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No. 1684491

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No. 1684494

ok but it doesn't? a hormone(thing that makes a signal to your organ systems) can't give you new DNA. it just tells certain cells to behave in certain ways. that's like saying that giving a dutch mechanic a job as a baker turns him into a french person.

No. 1684497

he's also on a baby changing table in a public bathroom

No. 1684504

File: 1666723959332.jpg (338.1 KB, 1100x1100, Ep6zdEyXcAAfNqD.jpg)

>going out in heels in the middle of a snowstorm because of AGP

No. 1684506

lol at all the coping straight women in the replies.
This is exactly why straight radfems are viewed as a joke by separatists.

No. 1684507

File: 1666724054702.png (810.46 KB, 688x716, Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 2.49…)

Has anyone discussed these weirdos Girl God, its two "trans" comics where one is absolutely a ciswoman and the other is a disgusting pig troon. I guess part of the joke is that she isn't trans. It would be a lot funnier if that fat, balding old man wasn't standing with her. here's an article talking about their "bit", I guess. Always hilarious when a ciswoman and a troon do anything together because the contrast is just so intense. https://www.artnews.com/art-in-america/aia-reviews/april-clark-grace-freud-girl-god-trans-comedy-1234610738/

No. 1684524

Is the blonde one not trans? Because the one in the back most certainly is.

No. 1684533

File: 1666724799562.jpeg (86.37 KB, 681x665, 19F22CAD-D63A-47C0-8A53-31D739…)

sorry if the thread picture is too shit, there weren’t any pic suggestions, so i picked something completely at random. i also forgot to spoiler it.

No. 1684538

Don't worry nonna it's very cringy and trannylike, it fits great

No. 1684540

idk seems like they might both be trans because i can't picture a real woman agreeing to do "haha he's ugly and fat and pretending to be a girl" comedy. handmaidens are way too conditioned against expressing that in public, they'd rather die

No. 1684549

In a way it makes sense. AGPs are straight men so of course they don’t care what appeals to women, they just want and want and take and take. It’s obvious on places like r/AL where they destroy the culture and think they have some right to be there because they put on a wig and called themselves a lesbian now. Most straight men seem to think they are entitled to any woman they want for putting forth no effort in any way that would actually appeal to the target of their desires. HSTS and most gay men in general get it and do put forth effort with what they know will draw other men.

No. 1684550

File: 1666725275416.jpg (231.21 KB, 1763x1001, taversia-video-1.jpg)

It's a dude taking pictures of his bum in the women's bathroom, it's perfect. It looks like he did a wifebeating photoshoot at some point..

No. 1684553

They can never stop defending their nigels. It gets incredibly annoying.

No. 1684554

File: 1666725457083.jpg (414.87 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20221025-151341_Chr…)

>terfs have made it impossible for any woman cis or trans to ever pass

No. 1684556

weird al in his femboy phase

No. 1684560

Vaush has more than one reason to cap for troons. A few months ago Vaush was outed as a tranny fucker by the Youtuber troon Kat Blaque.

No. 1684568

Exactly, AGPs just like any other straight man refuse to actually appeal to what women like. Also I'd say while it's true men don't have standards in who/what they fuck, they often have quite high standards lookswise in who they're willing to publicly show off to their friends and family. HSTS are constantly complaining about being a "secret", they put in effort in hopes they can be shown off as a "girl"friend

No. 1684573

I'm pretty sure that the dark haired one is a ciswoman. embedding doesn't work but here is a random video of them talking (skip to 20:45), this really does just sound like a straight up woman to me. The joke isn't that the blonde one is an ugly troon, the joke is on all of us for being transphobic or some shit. They got some woman on stage, told her to say tranny, and then berated her when she did it. It's retarded as hell but the joke isn't lol ugly tranny. Although it should be.

No. 1684576

Kek he is so huge even next to another man. Imagine what a gigahon he is compared to a real woman.

No. 1684614

you’ve hit the nail on the head. men generally have low standards for what they fuck, but they want a hot partner as a status symbol.

No. 1684617

All trannies are gigahons. Trying to become a woman is futile.

No. 1684628

I get what you are saying I do, but I swear to you that is a twitter famous tranny with the username @autogynefiles

No. 1684652

>This is giving me vibes of that Canadian teacher that was in the spotlight a few weeks back. (whatever came of him, I wonder?).
Maple syrup fag here; I'll try to find the articles/posts about it but basically any discussion of it was shut down on reddit
At some point we had some official from the school district claiming no one really complained about the teacher (bs)

No. 1684676

samefagging to share link to article claiming no one cares about breastplate-kun:

It was posted on r/onguardforthee by a user who seems to be Nathaniel Arkin himself

No. 1684689

File: 1666731284266.jpg (335.24 KB, 1080x1604, eugenie.jpg)

This page where a transgender rapist gets called out is interesting to read through.

No. 1684705

File: 1666732050297.jpg (339.9 KB, 1080x1363, kaelie.jpg)

No. 1684722

>there are no women in the eyes of a terf
That's why terfs call f*males birthing people and menstruators, right?

No. 1684733


The urge to ALOG is so strong as someone with PCOS. Males don’t have PCOS. Testosterone don’t work on men the same way it affects women. I get hair in places where I don’t want to be on top having irregular menstrual cycles so bad that without birth control I’d be bleeding for months. Can we please stop romanticizing PCOS as a gendie accessory?

No. 1684734

Women wouldn’t even be doing this “stereotypically feminine” stuff if it weren’t dictated by the patriarchy, beauty companies looking to make money, etc. 99% of the time there is a man at the top running everything. Standards of beauty shift overtime but it isn’t natural for people to be so hyperfocused on appearance in the way they are today. Things like bras, shaving, etc. are still relatively modern inventions, not some thing that women just automatically evolved to use.

No. 1684738

This is one of those things that really peaked me. I’ve heard about women who were kicked out of support groups for things like PCOS and endometriosis because they didn’t appease the new TiM invader. It’s fucking ridiculous how they try to appropriate disorders, illnesses, even birth and menstruation-related issues that ONLY affect female bodies. It makes sense for TiFs to be in those groups but men are there for fetishistic purposes and my mind cannot be changed. The idea of males intruding in spaces where women are trying to be vulnerable and gain support related to female body-related issues grinds my gears like nothing else.

No. 1684741

Sorry to double post but just to add, you don’t see TiFs trying to get into men’s groups for health issues that males specifically face. They might mention male-pattern baldness sometimes but I’ve never seen them trying to elbow their way into a space for prostate cancer or anything like that. I don’t know if it’s the male entitlement that TiMs have that make them think it’s okay behavior or if they are just more delusional with thinking HRT can actually give them female parts, periods, etc.

No. 1684756

File: 1666736353943.jpeg (199.27 KB, 750x538, 9AAAEC26-9BB5-4CC7-8217-0F2725…)

triggered by his own girlfriend.

No. 1684758

was reading tweets from a terf twt acc out of curiosity and a disgusting troon called her a cunt and spammed troon porn under her tweets, forcing your degenerate porn on unwilling women so feminine uwu

No. 1684759

> mtf pre everything
> trying to live as a male
so he's a crossdressing fetishist who wants to keep it in the bedroom? but online he has to take that next step

No. 1684761

File: 1666737133077.jpg (271.13 KB, 1444x1102, porn mods fyi.jpg)

I can't believe some people actually thought he was a woman.

No. 1684764

File: 1666737373337.jpg (855.43 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20221025_183526.jpg)

Zero self awareness whatsoever.

No. 1684765

man and man discuss things that they are guilty of when they themselves contribute to the patriarchy. What exactly is over the top feminine stuff? make up? men can wear that too. You don't need to pretend you're a woman to do that.

No. 1684767

"Femininity" is a performance maybe, women are women though whether they perform or not. For them to even make normative statements about the attitudes towards trans women compared to women they always need to take extreme 0.0001% examples of passing when they know well enough most of them look like the she/her in their pictures.

No. 1684780

Mentally ill man thinking he is serving a look.

No. 1684782

looking like the homosexual gay faggot that he is, if I saw this abomination at a party I wouldn't even think he was a troon just a gay man having a giggle

No. 1684791

Even by troon standards, he's so ugly and creepy.

No. 1684796

Wonder if he thinks being underweight makes him more feminine? Women don't have bones sticking out of their elbows like that

No. 1684799

Not only he admits he's wearing a woman costume, he's also just coping with being an autopedophile.

No. 1684802

Unsure if you're joking or not, but he's quite possibly an autopedophile indeed, so whatever.

No. 1684811

File: 1666740958897.jpg (445.76 KB, 1080x1391, bimbo.jpg)

No. 1684817

if a woman was perpetually stuck in her preteen years and acted this way the internet would unite to bully her for being cringe, but since its a pedophile moid on a dress its a-okey

No. 1684819

That male skeleton giving him away (along with everything else)

No. 1684822

File: 1666741998676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.31 KB, 760x555, Ff0k0HtXkAAc628.jpg)

Probably. Theres a pic I saw of him today before he started doing this shit, and while he's still small, he's at a normal weight. Spoilered for his male "Barbie pocket" in underwear.

No. 1684823


No. 1684831

Not that he was great looking but still what a downgrade, his head even looks proportional here.

No. 1684832

yeah he’s definitely making himself look borderline emaciated to try and appear more “feminine.” I’ve seen other mtfs do this. What they don’t realize is that it makes their manly ass bones jut out. They just look bizarre especially irl.

No. 1684837

File: 1666742744565.jpg (134.85 KB, 1080x1403, Ff3nVbRXwAAHAa9.jpg)

He had a decent twinkbod. But yeah, he always makes the most hideous faces. He was in The Book of Mormon too. Part of me wishes this was Trey Parker and Matt Stone using a guy from their show as a long, insane troll.

No. 1684843

Last I heard, the schoolboard is looking to die on that hill and will do 'everything they can to protect' giant porn tits man from all those awful bigots forever.

No. 1684848

He is literally just a gay man. How the hell does no one see this

No. 1684850

not from the original cast, so it's null and void

No. 1684855

File: 1666744164987.png (2.28 MB, 1178x952, horselegs.png)

No. 1684873

File: 1666745396020.jpg (203.51 KB, 1225x1765, b569d49dcd0624537b26c09fcce9b2…)

No. 1684889

ayrt and i hope you're right. i'm always bad at telling when it's not irl

No. 1684892

Was this based on Dylan? Because of it wasn't, he's the perfect example. And if it was, not enough crazy eyes.

No. 1684899

I hope she leaves him ASAP or else she's running the risk of being murdered by her own boyfriend

No. 1684901

i hate how many trannies love new vegas. it’s so easy to clock them from screenshots they post too because they always have the tackiest mishmash of character accessories with no care for whatever universe they inhabit, only coom. tangentially; how the fuck aren’t moids embarassed to out themselves as so degen they can’t enjoy any piece of media without having to coom, smh

No. 1684902

I know every time I leave the house every woman I see is in full bimbo getup, no one can ever pass though so I haven’t heard a pronoun used publicly in months. We truly live in a society…

No. 1684904

In a few decades anthropologists will look back at moids downloading fetish mods for video games and identifying with them the way we look at medieval times

No. 1684906

If I was a troon or TRA I would hate to have Vaush making my cause look even worse.

No. 1684908

wack ass fashion

No. 1684911

File: 1666749041043.jpg (880.47 KB, 1080x1319, bruh.jpg)

Saw this in the wild, calling himself a "mama bear" to trans kids. Posts about how he's a woman. You'd think by now i'd be so used to this stuff seeing it here but somehow it still shocks me/disgusts me every time. How does a grown man get to this point.. and his friends commenting on his posts how he is a pretty girl. He also posts about how he's stopping wearing pants, as if women just wear dresses every day

No. 1684913

autopuellaphilia (puella = girl)

No. 1684915

he looks like he should be selling bootleg beers in a concert parking lot

No. 1684917

LOL, of course the man assuming a dominant position and spanking him is black.

White men and their weird, mixed-up superiority/inferiority complex towards black men will never cease to amuse me. I bet Mr. stockings and garters here has lots of cuckold porn with muscular black men in his internet history. I'll also bet he's made online posts about how whites are the superior master race who deserve to rule over the worthless dumb blacks.

The far-right white racist to troon pipeline is real and it is funny.(racesperging)

No. 1684940

File: 1666751520604.jpg (84.44 KB, 733x1280, IMG_20221025_222959_028.jpg)

Kek I know he has a hunch back hut it looks like he's breaking his back go make his shoulders smaller. Then he has this red lipstick, you can STILL see his give o clock shadow and that weird ass cleavage. Keffals we know what you look like. If you stand up as straight as you could, you'd be a tall broad hunch backed male with super spaced out weird saggy moobs. Keemstar is 100% right. I know the comments are probably kissing his ass or saying shit like, "mommy milkers" or "you are the kost passing Trans woman". We saw the CNN videos.

No. 1684973

File: 1666755611260.jpg (683.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221025-233105_Red…)

Fucking pumpkins is trans lore now. Ofc it originated from Pornhub.

No. 1684975

File: 1666755947848.jpeg (84.27 KB, 714x1084, 147E05F8-935A-4219-B263-BF52D8…)

those eyes are soulless.

No. 1684977

it’s weird because the only troons that kinda pass are the obese ones.

No. 1684980

yeah I was just thinking about this. with obese troons you can't see the big male skeleton as well. fat also tends to distort their proportions such that the main tells are not so obvious. but being a vain gay at heart he couldn't possibly allow himself to blow up even if that meant he might "pass" lol

No. 1684994

This is why you shouldn't trust any scrote who plays as a female character in any game. The will cope with "b-but I just don't to stare at male ass while I play the game" but again, it's just a massive cope. Bonus point if a moid in question installs mods for big boobs and sexy clothes. Playing as a woman to tranny pipeline is real as far as I noticed.

No. 1684999

>Playing as a woman to tranny pipeline is real as far as I noticed.
Of course it is. But trannies think being coomers is what allowes them to "realize they were trans girls all along", instead of coming to the correct opposite conclusiong that "trans" isn't real and it's just a delusion caused by porn addiction.

No. 1685001

nonsensical gendered take akin to “playing the healer means you’re trans.” picking a male or female video game character has no bearing on gendershit for any normal person who’s not constantly thinking about that. what makes that guy so pathetic is he’s not seeing how irrelevant that is. everything coomy he’s ever done has to tie back to his troonerism for him to make sense of his retarded life.

No. 1685006

File: 1666758512856.png (73.62 KB, 1400x1600, @welcome2h.png)

do they ever realize how cringe they are

No. 1685012

idk when this site was made, but i sincerely hope that this predator gets called tf out and reported to the college he attends. searching his name on google shows that he is not only still active in student government, but involved in state government as well. i would hope that a self admitted rapist would be held accountable, but then again it’s fucking portland.

No. 1685016

he is the gayest looking faggot that ever fagged

No. 1685041

now post his real face

No. 1685042

actually drawn by a TIF surprisingly enough, her handle is @welcome2h

No. 1685050

File: 1666764062196.jpg (283.92 KB, 1080x2220, tumblr_9bd3ed6c5717399918ca8b5…)


pictured, what a relationship between one of these and an obliging libfem looks like

No. 1685053

File: 1666764508704.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1392x1776, autogynefiles.png)

I did some digging around and, well. If this is a "cis" (real) woman then it's a really special case. To be fair April seems to struggle to do a lower pitched voice:
But everything else looks male to me, especially the body and hairline. You could argue that this is a comedian and the persona they have on Twitter is fake therefore evverything they say on there is not related to their persinal life, but I honestly don't think a tranny-friendly woman would say those kinds of things unless she was ultra edgy and playing 4D chess trying to make everyone think she's a tranny, so it's more likely that it's a male that's actually tried to pass. Not to mention how Girl God keeps being called a "trans comedy duo" and no one tries to correct that. So, yeah, I say both are trannies.

No. 1685055

File: 1666764657762.png (19.8 KB, 600x145, Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 01-08…)

ok, I just found this. There's no doubt now that it's a troon.

(reposted bc spoilered by accident)

No. 1685058

April is a tranny, this is long established, don't know why it's even a question?

No. 1685068

File: 1666767283505.png (1.78 MB, 1024x1944, troon4.png)

No. 1685073

Nah, a guy that always plays female characters is a coomer, which leads straight to troondom. I remember having a convo about this with Nigel and his friends and they all said "Why would I want to play as a woman? You are pretending you are the character so you want to be a cool dude".

No. 1685074

dude was so afraid of poking his eye the eyeliner is half centimeter above lashes

No. 1685075

Kek, its impossible for him to ever have a normal looking cleavage, even with all tricks in the book. Those moobs are worlds apart at the root.

No. 1685076

have you ever played an mmorpg? men playing with female characters is the usual

No. 1685077

Kek those brows are hideous hes so delusional if he think he's better at makeup than the average woman

No. 1685080

Troon delusion is just on a whole nother level.

No. 1685087

and usually men playing mmorpg are coomers, what is your point

No. 1685088

File: 1666769759564.jpeg (74.12 KB, 669x445, E338382C-DBD5-4304-8301-03074C…)

No. 1685091

Does he have an eating disorder? Isn't that a reason for some males to troon out? Would explain why he's so bony when troons typically want to fake female curves

No. 1685092

incorrect, your inverted penis is that of an adult man

No. 1685093

File: 1666769993586.png (1.11 MB, 800x1119, 8F786918-AF37-4F17-B307-6E0C8D…)


Whatever you say Baby Jane Failsun

No. 1685099

if men playing female characters meant they will troon out we would be dealing with few dozen millions of trannies rn. as i said, despite what your nigel told you, men most of the time will play female characters and that isn't a sign of them trooning out soon but just a normal male behaviour.

No. 1685101

there is no way that this isn't a troll, how do you even tweet that shit while looking like dr frankenfurter's ugly stepsister?!
although I've seen these guys in the wild so…
askjghjk ur so right

gay men don't have "female brain", . the male hormones are exposed to give them the exact same brain as heterosexual men. there's actually a good amount of evidence behind this.

SOME gays are "feminine" and there's also some heterosexual men who seem "feminine" as children too, because those interpretations are subjective and heavily influenced by the cultural construction of gender. gay boys are more feminine in general but their behavior is absolutely not innate – if they copy their mothers/females because that is who they feel comfortable around or who they feel that they relate to, that's a choice they made. Just like when heterosexual men who troon out force feminifications because they want to "pass". the guy who wrote The Man Who would be queen has observed a lot of homosexual men and he pretty much says that they change their behavior at around the age of puberty in anticipation of the identity that they'll assume later in life. so a gay kid may become really flamboyant and over the top because that's what he thinks is suitable for him. literally none of that shit is fucking innate! some gays are not innately feminine and it's not necessarily because trying to be straight passing – even though femininity is devalued within the community.

No. 1685102

I bet keffals is seething over the internet and his ex-fiancé turning on him even after he got boob implants and penile inversion surgery, all while they're fawning over Dylan who's the most camp gay man parody of a female ever.
I was told keffals made it a thing to not wear makeup, I guess he's wearing it again trying to catch a new man now?

No. 1685104

*feminine affectation

No. 1685105

I'm a different anon to the first one, cooming doesn't always equal trooning, but the ones who troon out do it for the coom.

No. 1685106

>man performing hyperfemininity because it gives him a boner
>woman performing hyperfemininity because it's been shoved down our throats since we were infants
Totally the same thing

No. 1685108

>there is no way that this isn't a troll
We've seen enough atrocious looking troons with horrible makeup to know this is genuine, it's what AGP does to a man.

No. 1685112

if youre gonna use the junglefever trope and have a black man dominate you at least get dude whos bigger than you. This troon makes even other men look petite, how did anyone think he was a real woman??

No. 1685116

Sage for spoon feed but does anyone have candid pics of this beast man?

No. 1685120

all troons are trying to skinwalk a particular type of woman they find attractive (e.g. the shitty becoming the goth gf memes, or the ones who get surgery to look like a barbie bimbo) but its way more creepy when they try skinwalk a specific person they know, like that guy who dyed his hair the same as his teen daughter.
This one is in the early stage, i guarantee he will start stealing his gfs clothes and underwear. Or he’ll copy her makeup style

No. 1685129

File: 1666774460455.jpeg (66.59 KB, 619x718, CD3B8EE9-5332-40D8-9FE6-82299B…)

I’m howling. What look is this even meant to be?! He looks like he got shot with the makeup gun

No. 1685130

Кек at how fatties/trannies/hamplanet troons open their eyes as wide as possible to make them look bigger, but it just looks like they shit themselves

No. 1685131

>how did anyone think he was a real woman??
tbf the first pics posted in the last thread didn't have any other person in them to compare heights, in addition to his heavy makeup and camera/lighting tricks

No. 1685132

Because someone itt posted him and said he's a real woman. That poster was probably a tranny judging by the use of "ciswoman" instead of just woman

No. 1685135

but he has the most stereotypical tranny voice, and an anon was saying he sounds female sometimes… I don't get it

No. 1685137

TIFs making TIM OCs are always so flattering it's embarrassing, the handmaidenry is way too much

No. 1685138

>how did anyone think he was a real woman??
some nonnas are kind and dont want to call an ugly woman trans i guess, but honestly if it makes you doubt for a second is 100% a troon

No. 1685142

Pretty sure it's because there is so much assumption of male default in games, unless there is a character creator the protagonist is usually male for the presumably male player to self insert, or sometimes female for the presumably straight male player to drool over (literally the reason why Lara Croft is a woman straight out of the original devs' mouths). But sometimes moids end up self inserting as their waifu after playing as her for so long and the trooning happens especially in this sociopolitical climate.

No. 1685147

pussy younger than 18 ? fucking pedophile

No. 1685150

File: 1666778580797.png (1.11 MB, 1012x952, kefflar.png)

top are from his own video so he could have edited it anyway he wanted

No. 1685158

>1.6k likes on degeneracy
>cry that they aren't degenerates

No. 1685164

ywnbaw sir

No. 1685170

File: 1666781200019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 485.51 KB, 1080x1792, 567885433i90.jpg)

All that surgery done and completely covered in makeup and you can still see a mans body from 100 miles awat

No. 1685171

looks like a deviantart edit you'd see on one of those 10 follower fetish accounts

No. 1685175

>TERFs can't stand us being better (than women) at makeup
If you only have a problem with TERFs why include other women too?
Every time they try to insult TERFs they also end up insulting women in general kek. I mean it's pretty obvious when they use that term to hide their misogyny, it's just like when normal men say "white women". It pisses me off that TRAs don't realize this

>some nonnas are kind and dont want to call an ugly woman trans i guess
Yeah this is exactly it. It probably wouldn't be so bad if there weren't trannies posting photos of real women and calling them trannies or posting trannies and calling them "cis"

No. 1685177

no fucking way he kept his abs and just fucking went w the fakest breast you could ever see kek

No. 1685179

What type of stimulants does it take to keep up the :D that would make me want to Jill myself

No. 1685180

he looks like The Chud on the bottom pic KEK

No. 1685185

The hunchback of not-a-dame.

