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File: 1568218573650.jpg (115.27 KB, 1024x576, decomissionzone.jpg)

No. 867400

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk

No. 867424

File: 1568224271820.png (616.25 KB, 863x760, librarygirl.PNG)

>library girl

what the fuck is a "library girl"?

No. 867426

File: 1568224508076.png (24.33 KB, 433x381, manicpixielibrarygirl.PNG)

this profile is cringy.
>ashly luna

of course.

(no sage because i sage'd my first post accidentally)

No. 867430

Remember Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai Reventon (legal name)?

No. 867434

you'd think someone would say something about "appropriating japanese" or something. weeb names are bad enough without giving people the ability to legally use them.

No. 867435

File: 1568226644623.jpg (51.22 KB, 610x540, 1529500945558.jpg)

They do actually, more people are concerned about a white "woman" appropriating asian pop culture and pretending to be an authority on weeb news than about the stereotypical lolicon behaviour.

No. 867455

eugh what a gross and also autistic comment. it's like the "brown cows make chocolate milk" thing but creepy and sexual.

No. 867479

File: 1568239022755.jpeg (84.54 KB, 750x325, A596D67D-9E8E-4713-8A00-E6095B…)

I've been thinking about this post (made by an mtf, obviously) for a while now and it just makes me rage because if an ftm talked about doing the same thing to an mtf there would be outrage/the ftm labelled as predatory but mtfs can do no wrong

No. 867501

File: 1568245029157.jpeg (328.73 KB, 744x1780, 3DE9078F-64AB-42C9-A5C2-2B554C…)

Oh my god, who the fuck is this bridge troll trying to fool?
I guess even other troons can sniff out this kind of bullshit, since he managed to get downvoted on that circlejerk of a subreddit.

No. 867515

File: 1568247553395.jpeg (172.76 KB, 483x1095, 8D319E10-93DA-42CD-ACCB-21889E…)

No. 867517

thumb people from spy kids

No. 867522

Isn't there a subreddit dedicated to making fun of mtfs who call themselves lesbians on tinder? does anyone remember what it's called?

No. 867525

why is he wearing spanks as shorts?

No. 867532

That’s a thick ass neck.

No. 867586

He got shit for that too from the "fiction is reality" crowd.

Legally changing his middle name to a ship name AFTER he'd already done the first legal name change, and all for a fucking "best shipper" contest, basically made this dude fair game even for the woke crowd.

No. 867631

Because he’s a male and doesn’t know what spanx are for? Or he’s trying to flatten his dick.

No. 867637

"trans masc" is transgender masculine, ie a FTM.

No. 867680

There's already a gender critical thread on /ot/

No. 867681

It was shut down due to constant meltdowns, infighting and bait taking by reddit and twitterfags. Now sperging gets them banned.

No. 867732

File: 1568309332803.jpg (445.22 KB, 1023x1626, 1567203465961.jpg)


ironically, it was merged with pink pill and rad fem in one thread and now the infighting is all there is, that thread will end up locked down too.

No. 867743

File: 1568310077343.jpg (510 KB, 1288x2048, ugh.jpg)

found this one recently. twitter is guysmiley22
non binary trans lesbian, in a relationship with someone who looks like a real woman.
does not shave its arms or legs or make any real attempt to pass, other than wear womens clothes

No. 867744

File: 1568310276464.jpeg (733.94 KB, 1125x1165, 21C8E9F6-396D-4459-BC83-2DCAEF…)

>relationship with someone who looks like a real woman.


No. 867747

>does not shave its arms or legs or make any real attempt to pass,

Radfem tranny lol(derailing)

No. 867878

File: 1568325164610.jpg (326.31 KB, 1968x1968, fcZXqgW.jpg)

what timeline are we living in anons lmaooo

"Someone told me I look like Rachel McAdams from the notebook.. Do I really pass..?"

No. 867889

I feel bad for his girlfriend, seems they met on Twitter when the guy still identified as a man. Imagine having to be seen in public with these creatures

No. 867942

File: 1568332617344.png (251.91 KB, 320x816, P5_Futaba_Sakura.png)

Is it just me or does he looks like he's trying to dress up as Futaba Sakura?

No. 867946

File: 1568333035949.jpg (22.34 KB, 303x349, pep.JPG)

I'd been wondering what happened to Brian Peppers.

No. 867949

He might be in a relationship with a passing woman but he’s seeing someone else kek

No. 867984

if you're actually curious, he died a while ago (brian peppers)

No. 868084

ha, this is a personal cow of mine. his gf is an actual woman, a youtuber from a movie critic channel(the princess and the scrivener)

all this guy does is post about being disfigured, trans, or anything else he can pity himself for. and his shitty music that is about, yeah, being trans and disfigured.

No. 868173

what a shame, she could do so much better than this guy.

No. 868270

meadovv follows me and a friend of mine that knows her irl said she literally grew up in an anarchist commune, never went to school and has no parents and does sex work to survive. No wonder she's fucked up honestly.

No. 868327

Well shit, Sarah is a conventionally attractive woman, when she was talking about her girlfriend i thought it was a woman who was equally so, not this goblin.

No. 868827

This is a legitimate abomination. Kill it with fire.

No. 868828

this guy is VERY outspoken about being gc and is a decent person. he dresses like a retarded troon but says constantly he is male and that transgenderism is an act against women. he isn't a troon, he just has a female name and wears skirts or whatever

No. 868830

File: 1568523344455.png (344.87 KB, 600x272, fml.png)

No. 868857

File: 1568530596530.png (932.29 KB, 896x804, 4.PNG)

Damn, getting rid of the beard did this guy NO favors. In the first picture he looks like a somewhat eccentric but otherwise normal guy. In the second two, he looks like Gollum in an ugly dress.

How can people watch this happen to their friends and family and not think it's a mental illness? Even the rare troons that "pass" looked way better as their birth gender.

No. 868858

He's thin as Hell, goddamn. It's honestly a bit worrying, reminds me of Cosmo/Narcissa. Makes his manly hands and feet stand out about twice as much as they normally should, too.

No. 868859

If being a troon isn't seen as an illness, then being an ana-chan HAS to be, just look at those nasty arms…unless he claims its a part of his womanhood. If a real woman looked like this, she would be ridiculed by men. But a male…obviously an amazing brave feat or something. I'm not actually sure how much I can say with the weird merging/unmerging of pinkpill and gender crit shit? Sorry for offending any tranny mods, I hope they let us know which ones mod what boards.


No. 868860

>any tranny mods

I thought this board was for women, not sick fucks in women's clothing. There better not be any troons modding this site, although it would certainly explain why the GC thread got trashed with zero input from posters.

No. 868873

lol you're free to shit on troons in any thread anon, we just had too many radfem/gc threads on ot. mazel tov.

No. 868876

Probably not downvoted for obvious bullshit, more likely to be jealousy knowing that sub lol

No. 868879

Ooof. I mean, he's lucky his chin and jaw are pretty small, but it would be a good idea to start gaining fat while on estrogen. It would… soften things? Like sure, there are skinny women out there, but MtFs don't look like skinny women when they're bony. I've heard some have a fear of gaining muscle mass, but if you're on hormones and blockers (or were sterilized) there should be no issue, no? Am I just misinformed?

