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File: 1626669579930.png (4.56 MB, 1780x2719, 1603325411-3.png)

No. 1280020

Responding to obvious bait will earn you a week long ban.

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit. Do not engage troons who brigade this thread either. Ignore and report.

No. 1280100

File: 1626691014862.png (747.19 KB, 643x1602, agp defender.png)

Has this video been posted yet? r9K browsing weeb explains why "AGP is based" and that trans people dont have to have dysphoria to be trans
>has been browsing r9k since he was 13
>seen an increase in tranny psyop posts
>says transitioning should be free
>wants to match his head with his body
>he sees himself as a "tomboy butch anime girl"

At least he has somewhat realistic transition goals compared to other troons who want to become anime cow girls kek.

No. 1280318

First time I ever heard about this dude.
>wanted to be a girl since he was 3
>mother beat him because he took her underwear
>a fellow troon inmate accused him of raping him

he's allowed to go out sometimes tho

it's really interesting that they refer to him as a man as late as 2018. i bet nowadays they wouldn't dare to do that anymore.

No. 1280329

File: 1626725090915.png (105.75 KB, 732x677, Screenshot (160).png)

Why the Elites support Trans

No. 1280334

File: 1626725301319.jpg (2.88 MB, 1080x1920, Inked1626636638082_LI.jpg)

this is opening to the well there he keeps them to put the lotion on

No. 1280337


Divide and rule. They aren't just changing gender/sex they're joining the super special trans club identity that causes a huge amount of discord from a tiny number of people. That's why.

No. 1280343

That DSA Ouran Academy account in the OP image is one of the most cursed things I have seen in ages

No. 1280348

He couldn't even keep it short. TL;DR is that it neatly labels your dissatisfaction under capitalism into something you can buy "cures" for, keeping people complacent consumers. It prints money, and distorts political discontent away from the bourgeoisie. The common folk won't have time or energy to dismantle capitalism if they're too busy fighting their fellow prole (TRA), or trying to protect themselves or their class from direct harm (GC/"TERF").

No. 1280375

Trans id is internalized oppression so it doesn't question the status quo and they can make money out of it.

Is he on hrt since 43 years and 4 months or is it the most rough 43 years old I have ever seen?

No. 1280422

>Right Wing Watch
Did you get the OP pic from /pol/? We're not right wing just because we question TRA bullshit.

Most trannies are still socially conservative despite adopting the "brand" of communism. They believe in rigid gender roles, they're homophobic, they're obsessed with guns, etc. Communism is just a trend, a fashion statement for them.

No. 1280446

File: 1626736238415.jpg (374.18 KB, 720x2300, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Lesl…)

I don't wanna live in world where these people exist even conceptually
The woman with the baby pfp is a "puppy girl" who claims to be a "femme lesbian" but aside from her usual autism most of her posts are about sucking her femboy fiances dick and other kinks such as biting, master/slave and incest roleplay

No. 1280466

Did tranny janny write the op? dilate.

No. 1280493

File: 1626739640292.jpeg (184.07 KB, 1638x716, 1D839BCB-BACD-4854-A9D6-C23EC5…)

How do these people think that this is somehow an epic own?


No. 1280509

File: 1626740749885.jpg (138.45 KB, 1280x914, Old_Woman.jpg)

I can see the resemblance.

No. 1280546

File: 1626743692578.png (401.75 KB, 700x1556, spakikomiii.png)

late but yeah

(i kept posting the wrong files and had to delete)

No. 1280548

File: 1626743712844.jpeg (960.02 KB, 1170x1769, 36750B2C-6BF0-4819-90B0-7B18B2…)

this freak will haunt my dreams.

No. 1280549

we've been blessed again on this day

No. 1280551

Kek same, his laugh is so creepy and his rat teeth are so…. what the fuck

No. 1280553

File: 1626744187236.jpeg (450.16 KB, 667x993, BFF6C3F4-D7ED-4CB8-BDBD-49BBCA…)

She is beauty, she is grace.

No. 1280556

she has finally graced us with her presence again, we're eating tonight nonas

No. 1280562

I thought this was shayna

No. 1280565

Babe wake up new Kikomi just dropped

No. 1280582

Based Kikomi artist strikes again. Bless you.

No. 1280619

File: 1626749530535.jpg (26.4 KB, 828x277, Image-from-iOS-3.jpg)

Ok I know this has been posted before but azealia is so based it hurts

No. 1280624

File: 1626750232235.jpg (551.09 KB, 1863x1602, Lasch Images.jpg)

Thank you for keeping these threads alive! I'm a guy who was sent here by a proud TERF / radfem friend.

I always knew and suspected there was something up with MtF people, but never investigated it. I was always concerned that the critics would be misleading or hyper reactionary. After seeing so much 'positive' content on Reddit (my first mistake) about PhilosophyTube I knew I had to look a bit deeper.

The whole coming out thing seems so shamelessly careerist, almost shameful, and it shook me up. Why are all these people into theater, acting, and so on? It seems trivial to bring up. But there's something deeper there imo. It's legitimately horrifying that hormones, dilating, academic discourse out of context ("Queer / black / brown bodies"), is becoming so normal.

I only know one trans person IRL and it was a guy - quiet, silently into MLP, kind of ugly - who was probably just looking for acceptance. It didn't surprise me in the least when he made the switch. And he did it in a way that felt so calculated, like he was auditioning for an acting roll. The comments on FB were all extremely positive too - these girls wouldn't have given him any attention without this shift. It felt so fake, like everyone was on camera and had to perform their role correctly. Just bizarre. It reminded me of this excellent Lasch extract I highlighted months ago.

Has anyone else noticed this IRL?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1280626

>I’m a guy
Begone scrote.

No. 1280627

No. 1280628

I would say learn to sage, but just go away. This place is not for you and your gross dick.

No. 1280629

File: 1626750918354.jpeg (37.69 KB, 800x450, 834ED420-7B80-4B11-85FA-1B3AC5…)

I'm sorry bro…

No. 1280631

Fair enough, shouldn't of posted on your TERF

No. 1280633

I love how the socks are just… stretched over the flippers.

No. 1280635

these are just brainfried fujos

No. 1280639

File: 1626751898861.png (42.36 KB, 982x324, rpgasaladyinafurryservermademe…)

You can't make this shit up.

No. 1280644

File: 1626752210437.jpg (Spoiler Image,374.26 KB, 2880x2880, 20210719.jpg)

Even his fucking nose is rat like.

No. 1280646

File: 1626752488261.jpeg (131.32 KB, 1242x1182, 8EA4745E-1E95-46B1-AA7C-B6C8BB…)

I love you kikomichan

>I’m a guy

No. 1280647

Silence, male

No. 1280651

>The woman with the baby pfp is a "puppy girl" who claims to be a "femme lesbian" but aside from her usual autism most of her posts are about sucking her femboy fiances dick and other kinks such as biting, master/slave and incest roleplay
WTF is wrong with zoomers, Jesus Christ seriously how did they end up this awful

No. 1280680

File: 1626760776218.png (1.55 MB, 2168x1418, D4834272-C96B-4AB0-BD7C-5BD93F…)

This is the same troon who complained about not having a uterus transplanted. He could have his own children but he didn’t bother paying for the sperm storage fee lol.

No. 1280690

hell yes kikomi-chan is back to pick up our spirits, keep fighting for that goal queen

>I'm a guy
stopped reading there, leave scrot

No. 1280694

File: 1626764300610.jpg (32.02 KB, 399x399, JzC_zzj7_400x400.jpg)

No. 1280704

File: 1626765400558.jpg (728.05 KB, 810x2371, Screenshot_20210720-010459_Boo…)

I can't with this lunacy anymore:
>Whenever lay people are talking about "biological women" in sports or bathrooms.. they are just referring to people who did not go through testosterone puberty. Because even cis women who have abused steroids or experienced androgen puberty are called "not real women" or "obviously trans" when they're literally just cis women exposed to testosterone.
>So in conclusion, transphobia toward trans women is literally just oppressive women's beauty standards and has absolutely nothing to do with biology despite how much they kick and scream about it.

No. 1280716

File: 1626768353500.jpg (463.53 KB, 810x1859, Screenshot_20210720-035731_Chr…)

Are there any female-only spaces they won't shove their dicks and rot pockets into?

No. 1280718

I thought this was a picture of shaynus prefat from the front page, then I read the caption. Not even sure which thread disgusts me more at this point… Nah, who am I kidding. She's still less puke worthy than these troons.

Imagine going to breastfeed your child and having the lingering scent of unwashed, rotting crotch feces in the air. Jfc

No. 1280724

File: 1626772089603.png (15.41 KB, 238x311, howdy do ma'am.png)

bless you

No. 1280725

File: 1626772446709.jpeg (72.88 KB, 1044x337, C941D537-63C6-4D80-8E6D-AA9880…)

I’m sick of these fucking weirdos

No. 1280727

Are they lying because they want others to share into their misery? Is this some sort of a crab cope? Have others get dick inversion surgery so that they wouldn't be the only one with an open wound oozing sweat and tissue fluids?
>stop assuming a cis vagina as the standard for what is a "good result"
At least mine doesn't have to be held open by an invasive procedure for two hours a day so it doesn't heal shut.

It's always about looks and fuckability to them. Even if troons achieved the full transformation into a legitimate woman looking 100% passable they still didn't have to go through the burden of centuries of oppression and gatekeeping nor a female puberty that amplifies those experiences.

No. 1280735

i mean is she tho bc it sounds like she just tried to tip toe around fully hurting her trans friends feelings

No. 1280737

that sounds so validating! glad for you kikomi!

No. 1280746

I mean it’s the only accurate, self aware thing any of them have ever said

No. 1280752

Wow such gender euphoria, congrats Kikomichan!

No. 1280756

Knowing men, he doesn't even clean after himself. Imagine caring for your baby in a room full of puss and rot and semen from these marginalized kweens, that's not unhealthy for the baby at all!

No. 1280765

hey kikomi-chan, I think someone is impersonating you on twitter.

No. 1280777

Imagine being a new mom just trying to feed your baby in a quiet, private place free from prying eyes, and then some freak plops down next to you and starts shoving a medical-grade dildo into the shit-smelling gouge in his taint.

No. 1280779

Wait, he spends 90 minutes a day in the lactation room at work? Why can't he do it at home?But it's not a fetish REEE
Imagine hiring one of these AGP nightmares for woque points only for him to take 1.5 hours off company time for medical self-fuckery every day.

No. 1280782

"terves" are happily acknowledging that this man will have the surgically build hole where his micropenis once was close up as soon as he doesn't put a dilator in there. can you imagine ladies? imagine having to put a piece of plastic in your vagina so that it doesn't close up. pathetic. if i was a breastfeeding mother working with this fetishist i would simply breastfeed somewhere else kek

No. 1280796

Well. It's 9Am and I've already sworn off eating for the rest of the day. GGs.

Puss and transplanted fecal fluids aren't self lubricating bro. Even seminal fluids count as self lubricating, but thank heaven's you've sterilized yourself.

No. 1280804

p sure he is a grad student or post-doc so his "work" is in a lab at a university

No. 1280808


samefag but this same tranny has a twitter for his post-op pics. it's "mtf only" though. if anyone has a fake twitter pls follow and post for the lolz

No. 1280819

File: 1626790764758.jpg (Spoiler Image,524.71 KB, 810x1956, Screenshot_20210707-234840_Chr…)

Scrolling thru my phone for some more milk. Literally have hundreds of caps from hundreds of different troon ABDLs and diaperfurs. And unsurprisingly, only a handful are TIFs. Almost as if r/itsafetish.

No. 1280820

File: 1626790809495.jpg (508 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210707-235733_Chr…)

No. 1280821

File: 1626790916686.jpg (562.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210707-235710_Chr…)

No. 1280822

Who? Where? Lmao

No. 1280824

Internet porn, social media addiction and lack of parental guidance scrambled their brains to mush.

No. 1280825

File: 1626791637017.jpeg (202.09 KB, 640x640, 50CB31E6-E1D6-4F8B-B223-BFDB0D…)

God, why the fuck do they always say they’re breedable? It makes me cringe so hard. No woman would ever say that about herself.

No. 1280827

i support them encougaring each other into cutting their dicks off

No. 1280828

>stop assuming a cis vagina as the standard
It literally is what your pocket is trying to replicate and will never come close to.

>the lactation room
Literally just an empty office, but okay. Imagine dilating on the floor on some dirty office carpet. I wish nothing more than an infection for this loser.

No. 1280835

You go Kikomi! Show those dumb little terf kids who’s boss and become the FTMTF of your dreams!!

No. 1280842

Pure overcompensation because they know they’ll never breed. Actual women are too busy trying to make sure we all have access to birth control, menstrual products and OB/GYN services to sperg about how “breedable” we are on Twitter.

No. 1280844

i know and i honestly don't care, let them

No. 1280850

This is how the OP has been for a bit and for good reason anon. Don’t blame jannies for this one but blame the random idiot scrotes who feel entitled to join in with their pointless diatribes before posting gore.

No. 1280855

sadly now that she's doing stuff with arca she shut up on the terf talking points.

No. 1280916

File: 1626799102268.jpeg (281.17 KB, 1242x1579, 8FC9E303-8D08-46AF-94FD-CB861F…)

Where are they getting these delusions from and why are they so confident being this loud and wrong?

No. 1280928

They're trying to convince themselves most that their delusions can become reality then everyone else has to believe it too to make it "valid". We need to open the asylums again

No. 1280935

>You're a TERF if you associate pregnancy and childbirth with women! Gender isn't sex! Trans women are women!
>Btw I need a uterus transplant to validate my womansona

No. 1280939

File: 1626800641811.jpeg (83.72 KB, 984x530, A0C3B94C-57BA-4BFE-AA7A-E6D56A…)

>The likes
If uterus transplants in males suddenly became the most pressing issue of our times, it'd probably be 30 years before we successfully get one to not be rejected. God knows how long it could be before
-we can make the uterus semi-consistently not be rejected (10% success rate would be HIGH)
-we have anti-rejection drugs that probably wouldn't fuck up a fetus
-the reproductive system is integrated enough that you actually experience menstrual cycles
-a fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine wall and actually begins gestating
-a fetus survives a measly 24 weeks and somehow develops without significant deformity or dysfunction
Jesus fuck. We are so far from this technology. We are almost certainly gonna have external wombs before we're able to transplant them into males, if we're ever able to do it at all.

No. 1280945

File: 1626801641021.png (8.01 MB, 2520x1920, castrated guy.png)

He looked like a decent guy before if you ignore the crazy eyes. Hair also looked better before, like for most MTFs.

No. 1280951

this dude had to get a sex change just to allow himself to knit

No. 1280952

we discussed this in the previous threads, it is literally impossible to put a working womb inside of another person

No. 1280956

Jesus how depressing, there's really no telling who's going to troon out. He looks like a normal guy, someone you would never expect to be gloating about dilating in the breastfeeding room or bitching about wanting to have a uterus transplant or whatever.

No. 1280957

File: 1626802629457.jpeg (808.01 KB, 1500x3303, 122C37DD-02AC-4DC3-8AD1-083613…)

No. 1280965

Wasn't the knife violence confirmed to be from the TRA side of the Wi Spa protests?

No. 1280967

Wasn't that "stabbing" (small non life threatening wound) an accident from someone on their own side?

No. 1280983

I can understand his parents frustration. He looks like your everyday guy. 15 years ago, feminine gay men that would avoid showing any sign of masculinity were likely to transition. There were signs. Now you have these hyper masculine looking men trooning out out of no where and calling themselves dykes. Scary shit.

No. 1281003


Eventually things will end with a shoot-out somewhere because the TRAs are like jihadists and the various other sides are all 'stand your ground' trigger happy larpers.

No. 1281029

It’s been done in women, but is still extremely difficult with high rate of failure. It has never and I’m sure will never successfully be done in a man.

No. 1281056

>fuck women who say things out loud that I dont like and demand space away from my dick
>give me money
Never change troons

No. 1281074

I has been done successfully with women (XX) and tried with people who have an intersex condition, it doesn't work. You can google it, there is some interesting papers.

No. 1281086

i feel so bad for this troons mother, you can hear the pain in her words.. plus the troon keeps calling her an idiot etc. which is infuriating cuz the troons mom is making good points…

No. 1281096

this is almost too sad to listen to

No. 1281097

he sounds like a brat

No. 1281105

Austin needs to shape up and appreciate his loving mother. That poor woman.

No. 1281119


any background info on this wretched person? now not only do i never want to marry a man, i don't want a son either

No. 1281123

File: 1626817827284.jpg (352.73 KB, 1859x1234, 1620069386358.jpg)

i dont think you'd ever give such an ugly obviously mentally stunted man a chance anon, but sure 1/4

No. 1281124

File: 1626817849542.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1920, 1620025913149.jpg)

No. 1281125

File: 1626817951217.jpg (3.27 MB, 3024x4032, austin a.k.a olivia troon from…)

No. 1281127

File: 1626818004956.jpg (2.36 MB, 1960x4032, austin a.k.a olivia troon from…)

for more info detailed info and gruesome pics, enter at your own risk: https://archived.moe/lgbt/search/username/olivia/filter/text/

No. 1281131

lol at the mother repeating muh intelligent son. She should get far away before he decapitates her and burns her house down.
"all you do is sit in your room, take your pills and grow boobs"
>boobs in question

No. 1281132

File: 1626818826402.jpeg (29.32 KB, 306x306, D7072085-6E40-4865-88A6-061985…)

lmfao the insanely overplucked eyebrows growing back out and leaving an eyebrow shadow

No. 1281135

What are the chances he's got a father who plays an active and involved role in his life? Not very likely, I suspect.

No. 1281137

looks ftm kek

No. 1281139

if molesting him is considered an active role then very high

No. 1281142

I've seen multiple nonnies in this thread confused by this phrase. Submissive and breedable is just a dumb tiktok meme. It started out with people calling straight cis dudes submissive and breedable. It's not a trans community thing.

No. 1281143

>you're so intelligent, son
>is a talentless NEET who spends all his time in his room growing moobs and jerking off on 4chan
Boymoms are mentally ill

No. 1281147

>"I love you! You're intelligent and creative, and I feel like I'm losing everything, watching you waste away in your room! Please, love yourself!"
>"REEEE You hate me! You don't respect me! You're a stupid idiot! The groomers stunning and brave trans women in Portland did everything for me, why can't you do the same?! Just keep buying me nuggies and letting me live in your home rent-free, idiot!"

No. 1281159

>It's not a trans community thing

Clearly, it is now.

No. 1281160

This is the result of letting kids have unlimited access to the internet. What a waste of labor trying to bring in him into the world. He’s just gonna be a male pattern balding, mickey mouse sounding, panhandling troon and a nuisace to society in particular women and young girls in their spaces. This shit has to stop.

No. 1281186

This is heartbreaking. That poor mom. “I love you and we can work on your depression, so you’re not sitting in your room all day”

“Ur dumb”

No. 1281187

Nta but it's shit like this that would make me strongly consider a selective abortion if I found out I was pregnant with a boy.

No. 1281189

He looks retarded. Does he have a condition?

No. 1281192

Same. Makes me reconsider wanting to be a parent in this clown world.

No. 1281199

File: 1626824450307.png (847.65 KB, 1080x923, nomi.png)

No. 1281204

/tttt/ mods are a disgrace

No. 1281208

obvious autism face

No. 1281212

please, a crumb of context

No. 1281216

No. 1281239

oh man, he looks like my old doctor who was a weird perv who almost lost his license over drugs

No. 1281249

File: 1626831743261.jpg (382.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210720-213933_Chr…)

More bullshit and lies. I've never seen any evidence of this.

No. 1281257

Absolute bullshit. Almost seems like TERF isn't getting them anywhere anymore now everyone's peak transed by now (how could you not run across something, even the normiest person will have seen the death and rape threats TRAs spew all over the internet)

So now TERF doesn't get people on side, they've started claiming TERF also means (insert some absolutely unevidenced accusation)

No. 1281285

Truth hurts but real friends will tell it

No. 1281295

Okay so who wants to hear a story about a troon who I had to deal with and still do to this day

||so I'm a cis woman and I'll try to keep this short

My partner is a cis man and he used to "date" a troon, it was more like a codependent relationship where my partner had to care for and look after this person, the tron in question was a neet and had no social skills, this man had communication skills so bad that he couldn't even to talk to his own family that he still currently lives with.

Eventually my partner full stop cut this troon off when we got together, thier relationship was online so I never saw this troon. Anyways my partner and I have been together for over a year and this person still cries over them and full stop refuses to move on.

It put a pressure on my partner because of how much this unnecessary burden was, having to look after a man child.

Eventually I had enough and started to catfish this tranny and it worked for almost 3 months I've been catfishing this troon. Because of me catfishing I finally got to see this dude and holy shit this man had the squarest jaw of them all, which surprised me because my partner has said that the troon looked somewhat passable, so I was expecting him to maybe have a baby face not a square jaw||

Tldr basically catfished a tranny who was a parasite and the guy wasn't even passable(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281299

That's just cowtipping and it's cringe

No. 1281314

yeah, women don't say this shit because they actually can get pregnant/it's repulsive to them. only men/troons/gay's who are sterile clown themselves like that

No. 1281315

1) lol your boyfriend sounds like a loser, why would you date someone who dates lunatic troons?2) you don't have to say "cis"
) enjoy your ban probably

No. 1281317

You both need to block him and move on wtf why is he still even a thought

No. 1281318

fucking hell… you need to get a new hobby

No. 1281319

nonnita don't date someone who dated troons. some day you will be a transwidow or catch him jerking off to a clown in a dress. it's not worth it

No. 1281322

lol at you dating a tranny fucker. he'll lie and lie but he's a pornsick man who loves the d.

No. 1281323

>my partner has said that the troon looked somewhat passable,
Your bf's a coping bisexual chaser lol

No. 1281327

your boyfriend wasn't tricked, he likes men and you're obsessed with the troon as a cope for being a beard for a chaser. Get some self respect

No. 1281330

This lord farquaad looking tranny should instead worry about the fact that you can’t scratch a troon without finding a pedo groomer.

You need to dump this man and also stop whatever it is you are doing to cope are you not embarrassed

No. 1281331

> I finally got to see this dude and holy shit this man had the squarest jaw of them all, which surprised me because my partner has said that the troon looked somewhat passable
I think this might say a lot more abot how you look than the troon.
if that is what your BF believed just think about how he sees you.

No. 1281334

Huh? How did he manage to conjure any of that up? I haven't seen anything related to Judaism at all in… anything related to trannies, or LGBT topics at all.

No. 1281346

Funny because I consider myself a leftist. We just don't want any of these wicked shit in our spaces.

No. 1281349

Get tested for HIV and leave your bf he is a chaser and likes assholes and dick, not pussy.

No. 1281356

I said it last time but he looks just like peter Griffin

No. 1281362

Saw this from the copypasta thread, if it's true your life is absolutely tragic anon, cut off the trans and the boyfriend and find yourself a nice normal scrote.

No. 1281363

This. My boyfriend has pity for those people and is bisexual but he isn't blind. Run for your life anon.

No. 1281366

God the projection levels going on here lmao. It's the good ol' "eveyone who hates me must actually want to fuck me, but is mad that I don't want them!"

No. 1281367

I know this is blogging but my bf from high school of almost 10 years want to go mtf and I just am finally giving up on life. I just want to die literally. It’s not like this is new I’ve known for the past few months. Went from the manliest man, to wtf is going on. I literally have no friends ; real life and online. he's my only friend I’ve had in years. I have severe anxiety and not like those stupid munchies. He sees those stupid trans memes and subreddits, and messages with other stupid femboy and ftm and just stupid shits on apps about I want to be a anime girl- news flash everyone wants to be a anime girl get the fuck over it. and he is already a sheep in general. I hate this stupid trend. I keep getting ftm shit recommend to me everywhere / social media - YouTube and other shit like Reddit and no where have I ever looked at anything trans on my stupid phone. Even in the forums photo is fucking Felix. Stupid felix I hate you. I hate the media I hate everyone. Fuck life I’m out. Fuck taylor dean - rehome your pets, fuck trans, fuck my boyfriend, fuck social media constantly blasting people with going trans, fuck everyone


No. 1281370

It should be a redflag that he wasn't willing to marry you after 10 fucking years, he's probably already too far gone and most anons will tell you to break up with him, a sentiment I agree with but I do think that you should test him,
Show him some real MTFs and how disgusting and cringy they look IRL and just challenge him that if he has any desire to be Trans if he goes off the Internet for a month

No. 1281377

Together for 10 years and he didn’t propose? I know marriage isn’t important to some people but it’s literally the only thing men have to do to show that they’re dedicated to a woman after women take on the domestic role even without marriage and he didn’t even put in that effort. He seems like he’s closed off and terminally online and assumes you’ll always be there since you’ve been together so long with him putting no effort in. Tell him about trans surgeries, the mental illnesses, and taking hormones forever to just be a eunuch. And that rejecting masculinity doesn’t mean he’s a woman. And then leave him and thrive if he still goes through with it. No one here wants to see a screenshot of your post on r/mypartneristrans in another 10 years.

