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No. 867400

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk

No. 867424

File: 1568224271820.png (616.25 KB, 863x760, librarygirl.PNG)

>library girl

what the fuck is a "library girl"?

No. 867426

File: 1568224508076.png (24.33 KB, 433x381, manicpixielibrarygirl.PNG)

this profile is cringy.
>ashly luna

of course.

(no sage because i sage'd my first post accidentally)

No. 867430

Remember Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai Reventon (legal name)?

No. 867434

you'd think someone would say something about "appropriating japanese" or something. weeb names are bad enough without giving people the ability to legally use them.

No. 867435

File: 1568226644623.jpg (51.22 KB, 610x540, 1529500945558.jpg)

They do actually, more people are concerned about a white "woman" appropriating asian pop culture and pretending to be an authority on weeb news than about the stereotypical lolicon behaviour.

No. 867455

eugh what a gross and also autistic comment. it's like the "brown cows make chocolate milk" thing but creepy and sexual.

No. 867479

File: 1568239022755.jpeg (84.54 KB, 750x325, A596D67D-9E8E-4713-8A00-E6095B…)

I've been thinking about this post (made by an mtf, obviously) for a while now and it just makes me rage because if an ftm talked about doing the same thing to an mtf there would be outrage/the ftm labelled as predatory but mtfs can do no wrong

No. 867501

File: 1568245029157.jpeg (328.73 KB, 744x1780, 3DE9078F-64AB-42C9-A5C2-2B554C…)

Oh my god, who the fuck is this bridge troll trying to fool?
I guess even other troons can sniff out this kind of bullshit, since he managed to get downvoted on that circlejerk of a subreddit.

No. 867515

File: 1568247553395.jpeg (172.76 KB, 483x1095, 8D319E10-93DA-42CD-ACCB-21889E…)

No. 867517

thumb people from spy kids

No. 867522

Isn't there a subreddit dedicated to making fun of mtfs who call themselves lesbians on tinder? does anyone remember what it's called?

No. 867525

why is he wearing spanks as shorts?

No. 867532

That’s a thick ass neck.

No. 867586

He got shit for that too from the "fiction is reality" crowd.

Legally changing his middle name to a ship name AFTER he'd already done the first legal name change, and all for a fucking "best shipper" contest, basically made this dude fair game even for the woke crowd.

No. 867631

Because he’s a male and doesn’t know what spanx are for? Or he’s trying to flatten his dick.

No. 867637

"trans masc" is transgender masculine, ie a FTM.

No. 867680

There's already a gender critical thread on /ot/

No. 867681

It was shut down due to constant meltdowns, infighting and bait taking by reddit and twitterfags. Now sperging gets them banned.

No. 867732

File: 1568309332803.jpg (445.22 KB, 1023x1626, 1567203465961.jpg)


ironically, it was merged with pink pill and rad fem in one thread and now the infighting is all there is, that thread will end up locked down too.

No. 867743

File: 1568310077343.jpg (510 KB, 1288x2048, ugh.jpg)

found this one recently. twitter is guysmiley22
non binary trans lesbian, in a relationship with someone who looks like a real woman.
does not shave its arms or legs or make any real attempt to pass, other than wear womens clothes

No. 867744

File: 1568310276464.jpeg (733.94 KB, 1125x1165, 21C8E9F6-396D-4459-BC83-2DCAEF…)

>relationship with someone who looks like a real woman.


No. 867747

>does not shave its arms or legs or make any real attempt to pass,

Radfem tranny lol(derailing)

No. 867878

File: 1568325164610.jpg (326.31 KB, 1968x1968, fcZXqgW.jpg)

what timeline are we living in anons lmaooo

"Someone told me I look like Rachel McAdams from the notebook.. Do I really pass..?"

No. 867889

I feel bad for his girlfriend, seems they met on Twitter when the guy still identified as a man. Imagine having to be seen in public with these creatures

No. 867942

File: 1568332617344.png (251.91 KB, 320x816, P5_Futaba_Sakura.png)

Is it just me or does he looks like he's trying to dress up as Futaba Sakura?

No. 867946

File: 1568333035949.jpg (22.34 KB, 303x349, pep.JPG)

I'd been wondering what happened to Brian Peppers.

No. 867949

He might be in a relationship with a passing woman but he’s seeing someone else kek

No. 867984

if you're actually curious, he died a while ago (brian peppers)

No. 868084

ha, this is a personal cow of mine. his gf is an actual woman, a youtuber from a movie critic channel(the princess and the scrivener)

all this guy does is post about being disfigured, trans, or anything else he can pity himself for. and his shitty music that is about, yeah, being trans and disfigured.

No. 868173

what a shame, she could do so much better than this guy.

No. 868270

meadovv follows me and a friend of mine that knows her irl said she literally grew up in an anarchist commune, never went to school and has no parents and does sex work to survive. No wonder she's fucked up honestly.

No. 868327

Well shit, Sarah is a conventionally attractive woman, when she was talking about her girlfriend i thought it was a woman who was equally so, not this goblin.

No. 868827

This is a legitimate abomination. Kill it with fire.

No. 868828

this guy is VERY outspoken about being gc and is a decent person. he dresses like a retarded troon but says constantly he is male and that transgenderism is an act against women. he isn't a troon, he just has a female name and wears skirts or whatever

No. 868830

File: 1568523344455.png (344.87 KB, 600x272, fml.png)

No. 868857

File: 1568530596530.png (932.29 KB, 896x804, 4.PNG)

Damn, getting rid of the beard did this guy NO favors. In the first picture he looks like a somewhat eccentric but otherwise normal guy. In the second two, he looks like Gollum in an ugly dress.

How can people watch this happen to their friends and family and not think it's a mental illness? Even the rare troons that "pass" looked way better as their birth gender.

No. 868858

He's thin as Hell, goddamn. It's honestly a bit worrying, reminds me of Cosmo/Narcissa. Makes his manly hands and feet stand out about twice as much as they normally should, too.

No. 868859

If being a troon isn't seen as an illness, then being an ana-chan HAS to be, just look at those nasty arms…unless he claims its a part of his womanhood. If a real woman looked like this, she would be ridiculed by men. But a male…obviously an amazing brave feat or something. I'm not actually sure how much I can say with the weird merging/unmerging of pinkpill and gender crit shit? Sorry for offending any tranny mods, I hope they let us know which ones mod what boards.


No. 868860

>any tranny mods

I thought this board was for women, not sick fucks in women's clothing. There better not be any troons modding this site, although it would certainly explain why the GC thread got trashed with zero input from posters.

No. 868873

lol you're free to shit on troons in any thread anon, we just had too many radfem/gc threads on ot. mazel tov.

No. 868876

Probably not downvoted for obvious bullshit, more likely to be jealousy knowing that sub lol

No. 868879

Ooof. I mean, he's lucky his chin and jaw are pretty small, but it would be a good idea to start gaining fat while on estrogen. It would… soften things? Like sure, there are skinny women out there, but MtFs don't look like skinny women when they're bony. I've heard some have a fear of gaining muscle mass, but if you're on hormones and blockers (or were sterilized) there should be no issue, no? Am I just misinformed?

No. 868886

what the fuck? do they have any pictures together? I dont fucking get this

No. 868890

File: 1568548926412.png (1.44 MB, 1170x1100, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 5.00…)

NTA but

No. 868894

there is absolutely a tranny on the mod team and has been for a while. He's been reeing about shit for a while and is commonly talked about on /soc/. I'm surprised it took this long for them to nuke the threads.

Tranny mod was even over in meta sperging out saying radfems "aren't wanted here by anyone" kek

No. 868898

jesus fucking christ… this is actual nightmare fuel

No. 868908


Why has nothing been done abut this?

No. 868911

I also saw a post about this in /meta/, so I searched terms like "mod on lolcow", "lolcow farm", "tranny mod", on /soc/'s archive on archiveofsins, but there's nothing about a tranny mod on this site.
Can you please explain more, or link to specific threads you've seen in /soc/ about him? What's his nickname, and where is his confirmed link to Lolcow?

No. 868921

When I applied for mod/cleaner in 2015 a guy messaged me on Facebook that had no connection to me whatsoever, it’s also common knowledge that shoeonhead succed up to him/other guy when she was on lolcow’s team

If he’s not a tranny we have a male admin/mod

No. 868924

That's pretty creepy. Do you remember his name or what exactly he said?
I've heard that our original admin, who was male, still had some control over the site even after he stepped down. I wouldn't be surprised if he still does, I think his name was Ian

No. 868927

You’re thinking of like, two admins ago

No. 868932

Nope I didn’t care to keep track of whoever he was but he looked like your average imageboard male user and since then I’ve nuked all accounts connected to anything I’ve posted/applied here.

It’s not surprising that he’s still around

He still controls lolcow.

No. 868934

>disfigured princess

No. 868942

And yet I'm single. I really wonder if his girlfriend is into him. Are they in an open relationship or is she just brain dead? I truly cannot imagine being able to feel love or even wanting to be around such a magnificently ugly fake woman. It's literally built into our DNA to reject deformed and disabled people bc they are giant recessive genes.

No. 868973

Are they…intimate? Gag me with a spoon

No. 868976

>>868973 (very much OT, sorry) we should have a thread for people who date people with hardcore disabilities or deformities.. as >>868942 said we are build to not be attracted to these kind of things. There must be some harcore fetish going on there. Not to speak that in this case the guy is also a tranny.
I can think of at least two women on youtube that date men who are so disabled they can't do anything for themselves, making the women their 24/7 caregivers.

No. 868984

File: 1568570586348.jpg (111.61 KB, 750x537, sandinyourvagina.jpg)

blargh! spoiler that shit! good for them but tbh i don't want to see them flaunting their fetish life.

No. 869024

Didn't realize she was American. Is she trying to get British citizenship or something maybe? Some kind of foreign country fetishist? It's fairly 'easy' to do by marrying someone in the UK, just time consuming.

No. 869030

Seconded. It’s a total power and sympathy thing in my opinion. Like dating an ugly guy guy so they won’t leave you x1000.

No. 869050

Lmao, incels have no excuse

No. 869349

>Some kind of foreign country fetishist?

Mikaela is a 10/10 in Bongland.

No. 869352

File: 1568637205322.png (1.55 MB, 1344x835, stevenlye.png)

>decent person
That's a funny way to describe a former neo-nazi who now tries to pass off his sissy fetish as feminism. Being "not like other troons" doesn't make him not a trainwreck, lol.

No. 869359

Please, I’d love a thread like that. I’m sure there is tons of stuff out there to dig up on disability fetishism.

No. 869375

File: 1568642377258.png (330.79 KB, 586x533, -17- Charlie Craggs --Charlie-…)

Not sure if many here are familiar with the background of lily madigan
>pushed a woman out of her job as labour's officer for womens rights
>had a previous twitter account where he made "jokes" about raping women
>constantly plays victim and keeps changing his identidy for ~uwu~ points
>is now e-begging like the rest of them
Pretty sure hes been mentioned here before

No. 869378

If he wants to be popular with girls he should start identifying as a Hanson member instead.
But seriously, it's horrifying that this rapey young man took a woman's place as women's officer. How did that happen?

No. 869384

No. 869407

File: 1568647848105.jpg (65.42 KB, 577x608, 156744259276.jpg)

"I'd fuck me, i'd fuck me hard"

Goodbyee hooorses… ♪

No. 869408

Why do these so-called commies never realize that their self-absorbed excess and frivolity are peak bourgeoisie

No. 869411

File: 1568648854371.png (578.01 KB, 698x613, 1567460767206.png)


Because all communists are intrinsically retarded and you have to be an even more special brand of delusional dissociative individual to be a first world communist. So troons by default share all the symptoms. Nevermind that anything lgbt was haram in communist countries and in the actual soviet union that idiot would have been put to the wall or sent to a labour camp to cure his faggotry.

No. 869413

something y'all might be Interested in

my cousin is 6'3 and a big burly guy but he has various intellectual disabilities and basically has the mind of a 7 year old and lives with his mother, he works a series of odd jobs to support himself and his mother and is a hard worker but still could never live on his own and needs someone to take of him

currently he has a girlfriend(she is his first and only girlfriend)

you really have to wonder what would make someone want to be in a relationship like that where your partner is on the same mental level as a child(no1curr)

No. 869437

File: 1568653130663.png (79.71 KB, 535x359, rfic6edah2s01.png)

this isn't true, anon. Being gay was legalized in soviet Russia. The idea being there were bigger things to worry about that who was fucking who.

Now for an actual answer that isn't just reeeeing: the communist manifesto is pretty clear that being female is a class. Classes can't be opted into and out of, if they could the bourgs could just say "we're proles" and the entire thing crumbles in on itself. The communist manifesto preaches material feminism, which is pretty close to second wave feminism, hence why you see these boomer commie groups popping up time from time denouncing trannys. identity politics are seen as divisive. You can't organize the proles if they're splitting off into "ok but I'm a tranny so i'm extra special and oppressed" groups. Communist politics would support men wearing dresses etc, but not them being women as you can't just decide what class you're in.

Communist politics are the complete anti-thesis of tranny politics. You can easily send any commie tranny into a tail spin by showing the the attached quote from Engels.

No. 869438

the important point here being: "for the propagation of children" Meaning communists believe female oppression is because of biology, not gender or feelings or clothes etc.

No. 869486

File: 1568661480104.png (144.65 KB, 463x583, liam_pregnant.png)

Oh fucking kek

No. 869500

File: 1568663603858.png (181.7 KB, 1080x1016, Screenshot_20190916-125357_1.p…)

>He still controls lolcow.

Source? Admin stated just 5 days ago in meta that LC is run by females only.

No. 869514

I've seen some questionable bannings recently that would suggest otherwise. Or one of the admins has suddenly decided they hate anything that sounds remotely feminist, after being fine with this for the last two years. Something has changed

No. 869569


So, to shorten it up:

Because all communists are intrinsically retarded and you have to be an even more special brand of delusional dissociative individual to be a first world communist

No. 869572

i remember watching this girl's videos thinking she's cute af (she has a "handsome" sigourney weaver look) and how she would do well with actual bi and lesbian women. shame shes indoctrinated by libfems/TRAs lmao

No. 869578

> Or one of the admins has suddenly decided they hate anything that sounds remotely feminist, after being fine with this for the last two years. Something has changed
I'm the only admin, everyone else is a farmhand or janitor with limited privileges. I carefully verify any new staff members and do have close irl friends as mods (I'm going to be honest here). I've already timestamped myself to verify I'm not a male.
I'm not affiliated with OG admin or Ian in any way, and I'm aware of his various transgressions (flirting with mods, shoeonhead). When sencha handed over the site I made sure there wasn't any way for anyone to remotely access the server through the front or backend.

No. 869584

File: 1568692485269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.23 KB, 841x863, bambicult_1.jpg)

After seeing bambi sleep mentioned on /ot/ and reddit I dug a little deeper and found their discord server.
If you don't know what bambi sleep is it's basically sissy hypnosis. Apparently this is a thing men actively seek out. A common reported side effect of listening to the audio is apparently blacking out and waking up like this.
Spoilered for obvious reasons, open at your own risk.

No. 869586

File: 1568692703155.jpg (57.49 KB, 1196x789, bambicult_2.jpg)

No. 869587

File: 1568692711457.jpg (69.02 KB, 1342x794, bambicult_3.jpg)

No. 869588

File: 1568692738164.jpg (65.16 KB, 1351x755, bambicult_4.jpg)

No doubt some underages have discovered this server, and they even admit this shit is addicting.

No. 869589

File: 1568692844376.jpg (29.45 KB, 845x474, bambicult_5.jpg)

troons dressing in their mothers clothing to further their deviant fetishes

No. 869619

File: 1568708513483.jpeg (621.45 KB, 605x1847, 3C11E9BD-4E2B-4D27-8895-B37FB5…)

black toon ebegging. what’s new

No. 869620


same. i cant imagine what's going on inside her head tbh, if she's genuinely attracted to her 'girlfriend' lmao

No. 869634

they're all autistic? lol, makes sense now. sperg girls are massive male apologists and low-key susceptible to becoming tifs.

No. 869647

Are people trying to meme this as like, a cult or a creepypasta thing? It's very standard. Hypno is just a quasi-BDSM roleplay fetish that "forces" guys to things they "don't want to do" (AKA gives them an excuse to live out fetishes that are normally embarrassing). The files themselves have 0 power, it's all men projecting their own libido onto them.

As far as crazy Discord tranny shenanigans go, I have a feeling we're never going to top Aeromatic trying to build a harem of 13-year-old boys and forcing them to cut themselves and take HRT and shit

No. 869919



There has been a case of a woman managing to get pregnant after hysterectomy thanks to womb transplantation, but she had all the other necessary bits too (ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, natural hormone production).

No. 869973

File: 1568779484186.png (1.66 MB, 960x882, 028CC1F1-515E-4C86-A31E-9044DB…)

Imagine being this dudes wife or child. Ugh

No. 869998

File: 1568787863593.png (800.39 KB, 1063x986, 1562426902922.png)


Same old same old.

No. 869999

File: 1568788323930.jpg (914.15 KB, 2819x2658, 1522568202040.jpg)


they have taken over r9k and lgbt pretty much. Its gaslighting that has proved very efective with autistic weebs. I tinfoil it as a coordinated psy ops targeting them specifically.

No. 870001

File: 1568788862674.jpg (36.64 KB, 518x414, 56603202_3298530460173007_3508…)


I don't think the audio does anything, these people suffer from dissociative disorders, they are simply using excuses to trigger their episodes. I can't believe trained professionals see autistic troons going into fugue states where they masturbate furiously while pretending to be someone else and the psychiatrist goes "uhm, i guess you are a really a woman, go get hormones and fuck your body up"

No. 870009

File: 1568793057418.gif (270.38 KB, 250x282, delightful.gif)

>the function of the estrogen is to tell cells to become female
Pffpf this shit is just hilarious to me. How can someone not look at this collage of anime recolors and misinformation and not laugh?

No. 870012

There's a common conspiracy about this one and discord trannies.

No. 870014

File: 1568794270709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 3000x8500, 1567283310844.jpg)

Yes, r9k and discord groups are full of the same creeps.

No. 870016

That hair is nice ngl.
Not all mtfs are gamers, but a lot of speed runners are mtf's
What I'm saying is, I wouldn't be surprised

No. 870020

File: 1568796314991.png (51.93 KB, 850x435, Risks-Associated-with-Hormone-…)


Even when the hormone treatment is being closely followed by a Doctor the health risk is pretty high, i can imagine it is exponentially higher for lunatics self medicating. Even the "lesser" side effects are fucked up mood swings and deppression, just imagine treating a mentally ill people with chemicals that make emotional imbalances way worse, the 43% statistic makes sense and its almost a miracle is not 100%.

This actually reminds me of that time anons shared infographics on 4chan on how to make crystals and it turned out to be a recipe for mustard gas and some idiot kids ended up in the hospital. Any day these kids self medicating with hormones can develop a blood clot and die in the spot without even seeing it coming.

Everyone on the internet should already know you don't make live altering decisions based on a random collage you found on an anonymous chinese cartoon forum

No. 870034

/vg/ and online game communities are full of smaller lolcows, it's gotten so notorious that people sooner call somebody a troon than "tits or gtfo", my sides. Apparently some of the more infamous ones have a granblue fantasy guild, but I don't know the milk about them.

No. 870036

That is a wig and he’s wearing it crooked.

Don’t let them fool you, tranners have no redeeming features.

No. 870040

>tranners have no redeeming features

Well, the HRT makes them sterile

No. 870080


kek they always buy $20 amazon wigs and wear them outside and it kills me. Can you imagine how bad that shiny plastic shit looks in real life under natural light? Especially after a couple wears.

They always have so much confidence whilst leaving the house like no self-respecting woman would. it's so male.

No. 870397

File: 1568872064359.png (83.23 KB, 676x560, 569.png)

No. 870706

Why are there so many troons in the speed running community? Autism?

No. 871302

I've watched some of this girl's videos and she seems to be very SJW. (I mean, she'd have to be to date that.) I think this has to be a form of very extreme virtue signaling.

No. 881166

File: 1571293202195.jpg (259.7 KB, 706x717, 1571284786353.jpg)

No. 881223

File: 1571319033490.jpeg (626.88 KB, 736x1345, C12BCF78-80D9-4F85-8588-4C5638…)

No. 881236

Fuck, good for him. But horrible for the water supply. Retard should have just thrown them in the trash or taken them to a pharmacy to get properly destroyed.

No. 884329

its allegedly a heart shape, ive seen some koreaboos use it. just looks like theyre holding an invisible joint

No. 884509

Unfortunately, Sammy's back to trooning out. He doesn't come off as much of a cow, just a very standard MtF who's a little slow in the head.

As an aside, the person who's second from the top left in the OP pic isn't trans, whoever made the image was trying to fuck with him.

No. 884510

File: 1572011384376.png (116.25 KB, 1459x843, image.png)

Forgot pic

No. 886492

File: 1572399804431.png (137.86 KB, 385x455, Chambers1.png)

Finally found exactly the place to post about this.

I don't know where to begin, but as of like, 4-5 months ago I started catching some of Chambers (Now goes by Carren) on my feed on twitter. I followed their boyfriend, and they got retweeted, I think.

I enjoy getting exposed to this type of shit natrually, so I followed them on twitter, and it's been hard watching them just interact.

I don't know if it's just someone being a spazz, but regardless it's strange. If I'm validated, and this is worth milking, let me know, eh? I'll post a couple of snapshots, and if there's interest I'll dredge up more.

No. 886494

File: 1572399905989.png (12.77 KB, 647x129, Chambers2.png)

Just don't go harassing them, I just want to people with Chambers with others, and my circle of friends is sick of it.

No. 886496

File: 1572400015597.png (28.25 KB, 643x276, ChambersDouble.png)

*People watch
My bad.

going back through, there's a loads of just game clips, but something about how they act just makes me wanna watch.

No. 886506

You can say “he,” anon.

No. 886910

File: 1572483616573.png (42.07 KB, 643x268, ChambersStarwars.png)

I didn't want 'misgendering' to get filed under 'hate autism'.

It feels strange because he's not even that much different from most shitposters on twitter, he just sad posts about running out of estrogen a lot.

No. 889579

Well at least we're not speaking German!!!!

No. 889580

It's a little early - but next thread picture

No. 889597

Fucking fetishizing, pornsick autogynephile. If he really wanted to be like a real woman, he wouldve at least given himself normal-sized tits that aren't pushed up to the max. This is an obvious fetish. Fuck these disgusting men.