No. 868886

what the fuck? do they have any pictures together? I dont fucking get this

No. 868890

File: 1568548926412.png (1.44 MB, 1170x1100, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 5.00…)

NTA but

No. 868894

there is absolutely a tranny on the mod team and has been for a while. He's been reeing about shit for a while and is commonly talked about on /soc/. I'm surprised it took this long for them to nuke the threads.

Tranny mod was even over in meta sperging out saying radfems "aren't wanted here by anyone" kek

No. 868898

jesus fucking christ… this is actual nightmare fuel

No. 868908


Why has nothing been done abut this?

No. 868911

I also saw a post about this in /meta/, so I searched terms like "mod on lolcow", "lolcow farm", "tranny mod", on /soc/'s archive on archiveofsins, but there's nothing about a tranny mod on this site.
Can you please explain more, or link to specific threads you've seen in /soc/ about him? What's his nickname, and where is his confirmed link to Lolcow?

No. 868921

When I applied for mod/cleaner in 2015 a guy messaged me on Facebook that had no connection to me whatsoever, it’s also common knowledge that shoeonhead succed up to him/other guy when she was on lolcow’s team

If he’s not a tranny we have a male admin/mod

No. 868924

That's pretty creepy. Do you remember his name or what exactly he said?
I've heard that our original admin, who was male, still had some control over the site even after he stepped down. I wouldn't be surprised if he still does, I think his name was Ian

No. 868927

You’re thinking of like, two admins ago

No. 868932

Nope I didn’t care to keep track of whoever he was but he looked like your average imageboard male user and since then I’ve nuked all accounts connected to anything I’ve posted/applied here.

It’s not surprising that he’s still around

He still controls lolcow.

No. 868934

>disfigured princess

No. 868942

And yet I'm single. I really wonder if his girlfriend is into him. Are they in an open relationship or is she just brain dead? I truly cannot imagine being able to feel love or even wanting to be around such a magnificently ugly fake woman. It's literally built into our DNA to reject deformed and disabled people bc they are giant recessive genes.

No. 868973

Are they…intimate? Gag me with a spoon

No. 868976

>>868973 (very much OT, sorry) we should have a thread for people who date people with hardcore disabilities or deformities.. as >>868942 said we are build to not be attracted to these kind of things. There must be some harcore fetish going on there. Not to speak that in this case the guy is also a tranny.
I can think of at least two women on youtube that date men who are so disabled they can't do anything for themselves, making the women their 24/7 caregivers.

No. 868984

File: 1568570586348.jpg (111.61 KB, 750x537, sandinyourvagina.jpg)

blargh! spoiler that shit! good for them but tbh i don't want to see them flaunting their fetish life.

No. 869024

Didn't realize she was American. Is she trying to get British citizenship or something maybe? Some kind of foreign country fetishist? It's fairly 'easy' to do by marrying someone in the UK, just time consuming.

No. 869030

Seconded. It’s a total power and sympathy thing in my opinion. Like dating an ugly guy guy so they won’t leave you x1000.

No. 869050

Lmao, incels have no excuse

No. 869349

>Some kind of foreign country fetishist?

Mikaela is a 10/10 in Bongland.

No. 869352

File: 1568637205322.png (1.55 MB, 1344x835, stevenlye.png)

>decent person
That's a funny way to describe a former neo-nazi who now tries to pass off his sissy fetish as feminism. Being "not like other troons" doesn't make him not a trainwreck, lol.

No. 869359

Please, I’d love a thread like that. I’m sure there is tons of stuff out there to dig up on disability fetishism.

No. 869375

File: 1568642377258.png (330.79 KB, 586x533, -17- Charlie Craggs --Charlie-…)

Not sure if many here are familiar with the background of lily madigan
>pushed a woman out of her job as labour's officer for womens rights
>had a previous twitter account where he made "jokes" about raping women
>constantly plays victim and keeps changing his identidy for ~uwu~ points
>is now e-begging like the rest of them
Pretty sure hes been mentioned here before

No. 869378

If he wants to be popular with girls he should start identifying as a Hanson member instead.
But seriously, it's horrifying that this rapey young man took a woman's place as women's officer. How did that happen?

No. 869384

No. 869407

File: 1568647848105.jpg (65.42 KB, 577x608, 156744259276.jpg)

"I'd fuck me, i'd fuck me hard"

Goodbyee hooorses… ♪

No. 869408

Why do these so-called commies never realize that their self-absorbed excess and frivolity are peak bourgeoisie

No. 869411

File: 1568648854371.png (578.01 KB, 698x613, 1567460767206.png)


Because all communists are intrinsically retarded and you have to be an even more special brand of delusional dissociative individual to be a first world communist. So troons by default share all the symptoms. Nevermind that anything lgbt was haram in communist countries and in the actual soviet union that idiot would have been put to the wall or sent to a labour camp to cure his faggotry.

No. 869413

something y'all might be Interested in

my cousin is 6'3 and a big burly guy but he has various intellectual disabilities and basically has the mind of a 7 year old and lives with his mother, he works a series of odd jobs to support himself and his mother and is a hard worker but still could never live on his own and needs someone to take of him

currently he has a girlfriend(she is his first and only girlfriend)

you really have to wonder what would make someone want to be in a relationship like that where your partner is on the same mental level as a child(no1curr)

No. 869437

File: 1568653130663.png (79.71 KB, 535x359, rfic6edah2s01.png)

this isn't true, anon. Being gay was legalized in soviet Russia. The idea being there were bigger things to worry about that who was fucking who.

Now for an actual answer that isn't just reeeeing: the communist manifesto is pretty clear that being female is a class. Classes can't be opted into and out of, if they could the bourgs could just say "we're proles" and the entire thing crumbles in on itself. The communist manifesto preaches material feminism, which is pretty close to second wave feminism, hence why you see these boomer commie groups popping up time from time denouncing trannys. identity politics are seen as divisive. You can't organize the proles if they're splitting off into "ok but I'm a tranny so i'm extra special and oppressed" groups. Communist politics would support men wearing dresses etc, but not them being women as you can't just decide what class you're in.

Communist politics are the complete anti-thesis of tranny politics. You can easily send any commie tranny into a tail spin by showing the the attached quote from Engels.

No. 869438

the important point here being: "for the propagation of children" Meaning communists believe female oppression is because of biology, not gender or feelings or clothes etc.

No. 869486

File: 1568661480104.png (144.65 KB, 463x583, liam_pregnant.png)

Oh fucking kek

No. 869500

File: 1568663603858.png (181.7 KB, 1080x1016, Screenshot_20190916-125357_1.p…)

>He still controls lolcow.

Source? Admin stated just 5 days ago in meta that LC is run by females only.