No. 1685191

File: 1666786432647.jpeg (23.45 KB, 442x694, keeeeeek.jpeg)

PLEASE next thread title

No. 1685194

I think those are ab implants.

No. 1685195

KEK nona

No. 1685200

File: 1666787304440.jpg (60.11 KB, 697x517, uwu.jpg)

Wrong disney but you get the idea.

No. 1685201

File: 1666787575050.jpg (241.37 KB, 1145x1261, Ow8WeEG.jpg)

I really wish the catwoman-core page would stop getting suggested to me just because I follow a few meme comic book pages.

No. 1685202

god gia is so embarrassing

No. 1685203

File: 1666787661112.png (193.38 KB, 647x562, 7f.png)

do TRAs ever realize how unpopular their views are IRL, like this girl isn't a radfem or right-winger, she's just a regular normie who doesn't understand troon bullshit


No. 1685205

File: 1666787831328.png (1.64 MB, 833x635, Screenshot (2).png)

so true. Gia sucks.

No. 1685206

Calling every random normie woman a terf just for questioning their demands is shooting themselves in the foot and I'm here for it. Gonna peak a lot of women.

No. 1685207

Kek imagine normies being the ones who will end the troon era

No. 1685209

They probably will be, especially when it comes to children. A lot of kids want to rebel and if their parent is gender crit or conservative they’re more likely to rebel by being a tra. A normie parent is not going to give a tra the reaction they want so they’ll get bored and move on to something else

No. 1685210


No. 1685217

File: 1666790507583.png (80.91 KB, 1079x348, Screenshot (176).png)

Troon fantasy story. I was never asked about if I could be pregnant from a fucking pharmacist while getting my boosters, especially not about birth control

No. 1685218

File: 1666790805391.jpg (413.57 KB, 901x3012, ew.jpg)

Troon in question

No. 1685219

>Mentalism or sanism describes discrimination and oppression against a mental trait or condition a person has, or is judged to have. This discrimination may or may not be characterized in terms of mental disorder or cognitive impairment. The discrimination is based on numerous factors such as stereotypes about neurodivergence, for example autism, learning disorders, ADHD, FASD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and personality disorders, and specific behavioral phenomena such as stuttering and tics, or intellectual disability.

No. 1685220

only a tranny could take "are you pregnant" as a compliment. a woman would be fucking mortified if she wasn't pregnant and got asked that lol, you're just obese

No. 1685221

Why don't you block it?

No. 1685222

Nona, it's standard practice for doctors to ask women if they could be pregnant before prescribing any meds, going into surgery, etc. They will even ask the most skinny women that question because baby bump won't become visible for several weeks. This tranny just heard of all the stories women told and thought it would be fun to larp. The most disgusting part of it is that with the over turning of Roe V. Wade women are being asked that because the life of their fetus is more important than the life of the woman. Trannys just see as tee hee validating

No. 1685224

Actual cadaver makeup

No. 1685225

That's not what real abs look like though

No. 1685226

No matter how much this faggot starves he'll always have a hulking scrote deformed body kekkek

No. 1685228

I assume you are coping cause your bf plays a female character, kek.

No. 1685230

File: 1666791950575.jpg (38.49 KB, 1200x500, hero_Insidious3-2015-1.jpg)

Giving the transvestite demon from insidious

No. 1685239

>I remember having a convo about this with Nigel and his friends and they all said "Why would I want to play as a woman?
Cope. Your nigel is weird as fuck if he can't play a female character. Girl, you are the one who needs to run. kek

No. 1685240

What I got from this discussion is: do not date a gamer.

No. 1685244

Imagine dating a grown man who plays with toys.

No. 1685245

I bet your nigel pretends he's the moid in porn too

No. 1685254

Imagine posting repetitive, reddit-tier "comebacks" in a snow thread.
It just sounds like you're jealous someone else has a bf and you don't tbh.

No. 1685260

Most legitimate terfs advocate against makeup and the beauty industry as it affects women so why would they care if some failed male wants to look like a fool? They always seem to forget the “radical feminism” part and just apply it to any random woman.

No. 1685262

This is what they don’t get. They project their AGP onto hyperfeminine women without considering how many women have been sexualized since childhood, how women who don’t perform femininity can be judged or outcast. Not that they give a shit but they always try to do this or turn it into some weird mean girls competition which is always so bizarre to see.

What? Medical professionals usually ask if you are or could be pregnant if you’re having a procedure. Though I think his story sounds stupid, usually you’re just asked to fill out paperwork for a vaccine. I’ve never had the tech ask me anything once it was my turn other than how my day is going.

No. 1685266

I don't know why exactly but this particular troon really frightens me. There's something so sinister about him

No. 1685271

did he get implants?

No. 1685281

he's post op he got everything

No. 1685289

File: 1666799508392.jpg (102.13 KB, 1080x553, Screenshot_20221026-173958_Twi…)

He claims he took them out

No. 1685295

File: 1666799683248.png (101.03 KB, 1080x896, tinfoil.png)

Sorry if it was posted back then when the troon teacher was hot topic but look at this tinfoil

No. 1685304

I dunno, some people on 4chan we're talking about it too

No. 1685305

1) you are not a lesbian and 2) women often use birth control for reasons other than heterosexual sex. I could marry a woman & stay with her forever and I’d still use birth control bc I’m paranoid about getting raped and impregnated in my state where abortion is outlawed.
Troids are so dumb, typical male overconfidence to just assume lesbianism means no birth control (which again, you are NOT and NEVER WILL BE A LESBIAN!).

No. 1685311

The only source for that rumor is a random post on /pol/, the same place that spawned Qanon. I wouldn't put much stock into it. As we all know transgenderism is usually comorbid with other mental illnesses so it's not surprising Kayla Lemieux acts mentally ill.

No. 1685314

nta but lol don't be so sensitive, hetero-chan

No. 1685315

>people on 4chan
so coping trannies and other moids? kek

No. 1685316

File: 1666802142674.jpg (131.15 KB, 900x1199, FeZQZELWYAAUUiL.jpg)

I dont think thats how it works buddy

No. 1685317

He's trying too hard, it looks like an autistic boy's first time trying on mommy's makeup. And why is his hair still greasy? He went through all that effort but couldn't be bothered to take a shower?

No. 1685321

Womanhood = Crying

Meanwhile, walking through the world these men made as a woman is so soul crushing that 20% of women are on antidepressants that often render then unable to cry even when they need to.

No. 1685323

thanks for the tip makes-up-names-for-anons-chan lol ill try to be more like you

No. 1685327

But he's ugly and he doesn't have breast implants. He has soggy man boobs qnd the same tube shaped boobs that Jazz Jennings got. He's fat, hunchbacked and tall. He also started thirsting after attractive Twitch girls. The only people who will date him are ugly scrotes or ugly scrotes who say they are a woman. I don't think it's the break up. I think kiwifarms pointing out his bald spots, how shitty he looks in real life bothers him. He sees how the actual women look on Twitch and knows he's ugly ass shit and even with his v cleavage he can't get more then 1k sometimes less, unless it's drama on Twitch.

No. 1685328

Remember, these are the same incels that say women don't let men have emotions

No. 1685329

Kek, the fetish goes both ways. Pure unadulterated moid degeneracy.

No. 1685332

apparently being obese also triggers that mythical mommy milker moob dna

No. 1685333

Kek, there are indeed some troons seething over Dylan (which is honestly the least he can do) because they see all the attention and resources he's getting as being able to transition for free or because they believe Dylan is a terf gayop to ruin trans movement image, not that I believe it but imo fair enough theory cause Dylan is creepy af.

No. 1685351

Kek of course troons seethe over this peak material. Doesn't really matter if he is really a troon or just a troll, it will peak some normies.

No. 1685358

Dylan is defs peaking normies, I'm genuinely shocked at the comments on this. like fucking FINALLY
poor slxthkween when she was right all along, I genuinely feel so bad for her. been disowned for terfing on main, feels so good though

No. 1685372


Idk about that one nonnie

No. 1685373

They speak about this in such a religious,
pseudoscience kind of way.

No. 1685375

ayrt, I didn't realise that was the uploader tbh, and it's just a compilation of all Dylan's own content so I don't see what these Prageru people have to do with it. I looked them up and they're american right wingers I'm assuming?

No. 1685380

Most punchable human I can imagine

No. 1685384


I was talking to a fellow troon-hating friend the other day and she said the way she can clock them is by their head size. My mom and I always notice hands, shoulders, height etc. when we clock troons but I've never really noticed the head size until this image, he looks like a fucking neanderthal

No. 1685387


They're """judeo-christians""" who hire big names like Ben Shapiro to shill their lukewarm right wing talking points. Basically a TPUSA clone

No. 1685388

File: 1666807995609.jpg (55.51 KB, 750x864, EwdNp8IWUAQ7270.jpg)

this is what I'm worried about, the more the mainstream left pushes for troon issues especially for "trans kids" the more they'll end up pushing normies to either vote for the right or just not vote for them, this >>1685203 is a good example of this, I used to be "ally" at one point as well, so mainstream left wing can either acknowledge them as fetishists or just die on this hell and lose elections for the next decade

No. 1685389

I still can't believe trannies really pick this Curt from Glee lookalike to be the face of their movement. His meeting with Biden was a cringefest trainwreck I can't look away from.

No. 1685390

forgive my retardation i'm on the wrong thread

No. 1685393

I clicked on a video on the side after clicking on the compilation. This is what I'm talking about.

No. 1685394

File: 1666808436259.png (48.44 KB, 424x279, Screenshot_2022-10-26-13-14-27…)

I saw the comments, they're not looking good.
Picrel, looks like they still use the retarded "woman is a feeling" argument.

No. 1685406

Yeah women have female organs inside of them

No. 1685410

ayrt all good, I assume they all run in the same circles anyway. and as >>1685388 says I'm also worried the pipeline from troon-questioner to matt walsh endorser is potentially dangerous.
vidrel is the content that is reaching normies while dylan is peaking them.
(reiterating I am not a matt walsh supporter or his ilk, link for context)
at the same time Ulta, tampax etc. are doing a pretty good job of alienating normies as it is so hopefully the politics around our existence and reproduction/sexuality will cease.
only men could turn this into such a clusterfuck. why were they ever in charge? pathetic. in the end they wanna be mommy milked, mommy fed, mommy topped and mommy bottomed uwu

No. 1685433

File: 1666811438986.jpeg (395.86 KB, 750x961, 94EF1F97-7675-4D5B-AF46-83D2DA…)

things that never happened

No. 1685449

File: 1666812397021.jpeg (264.04 KB, 750x956, 19267EB8-BD0E-423F-B57A-147153…)

trannies are so fucking dramatic. they’ll always be able to get hormones from the dark web, a place they’re clearly familiar with since that’s where they get the cp they use to raid and shut down shit they don’t like.

No. 1685453

he fucking met Biden ? Do you know why ? how ? i don't have the brain capacity to look it up

No. 1685454

> more and more anti-trans, more than I've seen in my life
this is always the most bizarre thing to me, but maybe not, I mean I know that in my life the cops would probably laugh in the face of a troon complaining that he got the shit beaten out of him by random moids passing him on the street, and they want to gaslight the world into thinking it's the natural state of things that every troon is treated as a t&h woman all day long and anything to the contrary is right-wing genocie

No. 1685457

I am still so fucking flabbergasted by the amount of non troon comments supporting Dylan

No. 1685472

File: 1666814095054.jpeg (361.72 KB, 960x839, B562CD43-EE01-45EB-9C2B-8DF615…)

redditors are so close to just shoving v8 popsicles up their ass

No. 1685478

File: 1666814247704.jpeg (370.29 KB, 960x822, 91D6CE98-BBF8-4443-88F6-27C7DE…)

No. 1685485

oh my god

No. 1685489

No. 1685490

This is pretty frequent
>look the normies are peaking
>comments are from a conservative source/community
Most of the videos are made by conservatives I guess they don't have anything to lose. I see a lot of "go watch what is a woman on youtube! it will open your eye!" comments but I really do wish more and more LGB were speaking up and making their own voices heard.
Vidrel is a good example I remember feeling like I was going through a KF or LC thread because of how similar the arguments are plus he talks positively about gnc people, but I'm worried about some of his other videos

No. 1685491

Another video made by a gay or bi man but not something you would send if you wanted to help peak them.

No. 1685493

File: 1666815004299.jpeg (434.28 KB, 960x1043, 86F24BCA-E1B1-4873-B677-65E7E5…)

they really are the new incels

No. 1685499

>troons will only work out to imagine sore muscles are fake period cramps

No. 1685500

My tinfoil is Dylan was handpicked because he was more palatable than most troon options. He's short and skinny af and has a whiny voice. So when women bring up the dangers of troons in our bathrooms and locker rooms they think of the tiny twink Dylan and not the hulking troons that will punch your teeth out if you don't say ma'am.

No. 1685504

this has already been posted but thank you for dropping it again nona! honestly since gays against groomers got banned it's seriously getting weirder seeing anyone speaking out and not getting instantly silenced and digitally gulaged. like considering how misogynistic gay men/HSTS usually are it's wild to see the backlash.

No. 1685505

Yep and they choose a clearly very gay man, because they think trans = supergay. and that supergay men = woman.

No. 1685506

Oh no, troons killed the female gender so now women are calling themselves something else… but they're still female??? Who could've guessed

No. 1685514

That is right, your first world country couldn't save you from being a failure in every level.

No. 1685515

so where are all the terfs they never shut up about? bc they sure as hell aren't the conservatives. and why tf are they using the term transvestite?

No. 1685525

Loving how much the feminine they/them afabs get to the ugly troons, kinda makes me think more girls should do it. Just throw a they/them on the ol' bio and make an ugly incel in a pink skirt seethe.

No. 1685545

Or just call yourself a gender abolitionist.

No. 1685551

File: 1666819864396.jpg (1.51 MB, 2160x2160, 8644684486753.jpg)

10 years and this is the best you can do bro?

No. 1685560

File: 1666820263528.jpg (237.39 KB, 1080x1173, woman.jpg)

No. 1685561

Literally looks like he's got a dirty diaper

No. 1685564

>Dylan: Mr.President, this is my 221st day of publically transitioning
>Biden: God love you

die from la cringe

No. 1685566

ahahaha no fucking way, transphobic trannies
but they'll rip you apart if you dare to misgender your rapist even once

No. 1685569

I feel like the OP of that is underaged or very young. Especially with the 'back in the day' and then saying it was less transphobic, and that transphobes are being elected to office as if every politician before now was super pro-trans or even neutral. Of course they didn't witness anti-trans stuff in their whole life when they are like 16. Gonna see lots of young tranners in their teens and early 20's who are so unaware of how new all of this rhetoric is.

No. 1685570

File: 1666820943671.jpg (247.06 KB, 1631x992, 1666820744598902.jpg)

No. 1685571

No. 1685580

lol you can tell just by looking at his cleavage that his boobs are tubular, I bet he got implants to try and correct it

No. 1685582

male narcissism knows no bounds.

No. 1685584

File: 1666821661009.jpg (335.07 KB, 1538x2048, media_FfcWMGHXoAA5TrF.jpg)

Why are they all like this?

No. 1685585

File: 1666821704814.jpg (99.78 KB, 1080x530, disgusting.jpg)

This is the same troon from this now classic peaking material

No. 1685586

gender isn't real and was made up by a pedophile. gender is a 'social construct' but sex isn't. you can say you're whatever gender you want but everyone knows you're of the male sex.

No. 1685587

Imagine a woman (or even a normal man) who looks like this bragging about how hot they are. It would never happen.

No. 1685588

File: 1666821764110.png (302.75 KB, 532x532, tranraiser.png)

sage for no contribution but I torrented the hulu hellraiser and it's hilarious how clockable picrel is. if I didn't know the actor was a tranny I would've just guessed effeminate man, maybe gay, but 100% man

No. 1685589

File: 1666821779470.jpeg (377.39 KB, 960x776, 4B554914-A70F-4590-8CA5-D9C0B1…)

replying to you nona bc the op of the post you replied to posted on tttt and the comments are obviously festering with intellect. this entire spiel ignores the part where you noted that women feel this way due to the world men created.

No. 1685590

guess who invented capitalism! hint: it wasn't women.

No. 1685592

>bright blue eyeshadow
>red lipstick
>heavy blush
why are men so obsessed with this stereotypical makeup look

No. 1685594

File: 1666822012601.jpeg (89.64 KB, 768x1024, danielle laidley maxim hot 100…)

Dean 'Danielle' Laidley, AGP ex-con ex-footballer has been featured in Maxim Australia's Hot 100 Women list. kek


No. 1685596

File: 1666822247356.jpg (88.22 KB, 1080x414, bufftroon.jpg)

No. 1685598

this ugly old gay MAN won’t stop referring to women as “bitches”.

No. 1685599

it definitely happens, they're just mocked and treated like the crazy people they are

No. 1685601

People need to understand, you can agree with a person on ONE topic and hate them on all other topics. Normal, functional humans do not operate in an ALL OR NOTHING fashion that people are pushing these days. Walsh is only "right" because he hopped on to something that you cannot possibly be wrong about. Your ideas about it can be wrong, but the general concept is infallible until Aliens and or Magic says otherwise. Men will never be Women. Period. There's no debate. There's no argument. Every little argument or statement made means absolutely nothing to normal humans. Yet, everyone's brain is just….Fucked. Was it porn? Was it covid? The Democratic party has going to shit for years, but now they're just accepting scrotes in wigs, while at the same time preaching that they're going to save women's rights and Woe v Wade. So, I can have as many abortions as I want, but I can't call myself a Woman while I get them? I must be a BIRTHING PERSON. Meanwhile, youraverage Republican party endorser is all for women as property.

No. 1685602

Why is his butt halfway down his legs

No. 1685603

Maybe a diaper?

No. 1685605

I wish I saved more candids before kiwi went down, someone posted a compilation of all the hunch back photos and I couldn’t believe the size of the hump.

No. 1685606

this troon psychosis will die in a second if they put more trannies in shit geared towards normie men. maxim? playboy? sports illustrated? put trannies in every page and see what happens.

No. 1685607

File: 1666823166185.jpeg (138.49 KB, 768x1024, 1666822012601.jpeg)

This is hilarious

No. 1685609

They have such disgusting minds. Makes you grateful that you're not a man, haunted by images of human toilets and shitting dicknipples 24 hours a day.

No. 1685611

I know it's unbelievable that shit like 'Maxim's Hot 100 Women' is still even a thing - let them tank it.

No. 1685616

File: 1666824053816.jpeg (83.48 KB, 650x1000, danielle laidley skinwalking.j…)

it kills me. he always dresses like his girlfriend too, highlighting how different their bodies are. picrel

total skinwalker. and he was convicted for obsessively stalking his ex wife too.

No. 1685641

Neil Patrick Harris on steroids

No. 1685644

File: 1666826917353.jpeg (202.88 KB, 686x1485, E4194223-3128-48C4-8D2F-048EC2…)

No. 1685647

why does he look both 65 and 30 in that bottom picture

No. 1685650

File: 1666827498687.jpg (545.12 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20221026_201907.jpg)

>they want to give me big fat cocks uwu!!!
my god i can barely look at this utterly autistic redditor humor without cringing but KEK how the fuck are boymoders supposedly attracting chasers if they don't even make the most barebones hon attempt at signaling they're trannies? Literally just a tarded failmale who realized he got no pussy as a straight guy and is now convinced he has "chasers" cause he downloaded grindr and doesn't know every gay moid no matter how facially challenged gets flooded with sexual dms so now he thinks he's hot shit

No. 1685651

you have severe online brainrot if you think most normies arent generally more conservative/traditional to begin with. nobody functional (normies) preaches progressive liberal shit beyond being friends with gay people. stop inserting your faggy politics into everything just because twitter liberalism peaked you
in general this talking point needs to stop coming up in these threads, integrate better, etc

No. 1685655

File: 1666827765410.jpg (77.82 KB, 827x903, FgBwu0VXEAAe1Qz.jpg)

>blame the mother for her childs suicide
colon lacks empathy because of course he's a man.

No. 1685659

>Defining womanhood by one's ability to give birth is transphobic and sexist.
Ok, how would you define it then if not by your biological attributes? Surely not by dresses, makeup and heels right?… right?

No. 1685661

I hate when men pull the “b-b-but we ALL suffer under capitalism!” Because these men whose entire ethical morality focuses on how hard they have it for having to go to work and pay bills are the same men who go home and beat their wives and rape their daughters, women who ALSO have to go to work and pay bills.

Women and little girls are beaten and raped even in the poorest neighborhoods. Even in refugee camps. Even in war torn, hopeless landscapes.

So forgive me for not shedding a tear when men cry about how we are all in this together when no matter how bad it gets, they always, ALWAYS find a way to wield what little power they have in order to rape, beat, and murder us.

No. 1685662

File: 1666827945960.jpg (342.04 KB, 1440x1800, Ffr5wLxXwAEUX04.jpg)


No. 1685667

She's actually the aunt not the mother which makes his point even more stupid. I really doubt he killed himself because of his aunt of all people

No. 1685676

File: 1666828476905.png (666.76 KB, 734x1009, Janebond on Twitter.png)

men being gross per the usual

No. 1685679

File: 1666828589038.jpeg (132.8 KB, 1242x239, 9C1F0D55-3B65-468F-8F76-A33626…)

I wonder how hard it is to pretend not to see the thrice daily threads on mtf about how taking cross sex hormones made grown men tearful and struggle with everyday things and that’s how they know they’re women.

No. 1685682

this is some bullshit 4chan cope moids came up with because they can't handle that men are actually the bad guys.

No. 1685683

I told them I'm a cocker spaniel, but have no idea why they keep calling the cops when I take a shit in the dog park.
Maybe the police should tell this Obvious Fetishist that babies must be supervised at all times.

No. 1685684

File: 1666828968600.jpg (99.31 KB, 1080x1066, Ff6sujkWAAEaV8P.jpg)

No. 1685687

Excellent qrt on this: I'm beginning to think that what they "identify" as is what they most want to hurt.

In this case, babies.

