother of your children rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1100923


anon please

No. 1100926

So lesbians have to say that they are attracted to "AFAB non-transitionned" to get away?

Is it me or all troons are ungrateful

No. 1100952


anon, being a lesbian who is attracted to only afabs is transphobic. You need to critically examine why you are not attracted to trans women and unlearn your bigotry and nasty vagina-genital fetish

No. 1100954

I've seen so many unironic homophobic comments like this, where TRA call lesbians "vagina fetishists" I have no idea if this anon is being satirical or not.

No. 1100975

File: 1607251392338.png (99.71 KB, 670x495, Screenshot (11).png)

Surprisingly, the post received positive attention.

No. 1100981

File: 1607252227565.jpg (125.69 KB, 828x1320, Eog4_7QXYAES87N.jpg)

Troons have now infiltrated my local police force…

No. 1100985

I mean, ACAB, no?

No. 1100991


No. 1100993

If they see themselves as "real women" why don't they just say "women" for both instead of explicitly making a distinction? Just goes to show they don't really want to associate with us kek

No. 1100994

File: 1607253369410.jpg (284.55 KB, 922x2048, EohHL5GVoAAw4Ka.jpg)


No. 1100995

Assigned cop at birth, huh

No. 1100997

So uhhh is this like the attack dog of your local police force?

No. 1100998

Also like how passive aggressive the caption is combined with the maniacal photo.

No. 1100999

File: 1607255000515.png (112.69 KB, 273x300, 354D6F77-D322-4215-980B-55C939…)

Same energy

No. 1101003

What the fuck.. this actually makes me sick.. male cops legally allowed to sexually assault women. Male cops who deal with vulnerable females (prostitutes, disabled women, children, runaways, drug addicts, homeless, sexual assault/rape victims)

Real life horror movie

No. 1101004

The homophobia is strong with these troons. Literally trying to redefine the meaning of lesbian. Yeah no we have no obligation to be attracted to men.

No. 1101026

>Surprisingly, the post received positive attention
Because he's a man on a popular sub on reddit, so the general userbase is more sympathetic to him, and troons are more scared to attack him than they would be if it were a woman posting

No. 1101067

If you have a friend that feels like trooning out what do you do? Just send them the thread of neovaginas? Is there a good resource that can lead men just to recognizing a fetish and not needing to skinwalk their friends?(Blogging)

No. 1101075

What you can do is not feel responsible for someone's perverted ways. Count yourself lucky your friend isn't family or your SO. Drop them

No. 1101078

Depending on how close you are >>1101075 is legitimately a good option, but I get it if it’s different and you’re closer than that and genuinely want to help. If you’re really close, have open and honest discussions where they can talk about why they want to transition. If he feels as though he’s a failure as a man/left behind because he’s gay and feminine and feels like transitioning is the answer because of pressure on the internet, remind him the gender non-conformity exists and is beautiful. If it’s purely fetishistic, then call him out on it. People tiptoe around it so much that they may not even fully realize what they’re doing, especially if, again, he’s on Reddit or 4chan or wherever else they’re really pushing it in a cultish way. Good luck, anon, no guarantees you won’t be labeled a TERF or transphobe, but it’s better than your friend going through that pain and you and other women everywhere continuing to deal with the aftermath.

No. 1101087

File: 1607269563405.jpeg (38.82 KB, 324x384, 47C30347-91B6-45D1-BAA6-10BAC4…)

There’s nothing you can do. Unless you are prepared to be labeled a terf by your entire friend group. The most you can do it plant the seed of doubt by asking logical questions, masking them as innocent.
If they are AGP there is nothing you can do, anyway, so just cut your loses. Best case scenario they decide it’s just a fetish… but it’s still disgusting. If they are just gay, there may be some hope they may realize they are fine being a feminine man, but it’s still not your cross to bear.

No. 1101108

File: 1607271187694.png (49.52 KB, 700x271, wat.png)

No. 1101130

>how do I get my alters to not use that restroom
Kill yourself probably

No. 1101138

Is girlfriend trans too?

No. 1101167

They both look male in the face to me, but the one on the left being a little shorter gives me pause.

No. 1101182

It depends on the age of you/your friends. When I was in high school I had a few friends briefly go through "nonbinary" phases. I'd say only humor them to an extent you're comfortable with. For me that's calling them by their desired name/pronouns, but I draw the line at things that violate my personal boundaries, like borrowing my clothes or asking questions about feminine hygiene products. Long story short, it's a case-by-case basis sort of thing where you humor them if they're not disrespecting your boundaries, and cut them off if they are. If someone won't respect your boundaries, they're probably not a good person to be friends with regardless of their gender identity or politics.

No. 1101218

> Just send them the thread of neovaginas?
Aren't you afraid that they is just going to turn into one that refuses to get surgery and is going to call their penis "clitty"?

Anyway, it's not enough information to give a clear answer, but like other anons said, ask your friend where those feelings are coming from and act accordingly. Don't just randomly send surgery disasters/hint that it's a fetish. Is he gay? Was he cross-dressing perhaps?

I knew a person like that, and it all started with cross-dressing for a couple of years. They had no dysphoria before they discovered 4chan, but other mtf peeps weren't supportive of that, so later they claimed they've "never been a man" and felt like that since childhood. If your friend has any connections with the trans community then remind them to think for themselves.

No. 1101326

Top fucking kek. Peak neoliberalism– this deranged fascist pig pointing a taser at your face whose been given the governmental OK to sexually assault women should be applauded because he's actually a brave, stunning transwammin.
What a moral conundrum this must be for the twitter crowd– combining their most precious and fragile (PrOteCt aT aLl CoStS!!!! uwu) trannies with cops, their fifteen minute target of criticism.

No. 1101739

kek they changed the picture for a "less threatning one" but they're still receiving backlash sorry can't screenshot rn

No. 1101755

Aside from everything else wrong with this image, this is why you do not cross your legs like that in a skirt. You cross your ankles so nobody can see up your dress. jfc.

No. 1101815

This where I live.

Does anyone know if a police officer only works in their local area, like if they are at the training place in albrighton does that mean he will only work in shropshire?

No. 1101971

File: 1607312292485.jpeg (215.11 KB, 750x918, BD436C76-CAB3-436E-9D05-1A184A…)

Some Norman bates shit. (But at least Norman bate’s dad was abusive)

No. 1101990

Mom probably doesn't spend that much time with Dad because they are fucking married. They either keep their private time private or sometimes they need to be away from each other for a while to stay sane. Jesus this guy is just delusional

No. 1101995

This fucker is 21 and acting like this over his mother? Lord help us all

No. 1101996

His mama, anon.

No. 1102002

>my mama my mama my mama
this boy ain't right

No. 1102017

File: 1607317384819.png (119.58 KB, 970x477, Screenshot_2020-12-07 JuneKits…)

out of all the reddit posts I really had hoped this one was fake or made up, but it's real


No. 1102030

not trying to be funny, this person seems developmentally disabled

No. 1102034

likely he's an autistic feminine guy who couldn't fathom being a guy when he liked cutesy stuff, so he decided to transition, In a

No. 1102038

he's more likely an agp, the post about his mother raised massive red flags

No. 1102052

He's obviously Singaporean, based on >>1102017
So he's probably ESL + has Asian familial cultural norms

No. 1102054

Wow, she looks very happy to be a cop. I wonder why this lovely lady would support such an institution.

No. 1102057

yes but as anon mentioned here >>1102052 he's Singaporean and Asian men tend to be more mama's boys, even the non AGP one's have very close/sorta weird relationships with their mothers

No. 1102086

UK police have literally shown up on people’s doorsteps because of transphobic/gc things they’ve posted on twitter. I have no doubt this guy is hoping to taser some middle aged ladies for wrongthink.

No. 1102102

File: 1607334881376.jpeg (894.96 KB, 1242x1874, 32E3A236-3BBC-421A-8931-4A6ED0…)

No. 1102171

I feel like this person may actually be trans in the sense that it’s fueled by gender dysphoria and not AGP/fetishism, hence putting in all the effort to socially and medically transition before even comfortably claiming to be a trans woman. Not defending him, just different than most troons on Reddit or posted in this thread, and I can sympathize.

No. 1102176

I doubt it's because he just happens to be the ~extremely rare trutrans in a sea of trenders~, like how every tranny thinks they are in order to feel superior to their equally deluded counterparts. If he actually believed in the sentiment he expressed when he said
>She's a woman on the inside (I guess? what does that even mean honestly?) but if you don't socially occupy the role of a woman, and you don't look anything like a woman, and you haven't had any of the experiences women have, how can we say that person is a woman?
then he would understand that he is a man, not a woman or a "transgender woman", and stop identifying as one.

No. 1102177


like 80-90% of the horrible and milky shit that gets posted her is AGP related but for some reason when you try to differentiate that with HST transwomen the most hardcore Gendercrit anons have a kneejerk reaction. The only one that wasn't AGP that I can even remember being posted here was that asian SJW that was demanding "gender reparations" but that person clearly low functioning narc and retarded by nature.

No. 1102179

>then he would understand that he’s a man and not a woman or “transgender woman” and just be a man
I get what you’re saying for sure! But if he’s experiencing gender dysphoria and the appropriate treatment to alleviate that is transitioning, I can understand that as well. Trans women who understand that they are trans women and experience/navigate the world as such and just trying to integrate into society in a way that helps their mental health is different than “it’s ma’am!!” delusionists or ones co-opting womanhood as a whole IMO. At least until there are other mental health treatments for deep-seeded gender dysphoria. I mean, I don’t know this guy’s history, whether he goes to therapy, what else he’s done, etc, but again, I can kind of sympathize in those situations in general versus others posted here more often. For the record, I also know plenty of troons think or will claim to be like this/not like other trannies, but people ultimately tell on themselves with their behavior and entitlement. not trying to infight or WK, I know we have differing opinions on this board and I wanted to explain where I’m coming from. I can totally understand anons who disagree.(Medfag)

No. 1102202

you know these people can have both dysphoria and fetishes at the same time.

No. 1102214

File: 1607353443704.jpg (522.04 KB, 2254x2663, pjl4jdx0upl51.jpg)

This is so cringe.

No. 1102221

File: 1607354045110.jpg (61.47 KB, 600x582, 8748568473.jpg)

>keep away from children

No. 1102223


'ello, 'ello, 'ello. PC Hogg 'ere to check your thinking, anon.

No. 1102230

Idk anon. Check the guys post and comment history. Doesn’t seem like a really winner.

No. 1102231

File: 1607354963509.jpg (77.43 KB, 634x950, EookQwTWEAAWIaM.jpg)

He is literally nightmare fuel

No. 1102233

File: 1607355089062.jpg (31.73 KB, 306x528, EookRAnWMAMnm7r.jpg)

If I ever saw this IRL, I'd be scared shitless

No. 1102236

Those fangs! How do the lateral incisors look like canines? Never seen that before. Natural or fake?

No. 1102239

Dios mio… La Barbilla de America

No. 1102240



No. 1102241

I don't have reddit and don't know how/won't go looking for it honestly, but eh, that's not surprising. I'd responded in another post and said
>I don’t know this guy’s history, whether he goes to therapy, what else he’s done, etc, but again, I can kind of sympathize in those situations in general
I guess I used the post as more of a jumping off point than about this individual.
Of course I know that. I just feel a bit bad for people struggling with severe dysphoria without fetishy stuff attached if they exist. I don't mean to argue, I know I might be naïve about it kek.

No. 1102244

Ah, I see

No. 1102262

holy kek

No. 1102265

>stop resisting terf!

No. 1102285

File: 1607359259188.jpg (1.15 MB, 1078x1439, 84k79c6jplh51.jpg)

He's just bobby hill in a dress

No. 1102288

The odd thing is he could almost pass having a wine mom body but christ everything above the neck scares me to my core.

No. 1102289

ngl it's hella cringe considering the context but i think the boxes themselves look cute, wish my meds came in white and pink boxes, I'd do something like that too
>inb4 troon
i just like kawaii stationery

No. 1102293

No matter how pretty they make the box it's still horse piss and talcum powder compressed into a pill.

No. 1102300

It looks like Photoshop, or some sort of mid transformation of the Thing just as it's about to transform

No. 1102318

He wouldn't smile like that if he presented male. This is how he thinks women smile. Like a dumb toddler, Chris Chan style.

No. 1102324

No. 1102327

Self-harm is never the "appropriate treatment".

No. 1102393

he did a terrible job censoring his name kek

No. 1102423

File: 1607369601526.gif (Spoiler Image,140.18 KB, 290x500, 4pfig5.gif)

forgive me anosn for making this

No. 1102437

Add some flashing colors and you got an amazing nightmare to send to anyone you despise.

No. 1102440

This looks like a trooned out inbred mix between Pewdiepie and Noel Felding.

No. 1102442

I love noel and I hate that I see it

No. 1102447

Looks like someone wearing the clothes of the woman he murdered earlier

No. 1102459

File: 1607371539898.png (12.12 KB, 496x143, lol.png)

This troon is a geek group for women. He refused to address what could be transphobic about this movie and just cried transphobia at all the comments that weren't ass kissing.

No. 1102468

so a man literally being magicked into a woman's body is now a "trans woman?"
That makes zero fucking sense and if the trans community wasn't so crazy I'd think this was bait but I cannot tell.

No. 1102490

Really tells you how they see themselves kek

No. 1102507

ngl I thought his face was a bad photoshop collage in someone's body (but then I saw the massive hands)

No. 1102508

File: 1607376561374.jpeg (254.8 KB, 1242x1998, BD8A05FF-4E11-4FA5-929A-EA6077…)

Fuck you i want free cosmetic surgery

No. 1102511

>the appropriate treatment to alleviate that is transitioning
are you lost?

No. 1102514

thank you that made my day

No. 1102517

>If a cis woman identifies as a woman but looks like a male, dresses male, acts like a male, and is therefore treated as a male…is she not really a woman because she ostensibly didn't experience what women go through
>I'm not sure it's different for an MtF who seemingly hasn't put in a lot of effort. They haven't lived a woman's life either, but what really is the difference?
>a masculine woman and a whole ass man are literally the same thing
This is your brain on woke pills, holy shit.

No. 1102521

Medi-cal won't even cover my contacts exam or prescription (they cover the glasses, but just barely) but will cover fetish surgeries? Fucking bullshit this shit needs to end now. I hope a mass peak happens soon.

No. 1102524

File: 1607377736880.jpg (156.56 KB, 960x960, pgfi5svd69161.jpg)

This is gonna sound dumb but do any other straight anons get scared seeing pictures like these where the AGP freaks show how they formerly looked? In some cases the guy is actually kind of cute and I feel like I'd maybe swipe right for a convo thinking they're just a normal guy whose worst fetish is like BDSM or anal, not anime and tranny porn. Picrel, although I don't find him attractive, I think he looks really, really normal. I know AGPs have NPD so this confession (of my low standards) probably makes them happy but at least these ones have a substantial internet history documenting their tranny pasts even if they do decide to detrans. I don't use dating apps anymore so ignore the swiping thing but I'm still genuinely afraid of having a male partner troon out.
I could be wrong but the reason they don't cover cosmetic surgery is because it could potentially bankrupt insurance companies considering all women have insecurities due to the extreme beauty ideals pushed upon us as soon as we're out of the room. Even if you don't want invasive surgery I'm sure all women would get botox injections if it was covered under insurance. That being said, it's pretty fucked that trannies have gotten their way because they just scream "WE'RE GOING TO KILL OURSELVES IF YOU DON'T GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!!" To that I ask: 1) why are we not letting these freaks kill themselves and 2) how are the suicide threats not a symptom that's indicative of deeper issues than insecurity? That's not even legitimate depression if the suicide threats are conditional (i.e, give me what I want or I'm going to kill myself and it's your fault).

No. 1102529

File: 1607378157120.png (114.15 KB, 1304x508, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 4.52…)

Anon although you should move for multiple reasons I thought I'd let you know that California covers the axe wound surgery and can also cover "breast construction" (Hmm I wonder why they didn't just say breast implants? Not like that would raise any flags…), tracheal shaving, and electrolysis. It's not on there but California is so fucking retarded that they probably would also cover hairline surgery and thousands of balding ugly scrotes could game the system to get their hairlines fixed and then coincidentally detrans afterwards. That's just my speculation though.

No. 1102532

No? Should I have clarified that I meant socially transitioning and not getting surgeries or anything permanently altering? I did say
> at least until there are other mental health treatments for deep-seeded gender dysphoria
right after. I genuinely don’t know what else they do for treatment of dysphoria outside of therapy, which I also want to clarify that I think they should be getting… obviously. It’s fine if you disagree or if I have things to learn, but no, I’m not “lost” kek.

No. 1102535

How tf did he end up looking even more masculine after transitioning

No. 1102537

They do say makeup enhances your features, and well, his features sure are manly.

No. 1102541

Looking at before and afters is interesting to me, most of them were cute normie guys and a lot seemed like gay guys. Not transbians in hiding.

Its just his more feminine features were more highlighted pre transition and after transition his more masculine features got highlighted by dressing femininely. Its all just contrast, what's feminine in a man is pretty masculine in a woman, works in reverse too.

No. 1102548

Seething. I need to pay out of pocket for visibly pleasing fillings (instead of silver) but a total jawbone shave (which may not even help) is free.

No. 1102558

so glad my tax payer dollars are funding the transition of an ugly male to… an ugly male.

No. 1102562

I…can’t tell which one is the before or after…Logic tells me it should go left to right, but he looks the same, I can’t kek

No. 1102563

my thoughts exactly. like the shitty payoff makes it even more infuriating.

No. 1102566

can you explain what you mean by social transitioning?

No. 1102576

Sad. He looked like a cute and friendly normie gay before. Is this one AGP or HSTS?

No. 1102581

it's the "terf breeding carousel" agp pervert

No. 1102608

File: 1607384703294.jpg (101.26 KB, 738x626, 06910904167.jpg)

There are mental health treatments that exist. Even if there weren't, lots of illnesses don't have good treatments available, that doesn't mean we give those people whatever they want out of pity. Society is not the Make a Wish foundation for unpassable trannies

nah it's just another troon with an unflattering mullet. the person posted by low standards-chan is picrel, TERF breeding carousel is Ana Valens

No. 1102612

Lmao the hairline

No. 1102616


It's weird when they were masculine, bearded, hairy before and now femnine everything. The you can be an anime girl was a somehow very effective meme.
So strange to me how it comes out of nowhere. Genuinely the weirdest fashion/trend of all time.

It's different for people who transitioned 20 years ago or who always were conflicted, in these cases of masculine normie men suddenly going very femme, it obviously came from outside sources.

No. 1102618

File: 1607385538870.jpeg (2.51 MB, 4032x3022, B3134209-ECE5-4DEE-847C-185DA4…)

I think it’s a terrible “responce” because unlike an infertile woman you were fertile and could have had bio kids but chose your fetish over that and fucked up your body with Hormones. Even now it could still be possible to stop taking them and regain fertility but they won’t. It’s not even about having bio kids, they just have womb envy and a pregnancy fetish and want to get off on the “validation” and “euphoria” of carrying a child and breastfeeding.