No. 1281382

Hey anon, I know this ain't the vent thread and you'll prob get banned for blogging, but I want you to know that you can always make new friends, even if you're an introvert. Sometimes you'll find them in surprising places. I bet there are people out there who consider you their friend even if you don't realize it.

If you're not happy in this relationship, you shouldn't stay just because he's currently your only social outlet. You can make new friends, but time is finite, and you shouldn't be wasting your time with someone who makes you uncomfortable or miserable. If you can't find some way to gently steer him out of troonism, I'd take a break from the relationship. If you don't put your foot down now, next thing you know he'll be asking for a "polycule."

No. 1281383


Lmao this thread is just women posting their L’s now

No. 1281384


In the '80s he'd have simply been a metal fan.

No. 1281388

>discord spoilers
>I’m a cis woman
>mindless blogposting in snow vs the relationships thread
>retarded comic about chasers when the 3 troons a year that get axed only die because the boyfriends they already have are embarrassed to be seen with them
>reddit spacing
>”women posting L’s! lmao”
What the fuck is going on itt.

No. 1281389

Leave. If you are relying on him for financial support, start looking for a job and reaching out to others in your support network.
It will be hard at first, but you'll soon find yourself more free than you've been in your entire adult life.

No. 1281393

stop dating tranny fuckers
kill yourself

No. 1281412

kill him kek

No. 1281414

announcement noise
Can the ladies posting their Ls please go to the relationship thread on g immediately, I repeat can the ladies posting their Ls please go to the relationship thread on g immediately. You will be escorted off premises if you do not go to the relationship thread on g. Thank you.(autistic minimodding)

No. 1281416

As a general rule for all straight women reading this, you should definitely peak your partners (current or future) and make clear that going trans is NOT an option now or ever. Save yourselves the trouble of becoming a trans widow later on. Men can't be TERFs, but they can be truthpilled on the TQ and should know that you are a TERF and hate trannies. Also NEVER date a man who watches anime. Threadpic is straigh up truth.

No. 1281420

this is solid advice. straight men mostly don't care for trans stuff anyway, just show them a few AGPs ree-ing about how no one wants to suck their girldick but everyone should. no straight man wants their junk near them, easy way to peak them.

No. 1281462

>calls self "cis"
>straight girl who refers to her boyfriend as her "partner"
>dating a GAMP, spends months of her limited time on this earth catfishing one of her pervert bf's tranny crushes
Not gonna make it

No. 1281464

File: 1626872228082.jpg (59.98 KB, 750x633, s27t78llnhb71.jpg)

this meme is so funny. as if taking hormones will change your fat deposits and bone structure and you will somehow magically grow curves. thank god these troons are sterilizing themselves with hormones

No. 1281468

>Also NEVER date a man who watches anime
this makes my vagina snap shut regardless of anything else lol i would never date a moid who consumes anime

No. 1281469

File: 1626872764670.png (454.22 KB, 1311x1455, gross.png)

No. 1281471

>woman makes joke about her lesbianism
>troons take it as opportunity to force the girldick meme because they're offended
clown world

No. 1281472

File: 1626872928778.jpg (37.91 KB, 976x549, _108378568_mosley3_getty976.jp…)

He/They looks like Oswald Mosley kek

No. 1281486

File: 1626874411772.jpg (29.56 KB, 400x300, e08857838dd506cda6fa67ef1c3f4d…)

>how do you do fellow cis women

No. 1281513

ban porn now

No. 1281554

File: 1626880437423.jpg (124.01 KB, 1072x871, shin megami shitpost.jpg)

If you can coom , there's a troon lurking in the shadows trying to sexualize every aspect.

That is the original? Lmao. People have been using it for shitposts and Communities not infected with tranny bullshit have not been taking it very well. On the bright side, it's exposed a lot of Chasers in my gaming group.

>Never date a man who watches any variation of one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet.
That's incredibly shallow to be honest and you're just setting yourself up to hook up with an actual manipulator who will trash everything you don't like . Anime is/are just like movies. Example: Three guys tell you their hobbies are watching old films.
Guy A : Watches old war films.
Guy B: Watches weird art films.
Guy C: Watches vintage porngraphy.
You, personally hate old vintage movies but Guy C would be a total turn off, while Guy A and B are perfectly acceptable.

No. 1281585

tranny false-flagging

No. 1281603

isn't the Artist a lolcow user as well
I agree Anime is a medium with numerous sub-genre's, if he likes Harem or Ecchi stories then that's a red flag, but if he likes generic Shonen shit then he's likely a normie

No. 1281623

KEK. Probably intentional knowing the politics of some femboy types

No. 1281629

but that's when he goes by he/they, I think it's meant to look like a GNC "sadboy"

No. 1281640

Slice of life anime is the biggest red flag for me. Something like Nichijou is fine, because it's also a very active comedy that doesn't really do fanservice IIRC, but if he watches cutesy moe shit where nothing happens, I instantly assume he's fantasizing about "easy mode". I'd assume idol anime is also a red flag. If it's got little to no male characters, yuri, fanservice, or a passing tranny/trap character, stay away.

No. 1281695

A handy chart to recognize trooning out probabilities:
>Cinematic anime meant for adult and normie audiences: He's most likely safe.
>Generic shonen anime: He's probably safe.
>Grimdark edgy anime: He's probably safe but might be incel slanted and slip further down the tranny pipeline.
>Slice of life anime: Keep an eye on him, scram if he starts talking about how much he relates to the young female characters and imitates their baby talk.
>Cheap colorful yuri ecchi harem for autistic otaku men: Do not interact.

No. 1281712

File: 1626894798673.jpg (610.82 KB, 810x2763, Screenshot_20210721-145452_Chr…)

You guys think the "Biological sex is a spectrum. We're literally biologically female" crap will be the hill this troon shit finally dies on? It doesn't appear to be a niche belief in the trans community anymore. Even transmeds/truscums are starting to embrace it.

No. 1281726

interesting thank you anons, if I ever like a guy who watches anime I'll be sure to come here and have anons vet his taste first

No. 1281749

Look for a man who disagrees with gender identity bullshit and isn't addicted to porn. On the outside these guys may look normal but if you were their girlfriend or something you'd see signs of them giving in to troonism. Many trans widow stories start with "my husband wanted to roleplay as a sissy", "my husband wanted me to peg him", "my husband likes shemale porn", etc. It's only unpredictable for those on the outside, if you lived everyday with a man like this you'd see the warning signs. I suggest dumping any man that shows any signs of this because it will only get worse with time

No. 1281766

i know this isnt the point but Guy A is also a likely turnoff knowing how obnoxious military history obsessed men are.

No. 1281790

A lot of trannies and chasers I've met are super into military, weaponry, and European/Asian history. I'd never hook up with a historian. "Coincidentally", a large portion of furries and guys into BDSM also seem to be into that shit. If any of you nonnies are history buffs and want to date a guy who is also a history buff, the best advice I can give you is to avoid him if he mostly seems into China, Japan, Rome, the German empire, imperialism, weaponry, or war/military. If he's a gun nut, bail. If he can tell you the names, classifications, production dates, etc. of tanks or rifles, he's not worth your time.

No. 1281797

will add to this: be wary of guys into “bimbos” and bimbo porn too. that’s a slippery slope that can lead into misogyny and eventually tranny attraction.

No. 1281810

Yes. THIS.
Unrelated to troons, too. These kinds of guys are sexually degenerate nutjobs in some way - paedos, porn addicts, promiscuous, masochists who only request anal.

No. 1281811

I’m a HSTS tranny/TIM/scrote so I’ll take my ban but I love LC have been wanting to post for a while about this. I really hope that this sex stuff really is the end, same with 30s+ women identifying out of their sex class by being NB because they don’t want to be trapped by their socialization and societal oppression (making it not trendy for zoomers). This stuff really is so harmful to women and it’s so embarassing. Having transgenderism be a sort of catchall fad for anyone with identity issues or “not feeling like they fit in” makes me so sad. I don’t have any trans friends because every single one is so obsessed with sex or comes on to me/have assaulted me. I’m not even joking. I think that it’ll slowly die out within the next couple years. I’m really not sure how female only spaces are going to be resolved though, I understand the fear women face in the bathroom with trans people are in it, I am very uncomfortable when there are tall or unpassing trans people in the bathroom with me. I know I’m a hypocrite since I also use the restroom but I do have a history of men physically assaulting me and do not feel safe around them (yeah, common argument for self ID I know its BS but not sure what I can do as I have not lived as an adult “man” so im not sure it makes sense but I know it opens the floodgates). Anyway as such a supposed “minority” (hopefully it doesnt keep growing) we need to be gracious guests in this world and not use male socialization to overpower women or invade their spaces.

Anyway, sorry again. I haven’t met anyone like me before so I haven’t had a space to vent about whats happening out there. Im just not sure why people cant be content with being a male who is trans, theres no mental conflict and you can love yourself like any normal human being and you can even be an ACTUAL feminist and support womens rights, not take them away. Good luck out there everyone, just dont kill me when all this stuff blows up(D I L A T E)

No. 1281816

I’d argue someone would need to be a raging misogynist to be into bimbo porn in the first place.

No. 1281821

You can't really be a feminist if you believe womanhood is something you can simply opt into or opt out of.

No. 1281828

This doesn't end well for you, but a couple words or reassurance: "TERFs" aren't murderers, and there are other people like you. Look up detrans or resources for gender critical HSTS. Also, if you use feeling "unsafe" around men as a reason to use women's spaces, imagine how the women feel. We aren't something you can opt into, just because you're scared of your fellow man. Enjoy your ban, I guess.

No. 1281833

go fix your mentally ill community yourself instead of coming here for sympathy, if you truly cared about women you'd speak out instead of anonymously fishing for compliments here for being a virtuous troon

No. 1281834

oh sorry if it came off like that, i dont think i am. im trans not a woman, i dont have to deal with the oppression women face because of their biology
lets see if i can get this reply in before the ban. i dont feel any need to detransition, i have had a good amount of plastic surgery on my face/genitals and stuff (yes i have worked for it and paid out of pocket). i dont feel a conflict so i enjoy my extreme body modification. and i understand, sorry about it all
im not coming here for sympathy. i can’t fix it, i dont want to interact with freaks (maybe i am one myself?). i dont want compliments

No. 1281835

Is responding to the tranny faggot scrote taking the bait or not? Well, just in case: I can't believe they actively use the "but men aboosed me, I'm scawwed", you ARE MEN, you cunt? You fucking stay and fix that shit and don't just jump ship thinking it's cushier, we have enough to deal with without having your dick or rot pocket stinking up our already full bathrooms.

No. 1281841

Kek he's just upset that other men use the women's bathroom with him. He says he's not like other trannies, but insists he's not lived life as an adult male lololol

He basically thinks he's not like other trannies, when he's exactly the same. Just sad he's not special now and women are peaking en masse.

No. 1281843

You're actually right, a true NLOT in our thread, nonnie!

No. 1281847

>30s+ women identifying out of their sex class by being NB because they don’t want to be trapped by their socialization

I dont normally post in this thread, just kinda lurk a lot but this comment is a huge generalization. I think that really depends where you live. I'm surrounded by women 35+ who wouldn't step out of their role, even if they where identifying as something other than straight female and would never consider the.selves oppressed. As long as hubs is paying for the huge house and new car 99% of them would never even utter the word feminism or NB, or anything outside of their current system. Money is more powerful for many than identity, especially the slightly older generations.

No. 1281848

If you actually believed everything you're saying, you would stop calling yourself a tranny and just accept that you're a feminine gay man. Seriously, why are you so convinced that you're a woman? Being sensitive, being attracted to men, and liking stereotypically feminine things does not make you less of a man.

I think you need to address your own homophobic self-hatred before you try to criticize other people in your community. Men abused you, that sucks and I'm sorry, but it's unreasonable to try to dissociate yourself from the class that mistreated you by pretending you don't belong to it.

Maybe instead of judging other trannies to make you feel better about dragging your feminine cock into our bathrooms, you should reject this nonsense entirely and practice what you preach by actually advocating for our safety.

No. 1281850

>"Women don't troon out if they have money and/or are too busy with housework"
This is a shit take, nonnie. Also, generalizing troons is okay.

Fucking use notepad or deal with your typos.

No. 1281853

I'm on mobile. Some of us actually leave the house sometimes, pedant-chan.

No. 1281858

File: 1626903254449.jpeg (23.54 KB, 600x600, 410BD997-D746-41A4-A7DA-5F0042…)

Apologies to mods if this is taking bait. If it’s embarrassing and you recognize the ramifications of how it’s hurting women, speak up about it in your own community rather than coming to an anonymous image board for ass-pats and pity points. However, you’re probably too much of a pussy to even speak up about it to your own community hence why you came here.

No. 1281859

File: 1626903276842.png (20.41 KB, 596x174, 1.PNG)

"People were saying they wanted to rape JK Rowling because she literally wants all trans folks dead!!!"
Makes 100% sense. These people cannot quote where JK has promoted genocide of troons, but admits disgusting tweets saying they want to rape and kill her exist. Look at how many people liked this tweet as well.
When a troon rapes and kills a child, it's "They are a shitty person but please don't misgender them, they deserve to be in the proper jail"
When a woman speaks out against troons its okay to threaten to rape and kill her though.

No. 1281864

Oh for fuck's sake you retards, all she said was that people should wait until they're 18 to transition and the "woman" shouldn't stop meaning "people with uteruses" just because .08% of "women" don't have them. How the fuck is that genocide?

They make it sound like Rowling said troons should be rounded up and sent to gas chambers. It's bad enough "lesbian" and "fascist" have lost all meaning, let's not water down "genocide" too. Disagreeing with you on the internet is not genocide you reprobates.

No. 1281870

> "As a man I-" posting

they're no different from regular old scrotes lol always having to announce themselves as if it changes anything

who's the one playing the victim on behalf of a community who sent basically literally porn to basically literal children? the way they twist reality and project their degeneracy onto other people is annoying as fuck. straight guys wanna be oppressed so bad

No. 1281884

I opened a thread recently which was all "this is a thread explaining why what Rowling said was wrong" and the whole thread was just OP ranting without a single quote from Rowling. There is a dire absence of actual Rowling quotes in any of these tirades, because all she's said is she supports trans people, women's safety is a priority, and check out this guy threatening to bomb me.

I've even seen claims akin to stop making me hit you where they try and claim victim while sending literal death threats to a children's book author with nary a single quote to back up their accusations.

No. 1281894

No. 1281895

File: 1626905895138.png (98.44 KB, 760x527, Screenshot_20210721-151619.png)

Terrible takes but even worse is his fried hair


No. 1281899

>Not recognizing men as women is literally genocide

No. 1281903

Sure the "TERFS" love the alt right. Nothing scream feminism like alt right gun crazed men.

No. 1281913

Another tip is if you can ALWAYS check scrotes social medias. Thats the only thing I like about online dating, is that some scrotes will openly lust, follow and say/like disgusting shit. They'll Chase after troons/femboys, like weird Troon tweets and weird porn in general.
If you can, before you seriously talk to someone try to get their socials or find it, look through it. Most of the men you had weird feelings about, who give that coomer feel usually are. There's a lot of straight men who think liking feminine men isn't gay, when the focus is always, "This person looks female but has a dick". The Dick is the attraction or the idea of being a person with a dick who is "Female" is the attraction. If you are open to dating bisexual men, date OPENLY bisex men. Not the, "I'm straight but I'm attracted to men with implants and dicks" nobody chases troons for neo-vaginas.
They are bisexual/gay men who are in denial or will troon out.Stay away from these men. Don't even try it.
They say dumb shit like this and never explain it. People hate "Terfs" aka "Women" so much they don't even care if it makes sense, just accuse Terfs of something bad and people will like and believe it.

No. 1281943

I don't understand you, but I love you

No. 1281965

File: 1626910265258.jpg (321.47 KB, 1079x827, the_entitlement_reeks_from_eve…)

I hate these fuckers so much

No. 1281974

Is there anything about the female body and mind they haven't fetishized? Srs question.

No. 1281977

More like the Left has let a group of porn-sick moid troglodytes like yourself speak for women, essentially stripping women of our power and silencing us and handing that power to the Right. The nerve of this hideous hon. I just want to stomp that stupid look off his face.

No. 1281983

I think it should be remembered that while biological sex is binary, one's set of political opinions are not.

No. 1281989

Anon, you didn’t know? Being a feminist means that you hate the Jews.

God, the length these scrotes will go to throw women under the bus. Exhausting.

No. 1281994

File: 1626913614758.png (74.65 KB, 577x145, Untitled.png)

is he trying to be contrapoints? we don't need another one

No. 1281998

>isn't the Artist a lolcow user as well
if they are and they're trying to dunk on troons then they failed because troons fucking love this picture

No. 1282002

hi anon i'll probably get banned for this too but i am someone who doesn't hate all troons. i hate the sex-obsessed freaks using it for fetishization. i know everyone is going to reply to me and tell me it's a black and white issue but it's not. there are in fact plenty of transgender women who live as normally as they can and understand they are not biologically female. pornsick twitter users are just a really loud group that makes it look bad for the quiet ones who keep to themselves.

No. 1282015

What’s kind of fucked about about this reply is that this dude would get crucified for even insinuating that current tranny shit is a fad. Not even other trannies can talk about this without getting called TERF bootlickers.

No. 1282026

AGPs are straight men. They’re ree-ing about lesbians not wanting their dicks, not other straight men.

No. 1282028

Philosophy tube is another rabbit hole of its own
rumor has it that he raped contrapoints, stalks him by mimicking his video style

No. 1282031

as much as I dislike her grandstanding and uppity attitude, blair white has a great video on why JK Rowling did nothing wrong. the whole thing started with a friend of hers getting fired for distinguishing between biological sex and gender, if i remember correctly. Rowling only defended her friend. she just didn’t hide under a rock and apologize when the trannies got upset. Rowling never said anything that was truly transphobic and no one can prove otherwise.

No. 1282039

im so tired of men talking about society, nona. i am so tired

No. 1282052

Can someone please explain this shirt to me. I have no idea what it's trying to convey

No. 1282056

It's obviously referencing the feminist mantra "my body, my choice" but much like they fucked up the "scratch a liberal, a fascist bleeds" quote beyond all possible comprehension >>1281249 they have fubared this one as well
Maybe "meow" means "pussy"? I don't know anymore, I'm so tired

No. 1282061

Check out the breadtube thread anon. Philosophy troon has been discussed extensively

No. 1282065

it's supposed to be "my pussy, my choice". could be a terf gotcha by saying they can identify as whatever they please since they have an axe wound but idk.

No. 1282085

Yeah, iirc the artist is a TIF.
>blair white
I kek’d.
>i am someone who doesn't hate all troons.
>i hate the sex-obsessed freaks using it for fetishization.
That is all troons. Notice how you can pick just about any random tranny/“nonbinary” TIM and he’ll fit right in with the thread topic? He’s not going to thank you, anon.
He’s skinwalking him so earnestly that there’s no conceivable difference between them. Two crimson chin’d breadtubing TIMs trying to shill male mouthfeel to their closeted fag viewers.
I’m sure there’s something about AGP men trying to transform into their assault victims, if the rumor is true it makes sense. Transwidows talk about this often too, their husbands want to become like them but it becomes an obsession where the men feel entitled to cosplaying as their wives. See: all the TIMs who want to be their childrens other “mother” post-trooning out.

No. 1282090

File: 1626923225319.jpg (608.05 KB, 2000x2500, 0bd792-20190514-patti-harrison…)

I had no fucking idea Patti Harrison was a TIM but granted I've never actually googled this person before, just seen on TikTok. the only truly passing instance I've seen tbh

No. 1282100

What's sad is that, even though he's an opiod-addicted drunkard who has been dead inside since transition, Contra still has more going on than Olly. Olly is truly an empty husk of a human being; he always has been, and always will be. He's the kind of theater kid that got into theater because he has no true identity, and is incapable of ever forming one, but desperately wants constant validation and love from other people. Contra is a retarded misogynist addict, but at least has a distinguishable personality and interests.

No. 1282104

being asian and mtf is cheating tbh

No. 1282111

Late, but the main argument they have that terfs are antisemitic is because we point out the powerful billionaire troons Martine Rothblatt and Jennifer Pritzker, who are apparently Jewish. They also pulled this argument out again when Rachel Levine was appointed to the Biden health dept.

No. 1282117

Sometimes antisemitic, homophobic, or racist (anti-black) bait gets posted here, but it gets shut down quickly, and there's no proof it isn't troons trying to plant bigoted content here to "prove" we're bigots. Other than that, the only leg that they have to stand on is that, yes, at least three trannies we hate here are Jewish. Ignore the loads more who are atheist, Christian, "Buddhist", or "Wiccan", including other rich or influential people. Rich white male perverts are a dime a dozen.

No. 1282124

File: 1626928682438.jpg (1.27 MB, 809x4628, Screenshot_20210722-003028_Boo…)

Highlights from r/asktransgender thread vilifying JKR:
>It's another way for bullies of any sort to exert power over marginalized people. It transfers the emotional labor onto us, absolving them of any such responsibility.
>Bullies love to play the victim.
>She is actually one of the worst people in the world IMO…. At least people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are overly evil. I actually can’t believe how much I dislike her of all people now.

No. 1282127

i've seen tons of antisemitic, racist shit spewed on /tttt/ (i lurk for milk) so i don't doubt that's the case.

No. 1282133

File: 1626929553953.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20210721-224946_Ins…)

Unfortunate about Gia Gunn. He thought he looked like a woman before trooning out. I think the plastic surgery really highlights his masculinity.

No. 1282143

he looks like one of the bogdanoffs deflated

No. 1282144

no you don't understand everything would be great if we could do (completely unrealistic expectation of people and society)
subscribe to my youtube channel.

No. 1282145

>men like peter scully exist
>redditors still think jk rowling, jordan peterson and ben shapiro are the most evil people in the world

No. 1282146

His nose is so disgusting he tried to make it look white and pointed and it’s just a mess now

No. 1282149

File: 1626931785063.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3028, Screenshot_20210722-010920_Boo…)

And here I thought I had truly seen all forms of troon degeneracy. This zero-effort middle-aged troon moderates a bee hentai sub, lmao.

No. 1282150

File: 1626931811242.jpg (328.49 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20210722-012020_Boo…)

No. 1282151

File: 1626931918967.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.28 MB, 810x8564, Screenshot_20210722-012108_Boo…)

No. 1282152

Some criticisms, for anyone who can't place why these are fallacious.
>"(Regarding "TERFs" pointing out TIM/TRA aggression) It's a way for bullies to (…) exert power over marginalized people"
This argument doesn't work, even under the assumption that trans people, as a group, are oppressed in as meaningful away as women are (they aren't). If you follow every assumption TRAs make, it would still be equivalent to, say, a lesbian sending death and rape threats to a straight woman for saying she wouldn't want to share a locker-room with a woman wearing a strap-on. This would be ludicrous. No lesbian (or other woman) would threaten another woman that way for setting such a fair boundary. If she did, she would be seen as mentally ill, at best, or dangeroys, at worst; and it would be a fair judgement that her peers would judge her on. She would be policed by her fellow woman, and her fellow lesbian in particular. And rightfully so.
>Notice how almost every minority has a stereotype of veing "angry" too
Women rejecting to have sex with men who do not believe they should vote, have jobs, or have full bodily autonomy is not the same as TIMs sending rape and death threats to women who acknowledge actual harmful behavior from a group of people encroaching on the rights they pretty much just got. Black people being callous towards white people due to centuries of ongoing oppression and gaslighting is not the same as TRAs demanding cosmetic surgeries prompted by their mental illness be paid for by taxpayers, and threatening anyone who even questions the idea. Not being able to tell the difference between the anger of people with intergenerational trauma, and simple entitled tantrums, shows privilege.
>I actually can't believe how much I dislike her of all people now. Like many I read her books when I was a kid and it feels like a derp betrayal (…)
You're disappointed because you had a parasocial mommy, and she didn't agree with your ridiculous morality system in full. Mom said "no", and put the sweets back on the shelf. You're not disappointed by people like Ben Shapiro, because you never liked them. They always filled the "villain" role for you, nice and clean. It frustrates you that someone you like could disagree with you, especially a woman. You wouldn't be as outraged if Neil Gaiman or George R.R. Martin said the exact things she said. Disappointed? Yes. Angry? Maybe. Rape and bomb threats? No. You are the ones punching down, face it.