No. 1685688

File: 1666829322027.jpg (46.71 KB, 546x732, The_Spirit_of_the_Harvest_Moon…)

No. 1685695

all troon tits end up blobby and tubular because it's physically impossible for them to grow shapely breasts…if he got implants removed they're probably grossly deflated in addition to being totally unbreastlike lol. just weird sacks of skin hanging there. gag

No. 1685696

File: 1666830087433.png (278.55 KB, 749x946, Mandy Stadtmiller on Twitter.p…)

No. 1685698

To give Eddie half a credit, he's been slowly transitioning for about 25 years now. At least it wasn't a complete 180 like some troons do when they decide they're women.

No. 1685701

I hate this place anons. We're just Canada with no ozone layer.

No. 1685702

>go through so many changes
what changes? your moobs? the rest you need surgery for, like why do they do ffs?

No. 1685703

File: 1666830549648.jpeg (66.17 KB, 485x620, A64DCF99-703E-4BD0-AACB-99C6BA…)

Why are so many troons nazi affiliated? Do they not realize they would be first on the chopping block?

No. 1685711

nah fuck off with that logic

No. 1685714

Both political parties suck ass anon. The sooner you realise that the sooner you'll be free of letting a false dichotomy live rent free in your head when they'll both throw us under the bus just in perceivably different ways to achieve the same cancer. It's literally just the illusion of choice.

No. 1685726

>terfs have made it impossible for any woman cis or trans to ever pass
what does this mean???

No. 1685731

The troons hate they/them women even more than the "cis." It's a good survival strategy for any of us terves stuck at a school/company that's entrenched in tranny politics. It will let you win arguments that you wouldn't otherwise be able to win as a "cis."

No. 1685732

Ily nonnie

No. 1685752

theyfabbing is looking more and more like a solid strategy for evading detection as a crypto. my current company is normal but if I ever end up working for libs I'm keeping this in mind

No. 1685758

File: 1666833934812.jpg (108.59 KB, 720x1061, Screenshot_20221026-212322_Chr…)

Yas king give us nothing <3

No. 1685763

So did this T4T moid get called out for implying that lesbians can't get pregnant, or does speaking the truth about homosexuality only get you in trouble when you're "cis" gay, instead of a delusional hetero with a porn addiction who ultimately has to become a gaycel because no woman wants to fuck him?
Actually, women have more functional tear ducts/lacrimal glands than men do. We're not more emotional, our bodies are just different and (ironically) more functional. That being said, there is nothing to suggest women are less intelligent than men. Most studies result in finding we're of equal or even greater intelligence than men. Does anyone else remember how Japan started failing girls who passed admission tests because girls were scoring higher than boys (meaning more girls would be getting admitted than boys if they chose students by test scores alone), despite being at a disadvantage due to social misogyny? TRAs already reinforce the "girls dumber than boys" stereotype for "muh euphoria" anyway. I don't know why they're pretending they've ever been a bastion of feminist thinking.

No. 1685765

I was forced to make a monograph about troons (don't ask) and dear god even if i'm using a self-report study done by the mythical, true and honest HSTS of my country it's not even close to the fantasies of mass genocide of trannies. And it's a fucking self report writed in the most pitiful tone possible. They're (mostly) poor prostitutes? Yeah. Not poorer than the rest of prostitues and not particularly persecuted either. By the end of this shit i'm going be peaked beyond belief

No. 1685767

i know the answer is always autism but i just don't understand why he always places his hand right there in all his pics

No. 1685768

his feet always freak me out, I wish he covered them every time he posted a photo of himself.

No. 1685769

Inceltranny cope. This rumor was made by poltards who can't tolerate that their dear trannies are being such degens on public and they're (technically) against public degeneracy. "teeheee we're actually based fuck feminists" when they're literally coombrainded degenerates who can't live in a society anymore.

No. 1685775

They think HRT will turn them into a beautiful anime girl but it actually just makes them look like grandpas in a nursing home. If only their brains could stop rotting for a second and ponder that. Blocking testosterone and consuming estrogen is just the fast track to Hank Hill ass and shitty muscle tone.

No. 1685777

isn't this a satire/circlejerk subreddit?

No. 1685780

He stands like a little kid who just shit himself. Why does he hold his left hand up like that? Autism?

No. 1685781

>nazi affiliated
>Wearing a mjollnir necklace

Anon, do you think norse mythological symbols are automatically Nazi iconography? There are a lot of vikingboos or pagan wannabes nowadays.

No. 1685784


I believe so.


Yes, i dated an autist moid and he always put his hand in that spot too, i think it's self-soothing

No. 1685786

No matter how much lipstick you slob on, skirts you spinny, or tampons you try to hoard you will never be a woman. You wanna know what makes you a woman? Being born a woman.
Women are not aesthetics or actions or a sum of parts. That’s why claiming womanhood when troons complete this checklist in their head is so offensive. What incredibly shallow lives they lead

No. 1685809

Yes, its entire purpose is making fun of the trannies who post on 4chan /lgbt/ (known as /tttt/ because of the sheer amount of trannies and tranny threads).
Not sure why it's being posted here in earnest

No. 1685810

definitely autism but also I think he has a moidtypical paraphilia for big stomachs going off his "fursona"

No. 1685823

>let's contaminate the world just to self indulge in our fetish

No. 1685824

File: 1666840223643.jpg (83.11 KB, 576x783, IMG_20221026_230922_302_1.jpg)

does anyone have the anal v8 popsicle screenshot

No. 1685835

Did he dye his hair orange? Why? Even the black AGPs are ginger male market failures.

No. 1685836

>Do they not realize they would be first on the chopping block?
Only if they were not Aryan though, kek

No. 1685839

are we sure he isn't lying about his age? because this motherfucker is 40

No. 1685840

i'd think he was going to steal my drugs

No. 1685843

the feminine popeye forearms

No. 1685849

>we would be dealing with few dozen millions of trannies rn.
and we are.

No. 1685850

define “palatable”. if i had to choose a troon to represent all troons, i’d choose a guy who didn’t give off psychotic coke addict vibes. dylan looks like lord farquad in drag.

No. 1685852

he had tiktoks dressed like a fat frumpy ren faire girl, like seemed aware of his attractiveness level and dressed like a normal loser person instead of a bimbo.
but once i saw the non-tiktoks it was pretty obvious. there were some weird bikini armour photos that were manly as fuck. his massive jaw wasn't edited out.

No. 1685858

File: 1666845117803.jpeg (263.38 KB, 828x1637, 6D680164-2F84-4AE0-BA9F-E10ECA…)

No. 1685862

wait why the complaint about women from "shithole conservative 4th world countries"? what does that have to do with if they're dateable for him? is he saying women from brokeass countries are ugly? idgi

No. 1685863

this is what we mean when we say men oppress women. the oppression comes mainly in the form of sexual and physical violence, but when we point out that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of such crimes are male, suddenly the two sexes are equal and women are as bad as men, if not worse. moid logic has more holes than swiss cheese.

No. 1685864

also your cocaine is 3x as expensive as ours

No. 1685865

Don't forget the token "well this is the logical conclusion to feminism. You asked to be equal now you got it" which is generally found on topics/articles describing abuse/sexual abuse or men hurting women whilst usurping our sports.

No. 1685866

File: 1666846060387.png (223.44 KB, 597x697, Screenshot from 2022-10-27 05-…)

do you want to tell them, or should I?..

No. 1685867

no balls

No. 1685868

it’s just racism nonna, classic white transbian moment

No. 1685871

NTAYRT but I challenge you to find a single TIM who is not visibly insane, completely lacking in presence and charisma, does not have the build of a linebacker or the comic book guy from The Simpsons, and does not broadcast his misogyny or paraphilias extensively on Twitter. This truly was their best option for trying to select the most marketable TIM.

No. 1685876

Men are already being brainwashed by porn sites pushing tranny porn on them, and they love it.

No. 1685877

I'm sorry. Nothing to add of value. Your caption just made me almost faceplant nonna. I'm cackling. I appreciate you and this thread.

No. 1685879

now men are pushing the narrative that girls are doing better in schools because boys are getting neglected, not because girls could possibly be smarter. and then they turn around and say men are naturally smarter and better, as if all throughout history women haven’t been pregnant and barefoot, reduced to being domestic slaves, incapable of competing with men. so which one is it? are men so superior no disadvantage could get in their way, or are they so oppressed and emasculated by this feminized society they can no longer function?

No. 1685884

File: 1666848821637.png (1.12 MB, 652x1374, mexico troon.png)

NTA but we got an insane linebacker one who literally posts his own porn on Twitter. I really hope this encourages some pushback from the normal population against tranny policies

No. 1685886

nonna but there's a difference between Wehrmacht soldiers(which was basically the entire young population of Germany) and the naziss, this is a important distinction to make, it be liking saying that every member of the red army was a committed marxist leninist

No. 1685893

File: 1666849533711.webm (1.6 MB, 576x1024, FullSizeRender.MOV 2.webm)

Saw this tranny saying he passed under a video complaining about Dylan mulevany’ s ulta collab

No. 1685896

shit like likes makes me more and more willing to let the right take over

No. 1685897

yeah, no abortion rights for any american woman, woo

No. 1685898

Jesus, only a troon could blatantly complain about people wanting to abolish sex trafficking. This one in particular is so fucking insidious for behaving like this

No. 1685903

File: 1666851760477.png (Spoiler Image, 255.33 KB, 712x1380, puke.png)

Oh, and of course he displays his pedophilic tendencies on his public Twitter and somehow justifes this by claiming he's a woman and "my body my choice"

Forgot to link the articles

No. 1685911

Starbucks provides “gender-affirming” care according to WPATH, which we now know is a bunch of pedo eunuchs. what can we do?

No. 1685914

No. 1685924

The only thing the right is right about is trannies being bullshit, they still hate women and the needs of normal people. People are too singleminded focusing on the trans issue and wokeness being annoying when so many other things would be fucking terrible under right wing control. It kinda makes me cringe when anyone gendercrit sings the praises of the Republican Party meanwhile they post about children being denied abortions for rape in their states…who do you think supports those laws and doesn’t care how many women die from being denied medical care because muh fetus

No. 1685926

America is fucked, both sides hate women and gay people and want their rights taken away, just in different ways.

No. 1685928

its giving christine chandler

No. 1685929

>i dated an autist moid and he always put his hand in that spot too, i think it's self-soothing
I think he's just larping as a pregnant woman though…

No. 1685947

>TRAs already reinforce the "girls dumber than boys" stereotype for "muh euphoria"
Reminder that hrt literally (in the real sense of the word) causes troons to get early onset dementia (true for both tims and tifs) and they typically get brain fog within weeks of starting it. Their "hehe i'm dumb now" IS true, it just doesn't have anything to do with being female, and is in fact proof of their male bodies not being made for hrt.

No. 1685953

File: 1666861661454.png (42.62 KB, 709x300, screencapture-2022-27-10-10_00…)

No. 1685955

I think you mean "because of" and "thanks to" kek

No. 1685956

You love to see it.

No. 1685959

can we show this to every fucking money hungry company so they stop pandering to troons? i cant wait until i get good enough at coding so i can make mods that erase troon propaganda

No. 1685968

I hope this means both that normies truly do not care or agree with trans ideology, and that there are more secret terfs than we know

No. 1685971

Pretty sure this is is from where I live for the devils and angels party

No. 1685974

File: 1666865699682.jpg (146.45 KB, 827x1064, FgCF7DOXoAEb7lP.jpg)

This creep listening to women pee

No. 1685977

This is so gross. I've always hated the idea of men listening in while I use the restroom, to the point of turning on the ceiling fan literally any time I use the bathroom in a house where males are present. I've felt like they would mock me or use it as JO material for as long as I can remember. This creep is so far from being a woman that the thought doesn't even occur to him that women might have more reason to be upset by him listening in than he ever will be over "totally real piss-related dysphoria."
Side nite, this is probably another 'Invisible Women' moment, where everything is designed for male bodies and not female ones.

No. 1685980

jesus christ i hate moids

No. 1685981

File: 1666866966750.png (794.55 KB, 1500x1284, expectation_vs_reality.png)

they just want to hear women pee because to them anything surrounding genitalia is sexual and exciting

No. 1685983


No. 1685985

>Most studies result in finding we're of equal or even greater intelligence than men
Scrotes will claim that men are more intelligent because there are more male geniuses/with extremely high IQ at the end of the bell curve. Actually, women's intelligence just has less extreme variation than men's: while there are less women with super high IQ, there are also less female retards than male ones.
Also, like you said, most studies suggest that women have equal or greater average intelligence than men, and that girls and women at all or most school levels perform better than male students. Additionally, other studies suggest that male students perform worse in all-male classrooms than in mixed or majority female classrooms (of course, all-female classrooms perform better).

>I was forced to make a monograph about troons (don't ask)
I won't ask, but just know that you're doing god's work in finding and exposing these contradictions, nonny

No. 1685989

File: 1666868274418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 3024x4032, 09BAA730-399B-4947-BE7C-01BB8D…)

just literally so ugly from head to toe.
>male armpit
>male waist chub
>male musculature
>male pelvis
>male zipper
>male outgrown haircut
>male tonguing

No. 1685991

Are there really more men with genius high IQ or have women just always been kept from and discouraged to seek higher education, systematically lied to and told that men were smarter, made to give up their careers to take care of kids, and historically whenever a woman did something great men just went "must actually have been her husband" and didn't credit her. Do those few men really have genius level IQ or are they just autistic kek

No. 1685995


Aren't education and IQ unrelated tho?

No. 1685996

NTAYRT but I firmly believe it's the latter. So many inventions and discoveries were made by women, and most of them were ripped off by men who get all the credit. I would wager the same is true for art (I've seen screenshots of a comparison of art from a woman Warhol that knew that she made years prior to paintings of his that looked exactly the same, but he gets all the credit for the designs and compositipms) and philosophy (there are theories that a substantial amount of "Marx's work" was actually Jenny von Westphalen's work). And this is all while women were chained to the stovetop without access to any of the rights of education or exploration that men had.

No. 1685997

You are right they are not, though I'm sure there was not justification in the past to give girls or women iq tests.

No. 1686006

Just depends on the person tbh. Ive known some highly educated people (both men and women) that really weren’t very bright, so education isn’t everything.
A phrase that stuck with me from it was someone saying they were “educated beyond their intelligence”.

No. 1686007

File: 1666870221438.jpg (287.95 KB, 2777x1562, tara_image_thumbnail.jpg)

No. 1686008

Not entirely true, you can train for IQ tests and you can inherently not know a pattern but as soon as you've been told it you get it (think maths formula). The results vary A LOT depending on motivation. People who got paid for a high score scored 20 points more than before etc

No. 1686009

You have to be over 18 to get plastic surgery

No. 1686012

Nonny, he said his SRS is younger than 18, meaning he went under the knife less than 18 years ago, which is true unless he got the chop at the ripe old age of 10. It's still an extremely weird thing for him to say.

No. 1686015

File: 1666870875078.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.19 KB, 640x658, btk.jpg)

Picrel, spoiler for serial killer
I'm saying the fact he got his junk surgery means his "pussy" has to be over 18

No. 1686018

Extremely male fingers too

I'd say a good diet and a good education in childhood contribute to a high IQ aside from genetics, it's been proven that the average IQ only gets higher every new generation (the average 100 IQ of today is actually higher than it was 50 years ago, for example) and when kids are malnourished and/or don't receive a good education they obviously have lower IQ. Also, like another nonny said, even in adulthood you can improve your IQ to an extent by studying and training your mathematical thinking and pattern recognition. Most people don't realize how much smarter they can become. Also, not everyone learns the same way, which is why some people have more trouble succeeding at school, and there is also emotional intelligence which is important.
Let's also not forget that having a high IQ doesn't necessarily equal success in life or being smart in all areas. Plenty of above-average people with miserable lives and below-average people in positions of power.

No. 1686023

Well obviously it's over 18 since he's over 18

No. 1686025

What is hard to understand here? He referred to his genitalia as if it was a separate person so I applied human logic to it

No. 1686039

File: 1666873188834.jpg (921.45 KB, 3072x2053, 22-10-27-08-04-31-983_deco__01…)

>much smarter they can become.

does IQ even measure all around intelligence vs how well trained you are at certain tasks? theory of multiple intelligences seems less problematic.

if you look at certain ethnic groups historically that are supposedly predisposed to high IQ, there tends to be certain factors at play, and occupation is a huge part of it. Ashkenazis'source population isn't anywhere near as predisposed to high IQ but they themselves were discriminated against for centuries in Europe, leading to their confinement to a select few occupations, such as theater and banking. Relative wealth/security + selection pressures favoring a certain kind of aptitudes/resourcefulness + inbreeding = "high IQ"? wealth also makes it possible to assume risks inherent to entrepreneurship.

there was an article recently on the disparity between what gay men and lesbians make - and the author of that piece mentioned that gay men tend to outperform even straight women academically and that's not due to innate intelligence, it's them overcompensating for the insecurity & difficulty they face for being gay. Lesbians are also disciplined more often for being gender nonconforming in school. Straight men are not as educated as straight women, either.

I don't think IQ is an accurate way to measure potential or value, there are a shit ton of other aptitudes and useful qualities that you can have. they're just often the valued because of the societies we live in.

sage for wot

No. 1686045

Nona I hate Keffals at all and even I can understand that he was making a joke about how "young" his surgery is. Idk why you're sperging over this. Does it upset you that much that your retort didn't land?

No. 1686046

AYRT, I agree with everything you said. I suppose I should've emphasized more that you can only improve your IQ a little in adulthood.

No. 1686048

File: 1666875787668.jpeg (156.23 KB, 827x698, A1642D6C-09C4-4677-A384-610201…)

He’s so sad guys! But just has to mention his hormones in the middle of it. I wonder how his poor girlfriend feels knowing that his fetish was more important than her.

No. 1686051

>extremely devastating
Imagine having a partner of 14 years and he randomly decides to make his misogyny fetish into his whole identity. I would kms

No. 1686053

this is a textbook example of skinwalking, yikes. A sign to run for your life.
Foaming at the mouth to blame a woman for a man's suicide. Classic Colin.
You are a complete idiot if you think the right treats women any better than the left.

No. 1686056

friendly reminder that men dont deserve us

No. 1686064

File: 1666879033202.jpeg (296.67 KB, 828x948, 8A8E6594-2BDE-437F-B234-501E3F…)

Loathe the fucker but it brings me joy the trannies are gonna cry

No. 1686070

Men who hate ~sjw censorship~ hate women more than trannies. Loss of regulations will only make more rape threats, extreme vile sexism and pedo shit appear. That’s what scrotes are rejoicing about. They don’t give a shit about troons.

No. 1686076

Fucking christ. Imagine living life as a woman and dealing with some of your prettier friends that are more feminine. God forbid you just respect them as people instead of competition. My friends always send me cute looks and some are a lot thinner and hotter than me. I like that they look good and feel good. It's not fucking to feel happy for people, especially your friends OR PARTNER.

No. 1686087

Female jealousy of hot women is NOTHING like male jealousy. If an insecure woman encounters a more beautiful woman she can't have/be, she might give her a dirty look or make a catty comment behind her back. A man (whether troon or not) will become enraged and think about hurting or even killing her. Men love to characterize women as hateful toward each other, but they hate us far more.

No. 1686095

ofc she relates to troons more than women, she is a homely looking woman with bad makeup kek. she’s happy they’re around to boost her ego. the hoops of internalised misogyny these women jump through… at least radfems will defend your womanhood regardless of liking you or their attraction to you. all it takes is for you to say something even vaguely “”transphobic”” before they call you clocky, ugly and not a woman.
to add, the argument that terfs reduce womanhood to pregnancy and genitals is so retarded. obviously there are other facets of “womanhood” but the important ones that affect our healthcare, employment and living conditions are the ones we focus on- not how much we “pass” according to patriarchal beauty standards. even if you are infertile, post hysterectomy, menopausal, etc. our reproductive organs and bodies are one of the biggest causes of our oppression. the fact our feminism must focus on this shows that sex is the root of misogyny and not “gender expression” bullshit.

No. 1686124

let it all burn, nonna.

No. 1686125

File: 1666887065146.jpeg (175.13 KB, 658x1200, 1389B21A-4964-4637-A6B3-6D6042…)

its giving “whatever i didnt wanna fuck you anyway ugly bitch”.

No. 1686126

File: 1666887207934.jpg (255.4 KB, 1080x1990, Fea_VaMaEAE2eQD.jpg)

No. 1686128

Scrotes really think that "I would not have sex with you" is a huge insult to us, because it is to them.

No. 1686132

Strange how only euphoria and arousal get "confused" when it never happens for any other sort of extreme happiness or comfort, and it only happens in amab mtf bodies…
C-couldn't be a fetish, right?

No. 1686143

He can't call her a dyke to her face since he's larping as a lesbian, but you can tell he desperately wants to.

No. 1686149

Her body looks banging next to his, so kudos to her I guess.

No. 1686151

Handmaidens have to learn the hard way that no matter how much accepting you are of trans people the moment you say something that isn't 100% affirming they will turn on you in a instant.

No. 1686154

and even then we are socialized to look for the fault in ourselves. the handmaidens do the same and stupidly protect these hulking rapists

No. 1686165

I am sure that you all will be shocked to see there has been yet another physical assault from TRAs on women. This time at a womens Speakers Corner in Tacoma, Washington. The police didn't even bother to show up. Fucking useless.

No. 1686175

no it's genuine trannies. they're not making fun of anything or being satirical

No. 1686180

what is this retard logic? if a man pees into a regular toilet it's even louder than when a women pees because it's hitting the water from a higher point.

No. 1686183

>i know i can function alone
enormous doubt, this scrote has been relying on her for his entire adult life. bet anything she did the cooking/cleaning/ect. he probably can't even run a load of laundry.

No. 1686191

if you look through r/4tran and r/ttttrans the blatant seething hatred they have for TIFs is astonishing lol. every post is either subtlety or outright complimenting TIMs while "jokingly" shitting on TIFs. they literally act exactly like regularly socialized men and women. the women (TIFs) are always bending over backwards degrading themselves to be funny, calling themselves pooners, etc, and the TIMs are only ever insulted in a vaguely complimentary way. it's honestly interesting to watch. they're obsessed with trying to make trans men look like depraved violent sex rapists while the actual trans wimmen post about how they "ironically" want to be raped and piss in diapers. they're perfectly okay with not validating a female enby's identity/pronouns but will call even the most masculine, bearded non-binary male "she".
unrelated but a regular poster there came out and made a post about how he's leaving the community because he's figured out that he really is just a man with a fetish. he even said it respectfully in a way that's palatable to them (he's not a "real" trans he doesn't want to disrespect real trans women by lumping himself in with them when he's really not) and i shit you not all of the comments were trying to convince him that he's wrong and definitely actually trans. every time he firmly said he believes he's male and does not feel any dysphoria they literally told him he's wrong and he must be trans if he spent so long in trans communities. even calling him confused and saying they would wait for him while he figured himself out and came back. sorry for the autistic rant but it's crazy seeing this shit happen in real time. they will suck anyone in and never let them escape.

