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File: 1665056531802.jpeg (135.7 KB, 645x860, F56CA491-9556-41B0-8FB3-A55EEA…)

No. 1668543

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No. 1668577

wow im literally going to take myself off the organ donation list, hope someone didnt need one of my vital organs.

No. 1668578

what happened to #65 and #68?

No. 1668585

the minimum you can do is to not tick the box where it says "Yes, I agree to donate all of my organs and skin tissue etc.". You can select to not donate certain organs/skin tissue. But the whole organ donation scene is actually kind of scammy in every country, some more some less

No. 1668594

scammy how?

No. 1668636

as fucked as it is, consider not letting troons fuck someone over who might otherwise get your liver or something

No. 1668637

Bodies don't adapt well to skin or uteruses from other people, if the troops use yours there's a great chance for complications. Maybe there is a bright side.

No. 1668642

File: 1665064051137.jpeg (197.19 KB, 796x1010, 0CE4E269-B7AA-4E59-ADDD-EEC7C7…)

he literally looks like that shoes (Kelly song) guy. same glasses and everything kek

No. 1668648

File: 1665064353876.png (174.51 KB, 352x430, 1665037504826315.png)

No. 1668649

They get the organs for free/cheap (and from unethical sources) then sell for hundreds of thousands

No. 1668650

File: 1665064395400.png (214.95 KB, 437x450, 1665041271211165.png)

No. 1668651

File: 1665064433659.png (1.34 MB, 1135x924, 1665043442737171.png)

No. 1668653

File: 1665064544141.png (690.96 KB, 707x471, 1665044810249310.png)

No. 1668656

its always the ugliest, nerdiest mf that in 2005 would have all been playing D&D in their moms basement masturbating to star trek porn parodies

No. 1668657

File: 1665064911544.png (237.35 KB, 343x434, 1665036846327077.png)

No. 1668658

File: 1665064978327.png (1.59 MB, 960x1280, 1665035763474367.png)

No. 1668659

File: 1665065010984.png (299.85 KB, 459x464, 1665036347722176.png)

No. 1668661

File: 1665065121080.png (801.55 KB, 1080x2160, 1665064681674342.png)

No. 1668662

File: 1665065184260.png (445.47 KB, 879x301, 1665038470610186.png)

No. 1668672

The organizations get a lot of money for arranging organs to be transplanted, while the family gets nothing and sometimes even get corpses back, who are not even stiched up. Many families are also not allowed to look at the corpse even when only inner organs get harvested. From what I read the donor has to be injected with muscle relaxers because the body will still react to it being harmed even if you are "brain dead". Also the term "brain dead" was invented one year AFTER the first organ was successfully transplanted and there are several cases, where people woke up after being declared "brain dead" by several doctors in hospitals and waking up days later (there are even cases where someone wakes up over 10 years later). And there is not small amount of doctors and nurses, who say they will not donate their organs despite doing these transplantations and seeing that it is helpful. And the wait lists can get easily manipulated for rich people/politicans because you just need a doctor to say you are in a critical condition and need to be placed on the top and not every doctor would say no to some extra money. Look how many rich people and policticans get organs transplanted rather quickly despite them being often not that critically ill (and/or old). And there is the problem depending on where you live with organs being harvested by kidnapping people/tourists and leaving them to die after getting the organs

No. 1668674

File: 1665065903584.png (397.36 KB, 521x571, 1665028777160093.png)

No. 1668679

LMAO are all of these real? They look just so ridiculous they look like parodies but many trannies are indeed that low effort so who knows really kek

No. 1668683

Yes. They're all over lesbian dating sites.

No. 1668684

File: 1665066776172.jpg (474.08 KB, 828x1398, 1665044197326008.jpg)

No. 1668694

Holy fuck this one got me kicked out of my college course because I couldn't stop ugly laughing at this point
Thank you nona I guess ?

No. 1668696

I'm just irritated at moid confidence at this point. They will never be ashamed. They post their fat hairy asses on lesbian dating sites, say they have BPD, and demand to be pillow princesses to sexy goth mommy dommies. Like what the hell. They need to just die, nothing can bring them back to reality.

No. 1668697

I think some of them and some of the more outrageous tranny reddit stuff are ruse cruises but also equally outrageous stuff is confirmed real so who can tell. Troons have passed the point of parody. Parody only works when you are in on the joke.

No. 1668707

like a cis girl (x3). sorry to blogpost but these degenerates make me feel disgusted with them and my own body. jesus fucking christ. i doubt he cleans himself regularly

No. 1668708

holy shit nona im sorry you got kicked out. do you have any stories about him? the very least of what he deserves is for people to laugh at the spectacle that he was born to be

No. 1668709

Why would you feel disgusted. He put his penis into a cage and purposefully tried to get a boner and is rubbing the tip of his penis that is trying to escape through the metal bars. That is not a relatable experience. He may as well try sounding at this point. He is teasing his urethra.

No. 1668711

File: 1665069352948.png (487.97 KB, 717x722, 13.png)

Reposting from the previous thread, so in a 2018 a progressive liberal Islamic party in my third world muslim country instituted a Transgender rights bill, that would allow anyone choose their gender and to have that identity recognized by the state and so afterwards tens of thousands of women and men have "transitioned" into the opposite sex, it honestly was pretty suprising how local westernized liberals and actual western liberals have made this into a major issue even through transgender people are still a very much a small super small minority of the population, by framing it such as a major issue the left wing in my already conservative country is just shooting themselves in the foot cause no one here supports them

No. 1668712

File: 1665069388523.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1125, 1657428636742.png)

also worth understanding that majority of MTFs in my country are from northern punjab and kpk regions, where sexual abuse of boys is incredibly common, I think part of it is that boys are "more available" than girls and women (who are either kept far away from males, or marked as another man's commodity, aka not fair game) but its also cultural to an extent, I have stories of male cousins who were 10-12 being chased by adult men when they were at markets and one time when I was with my younger brother, a group of men started whistling, not at me(I was veiled) but at my younger brother and making sexual remarks to him, so their are probably hundreds of thousands of males in those regions who have been raped at some point and discussing that sexual abuse is also not a thing over here, so becoming a MTF might seem like the only option for these traumatized young men who often die from heroin overdose in most cases(heroin addiction is super common in those regions as well)

No. 1668716

its not that hes likening himself to me. at my worst, he’ll never be half of what i am. but their fetishization was something to laugh at once, now i just feel nauseated.

No. 1668724

surely they would use a male cadaver? i was under the impression that transplant has a higher rate of success if the donor is the same sex as the recepient.
this has to be a tif, look at the baby face hiding behind that beard

No. 1668727

I truly dislike how Western society fucks up the actual issues people struggle with. Western troonery is a porn filled fantasy, there's no actual trauma underneath it all and it really shows and disgusts me even more. AGPs deserve to be laughing stocks, yet the conflict is giving them any amount of attention fuels their narc egos.

No. 1668731

Pakichan it was interesting but why did you need to repost

No. 1668732

these people need to be shamed more

No. 1668765

File: 1665073793982.jpg (115.67 KB, 657x657, predatory moids.jpg)

thought i'd add my own collage of troons i've met in the wild on the her app.
keep in mind, they're the ones who added me, and they're all AT LEAST 10 years older than me, because no reasonable woman their age would want to fuck them; so they go for barely legal girls

No. 1668767

samefag, thought i'd clarify that the bottom left picture is a fucking shot of his bulge

No. 1668776

This is a good way to look at it, hopefully my uterus fills a degenerate tim full of decaying tissue and sepsis

No. 1668777

i think organs shouldn’t be donated, but sold, and the money goes to the family.

No. 1668784

File: 1665075774328.png (206.73 KB, 959x495, arkham.png)

This is a bit of a tinfoil, but I found a nasty tranny who wrote a pedophile/ageplay book on Amazon. The artwork of the book is 100% the work of Arkham-insanity/ Isadora Arkham, who is known for drawing child porn and child abuse. Like, full-frontal nasty shit.
anyways the artwork isn't credited to anyone and I wonder if they finally revealed their identity?

No. 1668787

File: 1665075882871.png (72.24 KB, 1219x281, pedophile.png)

Even if he is not Arkham-insanity, he had a child porn artist illustrate his book which tells you all you need to know about these sick fetishists.

No. 1668789

I legit thought I was either having a stroke or was browsing the prev thread. dont scare me like that pakichan

No. 1668806

nta but she probably meant laughing at the pic

No. 1668846

>software development
get me out of here

No. 1668853

Of all the thread pictures you couldve chosen

No. 1668877

charlieissocoollike transed out

No. 1668881

File: 1665088898733.jpeg (824.36 KB, 1170x1990, 73DDA1AB-B658-4572-89A0-D133DD…)

Had to look up who you were talking about. Checks out.

No. 1668884

lmao always SO QUICK to change the pronouns

No. 1668885

I checked because no idea who that is and the wikipedia page has already been updated and locked because of it

No. 1668888

wtf, gross. Did he turn pornsick or relize he was gay but too homophobic to admit it, what's the story

No. 1668898

File: 1665089782673.png (15.65 KB, 1148x156, personal_life.png)

Same, it's kinda jarring because there isn't even a pic of him as a woman, just obvious nerd guy.
On a side note, kek at the personal life section of a youtuber.

No. 1668902

File: 1665089908285.jpg (105.4 KB, 1080x1080, 310721878_1070062823665715_510…)

It's on his instagram

No. 1668904

Woman is when clear framed glasses and bob with bangs

No. 1668908

It almost feels like erasing history. Sure, it's not "erasing someone from a photo because they stopped being your ally" serious, but still so stupid.

No. 1668909

The bar is so low that my first reaction was "it could be worse".

No. 1668915

So disappointing. Always thought he was very talented. He had such a genuine sweetness and gentleness about him and I was surprised he was able to transition (lol) so well from Internet fame to real life success. Conform or die, I guess. At least he isn't sucking dick for cock.

No. 1668930

big ew. all he's transitioning into is early onset dementia, earlier death, non-existent libido, butchered genitals, constant brain fog and a feeling of never being "woman" enough because he'll always be a man

No. 1668947

File: 1665092867288.jpg (47.39 KB, 274x250, 3713746-9609178e9460a4471ad8ef…)

Was lurking kiwifarms found out this youtuber I vaguely know but watched a video years ago is now Trans

No. 1668948

File: 1665092905702.jpg (64.63 KB, 720x616, Screenshot_20221006-174527_You…)

Damn wrong scree shot, anyway that was him explaining his name, here his post coming out

No. 1668953

thinning bangs that start at the crown of the head

No. 1668957

Not yet he isn't.

No. 1668967

My tits are swelling with excitement and my vagina is moist with arousal.

No. 1668976

File: 1665093996448.jpeg (238.38 KB, 750x1002, 2D7702F2-359E-420B-85B0-85EA54…)

You forgot to include the part where he posts nonstop vore and furry porn on his Twitter now;

No. 1668977

I don't lurk his gross twitter. Not surprised

No. 1668980

Is this going to be the thing now? Men trooning out once their hair starts thinning because they think the tranny skittles are the key to retaining youth?

No. 1668981

mad ugly

No. 1669001

File: 1665095420081.png (421.94 KB, 641x423, 1665091082856853.png)

No. 1669003

File: 1665095482957.png (365.22 KB, 506x559, 1665080063750908.png)

No. 1669004

File: 1665095518317.png (502.16 KB, 877x297, 1665079366235580.png)

No. 1669005

File: 1665095546122.png (352.07 KB, 872x302, 1665077811373603.png)

No. 1669009

Ryland finally trooned out?

No. 1669010

>Harry Potter
are these old or did these three not get the memo that JKR IS AN EVIL TRANSPHOBE TERF

No. 1669011

oh. shammy made some quality videos, despite the infrequency of his uploads. ngl anons im surprised and disgusted to see his descent into degeneracy pictured in >>1668976, although i know its naive to be shocked these days. moids gonna moid. just feels bad to see it happen to someone im actually somewhat familiar with for once.

ot but does anyone keep up with that disgusting tranny who used to do those 'what your favourite x ship says about you' videos on youtube before announcing he was trooping out because of his fetish?

No. 1669019

samefag, feels weird saying it but i think this peaked me. or re-peaked me anyway. seeing a content creator you actually used to enjoy and respect at one point pull this shit is a special kind of rage-inducing

No. 1669022

Is this the zodiac killer?

No. 1669032

As a nerd enjoyer, this breaks my heart. Why is it always the smol guys with glasses who do this? So sad.

No. 1669036

ugh what the fuckkkkkkk i had such a crush on him as a kid

No. 1669037


No. 1669040

because fapping to little girl hentai isn't enough to get them. off so they want to BE the little girl.

No. 1669044

isn't he gay as hell

No. 1669047

look around his chin it's clearly some editing app

No. 1669051

File: 1665098050688.png (1.76 MB, 1834x1031, coollike - Twitch.png)

No. 1669060

NTAYRT. The baby face and choice in gender identity makes me think TIF, too, but I really can't tell at that severity of deathfat. Morbidly obese people really do stop looking like people at all, at a certain point.

No. 1669073

File: 1665099877472.jpeg (579.32 KB, 1170x1000, 8A973004-39B0-42B1-B80D-594454…)

Saged because it’s not a troon but this made me laugh kek…I’m definitely not a Girl Defined viewer, however the cog dis in this title is giving
>Minor and adult relationships are in appropriate? Pedophile reacts!
level idiocy

No. 1669075

File: 1665100137312.jpg (125.68 KB, 1845x250, sperging.jpg)

a very sane tranny (or handmaiden?) having a normal one, sperging about JKR in an unrelated subreddit.

No. 1669077

least unhinged tranny

No. 1669083

Not meaning to agree with bitter troon, but yeah, what portrayal of trauma in HP?

No. 1669090

We have a drag queen cows thread >>1257470

No. 1669098

Get better taste and stop liking disgusting incels. I seriously think nerds are a red flag

No. 1669099

No. 1669102

Do you ever think about how poorly all of this is going to age. Imagine how the articles calling grooming a right wing conspiracy will look in ten years. Or Lia Thomas. It’s a dark world but I think that’s a bright way of looking at things.

There’s a 80% chance we get a tranny at the next Olympic Games and countries withdraw in protest.

No. 1669104

Trooning forever back and forth until genderless flesh monster.

No. 1669107

God, I hate these faggots that make bank out of putting glue on their brows, tape on their dicks and clown make up and acting like full-blown retards for a crowd of cheering fangirls yelling YASS KWEEN. Of course he only acknowledges women's criticism of drag when it comes from tard tradwives he can easily argue against and of course he's gonna say there's nothing offensive about it like silicone tits means he can speak for women.

No. 1669136

Lol at the way they change the fucking pronouns so quick.

No. 1669141

wow he even has CWCs speaking voice

No. 1669144

TIMs and drag queens are the same shit anyway

No. 1669161

Ntayrt, but how is he an incel? You could have just called him a Virgin, incel is a very specific type of person, and stop judging others for their taste lmao. They just said they found him cute. It's not that deep.

No. 1669170

nick mullen if he troon'd

No. 1669187

he's literally locked in a closet by his wicked step parents.

No. 1669194

It's only a red flag if the guy looks nerdy because his hygiene is bad or something. But there's a lot of guys out there who were born with nerdy features they can't change and that's the kind of nerd that's dateworthy.

No. 1669204

Oh, right. I guess I forget because Harry is more like a piece of cardboard than a person.
I'm unfamiliar with this Charlie guy, but he does look pretty clean for a troon.

No. 1669206

nta but any woman that refers to moids as "smol" unironically not only needs to be shamed but institutionalized

No. 1669210

File: 1665111115441.png (42.59 KB, 865x362, 2022-10-06 (1).png)

Some unddits from our friend here
>shaking and crying rn

That post is quite the shitshow. This thing is going on an unhinged rant, comments basically saying stfu, all sane comments getting instajannied. It's quite insane

No. 1669220

Sage but why do troons always have this stupid dead eyed halfsmile? I've seen fakebois put on retarded smile to look like animu, but what is the point with troons? They are trying to look harmless to lure handmaidens in their basements? I mean, handmaidens are retarded but even they usually avoid troons irl, that's why trosbians won't stop complaining about not being able to trap real women

No. 1669224

Samefag saging but who even dates them? They surely do have no sex lives for somebody so sex obsessed they change their whole lives to become a walking fetish. I can't think of anyone but desperate incels/fetishists

No. 1669226

Each other and incels, yeah. They're gay or they don't understand most cis women are not lesbians and don't want to be lesbians.

No. 1669227

Don't forget the ones that troon out when their wives are heavily pregnant

No. 1669228

it’s that gross agp smirk.

No. 1669231

it’s called prison gay, but their fetish is the prison.

No. 1669235

File: 1665112791287.jpeg (368.3 KB, 750x856, 32EE5E49-5548-46BD-B512-FD3606…)

estrogen hasn’t changed shit about you, idiot. you just repel other human beings on a visceral level.

No. 1669239

Kek estrogen changed thecway he views sex…you’re gay and your coombrained fantasy of being treated like a desirable girl isnt working out. This shit is moids lashing out at a world where no one needs them, or wants them, because there are too many of them now due to our era of relative peace in countries where troondom has taken hold. If 6% of all young men died in a war the past twenty years we wouldn’t be here looking at insane fake vaginas.

No. 1669241

File: 1665113377894.jpeg (267.73 KB, 750x1770, 13373838-5C8E-421A-8FD0-18B278…)

everything revolves around external validation for these people. he doesn’t like her, he only sees her as a milestone in his transition and proof that he’s a lesbian. i hope he peaks the fuck out of the handmaiden he’s dating.

No. 1669242

if it wasn’t for women getting mass raped during wartime, i’d be praying for ww3. if only they would draft all troons as cannon fodder, the world would be a better place.

No. 1669248

i always enjoy reading the clearly placebo pseudo-side effects that these dudes get from a hormone they already have in their bodies.

No. 1669259

ThatHappened energy. If some spicy straight really could approach a troon it's solely for the woke point/experiment/fetish. But considering all the crazy fantasies troonsbians write this one is at least somewhat realistic (but i think he is just high on copium)

No. 1669261

sage goes in the email field

No. 1669262

Okay thanks from newfag nonna

No. 1669266

Do you think women can have troon fetish? I mean even degen coomers with futa fetish usually repulsed by irl troons since they are nothing like uwu anime dickgirls.
But some nlogs definitely have brownie points fetish/queer points fetish. But going as far as dating a troon? Must be twitter brainrot(sage your shit)

No. 1669267

twitter/tiktok brainrot + fat

No. 1669271

NTA but it’s literally in the rules

No. 1669273

the fact that he came out by posting vore porn of his fursona….
…and then immediately posted screenshots of him ordering buttplugs and lube like the real woman he is

No. 1669274

I remember when i decided to find a girlfriend for the first time so i made a HER account. And i was like wtf they are ALL troons? Some fakebois/enby nlogs, but i didn't find a normal woman there, only desperate troons trying to be kawaii anime girls and get their coom stained hands on a real girl.
Peaked me real fast

No. 1669275

sage your posts, nona. you’re gonna get banned.

No. 1669277

Kek just think of all of these troons infiltrating lesbian subreddits/dating apps and it's nothing but other troons they obviously don't want. At this point the only women who stays there are ultra handmaidens who enjoy constant attention/validation since they are the only females there and everybody wants them.

No. 1669282

unfortunately she's retarded

No. 1669291

File: 1665121950285.png (444.23 KB, 1440x1898, Screenshot_20221007-074924.png)

They need to find a better insult than "harry Potter bad" as if they weren't all kinning draco until Twitter told them 'book terf'

Also very original when men wish death upon women.

No. 1669295

handmaidens who date troons are such desperate pick mes. “look at my super special lesbian girlfriend who is a man! aren’t i woke and fashionably queer? aren’t i such a good little feminist for saving this charity case from literal death by giving him girly makeovers? u to the wu”.

No. 1669341

They do what insecure and self-obsessed girls have always done to the current trendy social issue.
Racism = "i'm 1/10 black actually and my great grandpa was definitely native american, so i can't be racist and an evil white person"
Homophobia = "i'm bi/pan i just happen to only ever date and be attracted to men, i can't be homophobic and an evil straight person"
Transphobia = "i'm non-binary because i don't always enjoy female essential things like makeup and dresses and i sometimes like male dominant hobbies, so I can't be an evil cis person"
Transphobia 2.0 = "my girlfriend looks like a bearded man and has a dick and i would never date anyone with a vagina but i am totally a lesbian, and not an evil straight person"
Transphobia 2.1 = "i'm non-binary so even though my bf won't troon out for me, we're still a queer/gay couple and I can't be an evil straight cis person"
It's partly some sort of psychological way to rid themselves of social guilt without having to change or stop their perceived "problematic" behaviours.