No. 1282160

The bee fetish should be the most surprising and unfortunate part of this post but the bit I'm really stuck on is, that thing is 35??? Fucking hell lmao LIKE MILK

No. 1282167

>berserk fan
Miura died for this kind of dude, jfc…

No. 1282173

I'm not even fucking surprised at the whole bee fucker shit. Typical behavior.

No. 1282174

miura was a disgusting pedophile. if he doesn't jack off to kids then the redditor is honestly less of a degenerate than miura.

No. 1282176

Did you not read Berserk? Miura Didn’t just die for these dudes he dedicated his life’s work to their power fantasies

No. 1282178

I have yet to meet an actual woman who likes Berserk, despite men singing its praises. It's full of rape and grimdark, and Guts is a shitty asshole.

No. 1282180

I like Berserk but it’s so male I can’t not talk shit on it.

No. 1282181

can confirm, I was a dark souls from the beginning and knew of its berserky influences but didn't try watching berserk until I got w my ftm misogynistic ex around 2017 and it was a very off-putting experience

No. 1282182

What’s worse than men killing them, white supremacists, nazis? Women saying “lol, no”. All it takes for their world to crumble is a group of womensaying lol you’re a man.

No. 1282185

I wish I could communicate my frustration with this to my "ally" friends, but they're in too deep (for now). It pisses me off that trannies can literally send rape and death threats to women who just imply they might be men, then not pit that same energy to the men who are actually doxing, attacking, harassing, and killing them, and handmaidens will insist "it's just a minority" until something that crosses the line hapoens directly to them. I can't even blame them, I was the same way. Many of you were as well. Please, just let this hell end.

No. 1282187

don't worry, they might be allies now but they're not a lost cause. many of us used to be allies and then saw the light. maybe all this havoc around JK rowling and men in women's sports will help them peak.

No. 1282190

Lmao,this artist also draws incest/lolisho.Really not helping their “trans woman aren’t predators” case

No. 1282191

That’s how you know even they know they aren’t in any actual danger. I guarantee that the Chilean HSTS street prostitutes whose death rates TRAs like to co-opt aren’t whining on Twitter or Reddit about women who don’t want to see their ladydique. Being told no by a woman is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to these guys so they equate it with actual oppression and violence.

No. 1282210

File: 1626946678739.png (208.12 KB, 591x707, twansphobic manifesto.png)

Absolutely amazing how they have taken the mask off and say the quiet part loud now. You can just admit that you hate women who don't want the truth about sex based oppression erased instead of legitimate nazis and people will agree. The people I know who are normally philanthropic, intelligent adults full swallow the "JK wrote a transphobic manifesto" pill no questions asked and I'm at a loss of words at how insane it is. What the fuck is it about society hating women so much they can preach about the harms brought upon by racism and then immediately turn around and call for the hanging of one woman who said erasing sex erases the suffering women have to face even while subscribing to the "trans women are women" meme?

No. 1282211

>white supremacists, nazis
Ben Shapiro is jewish.. you twitter tards really need to stop shitting your pants and call everyone who is conservative a "white supremacist nazi".

No. 1282212

>You're disappointed because you had a parasocial mommy, and she didn't agree with your ridiculous morality system in full. Mom said "no", and put the sweets back on the shelf.
Based as fuck nonnie

No. 1282216

File: 1626947923636.webm (5.14 MB, 576x1024, beecel.webm)

cope and seethe, beecel.

No. 1282222

based bees

No. 1282234

I’m being sarcastic and speaking like them. Chill.

No. 1282235

LGBT acceptance is going down and literally all we hear about from it is "twans wights uwu" so in reality it means people ARE seeing through more of the trans BS.

No one cares when women are suffering from the trans consequences, but men will peak from being told they have to suck girldick to be straight. And since so many trans people are predatory "lesbians" who hurt women the male partners of their victims will also peak. You need to fight fire (transwomen, aka men) with fire (also men)

No. 1282237

File: 1626952653268.jpeg (67.44 KB, 960x889, E65CCLHUUAcVN4S.jpeg)

Older Terfs are saying this sentence doesnt exist in the book lmao. Jfc, behind all the makeup, angles and narcissism they cope and seethe at the fact that vaginas cant be replicated so they have to devalue vaginas by describing it as a "castrated gash".

No. 1282249

God I wish they’d repeat that study but would separate L, G, B and T. Now people are citing it claiming that young people are becoming more homophobic when it’s so much more likely that most young people are still fine with homosexuality, they’re just sick of trannies.

No. 1282250

There's a word for men who are frightened of vaginas and it's "gay men". And yet these gay men will spend thousands of dollars trying to obtain such a frightening vagina. Sad!

No. 1282255

We cant rely on moids though. They can also be as sick in the head as these trannies. A lot of Chasers and closeted TIMs are TRAs. As our Spa queen said: there's not such thing as transgender. Men are the problem.

No. 1282262

That 'Darcy' image is disheartening because its clearly a little kid.
Just when you think youve seen every fetish possible, degenerates go and prove you wrong

No. 1282273

File: 1626958522221.jpg (43.48 KB, 540x533, Dpy8QjxXcAAFsY_.jpg)

No. 1282275

Based Megami tensei anon, anime is a medium as you describe it but it's rampant with sexist bullshit. You're far to tolerant of it as a whole.
There are some excellent works like Mushishi, FMA, The 12 Kingdoms and Monster, even shit like Durarara but for every good anime there's dozens if not hundreds of dogshit fanservice, run of the mill harem shit and I agree with other anons it is a red flag if someone watches anime as a rule of thumb because of this.

You can't defend all anime as a medium without acknowledging this. Eventually you grow out of most anime because if perpetuates an endless cycle of misogynistic and cliche tropes not unlike troons themselves. Hell, to put this into terms of a fellow the SMT V protagonist was called a fem boy by the very vocal cancerous Reddit community when 10 years ago the P3 protagonist (a near identical generic shounen protagonist but just a little prettier) exists and no one would ever come up with the coom brianed concept of femboy. I get the sense that most anons here have no problem with crossdreessing but troons have soured potential allies with their flagrant misogyny and oversimplification of feminity that is often rooted in misogyny.
Yes not all anime is sexualized garbage but cumbrains have ruined every facet of media and most of anime is just Japanese cumbrains. And don't get me started on the decline of decent portrayals of women in anime/manga over the past decade. The writers of anime are often old men and this becomes very obvious as you become more critical of media and adds an even skeevier element to the oversaturated coming of age stories with highschool settings that suffocate the medium.

No. 1282292

So now they’re admitting themselves neovag is just a “castration gash” and totally different from a real vagina? That’s not very woke of them kek

No. 1282299

> I get the sense that most anons here have no problem with crossdreessing but troons have soured potential allies

I have no problem with troons in theory. If people feel more comfortable living as the opposite sex and otherwise mind their own business, where’s the problem? Their bodies, their choice. It’s the rampant misogyny, screaming over born women and literally demanding our uteruses and forcing their dicks into our spaces that does it for me.

No. 1282308


No. 1282322

anon you got me with that one

They probably view Scully as a hero tbh

Why do they always look like ten years older than their actual age

No. 1282329

Even it the quote is false, note how his perception of what vagina is based on is defined by the male perception of it, I.e. because a man sees a pussy as a "castration gash" this means what pussy is is a castration gash.
I know he probably meant it as a joke, but it is in jokes that people often uncover their true nature.
Women and their anatomy can and do exist without needing to be perceived by males.
I am so tired, friends.

No. 1282330

anon I opened this and it was way longer than I wanted it to be. you made me scroll through bee pussy.

No. 1282338

File: 1626966971435.jpeg (308.31 KB, 1171x1550, A731B3F1-0BEC-416F-947F-072B54…)

Literal who has something he wants us to know.

No. 1282345

File: 1626967711389.jpg (55.59 KB, 750x565, the most dangerous weapon agai…)

Berserk is pretty cool if you start from the very start.
>Hero was raped as child and used as sex slave.
>Rather than submit he murdered his rapist, mentally damaged forever.
>Has trouble forming relationships.
>Violently lashes out at the world.
>Get that violence channeled towards something healthy.
>Slowly becomes a real person., Learns what love and friends are.
>The only remotely healthy relationship he has goes to shit when his only real friend rapes his love interest and murders the rest of his only friends.
>Spends 300+ chapters screaming and stabbing stuff slowly becoming less human.
It pretty much describes all types of men perfectly. There are men who should stop and be content with what they have, but they're willing to sacrifice others to get what they want. There are men who just want the bare minimum, but they can't have it no matter how hard they try. There are men who just want to rape and kill. The only thing I can't stand about it is, Miaura could have finished it decades ago.

First up. Reddit wasn't even a thing when Persona 3 came out. Thank God. Second, this cancerous shit with the new protag is because the faggies and casuals have invaded the SMT franchise due to Persona 5 being so accessible to the non SMT crowd.I'm seriously triggered at how badly Persona 4~5 became mass market consumer shit.I'm actually happy these people don't actually play the games otherwise the completely optional crossdressing in 4A would be the only thing they talk about lmao - Now regarding anime, It's just like regular movies. Either you can drown in the garbage or enjoy the gentle rain of the good stuff. I agree with you fullheartedly; there's no denying the endless amount of garbage designed to separate weebs from their money- but you can't judge a medium simply by the mass consumption garbage.It sucks having to dig through garbage to find the treasure, but at least there's a treasure to be found, even if it's not new. I've been watching old 80s robot shit with my husband and it's all just… Politics. Like if it didn't have giant robots and spaceships, it's just a fucking episode of Versailles.

"Transphobic Manifesto"
Imagine someone chaining the doors of a mall shut and throwing pamplets that explain what a penis and vagina are at people.

No. 1282350

Berserk is my favorite manga but god forbid I speak about it with moids. I once complained about how the amount of troll rape was ridiculous and some fanboi told me to get out of the fandom because that's what made "Berserk" BERSERK.

Please take us seriously and respect our rights!

No. 1282364

Exactly, plenty of REAL women like Berserk and 90% of the people ITT have not read at least half of it. Positive female relationships and representation abound, lots of healing. Sisterhood. Also, Guts literally grows and lets go of his anger in an effort to not let it consume him before it's too late. It's an more of an anti male power fantasy than anything.

No. 1282370


Boring interview although in his whining about anti-trans bills a glaring choice of words was "trans youth" instead of "children".

No. 1282384

File: 1626970982801.jpg (356.81 KB, 507x1090, S6l6XzF.jpg)

that is the girl protagonist from fucking Pokemon Black/White on his fucking banner, a literal fucking child from a children's franchise showing off her arse
I fucking hate these freaks

No. 1282386

Not trying to cape for men here, but I think most of them honestly didn't know it was an issue until recently. Every man I've spoken to on the issue is appalled that men can compete in women's sports and can go into female changing rooms/bathrooms with their dicks out.
People only supported or ignored troons because they had low visibility and didn't seem to impose themselves upon women and girls too much, but now that we have men competing in women's sports en masse and TRAs openly saying that little girls should shut up and deal with dicks in the ladies room, any support they had is rapidly fading.

No. 1282392

File: 1626972120159.jpeg (260.8 KB, 1510x726, 08A89A1C-AD4F-4EDD-AD5E-BCED95…)

This part was hmmm….
>”It’s wild to be 29 and going through puberty again. Some days I feel like I’m 14.”

Sir you are almost 30. A grown man with a fully developed brain and gynecomastia. Not 14 in any sense, shape or form.

No. 1282414

Yep iirc this character is 15 or 16. They’re all pedos and don’t try to hide it.

No. 1282428

Is this hari nef's philosophy tube skinwalker?

No. 1282434

yeah, my bf was absolutely shocked when i told him any man can change his gender to female on his birth certificate and get things like female-owned business grants or scholarships awarded to young women. i think it’s very insidious the way the laws are changing for them to get their way and a lot of people they think are their allies just don’t get it. it’s not them just being called women, it’s almost everything to do with women and what little we do get for ourselves.

No. 1282471

why would an insect have mammaries

No. 1282502

Imagine giving birth to this, fuck this shit.

No. 1282529

File: 1626988252111.webm (5.65 MB, 640x360, AJrC3qNRhE4OSrjl.webm)

Kek at his barrel chest and vocal fry. He reminds me of Charles "Charlotte" Clymer.

No. 1282534

??? It's clear he's a man without him having to say anything about being trans. This is cringe.

No. 1282535

Kek his voice reminds me of onion's.

No. 1282554

So is this his way of trying to garner more attention

No. 1282560

File: 1626994657694.jpg (120.63 KB, 1124x1466, MV5BMTZjZDA0OTUtZDMzNi00YmI5LW…)

Had to google who this was

No. 1282573

Omg he looks so bad in this shot it's comical, like he belongs in a White Chicks sequel kek

No. 1282574

File: 1626996454690.jpg (14.75 KB, 480x360, ZGfJyn3.jpg)


No. 1282576

This is so fucking cringy. I hate men. Some gay weirdo re-packaging himself to get more access attention etc. than he already was. UGH He doesn't even try to change his voice? Jesus christ.

No. 1282578

No. 1282584

File: 1626998189290.png (254.58 KB, 474x467, no joy.png)

>>1282384 The pandemic really gave me time to open my eyes to this, since my job was closed and I had nothing else to do lmao. Everything involving children is considered pedo, unless it's Pokemon or praised by the LGBTQ+2 and it's so double sided and schizophrenic.

For example.
Cuties ( lmao I saw it don't lynch me)
>Mob never saw the movie because they believed it to be Pedobait
>Movie is wholesome religious bait about peer pressure all young women face.
>Moral of the movie is watch your fucking children before they turn into murderous whores, since she did try to kill the fat girl- maybe she did kill her, the movie never explains her fate.
>Her sexuality was not approved of and copying what she found on the internet only made her situation worse.
>Movie is not LGBT approved because the righteous power of Allah turns her from path society was pushing her down- no mention of what happened to her cousin she planted her nudes on though.


Life is Strange.
>LGBT+ approved.
>Praised by Polygon as a heartfelt exploration of sexuality.
>Underage gay boys denied a sex scene, Polygon complains.

13 Sentinels.
>LGBT+ approved
>Sony listed the game as a must play Pride Month game.
A literal robo-Twink spends most of his time trying be a cute, sexy little girl to confuse and seduce a young man who's just hitting puberty.

Then there's Pokemon.
>LGBT Friendly, even though it's hard Male=Male, Female=Female, Ditto = Universal Whore.
>Franchise itself is decidedly non sexual, with the exception of several adults.
>The fanbase sexualizes everything from top to bottom.
Hop on twitter and get hit with a " They're not real, so it's okay" And that's what kills me. The very same people who riot over "10000 year old in a 10 year old body" tropes will turn around and coom over a 12 year old in booty shorts, not just coom. They want to be the 12 year old in the booty shorts. I wish we could just go back in time and stop the internet from evolving past Geocities.

No. 1282597

Tommy’s not even 30 yet and he looks like a dad trying to fit in his rich daughter’s clothes. The wig is too short for his elongated head. The overuse of blush. The jacket dress clearly came from the women’s rack instead of being custom made otherwise he wouldn’t look like a hunchback. The sock print looks like he’s streching them out. All we need is to see a girl opening the door yelling “Dad! Are you wearing my clothes again?!” with a laugh track.

No. 1282617

>And since so many trans people are predatory "lesbians" who hurt women the male partners of their victims will also peak.
Lesbians (the women being targeted by troons) don’t have male partners.
However, even straight and bi women can’t count on scrotes to care when we are being victimized, even the moids who claim they love us. If men who “love” women actually made themselves useful like that, they’d already be out organizing against rape, street harassment, abortion restrictions, FGM, child marriage, menstrual discrimination, etc etc etc
Men, as a class, don’t care about women, as a class.

No. 1282623

File: 1627003890860.jpg (584.93 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20210723_032906.jpg)

this one has to be in the top three most grotesque reddit trannies

No. 1282628

imagine having to be the person conducting interviews when this thing walks through your door. holy kek

No. 1282634

The "I'm just excited to play women" made me want to die

No. 1282638

File: 1627005527178.jpg (887.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210722-215512_Red…)

I remember this scrote from a few months ago. He came out to his wife, the mother of his son, on Mother's Day, and played the victim when she didn't take the news well.

No. 1282639

File: 1627005554897.jpg (439.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210722-214333_Boo…)

Short version

No. 1282641

What kind of job are you applying for that it's acceptable to show up in a tye dye shirt, male or female? I would instantly end the interview for not being professional or prepared. Like it's not even a cute look. why can't trannies just dress in normal attire once in a while

No. 1282642

File: 1627005625796.jpg (2.33 MB, 540x11867, Screenshot_20210722-214030_Boo…)

Long version with comments

No. 1282643

Wow, typical scrote behavior from this Lord Farquaad looking motherfucker. Making the only day your son’s mother gets to be honored all about you, and then cluelessly wondering why it upset her.

No. 1282644

That’s not tie dye, it’s an ugly floral.

No. 1282646

File: 1627006105182.jpeg (144.03 KB, 640x853, 38C9EE12-54FF-4971-9775-A9AD27…)

In the reddit caption he calls this his “tinklebell” shirt

No. 1282648

wow gabe newell

No. 1282650

File: 1627006741497.jpg (56.14 KB, 1016x351, inchresting.JPG)

Just got suspended for my username lol. it was "I_Follow_males_" seems like we have to start getting more creative with the usernames if this hobby is to continue. It's too funny seeing how mad they get just for being called their accurate sex category

No. 1282653

Tag yourself
I'm the rice Krispy crumbs in the hairbrush

Seriously though there is so much mental illness to unpack in this image

No. 1282654

It's only a matter of time before they go after straight women too, since they're all raging narcs and think genitals don't matter. They'll pretend it's "turning straight women lesbian". They won't stop until they can hurt any and all women. Your average man may be pretty trash, but at least "they're stealing our women" tends to get them mad and fired up real fast

No. 1282656

File: 1627007518421.jpeg (97.77 KB, 1199x644, 344F5882-EC14-4B8F-9322-3C5773…)

This literally made me rage.

No. 1282661

File: 1627007826824.jpg (1.08 MB, 3640x2140, UWTr3WkKK4K2sNSKIaI4-AtXwZ8-sY…)

No. 1282664

File: 1627008284821.jpg (63.61 KB, 490x408, xKeOD9X.jpg)

nonny, stop

No. 1282671

I can't believe they're accusing the WIFE of "making it all about her" when her husband decided to humiliate her on Mother's Day and her son's birthday. Her reaction is incredibly subdued compared to how she must've been feeling at that moment. What a bunch of monsters.

No. 1282677

File: 1627009393300.jpeg (122.77 KB, 728x728, 877CACC0-EDDC-4A55-966B-89DDB6…)

Why are people like this? What happened to being clean? From Troons to camwhores it’s the same disgusting rooms from end to end of the internet.

No. 1282680

complete lack of self-discipline as usually evidenced in other areas of their lives as well

No. 1282681

i don't think you know what cowtipping means, anon

No. 1282686

Literal mental illness.
These kind of people (attention whoring e-girls and trannies) are so disgusted with themselves and what they are, so they let that literal mess pile up around them because they just know they are pieces of shit.

It surprises me with the trannies especially. You think that for trying to portray feminine stereotypes they would be playing Suzy homemaker, cooking cleaning, nagging when the toilet seat is left open, etc. Alas here we are.

No. 1282700

>Mob never saw the movie because they believed it to be Pedobait
it is pedobait. getting a bunch of real kids to perform erotically for your film is pedophilic, regardless of if your message is anti-pedo or not. the erotic scenes didn't need real kids, they could have been done with adults or in shadow theatre or animation or some other way.

idk why you think it's not lgbt approved, most people I've seen defending it are woke breadtube types like jack saint.

No. 1282702

These are the same people that think there’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s wedding to come out to the family.

No. 1282712

File: 1627014977991.jpg (901.37 KB, 810x1650, Screenshot_20210723-002054_Boo…)

/u/TranswomenAreTranswomen would probably get you swiftly banned now, lol. FWIW, r/MtF and r/trans are still private, despite admin janitors cracking down on the "transphobic hate crime accounts."

No. 1282717

>hate crime
tfw someone hatecrimes you by…. following you on social media with a joke name. These dudes don't have the slightest clue what it's like to have actual problems

No. 1282718

You missed the point as well. The point of the movie is , any little girl , your little girl, my little girl, can take someone’s phone , go on the internet and emulate what the most popular moves are.
Why do people not see that? Look at fucking TikTok or remember when it was musically and all those young girls were grinding to Pony for likes. The movie was a perfect reflection of our society and people didn’t like what they saw. Because that is the disgusting hyper sexual nature of our or lives but when faced with it bluntly, all anyone can say is “ew pedoshit” without acknowledging that the very same pedoshit is what fuels everything. The outrage should be at the world that allows it, not at the film that points it out. That movie made me re evaluate my daughters friends and install content blockers.
I’m really freaked out that the dancing is all anyone took away from the film.

No. 1282740

They’ve been doing this for decades, except with straight women they wait until they have her trapped with marriage, a home and/or a child before revealing themselves. Straight men don’t see it as transbians “stealing their women” any more than they view regular domestic abuse as abusers stealing women - at that point the woman is the abuser’s property and he can do what he wants with her. Even if he ends up killing her they’ll find some way to make it her fault. The only thing that’s new about this form of abuse is that mainstream “feminism” encourages it, the victim is considered a bigot for speaking up and if she does make it to a shelter, her abuser can just walk right in after her with no legal way to stop him.

No. 1282745

Anon please marry me. This is how I've been feeling for so long. In my country we recently had a scandal about what was appropriate and inappropriate wear in school. Adults screeching "don't sexualize girls bodies!!" so girls as young as ten have the right to be half naked next to much more covered boys in class…

The only alternatives we have now are pseudo religious conservative bullshit or this consumerist indecency that justifies anything it can link to the vaguest notion of "freedom", both ready to make girls and young women preys that don't have the tools to defend themselves in the world.

No. 1282748

You can't be for women's rights and support troons. This whole movement is not for women and even men hell. The whole idea of troons is enforcing gender stereotypes. They are beta males by culture standards and think women have it easy.
Watch how many men say girls can easily get rich, all she has to do is whore out then when that dries up she can go get married to some poor bastard. They always say something along the lines of that. Troons as a whole fetishize womanhood. It's easy to child birth doesn't hurt as much as being kicked in the balls to men don't have option to stay at home. These troons believe first and forth most that since they cannot make it as male model ("chad") then they should try being a woman because with a woman they don't have to try.
They are forgetting that women have been oppressed and also have a lot of shit to deal with that we as women don't tell men. Anytime we try to talk about women issues we are minimize because we have to sit down, shut up, and deal with men especially our boyfriends or husbands.
The worse thing about these beta men is that they trap, abuse, and power trip over women but in this case a different way. Trapping women into marriages, forcing women and children to deal with them throwing their dick around, and fetishizing a whole gender by either being trad wife, goth whore, egirl,bimbo, or 'teacher/librarian' who is naughty on the side look. That is all they see with women. We are nothing but people to have sex with and sexualize.
All these lies about us having it easy is spread by survivor bias, Belles and other famous cam girls are minority that made it so now it gives impression that women have easy money when they don't see how much women fail even that the stuff they deem as easy.

No. 1282754

can't help but feel a deep revulsion at these TWs when they compare their transitions with girlhood and puberty, when the first real taste of that for most biological women is being fetishized by grown adult men as young as 12, 13, 14 year olds. it's so offensive to see them continuously evoking female puberty as this euphoric "girl" thing… but when you bring these differences in socialization up you're a cis afab TME who needs to shut the fuck up because you'll never understand a trans woman's "brave" struggle.

No. 1282762

I get the point, but you don't get my point. The point people who don't like the movie make is that you don't need to put real kids in erotic scenes to show that pedophilia is bad. There are plenty of ways to include a horrible scene in your film without it also serving as salacious wank material for perverts. Seven (spoilers) manages to have the decapitation at the end be shocking and dramatic without actually showing it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3INW_XHHV0
If they have to show the erotic shit they could have used adult actors during those scenes.

>Why do people not see that?

I don't need to watch French child erotica to know the internet is full of child sexualization and predators. I've known that since I was 11, as do a lot of people who grew up with the net, maybe boomers don't and think Cuties is some grand revelation.

No. 1282764

Some gay men take estrogen and T blockers now because they think they will look better. All they’re doing is fucking with their endocrine system. His gender doctor will probably advise him to cut his balls off so the “estrogen works better” kek.

