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File: 1637250633477.jpg (2.23 MB, 1824x9120, TTT.jpg)

No. 1371026

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1371061

File: 1637255343611.jpeg (249.24 KB, 1839x1028, ADA7D49A-C7C1-4965-9FEE-3161BC…)

I wonder why this handmaiden associates personhood with “dignity” and the word woman with the opposite. Really cannot think of a reason.

No. 1371068

as opposed to “woman” which doesn’t represent a collection of people? just admit you hate your gender and go.

No. 1371074

They often say that race is inherited but sex isn't.

No. 1371086

File: 1637257900091.jpeg (390.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1637256821474.jpeg)

Lets say your a woke TRA ally/devil's advocate, how would you make a defense for troons with regards to transracial argument

No. 1371094

File: 1637258641812.jpg (122.14 KB, 779x1280, 806311a0.jpg)

Would post video if I knew how to but kik has this live stream thing and it's full of troons streaming if anyone is interested in witnessing the horror, this is one of them, he's a 23 year old man who calls himself a "little".

No. 1371099

>>1371094 i hate people who do this so much! It feels so instinctually wrong. If wrong had a picture in the dictionary it would look like this.

No. 1371112

>random black hermione
kek why?

No. 1371114

File: 1637261351571.png (458.82 KB, 728x575, Screenshot20210.png)

>Being trans isn't the only thing about me
>YAY tranny won Jeopardy woo

No. 1371119

File: 1637261861344.jpg (82.73 KB, 828x665, FEaJSl4X0AYuIwS.jpg)

Who else wants free money?

No. 1371120

is this for transmen too or only ejaculators?

No. 1371133

if you're an autist tier programmer I guess.

No. 1371134

Even animals can be born with messed up hormones and show signs of being two genders at once. There is no such thing as trans racial as race is a made up concept, gender is not. The problem is that intersex/hormone disorders are so rare and the majority of them never transition or identify with transexuals. Trannies will larp they are intersex/gender disorder so people won't call them out on their fetish fagging

No. 1371137

tbf a lot of software companies offer their devs a massive range of benefits that border on the absurd. I worked for a company that gave me a $1200 stipend to spend on anything that could ever be construed as useful to my physical or mental health, which included shit like art supplies. This company, Salesforce, is also generally known for being a pretty good place to work.
Like, yeah, it's tranny-pandering, but it's not super excessive when placed in context.

No. 1371138

Just how good are these programmers that they are willing to waste so much money?

No. 1371147

How is race made-up and gender is not? They're both clearly observable.

No. 1371150

Why are these cartoons talking down to me

No. 1371152

I think that anon used gender and sex interchangeably and means that with sex, there's normally just two clear options – XX and XY. With race though it's not that easy.

No. 1371211

Skin color and sex are observable. Race is as real as gender kek

Ask someone from European and Mediterranean countries who is white and watch no one having the same answer.

“The key to understanding the meaning of race is understanding power. When you see how power has shaped the idea of race and continues to shape it, how it affects even the scientific facts, everything finally begins to make sense.”

Same as TIM destroying women's rights and blessing us with their beautiful female brain.

No. 1371224

NTA but race is unironically a social construct using arbitrary physical traits that don't make much of a difference between people like skin color or nose shape. A black woman and a white woman are much, much more genetically similar to each other thwn they are to their male counterparts, and the only thing dividing them is social order that was created centuries ago by multiple ruling classes to justify slavery, rather than any meaningful biological difference. Gender, meanwhile, is currently being used to define what someone "identifies" as (woman, man, genderspecial), rather than what the actually physically are. If you're using gender interchangeably with sex, it's very real and defines a material difference that matters, even if you strip away all social context. However, we're in a tranny thread, so use of "gender" carries the implication of not being used interchangeably with "sex", and instead refeering to the identification system of gender, where people's identities as "man" or "woman" hinge on socially determined stereotypes and unscientific mysticism, such as "girl brain/soul".
Why does this happen every time a new thread starts?

No. 1371235

File: 1637273067695.webm (19.03 MB, 720x1280, SnapInsta_10000000_42515919749…)

Jeffrey Marsh forcing his boyfriend/husband into recounting how he was browbeaten into not identifying as a gay man anymore because gender. The boyfriend looks so defeated and while Jeffrey's glaring at him and acting passive aggressive until he gives the answer he wants. The meek little "Do you think that was good in any way?" at the end is sad, this is a psychologically abusive relationship and Jeffrey is a manipulative narcissist.

No. 1371238

No. 1371243

This sucks, my heart hurts for him. Imagine trusting someone with your heart and having them treat you like this, dragging you on camera and forcing you to have an uncomfortable conversation on camera and glaring at you and gripping your thigh when you don't say the exact words "I'm not (gay/straight), I'm (whatever my partner wants me to be)".

No. 1371295

You can tell he cursed him the fuck out after this, I think the "Label is irrelevant" shit pissed him off.

No. 1371317

No. 1371329

>that forced smile
>the was I good enough at the end
I can't believe he thought that was good enough to upload, I mean he's convincing no one dude. Feels bad man, let the guy be gay in peace dumb attention whore.

No. 1371334

Samfagging but I just went into the comments and no is calling out how strange and forced this video is.

No. 1371336

>how did you get over that?
the audacity of trannies will never cease to amaze me, that's a gay man and no amount of force can change that. the way his face dropped and his eyes got wide and psychotic when that guy mentioned labels is terrifying lol this whole video is coached, he's a freak

No. 1371337

File: 1637279924698.jpg (112.56 KB, 629x605, die fag.jpg)

here's a killer tranny i learned about today. totally not a fetish

No. 1371339

i suppose i would argue that gender is a social construct, but what i would mean by that in my strawman argument is that gender stereotypes are a social construct, which is entirely what defines gender identity to way too many people. ironically, race is more of a social construct rather than genetic, yet it is not treated as such.

No. 1371341

File: 1637280383137.png (20.53 KB, 1117x165, Screenshot Capture.png)

Just grow hips easily with this one simple trick!

No. 1371345

that's called fat, steven

No. 1371348

The differences in “races” (which are ambiguous to begin with) are about the same as different coloured fur on cats. It’s like being a tabby cat or ginger cat. The social construct of race is just that, a construct. Gender (or sex idk what the right term is) is literally in every cell of your body and dictates almost every way your body functions, with two extremely distinct genders/sex/whatever with XX and XY. Mixed race is very common because it has such a small impact on your body unlike sex. But again the intersex/hormone mixed up people don’t seem to care about their pronouns or being seen as a certain gender, the very few real ones I’ve seen just care about having access to medicine to help their balance and have a normal life

No. 1371349

>skinny jeans
they are so male and retarded, to accentuate your hips you'd want to wear something loose on the hips and sinched at the waist. But no the autism and autogynephilia makes it so they dress for the ideal hot woman in their head and not what their body actually looks like

No. 1371351


Is there anything more pathetic than this thread? "Stealth" guide to skin walking

>Be knowledgeable in periods

Yes, like troons can get periods too~~

They think Hips=Thighs and they can grow them at 30 years old lol.

No. 1371357

So the anon from last thread's intuition was right on the money

Absolutely repulsive

No. 1371362

File: 1637283662297.png (250.73 KB, 744x1508, skinwalker tips 1.png)

I wonder he's was trying to copy that other aussie TIM killer who came up with a similar excuse and got out.
Thankfully, that stunt didn't work for Paul and he's never getting out.

I wish those skinwalkers could understand there's no way to mimic the female gait nor there isn't a cheatcode for female socialization.
The section about hygiene made me laugh though.

No. 1371376

File: 1637284676002.png (80.14 KB, 711x540, skinwalker tips 2.png)

Samefag, a gem from the stealth guide.

Ladies, I'm womaning wrong. From this day forward, I shall smirk 24/7, my head will be permanently tilted to a 45° degree and my eyes will be wide open even when I sleep.

No. 1371379

Do they understand that if they don't have naturally big eyes, they're going to look psychotic opening their eyes all the time? also, if i was a male and 6'4 i wouldn't even try to troon out tbh what's the point?

No. 1371385

The disclaimer is almost longer than the actual guide. The amount of ass covering people have to do when talking with trannies is so tiring

No. 1371389

They're insane and have some stereotype in their head of what a woman should look like. No one should ever follow this advice because they'll look like a serial killer. Look at Lillee Jean. She actually has big round eyes, but she opens them wide to imitate a disney princess and looks like an absolute psycho. Relaxed eyes are the most beautiful, that's why "bedroom eyes" were and are a thing. At least I found the answer for the tiny pedo smile every god damn trans woman has in her profile pic.

No. 1371392

*his profile.

No. 1371400

File: 1637286721967.jpeg (545.9 KB, 1936x1936, F05D1643-488C-4A5D-ACBC-7E9175…)

The instant rage when he mentions labels

No. 1371419

This is terrifying to me, as a survivor of psychological abuse. There's a certain "dead stop" look that abusers give when you've said something they consider to be "wrong" in any way, and it's the face he's making there. Even just seeing this still image, I feel the anxiety of someone who knows they're about to be screamed at and emotionally torn down by someone they can't easily escape from. This man is evil.

No. 1371420

how do the most obnoxious unlikeable horrid assholes find such loving and sweet people to form relationships with

No. 1371432

This is so sad

No. 1371435

my friend keeps reposting this guy's videos, i have always just skipped them because after hearing his voice i thought he is creepy as shit good to see i was right

No. 1371452

I remember his wonder woman and validation vines coming up in compilations all the time, I always found him grating and creepy too. This video has the same vibes to me as when Ellen Page came out, just wondering how/why nobody can see this shit and how awful it looks. I guess when you're retraining your transphobic brain to stop recognizing gender cues you can overlook a lot of stuff.

No. 1371461

absolutely nonny, i grew up around shitheads and i sense it as well. it's kind of subtle but it is such a shift in energy. this XY he/him male man has always given me such creepy vibes. he hates the mention of labels being made up and meaningless because they are. god forbid he loses his nonbinary tiktok clout amongst the teens. your not any less male because you wear make up and talk with a high pitched, strained affect. vomit. gag.

No. 1371479

this threadpic makes me want to kill myself

No. 1371484

I haven't experienced the same but his face looks like a viper about to attack in that image, or like a serial killer in a movie talking to his currently-trapped victim. It absolutely oozes from him.

No. 1371486

I actually went back and read it bc of this post and lost my shit laughing when I got to Draco, thank you anon

No. 1371489

The artist who drew this btw is a bisexual NLOG whose currently dating a man


No. 1371490

The comments are so oblivious but also from partners of, or people who have transitioned themselves so there is unironically likely to be a lot of autism in there since the trans cult tend to target anyone "different" with "you're trans" as an explanation, and autistic folk are infamous for being shit at reading people's expressions and moods because that's one of the most blatant displays of a narcissistic, controlling person I've ever seen out of a movie and to miss that!! is absurd except for the above likelihood.

No. 1371500

File: 1637296307084.jpg (428.48 KB, 1320x720, PicsArt_11-11-11.22.02.jpg)

No. 1371506

I didn’t know this, but I knew it kek

No. 1371509

File: 1637296960374.jpeg (170.56 KB, 828x411, 14FDC8F1-9240-4A8E-9943-E2B8BD…)

no idea who this is but imagine this being your wikipedia bio. bleak

No. 1371513

Why the utm link?

Me too. I hate how these idiots just say dumb shit like it’s the law, lol fuck off.

No. 1371517

File: 1637298148297.jpeg (632.16 KB, 1242x1585, 8F5870BB-29EE-4D66-AD86-5CE922…)

He's constantly brag posting about kids he's managed to indoctrinate. So fucking creepy.

No. 1371519

This should count as child abuse if some retarded parent shows this to their kid. Literally why are you following some creepy guy telling you to show his creepy self to your kids. Your kid isn't old enough to be on social media and shouldn't even know what Instagram is, go tell your kid to go watch some normal cartoons, weirdos.

No. 1371521

File: 1637298736389.jpg (84.13 KB, 640x729, gcdrzb2syg081.jpg)

the tranthem

No. 1371524

Sage for blogspot, but I need to vent this somewhere.
For context, I'm doing a PhD in the US. There is a guy in one of my courses who, from the start of the semester, I clocked as agp. Slouch like a gremlin, long, greasy hair, always carrying a bag clearly meant for little girls. He always dressed like an incel, but a few weeks ago I saw he changed his workman's jeans for ill-fitted women's bootcut jeans. And then yesterday he comes in with a tight sweater and … it was clear two things were growing on his chest and he had no intention of putting them in a bra. He announces to the class that he's been taking hormones and he wants to be called a she now. Half my class is from outside the US (weirdly, so is the troon) but a lot of people are into queer academia so people just accepted it, but I feel so gross being in that course now. The semester is almost over, but I may have to work with him next semester, too, and if my GC stance slips out I may get disciplined by the institution for harassment. But if he keeps wearing tight shirts to show off his lumps, though, I might not even mind getting kicked out…I haven't had to deal with a troon before for more than a brief interaction, and I don't know how I can hold it together.

No. 1371527

ignore him entirely in the same way you'd ignore an annoying coworker. give no attention. do not even look his way. it's not worth getting in trouble for.

No. 1371530

sometimes, very rarely, scrotes can be funny

No. 1371533

File: 1637300253462.jpeg (244.48 KB, 1152x2048, FET7kzGVkAcgUrF.jpeg)

I'll never tire of laughing at the troons' ugly mugs on twitter. https://twitter.com/StopTweetingMia/status/1460402089046073346

No. 1371535

Literally just ignore the shit out of him, troons are looking for attention and this will piss him off. If you do get forced into working with him, treat him professionally but "coldly" i.e. don't make any effort to get to know him on a personal level or he'll think you're flirting or want to be le epic cis girl buddies. If he tries to start talking about his transition or hormones, just act incredibly uninterested. Lots of "uhuhs" and "mmhmms" followed by a quick pivot back to the academic task at hand. Hilariously, this is also how you have to treat regular scrotes who overshare in formal settings.

No. 1371536

File: 1637300568102.jpg (319.93 KB, 1080x1589, Sr3.jpg)

This guys needs a refund

No. 1371538

Male confidence makes me fucking sick.

No. 1371539

Someone come get your drunk uncle

No. 1371542

File: 1637302171199.jpeg (481.12 KB, 1536x2048, FEbLMXmWUAAfBz0.jpeg)

Yeah. I mean no normal person is going to look at these posts and think wow I wanna be a troon now.

No. 1371544

File: 1637302298015.jpeg (106.64 KB, 1024x1024, FEd6HKnX0AktCqJ.jpeg)

Look at this massive bloke

No. 1371546

> this is what trans looks like
We know without the shirt buddy

No. 1371549

Why is his husband so shiny while he looks so matte. It's probably makeup but it looks like a weird filter

No. 1371550

imagine how women feel just being in the same room as him. fucking terrifying.

No. 1371556

File: 1637305640504.jpg (170.93 KB, 748x1311, image.jpg)

No. 1371557

Trannies are the worst type of male if you think about it.

No. 1371559

Does anyone know if he actually meets kids irl? Like for an 'in person' coaching session? Jeffrey has worked hard during the pandemic to groom kids and their parents.

No. 1371561

People who were abused in the past are drawn to abusive people. The sweetest person can end up with the worst person on earth.


No, every men do the same shit but force it on their girlfriend or wife. They are just weirder so no one can miss their shit.

No. 1371566

The Boyfriend seems like a nice normal gay dude who just goes along with his partner's delusion, If he was in a relationship with a woman I feel like he'd never come out for the sake of his partner and stay with her till death
I feel sorry for him

No. 1371567

I need more pics or a name anon. That dodgy editing on the right has me too curious on the truth behind it.

No. 1371571

Okay how am I supposed to NOT be scared of that? He's massive and looks ornery

No. 1371579

File: 1637314094180.jpg (40.5 KB, 1080x281, Screenshot_20211119_102706.jpg)

>all the women in the comments
god help us

No. 1371581

I was about to post that as well, the entire comment section is mostly and some fakebois here and there
Why do woke women allow this shit to happen

No. 1371590

I don't know but they make me want to bash my head against a wall. >>1371517
This is such a fucked up thing to do to a child, and this guy obviously has a fixation on gay/sexually confused children, which he pretends is about nOnBiNaRy KiDs as shamelessly as he pretends society sees him as anything other than an ugly gay man with makeup, and these absolutely braindead millennial mothers eat it up

No. 1371594

It's so depressing that he's obviously made the boyfriend (a nice normal gay bloke) redefine himself with the label of "genderqueer" or similar because Jeffrey himself is now nonbinary. He wants him to use labels, you can tell because he's angry when the boyfriend says labels don't matter.

No. 1371604

It turns into a huge discussion because redditors like you always have to go "AKSHUALLY… here is an entire novel about how you are wrong and let's have a little CONVERSATION about the "race issue" and how you're being problematic, sweaty".

No. 1371605

read other threads newfag and integrate. maybe also learn the difference between possessive your and you're

No. 1371606

dude thinks a male muffin top= hips

No. 1371608

no they're just a special kind of autistic in that they flag publically how awful they are. there's no good male kek

No. 1371613

File: 1637324110506.jpg (99.86 KB, 635x635, 1637295522435.jpg)

Which one of you post this thread
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/348314920(don't post /pol/ shit)

No. 1371629

that handwriting is extremely male, including the sperg instructions to flip the page.

No. 1371633

>retarded tattoos
adding "has tattoos" to my ever growing list of troon red flags when filtering men

No. 1371648

File: 1637328899150.jpg (84.53 KB, 635x634, 1637295536601.jpg)

Indeed. I bet he's weeping and experiencing whole lot of emotions while writing the letter. The letter s on "disapproval" are really different compared to other 's'.

No. 1371666

most people these days have tattoos and it's no indication of trooning. you sound weird

No. 1371677

no one is attacking your flock of birds tattoo chill

No. 1371681

He looks like Mr.X

No. 1371704

I love reading these stealth guides. I'm reading this with my RBF, slouching spread square across my bed, unshaved, freshly showered with regular ass soap and $1 shampoo. And yet, if I ever sat next to him, you'd know who the woman is and who isn't kek.

No. 1371707

Why are they always so abnormally tall? Just like most TiFs are really short, lol

No. 1371708

>posing as female
>the only answer I need or want is ‘yes’
They are so self-obsessed and transparent.

No. 1371720

File: 1637338403644.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2207, F31091ED-2E71-4E1C-A1CA-4C15D6…)

So pathetic. This is some fag I know from college, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he troons out or goes nb at least. Just enjoy it and shut uppp

No. 1371775


there is a troon on my TL posting about this near constantly. It doesn't matter if she doesn't attend some reunion show, HBO already had to pay her thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it!

No. 1371794

I was just wondering this too, anon. In real life, guys above 183cm/6'0 are pretty rare, but being tall seems so common among troons. Why is that?

No. 1371802

"People" used to be used to include members of both sexes, now it's used to erase women. What a strange world.

No. 1371824

According to the CDC's 2015-16 NHANES survey 15% of American adult men are taller than 6'0, that's about one in six. For the middle class white demographic those heights should be significantly more common.
The most common ancestry in the US is German, and 43% of German men are 180cm (5'11) or taller according to a 2006 survey.

No. 1371842

May I ask how someone's handwriting can be male or female? What do all women write in copperplate script or something? Have I been handwriting like a bloke all these years?

No. 1371848

File: 1637346368093.jpg (713.42 KB, 1454x2220, 21-11-19-18-23-11-183_deco.jpg)

We can call you a man all we want though

No. 1371850

File: 1637346472286.png (90.74 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_20211119-202532~2.p…)

What a womanly thing to do. I can't think of anything more womanly than shoving a wand up your butt and fiddling with your prostate.

No. 1371852

>those retarded piercings with the nose chain
When will that stupid trend die

No. 1371856

They can call it whatever they want, my issue is when they try to force other people to call it that too.

No. 1371861

it looks heavy/carved into the paper (you can see the back paragraph pretty well defined from the front.) women don't write in a font, but it doesn't typically look so strained and inconsistent, like an anon highlighted in this post.

No. 1371868

File: 1637347160597.jpg (541.41 KB, 1080x1448, nlap2rg0hi081.jpg)

No. 1371870

These threads are a bit autistic sometimes. Pay it no mind, it's part of their charm really

No. 1371892

We'll call it a trooncycle.

No. 1371893

if I was rowling I would just put out a tweet telling those three that they're shitty actors that shouldn't involve themselves in HP things anymore. legally they could still do the special but it would be comically awkward kek. these rich assholes don't even have the excuse of being desperate for money for throwing her under the bus.

No. 1371896

The ultimate fetish for the coom. And they wonder why lesbians won't date these freaks. You know, other than the fact that they're lesbians.

No. 1371903

My writing looks a bit like that. Guess it's time to go on T. Kek.

No. 1371904

Also if trans activism really mattered to them they would voluntarily boycott anything that gives Rowling money. Them participating after contributing to her becoming persona non grata shows they have absolutely no principles either way, but only care about money and fame.

No. 1371909

Lolcow.farm cracking more eggs than reddit.

No. 1371910

kek, good for you. hand-writing analysis exists, even if it's debated.

No. 1371916

There was some stage production where she was played by a black actress. A bunch of people lost their minds over it, JK Rowling made an twitter statement saying Hermione's race didn't even matter, and a bunch of people lost their minds over that. Since then woke artists always draw her black.

No. 1371918

I think that would legally be considered slander unless she could prove it was true

No. 1371919

why do white women always make these tired jokes? and you say scrotes are unfunny(racebait)

No. 1371925

This is the weirdest and lamest racebait post I've ever seen. >>1371720
I wonder how many of these people are autistically attached to children books and how many don't even care and just want to shit on Rowling

No. 1371927

>lose my little soldier and his effectiveness
what the fuck. the whole point of transitioning male to female is to be a woman, right? then why does it even matter if your dick works or not? im so fucking sick of these mentally ill men making up definitions to words and terms that have already been clearly defined. people just let them do it too, and they go along with the fucking delusion. it's like the ones that say "i dont have to look female to be trans uwu i'm still a woman even though i have a dick and a full beard!" sorry, makes me want to scream.

No. 1371935

File: 1637352258376.jpg (1.15 MB, 1242x1441, RDT_20211119_13380947359356921…)

God it's shit like this that makes me wish sometimes I wasn't attracted to women. Fucking hate straight scrotes and how they sexualize us.

Anyways more fresh reddit cringe

No. 1371936

File: 1637352320269.jpg (42.3 KB, 500x532, RDT_20211119_13363783809162785…)

how can one single pic contain so much sexism

No. 1371937

File: 1637352358368.jpg (309.97 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211119-202503_Red…)

No. 1371939

absolute unit of a lad holy shit

No. 1371940

I think it's a filter, too, the way he says "ok it found our faces" kek

No. 1371976

He looks like the scariest bouncer ever

No. 1371990

File: 1637357885238.jpg (215.83 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20211119-133350__01…)

From the comments. Maybe you kept creeping girls out with your "swooning and crushing" so they kept telling you they were lesbians because they thought it meant they would never have to interact with you again?