No. 1102623

What a fucking asshole. Yeah infertile cis women can seek treatment but you literally sterilized yourself. I hope someone tells him that kek.

No. 1102626

File: 1607386088451.jpg (31.49 KB, 376x620, 5d46dc113d2a2b26107b70f27ca6b3…)

Reminds me of this but less feminine

No. 1102627

i love when mtf’s refuse to even acknowledge that women have to have hysterectomies or are fully infertile all the time. like get over yourself.

No. 1102631

Like why is being upset the most agonizingly unbearable thing to these people? Sometimes I'm sad I'll never fly like a bird. I don't fix that by requiring people to support my delusion of attaching wings to myself

No. 1102633


>Unlike cis woman, trans women cannot receive ANY fertility treatments

It's like they are intelligent enough to understand reality vs their fantasy fetish, but refuse to accept that the only option is to accept reality and move on instead of looking for some loophole. ore and more I think the reason this troon shit is so bad in america and england specifically vs someplace like japan which has a tradition of crossdressing, Visual kei ect is because of the extreme entitlement complex built into english speaking countries masquerading as being an " exceptional individualism".

No. 1102634

That dude needs to get his eyes fixed first jfc they are cockeyed

No. 1102636

he had gay vibes before honestly, probably identified as bi before too

No. 1102638

Is this the fate of all Crazy Dog Men?

No. 1102644

The first reply is the kind of troon who colonizes women’s infertility groups. At least OP has some semblance of self awareness.

No. 1102647

File: 1607387856974.jpg (155.72 KB, 1000x750, Def-Leppard-1000-.jpg)

He looks more like a dude in a hair band than a woman kek. Stick him in a band photo like pic related and he'd blend right in.

No. 1102652

Why do so many troons go for this hairstyle? None of them look good, even Aggy has it

No. 1102656

Because they don't know shit about hair care and they just let it grow out from whatever buzzcut they started with. Then they get bangs to cover their male fiveheads, but they don't curl or smooth them so they get all piecey and gross.

No. 1102675

You know, it could just be the angle this was taken at (and the fact that his chin and jaw are covered by the mask) but he looks kind of short. From far away he could probably pass in this outfit (provided he doesn't talk, the voice is usually a giveaway.) The stupid choker needs to go, though. 90% the time, chokers draw attention to how thick troons' necks are.

No. 1102680

DentalhygenistAnon here. Probably didn't have the lateral incisors, it's a fairly uncommon issue but it does happen. Braces close the gap and the resulting canines take the place of the lateral incisors.

No. 1102687

File: 1607393364899.png (360.6 KB, 1244x1014, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 9.09…)

There's at least one post about this per day on r/MtF and it's so sad to watch pornsick scrotes peering down the mtf rabbit hole before jumping into it after all the ~stunning and brave trans gals~ tell them they're trans. I almost want to reach out on a throwaway and tell him not to fall for it but then again he's most likely a crossdressing fetishist so maybe he should go on the path to mutilation.
THANK YOU for bringing this up. I honestly think the extreme individualistic culture is a curse in the West. It sounds fucked up maybe as a woman but I'd rather be born in a collectivist society so that this shit didn't exist. In South Korea and Japan there's definitely gay people although they're less 'out' due to the
conservativism yet there's probably like less than a hundred trans people and I doubt half would be trans if not for the internet.
Agree with >>1102656 but instead of fiveheads it's *receding hairlines and male pattern baldness

No. 1102690

File: 1607393582751.png (199.64 KB, 1304x1054, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 9.12…)

Another gem from r/MtF today, please tell me how these stunning and brave trans gals aren't just incels who are now using transphobia as a tool of leverage against women who won't sleep with them.

No. 1102701

File: 1607394665058.jpg (188.2 KB, 640x1138, a4r86yklmux51.jpg)

Yep he totally passes as cis with no questions…definitely…

No. 1102709

Yeah I always feel depressed seeing those posts. There’s usually at least a couple posts a day that are clearly either:

1. just a pornsick guy saying stuff like “I jack off to tranny porn but I’m not dysphoric about my genitals or body at all. But every time I finish watching porn I’ll get a strong urge to watch it again and again” like bruh that’s just a PORN ADDICTION. Your urge to keep watching more extreme/tranny porn and getting more involved in it in different ways isn’t euphoria or dysphoria or whatever it’s just that you’re addicted and need to keep going further and further into it and get more extreme to get off. It’s common with all kinds of fetishes/porn addicts.


2. A gender non conforming (and/or possibly gay) guy saying stuff like “I wish I could paint my nails and shave my legs and use floral soap but I can’t. I hate being male.” Like you can just be a dude and do those things… you don’t have to “identify” as a woman and fuck up your hormones and chop off your dick and balls just to paint your nails or wear lipstick or something. The left completely abandoned the whole idea of being gender nonconforming and “men can wear dresses too!” And adopted this whole 1950’s Puritan view that only men can like cars and sports and only women can like pink and baking for some reason.

No. 1102733

>it's traumatizing
kek why not just put that you're a tranny in the bio and save the headache? I know troonism goes hand in hand with stupidity but at least then he'd know his matches knew what they signed up for

No. 1102735

mostly came from pornography and issues with their masculinity, like before transition he is somewhat feminine and I'm sure people made fun him for that

No. 1102760

Yeah you catfishing or genderfishing then get upset when people think they are getting the actual thing and they get something they don't want.

Would they rather people be nice and pretend to be with it?
I remember reading this awkard story of some woke straight guy going on a date with a trans woman and whining about how he felt bad he could'nt get it up and how he was trying to unlearn his "transphobia"
Yeah, because you got in bed with someone with a dick and you're trying to force yourself into something you don't want. Who wants that? It sucks for both parties but it feels like these people just don't want to hear no period.

No. 1102761

File: 1607402534919.jpeg (483.69 KB, 1308x1889, 1455B531-B034-4381-84A7-48E411…)

At least he’s being honest?

No. 1102762

File: 1607402594706.jpeg (268.04 KB, 1298x662, EB97CEA3-7216-49D1-901F-7BB0B6…)

Samefag but I found that under this tweet

No. 1102764

Trannies would probably be a lot more bearable if they all lacked a sex drive.

No. 1102769

That takes away the AGP deluded fun of entrapment. Just can’t leave lesbians well enough alone.

No. 1102770

He looks like a glam rock star. Honestly lots of women find that look attractive, women went mad for David Bowie, Brian Molko and Matt Devine. Now every man along those lines is suddenly trooning out. The man tits just look so out of place.

No. 1102771

What about that Hapsburg jaw though? I guess it's good that he's deleting himself from the genetic stratosphere. I just hope he doesn't have siblings.

No. 1102773

None of those examples you listed ever had these AGAPish poses and facial expressions, their use of makeup, androgynous aesthetics ect was for fashion/visuals only.

No. 1102774

File: 1607404774184.gif (474.39 KB, 356x200, 200 (1).gif)


Haha okay so if SEX and GEnder are different, that's stopping someone of the female sex to declare that THEIR GENDER HAS BIGGER TITS and getting a insurance-funded boob job?

My gender has a sleeve tattoo… will medi-cal fund that?

No. 1102775

*whats instead of thats ugh

No. 1102776

Right? Like, I'm sad that I'm not rich. But if I told a therapist I was trans-wealthy, would they give me a bunch of money to treat my wealth-dysphoria?

No. 1102786

File: 1607407882643.jpeg (556.11 KB, 1242x2771, E137C1EB-7ACD-4D5A-83BD-5EE3D6…)

geriatric trannies on social media never fail to make my fucking skin crawl

literally not even streetwear


No. 1102788

That face looks like it's been photoshopped onto that body. It looks very unsettling and out of place.

The body could very easily pass as female, maybe it is shooped, perhaps it's the fact that he's old standing with his hand on his hip and slightly to the side. After old age men and women become more similar in their bodily appearance since men have a significant decrease in testosterone and muscle mass and women have gone through menopause. Males become softer and less virile.

Elderly AGPs do seem to pass slightly better because of this, at least in the body.

No. 1102789

It does seem to me like twinky men who are glam and arty and enjoy gender non conforming aesthetics are being phased out. This could be why kpop has become so popular in the west. A lot of women enjoy that look in men who are still very much comfortable being called men. Most women don't want to date troons.

It seems like in the west any man that enjoys more 'femme' aesthetics and is non conformitive is now suddenly troon or non binary.

I can't be the only one who notices this.

If David Bowie or Brian Molko was around today and they were Gen Z they would likely have they/her pronouns and taken tiddy skittles.

No. 1102790

At least this guy is aware that he's a man with a fetish.

As long as he realizes this and doesn't expect to be considered female or lesbian or to have entry to female spaces I don't really have a problem.

I mean we can't help our turn ons. It's when they're delusional about it and want to erase and colonize women that it becomes dangerous.

No. 1102795

Irene looks great here.

No. 1102810

>Gets more matches by not disclosing
>discloses in messages
>those people unmatch

I think a 7 year old could figure this one out.

No. 1102811

Sage for ot but they just added a troon flag emoji

No. 1102812

Damn, where are the other flags? Why do they get theirs? So stupid.

No. 1102822

File: 1607417731045.jpeg (3.04 MB, 3024x4030, 72656290-ED6F-4D4E-823B-DDD13A…)

Sorry for shit editing.

I see posts like this sometimes and I wonder how many troons start working at Starbucks just to get their surgery and then quit. Is there an influx of troon baristas in America (not sure if it includes Canada/other countries?) now anons? This one is openly admitting the only reason they’re going back to work there is for the surgery, and they want to do everything in less than a year and then just quit.

Bonus pic related: Honestly the male socialization really jumps out in the way troons are always whining about having to pay for things for themselves, and how they want instant gratification and everything RIGHT NOW. They really do expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and to not have to actually work hard for anything. And they want it right this second. They don’t want to work for a few months/years, budget, spend less money on anime figurines, and save up money themselves like everybody else in the world does when they want (or even “need”) something. They need it TODAY or they will DIE.

There’s people going bankrupt from cancer treatments and having to pay for their own dental work or eye care or whatever but troons are constantly begging for free money and unwilling to put any real effort in themselves. If a woman was acting like that and expecting everybody to pay for her trips and clothes and plastic surgeries, people would be tearing her apart calling her a whore, sugar baby, spoiled brat, bimbo, bitch, thot, etc.

No. 1102831

The pleas about mental illness don't excuse it either, not like people suffering from cancer or lifelong pain aren't going to endure mental illness too. I read some random person on Twitter who had two 14lb benign tumors removed from her legs in the past 2 years, that's like 2 babies. That's just one example. Or the body horror of seeing parts of you slowly change due to long covid or other chronic illnesses. The feelings of abandonment and shame for those bedbound with no social life.
All medical procedures and illnesses are traumatic, if trans surgery should be free so should all other surgery (to be clear, I do think all medical treatment should be free)

I haven't seen anyone saying this publicly though, since nobody wants to be trolled by the trans programmers who are never offline.

No. 1102834

men will always be into degenerate things for degenerate reasons, might as well be honest about it.

No. 1102842

I honestly weep for kids of older trannies that will go pick them up at school in their clockable hoe outfits. It honestly pains me so much. If one of my brothers decided to do something like that I’d strangle them before they’d put their kids through this hell.

I was thinking the same thing. You still find them in alternative / goth lifestyle and fashion, I especially hang with a crew of tattoo artists/piercers and they grow their hair, dye it rainbow, generally give 0 fuck about their appearance but still remain cis.
I’m personally more attracted to regular looking dudes but there’s something I love about men being able to paint their nails and not give a fuck. I’d be too worried about them being swallowed by the trans cult and their gender rigid rules though. Never once heard them say “Oh you like lingerie? Yeah nah that’s totally cool man enjoy yourself, doesn’t make you any less of a guy”

No. 1102866

Literally looks like some dude dressed up as a woman for a comedy Youtube skit or something.

Goddamn the bar is set so low that I'm actually delighted to see someone just admit to being a pervert AGP instead of demanding everyone to call them ma'am. Like sure have your degenerate fetish and shit but keep it off actual women.

Well this explains why I see so many troons working at Starbucks.
>There’s people going bankrupt from cancer treatments and having to pay for their own dental work or eye care or whatever but troons are constantly begging for free money and unwilling to put any real effort in themselves.
It always breaks my heart honestly. People are left with their teeth rotting in their mouths and dying of cancer that would be curable with the right treatment yet these freaks are entitled to facial feminization surgery, one of the most vain and unnecessary surgeries there is.

No. 1102881

File: 1607431248935.jpg (166.01 KB, 1080x902, Screenshot_20201208_133333.jpg)

This reminded me of this person I found on reddit a while back, and hey and it looks like today is the big day!!

No. 1102883

My campus has a troon barista, so yeah they’re flocking to those jobs. It’s weird how they get cosmetic procedures covered in America of a places, we are so stringent when it comes to health insurance and barely cover anything but these people are above it.

No. 1102884

He’s going to die for some bolt on titties on an otherwise naturally saggy body. Also we’re still in a pandemic and a geriatric man is getting an elective surgery who the fuck are these doctors??

No. 1102885

File: 1607431822362.jpeg (100.33 KB, 750x453, 544FDF0E-6B77-4360-91E8-FC4F87…)

I came across that profile too. This post in particular induced nausea. I’m guessing by “female relative” he means granddaughter. Imagine your grandfather trying to breastfeed your baby. Chills.

No. 1102919

File: 1607438661369.png (70.42 KB, 743x452, Screenshot_2020-12-08 r asktra…)

Imagine if this was your grandfather

No. 1102962

Hope he gives us an update about how his neovag smells like poop, is leaking an unknown goo, and has chunks of rotting skin falling off.

No. 1102967

Imagine being a 70+ yo man who wants a baby bc it tried to suck his man tit. The kid would be an accessory. All for the fetish.

No. 1102976

File: 1607445168229.png (333.64 KB, 643x590, a74a228d83937613bc98be01e2b85f…)

Dodgy company selling hormones in cutesy anime shiny pink packaging

No. 1102991

File: 1607447461864.png (717.5 KB, 1895x915, anime.PNG)

Holy shit this website. Anime girl everything. they literally believe they'll look like an anime girl kek. https://otokonokopharma.com/

No. 1102995

File: 1607448058081.jpg (190.24 KB, 539x1191, purebrazilianhorsepiss.jpg)

Everything is out of stock, unsurprisingly. The claims on these bottles of pure Brazilian horse piss are amazing, this can get you real cis woman Tanner stage 5 titties with absolutely no side effects! I would feel bad for the people buying this shit if they weren't retarded degenerates.

No. 1103001


No. 1103004

samefag why cant cis women get cosmetic surgery to not be ugly but trans women can get it covered?
(((not that troons will ever be attractive)))

No. 1103008

File: 1607449032992.jpg (34.86 KB, 1072x199, Capture.JPG)


Seems so professional, inb4 a tranny claims "It's just branding"

No. 1103012

isn't it ~transphobic~ to name your sketchy hormone enterprise something that denotes crossdressing? might as well call it Autogynephiliac Pharmaceuticals kek

No. 1103032

wouldn't be surprised if this company is not tranny owned, no matter how hard they would claim to be. prob just opportunistic 4channers because their branding is too much even for trans. not saying this egregious shit doesn't work, since troons lack any critical thinking skills

No. 1103033

yikes leave this word alone, they were already retarded enough to sperg agains't the trap trope now they try to claim this?

No. 1103041

They sure know their target audience.

No. 1103042

File: 1607452179686.png (25.96 KB, 664x159, fjfj.PNG)

Lipstick alley has been called out by the Atlantic for being transphobic.

"The name the community has chosen for itself is the somewhat more palatable “gender critical,” though, as other feminists often point out, that name means nothing; all feminism is critical of gender. TERFs constitute “a minority of a minority of feminists,” says Grace Lavery, a UC Berkeley literature professor and writer. Nevertheless, this tiny group has attracted a disproportionate amount of attention in the past several years, in large part thanks to social-media platforms. Anti-trans feminists have a presence in many mainstream online spaces, including Twitter, “radfem” Tumblr, the Black women’s beauty forum Lipstick Alley, and the British parenting forum Mumsnet."

"Lavery is sympathetic to this reasoning, but she emphasizes that keeping TERFs in close proximity to trans women comes with a severe price: continued harassment, bad-faith attacks, and implied or explicit threats of violence. Lavery has spent years observing the way anti-trans activists target and terrorize trans women, including herself. “Trans people deserve to be online,” she told me"

In 2020 women talking shit is putting trans women more at risk than men who flat out threaten violence against trans women on twitter and on their forums.
Crazy they bring up Lipstick Alley a space for black women but not the spaces for black men that write long fan fictions of what they'd do if tricked by a trans woman. Funny they only focused on women, not men, but women. Men are killing trans women, but lets talk about Terfs on lipstick alley.

They go to spaces where we criticize trans women and then get mad that we are criticizing trans women. There are thousands of pro trans spaces online, to find one that isn't you actively have to look.


No. 1103043

lol it’s 2020 and women continue to be scapegoated for shit like this jfc

No. 1103044

"Nevertheless, this tiny group has attracted a disproportionate amount of attention in the past several years, in large part thanks to social-media platforms."
Every women I know with two functioning braincels is now a terf. It's almost as if some people were uncomfortable with feminism and wanted us to silence us. Women are always the "problem".

No. 1103051

People like this have some sort of mental defect that stops them seeing reality. I've lost count of how many times I've seen TERFs threatened with rape and violence by TRAs, yet I have never seen the opposite.

No mention of 4chan, 8kun or anywhere else where men post about how trannies deserve death, instead they single out mumsnet and lipstick alley because women aren't allowed to have men free spaces of their own.

No. 1103057

Right. The protected classes, men and men with wigs. Classic women ruin everything for men, this time with glitter

No. 1103060

>The name the community has chosen for itself is the somewhat more palatable “gender critical,” though, as other feminists often point out, that name means nothing
Pretending they don't understand what gc means so they can continue to slap the label "TERF" on any woman who disagrees with them, nice. I hate how the word TERF literally just means "woman who disagrees with my views on gender". I'm at the point where if I see someone call a woman a transphobic bigot I'm thankful that they didn't use the word "terf"

No. 1103068

>Trans people deserve to be online
That’s all they do lmao

No. 1103070

File: 1607454932196.jpg (38.18 KB, 480x360, bloody-shirts-degenderettes-ha…)

It's absurd and should have made it obvious to everyone their target is, and has always been, women. Terf IS a slur. TRAs paraded with baseball bats, sledgehammers and axes threatening to attack women who "threaten" them (disagree with them), and they were rewarded with a fucking exhibition.

No. 1103072

File: 1607454980241.jpg (31.57 KB, 496x372, axes-degenderette-hate-exhibit…)

>femme sledgehammer

No. 1103077

troons need acceptance from women most of all for their shit to stick. TRA ideology is so crazy they were bound to fail. Science denialism, attack on free speech, women's rights, child safeguarding: literally everyone is effected. The pushback from feminists only truly gained momentum when TRAs started attacking free speech/employment and children. Before that, the UK government were all too happy to dismantle women's sex-based rights, right under our noses. I will never forget that. fuck them to hell and back.