No. 1282768

He is the spitting image of the dude who plays the tranny on Little Britain, the irony

No. 1282784

Not the anon you're talking to but I just wanted to say thank you for explaining your point. I'd not honestly met anyone defending or liking that film yet so it's refreshing to see another communicate what was so unnecessary and in my opinion insidious about it.

No. 1282785

File: 1627030521646.jpg (169.99 KB, 828x1472, 2020-12-11_12-23-01_UTC.jpg)

I'm assuming you've never met a non-offending ephebophile/paedophile IRL. They watch videos of child gymnasts and dancers, seek out non-nude child model imagery from Chan sites.

Scenes in cuties recreates EXACTLY what they masturbate to. The fact a mainstream movie such as Cuties produces the content non-offending paedophiles desire is a message. That Cuties IS sexualised child imagery is more insightful than any "artsy" meaning behind the themes/plot of the movie itself.

This debacle highlights how clueless people are. Cuties apologists "unenlightened Americans don't understanding the mEeAniMgs" are truly ignorant about real life paedos.
>picrel, this is what a 27yo woman understood from Cuties

No. 1282791

the thing is even if this were true it wouldn't matter because men exist. Women who defend it like this remind me of teenage girls who grew up on tumblr feminism who get mad that they're not allowed to go out alone at night because "it's sexist" and "teach boys not to rape!!" it doesn't matter, life is unfair, men are the way that they are and we can't have nice things because of it

No. 1282793

File: 1627033616789.jpg (1.4 MB, 4096x2926, E61InJ0WUAQxKsg.jpg)

Some lovely photos from Scotland that say a lot

No. 1282794

File: 1627033626799.png (Spoiler Image,254.03 KB, 914x980, trannymaxxervintologi.png)

Unironically a similar viewpoint shared by incels.

No. 1282795

File: 1627033667851.jpg (1.79 MB, 4096x2926, E61InKnWUAIlYaB.jpg)

No. 1282797

I want to say no way is this real (trolling, honeypot, etc.) but we all know it most likely is. There’s so much morally and biologically wrong with this to even start jfc.

No. 1282798

I don't hate all troons, I just hate the ideology that facilitates their existence. I object to gender stereotypes superseding biological fact. Womanhood is the lived experience of people who are treated as lesser human beings for the crime of being born with a vagina.

Gay men who are unobtrusive outside of playing dress-up and getting plastic surgery (i.e., the "good trannies) aren't hurting anybody and don't really deserve to be hated. They're a symptom of a larger problem, though. What does it say about our culture that people would rather butcher their bodies with surgery than just live as GNC homosexuals? It shouldn't have gotten to this point in the first place. People wouldn't be mutilating themselves like this if we could just let gender stereotypes go already.

AGPs are a different side of the same coin. They're aroused by the taboo of gender non-conformity. They view the very act of "being" a woman as humiliating and therefor arousing. If it wasn't a taboo, there wouldn't be a fetish (or at the very least it would be less prevalent) because no taboo means no humiliation.

Basically, hate the game, not the player. Unless a particular player is a pervert or misogynist– in that case, you should absolutely hate them.

No. 1282799

The look on the face of the normie in the background says it all. Bet he peaked right then and there. Keep intimidating women, trannies. See how far it'll get you in the real world.

No. 1282802

File: 1627034446094.jpg (55.77 KB, 720x278, 20210723_105014.jpg)

Saged but this was under a recent Izzzyzzz video. Someone commented "as a trans person I…" and all the replies are like this, just "yeah it's almost like they just see us a kink or something". Even on the slim and tiiiiiiiny chance that they aren't doing this for a kink, the complete lack of awareness about what goes on in their community is astounding. They just refuse to acknowledge the majority of deviants

No. 1282803

File: 1627034882542.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.46 KB, 1920x1007, vintologi.jpg)

He's real unfortunately. He's the creator of r/transmaxxing, a sub and philosophy that encourages incels to transition. He's been thru about 50 aliases on reddit. His current one is /u/dvintologi. He recently branched out to YT videos. KF has a thread on him. Picrel is him.

No. 1282804

The combination of the old lady peacefully holding a "save our single-sex spaces" sign and the angry moid with a beard and obey tshirt is too perfect.

No. 1282808

>Hollywood jews create 600TB of footage of 11 year old girls auditioning for ass-shaking movie
Dang, that's some 4D chess I guess I am just not smart enough to understand. I never knew sexualizing 11 year old kids was bad before Hollywood told me it was! Phew! I am glad we know now that they have all this footage and close-ups of little girls asses that we finally know this is bad! Thank you for enlightening us anon! Man these people sure are heroes for showing us this valuable lesson!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1282809

As badly dressed as he is I promise you he is going to get that job because he was smart enough to wear a trans flag necklace. Whoever is conducting interviewer knows fully well that rejecting this fucker can get them put on blast for transphobia, the newest addition to the deadly sins

No. 1282810

i've seen some shit on the internet but this degeneracy is next level. fucking BEES. do these turbo autists get a hard-on when watching bee movie?

No. 1282811

I just wonder if baby-rape is also bad? Like.. something tells me it might be bad but there isn't a movie yet to show us baby-rape happening so I don't know for sure yet. Maybe Hollywood can help us out by raping some babies for a movie to show the dangers of this!

No. 1282812

nta and I agree with you but Cuties wasn't made by hollywood or jews

No. 1282815

So the ISU (international skating union) are considering having troons in competitions. ofc, the majority are in support of the change but im glad there's a few that express their concerns which ultimately lead to others defending troon with the power of hrt (as if that alone could back up their claims for equality)

i'm really worried. the women's section on the sport is already a competitive mass pile of shet with EDs and shitty coaches, some pushing young girls to perform many jumps in a single performance alone that could horribly affect their health in a long term.


also im not a huge skating fan but i do enjoy watching and reading about it.

No. 1282816

looking like ted cruz in a wig.

No. 1282817

What do you think Netflix is? They didn't make it but they sure distributed it to a wide, massive audience.

No. 1282818

Sure, honey. The black french woman is totally not just a fucking super obvious figurehead to shift blame away from the pedophilic men who are really behind htis movie.

No. 1282819

>Fellow trans person here!
>As a trans woman…
Narcissistic parasites always gotta announce their presence everywhere. Everyone roll out the red carpet for the divine tranny. Seriously someone needs to make a smug, fart-huffing "As a trans woman" meme.

No. 1282820

Ice skating and rhythmic gymnastics are the few sports field I'm not too worried about, since that's where women have a natural advantage, so it's unlikely a 43-year old actually-supposed-to-be-retired male is going to bulldoze its way into the ranks of trained-all-their-life 20-something women.

No. 1282821

File: 1627036705331.jpg (1.11 MB, 2484x4416, cuties.jpg)

Oh, I know. Liberal normie women are ignorant about male thinking, whether it's actual paedophiles or incels. Which is why they have naive takes on "enlightened European sexuality" and bullshit about "female energy".
>picrel, the whole take on Cuties

Yes. Men are what they are. We have to behave with that truth in mind. We can't wishfully act like we're in some fantasy land where men aren't depraved and degenerate at their core.

No. 1282822

Infuriating but the reddit comments are somehow worse, all these pathetic fucking handmaids praising something that could hurt them and all the female athletes they support. Even the ones questioning it are apologetic and full of obligatory disclaimers about how much they love trannies.

Not really, male skaters have a significant strength advantage that allow them a higher success rate at multi rotation jumps compared to a female at the same level. Female skaters are more flexible with better spins thanks to their low centre of gravity but jumps are where the points really come from.

No. 1282823

yeah most female figure skaters are 15yo girls with the body of a 10yo (thanks to starvation or god knows what), having their careers end before they even turn into adults while male figure skaters can easily have careers in their mid to late 20s with much more variation in body type. as long as you have lots of leg strength and zero curves you're good.

No. 1282828

I hope this person never has a child, let alone a daughter.

No. 1282829


this is what i am worried about, the jumps. men have an advantage on it unlike women. not many women could even do the triple axel and a few have become known because of it.

i'm worried that a parent would put their son on the women's section for an easier advantage or if some troon decided to debut for the women's senior division after competing in junior's men division.

there's already troons that have been wanting to compete, i've read their questions regarding about it years ago and fortunately there weren't a lot of resources that helped them. now, with this, we're gonna see some dude wearing tight outfits with their balls protruding as they skate to the music of swan lake or smth.

but, i'm somewhat glad, that figure skating is a dying and exclusive sport. with favoritism, discrimination and corruption that plague each organization. nepotism too. but who knows if there's an mtf that got connections out there wanting to be a princess with blades.

besides, once yuzuru hanyu retires i'm sure the fans will slowly start to dwindle along with their money they put on the sport.

No. 1282831

Those screencaps have big pedo energy, who would write about 11-14 year old girls ""sensual release"" and not be a pedo

No. 1282836

Holy shit, pedo confirmed with the second to last cap
>revel in and encourage the sexuality of my young daughter
>In our home sexuality will be developed
>Sensual dance, self exploration

Even if young girls are sexual, it's for them to explore on their own or with (willing) boys/girls their age, not their fucking families like what is this pedo shit

Gulag for this person.

No. 1282839

Lmao anon you're right, I can't unsee it now

Him playing Emily Howard in Little Britain is a perfect representation of troons tbh and people laughed at how ridiculous it was… yet here we are

No. 1282845

Ok, the film was made and distributed in Europe first though, I'm just saying dont forget that males are pedophiles everywhere unfortunately not only in one small subset of the US. I wish it were that way and that we could attribute all the pedos here to a foreign influence
Who said anything about her? Regardless women can absolutely be complicit in these things, especially African (as in the nationality/culture, not the race) ones. Now that I think about aren't the French known for harboring pedos too?

No. 1282848

If you're talking about the movie industry in France then yes, absolutely. It's a bunch of rich assholes who all know each other, and there's a shit ton of nepotism on top of that. I want to say that this applies to most of the "older" artists, as well as musicians and intellectuals in general, because I'll never understand how the fuck Gainsbourg managed to get a steady career. Let's just say that Roman Polanski's career is thriving in France, but the general public doesn't approve it because a shit ton of people started hating Jean Dujardin when he agreed to star in one of his movies and defended him with the usual "separate the man and the artist" speech. There's also the young director/main actress of the movie "16 printemps" who is the daughter of some big name in the industry who made this movie because of connections she has since birth, the story is about a teenager who's NLOG who falls in love with a guy in his 30s and she heavily implied it's just based on this cliché in these older, disgusting French movies about ugly, lost middle aged men falling for teenage girls who can heal their male depression with the power of love. To give you another idea of why the French media industries are fucked up, everytime a non-white French celebrity becomes famous outside of France people involved in that industry get incredibly salty, like when Omar Sy moved to the USA and Aya Nakamura got a fanbase outside of Europe.

As for the woman who directed Cuties, I haven't seen the movie at all but all the themes the movie is about seem very relatable from my own pov as a French woman from a muslim family. I feel like it's the type of themes that should be addressed in other media, like books, animated series/movies or documentaries so young actresses wouldn't be involved.

No. 1282849

Stfu about cuties already jfc. ot exists for a reason

No. 1282855

She's a woman, but one of those California boho girls.

This is what mainstream feminism is though. All about sexual energy, feminine ""power"" and being girl boss.

No. 1282858

i like berserk. i also can criticize its massive flaws while also appreciating the amount of work that went into it and how it's influenced some of my favorite series (dark souls, etc.) it's tragic miura died but i'm a little glad that it'll just be … over now. guy was going to work on that thing and never finish it til he died of old age if this hadn't happened

No. 1282867

File: 1627049437683.jpeg (135.17 KB, 220x303, E247D845-F786-4D55-A5D2-9708AA…)

Thank you. If the “message” of Cuties was that it’s bad to sexualize little girls, please explain why the marketing materials went out of their way to sexualize little girls? I’m the parent of a daughter and the posters and trailers didn’t convey any of that message to me, they just screamed “hey, wanna watch little girls twerk in skimpy clothes without feeling like a pervert? Check out Cuties on Netflix!”

No. 1282869

File: 1627049573250.jpeg (76.17 KB, 558x960, 9D1D05F4-CA5C-425C-8FB2-C5E949…)

No. 1282872

Aren't these the same people who screech that 'trans children' will all kill themselves if they have to go through natural puberty instead of being chemically castrated and hopped up on cross-sex hormones? Where are all the(as they claim, inevitable) suicides from dysphoric teenagers who weren't able to get put on puberty blockers in decades past?

By this logic, all the repressed troon kids not only didn't kill themselves, but went on to become healthy, dysphoria-free adults. Either suicidal troons are a modern phenomenon, or there's no need to put kids on chemical castration drugs since they'll be just fine without them.

No. 1282877

Yeah, I don't know, this is just blatant… if you placed grown women in these exact poses and clothing, you wouldn't think about what it's meant to convey. Gross. Hope these girls aren't being harassed, but when they grow up I think they might feel uncomfortable with this movie.

No. 1282883

File: 1627051395705.jpg (132.89 KB, 640x853, index.jpg)

Actually this intense sexualization was an internal decision at Netflix and the director had no say in it. Soon after they changed the thumbnail in netflix due to the backlash. Attached is the original french poster

No. 1282884

This tweet's logic is not internally consistent. Troons still claim that they're extremely oppressed today, indicating that their rise in numbers was facilitated by something else.

No. 1282885

I'm sure they'd claim that some percentage of depressed/suicidal people from decades past were actually trans, they just didn't have the capacity to realise it at the time. They've tried to posthumously troon Kurt Cobain, for example.

No. 1282887

I remember seeing this poster at Pathé when it got released, I had no idea there was a controversy about this movie but just by seeing it my first thought was "it's going to be yet another feel good movie about how racism is bad, but full of racist jokes, isn't it"

No. 1282891

The image that Netflix used was directly pulled from a scene towards the end of the film where the girls are twerking, gyrating on the floor and the cameras focuses on their bodies. The director created the scene where the poster came from. She might not have had a say in the marketing, but she produced the marketing material for them. The original one has the little girls wearing bras and panties on top on their normal clothes. Both posters sexualized and exploited the actresses, albeit to different degrees.

Did they had to use such young actresses? They also auditioned around 700 girls and made tapes of them to twerking. There was definitely at least one pedo in that production team. It just screams Dan Schneider levels of child abuse.

No. 1282899

Girl we know, we’ve all seen the posters. I’m just putting this retarded “AmeRiCaNs ARe ToO DuMb AnD FaT to UndErStAND tHe DeePeR MesSagE!” discourse to rest when it was intentionally marketed as pedo bait in the US. And the movie itself has tons of close-up panning shots on young girls’ bodies, which (to me) totally muddled the supposed message that sexualizing children in the media is bad. If that was the director’s message, she didn’t convey it clearly enough because a ton of people (and not just Americans) saw it as an example of the problem she was trying to critique. I’ve seen plenty of movies that explored the difficulties of growing up in a hypersexualized culture, that didn’t need to zoom in on little girls’ butts gyrating in spandex booty shorts to make their point. That’s pedo baiting, period, regardless of the message.

No. 1282901

anon I can't believe u called ditto a whore kek

No. 1282903

Troon crashes his Troonmobile and then screeches at the cops as they try to pull him out.

No. 1282904


does this guy have a goiter? is that what a goiter looks like

No. 1282908

>sir you have a wound on your groin
>the acrylic ass paint job
>those death metal screams
>you're the worst people for helping me
EMTs should have left him writhing in the bush and called cops over. Fuck him, get arrested. Hope he got the axe wound he wanted for free!

No. 1282909

But anon they only want the fun parts of being a woman. You know, like playing with your tiddies and talking about your girldick all day.

No. 1282914

Yeah and the comment was about there being 'male, female, trans' option on a dating site. Bet that if there wasn't 'trans' option, they'd also complain.
Izzzy is a handmaiden and selfhating pickme though. Her videos are well done but her takes on various issues are mind-numbing.

No. 1282919

What the fuck? Kek. Dude is screaming like a kid who doesn't want to take a bath. Why the fuck was he resisting assistance? What a retard.

>death metal screams
Nonnie please don't tell me this is what any metal sounds like to you. I'm so sad. He sounds more like a wannabe impersonator of an 80's rock star.

No. 1282925

>Why the fuck was he resisting assistance?
drunk as a skunk

No. 1282930

File: 1627058077908.png (178.83 KB, 667x360, are the stickers safe.png)

>Crash your car.
>Somehow end up under the car.
>They try to save a trapped "woman"
>Discover it's a dude.
>Dude starts screaming vile things.
>They start to manhandle him.

Who cares about the tranny, are those stickers okay and I'm gonna need like three sets of those for my friends and I.

No. 1282935

Suddenly “biology” matters lol

No. 1282938

>males liking anime with little to no male characters is a red flag
>Sailor Moon stickers
They say they're not a monolith.

No. 1282940


No. 1282941

>8% increase over a century vs. 400% increase over a decade
Sure, totally the same thing.

No. 1282946

File: 1627060575656.png (139.6 KB, 858x498, 12453.PNG)

I am waiting for men to find out women have softer skin that isn't as firm as men's so they can cry more oppression.

No. 1282947

File: 1627060579451.png (2.2 MB, 1026x3660, cute anime girl uwu.png)

No. 1282952

The standards for these men are so low that I was shocked just to see that his hair seems freshly washed and brushed.

No. 1282953

>troons think that estrogen can turn terminal hair into vellus hair
These people are so fucking retarded

No. 1282960

He is Russian has a YT channel. Looks like your typical malnourished slav moid kek
video of him singing (Cringe)

No. 1282963

Why is it always anime girls I need to understand this obsession with east asian cartoons

No. 1282969

>Having a kid with a high quality male early
>High quality males

Topkek, only omegas seek out children, which is what this moid plainly states in the end. It doesn't matter if you're broke, fugly and deformed if it's a kid. Young girls have no clue what a high quality male is and can't fight back.

You tried moid!

No. 1282971

Autism, it's always the answer when it comes to troons.

No. 1282972

Imagine spending money to put that ugly flag on your car. I hope it got totaled.

No. 1282977

In a lot of anime, women and girls are extremely stereotyped and sexualized. Even the rare well written female characters in anime will have these stereotypes projected onto them by sex pests like troons because Japanese animators can't resist pandering to them by drawing voyeuristic scenes.
Kek, that beta male screeching.

No. 1282980

Idk what I was expecting but it wasn’t for the name to be so literal.

No. 1282982

What I find hilarious is when a female anime character is written like and behaves like a real human woman, she's usually hated by the fans.

No. 1282983

AGP and fujo troons are into anime because they're attracted to the opposite sex, but intimidated by the real deal. Anime gives them all the "good", idealized bits, without reminding them so much of the real deal that they are upset. With fujos, it's depressing, because they're reasonably frightened by men; but AGP men are just degenerate cowards whose biggest fear in life is any level of social rejection.

No. 1282984

I've seen troons do this with Rozz Williams too. Why? Because they wore dresses on stage? I thought clothes have no gender.

besides I know rozz wore dresses specifically to piss off hardcore punks, who were notoriously homophobic

No. 1282985

Is this not Chris Lilley as Ja’mie: Private School Girl?

No. 1282986

Personally I was getting more fox mating calls than any form of music

No. 1282987

File: 1627064296006.jpeg (252 KB, 1196x828, C58AF04E-FDD8-4196-9001-D8C2FE…)

No. 1282992

I get it, fuck cops etc, but why was he saying that to the firefighters/EMS people? Was he expecting them to say shit like "omg she/her kween ur so valid" instead of focusing on their jobs?

No. 1282994

He wants to be oppressed in situation where no one is oppressing him. The whole crash is his fault but he can get some empathy if he makes a scene and then later claims oppression. Simple as that really

No. 1283006

>troons REEES
>cop: STOP IT

Reminded me of when got was airing, all the scrotes loves arya for being a rough masculine girl and hated sansa for being feminine, trad and non violent even though they'll claim that all women should be traditionally feminine to be attractive

No. 1283007

This looks like someone who was groomed by bisexual scrotes on 4chan/reddit since if he existed in the real world he'd know plenty of young males look like this and he absolutely does not pass.

No. 1283012

I just want to say that I stumbled upon this thread and I fucking love you all and it makes me lol several times a day even though I have no idea what a lot of the phrases mean (kek, cowtipping, milk). It kinda validates what I've been thinking for a while but everyone around me seems to chant "trans women are women" so I just shut up and look on.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1283016

Learn to sage newfriend

No. 1283019

Kek- laugh out loud, when something is funny
Milk- drama; normie version of this word is tea, ‘spill the tea sis’
Cowtipping- interacting with the people discussed on these threads; informing them about the website

No. 1283025

This would be really funny if the obnoxious male screeching didn't hurt my ears so much. He is literally REEEing.
Welcome sister, just make sure to read the site rules.

No. 1283099

ew no look closer, it's gross ass "moe" style art for pedos

No. 1283112

Anon…that's Sailor Moon. That's a children's anime.

No. 1283115

File: 1627082214780.jpg (302.14 KB, 936x1219, Screenshot_20210723-191634_Chr…)

No. 1283117

File: 1627082362568.jpeg (971.36 KB, 3072x3072, D91ABAEF-507E-4936-8717-4EDEDE…)


No. 1283124

Sage for ranting but seeing the black lipstick gets on my nerves so much because so many troons try so hard to be quirky goth girls (the goth mommy dom milkers blah blah of their wet dreams) and its fucking ruined alt spaces. I can't go anywhere for goth fashion because it's all fucking moids doing a shite job of dressing themselves and having no idea how to do makeup. Plenty of milky bullshit going on in r/GothFashion and r/GothSluts if you want to see some real horror shit

No. 1283131

Kek where the fuck do troons find such horrendous wigs? Even a cheap wig can look decent enough if worn correctly, but that last dude made me cackle.

No. 1283133

I genuinely have no idea why the fuck any of you nonnies bother going on plebbit.

No. 1283134

Women’s wigs doesnt fit their huge heads and wide sloping foreheads.

No. 1283138

Ayrt. Its unusable. I started using it specifically to use r/goth and r/gothfashion. It took a whole week for me to just abandon ship because it's all just horrific troons being encouraged by handmaidens in both subs despite the fact the most "passable" troons just look like the fat girl in a wolf shirt we all knew in school. Theure hardly the pinnacle of alt fashion, and yet… they consistently get hundreds of likes

No. 1283156

File: 1627087516076.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, 5389066F-44C0-44DB-9B01-2C1D49…)

only a matter of time until she catches him wearing her panties

No. 1283158

File: 1627087693920.jpeg (202.05 KB, 1242x905, 1EEADC70-2F94-43AA-B63F-D5B7FF…)

almost forgot to include the best reply kek

No. 1283172

don't fill out the subject field dork

No. 1283181

Both of these comments are retarded. A tranny coping and acting like the tranny porn to troon out pipeline isn't real, and the wife who married and continued staying with a known coomer who's into troons, and believing him when he says he's not trans, despite having picrews of himself as a woman with the trans flag background.

No. 1283194

this is so depressing why don't women love themselves? i hate it here so much. every single r/relationships post from a woman is like "my relationship is perfect except for this ENORMOUS RED FLAG"

No. 1283209

imo it was literally just all for shock value and to get people to talk about it. Wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some pedophile higher up who decided this as well tho. USA

No. 1283214

File: 1627095868227.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.34 KB, 1300x929, p3bsAm4.jpg)

I know what sailor moon is, I don't think you know what moe is …
Sailor moon is absolutely guilty of pandering to ephebophiles but moe is a style of art that is even more pedophilic and popular with troons for that very reason

No. 1283215

File: 1627095912797.jpg (693.9 KB, 810x1783, Screenshot_20210723-201653_Boo…)

What in the world is going on with this uncanny valley abomination of a body?

No. 1283226

File: 1627097437582.jpg (82.36 KB, 640x852, tsy1p2rsu8c71.jpg)

the hands though

No. 1283229

No. 1283231

Shayna's brother from another mother

No. 1283238

Shayna ass looking motherfucker.

No. 1283256

Have you ever seen male gymnasts perform? I hate to say it but they've got grace AND the strength to pull off some truely ridiculous shit.

No. 1283259

his whole speech is such a larp, like he's clearly thinking this is all a game. the way he talks, the words he's using, he's trying to mimic the stereotypical party girl. fucking delusional and porn sick, so stuck in fantasy land even when he's being crushed by his own car.
ironic the male would be wearing a shirt that says "obey" on it. it's probably related to something not deep, however, i don't doubt his misogynistic subconscious wanted to wear this shirt for this event, specifically to yell obscenities at women who aren't aligned with him.

No. 1283261

OBEY is a brand started by graffiti artist, Shepard Fairey. But you're right, I've only ever seen scrotes wear OBEY.