No. 869514

I've seen some questionable bannings recently that would suggest otherwise. Or one of the admins has suddenly decided they hate anything that sounds remotely feminist, after being fine with this for the last two years. Something has changed

No. 869569


So, to shorten it up:

Because all communists are intrinsically retarded and you have to be an even more special brand of delusional dissociative individual to be a first world communist

No. 869572

i remember watching this girl's videos thinking she's cute af (she has a "handsome" sigourney weaver look) and how she would do well with actual bi and lesbian women. shame shes indoctrinated by libfems/TRAs lmao

No. 869578

> Or one of the admins has suddenly decided they hate anything that sounds remotely feminist, after being fine with this for the last two years. Something has changed
I'm the only admin, everyone else is a farmhand or janitor with limited privileges. I carefully verify any new staff members and do have close irl friends as mods (I'm going to be honest here). I've already timestamped myself to verify I'm not a male.
I'm not affiliated with OG admin or Ian in any way, and I'm aware of his various transgressions (flirting with mods, shoeonhead). When sencha handed over the site I made sure there wasn't any way for anyone to remotely access the server through the front or backend.

No. 869584

File: 1568692485269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.23 KB, 841x863, bambicult_1.jpg)

After seeing bambi sleep mentioned on /ot/ and reddit I dug a little deeper and found their discord server.
If you don't know what bambi sleep is it's basically sissy hypnosis. Apparently this is a thing men actively seek out. A common reported side effect of listening to the audio is apparently blacking out and waking up like this.
Spoilered for obvious reasons, open at your own risk.

No. 869586

File: 1568692703155.jpg (57.49 KB, 1196x789, bambicult_2.jpg)

No. 869587

File: 1568692711457.jpg (69.02 KB, 1342x794, bambicult_3.jpg)

No. 869588

File: 1568692738164.jpg (65.16 KB, 1351x755, bambicult_4.jpg)

No doubt some underages have discovered this server, and they even admit this shit is addicting.

No. 869589

File: 1568692844376.jpg (29.45 KB, 845x474, bambicult_5.jpg)

troons dressing in their mothers clothing to further their deviant fetishes

No. 869619

File: 1568708513483.jpeg (621.45 KB, 605x1847, 3C11E9BD-4E2B-4D27-8895-B37FB5…)

black toon ebegging. what’s new

No. 869620


same. i cant imagine what's going on inside her head tbh, if she's genuinely attracted to her 'girlfriend' lmao

No. 869634

they're all autistic? lol, makes sense now. sperg girls are massive male apologists and low-key susceptible to becoming tifs.

No. 869647

Are people trying to meme this as like, a cult or a creepypasta thing? It's very standard. Hypno is just a quasi-BDSM roleplay fetish that "forces" guys to things they "don't want to do" (AKA gives them an excuse to live out fetishes that are normally embarrassing). The files themselves have 0 power, it's all men projecting their own libido onto them.

As far as crazy Discord tranny shenanigans go, I have a feeling we're never going to top Aeromatic trying to build a harem of 13-year-old boys and forcing them to cut themselves and take HRT and shit

No. 869919



There has been a case of a woman managing to get pregnant after hysterectomy thanks to womb transplantation, but she had all the other necessary bits too (ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, natural hormone production).

No. 869973

File: 1568779484186.png (1.66 MB, 960x882, 028CC1F1-515E-4C86-A31E-9044DB…)

Imagine being this dudes wife or child. Ugh

No. 869998

File: 1568787863593.png (800.39 KB, 1063x986, 1562426902922.png)


Same old same old.

No. 869999

File: 1568788323930.jpg (914.15 KB, 2819x2658, 1522568202040.jpg)


they have taken over r9k and lgbt pretty much. Its gaslighting that has proved very efective with autistic weebs. I tinfoil it as a coordinated psy ops targeting them specifically.

No. 870001

File: 1568788862674.jpg (36.64 KB, 518x414, 56603202_3298530460173007_3508…)


I don't think the audio does anything, these people suffer from dissociative disorders, they are simply using excuses to trigger their episodes. I can't believe trained professionals see autistic troons going into fugue states where they masturbate furiously while pretending to be someone else and the psychiatrist goes "uhm, i guess you are a really a woman, go get hormones and fuck your body up"

No. 870009

File: 1568793057418.gif (270.38 KB, 250x282, delightful.gif)

>the function of the estrogen is to tell cells to become female
Pffpf this shit is just hilarious to me. How can someone not look at this collage of anime recolors and misinformation and not laugh?

No. 870012

There's a common conspiracy about this one and discord trannies.

No. 870014

File: 1568794270709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 3000x8500, 1567283310844.jpg)

Yes, r9k and discord groups are full of the same creeps.

No. 870016

That hair is nice ngl.
Not all mtfs are gamers, but a lot of speed runners are mtf's
What I'm saying is, I wouldn't be surprised

No. 870020

File: 1568796314991.png (51.93 KB, 850x435, Risks-Associated-with-Hormone-…)


Even when the hormone treatment is being closely followed by a Doctor the health risk is pretty high, i can imagine it is exponentially higher for lunatics self medicating. Even the "lesser" side effects are fucked up mood swings and deppression, just imagine treating a mentally ill people with chemicals that make emotional imbalances way worse, the 43% statistic makes sense and its almost a miracle is not 100%.

This actually reminds me of that time anons shared infographics on 4chan on how to make crystals and it turned out to be a recipe for mustard gas and some idiot kids ended up in the hospital. Any day these kids self medicating with hormones can develop a blood clot and die in the spot without even seeing it coming.

Everyone on the internet should already know you don't make live altering decisions based on a random collage you found on an anonymous chinese cartoon forum

No. 870034

/vg/ and online game communities are full of smaller lolcows, it's gotten so notorious that people sooner call somebody a troon than "tits or gtfo", my sides. Apparently some of the more infamous ones have a granblue fantasy guild, but I don't know the milk about them.

No. 870036

That is a wig and he’s wearing it crooked.

Don’t let them fool you, tranners have no redeeming features.

No. 870040

>tranners have no redeeming features

Well, the HRT makes them sterile

No. 870080


kek they always buy $20 amazon wigs and wear them outside and it kills me. Can you imagine how bad that shiny plastic shit looks in real life under natural light? Especially after a couple wears.

They always have so much confidence whilst leaving the house like no self-respecting woman would. it's so male.

No. 870397

File: 1568872064359.png (83.23 KB, 676x560, 569.png)

No. 870706

Why are there so many troons in the speed running community? Autism?

No. 871302

I've watched some of this girl's videos and she seems to be very SJW. (I mean, she'd have to be to date that.) I think this has to be a form of very extreme virtue signaling.

No. 881166

File: 1571293202195.jpg (259.7 KB, 706x717, 1571284786353.jpg)

No. 881223

File: 1571319033490.jpeg (626.88 KB, 736x1345, C12BCF78-80D9-4F85-8588-4C5638…)

No. 881236

Fuck, good for him. But horrible for the water supply. Retard should have just thrown them in the trash or taken them to a pharmacy to get properly destroyed.

No. 884329

its allegedly a heart shape, ive seen some koreaboos use it. just looks like theyre holding an invisible joint

No. 884509

Unfortunately, Sammy's back to trooning out. He doesn't come off as much of a cow, just a very standard MtF who's a little slow in the head.