No. 1103080

some women feel they need protection more so than woman or child. When they say they are the most oppressed they mean over children.

At this point I can't see how you are a woman and put the needs of men who think they are women over the countless women being treated like shit 10 times more so then trans women.

Men treat trans women and women the same, because they'll kill, rape and harm us, yet we are supposed to hyper focus on trans women and somehow women have the tools to fix a male issue that we haven't even fixed for our damn selves.
then the same people claiming we should protect them, often threaten violence agaisnt us or will sleep, fuck or back men who harm us as long as they make them happy.

It's so backwards. Children are treated with less care then transwomen, they treat them like special needs children who can do no wrong.

No. 1103082

File: 1607455908920.jpg (97.64 KB, 727x687, 136846351.jpg)

we cissies just don't appreciate how easy we've had it being pressured into female beauty standards our whole lives. these troons who take a month off of work to learn to skinwalk just have it so much harder

No. 1103084

even though i know this article is serious it feels like a troll, how can you claim to be a feminist writer for the Atlantic and not know what the term gender critical means? have they not read more than one book on second wave feminism?

No. 1103094

It's true, cis women come out of the womb clutching makeup brushes and with a perfect phone voice. We are so lucky.

No. 1103101

Because no woman is ever derided or excluded for not being feminine enough. God these loons must have a complete inability to see nuance. Or willfully choose not to.

No. 1103109

>keeping TERFs in close proximity to trans women comes with a severe price: (…) implied or explicit threats of violence
thank god trans women would never threaten "TERFs" with violence!

No. 1103116

We take stuff "for granted" because we WERE " granted " it by being born as what you're aping, you shitwad

No. 1103121

File: 1607457691868.png (145.15 KB, 640x459, efsdDF42Ss.png)

> ugh cis girl get so much and take it for granted lol
This person also posted this

No. 1103127

File: 1607458729759.jpg (59.25 KB, 757x417, 84161.jpg)

the UK just banned blockers for kids so troon twitter is going ham victimizing themselves for their own natural physiologic development kek

No. 1103128


This is the fakest troll I've ever seen.
>Earning that much at 70
>Having viable tiddies at 70
>Any surgeon agreeing to essentially experimental GRS at 70

No. 1103132

I hope I live to see however this progresses in a few years, maybe people being attacked by their own biology by having blue eyes which they never agreed to and they should have free eye color changing surgery. The self-victimization is off the charts.

No. 1103145

anon no

No. 1103149

File: 1607459807073.jpg (174.05 KB, 732x911, pedophilia.jpg)

samefag, this is from a chaser not a troon but I have no words

No. 1103151

>ruining every kid's health for 0.3% of kids that grow up to be trannies
Makes cents.

No. 1103156

what the fuck

No. 1103157

It’s especially stupid because ~terves~ don’t want to be in close proximity to transwomen. They’ve always been very explicit about wanting their own spaces. Transwomen are the ones who keep forcing themselves into women’s spaces and bullying the actual women out.

This is definitely a pedophile.

No. 1103158

What would be the point in handing lube and condoms off at graduation? Are they going to give out finger cots? They don't have gentalia development,and they're not going to probably want sex.

No. 1103168

Is this yandev alt

No. 1103176

>Giving condoms and sex toys to kids about to start puberty
They aren't even trying to hide it

No. 1103177

This is just so stupid. Not only would it mean that brain development would be pushed back (legal adults with puberty brain - sounds great), but wtf is that shit about "sex toys at graduation" and "hasty exploration of sexualities"?! He's basically saying that puberty should be delayed and then be had all at once which is stupid af. Healthy puberty is stressful, but it doesn't get less stressful just because you're older. To the contrary, I can't imagine having to juggle a life with all kinds of commitments and also going through puberty.

No. 1103184

You can just tell he wrote this one-handed…

No. 1103194

File: 1607463231136.jpeg (721.45 KB, 1242x1170, A11E762F-AB61-44E6-B4C9-037E9B…)

Something something deliberate misdirection

No. 1103215

File: 1607465439312.jpeg (60.66 KB, 850x550, 79D90588-7E8D-4405-A68D-CA30FC…)

Cracks me up that they need to go to a very specific website, dedicated to women of colour, just to complain about getting their feelings hurt.

>Implied or explicit threats of violence

What threats? I never see that shit coming from women. And men that kill trans women are obviously so far removed from being feminists they can only be called TERF in bad faith to make a point. Like those thugs that were filmed harassing and stealing from trans women were feminists really?

Also, they get their feelings hurt and? And what happens next is they take up an axe and start bashing random innocent people. Oh but evil feminists, with their evil words, are the ones that are violent.

Funny how they try and pass it off as symbolism but then get literally violent. If it wasn’t so dreadfully serious it’d almost be funny.

No. 1103228

Am I the only tinfoil in here who honestly thinks shit like this is at least in parts some bannonite psyop? Radicalizing organic incels into either white supremacy or troonery, both ideologies turning them into aggressive social outcasts that absorb society's attention ressources by having to deal with them one way or another.

No. 1103235

Imagine someone taking this seriously and actually buying these counterfeit hormones from a seedy as hell site like this. Or much less putting them into their body. Mento illness man

How are they going to attack LSA when they can't pull the white racist bitch karen card on them?

Absolutely loving how they keep trying to compare r/GC to subs like watchpeopledie or Qanon. You can just smell how the writer was seething over this issue and couldn't just stop sperging about evil terves writing about their peak trans "conversion stories" and how they're brainwashed in the evil coven going after poor, defenseless troons.

No. 1103250

The Ovarit owner just posted the whole interview w the author of the article if any anons are interested.


No. 1103265

Name checks out. This reads like his sick fetish

No. 1103272

this is a tinfoil and a wishful thinking on my part, but i think we are starting to see the downfall of tra ideology. they are getting more and more bold and sooner or later troons will start attacking straight men. the entire tra movement is sketchy as fuck already, so it wouldn't take long for normies to drop any pretense of "acceptance" they had. the only reason trans are tolerated is because they have been riding the victim card for so long. once the downfall starts, there will be no going back for them, since the whole movement has no legs to stand on anyway.

imo a couple of decades later people will be looking back at this time and treat it just like 60's "free love" shit

No. 1103275

Joseph "Grace" Lavery has a KF thread if anyone's interested. TL;DR he's a typical AGP who treats his wife (who became a TIF) like shit. Their social media posts tell a clear story of a woman (the TIF) who places even the tiniest of her husband's whims above her own needs. They've even admitted to dissociating during sex. Suffice to say, I'm not interested in what this emotionally absent chauvinist thinks of black women's opinions.

How much of a retard does someone have to be to not understand what "gender critical" means? """TERFs""" are people who are critical of the view of gender pushed by trannies and libfems. It's not rocket science.

Even when biological women experience troonphobia, MtFs make it about themselves anyway. In TRA land, you're only relevant if you were born with a penis.

I like how the person who wrote the article (who I partially suspect is a troon) said
>I don't want to mischaracterize your beliefs
to one of the mods of the "TERF" site she wrote about. What a lying twat, that's precisely what she did. The mod explained very clearly why GC is not affiliated with the alt-right, but the """"jounralist"""" turned around and implied it in her article anyway. I bet the reason why none of the mod's quotes were included in the article was because they're too based and the chickenshit author was worried it would peak people. Here are some of my favorite things the GC mod said:
>I believe that in a truly feminist society, men, women, boys, and girls would be able to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives without having to change their bodies or how they behave to conform to societal gender norms.
>I also believe that the medical community has an ethical obligation to be fully transparent about the potential risks of these surgeries and hormone therapies, especially when being used on children. Puberty blockers, for example, are not FDA approved for the purpose of gender therapy in children, and the long-term effects of the use of these drugs in this way has not been studied.
>I think you're scrounging a bit for examples to justify the narrative that you've been told and that, to be fair, you'll have to re-tell or else risk being called "hateful" yourself. I get it. Being canceled isn't easy.
Fucking based. This woman deserves to be a professional writer way more than the retard the Atlantic sicced on her.

No. 1103296

File: 1607472918518.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, DA91EB41-DF5D-472F-805B-30A53B…)

I don’t know if this person has been posted before, but I sincerely apologise for this monstrosity. @dressupqueen on IG seems to identify as a Latina aka a woman. He uses a fake breast plate or whatever and posts pictures where one can clearly see the outline of his micro penis. Again, I apologise.

Will post more saged photos from his IG

No. 1103297

File: 1607472994176.png (Spoiler Image,2.24 MB, 750x1334, 810FFB15-240B-492B-98FE-A21EAC…)

No. 1103298

I hate that they're able to come for a "black women's beauty forum" for their transphobia, but pointing out the rampant racism in the trans community makes you a terf. Why are MTFs protected by their minority status and allowed to say what they want but black women can't say anything remotely gender critical?

The domestic and sexual abuse and the discrimination and prejudice faced disproportionately by women is generally what makes women gender critical. But they push all that under the rug and call it terf shit.

A handful of trans women are murdered a year, which is awful, but nowhere near the number for women. So why aren't women given the same protection to speak out about something that feels wrong to them? Women are right to be cautious about who they let in their spaces. We live in a world where a women who falters in any way - who trusts the wrong person or walks down the wrong street or wears the wrong clothes - can be blamed for her own death. Why should they lie down and go against their gut for fear of being called a terf? They'll be punished for their "tolerance" if something bad happens.

No. 1103300

File: 1607473071066.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 750x1334, 7D0493DD-7349-49AE-A710-C050C5…)

Shit. Forgot to spoiler the last post.

No. 1103301

File: 1607473189977.jpg (148.57 KB, 781x1200, EMNGS6oU8AAnths.jpg)

No. 1103309

>Why are MTFs protected by their minority status and allowed to say what they want but black women can't say anything remotely gender critical?

Because they're men, and the opinions, perspectives, and feelings of males will always be more valid in the eyes of these idiots like at the Atlantic than anyone else.

The New York Times does this a lot, too.

No. 1103314

File: 1607473792402.jpg (63.66 KB, 737x291, tme.jpg)

>only relevant if you were born with a penis
100%, that's why TME (transmisogyny exempt) is now a thing these people say. they can't just be lesbians, they have to be the MOST OPPRESSED lesbians, unlike those privileged TME sapphics who didn't have to surgically rearrange their genitalia

No. 1103316

I think it'll peak in the next 3-5 years and then they're gonna be hoisted by their own petard. A lot of the stuff they're doing/saying is hypocritical and WILL backfire when it leaks further out into the real world and people start examining it.

For example:
>Bringing up stats of trans murder victims - what are the stats of trans criminals and why are they disproportionately higher when it comes to sexual offences?
>Talking about how gender isn't defined by biology - so why do they need surgery or hormones paid for by insurance or taxpayer money?
>Talking about women being terfs - so why do they want to be in these spaces with them?
>Talking about how people should be more progressive when it comes to gender - so why are they still buying into stereotypical gendered stuff like "I like pink and so I'm female"?
>Talking about how lesbians should still be attracted to MTFs or they're transphobic - then what is sexuality? Do the rights of the LGB take second place to the rights of the T?

Plus I think now that surgery and hormones are pretty common, we'll hit that "what did we do" stage in a few years. I think people will either regret what they've done completely when they realise the long term effects or they'll regret doing it at a point in time where no medical intervention can actually make you biologically the other gender. As great as our science and medicine is, we've seen the neo genitals and we know they're not like the real thing.

No. 1103323

This is 100% a scam run by trannies to scam other trannies like Trans Lifeline was/is, summary video here for anyone who wants to laugh and has some time to spare. If it's not tranny owned then it must be someone who is impressively enough aware of MtFs' obsession w anime and is smart enough to make bank off of it.
MK Fain is actually a writer (on top of being a programmer) and has some great articles. I agree with you, it says something that the author didn't even put in the fundamental definition of radical feminism or gender critical beliefs because they aren't hateful at all LOL. It kills me how deliberately deceptive this is while there's hardly any articles linking the manosphere to actual violence in the real world.

No. 1103328

The fact that they want trans-only groups and conversations shows that they know women and trans women have vastly different experiences, socialisation and behaviour. Yet female spaces have to be opened up for them?

We can't have a place to discuss female issues without them, knowing they can't relate, but they can create a space without us, knowing that we can't relate? When feminists focus on things like abortion rights, vagina issues and sexism, it's not inclusive enough, but they don't make any changes in their conversation to make women more comfortable. There was an anon in this thread that couldn't vocalise her feelings on her own assault because it made people think she was transphobic - nobody tried to make her feel included or comfortable. She needed a safe space more than most and she didn't get one because for some reason everyone expects women to bow to everyone else.

No. 1103331

No. 1103345

File: 1607475783715.jpeg (265.7 KB, 750x1210, 5E77AC2C-15F3-446A-8E96-7965F7…)

I hate to do this to you anon.

No. 1103361

File: 1607477247197.gif (1.32 MB, 480x330, giphy.gif)

I need help tracing a reddit troon. By far the most delusional tranny regarding his appearance. A stocky, middle aged gay guy whose username was Daphnerocks or something, does that ring any bells? (I might be mixing up two different accounts).

A few months back, he posted his new tit job. He had about 50 selfies in a blonde wig and pink stuffed crop top, black miniskirt and stockings. He posted himself protesting a bathroom bill somewhere… Vancouver? He had dark, blank eyes, HUMONGOUS beak nose and creepy smile. I've been searching and searching for him, but can't find him! grr! I'll be so disappointed if turns out he deleted his content.

No. 1103371

File: 1607478284515.jpg (396.16 KB, 1908x1146, 4C09ADB200000578-0-image-a-52_…)

randomly realized teddy geiger transitioned and his twitter is weird as fuck - is he straight up mentally ill? this is the stuff literal schizophrenics believe and there are so many links like this on there


No. 1103372

holly conrad was a man the whole time??

No. 1103375

>"permanent" makeup

oh lord

No. 1103387

File: 1607481315665.jpg (1.11 MB, 1536x1546, IMG_4982.jpg)

I scrolled past this on my news app and now you have to see it too.

No. 1103389

Teddy went from newly out trans to internet schizo pretty fast. He was trying to release music as "Teddy<3" a while back.

No. 1103391


it is a crime that these people are allowed to breed

No. 1103394

If you want to see a prime example of such e-begging in action, try the Kevryn Gibes thread on The Other Farms. Someone calculated he's grifted over 1.5k in small amounts "for bills" this year alone. They're also sure it's his credit card bill for the toys he compulsively buys.

No. 1103396

File: 1607481860361.jpeg (201.95 KB, 1180x759, F2019691-85BD-4F3A-B8A2-372099…)

>when trans women start becoming pregnant regularly

They really live in an alternate reality don’t they.

No. 1103411

They transitioned to a 40 year old lesbian and a 60 year old behemoth. Save the child.

No. 1103425

File: 1607484664825.jpeg (941.62 KB, 828x1344, D2B95E30-2A8F-4B8F-A599-53EC29…)

No. 1103467

>has a dick
>doesn’t see a problem with dating lesbians
They can’t keep getting away with it

No. 1103477


The saddest posts are troons with wives or girlfriends (usually coming out during the relationship) and it’s so fucked up. I don’t even post them here generally because they’re just sad.
And there’s so many posts with troons suddenly “coming out” WHILE their wife/girlfriend is pregnant or shortly after they give birth. Like how much of a selfish pornsick piece of shit do you have to be to do that to somebody, especially to a pregnant or postpartum woman. Now those poor women are either trapped with a monstrosity as a “partner,” who will demand more validation and attention than the literal child, and put themselves above the child (like the dad in the last thread who abandoned his homeless daughter, “for his own wellbeing”) or have to break up and raise a child alone as a single mother, likely without even getting child support since troons are always either jobless or spend every dime on their plastic surgeries and “gender affirming” things, while their ex prances around online calling themselves “a mother” and getting asspats and praise for “being true to themself” despite fucking up everybody else’s lives in the process

It wasn’t like that when you dated as a man because I’m assuming you were dating straight women.. as a man.. now you’re dating LESBIANS.. as a man. Not exactly rocket science, buddy.

No. 1103495

Do they really, truly not know? I cannot wrap my mind around it. Just so delusional. Also ot but does someone know what that drink is? It looks good!

No. 1103503

It is SO refreshing to see some honestly. Still wouldn’t want this guy in the female restroom though.
>Doesn’t this totally obliterate the meaning of womanhood?
Ugh he really is so close to getting it. He’s just too stupid to realize that womanhood isn’t a “social role,” how you dress, or how many surgeries you get. That is what’s insulting.

No. 1103507

He could be moderately attractive straight dude if he wanted, he doesn't have to pretend to be a lesbian

No. 1103510

Agreed but as they say, never underestimate the power of the fetish….

No. 1103522

like even now he still who doesn't look to far gone, like dude just try a decent male wardrobe and he could gain many female admirers

No. 1103546

Tifs and Tims shouldn't date each other, the sexual dimorphism makes them look extremely uncanny when put side by side with each other. Very few transpeople are passing enough to make it work visually. I know though these people are probably just straight and can't find a cis partner.

No. 1103556

wtf when did harry potter get with molly weasley???

No. 1103558

Kiwis can help you more then we can

No. 1103559

we all know the incel to troon pipeline but this is the first case of troon to incel pipeline I've seen

No. 1103562

That's the most common theme among all of them, aside from hating women. Absolute delusion and entitlement. While they can get surgeries to try to change their biology, they can't change their psychology. Btw, looks like a pink drink without the strawberries.

No. 1103576


Why does reading this activate my fight or flight response. It went from 0 to 100 real quick. No child wants to "explore" their "new" sexuality and gender when they hit puberty days before. It's like this creep wants to farm emotionally vulnerable children or something. So fucked up.

No. 1103581

Oh nooo


Instant way to gender yourself

No. 1103594

File: 1607513941279.png (702.39 KB, 598x554, 521185EF-98B8-4F9A-A24A-AA9DFA…)

not sure if the contrapoints thread is more appropriate for this but jenny nicholson was kind of hilarious for posting this pic

No. 1103596

File: 1607513983030.jpg (169.19 KB, 1200x862, 20201209_113548.jpg)

The replies to this are incel tier

No. 1103601

Mother fucker pulled out a taser and pepper spray because a woman didn't want his dick and called him out, holy shiiiittt

No. 1103606

File: 1607516141693.png (1.72 MB, 1187x606, hontra.PNG)

lol'd when i spotted him in one of her vids. he looks huge

No. 1103609


literally using it only to hurt women, in a MALL. he really doesn't understand that women use those weapons because most of us cannot overpower men. To them is probably a reaffirmation that they are women, even though they still use their fists to beat up women who tell them no.

How very male of him.