No. 1372000

Men really think that their desire to date lesbians means that they're special, when it's just their gorilla-like moid brains looking to "conquer and dominate" women who haven't been "conquered and dominated" by other moids before. It doesn't make them particularly empathetic to lesbians like they think it does, it just means that they have the advanced version of a virgin fetish, and they see lesbians as some sort of sacred virgin tomboy group.

No. 1372003

I dunno, man. After my miscarriage I think I got even more militant about never using "pregnant person." Pregnancy and everything associated with it is a woman's journey and a woman's pain and men in dresses and their little self-made body image issues could never compare.

No. 1372010

Honestly the biggest issue comes when they’re using resources meant for women, like our gyno appointment times just so they can be affirmated or whatever. The word police are definitely an issue too though.

No. 1372041

>when it's just their gorilla-like moid brains looking to "conquer and dominate" women who haven't been "conquered and dominated" by other moids before.

It's so transparently this that I never considered the fact they genuinely do think they're special for wanting to date lesbians. Like they think it's some kinda gay tier for a cis male to want to fuck a woman who doesn't want them, or signifies something deeper about their own gender, when to every woman it's clear as day why they want to fuck lesbians.

No. 1372055

i guess lying to moids about being a lesbian so they'll fuck off won't be as effective anymore, since they can just troon out and feel even more justified in pestering women with their unwanted advances.

No. 1372071

File: 1637366954700.png (Spoiler Image, 857.96 KB, 732x670, troonxenomorph..PNG)

I follow a lot of twitter artists and one of them retweeted this onto my feed. I didn't mind the colours and concept at first glance, but the more I looked at it the more my stomach turned. It's way too sexed up to be edgy baddie y2k art, but it's too weird to be regular porn. At the very least I assumed the artist was black or asian, based on the hair and features.
Imagine my shock when I went to the artist's page and discovered they were a lily white mtf from Dublin who draws women as grotesque monsters which wouldn't even be recognisably human without giant lips, huge tits and ass and long manicured nails.

No. 1372077

File: 1637367557012.png (2.28 MB, 1476x2116, Untitled.png)

here's a few highlights from as far back in his twitter as I could bear to scroll. Could have included more but didn't want this to get spoilered. And to think this disgusting little man has the same claim to womanhood as actual women.

No. 1372086

File: 1637368210144.png (1.82 MB, 1120x2174, traaaaaaaans.png)

So this has been posted on a few forums/message boards. tl:dr version
mtf's are being called out for being the perverted victim card carrying scrotes they are-and even worse its been revealed they have been directly messaging ftm's saying all kinds of fucked up shit and how they are privileged. Grab the popcorn if you like this sort of thing because theres a lot of messages despite being locked, I really like how they are calling out all these transwomen as being white kek


No. 1372090

quelle surprise. men taking over a space and making it all about them. no trannie and a good trannie but good on those ladies for getting their panties in a twist

No. 1372092

File: 1637368896179.jpg (509.04 KB, 810x2786, 20211119_120607.jpg)

i noticed this, and caught the post right under it, too.

No. 1372093

God I hope this peaks some of them. Men are men are men all the way through.

No. 1372097

huh, the fact that its only the tims making weird comments about the tifs bodies really highlights how for most TIM's dysphoria is physical (sexually motivated, being around females is always triggering because they want their bodies) while for females it's more social (they want to be treated like men/not treated like women, so being around males isn't that triggering as long as they are validating their gender)

No. 1372104

>Thank you so much for this post. Last week was a breaking point for me and I almost uninstalled reddit.

>I posted a comment here discussing how objectified I was growing up for having a large chest/hips since a young age. I also mentioned briefly how I was molested/raped and how I just wish I had a cis mans body. I got a flood of DMs. Most asking for body swaps and saying they were jealous of me and I should be grateful. But I got one that said I was using my gender as an excuse and that “the pedo would have fucked you if you were a boy or a girl but thanks for triggering my dysphoria, you deserved it bitch”

>The DM was so awful I had to wonder if it was just a TERF in disguise

No. 1372108

It's fucked up how thoroughly queer/trans culture has isolated them and convinced them that "TERFs" are the danger, the predators. They're actually surrounded by the predators, the ones sending them disgusting creepy shit about wanting their bodies and how they deserved to be molested as children and they should be grateful it happened. I pray they fucking wake up after this. Not being able to recognize male and female socialization just puts them in danger of further abuse

No. 1372115

being your authentic self sure does involve a lot of acting.

No. 1372116

TRA's lord and saviour Coomer Serano states there's no such thing as "transmisandry", only "transmisogyny-exempt". Sorry, TIFs. lol
There's no reasoning with men who openly hate women for literally existing and "throwing away" what they desire the most.

No. 1372122

I don't know about other lesbians, but this shit is plain as day to me. Any dude who admits to having feelings for me always has this weird perception of himself as "not like other guys". They all fancy themselves as some unique movie protagonist-slash-savior who "treats women right, unlike those other, evil men". Trannies are exactly the same as those guys, but now they insist they're oppressed for it.

No. 1372123

calm down tradthot

No. 1372124

isn't it funny? all this effort they put into it yet people will always clock them irl, yet we can follow none of these "rules" and be exactly what they're after.

No. 1372130

NTA and I literally don't have any opinion on tattoos (I might get one myself, even), but you seem to be the one tardraging. By the way, no, most people don't have tattoos (26% of people in the US do, ~35% UK, 25% AU). Getting fully inked sleeves like the tranny in >>1371544 did is retarded (and expensive), though, and I would 100% expect anyone with that extreme of a body mod to be a crackhead. It makes him look like he's trying to be cyberpunk or anime.

No. 1372131

File: 1637375051107.png (481.86 KB, 645x760, uranus.png)

What planet are we talking about?

No. 1372132

No. 1372133

File: 1637375215276.jpg (625.61 KB, 1604x2048, FEif1IhVIAQnwCK.jpg)

>holding your eyes wider and more open

No. 1372135

Don't insult Mr. X like that

No. 1372140

Sexism 2

No. 1372141

His moobs are going in different directions lol.

No. 1372148

Hopefully we could get kikomi art out of this?

No. 1372150

I think the most offending thing is troons using women's shelters/domestic violence or spas that are woman only, truly invading our spaces by swinging their disgusting dicks and man hands around venerable women.

No. 1372158

I swear ftms think all men are like harmless, sensitive yaoi boys (which is what they want to be) and are shocked to find that XYs on the whole are violent, rude, selfish chimps. The fact they don't register this as male behavior and think it's terf falseflagging shows just how little these women I mean transmen understand about men.

No. 1372161

Does anyone have the comic where it's the blonde tranny doing the agp beak mouth thing and saying "so glad I transitioned, I would've been soooooo racist to you."

No. 1372172

>I don’t want to believe anyone in the trans community would be so hateful.

Oh, what a stupid little thing. Head is all the way in the sand.

No. 1372173

I doms understand how troons like Tim petras and Jason Jennings are Trans since they’re little kids and look butt ugly or don’t pass for shit Tim is balding and his head structure gives gas station cashier vibes.

Also why do do the more popular TikTok trannies idolized the 1960s or heavily romanticize it like they wouldn’t be calling a fag or beat publicly?

No. 1372177

That soccer team tattoo kek.

No. 1372181

No. 1372200

He can't handle the rejection because his ego. That's why he wrote this letter instead of speaking with his parents at the dining room

No. 1372203

It looks like it was made by an AI with following caption
>Swollen gray women with long nails and several body parts from deep mind doing crouching in front of hieroglyphs made of naked women

No. 1372207

File: 1637387294334.png (140.79 KB, 738x594, 454554.png)

A degenerate who translates trap hentai is actually a male, who could have guessed

No. 1372221


men only see woman as walking tits, no wonder they base their whole desire to be a woman around having tits bc thats all women are to them.

No. 1372232

File: 1637394888981.jpg (21.86 KB, 491x203, traaa mod.JPG)

It's sad that the mods had to refuse to take it down, it just proves the point that mtf in that sphere are so fucking narcissistic that anything that even slightly pulls their mask off has to be deleted.

No. 1372237

tbh I'm surprised the mods didn't cave and remove it. I know it's a low bar, but good on em.

No. 1372239

File: 1637398820257.jpg (32.28 KB, 817x148, idiotsthelotofthem.JPG)

In a hilarious addition to this story, TIMs attempt to make it up to TIFs by asking them what their version of "skirt go spinny" is. How awkward it is to hear the responses which essentially add up to "treat me like a human being" (ie. like a man):

>we like lifting heavy objects cuz it proves we can do things for ourselves and others

>we like it when all our curves are gone so no one can sexualize us
>we like having pants with pockets so we can carry things instead of pants built just to show off our bodies

Males are so clueless, fucking kek.

No. 1372240

meanwhile, TIM's gender euphoria comes from:

>being belittled by men in public

>getting "dominated" sexually
>pretending to not be able to do anything that requires physical exertion cuz uwu im a girl now
>"skirt go spinny :3"

How long till the great peaking occurs? It's all so obvious

No. 1372243

pure comedy when they talk about “cis”women not passing.

women don’t need to pass. we don’t need to project this insane idealised version of femininity. we are female.

No. 1372290

pretty sure it isn't, but just start it with 'in my opinion' and it definitely isn't.

No. 1372305

File: 1637415539567.png (135.64 KB, 818x898, backstabber.png)

Because black Hermione is even more of a loser handmaiden than the white one.
Though Rowling is a massive moron for pretending like Hermione was never canonically white when it's literally what she wrote in the book.

No. 1372309

File: 1637417182516.gif (9.91 MB, 800x518, 1524736556572.gif)

>"i think that us girls who were seens as gay boys before transitioning more generally have this all down"
>insert gif of blaire white walking

those uber manly chad shovel hands would kill incels out of jealousy

No. 1372316

Her "coming out" as a TERF finally put an end to her cringy woke "well ackshuallys" she spouted on twitter

No. 1372323

File: 1637419582082.jpeg (399.06 KB, 750x1045, D2919DF2-5F6C-4046-8306-F8F724…)

What’s funny is that Marsha P Johnson wasn’t even a trans woman, he was a gay and said adamantly that he wasn’t a transsexual.

No. 1372329

I love to see how pathetically TRAs try to weasel-word their way into making Johnson out to be transgender, despite evidence to the contrary. "The language wasn't readily available at the time" seems to be a favorite of theirs. It just so happens to conflict with one of their other very common narratives, that "trans people have always existed, and the culture has been around since before WWII".

No. 1372339

It's convenient that he's dead so he can't contradict this. They love to take historical figures who can't object because they are dead and trannywash them. Validates their "we've always been here!" claims. I can't even remember all the various historical figures they've done this to anymore.

No. 1372343

Then when TERFs tried to claim Terry Pratchett I could hear the REEEEEEEing from my nice comfy echo chamber

No. 1372345

uwu sorry for trying to molest you gir- i mean boys but don't wowwy let's talk about some silly stuff so you forget the hurt teehee

No. 1372347

honestly he probably would be a troon these days because apparently he was a violent drug addicted loonatic kek

No. 1372348

I can't stop feeling endless joy at the knowledge that the real reason TRAs call Rowling evil is because they still love her stories and are mad that their parasocial mommy told them "no".

No. 1372352

It was one less little girl for them to project themselves onto

No. 1372362

Did TIMs even like Harry Potter though ? the only adults I knew who were into it were all women(like some identified as they/them genderspecial but you know that they were all women) I still don't know a single male adult Harry Potter fan
It seems like something TIMs wouldn't associate with

No. 1372366

No. 1372370

Lmao the edit wars on the discussion page over people trying to delete his “dead name” and write she/her.

No. 1372389

Maybe we have to start calling ourselves celibate instead

No. 1372391

doesn't work, i'm a hetero separatist and it goes about as well as "no" does

No. 1372393

The fact a white male from Dublin drew this, 100% fetish shit
Blatant male face. This is what happens when you never leave the house and watch too much porn.

No. 1372395

To be fair I know it doesn't really work but the lesbian one never really worked either… It's men we're dealing with, they will always be sex pests even if you were dressed in full nun garb

No. 1372405

We need a compilation of tif and tim's answers to these q's just so we can see the stark difference between them.

No. 1372460

File: 1637435105831.jpg (970.91 KB, 1421x3464, mfw.jpg)

No. 1372461

They'll stop "caring" in a day or two. It's so clearly performative.

No. 1372462

File: 1637435200227.jpeg (173.49 KB, 750x983, 64489D0A-77DC-4CCD-9281-D9735F…)

Twitter TiMs are cancer

No. 1372467

Trannies not oppressed confirmed.

No. 1372471

how do they no believe it's conversion therapy they wna be oppressed so bad

No. 1372473

So they’re admitting that they’re homophobic as fuck, how unrainbow of trannies to say so.

No. 1372475

File: 1637435503588.png (19.8 KB, 973x193, discovering misogyny.PNG)

Imagine my shock. It's almost like the sex you were born with matters and actually has an effect in your life and you can't transition into/out of privilege

No. 1372497

trannies are so fucking stupid

how do we get normies to see this?

No. 1372506

File: 1637437574976.jpeg (205.51 KB, 1292x727, F3C744B6-77A7-494A-BA68-9DADA4…)

>grow the fuck up if you like one of the most popular franchises on earth
>has a one piece icon
Personally I don’t like any YA, but tranny hypocrisy is so blatant here.

No. 1372507

File: 1637437628029.jpeg (194.42 KB, 750x1066, EB7E4917-0BB5-4151-9AD6-E814BC…)

Telling people to choke on cactuses for disagreeing with you is very mature and ladylike btw.

No. 1372514

Blaire here is even following one of the tips of so called stealthing, bringing your elbows closer to his torso and walking with his hips. It's very visibly male, it will only get them seen as gay men, not women.

No. 1372518

>"full throatedly"
glad to see they're not subtle about what they really want which is for everyone to suck their "giRlDIcKs"

No. 1372519

what did JK even say. I don’t think I ever saw the exact tweet that kicked off all the terf shit.

No. 1372521

File: 1637438511014.jpeg (180.63 KB, 1280x720, 9A26A54D-90C0-4EAB-88D3-B15D6B…)

No. 1372526

Meanwhile trannies are obsessed with all media made for kids. Especially Anime featuring school aged children and My Little Pony.

No. 1372528

File: 1637438786635.jpeg (124.24 KB, 750x846, 3B673941-86B2-4F8B-BC37-C2AE8A…)

>don’t even deny that trannies have alt right phases (though pretends that it’s not actually that big even though it is)
>full throatedly support trans women!!
This dude is wild.

No. 1372530

oh my god the bigotry, the injustice. how could she ever say those cruel cruel words? she's killing trans people with her hatred!

No. 1372534

Me and my friends were talking about this earlier today, how exactly does JK Rowling kill trans women? Someone claimed ‘by limiting their healthcare’ but correct me if I’m wrong but a. JK Rowling doesn’t control all healthcare in the UK and b. UK has some form of free healthcare correct?

No. 1372538

There is a strong overlap between these groups:

This is because when you are a failed male who has absolutely no power who knows he is entirely worthless to society and women: why not try… COPIUM?! With COPIUM you can chose to believe that you have worth just because you are.. WHITE! That's right! You are suddenly not a noodle-armed chinless incel anymore, you are a member of the WHITE RACE! The WINNING TEAM! Or.. if that doesn't work out for you, why not try.. TROONING OUT! Being a failed male is basically like being a woman anyways, right guys? And you have already consumed all that copious amount of BBC cuckhold porn that is spammed on /pol/ every day, so don't you already wish you were a girl being dominated by a black kang? With COPIUM your dreams can come true!

No. 1372539

Even if she had any sort of direct (or passive) control over the NHS, it wouldn't affect healthcare in literally any of the other hundreds of countries in the world. Trannies are fucking delusional.

No. 1372543

No. 1372547

it's horrifying how almost every Ayden has experienced this, especially considering most of them are underage. Tranny pedo ring.

No. 1372549

JK Rowling's strength to resist pettiness is incredible, she's like a twitter Madonna towards these kids and their careers.

No. 1372556

File: 1637440366434.jpeg (168.09 KB, 1600x1600, 625D0F18-7597-4C04-8072-0236EF…)

It’s funny because they even transed hermione and turned her into their icon, as well as Harry Potter in general, being a tranny is truly a mental disorder.

No. 1372564

File: 1637440989771.png (222.27 KB, 1210x1230, 234197480921897801429.png)

they are this close to getting it.

No. 1372567

A free form of healthcare thats shit in general… There are no 26 year waiting list for gender clinic appointment because the NHS are evil transphobe but because the whole thing is unterfunded and shit. Ask any other people who need a therapist or cardiologist and have endless waitinglists…
Some claim things would change if they just nuke the genderclinic appointments but then what?? 26 year waitlist to get you tits chopped off??

No. 1372578

wtf is wrong with you?

No. 1372581

what does scat porn have to do with troons?

No. 1372584


No. 1372587

File: 1637442865025.jpg (157.73 KB, 1182x738, E-NRqNzX0AIAnlV.jpg)

It is so funny that he is a one piece fan, this is how troons are portayed in the show.

No. 1372590

File: 1637443612454.jpeg (309.61 KB, 1536x2048, A39669CC-3AE9-4FDE-B1EC-48FE85…)

Zerosuitcamus - why are they all obsessed with Samus from Metroid?

No. 1372592

This has got to be commentary on trannies. Haha

No. 1372596

Everyone who didn’t play any metroid games, used to think that Samus was a guy, then there was a game in which they showed that Samus was always a woman, guys got boners, tranny males took those boners as a reason why they want to be women. The end.

No. 1372600

his posture is so forced and uncomfortable lol

No. 1372603

And as always an anime girl accompanies the text.

No. 1372606

note the fact that both of these memes are fucking anime girls lmao. i hate mtfs

No. 1372610

Can’t hide a beef neck like that

No. 1372614

File: 1637445418613.jpeg (233.75 KB, 1011x533, 1AD17DE4-F583-4DCC-9FFA-4F3CE6…)

Apparently she is really tall so to them that means she is a man.

No. 1372624

I just cant feel bad for trans men. instead of accepting being a woman makes you superior, they try to be males and think misandry is real kek trannies are worthless

No. 1372628

>TIF is taller with no hips, broader shoulders, a full head of hair, no visible facial/body hair, no visible acne, and a more masculine chin
>TIM is shorter with full hips, big/round/evenly shaped breasts, a full head of hair, female hairline, no visible facial/body hair, and a more feminine chin
Kek they wish.
Samus could never be a troon because she looks like a woman and is competent.

No. 1372636

If this continues, Tardfinn and other tranny jannies will take notice and hijack that sub.

No. 1372648

File: 1637450408479.jpeg (210.1 KB, 900x1200, D0B7BB2D-F584-4054-9EFD-568E8C…)


No. 1372650

IMHO it’s easier to build a case for being “trans racial” or “racially fluid” than transgender or gender fluid. It’s not all just a bunch of self-hating social media sideshow clowns in yellow/brown/blackface or whatever. You can be adopted or otherwise legitimately accepted by and assimilated into an ethnic group you weren’t born as, or be a genetic mix of any number of races on the planet. Basically every biracial person is “racially nonbinary” by default because of the pressure to identify as something.

Your bio sex on the other hand is not nearly as flexible. Even intersex conditions aren’t the same thing as a third sex or a “mix” of both sexes. It’s not like they’re all a bunch of androgynous hermaphrodites, that’s so rare it’s statistically insignificant. It’s more like the genetic equivalent of category errors. Most intersex conditions will only affect someone with otherwise normal male or female physiology, to the degree that many people never realize they’re intersex at all until it becomes a medical issue somehow (often infertility).

No. 1372656

File: 1637451729687.jpeg (159.22 KB, 1525x374, 44CB9556-897F-4492-B8B6-F6CBC6…)

No. 1372658

This really looks like everytime people claim a japanese creator said a character is gay/trans/their ship is canon/whatever, but it's a mistranslations or just didn't happen

No. 1372671

insanely ot but anon why the fuckbdo you have so many tabs open.

also profile pic in screenshot.

No. 1372672

that godawful AGP smirk

No. 1372702

he is sticking his neck out so far and pulling his shoulders back and he still doesn't pass. must be painful.

No. 1372709

>she is really tall
Is Bayonetta next?

No. 1372714

Nta but pretty sure it's not their screenshot. It's dated 2019.

No. 1372746

File: 1637462990844.jpg (97.71 KB, 827x929, thetwothingsthatcauseaperiod.j…)

No. 1372754

File: 1637464073560.jpeg (166.67 KB, 1400x1400, FAAQousXMAEq1CG.jpeg)

>Is Bayonetta next?
Eh they can have her, she was designed with coomers in mind

No. 1372755

>The only things missing as far as period goes are the organs necessary to have a period

Ugh, they seriously think a period is just getting cranky and feeling achy once a month?

No. 1372756

File: 1637464342020.jpeg (60.43 KB, 370x500, 733CC749-1AEE-4110-A23E-0D5C12…)

>she was designed with coomers in mind

>doesn’t have her fucking tits out all the time

>classic and stylish concept designs
>oh boo-hoo one of her special attacks is using her hair and fighting while naked

come on anon, get your bait together now.

No. 1372757

Cope, she's killing those angels creatures by bdsm dominating them. She's sexualised to hell and back even if you want to believe she's based on fashion drawings and made to be attractive to women. She's a bunch of fetishes smashed together.

No. 1372758

She was designed by a woman though

No. 1372761

Of course they think that they're men. If they really wanted to care they'd search up the actual reasons women get cramps and how periods affect us.

No. 1372763

File: 1637464950758.jpg (101.01 KB, 1280x1187, EuM5RdfXMAQgYMN.jpg)

No. 1372765

Imagine not being able to enjoy a video game because you’re just too righteous to look at nakedness in a rated M game full of violence, it’s definitely the male gaze! There’s a lot more to her character than just that it’s just a video game. You’re an insufferable and miserable radfem and yes bitch this is coming from an actual woman, you draw to the most extreme conclusions and assume everything is intended for male consumption. Rot

No. 1372766

Are you serious ?
are you defending Bayonetta and saying she is totes a feminist character and not coomerbait ?

No. 1372767

What's wrong being a radfem

No. 1372768

Nta, but play the game retard. Her ass is the main focus.

