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No. 1198622

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Arbitrary rules enforced by tranny jannies apply to this thread, this means you might be banned for being too fucking based for your own good. Please don't say mean words to users you suspect are trannies because it makes them cry, seethe and dilate.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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No. 1198627

Remember all those articles about brave and stunning pre-teens ~living their truth~, anons. A decade or so from now, we’re going to see those exact kids, only they’ll be speaking about the horrible physical and psychological health issues they face, and the people who not only allowed it, but pushed it.

I hope I’m blowing things out of proportion and being alarmist…but I don’t think any of this is going to end well. If there’s an “I told you” so moment to be had, I’m not going to enjoy any of it.

No. 1198638

File: 1617218164364.png (635.88 KB, 576x863, Screenshots_2021-03-31-12-15-1…)

>>How am I looking?
Like a whole ass faggot. Kek at the not so subtle attempt to hide his adam's apple.

No. 1198650

This is already happening with Jazz and his disintegrating neovag.

No. 1198651

I agree anon - I know they like to say detransitioners are rare, but so many of them will tell you that the internet influenced and pressured them into believing they were trans. That number is only going to increase with time, and if there's easier access to hormones, hormone blockers, and surgery, they'll have far more to regret.

No. 1198654

Not kikomi approved? Not my thread

No. 1198656

>Covering adam's apple with a scarf

One accessory won't hide you, Perry the Platypus.

No. 1198658

File: 1617219075186.png (983.94 KB, 1423x1525, cara.png)

No. 1198661

But in what way does this benefit them? So every kid must run the risk of having their skeletons and fertility fucked up just in case? Even the ones who plan on transitioning might regret it if they up like Jazz Jennings and don't have enough genital tissue to construct anything functional.

No. 1198664

Imagine thinking puberty is inhumane…

No. 1198667

>by default
If I was a parent and my kid didn’t have ADHD, I wouldn’t just feed them Ritalin by default. fucking insanity

No. 1198668

File: 1617219587425.jpg (49.44 KB, 722x481, egirljob.jpg)

>Implying egirl is a job

No. 1198682

File: 1617220619656.jpeg (215.9 KB, 750x567, 328EA7B5-588E-4D5E-97A0-1A87DD…)

Expects a male to write decent literature begin with

No. 1198684

With the help of twitch and patreon and gofundme, it basically is.

No. 1198687

UwU being a man is too hard, I want to objectify myself for attention from incels and scrotes via the internet and live off their random donatons. Women are living life in easy mode!

No. 1198698

I keep seeing people go "Most transwomen are normal people who just want to pee in peace!" but why the fuck do I never see "normal" transwomen? Even the most influential, well-known icons are like your pic related. They're always perverted, openly misogynistic and live for their fetishes. Where are these fabled "normal transwomen" that "just want to live and let live"?

No. 1198700

File: 1617221927964.png (2.77 MB, 1421x2048, Screenshot_20210327-193640.png)

No. 1198703

How do they simultaneously manage to dress like toddlers and stitch fix subscribers at the same time?

No. 1198707

I've met a couple who mostly pass as the "genuinely just want to pee, nothing else" kind. None that haven't wanted more on the down-low, though. If you have enough points on their dream girl checklist and talk to them in private, they'll show their whole ass to you. Handmaidens will sometimes believe you if you have proof, but they'll keep repeating "they're an outlier, most trans women aren't like that."

No. 1198708

File: 1617222626278.png (394.81 KB, 720x631, Screenshot_20210331-232918~2.p…)

He literally looks like he's larping as Angela Merkle here

No. 1198711

Past thread, since link in OP doesn't work: >>>/snow/1192611

No. 1198712

>trooning out just because you're jealous women are desired and men are not
Not even pro-sex work or anything, but it's ridiculously clear than some incels are just mad that women are desired and can live off it

No. 1198713

The only 'normal' MFTs are HSTS, lots of them pass or are just indistinguishable from extremely effeminate gay men (in personality/mannerisms). They're the image most casual trans supporters have in their heads when they think of people who just want to pee in peace.

Of course the MTFs who actually get power and visibility tend to be inceloid transbians, and they take joy in publicly steamrolling everything women have so we're gonna see them more often.

No. 1198715

off-brand vaush on the left and bri'ish comedian playing angela merkel on the right. kek.
what "hope" does he even have? his face is painfully male with that narrow eye area, ugly tiny mouth and gigantic forehead.

No. 1198720

File: 1617223527471.gif (15.74 KB, 598x467, erfdg888.GIF)

just.. yikes.

No. 1198723

I sincerely hope you're right but I can't help but fear we're just devolving into tranny hell as a society.

No. 1198730

>the worst thing about men is that they’re men, the worst thing about women is their vaginas
>actually, the best thing about men are their brains and the best thing about women are their vaginas
>women are just vaginas

No. 1198737

File: 1617224699835.png (702.86 KB, 720x1284, Screenshot_20210401-000414~2.p…)

This looks legitimately terrifying. Every photograph looks like a mugshot. Surprise he's a transbian.

No. 1198747

>16 months
HRT does nothing.
More proof that if their screen name contains princess, they're a man.

No. 1198748

File: 1617225005107.png (85.2 KB, 720x862, Screenshot_20210401-000944~2.p…)


This totally happened

No. 1198753

File: 1617225285900.png (143.99 KB, 720x1216, Screenshot_20210401-001327~2.p…)


He tells the stories pretending to be freaked out or uncomfortable. That's the most sinister thing.

No. 1198757

I imagine this is what rainn wilson would look like if he trooned out

No. 1198759

He’d better watch out, they probably want to beat him senseless. Not because he passes.

No. 1198760

File: 1617225430308.png (143.05 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_20210401-001652~2.p…)

This princess Liana guy creeps me out more than usual.

No. 1198761

do you guys think that society (lol) is progressing to a point it won't return from? by that i mean.. do you think things are just going to get worse and worse and never get better (trannies everywhere, tranny handmaidens everywhere, transtrenders everywhere, no 'wake up call', etc.)?

or do you think some day we (collectively) will actually realize how retarded all of this is and pull back at some point?

No. 1198765

File: 1617225498862.jpg (3.11 MB, 1668x2401, e76ba69.jpg)

This is the man behind the stories and we are supposed to believe them.

No. 1198777

I really hate this type of disingenuous argument. Nobody is denying these children healthcare. If they get sick or injured they have the exact same access to healthcare as everyone else. What they’re being “denied” are medically unnecessary procedures that would do more harm than good. The vast majority of kids with gender dysphoria grow out of it after puberty if they aren’t interfered with.

It’s the same thing with “we just want to pee!” and “sports is a human right!”
Nobody is stopping you from using the bathroom or playing sports. You have public bathrooms. You have sports teams. In fact, men have had these things for a much longer period of time than women have. Nothing has ever been taken from you. What you’re demanding aren’t human rights, they’re special privileges.

No. 1198779

anything to make the woman larp believable

No. 1198788

File: 1617226333233.png (105.25 KB, 535x535, 1611877199155.png)

I want to believe that the pendulum will swing back at one point, maybe in 5-10 years. Society hasn't reached peak absurdity yet, but when it does, hopefully the majority will realize they fucked up. I just hope we won't go back to the dark age of persecuting every other member of LGB community.

No. 1198791

people have already started to push back against trannies but all of this does not come from a good place, people are becoming more socially conservative so we will see more handmaidens and maybe some "good" hsts trannies will be accepted. but well, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

No. 1198807

Not to sperg, but this Pokémon is still funny to me, in the context of being the colors of the trans flag in the universe's equivalent of Britain. They're exclusively female, their body is fake, and they're hyper aggressive. To cap it all off, they're witch themed, but more known for punching things than actual magic.

No. 1198818

All sorts of crazy beliefs have existed in the past and they've always fallen eventually. Tranny bullshit has been gaining increasing traction to the point it's entered the mainstream which will be followed by a major pushback. Online forms might have the third option for gender but less and less people will use it. I've seen more and more peaking happen recently and I have high hopes for the madness to cease soon.

No. 1198834

younger generations always push back against their parents' politics. the 1980s saw a rise of conservative youths (Gen X) who rebelled against their hippie parents' liberal beliefs. I truly believe that Gen Alpha and younger Gen Z will likely reject SJW liberalism sprouted by Millennials and Gen Z cunts, and hopefully the troon agenda will be pushed back. various LGB youths are already complaining about being overtaken by trannies.

No. 1198899

i wish i had hope but honestly i don't. i thought transing kids would peak most people but just look at the liberal reaction to the blocker bills - everybody is horrified at the ~cruelty to transkids. since the gop is behind the bills, that means it must be evil. the polarization in politics is so bad in the us i can't see the left ever giving up their trans crusade.

No. 1198903

File: 1617235675234.png (550.85 KB, 603x885, troons gonna troon.png)

Made the mistake of clicking on the "trending: dykes" on twitter and found a load of gross men being misogynists as you do.

No. 1198915

They really can't stop colonizing and appropriating everything that belongs to lesbians, can they? I feel like vomiting every time they call themselves "dyke."

No. 1198922

I've known two "normal" HSTS. One was diagnosed intersex, both had massive psychological issues (autism and severe childhood abuse in both cases), but overall they were exceedingly shy, timid and passive. They also came down hard on the 'Madonna' side of the Madonna/whore complex and completely worshipped women in general.

My pet theory is that some boys react to their dad's abuse by deciding that all men are scum, and that they need to flee from everything to do with manhood or they'll become scum by default. I've also heard similar stories from fakebois who were abused by female relatives.

No. 1198923

i hate being a lesbian. the community has been overrun by troons. people genuinely act like you aren’t a “real” lesbian if you don’t like dick

No. 1198925

from the thumbnail I thought this was vaush lol

No. 1198927

File: 1617237858134.gif (192.59 KB, 878x1169, fire.GIF)

What do you guys think, is this man's body fire?

No. 1198929

>people genuinely act like you aren’t a “real” lesbian if you don’t like dick
Where anon?

No. 1198934

ntayrt but as a lesbian, pretty much everywhere on mainstream social media? plus Reddit, dating apps etc

No. 1198939


Voice training doesn't change the lower part of voice range, only the higher part, so you're still able to talk in your "old voice". So he's making up a story about being obnoxious on purpose.

No. 1198940

Shit is exhausting right now. I've only recently realized I was a lesbian, and troons are constantly trying to connect with me or preaching to me about what lesbians are or aren't. Bisexual and asexual handmaidens also lecture me, as if they understand because they're not straight.

No. 1198948

>when your ana-kun cousin steals your bikini top because he wants to be his sim girlfriend at the family reunion.

No. 1198951

This made up story doesn't even make sense lmfao. He said he's still presenting male but this security guard just…sensed…his femaleness? Give me a break

No. 1198983

I don't think it will unless you start pushing back now. This notion of a 'pendulum' isn't real, because things don't happen on their own. This is the same logic that the 'alt-right' uses 'eventually we'll redpill all the normies and things will go back to how they were in the 1950's". It doesn't work that way! and the people who are changing society, (the wealthy trannies and tranny supporters) are going to fight us every step of the way.

This isn't to say that the fight is impossible or not worth it, just that we can't rely on 'the pendulum' and we need to put in the work ourselves. Cultivating spaces like this where the absurdity of the trooner phenomenon is laid bare is a good place to start!


No. 1198996

>All sorts of crazy beliefs have existed in the past and they've always fallen eventually
The difference is that this crazy belief has inserted itself deeply into a pre-existing group (LGB/oppressed minorities in general) which has sensible beliefs, the moral high ground and a lot of public support. The only reason such blatant insanity has gotten so far is by associating itself with a more credible movement, one that is so sympathetic anyone who opposes it is automatically considered a bigot.

Transgenderism as a concept is so illogical and their arguments fall apart easily, the hard part will be distancing it from real social activism so that people can dismiss it without being lumped in with right wing homophobes.

No. 1199007

Nta, but we will end up with homophobes, precisely because of that.

No. 1199009

you're telling me that second one isn't josh kiwifarms?

No. 1199019

File: 1617242934342.jpg (210.91 KB, 1072x1092, Screenshot_20210331-200620_Fac…)

Why are they like this. I'm deleting these fags left and right today.

No. 1199044

File: 1617244782739.jpeg (168.95 KB, 1790x756, 1F220EED-8D66-429B-9101-139840…)

Not Sarah “shut up jk rowling” Paulson angering the gender specials.

No. 1199046

Still I hope she peaks

No. 1199047

Honestly he could be a very cute dude, It hurts seeing beautiful men troon out to become ugly troons

No. 1199062

This is what I was trying to express in the last thread and you worded it so eloquently! Opposing transgender now gets lumped together with bigotry so its hard to retaliate or have any sort of opposing opinion. I just hope people won't allow their fears stop them from doing their own research

No. 1199140

why do trans people need more visibility? the media has been absolutely saturated with trans shit for at least five years now. it’s only a matter of time until mainstream libs get bored and move onto the next hot woke issue, and then what? what happens when they stop getting the validation they crave? eventually they’ll realize being trans isn’t as unique and subversive as they want it to be. it’s literally just a trend kek

No. 1199151

Honestly I see trannies as nothing more then a loud visible symptom of neo-liberal democracys, this global order after 30 years is ending right now globally, right wing populists and nationalists are popping up all over Europe, Biden is very much confirmed to be a one term president, well likely get a competent populist American Republican as president(political derailing)

No. 1199153

a man who would ever become a troon has forfeited his desirability. Good way to weed out weak men from the dating pool

No. 1199163


yes. of the dumpster variety.

No. 1199165

Jesus Christ the fuck you are on about, I'm just saying he's a cute dude

No. 1199166

Wait, you are telling me April's fools is also Trans day of visibility?


No. 1199172

sorry for the blog but there’s nowhere it’s acceptable to talk about this lmao.

how the f are you supposed to date after peaking. trying to meet some lesbians in a new city but every app is a sausagefest, 98% of the girls that are my type identify as non-binary or some stupid shit, or have “she/her” in their bio. guess i’ll just die alone for not accepting these ugly degenerate shitshacks as women.

No. 1199178

It's 31st march this time which is hilarious. With my timezone I wake up to troon tweets on 1st of april..

No. 1199179

Don't give up, anon. I'm really into cute butch girls/tomboys myself, and it takes a while to weed through the degenerates on the apps, but you can eventually find them. They're typically a bit "older" (late 20's, early 30's) and are either TERFy or just super passive/don't give a fuck about the trans bs either way. I know it depends on your city too, I'm in a big city so the options may be a little better here, but don't give up. Normal cute lesbians are still out there!

No. 1199180

File: 1617262470484.png (5.38 MB, 2523x2650, girlrun.PNG)

Don't know which of you has a freeloading sissy Nigel laying around but you better delete those messages and drop his ass before he makes up his mind

No. 1199182

Just date a genderspecial girl and peak her. It's not as hard as you'd think tbh.

No. 1199184

I was thinking today about what would happen if fake-woke porn brands like pornhub started leaning hard into gender ideology. Started putting porn videos between men and mtf’s in the straight category, started putting men/ftm in the gay category. Started putting any man who jerks off in cat ears in the “female solo masturbation” section.
Coomers would riot and suddenly a lot more people would be forced to admit that genital preferences do matter.
Currently the onus is completely on lesbians to explain why we shouldn’t be expected to worship penis. Men should have to be confronted with this nonsense too. Maybe then we’d have some allies.

No. 1199188

I would have left the moment this fag brought up crossdressing and being sexually adventurous is just a code word for being a complete degenerate, either way if his "supposed" TERF gf was okay with these she'll likely not care if he troomnd out

No. 1199192

Pornhub already has man/ftm videos in the gay section and man/mtf in hetero section.
Sexpest coomers genuinely dont give a shit, also insinuating scrotes who consume porn have any standards is hopeful of you at best kek. Majority of the males jacking it to porn are pornsick enough to where they would fuck a stealth tranny out of morbid curiosity alone.

No. 1199201

I'm a terf as I agree with lesbians.
there is a giant difference between wanting something dick shaped vs a dick.
troon logic "if it fits, fuck it"(Blog)

No. 1199202

> Relying on his gf financially

Why the fuck don't these troons ever have jobs?

No. 1199203

>she's not fully TERF yet, she'll be radicalized soon
kek… okay. despite the term "radfem", most are pretty benign. if he hasn't noticed it in their personal lives despite being together long-term, this means she knows how to separate it from her everyday behavior and has no chance at acting out radical behavior. sounds fake btw, just another AGP fantasy about fucking a TERF who is also somehow the breadwinner and OK with her loser sissy BF.

No. 1199206

Well of course it's different. Lesbians still have a vagina and insertion can feel good just the same way gays have a dick and inserting it feels good. By the same logic gay guys should just get used to vaginas since anus is a hole too.

No. 1199207

This, like 80% of Reddit stories I feel this is fake, I don't think any self respecting would get into a relationship with someone who is a "sissy", they'd leave them in an instant

No. 1199209

It doesn't sound like he was pulling this sissy shit from the start, plenty of men hide their degeneracy until they think she's in too deep to back out. Definitely could be fake though.

No. 1199211

Definitely seems fake, why would someone gendercrit have SO many tranny friends and fake "allyship" even to their longterm "financially intertwined" loser boyfriend? I can believe women pretending to be cool with troons with friends or random people but you'd spill your TERFdom to your boyfriend at some point. It's too retarded to imagine some girl with a sissy boyfriend never mentioning the fact that she doesn't think men can become women to that guy.

No. 1199212

He says his girlfriend likely suspects he's a sissy, also his claim that he wanted to sex where "he was the woman" (eww), I don't think any terf or radfem would agree to that

No. 1199214

File: 1617265444351.png (1.65 MB, 1024x969, JHFGR88dg4.png)

I could not believe my eyes when I checked that user's post history and found their geriatric before and after.

No. 1199215

> troon logic "if it fits, fuck it"

Anything more discerning than that is “having a genital fetish”

No. 1199216

Doesn’t need a neovagina as he already has a pussy on his neck

No. 1199219

File: 1617266703339.jpg (654.2 KB, 2800x2100, 6b26bdd6-00a4-58e9-8b63-36c56f…)

What a great group of normal women

No. 1199220

I fucking gagged, if only these nasty geezers were dedicated enough to their larp to fake menopause and the corresponding low libido.

No. 1199225

> it's called forced feminization and it has nothing to do with sex
> its about transforming male privilege into the best fuck ever

Pick one. Great image anon, lots of instances of them dehumanizing women and wearing our skin as a sadomasochist would wear a leather vest. Except their genderbending kink is to be seen as a real identity.

No. 1199238

actually so trew

No. 1199244


"this global order after 30 years is ending right now globally" and "competent populist"

"I'm a terf as I agree with lesbians."

this thread is such a mess and I love it lmao

No. 1199246

I am so sick of seeing ugly men who haven't had sex in years with an unhealthy obsession with lesbians call themselves dykes.
I genuinly don't think anyone truly believes them and the woke brigade are so convinced that they have to pay for some unknown crime they go along with it to their face but know it's bullshit.

No. 1199267

File: 1617274304511.png (354.54 KB, 720x1074, Screenshot_20210401-154933.png)

Gloria Steinham signed yesterday's GLAAD letter saying "trans women are women, trans girls are girls" and calling for an end to all female-only sports, spaces, programs and services,

I knew she wasn't perfect and I didnt expect her to be perfect but to go this far and betray all your ideals

No. 1199275

An end to female only sports, but nothing on male only sports? Theyre not even trying to hide the double standard

No. 1199298

There you go. They already know it's unfairly skewed

No. 1199318

We sure this isnt just a tasteless april fools joke?

No. 1199324

Sadly she's been TRA supportive for the 2-3 years now

No. 1199325

I wonder if she actually believes this shit

No. 1199332

File: 1617279938222.png (270.73 KB, 720x976, Screenshot_20210401-171212.png)

Sad fact is even Andrea Dworkin would have also likely accepted Troons and talked about how awful Transphobia is, that's what Catharine A. MacKinnon(Dworkins closest friend and colleague) is doing right now

All these pretentious Bourgeois feminist academics are the same

No. 1199337

File: 1617280873676.jpeg (385.5 KB, 644x802, A94836C4-106F-4805-8D2A-16863A…)

The way troons try to define what a woman is through clothes choices and behaviour made me think of this.

No. 1199338

forgot to sage please don’t ban me

No. 1199351

agreed anon, they have their own agenda and we can't expect them to be a public figure on our side

No. 1199356

why can't they just leave the fucking kids alone? the logic in this shit is that they want the kids to choose their own future, but by doing what they're going for here, THEY are actually choosing the kid's future, and the rest is an afterthought. putting them on fucking puberty blockers will just cause development issues down the line.

also, they always do this shit where they'll spout some contrived opinion, then immediately go "if you don't agree then you're a disgusting, horrible person and you should die, fuck you haha". feels so childish, it's not even discussing or expressive your opinion at that point, it's literally just spouting it then claiming you are 100% the on in the right no matter what.

No. 1199362

File: 1617283362469.png (216.41 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20210401-182045.png)

As a mother you have no idea how much these "trans parent allies" make me rage, absolute narcissists who use their own children for social clout and to make themselves the center of education

No. 1199363

File: 1617283394362.png (222.62 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20210401-182342.png)

No. 1199365

File: 1617283486242.png (259.61 KB, 720x1327, Screenshot_20210401-182423.png)

No. 1199366

File: 1617283606178.png (193.15 KB, 720x1116, Screenshot_20210401-182616.png)

No. 1199367

File: 1617283662390.png (181.54 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20210401-182803.png)

Christ this poor kid

No. 1199370

File: 1617283724501.png (233.64 KB, 720x1281, Screenshot_20210401-182856.png)

I hope you and your wife are thrown in prison

No. 1199371

How many of these kids are going to grow up and end up killing their parents before 41% themselves? I hope we get some juicy manifestos from this.

No. 1199375

File: 1617284362777.png (795.48 KB, 1440x2654, 888AF0F5-5B5E-43C3-9DB1-58BAEA…)

This is the best response to a tweet on there

No. 1199376

Honestly if my parents did this to me i.e destroyed and mutilated my body, I think I would kill them and then myself, in fact if any of these trans kids ends up murdering their parents I would 100% understand

No. 1199382

It's not even milk at this point anymore.
It's creating wine. Sweet, foul, delicious wine that has to sit in a barrel for 10 years dilating and seething before it erupts in a murderous cacophony of pain and suffering for their family and anyone within a 5 mile radius..
Or they just quietly off themselves in the basement and the world will never find out.
"take hormones and go through a girls puberty"
I just want to know what kind of alternative facts got us here. There is nothing in reality or science that would allow a fully formed male to experience a visit from Aunt Flo.

No. 1199389

do they not consider the fact some boys just like having long hair? goes for adult men as well, some wear it long because they like it, maybe others wear it because they feel like it fits their personality. and, i mean, this goes for women too, it's an universal thing, more like a phase sometimes, not a sign of being transgender. same thing with clothing too. kids in general are curious, so of course they might wonder what's it like to wear clothing of the opposite gender.

No. 1199393

>All of a sudden all these things that had confused us about her when she was younger made sense.

What the hell confused them about what he described? Sounds like normal kids stuff.

God, sometimes I imagine if I had woke parents when growing up instead of more conservative ones. They would go "oh she likes barbie dolls but also action movies, soccer and short hair.. guess that's a boy" and fuck my body permanently. Horror movie stuff.

No. 1199395

Do you think it honestly matters what their kid was like, these people don't care, they just wanted to be the woke parents

No. 1199397


A normal child’s brain does indeed grow by “leaps and bounds." however, trans children put on puberty blockers stop having brain growth. That’s because hormones cause brain development, and if you block them, your brain doesn’t develop at the same pace as your peers and your memory degrades. So all these parents are stunting their children’s brain growth by giving them puberty blockers, causing their kids to be less physically and mentally mature than other kids. This is absolutely a crime against children.

No. 1199400

Nothing like reinforcing gender norms in other to fight them am I right anonitas?

No. 1199410

ftm are not stupid enough to try to compete against male athletes. Men would laugh a ftm out of their space so fast… it’s a non issue for men. Women can’t have anything lol.

No. 1199413

File: 1617287682431.png (1.25 MB, 1096x2048, Screenshot_20210401-073246.png)

I feel like there needs to be a tranny bingo. Squares being "is autistic", "on disability", "furfag", etc

No. 1199415

tfw missed Terf day of visibility.

This goes to cryptos and full blown out terfs, I see you.

No. 1199421

File: 1617288438514.jpg (785.17 KB, 540x3942, Screenshot_20210401-104520_Tum…)

This got ragged on for being fake but without blogposting it's not uncommon. This could've been written about me save for a few details lmao - I'm a cryptoterf content creator who does mostly LGB art, which draws in genderspecials like nobody's business, and IME a lot of woque female content creators are either crypto or barely tolerate trannies, just like loads of women tolerate their bf's degeneracy.

Anyways, why do trannies always target kids with propaganda shit like this? Insidious as hell and of course has 18k+ notes of (mostly) agreement.