As an aside, the person who's second from the top left in the OP pic isn't trans, whoever made the image was trying to fuck with him.

No. 884510

File: 1572011384376.png (116.25 KB, 1459x843, image.png)

Forgot pic

No. 886492

File: 1572399804431.png (137.86 KB, 385x455, Chambers1.png)

Finally found exactly the place to post about this.

I don't know where to begin, but as of like, 4-5 months ago I started catching some of Chambers (Now goes by Carren) on my feed on twitter. I followed their boyfriend, and they got retweeted, I think.

I enjoy getting exposed to this type of shit natrually, so I followed them on twitter, and it's been hard watching them just interact.

I don't know if it's just someone being a spazz, but regardless it's strange. If I'm validated, and this is worth milking, let me know, eh? I'll post a couple of snapshots, and if there's interest I'll dredge up more.

No. 886494

File: 1572399905989.png (12.77 KB, 647x129, Chambers2.png)

Just don't go harassing them, I just want to people with Chambers with others, and my circle of friends is sick of it.

No. 886496

File: 1572400015597.png (28.25 KB, 643x276, ChambersDouble.png)

*People watch
My bad.

going back through, there's a loads of just game clips, but something about how they act just makes me wanna watch.

No. 886506

You can say “he,” anon.

No. 886910

File: 1572483616573.png (42.07 KB, 643x268, ChambersStarwars.png)

I didn't want 'misgendering' to get filed under 'hate autism'.

It feels strange because he's not even that much different from most shitposters on twitter, he just sad posts about running out of estrogen a lot.

No. 889579

Well at least we're not speaking German!!!!

No. 889580

It's a little early - but next thread picture

No. 889597

Fucking fetishizing, pornsick autogynephile. If he really wanted to be like a real woman, he wouldve at least given himself normal-sized tits that aren't pushed up to the max. This is an obvious fetish. Fuck these disgusting men.

No. 889746

This is definitely fetish. Some sort of bimbofication, sissy degeneracy….

No. 889843

My roommate did dom stuff years ago before the whole tranny hysteria hit the mainstream, my point is, I can attest that this is indeed a fetish for the vast majority of them. They called themselves sissies

No. 890021


I tried watching this trainwreck. Thankfully it's not just us who notice the mega boobs horror. This is just as bad as the ones who dress up in ridiculous pink and frilly froo-froo outfits with pony beads and pipe cleaner bracelets because they want to be so feminine and girly. No self-respecting woman would go outside looking like she has two inflatable beach balls on her chest…total male fetish!

No. 890407


LOL the mobility chair, the weird monowheel thing + the cat ears and the daughter on the skateboard. When 'the decline of the west' rolls right up on you….

Even the title of the video - "My dads big cans…." and the deviant art style work she's doing on that cintiq.

It's so obvious to everyone that this is a gross fetish and a total degradation of femininity, most people just don't have the courage to express this publicly.

No. 890460

These deranged men are appropriating my gender and making a mockery of it

No. 890782

File: 1573245925617.jpg (183.75 KB, 720x1018, 1573106280298.jpg)

Found today on /fit/

No. 890833

I love me some international troon hate

No. 891021

i feel bad every time i see this because beckii cruel is in it lmao.

No. 891077

God, that photo of Narcissa is terrifying.

No. 891300

lul this is the same dude that gets pissed at japanese people "misgendering" him and uses being trans as an excuse for why he keeps losing his job. newsflash maybe get the fuck out of nippon if it triggers you so bad and you cant keep a job for more than 2 months

No. 891753

I don’t even understand this but somehow I agree

No. 896469

lmao nigga where are you getting your info from
I was born IN the soviet union in the late 70s, we did not fucking legalize being gay and I clearly remember people getting severely bashed for it behind schools and public bathrooms for years.
It was, and still is, seen as a mental illness here in russia.(derail, blog)

No. 896473

No. 898412

I'm pretty sure homosexuality being decriminalised was basically a case of a whole heap of old Tsarist laws being overturned or re-written after the revolution which just so happened to include homosexuality, presumably amongst other things. Either way, it was explicitly re-criminalised under Stalin in the 30s.
Yeah, as far as I know the ban from the 30s lasted into the 90s.

No. 900065

File: 1575210848119.jpg (59.28 KB, 480x583, IMG_20191201_153033_892.jpg)

No. 900066

File: 1575211074312.jpg (27.62 KB, 450x440, IMG_20191201_153522_307.jpg)

No. 900071

it's almost amazing how men are always inventing new ways to harm women and get away with it

No. 900131

File: 1575224720410.jpg (112.92 KB, 725x1200, ugh.jpg)


this "butch trans dyke" has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while, ever since i saw him post his copy of Stone Butch Blues.

he also once posted about how he scared some woman when he entered the women's room. and, you know the drill, of course he's a communist who only dates other MtFs

No. 900135

File: 1575224970405.jpg (95.2 KB, 643x1200, a stunning womyn.jpg)


No. 900150

Oh god I ran in similar circles with this dude a couple years back before I peaked. Never got close because I was good friends with a girl he bullied (for lack of a better term?) Completely forgot about him.

Don't have milk to add but the only dating mtfs is new-ish. A few years ago he pretty much only dated punk-y "cis/nb" women with like Chelsea cuts. (as long as they called themselves dykes! of course!)

No. 900155

w-wait… he's pretending to be a butch lesbian? WHAT?! also the fucking misogynist "I'm not smart". He's literally LARPing as a masculine woman holy shit. the only thing that makes him "pass" is the fucking sports bra. i cannot believe this KEK.

the troon he's dating now has a Chelsea cut lmao

No. 900169

yea, the reason i found him was cause a few people i used to follow kept liking his selfies. even back then, i was like "ehhh i don't think so.."
he's absolutely Peak material

No. 900573

File: 1575303571863.jpg (338.83 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191202_081750.jpg)

samefag, but posted this picture of his car and I wanna barf

No. 900594

this looks like a woman to me? the orbital bones or something is throwing me off

No. 900619

Noooo! That doesn't go on the floor of your car next to your beer and nasty sneakers. Eew.

No. 900665

he's using it on his ass or? lol

No. 900830

File: 1575345719211.jpeg (471.71 KB, 750x959, E8A81DFC-54E4-424C-819F-67DD05…)

These guys calling themselves dykes is so gross

No. 906276

God I hate trannies

No. 926363

File: 1580496770669.png (514.62 KB, 727x734, screenshotAtUploadCC_158049550…)

imagine doing this much work and just end up looking like a underage boy in drag (at best)

No. 926667

File: 1580556548035.png (154.26 KB, 435x429, Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.2…)

My exes (then male) friend always creeped me out and I didnt know why. Now i know why. I dgaf if someone wants to transition but he's already so creepy and it strongly comes over like "she's" trying to get closer to women.