No. 1372771

Lmao anon these idiots actually think women can’t have agency of their own which ironically falls in line with the same thought process of misogynists. They can’t and will never accept that a woman designed her, it’s always going to be she has “internalized misogyny” if she doesn’t want to make a manic pixie feminist dream character that is completely inoffensive, uninteresting, weak, and forgettable just like them. They can stick to playing animal crossing with their basic bitch asses (/m/ fags know exactly who they are, just play minecraft)

No. 1372773

>her ass is the main focus

go back to radblr please

No. 1372774

> Woman are the true misogynists for being against pickme's!
Cope. Women can sexualise women for men. And she was designed by a man.

No. 1372776

Fuck off back to KF. Are you going to sperg about anon who wants to adopt a little girl again?

No. 1372778

Guys, leave Bayonetta alone. This is the tranny thread.

No. 1372779

*concept designed.

No. 1372781

Fair. That's why it's retarded for anons to be reeing about going back to radblr. This is literally a tranny thread.

No. 1372783

File: 1637466111135.jpeg (9.99 KB, 217x119, 2EA3080D-8C25-4AAC-9256-AC7D2F…)

Guys, leave Bayonetta alone. This is the tranny thread.

No. 1372785

File: 1637466160806.png (3.28 KB, 537x43, bayo.png)

Last post about this

No. 1372787

File: 1637466209295.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.95 KB, 995x858, 38e.jpg)

Ok, and it changes what? It's a game that lured people into playing it with trailers full of crotch and butt shots. I remember a scrote journalist raving about first CGI vagina in a mainstream game. You can say he is a cooler, but his observation wasn't delusional.
BTW, women (is Carnelian) design hentai moeblobs. Does it make those characters not sexualised? GTFO with that libfem shit

No. 1372788

File: 1637466259271.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.58 MB, 498x278, bayonetta-sexy.gif)

gif title not mine

No. 1372790

A period is literally shedding uterine lining, which comes from a uterus. The cause of cramps is usually because of that, stupid troon.

No. 1372792

Man describes sexy woman and woman draws it. Sexy lady was mans idea, not womans. Woman just do job, drawn by woman but created by man (who obviously thinks of her as his waifu). Simple enough?

No. 1372794

I have to thank TIMs for this, they have made me more proud of my body then any bit of feminist made content, My body on its own has aspects they only badly imitate with expensive surgeries while what I have is god given
I'm even starting to take some prides in my periods now thanks to them

Funny how that works

No. 1372795

People can play it for the sexy woman but they could have also played it because a famed director who's made good games in the past was behind it. And the genre Bayonetta games fall under don't get many releases either, so we take what we can get.

The only thing Kamiya was really adamant about was wanting Bayonetta to have glasses, everything else was up to the designer.

No. 1372796

Take it to the games thread.

No. 1372797

Please just stop. You can enjoy a game and just ignore the sexualisation, but pretending she's not sexualised is retarded. No need to get offended.

No. 1372798

And where did I say she wasn't sexualized? I don't care either way she's a video game character, I was just trying to point out that the director wasn't the one calling the shots on her overall design.

No. 1372799

The anon beofre was reeing that she wasn't sexualised and to go back to radblr.

No. 1372800

Sure. Kamiya wouldn't give any indication of style, theme, a hot witch and not an old traditional one or creepy, etc. All just the woman deciding she should be sexy. Right.

No. 1372802

File: 1637468235948.jpg (116.09 KB, 828x1023, FEpZsurX0AgFhA5.jpg)

She was probably trying to stop herself from vomiting.

No. 1372804

Clown world. Woman, please pretend this man is a woman and do not flinch or let your eyes betray reality or face punishment.

No. 1372806


No. 1372808

My sides!

I was autistic enough to google for this article and despite being drssed as "Mrs Claus" the troon apparently had a full beard!

No. 1372809

Men should just start going and putting on wigs and lipstick while still calling themselves men so this can be seen as an honest mistake.

No. 1372813

Yet when an actual woman is anywhere near "an unstoppable ball of pure emotion" she's derided for being hormonal or told she has BPD.

No. 1372820

File: 1637470690948.png (14.88 KB, 1077x92, Screenshot1.png)

No. 1372824

Bro that's just escapism and it means nothing. Don't ruin yourself chasing it.

No. 1372826

>thigh high socks, skirt, hoodie

Even in fantasies they have shit taste in clothes

No. 1372828

What gets me is the thigh high part lol. Isn't that in every troons outfit?

No. 1372830

Such a bastardized idea of what a woman is like. When we are on our bed relaxing we are wearing a hoodie, thigh highs, and cute skirt? So delusional.

No. 1372832

File: 1637471644580.png (36.71 KB, 1121x217, callhimit.png)

I'd stop being his friend if this troon made me call it two pronouns for no reason.

No. 1372833

Seriously doubt this person is worth the effort

No. 1372834

They're so fucking entitled holy shit

No. 1372837

they try to dress like anime girls like fucking retards

No. 1372841

moid please take yourself and your inability to think abstractly home

No. 1372844

Don’t forget they claimed Sailor Jupiter because she’s “the tallest” and “uwu lesbians with mercury” Kek

No. 1372849

File: 1637476122895.jpg (95.28 KB, 522x583, Untitled.jpg)

can jk actually do this? hope she bankrupts these little shits

No. 1372851

File: 1637476235772.jpg (626.21 KB, 1920x1080, man.jpg)

No. 1372871

>Trannies send images of porn in response to tweets involving children JK Rowling puts out
>JK Rowling responds
>"OMG how could TERF Rowling be okay with porn being shown to minors!"
>Rowling threatens to sue
>"OMG how could TERF Rowling attack a poow oppwessed queer person uwu?"
These people should honestly just die and go to hell. I don't even believe in an afterlife, but hell should exist just for monsters like them.

No. 1372878

File: 1637478723297.jpg (183.34 KB, 1080x973, muh blokchain.jpg)

No. 1372880

they strawman everything and antagonize, it's fucking harassment lol, she's in every right to claim defamation when they send porn to her and then try to go "OMG THIS PERSON CONDONES PORN BEING SENT TO MINORS"

No. 1372883

I hope it's real and makes troons seethe.

No. 1372886

No. 1372888

File: 1637480167714.jpg (252.29 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_20211121-023453_Chr…)

I don't believe this moid was sexually abused for a second, at least not for as long as he claims he was. He straight up says he only discovered he was abused after his therapist pulled out repressed memories shortly after his father died, and that his mother (also dead) also molested him, and that the consequences of that are that he views everyone as a "doll to be raped". It seems more like justification for his own bad behavior than anything else. https://www.reddit.com/r/Antipsychiatry/comments/q8dlng/clean_after_30_years_of_trauma/ in particular gives me the feeling he's schizophrenic and creating a tragic backstory for himself.

No. 1372897

No, TiFs are dysphoric about their height, hips, chest. Even more because they are women so they have some self awareness. The trannies who DM them are creeps and pedophiles becauae they are obsessed with teenage girl bodies. It has nothing to do with dysphoria and everything to do with the fact that men are creeps regardless of how they identify as.

No. 1372901

File: 1637483186120.png (430.87 KB, 489x677, 47EB4BBF-05E4-4A30-AD72-28F6B0…)

Anyone remember Shmorky? They were an early Internet something awful figure who trooned out and was outed as a pedophile who most likely abused his own infant daughters then disappeared entirely.

No. 1372902

File: 1637483288516.jpeg (30.35 KB, 500x376, 44FE1D04-AACB-4087-9887-D51B0A…)

Pre transition

No. 1372903

Gosh it must be hell being crazy

No. 1372918

this guy is giving me major soren vibes.

No. 1372920

shmorky doesn’t have kids. he was around lowtax’s kids quite a lot though. he attempted suicide and left the internet after a 16 yr old girl outed him for being a pedophile who sent her nudes.

No. 1372922

sage for blogpost, but once before I knew how ubiquitous this all was, I went to a party celebrating a gallery opening. I was wandering around when suddenly a tall woman (early twenties) stopped and stood right in front of me, grinning down at me. I smiled a little and moved to the side to suggest I wanted to get past, and she didn't move. My first thought was, 'she's crazy or she's on drugs'. When I realized it was a guy, it just read as being friendly, but in woman body language, refusing to make space for other people is a threat. I never really thought about it before that.

Lol. Once again, if a girl flashes a wide-eyed stare at me, I'm fucking running. All my female friends are sleepy-eyed goons. We're fuckin tired of this shit, that's why.

No. 1372930

I'm sorry, but if you don't read that as much more threatening after realizing it's a male, you're a fool.

No. 1372935

AYRT And kek, you're not the only one. It just seems absurd to claim to have this much extreme trauma, all before puberty, and the most severe incidents being things the individual in question should in no way remember. Like the claim that he remembers having to hide from shootings when he was three years old because his dad "took him to an active war zone". I know children in present day Middle East grew up with stuff like that, but I somehow doubt he's one of those kids. Everything he says is so grand.

No. 1372942

File: 1637492470126.png (293.13 KB, 821x565, e72.png)

No. 1372961

Masculine straight women who get called dykes were actually lesbian all along. You heard it at KatysCartoons first folxxx

No. 1372976

I can't believe that time a guy mistook me for Jewish because I "have a big nose" was a targetted antisemitic attack against me, personally! And here I was, thinking that the assumption that I was Jewish was racist towards a specific group of people who I have never been a part of, and that it was misdirected bigotry. What a fool I have been! Thanks, KatysCartoons, for enlightening me that I am actually Jewish, despite not having been born or raised Jewish, and never having put forth any effort to learn about Judaism!

No. 1373015

>thigh high socks
Legitimately more men wearing those than women at this point.

No. 1373018

>rowling writes a feminist essay
tra: yikes this is so toxic and problematic y'all need to cancel this bitch and harry potter
>eiichiro oda is friends with a literal child rapist (toriko author) and makes one piece collaborations with him
tra: one piece is heckin' wholesome 100 keanu chungus i would let oda and his pedo friends molest my kid anyday

trans activist who tries to boycott others for minor wrongthink makes allowances for pedophilia, as usual.

No. 1373030

>yes bitch this is coming from an actual woman
sorry but transwomen aren't actual women.
>Imagine not being able to enjoy a video game reeeeeeeeeeeeee
imagine caring this much that people don't like your shitty softcore bideogame porn. did you get lost on your way to kotakuinaction?

>a woman designed her
so she was designed by a dumbfuck libfem
>if she doesn’t want to make a manic pixie feminist dream character that is completely inoffensive, uninteresting, weak, and forgettable
nobody thinks bayonetta is unforgettable besides coomers and smash players. go ask your mom or a random woman on the street what female characters they love and see if any of them mentions this boring male wank fantasy lmao.

No. 1373050

>noooo don't tell me my lesbian videogame crush was made for men to coom over! It's not trueee!
kek. Delusional.

No. 1373058

lowtax made a video afterwards where his daughter fooled around with toilet paper while making fun of shmorky, cause shmork's sex fantasies was about shitting himself. imagine being an adult man and getting owned by a little girl kek.
does anyone remember which video it was? it could be fun to rewatch.

No. 1373063

Surprised this didn't get downvoted to hell or reported for being TERFy. She's using TRA phrasing, but she's saying the exact thing we always have: systemic misogyny is about your biology, not your presentation.

No. 1373067

Let's be clear, he didn't just send her nudes, he constantly badgered her to do pedo scat roleplay with him over skype. Iirc the girl was schizophrenic (same as his ex-girlfriend, who he also abused) and mentally fragile. She was FTM at the time (she later decided to live as a dysphoric woman, and seemed to generally have her shit together a bit more), and he had absolutely zero respect for her gender identity (calling her she, having her roleplay as a little girl/ mommy, etc.), despite being super autistic about his own. Which considering the rest of it is nothing, but it's another case of and MTF abusing an FTM and not respecting her desire to be a man while insisting his desire to be a woman is sacrosanct.

No. 1373069

How can people look at caps like this and not peak, it's beyond me.
>I always thought I was just a regular pornsick straight cis male for fetishizing lesbians but turns out I'm actually an AGP skinwalker who wants to force lesbians to have sex with his girldick! Who knew!

That's exactly why so many lesbians trooned out and claim being a nonbinary, transbians are only into the very femme-presenting women.

No. 1373074

Holy shit it's this guy. He identifies as a butch lesbian transwoman (read: completely gender conforming heterosexual man) and used to get in constant PvP with the ladies of radblr, saying a lot of very misogynistic things. Eventually someone from radblr found his facebook, and proved that IRL he lives as a completely normal man (his name was Zachary or something like that) and all the lesbian transwoman stuff was 100% tumblr only, despite how much he'd wax poetic about it. He changed his username since the last time I came across him, but I recognised him instantly from the One Piece icon because he had such an obsession with it.

No. 1373079

File: 1637515241980.jpg (564.74 KB, 1280x1707, male.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 1373091

This dude's like a recurring cow at this point who gets rediscovered every so often. I can't believe I used to follow him when I was a young teenager

No. 1373097

He looks like one of the glee cast

No. 1373099

She did say some real dumb shit, but often things were taken out of context to make it look like she said them unprompted. I remember one time an interviewer asked if Dumbledore and Grindenwhatever ever banged, she gave a pretty mild answer, and then there were a bunch of clickbait headlines everywhere saying she went off about Dumbledore's STEAMY GAY SEX.

No. 1373108

he looks like a very large, autistic man. i bet the retard strength is off the charts.

No. 1373110


No. 1373126

File: 1637519773304.png (329.2 KB, 720x1403, Screenshot_20211121-183104~2.p…)

Why do I not believe 75% of this. What is he leaving out? I wonder what "supportive" things he was told? Damn this entire planet, this is one of the most mild posts I've seen this year and I'm still so baffled by it.

No. 1373132

The top reply, they're all so delusional and unaware of what they're even talking about. Get men out of my bathrooms. It's terrifying. Good on this janitor.

No. 1373137


So feminine…imagine being the only woman at a venue and seeing a bunch of troons violently mosh to this

No. 1373139

That story sounds pretty believable to me.
The tldr is that the troon had two male bosses who didn't give a shit about his """feelings""", so he kept his deviant behaviour under control.
They quit and were replaced by handmaiden bosses who coddled him, so he went all out, and escalated into using the women's bathroom. New women were hired who don't want to meet a deranged man in the bathroom, so they use the family bathroom, which gives the troon an excuse to use the women's room all the time.

The whole thing is written from the perspective of a malignant narcissist with zero empathy for or understanding of other people, so that checks out too.

No. 1373149

File: 1637520879174.png (299.59 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211121-183803.png)

Samefag forgot to post replies, this appalls me, they're so oblivious to the dangers we face daily

No. 1373152

File: 1637521351639.png (20.63 KB, 597x178, stonetoss.png)

cow crossover. wouldn't even be surprised if he pays a trans pedophile thousands of dollars after virtue signalling about how he thinks queer pedos are destroying society. rightoids have no integrity.

No. 1373155

I think he's just shitposting about how people always say their artstyles are really similar

No. 1373165

This header is the funniest fucking thing I've seen all week, jesus christ. It's like a fake Onion headline.

The difference is that Harry Potter is mostly enjoyed by females who they expect to throw themselves in front of a moving train if a troon told them to. One Piece is mainly a male thing, even if Oda came out and wrote about how all trannies should be gassed they'd be making excuses left and right in order to not have to give up their heckin comfy comfort comic.

No. 1373170

Off topic but ST was a head storyboard animator on the Owl House, a gay-coded Steven universe type progressive kids show

No. 1373171

What? Do you have proof?

No. 1373175

He has an old Twitter post posting his Disney animator employee ID to confirm it and multiple tweets back and forth with rando animators talking about work. I don’t want to give this guy any more attention, look it up yourself. It’s obvious he’s just fleecing anyone he can for cash

No. 1373185

Peteseger/banjobutch/butchflirt or whatever new retarded username he will eventually change to is a major creep. He repeatedly gets into long distance relationships with 19 year old girls, meets them in person and cries nonstop when they dump his fugly ass. The one I remember the most was from 3 years where they only dated for a month and she dumped him before they met and he kept insisting he was going to visit her city and move there after the break up, it was so creepy

No. 1373192

>I literally don't give two fucks who sits in the next stall as me

then you should have no problem using the men's room

No. 1373194

googled it and found no proof besides obvious trolling. stonetoss is shit at drawing, the only way he'd have a disney job is through nepotism, which is extremely unlikely since he'd have to spend way too much time sucking up to some of the most insufferably woke libs around.
if there's a photo of an id it's more likely that a fan of his who can draw lent it to him to troll.

No. 1373202

Lennie from Of Mice and Men-vibes.

No. 1373235

got me so fucking good, nonnita, hearty keks

No. 1373250

don't you disrespect my boy lennie like that

No. 1373274

Any anon(s) have receipts for this? There are so many trans "butch women" on tumblr and they're all so embarrassing. I would love to read the facebook/ldr receipts lol.

No. 1373278

What probably happened was the patient was acting like an entitled Karen. The nurse was being annoyed, and signed a little to loud. The trans flipped there shit on social media claiming the nurse was so transphobic trying to get a payout from the hospital

No. 1373281

Dude this has actually happened to me also many times in my life

No. 1373282

File: 1637536193671.png (193.98 KB, 379x519, tumblr_a6eacf5338e8ac135d80f6d…)

IDK much about him, but here's a screenshot from his facebook that I grabbed off tumblr

No. 1373284

File: 1637536379605.png (1.14 MB, 722x1280, tumblr_e75604cb0e0614a10753365…)

bonus lols

No. 1373285

sage for off topic, but I wonder if in hindsight, that had something to do with lowtax's suicide, because I would definitely want to die too if I realized I let an extra disgusting pedo around my kid

No. 1373289

AYRT, holy shit that dude is definitely autistic lmfao. Kind of a blog post but I just recently peaked and seeing this man LARP as a woman who rejects the arbitrary expectations for her sex simultaneously makes me rage but also makes me laugh because holy shit he's so fucking ugly. TY anon!

No. 1373290

idk about u guys but this outfit screams butch lesbian to me

No. 1373293

High functioning autistic men are a plague to society

No. 1373295

Men are a plague to society

No. 1373298

I can hear the simpering male voice trying to act like a hyper dumb woman from here, the guy in the comments doesn't even pass through text

No. 1373299

In the 50's these people would have been the ones documenting all the different bugs or counting trains in the backwaters town they lived in but now they're online hyperfixating over sissyfication porn and imaginary lesbian life.

No. 1373303

>I don't know why people care about what bathrooms we use
>Also I feel euphoria when using the women's bathroom and would opt for that over a mixed sex one due to said euphoria

Yeah, wonder why people are iffy about it?

No. 1373304

i'm autistic myself, and i think autistic people are so much more susceptible to trans ideology than most. we struggle with gender as a concept, as it's abstract and intangible. i can't always tell when i'm hungry or tired, and can barely name emotions, so i also don't really feel like a gender. it's super confusing and i can imagine many autistic people would feel "nonbinary" just bc they don't understand gender.

there's also the lack of a stable identity. you don't really know who you are, maybe bc of masking symptoms or changing ur identity to fit in. u don't identify w other men/women, so u may conclude u must not be one. plus autistic ppl's lack of belonging and ostracism from society makes the trans community highly attractive.

super armchairy ik but someone somewhere should research this

No. 1373307

>i also don't really feel like a gender
I think that's the same for everyone who isn't trans. I read some studies about it and it always boils down to the author declaring internal recognition of external categorization of behaviours an innate identity. And that's the good ones, the majority are just psychobabble.
Autistics are more susceptible to all kinds of scams, but this one is particularly pernicious because they're being lied to by everyone, and it hits the vulnerabilities you laid out.

No. 1373309

ah okay, thought it was just me not understanding feelings again lol. but yeah, super gross that they're being taken advantage of in this way. but also idk if i feel that sorry for them bc there's plenty GC autists.

No. 1373312

also gonna blog a bit sorry but i am so fucking glad i grew up in the time period i did or else i would have trooned out. i was convinced i was not supposed to be a girl for a good chunk of my teen years because i hated being female. in this society, i would have probably transitioned. in the early 00s, it wasn't an option and i am THANKFUL. transitioning is often a result of peer pressure, no joke. they get told by their friend groups as impressionable teens struggling with their identity that they should do it like everyone else who is questioning. there have been studies on this esp with girls.

No. 1373313

Not a vexillology autist. This explains a lot.

No. 1373314

I'm exactly the same. I was a young teenager during the 2014 tumblr era. Gender wasn't as much a thing but sexuality labels were, and I plastered them all over myself. Hate thinking about what gender I would have chosen.

No. 1373316


I'm on the spectrum myself and I think I would have been groomed into this shit too if I was born 10 years later. I'm lucky I have a diverse group of online friends who explain people to me and who aren't delusional cultists hellbent on brainwashing me into mutilating my body.

No. 1373348

File: 1637547367723.png (659 KB, 957x977, normal.png)

just normal troon things

No. 1373350

File: 1637547579178.png (94.03 KB, 1028x888, Screenshot Capture3.png)

>men wanting to troon out right after having kids
what kind of phenomenon is this?

No. 1373351

File: 1637547752815.png (23.77 KB, 1090x211, Screenshot (4).png)

No. 1373354

it's called "you had a child with a giant fucking manbaby who can't stand that your attention isn't fully on him anymore"

No. 1373360

File: 1637548468735.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1796, C06E91D3-D9F7-4E59-A45D-B1AB4D…)

This guy's low-effort completely indistinguishable from an everyday straight man """butch lesbian""" shtick always gets me. It really goes to show the level of insanity TRAs will unironically believe and support. He's also currently larping as jewish.

No. 1373361

Wasn’t this guy larping as a hardcore christian socialist before? Anything for more asspats I suppose.

No. 1373366

File: 1637549155232.png (53.77 KB, 1088x471, 23.png)


No. 1373372

File: 1637549382833.png (10.92 KB, 1120x85, manchild.png)


the OP sounds like a manchild.
>she said she was BI so why isn't she attracted to me

No. 1373374

>I harassed her until I wore her down enough to admit she broke up with me because she doesn't find me attractive. I pressured her to describe what was unattractive about me, and she described the way I look and act. Wtf, she's bi so she is required to fuck me no matter how grotesque I become to her. Someone please tell me she's a transphobe and I'm valid!

No. 1373375

>"Our relationship (romantically and physically) got better as I got more comfortable in my own skin."
Clearly not for her, otherwise she wouldn't have broken up with him. How could anyone read shit like this and not realize he and other trannies become insufferably selfish and narcissistic partners after trooning out? He sounds exhausting to deal with.