No. 1199426

File: 1617288766039.jpg (271.19 KB, 1086x1084, 3A976FQ.jpg)

he really does not see the irony

No. 1199431

File: 1617289095192.jpg (394.36 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20201227-184358_Ins…)

These motherfuckers are trying to skinwalk Dee Dee Blanchard so hard. I'm so terrified for this generation.

No. 1199436

>the overwhelming (99%) do not regret transition
Then stop fucking using intersex people which is still a smaller percentage of people to excuse your garbage.

No. 1199437

File: 1617289750866.jpg (25.35 KB, 613x359, transgender-sex-crimes.jpg)

Yesterday I came across about some information about puberty blockers and their long-time affects. I've already read that they cause brain damage and such but it also causes this:

>Women who used Lupron a decade or more ago to delay puberty or grow taller described the short-term side effects listed on the pediatric label: pain at the injection site, mood swings, and headaches. Yet they also described conditions that usually affect people much later in life. A 20-year-old from South Carolina was diagnosed with osteopenia, a thinning of the bones, while a 25-year-old from Pennsylvania has osteoporosis and a cracked spine. A 26-year-old in Massachusetts needed a total hip replacement. A 25-year-old in Wisconsin, like Derricott, has chronic pain and degenerative disc disease.

>“It just feels like I’m being punished for basically being experimented on when I was a child,” said Derricott, of Lawton, Okla. “I’d hate for a child to be put on Lupron, get to my age and go through the things I have been through.”


So all the twans kids will realize in + 15yrs from now that their bodies are fucked beyond repair, because this shit fucks you up in a damn bad way. Get ready for a generation of young people with health problems that normally old people have. But at that point it will be too late to return.

A few days ago I also watched a docu about the infamous gender clinic in england the medical stuff told anonymously that everybody is aware of how dangerous this shit is and that most parents only want it because they want no gay kids or because their kids had other traumatic experiences that are too "complex" to be fixed with therapy.

Another thing that fits this thread:

>In 2018 the MOJ released statistics showing half of the people in prison who declare themselves transgender have been sentenced with one or more sexual offences. We have now obtained new data which is the clearest and most recent evidence confirming the vast majority of these trans sex offenders were born male. These MOJ statistics show that transgender women exhibit a male-type pattern of criminality.


sorry for the long ass post

No. 1199444

there are some fat lies there. puperty blockers do not just stop puperty and NO it does not continue as normal when they stop using them as adults. These kids are fucked forever if they regret turning themselves into an unfinished adult and it cannot be fixed.

No. 1199449

>kids don't threaten their parents with suicide over not getting hormones
except that's what twitter literally does all day? "this healthcare is VITAL for trans kids and our government is trying to kill us by taking it away"

No. 1199457

>they overwhelmingly (99%) do not regret transition
Yet. Wait ten years and all their bones crumble.
Also if you'd left them alone in the first place, they overwhelmingly (80+%) would not have grown up the be trans anyway, but normal gay adults.

I really want to know where all these imminently suicidal kids and adults have been for the rest of time. I know being gay and/or gnc has been hard enough for most of history that it can lead to suicide, but since medical transition (and therefore being denied medical transition) is such a new phenomenon, what were all the supposedly trans people doing before?
Or, hear me out because I'm going to sound /insane/, is it that suicide is recognised as a socially contagious act? And maybe transitioning should be too?

No. 1199467

File: 1617293368468.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210401_090735869.j…)

Literally every other "lesbian" on dating apps is a man.

No. 1199469

Seriously, how can they look at those pictures and think
>yeah, i look like a woman 100%
How? Absolutely how? This is just so ridiculous, I just wish this was all a worldwide flash mob or some shit.

No. 1199470

fucking ew. It's been said many times in these threads and I'll say it again: women really can't have anything. Not even dating apps for WOMEN seeking WOMEN

No. 1199471

if they don't want him to exist why would they want to date him kek that makes zero sense

No. 1199475

Why do they have to be “forced” into it? Bizarre.

No. 1199479

It cracks me up when troons act like they can afford to be picky.

No. 1199480

99% of the ones who live or don't detransition or never admit to starting the process.

of all trannies
40% an hero

15-20% detrans/stop transitioning and don't consider themselves trans. some estimates have this a lot higher, im taking one of the lower figures

the 30% left
those who either love being a tranny (vocal minority, a lot dont want attention)
too stubborn/scared to admit they made a mistake (saying yeah they happy)
and a small number stand up and say openly they fucked up.

looking at the changing figures and how hard it appears to leave the cult mutilation and chemical sterilization, that "99%" could at best be 30% of trans. at worst, 5-10% taking into account the fear from speaking out.

the figures are not even taking into account the larpers and confused people who identify as trans as they think being femme or a tomboy makes them woman or a man

No. 1199485

My favorite thing about this garbage comic is that they basically answer every concern normal everyday people have with "hm no." Without giving any evidence of the contrary.

But that's what all troons and TRAs do. They use big scary words these dumb ass kids don't know the meaning of to seek like they have some kind of authoritative presence or knowledge in the situation when in reality they're just confused mentally ill NEETs trying to make themselves feel better by projecting their "cope" as real genuine facts. The facts are hormone blockers are a choice and the choice is giving up your healthy normal adult GENDERED body for a stunted painful mildly androgynous one (if you're even lucky). They can't have their cake and eat it too but troons will do backflips to convince each other how easy and great it is to be twans meanwhile their emotional stability is so fragile they can't exist anywhere but their niche online circles.

Theyre too selfish to care about the pressure these woke TRA circles put on kids who don't fit to transition. They only care about themselves and for the handmaidens they only care about validation and feeling morally superior to their peers.

No. 1199488

i love it when they put a whole list of shit like "conservatives/terfs/swerfs/etc do not interact, i do not want you and it's not negotiable" as if they're these beautiful and coveted young girls who are bombarded with interest. anyone outside of other ugly larping psycho eyed trannies aren't gonna interact anyway. we see your face and leave immediately sir don't worry

No. 1199491

Do you have any studies for the detrans percentage?

No. 1199501

> It's creating wine. Sweet, foul, delicious wine that has to sit in a barrel for 10 years dilating and seething

so poetic anon, ilu

No. 1199506

I’m telling you, it’s going to be these kids who are going to out this whole thing for what it is and we’d all better be ready to support them.

No. 1199508

>in fact most places don’t allow trans kids to take hormones until they are 15, often making us wait-
>it’s also not easy to get access to any trans healthcare.
>It’s basically illegal to perform gender affirming surgery on trans minors. I had to bind my chest for ten hours a day.
I like how all of these have an undertone of “it’s hard, and it should actually be easier”. So while they are reassuring people that their concerns are based on fake facts, they want to make the facts people are horrified about real.


Horrible person. He’s not better than any of them. Anyone that gets as far as getting engaged to a man without telling them they are trans is a psychopath.

No. 1199509

File: 1617295775048.gif (841.24 KB, 244x244, duh.gif)


>These MOJ statistics show that transgender women exhibit a male-type pattern of criminality.

No. 1199510

The worst thing is that kids don't grasp the concept of gender, they might say they're a boy/girl because they associate something they like with being either due to the society telling them it's a girl/boy thing. A 3-year old boy might just as well claim to be a girl because he idolizes his older sister or something. These crazy munchie parents are just meddling with their child's development and messing it up irreversibly and it's being celebrated.

Absolutely love how they debunk all the valid claims with just "Ummmmmm….. No????" and that's supposed to be the greatest end-all argument.

No. 1199512


It's worse than that, taking puberty blockers (ie. Lupron) can cause outright physical degeneration over time. It was mostly cis women who took it but there are horror stories about the stuff like jaws falling off, neurological underdevelopment, etc.,

Also nice trips

No. 1199517

give your kids permanent health issues because they might be part of the 0.1% of people who dont identify as their assigned gender

troon logic

No. 1199523

when the detransition rates boom it'll definitely burst the bubble for a while. However if they ever manage to get transhumanism going and people can actually change sex then it'll be over but that's gonna be at least 150 years to get there, and honestly I think that most people will stop caring

No. 1199525





the incites here are also of interest

the reports I used are not current as there is a consensus that any current surveying is skewed by the social impacts of admitting one way or another on status of transition and this has increased in the past 5 years.

above are just a few of the bookmarks I still had left over from November when looking for a percentage of psychiatric/mental illness pre and post op for uni, im rounding figures here and would consider my summary as broad and not completely accurate until I it's reviewed. most of the data used were journals and/or hospital/treatment reviews locally which were current as of January and a mess with covid(Medfag)

No. 1199526

File: 1617297217398.jpg (112.67 KB, 1200x1200, rs_600x600-200122055420-600-ni…)

I don't watch makeup tutorial, but I think all men that get into it and profit off of little girls are scum (so are the women, but to a lesser degree because I can believe they had an organic initiation and interest in it from social factors, and got greedy later). I just find it hilarious what an absolute unit he is.

No. 1199527

File: 1617297290752.png (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 2474x1277, 1b810ee.png)

I keep forgetting I have cringe to post

No. 1199531

surprised people didn't clock that giant sooner

No. 1199532

>A 3-year old boy might just as well claim to be a girl because he idolizes his older sister or something.
It's more or less what happened to Jazz so…

No. 1199533

This angle holy shit, they truly look like a hulking man. You can tell by their bottom half male anatomy, it looks like a very fattened up ham trapped in feminine clothing.

No. 1199535

Thank you, anon!

No. 1199537

I didn’t clock him tbh but I remember thinking, why does nikkie act so much like a gay man? And thinking it was weird. I didn’t watch his channel though I had only seen him on clips on twitter. So I didn’t realize he was so huge cause I had never seen him from the neck down.

No. 1199540

File: 1617298177875.png (7.99 MB, 2732x3136, 62EFD9A3-DB19-45BB-80FC-6B77F2…)


same person. this is what i’m talking about. it needs to become acceptable to start naming and shaming these PREDATORS. these turd sandwiches are all over reddit and social media convincing butch/tomboy/androgynous girls that they’re trans. then they infest OLD and say they’re polyamorous lesbians. like, are they picturing themselves with a harem of young lesbians?? LOL. nah

and they’re appropriating OUR WORDS (sapphic) and OUR MYTHOLOGICAL ICONS (lilith, persephone, aphrodite)

GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. yes, i mad.

No. 1199542

Fuuck hes gonna ruin her career isnt he

No. 1199543

File: 1617298410565.jpeg (169.29 KB, 750x538, E1AC3A51-277F-4198-AB35-0EF75A…)

Mainly for ideological recruitment. See how the evidence is very sparse in their smol bean comic and the only thing they shown was a tweet to support their claims that genital mutilation and gender indoctrination magically heals transgender people. Found an article about the study and while I’m not a statistic or science wiz, I already see the problem

Just because you aren’t getting treated for a mental illness doesn’t mean they still aren’t suffering with their afflictions. I personally think the study is very flawed and needs to focus more on the evaluation of their psychological outlook rather than just basing it on them no longer getting treatments, because not being able to get mental health treatments could be affected by various things. So basically just media cherry-picking and shitty headlines, I hate this world

No. 1199546

No, in 20 years we'll just have a few thousand mutilated, mentally ill people blaming the medical establishment for "genocide" and "sterilization" and demanding gofundme reparations

No. 1199549

girl take your meds. there's no need to be this MOTI

No. 1199559

You sure the he/him is not a TIF?

No. 1199570

I doubt, he looks too biologically male like the brow ridge and jaw area, Stephanie has more of a chance of being biologically female.

No. 1199572

it’s for sure a dude. it was obvious from the other pics.

No. 1199574

I like how they understand preferences and boundaries when it’s about not wanting to interact with “terfs” but if someone were to have “individuals assigned male at birth please don’t interact” they’d get harassed off the site for being twansfwobick.

No. 1199575

Because humans are selfish. At the end of the day most people only do stuff that benefits them. Feminism benefited them when they were on the bottom. Now their upwards mobility is dependant on media attention and being champions of divisive causes. They are beyond the age of competing in sports, they will never lose their only chance to go to school scholarship to a mtf, they will never be reliant on a publicly funded rape crisis centre, they will never have their medical wait time for a mastectomy increased because of mentally ill TIFs loping off their tits. It doesn't hurt them in any way and they don't give a fuck about the other women who it will. Because it was never about all women, it was about them.

No. 1199581

File: 1617301260017.jpg (102.67 KB, 768x433, 4_Horizontal_Split_4-WAYS-copy…)


>"It is time for the long history of assaults (legislative, physical, social, and verbal) against trans women and girls to end. For far too long, lawmakers have worked to strip trans women of their civil liberties — in 2021, once again, we’ve seen a wave of bigoted governmental policies and legislation. Many of these laws target the rights of girls to play school sports or criminalize doctors for treating trans youth and their families," reads the letter.

>"These bigoted efforts are also aided by a contingent of self-identified feminists, who have been promoting damaging and violent ideas about trans people for years in the United States and internationally. Their vitriol is, in fact, not feminist at all. True feminists do not wish to limit any woman’s identity or freedom to fully be herself. Allowing transphobic rhetoric to go unchecked also strengthens the legislative efforts of anti-trans politicians — who now cloak their bigotry in language about protecting or supporting women."

>Among the signatories are Gloria Steinem, Regina King, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Chelsea Clinton, Gabrielle Union, Wanda Sykes, Kathryn Hahn, Bella Hadid, Janelle Monáe, Patricia Arquette, Laverne Cox, Julianne Moore, Brie Larson, Cynthia Erivo, Judith Light, Amy Schumer, Cara Delevingne, Lena Waithe, Sarah Paulson, Alison Brie, Alyssa Milano, Lilly Singh, Ilana Glazer, America Ferrera, Mj Rodriguez, Kat Graham, Peppermint, Tegan & Sara, Beanie Feldstein, Christina Ricci, Melissa Etheridge, Lena Dunham, Mayim Bialik, Amiyah Scott, Tatiana Maslany, Anna Wintour, among many others.

No. 1199582


Anon I'm in Canada too, though not as far east. You're describing the situation perfectly, that screenshot gave me flashbacks to the last time I downloaded HER two years ago ish. I'm bisexual so I thought it had to do with that. Apparently not.

Is anyone here Canadian/east coast and wanna try being penpals or some shit?(Blogpost)

No. 1199583


Wow. Feminism is dead. I need a drink.

No. 1199585


nvm, i’m a jerk. TiF. still don’t know why she’s on her since she identifies as “trans man” and “trans men are men”

No. 1199586

File: 1617301483233.png (137.75 KB, 1091x791, oop.PNG)

Just a heads up, tranny janny is going to multiply because admin and some mods are mad at a few farmers for dissing them on Guru Gossip.

No. 1199587

Germanine Greer was right all along, Capitalism would internally comodify feminism and destroy it from the inside and the anti feminist's wouldn't even have to lift a finger

No. 1199588

>bans GC and PP discussions on female boards
>doesn’t know when the sentiment comes from

Beyond retarded.

No. 1199589

File: 1617301776086.jpg (120.93 KB, 1308x660, 20210401_211820.jpg)

Been playing the haunted ps1 demo disc 2021 and this is the main character of one of the games. You can't see it super well but she's wearing ripped low rise jeans, a crop top and a choker and her hair is purple. I got suspicious and checked out the creators twitter and sure enough only a troon would design a character this ugly. His name is Valerie Dusk for the added keks, I bet the game character is some sort of self insert.
Another game was an obituary for a ftm who committed 41%, and at first it was sort of sweet albeit edgy but then the game proceeded to misgender her in the end kek.
Sage for skim milk.

No. 1199591

How long do you think until these threads get insta locked like the man hate threads?

No. 1199593

Huh. I thought admin was being cool about GC but I guess not.

No. 1199594

I never really watched him because I found him and his fake accent annoying as fuck, but I always really hated his makeup looks. I kept telling people he's painted like a drag queen and I couldn't believe that any woman would want to look like that. It all makes sense now.

No. 1199605

File: 1617302969552.png (174.64 KB, 480x269, FE08738D-8C5D-477E-8397-F009C8…)

No. 1199610

I think it is a joke

No. 1199613

Where did she say this? The female eunuch?

No. 1199614

Fuck all of them

No. 1199615


No. 1199616

File: 1617304022349.jpeg (161.14 KB, 611x792, 3F9BBD9A-6602-4F51-A3C7-4D1C9C…)

You forgot the worst part nonny

No. 1199618

This is an April Fools joke out of something Null posted on KF, you're all retarded

No. 1199620

Lesbians who tech, Me Too, Women's march. Damn.

No. 1199622

Anon, I think that some of them are women.

No. 1199626

File: 1617304535916.jpeg (469.92 KB, 640x962, 3233315B-AA4D-410D-AE78-7B4DE0…)

Are you sure when it’s up on the GLAAD website? Idk who those faggots are or anything but they seem like a legit organisation

No. 1199630

Sasuga admin… Sasuga.

No. 1199632

How autistic do you have to be in order to see a lowpoly 3D model, immediately think "yup, a troon is behind this" AND be right? I'm impressed, to say the least.

No. 1199639

anonita, april fools joke about the discord comment not that signing of feminists rights away.

No. 1199644

File: 1617305326452.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1125x1708, F001E102-AC53-4FC1-8724-E6C2FE…)

I was gonna think of something funny to say about this but I think the picture just speaks for itself

No. 1199646

She looks manly….

No. 1199647

Speaking of Jazz, I rewatched a couple seasons a while ago and listened to what Jazz's mom would say. Her already very old sickly father was having health problems and had surgery (I might be recalling incorrectly but I think it was open heart surgery) and Janette was crying in her confessional saying she can't accept his death or him dying or something along those lines. She, a 50 year old woman who refuses to deal with the reality/possibility of her already very sick, old , ailing father dying. I think that's a testament to her skewed delusional views about the world. The more she spoke during the seasons she would let more little snippets out about her delusions. Denying the reality of getting old is also one of them. I don't remember what she said verbatim but in gist, she said she cannot accept the fact of her parents or herself getting old.
It shocks me that a woman at her age cannot accept these simple facts of life. It is no surprise to anyone how jazz ended up the way he did. Janette is too stupid to comprehend her own families dynamics and her role and influence in mutilating her sons genitals. She herself is not attractive (debatably ugly) and awkward and is living vicariously through jazz for the lack attention she had growing up, I'm sure. Also isn't it funny how jazz's sister strongly has Jeanette's features while jazz and his brothers look exactly like their father lol. It's like their features or based on the dominant genes or something! wow who would have though. Jeanette is just a dumb lady who has no true understanding of the situation she has put her family through. A good example of a woke munchie parent. Remember how terrible Jazz's genital surgery was? THREE painful surgeries for his botched neovagina and I recall Jeanette saying she didn't want people to see the bad of getting these surgeries.

No. 1199648

Notice the emotional blackmail in the 7th panel. The implication is:

>If you don't let kids get cosmetic surgery, they'll hurt themselves

No. 1199649

That’s cause he’s a man, anon

No. 1199650

How could you post this without the comments

No. 1199651

go back to /pol/ holy shit

No. 1199652

No. 1199663

Aw, I really hoped I was just being retarded.

No. 1199664

File: 1617306224809.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 1125x1460, 6EC879BD-5D11-4410-A0B6-B5C7A7…)

They are all into abdl shit, degeneracy on top of degeneracy

No. 1199665

Social media for sure. I’m not so sure about real life though.

No. 1199669

Why is it only about trans women?

No. 1199671

>Women's march
They've always been pozzed, they had self-admitted rapist MtF Cherno Biko as a speaker at the initial 2017 event.

No. 1199672

I can’t fucking stand diaperfur trannies I want them to be systematically culled in a genocide. I can’t believe there are so many of them in the world.

No. 1199687

I just read this entire article (which got taken down from Medium, but is reuploaded luckily–reminder to save your shit gyns). It's so insane how much money is behind this agenda. Have any TRAs ever talked about let alone admitted how much money is behind "trans rights" and how it's being funded by billionaires and pharmaceutical companies? Have they acknowledged that it's odd how these organizations have millions of dollars and yet we have hardly any research on trans people? That the little research that exists and is regularly cited violates basic principles of statistics that not even an undergrad stats course would tolerate?
Long article on the funding behind the movement, it's a must-read imo:
Some highlights:
> This is a clear lie. Failure to experience puberty (and no, cross-sex hormone administration is not a ‘correct puberty’ or a puberty at all), means the gonads never mature. Immature gonads, with immature gametes are never fertile. These children will grow up to be sterile. And there is no research into what taking these hormones for fifty years or more could do to a human body, which is mentioned in the article.
> Garofalo even admits he is using children as guinea pigs:
> “I think those are the unanswered questions that really trouble me and can only be answered with long-term follow-up studies.”
> Despite his unanswered questions Garofalo marches on, giving these drugs to children, drugs that will sterilize those children.

Here's also the article debunking the trans study that is used for a TRA's argument ~90% of the time. This 'study' is basically an internet survey with a promise that they'd pick someone to win a prize out of those who filled it out. This alone already makes it a crock of shit because people were filling it out multiple times to win a prize. There's other flaws like obvious bias, leading questions–just read about it here:

No. 1199690

I can't even start to comprehend how do they find fucking diapers sexy. Like what is it? Because they imagine themselves as babies and it turns them on?

No. 1199692

File: 1617309708783.png (157.97 KB, 1357x749, gaykidssterilized.PNG)

Same anon, here's Diane Ehrensaft, one of the leading doctors on trans medical research and an advisor to AbbVie, admitting that the drug she supports will sterilize children.
What is the TRA argument against this? Why do TRAs not say anything about the movement being peddled by billionaires with a more sinister agenda (to increase pharma profits mainly)? Wouldn't this be a concern to a trans person?

No. 1199696

File: 1617310147526.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210401_134350691.j…)

Are troons on r/transpassing more delusional than the average troon? No, sirs, you don't pass and you never will.

No. 1199697

it's autopedophilia and a good portion of humiliation kink, something that most mtf trannies seem to participate in because they absolutely despise women and view us as lesser than, so they get off on the idea of being a woman as the ultimate degradation

No. 1199700

the fat one really thought slapping on some horrendous lipstick and programmer socks would make him pass huh

No. 1199701

Shame it doesn't sterilize the rapey old diaperfags instead of confused kids.
These are average troons.

No. 1199703

File: 1617310440364.png (32.07 KB, 653x364, autopedophilia.png)

sorry for the double post but here's an interesting paper on autopedophilia: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0956797616677082

No. 1199704

File: 1617310665791.jpeg (77.92 KB, 620x566, CD81CA63-2B2D-4D3D-AB06-51CA5F…)

>What is the TRA argument against this?
Um sweaty not everyone wants children. Having children or not is not the end of the world. Why are you so concerned with teenager’s reproduction? It’s creepy!

No. 1199711

Trannies in my country complain about having to be sterile in order have their sex legally changed in ID papers but are totally ok with sterilizing children. It's so bizarre

No. 1199714

absolute UNIT

No. 1199715

This is garbage on so many levels but the most salient offense is that it's SPECIFICALLY ONLY ABOUT TRANS WOMEN. God, even in their own bullshit movement they cannot prioritize or even include females! The ones who are actually at risk! FTMs are victims of domestic violence at high rates but no, it's always, always about men and their right to invade our spaces and walk all over us.

No. 1199718

>Gloria Steinem: Said the only reason women voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton was internalized misogyny, and that there's nosuch thing as white feminism.
>Selena Gomez: Worked with Eoodie Allen, despite the fact he was a known rapist and she was told repeatedly that it was a bad idea (even by her own mother).
>Chelsea Clinton: Literally a Clinton.
>Bella Hadid: Dated the Weeknd, tacitly approved of his lyrics about "fucking a lesbian/bi woman straight" by not commenting on it.
>Laverne Cox: Tranny and pedo sympathizer.
>Amy Schumer: Defended Kurt Metzger's rape jokes.
>Cara Delevigne: Copyright infringement on "The Future is Female" shirts (seems ironic).
>Alyssa Milano: "I'm trans. I'm a person of color. I'm an immigrant. I'm a lesbian. I'm a gay man. I'm the disabled. I'm everything. And so are you, Kirk."
>MJ Rodriguez: Tranny.
>Peppermint: Tranny and drag queen.
>Lena Dunham: Repeatedly sexually assaulted and abused her younger siblings, including bribing them to kiss her and look ather naked, and putting rocks in her sister's vagina when she was a baby. Claimed her solution to her own internal stigmatization of abortion was to wish she had one. Outed her sister as "queer." Friendly with known sexual abuser Terry Richardson.
>Mayim Bialik: Implied it was hurtful or traumatizing to NOT get sexually assaulted/abused while working in Hollywood.
>Amiyah Scott: Tranny.
Yassss queen, feminist iconssss.

No. 1199720

Dworkin actually gave The Transsexual Empire a positive blurb, so actually we do know otherwise

No. 1199721

….I mean, if their parents had fucked them over this way at that young an age, they would be correct in doing this.