No. 889746

This is definitely fetish. Some sort of bimbofication, sissy degeneracy….

No. 889843

My roommate did dom stuff years ago before the whole tranny hysteria hit the mainstream, my point is, I can attest that this is indeed a fetish for the vast majority of them. They called themselves sissies

No. 890021


I tried watching this trainwreck. Thankfully it's not just us who notice the mega boobs horror. This is just as bad as the ones who dress up in ridiculous pink and frilly froo-froo outfits with pony beads and pipe cleaner bracelets because they want to be so feminine and girly. No self-respecting woman would go outside looking like she has two inflatable beach balls on her chest…total male fetish!

No. 890407


LOL the mobility chair, the weird monowheel thing + the cat ears and the daughter on the skateboard. When 'the decline of the west' rolls right up on you….

Even the title of the video - "My dads big cans…." and the deviant art style work she's doing on that cintiq.

It's so obvious to everyone that this is a gross fetish and a total degradation of femininity, most people just don't have the courage to express this publicly.

No. 890460

These deranged men are appropriating my gender and making a mockery of it

No. 890782

File: 1573245925617.jpg (183.75 KB, 720x1018, 1573106280298.jpg)

Found today on /fit/

No. 890833

I love me some international troon hate

No. 891021

i feel bad every time i see this because beckii cruel is in it lmao.

No. 891077

God, that photo of Narcissa is terrifying.

No. 891300

lul this is the same dude that gets pissed at japanese people "misgendering" him and uses being trans as an excuse for why he keeps losing his job. newsflash maybe get the fuck out of nippon if it triggers you so bad and you cant keep a job for more than 2 months

No. 891753

I don’t even understand this but somehow I agree

No. 896469

lmao nigga where are you getting your info from
I was born IN the soviet union in the late 70s, we did not fucking legalize being gay and I clearly remember people getting severely bashed for it behind schools and public bathrooms for years.
It was, and still is, seen as a mental illness here in russia.(derail, blog)

No. 896473

No. 898412

I'm pretty sure homosexuality being decriminalised was basically a case of a whole heap of old Tsarist laws being overturned or re-written after the revolution which just so happened to include homosexuality, presumably amongst other things. Either way, it was explicitly re-criminalised under Stalin in the 30s.
Yeah, as far as I know the ban from the 30s lasted into the 90s.

No. 900065

File: 1575210848119.jpg (59.28 KB, 480x583, IMG_20191201_153033_892.jpg)

No. 900066

File: 1575211074312.jpg (27.62 KB, 450x440, IMG_20191201_153522_307.jpg)

No. 900071

it's almost amazing how men are always inventing new ways to harm women and get away with it

No. 900131

File: 1575224720410.jpg (112.92 KB, 725x1200, ugh.jpg)


this "butch trans dyke" has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while, ever since i saw him post his copy of Stone Butch Blues.

he also once posted about how he scared some woman when he entered the women's room. and, you know the drill, of course he's a communist who only dates other MtFs

No. 900135

File: 1575224970405.jpg (95.2 KB, 643x1200, a stunning womyn.jpg)


No. 900150

Oh god I ran in similar circles with this dude a couple years back before I peaked. Never got close because I was good friends with a girl he bullied (for lack of a better term?) Completely forgot about him.

Don't have milk to add but the only dating mtfs is new-ish. A few years ago he pretty much only dated punk-y "cis/nb" women with like Chelsea cuts. (as long as they called themselves dykes! of course!)

No. 900155

w-wait… he's pretending to be a butch lesbian? WHAT?! also the fucking misogynist "I'm not smart". He's literally LARPing as a masculine woman holy shit. the only thing that makes him "pass" is the fucking sports bra. i cannot believe this KEK.

the troon he's dating now has a Chelsea cut lmao

No. 900169

yea, the reason i found him was cause a few people i used to follow kept liking his selfies. even back then, i was like "ehhh i don't think so.."
he's absolutely Peak material

No. 900573

File: 1575303571863.jpg (338.83 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191202_081750.jpg)

samefag, but posted this picture of his car and I wanna barf

No. 900594

this looks like a woman to me? the orbital bones or something is throwing me off

No. 900619

Noooo! That doesn't go on the floor of your car next to your beer and nasty sneakers. Eew.

No. 900665

he's using it on his ass or? lol

No. 900830

File: 1575345719211.jpeg (471.71 KB, 750x959, E8A81DFC-54E4-424C-819F-67DD05…)

These guys calling themselves dykes is so gross

No. 906276

God I hate trannies

No. 926363

File: 1580496770669.png (514.62 KB, 727x734, screenshotAtUploadCC_158049550…)

imagine doing this much work and just end up looking like a underage boy in drag (at best)

No. 926667

File: 1580556548035.png (154.26 KB, 435x429, Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.2…)

My exes (then male) friend always creeped me out and I didnt know why. Now i know why. I dgaf if someone wants to transition but he's already so creepy and it strongly comes over like "she's" trying to get closer to women.

No. 926668

File: 1580556578600.png (568.71 KB, 590x628, Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 11.2…)


also I am pretty much 100 per cent sure it's a fetish thing:

No. 926676

Someone who sexually abused me as a kid is mtf now, for some reason I expected him to be. Why is there such a link between pedophilia and mtf, its like 98% of them are fucking grotesque but ftm doesnt seem to have that issue, idk.

No. 926678

File: 1580558737877.jpg (18.55 KB, 480x240, nikita-dragun-without-makeup-1…)

there's a study on the link between sexual coercive thoughts and autogynophilia
Reminds me of nikita with the underlying masculine face

No. 926711

First they force themselves on females, then they become the female that they want. God forbid they work on becoming a decent man and attracting consenting partners..

Meanwhile ftms are those little girls that were abused

No. 939827

File: 1583171232530.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.32 KB, 1536x2048, EP_TMcPXUAA5xMU.jpeg)

Used to follow this guy on Tumblr years ago, I'm now convinced hrt melts the brain as he became a degenerate furry.

No. 939829

File: 1583171343196.png (383.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200213-095940.png)

And as usual, it's definitely not a fetish, no sir!

No. 939839

Imo, most males just don't feel empathy for women. Or at least don't try.

No. 939843

Most males don't have a lot of empathy in general

Source: zoosadism leaks, history, pedo statistics, rape statistics etc etc

No. 939879

I think I've seen at least a dozen MtFs that look EXACTLY like this. I think we need to ditch the big eyebrow trend so guys like this stop deluding themselves into thinking they pass because an extremely beautiful, feminine featured woman has eyebrows like that.

No. 939887

those eyebrows are haunting

No. 939894

File: 1583180148502.jpg (384.55 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20200302-210857__01…)

Have you guys seen this specimen that mutilated himself? He had his moment in the limelight a while ago, but his botched bottom surgery was the focal point back then. Still feel as if this horrifying detail was overlooked and underappreciated milk.

Sage for old milk.

No. 939907

>I removed my testicles at home

No. 939951

Sounds like a troll.

No. 946009

It's unfortunately real, I've seen the pictures (I think on an old GC thread)

Either him or someone else who really did this and put 'em in a jar.
I've always thought lopping off dick 'n balls is utter madness, it's mutilation pure and simple. I have no idea why it's been encouraged in recent years.

No. 947527

File: 1584648905520.png (3.48 MB, 1068x2048, 121C765A-3212-4B30-85F0-2191B8…)

This one always makes me laugh. "Alice" is a 24 year old "butch trans lesbian" who, amazingly, looks more like someone's 53 year old barbecue dad. Also got cancelled on tumblr recently (url is peteseeger) for having a weird creeper fetish for black women.

No. 947580

File: 1584658637163.jpg (893.44 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20200320-005628_Twi…)

End my fucking life

No. 947585

File: 1584659348599.jpg (708.15 KB, 2560x2060, 20200320_010755.jpg)

OK wow he seems to be milky

No. 947622

you cannot be a 'man' and a lesbian. so this piece of shit needs to pick one. this is honestly so infuriating to real lesbians and women in general

No. 947648

File: 1584666279548.jpeg (842.38 KB, 1242x1548, E33ED27C-64EB-4E14-A582-FFCF07…)

This is like the final boss of maintaining the delusion that whoever says they're a woman is a woman.

No. 947673

I dont get it. They want to be female to male but also a lesbian? how does that work? RIP to single lesbians out there who have to deal with this shit

No. 947684

This is a biologically male "trans woman" who is pretending to be a butch lesbian.

No. 947686

Oh shit, thanks for the explanation anon. he is batshit insane

No. 947742

wow… they just will never care how shitty they are as people

No. 947787

He looks like he's on his way to his Young Republicans meeting.

No. 947898

Ironic because he's an uwu twans commie, of course.
Also kinda shitty Pete Seeger's name is now tied to an ugly tub of fuck with a lesbian fetish.

No. 947900

>pan, trans, non binary

why is this like the trifecta for the insane?

No. 947994

File: 1584743526613.jpg (40.92 KB, 640x465, f46707866dec64c445397830686751…)

I was thinking grown up Martin Prince.

No. 948138

File: 1584787567932.png (638.46 KB, 846x600, facial-feminization-drreginaro…)

No. 948140

honestly this one isn't bad. The surgeries really softened their features. They're not trying to look like a bimbo or anything, just more feminine and it works to me.

No. 948141

the after just looks like a feminine man. Men can have soft features too. Also his jaw is huge.

No. 948164

Why are they always furries lmao

No. 948179

Guarantee the voice or overall body shape would make him instantly clockable though

No. 948223

File: 1584813663003.jpg (559.87 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20200321-184859__01…)


I fucking wish it was a troll. This is some of the most recent milk. Plenty of things to unpack here but too much for one post.
Stupidstories in reddit.

No. 948234

>replaced with my colon
My mouth literally gaped in disgust my god

No. 948248

Oh my fucking god this is fucking disgusting, why did the doctors perform this surgery? I guess if they didn't he and other trannies would kick up a storm and cancel the clinic or whatever
But holy hell i cannot imagine putting my fingers in my vagina and feeling HAIR. Fuck. Gross.
And the alternate of taking your fucking colon is horrendous too.
And still these dimwits are willing go through this procedure even with all these horror stories on the internet.
Also this fucking disgusting hairy monstrosity should never be referred to as a vagina.

No. 948251

File: 1584819610285.jpg (308.82 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200321-203751__01…)


The continue

No. 948258

This is just so sad to read. These people are so depressed and mentally ill that they look for validation in communities that egg on their mental illness until they have permanent life altering surgeries to feel whole when in reality they need therapy.

The hair inside of the SRS post makes my skin crawl but in such a sad way. I cant imagine living like that but tbh I dont think its because doctors are afraid of being called transphobic especially here in the US. They make a lot of money with hormone pills and surgeries it's probably a lucrative market to mutilate someone who believes their penis should be a vagina. Society let's them get away with it because transphobia.

I know these are a small portion of horror stories but even the regular process of dilating sounds like torture. Theres so much that can go wrong during an SRS I dont even know how medical professionals cant just admit "it's too dangerous to perform these operations because the risk of permanently mutilating you is way higher than the reward and science just doesnt know how to make a penis into a functioning vagina yet." These doctors are like butchers.

No. 948292

>I lost all of my value on the dating and sex market
How is the top concern in all of this "no one will fuck me"?

No. 948295

How do you dilate it?
It's fucking horrible that more people don't understand how bad this can be

No. 948300

He just seems to have a mutilation fetish, like it can't look that bad (and yes I've seen photos of these things) and the focus on self-surgery seems like this guy just wants to die while operating on himself.

No. 948303

You have to shove medical dildos of increasing diameter into the hole so that it doesn't atrophy and close up on its own. You know, like a real vagina.

No. 948304

still looks like a blatant old man. these troons are so gullible. love seeing them waste all their money though.

No. 948305


They basically use medical dildos of varying sizes, and are meant to leave them in there for a certain time every day to keep the area from closing.

People who get this surgery seem to be consistently surprised to find that a vagina is more than simply a hole, and is impossible to replicate with current technology.

No. 948312

He removed his testicles at home?? What the fuck????

No. 948313

looks like hogboss

No. 948327

File: 1584831105164.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 547.08 KB, 750x1267, 4BE8F1D8-35C9-4148-8ACA-4900E4…)

Oh my fuuuuck he actually posted a picture of his botched, hairy neovagina on reddit for validation.

Please don’t open that spoiler if you don’t want to ruin your day like I did.

No. 948332

>>948327 can someone redline me the hole bc i cannot understand this mess

No. 948333

Holy shit, that whole subreddit is a trip. So many absolutely botched, scar-riddled monstrosities that commenters hail as "ideal results." Jesus, this is deranged beyond belief.

No. 948338

File: 1584832884258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.83 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20200321_232045.jpg)

I'm guessing here cos it looks incredibly hairy

No. 948341

Kek there's people in the thread saying it's a pretty vagina and looks like the one they were born with

No. 948363

Holy shit, it’s going to get infected and turn into a rotting cavity soon. If I were a tranny I’d rather have zero depth surgery than a hairy hole which needs dilations, cleaning inside and shit.

No. 948365

OH. What the fuck. I was thinking he could maybe just wax it like they do with noses (its harmful though, never wax your nose) but euhhg

No. 948380

File: 1584841112012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 580.05 KB, 2208x2944, Z2McnzQ.jpg)

they put the hole where your gooch would be since they don't naturally have a gap in their pelvic floor

No. 948381

I can smell this picture. I hope he regrets this hard in the future, if he already doesn't.

No. 948386

actual quotes from the reddit post
>I was under 2 inches so I had to get a skin graft and there was a lot of stretching
>The only complication so far is there was a separation between the lower and top part of my clitoris

No. 948434


If you look at this guy's profile I almost, almost feel sorry for him, but he's brought this on himself. He's been inquiring about detransitioners and has posted in detrans before, but seems to keep being sucked back in to the MTF echo chamber of "Of course you'll find someone to date even with your botched neovag, it'll get better!"

No. 948470

Wow going thru that subreddit is terrifying, I’m trans sympathetic but everyone on it sounds like a lunatic

No. 948554

File: 1584892783292.jpeg (155.66 KB, 899x1280, ERv3XMFUEAEOC29.jpeg)

Furry transbian, and he's one of those that goes "God I'm so cute/hot", is there anybody more narcissistic than troons?

No. 948555

the wrinkles though…

No. 948576

They are always such ugly ass dudes. Even a 2/10 woman is better looking. Transwomen are so easy to spot. i cant cope with the people who want to give into their delusions

No. 948624

Autogynesmiles are real

No. 949293

Ah, a tale as old as time: a delusional troon thinks he's being banged by "straight" men because he's just like a cis woman, when in reality it's because he's a niche fetish that revolves around being a vaguely female shaped monstrosity but with male genitalia. This isn't the first occurrence of the "my chasers suddenly lost interest in me after bottom surgery, wtf they said they love me for my identity???" effect.

Is this where the whole "terfs reduce women to vaginas" cope comes from?

No. 949417

File: 1585134166419.png (678.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200325-115056.png)

This one made me so angry:

>"Hi there, My name is Julie and I'm an out and proud bi trans woman. For the past six or so years I've been out, and for around four to five of those years I've been on HRT. I've so far been incredibly fortunate to be pretty happy with my body and face overall. I don't feel any need for GRS, nor FFS, so in those respects I've lucked out in regards to both HRT and my own personal desires. However I definitely feel I've been missing something for a while now: Namely noticeable breast growth that has left me satisfied. I know it seems like not much to some in regards to one's own medical journey as a trans woman, but the biggest source of my dysphoria right now are my breasts. I wish I was happier with them, and that I didn't feel the pressures of society to conform in such a way. That sadly just isn't the case, though. I'm not exaggerating that breast augmentation would change my life for the better. This has slowly morphed from a want to a need. I also wish I didn't need to turn to crowdfunding for this endeavour, but after consulting with several practices and my doctor who helps take care of my trans-related medical needs, it looks like the procedure would cost approximately $6,000 AUD. This is a lot of money, especially right now since I am still studying and currently working only a retail job. Medicare here doesn't cover cosmetic surgery like this, even if it's for gender affirming purposes. For around this amount I would be covered for any further consultations, the surgery itself at a private clinic, pre-op and post-op care, as well as routine check-ups after the procedure. As well as that, I am looking to begin my profession as a public school teacher this year, and now would be the best opportunity to start looking into breast augmentation. It seems strange that larger breasts would help me in this regard, but so far during internships I've been clocked and misgendered by students and some staff at a few schools, with my chest size being one specific example of what they noticed. This had led to incredibly awkward and embarassing encounters, which have further required meetings and private discussions amongst fellow teachers and head staff members. These instances were terribly frustrating and left me sobbing for days afterwards. I want to do my best to prevent this being a persistent problem in the future, especially if/when parents/carers of my future students become involved. I'm looking to start teaching in the next few months so I would love somehow to get the surgery this year as well. I'm also finishing my studies so if at some point my employment drastically improves, and I begin to earn more money then I'll be more than willing to adjust the fundraising goal. Any other leftover funds will also be used to help others looking to get their trans-related surgeries. I know times are tough for so many people out there, but I'll be so grateful and thankful for any little bit people can donate, or for people just sharing this. Thank you xo"

This is the best proof that this is a fetish, guy is perfectly content with keeping his dick (aka he knows he'll lose his sex drive if he cuts it off), but he wants to get DDs installed because all women have big boobs I guess. There are thousands of women around the world who live perfectly well with small breasts, and they never get misgendered, because newsflash, they are still women. If it causes such huge problems in his day-to-day life, why can't he just wear prosthetic breasts, it's cheaper and less invasive (and men don't have enough breast tissue to receive real implants anyway). Listening to his voice, I don't think him being flat is the main factor in him being clocked though.

No. 949436

These people shouldn't even be allowed to work with the public.

No. 949474

Seriously. Can I crowdfund for my A cups because I don't feel womanly enough?

No. 949509

No anon, that would make you a slutty bimbo. It's only okay when trannies do it. Besides, women come in all shapes and sizes, like 6'3" with a dick. Now sit down and think about these poor tittyless men.

No. 949577

>I've been clocked and misgendered by students and some staff at a few schools, with my chest size being one specific example of what they noticed. This had led to incredibly awkward and embarassing encounters, which have further required meetings and private discussions amongst fellow teachers and head staff members.

Or you could just move the fuck on instead of imposing your neurosis/narcissim onto innocent strangers? Also how is any of this shit different from body dismorphic disorder?

No. 950187

File: 1585307316191.png (Spoiler Image, 1023.9 KB, 981x931, poor poor kid.png)

So I came across the video on youtube posted here
And decided out of morbid curiousity to check out their insta and…yikes. If people doubted in anyway this was a fetish then this should settle it. I do feel sorry for his kid despite her saying shes fine with it. I know people have strange fetishes but why would anyone pay for this persons nudes? I can see why certain lesbian and gay people are trying to distance themselves from people like this.

No. 950272

File: 1585345722673.png (278.68 KB, 518x438, kf.png)

No. 950320

“Don't. Call. Anyone”

No. 950376

File: 1585366041485.jpg (185.69 KB, 800x1361, disgustang.jpg)

I'm screaming bc I was just recommended this on yt and I practically raced here to tell you guys and he's already posted
>cat ear headband in pink
>obscene, bolt-on 2,200CC shelf titties "I sometimes wonder if I want to go bigger!"
>his bald spot (I literally gasped at 1:32)
>refers to his balls as "those girls"
>severely disabled girlfriend that he "caretakes" for – "nobody wants to assume that we're a couple…people looking at us like, 'how did this happen?'" kek. He' has also orbited her since high school.
>his poor poor daughter - "she and I…..we're so similar!"
>"with all of the information available now on the internet, I'd probably do this a lot sooner"
I like how they shoehorned the daughter in – "My Dad's Big Boobs and Me!," – but it was mostly only about how his sexual proclivities have shaped every facet of her life her life and personality. Cool cool cool cool

No. 950398

libfem women are pathetic

No. 950399

I wonder how the world will feel about this in 20-30 years

No. 950495


Oh, I think there will be better ways to transition in 20-30 years. I don't think that there'll be less trannies at all.

No. 950496

File: 1585403817703.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1502x1144, fuckno.png)

This thread pushed me into a rabbit hole I wish I never went into.


Don't fucking open the spoilered image without being 100% sure you can stomach anything.

I can't help but feel bad for these people. I get an anxiety attack just thinking about what I just saw.

No. 950502


No. 950504

jesus fucking christ, i hovered over this while trying to leave the thread and now i feel nauseous

No. 950508


Is this website just about one person's surgery?
This is absolutely horrifying. I'm scared to look past photos of what I take it to be as the first surgery. Did the labia get infected and the penis came back out? omg…
I hovered over the spoiler for maybe 2 seconds and I can't go back to look.

No. 950512

god I miss the botched neo-vagina subreddit so much. People did make fun of the surgeries there, but it was also a really informative place for people to see how bad such surgeries could go and the risk they would be taking undergoing it. Of course it was deleted after TRA´s screamed transphobia loud enough

No. 950525

Glad im not the only one-yt recommendations are weird and that how I came across it and posted it here >>950187
and yep the video title was misleading like you say I guess they didnt want to get accused of painting him as a creepy fetishiser kek.

No. 950527

I love how they try to paint this as "transwomens vaginas and cis womans vaginas are the same" no they fucking are not lol

No. 950541

My technique for these is to hold the phone an arm's length away, and tilt the screen so I can barely see it. Looks like something from The Thing from that vantage point. Doctors shouldn't offer cosmetic surgeries with such a potentially bad outcome.

No. 950547

Honestly this is why GRS shouldn't be seen as a magical quick fix to all of their problems. There's already some study that shows a certain antipsychotic worked well for gender dysphoria, I don't remember which one of the top of my head, it's been mentioned in previous threads. It's so bizarre that therapy and medication isn't the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria, but surgery that has catastrophic failure rates. Also there aren't enough long term studies on HRT either. All of this is really sad, all the TQ shit. I really feel this is going to be viewed as a kind of dark age in the future.

No. 950581

why is it always mtfs rushing into surgery who end up with shit results like this? i never hear as much about ftm horror stories and complications as i do with mtfs

in fact, most of the ftms ive heard of/talked to don't even want bottom surgery because of how shit the results are and would rather just be flat-chested with a vagina. i don't understand how even with dysphoria someone would turn their genitals into something like that.

No. 950608

I've seen some pretty shit results with top surgeries (salami nipples anyone?) that FtM like to flaunt, especially in the more extreme fakeboi circles. Of course, this is not as bad as MtF SRS, but to me, it's the same thing since you remove perfectly healthy body parts.