No. 1283264

File: 1627108846240.png (271.58 KB, 1000x1164, icantopenjarsanymore.png)

Troomers fetishizing ridiculous female stereotypes.

No. 1283265

File: 1627109023403.jpg (535.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210723-041724_Chr…)

Funny, lighthearted take on it.

No. 1283270

>been with him for a third of her life
She says it right here. She was still in college when they married, an age when she was naive with little life experience. He might well have been her first and only relationship. Now she admits she doesn't know who she is without him.

No. 1283272

Strong Norman Bates vibes coming from these posts, like what's with the strange relationship with their moms where their transitioning is directly tied to how strong their mom thinks they are. Bizarre.

No. 1283273

the image you attached can be described as moe? nichijou is moe and there's no coomer service in that

No. 1283276

going by her comment/post history and despite her saying in that OP they're both in their "late 20s", she's no more than 23 or 24.

No. 1283277

is this Anna selfposting or one of her derpy GC stans

No. 1283278

>right before we got married, I caught him online sexting with other men

Ahahah you could just stop reading right there, why get married at this point? Sunk cost fallacy is a bitch.
>porn addiction is something we've fought about for a really long time

Fuckin, red flag store and this is only the first paragraph. Nobody is that much of a moron even in their first relationship, why stick to this guy.
>fast forward five years
>things going pretty great
Yes being a beard for your gay husband sounds mighty great.
>great aside from this
Aside from his obsession with tranny porn and transitioning, sounds great to me!

I feel bad for trans widows but the warning signs were there the whole time. She was simply choosing to ignore them and pretend everything was "great."

No. 1283281

This just strikes me as an anon that doesn't really get anime/manga stuff. Cute soft and pretty art while it can be moe and troons can like it doesn't make it shit for troons. This is just a soft shoujo style. Now if it were some cringe ass ahegao splash I'd more get it as the vast majority of people that like that shit are men. Sage for off topic.

No. 1283283

GC Twitter is pretty big. Never heard of this person until yesterday. I just thought it was a funny take. Sometimes I wish we had a thread for GC drama.

No. 1283285

Even with the weird posing from the side and (mostly) hiding his huge hands and forearms, dude looks male. Sorry, but a 6’ giant male can never be considered cute. He is obviously trying for the cute girl look but fails miserably due to his biology. He should’ve gone for the body builder lesbian kek

No. 1283295

File: 1627118407964.jpeg (286.36 KB, 1274x2048, 65F432E7-C8F6-4DBE-ABCC-916232…)

Blizzard's lead game systems designer.
He hasn't commented much on the recent blizzard sexual harassment / discrimination against women fiasco.
What has he said, you ask?
> when people blame men as a group for this i feel attacked because I know at my core that I am a male, but actually, this is just ~*social dysphoria*~, and if you feel this way too, you might just be trans!!!

No. 1283297

File: 1627118494514.png (829.98 KB, 2179x1218, crime scene cleaner.png)

No. 1283300

File: 1627118786664.jpeg (347.48 KB, 1125x977, 9A83FA53-88FE-4AB3-A1AE-0A8773…)

Crossposting from ftm thread >>1283293 because blizzard came up over there.
Twitter link https://mobile.twitter.com/hamletej?lang=en

No. 1283303

sage for non milk but was anyone else skeeved ou by how inappropriate the tranny storyline in euphoria was considering the show's target audience is young teens? not that the rest of the show was any better but a high schooler meeting up with old men off grindr for one night stands was really creepy(Derailing )

No. 1283304

seconding, i would love to have a thread about GC twitter. there's always milk when they clash with Radfem twitter.

No. 1283306

We tried that. Anons were getting personally offended and the milk was non-existent.

No. 1283310

That is seriously fucking grim, the poor girl.

But tbh, isn't suicide the most obvious consequence of SRS? Remove a coomer's genitals, the source of his AGP fetish, and wtf is left except regret and a lifetime of medical care for an unnecessary festering wound. Any doctor who does that surgery should lose their license, it's a recipe for absolute disaster.

No. 1283312

>Do you hate it when women talk about the oppression they face under men? Does it make you feel shame and guilt?
>Fear not! Those feelings aren't reasonable and responsible, you're probably just a woman with no social responsibility to other women!
How does one turn out this retarded?

No. 1283326

Come on now anonette, have some critical thinking skills. This is clearly pure fabrication by someone. No need to come up with this type of weird lies. None of it makes sense and is so over dramatical. Be critical of the things you read even if you like the story it paints.

No. 1283327

>You can escape accountability as a male and do what you want if you simply deny that you are the oppressor, cut off the pp, and be oppressed by cis women

No. 1283335

Absolutely not. The doctors are based and should keep doing it

No. 1283339

If it's the only way to effectively halt their delusion, so be it. I support SRS for those deviants

No. 1283342

This. Orchiectomy should be a routine procedure. It solves misbehaviour in animals, its application in men is just as effective.

No. 1283349

File: 1627129077061.jpg (37.24 KB, 306x468, prisontroon.jpg)

Any man who wants to id as a woman should have his schlong cut off asap. Otherwise things like this happens: Male sex offenders gets to continue to sex offend in female prisons.

No. 1283352

Wasn't this even the requirement in tons of countries that allowed transitioning? When did it change?

No. 1283362

>true and honest vagina
>41% username
Could be a troll post or could be real if she was already GC because of her father.
put that shit under spoiler

No. 1283381

even if this person lives in portland I call fucking bullshit that they could possibly be cleaning up after tranny suicides every single week, there just aren't enough of them in any one location for someone to encounter this
ah yes…. very credible sounding

No. 1283383

Wasn’t one of the characters an underage cam girl, and this was framed as her “reclaiming her sexuality” and as empowering? Just ‘grown men writing teen shows’ thing.

It is in Japan. You have to be sterile and if you have children they have to be over the age of 20 before you can change your gender.

No. 1283396

I read it and thought it was an LC poster immediately based off of the language kek

No. 1283402

This is a tranny trolling.

So if you’re an Aiden feeling angry at being grouped by women when they say they hate men, do you come full circle?

No. 1283415

moe is mostly aimed at Japanese coomers fyi, it's not for women; but you're not a Japanese studies major so you wouldn't know that I guess

No. 1283418

Yes check the ftm thread. One of them did exactly what you’re saying.

Can you guys just chill w the OT infighting?

No. 1283419

>Fighting transphobes by moonlight, DUI by daylight. always running from a red light. He's the one they call Sailor Troon!
oh my god KEK

No. 1283445

Men being able to open jars more easily comes from them having larger hands and thicker skin, and thus greater grip strength. Troons are barely one step above clinically braindead.

No. 1283461

games always suck when they let fetishists lead

No. 1283469

Wtf I love Japan now. I hope they will never bend to pressure and change these laws, they are imho the best thing to do if one wants to transition, the fact that children are prioritized is amazing.

No. 1283489

Lmao my husband and I met doing that mess of a job, the on-call shit sucked. It's an absolute shit job but you can't really tell the person was a tranny unless they have flags and shit all over the house. Half of that story is true, the rest is nonsense - and if it's actually true; This person worked for one of those fly-by night bioclean up companies that are constantly losing their certification for doing things they're not supposed to do.

>Throwing the whole room in the incinerator.

Unless the troon exploded, it's usually the carpet that gets incinerated. Property, that's not taken as evidence is left for the family and fucking with it is actually crime.

>Finding CP in a dresser

Unless there was splatter dripping in the dresser. You're not allowed to open anything that doesn't pertain to sanitizing the area. ie, blood goes under a dresser, you're allowed to move the dresser. If you're searching their home, you're committing a crime.

No. 1283500

I think that troonsbian who harassed the lesbian bar in Tokyo(Goldfinger?) is trying to get the rules changed. He has his sex listed as "female" on his US documents, but in Japan is legally married to a Japanese woman and has three sons <20 years old.

No. 1283518

File: 1627148033741.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.13 KB, 505x1023, E7EPcNYWUAE1Huw.jpg)

No. 1283547

>but you're not a Japanese studies major so you wouldn't know that I guess
>sperging out about anime
~Not like the other weebs~

Kek. Thank you, anon

No. 1283566

Sage for OT but opening jars isn't difficult. You just have to turn the lid, the air seal at the top breaks and they click open. If it's an old jar that has been sitting around for a long time and is harder to open you just slide a dinner knife into the side of the lid and the seal breaks. I don't know where this 'women have difficulty opening jars' comes from. I'm a woman with physical health problems who is weaker than most women and I open my own jars. I'm in Europe, are jars sealed differently in the USA or something?

No. 1283580

transpeople be like, oh i know i'm meant to be a woman because I feel like a real woman.
well, joe, no woman i know would ever show her tits off to a giant crowd on a public street unless she was stinking drunk on mardi gras, what's your excuse? oh right, you don't need one because if anyone questions your actions then you can call them a TERF and end the argument before you have to ever explain anything about what 'feeling like a women' after being born & living 30+ years as a man means to you.

No. 1283598

It's a literal criminal bragging about doing crimes and flashing his manboobs, why hasn't every single libfem peaked yet?

No. 1283611

>no woman i know would ever show her tits off to a giant crowd on a public street
guess you don't know any libfems… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5mku6s7vOI

No. 1283615

No. 1283624

never said I wasn't like the other weebs; I'm just not in denial that moe art is pedo bait and it's popular with troons because of that

No. 1283627

Whats the difference between gc and radfem?

No. 1283634

There was a test case this year brought by a tif but the japanese supreme court ruled the law is not unconstitutional.

As as I searching this just now I read that japanese courts also ruled this year that a tim who hasn’t had surgery and hasn’t legally changed their gender (you need to get surgery to change your gender) can legally be banned from using the women’s toilets.

No. 1283643

Why you felt the need just now to explain how to open jars, I’ll never know.

No. 1283644

goes to show how far they are from the real "being a woman" experience… even little girls get mad when people imply they can't help bc they're weaker

No. 1283647

You can be GC without being radfem, but not the other way round

No. 1283649

Totally OT, but Oklahoma isn't that fucking bad. Like seriously, it really isn't.

No. 1283658

Yeah but libfems are trying to say that women don't get raped because of how they dress. That weirdo is just trying to get off and still looking like your dad at the beach.

No. 1283662

I’ve seen non gc radfems, they are all on tiktok for some reason

No. 1283683

File: 1627167191348.jpg (8.45 KB, 249x243, 1403054231598.jpg)

>Open the pickle jar, male

No. 1283695

No anon. They are just fetishitic idiots.

I believe you. I live in one of the most conservative states in the US and they’re still gaining traction even here. They are just doomers.

No. 1283699

What you're probably thinking of is SoL stuff. Moe is just a term to refer to something cute and charming. あたしンち is a very overtly moe charming long running animation in Japan, it's not really something that can be sexualised like that. Example is, your granddad being shy to say he loves his grandchildren as he's a very reserved man. Something like that would be "moe". As I mentioned before, something can be moe and liked by coomers, but not all things perceived as moe are made for men like that. This could be shit-posting as well, but more info never hurt anyone. Regardless I'll drop it here. Take care anon.

No. 1283724

Hi Anna, stop self-posting and go back to harassing gender non-conforming teenage girls on Twitter thx("hi cow")

No. 1283744

File: 1627176385480.jpg (866.29 KB, 810x2619, Screenshot_20210724-212046_Boo…)

Comments are gold. TIMs claiming to experience periods, showing no empathy, transplaining female biology:

No. 1283745

If you look at the format of the screenshot directly above, you'll see it's not her self-posting. I have no clue who this Anna woman is. I just found her tweet funny.

No. 1283748

I want to feel sympathy for women who are dating or married to troons, I really do, but at some point they just need to start sticking up for themselves.

Your recently trooned out boyfriend is making light of your female-only disease and pretending to have it to so he can satisfy his sick fetish? Just tell him to fuck off. Or dump him without explanation, ghost him if you must. Just do something other than grovel at his feet like this.

No. 1283797

a lot of young (like teen) RFs want to claim the label without having to admit that RF as an ideology is female exclusive. they don't want to be called out as evil terves so they just say they're RFs but not terfs lol

No. 1283800

I hate how they claimed that they don't need uterus or vagina to be woman but also try to claim that they experienced periods.

No. 1283808

File: 1627186831982.jpeg (238.43 KB, 3072x2241, wRemDRT.jpeg)

If throwaway pedophilic pop culture constitutes as "Japanese study major" then damn.

No need to gatekeep being a weab at an academic level.

Pedo shit has existed for years especially in Japan. So why are men only now pushing to normalize such a toxic culture?

I've noticed 4chan lingo has been making the rounds too for the last 6-7 years incel, chad, stacy, karens, red pill/blue pill shit, simp etc.

Even shitty Twitch lingo seeps its way into the mainstream thesedays. And now tranny lingo like femboy. Why are people so ready to embrace extremist concepts from a strange green imageboard? Even normies embrace this shit now.

No. 1283843

Twitter and youtubers make 4chan lingo popular

Hence why people are also aware of troon lingo on 4chan too

No. 1283847

Kek anon

No. 1283851

File: 1627194844940.jpg (190.33 KB, 1025x795, Revenge-of-the-Nerds.jpg)

>4chan lingo
Nonnie, i don't know what to tell you. it just seems like you have an intense chip on your shoulder.

No. 1283860

How is the format of the screenshot a proof? Did you found her tweet first before the reddit post or the other way around?

No. 1283863

She was a girl who was overweight and felt bad about it so she would hide under her baggy clothes, and her story is that she started dressing in BDSM gear publically to be alt and became and underage camgirl, and prostitutes herself at one point, in an attempt to validate herself as an attractive sexual being. It's not a nice story

No. 1283867

They don’t understand what radical feminism is, then. It is inherently critical of gender and completely incompatible with the concept of opting into or out of your sex class. A rf can empathise with trans-identifying individuals but not trans ideology as a whole. You might as well claim to be a Marxist in favour of serfdom.
I have to wonder how those girls get on, though, because even acknowledging that sex-based oppression exists is transphobic tervery nowadays.

Periods are all about being emotional and craving chocolate, anon! No uterus necessary.

No. 1283868

Yes, and also known for making a "kill Jk Rowling" sign at a troon demo.

No. 1283870

I have symptoms that relate to covid and breast cancer if I google hard enough, doesn't mean I have either of them.

No. 1283871

> served 30 years of a life sentence

Ooof, this one has killed

No. 1283878

The story is full of plot holes, it’s definitely a LARP. They wouldn’t be completely burning the dead’s possessions either, it usually ends up in a dumpsite.
Chad, karen and simp are not 4chan references or lingo, ESLchan. Weeb is though.

No. 1283881

>poking fun at obnoxious tifs is harassment
ok aiden

kek don't bother trying to argue with them. they're a schizo who derails threads by accusing everyone of being slatz. they accused me of it too.

No. 1283899

File: 1627209102872.png (1.6 MB, 1898x1002, thathappened.png)

and then everyone clapped

No. 1283904

No, they whistled because it was dark and when they realised you were a man they scrunched their face in disgust and left, and now you make this tweet to cope because online is your reality

No. 1283908

File: 1627210316220.png (57.86 KB, 822x408, wholesome.png)

Porn addicted men sharing their fetish and buttfucking each other, such a hekkin wholesome redditorino moment!!

No. 1283910

File: 1627210356270.png (219.79 KB, 476x501, kjh064104.png)

a beautiful and erotic coomeric series about actual women making troons feel valid

No. 1283913

Makes sense, gay men always had the easiest time hooking up with each other

No. 1283914

I mean we all know the terms aren't accurate depictions of real-life I don't know what your point is.
I don't give 2 shits about red pill bull shit this ain't r9k and any retard that takes terms like chad/stacy/red pill serious are fucking morons.

My problem is with the normalization of 4chan lingo, where it seeps into the mainstream than you have normalized degenerate behavior leading to concepts like femboys and multitudes of tranny shit.

Chad and Stacy are absolutely 4chan memes. Has it been so long that zoomers don't even know the origin of the toxic culture that permeates their lives? karen and simp I'm not sure about but am willing to bet would be heavily adopted by the community. I'd tread carefully discussing the origin of some of these terms since even if they didn't originate from 4chan, they likely would've been popularized by 4chan screencaps.

No. 1283916

Tranny and femboy shit is spreading so much because of pornography, not because of 4chan lingo. Normies who use twitter will sooner or later be exposed to this stuff because you can't click a single anime avatar profile without the first post being their butthole with a link to their onlyfans.

No. 1283919

Karen is more of redditspeak and I think it's mainly from twitter. You can call women any slur on 4chan, so they don't need to use euphemisms like Karen to insult them

No. 1283929

nta but the Karen meme existed way before 2019, it was used mostly by women (so on tumblr insta etc) to indicate a normie, often older woman. That "we can't call be neurotypical, karen" cake for example. Then reddit found it and it was funny for 2 days before they proceeded to beat it to death and repeatedly rape its dead body like few other memes before it
/meme history sperg

No. 1283940

File: 1627216429575.png (4.81 MB, 1280x1707, 4CD95B20-4DC0-47D2-AB58-2A545F…)

Imagine trying to enjoy your afternoon at a public park and seeing this shit.

No. 1283944

God who allowed it to go outside.

No. 1283956

File: 1627220154643.jpeg (545.13 KB, 828x1008, ACF6CC80-2588-4190-BAC3-682BDB…)

Could have done without the knowledge that Patrick Swayzee was on the verge of trooning before he passed away

No. 1283962

Please tell me this is a joke.

No. 1283963

Karen and Becky are used by black people to talk about entitled white women who throw a shit fit when they don't get what they want. Never came from twitter.

No. 1283965

He looks like he's wearing a window curtain as a shawl.

No. 1283966

Lol anon this pic is from 1995 and probably had something to do with Too Wong Foo. Stop being a retard.

No. 1283972

File: 1627222466548.jpg (206.06 KB, 1200x1200, 3360.jpg)

I know right? Same thing with Robin Williams. She could have been saved.

(srsly tho you are a tard)

No. 1283975

Gay with extra steps, gay for people who being gay isn't special enough for
>what if gay but we call ourselves lesbians?

No. 1283985

even if you believe in all the genderspecial ideas, shoving your dick into every public space is predatory gross male behavior

No. 1283986

Karen comes from reddit you mong.

No. 1283992

>giant bow that even a little girl would find too immature to wear at the edge of his receding hairline
>awful makeup and earrings
>trans power mask which does nothing to obfuscate his massive man jaw
>cheap Hot Topid choker
>ill-fitting pleated skirt that emphasizes his straight male hips bizarrely paired with white fishnets
>shirt about muh dick, of course
>un-ironed cape that looks like it was made out of a pillowcase
KEK this dude is such a stereotype that I can only assume the he was brought into this realm by a demon who plucked him straight out of a TERF fever dream

No. 1283993

"karen" was popularized on reddit in the past few years (unfortunately) but it was used by women in a similar context long before that

No. 1284001

Despite being only 13% of the yellow-striped bugs population, wasps make up 50% cases of stings(nice try)

No. 1284034

No it doesn’t. It comes from Black Twitter. It was meant to describe a specific kind of prejudiced white woman who weaponizes law enforcement against people, for example calling the police on a black family having a birthday party at a park. It was then picked by reddit and facebook and merged with the “I want to speak to the manager” suburban mom stereotype and turned into a general insult to any woman who does literally anything.

No. 1284052

Shut the fuck up about word origin discourse and get back to milk or tranny roasting.

No. 1284084

File: 1627236338428.gif (9 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

every single person i've ever seen on discord that has "she/her please" in their name or bio has an anime girl avatar

No. 1284086

The young radfems on tiktok are teenage girls, they consistently make videos about the proliferation of porn and kink culture and how it grooms other young girls as well as sex work and male violence. Here’s the thing they are activists and deem certain topic important enough to speak on it despite constantly getting harassed by moids, the last thing they need is rabid troons hunting and them down and mass reporting their videos so they get banned from all the platforms they have built, plus being labeled terfs would taint their enough for message and it wont be able to reach the people they are trying to reach, so the ultimate trade off is to pretend to be a trans inclusive radfem. I feel the need to defend them because they are doing more than enough to, given the resources they have.

No. 1284174

File: 1627245684230.jpg (258.87 KB, 720x405, 20210725_213844.jpg)

Not surprised one bit.These men want to transition to avoid consequences. It annoys me most that these trannies may be apart of the female crime statistics.

No. 1284175

>she/her in name or bio
>deep voice or soundboard only
>ugly, but constantly gets compliments
>anime or furry icon
>self-described furry
>75% chance username contains a real woman's name
>Quickly singles out the only lesbian present and tries to become "besties"
>Zero interest in any of the other troons in the server
I've encountered five troons on discord in one smaller streamer's server who fit every single bullet point.

No. 1284192

>may be apart of the female crime statistics.
They are. Historians will look back and notice a huge spike in violent + sexual crime committed by "women" in this era.

No. 1284225

>zero interest in any of the other troons in the server

this should be evidence enough that no matter how much they scream-cry about being 'real women' and demanding to be treated by society as such, EVEN THEY can tell the difference and they DON'T treat other transwomen like 'real women', either, or else they would be totally satisfied by just entering into relationships with other 'transbians' within their own niche communities.

repost because I forgot to sage, brain is in fevermode today.

No. 1284230

I don’t trust any statistics anymore and it’s all because of troons.

No. 1284286

Might be of note that, despite all being TWAW transbians, and all being very attention-seeking/lonely, none of them even really interact with each other at all. They'll beg to hang out or play games with literally anyone else, and join any call with at least one person in it (especially if it's a woman), but none of them specifically ask to spend time with each other, respond to @all requests to game/spend time from each other, or join calls if it's just a tranny in there. They're more excited to spend time with women than they are men (including troons), but they're also more willing and eager to interact with "cis" men than each other, despite sharing a lot of interests with their fellow troons. Even in big calls where more than one shows up, they barely talk to each other. Is it possible that, outside the (fairly rare) T4T types like Kevin Gibes, TIMs think of each other as lesser than men and women, and all the "trans girls are hot/just like cis women" and "not dating transwomen when you're a lesbian is transphobic" shit is just lipservice, even when other trannies say it?

No. 1284309

Because they register eachother as male

No. 1284332

I remember this dude went to dance classes because he wanted to be surrounded by females, it will not be the first time in history some desperate guy does something like this.
This is why I don't buy any of the troons who are overtly masculine, a lot of them were super nerdy guys, le fedora tip meme dudes and they got no action in the mid 00's now it's more easy for them to creep on women with all this "she/her" thing.
Going back to those days there some terrible horror stories about sweaty fedora wearing fatsos in old cringe stories reddit communities.
The whole "now I'm the hot gf" meme, they believe it, they got nothing left.

No. 1284336

I do believe this, but that doesn't answer why they treat "cis" men better than they do other troons. It implies more than "they view each other as male". It implies they think of each other as less valuable than men.

No. 1284350

self-hatred. lol

No. 1284398

can i ask what a convicted AGP means in your pic?

No. 1284416

autogynephiliac, aka a man who has a fetish for dressing up and acting how he thinks a woman should act

No. 1284454

File: 1627278649025.png (39.8 KB, 731x281, adaaw3rggs.PNG)

'ate out' with a penis…. what

No. 1284455

>My sex drive is weird now.
You don't say!
>She made me feel like a woman.
What woman can't relate!

No. 1284459

File: 1627280314580.jpg (464.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210726-021520_Chr…)

23 going on 38, kek

No. 1284460

File: 1627281209769.jpeg (376.1 KB, 1242x1208, 9C5B143B-3361-4015-AAD7-22E4E9…)

wow he got so much attention because he totes looked like a woman uwu
>visually impaired

No. 1284461

File: 1627281582468.png (9.46 MB, 1242x2208, 75DD4FBE-69C7-4981-9798-11BE95…)

What a fugly creature…. This is how I imagine what every 4chan scrote looks like

No. 1284462

File: 1627281672364.jpg (697.18 KB, 810x2313, Screenshot_20210726-023624_Chr…)

He looks legit deranged.

No. 1284463

The gum disease is the scariest part of that pic.

No. 1284464

Looks about right.

No. 1284465

>random desperate probably homeless person yells across the street asking for a cigarette
this is not some situation where you’re getting attention, uggo. it’s a gas station.
the person also wanting some of their salami just made me kek for some reason. such a sexy food. literally sounds like a random homeless person outside the store

No. 1284469

File: 1627282709455.jpg (269.69 KB, 1200x829, Salami_aka.jpg)

Petition to call their rotten cock pockets salamis.