No. 1103612

TERFs on lesbian dating apps are deceptive for claiming to be feminists but trans women (calling it that for the sake of) who don’t disclose aren’t. Okay. This would be absolutely crazy and laughable if it wasn’t supported not only by their insane community, but allies to it. It’s dangerous. I feel so bad for bi girls and of course lesbians especially on dating apps. Just waiting for the day a tranny to kill one for rejecting them as men are wont to do…wonder if that’ll change people’s minds.

No. 1103613

>what’s wrong with it?
Probably that it’s pedophilic idk. Imagine getting sex toys as graduation gifts, what the fuck kind of planet do they live on?

No. 1103617

and everyone clapped

No. 1103632

No. 1103642

Wow there's a lot to unpack with this one. Notice the frequent use of "bitch" and "cunt." Replace "TERF" with "femoid" and this is just an incel's screed.

Anyway, none of that shit happened. Because the woman didn't initiate a physical altercation, what he did (or says he did kek) would be assault. Here's what I think actually happened: a woman rejected him and he took out a taser to threaten her, so she went to mall security and now he's banned.

No. 1103668

I'm gonna get banned for this but idc.
I'm trans mtf. Came out at 17. Started hormones at 18, got srs at 22. I'm 24 now.
Was always primarily male attracted, had several bfs throughout my teens.
Yes I crossdressed as a kid. Was it sexual for me? No.
Is crossdressing a sexual fetish for a lot of trannies, especially female attracted ones? Yes. And they creep me out as well.
Do I think I'm female? No. But I am a trans woman. I'll never be biologically female and that's hard to accept but it's better than being delusional.
Yes I find the freaks posted here as disgusting and hilarious as you do.
I also think you're a bunch of seething bitter hags, although justifiably motivated by bad experiences with freaks calling themselves trans.
No I don't know what shit you had to deal with as cis women irl and growing up.
But I experienced harassment, being shouted at, spat at, assaulted by strangers while early in transition so don't think it's easy for us either.
TERF ideology is as schizo and anti-science as trans ideology.
Surgery and hormones solved my dysphoria, but reduced the number of people attracted to me significantly. Don't regret it.
Most transitioners today are going to regret it, lack self-awareness and can't see it's just a fad they're going through.

You don't care about any of what I'm saying I'm sure. You don't want me here.
But a cis female friend linked me this thread, and fuck you it's good if you actually hear from an actual tranny once in your lives if you're going to dedicate your time to making threads taking about us.
If it reinforces your disgust idc, that's fine lol. At least it's justified by actually hearing from a tran now.(DILATE)

No. 1103669

>TERF ideology is as schizo and anti-science as trans ideology.
Please explain this one point.

No. 1103672

Why can't you just ignore bait? holy fuck

No. 1103674

Listen I'm sure you're a nice person, this thread is not a representative of Gender Critical feminists, it's for mocking crazy trannies
I do believe there is very small minority that might require actual transition but 90% of TIMs are fetishts

No. 1103675

>>'But I experienced harassment, being shouted at, spat at, assaulted by strangers while early in transition so don't think it's easy for us either'.

Self imposed harrassment during your troonsition does not equate female childhood dumb fuck

No. 1103676

you're no less delusional or different from the other dudes in this thread just because you call them trannies lol, you're all equally trying to force people go along with your stereotype driven fantasy of being a woman. the shit you go through isn't a female issue, or a woman's issue, we're not obligated to give a fuck. go dilate etc

No. 1103677

You could’ve just lived your life as a normal man and suffer in silence on the inside, but you choose to troon out and be a freak. you’re crying about being harassed when it was your choice lmao

No. 1103681

Oh yeah, such a nice person using misogynistic terms and being just as delusional as the regular tranny.

No. 1103683

> fuck you it's good if you actually hear from an actual tranny once in your lives if you're going to dedicate your time to making threads taking about us.

we’re here because we hear about and from you all the goddamn time, i didnt peak until i started spending more time with trans women and they were all fucking creepy and awful, us having a place to laugh at people being stupid in public doesnt hurt you unless you are also being stupid in public, get a fucking grip

No. 1103684

Stop giving the scrote attention, it's clearly what he came here for.

Also just so we're clear: this isn't a GC thread, it's a thread for trans cows.

No. 1103686

Well said anon. Anyone who took the bait can enjoy their bans.

No. 1103697

File: 1607529600146.jpeg (231.22 KB, 523x953, D34E0D94-EF03-41B9-A3B8-80A3F9…)

Just thought I’d share this little fantasy here lmao.

Also “feminists= ugly, manly, nobody wants to date them!!!!” How original. Not like that’s the standard misogynist’s insult.


No. 1103699

sounds straight up like an autistic pedophilic fantasy from hell. why do they always gotta involve children in some way? the clothing, speaking like an uWu smol retard, wanting to watch women give birth…

No. 1103711

File: 1607530480319.jpeg (40.1 KB, 350x708, C364AE63-89C2-4967-BDFB-E19D62…)

Literally this

No. 1103714

File: 1607530745821.jpeg (9.39 MB, 4032x4030, 800D8BA5-0FF7-4E51-B8C7-92B239…)

>>1103697 again sorry but
Holy shit I just noticed >>1103596 is the same reddit user. And they’re the same user which posted this (pic/link related) which I’m pretty sure has been posted here in previous threads


No. 1103715

reddit has r/thathappened as one of their very popular subreddits yet redditors are so fucking blind when it comes to spotting fake or hyperbolic stories, big surprise.

No. 1103719

File: 1607531094499.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4032x2266, 212FEF5F-04C9-44F0-BFBE-7D1394…)

This ^ was posted about a year ago, and he posted this comment like half a year ago saying they just got out of jail. It adds up too because there’s a huge time gap in his comment history where he didn’t post at all for about half a year so I guess they were in jail for about that long (he’s usually a regular poster/commenter) so I wonder if he actually went to jail for this incident? Or another incident around the same time? And then he made this post like a month ago and apparently got arrested again. >>1103596
Sounded pretty exaggerated or fake but tbh the parts about him being violent seem like they might be true. Disturbing. His post/comment history is a goldmine.


No. 1103733

We are NOT cis women or terfs. WE ARE
W O M E N. Lol fucking trannies like this eclipsing and invalidating real bio WOMEN by taking over our gender/ sex identity terms. We've become "cis women," "terfs" now instead of being called what we ARE, WOMEN.
Also, these troons will say anything to justify their fetishes and mental illness, trying to normalise it when it's fucking degenerate.

Fuck off this BIOLOGICAL XX WOMENS' board and go get fucked by daddy up your stinkin' maggoty incel rot pocket you call a "vagina."
We don't want smelly dirty incel rot pocket troons shitting up our spaces. Kek you actually coming here, imposing yourself on us to express yourself like we should give a fuck what you think. L E A V E.

No. 1103735

They know it’s fake but would rather validate them

No. 1103750

and then everyone in the toy store turned around and clapped. by the way, that little girl? none other than Albert Einstein. true story.

No. 1103760

File: 1607533959968.jpg (123.83 KB, 1317x1049, OljRRtS.jpg)

No. 1103762

I'm beginning to think this account is a deepfake. Don't get me wrong– I totally believe there are troons at there at are just as psychotic if not moreso. My issue is that he never posts pictures of himself (legitimately unusual for a Reddit troon) and he gets pushback even from other troons. For instance he got downvoted to hell for posting a loli in a transition goals sub.

No. 1103767

File: 1607534439843.jpg (199.22 KB, 1080x710, 20201209_171948.jpg)

This story is a complete /r/thathappened material. You have an evil woman (old and ugly so we are sure to hate her, because only beautiful women are worth something), an enlightened child and the quirky protoganist. Also, I went through this person's comment history and it is pure cancer. I choose to believe this person is trolling to make more people peak.
Pic related. Why dont women want to be UwU anime girls UwU. What do you mean, women want to be seen as serious people and not as sexualized children, you fucking terf, die.

No. 1103770

File: 1607534520763.png (34.52 KB, 977x272, dhdh.PNG)

"dark, hulking, ape like" wow.

and this is from that thread, only very fat and ugly women hate on "tits on a stick' trans women, we are so Jelly.

No. 1103771

they come off like the angry gay men or the entitled bitter straight men that they are. Everyone who has anything to say about them is jealous and manly.
It's seriously retarded.

No. 1103774

I think he's projecting lmao. Most of the AGPs I've seen are hulking apes. Also, "tits on a stick" probably translates to "scrawny shapeless man with bolt-ons."

No. 1103778

I'm losing it I had no idea contra was so large

No. 1103779

He's a man, anon. A handsome man, at one point.

No. 1103781

no matter how hard they try to sound female the scrote language always jumps out

No. 1103785

File: 1607536451041.png (107.73 KB, 964x546, Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 11.5…)

"How could women hate us? Those fat, ugly cunts!" Beyond parody.
I feel like diy laser treatment is a bad idea. Something about the nature of fucking lasers just gives me that impression.

No. 1103798

Debatable lmao

No. 1103820

File: 1607539418711.jpeg (427.97 KB, 1125x2493, 15C3F9C0-68AB-4EC6-B452-81F5FE…)


No. 1103834

File: 1607540940453.jpeg (41.01 KB, 570x374, 33FDCF35-05FC-487B-8DD9-6053D2…)

Kek agreed, maybe cute enough in a basic way, though.

No. 1103835

I may be a disgusting bitter schizo TERF hag but at least I'm a real woman lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103862

>Like how much of a selfish pornsick piece of shit do you have to be to do that to somebody, especially to a pregnant or postpartum woman.
It's on purpose, anon. Plenty of abusers and narcs only start to let the mask slip once they feel the other person is in too deep to cut and run, and pregnancy is a perfect opportunity for that. Plus the added narc rage from all the public attention going to the mother and child, and more of the mother's attention going to the child instead of him means they have to do something to get the spotlight instead.

No. 1103892

Why is so much journalism I see today about random internet forums and twitter drama? I don't give a fuck about that, I want to read reporting and opinions on important matters actually happening around the world. And this one isn't even well-written. Articles like this would never have been accepted in past decades.

Any idiots who fall for this get what they deserve.

No. 1103914

Wait, is he saying that he always gets "misgendered"/called a man? Because yeah, if his face looks this bad I'm sure the rest of his body doesn't look any more womanly.

No. 1103918

File: 1607545669326.jpg (44.65 KB, 750x866, qtmgg5c3oc641.jpg)

One reddit fantasy-prone gay tranny (who claimed his hair removal costing 10s of thousands of pounds was payed for by the NHS… I read that while my neighbour had to go private & pay 10s of thousands pounds for risky brain surgery, I hope to fucking god the tranny's story was bullshit) made up a story of coming out of a corner shop passing a girl and her bf, the gf seething with jealousy makes a snarky remark about his appearance (uWu jEalOuS) the tranny turns on his heel and reveals that her bf "seemed to enjoy me last Friday night, right tom?", gf looks unconvinced and smug until she turns round and sees her bf's red, guilty face and realising it's all TOTALLY true, she screams out in pain "why can't I be as pretty?!", pulling at her hair, eyes filling with tears, she takes one last jealous glance at the 6ft troon, before running away sobbing… apparently.

Even the other trannies weren't buying this obvious bullshit story and he got MEGA pissed. "YEAH LIKE WELL IT DID HAPPEN, WOT U THINK I'D MAKE STUFF UP? ABSOLUTE HATERS! ackshually I have a life!! bye felicia" He got so wound up he was sperging on twitter and his youtube channel for weeks. His YT channel was gold too, it documented his alleged sugababy antics and how he was the "secret" baby of an unnamed but famous billionaire LMAO. He asked viewers not to share this super BIG DEAL secret that he was broadcasting on the internet… trannies are so dumb it hurts.

No. 1103926

that cis feeeemale is not a very good friend. Going out of her way to find a thread making fun of delusional AGPs and sending it to her twans girl friend to get triggered and mocked. Maybe she's secretly one of us kek.

No. 1103930

File: 1607546264857.gif (25.82 KB, 640x53, 1605242658987.gif)


No. 1103963

File: 1607548023869.png (979.58 KB, 720x1009, Capture _2020-12-09-22-04-09-1…)

The post in question. This guy seems like a huge cow if he isn't trolling.

No. 1103964

File: 1607548049111.png (171.98 KB, 720x966, Capture _2020-12-09-22-04-24.p…)

No. 1103966

Definitely a troll

No. 1103974

Oh boy, of course he also posted in the Lolita sub.

No. 1104003

Ah yes the ole pedo loophole, a 7000 year old child.

No. 1104022

Seems like a lot of dedication to trolling to go off his account for a few months to fake being in prison though. >>1103719 Some of his posts are definitely fake fantasy stories like the “hulking woman” one but I definitely believe it’s a real troon and some posts are real/his real feelings.

No. 1104049

Adult young women who look younger than they are don't look like this at all unless they suffer from some extremely rare condition that prevented their growth, like the two actors in Freaks. And even that's just reaching. This guy is either trolling or a legit incel shut-in who only interacts with his mom irl.

No. 1104072

realistically that troon isnt going to get that shit all within a year and also working another full time job. Especially with Corona unless his Store manager is a chaser and loves him and is willing to fuck over other employees.
Sage because starbucks & insurance sperging
I know starbucks has changed a lot with Corona and im not with corporate anymore but heres how it ran pre covid; and im sure covid just made it worse.

To start the whole insurance process you need to opt in during the opt in months; twice a year or be in one of the few states which let you opt in anytime as long as you maintain 20 hours per week.
Starbucks is always cutting labor hours; so his store better be hurting for partners which will drain his entitled ass making him a lazy/shitty worker (and have him avoid shifts or not get scheduled because no one wants to work with him) or hell go in and out of eligibility unless he volunteers to pick up shifts as often as possible and work at other stores. He has a full time job so his Manager would realistically/hopefully try to keep other people on their health care/give those labor hours to people needing them and struggling to pay rent.

If he doesnt demand the 20 hours and health care specifically he likely will go in and out of eligibility because it happens all the time. Especially if you get sick and need to miss a few days but cant earn back other days.

Since starbucks is all we accept everyone it attracts some troons but ive never seen them last more than a few months because its a lot of cleaning and fast pace work. And they never want to work hard

No. 1104075

honestly this, every time a troon starts dropping his violent fantasies I'm just happy that I have the body of an actual woman that no surgery or snake oil pill will ever give them no matter how many terves they beat up.

No. 1104082

File: 1607557782669.jpeg (84.12 KB, 750x563, 8AA5F27C-AEAB-4ACC-A4AE-3CABF7…)

>men would NEVER go through the trouble of abusing the system and faking being trans just to rape, creep on, or hurt women!!

Kek they’ll literally do it to save some money on car insurance, I have no doubt predators would do it to make preying on women/children easier. I hate this narrative that predators “wouldn’t go that far.” Like.. they’re literally willing to risk their job, reputation, family and freedom and go to jail, they’ll go to school and training for years to get certain jobs that put them in easier positions to harm women/children, they’ll act like “a nice guy” for months or years to gain a woman’s trust before they start becoming abusive, they’ll go to great lengths to satisfy themselves and cover it up.

Troons made it super easy in certain states to change your legal gender, you don’t even need to be on HRT it get GRS in some places, so why would predator males be opposed to filling out a 10 minute form at city office to make it easier?

No. 1104100

People have been doing this in Canada for a long time. Wouldn't surprise me if our insurance was equalized for both genders.

No. 1104187


Has there been even one single instance of a known terf killing a tranny? Even one? Just in general, how many troons are killed by women? Next to none? Why are they so fucking concerned about us

No. 1104203

wasn't there a guy who "transitioned" to a woman so he could retire quicker, cause the legal age requirement for retiring was lower for women in his country, and he made no effort to even pretend to be a woman, he just presented 100% as a man and Trannies were seething at him

No. 1104208

That kind of piss me off, it was the case in my country as well but men noticed that insurance was more expensive for them (because while women do get involved in more accidents, they’re mostly cosmetics while men in majority end up in intensive care, or straight up kill people). They complained and now women’s rates went up.

That annoys me so much too because they then change their gender to female, continue doing dumb male stuff and we end up with news articles and data samples being skewed.

No. 1104214

I mean it's shitty but I respect someone pretend transitions and makes no respect to present as a woman just to get tax brakes way more then 99% of TIMs

No. 1104218

That's not Jenny Nicholson on the left, is it?
please no

No. 1104220

File: 1607572094152.jpeg (1.74 MB, 3024x4030, A093AC97-C6E5-4CAF-8B66-6AD98F…)

It was cross posted to r/MTF (that’s where I found it) and most of the top comments were crying about discrimination against men. No mention of the risks to women’s safety if men can just exploit this and fake being women anytime. Even OP who posted it was only concerned about it “not being fair if people use trans rights for their personal benefit” and “TERFs will use this as “evidence”” Just worried about themselves.

Funny how toons care about men’s rights but not women’s rights… wonder why that is /s

No. 1104284

Holy shit. I recognize this troon from an FB group I’m in. It’s a she-Ra fandom group, and obviously I’m a lesbian, but the group is overflowing with troons because lesbians can’t have anything. They even had to add troon mods because people sperged out that the group wasn’t “inclusive” enough.

No. 1104312

File: 1607587271697.png (366.19 KB, 2000x1000, 1607571686282.png)

Fuckin forgot there was a new thread

No. 1104322

wait so are troons trying to do im not like other troons thing now? "all these other troops are weird and mentally ill but I'm not" (even though they are clearly mentally ill since they can't accept that they are a man)

No. 1104329

File: 1607590281175.jpeg (67.3 KB, 750x475, DD53676D-01A0-47B3-8CA9-0D08B1…)

We’re going to see this guy in the news for cutting opens a pregnant woman’s stomach.

No. 1104332

>Terves are just ugly butch cunts that didn't have the guts to transition like we did!!!
This is their new cope?

I'm going to admit that maleContra was sort of a cute guy in a nerdy, twinky way and now he just looks like the archetypal hon. Just proves that a good looking man wouldn't make a convincing woman.

As someone who has known a moderate amount of reporters they spend a lot of time online scourging for drama and then write thinkpieces and "investigative journalism" on some forum because they think the normies reading it won't be immersed in the culture enough to realize their factual errors so they can pretty much just step on a soapbox to preach their word. Editors just let them do whatever because it all gets filed under the "Internet" category anyway and no normies are interested in that.

No. 1104334

I don’t understand these are both awful

No. 1104335

As stupid as it is to split hairs when all troons are some shade of mentally ill, I think their community could benefit from some NLOG (NLOT?) gatekeeping. People like the guy on the right need someone to reel them in and shame them for being creepy, and other troons are basically the only people they'll listen to.