No. 1373376

File: 1637550019970.png (48.88 KB, 606x356, EZZ5.png)

True, for both autistic males and female the Internet was a mistake

No. 1373378

good for her. better now than after marriage and a child

No. 1373380

File: 1637550601688.png (13.89 KB, 1106x145, Screenshot Capture 2.png)

No. 1373381

File: 1637551194371.gif (840.21 KB, 400x225, OyHAFo0.gif)

They genuinely have a male centric view on Periods, you'll even see HSST bragging about not being able to get periods or pregnant like us filthy cis-women

No. 1373382

Were you drunk when you cropped this? Jfc.

No. 1373384

fuck the cc. what is this from? is this normal cable now

No. 1373388

Ah, yes, totally sane and rational, and not at all misogynistic. This is just moids judging women for not being gender conforming or submitting to male values 2.0, now with pink paint.

No. 1373391

File: 1637551889975.png (112.58 KB, 1292x888, 24.png)

my b

No. 1373392

That is Victoria Bella Morte and you cannot convince me otherwise.

No. 1373394

While looking, I found this https://www.reddit.com/r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns/comments/5y7e4g/this_is_why_the_terfs_are_afraid_of_us_because_we/

Delusional lmao
I could tell it was old because who cares about Bailey Jay these days

No. 1373396

It never fails, does it? Baby trap, THEN ruin your wife's life

No. 1373397

Amy Schumer's show, she did a brief interview with Bailey Jay. I couldn't find a direct link, but the video is here: http://www.out.com/television/2015/4/22/amy-schumer-interviews-trans-porn-star-bailey-jay-inside-amy-schumer-premier

No. 1373403

I forgot to mention he was a volunteer for the gallery. He was sort of doing an autistic attempt to greet me. If he'd been dressed as a man it would have looked very awkward and I would have felt uncomfortable, but men aren't expected to notice discomfort, and women subconsciously make themselves smaller/make room to accommodate others and put them at ease.

Love this. "She said I look like a man, even though I already told her that I wasn't. Is she insane?"

No. 1373405

File: 1637553179780.jpg (16.97 KB, 674x164, 5yx4NTO.jpg)

Almost thought this was a joke, but his whole post history is like this. Women don't have to "try", they just are. Another misogynistic moid that probably treats even conforming women like crap.

No. 1373406

Desire to escape their responsibilities, live out their fetish(es) 24/7 and trap their wives.
There's an unspoken fact that decides how this phenomenon plays out, though: the glaring difference between the TIM husbands who control the finances and those who are dependent on their wives. If they have the upper hand, they just dump the Troon Surprise on their wives with no warning because they know those women can't leave – specially during and after pregnancy, these women are at their most vulnerable and doing this to them WILL screw them up. Look at how that woman in the comments is gaslighting herself.
However, if the wives are the breadwinners, these men will use the same tactic (waiting for when they're pregnant or have just delivered) but won't be as insidious as they would be if they earned more than their wives.

No. 1373408

It truly doesn't help. I don't care if it's "normal" for men, if a moid stands in my way and wordlessly smiles at me, it's threatening as fuck. What's the worst a woman going to do to me before getting apprehended vs a man? Both serm highly uncomfortable and confrontational, but a moid is way more threatening in that situation.

No. 1373413

they will never accept that their bodies will never even remotely appear feminine. every single one of them is mentally ill. how peculiar that this should happen on such a massive scale.

No. 1373430

It feels like trooning out is resetting their lives and the man can now live out their childish fantasies and leave behind their responsibilities now that they have accomplished having a wife and having a baby. Next thing to accomplish is to become a troon.
Isn't it awful that new moms are currently going through post pardum and men can only think about themselves.

No. 1373433

Sounds like cope. Troons shouldn't be picking out flaws in real woman when they can't even pass themselves.

No. 1373458

File: 1637557630383.webm (2.95 MB, 570x1020, 1637556481421.webm)

Saw some TIMs posting this on /TTTT/ as proof of how naturally feminine gay male HSST's are compared to AGPs and how better they "pass", but I still don't see much difference
sure this guy seems to put a little more effort in clothing and make up compared to most of the TIMs in this thread but his body gives him away, his hands, his enormous feet, male shaped calves and his massive thick neck and the giant head

anyone with sense could tell at a glance that this is a male, I don't know why TIMs and TRAs delude themselves that any male can "pass" as a woman

No. 1373465

He looks like he's trying way too hard to be sexy in A Victoria's Secret commercial way, it just comes across as pathetic and unimpressive. The "please think I'm sexy, oh my god, I will literally die if no one wants to fuck me" false bravado he (and every HSTS) has is so insanely male, you could clock them by that alone.

No. 1373468

his latex boob collar doesn't even match his foundation, fagfail.

No. 1373471

File: 1637559522573.gif (971.89 KB, 500x387, gif.gif)

No clue, everytime I see a trans person MtF they're usually tall and wearing some crazy ass platform/high heels wich gives them even more inches.
I wonder if this is because they know it's guaranteed to give them more attention.
I haven't come across a short, round face trans yet.

No. 1373476

What's funny is he tripped at the first hurdle by referring to adult women as girls. Very male.

No. 1373477

Right? It makes me feel that very primal sense of disgust that we've evolved over thousands of years, like when we're around garbage or death because we instinctively need to avoid it to protect ourselves from harm.

No. 1373480

Oh my god that guy is so uncomfortable but is probably still in the relationship because sunk-cost fallacy

No. 1373488

>While we stand by the photo

Since Rowling has plentiful cash and time to spare, I hope they enjoy whatever interaction with the law ensues from this admission.

No. 1373493

Some sort of variation on the ol' walk out on pregnant wife/wife who recently gave birth with an extra side of manipulation, gaslighting, fetishizing and so on.
I truly don't think men's brains work the same way ours do and they don't actually consider all the consequences of getting a wife pregnant (i.e. no attention for you, a lot of attention on her and the kid, vastly reduced sex due to physical changes and stress, financial worries, etc)
They just think sex = baby = nothing changes, and if anything other than that occurs it can trigger a range of cowardly responses, ranging from
>becoming abusive or cruel suddenly
>walking out before/during/after the birth
>2021 special: trooning out

No. 1373494

File: 1637562962230.gif (2.38 MB, 222x200, 200.gif)


>my dad literally raped me for 11 years straight

>but worse… my mother wanted me to get good grades! so much pressure, what a fucking NARC! i couldnt deal with it! she was so abusive!!!

its so easy to tell a moid has never been abused. if that dad thing was true the mom thing wouldnt even be mentioned. yet the mom thing is probably the only real thing in the entire story. moids stay LARPing victimhood

No. 1373496

File: 1637563333812.jpg (616.63 KB, 1920x1536, Polish_20211122_074148699.jpg)

Casually misogynistic

No. 1373502

>Women walking in heels is a shitshow
Kek they're trying to put their male-hipped RuPaul-walkway-wannabe standards on women. We don't walk the same as troons because we have female hips and legs and aren't forcing an unnatural and performative gait.

No. 1373506

File: 1637564427782.jpg (28.88 KB, 422x308, iu04WI2N01.jpg)


Men walk better in heels due to the fact women's legs and feet are on a slight angle to accomodate the wider hips needed to, in turn accomodate the womb. It's unironically an easy way to spot a trans woman if they have a very straight, upright posture and back, and good balance.
>Women have significantly different features than men, such as:
>Wider hips
>More flexible hips, resulting in more rotation
>Femur is angled more towards their knee
>Lower leg is turned inward and angled more towards the knee, but there are forces pushing outward
>Less developed thigh muscles, making the knee more dependent on the ligaments
>Increased flexibility and hyper extension in their joints
>More narrow notch in the femur where their smaller anterior cruciate ligament is attached

No. 1373516

File: 1637565597805.jpg (253.24 KB, 720x1100, FEs3EuEX0AAuG1C.jpg)

Losing my mind. How many TW are murdered in the UK a year? I get the feeling it's not many

No. 1373517

In 2020, it was 0 lmao.

No. 1373539

Finding it kind of hard to explain it. It wasn't less threatening behavior, it just looked less intentional. Women tend to know how not to seem confrontational, so if we were to do something like that, it would seem as if it were a conscious choice. Whereas I see guys like that all the time. Just selfish and oblivious. Won't let people get by on busy sidewalks, stare at people, bug women who are busy.
Basically, I agree with you that dudes are infinitely more of a threat, it just went from "This woman has a beef with me and she's going to attack me" to "This idiot is waiting until I smile at him before he asks me if I'm here to see the art."

No. 1373558

>repressed memories
That's literally code for made up. It's not a real phenomenon.

No. 1373561

File: 1637569871346.png (578.84 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20211122-084954~2.p…)

What a professional picture to use as a lawyer. Also gotta love that he chose his new name from a girl in a children's book (that he probably didn't even read and just watched the Netflix adaptation).

No. 1373562

The link between "gender dysphoria" and autism has already been proven and there are studies about it (just google "autism and gender dysphoria"), it has to do with autistic people being prone to hyperfixations and not being able to recognize the motivation and patterns behind their own thoughts and actions on a normal person's level. Such as an autistic woman trooning out because she doesn't realize her hatred of her gender is due to the sexualization she has to experience or an autistic male becoming a transbian because he can't differentiate a sexual fantasy from real life and thinks him getting an erection from crossdressing is "gender euphoria".

No. 1373563

I creeped the rest of his profile and it’s full of schizo ramblings and “using the word ‘child’ to describe young people is literally abuse”

No. 1373573

am i blind or is this the same guy under shayna's posts saying he's her mother?

No. 1373575

Nona, it's HSTS not HSST, you keep making the same mistake it's getting noticeable.

No. 1373589

File: 1637572222326.png (621.17 KB, 932x526, 343434.png)

Look at this dude, seriously imagine seeing this delusional degenerate and you have to accept that "This" is a woman

No. 1373591

autistic females aren't coomers nonnie.

No. 1373593

as someone on the spectrum while I believe that most us aren't coomers and most of us don't get obsssed with weird porn we still end up in ruts due to the Internet
either becoming obsssed with sonic Lore, or a minor Sypro boss
Its not healthy for us

No. 1373601

speak for urself

No. 1373603

File: 1637574560812.jpg (193.97 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20211122-094817_Twi…)

i genuinely feel ill, males complaining that circumcision as a baby is comparable to FGM rituals.

No. 1373609

>UK: 0 recorded murders of trans-identifying individuals
>US: 35 recorded murders of trans-identifying individuals (33 TIMs, 2 TIFs)
>Puerto Rico: 6 recorded murders of trans-identifying individuals (5 TIMS, 1 TIF)
>26 of the deaths were black (25 TIMs, 1 TIF)
>8 of the deaths were white (6 TIMs, 2 TIFs)
>10 of the deaths were Hispanic (9 TIMs, 1 TIF)
>Of the deaths, I can all but confirm that 9 of them were randomly killed rather than chosen to be killed for being trans (mostly mass killings)(7 TIMs, 2 TIFs, 4 white, 5 black)
>Of the targetted murders, 4 could much more easily be attributed to other motives (1 killed by police for racial reasons, 1 killed by police after pulling out a knife on them, 1 killed by his husband in a drug-fueled "jealous rage", 1 killed over a "money dispute")
>One of the "murders" is recorded as an accidental overdose in jail (Lea Daye, TIM)
>Three of the murdered TIMs have been confirmed to have been homeless (all 3 were Hispanic, 1 in the US, 1 in Puerto Rico, and 1 on the border between Mexico and the United States)
>Nine of the murders have had reported evidence of involving intimate partners (8 black, 1 Hispanic)
>One of the above murders was a 37 year old man who was killed by an 18 year old boy after disclosing his trans status
>The average age for mudered TIFs is 26.5 years old
>The average age for murdered TIMs is 29 years old
>The average age of murdered white TIMs is 37 years old
>The average age of murdered black TIMs is 27.5 years old
>The average age of murdered Hispanic TIMs is 29 years old
Studying this is a nightmare, because many of the accounts refuse to name suspects. Either way, as I was looking it became pretty clear to me that many of the deliberate murders of trans people in the United States were likely downlow men killing trannies they slept with, since there's very few confirmed targeted attacks by strangers.

No. 1373614

File: 1637578079650.jpeg (155.23 KB, 960x983, 1627315160226.jpeg)

I was looking for this picture the other day and now found it so I want to leave it here too if anyone else was looking for it aswell.

No. 1373622

File: 1637579204332.jpg (269.51 KB, 1080x1947, IMG_20211122_140601.jpg)

No. 1373631

It is funny how these clowns think they can make "cishet" some kind of slur that people will actually be offended by. A friend from Uni invited me to a discord once with a bunch of alphabet rainbow brigade people in it and they were incredibly hostile and started to insult me when they found out I was a "cishet". You have to AT LEAST pretend to be bisexual as a white woman, DUH! Otherwise you are clearly a bigot! I just left. Their little club mentality is really strange.

No. 1373632

File: 1637582636056.jpeg (158.9 KB, 1075x1659, D4061D2D-9761-4BD7-AF31-D55242…)

Saw a male troon who is at the youngest in his mid thirties share this bullshit. Why do they call themselves “girls” it’s so fucking creepy

No. 1373641

>HSTS vs AGP body language

No. 1373643

Insult you how? I don't know how they could rationalize that

No. 1373646

>"Children should be allowed to get puberty blockers, HRT, double mastectomies, and even packers or lessons on tucking! uwu"
>"Idk, I think dumping chemicals that have been known to cause cancer, atrophy, and osteoporosis into children, giving children sex toys and teaching them how to sexualize themselves, amputating children's healthy body parts, and creating pre-pubescent hormonal disorders just in case some of them grow up to have the delusional belief that their body is somehow wrong is bad, actually?"
Can trannies please find a different "debate" strategy than saying something retarded/creepy and then blaming the retarded/creepy part of the conversation on the opposing side when they respond? I'm pretty sure "no u" doesn't hold up in a court of law.

No. 1373648

90% of their arguments are just name calling. i don't consider myself a bigot, transphobe or terf but i'm at the point where if they call me that i just agree. these words hold so much power over normal people that if you just agree with them they implode.

No. 1373667

File: 1637588510728.jpg (848.1 KB, 972x5790, Screenshot_20211122-081543_Fac…)

Speaking of which. I saw this post and can't stop laughing.
>"trans people are literally dying every day!!!! And it's YOUR fault!
>"NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU if you say the wrong thing!!!"
>"cis people say transphobic things all the time and nothing happens to them!"
>"also, send us money"

Normal people (mostly women) are leary of being attacked by megahuns and their attack dog handmaidens for wrongthink, not of getting reprimanded by their normal boss who agrees with them.
And the ebegging

No. 1373675

File: 1637589229852.jpeg (275.96 KB, 1242x1000, 7CC733F9-9420-4F52-B6A4-F67A9C…)

>begging cis people to ask my questions
Kek they don’t care and hate your training, if anything you peaked more people. Love to see it

Anyways glad this retarded shit didn’t come through for me. Women don’t want trannies, more at 10

No. 1373682

Because facts doesn't on their side, they have to make people submit to their reasoning/behavior and what they're, on insanity ground.
They would go on and on repeating the same point multiple time while giving explanation and meltdown everytime someone nudge them in the wrong way

No. 1373691

Yes, he's the one who orbits Shayna and is also twitter pals with Kathy/ParkAvenuePinup, he has a lot of cow crossover.

No. 1373710

she's tweeted about it and contacted the police. all their accounts are gone kek

No. 1373723

I think it's also possible that there's a biological cause for dysphoria in some cases (maybe something wrong with the part of the brain related to self-perception?), and that medical problem happens to be comorbid with autism.

No. 1373726

Thanks for reminding me about Amanda Turcol lol. I agree with you, and I think the internets also very unhealthy for people with ADHD.

No. 1373727

i don't think a lot of these autistic trans ppl actually experience dysphoria tho, especially with the recent "u don't need dysphoria to be trans" discourse

No. 1373733

Nta, but someone's self perception relates back to, and is based on, the social norms of their society and what identities even look like to that culture. Even if there is medical dysphoria, it's still based on the social "constructs" that tell people what is and isn't an acceptable identity. To be medically dysphoric is to be depressed, to pin that to "I'm depressed about not being a woman" is to say you're depressed about not having the social constructs related to women. Never, ever even once have I heard a tranny empathetically lament that their bodies do not make food, life, carry death a tomb, they have no understanding whatsoever and every inch of their identity is based on oppressive rules for women that now they wish to appropriate. I'd say let them have it if it wasn't for the real world implications and consequences of having random unknown men near you when you are in a vulnerable state where you can't properly defend yourself. I dare say, I might actually hate them for their willful ignorance.

No. 1373735

Samefag to say you can't abolish gender with fascism and laws, it has to be an effort of the part of women globally to stop perpetuating this pro-voyeuristic shitshow. That is all.

No. 1373737

This is a way that men use to trap women into staying in the relationship, alot of women won't leave and will stay for the sake of the children, this happens very often.

Men choosing to act out their fetish and make it a life style isn't something that happens over night, they must've been addicted and watched tranny porn for a very long time.

No. 1373739

I more meant the kind of dysphoria that's purely based on wanting the opposite sexes genitals and sex characteristics. IDK how common that is in reality though. I guess it would be similar to BID (that mental disorder where someone wants to chop a limb off), but BID has been proven to be caused by coomerism in most cases- it literally is just a fetish. So I dunno.

No. 1373741

File: 1637597097080.png (Spoiler Image, 331.86 KB, 750x682, shower wit me uwuu.png)

anyone wanna join him?

No. 1373747

Some women like feminine MEN not troons why are men so fucking stupid.

No. 1373750

I would rather eat burning coal.

No. 1373755


those hormone manboobs are freaking me out. they always brag about how "big" their manboobs get but they look so fucking weird. like their are so far removed from everything if they think female breasts are like theirs.

No. 1373782

File: 1637600508101.jpg (284.47 KB, 1125x2000, FEfaCDwXEAIkyT0.jpg)

>life gets a lot more fun when you're not the shy guy in the corner anymore but the hot girl in the center

No. 1373786

Kudos to him for wearing a shirt that a human woman would actually wear, but WTF is that facial expression.

No. 1373793

Its the signature troon smirk!

No. 1373794

We both know he doesn't believe any of this.

No. 1373801

Right, feminine men aren't convinced or roleplaying to be the opposite sex. So many troons are the most masculine creatures (especially moments before they troon out they double down on the masculinity) I have ever come across, it's like night and day comparing a feminine man to a troon.

No. 1373802

They also don't take oestrogen and get weird surgery

No. 1373815

File: 1637603434511.jpg (60.27 KB, 585x600, 1637601592881.jpg)

how DARE you try to question if I'm a girl when I try to join the girls-only discord.

No. 1373817

File: 1637603489396.jpg (108.78 KB, 1438x771, 1637601935642.jpg)

But wait! There's more!
Here's the 'verification team' that kicked him out.
>note the flag

No. 1373819

wow is rare to see people in the ffxiv community be based but also kinda weird how that discord admin has a profile pic with the trans flag in the background… thats kinda suspicious…

No. 1373820

I think one is mtf and the other is ftm
what an age we live in

No. 1373823

so.. its not a girls only community then?? that is honestly so confusing i dont know how they keep up nonnie

No. 1373825

File: 1637604757181.jpg (23.23 KB, 500x375, 5b30b43462e49af04fcdb56fb8bdb3…)

lmao at the muscular dad-mouth

Thank you for posting this. I was having trouble combing through pages screaming about violence epidemics to find the actual stats. I love when there's a page of SAY HER NAME and you scroll down about three times.

Honita Glitteratti– shootout with her crack dealer
Tyfanknee Littlefur– erotic asphyxiation trying to snort coke off her own balls with pantyhose over her head
Penus Desyre–ate three pounds of expired ham

No. 1373831

I think they're checking if biological female, but it then begs the question of what the point of the flags are if they're well aware that they cannot actually change anything physical about any of the participants.

No. 1373842

Based accelerationist cryptoterf honestly. By making an environment safe for ftms and enbies too she's just riling up the mtfs.

No. 1373865

File: 1637608177150.jpg (222.05 KB, 520x1249, Untitled.jpg)

Rowling tweeted about trannies doxing her

No. 1373866

File: 1637608237286.jpg (55.61 KB, 469x689, Capture.JPG)

but also sick burn

No. 1373867

File: 1637608300821.png (16.7 KB, 897x186, schizophrenia.png)

>Your parents are fine. It's you who has paranoid schizophrenia

No. 1373872

The VC verification is entirely pointless, because that server gives female roles to everyone who self identifies as female. If you search for "trans" you will find many users who are openly trans and verified female. That guy got denied because he doesn't even identify as a woman, he identifies as both man and woman.

Even denying men identifying as men from "female" spaces* is transphobic.

*That server is considered tranny central by the community, I'd be shocked if it had a significant number of women in it.

No. 1373873

I never believe a troon who says he was sexually abused even faggots say it so damn often it's disgusting, it's almost like these men get turned on from these kinds of thoughts

No. 1373876

Or these moids would've died in a war or some plague/hunger/disease that's easily curable today. Too many moids exist on this planet and as we saw in Ancient Rome, once degenerate males increase in numbers we're fucked. I wonder how many families trannies have ruined. Might sound cold, but thank god my dad died in 2017. He was divorced so he spent a long time alone as a single man. Imagine if he had joined Reddit and trooned out.

No. 1373879

the troonmusketeers deleted their accounts kek

No. 1373880

It's so weird to think that my aunt's first husband, the father of her children, trooned out like 10+ years ago. They divorced, but apparently he used to wear her underwear and everything. This wasn't even at the height of trannyism. What a fucking grim world we live in. He didn't even come to his own daughter's wedding because apparently he never got along with her and always resented her. Wow, I wonder why. Imagine skinwalking your own wife and daughter. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1373882

File: 1637609551514.png (928.43 KB, 1000x563, Okama_Infobox.png)

One Piece has a society composed entirely of unsettling MtF parodies that other characters are disgusted by. I'm really surprised I've never seen the author get accused of trans genocide.

No. 1373885

Lets hope natural selection creates some protein mutation in estrogenized males that would make them drop dead within hours. That would be so satisfying.

No. 1373888

Literally just like "oh haha of course as a cishet YOU wouldn't understand" or "oh don't speak about it infront of the cishet" like playground stuff. I mean.. lol? I think the issue was it was mostly tumblr people who think you need to identify at least as bisexual enby to be in any way interesting. They don't understand normal people are fine with their identities not being *~*special*~*. One girl also sent me nudes despite being married to a man, but she was "bisexual" so she shared her nudes with girls in the server. They live in some weird kind of alternate reality, I assume its to cope with being bullied in high school. I also felt like I was stepping on eggs cause you weren't allowed to say anything TRIGGERING!!! and everyone had pronoun tags. Absolute hell.