No. 1686195

Might use they/them to signal that I do think about gender, only to skewer typical troon talking points about gender being innate.

No. 1686196

>The police didn't even bother to show up. Fucking useless.
Typical. The police serves the patriarchy and anyone who thinks they actually care to protect women is deluded. Self defense is more important than ever, but what can you do with such a crowd? Almost makes me want to get security certification, idk if I'd other wise be accepted as a bodyguard for shit like this.

No. 1686206

starbucks health insurance also covers poopwounds and armsosiges

No. 1686208

humans are not mr(s) potatoheads, all the organs and tissues in our bodies are delicately interconnected and messing with one or two system(s) messes with the entire body, who would have thought!

No. 1686214

but it's also other trannies who fancy themselves as "self aware" making fun of those trannies in that sub

No. 1686215

What the fuck? That’s such an over the top reaction to a handmaiden who is trying to be “good”.

No. 1686216

And yet women are supposedly the ones hurting and killing them. Right.

No. 1686217

He’s probably sitting down.

No. 1686220


Ironic because he'd probably say the same shit about not being attracted to fat women/any other singular trait and think it's fine because incel troon retard

No. 1686224

actually not a win because moids can be memed into cooming to literally anything, male sexuality is just a bunch of fetishes in a trenchcoat

No. 1686231

File: 1666894312397.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1669, 949A20E6-6986-4D63-97B8-9D817E…)


I’m exhausted. This is disgusting. 2 more steps away.

Fuck Ross Greer innaw, creepy cunt.

No. 1686236

File: 1666894697322.gif (202.45 KB, 400x219, 9e50feb9-4837-4255-abd0-e868e1…)

No. 1686238


It's because that man's honesty with himself makes them insecure because deep down they're the same ilk. If he leaves, it invalidates the delusion they've wrapped themselves in and threatens their credibility, making them doubt themselves (as they should).

No. 1686243

File: 1666895412054.jpeg (931.31 KB, 960x1707, 33E15C7E-BA0D-484B-8E54-8C009F…)

omg nonas gather round! ……. he shaved his monobrow

No. 1686246

and still he just looks like michael jackson

No. 1686248

scottish nonnies… is it really ogre for us?

No. 1686250

kek you can tell he was shoehorned in because he's right at the bottom

No. 1686253

ikr I hope to age as gracefully as her
looks like a Habsburg kek

No. 1686258

I've seen this troon at the store he works at holy shit. He's got self harm scars all the way up his arms. My husband didn't notice he was trans until I pointed out his chosen name was Clara.

No. 1686260

take your annoying political takes to soc feminism in 2x no one cares

No. 1686261

File: 1666897254117.png (389.82 KB, 593x691, this person.png)

No. 1686264

i fucking hate it here

No. 1686275

speak for yourself tranny

No. 1686281

I wish women would learn to just not give a fuck about placating male feefees. As kind as you try to be, they will still either throw a tantrum or rage internally about it.
What a Squidwardian chin.
IKR. He's headed towards an empty apartment with no furniture or curtains. Bare mattress on the floor. Bedsheet stapled over the window.

No. 1686282

Troons don't undestrand that their mere coomer existence it's peak materal. The only palpable troons for normies are the mythical HSTS trannies who were child prostitutes (because they don't know the truth about those either) because they read those as poor traumatized supergays

No. 1686284

Then die. Obviously feminine natal woman would """mog""" you, they're natal woman and you're at best an anorexic male.

No. 1686289

Breastplate-sensei, Dylan, tifs, enbies, detransitioners, everything they seethe over is just the pot calling the kettle black or of no consequence next to their standard degeneracy.

No. 1686301

troon alert

No. 1686337

File: 1666903898676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 6107x3529, fcdffambgdw91.jpg)

warning ugly man with genitalia lol

No. 1686338

File: 1666904246965.png (1000.41 KB, 651x866, tr00n.png)

I find him unsettling

No. 1686340

File: 1666904356016.jpg (441.7 KB, 640x1200, spergbeb.jpg)

Teacher kun, is that you?
I audibly said I hate trannys out loud reading this. I wish men would stop staring at my actual breasts cause I can't even leave the house without being sexualized, I have big boobs and I hate them, but these fags put fake tits on themself and cry how they're being onjectified. I wanna a log

No. 1686348

>be white failmale
>nazi then tranny

No. 1686357

that's one of the ugliest dick/ball situations i've ever seen, it literally looks like a pile of turds. puke

No. 1686366

Dude just gained weight

No. 1686367

KEK nonnie ily

No. 1686391

Literally looked more hourglass shaped when he was skeletal mode.

No. 1686392

Men really go to absolute shit if they only gain 10~20 pounds. And this one wasn't even good looking to start with.

No. 1686411

Wtf, he looked more fem BEFORE trooping out kek.

No. 1686412

A Randy Johnson analogy for suicide???

No. 1686422

This is exactly what peaks people. You try to be nice, try to be kind to these people, and they spit in your face for it. Absolutely deranged.
Here's my tinfoil take, but I see a lot of troons online who are very openly anti-gun, and I think it's the same reason they want to be in women's sports. They don't despise their male bodies, they revel in them, and want us to go back in time where men could overpower women and physically menace them. Guns level the playing field when it comes to self-defense, and therefore are necessary for women (yes I'm an americunt), and so they want to take the guns away and force us to rely on the police who refuse to protect us. I am speaking from experience here, guns are necessary for women's defense, especially physically disabled women, or women in bad neighborhoods.

No. 1686429

File: 1666912206539.webm (1.14 MB, 568x360, A stunning and brave maIe atte…)

No. 1686432

looks like an aushwitz prisoner got rescued and fed food.

No. 1686433

File: 1666912562597.jpeg (272.1 KB, 1600x900, FgBH81tXkAE3eLG.jpeg)


No. 1686443

It's hilarious that the aggressive moid got driven back by women. Absolute failmale

No. 1686444

>nobody cares
Fuck I hate moids. Also the woman in red who caught his nasty ass is KnownHeretic on Youtube. You should follow her if you don't already.

No. 1686449

What? They’re the ones who post videos of themselves masturbating in the women’s room. Yeah I’m going to call that shit out.

No. 1686452

File: 1666914318584.png (2.73 MB, 2156x1722, djx82xayi9c21.f25e49f68c14.png)

>does anyone have the anal v8 popsicle screenshot
Here anon

No. 1686456

That's weird because whenever I've come across school work from previous generations I always find myself astounded by how advanced they were compared to the education I received. Some of the mathematics from 6th graders I've seen in museums is comparable to that of 12th grade students. It definitely goes both ways, but I think we've grown less intelligent in some respects because of the reliance on technology. I know people who unironically cannot read an analogue clock, something 6 year olds could do in previous generations. I'm sorry I'm being so nihilistic I just find it hard to believe intelligence is increasing while we're swallowing troon propaganda en masse. I know scientists and universities perpetuating it for money from big pharma doesn't help, but amount of people lacking critical thinking today is frightening. If despite all this people are genuinely getting smarter I hope they devise a way to put an end to this cancer.

No. 1686462

>read an analogue clock, something 6 year olds could do

do they legit not teach that any more? i was taught to read a clock in the 1st grade (6-7 years old in burgerland)

No. 1686466

Is it dangerous to put food up your bum? This seems like a way to get a gnarly infection, all i can think of is the bacteria just… Like food going rotten but up their arse

No. 1686467

In the most low effort way possible yes, but it often doesn't get through. My parents taught me most of the important life skills I have. As an Ausfag education in this country is abysmal. Probably why we're a tranny shithole like Canada.

No. 1686469

The ones that use ketchup on the pad for the "sensation" are just sitting their dicks and asses in it

No. 1686472

File: 1666915954298.jpeg (718.57 KB, 750x2981, B9E6C71D-FA53-4D6F-9398-0FE10A…)

i’m gonna steal that kek

No. 1686473

also, lead in the soil from leaded petroleum has lowered the global IQ supposedly. and there is chemicals in the water, not only affecting the frogs but apparently studies have shown it affecting mammals in australia. years from now it will be public knowledge but OBAMA TURNED THE FROGS GAY is too memed at the moment. I'm honestly not surprised so many people are trooning out, everyone is getting so miswired.

No. 1686476

So it's fine when men have a genital preference? Hmmmm interesting

No. 1686485

nonas, what’s a good way to fuck with trannies without getting called a transphobe?

No. 1686496

Exist. Or go on about how you are a trans she/they. They go full rage mode over the most tiniest perceived slight even if you're fully supportive of them. They're impossible to have a normal conversation with, believe me I have tried. They chimp out over the word 'mother' or 'dude' or literally anything. They literally dox and threaten to kill other troons over slight disagreements, so proceed with caution.

No. 1686501

never using pronouns for them and just using their name

No. 1686502

honestly, act like a lobotomised normie. innocent eyebrows-raised baffled questions just to tilt them, but they can't call you out because you aren't informed. feign earnest ignorance, seems to work pretty well. works even better the more CIS you are. have fun.

No. 1686508

Responding with "welcome to womanhood" whenever they humble brag about the "hardships" they experience as "living as a woman" is a subtle way to make them seethe.

No. 1686509

Gender isn't real, only sex is, so if you call yourself agender you wouldn't be lying. If you're GNC the troon brigade wouldn't even question it either.

No. 1686522

the stupid pink bow in his hair sent me

No. 1686524

nta but unironically I just say YWNBAW, wish more people did

No. 1686525

I can't access the KF thread, but I was looking up stuff after watching Rhys / Veronica Ivy / Rachael McKinnon act like the prick he is in front of Trevor Noah. Rhys's thing is basically that all trans women should be allowed to compete against women and he claims to have determined that testosterone doesn't make any difference in athletic performance. He also is a misogynist and all-around horrible man man man.

Anyway, I found 9 pages where I'm sure Rhys is trying to convince the people at letsrun.com (I guess they are known for not supporting trans stuff) that he is right. It's the worst attempt I've ever seen at disguising identity. He is mansplaining, getting basic biological terminology wrong, barking orders at women about how they should write their posts and decreeing what arguments or discussion are valid and what aren't. Throwing around a bunch of philosophyspeak (Rhys got a PhD in bullshitting philosophy).

It's really a fun nine pages and the people who argue against him are pretty mature, so it's a different vibe from the great cesspool of twitter. But if KF didn't find this thread, it has to be added to the collection of damning stuff on Rhys.
Rhys's twitter: https://twitter.com/SportIsARight
Rhys goes undercover as "testy":
Starts to really pick up on p.2. On p.3 is this amazing quotation:
>ost of the push for "trans inclusion" in sports is about allowing males to use gender identity claims to muscle in on females. It's male entitlement and male supremacy masquerading as "diversity and equity." It's male-dominance directed against females pretending to be progressive. Misogynistic grown men like Veronica Ivy are saying it's their "human right" to intrude upon, punch down on, physically trounce and lord it over females - and they want the world to see them as poor oppressed victims and brave civil rights pioneers as they do so. Whenever female people stand up to Ivy, Ivy usually responds in predictable fashion by shouting "transphobe!", issuing threats, saying "all cis people deserve to die in a grease fire" and telling us to suck, eat and choke to death on "a bag of girl dicks."

No. 1686527

99% percent chance that this guy wants to skin people

No. 1686534

It's controversial for the board but I use dismissive misogyny on them. Online trannies especially hate it when it's their own anime memes.

No. 1686541

File: 1666918714032.png (5.28 MB, 818x9600, memes.png)

This same guy keeps posting the "lgbtquia+" section of this discord server with weird memes. I really only go there to laugh since it's 50% creepy troons, 50% spicy straights anyways, but here's a compilation I made of some of the memes he's shared which do not paint a very flattering picture of the kind of person he is. Hopefully the image isn't too big; I didn't want to spam post, but it's hopefully still legible.

No. 1686561

File: 1666920439330.jpeg (287.18 KB, 750x623, DC9EE601-99E8-4133-BB32-76B4B0…)

misogynistic pageant gets bought by misogynistic man. more news at 11.

No. 1686563

is there a website or publication that redoes these headlines?
>Thai businessman buys Miss Universe for 20 million

No. 1686564

i just KNOW this moid thinks estrogen gave him a "female body" when in reality it just made him fat. its always cope

No. 1686565

What the absolute fuck is wrong with these degenerates

No. 1686566

Y chromosome

No. 1686571

If you notice I think he thought he could bulldoze them because they are older and women but when the fit man came into the picture, Mr. Gamer Socks ran away like a coward.

No. 1686578

File: 1666921897925.jpeg (792.93 KB, 1170x1510, 8E55A281-A6EE-4E73-A0A8-6144DC…)


No. 1686579


He's telling on himself, kek.
Very good "Not Like Other MtFs" make-believe story.

No. 1686587

he sounds terrifying. like the type to want to actually seek to hurt women who disagree with him about his larp.

every girl who has to go to school or work with these people is in my prayers

No. 1686596

the worst part about this is that prostituted troons get STIs, but especially HIV, most often from the supposedly "straight" male fetishists they date.

this guy is playing Russian roulette and/or already has or had everything under the sun so he doesn't care.

No. 1686597

Anyone peek the time stamp? 2003 was a simpler time, I didn't know trannies were this delusional back then

No. 1686603

they've always been like this. gay men were desperate to be seen as "normal women" as far back as the fifties, or when hrt was accessible.

No. 1686611

File: 1666924338674.jpg (141.41 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20221027-223033_Boo…)

Bruce Jenner couldn't possibly be any more representative of trannies. And trannies hate that kek.

No. 1686612

Most of these republican leaning MtF exude “not like other trannies” energy kek it’s funny seeing the two sides judge each other while both are complete clowns just in opposite ways

No. 1686621

Happened in two pcos/endo/infertility support groups I was in and was one of the first things that peaked me. One imploded through infighting when some of the mods insisted on letting TIMs in, the other decided to admit TIMs and banned any women who had a problem with it. Sage for blog but on average it takes about 5 years from onset of symptoms to get an endo diagnosis and I don't know how most of us would have managed without the help and support of women in those groups. Taking away such vital support systems because We Need To Talk About Kevin's Boner is so fucking vile, I don't know how any woman can just sit there and listen to it without losing her sit. I certainly couldn't.

No. 1686623

shitting dicknipples?

No. 1686625

For the love of god, don't go looking

No. 1686626

Most are just garden variety 'uwu eggy weggy' stuff. It's definitely a fetish for him with the wanting to be a lesbian, and the deviantart transformation porn he must've seen. I think the two that stand out the most would be the fact that he made a meme about being 6 fucking feet tall, probably huge. And the last one, a hulking 6 year old man talking about "choosing violence" when invalidated, especially when he implies he wants to be with lesbians (though he also likes dudes apparently too)
I despise the fact that I own the same pair of socks.

No. 1686627

That's weird, most of the TIMs I've seen (and even met) are gun nuts. There's a lot of WWII fanatics, ex-military, and generally "but guns cool" types amidst the male troons. I've only met one or two online who might be anti-gun if I asked, but I'm very certain that they would also admit that they think guns are cool if pressed.

No. 1686629

File: 1666927253706.jpg (314.58 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20221027_225226.jpg)

a few of the comments said "ackshully that's called euphoria and it's totally normal" kek

No. 1686634

File: 1666927846264.jpg (42.23 KB, 389x577, gunmeme.jpg)

I think it's sorta split down the middle. The /pol/tard wehraboos probably are obsessed with tanks and guns, where the communist antinatalist antiwork TiMs are anti-gun. Picrel is an example, trans flag in his bio of course.

No. 1686635

All of the TIMs I've met have been the tankie tard kind, but still most of them like guns and are hesitant to suggest much in terms of gun control. Moids are desperate to feel powerful, so most of them love guns, even if just aesthetically.

No. 1686637

My god sometimes I can't help but be in awe at how unreal "males" are. They have no control over who they are, truly a pitiful experience

No. 1686642

File: 1666929323683.jpg (818.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221027-235150_Boo…)

No. 1686648

File: 1666930133042.jpeg (229.12 KB, 828x1212, A619311B-D922-4273-A3E7-9D010F…)

trump is gross but holy shit I would be more comfortable alone in a room with him than a tranny billionaire

No. 1686653

KF had an insane expose on men running wpath; they were found to be longtime users of a forum that focused on pedophilia and fetishizing castration and using wpath as a means to make castration palatable to society. It is insane and the thread has receipts

No. 1686654

theyre both the same level of gross idk why you have to imagine that scenario like, no one is holding a gun to your head

No. 1686674

Honestly at least Trump is too geriatric to do anything, pretty sure that's what that anon was getting at. They're exemplifying how gross troons are and empathising with the pageant girls with the comparison, idk why you're getting your knickers in a twist.

No. 1686697

Intelligence means nothing if you're not taught anything that it could be used for.
>I just find it hard to believe intelligence is increasing while we're swallowing troon propaganda en masse.
That's because, you said it, it is propaganda. It's a deliberate effort funded by the rich to deceive people, and since propaganda works, more people are believing in troon shit. It has nothing to do with IQ.

No. 1686704

File: 1666935854134.png (15.22 KB, 850x190, Sin título2.png)

>n-n-no, she doesn't represent us!! this is just one isolated case
Every time

(For context, they're talking about this troon >>1685884 these are from the livestream of the conference)

No. 1686719

So flagrantly incorrect I can't help but wonder if he has brain damage

No. 1686732

This is probably a troon complaining that people look at him like he's a disgusting degenerate (which he is). If he really were being objectified, he would be getting off to it, not asking people to stop staring kek

No. 1686744

I've witnessed car accidents less jarring than this. If the aliens are watching from their moon base it's in pure disgust. Eyesight is a curse.

No. 1686751

Pretty sure he hasn’t owned the pageant for years at this point anyway, so that’s some pretty retarded news.

No. 1686755

Nah tranny shit and tranny propaganda is lapped up by midwits, no legitimately intelligent person falls for it.

No. 1686760

File: 1666940910599.jpg (50.04 KB, 600x450, img.jpg)

Manson Jr. looking ass.
>Reddit deletes it's a fetish
>Troons asking if it's a fetish
It writes itself.

No. 1686769

>female embodiment fantasies

No. 1686790

Cis man with a fetish: "I don't think I'm trans, it's just a fetish for me"
Transwomen: "No, you're EXACTLY like us so you're trans!"
They all openly admit they're motivated by a fetish so easily.

No. 1686793

File: 1666945736999.png (21 KB, 580x170, a5a5.PNG)

what (as if being "lesbian" attracted to mtf isn't bi kek)

No. 1686795

File: 1666945959913.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221028-102548_Red…)

A troon posted himself on r/amiugly and the comments are absolutely tearing him down kek
What the fuck is that eyeliner, are men actually blind? How could he think that's acceptable as makeup.


No. 1686801

File: 1666946334583.jpg (985.74 KB, 1200x4888, pt2022_10_28_10_38_24.jpg)

The comments are brutal kek
Wonder how long it will take mods to delete them for ~transphobia~

No. 1686806

I’m amazed to see redditors actually being honest about something, usually it’s just a big hug box.

No. 1686808

even reddit is peaking kek

No. 1686811

Troons invaded and demanded rule changes in a risk pregnancy group someone I know was in and in a cancer support group and an endo group I was in, no one believes that shit happens before they see it for themselves.

No. 1686812

Disastrous_Hunt1968 tried. Kek.
Inb4 tranny janny locks the whole sub and pins some virtue-signalling statement about how twaw.

No. 1686819

File: 1666950742068.jpeg (449.85 KB, 1240x2425, ED8A0DEB-60C2-417B-B248-55FF76…)


No. 1686820

File: 1666950915850.jpeg (433.83 KB, 1240x2260, 97B11D3B-CB4A-46A5-B6C6-43CCF6…)

No. 1686826

File: 1666951344829.jpg (42.26 KB, 612x458, istockphoto-648725122-612x612.…)

they have yet to explain why taking the same amount of hormones over and over would cause them to have anything resembling a cycle like picrel

No. 1686828

GUYS sage for blogpost but i cannot live anymore… i’m a senior in high school and today we were supposed to dress up for halloween and shit. GUESS WHAT. the fucking weirdo ugly ass guy dressed up as…. idk what he dressed up as. he was wearing that skirt that troons use (black with a white strip at the end), u can tell he was wearing a sports bra along with a cropped, thigh highs, some weird collar shit? boots and he got cat ears. WHAT THE FUCK. and u can tell it was unironic, my friend was like “oh i got a friend that’s questioning his gender etc” and i’m pretty sure that’s the fucker. he is so weird. me and my friends were like… wtf. i’m sorry but i just had to say this. he was so ugly, and everyone looked horrified looking at him (because he’s so ugly and weird). also someone was referring to him with feminine pronouns and it got implied that he’s genderfluid? so about to troon out. i am so sorry once again for blogposting but i had to get this out.

No. 1686830

Back in my day this fucker would've been bullied out of the school

No. 1686843

File: 1666954795464.jpg (383.96 KB, 810x1674, Screenshot_20221028-055720_Boo…)

When the narc supply has dried up because people have become too accepting:

No. 1686846

okay so i found out that he is the one questioning his gender. aparently he was at the mall with some friends and he tried on a mini skirt and “finally felt comfortable with himself”. ofc that pornsick loser liked wearing a skirt. too bad he ugly asf and we all know he’s a loser. when i say he’s ugly he truly is ugly, and he’s probably autistic too (had a hyperfixation on ww2 airplanes)

No. 1686851

Lol, this subreddit is just full of incel men in particular so that's probably why. It's a massive stomping ground for men who were into shit like PUAhate, Sluthate, and Lookism back in the day.

No. 1686852

>hair bow
is this whats happen when you play too much ms pacman?

No. 1686855

God this shit is infuriating. They feel period euphoria from constipation and actual women have to deal with the stigma/ a myriad of symptoms. I’ve had to go to the hospital a number of times in high school because of my blood pressure dropping severely during my cycle. I’d like to see these failmales deal with anything like that.

No. 1686868

I'm with you. Endometriosis destroyed part of my intestine. I had emergency surgery and about a foot of intestine resected. I want to alog badly when I see them romanticizing a biological process that is excruciating for me.

No. 1686874

File: 1666959456437.jpg (2.67 MB, 1800x1668, 1666928527438.jpg)

From abusing T to abusing E pipeline

No. 1686881

I love that they think simply gaining weight is feminine lol

No. 1686893

We had a guy like this in my high school and he was bullied relentlessly. Sorry for the state of public schools now

No. 1686894

While I was younger, I wasn't even able to sit in the same position for more than 3 minutes, so intense was the pain every month. One time I had to walk 2 km with blood stained trousers and once I passed out right at the checkout at a supermarket, that was so much fun, if I think about it, I feel so damn euphoric that I want to help a troon feel pain and give him a "little" bleeding. Oh, and the times I felt like killing myself because of PMS, hope they go through that as well.