No. 926668

File: 1580556578600.png (568.71 KB, 590x628, Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.2…)


also I am pretty much 100 per cent sure it's a fetish thing:

No. 926676

Someone who sexually abused me as a kid is mtf now, for some reason I expected him to be. Why is there such a link between pedophilia and mtf, its like 98% of them are fucking grotesque but ftm doesnt seem to have that issue, idk.

No. 926678

File: 1580558737877.jpg (18.55 KB, 480x240, nikita-dragun-without-makeup-1…)

there's a study on the link between sexual coercive thoughts and autogynophilia
Reminds me of nikita with the underlying masculine face

No. 926711

First they force themselves on females, then they become the female that they want. God forbid they work on becoming a decent man and attracting consenting partners..

Meanwhile ftms are those little girls that were abused

No. 939827

File: 1583171232530.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.32 KB, 1536x2048, EP_TMcPXUAA5xMU.jpeg)

Used to follow this guy on Tumblr years ago, I'm now convinced hrt melts the brain as he became a degenerate furry.

No. 939829

File: 1583171343196.png (383.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200213-095940.png)

And as usual, it's definitely not a fetish, no sir!

No. 939839

Imo, most males just don't feel empathy for women. Or at least don't try.

No. 939843

Most males don't have a lot of empathy in general

Source: zoosadism leaks, history, pedo statistics, rape statistics etc etc

No. 939879

I think I've seen at least a dozen MtFs that look EXACTLY like this. I think we need to ditch the big eyebrow trend so guys like this stop deluding themselves into thinking they pass because an extremely beautiful, feminine featured woman has eyebrows like that.

No. 939887

those eyebrows are haunting

No. 939894

File: 1583180148502.jpg (384.55 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20200302-210857__01…)

Have you guys seen this specimen that mutilated himself? He had his moment in the limelight a while ago, but his botched bottom surgery was the focal point back then. Still feel as if this horrifying detail was overlooked and underappreciated milk.

Sage for old milk.

No. 939907

>I removed my testicles at home

No. 939951

Sounds like a troll.

No. 946009

It's unfortunately real, I've seen the pictures (I think on an old GC thread)

Either him or someone else who really did this and put 'em in a jar.
I've always thought lopping off dick 'n balls is utter madness, it's mutilation pure and simple. I have no idea why it's been encouraged in recent years.

No. 947527

File: 1584648905520.png (3.48 MB, 1068x2048, 121C765A-3212-4B30-85F0-2191B8…)

This one always makes me laugh. "Alice" is a 24 year old "butch trans lesbian" who, amazingly, looks more like someone's 53 year old barbecue dad. Also got cancelled on tumblr recently (url is peteseeger) for having a weird creeper fetish for black women.

No. 947580

File: 1584658637163.jpg (893.44 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20200320-005628_Twi…)

End my fucking life

No. 947585

File: 1584659348599.jpg (708.15 KB, 2560x2060, 20200320_010755.jpg)

OK wow he seems to be milky

No. 947622

you cannot be a 'man' and a lesbian. so this piece of shit needs to pick one. this is honestly so infuriating to real lesbians and women in general

No. 947648

File: 1584666279548.jpeg (842.38 KB, 1242x1548, E33ED27C-64EB-4E14-A582-FFCF07…)

This is like the final boss of maintaining the delusion that whoever says they're a woman is a woman.

No. 947673

I dont get it. They want to be female to male but also a lesbian? how does that work? RIP to single lesbians out there who have to deal with this shit

No. 947684

This is a biologically male "trans woman" who is pretending to be a butch lesbian.

No. 947686

Oh shit, thanks for the explanation anon. he is batshit insane

No. 947742

wow… they just will never care how shitty they are as people

No. 947787

He looks like he's on his way to his Young Republicans meeting.

No. 947898

Ironic because he's an uwu twans commie, of course.
Also kinda shitty Pete Seeger's name is now tied to an ugly tub of fuck with a lesbian fetish.

No. 947900

>pan, trans, non binary

why is this like the trifecta for the insane?

No. 947994

File: 1584743526613.jpg (40.92 KB, 640x465, f46707866dec64c445397830686751…)

I was thinking grown up Martin Prince.

No. 948138

File: 1584787567932.png (638.46 KB, 846x600, facial-feminization-drreginaro…)

No. 948140

honestly this one isn't bad. The surgeries really softened their features. They're not trying to look like a bimbo or anything, just more feminine and it works to me.

No. 948141

the after just looks like a feminine man. Men can have soft features too. Also his jaw is huge.

No. 948164

Why are they always furries lmao

No. 948179

Guarantee the voice or overall body shape would make him instantly clockable though

No. 948223

File: 1584813663003.jpg (559.87 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20200321-184859__01…)


I fucking wish it was a troll. This is some of the most recent milk. Plenty of things to unpack here but too much for one post.
Stupidstories in reddit.

No. 948234

>replaced with my colon
My mouth literally gaped in disgust my god

No. 948248

Oh my fucking god this is fucking disgusting, why did the doctors perform this surgery? I guess if they didn't he and other trannies would kick up a storm and cancel the clinic or whatever
But holy hell i cannot imagine putting my fingers in my vagina and feeling HAIR. Fuck. Gross.
And the alternate of taking your fucking colon is horrendous too.
And still these dimwits are willing go through this procedure even with all these horror stories on the internet.
Also this fucking disgusting hairy monstrosity should never be referred to as a vagina.

No. 948251

File: 1584819610285.jpg (308.82 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200321-203751__01…)


The continue

No. 948258

This is just so sad to read. These people are so depressed and mentally ill that they look for validation in communities that egg on their mental illness until they have permanent life altering surgeries to feel whole when in reality they need therapy.

The hair inside of the SRS post makes my skin crawl but in such a sad way. I cant imagine living like that but tbh I dont think its because doctors are afraid of being called transphobic especially here in the US. They make a lot of money with hormone pills and surgeries it's probably a lucrative market to mutilate someone who believes their penis should be a vagina. Society let's them get away with it because transphobia.

I know these are a small portion of horror stories but even the regular process of dilating sounds like torture. Theres so much that can go wrong during an SRS I dont even know how medical professionals cant just admit "it's too dangerous to perform these operations because the risk of permanently mutilating you is way higher than the reward and science just doesnt know how to make a penis into a functioning vagina yet." These doctors are like butchers.

No. 948292

>I lost all of my value on the dating and sex market
How is the top concern in all of this "no one will fuck me"?

No. 948295

How do you dilate it?
It's fucking horrible that more people don't understand how bad this can be

No. 948300

He just seems to have a mutilation fetish, like it can't look that bad (and yes I've seen photos of these things) and the focus on self-surgery seems like this guy just wants to die while operating on himself.

No. 948303

You have to shove medical dildos of increasing diameter into the hole so that it doesn't atrophy and close up on its own. You know, like a real vagina.

No. 948304

still looks like a blatant old man. these troons are so gullible. love seeing them waste all their money though.

No. 948305


They basically use medical dildos of varying sizes, and are meant to leave them in there for a certain time every day to keep the area from closing.

People who get this surgery seem to be consistently surprised to find that a vagina is more than simply a hole, and is impossible to replicate with current technology.