No. 1669342

people who like harry potter are a safe space now because you know they're either not terminally online or even aware of the trans cult, or they may even secretly be someone who stands up for women's rights

No. 1669343

this is so ugly and embarrassing. if crabstickz troons out i will never trust a man again

No. 1669353

no please nonna he only had horrible long hair right? but he’s since cut it off…… so i’m holding out hope for him (retarded, i know)

No. 1669355

pls no, on the other hand if dan howell's life crisis ends with him trooning out that would be disappointing but hilarious

No. 1669356

Idk why Charlie trooning out feels extra awkward, maybe because I didn't think he was THAT stupid as to buy into troon shit for himself

No. 1669364

File: 1665135665449.jpg (254.2 KB, 968x1546, Screenshot_20221007_053945.jpg)

it's already cursed that women have to put up with these moid skinwalkers attempting uncanny woman (and lesbian, ew) impersonations but this dude tries to pretend he's a female film scholar. it's annoying but also funny and slightly comforting that he couldn't be more clocked as the male zoomer filmbro he is kek

No. 1669366

File: 1665135985067.jpg (681.75 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20221007_054441.jpg)

imagine this thing calling himself and actual women in his presence "dyke". vomitrocious

No. 1669368

This doesn't surprise me at all. He looked exactly like the kind of guys I knew who all eventually trooned out. Pasty, conventionally unattractive, seemingly nonthreatening nerd who spends way too much time online and acts weirdly juvenile despite being an adult. He also had a pretty large fanbase consisting mostly of teenagers from what I remember, mostly girls though I don't remember if he's gay or not. He's def got the AGP look more than the HSTS look, so my money's on straight. Either way, it would not surprise me if we see some allegations pop up against him for messing around with minors a la boyinaband. He's just got that vibe

No. 1669369

>soft pasty tubby juvenile and moobs
No nona, all British men just look like that.

No. 1669370

Trannies always look so smelly

No. 1669372

File: 1665136625350.png (13.46 KB, 324x173, Screenshots_2022-10-07-17-56-1…)

learn to sage
type "sage" in the "Email" field

No. 1669375

File: 1665137161865.jpeg (105.13 KB, 922x1058, F8B5F18C-E244-4FB0-9D3C-64387B…)

buffalo bill if he was into anime

No. 1669382

I had a friend who started dating a troon and wouldn't shut up about his "girl dick" to me at the most random times. Weirdest shit is that she would hardly talk to me about any other subject. Anytime I would talk about boyfriend troubles I was having at the time, she would chime in with how I need "girl dick" instead. Fucking nutter kek.

No. 1669383

That's obviously a woman and looks infinitely better than that male thing.

No. 1669388

does it even matter? they're women, biological females, something he will never ever be no matter how hard he tries, while butch lesbian Tabitha doesn't need to try at all, she just is and will always be.

No. 1669389

stop replying to trannies

No. 1669390

Something tells me elegance isn't what they're going for also learn the fuck to sage.

No. 1669395

That's disgusting. I've gone to events irl and had gross hairy men in dresses try speaking to me. The best part is they're cowardly failsons who aren't out to their families. At least have a modicum of dignity to own your "lifestyle."

No. 1669405

>cis dyke


No. 1669407

To peak pickmes and ethots/other women who don't really mind licking men's boots, why not send them a copy of the red pill manifesto or pickup strategies and what they do to subtly subjugate women and lower her self esteem/flight response from him?

Just send it to their emails or DMs, if it feels too privacy breaking, then make alt accounts pretending to be a Chad or a handsome guy or a transwoman in need and once you built enough following, post the exposed techniques publicly and just say "yes thats what males really think of you pickmes". Should peak lots of young women real fast. They should know the true nature of men. Its fair.

No. 1669410

crying shame

No. 1669414

Garfieldcore did make me laugh. He obviously watches Quinton Reviews, who is also definitely going to groom out someday

No. 1669415

his career died after his coming out video, so maybe another coming out moment is all he needs to stay relevant. although i doubt he’ll fully troon out, being gay is his entire personality, so he’ll just declare himself nonbinary like other wokebros and caviar socialists.

No. 1669417

I meant troon but love the accurate autocorrect so I’m leaving it

No. 1669423

I also think this seems like a cover up/distraction before some allegations come out. He was friends with that Alex Day guy for a long time, they made videos together and had the same kind of fan base (young girls/teens). There is no way he didn't know what his friend was doing, more likely he was doing the same thing

No. 1669425

Was this supposed to be a flex? She still looks (and probably smells) much better than the troon.

No. 1669432

Andrew Tate looks like Karlie Kloss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1669438

what is a "cis dyke"

No. 1669441

why keep replying to a tranny who doesn't know how to post? I don't get it

No. 1669449

look at how he’s mastered the agp smirk already. just disgusting

No. 1669456

Just a cis lesbian.

No. 1669477

File: 1665149780724.jpeg (349.96 KB, 1284x827, 20682FA5-8889-4EDF-8C40-664A85…)

velma’s a lesbian in the new scooby doo cartoon, and of course trannies have to make it about them. also kek at him acknowledging that the only people actually attracted to troons are chasers.

No. 1669478

Fucking shit, he seriously does though! Just Googled pics of Karlie Kloss debut as a model before all the plastic s, and she looks like Tate especially in the squinting eyes and ears areas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1669483

daphne would say that trannies looks like freaks

No. 1669486

If Andrew Tate did get revealed as a closeted trans woman, he would not be taking more Ws and getting more guys on his side again. But "be kind" is programmed into women so hard even to un-out predator enemies, that is why women don't win and men play the destroying feminism game better than them. Oh well, just let Andrew take more Ws and set women's rights back again then by saying older women and sluts are useless and washed up, not wife material.

It's obvious he is, besides the upfront signs, read Andrew's eyes, same exact look of some moid wanting to trans to female.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1669487

>>1669477 But velma didnt have a crush on Shaggy? Lol(sage)

No. 1669488


No. 1669493

Lesbian. That’s the term you’re looking for. “Cis” isn’t a necessary modifier because lesbians are women and men can’t be them.

No. 1669497

a lot of those women already know what men think of women. they don't care because they think if they act like one of the good ones, they will be free from men's scrutiny. women like that probably won't be peaked until they personally face an undeniable negative action from a moid.

No. 1669499

File: 1665152511372.jpg (583.47 KB, 810x1916, Screenshot_20221007-093658_Boo…)

The copium is off the charts throughout this post:

No. 1669507

It's so funny that they scream and squawk about wanting to be treated like real women and the second they are, they cry.

No. 1669516

I had the choice of moving where I am or being homeless. I didn't want to because one of the roommates is a TIM…well what do you know he walk around with his hairy estrogen moobs out constantly and leaves his hormone syringes laying around. He's constantly bitching and oversharing and I hope I can get the fuck out of here soon.
sage for blogpost

No. 1669518

Everything a woman might like in traps/dickgirls (wide hips, female breasts, cute clothes, giant functional cock) is unattainable for troons, so no.

No. 1669527

File: 1665155595369.jpeg (749.37 KB, 828x1371, 5ED0DF21-9E39-4630-8500-2D8637…)

Kek i’m glad I was able to clock this troon (1/3)(not a troon, retard)

No. 1669530

File: 1665155677546.jpeg (712.47 KB, 828x1370, A1C6A2EA-6A5A-4CB6-AB92-EB3C1C…)

No. 1669532

Lol such a male trait to make your truck your entire personality

No. 1669534

How are these pickmes so comfortable and okay with knowing that the red pill men's rules will limit them and treat them more unfairly than males/let males have more stuff? Why are they so okay with women having less?

No. 1669551

File: 1665157397439.jpg (66.13 KB, 506x470, DSCN0123.jpg)

>Girls must think a hot guy drives this truck
This is such a retarded thing to assume anyone thinks, especially when your truck is that fucking ugly. Picrel is what women will actually think you look like, based on your truck, assuming they think about it at all.

No. 1669552

they're unable to grasp that those women are just trying to be nice. it's like how you praise a child's drawing.

No. 1669555

That's funny cuz I've never assumed a truck driver was anything but fat and/or old (ugly kinda goes without saying)

No. 1669557

File: 1665157982562.jpeg (99.7 KB, 680x680, FeaOH5TVEAAJ8Hv.jpeg)

I'm pretty sure Fred is going to be a tranny. The leaks in this link have all been correct so far:


And they mention he has a "big secret" and "hasn't hit puberty at 16". It sounds like puberty blockers.

No. 1669560

That’s a woman. Get your eyes checked or begone troon

No. 1669563

damn this sounds like it's going to be a total shitshow

No. 1669564

File: 1665158360529.jpg (455.04 KB, 1066x1058, troon.jpg)

I'm sorry but that's 100% a troon and an autogynephile at that. It's fascinating how he styles himself after calendar models he jerked off to in his youth.(not a troon, retard)

No. 1669567

Go get an autism diagnosis.

No. 1669570

>Freds bio Much like the original Fred, our Fred is a white guy who loves to take credit for everyone else’s work. But our Fred is also a pretty boy gym rat, riddled with daddy issues big enough to make Eric Trump say “damn.” And yet, Fred knows that no matter how douchey he acts, he’ll never live up to his father’s expectations. Because Fred has a deep dark secret. He’s sixteen years old and hasn’t gone through puberty yet. Worse. His secret is getting harder and harder to hide.

is this for real, Fred was just the guy who made comical convoluted traps and I don't remember him ever coming from a rich family, Daphne and shaggy's family were the one's who were rich, also kek at them making shaggy(a living stoner gag) just a a random black guy

No. 1669573

This looks like dog shit. Does anyone remember Lilly Singh's talk show? I feel like this will be the cartoon equivalent of that.
It will be a massive self-own if they make the autist character with daddy issues who poorly over-performs masculinity a TIF.

No. 1669576

It does look like it's going to be ass.

No. 1669583

women have facial hair too, retard. Now can we stop hating on some random woman and derailing this thread?

No. 1669585

She might have PCOS, stop reaching

No. 1669586

NTAYRT, idk if you're trying to make us look bad or you're just retarded but this isn't a troon. there's nothing to indicate she might be besides looking a little masculine in a few pics and even that's a big reach.

No. 1669587

Daphne and Shaggy look like absolute shit

No. 1669588

No. 1669606

Nonnies please consider the following:
If you get fooled into thinking a photo of a tranny is a real woman, does it really matter? you can do a lot of trickery with nothing but camera angles, let alone filters etc. Eyes can be fooled by a photo and it's nothing to be ashamed of.
But if you get fooled into thinking a photo of a real woman is a tranny, and then you make fun of her on the internet, you're not just gullible, you're also being a huge asshole to some random woman whose only crime is having a face you don't like.
So if there's not a self-identification or a tranny flag or a penis in any of their social media pictures (feel free to post it if you found one on hers) then it's retarded to post them here and only a tranny would do so.

No. 1669611

yep, troons will try to own us hateful TERFs with pictures of masculine women as bait so we all pile on and make fun of her. Somehow that is a win to them, or something - I guess when your entire identity is born from deceit it comes naturally to think any trickery is a "success". And yet somehow, still, they remain not women.

No. 1669612

On one hand, you're right. On the other, this is an anonymous gossip forum.

No. 1669615

Where's the fun in making fun of some woman who did literally nothing but post a picture of herself and her truck on the internet though? Are you having fun right now? This is lame.

No. 1669618

You're right. Trannies love to see this bullshit. Nona was too busy sucking dick for cock to confront reality.

No. 1669624

Wait, so Daphne isn't rich?

No. 1669635

Even if OP isn't a TIM, the pictures are cringe and pander to porny male fantasies.

No. 1669642

but if she really isn't a TIM she doesn't belong in the TIM thread. photos can be more deceiving tho, how does this person sound or move like, if there are any videos posted?

No. 1669651

> woman wearing shorts and posing
> must be doing it to get dicks hard
Hmm who else has this same mentality?

No. 1669665

Can we stop tinfoiling and go back to posting actual milk. Last thread was shit with the lainzine tranny shitting it up - let’s try better this time.

No. 1669671

File: 1665167685107.jpeg (38.45 KB, 624x350, Reichardt.jpeg)

An Iowa news reporter Nora J.S. Reichardt revealed he's a TIM and had a whole segment dedicated to his "coming out"

No. 1669681

I am so tired

No. 1669684

Do you mean he felt like he had to admit he used to be a man because he thought we couldn't tell or do you mean he jusy now decided to transition?

No. 1669692

No. 1669702

>87 thousand people think daphne is a transwoman

This makes me so fucking mad, we can’t have any character just be a feminine girl

No. 1669707

File: 1665171226399.png (368.71 KB, 2048x863, chrome_screenshot_166517114684…)

No. 1669716

Damn, I guess all my butch friends who hate makeup and anime are boys now.

No. 1669718

File: 1665171921806.jpeg (406.08 KB, 1474x1661, 1FDC2ABA-ABB3-4C6A-9D2A-899C2E…)

What does this mean…

No. 1669720

File: 1665171951069.jpg (713.83 KB, 2560x1920, 22-10-07-15-54-04-955_deco.jpg)

How shocking, how could anyone have predicted this

No. 1669723

>muh female orgasm
Clit envy is so pervasive.

No. 1669725

Isn’t it old milk that Keffals was running an underage discord sex ring? Idk where the kiwi archives are but it’s all there.

No. 1669730

yeah but he excused himself by saying he was just providing HRT for ''trans youth at risk''

No. 1669734

A lot of the sound bites skimmed over that part or dismissed it as deflection. Keffals dismissed it as him just being around it but not actively participating and like the other nonny said, "just providing hormones to at risk trans youth!"

No. 1669736

>I'm sitting here in a oversized sweater, also wearing no bra and ugly, comfortable underwear, while ignoring my nails and hating Sailor Moon Crystal (compared to the original one) and not knowing what K-On! is (I prefer old sci-fi animes with characters that don't look like 7-year-old children), and it kind of just hit me that I really am a boy.

So, bye dear nonnas, guess I'm a boy, not even a man, a boy, sry, I didn't see that coming, but this is a save space for females, so I will have to leave. Well, wait, troons don't care about save spaces, so I will stay and annoy you all.

No. 1669741

Just got out of the shower, so I'm naked and doing nothing in particular. I guess that would make me nonbinary, but enbies don't shower, so I have no idea what I am.

No. 1669744

Trans athletes being discussed on today's episode of Dr. Phil. Don't like Dr. Phil, but I'm at least glad it's being discussed on such a big scale.

No. 1669749

Nuke America, honestly. All this tranny bullshit is solely an Angloid phenomenon.

No. 1669761

velmas design is actually so cute, save her from this show

No. 1669763

His chin transitioned off his face, I see.

No. 1669764

No. 1669768

You're right and it's more than embarassing it's pathetic.

No. 1669772

File: 1665176346032.jpg (589.54 KB, 1080x3488, 4dc08e10-53f1-5c8d-8c05-d8585a…)

Trooning out is seriously just a form of abuse favoured by manchildren, it makes their overly empathetic wife self flagellate about his struggles instead of seeing him for the lazy piece of shit he is

No. 1669773

File: 1665176398461.png (964.94 KB, 725x787, Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 21.57…)

Bored and browsing social media because I just know there'll be some choice material among certain friend's contacts.

It did not disappoint. Women don't have to wear make up to look feminine. Men, at least learn to exfoliate ffs.

No. 1669774

File: 1665176472876.png (925.78 KB, 713x756, Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 21.57…)

No. 1669776

Yeah you know, normal fathe- I mean motherly activities such as ignoring your child entirely and instead playing vidya and jacking off all day.

No. 1669781

This feels fake to me. Not that it doesn't happen, I'm sure

No. 1669784

No. 1669787

> Also the term "brain dead" was invented one year AFTER the first organ was successfully transplanted and there are several cases, where people woke up after being declared "brain dead" by several doctors in hospitals and waking up days later (there are even cases where someone wakes up over 10 years later).

Hollie Dance, is that you?

No. 1669788

Honestly the mother is a massive piece of shit too, for gushing about how she "doesn't ever want to judge" her "amazing wife" moid who neglects their baby to the point of illness. They should both lose custody and the moid should be in jail. My sympathy for handmaidens ends when they let innocent kids suffer for the sake of their pet troons.

No. 1669794

Damn, even before estrogen he's even whiter and puffier than Ted Cruz.

No. 1669806

this is literal child abuse. i hope it's fake.

No. 1669818

>Women don't have to wear make up to look feminine.
They can keep femininity. Women are beautiful because they are women. He looks like a corpse.

No. 1669830

File: 1665181336624.jpg (89.75 KB, 720x403, 20221007_192001.jpg)

Lol specialist for post partum depression lmao

No. 1669832

Kek, K-On and similar moe animes have a huge scrote fanbase, they even have a name for it: CGDCT

No. 1669837

but anon. his wife is in love with his souuul not his body uwu. why wouldn’t she want to fuck a greasy haired, saggy chested, squealing not-man with a shitting axe-wound. that’s so bigoted

No. 1669850

So… is it canon now in the trans community that men can get post partum depression or what

No. 1669852

>the baby
sounds fake because it should be our baby or my baby

No. 1669865

That account was created literally today and has no other posts, so for the wellbeing of the supposed baby I hope it's all fake, but could always just be a throw away and a bit of an odd sub to troll in my opinion.

No. 1669874

maybe, you are a fish or a frog? Frogs are nice, but pick whatever you would like the most, you can be anything. I decided I want to be plant, something nice, a nice mushroom, yes, tomorrow I will be a mushroom.
(I'm sorry, I just can't be serious anymore, this world is just too much to handle at the moment)

No. 1669890

File: 1665186519119.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2105, Screenshot_20221007-184726_Gal…)

saw this today nonas, imagine thinking your dad is "scary" for asking you to keep your room clean and not steal from him…

No. 1669906

imagine not being humiliated by posting this, which raises so many questions ("car privileges" to what the tranny calls "our car", by the text, surely this is the dad's car that he is letting the tranny use) … trannies really do live in their hugboxes

No. 1669913

How much of a failson you have to be for your dad to step up like this. Usually dads can't give less of a fuck if their son is living between rats and trash as long he's not in his vision range. I guess the stench is so bad that goes upstars. By the writing there is no way that this isn't a grown ass adult.

No. 1669916

fucking lol at being grown enough to be a married tranny but still live with your parents in this capacity poor parents

No. 1669929

NTA but lost my shit, thank you nonnie kek

No. 1669938

File: 1665190097567.jpeg (548.94 KB, 750x1278, 556A1A31-70E6-4789-B4B7-BCB4F5…)

they’re becoming self-aware.

No. 1669942

File: 1665190508053.jpeg (3.83 MB, 4096x10851, C56DA0A3-A2AB-4F45-AAF2-2422BE…)

>true gender
who’s gonna tell this loser gender isn’t real and he’s wasting his life hyper fixating on his fucking girly etiquette? get a fucking job.

No. 1669946

Jesús, that school shooter energy. Well let's just hope he's self aware enough to not be another transbian.

No. 1669953

was there a tranny in arcane???

No. 1669954

Right. Having my tits grabbed by horny teen boys when I was in middle school = little to no effort.

No. 1669955

>all his examples are from anime
of course they are

No. 1669963

Troons will claim that they can get anything a woman can get, so, yes.

No. 1670010

File: 1665197184068.jpg (70.09 KB, 753x1061, kopo_the_blissensor_by_unclebi…)

No. 1670025

File: 1665198118693.png (439.37 KB, 796x439, Iowa news reporter comes out a…)

nice joker lipstick

No. 1670047

Agree with other anon that Harry is a piece of cardboard standing in as the hero, but I can understand he (I know, fictitious character) could have PTSD. Just from off the top of my head, not counting the comedy-wicked aunt and uncle: saw a friend murdered in book 4, was gaslit into silence and told he was crazy for saying the Big Bad had returned and had godfather murdered in front of him in book 5…

No. 1670049

why do they always dress like grandmas

No. 1670057

oh god this looks like its going to be filled with zoomer slang and feel outdated already by next year

No. 1670062

>people who like harry potter are a safe space now because you know they're either not terminally online or even aware of the trans cult, or they may even secretly be someone who stands up for women's rights
This is actually true, you either have a normie (which is a blessed position to be in considering how addled the heavily online are nowadays) or someone who either has good opinions, or has chosen to disregard the wrongthink in favor of being a fan of something they enjoy. All of these are good signs.
Anyone who has a serious issue with Rowling is not someone you want to be around, either internet addled, troon, or womanhater.

No. 1670063

I think if Fred was going to be a TIF they wouldn't have him voiced by a male actor. Not sure Glenn "Dennis Reynolds" Howerton can do a good froggy croak.

Absolutely pissing myself at the stoner trope replaced with 'average black dude' though.

No. 1670069

Men - fathers, that is - can get post-partum depression but it's obviously different to the one affecting mothers. I have a friend who explained to me his period of depression in the couple of months after his first child was born and he said it was because he felt so useless, and like the baby wasn't bonding with him because baby just wanted to be on the boob all the time. After a cuple of months the baby naturally got more curious about the world around her and started to engage with her dad more. So it's a normal response to normal infancy i guess.