No. 1373889

File: 1637609916121.png (57.62 KB, 475x556, WERWER.png)

Honestly war and manual labor are the only things men are good for and what's the point of men if they can't even build shelter for women and children

No. 1373892

Your aunt did the right thing on divorcing him. My mom divorced my dad due to him cheating with hookers. I can see how he would find trooning out appealing. Moids truly are sexual deviants and once they show signs of this shit, they should be discarded. Let them live as degenerates until hiv or something gets them.

No. 1373894

File: 1637610303289.jpeg (217.82 KB, 772x1280, F44C0927-543A-40A6-800D-A5CA81…)

They're not checking AFAB or not. The issue they're having is that the Twitter person is non-binary (bigender, identifies as both male and female) while the mtf server admin wants to restrict the server only to people who only identify as women/feminine. Just regular tranny infighting.
I honestly might think this was a troll if his Twitter wasn't so full of commissioned artwork of his catgirl FFXIV character.

No. 1373899

even then, war at the level we have seen it throughout humanity wouldn't exist without men so that's not even a valid use

No. 1373900

So the person doing the verification is a TIM himself? What a clusterfuck. And the other person is an enby or ids as both male and female but is a woman?

No. 1373907

fairly certain they're both males. Admin is mtf, Twittertard is male but identifies as both a man and a woman. Not too sure about twittertard, since I haven't seen any selfies, but he bitches about "transmisogyny" constantly, so I'd reckon he's just a male that spends too much time erp'ing with a catgirl avatar and reading Homestuck.

No. 1373923

Damn I got excited for a second. Girls only is code for tranny these days. I wonder if it could work if you called it women only, technically permitted "stealths" but banned all discussion related to trans issues, since it would be ~disphoric~ for the stealths kek. We all know they can't help themselves and would slip up eventually.

No. 1373933

Less than a year ago, I was in a large-ish "women only" World of Warcraft guild on the most populous alliance roleplay/erp server (Moon Guard, to those in the know).
It was a pretty old guild, so even when it was partially opened to males (too many women wanting to invite their husbands, and ofc trannyshit), talk about never became a real problem. I only ever suspected one of the "girls" was a tranny, and the men were all very respectful (if a little simpy, sometimes.)

That being said, I don't think a new all-female community would work out. You can't enforce any rule excluding trannies without getting the banhammer.

No. 1373934

>cut off sticker reads "anti-trans action"

No. 1373946

>nothing would happen
“i’m not sexually attracted to transwomen”

also if i had it i’d share the screenshot of that one troon whining about “they call you miss but you can tell they think you’re a man it’s literally violence”

No. 1373998

this is legit soren horrorcow posting its kinda hilarious. cant feel empathy at all cause its so over the top stupid trauma porn that makes no sense. kinda funny that at the end soren sort of passes as a moid, because these reddit scrotes write the same shit she did. but she did it for attention, while these guys probably jerk off to all of that, knowing reddit. we can only hope they have the tranny ending just like their cow leader did.

No. 1374010

every troon i ever met was a gigantic 6'5 hunk
and in the fakeboi thread you constantly have girls complaining about only being 5ft and therefore not passing
why is it that seemingly the manliest moids and the girliest girls troon out? for young girls i can understand why but for males…?

No. 1374025

I think someone else will have a better explanation, but maybe it is because some moids want to "opt out" of the role of stereotypical macho male? They also hate the toxic male environment, which men created and perpetuate, but instead of calling other moids out and trying to improve that, they want to invade women's spaces instead. It's why you see military or gym guys trooning out.

No. 1374026

Queen shit right there. I wish I had enough fuck you money and connections to speak for all the women being silenced to protect degenerate males, this lady is a great example for all women out there.

No. 1374038

I've seen people call him out for this… Despite the fact that I think okama are different from mtfs

No. 1374053

I honestly believe that growing up with a normal or higher level of testosterone given the right environmental factors makes men much more likely to troon out. We're becoming a more socially isolated and perhaps celibate society and "spurned" men with high testosterone are the ones that will have the most difficult time navigating that. The social trajectory of Japan post WW2 to today is what comes to mind. They are men who would have vented sexual aggression in much more direct and violent ways in the past but placate themselves with video games, porn, and social media validation, staying deviant but adapting socially.(sage)

No. 1374073

File: 1637627809695.jpeg (258.57 KB, 828x894, 27D258A2-8BE8-4526-B59A-871D1B…)

The replies are all over the place. Found this dude in the mix again, these people are terminally online

No. 1374079

I don't understand the problem, I thought gender was the construct not sex. You're not going to get a period just because you took some estrogen and call yourself a woman. I can't believe people actually agree that we should be letting men compete with women in sports or letting them share spaces with DA victims.

No. 1374081

File: 1637628742452.png (27.14 KB, 733x195, that ratio.png)

the troons deleted their accounts lmao

No. 1374088

It's one thing to pass on video and another to meet them and realise they're all huge and have the same voice-trained vocal tone. It's like meeting a drag queen.

No. 1374106

File: 1637630834924.png (19.59 KB, 1068x236, sane person.png)

I'm a BANANA (repeat ad nauseum)

No. 1374111

File: 1637631585173.png (23.17 KB, 1122x183, troons on sports.png)


But it is unfair to have some hulking troon compete against women. Look at how many records that troon from the past olyimpics broke and tell us again that there is no differences between us. His point doesn't work because no troon man competed against men in the olympics and the one non binary case competed with women not men.

No. 1374117

he literally looks like some kind of grub, like a maggot

No. 1374120

File: 1637632297918.jpg (143.19 KB, 936x728, 0e8.jpg)

No. 1374134

Normally I would agree with you about moidposting being exclusively about what makes their dicks hard, and there's definitely a degree of degeneracy to this dude since he's MTF and has a rape fetish, but I think the quote about a schizophrenia claim from the psychologist is legitimate. I've met schizos before, and they do often have delusions about remembering shit well before they had any actual memories (newborn to 3 years old) and being molested/raped, especially by their parents. I'd keep an eye out for his account or similar accounts if I used reddit, a schizophrenic hon could be an excellent cow.

No. 1374156

>circumcision done on a male babys penis magically becomes fgm when the baby grows up into an adult and troons out(sage)

No. 1374177

File: 1637637132311.png (121.5 KB, 1061x790, Screenshot Capture - 2021-11-2…)

No. 1374178

It figures men are angry that women want rights. They can use whatever pronouns they want, wear whatever they want, fuck whoever they want, but they will always have the brains of cis men.

The way TIMs treat women really makes me feel apathetic to violence against transwomen. Why should I care what their fellow men are doing to them when they wouldn’t care if the same happened to me? I thought I was peaked before browsing this thread but now I’ve peaked that peak.

No. 1374181

File: 1637637272479.png (13.62 KB, 1046x112, morons.png)

can someone please give these men a reality check? You will never carry a baby weirdos.

No. 1374184

Isn't this just a lie? There has never been a successful uterus transplant

No. 1374185

The troon we're referring to here is obviously lying, but let's not make a blanket statement by calling every scrote who claims to have been raped a liar. If a man can't find a woman to rape, he'll settle for another weaker man or boy. I'm not trying to cape for males here, but to deny that men get raped is to also deny the occurrence of a crime that is also perpetrated by males.

It's worth mentioning as well that a lot of gay men are intentionally targeted by male rapists because gay men are perceived as being weaker, and because most male prostitutes are gay men and are therefore subject to the same kinds of abuse that often happens to female prostitutes. A gay guy in prison for instance is pretty much guaranteed to be raped for that reason. There's also an element of internalized homophobia– self-hating gay or bisexual men feel obligated to abuse out gay men because they resent people who don't feel as ashamed as them.

No. 1374186

>”I’m so unlucky to have been born the privileged sex in a patriarchal society. But I am lucky I live in a time where I can deny all of that is true.”


No. 1374188

They lie to themselves about a lot of things what's one more lie?

No. 1374192

kek i hope he sees this anon and gives you the attention you crave

No. 1374202

nta but come on saying that boys get raped by degenerate men isn't really a pickme take
there's a reason many feminists advocate for women and children

No. 1374204

This take always makes me want to alog. I think male circumcision is pretty stupid but comparing it done to these guys in the West in hospitals with sterile equipment to FGM in third world countries with no anesthetics. Do they hear themselves??

No. 1374207

Seething envy and humiliation fetish, all condensed into one post. Adorable. This part was the icing on the cake:
>I take my "fortune" (…) as an insult to my want for womanly enligthenment.
If anyone wants to peak their friends, you should show this guy's manifesto. That's a blatant example of how their whole thing is just another destructive facet of the male psyche… and they turned it into a cult.

No. 1374212

Right, it feels great that at least one public figure of this caliber isn’t backing down and putting on the show of pretending trannies have the same struggles as women and somehow need more support to get free shit for their mental illness. I searched her name on Twitter and saw people making memes threatening to kill and disembowel her and it only proves her right. But then they say she’s being a victim and attacking the movement by alluding to their threats. It’s such typical manipulative gaslighting it made me sick. And women are perpetuating the “white woman victim” thing too as if being scared of dudes protesting outside your family’s home and broadcasting the address is being hysterical.

No. 1374213

Not only that, but victims of fgm lose all function of their outer sex organs. The two are not comparable. One is to have total control over women’s sexuality from birth, and one is to prevent dick cheese.

No. 1374226

File: 1637642770015.png (353 KB, 607x713, 1626855153272.png)

Its all so tiresome

No. 1374244

File: 1637644558745.jpeg (56.08 KB, 554x554, 2A43F962-F790-417B-B9A4-71AA42…)

Since they’ve made a shitty movie about him, troons will be bringing up Lili Elbe again as proof that dudes have been passing as women for donkeys years. Too bad cameras were around and show just how ridiculous he looked. Idiot had a uterus jammed into his abdomen and died from it and now they’re making movies like it’s a tragic loss.

Man was a mediocre illustrator who trooned out after wearing stockings to pose for a painting when the model didn’t show. OG AGP.

No. 1374247

Oh my god he looks so fucking ridiculous

No. 1374248

File: 1637644934103.jpeg (38.06 KB, 686x447, D5888494-287B-454D-9D6C-450CB8…)

Just had a look at the brothers who wrote matrix since the new film is coming out.
Both those assholes trooned out. I’m now convinced that men don’t exist anymore.

No. 1374250

>the "drama" of growing up a woman
that pretty much sums it up right there. boils my blood that these freaks want to change the definition of "womanhood" when they don't understand what it means to be a woman at all.

No. 1374251

File: 1637645244033.jpeg (35.1 KB, 405x757, A015AA4E-EB3A-4D8C-8308-4F1BD1…)

Looks the same as every other troon out there lol. Dudes are gonna try to claim him as a huge success story but he was killed by trooning out and stuffing some ladies dead uterus in his guts and he looked like an ape in a flapper costume.

No. 1374283

>You'd have no idea what I'd give to experience a real period
If this isn't a clever troll trying to peak people this is so insulting. This is saying: Wow, I wish I too was sick for days out of every month with persistent bleeding, fatigue, headache, cramps, mood swings and other issues, (I had a few months this year where I was physically vomiting during my period and had extreme pregnancy-like nausea, I imagine this troon would be so jealous!!) what a fucking treat that is, especially when it's such an honor to get 0 days or even 0 minutes off work while you bleed, and to have all menstrual issues overlooked as "normal women's problems" to the extent women who have had weeks or months of periods following their vax, get told it's "nothing to worry about" and just to bleed out, 'cause who gives a fuck? Menstruation exists only to validate people's femininity and is not a physical endurance most woman have to go through every month.

A true treat and honor, thank you based troon.

No. 1374286

yes, they’re most likely referring to the one for actual biological women
and the only male who got a uterus fucking died from it back in the 1930s
so it’s bullshit

No. 1374288

'drama' got my hackles up too. I had an early miscarriage two months ago (tmi sorry) I didn't even know I was pregnant. It was the most agonizing thing I have ever experienced and since then I have felt visceral disgust and pain when people talk about women's physical issues in a 'oh boo hoo' way.

I want every man like that to get the girlhood he envies. Let's see how fun and girly the sleepover is is when your own body makes you miserable enough you develop an eating disorder, greasy boys are snapping your bra straps, and every girl you know is suffering for a week every month, but if a boy finds out, he'll act like she's diseased and humiliate her. Have an awkward, uncomfortable, unsexy, pimply girlhood where you think you look like shit and you probably do because you're a child and you're unhappy and everything hurts and people expect you to look like the 25-year-olds who play you on TV.

They'll never know the vulnerability of being on display and consumed so young. No one who had would ever be so obsessed with romanticizing it.

No. 1374301

u know that dramatic reddit post a while back where the troon was getting mad on a lesbian sub saying there was an epidemic of terfs downvoting all troon posts, i had a read through the comments, and I saw loads of people saying "Yeah, I downvoted all of those. It wasn't because of transwomen, it was because headpats are cringy."
and there were a few actual lesbians saying it but the majority of people who said it were transwomen. And the only thing funnier is them secretly being attacked by GoodLesbians is a bunch of incels calling each other cringe because boys can't be nice to each other and then demanding it's the terf boogeyman because they're certain they've frightened everyone else into submission.

The terf is inside you, lad(d)ies!

No. 1374305



>modern day egirl makeup, Facetune and high waisted shorts

no actual emo girl back then looked like that scrotes are delusional

No. 1374322

File: 1637658454117.png (198.12 KB, 770x1482, sdfsdfsfd.png)

can I please shop for underwear on amazon (don't judge lol) without this being the ONLY kind of review? I did a double take to make sure these weren't labeled for men or something. I hate this, because I used to be such an ~open minded free spirit, fuck labels~ kind of person.
Just looking for something to cover my arse and I have to read men my dad's age talking in that (wink) very comfy (wink) way. It just feels so cruel and disrespectful.

No. 1374325

What the fuck? Where are all the reviews from the people the product was intended for? Men should stop existing.

No. 1374326

Reddit troons are the worst.

Saw a post from one claiming that he is in fact flirting with everyone on the sub. (it's a lesbian sub, running joke is lesbians don't know ppl are flirting with them) then a follow up post about how he totally just recognized one of the usernames as being an old friend and now they're uwu dating.

Men. They're both fucking men.

I checked out OP's profile because I hate myself and so many posts in the lesbian sub

>you are all good girls

>I am officially married to all of you
>dysphoria is hitting hard… Can I get some "good girls" for… Validation purposes?

Sorry if too OT/too general but God I've rly been peaking lately

No. 1374327

>"for…validation purposes"
Ew ew ew. He's all but saying he's going to jack off to strangers calling him that. It feels pedophilic in more way than one.

No. 1374336

Fuck I thought that was younger Tarantino

No. 1374342

File: 1637662901868.jpg (332.49 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20211123_112028.jpg)

ewwww wtf. I found this the other day, disgusting

No. 1374370

God men are disgusting. Nothing to add here, just had a physical fight response to the idea of moids getting off to the idea of menstruation.

No. 1374383

would love to watch one witness the reality that it's clumps of uterine lining, gets smelly and rancid overnight on the pad, and is often ejected with diarrhea from the upset stomach that menstruation causes.

No. 1374394

>the drama of growing up a woman
it's "trauma", not "drama", and one cannot change the definition of something without first understanding that definition entirely. how has the whole world not peaked yet?

No. 1374396

I read his book which is pretty much all the information there is about this topic, but IIRC it was left ambiguous what the operation that killed him actually was. If it's important to anyone I can try to find the book again.

Anyway, the book was pretty interesting because it LITERALLY was the same AGP shit you read on reddit now. LITERALLY.
"I dressed up as a woman and I was the hottest girl at every party I went to and every man was so aroused by me and said I was so much prettier than the women around me, and I suddenly became extremely submissive and breedable and didn't speak up to any superior man anymore uwu women are so weak and stupid ehehe". 100+ pages worth of that horseshit.

And people read that as statement of fact and not the delusional ravings of a gender fetishist.

As a side note, because psychology was in its infancy back then it was conceptualized as him having something like a split personality and his female one taking over control of the body or some shit like that, as opposed to the male having been a LARP, like it's said today.
The male one was depressed and timid, the female one was vivacious and euphoric.

No. 1374399

At least those guys didn't post pictures of them wearing the product.

No. 1374408

Knowing the various fetishes men get off to, including scat and necro, they'd probably still get off to it. Whichever nonnie keeps saying the Y is a birth defect might be right.

No. 1374416

>a few brave transfem souls have gotten them

Name them lmao

No. 1374426

Lili Elbe (who unfortunately died of 100% unrelated complications uwu) and Kikomi.

No. 1374429

No you don’t understand there’s totes lots of other transfems who have had actually successful transplants but I can’t tell you their names it’s kept hidden because the world isn’t ready to accept it.

No. 1374471

I think we should make a bot to downvote people. I think I still got one snippet for following them

No. 1374478

File: 1637688748553.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20211123-122657_Boo…)

This sub is one of the fucking worst. You don't feel feminine? That's because you're fucking not.

No. 1374484

Sis he looks like how Tim Burton looks in my mind's eye.

No. 1374493

How could he not feel unfeminine with that natural catcher’s mitt

No. 1374507

Not sure if it's him but I just saw the same post on /b talking about feeling unfeminine

No. 1374523

File: 1637692275554.png (148.88 KB, 1066x543, 7887500458.png)

He has his dick removed and uses it as an excuse why he can't get his shit together and live as a man, thread deleted btw

No. 1374532

the level of confidence trannies have - imagine going to /b/ expecting to be hugboxxed

No. 1374534

Ikr? they will stop at nothing to seek attention

No. 1374541

>went from drug dealer to hot bitch
I mean… at least that means less drugs off the street…? R-right?

No. 1374542

I this a bait?

No. 1374548

File: 1637694595366.jpg (34.08 KB, 627x908, 1568912782473.jpg)

>implying the drugs won't be adulterated

No. 1374551

Uuuh what

No. 1374552

take ur meds nona

No. 1374558

File: 1637695359420.png (391.32 KB, 727x482, 87687450544.png)

Can someone please tell me how to upload a video what format do I need and size? I've been holding onto these videos of two trannies and I need to share it but it just won't let me.

No. 1374561

.webm max 20 MB

No. 1374562

There's a chance the OP wasn't the TiM in question, trolling. As suspected by https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/b/thread/867254366/#q867257306.
Never been prescribed psych meds and never will

No. 1374567

>There's a chance the OP wasn't the TiM in question

True but with the amount of attention seeking troons I see on there and some even here who self post, I have doubts that it's a troll, trannies always post themselves on /b, these people have no friends or family they spend most of their time on the internet.

No. 1374568

Use online converter or ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v libvpx -crf (generally between 10-30) -b:v (adjust this, generally between 150-500K) output.webm

No. 1374572

File: 1637696407321.jpeg (76.69 KB, 602x733, 61B8BDDB-82F7-4555-A815-2ED004…)

It’s unbelievable how psychotic these people are. I’m not a radfem or whatever, I don’t believe there’s like some collective goal to exterminate women, I hate speaking in sweeping terms, but these people are literally fucking crazy. This is the type of shit serial killers want to do to women. “Remove her organs” - how is this NOT a person with deeply rooted hatred toward women? How do people not see it for what it is? Why are women not allowed to voice their concern, fear, and frustration about how fucking unfair it is to have a disgusting, mentally-ill group of people call for your mutilation and murder?

No. 1374577

No. 1374579

File: 1637696980792.webm (8.48 MB, 320x240, 9767868576874.webm)

No. 1374581

How sad, seeking attention from /b/ellybutton of the internet and getting less than 20 replies. My suspicion is based on the filename, it was downloaded from reddit

No. 1374586

I saw this exact post yesterday, and then you see the same people saying she’s just being a victim and making up that trans people and activists could ever be threatening gasp how dare you risk their lives by the mere suggestion

No. 1374589

I am truly disturbed, and this is coming from someone who likes dark humour. This person needs to be locked up

No. 1374598

>a guy guy

No. 1374602

what woman would strip naked in public without being on hard drugs

No. 1374603

I try to listen to this and what comes to my mind is middle-aged man with sore throat and funny accents, maybe a midget.

No. 1374613

File: 1637698211897.webm (3.79 MB, 608x1072, 5878600547.webm)

So this one calls himself a little and in the end he's basically talking about feeling sexual in "rare" situations when he's in his "little state". thanks for helping me with uploads

No. 1374623

i want to see all the degenerate fucks like this in gulags. men need to do physical labour and nothing else. the internet was a mistake. only women should use it because men ruin everything with their deviancy

No. 1374628

Always with the greasiest looking hair

No. 1374637

a fucking bowl of beans

No. 1374638

Seeing such a long stream of thought coming from a tranny is so interesting. The way he goes through 15 different ways of speaking and emotions, from seething through his teeth to thoughtfully but retardedly explaining his "thranshender" identity, to having his sentence end in an uplifting question, to acting like he's about to cry, back to gently explaining that the cars in the road were "cunjubbled" and he was "THIS CLOSE" to getting "murdered… by myself." Not to mention this man's appearance where he's another one of those trannies who are an adult man but identify as a teenage girl.

No. 1374650

don't slander the bean bowl it did nothing wrong

No. 1374653

Hot bitches eat bowls of beans in their apartment alone

No. 1374666

this man is obviously retarded. i will not be convinced otherwise.

No. 1374668

They should show this in university classes when teaching about autism.

No. 1374669

No actual little girls act like this. This is how little girls written by degenerate men in their 50's act. Trannies who have "littles" always act in ways that make it 100% obvious that they're male pedophiles and coomers.

No. 1374673

male retards are terrifying

No. 1374676

So I watch these GDC Indie Soapboxes. But the absolute best in show goes to this troon by the name of "Cl△ris Cy△rron", and no, I'm not being an idiot, that's actually how his name is spelled on the screen. What's his hot tip for game-making? WITCHCRAFT, DIVINATION, AND TAROT CARDS. I'M NOT FUCKING KIDDING. Skip to 11:59 to watch this absolute trainwreck.

No. 1374680

very british of you

No. 1374685

Hot bitches eat bowls of beans with me.

No. 1374713

I could only watch about 30 seconds before the urge to a-log became too strong. someone needs to check his hard drive he has illegal shit on his computer guaranteed.

No. 1374741

where did you find this nonita holy shit, kek. running into traffic naked uwu so feminine. this man gives off a disturbing, violent energy. big yikes.

No. 1374766

My friend recorded him and sent me the clips, I keep forgetting to ask her how and where she found this guy.

No. 1374794

I thought the same thing about the shirt

No. 1374847

ot but the transwidow stories posted on here are what scares me the most. Anyone else think the "muh Nigel" radfems are annoying as hell? What makes them think their husbands/boyfriends are immune to trooning out and porn addiction? Not to mention male violence and murder. There are some straight feminists who have made the decision to stay single and not form close friendships with men, but they get shamed by these mumsnet "I have 5 kids" women who just hate troons yet simp for men, thiking there are "good guys" out there. I was watching Karen (You're kidding rihgt) and she has a muh Nigel moments when she's ranting and it's annoying as fuck. No one cares.