No. 1686900

In my opinion they make all this nonsense up to feel included. I don't buy it for a second.

No. 1686910

>years of visible steroids abuse
>now years of visible estrogen abuse

This scrotes body must be fucking destroyed. I will genuinely be surprised if he makes it to 40 - men on steroids have a lower life expectancy and well…we know the case with trannies. I'm imagining all the health issues he has because of this dumb shit and I'm just laughing because he brought it all upon himself. Pathetic.

No. 1686914

File: 1666963432794.png (96.82 KB, 670x731, 243234244324334.png)

Lol at this tranny coping hard saying people cant tell he is trans

No. 1686925

> more than you can possibly imagine
Doubting Thomas here

No. 1686935

I'm starting to wonder if the seeming "mass acceptance" of trannyism is completely fabricated by troons in positions of power banning all dissent online and ruining the lives of dissenters irl through doxxing, getting them fired, taking away their kids, beating them, getting them fired, and calling the police on them. It seems like the only people I meet who actually believe in teannyism are trannies themselves, autists and gay people who have been manipulated, and zoomers who have bedn indoctrinated from a young age. It's like a dictatorship; No one really believes in it being fair (outside of and the ruling class a handful of indoctrinated/abused people), but everyone is quiet because they know they'll be unpersoned if they speak up.
That's actually a video game character who has severe depression but pretends she's happy, and ends up hanging herself. Also she's canonically a video game character in a dating sim (ie not real and based on the male gaze), even in the game, and kills herself because of that. They use that version of the Drake meme and a version of the anime girl screaming meme using the same character a lot, I've noticed Trannies telling on themselves.

No. 1686936

>big arms is literally a trait of testosterone, cut that for years and it goes away
Oh yeah, the long ass freak arms that looks as proportional as a Kipling's Keychain's arms, specially when they're barely getting covered by a woman's XXXL tall dress, they definitely shrink the moment they start taking estrogen, that's totally how bones work.

No. 1686939

>That's actually a video game character
I think anon was referring to the text, not the drawing

No. 1686943

My bad, I'm going to give myself late onset SIDS in embarrassment.

No. 1686944

I hate when people choose to use self-deprecating humor and then get butthurt when people laugh

No. 1686956

File: 1666967732874.png (365.12 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_20221028-152605-431…)

Yikes. How could you not tell that pills had gone missing though?

No. 1686972

love that her selfish moid ex literally traumatized her out of feeling safe in womanhood. very progressive!

No. 1686975

My guess: The troon was an expert gaslighter who convinced her she must have lost her own pills and then he bullied her into having unprotected sex with him because "it's her own fault" she doesn't have birth control. Or maybe he straight up raped her. Either way, the relationship must have been pretty traumatic to make her troon out.

No. 1686976

Looked more like a woman before trooning, as always

No. 1686978

File: 1666968897329.png (84.28 KB, 727x697, Untitled.png)

me when i deliberately spread misinformation to trick troons into mutilating themselves bad enough that they 41%

No. 1686980

>revenge of salmacis
Doesn’t ”salmacian” mean keeping your cock and making a hole between that and your ass? Of course he pees normally if you keep you penis intact

No. 1686983

>I don't have to rinse out my vagina
Go die from an infection then. They really want to convince themselves and other people that their inverted dick is a self cleaning organ like a vagina, even though we've already seen a million troons with pus and hair filled poopwounds

No. 1686991

File: 1666969964521.jpeg (378.55 KB, 750x1907, 4DCC6DAE-DC29-49E4-94D6-608BD9…)

this guy’s posts are cope after cope after cope.

No. 1686992

File: 1666969996866.png (23.14 KB, 875x147, Untitled.png)

>I smell and taste like any other healthy woman with a vagina

No. 1686995

so he doesn’t even clean his rot pocket that is more similar to a bellybutton than to a vagina, but we’re supposed to believe it doesn’t stink. he’s completely delusional.

No. 1686997

he seems to be one of those people who think that if you repeat something over and over it makes it true

No. 1687010

Ahh… that was refreshing

No. 1687016

I love how they recommend midol; it's just headache/(easy to deal with) migraine meds. They have no reason to suggest it except for playing into their fetishes. Full stop.

No. 1687023

i have always been told that acetaminophen/paracetamol don't work for cramps. ime ibuprofen works better.

No. 1687024

the best part is he's too dumb to realize people are probably just afraid to clock him because he's likely a complete weirdo with violent, aggressive tendencies. Honestly it's funnier to me that these trannies don't get called out to their face, so they can walk around thinking they're hot shit while people silently mock and avoid them.

No. 1687029

according to wikipedia midol can have Pyrilamine maleate added to it which is an antihistamine. (antihistamines are also used in the migraine cocktail patients get in an ER), so that's why I said the whole thing is kinda like a migraine med. The teen formula has a diuretic added to it. Midol liquid gels is just ibuprofen.

I think it depends on the person. I respond better to ibuprofen as you do. They are just liars and recommend midol because even I took as a teenager. Perverts

No. 1687030

An extra deep never cleaned Taint Navel….
I feel nauseated….

No. 1687035

it's literally a gash where his penis used to be. It's not an ogran. fucking idiot

No. 1687043

when the studies call them women it makes me want to cry.

No. 1687050

This guy is bragging about being able to fit an entire hand in his rotpocket? I can’t do that with my real vagina is this some sort of perverted porn thing??

No. 1687054

woman in red is a straight fucking QUEEN

No. 1687058

Yes, it's 100% a porn thing

No. 1687060

>actually, I'm choosing violence

No. 1687064

>those thigh high socks
>aggressive male behaviour
Can't make this shit up.

No. 1687070

atp i smell 4chan bait lol

No. 1687078

File: 1666975436171.jpeg (450.68 KB, 750x1139, 0AF1E338-0529-490A-9376-3FE332…)

>cis women get cosmetic surgery to make their vulvas look more like mine
hearty kek

No. 1687080


I've thought a lot about how in order to function in left wing spaces you kinda have to know trans stuff is bullshit on some level. I mean if you actually buy in completely there is no reason for feminism, there is no reason to try and make any of it equal for the same reason nobody tries to make goths equal to crustpunks.

If it all really is superficial to the extent that saying you are a man or woman makes you one then just change to whatever is convenient at any moment. There is no reason for men or women to try and fix anything about their respective groups as they aren't really groups. In gender ideology it's all completely arbitrary. Likewise actually respecting trans identities ends up self defeating. Transwomen are not men? Why? If the terms man and woman are devoid of any material grounding then you can call them anything and it doesn't really matter. A transwoman being a woman because he wants to call himself a woman really isn't any extra valid than him being a man because people call him that. If both blue and red can be any color and the only condition is blue is not red then there's no reason to separate the paints so to speak. There's no reason to actually recognize a difference between blue and red.

No. 1687088

File: 1666975892611.jpeg (229.62 KB, 828x987, 295DE6FA-E8CD-4BEC-82A7-91E3C5…)


No. 1687089

also, this dude is clearly attracted to women. as a lesbian, i find it difficult to imagine feeling this straight-up jealous of even the most beautiful women in the world. at the end of the day i still love them.

No. 1687091

File: 1666975973988.jpeg (354.72 KB, 826x1026, 000717E5-9048-46A3-A0E2-004574…)

I like how even in this fake ass story this moid is still an unlikable dick

No. 1687102

>woman who was raped before asks strange moid to show her his penis because she was curious about how a penis works
They're so retarded

No. 1687108

File: 1666976830157.jpeg (943.03 KB, 1440x1440, 7699A6C5-24FA-4725-969F-471781…)

yes this coomer is totally not trans he just likes to dress up in lingerie/costumes and do his makeup just to be funny.

No. 1687110

What a cope kek. Why would he have better musculature than vaginas when vagina is a tunel made of muscle basically?

No. 1687112

why does his dick look like a shit? did he rub charcoal all over it instead of bathing?

No. 1687115

Women with non existent labia, huge labia, inbetween labia, wrinkled labia, pink labia, long labia, ARE WOMEN. Women having labioplasty has nothing to do with inverted penises and their supposed envy. Women with larger inner labia have on occasion pain related to their size. Even if it is purely for asthetics, women are the only ones who have vaginas/vulvas, not MEN. Inverted penises are neither vulvas nor vaginas. They do not smell, taste, or look the same. Your poopwounds are man made orifices which only has the use of shoving objects into to stimulate your male prostates. Your discharge is fecal matter or male excrements. Women's vaginas can shed their uterine lining as well as discharge to clean, protect the female organs from bacteria, and birth children. Men have their own reproductive systems. Carving a wound into your genital area and inverting your penis does not give you a vagina. You cretins WNBW. I guess I shouldn't even bother because these are the same type of people who say they want breasts so large the need a wheelbarrow.

No. 1687121

Men playing as female character is the most normal thing ever (because of the coom). This doesn't prove that this tranny is actually a woman, it only proves that he is a MAN.

No. 1687130

Where the fuck is the muscle in an inverted penis? This has to be a troll

No. 1687135

File: 1666977866037.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1915, 05E6C7D1-8CBE-48AB-83BB-43947F…)

One thing I learned is that these studies have a plethora of problems more than other studies.

No. 1687144

they also ignore that the fear is that these children are being railroaded. once they have started on hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones are almost inevitable despite the fact that it destroys any hope of future fertility, a healthy sex life etc.

No. 1687147

Okay, but that's exactly it. Every AGP is just an advanced coomer. The only difference between an AGP and an "average" coomer moid who plays female characters when given the choice in games just so he can see tits and ass is that the AGP is a little further down on the same HentaiHaven assembly line for failmales.

No. 1687149


They are going to ride off the data of people from back when you actually needed dysphoria to be trans and it was much rarer to go on blockers. Even the conservatives know the fear is what happens when the generation exposed to the "GI Joe vs Barbie Doll" dichotomy grows up.

No. 1687151

Yeah, that’s essentially all this says. Putting a child on puberty blockers almost guarantees they’ll go on cross-sex hormones. Without blockers it’s likely they’d grow out of their dysphoria. Trans medicine is junk science.

No. 1687152

File: 1666978515111.jpg (32.92 KB, 550x450, 1606518285997.jpg)

oh wow one study of about 700 people and they still receive their prescriptions? thank god now I don't have any doubts anymore.

No. 1687159

So the survey was asking freshly adult "trans kids" who were put on blockers (and as such faced medical railroading along with brain damage from Lupron) if they were taking HRT? I can't imagine many kids coming out of physically stunting themselves with osteoporosis pills turning around and deciding "no, I can still quit being trans, it's not too late for me" instead of trying to go for the "final step" (which is just a stepping stone to the next 300 or so "final steps") of transitioning. It would be like taking pills to disable your legs so that you can cut them off later and then deciding not to cut them off. Sure, you could chalk it up as a lost cause and pray it's reversible, but you've already come so far and damaged yourself in the process that you probably feel like you have to see it through.
Also: Just 3 months of blockers? So you're telling me that 17 year olds who started taking blockers after puberty could be included in this study? I wonder how many kids who were put on blockers before/during puberty were involved? And for that matter, how long it's been since the people questioned have started HRT.

No. 1687174

> (except to describe yourself)
has to make an exception for the inherent narcissism and snowflakery of troons, kek

No. 1687179

There's no way this guy isn't a tranny, he looks like he's trying to pass even when he's dressed like a guy. Gender is so retarded, according to these people someone can live their life like a tranny but they're not one as long as they don't identify like a woman, but a moid that doesn't shave and wears men's clothes/lives like a regular dude can claim to be a lesbian and we must respect it

No. 1687184

both the things you describe are just men. the dressup streamer is a man, he's just a man who likes to wear traditionally female clothes. the guy with a beard who identifies as a woman is also a man. i wish more males in dresses would be like streamer guy and not say they they're women. it's s free country and men are free to wear whatever stupid outfits they want. they are still men though.

No. 1687192

File: 1666980978047.png (455.4 KB, 410x767, youdontpass1.png)

Found on r/translater
Sir, have you considered that the fact that you look like that is the problem here?

No. 1687193

I like him more than actual troons because he's not spouting lies about being biologically the same as females or listening to little girls pee in public restrooms. I don't mind crossdressers or drag queens playing dress up nearly as much as men saying that they are indistinguishable from women while 2 months on stolen hormones meant for females going through menopause. If he actually does troon out it'd be depressing because he's doing it because people pay him, it's gross to think a young man could be convinced they are the same as a female because a man with a fetish paid enough money.

No. 1687194

Obviously, that's my point. Gender is meaningless and men are men no matter what they call themselves

No. 1687199

Keffals profile photo is hilarious to me because we all know what he actually looks like. Coping with filters is all they can do.

No. 1687201

>he's doing it because people pay him
If that was the only reason there would be way more men doing this

No. 1687203

always thought this was was a more liberal take. Like why would women depend on the police, who beat their spouses at a higher rate than normal men?

No. 1687204

File: 1666982044238.jpeg (164.68 KB, 1600x1035, 372CE072-54DF-40A7-AF81-BFB22D…)

that illogical definition of gender they have is what peaked me. remember the ‘genderbread person’ infographic that used to go around the internet? it’s intended to promote their belief that a male who crossdresses and identifies as a man is still a man (correct,) but a male who wears men’s clothes and looks like a man in every other aspect and says he’s a woman is somehow a woman. this is Facts And Logic because “gender identity is how you, in your head, think about yourself… and how you interpret what that means.” gender is totally different from gender expression and totally different from sex, which is to say gender is nothing. sorry if this is derailing/OT just find it funny how the more they try to apply some logic to it, the more they make gender abolition the only tenable position.

No. 1687206

I think the fact that he's actually cute looking helps. There are a lot of popular crossdressers on twitch and in cosplay communities, but if you're an uggo hulk no one's gonna pay you for shit. Yeah he probably does have a fetish, but he's also a twitch streamer as his job, his whole career is having public attention, if this is how he's getting it then idc as long as he's not being a pedo or pretending he's literally a woman. The most harmful thing he's promoting is being financially dependant on people who want to fuck him.

No. 1687208

File: 1666982270346.png (442.55 KB, 512x512, love power.png)

Can't regret it if you're dead.

No. 1687212

Another heckin valid trans study is the one where they proved that hormone blockers used on children cause a decrease in IQ

No. 1687213

I miss when effeminate scrotes would just wear their makeup and dresses without all the extra pronoun autism.

No. 1687220

File: 1666983782865.png (110.1 KB, 610x1009, FgLMBvuXgAAP7Ji.png)

Zero empathy

No. 1687222

i wish i could make it illegal for troons to even mention black women. God I hate being force teamed with those barrel chested sissies

No. 1687224

>taught to not feel uncomfortable
all these years of progress teaching young girls to trust their instincts and speak out when they feel uncomfortable, only to be set back decades to protect men's feelings

No. 1687228

there is nothing wrong with being a male who looks like this dude does. basmenent hockey goth is a huge subculture with many attractive men in it.
BUT, the fact that these troony guys think they have to be considered women to be allowed to look like this, just means that they're homophobic as fuck. this dude might genuinely love his makeup and hair and tights, but is too much of a pussy to face the consequences of going out like that as a male in a homophobic society.
picrel, chris motionless being very fancy (i can't find the pictures where he's got the same skirt and boots but with fishnets) and also NOT SAYING HE'S A WOMAN.

No. 1687230

File: 1666984488503.jpg (317.97 KB, 709x1112, the manson we deserve.jpg)

samefag - i don't mean that ONLY gay males dress up as girls, it's just that troonmen believe that so to prove they are not fAgGoTs they think they have to be women to be able to wear makeup and skirts

No. 1687231

why is it those girls' responsibility to make up for the violence of the male students? if the tranny child is scared to change around other boys, why not teach the other boys TO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE

No. 1687238

Yeah bc young girls should just accept seeing male private parts and a black girl in the girls bathroom is totally the same thing as having a creepy hormonal boy in there. He could easliy go to the staff restroom if he’s ‘not like the others’ he doesn’t need to go to the girls bathroom and its not the girl’s responsibility to coddle him. I hate troons so much shit like this this is why I'm glad ppl are getting more vocal about their disgusting sexist behavior.

No. 1687243

and it's such a male way to react to someone being uncomfortable by your presence. if he actually was a woman he would not be trying to force himself on the girls like this.

No. 1687244

It’s so fucked up, trusting your gut is one of the most important things you have to protect yourself. It’s innate, your body can sense when something is off and is trying to protect you. Since males are statistically proven to be dangers and are presenting themselves in a vulnerable space, it’s common sense and instinct to feel uncomfortable by it. I will never hide my feelings and I hope girls don’t think their reactions are bigoted but some are being brainwashed to allow anything.

No. 1687258

This lol

No. 1687264

File: 1666985608401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 663.67 KB, 2048x1936, FgKxsWWX0AE-tlN.jpeg)

I literally just saw a troon on twitter with his dick on a pumpkin and memes about fucking pumpkins and I was wondering if anyone else saw this shit.

I don't understand how coombrained you'd have to be to unironically fuck a pumpkin.

He also posted a video on him doing it.


Warning: NSFL

No. 1687269

File: 1666985711226.jpg (310.07 KB, 902x816, Screenshot_2022-10-28-22-28-42…)

No. 1687270

File: 1666985788762.png (951.16 KB, 1079x1351, Screenshot_20221028-153500.png)

To add to this, apparently it's big enough of a meme to get 2.3k likes. I get so tempted to A-log when I see stuff like this.

No. 1687274

47?? He looks about 60.

No. 1687290

File: 1666986842319.gif (2.33 MB, 500x281, F1570B4D-756F-45F8-AF5F-488678…)

Sticking their dicks in random objects, one of the most male things they could do

No. 1687292

lmao noahs fence but you guys literally don't understand male sexuality and a lot of it has to do with the "immutable male sexual orientation" myth men created to cope with how easily coomditioned they are. men, generally speaking, are not "straight" or "gay". their sexuality is opportunistic, malleable and fully dependent on the male's tolerance for inceldom and exposure to sexual stimuli. for some moids it takes prison time to start sticking it into other moids, for others it's not getting sex from the wife for 6 months - it's a calculation of consequences, availability and horniness. you have no clue what a man is able to compartmentalize if he wants to fuck badly enough - for example, there's research showing that even "progressive" men become rapidly more tolerant of rape or begin to invent scenarios in which rape is acceptable as their sexual arousal increases. but sure, while everything is peachy they can afford to larp things like "i would never rape" and "i am strictly straight/gay".

there are literally no "fooled" moids, at last not the way they describe it. the typical scenario is moid is horny, bumps into a willing tranny (because let's face it, real women are rarely as available for free) and his cock pustules immediately warp reality for him just so he can find sexual relief - for him, in the heat of the moment, the tranny is a "woman". then the post nut clarity™ hits and he kills the tranny to "erase" that from his memory. the more soy ones invent post hoc rationalizations about how trans women are women. they also do the exact same mental gymnastics when they rape, cheat or molest children btw

No. 1687299

>you guys [don't understand male depravity]
>proceeds to man or womansplain a concept which has been fully explored and debated in each one of these (checks number) 88 threads

Thanks for your contribution nonna. I think anyone who's read even one of these threads has fully come to terms with the "men will fuck and meme themselves into fucking literally anything" but that is also consensus across the rest of lolcow.farm, so I can only assume you are new

No. 1687301

This is why we'll never win kek, we need to take a hard stance on men dressing in woman face.

No. 1687302

i wish every troon who threatens suicide would do it.

No. 1687303

>young "children" having anxiety (actually just girls, because little scrotes will harass and even assault FtMs in the boys' locker room/bathroom)
>from a trans "child" (actually only boys who are trans identified males, and call themselves girls)
Are these scrotes even capable of considering that maybe the problem is that "trans girls" are male and thus prone to harassing actual girls? I'm surprised that the post was downvoted so much, I guess even some trannies can see how fucking retarded it is.
>Nobody should be able to tell anyone what bathroom they can or cannot use
Scrote in a wig literally claiming that men (not even trannies) should be able to use the women's bathroom as they please. Could they be any more honest?
>They should be taight to not feel uncomfortable around people with different bodies.
So male bodies? The same male bodies that, by nature, are physically stronger than female bodies and have more hormones that make them more prone to aggression and sexual assault than female bodies?
I swear the solution should be making a third bathroom exclusively for males who think they're women, so they won't have to worry about other males attacking them, and won't be anywhere near real women, but we all know that troons would never agree to that because they just want access to women.
Yes, it's both homophobia and misogyny. The reason why the vast majority of male troons identify as women is not just because they wanna dress feminine without being judged, it's because they see women as nothing more than sexual objects and it turns them on to LARP as one, to become the sexual object themselves. On rare occasion, gay males who are genuinely feminine and just want to express will become trannies, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're not misogynistic in some way.

No. 1687306

The second response where they immediately compare girls being scared of violence or assault from notoriously aggressive boyscrotes to racism and ableism.
What happens in every one of these cases when women are instructed to ignore their instincts is they simply leave the spaces, which here would mean stopping use of locker rooms and just bringing extra bags around with you and changing in a cubicle.
Weird how men view driving women, en masse, out of their gendered spaces as "progress" it's almost like they are all simply bully misogynists under a very flimsy facade of wokeness.

No. 1687308

>if he actually was a woman he would not be trying to force himself on the girls like this
kek, this. We are raised to be passive and to please others, especially men, while men are raised to be entitled as fuck and always try to force themselves on others, especially women. No troon ever acts like a real woman.

No. 1687309

Ugh that sounds terrible I hope you're doing somewhat better now nona, the period larping is so fucking vile and offensive.

No. 1687321

I also want to a-log whenever a fatass troon scrote claims he's fat and has a full beard because of "PCOS". They're fucking insane if they really think they can even have periods, cramps or fucking polycystic ovary syndrome without having a vagina, a womb or ovaries. It enrages me to think that there's anyone who believes this bullshit and supports trannies in this delusion, or who sees the extent of their insanity without really believing it and still chooses to support the idea that troids are valid members of the opposite sex instead of seeing it as the fetish it really is.

No. 1687327

File: 1666989743789.jpg (50.23 KB, 700x392, xfhqpmxyaljr1fjhp2yn.jpg)

This. If they weren't just horny males, most of them would have the empathy to put the safety and comfort of a whole team of girls ahead of the wants of one fucking troon. But of course they don't, even weak beta males are sexually aggressive the instant the get the chance l.