No. 948312

He removed his testicles at home?? What the fuck????

No. 948313

looks like hogboss

No. 948327

File: 1584831105164.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 547.08 KB, 750x1267, 4BE8F1D8-35C9-4148-8ACA-4900E4…)

Oh my fuuuuck he actually posted a picture of his botched, hairy neovagina on reddit for validation.

Please don’t open that spoiler if you don’t want to ruin your day like I did.

No. 948332

>>948327 can someone redline me the hole bc i cannot understand this mess

No. 948333

Holy shit, that whole subreddit is a trip. So many absolutely botched, scar-riddled monstrosities that commenters hail as "ideal results." Jesus, this is deranged beyond belief.

No. 948338

File: 1584832884258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.83 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20200321_232045.jpg)

I'm guessing here cos it looks incredibly hairy

No. 948341

Kek there's people in the thread saying it's a pretty vagina and looks like the one they were born with

No. 948363

Holy shit, it’s going to get infected and turn into a rotting cavity soon. If I were a tranny I’d rather have zero depth surgery than a hairy hole which needs dilations, cleaning inside and shit.

No. 948365

OH. What the fuck. I was thinking he could maybe just wax it like they do with noses (its harmful though, never wax your nose) but euhhg

No. 948380

File: 1584841112012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 580.05 KB, 2208x2944, Z2McnzQ.jpg)

they put the hole where your gooch would be since they don't naturally have a gap in their pelvic floor

No. 948381

I can smell this picture. I hope he regrets this hard in the future, if he already doesn't.

No. 948386

actual quotes from the reddit post
>I was under 2 inches so I had to get a skin graft and there was a lot of stretching
>The only complication so far is there was a separation between the lower and top part of my clitoris

No. 948434


If you look at this guy's profile I almost, almost feel sorry for him, but he's brought this on himself. He's been inquiring about detransitioners and has posted in detrans before, but seems to keep being sucked back in to the MTF echo chamber of "Of course you'll find someone to date even with your botched neovag, it'll get better!"

No. 948470

Wow going thru that subreddit is terrifying, I’m trans sympathetic but everyone on it sounds like a lunatic

No. 948554

File: 1584892783292.jpeg (155.66 KB, 899x1280, ERv3XMFUEAEOC29.jpeg)

Furry transbian, and he's one of those that goes "God I'm so cute/hot", is there anybody more narcissistic than troons?

No. 948555

the wrinkles though…

No. 948576

They are always such ugly ass dudes. Even a 2/10 woman is better looking. Transwomen are so easy to spot. i cant cope with the people who want to give into their delusions

No. 948624

Autogynesmiles are real

No. 949293

Ah, a tale as old as time: a delusional troon thinks he's being banged by "straight" men because he's just like a cis woman, when in reality it's because he's a niche fetish that revolves around being a vaguely female shaped monstrosity but with male genitalia. This isn't the first occurrence of the "my chasers suddenly lost interest in me after bottom surgery, wtf they said they love me for my identity???" effect.

Is this where the whole "terfs reduce women to vaginas" cope comes from?

No. 949417

File: 1585134166419.png (678.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200325-115056.png)

This one made me so angry:

>"Hi there, My name is Julie and I'm an out and proud bi trans woman. For the past six or so years I've been out, and for around four to five of those years I've been on HRT. I've so far been incredibly fortunate to be pretty happy with my body and face overall. I don't feel any need for GRS, nor FFS, so in those respects I've lucked out in regards to both HRT and my own personal desires. However I definitely feel I've been missing something for a while now: Namely noticeable breast growth that has left me satisfied. I know it seems like not much to some in regards to one's own medical journey as a trans woman, but the biggest source of my dysphoria right now are my breasts. I wish I was happier with them, and that I didn't feel the pressures of society to conform in such a way. That sadly just isn't the case, though. I'm not exaggerating that breast augmentation would change my life for the better. This has slowly morphed from a want to a need. I also wish I didn't need to turn to crowdfunding for this endeavour, but after consulting with several practices and my doctor who helps take care of my trans-related medical needs, it looks like the procedure would cost approximately $6,000 AUD. This is a lot of money, especially right now since I am still studying and currently working only a retail job. Medicare here doesn't cover cosmetic surgery like this, even if it's for gender affirming purposes. For around this amount I would be covered for any further consultations, the surgery itself at a private clinic, pre-op and post-op care, as well as routine check-ups after the procedure. As well as that, I am looking to begin my profession as a public school teacher this year, and now would be the best opportunity to start looking into breast augmentation. It seems strange that larger breasts would help me in this regard, but so far during internships I've been clocked and misgendered by students and some staff at a few schools, with my chest size being one specific example of what they noticed. This had led to incredibly awkward and embarassing encounters, which have further required meetings and private discussions amongst fellow teachers and head staff members. These instances were terribly frustrating and left me sobbing for days afterwards. I want to do my best to prevent this being a persistent problem in the future, especially if/when parents/carers of my future students become involved. I'm looking to start teaching in the next few months so I would love somehow to get the surgery this year as well. I'm also finishing my studies so if at some point my employment drastically improves, and I begin to earn more money then I'll be more than willing to adjust the fundraising goal. Any other leftover funds will also be used to help others looking to get their trans-related surgeries. I know times are tough for so many people out there, but I'll be so grateful and thankful for any little bit people can donate, or for people just sharing this. Thank you xo"

This is the best proof that this is a fetish, guy is perfectly content with keeping his dick (aka he knows he'll lose his sex drive if he cuts it off), but he wants to get DDs installed because all women have big boobs I guess. There are thousands of women around the world who live perfectly well with small breasts, and they never get misgendered, because newsflash, they are still women. If it causes such huge problems in his day-to-day life, why can't he just wear prosthetic breasts, it's cheaper and less invasive (and men don't have enough breast tissue to receive real implants anyway). Listening to his voice, I don't think him being flat is the main factor in him being clocked though.

No. 949436

These people shouldn't even be allowed to work with the public.

No. 949474

Seriously. Can I crowdfund for my A cups because I don't feel womanly enough?

No. 949509

No anon, that would make you a slutty bimbo. It's only okay when trannies do it. Besides, women come in all shapes and sizes, like 6'3" with a dick. Now sit down and think about these poor tittyless men.

No. 949577

>I've been clocked and misgendered by students and some staff at a few schools, with my chest size being one specific example of what they noticed. This had led to incredibly awkward and embarassing encounters, which have further required meetings and private discussions amongst fellow teachers and head staff members.

Or you could just move the fuck on instead of imposing your neurosis/narcissim onto innocent strangers? Also how is any of this shit different from body dismorphic disorder?

No. 950187

File: 1585307316191.png (Spoiler Image, 1023.9 KB, 981x931, poor poor kid.png)

So I came across the video on youtube posted here
And decided out of morbid curiousity to check out their insta and…yikes. If people doubted in anyway this was a fetish then this should settle it. I do feel sorry for his kid despite her saying shes fine with it. I know people have strange fetishes but why would anyone pay for this persons nudes? I can see why certain lesbian and gay people are trying to distance themselves from people like this.