No. 1104336

Oh,I'm not really terf (I'm the person who drew it) I actually am very neutral on trans people. I just really really fucking dislike anime troons. Honestly don't mind hsts troons. I just thought it'd be a funny little drawing. Hardcore AGP vs HSTS(nobody cares)

No. 1104340

How come nobody seems to have any respect for lesbians btw? Troons,men,women even. Nobody seems to have any basic respect for lesbians. Men say stuff like "lesbians can be fixed" and straight women call themselves lesbians for some reason,troons try and force themselves on women through the guise of social justice. I think the most annoying thing to me is that people started to disrespect lesbians even more when the trans community became more prominent. Remember when we were all told how rare transgender people were back in the days of like 2014,2015? Wtf happened? Now every guy with limp wrists and a taste for hentai has decided that they're trans.(derailing)

No. 1104347


No. 1104349

They would, but let's be real even the "good troons" don't really give a shit about women or feel any solidarity towards them despite skinwalking our gender. They're only concerned with how AGP freaks make "them" look. You never see them showing any sympathy towards the women who have their rights taken away. I don't have that much against HSTSs because I just see them as vulnerable gay men but I'm not holding my breath expecting them to stand by us.

Because men can't fuck them and because straight women are taught that gay people in general are predatory and rapey and that lesbians are embarrassing, disgusting bulldykes who "make all women look bad".

No. 1104350

Honestly I agree with that too. Just like some gay or lesbians will call each other out for using their sexuality to be pushy around het people, trans really need to drop the “everyone and everything is valid”.

Some of them do exist and will agree that trans women can’t compete in women categories for example, but if they’re too vocal they get harassed by the trans police.

No. 1104353

File: 1607596034362.png (305.47 KB, 1460x1196, fw.png)

No. 1104358

>cis women would not be treated like this
Which alternate universe internet is this guy on and how do I get access to it?

No. 1104359

>Experienced master of internet retribution
holy shit kek imagine writing this shit with a straight face

No. 1104375

>my womanhood is authentic

keep telling yourself that bruv, we will never view males as women.

>all trans people on reddit will continue to thrive while you wither an age haggardly behind your keyboards

hilarious when men say shit like this when they age like cream in the sun. Fat stubbly potato faces with receding hairlines and long disgusting stringy greasy hair wearing trashy polyester, smelling like old sweat. HRT makes them age even worse too, the delusion of scrotes is unmatched

No. 1104387

As though trannies on Reddit aren't the haggard ones behind the keyboard kek where is the self awareness baby boy!

No. 1104391

File: 1607606110557.jpeg (68.11 KB, 493x353, E50E1791-2DAA-4F09-84BE-07551A…)

>that some of you can be saved before it’s too late
That’s such a cult-like thing to say, what the fuck.

No. 1104396

File: 1607606998147.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, AB4A4E48-28D6-4DA5-9C89-6163AC…)

No. 1104407

Imagine hating women so much that seeing a random pregnant lady evokes violent impulses. Nice assumption that she "doesn't appreciate" her own fucking pregnancy, how can you possibly know that by looking at someone?

No. 1104416

Because she probably isn't talking about it, having people touch her belly, and lamenting on the joys of motherhood as loudly a possible at every possible moment. She might even be talking about how her back hurts, her feet are swollen, how she has to pee constantly, how she can't sleep…how unappreciative, that is a LIFE in there! He would never complain in the slightest if he were pregnant! In fact, he'd find euphoric, possibly sexual pleasure out of pregnancy like a REAL woman. Unlike this ungrateful b–.

No. 1104430

Streisand Effect in action kek. Maybe if you don't want people making fun of you, don't announce to the internet that you jerk off to pictures of little girls and get kicked out of malls for trying to tase people.

No. 1104449

what bothers me the most when crazy shit like this is said is people take the time to upvote or like this shit.
Meaning people unironically look at this kind of shit and go, "yeah I agree, more people need to see this!"
This is why I feel like people need to stop going, "it's just trolls! it's not real trans people! This is one trans person" when a lot of the crazy shit we post here has people positive interaction.

No. 1104450

Okay anons I'm assured that this is 100% fake, like "Experienced master of internet retribution" is just a Navy seal copypasta levels of made up

No. 1104451

File: 1607615794989.jpg (698.61 KB, 1080x2044, Screenshot_20201210_175558.jpg)

No. 1104453

File: 1607615911798.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.29 KB, 600x682, titty rocks.jpg)

ew, his tits look hard and uncomfortable

No. 1104456

Lmao this reads like the diary entry of the Spirit of Misogyny.
>'Dear diary, today I hated the thing that respresented my own inadequacy, same old same old'

No. 1104464

File: 1607616505156.jpg (181.48 KB, 1080x736, 20201210_080442.jpg)

If he's not our internet mockery why is his post history basically tailor made as the worst type of troon possible
Here he is casually admitting he used to try to sneak into the girls' locker room in high school but its okay because he was …??? Idk confused? And it was the teacher who stopped him who is the bigot!

Jesus christ you really can't make this shit up

No. 1104471

File: 1607617186785.jpg (20.4 KB, 262x275, 1605163458493.jpg)

Aside from the complete lunacy of this post, what is really jarring is that this post has a positive score. Meaning, there are people that read it and thought that this thinking is valid. Holy fucking shit.

No. 1104482

Jenny's older sibling is a trans identified man (hsts I think) who passes way better than hontra and is kinda based re: gender critical stuff.

No. 1104486

I unfortunately have known someone that talks like this irl unironically, so while I hope you're right, troons are exactly the type of people to be this crazy. But also the cyberbullying tweet is always funny when people are crying on the internet.

No. 1104487

>based tranny

No. 1104494

what has he said about gc stuff? i didn't know about her brother

No. 1104515

File: 1607622255874.jpg (10.05 KB, 480x360, dungoofed.jpg)

No. 1104526

Some trolls roleplay characters for YEARS, and the prison thing could have just been an explanation for getting bored and dropping the act for a few months. There are a lot of things posted ITT that are clearly 'creative writing exercises' trying to incite anti-troon sentiment, and this seems to be one of them. Can't complain too much given how often troons write fanfiction about TERFs, but it's good to step back and scrutinize the more wild stuff posted here (unless it comes with a picture of the troon in question) instead of getting reflexively mad at it.

No. 1104531

And even if it is trolling people still agree and thats scary. Everyone agreeing with this can't be in on it.

No. 1104561

If it IS a troll then I'm 90% sure the account was made with the intent of showing the support/validation and ability to blend in while being the extreme archetype of a stereotypical AGP tranny. His post history isn't what scares me–it's the upvotes from other legitimate trannies that scare me. That being said I think he's actually being messaged by other trannies after being posted here or somewhere else so the troll attempt may be coming to a halt. Kind of hilarious/telling though that he was able to blend in for this long if it is a troll.
I'm just gonna laugh at the visual of a tranny pepper-spraying, tasing, and using "fists" on a relatively smaller woman in a mall food court. And then the mall cops carrying the AGP tranny out bahaha. If this actually happened I'm willing to bet hundreds of people peaked that day. If this is a real person then I'm scared he kinda sounds like an incel unironically.

No. 1104617

> more than 60 offences including assault, harassment and shoplifting designer dresses and handbags dating back to 2007

What a menace

No. 1104804

File: 1607654245804.jpeg (425.35 KB, 2048x2048, BADC1B8B-B09E-47CD-A090-EF6AF3…)

>glow up

You… grew out your hair. That’s it.

No. 1104809

>magical girl hoodie
Every fucking time. These men all look the same once they start larping as women

No. 1104819

He did glow up. He's really cute. If he wasn't a delusional schizo, he'd make some girl really happy.

No. 1104822

>receeding hairline
>chub face
>caterpillar brows that he plucked to look more "feminine"
>harry poter glasses he's STILL wearing
>cringe weeb fashion
>pedo stache to 5 o clock shadow
>nose that takes up most of his face
>beady rat eyes
What part of this is cute again?

No. 1104824

Your taste is tragic.

No. 1104830

File: 1607658859153.jpeg (8.45 MB, 3024x4030, 10F5C707-50E8-4304-AD9E-5049FA…)

Anon are you okay. He looks like one of the limp, oily haired, puberty-stached nerds that smelled like BO and spent all of lunch period playing games in the computer lab in high school. Complete with those ugly wire glasses and agp smirk.

Also here’s a bonus one I found. How do you still look like a disheveled, unwashed crossdressing murderer just after getting your hair and eyebrows done? And that’s seriously the ROUGHEST 34 I’ve ever seen, I’m assuming that’s a lie or a typo. Also he’s wearing that Christmas dress to work.

Dude could literally be cast as the next Joker.

No. 1104833

File: 1607659419620.jpeg (97.24 KB, 1079x554, CB6DEEEB-C2E5-488C-B4B4-6E7512…)

>the troon standing next to anon

No. 1104835

This is giving me strong onision vibes

No. 1104845

he doesn’t know where i live but i’m still scared he’s going to murder me

No. 1104853

This is going to appear in my nightmares, thanks, anon.

No. 1104867

Why is the AGP smile such an actual thing?

No. 1104888

With a face like that he absolutely has to be a former drug addict, there’s literally no other explanation.

No. 1104891

File: 1607672057844.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.83 MB, 4032x4030, 47E232B7-BF4B-43A5-8993-F6E207…)

There’s worse pictures of him. Prepare your eye bleach.

No. 1104894

I have a hard time believing that 90% of these reddit and Twitter troons are anything but internet fantasy profiles. Most of them are probably secretive about this in their day to day life around family and work and out in public. This probably explains why so many of them haven't started hormones and why they still have facial hair ect. I have even known reddit troons to claim to be on E for thrills and be known as men in their public life. Whether this is the case or not I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me.

I mean it's not easy to link someone to their reddit profile with all their pjotos or a Twitter with a fake name. Without a name and without sharing it on your other socials that you regularly share with people it's not likely to be leaked to people you know irl.

It's a space for them to live out their fantasy. They are simply part time cross dressers that have jumped on the 'egg' and 'sissy hypno' train.

No. 1104896

I searched for this guy and he has a lot of deleted content that you can't click on anymore.

It makes me think even more that he's a secret cross dresser.

No. 1104897

Why can't troons just google how to take care of hair? Why won't they condition those frizzy mops they call hair???

No. 1104898

File: 1607673824431.jpg (839.76 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20201211_095837.jpg)

Apparently this is his work outfit. It's obviously menswear. It looks like he's gotten into his car and slapped on some bad eyeliner to snap a photo and to probably jerk off over himself and the fact that he posted this monstrousity on reddit.

There is another picture on his reddit where he appears to be in public in a wig with some nerd friends but he's on a kilt walk where he has an excuse to wear a costume.

The rest of the pictures are of him at home or in his car.

No. 1104901

File: 1607674611380.jpg (248.3 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20201211_101646.jpg)

'like wearing underwear with a nightie'

Not a fetish at all.

No. 1104908

okay if is saw this without context I wouldn't believe this guy was MtF or even that he creossdressing, I would assume he was going for some Alt-Joker Cosplay

No. 1104909

File: 1607675778065.jpg (323.39 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20201211_103439.jpg)

'my parents don't want me to destroy my body and make my whole life into my fetish so I'm going to attack them with Barnevernet'.

No. 1104910


No. 1104913

The country I live in a few years ago tried to have a child protection reform (a lot of it was stuff that would give social workers too much power and it raised their salaries. Norway was involved and had invested billions of euros in the reform) and part of it was allowing teens to transition without their parents consent with the help of a social worker. Of course people marched in the streets over that shit and threatened to hurt the priminister if he allowed any such bill to go through. He backed down and the bill didn't pass.

I think in a lot of European countries and in places like Canada, UK and US social workers have this power. They can go to court and easily make it so a child can transition without the wishes of his or her parents.

I heard at least one case about it in Canada and a couple from the UK.

There was a case of a foster carer in the UK and both children she had with her suddenly decided they were little girls and the court ruled in her favor.

If you are a parent in some countries there is literally nothing you can do if your child wants to troon out and you are labeled a risk to that child. Think about that for a second.

No. 1104914

Social workers largely have no power in the US, nor budget to do their intended jobs.

No. 1104916

They’re always like:
>trans women literally have the exact same brain structure as cis women. We’re exactly the same. We have had a female mind/brain just in a man’s body, since I was a fetus I was behaving like a girl and was always different from the other kids.

But also:

>I don’t know anything about women or how to behave like a woman or anything. I have to consciously change my normal preferences and behaviors to be more woman-like.

Which is it?

Also I don’t know about you guys but nobody ever literally taught me “how to walk” or “how to sit” or how to do any of these things. I just walk and sit however feels comfortable. A lot of the difference is probably to do with the alignment/angle of the hips and stuff like that if anything, because it’s not like all women are trained to walk and sit perfectly ladylike like debutantes or something.

Do they think there’s some secret guidebook on “how to be a woman” or something? It either comes naturally to us, or we learn from our peers or more recently from videos online and stuff. Also women differ. Not like we’re all some hive mind that all collectively wears underwear at night or not. That’s not the deciding factor on whether or not you’re a woman. Being female is what makes you a girl/woman

Most of these anime troons have had incredibly privileged lives, are middle/upper middle class, are often living at home so if they work they have a lot of disposable income and aren’t paying rent or anything. They’ve lived 99% of their lives as a privileged male (they’re still male but you get what I mean) they get off on LARPing as victims and underprivileged people despite living fairly comfortably, and having enough cash to blow on anime goods and thigh highs every week. They love quoting the trans murder stats and rape stats and all that even though those are 99% like black or other non white prostitutes living in poverty, possibly homeless, with risky lifestyles involved with violent men and drugs, etc.

You can’t compare those statistics with statistics for white “transbian” (so no sexual interaction with violent males) who wears anime hoodies and lives with his parents in the suburbs and spends 80%+ of his time inside on the computer.

No. 1104937

34??? He looks older than my dad, and he's 50. What the fuck.

No. 1104942

Lmao, no way he's 36, does he expect people to believe that? He looks to be AT LEAST 45, if not in his 50s.

No. 1104943

34* goddammit

No. 1104944

No one teaches (most of) us any of these things, we just move and sit and walk naturally, what the fuck. Also, I don't know about you anons, but my mom never taught me to do make-up or "how to wear underwear w a nightie" (wth), I had to learn all the "girly stuff" by myself and later YouTube tutorials.

No. 1104951

File: 1607686706494.jpeg (97.96 KB, 750x565, 6AD64F5A-4B59-45F1-A281-07847E…)

I hate remarks like this. As if girls and women have such perfect, amazing, fairytale lives. Sounds suspiciously like the incel belief that women/girls “live on easy mode”

Just feels really insensitive and tone deaf to erase the myriad of issues that affect girls and women and make most of our lives MORE difficult than most males’ lives.

No. 1104954


hellow norwegian terf

No. 1104956

Careful what you wish for, dude.

No. 1104964

Not every girl is taught that stuff though? I taught myself how to do my hair and makeup because my (very based) mother wasn’t into that stuff and said I didn’t need it. Troons can just use the vast amount of resources that are out there for women and even trans women specifically, why do they think the female experience is a sexy monolith??? I mean, I know it’s because fetish, but still. If their male brains /s weren’t entitled and coomified, maybe they’d figure it out.

No. 1104967

There was a case that made news here of expats of my country living in another EU country, wasn't specified which for the sake of anonymity (the story was verified by the reporter) but speculated to be UK or Germany. Their teenage daughter suddenly decided that she's trans and when her parents disapproved of her wishes to get surgery and hormones at like 14-15, her friend got the authorities involved and the girl got taken to foster care while being allowed to go on HRT. The parents couldn't do anything about it. It's crazy.

No. 1104975


yeah, this is the uniform for bus services in a major scottish city. those nsfw pics are haunting. will now have to be on the lookout for this monstrosity creeping up on me on my way to work.

No. 1104977

Or maybe, wish he wasn't mentally ill. A lot of people talk about transition but why do they never think of a cure to feel normal in their bodies?

No. 1104980

>showing off my degeneracy gives me such gender euphoria~

No. 1105002

File: 1607695114509.jpeg (191.79 KB, 750x921, DE5ACC05-D5FB-445E-B29B-612D62…)

Just popped onto reddit and saw this and.. Excuse me what the fuck.

No. 1105003

God I wish someone would tell him he's a woman-hating misogynist like all other men and see how he defends himself, but nobody on reddit has any brains to realize that.

No. 1105010

I hope he injects horse piss directly into his veins, cuts off his dick, an ambitious TERF beats him in a music contest while he gets laughed off the stage and realizes he will always be a pathetic scrote.

No. 1105034

Hope someone told him yes, so he won’t do it.

No. 1105042

File: 1607701566555.png (8.31 KB, 518x104, bf020ca3ea2a52668cebdd606900ec…)

>I've never really seen anyone strive to be better at a skill besides me
Narcs gonna narc, wew lad

No. 1105049

Seeing how gender dysphoria has so much in common with body dysmorphic disorder, I wonder if it could be treated similarly?

No. 1105051

He’s apparently autistic and 17 years old. Hopefully he grows out of it. He has posts about being envious of women, wanting a baby and everywhere he has posted it just reeks of attention seeking.

No. 1105055

You’d think this dude was an internationally recognized music savant with this superhuman drive he has

No. 1105057

if he's in the trans community he may not grow out of it, they love to groom teens like this, "Oh you want a baby? Me too! Oh you're jealous of Cis Women? Me TOO!"

They don't care if he's an autistic minor, they just care that he's "trans"

No. 1105144

Both images are a no from me but if I had to choose I'd say be looks better in the first kek.

No. 1105154

samefag, if he relabeled as a softboi and started skating he would definitely get some pussy. as a mtf abomination not so much

No. 1105162

Their misogyny is so deep it makes them trooning out seem like a degradation fetish or something

No. 1105171

Luckily a few people in the replies were making some effort to shut down his sexist crap. I understand he's autistic and a minor, but that still doesn't excuse chauvinism. Honestly I think the high "co-morbidity" of autism and gender dysphoria is just crappy therapists misunderstanding the psychology of autistic people. Doctors should be way more hesitant to diagnose gender dysphoria in autistic people, because more likely than not the discomfort with their bodies is just caused by the autism.

No. 1105185

In my country, diagnoses of autism and most mental illnesses are supposed to exclude a diagnosis of gender dysphoria at least until the former has been thoroughly explored and hopefully treated, but more and more psychologists are now claiming that those mental illnesses are actually a symptom of transgenderism rather than the other way around. I wonder how long it will take for them to argue that autism is also caused by transgenderism, especially in girls.

No. 1105213

>I've never really seen it [in] any man I've met either

then why the fuck do you think it's a function of your testosterone moron

No. 1105233

File: 1607718963183.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, B4D7F41E-FC27-42C1-855E-9B28BF…)

@sophiagiannamore/sadbabydoil on tiktok makes me uncomfortable as fuck. he’s a completely bimbofied 17 year old, tit/ass implants, hypersexualized image, you name it. he also says so much nasty shit about women (usually attacking their appearance) if they dare question his ~womanhood~. i thought this screenshot was funny

No. 1105239

File: 1607719406251.jpeg (631.87 KB, 750x1077, 6512F735-8FF5-4C34-ADC0-710045…)

also denies shooping

No. 1105247

wow he looks like shit, imagine how he looks without filters, sad that he's being groomed by the community AND probably chasers.
Funny how the same people losing their shit over Kylie's changing face before she was legal, are probably thinking this person is stunning and brave.