No. 950615

File: 1585427822821.png (179.9 KB, 929x740, Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 10.2…)

These people really think they can make themselves new vaginas that are better than the real deal

No. 950658

Suicides are higher after srs because of these shallow statements ("I want perfection") and the outcomes almost always being this >>950496. It's fucked up

No. 950670

Yeah, I think a lot of ftms are fine to settle with the modest clit growth being on testosterone gives them and pretending they have a micropenis. could be that "changing" gender is more of a social and coping thing for ftms, whereas in men it's a sexual/fetish thing and so they're more genital focused. of course there's always the old saying that "it's easier to dig a hole than build a pole" but goddamn these are some fucking sinister-looking holes.

No. 950738

File: 1585451550916.jpg (68.21 KB, 720x649, Screensho~2.jpg)

No. 950858


>"having more hair than usual in the vagina"

Vaginas USUALLY don't have any hair at all inside of them but ok.

No. 950876

Despite falling down these rabbit holes myself I have not once found a pic of post op ftm bottom surgery, but I've also never seen them make ANYWHERE near as big a deal about ~muh womanly aesthetic perfection~

No. 950899

File: 1585498770094.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.33 KB, 720x480, B79E8248-2F9E-4587-8293-9751F6…)

looks like a plush toy penis lmao

No. 950933

I can't even tell if it's supposed to be botched or a success by troon standards.

No. 950943

Anon I was so pure before you showed me this. What have you done

No. 950952

Jesus christ… imagine how mentally ill you have to be to actually do this to your body…

No. 950955

File: 1585511789556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.49 KB, 1536x1219, bruh1.jpg)

When your arm looks like it was attacked by a shark just so you can have a non-functioning penis

No. 950956

Okay I'm pretty inexperienced in this area, but aren't actual dudes penises supposed to shrink a bit when they're not erect? obviously that's not possible to create through surgery, but how tf would this individual wear pants? where is that monster supposed to fit?

No. 950982

utterly horrifying.

No. 950983

I've also heard that they don't get erect either so like, idk what you'd do with it at all (and yes dudes dicks often get really small, so you don't squish it and sit on it and it's not waggling around).

No. 950988

Apparently they put a tube that feeds into one of the balls and you squeeze it. That's how you get "hard"

No. 951023

I could have gone my entire life without seeing that. What the fuck. We live in a world where its acceptable and downright encouraged to do this. Kms.

No. 951054

File: 1585524997506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 676.96 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200329-213228.jpg)


No. 951059

Bottom surgery needs to be illegal. I also can't think of anybody who would would a Frankenstein looking flesh rod festering in their crevices. And even after butchering their delicate areas, they will always be men/women and no normal person would want to be with them.

No. 951066

File: 1585527276110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.46 KB, 800x800, (7)136982_edit.jpg)

This is what the same phalloplasty looks like "healed." it literally looks like a rubber balloon or something

No. 951158

It looks better than the initial frankenstein pic but you can clearly see where the skin was taken on the thigh. And that mock penis raises so many questions. Does it always stay that big? How do you wear any kind of pants? What are the insides made from, and how does that affect the urethra and vaginal functions? Do I even want to know?

I recall seeing another horrible bottom surgery pic possibly on this site. It literally was shaped like a meat tube. Is this really better than a packer or strap on?

No. 951189

i reckon it was just swollen after surgery

No. 951190

As far as i know, there's the forementioned boner tube system and the tube they piss out of, like a plastic tube or some shit. I have no idea why that thing is so massive, i kinda wanna know what country allows this.

No. 951192

If you’re talking about >>951066 , this is after it has healed. There are no signs of inflammation like redness and you can see that the scars are healed. That person is actually stuck with that for life.

No. 951196

It always stays that big because ofc neophalluses don't work like real dicks, they cannot get engorged with blood in a state of arousal. They need a pump-like contraption installed in the "balls" that pumps the "penis" full of air so it can remain "erect" for intercourse. I also would not be surprised if they choose it so big because of autoandrophilia.

Oh, and in most of the cases, the neophallus is actually not properly irrigated in blood (because that's what happens when you graft some piece of flesh where it doesn't belong), so it necrotizes and it falls off.

No. 951220

My vagina actually hurts from looking at these holy fuck
Who ever thought that this was a good idea of treating a mental illness?

No. 951221

I might sound stupid but does the person retain like sensitive-ness in this area? Like if someone gave this thing a handjob or something would they orgasm? Or at least feel aroused?

No. 951222

This might be helpful? It seems they use clitoral nerves for sensation

No. 951226

They probably also choose that size so they can uguu on twitter to males they don't like about how their pseudodick is bigger than theirs

No. 951230

I feel like they didn't think this one through

>arm everyone can see

>penis only you and your partner can see

No. 951258

I can’t believe Nikki Tutorials was a troon all along but maybe it was my autism because to me “she” genuinely looked and sounded like a chick

No. 951261

lot of trans men say they want phallopasty because they want to go to public showers unbothered but wouldn't your typical guy get pissed off if they saw someone walking around in the locker room with a half-erected looking dick

No. 951273

She started hormone therapy young and had a naturally feminine face

No. 951305

Lucked out because "Dutch women are really tall!" was an excuse for being a hulking giant (I mean they're tall, but within reason. Nikki is tall/large even compared to men). Also everyone is using gay/drag (aka appropriately black, mostly female) slang on the internet now, whereas before it would have been an obvious sign of being a HSTS. I've always thought Nikki's looks look like straight up drag makeup but that's been the trend among women too, so.

No. 951310

How late are you anon? At least sage.

No. 951320

File: 1585593867837.png (943.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200117-121625.png)

Let's go back to posting ugly/creepy MtFs, shall we?

No. 951323

Anon. What in the actual fuck. I went through the thread in reverse chronological order and thought the frankendicks were horrific but this… what the fuck is this? what are the…stringy things? what… oh my god my pussy hurts.
Drew Monson is that you?

No. 951362

File: 1585600017445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.84 KB, 718x1377, 2020-03-30_16.21.31.jpg)

What's with all the mtfs in an exclusive female gw subreddit? Even if they aren't showing off dicks or bulges you can always tell by the weird shaped moobs or how some cross their legs in a certain way to hide their dicks (still looks obvious). Gross.

No. 951366

Shit, samefag, I forgot to spoiler but can't seem to delete the post.

No. 951385

They all just gotta invade spaces that specify "women" to really hammer into everybody that they are real wimminz uwu

No. 951409

This needs a spoiler

No. 951416


Not to mention making actual lesbians with dick loathing feel uncomfortable is their fetish.

No. 952130

If anything her voice is what made me have serious doubts at first, but then I was like "it's not nice to assume a super tall and fat woman with a smoker voice is a tim", guess my instinct was right.

No. 953341

File: 1585867887696.jpeg (182.25 KB, 810x960, 7D7E07EF-8EDD-4029-9D4E-31C4DF…)

There's also the fact that Nikkie is still man-sized in person. For reference, Ellen is 5'7".

No. 953344

samefag- just read the post I replied to again and you did mention height, whoopsies.

No. 953347

is this shopped or

No. 953348

No. 953701

File: 1585933752173.jpeg (438.9 KB, 1152x2048, 4DAD6317-A4D9-462B-8FDA-0ACA82…)

Adult male wearing childish dressess and posting photos with his colouring books and plush toys on his public facebook. Is there anything worse than adult male larping as a little girl?

No. 953730

Nikki is apparently 6'3 but I'm pretty sure she is also wearing heels in this picture which adds to the absurdity of how it looks.

No. 953742


Puberty blockers and hormones from a young age clearly only go so far. She looks good but fuck, you'd clock that in a second if you saw her in real life.

No. 953760

>Nikki is apparently 6'3
Why even wear heels at that point…

No. 953763

Because they are for real girlz uwu I guess, troons always put fetishes before practicality.

No. 953952

Seriously, why is autogynosmile a thing? Why are men suddenly incapable of smiling in a non-creeper way when they troon out?

No. 953965

they know if they show their real smile that their giant man jaw will be accentuated so they have to do a creepy half-smile

No. 954576

File: 1586089733328.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200405-125955.png)


No. 954590

ugh disgusting they are as bad as transtrenders, they are basically that as well but with a more perverted and sinister twitst.

No. 954608

>that weird peace sign he is doing

>backing away slowly

No. 954638

It looks more like a serial killer stance than a cute animu gorl pose.

No. 954677

Jeez, does this dude himself thinks he is some qt uwu transgirl or does he know he just looks like an ugly man?

No. 954789

Have there been any recent serious studies about differing etiologies of natal male/natal female transitioning? I read that there was once a clinical distinction between autogynephilic MTFs (who are usually attracted to women and transition well into adulthood/later in life) and dysphoric MTFs (who are usually attracted to men and transition much earlier in life)

No. 955136

Yes, if you go online you can find plenty of studies from Blanchard and his collegues from the 1980s and 90s

Here are the comparisions:

Gender dysphoric = gay, very short in stature, dysphoria started either in childhood or adolescence, more likely to be part of an ethnic minority, tend to be more ''convincing'' due to short height, natural femininity, and lower body weight

Autogynephiliac = heterosexual or pseudo-bisexual, very tall, ''dysphoria'' started in adulthood,

No. 955137

Samefag but I accidentally hit ''send'' too soon

Autogynephiliacs also are more likely to be white and tend to look less ''convincing'' as women

No. 955160

i think i used to know this dude from when i roleplayed on chatzy as a kid. if it is him , he tried to groom me like most troons do

No. 955429

He is known as Remiel Garreau and Atamajakki (@cali_keftiu on Twitter), he is active in the online tabletop RPGs community, he is one of those boring people who want to "queer up" the genre, I hope those informations can help.

No. 955552

So i just stumbled upon this trannys channel by accident through a livestream.
On livestream his mods silence anybody who says anything negative and on his videos he deletes any negative comments.
He gives me huge autogynephile vibes

No. 955554

File: 1586286836294.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.83 KB, 981x720, 87813759_1238566719669389_6680…)

he also has a instagram

No. 955560

File: 1586287328427.jpg (26.45 KB, 415x544, j8712.jpg)

No. 955667

Even for a man that's an unfortunate face and body.

No. 955760

god he barely looks human, what the fuck

No. 955839

File: 1586345259677.png (234.65 KB, 553x685, 1492905236450.png)

what a nightmarish thread

i dont understand how these """people""" dont feel shame for parading around in public showing their sick fetish to everyone.

No. 956840

File: 1586541853883.jpg (138.36 KB, 1080x1440, sheher.jpg)


No. 957001

File: 1586570056483.jpg (264.21 KB, 1080x1186, 20200410_214938.jpg)

This is what a woman looks like apparently. He actually wears this godawful makeup at his job

No. 957009

Must be a shitty job if they allow that

No. 957014

File: 1586572192797.jpg (43.32 KB, 640x476, aa8bb97325f949f913ff9299beef7d…)

No. 957031

Kinda cute tbh(bait)

No. 957035

Ya ik it’s quarantine n u ain’t got shit else to do but how high r u cmon anon lmao

No. 957083

How high are you? That grammar is fucking atrocious.

Not that anon, but at least they seem like they know what makeup is, unlike a lot of people posted in this thread. Still needs to wipe off most of that eye makeup and shave though.

No. 957181

It's such a shame that the okay looking ones feel the need to identify as trans women and not simply as feminine men, because feminine men can be super cute. TIMs, on the other hand…

No. 957411

File: 1586667528681.png (644.01 KB, 711x482, Screenshot_2020-04-11 r transp…)

Looks like a man with a muscle growing fetish.

No. 957412

I almost thought this one passed but then I found his youtube and you can tell it's a pasty gay guy without makeup or fillers along with the voice. Has any MtF passed as well as Nikkie Tutorials without being big.

No. 957416

>his post got reddit gold
r/transpassing is such cope. All the comments praise the OP for ~passing sooo well!1!1!!~ when they are always visibly male. It’s just a “pls lie to me and compliment me” sub.

No. 957461

I think nikkie passes well not because of the fat, but because of the puberty blockers and very early estrogen. you can see similarities with jazz jennings..

No. 957943

File: 1586769951771.jpeg (426.15 KB, 828x1051, 31B3D3C7-4DEC-4AF4-9F0B-5A6FD8…)

Just stumbled upon this post about a ”badass” mtf who literally cut off his own balls. This is what trans cult brain poison does to you.

No. 957947

Imagine being the 911 operator when someone tells you he just cut his own balls off in the bathtub

No. 957970

Imagine needing urgent care and getting stuck waiting in the ER because some troon decided to mutilate his balls and force the medical staff to fix him afterwards.

No. 958041

File: 1586789265531.jpeg (58.83 KB, 512x1024, EVetpKEXQAAxSAZ.jpeg)

This guy's selfies are all the same, always this vacant dead fish stare and some extremely shitty make up and pose. He's not even on hormones, he just decided he was a woman because he has a transformation fetish (it's so obvious when you see his art). He's also a huge attention whore, he walks around in pseudo goth bling and craves normies' reactions. Oh, and he's a self proclaimed commie yet he recently blew 100+£ on a fucking cap from Japan, he imported something incredibly useless while postal services are overloaded amidst the current crisis.

No. 958101

Post his shitty art

No. 958116

It's this guy https://twitter.com/personfaces I purposefully did not post his art because I don't think it's that bad, technically very good but very samey, always muscle bound sharp teethed pseudo demons, even when he "redesigns" characters from big franchises (and then he has the gall to say he should totally be hired to design monsters for Final Fantasy and WH40k kek).

No. 958358

yea, I've read about those studies, but I was wondering if there was anything on the matter after the 80s/90s but before the whole trans movement blew up. iirc Blanchard et al got skewered for the idea that MtFs fall into different categories.

No. 959173

File: 1586951990637.png (207.9 KB, 449x471, 1579131855134.png)

I hope you guys follow the Kevin Gibes thread on KF (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kevin-gibes-kathryn-gibes-transsalamander-tenacious-unicorn-ranch-ragetreb-the-green-salamander-the-artwork-of-kevin-gibes.65259/), this guy is a fucking goldmine of troon fuckery, almost to the point of parody. If you want to peak trans some normies or libfems, show them the thread, they won't even be able to claim "no true tranny!1" since he cut off his dick.

No. 959252

File: 1586965306945.jpeg (121.47 KB, 806x561, A3CC713D-8263-4F9A-AB4E-A2C0FD…)

some instathot/twitter famous trans woman posted this tweet.. it’s such a cope i don’t even feel offended by it.. i just feel sorry for these people that they’re desperately trying to delude themselves and others into believing this .. we’ve all seen the surgery pics and what happens when regular dilation isn’t adhered to

No. 959258

Real vagina:
>Can give birth
>A muscular organ

TIM "vagina"
>A wound
>Smells like fecal matter
>Can't give birth

Biggest cope ever.

No. 959262

File: 1586966232615.jpg (486.86 KB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20200415_165317.jpg)

This makes 0 sense

No. 959274

Is that an FtM holding the sign?

No. 959280

Is this milk? Is Kylie a cow or are we just sharing their shit memes now.

No. 959332

I smell sebum

No. 959339

>female trans woman
>trans woman

No. 959696

I had to read that thread in small doses. For the uninitiated, here is a list of that guy’s fetishes that he has openly shared(from KF):
"Trans lesbians"
"Gay stubble" facial hair
Steven Universe
My Little Pony
Harry Potter (yes, really)
Lilo and Stich
Transformers (yes, really)
Star Wars
Daddy/little fetish
Diapers (and soiling)
HIV/AIDs "pozzing"
Dilation (yes, really)
Animal genitals
Oviposition (DO NOT LOOK THIS UP)
Pony play
Urine drinking
Findom (not a typo)
Mind control
"Muskslut" (?)
Eating his neovagina's discharge
Mouthnipples (???)
Forced feminization
Forced feminization on a woman (???)
Roller Coasters
Prolapsed anuses
Pool toys
Star Trek

What’s so wrong with being gay? Nothing to be ashamed about, right? It blows my mind how these “straight” guys are so offended, even to point of rage, that they might be grouped in with yucky bad gay men. Like it’s equivalent to the label of murderer or pedophile. Look at that man’s sad widdle face. Awwwww!

No. 960268

File: 1587086447004.jpg (20.28 KB, 757x87, gross.jpg)

"It's not a fetish"

No. 960339

Wow reading this makes me think God really loves women compared to the abominations men do to themselves.

No. 960384

Idk where else I can vent, but here is what I recently noticed.
There are several gamedevs in twitter, who got my attention. At first I was happy to see women in this community, as I am a woman too and I want to become a gamedev myself, so I started following them. Plus they seemed to be posting some useful stuff. But by looking closer I noticed some things.
1) their tweets are sooo very girly! in fact, everything about them is way too girly. nauseatingly girly. glitters, poneys, pink colour, even their code is different shades of pink (like bitch, the fuck, why), the cringiest stickers on their stuff, uwu~~ exclamation points everywhere! flower and rainbow emoji x10! no girl older than 13 I know/seen on the internet, even the most feminine sweet lolita doesn't behave on the internet that way since, idk, 2009. it's like a caricature of a girl. people talk like this on their lewd patreon pages, not the main fucking blog while posting some code screens ffs
2) they are huge lesbians omg such a yuri girl u guyz! almost too lesbian to function, where iz my anime gf~~
3) no indication of them being trans in their twitter bio
4) almost no effort in looking girly except some shitty filters and long hair or some shit like that. but it matters less to me than all this cringy ~totally girly behavior~~~~uwu
It just reeks of a typical nerd who has no idea what a woman is aside from anime and 4chan. I'm sure that their male coworkers find no harm in them, and female coworkers must be very tired of this bullshit. Never met these people I'm describing in person, but I already feel frustrated. Can't help it, but when I see over the top pink uwu baby pwincess trans girl lesbian in their late 20s, I see a fetishist, no matter what useful info they might have.

No. 960397

>gorilla grip
Such cope. The nightmare gashes that trannies have do not have the natural muscles that women’s vaginas have. Women’s vaginal muscles is what helps them “grip” during intercourse. I can’t find it, but there was this screenshot of a reddit post where a guy wrote about his experience fucking a neovag.

>the round face
>obvious short stature
>barely-there stubble
>the earrings
>the tryhard tough-guy stance
Clocked her as soon as I saw the picture kek.

No. 960401

w-whats oviposition anon…

No. 960416

No. 960435

Oh man, i'd love to see a neovag review, they confuse me

No. 960583

File: 1587145943683.png (55.22 KB, 150x332, sketch1587145596853.png)

Am I a pretty girl yet, Hank?

No. 960664


Lol anon, I hate Christine Love's whole shtick too. Every time I see her <333 girls tying up other girls such a useless lesbian tee hee love and kisses<3333 shit I want to vomit. That whole trans indie dev scene is so nauseating, ten fucking years ago they were the guys who stared at our tits in anime club and did nothing when their bros got gropey, now they're "messy queers" and baby pwincess twans catgirls and I fucking loathe it. I'm so tired of their sexy catgirl loli depression animebarf visual novels being recommend to me as groundbreaking work by women in games~~~~~

No. 960760

File: 1587162736130.jpg (181.13 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage.jpg)

Oh crap, I wasn't talking about him in particular, but now that I saw his twitter - yes, this is what I meant.
I mean look at this shit. No amount of useful stuff they sometimes post can justify this bullshit.

No. 960828

No. 960901

Lol @ the typical troon selfie angles. One of their pfps is taken ridiculously high up to obscure his man jaw and the other one is trying to hide his man jaw with what looks like a scarf.

No. 961011

wait i just found this threat and holy fuck am i glad to find you all.

No. 961023

Holy shit I just realized Christine was trans. I followed her twitter when I was 16 and dumb as a bag of bricks. Looking at her twitter now it’s so obvious to me, she looks like a man. That’s depressing because I was desperate for lesbian representation as a teenager. I questioned my gender because of not being able to relate to her and her cronies.

No. 961076

File: 1587198899453.jpeg (174.52 KB, 750x1026, 580F5DF5-5395-4514-A93B-077B35…)

“Even in 2011 you had strong lesbian vibes”

No offense but if one of these dudes ever called themselves a dyke in front of me I’d spit on them

No. 961093

>"lesbian", game developer, yuri enthusiast, tranny angle
What my nightmares are made out of

All of this. What especially kills me about this whole transbian farce is that them being horny and rapey towards women is perfectly acceptable because they're ~lesbians experiencing gender euphoria~.

Agreed. I can't bring myself to be offended by these desperate copes anymore. They might have their sycophants tell them what a stunning and brave, more woman than an actual women they are but deep inside they would feel unsafe sharing a dressing room with them, lesbians or men would not touch their rotten inverted penis and no amount of medical intervention will ever give them a functional womb and a self-cleaning, natural vagina or remove the effects of testosterone and genetics have had on their bodies. They can spend tens of thousands of dollars on surgeries and hormones and yell "trans women are women" but they will always be men or "transwomen" at best in the eyes of our society, never "women".

No. 961118

File: 1587202056378.jpg (330.25 KB, 1060x1248, Screenshot_20200417-025021_Chr…)

Saw this on /lgbt/ kek

No. 961130

File: 1587203621481.png (490.23 KB, 668x769, 1587156241426.png)

No. 961132

what is it with trans both ftm and mtf and loving to throw words like faggot and dyke around

No. 961162

File: 1587213881134.jpg (174.53 KB, 701x230, sep8hpmoviesrankedbyhair4 (1).…)

He looks like a Goblet of Fire actor on both pics.

No. 961163

File: 1587213986499.png (637.36 KB, 660x924, the absolute delusion.PNG)

Weird how being an "nb lesbian" is just being a straight man

No. 961164

File: 1587214033663.png (1.15 MB, 694x932, pls.PNG)

Full pic, the "lesbian" is the one on the right of course

No. 961166

How can you be "lesbian" buy nb? The whole definition of lesbian is female attracted to female. I swear you have to have to gouge out half your brain to understand these people.

No. 961167

Not conventionnally feminine I guess, I've never seen a single definition of nb that made sense.

No. 961249

This tranny journalist wrote an article about how he loves the capitalistic sexism of being forced to pay more for the "women's" version of razors because he just feels so much more like a real woman when using household objects that are girly and pink.


>"The problem, I suppose, is that I like being an assimilationist. I like it when people just assume I’m a woman without a second glance. I like it when I don’t have to explain myself. I like that if I go to buy a pink razor that’s more expensive than a men’s razor now, I never feel I have to come up with an excuse for why I might be buying it.

