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No. 1501612

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1501626


No. 1501632

finally a good fucking thread pic

No. 1501656

File: 1649964102174.jpeg (115.14 KB, 804x759, 92BBB561-5593-4AEF-9525-5A4DC6…)

Out of curiosity I searched social media to see what trannies thought of riot grrrl and of course they hate it. It drives men crazy that there’s a scene they know deep down they can never be apart of.

No. 1501659

>I want to shake her hand and scold her
I fucking hate men. Just stfu it’s nothing to do with you.

No. 1501661

File: 1649964252108.jpeg (155.38 KB, 828x893, C8E082E8-C979-4CFB-BCF8-9C6F06…)

Maybe riot grrrl was transmisogynist (appropriative term) because men in indie music scenes are all predators and rapists who try to escape accountability by trooning out? It’s so funny how male they sound here, me me me me.

No. 1501663

Why do trannies and ftms think goblins are so funny? Is it some Twitter thing? They always have goblin village in their bio or something

No. 1501667

Weird because aren't goblins racist according to twitter bs?

No. 1501670

day after day they tell me about new artist I can have a look at, kek. Everything they hate I will look up, just to maybe find something new I like.

No. 1501678

File: 1649965296439.png (41.25 KB, 545x232, kathleen hanna tweet.png)

I googled and the only thing I can find is a tweet from Hanna saying she supports trans rights. Wtf are they talking about? Just because she was part of a woman's movement that they weren't?

No. 1501679

File: 1649965381065.png (195.84 KB, 252x461, Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 3.42…)


I'm so tired of seeing this guy talk about his journey to 'girlhood'… in this one he gives an out of touch talk about how expensive it is to be a girl because of makeup, hair, clothes, and nails… because that is simply what all girls spend their money on. "maybe women should be paid more so they can pay for their nails and hair!"

No. 1501680

File: 1649965528380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.68 KB, 2118x1646, llb08i9udht81.jpg)

Another atrocious axe wound.

No. 1501682

is Hanna a crypto-TERF? If so, I'm surprised. She always came off as a lib fem LARPing as a rad fem to me.

No. 1501683

She’s another tranny handmaiden who got eaten by her own for stupid shit. From what I remember, her only claim to terfdom is that she played at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which didn’t allow any men inside the venue including MtFs. Besides that, she’s been pretty positive towards trannies afaik.

No. 1501684

No, your instincts were correct. See >>1501678

No. 1501685

File: 1649966232155.png (361.3 KB, 564x664, wtf.png)

"In 2005, he told his prison psychiatrist, Dr. Marina Moshkovich, that he wanted to murder the Associate Administrator Michelle Ricci by breaking her neck, hitting her in the head, beating her up, and choking her.

He had also grabbed his psychiatrist by the hair and attempted to beat her. He was served with a disciplinary report for threatening another person and for assault, and for fifteen other offenses which were ultimately either dismissed or for which he was found not guilty.

During this same year, Cerf began to identify as a woman."

No. 1501686

File: 1649966241941.jpg (557.73 KB, 1080x1028, 25o7o7c22gt81.jpg)

Why do they struggle so much with the concept of sexuality? I know men have sex with inanimate objects and animals but… you now what, never mind.

No. 1501689

File: 1649966416607.jpg (71.74 KB, 362x475, 613FVHV9A1L.jpg)

Speaking of 90s figures though, I was looking up the old indie comic Hothead Paisan Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, and the writer/artist Dianna DiMassa had some choice words about trannies all the way back in 2004 in an issue of Bitch Magazine. I can hardly believe Bitch printed it, they'd never touch DiMassa with a 100 foot pole now.

>Excerpt from Diane DiMassa Interview

Bitch magazine, Summer 2004 (Issue #25)

>[About a musical based on DiMassa's cartoon, Hothead Paisan being

premiered at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, which excludes
transsexual women:]

>Bitch: What about the MTFs?

>DiMassa: Oh, they're very angry. Okay. It started out with, "We knew

you were such a supporter of the transgender community because you drew
[the ambiguously gendered Hothead character] Daphne, and how could you
let this happen?" and on and on and on. Then it turned into the rumor:
"I heard you're putting on a Hothead play that excludes Daphne!"

>So, you know, it's a widening fire. But, as Susan has explained to me,

Michigan's official policy is that Michigan is a space for women-born
women who have experienced what it's like to grow up female in our
patriarchal society. And just by saying that, they recognize that there
are different types of women.

>Now–should I say this on the record? It's just fucking typical that a

man-born lesbian can't get the concept of not being allowed somewhere.
"How dare you! I must be allowed in there."

>Unfortunately, this is going to get interpreted that I am antitranny,

and that's not the case. Daphne has become sort of the transgender hero
character. But I never used that word. I never said which way she was
going. I never said if she was MTF or FTM. At one point, I was going to
announce that she was transitioning from butch to femme. I wanted the
point to be: Why do you have to know what she is in order to know how
you feel about her?

>[Animal] wants to start another festival that's inclusive of everyone.

Because her stance is the same thing: Michigan is for what it's for,
and instead of wasting your energy prostesting, go start one. So she's
working on that.


No. 1501698

Yes. KH is not controversial at all but because she is so explicitly feminist troons hate her. The mask is slipping. It used to be “TERFs” and it’s slowly going back to Gamergate complaining of “feminists”. I even saw a popular troon say something like “can we just admit feminists are annoying?” And it got a ton of rts

No. 1501706

Holy shit and that was in 2004 when AGPs were barely a thing. We truly are in worst timeline.

No. 1501711

this just spurred me to search for this book to buy online and it's listed for $300-$500. it looks so good, fml

No. 1501714

Keep searching, check places like thriftbooks and ebay. I got it about a year ago for just under 60 bucks, the complete collection.

No. 1501717

Don’t sage milk nona. I’ll not sage mine so I can find it later. Men must be so proud they’ve managed to work around the law like this. Absolutely zero restrictions to women whilst maintaining the image of a lawful society. There’s now literally no legal punishment for the rape and murder of women. Every single pseudo feminist man knows this in the back of his mind and self hating women believe the danger is deserved.

No. 1501723

Part of me wants to think this dude is trolling, but every time I come into these threads, it gets harder to tell.

No. 1501737

that's an ftm kek, clocked by twitter handle and profile pic

No. 1501738

No. 1501744

File: 1649972287278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 770.57 KB, 2208x2944, z3f77ndgbdt81.jpg)

elephant ballsack looking ass.

No. 1501747

what… what are all those little white specs??

No. 1501749

Those looks like toilet paper dingleberries. Don't know how he managed that without hair, and I hope I'm wrong. But considering troon hygiene….

No. 1501750

i dunno nona. look kinda like threadworms to me

No. 1501755

Maggots eating his decayed penis, you know the usual troon business.

No. 1501756

Eww, oh god I think you're right.
How he looked at that and decided he should post it online instead of going to a doctor or washing himself.

No. 1501759

the poor earth faerie having her image being tarnished by tras

No. 1501784

They hate anything that reminds them of the fact that continual sexual oppression was a primary reason for forming these subcultures and their femboy bimbo sissy cosplay identity will never get opposition from that same source. "Transmisogynist" is insulting. People looking at you weird because you're a grown ass man dressing like an anime schoolgirl is not the same as continually being denigrated for being born a woman.

No. 1501786

Only in the butt? I thought their stinkditch was superior to those inferior "cis girls". That's what they keep saying anyway.

No. 1501793

Morgellon's disease

No. 1501795

File: 1649977493848.jpg (787.6 KB, 2560x1862, ungabungatroonlogic.jpg)

Saw these in the last couple of threads and I genuinely don't understand the way they always play these switcharoo games. All of a sudden SJW bangs are terf bangs, then pansexual is supposedly transphobic and everyone should use bisexual instead even though THEY invented pansexuality specifically to include genderspecials and shit. It always happens, always. It's literally just gaslighting and DARVO, they change the narrative at the drop of a hat to fit their bullshit. It's so tiring, but at least at the end of the day, no matter how much they cry about "advanced biology", gametes are gametes. I genuinely despise troons.

No. 1501797

Right, like how 40 years ago they called themselves transsexuals but now that's transphobic. It's like they WANT people to be transphobic so they can fulfill their oppression fetish

No. 1501799

Exactly. They're not actually oppressed, they have to invent ways for people to accidentally "oppress" them so they can screech transphobia. Transphobia is literally not even a thing, transphobic violence is just homophobia and most women would be over the moon if the least of our worries was strangers getting our pronouns wrong.

No. 1501805

Lol are they really calling pansexual transphobic now?

No. 1501806

I like how they try to use the bone thing as some sort of gotcha. You don't have to be a scientist or anthropologist to understand that shit. Even anatomy artists will tell you that men and women have different bone structure. I guess Steve Huston and Stan Prokopenko are transphobic now.

No. 1501807

File: 1649979519101.jpg (23.63 KB, 640x476, 9fso41424w211.jpg)

His face is nightmare inducing. He literally looks like an Oblivion vampire

No. 1501811

Yes, since troons/aidens are ACTUAL biological women/men it's insulting and transphobic to use anything but bisexual, duh. No really this is the logic they're using. Bisexuals used to be called transphobic since "sex isn't binary" but now that saying you're a woman makes you the same as a natal woman, tranny logic says pansexual is transphobic since they're NOT genderspecials. My brain actually hurts from typing that out.

No. 1501812

Nona that's Illusen

No. 1501816

who is an earth faerie

No. 1501818

fae/rie are my pronouns on instagram

No. 1501824

Why do they never link sources for their claims? What anthropologist is saying that it's difficult to figure out what the gender of a skeleton is?

Mine was per/ve kek

No. 1501831

File: 1649981719183.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 1378x4458, tranny.png)

No. 1501833

it isn't even just the pelvis being bigger and ribcage being smaller, women have longer torsos to make room for pregnancy. we are fundamentally built differently and any anatomy teacher worth their salt would know that.

I remember seeing posts on tumblr of tifs being triggered because they took an art course and the teacher taught them anatomy correctly kek

No. 1501835

You idiot the earth fairy's name is Illusen! Illusen is the earth fairy! They are the same woman.

No. 1501847

File: 1649983543279.png (495.53 KB, 889x499, Robin Morgan.png)

Lesbians have been fighting troons since the 70s. See Robin Morgan's keynote speech at West Coast Lesbian Conference in 1973.

Women, and particularly lesbians, are denied our history. We are never told what our foremothers did to fight for their righth and have to reinvent the feminist wheel every generation.

Lesbianism and Feminism: Synonyms or Contradictions?
Keynote speech

No. 1501853

His gf was trying to appease him so he didn’t snap and murder her. She should leave asap.

No. 1501854

God it really is the same fucking shit. Men need to be cast out.

No. 1501856

none of them. the only time it's difficult to find the gender of a skeleton is if it's a child.

No. 1501862

Saging but I recommend Nina Hagen anon. She's a prolific German punk musician from the 70s who is unusually talented and recently came out in favour of the Detrans Alliance. The Nina Hagen Band album is her best work

No. 1501866

Time is a fucking flat circle.
>recently came out in favour of the Detrans Alliance
I didn't know this, good for her. I love the cover of Seemann she and Apocalyptica did. Also the song Der Spinner kicks ass.

No. 1501894

File: 1649988064374.png (65.26 KB, 1653x642, youreaman.png)

Don't know what's worse: Referring to women as non men or straight men claiming to be lesbians.

No. 1501904

>lesbian: non men dating non men

I’m not up on the latest woketard libfem bullshit, but wouldn’t this definition offend nonbinary people? Since they’re “non men” too and calling them lesbians assumes their gender.

No. 1501907

something something lesbians can be nonbinary

No. 1501910


No. 1501915

This definition is for enbytards because, see, an "amab nb can love women in a queer way so he counts as a lesbian too".

No. 1501924

why is it so closeup ack

No. 1501947

File: 1649994821219.png (105.31 KB, 1750x411, man.png)

No. 1501952

Like any woman would ever let these faggots anywhere near them

No. 1501955

>served with a disciplinary report
>fifteen other offenses which were ultimately either dismissed
The whole system enables this shit

No. 1501956

Dude don't fucking insult Vicente like that, at least he had morals

No. 1501957

Oh good, a troon with anger issues and the girlfriend who's too afraid and woke to leave him. This will end well

No. 1501958

File: 1649996072405.jpeg (916.21 KB, 1242x1507, 1E6902A4-EDA6-436B-BFA7-F5AF49…)

>no we don’t

No. 1501959

File: 1649996108879.jpeg (390.82 KB, 1242x923, CCED1C46-9300-42E5-9BB3-53E841…)

Bleeding from your man made axe wound isn’t a period….

No. 1501968

I’m so done with every single youtuber that isn’t explicitly a terf being a wokebro or a handmaiden! I can’t even watch a lighthearted video without coming across some form of troon pandering. I can’t wait until everyone has peaked in like 3 years from now.

No. 1501969

This is so crazy, they seriously don't think of us as humans to the point they want to larp as women. In their heads this is what a woman is supposed to do every month.

No. 1501970

All their ideas of womanhood are misogynist stereotypes and clichés.

No. 1501972

based. They should make an AGP dark brotherhood member.

No. 1501973

File: 1649998722545.jpeg (78.46 KB, 490x554, 05550AA7-CFB9-412D-AF8F-E732F1…)

Seeing trannoids and handmaidens lose their shit over jk Rowling on twitter never gets old kek

No. 1501974

HE'S the victim but his girlfriend (who's rightfully afraid of angry men) being scared of him is the bad guy. Amazing. Also 'admitted' is the wrong word to use here.

No. 1501975

because everyone is a transphobe unless proven otherwise. so they have to quickly announce that they're pro tranny to be safe. men are just bullying women and everyone is just expected to accept it.

No. 1501982

No. 1501983

NOOOOOOO anons I am literally planning my next tattoo: a goblin. reeeeeeee

No. 1501984

unfortunately that means you're transgendered now, sorry anon

No. 1501985


he really verbally abused her, triggered her to the point that she had to say something to stop him and then HE came to reddit to find sympathy bc of how SHE reacted because it hurt HIM. like shut the fuck up, all you had to do was not be abusive and she wouldnt have said anything, but that was too hard you had to bellow at her. disgusting and male.

No. 1501991

plot twist: I am Kikomi and 41%ing is the ultimate bio trans girl euphoria

No. 1501996

At this point, what's wrong with being a transphobe? I don't like fetishistic lunatics, so what? What normal person likes these freaks, woke points aside?

No. 1502002

Nina Hagen is a TERF? Most beautiful news I heard all week.

No. 1502030

yeah hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you go back on his profile you can see he’s always been an annoying gay, the transition into full hsts was only logical at this point

No. 1502032

based nonnie

No. 1502035

yeah it’s like they expect us to be offended/scared when they call us transphobes or terfs but like… yeah that’s the whole point?
someone has to question this insanity, i honestly don’t understand how they don’t see how misogynistic and homophobic the whole movement is

No. 1502036

File: 1650010632650.jpeg (329.93 KB, 828x1190, B416C4C5-84F9-430A-94A6-1AAA9F…)

reposting bc I’m stupid and didn’t realize there was a new thread
this whole exchange is so incredibly disgusting to look at I hate these men and the way they sexualize everything about our experiences so fucking much jfc

No. 1502040

Please tell me troon murderers are recorded somewhere easily accessible for me to find? I wanna peak friends with it but I always struggle finding them again

No. 1502049

https://ovarit.com/o/ThisNeverHappens/hot is a nice resource sometimes
But wondering if there's a list somewhere else too

No. 1502050

Imagine a male transitioning so young that they don’t go through male puberty or male social conditioning. Would you then feel more accepting of this person as being a woman? Or allow them into your female spaces?

I was asked this question recently and I explained that for a person that young to make life altering decisions like this I would personally feel that some unresolved trauma in their life has occurred to make them feel like they no longer want to be who they are. The questioner replied that there seems to be two types. Those who suffered trauma and became trans because of it, or those who became trans then suffered trauma because of it. I couldn’t agree to the latter because no healthy minded individual would go through any transition to become the opposite sex without having some trauma or consequences of trauma like mental illness already present. Clearly something is wrong mentally and requires therapy of some sort but that would be categorised as conversion therapy.

They also brought up the idea of intersex people and which bathroom they would use. I basically said whatever genitalia aligns with what they have I.e being able to carry an egg or fertilise an egg. But again I also explained that intersex people are used as a pawn in this argument the same way black women are.

One point we agreed on is that for all the assaults both verbal and physical against transwomen and women, there was one common denominator, men.

The person I was debating this with is deliberately on the fence regarding it so that they can have an impartial perspective on it and they’re only interested in the statistics. I offered to show them a wide range of transwomen being complete degens but they disagreed and were more interested in just the numbers. Didn’t have it on hand.

I want to know your opinions, do you feel that if a male child (even though I classified it as illegal and immoral) felt that they understood enough about gender and sex they could transition young, have as close as they can to the female experience growing up, could be seen as a valid member of women? Do you think it’s impossible due to male secondary sex characteristics presenting too strong despite hormone blockers?

No. 1502053

No because they still go through male puberty, just slower. We can see it happening now with Kim Petras, Jazz Jennings, and other older troons who transitioned young (there was a model one recently forget the name).

No. 1502054

This kind of argument comes from people who see female puberty and female bodies as a variation of male, their default. Not going through male puberty doesn't mean you've gone through female puberty. Women are not altered men.

Now personally, I don't care about TIMs who have been socially indoctrinated as women at a very young age, because they are less likely to be raging violent. That doesn't make them a woman though, because woman isn't a social class. It's a biology reality determined well before birth.

No. 1502059

Sorry to break it to you, but sex is determined at 13 weeks in utero for both sexes. The following things are lies/myths about the female body:
-that male infants "start off female". See above.
-that female genataila is underdeveloped male genataila. Or that a vagina is an inside out penis. This is literally ancient medical misogyny.

No. 1502062

Thank you for your response. I also feel that they cannot be treated as a woman growing up. They will always be seen as a male first by a person, then that person will either be informed or be very obviously aware of the fact that who they saw is trying to present as female and will affect their behaviours accordingly, even subconsciously.

> This kind of argument comes from people who see female puberty and female bodies as a variation of male, their default.
Interesting you say this as the person I was discussing this with is male.

> Women are not altered men.

Good point. I imagine some people may argue it’s the opposite? That seeing as all babies begin life in the womb as female, then develop male characteristics it would make more sense that men are altered women.

> Now personally, I don't care about TIMs who have been socially indoctrinated as women at a very young age, because they are less likely to be raging violent.

Is this true? It sounds like it could be the perfect breeding grounds for jealousy or resentment. Man has mommy, loves everything that mommy does for him, appreciates mommy, idolises her and wants to become mommy so bad but realises that no matter how many times he cooks the dinner or washes clothes he’ll never have the one defining thing that makes a mommy a mommy, her womb. Couldn’t that realisation just lead to extreme women hate?

I’m rambling like a retard but amongst all the strong feelings I have for this stuff. There’s still such small details that annoy the shit out of me. Like how I’m told I wouldn’t clock a troon that comes into my bathroom so why should I care that he’s there? That’s not the point. The point is he could be a danger to me as he’s male and I’m female. Then in response to that I’m told well what about intersex people? What if they genuinely pass as female physically but have gonads. If you let them into your bathroom then why can’t a trans woman come in if they’ve had the surgery to remove gonads? It’s tiresome because I find myself having trouble explaining it properly without tripping into someone’s gotcha moment. I need books on this to read lmao. I’m not new to disliking trannies in my spaces or whatever but I’m not realising I’m new to how to properly explain myself and my position instead of transwomen are men so they’re dangerous get out of my loo.

No. 1502063

File: 1650014631901.jpg (36.55 KB, 600x450, bitch-where-5a71d8.jpg)

>even without hormones I have a very womanly body
there is nothing womanly about this scrote

No. 1502067

File: 1650014985267.jpeg (217.61 KB, 1242x384, EF0E938F-1425-46CD-8326-B6A8CD…)

Ayrt, I can’t find anything on this I just keep getting articles explaining that no matter the chromosomal starting stage, the baby starts as female?

No. 1502071

>or male social conditioning
Then he’s a man who was raised decently. My god many women grew up almost exclusively socialized with males, are those women men?? Is a child raised by wolves a dog?

No. 1502073

I’m saying these things because it’s a talking point that they use for why they should be allowed in women’s spaces. I don’t agree with it myself.

No. 1502074


Claiming to care only about "the numbers" but asking questions about a theoretical being that either doesn't exist or is just one case on Earth is the most scrotey thing ever. so much for the "logical gender" kek

No. 1502075

>Imagine a male transitioning so young that they don’t go through male puberty or male social conditioning.
I'm not dumb, fuckin babies are treated differently based on their sex, a kid that transitions would have years of male socialization. Look at Kim Petras, he transitioned before puberty and had SRS at 16 and he just acts like a gay coomer.

No. 1502082

The problem with males is genetic, biological. They have male biology which formed over a billion years, reinforcing their awful behavior. Fundamentally that can't be changed. "Socializing" men doesn't do shit. Little pre-pubescent boys rape. Men are still violent and impulsive and lack empathy despite all the efforts wasted on teaching them not to. We don't have to tell women not to rape and murder, and they don't. It's got nothing to do with how we are raised.