No. 1105248

looks like a young blaire white

No. 1105249

Like they look like a 29 year old man photoshopping himself into what he thinks a 17 year old looks like. Shit is sad, what the fuck does a 17 year old need ass implants for?

No. 1105265

Gender dysphoria, I guess.

No. 1105267

File: 1607721449651.png (4.84 MB, 2162x1070, shooptranny.png)

You were nice picking that image, the rest are so much worse.

Looks kind of like a skinny Jazz Jennings. Who fell into a pot of facetune.

No. 1105272

this is what happens when young men watch blaire white and listen to ayesha erotica

No. 1105276

His legs are literally a different shape in every pic lmao.

No. 1105277

File: 1607722313073.jpg (128.94 KB, 792x563, mysisters.jpg)

No. 1105283

You can tell he's spoiled with parents who let him do whatever he wants. Now if this was a woman people would be writing paragraphs about this person's mental state.
But because it's a young boy who thinks he's a woman,I'm assuming he has a hug box who ignore the photoshop and obvious issues this young boy has.
I see Nikita Dragun/Jessica Alve situation in his future, someone who wants to run around town looking "pretty" with no other purpose, getting one botched surgery after the next.

No. 1105286

funny adults get roasted for ass implants, but a 17 year old with probably rich parents is getting praised for getting them.

No. 1105289

File: 1607723137286.jpg (271.12 KB, 1080x1350, idealfemale.jpg)

No. 1105293

lmaoooo this is spot on

No. 1105295

Whatever happened to the tranny that was faking being intersex and being pregnant?

No. 1105296

File: 1607723540541.png (8.49 MB, 1242x2208, 0655A1D0-0835-4F91-8DDC-142C05…)

I‘m baffled how so many troons manage to LARP as women for more than a year and STILL struggle to properly apply lipstick. It‘s something I‘ve exclusively seen mtf trannies do. If any (sane) woman would apply her lipstick like that, she‘d immediately either fix it or wipe it off completely. But somehow troons see this and decide it’s decent enough to post on SM? What the hell?

But I’m also genuinely not sure if he’s just a very dedicated troll or … actually serious. Cause he comes off as a wannabe comedian trying to walk the line between portraying a cliche of a troon and actually passing as a mtf tranny.

And of course, they’re also e-begging.

(IG @fifidosch, YT: Fifi Dusch)

No. 1105308


I was going to argue with you about him being a fake, but I notice he doesn't speak in that stupid vocal fry troon voice. He just hits a helium balloon.

No. 1105315

are there any unshopped pics of him?

No. 1105318

Kari Jaquesson, is that you?

No. 1105319

I just imagine he looks like James charles in drag except worst.

No. 1105323


he looks a lot like gypsy rose blanchard which is kind of odd.

No. 1105325

whoops forgot to sage

No. 1105328

File: 1607725453291.png (333.71 KB, 257x475, cMFIEBc.png)

I'm answering my own question. I found this in his tagged.
Looking through there made me very sad. He's 17 and seems to have went on hormones very early. He has pictures tagged as female from 2017. He passed much better then.. I guess somewhat the male puberty still hit him :|

No. 1105330

File: 1607725507351.png (1011.38 KB, 735x688, 50nlYEZ.png)

pic from 2017

No. 1105332

File: 1607725570676.jpg (623.14 KB, 1440x1920, PicsArt_12-11-02.24.22.jpg)

This troon has been pestering women on tumblr like he's getting paid

No. 1105333

File: 1607725663363.jpg (165.43 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_12-11-02.25.33.jpg)

All of them are so against aborting disabled fetuses. Why, so there won't be anymore mentally handicapped humans to support the tranny cause?

No. 1105337

very OT but the "I'm disabled and I would have not wanted to be aborted" argument is so stupid. Cause guess what, there are plenty of disabled people who say the contrary. One disabled person can't speak for all. And especially not for the parents.

No. 1105340

I mean..he looks like a boy with long hair, People keep saying trans women who trans young look better but they don't realize a lot of them get work done and or have to be lucky to be feminine looking in the first place.
It's crazy how troons who'd be average or below average looking women think they are a bad bitch from surgery and photoshop.

No. 1105341

Troons especially will make that argument, anything to talk about themselves and all of the faults life has bestowed upon them

No. 1105345

File: 1607726081721.png (875.47 KB, 1860x742, Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 19.40…)

Another gamer trooned out. Why?

No. 1105348

I am not a prude but letting your goddamn bra strap hang like that in a what seems to be a "pro" photo on some site? Lame and slobby.

No. 1105351

feels like he was like, "i'm fat with tits anyway, I might as well"

No. 1105353

File: 1607726936979.png (1.59 MB, 948x2988, 1.png)

Holy shit kek reddit is a goldmine. based sister

No. 1105355

why are so many trannies cross-eyed

No. 1105364

File: 1607727901663.jpg (46.7 KB, 786x442, Gadget-Reboot-e1570232134880.j…)

He's got a chin like inspector gadget.

No. 1105375

>her cheeks were red and her glasses fogged up

Isn’t this an anime meme? Next episode the sister will have come around and accepted him as a true and honest lesbian and everyone will have clapped

No. 1105382

It's like they're on drugs too, every time someone associated with video games troons out they start shilling trans shit EVERYWHERE and all their games become about trans lesbians. They completely succumb to their fetish.

>sister please come shop for pretty spinny dresses and get our hair done together so we can bond as wahhmen!!
>I want to giggle and paint our nails together sis!!
>sister please I want to come with you to the lesbian bar to prey on women, we can be each others' wingmen!!
Holy shit my sides. This has to be a fake story.

No. 1105399

lmfaooo anon

No. 1105416

34?????? almost as hard to believe as him being a woman

No. 1105418

Kek my sides

No. 1105429


No. 1105430

Yeah. Some people insist some troons like this pass. The ones with long, non rats nest hair, decent makeup, lip injections, thin, this kind of fashion, etc.

But they still always just look like flamboyant gay men/cross dressers/ladyboys. I don’t know what it is exactly but you can still just tell from looking at their face that they’re gay dudes, and they just look like James Charles or that kind of dude. Seeing them in person would definitely make them even more clockable. I can already picture this one’s voice in my head: that flamboyant feminine gay voice, and him doing those exaggerated hand movements all the time and using a lot of slang commonly used by gay men like “yaaasss queen” and “slay”

What a nightmare. Imagine taking in family when they’re struggling after losing their job and they treat you this disrespectfully. Like how dare she be concerned you’re unemployed and living with her and putting the burden of rent and groceries and bills all on her if you run out of savings.

>I was actually kinda glad when I lost my job because it gave me time to collect my thoughts and realize I can’t keep living a lie

That’s a strange way to say: I lost my job and had two months to just spend on Internet forums 14 hours a day where the trans cult indoctrinated me and convinced me being a woman would be so much more fun and easy mode and full of spinny skirts, sleepovers, wine and spa days instead of working like a man!

No. 1105438

This is probably the creepiest song I've heard in a while. Especially since it's untintentionally creepy. Brr.

No. 1105443

I'm not sure what flavour of lesbian the sister is, but many lesbians I know would balk at the idea of dress shopping and manicures in the first place, let alone with their brother-stroke-"sister". And no one is as in as much of a position to judge this so called lesbian as the actually-lesbian sister! I can't imagine why he thought her reaction would be anything but confused at best!

No. 1105448

File: 1607734972630.jpeg (3.19 MB, 4032x3022, 7A509734-BEF5-49A3-A653-2853A8…)

Most troons are just cringy and funny to laugh at, but the ones who get married and have kids and then come out make me so angry and disgust me.

Like yeah you’re the victim here when you’re the one lying to your fiancé and about to leave her and your INFANT daughter “to be true to yourself” and run around in spinny skirts and chop off your dick. Can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want that. Just fuck up your fiancé and infant child’s life and turn her into a single mother, which will be a MUCH harder life, just for your own selfish reasons, that’s fine.

I never understood why so many people think married/with family gay dudes or troons “coming out” is so “brave” and congratulatory. You HAD to have at least suspected before you were married, so just DON’T get married/have kids if you even remotely feel like this. Using real life human beings with emotions as a “beard” while you think things over is disgusting, selfish and sociopathic, not “stunning and brave”. It’s not the 1920’s anymore. You’re not expected to automatically get married at 18 and pop out babies.

No. 1105470

I agree that these kinds of trans are truly the worst. I've known several and they are truly family annihilators, letting their fetish take over their lives and ruining everyone around them. They're happy to take the emotional and financial help and stabilization their partners bring to their lives, nodding and acting like everything is okay, until they get 'affirmed' by online weirdos that they should definitely throw it all away for spinny skirts and pink hair, fucking fantasy.
I've seen a trans widow get absolutely demonized by the friends of the tranner and it was devastating. They'd bought a house together and she had been planning to have a child with him. She lost everything and she was considered cruel because she had the honesty to say 'yes my husband died to me but I am happy to call you a girl friend.' to him. She was nicer to him than I would've been but he vilified her to everyone that would listen.

No. 1105472

In his fucking dreams, kek.

No. 1105483

Yeah I love how they think there's some sort of secret unspoken Girl School we go to where we all learn "girl stuff". I'd wager that like 75% of cis women have no clue if they're doing makeup or hair "right" as is. Makeup is like art, you can learn technique by seeking out resources, but the rest comes down to just practice. We just struggled through it and accept that, whatever, that looks good enough. Hell, just look at how many articles and videos there are about hair care because so many people destroy their hair without knowing they're doing so. But you know, the cis privilege or whatever.

No. 1105494

sooo if trans women ARE women, maybe his wife isn't into women, so are they saying she's a bad person for not wanting to be with a "woman" if she's straight and married a man?

He never mentions his wife's sexuality, so I guess it does not matter, only his feelings matter.Not his finace, not his FUCKING CHILD nothing else.
I guess she's bad for not staying in a relationship she does not want to be in and he's good for…doing something he knows will ruin the relationship and then whining about how it may ruin the relationship?

No. 1105498

like they say they change gender and they are lesbians, yet when they troon out on their wives, they never respect HER sexuality and expects her to just be okay with dating someone whose now a "Woman".
I don't think trans women are women, but by their own logic, they are saying they are the same person and a straight woman who married a straight man would be okay with a "trans woman" who IS a woman.
When it comes to straight men they claim that love them, they make sure to acknowledge the sexuality,but not for their wives when they change gender?

No. 1105500

It's because they don't believe women have a sexuality in the first place beyond being a cum dumpster for whoever snatches her up first.

No. 1105502

true because I see them telling hsts not to trick men (even though some do say it's okay to go stealth) but they never give a damn about a woman's sexuality if it means she's not into them.
Which is why they get upset if one lesbians says she does not like penis, because it means she does not want their penis.

Yet they barely get mad at straight men for not wanting penis or neo-vaginas.

No. 1105509

34?! Jesus Christ time has not been kind (or HRT for that matter)

No. 1105545

File: 1607742454815.png (1.15 MB, 1560x1214, Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 22.04…)

No. 1105551

If you scroll past quick enough, it's Glenn Close after a tragic mall makeover.

No. 1105562

Technically not MtF but the article is full of them except they refer to themselves as nonbinary (or whatever else). They're males taking HRT while claiming to not be giving into the gender binary….or they can be seen as lazy MtFs who are fine with leaving their male features untouched? Nah not even that:
> Vetra is currently considering cosmetic surgeries, but cost is a massive barrier.

Other milk from the article that I found hilarious/tone deaf.
> “I never liked spiro. I was being prescribed doses that would shrivel my muscles in pursuit of some cis-centric, Eurocentric, fishy ideal,” says JP. “Do they give butch cis women meds to make their muscles smaller? Are women supposed to [be] weak? That’s not my goal.”
Women being "fishy" and "weak" = obvious misogyny that goes unchecked because literally EVERYONE in this article is a male
> Vetra is a larger person, and they don't apologize for it. But they say their doctor told them that, due to their body mass index, he would not prescribe them HRT until they lost weight.
> “Obesity is just placed into this framework of pathology as a problem to be solved by the medical system,” Vetra tells me over the phone. “So instead of helping me improve my quality of life, they’re creating these extra problems and putting the onus on me.”
> Vetra has managed to make do with other ways of imagining transition — ways that don't rely on either the scholarship or sign-off of a medical system centered around white, thin, abled bodies.
> “The idea of ‘partial’ transition is painfully underexplored and intentionally not talked about,” says JP.
Because 'partiality' is not an exception for doctors that diagnose any other medical condition, you fucking idiot misogynist.

Well lastly on a more positive note:
> Fable argues that, in this day and age, black-market hormones are less likely to cause serious physical problems as much as emotional or mental health effects, which they find to be easier to track and treat by changing their dosages. And in cases where there are physical concerns, it’s often easier to get reliable information from other trans people than from cisgender doctors.
…girls…I think we have found our solution. (Jk this article is from 2018, but maybe there's some hope in it since >>1102976 is apparently doing well)

No. 1105571

File: 1607745351507.png (145.8 KB, 1340x616, Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 23.00…)

replies were predictable "PER-LENTY of cancer cissies get bobs chopped off"

No. 1105574

anyone have like a cliffsnotes tldr of sorts on points against troons? a website, blog, copypasta, anything. i hate troons on a surface level (they just fucking disgust me and i don't believe they will ever be women) but i want more in-depth reasons to hate them

No. 1105580

>it isn't really normal for women to buy silicone boobs
he's never been to california, huh

No. 1105593

File: 1607747041949.jpg (7.02 KB, 280x210, cringe-face.jpg)

>They jiggle, they're squishy, they're heavy.
I'm biting my teeth, like that sentence hurt way more then it should have

No. 1105596

File: 1607747326644.png (158.11 KB, 1439x1208, Capture _2020-12-11-23-28-12.p…)


No. 1105604

File: 1607748421903.jpeg (220 KB, 570x1004, F6BEFCD3-68D8-4C53-9258-EB630C…)

I hate this

No. 1105606

This troon’s music can’t hold a candle to Christian and the Hedgehog Boys.

(Somewhat relevant since Chris is now a troon.)

No. 1105619

File: 1607750936951.png (336.65 KB, 1154x1166, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.2…)

> MtF
> butch
Newflash you fucking disgusting scrote, you're literally just a heterosexual man who isn't even fucking trying at ALL to be trans. I looked up his profile and his identity is based on being a trans "butch lesbian", posting in butch subreddits. So I guess he's just going to visibly remain a straight male while attending a woman's college for free. He'll probably also push his 27 year old male self onto young 18-21 year old 'cis lesbians' and then start dating one of them, call themselves lesbian when the 'cis' teenager is actually bisexual. No doubt they'll have a default power imbalance with his physical stature/strength, male privilege, tranny oppression points, and age advantage.
Congratulations women, we played ourselves.

No. 1105622

No. 1105631

File: 1607753067545.gif (1.79 MB, 354x192, Winnie-the-pooh-out.gif)

>27-year-old straight white man gets a full ride to a women's college
>Literally all he did was change the gender on his documents

No. 1105635

I don’t even think he changed his gender on his documents. He said

>when I transitioned this college wasn’t even allowing trans women who hadn’t changed their sex markers with the government to attend. Now I’m going for free

Which to me sounds like he hasn’t changed his sex marker, and is saying before he wouldn’t have been able to attend, but the school’s rules have changed since then, and not only can he attend, he’s getting in for free.

Makes me angry that he not only took a spot away from a woman, he took a spot away from an underprivileged woman. He could have chosen literally anyone college other than that one but he just HAD to go to a women’s college and live his schoolgirl lesbian fantasy. Im guessing they only have women’s showers and bathrooms as well since it’s an “all women” school, they might have private ones for the teachers, dunno how that works.

No. 1105638

File: 1607755489893.jpeg (616.28 KB, 828x1255, C7ACE9A4-6660-4D5D-800D-BEBE94…)

This is so infuriating, disheartening, and entitled. This man took an opportunity away from a woman. If I were there I’d try to make him feel as unwelcome as possible.(repost)

No. 1105639

Search for the GC threads in the catalog for /ot/. The OPs in those threads usually had a shitload of links explaining everything.

No. 1105640

If we're lucky he'll be treated like shit by the other women long enough to drop out or some shit. Still seething at the fact that this mangled twat got in in the first place.

No. 1105661

i find it a bit hard to believe this person is 5'1 but maybe puberty blockers? idk i have never seen a mtf who's shorter than like 5'6/5'7 but i guess it's possible

No. 1105675

it's not entirely impossible, usually the short ones trooned out before male puberty could start. but then there are still some cases like nikkietutorials, they started very early iirc and still ended up being like 6'2

No. 1105677

They’ll say “hearts not parts”: you’re supposed to love a person’s SOUL so if they mangle their body and start telling people you’re both gay now you have to be happy about it or else you never loved them in the first place, you monster! Also >>1105500, women aren’t really people to them so they don’t care about how we feel, just how we make them feel.

No. 1105709

Oh yeah, ladies' colleges are brutal. He'll definitely get called out on being a fucking old pervert, and stealing a free spot from a disadvantaged woman.

No. 1105717

File: 1607778787897.jpeg (158.81 KB, 898x955, E3654391-FF47-45A3-81FB-3B0824…)

he looks like the grinch with that agp smile, holy shit

No. 1105747

Are they? At Wellesley, the girls are so young and brain washed now that they’re all handmaidens, and desperate to help their poor new male friend for social justice points. People thought BLM and current times would hold white men back, but they’ll always find a way to be victims. Being trans let’s them say whatever they want while hiding behind a type of “race card” to avoid accountability.

No. 1105759

File: 1607785790072.png (280.03 KB, 1000x600, xD4BVty.png)


> I then suggested that we get matching dresses

Uhhhh…no one does this unless they're bridesmaids. Way to be even remotely observant of what actual women dress like

Genuinely curious where they even get this idea from? This isn't even a thing in movies aside from like twin girls.

No. 1105787

File: 1607789826941.jpg (19.14 KB, 480x480, 56824684609b8d452644f58a60f78e…)

I mean, it is a tranny on Reddit, and he doesn't specify what school it is, so he could be making this up entirely. Why would he not name the school if it's one of the few that accepts his fellow stunning and brave perverts?

I searched for a recent news story about a women's college that just started accepting troons and I couldn't find anything newer than 2015. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but this sounds like karma bait to me. The post seems tailor-made to cause arguments– it's about a "butch" troon dropout who gets a full ride to women's school.

No. 1105800

File: 1607791680854.jpg (24.49 KB, 1420x799, 1550127420455.jpg)

Really? You don't think "I needed to get the euphoria out of me, otherwise I'd be be flopping like a fish on the ground bcs of all the euphoria I think" is 1000x creepier.

What do you think tranny-euphoria is, ladies?

No. 1105808

File: 1607792149941.png (358.1 KB, 364x578, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 16.53…)

Looks like Gamestop Ma'am.