>This makes me feel more affirmed as an individual, but it also makes me feel like a shitty member of the trans community. The larger political project of dismantling the terrible structures of the capitalist patriarchy continues apace, and here I am cooing over my friend giving me a bracelet that spells out my name in Morse code. (Want to win a trans girl’s heart? Give her jewelry that involves her name somehow. You’ll have a friend for life.)"

Seriously, I visit Vox for news all the time and I hate seeing an article titled "A Feminist Reading of [Movie]" only to look at the author line and see it's written by this man.

No. 961273

I suspect it’s some kind of power move, a challenge to see if people call them out on it. Both words have commonly been used as slurs and are now controversially being reclaimed by the people they apply to. A straight man calling himself a dyke is daring actual lesbians and lgb allies to call him out, and when they stay silent he takes it as a victory and ~validation~ of his lesbian identity. If transracialism were more socially acceptable then I’m sure white transracials would be referring to themselves with racial slurs, too.

No. 961312

They'll say themselves that being transwomen is about the thrill they get indulging in their degradation fantasies and still no one believes it. I can't lol.

No. 961453

I've noticed a weird trend - I'll post my theory first and then the evidence. MtF only want to look feminine when they can get attention irl about it and don't actually have any dysphoria.

I follow a few MtF and in the last week
-One wants to start taking Testosterone to improve their health and is angry the doctors don't want to give him any
-Another described something as homoerotic (them theoretically using a knife to lift the chin of a guy) - how is it homorerotic if you're a girl?
-Same one posted today about how to have feminine sideburns/did anyone have any references of how to have feminine sideburns since he's not going out he wants to experiment with it
-Another was retweeted into my feed, he used to wear a lot of makeup and try to look as slutty as possible, posted a "light makeup" pic in a vest looking like a guy

Basically all the MtFs are casually destransitioning now they aren't going outdoors anymore. The F part was for other people's benefit, not theirs. They don't mind looking male.

No. 961455

Why does he look like the cops just slammed the door open while his laptop was playing cp

No. 961727

No one would call him out for buying a pink razor to begin with. This is asinine. Men buy things for their female family members all the time, and beyond that, people pay very little attention to other people's shopping baskets. Nobody will spend more than a second looking at you, generally just to make sure they won't run into you while walking, unless you are doing something weird like buying 5 pallets of ranch dressing or you're dressed up in a weird costume. (So he's probably getting more attention now than he was before.)

No. 965024

File: 1587818517573.png (493.1 KB, 382x812, qt.png)

No. 965031


JFC, spoiler that shit…

No. 965090

File: 1587828268743.png (475.48 KB, 604x746, 2020-04-25-172431_604x746_scro…)

No. 965462

File: 1587887136374.png (Spoiler Image, 769.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200418-150807.png)

No. 965514

All trannies have the same prepubescent-looking, tube-shaped gyno tits from the estrogen pills. Also, his chest hair… why wouldn’t he shave it…

No. 965519

File: 1587901579935.png (550.55 KB, 906x713, insane dprk troon.PNG)

I found this one this morning and it's insane. Meet @SeraJadeAtSFDK:

North Korea stan, old bio was "A very sad girl who's a little less sad with @NatalieRevolts in her life", apparently also a convert muslim, from the picture?? and a traumatized sex worker. Username is "no name" in Korean.
All NoName does is post the same pictures-with-political-text-over-them to prove that North Korea is amazing and perfect. But most insane is the fake-woke thread NoName made to explain why North Korea is namba one to them.

No. 965523

File: 1587901734497.png (1.39 MB, 905x1091, insane dprk troon 2.PNG)

NoName went into prostitution because of financial difficulties, was severely traumatized from the whole thing, saw that North Korea allegedly handled the comfort women issue better than Japan (why would they disrespect the ultimate victims of the big bad capitalist Japanese? lol) and decided that North Korea was tru utopia 4eva.

That account is too political to be truly entertaining to most, imo, but this glimpse into their deranged mind is entertaining enough.

No. 965539

these are literally old-man-tits

No. 965546

Hormone tits look like that though, because they can't fully develop into normal breasts they end up with these low end of the Tanner scale breast buds. Honestly just looks like a boy with a hormonal issue, which I guess they are.

No. 965646

i think that trannies are always staring at their own boobs when they take selfies that's why they don't concider anything else in their shitty photos they just see their moobies and think they're female enough to go

No. 965699


No. 965723

File: 1587937313284.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, mfw.gif)

I lost it. Anon. Jesus.

No. 966070

Aawww, the Velma one is actually kinda cute. :(

No. 967985

Ugh I'm so fucking done with that disgusting facial expression they always make

No. 970774

File: 1588935088288.png (Spoiler Image, 521.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200508-124127.png)

I'm calling the cops if I ever come across this specimen.

No. 971621

Of course mans has an OF, who would ever subscribe?

No. 971690

File: 1589078458903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.79 KB, 1024x948, 1571669703353.jpg)

I'd bet money half these fucks identity as trans

No. 971699

4 of those are the same guy, who is a tranny now.

No. 971720

Do you remember what his name is?

No. 971732

Phil Haskins-Delici, aka Isabel Rosa Araujo, aka ADF. He's an old Deviantart lolcow and low-functioning autist.

No. 971823

a family member had cancer and he had to take medicine/hormones as part of the treatment and he got breasts like that

No. 972755

File: 1589273814145.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20200512-034856(1).…)

Didn't want to bump the American weeb thread for this cow's delusions, so I'm posting his antics here.

No. 972778

File: 1589280641184.jpeg (93.72 KB, 880x480, D1388626-5A0A-43E2-A6C5-26C4CD…)

Lmao. Belle Delphine does not have a small, creepy autogynesmile.

No. 972790

File: 1589282406625.jpg (490.03 KB, 1536x2048, ew.jpg)

EeveeA gives me uncanny vibes and he is one of my personal OW lolcows.

Also, isn't that weird that one of the first biological woman (thankfully no trannies in OWL were found) in OWL was named Eevee, while there's also a troon named EeveeA? Was he trying to copycat her or is it just me, being overlyparanoid because I've seen so many trannies copycatting women?

No. 972983

Jesus, he already has quite the manhands, but it looks like the phone lens fucked the perspective and gave him a gigantic right hand. Also lol at the good ol' sanpaku trick to look more feminine, hasn't anybody told them it never works and makes them look like psychos?

No. 973191

i dont know why tranny ow players get under my skin so bad but eeveeA and flocculency in particular bug the fuck out of me.

No. 973293

File: 1589364971359.jpg (338.59 KB, 720x1246, 20200513_121614.jpg)

Last time I saw floculenccy on soc media was a year ago, and god, checking on him now was a huge mistake. Disgusting.
This tweet is a summary to his account.

No. 973607

He's one of my personal cows too. I have a tonne of mutuals with him so he always turns up in my feed, and people are constantly kissing his ass about what a "cute girl UwU" he is. I'm pretty sure Hafthor Bjornsson could pass better than this creeper can.

No. 973721

there was a thread where redshell made a joke about fran and danteh and he got all offended on behalf of fran. fran was never offended, fran and redshell are friends and were joking. i swear he is the gold medalist of the oppression olympics.

No. 973776


I've never been too deep into twitch/twitter OW community, so I don't know why many people seem to be hating redshell (though he has massive following)? I only know him for playing Lucio n that's pmuch all. Is that because of eeveeA?
I checked redshells twitter and he seems to be a normal person who is being openly (or ~brutally~) honest about things.

I really hate it how a lot of annoying mtfs tend to speak for others even though all they do is think about themselves. So dumb. Seen it happening many times, thats one of the most stupid things they do to get attention.

No. 973964

so much this, i also hate when trans people use being trans as literally the center of their personality. there's more to being human than being mentally ill, i guess that's what this thread is for though.

No. 974296

idk why eeveea had to insert himself in something that had nothing to do with him. literally the only person that was upset about that was him.

No. 974952

Honestly though, I know a cis-woman who is taller than Nikkie, so it's not like it's absolutely impossible. Also, Nikkie grew this tall despite puberty blockers? Or do those not make a difference in that regard?

No. 975077

>one of my personal OW lolcows
Saaaame, anons. Them and Violet (aka jinxuwu or whatever he used to go by).
I watched Flocc play before and was really unimpressed. Haven't watched the others, just heard them and seen their play through other streamers who grouped.

No. 975084

File: 1589665781628.jpg (90.9 KB, 922x518, iD1iz6G.jpg)

https://twitter.com/DonHaci/status/1261068033080143872 For video of him actually speaking (not posted by the tranny)
So this tranny FerociouslySteph is apparently on Twitch's "safety advisory council" and is brigading against VOICE CHAT in video games. Here's an article: https://www.ginx.tv/en/twitch/twitch-council-member-ferociouslysteph-voice-chat
>FerociouslySteph, however, thinks in-game voice chat should be removed, as it is unfair.
>FerociouslySteph explained: "the only way to have a level playing field for the highest level of play is to not have voice chat… to not have people give up their linguistic profiles."
Linguistic profiles kek
The steps of logic written in the article are purely correlation, not causation.
Tranny victim complex at its finest, and as a woman gamer who uses voice chat (and yes I receive harassment from time to time, but so do "cis" men), I dislike him roping actual women into his tirade.

No. 975086

lmao he just wants voice chat removed because his voice clocks him as an obvious male and he's jealous of women who get attention or harassment the moment they talk

No. 975121

He identifies as a god damn deer. Tranny generate if I've ever seen one.

No. 975125

Samefag but it appears he has admitted to eating grass while larping as a deer on stream.
That, and this mess.

No. 975151

Well, those were cursed.

No. 975152

Imagine seeing some dude in his backyard eating grass. He’s so creepy, probably autistic. Especially his tranny elmo voice. No wonder he wants voice chat gone.

No. 975159

Crtikal was far too nice to this… person. I hate that many people don't know that they are trans.(subjectfag)

No. 975160

I'm fucking retarded and posted it in the wrong field.

No. 975198

>I hate that many people don't know that they are trans.
Wtf, really? His voice clocks him immediately.

No. 975220

I'm so glad I unsubscribed from cr1tikal recently so I didn't have to find this out firsthand… what a shame.

His face clocks him too, or did for me. Everything he presents himself with clocks him too (anime avatar, check; shitty danger hair in current year, check).

No. 975253

Why doesn't he just get a voice modifier software? Lots of people do that, and not just troons.

No. 976084

File: 1589872799155.png (266.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200515-182630.png)

Nobody cared about gender anymore in the west until your ilk came along. You are the ones who decided you were a certain gender because you behave a certain way, destroy your bodies with unnecessary products and surgery, came up with the pronouns shit, are incredibly hostile to anyone daring to criticize your ideology… Please don't include us normal people in your cult of retardation.

No. 976085

>or they don’t and it’s chill, w/e
ALL trans and “nb” people enforce gender and gender stereotypes. Their ideology’s very existence enforces the existence of gender (e.g. claiming attraction is based on gender and not sex, claiming that you can “feel” like a gender, claiming you can “live as another gender,” etc). The lack of self awareness is so palpable when gendertards say shit like this.

No. 976086

I love how he says voice chat is only beneficial for “cis male voices” like bitch, YOU have a cis male voice. You literally have a man voice. You just sound like a gay man on voice chat

No. 976095

I’ve met quite a lot of trans and nb-identified people and not a single one of them could be described as “chill”. Even the ones who make a big show of being reasonable and easygoing will start drama and passive-aggressively try to cancel anyone who gets a pronoun wrong or mispronounces the weird name they picked out for themselves. They are the least chill group of people there is.

No. 976103

Since this drama started I've seen several videos of him and I'm like 99.999% sure he has autism. Like actual autism. I've been at schools where they select the best students possible in the region with several autistic kids whose parents payed for them to be included in normal classrooms where they were disrupting lessons all the time and were very obviously not normal and they all had the same fucked up body language, facial expressions, way of speaking, etc. But at least they were teens and not 20 something adults making fools of themselves on the internet with nobody to tell them to stop being creepy weirdos.

No. 976179

File: 1589899316177.png (1.34 MB, 728x1126, 01.PNG)

Kinda unrelated to the current milk/drama but among a friend's circle that is super QIA+ friendly that's probably the only legit trans in the group yet they overfilter their face.
(the rest is just nb and transmasc bs, there's also another dude but he's nb using female pronouns idk if that's worth posting, but he's the biggest cow of the circle)

No. 976192

>99.99999% sure he has autism
No shit, so do a lot of other troons, but yeah his is more prominent. The videos of his "gf" scratching his head almost look like abuse of a disabled person. It feels wrong to watch, and not only because it's kink.

No. 977676

I know it seems obvious to some but the reason why I mentioned it is because I keep seeing people on other website saying that he's autistic or a retard as in, he's just dumb/stupid but otherwise normal, or that he definitely has a mental illness but which one exactly is a mystery for some reason.

No. 978980

File: 1590436891835.jpg (66.94 KB, 587x550, 123.JPG)

idk if it was already talked about but I stumbled on this trans VA, not only the voice sounds awkward but he also got the role of the nb "magical girl" from that inclusive visual novel. It's ironic that he is actually decent when he voices male characters (at 27 sec mark) :


No. 979067

Welp, there you have it. This guy is admitting that for him, trannydom is a fashion statement. Of course, that doesn't mean he's not an oppressed minority who should get special treatment, teehee!

No. 979088

Lol @ how all of his girl characters sound like men. The same creepy, strained Contrapoints voice.

No. 979090

Imagine being an artfag and having this tranny message you offering to voice one of your female characters. It would be the most awkward "Thanks! But you're not what I'm looking for!" (because you have a man voice) of forever.

No. 979138

File: 1590467236645.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.49 KB, 960x1280, 830E6000-1606-4896-BA68-D2316F…)


i was lurking reddit threads and saw this picture of a mtf surgery… what man would do this to themselves? why would you mutilate yourself like this?

No. 979143

All I hear is a man.

No. 979160

This one honestly looks like a fakeboi now so.. good for him?

No. 979201

When it got to the male characters in the reel he was actually pretty good, but all the female characters sounded like either just a man or like he was trying to imitate having inhaled helium only to have his voice crack lmao.

No. 979206

ohhhh fuck that's bad. The raw parts seriously just look like sliced off dick and balls. I honestly feel so bad for this person, and I resent trans activism for fooling mentally unhealthy people into thinking they could ever have functional genitals of the opposite sex through surgery.
truly can't believe that MtFs are arguing for uterus transplants to males when it's obvious that surgeons can't even get the appearance of a vulva correct.

No. 979212

That's so bloody looking, it reminds me of that genital mutilating scene in the movie Antichrist.
I could only peek at this for a split second.

No. 979220

File: 1590493819374.png (388.88 KB, 1034x1604, Screenshot_20200526-064642(1).…)

He doesn't want voice mods, it's too much work for him. This guy seriously goes on rants about voice chat in video games being the worst thing on earth so often. Yeah, definitely because you care about women being harassed not the fact everyone can tell you're male right away.

No. 979331

Saddest thing is that it's not even the worst axe wound I've ever seen, at least it doesn't look necrotized and I don't see any pus (yet).

They still go through this surgery because they've fallen for the "even gynecologists can't tell the difference!1" meme, TRAs lie all the time about the real results of the operation, never mentioning that it's just a wound that will never heal and not a real vagina. Lots of trans people believe they'll finally be free from dysphoria after bottom surgery, except nothing changes, they are still the same person minus their genitals. Lots of people end up regretting having the surgery, but you will never see anybody, activists or surgeons, mentioning it.

No. 979387

It makes me wonder about where they find surgeons to do this stuff. Do they provide actual before and after pictures before the patient agrees to surgery? Granted, they could cherry pick the best ones, but more people should research the negative side affects, just like any other surgery. And, it's probably a case of "you get what you pay for".

Top surgery/implants is one thing. Those could leave scars but complications look to be less common. Science just isn't there yet to even fully replicate the LOOK, let alone feel or function.

No. 979389

My last sentence is in relation to bottom surgery. I've seen more botched axe wounds and sausage rolls than I ever care to.

No. 979473

they usually go on reddit and other forums where men share before and after pictures. i read some go to thailand for a procedure that takes a part of your fucking COLON to be the vaginal canal… and it ends up smelling like colon for up to a year. i also read some go for the “nullo” surgery where they axe everything off to be completely smooth and just have a urethra hole… and for those patients the surgeon usually makes them sign an NDA.

No. 979546

testosterone closes growth plates, males typically stop growing in their early 20s when it peaks the highest. that's my best theory
sage for tinfoil and no milk

No. 979560

if you are truly willing to go down a rabbit hole, sign up to transbucket with some tranny name and burner email. it's a website where they share and update on bottom surgery results, and you can review and recommend doctors there as well. seems like the majority of the surgeries is done in asia, which is reasonable since ladyboys were the OG troops. I would cap the website myself but can't get on pc at the moment.

No. 979663

Damn, I cant register

No. 979669


That's the surgery that Jazz Jennings had to get, because years of hormone blockers meant there wasn't enough penile tissue to invert to create a neo-vagina.

No. 979767

Holy shit what are the reddit threads you browse in order to find this shit ??? leggit curious lol

No. 979768

Where is the urethra here?

No. 979772

I believe it must be either in the bloody raw patch next to the fingers, or directly above that. Can't be sure though.

No. 979781

Ntayrt but there was a subreddit called r/Neovaginadisasters where people posted the bad results of their surgeries, often to advise against going to a certain surgeon or even because they regretted it. It was taken down for "hate speech".
I don't go to any subreddit though, all the surgery pics I've seen were from tranny threads on kiwi farms, they are very good at finding this.

No. 979913

honestly r/MtF and r/trandgendersurgeries, and then once i found certain keywords like “nullo” and other names for surgeries i searched them up because i was bored and have too much time on my hands

No. 979951

Flocculency has been accused of predatory behavior, the screenshots included are really hard to read cause theyre pretty cringe. saw this on the overwatchTMZ sub.


No. 980081

File: 1590623333657.jpg (25.99 KB, 816x532, HnJBKGf.jpg)

Oh kek. Of course. There was a brief time when role queue in Overwatch came out and ranks were reset. Had a game against Flocc and Kephrii. I didn't know who Flocc was at the time. I watched the replay and holy hell was his Mercy play so mediocre and lazy. But anyway I'm not surprised he seemed to be duoing with someone skeezy like Kephrii.

Pic related from the twitlonger imgur dump.

No. 980170

> trans woman

okay, go about your business

> trans woman wearing diapers 24/7 and pretending they're a (female) baby

maybe they need to be on a list…


No. 980193

File: 1590643007448.png (261.54 KB, 539x579, tumblr_9500e44e7bacfade36ca756…)

No. 980197


oh, honey no

but most FTMs look about 14.

No. 980198

i remember the flocc/haunt shit, but did anything actually happen? or was everyone too scared of being accused of being transphobic??

No. 980203

I'm the same anon who posted the twitter link, but I've never seen anything until now regarding his behaviour. I just know they're a shit boosted Mercy main.

No. 980239

kek choked on my hot chocolate

No. 980256

I wish I had that much confidence in myself lmao

No. 980264

File: 1590665804187.jpg (155.09 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_20200528_133728.jpg)

Aged like milk

No. 980282

I'm always amazed to see troons of all genders post disgusting pics of themselves going "god I'm so hot" and then all their troon friends validate them, do they genuinely believe it or has HRT melted their brains so much they are unable of critical thoughts?

No. 980323

every. single. time.

No. 980460

Half of me is sure they do it as a collective circlejerk for asspats and validation, but the other half of me thinks some of them legit believe they're stunning sex goddesses. When you see them selling nudes on onlyfans despite having a fridge body, man face, and a pathetic Willy, it's hard to believe they aren't delusional and really think they're beautiful womyn.

No. 980496

face blindness caused by austism

No. 980577

File: 1590715405215.png (464.55 KB, 576x625, Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 02.1…)


this one's a goldmine

No. 980613

as of today they lost their vite ramen sponsorship, they haven't addressed this shit on twitter yet and i'm waiting what bullshit excuse they have.

No. 980627

It baffles me that this person thinks these voices sound different enough to be different characters even. It all sounds like one gay man. In varying degrees of almost mocking how he thinks women sound.
I'll never get how they get so delusional. It's insane to me.

No. 980634

He's positioning himself as the Token Trans VA so he can voice everyone's token trans characters. Quality was never a consideration for anyone involved here.

No. 980696

They lie because misery loves company, if they mutilated their genitals irreversibly they feel better knowing someone else did too. That's why they're so eager to get others to go under the knife as well.

Even if the surgeon is obviously full of it they delude themselves to think that the rotten axe wound fate won't happen to them and that it's just an unfortunate mishap, almost never happens and it's actually very rare for the surgery to go wrong and it all looks and feels just like a real vagina and yada yada. Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug. Surgeons can barely recreate a vagina on a natal woman with a birth defect, how the hell would they be able to turn a dick and balls into one?

What fucking kills me is the usage of feminine pronouns here. Watch some neckbeard fuck try to use this case as a proof how "women can be predatory too!!!!!!".

lmfao, every time.

>do they genuinely believe it
No. They don't. If they did they wouldn't constantly post "god I'm such a hot trans individual terfs can choke on my girl dick uwu" selfie captions.

No. 980763

Have anyone noticed that he also has a NSFW Twitter where he posts his shit for attention? Was a major red flag.

Inb4 he pretends that he commited suicide because of how manipulative this jerk is.

No. 980908

File: 1590784597753.jpeg (416.55 KB, 1016x718, AEE8ACEA-72D2-4A8D-9010-88E3AE…)


Sorry for the late post. I was catching up on the thread and decided to search for first hand accounts.


No. 981004

File: 1590796953600.jpg (335.92 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ff4bf0a39a58bcd3df5eafe…)

No. 981005

File: 1590797065644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.17 KB, 1125x1447, tumblr_76f2df9ba72ecc33b6924db…)

No. 981039

File: 1590804958128.jpg (319.6 KB, 540x1052, stunningandbrave.jpg)

You might not like it, but this is what peak lesbian looks like.

No. 981148

I'll never understand the ones that walk around sporting the worlds bushiest beard for years and then declare that they've secretly longed for womanhood that whole time, come on now

No. 981312

On the Reddit trans boards they call it the “denial beard”…they act like they grew giant beards in a last ditch attempt to suppress their latent femininity, as if AGPs don’t tend to be the most masculine bro dudes around.

No. 981467

That's literally all of them, especially the older ones. I'm disgusted by body hair in general which a lot of women are, but we're gonna pretend these female-brained people were content with being covered with inches of hair, sprouting from their face and body for decades, and only now have issue with it.