No. 1284484

Ayrt. I'll clarify, they register eachother as male but they also register that they're the same dirty validation seeking cockwhores. Troons don't want to hang out with people who make them self reflect. They don't want to hang around a dirty pedo sex offender with rot pockets, they want a cis man to take away from that reality and they want real women because we're their dream

No. 1284489

File: 1627286695144.jpg (552.68 KB, 810x2596, Screenshot_20210726-033305_Chr…)

Searching autogynephilia on Twitter always yields instant milk:
>Autogynephile and AGP are slurs… and sexual harassment.

No. 1284491

File: 1627286833926.jpg (531.16 KB, 810x2315, Screenshot_20210726-035049_Chr…)

>Right before my egg cracked I was in a dark and suicidal place and it was because of Ray Blanchard, full stop.
>Ray Blanchard nearly killed a lot of us.
>Absolutely. Blanchardian typology is fundamentally transmisogynist.

No. 1284492

So glass wearers are just writing shit like "visually impaired" in their bio? Okay, I am "scrote intolerant"

No. 1284494

Imagine being suicidal because of scientists practicing what you believe to be phony science. Blanchard is right, but if they don't believe this, they're too weak to live. Women deal with sexist science all the time, stuff that's actually untrue, and we just roll our eyes and prove otherwise, when needed. I assume black people did the same with racist science. Bigoted pseudoscience is more often the result of bias than the cause of it, so if one is really oppressed/marginalized, they'd be focused on the root of the problem, rather than the leaves. Also, bigoted science is also, you know, fairly easily debunked. I've seen endless research disproving sexist and racist pseudoscience, but all the trannies can find is their own tweets saying "lol no".
You know what I've learned causes people with mental disorders to consider suicide the fastest? Stating the hard truths of their conditions, without any fluff.

No. 1284496

Anyone crossing the street to talk to this guy probably just thinks they can get some drugs off him based on his appearance, probably disappointing to find it's just an albino male covered in baking flour

No. 1284499

Seeing other trannies as men forcefully reminds them of their own maleness and they can't stand it. Like looking into a very unflattering yet accurate mirror.

No. 1284511

File: 1627290887712.jpg (508.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210726-045820_Chr…)

So the reason why TIMs have their panties in a bunch even moreso than usual about AGP is that a group of TIFs, which included Buck Angel, recently published a modest critique of current transgender politics titled "Trans Men Fight Back." The essay embraces Blanchard's typology and rightfully places most of the blame for modern trans activism at the feet of AGP TIMs. This group of TIFs is associated with the Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada (GDAC).

No. 1284512

File: 1627290938217.jpg (525.92 KB, 810x2437, Screenshot_20210726-044807_Chr…)


No. 1284518

They're calling the group "old white men", as a way to pretend they're ignorant, privileged boomers. The reality is TIFs face more oppression than TIMs, and TIMs face no oppression, unless they're HSTS. They're just mad because they can't cover for their cognitive dissonance, knowing they're heterosexual white men who bully women, and those TIFs are women (often lesbians) who are marginalized and speaking some level of truth.

No. 1284545

>Buck Angel
>Focus on dismissal of AGP men
>The possibility that CP vs PT drama sparked TRA instability
>Most AGPs are either trancels or blame their depression on dissatisfaction with women on some level
>The people fighting them this time are old guard giga pooners
>Once more the incels are mad at GNC and/or older women
>White men, some of whom are old, referring to middle aged pooners as "old white men", in hopes of gaining control of the narrative
I hope this gains traction, it's so milky. Really, I just hope more people get the chance to mention Buck Angel, since she's a female tranny who passes and does "gay" (male with pooner) porn, while being in mostly lesbian relationships; She's exactly the kind of person handmaidens and TRAs have been conditioned to think highly of and listen to. It makes for a good test of whether they value their ego (keeping the same opinions, regardlessof logical inconsistency), or actually following their ideology to its logical conclusion (listening to the ultra troon) more.

No. 1284556

File: 1627295440124.jpeg (102.09 KB, 770x1074, me.jpeg)

you whores would kill to have sex with me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284576

Tfw transmen give more fucks about women's safety than so-called "women".

No. 1284585

File: 1627297753700.png (104.02 KB, 1016x814, 1626565992744.png)

that's that karen fiasco all over again
it started from being used against 1 racist woman, to teens complaining about moms, to men using it to shut up any woman
troons saw people talking about male privilege, didn't like it, and start using the same card to shut up a demographic mostly consisting of teen girls
they're the exact same type of men who think being a (white) hetero men makes you the most oppressed because people dare to talk about misogyny and racism

not my pic but i feel like this went a bit lost in the last thread:
>within 4 years female-perpetrated child sexual abuse increased 84%
…and experts think this is because now there's suddenly less of a taboo to talk about being hurt by a woman…? literally how can you be so dumb, why would that suddenly happen???

people nitpick statistics so hard when it comes to race or religion but with gender based stuff they just love to close their eyes…

No. 1284595

File: 1627298871488.jpeg (646.24 KB, 828x1339, BA673ADD-6353-406E-8F35-6BD1C0…)

No. 1284597

Some anon posted HIV stats for TIMs a few months ago, and it said it's increasing but they didn't mention it had to do with an increase in troons, just that troons are more likely to be prostitutes. Either way, I think troons will surpass gay men in STDs and AIDS in 5 years time and I doubt troons are aware of preventative measures like PrEP and first signs of infection.

No. 1284601

File: 1627299515278.jpeg (59.81 KB, 750x231, DC44559C-FC1C-4B3E-9760-35D4F5…)

consider the following(namefag)

No. 1284602

Imagine being a freak, going out in public like a freak and then getting upset when people look at your freakish appearance.

No. 1284606

Thanks for the reminder that female skirts weren't designed for male bodies. The proportions of the skirt is off, not that you're wearing a size too small, it looks too small for your male body. Like an adult man wearing a t-shirt designed for an 10 year old. Just because it fits doesn't mean it looks right.
Try going for this look. At least we won't see your dick.

No. 1284607

Can't you see the red text in op? Don't respond to bait.

No. 1284611

File: 1627301605620.png (866.89 KB, 1063x893, kek.png)

His pathetic attempt at enlarging his non existent hips and thighs just on one side is milk worthy though.

No. 1284634

Wtf I love buck angel now

No. 1284637

Women attempt suicide at a much higher rate though

No. 1284638

How does he know she was cis REEEE

For anons wondering how to get better at clocking troons, this is my method: imagine the person with short hair, no makeup, and wearing a polo shirt. Idk why the polo shirt really clinches it for me but it does.
When you do that looking at a woman, it doesn't really click… but for "passing" (aka catfishing and facetuned) troons like this, it's so easy to see the male features jump out once you visualize them bare-faced and wigless.
You'll see the hidden incel inside 100% of the time.

No. 1284655

That's his natural hair, though no imagining required, check his videos on Twitter and it's 100% salty twink. If he was passing he wouldn't assume any pretty woman was cis, he gives away how much he edits his photos and is obviously male irl by that alone.

No. 1284656

And then everybody clapped

Excellent, how do we increase these numbers

No. 1284658

File: 1627309249323.jpeg (884.83 KB, 750x1334, A70E37C5-8A60-498D-AACF-9AB370…)

Found one in the wilds of Instagram.

This is a look that’s suppose to emphasize the curves of the hips and bust line for going out to brunch with the girls.

Did she purposefully style this troon to make him look like a man in dress as much as possible?? I am so baffled.

No. 1284659

They’re so easy to clock though, it’s not very difficult for anybody unless they have poor vision.

No. 1284662

Nonnie they both look like moids to me

No. 1284663

maybe she had a doubletake because she thought she recognised them? so quick to call her a cunt though.

No. 1284666

Why do they always lie? This isn't even a believable imaginary dunk on women. Nobody takes accidental selfies irl just say you're a jealous bitter moid with a broken pp and go

No. 1284667

As it turns out, it’s impossible to make a man in women’s clothing look like anything other than a man in women’s clothing.

No. 1284672

In GC circles I see people ask "how the hell are you clocking trans so quickly" and they usually sound pretty young. Like there are a lot of girls who were genuinely shocked the wacky waving inflatable tube man in the Gossip Girl reboot was trans.
I think teenagers in troon-heavy cities spent their formative years being told that Rupaul looks like a woman and Ellen Page looks like a man, so they're late catching up to the truth about sexual dimorphism.

No. 1284675

Having your wife lick the tip of your penis to make you “feel like a woman” #justgirlythings

No. 1284679

Even the most delusional pooner knows that she's still a woman and a target for male violence.
HSTS don't really face oppression either. The small amount of violence they face is either DV or a robbery/drug deal gone wrong. One of the inebriated straight men they rape by deception beating them up is even more rare.

No. 1284683

I'm certain that "Natalie" insisted on that outfit and the dumb libfem stylist didn't have the courage to suggest something else.

That ensemble absolutely looks like what a mentally ill man would think of as "feminine"- garish red lipstick, flowery pink strapless top, long skirt, strappy sandals. Being very stereotypical men, the average AGP troon has never looked into fashion and has no idea how to coordinate a basic man's outfit, let alone a woman's.

No. 1284705

>ascribing sexual motives to a person’s appearance
Coomers will have their dick out fapping to wearing women’s clothes and admit to wanting to fuck themselves in said clothes, then be like “i am being hyper sexualized” No one is imagining you are a coomer with a fetish, you keep telling us.

No. 1284716

Also their fetish is well documented all over the internet.

No. 1284718

File: 1627313907665.jpg (405.09 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_p3yaoqt5wI1v9aibho1_128…)

Kek that reminds me of some cow called DestinytoMoon who's a woman that claimed to be mtf trans. Kiwifarms was the one questioning her for the most part but there were also some TRAs questioning her 'transition' because she "passes too well".
Imo troons either read as obviously male or they look like plastic surgery addicted blow up dolls.

More women should try to pretend to be troons though, it'd be comedy gold seeing the mental gymnastics between "we're indistinguishable from cis women" and "you're not trans, you're cis!".

No. 1284720

Jesus the top is stretched to its limit. Must be hard finding clothing in women's sizes that fits well on males. The stylist should've picked out a maxi dress and called it a day.

No. 1284724

This is clearly a cis. But hey, if we can have transgender and transracial people, why can’t we have trans-transgender people too? These bigoted TRAs need to check their trans-passing privilege. Leave irl Kikomi-chan alone!

No. 1284725

File: 1627314583142.png (2.41 MB, 828x1718, troon in strawberry dress.png)

You're right. Yes, that's a TiF kissing him.

No. 1284729

File: 1627315160226.jpeg (155.23 KB, 960x983, 2F672654-CF06-4EB3-9EE4-59849F…)

You’re telling me this isn’t chuck clymer?

No. 1284740

Buck Angel seems like he's always been against the degenerate trannies which is why Contrapoints got cancelled for including him in one of his videos

No. 1284742

for real tho, using TRAs logic there is nothing wrong about a trans trans person.
it'd be like:
"b-but you're not a trans woman because your body and mind is female"
"umm actually some dicks are female and i want a female dick so that makes me a transwoman, stop oppressing me you evil bigoted transtransphobe"

but in reality we know the trans narcs would just use it to fuel their superiority complex over real women even more, after all men love to prove that they're "better" than women

No. 1284745

iirc His girlfriend was the dominatrix to a rich AGP transbian (none other than Larry Wachowski) who initially feminized the guy. He's seen their degeneracy first hand.

No. 1284749

Nothing more woke then buying a trendy cheap knock off made by underpaid workers because it cost less instead buying from the designer an immigrant woman with employing 100% female staff.

No. 1284751

File: 1627317747749.jpg (76.16 KB, 714x704, oh no no no no.jpg)

No. 1284754

Onna no ko literally means female child

No. 1284756

One of his eyes is looking at us and the other eye is looking at the woman who just wanted to go out for a while.

No. 1284760

Male competitiveness, but oriented at something they'll never actually be able to compete at which only fuels their resentment towards women. It probably doesn't help that libfems do nothing but blow smoke up their asses and coo over them, which even troons can tell is disingenuous.

No. 1284763

>"we are also much hotter"

No. 1284769

This same person tried to start a thread about themselves saying "lolcow, you know what to do" in /pt/. Jesus christ this is embarrassing

No. 1284772

No. 1284773

>we are so much hotter

No. 1284776

They want to be oppressed SO badly.

No. 1284777

I fucking hate that (I think) I know this but that's a tranny porn person's picture. Google Bailey Jay–he's 32 and married to a man
who is moser?

No. 1284778

Nonnie you absolutely got me with old guard giga pooners ty

No. 1284782

And there’ll be libfems in the comments like “omg so true”.

No. 1284786

Isnt that that "universally flattering dress"? Also, that bag with that dress and those shoes? Kek, someone needs to tell this ogre that just because they things are similar colour, it doesnt mean they are matching.

No. 1284788

Funny bc when women were saying that terf is a misogynistic and lesbophobic term to get women silenced about talking about erasure and sex based rights these troons were like “get over it, you’re not oppressed” but when they get rightfully called agps a term that has been documented as a paraphilia before these scrotes were even born, now it’s like oh "it’s a slur we're not creeps" or "we’re reclaiming agp" in a desperate attempt to mask their toxic and exhibitionist behaviors towards women and children, as if these men ever felt any shame to begin with. It’s all cope; they know the general public wants nothing to do with them and the more they popularize their degeneracy, the more society will see them as the sex pest they are and hopefully have these self id laws reigned in.

No. 1284790

How can you claim Buck Angel is an upstanding pooner standing against degenerate trannies when she literally made a living and got famous for doing porn as “the man with a pussy”? She’s just as degenerate as the rest of them…

No. 1284791

sage for tinfoil and noncontrib but dude legit looks albino, he could be visually impaired

No. 1284794

Humbly requesting that screenshot where some fat, balding late-middle age rapehon in ill fitting punk clothes was saying that troons usually look young for their age and some libfem said that he looked 27 at most kek

No. 1284798

>Gender-critical women, when you give props to Buck Angel or view her as an ally, remember the moment she sided with the country’s wealthiest, most powerful porn site against an exploited, 14-year old rape victim.

No. 1284809

Pure projection, no cis woman on earth feels any need to compete with people with hairy dicks and balls over who is “more feminine” kek. Troons insist they’re winning competitions with cis women who aren’t even thinking about them.

No. 1284811

>cis women
You don't have to use troon language here, nonnie. We're just women, not "cis women".

No. 1284823

For any aspiring babytroon who thinks that puberty blocking will cancel his maleness, I have another piece of bad news:


Male fetuses already consume more resources in utero because they are genetically programmed to grow bigger - to the point of reducing the mother's life expectancy compared to female fetuses. You are a man long before you start growing nutsack hair. You will never be able to compensate through that even if you're put on blockers and estrogen at age 4. Even the most luproned twinks like Kim Petras end up aging like weird tubby old men with giant ribcages and hands.

No. 1284856

File: 1627329292546.png (570.98 KB, 884x1244, cope.png)

When their misogyny gets pushback, they do this

No. 1284871

if this were a TERF they'd be tearing that selfie to shreds

No. 1284889

File: 1627332908472.jpg (391.28 KB, 1440x1440, areyoueventrying.jpg)

"Had a lady ask me to bite her tonight because I look so young for someone born in 94."

Yes, I am sure that definitely happened, Kevin

No. 1284894

File: 1627333415957.jpg (244.54 KB, 720x738, 20210726_221309.jpg)

Spotted on my Twitter today 1/2

No. 1284895

File: 1627333467142.jpg (158.37 KB, 818x1024, IMG_20210726_221249.jpg)

2/2 peep the jaw and the body hair on the lower abdomen

No. 1284896

is this just a drag queen?

No. 1284898

>omg you look sooo young for 26/27!!!
…does he hang out with 12-year-olds?

No. 1284901

his torso looks like his back with the spine in the middle

No. 1284902

He is a gnc gay man.

No. 1284905

The makeup is too good for a troon and he has the sense to wear a wig when tranny males think they can rock their thinning hair so duh. What I don't get is drag queens who go enby or trans but still do drag, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

No. 1284918

What? This is just homophobe-chan sperging about muh Jeffree Star knockoff boogeymen again. It's one thing to support the pornified bimbo look but it's an entirely different discussion from troons. As long as he doesn't claim to be a woman and gain access to female spaces or deny biology then he doesn't belong in this thread.

No. 1284928

He looks 40 years old, jesus I wish I had their delusions of grandiose…

No. 1284929

Looks like a James Charles type gay male. You sure it’s a she/her?

No. 1284930

>not that you're wearing a size too small
>this person

Holy shit newfags
I guarantee that line trap, who got famous on imageboards in 2007, is not still self posting and defending his troonery on lolcow in 2021. The internet was much meaner to degen exhibitionists 15 years ago then it is now.

No. 1284942

for some reason people think anyone over the age of 25 looks middle aged

No. 1284944

Of course he does, he's a troon. That "lady" is probably one of his many dumb child grooming victims on his private Discord channel.

No. 1284949

Saging for 'tism. I know it's fun to laugh at how ugly and clockable they all are but isn't that just putting down real women who happen to posses these features? I know real women don't really have to worry because we don't have to pass, we just are. But at the same time there are so many anons here trying to "clock" random people (some who happen to be real women) for having big hands, narrow hips, strong jawlines etc. Just felt like putting this out there that the real issue isn't wether or not they look like men or not but the fact that they're trying to act like their own crude imitation of a woman through a very male lens. Like this one here. He doesn't want to be a real human woman, he wants to be a sexified bratz doll. And even if he passed as female it would still be just as bad.

No. 1284950

File: 1627338513858.png (267.29 KB, 1663x678, brainlet troons.png)

I may be late on this but /lgbt is full of incel troons coping and larping between
> "i'm a straight cis man and I luuuuuv girl dick, I wish I had a trans gf not a cis one"
> "i'm a cis woman and i'm jealous of troons :("

No. 1284953

Lol if someone called me 'he' I don't think I would even give a shit. I know I'm a woman and I don't need outside validation. cope harder

No. 1284956

It's such a funny projection

No. 1284965

File: 1627339453031.png (349.82 KB, 2410x1063, trancels.png)

Samefagging. Posts are from the same thread
This is for all the handmaidens who think these men are genuine. They hate women.

No. 1284971

I couldn't even begin to unpack this if I tried, there's too much. Honestly fuck these incel pieces of shit, had to do that "We don't hate cis women, BUT…" shit too and blame them for not regarding you as one of them despite all the pointless emotional labor. Poor handmaidens trip over their feet trying to please their tranny master and this is what it all amounts to, the troon whining about the girlfriends still seeing him as a man. TRAs hatereading this thread, heed this warning - even if the world stopped turning tomorrow and suddenly everyone treated them as the "young woman living on easymode" they fantasize about being they would still remain unsatisfied. "Gender dysphoria" is always a symptom, never a root cause.

No. 1284975

>The majority of you are TERFs and that majority is why we can't trust you or see you as human for the most part
So he doesn't see women as human unless they're slavishly deferential towards him, just like other misogynistic men? How shocking.

I have no idea why so many women insist on playing mommy to these worthless scrotes. Just let them kill themselves like nature intended.

No. 1284981

You're falling for a tranny talking point, anon. Yes obviously some women are 6 feet tall, or have broad shoulders or square chins or whatever, but only a literally blind person or an autist couldn't tell the difference between a woman with a few ""masculine"" features vs. a literal y chromosome man.

No. 1284986

New game: any time a troon starts screeching about TERFs, swap out the word "TERF" with "Stacy" and see if their statement doesn't read like an incel manifesto.
During Facebook arguments (where my female face is in my profile) I've had trannies call me "femboy." I'm not sure if they're attempting to deliberately MiSgEnDeR me, or they think I'm a fellow troon who passes better and they're trying to knock me down a peg, or what. Either way idgaf what random internet strangers think of me, especially if they're trannies.

No. 1285005

in my opinion, if they want to put themselves in women’s spaces, they can be criticized for whatever is up for grabs, like real women face. obviously, i would hope most of us here wouldn’t cackle at real women with broad shoulders or strong jaws. but i feel like the moment they wanna take shots at us and take over our places, all bets are off as to what is okay to nitpick.

No. 1285009

They're obsessed with putting the shoe on the other foot but can never comprehend that we don't fucking care because womanhood is not an achievement but a fact of life for us.

No. 1285017

I personally love this kind of stuff. I would love it if some hulking tranny said things like this around me, so I could laugh like a bitch. I’ll always fucking laugh at these sad projections. They’re never upsetting because they’re just that absurd. They can spew any kind of fiction they want, you know even they don’t believe it.

No. 1285019

Does anyone remember Nig Heke, that twt account that posted an encyclopedic tome of troon horrorshows? His alt is going off the fucking rails

No. 1285020

No. 1285026

The second from the bottom is coping hard. I can understand the logic behind assuming that a low crime rate might be the result of underreporting, but it's obviously just an argument lifted from feminist discussions of rape.

We know about the disparity in reporting when it comes to rape because of medical surveys and such. However, data in other areas does not support there being a similar disparity when it comes to female criminals. For instance, women are way less likely to own guns, and the women who do own fewer of them on average. It seems logical that the demographic less likely to purchase weapons would also be less inclined to commit violent crimes.

The legal system is generally "softer" on (white) female criminals. It's probably the result of a combination of gender stereotypes and novelty. People deserve the same level of sentence for the same crime regardless of their gender– you're not going to hear me argue with that.

However trannies are reinforcing the same gender stereotypes that cause those inconsistencies in sentencing. You can't constantly sperg about how estrogen made you bad at math and opening jars, then turn around and get mad when women get lower sentences because they're perceived as weak. Men's misogynistic inclination to view women as frail buffoons has backfired on them. It's a great example of how misogyny is bad for society as a whole.

No. 1285033

File: 1627348793648.gif (1.66 KB, 532x140, image.gif)

>Statistics show

Cool story Alice, now would you cite these statistics and explain why on earth wouldn't women get charged with crimes? Let me guess, this is some incel conspiracy about how the gubmint is hiding a totally equal amount of female murderers and rapists, or are you defining not bringing you tendies as "cis female crimes"? A lobotomized take you can expect from a disgusting, bedicked trooner and his last ditch attempts at exerting his ever dwindling male dominance by playing wounded gazelle.

>We will retaliate to hypothetical danger from cis women

Do you retaliate to real danger from cis men? Don't answer that, we all know. Something tells me you'd seethe so much you'd twist your smegma encrusted pozpole in a pretzel if women said they'd retaliate to vastly more credible danger from moids like you.

No. 1285089

File: 1627353214652.jpg (593.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210726-220913_Chr…)

TIM asks if there are any other women who are aroused by their "feminine" crotch odor in a Facebook period group.

No. 1285094

Across the world, in all societies and during all times, women are less violent and criminal than men. Every large scale psychological study shows that men externalize and women internalize violence. The gap is evident, statistically predictable and fully observed in everything from the way the two genders process mental illness to the way they drive cars. You will never find a single example of women leading a violent conquest or genocide. A surplus of men in any given society is a reliable predictor of crime and war. No man, including the dishonest front pole you're quoting, would choose to leave his kid in a room of 20 men vs room of 20 women unless he doesn't care or actually wants the kid to get diddled. Trancels screech so they could go to women's prisons because they know which sex it is that's really gonna beat and rape them.

This fucking coping retard doesn't deserve any nuanced debunking about underreporting. The fact that women aren't as dangerous as men is one of a few entirely ironclad findings across different disciplines. This is as close as you can get to "indisputable fact" in science.

No. 1285095

No. 1285097

post caps, they were suspended.

No. 1285098

This is literally just a slightly more mentally stable Yaniv

No. 1285102

Women are more likely to attempt suicide than men, but are way, way less likely to die from it because women almost always try overdosing. Men typically use guns, which is almost guaranteed to kill you. The result is that more men than women die from suicide even though women are more likely to attempt it.

I imagine the same is probably the case for troons, both MTF and FTM. They probably attempt it a lot with cutting or overdoses, but they rarely die because only the particularly schizo ones use guns. Fun fact: the 41% figure is total nonsense for this reason. It was on unreliable online survey with a small sample size, and it was asking about attempts. 41% attempt suicide, but iirc the percentage of troons who actually die that way is similar to the average rate.

I'd be willing to bet that owning a gun makes you more likely to die from suicide than being a troon.

No. 1285106

Didn't it turn out that the 41% statistic also included any self-reported self-harm? I feel like I read somewhere on one of these threads that trannies claiming to have cut themselves counted to the number.

No. 1285109

File: 1627355645566.png (40.15 KB, 698x230, mosertheposer.png)

>who is moser?
Hack sexologist who published a laughable study showing that 93% of "cis" women are AGP too.

No. 1285111

File: 1627355936288.jpeg (88.09 KB, 782x583, gothjafar.jpeg)

Almost like you're doing more harm to yourself than good.