No. 1687337

Y’all checked the trans tag on Twitter lately? It’s like a GC Christmas come early

No. 1687339

here's the video

No. 1687340

Don't be vague about it, post some caps

No. 1687347

no I'm not a twitterfag

No. 1687352

Anyone going into malpractice law is going to be shitting gold once the trans tide turns.

No. 1687357

Wtf from the way he was talking about them in that post I thought they were literal 6 year olds or something. Way to infantilize the very real concerns of teenage girls who are well aware of how their male peers think and act.
I am curious to see if the medical industry will catch wise to the fact that they can capitalize on detransitioners' mistakes; providing treatments for the same problems they inflicted like breast reconstruction or implant removal, vocal cord shaves, removing phallo, etc. Maybe a new way to make money off of the issue is what's needed to turn the tide.

No. 1687360

This is a general stance on lolcow ("male sexuality is a meme") but i'm interested on the studies. Reason 2572478 to not trust male feminists i guess.

No. 1687363

I'm sure reverse treatments are already underway. It is peak capitalism to profit off of solutions to problems that they started and also profited from.

No. 1687367

curiously, even if these troons did detrans, they would still be on hrt technically, even if it was an ex Tim taking t.

No. 1687369

File: 1666992650629.jpeg (213.99 KB, 828x834, 3C382321-56F4-4AD2-8CF0-842FC2…)

Unsure if this has been posted before but it honestly shocked me when I came across it, and I’m used to troon degeneracy. Not only is it a spit in the face for a woman who’s been abused but I’m sure it’ll be a legal/fraud nightmare if he tries anything.

No. 1687370

groan zone, my eyes could not roll any further back without snapping

No. 1687373

That's not even a spanish accent

No. 1687377

is that the new episode of the ''Andy'' saga ?

No. 1687384

>Way to infantilize the very real concerns of teenage girls who are well aware of how their male peers think and act.
TIMs are moids so of course they can't even imagine how it is to grow up from a girl child to an adolescent and to start to realize that every male you encounter, even your male classmates, is a disgusting pig who objectifies you and all women and sees us as property instead of human beings.

No. 1687385

trannywamyn can stop being afraid of cis male bodies and fuck off to male locker room then

No. 1687391

>smooth muscle
oh there's certainly a smooth muscle causing these "symptoms" that's for sure …
these poor girls, at least one of them sounds like she's about to cry when that journalist told her the school superintendent claimed she was lying …

No. 1687409

File: 1666995666346.jpeg (142.15 KB, 808x742, D8F193C2-BE05-4A4B-8043-F11BC9…)

Probably because theyre uncomfortable as fuck and anything they say is going to be considered a hate crime and literal violence

No. 1687414

He says friends here so it’s a good chance they’re all troons as well. But let’s say we’re talking about random people; yeah they’re gonna ignore you because one, they’re uncomfortable and two, no one cares about you’re attention seeking lol

No. 1687424

When someone tries to act out their fetish in front of you without consent, doing nothing is the recommended advice, like if someone is flashing in public, a reaction is what they want

No. 1687426

Just another weapon in the abusive ex arsenal, men will do whatever they legally can to you, and until some law is written about maliciously skinwalking intimate partners = psychological abuse, it will continue. It's just another form of stalking, like making it very obvious the ex is on your mind by dressing up as them, or calling yourself by their name.

No. 1687433

Samefag, *your

No. 1687444

File: 1666998333068.webm (1.47 MB, 648x576, IMG_0688.webm)

Here is a duet of a gay man being a fucking pick me for Dylan mulevany and getting angry when real women speak out against trannies lmao

No. 1687447

File: 1666998585336.png (735.58 KB, 828x1179, 1666990927364719.png)

No. 1687450

File: 1666998970846.webm (6.27 MB, 576x1024, IMG_0689 2.webm)

Samefag but thank god Dylan has been getting more and more criticism of him on TikTok. of course we have this faggotista in the video defending him but their is another video from a girl named itstaniyab21 who got more of a positive response. even referred to Dylan as he when one of his fans used him being followed by Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and being knowledge by pedo biden as a flex.

No. 1687453

It’s freaky how common it is for them to skinwalk like this. Idk if you know of Anthony “Erin” Reed but his ex wife had him banned from wearing her clothes as part of their divorce agreement.

No. 1687457

TIL the french are latinx

No. 1687460

because he's freakish looking. They could've have picked a gayer weirder looking scrote to put on drag and pretend to be a woman and I'm Happy for it. Normally when they bring out the HsTs they at least try to bring out the ones who look like Laverne coxs or the pose scrotes. They still look like men but they are trying. Dylan is doing hos job in peaking people. The exact opposite of what they want

No. 1687462

Lots of women ITT coping about their Nigel always playing girl characters, kek. Take the warning sign seriously.

No. 1687464

How can they post things like this with no repercussions?

No. 1687467

>I've caused a boycott of a very large retail chain just for being trans!

You got a deal with a large retail chain in the first place just for being trans. He's so disingenuous acting like he's being oppressed just because people are questioning the aggressive astroturfing of a twinkdead actor who couldn't handle fading into oblivion and decided to larp as a "girl" instead.

No. 1687469


if it gets reported it will almost certainly be taken down

No. 1687472

They keep pushing this dumbass "argument" which would only make sense if black girls or disabled girls committed crimes against women & girls at anywhere near the rate males do. It's such fucking typical moid gaslighting to tell women our rational fear of strange men is on par with racism or ableism.

No. 1687473

>warning sign
I have to disagree.I played through New Vegas, a female character is absolutely easy mode;Black Widow + Cherchez La Femme just lets you crit and charm your way through the game- While the straight male version, Lady Killer is useless(almost no female enemies) - the Gay version, of Cherchez, Confirmed Bachleor is pretty useful since it lets men charm closeted fags. New Vega doesn't turn men into trannies, it just codifies the tranny belief that "female = eZ mode" I've noticed tthis when every terminally online tranny plays the damn game. Since you can mod it with ease, they decided to transition the game with them and fill it with shit sex and rape mods.
The scrote already deleted everything but not fast enough. They only live a few miles away from the Pentagon and is probably shitting themselves.

No. 1687476

Is it bad I support them fucking pumpkins? If it stops them from sexually harassing lesbians, I'm all for it.

No. 1687479

They will do both. It's like when people say if porn was banned there would be more rapists… Nah men will jerk off AND rape

No. 1687481

NTA this makes me think it's more of a warning sign, so they're choosing to play the game easier by using a female character whose traits are to seduce both men and women?

No. 1687484

were viewed over 6 hours of hardcore porn tend to give more lenient sentences to rapists.

No. 1687486

File: 1667002835590.png (888.98 KB, 761x1107, delusional.png)

No. 1687488

File: 1667002930747.jpg (498.49 KB, 1584x989, FgA7XKUXwAMOHEJ.jpg)

the only difference is he got fatter

No. 1687489

File: 1667003000208.png (182.26 KB, 650x544, 1666812925948.png)

No. 1687490

File: 1667003031093.png (367.96 KB, 750x994, Vaishnavi Sundar on Twitter.pn…)

No. 1687492

I can't believe that big white sky retard is a hamdmaiden now, nothing is sacred anymore

No. 1687495

File: 1667003116183.jpg (313.77 KB, 1337x2048, FfEUBdiXoAAqQRG.jpg)

>tries to mimic feminine poses
>fails miserably

No. 1687497

Idk nonna, I'm an oldfag and we had a troon at our high school in the late 90s, tall lanky goth kid. It was a pretty rough school but he never got bullied, I think bc the boys didn't see him as a threat and the girls were too freaked out. He'd wear his girlfriend's clothes and basically skinwalk her at school. One time he came up to me and a group of girls and asked if any of us had a tampon. We asked what he needed it for and he just laughed weirdly. None of us knew what an AGP was but I remember how uncomfortable we felt. I guess we were lucky though, because nowadays he'd be in the locker room watching us change.

No. 1687498

Curse that alabaster retard

No. 1687499

>were viewed over 6 hours
Nonny I'm trying to understand what you meant but I think you forgot the first part of your post
Damn I feel like I've seen plenty of faggots irl who look like this. I think Latino troons in particular are so clockable to me because I'm a Latina kek.

No. 1687500

File: 1667003469085.jpeg (62.79 KB, 827x555, 9FB04BD6-F49F-4167-BFED-2BDD80…)

There’s a good amount of handmaidens claiming to have recently bought shit at ulta or that they will only buy from ulta from now because of Dylan…so still buying makeup because of a moid? The irony couldn’t be sweeter

No. 1687507

the speech to text function kind f'd up. I meant to say is that a study in the 80s had shown that those who viewed 6 hours of hardcore porn tended to give more lenient sentences to rapists.

No. 1687514

thanks so much, nonna. I'm doing better now. I'm going to beg the mods to forgive this tiny blogpost because it might save someone's life.

It all happened during a strict lockdown in my country of residence. I knew I had endo (had a lap to diagnose and cauterize) but I never took any hormones after it. I am sensitive and hate the idea of hormones messing with my body or brain.

Well I figured I just had to handle the pain and nausea. No one told me endo could cause a life-threatening situation. There was an area of endo that messed up normal intestinal motions so much that one part of my intestine slipped into another part, like a telescope. And bc I was depressed and isolated, I waited almost 3 days before going to the hospital. The part of intestine they removed was already necrotic. If I had waited any longer to drag my ass to the hospital, it could have perforated and caused sepsis or death. I can't tell you how scary it is to know that.

Symptoms were intermittent strong cramping pain in upper abdomen (yeah idk why there), vomiting bile/water. I thought based on an online friend's suggestion that I might have a gallstone. She saved my life fr because she convinced me to go to the hospital.

No. 1687515

the same Erin who claims he got his name from a little girl he wanted to skinwalk as a child? he's a complete freak yet he's buddy buddy with high profile TRA idiots on twitter.

No. 1687516

yeah >>1687481 is right. normal men want to play as a cool guy and win a difficult game. playing as a female character equals coomer or full on troon.

No. 1687517

anyway, universe, give period fetishists endo pls

No. 1687518

As much as I hate Tories, god I hope this woman is as based as she sounds. A black woman standing up for real woman and ignoring trannies…can you imagine how much they would rage kek. They rely on black women as their "we are just like you" card so much. Hope they're seething about this rn

No. 1687527

It wouldn't even surprise me if every male judge was a mega coomer tbh.

No. 1687528

>”she’s p-p-practically a man too!”

I can hear the malding from here kek

No. 1687529

File: 1667005582341.jpg (428.87 KB, 1170x1932, 1666921586358681.jpg)

No. 1687531

I bet conservatives know perfectly well that they can take advantage of the troon situation to win over the more skeptical/anti-troon part of the population.

No. 1687533

They are even dressed up as a circus act.

No. 1687537

Nonnie you scared me i thought you were about to drop a bomb shell about chris motionless

>what of a white girl were uncomfortable about a black girl?
immediately they jump on this. Every time, right on queue

No. 1687540

Yes, the very same Erin with a felony!

No. 1687542

the catboy king is flaunting his moobs and grease again.

No. 1687544

Of course. Same agenda, different smell.

No. 1687545

File: 1667006686571.jpg (55.81 KB, 652x809, moobs and grease.jpg)

let's try this again. (picrel)

No. 1687546

no no he is still a very talented idiot who keeps picking the world's meanest girlfriends.
Erin Reed, formerly Anthony Reed, the convicted felon who has been court ordered to stop stealing&dressing up in his wife's clothes&underwear? That Erin Reed, formerly Anthony Reed? The one who is also running for public office? I just want to make sure we're talking about the same Erin Reed, formerly Anthony Reed.

No. 1687547

i like that when he's filtered to hell he still just looks like fat dan aykroyd.

No. 1687548

File: 1667006775244.jpg (142.25 KB, 1347x2162, FgMprMVXwAAGva0.jpg)

and the wishful thinking fan art

No. 1687550

The Big Shaynus-tier fake freckles kek x infinity

No. 1687551

I've never been able to articulate it like you have but i have always been a firm believer than if you put two men in a container they will inevitably have sex or one of them will kill the other one

No. 1687555

why are pedo groomer's moobs a different color than the rest of his skin? pressure is that push up bra putting on them

No. 1687557

He keeps trying to force those moobs to touch each other when they obviously want to be miles apart. Sad!

No. 1687558

A Tory is a Tory, nonna. She might crackdown on gender shit but make no mistake women are still going to suffer.

No. 1687559


No. 1687560

File: 1667007948356.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 800.67 KB, 2048x2048, 25F64597-F63A-495E-B5CF-5792DA…)

his surgeon was bella avanessian. i searched her name on the transgender_surgeries sub, and her results look pretty average for poopwounds, which is to say they don’t remotely look like vaginas. she does seem to be great at creating giant gaping wounds a fist would fit into, tho.

No. 1687565

File: 1667008702794.jpeg (314.61 KB, 750x1170, E5BE63B1-B2CB-4C57-9B28-4790F9…)

good riddance!

No. 1687576

the fake vaginas all just look like anuses to me. the bottom middle pic is an ok exterior, in that it's healed and doesn't look like a penis, but it still looks like a butt pretending to be a pussy.

No. 1687577

radblr anons, fucking brace yourselves.
kek, i 100% hope more of these troons get the depenising surgery. Almost makes me want to make a bunch of fake posts about how great it is. There's no downsides– It removes the rape stick and then you get to watch them suffer incomprehensibly afterwards.

No. 1687580

I actually saw a clip of him saying that he dresses like that because he saw how much Amouranth made.

No. 1687585

>30K a month.
Can I pimp my husband? We do Rocky Horror together, is it that much of a leap or is it just too degenerate?

No. 1687586

the chances of a random man making fin money is same as that of a random game of making Felix money.

unfortunately, the only sure way of making some quick cash that you will probably regret for the rest of your life is to sexualize yourself if you're a woman. Especially if you're as conventionally attractive as amouranth and have a decent following already.

No. 1687587

>There's no downsides
Unfortunately because men are men, men without rape sticks or with erectile dysfunction are more likely to rape with objects, which can create irreparable damage, internal bleeding, or death to victims.
There are a few awful news stories about this including a teenager who raped a young mother with a carjack, leading to her death, after she made the mistake of giving him a lift, or this: https://www.newsweek.com/congo-more-vicious-rape-106653
Not specifically about trannies but the damage object rape can cause.

No. 1687591

there are still no downsides to the surgery, men who still have dicks use object rape too so idk why you infodumped about that.

No. 1687592

Stuff like this makes me so mad because women suffer from stuff like Endo, PCOS, PPD, post partum psychosis, etc and it's been ignored as "hormonal women stuff… IDK just suffer through it" and we all resign ourselves to suffering.

And yet the medical field can make leaps and bounds for an AGP coom.

No. 1687594

lmao at how far apart his legs are to try to fit in the frame of the mirror

No. 1687597

Remember when transvestites knew they were men and it was fine? How did this person really write a bulletpointed list where every point is "if you say I'm a man it's a lie even though I am very literally a man"

No. 1687599

So, GC/TERF Twitter is talking about how women were getting assaulted at this protest (as can be very clearly seen in the quoted vid), and a woman apparently got two fingers broken by a TRA moid. One of the women pepper sprayed someone in response. Now, theres a few women talking about how bad this is for optics, and how "children should never be pepper sprayed, no matter the reason".
Kellie-Jay Keen talks about it here.

No. 1687600

I got so excited about itstaniyab21 but she’s a conservative so I know i’m going to be disappointed .
A black conservative woman will probably hurt the tiktok users brains

No. 1687601

A man without a dick is far more likely to perform a rape which results in a fistula or death, that's the point. They're not "safer" because they're dickless, quite the opposite.

No. 1687605

I tried to go to Caraballo's Twitter to find that quoted tweet and even though it says 425 quote tweets, I click and it says there are none. Twitter is so tranny controlled, even though I hate Muskrat, I'm glad he's going to counteract the extreme bias of their staff

No. 1687614

File: 1667015415983.png (15.8 KB, 586x440, no clamp.png)

deactivated probably

No. 1687615

File: 1667015621284.jpg (242.54 KB, 1080x1399, 215308.jpg)

Bruce Jenner used to steal Kim's clothes to wear them and he finally admitted to it years later. Imagine if any regular man stole their step daughter's clothes? A red flag if I ever saw one but men can used troonery as a shield against rightful criticism

No. 1687626

holy fuuuuuck oh my god i hate this.
thank god he turned out to be gay and probably didn't molest any of them.

No. 1687640

Interesting how moidlets acting like violent chimps absolves them of responsibility, but if a young girl dresses "adult" she "had it coming" and should be treated like she's 35 years old. Those hags sound like boymoms.

If you're old enough to maim people in the street, you're old enough to be pepper sprayed and worse.

No. 1687660

Me too. The double-standard is revolting. Blatant homophobia and sexualization of children? Sure, go right ahead bucko! But wait, you just told a man he will never be a woman? Go straight to twitter jail. So gross, these people think they're more important than anyone else.

No. 1687662

Gay men still molest little girls too, as children the sex characteristics are not so developed as to make much of a big difference to pedophiles.

No. 1687665

Schrodinger's cat but moids

No. 1687673

Proves that moids don't really have sexual orientations kek

No. 1687680

Unlike trannies he admits he's a man and doesn't encroach in women's spaces, therefore he is based. He looks like a fetishist coomer but that's run of the mill moid behavior, really.

No. 1687694

you can just tell how repulsive their whole body looks, especially bottom middle lol. theyre fat, and as hairy as a man on testosterone replacement therapy

No. 1687695

File: 1667024278391.jpg (275.74 KB, 1080x1393, tranny.jpg)

No. 1687704

AGP or GAMP wouldn't surprise me since he was in Dank Brigade and every scrote in there jerks it to troons. Imagine having this and other troons show up to your wedding.

No. 1687705

I feel like the part where the boy is brainwashed by social media and starts taking pills could be an allegory for the homophobic tra music luring in vulnerable gay boys. In the climax, he stops taking the pills and is hugged by another boy.

No. 1687708

they are so botched they look like someone who had their face reconstructed after a gruesome car accident or acid attack

No. 1687716

What's the bet the troon bought it to force attractive women into validating his fetish? I hope his intentions aren't more insidious than plain narcissism.

No. 1687726

File: 1667029578630.jpg (132.53 KB, 1440x2168, Screenshot_20221028-142620.jpg)

god these tims think thats a normal bra color

No. 1687729

Incredibly based. Nobody will dare say shit out of fear of looking racist.

No. 1687733

File: 1667031687907.png (95.91 KB, 2046x830, transwomenarehigheffortwomen.p…)

>Transwomen are more attractive because they make more effort than cis women

No. 1687736

Is Jenner gay? I thought he was a heterosexual AGP. I remember hearing sometime ago after he trooned out he was dating a woman. Has Jenner said he's interested in men?

No. 1687741

File: 1667032692738.png (24.53 KB, 606x243, Screenshot 2022-10-29 at 04-35…)

Jenner is such a prototypical AGP that Blanchard and Bailey used him as an example of an AGP tranny:
samefag, but I just wanted to add that trannies can't ever bring themselves up without putting women down.

No. 1687751

File: 1667034014181.jpg (351.46 KB, 1825x1873, NNAB51-profileIcon_ja1uos33ntr…)

u/NNAB51's profile pic. better than "cis" women kek

No. 1687753

all of these gross fools got 5 o clock shadows visible from space regardless of how many pounds of foundation they use to try to cover it kek

No. 1687754

>Even cis women who support and love trans women don't get certain things about us.

You hear this libfems? No matter how much you say TWAW these trannies will never be grateful like the entitled men they are.
And fucking kek at him saying tims work out and are healthy when ironically they are some of the most sickly, creepy and frumpy creatures I’ve ever unfortunately seen. They will always look like a mockery of a woman that’s why he’s salty about being called a sir. And love the cope at the end; no matter how much a woman weighs or what she wears she will always be a woman something he’ll never be.

No. 1687757

>"cis women don't understand the fear of being hate crimed every day"
Said by a man who has never even spoken to any woman ever clearly. And that's excluding the fact that, you know… not all "cis" women are white…
>"cis women don't take pride in physical appearance and fitness"
Not like the whole fucking fashion and diet industry is largely aimed at women so much so that they're always hyperfocusing on their own appearance.
These men are just misogynists who have no compassion or understanding for women at all, they tell on themselves every time.

No. 1687780

Holy shit, I want to a-log so much. Yeah, you disgusting agp scrote no woman ever in life felt afraid of being killed or raped, suffered abuses or got killed because she rejected a random moid.
>they would never get misgendered
Kek, is that his idea of hate crime?
Also that is rich of him saying that troons look better than women because they are some of the ugliest males even compared with the average scrote

No. 1687781

File: 1667041782580.jpg (93.92 KB, 538x654, RDT_20221029_12531448245590919…)

sage for autism but I couldn't resist editing it

No. 1687782

File: 1667041806654.jpg (97.17 KB, 538x654, 20221029_125932.jpg)

No. 1687783

File: 1667041857932.jpg (92.14 KB, 538x654, 20221029_130613.jpg)

Also works w "transracialism"

No. 1687789

its on reduxx actually. genevieve gluck investigated this originally, not the kf scrotes.

No. 1687790

You're very optimistic. I've heard of her before and it's usually in the context of telling her to go back to the jungle.

No. 1687791

ayrt, i stand corrected thank you!

No. 1687792

File: 1667042795093.jpg (190.72 KB, 922x2048, FgOqPi-WIAAUEmk.jpg)

No. 1687793

File: 1667042824647.jpg (113.68 KB, 922x2048, FgOqQGXXoAAljRv.jpg)


No. 1687796

it’s literally just a game mechanic. it implies nothing about life being “easy mode” for women. it’s easier to play as a female character with the black widow perk for the simple fact that there are more male characters to use it on than there are female characters to use the lady killer perk on in the game.

some nonas in this thread are just paranoid and think any man doing anything even slightly out of the ordinary is like some kind of troon mark of doom. just as reductive as saying a man who has “female hobbies” must be gay. it’s retarded to gender hobbies and behavior to this extent, just date better Nigels heterochans

No. 1687797

File: 1667043198843.png (1.28 MB, 877x1625, delusional.png)

No. 1687798

File: 1667043332932.png (921.51 KB, 805x2172, COOM.png)

No. 1687800

>nothing is more satisfying than turning cis women down hukhukhuk
As if they ever got the chance kek. They really live in a complete fantasy world, spewing their fanfic all over the internet to try and spread their disease.

No. 1687804

game mechanics aside, men medicalising themselves and relating it to playing female characters (being turned on by watching 2D t*tties) is indeed, to use your glorious wording, a troon mark of doom

No. 1687805

File: 1667044171730.jpeg (341.55 KB, 2059x1697, UmxHNyY.jpeg)

>Trans women work out, eat healthy, dress very fashionable and probably spend more in general to feel and look beautiful

No. 1687808

The reduxx team definitely lurks KF. I recall seeing the WPATH pedo info there first. And there were a lot of female users in the tranny threads. What made them so enjoyable.