The best men can be are whipped dogs, smart enough to at least know their dangerous impulses will get them punished, so they suppress their urges. But, getting rid of the urge? You will need to edit their genes. Actually fixing males will call for radical efforts neither women nor men will ever accept. Because men are selfish and don't want to change and women humanize men and boys and see them as """humans""" who deserve """rights""".

No. 1502086

This is just an updated take on male brain/female brain shit. Thinking of males as unruly beasts who cannot be civilized is letting men off the hook very easily.

No. 1502087

Sounds like a troon name, Genataila Alice

No. 1502094

Isn't sex "decided" the moment conception happens? All of your cells have your whole genome, including the 46th one, that is the sad little excuse for a chromosome, y, in males. Of course that is a bit complicated in intersex people and the y may not be read correctly later or w/e, but technically in conception the embryo would have been meant to be male.

No. 1502095

afaik it's that the y chromosome isn't "activated" until later on, but yes our chromosomes are determined at conception

No. 1502099

File: 1650023297896.jpeg (654.75 KB, 828x1108, 6CDB555D-852A-47DA-9B57-D3126A…)

These they/them teenagers on TikTok are fucking retarded I hate this bullshit so much. Women are raped, murdered and abused daily simply for being women, but lets focus on a few trannies being misgendered. Yes I am sure you’re very oppressed, random white girl who calls themselves a “non-binary boyfriend” kek

No. 1502100

File: 1650023759788.png (204.42 KB, 706x288, wtf.png)

That's some mental gymnastics.

No. 1502107

not a single tranny has been murdered in the uk in years. even in america it seems to be rare and not contingent on them being trans.

No. 1502118

File: 1650026606516.png (268.64 KB, 450x544, male-female_skeleton.png)

this kills the tranny. to say nothing of the simple skull differences. as the reply said, artificial hormones only affect fat deposits

No. 1502121

does anyone have the video of that tranny livestreaming and someone sending them a donation video of mickey mouse and co marching out and telling them to dilate etc? it was hilarious

No. 1502122

File: 1650026846662.jpeg (92.66 KB, 1920x1080, F6C0E0A6-751D-4364-BFE4-C67C21…)


No. 1502123

This doesn't say it starts as female, it says they start undifferentiated before beginning to diverge into different forms. Phenotypically female just means they physically appear female because the penis hasn't grown yet, it's not a fully formed female reproductive system. Both reproductive systems form from the same tissue, but neither one is the 'default'.

No. 1502128

I hope anyone who believes this shit honestly rots in hell. Women are murdered for standing up for themselves in relationships, daring to walk alone at night or simply just existing as a woman in a country that vilifies them no matter what they do. The statistics on murder rates for trannies literally don't and will never compare to this.

Trannies also have the bonus of just taking off their shitty makeup and ill-fitting clothes and they will almost always be able to integrate in male spaces again and reap the privilege that has. So no, they're the ones who are privileged. God they're such fucking victims aren't they?

No. 1502129

women are so privileged, they get their gender validated when they're murdered unlike trannies!

No. 1502133

i know "ballsack pussylips" is a joke but holy shit, it really does look exactly like a deflated ballsack.

No. 1502141

This guy terrifies me, more than Contra. What a creep.

No. 1502142

Ballsack pussylips is a joke for a reason. Neovaginas do be like that frequently.

No. 1502149

>"Imagine a male transitioning so young that they don’t go through male puberty or male social conditioning […]"
"Male social conditioning" (gendered socialization) begins at birth. Even before that, even. It has been found that expecting parents will interpret their babies' kicks in the womb differently depending on the sex of the baby if they know it. The cries of days-, sometimes hours-old infants will be interpreted different depending on whether they are boys or girls, with parents and company finding a girl's cries to mean she's "fussy" and a boy's meaning he is hungry, or tired, in general giving more humanity and understanding to a male infant than to a female one. Months-old girl toddlers will be made to wear impractical dresses restricting their movements, hair clips that pull and pinch their tiny thin fine hairs and hurt them. One-year-old male toddlers will have learned to refuse to take girls' "no" as an answer, and force them to kiss them, hug them, or play with them even as the girl toddlers push them away.
No male doesn't "go through […] male social conditioning". Every single male, from the day he is born and even before his very birth if his parents got to learn, will see his needs and wants prioritized at the expense of his female counterparts. Whoever asked you this idiotic question is either a moron, an idiot, a brainlet, an imbecile who's never opened a social science book in their life, or in bad faith, all of which makes them look fucking stupid.

No. 1502156

you can always opt out and be an man again, no such thing for a real woman. I'm also thinking about all the trans women that have been killed in my country, I don't remember a single case for the past years. Had a look right now and the only thing I could find was a public suicide of a trans https://taz.de/Oeffentlicher-Suizid-einer-trans-Frau/!5812301/

No. 1502158

Exactly. There's no doubt in my mind that he's abusive. Notice how much he downplayed his anger, calling it visible frustration instead and talking about how his wife handled women who were "more expressive" better than him. How much you wanna bet that by more expressive, he just means they were crying or perhaps speaking louder than him? That's not the same as speaking angrily or doing that thing men do in arguments where they puff themselves up and get all up in your face as a way to physically intimidate you into backing down. I hate that so much because they'll still turn around and say they technically never hit you or threatened you with violence, but the threat was implicit. I certainly can't do the same with a man in an argument unless he's under 5ft
Thank you! That's something that's bothered me for so long when they try to talk about trans "vaginas". A vagina is a set of muscular walls, it is its own distinct organ with multiple purposes connected to the uturus and onto the fallopian tubes and so on. Our reproductive organs are part of an elaborate system that is distinct and unique to the female body. A vagina is not simply the absence of a penis, like narcissistic men would have you believe

No. 1502159

He mentioned himself that he’s not knowledgeable on the topic at all so I had to be basic and not sperg too hard. But those are very good points regarding how young toddlers are interpreted as depending on sex. One that springs to mind is when young girls are hurt versus young boys like in a play park or something. I feel that boys cries from injuries are seen as more serious than if a young female toddler falls or trips.

No. 1502164

setting yourself on fire in one of the most public spots in the biggest city of germany is such an incredibly male way to 41% kek

No. 1502172

They drum complete lies into each other with these baseless mantras. Transgender people literally do not face unique oppression and are not killed ‘for being trans’. The only scenarios they reference are incredibly rare acts of homophobia and violent responses to deceit (where the ‘gender identity’ of the victim is irrelevant to the crime). “Transphobia” is literally defined by disagreement with transgender ideology. That is not a form of oppression. Not even one transgender person has ever been murdered by a terf, their supposed biggest oppressors. Transwomen, however, regularly rape and kill both ‘cis women’ and ‘trans men’ (as well as cis men). They do personally target women for being women whilst essentially never being targeted for their own ‘identities’.

No. 1502190

Nayrt but ty nona! I was curious too.

No. 1502192

It's funny how they always go on about facing violence from TERFs but the truth is that I have never seen a single TERF ever rape, or even attack a troon unless the latter was in self defense. Yet if you look on Twitter it's full of trannies talking about raping, punching, sending letter bombs to or outright killing TERFs as if we are anywhere equivalent to Nazis. Now let me think where else do we see that method of violence against women…oh yeah, by males. Kek. They out themselves every damn time.

No. 1502197

No. I am tired of always hearing this shitty "rebuttal" whenever someone brings up the fact that men are violent, impulsive monkeys by nature. This in no way excuses their behavior, it explains the origins of it. If anything pretending that males just learned to think and behave the way they do sets a worse precedent AND implies women responsible for taming them (if they know what's good for them). You aren't keeping moids on a leash by "civilizing" them, you're bashing your head against a wall and wondering why your pet monkey can't recite Shakespeare. While the monkey threatens to beat and rape you, of course.

As for updated take, lol, no. If anything it's the opposite. However males are stupid as fuck and insist "fembrained" means liking pink and glitter instead of how women are inclined to think through billions of years of selective pressure. It's something that can't just be isolated and exchanged between the sexes. Ironically trannies themselves are incredibly malebrained (paraphilic, autistic, narcisistic, novelty-seeking).

No. 1502198

The main reason they ever get murdered (by other men ofc) is almost always because they’re HSTS. It’s a homophobia issue. I’ve never heard of an AGP being murdered for being trans, and if they were murdered for some reason, it was probably not related to their fetish at all. Transmisogyny doesn’t exist but extreme homophobia does. One would have to be brave to think they could murder a he ma’am anyway, given how they are usually built like brick houses.

No. 1502199

I can almost smell smegma through this post.

> do you feel that if a male child felt that they understood enough about gender and sex

I don't even get this part. If a boy understood how sex and gender works then they wouldn't even think about transitioning, they would know it's bs.

> have as close as they can to the female experience growing up,

And this too. What is this 'female growing up experience'? Is there something universal about 'female growing up experience' that doesn't have to do with being female? Would love to hear.

> could be seen as a valid member of women?

No, because 'women' is not a club you can join. A 'women' is a plural of 'woman' which means 'adult female human'. Which by defition a boy cannot become.

> Do you think it’s impossible due to male secondary sex characteristics presenting too strong despite hormone blockers?

It's impossible due to him being a male not a female.
He can be the biggest weakling looking like Kendall Jenner and he will still be a boy, still be a man.

Also male aggression is not a social conditioning issue. Male aggression is a biological problem. Or not even a problem, just what they are. All across species the male individual is the aggressor. The female body creates life and so the female chromosomes get passed no matter what. The mutated Y chromosome on the other hand has to act as a parasite on the female. If you have a male that is so nice he doesn't want to inflict pain on the female so he decides to not get her pregnant the Y chromosome doesn't get passed. If you have a male that inflicts rape on all females then the Y gets passed. That's how evolution works. All species are like that. Of course males do eventually evolve some empathy and restraint because that's what's the best for successfully passing the Y.

Men can be socialized to not kill people and to be decent humans for the sake of society but they have evolved differently from how women did.

No. 1502201

Not even just talking about it. There are videos of women doing marches and protests and getting punched by trannies for real. They’re the biggest bullies and their own worst enemy. Whoever started the stuff about “punching bigots” being a positive thing fucked up tbh, bc they’re not punching the bigots and even if they were, that’s how a child handles things. By having a tantrum. They’re incapable of any kind of logical or reasonable discussion and just like the men they are, always result to mantrums and acts of violence when they don’t get their way.

No. 1502203

Males do not give a shit about other maladaptive males. They only kill other moids when they feel personally threatened by them.
Why would an selfish, opportunistic, average male have any reason to kill and AGP? AGPs only threaten women. In fact if males do see a troon harassing women and invading women's spaces, they either laugh, look the other way, or encourage it because moids hate the idea of women having boundaries. They'd only maybe start caring if some AGP was trying to rape their mom or sister but most women who are close to/stuck with AGPs are baby-trapped pickmes with no support group to fall back on anyways.

No. 1502205

Ayrt and exactly. And yet the ones that get the most up in arms about trans murders are the AGPs themselves, like it affects them in any way.

No. 1502206

>Men can be socialized to not kill people and to be decent humans for the sake of society but they have evolved differently from how women did.
Men can be trained like dogs, but the urge is still there, and they'll likely express it in other ways. Probably why the majority of moids are detestable porn addicts and hate on women when they think women aren't looking.

No. 1502210

Funny enough it's because they are get off to the idea of being victimized. Either because they're straight up narcs, think it's validating their womanhood to be the victim, or if it in some way arouses them.

No. 1502214

he has such a punchable face

No. 1502219

File: 1650036274070.png (323.38 KB, 726x506, agpfuckery.png)

I wish every single nona here would read this post about agp:
Then we can do a bingo whenever all the shit they sexualize shows up in these threads.

No. 1502221

They are legitimately evil. I really wish handmaidens would see this sort of thing and wake the fuck up.

No. 1502222

Just play a Dunmer female.

No. 1502223

File: 1650036706006.png (596.02 KB, 589x594, 543545434353.png)

Suuuure, nobody knows

No. 1502224

Pedophile troon #3,952,491 outs himself

No. 1502225

File: 1650036969117.jpg (642.91 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20220415-111654_Fac…)

An old* friend of mine re-posted this on Facebook this morning. Unhinged. I guarantee he's a chaser.

No. 1502226

I'm neither a fan of Harry Potter nor do I know what Fantastic Beasts is about but I'll go see the movie just because they tell me not to.

No. 1502229

File: 1650037170277.jpeg (38.95 KB, 396x404, 903D2EF4-818B-48B8-A3FE-DBF3DA…)

No. 1502234

The movie wasnt even that good but I still paid to watch it solely for the JK rowling hate. Also the cinema was completely packed full of people

No. 1502242

I wonder why some AGPs are honest about and others try their hardest to convince people that it's not a fetish

No. 1502247

File: 1650038394310.png (301.8 KB, 720x514, moreagpfuckery.png)

The second category want to pretend it isn't a thing so they can fool others into being part of their sexual roleplay and gain access to women's spaces.
Note that playing women's sports is part of the fetish.

No. 1502249

File: 1650038626571.jpg (646.17 KB, 720x2372, vomit.jpg)

I was going to read the whole book but I'm not sure if I'm numb enough

No. 1502250

File: 1650038844837.jpeg (370.8 KB, 1170x874, 3A725324-40E6-45C8-9537-63B381…)

Was looking for different videos, but this came up as suggested and. Woof

No. 1502251

File: 1650038866292.jpg (70.28 KB, 1024x706, FQUoZTrXwAEeRRD.jpg)

Translation: If Elon Musk buys the rights to twitter, I worry I no longer will be able to keep my TRA cult nonsense going where we mass report anyone who says that women want rights.

Honestly, do you guys think Musk buying twitter is going to change anything at all?

No. 1502254

It's not going to be sold to him, but if he could buy it, he would just ban people who criticize him. 50/50 chance he would stop gc people from being banned.

No. 1502257

Name one male celebrity who actually does bad things and get as much flack as JKR. They hate to see a successful women who does the horrible crime of speaking her mind.

No. 1502259

i got you anon

No. 1502260

This one is so disgusting. Talking about the smell of women’s locker rooms and bottom surgery. Too bad their axe wounds will never actually smell like an ~inspiring and alluring~ vagina. I feel sick.

No. 1502262

I have never listened to any of his songs but Spotify keeps suggesting his songs to me. Ew.

No. 1502264

File: 1650040089529.gif (444.02 KB, 400x210, E95E0956-9275-47D4-8366-8EB461…)

Amazing that they can wax poetic about the supposed smell of the women’s locker room and think it doesn’t make them seem like this creep. Silence of the Lambs was truly ahead of its time with depicting male degeneracy. No wonder they hate it so much

No. 1502271

to think this is what all trannies are thinking deep down… makes my blood boil

No. 1502273

This is such a self-own for the male, projecting what he wanted to happen to him on other people.

No. 1502276

File: 1650041094690.jpeg (79.79 KB, 600x492, 53CA48BB-8811-45DF-A4D8-533BED…)

>who else do you hate gays? men? Half the population?

No. 1502279

These articles are wrong. I study medicine and modern consensus and what young doctors learn is that genitals start our neutral and develop either male or female. Legit just borrow any modern embryology textbook from library. People keep linking that one 20 year old study as an evidence that we start out female. No. You have set of male/female structures (Wolffian and Mullerian ducts) as an embryo and depending on your chromosomes, the set that isn't corresponding to your sex will atrophy.

No. 1502284

Its absolutely horrifying that so many of these AGP testimonies start with them saying it started when they were 12-15 years old. Literal children. What the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 1502288

trying to reclaim the word after being called it so many times by normal people who think they're ugly, smelly cretins? idk

No. 1502289

No. 1502290

How is she the evil "feminazi" when his life revolves around his fetish for hating women and women's humiliation and degradation?
Why is it always ok for men to be the most disgusting pieces of shit as long as their dicks are hard while doing it?

No. 1502291

That’s about the age where most modern men start watching porn. It breaks their brains early

No. 1502293

They aren't entirely victims. Males have been disgusting sex demons before porn. Porn just seems to accelerate the decent into degeneracy. Plenty of moids younger than 12 who have never seen porn in their lives rape girls.

No. 1502296

also ahead of the time with a guy wanting to wear a bodysuit made out of female flesh… all this troon shit is always reminding me of many things shown in Silence of the Lambs

No. 1502297

File: 1650042945082.jpg (302.16 KB, 924x2000, buyPwja.jpg)

>gets surgery
>still looks like a man but now half alien

No. 1502301

12-15 year olds just starting? what neverland do you live in nonna, i'll move there

No. 1502306

Why do so many of them end up with crescent moon chins after FFS?? Holy shit, their side profile legitimately looks more feminine in the before. Also all the jaw shaving makes them just look weird and emaciated.

No. 1502310

his eyes looked more feminine before kek that eyebrow raise is just unnatural and creepy. Good job

No. 1502311

this makes me feel truly sick

No. 1502327

"Phenotype" just means "looks like". Everyone starting out as female is an urban legend that people just don't question because they've heard it so many times. And we all know trans retoric hates and distrusts real science so of course they don't look it up.

No. 1502328

File: 1650044712784.png (27.86 KB, 749x295, t.png)

likewise troon.

No. 1502329

I don't think he shaved his jaw because the mandible ending looks the same in the before. The camera angle being different (compare neck sizes) and the before having no filter is where the emaciated look comes from.
Brow, forehead botox, nose job and that creepy chin implant. Still a man. A man with few thousands down the drain.

No. 1502331

They genuinely want us to challenge violent men on their behalf and get our skulls broken in the process. They genuinely think they are more vulnerable and we should shield them.

No. 1502332

I'm sure it happens because scrotes are inherently violent and responsible for all the violence against trannies, but the only people I ever see bragging about how they want to violently attack people (women) are troons.

No. 1502334

File: 1650044979024.png (33.19 KB, 753x345, poor mom.png)

No. 1502336

>why isn't mommy (women) protecting me!
go get therapy scrote

No. 1502338

then be an example of being an adult and move out.

No. 1502341

Sorry nonnies, but where is it from? Can't find it

No. 1502345

lmao i can’t wait to go see this movie with my gf even though we won’t understand a thing, i just want to give jk my money

No. 1502349

If you'd prefer some knowledge going in, you can read the summaries of the previous movies on wikipedia. But blind watching is also fun.

No. 1502350

They dont think they're more vulnerable, it's a fragility larp. They love the idea of being victims in order to manipulate and get off.

No. 1502355

I look forward to watching this movie about gay dumbledore written by actual lgb ally Rowling tomorrow. It seems to be doing well. Seethe troons!

No. 1502356

And what have they done for women? Women like they claim to be? Oh wait…nothing? Exactly.

No. 1502358

Mom is allowed to have boundaries and be alone. Sometimes that’s the healthiest response honestly. Back away from the situation, especially when you’re likely dealing with a narcissist who will try and attack you at every turn. Sometimes the best thing to say to them is nothing at all.

No. 1502362

if it doesn't revolve around TIMs they want nothing to do with it

No. 1502375

File: 1650047164741.jpg (42.23 KB, 564x127, Screenshot_20220415-183804.jpg)

It's amazing to me that they can say shit like this and be completely blind to the irony of it.

No. 1502378

>Now let me, a fat man in a dress, tell you what a woman is.

No. 1502383

File: 1650047758966.jpeg (459.45 KB, 750x880, E41F9F6A-6CFC-41F5-A8C8-680C40…)

Everyone can tell he’s a man kek

No. 1502385

File: 1650047824622.jpg (261.66 KB, 675x885, Screenshot_20220415-193546.jpg)

The absolute delusion.

No. 1502392

>admits that trannies are disgusting and people are instinctively repulsed by them

No. 1502393

File: 1650048661129.jpeg (139.54 KB, 1200x800, 53CF52A0-16DB-4FCB-A27B-C779ED…)

Probably would make a better Ghirahim

No. 1502395

File: 1650048884829.png (6.65 MB, 2645x2992, Princesa_Zelda_BotW.png)

Bitch where? Do you see these hips?

No. 1502397

He’d make a better link and then we wouldn’t have to hear him talk. Kek

No. 1502406

File: 1650049367008.jpg (94.49 KB, 720x392, qw.jpg)

may i suggest..

No. 1502410

File: 1650049564903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.44 KB, 3024x4032, n7t1luthoot81.jpg)

"Penile preservation vaginoplasty" is a thing, apparently. The moid has a hole in his bladder as a result, but it's all worth it because now he has a brand new hole where his balls used to be.

"I have enjoyed receiving sex a couple times now, although not with a flesh penis, and it's very tender. I've also topped a couple times. Erections are actually easier to get now that I'm not on spiro, but the trade-off is that I need to use deodorant again". WTF.


No. 1502415

All of this for a second asshole?

No. 1502416

File: 1650049858632.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x484, d2d.jpg)

I'm not a doctor but this looks like it's literally begging for a fistula

No. 1502424

lmao his fucking nose

No. 1502425

men seem to think women don't use deodorant and our skin is always soft and smells like flowers. God this moid fucking stinks. With the weeping second asshole and the questionable use of deodorent… yike

No. 1502434

File: 1650051094341.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1434x1266, whyyyyyyyy.png)


No. 1502440

I can't find a good article about it since it's not in big headlines, but I am so disgusted. A "parent" dressed as a bunny and handed out Easter eggs with condoms to kids at an elementary school in Austin. No one is saying who was in the suit, but this screams pedophile tranny. Maybe even someone's creepy AGP dad.

No. 1502465

Bruh Japan is notoriously anti tranny, they wouldn’t use a man to portray Zelda.