I give a pass for gender noncoforming guys who were trying to look feminine already, but that's a small percentage of trans people right now.

No. 981468

File: 1590912348195.jpg (55.92 KB, 1280x720, iuDRH5R5JA.jpg)

A lot of eggs in this picture.

No. 981511

Sorry newfag, but can anyone provide the definition for AGP please ?

No. 981515

Oh god I hate the whole "trans egg" thing, its just used to to gas light gnc boys and girls who don't fit into society

No. 981519

My good friend of almost ten years recently transitioned like last year and before that had a long beard and hippie dreads, 6 pack abs, didn't even crossdress. Now is a huge AGP. My theory is that the beard makes men blend in and the kind of guy that becomes an AGP trans hates that, but at the same time they need the masculinity reassurance of the beard. Then they transition and become purple haired miniskirt wearing sex kitten wannabes, getting as much attention as possible (and the bimbo clothes reaffirming their performance of womanhood) that was denied to them before when they were 'just a guy'.

No. 981520

well its important remember that its mostly a fetish, he likely discovered Shemale porn which led him into the troon lifestyle

No. 981523

Absolutely. He even has a blog detailing his inner thoughts and those thoughts are almost all about clothes, makeup, hair, and sex. I wonder if his internalized misogyny makes him think that's all that women think about.

No. 981537

Autogynephiles "The paraphilic tendency of someone who is anatomically male to be sexually aroused by the thought of being a female"

No. 981564

File: 1590937844133.jpg (107.58 KB, 720x710, 20200531_171135.jpg)

Floccuencyy the long-time Overwatch pedo AGP wrote about new accusations: https://twitter.com/Flocculencyy/status/1266507245816287232?s=19

Pic related is one of the replies. I am glad people are not buying his shit.

No. 981657

>his internalized misogyny

It's just regular misogyny sweetie he is a pervert

No. 981708

I love the point about body hair.

No. 981892

this whole thread reminds me of this one mtf i met and how they kept bringing up “the surgery” “i’ve had the surgery” over and over as if it’s normal to tell strangers about your fuckin fake vagina.

sage for no real contribution. it was just weird as fuck.

No. 982077

They were just waiting for you to ask them to show you their designer pussy.

No. 982578

Always weird how it's always the "dont ask about what's in our pants" people during their transition that end up being the ones talking to everyone about their neovaginas

No. 982587

It's because they have nothing else to brag about or be proud of. it's their whole identity and if they dont get enough external reassurance they kill themselves. it's advanced fetishism.

No. 985330

File: 1591740157478.jpeg (245.3 KB, 750x841, 0FEBEA56-2007-4969-BE30-E4B25E…)

Why don’t trannies accept Chris chan ?

No. 985342

They think he's too autistic to understand what being trans means, when all trannies are too autistic to understand what a woman is

No. 985345

This, and because they don't want the association with the fabled internet meme Chris-chan which yeah, at this point is just internet shorthand for autistic. Like it would give them a bad name.

No. 985385

I’m sorry but literally what’s the difference? Of course Chris chan is delusional but is any MTF not? Someone flame this turd for gatekeeping transness like some ~truscum~ and watch their head spin lol

No. 985395

Exactly. Chris Chan meets all of the diagnostic critera for gender dysphoria, which is why he gets treatment from a psychiatrist. He's no crazier or less "true trans" than your average troon.

No. 985396

File: 1591751019670.webm (212.37 KB, 480x852, tumblr_q7g2zvvrk91yw2a94_480.w…)

No. 985398

File: 1591751216234.gif (1.01 MB, 384x288, giphy.gif)

No. 985422

Worked with a COMPLETE trooner at a sex store who was stealing product btw lol… He got a vag and didnt dilate it and said it was "just so i could wear leggings" and didn't dilate it so said its "like a bellybutton".

Legitimately diagnose antisocial personality disorder silence of the lambs level shit. Never showered. Greasy blue hair dressed like a metalhead.

Also identifies as a lesbian and HATES ~men~ keeps a BPD female partner captive a
(Locks her in the house when shes gone) and had 19 cats last i checked.

Even after getting this AGP and his pet fired it still took me a while to peak.

No. 985424

File: 1591754489857.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.16 KB, 750x1334, received_828013611016670.jpeg)

Related: "great wall of vagina" the art piece (made by a male) that cast womens vaginas also included the twans meat holes. Imagine thinking you belong here in our oppression also imagine thinking this looks like a pussy

No. 985425

File: 1591754568868.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.91 KB, 750x1334, received_601447347114978.jpeg)

Samefag coming with more EXCELLENTLY done twans vaggies

No. 985426

File: 1591754643072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.56 KB, 750x1334, received_217342749531620.jpeg)

Final great wall of clockable post

No. 985465

This pisses me off because I thought that art project was supposed to help women feel that their natural bodies are normal when they are constantly mocked. A surgically inverted dick is not a vagina. I didn’t know the artist was a man, but now that this happened it’s not even surprising.

No. 985558

of course he wears a full body outfit with aheagao faces on it

No. 985568

File: 1591796362860.png (93.54 KB, 665x626, 1574184941208.png)

I don't usually cringe to people doing weird shit online, but oh god I didn't expect THIS level of embarassment.

No. 985572

Women will never be able to have their safe spaces and actually learn to grow and love themselves with men around. Men are constantly talking about how great their penises are and penises are not shamed nearly in the same way vaginas are or mocked. Men take over everything meant for women only because they cant handle not being involved.

No. 985862

File: 1591853957574.jpg (370.86 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_909b25694f54da5cc50e045…)

No. 985879


This is what happens when the autistic men think anime girls are the peak of femininity. No real woman acts like this, you're not a loli you're a lanky dude with greasy hair, go outside.

No. 985884

Jfc I legitimately cannot think of anything else but shit like this whenever I see that fucking fabric covered in ahegao faces.

No. 985907

The ~uwu~ anime girl hand movements. Jesus christ. I've no doubt anime has ruined many, many men.

No. 985920

If anyone slowed down to look at him, it’s because he is a man wearing an anime schoolgirl uniform… of course people are going to stare at you in public.

No. 985981

I help out a friend of mine who tables at a lot of different cons and honestly, it's impossible not to notice that the only people wearing ahegao shit are gross dudes and creepy transwomen. I think a few years ago I maybe saw other people in it, but now there is no grey area. Either it's a dude with a beard who obviously spent his formative years on FYAD or it's a gangly greasy mtf who is either pairing it with a bunch of cutesy loli accessories or like, GRRR COMMIE DYKE GUILLOTINES pins.

No. 986172

File: 1591913475563.png (16.02 KB, 487x207, 77.PNG)

Is this allowed here?

No. 986176

Jennifers a troon so I hope this is fine here.

No. 986180

The drama is unreal

No. 986221

imagine being so fragile that the opinion of the author of a children’s book induces an existential suicidal episode. the absolute histrionics of these delusional troons never ceases to amaze.

No. 986230

Not only that, if you read her full article, she really feels for trans women and say they should be protected and relate to their domestic violence stats.
JK Rowling was herself a DV victim. People forget that she was dirt poor at some point, that’s why she can relate to vulnerable women.

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson can spout Transwomen are women all they want, they’re never going to be followed home by a crazy one or have to stop by a random isolated bathroom to use the toilets with no bodyguards. How the fuck can they relate? They’re never going to lose on a college fund because some Troon ran faster. Nothing trans people do affects them.

All she said was that it’s fucked to not just say women instead of people who menstruate and now you’d think she’s literally killing people with her bare hands.
What’s funny is that her tweet didn’t really involve trans women in particular but rather trans men, but Dan went straight for the trans women are women bullshit. Once again, women even as FTM are forgotten for men’s massive egos kek

No. 986263

Owning the feminists by threatening suicide.

As someone who lives with an unstable asshole who threatens suicide for attention all the time, this shit infuriates me. Classic abuser behavior, but somehow we're supposed to feel sorry for them and coddle them.

No. 986382

When did JK said troons shouldn't exist?

No. 986396

File: 1591953250772.png (444.2 KB, 611x562, Screenshot_2020-06-12 J K Rowl…)

She didn't. She tweeted this and followed it up with some very reasonable tweets stating that she respects trans people but recognizing the reality of biological sex is important. Then after the inevitable shitstorm from troons and media brainwashed retards she posted this essay elaborating on her views (which was weirdly buried in search results by news articles calling her transphobic when I tried to find it).

I think HP is cringe and I'm no stan for JK but the essay is good, and more relevantly, expresses empathy for trans people in a very genuine seeming manner. It also summarizes the events that led to this point, as she's had run ins with the twitter troons before and had already gotten the label of TERF in many parts of the leftardsphere.

All the HP actors rushing to denounce her are so embarrassing and pathetic. Imagine putting your woke Hollywood actor image above treating the woman who you owe your fucking career to with basic respect.

No. 986448

I never looked at them all myself but there's trans holes on there? what the fuck but it's a wall of vagina, damn it

No. 986456

Imagine raising a kid to have them turn out like this

No. 986482

What? You don't want a brave and stunning daughter?

No. 986488


Lol, reminds me of that one Seinfeld episode. "You've gotta see the bay-by!"


Is hairgrowth inside a neovag actually a common side effect? I know another anon posted screenshots from a subreddit but I assumed that was just a freakier freak accident.

No. 986504

They use the skin from the shaft of the penis so if that has hair growing on it (generally around the base) then the hole is going to have hair growing inside it, yeah. Probably not deep inside but of course it’s not self-cleaning so hair, dead skin cells, lint etc. is going to collect inside like a really deep necrotic belly button.

No. 986519

I'm surprised they haven't thought of a way to get rid of that, they can laser away hair, they can't do that for the surgery? but overall that's just fucking gross

No. 986843

I don't know how, but I came across this absolute nutjob on youtube, and I feel like he might be milky

>spergs about Blaire White for not being a "real trans"

>spergs about a creepy child molesting TIM who is a cow himself, see https://kiwifarms.net/forums/tommy-tooter.96/
>spergs about trans trenders
>spergs about "medical science of transsexualism"
>is a self established kiwi farmer, so there might be a chance that he lurks here too
>seems to think he passes and brags about "make-up skills"

Basically he's a TIM who makes weird rant videos about other TIMs who he doesn't think are trans enough. He doesn't have too much of an internet presence, but I thought his youtube is worth checking out for it's weirdness

No. 986858

I will never not find it funny how basic ass Blaire gets them riled out, I wonder if troons explode into tears when they see actual women walking around in zero make up, t-shirts and sweatpants that blow Blaire and them out the water.

It always cracks me the fuck up.

No. 986866

i once read somewhere that the inside of a neovag was often full of matted hair and had the feel of a brillo pad (you're welcome)

No. 987389

Oh god, just reading that made me feel sick. It's so sad seeing all those people falling for the neovagina meme.

No. 987488

Does anyone know where the post some guy made about how it felt to fuck one?

No. 987594

Found it for you: >>980908

No. 987623

That's some Junji Ito shit right there

No. 987713

File: 1592240962317.jpg (409.08 KB, 1528x1910, b1efc10.jpg)

Gotta love that literal 0 effort put in passing, besides taking hormones. r/transtimelines is a shit fest.

No. 987717

File: 1592241409273.jpg (498.05 KB, 2880x3600, e5a47d7.jpg)

Double post but. My sides are in orbit - this is what 3.5 years of HRT looks like. The delisional levels are astronomical lmao why even post this

No. 987755

File: 1592244760854.png (1.73 MB, 1912x750, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.10…)

I don't understand why a lot of these trans men/women go from average looking to the bottom tier horrifying. Majority will never pass as a women.

It is a shit fest. I feel like a lot of the comments are fetishizing this people. Many all gas them up but majority DO NOT pass

No. 987769

Guys like him are so delusional they think the hormones alone make them look like hot anime girls

No. 987775


Cis lesbians and straight men are supposedly shitlords for not wanting to put their mouth on someone's ball skin. Like, you can think it but god forbid you admit to that thought crime. You're supposed to just swerve every MtF and pretend you ever would.

No. 987788

There is such cognitive dissonance in demanding ultimate acceptance, yet considering a cis lesbians preference for other cis lesbians unacceptable - nobody EVER owes you a romantic / sexual relationship.

There have been a lot of instances of a mtf behaving inappropriately in a public female space and I will fight as long as I am alive to not have my future daughter look at penises in the changing room.

Sorry I've gone off a bit, I cannot express these opinions in company, simply because I dont want to be labelled a bigot and a terf

No. 987804

Lmfao with those momokun levels of filter.
>I pass right?

No. 987815

File: 1592253961865.png (614.26 KB, 500x667, 1590960816800.png)

This is the dude who made the 2 hour long "Steven Universe is garbage" video, he is a creep who fetishises lesbians while larping as one, and who is obsessed by his ex by constantly accusing her of abuse (when all signs point to him being an abusive piece of shit).

No. 987818

That's an actual dude? Reads as a woman to me.

No. 987823

Lily Orchard, or Jerry Peet. Surprised this one hasn't been posted sooner
Especially with the Gardevoir waifu self insert comic

No. 987824

I easily see male.

No. 987865

Jerry already has a lengthy thread on KF.

No. 987951

He looks like a fucking goblin. He shoulda used some of his money for braces instead.

No. 988052

What exactly in that image makes you see a woman? Looks like armored skeptic but without the beard kek

No. 988118

File: 1592318228048.jpg (40.53 KB, 640x427, su471fy8rb451.jpg)

god this subreddit is making me so mad, all these former neckbeards putting on maid dresses and making the WORST uwu selfie faces… literal cesspool of AGP. i just love how their conclusion that being a woman means dressing up as a sexy fucktoy and them badly trying to do that is exactly makes them these absurd troon caricatures that they are

No. 988120

not the anon but i've seen plenty of nerdy girls who look like this. the hands look huge on closer inspection but face wise (in this pic), that's just an ugly white girl.

No. 988153

Full round face, weak chin, huge thighs. Also the way the bag strap is positioned makes it look like there's a small boob there. Agree with >>988120, just looks like any nerdy unattractive girl.

No. 988156

Lol, don't say that, Jerry can't stop claiming he is a "WoC" (when he is at most 1/4 native) despite looking like a pasty white dude and not knowing anything about his tribe nor engaging in the culture.

No. 988176

I mean, if you watch his SU video, his voice clocks the fuck out of him.

No. 988199

i have seen my share of ugly nerds girls too but that face screams a man you all suffer from "long hair = girl" autism too

No. 988220

This one looks like several ugly chicks from my high school. Kudos to your ugly horse girl transformation.

No. 988326

Dont get it why anons try to say he passed when his face is obviously manly jf u remove makeup along w hands.

Damn, had no idea this guy was a troon. Watched only one vid of his n i thought its just his waifu-persona avatar

No. 988350

He doesn't pass in any way whatsoever, he has zero feminine speech pattern, you can clock him instantly when reading his Tumblr. His propensity to being aggressive towards his fans and snapping at random shit are other typical male traits.

No. 988823

File: 1592466923949.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x1553, CB783FFB-D67E-4964-8BBF-45F3CF…)

interesting that his rebuttal to these perfectly reasonable points is to… post his bearded man face in gaudy lipstick and assume a caricaturistic woman-pose? nice one.

No. 988829

>You enjoy dresses, make up and overly feminising stereotypes. This does not mean you are a woman.
>Feminism is about female equality not men in dresses
He's basically proven these right. A self-drag.

No. 989055

of course he uses his massive platform to whine about women's comments yet says nothing about the men who pose an actual physical threat to him

No. 989094


can you at least attempt to make it seem like you have looked at their 'massive platform' before making a generalization on their politics that can be disproven with just one read of one of their captions?

i'll shit on folks in this thread all day but i've actually held a conversation with alok v menon and they're nowhere near as bad as they're made out to be online. they use their platform all the fucking time to call out the men and sexism that puts them under attack as someone who wears feminine clothing. hell, the majority of the posts alok does in this fashion where they call out screenshots of hate comments are ones that highlight specifically the comments coming from men making physical threats to them.

i feel like alok is millions of years more genuine than any other genderspecial that has a large social media following, and actually shares a good message of being aware of the socialization of the world around us and how we're treated simply based on perception.
i also had the instinctual reaction upon first seeing them to go "wtf not again" especially since they associate with cloutchasers like that op-ed writer from the NY times, but upon actually reading what they write, and listening to what they say and speak on with the intention of actually listening to learn something, they suprisingly have some valuable things to say.

No. 989184

Oh come on now, that's just a guy, don't fall for this shit just because he is more articulate than the other freakshows.

No. 989388

Alok earned the ire of feminists by stating "little girls can be kinky" and insisting we ought not view girls as something that needs to be protected from "corruption" because girls have the capacity to be sexually curious, fucked up, or desire things that are not healthy.

To justify that shouldn't exclude males from spaces where little girls are vulnerable.

Which is exactly the kind of shit pedophiles love to say.

No. 989414

you know…maybe gender roles aren't that bad. this guys looks scary.

No. 989418

tranny reverse body dysmorphia theory makes more and more sense

No. 989419

just because they sometimes call out men too doesn't erase his misogyny and entitlement issues.

No. 989564

regardless of your own personal beliefs on gender, non-binary gender ideology, or alok, I call people what they wish to be referred to, especially when it comes to name title and pronouns. It's a basic respect thing and I don't see any point in arguing over it, for or against.

holy shit really? is there a screenshot or previous thread mention? for obvious reasons i'd rather not google search that phrase but that's fucked.

you're not wrong. i can definitely understand the sense of entitlement you get from them.

No. 989582

File: 1592590746483.jpg (147.56 KB, 600x960, darkmatter.jpg)

This is from kiwifarms. I couldn't find a screenshot that included the date it was posted.

Also, regardless of how genuine he may be relative to other genderspecials, personally I'm suspicious of anyone advocating so publicly for the legitimacy of nonbinary identity because I think the concept itself is irrational and harmful and serves to further enforce gender and blaming women for their own oppression. I do not accept the premise that you can opt out of the realities of your sex. He's a cow enough to me for this reason alone.

No. 989599

File: 1592593125320.png (471.35 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20200618-223457.png)

Why do they always dress like teenage girls

No. 989600

they usually justify it with some variation on "i never got to be a teen girl uwu"

No. 989773

Oh my fucking lord, I wanted to make the obligatory Buffalo Bill reference at first glance but that would be an insult to Bill tbh.

And of course this creature is on tiktok, trying to groom teenagers I presume. Can’t imagine he’s having too much of a success with that face, luckily.

No. 989925

File: 1592632146560.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 767ED68A-A00E-40EB-93CA-32588C…)

Found this AGP on tiktok hell be making an onlyfans soon anyways this reminds me of the music video for snuff by slipknot

No. 989926

File: 1592632714639.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, C2421497-D1DD-432A-B7D8-CAF62B…)

No. 989928

File: 1592632818021.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, D4DAB5B7-97E5-4EB3-B3E0-69BCC5…)

3/3!he doesn’t actually look too mannish just more like a very ugly girl

No. 989930

By far one of the weirdest tiktoks I’ve ever seen on the entire website

No. 989938

I’m beyond willing to talk shit about most mtfs appearances but if you honestly think this makes for an ugly girl, I think you’re delusional.
Some mtfs are hot actually. It doesn’t change that naked they probably look like hell, but she has a good face.
What’s funny here is the obvious AGP that she straight up admits to.

No. 989942

Now I want to see an undoctored, unfiltered pic of him, I'm sure that even caked in makeup he is obviously male.

No. 989946

Really late reply, I just wanted to say that they don't ALL have hair inside them. This thread made me go down a rabbit hole and I learned that you're supposed to get several rounds of electrolysis over at least a year because of how hair follicle life cycles work. Too few sessions or not spacing them out over a long enough time frame risks leaving dormant hairs to grow later. It seems like it's a pretty intensive (also expensive) pre-surgery step that some people aren't educated about or they rush the process.

Not trying to wk, it just worries me when I see people trying to speak out against harmful TRA use inaccurate information/misconceptions bc it opens them up to be picked apart by troons. People should know about the reality of neovaginas, I'm dismayed to admit I fell for the "THERES NO PERCEIVABLE DIFFERENCE" meme for far too long.

No. 989949

Yeah I mean he’s definitely not as gross as the other ones on her BUT he’s copying his friend and almost immediately when you skinwalk someone you wind up looking like the great value version of them his eyes are too far apart to look like his friend and his features are just wide. Definitely could look better if not for him trying to copy his friend with styling

No. 989986

>'i just wanted to be her'
Jesus Christ, that sounds bad. I wonder how that woman feels knowing how much this troon wants to wear her skin. Gross. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

No. 990017

shit like this makes me feel damn sad for actual MtFs that arent AGPs or trying to invade women spaces and just trying to to through life with what feels like body dysmorphia x10. Like,fuck,the cunts probably already feel awful daily and they have to be surrounded by all those fetishists that earn them that reputation. There are so many of them too

No. 990025

They have to do their intra-group housecleaning. Gays only got accepted by the mainstream society when they distanced themselves from all the degenerates within their movement. Only when wholesome gays cleaned out the degenerates, they started gaining their right to marry.

Normal transgenders should do the same for themselves and clean out the AGP freaks, and many are starting to realize it. Nobody from outside their group can do it for them.

No. 990048

Looks are subjective. I'm not that Anon, but to me he DOES look like a weird look unattractive woman.
He isn't "hot", even in his super filtered, super made up picture he looks like a trans woman not a real woman.
No one is "delusional" to think differently then you on someone's apperence.

Well whats worst? Telling people it's just like the real thing? Not telling them the possible nasty side effects or even telling them some of the horrible shit that happens is normal?
Because one side is trying to sugar coat a very serious lifechanging irreversiable surgery, while the other side is telling them very real and possible side effects.
I'd rather a troon think they'll have a very hairy Neo Vag and not get one, or make sure that they check for it, then them figure out on their own or think it's normal, then shill other troons to get the same surgery.

No. 991251

File: 1592804617161.jpg (623.74 KB, 1242x1505, oTND1Nl.jpg)

The caption under his picture should have been posted. Feminism is patriarchy if men are not centered, everyone! He is an absolute asshole and the comment section is nothing but ass-kissing and groveling from brainwashed women. There doesn’t seem to be a single negative or critical comment. Isn’t it funny how he can gather heaps of praise and hundreds of comments calling him “beautiful”, but he cries that no one wants to date him? Thousands of potential suitors, all woke and intersectional, and yet “TERFs” and cis-heteronormativity society are to blame…

No. 991256

honestly i assumed this was made by a terf. all this does is prove their points lmao

No. 991317

They dress like the children they want to molest. Typical AGP behaviour.
At least the ones that are just sad over being male wear clothes actual women would be caught dead in.