No. 1374853

"I can't start my life because i don't have anyone to love"
Why do moids have this tendency to go catatonic when they aren't getting pussy? Catatonic with random outbursts of moid rage and violence- which is essentially what he's describing.
Troons are just incels.

No. 1374854

I wanna hang’n eat beans wit you nona

I saw this kind of sick shit all over Twitter yesterday. Literally what is wrong with these psychopaths? Always resorting to threats of violence.

No. 1374855

it's natural and good for people to want to reproduce with each other actually

No. 1374857

Gimme a fucking break, anon.

No. 1374861

>What makes them think their husbands/boyfriends are immune to trooning out
Not one of those women but I haven't seen a "gender critical man" like glinner or king critical go trans, so if a man publicly agrees with gc ideology it seems unlikely to happen.
Not sure if there's even any person besides lying attention whore amy dyess who has gone from gender critical/terfism to trans activism.

No. 1374862

damn that's a rough 26

No. 1374863

Alot of gym rats/army dudes who are conservative troon out cus they can't live up to the expectations men set for themselves (or no longer want to). And I've read transwidow stories of men who were manly and seemed not with lbgtq+ shit troon out around pregnancy and cheat on the wife with other trannies, spend all her money on thigh highs and sex toys, etc. It's the same story Everytime whether it's a TRA soyboy or a neo Nazi dweeb or a manly army man (sometimes it's a combo of all 3). Idk why radfems thinks their bf or husband being a masculine macho guy means they're safe, they seem as likely as terminally online incels

No. 1374865

What do u mean give me a fucking break lol fuck u mad for

No. 1374883

File: 1637717268652.png (878.74 KB, 1162x601, King Critical vs Vaush.png)

>It's the same story Everytime whether it's a TRA soyboy or a neo Nazi dweeb or a manly army man
I know which is why I said "gc men" like glinner and king critical (who aren't conservatives afaik), they don't think transwomen are women but also don't seem to be overcompensating with their masculinity unlike army bros and /pol/cels.
When KC was debating Vaush the groomers in Vaush's chat where calling him a femboy (he isn't) while clamoring for him to go trans because they thought he'd be a cute girl, it's not a masculine macho guy I was using as an example.

No. 1374892

Didn't Glinner follow and harass a handmaiden irl and drive his wife away by being an obsessive narc? I'm NTA, but I agree with her, there are no "safe" men. Even if they don't troon out, they're all prone to misogyny and cooming. I'm pretty sure evolution has resulted in men being biologically designed to fuck and reproduce as much as they can before dying young protecting the women and children of their group from other moids of the same species, and now that we don't have to literally fight to survive, they're just full of primal rage and with nothing to put it towards other than directive one: fucking.

No. 1374896


god that sub was great until the fetishists found it… went from a very terven vibe to "feminine-identifying witches are witches" vibe in a hot minute

No. 1374899

It's a little bait-y and off topic tbh. I just think these kinds of conversations always start off topic sperg outs even if I generally agree that the "not my Nigel" types can be annoying at times.

I am annoyed however that some of these GC men still simp for the mtfs they've regarded as "the good guys" that shit is annoying as hell.

No. 1374901

This, it doesn't help that they recruit like cultists as well where they demand that if you don't meet all of their expectations, every single one, that you immediately take hormones and troon out.

No. 1374902

He reminds me of the way Chris-chan would make facial expressions or physical movements. Down to the nail polish, glasses, awful hair care & excessive expression of interest in the female sex/lesbianism tied to being "transgender" but being nowhere close to understanding it. Topped off with a weird hatred for other men? Fucking chef's kiss.

No. 1374918

the solution? get yourself an overly religious dude. he might secretly be gay but the odds are very slim he'll ever troon out.

No. 1374925

from back when I still had the energy to do online debates, I remember talking up non-insane-troons because I was so desperate for any resolution to the insanity. It was refreshing hearing someone from the other side making any sense so I'd support them when they said things like "I actually think the queer community is acting completely bonkers and misogynist."
I know it probably seemed like simping in retrospect, but I understand why people in that position do that. You're constantly being accused of being a bigot, and you aren't, and you just want to prove that it's the ideology that you're against. It hurts to fight for the rights of marginalized people and then get branded a bigot over fighting for women's rights. So I have some sympathy for that behavior.

The worst part is, the people who yell 'terf' and 'bigot' do so because they know it's effective against people who aren't conservative and do care about marginalized people. They know it hurts people who give a shit. It's all so disingenuous.

No. 1374934

Kek you must be joking.

No. 1374936

i can always tell who's a tranny online if they talk at all about "gayness" (referring to women exclusively), lesbianism or wlw while also putting she/her pronouns somewhere in their profile.

No. 1374959

lmao yes. i should have made it more obvious.

No. 1374960

To be fair, I've met handmaidens with she/her in their bios who talk about how "gay" or "lesbian" they are, despite most of them not even being bisexual. The way that TIMs talk about their sexuality is so constant and specific that it clocks them instantly, though. Twitter "queers" only sometimes talk about how "totally gay" they are, but troons make nearly everything about sex. The only times they don't are when they're talking about their autistic moidcentric interests like Rome or WWI.

No. 1374962

the cat ears are always a tell tale sign. i’ve never seen a woman unironically wear cat ears and call herself a cat girl.

No. 1374965

Oh same anon I get it I just am tired of them speaking over actual women at this point. I get that they're being bolstered because "see it's not transphobic it's common sense" I'm just really tired of tims like Debbie hayton

Forgot to sage

No. 1374966

Even the biggest troon handmaiden would end up with an attempted murder charge if a troon told them this irl while they’re going through the most severe forms of period pains. What’s next? Troons telling their wives that they’re so lucky to be experiencing pain as they’re going into labor?

No. 1374988

as far as ive seen its only white guys that tend to pull the agp fast one on their gfs/wives, but nonnies dont want to hear that

No. 1374991

yeah thats the thing, there is just a certain autistic cadence that trannies have when talking about LesBiAnS that make them easy to pick out from genuine women

ariana grande? but shes stunted

No. 1374992

Yep I remember when it was chill too. I've left so many subs over the years that became captured by these fuckheads that can't help but post their tra bullshit.

No. 1374994


the first and only troon I have ever known was devout mormon, his wife was pregnant with their second child and suddenly he was a she/her and his wife is stuck raising two children as a mormon.

Religious guys are probably even more repressed.

No. 1375000

what about someone who isn't aware anything regarding trannies(pro or anti) cause he's not online so much or are stuck in normie tier sites

No. 1375003

Good luck with that tbh. Porn, degeneracy, and general misogyny is everywhere all the time in this high-tech age.

No. 1375004

nta but I'd say you can't really rule those guys out completely.
Obviously, they'd be less likely to troon out. However, men who go on normie-tier sites typically view online pornography, too, and it's very easy to stumble upon all sorts of trans-related porn from (relatively) normal videos, or even from the front page. Click on one femdom video, and you'll likely find that the recommendations include forcefem, shemales, sissification, and more. And porn addiction is a powerful thing.

No. 1375005

he's on facebook and uses it mostly to check up on his family, also I did check up his laptop for porn, didn't find porn but I did find AL-Qaeda training manuals and guides to hack ATM's
so you know more fear of him being a domestic terrorist

No. 1375009

Girl what.

No. 1375010

File: 1637732350079.png (12.89 KB, 675x208, Screenshot (7).png)

>troons out after divorcing wife and having a child
>thinks he passes
this whole thread lol

No. 1375011

File: 1637732637258.jpeg (814.72 KB, 1125x1595, 642ECD0B-6C5D-4766-A4C3-BFA6F0…)

You do know he can just go incognito, right? Or clear the history?
The vast, vast, vast majority of men consume porn. Many are fairly moderate consumers. Many are degenerates. Very, very few do not watch it regularly. This is especially true for younger men.

Sci-hub link to full study: https://sci.bban.top/pdf/10.1080/00224499.2018.1532488.pdf?download=true

But hey, maybe you just got lucky?

No. 1375013

File: 1637732799634.png (357.45 KB, 650x542, ss.png)

No. 1375015

I mean If he had porn on his laptop I'm sure he'd have it less likely hidden then his highly illegal training guides on how to commit acts of domestic terrorism

also his laptop can't connect to WIFI, he uses it for storing his films and playing old games

No. 1375021

File: 1637734679921.png (3.49 MB, 2000x1080, B79DF26F-6DA4-4705-907E-823191…)

Is this an MTF or actual woman? They claim to be surprised that people in the comments think they're male, since it's apparently never happened before, but their face is so… mannish.

This is tiktok user @heymimi

No. 1375022

File: 1637734737233.png (3.96 KB, 343x91, Screenshot2.png)

Just girly things

No. 1375024

you're a man.

No. 1375029

File: 1637735059402.jpg (167.13 KB, 944x477, temp.jpg)

Jeopardy tranny not even trying today.

No. 1375031

Delete this. It takes a minute to go to the TikTok, click on the attached Instagram, and scroll down to see it is a bio woman who has posted for years.

Nothing about this woman looks male.

No. 1375033

Can we make a rule about no tranny/bio speculating in these threads? I'm tired of seeing blind anons posting accounts of bio women here for no good reason.

Someone maybe being a tranny is not milk.

No. 1375034

File: 1637735750332.png (59.44 KB, 1123x380, Screenshot Capture - 2021.png)

>instead of going to therapy he troons out

No. 1375035

File: 1637736038005.png (7.8 MB, 1640x2360, 48559426-1CCC-4CBB-80DE-BC6387…)

No. 1375037

I know this is a larp but you sound just like a girl I know with an identical boyfriend, it’s hitting too close to home babe

No. 1375038

looks like he shouldn't have ate something that made him bloat.

No. 1375039

I've started reading these things imagining instead of troons the guys are alcoholics since they make what they want sound so simple and normal, leaving out what the partner's actual problems are, and making them sound like meanies for no reason.
"I feel like drinking helps me feel more comfortable in social situations. But to them I have a choice: stay sober or lose them."

No. 1375040

A fat man with a pregnancy fetishism or a random dude on the internet joking about being bloated. Women do the same joke.

No. 1375041

File: 1637736987376.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 10.1 KB, 240x320, GmERXzZ.jpeg)

when they tell you it's just like a real vagina

No. 1375044

Late to reply to this, and I may have missed somebody already commenting it, but “Sadie Switchblade” was a known rapist before he trooned out to escape allegations

No. 1375059

Wish I didn't click this it looks like his balls deflated

No. 1375060

My hunch is these posts are made by troons/handmaidens in an attempt to "own" us by having us make an inaccurate assessment of whatever unknown person gets their picture posted.

No. 1375063

Jesus Christ, I don't think I've even seen someone here a-log that hard. Hell, I can't even come up with a person I would say something like this about, probably because I'm not a fucking psychopath who fantasizes about dismembering people. How do men function when they're this unstable and violent in the face of the tiniest adversity?

A man just got off totally Scot free for murdering two people, but you don't see anyone saying they want to rip his organs out. A woman with a controversial opinion on Twitter is apparently more deserving of it.

No. 1375071

Excuse my radfem-autism, but I really truly think it's porn. The few times I tried to get into it when I was a teen (to be a cool gurl and one of the boyz) I felt sick and anxious just reading the video titles/captions. They were written in the same tone as that meme you're responding to. Just encouraging you to come in and watch a woman in pain. It's this weird, sadistic voyerism. "Look at her face as she suffers!!"

I remember telling a female friend about my discomfort about the titles, and she said, "Oh, I remember feeling that way." and it scared me so much that she'd been desensitized to it. I'm glad I didn't push through it.
I'm not dumb enough to say "porn turns people into heartless monsters!!!" I know plenty of lovely people who watch it, but at the very least, constant exposure to that abusive language (and associating it with rewards) seems to make people deaf to it.

No. 1375084

File: 1637744776568.jpg (128.32 KB, 916x1192, FEwGWS3X0AkZ7tx.jpg)


No. 1375085


No. 1375087

File: 1637745067963.gif (4.79 MB, 320x220, oh-wait-youre-serious.gif)

No. 1375097

every time they try and make out like cis women are bullying them it ends up as erotic fiction. every damn time.

No. 1375098

he wishes

No. 1375109

Based off the icon and shit I've seen other 50 year old troons say, I'm betting he's talking about when the girlfriends and wives of men who trooned out well into a relationship stay in the relationship (sunk cost) and weakly ask if they can have regular sex "along with" the pegging and blowjobs their trooned-out boyfriend/husband demands. Heads up, Tim, that's not rape. You're not a "precious uwu wittle wesbian", you're a hulking, hairy beast, and you could leave your partner if you really wanted to. She doesn't have privilege or authority over you, and she certainly doesn't have the physical advantage. You could leave. But she didn't, and you know that means she's submissive to you. And you just can't let that precious bangmaid who pays the bills, feeds you, does all the housework, and cares for the children go, can you? Or you could say no. You'd be an asshole, and maybe she'd consider leaving you, but that didn't stop you before, now did it? It's clear as day that you know you can recover if she bails, and that you're not "perfect victim" you claim to think you are. You also aren't getting the "expected to be a ready to fuck, breedable hole" treatment from anyone, especially not from women. Chasers aren't following you on the streets with the intent to rape you. Men aren't lacing your drinks or sticking you with needles. You aren't getting beaten by your wives for saying no to sex. We are not the same.

No. 1375112

Know a guy like this IRL. His parents always seem so broken-hearted.

No. 1375113

It's just that society's 'feminine male' designation. So they could be MtF or feminine gay men.

There's a (mostly discredited) theory that autism is an 'extreme male brain'

No. 1375116

Kek. Varg was right all along, men are autistic.

No. 1375118

File: 1637752529173.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.89 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

>actual lol

No. 1375120

File: 1637752695936.jpg (204.41 KB, 991x1196, FEwGWS3WQAEcbkB.jpg)

sure u wouldn't wanna piece of this?

No. 1375123


No. 1375130

This looks like a non binary ballsack pussy lips or an orchiectomy gone wrong. Jesus Christ, and they have the nerve to pretend to be normal.

No. 1375132

This is the same logic pedophiles use. "It was actually those darn sexy kids that SEDUCED ME!". Everyone knows men can't be raped by women.

No. 1375133

File: 1637756047873.png (93.59 KB, 2000x2177, Political_chart.svg.png)

Where are nazi trannies on the political compass?

No. 1375138

Most men watch porn on their phone and they don't download it, they view it in browser in incognito tabs. You would literally never know. Honestly the only way you can get men to stop touching their dicks is if you constantly demand sex, to the point that they can not keep up with masturbation AND sex so they have to chose to forego touching their dicks if they want to make you happy. But most women do not want to have sex that much, so men will always substitute with porn and masturbation. I really hate that this is just something that women have to accept if we want to date men. Really makes you sick.

No. 1375139

File: 1637756741490.jpeg (353.8 KB, 1518x1934, AA0E0E9F-68E5-4A49-B363-02F789…)

Imagine getting pressed over a low effort ‘gamer girls’ starter pack. Jesus Christ I wish I had so little going on that I could start beef over an imagined act of twansphobia uwu.

Put some paprika on your dilator if you’re that desperate to be upset about something.

No. 1375147

where normal nazis are. pc doesn't have a cultural axis etc etc

No. 1375155

a woman has never, ever, in the history of the world, raped a mtf tranny. i would bet my entire life savings on this.

No. 1375157

I really don't understand why people even try to placate those creatures. Fool's errand.

No. 1375161

it's annoying to be called a bigot over a comment blown out of proportion is why, it's difficult for someone to not comment back, but it's always best to just go "ok" or laugh at them instead

No. 1375162

No. 1375183

File: 1637764439937.png (1.31 MB, 1473x1010, Screenshot (4451).png)

Has Jazz been posted lately? I saw the preview for the new season of his show and was shocked, he says he's gained 100 pounds in the past 2 years.

No. 1375186

File: 1637764990983.png (981.57 KB, 1178x719, Screenshot (4457).png)

I guess there incorporating his binge eating into the show as well lol.

No. 1375189

I believe him. Poor kid was already binge eating before getting his genitals flayed.
In the previous seasons they were playing it down as a "teehee~ gurl problem" instead of a major redflag.

No. 1375197

Oh my god I feel so bad. Idk anything about Jazz outside of being a trans kid, but this is really sad, he’s clearly not happy. Also how tf is his face so slim still

No. 1375204

You spilled but none of these trad hoes want to hear it.
I genuinely dont want to have kids in this f-ed up climate. Besides it would ruin your body and the moid i procreated with would probably turn into an ass since they all got that domiation fetish aka "planting their seed" so you belong to him forever. No thanks.

No. 1375206

Yeah me too, he's clearly very brainwashed by this whole ideology. A lot of the stuff he says on the show seems so scripted, each line is like an after school special. I saw one episode where his other tranny friend didn't like drag culture because he considered it misogynistic and transphobic, so by the end of the episode they had to have some meeting and convince this guy that drag is innocent. The entire thing felt so artificial, he's like TLC's puppet.

No. 1375212

Oy gevalt

No. 1375266

The way he gained weight is so odd, I don't know if it's a male thing but I feel like it's a male + being on hormones for fucking years thing. His head is the same but his body is so huge and heavy looking. He's obviously depressed, he was sold a lie.

No. 1375271

He really does look like a water balloon being held by its neck.

No. 1375280

Some people just gain weight that way. Some get double chins before they even hit overweight BMI and some don't gain in their face much at all. It's how Tess Holliday became a "popular" plus sized model like a decade or so ago. She was an anomaly with her super morbidly obese body and slimmer face. It eventually caught up to her face, though.

No. 1375312

File: 1637786780456.jpg (117.89 KB, 828x1002, FE-hcU-XMAEqqKU.jpg)

look at the views on this one, gang

No. 1375320

File: 1637787440430.jpg (201.44 KB, 1079x1256, FD2ZvjmXMAYeHiZ.jpg)

oh, nice. I wanna puke.

No. 1375321

File: 1637787527488.jpeg (258.42 KB, 1170x1561, B3AE9A96-0E4D-4093-86AA-ECA3E5…)

not sure if this is milky enough but I was scrolling through Twitter and I found this troon with a six head and just had to share kek

No. 1375322

pls show me just one woman on earth who'd even be able to physically force a huge ogre like him

No. 1375328

Sounds like something he dreamed up lmfao

No. 1375329

Holy fuck…that's beyond a five-head. That's a six-head.

No. 1375335

File: 1637788920776.jpg (106.07 KB, 827x1008, FDYi2JQXEAg0hhw.jpg)

I woke up hungover as shit and when I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked like this. I saw this and checked again, and I actually look fine. I think hons are curing my body dysmorphia lmao

No. 1375336

he's got that Hard Rock Nick narc-stare.

No. 1375340

File: 1637789270940.jpg (104.32 KB, 827x1055, FDMhGE0XIAAP8q9.jpg)

lmao! You'd think they'd be screenshotting these chasers, huh

No. 1375349

File: 1637789675302.jpg (163.77 KB, 1428x1076, sword-in-stone-disneyscreencap…)

No. 1375355

Candid image of when his >>1375120 wife asked him if they could have normal piv sex (literal rape)

No. 1375370

Maybe they’re talking about BEFORE they trans out on their partners.
Evil cissies trap poor trans women in long term relationships and FORCE the beautiful trans woman to get them pregnant with their girl dick.
The brave trans woman finally has a chance to be her true-self when her evil partner is in a weakened state from being a month away from giving birth.

No. 1375371

but why would tranny chasers chase people that they think aren't trans so they are def talking about cis women chasing trannies

No. 1375382

They have such a way of twisting the meaning of words that they probably would say a woman tricked into dating a trans is a chaser.

But you’re right. Rereading it does seem like they’re trying to claim women chase them AFTER the trooning. It’s just such an absolute ridiculous thing for these people to claim but their whole existence is mental illness so I shouldn’t be surprised or try to rationalize it at all.

No. 1375392

They're freaking out over people peaking so quickly. There was a story of that one tim that raped girls in the bathroom. Got arrested and jailed but parents protested and women in general like at wi spa. The narrative of actually its cis women doing this wont stick

No. 1375397

My ex recently came out as trans, and all I can think about is how I want to suck on his tranny boobs

No. 1375398

Rest in pieces.

No. 1375403

The mythical chaser appears!

Timing isn’t suspicious at all

No. 1375410

I might be a chaser, lmao but I've never had the chance with one, and now I'm married to a scrote so I never will xD the timing is really funny though lmao I just needed someone to tell this to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1375412

They only say this when women talk about how rapey troons have been to them, it's always "no cis women want to fuck me and it hurts my feewings" 24/7 otherwise. Literally every "rape" accusation I've seen from a TIM has been how "transphobic" their wives from pre-troonery dpn't want to peg them and want to have normal sex like they're used to (this is not rape), and TIM on TIM rape. It's just men making false accusations about women to hurt them, and men raping anyone, including other men, as is the norm.

No. 1375413

> xD
fuck off, what are you even doing here

No. 1375414

Begone, scrote.

No. 1375415

fuck off faggot

No. 1375416

I'm not a scrote! I just figured you guys would be the most empathetic lol. My ex is a man going to become a woman, and I don't know how to feel about it. I sort of always figured we'd get back together in the end, but now I don't see that ever happening
I don't think you can type emojis on lolcow

No. 1375418

Your ex is a man with a misogynistic fetish and you dodged a bullet.
Go pretend to be retarded here: >>>/ot/969847

No. 1375419

u thought we would be empathetic about a troon? if ur sexually attracted to it that's ur problem, girl don't bring it to us

No. 1375421

>They have such a way of twisting the meaning of words that they probably would say a woman tricked into dating a trans is a chaser

That sounds like perfect male logic
>reject me: transphobe genital fetishist
>accept me: chaser

No. 1375424

File: 1637796209505.jpg (112.55 KB, 720x941, Ten.jpg)

No. 1375425

>I just figured you guys would be the most empathetic lol.

You're obviously a lurking transwoman or male, why would people on a lolcow mtf thread specifically made to laugh at trannies (and document the degeneracy) be empathetic to your hairy nipple fetish?

No. 1375430

>haven't been to court
If he gave a shit he would have gone to court, but he doesn't and is just using his children for pity points.

No. 1375432

you will never be a woman

No. 1375434

I think its too late for that. He hasnt seen his kids in 5 years. His kids were 2, 3, 6, and 9 when he abandonned them and the mom. Moids arent human.

No. 1375437

I don't know about custody laws, so I can't refute what you're saying, but the point still holds. There was a point where he could have gone to court for custody, and he chose not to.