No. 1502468

I don't like your implication that dunmer females are anything like AGP, the dunmer race is a very proud and ancient race and would not like being spoken about this way.

No. 1502469

Next he'll be surprised to learn that women grow armpit hair. Dude's only experience with women is anime porn

No. 1502482

On this note, is it sad that one of the reasons I started letting my body hair grow back is bc of these idiots? I think it is stupid that leg and armpit hair is considered “masculine”, and something about being natural makes me feel joy because no matter how hairy I am, I’m still an actual woman. Idk if it’s petty. In that same vein, they also made me appreciate my periods. I really have troons to thank for helping me become comfortable with my anatomy.

No. 1502483

Maggots…? It's fucking disgusting.

I laughed so hard, why do those moids are so stupid?

No. 1502487

this just in, women don't have noses

No. 1502488

File: 1650055501284.png (174.16 KB, 1310x309, 1649950268887.png)

This just in nonnas: when you have bad period pains, just wish your vagina away. It's that simple!

No. 1502496

I will wish to have seven vagainas so he seethes harder because I will have eight vegainas while he will never have a piece of a real vagina.

No. 1502499

>not a physical attribute
>literally is a physical attribute
Do flies just live in the space where their brains should be?

No. 1502500

kek how does anyone read this sperging and go so valid and brave… my first thought is how did he type this out from a psych ward? i thought phones aren't allowed over there. he- he's in a psych ward…. r-right?

No. 1502503

Can confirm. I listened to binaural beats and now I have a penis

No. 1502506

I will become a biblical angel but with vaginas in place of eyes, the terf final boss

No. 1502508

I know it's been said every time this pic has been posted, but his hair truly looks so bad. The greased down, flat top combined with the dry, stringy, frayed bottom just makes it look so dirty, if I stopped washing my hair for a week it'd look just like this. I almost think that his stylist just hated him because I've never seen an actual woman whose famous styled like this.

No. 1502509

I have genuinely never heard a GC man advocate for any kind of violence towards troons. I've only seen that from conservative people who are very much FOR gender roles, just not trans ones.

No. 1502511

Same. I don't really care about underarm hair as much anymore. Still feel feminine. I've even seen people complain that arm hair is "masculine" now. I'll still be a woman despite body hair, meanwhile these troon moids spend hours shaving their entire body.

No. 1502517

Dude, I need to get someone to draw this. Anyone know where I can commission an artfag to draw this?

No. 1502525

File: 1650057719185.jpeg (200.12 KB, 828x1304, 394E240C-70F9-47F0-9ABB-691B64…)

No. 1502527

The fuck does this have to do with MTFs

No. 1502529

They really think they have some gotcha card when they call people transphobic. As if 70% of the population doesn’t hear “yikes” as something a weakling would say

No. 1502532

Sophie from Mars
Women are from Venus
You'll always be male
Because you have a penis

No. 1502533

This made me laugh bc the TiFs have tried their best to claim Link as one of them. So would that be an insult or compliment to a TiM?

I used to think I had to shave my entire body to be palatable tbh, especially in HS/college. It’s fucked that I thought that when I was around 15 or so. Sounds stupid, but letting it grow back has been empowering in a way.

No. 1502550

Beautiful nonna, I am moved to tears

No. 1502558

File: 1650060416032.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1474, 1650060309314.png)

I'm too lazy to draw it but here's a shitty edit instead lol

No. 1502576

she is beautiful

No. 1502578

I love it, nonna.

No. 1502580

Girl/woman/female describe a physical condition, not a mental state or outward aesthetic. The changes brought about by hormone injections are cosmetic and superfluous. It doesn't matter how society treats us or how we look, the biological condition does not change. We are the half of the species that carry the eggs.

No. 1502585

File: 1650063543823.jpg (110.39 KB, 720x1480, FQa2Vk8XoAM6PZC.jpg)

No. 1502589

"or bones start to be a problem"
This world is full of retards and they're on twitter

No. 1502599

Meanwhile the actual bone problems are the disastrous side effects of the puberty blockers. The way troons are willing to pump themselves (and children) full of drugs with few long term studies happily and without any consideration for potential side effects is horrifying.

No. 1502602

>old enough to make an informed decision
>still hasn't gone through puberty

No. 1502603

How do you guys cope with the knowledge that half of humanity are violent beasts first and humans second? Like most women, I grew up thinking that men were like me, capable of empathy and self-control, but now I realize most men are depraved degenerates that need to be tamed by law and women’s pro-social labor, mostly for their own benefit. I’m having an existential crisis because I don’t know whether I’m being paranoid or if my observations are correct and I should go full separatist.(wrong thread)

No. 1502604

Don’t you just love it when your brain has been denied its natural progression and they expect you to make an important decision that may or may not ruin your life, nonnie? Lovely stuff

No. 1502607

Can you take your great feminist thoughts over to /2X/ and stop derailing this thread. Thanks in advance.

No. 1502611

Crop out your profile pic babes

No. 1502612

I wish I could give you an informed opinion nona, but I still have hope that some men will eventualy unlearn their primitive aggressive behaviour. Sadly it's a fight in which we need to be involved.

gtfo clown, these "feminist thoughts" are part
of everything

No. 1502613

It's too late for her, but I suggest she change it.

No. 1502626

nta but this thread is literally to make fun of troons, not for "intellectual" discussion. gaddamn it

No. 1502632

I am thinking about how they are killing each other and themselves
Maybe, if they will try harder, the most aggressive ones will extinct eventually
Sadly, that’s not how evolution works, but we are living in a techno world, so maybe it will be looked down upon eventually

No. 1502637

Quit your schizo sperging

No. 1502642

Ask in /ot/ or /2X/

No. 1502663

i want to violently attack trans women too so i don't give a shit if some scrote does it for me lol

No. 1502670

They’re strong enough to defend themselves, regardless of what estrogen myths and fetish fantasies they want to believe in, they will always be men who are strong enough to fight against other men.
It’s funny how they always talk shit about women but then they want women to do the job that trannies themselves should be doing if they gave a fuck about anything else other than cooming and being violent towards women.
It’s almost as if men have always been pushing their issues on us, blaming us for their own problems, and when they notice that a wig, shitty makeup and tight dresses with heels isn’t enough, they wonder why women did this to them, instead of wonder why they themselves did this to themselves.

No. 1502676

File: 1650072939267.png (23.25 KB, 748x200, response.png)

only a scrote could think this up

No. 1502689

File: 1650074213518.png (373.73 KB, 750x937, 12.png)

why are people letting ugly troons take over womanhood again?

No. 1502716

File: 1650074996809.jpg (49.16 KB, 608x618, FN6jORkVUAAKqcU.jpg)

No. 1502725


Literally just another example of the simulacra that pop up in late capitalism. Images precede reality. The “form” (superficial female characteristics) becomes more real and important than the reality (actual females that have those characteristics as part of their reproductive role).

You can’t have a vagina, you can’t conceive and birth a child, but you can obtain an imitation of one and simply outsource the gestation and birthing to some unseen impoverished rent-a-womb. You can’t breastfeed and nourish a child, but you can grow flabby imitations of them on your male chest using artificial hormones and say they make you a woman. Actual biology is banished, it’s all imagery and products aimed at disconnected imitation.

And most of them call themselves communists. They are walking billboards for desperate consumerist mindrot.

No. 1502729

Did colin get cheek fillers?

No. 1502749

File: 1650076237962.png (671.3 KB, 754x989, on Twitter.png)

so are puberty blockers harmful or not?

No. 1502752

File: 1650076644187.jpeg (432.49 KB, 828x1293, F86D1993-D185-4D2E-8882-CC290A…)

Queen. Of course there's people attacking her. https://twitter.com/nicholechimere/status/1514662450586603522

No. 1502766

File: 1650078611452.jpeg (53.42 KB, 744x514, CCAD24DB-C023-4652-8129-EDCBE0…)

i hope this picture amuses you as much as it did me,

No. 1502770

That's the part that's most disgusting. Women have to bitterly accept the physical advantages many moids have over us and these psychos just use it as a coom fantasy. And because it's always a competition with moids, they absolutely have to be more oppressed. They hate the idea of not being seen the same as how they, themselves, see women, weak and vulnerable. To be MORE vulnerable means they are MORE WOMAN, but they are happy to speak out on their defenselessness because any troon, when provoked by a TERF will proudly go into moid mode and brag about how easily they could kick their teeth in. If they were real women, they wouldn't go around asking for women to act aggressive toward a scrote rant that involves physical violence. And to use their favorite comparison, Black women don't go around calling out white women for not defending them in front of racist white men because they are mentally sound enough to know you don't get in between a man and his hate when you're out gunned.

No. 1502776

File: 1650079690809.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1426455836186.png)

I had the heartiest kek anon, thank you

No. 1502781

I cant tell the difference

No. 1502798

sexual dimorphism is so cool

No. 1502803

Abusive nature.

No. 1502806

I hope his mom is having a good life away from him.

No. 1502815

Black (and other non-white women) I am so goddamn thankful you open your mouths against these freaks, even though they will just make racist attacks against you. Woke white people are so confused who is the Correct person to agree with (of course they always pick the white man in a dress despite saying #blm #acab in their bio lol)

Nice to see someone so proud of their scottish heritage by wearing a kilt casually!

No. 1502817

The blonde in the middle, serving 'If only you knew how bad things really are' realness.

No. 1502835

File: 1650087417026.jpg (256.26 KB, 590x900, Screenshot_20220416-063340.jpg)

Seems like Sophie recovered quickly from the nervous breakdown he suffered over two women taking his picture and laughing at him the other day.

No. 1502836

He is absolutely hideous and so masculine. I can’t believe I thought he was a passoid. Seeing him next to women really drives it home that he’s just a huge big headed thrash metal incel with a receding hairline.

No. 1502837

>>1502198 a while ago hontra tried to explain to frist world agp hons that trying to put themselves in the same place than south american HSTS prostitutes was too dishonest even for them. Obviously it was useless that is not the point but it was an eye-opening moment for me, you can tell that some years ago they were /Pol/ incels and mentalcels to make things worse

No. 1502839

No. 1502844

File: 1650088387415.jpg (154.17 KB, 911x988, E8OVVWdXoAM-fXX.jpg)

whenever you think one of these freaks might "pass" it's always extremely specific lightning, angles, tons of makeup and avoiding being next to a woman. Just being close to one makes it painfully aparent for everyone that it's just another pornaddicted man.

No. 1502860

Genuinely stomach-churning. I get the chills whenever anons post this guy's selfies kek.

No. 1502891

Do you know what a female is? Before 13 weeks, all fetuses are just a fluid of cells. Stop with this narrative that females don't independently exist from males and that we are just underdeveloped moids. That's fucking medical misogyny and not true at all. Females do not exist before 13 weeks just like males do not exist. Open a fucking human anatomy book.

No. 1502898

Yes, the chromosomes are in tact at conception. Like, you do know chromosomes do not only express sex, right? The fetus wouldn't develop the right bones if the chromosomes weren't in tact at conception. It's pretty important. We're discussing when and how sex chromosomes express themselves and it's at 13 weeks. Before that, I think things like basic spine and head formation gets priority.

No. 1502901

No. 1502904

File: 1650096926846.jpg (262.93 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20220416-100947_Chr…)

When r/gamingcirclejerk becomes an actual circlejerk instead of satirising it. Circlejerking who virtue signals the most.
The comments made me lose braincells.

No. 1502908

i will literally never understand this phenomenon of people having strong political opinions about video games. like I'm not a Gamer but I played deltarune and the kid was a they/them, I thought "ok this is fucking cringe" and then moved the fuck on with my life kek like who cares

No. 1502912

File: 1650098322247.jpg (69.07 KB, 1080x503, Screenshot_20220416_103819.jpg)

doublepost but kek do they realize how racist they sound

No. 1502914

is the kid supposed to be an actual themlet? i thought it was just a "player character is of ambiguous gender so any player can self insert" situation. or was that only in undertale?

No. 1502924

They're so racist and anti-semitic jfc. Not surprising though, troons always treat black women like shit and a good chunk of them even admit to being racist/nazi incels prior to trooning out

No. 1502941

That makes you the raging racist retard.

No. 1502948

File: 1650108588739.png (258.37 KB, 637x575, sad gay sounds.png)

ell oh ell

No. 1502949

File: 1650108717613.png (454.55 KB, 596x720, 74565564645645645.png)

When even an absolutely deranged person says its too much, you know how far it has gone

No. 1502950

>known to be
Literally the only people I've seen saying this shit are troons who accuse JKR of being as racist as they are. I've never ever seen anyone say that goblins are a antisemitic caricature before that and I doubt normal, non mentally ill people ever thought that before.

No. 1502951

File: 1650109317131.jpg (227.86 KB, 1169x2048, 2U8bgxe.jpg)

I’m so tired of this Neanderthal posting his ugly mug in makeup subs for oppression karma

No. 1502955

Someone should give him constructive and kind criticism on how to feminize his face to avoid being misgendered.

No. 1502956

won't be surprised if they get silenced and cancelled by the very people they have helped, oops. I do pity them but a psychologist should've known better despite trying to do their own definition of good.

No. 1502957

Ah yes if you see a tiny humanoid with a big nose and work at a bank, how can you NOT think it’s a jew. Please tell me normalfags see right through this racist bullshit.

No. 1502958

And it's these fucked male psychologists' fault for doing this in the first place but let's blame the mentally ill girl who want to be ~trendy~

No. 1502960

You look like a guy about to make a vine skit in 2014

No. 1502961

people don't give a shit, anon. Dahl was about as unwoke and anti-semetic as his day and people aren't burning his shit either.

No. 1502962

>Like, you do know chromosomes do not only express sex, right?
Of course I do lmao, I just meant that technically you could see if the fetus is male or female right from conception, even if the sex chromosomes have not activated yet.

No. 1502963

File: 1650110729514.jpg (173.67 KB, 1040x2048, wa4dVhI.jpg)

No. 1502966

File: 1650111144908.jpg (401.6 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20220416-080317_Ins…)

Well, this is what I woke up to this morning. A tranny getting a female inmate pregnant.

No. 1502972

They need to stop saying consenting. By law those women can’t consent and it’s rape. They are mudding the waters. The tranny is a male rapist by law.

No. 1502975

Just like they'd say inmates raped by any other authority figure were "consenting" so they'd get less attention.

No. 1502979

File: 1650113778750.jpg (285.31 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20220416-085508_Ins…)

Might just 41% myself over this shit. I hate this world. I fucking hate trannies and I'm sick of them being protected.

No. 1502984


No. 1502986

File: 1650114803745.jpg (153.43 KB, 1152x1768, FQdiMAGXEAIVl56.jpg)

Only a troon would wear something like this to a FUNERAL. Everything is about them, theyre even above sympathy for their dead friends and/or relatives

No. 1502987

they arent making life-changing decisions because it's trendy but because assholes with authority like you are affirming them.

No. 1502988

Noooo I have this dress's nooooooooooo. Fuckin hell. Now I can't wear it without thinking of this creature.

No. 1502991

edna mahan is a joke. you're kidding right on her yt covered that and another article on how they transferred a trans serial killer with a blood fetish there

actual question: why do they do hrt? if after 1.5 months this is how they look.. why?

No. 1502993

It's not worth it getting upset over tranny jannies and the banning ways. It is currently backfiring hard on them because the more people get banned, the more people start hating trannies.

No. 1502994

1.5 years of HRT and he still looks like that?

No. 1502995

let's get some shoes

No. 1502996

Most supernatural creatures have extreme features such as big noses, big chins, weird heights, etc. Same energy as saying orcs are totally mocking black people because you think orcs are big and violent just like blacks.

No. 1503000

when will he fix his fucking eyebrows

No. 1503002

Doesn't look too much like a woman but def better

No. 1503004

File: 1650117506205.jpeg (33.54 KB, 400x400, 93C5992D-EDBA-4BAC-8F7F-E012BF…)

Stumbled across this one, he is Secretary for a local Labour Party branch. Apparently he was featured on glinners blog for making some kind of anti terf video. He’s 60 years old

No. 1503006

File: 1650117823313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20220416_100326503.jpg)

Spoiler only because this face is going to haunt my dreams tonight and probably yours

No. 1503014

To all my anons out there with bone diseases. stfu, these kids without hormones blockers are the true victims. not like real bone diseases and issues are excruciating or anything

No. 1503015

Don’t worry anon. I’m sure it looks 1000 times cuter on you. Don’t let this freak take that away from you. You know it’d make him seethe seeing an actual woman wearing it and not looking like a sideshow attraction. It would take everything in me not to knock this guy’s lights out if he showed up to a loved one’s funeral like this. I hope they refused to even let him in looking like that. How disrespectful. Can’t even be bothered to put on some tights and a cardigan to make it seem even somewhat decent

No. 1503019

I hope this game is an overwhelming success and sells are unimaginable

No. 1503028

This child should just watch one season of forensic files. Majority of cases are women or little girls, killed by men. So please, what was that about women having nothing to worry about? what about the countless amount of girls that loose their virginity before reaching ten years old? I’m just so sick of people online and irl saying women have no problems, and trans women are the real victims these days. Once again women being repressed. Women can’t speak their mind. Women must obey.

No. 1503037

How to be the victim when you scare someone from having a angry outburst?

be trans

No. 1503038

oh my god, shoes.

No. 1503041

The unfortunate part is that this is half true. In Germany and other parts of Europe, Jewish people, seen as a minority and "ethnic" were fairly successful. Many of their families came from banking just by way of family traditions and investments which bred a kind of contempt for an immigrant culture that kept its traditions and became successful. Goblins, in fairy tales, are known to be keep treasure, guard important relics, or charge tolls. So old racist fucks started calling Jews Goblins. JKR only used Goblins as bankers because of fairy tales. I seriously doubt she made the connection. The only reason I, myself, make the connection is because of chan and internet culture.

No. 1503047

Kek. It's always the dude-bros and ultra coomers who think injecting themselves with HRT will magically make them into a little girl.

No. 1503049

>currently there are 27 inmates who identify as transgender
27???? I would love to know the actual number of prisoners to see the percentage. That is fucking insane, and yet I bet most TRAs would say those guys aren’t “really trans” because “real trans” are oppressed and don’t commit violent crimes.

No. 1503050

Nonnie I bet it looks great on you. Don’t fret and keep wearing it.

That is one ugly man, damn

No. 1503052

one of the most hilarious things i have seen on film was when in some shitty lesbian movie from the 90s about some bookshop or whatever there was a resident tranny, played by a hulky guy and in one scene he gets beaten up in women's bathroom by a woman. the guy was a whimpering mess on the floor like the viewers are expected to believe this lone woman manages to beat up the big tranny and he is some defenseless dainty girl

No. 1503057

File: 1650123740814.jpeg (770.36 KB, 750x1196, E2BA2F9A-46F7-43A0-A49B-C15765…)

Posted in r/MakeupAddiction lol

No. 1503062

The main thing these threads have taught me most is that men are blind

No. 1503063

also posted in this thread 4 hours ago

No. 1503064

Wig is thirsty as fuck and that face is unmistakably male. Thou shall not pass.

No. 1503066

File: 1650124330854.jpg (63.55 KB, 720x472, Screenshot_20220416_175123.jpg)

800 apparently

No. 1503070

>mfw one of the people who complained was a post-op transwomen

Even the other transwomen don't want or accept the pre-everything ones, interesting.

No. 1503071

File: 1650124603887.jpeg (813.82 KB, 1125x1041, 64473006-693C-45E3-A403-9B30D2…)

Honestly, I’m at a loss for words

No. 1503072

>female can be defined by physical appearance

Regressive af, may as well attach a picture of someone with heels and blonde hair and call it a day

No. 1503073

Like a glamorous neanderthal in the "after"

No. 1503074

it took him a year on estrogen to learn how to use a razor

No. 1503083

ooga booga grug become lady, hide go spinny

No. 1503085

I put myself into the most delusional headspace ever. I think "long blonde hair = woman." I start looking at the details instead of the whole picture. Like the lipstick. I think of the good lighting instead of the subject. Somehow I forget how women look and with this amount of delusional and fragmented thinking I'm able to see how this person could believe they would be thought of as a woman and how this is a could picture worthy of validation. Then I look away, look back and see a man in an ugly wig that's part of an SNL skit. It's hard to keep up delusions so I guess I know why these guys are hit so hard when someone misgenders them for a second or a woman talks about her period. Imagine keeping your head in a state of confusion just so you can pass in your mind's eye.

No. 1503090

it makes me lol how they always insist on dying their hair blonde, or unnatural colors where any new growth is super obvious when they're too lazy to even shower let alone upkeep it.

No. 1503093

Why evaluate how you look realistically, when you can just throw on a cheap wig and have a boner for 12 hours straight?

No. 1503094


1) When you are discussing the interviews/who to hire, if your boss seems enthused about the troon, say "I'm not really feeling her" and push for someone else. Surely, there's got to be someone else who did well in the interviews? Push for that person. Just say you like that person better and they can do the job just as well.

2) Or if there is any qualifications needed in the job that the person doesn't have, say you aren't comfortable hiring them because of that?

3) Google "reasons not to hire someone" and read the articles that popup. There has got to be something that applies to the troon that you can use to argue against hiring them.