No. 1199728

why would anyone be surprised at this, "progress" doesn't stop when something starts to personally affect you
this thread is surprised pikachu dot jpeg the movie

No. 1199730

Counterpoint on anon's behalf: is there a better reason to be moti than trying your damndest to get some irl pussy and being confronted with a dick forest

No. 1199743

Shane Dawson looks different these days

No. 1199745

lmfao anon, next thread pic please.
I literally guffawed, so well redacted.

No. 1199746

I accept a ban for blog, I always lurk:
I can't believe they'd let children and teens mutilate themselves irreversibly, when I was like 19 I used to say I never want children. I would've gotten my tubes tied. Not the case at 25. The brain does not finish maturing until a certain age, and this is not to say that being childless is a form of self harm, but it is definitely something one should decide when they are not a teen/child.
This is anecdotal, but I'd be angry if someone let me get my fertility annihilated without appropriate therapy which was what I needed.

I played with cars exclusively for a solid chunk of time as a child as well, and my mom never told me I was a boy. I dread to think of the kids like me being told they're a boy because they like the vroomvroom.
Tl;dr kids are stupid! I could tell my niece she's a helicopter and she'd push it. This is so fucking disgusting, and it becomes more disgusting as the puberty blockers destroy their lives permanently, forever. Why did we let scrotes take over parenting? Fuck this shit.

No. 1199747

File: 1617314103591.jpg (584.61 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-01-23-51-51…)

Rationalwiki seems like defends child transtition

No. 1199751

Finland, by any chance? I always used to be so confused by why they thought the whole sterilization thing was so bad, when that's just a natural consequence of (consenting adults) "transitioning". The fact so many troons don't even want to medically "transition" at all just makes the whole thing seem so much more insidious and predatory. Self ID laws are the worst cancer and I fucking hope every single country on earth fights it tooth and nail.

No. 1199754

I know right! Hell, most girls, the moment they reach puberty and have their first period, will tell you that they wished they were guys because periods hurt like a bitch on a mini scooter with spiked wheels.
Does that make them trannies? Of course not, they just want their pain to go away, but nowadays I’m sure that counts as wanting to troon out because that would be “gundur desphurya”.

No. 1199759

>All in Nova Scotia
Of course. How is the troon population so high with the overall population so low to start with? Blows my mind every time

No. 1199778


yep. when i was a kid i dressed like a boy and cried because my parents refused to call me oswald. turns out i was just really, really gay. turning kids into trannies is just gay conversion therapy/eugenics. change my view.

No. 1199787

Most 21st Century versions of the female Euunchs have this

No. 1199789

To anons concerned about why people are letting children transition it's the simple result of media covering up the real truth of what it can do to children's bodies. People don't know the truth and some of them, particularly those who are online will dismiss any evidence against it as propaganda, similar to anti-LGB propaganda. As pessimistic as I think a lot of anons are I think it's a reach to think that most people are okay with a child being handicapped for life without a say in the matter.

I've only had success in this realm by painting these troons as victims, now - of course the children are but what I mean is instead of painting adult troons who push it in a bad light I'm like 'oh the establishment is bad' or 'big pharma bad' or whatever. People will not accept any facts if it supports the idea that troons are perpetrators or predators and not victims. However by doing this with other issues I've managed to, over time, get some to a point where they're in a more ready state to change their mind. But it's not always a guarantee.

The sickest and most vile thing of all that about these series of events isn't even what takes place in and of itself, but the fact that people will turn a blind eye to the truth if believing it is INCONVENIENT. A mere inconvenience!
Although I don't expect any of these libfems or TRAs to hold themselves accountable for not gatekeeping sensitive medical access to children, at least when the clock finally runs out for these poor god damn kids, I can fucking sleep at night.

No. 1199792

Has anyone seen pics of the surgery where they turn a tranny's ballsack into a pustulating neovag hole but leave the dick?(emojis)

No. 1199797

I remember watching a few of his videos long ago because I kept hearing about him and I suspected something because of his voice, face without makeup and how he looked next to his female guests. But as soon as I thought he was a tranny and saw so many chubby or fat girls saying they related to him my first thought was that it's was rude of me to think that and that maybe he's just an exceptionally mannish and ugly woman. I was shocked that I was right all along when he came out.

No. 1199798

>and my wife mentioned that not all girls have vaginas and not all boys have penises

Ok so she baited her child by straight up lying, she wanted to transition him but needed for him to id as a girl. Kids don't know any better, if they see other girls wearing what they wear and you also tell them not all girls have vaginas, of course they're going to say they're girls! What did they think he was going to go "no mom actually I'm just a boy who likes feminine things"

I guess having a gnc kid is not as cool as a trans one. She should've never procreated

No. 1199820

File: 1617320719245.png (94.08 KB, 779x879, Capture.PNG)

BBC just published an article about evidence for puberty blockers being "very low," glad to see this being covered https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56601386

No. 1199828

No, but you clearly have and this is an imageboard, so why even mention it without posting the pics yourself?

No. 1199832

what's so funny lol, men get off on colonizing womanhood and our spaces

not surprising but disappointing. unfortunately Steinem is a traitor and has been one for a long time

No. 1199837

File: 1617322304806.png (Spoiler Image,568.67 KB, 405x798, why.PNG)


I wasn't sure if pics like this are allowed, but if you insist.

Warning: do not click or view image unless you want to see what a phalgina is. More pics at source.


No. 1199838

How the fuck does liking hula skirts in a cartoon and long hair mean you're a female? The parents of "trans" kids all sound like morons with the way they "determine" gender.

No. 1199842

>Nothing makes me feel more feminine than checks notes spousal abuse and violence

No. 1199844

Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why would you do this to a healthy human body.

No. 1199845

I don't know the ratio of lesbians here who have been out for a long time (or always knew they were lesbians) vs lesbians who are recently out (or just realized they were lesbians), but I want to confirm to the older generations right now that being a baby gay is currently a fucking nightmare. If you're butch or a tomboy, they try to trans you. If you're a femme, congrats! You're their target for a sexual relationship. It's next to impossible to find places to explore your identity, as well, especially if you have sex based trauma. And with how (reasonably) defensive lesbians are of their terms and spaces during all this transbian shit, it's hard not to feel like an intruder in a space you already feel is under attack. The effects on young lesbians are devastating. All the ones in my peer group are jumping ship, saying they're asexual, bisexual, or some flavor of trans, when it's clear they're just lesbians who have been worn down to the point of bending their boundaries or giving up altogether.

No. 1199846

Ugh I fucking love Slatz.
Low key suspect she’s a farmer or at least a lurker. Keep em coming girl you’re doing the lord’s work

No. 1199854

File: 1617323924696.jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_03_20_16_58_03_004.jpg)

oh hey, it's This Princess!

No. 1199865

What does he talk of himself in the third person? Is this some kind of severe autism? Princesses aren't supossed to be 40 years old men with a deathfat fetish

No. 1199872

Sage for blog posting, but I was wrongly under the impression that puberty blockers were harmless until I did my own research. Are there other mom-anons on here with sons who are really fucking concerned about this? What do you even do when the medical industry says your kid will kill themselves if you don't medically transition them and their peers will tell them their concerned parents are terrible bigots? I feel like there's nowhere to turn in this new world order. Like wtf do we even do?

No. 1199876

how can a doctor do this to someone and think that person is healthy omg

No. 1199878

File: 1617326133268.gif (3.47 MB, 498x280, well who needed eyes anyway.gi…)

There's nothing to say. There's nothing to say.
There's nothing to say. There's nothing to say.
This is a crime against humanity made flesh.(namefag)

No. 1199887

This is the dumbest shit. I wore princess dresses and hot wheels pajamas and played with tonka trucks and guess what, I’m still a fucking female. Just a female that likes trucks? “Our child doesn’t like blue so he’s obviously a she”
Or kids like everything. And they are easily moldable…they want to please the parents.
A child I babysat wanted to be a “fire truck” when he grew up.
So is it cruel that we dont look into a surgery to add wheels to his body and make him a transformer?
This makes my blood boil sorry kek

No. 1199890

No clue if this is the reason, but referring to oneself in the third person is a Japanese linguistic quirk of very young kids or people who are really immature/"cutesy".

No. 1199891

I think it's just the male autism anon

No. 1199892

Nah, I can definitely see it being an anime inspired autopedophilia thing. The brain damage helps, though.

No. 1199894

Hahahaha jesus we truly are back in the dark ages. Feeling so bitter.

No. 1199901

File: 1617328519753.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1504x665, MBLOL.png)

Here is Matthew Bischoff, a co-owner of the hip NYC company "lickability" who is "non-binary".

The thing is he has an extremely easily found, graphic kink twitter that he doesn't hide from his work twitter. Seems like a future sexual harassment case to me.

His wife is a "sex posi" blogger who makes money writing about pissing all over his face. They also do porn together, and write cock cage reviews while running his tech company. #bossbabes

They did some kink scene where she dominated him and forced him to make calls for Biden.

His lipstick really brings out his nethanderal eyebrows.

No. 1199908

ngl I thought he and his wife were the same person in and out of makeup.

No. 1199911


:( I'm older and I feel you sooo much. It's tragic how quickly the community has been taken oven. I checked out actuallesbians the other day for the first time in a few years and it's so clearly all just men with lesbian fetishes, it makes me feel sick to see all our special lingo and inside jokes being used by perverts. It's heartbreaking that you younger girls will never experience the loving and supportive community there used to be. There's nowhere to even talk about this without being banned. I've been pushing back more irl lately and making my radfem views known for the sake of baby gays, we need to protect you and we're not doing well enough.

No. 1199923

wow. the trans cult appears to have absorbed so many of the bme communities. of course it has nothing to do with kink/fetish. body modification (mutilation) is for sane people.

we dont let kids get tattoos for a reason. in my country you can not get vanity plastic surgery unless over 18. successful schools have dress code and appearance guidelines (natural hair, modest earrings, no makeup, no facial hair and so on) which may have started out oppressive and religious based, allows kids to be kids without the complications that comes with alternatives in an educational setting.

the decision to mutilate and poison yourself should be a universal right once you reach 18-21. children grow up in religious cults and leave it when they get the choice. they may need some help with trauma but they are not sterile or missing genitals or physically handicapped due to a lack of puberty.

No. 1199925

File: 1617330162020.jpg (66.28 KB, 620x465, dentistreccomendedL.jpg)

lately I've been thinking about all this trans shit, and the way medical professionals are behind it, and I've been also thinking about how medical professionals once recommended smoking. Nowadays, it's generally accepted that they did it from pressure from big tobacco, but of course, its simply unthinkable that big pharma, which is the 21st century big tobacco, would do the same thing. No way these respectable medical professionals would choose money over peoples health!

My grandfather and great grandfather were in the tobacco industry. If they were somehow alive today, they'd probably laugh at the tactics not changing.

No. 1199927

i personally feel that if you choose to transition, the costs should be on you. not the healthcare system, not tax payers, not insurance. See how many people really want to fuck themselves over once it's not a free attention grab. see how many organisations will be willing to pay to support the trans community if they are funding the surgeries and treatment and long term insurance of post op

No. 1199930

Honestly the fact that women talk about this at all is more than I could ask for from them, especially more marginalized women like lesbians or black women. Reading your words here and having the information documented means so much to me, and I'm sure plenty of other young women and girls.

If I can give a positive to counter the negative, most TRAs and handmaidens I meet are older than me, and the ones who are younger are trans. The young trans admit to me that they were groomed before coming out. A lot of (non trans) younger people are very receptive when I tell them about my repeat experiences with TRAs. A lot of people my age are crypto GC. I don't think the momentum of all this craziness can keep up. The archived information you ladies have will definitely be valuable when this all explodes at least.

No. 1199945

File: 1617332090682.png (33.52 KB, 300x309, 862710477.png)

I'll rightfully take my ban on this one:

>Entire childhood be tomboy

>All male interests, all male friends
>Pretend to be a boy online starting in 2003ish (this, at least for me, was prior to all the trans shit online; it was still fairly unheard of as a concept)
>Body dysphoria, eating disorder, change name at 14 to something masculine, multiple suicide attempts
>All of my friends know and refer to me with male pronouns
>Consider self lesbian (or "straight guy"), date exclusively women
>Emo/scene is in style so use its ambiguity+lack of public knowledge of "trans" to "pass" better (prob just looked like the average fakeboi though)
>years of therapy/psychiatrist-psychologist visits
>Always boils down to that I want hormones, always told to wait because age
>Finally 18, believe this is what I want, get put on testosterone, "come out" to family
>Live for next 4-5 years as "male", work in retail/with public and "pass", effects of test are strong - full beard growth, deep voice
>Trans movement starts coming to attention more at this time, want nothing to with it, just want to "live my life as a man"
>One of those who think people who want to identify as trans aren't "true trans", but still believe trans is a mental illness that just happens to have no current known treatment outside of transitioning, and that it "worked" for me
>One day woke up and just kind of "snapped out" of it, realizing I didn't want this
>Want to date men, realize I'm not actually a lesbian nor attracted to females - I'm attracted to hetero normative relationships and my desire to be with women came from wanting to present as a male
>Try being "gay male" and have the usual tale regret of "no one really wants someone whose 'inbetween'".
>eventually "detransition"
>get diagnosed with PD, work on it+ my body dysphoria, and have lived a normal life as a het female with multiple normal long term relationships with men
>still have to live with the harsh effects of using testosterone, voice, clit, body hair will never reverse
>incredibly lucky my ability to conceive wasn't permanently ruined

I feel nothing but immense embarrassment/regret, and I wasn't even groomed or supported by social media or peers like current day youth are. I cannot fucking imagine if I'd gotten surgery or been put on puberty blockers or allowed hormones at an earlier age. I already hide this history and avoid the topic with my family out of pure shame, I 100% would have killed myself if I'd done more than hormones. I wish so much I'd listened to the shrinks trying to gently suggest maybe I should explore/work on my mental health in other areas, but because part of my mental illness was full denial/delusion that I did not have a PD/this "gender dysphoria" was my "real problem", I rejected it and pushed on with this fucking horrible mistake.

I cannot begin to fathom how horrible it's going to be for all these youth or woke "transtrenders" and other mentally ill or non conforming individuals being convinced this is the right choice. Holy fuck. I struggled with suicidal ideation over just what test did to my body for YEARS, and still hate it, just have learned healthy coping mechanisms/come to terms with the consequences of my past choices. I know you don't need first hand experience to come to the conclusion we've all come to, but pushing this trans shit will 100% lead to many suicides post transition, if the health complications don't kill them first.

Absolutely fucking DISGUSTING there are people allowing, pushing and wanting this for anyone, yet alone underdeveloped, mentally ill youth.
In my scenario I have no one to blame but myself because there was reasonable gatekeeping, but that this is accepted at all as an option for anyone is fucking crazy. You don't let cis women or cis men legally take the kind of hormones that are given to transgenders because of the potential health issues/complications they can cause, and you'd look at anyone who wanted bottom surgery rightfully like a fucking psycho. It's INSANE it's come to be something that some people can actually see as NORMAL and NECESSARY, holy FUCK.

GODDAMN I hate these fucking retards and even in the face of stories like mine or people who did kill themselves post-transition, they'll likely try to delude themselves into believing these are just not "true trans" as I did. How the actual fuck is this not viewed for what it is: severe mental illness, and how the fuck did people come to the conclusion THIS NUTSO SHIT was how to treat it?

This makes me so angry. Even if you only hate this trans shit for the incel types targeting lesbians, women, etc, there's still so much reason to be against the "I want to live my life and quietly pass" concept too. Even if "true trans" exists these ARE NOT REASONABLE CHOICES/TREATMENTS compared to living "with gender dysphoria". I can't. I just can't. I hate read this thread so much. I'm so happy to have it and know you all exist and are against this garbage.

(Gonna shut the fuck up now and report my own post).

No. 1199957

File: 1617333629517.gif (405.47 KB, 220x193, plsnobanher.gif)

No. 1199958

Tbh I’m glad you shared this anon. I don’t have much to say except 1) I hope you live your life as happily and authentically as possible whatever that looks like, and 2) that no matter what anyone tells you, your detransition is a truth worth telling, and you’ll never be the bad guy for doing so.

No. 1199959

Bottom left looks like he has experience crashing planes with no survivors.

No. 1199961

Your post is a little look into the future for many women, I think. Surprising you even changed sexuality, it goes to show making permanent decisions based on how you feel as a child or teenager is not the thing and shouldn't be pushed as the ideal option.
How can we talk about how brains don't develop fully until 25 as accepted science but then push permanent surgery on teenagers because science. It's absolutely just like what this anon says >>1199925

No. 1199962

Glad you’re doing better, anon!

No. 1199963

File: 1617333842206.jpg (45.1 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_73137665-stock-p…)

Imagine being a trancel so autistic you actually think lesbians are infatuated with dick when even straight women don't care for it that much. And that's normie male dick, not some fetid crotch udder of a diaper shitting troon. I too would want to off myself from just stepping outside if I harbored delusions this retarded. Holy fucking shit.

Like, literally the best way to make a STRAIGHT woman's vag shed dandruff from dryness is sending her a dick pic. What kind of exceptional shitsped thinks a LESBIAN would be interested in a dropped hotdog? This is fucking sending me, troons truly are more male than cis men.

No. 1199968

i'm sorry but the description of autopedophilia here is incorrect? At least for me, autopedophilia is a gross symptom of my cptsd and i am NOT attracted to children, it's just a maladpative way by which i'm able to reach sexual arousal. sage for ot(blog)

No. 1199972

Thanks for the blog anon, it's awful but there's going to be a flood of similar detrans stories in the coming years. All we can hope for is that they're allowed to be open about their experiences and aren't silenced like so many are now. idc about the transbians and hope they suffer with their neovaginas forever, but the thought of young women permanently altering their healthy bodies over a temporary mental health issue is absolute nightmare fuel.

No. 1199973

thank you for sharing, it's tough summarizing a traumatic experience and what you have been through is hell. it takes guts to recount even when anon.

No. 1199977

>best way to make a STRAIGHT woman's vag shed dandruff from dryness

No. 1199980

ever notice how a lot of the sex positive freaks have the bad dragon toys that are modeled off real/fantasy/scifi "dicks". they have a long way to go before they convince me (never) that people want trans dicks when the most "vocal/positive/proud/brave" trans sex workers are sucking a rubber horse cock while sitting on a rubber dragon cock and being promoted as healthy examples

No. 1199985

To be fair to Bad Dragon dildos, they don't come with the annoying man attached, so I can see how people would prefer them.

No. 1199991

but girl dick has an annoying man attached

No. 1199993

I tried to hang myself not even two weeks ago but the clasp on the purse strap broke and I gave up
thank you, I think this time I can actually do it.

No. 1199999

it's literally april fools day, anon

No. 1200000

It wouldn't surprise me if she's a lurker. A lot of the people I follow who are critical of this shit and of woke politics are versed in imageboard culture to some extent, some more than others.

No. 1200003

They’re all just a bunch of fucking frankensteins.

No. 1200006

holy shit what is the source for that Alok Sharma quote? that's disgusting!

No. 1200008

A little essay he wrote on Facebook. https://www.sausageroll.com.au/tech/twitter-defends-gross-little-girls-are-kinky-tweet-by-alok-vaid-menon/

This rad fem on Youtube talks about it. Wonder how long her channel will stay up.

No. 1200010

Do you have any idea what made you just "snap out it"? I'm truly curious

No. 1200013

File: 1617338833162.png (457.13 KB, 795x1280, e01ef43ea5d7e7075fedf9f66b744f…)

That comic.
>source: just trust me

Also cryptoterf here who is also a content creator.

No. 1200014

ahh I wish there was a screengrab of the presmably deleted tweet.

No. 1200019

does she have a twitter?

No. 1200027

File: 1617339747935.jpeg (1.05 MB, 970x1304, D5D7D19D-5199-442F-8E97-45BD4B…)

Also blog posting because I enjoyed anon’s story and I want to read more from ppl.

> be me, 6 years old, 25 years ago, no such thing as transgender

> hate wearing dresses and having long hair
> cry until allowed to wear boy clothes and cut hair short
> obsessed with bugs, sea creatures, and weather
> can’t socialize or bond with girls
> be 10, gifted in science, no social life, computer obsession
> no friends, still nothing in common with girls
> parents send to special school because “troubled” lol
> mfw it’s an all boy’s private school
> be 16 in co-ed public high school
> hate self, dress like boy w short hair, ask for boy’s name
> no friends, spend all day on WoW, /b/, and /r9k/
> still pretty much no such thing as being trans other than traps, no tranny women
> dysphoria, hate boobs, become bulimic
> don’t feel like a boy inside but 100% masculine
> attempt to 41%
> grow up to be super weird but feminine
> be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome
> tfw ur not trans, just an autist

If I had been born 5 years ago I’d be transitioning now if it were up to some of these parents lmao. Autistic girls are the group most likely to be trans and most likely to desist transition. It’s child abuse.

No. 1200028


I had to look to see, but she doesn't. Found a thread on mumsnet saying she was kicked off Twitter, naturally. She's in another video here, and she has a Patreon.

No. 1200030

the reddit MtF sub has an as expected warped sense of self affirmation. anything considered not 100% showing how cool trans are is downvoted. retarded posts about shaving man legs, first wig, being fat are all pozzed to fuck and the circle jerk continues. seeing the contrast between pro and con posts is just another reason they don't see both of the story.

leaky dicked fetishists

No. 1200031

I unironically love you for sharing this

No. 1200032

File: 1617339924268.gif (1.39 MB, 400x169, download.gif)

No. 1200033

makes sense. reddit is neolib central, ofc they love trannys.

No. 1200036

this is very rude anon, don't you know that not babying troons on every platform is literal violence?

No. 1200040

File: 1617340916821.jpeg (34.57 KB, 480x480, C283207F-E2F2-436D-8BC6-5958CE…)

No. 1200042

File: 1617341083056.jpg (44.64 KB, 750x754, 165670281_281476163536512_5294…)

what is the logic here? how does this make any sense?

No. 1200044

>thinking troons apply logic to any of their positions

No. 1200045

I swear TRAs and Trannies are just doing a huge “fake it ‘till you make it” move, if they constantly spew shit, people will start believing it because they will have a solid echo chamber full of retarded takes with the amazing source of
>dude, trust me

No. 1200047

Only ebul whitey colonizers are capable of doing such cruel things in the eyes of the woke. Even though, as has been discussed many times here, many cultures had rigid gender roles and homophobia long before the huwhites came along.

No. 1200056

Historically you would just fuck a cross-dressing homosexual in the ass or imprison/kill/commit them. Not limited to the evil whites. even the glorified "two spirit" crap is best summarised with the accepted 3 genders at the time. Male

No. 1200065

No logic, just an ongoing strategy to equate any dissent with racism to make it seem more evil than it is.

No. 1200067

Thank you anon, I like this lady and have subscribed to her channel.

No. 1200071

File: 1617343720657.jpg (115.41 KB, 520x881, estrogenexistedoutsideofwester…)

They fully believe that too

No. 1200083

Who could forget the glorious pre colonial time when the anglos viewed the mentally ill people of colour as possible angels from heaven.

No. 1200085

Angels aren't trannies they're sexless and genderless. The cope

No. 1200089

I honestly believe validation on social media is a big contributor to people trooning out. There are studies showing how getting likes can be addicting because it activates so many feel good chemicals in our brains. I quarantee you if these men in wigs weren't getting any likes they'd stop transitioning. Imagine going from being an universally hated, sweaty neckbeard incel to a yaasss queen slayy "woman" with hundreds, thousands of likes on their grainy selfies and it's not hard to see why they do it. Plus autogynephilia.

No. 1200090

I'm from a country that had these mythical "third gendered" people and they were literally just the gay eunuch servants of Muslim Sultans harem and that's it, some could end up becoming advisors but those cases were very rare

No. 1200093

The screenshot specifically talks about autopedophilia in men who are attracted to children, not autopedophilia in general, but most importantly: Why the fuck would you even want to/try to become sexually aroused if you need to resort to autopedophilia to get there? Sage for off topic, but wtf.

No. 1200105

It’s that plus a way for white dudes to join the privilege olympics

No. 1200107

Bingo. They don't want to have to acknowledge the privilege and higher socioeconomic status they'll have in life as white men compared to their peers, and they see "transitioning" as a convenient escape from that. This is also part of the reason why TiMs can't just pretend to be oppressed, but feel compelled to pretend they're the most oppressed group in the entire world and in all of human history, to further distance themselves from their material circumstances and the objectively worse material circumstances of the women, people of color, and/or other people within marginalized groups around them, lest those people realize that a white man is claiming to face more oppression than them.

No. 1200108

the black trans in a wheelchair beats them all so no point playing

No. 1200110

File: 1617349295356.png (18.64 KB, 582x142, tdh556567.PNG)

the tranny freakshows are surprised that their little hashtags and slogans are nothing but a way for woke liberals to be performative and get tranny back pats for looking like they care without having to do any work. and the ultimate horror, people aren't going to fund your entire existence just because putting on a dress makes your peepee hard.