No. 991689

Ugh, just say you hate cIs women having different opinions and go. Don't sugarcoat it in woke terminology.

No. 992132

File: 1592883278408.jpeg (144.73 KB, 601x980, C4069462-5714-42FF-BBBD-C135B6…)

the narcissism of it all…

No. 992181

Who could have ever imagined even 10 years ago that the Western feminist movement would be dominated and controlled by the very people women wished to free themselves from? It makes me uncomfortable to even call myself a feminist anymore because I now associate the word with men who bullied and gaslit their way into the movement.

No. 992452


It was a pretty big flaw in the feminist movement that's been exploited to perfection.

It was already picking up steam over 20 years ago thanks to the internet. Ex: Michfest being infiltrated by autist transwomen.

No. 993661

File: 1593012397318.png (973.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200624-171532.png)

I've posted this guy several times by now, but I can't help laughing as I see his male features becoming more prominent the older he gets. He is super condescending towards us dumb cis people, but at least we don't need horse piss hormones to be functional and we don't bully people into playing into our delusions. Let's not even get into the degenerate shit he's into.
(and slapping on black makeup and pseudo occult jewelry does not make you goth)

No. 993741

>the furry pfp
Of course.

No. 993768

Looks like he became the “goth gf” minus the big titties.

No. 993915

Does this person know fillers aren’t that expensive? Honestly they’d pass a lot better with bigger lips.

No. 994231

I think this person is trying to emulate a cosplayer belle delphine goth egirl or whatever knockoff. These dudes think all women look just fine with eyeliner on and for some reason include themselves in this rule the bimbo ones overdo lip filler and drag queen makeup while forgetting other styling basics men just playing a caricature of women is all it is

No. 995562

OT, but they're also a transbian. NatalieRevolts is a transbian but neither of them talk about trans issues much, weirdly enough. They're the only trannies I follow, specifically because, well, they really do a good job with reporting on the DPRK. You'd think a muslim convert tranny communist would be more cow-like, but nope. They just post about news and political theory. Didn't know either of them were trans at first (it's obvious now, though). Just thought they were fat women with PCOS.

No. 995578

Oh man, okay, samefagging/OT from >>995562, and outing myself as an obvious commie, but I was in groups with multiple people in this photo. I won't name names, but two people in the photo are very trans-skeptical and refuse to engage in discourse surrounding trannies.

And one person in the photo, the second pic from the left on the top of the poorly painted hammer and sickle on a red hat holding a book, is a tranny that identified as an "objectiphile" and their object they claimed to be dating was TETRIS. They were in a relationship with Tetris. They had handmade tetris pieces and used to post about masturbating with them, carried them everywhere and would try to visit as many tetris arcade machines as possible. Super bizarre stuff. Trannies all have autism.

No. 995741

File: 1593140613232.jpg (68.29 KB, 960x960, tumblr_inline_pmoojcZWWi1uwjtp…)

No. 995822

damn, i knew this guy years ago when he went by grant. link his tumblr anon?

No. 995827

Nta but this asshole used to pop up a lot in lesbian discourse posts on tumblr. Hes a big advocate of "lesbians not liking dick means they're bigots". I haven't seen him around in a while so I assume hes been keeping his big nose out of shit. Anyways hes gaylor-moon.tumblr.com

No. 995835

Wait is there more ughhhhh, tranny white Muslim convert DPRK stans or isn’t she the one that did the whole “I would nut so hard if someone forced a hijab to eat pork for sex reasons”

No. 995839

File: 1593144009574.jpg (7.89 KB, 343x147, images.jpg)

You're thinking of a completely different muslim troon:
This one doesn't defend the DPRK as far as I know, just a typical fake "marxist" tranny.

No. 995845

Man how is there more than one marxist tranny muslim convert on twitter I kinda feel bad for the more normal political nerd one

No. 995850

Lmao, I unironically feel bad for the more normal one too. Like I said, I honestly thought they were just a fat and ugly woman. It's clear that, despite being a muslim troon defending the DPRK, they still want to be seen as normal. I'm definitely biased here since I have similar politics to the DPRK tranny but, the degenerate Alice one is just so fucking insane that 'she' makes a man in a hijab praising Kim Il Sung look completely normal.

No. 995944

File: 1593158695353.jpeg (638.38 KB, 1125x1522, A8F69816-32AC-40BD-AD78-FADF4D…)

how delusional are these freaks? because a lesbian would totally say a gaping wound leaking sweat, bacteria, blood, pus, and dead skin tastes better than a vagina. Lmfao

No. 995950

>(they said better actually lol)

No. 996005

File: 1593172424990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 503.33 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20200626-125116_Chr…)

So, this is the wound in question.
Honestly, those women are just nice, what the fuck were they supposed to say? "Holy shit, what's wrong with your genitals"?
The same way you wouldn't laugh at a tiny penis (to their face)

No. 996016


“They were glad I waited to tell them until after” - a lie.

No. 996018


"My cunt is built like a wound that won't heal"

No. 996370

Yeah the too many sets of labia is normal lol.

No. 996747

I wonder if filler or something would help fill out all those wrinkles and make it look more like labia majora.

No. 996922

Jesus, what's wrong with that clit area?

No. 997073

This is maybe the best looking one I have ever seen, and even this one is nasty af. It would be funny how delusional these creeps are if it didn't fuck lesbians over so badly. Imagine having to touch that just so you don't get cancelled

No. 997187

File: 1593286046737.jpg (107.39 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_pikbp1lqOl1rzvvv1_1280.…)

No. 997195

The pigtails with that manface is unnerving.

No. 997197

Is it just me or is it just positioned all wrong? Shouldn't the whole 'vulva' area be lower?

No. 997372

Yes it is, because they make the neovagina out of preexisting tissue, they have to start where the male genitalia are attached. The surgically created "clit" has to be where the penis once was, because they make it from the head of the penis. Men's penises/urethral opening are attached higher on the pelvis than where a woman's clit is on her pelvis. They couldn't make it lower if they wanted to.

No. 997569

Indigo white lookin cute as usual

No. 998706

Oof don't give them any ideas. Imagine what the migration would end up looking like.

No. 998912

File: 1593480300949.png (201.67 KB, 479x530, thispeople.PNG)

Has this been posted? it gave me a good chuckle.

No. 999099

The delusion.

No. 1000491

File: 1593627065651.png (399.05 KB, 581x353, cook....PNG)

This is honestly laughable. This looks like absolute shit.

No. 1000494

absolute kek men are so stupid and troons saying disrespectful shit like this only proves it.

No. 1000509

Wtf kinda breakfast is that? Eggs and semolina porridge?

No. 1000524

Those fucked up bangs can't hide that big ass forehead

I think it's suppose to be grits, but nah…. That shit don't look right…

No. 1000527

File: 1593630278881.png (5.46 MB, 1538x2048, D7980B8A-3BF4-44C8-A2DD-7435F3…)

No. 1000534

File: 1593630604666.png (239.49 KB, 1280x960, a0416f77-b5e7-4a95-863d-7458fc…)

Lmao aren't those bangs recognized as 'terf bangs' or something?

No. 1000557

I need to cut my bangs again

No. 1000560

This meme is so weird. Have never seen anyone who’s not full on SJW have terf bangs.

No. 1000561

ikr, and i remember this exact style of bangs used to make fun of ~feminazis~ at one point, really drives home the fact that terf is just the new feminiazi

No. 1000564

Before I peaked I used to think TERFs were ultra-SJW dangerhair tumblr types because I initially saw the term used in reference to those bangs and ugly glasses, which only tumblr SJWs really have. I’ve never once seen an actual radfem with those bangs. Where did the association come from?

No. 1000569

I think they originally were tumblr/sjw-bangs but dunking on the sjw's isn't in style anymore and they got rebranded as terf-bangs.

No. 1000575

I guess they’re easy to make fun of and libfems are useful idiots so they went from “feminist bangs” to “wrong kind of feminist bangs”.

No. 1000576

I don't get it either because most terf/gender crit women dress very normie, vaguely butch at most. The troons are the ones with god awful fashion sense and styling, only HSTS put a modicum of effort in presenting themselves

No. 1000587

Right… oh god, this is so much to unpack.
I don't even know what to say. Women are tired of having to be pretty. That's the entire premise of our gender we hope to escape. Can trans women take over for us in the 'being pretty' department? Because I really don't give a shit.

Side note, I see a lot of child-like hair pins, and on the other end of the spectrum, a lot of BDSM gear. Convince me that this isn't a fetish. I'll wait.

No. 1000604

SJWs look like that but wherever they want to insult someone they can only project, so they used insults that apply to them.

No. 1000614

kinda into the turtleneck top ngl

No. 1000652

Their face looks so big in comparison to everything else that all the facial features look photoshopped on

No. 1000676

Wish washing my hair once a week and wearing a bra was all it took for the world at large to say I'm pretty. Instead us cissies have a lifetime of fear, mistrust, and self-loathing to endure.

Hey at least cis sex workers aren't killed indiscriminately like trans ones…right?

Just like this person is presenting as both an S/M aficionado and an overgrown suspended adolescent, MTFs want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be victims and perpetrators alike.

No. 1000915

those clothes just underline what a mannish gorilla he is. the hairpin especially is a nice touch, he looks ridiculous.

No. 1001093

One thing that really sends me every time I see a picture of these freaks is their eyebrows are usually never groomed. They’re trying to dress up like uwu teen girls but can’t be bothered to go get their huge manly, bushy eyebrows waxed and cleaned up. It would help a little bit more towards passing but none of them can figure that out I suppose.

No. 1001104

My guess is its because they are only doing this online, and so they need to maintain male eyebrows lest they lose their opportunity to "stealth" as men. Long story short, it is just e-perversion.

No. 1001397

It's because it originated on tumblr with some tranny making some post like "why do all these terfs have the same haircut & glasses????" or whatever, it was literally just a 20-something tumblr girl look.

No. 1001423

You're right. I was trying to think back if I could remember anything more specific that it spread from but I think it was just a popular tumblr post that got reposted and ripped off 1000 times. So many tumblr screenshots get endlessly rehashed on IG FB and Twitter.

Literally the only reason it caught on with people was that it came about as that hairstyle was transitioning from being trendy to being hated and associating it with "TERFs" was just a catty insult. Basically a tumblrified and PC-approved way to say "haha those ugly feminists".

No. 1001658

File: 1593810696868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.8 KB, 533x258, 1-s2.0-S2405857218300858-gr5.j…)

I was googling to see what a "neovagina" would look like and I honestly wanted to cry, don't open spoiler if you're aquemish or eating.

No. 1001672

Her dick was pretty cute too. Why would you go from something so petite and non-masculine like that (perfectly acceptable for a bi person) to a fetted hole like that?

No. 1001674

you think bi ppl crave for a estrogen strangled soft dick?

No. 1001678

>Small dick
Idk about that anon. A dick is a dick.

No. 1001679

Okay not all bi people, but I’ve met many. The point is that it was way more attractive before.

No. 1001701

>her dick
Right… Her…

No. 1001710

So grotesque I wonder if anyone actually likes these or prefers these to penises on a tranny

No. 1001731

File: 1593816910219.jpg (135.88 KB, 720x720, ebrietas_4209.jpg)

First thing that came to my mind, but I feel bad for comparing Ebrietas to this abomination lol.

No. 1001772

I've seen unaware men who've never seen one and assume that a "Designer" pussy is tighter and wetter, But I don't think I've ever heard of a neo-vagina chaser.

Or anyone big upping them other then transwomen/fake lesbians.

It's actually funny how much "dick" is valued by these "Women" and their partners and how getting a "Vagina" chases the chasers off.

No. 1002003

Where are his balls in the before one??

No. 1002012

Difficult to say but he might be had an orchiectomy (removal of the testes).

No. 1002036

The whole area looks pretty underdeveloped. Maybe it's one of those puberty blocker tragedies where they don't have enough dick to invert into a tube, so they have to use a section of colon instead.

No. 1002039

File: 1593856175953.png (521.69 KB, 592x389, no way.PNG)

who are these people trying to fool?

from r/transitiontimelines

i seriously don't get how someone can do this to themselfes, they literally end up looking like child predators or goblins, that's honestly sad.

No. 1002040

Clicked on this image and I've gotta say this was the last thread I expected. Disgustang.

No. 1002043

File: 1593858354169.jpg (28.18 KB, 236x284, woman.jpg)


In the online trans hugbox the less you pass the more asspats you get. It's how the FTMs with beards happily wear dresses and get fat and grow moobs with scars. It's a group delusion.

No. 1002108

File: 1593878122948.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.6 KB, 639x918, 756874.JPG)


No. 1002169

File: 1593889853612.png (2.21 MB, 1125x2436, 4C6285E9-8F43-494B-93B3-8435E4…)

not sure if this was posted here before, but i just rediscovered it and it pissed me off even more. notice how the term dick still applies to cis men but cos women don’t get to keep vagina.

No. 1002178

Wait lmao what the fuck even this? Who goes around asking people what they call their genitals? Mutilated or not

No. 1002214

saggy fucking balls ew

No. 1002216

This is from The Human Rights Campaign. which is "America's largest civil rights organization". They put out a guide on tranny sex.

No. 1002363

Hate to be contradictory, but dick is “external genitalia,” and most trans dudes call their engorged clits dicks. They’re just not explicitly mentioned since no one gives a shit about trans men.

No. 1002593

>vagina is the genital of a man who has mutilated himself
>front hole is the shit that actual women have

this is the stupidest thing I have read in a while

No. 1002915

of course males are out of touch with what is cool/trendy among actual women their own age, they still think they can get away with emulating the dorky-edgy highschool girls they crushed on in 2007 so they can larp their FeMaLe PuBeRtY fetish.

No. 1002919

so…. vulva = external genitalia = dick?

terfdick > girlstrapless

No. 1002945

I'm honestly glad we got this pep talk so now we can talk like normal people whenever we go out.

>so tell me, do you have a DICK, A FRONT HOLE, A VAGINA or ARE YOU STRAPLESS?

It's such a great ice breaker, i can't wait to use it.

No. 1003521

File: 1594119677101.png (613.51 KB, 567x680, EcToqZqU4AI9H8p.png)

just saw this on twitter. trans people are cringe

No. 1003524

if you have a set of labia does that mean you have two dicks or one

No. 1003568

>There is no such thing as a transwoman. If you are trans then you aren't ANY kind of woman. And you sure as shit aren't female. Full stop. You don't get to have that title near you. You're JUST a man.

Look, I can play word games too!

No. 1003808

File: 1594173882353.png (1.42 MB, 2480x2660, wtf.png)

kek, stumbled upon this random retard

No. 1003812

wtf kek. I used to work with this dude's girlfriend/wife. That Twitter is something else and it looks like they're still together. Well… Good for them I guess…

No. 1003813

Do they have a form of BDD where they see themselves as little vidya anime cuties

No. 1003820

Do they have a form of BDD where they see themselves as little vidya anime cuties

No. 1003824

I think they envision themselves far more attractive than they actually are because their horniness is at an unbearable level from the cross dressing. That's just my theory though, I wish I knew more about human biology so I could say that in a way that sounds intelligent

No. 1003827

When AGPs imagine themselves as the opposite sex it's ALWAYS the sort of woman they want to fuck. Old, ugly women are just invisible to them so it doesn't even cross their mind that they might be one if they transition.

They just can't cope with reality because the only way they feel fulfilled is through a fetish, and they're so used to asspats they know they can effectively fish for compliments from women.

No. 1003911

Don't forget that based on that bio he sees himself as TWO little vidya cuties.

No. 1003926

File: 1594212575941.jpg (801.98 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200708_142819_com…)

Be proud ladies

No. 1003927

what did he mean by this?

No. 1003939

File: 1594215599390.jpeg (129.84 KB, 749x1005, AB0B8D40-37B1-4DD6-A5F9-56E905…)

Lucky men.

No. 1003940

So these are the weirdos you see in the porn comments… Makes sense now

No. 1003950

File: 1594218916731.jpeg (68.84 KB, 629x851, 0C691215-BE95-43BC-8E8F-609D3A…)

It’s not a fetish though!!

No. 1003958

>trans rights = feminism

No. 1003966

god i‘m so fucking disgusted by this. the worst thing about this is that there are still people out there who wanna fuck this thing

No. 1004006

File: 1594224410052.jpeg (93.53 KB, 733x960, 0819B3B6-5A8D-4222-8A1E-783D0C…)

Someone said it in another thread but it still holds true, troons have the most fascinating capability to be both the most grotesque and yet still, the most narcissistic creatures on Earth.

No. 1004071

What does that even mean? Is he saying that he dresses up in suit (assuming men presenting) to go to work to make money? Women do that too? Is he implying that he profits off of his male privilege? But yet he goes home and dresses up in a dress and puts on make up, cause that is obviously what being a woman is all about? Is he saying that trans women have it both ways and that is why women are jealous? I dont think I know any woman who does not work? Not to mention he is fucking ugly and lol at this selfie angle. Please anons, explain, cause I am really confused.

No. 1004097

He’s boasting about benefiting from male privilege in his career.

No. 1004099

I guess he basically wants women to be ugly men with autism, just like him.

No. 1004132

late but it looks like he's positioned weirdly so the balls may have flattened out, like boobs do when you're laying down. But it def looks like very underdeveloped balls lol

No. 1004716

File: 1594307604398.jpg (124.39 KB, 645x737, 01.JPG)

Found this youtuber complaining getting ask about his gender when he changed his profile picture (seen in the screenshot), went to see his twitter and saw this. AGP confirmed.

No. 1004718

File: 1594307789173.jpg (52.26 KB, 591x647, 02.JPG)

Usually the people complaining about why people fixate about their gender are the ones making a big deal about gender first.

No. 1004797

File: 1594318689304.jpg (83.42 KB, 633x1032, EcfS5izXQAAtmcl.jpg)

you'll never guess what happened mext

No. 1004798

File: 1594318713855.jpg (51.09 KB, 706x508, EcfS55iXYAEVGPl.jpg)

No. 1004801

No. 1004839

Absolutely cursed

No. 1004845

Fucking incredible

No. 1004865

File: 1594328990393.png (13.91 KB, 475x187, jjj.PNG)

I love how all the comments are going, "Cissies can't take a joke! You guys say this to us all the time!"
It's funny how the most senstive people in the world, who can't be critcized or joked about, joke about & criticize everyone else.

This person is a ugly troll, but it's always funny to see the trannies showing their hate for women.
Then handmaidens going, "this is correct"

This person's account is just them saying things like this and they seem to get a lot of likes.

No. 1004871

File: 1594329389774.jpg (368.14 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20200709_231611.jpg)

Can't tell if bait but lmfao

No. 1004872

lmaoooooo anon i spit my drink

No. 1004876

File: 1594330547975.png (316.6 KB, 1080x673, 1591463292975.png)

Just tweet the same crap back at them and watch them lose their shit like they always do. You are correct on everything you say.

No. 1004897

If this gender bullshit isn't over by the time I save up enough to get my face touched up I'm gonna try to get insurance to pay for it by calling it gender affirmation treatment. If trans girls can why can't we?

No. 1004903

File: 1594334470876.png (222.09 KB, 340x568, mtf in a nutshell.png)

Jesus christ this dude reminds me of those oldschool deviantart freaks who had the same weird fetishes (inflation, feminization etc.) except but this time they're celebrated as being part of the LGBT community. The mainstream entertainment industry pushing this, and enabling (broadcasting) their weirdo behavior eerily reminds me of how trolls used to bait Chris-chan into doing whatever weird shit (like posting videos of him fucking the sex doll).

I would feel bad for them if they weren't acting like smug (coping) assholes.

No. 1004907

Anon, you’re an A+ genius.

No. 1004913

I want my boobs to be symmetrical dammit. That should be covered too then.

No. 1004917

>>1004798 if they (middle class white males) want to be women so badly wouldn't that make them white """"women""" too? or does being a tranny make that part irrelevant
they WISH they could be a karen at 45 but instead they're stuck looking like fetish-y fags with tit jobs FUCK i hate trannies so much

No. 1005040

File: 1594358662491.jpeg (49.03 KB, 540x540, 4C330FEC-AE24-40F7-80E1-C8FC05…)

Post like this just make that tranny insecurity more apparent. It’s just so tiresome.

No. 1005653

File: 1594513167363.jpeg (176.66 KB, 828x902, 9F2D1962-F7BD-42F3-A6BE-5F3017…)

Okay, this tweet fucking SENT me. “If you ever want to know if a man is misogynistic, ask him what he thinks about a man’s body”
You can’t even make this shit up.

No. 1005655

No. 1005656

File: 1594513357564.jpeg (152.96 KB, 828x1115, F229FE7E-316B-49BC-8A16-806688…)

Oh yeah and let every man who’s jerked off to “chicks with dicks” know that means he sees them as women and definitely not a taboo fetish.

No. 1005660

KEK it thinks it can acquire more than just a small percentage of fetishists, this has gotta be bait.

No. 1005679

ah yes, because womanhood is totally when men see you as a sex object and jack off to you. what a freak

No. 1005780

File: 1594535030818.jpeg (190.31 KB, 828x898, 46B71024-3CBF-4C45-9840-3E10D5…)

Sorry samefag from earlier but this guy is always so milky (he has a thread on KF too). They spend all day every day screeching that AGPs are just a TERF boogeyman then they let the mask slip for a second and outright admit it’s a fetish

No. 1005873

Oh Kevin Gibes from Kiwifarms.
You know trans people are the only people I've seen go low enough to use PORN to prove they are women or people are attracted to them.
That says alot about them.

No. 1006065

FYI sam pritchard is a sex pest who has been accused by multiple women of creepy sexual shit and he "came out" as trans right after the stuff started to circulate again.
also he immediately posted screenshots of himself buying "programmer socks" after he came out.
and now trans people are on twitter saying "um, how dare you try to invalidate samantha's transition with accusations of sexual assault and harassment! did you know that rape accusations are actually used as a tool to oppress trans people?"

No. 1006069

File: 1594590460228.png (70.28 KB, 534x328, 1231.png)

No. 1006429

File: 1594668387829.png (563.2 KB, 1008x698, Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 19.05…)

More gross shit from this creep-

No. 1006430

File: 1594668557515.png (162.66 KB, 1016x806, Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 19.02…)

Damnit, I got the wrong screenshot, this what he looks like (it's still gross shit) but here's the gross tweets about him "airing" out his 100% real vagina. The same vagina he said is NO different from a cis one.
He's in a "poly" relationship has been waiting for his "Nerves" in his "vagina" to wake up since I believe Feburary. He's constantly having shit fall off his "Vagina"

And he makes the most disgusting horny tweets you can think of, but he can't even have fucking sex because his "vagina" hasn't healed.