No. 1670085

IKR. It's like the original chicken tendies copypasta, but that was a parody. I googled the title, and they were both pretending to be unemployed because they had to move. It didn't say the "wife" was a man, but we all know he was. The dad understood male motivations, of course he hated the game of pretending that his lazy ass son's equally lazy, and doubly opportunistic anal cum dumpster is a "wife". There's no love there, if the "wife" sees a better deal, he'll be gone.

No. 1670093

Men shouldn't claim ppd. Being depressed because of your circumstances (which may be a newborn) is not the same as a hormonally induced depression as a result of the massive trauma and changes your body is going through.

No. 1670098

Oh yeah, I was never trying to claim it was anything like PPD. More a result of feeling a bit disconnected from their own child at first, I can kind of understand that.

No. 1670111

it’s always grandma or e-girl/goth, there’s no in between.

No. 1670112

File: 1665207905466.jpg (677.89 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20221008-014338_Boo…)

Doughy moid is so weak now, teehee

No. 1670119

Lmao he looks female to male here

No. 1670120

File: 1665209059414.webm (19.14 MB, 640x360, Meet Nora J S Reichardt Local …)

So cringe

No. 1670121

it's a response that that man had to an infant suckling it's mother like it's supposed to, lol

that's 100% just him

No. 1670125

it's a response that that man had to an infant suckling it's mother like it's supposed to, lol

that's 100% just him


you look FtM here. weirdo

No. 1670128


one house to wonder how they rationalize their autogynephilia.he first started feeling 'anxious' and unhappy about his appearance in late adolescence, it seems. it's not the pattern that gay boys present. "I felt so anxious about my appearance."

so forcing your bizarre fetish on everyone is the answer to your sexual obsession with 'feminine' constructs?

No. 1670129

Sitting inside all day cooming and smearing that god awful red lipstick all over his face no doubt

No. 1670130

His jaw looks manlier after he trooned out.

No. 1670131

Looks like Yaniv here

No. 1670132

sexual abuse would be an odd factor in someone's decision to trans in the west but you never know. csa victims can have dysfunctional relationships with sexuality and either be repelled by it or addicted to porn or sex and I suppose that can maybe influence someone into transitioning.

I have literally no idea what's going on in these conservative countries in the global south, though.

all I know about is this:


No. 1670136

File: 1665211358895.jpg (239.16 KB, 2048x1062, FDjrmRLWUAw1VZF.jpg_large.jpg)

I'm not familiar with the series so I googled it. I guess some troon "sex worker" was briefly in an episode. Kek it's very accurate though.

No. 1670138

Samefag, but they even got the bandana they use to cover their receding hairlines.

No. 1670143

Scrolled by fast and thought this was Luna LMAO

No. 1670150

File: 1665214356799.png (4.64 MB, 2304x1852, 56745746.png)

No. 1670152

File: 1665214467547.png (232.24 KB, 569x680, 325d.png)

I'm too stupid, the leftmost pic

No. 1670153

File: 1665214581939.png (154.31 KB, 317x236, 1113324.png)

anyway they always look like this

No. 1670175

Holy shit. I think this is my friends rapist. He just looks fatter and trooned out. He’s fucking crazy and an actual pedo. He needs to be in jail.

No. 1670181

File: 1665221414376.png (74.03 KB, 663x491, had a stroke reading this.PNG)

No. 1670186

Trans women are men. A man taking drugs that weakens him does not stop him from being a man, nor does it make him in any way closer to being like a woman.

No. 1670187

makes me want to alog how the tyrant mods deleted all the comments when none of them were twansphobic and referred to the failmale as “she”. makes me wonder if the mods are trannies

No. 1670188

The downfall of groomer keffals is finally dawning

No. 1670189

If you have to "learn" all the ways in which women think, act, dress and socialize… how do you not realize you aren't a woman?

No. 1670190

>muddy the waters

No. 1670194

File: 1665224187253.jpg (144.46 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20221008-231424_Tum…)

No. 1670197

From all the things that didn't happen this didn't happen the most, on all levels
>The alluded post
>TiMs not wearing make up
>TiMs being feminists
>TiMs having self steem and not fetish derived exhibitionist behaviour

No. 1670198

Typical ugly moid liars gaslighting. One of the things most fetishized and gabbed about by trans wahmen when they first troon out is makeup! They're all over social media and dating apps posting horrible selfies of a mess of colors and black-out smeared wrongly on their faces and eyes! And claim that they're "better wymon cuz we wear makeup tee hee!". Bullshit!

This is why, never trust a trans wahmen. Fucking liars.

No. 1670201

File: 1665225338404.jpeg (174.45 KB, 828x1073, 70972925-39B2-41ED-828B-0BBCB0…)

imagine being that Sephora employee kek

No. 1670202

If they truly have a damn they would take a sec and say, gee maybe women really do have shitty beauty standards and pressures, and would lovingly fuck off. But none of that they just have to shit on ~cis~ women at every pass

No. 1670203

>better self esteem than terfs
>41% & male suicide rate

No. 1670204


Fuck Mr F*llon, he knows he is still stronger than the women in his category, just wants to lie because it makes him feel smug and superior over the "stupid cis women" who he takes such gladness in beating up in the ring. It's a tranny tactic, this downplaying their strength just to get access to women or feel validating by using spaces and sports which have the title "women" under them.

Also, has he turned "lesbian" aka straight again from liking men now? Notice how quite a number of trans women who proclaim they only like boys at first suddenly admit to really liking, in their words "cis women" and not dick in gen.

Wtf is this shitty stealth thing? Like even those who cut off and rearrange their dicks also realize that they like women sexually again, example Erka Ervin, the moid who calls himself Aazon Eve, and Keffals (he has tweeted some things about women sexually since 2020s and not guys anymore, check his archive).

No. 1670207

You're joking right? You should assume pretty much every reddit mod is a tranny

No. 1670212

poster of the thread was probably banned and swept, there was mention of troons trying to make threads in the past. no idea why else they would be gone unless that was when the mtf thread would get spam raided on the regular, sucks that 2 whole threads are gone tho.

No. 1670215

the way they mock trans-race people speaks volumes of their absolute lack of self-awareness. nearly every single argument or mockery you can come up with against trans-race people could also perfectly apply against trans-gender people too.

No. 1670229

kek at the semantics coming from a moid who shattered a woman's orbital bone

No. 1670230

File: 1665229103420.jpg (111.71 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_8414f7b71b3014e2cccc373…)

the coping mechanism of it all

No. 1670232

his ''wife'' is also a trangirl i assume ?

No. 1670233

Keffals approached the wife of Destiny, a YouTuber, at the Twitch partner party, threatening to get him kicked off YouTube. Destiny wrote a manifesto about her.


No. 1670238

No. 1670239

I can't believe I've done this. It was from reading the enabling reddit comments. Ty for calling me on it I'm going to go self flagellate in repentance.
Also I forgot there is a link to the doc: https://destinygg.substack.com/p/keffals-a-case-study-on-internet

No. 1670242

destiny said he's trying to contact the jouranlists who did the kiwifarms story to try to correct their stories bc of all the misinformation, but good luck on that
and is talking to a lawyer to sue keffals for defamation, good luck on that too
but if anyone is gonna give keffals an ego check, it'd be destiny i guess. fucking everyone else just bends the knee in fear, fucking ridiculous

No. 1670244

File: 1665231797983.png (49.59 KB, 583x353, Screenshot 4.png)

sage for OT, but fun fact about the word "hijra", its actually a corruption of the workd "khusra" which its self is a corruption of an Arabic term that means something like "to remove" it was originally used for court eunnchs who had the job of communicating between the segregated Islamic male and female rooms(this wasn't because they were considered some special gender other then male and female, rather it was because they didn't have cocks so the ruler was assured that they couldn't fuck the women i.e his property) after a while it became more "inclusive" term, as it is used for crosdressing men, gay men and effeminate men and 99% of the time its used as the south asain equivalent of the term faggot, that's why its funny seeing american woke people pretending that term is some special identity and culture that evil colonizers made us hate, when 99% of the time IRL I see it being heard on the road by angry drivers

No. 1670248

>I have a friend who explained to me his period of depression in the couple of months after his first child was born and he said it was because he felt so useless, and like the baby wasn't bonding with him because baby just wanted to be on the boob all the time.
kek are you retarded nonnie this is just male entitlement. scrotes lose their shit if the woman’s attention isn’t on them 24/7 and get jealous of literal infants

No. 1670249

File: 1665232208019.png (325.18 KB, 647x409, Todolist.png)

He needed a couple of weeks paid leave to buy dresses and makeup

No. 1670251

Totally not stereotypes teehee.

No. 1670253

File: 1665233003725.jpeg (145.1 KB, 1272x1222, C943A044-E298-4DAF-BA2B-032AD9…)


No. 1670256

why are they all pedophiles

No. 1670257

Ayrt, once I read the comments on the reddit post I completely understood. It's a fog in there. Bit heartening to see most of them pointing out his hypocrisy, force field, narcissism/main character syndrome, and general hateability though, even through all the dutiful misgendering. I'm assuming the majority of the deleted comments were either speaking sense and/or calling him a man. Save your self, subtly flagellate a troon's self image instead.

No. 1670258

Keep waiting until you're dead, you will never be a woman.

No. 1670278

They actually showed a picture of him in what looks like boxer briefs, not to mention it's posted on a pole on a heavily trafficed bridge. What world are we living in rn???

No. 1670284

Nta, but toddler fashion is a bit of a ftm thing.

No. 1670286

File: 1665238459817.png (313.4 KB, 740x421, WHY.png)


No. 1670311

File: 1665243822843.jpg (3.47 MB, 4096x2304, pt2022_10_09_02_37_50.jpg)

This troon is insufferable. Aside from needing to let everyone know it has sex with it's chaser boyfriend in the most transparent, uncomfortable ways and obsessing over pregnancy and having children non-stop, 90% of it's bullying stories are just retarded ploys for ass pats.


No. 1670313

File: 1665244156538.png (49.65 KB, 768x328, see when you do the handmaiden…)

Kek at this. Those news orgs mentioned here have been nothing but total handmaidens. But clearly that wasn't enough for the troons. Who'd thunk that all it took was a fading white moid "comedian" performing (poorly) for the camera and some flattering editing to become their new savior.

No. 1670314

File: 1665244175116.jpg (34.04 KB, 1080x210, Screenshot_20221009-024807__01…)

Sorry for samefag but the caption doesn't get enough credit in that collage

No. 1670319

Absolutely no one bullied this faggot for his eyes, wtf is he on about

No. 1670320

> bullied for my new fake lips
Sure fag

No. 1670322

Of course these ugly abominations would pick orcs, they take anything pure and good (femininity) and twist it into something evil and debaucherous. They're the human equivalent of orcs kek.

No. 1670323

>I see it being heard on the road by angry drivers
Anon that's fucking hilarious

His eyes and lips are wholly unremarkable. Ausfag school's tend to be really mixed too so his looks aren't at all alien to the vast majority of people. That and daring to pick on his looks would probably be construed as racist and get you beaten up and/or suspended at least at my school kek.

No. 1670325

Kek so glad i'm a neet so I don't have to deal with fake accepting retarded troons in the work place, i'd go postal.

No. 1670330

Gonna say OG Brit YouTuber Charlieissocoolike trooning out wasn't on my 2022 bingo card list. With all these internet celebs IDing as trans, how can people say it doesn't feel like being trans or non-binary isn't a trend? Any predictions on the next nerdy guy to troon out?

No. 1670332

File: 1665245566497.jpg (443.89 KB, 1672x2048, 20221007_214726.jpg)

I'm convinced that no male, especially the TIM, has the capacity for self awareness; see picrel. what the fuck is this kek

No. 1670337

Mahu is also used in Hawaiian as an equivalent to "faggot." I dunno about the other cultural terms but that's two so far.

No. 1670339

just finished watching this. the way he abused that stardust girl on stream is insane, narc rage.

No. 1670347

Why is it every time a Twitter user uses the term Sapphic to describe themselves, they aren't a lesbian?

No. 1670352

Yeah and he apparently pressed Destiny's wife at Twitch con, tell destiny to be stop talking about me or I'll get rid of his channel"
Even though everything he claimes he got lost rid of is around. Kiwifarms, Nick Rekita got his Channel back and made a lot of sympathy bucks etc. Etc.
They really hate women

No. 1670358

File: 1665247664923.jpg (177.11 KB, 448x250, 3722719-d6dd774b96d428c6036fb6…)

No. 1670359

File: 1665247766221.jpeg (570.26 KB, 1201x876, 5243A00B-6A34-477C-A272-64976B…)

No. 1670362

File: 1665248023655.jpg (153 KB, 665x1200, IMG_20221008_185222_809.jpg)

Just a girl on the job

No. 1670364

Who’s the guy standing up?

No. 1670366

Keffals the Twitter king, now bow

No. 1670369

File: 1665248866678.jpeg (147.21 KB, 1080x823, E2F342CB-4E70-4F36-8920-9ECA43…)

a haunted house full of trans people would definitely be scary.

No. 1670391

Holy shit he’s fucking obese

No. 1670392

and again, why is his tongue (or troons tongues in general) sticking out, do they all had a stroke or something or is their tongue too long like those of inbred dogs. Also, I would feel much safer at night without him being allowed to go outside…

No. 1670393

it's scary, because we know what "minding their own business" means

No. 1670400

File: 1665251706746.png (2.56 MB, 1035x2430, no.png)

No. 1670403

I am actually amazed how frumpy this mother fucker is. Also why does he dress like a boy in middle school?

No. 1670411

I mean how does one dress a body like that? On stream he can do Blaire White tricks to make himself looks smaller, his cleavage pop. But irl he has five o clock shadow, he's tall, Hunch back with wide shoulders and his body is so wide and large his moobs barely are noticeable. He made a tweet about having big tips kek. And people in Destiny's sub were like ,"don't misgender keffals and she also passes as a woman"

No. 1670419

File: 1665252802205.jpeg (335.62 KB, 750x748, 6CDC9A98-B7B1-4D16-8483-B6E88B…)

No. 1670421

>I was wondering why I didn't connect with the person on the screen, why didn't I want to be him
Because you're were a doughey looking awkward guy with a absolutely unforgiveable hairdo. He unironically just needed to get a normal haircut and hit the gym, but I guess it's OK to look like shit if you put a wig and makeup on it. His "high" will run out in like 2 months.

No. 1670422

File: 1665253044367.jpg (29.09 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTA4NTQ0OTc2MjFeQTJeQWpwZ1…)

this fag unironically looks like the fat guy from malcolm in the middle

No. 1670424

Blaire's a bit of a manlet at 5'5" though. Keffals is like 6'2". So he can't just "pull a Blaire White".

No. 1670428

File: 1665253297089.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5229.png)

saw this creature in the wild at my local train station yesterday. lord have mercy. i've seen him before wearing the typical agp troon gear (cat ears, choker/collar, thigh high socks) he is so fucking lanky and greasy in HD

No. 1670443

>Also, has he turned "lesbian" aka straight again from liking men now? Notice how quite a number of trans women who proclaim they only like boys at first suddenly admit to really liking, in their words "cis women" and not dick in gen.
Pseudo-bisexuality is a common autogynephilic trait, they meme themselves into "liking" men and particularly degrading sex with basically anonymous penises because that's their fantasy of "what women are supposed to be like". But they also call themselves "lesbians" because ultimately they still are attracted to women but the woman they really are attracted to the most of all is their womansona kinsona donut steel OC. Even when it comes to the lesbians they try to force themselves on, it's less about any individual women but the idea of "being a lesbian" in itself because lesbianism is female-only by its literal nature.

No. 1670444

lmfao fat lard with no drip

No. 1670445

anon stop, this is so fucking creepy.

No. 1670446

nta but whats creepy on that post

No. 1670448

I hate troons but taking creepshots of people minding their own business is wrong tbh. I don’t care if it’s a girl or a guy taking it.

No. 1670450

All these bimbo castratos are yet another proof that there is no such thing as a female-socialized moid, no matter how early the castration starts. Even if they're put on puberty blockers at 3 weeks old and given surgery at 5 they're still never actually raised as girls (the difference is glaring if they have actual sisters, see Jazz Jennings' sister Ari) but as super speshul boys who get to enjoy the "fun" parts of "girlhood" without the horrors of misogyny. But even in those cases that someone does diddle these gelding boys behind the scenes it's "interesting" how male victims of CSA are so often feminized.

No. 1670454

File: 1665255488360.png (189.41 KB, 500x358, craigsmother.png)

No. 1670456

True tbh, especially the mentally unwell.

No. 1670458

trannies aren't people

No. 1670461

if he was wearing full agp gear its milk but he looks like a normie in this photo so ure the one being a bit creepy here sorry nonna

No. 1670467

oh my god okay MY BAD i get he just looks like an ugly moid here, i wish i had got the pic of him when he wore the troon gear and had the lesbian badge but alas. i guess i am the creep so sad, definitely not the man who goes in public like this and probably runs a catboy grooming discord !

No. 1670477

I agree

No. 1670486

> A single tweet by a middle aged author has killed THOUSANDS OF innocent troons
Great way to go about getting normies on your side, kek.

No. 1670488

this is lolcow farm not people of walmart, unless he has a crazy/retarded/weird/cringe internet presence all of his own then this is not the place, if he does then just post his twitter/reddit etc

No. 1670493

File: 1665258964526.jpeg (355.32 KB, 1170x672, 6B95B8C0-13DF-4BA1-9136-5970F9…)

this is funny to me bc most “terfs” (by these men’s definition) i’ve seen online have been regular feminine women who happen to want basic rights

No. 1670495

Once again conflating ‘femininity’ with being female

No. 1670518

Well, isn't that a pretty run of the mill conservative take?

No. 1670521

it's so funny because whenever we complain about being women, it's usually about the cruel beauty standards, the massive risk of getting raped, the constant threats and violence, the creepy fetishization and objectification, etc.
like i'm pretty sure these parts of womanhood are worth complaining about lol
but of course, to them, womanhood is all spinny skirts, slumber parties, and lesbian porn irl

No. 1670522

File: 1665262593214.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20221008-175523-039…)

Why are they so obsessed with Muslims?

No. 1670523

doesn't pass even in a burqa

No. 1670525

it just surprises me when these perverted muslim fetish males don't get hatecrimed in the west while muslim women are on a tight lease no matter where they live

No. 1670529

File: 1665263503189.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221008-170211_Red…)


No. 1670530

actual muslim women are even called bigots if they refuse to take off their hijabs around troons, and these same people who chastise them for it will also cape for misogynist homophobic muslim scrotes because "it's their culture!!"

No. 1670531

Anyone who passed that thing probably thought it was a suicide memorial. What made him think that was a good idea?

No. 1670534

Troons are too autistic to understand that it's women being upset and telling them that they as men will never understand the pain we go through becuase of sexist stereotypes, underdeveloped care for our specific bodily needs, period pains, being expected to sacrifce everything to cater to pathetic men like them, having to be flawless all the time, being physically weaker and men using that to their advantage etc. It's not hating femininity, it's hating them for fetishizing our struggles.

No. 1670535

They're really showing their true colors by defending pedos

No. 1670536

John Green maybe kek

No. 1670543

I'm crying

"transbian superhero" oml

the only Muslim TrANsBiAn I know of is that AliceAvizandum guy who has a fetish for being forced to drink alcohol and who tweeted about Magdalene Berns "resting in piss" after she died

there's quite a few of white TiM "muslimahs" it is absolutely nauseating to see them parade their bizarre fetish online

No. 1670545

would tumblypoos forgive >her if >she did?

No. 1670550

Forgive for what?

No. 1670552

Nta and to be honest I'm pretty uninformed about this, but there were people on tumblr who claimed he was creepy towards his fans and I guess he's pretty self important? I might be mixing him up with literally any other moid tho.

No. 1670568

tl;dr that Mexican troon who interrupted their Congress to scream about how he's an oppressed woman whore wasn't really a whore, he's a rich john. His now ex-husband was the actual man whore.
Source: https://reduxx.info/mexico-trans-politician-posting-porn-on-twitter-allegedly-lied-about-being-a-prostitute/
As if anybody is surprised that these fucking idiots always lie about being "sex workers".

No. 1670569

File: 1665270047990.jpg (698.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221008-185525_Red…)

Fat old troons stop showing skin challenge

No. 1670577

File: 1665270680587.png (1.1 MB, 1081x2249, chrome_screenshot_166527063635…)

the cope

No. 1670588

so you’re telling me that, if i spot a troon in the wild wearing programmer socks, a diaper, and giant prosthetic tits, i’m not allowed to take a picture and post it here? where’s the fun in that?

No. 1670621

He was aging OK for a modern scrote, which isn't saying much, but then he absolutely threw it all away.