No. 1200112

Partly I think it’s also just an infectious meme, like suicidal tendencies or mass hysteria . The more people are exposed to it the more it sips into their brain. They don’t pop up naturally, they always come out of communities with tons of troons already, forming those bubbles of statistical improbability where half the users eventually troon out

No. 1200113

bradley manning is a great example of a troon being trustworthy and sane, not at all an attention seeking holier than thou cunt.

"former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents."

No. 1200114

File: 1617349636819.jpg (79.69 KB, 640x640, IMG_2936.JPG)

this is so fucking ridiculous. what the hell do they want? was invading and destroying every safe space for women not enough? not even grooming and castrating children? do they all want disability checks just for being "born in the wrong body"? you did this to yourself why beg for pity and free shit constantly on twitter dot com

No. 1200119

manning is the biggest bitch boy around. dude made himself a martyr and willingly accepted criminal charges so he’d be a free speech hero. and then tries to go to canada who rejects him bc of his criminal record and he cries victim.

No. 1200122

NTA, as I think most people would agree he's a good person who did very commendable things, but that doesn't explain or justify the troonery.

No. 1200128

the wikileaks shit was based but it's like he wants to be the most ostracized human on earth with his troonery lmao

No. 1200129

I think there is a difference between doing a good thing and selling out your country
he put people at risk while in a position of trust by leaking matters of national security. He didn't read all of what he sent to wikileaks, he had no exact way of knowing who he was fucking over.
none of his decisions were altruistic, he was an opportunist. still is.
the fines for doing this in business are way higher, because money.

No. 1200130

File: 1617352406294.jpg (59.08 KB, 728x547, 1046bb6b68785794abf90066f231a1…)

kek thank you anon I think of Bradley Manning as the ultimate malignant narcissist troon, when you join the military you are sworn to your duty, it's not just whistleblowing the NSA. He's lucky he wasn't hung for treason for embarrassing the USA and western allies with extremely petty shit leaks. And trust that it wasn't some virtuous act, look at how he is now. suicide-baiting, just in general being a pissy little bitch. Chad Snowden vs Virgin Manning all day.

No. 1200131

….what the fuck is he wearing? did he finish jacking off and decided he deserved some asspats? kek

No. 1200134

not high enough

No. 1200136

I remember when I first heard of "Chelsea Manning" and the milk my thought was "Huh, this doesn't sound female at all, this sounds like entitled reckless male socialized behavior". Wasn't really surprised to learn that it's a man, baby. What he did wasn't noble at all and placed the lives of many lives in serious danger, even getting some most likely killed, and he was rightfully jailed. He didn't even fucking know what documents he was leaking, he just did it to get attention. A stupid bitch all around and I hate how people treat him as some virtuous freedom of speech warrior.

No. 1200141

if we can be completely honest, when you join any military the world over, you know what your role is. you do as you are fucking told. you forgo freedom of choice and follow the chain of command.
if he didn't hit the trans panic button, he would be either dead for treason or living out the rest of his life in a military prison.

No. 1200142

same anon but i wanted to be called fred. imagine if my parents mutilated my genitals bc of too much scooby doo

No. 1200144

No. 1200149

suicide baiters are scum

No. 1200152

Sage for blogpost. I'd always had doubts about the trans movement but these threads peaked me. My sister and I both used to insist we were boys. We were tomboys with sexual trauma. If this happened 15 years later we'd be pumped full of testosterone instead of getting mental health treatment. It's terrifying that if a little boy wants to wear a dress some of these retards would decide he needs to transition. Kids doing kid stuff. All these woke parents are abusing their children.

No. 1200165

File: 1617358298371.jpg (95.86 KB, 736x503, trannymad.JPG)

tranny jenny is mad because their twans community is being hijacked by people who are not twans enough. Also complaining that every time they make a new space for themselves, it get occupied by those people as well. IMAGINE the horror!!1


No. 1200167

File: 1617358499464.jpg (83.14 KB, 828x862, ba12d02d-65e3-5649-9659-1171da…)

I used to think up until I was 8 that I could transform into a dog, my nephew belives that babies magically come to Hospitals cause that's what his parents have told him

Kids are dumb alright

No. 1200168

wow thats crazy, imagine someone you have nothing in common with trying to hijack your gender identity when they are not your gender at all by simply giving themselves a new name and new pronouns

crazy, can't even imagine what that's fucking like

No. 1200169

white people are the most tolerant of this bullshit, try being a troon in Africa, China or Russia and see how that works out for you.

Black people and hispanics are the reason someone like Bernie can never be president, cause they don't vote for gay rights or troon rights.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200170

As a Pakistani I have actually met people(white and non-white) who claim India and Pakistans Homophobia are all due to British law and colonialism, like there's a lot of things that the English made worse during colonialism but homophobia was not one of then

No. 1200173

File: 1617359313449.png (667.8 KB, 480x700, DragonZombie-SBLS-EN-C-1E.png)


I wanted to be a zombie dragon from yu gi oh for a couple of months as an autistic 6y old.

No. 1200174

File: 1617359408884.jpg (65.79 KB, 750x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

>I don't share a similar identity, journey, or struggles as a he/they Tik-Tok demi-boy who isn't medically transitioning or doing anything to "transition" beyond choosing new pronouns and changing his name to Dylan.

But my dear Transgender Woman™, isn't someone's "gender identity" just whatever they feel like it is? A person is a woman if they "feel like a woman", right? According to what you preach, isn't "Dylan" is a man solely by virtue of "feeling" like one?

It's hilarious to watch trannies run into the inherent contradictions of their ideology.

No. 1200176

"it feels like we're constantly required to share spaces with people who have nothing in common with us"
that's how it feels to hang out with trannies. even people who haven't peaked feel this way. you talk about being a woman and a TIF has to declare how she doesn't understand women and could never be one (kek). a TIM will take whatever you're saying about womanhood and twist it beyond parody.

tranny jessy is so close to being self aware.

No. 1200188

if this is true anon I love you

No. 1200191

File: 1617361555421.jpeg (840.63 KB, 1220x1240, D0EEDA6D-12AD-4532-ADD9-913389…)

No. 1200193

>I'm from San Francisco
>I live in LA

I seriously think California and especially Los Angeles degeneracy is largely to blame for the downfall of society.

No. 1200194


kill yourselves newfags.

its satire based on the classic null meltdown, april 1st.

>I really, really, really hate people who crosspost on The Onion Farms and The Kiwi Farms.

>Kill yourselves.

>We're at a time when the community is shattered, and you assholes can't do anything except run away. It isn't the newfags from 2019 and 2020, either. Users with accounts all the way back on 2015 are posting on Onion Farms and its absolutely insulting. All I've done for this community, All I've suffered through to provide this website in the face of terrorists and vexatious litigants, and you'd abandon it for a website from Kengle.

>I don't know where this "anti-Null" sentiment has come from, but its a disease that needs to be squashed. People calling me a pedophile with no evidence whatsoever can get their way because you retards eat everything up without a hint of critical thinking, and that's honestly, truly baffling for a website like The Kiwi Farms.


inb4 newfags report me for hate speech

No. 1200196

File: 1617362560374.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1126x1798, B2C12A16-6D4E-475F-9C09-81C12D…)

>man in his 20s grooming vulnerable 15 years old girls
I’m shocked and appalled.

No. 1200197

I think they have the numbers but as far as % of population, delaware is apparently the highest rate of trans to normal functional people in the USA

No. 1200204

File: 1617363098092.jpeg (447.96 KB, 1208x759, D9DA4E64-0B7D-4FFA-BE3D-A7F134…)

Last one, but it’s hilarious how half of the posts in this sub are about sexual predators and pedophiles.

No. 1200207

Delaware doesn't produce mass media to brainwash the US and the rest of the world tho.

No. 1200208

funny thing is. i know i can’t speak for all lesbians but i’m penis repulsed. everything i own is non-realistic.

a strap might = a dick in troons and straight men’s heads. but it’s not a dick and it’s not attached to the woman who’s using it. that’s the difference.

No. 1200211

Yeah dildos are shaped like the inside of a vagina. Tbh I also don't know any women, even straight, that own realistic dildos. I bet there are some who love them but honestly don't know any. It's always pink or purple smooth stick. Men are just obsessed with their dicks. To them, everything vaguely long = dick.

No. 1200214

didn’t he also brag about “punching a dyke”

No. 1200215

>share spaces with nothing common with us other than some technical similarity
Says the man who thinks that being sexually submissive or wearing specific clothes makes him a woman.

No. 1200217

next time read the headline of the paper first pedochan, it specifically says the study was conducted on men sexually attracted to children

No. 1200218

pretty sure thats just a rumour

No. 1200220

He did brag about it in a chat log that was released, no idea if it's actually true though.

No. 1200227

lol i didnt even notice the socks at first. hes fucking contorting himself to get in the shot. incredible

No. 1200228


Sage for blogpost. Longtime lurker here. Your story sounds familiar.

As a child I was really into pink and princess stuff.
But when I hit puberty 23 years ago I couldn't cope with growing breasts and having periods.
I wanted to have my breasts removed and my uterus removed. As well as my vagina stitched up.
I didn't want to be female anymore, but also didn't want to be male.

My parents send me to a psychiatry and after years of therapy, medication and suicide attempts it turned out I am autistic.
Because of my autisme I cannot cope with big changes. My body changing because of puberty triggered my autism hard. Also males who suddenly showed interest in me because of my female body, while before having breast I was just unnoticable, really fucked up my mental health. I felt dirty because of it.

I am so happy the options of having a masectomy wasn't possible then. Nonbinary or trans just didn't exist.
I am a happy normal female now and I'm glad I didn't mutilate my body!

No. 1200231

These honestly just read like Resident Evil horror diaries to me.

No. 1200233

Fellow peaked detransitioner here for my ban.Saged for blogpost.
>Be tomboy most of childhood, although pushed feminine because extremely conservative parents
>Go to college super young
>Meet LGBT people for the first time but mostly fakebois
>Already have dysmorphia and depression
>Come out online and to friends
>Get diagnosed as autistic but parents convinced I wasn't, decide I am not
>Decide to go on T at 18 and be a tru trans, lose family because of it
>Get masectomy
>Realize I'm just an autistic lesbian
>Having to publically detrans, family still doesn't accept me because I'm a lesbian
>Peak shortly after

I lost a lot of trans friends in the process, even prior to peaking. Especially because a lot of people viewed me as a "true trans." I've found a lot of lesbians do secretly hold gender critical views at least, even if they won't say it out loud.

No. 1200243

lol she's cia anyway

No. 1200244

I hope you get adult SIDS

No. 1200245

File: 1617369176460.png (130.02 KB, 460x460, EtZ8ticXAAII8BP.png)

Stop blogposting about your not-like-other-girls bullshit life stories. Nobody gives a fuck. You are cringe and autistic.

No. 1200247

>No hormones
Is not a "boy's puberty"
Fucking retards.

No. 1200250

They are gc detransitioners, let them speak.

No. 1200251

anon i spent like a half hour trying to find this OP, thank u

No. 1200252

>This object is a cylinder. Women use these shapes to achieve sexual gratification.
>My dick is also a cylinder.
>There is no reason for women to refuse my dick for gaining sexual pleasure because it is the same shape.

Male logic. It’s a wonder how we manage to pass the cucumbers without losing our minds.

No. 1200254

NTA but this isn't even the FtM thread, this is a thread to discuss/laugh at MtF. The problem is whenever someone posts anything with blog elements, all ex-aidens feel like they must contribute. Yeah, a lot of us autistic women fall/would have fallen for gender ideology bullshit, doesn't mean we need 10+ nearly identical lifestories posted. Go and connect somewhere else.

No. 1200259

>because they absolutely despise women and view us as lesser than, so they get off on the idea of being a woman as the ultimate degradation

I think you are very right about this. I saw a clip from that Old Spice black man talking about how a lot of men don't see women as "fully human" and see us as something that exists soley to please them, like NPCs in a video game kind of.

Its a valid theory that especially porn addicted men view women as something to be degraded, that kind of porn is very popular.
Trannies are all coomers who watch a lot of porn and at some point you need to watch more and more fucked up shit to get off so their ultimate coom is to be the woman who gets degraded.

I think that porn is really dangerous to our society because it really teaches men awful things about how they should view women and it is only enforced when they then can not find a girlfriend (cause no woman wants a degenerate coomer) thats how you get incels and troons.
Plus anime also enforces this, the women in anime do not act at all like women, they are all vapid bimbos

No. 1200262

No. Nobody cares about your mental illness. This thread is about mtf trannies.

I really fucking hate tomboys who think "Not being like other girls" is a personality. Congrats you thought you were a man cause you didn't like pink. Clearly you haven't gotten over it yet cause you still think the world cares.

No. 1200264

He only talks about other TiMs in his post, so it's a man in his 20's grooming teenage boys.

Sorry that supporting vulnerable women who've been effected by the kind of sexist line of thinking involved in TRA shit interrupts the flow of your hate reading.

No. 1200273

File: 1617373359022.jpg (125.49 KB, 2400x1800, TkHYkFo.jpg)

a new season of top model is airing in my country right now and one of the most popular contestants is picrel. there are fans who say "she" should win because "she" would be the first "woman" with a past to win the show. i guess actual adult human females don't have any background stories and are underdeveloped NPCs.

also his voice is grating as fuck and it's so obvious that he's a man but everyone pretended to be shook when he came out to the other contestants. they really do anything to coddle the most clockable scrotes.

No. 1200274

where do they get the idea that trooning out means they should life a work free life where everything is handed to them.

like i remember the first go fund mes from teens were at least just asking for enough for first months rent cause their parents kicked them out. it was still ebegging but it wasn’t demanding grands to get bolt ons.

No. 1200277

>Sorry that supporting vulnerable women who've been effected by the kind of sexist line of thinking involved in TRA shit interrupts the flow of your hate reading.

Apology accepted, just don't do it again.

No. 1200280

Literally wasn't even one of the ones who told a story, but go off I guess.

No. 1200286

I'm not even of the detrans anons, I just support them. Fuck misogynists.

No. 1200288

This is such a minor point but it makes me so sad. I study ancient history. Some of the most skilled military groups were identified by their penchant for having long hair.

Likewise, captivating women often had short hair. Some of those elaborate hairstyles seen on ancient statues were accomplished with wigs.

I wish we could get away from gender stereotypes, but we as a society are falling into nasty categories and teaching kids that liking pink means you're a girl. Nauseating.

No. 1200290

I sincerely hope the general consensus in this thread is "I live women more than I hate trannies," rather than the opposite. If it's not, we're doomed to self-destruct.

No. 1200294

It's not kek, most of the tranny haters ITT are also disgusting misogynists. But hey, it's lolcow, don't expect anything more than bottom of the barrel handmaidens.

No. 1200295

Ugh, samefag. *Love, not live.

No. 1200297

i really think Judeo-Christian Western society in the 21st century is pathetic and doomed because Westerners are so obsessed w/ deconstructing gender roles and then trying to shove it back into boxes. Native American men and boys generally have long hair because it's part of their cultures and also, the color pink is highly regarded in India and Indian men wear pink sometimes, they do not consider it feminine.

No. 1200298

this tranny still has a mannish body and he looks like Ezra Miller. Closeted fags will drool all over him and claim to be straight lol.

No. 1200305

It’s funny to watch trans people be coddled like they’re a special ed kid

No. 1200308

sorry for the spoiler and ot, fellow german anon here. i don't watch gntm, but i saw a video on youtube claiming he wins the season and it sounded legit. anyway after they win the models fade into irrelevancy anyway so it's not that big of a deal imo. just funny how he's extremely clockable

No. 1200309

Anyway, fuck detrans whiners, why don't you suicide bait some more until you get your way again. It worked great for you the first time when you bullied your parents into letting you chop your tits off

No. 1200310

File: 1617377199722.webm (1.89 MB, 270x480, redditsave.com_i_got_a_dress_a…)

The absolute cringe. This video is painful to watch. The title was "I got a dress and it's pink and it spins and I'm having so much euphoria rn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Oh my fuckign god what an idiot. Here's the link to the original scrote post: https://www.reddit.com/r/transadorable/comments/mib9ef/i_got_a_dress_and_its_pink_and_it_spins_and_im/
Plus the ass kissing comments.

No. 1200311

Literally fuck off, you're whining more than they are. At least their stories contribute to our understanding of this. All we learn from your posts is that you're a miserable ass.

No. 1200312

Kill yourself, whore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200313

holy fucking shit imagine having a child and it turns out to be this hyperautistic i couldn't handle it

No. 1200314

That happens when you're expected to take everything every individual says as valid and their truth, and pretend that people aren't also part of the animal kingdom and the world didn't start in the 2000's. I feel like we really are doomed.

No. 1200316

Not just autistic, high probability he's being groomed online too

No. 1200318

stfu, stop infinfighting. Detransioners matter in this discussion. This thread might be here to laugh at stupid TiMs but since it's one of the rare places where people are vocal about the trans issue it's normal to have detrans people telling us their experiences too. As long as it's saged and people come back to the main topic it's fine. Shitting on detrans people that are literally victims from the trans cult is dick move. Anyway saged post because OT i guess. Let's move back to making fun of TiMs.

No. 1200319

File: 1617377666918.jpeg (175.41 KB, 749x977, 237E5047-A6AF-48EF-8772-A18C4E…)


>Meanwhile, California, like most states, has focused most of its vaccine equity efforts on closing income, race and ethnicity gaps, with scant attention paid to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Because income, race, and ethnicity gaps somehow does not include gays, lesbians and trans people. Maybe sexual orientation and ~gender identity~ has fuck all to do with being hesitant about vaccines?

No. 1200320

This is your brain on anime overdose.

No. 1200323

He's trying so hard to replicate those videos of women showing off their OOTDs, but it just reads as a grown man trying to pretend to be a little girl or anime character. So fucking creepy.

No. 1200324

Every tranny is a future detrans because being a tranny is a meme. Are you going to extend this sympathy to yaniv when he starts boohoo-ing about predatory doctors?

No. 1200325

kek, found the ex-tranny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200327

There's a difference between TIFs and TIMs, especially predatory TIMs, retard. Females aren't oppressors.

No. 1200329

No sympathy for predators. Yaniv isn't a victim he's an opportunist. See the difference.

No. 1200331

i wouldn't be surprised, even though i think having miss syria win would make a better story for heidi. in the end i don't care much. this year's season sucks anyways.

question, why are they all so obsessed with dress go spinny? i only wear dresses in summer but the spinny aspect never happens naturally unless you dance, so why are they so obsessed with an aspect that just never occurs naturally irl? or is this anime brain rot too??

No. 1200333

what is it about trans people that make them a priority over other people? i can't even believe this is an article

No. 1200336

Anime brainrot and fetishization of the "fun" parts of femininity. Dress go spinny = being a woman is all about smiling, dancing, and being on display. They want to be pretty and happy, so they're forcing themselves to be.

No. 1200337

>why are they all so obsessed with dress go spinny?
It's paedophilia, usually small children like the spinny factor of a dress. It's playful thing but they outgrow it. And I guess, just like you mentioned it can look aesthetic when people dance. But overall, I'm convinced it has much more to do with the "age regression", "girlhood" pedo shit.

No. 1200338

Nice try but no, I'm just a radfem who can't stand people like you.

No. 1200339

File: 1617378584278.jpg (335.12 KB, 812x780, olkqnds1ixw31.jpg)

At this point "spinny skirt" became a meme on its own so they perpetrate it without much thought, but I'm not sure where it started, and can't even find any good article on it. Probably from the marketing portrayal of women as spinning in flower fields, and the "otherness" of womanhood they want to achieve. Also not wearing skirts is apparently "tomboyish" now, because they can't comprehend anything between tomboy and ultrafemme, because women only exist as stereotypes.

No. 1200341

>calling a woman a whore

Pick one.

No. 1200342

Really janny?

No. 1200345

If you like spinny sundresses and cute clothes can’t you just wear them without doing this whole trans farce? It’s not like a man will combust if he does

No. 1200350

The cruel truth is that men look terrible in sundresses anyway, because they're not made with a triangle shaped body in mind, they'd be laughed at anyway. But you can't laugh if they call themselves a woman.

No. 1200351

Ok, do you like bitch more? xo(infighting)

No. 1200353

Honestly, the biggest tell that these morons get their idea of womanhood from anime and yogurt commercials is how they dress. Not a single one of these tards dress for their body.

No. 1200356

>yogurt commercials
kek I didnt expect that

No. 1200358

They’re not made with men’s bodies in mind, not triangular shapes. A woman with a triangular body shape still doesn’t look anything like a man.

No. 1200359

>>1200353 This. It's so obvious they've never ever seen or listened to real women and have just followed like a moth to the fashion and attitudes of anime girl types created by men. Hence the whole fucking tomboy and 'trap' thing.

No. 1200364

He's not a good person doing a noble thing. He was having a narcissistic temper tantrum trying to stick it to the army for disciplining him. It's like if you had a bad day so you pushed the first person you saw onto the train tracks but it turns out the person you killed happened to be a child molester. Maybe he accidentally did something good but heaping praise onto him and lionizing him for being an unstable psycho is a bad idea

No. 1200367

I guess, but it would be more respectable to me, just a guy doing his thing, just like women wear “men’s” clothes. Maybe it doesn’t even look horrible if one’s particularly twinky. Perhaps im naive or something but to me it feels like that all these people go trans because they find giving up their gender stereotypes harder than their own identity.

No. 1200369

>It's so obvious they've never ever seen or listened to real women
Not related to fashion, but anyone have that link or screengrab when one young troon asked his female relatives/friends what they liked about being a woman, and then he didn't like their answers, so he made a reddit thread asking people to make him feel better and that his loved ones are wrong? It's such a hilarious example of troon meets real world.

No. 1200372

Don't you know? This is what it means to be female, nonnie. /s

No. 1200384

>oMg sHe LoOkS jUsT LiKe jEnNiFeR LaWrEnCe

No. 1200386

Russians are white anon

No. 1200389

>why are they all so obsessed with dress go spinny?
because every disney princess does a spin at least once

No. 1200391

The unnatural, cutesy body language gets me laughing. No one naturally moves that way.

No. 1200392

slavs are not white(racebait)

No. 1200395

Are you retarded?
What color are slavs in your opinion?
Bad racebait

No. 1200398

I don’t get it. If you pass so well that people are genuinely surprised to find out you are trans, why the fuck would you out yourself? Isn’t the whole endgame living as a woman proper? Why remind everyone that you are not?

No. 1200399

Nta but some russians are white, some aren't, Russia is fucking huge anons.

No. 1200404

no one above the age of 5 at least

No. 1200405

Only a man would think those clothing choices makes someone a tomboy. And why do they ALWAYS use anime girls as their self-insert in memes?

No. 1200414

Activia is used to promote gut health, is the forest theme a play on healthy gastrointestinal microbiome?

It gives me uncanny valley vibes. It looks so creepy

No. 1200418

He looks like Tarzan if social media existed in the jungle

No. 1200425

What the fuck is he doing with his shoulders? Is this autistic display what men think grown women do?

No. 1200429

Implying they don't want to be children.

No. 1200432

pretty tolerant of trans people and what not but regarding whether or not they should be in sports that fit their gender ‘identity’… why do they only mention trans girls in all the headlines? there’s never any mentions of the trans boys that will be ‘banned’ from these same sports

No. 1200433

File: 1617385175841.jpg (155.51 KB, 868x984, H8pHMYo.jpg)


Yes, these pictures were taken one (!) day apart.

No. 1200434

Iirc FtM will have to compete with women if the bills go through, i think there has already been a case or two

No. 1200435

Christ at least shave.

No. 1200436

still, articles/headlines never seem to mention trans boys.. it’s almost like nobody cares that trans boys will also have to complete with their biological sex

No. 1200438

This has to be an attempt to peak handmaidens or at least make them realize some of their hypocrisy lol, it's too on the nose.

I agree anon, maybe it's naive but I'm all for men's fashion becoming less rigid and men being more comfortable experimenting with different kinds of clothing clothing. Like fuck, it might not be flattering but I'd take that over the "I want to wear pink and have more fun clothing options so that must mean I'm a lesbian woman" mindset anyday.

No. 1200441

Love that fem = high pigtails and a peace sign. They don't want to be women, they want to be lolis.

No. 1200444

So men who identify as women get to compete against women and women who identify as men get to compete against women…?
If transmen are men and transwomen are women, why are transwomen not raising the alarm about still having to compete against men? Why would they support this bill if it still means they have to compete against “men”?

Fucking ridiculous, they can’t even be bothered to be consistent with their own beliefs.

No. 1200446


Left looks like an aphex twin video

No. 1200447

>>1200310 Why is like, feeling himself up at the end? This gives off weird fetishy vibes.

No. 1200448

Because that’s what women do in porn so he’s doing it too.

No. 1200450

No, the bills are to ban people from competing in the other sex, it’s a conservative initiative. So MtF compete with men and FtM compete with other women

No. 1200451

Sorry, I misunderstood!