No. 950272

File: 1585345722673.png (278.68 KB, 518x438, kf.png)

No. 950320

“Don't. Call. Anyone”

No. 950376

File: 1585366041485.jpg (185.69 KB, 800x1361, disgustang.jpg)

I'm screaming bc I was just recommended this on yt and I practically raced here to tell you guys and he's already posted
>cat ear headband in pink
>obscene, bolt-on 2,200CC shelf titties "I sometimes wonder if I want to go bigger!"
>his bald spot (I literally gasped at 1:32)
>refers to his balls as "those girls"
>severely disabled girlfriend that he "caretakes" for – "nobody wants to assume that we're a couple…people looking at us like, 'how did this happen?'" kek. He' has also orbited her since high school.
>his poor poor daughter - "she and I…..we're so similar!"
>"with all of the information available now on the internet, I'd probably do this a lot sooner"
I like how they shoehorned the daughter in – "My Dad's Big Boobs and Me!," – but it was mostly only about how his sexual proclivities have shaped every facet of her life her life and personality. Cool cool cool cool

No. 950398

libfem women are pathetic

No. 950399

I wonder how the world will feel about this in 20-30 years

No. 950495


Oh, I think there will be better ways to transition in 20-30 years. I don't think that there'll be less trannies at all.

No. 950496

File: 1585403817703.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1502x1144, fuckno.png)

This thread pushed me into a rabbit hole I wish I never went into.


Don't fucking open the spoilered image without being 100% sure you can stomach anything.

I can't help but feel bad for these people. I get an anxiety attack just thinking about what I just saw.

No. 950502


No. 950504

jesus fucking christ, i hovered over this while trying to leave the thread and now i feel nauseous

No. 950508


Is this website just about one person's surgery?
This is absolutely horrifying. I'm scared to look past photos of what I take it to be as the first surgery. Did the labia get infected and the penis came back out? omg…
I hovered over the spoiler for maybe 2 seconds and I can't go back to look.

No. 950512

god I miss the botched neo-vagina subreddit so much. People did make fun of the surgeries there, but it was also a really informative place for people to see how bad such surgeries could go and the risk they would be taking undergoing it. Of course it was deleted after TRA´s screamed transphobia loud enough

No. 950525

Glad im not the only one-yt recommendations are weird and that how I came across it and posted it here >>950187
and yep the video title was misleading like you say I guess they didnt want to get accused of painting him as a creepy fetishiser kek.

No. 950527

I love how they try to paint this as "transwomens vaginas and cis womans vaginas are the same" no they fucking are not lol

No. 950541

My technique for these is to hold the phone an arm's length away, and tilt the screen so I can barely see it. Looks like something from The Thing from that vantage point. Doctors shouldn't offer cosmetic surgeries with such a potentially bad outcome.

No. 950547

Honestly this is why GRS shouldn't be seen as a magical quick fix to all of their problems. There's already some study that shows a certain antipsychotic worked well for gender dysphoria, I don't remember which one of the top of my head, it's been mentioned in previous threads. It's so bizarre that therapy and medication isn't the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria, but surgery that has catastrophic failure rates. Also there aren't enough long term studies on HRT either. All of this is really sad, all the TQ shit. I really feel this is going to be viewed as a kind of dark age in the future.

No. 950581

why is it always mtfs rushing into surgery who end up with shit results like this? i never hear as much about ftm horror stories and complications as i do with mtfs

in fact, most of the ftms ive heard of/talked to don't even want bottom surgery because of how shit the results are and would rather just be flat-chested with a vagina. i don't understand how even with dysphoria someone would turn their genitals into something like that.

No. 950608

I've seen some pretty shit results with top surgeries (salami nipples anyone?) that FtM like to flaunt, especially in the more extreme fakeboi circles. Of course, this is not as bad as MtF SRS, but to me, it's the same thing since you remove perfectly healthy body parts.

No. 950615

File: 1585427822821.png (179.9 KB, 929x740, Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 10.2…)

These people really think they can make themselves new vaginas that are better than the real deal

No. 950658

Suicides are higher after srs because of these shallow statements ("I want perfection") and the outcomes almost always being this >>950496. It's fucked up

No. 950670

Yeah, I think a lot of ftms are fine to settle with the modest clit growth being on testosterone gives them and pretending they have a micropenis. could be that "changing" gender is more of a social and coping thing for ftms, whereas in men it's a sexual/fetish thing and so they're more genital focused. of course there's always the old saying that "it's easier to dig a hole than build a pole" but goddamn these are some fucking sinister-looking holes.

No. 950738

File: 1585451550916.jpg (68.21 KB, 720x649, Screensho~2.jpg)

No. 950858


>"having more hair than usual in the vagina"

Vaginas USUALLY don't have any hair at all inside of them but ok.

No. 950876

Despite falling down these rabbit holes myself I have not once found a pic of post op ftm bottom surgery, but I've also never seen them make ANYWHERE near as big a deal about ~muh womanly aesthetic perfection~

No. 950899

File: 1585498770094.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.33 KB, 720x480, B79E8248-2F9E-4587-8293-9751F6…)

looks like a plush toy penis lmao

No. 950933

I can't even tell if it's supposed to be botched or a success by troon standards.

No. 950943

Anon I was so pure before you showed me this. What have you done

No. 950952

Jesus christ… imagine how mentally ill you have to be to actually do this to your body…

No. 950955

File: 1585511789556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.49 KB, 1536x1219, bruh1.jpg)

When your arm looks like it was attacked by a shark just so you can have a non-functioning penis

No. 950956

Okay I'm pretty inexperienced in this area, but aren't actual dudes penises supposed to shrink a bit when they're not erect? obviously that's not possible to create through surgery, but how tf would this individual wear pants? where is that monster supposed to fit?

No. 950982

utterly horrifying.

No. 950983

I've also heard that they don't get erect either so like, idk what you'd do with it at all (and yes dudes dicks often get really small, so you don't squish it and sit on it and it's not waggling around).

No. 950988

Apparently they put a tube that feeds into one of the balls and you squeeze it. That's how you get "hard"

No. 951023

I could have gone my entire life without seeing that. What the fuck. We live in a world where its acceptable and downright encouraged to do this. Kms.

No. 951054

File: 1585524997506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 676.96 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200329-213228.jpg)


No. 951059

Bottom surgery needs to be illegal. I also can't think of anybody who would would a Frankenstein looking flesh rod festering in their crevices. And even after butchering their delicate areas, they will always be men/women and no normal person would want to be with them.

No. 951066

File: 1585527276110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.46 KB, 800x800, (7)136982_edit.jpg)

This is what the same phalloplasty looks like "healed." it literally looks like a rubber balloon or something

No. 951158

It looks better than the initial frankenstein pic but you can clearly see where the skin was taken on the thigh. And that mock penis raises so many questions. Does it always stay that big? How do you wear any kind of pants? What are the insides made from, and how does that affect the urethra and vaginal functions? Do I even want to know?