No. 1670638

Don't listen to that anon kek keep posting and shaming nasty freaks who walk around outside with the sole purpose of msking others engage in their fetish

No. 1670643

File: 1665278577778.png (812.73 KB, 1081x3577, chrome_screenshot_166527819435…)

you're a heterosexual man, dude

No. 1670645

File: 1665278634153.jpg (47.52 KB, 400x400, RrnaVNKs_400x400.jpg)

No. 1670686

The issue here is that he's not doing anything in this picture. There's nothing to make fun of, really. If you captured him in troon gear in public, that's a different story, but from this picture alone how am I to know hes a tranny? What's stopping me from posting a picture of some random guy off the street? Honestly, it makes us look a bit bad

No. 1670691

oh this faggot is making me angry. “non amab butches” you will never be a woman. also what fucking more does he want other than lipservice? i thought that was the cure-all for the 41? why are these demands so passive aggressive and so vague lmfao.

No. 1670694

You can if one is wearing that. I've seen people do it plenty of times in the mtf threads. Problem is he isn't wearing anything like that, see what nona said here >>1670461

No. 1670695

Such a shame, I like Jon Stewart. He seems like the type of person who tries to do good, sucks that hes a handmaiden

No. 1670697

1) dead eyes/thousand yard stare - autism
2) agp smirk/asymmetrical smile - narc superiority smile, see https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28741981/
"A smile is the most frequent facial expression, but not all smiles are equal. A social-functional account holds that smiles of reward, affiliation, and dominance serve basic social functions, including rewarding behavior, bonding socially, and negotiating hierarchy. Here, we characterize the facial-expression patterns associated with these three types of smiles. Specifically, we modeled the facial expressions using a data-driven approach and showed that reward smiles are symmetrical and accompanied by eyebrow raising, affiliative smiles involve lip pressing, and dominance smiles are asymmetrical and contain nose wrinkling and upper-lip raising."

censoring climaxes but not sexual. what

No. 1670705

File: 1665282254029.jpeg (337.73 KB, 960x945, 2C4CB8FF-8F04-4E98-8FE5-820E3C…)

i have never wanted to alog this bad. retard tranny wants asspats for admitting that the coom comes above everything in his life, including self made “oppreshun”. the horse piss pills are kicking in full gear

No. 1670706

It's like watching a munchie talk about how cancer really isn't that bad.

No. 1670708

Their idea of womanhood is all superficial bullshit we’ve had imposed on us since birth. They break out of their dismal male mould only to jack off to makeup, skirts, nail polish, shaving their legs, and pretending they’re actors in their favourite porn categories and want to pretend it’s even remotely similar to the burden we carry facing the world as female

No. 1670711

They get so mad when we prove that the male fantasy of womanhood isn't real just by existing and talking about our experiences. It's the most male thing ever–"No, women are sexy and having fun at all times! You're not real people with functioning bodies or complex inner worlds!"

No. 1670713

it's so funny, they can always go back to just being a "normal" man, while women always will be women and will have to deal with all the shit they had to deal with for centuries. They aren't expressing "womanhood", those troons express their fetish of what they think being a woman means and it's all about sex, superficial stuff like makeup and clothes. They will never have to deal with the shit millions of girls and women have to deal with daily. Those women can't just put their wig away and tuck their dick out and be a man again, living their best lives, knowing they are making the rules and are a cause for the fears and troubles of women. With all the stuff going on in Iran at the moment troons make me so damn aggressive, wish they would take the place of every woman fighting for basic rights there or in other places around the world, then they would have something to scream and shout about.

No. 1670715

>terfs experience misogyny
>trans women endure misogyny

Because the man who's been wearing makeup and a dress for a couple of years has "endured" more suffering for being female than every woman on the planet, who have been female since birth. FGM, forced child marriages, systematic rape by armed forces, being beaten to death by "morality police" for not wearing your scarf correctly, all of that pales into insignificance when you consider the man in a dress

No. 1670734

File: 1665287596390.jpeg (3.34 MB, 3024x6108, 2733399C-F70E-40EC-8D07-24666D…)

when it’s not the agp smirk, it’s the school shooter eyes. you don’t pass, you’re just a sad looking manlet and people forget that you exist.

No. 1670736

i love that he does the kubrick stare to try to pass in photos, reminds me of another delusional hsts that shall not be named

No. 1670737

when the male privilege runs so deep they can’t believe misogyny is a serious thing because they will never, not even in full drag, experience it or relate to it.

No. 1670744

I mean he "passes" as a 15 year old boy with long hair, he looks like a pedophiles dream come true

No. 1670750

And we can't just "identify out of womanhood" and have it as easily believed publicly as they can because they are MEN. How can you say something isn't difficult when you have literally never experienced that thing? All moids are idiots incapable of empathy.

No. 1670754

Didn't Leighanna Rose Walsh (Irish troon) used to wear Hijab?

No. 1670756

File: 1665291105135.jpeg (184.61 KB, 1248x697, 2B4A5B77-A712-4D9F-9A92-AD91C3…)

everyday i thank god that i don’t have a troon in my family to deal with

No. 1670771

File: 1665293110755.png (Spoiler Image,771.86 KB, 1034x1234, 1655573661334.png)

Masturbating in female spaces = minding their own business. Picrel burn your eyes at your own discretion.

No. 1670781


> And then he fucked me while I was crying

That's creepy as hell, how did nearly four hundred people like that shit.

No. 1670798

File: 1665298469448.jpeg (295.03 KB, 1164x2154, BEDA2242-37E4-4C6C-9874-EFB0E4…)

4transelfietrain has so many keks, it’s just full of random white moids or fucking troglodytes doomposting about how they’ll never pass. atleast they’re self aware picrel just looks like some random mouth breather but he wants to be a true and honest wimmen

No. 1670802


He isn't even fucking trying lmao? No shit you're not going to pass

No. 1670803

He says he's not going to try, because he knows he will never pass. Trying means "girl mode".

No. 1670809


Ah.. well excuse my autism then

No. 1670811

How can people look at him and think "that is a woman with a feemail brain" it's unmistakably a young white boy with an absent father

No. 1670816

This is what they call a "boymoding" TiM. Scrotes who will hangout in trans spaces, but who will never actually start dressing different or come out as trans to friends and family. They might get on HRT without anyone knowing about it, but will still keep dressing like any other guy. They don't expect to be seen as women, but their dream is that somebody can tell that they have been on HRT and that they will be forced to dress feminine.

No. 1670827

File: 1665303198450.png (611.31 KB, 1471x1261, Screenshot 2022-10-08 190930.p…)

Tim gets kicked out of hotel because of cctv footage of him doing stuff in hallway? Acts shocked and surprised says he was having fun with his boyfriend in comments but is vague about everything. Handmaidens rush to cancel hotel reviews online without the full store.

No. 1670828

File: 1665303244685.png (3 MB, 750x1334, DD862A5B-20D8-4D16-AA4B-881809…)

Nomeatmashers or the “it’s under the sauce” meme guy on tiktok trooned out apparently Sage bc he’s not important but yikes, I feel bad for his wife

No. 1670836

File: 1665304404639.jpg (584 KB, 810x1660, Screenshot_20221009-042208_Chr…)

I believe you mean tranny sex cult

No. 1670841

>stay safe out there night working females
yeah, they are trying to stay safe from you

No. 1670847

The first link when u google the username is an escort site. Hmm what could he have gotten in trouble for in a hotel hallway? Mystery.
Please god cleanse nz of entitled trannies

No. 1670853

Kekking at the fact he still wears that classic 'I-am-a-man-and-cannot-dress-myself' shirt

No. 1670861

File: 1665311721377.png (327.46 KB, 1252x1272, tranny compass.png)

No. 1670866

Notice how he also erases every single bi or lesbian "terf" (by which he literally just means woman) as if they don't experience homophobia, and all the detrans women probably experienced some transphobia as well. Is there a word for misogyny coming specifically from trans people? There should be with how common it is

No. 1670869

Chupacabra actually stopped being a tranny

No. 1670870

File: 1665313056604.jpg (282.2 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20221009-235407__01…)

Imagine thinking you're marrying a man, but a few months into the engagement he completely troons out and ends up making the entire day about him.

An Aussie Twitter comedian too by the looks.

No. 1670871

The serial killer eyes and school shooter vibes are strong with this one

No. 1670872

OMG, that's James Charles.

No. 1670880

>Is there a word for misogyny coming specifically from trans people?
Transmisogyny, unironically

No. 1670884

do not separate them from men. its still just misogyny

No. 1670891

The troon on top looks uncanny too, they all do. Even the ones who people consider passable look like young boys with long hair.

No. 1670900

And entitled middle aged tranny apologists. If that sounds oddly specific it's because it is kek.

No. 1670904

Do women actually use this word with each other? I've only heard gay men say it.

No. 1670905

Imagine the way that "waist" squelches back into a perfect line when he takes off the trainer lol

No. 1670914

"Passing" troons think they are so much better than all other troons, they are just not going to deal well with aging.

No. 1670917

Men chasers of trans women can be absolutely dangerous, that's why they are so aggressive in telling off all the nice guys to them on twitter and trusting no "transloveally".

More transwomen have to know that and they're spreading awareness that the cis men being nice to them and pretending to cape for them against transphobes are all just chasers and want to degrade them and do perverted shit.

No. 1670918

Older women tend to say it to younger women and girls from my experience. Might be a regional thing though.

No. 1670920

true and he somehow looks even more muttlike these days kek

No. 1670921

File: 1665321347800.jpeg (291.36 KB, 1478x1665, DCC76590-5E02-4254-90E5-253765…)

No. 1670945

>Pictures you can smell.
Someone tell men sheets need to be changed more than once a month.

No. 1670946

Yes I call other women sweetie, usually younger or my age. Common enough where I am, it's not condescending. If you wanted to be condescending you'd say something else

No. 1670947

frankentroons the thalidomide of the 21st century

No. 1670966

That certainly explains a lot. Ex-husband has an expiration date now though.

No. 1670968

File: 1665329078926.jpeg (726.94 KB, 828x1321, 6CAF6F15-B9E9-4CD7-8FD5-07C6DB…)

No. 1670971

Scrolling through r/Transgender_Surgeries has ruined my morning.

No. 1670997

Literally why I've grown to hate leftists and progressives. Double standards abound

No. 1671010

>that hoarder kitchen
Males really have no sense of shame, if some mentally ill woman lived like this she would be embarrassed to show this and take a picture somewhere where it's not on display

No. 1671017


No. 1671021

just chasers and want to degrade them and do perverted shit

Sounds like a dream for troons.

No. 1671026

Not really as even chasers don't see them as real women, just transwomen. Which is why most trannies don't want anything to do with chasers.

No. 1671031

File: 1665334886257.jpg (567.25 KB, 810x1700, Screenshot_20221009-125305_Boo…)

Kek, trannies being the racists they are in the comments:

No. 1671040

god forbid a woman is disillusioned by leftists

No. 1671042

both leftists and right wingers are retarded. cope

No. 1671053

Yes, don't hate the side that has despised people just for being born brown. Brilliant.

No. 1671059

both sides are racist

No. 1671073

the poor arab man I wonder what he struggles with, poor troon.

No. 1671078

File: 1665339466389.jpeg (125.27 KB, 750x742, 51AD0865-7355-40CD-95C6-A11941…)

I have never seen a troon exhibit muh female autism symptoms kek they always behave even more male than your average moid

No. 1671079

File: 1665339550953.jpeg (105.93 KB, 750x629, 82D32215-6B1C-44E4-ACCD-435D83…)

completely unsubstantiated claim…Twitter’s misinformation checks need to get on this shit

No. 1671082

Why do they always say feemail? Never woman. Men and females: the two sexes

No. 1671083

Ah yes the uniquely feminine aspie urge to become a trannie freak

No. 1671084

Autistic male representation is one of the only things that depicts male behavior honestly. Autistic female representation isn't accurate most of the time, and is more often than not the modern manic pixie dream girl trope, just mostly without the mania (they're depicted as childlike, quirky, quiet, and daydreaming). He's just saying "I don't like looking in a mirror, I prefer looking at waifus."

No. 1671085

He wants sex. Nothing else is ever good enough.

No. 1671087


TRAs sure like to play the "female brain" card just to justify AGP and invading women spaces, though it has not enough evidence to support it, and might be a Red Herring they made up for a sex pest against cis women agenda. TERs should let it be debunked and shown to normies asap.

No. 1671090

File: 1665340524073.jpeg (2.69 MB, 3024x7862, 4C1B598B-9F96-45B0-9BE3-A4933C…)

he should call the police, hurting a man’s feelings is a hate crime.

No. 1671091

"Male/female brains" is literally sexist rhetoric. At this point trying to fight against this (misogyny) is transphobic. Isn't the world amazing, nonnas?

No. 1671092

File: 1665340594167.jpg (1.25 MB, 2419x1600, scrotes.jpg)

No. 1671093

I've thought for years that Hank Green was likely to troon out. He always seemed desperate for relevance. Maybe finding fame on TikTok gave him enough e-whore euphoria that he didn't need to explore gender euphoria.

No. 1671097

Isn't this the app or whatever that was making polices against "da turfz" because everyone kept doing "terf4terf" lol
In all seriousness, fine support the troons on there but what is the sense in trying to force people to get into relationships they don't want to be in?

No. 1671100

sex pests, the whole lot of them
omg his hair line y'all
yuck this is the malest set up I've ever seen
troons always post photos of their legs and/or bulge on their dating app profiles but I've never seen a woman do so kek

No. 1671102


Cute of you to assume the average sheets get washed even close to that often.

No. 1671106

i just buy a new one once a year

No. 1671107

File: 1665341982785.jpeg (175.09 KB, 750x969, EABB4C4B-F539-433C-A2B8-FEA189…)

The first reply was on the right track but this idiot has deluded herself into thinking RadFems want to uphold gender norms and conformity when the troons are the ones who are literally medicalizing gender nonconformity and stereotypes. Idgaf how a man dresses or presents himself as long as he doesn’t try to self identify out of his male privilege or use femininity as a sexist humiliation fetish. Troonery just further proves the Y chromosome is defective and scrotes are inferior to women to me so I certainly don’t praise masculinity. Kek it’s like they willingly choose to misinterpret what Radical Feminism is all about and conflate it was conservative talking points, there’s no way to be that dumb except to purposely obfuscate our stances and gaslight normies. (1/2)

No. 1671114

File: 1665342529994.jpeg (163.92 KB, 750x928, 43291BBE-0052-4599-A08D-FDB5AC…)

The op was about why terfs hate TIMs instead of TIFs. TIMs aren’t women and RadFems aren’t misogynists so hope that helps. I don’t understand how they can claim misogyny in the same breath that they whine they’re not treated the same as actual women though. Like they miss the whole point in their desperation to get oppression clout. Also we have evidence that it’s TIMs who use trans as an insult toward conventionally unattractive or infertile women, not terfs. Projection every time. (2/2)

No. 1671115

File: 1665342530153.jpg (547.53 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20221008_140749.jpg)

No. 1671117

File: 1665342641133.jpeg (104.27 KB, 748x769, EC7507AA-B425-4FDD-88AF-547F75…)

No. 1671119

File: 1665342719493.jpeg (95.13 KB, 750x739, 232F0FB8-7FCC-426B-9687-D9182D…)

>cougar bimbo
no sir, you’re actually an ugly predator

No. 1671120

>nesting partner

No. 1671122

and yes, his Twitter is just him talking about wanting to get dominated by goth girls

No. 1671126

One of the most noticeable thing about both autistic men and women is they do not conform to social norms… UNTIL they identify as trans and then suddenly they love stereotypes. It's like they have to have a logic for why they don't relate to their peer group. It can't just be autism (non-conformists), it has to be something fucking insane like being born with a women's brain in a man's body. Sage for ramble.

No. 1671135

That's poly bullshit. It's the bf/gf that they live with.

No. 1671136

You’re weird.

No. 1671138

what? right in the tweets you replied to they use both male/female and men/women

No. 1671140

File: 1665344651932.jpg (493.25 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20221008_142637.jpg)

No. 1671143

File: 1665344767219.jpg (280.08 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20221008_142850.jpg)

No. 1671146

Probably because autists aren't inherently non-conformists. There are female autists who hyperconform and put a lot of effort in camouflaging, expert hyperfemininity. They probably outnumber the amount of nonconforming autistic women and just don't end up being diagnosed/noticed. There is something besides just autism which causes behavior like that, which way someone goes (nonconforming or hyperconforming), but it's indeed not being born with the brain of the opposite sex or whatever.

No. 1671148

Why do they think they speak for every LGBT person? I’m an alphabet person and I like JKR. Many do.

No. 1671149

There's only one "side" represented in any government on the planet and that's the side of the rich who are literally killing the rest of us by the hundreds daily for the sake of short term profits. Left vs right is nothing but a show they put on.

No. 1671156

Wow, it’s almost like clothes don’t equate to gender and people will most often see you as the sex you are. This stuff grinds me gears a little because how are you supposed to differentiate between GNC people and ones who ID as trans? If I see a man in a “feminine” outfit I’m still just going to assume he’s a man who decided to wear a dress that day.

No. 1671161

Imagine a woman half as unfortunate-looking as this man calling herself a “cougar bimbo”, and imagine people’s reactions if she tried. Moids are delusional.

No. 1671163

u didnt do anything wrong nonnie fuck the scrotes

No. 1671172

File: 1665347656167.jpeg (299.66 KB, 750x1201, 6DB7DF75-F7E9-436B-8059-380392…)

No. 1671174

>I don't look like a man
>Everyone and their grandma clocked me
So… which one is it?

No. 1671185

File: 1665349887533.jpeg (248.05 KB, 828x1212, DD61DE00-3BC6-47A7-94EF-33DF23…)

I cannot fucking believe moids

No. 1671187

Why do they even try, they go from sounding like dudes to sounding like creepy dudes

The universe made you male, you can still enjoy feminine things, take the path of no resistance instead of fighting every aspect of yourself and the world.

No. 1671198

File: 1665351107421.jpeg (71.96 KB, 536x670, 9B619DD5-DD92-4C5E-A46B-3909CA…)

Note the way the wife is leaning away from him. And ofc there’s the troon flag and flowers. You never see anyone else with flags at their weddings except the genderspecials.

No. 1671219

I would barf and cry. Downside of marrying a white man in the modern age

No. 1671223

He couldn't even wash his hair?

No. 1671224

I've literally never heard a woman that sounds like this. His deep voice is more womanly

No. 1671225

Why was this even necessary? They’re always me me me me me me me.

No. 1671228

I would be celebrating if he asked me to renew the vows as a lesbian couple: I would celebrate my divorce.
Why they keep married? No one is that masochist right, right?

No. 1671229

Oh, nonnie, now that you have pointed out, I think I have never seen a non-white troon that is a "transbian", only white guys. I wonder why.

No. 1671232

Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist. They might be rarer but they're there

No. 1671235

File: 1665355957022.png (72.71 KB, 796x538, afwgwrge.PNG)

It's equal parts hilarious and rage-inducing to see them try to appropriate both the struggles of women in STEM and the snarky libfem "don't mansplain to me!" attitude

No. 1671238

Mansplain what to that scrote? He is a man!
I am really holding myself to not a-log

No. 1671241

File: 1665356904558.jpg (13.34 KB, 292x292, Cp310_DWAAUW-Zk.jpg)

Isn't the pfp just this SNL character?

No. 1671243

ot but Fred Armisen cross dresses in his shows so much I wouldn't be surprised if he's AGP too especially with the abuse allegations against him

No. 1671245

is there any new news about that teacher with the fetish breastplate?

No. 1671250

Thanks for taking this screen cap. I was too busy rolling my eyes at the sappy music and the male-decorated room with the token blåhaj on the bed. It's such autist behavior to make a physical list of what to do to supposedly switch genders. Of fucking course getting his bra size was top of the list and he has multiple items for social media. Wondering if I'm not a woman to these troons because I don't have pierced ears and don't wear heels? Also the camera man was doing him dirty by getting his side profile kek. He seriously still has sideburns.

No. 1671253

looking like a fucking naked mole rat
idk what other nonnas are seeing I think he looks like a light-skinned Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows (no offense to Harvey Guillen)

No. 1671256

not to defend troons, but they see those things as necessary to look female on themselves because they're a man. they think earrings will distract people's eyes from their thick necks and adam's apples

No. 1671263

File: 1665359655837.png (1.08 MB, 859x475, hftzdftz.PNG)

No. 1671276

This has been posted several times before

No. 1671278

Good question, nona. The latest I could find on Twitter is that he is still teaching and people are still protesting. It's mad.

Side note: depressing that when I searched for "oakville teacher" the first news to come up was oakville school girl's hockey coach (male obviously) being charged for sexual abuse of 2 children. sigh.

No. 1671302

So he couldn't steal her big day the first time around, typical. This is the exact same reason moids troon out when their girlfriends get pregnant. The world literally has to revolve around them.

No. 1671337

File: 1665367516225.jpg (559.19 KB, 797x1438, beard.jpg)

nice 'stache

No. 1671338

File: 1665367547916.jpg (137.08 KB, 828x1128, FeePWF7WIAIzYr4.jpg)

No. 1671341

Brendon Urie?