No. 1285120

File: 1627356981404.jpg (76.73 KB, 862x485, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

this is NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant, instantly made me think of Sarah McBride. wtf

No. 1285121

Damn, does Chief Health Officer not pay enough for dental?

No. 1285124

File: 1627357946886.jpg (812.49 KB, 1080x1878, 1883737828.jpg)

It's so easy to fall into a neverending circle of AGPs. Oh, this one has a 18+ account too. Surprise surprise.

No. 1285127

File: 1627358053083.jpg (111.73 KB, 1080x397, Ofcourse.jpg)

(sorry janny my fat fingers reported a post i was trying to delete), but same agp followed.

No. 1285130

No. 1285131

If there's someone compiling a list of red flags a man is going to troon out and possibly skinwalk you, "indie" synth/guitar players and guys into alt/goth fashion should be on there. I will admit that >>1285127 caught me off guard and made my stomach churn, though. Something about adult males skinwalking girls they knew in school is particularly vomit inducing to me.

No. 1285133

For now. Remember Yaniv was using these groups to find “friends” and sending them private messages as well. Won’t be surprised of these guys are doing the same.

No. 1285134

Samefag, but I should add that I meant to say "men who claim to like goth/alt fashion", which to them just means sloppily mixing elements of 80's pop fashion elements with 90's goth fashion elements in a sad attempt to emulate the aesthetics of women they coom to. It's not actual goth/alt fashion, nor is it fashion at all.

No. 1285135

amazing, thank you for the link & the sense anon

No. 1285136

File: 1627360085150.png (1.59 MB, 1185x1215, tr00ntown.png)

Lmfao. I know a troon that did this to a girl I know. We used to be friends. Now look at him, picrel

He thinks he look great, though, he posts this shit every day! The delusions are fucking STRONG

No. 1285141

I know this isn't him, but this dumpster creature must be drinking the same sauce as NyxFears.

No. 1285159

That guy is 1 strong jawline away from being the transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show

No. 1285163

>Cool story Alice
ily kek

No. 1285167

I've been gone from these threads for about a week and looks like there is a new word that's appearing constantly. Wtf is nonnie?

No. 1285171

ty so much. as a lesbian, and as someone who's known lesbians for years, never have I ever been attracted in any way-sexually or otherwise-to my own body (and I think I'm hot in general)

No. 1285173

saging≠integrating, newfag

No. 1285179

another way to say 'anon', was more common in other boards before

No. 1285180

File: 1627368247907.jpeg (389.56 KB, 1284x1197, C3EDAE74-24F5-4755-B5C5-166116…)

Aight. This is his alt which lots of troon haters followed. He had a horror show of archives of troon degeneracy, was a known Hare Krishna, got banned, and supposedly created this acct. It quickly dissolved into unhinged MRA nuttiness.

No. 1285181

File: 1627368629393.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1711, 419226DD-193E-4741-BED4-D0014B…)

Lots of TERFS followed him and he was a revered in that cringe circle. Supported by everyone and his archive “A thread of my threads” was pinned on his alt, until he went scorched earth and started tweeting homophobic and racist shit

No. 1285183

File: 1627368808604.jpeg (773.61 KB, 1284x1275, 342AC084-0206-4BFC-AF44-5C2717…)

Rads are sus that he’s a troll or this is a fake alt, anything related to troons has been deleted which is weird because his old threads were so laborious and well researched.. tbh it just looks like he’s smoking bath salts

No. 1285186

File: 1627369271345.jpg (88.65 KB, 749x1072, fionne.jpg)

Can you believe that this man asked feminist to fund his plastic surgery so he could look more uwu feminine and some of them actually donated?! Real feminism = against pointless beauty surgery.
This guy actually calls himself male but is obsessed with being like some pretty girl fairy. His twitter, now deleted was full of fairy tale stuff. There must be some sort of agp going on, otherwise he would just go for the androgynous boy elf image.

No. 1285187

File: 1627369307554.png (423.47 KB, 1176x816, MrFionne.png)

No. 1285189

btw literally nothing from stopping some of you more morally corrupt nonnies from claiming to be trans for funds and then dipping

No. 1285190

eh I don't mind Fionne even if I don't agree with this personally. He's not really milky imo

No. 1285194

Thank you! ♥

No. 1285195

Pretending to be a GC male and then leeching money from GC women to feminize himself is milky.
I remember visiting his past twitter and he seemed mentally unhinged then too, talking about demons. Maybe he went full schizo now.

No. 1285196

He was publicly religious which lends credence to troon hate but this is next level

No. 1285197


The “good” troons will assimilate to GC circles and publicly denounce TRA bullshit but it’s all just meh looking to get their edge over on women. Fuck fionne and the rest of them

No. 1285199

File: 1627372238989.jpg (307.17 KB, 1600x1200, E6vaonqWQAAU288.jpg)

It's just like those "good feminist men" who say one thing and do another, taking advantage of women.
Everyone needs to see that those troons sucking up to gc feminists are only doing it because it benefits them in some way. Like for example they might be allowed in feminist spaces and women's gatherings and in this case, access to women's money. Men taking advantage of women as usual.

Here is agp troon Debbie Hayton with a fetish for others seeing him in women's clothing…hanging out and being welcome at a GC feminist demo.

No. 1285200

File: 1627372516844.jpg (628.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210727-034620_Boo…)

He sounds like a textbook transvestite struggling with identity issues. Which means express path to medical and social transition during these insane times.

No. 1285202

Well, upthread we've seen multiple examples of troons outright saying that they don't mind legitimate male bigots calling for them to be put against the wall but for some weird reason female terfs piss them off. It's anyone's guess why!

Yes. The 41% statistic included all acts of self-harm and iirc self-destructive thoughts as well. It also didn't take into account the patients' comorbid mental problems that correlate with higher suicide rate.

No. 1285203

yeah in case you nonas were wondering it was sarcasm, but at least the tifs are saying something

No. 1285208

File: 1627373658818.jpg (865.61 KB, 810x2432, Screenshot_20210727-040701_Boo…)

MtF adjacent. He identifies as "asexual/nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid."

No. 1285214

Women do everything better, including trooning out.

No. 1285228

>for millenia men raped and murdered across the globe but most women still don't hate them and most "good" men don't even think about supporting women by standing up against fellow men
>"cis females, if you you want us to see you as human, you have to do something about the TERF problem first!"

No. 1285234

Thumb in a dress

No. 1285240

At least he is self aware.

No. 1285241

Refusing to see women as human unless they stop fighting misogyny and instead play handmaidens to male issues. #JustMoidThings

No. 1285262

>cis females, if you you want us to see you as human, you have to bow down and grovel at our feet as we erode your human rights, deny your existence and impose a nonsensical fake reality on society with severe consequences for anyone who doesn't toe the line
They could not BE anymore typically male

No. 1285263

File: 1627385448580.png (637.22 KB, 793x578, 1434cb65f7f5155f4f586701f78d88…)

too perfectly titled to ignore

No. 1285268

This doesn't even make me angry, it's good to see all my suspicions about these men confirmed.
Never gonna be a handmaiden again, and I'm glad all the dumb libfems I know who defend trannies on the daily will get their wake up call just by these scrotes being their toxic, male-brained selves. No need for "TERF propaganda", they naturally do a great job of peaking everyone.

No. 1285279

>can't even pleasure women who are attracted to men most of the time
>tries to go for lesbians anyways
Unfounded male confidence really is something else.

No. 1285281

sadly the agp thing is why so many are instantly crying that it's hate speech and going on about their THE STUDY WAS DISPROVEN for the millionth time

No. 1285282

File: 1627390557171.png (2.49 MB, 1296x2107, bf.png)

Post history is interesting. First ever post is a picture of him crossdressing, and in fact all of them are. He also left his wife and has a boyfriend now. The AGP got too much. Imagine having to take this photo for your husband so he can post on reddit for attention.

No. 1285294

>Gay men: we don't do pussy
>Also gay men: boy pussy, breed that tight hole

It's almost like a dildo isn't a dick and a bussy isn't a pussy.

>Dick never been touched by even a straight woman
>Clearly lesbians of all people would be smitten with it

Maleness and MTF troonacy should be considered a mental disability

No. 1285326

The "cis girl" probably just took him for Damiano from Maneskin.

No. 1285341

File: 1627398653268.jpeg (8.79 KB, 228x221, transtrollface.jpeg)

spitting image

No. 1285342

File: 1627398762183.jpg (92.97 KB, 1070x455, fathersday.jpg)

consider the following

No. 1285344

KEK, I don't blame her. Anyone would get a laugh out the 41% statistic if a bunch of deranged troons spent the past year haranguing them nonstop for saying that only women have a cervix.

No. 1285345

It's a newfag thing, just ignore it. It's redtexted for a reason

No. 1285348

I'm very wary and usually dismissive of male radfem orbiters or male GCs (which is better than being a RF orbiter and claiming to be a feminist) but I really like Kurtis.

No. 1285349

based anon

No. 1285356

Very based

No. 1285373

Also some of the scenarios provided in the study to prove AGP are scenarios that could be interpreted as being aroused by others - for example, being turned on while preparing to meet someone you planned to fuck, dressing up for a partner or being turned on by other people finding you attractive were considered AGP traits, completely ignoring that the thing turning you on might actually be the other person and not a fetish for yourself.

No. 1285375

Maybe 1894

No. 1285378

Eww that hairy chest

No. 1285391

File: 1627404822740.jpg (193.14 KB, 874x1554, Wildtrans.jpg)

Wild tranny showed up on my insta feed, clocked on sight despite the makeup efforts kek
He was talking about being a prostitute in the video as well

No. 1285392

Is the bf a tif? Kind of looks like one to me

No. 1285427

File: 1627409895182.png (9.6 KB, 606x101, m5m1fqclpfd71.png)

From a Ben Shapiro vid

No. 1285455

File: 1627412789208.jpg (45.38 KB, 680x476, 1627409058763.jpg)

No. 1285475

I recall seeing this posted on reddit, and even the scrotes there found it disgusting. I think the link was posted somewhere on Ovarit?

No. 1285482

File: 1627414622986.png (146.77 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20210727-163442~2.p…)

Cope harder

No. 1285489


Neither of those things makes a good shiv.

No. 1285500

Kek didn't even have to check what post this was replying to, my sides
Ily anon

No. 1285515

That's not an Adam's apple; it's a fucking orchard. Misogynistic prick.

No. 1285521

File: 1627418592811.jpg (595.88 KB, 1078x1507, SmartSelect_20210727-164254_Fa…)


No. 1285524

File: 1627419235754.jpg (70.26 KB, 660x659, Screenshot_20210727_225246.jpg)

Life imitates art

No. 1285525

File: 1627419274202.png (1.43 MB, 733x2920, gullable moids.png)

Jfc scrotes are gullible, they are so far up their delusion and live and die by the coom none of them notice the obvious and bad photoshop.

His first and only full body picture reddit, the rest are are selfies. I guess he edited it so much he realized he cant stay consistent kek

No. 1285527

Let me guess; his "deadname" is still his legal name and is used on his license/insurance, so Uber won't let him change it for legal reasons.

No. 1285529

Kek I’m fucking deceased

No. 1285534

File: 1627420084448.png (371.72 KB, 576x705, Screenshots_2021-07-27-14-06-4…)

The troon in question goes by Charlie… so not only does he look like a sir, he has a masculine sounding name anyway kek.

No. 1285542

Imagine not being born with two X chromosomes and a uterus. Couldn't be me.

Photo editing is all well and good, but what's his sir/ma'am ratio in real life?

No. 1285544

>in the first pic i was lifting heavy 4 days a weak
yeah no

No. 1285578

Look how potato quality the picture on the right is. You can actually see a little black smear where his original right (our left) shoulder was kek.

No. 1285579

File: 1627424713137.jpg (557.28 KB, 810x2455, Screenshot_20210727-182227_Chr…)

Lmao, keep dreaming mate.

No. 1285589

>"It's women's fault that men reject me"
Heterosexual men and lesbians love real pussy, and would reject you even if you were the only person on the planet with them. Cope and seethe. Dilate, even.

No. 1285599

>attention from strangers
Truly only a man could desire and remissness on such a thing. Tired.

No. 1285600

File: 1627426769904.png (375.38 KB, 1185x913, dating pf.png)

How did the moid not see this? My guess is that he had "no hook ups" on his profile, the moid realized he had to pay for the same amount of dates as with women so he backed out kek
Bisexual men who want the reputation of straight men fuck TIMs in the dark becasue they don't want to be seen out with them and won't introduce them to friends or family.

No. 1285601


No. 1285609

File: 1627427426406.png (1.45 MB, 1100x2030, cope.png)

>has a dick, balls and anus
>is shocked he gets treated like a cum dumpster just like gay men

No. 1285612

Men pumping and dumping because they're horny, cowardly, or both, is not the responsibility of the people around them, especially not the women.

No. 1285616

Men suddenly are so polite and well-mannered when they have to turn down another man.

No. 1285617

>Imagine calling yourself a feminist, and then in the next breath, saying being born with a vagina is the defining factor of your womanhood. Embarrassing.

Imagine calling yourself a woman and being born with a cock and balls.

No. 1285619

Imagine your defining feature of a woman being a poorly defined, innate "feeling". Embarrassing.

No. 1285629

I love how they assume it's only feminist (aka women) who think being a woman=being born a woman, because he just was like, "Hey I met a guy who doesn't care I was born a man!"
Proving that men DO CARE, because the scrotes he's going for probably are straight. So it's not just feminist who don't think women can have cock n balls, it's the men you chase too.
But I guess bisexual/gay/DL scrotes wanting to fuck them while screaming they are straight (or hiding them) makes them feel like ALL men are with it and believe they are women. It kills me, that troons think that are attracted to them 100% think they are women, then even when they see it's not true, they still come for women. The only time they come at scrotes is when a scrote doesn't want them or treats them like a cumdump, even then it's never with as much anger or hate as they do towards women.

No. 1285632

Opposed to the real features of women. Obnoxious entitled children

No. 1285640

The sad thing is that he has a lot of older and married w/ children chasers in his replies simping for his dick. The types that browse egg_irl and find MTF's enticing. Sammy is 28+ and he wants a straight man his age to date and marry but he cant compete with women of the same age. Men that age don't want to settle for a troon unless they already developed the tranny paraphilia and are planning on trooning out.

No. 1285657

File: 1627433785091.png (397.52 KB, 1700x2200, 00224490903050568 export-1.png)

This paper is a good summary of the sleazy men who chase trannnies.
>When we add to those who reported engaging in sex with a transwoman, those who indicated an interest in doing so, 21 (82%) of the combined group said their sexual preference was "real women," one (2%) said men, and the remaining four MSTW (men sexually interested in transwomen) (16%) reported an equal preference for either transwomen or women, or transwomen or men. No one chose transwomen as their sole first preference. For those who said they had a second preference, though, all of the MSTW said it was transwomen.
Sage for medfagging.

No. 1285658

the shoe is on the other foot. they fear the tranny and are trying to be nice and calm so the tranny doesn't freak out on them. that's how women typically reject men because we are afraid they might go psycho

No. 1285662

The second and fourth highlighted sections make me sick. It's disgusting to me to pick and choose body parts like this, as if the dating scene is some sort of meat market. The implication that a man's brain is superior in any way to a woman's doesn't help, either. I'd say this was a male issue, but women in OT have been writing their hyperspecific headcanons for the cock of some retarded anime boy, so I guess it's just busted human sexuality that manifests mostly in males.

No. 1285668

>The implication that a man's brain is superior in any way to a woman's doesn't help, either.
The "man's brain" part probably refers to their male-levels of horniness and sexual aggression. Even the most sexually adventurous women will take precautions that men won't.

No. 1285677

Is it comedy night? I love you guys.

No. 1285696

>your elbows are lined up with your belly button

giga kek at those short arms
moids are braindead

No. 1285743

I hate this cope, because if these men truly thought you were a woman and attractive, no matter WHAT they'd talk to you. These men don't. They know you are a man and know they'll be judged for being with a man pretending to be a woman, but saying they are straight.
It's basically scrotes telling them they aren't women and should wait until SOCIETY accepts them as women, then they will date them.
Why brag about this?

No. 1285744

File: 1627441438546.jpg (257.21 KB, 970x2048, E7IZBWeVIAINz7k.jpg)

>If you didn't wanna see a man's Penis, you shouldn't have come the "womans" Spa
fuck this clown world

No. 1285745

If I saw a tranny at a spa I would pepper spray them

No. 1285747

People should'nt even go to these troon hugboxes, they don't care. Everything is either fake or a lie, or does not matter when a troon is involved.
They can do no wrong, it's like talking to a wall. Kat also tried to accuse Jessica Yaniv of being fake trans. These troons do not care about women, only men and dick. They think we are their competition and haters, meanwhile they do everything they can to look and act like us, while fucking downlow men who either troon out or rather die then say they ever even know them.

No. 1285748

the TIM in that situation wasn't even attempting to pass, he was just a skinny Indian guy with long hair

No. 1285751

That might have been a TIM just taking the piss for the incident. I don't think the Wi Spa TIM has been identified yet. Not saying I believe it's a hoax. Of course it happened. I just wish we knew who it was.

No. 1285752

>police have dismissed this as a hoax
>appointment only
Why do they lie like this? The police said no such thing. It was a “source” that just happened to talk to some queer blog. And the Spa is NOT appointment only, only the extra services are which need to be booked in advance. There is no record of the man because they don’t keep any.

That wasn’t him. It was just an attention whore attempting waste people’s time so they wouldn’t be able to find the real person.

No. 1285757

Do you guys remember when Nikkietutorials came out, people were shocked (idk how..) and there was outrage from people assuming the fiance didn't know? I've wondered, do people actually think a surgeon can magically transform a dick into a believable vagina? And if they knew what the actual results were, would they still be in support or would there be a unanimous decision that this shit is fucking crazy

No. 1285764

>do people actually think a surgeon can magically transform a dick into a believable vagina?
Yes. TIMs make it a point to lament that their septic pockets are “just like the real thing!” and TIF’s skin-grafted sock balloon the same. A vast majority of transformer support comes from the belief that they are or could be indistinguishable from regular people if they transition.
>And if they knew what the actual results were, would they still be in support
No. They started to lose normie believers when they began stating that troons don’t need srs to complete their transition. It would likely be illegal for genderspecial kids if the gash wounds and detrans woes were common knowledge.

No. 1285771

What I find really gross is that he’s making it seem as the women are creeps for being nude in their own sex based spaces but those were female family members and friends. Not every female only space is just some adult film fantasy but it only proves how much porn has damaged these coomers minds and will unabashedly say stupid shit like this. Men with mentalities like his are why sex based spaces need to be exculsive and protected.

No. 1285773

File: 1627444789831.jpg (17 KB, 220x333, 220px-If_I_Did_It.jpg)

>"The Wi Spa incident didn't happen"
>"It's a hoax"
>"Real, actual police (not made up) said there's no proof of it having happened"
>"(acab btw)"
>"Also the spa is appointment only (citation needed)"
>"Video footage of multiple (at least two) women complaining, and the receptionist declaring that there is a transwoman in the women's spa? It must be staged!"
>"Also, if there was a tranny in there, which there wasn't, then there's no difference between seeing her (hypothetical) girldick and seeing other women's frontholes!"
>"(Don't say vagina about a cis woman's genitals, it triggers me)"
>"What? Penetration? Well…women have fingers, right?"
>"What? Rape statistics? W-women can be rapists, too!"
>Pic related (is the totally fake, hypothetical tranny)

No. 1285774

They all completely ignore that multiple women testified to it being a man, who purposefully sat down next to a child in one of the jacuzzis while having a semi that was apparently still growing as he ogled at women in the pool area.

No. 1285779

IIRC, that was a separate incident, and Wi Spa has multiple "tranny naked in front of little girls" stories. Mind you, it's not the spa's fault, because they're required by California state law to be "non-discriminatory", and a foreign business like "Korean spa" would likely not survive such a legal issue, especially if it's run by immigrants.

No. 1285781

File: 1627446122755.jpeg (Spoiler Image,792.97 KB, 2560x2370, EAC3D34B-976D-4B06-88E4-65D266…)

I think the guy did say he didn’t know or alluded to it.

Most people just take their word for it that neo holes look the same or are functionally close enough. Normies really don’t know about this stuff.

Pic related. Remember when they tell you “it’s basically the same” that these are their standards.

No. 1285787

ew,who would fuck that?

No. 1285788

>that was a separate incident
If it’s the WiSpa one happening right now then it’s the same guy, Cubanaangel (the woman from the first wispa video) gave another testimonial as to what happened a few weeks ago. When you add in the details provided by the women in the original video that’s what you get. The spa may not be able to do something regarding California state laws but the manager certainly handled it terribly. And it’s in LA, Korean style spas aren’t a big novelty. WiSpa is one of the most popular ones. I think they could handle indecent exposure without running into problems with immigration.

No. 1285795

No, there was a separate incident, months earlier. Seen here >>>/snow/1271758
Video attached, in case I fucked up crossposting (I'm on mobile).

No. 1285796

The scrote was even hella respectable about out declining, which is so rare. No one is aloud to have any type of preference lol

No. 1285797

A literal manhole

No. 1285805

Kat is an autogynephile, not HSTS like everyone assumes. Convince me otherwise. Not that it really matters at this point. A TIM is gonna TIM.

No. 1285824

>it’s a nude spaaaa
As a eurofag I saw a lot of nude people as a child, and guess what? They were all women. Old women, middle aged women, girls my age, pregnant women, fat women, skinny women, disabled women. And it was not traumatizing. Now if I saw a trooner moid, at any stage of their transition, bolt ons, no dick, dick and balls, wig/no wig, face surgery. It doesn’t matter that would definitely be traumatizing to see, and that’s without even considering typical moid behavior and deviancy, just the visual aspect of it is horrifying and disgusting.

No. 1285832

File: 1627455747600.png (11.08 KB, 636x71, n0KwGt9.png)

From a server I'm in, kek

No. 1285835

Yes, they do. I cannot tell you how many people legit think all troons walk around looking like the cast of Pose,that they all at least attempt to pass and have surgery. Or they think hormones legit made Nikita grow big fake tits, hips and an ass. Then you troons saying it as well, so it just becomes the case of, "Well everyone is telling me this so it must be true".
when you expose the fact, most have dicks, the surgery is not like the real thing, they don't all look that way and most are straight men, not gay men, then people start to side eye everything.
Just introduce them to "Girl Dick" twitter and "I'll take your man" HSTS instagram, they'll find out that not only do these men cope and seethe, but they also think they are better than us while doing it.

No. 1285837

File: 1627456746918.png (262.05 KB, 710x1024, nuke tranny.png)

I had that nuke California pic lying around so here's a lazy oc for when something tranny related happens in Cali, which is often.

No. 1285838

File: 1627456914244.jpg (594.68 KB, 1390x2602, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-ci92…)

Leftypol males bravely stand for the degeneracy of Troons over actual women

No. 1285867

I hate that tranny shit is embedded on every aspect of culture now. Even edgy 4channers, they're either trannies or tranny lovers/defenders. What the hell happened?? How did we go from "tranny shit is sjw and we hate it" to "tranny good, sjw still bad though, Trans women >>>>>>> real women" so quickly?

No. 1285872

tbf this is leftypol, a supposed "communist" board but it's mostly just chapo trap house listeners

No. 1285873


It makes perfect sense if you view it through the lens of epic trolling.

No. 1285878

File: 1627464904336.jpg (629.74 KB, 810x1801, Screenshot_20210728-053232_Boo…)

This sub almost feels like cheating.

No. 1285882

IIRC Kat Blaque also defended a TIM convicted of raping and murdering a little black girl and advocated for him to be put in women’s prison. A real winner, that one.

They caught on that trans ideology is inherently misogynistic and eroding women’s rights and if there’s anything that can unite men from any walk of life, it’s hating women.

No. 1285884

>my aura screamed girl
If anything it screams serial killer

No. 1285886

Probably scared the poor staff with that look lol

No. 1285888

>most women support transwomen
kek try pulling your "ladydick and cotton ceiling" shit in communist china (world's largest population) and see if you get supported or treated as a revolting degenerate, comrade.
in china you're not even allowed to legally transition if you're a transbian, only hsts, and you must cut your cock off.
the only place where transgenderism has massive support is in capitalist shitholes like the u.s, where it's sponsored by ultra rich pigs like soros.

No. 1285890

>IIRC Kat Blaque also defended a TIM convicted of raping and murdering a little black girl and advocated for him to be put in women’s prison. A real winner, that one.

I believe it, what video though ?

No. 1285901

File: 1627469065732.jpg (98.62 KB, 595x599, hege.jpg)

He says ghostjim108 isn't his account.