No. 1687811


They're proving all they care about is looks and appearances, males are the most superficial creatures. Too bad trannywamen are the most naturally hideous as well and need unnatural lengthy means to achieve "passing", so much for being so vain.

No. 1687814

it's so funny when they assume they pass or look like real women because they're literally just proving themselves to hold the very definition of male narcissism: "i'm right, you're wrong, when I say or believe something that means it's true even if it's really not"
he doesn't even remotely pass and scrotes like this always hide behind social media too. if he doesn't pass online, he will 100% be a visibly hulking weak-pelvis male irl and everyone will be able to tell. we can all tell. even hyperfeminine trannies like blaire white, you can still tell he is a male as soon as you see a full-body photo or video of him. they're so delusional.

No. 1687815

I was groomed by an older online friend that I had a crush on before he came out as tim and god it really freaked me out how much he wanted to skinwalk as an east asian kawaii cosplayer when he's a lanky white incel.
This is beyond delusional.

No. 1687818

Kek even though it’s manga it’s so clear that the artist just drew a woman instead of an androgynous man down to the tiny hands men never have and troons are just eating this up like flies to shit. These losers know their exes are so relieved to be away from them and it kills their ego.

No. 1687821

>terf ex
This incel somehow got a girlfriend, probably a 16yo he groomed, and then she broke up with him because he trooned out and now he'll never get another gf again because he's a disgusting tranny. He done fucked up

No. 1687823

lol a comic for HimeAhri!

No. 1687830

JFC that climbed out of the shallow end of the gene pool. The only plus side to tranny shit is how many deficient males have removed themselves from reproduction.
One of the sweetest stories to hear. After hundreds of generations of dysgenic forced breeding, being a solipsistic, smug, stupid asshole is finally weeding men out.

No. 1687835

File: 1667048368319.jpeg (35.61 KB, 500x375, 9C5C273B-6BAD-4B08-AF14-7CED85…)

His face is giving Master Shake after plastic surgery

No. 1687838

That corpsemom on TikTok was reallly great for representing. She referred to Dylan as he about 30 times in a video and now her account has been deleted (probably mass reported) anyone who can seems level headed and articulate is quickly shut down,

No. 1687840

it's giving me vidrel kek

No. 1687843

>Implying "women have it easier because they can seduce men" isn't a very common misogynistic talking point
>Implying that developer's intent completely controls audience interpretation, and that moids won't interpret having an easier time playing as women in a video game as justification for a manosphere or transmaxxing mindset
>Implying men aren't retards
>"Get better Nigels"
We hate men here, ma'am.

No. 1687850

There is no woman on this planet that would confidently take a selfie with the Martha Stewart Bob and the gigantic full coverage "just my size" clearance lilac bra.
This dude probably lives with his grandma and steals her clothes like the cretin he is

No. 1687854

Oh god, that article you posted. It enrages me, especially combined with the modern state of TiMs getting off to female oppression. Absolutely horrific.

nayrt but probably did because people always bring up the surgeries as a way to say, well, at least men can’t rape anymore. But they still can and they will. Idk why pointing that out is bad, some people really aren’t aware of it. Better to be safe.

No. 1687855

Everyone is entitled to their own preference except if you don’t want to date a trans person, then you’re transphobic.

I cant believe the hypocrisy of them saying they do not connect or accept someone because they haven’t had to live through the same persecutions. This is literally how women describe how mtfs make them feel yet that is not acceptable.

No. 1687857

File: 1667049934006.png (606.49 KB, 648x1330, fa.png)

its like the dems are just giving away political power to the rihtoids, like this is the hill their willing to die on, all the sake of virtue signaling

No. 1687866

They aren't even truly persecuted, anyway. TIMs only face (often misdirected) homophobia, and most of their "we'we sooo oppwessed" statistics come from situations of poverty, homophobia, or extreme mental health issues. They're the ones that don't understand our persecution. T4T is basically just admitting that they can't empathize with or respect actual women enough to form meaningful friendships with us, let alone romantic relationships, because they don't see us as human and we know they don't see us as human. They would just rather blame us and project their own sociopathic narc tendencies onto us than to admit "maybe I could be a better person."

No. 1687868

>Taking children to a burlesque show
>Taking a 3 year old to a burlesque show
>Exposing children to flamboyant misogyny
>Exposing children to homophobic slurs
>Exposing children to glamorized, commodified homophobia
>"YOU'RE the bigots for hating this!"

No. 1687871

They say we will never get things about them while constantly co-opting everything about being female and talking over us, acting like they know our own experiences better than we do. Moid behavior.

No. 1687873

How do they look in the mirror and fully believe they look like women? Is it just the autism? You could clock this man from a football field away.

No. 1687877

Trannies think they're beautiful because their moids and moids have huge egos.

No. 1687883

File: 1667051429578.png (36.8 KB, 739x483, deranged.png)

Saging for nothing milky but related to mtfs anyway…why do handmaidens always bring these freaks into topics and expect to get headpats for it? This was in 2X on reddit so obviously there's trannies crawling all over it ready to do a hecking misogyny on any woman who doesn't conform to their fetish but…even before I peaked I still recognised that "transwomen" were still men and that it's entirely possible for them to still have degenerate male behaviour or use the trans label to their advantage to harm and assault women. They always say "it never happens" but it clearly fucking does, and it's happening a lot.
Why are they so fucking retarded to think that as soon as you plop on a shitty Amazon wig and a mini-skirt that it just erases any perverted male behaviour, if anything it enables and encourages them more because now we've got literal male rapists being called "she" and skewing female violence statistics.

I hate it so much, and I'm also just disappointed in handmaidens like this who have nothing to gain from kissing the ass of narcissistic pornsick moids who think they're women. I can understand if you're at risk of losing your job etc but they don't know who you are through a reddit profile so why the fuck are they so insistent on sticking up for men? I guess it's all just for attention right?

No. 1687886

>Yet more evidence of male pattern violence and misogyny
>"But obviously it's crazy and unrealistic to expect this from THIS group of special males!"
Handmaidenry and NLOGism take out more brain cells worldwide than brain cancer.

No. 1687888

>both of those problems involve men
Gee i wonder

No. 1687897

sage for ot but I am so tired of yuri being infected with genderswap and other tim bullshit. It's not yuri you fucks and never will be.

No. 1687904

Who gonna tell this retardi pickme about the 83 year old tranny who decapitated a woman in Brooklyn just months ago

No. 1687910

Is this really a handmaiden? I would've thought it was a troon, they're usually the ones inserting themselves into every discussion. But knowing how low some women are willing to go for asspats from men I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1687913

Nona I have no idea. It’s one of those things I’ve never understood and never will. Even in my handmaiden days I knew a 50 year old man who suddenly says his name is Sharon and puts on a dress can’t just erase his lifetime of maleness, his privilege, and the misogyny he partakes in. To think otherwise is absolutely delusion, and yet we are supposed to center his voice and experiences over ours when he talks about what womanhood really is. It’s asinine. Definitely was a stepping stone to my peaking, seeing women throw each other under the bus to defend men like that.

No. 1687915

Handmaidens are so confusing. I know they have experienced misogyny because what woman hasn’t? And they’ll call it out from regular old “cis” men but the second a man does a pronoun swap he can do no wrong, even if he has a recorded history of violence. It’s really a get out of jail free. I don’t see why handmaidens are okay with that if they can see the misogyny from every other man and are fine with calling that out.

No. 1687932

File: 1667056115855.jpeg (130.93 KB, 797x450, 531C7314-8E21-4210-AD00-656CDD…)

I probably put in more time to make this than he did putting on that shittastic makeup

No. 1687943

I know it's stupid, but these are invariably the same women who will obsess over and push prostitution and casual sex, violent fetishes, male-centric polygamy, one night stands, every kind of self degradation on themselves and other women. Even as their own lives fall apart directly from this shit, they will defend it to the grave, and libel every woman with an ounce of self preservation instincts.

No. 1687952

> I can understand if you're at risk of losing your job etc but they don't know who you are through a reddit profile so why the fuck are they so insistent on sticking up for men? I guess it's all just for attention right?
I don't necessarily blame women. Basically half the shitty boomer TV shows that came out of the eighties and early nineties were just straight WOMAN BAD, woman mean, woman unfair, woman judgemental, man good and misunderstood. Kid me hated watching those shitty shows, felt so ashamed, and I promised myself I would never be the mean woman. That's exactly what those shows were made for. I don't need to tell you how well it turned out for me.

No. 1687958

Okay then he's just a shit gamer who wants to play on easy mode, even if it means he will have to be playing as a woman that seduces men.

No. 1687961

dani miller would

No. 1687963

where tf is the jungle in bongland? that insult doesn't even make sense. shouldn't they tell her to go back to birmingham or something like that

No. 1687964

the woman he's dating is also a troon. he's a homo AGP like that mulvaney creep

No. 1687966

"cis" aka real women can't even eat a banana normally because of harassment. starting at age 13, we eat bananas by holding it in one hand and breaking pieces off with the other. men don't do that and you'd think they would get made fun of more for eating bananas lIkE a DiCk hUeHuE but no. one day when you're 29 a guy at work will ask you why you're eating a banana in a way that gets your hand dirty and you'll realize how fucked it is that you fucking HAD TO EAT IN A SPECIAL WAY SINCE CHILDHOOD to not be sexually harassed.

No. 1687967

That's a portion of them, but there are also a lot of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" libfems who don't plan on doing anything they support or claim is "empowering." They just say "it's not for me, specifically, but everyone is different, and I just want everyone to be happy." That's why we have so many regular straight women calling themselves bi, pan, queer, ace, genderqueer, or nonbinary, despite most of them not even being SSA or GNC (beyond not being hyperfeminine) in the slightest. It's a result of hyper-individualism and "nothing actually matters" nihilism centered around personal choice. They don't want to think their choices or the choices of their friends or family have consequences outside of interpersonal conflict or hurt feelings.

No. 1687970

Nonnie it's racism. It doesn't matter where she's actually from, it's about where people imagine "savages" with dark skin come from. It's kind of like if they called her a monkey. Obviously it doesn't make much more sense than telling someone with Russian heritage that they're a yeti and they need to go back to the Siberian Tundra, but racism doesn't make sense in general.

No. 1687971

Sorry for the blog post, but I can't talk about this anywhere else.
My sister's husband trained out after he baby trapped her. I just saw them recently bc we live far apart and my god he looks awful.
Man body in women's clothes 20 years past being fashionable. Big head with greasy hair pulled back. Big ugly brown purse.
And she says she's happy to be a lesbian now. I'm trying to be supportive bc if she decides to ever leave him, I want her to know I'm there for her and the kid.
Ugh he makes me want to throw up.

No. 1687973


No. 1687978

Sir, just by looking at your picture I can diagnose you with down syndrome and Y chromosome

No. 1687979

damn nonna im so sorry. best thing you can do is be there for when she inevitably vents about his degeneracy, laziness, etc. putting on a wig and wearing a skirt will not make a shitty father good, and she will probably break at some point. i hope he does not act abusive

No. 1687982

ayrt and man i never expected to read that my racism wasn't racist enough. i'll never be able to blend in with the moids :(((:(()

No. 1687991

That’s a good point. So many women are so afraid of being the “nagging bitch” stereotype that they put their own self-interest, feelings, and safety on the back burner so they won’t have to deal with male tantrums. I have seen it with family members who baby their husbands when the man gets even a tiny bit upset. It’s ridiculous, because men never give a shit about doing that for us.

No. 1687996

And yet TiMs will say us being sexualized while we eat bananas is a privilege. They will fake complain that they were catcalled but then say it gave them a “euphoria boner” in the same sentence. They get off on every way we are harassed or oppressed. It’s such a moid way of thinking.

No. 1688001

File: 1667064484898.jpg (274.38 KB, 1080x1834, 20221029_200955.jpg)

once again gender is clothes and accessories + he looks like he should be old enough to pay for his own rent

No. 1688002

File: 1667064511643.jpg (227.04 KB, 1080x1840, 20221029_201008.jpg)


No. 1688005

File: 1667064904329.png (314.1 KB, 1023x2115, IfSomeoneIsUncomfortableUndres…)

I figured the post was worth documenting:

No. 1688013

File: 1667065797283.jpg (154.98 KB, 1013x1013, Untitled.jpg)

Young Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V.

No. 1688014

The video thumbnail doesn't show for me, so fyi, it's a new video for Beautiful by Christina Aguilara. The theme of the video is that social media is bad for kids.

No. 1688019

I've never eaten a banana like that

No. 1688021

Then tbh you’re lucky no boy ever made sexual remarks to you while eating one normally. It’s not just something that anon was talking about out of nowhere.

No. 1688026

Ngl that mostly happened to me with pick-mes

No. 1688029

The one reassuring thing is that as much nasty shit as these scrotes post, their shitty subreddit obviously has barely any traffic. I hope twitter finally will aggressively purge bots, and these pieces of shit will suddenly have the same level of apparent support there.

No. 1688035

>trans women are not men
>trans women are women
>trans women aren't the "opposite sex"
>trans women do not pose a threat greater than cis women
>>>we should teach "cis" women not to be afraid of "people with different bodies"
Cognitive dissonance at its finest. Are these low IQ autists aware that the reason troons are called "trans" women as opposed to "cis" women is that they were born with male bodies AKA dick, balls, male hormones and male strength? Those "different bodies" that "trans women" have are completely MALE

No. 1688041

>it’s literally just a game mechanic. it implies nothing about life being “easy mode” for women.
That's not how the incel/coomer scrotes playing the game will interpret it, though.

No. 1688045

Don't bring my husbando into this nona

No. 1688052

Do they see the misogyny from every other man, though? In my experience these handmaidens will also throw other women under the bus to protect other groups of men as long as those men aren’t straight, white, able-bodied and affluent. Criticising gay men, men of colour, disabled men or homeless men will get you declared a hateful bigot almost as much as criticising a trans identified man. I’ve had the whole “that didn’t happen/ it wasn’t that bad/ you’re harming them by talking about this” spiel recited at me for sharing an incident where a group of men followed me around and screamed obscenities at me. The women I was talking to were initially very sympathetic when they thought I was talking about white Western men, but that sympathy instantly evaporated once they realised I wasn’t. IMO handmaidens still love men and hate women deep down but since that’s not socially acceptable in their circles, they use the oppression pyramid to look for acceptable targets. It’s not that different from supposedly progressive men champing at the bit to attack ‘Karens’ and terfs.

No. 1688059

Scrotedinger's moid

No. 1688060

it's because marginalized men usually use their marginalized status to guilt trip women into defending them, often at the expense of similarly marginalized women. these men will also accuse women in the same group of "internalized -ism" if they point out the misogyny in the community

No. 1688062

Kek contender for next thread title

No. 1688067

My lesbian friend had other students forming a prayer circle around her to exorcise the gay demons, but this moid gets away with dressing up like a cat prostitute. How have things changed so quickly in half a decade?

No. 1688071

File: 1667069600613.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_6b85fc89353a2fadb30a34f…)

>sex offender
>can't dress for shit
>belongs in a cell
Did I just describe your average MTF, or Trevor Philips? Trick question! The answer is both.
I'm just rustling your jimmies, anon. I like Trevor too, kek.

No. 1688074

anon these are men who think vidya IS real life.

No. 1688089

File: 1667070946928.png (37.93 KB, 409x502, FgQlzLoWQAEjINP.png)

Priorities kek. Credit @malesofreddit

No. 1688093

As someone in remission I should have some sympathy but… nope. Nothing, nada, zip. Enjoy your complications and being in and out hospital for the next few years, dipshit.

No. 1688095

>Whack how it's always men
I find it hilarious to innocently answer "sometimes it's trans women too so idk" and see them shitting themselves

No. 1688103

congratulations nonna, I wish you good health and many happy troon-free years to come

No. 1688107

haha this pic dug up some deep memories from high school. Planned parenthood came for sex ed and used an infographic like this. They also said there were unlimited genders and I remember several people staying after class to argue that there were not 56 genders. This was around 2017ish when it was still popular to "destroy libtards."

Fast forward two years (2019) and my 50 year old AP Lang teacher was mtf. some fun tidbits:
>looked like the 50 year old version of dylan mulvaney. same weird smile and mannerisms
>had CONSTANT 5 o' clock shadow but was otherwise quite well put together
>his dad was devout christian pastor, was hinted as being somewhat abusive
>had two adult children but never mentioned his wife and their obvious divorce
>child 1 was a daughter, seemed to be the very accepting type, was raising her own son named like "Wolf" or something
>child 2 was a son, apparently recently dropped out of uni and highly depressed
>couldn't possibly have anything to do with his parents divorcing and his dad trooning out

Near the end of the year, we had a discussion about gender and he admitted that he sometimes felt like he could only ever infinitely approach womanhood (like math limits). I feel kinda bad for misgendering him here bc he was actually very nice, but at the same time it really seemed like some sort of midlife crisis. This was in a really wealthy area of california, unsurprisingly.

I also cannot stress enough the similarities with dylan mulvaney. it's like a genre of mtf that wants to prove their girlhood by acting as demure and highly presentable as possible so their obsession with girl/womanhood can be more palatable idk.

No. 1688113

File: 1667072167447.png (Spoiler Image, 420.8 KB, 874x468, bruh.png)

warning: disgusting "abdl" male

No. 1688114

what makes moids think it's appropriate to post their fetish on regular sites where normies can and do see

No. 1688116

Thank you, nona! May you be healthy and troon-free too. ♥

No. 1688122

>looked like the 50 year old version of dylan mulvaney. same weird smile and mannerisms
Sounds terrifying, Dylan freaks me out. My Dylan Manvaney tinfoil is that he is doing it all on purpose to upset as many women as possible, as a sort of powerplay fetish. That's why he is so public and open about it, he wants women to see him take their spaces knowing they can't do anything about it

No. 1688127

They got ratio'ed by the comment calling it abuse, damn even the wokest platforms are peaking. This is the halloween troons go down kek

No. 1688137

looks like dream.

No. 1688170

File: 1667075688006.jpeg (899.05 KB, 1290x1121, E0069EFE-EC94-41D5-99FB-B974D3…)

Ok rapist

No. 1688179

File: 1667076338097.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, trooner.png)

A troon just got caught self posting in the tif thread kek

No. 1688183

neanderthal brow

No. 1688186

Love the budding acromegaly. He reminds me of people from Hackdirt village in TES: Oblivion kek

No. 1688204

>people gather to discuss factually true things they experienced
Just 41% already you sick fuck. I'll take the ban for a-logging if necessary, I just hate this particular moid so goddamn much.

No. 1688210

File: 1667077616574.jpg (259.6 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20221029-230002_Twi…)

Yes, it's grooming indeed. A 13 year old wouldn't decide she wants to change sex by herself and cut off her boobs at 15. Depressing. At least she's still cuter than trannies will ever be

No. 1688212

Looks like he could be the brother of Trainwreckstv.

No. 1688213

File: 1667077847012.jpeg (329.91 KB, 1152x2048, 422B2910-6890-472A-A807-E75500…)

Wow, another burly, unkempt hentai addict who will never look literally anything like the Japanese girl cartoons he jerks off to all day yet spends all day online asserting how he’s an uwu cute big titted girl who is going to become prettier and more feminine than all the cissies. How surprising

No. 1688215

This brings a smile to my face.

No. 1688219

File: 1667078179495.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1137x1650, CD819B49-2FE6-403A-9D8D-6C3013…)

non milk but why do you never see trannies wearing cute/casual/trendy clothes like this? Like they’re always wearing the most dated and retarded shit, Ive never seen one dress how normal women in my country dress. It’s always the disgusting cheap black skirt and coomer socks, never trendy cute shit like vintage pieces. wtf is up w that

No. 1688222

'cause it doesn't make their dick hard.

No. 1688228

That and if they wear normal clothes they’ll just look like dudes with long hair

No. 1688230

truly the most coombrained freaks ever, they can’t even be bothered to explore normal fashion like most woman. if anyone dressed how how trannies dress in my country they’d be bullied or laughed at by women cos only males think the autistic animegirl getup is valid

No. 1688238

>both men and women realising they were pressured into transitioning simply because they were gnc or mentally ill and now wanting to spread awareness about the harms of hrt and irreversible surgery
>"muh grooming!!!"

you cannot make this shit up. it's literally a fucking cult, it fits all definitions of a cult now. on a nicer note, it's good to see shape shifter there.

No. 1688241

Well they don't care about fashion. They just wanna be anime girls

No. 1688246

If trannies actually wore everyday practical comfortable shit like this I'd maybe have a slight smidge more respect for them because it would indicate that they want to blend into society more and "just mind their business" like they always claim to. Tbh, in England, I've seen some of the older male gay trannies (who still call themselves transexuals mostly) just dress in age-appropriate modest womens clothing like slacks with a jumper or something. I still think they're weird and don't class them as women obviously, but you can tell the huge difference between most trannies nowadays where their entire personalities have been shaped by porn - everything down to the egirl makeup, the mini skirts and those smelly fucking thigh-high coomer socks.

Their clothing choices reflect a lot upon the level of pornsickness that they wield, from what I've noticed anyway - the extreme end being what we're seeing now where they need to dress in the most perverted twisted mockery of what a woman is, right down to the clothes stolen straight from a seedy porno set. Just put on some normal jeans and a hoodie like the rest of us and maybe then you'll stop being stared at like the degenerate you are. What's worse is they have the audacity to expect real women to put them on a pedestal yet they simultaneously wear the clothing that makes us get the blame for being sexually assaulted or harassed. Typical male mindset, dehumanise then fetishize.

No. 1688252

>I feel kinda bad for misgendering him here bc he was actually very nice,
That's how they get into your head. Never feel bad for speaking the obvious truth, even if someone's feelings get hurt.

No. 1688253

Trannies probably think picrel's outfit is atrocious, masculine, and that she'd look better in a short dress and barefoot.

No. 1688256

topkek at the gradually increasing agp smirk in the timeline

No. 1688258

When men crossdress on dares, they pick something outrageous, hideously mix-matched, movie related( Pretty woman, Marylin Monroe,etc.) or the first thing they see off of a shelf. When men crossdress because of a fetish, they always go for what gets their dick hard. The Goth chick, the 90s chick, the girl that rejected them in 2005 or just their favorite porn outfit. They see nothing wrong with it.