No. 1006433


No. 1006438

File: 1594670554994.png (1.94 MB, 1146x1534, 8190371B-3E91-4D97-9726-DC3178…)

Lol anon you gotta post the whole picture so everyone can see the absolute horror in full.

No. 1006444

>He's in a "poly" relationship has been waiting for his "Nerves" in his "vagina" to wake up since I believe Feburary. He's constantly having shit fall off his "Vagina"

Did he tweet about that too? That's super disgusting.

No. 1006460

File: 1594673874844.jpg (66.3 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20200212-162226_Twi…)

No. 1006461

File: 1594673976046.jpg (53.01 KB, 615x583, 2006kevvieitches.jpg)

No. 1006462

File: 1594674055437.jpg (250.33 KB, 810x2439, Screenshot_20200212-164733_Twi…)

here's him talking about eating DISCHARGE FROM HIS "Pussy" aka unhealed Neo-vagina

No. 1006463

File: 1594674138960.png (Spoiler Image, 540 KB, 909x757, kevkevrotpocket.png)

here's a sneak peak of his amazing vagina, he has a thread on Kiwi Farms, he's really fucking gross.

No. 1006587

Kevie is responsible for peaktransing me. He literally endorsed transitioning to fulfil a fetish in a tweet, and so I can't view him as anything but a man getting constantly aroused by LARPing as a woman.

No. 1006612

File: 1594691543993.png (179.87 KB, 750x1334, EEE5698C-B10E-460D-B390-D4D163…)

Imagine marrying a guy and having kids only for him to troon out and
>shemakes comments about my period like I should be grateful for my cramps
>I caught her jerking off to porn in my underwear and bra
>she says I’m pansexual
>we have a teenage daughter

What a nightmare, the poor kids probably get teased for their creepy man lady dad. And that poor lady didn’t know what she was getting into when she married this AGP


No. 1006644

am i the only one getting upset about the "they are now a woman, you are straight" comments as if this person went from a man to looking like Beyonce or some shit? Truth is her husband probably looks like a man in a wig, but he's acting fucking crazy.
they act like the issue is her husband is a "Women" now, Not that the dude probably looks like a man badly trying to be a woman and is acting fucking crazy.

it's blowing my mind to see them go, "Well she's a woman now" no, it's a mentally ill selfish man.

The issue isn't op's sexuality, it's this fucking selfish retard man.
it's kind of like how gay men go, "NO GAY MAN IS ATTRACTED TO TW" because they assume every transwomen LOOKS like a woman.
No. Her husband is not a woman.

No. 1006657

it's just a way of rationalizing why everyone is skeeved the fuck out by a gross fetishist without getting the TRA's angry. it's the civil "it's not you it's me" line of all unfortunates that have their partner troon out.

No. 1006659


A neovagina may well be tighter than one not made surgically, that's why trans women with them have to dilate so frequently to keep it open. Unlike boring cis woman vaginas, neovaginas don't have flexible rings of muscle surrounding them.

No. 1006660


The biggest irony is that neovaginas, due to the positioning needing to be where the cock originally was, are the real front holes.

No. 1006663


oh! like how Charlotte Clymer came out as trans once women started telling him to shut up and stop talking over them about feminism? lol

No. 1006704

Thanks to this person for the lol, amazing post.

No. 1006708

Imagine if a cis woman posted this excellent comedy

No. 1006711

There uhhh shouldn't be cleanup

I like how polite and deadpan this conversation is..

No. 1006716

I found an admittedly really pretty trans woman on Instagram, suddenlysamantha, and the story about established marriage and kids, then sudden transition, multiple surgeries with their savings, wife support from the sidelines but ultimately needing to split is the same.
If the trans wife is genetically blessed enough to pass well, it literally is being suddenly married to another woman and having to question if you want to be visibly gay now. Like forced outing and then you're the bad guy for wanting to divorce.

No. 1006763

This is so fucking gross, he is tasting the shit coming out a wound!
also women don't ejaculate so what cleanup

No. 1006787

File: 1594715627651.gif (1.91 MB, 245x300, WatchfulCautiousElk-size_restr…)

No. 1006792

I think he means cleaning the slime off the dialator with his mouth after he's done, holy fuck

No. 1006797

I’m going to puke… Why doesn’t it look normal?

No. 1006915

Hard to make a wound look normal.

No. 1007157

File: 1594769841926.png (562.13 KB, 572x733, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 00.3…)

This specimen, until earlier this year, was known as Rodrigo the Human Ken Doll. Your garden variety type plastic surgery addict forever chasing the next facelift, implant, filler etc. He must have run out of things to have done as a man. Definitely not a fetish, guys.

No. 1007186


I mean his case is not a fetish, just plain BDD.

Most doctors didn't want to operate on him anymore, but now on the guise of gender affirming surgery he can get more plastic surgery.

No. 1007189

>(what am I supposed to do?)
No pity for her. Acting like there is literally no other alternative in life than to pay for your husband to get his dick chopped off. Really, you can't imagine doing anything else? You get what you deserve.

No. 1007254

File: 1594776409306.jpg (39.43 KB, 512x960, 101796414_250773486348245_6795…)

Came across an alt version jesus christ

No. 1007298

How the fuck can you get married, have kids, turn 36 and then think “I kind of wanna troon now”?? This man is mentally ill and that woman clearly needs to get the fuck out and take the kids because the troon mess will surely want to vicariously love his troon dream through his kids. This is why we need psychological tests and free sterilizations for mentally ill and irresponsible people like that shitty man in a wig.

No. 1007306

File: 1594781045346.png (114.37 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200715-044036.png)

The kids really get the worst of it. This is a post from the same thread. At least this child got away from the madness, but it's still left a great negative impact. Deep resentment is just oozing from their words.

No. 1007432

Troops are the most selfish and entitled creatures I’ve ever seen.

I don’t care wether you’re trans, dress as a Lolita or do porn, when you have kids (esp young kids) it’s your responsibility to not cause them any issues at school or in public.
Nothing would stop those men from just wearing plain sneakers, ponytails and hats when picking up their kids and doing the cross dressing bullshit at home or swinger clubs.
My heart really breaks for all those kids with stupid MTF dad because they usually dress like stupid hoes under the pretence of reliving their teenager years. Horrendous

No. 1007467

Yeah, he’s severely mentally ill. His gender dysphoria is extreme BDD. Wouldn’t be surprised if he starts identifying as trans-species at some point and gets a cat face like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No. 1007499

This is exactly how I feel. I've never seen a women "hoe it up" when picking up her children from school. It's just not appropriate. Not to say women like this don't exist, I'm sure they do, but the freedom tagging onto the LGBT community gives these delusional men makes them an oddity that's become increasingly more common. I also can't stand how none of them are capable of representing themselves as anything more than a hollow bimbofication of a real women.

No. 1007506

I mean I'm sure they were staring at the sissy weeb out in public. These guys are the same type who think girls want to date them because she makes normal eye contact and lent them a pencil once in math class.

No. 1007507

It’s actually pretty common with MtFs. There are entire communities of ‘trans widows’ out there whose husbands transitioned in their 30’s and older after they’d had children and built a home together. Spending most of their shared savings on surgeries, wardrobe, makeup and wigs is a very common theme and often the woman is the one who put her career and social life on the back burner to raise the kids, so she ends up feeling socially and financially trapped. There are many stories out there that sound almost identical to this one.

No. 1007513

I just saw a documentary on a trans woman who came out when he was nearing his 50's and had two teenage daughters. One of his daughters refuses to see him and doesn't accept what he's done, the other was interviewed in the documentary but told that it was a hard thing to accept and broke down in tears mid speech. The father just seemed indifferent to her reaction. It was pretty heartbreaking. The girls essentially lost their father figure that they needed during their most sensitive period of growing up. He was a HSTS and started going out with men so that kinda made it extra sad that he had to repress his homosexuality and live the life of a straight family man only to break it all apart. I don't know if I could ever really cope with my father doing something like that.

No. 1007562

Saged for ot but do you know what it was called or link?

No. 1007594

the skin he’s hiding is green

No. 1007691


Male or female, I've never seen any other extreme BDD surgery addict suddenly declare they always felt they were the other sex from childhood.

No. 1007709

File: 1594838606235.jpg (89.03 KB, 611x771, 0307kevviediapers.jpg)

Kevin update, more gross shit from 100% woman Kevin.(from Kiwifarms)

No. 1007710

File: 1594838649382.jpg (57.95 KB, 608x546, 0807kevviediapers.jpg)

This shit makes me sick

No. 1007711

File: 1594838678980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.75 KB, 608x594, 0607kevviediapers.jpg)

No. 1007864

yeah that shit is fucking disgusting. is there something called autogynepedophilia because this is a prime example for that. ultimate degeneracy, i hope i never have to come across someone like this. this is like the worst the human race can do besides like war criminals and rapists. sorry for sperging out but i‘m just so repulsed by this shit

No. 1007897

Same anon, same. These types push me closer and closer to full-on man-hating harpy status. Absolute freaks.

No. 1007904


> pisses in diapers as part of one of many fetishes

> wonders why neovagina fails to heal properly

No. 1008054

>diaper slut
Someone PLEASE kill me. I want off this ride.

No. 1008057

What do you mean it's not ok to soak a surgical wound in urine for hours? Stop telling her what to do, that's oppressive you TERF!

No. 1008080

File: 1594890633187.png (157 KB, 977x389, Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 10.0…)

Transsalamander/Kathryn/Kevin is also one of those who find glee in "cracking eggs" aka convincing often confused and mentally ill men they must be trans. This from the Other Farms -

No. 1008082

>using Reddit as therapy
God damn, what a mess. I bet this brother got sucked into trannydom due to porn or something. I really wonder what you can do in this situation as a sibling.

No. 1008095

File: 1594894130945.png (629.15 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20200716-050446(1).…)

God, these fucking protests and riots are like playgrounds for troons. This dude is purposely bringing along his emotional support dog to hang out in front of government buildings to get pissed of at law enforcement and rage whenever one of them calls him "sir" while he's trying to rant to one of them about something that happened for 5 seconds a few days ago. What's even more sad is the dog recently got PTSD from being in the vicinity of tear gas.

No. 1008196

I read somesaody describe a neovagina as essentially an extra long belly button between the crotch and I dont think I'll ever unthink this thought.

No. 1008274

File: 1594920291784.png (262.15 KB, 1027x1772, Screenshot_2020-07-16-11-33-36…)

i hate these deviants

No. 1008278

>that profile pic
Of course this is a tranny wanting to show off his dick.

No. 1008300

Women get sexualized for even showing cleavage or the slightest semblance of our body shape so I guess you got the womanhood you wanted so badly, bitch

No. 1008342

So yeah, he just wants an excuse to wear women's swimwear and show his dick to people at he beach.

No. 1008389

I mean men in speedos are called budgie smugglers and there's all sorts of jokes about how gross it is to have someones junk be that visible, it's hardly an issue of 'fragile cis' peeple. Balls just aren't cute.

No. 1008443

File: 1594934627338.jpeg (506.54 KB, 1483x2108, B3661EB0-B69A-4312-B415-C153CD…)

Though you guys would like this BIG BRAIN take a friend of mine shared on fb

No. 1008457

If I had a friend that shared that, they'd be an ex-friend real quick. That's a smooth brain hot take.
time to place bets on how long it takes to get a major infection

No. 1008519


Well part of his neovagina had to be cut off already, another part won't heal (dehiscence) and he's complaining he can't get the bigger dilators in so presumably has slacked off on doing that regularly.

It's just like a real one!!

No. 1008621

And troops wonder why they won’t get full support from cis-women. No one wants to be around “girl bulge” in public spaces.

No. 1008629

I miss when very mentally ill people like this had their own forums and were bullied off of regular sites. Now everything is connected, there's no escape from this nonsense, even online. They're so obsessed with trying to guilt normal people into fucking them. Why won't straight guys gargle the trans"woman's"dick- I mean- "feminine" penis? Why won't gay men have sex with the trans"man"? It doesn't matter how you look. It's just reality, y'all aren't the opposite sex. I wish the therapists for them weren't completely worthless, as they just encourage trans to dive deeper into their illness.

No. 1008706

File: 1594975581693.png (67.4 KB, 1451x235, Screenshot (169).png)

And yet he seems to have fans even here…

I miss when very mentally ill people were just thrown in a loony bin lol

No. 1008732

Unsurprising coming from the female edge lord thread

No. 1009029

Adding some fuel to the "trans is conversion therapy" fire and I've only just read the title.

No. 1009034

Ok but if a cis man goes around with a visible bulge everyone thinks he's a weirdo or pervert. Showing strangers your genitals is kinda a faux pas whatever sex you are.

No. 1009035

Wait it's even more garbo than I thought. Apparently if you're a lesbian attracted to women and you're attracted to a female-passing trans male you automatically become unattracted and now you're a transogynist.

No. 1009098

talked to a personal cow of mine, and he told me he realized he was a "woman" after using faceapp. KILL ME

No. 1009601


Oh damn.

No. 1009722

It's really interesting that this person singled out Gay and Lesbian, but not Straight.
Makes you think.

Legitimately though, conversion therapy.

No. 1009811

File: 1595168428576.jpg (854.3 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200719_101453.jpg)

Travis here decided to reach out to me to pay for his transition funds.

I clicked out of curiosity and it turns out he's asking for 30,000 dollars! That money could pay for my student debt entirely!!!

And to what all does this 30k cover?

>With the funds raised, I plan to use them for my goal to move forward with facial feminization surgery, laser hair removal, tracheal shave, breast augmentation, and finally male to female reassignment surgery. A portion of the funds will also go towards my transportation and housing after the surgery is over while I heal. I hope to move out of my current city due to my feelings of isolation, alienation, and desire for connectivity with people who are like me.

I hate e-begging but I loathe e-begging from troons.

"Pwease pay for all of my things,, pwease"

Can we talk about the phrase "facial feminization surgery"???

No. 1009817

File: 1595169720817.jpg (847.06 KB, 1079x1661, SmartSelect_20200719-104128_In…)


Imagine ruining your own blood flow for a fake peepee

No. 1009839

Imagine if a real, biological woman were to be asking for these things to deal with self-image issues. She'd get bullied off Twitter real quick.

No. 1009842

>fund my plastic surgery so i can become the bimbo i always wanted to be
And people are donating to him so I mean, his plan is solid.

No. 1009850

Look at Kylie Jenner or any female in the media. Constantly men AND women pick apart what women choose to do with their bodies, but then they'll look at people like Nikita or Blaire & over hype them to hell and back, knowing if they were women, they'd just be called out 20 times more on their plastic looks.
When I used to lurk some gossip sites i noticed how people over did their praise. Someone who'd be average or "Plastic" looking suddenly are "Stunning' and "Goregous" if they are trans.

Meanwhile, even women who DONT get work done are getting nitpicked to death.

No. 1009935

Have there been any cases of women pretending to be "trans women" just to raise money? Because it feels like it could be profitable, $30k,that's insane

No. 1010058

Pretending to be a Tranny sounds lucrative and like you don’t need much proof in the first place because assuming someone who doesn’t “pass” isn’t a troon is transphobic

No. 1010162

File: 1595238950031.png (646.35 KB, 640x480, tumblr_54878282afef72879e1e31d…)

No. 1010168

He is really not even trying.

No. 1010174


I can imagine this as the photo to a bbc news website story: "Why my kids' friends like coming around now" or something.

No. 1010193

I'd be surprised if someone hadn't tried it yet, whether a woman pretending to be a troon or a man getting a cheap wig for a prop. It doesn't seem like a half bad idea tbh.

No. 1010196

File: 1595245910472.jpg (79.97 KB, 600x959, IDCPaskingforit1.jpg)

There's vintage Tumblr user idislikecispeople who pretends to be a trans woman while being 100% a real woman, she probably ebegged at some point. Check her KF thread for more informations https://kiwifarms.net/threads/adele-samantha-sheffield-idislikecispeople-idcp-kat-transfemale-floette.8018/

No. 1010222

Ewww.. before reading I thought she was just a really passable tranny. But now that she’s a real girl and more standards are held.. gross.. why does she look so greasy

No. 1010478

hey come on now. she's just dedicated to the role

No. 1010501

File: 1595300807372.png (5.4 MB, 2124x2800, snow white.png)

>Being a grown man so validated by a professional cosplayer from a children's cartoon calling you a princess that you cry
>Trying to do dainty, coquettish poses but instead looking incredibly stiff
>Giving yourself a hunchback a la Charlotte Clymer to try to look smaller; still towering over an actual woman
>Not noticing the clear discomfort in Snow White's eyes and body language

Saged for being old and not especially milky, I just came across this and it seemed like a quintessential out of touch MtF.

No. 1010505

The background really shows it's a sexual thing. Chun Li and Mai kissing, titty figures, weird anime girl mask??

No. 1010510

>Draws himself the same height as Snow White.

Pretty sure if it weren't for the moobs she wouldn't have asked if he was a princess. Doesn't pass for shit.

No. 1010532

She was also the woman who coined both the cursed terms “Truscum” and “Tucute”.

Holy crap! I hadn’t even maximized the blurry little thumbnail on my phone and I could already see the startlingly male outline. Literally a bro wearing a bra. So nice to see that womanhood is simply sticking on some boobies on an ape and twirling like a princess.

No. 1010547


He looks like Carrot Top lmao

No. 1010575

This grown man calling himself a girl. Sigh.

No. 1010638

File: 1595337711666.jpg (899.45 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200721-085304_You…)

These two are still together, but his Twitter is private now. Still amazes me, she seems like a pretty nice, average person who does reviews but decided to date a mong.

No. 1010648

idgi, is he loaded or something? why would you go near that thing?

No. 1010655


She looks like block-head from the anachan threads lol.

No. 1010692

She would get shit on if she left him is my guess. I have no idea how she got with him tho, maybe she accidentally flirted with him or went on a pity date and he decided it meant that they're dating? Or maybe she's a degenerate fetishist

No. 1010708

>she seems like a pretty nice, average person who does reviews but decided to date a mong
>is he loaded or something?
>maybe she accidentally flirted with him or went on a pity date and he decided it meant that they're dating
>maybe she's a degenerate fetishist
Irrespective of the couple, kek at this superficiality. It's like long-term bonds forming into unconditional love is unheard of for these anons.

No. 1010733


'Mikayla'has normal, maybe even higher than average, intelligence from what i read before they privated everything. Just a very unfortunate face, I'd guess some kind of genetic disorder. Treacher Collins?

No. 1010817

His atrocious face is one thing. But troonery is a giant pill to swallow

No. 1010832

File: 1595373596629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.77 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200721_19140462…)

I hate this troon artists so much.

He only draws women with multiple flaws, like it's a fetish.

Super hairy, veiny/sagging breasts and no ass at all. Too many freckles. Sometimes he'll throw in a dick.

Its very clear to me when there's a troon that tends to dislike women and draws them in the most horrid way, because all of his drawings of men look 100% fine. He doesn't flaw them in every single way possible at once.

No. 1010849

>saggy & veiny breasts
>no ass
>"multiple flaws" "the most horrid way"
I mean, it sounds more like you're projecting your negative perception of those physical features through this person's artwork. If the art was made by a woman and all of the subjects were biological women, would you still have a problem with those features?

No. 1010863

nta but I definitely see more female artists drawing those traits than anyone else. the only weird thing is the veiny dicks

No. 1010872

File: 1595380320014.jpg (125.31 KB, 500x333, unnamed.jpg)

the only people i have ever seen have these bangs are ugly tumblrinas

No. 1010874

File: 1595380457658.jpg (230.04 KB, 464x650, porpentine_graememitchell.jpg)

i just want to vent about how every time i get excited seeing a "female" game developer online it's a mtf 99% of the time and it depresses me. why are there so few biological women making video games?
this one almost fooled me with a game of theirs until i went to their twitter and saw disgusting fetishy autogyno posts

No. 1010877

File: 1595380873062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200721_21192827…)

Nah, I actually wouldn't have an issue with it in that case.

But this is a troon thread. And I'm speaking on my issue with mtf artists that fantasize about being the imperfect woman for god knows what reason, then slap it all together in one drawing and top it off with a dick. This, to me and in my opinion, is the same as bimbofication just in the opposite direction.

"uwu I want a self conscious goirl who has low self-esteem because of her body so she'll be desperate for some sick. Then I'm gonna give her a dick."

I don't have an issue with those features lol. I have some of them and am attracted to women with some of them.

No. 1010878

Most actual female game developers are not given the spotlight because of these guys. Since TRAs are so prominent in the west, check out the Japanese video game industry. Lots of notable women. The people who made the WWE Smackdown vs Raw games had a woman as the lead of the company.

No. 1010879

Unimportant,but I noticed that they made the cosplayer look like a dude in drag,seems kinda petty lol

No. 1010881


Don't know if this has been posted but it gave me brain rot, a doc full of these loonies.

No. 1010885

man porpentine is a shitty writer and a shitty game dev. just ignore the whole twine community, it's full of pretentious twats and predators.

No. 1010897

i liked a couple of his games i had played but those recent posts of his are gross, i retract how i felt about them. just sucks that i got my hopes up once again only to be dashed by yet another larper

No. 1010898

nta but these images/this fetish would be perfectly fine to me if a cis woman were the artist and there wasn't a giant floppy dick on that woman. men always take fetishes to the fucking extreme

No. 1010933

Fucking Porpentine. I actually think he's pretty talented as a writer, but everything he creates has this white-hot vein of extremely typical straight boy rage in it. Like I love Howling Dogs, but he's also the guy behind Hot Allostatic Load, which is basically just an MRA screed about booohooo male disposability reskinned to be about trans women. Or like Psycho Nymph Exile, which has some really fucking great writing in it and then….the villain is a cis lesbian who is rich from, uh, running women's health centers???? who gets off on torturing trans women with her evil vagina fetishist wife? It parodies itself

No. 1010985


It's the huge boobs that make me suspicious. Especially considering people like Kathryn Gibes are huge "inflation fetishists", nothing like reading someone express how much they want 'huge milkers' like that's what womanhood is.

No. 1011000

File: 1595416008476.jpeg (810.8 KB, 1242x1086, 5FA249DF-D4D0-4748-9673-7B050B…)

the self-drag lmao

No. 1011002

wtf is that hair line.