4) Do all of the above

No. 1503098

i honestly thought his hair is a shitty wig

No. 1503101

I feel like there's a direct and interesting parallel you could draw between the reaction to J.K. Rowling giving the trans movement the mildest, politest criticism imaginable in her essay and being subjected to an absolute tsunami of bile, abuse, harassment, death and rape threats as a result of it, and the GamerGate losers who developed an obsessive hatred of Anita Sarkeesian back in the day, but that people aren't quite ready to have that conversation quite yet.

No. 1503104

That'd be like shining the hubcaps when the engine is broken.

The guy's eyebrows are the least of his fucking worries.

No. 1503111

File: 1650126945965.jpg (741.12 KB, 1080x3496, Screenshot_20220416_183424.jpg)

>where are the feminists
>hello we're right here
>covers ears lalalala can't hear you
I hate these people as much as trannies tbh

No. 1503114

when he asks when your birthday is, say you're not religious. when he keeps pushing for it and gets defensive/pissy about astrology, say that religious views need to be kept separate from the workplace and it is not appropriate to try and convert coworkers or compel them to participate in religious service with you. since he is a man he will not back down, and once he's escalated enough say that he is creating a hostile work environment with his religious pressure. from there, he will destroy his position at your company himself.

No. 1503123

File: 1650128320568.jpeg (378.64 KB, 1536x2048, FQdiSfNWUAolZrw.jpeg)

Lucky you, anon.
Sophie just bought a new dress.

No. 1503127

File: 1650128766985.png (142.09 KB, 500x281, 17C89334-F207-46D3-94DD-2BC658…)

He is trying to look like an anime girl. Fucking nasty

No. 1503130

kek what's up with the belt

No. 1503131

his tattoos are so shit. imagine having that scarred onto your skin forever

No. 1503132

Maybe that's what he's going to 41% himself with

No. 1503137

They also struggle responding to them cause so many of them also argue that all sexual categories are 20th century whiteys' invention and not something thousands of civilizations have been centering their social mores about.

No. 1503138

He is built like a fridge and has no waist where the actual waistline of the dress falls kek, so I’d imagine he put a belt where he thinks his torso looks smallest (under his moobs.)

No. 1503142

Fucking insanity. Yeah I wonder why those men would want to self-ID as women, especially in prison. I wonder why women aren’t doing the same thing in reverse to be in men’s prisons. So mysterious.

No. 1503143

I hate how the post-op ones think it makes them special or more like women in any way though. No scrote, you’re just a man with no penis now. Still not a woman, still shouldn’t be in womens spaces.

No. 1503145

File: 1650129955911.jpeg (366.38 KB, 1536x2048, FQdiSF3WYAgW9bE.jpeg)

Did you say 'moobs', anon?

No. 1503147

Least of his problems.

No. 1503148

what's that shit on the floor why don't these people ever clean when they're taking photos

No. 1503149

It's the small details in these pictures that I like best.

>Star Wars Lego in the background

>What appears to be a discarded plaid skirt, no doubt purchased for schoolgirl fantasy cooming
>White pellets all over the fucking floor, most likely from a beanbag chair, either improperly filled or, more likely burst by Sophie's fat ass when he sat down on it

No. 1503151

Evidently, Sophie's lady brain mysteriously doesn't experience the womanly urge to vacuum.

No. 1503154

It’s funny how none of their women brains do. Clean, do emotional labor for family, care for aging parents, etc.

No. 1503155

whatever ethnicity these colour of people are, they need to wear arm sunscreen. it freaks me out when i see white people with these freckle-leather arms. that shit turns into cancer doesn't it?

No. 1503158

The way I see it their vaginas are made out of penis thus their vaginas are still penises. Never going to be a woman, just moids in extreme fancy dress with hack job genitals

No. 1503160

Ngl, I thought that was arm hair.

No. 1503162

I never realised just how fucking massive his nose is until now. The size of that thing. It's like a fucking parrot's beak.

No. 1503173

It’s like killing a pig, blending it up into mush, and then moulding it into the shape of a dog.

No. 1503178

A very uncanny valley dog.

No. 1503180

Imagine claiming AGP doesn’t exist while having tattoos of naked women while believing you are also a woman yourself.

No. 1503190

File: 1650133944277.jpg (489.62 KB, 1440x1080, Collage_20220416_203015.jpg)

actually so offensive lol I can't believe there are lesbians who are ok with this

No. 1503193

The whole thing about AGP not existing is such obvious fucking bullshit.

We know sissy porn exists. We know men who coom over the idea of feminization, dressing like a woman and acting like an uwu porno slut.

We also know that trans women exist - men who identify as women and wear clothing typically associated with women, while demanding that they be referred to and treated as such.

Why is it so outlandish and ridiculous to suggest that there may well be overlap between these two groups? It seems fucking obvious, no?

No. 1503196

>non-lesbians DNI
>allows literal men with fetishes and the pick-mes who simp for them to interact

No. 1503197

not one but two fucking tattoos of naked women, fuck this ugly ass creep

No. 1503204

There's a video of this Sophie from Mars guy on YouTube from a year ago, before he'd trooned out fully and was still nonbinary.

He's so fucking pompous in the way that only a coddled, creakingly middle class white boy can be.

No. 1503205

One of them has a dick.

No. 1503206

this is one of the manliest, gayest, manly gay things i have ever seen.

No. 1503208

File: 1650135515571.jpg (525.94 KB, 1024x2048, EOukwYnWkAETSFX.jpg)

i cant even feel angry at this one kek. this is just pathetic. if he wasnt getting any before he started identifying as stunning and brave then he sure as hell isnt getting any now.
this picture is so funny. he literally just looks like every other crusty moid on public transit and he thinks he has the right to say shit when it comes to lesbians. even that fat fuck tumblr "trans butch" peteseeger looks like he tries harder than this guy does, now thats sad

No. 1503211

The only thing remotely "feminine" are his tiny baby hands.

No. 1503217

File: 1650136693204.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.52 KB, 750x1001, 37610AF4-93F3-4416-90E6-347DEF…)

Imagine this everyday joe coming up to you in a lesbian bar to say he’s one of you. I would laugh my head off.

Reminds me of Jaclyn Moore’s “dickgirl” tat. They really can’t hide the fetish at all can they.

No. 1503226

Just your average butch lesbian rocking in her school shooter outfit

No. 1503231

Right? Imagine being an ugly moid who already struggles to get female attention, and targeting the one group of women LEAST likely to give you any attention. I’m surprised the 41% isn’t higher.

No. 1503243

i didn't know drinking with old lesbians counted as "fighting" for anything. TIL me and my friends are fighting troonery.

No. 1503247

File: 1650140581628.png (121.46 KB, 1144x586, Untitled.png)

idgaf about being 'misgendered'

No. 1503249

[sorry this is so long]
None of this would be as big as it is if men could control their ‘womb envy’ or whatever in general. No matter which angle they get to trannyism from, it’s always an obsession with controlling femininity. Women can actually, genuinely love males and not want to embody them, if not as a protective disguise. It’s basically a rite of passage to realise and accept that you’re not the birthing/gestation sex but realistically it seems they don’t get over it, even their reactions to menstruation always felt dodgy. Patriarchal resentment of women always falls back onto “if I let you do this too, you’d have everything, that’s not fair”, so many cultural double standards are justified that way. Loads of non-trannies express this warm elation and excitement at the prospect of sex change being available even if they aren’t crazed enough to get it. It’s hidden as curiosity but you can see it’s more than just that, especially when the same types aren’t as interested in more complex or accessible futurism like cloning (because it could eliminate them I guess, but it’s funny how they’re trying to get closer to women when real science is bringing women closer to independent procreation). They’ve gone and made yet another self soothing religion to comfort themselves. Digging a hole out between your legs is totally a vagina and not indication of mental illness. Yep, sure.

No. 1503250

>your father…if you even had one
do these guys not know how babby is formed

No. 1503254

File: 1650141289901.jpg (44.34 KB, 535x580, FireShot Webpage Screenshot #3…)

A lil humour for y'all

No. 1503255

you could just mail her $15 if you don't want to watch. i might do that.

No. 1503257

No one that's sane gives a shit about being misgendered. Especially not women who often try to pass as men (in games, in emails) just so people won't be sexist to them.

No. 1503258

Is a part of mtf vocal training smiling when you talk? I've noticed a lot of the ones with the more passing feminine voices sound like they are always smiling when talking but it ends up making it more obvious because it sounds so unnatural and stands out compared to actual female voices.

No. 1503259

>trans butch
>it's a man putting 0% effort in to pass

Yeah no, the appropriation of female terms by males needs to stop. Also as an anon pointed out above, starting to suspect all men are clinically blind if they think a butch lesbian looks the same as a man with a shaven head.

No. 1503261

The amount of buzzwords, there's no way this is real

No. 1503262

it's probably because they think women all have to sound cute and sexy at all times

No. 1503266

File: 1650142171027.png (86.86 KB, 1882x401, tttt finds out that women are …)

its on the tip of their tongue that women are scared of creeps like them. maybe someone give these morons a nudge. i cant cause im banned.

No. 1503268

The fact the "woke" thing to believe in 2022 is that gender nonconforming and gay children should be medically sterilised continues to baffle me.
Medical sterilisation being the punishment for homosexuality famously endured by Alan Turing, leading to his suicide.
Yet people are emotionally manipulated into thinking chemical castration and surgical mutilation avoids suicide. It seems obvious that the self destruction of the body by chemical and surgical means will not lead to happiness.

No. 1503270

Caption: You will never be a woman and this could be the next thread pic

No. 1503274

Yeah but you can call me anything yet I was born a girl and will die a woman, kinda like he will die a man.

No. 1503276

I’ve never heard a terf use the justification that someone has “male energy” as a reason to “misgender” them. If they must know, the main reason we do is because, well, they’re fucking male. Don’t need an aura to tell me that.

No. 1503277

Also when they smile while they talk they literally just come across even more as serial killers lol. They always have the weirdest grin and way too eager eyes.

No. 1503278

1. The 'real science' doesn't give a shit about women. IVF clinics are a thing because porn and a sitting lifestyle makes sperm all weird and useless and men need help. All the up-coming futurism stuff will also help men, stop deluding yourself women will get anything. It has been 20 years since they got a mouse pregnant without sperm and this year we got a rat parthenogenesis. There's your progress on helping women.
2. The post says to not derail the thread with essays on feminist theory so stop.
3. Post this stuff to 2X because it could lead to an actual interesting conversation.

No. 1503280

File: 1650143615426.jpg (347.86 KB, 1080x746, Polish_20220416_231349794.jpg)

No. 1503283

Half of humanity being depraved and violent is kinda on topic considering some of them demand we include them in our non-depraved, non-violent spaces

No. 1503284

Yes, perfect!

No. 1503285

File: 1650144165482.jpeg (227 KB, 1920x1080, 00544A7E-9BCC-4581-A2BC-FEF789…)

No. 1503287

>constantly horny
can't tell if this was made by a tranny or a pick-me.

No. 1503292

A tranny bc men are the only ones that make those gf pages

No. 1503298

File: 1650146029191.jpeg (62.27 KB, 735x717, 9E413CE1-403C-414E-B426-4D996D…)

(Blogpost) Just found out the only other “woman” in my online hobby group that I’ve been following for years is a fat agp troon. These fuckers are so insidious about how they trick people.

No. 1503302

Damn. That sucks. Tbh I have the fear that will happen to me sometimes because of my hobbies. There’s a girl I always invite to join calls w some other friends and she never does. I assume she is just shy about it but I’ve wondered you know?

No. 1503315

File: 1650151578765.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.41 KB, 1536x2048, 8E1A48A3-68CF-4327-8ED2-B48FC4…)

for the love of god don’t unspoiler

No. 1503316

File: 1650151691065.png (1.92 MB, 1550x1514, Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-16…)

Being male, that's what you're doing wrong. And dressing like a housewife from an 80's sitcom.

No. 1503319

File: 1650151935321.png (74.83 KB, 1184x654, E098F1B8-9A2E-4EE3-BBBA-7F8169…)

This post is so true.

No. 1503330

do you not know how twitter works nonna? it's a quote tweet, she can't stop someone from doing that kek (unless she went private ofc).

No. 1503333

insanely true and incredibly based

No. 1503337

it's hilarious when raging agps complain about women being scared of them and acting awkward around them, i have seen it some times and the complainer always is some absolutely deranged looking or in some cases has history of violent behavior and they can't understand why women would feel antsy around them.

they expect women to basically be some sort of full time friendship escorts for them

No. 1503342

Holy shit, spot on and fucking based

No. 1503346

based nanno

No. 1503348

They see us as support humans, not just humans, so when we don't fill the role they have decided we belong to, they rage, their fantasy of us being there to coddle them shattered. A lot of men have trouble as seeing us as 'nice nurturing humans' and not just 'humans' like them. We're less likely to be violent and take risks, but that does not mean we are eternal babysitters designed to uplift and coddle those around us as some like to think. They take advantage of our less aggressive nature and fear of being killed by the bigger sex.

No. 1503354

this needs more likes

No. 1503363

File: 1650155663066.png (4.6 MB, 1401x4747, butch.png)

from /r/MTFbutch

No. 1503370

I am constantly in awe of just how retarded men can be. What could be more stereotypically male than failing to understand the subtleties of lesbian subculture and assuming butch=short hair

No. 1503372

I like how he labelled the dude as cis butches and gender conforming transwomen as the women. Also all those identities cancel out. Non-binary means not woman or man but youre also apparently a woman?? butch trans woman is just straight gender conforming man?? gendershit hurts my brain.

No. 1503376

Makeup guy is probably one of those troons that complain about getting misgendered all the time.

No. 1503381

that gif of the cat carrying a kitten with "that's enough internet for today" should just be the threadpic every time.

No. 1503385

File: 1650157685489.png (47.48 KB, 1157x455, lol.png)

No. 1503389

File: 1650157859992.jpg (359.8 KB, 1707x2560, thefattransexual.jpg)

No. 1503392

he looks like the ambulance driver from the knick

No. 1503393

brendan fraser tarzan looking ass

No. 1503394

i thought they were swiss. they control the bank and have no sense of humour = swiss

No. 1503402

looks like pauly d in a dress

No. 1503404


No. 1503405

what's sad is this just looks like jazz jennings with different coloured hair. he got all the pills and surgeries from childhood and looks as female as this dude.

No. 1503407

kek holy shit ahahaha. the hair looks exactly like a shitty "girl wig" worn by some vinebro who got it at spirit halloween

No. 1503408

lots of women like that look though. he could get metal or emo girls with his glam caveman appearance. he can look like that and be a he and live as a man, why not just do that? he'd get laid.

No. 1503409

Eh? I didn’t say anything about necessarily helping women though? I used it as an example of controversial experiments that these specific men aren’t interested in despite pretending to be. I know that men will continue to exploit women etc. I felt it was relevant enough to keep in this thread but I understand, sorry.

No. 1503411

i cant be misgendered, because no matter what you call me i'm still a woman.

No. 1503412

This comes up often in the thread, many women who like gender non-conforming men have been having a bad half-decade with the rise of troonery.

No. 1503413

no one ever says that. the reason we "misgender" mtfs is because they have dicks. idgaf how you act, get your dick out of my changeroom.

No. 1503415

i've literally had nightmares about the taser troon.

No. 1503416

File: 1650159782923.png (65.62 KB, 1117x529, Am I possibly trans if imagini…)

prime example of every single troon's thought process

No. 1503417

korean feminists are so based

No. 1503418

no butch would wear either of those shirts. those are girly shirts. that purse is fucking girly. those shoes are wussy. he's dressed like a 42 year old ghetto serbian mother

No. 1503421

but remember it's totally not a fetish

No. 1503422

can someone make a giant, giant, gigantic collage of all the posts like this

No. 1503424


Yep, you can do sex selection before it’s even a fetus by checking the chromosomes of the embryo.

The tweet is wrong because it mixes up undifferentiated genitals with “female” ones which says a lot about the troon view of women overall. I guess AGPs also like to get off to the idea that they were briefly “female” as a fetus.

TRAs don’t understand biology so they think “fetuses will almost always develop as female without the specific actions of the SRY gene” means that they’re actually just female underneath it all uwu

And then scream at people about “high school biology”

No. 1503448

File: 1650162664037.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1354x1110, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 10.2…)


No. 1503449

It doesn’t make me suicidal when a seething incel calls me sir in the twitter replies lmaooo I survived being called scrote on lolcow, I’m untouchable.

No. 1503450

Press F

No. 1503457

>>1503247 Once i was in a room with a psychotic patient that insisted that everyone there was actually a Red Dead Redemption II character. Troons on twitter using random pronouns evoke on me the same feelings that i feel that day.

No. 1503459

in order to dream about something, I have to be thinking hard about it for many hours. for instance, playing a difficult video game. imagining the same amount of mental energy spent on degeneracy makes me want to kill these freaks and rid the world of their uselessness. absolute burdens on society, negative worth. disgusting.

No. 1503460

File: 1650164202184.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 1650163989531.png)

Except Brendan Fraser was actually hot, unlike contra. George of the jungle and all his little animal friends are TERF allies

No. 1503463

File: 1650164369999.gif (Spoiler Image, 175.58 KB, 540x450, tumblr_a26a56b9c75633b9d060921…)

Based female gaze(ish) movie

No. 1503466

File: 1650165125543.png (184.86 KB, 1296x534, 76543234567890k.png)

I feel like there must be an easy solution to this person's problem. How about stop dating a narcissistic enuch? That seems reasonable enough.

No. 1503491

Lmao maybe because your stupid male self went out in a whole ass mumu and no woman under the age of 70 wears those out to dinner? I know they steal from their mommies but now he stealing from his granny too?!

No. 1503496

The dress is frumpy but way less clockable than the vast majority of troon fashion since he's not dressed like a catgirl or a bimbo. Presumably he just has an obviously male face/gait/voice like they all do.

No. 1503500

These fucking pedos. Why would any adult want their body to resemble a 13 year old? Also what's with the weird 'late puberty' nonsense? I've never heard of someone who was 22 claiming that they were still going through puberty.

No. 1503509

Same Nona. I’m in a very female oriented collecting hobby though we have a few gay men involved too, and I am often grateful that people share photos of themselves so I know who IIm talking to. The idea that AGPs could be into this the way they seem to infiltrate Lolita fashion and other Japanese stuff worries me!

No. 1503518

Jessie Gender has an important message for all the trans kids out there.

No. 1503519

File: 1650178481751.jpg (43.23 KB, 578x128, Screenshot_20220417-075033.jpg)

Nah, m8, I'm pretty sure it's because you do things like >>1503518

No. 1503521

ok, groomer.

No. 1503522

I can’t listen to their scratchy Kermit the frog voices for any longer than 15 seconds

No. 1503525

Troons are coomers and estrogen does not stop them from aging or testosterone production. Even castration does not stop males from producing T. He will be bald by 30 like most moids and will probably wear a diaper.

No. 1503526

Saw a troon at work today and was immediately clockable, in his lap he wore pink lipstick, a small handbag and long hair. At one point he even said "for us girls this weekend" and I just laughed, unfortunately I have to be nice to troons at work but I don't have to agree verbally with what they say. God I can't wait for JKs new game to come out

No. 1503527

larp and he also made his voice higher like an anime girl and would giggle everytime he grabbed money or his cards, they truly are pornsick nonnies

No. 1503530

>us girls
Ugh. Jesus, that makes my fucking skin crawl.

No. 1503533

how can they say trans people are killed simply for being trans more than women are killed simply for being women? that's retarded

No. 1503534

File: 1650181326895.jpg (611.67 KB, 810x2683, Screenshot_20220417-033511_Boo…)

Unbelievable! I've really seen it all at this point. Woman gets talked over by troons and even gets called a transmasc egg for simply stating that being a woman isn't all fun and games and life on easy mode. To say that incels and trannies are one an the same is an understatement:

No. 1503538

File: 1650181576043.png (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 2200x15750, yuricels.png)

The tl;dr. Spoilered for length.

No. 1503540

File: 1650181695584.png (697.92 KB, 1210x1376, MV.png)

is his thing latex sexbots? lmao everytime he's posted that's the vibe I get. does anyone anyone else think he slightly resembles michelle visage now (picrel)

No. 1503543

Is this cryptkeeper-esque man trying to imply that he's not a boomer? Unless he's been microwaved and refrozen repeatedly like an unwanted meal that is an inexplicablely unfortunate appearance for a young man. Someone needs to take away his hrt for some reason it's mummifying him alive quite visibly or he doesn't have enough dysphoria to make him self concious enough to appear in front of other beings with eyes. I honestly assumed that he was an 60 year old dude who escaped the draugr catacombs at first glance.

No. 1503547

He's only 30 kek

No. 1503549

Most of the “pros” the TIMs in the comments listed are either that the female body is attractive to men, or that people don’t view women as threats. They’re basically admitting that men only troon out for the coom and to get access vulnerable populations

No. 1503551

lol a handmaiden bends over backwards to be inclusive even though she is rightly pissed off and still gets called out for transphobia for talking about childbirth and periods. god damn

No. 1503570

File: 1650188892123.png (871.67 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20220415-224839~2.p…)

No. 1503572

Not hard enough, son.

No. 1503575

Oh no the Danofags are not gonna be happy to see he trooned out

No. 1503576

Insane how they all go directly from socially awkward moid basement dweller to the most hideous, repulsive caricature of femininity. Does it never occur to them to try putting a single ounce of effort into their appearance as a man before jumping directly to programmer socks and titty skittles? Like dude, you hate the way you look because you are in sore need of a shave and a haircut, not because you’re secretly a woman on the inside. God men are so retarded

No. 1503580

>people are scared of men
>men's feelings don't matter
>in divorce the woman keeps the kids
how are these not incel talking points? I fucking hate men

No. 1503584

What sort of name is "Jizzny"??