No. 1671352

potion seller…

No. 1671354

File: 1665368762589.jpg (599.82 KB, 1440x1486, IMG_20221010_132229.jpg)

Troons are the biggest narcissists. "Your jokes about your own dating and sex life have to be inclusive of me because otherwise your personal dating and sex life is pRoBlEmAtIc!!!!1!1!!"

No. 1671380

you can’t handle my strongest potions, cope seethe dilate etc

No. 1671402

I mean he's not wrong, they are just echo chambers of insecurity and misery. But at least they probably dissuade a fair few would-be-eggs.

No. 1671405


No. 1671438

am i crazy by saying he looks like a trooned out johnny depp

No. 1671449

File: 1665380275279.png (304.17 KB, 542x1034, agony_abby.png)

he said terfs are "crotchety old conservative grandmas whose kids don't speak to them."
the delusional cope about how all detrans women or terfs are evil old conservatives is so funny.
he also has no access to his own children anymore - so projection?

No. 1671450

it's funny because she ended up looking like how men who transition look like, lmao

No. 1671453

It’s so wild that this has been a joke/talking point for lesbians for years and years and there was no issue, but suddenly these days it’s such a horrible and mean thing to say. All because some men want to larp and it hurts their feelings, Christ how did we ever get here, when I think back to how it used to be in lesbian spaces etc, I feel like I've slipped and fallen into some nightmare

No. 1671457

Aren't there several websites online dedicated to funneling HRT to people if they choose to sign up with minimum medical intervention?

No. 1671460

File: 1665382618010.png (333.07 KB, 675x675, amongus1.png)

fixed version

No. 1671461

>they tell you that happens, you sign a lot of paperwork, it's like chemo
Except chemo is a last resort against a disease that has a 1 in 100,000 chance (0.001%) of survival otherwise, and cancer isn't at all comparable to a mental condition like dysmorphia. We give kids chemo because we have no other option to keep them alive. Meanwhile, there's no substantial evidence to suggest that children who go on HRT or blockers have higher quality of life than ones without them, and plenty of evidence to the contrary.
But kids are told regularly that blockers are harmless and reversible, and that not going on blockers or HRT will 100% make them so miserable that they will want to kill themselves. Neither is true, but a child will almost always believe the simple answers they got online over the complicated medical jargon on a consent form that they probably didn't even fully read. This isn't the child's fault, it's the fault of the adults who thought any of this was a good idea to begin with. A child is never going to be able to make a sound and informed decision on whether or not to give themselves highly experimental treatment for mental health conditions, especially not for a condition like dysmorphia, which has been proven to exist briefly during puberty or in childhood (in the case of homosexuals). Their brains and bodies haven't fully developed. They're young, naive, uncomfortable with their own bodies, awkward, and, yes, kind of stupid.

No. 1671463

yeah I can't count the number of times I've seen people say there are "literally zero side effects" from blockers and that they're "completely harmless and 100% reversible"

No. 1671465

File: 1665383813532.jpg (473.29 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20221008_145107.jpg)

No. 1671467

>detrans terfs don't deserve rights
I hate how troons are always so demanding of the most trivial shit being catered to them, calling it a fundamental human right, but unironically love to joke about revoking the rights of people who merely have different opinions than them. the biggest fucking hypocrites. they'll cap for pedos and Chris Chan's rights more than handmaidens. imagine being detrans and earnestly posting about your life-ruining experience and some miserable scrote attacks you for not staying in line with vitriol like this.

No. 1671468

his voice is so chris like. the autism is strong.

No. 1671470

This troon has such a grating voice, i feel cursed because no matter how many times i tell youtube i don't care i keep getting this retard recommended

No. 1671472

beautiful thank you nona

No. 1671479

Drugs used for chemo are also given to people with arthritis, chrohns, sarcoidosis, basically anything related to inflammation. It's not considered chemo therapy for these conditions, because the dosage is only 1/10th of what would be given to an actual cancer patient. Though even in the case of those dosages, which would probably be a more fair comparison than the hardcore high dosages of cancer patients, still don't work 1/3 of the time, wreck havoc on your liver and bones and they're trying to move to biologicals like TNF-α, because it's not even worth it in actual sick people.

No. 1671486

kek, perfect

No. 1671496

They're failing to take into account that men on hrt get sterilized from it kek

No. 1671512

They're so stupid, it's like saying brown cats are similar to dogs because there are more brown dogs than cats. That just means cats can also be brown you retard, it doesn't make brown cats any more dog like. A male brain that has activity similar to a female brain just means our previous understanding of male brains was too limited.

No. 1671516

Anon, all the studies that say troon brains are similar to female brains are bs. They are studies with a limited sample size and they study the brains of troons that spent years taking estrogen. I can assure you, no one has done a good study comparing the brains of troons pre-transition to women's brains because they know what the results would be.

No. 1671520

it doesn't matter what the results are though. A brain in a male body = a male brain, everything else is stereotypes

No. 1671522

File: 1665390584752.jpeg (943.78 KB, 960x1462, 23BD25EF-1025-471A-A07B-8069E5…)

female brain isnt real bc this guy doesnt have a shred of shame to be seen like this by thousands of people

No. 1671528

I know, that's what I'm saying. Any "overlap" found are the studies not taking into account that brains are just brains. It's like they're saying "only women have breasts" and then seeing an obese man with moobs and going "huh I guess this man must be a woman" rather than "huh I guess men can naturally store fat in the breast area too when they're overweight". It wouldn't matter if their brains perfectly mimicked female brains (they evidently don't, but in theory) it would just mean that those functions found are naturally occurring in both genders.

No. 1671537

File: 1665394102060.png (526.22 KB, 662x527, wot..PNG)

the coping mechanism part 414243

No. 1671542

>explain how
the camera angle switched from below to above, hope this helps

No. 1671607

File: 1665406143121.jpeg (178.69 KB, 828x1107, D9884780-54B5-4A0B-B811-383F0F…)

Literally looks the same just his smirk is flipped and he’s holding the camera at a different angle? What happens to the brains of these men that cause such delusions?

No. 1671614

I saw this meme floating around as if it’s comparable.

No. 1671617

File: 1665407323541.jpeg (52.04 KB, 465x458, 103EC45A-6BF7-4E3B-B90A-C37E28…)

I saw this meme floating around as if it’s comparable.

No. 1671621

File: 1665408142629.png (923.25 KB, 800x864, E0KDIO6XIAUuMSZ.png)

I will bet my ass this dude (Technology Connections) will at some point. He has the troon autism vibe, his voice already sounds like a tranny trying to sound "feminine" and has pronouns in bio

No. 1671624

Scrotes genuinely do'nt see a problem in that sort of thing. If they could their lives would be just nonstop endless degenerate sex. It's why if I hear about an outlandish sexual encounter involving an actual real woman online, I'm automatically extremely skeptical and assume they are making it up. But I honestly don't know if I could make up a sexual scenario involving men disgusting, bizarre or creepy enough that it hasn't already been done thousands of times and has a subreddit dedicated to it with 50k subscribers.

No. 1671629

the lack of empathy is astounding
All these trannies advocating for teenagers to take hormones when they only started after they were 18 are stupid.

No. 1671630

Nonas it's bongland Thanksgiving and I'm thrilled to report that after spending the weekend together, my younger sister has peaked. Thank fuck.

No. 1671631

Yeah that post was 100% fiction, for many reasons one being men on Grindr don't want some pussy autist in a pink skirt calling themselves "she" they want a hot chad to bone them.

Women are the sole reason civization exists and we aren't all raging cavepeople, men try their hardest every day to revert to tribal beasts. They know they only thing stopping their degenerate, short ideal lives is women, hence why we are the target for most of their hatred. Every woman is symbolically mommy telling them not to put their hand in the fire, but they will put their hand in the damn fire! Mommy can't stop them!

No. 1671633

Doing the Lord's work anon, what did you use as peaking material?

No. 1671640

He sounds like the kid with the glasses from Polar Express. Kinda fits considering said kid is the epitome of the "nerdy autistic boy obsessed with trains" archetype.

No. 1671644

Good work, I’m so jealous. I don’t want to blogpost but my little sister (who I adore) is currently they/them online and it’s heart breaking, I’m seeing her soon and won’t breach the subject but part of me wishes she could peak so we could talk/laugh about it together. Any tips?

No. 1671645

Well there has been some degree of "female brain" by certain measures found consistently…in gay men. Thus it shouldn't surprise it is found by a fair number of studies…in HSTS. I'm not aware of a study that specifically used the term AGP but there was at least one where gynephilic (attracted to women) TiMs showed no "female brain" as opposed to HSTS.

No. 1671646

File: 1665410120086.png (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1408x5896, 1665409236407000.png)

No. 1671648

Kek this comic is funny 'cause the circle-flags are meant to emulate Polandball of all things. You know, the comic series that uses antisemitism, racism and whatnot for humor.

But nooooo troons getting their fee fees hurt over some rando's jokes about their sex lives which contradict with their fetish oh noooo.

No. 1671649

I don't like troons as much as the next person, but it does make a point of the cognitive dissonance these connnies make. Both are still bad though.

No. 1671652

Pretty consistent with a nazi to troon pipeline.

No. 1671664

whenever I hear my roommate listening to this guy I keep wondering if hes already transitioned behind the scenes, his voice is ridiculously effeminate

No. 1671666

Wdym "people"? It's just women that would be affected here

No. 1671695

>smells like shit (well, it smells like normal female genitalia, but it's much stronger than my old penis and I can not get used to it)

wow this retard really thinks that actual vaginas smell like his infected axe wound

No. 1671729


Christ on a stick I hate these Muslim fetishists so fucking much, you just know these chuds wank to the bullshit women have to go through in Islamic countries. They make me so fucking angry especially with the situation in Iran right now. Fuck all of them.

No. 1671735

File: 1665419642633.png (235.2 KB, 796x795, daintymuslimah.png)

They're even clockable in niqabs with their eyes covered. Found on Etsy.

No. 1671754

Sage for blog post but a couple I know live on a farm and have two kids. The troon is a stay at home 'mom' while the wife has a job and also raises the kids and does the farm work while the troon fucks around with never finished projects. The troon is getting the dick chop in a month and will be completely out of commission while seething and dilating (and is also bipolar). That poor woman is going to be doing even more work. Future trans widow

No. 1671768

Bring up big tits teacher and how stupid all that is, and then go on to rant/explain how trans identities are all based on harmful stereotypes (using the outrageous ones as examples so it doesn't sound too terfy). Don't direct anything towards her, just talk about it as if you didn't know she was a they/them, but nicely and not too aggressively kek like how associating female clothes with being female is a stereotype that we used to finally break away from but now it's going back to it thanks to these trans-induced stereotypes, that tomboys have virtually stopped existing, and that everyone hates their bodies to some degree so "cis" doesn't even make sense (esp with disorders like anorexia). And if you're brave enough you could point out that nb people are really just saying that "cis" women love the sexist stereotypes forced onto them, and if they don't they're forced to identify as a non-woman which is fucked up. Rambly mess, but might give you some ideas, gl

No. 1671777

Please dont jinx it nonna this dude makes awesome videos

No. 1671786


Initially began with some light commiserating over how it's been a banner year for women losing their rights. Later(the next day), I asked her thoughts on how her individual experience with female social conditioning has affected her- she got appropriately riled up. Let her complain about our mom and her coworkers until the wind was out of her sails. Finally on our drive home together last night I read her the psychologytoday article debunking Tiktok Tourettes as a garden variety psychogenic social contagion. She called it an embarrassment (it is), and I concluded that I'm scared the kids are being indoctrinated into trans culture the same way our own father got radicalized into distrusting mainstream media and believing in Chem trails and shit. Mentioned if I had been born later I worry I would have lopped my tits off in response to the pressure of [natural] confusion of growing up compounded by our current day blackmirror influences. She was/is horrified, but it's a necessary step.

No. 1671810

I think like another nona said, don’t be too aggressive with it because it might fully push her away from wanting to hear anything at all. Sometimes it takes literal years for people to change their minds on things, and especially if they’re younger and influenced heavily by peers or spaces online. Asking questions or bringing up applicable topics every now and then when they enter news cycles is good, as is focusing more on inadequacies than insulting trans people and sounding “in too deep”. In reality, the main point is for women to remain safe and have our voices heard anyway. Ultimately, people will do what they do, maybe she’ll stay in that mindset for a while but the main thing is making sure she’s safe online and off. A lot of kids seem to go through this phase now and shake it off a few years later, hopefully it will be like that.

No. 1671814

>Is 16 and wants to make a major life decision that will fundamentally change her body and provide her with additional responsibilities she may not understand or be ready for
>Is 16 and wants to make a decision that will stop her body from being fundamentally changed and keep her from having additional responsibilities she isn't prepared for as a child
These things are not comparable. It does show a real hypocrisy of conservative fundamentalists, but I'm pretty sure the meme originally said something different on the left that proved the hypocrisy further by providing an example of a child making a decision that could be reversed.

No. 1671817

File: 1665426191201.png (6.34 MB, 828x1792, F65C277F-9451-4599-A2B1-989F75…)

lmao the fucking jumpscare
not to be vain but if i was a male and looked this fucking ugly i’d simply kill myself

No. 1671818

It's absurd to me how many of these online obscure tech personalities end up associating with "queer" communities. gravislizard (CathodeRayDude) and foone come to mind here. And I think Tech Connections is friends with both of them.

No. 1671819

File: 1665426306724.png (523.93 KB, 675x675, 1665382618010.png)

No. 1671823

Good fucking lord, that's a face only a mother could love

No. 1671830

Not even a mother could love that horrible thing.

No. 1671837

at least make it funny kek

No. 1671840

File: 1665429174750.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x441, EWgYTR8XkAU-if0.jpg)

radfem memes

No. 1671847

File: 1665430109294.png (977.08 KB, 1079x1638, markup_151165.png)


No. 1671849

LMAO I went to summer camp with this guy yeeears ago when we were both kids. he told us all to subscribe to his youtube channel and I did and for whatever reason I never unsubscribed so I've watched his descent into troondom and shitty pseudo-breadtube videos that are basically unwatchable due to the hyperactive editing and his obnoxious nasally voice. no milk but when I knew him he was "genderfluid" and his friends would get angry at anyone who got his pronouns wrong, which was often because they'd change every day. back then I legitimately couldn't tell his sex (probably because we were both like 12). not so much the case anymore kek.

No. 1671860

File: 1665431567514.jpg (234.5 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20221010_112946.jpg)

I don't know where to put this but ugly ass non passing eldery looking Keffals picking at a Detransitioned TIF for being upset she's balding. I kind of hope people post pictures of Keffals in the wild on his timeline. He's ugly. Hunched over, Balding and retarded. I really dislike him

No. 1671862

File: 1665431609087.jpg (252.55 KB, 1302x633, cope.jpg)

No. 1671863

File: 1665431624483.png (886.86 KB, 1440x1486, ywnbaw-btw.png)

No. 1671870

Love how everyone feels the need to share their resounding opinion about that video, the exact same opinion shared thousands and thousands of times that we all agree with because people think their take on it is somehow meaningful or necessary to throw out into the cyber ether. We get it! We all thought the same thing! Whatever

No. 1671874

Why is it funny? You look like a creepy uncle.

No. 1671877

>It's funny when detrans people look ugly after taking the same HRT and getting the same surgeries trans people get
Imagine making fun of kids for being ugly because people like you told them HRT would fix them, especially when they literally look identical to trans people, and oftentimes look more sane.

No. 1671880

File: 1665433076622.png (491.33 KB, 658x546, Keffals 10th October 2022 pout…)

Literally bullying this woman for no reason, he deleted the post but I don't get why he's attacking this person??

No. 1671882

File: 1665433201599.png (229.58 KB, 250x686, 1665374971009.png)

Meanwhile he looks like this at 28.

No. 1671883

If this is a detransitioning TIF woulding calling her 'He' be misgendering?? Keffals committing literal violence

No. 1671884

“Oomf transitioning into Putin”

No. 1671885

File: 1665433418029.gif (Spoiler Image,3.35 MB, 400x400, fish.gif)

Ugly ass hell, Doing the same thing kiwifarms does but it's okay to pick at someone's looks as long as they are a woman. Yet nobody can pick at Keffals.

No. 1671888

He dresses so frumpy and dumpy, he looks like a pizza delivery driver in a college town

No. 1671890

im actually surprised more troons havent turned on him for not "performing femininity" enough when he just presents as a boy with tits irl

No. 1671892

I love when troons go missing and don’t come back(unsaged bait)

No. 1671894

I guess their line of thought is "hrt just makes you look like a regular opposite sex person, not like super hot opposite sex person" but I feel like there's a vengeful sentiment like "now you see what us ugly/average men suffer, femoid". Really fucking weird to see either way because they do believe hrt is magic and will turn them into cute anime girls.

No. 1671899

I can tell he’s a groomer by this photograph alone.

No. 1671907

Exactly. They constantly talk about how HRT is a fountain of youth and it gives them smooth skin and curves and reverses their baldness, but then make fun of a woman cause maybe she didn't expect her hair to fall out so much?

No. 1671909

But that woman doesn't look 21,she looks fucking 40 something. I know a lot of men have shit genes but come on, just like Keffals doesn't look like the average 28 year old woman, with his height,hunch wide back, five o clock shadow, balding/thinning hair and negative hips. Like it's unnatural, at least the woman passes as a much older sick man, whole Keffals looks like a 40 year old beer belly dad with a bad back who loves rock

No. 1671911

My point is that all that shit they pump into these scrotes and women. Very rarely makes them look the same as actual men and women in their age groups.

No. 1671912


the detrans community is to the trans community what open gays are to the closeted.

most trans people seriously consider de-transition at some point and develop this weird hostility towards people who actually do it as a way of trying to convince themselves they made the right choice by living a lie.

No. 1671919

I know the Hunchback of Not a Dame isn't talking about someone looking like a creepy uncle.

No. 1671927

File: 1665437672625.jpeg (884.05 KB, 960x1751, 78D745EA-E867-4C38-A002-F4388B…)

keep coping you fucking goof.

No. 1671930

dude has some crazy eyes

No. 1671944

what's that weird hand symbol he's doing? does he think he's slick?

No. 1671952

No. 1671964

When I was young, kids were calling it “ball gazing”
Just girly tings.

No. 1671976

Another failed SCP experiment out in the wilds

No. 1671977

File: 1665442686256.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.17 KB, 894x894, pipe_tf_human__digital_sketch_…)


>this is a translady who was initially hooked up to a milking machine but over time she expanded and eclipsed the entire milkpipe. employees at the human-milking factory take good care of her, they call her “Pipey”. she can’t really talk but she can mumble, and employees sometimes hold up a clipboard to her hands so she can write messages. she has a happy & peaceful life using her body to process milk.

No. 1672007

what will this era of the male psyche be called by future herstorians

No. 1672014

what? Why do the closeted gays hate on open gays

No. 1672041

File: 1665451011911.jpg (182.57 KB, 797x1023, 50282484526_2578ffaf5c_b.jpg)

No. 1672042

File: 1665451040475.jpg (88.94 KB, 768x1024, 50278054901_5ac849c1c0_b.jpg)

No. 1672065

damn add another autistic asian to the tally.

No. 1672075

You didn't know this was a thing, nona?
It's mostly seen in closeted gay men. They overcompensate with hypermasculine stuff. Gymbros, sports, military, or go super religious.

No. 1672080

File: 1665455997182.jpg (18.36 KB, 250x361, 3727703-b642eea3758dc81f55da9a…)

He's barely leaning btw

No. 1672081

File: 1665456036310.jpg (112.05 KB, 250x405, 3727706-9af6c7fcaba4bb65ff82fb…)

Built like wreck it Ralph but picking at a Tif's looks

No. 1672084

File: 1665456650822.jpeg (26.41 KB, 671x152, 63255E8F-EAC5-4421-B366-AA85BD…)

No. 1672090

"the last straw", hopefully

No. 1672091

NO. Although now i'm scared because he's been growing his hair out and it looks atrocious but i just figured he didn't know what he was doing fashion-wise. But now…. i'm wondering. Please god no.

No. 1672101

File: 1665458024259.png (1.27 MB, 2058x1208, Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.1…)

A hispanic tranny getting so close. They really can only relate to the actual forms of oppression they face and cant fully make the connection.
Wonder what got it deleted /s

No. 1672103

he follows contrapoints

No. 1672104

File: 1665458102659.png (1.42 MB, 1139x2048, chrome_screenshot_166545804432…)

No. 1672105

Holy Scoliosis, Batman!

No. 1672107

damn it. god fucking damn it. where will i watch videos about the mechanics of dishwashers and space heaters after this happens. God damn it the hair was a sign and I was ignoring it because i forgot we don't live in normal times anymore.