No. 1285903

>Even edgy 4channers
those are the people most likely to be trans, though. 4chan is an anime and porn site, both are things which often lead to transgenderism.
leftypol is plastered in images of anime catgirls (their mascots) so it's no surprise it's full of autogynephiles.
edgelord communities that aren't infected by porn and anime addicts still tend to be strongly pro terf (when they're not fantasizing about tradwives).
>666 upvotes on post calling radical feminists based
iirc the edgy owner of kiwifarms also set up an entire website for the sake of exposing yaniv by sharing a radical feminist's video on him(Post the images.)

No. 1285913

>Thanks for reaching out, Martin
fucking kek

No. 1285918

They're so mad that women don't like them, and so unwilling to change, that they're whiteknighting for troons. Are we going to have to start saying "he won't fuck you, either"?
Also kek at men trying to devalue women's opinions by insisting the women are actually men, or ugly.
>"Nooo, don't be a TERF, you're so sexy"

No. 1285936

They are the trannies, anonette. Incel to troon pipeline is real. Regarding why 4chan seems more lefty and troon accepting is becasue they became leftist the day they transitioned. Lots of troons are former alt-right and neo-nazis and say ContraPoints and other queer breadtubers made them leftist. There are some troons that are still right wing though but they still believe trans women are women (don't engage with them, they are worse misogynists than leftie trannies). We have already discussed gay fascism, the femboy-Alt-right connection in previous threads.

No. 1285945

>Not supporting troons means you support rigid gender norms
He has to be joking. How can a movement that states women=adult human female and man=adult human male be predicated on maintaining gender norms, but one that says women=being a lipstick licking bimbo isn't?

No. 1285946

Troonacy is a cope for unwanted failmales, which just so happen to be the vast majority of 4chan's userbase.

No. 1285951

Chapo has always attracted all the worst troons and chasers

No. 1285960

>between 2015 and 2019, reported child sexual abuse in England and Wales increased by 84%
>people nitpick statistics so hard when it comes to race or religion but with gender based stuff they just love to close their eyes…
>implying those statistics aren't also race and religion based
>what is the "migrant" crisis
Not gonna defend trannies, but you're delusional if you think that CSA in Europe is mainly the deeds of troons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285965

An extra thousand-odd trans "women" (we've seen what their mugshots usually look like, burly bald men with stubble) in 5 years easily could explain that increase. Just men hoping to go to Nice Jail with the women instead of with men, and with more potential victims.

No. 1285968

Samefag, note the screenshot says female perpetrated child abuse like women are migrating across the world specifically to do child abuse. Or maybe the resident perverts are declaring themselves female for an easier time. Which seems more likely to you, knowing that women are primarily not sex-driven yet men are.

No. 1285971

File: 1627479883441.png (1.08 MB, 1440x1544, 2015 you say.png)

>between 2015 and 2019

(Still samefag) Oh you mean the year this story about a trans woman successfuly evading male jail happened? I wonder if these stats could be related at all

No. 1285979

I’ve been seeing this lately. Terfs are simultaneously old married hags, but also pickme incels. Duality.

No. 1285991

You’re right anon. I’ve only seen AGPs talk like this. The ones who are HSTS said they would have never done that and were even angry at the flasher. So yeah this is really showing Kat who he really is.

No. 1286053

>Standing with ginger western AGPs who make 70k on average instead of half of the world's workers or even poor lumpenprole HSTS hookers

Daily reminder that males are biologically incapable of being socialists because they evolved for competition and violence as opposed to cooperation and dialogue. While everything in nature is inherently unequal, women are at least naturally prosocial and prone to sharing due to childrearing, while males are not.

Virtually anything a male thinks or does will always eventually default to "can I hoard enough resources or create a social monopoly to fuck out of my lane" unless he's some hypothetical hyper-inhibited, hyper-intelligent asexual. I used to hang out with leftypolyps back when I was a communist-leaning retard, and discussions like "we should turn pussy into a public utility" occurred on a daily basis.

No. 1286087

File: 1627494328319.jpeg (174.89 KB, 750x1164, 4B65E0BE-66A5-4153-A85D-C3C2DC…)

No. 1286101

This is the self-cannibalizing I’ve been waiting for. Now they need to decide that all notions of transness and transitioning are heralds of white supremacy and nazism so that they all finally drop it.

No. 1286110

File: 1627496231145.gif (3.47 KB, 56x56, 5A9ED533-960D-4506-A819-5778ED…)

No. 1286121

Ahahaha. I hope this is spread around on twitter/reddit so every white agp troon sees it.

No. 1286135

Wish he would've said "nonblack" instead of white, that would've really got the fire going.

No. 1286146

Kek this NEEDS to become a trend, I would love to see all the white AGPs comment on this. Imagine all those trancels try to hang on to their 23andMe tests telling they're 0.0001% cherokee to deny being white so they can keep their troon license.

No. 1286151

The poster specified "white tme", which only affects TIFs. TME = "transmisogyny exempt". It's just another way to bully the women in their community.

No. 1286157

They're all chasers and AGPers trying to become the gf themselves, what do you expect? Kek.

No. 1286183

File: 1627501592051.png (351.89 KB, 306x411, 5EDD2B4D-B3B6-4E21-93D3-6F99DE…)


You can’t convince me this isn’t just a straight up fetishist at this point. I don’t know why all these TRAs and HS trans wanna die on a hill defending the rights of these pedos and creeps. It would make life so much easier for everyone if they went back to calling them cross dressers/transvestites and denying them srs and hormones, let them jerk off to cat girl hentai in their basement if they want but stay tf away from society

No. 1286198

File: 1627503003512.png (462.44 KB, 600x547, D5C32A97-B08B-40C5-A47D-DB0599…)

No. 1286235

This subreddit will get nuked within weeks. I have followed it since 1 year and it went from "what's a TERF?" "What's AGP" to "they're all trancels", "Japan's last revenge was anime". Comment section is always truth pilled and based.


No. 1286236

Maybe he reminded her of Chucky

No. 1286263

kek the comments saying how "hormones can totally change your bone structure!!!". The cope is real, somehow these people demand hormones for children so that they can avoid growing into their birth sex body and save them from their horrifying dysphoria but then again a man downing horse pills at 30 magically makes his bones turn into anime girl anatomy. The entire trans ideology is just a collection of conflicting statements and circular reasoning.

It's also telling how TiA has been able to get away with blatantly ~transphobic~ posts for years without getting banned while female-specific subs got tranny mods installed and forced to include troons in topics like PCOS and pregnancy. And even more telling is that these people lurk a sub created to make fun of "SJWs" but are always up for defending trannies whenever the topic comes up.

No. 1286267

Thank you anon, no idea how I fucked it that hard. Autocorrect is bizarre sometimes.

No. 1286288

>It's also telling how TiA has been able to get away with blatantly ~transphobic~ posts for years without getting banned
Tranny simps always comment how "transphobic" TiA has gotten, and that it's way worse than before. I think it's well on it's way, especially now when people use terms like AGP, it's a fetish, trancels, troon, 41% etc. Lots of other coping going on too, like you mentioned hormones changing bone structure and "redistrubuting fat". What do they think hips consist of 100% fat? Fat is deposited on top of muscles, muscles grow on top of bones, bones dont change.

No. 1286293

No. 1286298

File: 1627511435125.jpeg (123.72 KB, 1756x405, 0B7A1DAB-5ECE-4EA3-A1B4-4C6F7D…)

A strong component of agp is their narcissism. To think that most of them will hit any kind of wall where they realize they never became attractive is not to understand these men. They find themselves sexually arousing. They legit think they look good and in their minds since they find themselves arousing so must almost everyone else. Most of them will die thinking this way.

No. 1286313

File: 1627512468679.png (916.14 KB, 1050x732, maybemaybel.png)

No. 1286322

In future, please spoiler horseshit

No. 1286331

File: 1627514685173.png (77.27 KB, 598x428, Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 02-12…)

Oh, I meant that Kat just strikes me as AGP in general. The BDSM, polycule stuff. Him displaying Serano's Whipping Girl on his bookshelf in one of his videos. Whipping Girl is practically an AGP manifesto that no HSTS could possibly relate to. Nothing to do with his reaction to the Wi Spa incident. There are HSTSs claiming the incident is a hoax too, like infamous Blanchardian Kay Brown.

No. 1286336

I love how troons went there to dunk on people saying they were fucking animals, otherkins and feminism, just to start crying when THEY become the topic of discussion. Imagine starting on TIA to shit on feminist and ending up crying on AgaisntHateSubs because it's coming at troons now and it's "transphobic"

No. 1286422

Late but the artist is actually female.

No. 1286440

File: 1627529174738.jpg (225.28 KB, 933x835, shut the fuck up.jpg)

i hate trannies and i hate them parading their mental illness and shitty fetishes around in everyone's faces begging them to pay attention

No. 1286443

File: 1627529505324.png (76.17 KB, 696x443, english please.png)

lol it's been happening, there's huge discourse between "transmedicalists" and the rest of them, and the nonbinaries are storming in and claiming trans people are all enbyphobic and other bullshit. it's soooo nice to watch from the sidelines

No. 1286457

File: 1627532249589.jpg (496.02 KB, 810x2331, Screenshot_20210729-000904_Boo…)

This is why you never flatter a scrote.

No. 1286458

File: 1627532288147.jpg (698.57 KB, 810x1593, Screenshot_20210729-001349_Boo…)

No. 1286460

cringe. why are libfems like this.

No. 1286461

This woman needs glasses wtf

No. 1286465

>like most of us women do
Fucking yeesh man. Pretending like this for them is not worth it

No. 1286474

File: 1627534241565.png (62.43 KB, 1024x576, 5FEFD3A8-43F5-48D7-936A-CBB586…)

>"us women"

No. 1286477

File: 1627534807553.png (1.2 MB, 1050x1120, fantastic.png)

Last one of these r/TransLater posts for now, lol.
He's ex-military, works in tech, libertarian. Fairly standard middle-aged hon:

No. 1286480

File: 1627535170365.jpeg (235.26 KB, 828x633, 6D620441-5955-4BEE-9412-7D0CFB…)

State sanctioned rape of women by tims.
Have fun ladies.

No. 1286486

Why are they still calling it a fucking hoax holy shit

No. 1286487

Fucking read the threads, this has been posted at least twice before you now. Still heinous, but no need to post it again.

No. 1286490

File: 1627536350769.png (46.58 KB, 790x495, hivtiminmates.png)

And many are HIV and Hep-C infected according to a 2010 study on Californian TIM inmates.
Sexton, L. et al. (2010). Where the Margins Meet - A Demographic Assessment of Transgender Inmates in [California] Men's Prisons

No. 1286491

ok does anyone actually think “that bitch” though, to other women? that’s just a male fantasy, usually other women try to feel out behaviors and not appearances. i’ll definitely check out someone’s make up, outfit, etc. but i don’t know anyone who is that insecure unless some psychological abuse is going on. expressing “jealousy” has always been a way to falsely flatter, always a red flag especially because narcissists are chronically jealous so they think jealousy is somehow relatable. it’s related to pity.

No. 1286493

Lol the giant man feet.

No. 1286496

Herman Munster, kek

No. 1286499

It's absolutely pity. It might be subconscious, but OTT praise is a reaction to the negative thoughts any woman would automatically have about an ogre >>1286458. TIMs look hideous by any standard but are particularly pathetic thanks to the mainstream narrative about being the most victimized victims ever, so the combination of disgust + sympathy = overcompensating by lavishing them with praise.

It's very similar to the excessive compliments disabled people sometimes get for their appearance, online mostly. People can see they're not attractive and feel bad about it, so they go too far in the opposite direction to feel better about themselves.

No. 1286501

File: 1627538795888.jpeg (502.5 KB, 1242x1634, 45952E1F-3D28-460A-8B92-2C7F14…)

He should put that in his dating profile to get more matches

No. 1286505

I love the porn cope. It's always "Attraction" mainly "Sexual attraction", it's never, "Women don't know the majority of men want to date us, start a family, take us to meet their love ones."
Men wanting to jerk it to hard looking trannies with big dicks, just mean they are coomer bisexual/gay men. Who cares? It's like a woman going, "Majority of men are attracted to Cis women! Look at the porn stats!!!"
Who cares?
All this troon does is talk about how men are attracted to troons, yet he shows receipts of men turning him down. I kind of love troons like that, because it's so male to brag about how much sexual attention you get, when there's women who are 600 pounds who have men willing to wipe their asses and fetishize them.
You don't have to be legal or even a fucking human to get male attention. It's not a flex.

No. 1286511

>using porn statistic to prove your worth

No. 1286512

I'd also assume there's a big disparity in search frequency between normie guys who are into porn cliches like threesomes vs coomers with a tranny fetish. The former might occasionally look up a threesome when the mood strikes, the latter is going to be fapping more often and zeroing in on paraphilic search terms. I mean, I'd guess that furries commission the most porn but that wouldn't make beastiality the most popular fetish among men. Just the fetish that gets obsessed over the most within a niche group of freaks.

No. 1286514

Bold of him to say this without realizing that porn statistics are skewed in favor of people who consume porn in excess, rather than the average person. So the implication isn't that men, as a whole, love trannies, but that porn addicts and coomers love tranny porn. Which, with the concept of AGP trannies who are addicted to porn in mind, makes a lot of sense.

No. 1286517

File: 1627541449176.jpeg (28.22 KB, 564x454, B3573C38-A8E3-48C6-BF90-DFD9A5…)

They realised that normies weren’t taking their
>There’s nothing wrong with female penis in women’s spaces! Those perverted little girls should learn not to stare!
well, so now they’re backpedaling to
>A-actually it never happened!

No. 1286521

File: 1627542200393.jpg (386.03 KB, 810x2063, Screenshot_20210729-025720_Chr…)

Look at this incel. I'm dying, kek.

No. 1286522

File: 1627542255723.jpg (18.22 KB, 399x399, gK3xcXxr_400x400.jpg)

Forrest GAMP

No. 1286523

File: 1627542445771.jpg (398.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210729-030603_Chr…)

Real quality guy.

No. 1286525

He wants a straight man who doesn’t fetishize him, not a chaser. The stat actually points to the fact that more men are bisexual and have a girldick fetish. This is the same as tranny escorts and prostitutes who say straight men love them because the John fucked them in a dark alley for money.

The reason these men keep it a secret is because they want straight man status in society. They know straight men exist and that straight women would pick the straight guy over a bisexual (which is understandable due to things like HIV). Idk why he keeps crying on social media, there are plenty of chasers to choose from. These troons are never satisfied because women exist and he wants to be treated like an attractive woman. Just date the chaser before he moves on to the next loose tranny, kek..

No. 1286526

>>1286521 Clearly these men see trannys as a fetish and not as women, or else there wouldnt be a need for that specific category. Really female spirit to use porn statistics trying to brag about how "i could steal your man"

No. 1286528

>I will generally kick your phone out of your hand
You probably can't lift your leg high enough off the ground to kick anyone above the shin, and are probably too weak to order by yourself at McDonald's. You got to love that these supposed totally unbiased philanthropist men always imagine the theoretical horrible, bigoted person they would ~*totally beat up*~ as a woman. It says a lot about them.

No. 1286531

File: 1627543905446.jpg (377.75 KB, 810x1822, Screenshot_20210729-032540_Chr…)

Didn't take me long to find a comment blaming women. Thread is worth browsing if you wanna get an idea how coombrained your average woke male is.

No. 1286534

>No, you don't understand! Women are the real oppressors, for having vaginas, and being able to say no!
Any and all scrotes who refer to this sort of "logic" should be chemically castrated or executed, they are detrimental to society, as a whole.

No. 1286536

Men tell them this shit. Chasers flat out tell trannies the reason they can't claim them is because women won't want them after (which is saying,"I don't plan on staying with you or taking you serious to the trans). A lot of chasers who claim straight are deeply closetted coomers, who blame women for their lack of attraction to us and/or us not being born with dicks, so they can feel straight.
These men having gay sex are basically mad that WOMEN (and only women) don't see it as straight. They just assume all men are secretly into troons and are scared because ebil Cis Women are going to judge them.
I find this funny because this is just them admitting they only want to be with men who are with actual women. Men who only date transwomen exist, are they not straight enough?
What about the openly trans-attracted dudes? Nah, they chase after men who hide it and then blame everyone but the man for hiding it.

No. 1286537

And even with someone like Jazz Jennings who has been on blockers and hormones for his entire life he still has a distinctively male fat distribution going on with his body.

Mindblowing how it all boils down to how much they despise women. Men apparently aren't openly into trannies not because it's just a taboo fantasy they would never carry out in real life or take it further than casual sex to begin with, but because they're judged by the "cis women" in their lives. Of course the real problem is never homophobic males threatening violence, it's always the nasty Karens.

No. 1286543

File: 1627547979112.png (Spoiler Image,590.66 KB, 598x707, alexalatexia.png)

ofc! Anyway, that's enough trans/agp/gamp twitter for tonight.

No. 1286545

File: 1627548741491.jpg (84.22 KB, 960x480, s1h5ix1p8jk41.jpg)

>Sexists get blocked.
>Don't make me hit you, Karen!
Just your average woke misogynist.

No. 1286548

File: 1627549000914.jpg (466.23 KB, 1283x881, uglybra.jpg)

I knew I recognized this shitty bra from the last thread. It's the ugliest gray color IRL, and has a weird texture to the lace, so if the horrible pattern doesn't show through your shirt, the texture will. Who knows why Walmart decided to make a "T-shirt bra" that can't hide under a summer T-shirt, which is why every Walmart still has a full rack of the ugly things after women bought every print EXCEPT this one. He literally chose the least female-approved bra in the store. Of course.

(And don't buy the other colors, either. The edges of the cups curve outwards when you put them on.)

No. 1286549

We need a chaser thread kek

No. 1286556

Trans shit always comes back to porn. Listen to anyone prattle on about troon topics long enough, it always devolves into pointing at pornography.
What’s weird is how it’s always being used to legitimize something, like that “men watch tranny porn because they actually like trannies in real life” or the common “I knew I was a woman because as a man I loved lesbian porn.”
But then when feminists point to porn trends to prove that violence against women is fetishized or that the majority of men are ephebophiles, suddenly “it’s just fantasy! you can’t judge someone just because they spend an hour a day getting off to choking, vomiting, dead-eyed teenagers being beaten bruised and bloody. that’s kinkshaming! it’s porn not real life, learn the difference.”

No. 1286558

File: 1627551151500.jpg (373.44 KB, 1280x1280, padding_image__41449.161342757…)

Repurposed carpet padding?

No. 1286567

File: 1627552660204.png (1.22 MB, 895x2616, billboard chris.png)

Someone made a pic collage of white TiMs and their muslim/black supremacy fetish. They believe that muslims and black people will take over the West and that white men will have to be feminized by Muslims and black people. I think leftist coomers BLM support isn't 100% genuine. Think about it, how many TiMs have BLM in their bios? Black people aren't aware that these people have fucked up fetishes and are using their social justice movement as coom material.

Pic related is a dad who is against the tranny menace.

No. 1286570

This is such a moid brained cope. Imagine a woman basing ANY of her worth on being a degrading porn category.
>”The majority of men respect mothers and skrong black wahmen because ‘stepmom’ and ‘ebony’ are popular porn categories!”

No. 1286571

100%. I no longer believe the face value of anything a leftist man says about politics. Most of their world view is already full of twisted half-truths and coded speak to manipulate women.
It's ludicrous that men suddenly want to pretend they don't know how other men think. Troons are only good for a pump&dump, because there's no trickery or domination or social points to be scored from a relationship with another willing man. And man won't clean their messes, or give them free stuff with zero expectations, the way the average woman will. They don't have some principled devotion to the wives/girlfriends they're cheating on with troons, they view women as fuckable piggy bank-Roomba combos.

No. 1286584

I genuinely hate saying this, but a huge number of moids enthusiastic about BLM actually have a blacked fetish. Sage for blogposting but I shared an experience about meeting a moid like this and way way waaaay more people were able to relate.

Pro tip: a lot of "radfem men" are actually just the dorky "uwu mommy milkers" faggots. Moid will not support the rights of anyone unless the person in question is what they jerk off to. Loud outspoken trans allies are chasers

No. 1286594

Nah, homeboy is unhinged. He's posted a video of himself harassing a TRA woman on the street https://twitter.com/BillboardChris/status/1369000695374954496
Moids don't belong in feminist movements(imageboard)

No. 1286602

File: 1627559396388.jpg (758.93 KB, 810x2348, Screenshot_20210729-074718_Boo…)

The truscum/transmeds get boring real fast. Almost considering unsubscribing to their subs cause they're cluttering up my troon reddit feed with the same tired shit. A few days ago they kept spamming tucute bingo cards.

No. 1286609

And the truscum misdirect most of their resentment towards AFAB enbies, fakebois, and detransitioners/desisters since they're such easy targets, not the transvestite coomers who are actually the ones making the "trutrannies" look bad. Like I said, it gets incredibly old after awhile.

No. 1286620

Glinner seems to suffer from the same derangement.

No. 1286622

minor blogpost: I have a work colleague and I for sure know he is a blacked fetishist coomer. He really tired asking me out but my instincts told me no. He is over enthusiastic and his whole instagram is riddled with BLM and activist flags. Always been a liberal, but the level of "activism" from white he/him moids very sus. Sad part is normies aren't aware of the blacked and futa porn fetishes.

No. 1286628

>m-men are into troons, I-I swear
KEK, he probably just came to the realization that the men who actually want him are GAMPs, not straight men, and is coping hard. Game over gay boy.

No. 1286632

I hate Glinner and the women who fawn over him. He’s a self-important, aggressive asshole.

No. 1286640

if you support giving puberty blockers to kids you deserve to be "harassed" (in this case meaning, being calmly questioned for a minute)
supposedly she's the one who started it too https://twitter.com/BillboardChris/status/1369054328519024655
wow such traumatizing harassment, you think the trans handmaiden developed ptsd from this harrowing encounter?(Post the images.)

No. 1286665

File: 1627568630295.png (5.19 MB, 1436x2987, wtf.png)

TIMs need to stop larping already. Nice bulge in the jumpsuit

No. 1286666

File: 1627568682950.png (Spoiler Image,3.81 MB, 2030x2057, NSFW and rape fantasies.png)

NSFW pics and rape fantasies. What the fuck is this editing

No. 1286668

File: 1627568808998.png (217.59 KB, 1111x1040, faq.png)

Pics from "her" previous account
I dont believe this is a woman

No. 1286675

File: 1627569495731.png (6.26 MB, 2858x1906, wtf2.png)

how is this the same person? He looks like a slav moid in his "no make up" picture

No. 1286678

FaceApp female filter in every single photo.

No. 1286679

Scrolling through /snow/ and unspoilered this out of curiosity, first thoughts were "that pussy looks like a ballsack". Then I read the thread subject, kek.

No. 1286689

The shoop on the pussy is sending.

No. 1286691

His arm in the middle pic… 99% upvoted, coomers are retards

No. 1286692

File: 1627572187247.jpeg (806.38 KB, 1177x1883, AD976F42-3D00-4C61-8B0A-42ED0F…)

AITA mods must be asleep.

No. 1286693

so much photoshop he looks like a different person on every photo. also the long torso/short legs combination makes him instantly obvious

No. 1286698

File: 1627572942961.jpg (544.56 KB, 1440x2190, Screenshot_20210729-163422.jpg)

The comments are nuts. In Islam, you can't undress even around HSTS trannies (mukhannath, effeminate women) because the prophet Muhammed himself had reservations about their supposed unattraction to women.

>you may choose not to remove the scarf, but we must know your internal reasoning for it!!

No. 1286702

File: 1627573312498.jpg (8.71 KB, 162x200, 1534799621508.jpg)

>Genuinely believing that males are capable of any logic other than "mommy psychically did this by exercising her omnipotent power"

The day a man allows himself to feel accountable without hiding behind 7 compartmentalizations, 7 projections and 7 mommyblamings is the day he contributes to male suicide rates.

No. 1286710

Oh wow that’s terrible, thanks for the info anon. I guess I gave the HSTS too much credit. It’s really telling that these people will claim BLM and then basically calling this black woman a liar even though she had video evidence and other witnesses present. Like if they don’t want people to think they’re just creepy men going into women and girls’ spaces then denounce and kick the creeps out, don’t coddle them.

No. 1286711

Men generally won't support any just cause unless it benefits them directly, because men are selfish. This is considered entirely normal and beyond debate.

Then there's women, who are demonized for advocating for themselves unless they agree to save everyone including trannies, whales and endangered fungi before they're begrudgingly allowed to advocate for their own interests. Welcome to intersectionality, aka female guilt politics. It's really is amazing how much the way women at large are treated is a mirror of what people expect of moms.

No. 1286720