No. 1503586

his name is melody, that's just a coomer pun on disney princess

No. 1503590

File: 1650192090288.jpeg (845.25 KB, 1242x3663, 9B748737-455D-48CB-8371-E8C8C8…)

Haha anon I went to check up on this once comments started to come in. These are just some, it’s either someone making it about themselves, not all troons, or women have shit sex drives too.

No. 1503593

None of that is universal. Average women really don't exist to them. They say 'woman' and imagine 18 year old insta model with huge tits. Clear skin, big tits, great clothes, nice smell, people being kind to you, being sporty and agile, being able to cry in front of people without getting called hysterical or condescended. I wish I was living in the fairytale he's imagining.

>cry when you want

Zoomer and millenial men cry all the time, maybe in some villages you're not expected to if you're a manly men but it's laughable when privileged redditors complain about it. If you asked them if they were ever shamed for crying, 100% they'd say no. Yeah no shit being a crybaby isn't attractive in men, it's also not attractive in women ffs.

No. 1503598

File: 1650193971665.jpg (135.21 KB, 1078x1453, FQfXpzYXMAsQoi9.jpg)

JK is on their mind 24/7 but they claim she is obsessed with them

No. 1503602

File: 1650194532506.png (128.45 KB, 2046x1280, lookingandrowontlastforeveront…)

It's such a predatory culture. How they prey on each others insecurities:

No. 1503603

kek anon this went underappreciated

No. 1503608

Bruh why does this moid look so old for his age (30)? I thought estrogen was reverse ageing medicine.

No. 1503610

Brendan used to be so hot. crying emoji

No. 1503615

File: 1650196390815.jpg (196.57 KB, 544x614, Screenshot_20220417-125002.jpg)

No. 1503633

ironic how they couldn't handle aging and yet mock real woman for it. hrt won't stop them from becoming old it only quickens the process.

No. 1503637

he should buy him a skirt that goes spinny

No. 1503643

Dolls? I collect those and ironically no troons have been very interested in dolls, they only like masculine toys usually lmaooo

No. 1503647

Um sweaty have you seen my hentai figurines collection?

No. 1503649

File: 1650200841683.png (139.63 KB, 1578x538, swEZ4k9.png)


No. 1503650

Another dollfag here, anime figures and dolls excepted it is like 99% female though politically still pro-trans, as long as you avoid the bouncy boobies aheago variety of dolls/figures it is blessedly free from men. Also outside of male Youtubers and such the makeup community is mostly female, I haven't been in it for a long time but complex knowledge of brands and application techniques escapes troons, as we've seen in this thread.

No. 1503651

Still pressed about Rowling's lesbian luncheon, I see

No. 1503653

Blessed be! Of course now that we mentioned our spaces here we can most likely expect a couple trannies from /tttt/ trying to barge in. Be mindful of the door frames loves, your massive shoulders will probably hit them!

No. 1503655

>all anime cliches (not real women)
>comments are about their bodies only
>smell nice
>clear skin

Literally we are not humans to them, just desirable bodies. I hope the handmaiden community is dwindling because this is who they are.
I saw a comment in the previous thread where someone pointed out troons don't even stan irl females (e.g. celebs and singers) the way gay men do. Bears some thinking about; gay men can be a fan of a woman non-sexually and admire them. I have never seen a troon admire a real woman in a nonsexual way. It's only ever anime shit, porn or other troons.

No. 1503669

>pretty clothes
A lot of pretty clothes don't fit me right
>cry when u want
I have to hide when I cry because people don't react well to it
>people kinder
Is that why I've been always bullied and people try to take advantage of me
I have a flat chest
>Smell nice
Yes, because I shower and sometimes wear perfume
>do girl things
Most of my hobbies are more masculine (shooter videogames, action movies, metal music)
>clear skin
I have horrible skin even after trying many things
>agility, resistance to heat
Can't relate, I prefer cold weather

These are the same ugly ass incels that cry about how stacy has it soooo much easier, because they're stuck in their basement watching porn and have never interacted with a woman after dropping out of school

No. 1503672

They literally expect that the moment they say “I’m a woman!” it’ll change everything for them- their body, mind, place in society, etc. It’s beyond delusional but they really think we will immediately start treating them like our best female friends or whatever just because they said they’re one of us.

No. 1503673

I think them trying to be perceived as “butch” is one of the things that pisses me off the most, considering how notoriously treated like shit actual butch women have been. They will see things like JKR’s luncheon and insult the butch women there and want to be one of them in the same breath. I have so much respect for real butches and even more for older ones bc you know they’ve already seen it all.

No. 1503681

But nona! What about the ones with real actual perfect vaginas?? They can enter right??

No. 1503685

if gynecologists can't tell then neither can we!

No. 1503690

File: 1650204549554.png (Spoiler Image, 127.17 KB, 1024x1024, 6F97105D-4E66-4499-B497-EA6930…)

What clit? That remnant of the penis they tried to make a little nub with? Reminder to every troon that lurks here. You’ll never have what we have.

No. 1503693

File: 1650204679236.jpg (140.91 KB, 1338x1600, 98e3f736638aedb2709cb631ba8d25…)

I had a thought nonnies and I feel like I need to express it.
Many men will claim that trannyism is a result of (radical) feminism, with the implication being that granting rights and dignity to women is a slippery slope to granting rights and dignity to men who call themselves women.
I actually agree that feminism and women's emancipation has led to a major swell in trannyism but not for the same reason. What is actually happening is that a sizable population of men are now left behind by women. Freed women, who are no longer forced to tolerate cohabitation with and dependency on a man for her own survival and wellbeing. With what is essentially incel affirmative action being phased out, leftover men are forced to find ways to cope with their isolation. Their lack of a dependable domestic servant and vessel for their gene propagation has led them to the bitter realization that they are irrelevant and of low value. So, they cope. I have seen numerous different ways in which they cope. Obviously the bitter misogynistic incels, the MGTOWS, the MRAS, the PUAs, the hedonistic reclusive porn addicts, the alt-rightists and, the misanthropic wanna-be spree shooters, and yes, the MTFs. All desperately resisting their irrelevance, all finding analogs to replace what a woman used to be forced to provide for them. These trannies really do become the gf, as they are so upfront with admitting. If a man does not have access to a women or women, he will go to strange lengths to get something close. Even if it means controlling himself as "a woman".

I think this is why there is such a overlap between incels, misogynists, e-nazis, and trannies. They are all just failedmales frantically searching for ways to soothe the anguish of their own failure with women, their failure as a living organism who desperately wishes to propagate itself but can't. I deserve access womb because women are my inferiors and should obey my commands, I deserve access to a womb because I am (X race) and my race needs to be preserved, I deserve access to a womb because I'm an "alpha" and play by the rules of game theory… and the final throw when these other copes produce 0 results… I will create my own womb to own, even if it's a wound where my male genitals used to be.

I predict the troon/incel issue is only going to ghet worse before it ever gets better. There will likely be no change in policy to the benefit of women which keeps us safe and trannies out of our spaces. It is a "socially acceptable" (by other men) outlet for a growing amount of failed XYs. Male refuse. They are the living byproduct resulting from allowing women the right to say no and lead their own lives. Troons will only start disappearing as they die off and take their failed tranny genes with them, and less and less are there to replace them as less and less incels have the ability to pass down their inferior genes. It's a state of growth and correction which patriarchy has been postponing for many, many generations. It's like we have a giant backlog of shitty men who are all coming to the same wall around the same time. It's men's fault, really, but as always they continue to blame us.

No. 1503694

I just assumed he was referring to his dick as a clit kek

No. 1503695

>Men are bad fathers etc
Just because you take hrt doesn't mean you'll feel or be anything like a woman. And those comments about wanting to experience rape and sexual harassment are fucking awful. I have never seen a troon be like damn that's awful for you I hopefully won't have to experience that aspect blah blah. They're all selfish creeps.

No. 1503701

Hope that lady wakes the fuck up. They just keep talking over her and she bends over backwards for them comment-wise. It’s almost like they’re men!

No. 1503703

I will never get over the audacity of men to claim they're just as oppressed as women because women suspect them of being rapists and abusers… meanwhile women actually get raped and abused.

I would LOVE for people to be afraid of me in public. I would love to not be afraid of moids.

No. 1503704

This is all correct and you're spot on. Based take anon.

No. 1503706

Female-oriented hobbies are the only way to escape them for the most part. I’m in a couple of discord servers that revolve around male game chars and RP (yes, cringe i know) and the groups are entirely women and one gay man who is in both. There a couple of NLOG TiFs but they’re mostly harmless and it’s easy to avoid interacting with them. I find it funny that MtFs are never into traditionally female hobbies.

No. 1503707

File: 1650205651993.jpg (162.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1ye0y2bwwxt81.jpg)

imagine spending all that money and still looking the same

No. 1503709

I can’t even tell what he got done.

No. 1503710

I'm convinced that FFS is the biggest grift ever. All before and after pictures I have seen look the same. Makes me feel sorry for troons. Well, almost.

No. 1503716

did he get a top lip lift? He just looks like a mouth breather now

No. 1503726

File: 1650207122045.jpg (100.95 KB, 879x960, FQjM_cvXoAYc404.jpg)

This HAS to be a parody

No. 1503727

File: 1650207201972.png (3.22 KB, 946x23, FFS- before_6 weeks post-op (j…)

No. 1503730

Is it bad the thing in the picture the horrifies me most is the plastic spoon in tea.
You know this moid is too fucking lazy to wash utensils so he has plastic ones he can throw out after every use. Not too inclusive of the climate….

No. 1503737

File: 1650207606111.png (32.24 KB, 1113x373, cervical cancer lol.png)

No. 1503739

>Cervical cancer
>Is a man
>Does not have a cervix
Holy shit they're retarded. Literally believe in magic turning them into a woman.

No. 1503740

File: 1650207731945.png (51.58 KB, 1341x844, double lol.png)

No. 1503742

ego so bruised he had to point out that she was TOTALLY not his type anyway

No. 1503743

they want to be women but they clearly skipped sex ed class. Everything is just a vagina to them.

No. 1503748

This dumb moid is arguing with other trannies that it's possible to get cervical cancer without a cervix. Being confident you're right despite all the evidence to the contrary is such a male trait.

No. 1503755

File: 1650208725030.png (181.94 KB, 2270x654, C579C9EA-F8E9-4E4A-8C3B-560390…)

Oh yeah. This was posted in the last thread as well as his follow up post, which was this.

No. 1503760

>I shower everyday
he deserves to die genuinely

No. 1503771

>You might have cancer in the toe but it's not hoof cancer because you're not a horse and you don't have a hoof
my fucking insides

No. 1503772

File: 1650211056096.jpg (244.31 KB, 1080x1532, 20220417_115635.jpg)

He looks like a deranged bird.

No. 1503774

I don’t get it, who harasses these nobodies? He’s just looking for a reason to “expose” her.

No. 1503783

File: 1650212512431.jpg (188.98 KB, 1170x1862, FQjh9ThXwAEf6it.jpg)

No. 1503785

>jeff the killer on holiday in innsmouth

No. 1503787

i wonder how they would like to be a chubby 38 year old brunette with bad skin who has never been catcalled except for one time on halloween and that one time was really scary because the guy kept walking after me
they think woman is just some outfit that gets you attention

No. 1503788

is it true that his producer molested him and he went crazy?

No. 1503790

MTFs have infected knitting because they like to post pics wearing their hat and socks and nothing else. they also all suck at it and need patterns for everything and know like two stitches. it's fucking stupid

No. 1503791

Ah yes, the “MAP” right to groom and rape children

No. 1503804

Even more reasons to not have kids, imagine birthing a kid around the times that pedophiles will get defended because “they were born with a pedophile brain and it’s not xem fault!l

No. 1503811

Why do they never have the self awareness to take a pic in front of a blank wall or something instead of having their whole filthy ass room in the background?

No. 1503820

you can tell he just got confused with the stereotypical pickle/PB pregnancy craving as if it's a logical period craving. what a retard

No. 1503821


I know this post is old, but fucking same. SAME. why is this a pattern ?

No. 1503824

His hair looks greasy as fuck and his room looks filthy, but the hormones are more important!

No. 1503826

So that’s what the + means after all….

No. 1503832

File: 1650216690140.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.51 KB, 760x670, 3211F287-4357-4658-BF5B-94C272…)

>I don’t know what to do now!
Consider the following:

No. 1503833

Actually it’s a TiM thing. Something w the HRT makes them crave the salt so they have this weird thing with pickles. I’ve seen them talking about it before.

No. 1503834

>the jar hurts my hand to open

oh tee hee i’m so weak. christ i hate them so much

No. 1503835

File: 1650216980600.jpg (145.78 KB, 720x872, 20220417_123353.jpg)

Love it when trannies take characters and troon them out, selina looking like a whole ass sex offender lol

No. 1503839

this artist is a girl

No. 1503840

FFS should not be covered by insurance, sorry if I’m a-logging but this makes me so angry. It looks like all they did was shave down his brow bone. Many natal women have prominent, “masculine” browbones. do I get free plastic surgery?

No. 1503842

Doesn't transfem and transmasc in this context mean they're both their original genders anyway? Lmao what was the point

No. 1503844

File: 1650218347577.jpg (198.58 KB, 995x1504, IMG_20220417_191128.jpg)

So nobody is posting about how the AI art thingy is being cancelled for it's absolutely based depiction of reality?

No. 1503848


tears in eyes

It's….It's beautiful

No. 1503849

If anything the AI was very flattering towards them, they actually look much worse.

No. 1503858

where is the outrage? I want to kek at it all, but can't find source. I'm losing my shit at the painting

No. 1503867

kf says it was deleted. I wish someone had archived the thread.

No. 1503870

No. 1503874

Based sentient ai

No. 1503881

the faint cat ears… a masterpiece

No. 1503882

My sides ache. It's so accurate and they can't handle it.

No. 1503884

File: 1650221658742.jpeg (757.92 KB, 1242x1826, D32D950B-79DA-41B7-AAA8-D311F0…)

You’re less of a woman if you’re tall, flat chested or have wide shoulders. Good to know.

No. 1503885

do you have a link to the kiwifarms post about this? Googled but they seem to have like 10 trans threads

No. 1503889

What too much anime porn does to a mf. A tall flat chested woman with broad shoulders doesn't automatically look like a man or masculine

No. 1503890

File: 1650222349849.jpeg (27.16 KB, 425x401, B97ABBE7-07E7-43D9-AEAF-601B66…)

These fuckers are like these toys for babies, they only accept the shapes that their peanut brains know of, other than that will never fit in their minds and will make them breakdown.

No. 1503891

Sage for OT but he was sexually assaulted by a male producer and then a bunch of other unlucky stuff happened and he fell into a deep depression.

No. 1503894

The thing about this is that it is accurate. AI art generators work by looking at thousands of images associated with the words given to it, THIS is a chimera of every single image associated with articles/selfies/anything at all associated with troon developers. The average fat ugly agp

No. 1503895

File: 1650222840022.jpg (59.98 KB, 679x613, FQjO7kVXIAAFzWs.jpg)

Such a womanly reaction

No. 1503901

Here you go: Post in thread 'Tranny Sideshows on Social Media' https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/post-11674975

No. 1503903

I know, that's what is so amazing. A mirror is being held up to them and they hate it. Literally a document of compiled data (with no set of motives or direction) being called transphobic <3

No. 1503909

File: 1650224088648.png (74.9 KB, 1172x436, CTK_womanmadeherselfblind.png)

Slightly ot but relevant, the big youtuber CinnamonToastKen just posted a video about the woman who blinded herself and every single argument against her also works against trans people. Some comments are even mentioning it, people are peaking kek

No. 1503911

File: 1650224244639.jpeg (235.4 KB, 1284x1854, 69CC1B06-CB85-4BC7-AEF6-95EC92…)

fuck them kids

No. 1503916

don't worry child you'll grow out of it and will be happy you didn't let them mutilate your body

No. 1503918

File: 1650224516339.jpeg (642.88 KB, 1170x1416, 6E00EAE1-70BB-4535-8CB1-727A26…)

neither lesbians nor straight women want your crusty “girl”dick

No. 1503921

Here come the troon groomers in his inbox trying to sell him diy estrogen made in a bathtub.

No. 1503924

Troonery is only going to skyrocket with because kids are now being raised with the internet and will have access to social media where they can be groomed, and also porn which can make them into agp coomers.

No. 1503925

i read that as - moid thinks women are predators just like men, thinking lesbians want to fuck straight women in the same way they want to fuck lesbians just revealing why he trooned out. am i wrong?

No. 1503928

File: 1650225197513.png (341.38 KB, 755x702, odetotranswomen.png)

I had to try it

No. 1503936

File: 1650225576144.jpeg (498.82 KB, 828x1320, 25218B67-BAA8-4BE3-B2D5-2188F0…)

TRAs are fucking dense.

No. 1503939

>uhhh but then they heal so no more wound teehee! Checkmate!
Women don't have to shove dilators in their vaginas for the rest of their lives to make sure their vaginal canal doesn't close up kek utterly braindead.

No. 1503942

>I really struggle with my appearance

So did every woman growing up for the reason of MEN forcing their beauty standards on us for decades! And look, he's still fucking doing it!!

>even if they were cis women

They 100% are cis and what is he saying? If you don't fit men's ideal beauty standards then you're a troon? God help me

No. 1503945

File: 1650226008631.jpg (122.47 KB, 1125x1129, 20220417_220542.jpg)

kek I'd never seen that picture of felker martin

No. 1503951

File: 1650226467781.jpg (37.65 KB, 688x449, MA N.jpg)

No. 1503952

File: 1650226546655.jpeg (36.41 KB, 810x539, 7DAEC52A-C6FE-445E-BE7C-0E6539…)

>>Two women have fallen pregnant in prison after having sex with a transgender inmate.
>>The pair are being held at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton, New Jersey which houses 800 people, including 27 trans women.
>>In a letter sent to US radio station, NJ 105.5, an inmate at the institution claimed that one of the women was five months pregnant.
>>The letter also says that the prisoners had a history of sex acts in public areas and had to be separated from each other as a result, the Mirror reports.
>>It's understood that Demi Minor, who helps run a website called Justice 4 Demi from the facility, was responsible for the pregnancies.
>>A woman said to be the mother of one of the children also wrote a blog on the website called ''Freedom, Love, Pregnancy and Trauma.'
>>She said that she found “love in a hopeless place" - a Rihanna song quote - and that she is a 31-year-old and serving a life sentence.
>> "Although Edna Mahan breeds a 'pervasive culture of rape,' I WAS NOT RAPED, nor was I forced to do anything that I did not want to do. Despite it not being permitted I fell in love and had consensual sex with a woman who is trans.”
When your mom is a tranny chaser doing life in prison and your “dad” Demitrius is a brave, stunning, trans activist from the women’s prison.

No. 1503953

>resistance to heat
I'm literally sweat incarnate kek

No. 1503954


I want to frame this post and hang it on my wall, nona.

No. 1503958

Chris chan looking motherfucker
>tranny chaser
to be fair that looks 100% like a man. it's not like he's crossdressing or wearing makeup in prison either

No. 1503965

The only difference between this and >>1503895
Is the hair colour

No. 1503966

>omg thicc thighs!! thick thighs save lives!! THIGHS!!
women aren't humans to them.

you can't report someone for posting a screencap of a PUBLIC REDDIT POST. also a troon once again saying they have it harder than women: 'compared to some of the shit people have said to me'. i'm sure these radfems are saying they hope you get raped, like troons do all the time.

No. 1503967

File: 1650227063350.png (2.26 MB, 1560x1634, 8765432123456789087654.png)


No. 1503971

Tall with no tiddes and I still look like a beautiful woman. The whole idea that things like having small tits or being tall or having broad shoulders = man is FUCKING SEXIST. Trannies literally hate women.

No. 1503976

The only way this makes any sense if he fetishizes hysterectomies. Any man can also have a surgery which leaves a wound, but somehow hysterectomies are comparable to neovags just because only women can have them. You know this sick fuck wishes he could have an uterus to remove

No. 1503980

well, I hope this peaks some ppl

No. 1503981

this is what stockholm syndrome looks like

No. 1503989

God I fucking hate male autism. They are female and you are not, you demented scrote.

No. 1503997

Also no woman wants to hear that they make trannies feel better. They're so obsessed with their 'gender dysmorphia' but they don't even realize that body dysmorphia is a very real thing that a lot of women struggle with. Specifically because of beauty standards set by men?? They can seethe over pregnant women making them feeling dysmorphic or whatever but don't stop to consider that the fucked up stereotypes of women they subscribe to can be triggering for actual women.

No. 1504000

File: 1650229213845.jpeg (207.35 KB, 828x792, 8B9BF4FF-4D64-48BC-B461-CF54E6…)

they are dangerously close to self awareness

No. 1504003

Yeah well those women still retain their actual vagina, something you'll never even have. An actual muscular, responsive organ capable of feeling pleasure and without the need of having to be forced open for hours every day or it'll seal shut. It doesn't matter if there's a uterus at the other side of it or not. Go fucking dilate, tranny.