No. 1672109

So beauty is the only line between man and woman. If a man can contort his body, paint his face, take drugs and use angles to make himself seem feminine then he's a woman. Because women who aren't conventionally attractive aren't actually women. Got it

No. 1672112

File: 1665458722438.png (450.07 KB, 632x623, Screenshot-12158.png)


Wow it's the "Real Life Ken" guy with bolt ons

No. 1672113

100% plastic

No. 1672118

File: 1665459424696.png (489.96 KB, 900x2000, undefined - Imgur (2).png)

No. 1672122

>mickey mouse in heat
my sides

No. 1672124

File: 1665460025264.jpeg (346.51 KB, 1440x1799, 6ABBE578-4A07-4FCD-B596-2032C4…)

This is what he really looks like, he got his bolt-ons done recently and is obviously very proud of them.

No. 1672127

He looks sick and like someone molded a GI Joe action figure and tried to make it look like a bootleg Bratz doll. He looks like a sick drag queen.

No. 1672129

god this guy keeps popping up on my feed all the time and hes so resentful. all of his posts are the same, constantly crying about how no one wants to fuck him. wonder why huh

No. 1672139

File: 1665462706626.gif (680.23 KB, 498x280, anime-high-five.gif)

good one scrote

No. 1672140

Jesus fucking Christ what a startling image

No. 1672141

in 2022 we should be finally free from seeing this jamjars fag on social media. why is it that all the gays from the 2010s tumblr era (dan is next) have started trooning out? oh right, what's the point in living if you're just a mediocre white gay man online when that's hardly an attention grabber this decade

No. 1672144

Kek always the shapeless line moid waist

No. 1672167

File: 1665466133871.jpeg (551.4 KB, 1170x1698, 35E6B49A-1532-4423-BA4A-F3BC8E…)

oops deleted because i didn’t sage, but again: wtf? is there supposed to be pushback for a woman receiving treatment to battle cancer? are handmaidens seriously equating oncology to men trying to be women? give me a break.

No. 1672188

giving estrogen to teen girls for PCOS is not common treatment…

and this reminds me of the shit they used to do to talk girls

>From the 1950s onwards in the US, tall girls were given high doses of a drug called diethylstilbestrol (DES). From debilitating short-term side-effects to devastating longer-term consequences (including increased risk of cancer and infertility), the justification for stunting female growth was essentially that tall girls might struggle to find husbands. Interestingly, as opportunities for women began to expand the height at which DES was deemed to be necessary rose; from around 5ft 8in in the 1950s to 6ft in the 1970s and 1980s.

No. 1672189

File: 1665470088243.jpg (17.89 KB, 320x286, proxy-image(6).jpg)

why does he look like this

and if that is indeed a natal male, those are some really unfortunate genetics. his head is enormous and his body is scrawny and very "compact". he has shit genes as a man.

No. 1672202

Why don’t trannies just train their waists with corsets? It would help them a lot more than just getting bolt ons that don’t fit in harmony with the rest of them.

No. 1672204

He is shaped like a vertical fucking rhinoceros and he has the nerve to try and act superior on twitter about someone's looks. Literal failmale genes.

No. 1672206

The only thing more entitled and spoiled than a white man, is an Arab man.

No. 1672216

File: 1665472619372.png (456.29 KB, 734x824, Screenshot (310).png)

thoughts on this tim?

No. 1672220

every time I see kikomi my day is instantly better

No. 1672223

My male friend used to be a fan of his and insisted anything bad was just slander and lies, I'm so happy the truth about him is becoming more known now kek

No. 1672225

Take note that he is complaining about female detransitioners specifically, because he hates women and knows they're less likely to be aggressive and defend themselves
>most trans people seriously consider de-transition at some point and develop this weird hostility towards people who actually do it
This is so true, they also fear their lies being exposed. They've pretended AGP doesn't exist and that it's not a fetish, when they all know it's a very large driving force for most trans women. They're afraid it will come out that many trans women know that they're just gay men, but find acting trans to be easier because of homophobia. They're afraid the fact that they're all mentally ill and addicts will come out. They're terrified the normies will find out who they really are so they can no longer abuse their trans positions to coom

No. 1672231

Ive been thinking this for years as well. I pray it will not happen

No. 1672237

I hope more people come to realize the truth, if you care about your family legacy, invest in your daughters, they're the true future of your family. You can give your son the best of everything, and he'll just rage at you and cut his cock and balls off to spite you.

No. 1672240

File: 1665476769221.jpg (275.95 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20221011-041835_Boo…)

>Getting off to yourself and femininity is almost universal among cis women

No. 1672242

They can't explain butch4butch.

No. 1672245

If this was true no woman would ever put up with a man.

No. 1672247

oh yeah every woman masturbates into her mother's underwear in front of a mirror growing up

No. 1672253

nothing compares to the ego and greed of a white agp troon. “women find themselves sexy therefore i too am a woman because ive ruined my dick with pills and a severe addiction to pornography to the point where i can only experience a fifth of an orgasm if i imagine i am an abused woman. same thing terfs”

No. 1672255

File: 1665478542124.png (9.03 KB, 612x132, Capture.PNG)

Surely a troll? He keeps reusing the same 2 pictures with the breasts too.

No. 1672259

File: 1665478812852.jpeg (101.29 KB, 960x394, C8BCEF82-B74F-4A18-8A85-03A82B…)


No. 1672260

based biden?

No. 1672268

File: 1665479389986.jpeg (107.09 KB, 934x927, 2ED9D275-72D7-4278-84C9-148A8E…)

Every time one of them posts this shit I just think of this

No. 1672276


Transwomen are laughing at ftm detrans girls because they are secretly happy that the male hormones and other addons ruined a teen girl from blossoming into a beauty and now she has to resemble some middle aged moid but no penis.

Some shitfucking trannies will even admit that openly, but all it does is reveal their cope that they know they are still male and have to get weak ass flexes on ftm detrans women just to feel a bit of sadistic gladness about their miserable non-afab bodies and faces.

Seriously think these trannies just want to make cis girls take T on purpose in hope it makes the girls as male-ugly as them, then they laugh about it. Trannies should have a bigger taste of their own meds then!

Hopefully TERs compile a list of these troons tweets saying such things on female detrans ppl and peak more normie women and handmaidens pronto! From sock accounts larping as trans women of course.

Also: if yall see any woman who claims to be cis but capes too much for trans women online, just know that theyre trans too, mostly early before-12 age transitioned. Like this fugly moid: https://mobile.twitter.com/cottagec0re_

And yes Lynda Carter may have been a TiM androgyne in the 70s too.

No. 1672278

File: 1665481241649.jpeg (121.79 KB, 1024x1024, 387E0C81-435A-4B28-AE67-852439…)

Elons daughter has agpgut

No. 1672279

To be fair, broken clock is right twice and all, some "cis" women do exhibit AGP. Like those online tradwives and RW thots, how they fetishize themselves in flowery sundresses or puffed sleeved dresses barefoot or say things about their femininity and how to act sweet and dainty for men, they seem to be masochistically like that too.(braindead take)

No. 1672282

thats not agp, thats vulnerable women being brainwashed to believe misogynistic ideas that permeate their self worth/esteem and ofc their sex lives. the very core of agp is “women are sex objects and i want to be one (bc i am not)”

No. 1672283

Of course TWAW when it fucks over women via prison and bathroom shit but as soon as it effects scrotes it’s YWNBAW from the fucks shilling like retard Biden who said it was the most important causes of our time. Wish elite fags would stop being two faced retards and have some consistency. Got to have their canon fodder but fuck abused women being attacked by agp coomer incels, hate these retards.

No. 1672284

That’s just being a pickme trying to shill herself to scrotes, while trannies are shilling and getting off themselves. Tradfag women aren’t getting off to it, just using it to get a bf, while scrotes are getting off to it. Nothing alike.

No. 1672286

That's not agp, tranny.
>men jerk off to the idea of themselves as a woman
>b-but women wear puffy dresses!

No. 1672290

Women wanting to look pretty and feminine isn't AGP, because they are not getting off to it. Feeling pretty and attractive is not the same as getting a boner to your own reflection. Men will never understand this.

No. 1672297


Sounds like the quote about the woman viewing herself from the lens of a male or something. But its odd these pickmes stare at themselves in the mirror and keep on playing with their hair twirling it or claim euphoria that they're the prettiest though

No. 1672298


Then why do they like performing femininity and doing all those ladylike gestures like crossing legs, holding hands to their mouth when laughing, even when they feel tired or a little down that day? Are they feeling themselves or what?(bait)

No. 1672302

Stop replying to the moid.

No. 1672308

File: 1665485482113.jpg (100.11 KB, 736x909, 157aa662c8244ef7af9cac47b2ae05…)

>Women liking feminine things and generally conforming to the gender roles they've been pushed toward since childhood by society is totally the same as whatever this is!
Lmao I'm sick of the tranny copes

No. 1672310

File: 1665485727202.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, giphy.gif)

>Um akctually, women are the real trannies

No. 1672311

File: 1665485859506.png (2.16 MB, 1000x1571, 1661777545718.png)

The very notion proves how undeniably male their brains really are

No. 1672314

They need to cope that women acting stereotypically for attention totally are the same as pornsick scrotes masturbating in their mothers underwear kek.

No. 1672316

Men just can't stop seeing women as sex objects. Anything we do is seen as sexual. It really makes me sad

No. 1672317

100% they think women are agp because men get off to the idea as women as sex objects, and think women see themselves the same, when women are just excited to have sex with someone else and do not get off to themselves. Really makes you think about if moids get off to themselves, even non-troons.

No. 1672319

I really hate this narrative they push of women having AGP too. A woman getting off to the idea of herself being sexy is not the same as a man getting off to the idea of himself as a woman. They do not have the same pathology at all. Women only feel that way because we've been so thoroughly objectified in every aspect of culture and so thoroughly disconnected from viewing ourselves as an active agent in our own sexuality. Insert Margaret Atwood "You are your own voyeur" quote here. It's a consequence of our oppression, not some inherent facet of female sexuality.
Contrapoints tried to make this dumbass comparison too like it was proof that he truly thinks of himself as a woman by being able to objectify himself in this way. It is not the same at all. Many women have expressed distress at this experience of viewing ourselves through this weird third person lense and how it makes us feel disassociated during sex and anxious about our own appearance all the time. Most women who are able to recognize this tendency in themselves do not like it and hope to change it. And these freaks indulge in it with glee and constantly reassure each other that it's totally fine and normal. Just another example of men co-opting our pain and using it against us to fuel their fetish.

No. 1672320

all of their tweets just read as males laughing at a woman making a poor decision as a teenager. once again their male brains can’t help but to mock teen girls, even tho they’re deeply jealous of them. but they get away with it, because apparently calling out their nasty words is “trans-misogyny”. male privilege once again, except now they can act like “trans-misogyny” is more important than real misogyny. it’s all just cope because even the uglier TIFs are more likely to be perceived male (because men are ugly) whereas even “”attractive”” TIMs will never not look like men. obviously neither “pass” but at least the receding hairline that girl has from T makes her look more male; their E endured man-boobies only make them more of an uglier looking man. they will never be even remotely a woman: male brain, male face, male body.

No. 1672337


Still it is hard to deny that these AMAB troons are very jealous of "cis" women for their femaleness and have a neurotic obsession with the female form.

Far too many have self-admitted that they hate how cisWomen "pass" and "can wear their bf sweater without being clocked" and "its not fair they were born a cis girl sometimes I have this urge to feed them T and just shave their hair off so they know what its like to be a suffering amab"!

It's so strange how even though males harp on and on about how they're the "better gender" and "have lotsa skillz" and "girls without dicks are just angles without wings", these trannies and chasers still envy bio women for their femaleness. What is it about femaleness that they envy and want?! That's the billion pound question, if someone can answer it would be very gratifying.

No. 1672342

>MtF looks like an ogre
>will still get called beautiful and valid
>FtM looks like an actual normal dude
>gets bullied into oblivion

The men are jealous they will never “pass”, ftms have an easier time (though of course they never fully pass) whereas it’s just hopeless for the males, they will always look male, despite all the chin/brow shaves or bol-ons, it’s glaringly obvious and it just gets worse as they age too.

Also, I thought body dysmorphia was the worstest most hard thing in the world and that’s why we should all be sooo nice to troons? Why are they now bullying one of their own just because she’s speaking out about how she was led astray as a retarded teenager and now she’s bald? And have you noticed how practically all the troons dunking on her are mtf ??? Exactly like the dudes on 4chan who dunk on Chloe moretz’s body…. Moids are gonna moid no matter what pronouns they demand you use for them.

No. 1672344

>holding hands to their mouth when laughing,
You can always clock younger scrotes by how they think Japanese affectations from anime are universal real life female things, and not weird shit nobody ever saw in North America before anime got big.

No. 1672349


The mere fact that trannies would spam cp and even have access to cp, just because they're upset over "not being called a real woman" proves they are inherently evil males, moreso than the manosphere, and that trans rights are wrongs after all.

They better repent and come to Jesus fast before they join the beast and do transhumanism which does not make trans women female but turns their dna into nefilim where they have to be sent to the lake of fire
Discourage permaaltering dna and lake, encourage finding Christ

No. 1672352


Well said, which that incident could peak more normies and handmaidens though

No. 1672357

The Jesus part is a bit weird, nonnie.

No. 1672361

They envy women being the selector sex meant to be the one to choose which genetics pass on because they are born to coom and die. They envy womens importance and desirability, they envy that women are not slaves to coom the way scrotes are and therefore do not seek out coom with the same desperation men do leaving them to be lone incels, they seethe over this rejection. In scrotes minds it is unfair that men beg women for sex, that mens lack of control is somehow womens fault and not mens. Ultimately it all comes down to coom for moids.

No. 1672364

File: 1665490061522.png (55.96 KB, 424x244, Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 08-02…)

Yes, masochism can resemble an ETII like AGP. But it's not the same thing. Like a woman and even a gay man with a fetish for self-bimbofication is totally different than a heterosexual man into bimbofying himself. The former is likely primarily motivated by masochism, the latter by AGP.

No. 1672366

Your Jesus shit is weird annone, but yeah it's fucked that they are forcing the world to participate in their sick fetish. By definition, all troons are sex offenders. They can't get off if we don't play into their fantasy.

No. 1672370


For all their strength and work in the world, these males identifying as troons could not ever get the natural beauty and niceness females have generally. Why?(sage your shit)

No. 1672371

Here it is explained best >>>/ot/1365021
>sexual opportunism is evil in women, and based in men. Why, you ask? 9 times out of 10 it will be something along the lines of "but women can get men easily while the opposite isn't true, therefore it's UNFAIR". It's bad for you to engage in noncommittal dick shopping, because men throw themselves at women.

No. 1672376

I swear this collage gets posted every three threads. Lurk moar.

No. 1672377

The Jesus stuff isn't so weird, the nephilim DNA stuff, definitely weird places to go from something that's only vaguely mentioned in the Bible. I'd just go with men dressing up as women being called an abomimation.

No. 1672383

Not like we need anymore proof that transwomen are just men at the end of the day with their countless crimes that line up with male dominated statistics. But I noticed that not a single tranny seems to ever give a fuck about real womens issues. I haven't seen any of them push for things like free tampons/pads research on women's health, etc. Constantly telling on themselves, it's a shame the majority of the population hasn't wised up to this.

No. 1672385

kek, kyphosis coming in nicely

No. 1672387

tradthots are women who take on traditional gender roles in order to simp for a tradscrote

agp troons get off of being sissified and coom at the idea of being a woman

you must be a raging retard tranon, ywnbaw

No. 1672388

File: 1665492682456.jpg (19.91 KB, 620x382, hynx2.jpg)

No. 1672391

not to mention straight women who watch lesbian porn and weirdo straight porn imagining themselves as the woman(bait)

No. 1672395

What the FUCK are you talking about Jesse

No. 1672398

Women are ALREADY WOMEN. Relating to women in a video =/= imagining yourself as a woman which is only possible if you're a man. Why is this thread infested with negative iq trannies

No. 1672400

straight women getting off to how sexy women are is MENTAL ILLNESS(bait)

No. 1672405

Tranny hands typed this, or at best a hopefully-recovering handmaiden. "Women experience AGP" is a tranny anti-Blanchardian talking point authored by people who understand neither AGP nor female sexuality.

No. 1672406

stop replying to the [redacted]
he's also the person talking about nephilim, I've seen him sperg about gnostic/satan/schizo religion bullshit on another site he terrorizes

No. 1672414

It’s the incel troon who has been spamming cp. He’s cope posting.

No. 1672417

File: 1665495184407.jpg (805.71 KB, 1660x1830, FeyhFmmXgAAOccU.jpg)

german TRA @tuulitastic coming through with the male pattern baldness combover and AGP smirk

No. 1672425

is he trying to get dimples? wtf is he doing

No. 1672433

File: 1665496107934.jpg (109.46 KB, 1200x940, FevFZ65XEAIAJfw.jpg)

You dont have the "soul of a teenage girl", this shit makes me want to a-log, youre a fucking pervert pedophile

No. 1672444

File: 1665497061706.jpeg (20.23 KB, 211x238, 3378F826-D28B-49D5-99BF-9AF1B2…)

What the fuck is even the "soul" of a teenage girl, he's literally pic related.

No. 1672446

Timestamp 7:50, priest in troonflag coloured robes with two kids and a drag queen? I feel like I'm hallucinating

No. 1672449

i mean sure, if you can have the soul, brain etc. of a woman, you can also have those of a teen or a child. somehow transracialism is a red flag still, but ideologically it's the exact same concept. it's only a matter of time till this societal brainfuck contradicting itself will fall apart

No. 1672451

The amount that they repeat this "I feel like a teen girl" thing is terrifying tbh. These are grown men saying this

No. 1672453

not even close, tradwifes value performative femininity because its attractive to males, not because they masturbate to themselves as a sundress long haired barefoot bitch.

No. 1672454

It is truly disturbing, they've somehow turned the perverse old joke about men saying their lesbians trapped in a man's body, or wishing they could Freaky Friday with a teenage girl into an actual identity/existence that we're supposed to like…feel bad for them about.

No. 1672457

Does anyone have a detailed memory of the detransition subreddits being attacked? This first started a few years back when trans talk was still in GC threads iirc?
So r/detransition went private like 3 years ago, and from what I was able to find, it was from a mtf infiltrating the subreddit mods. Then r/detrans was made a bit after, and that was banned for a day during the the anti hatespeech wave that banned r/gendercritical. Now r/actual_detrans (created by an undesisted mtf?) has popped up and is trying to smear r/detrans as a hate subreddit. Also, I have heard about gore/cp spam raids on those subreddits, but I can't find details about that. Is my timeline correct? Does anyone have further details about the fiasco?

No. 1672461

r/actual_detrans has existed for years afaik

No. 1672499

had to look him up as a German woman and glad he lives far away, but sure, he is a lesbian, what else and he is a real woman with a real clitoris… he is disgusting and my head hurts

No. 1672508

I think you might be thinking of what happened to the super straight subredits, they were all raided with cp, mass reported and banned

No. 1672522

Agp, from my understanding, is majorly a fetishization of the degradation men experience imagining themselves as once a man who is forced into the inferior role of womanhood.
On top of simply objectifying and fetishizing the female body itself, which is not something heterosexual women do, or even lesbians.

I don't think a woman could be agp even if she tried. It is just impossible to fetishize yourself from the perspective of a man, in which you yourself are still the man being fetishized.

No. 1672524

I know she's an ftm but I used to watch Jamie back in my handmaiden days, now that I've peaked it's so clear she has internalized homophobia and insecurities. She's incredibly dangerous for spreading shit like wanting to see transmen carrying babies to term and was also very happily encouraging Dylan and his "days of girlhood" in a recent video

No. 1672535

The fucking smirk, thank you kikomi

No. 1672537

FTM detrans speaking only from personal experience and other ftm friends during that weird time, but it was reverse for us. We felt powerless and ignored unless it was to sexualize us, being a "man" was a power fantasy and people listened to us, especially if we weren't visibly feminine. Some of us, and I didn't realize this until coming out the other end, also felt like men were society's default main character, and we were mere supportive roles who didn't get to have fun. We were either looked at as stupid or dour-faced bitches.

Being a man was absolving us of responsibilities, and I think many mtf feel the same way in a reverse manner

Either way, even when I was trans, whenever I met other trannies of either sex, I quietly assumed they were molested as children

No. 1672552

File: 1665505498962.jpeg (1.2 MB, 750x4447, C99A4293-7E8E-4327-866D-B42672…)

more proof that troons are psychopaths.

No. 1672568

I think I read it in the Beauty Myth when I was a baby feminist but somewhere I heard something to the effect of "Men look at women while women look at women being looked at by men" and that forever colors how we view ourselves, that we see ourselves through a male lense

No. 1672573

Pedophiles and hebephiles always say they feel like they are younger inside, like they "understand" children and teens better than adults and relate more to them.

No. 1672576

i've heard that autopedophilia (getting aroused at the thought of yourself as a child) is common among pedophiles. they usually imagine themselves as the age and gender of the children they're attracted to as well.