I recall seeing another horrible bottom surgery pic possibly on this site. It literally was shaped like a meat tube. Is this really better than a packer or strap on?

No. 951189

i reckon it was just swollen after surgery

No. 951190

As far as i know, there's the forementioned boner tube system and the tube they piss out of, like a plastic tube or some shit. I have no idea why that thing is so massive, i kinda wanna know what country allows this.

No. 951192

If you’re talking about >>951066 , this is after it has healed. There are no signs of inflammation like redness and you can see that the scars are healed. That person is actually stuck with that for life.

No. 951196

It always stays that big because ofc neophalluses don't work like real dicks, they cannot get engorged with blood in a state of arousal. They need a pump-like contraption installed in the "balls" that pumps the "penis" full of air so it can remain "erect" for intercourse. I also would not be surprised if they choose it so big because of autoandrophilia.

Oh, and in most of the cases, the neophallus is actually not properly irrigated in blood (because that's what happens when you graft some piece of flesh where it doesn't belong), so it necrotizes and it falls off.

No. 951220

My vagina actually hurts from looking at these holy fuck
Who ever thought that this was a good idea of treating a mental illness?

No. 951221

I might sound stupid but does the person retain like sensitive-ness in this area? Like if someone gave this thing a handjob or something would they orgasm? Or at least feel aroused?

No. 951222

This might be helpful? It seems they use clitoral nerves for sensation

No. 951226

They probably also choose that size so they can uguu on twitter to males they don't like about how their pseudodick is bigger than theirs

No. 951230

I feel like they didn't think this one through

>arm everyone can see

>penis only you and your partner can see

No. 951258

I can’t believe Nikki Tutorials was a troon all along but maybe it was my autism because to me “she” genuinely looked and sounded like a chick

No. 951261

lot of trans men say they want phallopasty because they want to go to public showers unbothered but wouldn't your typical guy get pissed off if they saw someone walking around in the locker room with a half-erected looking dick

No. 951273

She started hormone therapy young and had a naturally feminine face

No. 951305

Lucked out because "Dutch women are really tall!" was an excuse for being a hulking giant (I mean they're tall, but within reason. Nikki is tall/large even compared to men). Also everyone is using gay/drag (aka appropriately black, mostly female) slang on the internet now, whereas before it would have been an obvious sign of being a HSTS. I've always thought Nikki's looks look like straight up drag makeup but that's been the trend among women too, so.

No. 951310

How late are you anon? At least sage.

No. 951320

File: 1585593867837.png (943.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200117-121625.png)

Let's go back to posting ugly/creepy MtFs, shall we?

No. 951323

Anon. What in the actual fuck. I went through the thread in reverse chronological order and thought the frankendicks were horrific but this… what the fuck is this? what are the…stringy things? what… oh my god my pussy hurts.
Drew Monson is that you?

No. 951362

File: 1585600017445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.84 KB, 718x1377, 2020-03-30_16.21.31.jpg)

What's with all the mtfs in an exclusive female gw subreddit? Even if they aren't showing off dicks or bulges you can always tell by the weird shaped moobs or how some cross their legs in a certain way to hide their dicks (still looks obvious). Gross.

No. 951366

Shit, samefag, I forgot to spoiler but can't seem to delete the post.

No. 951385

They all just gotta invade spaces that specify "women" to really hammer into everybody that they are real wimminz uwu

No. 951409

This needs a spoiler

No. 951416


Not to mention making actual lesbians with dick loathing feel uncomfortable is their fetish.

No. 952130

If anything her voice is what made me have serious doubts at first, but then I was like "it's not nice to assume a super tall and fat woman with a smoker voice is a tim", guess my instinct was right.

No. 953341

File: 1585867887696.jpeg (182.25 KB, 810x960, 7D7E07EF-8EDD-4029-9D4E-31C4DF…)

There's also the fact that Nikkie is still man-sized in person. For reference, Ellen is 5'7".

No. 953344

samefag- just read the post I replied to again and you did mention height, whoopsies.

No. 953347

is this shopped or

No. 953348

No. 953701

File: 1585933752173.jpeg (438.9 KB, 1152x2048, 4DAD6317-A4D9-462B-8FDA-0ACA82…)

Adult male wearing childish dressess and posting photos with his colouring books and plush toys on his public facebook. Is there anything worse than adult male larping as a little girl?

No. 953730

Nikki is apparently 6'3 but I'm pretty sure she is also wearing heels in this picture which adds to the absurdity of how it looks.

No. 953742


Puberty blockers and hormones from a young age clearly only go so far. She looks good but fuck, you'd clock that in a second if you saw her in real life.

No. 953760

>Nikki is apparently 6'3
Why even wear heels at that point…

No. 953763

Because they are for real girlz uwu I guess, troons always put fetishes before practicality.

No. 953952

Seriously, why is autogynosmile a thing? Why are men suddenly incapable of smiling in a non-creeper way when they troon out?

No. 953965

they know if they show their real smile that their giant man jaw will be accentuated so they have to do a creepy half-smile

No. 954576

File: 1586089733328.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200405-125955.png)


No. 954590

ugh disgusting they are as bad as transtrenders, they are basically that as well but with a more perverted and sinister twitst.

No. 954608

>that weird peace sign he is doing

>backing away slowly

No. 954638

It looks more like a serial killer stance than a cute animu gorl pose.

No. 954677

Jeez, does this dude himself thinks he is some qt uwu transgirl or does he know he just looks like an ugly man?

No. 954789

Have there been any recent serious studies about differing etiologies of natal male/natal female transitioning? I read that there was once a clinical distinction between autogynephilic MTFs (who are usually attracted to women and transition well into adulthood/later in life) and dysphoric MTFs (who are usually attracted to men and transition much earlier in life)

No. 955136

Yes, if you go online you can find plenty of studies from Blanchard and his collegues from the 1980s and 90s

Here are the comparisions:

Gender dysphoric = gay, very short in stature, dysphoria started either in childhood or adolescence, more likely to be part of an ethnic minority, tend to be more ''convincing'' due to short height, natural femininity, and lower body weight

Autogynephiliac = heterosexual or pseudo-bisexual, very tall, ''dysphoria'' started in adulthood,

No. 955137

Samefag but I accidentally hit ''send'' too soon

Autogynephiliacs also are more likely to be white and tend to look less ''convincing'' as women

No. 955160

i think i used to know this dude from when i roleplayed on chatzy as a kid. if it is him , he tried to groom me like most troons do

No. 955429

He is known as Remiel Garreau and Atamajakki (@cali_keftiu on Twitter), he is active in the online tabletop RPGs community, he is one of those boring people who want to "queer up" the genre, I hope those informations can help.

No. 955552

So i just stumbled upon this trannys channel by accident through a livestream.
On livestream his mods silence anybody who says anything negative and on his videos he deletes any negative comments.
He gives me huge autogynephile vibes

No. 955554

File: 1586286836294.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.83 KB, 981x720, 87813759_1238566719669389_6680…)

he also has a instagram

No. 955560

File: 1586287328427.jpg (26.45 KB, 415x544, j8712.jpg)

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