No. 1688261

File: 1667081367261.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2023, A578053E-AE78-4C7E-96D4-0533EC…)

picrel is what i mean by tranny fashion. ive never seen ANYONE dress like this where i live. wtf is that? it’s hideous and straight from 2017 and it just proves how much of a bubble most trannies live in the fact that they can step outside wearing shit like that and not immediately realise how bizarre they look

No. 1688267

Kek. This is the point Cuties tried to make. It points the finger directly at society and social media for encouraging young girls to sexualize themselves for profit and attention. The film was very on the nose and the people who produce the vile videos children imitate needed to protect their interests- so forget anything the film tried to teach you, it's pedobait, not a woman expressing her experiences in this modern age.
Perfect example of what I said in >>1688258, Plaid Goth dress from circa 2000. I had the same exact thing in highschool, but lately it's seen a fashion resurgence in the alt scene. So the coomers, as expected latched on to it. It's always so fucking disturbing to see all the clothing you used to wear being paraded around on these losers. I almost regret donating/selling my old stuff now. Should have fucking burned it all.

No. 1688285

The problem with cuties is that regardless of the original intent, it became fap fodder for pedophile scrotes. There is no way to film kids in skimpy outfits without that happening, so it's better not to do it at all.

No. 1688291


Also in remission, would never have picked an aesthetic gender affirmation surgery over the treatment that saved my life. Another reason why I hate when TRAs call hormones/ SRS “live saving”. So fucking insulting to people who will literally die without treatment.

No. 1688293

> defending cuties
Yikes, the big difference is the new beautiful video isn't blatant cp with literal preteen girls twerking for checks notes art!

No. 1688295

I… actually kinda can't believe I'm seeing a negative criticism of Dylan Mulvaney actually make its way to me through the YouTube algorithm. I know this might seem small but do understand that I never see negatove troon criticism with real traction. It's not allowed anywhere. Even takes shots laughing at Dylan. All the comments are JUST people pointing out very obvious red flags about Dylan and the guy in the video makes a very interesting comparison between Dylan and Oli London

No. 1688298

What? I was an normal girl in HS and I got asked that by another kid. You’re just a dumbass. Or do you think girls/women are just deepthroating bananas?

No. 1688301

File: 1667084796223.jpeg (7.45 KB, 259x194, download (2).jpeg)

>sexualizing little girls to show that sexualizing little girls is bad

No. 1688303

File: 1667084934436.jpg (117.39 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_20221029-190315_Chr…)

Despite his love of drag queen memes, I notice he's always been saying shit like this. He did a did a video where he talked about Nikita Dragon and he said he looks like a woman but the handsome man he was dating had to be paid to date a transsexuals or something like that. He reminds me of mister metokur, but he is more incel like and doesn't sperg out about fat women every five seconds. Still a scrote but nice to see people shitting on Dylan.

No. 1688307

Saged for autism. I've started reading these threads and see "alog" and "nlog" used a lot, what does it mean? I googled it and the definition didn't show up. Sorry probably a stupid question…

No. 1688309

File: 1667085301313.jpg (15.23 KB, 480x360, 0t85sa4b2v8z.jpg)

Just imagine; you spend $1,000,000 to look like a woman and end up looking barely human.

No. 1688310

No but pick-mes were always the ones to say those 'jokes' to me, but then again I never sat with boys during lunch.

No. 1688314

It dates back to the name of someone that used to try and troll Chris Chan. It's basically someone being a really shitty troll wannabe and things like that as I recall.
Idk about nlog though, I haven't seen that one used before.

No. 1688315

Aww sweet nonna I will spoon feed you that. A-log is when you really want to rant about harming/murdering someone (that one you should google the origins of) and NLOG means “not like other girls” aka being a pickme

No. 1688319

Nta but thanks. I’m a KF refugee and was kind of confused by the way “alog” was used here(integrate)

No. 1688322

"IQ" is a nebulous concept to measure intelligence

No. 1688324

sage your shit newfag

No. 1688331

i'd rather walk into a walmart full of cookie monster-sweatpants meth-head women than encounter this freak

No. 1688385

Ok but picrel outfit is ugly though.

No. 1688397

File: 1667092101868.jpg (1.55 MB, 2218x1818, 1667072104139898.jpg)

a close up of this creature shouldn't exist

No. 1688399

File: 1667092229281.jpg (280.63 KB, 1536x2048, FZqArEDXoAA0wXS.jpg)

dat five head

No. 1688402

that is more HD than I would ever want a picture of a troon to be. i can see every pore on his face.

No. 1688404

File: 1667092730774.jpg (486.72 KB, 2048x1536, 3 ugly muskateers.jpg)

and his hair transplant

No. 1688408

wtf is wrong with his gums?

No. 1688414

Thanks for the unspoilered jumpscare, nona. What's that in his gums? Looks orange, like little flecks? Had he been eating beforehand?

No. 1688418

File: 1667093898313.jpeg (685.23 KB, 828x1078, 43E442E6-50DD-45CE-8DBE-2A5588…)

Happy Halloween, nonas! Enjoy my super based Canadian friends costume.

No. 1688423

i love it

No. 1688429

Jesus fucking Christ how much did they shave off his jaw

No. 1688431

lol tranny priorities are fucked

No. 1688436

needs the protruding nipples

No. 1688455

thank you for posting stills so we don't have to watch the video. i hope this catches on kek

No. 1688456

What in God's name does ~felt queer~ even mean?

No. 1688480

Well, nonnie, sometimes you just ~feel~ queer, like when you see an attractive woman and think "wow she's a beautiful woman"? That means you're not straight, because only manly masculine men think women are beautiful, and lesbians too, but straight women can't think other women are beautiful because that means they're qweer if not at least bi or just lesbians in denial.
That's the logic of what "feeling queer" probably means, replace lesbians for gays, women for men and femme feminine women for manly masculine men, if you want the male version.
In resume, you can't think someone is beautiful or interesting because that means you're attracted to that person, it's 100% that you either want you have sex with that person or you're in love with that person, you can't appreciate others unless you have a major motivation like sex or free therapy, maybe just a warm sack of bones to hug if you feel lonely, that's what ~feeling queer~ means.

No. 1688490

truly hope this isn't serious. if it's got at LEAST two pussies it's always gonna be yuri to me nonnie i don't care if it's a "genderswap", if anything it's a sign of it being even more based to switch it to females only. also sage for OT

No. 1688611

nonny you realize shes replying to a mtf manga dont you? genderswap in manga situations doesn't mean fan gender bending, it means a man transitioning and forcing his cock on a lesbian.

No. 1688621

Pretty sure the "my attraction to women always felt queer" blobman is supposed to be some variety of TIM in this comic. Meaning it's a male thinking "I'm not like other guys, I'm a nice guy who would treat women right" even though literally every male on the planet thinks he's better than other men, rapists and pedophiles included.

No. 1688624

Nonnie, Pedos don't need an excuse. Real pedophiles hate when people draw attention to how they're getting a hold of children or what devices, such as discord and chatrooms they use to reach children. That's where the hate for the film comes from. It told the simple truth and rather than fight the system convincing young children to sell their bodies and mimic sexual activity they see on the internet, people choose to shoot the messenger and ignore the message completely.
I used to be a dancer when I was child and one of my routines is on still on youtube, what I wore then was infinitely worse than what the girls in cuties had on and my parents were perfectly fine with it. Youtube is perfectly fine with the video being up. Disgusting pedos who seek out the videos to masturbate to, are fine with it. My display of talent is a sick scrote's coom bait. This isn't about me though. I realized a long time ago, that vile men will masturbate to anything and it will break you if you let it.

We expose our girls to so much worse on a regular basis, but that film is the line that was crossed?Do you not remember the Stitching incident on Musical.ly? before they changed their name? Where men and women would stitch together videos of dancing so it looked like they were having sex with teens and children? Or, more recently, WAP being the hottest song preformed by children and encouraged by parents on TikTok? I don't defend how they filmed the movie, but the message was clear enough for anyone to understand if they watched the movie. Our society heaps praise and fame on girls who turn themselves into the material for coomers to consume (Baha-barbie and Onlyfans for example), only by escaping social media can we escape that fate. No one is responsible if little Becky decides to mimic Saweetee or Cardi B's dance moves and attitude, if she believes that will make her famous and disgusting men and women will validate her every single step of the way.
The same unfiltered internet media machine that turns little girls into e-girls is the same filth machine that turns young men into trannies. Easily moldable, lost young men get wrapped into the filthiest fetish material imaginable and encouraged by other lost men, and we're supposed to sit back and think it's normal and healthy to wear "ahego jackets" and cat ears to middle school? Hate the production of the movie all you want, there's no argument there - but the mirror it holds up scares the scrotes who think they'll lose their toys if people listen to it.

Almost all of the yuri sites were taken over by trannies years ago. It really hurt when Lillicous and Dynasty caught the troon plague.
>Maybe one or two trans mangas a year.
>Slice of life stuff keeps getting dropped for new gender changing shit.
>Eventually every week there is a new tranny update

No. 1688646

we didn't need to depict pre-teen girls twerking though

No. 1688665

pov you're a lesbian on bumble

No. 1688728

I mean I get it but I think women should already be aware that Hollywood is degenerate central. That new Monroe movie definitely has some feminist roots especially in the novel but it's still shot like a scrote's rapefic. Unfortunately we really do live in a man's world, even our best efforts will be molded into some man's sick fetish material.

No. 1688734

File: 1667124851441.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1638, elierlick-detransgroomers.png)

They're such conspiracy theorists

No. 1688747


"If they have begun medically transitioning they aren't actually detransitioning, only identifying as such"

If they themselves are trans they should know how those girls might have giant clits now, fucked voices forever, might be infertile, might have beard growth that they need to shave every day; how the guys might have broken microdicks now may also be infertile, broken libido etc

They always get so offended when people clock their moobs or voices but when it comes to detransitioners they are all faking the effects of hormones?
You would think that as people that choose to go on hormones themselves they'd have a shred of empathy for detransitioners but nope they're more like an angry cult throwing out the non believers

No. 1688748

>Maybe one or two trans mangas a year.
AGPs truly are everywhere. Does ths happen with yaoi nearly as much?

No. 1688751

>You would think that as people that choose to go on hormones themselves they'd have a shred of empathy
No, I wouldn't think that of troons at all
Everything they don't like is an evil conservative terf conspiracy, I guess. They might as well say detransitioners don't exist.

No. 1688752

That’s the real tragedy of troons, they take themselves from being just average or low value men to absolute abominations that look like those demons from Berserk (i.e. they look vaguely similar to their prior human form but clearly aren’t human)

They range from basically just vaguely human monsters like most apostles to demons that look too “made up” to be showing their true face (like Griffith)

No. 1688771

>Ok but picrel outfit is ugly though.
Ugly or not i think it’s welcome so much of genZ fashion is hypersexual 2000s shit on steroids unfortunately

No. 1688772

>You would think that as people that choose to go on hormones themselves they'd have a shred of empathy for detransitioners
Troons are extremely selfish people, they don't even care about people they're close to, they will leave their wife of 20 years to live as a "woman". Detransitioners are a threat because they want to make transition harder or even ban it, and troons need their precious HRT. The fact that they chose to go on hormones is exactly why they hate detransitioners, they want to be able to choose to ruin their body, all they care about is the coom, no matter how many lives it ruins.

No. 1688790

File: 1667132647908.png (230.57 KB, 600x1089, colindetransfallacy.png)

Colin arguing in circles about detransitioners

No. 1688799

File: 1667133549835.jpeg (267.13 KB, 599x693, 9F0C2EE1-A81B-4B90-A8F1-8474AC…)

saging this but by troon logic is this woman with the hand made vagina the most female of us all?

No. 1688805

>Eli Erlick
Why is the rapist calling people groomers? Wish him and Andrew Tate would jump off a cliff

No. 1688807

They hate all women, so it makes them smug and happy when girls ruin their bodies. This is why women should train out their impulse to feel sympathy for men.

No. 1688811

So the majority of detrans people were just "groomed" by transphobic society, that's why trannies treat them like they're evil and literally Hitler, uh huh. They don't even believe their own lies

No. 1688820

He can barely close his mouth lol. I can't imagine what it must be like to lose sensation in your face, must be so disorienting but these troons willingly send themselves there over and over again. I guess there's no turning back after the first slice anyways, not with all the revisions to fix mistakes and fight the body aging against the surgery. Noses keep growing so a nose job inevitably needs a redo at the very least after messing with their face

They literally just looks like they're getting older…
Like they could have just grown out their hair for the same effect

Because they're not actually excited to finally wear the fashion styles they would have loved to wear if they were a girl. Some are just wearing the porn/scrote gaze "fashion" that was designed for men anyways because they think having their dick hijack their brain is a signal of fashion sense when they see girls wearing it so they do too. They also don't learn styling because to them girls are a one fit mould (whatever their porn preference is) so anything that looks good on one girl must be good on everyone. The pornified HSTSs are usually just pathetically trying to make straight cock hard so they're just pandering to the worst of porn obsessed scrotes thinking the extremes can hijack someone's sexuality only to end up with some abusive closeted bisexual

No. 1688826

File: 1667136220473.png (7.24 MB, 1170x2532, 7F85A648-2369-45B0-97B6-57CE9A…)

sage for slightly off-topic but this came up on my tiktok page and now we know why all troons are balding

No. 1688843

File: 1667138451937.jpeg (56.49 KB, 828x523, 9FB11A03-A75F-4FBE-B63F-240A9A…)


No. 1688848

I'm seeing people start to peak on all platforms, it's great. Make sure to leave comments for the algorithm to push the content to more people kek

No. 1688849

File: 1667138946823.jpeg (117.21 KB, 1200x839, 8A8608FE-F236-4A8D-9784-5D4387…)

Bette Midler, trolling or conceding?

No. 1688851

Troons struggle with the concept of "ideology"
They genuinely can't comprehend that asserting "transwomen are women!" means nothing to non-wokes and troons since that's an ideological position to begin with

No. 1688852

I hope trolling. Weren’t people calling her a terf not too long ago because of something she said?

No. 1688855

Nayrt but I started using my reddit account to gently leave comments stoking the anger of TiMs in AL and the likes…. 'As a transbian I dont feel included!!!1!' Oh yeah? Here is my anonymous comment where I am totally in agreement that 'you arent being treated fair and I feel it too… if only someone would make a separate sub for us Transbians to inhabit where we can freely talk about OUR unique issues without BIGOTRY…oh? You made one? Fantastic! I will link it to every disgruntled transbian in AL' to secretly facilitate the exodus…
And make sure to leave subtle (non bannable) comments on other gender woo posts….and suprisingly I get upvotes as well as downvotes but typically 1 or 2 more upvotes than down….. it is happening nonnas.

No. 1688860

File: 1667139616434.jpeg (130.52 KB, 1061x1180, 35E35BD1-4311-4FF1-892B-83CA2D…)

Yeah, she disagreed with their terms. Seems like she got pressured into submission to the troon mob…

No. 1688861

i hope his hairline gets pushed back too

No. 1688868

File: 1667140506086.jpeg (835.48 KB, 828x1415, 4BC49E13-683E-47C1-A00A-BB5A82…)

Does anyone else get this terrifying fat troon on their tiktok FYP all the time? I initially started seeing his doll collection content but he posts so much disgusting oversharing shit (like talking about how his hyperhydrosis gave him a fungal infection on his scalp from wearing wigs) all while bragging about how men are constantly hitting him up for sex. Proof that moids will fuck anything.

No. 1688869

File: 1667140719489.jpeg (546.77 KB, 828x1519, D2A8F3BE-E490-4BFD-A6C5-A63904…)

He’s a bit of a personal cow at this point because he’s such a fucking catty asshole but then turns it on everyone and plays the victim whenever anyone calls him out

No. 1688870

File: 1667140779972.jpeg (807.83 KB, 828x1431, 88517D73-51A7-4129-A902-019AAE…)

Literal pig in makeup

No. 1688872

Is this the one that finds makeup products and then says “but I don’t know” with some tiktok filter at the end? His face is always a jumpscare

No. 1688878

>the balding guy
KEK is ChelseaTheWitch not aware that his forehead takes up half his face in his profile picture?

No. 1688885

what is it with troons and doll collecting? my TiM cousin collects Bratz dolls and it seems a lot of doll collectors are also mtf troons.

No. 1688888

the same phenomenon that has trannies popping up everywhere is also happening to detransitioners.

No. 1688889

File: 1667142215926.jpg (138.05 KB, 1125x1158, FgI0EgzWQAQ7dNV.jpg)


No. 1688891

File: 1667142287830.jpeg (193.86 KB, 1200x900, trewn_cardenas.jpeg)

another day, another trewn in academia.. this one identifies as """of color""" too

No. 1688894

File: 1667142484130.png (797.96 KB, 710x474, netflix marketing is run by pe…)

The problem with Cuties was netflix's marketing. Those pedos in Netflix lead with those girls being sexualized all to hell. If they had just used a poster like the French one, the controversy wouldn't have happened.

The movie probably still would have got some flack but it wouldn't have been the whole outrage thing it was.

No. 1688895

88888 get!!!

No. 1688897

fuckin fujos.

No. 1688898

hilarious that he claims hyperhidrosis when it's probably just from being morbidly obese

No. 1688905

The colour white?

No. 1688912

I'm surprised no one else has commented on this blatant projection from Erlick. It's grooming when detrans people join organizations that seek to aid them, but it's not grooming for Erlick to speak to teenage girls and tell them that they're his soulmates, then take them away from their concerned families, never to be seen again? Okay.
Using "females" was quicker and less clunky than saying "women and/or girls." We don't really have a casual term for females of all ages.

No. 1688918

Excuse you nonna, this boy clearly has South African ancestors so you should be referring to him as an African American thank you (I don't know about this guy but I've seen white boys do this before and this guy gives off inbred br*t)

No. 1688921


No. 1688924

This is probably true. The left poster makes it look like a coming of age film that more girls and women would watch with or without knowing the details. The right borders on soft cp.

No. 1688928

The matter of the fact is that AGPs, AAPs, and the postmodernist crowd of TRAs that think individual choice is holy and above criticism know that most people are aware that they're low-empathy coomers, and so they made a blatant attempt to artificially increase the number of troons people would empathize with by pushing transgenderism on vulnerable groups like gay people, neurodivergent people (particularly those with autism or delusional disorders), GNC people, POC (though this mostly seems to affect second generation immigrants, especially Asian ones), and children (especially children who fit into any of the previous categories). Hell, you don't even have to be oppressed, you can just feel alienated, lonely, or unattractive–All of which are extremely common in this post-Photoshop, post-social media era of makeup, eating disorders, plastic surgery, parasocial relationships, cancelling, being terminally online, NEETS, etc. This is precisely why there are so many detrans people now, but they won't admit it because it would literally mean admitting that they are the groomers.

No. 1688934

He is "first generation Colombian immigrant" kek

No. 1688936

He literally looks like Paul Dano and Todd Howard had a retarded mpreg baby.

No. 1688940

File: 1667147216067.gif (348.28 KB, 320x180, C266E390-7971-48CE-A01C-CC05C9…)

Fucking KEK you nailed it, nonette. I can’t breathe.

No. 1688958

The idea is good and the message is important to send but definitely not as a live action movie with real children, maybe an animated film or graphic novel or just regular novel would have been a way better medium for this.

No. 1688969

Latinos can be white though, burgers are dumb and think anyone with a Spanish sounding name is "poc" which allows white Latinos to easily grift.

No. 1688981

Eli Erlick is a rapist.

No. 1688988

File: 1667149491711.jpg (21.53 KB, 275x238, buckle the fuck up.jpg)

>Every week a new detrans pops up

>Every week, more and more people are slipping out of our control.

No. 1688992

File: 1667149677924.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.37 KB, 540x960, 5DF9C9C4-5A9F-4FD8-BD9D-A966C3…)

No. 1688995

Also how dare they call KC Miller a "guy", that's misgendering her!! Get fired from your job bigot!!!!

No. 1688996

A racist rapist who target black women

No. 1689037

This is fucking pathetic, i'm sorry. It's one thing for regular women to bow down to this shit because they're scared of losing their jobs but it pisses me off when rich hollywood celebs do it. Not to mention she's almost 80 so it's not like she has to worry about getting roles in the future either. They have so much power to influence this issue and they refuse to do it.

No. 1689077

Hand as big as his face, what a fucking gorilla.

No. 1689088

>Detransitioners are a threat because they want to make transition harder or even ban it,
I think they're far more of an ideological threat tbh. They want HRT but at the same time trannies love to loudly cry about their rights being taken away, that makes them the biggest victims and they desperately need to convince people they're oppressed. But detrans talking points absolutely decimate TRA arguments - turns out you CAN regret taking hormones and surgery (at any age but especially as children), not everyone is trans just because they declare themselves so, and most importantly: it's not just evil conservatives who have issues with the movement. Detransitioners are obviously amongst the most empathetic and experienced when it comes to trans issues, they couldn't be thought of as hateful bigots akin to homophobes, it's almost impossible for trannies to come up with reasons to silence and deplatform them because they can't realistically accuse them of transphobia.

No. 1689111

File: 1667154841336.png (35.36 KB, 917x315, pedo.png)

another day another pedo

No. 1689120

I dont know what's worse Dylan's or this fucking scotes voice holy shit.

No. 1689123

Fucking called it kek. He's Lele Ponz playing white hispanic for identity points as if people on the street think anything of him compared with any dark skinned Latino

No. 1689156

File: 1667157216921.jpg (466.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221005-121522_Red…)

Forget AGP smirk. It's all about the AGP glaze. I remember posting this troon's comics like 70 thread ago, haha:

No. 1689161

the most textbook, classic example of how men use therapy to learn to manipulate people better. The therapeutic validation strategy, the specific language he’s using. Sickening.

No. 1689162

this is fucking grim… i have an older brother and i literally can't imagine him doing this weird shit when i was entering puberty oh my god it's too gross!

No. 1689164

It's like he's skinwalking 13-year-old girls who used deviantArt in 2010, but the AGP shines through despite his self-infantilization.

No. 1689166

File: 1667158056947.jpeg (159.49 KB, 1080x1350, gNh98vW.jpeg)

No. 1689167

what does this fucker look like

No. 1689169

I'm just going to pretend this is a former TIF realizing she was drinking the koolaid and returned to her former self

No. 1689171

File: 1667158342484.jpg (158.5 KB, 864x768, rt3eireew5771.jpg)

No. 1689173

kek i saw this on the front page and is how i read it too

No. 1689174

File: 1667158459294.jpg (447.52 KB, 2048x1152, FgT1nTiXwAEu356.jpg)

No. 1689175

File: 1667158489276.png (161.71 KB, 743x768, TheFamousArtistBirdyRose.png)

Now we're partner with eggs

No. 1689177

Mutant ears