No. 1672577

That's fucking identity theft, why hasn't the husband taken the troon to court?? Why is he just paying this psycho's bills?? Why are men

No. 1672579

Exactly. Because so much emphasis is put onto how women look, women can end up focusing on how they look and act during sex instead of getting turned on by their partner specifically. It is absolutely not the same as AGP, since the former comes from a place of conditioning and shame, and the latter comes from a place of perversion and lack of shame.

No. 1672587

it reminds me of how my parents used to act with my addict aunt. for a lot of people it's difficult to turn family away or hold them accountable and people like this will take advantage of that every time.

No. 1672605

>I don't think a woman could be agp even if she tried.
I won't stand for this Kikomi slander.

No. 1672617

No. 1672627

Oh my GOD please for the love of god open images to full size before you save them

No. 1672629

File: 1665509524499.jpeg (440.31 KB, 960x1721, 17583651-E57B-4482-A07D-054E13…)


No. 1672637

File: 1665510253449.jpg (45.15 KB, 720x630, 20221011_142337.jpg)

There it was an study not so long ago about this and the results were that women aren't more agp than no-agp males. Picrel. No links because jannies don't like it, but blanchtard himself tweeted about this, it's not hard to find.
Of course, this tells us nothing about the social effects of agp. Wich is what you and troons are trying to point, even if very poorly because none of you are actually smart.
Agp is a diagnosis, a illness if you will. If you try to do a cancer diagnosis in a person that doesn't have cancer is going to be negative. It doesn't matter that you think that the person coughs a lot, it's not cancer, because that's an specific diagnosis. Same with agp.
But we can talk about the social impact of agps roaming around all you want. For starters, it's not making girls develop agp and you and troons can cope, seethe, dilate about it together. But personally i don't think there are no consequences either. I pull this off my ass, but personally i think the trooning out epidemic we're seeing in young girls is directly related to how much agps are exhibiting themselves in SNS and media. They're making female gender roles even worse and even less appealing that's one of the reasons why girls want to defleact in masse. Maybe you have a point and some tradthot influencers stepped up their game after seeing agps, but that's just a theory and has nothing to do with an actual agp diagnosis.

No. 1672641

File: 1665510653528.png (380.16 KB, 569x755, redditpsyop.png)

Had to laugh when I searched to see if there were any journalists covering this (wishful thinking) and came across this…

The article is just TIMs whining that they can't post their explicit porn, which is unfortunately untrue, and that they feel pressure to have to pass to post. Hilarious as none of them pass. They literally rule reddit what more do they want from it?

No. 1672645

The nose, the smirk…he looks like the personification of all the woke cartoony art tifs make.

No. 1672651

File: 1665511224260.jpg (2.26 MB, 4900x4900, 1367301269522575364.jpg)



It reminds me of picrel. In the interview they specifically talk about getting out ahead of detrans stories. They did not want there to be a dialogue between detrans people and the general public that the gender industry could not control. All the shit about self representation went out the window.

No. 1672675

Who cares. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter if real women can be AGP or not. What makes a woman is chromosomes, and no matter how many arbitrary boxes trannies try to check off to prove that they're totally just like us, they will still never be women.

No. 1672676

Very informative, thank you nona!

No. 1672691

Dare I even ask wtf is going on in his crotch area?

No. 1672694

File: 1665514190046.jpg (314.25 KB, 915x2048, FewMt54WYAAuILn.jpg)

Uh huh sure

No. 1672698

File: 1665514262503.png (870.9 KB, 476x814, FewM4RHXkAU3oXf.png)

This is the specimen

No. 1672704

Kek those people were not ashamed, they were afraid of the moid in an ugly outfit.

No. 1672705

If a woman wore that during the day just walking around she would absolutely get shit for it too. Not only that, but she would probably be sexually intimidated by moids the entire time as well. The ones who weren't chiding her desire to dress in anything other than athleisure would just be threatening her with rape. Meanwhile all this troon has to deal with is the sort of shit you get in an all girl's high school for dressing alt, some minor scoffs and stares. And that is a true tragedy for hulking queer.

No. 1672708

the fucking school shooter face lmaooo

No. 1672717

File: 1665515137356.jpeg (48.81 KB, 493x480, 16373855_3.jpeg)

Slamfist physiognomy

No. 1672718

File: 1665515171837.jpg (250.07 KB, 1200x936, 20221011_200318.jpg)

Spot the TIF among the TIMs kek

Funny how whenever there's a group of trannies for a show or whatever it's always dominated my TIMs. Male privilege in action

No. 1672743

bitch its drag race. there has only been one ftm drag queen on drag race.

No. 1672758

File: 1665517758099.png (237.02 KB, 646x613, Screenshot 5.png)

he looks retarded

No. 1672761

No. 1672777

he shooped his head smaller kek. might as well have shooped that male waist too. gross.

No. 1672778

if hes gonna shoop his face that much why doesnt he make himself look female. he just looks like a smooth old man with a long ass face. i imagine him talking in a creepy whispered artificially high pitched old fashioned southern accent trying to lure kids into his house in an old horror movie, and then it turns out hes a skinwalker. or he looks like one of those facial reconstructions of a dead body.

No. 1672812

File: 1665522102687.jpg (2.58 MB, 4096x4096, pt2022_10_11_22_42_30.jpg)

Looked through the replies to this and it made me so fucking angry, it's just heaps of mtfs gloating with schadenfreude because they probably see some kind of twisted justice in testosterone ruining the life quality of this poor woman. She talked about health problems and mental issues that came with transitioning and they reduced all her words down to >wahhh I'm ugly and balding now but I totally signed up for it
Also the fact that they write replies like these when these are actual things posted almost daily on r/mtf, you only need to browse for a second to find someone complain about how they want to look like their anime waifu but can't imagine themselves as an old or ugly woman.

No. 1672824

>or he looks like one of those facial reconstructions of a dead body
kek, he really, really does. they often have that long face weird philtrum thing going on

No. 1672830

KEKKKK holy shit i did not expect this from the biden admin. this is hilarious and based

No. 1672834

The last post is correct. Mtf or ftm, they want to be the hot person that wouldn't date them.

No. 1672842

It shows how twisted the male brain is, because a little kid wouldn't be thinking of sex with anybody, unless adult grooming was involved. They WERE actual little kids once, they should know it. But they project nasty hypersexual shit on kids the same way they project it on women.

No. 1672853

File: 1665524102129.jpg (176.66 KB, 1080x1597, IMG_20221011_163119.jpg)

I have so many questions

No. 1672857

I was a "tightlacer" from 16 to 25. It doesn't permanently make your waist smaller and the results aren't that dramatic without the corset on. I imagine corset training wouldn't do much to a moids waist, honestly.

No. 1672861

I worked for a telephone company, shit like she describes here was so common even BEFORE troons. You would go through the call log on the account, it would be like "10/10 1:17PM caller JACKIE MARIE is obviously a male, called to reinstate services. 10/10 5:33PM caller JACKIE MARIE is female, says ex BIL is meddling with account. Cancelled all services. 10/11 8:00AM caller JACKIE MARIE is a man, called again to reinstate services. 10/12 5:30PM caller JACKIE MARIE IS A WOMAN. THE ACCOUNT HOLDER IS A WOMAN."

No. 1672868

by definition, no cis womanhas ever been an autogynephile, because autogynephilia is a fetish based around imagining you are a female/are being turned into a female. an actual female person cannot be aroused by the idea of themselves turning into what they already are. the female equivalent of agp is autoandrophilia. why are all trannies so fucking braindead i swear to god.

No. 1672875

File: 1665525491224.jpeg (212.76 KB, 750x614, 78748DC1-BBC2-408A-8B84-DFE25B…)

when your dick is hard even after mutilating it, just girly things kek

No. 1672877

God cursed this unfortunate scrote. treacher collins AND autogynephilia. damn

No. 1672881

the """labia""" is made from their hideous calloused testicles, isn't it? not their dicks, so isn't it just that this dude has some testes like tanned leather that was left out too long?

No. 1672883

that's not treacher collins, he's just ugly. he may have had a cleft palate though

No. 1672884

maybe her pose would be worth noting if she had just met him…

No. 1672894

joker tier shit tbh

No. 1672899

also it has a huge scar on each side, scar tissue is hard kek what did he expect

No. 1672908

they think women can be agp because they assume agp means feeling sexy. no, it has nothing to do with feeling yourself, it’s about being male and getting off to feminization. agp is by definition a male fetish, you need to be male to experience it, that’s the whole point.

No. 1672914

these mfs are really using themselves as their own fetish flesh puppets to live out the fantasies they wish real women would perform for them KEK

No. 1672919

They really do think surgery is magic.

No. 1672926

kek true but even if you use the definition 'feeling sexy' it's clear what women and transwomen are talking about are two completely different things. women feel sexy when they're preparing for sex. agps literally masturbate to themselves and get boners from putting on normal underpants.

No. 1672968

>Y'all are so lucky you get to share a gender with transwomen
That moid condescension is enough to clock him without even looking at the photo. I hate men. Truly. First off, we don't share gender or sex with these fetishists and it's unfortunate for us that they're infringing on our innate identity. But yeah right, I'm sure he can relate to misogyny even though absolutely no one perceives him as a woman with his chest hair, five o'clock shadow, and Chad chin kek.

No. 1672973

I'm just pointing out that she seems subconsciously repulsed by him!

No. 1672976

I mean they will all disqualify due to mental illness anyway.

No. 1672977

File: 1665530255599.jpeg (118.97 KB, 836x675, 7B6D3D1F-A44B-4D76-A3C7-4DEFC1…)

I can’t believe Stuart trooned out

No. 1673002

the nerve that neanderthal looking moid has to imply any woman shares anything with him. sure, he probably wears his mom’s underwear, but that’s called stealing, not sharing, and that’s all tims do, steal from women.

No. 1673003

beautiful but don't forget hugboxes, echo chambers, and online grooming with disinformation
cringe aside, it couldn't be more fucking obvious this is a fetish
ofc the scrote is saying "eww" about "vulva" they hate us even when they try to become us, no wonder they have so much self-loathing

No. 1673008

too bad they’ve worked so hard on making gender dysphoria not be considered a mental illness. which, to be fair, it isn’t, it’s just a fetish and mixed with male entitlement.

No. 1673010

>detransition belongs to trans people it's ours
I thought detransitioners were never really trans and they have nothing to do with the trans movement? which one is it, troons? hmm? whichever suits your narrative and agenda at any given moment, which currently is silencing detrans people from speaking out against your cult?

No. 1673017

yeah, but you gotta stop giving views to arrogant conservative moids like this, nonna. he's being purposefully obtuse and spouting red pill bs in this video. he's not a fucking feminist.

No. 1673024

The thing that pissed me off is even if he wanted toplay pretend he could've said he felt lucky to share with women. But he is a raging sexist with an overinflated male ego so he had the audacity to basically say "bow down to the men, bitches" on International Women's Day. Trannies and other males act like they're God's gift to women, all the while they're actually the bane of our existence.

No. 1673043

he didnt even understand the original fetish, it's supposed to be a tomboy that secretly has a hot body but he just looks like a fat moid

No. 1673053

File: 1665537478498.jpg (91.78 KB, 679x680, you shall not pass.jpg)

>on mtf daily
>I took hormones and I don't look like an animu girl
>I got a wound hole and it doesn't look like a vagina
>I wanna kms because my moobs aren't growing
rinse and repeat

No. 1673054

File: 1665537496364.jpeg (489.08 KB, 750x1261, 5197AB8A-5AA0-4796-800D-476116…)

why are troons so triggered that random people on the internet don’t want to fuck them? it’s so weird.

No. 1673056

>retarded moid

No. 1673057

>I'd totally fuck this troon but no homo

No. 1673062

He also doesn't have to worry about it because troons use lighting, filters and very specific angles in all photos they take. This guy is instantly clockable IRL most likely.

No. 1673079

lmfao he still looks like the twinky jamjars he always was

No. 1673088

I browsed /tttt/ for a while and I wish every libfem would, just to see what mtfs actually act like. It's all horny incel misogynists posting anime lolis, hating on "pooners" and women for (insert incel talking point here) and being cruel and degenerate. There is absolutely nothing "female brained" about them. They are just abrasive, asocial, bitter and violent coomer moids like any other terminally online incel.

There's so many fucking agp faggots all over 4chan. Posting anime pictures and RPing as little girls. You can't browse any thread without someone posting borderline porn of underaged anime girls and larping. The other idiot incels play along too like the lonely, unlovable fuckers they are. Every moid who browses that site regularly needs to be euthanized.

No. 1673093

and you can tell he’s extremely insecure about it. he probably trooned out of internalized homophobia and being pathologically attention seeking, and now he’s an aging twink with bolt ons and potentially a rot pocket. despite basing his self-worth on how attractive he is to men, he knows no one fucking wants him, no matter how hot he thinks he is. tragic.

No. 1673095

handmaidens would be like “not all troons, you evil terf!”

No. 1673106

File: 1665542463947.png (533.16 KB, 658x546, 1665541843351539.png)

MTF trannydom is an incel ideology and nothing more. There is no actual reverence to beliefs such as dysphoria, or any solidarity between trannies of different sexes. TiMs pick on Ftms the same way males pick on women in general. For all the whining keffals does in support of the trans community, he has little sympathy for women who are a part of it. All he cares about is cumming and disempowering/owning women. The only difference between him and a run of the mill incel is that he has an amhole and calls himself a "she".

Untouchable incels who are so desperate to claim women that they turn themselves into one. They never stop seething because no moid is capable of overcoming his monkey instincts and jealousy over women.

No. 1673107

"Not all troons" while they can't think of a single female space where any woman acts even remotely similar to a raging incel.

No. 1673109

this fat insufferable thing is legit a model, meanwhile the actual filipina/australian women i personally know seemed to have collectively struggled through life more than any other demographic from my area. not to mention they are ten times more stunning

No. 1673122

at least they could try to hide the fact they hate women. how much of a shitty person do you have to be to post such a thing. the replies make me wanna kms

No. 1673123

Does anyone actually even like Keffals. I’m happy to not see those weird sanctimonious god complex tweets about kf everywhere now but it seems like people purposely avoid mentioning Keffals in any context.

No. 1673164

Kek anon this is beautiful

No. 1673171

Crackhead Timothee Chalmette looking ass

No. 1673178

File: 1665546196952.jpg (120.01 KB, 981x780, Screenshot_20221012-142642__01…)

These are only some of the comments on that post it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. He's weirdly racist to his mum too, always infantilising her, or putting her down in front of his massive following specifically for the way she is/thinks (women in Philippines are literally brought up to survive not victimise themselves). People conveniently forget he's half white because his underprivileged woman larp despite him engaging in the typical groupthink associated with sexpat moids and misogynists with a superiority complex. His mother like so many others I know probably only married an unattractive old white moid to give him the rich lifestyle he's enjoyed up until this point, and he even gives her shit for that publically despite being in a relationship with his own white moid. Absolutely insufferable.

No. 1673180

File: 1665546366051.jpeg (548.9 KB, 1847x2928, 801959DB-E392-4770-B072-8D70A3…)

what a jumpscare.

No. 1673182

what agency? i bet he’s lying about being a model, troons lie about everything.

No. 1673211

File: 1665548097001.jpg (392.9 KB, 623x779, TV1-31.jpg)

do sissy fetishists ever realize how scary they look(especially the older one's) like If I saw that man IRL, I would run away and not even look back cause I'd be afraid that he'd skin me alive

No. 1673222

Olivia is based

No. 1673227

File: 1665550017188.png (1.76 MB, 1603x2048, chrome_screenshot_166554994938…)

No. 1673235

Hopefully I saged this right, since I usually just lurk
These threads peaked me. I tried to see AGPers as real women, since they pretty much force everyone to agree with them, but I can’t anymore. They’re just men with a fetish who force their fetish onto everyone else. They’re male brained. Women don’t threaten to rape other women for not agreeing with them

No. 1673239

> hot as fuck

No. 1673240

welcome to the based side, nona. it’s getting more and more crowded in here, which means there’s hope for the future, even though sanity gets consistently silenced.

No. 1673246

File: 1665552086513.png (482.61 KB, 826x1063, E5735ED3-7A9C-45AD-8739-D80869…)

what is it with troons and their hatred of women? saying things like “i bet women dont need a psych eval to get a breast aug.” or shit like this. yeah no shit we dont retard, because we dont have a y chromosome

No. 1673248

This moid doesn't understand that the entire reason sex only gyms exist is to ward off creeps like him.

No. 1673249

>reeee why are those women being allowed in when they don't aggressively perform femininity!?!?!
Because clothes and makeup don't determine whether someone is female, shit for brains.

No. 1673251

Good for you anon, I like posts like these
>I plausibly pass but they still wouldn't let me in!
So you admit that the goal of this entire operation is to trick people into thinking something you obviously know that you're not. Totally normal civil rights movement. Then he goes ahead and equates womanhood to femininity, pissing himself in rage because he saw some mid 50's women in pixie cuts.
It's insane to me that they can go full mask off and say that women don't deserve female-only spaces and that they shouldn't exist. Scrotes like this are exactly why we want those places.

No. 1673257

/Tttt/ actually peaked me tbh i had no doubts that TiMs were males with a fetish for misogyny, humiliation and cruelty after lurking for a few weeks. Some of them wonder constantly why they're like that so you can be fooled that they try to get better but that's a lie, they're incaptable to do better, because for starters they all now it's a lie. Not even the most delusional, actually psychotic trannies believe in things like a "woman soul" "female brain", in one way or another they are very aware than it's just a fetish. Yep it's all trannies too. When i started i used to think there it was good ones but now they repulse me on a spiritual level i swear

No. 1673264

> women with short hair are the same as men
Couldn’t be more scrotish. Based gym.

No. 1673267

you know you are too much of a danger to children when other troons call you out on your pedo bullshit.

No. 1673268


No. 1673271

god, shes going to kill herself and theyre going to act like they had nothing to do with it and that she just had mental health problems, but then also deflect and claim that trannyism isnt a mental health issue

No. 1673276

Troons in the replies are seething that this person should have regrets. Mad how maybe a 16 year old girl shouldn’t have been allowed to make long-term irreversible decisions involving perverted sexual experimentation by demonic medical extremists.

https://twitter.com/KCMiller1225/status/1579132480975941633(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1673285

File: 1665556316971.jpeg (222.73 KB, 1080x1350, 0E318D00-A62C-428D-8321-2D4C6B…)

Spot the TiM

No. 1673287

File: 1665556358797.jpg (667.25 KB, 1079x1257, Screenshot_20221012_020851_Ins…)

Dudes constantly cringe wish all I had to do in life is just film shitty tiktoks in my closet

No. 1673291

Straight men are really bad at clocking troons, which is why they are scared of them. Just like troons they see a skirt and long hair and think "woman" Because thats all we are to them.

No. 1673294

exactly, there are no good troons for the same reason there are no good rapists. men who hate women and violate our boundaries are evil, all of them.

No. 1673295

These are not trannies, these are incels who think claiming transhood will get them vagina. The ultimate boss of desperate simp

No. 1673296

i’ve seen straight moids say that william thomas passes as a woman, so yeah, they’re definitely getting tricked by dudes at the club.

No. 1673297

they’re the same picture.

No. 1673298

I don't get it, what does the reply mean? Why is it transphobic?

No. 1673299


That was intolerable. This man reckons this other man is a groomer because he flashed his moobs on his discord and a girl a few months away from 18 saw them. Fuck you posting this troon.

No. 1673301


No. 1673303

Lily also wrote rapefiction of underage characters from mlp. I honestly just think it's funny when troons cancel eachother.

No. 1673305

happy to hear it nona, now send your friends here to peak them too!
I fully believe out of the extremely few who could benefit from transitioning (as long as they still know it's a mental disorder, that they're still their biological sex, and they can't use cross sex spaces) NONE of them are autistic. Autism attracts body disorders but they're never innate to the person.

No. 1673306

I knew lots of girls who were scared of clowns and by extension drag queens but I always thought it sounded silly, then I happened upon two drag queens on the street and it activated my fight or flight response. Pictures don't do them justice, they're scary

No. 1673310

File: 1665559077070.jpg (722.29 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20221008_142103.jpg)

men are so delusional about how they look lmao

No. 1673311

Could keffals be more of a gross hypocrite if he tried? From a woke perspective he purposely misgenders a woman with actual gender dysphoria due to having been trans, and makes fun of her for "looking like a man" while comparing her to a currently active war-raging male dictator. Just for existing and being herself. If you're woke these are actual sins that gets you cancelled but he's so high on his troon hubris that he thinks he can get away with anything but people are getting sick of him

No. 1673319


This only happens under certain circumstances, like when it is revealed that one troon harrassed/groped/raped other mtf troons, then they will start turning on each other. Like when contra hired that mtf pedo domestic abuser who was an insane fan to be one of his mods.

They will never cancel each other unless MeToo done by another mtf troon dig for dirt.