No. 1105812

I guess since I expected shit like that, but the line of boobs being described the way he did physically made me uncomfortable

No. 1105822

>flopping like a fish
way to sound like a fucking retard

No. 1105832

File: 1607796024021.jpeg (589.42 KB, 1260x1749, 6BF929FB-6484-44B9-95CC-4908B4…)

Most non religious US women’s colleges accept TIMS already. Including the seven sisters, which are the most prestigious ones. TIMS can even transition back to men and they can’t kick them out once accepted. They take gender special women too. They don’t accept trans men at admissions but if a woman transitions to TIF they don’t kick them out either. Basically it’s a free for all.

No. 1105836

I went through his post history and it seems he's based in Atlanta. I think he's attending Agnes Scott College since Spelman (the other historic women's college) is historically black. There's also Wesleyan in Macon, Georgia but he said "notable" so I'm gonna assume it's Agnes Scott.

No. 1105844

File: 1607800151181.jpeg (364.36 KB, 1169x1469, 0771BABA-188A-4788-A065-E999B1…)

Troon gets mad that women use a common phrase.

No. 1105845

File: 1607800185559.png (160.38 KB, 1246x1006, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 2.04…)

It would not surprise me in the slightest if this was my alma mater. they have a scholarship for nontraditional age students and were always in the news for retarded shit like this (picrel) and their admission policy was literally anyone but presenting cis men can attend a WOMEN'S college. the student body are absolutely insufferable handmaidens, I'm sure a """butch""" tranny would run into zero problems here.

No. 1105899

Holy fucking shit, I hate that. I cant even put in words what annoys me about it the most. Is it the fact that men try to pretend they know the same amount about being a woman as women do? Is it the language policing? Is it the male entitlement? Is it the fragile ego that is just seeping through his words? Well, girls, I dont know.

No. 1105912

It's that even if they become "women" and start going through issue women face (and other women aknowledge it by telling him it's things that they face) then he gets defensive to oblivion and demands "le femoid life on easy mode" treatement.

No. 1105928

File: 1607805833960.png (64.81 KB, 496x475, ywQM1DV.png)

Sage for off-topic but I wanna bring up the wisdom of Friedrich Engels, he considered Homosexuality and Transsexualty(TIMs) as nothing more but a form of bourgeois degeneracy. a behavior for people with wealth who had nothing better to do and he was absolutely right(Nobody cares )

No. 1105936

It's funny because when they say they know it's because they know the theory but not what it's like in practice. There's a difference between growing up as a guy and hearing about your female friends and family worrying about being potential victims and watching the news, and being educated since birth to behave a certain way so you won't be the ideal victim to potential perverts and harassers and being told that if you're raped then oops, it's actually your fault for some reason.

No. 1105945

File: 1607807452458.jpg (151.64 KB, 1024x694, image0 (3).jpg)

I found an edited version of that one comic

No. 1105980

File: 1607810334404.jpg (508.3 KB, 1200x850, mallory-king-dysphoria-comic-2…)

and here's the original one

No. 1106024

No. 1106031

You hit the nail on the head, anon, that is what it is.

No. 1106034

based dysphoria chan

No. 1106036

File: 1607811990946.png (23.98 KB, 599x502, topkek.png)

No. 1106073

>the idea that trans women don't know these things already is so fucking annoying
Too bad, because it's true. In fact you guys not knowing shit about womanhood beyond stereotypes is actually the whole problem.

>Trannies have catastrophically low empathy even when they're not austistic.
Lmao, tell me something I don't know. The majority of troons also have cluster-b personality disorders, which are often characterized by little to no empathy. I'm too lazy to find that study, but it's been posted both here and KF several times.

No. 1106191

I don’t know anon, he claims to have started transitioning 7 years ago, so the school starting to accept troons in 2015 could still fit as that’s 5 years ago and after he started transitioning.

Even if it’s fake literally every reply is supportive and excited and happy and interested in doing it themselves so it’s not like it’s some crazy troll with some outlandish idea that even other troons would cringe at as being TERF fuel.

No. 1106221

This is amazing and I especially love the subtle edit of a receding hairline in last panel.

No. 1106227

Troon got illegal butt injections, outed Nikita for going to the same injector lady. Haven’t they fucking seen people getting disfigured or dying from silicone in their asses?

No. 1106252

Obesity IS a pathology. An obese woman given birth control pills has a higher risk than a normal weight woman of developing hypertension or stroke. It's absolutely the same risk for trans women prescribed hormones. So what does 'Vetra' do? Trash the doctor because they didn't want the patient to die. Of course.

No. 1106289

This shit is so fucking convoluted. How can anyone take it seriously?

No. 1106301

No. 1106365

File: 1607840522881.jpeg (282.52 KB, 1085x762, 389D6B98-0D70-449C-981B-F154A7…)

What do you call this?

No. 1106368

i'm pretty sure lady maga is just a drag queen not a troon, he's still cringe though

No. 1106376

File: 1607843781655.jpg (145.63 KB, 650x706, transphobia_mistake.jpg)

based ladies

No. 1106383

File: 1607845882905.gif (89.53 KB, 260x260, bait.gif)

No. 1106384

This isn't meant to bait, it's obviously intended to be an "owning" of TERFs pointing out how similar we are to conservatives, but the comic doesn't refute the points the women made, it offers no counter arguments
just them having similar points is enough to be waved off

No. 1106385

File: 1607846242049.gif (405.47 KB, 220x193, sorry_anon.gif)

Oh okay, sorry anon

No. 1106394

but why is the obvs butch lesbian the conservative?? That doesn't make sense

No. 1106400

File: 1607849613571.png (7.12 KB, 444x120, Screenshot_2020-12-13 Pin on P…)

most likely to point to emphasize the expectation subversion, however its not completely inaccurate

women from certain conservative and rural areas(specifically the midwest and certain regions of the south) often can look more butch then most lesbians, Tomboyishness and GNC fashion for women and not wearing make up is acceptable than it might be somewhere else, so it's often a Joke even in the Lesbian community, "Is she a lesbian or just from the midwest"


No. 1106401

yeah it's weird that the radfem is potrayed as traditionally feminine even though troons usually keep sperging about terfs being ugly, old and manly

No. 1106402

is makeup seriously that common in the USA that women who go without it are considered butch? wtf

No. 1106403

well not just make up, but the pants, buttoned shirts and even hairstyles are all factors
the radfem is bit modestly dressed but nor really "traditionally feminine" in any way, she doesn't seem to be wearing make up, or wear any explicitly female clothing then a skirt and I have seen plenty of radfems wear longskirts

No. 1106415

File: 1607853967291.jpg (123.8 KB, 300x239, 20201213_110533.jpg)

Based. All of the Japanese companies lately keep doing the same (eg people behind Vocaloid). I remember they also told people to stop using ACNH for politics (eg Biden island and more).

No. 1106420

Wait can you tell more about Crypton/Vocaloid I wasn't aware lmao. Especially considering the troon fanbase on twitter

No. 1106423

>Animal Crossing Biden Island
most Neo-liberal sentence I have heard in a while now

No. 1106440

File: 1607858855043.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1514, 1559446103962.jpeg)

MikuMikuEbооks was ran by a trannie who kinnies himself as Bandoru character (in reality a fat asian man who dyed a small stray of his short hair red like the character). He had a small thread on lolcow but people werent too invested in voca community so it lasted only for a few days.

On his private account he vented a million times that people behind Hatsune Miku always monitor his account whenever he posts something related to trannies or politics, threatning to sue him or delete his account because they do not want Miku to be associated with that. After the last time they talked to him, telling him to stop doing aggressive SJW shitposts, he stopped running the account.

No. 1106481

>Listen, I already knew what womanhood was all about, and it was titties the whole time.

How long till they tell us growing breasts is appropriating trans women's culture?

No. 1106484

Reminds me of this white guy attending a historically black college who completely disregards the college's reason for exsiting. He's just like 'I deserve to be here like everyone else, I work really hard!'. The most fucked up thing is that he's a rep for the college, going to highschools and doing talks.
At least he's not pretending to be something he's not like this fuckass is doing. How long before we have transracial students?

No. 1106486


We're currently up to 2 transracial professors but only because they got busted.

No. 1106492

File: 1607874570630.jpeg (205.49 KB, 1059x1064, 1 cDDV3CfwDpJwmLFagHawGg.jpeg)

Speaking of "Transracial" it's sorta interesting that most of these known cases were all white educated American women, Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, Margaret Seltzer, I mean there have been historical instances in the past of white people trying to pass as non-whites, but pretty much all those cases had clear finical motives as they were tying to scam people, but for these it wasn't about the Money they wanted to be non-white and making everyone believe it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1106498

Makes me wonder, how do TRAs justify transgenderism next to transraci….alsm? How can they see it as any different?

No. 1106502

Something something trauma caused by racism is intergenerational and trauma from sexism is not because reasons, also biological sex was invented by Europeans and is a spectrum while race is biological and absolute… or something. I’ve never seen an explanation that wasn’t either also applicable to transgenderism (e.g. you can’t just opt into or out of an oppressed group) or extremely regressive. The real reason of course is that transracialism also upsets men whereas transgenderism primarily endangers women and girls, so one is evil while the other is nbd.(derailing)

No. 1106503

It’s only a novelty because it’s a white guy, latinos go to HBUCS more frequently. Black universities were not created to be explicitly exclusionary of other races. As long as they understand the history of the university and are don’t start to change the culture no one should care. Troons can’t even do that at women’s schools, everything has to cater to them and center them.

No. 1106505

File: 1607878227260.jpeg (21.65 KB, 260x280, 4AB08272-57A8-4780-BDC6-BC0651…)

straight up terrifying

No. 1106522

The point this comic is trying to make doesn't even work because "conservative christians" hate trannies because they see them as sinful degenerates due to their association with homosexuality, not because they're colonizing womanhood.

No. 1106534

File: 1607881216436.jpeg (689.09 KB, 828x1427, C4000E59-9282-4EC4-8FC1-C06261…)

I mean, I guess it’s a plus that they’re dressing normal and not like an uwu anime cat girl, but the amount of likes is… astounding. I glanced at the comments and they seemed pretty mixed.

No. 1106536

They’re also about to reach their $30k goal for ffs and “moving to a more trans-friendly state”

Jesus. With how many people are struggling to pay rent or have adequate food in the US right now… THIS is what people give money to?

No. 1106612

It was actually really cute, politics aside. They must have hired a seasoned player to make it, because it was an impressively made island. That said I agree with the choice to ban that sort of stuff from the game. It is intended for kids after all.

It's a classic guilt by association fallacy. You share one opinion with right-wingers, therefore you must be one. Like you said, it also fails to take into account that those two people have that opinion for completely different reasons.

No. 1106694

I've followed him for years even before he transitioned I don't believe he's trans he said his troon friends told him he's trans not gonna lie he's pretty passing but he owns his bullshit and isn't the victim type but yes the butt injections are a really dumb thing to do I guess I like watching train wrecks

No. 1106702

Sage for non contribution but this thread really showed me that male and female legs look so different. I didn't think that legs specifically would be a tell but they 100% are.

No. 1106729

ROFL the self own…

No. 1106737

I'm from the UK and on a trip to France a Libyan guy in our group joked about an American woman with us, saying, "she's got those Midwestern hips". I didn't know what the fuck he was on about, but it was obvious from his tone it was meant as an insult, so I gave him a look of disgust and ignored him. Later, I googled "midwestern hips" "midwestern women" etc and after a bit of reading, realised he was making a homophobic remark. The woman was a bit GNC, possibly gay. I have no idea whether the stereotype has spread outside the US, might have been just him. Maybe he lived in the states at one point.(Blogging)

No. 1106751

Jesus that is some life changing money

No. 1106756

I'm trying to wrap my brain around that one, I've never heard of "midwestern hips" lmao

like, did they or didn't they have hips?

No. 1106793

File: 1607901006914.png (77.41 KB, 1244x378, Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 6.07…)

No. 1106794

Midwestern hips are childbearing hips. That's not homophobic.

No. 1106797

My niece wants to be a pony. Guess I’ll tell her the good news

No. 1106799

Why the fuck do troons capitalize some random ass words like that shit is going to be a saying or something

No. 1106815

been watching him since his john luu days, even before the whole hair bleaching debacle, i don't really think this is a fetish for him, just think he is a gay boy with a plastic ass now.

No. 1106877

File: 1607906481173.png (7.12 MB, 1242x2208, A31DC9F8-663A-44DD-98AB-7AB0FD…)

If you look on her TikTok, she has a cow crossover posting videos with ang3lthigh from the e-girl thread. ang3lthighs ott photoshopping and obvious bimbofication fetish….makes me wonder

No. 1106891

Well thats cool to hear, he's just a gay dude playing dress up who admits it (or you guys are saying he does), he's not really passing to me he looks like a drag queen, but illegal injections are retarded. I just saw a post about someone's ass literally dying from them.
Nikita is retarded because it looks horrible. Why do this?It's very dangerous

No. 1106893

a boy in drag with greasy botched looking lips and a PFP that looks nothing like he looks in his picture.

No. 1106896

>tit/ass implants
are you sure it's not purely the work of heavy shooping? i'm pretty sure it's illegal to give minors implants no matter the reason, or at least i hope that's the case
>ang3lthighs ott photoshopping and obvious bimbofication fetish….makes me wonder
yeah i've been suspecting the same thing for a while

No. 1106899

Wouldn’t race be more of a spectrum than sex? (Gender is a social construct do not going there) If somebody has some weird combination of testes and ovary tissue or something that’s just extremely rare, and a deformity. That’s not a spectrum. However people can be black or white but also half black or 1/4 black or any mix of races, which is a spectrum. So their logic falls apart there.

Which is ironic because a lot of troon beliefs are just like conservative beliefs: pink and dolls are only for girls, boys should only play with cars and dirt, crying, or being emotional is a girl trait, boys have to be tough and brave, etc. Also the fact that a lot of very religious conservative countries have high rates of sex changes because they’re using it as conversion therapy for gays, and I’m sure even in American or Canada or wherever there are families happily turning their probably gay/effeminate son into a girl since they’d rather have a “straight daughter” than have a gay son.(Not milk)

No. 1106949

you got anon wrong, he is going by as a wahman, he is a tranny. i just personally think he is a gay dude larping as a woman due to internal hatred idk.

No. 1106967

File: 1607913883075.jpg (985.13 KB, 1920x1920, 1234.jpg)

@black_radfem talked about this, about how traditional third genders were often due to extreme patriarchy where "lesser" men i.e gay men who didn't fit into the mold of society were used as in-betweens for society but were often abused and faced discrimination(Not milk )

No. 1106969

File: 1607914153399.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, 56789.jpg)

No. 1107009

jfc Pick one font and stick with it. It's like a boomer made a powerpoint.

No. 1107030

yeah it's not well made, but the facts are all correct

No. 1107040

I guess it’s just a way to make people keep on reading since the info can be too dense for retards.

No. 1107050

bowie would NEVER! don't mention him in the same breath as these "scary monsters/super creeps".

No. 1107051


bowie fucked little girls, dial it down

No. 1107056

that's a gross statement to make based on one disproven allegation from someone with a history of making false allegations but this isn't a bowie thread so i'll stop being a sperg sorry

No. 1107144

File: 1607950483952.png (52.25 KB, 724x356, Screenshot_4.png)

Has anyone here ever managed to browse /r/asktransgender once without immediately finding some creepy shit?

No. 1107158

File: 1607953572087.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 9D5D8B3B-3A0D-41A7-8FD0-96CA02…)


No. 1107160

File: 1607954012897.jpg (436.86 KB, 1080x1804, 20201214_155328.jpg)

And there we fucking have it, ladies.

No. 1107165

>lesbians are just non-men who want to date other non-men

No. 1107168

They are telling on themselves. They dont want be seen as women (because of the way they perceive women) but they will gladly invade female spaces, especially if sex is involved. Hell world.
Words dont have any meaning anymore.

No. 1107171

Why are these creeps so obsessed with pretending words don't mean things? How can you be a lesbian if you're not a girl? Hell I'm even ok with troons saying they're gay girls if they fully commit to the bit but wtf is the point of saying you're a lesbian otherwise? Anything to be special i guess

No. 1107172

I've always suspected ang3lthigh as trans but she shoops so much it's hard to tell

No. 1107173

Holy shit why can't these retards just jack off to lesbians and go on with their lives like other straight men

No. 1107175

Ah, yes, the two sexes: men and non-men. Sorry for not being on the default "man" setting.

No. 1107185

I want off this ride.

No. 1107195

File: 1607961660152.jpg (104.41 KB, 900x563, VtVjXfN.jpg)

The L-word had a male character that was a man that claimed to be a lesbian, it was a weird joke back then but now becoming increasing reality

No. 1107197

File: 1607961753676.jpg (109.39 KB, 1439x1387, 20201214_103316.jpg)

the way trannies think they look will never stop being funny to me

No. 1107198

File: 1607961802174.jpg (167.45 KB, 1091x2048, 20201214_110036.jpg)

tranny who posted it

No. 1107202

lol I am glad I am not the only one that remembers this. They fricking predicted it and this show was made like in 2004 or something.

No. 1107221

File: 1607965427464.jpg (109.48 KB, 1024x1024, 20201214_120209-COLLAGE.jpg)

The neck being like half the width, the hair having much more volume, and the hoodie being oversized when he'd have to get like a 6XL hoodie to have that effect is hilariously sad.

He's also got Riley Dennis vibes, really unfortunate.

No. 1107222

He'd have been a very cute guy, too bad he's crazy

No. 1107264

How can you want to be seen as a lesbian but not be a woman since lesbian just means a woman who is attracted to other women? If it's a cis man writing this it's assumed he's attracted to women so…goal achieved?

No. 1107280

File: 1608036314817.jpeg (332.27 KB, 1125x777, B83B6BB9-8A86-4F95-938A-CD82AA…)

what the fuck does he mean by “transform”

No. 1107281

File: 1608036532517.jpeg (304.57 KB, 1125x670, B26EF563-F3C4-419F-A3B3-17BDDB…)

you just know it wasn’t an accident

No. 1107283

The recent Trans-special episode of Big Mouth talked about a similar thing, about Testosterone being a monster for poor innocent Trans girls

No. 1107300

File: 1608039507824.png (21.36 KB, 600x170, Screenshot.png)

No. 1107301

File: 1608039610263.jpg (222.85 KB, 1200x900, correct.jpg)

No. 1107307

Not really

No. 1107310

File: 1608040891498.jpg (176.19 KB, 1200x900, so true.jpg)


My favorite part is there's always ugly men in the comment unironically agreeing.

No. 1107313

File: 1608041047803.jpg (153.01 KB, 1200x900, so true part 2.jpg)

thanks to the user at Kiwi for pointing these people out.

No. 1107314

File: 1608041143899.jpg (15.54 KB, 450x563, rima-nguyen-beautiful-in-white…)

Leaving this photo of an absolutely beautiful WOMAN for any trannies passing by so they get dysphoric and remember how ugly they will always be

No. 1107318

File: 1608041563979.jpg (39.67 KB, 618x772, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_…)

Honestly even a butch woman with no make up on and who works manual labor is still much more feminine and beautiful then these troons

No. 1107320

At this point, knowing about the transbian polycule stereotype and how they think they look way better than women, are these guys even straight?
Gos she's beuatiful. The one thing that makes me happy about all of this is how secondary sex charecteristics are distributed throughout your whole body, and can't be bolted on by a surgeon.