No. 1504009

File: 1650229860100.jpeg (809.43 KB, 828x1140, BB3F6A54-3F6B-472F-9848-AB0909…)

lmao they don’t know shit about skincare bc they were raised as men and men are scared of taking care of themselves for some reason.
That comment reminded me of sateen, was anyone else into them? they stopped making music and now do only fans but their whole image has always been about how they’re “lesbians” but only ever appeal to what men find attractive because one of them is very obviously a man

No. 1504011

Jesus CHRIST I thought he was wearing some sort of shirt before I looked closer, my god that fucking arm. Dude's gonna die of skincancer before the horsepiss blodclots get to him. I'm really pale and ginger-ish and would probably look the same without sunblock. Men are so fucking retarded.

No. 1504026

how can they be non-binary and also a woman? those things contradict each other

No. 1504029

For the anons who want advice on peaking their friends, show them the troon period posts when your friends is on her period. My hand maiden friend completely let the mask slip as I even mentioned it, it's kinda unfair to do that to a friend but it almost always works.

No. 1504030

screenshotted, thank you anime manifesto-chan

No. 1504031

Such a good point anon. They totally disregard how women have been conditioned to feel dysmorphic about their bodies since childhood AND insult us with their comparisons and caricatures but expect us to do backflips to coddle them with this shit.

No. 1504035

File: 1650232516403.jpg (854.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220417-114554_Red…)

A skullet that would make Kikomi envious.

No. 1504038

this fat freak said that everything he writes has at least one rape scene in it. another disgusting moid fantasizing about something that would never happen to him. so brave, so stunning.

No. 1504039

No. 1504040

Imagine taking this photo and posting it for all the world to see

No. 1504050

File: 1650234095861.jpeg (363.42 KB, 1080x2243, 7DF3077D-88F8-495D-8511-291719…)

This Reddit is a goldmine. These pictures seriously make me sick. Love how the world thinks women need to stroke their overly inflated egos.

No. 1504051

File: 1650234125782.jpg (54.95 KB, 750x575, FQh20jfWUAAMk-9.jpg)

Sure buddy

No. 1504057

those HANDS

does stuff like that even happen anymore? seems like something a boomer would come up with.

No. 1504063

This is why I'm afraid of getting married. There's a high probability due to widespread porn addiction.Stay single, straight nonnas.

No. 1504064

Let me guess, you were arguing with GC women? Give up on them now, I did a long time ago as it's very clear that they happily allowed misogynist "truscum" with pink brains to take over their movement, to the point anyone who criticizes their pet trannies will be banned and labeled a bigot because we refused to give them 10k for their face surgeries and won't promote their pseudoscience pink/blue brain map bullshit.

No. 1504073

File: 1650235568462.jpg (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220409-181557_Red…)

r/TransLater is proof in itself AGP motivates these older troons. I've been following the sub for years, and 98% of the posts are from TIMs. Where's the 30+ transmasc representation? Really makes you think.

No. 1504076

File: 1650235607213.jpg (487.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220409-181606_Red…)

No. 1504080

File: 1650235877128.png (477.54 KB, 689x752, 7654345678.png)


No. 1504081

Ben Franklin looking ass

No. 1504083

so accurate kek

No. 1504086

File: 1650236502708.png (Spoiler Image, 730.63 KB, 750x1334, A00BB86D-F8D5-42C1-ACC2-174753…)

So many of these delusional troons claim HRT makes them grow breasts. I’m not sure what’s happening because some of them clearly look larger.

No. 1504090

HRT does cause changes in body fat distribution that makes moobs bigger. Not as big as normal boobs would get unless they're especially fat but yeah. There's no conspiracy here.

No. 1504091

File: 1650236769328.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 181.56 KB, 745x1027, A25847B0-52A6-4183-858E-3562CC…)

I guess if they just want bigger man tits then be my guest


No. 1504092

Estrogen does make them gain weird moobs, but they're not actually breasts they're just weird fat distribution.

No. 1504093

File: 1650236814418.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, sdfjhbhaha.gif)


No. 1504096

File: 1650236838031.png (271.67 KB, 611x820, oil painting of transgender pr…)

No. 1504102

Yeah Japanese dolls. I always fear they'll catch on as they're adjunct to anime, Lolita fashion etc and loads of troons love Japanese shit to the point of appropriating Japanese names for themselves.

No. 1504103

I told my husband that if he trooned out I'd kill him. Get an anti-tranny prenup kek. Scrotes are so scared of gold diggers but the real threat is having your partner be a tranny.

No. 1504104

Is this about that blonde twitter GC troon? Kek. Also glinner and his fans were saying women should be silenced because we don't like his little GC troon friends. I don't trust anyone

No. 1504105

File: 1650237577262.jpg (356.16 KB, 1284x1939, FQkhDtCWQAU0fDN.jpg)

No. 1504109

Kek. Glad to see he already got his own rope.

No. 1504110

File: 1650237790670.jpeg (485.3 KB, 828x1090, D32E0DB9-ACB2-468F-B539-D1E642…)

LMAO this is so much fun

No. 1504111

Art imitates life

No. 1504112

This is so fucking sad holy shit. I actually feel bad for this one because he was clearly a child who wasn't given proper guidance. We'll be seeing a lot of cases like this in a few years when all the kids who transitioned are horrified at their broken bodies.

No. 1504113

This is quite nasty, why does this person knows about all of these things? I don’t know about you, but I don’t go around telling my parents about my masturbation habits and such. Surely these people just groomed their son because having a gay son was too much for them I guess, the fact that they talk with other trannies makes this whole thing even nastier, poor guy, he probably just wanted to have a normal life and have boyfriends but his family and who knows else groomed him into thinking he had to become a woman.

No. 1504115

It’s too late, the dude is fucked and will probably 41%, I hope the parents feel real good and proud about what they’ve created. Once upon a time I would have sympathy for them but that’s long gone now kek.

No. 1504128

File: 1650239555273.png (571.25 KB, 1168x1426, Untitled.png)

sure jan

No. 1504129

File: 1650239614159.jpg (439.53 KB, 468x514, HWLk8rZ.jpg)

No. 1504135

More like sure Man.

No. 1504137

nice lighting there crimson chin

No. 1504141

Weird. I would be mortified if my mother posted this online, what a freak. Kinda feel bad for micro penis, never had a chance.

No. 1504143

>Friend got the same surgery
So, social contagion/grooming?

No. 1504147

I know this isn't really the point, but yeah, unfortunately some moids really do act like that. In my experience, they're (perhaps ironically) higher-earning individuals with some sort of ego.

Of course, any moid who would hit on a troon is not leaving their coom den to go to a bar, kek.

No. 1504148

Kids just want to be special and being 'trans' is the most special a normal kid can be. Parents also want a special kid so they can get updoots for being such a supportive and loving parent. Kids see other kids getting special treatment and want to be special too. Also we're resetting gender norms and if any boy has feminine interests he's actually trans.

No. 1504151

They never get that people do that to appease them so they don’t go apeshit.

No. 1504157

File: 1650241566951.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1158x1560, 843231w24556.png)

The doctor has "porn" in his name KEK

No. 1504161

File: 1650242308946.png (138.78 KB, 1702x492, dilate12345678.png)

what are you gonna do, bastard? dilate about it.

No. 1504165

>from a flattering angle

No. 1504167

Kek I hope we ruin their space just like they've ruined all of ours.

No. 1504173

>more boils than shayna

No. 1504184

I pissed many of them off by saying their pet trannies were more insane than any autistic Jimin/Jiminself/Fae/Faeself kid with obnoxious clothes on Twitter. At least the child will grow out of it, Susan Buck Angel will spend eternity sperging about how she's an adult human female but not a woman, which literally means adult human female.

Looks like a deflated ballsack.

No. 1504194

Troon : so validated uwu

Actual woman : fuck I hope that guy doesn’t follow me hope and rape me

They don’t get that what they find validating is actually stuff that women find major red flags for their own safety

No. 1504210

Oh no the women are being big meanies. Stay safe moids!

No. 1504211

Help I came across an L Word generation Q edit on YouTube…. Why on earth is Shane sleeping with an AGP troon?

No. 1504214

She's doing what now, link that shit on ot or something

No. 1504216

Ironically enough the person in this gif is also a tranny

No. 1504218

>still gets the surgery

No. 1504221

File: 1650247417555.png (21.46 KB, 748x281, Audrey Arcana (Curly girl arc)…)

So it didn't actually happen to him? Troons really do like making up stories that happen to them when in real life women actually have to experience this.

No. 1504225

Remember when she was a big meanie to the TIF and also Lisa the lesbian man that was made fun of by everyone on the show? Kek

No. 1504226

share the comments or link to the post nonna. I'm curious about the comments.


No. 1504228

File: 1650248119269.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1793, 95521E47-CA3F-4F83-B08F-5F20EE…)

>wasn’t offensive
Haha women getting paid less is funny and not at all misogynistic. also OT but didn’t playboy publish nudes of a 13 year old girl in the 80s?

No. 1504229

I can’t believe handmaidens don’t see the misogyny seeping from every single word they type.

No. 1504237

File: 1650248707258.jpeg (86.71 KB, 379x640, CAF0EBE5-8884-49BE-A4CB-E66E75…)

wishing you a bloated, frizzy-haired, immediately clockable Pesach

Stephanie Skora
>”stone” lesbian aka can’t get laid
>more obsessed with being Jewish than being trans
>more obsessed with being anti-Zionist than being Jewish
>writes the “girl I guess voter guide” for progressive voters

IG: @stephanieskora
Twit: @stephanie_skora

No. 1504238


God, this just shows how biased they are. If this joke was in some 80s feminist show, they'd be REEing about "using the incorrect pronouns and cis peoples focus on trans genitals" but because it's their coomsource Playboy, they love it.

No. 1504239

Playboy had 10 year old Brooke Shields pose naked for a photoshoot in 1975, weird how no one mentions it at all, and Brooke was trying to get rid of the images and was basically told they were artistic photos and nothing was sexual about them.

I think handmaidens just worship cock in general, they don't go half as hard defending tifs than they do for tims.

No. 1504241

This stupid fucking moid. You can't be hard femme and wearing a dad sweater. And are femmes ever stone?

Every time I feel a bit of sympathy for them, one of them reminds me why they are horrible.

No. 1504256

File: 1650250652283.png (241.58 KB, 1749x978, Untitled.png)

nooo, you can't just refuse to date trannies!

No. 1504259

Friend supports troon, troon immediately hates his guts for not liking him back. Troons don't deserve friends like he has.

No. 1504261

File: 1650251563000.jpg (980.25 KB, 2066x1710, timsbasedwifeleaveshimandtakes…)

No. 1504266

>internalized transphobia
It’s called being a normal human with preferences.

No. 1504274

Only a man would assume his friend wants to fuck him because they do normal friend stuff like shopping and playing video games together. Based Jake kek

No. 1504284

>discord trannies
No surprise there.

No. 1504285

>>1504266 for real, do reddit troons realize that irl adults reject each other for multiple reasons? Both dumb and valid, and sometimes for no reason at all. Even if they ""have everything""" to like each other, sometimes adults just don't want a partner. They sound so hard like a parody of a teenarger from a bad coming-of-age movie, peaking aside is so hard to feel sorry for them when they act like that, that is why normies run away from them once the facade is gone. No one wants to deal with an adult who behaves like a teen.

No. 1504286

It's not called a pixie cut when a man has it. Jake just didn't see the troon as a 'woman' hence why he thought he'd be safe to talk about what kind of girl he likes and just hang out. Fuck I really want to know what this tranny looks like. I'm SURE he's just a short uwu lil smol bean with a pixie cut and is oozing feminine appeal.

No. 1504289

Remember when middle aged men during a mid-life crisis would buy a speed boat and financially cripple the family, now they do this and still financially cripple the family.
Dating white men nowadays is probably like playing Russian Roulette but instead of 1/6 of the chambers having a bullet, 5/6 of them do.

No. 1504292

I didn't know wether I should post this in either this thread or the TIF one, but I am currently watching this show called Bizarre Body. It is about people that have deformed body and then there's this episode with a TIM and TIF couple. I thought that it was very insensitive how these people were featured on a show that is mainly about people that suffer from horrible conditions like elephantiasis.
Linked is a very shit video cause it's all I could find. It's the episode in the first season titled "My New Face".

No. 1504295

They don’t, because they are moids, and emotionally stunted autist moids at that. Their understanding of romance comes from anime and video games and they’re too retarded to understand there’s more to attraction than just “being someone’s type”

No. 1504296

Lol this is exactly what happened to Jazz Jennings. Puberty blockers meant he kept his baby dick and then you can't turn it inside out for a neovagina

No. 1504297

POV: you're a fast food worker and you just accidentally said "sir"

No. 1504299

File: 1650257324885.png (26.22 KB, 599x208, good.PNG)

Just looked him up and found this gem. Wow an 8 year old boy wasn't allowed to play girls soccer, how oppressed.

No. 1504301

You're probably not an amerifag if you haven't heard of him before, he's like the poster child kid troon here. He has a reality show about his family and in the last season he gained 100 lbs and is now a deathfat

No. 1504302

I feeling like I'm going fucking insane. People are advocating to let kids permanently fuck up their bodies and if you aren't on board with that you're a bigot. Parents are supposed to protect their kids from dumb shit, that's why children can't consent to literally anything. Why is this ok? Also most people on reddit/twitter are the types to actively complain abut kids and babies but when they can be turned into vehicles for tranny propaganda then all of a sudden they need to be protected.

No. 1504304


More military TIMs. This woman gave up her life to follow him around wherever he was stationed, sacrificing her ability to have a real career and financial independence, and he troons out anyway.

Never date a man who's actively on tour, ladies

No. 1504315

File: 1650261147420.jpeg (775.3 KB, 1510x968, 92581771-659E-4A0E-998A-9CF216…)

parent is worried about their son who was on hormone blockers at young age which has ruined his life.

No. 1504320

Holy shit he kept it away from her until she couldn't abort anymore so she'd be stuck before he brought it up again. Did no one see how wrong this is? He believed she couldn't ever leave and that's why he's mad, not because he wants to see his son or anything.

No. 1504330

File: 1650264069422.png (37.65 KB, 676x366, delusional.PNG)

Their baby isn't even a year old yet and while she's dealing with the stress of raising a baby, her husband is buying women's clothes on Amazon. Pic related is the top response, Reddit has such a boner for accusing women of being 'controlling'. Like if you don't let your boyfriend beat it to porn you're just insecure and controlling. Also a hearty kek at 'My life outside the house is amazing and I’m happy. It’s making my wife miserable.' Yeah because her husband trooned out and she is stuck in a miserable marriage. They've been married for THIRTY EIGHT YEARS and he just now decided to transition. His poor wife invested her youth into someone who betrayed her. I'd rather just get cheated on tbh.

No. 1504332

File: 1650264178189.png (829.47 KB, 660x688, hag.PNG)

Went on his profile and found this gem.

No. 1504335

It's amazing these men even got to the point of marrying and having kids. Like, you did it. You did two of the most major human life goals and you're just going to throw that all away for the coom? It's just deranged

No. 1504337

What other joy does he have in life besides eating? I don’t blame him. If I where him I would probably be a deathfat too.

No. 1504341

Same. He definitely developed the binge eating disorder as a coping mechanism. Its really sad

No. 1504342

Anons can you help me find that statistic which showed mtfs commit violent offences at the same rate as cis men? I had it saved somewhere but I can't find it now.

No. 1504346

No. 1504348

File: 1650267981488.jpg (54.33 KB, 680x629, FQh7QrpXwAAz04-.jpg)

I think it will be the other way around, TRAs will realize how fucking embarrassing this whole trans era was

No. 1504349

File: 1650267985078.jpg (506.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220418-094521_Chr…)

I love how this comments oozes with misogyny even though the OP's crush never said a word about thinking women are inferior.

No. 1504350

He probably started binge eating because it's the only way he can have any control over his body, and even then trying to get him to lose weight was a big part of the last season of the show. His psycho mom who had him castrated can't even let him get fat without making a literal production out of it.

No. 1504351

This is so bizarre because children's co-ed soccer exists. I played on a mix gender team from kindergarden up to age 11 when they split it up by genders because puberty. He could have just joined a co-ed team with girls on it…?

No. 1504355

Comment has nothing to do with the post, he's projecting so bad. Troons are the same incels who have those expectations while the guy in question seemed to be into alt girls with short hair and short height, something the said incels would find unattractive.

No. 1504357

They parrot transwomen are women until they actually have to prove it in a way that affects them kek.

No. 1504358

>Implying woman can not only be thought of as walking vaginas if the word woman/women is extended to men.

No. 1504359

They don't see their own misogyny. All he said was that he liked women, they're the ones saying woman = submissive pet robot wife. I don't know why not wanting to date trannies can't just be considered a preference. Is someone fatphobic for not wanting to date someone overweight? Or heightist if they only want short/tall partners? If you apply their logic to anything else it completely falls apart. If women are more than just walking vaginas, why are these trannies so willing to chop their dicks off and dilate every day just to have one? Surely a woman can have a penis, right? Or are trannies not women until they prove themselves?

No. 1504362

File: 1650269875973.png (1.9 MB, 1152x2368, godspeed_you_troon_emperor.png)

As a fan I was so disappointed then I remembered this band is Canadian

No. 1504364

File: 1650270024993.jpg (2.69 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-04-18_10-18-42-414.…)

TIM author who wrote a novel about killing and having sex with terfs

No. 1504365

File: 1650270061339.jpg (5 MB, 4096x7278, Polish_20220418_101919367.jpg)

What a narcissist. How much malebrained can you get than thinking you're so cute and amazing looking when you look like an unwashed hippie scrote. Moids overestimate their looks so much

No. 1504366

File: 1650270094226.jpg (524.45 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20220418-095303_Chr…)

No. 1504367

File: 1650270394831.jpg (3.26 MB, 4096x7278, Polish_20220418_102516756.jpg)

But of course he's also a fucking perv who gets 'panty euphoria', no actual dysphoria and identifies as a femme butch even though he has a gay boyfriend and all of his friends are male.
Really goes to show how male socialisation never makes them insecure about their looks because no woman would ever dare to call herself very good looking again and again if she looked like him.

No. 1504374

No. 1504383

I can’t even put into words how maddening it is to read stuff like this day in and day out, how are these men real human beings? It’s almost impressive, the levels of ridiculous mockery they reach. He looks identical to any long haired drummer in a metal group, clearly male, and the fact he’s 6ft (and properly has awful man posture) just makes me laugh that he apparently believes he “passes” at all irl. What a joke, they all need to be lobotomized.

No. 1504399

File: 1650276781640.jpg (4.63 MB, 4096x7278, Polish_20220418_120818107.jpg)

R/MTF is really full of bizzare people. These are his 'timeline' photos, the faceapped one he tries to pass as 'makeup professionally done'.
He was posting about how he put some gym bro in his place by showing him an old video of himself jacked. Dick-measuring of muscles, how very feminine.

No. 1504401

File: 1650277595890.jpg (304.61 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20220418-122344_Chr…)

He had a micro dick and concluded that because he is a failed man, he might as well try being a woman. Fucking sexist.

No. 1504403

i hate moids so much

No. 1504406

I am not surprised. I am not giving them money anymore, not that these rich as fuck snobbish men give a fuck.

No. 1504407

I'm glad they can provide raction gifs for our amusement before 41'ing tbh.
Thank you for this info nonnnerz

No. 1504409

But if we don’t give ~*Trans kids*~ puberty blockers then we’re literally Satan!!!!

No. 1504411

really the most pathetic deluded autistic moid shit ever

No. 1504412

That quote about 'authentic love' is ironic given this moid is expecting his wife to completely passively accept a huge change in her family which probably makes up a large part of her identity as a wife and mother. Only the male in the relationship gets to be his authentic self, everybody else has to cater to it

No. 1504413

File: 1650282205130.jpeg (173.92 KB, 750x1007, 1C55BDC7-A120-432B-A828-9E3CFD…)

The update lmaooo

No. 1504414

i mean it is pretty telling how many ex tras are terfs instead of other way around

No. 1504415

This is really upsetting to thing about. Most TRAs-turned-TERF women I've met only had their eyes opened after something horrible happening to them involving a troon (or otherwise genderspecial). I wish it didn't take something like rape, violence, or worse, for women to see the truth

No. 1504421

The handmaiden to terf pipeline is real and the only one I approve of.

No. 1504428

File: 1650284848666.jpg (67.3 KB, 607x574, FQn9ZClX0Ass84l.jpg)

No the reason your breasts look different than womens is because you do not have any lobes or ducts for PRODUCING MILK like women do. Your breasts are 100% fat, the only reason you get "breasts" is because the hormones you take make you gain weight in those places. Getting puberty blockers would not make your breasts look any different

No. 1504430

I'm so tired of trannies leaching off actual gay people. I watch svu and go on the svu subreddit and its already annoying when people shit on the good years of the show because the detectives were "transphobic." Its extra annoying to see people say that the show is somehow homophobic because stabler said "tranny" or "he-she."

As if every tranny on reddit wasn't a straight white male until 6 months ago. They're literally appropriating the struggles of actual homosexuals as straight agps. Someone calling you a tranny isn't an lgbt struggle especially if you're heterosexual

Its fucked up too because suddenly these ex alt right incels wont stand for "bigotry" even though they were and continue to be racist and sexist. Tumblrinaction was cool when it was just making fun of minorities and women but now that its making fun of trans people thats too far.