No. 1375439

File: 1637798092984.gif (3.89 MB, 540x450, 16e9f1557b9d55b80064d8dc384d0a…)

>thought we would be empathetic about your troon ex ITT
Oh so you're a newfag?
>posts about wanting to suck troid ex moobs right after someone posts trannies complaing about female chasers
Lurk harder, tranny. You will never be a woman.

No. 1375450

the exmormon sub has the occasional troon pop up and it makes my exmo self real annoyed, like dude you're just gay accept that

No. 1375458

holy red flags, jesus. the fact the wife took FOUR kids and ran tells the whole story.
>be abusive unhinged moid
>wife so scared of you she runs away with four fucking kids to deal with; parenting all by herself
>literally such a waste of sperm that she doesn't even want alimony. would rather work 2 jobs probably than to have the kids anywhere near this fucking moid
>moid is such a narc he has made no attempts to get the kids back cause he has no feelings for anyone but himself
>somehow we are supposed to believe hes the victim in this situation
you have to be absolutely retarded and have no life experience to fall for this shit.

No. 1375461

File: 1637801319658.jpg (163.11 KB, 1218x699, Untitled.jpg)

i was watching conan clips and this bit where he gets a harajuku makeover made me think of this thread. obviously he's joking about it and making a clown of himself for entertainment but he actually looks like a lot of troons these days. actually they put more effort into his look than troons do into their appearance. some parent wants him to get a pic with their kid and he says he's going to scar her for life. also accurate to troons lmao.

No. 1375466

File: 1637801832032.jpg (367.52 KB, 896x831, FEoIwcdXoAYz3TD.jpg)

show us the statistics dylan

No. 1375478

This whole is just sitting there watching this kid eat himself into an early grave. And they think it's fine. I swear to god if I was ever elected president I'd make transgenderism illegal, punishable by minimum 15 years imprisonment.

No. 1375479

You could land a plane on that thing.

No. 1375482

Glass yourself

No. 1375483

Women, especially attractive women, are the most desired demographic and yet you think you'll ever convince us that they'd beg for your limp penis or your abomination born of modern surgical hubris? When they could have someone normal? Cope cope cope cope cope.

No. 1375484


nonnie i literally thought picrel was troon content until i read your post

No. 1375493

This makes me so mad. Women in the shelter are probably running from domestic violence at the hands of some jacked up scrote, but this scrote just walks around with an erect dick out because he's a *~*valid woman*~*. As if he could ever understand what the women in that shelter feel. He probably ran away from home because his "abusive" parents wouldn't put up with his sick fetish. And what about claims of gender dysphoria? Or is the *~*euphoric*~* validation he gets from being in a space for traumatized women cancel out that "dysphoria"? This really makes me want to self kill.

No. 1375494

> these pleasures
Disgusting. And they really wonder why we hate them.

No. 1375503

File: 1637806737576.jpeg (244.31 KB, 828x798, 30C54ED2-C082-4A52-9950-9D657D…)

Why are they all electronic musicians lol

No. 1375504

Their name is literally “DJ Girl.”

No. 1375505

I thought this was satire (since there is at least some awareness in his description that periods are unpleasant, not pleasurable) but then I zoomed into the profile pic and it appears to be an elderly man so…he's serious?

No. 1375510

since they can't make actual music

No. 1375511

Lucky kids the wife was based and took them away before he could trans them or molest them.

No. 1375518


No. 1375522

ill fitting shirt, no bra, food stains. male. clocked.

No. 1375525

Brain damage poster child

No. 1375539

those teeth

No. 1375542

based ex-wife.

No. 1375544

istg all MTF are pervs, creeps and weirdos. it makes me so mad that people just accept this shit when actual women get treated so badly. i know a couple FTM that are okay which isnt saying much but its better than ALL the MTF i know that are freaks. Lets just agree that women make better people than men.

No. 1375546

File: 1637814118896.jpeg (205.4 KB, 824x906, 12DD0503-B419-4E3F-AB16-BD98FB…)


No. 1375554

Nice bait, now go take some horse piss pills and dilate your necrotic crotch hole.

No. 1375556

It took me a moment to realize that was eye makeup lmfao. Why would you do your makeup like you haven't slept for a week

No. 1375557

It's probably creative writing, but Jesus Christ, what the hell is it going to take for people to realize that these guys are predators? This kind of exhibitionist shit is the exact line of thinking used by flashers.

No. 1375559

>oh boo hoo I don’t have my children at Christmas time my bitch ex wife is transphobic
>what would I go to court for?
Typical troon victim mentality. He has a problem but read uses to do anything to fix it and instead cries on Twitter for crumbs of sympathy. The 14 and 11 year old would have definitely been old enough to keep in active contact with or at least have reached out by now. They do not want to know this guy kek

No. 1375563

His teeth are fucking nasty. Not even juat stained but they have shit on them.

No. 1375564

File: 1637816625690.png (1.86 MB, 1857x1553, back alley dumpster lydia deet…)

it's funny and sad when people mention how troons literally want to become the hot girl stereotype they wanted to have sex with, but harrowing when you see one of them just outright admit it proudly
He also posted another pic in that "outfit" with a caption that was like
>"~uwu teehee I wonder what school I go to?"
Absolutely vile.

No. 1375570

This guy doesn't even deserve to live on the same planet as Winona Ryder. By the way, she was a teenager when she starred in that movie. Why the fuck can't scrotes thirst after women their own damn age?

No. 1375572

fucking gross. everything about this photo is disgusting.

No. 1375573

>Implying he still "wants" Lydia Deetz
>Lydia is a canonical 16 year old
>The actress who played Lydia started the movie when she was 15 years old
He's an ephebophile at best, and a pedophile at worst. He deserves life in men's prison, either way. Or maybe just the death penalty.

No. 1375574

Everything about this is rancid.

No. 1375589

Current "leftist" are composed of pedos, trannies, trustfund kids, business magnates, and people with mental illnesses. You shouldn't be surprised when they try to groom stranger's kid

No. 1375595

Sage for blog but I was at a charity shop today and two granny volunteers were setting up a special display for Harry Potter books and talking about how much they feel for JK and how vile it is that people sent her death threats and showed up outside her house all over something she said on Twitter. Good reminder for lurkers that anyone who isn’t chronically online doesn’t care about how the most beloved children’s author of all time is literally a transphobe. Idk I just love based old women and the fact that they’re volunteers means they’ve definitely done more for other people than the average TRA kek.

No. 1375610

That is one forehead stacked on top of another forehead, making an eight-head

No. 1375632

File: 1637831510040.jpeg (1.81 MB, 2464x1644, AB70599D-6A61-42B1-B9B4-D56A50…)

No. 1375636

He literally looks like a rotting corpse

No. 1375653

Guess he's now a trans-fat. Kek

No. 1375657


Nonnie you know damn well that his "mental issues my wife couldn't deal with" were bad enough that he couldn't set foot in court over the kids. Otherwise all he'd get is a bill.

Having your wife jump ship with the kids is one thing, not even knowing where they are means a whole lot of mutual contacts and family members decided that your children are better off not being accessible to you.

No. 1375661

he's sad because now he can't groom them into his tranny cult, most probably

No. 1375680

File: 1637843991462.jpeg (98.65 KB, 750x747, fb5ca375d792abf01690b9643922e8…)

he's trying to go for this look but he just smears it all over his eyes like a caveman. His skin and hair is so disgusting, it must be the hormone imbalance or something, doubt he has ever washed his face with soap that's why it got shit growing on it. He has cavities on his front teeth which is very concerning. People don't have that unless it's all over. He has candida infection as seen on his white tongue. Probably got strep from sucking random moids dicks. A huge abscess on his thumb, indicating a bacterial infection, like MRSA. Still he wears a choker and poses like he's some cute girl. What a disgusting beast.

No. 1375681

even the fucking car is moldy, this makes me want to throw up. every fucking sexist stereotype they reenact but never basic hygiene

No. 1375716

how much longer before horny transbians start pressuring straight women into sex and the crimes end up recorded as female kek

No. 1375718

Both of these happen individually, but the law would never prosecute a tranny for coercive rape. They'd probably just slap the accuser with some discrimination or defamation charge. Troons are privileged.

No. 1375722

Damn I wish you had spoilered this, anon. Seeing this made my stomach roll. Fuck.

No. 1375748

>cavities on his front teeth

I think it's from smoking, my buddy used to smoke black and molds teeth gritted and he'd end up with brown patches on his front teeth exactly like that

Still fucking disgusting, gives you an idea of his sheer stench

No. 1375833

> for moids, attractive means make pp hard
> for agps, woman cosplay make pp hard
> [moid logic]
> I am an attractive woman!

did I crack the code

No. 1375855

File: 1637872631571.jpeg (45.83 KB, 692x439, FE4lQk7WYAkQP5z.jpeg)


No. 1375858

No. 1375861

File: 1637873748957.jpg (1.26 MB, 2014x2685, FCPDEy-UUAI6j_p.jpg)

Imagine paying money to look like this when you can get bulimia for free.

No. 1375862

Why is his face so fucking brown, Jesus that is definitely not a foundation match

No. 1375868

We have to watch the premiere. I'll link the /tv/ thread

No. 1375871

File: 1637875199502.jpg (226.86 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20211125-161700_Ins…)

Hope you never experience sexual pleasure again

No. 1375873

I saw this blurry ass thumbnail from the front page and immediately could tell it was a grimy troon lol.

No. 1375883

Jfc he triggers my fight or flight response, he's fucking deformed. Tell me he didn't actually permanently fuck up his eyelids like that. He looks like a fish, not a woman.

No. 1375909


No. 1375910

Another DJ…seriously what is it?

No. 1375925

Damn, whatever he did to his wife and kids must have been really, really bad… so bad that she hasn't even bothered suing him for child support in 5 years. If he gave a shit about his kids, he would 41% so that they could at least collect survivor benefits from the SSA. His wife and kids deserve reparations. I swear, troons who father children are the absolute worst kind. They pretend to care about their kids and cry all over social media about their evil exes stealing them away, but it's all for show. Like every other deadbeat dad on the planet, they really don't give a fuck.

No. 1375953

File: 1637885411440.png (14.81 KB, 1154x118, dfdff.png)

How confused do you think normies are getting when they read headlines like this


No. 1375954

tbh i reckon it'll peak a bunch of people. it's one thing discussing degenerate troons being classed as women, it's another when it actually starts to happen.

No. 1375955

File: 1637886058584.png (260.36 KB, 591x337, ohno.png)

I hope the dog is okay. I thought it was a pile of rags at first


No. 1375961

Wow just a glimpse at some of the titles on this page was enough to depress me
This world is shit

No. 1375967

and yet he still has a round face

No. 1375971

Samantha's troon cousin? What a cursed family.

No. 1375974

The pots and pans next to the dog food. The unpainted walls. The moldy table. The cabinet that attaches to nothing, sitting in the middle of the floor. The piles of dusty, crusty clothing items and trash everywhere. The poor dog….
I wonder how many diseases are just in this room alone. Straight up putrid.

No. 1375976


the only reason normies havent peaked yet is bc troon PR pushes the poor victimized HSTS narrative so they assume thats the majority instead of rich white tech bro “transbians” with a fetish.

No. 1376007

if you think the average person isn't disgusted by troons and just pretends not to be to avoid getting fired from their job you must not go out much

No. 1376011

ntayrt but i hope you're right…dear lord even in my fairly conservative midwestern city troons seem to control the narrative of any vaguely alternative or "counter-cultural" group…

No. 1376015

>Anime onesie

No. 1376058

>I'm winning
So that's what they thought. They have to castrated themselves to avoid losing after few hours into NNN challenge

No. 1376063

well damn said

No. 1376149

peaking non-terminally online women is so easy. they always say they had never really thought about it before and agree with all my points. but so many non-terminally online men cling to trans ideology no matter what, hmmm wonder why…

No. 1376157

File: 1637928591819.jpg (285.62 KB, 1080x1409, Screenshot 23.jpg)

No. 1376158

Everyone with a smartphone is terminally online to some extent. When the WiSpa situation happened, I doubt normies didnt dig deeper and do some research on TERFs. The tranny menace has hit the mainstream far too many times for normies not to notice. The people who support troons do it for different reasons. Men who support them are either egg_irl lurkers or MRA misogynists (these men can be gay, bi, straight). The women belong to the church of non-binary, are misogynistic Aidens, or just sociopathic women who support troons for their own gain and for clout. I dont belive people arent aware, hell i knew that trannies were creeps before self-ID and reddit. Anyone whos ever watched Silence of the Lambs, true crime documentaries, and even shows like Criminal Minds knows crossdressers arent normal and shouldnt be around women and children.

No. 1376160

File: 1637928935788.jpeg (115.53 KB, 1080x1023, FFFAdPQUUAMnZGM.jpeg)

Lesbians still won't want you troon

No. 1376162

We all know who is actually jealous of whom.

No. 1376173

>"Butch lesbians are basically men"
>Having the same take on butches as men from the 1940's and thinking you're both a "revolutionary thinker" and a "queer woman"
Congratulations Johnathan, you played yourself.

No. 1376184

Wow guess me playing with hot wheels and GI Joes as a kid is really meaningful.

No. 1376204

I played with hotwheels, played racing video games, and hated dolls, so I guess I should be a misogynistic race car driver. It's a shame I have anxiety while driving and absolutely adore women.

No. 1376209

File: 1637939673174.webm (6.2 MB, 640x360, India Willoughby Big Brother.w…)

Projecting hard there with the aggressive lesbians part when he got really mad because a straight man wouldnt kiss him on Big Brother. No one chimps out about rejection and demand people perform sexual acts on them without consent like MTFs and incels.

No. 1376227

File: 1637944357651.jpg (43.59 KB, 734x402, a.jpg)

No. 1376228

File: 1637944386151.jpg (63.78 KB, 734x684, b.jpg)

No. 1376229

File: 1637944409207.jpg (74.37 KB, 734x722, c.jpg)

No. 1376241

I love this one nonny, thank you for sharing

No. 1376244

kek, thank you based nona

No. 1376261

File: 1637949516648.png (973.75 KB, 754x1290, 345768798746.png)

No. 1376266

wtf i was a boy all along

Jokes aside, this is how Jeanette Jennings found out that Jazz was a gurl… he was playing with his sister's dolls.

No. 1376294

>according to an expert
An expert in what, bullshit? Seriously, though, let's just ignore decades of actual child psychology and go with what some retard on the internet said in the last 4 years.

No. 1376322

Is this the terrifying serial killer troon with (possible) people trapped in the basement someone posted in ot?
Really sounds like he is just casually torturing, killing people and posting about it. Cops too busy right now or what? It seems so obvious…

No. 1376355

File: 1637958611523.jpg (171.01 KB, 1079x820, Screenshot_20211126_212840.jpg)

the author
>Reporter at Insider covering kinks, porn, LGBTQ issues

No. 1376361

File: 1637959011639.jpeg (82.72 KB, 750x406, 7FE87C25-4782-4919-BADB-97F658…)

This made me kek. Comparing skydiving to sewing? Let’s say you were a metalsmith who forged knives but made metal earrings on the side: would the way you speak about the former match the way you’d speak about the latter? This is just retarded; no one in skydiving seeks that their garment be embellished with sequins or decorated around the waist, no one scours shops looking for special fabrics or wraps their arms in gauze. Sewing for skydiving is all practicality and technicality. But god knows anything Technical isn’t Female because, you know, women are socially-oriented! These bitches wouldn’t know technicality if it hit them in the face! It’s 2008 and we’re on /b/ listening to a little retarded little guy!

No. 1376369

File: 1637960399280.jpeg (174.5 KB, 828x640, 4A076953-2B81-486D-8EF8-F5A915…)

It hurts to live.

No. 1376371

Homophobia is back in full swing. We circled all the way back. kek

No. 1376376

Every time I see a photo of this dude he’s more and more botched. Isn’t he only like 20?

No. 1376388

the "i just want a kiss" part around 1:35 reminded me of every creepy drunk guy who has ever come onto me at a party. the tone, the body language, the way he touched the other guy, everything. gross.

No. 1376406

Funny how they constantly cry about about cis women hurting their feefees and ackshully were just jealous of them, but they barely ever have the same energy for the straight men who commit the vast majority of the violence against them. It’s straight men who reject, harass, assault and murder them, but all they can ever talk about is mean lesbians refusing to sleep with them and having sex with straight women’s husbands. It would be funny if the rest of the world weren’t falling for it.

No. 1376424

Kids don't know shit, but acting as if kids know their "gender identity" in infancy and their toddler years is necessary to justify the "gender is innate" argument. They're invested in this because they know deep down that their own "gender identities" aren't something they were born with, and are desperate to validate their own delusions and want to convince everyone else of the ideology's validity. It's very common for delusional people to care more about being "right" than anyone, even themselves, actually being safe or happy. It's exactly the same with troons; We've had fairly effective methods treatments for handling body dysmorphia and somewhat effective treatments for paranoid delusions for a fairly long time, so actually recovering from thinking your body is wrong is very possible. But they don't want to be comfortable, they want to be right, even if being "right" means many people are "born wrong", that their body will always be wrong, and that the only way to help these people on a very small scale is to pump them full of chemicals that bring disease and atrophy to their bodies, amputate pieces, sculpt their faces, and do everything they say. To them, a child is simply another place to write their message.

No. 1376504

i really don't want to buy into the globohomo "antisemitic" propaganda, but this is pure bullshit. assuming that gender roles are the same in every country and culture, and even reaffiriming them because now supposedly kids know about gender since they're born, is full globalist bullshit.

No. 1376521

Poor kid never stood a chance with that kind of mom.

No. 1376524

File: 1637971458498.jpg (168.42 KB, 1080x1068, Or so it thinks.jpg)

I wish I could post these on twitter without getting banned.

No. 1376529

File: 1637971909439.jpg (1.53 MB, 3024x4032, FFJoGcRWYAEg3vA.jpg)

>same pose same dead eyes
>The Mask chin and expression
>the same belt to hide his non existent waist
>same angle that makes him think he looks good

No. 1376533

File: 1637972215701.jpg (72.8 KB, 828x570, FFJ-wKtWQAAJjBV.jpg)

>last name is Oger

No. 1376535

I love the black woman speaking up in the end. I don't know how many white dudes have said they aren't attracted to black women, etc and I've never seen them demanding these men start dating them and accepting them. Only a man would try to force themselves on someone to prove a point about their own victimhood.

No. 1376544

File: 1637973464807.png (2.67 MB, 2048x1536, 7C34F7E1-8B67-4928-84C8-384B8F…)

Sorry if this isn’t the right board for this. I just came across this news story (UK). Another crime statistic to add to “women”s crimes committed.
It frustrates me so much, I wish they would at least say the perpetrator is trans or record it as a trans sex crime if they absolutely refuse to just call them men.

No. 1376551

>he doesn't want to date a TIM
>tim starts crying about it
LOL glad this was on tv, this just goes to show how troons act when people speak their truth. Everyone else can't have preferences but troons can? Props to the black lady who spoke out against it and even the one in drag too in favor of the guy.

No. 1376554

I can't imagine anyone reading these headlines and thinking anything other than "really?" Even most troons have to know that these are moids acting like moids, at least subconsciously, unless they've truly convinced themselves that some 5D chess logic applies to reality. Only a schizophrenic person could be that deluded, though. I remember a post from a troon subreddit being a TIM lamenting dysphoria and confusion resulting from "other trans women acting terrible and criminal". I wonder how many of them think about this but choose to ignore it.

No. 1376561

JKR hasn't talked about troons in months except to tell them to stop stalking her and her family and yet we're supposed to believe she's the psycho here.
>"makes us sick"
Not the dozens and dozens of male celebrities (and politicians!) that rape women and children. Not the endless violence in the news and pop culture. Just one white women who dared to protect women and girls over fetishistic men in dresses and retarded self hating women. They are betraying both their delusion (JKR will always be successful, their support had absolutely nothing to do with it, people are peaking over the unfair treatment she's getting not turning on her) and their blatant disregard for anyone except their fetishistic religion.
Nothing has peaked more people for me than showing them what JKR actually said about trans people vs the horrible actions of the TRA lobby. After that I can slip in the womens' prison rapes, the spa incident, and SRS. So thanks, troons!

No. 1376585

sage for blogpost but the whole incident with JKR and these threads helped me peak a few weeks ago

No. 1376589

Welcome to the shitshow, nona!

No. 1376741

File: 1637982655119.jpg (568.87 KB, 2880x2880, 20211127_000928.jpg)

YouTube showed me this and lmao, that comment killed me. I'm glad most normies aren't having it

No. 1376753

Here's the video btw, I didn't really watch. I heard "polyamorous" and tapped out

No. 1376799

File: 1637983517359.jpeg (239.31 KB, 768x719, 5E656242-509C-47A6-BB3A-1AEAE8…)


No. 1376828

>Poly relationship
Only see the woman taking care of the children regardless of "gender" funny how that works out.

That child is fucking 2 this is messed up they're just confusing them.

No. 1376840

File: 1637984483359.png (937.89 KB, 1299x1455, Screenshot_20211126-194000.png)

This man literally looks like John cleese in Monty Python doing a bit.

No. 1376870

File: 1637986509994.png (58.29 KB, 463x605, FFGSB52XMAgP5.png)

No. 1376877

>self post

No. 1376886

kek that'd be funny but the screenshot was posted by that woman on her account

No. 1376893

you're a first world citizen?

No. 1376905

That hand lol.

No. 1376915

The way he almost said "another guy" lmaoooo

No. 1376918

they just refuse to let this go, huh
the blatant lies are getting to be too much these people are beyond sad and deluded

No. 1376976

That’s the man who shut down the Vancouver rape shelter for not letting troons in.

No. 1376988

holy fucking shit, what happened? his eyes look like they're taped back compared to the last time i seen his mug.

No. 1377007

File: 1638022006391.jpg (185.03 KB, 720x1146, cope.jpg)

This shit was in my news recs this morning. It has the same energy as female writers being silenced like 100 years ago. These hypocrites can cope all they want but the original HP books, aka canon are the invention and intellectual property of JKR and there's nothing they can do about that. Their ao3 fics are and will always be nothing but derived work. Cope seethe dilate

No. 1377031

is that about the shoebox project? cause thats absolutely cringe

No. 1377049

Rent free in their heads

No. 1377053

It does not make something automatically good lol, terminally online kweerios are so boring.

No. 1377054

File: 1638032416908.jpeg (743.3 KB, 1537x837, 10AFD469-0BA3-477E-98F3-B75947…)

Speaking of Ao3, I saw a news post on the front page the other day about this (apparently the owner of the HP fanfic archive passed away). Anyway. The majority of the comments were just about the HP archive or what it means for Ao3. There was one comment shitting on JKR and the person was basically told to get fucked and leave or hide HP fics if they don’t like it. It kind of surprised me. Here is the og post.