No. 1200464

File: 1617386837269.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1471x2066, 4A1B1000-8C43-4E79-B8F6-E1A700…)

I found the case I mentioned earlier, though its off topic

No. 1200472

This disturbs me to my core more than any rotting fleshpocket. The way he moves is such a crude, uncanny, pornsick mockery of women it makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

No. 1200483

Because they don't actually give a fuck about women lol. This is a man's and a trans woman's world we live in, anon.

No. 1200488

Trannies will use shit like this to say HRT makes people ~just like~ the sex they identify as, when in reality these are just roided up women who would likely still lose to their male equivalents.

No. 1200493

There was a persistent rumour/open secret in his own country that he was trans, but online he was extra careful to use filters and angles and not to be photographed standing next to real women too often. People also tried to explain away his huge body and head by saying that Dutch women are tall and manfaced.

They’re well aware that being known as trans gives them special privileges. If everyone believed he was a woman he likely wouldn’t even have made it into the competition.

No. 1200500

Stop acting like a moid with your smooth brain.

No. 1200508

I've seen autistic """high""" functioning kids from before they even started therapy and none of them acted this autistic holy shit.

No. 1200516

> They’re well aware that being known as trans gives them special privileges.

exactly. everything he does gets twice the applause because he's trans. and then he went ahead in that magazine interview episode and basically told the interviewers that being trans shouldn't be a big deal because TWAW and they should stop asking him about his feelings regarding 'what if a transwoman won the competition?' he wants to be special for trans points but he also doesn't want to be othered through constant reminders that he isn't a woman. TWAW unless it gives them special privileges for being trans, because then they are such hardworking people who have to put so much effort into being women. and the libfems who watch the show eat it up.

No. 1200527


their dream is to divert any clout women get towards themselves. they want to be recognized as apex women, despite being genetic garbage.

No. 1200535

File: 1617394981354.jpeg (291.87 KB, 2280x1282, DDCCCDBF-4A5E-4EAD-9B4A-211D4A…)

Autistic people essentially do not understand social cues and interactions intuitively. It is a slow, painful learning process for them— especially male autists, who are more permitted to be weird and asocial than female autists.
This kid has probably reached the point where he understands that he is unable to to properly perform the male gender role. Instead of realizing that he’s just fucking autistic, he thinks he was “meant” to perform womanhood. However, the autism prevents him from realizing how hilariously bad he is at it. Give it another 10 years, and maybe he’ll realize that the social difficulty he continues to experience isn’t transphobia, but rather, him being an embarrassingly unaware fuckup.
It’s the dunning Krueger effect epitomized.

No. 1200540

The real problem here is that even if he understandably doesnt realize any of this himself, he physically looks so autistic that you'd think someone close to him could realize that his ruining his life by listening to weird redditors and look after him.

No. 1200542

not to be a funkill but like >>1200438 said the whole "speaking over us, needing to be included or else we're phobic" makes this a pretty obvious radfem stealthposting about women getting their spaces invaded by trannies
still funny as fuck though good job whoever wrote this

No. 1200547

File: 1617396195115.jpg (44.94 KB, 700x567, aQeLzMqG_700w_0.jpg)

No. 1200554

>Average lolcow user

No. 1200576

Sage for thinking out loud, but one of the posts in this thread got me wondering. There are companies out there making masculine clothes to fit smaller more female frames, often started by TiFs. However I don't think I've seen any TiMs trying to create their own feminine clothing that works for their male bodies- they just grab whatever shit they think would look cute on an actual girl and throw it on their bodies thinking it's going to look the same. How do they not realize it's not going to look the same. I don't understand. It never will. They put such little effort into their masquerade. At least drag queens get stuff fitted to their bodies and attempt a female silhouette before thinking they can work a dress made for female bodies.

No. 1200577

File: 1617399607834.jpeg (206.02 KB, 1242x1325, D683CBF6-A70D-4D4A-ACEE-7570BC…)

>secondhand euphoria
I will take that as a code for secondhand embarrassment, what the fuck was that weird ass fucker pretending to be a kawiwi girl? That was so disgusting to see, even more than the rottpockets and bolt ons, this is gross.

No. 1200585

Euphoria just means erection, basically. In the video you can easily spot his euphoria towards the end kek

No. 1200586

companies will never make feminine clothes to fit men because the average man will never buy into the gnc faggotry, so it doesn't make sense financially to try. women trying into masculine clothes is just random fashion trends.
trannies don't care about looking good on their bodies, they just want to get hard and receive likes online, no need to learn how to sew

No. 1200591

I'm talking about those small business "made by trans for trans" type of things, often created by YouTubers or other "influencers". I see clothing targeted at transmen but these uwu helpful egg-cracking transgirlies never seem to want to actually DO anything to help each other other than pushing their ideologies on young guys. I guess it just surprises me how little effort these guys put into something that is apparently SO essential to living for them.

No. 1200597

his movements are so awkward and masculine.

also kek at the i’ll-fitting leggings. probably to hide his hairy man legs

No. 1200601

And yet he didn't bother to cover or shave his chimp arms.

No. 1200608

the autism prevents him from realizing how hilariously bad he is at it

Yeah, it's mainly this IMO. Major part of autistic social issues comes from their deficiencies in "theory of mind", which is what enables you understand how you're seen by others. Because of this, it's really easy for autists to see themselves as something totally different from their actual physical self, especially if people around them reinforce the delusion. This is why most troons (as well as furries and otherkin) are autistic. They are legit 100% blind to how much they don't resemble their loli anime waifus.

No. 1200609

File: 1617403648422.jpeg (8.25 KB, 201x251, download.jpeg)

Reminds me of the part in Repo
"I will find a hole and fuck it
If there ain't one, I will make one"
Sung by a woman hating man with anger and violence problems kek

No. 1200619

you're cute

No. 1200628

he looks like he's faking it, he doesn't even seem genuine in his mental illness

No. 1200643

anon i think she was sarcastic

No. 1200660

File: 1617407350515.png (296.21 KB, 593x765, 1617394536852.png)

No. 1200662

>keep miss weaver's name out of your mouth old man.

No. 1200663

he looks and sounds like every gay asian man I've met. Go to 0:45 to listen to his fucking voice. This shit has been going on for a few years now, the token tranny for diversity and shit.

No. 1200674

kek this is hilarious to me bc I know from personal experience that even 6 ft women don't get mistaken for men because we still have clearly female proportions from every angle, if anything our non-maleness stands out even more. cope and seethe kevin

No. 1200679

Retard's trying to act like an anime girl, lmao.
That barely ever works out IRL.

No. 1200680


No. 1200709

I have more respect for cross dressers than the trans today

the cd are inherently braver as they don't try to use mental illness as a shield.

could you imagine how much society would benefit if cross dressing was promoted as an acceptable outcome? No toilet issues. No healthcare issues. Seeing a dude in a dress would be just that, no misgendering nonsense.

The more I think on it, the more I'm convinced 95% or more of trans identifying mtf cross-dressing, the rest are cross-dressing mentally ill attention seeking faggots

No. 1200712

Crossdressing isn't really a desirable outcome though, because a sizeable number of men crossdress as a fetish. If it were completely acceptable, we'd tiptoe around fetishists just as we are now.

No. 1200715

cross-dressing as a fetish is infinitely more acceptable than kids being medicated and mutilated.

it's also reversible when they grow the fuck up

No. 1200716

They didn't even show him speaking before he started speaking, and straight away his voice is a given. Come on.

No. 1200718

The poor old guy just realized those sad moobs meant Kev was trans, not a woman, and he knew had to quickly change his words or else get socially(or physically) punished. The sad part is that women, elderly or vulnerable people make these “corrections” for their own safety, people like Kevin see it as actual validation.

That’s probably one of the worst voices I’ve even seen for a trans reality show contestant. He doesn’t even try!

No. 1200723

"It feels like we are required to share spaces with people who have nothing in common with us than a technical similarity"
they are so
getting why women are PISSED at them for hijacking things we NEED
god damn sage for bitching but how fucking narcissistic do you have to be to type THAT and still not get why you're losing leftist women to your IDPOL

No. 1200734


That's what's so crazy about all of this. If men were like: "Hey I wanna act more feminine and reject traditional standards of masculinity" and I'm like "yes!!! That sounds awesome!"

Instead we got "Hey I'm going to deliberately misrepresent women as a group and get rid of the standards in place meant to protect them"

No. 1200752

Kek did he seriously whip out his phone to take a selfie mere seconds after this totally real encounter?

No. 1200768

Cross dressing is only a fetish because it's still considered taboo to wear clothes that don't align with your sex, i.e. men who prefer pink and spinny dresses are sissy fags who want to be women, and women who prefer ties and slacks are bull dykes who want to be men. If none of that meant shit and people could just wear whatever they wanted without the blowback, cross dressing as a fetish would cease to exist.
Kek no southern grandma would ever apologize to Kevin for misgendering him. Southern grannies are either based AF and will literally call a troon "young man," or too polite to call a troon "young man," even if that's how they see him. But they absolutely never make any apologies.
Only newfags are compelled to remind anons to sage. Let tranny janny do his job.

No. 1200774

I’m a 5’11 woman and I literally still don’t look like a man and have never been called a man on accident (even so who cares).
Sorry, it’s your forehead, broad shoulders receding hairline, and terrible skin that tells me you’re a man

No. 1200779

Exactly. Women don't flinch when encountering a 5' 11" woman in the bathroom. But a 5' 4" troon wearing his sister's favorite shirt would send anyone of us with even a hint of self-preservation running for the hills.

No. 1200782

My gay friend in high school was a cross dresser (and I suppose I too, wearing men's vintage clothes). He never had the desire to be called a woman until he found tumblr. He quickly grew out of it though and lives life as a gay man who sometimes wears dresses and makeup. He was fascinated with fashion and started his own clothing brand.

I have no problem with these kind of cross dressers. Idgaf about a man in dress as long as it's not fetish-y or insist on invading female spaces.

No. 1200808

There's also a big difference between a crossdresser and a man wearing clothes typically thought of women's wear. For example, some cis straight goth men wear dresses or skirts. Men wear make-up to make their skin look better. Many style their hair daily. Some get manicures to shape their nails so they look more presentable. Plenty of straight men wear pink, carry purses, wear perfume (or as they call it, cologne), use elaborate skincare routines, get waxed. None of these behaviours are inherently female.

Deriving some kind of imagined pleasure, pleasure that can be sexualised, is unique behaviour to AGP troons.

No. 1200845

File: 1617430046639.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1128x844, transsalamander.png)

who else but mr. transsalaMANder himself looks at this cavernous man-butthole and immediately wants to lick it?

No. 1200848

File: 1617431155808.png (28.26 KB, 597x329, fall off a cliff ugly troon.PN…)

have you guys ever noticed how trannies only care about "transmisogyny" and say nothing of actual misogyny? look at most of their twitters, they rarely follow or even retweet real women. everyone they rt and follow is some kind of genderfucked. they try so hard to be us but are misogynists worse than their non-trans male counterparts because we make them feel inferior. acknowledging and supporting real women just reminds them how they'll never be us, never measure up, never compare.

they can cope themselves to death pretending they're valid, just as good, or better than us because a fringe sliver of disgusting straight men fetishize them but they'll never be as desired as a real woman to anyone.

No. 1200851


They say they ARE women and yet they will always remark that they are special beautiful transwomen uwu. So, which one is it?

No. 1200854

File: 1617432329369.png (1.19 MB, 1158x1226, Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 2.43…)

You seriously can't convince me that at least half of the troons that post on the transpassing subreddit don't have some kind of chromosomal deficiency. $100 this guy has a manifesto hidden on a flash drive somewhere.

No. 1200860

>1.5yr HRT
God, that's sad.

No. 1200872

that gathered floaty dress to hide that he has no hips or sway to his walk is sad. you can’t just force yourself into every female space to try and feel validated.

No. 1200886

They want to surround themselves with people of their ilk, I've seen them say several times that they hate cis people and that they absolutely don't want to do anything with them (and then they ask us dumb cissies to give a shit about anti-troon bills).

No. 1200888

>they can cope themselves to death pretending they're valid, just as good, or better than us because a fringe sliver of disgusting straight men fetishize them but they'll never be as desired as a real woman to anyone.

kek that's why they hate the superstraight's so much because it made VERY clear that your normie person doesn't want frankenpussy or limp girl dick. They hated it to face how people really think about them and that's why they will forever stay mad and bitter about being the monstrum that they are. It is just coping because they will be nothing more than "the tranny", no matter how much shit the pharma industry makes them swallow.

No. 1200894

lmao he's not even trying or pretending to try. His voice is deeper than the average non-smoker guy too.

No. 1200895

File: 1617438640555.jpg (61.46 KB, 840x896, ohi.jpg)

No. 1200900

File: 1617439911317.jpeg (509.54 KB, 2324x1261, 9A46D4F8-CC50-4E4D-94CD-C4C6F1…)

No. 1200913

"do i pass yet?"
it's almost depressing how they think HRT and ~flowy dresses~ will somehow change their bone structure and people's perception of them.

No. 1200915

This thread definitely has its share of lurking scrote /pol/faggots and /tttt/ hatereaders who think they're better than other trannies, but personally I want detransitioners to refrain from blogposting simply because I don't want this thread banned or autosaged for "gcsperg" or infighting because the aforementioned assholes will always start screeching about how nobody cares.

Every time I see shit like this I'm bordering on tinfoiling if the current pandemic was a tranny illuminati op to give MTFs an excuse to wear a mask in public at all times to hide half of their face. Anyway as for Kevin I wouldn't call this a win lmao he still called him a man at first. As a woman I've never been accidentally called a man in public no matter how shitty I look.

No. 1200918

You can also always tell how much they hate women by the utter contempt they have for ftm's lmao. They love claiming females have male privilege and are oppressing them.

No. 1200923

I wish girls with autism/aspergers got more attention, they get pushed aside and forgotten too often

No. 1200927

Oh god so he actually does have a fucking erection

No. 1200928

File: 1617445472473.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 750x1334, 0A2B4195-A28E-4D63-B47D-F2F10F…)


Disgusting and unsurprising

(repost to spoiler image just in case)

No. 1200929

Don't insult my sweet Pepper like that!

No. 1200931

so cute and wholesome uwu!!!!!

No. 1200934

File: 1617446401211.png (124.62 KB, 806x763, paintsaword.png)

A real woman has curves, even in her… handwriting? We're such whimsical and artistic people!

No. 1200935

Imagine having to force everything you do to be feminine instead of just naturally being feminine. Can't relate.

No. 1200936

File: 1617446681863.png (47.38 KB, 632x321, c20f94ff58bcdad6e7bd114affc4f0…)

I hate men so much.
I'm making everyone I know peak.
Those abusive immature moids are calling us nazi while most of Europe is becoming a far right hellscape.

No. 1200937

That answer is the most retarded thing I've ever read. They really thing being a woman is an aesthetic. Anyway TIL I'm a man apparently

No. 1200938

>most of Europe is becoming a far right hellscape


No. 1200939

I've actually seen people get "misgendered" on handwriting because of stereotypes, women getting told their handwriting is like a schoolboy's or men getting teased for writing too neatly. Normal people don't get worked up over shit like this.

No. 1200940

We've seen troons stood next to tall women and there's no comparison. When Taylor Swift and Laverne Cox were on stage together, it was obvious who was a woman. When Zendaya and Hunter Schafer are together, it's obvious who is a woman.

Honestly I think the reason they're no vicious towards women is because they know having them nearby makes it even more obvious than it already is.

No. 1200942

>Imagine having to force everything you do to be feminine

Imagine having to force everything you do to be feminine when you're claiming you were born this way in the first place.

If they're real women, why is it so hard for them to be a woman?

No. 1200944

………what? what the fuck does that mean. white "terfs" are actually fakebois/TIFs? please won't they just go outside for a second

agonizing over your handwriting and pretending writing is inherently a sensual poetic experience for women definitely doesn't sound like a mental illness. totally healthy behavior amirite ladies

No. 1200947

if trans people truly believe they were women, they'd call people who spoke against them misogynists, not transphobes.
goes to show just how hardly they're trying to delude themselves through this but deep inside they still remember the fact they are biologically male.

No. 1200948

this looks like one of the country bumpkin's you'd see around in my country. those types who are likely poor as shit, with missing teeth and always so drunk you can smell them from miles away.

No. 1200950

File: 1617448576070.png (136.97 KB, 490x274, F45CF1BA-57B5-44B4-A644-230580…)

No. 1200953

They missed out on "female socialization" like where your mom sits you down to teach you how to draw girly letters and dot your i's with hearts.

No. 1200954

Absolute comedy. All we have to do to be feminine is exist in our natural state and here these psychos are, desperately trying to force womanhood into things most of us don't give a second thought.

No. 1200972

File: 1617451572186.png (4.12 MB, 1334x750, 94B28C68-5D45-4C27-837A-86116D…)

they wanna be lesbians so bad

Kek at the man hands

No. 1200984

File: 1617452999943.jpg (34.74 KB, 640x298, 670zj2hngrq61.jpg)

same energy

No. 1200985

aw her and her hubby look so cute together, is it switch spouses outfits today? love that the husband went all out when trying to look like his wife

No. 1200991

I'm glad you pointed this out, because the others are mostly talking about the (still bad) "girly handwriting" part. Dude straight up makes it seem like every mundane experience is some sort of spiritual, artistic journey for women.

The absolute hambeast face in the bottom right.

No. 1200993

That is one of the worst autogynesmiles I've ever seen, jesus.

No. 1200994

Another anon pointed out that womanhood is just an easthetic now, like how you'd make a lavender moodboard, men are just doing real life aesthetics, but call it an identity.

No. 1200995

mental illness

No. 1200996

Yeah, I kinda felt bad making fun of him, thinking he's kind of a poor guy just being absolutely cringy enjoying a dress. But no, of course he's having an erection being a fucking pervert. Fucking men.

No. 1200998

File: 1617455023832.jpeg (502.94 KB, 750x1043, DAC71614-F499-42C1-9FAE-EFDA13…)

Sage for samefag but he writes for Lumberjanes, because lesbians can’t even have a fucking comic without straight dudes getting involved

Picrel: thoughts and prayers to the scared woman who pretended she couldn’t tell this 6ft monstrosity was a man

No. 1201000

The cutesy drawn profile images contrasted to the giant balding manhead always get me

No. 1201002

he's just ugly. It's crazy how a ugly man can think he's a bad bitch, but actually attractive women constantly get told to humble themselves.
Like when the Karjenners show off their artifacial beauty they are ruining generations of women, but when troons do it, it's "yasss queen, stunning and brave! You look better then us cis bitches!"

No. 1201006

Same with drag queens. Kardashians are hated for the same thing RPDR stans praise their catty gay men.

What does estrogen do for them anyway? Does it actually change anything? Because all the befoe and after photos are the same, just different hairstyle + makeup.
Is there a point in taking estrogen?

No. 1201007

Estrogen causes breast growrth (usually minor and tubular, because they don't have much to work with), shrinkage in the dick department and they claim it makes their skin softer, but I don't know if that's true or group psychosis.

No. 1201008

The estrogen necklace though

No. 1201022

God this thing acts exactly like my annoying af male NB ex. Ugh. Sage for blog

No. 1201030

I'm starting to think that the only thing estrogen does to them is cause moderate mental retardation. Even the few troons who pass somewhat at a distance needed extensive cosmetic surgery.

No. 1201045

Why do women stay with and legally bind themselves to these ugly creeps? Are they all faking attraction? There's no genuine way they find them nonrepulsive.

No. 1201046

Where is the makeup? Most women I know wear makeup. A lot of them think they look bad without it, even. Yet trannies think they can get away with being barefaced. Sure contouring is a bit tricky, but even 8 year old girls know how to apply lip gloss and eyeshadow. I suppose trannies resistance to makeup is part narcissism, part not wanting to wash their faces daily.

No. 1201049

El goblino travesti suicida…

No. 1201072


Sage for OT but I think a lot of us that use this website have Aspergers.

You are not alone here anon.

No. 1201076

File: 1617465480044.jpeg (150.66 KB, 1499x750, B8C50971-8267-4AB2-8702-5275C0…)

No. 1201080

Maybe lobotomies weren't such a bad thing after all..

No. 1201086

File: 1617467759471.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, th-22438006721-640x640.jpg)

No. 1201096

Jesus Christ, we are doomed.

No. 1201099

trade slashing a neovag isn't the same as fgm

No. 1201103

File: 1617470586544.png (184.98 KB, 321x621, Screenshot_20210403-133146.png)

Another obviously fake story on /r/mtf.

No. 1201106

A 30 year old getting makeovers, leering at girls changing and getting drunk in the room of 21 year olds would be kinda weird even for an actual woman.

No. 1201107

If this is true, he's absolutely gross for letting his sister change in front of him.

No. 1201109

File: 1617471155958.gif (1.44 MB, 160x160, 02FCB21F-FDAD-49D7-A5DC-F0859B…)

Surreee, I totally want to be a man. Is that why I enjoy being naturally feminine? Is that why I can’t stand misogyny?
Is that why I have never in my life desired to become or be a man?
Oh, the cope.

No. 1201110


I physically cringed, can someone get any more insecure?

No. 1201111

The real story is probably that his sister asked for him to have dinner with them, then he went back home while his sister had lots of fun with her friends, she told him that they were hanging out and then he fantasized about his girls’ night while wanking in his room, sad and miserable as all of those ugly men are.

No. 1201117

"When I was 21 I identified as a bi guy that everyone thought was gay cause I kept having to settle for going home with cis gay guys, while I lusted over the lesbians"

This gives me chills, especially with the mention that the sister undressed in front of him. I'm gonna vom

No. 1201119

File: 1617472329833.png (3.51 MB, 1438x1810, 474848493837.png)

Women are told by society not to care about looks when they're dating and it's a bad if you do. It makes me laugh at the men who complain about women being shallow when the standards for women are so much higher.

No. 1201121

Didn't know Jonathan Yaniv tied the knot. Mazel tov.

No. 1201128

Looks like a beefy John Leguizamo in drag

No. 1201142

This sounds like 12 year old's sleepover from movies, no way 21 year olds behave like this. Also every girl knows sharing makeup is unsanitary and gross.

No. 1201143

Not only that, but why would they even do their makeup when they’re just going to get more beers and then get even more shitfaced? Not even in my most manic episodes with my other BPD besties did shit like that.

No. 1201144

File: 1617475529286.jpg (1.11 MB, 1704x1688, MenAreLesbians.jpg)

Random twitter troon i came across

No. 1201147

>starting to wonder if men understand what it means to be a lesbian
No, sir, you don't.

No. 1201149


what the fuck is wrong with this man's face? this is advanced ugly and i'm not convinced it's not a developmental disorder (besides just being born with xy chromosomes)

No. 1201150

File: 1617475890468.jpeg (173.33 KB, 750x891, 341C0BA2-A67F-4073-A918-78E776…)


No. 1201152


No. 1201155

…and then everyone clapped.

No. 1201159

>21 year old girls
>playing with makeup
>playing dress up
>they have me, a 30 year old man, try on their clothes

in what world lmao, and in what world would 21 year old women feel comfortable undressing around a 30 year old with a penis, especially your sibling?

No. 1201166

What the hell does that even mean? Do boobs fall off when one is called a terf?

No. 1201170

Silicone doesn't rot, fat and flesh do. So when you're in the grave (assuming you don't cremate in any way), a natural woman will be just a skeleton, and someone with breast implants will be a skeleton with two silicone objects.

No. 1201172

File: 1617478080409.png (416.25 KB, 918x433, atleastihavemyimpants.png)

Oooh, I get it now. Weird cope.

No. 1201175

wow troons really think ahead don't they

No. 1201179

File: 1617478745460.jpg (212.15 KB, 1218x1015, 1568225131208.jpg)

That's the lamest cope ever

No. 1201183

Found a website TRAs made about terf violence. I wanna bet most of the twitter posts are made by men. Sage though because it's OT. https://peakterf.com/

No. 1201184

Someone show them the amount of women that get implants vs men in dresses.

No. 1201185

File: 1617479021204.png (656.94 KB, 576x868, Screenshots_2021-04-03-12-40-4…)

>My girlfriend says I'm passing okay
If he actually has a girlfriend, I feel very sorry for her. Also hard kek at his username.

No. 1201187

The gf is probably a troon too kek

No. 1201189

What else can his gf even say, he probably harasses her everyday to say how the hrt is already working and how lesbian she is.

No. 1201193

I'm 6 foot and have been mistaken for a boy. Certainly not in recent years but it happened a lot when I was 13-15

No. 1201200

Are those things supposed to be breasts?

No. 1201202

File: 1617480692752.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1593, 1000DA8A-8666-4E44-BCDD-C240DA…)

Organic strap boy's enormous man head makes me laugh every time.

No. 1201206

File: 1617481161115.jpg (30.74 KB, 381x677, dpFevBUeqDsk8qgPxHfVoA.jpg)

Based, I'd buy this lady a beer.

No. 1201207

The implants will eventually rupture and leak, thus deflating… Does he think they literally last forever?

No. 1201208

Swear I rejected this dude in my first year of high school because of his BO.