Its so annoying and impossible to use any website because this shit is just shoved in your face. Today people were unironically saying that people are upset about the trans inmate impregnating 2 other inmates to deflect from prison guards raping inmates. Literally pretending you cant care about two things at once. I don't trust male guards in womens prisons either so what are you gonna non-argue now?

No. 1504431

So what? Some women have flat chests. Only a porn addicted moid would think it's oppression to not be able to have huge natural boobs

No. 1504435

File: 1650285784927.png (55.41 KB, 644x191, scrotesarenasty.png)

No. 1504437

Do any nonnies know if trannyism/tranny adjacent shit is hereditary? I know about the Wachowski “sisters” but not their story. I ask bc my dad is a chaser and my brother might be some type of tranny (his wife made him stop wearing women’s clothes, etc) I’ve always wanted to know, I guess bc I want a “reason.” I don’t speak to either of them anymore but it’s hard to write off your dad and brother

No. 1504438

i think it's more likely to be social contagion. so a chaser or troon moid can infect other nearby moids.

No. 1504439

me and many other womens boobs are small and far apart and yet look nothing like the moobs troons show off on social media

No. 1504445

What’d the surgeon do, just put him under and pocket the cash?

No. 1504446

Exactly that or from my experience, after women go through women specific medical trauma, it's like their eyes are wide open afterwards.

No. 1504447

Tbh nona, this kid has had a shitty draw in life just because of his mother. They seem well off financially, but she is a narc to the max and I do feel bad for him.

No. 1504448

Why anyone would ever date a military man at all is beyond me. They all seem to be raging misogynists.

No. 1504451

Oh good thing troons don’t see women as walking vaginas with less autonomy than men. We all know their minds aren’t porn-addled at all.

Why don’t they ever realize that people are staring because they are a man in a dress? There might be some chasers, but most people are looking at them like one would at a freakshow, trying to figure out wtf they are or if they’re mentally ill and might snap on someone at any moment.

No. 1504453

File: 1650289867702.png (183.7 KB, 973x911, 61A7D340-E273-47F4-9661-4C0B05…)

This woman defining shit is driving me up the wall. If there was equal outrage about “what is a man” it might bother me less, but jfc. At least the bot is based.

No. 1504455

51% of Tims were raised by bdp symptom mom's in comparison to 6% of boys. (I'm not saying that nurture is the problem)- My theory is that bc bdp actually has a common symptom of general identity disturbance, thus it could be a character weakness genetically passed down to children like bdp/tism is. Becoming an actual Troon due to mental illness falls on individual intelligence and chance imo, it could be any other cult (similar to people with prelications towards addiction or eating disorders)

No. 1504456

sry what is bdp?

No. 1504458

>legitimately damaging
“It’s not exactly to my tastes” dressed up as oppression.

>going through puberty too late/when they’re supposed to

Oh the goddamn irony! So now there’s an issue with the timing of child development? It doesn’t matter when the concern is girls’ lifelong bone and brain health, only when it’ll help boys get their favourite boobies. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1504461

Sources other than your ass? Also lovely to shift the blame of male depravity on women

No. 1504462

it's actually bpd, borderline personality disorder

No. 1504463

nta but I think she meant BPD (borderline personality disorder) one of the symptoms of which can be 'identity disturbance'

No. 1504464

They really want to claim that “woman” literally means nothing but at the same time should qualify them for subsidised plastic surgery and alterations to government data? Hm.

No. 1504465

thx that's what I thought but she used bdp multiple times, seems misinformed

No. 1504470

Or maybe dyslexia, idk. I mess up acronyms all the time.

It makes sense though. All the people I know with BPD have identity issues and/or are non-binary. There is a lack of sense of self at the core so it's not a surprise they are more likely to troon out, in search of an identity.

No. 1504472

Also, rather than skirting around “woman” all the time, these clowns should actually come up with a definition for gender. “Cultural associations made to sex” isn’t enough for them, but once again they have no alternative.

No. 1504475

It’s so stupid. If there’s no clear parameters on what a woman is, then there is no need to transition into one, because according to them it seems to be this formless aura that exists around someone. This is why they are eroding our rights away. We need to be able to have a clear definition related to biological reality, because if there isn’t one, well, we see what is happening with abortion laws, sports, etc. TiMs are determined to burn everything women have worked for to the ground, and they smile and laugh about it because most of it literally affects them in no way.

No. 1504477

what's the source? tranny testimonials?

No. 1504478

exactly this.

imagine eroding the rights of women and girls just because you are insecure about your individual identity.

the fact that their egos are being put above our physical rights and safety (and you know, biology, science, reality) is so worrying and very telling.

No. 1504479

File: 1650291874160.png (56.43 KB, 896x330, 2E80832F-AEE1-4CB5-9BEB-400554…)

Misogynistic and racist as hell. I’m not even black, but if he knew a modicum of the reproductive medical horror black women have gone through in US history alone, he would have had more sense than to write something like this. How can they hate women SO much while still claiming to be one?

No. 1504482

I didn’t grow breast until 16 and they weren’t developed all the way till 21 what do they mean girls have massive tits at 14?! I was flat.

No. 1504483

Thank you nonnie!

No. 1504495

this is some nerd ass shit

No. 1504501

File: 1650295037361.jpg (167.49 KB, 592x476, Screenshot_20220418-161218.jpg)

Tee hee, gender is just a fun funny game that people play for fun, folx!

No. 1504502

He knows his audience, 99% of transwomen will feel cathartic release reading such a scene. None of the stomach pit sickness it’d give us but they’ll probably post some weak willed “it’s not okay~” on Twitter and be done with it. They maintain TiF allegiance with their naive “we’ll trade organs uwu” but this really summarises their whole political standpoint. I hope this book becomes popular so women can finally wake up and see how their precious dickgirls feel about oppression and feminism.

No. 1504509

Literally only a man would think this lol

No. 1504510

jesus christ what the fuck

No. 1504515

lol they're the ones policing things with strict labels and definitions, constrained within boring superficial stereotypes. it's hilarious that they make it all sounds like a fun game.

No. 1504516

Not a game for women, you know, the half of the population who gets raped and murdered at higher rates by men, who never get taken seriously when we raise concerns. I’m sure it’s all fun and games when you can choose your role at any time instead of being forced into one.

No. 1504519

And you can choose to end the game at any time when things start to go badly for you by simply taking off your gender costume.

No. 1504521

Of course the gender has no "rules" because it doesn't exist. What exists is SEX

No. 1504522

File: 1650296230111.jpg (57.74 KB, 565x174, Screenshot_20220418-161256.jpg)

You hear that, TERFs? You making fun of my grotesque appearance and retarded beliefs is actually just you simping for me!

No. 1504523

Weapons grade copium.

No. 1504524

Also, I’m samefagging here, but it really annoys the shit out of be when they make claims that TERFs are working out their own gender troubles or whatever and just don’t understand when it’s like. No. The reason I’m personally pissed is because I went through most of my life just accepting the way I was treated by men and thinking it was normal. When I actually started noticing the patterns and how it affects every other woman around me, then I woke up to the legitimate problem. The problem is not my “gender”, but the way they’ve walked and talked over us for centuries, using violence to get what they want. They are the ones who don’t get it, because they don’t understand what real oppression feels like. They can only interpret what we say and do through a male filter bc it’s all they’ve ever known and they don’t WANT to know or understand unless they can orgasm from it. It’s actually mind-numbing.

No. 1504527

Only works if you’re male though. TiFs are still treated with misogyny and can’t escape it. TiMs don’t understand the privilege they hold at all.

No. 1504533


This moid's Twitter is like an endless parade of awful takes and ugly selfies.

No. 1504534

File: 1650297113358.jpg (434.76 KB, 1536x2048, 20220418_175032.jpg)

kek loop at the size of his head

No. 1504536

that man hand. gross

No. 1504537

And the huge freaking feet!

No. 1504540

Some girls do, I had giant tits by the time I was 13 or so, started growing them at 9. Which isn't actually the funtimes troons think it is since it means sexual harassment by moids and other bullshit starts before you're even in middle school.

Strongly suspect a lot of girls who chop their tits off developed early.

No. 1504546

>Which isn't actually the funtimes troons think it is since it means sexual harassment by moids
This is exactly what they're lusting after. They would apparently love to be sexually harassed.

No. 1504549

same, i got boobs at age 10/11 and boys teased me and prodded them. i fucking hated puberty and think a lot of us can relate to feeling uncomfortable in our own skin around that time. I wish more kids were taught this is normal and doesn't mean you're in the "wrong body" ffs.

I wonder if teaching that to kids now would be considered transphobic? Or invalidating gender dysphoria? Ugh.

No. 1504550

I was a D cup by the time I was 13 and it drew a lot of unwanted attention.

No. 1504554

This is really where the troon derangement lies: the fact that they sexualize harassment endured by LITERAL CHILDREN and long for it and even go so far as to say they wished they could have experienced it, is beyond scary. That's more or less what fully peaked me. They're pedos and they're open about it

No. 1504560

File: 1650299698804.jpg (100.92 KB, 879x1200, fqrqczbrp8u81.jpg)

Same. I also developed horrific strech marks on them that very much made me want to cut them off. Thankfully they faded, but being that age and having tits whith bright red scars all over was fucking AWFUL.

No. 1504562

is that emet-selch

No. 1504571

Exactly. I don’t understand why the world at large has such a blind spot when it comes to misogyny, even amongst people who would otherwise be considered “woke”. They still have yet to explain why transracialism is bullshit but transgenderism isn’t. Lol even my computer has the red misspell squiggle under transracialism but not transgenderism.
What other axis of oppression allows the oppressor class to freely opt into and out of the role of the oppressed class? In any other scenario it would be seen as the ridiculous exercise of power and privilege that it is. Though the oppressed class can’t actually opt out of that role because TIFs are still subjected to misogyny. Just listen to the way men (both cis men and transwomen) talk about them. Do they think the little girls forced to stay in period huts or undergo fgm can just identify their way out of that? They can’t just take their femaleness off like a costume whenever they want. You can bet if things got even worse for women in real material ways that would negatively impact troons’ lives, they’d go back into “boymode” immediately. We can’t do that.
Trannies are no different than some rich guy larping as poor or rachel dolezal. Just men colonizing womanhood and proving that their wants are always prioritized over ours. Of course they would see gender as a fun little game and not a hierarchal structure built on the oppression of the female sex

No. 1504581

I really have no idea. One of the things that led me on the path to peaking as a handmaiden was that I saw people claiming that since TiFs are “actually men”, they benefit from male privilege. Even back then it made no sense to me, because I could see that it obviously wasn’t the case. In the same breath they would say that TiMs experience actual misogyny, which is also not the case. I won’t deny some of them might experience homophobia though since a lot of normies view them as gay men 2.0, especially HSTS. I just can’t with the magical thinking, that if you believe you are a man or woman it makes you one in material reality. That’s not how things work. It comes across as a religion almost, the way people put stock into beliefs that are not grounded in any kind of reality.

No. 1504586

too bad all troons are so narcissistic it won't stop them from posting their axe wounds to reddit for "le updoots" kek

No. 1504589

File: 1650302481713.png (142.64 KB, 1080x1791, transwomanVScisman.png)

oh damn it's almost like they're all the same…

No. 1504591

huh almost like…no…can't be…but it's almost exactly like the incel/"nice guy" playbook. crazy!

No. 1504592

I can even be charitable and buy that the rare, passing troon can be affected by misogyny in certain contexts. But that has nothing to do with gender identity. The act of identifying as something does not magically turn you into that something. You might "feel" like a woman as much as you want, but that doesn't mean that people perceive you as a woman.

No. 1504597

Even in those extremely rare cases they experience misogyny the same way a white person in convincing enough blackface experiences racism - it's oppression they have knowingly opted to receive and at the end of the day they can fully reverse it and go back to presenting as a man and never experience it again, and instead go back to the oppressor group they've always belonged to.

No. 1504601

Yes, and most of them don't pass anyway.

No. 1504604

>has felt trans for his entire life
>only "feels confident" coming out once he's trapped her via marriage and a child
many such cases

No. 1504613

File: 1650304575128.png (62.4 KB, 2046x690, 44F61BBD-A3BE-4037-A5DD-9BE2AD…)

No. 1504615

Oh I know some girls that have very large breast at even 10-11 I wasn’t tryin to say that all women are flat at 14 I was just trying to say there is variety and everyone is diff. It’s not like a factory setting

No. 1504620

File: 1650305099349.png (407.95 KB, 1474x1508, 78bbbb87027531098.png)

Is his therapist trolling him?

No. 1504623

wow this makes me actually sick, how can somebody have this in his head?! Jesus fucking christ this man should be locked up forever or better euthanized so he doesnt waste more oxygen

No. 1504625

It’s crazy to me that they say we are the ones who are obsessed with our vaginas/vulvas/wombs/etc. but then they write and think up things like this. I don’t really know if there is a much more violent symbolic action a man could do to a woman regarding womb envy that is worse than this one.

No. 1504632

File: 1650306867433.jpeg (111.21 KB, 1242x188, D6B3655D-1CC3-4D51-A3B9-8B4180…)

This study shows that transgenders who receive mental health care share the same level of criminality as their birth sex.

The new bill that British parliament scrapped was going to put a stop to any transgendered people having mandatory mental health screenings, therapy or care in young adults and above. They must have looked at this data or similar data (if it exists) and thought nah fuck that.

I think the only good takeaway I see from this is that no matter how fucked up or perverse you are to consider troonery, mental health care can help, somewhat. This study as far as I’m aware doesn’t place MtF and FtM into separate categories apart from in picrel when discussing violent tendencies in men. Refreshing to see a study not deny the natural violent tendencies in men tbh.

No. 1504634

Jesus Fucking Christ it's just a misogyny free for all up in here, literal repackaged incel rhetoric. I thought he'd mention vulvodynia or vaginismus or the like but goddamn. They genuinely hate women and our bodies yet know nothing about us and still want to skinwalk us, it's creepy as fuck.

No. 1504640

Just checked TiA and all the posts on the front page except three are about troons. When did this happen lmao

No. 1504642

It really is the same kind of thing incels say (which makes sense since it seems like the overlap is huge), and I t’d be funny if it weren’t pathetic and scary. They really think that having sex is what stretches out a vagina. I’m aware of the fact that some women have to dilate to help with the reasons you mentioned, it just surprises me every day how little men know about female anatomy.

No. 1504643

Not that long ago that’s why I started following lol. It’s funny to see subs who complain “the feminists are invading our safe rightoid space”

No. 1504645

if you want to talk about familial causes of troonism, why not talk about how so many TIM's have shit dads who never spent time with them in lieu of letting the internet raise them into pornsick coomers

No. 1504647


No. 1504653

pretty much after gender critical and lgbdropthet were banned. surprised reddit hasn't nuked it yet.

No. 1504658

a lot of women do experience vaginal tightness after menopause but that's because of lower estrogen levels, not menstruation??? and vaginal tightness =/= tissue fusion

No. 1504660

You can get something called labial adhesion after menopause but that isn't exactly the same as vaginal fusion.

No. 1504661

the key is that r/tia isn't seen as an icky feminist sub

No. 1504664

Do they seriously think that menstruation dilates the vaginal canal? It's viscous liquid, not a fucking dildo. And tampons certainly aren't big enough to dilate anything. They're so fucking stupid. Some women may have to dilate because of vaginismus or low estrogen post-menopause. That is not the same as a tranny needing to dilate because they have a perma-wound that'll fester and close if they don't. One is an unfortunate side effect of trauma or age related health issues. Another is maintenance for a man-made crime against nature

No. 1504670

This makes zero sense in every possible way. This man with his hentai brain rot thinks our vaginas close up if we aren't being sexually active. I know they're delusional but this is next level

No. 1504674

File: 1650311631252.jpeg (484.29 KB, 750x1270, 4357B590-0B98-4D46-8A39-D6CA2E…)

No idea if you guys are familiar with the sub r/gothstyle but its a goldmine for cringy autogynephiles. Heres but a few

No. 1504675

File: 1650311861848.jpeg (599.01 KB, 750x1261, 7A872852-3F0B-485B-B552-58DBA1…)

No. 1504676

File: 1650311952860.jpeg (664.42 KB, 750x1284, 82B60A17-73CA-41E4-9167-6DCECF…)

No. 1504677

File: 1650312043953.jpeg (876.32 KB, 750x1266, 05D79A2F-A308-46E8-B304-F24F7E…)

What is it with trannies and wanting to be “goth” and “lesbian”? Its an epidemic

No. 1504678

they really just tried to become the lesbian goth chick at high school who rejected them and failed miserably at that

No. 1504681

File: 1650312207367.jpg (56.1 KB, 518x650, Humpty-Dumpty-paint-by-numbers…)

No. 1504682

The reason I left goth as a whole was partially inspired by my experiences on r/goth and r/gothstyle

No. 1504684

Porn. Porn porn porn porn, that's why they do it. They're all obsessed with the goth chick porn category. I guarantee you all the men you've just posted also post on those dreadful r/gothsluts and r/draculabiscuits subs

No. 1504685

File: 1650312476854.jpg (29.49 KB, 451x648, FC3ZjTsX0AcrXmP.jpg)

Private Pyle done trooned out

No. 1504687

This trans shit is just the government/rich people bringing back eugenics disguised as wokeness

No. 1504688

KEK I thought the same thing nona

No. 1504691

from the same minds that think larger labias = loose vagina (??) and is the result of being too sexually active. absolute morons.

No. 1504709

That’s kind of sad nona. You should have just stuck with it if you wanted. Don’t let the idiots on Reddit influence your decisions.

No. 1504713

It's worse than they are trying to make sex equal to gender. I just had an adult man tell me that anyone can be female if they feel like it. So much for sex-based rights that were fought for.

No. 1504716

Male outcasts are drawn to MPDGs because that trope tells them that those girls will love and sympathize with them while also being beautiful and charismatic. Then when they troon out they imagine themselves as this ideal fictional girl, which is already a male fantasy from male-oriented media, and proceed to walk around in a ridiculous cosplay of what they think a cool quirky alternative girl looks like. They want to believe they’re different in a mysterious hot way and not in a pathetic failure way.

No. 1504721

of course he uses a reaction image from a pedo anime. I bet he's a 'loli' too.

No. 1504727

Men don't not want to fuck you because you dilate, they don't want to fuck you because you dilate your PUSS INFECTED COLON SCENTED HAIR LINED NEO-VAGINA.

No. 1504728

I had vaginismus (which is most often due to TRAUMA caused by fucking moids) and has to use dilators but for actual women they gradually go up in size to help you relax and then once you're able to comfortably have sex again you don't need to dilate for the rest of your life. There's also exercises (and even physical therapy) that women can do as well. Trannies have to dilate for the rest of their sad lives and sex will never even feel a fraction as good for them.

No. 1504731

I hate the smug fucking way they talk. They just make shit up and there aren't any women around to correct them.

No. 1504733

File: 1650316901434.jpeg (664.63 KB, 750x1267, E65DCC9B-A9E6-4040-8FF7-1E9926…)

More from r/gothstyle

No. 1504734

File: 1650316901672.jpg (375.78 KB, 1080x1817, 20220419_002048.jpg)

They really do think they should be horny 247? What the fuck

No. 1504735

File: 1650316975459.webm (1.56 MB, 608x1080, 1650316482654.webm)

Nothing to add other than I recognize this transvestite kek.

No. 1504741

no life, only coom. when the ability to coom goes away, 41% is the only solution.

No. 1504746

File: 1650318746118.png (66.78 KB, 740x773, harry potter.PNG)

Two trans kids and a tranny husband???

No. 1504748

Lady needs to take her kids and RUN

No. 1504749

File: 1650319077333.png (52.66 KB, 687x687, pain.PNG)

No. 1504753

File: 1650319392098.png (37.03 KB, 576x930, part 1.PNG)

Poor woman jesus

No. 1504754

Men really think they know what it's like being a woman, and that women are just too stupid to understand that men know more than them about what being a woman is

No. 1504755

File: 1650319423780.png (26.92 KB, 564x719, part 2.PNG)

No. 1504760

File: 1650319702217.jpg (85.61 KB, 757x657, c42.jpg)

please no, anon. kek

No. 1504770

Wtf. Black 21yo girl dating a mentally ill white 35 year old pervert. "Can I borrow your tits? I'll bleach them" poor girl needs to get the hell out of there before she gets murdered, I'm actually scared for her

No. 1504774

Oh my god. Girl RUN. This is just the beginning, it only gets worse from here.

No. 1504777

not trynna be crude right here but she's definitely gonna get murdered, this is some buffalo bill shit.

No. 1504779

Her post seemed like she was processing the situation for herself, I hope it was the first step to leaving him and never look back

No. 1504781

File: 1650322344494.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 97D204D0-ED71-40C9-8AE5-D094D4…)

women can’t have anything

No. 1504782

all of this actually reminded me of Gary Heidnik. All his victims were black young women.

No. 1504785

File: 1650322507550.png (808.83 KB, 475x1159, 5572E2BA-74B2-472B-9B78-CB3CC8…)

So here’s this troon who decided to harass Lolitas online and get himself involved in shit stirring lolita boards on 4chan /Cgl and lolcow

Got exposed for dating minors and being a massive creep in the lolita community.

No. 1504786

I don’t even acknowledge their existence on that day. It’s for actual women and they can go fuck themselves.