No. 1107324

Oh absolutely. It really doesn't matter who you compare them to; just about any real woman looks better than a troon, cute butches included

No. 1107325

Fuck I know a young troon, 19 or so, and they are already pisssing themselves due to hormones.

No. 1107338

lol, the way they protrayed blocking out puberty or whatever just makes what these ppl are doing look more unnatural.

No. 1107341

Do the worst coomer troons realise that if they were to go on blockers as kids, they wouldn't have any sex drive? Or at least very limited one, there's no cumming in diapers and monster cocks when you have no tissue to work with nor a fucking libido, tranny.

No. 1107345

File: 1608044076409.jpeg (179.2 KB, 750x707, 8557B95C-014A-4F90-9982-C626EE…)

They’re so manipulative. There was that tranny who transitioned just to harass a lesbian they liked into dating them, and there’s this one who wants to manipulate some woman who’s not interested in troons to date him.

No. 1107360

File: 1608045912865.png (133.55 KB, 1332x560, fukt.png)

No. 1107368

Eye problems are common in autistic people.

No. 1107414

File: 1608050336606.png (107.75 KB, 1248x512, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.3…)

As a female in a very male-dominated field this is disheartening to say the least. Opportunities in STEM for women were barely just beginning to get off of the ground again before this trans shit, now men will not only be taking jobs from women but scholarships for women too. Or actually it's probbably been happening for years now but is seldom talked about. Side note but do you ladies think companies have been hiring hons as their 'female' candidates?

No. 1107417

File: 1608050414748.jpeg (64.54 KB, 591x604, 7B247DC8-48AE-41AA-AFD0-5CB65F…)

Queens. I’ll add my own contribution.
Either way, why don’t these men see/care that they’re being extremely sexist saying that men are better at being women, than actual women are. It’s harmful to womens safety. I feel like them saying all this is meant to be violent in some ways.
I can’t wait until this stupid trend dies, but I’m not going to expect it to go away.

No. 1107437

File: 1608052330281.jpeg (65.3 KB, 588x902, 935F1057-ACD3-47A6-9876-23C6DE…)

The contrast of picrel compared to Mr Ponce kek

No. 1107497

File: 1608056057897.png (244 KB, 2049x1275, Capture.PNG)

Comments on that post. Imagine finding out your boyfriend tried to be a lesbian but was so unsuccessful he went back.

No. 1107521

The woman didn't reject him because she isn't into women, it's because he's a tranny. It's totally beyond me how he could believe that shit.

No. 1107551

For real. You’d think they would have figured out by now that the only people who want to date trannies are fetishists and the desperate

No. 1107626

Why can't cute guys just stay guys wtf, there's already so few of them.

No. 1107637

for all their bleating about how their socialization was just as female as "cis" girls, you'd think they'd know how to read between the lines by now. not into women is the nice way of saying she doesn't want to be with a giant creepy hon without triggering a strong reaction lol

No. 1107721

File: 1608070673313.jpeg (Spoiler Image,308.54 KB, 1694x2048, Eo-Es7jXMAQVEE3.jpeg)

The crinkled flags always get me, have these troglodytes ever heard of ironing?

No. 1107746

Don't encourage them, they'll start transitioning back so they can effectively find a woman to trap, marry, impregnate, and troon out with so they'll have their AGP fantasies and a bangmaid who is too scared to leave due to fears for transphobia accusations and a divorce/custody battle. Of course it'll happen like 15 years from now when they have a kid or two because men are narcissists by nature and only give a fuck about themselves as seen here >>1097947.
As for the comments themselves…major wtf at that last comment about transitioning back to a man and re-growing a beard? What happened to the supposed unchangeable female anatomy that HRT gives you? Trannies' argument "trans women don't and can't have male privilege" is such a fucking lie–the proof is right there. The second comment just sounds like an AGP incel that wants to detransition in order to go back to preying upon unsuspecting straight women because lesbians don't want him and then he'll troon out once he's locked down a straight woman who's complacent enough to go along with his AGP ~lesbians~ delusion.

No. 1107758

File: 1608072526412.png (263.39 KB, 1304x1028, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 5.39…)

afaik kids of trannies who transitioned after marriage and kids usually end up fucked up mentally/emotionally with major trust issues; idk if any anons have any stories (bc I'm personally interested to know). I think it falls under mtf snowflake behavior tho the tranny/tranny lover mod might be pissed.

No. 1107765

>overly neat
These are stereotypes! We are nothing more than stereotypes to them and they still think they can be us …
Also, either this story is fake, or wifey has been waiting for a reason to split for a long time.

No. 1107790


>It's no different then when a straight woman hits on a gay guy

I can't with these useless scotes, maybe they should try leaving their porn basement and living in the real world for a few years so they can understand how human beings work, how human relationships works, how real woman act in the world

No. 1107804

only really come onto this site to lurk on threads about celebrities/drama and usually avoid anything to do with gender here like the plague because i consider myself the complete opposite of a terf, but i genuinely have to ask, why are you all so obsessed with trans people?
so many of you seem to decry gender roles yet end up enforcing them when you talk about "womens clothing" or "trying to act like a woman"
why gatekeep femininity when thats what so many of you seem to be claiming to not be doing?
who cares if someone takes hormones or modifies their body in anyway, shouldn't that be a good thing, getting closer to the abolishment of rigid gender roles and presentation? how is it that different from tattoos, plastic surgery, weight loss etc
how do you people treat masculine/gnc or just plain ugly cis women in your life if this is the attitude you have?
do you not see how incredibly damaging it is to dumb it all down to Males and inherently violent and Females are weak, do you not see how your rhetoric falls in line with what you claim to be against? (not to mention right up white supremacist alley, it fits very well with ideas that men of colour are violent for example)
do you think you are not immune to the biases about gender taught in society?

before you all call me a man im what a lot of people would call a cis woman

you can call this bait or whatever you want because i really would like some genuine answers(retarded bait)

No. 1107812

You come to a thread specifically about hating trans people and ask us why were obsessed. I'm sure most anons lurk trans subreddits (as you lurk snow threads) to find humor in retards. Dont forget you're looking at a collective of images posted by multiple people.

No. 1107832

>b-b-but how do you treat ugly women in your lives?? checkmate tervs!!
As if troons aren't the ones trying to turn themselves into sex dolls because that's all women are to them. It's so funny when libfems think they are making some big points but all they do is just how their lack of reading comprehension. But then again if you understood what this whole tervery is about, you would become a big bad terf too, anon

>white supremacy alley
Funny, i've yet to see TRA crowd to say anything about the trooner that said black women are 'hulking beasts' on twitter. Also your average woc around the globe is a terf. Cope harder

No. 1107841

File: 1608077924077.jpeg (2.43 MB, 4032x3022, 6769CC3F-9FF5-4E51-BFB9-1C93ED…)

Jesus these troons are so clueless about being women. We’re “privileged” because we don’t have to wear makeup. Ignoring the fact that a lot of women HAVE to wear makeup, it’s heavily pushed onto us, and some have been forced to for work. Plus the fact studies have shown things like women who wear makeup at work get paid more. We’re trying to break the notion women have to do these things, but it’s just all fun girly dress up for troons.

And these two comments in particular. Tone fucking deaf. Women totally never get judged for their clothes, not like that’s 90% of the slut shaming rhetoric you males have been throwing at rape victims since the dawn of time. Nor are all women constantly judged if her shoes don’t perfectly match her dress or her pants are from last season, meanwhile men can throw on a wife beater and cargo shorts and nobody bats an eye.

I don’t know if it’s hilarious or infuriating this post and the replies are so heavily upvoted and agreeing with OP. It’s not like women have been silent about these issues I guess men just don’t listen.

Also please ignore the bait above.

No. 1107848

File: 1608078242030.png (594.42 KB, 1904x1228, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 7.23…)

Many women here are lesbians and/or gender non-conforming. You clearly didn't read too well because this thread is women mocking MtFs who believe all of the shit you just wrote.
I don't think any of us give a shit until they started pooling billions of dollars towards taking women's rights and protections away. Go lurk the gender critical threads and you'll see why you should give a shit as a woman. Stop caping for trannies, they won't do the same for you.
I guess women can't even be petty on the internet meanwhile trannies are giving out rape and death threats like they're candy on Halloween.
https://terfisaslur.com/(this isn't a GC thread)

No. 1107850

Here we go, using white supremacy and black people to defend trans shit,it never fails.

No. 1107861

>I'm not attractive to gay guys
That freudian slip kek

No. 1107867

stop using black women for your deluded arguments(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1107869

File: 1608079683047.png (212.03 KB, 280x608, yummy.png)

Don't forget this candid shot. He moves like a geriatric man probably because of the absolute disaster his rotpocket is internally.

No. 1107873

Those who continue to respond to bait and derail the thread will continue to get banned. This isn't your gender critical soapbox, this isn't your personal blog.

No. 1107890

File: 1608080906175.jpeg (21.56 KB, 270x195, F9A488F1-7A59-4C2D-A555-859ECD…)

>wear whatever clothes you want and not have people judging you for it
So he never watched what not to wear those tv shows exclusively about picking wedding dresses, fashion police or any movie/tv show for girls in which there’s at least one chapter about glow ups and shit?
I love how stereotypically manly they are.

No. 1107892

File: 1608081140627.png (98.68 KB, 1242x514, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 8.10…)

Another comment

No. 1107929

I'm really confused by this. Do these posters think they go from having a masculine face to a feminine one by putting makeup on? Because the illusion only works in pictures, certainly not in real life.

No. 1107932

File: 1608085067250.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 1B3A4A4D-20A8-4645-BE84-21D7AE…)

Yeah definitely no stereotypes here folks…

No. 1107936

Hormones fucking upgraded his phone

No. 1107948

File: 1608086657104.jpeg (198.2 KB, 933x941, 115894C9-AD81-4515-B780-E2B0E5…)

Yes it’s a female privilege to not wear makeup and be looked down upon in the workplace.

No. 1107961

> ability to read between the lines
> autism

choose one

No. 1107962

Were you even an awkward teen girl if the cool girls didn't try to give you a makeover?

I think this is a bit of a trans fantasy too - having a female bestie who can teach them everything from hw to do makeup to how to stop pantyhose laddering

No. 1107997

File: 1608093295346.jpg (687.17 KB, 1920x1080, creep.jpg)


No. 1108004

>men ignore you
That right there shows just how little they understand about what it’s like to be a woman. Most of us don’t get “ignored by men” if we don’t wear makeup. We get catcalled and harassed just as much, but with the added benefit of co-workers asking if we are sick or saying we look tired. when we wear makeup, men treat us just as badly, except they also accuse us of cat fishing or “tricking” them as in all of those “take her swimming on the first date” memes. Women can’t actually win. All trannies have to do is slap on some shaky eyeliner and hideous lipstick and they get praised for being oh so stunning and brave!

No. 1108026

File: 1608097967026.jpeg (49.11 KB, 311x446, 366EF491-18C8-4BA0-9257-FC3332…)

This hulking beast of a man is in charge of EDUCATION now. If i had kids, I’d be homeschooling them

No. 1108034

File: 1608099133498.jpeg (43.54 KB, 371x371, E1EABC91-F777-4404-995B-422300…)

the future of our nation and their education is in the hands of a Neanderthal lmao

No. 1108038

File: 1608099338702.jpg (90.15 KB, 789x829, 573ae5822b5385da.jpg)

wait this "guy" from this pic, he's going to be sectary of education

No. 1108041

Doubt (X)

No. 1108045

File: 1608100117239.jpeg (229.3 KB, 738x1159, 2F54CCD3-71F3-43D0-9E53-D96D83…)


I double checked and thankfully it’s false. Sorry y’all. With all the troons taking up more and more positions of power it didnt seem too implausible.

His twitter is a disgusting mess though.

No. 1108047

File: 1608100238548.png (294.02 KB, 465x612, D2CCE4DF-E970-4772-8694-4C0453…)

That was a troll post (hint: look at the username) but Charlotte claymore’s still a total mess and a huge fucking lolcow. Here’s some of the shit he’s done:
>He posted a picture of a rape survivor on his “feminist” page and defended it by saying ‘photos of rape survivors are public property’.
>got an Uber driver fired after they checked to verify that clymer was indeed the woman the driver was supposed to pick up
>pissed off sjw twitter for criticizing the BLM movement and celebrating when COVID deaths where at an all time high in Georgia
>successfully sued and got a restaurant manger fired after the manager told him he couldn’t use the woman’s restroom in the restaurant
> told women that he knew more about feminism then them despite being a MRA before he trooned out
He’s probably most well known for that one picture from 4chan though

No. 1108056

Clymer makes me irrationally angry. He kept being told to stop talking over women on women's issues, so he decided to own them and become one himself. It'd be based if it wasn't so depressing how quickly it was accepted.

No. 1108062

Claymore was the awful man that said a baby girl who was raped to death in India wasn't "raped and killed because she was female so stop making it about that."

I've looked for the screenshot but he absolutely scrubbed it from existence. He also sexually harassed several women out of a feminist group and trooned out as soon as accusations were made.

No. 1108063

I’d say cope, but he’s so deeply narcissistic and pathologically delusional that I don’t doubt he genuinely sees a beautiful dainty woman when he looks at this pic.

No. 1108066

Lmao I like how the character straight up admits to being groomed by people on a forum. Also, is the character supposed to look like a skinny version of Jazz Jennings?

>They find femininity alienating
Dresses and makeup aren't femininity, jfc. These retards truly are incapable of distinguishing between gender and gender stereotypes.
It's not "femininity" they're alienated by, it's the narrow expectation of what they should look like. At this point it's not even makeup, it's the aesthetic standard. People are fucking sick of beauty only meaning "tiny nose, massive sausage lips, ana-chan waist, and giant tits/ass."

>Implying getting ignored by men is a bad thing
>Implying wearing being barefaced makes you less likely to get sexually harassed
>Implying most trannies even both wearing makeup themselves
They claim to have ladybrains, yet the know precisely jack shit about what being a woman is like.

No. 1108089

File: 1608108812806.jpg (286.8 KB, 1080x1080, 20201216_094714.jpg)

Reddit has some sane people?

No. 1108091

File: 1608108900106.jpg (110.38 KB, 1080x412, 20201216_094527.jpg)

No. 1108093

It's so creepy people ignore the definition of lesbianism so hard you have to remind people women= vulva, uterus, XX

No. 1108094

Absolute queens

No. 1108099

File: 1608109980360.jpg (321.03 KB, 1080x755, 20201216_100625.jpg)

The OP is about yet another person wanting to end a marriage after the "suddenly trans" situation happened(they didn't specify their own sex). Normies are actually pretty aware of the crazy, and it's good to see after what seems like a complete "girldick" takeover of the LGB spaces.

No. 1108115

File: 1608112091677.jpeg (2.76 MB, 2000x3000, ED7D9863-0897-4C5D-B428-ABB8CF…)

Been a little while since anybody checked up on our girl Lauren so I checked and he’s made a few posts since last time complaining about his SRS. This is the most recent.

What’s really funny is all his comments are bragging about his “vagina” and how amazing it is, but all his posts are complaining about it and how it’s rotting, smells like a corpse, is too tight and dilating sucks, and how he can’t feel any pleasurable sensations.

Also micro peen confirmed.


No. 1108145

Oh my god I never knew Clymer was a troon. Never saw a pic before. This is hilarious

No. 1108165



No. 1108176

File: 1608124378056.png (15.13 KB, 647x79, dcaf59b8c4387fb68167c02eaf35f5…)

Based as fuck but what did I just read

No. 1108186

I know, kind of took the shine off that a bit, but perverts gonna perve……

No. 1108196

Nothing irrational about being angry at Clymer

Ah yes, almost forgot that one. He's an absolute scumbag who clearly fetishizes rape, Magdalen's (RIP) old video on him really summed up what kind of person he is well

No. 1108203

He's anti-gay, anti-abortion politician who got caught in a 25-guy orgy. He apologized for not socially distancing or breaking the quarantine rules or something.

No. 1108242


I kind of doubt Lauren legit had a micropeen. There's a lot of men who think they do because they're not as big as what they see in porn, but small or under average is not micro. If Lauren's been able to have penetrative sex, that would seem to indicate that there was enough tissue to invert into a neovag, and thus, not an actual micropenis.

Whoever said in another thread that they think Lauren has a humiliation fetish, that seems spot on considering that Lauren was referring to their former dick as micro or a clit when there was clearly enough to work with for surgery.

No. 1108255

What the fuck is wrong with his legs?

No. 1108256

Or he had some of his poop shoot turned into a dick holster

No. 1108314

>photos of rape survivors are public property
i fucking can't

No. 1108328

You can't iron those, they melt.

No. 1108356


Diplomatic immunity is one hell of a cheat code.

No. 1108360

you can iron heat-sensitive fabrics with a towel

No. 1108374

As they should.

No. 1108384

File: 1608145170122.jpeg (662.16 KB, 2250x1887, 4C4369EA-32DC-40B5-AC52-19C51F…)


Just saw this going down in r/PMDD, genderspecials getting triggered over who knows what exactly

No. 1108387

File: 1608145370391.jpeg (630.83 KB, 2182x1830, FD7AD215-B7D4-409E-8C9A-51EB12…)

“I hate how anti-trans this subreddit is at times”, for stating that she wants female companionship kek

No. 1108395

At least the downvotes give me hope

No. 1108399

these male identified bitches are so annoying

No. 1108405

So if you don't explicitly states something about trans people, it's not trans-inclusive or is explicitly trans-exclusive? Why can't they shut uppp, not everything is a trans issue or about trans visibility. Holy fuck, someone take the internet away from these babies.

No. 1108407

How do these people not get tired of constantly bringing up technicalities like "um, you didn't specifically say anything about trans women and that's transphobic!!" It's like a fuckin broken record. Why are transwomen even on a subreddit about pmdd??

No. 1108413

They likely meant menstruating trans men but why the fuck would they even want to be included in a women's village in the first place?

No. 1108414

Motherfucker, why are you on a PMDD sub if you don't have PMDD? This is rhetorical because I know the reason why but it pisses me off that they have to make it about them when they don't even suffer from it. Hell, I wouldn't go there because even I don't have it. Sick of troons with FOMO over women's issues. They are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting acceptance.

No. 1108428

Kek, he apologised for not socially distancing at an orgy, which is an oxymoron, but not for being a huge hypocrite, alrighty then.

No. 1108434

File: 1608149561506.jpeg (1019.65 KB, 3464x3464, B80A703E-CD56-40BE-91EE-964C9E…)

a woman implied that sophiagiannamore “doesn’t have tits” and…i think these caps speak for themselves. even more disgusting considering he’s a rich kid actor living in LA trying to get a woman fired for having a difference in ideology. it’s scary