No. 1201209


I never realized that when they said "TERFS are violent/hurt trans people" what they really meant was "Terfs say mean things or send me death threats UwU I'm going to kill moiself now I'm in sooo much danger oh no"

It's insane how manipulative they are to blame us for their suicide statistics lol.

No. 1201210

How many of the "TERF" comments were actually made by truscum trannies arguing with trenders?

No. 1201211

File: 1617481546795.jpeg (162.25 KB, 1242x962, CFA1A55F-2684-4F8F-B559-0037AD…)

More like based terf, most of these don’t show any sort of proof that these were made unprovoked by actual women, where are the hot takes that made them lash out? Why is pic related somehow something that would be considered terfy?

No. 1201212

So many of the capped tweets on there are replies to things without the original context, and sound on the defense. I feel like whichever troon made this must have a habit of rolling up to people on twitter trying to fight them then just capping the responses like "I'm being bulled!"

No. 1201215

once again, all this shows is that they equate being female to having boobs, and that having silicone bolt-ons makes them a better woman than actual women.
the flattest terf is and will always be more of a woman than you, and no one will ever mistake them as anything else.

No. 1201218

Aw. Real women can have implants, too. But those fake tits didn’t make them women: nature did.
And when we’re dead our bone structure and dna will state we’re women.
But not you, troon.
Terfs aren’t the enemy. You are you’re own nemeses. You’re just too stupid to realize it.

No. 1201223

File: 1617483339371.jpeg (105.52 KB, 750x710, 7DD93539-54E4-4AA8-A19B-0566B8…)

sage for not milk but how can they claim they aren’t pushing this shit on children and put spongebob on the box

No. 1201227

File: 1617483799149.jpg (72.03 KB, 750x731, 5mp7enakceq61.jpg)

Big Troon even has Cartoon Network in on grooming kids.

No. 1201228

right I'm confused, his botched looking boob job looks horribe and women can get fake boobs as well. Whats the "own" here?

No. 1201232

I'm honestly waiting to hear from the totally-not-trans "anons" that dogpiled me months ago insisting TRAs don't want to put children on HRT.
How will they defend this?

No. 1201236

File: 1617484462819.jpeg (28.4 KB, 709x245, B6E90B25-FB46-4B52-BFD8-EFDBF8…)

> I feel like whichever troon made this must have a habit of rolling up to people on twitter trying to fight them then just capping the responses like "I'm being bulled!"

Sounds like our old friend Mitch and his little posse’s M.O. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was run by one of them. They love trolling with totally hilarious commentary like pic related to provoke gcs and then report their replies to get them suspended.

No. 1201240

File: 1617484581230.jpg (472.01 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210403_150613.jpg)

Can you imagine being so out of touch with reality that you, a straight man, go to a community of gay women to tell them they have no right to complain?
That sub has gone to shit but at least they did downvote this stupid ass comment I guess

No. 1201241

Pretty insane that they're already pushing the trans sports/army/birth shit with images on kids that can barely even spell.

No. 1201242

I love how this dumbass answered "yes" but didn't provide any argument, explanation or documented evidence. It's always "yeah believe dude, source: my ass" with these people.

No. 1201247

please tell me Viacom will sue

No. 1201249

You could spit literally any nasty hypothetical at a TRA and they would go along with it as long as it supported troons. Once you trap yourself by supporting the movement there's no getting out so they dig their heels in and stick their head in the sand.

No. 1201251


"Yes children - YOU TOO can go to war and die for America… while wearing a skirt and lipstick and insisting you're a woman." Has everyone in CN's marketing department drank the woke Koolaid?

No. 1201253

File: 1617485394591.jpeg (217.05 KB, 1470x866, 4260A593-4B8D-4D18-B940-3BAE92…)

I read the first part of this and thought someone had gone on a shooting rampage while quoting him in their manifesto or something. No, the violence that “100% unambiguously happened” is some law.

Won’t be surprised if they make buttercup nonbinary in the live action.

No. 1201254

File: 1617485453349.jpg (163.23 KB, 750x1198, tumblr_26d80575e0963d8b8c0d7db…)

peteseeger used to be my personal cow until I lost track of him… good to see he renamed himself Dorothy and converted to Judaism. His leftist folk heros are cringing in heaven.

No. 1201255

>life saving cure
They like to pretend that their body somehow craves the estrogen, but no explanation how. I wonder if anyone did testing with people being put on placebo for their hormone treatment, I don't have a doubt it alleviates their dysphoria just as much, because all they want is the validation and the rest they make up in their head anyway.

No. 1201257

this is the retard who doctored the first image thankfully isn't real…yet.

No. 1201260

way to turn the literal girl-power show into another misogynistic psyop

No. 1201264


I work in animation and simping for trannies is mandatory. Being labeled an ebil terve will pretty much ensure you won’t work. The field has always been notoriously full of pedos and creeps, I guess it’s manifesting as transbians now

No. 1201265

Cool photoshops, much milk kek

No. 1201268

Samefagging to laugh at this. Sure you do. Please do go on.

No. 1201270

Cartoon Network literally posted this on their Facebook dingus

No. 1201274

Thought I was in the fakebois thread for a second

No. 1201276

At least check their sm before saying people are faking, dumbass.

No. 1201279

I've noticed a lot of transbians converting to Judaism, probably just so they can claim uwu antisemitism on top of twansphobia. Always gotta be the biggest victim.

No. 1201280


AYRT it’s what peaked me, being an actual human female in animation is hell, tried to “educate myself” about the trannies and ended up hating them all lel. I have horror stories but I don’t want to get banned for blog posting from the only place on the internet where you don’t get banned for refusing girldick

No. 1201293

File: 1617488437131.jpeg (720.68 KB, 1334x686, DA210B90-6AF4-445E-82EE-9F154D…)



No. 1201296

Is it time for one/some of us to make peaktroon.com? Imagine the wall of insanity we could curate of trannies threatening to rape people, wishing death/suicide on people, telling people they're horrible pieces of shit for not wanting their girldicks, etc.

No. 1201302

File: 1617489841028.jpeg (83.87 KB, 867x1200, C170BD63-09AE-4267-9DBC-6DB58B…)

It’s part of what the supers are doing
It’s extremely based.

No. 1201307

Girl delete this before the park on the address

No. 1201308

don't have any. there is no hope.

No. 1201309

Lmao honestly it's probably better we choose something else anyway if we were actually going to, so that it doesn't look so over-the-top terf-y (as to not be instantly dismissed by the average layman who has not quite peaked yet)

No. 1201310

There's already a bunch of websites and blogs for that.

No. 1201313

So what they’re saying is having a “more feminine body”, or really being considered more sexually attractive, is more important than having adequate brain development if you’re a girl. What message is that also going to send to all the girls that can’t get government funded surgeries and actually have to go through appearance based misogyny? These people are so much worse than conservatives.

No. 1201314

File: 1617492105779.png (339.79 KB, 591x501, 546895698fjkfdjk.PNG)

At least some of them admit their penises don't even work anymore.

No. 1201315

>white "terfs" are actually fakebois/TIFs?
It's currently their go-to cope. When le terves talk about how they sympathize with female troons and how they probably would've been memed into transitioning if they were insecure teenage girls now the TRA rat kings have come up with this "actually, terfs are just FTMs in denial and jealous that they didn't have the guts to transition like we did" stupidity. And when you add that "white" prefix that gives you the free pass to be as misogynistic as possible because wypipo amirite.

No. 1201321

Troons be like: It's a fuckable hole, so it's a vagina, right? They're round bulges caused by foreign objects implanted in my body, so they're breasts, right?

They're either retarded or making retard-level arguments to try and prove their delusions are correct. I think it's the latter.

No. 1201357

File: 1617498618421.png (Spoiler Image,527.17 KB, 1068x801, Screenshot 2021-04-03 180332.p…)

so hontrapoints wants a vaginoplasty and the comments recommended a site called "transbucket" for results photos. i'm deep in a clickhole and found this particularly gruesome specimen, complete with flashing his female friends his neovag. pic for the morbidly curious like me.

No. 1201358


Onion rings anyone?

No. 1201361

File: 1617499316418.png (292.44 KB, 692x689, image_2021-04-04_022036.png)


>Spotlight: Four Women in Speedrunning

Guess how many of the interviewed women are troons? You guessed it, all of them! They couldn't find a single actual woman to interview. Love that for us.

Of course, the author of the article is ALSO a troon, so what did you really expect? Of course they stick to their own kind.

No. 1201363

oh great, his dick is probably useless now he wants a neo-hole, either Hontra will be a Kevin Gibes type troon who admits how broken it is while also saying it's the most amazing thing in the world, or this will be something he regrets.
Either way it's a horrible decision. He seems depressed already so making a huge decision such as this will make things worse for him.

No. 1201368

I'm only surprised if they aren't all named Alice, like the author

No. 1201370

30% of autists are mentally retarded, only redditors believe in le autistique savant meme

No. 1201372

that's transphobic anon, some of them are Emily

No. 1201373

File: 1617500386722.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 2560x2560, frankentroons.jpg)

That PostOp subreddit is an endless parade of absolute NSFL horrors, but it's somehow really fascinating how doctors can do this and feel like they're doing humanity a service. Like these two ladies, one has a bizarre freak mangled mess I can't make heads nor tails of, and the other has a… tongue inside of his troongina.

No. 1201374

Jesus you can just tell by the name choice they're trying to become touhou lolis or some shit

No. 1201375

I can't think of a better punishment for a phalloid who insists that vaginas are fuckholes than getting SRS and experiencing firsthand how far his actual fuckhole is from a vagina.

Honestly MTF SRS is based and you terves are silly for advocating against it. I want more of these tards to sterilize themselves.

No. 1201376

File: 1617500720790.png (82.55 KB, 576x509, Screenshots_2021-04-03-18-27-2…)

Kek cause we all cry after we get ourselves off. Just girly things!

No. 1201377

Seconding this, for the ones who are awful people (a lot since they hate women among other things) it's very based to hear. It's sweet perfect karma and they do it to themselves.

No. 1201379

Looks like a kid I knew with Apert syndrome. Hairline somehow more tragic than the face if that's possible

No. 1201382

File: 1617501490144.png (768.06 KB, 999x609, speedrunners are easy mode.png)

The Speedrunning community is plagued with troons. Is it the desire to be special by pretending to have a vagina that drives these men to do this?

No. 1201383

Shit like this makes my blood boil, I love following speedrunning too and it's not like there are no real women in speedrunning (Novaspell comes to mind). It's so dissapointing hearing someone say "she" when talking about a speedrunner and 95% of the time, it's always a fucking troon.

No. 1201384

File: 1617501510200.jpg (40.79 KB, 584x436, fucking really.jpg)

>listening to youtubers talk about transgender predators
>they use the ""correct"" pronouns everytime
I know its autistic & stupid but does anyone else here get bothered by this shit?
First off, why would anyone want to acknowledge these """"people"""" as being productive members of their own group, let alone the LGBT community. They are filthy incel coomers who aren't even trans to begin with.

No. 1201387

Literally only men cry after masturbation. What a way to make more evident his bio sex.

No. 1201388

Yes. I also get pretty triggered by people going along with trannies saying they're gay, especially if they're using it to fuel homophobia. It's gotten so bad that trannies will outright say "I'm biologically female" after getting a frankenhole or "I'm homosexual" when transbian.

No. 1201389

File: 1617502017911.png (Spoiler Image,925.97 KB, 512x1042, 898943.PNG)

omg i am HOWLING, it has literal pores/hair follicles.. it's polka dotted.

No. 1201390

the second one (the one with the anime loli) is actually legit. The original twitter post was deleted but it said something along the lines of "keep it out from parent's sight". It was sold by some blackmarket troon on discord.

God I swear its not an exaggeration when I tell parents that kids should never touch discord. If there's a way to make it law to restrict children from accessing the web, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

No. 1201392

Must be nice never being loathed and harassed by gamer moids because they don't want to fuck you.

Its amazing how misogyny is basically just plain envy or sour grapes.

No. 1201393

>"sexy" anime loli on the side
>"keep it out from parent's sight"
how is it not obvious to everyone at this point that this is grooming

No. 1201394

Wrong thread, nonnie. This is the MtF thread, the FtM thread is here:

No. 1201396

speedrunning and trooning out are both popular with autistic men

No. 1201419

File: 1617505490131.jpeg (3.01 MB, 3464x3464, 666F2BC5-1E68-4A8D-93E2-3CB2C7…)

Browsed this subreddit. This post is long as fuck, so zoom in and skim and you’ll get the gist of it. Wanted to share though because this is all TIMs in a nutshell. I feel so bad for the women that have to put up with this shit.

No. 1201420

I’m disgusted what the fuck is that. Ew anon you should have warned us it was disgusting

No. 1201434

This is actually miserable. It's so clearly abusive, but calling it out for what it is would be considered transphobic. Disgusting. I hope she gets away and has support from her family and his.

It's a TIF's frankendick.

No. 1201442

They think creating identities and claiming oppression gives them license to butt into conversations they have no fucking business being in. In what woke circle could a straight white gender conforming man talk over and dismiss women, lesbians, gnc people, Jewish women without claiming to be all of the above? If blackface wasn't so frowned upon "Alice/Dorothy" would pick that up too, but instead he LARPs worker solidarity while imagining himself the boss worker with all the cred and experience and everyone else's opinion is Transphobic/antisemitic/wrong because he's trans Emma Goldman now.

No. 1201450

Thanks for pointing that out anon, lol of course they make estrogen necklaces for troons. How else can you advertise that you're a true and honest woman without spending money on tons of unnecessary junk?

No. 1201452

Already exists at ovarit dot com

No. 1201454

File: 1617514326448.jpeg (29.85 KB, 250x272, 14A750B8-1993-4145-ADEF-AC0344…)

Contra wants a neovag???
Found this on kiwi farms but supposedly the tweet has since been deleted. Crazy if tru tho. Contra on the way to 41%ing I s2g

No. 1201460

File: 1617515328074.jpg (452.11 KB, 1242x1404, California Frontholes.jpg)

They can get all the surgery and hormones they want, but it's really fucked up that insurance pays for it when actual life-threatening conditions aren't covered (or taxes if your country has socialized medicine that pays for this shit).

No. 1201461

Not that spergy anon obviously but a friend of mine who's coincidentally an animator trooned out just recently after a few years in the industry. I absolutely believe you.

It's so disgusting and weird. Every time one of these freaks gets on hormones they start posting these "guys I've been on HRT for two days and had another psychotic BPD episode, is this just lady things happening???" posts.

I do. I could excuse someone using she/her for someone like Nikkietutorials out of sheer habit but people honestly calling the worst Buffalo Bill-esque no-effort troon a woman makes me a-log.

No. 1201464

Manning over here about to throw an absolute tantrum if Nick doesn't say that every troon hole is beautiful. "tweet less" kek

No. 1201471

"really gush from internal vaginal stimulation"

just putting that coom brain on full display here

No. 1201478

i’m really struggling to understand why they neovags can have discharge. discharge is from glands in the vagina and cervix. how the fuck does a man suddenly gain those glands from SRS? at the very least, they could maybe leak pre-cum but that comes from the urethra which isn’t moved to their crotch wounds. it’s their “clit”.

none of this makes any sense if you think for more than two seconds.

No. 1201479

Not to mention vaginas have Celia that transport that fluid. It's likely just pus or an entire fantasy coming from their axe wounds.

No. 1201481

clearly you've never seen an infected axe wound then

No. 1201483

File: 1617524455058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,125.93 KB, 1024x768, 0EF8BF38-AE0C-42CC-95C2-961ACB…)

These neovaginas are all some Lovecraftian, Junji Ito-esque alien brain bug body horrors that fails at mimicking nature in the most disgusting ways possible.

No. 1201484

to be fair, have you seen what the inside of your vagina looks like? it’s some weird lovecraftian shit on its own. but at least it has some purpose and makes sense. these freaks want men shoving their dicks inside of hairy inverted penises for a fetish.

i’m not the kind of person to say that you shouldn’t be using your body in ways god didn’t intend but christ, these monsters have no respect for nature and biological evolution.

No. 1201487

bottom right with pink hair is an edited image of yandev, right? it had to be

No. 1201488

The surgeons often use colon tissue and the colon self-lubricates to an extent. It’s why in addition to smelling like an infected wound, they also smell like feces since the fecal bacteria are all transferred to the new hole. Also there’s pus, of course.

Any time a troon tells you his wound self-lubricates like a real vagina, he’s telling you that it’s full of pus and/or fecal bacteria.

No. 1201492

I didn't know where to post this, but does anyone have Ovarit invite codes? I'm on any of the platforms you can ask them directly.

No. 1201493

This pisses me off.
I have hormonal issues where I produce too much of estrogen and not enough progesterone. Causes extremely painful periods. I used to not be able to walk kind of pain. I was very fertile, but low estrogen meant I would miscarry.
I was prescribed a progesterone cream to help and insurance /refused/ to cover it. It was 100 bucks a syringe. Very expensive and I couldn’t afford at the time.
Insurance deemed it wasn’t “medically necessary”
I guarantee if I were a man/troon they would have been fine with it
Women have never had good healthcare. So seeing men get their fetish surgeries for free makes me seethe

No. 1201495


Urgh this is obviously not a good idea (never is) - this guy has so many problems and I highly suspect if he came off the internet and focussed on something else for a year he'd probably detransition.

No. 1201499

It's not a lovecraftian shit, inside of a vagina looks like normal insides of any orifice/organ. It's nothing weird or scary.

No. 1201500


They are so predictable, trooning out when the wife is pregnant and vulnerable. When you compare it to how domestic violence often starts when the woman is pregnant it’s so obviously manipulative and abusuve behaviour.

No. 1201502

Wrong thread anon. I think you are seeking the fakeboi thread

No. 1201505

I need monster trucks and titties on my menstruation app so I can feel like a manly man. Also everything has to be blue.

No. 1201508

Yeah I hated how everyone on reddit was calling Aimee Challenor "she" and insisting that him being trans was irrelevant. Like him being a biological male who gets off on dressing up as a little girl was completely unrelated to being associated with several pedos. I think it's influenced by the whole "women are pedos too!!!" mra meme

No. 1201510

Lol damn I saw this before it was deleted and now I wish I had read the comments

No. 1201524

>I think it's influenced by the whole "women are pedos too!!!" mra meme
Definitely. MRAs love seeing headlines about “female” pedophiles, rapists etc. even if the photos show that the perp is a man, and I saw plenty of them claim that women had to “own” Challenor and we shouldn’t be allowed to distance ourselves from him just because he makes women look bad. They’re downright giddy they can blame all the vile shit men get up to on women and even look progressive doing it.

No. 1201525

You are or you aren’t on the platforms?
I recommend signing up for Twitter and using that directly, then deleting the Twitter account once you’ve sign up to ovar.
If you’re worried about your email, just make a new account specifically for this purpose. It only takes a few minutes.
When you get in, please read the rules and behave yourself- it’s not like lolcow where we get to indulge our most rude idiot selves.

Sages 4 OT. We will take our GC business elsewhere, mods, don’t worry.

No. 1201549

Ah yeah your female friends totally said it looked legit because it does and not bc they’re socialized to be nice and not hurt your feelings.

No. 1201552

It’s almost always because not doing so puts them at risk of having their vid or channel deleted. It’s the same way w comments or posts on Reddit. It’s ridiculous.

No. 1201555

please do it hontra and inspire other agps to follow you.

No. 1201559

File: 1617544866524.jpg (50.44 KB, 521x937, ce1.jpg)

No. 1201584


They're doing this to please old men with the secondary effect of tricking mostly young boys who have never seen or interacted with a vagina before.
I really feel sorry for the young boys in this coming age.
>Fall in love with a chick.
>Don't know what a tranny is.
>Parent's didn't explain what to look out for.
>First sexual experience is with a mangled meat hole.
>Poor kid thinks this is normal.
>Doesn't know what to do if and when they ever encounter a real one.
This is depressing and I can't continue the greentext


> "women are pedos too!!!" mra meme

First. It's not a meme. Every month there's some middle aged woman with severe arrested development creeping on teenagers ( who look like the boys that might have teased them in highschool lmao) getting caught. In my socials, it went from the guys going " lmao i wish that was me at that age, she's hot" to "damn? Again? can't she find guys her own age to fuck her?"- There's a backlash coming but at the moment it's still pushed off to the side on news channels.

By calling these troons women, you inflate this already increasing number.

Second. Fuck Challenor. Every time someone respects his pronouns , the real pedophiles win by allowing them to hide behind actual problems. Let's not get offtopic lmao.

No. 1201589

File: 1617547745072.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.94 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BYmQ3OWExNTEtZmQzOC00NjY3LW…)

ugh. flabby troon holes look like the parasite's mouth from "the host" ep of the xfiles. pic related, spoilered because it's creepy.

No. 1201596

Speedrunning is a boring repetitive task only an autist would enjoy, and autists are prime subjects of troonism.

No. 1201598

Why did manning chimp out about this? Replies weren’t good?

No. 1201606

I thought hontra was supposed to be smart. Do all those hormones rot their brains? The neovag surgery has like 0 benefits outside becoming a high matinence living fleshlight. I thought he was a “lesbo What would he even use it for?

No. 1201608

it's the mental illness

No. 1201634

I was thinking about this, too. If he really doesn't have sex with men anymore, it might take him longer to realize his mistake. Unless he likes dildos. There's a pretty good chance he'll be left with even less options for sex partners after this, though. And he won't be able to coom. Dude is actively setting himself up to 41%.
If we're lucky, seeing this all in real time might peak some handmaidens and trannies. They'll have video and blog evidence of the negative effects of "gender validation."

No. 1201638

It would be a good excuse for his painkiller addiction

No. 1201649

Trannies transition because they have a delusional belief that it will bring them happiness. When it turns out that each step of the process brings them a spike of happiness that doesn't last, they proceed to the next step of the transition until they finally get to the end having flipped their dick inside out, and realizing the satisfaction from that was, like all the rest of the shit they did, temporary.
Except now they permanently have to dilate their fake vagina every week.
I'd feel bad for them if it weren't for how fucking insufferable they are.

No. 1201663


I don't feel bad for them. They've done so much damage to women's liberation all so that they could LARP. I hope contra becomes the posterboy for the failure of transgenderism.

No. 1201669


He probably suggested his own surgeon to Contra but Contra refused because it's botched/ugly.

No. 1201684

File: 1617556807852.png (95.64 KB, 588x755, 1617447367182.png)

So Kevin said he gets more "pussy" then his haters, yet he only fucked two men with dicks last year and he lives with his "girlfriends" but does not have sexual contact with any of them.
Such a male response, "you terfs are calling me out? Well I get more pussy then you, ha ha thats why you really mad! I have so many people who want to have sex with me!"

No. 1201688

god, this reads exactly as the typical female sleepover story (the kind that males imagine we have, although this one is missing the making out part), couldn't sound more fake even if he tried.

No. 1201694

You can take the penis out of the dudebro but you can never take the brain out

No. 1201697

These sorts of troons are all fucking each other. I only ever see Gibes flirt with or interact with other greasy, autistic troons and they base their whole lives on fucking one another. It's a bit sad really. They might be having fun now but when they are old and they have this wound to take care of and all these complications that come with trooning out and don't care as much about sex anymore I can see many of them regretting their decision.

I don't find Gibes in the least bit threatening to be honest. The most he does is become mouthy and talk about his hurt feefees. He's a bit of a pervert but he doesn't seem aggressive enough to be physically predatory.

The ironic thing is that he is gay but not in the way he thinks he is.

No. 1201699

>I get more pussy!
What a male response.

No. 1201704

There could be a potential fear there though.
I mean, right now he's just getting asspats from his fellow troon support system, but the more this kind of behavior is excused and encouraged by transmaidens and media, the more bold these dudes will get because they think or know they can get away with it.
He's fairly non-threatening right now, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. Hopefully he will rot in obscurity, but with the way things are going, it could end up worse.

No. 1201708

they are just gay men or men who become bisexual because they realize that the only people who will want them is other coomers.
Kevin has even said he likes "non-passing" trans women, but is it that he "likes them" or those are the only ones who give him attention?
When have we seen him ever post about any decent looking trans person? I think maybe he posted about Kim Petras once. IDC, Kevin would probably love to be with a woman, but he knows he can't and hates women. It's childish, "Well I don't like you anyway!" type shit.

I don't see troons him as gay/bisexual naturally, they just take what they'll get and their type becomes whoever is the easiest and who'll have them.
Kevin isn't dangerous because he never leaves the house and likes larping with other ugly men. Now the men he live with who walk around town with guns and one of them attacked a "terf" (ONE woman holding a sign at a pride parade) are dangerous.

No. 1201720

>i’ve lost track of how many friends are dtf
Okay and? Ugly degenerate troons are horny 24/7 this is nothing to brag about. He should know since he is one.

No. 1201744

Pseudobisexuality is a common occurence in agp dudes, and Kevin is end stage agp.
I always wonder how these guys would have turned out without internet access, would Kev still be a degenerate coomer or would he have ended up normal? I guess we'll never know.