No. 1504789

File: 1650322596742.jpeg (24.68 KB, 275x196, 69106628-8D23-414E-9343-7288DE…)

No. 1504790

Can you post the link or at least a cap with the username? I want to read the comments and can’t find the post.

No. 1504791

The absolute state of handmaidens. Saying that they would love to share locker rooms with moids who are most likely pedophiles and sexual predators.

No. 1504793

No. 1504794

they need to leave asap, its only gonna get worse

No. 1504795

>calmly refuted with sources
Women once again destroyed by facts and logic. His wife sounds pretty based honestly. Most FtMs are just women who don't want to be sexualized anymore and/or are just uncomfortable with their bodies which is a normal thing young women experience.

No. 1504797

File: 1650323257570.png (665.41 KB, 1146x1094, BCF50D57-793A-4FBB-9BF3-872435…)

He won’t stop posting about how he wants to fuck his cousin and being “women”

No. 1504798

Thanks nona. Was looking at the wrong subreddit. Thought it was in AITA bc of her last sentence.

No. 1504800

>run of the mill black manic pixie dream girl
Her description of herself makes me feel a lot less sympathetic. They aren't married, they don't have kids, and it's safe to assume she's not being abused/held hostage.

No. 1504804

Weeb coomer brainrot, I guarantee he isn't Japanese and his cousin probably doesn't exist.

No. 1504805

File: 1650323692400.jpeg (413.01 KB, 1284x1015, FD450CB5-0D5D-4BCC-B949-3F6311…)

Couldn’t roll my eyes harder at this comment.

No. 1504807

File: 1650323882877.jpeg (226.09 KB, 827x1364, 76C5D0A5-38A8-418F-B797-20081C…)

I didn't realize that this dude has such a weird body. He also said recently that he's auditioning to play the role of a teenage girl on some tv show, ugh he's so delusional and annoying.

No. 1504814

File: 1650324470651.jpg (162.87 KB, 1080x1292, FQpsQCIXwAABtaS.jpg)

No. 1504815

File: 1650324520493.png (288.87 KB, 1248x772, 516D4BAB-A8CC-44C0-A334-88B449…)

No. 1504817

They really like the term bottom surgery. I guess it does sound nicer when you don't think of constructing a labia with testicles or a vagina with the colon.

No. 1504818

File: 1650324617175.png (198.48 KB, 1318x418, 3506F34D-E9C5-44B1-8CE2-A62987…)

No. 1504820

Jesus Christ THATS what he looks like? His body is grotesque, he looks like that one creepy uncle everyone has but no one wants to be left alone with and yet he thinks he can twist himself into something that resembles a teenage girl? Unreal. I’ll never understand how these moids choose to dress too, he has an undeniably male body and yet he doesn’t choose clothing that might give him the slight illusion of curves, of anything other than MALE! MALE! MALE!

No. 1504821

File: 1650324730270.png (248.12 KB, 1378x615, C9C05EDE-6C20-40C9-A770-E6EE69…)

The uggo
And what he posts

No. 1504824

Look at this perfectly good gay twink who ruined himself by trooning. Just stay gay idiots

No. 1504827

File: 1650324960697.png (179.27 KB, 1518x588, 3AF1865B-0796-417B-A2BF-C2452E…)

Lacemarket mods already on to him for harassing sellers and being extremely abusive on the platform with others.

No. 1504834

the fucking top lip jfc

No. 1504851

How ugly do you have to be to need 100k in plastic surgery just for your face kek

No. 1504856

File: 1650326605033.jpeg (662.42 KB, 828x1409, 82D7BC73-6EA8-4DE3-81CD-6CA073…)

good news:

No. 1504863

I'm glad she got out but what's with WOC dating racist white guys? The racist white guy to troon pipeline is all too common.

No. 1504865

File: 1650326934526.jpg (38.38 KB, 853x480, sleepaway-camp-desiree-gould.j…)

This troon just gives me the same vibes as the crazy aunt from Sleepaway Camp. Funny how this movie is also about forcibly trooning out a little boy cause she wanted a girl kek.

No. 1504869

Sage for blog but I literally have had an eating disorder since I was 12 because I developed early. It makes me sick to see these men cry they didn't have double Ds as a preteen… muh 'INNER GIRL WHO NEVER DEVELOPED' my ASS. No fucking girl wants to be catcalled by men three times their age as a preteen.

No. 1504871

File: 1650327129272.jpeg (828.36 KB, 2560x2560, 6B72B5DC-02FF-4759-8905-C44792…)

Very ugly

No. 1504878

To be honest and off-topic, I've grown to appreciate normal, masculine men. I'd rather die than fuck a troon

No. 1504881

Slightly OT but sometimes I visit 4chan because so many trannies are mask-off there about how much they hate women and wow I just can’t believe how much men project all of their insecurities. Their obsession with the number of sexual partners an imaginary woman has, as if moids aren’t the biggest degenerate coomers ever. Everyone I know with a really high number of sexual partners is a gay or straight man.

No. 1504882

Asuka would never be with a guy she called a faggot

No. 1504884

Lol my mind was blown when I saw that movie for the first time a few months ago. Based tranny cautionary tale

No. 1504887

File: 1650328636995.png (1.2 MB, 743x841, chrome_I0O1A5BWCA.png)

i hate scrotes

No. 1504888

File: 1650328670282.png (800.6 KB, 735x864, chrome_hcHG7RH5Nt.png)

>feminine features

No. 1504892

He’s quoting that god awful ‘this is my suzy’ video

No. 1504893

File: 1650329158643.jpg (35.5 KB, 720x777, FQqjqsbXEAYB6kT.jpg)


No. 1504894

Kek moid delusion is hysterical. Yes it's definitely just the hair, and cornrows will totally make you look like Zendaya!

No. 1504904

>Trans people are being killed for being trans
>Only 52 trans people were murdered in the US last year and there’s no stats on if they were specifically killed for being trans

No. 1504905

>it’s safe to assume she’s not being abused

Are you a moid? How is it ever “safe to assume” that? The behavior described in her post is abusive, her post history is filled with this old perverted racist moid’s abuse, and she herself identifies the relationship as abusive. But you have no sympathy because she uses a silly TV trope to describe herself? Jesus christ.

No. 1504917

Lol I'm bi so I don't always have to care about my nails, but I love my nails and just keep them a normal size and then use finger condoms?? Does no one else do this?

No. 1504918

For real. I don’t know if that anon understands how abusive relationships work. You don’t have to have kids or be married to be in one, and age-wise he does hold some power over her. Men like that can and will isolate you from friends and family so that you don’t have a support network and it’s harder to leave. The girl was probably saying the MPDG thing as tongue-in-cheek anyway, and even if she wasn’t, who cares. He sounds abusive and predatory as hell. People will excuse men for anything to insult the most minor shit a woman says or does.

No. 1504920

i've never used finger condoms..and i don't know anybody who has

No. 1504921

File: 1650331083221.png (114.26 KB, 310x365, meta.png)

Ho no. I just remembered that I blocked this euro weirdo who was part of a post rock band, when I was checking on his activity on the game he was larping as a loli in a place called "little spaces" or something like that.
He seem well put togheter at first, but when I saw that I had to get rid of him…

No. 1504922

Luckily she was able to leave him. >>1504856

No. 1504925

I am glad to see it. Hope she’s doing leagues better now.

No. 1504929

I use them to save my polish in the shower too… T.T guess I'm an anomoly lol(T.T)

No. 1504935

I looked through her post history and 7 months ago she posted about her boyfriend called her mom a n*gger like holy shit. And then he troons out only a few months later.

No. 1504943

Good ending


No. 1505001

If anything the way that she describes herself means she's a bit naive and took the (white) queer koolaid, but that doesn't mean she deserves to be in an abusive relationship jesus, also abusive relationships doesn't need to be like a true crimen podcast to he actually abusive.

No. 1505009

File: 1650339095430.jpg (175.14 KB, 1080x369, Screenshot_20220418-215043_Sam…)

"SPOKANE SISSY" on YouTube uses pictures of his children for his fantasy stories about them having sex with teenage boys.

Here's the article where I heard about him: https://4w.pub/trans-identified-man-fictional-child-porn/


Please report him or do whatever you can to stop this man! He's a disgusting pervert.

No. 1505015

File: 1650339412244.jpg (346.78 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20220418-223623_Sam…)

No. 1505038

File: 1650340758732.jpeg (362.66 KB, 946x838, E7D900F5-B63C-44C2-9803-BB8525…)

>hulking, masculine subhuman enters womens bathroom and attacks little girl

jkr continues to reach levels of based previously unheard of

No. 1505051

and waving around a big nasty stick? jk's a fucking genius

No. 1505059

i've been seeing trannies reusing and popularizing transfem and transmascs these days instead of transman and transwoman. what's their explanation about it?

No. 1505066

Transfem = TIMs (Non-binary or binary identifying)
Transmasc = TIFs (Non-binary or binary identifying)

No. 1505067

It's the new afab and amab, instead of just saying male and female

No. 1505099

Yeah I'm shit at spelling orz, I was trying to say that having inherent bpd traits which is a likely from having an affected parent with an up to 32-72% heritability might make troonability/identity crisis a genetic predisposition thing, not that it's specifically the mothers' fault, same effect could come from the paternal side or alternatively some other comorbid mental disorders. Either that or having a tranny son automatically drives people crazy

No. 1505104

Hey, now… Ghirahim doesn't deserve to be compared to the likes of that gross monster. Show a little respect, nonners.

No. 1505109

whats with the comparison to black women?? why does he think of cornrows first, which would make absolutely no sense for him, instead of just a wig?

No. 1505122

Probably a wigga that trooned out

No. 1505152

if anyone is able, screenshot and archive the shit he's done as proof

No. 1505154

>finger condoms
Anyways I’m str8 and I cut and file the shit out of my nails because I do not want any dirt under there whatsoever.

No. 1505158

File: 1650349610803.jpg (844.55 KB, 810x3051, Screenshot_20220418-170121_Boo…)

My apologies if I missed this being shared. These tranny threads move so damn fast. Based Dream Police:

No. 1505163

File: 1650349991281.jpg (269.31 KB, 720x1092, 1650349967342.jpg)

I saw this on AliExpress

No. 1505165

If you don't mind me asking anon, what happened in r/Goth that made you want to leave the scene? I only ask because I'm in the Goth scene and I'm very aware of how some people within in the scene are mouth-breathing TRAs who believe that shit with no question no matter how much it doesn't make sense when you list why trans makes fuck all sense. But I just ignore these people and not let it ruin my likeness for goth music.

No. 1505168

Holy fuck, he has ha huge head… Like I won't berate something for something they can't change but this guy is fucking delusional if he seriously thinks any sane person is gonna think he's any kind of woman. Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1505170

Honestly this guy really seems like he's trolling to me. I wouldn't at all be surprised if it turns out he's a conservative gay man.

No. 1505172

He looks like lord farquaad.

No. 1505177

Corey trooned out? Aw, man. He should've listened to Mr. Feeny.

No. 1505184

File: 1650351295093.jpeg (20.55 KB, 355x262, E7D876C3-FFD5-4AEE-B211-845DAD…)

There is another way nonnie

No. 1505186

File: 1650351433670.jpg (20.67 KB, 300x333, Feeny_promo_pic.jpg)

You will never be a woman, Mr. Matthews. Detention.

No. 1505190

I still scrub my nails every day because what little I have gets dirt under it. That’s why I cringe when I see women with long ass nails. They’re filthy.

No. 1505196

It's hard out here in the modern goth scene - all the cute girls either have an OnlyFans or a gender identity.

No. 1505197

i just realized that there are so many dimensions to as to why i hate trannies talking about catcalling/staring:
1. they are obviously male and get stares because they are deranged males in dresses yet twist it like they get the same stares women get
2. they chose this and knew exactly that that‘s what‘s gonna happen because they look like clowns
3. yet they complain about it like it‘s not validating to their sexist gender identity and giving them euphoria boners
4. they have a fucking choice to not get stared at, women don‘t
5. they have a clear physical advantage over women which makes them able to intimidate or hit most men who stare at them, women can‘t
so in conclusion, they act like they are the most oppressed demographic, yet have every chance to not get stared at and it‘s not even in a sexual way anyway, it‘s because they are ugly ass men. but since it validates them and they hate women, they have no incentive to do anything against male violence. all they do is write their delusional reddit posts to announce to everyone that since men stare at them, they are a real woman. i fucking hate trannies.

No. 1505203

They don’t even try to deny being AGP.

No. 1505219


Some people watched the secret and took it literally lmao

No. 1505230

"The pressure on women to have babies is the root of transphobia"
Men pressure women to be nothing but babymakers and then cry about how it oppresses men

We really need to remind people that being trans (of any kind) is a mental illness. No healthy sane person thinks they are something they physically aren't. Or indeed think they are not what they physically are.

No. 1505233


Typical moid thinking - even when I talked to thots or just dick-hopping friends they never had the constant state of 'need coom' like all guys I interacted with. It's so annoying to want to live your life and find a person to have a family with (sorry nonas, am straight and can't do much about it as much as guys annoy me) only to see that they're all the same. The coom is real, people.

No. 1505240

it's a troon, they need at least 100k of plastic surgery to even begin to look presentable kek

No. 1505249


Ya ugly my dude

No. 1505269

File: 1650354528830.jpg (103.27 KB, 596x289, Screenshot_20220419-084405.jpg)

Imagine you're at a party, having a nice time, goofing off, when all of a sudden this gigantic fridge bodied moid with pink hair takes his shirt off and starts jiggling his pasty white moobs, expecting everybody to be amused and delighted.

No. 1505272

a troon, wanting to expose himself sexually to a bunch of people? groundbreaking.

No. 1505275

>weeb babytalk
>names "cousin" after Inuyasha character, most likely
This post inflicted psychic damage upon me
Was just thinking that kek, why pair a gay guy obsessed with Shinji with a girl who hates them both? Though this is a troon, who knows what kind of shit goes through their minds

No. 1505293

File: 1650356079054.png (85.73 KB, 2046x760, ijustfiguredmyvaginaisprolapse…)

>I just figured my vagina is prolapsed. I was born a woman, I just need surgery.

No. 1505295

>I happen to be moving to the same town he lives in!

No. 1505309

Reading through that reddit reminded me how severe this epidemic is. There are multiple posts a day! So many men are trooning out and it's so sad to see the state of some women, wanting to be nice and supportive to moids who don't give a fuck about their girlfriends, and it hurts them but they still feel like they need to be nice. It makes me feel grateful for my transhating moid.
and this
i just can't wrap my mind about this gymbro. How do you go from this to that? Is that some kind of brain damage happening? How is he not ashamed? Do men really need to be toxic to eachother to prevent this? Because i don't see another way. At least when i was growing up men bullying other men kept them in check so they wouldn't get stupid ideas like this.

No. 1505313

File: 1650359270387.jpg (40.34 KB, 604x629, FOruOivaIAA-QUD.jpg)

No. 1505314

so women with pcos are also physically and biologically a man because they have male hormones in their body?

No. 1505317

all men have estrogen and progesterone in their bodies, kek

No. 1505318

>I'm more woman that you'll ever be
This is how you know they are seething and coping hard, if they really felt this they wouldnt scream this all the time kek.

No. 1505319

Radfem/GC goth club WHEN

No. 1505326

at least their smug cope delusion helps peak normie women who then peak their men kek

No. 1505329

Skinwalk women they can never have. >>1505317
Wtf is biology uwu

No. 1505332

>success with cis bisexuals

No. 1505335

>physically and biologically a woman because I take estrogen pills

Not how it works, luv, you're a man taking HRT. Is the seething and coping increasing online of late or is it just me?

No. 1505338

can the amazons do that head shrinking method on men who are still alive? would be beneficial here.

No. 1505342

This one is from the 90s. Probs different for HSTS from the past and now. The ones now that are AGP and less likely gay men trying to escape a shitty situation due to their sexuality and parents being unaccepting. AGPs now are all provable narcs or autistic or both.

No. 1505343

+ addicted coomers encouraged by irony culture of the past decade

No. 1505344

How is this literally not as bad as schizophrenia? How do you convince yourself your perfectly normal penis is a prolapsed vagina, something that actually affects women you fucking insensitive moid

No. 1505345

I keep my nails trimmed down as well. There is a reason why long nails isn't allowed when you work in healthcare and have to maintain hygiene standards.

No. 1505346

> can't do much about it
just don't date, how hard is that? romantical/sexual love or family is not a requirement for a fulfilling life. me and so many other women are doing 4B (and 4B includes homosexuality btw) and are doing fine.

No. 1505347

everyone's different nonny some people want to date

No. 1505349

idk, if someone wants to date someone who annoys them then that's some dissonance. people are brainwashed from kid to date and love, and all that is rarely if ever worth the trouble.

No. 1505350

>just don't date, how hard is that?
Very. If humans didn't have a strong urge to date and have babies we wouldn't exist.

No. 1505351

Why do you care if they date
Not everyone wants to live their fulfilled life with 30 cats

No. 1505352

sure, because rape and social pressure doesn't exist, and we're all animals who can't control their urges.

idc. the noona i was replying to said she can't do much about her planning a family and i just made a correction saying she can. it's not like someone forces dating on her against her will, it's her choice.

No. 1505353

File: 1650366437086.jpg (86.05 KB, 604x340, 467900000.jpg)

kek I know it's a reference to 80s fashion but this new promo pic just looks as if the whole Rammstein trooned out. Unironically love the song though.

No. 1505358

i was excited when i saw the teaser because i also thought they make fun of trooning out, turns out it's just a take on sigfried&roy

No. 1505361

do you realize you sound like a schizo to most people

No. 1505363

KEK they can never silence the terf in their minds

No. 1505367

If only there was a way for men born with a healthy penis and balls to have kids and bond with them, like not ruining yourself with external hormones and getting yourself neutered, instead of living out a weird fantasy.

No. 1505369


Any straight woman who isn't on femaledatingstrategy needs to wake up. Those women are based.

No. 1505370

File: 1650368510935.jpeg (150.64 KB, 785x650, tranny farquaad.jpeg)

it's uncanny

No. 1505374

Female dating strategy is pretty shit unless you're married to the idea that man should be a provider and the woman should lean into her femininity and crap like that.

No. 1505376

We need more Goths Without Genders.
Like Doctors Without Borders.

No. 1505383

File: 1650371691672.jpg (391.72 KB, 1024x1920, 1650369607393.jpg)

Just saw this comic. I might be okay with tucutes now lol

No. 1505384

File: 1650371933586.jpeg (46.74 KB, 720x465, 01E36A5A-1091-44BA-85EB-D107A0…)

No. 1505385

Is this saying kids going to church and believing in whatever religion their family traditionally believes in is comparable to kids being sexualized and ready for everything that comes with that??? I hate it here

No. 1505386

Aren't tucutes the ones pushing to make gender dysphoria NOT a mental illness though? If people understood that trans people are just mentally ill and deluded they could get actual therapy to help cure them. Too bad trans people now think therapy comes from the devil to "convert" them into icky cis people

No. 1505387

File: 1650372260779.jpeg (249.08 KB, 828x1707, 54430F68-6AB5-4EB2-811C-554D35…)

I’d found this other image on this trannies fb page. He’s an “onlyfans model” and has amassed quite the following. I worry for all the kids he’s grooming

No. 1505391

I'm so sick of this "i'm totes a trooo trans unlike those fake tucutes!!!1!" bullshit. It's the NLOG of the troons. Like just shut up you're delusional.

No. 1505394

So he agrees kids are too young to be indoctrinated into any ideology?

No. 1505398

File: 1650374204405.jpg (310.25 KB, 1080x1973, IMG_20220419_091309.jpg)

this moid has been posting every day on a fb group seething because he's only mass peaking all the women in there instead of calling handmaidens to defend his agp ass. they're incel racist males after all.

No. 1505399

They always assume that people don’t accept trannies because of religious reasons. They never stop to think that maybe people don’t like trannies because they’re crazy narcissists that impose themselves on others and have pushed back women’s rights.

No. 1505401

File: 1650374593771.jpg (406.69 KB, 1080x2009, IMG_20220419_091900.jpg)

didn't tims also suffered from having to perform femininity? now they're more of a "woman" because they shave themselves? this is the good old "feminists are ugly and hairy women" rhetoric from the fucking suffragette movement. repacked misoginy

No. 1505402

why would tucutes, who say you don't need to transition and that gender dysphoria isn't a medical condition, go to a gender clinic? it's almost like truscums just want to feel special and call any tranny who's less miserable than them a tucute. Truscums are really the most deluded of them all

No. 1505403

i knew some trans people from before the great awokening and they were mostly fine, but i think that was just because they didn't have the most victimest status yet and had to make a point to show they weren't insane or predators. they were still massive attention whores.

No. 1505404

trannies stay coping and seething because hairy women still look like women and anyone that is attracted to women will be more attracted to them than to trannies

No. 1505405

Everyone has both estrogen and testosterone? Why do people act like only women have estrogen and only men have testosterone? Yeah women are primarily estrogen based and men are primarily testosterone based, but you need both either way? This troon stuff has made people even more ignorant about hormones than before.

No. 1505406

Why the fuck would she be a schizo for pointing out you don't have to date? She's right. There's a lot more to life than that.

No. 1505407

File: 1650375893918.jpg (72.12 KB, 1024x579, XFqHtXEh.jpg)

No. 1505408

Tru twans is not-like-other-trannies. Think Blaire white. Still delusional and obsessed with gender roles.