No. 1673322


Troons can also get cancelled if MeToo'd by another straight cis men. Or complained about hurting another straight cis man so they dig for dirt.

If a tranny infighting war were to break out, its because mtfs MeToo other mtfs and straight/gay/chaser men too.

No. 1673324


Mainly for the most part cuz Keffals is fuckin happy that the poor detrans girl looks like the incel he used to be now and not a cis girl that he envies anymore, mtf troons are vile like that towards bio women, a lot of them actually wish cis women would turn male or become hairy and shit, because they want the beauty and desirability of femaleness but will never get it, even with their fake hormones, surgeries and other tricks.

No. 1673325


Just remind keffals that he no longer has a dick so he cannot rape like a male anymore, and he will never get his real dick back.

No. 1673329


What is /tttt/, is it the one where the fugly shithole troons openly boast about boymoding and how they reap benefits from male privilege yet claim their trans to intrude and steal female privilege at the same time?

No. 1673330

they understand agp extremely well which is why they try to switch the narrative so hard and push that agp isn't real. they know it's creepy, fetishistic, misogynistic bullshit. literally everything men do, tranny or not, is a cope kek

No. 1673331

File: 1665561321863.jpg (137.88 KB, 720x1418, Screenshot_20221011-085905.jpg)

Single mom zipper tits has a daughter and this is her tranny "girlfriend'. He's at least 20 years older than her.

No. 1673332


Link the handmaidens to it, pretend to be a sad lil transwoman on a sock account and post in the replies of libfems virtue signalling twaw tweets with "listen to trans women! Here's links you can go to educate yourself!" and then link that site over there, or something like that. Try to modify the link to a shortened url so it doesn't say 4ch**

No. 1673336


Maybe that is why so many handmaidens still support troons, they wrongly think dressing up and feeling confident in appearance is they're also doing AGP too, someone needs to write a viral post about how biological women dressing up and feeling great isnt called agp at all!

No. 1673338


Yep, these TiMs know they're AGP, what else would you call a psychotic rapey incel hon who has such an insane obsession with the female form and femaleness, he wants to dress like a little girl with his dick showing and wants to intrude women's private spaces just to perve and grope/touch other cis women casually pretending he got a soft harem?!

No. 1673339

lol you arent fooling anyone, troid. the TIM side of trans ideology is literally just incelism/MRA-tier rhetoric. copr less, sage more

No. 1673341


And yet are also jealous of biological women at the same time and want to do them physical harm to make them fugly

No. 1673349

They both look around the same age, how old is the tif??

No. 1673379

This is the perfect visual representation of handmaidenry: a woman with no self-respect playing hype-man to her loser groom on what is supposed to be the bride's special day.

This pic is an oblique admission that this nasty faggot goes straight from sticking things in his front-butt to handling his controller and keyboard without washing his hands. I'm surprised his retarded pink keyboard isn't brown.

No. 1673387

File: 1665571405559.png (16.14 KB, 983x141, Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 06-40…)

Hey trannies, insecure homophobic men also view leg crossing and sitting to pee as lady behavior. Full circle

No. 1673391

I guess he means there aren't really trannies in his country and he's scared of falling for one if he goes to a tranny infested country. Men are dumb

No. 1673399

>crossing legs means you're a lady

Paging half the men on the tube in London. Sitting down to pee…I have repressed my knowledge about this but I believe men often prefer doing this at home for comfort+in case they want to shit reasons. So just normal male behaviour is now "lady things" kek. Almost like a cult that's running out of members to recruit and is grasping at straws to try and convert new people.

No. 1673400

File: 1665573564539.png (83.97 KB, 620x1000, Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 07-17…)

So "cis" men getting their beards lasered and women getting breast reductions would be considered gender nonaffirming care by TRA logic.

No. 1673402

>Maybe that is why so many handmaidens still support troons, they wrongly think dressing up and feeling confident in appearance is they're also doing AGP too
The confusion lies in normie women not realizing when men dress up as women it's to degrade themselves, not feel good. If a man wants to feel good and admired all he needs to do is walk through any busy public place in a well-fitted suit. Wearing women's secondhand clothes and streaky makeup achieves the opposite, which is the point.

No. 1673406

I love that he brings up menopause, something he will never have to go through, cos he is a man. Using examples of vanity as a comparison, and justification that he should be allowed in women's spaces. Olly is such a shill.

No. 1673408

"Abigail Thorn" cannot fucking shut up about women getting medical care, he started in his "coming out" manifesto and it clearly hasn't stopped.
The seething jealousy these beta males have for women is boundless.

No. 1673411

fucking melbourne

No. 1673412


True, its almost as if mtf troons are neurotically jealous of females, and want to punish them for being born women and so effortlessly having natural femaleness that, these shithole trannies want to take policies and stuff away from natal women in hope they suffer and become fugly, so that trannies can cope and feel like they are "worth more" than cis women now.


Pls do spread it to more handmaidens and cis-men-exclusionary-antifeminists, its way past waiting to be common knowledge now. No sane handmaiden would ever raise trannies up if they realized it would be their downfall.

No. 1673417

Exactly this. I think the rich trannoids in positions of power go extra hard with this because they know that they are in the public eye and also have an upper hand because of their job and money.

No. 1673420


But isn't it labelled transphobic by the tranny rules, to assume that facial hair and flat chests are associated with a particular gender only?

What happened to them yapping about "its okay if a trans woman has a full on beard and hairy legs and a limp dick hanging out of her skirt, she is still a wahmen!!!111!!1"?

If appearances and genitals and bodily traits are genderless now, then why are they still making it seem like they aren't?

Shithead olly ought to be rebutted with his own tra logic and called out for being transphobic like that(learn2sage)

No. 1673428

The fact he goes from a gym I would love to use to this gym shouldn't exist!!! in only a few paragraphs, even writing this post caused him to seethe and dilate

No. 1673430

>why are those treatments so much harder to get for trans people?

This is bullshit. Any troon could walk into any office and get electrolysis or a BBL or rhinoplasty. The problem is troons want the government to pay for their bullshit surgeries instead of saving up like everyone else does when they’re dissatisfied with their appearance.

No. 1673431

File: 1665577068123.png (254.91 KB, 642x767, Screenshot 6.png)

Troons mad at Tom Felton(actor who played Draco) now, cause he didn't take part in the zealous hate wagon against JK Rowling

No. 1673434

Yep there is literally nothing stopping a trans person getting all of those procedures, but they will either have to pay like everyone else does (despite him claiming it's gender-affirming treatment for everyone else too) or go on a waiting list. Pathetic man.

No. 1673444

I don't get it. Troons wanted surgeries to be free for them because they NEED them, unlike "cis" people who get them for fun I guess. But according to this troons, cis people have dysphoria too, but still have to pay for surgeries like everyone else, so how is it any harder for trannies?

No. 1673449


I've never felt mannish because I don't hate myself you marble brained fuck.

No. 1673458

The "Dana Rivers" trial started. The deluge of information is overwhelming.

Just kidding! I only found out from a Google Alert with a single link to a Datalounge thread!


No. 1673463

File: 1665580296217.jpg (437.91 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20221012_090946.jpg)

I - who … what female pees cross legged?! Why?

No. 1673468

what does that even mean?? exclude males but also hate women?

No. 1673472

that's not what he means. he pees while sitting, and he sits crosslegged when not peeing

No. 1673474

Reading comprehension anon, they are two separate things kek
Also was already posted: >>1673387

No. 1673482


Libfems who will call men out for their rapey or scrotey behaviour but turn antifeminist when it comes to transgender women, making excuses for TiMs rapey and scrotey behaviour.

They exclude cis men from their antifeminism but allow trans women to do misogyny and rail against vis girls.

No. 1673497

NTA but sometimes my eyes glaze over when reading these sorts of posts and the concepts bleed together, and "all women pee with their legs crossed" isn't even close to the most ridiculous thing TIMs believe, so I was right there with Nona in her confusion kek.

No. 1673499

Sage, newfag

No. 1673514

right and if you don't believe in single sex gyms then don't go to them, asshole. It's miserable. like they want an excuse to fight women on everything

No. 1673515

File: 1665583471305.jpg (425.42 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20221012-094717_Chr…)

Tranny before pics always look like mugshots

No. 1673516

Samefag forgot to sage

No. 1673520

Doesn't this just mean you have a small dick?

No. 1673521

LMAO looks like a mugshot from a child predator

No. 1673523

literally thought this was some screencap of a Rob Zombie movie

No. 1673533

It's the /lgbt/ board of 4chan, but the discussion is 90% trans focused, if not more, that's why the trannies themselves call it /tttt/

No. 1673552

Probably because it is

No. 1673569

Keking all morning, anon.

No. 1673631

Why would a woman get shit for wearing this outfit? I see women dressed like this quite a lot, I agree with the rest of your post but i'm confused by this part.

No. 1673643

KEK I assumed it was a pic of Evan Peters from some season of AHS I haven't watched

No. 1673645

>"why are those treatments so much harder to get for trans people?"
If a cis woman walks in and wants a breast removal or to get her tubes tied, she is most typically denied it and told to rethink - but if a 12 year old girl says she is trans and wants her breast removed they do it in a heartbeat, and they have insurance pay for it all. It's infinitely easier to get free surgery as a trans person. Same with a cis guy asking for breast implants, he is going to be looked at as if he's crazy while a trans identified man gets it without a problem (again, for free!). Or if you're brainwashed into thinking trans identifed men are women, in that case a transwoman can still get free breast implants, while a cis woman would have to pay for it herself. Troons stop making shit up challenge.

No. 1673648

For real some anons on these threads act like if a woman doesn't wear a burqa she'll get called a whore and harassed 24/7 and only trannies are allowed to wear skirts. They must not leave their house much

No. 1673649

It's not news that trans ideology takes A LOT of cognitive dissonance. They're hypocrites and try to tell you opposites are true at the same time.
Trans rhetoric on every topic follows like: Pink is for girls. But pink has nothing to do with gender, it's just a color! Boys can like pink too! But this grown man is a little girl because he likes pink. And a girl who doesn't like pink, is actually a boy because girls like pink and boys don't. But pink has nothing to do with gender!!!

No. 1673651

File: 1665595616496.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, oprahh-oprah.gif)

Troons always claim they "totally pass" while telling stories specifically about being clocked

No. 1673668

Depends on where you live anon, I'm in rural middle America and if I dressed like that I'd get given the same level of shit as the tranny. Some people scoffing, that's all. Obviously in a city things are different.
That skirt is just on the short side, and I definitely think a woman wearing something like that would feel/be more at risk for catcalling than a troon. Def don't think women just have to wear burqas kek but again depends on where you live.

No. 1673674

File: 1665597155275.jpg (663.75 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20221012_134930_Gal…)

A comment thread from laetitaky's most recent TERF post. 1 person getting threatened in a chicken shop is totally the same as being murdered every 2 days!

No. 1673686

hes supporting her because he was a victim of twitter cancel culture too, someone faked screens in a minor-grooming allegation against him iirc

TiMs think too highly of themselves which is practically moid behavior kek

No. 1673731

I read a study ages ago about how people tend to think they're some percentage more attractive than they actually are and it made me so self conscious because I don't think I look BAD but I'm just average so I was left thinking "guess I'm actually ugly"

But after seeing these threads I realize, like many things, that study probably only involved men and their insanely overinflated and delusional egos

No. 1673748

File: 1665600357763.jpeg (599.44 KB, 1170x1717, FF71D61F-3B8B-48A5-B228-B99CB4…)

Thanks for reminding me that men engage in necrophilia

No. 1673750

Oh wow glad at least one of them is potentially based. I wish i could personally show emma the people from these threads until she gets it and peaks

No. 1673754

Wow, epic argument you really showed all those disgusting fucking bioessentialists

No. 1673757

Damn, I've seen a bunch of handmaidens making fun of that girl who detransitioned. The one who started balding and tweeted something like, "what five years of testosterone does to a teenage girl". So I stood up for her and asked why they're making fun of her when hrt has side effects. I got called a TERF. I am, but I didn't say anything remotely TERF-y and I'm crypto, so I keep most of my opinions on the troon shit to myself. They're so fucking brainwashed.

No. 1673758

kek stop calling women cis at all, there's really no such thing as cis

No. 1673775

File: 1665602746585.jpg (155.89 KB, 1080x621, jessica.jpg)

What blows my mind about /tttt/ is that even the troons who look alright are clearly extremely mentally ill. They're all suicidal and if you so much as imply they might not be real women, they have a meltdown. They make it super clear that transitioning is not the cure to dysphoria.

No. 1673792

File: 1665604011953.jpg (606.54 KB, 1080x813, wWH2Xxc.jpg)

No. 1673799

File: 1665604872309.png (334.33 KB, 482x625, archeologists know you were a …)

No. 1673806

File: 1665605149455.jpeg (128.47 KB, 960x957, 79CDD975-8D66-4F8D-A9D5-D05B64…)

This trannoid came up as a recommended friend on fb today and I thought I recognized him from somewhere

No. 1673813

Nona I woke my dog up laughing

No. 1673814

my irl bestie tells people that their religious terminology doesn’t apply to her beliefs whenever anyone says “cis/cisgender” near her

No. 1673819

Agreed. Depending on where you are maybe you’d get some stares or creepy looks from men but it’s not even that strange of an outfit by modern standards. I get seeing the double-standard but I feel like sometimes it gets nit-picky ITT.

No. 1673821

Have any of you been to r/gendercynical?(newfag/redditor)

No. 1673823

Do the people who comment on her posts even read anything about who she is or what she does? A lot of the comments I see on her posts are one-word things like “ew”, “no”, or “disappointed”. They can’t seem to comprehend that a woman who isn’t a white first-worlder might see things a different way because of her experiences and the issues faced by women like her. So much for being woke.

No. 1673836

I live in Adelaide and would drive well out of my way to support this gym. Link?

No. 1673840

Nah it would get many weird looks where I live. There are a lot of alt teens now but they do get weird looks from other people and this is quite an extreme outfit imo. Really depends on where you live.

No. 1673857

Same here. Alt people are seen as sex obsessed BDSM freaks or devil worshippers. The fishnets, the kneehigh socks with a literal satanist symbol, such a short skirt, the shoes with massive platforms and straps. This is how you get the local street preacher to follow you home.

No. 1673876

File: 1665609205735.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, Droopy_dog.png)

No. 1673877

What a disgusting human being.
Are we not allowed to have a handful of places not to be afraid of men? They want to play victim because they can't intrude on woman's spaces and force them to participate in his fetish. A man who gets an erection from wearing a dress shouldn't be allowed to stomp all over us.

No. 1673881

File: 1665609612511.jpg (186.54 KB, 2048x2732, 1dhfktdrhbt91.jpg)

No. 1673950

File: 1665613088594.jpg (638.53 KB, 4310x2453, pass.jpg)

>plausibly pass


No. 1673964

File: 1665613662736.webm (1.3 MB, 576x1024, X1aOkGmtCeoHfdFx.webm)

He's so full of himself. He needs to stop giving ideas to these libs and TRAS.

No. 1673975

We don't have to believe in god (I do), we don't have to believe in you or me, so why do we HAVE to belive they are women? I don't get it.
It's one thing to be like, "Just wespect the wonouns" but the way people go, "Uhh..thats a woman" when you misgender these freaks is weird.
Like no, I don't think so.

No. 1673996

Ew I can see his hairline through the bangs

No. 1674000

File: 1665615520984.png (1.84 MB, 1982x1196, transbiancreep.png)

Transbian gets put in his place on a dating app. Potato quality caps are on him:
>Have any of you been to r/gendercynical?
Yes, used to be quite entertaining before the gender critical subs were banned. It's a ghost of what it once was. Same with r/traaNSFW. Used to be a honeypot of r/itsafetish material. Good times kek

No. 1674006

is this the guy who went on a two hour screaming rant about Steven Universe?

No. 1674007

This makes me wistful. Remember when reddit was fun?

No. 1674008

Inb4 redditors doxx her, get her fired, blow up her phone, shit in her mailbox and sacrifice her cat because she called out a horny male.

No. 1674010

Kara was on Tucker Carlson. Wonder if we could get this info to him?

No. 1674025

File: 1665617331546.png (173.36 KB, 467x292, so ur a straight man.png)

kek I wish this was better quality, it would make good meme material

No. 1674033

File: 1665617868374.png (29.45 KB, 575x139, gay membership terminated.png)

>If lesbians don't accept dick then they should stop being lesbians

No. 1674034


the part you highlighted is a really good example of them having no non-sexual idea of femininity. older women are not androgynous but if you have an AGP mind there is no platonic concept of a woman. a woman just becomes the fulfillment of a fetish and not a class of human being.

No. 1674039

File: 1665618144487.png (288 KB, 840x353, Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 19-40…)

That's not the OP. It's another troon in the comments. OP doesn't have any pics in his profile unfortunately.

No. 1674046

Kek, screencapped

No. 1674066

Gay ppl are still fucking gay. Just b/c you hate a couple members of the community doesn't mean you turn straight(sage your shit)

No. 1674069

File: 1665620346289.jpg (355.06 KB, 1137x960, scrote.jpg)


It's easy enough to find their Facebook.

Textbook definition of a creepy, perverted, deviant. Glad the gym didn't cave and expose their members to this sick fuck.

No. 1674071

the blurry photos make the logs so easy to read

No. 1674072

Notice how he admits the gym isn't even that great and he doesn't have any special reason for going there. Men just see women gathering without them, any kind of women, for any reason, and immediately want to destroy it. They literally hate women so much they can't even let old ladies exercise in peace. Every single thing must be about men at all times and, if they're refused, they fly into a rage and try to destroy or outlaw the gatherings. Also laughing my fucking ass off at this tard thinking old women are somehow not women because they're not sexy while also being so ugly it's scary. >>1673246

No. 1674073

File: 1665620750232.png (900.77 KB, 632x837, havmercy.png)

this is who is directing the next dragon age…i don't even have words. the game will be unplayable, i already know it.

No. 1674074


"I plausibly pass"

hahahahahahahahahaha, what a fucking joke

No. 1674075

god dammit they're infecting everything I love

No. 1674089

File: 1665622699103.jpg (388.32 KB, 1613x1970, FMy_UJ5XEAMj8HX.jpg)

No. 1674095

>>1674089 Trailer and >>1674073 gameplay

No. 1674102

File: 1665624061064.jpg (1.32 MB, 3378x4063, Fef-Au3VsAA8Ez_.jpg)

why is his face so stretched out

No. 1674105

I tried looking for his pre transition photo but I couldn't find any.

No. 1674107

File: 1665624335595.png (600.62 KB, 648x1167, Another Angry Woman on Twitter…)

No. 1674109

File: 1665624408048.png (347.74 KB, 677x697, 5 head.png)

nice hairline

No. 1674118

How is mannish a feeling? Especially associated with menopause? Is trannytube just pulling shit out of his ass?

No. 1674121

They way they shoehorned that random troon buddies with the overt sexual degenerate Iron Bull into the last one while adding literally nothing to the story. I am not surprised. Inb4 romance preferences from the party don't apply to anyone who picks the new and groundbreaking trans main character they're probably working on.

No. 1674128

>I have combed through forums for people experiencing menopause

Uh, why? That’s fucking creepy. Imagine any woman lurking men’s health forums just to seethe. YWNEM (You Will Never Experience Menopause)

No. 1674132

he should be browsing colonoscopy forums not menopause for a "gotcha"

No. 1674134

File: 1665626357536.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.17 KB, 1367x748, 9gb4269s5at91.jpg)


No. 1674135

it is gonna be a shitshow. the troon replaced a few directors who left the project, and has only worked on golf and sim games. we are in for a fucking disaster. the head writer is a they/them blue haired scrote.

beyond here be blogging but i hate how women never got a true shot at appealing games. anything a decade ago is sexualized as fuck and demeaning towards women, but now the writers are trash and cant barely define a woman, let alone write one. we were robbed nonnas.

im half convinced he is skinwalking corrinne yu…a genuine female game dev legend. i wouldn't be fucking surprised.

No. 1674136

>people experiencing menopause
>as an actress and writer, I know the power of using the right words.
We know that you know scrote.

No. 1674143

Based queens

No. 1674146

File: 1665627699109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.08 KB, 640x360, Disneyprincelarp.jpeg)

Kek accurate, at this point I'll take the various levels of sexualisation over troonery. The franchise has been shit since Origins for various reasons, so watching a tranny and gender special nuke it into oblivion is slightly less depressing because we've had 2 cancer installments prior to prepare us. I'm still extremely butthurt I bought inquisition on Xbox and couldn't mod a fucking ball gown in when I'm in the empress' fucking palace, for a royal ball, in pseudo-French Orlais. Instead we got landed with this gender neutral (let's be honest it's masculine) bullshit. Bring back feminity as an option for women in games.

No. 1674156

File: 1665629046841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,692.91 KB, 750x1392, E12D5375-197D-4BC9-9BDF-DAC14C…)

No. 1674178

straight up looks like an asshole

No. 1674190

Looks like shriveled baby penis and a butthole.