No. 1201745


i dunno man, the times in my life when i was fucking all my "friends" were not the times i'd say i was doing great and had a ton of self-respect. maybe get better friends kevin.

No. 1201763

to be fair i know some youngish make up artist wannabees who will beg to do the a girls makeup, especially if the girl never wears makeup. But its not a big uwu makeover party. Its usually the MUA doing one girls makeup while the others drink and watch movies or chill on their phones. im sure there was no dress up party either.

No. 1201767

File: 1617565131751.jpg (357.96 KB, 1097x993, girlsnightout.jpg)

No. 1201776

I don't even read this thread and I can immediately tell this is fake

No. 1201787

the same person wrote both of these for some weird creative writing exercise, didn't they

No. 1201831

I’m only 5’9” but I get mistaken for a guy multiple times a day due to my short hair and my work uniform, and I don’t even look particularly butch. They usually figure it out once I speak, though.
sorry for blog but this thread is fucking weird now so

No. 1201865

File: 1617576257972.png (50.1 KB, 850x442, ui439889.PNG)

oh, okay then. yeah that sounds completely normal, natural, and definitely sexy. i would absolutely love to interact with a surgically sliced and sewn hole and flaps on someone's body where their penis used to be that smells and needs to be repeatedly dilated and manually cleaned for the rest of their life. so very attractive and not weird at all.

side note: they hate when people say they cut their dicks off. should we say "they paid someone to peel their dick like a banana with a scalpel and shove it back inside their body and sew it back together"?

No. 1201874

>people would't say your piercing healed or closed shut
But they do? That's what people say when their earpiercing closes up. He's really playing semantics, as if not calling it healing would suddenly fix the problem of it needing to be kept open via shoving up foreign objects.

No. 1201885

imagine re-popping your earring hole, but it's a giant carved out chunk of your taint

No. 1201887

A lot of trannies are super into the idea of transhumanism, in the cyberpunk sense, and obsessed with body modding in general. Almost all of the ones I've met are hyperfixated on piercings and tattoos, and a majority of them are also into alternative subdermal implants (think hirns, ridges, or even those weird silicone 'bagels') and cybernetics. They don't think of damage done to your body consensually as damage, just enhancement or replacement. How they can be this obsessed with transhumanism and technology, while also claiming to be ecofriendly, cottagecore wiccans is beyond me, though. The levels of delusion are beyond my comprehension

No. 1201891

Here we have my least fave type of tranny, the autist obsessed with semantics.

>I-it’s not closing guys! even though it’s decreasing in depth and width. It’s just tightening up!

No. 1201902

>Close your eyes
>Feel the paper
Imagine being such a pathetic coomer that you sexualize and gender the act of writing words on a piece of paper. But somehow is TERFs are the ones reinforcing gender stereotypes. Delusion.

No. 1201910

not to derail but what I mean when I call it a meme is that the rates at which women are pedos (you yourself said you hear about it once a month) aren't comparable in the slightest to men's, redditors/mras/anti feminists etc love weaponizing these cases to pretend that pedophilia and sexual violence in general aren't a predominantly male issue which is just retarded. People want to live in a perfect post-feminist world where men and women are literally the same and act the same and everything we knew about sex was a social construct but that's just not the reality we live in, sex differences still matter and pretending sexual violence isn't a male issue is like pointing at one case of a sheep pushing a wolf off a cliff and going "see? wolves and sheep both kill each other!"

No. 1201913

>Be male
>Have homework
>Homework is boring
>Want to coom instead of writing an essay
>Mad that female assigned work instead of being sex hole
>"Women only exist for sex"
>Have genius idea
>Troon out
>Writing essay still doesn't result in coom
>Go on notoriously female site
>"How do I write like a femoid"
>"Think of the paper as your lover"
>Coom on the essay
>Turn it in
>Professor report for sexual harassment
>Counter-report her for transphobia
>Professor is fired
>Graduate with honors
>Trooning ain't easy

No. 1201939

Oh shit you're probably right. He's in California so his stink ditch surgery would be free, too. It's a win/win for him because he'd get attention, ~validation~, and lots of free drugs out of it.

No. 1201944

File: 1617583792387.png (709.36 KB, 1762x1561, pstpeo3945.png)

more of the cold hard truth about srs.

No. 1201945


Exactly this anon.

I think this is exactly why they're trying to paint terfs as violent. They honestly want us to believe that these biological men have to worry about their safety around women.

No. 1201946

Already exists. https://terfisaslur.com/
It's pretty insane though so watch out.

No. 1201964

Anon in what world is reddit a notoriously female site.
I feel terrible for him. This entire journey was a trip but seeing that "account suspended" notif at the end felt like the ending to a twilight zone episode. Damn.

No. 1201967

Fuck I hate this so much as an artist with very messy handwriting, fuck that person who replied and their ideas about what a woman is. I don't fucking draw my words on paper nor "feel the paper" whatever that means, writing is the act of taking down information not something that immediately becomes a flowery, mystical act simply because a woman did it.

No. 1201968

File: 1617588638197.jpg (42.69 KB, 619x412, vu3k84ktomg11.jpg)

His vagina looks like a fucking coin purse.

No. 1201969

>After supper we move to the bedroom

blaring siren starts up a rather concerning turn of phrase in a post about your sister

No. 1201971

Ok luckily that post went nowhere too weird except…why…are you lusting after lesbians and not straight cis women if you're bi? That part doesn't make sense, but at least his story didn't descend into depravity as I feared (this thread has given me very low expectations)

No. 1201984

File: 1617591676726.png (112.17 KB, 576x425, Screenshots_2021-04-04-17-54-1…)

Kek like anyone on Reddit is female anymore. The majority of their users are troons, pedos or troon pedos. Pic related. He honestly thinks that fucking young looking prostitutes is a good way to alleviate pedophilic urges. Based on the upvotes and awards, many Redditors agree.

No. 1201986

In the world where people understand sarcasm

No. 1201987

Lol what the fuck, this legitimately made me feel scared. Such brave, wholesome, gentle women these folks are

No. 1201999

threatening to beat people to death is dainty, feminine and cute. What you didn't know that?

No. 1202010

Damn, I thought my sarcasm was very clear. I'm glad >>1201986 understood, at least.

No. 1202017

Imagine being such a botched incel you brag about having sex twice in 365 days

No. 1202018


OP is textbook HSTS. Note that they're not as delusional as Transbians about their neovagina, because they're not motivated by physiological AGP.

I sincerely hope dude can find health and happiness after getting sold a bill of goods, just to get a goddamn chronic wound

No. 1202025

A pitiable, mentally ill person, who was given a physical 'cure' to his psychological problem. It is unbelievable to me that doctors (let's be real, plastic surgeons) would do this. Destroying a functioning human organ and leaving a complete bombsite in their wake. If nosejobs routinely left people without nasal function we'd all be hearing about it, and the procedure would be roundly discouraged. Instead this shit gets silenced and replaced with "gynecologists can't even tell!" bullshit.

I've asked before and I'll ask again it is plastic surgeons who perform these operations, right? How educated are they wrt human genitalia function? Its one thing to slice someone open and put a bag inside their breasts, but it is a whole different kettle of fish to try and build a vagina out of a penis.

No. 1202028



Js that according to that, he’s 14 years old. Also imo that doesn’t look like a boner. Skinny guys’ junk can stick out like that due to their lack of body fat and the spinning was probably not helping.

No. 1202031

Did you even read it? It's about a group of women peaking because some deranged mtf high in coke told them to suck his dick during a girls movie night.

No. 1202032

I'm certain he has some sort of developmental disability. Yikes, someone save this kid.

No. 1202033

The collective delusion of troons who want bottom surgery is beyond ridiculous… what the fuck do they expect?? I get that they've been lied to about the results of SRS but if they want a vagina so badly and identify with womanhood so strongly, why do they not learn how our bodies work before they cut their fucking dick off? It doesn't take much anatomical understanding to figure out that no surgery of any kind can replicate fully functioning genitals.

It's unbelievable to me too. What happened to 'do no harm'?? I fully expect the surgeons who carry out these surgeries to get hit with class action suits in the future, and they'll deserve it. They should lose their licenses at the very least, they are doing unconscionable, irreversible damage to healthy human bodies in order to treat MENTAL health issues. The medical industry has a responsibility to do thorough, unbiased studies about gender dysphoria and how to deal with it, they should be leading the way in debunking the science denial and lies TRAs spread. But unsurprisingly they've prioritized profit over doing the right thing.

No. 1202036

Your first point is so true, I genuinely think a lot of troons give so little thought to vaginas that they think all it is, is the absence of a penis. Just a hole of some kind that provides pleasure, and the smarter ones may recognize that a clit exists but they've been convinced it is basically just a woman's penis and therefore they can somehow make their penis one. That + hole, and now you've got female sex organs!

No. 1202043

You'd think a coomer would know best of all that vaginas are muscular and self lubricated, considering that's why sex is so physically enjoyable for men. But I guess most of them are trancel virgins or gay men who don't understand how or why a vagina feels good.

No. 1202052


If u want people to no longer buy into this bullshit you'd better leave the floor open for people who are only recently experiencing deprogramming and the catharsis it brings to open up about it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1202056

They insert themselves in our spaces, making demands, asking women to fight for them for their bogus “rights” (and they do because women have to be so subservient, right);.
but have you ever seen a troon laydee fighting for women’s, reproductive rights? They don’t even support it. They don’t care. Yet they love to compare themselves with infertile women. Those are women and they support female specific causes. Narcissistic troons do not!

No. 1202073

Underrated post anon

It's sad. Healthy bodies get irreparably butchered. This surgery should be called "total penile inversion" or something instead of the misleading "sex-reassignment surgery", even my non-trans friends believe it creates a functioning just-like-the-real-thing vagina and not a rotting flesh pocket made from a mutilated dick and balls.

No. 1202080

I feel really uncomfortable

No. 1202082

File: 1617615223426.jpg (417.2 KB, 1080x1542, IMG_20210405_113009.jpg)

projectile vomits
>it seems like most cis girls don't enjoy being born girls
Almost like growing up and being a biological woman is different from erotic roleplay.

No. 1202091

My theory that almost all troons are incels is once again confirmed. Being a woman means you have it "easy" in life just being cute and pretty.

>wow imagine bitching about the downsides of being a woman, I would enjoy all of those!!

Meanwhile he has to experience none of the downsides of being a woman, cause he is born with male priviledge and now has troon priviledge on top.

Also is this an american thing that you only hold doors open for women? Where I live you hold the door open for anyone you see approach the same door as you, no matter the age or gender.

No. 1202096

A thousand upvotes. Jesus Christ I hate Reddit so much. People like this are why the "pro-sex work" movement exists. They don't give a fuck about the vulnerable women forced into prostitution, they just want to be able to pay to demean another human without people judging them. Fucking scum.

No. 1202098

Would he say the same if he were from a country where complete fgm was the common rite of passage of girls into womanhood? Nu-uh? But it would be so validating!

No. 1202101

From a pretty christ-conservative country, and the only people holding doors open for women and making a show out of it are literal grandpas. That's why it's so nonsensical when MRA's "threaten" women with not holding doors open; no one fucking cared in the first place.

No. 1202102

Gauged ears absolutely can close. Maybe not after you get past sticking fingers through it or literal inches, but i know plenty of people who moved on from their alt/emo phase and would need to repierce their once gauged ears to get standard earrings in. Same goes with lip and nose piercings.
Also im sure some piercings need mulitple months to heal or else theyll close within a few days.
This troon used horrible comparisons.

No. 1202104

Troons enjoy and idealize this shit because they have a choice. They were raised with and continually benefit from male socialization. "Being a woman" is just a fetish to them, an experiment they can walk away from whenever they want. If you were born with a vagina, you will be punished for it in subtle ways your whole life no matter what you do.

Teenage girls in the United States have been forced to carry rape-babies to term because they couldn't get access to abortions. Women are more likely to die from strokes and heart attacks because scientists thought it was only necessary to observe symptoms in male patients. 82% of CSA survivors are female. Our problems are much bigger than just catcalls, and they're things trannies will never understand because of their male upbringings, no matter how much horse piss they ingest.

No. 1202106

Not to mention that piercings are cosmetic and medically unnecessary, so I guess they have that in common with stink ditches.

No. 1202112

your talent is wasted on the extreme autists here, anon. made me kek though

No. 1202115

This is actually really sad.

No. 1202116

File: 1617620489254.jpg (174.17 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20210405-035356_Red…)

>POV: you were born with a fully functioning male reproductive system and have the audacity to compare your delusional beliefs about your body to a woman who struggled with undiagnosed endometriosis
Every time I start to think that they can't sink any lower, transwomen and their bottomless narcissism prove me wrong.

No. 1202119

why is that when ever there is a post/article about woman/girl suffering the trannys have to invade it and make it about themselves.
Like i remember there was a article about a girl getting raped and forced to have a baby ad the trannys started to invade the article and made it all about themselves and victim-blamed her.

No. 1202121

Is there any way to improve upon what the doctors gave him? I know they can't turn it back to a penis, but constant infections and dilation of a dry and unstretchy pocket of skin sounds like a horrible way to live out your days. Even if he didn't have something resembling average genitalia, couldn't he have something more functional? People with extreme genital mutilation, injuries or burns have ways of repairing damage and fashioning something easier to care for.

I feel a lot of sympathy for this guy because it sounds like they found an effeminate guy and ground him down with strict gender stereotypes that made him think the only way to enjoy feminine things was to be a female.

No. 1202124


>It's very different from a cisgender vagina actually. And I didn't expect that pre-surgery

Then what did you expect kek at these delusional fucks

No. 1202127


>I wish someone had told me the truth

The thing is, would he even have listened? Whenever you try to tell them the truth, they cover their ears and go LALALA I DONT HEAR YOU YOU TRANSPHOBE

No. 1202128

>Sloughing off dead skin levels within a month
No. Skin will continue to die as long as there is living skin to replace it.

>It's not a wound if it's not bleeding

It's still a scar or damaged tissue.

>Your nose ring is a "wound"?

Yes? Nobody denies this. Piercing is intentional wounding. The difference is the piercing community isn't using coomer logic to convince you their wound is fuckable.

Some will close even after the healing period. A cartilage piercing takes months to heal properly but even after those months pass you can't leave a piercing out for too long or it will need repiercing.

No. 1202129

I don't understand how they convince themselves and each other that it will be the same. Even if they could get them cosmetically accurate (which they can't, due to the positioning), they are missing parts. The clitoris is not a penis head, it's an internal structure with a protruding external glans. The end of a vagina is the beginning of the cervix. There are ridges and muscle and lubrication. It's not a pocket.

No. 1202130

As I understand it there are three methods for vaginoplasty:
the standard penile inversion
the colon tissue method
the peritoneal pull-through
with the last one being the favoured one because the peritoneal lining is the most similar to female vaginal tissue and it's less traumatic to the body than using intestines.

As for why neovaginas smell like shit, it's also the fact they're way closer to the asshole than natal vaginas are because they can only be made where the pelvic space is, and trans women don't seem great on the whole at hygiene.

No. 1202131

Pregnancy induces jealousy in AGPs due to the fetish of it. The wife gets to be pregnant, why can't Iiiii?

and when pregnant she's in a very vulnerable psition so far less likely to leave or ask him to leave

No. 1202139

Well now I'm MATI

Lack of a uterus is not "a serious medical issue" for trans women. It's a serious frustration that they can't live out a fetish to the extent they desire. Lacking something that's never been there is not in any way equivalent to a hysterectomy. This troon's biggest medical issue is malignant narcissism.

No. 1202141

I’m fuming at this one ngl

No. 1202158

They really associate the "validity of being a woman" with being sexually harassed and liking pink feminine things. A true testimony of how you can't be "born in the wrong gender", you will never understand what it's like to actually be born as one. This dumbass doesn't have an ounce of sympathy for the shit women have to deal with on a daily basis and just whines about how he's entitled to treat it all as some cutesy ~gender euphoria~ issue because he actually has the choice of backing out of it and not be threatened by any of it. Women don't.

This has to be a troll post, I beg of you. Their narcissism is a black hole devoid of hope and it just keeps on getting bigger.

No. 1202159

File: 1617629833733.jpg (196.72 KB, 1125x1786, b80c114a-1bb6-56bc-8e5f-bbbf31…)

Honestly, I don't really see a difference between incels demanding they get free chadfaceplasty from transcels demanding FFS be paid for. Can't ugly people argue they suffer from gender dysphoria from not matching the beauty standards of their "perceived" gender?

No. 1202164

Because they’re raging narcissists.

No. 1202171

meanwhile food insecurity and other social issues are still rampant in Northern Canada…

No. 1202184

File: 1617635076149.jpg (455.57 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20210405-075152_Red…)

>This has to be a troll post, I beg of you.
Even the OP was trying to be sympathetic to bio women here, but the response about how being born male is just as bad as having untreated endo got more upvotes, so sadly this is not an unpopular opinion on r/MtF.

No. 1202202

amazing just how much of this you see in the troon posts on Reddit

No. 1202209

File: 1617638732501.png (57.21 KB, 1009x319, uh.PNG)

This is another reply to that thread, I am speechless at that last line, how can you look at that and say "yup that's a mentally stable person let's help them transition"

No. 1202210

Yeah, why does a man with a square jaw get "feminised" when women with square jaws exist? WHat's to stop a woman saying her jaw gives her dysphoria because it doesn't match her gender, even if her gender matches her sex?

No. 1202211

>taking a razor to where my vagina should be, and hitting myself repeatedly in my tummy, to try and simulate a period
you're going to mutilate yourself anyway so what's the difference. god this is probably the most retarded "pity me" shit i've read in a while. i'm sorry i bleed out my cunt?

No. 1202212

I can't wait for the first case of some IRL shitposter going full Kikomi-chan and demand free surgeries saying how she's discriminated against because she was born a girl to hit the news.

No. 1202213

It was never really alive. It's just you noticing it getting worse.

No. 1202215

periods aren’t even “affirming” it’s bleeding, smelling, sweating, shitting misery. Pain so severe wondering if you’ll go to bed and end up in the hospital in the morning.

blog but i’ve polycystic ovaries so i’ve traded out cramps and bloody bedsheets for regular injections knowing it could fuck my bones and give me cancer.

but let’s feel sorry for this poor troon who prefers to mutilate himself cause he’s a poor soul who doesn’t bleed out of his genitals. No woman experiences periods happily.

No. 1202221

Speechless. This post condensed why periods are a touchy issue for a lot of women and explained it in comprehensible words yet some nasty troon has to make it all about how his breeding fetish totally goes above the very real anxiety women have over their menstruation.

>Taking a razor to where my vagina should be and hitting myself repeatedly in my tummy, to try and simulate a period
Oh my fucking god how is this shit being upvoted, this is actual madman behavior.

No. 1202226

>How the actual fuck is this not viewed for what it is: severe mental illness, and how the fuck did people come to the conclusion THIS NUTSO SHIT was how to treat it?
>feminist/LGBT propaganda
>if you're not a feminist, you're a bigot
>if you make a dumb joke while a feminist sits behind you in a Python conference, you lose your job
>if you supported GamerGate or fought in any capacity against cancel culture, ding dong bannu from Twitter and Reddit
>also you're a misogynist
>if you don't support gay marriage, we'll rally to boycott your business or terminate your paypal/patreon/kickstarer account
(the same tactics of cancel culture for like 5 years)
>if you don't think kids should be medicalised for transgenderism, ding dong bannu from Twitter and Reddit

Honestly, where the fuck have you been?(/pol/)

No. 1202228

>le goobergate and le ebil danger hair feminists and gay propaganda
Your /pol/ is showing, anon

No. 1202229

take your meds

No. 1202231

I mean biological sex is apparently a white colonialist social construct while gender is innate, and there’s who knows how many genders, so why can’t a vagina-owner identify as more feminine or conventionally attractive than how she was born? Troons keep saying that women can come with every configuration of primary and secondary sexual characteristics and everything is valid as long as you feel it’s your authentic self, so there’s no reason a big-nosed afab person can’t identify as a dainty small-nosed woman and be entitled to fully covered cosmetic surgery. Nonbinary women are getting testosterone and mastectomies even though they’re not transitioning to anything except a more masculine version of themselves. Why not a more feminine version?. Apparently bimbo shit is popular on TikTok now, but will bimbo ever be a valid (and insurance-covered) gender identity for women like it is for men? Why not, if there’s no actual discernible difference between afab and amab people?

No. 1202232

Some people just had their peak at 2015 as opposed to 2021.

No. 1202239

As if letting gays get married is in anyway comparable to transing kids lmao. Just go back to /pol/.

No. 1202253

A woman spend almost two years collecting stories about how dangerous the trans cult is.


og article has been already taken down.

No. 1202264

File: 1617643774337.jpg (362.04 KB, 719x1121, Screenshot_20210405-201746_Red…)

The same guy. I fucking hate troons.

>Please tell me they have a separate women's line so I can stand in it and get euphowia uwu! Does a dainty woman like me need a ladies' dose teehee?

No. 1202277

>is there a special non-mass vaccine center that will validate me

No. 1202300

File: 1617648303570.jpg (208.58 KB, 720x1457, 765486457.jpg)

The self-pitying circle jerk in that thread was so thick. If I went around comparing my suicidal childhood to people with severe physical pain and/or serious illnesses everyone would rightfully tell me to shut the fuck up because it's self-centered and trivializes their condition.
>Yeah bro that fibromyalgia stuff sounds tough, but I would rather have that. Wahhh me, why aren't we talking about me? :/
The absence of a medical condition is not a real fucking problem. Get over yourself.

I don't know what it is about troonism that makes people so sympathetic to the most glaringly narcissistic behavior. Do people really love gender stereotypes so much that they're willing to convince themselves that Western males with a sissification fetish are the most oppressed women ever?

No. 1202303

>do men and women get different vaccines

jesus fucking christ

No. 1202305

they don't become trannies because they're smart, anon

No. 1202314

So his feefees are hurt because he's excluded. What a child. Dilators are like participation thropies.

No. 1202315

File: 1617649809542.png (989.35 KB, 1217x978, Untitled.png)

i'm totally lost on why a republican would think banning puberty blockers for teens is a bad idea

what the hell is happening

No. 1202323

probably has a big pharma buddy selling puberty blockers.

No. 1202331

Oh, yup

No. 1202332

What the fuck? No wonder these people identify as trans, they really think gender is the #1 thing in everyone's lives and that they need to be in a female space at all time.

The way these people treat menstruation as some goddess moon shit and not a consistent source of pain and stress is really telling on how they can't relate to female issues at all.

>Do people really love gender stereotypes so much that they're willing to convince themselves that Western males with a sissification fetish are the most oppressed women ever?

I think the people full into handmaidenry are either so deep into their savior complex eating up the "trans women are poor, battered darlings who just want to blossom into a real girl" narrative, or want to elevate themselves over other women for male validation or they're just paying lip service and trying to save their own skin. It all boils down to their unfortunate female socialization and how women are always taught to be docile, put everyone else's needs before theirs and constantly seek for acceptance from men.

Someone from the medical field slipped him a suitcase filled with bills, most likely. It's already been confirmed multiple times that trans activist organizations are funded by pharmaceutical companies often owned by white republican men.

No. 1202337

>Cis girls with their comments tend to make me feel like a freak, like a pseudo woman.
Good. That's exactly what you are.

Men will never understand what it's like to be a woman, which makes it so much more ridiculous that these people actually think they have a "girlbrain".

No. 1202341

>Hundreds of bakeries in the area.
>Chooses the biggest, most christian one.
>Troons and gays constantly harass the bakery.
>Doesn't dare bother a Muslim Bakery.

It had nothing to do with being gay. It had everything to do with having the power to tell people what to do. Some people are just sick control freaks, something that manifests quite often in the troon communties. A quick search reveals that people are still suing them lmao.

Not sure where I first saw this video, but transing kids is a potential fucking diamond mine.
>trans kids
>Get them dependent on hormones
>Get them dependent on cosmetics, binders, packers and needless cosmetic surgeries.
>Custom clothing for the 6'11 linebackers in sundresses(derailing)

No. 1202345

File: 1617652487645.jpg (359.53 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210405_214848.jpg)

anyone else terrified of giving their future kids access to social media? Stuff like this is so scary.
And unlike other harmful internet subcultures that teens fall into (pro ana, self harm stuff etc) it's full of grown adults who are more than happy to accept these young kids into their circles. It's so fucked

No. 1202358

How is this upvoted? I bet these same twittertroons would shit on 13 year olds to fuck off with their shitty narrow understanding and inexperience of life in any conversation not centering on fucking up your body with hormones for cosmetic purposes.

No. 1202364

I hope they find a way for people who want to menstruate to do so, stat. Please. Let them feel it. I guess men can get endometriosis and for these period fetishizers I hope they get it. It's destroying some of my organs. I've had two surgeries already. tell me again how magical and euphoric it is to menstruate.