No. 1377065


No. 1377072

I looked up the article, it's about some random Sirius/ Lupin slash fic called All the Young Dudes?

No. 1377097

>There was one comment shitting on JKR and the person was basically told to get fucked and leave or hide HP fics if they don’t like it
Based fujo terves

Yup. Nothing wrong with writing fanfic but yknow All the Young Dudes wouldn't exist if JK didn't create Harry Potter in the first place, they're deluded

No. 1377108

>Talking about a fanfic
Get it published then. Sell as many copies as the original books then. Have a section of a themepark dedicated to it then. Fujo fanfic only appeals to a very specific group of people, the original books were for children but could be enjoyed by anyone. Also, derivative work is automatically lesser, unless it's seriously imaginative and transformative. Erotic fanfic and "what if they kissed" fanfic are both neither of those things.

No. 1377113

No. 1377117

imagine thinking a fujo fanfiction that's ridiculously long and actually called All The Young Dudes is better than the best selling children's series of all time.

No. 1377119

Anon don’t be dumb, it’s just billionaires with pharma investments (George Soros) and actual trannies (Pritzker). The antisemitic conspiracy is perceived and overstated by failures of Protestant white men who have all the privilege and are flabbergasted at the overrepresentation of JEWISH billionaires (the audacity!). They wish that the roles were reversed.
As for why most Jews tend to “support” troons, I believe it has to do with Jewish history as victims of genocide which makes them overly empathetic towards the little man, whoever they may be. Being white people who are somewhat economically better off on average than the standard white trash crack bum, Jews just support whatever other minorities are saying bc they understandably have no idea what some of them go through (and I say this as someone with Jewish family). If a troon is hollering that they’re the most oppressed person, Jewish people would probably be more likely than other white people to listen and to not try to question or refute it.

Hope I don’t get banned for jewbait or a response from a Aryan race supremacist /pol/fag saying Jewish people aren’t white.(bait)

No. 1377120

If they wanna be pedantic, they should just drop Harry Potter altogether and go read something people actually take seriously

No. 1377123

Wasn't the original book already class conscious? There was a lot of stuff about the dynamics between rich and poor people, and some fantasy racism as well.

No. 1377124

you could possibly say that werewolves in the book are a metaphor for poor people or the lower class. but honestly, the series is for kids. kids don't want to read about wizards and witches being poor. especially if they're poor themselves. it takes the fun out of fantasy.

No. 1377130

The Weasleys were literally poor, Malfoys rich. There was a pretty obvious gap between Hermione and many of the other students as well. The villains were analogous to Nazis. There were fantasy slurs like muggle and mudblood. Hagrid was treated as lesser for being a giant. The way Harry himself was treated depended heavily on the socioeconomic status of the person interacting with him. Classism was a main focus of the story, and it grabbed the audience.

No. 1377134

I've seen a lot of criticism of the portrayal of Ron's family, where they are apparently depicted as a stereotype, "the poor family who are kind of bumbling idiots and who are happy in their misery", and a lot of "why couldn't Harry help Ron with his massive fortune", to which Rowling gets accused of being an evil classist bourgeois (never mind the fact that she was on government's benefits back then). I guess I see the point, but is Harry Potter really worth getting worked over like that?

No. 1377142

>title is a song lyric
We're off to a great start

No. 1377145

File: 1638044191825.png (56.77 KB, 1009x352, unknown.png)

so Sewerslvt a mtf music artist thats been discussed here before for posting futa loli cp on his twitter, using pictures of dead women on his album covers and saying he wants to mutilate and torture lesbians in his music titles has quit making music because SURPRISE his tranny gf killed themselves.
the patreon post of it has been deleted and I will not pay to try to find it but their latest song is called goodbye
skim milk, but i thought it was very ironic

No. 1377146

I remember when people said the best Potter novel wasn't written by Rowling and it was called The Methods of Rationality. It was legit the worst audiobook I've ever listened to lmao I'm never following recommendations by hardcore Potter fans again. I can only imagine how horrible that queer fanfic is.

No. 1377156

>Makes a career out of fetishization and commercialization of other people's (particularly girls and women's) horrific, unexpected tragedies
>Stops making music and generally doing anything when an expected death happens in his life
Troons are too privileged to make art.

No. 1377172

>dead women
Dead children. Actual CP

No. 1377177

Karma is a bitch.

No. 1377178

Different anon here. It's good that your folks are supporting the underdogs.
But, I disagree with you. Many ~=Jews=~ white people with high position show favorable view if not outright supporting troon movement. Thus, it's not limited to Jewish billionaires and troons.
On the other hand, jews who disagree with what majority pick as the underdog, will be vilified. Just like any other society.
Now, it's almost impossible to talk about troon behavior on any kind of platform without getting banned. The jews who're supposed to support the weak stays silent when corporations, institutions suppress women's voice and concerns using many means. Their silence makes them an accomplice(racebait)

No. 1377179

I skimmed it and spotted incorrect dialogue formatting almost immediately, even on the last chapter where the writer should've at least improved after writing 500k words. The prose is lackluster and clunky too. I have no idea why fujos in fandoms always act like their fanfics are miles better than the canon work. If they really thought they were such great writers, they should write their own series and see how well they take off kek. It's pathetic how the writer felt the need to shame JK Rowling for her "transphobic views" in the author's note of their fic though.

No. 1377184

File: 1638050976920.jpg (1.39 MB, 4032x4030, Thistotallyhappened.jpg)

Do you after they post blatant lies like this they just cry themselves to sleep?

I never thought I would see what looks like a 40 year old man larp as a teenage e-girl but here we are.

No. 1377190

Even if it happened, the tone of those messages are "I knew this and am going to act like I didn't to get easy sex", rather than "I genuinely didn't know that". If it's real, it's blatantly a DL bi dude who wants a side hoe and is willing to have an ugly tranny, since moids think "sex is sex".

No. 1377195

his legs are grey….

No. 1377197

wtf is wrong with his legs? And those clothes are like 5 sizes too large, he genuinely looks like a zombie from a 90s movie lumbering around in torn clothes

No. 1377202

His thumb and a couple of his fingers are grey, too. I wonder if HRT + cigarettes causes extra damage? Maybe he's using harder drugs, too.

No. 1377205

That's legit his legs? Omfg I thought it was some sort of lining in the pants

No. 1377208

Was there any sort of normie outrage because of this? I really can't believe people took this sitting down. Revolting.

No. 1377210

holy shit what is it with these corpse looking trannies lately

No. 1377222

File: 1638057735171.png (19.79 KB, 741x315, im a girl not a women teehee.p…)

No. 1377225

File: 1638057910095.png (2.09 KB, 1079x23, Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 19-04…)

No. 1377231

Ao3 is surprisingly based

No. 1377235

the problem is is that since it’s been so long since the source material came out, and because all the young dudes is based off characters who aren’t completely fleshed out in the series, people develop fan interpretations of all the characters that are unintelligible to the average harry potter fan. these types of fanfictions are only entertaining to people deep in the fandom environment.
if harry potter was anything like the most popular longform fanfictions it would not have been a success

No. 1377243

imagine being so privileged you have to invent things to be offended over

No. 1377244

People keep recommending me mediocre content analyzing children's media made by leftist moids who can't go a single video without sperging about enbies being valid or JK Rowling being a "TERF", even when it has nothing to do with the topic of their video. Make it stop.

No. 1377245

File: 1638061811068.jpg (247.33 KB, 1063x1377, Screenshot_20211127-170907.jpg)

What a waste of space

No. 1377247

File: 1638062404919.jpeg (139.84 KB, 2077x445, D7F60C91-EABB-46CF-9191-19CF7C…)

This is a 40 year old man btw

No. 1377251

Is this a transbian complaining that gay people beat him up after he, a completely untransitioned moid, tried to tell a lesbian that he was also a lesbian, around the 80's or 90's? Because, if so, they should have finshed the job, he clearly didn't learn shit.

No. 1377256

File: 1638063977737.png (141.16 KB, 320x831, Greylien.png)

That's a fucking Gray in a human suit

No. 1377258

Thats gotta be leggings or something, I refuse to believe that human skin can get that grey looking

No. 1377266

File: 1638065812890.png (5.87 MB, 2250x2365, index.png)

nice wrinkly knees

No. 1377269

File: 1638066051680.png (272.71 KB, 1251x1398, 90s teen movies are reality.pn…)

Personal cow here but fits the thread. I don't understand how so many men genuinely believe women act like how women act in 90s teen movies. I have fucking never seen a teenage girl nor an adult woman squeal when touching any random object. Literally made up trope by men. Bonus trans bingo is a 40 year old man "reliving his lost girlhood" rather than transitioning into a 40 year old women because that wouldn't make any sense.
(fyi it's just a gay/bi man with homophobic parents, he even says so a few Tweets down. He told his mom he transitioned and she replied "as long as you're not gay" or something to that effect, this shit is so backwards)

No. 1377274

this! i have youtube going almost constantly when im home and ive had to click out of videos about literally ANY topic because the author (usually a moid) devolved into a tranny rant against JKR. ive had to do this for fucking animal crossing lets plays for gods sake

No. 1377275

File: 1638067374974.webm (18.49 MB, 720x405, 1621952175881.webm)

Thanks for the response. To further extrapolate on this:
> The jews who're supposed to support the weak stays silent when corporations, institutions suppress women's voice and concerns using many means. Their silence makes them an accomplice.
This goes beyond Jews imo and could be said for any minority or categorically oppressed person who fucks over women to 'uplift' troons. My point was that Jewish people are not necessarily aware of what they're doing, as I think I implied in the OP that the majority of Jews know that they are better off than the average black male in Chicago or drug-addicted trafficked woman who is in prison. They themselves have been victims of persecution but are now relatively well off in the West, which leads to overcompensation. Thus, Jewish people can seem like they're doing too much and tend to be very misguided simply because they lack the perspective but also want to empathize with those slighted by the 'system'…but then again, isn't that most white liberals? Ime most white liberals are genuinely ignorant and will not question some Portland they/them who REEEs that transgender kids need to be protected and that trans women are being murdered.
Btw I made sure not to mention the downsides of the Jewish populace because I'm careful in airing out my criticism as someone with Jewish blood since there are so many white bread polfags (mostly scrotes) who want to sperg on Jews whenever possible. By writing out "~=Jews=~" were you trying to do that antisemite thing of putting Jewish names in those parentheses like (((Pritzker)))? Hopefully not, because I did already write a disclaimer in my OP that I was not wanting any white bread supremacist idiots responding.

Alright should probably stop here since this is likely considered derailing. Just wanted to interject in case the original comment I responded to was some tranny psy-oping to prove how TERFs are Nazis. See vidrel and seethe harder, troons.

No. 1377276

File: 1638067404216.jpg (158.68 KB, 823x823, o7v5q68iglz71.jpg)

built like a fridge

No. 1377280

By "hope for the future" does he mean the overpopulation problem since they're effectively sterilizing children in the millions?

Btw when these kids get older and want to sue the pharma companies, I really hope the lawyer is a radfem or a radfem-aligned group. I hate to think some greedy moid with shady medical malpractice commercials will hop onto this although I can predict that is what will probably happen. Frustrating to see men get credit for anti-trans stuff when it's been women who have been at the forefront of the activism (and especially the hate from troons).

No. 1377281

Is that an actual troon? Shouldn't beards make them "dysphoric"?

No. 1377285

sorry for being retarded, i didn't want to imply some /pol/ shit, because at least for me, whites and jews are almost the same. both groups hold the power in the west and push the tranny agenda incessantly.
but it doesn't necessarily means that whites and jews who don't participate in power structures do purposesfully or consciously push this agenda because of some evil conspiracy, just i didn't know how to express the idea better. sorry for racebaiting and blogposting, i'd never align myself with nazism, i'm just a mad and brown third world citizen, seeing how the tranny virus is starting to spread even in these shitholes.

ah yes, growing up as a woman is so quirky hehe, they would love being bullied to oblivion by moids over experiencing normal puberty changes, hehe

No. 1377290

I've reread this four times now, and I'm still not sure what he's saying in the first sentence. It's like he missed a single word that was crucial to the sentence's structure.

No. 1377295

Took me a second too but he probably meant to put call not can.

No. 1377296

That makes sense! Such a horrid typo, though kek.

No. 1377301

File: 1638071161902.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x2074, 7E3D73A1-7DD7-4C7F-ADD6-E21CCF…)

Definitely not related

No. 1377303

this is really sad

No. 1377304

Plainly admitting to homophobia I see

No. 1377309

File: 1638072111710.png (101.65 KB, 901x621, makeupyoutuber.PNG)

Oh no problem then! Thanks for explaining, I'm happy to engage with you and not some /pol/ moid who believes in a Jewish conspiracy kek.

On a different note, I came across this hilariously sexist comment in some thread "Started sobbing while driving in the snow because of the childhood I lost".
The moids are whining about how a female childhood means they'd be healthy, sociable normie girls. Picrel specifically says that he wouldn't be a programmer and would be a "makeup youtuber or something" (because female programmers don't exist). Fun fact troons: plenty of cis women grow up conforming to femininity and yet still end up bullied and outcasted. A lot of female anons online are into fashion and beauty and yet are terminally online bc women struggle with social anxiety and our social climate is a lot harder to navigate, esp if you're a girl on the spectrum. I hate how MEN are by default so brainless to not even consider that female childhood is sometimes not finger painting with rainbows and sunshine. Especially when it is fundamentally traumatic in the case of all the women who were sexually abused and harassed as girls. I myself wasn't a victim of CSA but puberty was traumatic when boys started snapping my bra straps and whispering creepy things as soon as I started wearing a training bra. And like I said, my experience is a common experience and hardly the 'worst' of it.

No. 1377313

>"I'd feel whole"
>Implying girls and women never feel alienated or afraid
>Implying girls and women don't retreat into isolation and "safe" fantasies
>Implying that he, a defective male who likely has autism, would've been perfectly socially functioning and happy if he were exactly the same but female
Real retard post.

No. 1377316

how is this any different from an incel obsessing over the stacy who rejected them in highschool? All moids are exactly the same. "Female brained" my ass.

No. 1377317

lol always so dramatic. Stop looking at little kids creepy weirdo.

No. 1377318

File: 1638073315312.png (365.01 KB, 1878x1224, dysphoriaUWU.png)

> narcissist whines about his dysphoria reading trans-pandering female subs having women who vent about their experiences with men as a class.
> these posts by "cis" women are often about rape, abortion, pregnancy, and hardships of being a woman.
> narcissist is mad because women are posting about this and he can't relate kek.
> deluded narcissist also admits to identifying better with the men these women vent about.
> other trannies in the comments say that "cis" women often feel like the men that these women complain about (yeah bc there's definitely so many rapey and entitled women.
> cope.jpg

No. 1377319

I had a cis girl childhood and it still ended up with me depressed, suicidal, and hiding from people via spending all my time on the internet.
It's almost as if girls have problems too.

No. 1377321

they're incelular misogynists who believe women live life on "easy mode". We are always cute, happy, and wanted by everyone.

You know he would probably be happy in the body of a sexy teen girl because that is all that's required for happiness in the shallow, cumbrained minds of males. He fails to realize (typical XY lack of empathy, of course) that actual women and girls aren't male-brained autogynephiles like he is, and we aren't actualized by dress go spinny and "am bimbo".

No. 1377322

File: 1638073633987.png (7.52 KB, 1116x114, Screenshot 2021-11.png)

What's with these troons and being obsessed with teenage girls?

They HAVE SO MANY troon subs to go post their shitty onto, please leave that sub alone. The male entitlement. ME ME ME

No. 1377323

>I don't belong in cis places waahhhh

You're right, you don't. Don't force it. Know your limits.

No. 1377326

Troonism is basically male sexuality to its most extreme logical endpoint, as strange as it sounds seeing is how they pretend to be the opposite sex.
Hebephilia and the fixation/obsession with pubescent girls is extremely male-brained.

No. 1377328

because as all women know, our teenage years were super fun and cute and not at all deeply traumatic

No. 1377330


It looks awful, but you have to hand it to him for going for "former state university sorority girl 10 years into a nursing career going out on the town with the girls" instead of the standard "pedos version of a teenager" look

No. 1377332

>If I was born female, I'd be a makeup YouTuber instead of a programmer
Wow, it's almost as though he benefitted from being raised male in a culture where lucrative careers in STEM are conside masculine. You could almost say that trannies continue to benefit from male privilege after transition because their privilege is the result of the fucking sex they were born and raised as!

Trannies in STEM are the scum of the earth. Imagine complaining about being oppressed when you make six figures from your cushy, white-male-dominated job.

No. 1377334

Amazing that they can say shit like this in plain view, then immediately turn around and go, "Uhm, trans women aren't reinforcing gender stereotypes uwu. They're just reliving their stereotypical lost girlhoods!!1!"

Equally retarded in the fact that teenage girls' emotions are viewed as dramatic when boys are the ones shooting up their schools because they got rejected. Imagine if an FtM said something like that. "Omg guys I had a total teenage boy moment just now when I got mad for a second and had the urge to murder someone lol!1!"

No. 1377339

File: 1638077384659.jpg (200.96 KB, 648x1352, FFJJFmQVQAAUhi6.jpg)

No. 1377350

This makes me want to a-log so bad; this internet-poisoned troon will never know what it's like to be a girl raised with little to no female rolemodels who have high-income jobs like programming. There's no such thing as 'defaulting' into something like programming for a woman because most women aren't given the luxury of seeing programming as a viable career option from a young age. And of course his idea of an ideal women's career is vapid bullshit like creating makeup tutorials.

No. 1377353

Kek this reads the same as posts by a schizo I used to know who was convinced she controlled reality with her brain. Turns out reality isn't dependant on anyone's thoughts, and you can't turn into the opposite sex any more than you can animorph into a giraffe. "DNA is a state of mind" headass shit.

No. 1377357

But I thought they were always girls so doesn't that make their childhood a girls childhood hmmmm

No. 1377362

There is a mini community trying to expose this troon as a serial killer. One Twitter person contacted the FBI about it but I'm taking that with a grain of salt. He does come off as very Silence of the Lambs (right down to his dog sidekick) and his hoarder lair has obvious signs of severe mental illness scattered around

The fact I know you're talking about the autistic women who draws canary of herself and her husbando, Jacques, the small Spyro boss that takes 2 minutes to heat and has 0 plot relevance

No. 1377365

I think I found the woman you were talking about within the first 5 lines of Google image results by just searching "spyro jacques". We truly live in the future.

No. 1377368

>I'm actually doing more house tasks sometimes than my partner
>I have to scale back
What a fucking male

No. 1377369

that skirt is a slight draft away from flashing everyone his “girldick”

No. 1377373

Yep. Women in male-dominated fields deal with sexual harassment and being assumed to be less intelligent. It's surprisingly bad even with top qualifications and an impressive resume. If you're an attractive women, men will assume you slept with someone or that it's been easier for you to get there.
So it pisses me off because he, like other moids in STEM, cannot fucking realize how awful the environment in STEM and male-dominated fields are to be THE reason why women and girls are intimidated out of it. It's such an uncomfortable environment even just from the outside and not only male-dominated but because it's so male with little female interaction, you are bound to be subjected to the absolute WORST males ever.

Unrelated but a question: what do you think goes through troons' heads when they see REGULAR women? Not like y2k-Shein-wearing teenage girls or the gf types that they want to skinwalk but non-stereotypeable, normal women who are just going about their day. What if she's attractive but not wearing any of the shit that troons are obsessed with? How does that fit into their crusty and unbathed idea of what a woman is?
And no I don't mean GNC or butch women because we know that answer. Basically any other woman that can't be immediately compartmentalized into any of the manic pixie dream girl archetypes that troons are obsessed with–by archetypes I mean the goth gf, the nature girl, the alt gf, the gamer girl, the bimbo, etc. Do they seethe harder when they see an attractive and confident woman who isn't one of the archetypes?

No. 1377381

From personal experience as a femme who dresses a bit unconventionally because I have no money and get most of my stuff from thrifting, HSTS fucking hate people like me, and AGP are particularly "interested" in us. I think the former is because HSTS think we're "wasting" our womanhood and any natural femininity we have, and the latter is because normal women who aren't GNC but aren't the pornified ideal are the actual ideal, a woman beyond the comprehension of any man, that can't be accurately replicated by them, and many of them have a weird love/hate relationship with us because of that. I think they think of us as a desirable mix of "familiar" and "foreign", but unobtainable and confusing, and it pisses them off. They try to skinwalk us, but end up with pornified, male-gaze versions of us, and they know that their persona isn't the same as the original, but can't figure out why.

No. 1377382

This >>1373380 sort of gives an answer to your question. Troons seethe at regular women who don't have to put in much effort to look attractive. Tims expect women to look like bimbos and porn stereotypes and if they don't, they think those women "aren't passing".

No. 1377384

Jesus Christ, the cope is reaching critical mass. Do they seriously think their goddamn DNA is their only tell? It's not hard to tell you're a scrote when you type shit like
>The internal and external of the body are illusions created by the ego
Probably heard this shit in an inspirational TED Talk and thought recycling it made him sound Big Smart. Then he goes on to say that we "appropriate science," implying that science is something someone can possess in the first place. It's like accusing somebody of stealing air.

No. 1377387

Sorry for piggybacking on your post, but good god what are these people smoking(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1377388

when he mentioned the awful things women go through, i thought he was going to say that he feels terrible for wanting to be a woman when actual women are facing terrible harassment and discrimination. but no, he’s just sad that it’s going to happen to him.

No. 1377389

File: 1638088328723.jpg (41.84 KB, 579x278, twitter.JPG)

No. 1377390

They're ambivalent about normal women. They'll call average woman ugly as a cope when it's convenient, then turn around and bitch about how being able to look female without any conscious effort is a "privileged." Like other anons have said, HSTS are generally more hostile towards average women than AGPs, if only because AGPs never stop looking at porn and/or stalking their high school crush. it infuriates HSTSes that women can land decent-looking guys without wearing five pounds of drag queen makeup. It's their own faults for going after straight guys and insisting that they can "turn" them, or that there's nothing gay about fucking a whole-ass dude with breast implants.

No. 1377414

I think regular women leave their minds 2 minutes after they've seen them. Only the women they are obsessed with are relevant

No. 1377435

>those legs
Imagine being this ashy. Why don't white men know how to moisturize

No. 1377436

I don't think white people get ashy though

No. 1377443

These people literally think they can change their way their cells are programmed, kek. Sorry it only works for ftms not mtfs. The second you stop chugging estrogen pills and testosterone suppressors, your body will start making mainly testosterone again. It's like saying if I bleach my hair blonde that makes me now a blonde and my hair will grow back blonde. It doesn't.

No. 1377444