Usually the people who want to menstruate do not have the childbirth fetish. I guarantee you, no woman wants to menstruate unless it's to confirm fertility or confirm the fact that we weren't stealthed.

No. 1202369

File: 1617654297952.jpg (54.92 KB, 587x588, jail.JPG)

No. 1202375

So if men are also victims of men in prison, what is exactly stopping them from also bring twinks or manlets to the women's prison?

No. 1202379

I'm so sorry for the extra stress this must give you. Having your pain minimized a d fetishized by healthy people who tell you that they would love to have your condition must be hellish. The only frame of reference I have is with my own, less painful cycle, and the way TIMs react to my history of sexual abuse. They fetishize our pain, and act like victims. These men are monsters.

No. 1202387

By "terf island" I assume he means the UK? Wow it sure must suck to live in a fucking first world country. Boo hoo.

No. 1202390

What the fuck did that retard even expect?
>mom, dad, I want to be a girl
>i want to get into hormones, chop my dick/tits off, get new genitals and from now on, you should call me by this random name I found on a list on the internet that’s either “Persephone” or “name of a close girl/woman”/ “ayddenm” or “name of a close guy/man”
>sure thing child! Let’s get all of that done for you tomorrow! Whatever my little b-b-girl/g-g-boy wants!
Hell, parents will get mad at you for getting a tattoo or a piercing in your late 20’s, how do they think changing everything will be ok?

No. 1202392

I'm gonna homeschool my little psychopaths. Forget helicopter parenting, I'm going to latch onto their skin and remain there until they're 30. They'll have to name the syndrome they develop after me.
No unfiltered internet, no cartoons made after 2010,pre-approved movies and pre-read comics will be allowed. Videogames yes, chatrooms and microphones? No. I got into chats as a kid and I fucked up real bad when people wanted to meet.

No. 1202394

Same. Until the wave of detransitions starts nope nope nope. And still nope cause of all the porn sick coomer brained shit out there

No. 1202397

I love you, anon, you’re my inspiration.

No. 1202400

Are we sure this isnt Chris chan?

No. 1202403

Idk, the UK might have some based TERFs, but they are all british and so is everyone else. I think Senegal would probably be a lot more comfy than London and also have less black people.(racebait)

No. 1202405

>less black people
Please say sike.

No. 1202411

File: 1617658087451.png (558.98 KB, 960x752, drsuess.png)

fewer*, sorry

No. 1202415

blog but to be honest with you i was scared for my little brother. my schizo theory is that male puberty hitting almost all at once distresses some teenage boys so much its been causing some of them to transition in an attempt to stay childlike

No. 1202419

File: 1617659151187.webm (1.94 MB, 1280x720, 1615960639480.webm)

I wanna know how this troon thing got so bad.I genuinely thought it would fuck off and people would grow out of it when they started to move off tumblr. But it just ended up getting worse…

No. 1202425

i love this comment, it's spot on radfem-chan

No. 1202428

OT but where is this scene from?

No. 1202430

I know they're delusional, but why do they expect to get the woman's equivalent of healthcare and medication whilst having a male body. In cases that it is different, it's different for a reason, surely these men can't be that retarded

Part of me doesn't want to teach my future child English so they can't be subjected to troonism and general twitter sjw autism, but I also don't want to limit their career options. This shit will be over in 10 years, r-right..

I wont be surprised if my neet 22 yo brother will become a tranny tbh, considering he's an epic gamer streamer who gets jealous over my 'female privlege' but he's reddit retarded not 4chan retarded, so maybe I'll stay safe

No. 1202440

nayrt but its from some australian anti-bullying troon psa

No. 1202444

File: 1617662620071.jpg (54.9 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20210406_004037.jpg)

>he's reddit retarded not 4chan retarded, so maybe I'll stay safe
anon do I have news for you…..

No. 1202456

File: 1617664315946.png (359.97 KB, 1074x1188, Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 7.12…)

I think about this a lot, won't get too OT/blogpost but I hope this shit fades away by the time I need to worry about it. In the meantime I will read/watch everything first to make sure it skips the troon message. Hate that it is getting included in everything now, picrel

No. 1202468

>How is this upvoted? I bet these same twittertroons would shit on 13 year olds to fuck off with their shitty narrow understanding and inexperience of life in any conversation not centering on fucking up your body with hormones for cosmetic purposes.
Grooming minors comes before all other priorities to them, that's how.
I thought so too, anon. I think some of my fellow "ex-libfems/trans allies" might have been in the same boat as me. Just smiling and nodding in response to the insanity, patiently trying to wait all this shit out without getting canceled. But it was a mistake. I should have pushed back hard on this when it started, and I'm probably not the only one who feels that way now.

No. 1202470

not going to get into the whole prison culture america has, but why can't they just make "trans" prisons? I'm sure some company would be willing to take money to do it.

No. 1202476

File: 1617668046305.jpeg (216.61 KB, 806x721, 58F03A02-24EE-4CCF-94CF-98A5DB…)

anon please loooool

No. 1202477

>just enable their addictions, this totally won't make them chase the "next high" lol
Jesus Christ I fucking hate reddit.

No. 1202478

But anon creating third spaces for trans people would be too considerate of everybody's needs and not validating enough.

No. 1202489

This is how furfags operated in the mid 90's-early 00's (and I guess continue to operate today); the main allure for a lot of the men was easy access to sex, and a shit ton were basically 'jailhouse gay' because the only people who'd fuck them were fellow ugly degenerates. Come to think of it, AGP culture shares a ton of similarities with furry culture
>are the lines at vaccine centres gender-segregated?
what in tarnation? does this dude think he's in Saudi Arabia?

No. 1202495

Furry and troon venn diagram is a circle.

No. 1202507

File: 1617673609164.gif (4.43 MB, 224x168, 3535458E-226D-4641-B537-9501AD…)

I like how this article is entirely focused on TIMs. Where are the TIFs lining up to go the prison that aligns with their gender identity?

> 65 out of 205 requests for surgery were approved and nine were completed.

Troons getting surgery in prison, out of tax payer’s dime. California is truly the pits.

> But Jen Orthwein, an attorney who represents transgender inmates and worked on the bill, said that not all inmates want or have access to hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgery, and that “any expression of femininity in a men’s prison places people in danger.”

So any effeminate man needs to be put in a women’s prison now?

> A transgender woman at a men’s prison, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, said that she knows at least five inmates who have applied to transfer under false pretenses and that staffers have asked her to help identify such inmates.

B-but this never happens.

>a transgender man in the Chowchilla women’s prison, said widespread panic about the transfers stems largely from staffers who ask inmates, “What are you going to do when the men get here?”

Why is a transgender man in a woman’s prison? These he/hims always forget about the literal violence of not being seen as a true and honest man when it comes to merrily going to women’s colleges and prisons.

No. 1202510

File: 1617673876332.webm (Spoiler Image,3.89 MB, 720x1280, the we just want to pee there …)

tw: disgusting video of a ladyboy masturbating in front of a mirror inside a women's restroom with an unsuspecting lady in the background.

I don't know what to say, i'm sure many of us here has a story about being harassed by a scrote touching his crusty dick in public but this is a new level.

No. 1202511

Literally what the fuck. He stops when she leaves. This was a targetted assault, he was jacking off to her and filming her. Show this to any shitty backwards handmaiden who says this never happens, let them see this man look dead at the woman while doing this. I'm going to be sick.

No. 1202512

What the fuck

No. 1202514

someone should submit this to one of those websites archiving this stuff or just send it to the press… doing this in a public restroom should not become a trend.

No. 1202520

sadly won't have an impact as it's "3rd world deviants"
it's the text book example of "why won't women let me into their toilets" argument and likely gets the response from TRA "that's just a man in a dress, not a trans woman" which is ironic.>>1202510

No. 1202527

He looks like a special ed kid on a seesaw in his "sexy" videos.

Massive mman head and body https://mobile.twitter.com/SukiTrans

No. 1202528

kek you're right, why wouldn't it be dysphoric to be a little dude with a vagina in a woman's prison? They're men, after all, right?

Same thing with bathrooms. I really don't see TiFs clamoring to get into men's rooms and start trying to hover over urinals.

No. 1202530

Disgusting. Oh but they're just like us anons, don't we women often feel compelled to masturbate in public bathrooms in front of each other? Truly just born in the wrong body.

No. 1202540

they'll do the denial thing alt righters do. "oh that was a male terf planted to make us trans women look bad!!"

No. 1202542

File: 1617678225188.jpg (59.4 KB, 960x960, 1615699975724.jpg)

So trannies want us to basically worship them? What do they gain from using this logic. Like, Yeah old societies worshipped literally anything some societies even thought people with extra limbs where God's too what's your point tranny? We revert to old religions and society? What is even the point?

No. 1202543

anons im trying really hard not to a-log because of this

No. 1202549

File: 1617679044818.jpg (244.77 KB, 976x1050, _84584050_3494754156_9273aff2f…)

a majestic icon, the original troon

No. 1202555

Might as well fund plastic surgery for everyone with crippling self-esteem issues. Actually, that would be more valid than this fetish shit.

No. 1202557

where did my sage go. I apologize.

No. 1202563

His twitter actually says that he's living in Massachusetts
Holy fuck I hate troons

No. 1202589

File: 1617684977300.png (Spoiler Image,1017.91 KB, 1333x603, gross.PNG)

he likes recording in public and has a lot of bathroom videos in his manyvids

No. 1202597

American troons are seriously so lucky that men in the USA don't seem to give a shit. The only thing they have to fear is the scorn of TERFs, and that is just online comments (that are quickly hidden away by their bay area tech & media simpaticos) and the occasional dirty look in a bathroom. Fuck these perverts and how much they act like we're the problem.

No. 1202621

i peaked in 2013 and yet i am not an idiot who got sucked into another kind of cult

No. 1202624

This thread reminds me of the time I was in my previous schools changing room and a "mtf" troon with zero feminine features besides long hair just walks in and hangs out with his female friends. I stopped changing while he was there and when someone questioned him, his friends defended him. Probably jacked off at home after seeing girls change. Sorry for short vent.(blog)

No. 1202630

File: 1617695481391.jpeg (76.63 KB, 500x354, 5756B73A-09F0-4887-B895-F879EE…)

Ah yes, paraphilia.
This fucker is a sex offender.

No. 1202631

File: 1617695575628.jpeg (41.67 KB, 381x677, A2664665-12AC-47D2-805D-D96E84…)

Astronomically based

No. 1202633

File: 1617695829784.jpeg (66.37 KB, 750x554, BCDD270C-8139-4C48-AF95-E8A2D2…)

She’s right. She’s right about everything. They fucking deserve it for saying that women’s rights threaten their lives, for suicide baiting, for threatening us, for trivialising our issues and colonising our space. I hope they all fucking kill themselves.

No. 1202642

No. 1202652

Holy shit this almost makes me want to a-log. This is a sex crime.

No. 1202657


His grandchild is a troon.

No. 1202663

I believe it, but you got any source for that?

No. 1202669

File: 1617704643207.jpg (101.76 KB, 559x909, fit fraud.JPG)

I'd like for Kikomi anon to know her art made it to /fit/ and I'm unsure how to feel about it.

No. 1202672

Kikomi also made it to CGL

No. 1202673

You're telling me a country in Africa has less black people in it than London?

No. 1202678

File: 1617706936295.jpg (546.6 KB, 2000x886, mbbhutchinson.jpg)

Not proof, exactly, but his grandson definitely looks like he might troon out someday.

No. 1202682

Many women I’ve talked to about the bathroom issue see no problem with men, even ‘cis’ ones, in women’s bathrooms because we generally have full stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors so there’s no real opportunity to see each other naked when everyone’s using the bathroom as they should. No woman is likely to be in a state of undress in the shared sink area. But they’re forgetting that men don’t behave like women. Women don’t masturbate in public, men do. Especially the kind of men who enjoy being in women-only spaces. Of course things like this were going to happen. You can’t hold men to the same standards of basic human decency as women which is why separate women’s bathrooms had to be established in the first place!

Ignore bait, anon.

No. 1202685

Anon there's a reason why so many AGPs are also furries.

>But they’re forgetting that men don’t behave like women.
This. While most men would just go to the stall to do their business and leave, amidst all of them there's a much bigger probability that some of them will abuse the situation to creep on women. All of the bathroom sexual harassment cases happen in unisex spaces.

No. 1202692

File: 1617709242925.png (645.5 KB, 560x614, 41FC7676-4C38-4E72-A9D5-305D92…)

I think anon maybe meant less trannies? À la “I’m a Black Transwoman donate to me!!” The law is notably anti-homosexuality so it’s bound to be even less troon friendly. But then >>1202411 still doesn’t make sense. A quick google says there’s over 15 million Senegalese citizens and less than 1% of them are a different race. By comparison the only thing London has an abundance of is trannies.

TiFs are easy to ignore because they’re handmaidens, but it’s weird. Most of the time they use women’s services and resources anyways. Yet TiMs aren’t calling for aidens to be put in men’s sports and prisons, and when aidens do it they get rightfully rejected and ignored. It’s almost like despite them being trannies, the clear male-female socialization and social power imbalance doesn’t magically go away!

nta but they definitely will and it’s so transparent. I can’t remember if it was on the supersexuals sub, but someone posted an example of 3 troons for TiMs to explain and they all finally resorted to calling the men fetishists and crossdressers. Apparently “anyone can be trans!!” but if men do exactly what the big bad women warned they would do, those men can’t be a transgender anymore? kek the sad thing is >>1202510 isn’t even an outlier. Every example itt proves that mtf’s are the lowest point of society.

No. 1202702

It’s sweet how you try to see the best in people, anon, but the posts you’re talking about are /pol/-tier racebait. They’re not trying to be factual, just complaining about there being too many black people in London. It’s probably the same poster who can’t tell the difference between real feminists and liberal feminists and blamed us for the existence of MTRAs here

No. 1202706

Imagine all the trans groomers in that 13 year olds inbox right now.

No. 1202708

What's it like living life without a sense of humor? It must be pretty depressing.

No. 1202710

kek, anons can't take a joke

No. 1202712

You can't joke about the poc anon, tutut. This place might be the chans but it's basically twitter 2.0

No. 1202718

You have to go back

No. 1202737

It's both a joke about there being black ppl emigrating uk and trannies hating black people, calm your tits

No. 1202741

>full stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors

living the dream

No. 1202742

Stop taking the race bait.

No. 1202743

File: 1617718283019.jpg (404.1 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20210406-160346__01…)

I don't know if this one has been posted. It's a MtF that has been a personal lolcow for a while. He is currently 20 days deep in his millionth suicide bait and is faking a psychosis. Check reddit profile at your own risk, he posts his neovag from time to time when he craves attention.


No. 1202744

File: 1617718305953.jpg (315.51 KB, 1074x1726, Screenshot_20210406-160359__01…)


No. 1202754

god he really just googled "psychosis symptoms" and ran with it

No. 1202755

There are plenty of Christian businesses that serve gay people, and I'm pretty sure that douche in Colorado didn't have a sign on the door saying "No gay wedding cakes." The couple probably just went to the bakery they lived the closest to, not expecting to be treated like shit for the crime of being in love. The fucking baker made wedding cakes for dogs but not gay human beings. Pretty sure the bible doesn't say that dogs can get married; the baker just wanted an excuse to not do his damn job.

That said, the troon going after this guy now after all the previous litigation definitely went there knowing what would happen. All the bakery is known for at this point is its discriminatory practices. He wanted to bait the baker into saying he wouldn't make a troon cake (it was a trans flag cake celebrating his SRS) specifically so he could sue the guy. It's reminiscent of Yaniv going to Asian-owned spas and asking for his balls waxed knowing full well the women would say no and that he could sue them.

No. 1202765

“Cis” women with seriously deformed breasts can’t get insurance to cover fixing it “because it’s cosmetic.” But if it were a male (even a rapist or murderer in prison) they’d cover cosmetic breast surgery for him.

No. 1202767

Oh yeah, isn’t this Shark Boy? I’m surprised he hasn’t offed himself for real yet.

No. 1202768

He found out this song and dance gets him a lot of attention

No. 1202779

File: 1617723348593.jpg (46.54 KB, 583x562, apologize to god.jpg)

You misunderstand. The current lawsuit purposely targeted that bakery.
>Know the bakery won't do gender or messages that are against their christian beliefs.
>An actual LAWYER goes in there to start shit.
>Here we go again.
I'm not going to get into it, but ever since the religious right lost all power in this country, it's been open season to antagonize the people who used to keep this insanity in check. Like , I actually miss the bad old days when people were shamed for being sexually expressive. These days, folks are just too fucking expressive. Whatever happened to keeping things to yourself and your groups? It's just way too exhibitionist for my tastes.

The punishment for this should an acid wash. Permanent disfiguring scaring and illegal to cover it up. Everyone should be able to look in their direction and say " Damn, here comes a disgusting fucking sicko whatever he did, he must have deserved it."

No. 1202790

File: 1617724420901.jpg (29.48 KB, 603x586, gaygender.jpg)


you have to be living under a rock to think the religious right has lost any power in this christofascist country.

anyway the tumblrinaction sub is pretty based against the transcult these days. picrel made me laugh. words have no meaning anymore, very cool.

No. 1202793

Just fuck off with this /pol/ tier sperging already. The muh gay wedding cake drama was a jackpot for all the altright faggots who are thirsting for a justified reason to hate gay people and this was a single fucking couple, there aren't hordes of gay people suing bakeries left and right.

No. 1202798

>the religious right lost all power in this country
What reality are you living in? I'd love to be there.

No. 1202810

Having kids nowadays sounds like a huge hassle with all these fucked up external influences you can't control like the internet and classmates, I'm not even going to bother having any.

No. 1202833

bullet in the head for people like this(a-logging)

No. 1202838

File: 1617728857602.jpg (43.83 KB, 350x622, beaef95b_500.jpg)

I hope that de transition wave starts soon

No. 1202842

>bringing up /pol/
Topics overlap. Just because the tards on /pol/ freak out about something doesn't mean that anyone else who freaks out about the topic is associated with them. Save the witchhunting for the FtM threads.

Again, it's not about the gay wedding cake. They lost that case. Everyone knows they were assholes to those gay guys.
This is about the tranny cake. The troon lawyer antagonized the bakery due to the notoriety and easy fame they could gain.

>>1202755 said it already.
>It's reminiscent of Yaniv going to Asian-owned spas and asking for his balls waxed knowing full well the women would say no and that he could sue them.

The judges recently respected the bakers right not to make the troon cake. Why? Because they purposely antagonized them and their right not to display any messages they don't agree with.

Discriminating because of orientation is bad, but you can choose not to serve if the message goes against your principles. Which is what the Baker said this time.
Example: The assholes who order pizzas with the pepperonis/ olives arranged to look like a Hakenkruze ( the german one) or a Swastika (The bhuddist one), nobody really cares about the difference. But the difference is, legally, denying one is a religious discrimination lawsuit, denying the other is avoiding a hate crime lawsuit/public backlash and fallout for being involved with it. But a common pizzeria can make the defense of " I don't know the difference, my principles say don't make a nazi pizza"
but folks won't make the effort to educate themselves on the difference lmao.

I'm not even going to waste time arguing. Nobody is afraid of Christians here. Their savior is mocked on their holiest of holidays. If people had any real respect for each other, nobody would be mocking anyone's religions, but here we are. I don't wanna derail, so forget I even brought it up.(derailing, stop)

No. 1202860

Then it must be okay to be superstraightgender.

No. 1202863

the thing is we've offered up solutions - like fine, if you don't want to piss in the men's bathrooms, you can have solo bathrooms. but no, that's insulting to them (even though as an actual woman I love having single-person bathrooms), they ONLY want to piss next to women.

No. 1202867

Wah wah I want to jack off to women in public and experience gender euphoria in the stall while shoving used pads in my underwear and evil terfs are not letting meee

No. 1202872

>Thinks they're dead and rotting

Did someone watch the Hannibal episode that mentioned Cotard's syndrome and think that would be a cool thing to fake?

No. 1202883

>I want to be a normal girl in every sense, like my cis friends, my mom or my sister

Sometimes I forget troons (may) have sisters and a mother. I can only imagine how creepy it is to have your brother troon out especially if hes agp or transbian.
I cant image any sister or mom of one being a handmaiden.

No. 1202885

>woman in a sleep dress and house slippers is threatening enough to be murdered
They don't even want to hide it anymore. No sympathy for libfems who continue to ignore this.

No. 1202888

>no fixed abode

kek. so, homeless? the ebegging for tits and a roof not working then.

No. 1202890

>Like , I actually miss the bad old days when people were shamed for being sexually expressive. These days, folks are just too fucking expressive.
The rampant hypersexuality and kink shit is degenerate yes, but I'd still rather not go back to like 10 years ago when little girls like Amanda Todd were getting called sluts and whores for getting groomed by pedophiles. Excessive prudery really only applies to women, men can be as depraved as they want and evade judgment from society.

No. 1202898

>Women don't masturbate in public, men do.
I don't think normal men masturbate in public either. FWIW I showed my brother >>1202510 and he said if someone was doing that in the men's room there'd be about a 33% chance it'd be ignored, 33% chance someone would start yelling at him, and 33% chance he would get his ass kicked for it, depending on the washroom and the people in it at the time, but nobody would be "cool with it" except another coomer degenerate. I also think the video peaked him, if you have anyone in your life you're hoping will peak, this video will undoubtedly help

No. 1202907

it has just begun. They're still being algorithmically silenced but the numbers have grown dramatically from a couple of years ago when it was basically unheard of (yet)

No. 1202913

The more the tranny shit becomes mainstream the more pushback it will receive. The blackpills thinking that normies will accept their kids being medicalized and have their bodies mutilated irreversibly and women having to give up their sports records to literal men are being unjustifiably pessimistic about it. There's absolutely no way we aren't in for a massive wave of detransitioners, desisters and those who regret in a few years. For now the TRAs have been able to operate because they've been bullying niche audiences but now they rocked the boat of the masses by attacking the superstraight movement and J.K. Rowling.

No. 1202914

bring back furries, at least they weren't pushing for their degeneracy to be normalized.

No. 1202920

>because we generally have full stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors

I've seen this in Japan but only in nice restaurants or airports in America. Certainly not at school or any general public building, they cheap out on materials and have inch wide vertical gaps between the door and walls, and huge gaps between the ceiling/floor. I distinctly remember avoiding even looking at the stalls in highschool to be polite to the girls inside. You know men won't extend the same courtesy.

No. 1202922

Google mumsnet transwidows if you want first hand accounts. Its horrifying what these degenerates put their loved ones through.

No. 1202931

my brother started dating a transbian, and trooned out not much later. he took our great grandmother's name.
and now I'm here lol.

No. 1202932

wait why was a "transbien" dating a "cis" man? Or is it like one of those youtube trannies boyfriends going, "We dated when she was male, but I saw her as a female" to escape the obvious gay/bisexual title those men hate

No. 1202933

>full stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and doors
I wish that was more common here. Instead we have the ones with enough space, your car mechanic can slide underneath and ask you if you want an oil change.

No. 1202934

also, troons love to groom eachother. I forget that youtubers name but they are trans and said multiple exes trooned out after dating them. Lets not forget all those families who have one troon and suddenly the 2 year old is trans.

No. 1202936

Anyone who has debated the topic with a troon knows that the success of the ideology only functions as long as it's only a fantasy or far off goal. Every argument comes down to "that's never happened" or "there's no proof of that," but anyone with a sane mind can hear the silent "yet" at the end of both of those claims. That's never happened yet. There's no proof of that yet. But, when put into practice, suddenly it does happen, and there is proof. It all hinges on them not having what they want…yet.

Are you retarded or just young? Furries did the exact same shit, right down to insisting that it wasn't a fetish, it was pure, and anyone treating it sexually was just a deviant outlier. I remember them appealing to preteens and then grooming them for whatever sick fetish they had. They still do this en masse, but it gets overshadowed by troons doing the exact same shit, especially since a large percentage of furries are TIMs. It's the same group of degenerates, acting the exact same way.

No. 1202944

File: 1617738942406.jpg (68.49 KB, 586x421, its almost like he's not a min…)

Rich conservative white guy LARPing as a woman continues to be a rich conservative white guy. More at 11.

No. 1202947

toxic men but sissify it part 4245785415

idk anon's life but the brother was probably out online then came out after his strong transbian gf inspired him to troon irl.

No. 1202950

Let's see whether the highly liberal population of CA cares more about their principles or licking filthy troon ass.

No. 1202968

These are the furries, anon. It’s either the furry to troon pipeline or troon to furry pipeline, but it exists.

No. 1202969

original anon, don't want to get too bloggy but there was some drama about it. original transbian gf broke up with him at some point because she didn't feel enough of her "true lesbian self" because of it, then they got back together, and he came out not much longer after that. crazy how that happens, huh?
I don't really get it either. I truly don't know if she groomed him, or what exactly happened. he used to cross play at anime cons every so often before meeting her, so it might be possible he was looking into it then, and meeting her sealed the deal. I used to be a pretty intense handmaiden but now I'm uncomfortable with… everything. ​