No. 1011014

Man, he was cute before. Looks horrible in the after one, I kind of feel sad.

No. 1011026

It looks like he just got fat. I could imagine that he has been eating his feelings away.

No. 1011032

More fat, less hair (unfortunately uneven hairline btw), a LOT more lifeless in the eyes which is honestly a big deal.
I agree with >>1011014 that he was cute before.
Is this guy even trying to present as female? Looks like he just got chubby and got a buzzcut. What has he "come a long way" toward?
Honestly it just makes me feel like there's some kind of problem here. I don't even think a simply-AGP would think this has "come a long way" to presumably "passing".

No. 1011036

Maybe he is going for the butch troon style? I mean, he does have 'butch' in his name, and a furry icon.

No. 1011038

Yeah i second this but look at Team Silent in the late 90's. The teams was like 60% guys 40% girls and they were all super talented.

No. 1011076

Eating + the hormones. The whole coveted "fat distribution" that these people love to praise, they never say where else the fat goes which is usually the midsection.

No. 1011087

crystal warrior ke$ha is absolutely hilarious but it seems like porp's games are either great or vomit-worthy with no in between. he is fucking obsessed with "girls" and it reeks of permavirgin who's trying to live out a fantasy.

No. 1011088

i feel this way about so many transtrenders. cute or even handsome/pretty features before, ruined with trying to appeal to some internet blockade of damaged egos.

No. 1011105

I seriously wonder what will happen when they inevitably start attacking men like this.

No. 1011134

odd. the account who made this is a proclaimed transsexual who disagrees with the rest of his disgusting group. i mean, it's a considerable effort to put this all together and it takes some courage to post it on twitter where the troon apologists live, i guess. nice to know not all of them are terrible.

No. 1011207

File: 1595453218989.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1163x1560, 17D01213-81B6-4909-A2F2-05603D…)

here's a selfie where he's trying a little harder (I guess?). his tumblr bio says he's a "transexual stone butch dyke"

No. 1011224

ugh, yes. I love CWK and a lot of his earlier stuff but I haven't kept up in a while because I got so tired of "what if i juxtaposed cute anime girls catgirl girl girl girl girls…….with SLIME AND VOMIT???"

No. 1011229

>stone butch trans woman
So… a masculine man?

No. 1011233

he seems to do the "haha im making fun of this kink ironically but actually im secretly into it" thing

No. 1011275


Weird, those stretch marks look like Testosterone Tum.

No. 1011410

File: 1595485607882.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, E02B4613-D00B-4754-B6E9-E62290…)

This dude has been posting in a pretty niche makeup group I’m in. The group is known for being overly inclusive and it’s both hilarious and sad seeing all the positive comments from actual real women.

No. 1011412

File: 1595485731631.jpeg (747.43 KB, 2457x3072, D1B9816F-34D4-4D34-8054-8A298B…)

look at this shit

No. 1011436

Wtf was he doing when he was taking this selfie? Driving at 90mph?

No. 1011462

I swear there’s something in male genetic code that just makes them selfie illiterate. They’re downright physically unable to take a decent, flattering selfie. It must be the (unjustifiably) higher levels of self confidence and narcissism males tend to have.

Males (and therefore all these troons too) almost always see themselves as so much more attractive and amazing than they actually are, while women tend to be the opposite. Yet we’re stereotyped as being vain and full of ourselves all the time if a woman even shows the SLIGHTEST flicker of self confidence. Troons can go around with party city wigs, chin pubes and a beer belly though and call themselves sexy, hot, beautiful, “better than cis women” etc and nobody bats an eye though. Proof even their “supporters” don’t see them as woman, since they don’t hold them to the same standards they hold women to. If a woman acted like that she’d be torn apart and called a narcissist bitch and people would point out her flaws to try to “bring her down a notch” “you’re not that hot”

No. 1011468

Found a dude online who's like a real life Jame Gumb.

No. 1011469

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

No. 1011537

ngl the wig is beautiful

No. 1011554

>you women are so shallow!
>if a woman did this you wouldn't hate it!
Quit with that moralfagging, troons won't fuck you (unless you're an animuh gurl or an 18yo model kek)

>I swear there’s something in male genetic code that just makes them selfie illiterate.
No, they definitely could if they put in just a tiny amount of effort. But the male brain tells them that everything they do is a gift of god to women anyway, so why not post every shit you take?

No. 1011574

look at the selfie pic though. Pretty sure that’s the same wig and ol boy doesn’t know he has to actually take care of it.

No. 1011578

Or unless they’re underaged.

No. 1011609

File: 1595522498276.jpg (357.61 KB, 1036x665, 1580781084540.jpg)

Throwback to the time racist discord ~anime girls~ brigaded the animecore thread on /w/

No. 1011767

File: 1595541034199.png (33.04 KB, 577x155, Capture.PNG)

Kek, that was great, especially when tweeted picrel in response.

Didn't his friend come in the thread a few times? The first time claiming to be a girl, and the second time saying "(whatever his name was) here, ask me anything" and the only response was someone asking him to leave the thread.

No. 1011779

Good that he's "stone butch" cause nobody wanna touch that

No. 1011813

File: 1595549130787.jpeg (135.65 KB, 828x644, 2EFCBBFB-FCAA-4498-84D6-D49AE2…)

No. 1011817

Kek looks like Sam Hyde

No. 1011833

his lips are puffed up like a harlequin baby

No. 1011852


A Troon would never be able to achieve a body like the one in the last image, that's a pretty standard and average female body for a woman that carries extra weight. Troon nipples are always small (some women have little nipples too but a man can't grow large nipples even on horse piss hormones and women's on average are 30% larger than men's) and their tits are either plastic bolt ons that look a hot mess or typical moobs spaced far apart from each other. The pelvis is also wide. Even women with top heavy bodies and narrower hips have a wider and differently shaped pelvis to a Troon. I have never seen an image of a troon naked that looks like a complete biological woman naked. Even the HSTS ones don't fully pass when nude. Seeing that image with a dick is just plain creepy and innacurate. Also let's say a Troon did manage to get a relatively feminine body (although it would never be as feminine and natural looking as the last image) , that would mean years of estrogen and a little dick that barely functions, not a massive dangling horse cock. Fat troons always only ever look like the fat hairy dude in the first image, sometimes with big, football shaped often bulky bolt on tits.

No. 1011855

Hey anon, you reply to posts by clicking their post number.
Also put sage in the email field.

No. 1011856

File: 1595556595137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.94 KB, 640x582, DyZLWibl.jpg)

This Troon is all over reddit getting asspats for being a little smol bean despite the fact that he still looks male. He constantly obsesses over the fact that he is 5'3 and his height is mentioned all over reddit and all over his social media pages. He has wonky bolt on tits that look botched and no one seems to have the courage to tell him. Of course he is a 'lesbian'. No woman would make being 5'3 part of her identity (well, maybe if you are shuwu on head but even she doesn't have it as part of every bio on social media). I Googled this man and he's a complete fucking train wreck.

No. 1011860

File: 1595557125121.jpg (510.88 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20200724_051713.jpg)

This is exactly what he looked like before, a pudgy neckbeard. I just can't get over how bad the tits are. He calls himself jillison flook or jordan and is a 'lesbian top'.

No. 1011861

H-how cheap was he to get such a botched job?

No. 1011865


He looks like the kind of inbred potato that would be in the headlines for shaking a baby to death. Those eyes legit scare me. But I guess he just wants to pee.

No. 1011880

man this is such a bad fucking take

the sex scenes in the exorcist are there because the narrative HIGHLY IMPLIES that burke dennings raped reagan and that her behaviour is a religious pathologization of the truama of sexually abused children

and this fucking moron is like

"oh …? that scene where reagan physically mutilates her own genitals with a cross and then violently sexually assualts her mother and then impersonates the voice of burke dennings (her rapist) is totally about female empowerment"

i'm so fucking exhausted of these clowns

No. 1011882

File: 1595560285719.jpeg (47.72 KB, 1200x1200, 852928A6-357B-47DE-AED5-89DAA8…)

Holy shit.. that boob job is tragic yet he doesn’t even bother wearing a bra.. Pic related.

No. 1011931

File: 1595567597188.jpg (9.8 KB, 250x200, fb9ffb7273b2aa4b56ccb71888b864…)

"hey yo doc gimme those chameleon bolt ons"

No. 1011932


Is Burke Dennings the astronaut(?) dude? The one that Regan pisses on the floor in front of? Damn, I need to rewatch that now, that's a whole take I never thought of but it does make a lot of sense.

No. 1011991

It’s so weird how feminine and weak he looks as a man and then when he transitions, his jaw seems sharper, shoulders even more broad, etc also kek at his boobs I bet you they’re way too high up, why can’t he just put on a bra?

No. 1011998

File: 1595590272100.jpeg (71.51 KB, 615x634, andy.jpeg)

literally looks like andy from little britain

No. 1012012

Oh man, you can even see the botched tits with his shirt on, jesus. I'd sue and never go out again but he is fucking showing them off, no self-awareness

No. 1012014


"I wanna vagina."

"Now, are you really sure, Andy? They can't just sew 'em back on you know."

No. 1012067

File: 1595602871179.jpg (665.27 KB, 1028x1827, 20200724_080025.jpg)

Back with a relevant screenshot yay

No. 1012089

File: 1595607476885.jpg (86.46 KB, 949x960, 59911623_871414096556195_64816…)

girls, I'm screaming. didn't expect to find pics of the troon that used to come into my work absolutely stuffed with padding. I worked near a mental hospital and assumed this particular troon was probably a literal schizo from the hospital because he looked so goddamn crazy with all the stuffing. looked up the Twitter and he's just your average degenerate furfag tranny. I think that says a lot.

No. 1012091

File: 1595607804337.jpg (79.66 KB, 540x720, 60290331_871414066556198_71578…)

samefagging cause I can't stitch these on my phone and no laptop but … he would come into a heavily trafficked public place stuffed like picrel but almost twice as much stuffing than that usually. asked me autistic questions where he seemed really agitated, would sit nearby and deathglare me. just assumed he was literally retarded but now I wonder if it was tranny envy, I'm pretty feminine both in body and dress sense so maybe he wanted to vore me into his titty stuffing…

No. 1012092

File: 1595608065740.jpeg (135.54 KB, 828x1792, 1E1231E1-8F8C-48C2-9FF0-510C20…)

he HAS to be a tard of some kind. the absolute lack of self awareness regarding…anything and retarded facial expressions in every single selfie give it away. the "death stare" was probably envy/admiration expressed by a sped.

No. 1012096

This troon looks absolutely ridiculous, the padding on his thighs make him look like a deathfat. I’m sorry you’ve had to encounter this tremendous retard, anon.

No. 1012099

File: 1595609268772.png (64.23 KB, 174x267, same.png)

I'm with this woman.

No. 1012100

When your transition goals are the lymphedema riddled moms on My 600lb life

No. 1012101

My sides, anon

No. 1012104

File: 1595609713237.jpeg (349 KB, 2390x1800, 9E8E2C7D-0F7A-40CA-9900-AAE33D…)

No. 1012105

What i dont get is these people would look a lot more female-presenting if they didnt caricaturized female curves. Like no woman has a 20 inch difference between their waist and hips/breast. Whats feminine is the "(" shape between the body parts, not the size difference.

No. 1012106

That's not what this good sir is going for anon. He's going for the Tess Holiday look.

No. 1012124

they're never gonna be female presenting though. Even the most slob looking woman is still a woman. they cant do anything to fix their man faces, man bodies and facial hair (i know women get it too, but men get hard core facial hair due to their hormones)

No. 1012126

File: 1595613552927.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

fuck, my sides

No. 1012129

AGPs have no clue how to dress themselves. No woman in her right mind would ever wear this outfit. I only ever see AGPs dressed like toddlers it fetish gear or senile elderly women.

No. 1012134

There are men out there who will fetishize and sexualize everything. I have seen it all with AGPs, gynecological conditions, menstruation, pregnany, lactation, hysterectomy, having their dicks cut off, dressing like toddlers, dressing like slovenly elderly women. This guy looks like a tard with lymphedema.

No. 1012145

He's out here cosplaying Glitterandlazers

No. 1012146


Even glitterandlazers looks way better than that freak. She may be super morbidly obese but at least she matches her outfits together and has some sense of style. On top of it all she looks like an actual woman.

Any woman looks better than these freaks. It's too much of an insult to any woman to compare them to a Troon.

No. 1012161

File: 1595619916372.jpg (149.73 KB, 720x689, DeepFryer_20200724_143936.jpg)

>mfw i make eye contact with other coworkers when he strolls in
the lymphedema legs are what had me confused about him. I couldn't tell if he had some kind of condition or if he was really stuffing his clothes like it appeared - because who would want those legs?
started to suspect he was a troon when he came in more overstuffed than usual and wearing cat ears.
but there was definitely a time where I wondered if he was just a hirsute homeless woman carrying all her belongings in a strange way or…something. it was just that bizarre.

I have no words, just pure, primal guffawing

No. 1012237

obligatory me in the back(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1012270

File: 1595635875149.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20200714-112947~2.p…)

I stumbled across this instagram account that collects the most uncanny valley troons and idk what's worse nightmare fuel, the troons or the molester looking middle aged chasers in the comments

No. 1012285

Why are the cheek fillers so low on the face?

No. 1012301


Finally I can use my "this one is transfat" joke!

Honestly though, there's padding your bust and hips, and then there's this….person…. trying to look like the third Slaton Sister.

No. 1012303


> cat ears sign

definitely an AGP thing, they want to be a cute uwu anime girl

with possible inflation or feeder fetish on top

No. 1012319

My eyes keep darting between the tiny lil arms in comparison to the body, and the girl in the background lmfao this is perfect ty anon

No. 1012321

I love these. Whenever you get in a agrument with a TRA, especially the "NO gay men are attracted to transwomen, it's not gay or bisexual!!" They'll post a picture of a bunch of transwomen every single one is like this.
Super edited or angled, you know the person looks nothing like this in real life and regardless they still look like a tranny.

it's just that generic tranny look that all transwomen who try really hard get. Like nikita, Blaire or Eden, you just know they are a tranny not even because they look all like men, it's because they look like a creation.

Regardless they LOVE using transwomen like this to prove that transwomen are everywhere!

No. 1012371

I hate the hard tits that sit super low on his chest even more than I hate his ugly Michael Jackson nose.

No. 1012868

It looks like fursuit padding. You said he was a furry?

No. 1012880

>he HAS to be a tard of some kind.
His shoes are untied. This picture is killing me.

No. 1013068

My ex (male) got those exact types of stretch marks during puberty, it's a thing for chubby guys too

No. 1014733

File: 1596111347308.png (423.42 KB, 591x444, troonery.PNG)

What the fuck is this shit?

No. 1014792

It's stupid and I hope it will be seriously stupidly dated in 2022

No. 1014812

Does anyone know who this is? I really recognise the stare, was he known on tumblr or something?

No. 1014823

Manhunt, yeah right. We all know they wanted to name it Womanhunt because they hate nothing as much as they hate women who don't want their dicks.

No. 1014941

can we do a reading of this when it comes out ladies?

No. 1014946

This is the broad who vehemently defended pedophilia in ~~~kweer~~ spaces so…lmao

No. 1014949

This sounds so stupid, the premise itself sounds like satire

No. 1014964

This sounds so stupid, I wanna read it so bad.

No. 1015000

He's on the stwawbwewymilk thread, you might recognize him from there. Besides that, he's a grown ass man who gets retweets for acting like shitting on Steven Universe fandom makes him some brave defender of messy queer art and also a true member of the working class and probably some other horseshit that obscures the fact that he's a smug white man larping shirley jackson

No. 1015152

File: 1596205593901.png (142.96 KB, 1113x194, ebeg.PNG)

UPDATE: This fucking attention seeking troon just updated his GoFundMe from the original 30k to SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS when he realized he could make a living off of e-begging.

What the fuck.

No. 1015329

it's fucked up how troon go fund mes meet absolutely massive goals within days. meanwhile you see a third world girl trying to start a college fund and it caps at 700 dollars. we live in such a materialistic and vapid age where funding an ELECTIVE titty surgery gets more clout than funding education.

"oh but ill kill myself if i dont get ffs"

No. 1015661


The ultimate gofundme fuckery has to be Markiplier getting his fans to pay for his neice's funeral.

No. 1015907

scavenging for estrogen at the end of the world. lmao. and how do they plan to find estrogen, ready to inject, in a post-apocalyptic situation?

No. 1016007

Maybe they’ll drink the horse piss straight from the source.

No. 1016222

how much you wanna bet itll be by harvesting terfs for their ovaries followed by a cheeky girls night slumber party

No. 1016477

File: 1596423237526.png (168.15 KB, 510x358, AstraRU_SFW.png)

No. 1016538

lmao imagine it being the apocalypse and there being a band of fascist women running around looking for trannies to kill. This is amazing.

No. 1016543

this is like the next evolution of the autogynesmile, 10× creepier

No. 1016545

File: 1596436269007.png (120.84 KB, 524x654, Screenshot_20200802-232922.png)

Ok bud

No. 1016613

What is this twitter poll supposed to achieve?

No. 1016618

Be as edgy as possible to create a shock value.

No. 1016621

File: 1596448322358.png (96.06 KB, 439x830, Screenshot (198).png)

Now with the new Mulan movie coming out I constantly see such hot takes: "Becca" living in 21st century Murica thinks his mom wanting him to get a gf and telling his fat ass he looks handsome with short hair is totally the same as a girl in ancient China escaping arranged marriage by dressing up as a man… "dishonor his family" my ass, what kind of honor?
Can grown men please just leave stuff for little girls alone? I guess only damsels in distress are reserved for cis woman, anybody who's even remotely strong simply must be a man.

No. 1016622

File: 1596448476983.jpg (641.06 KB, 1728x1905, Ealbzx4UcAA31y4.jpg)

Obligatory pic of his pancake moobs

No. 1016625

This has to be a joke, I actually laughed out loud reading this and keep cracking up again and again. It's like someone making fun of obsessed troons, I could literally see someone posting this in the #AskDanielRadcliffe hashtag or something.

Holy shit lmfao my sides

No. 1016634

When troons wants to re-open goulags for bad-thinkers…I mean…evil terfs. Nice.

No. 1016650

File: 1596459177924.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 3248D03E-67FB-481F-9DF7-6E6D7D…)

Somewhat related: troons and tiktok thots mad because some lesbian girl posted that she doesn’t like dick and everyone got mad
She deleted the video but her apology video s areup

No. 1016657

>100 gecs

of course

No. 1016658

Who is 100 gecs? Is it a known cow?

No. 1016666

File: 1596462245704.jpeg (587.7 KB, 828x974, ACFB64F5-60AE-482D-83FA-EBBBEC…)

Horrible music duo, if you want to call it music. The lead singer is a MTF in a relationship with a FTM

No. 1016670

please fucking don't.

No. 1016723

This whole situation is infuriating, she even made an apology video where she tells everyone troons are real women and over and over but says she still believes women being attracted to the female sex makes them lesbians and the comments are just people calling her J.K. Rowling, telling her to delete her account and that she's wrong still, verbally abusing her, etc. Nothing will make them happy until she says she will suck their dicks and that's disgusting.

No. 1016816

Kek at that post going, "who told her transwomen would want her anyway?"
Like they have SO much options and like ANY woman who says she's a lesbian in 2020 in ANY space isn't getting harassed by troons and men.

Lesbians aren't the ones saying people are homophobic for not dating them, but you people are.
and whats up with the quotation marks? A dick is a dick, only men have dicks. It kills me how they act like their way of thinking is so common and everyone agrees.
One minute the world is super transphobic and the next? "Kek at this bitch for calling a dick "Male genitalia"

No. 1016893

File: 1596491955717.jpg (654.36 KB, 1932x2576, 192e0e25-258a-453d-8b56-689f34…)

why do troons wear huge bras that dont fit them?

No. 1016917

Why is it that troons always have to do that dopey, brain dead, over excited face?

It's fucking obvious to anyone that isn't an idiot that these are mysoginists impersonating women from their own perspective.

No. 1016919

Again with that vacant, gormless, gleeful stare.

They are like a sad parody of the women depicted in porn, Hollywood and anime.

No. 1016923

The whole saga with Rowling is just plain upsetting.

It's as if women fought for their rights so actual perverts are shamed and socially ostracized and face legal consequences for their actions. Now they can get around what women have fought for by just telling everyone they are a woman and actual women have to submit and obey or they are cancelled. TRAs have just sent us back centuries in terms of women's rights and they are calling it 'progress'.

No. 1016929

Because they stole it from their mom’s drawer

No. 1016935

File: 1596499158244.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, CFF6CAF4-35FF-4536-A4D1-3E6F7B…)

>it’s not conversion therapy!!
Then what is it? Why do they take “I don’t like penis” as invalidating their identity? It’s 100% a fetish

No. 1016990

I hate gen z so much. I think I just missed the cut off to be a millennial and I'm bitter about it.

No. 1017126

File: 1596522910255.jpeg (53.68 KB, 1125x521, 75E2912E-5359-4592-81A1-B17DAF…)

I hate troons. Most women view queefs as an embarrasing and unpleasant, but of course men have to fetishise every facet of being a woman.

No. 1017134

File: 1596523771485.png (223.4 KB, 680x378, EeSys9aXkAAV7Ao.png)

No. 1017181

This is so fucking hilarious. Queefs are 'validating'? I feel like the word 'valid' has lost it's meaning.

No. 1017239

I hope that lesbian tiktok girl doesn’t kill herself. The comments and vid responses are aggressive as shit.

No. 1017256

tbf he seems more to go for the heroin addict look than the vapid bimbo look, lmao.

No. 1017294

Imagine all the blood/pussy.

No. 1017383

Lmao I meant puss

No. 1017443

>i just menstruated and got wet i'm so happy and feel validated uwu

No. 1017459

I hope she migrated over here tbh she seemed cool @goth1ck if you’re reading this, we agree with you and these troons ain’t shit

No. 1017480

File: 1596569735388.png (74.48 KB, 730x682, Disgusting.png)

This disgusting waste of space retweeted this. Let me unpack how many layers of disgusting this is.
Firstly, Kevin is a "Little" a grown ugly man who wears diapers and gets off to that shit.
So a disgusting man who says his little age is "three", is retweeting about disgusting men wanting to have BABIES suck on their tits.
GROWN MEN who are larping as women, want to have babies suck their milkless tits IN PUBLIC.

This is the type of shit TRA's are supporting rather they want to say so or not.These people are 100% transgender ( i don't believe in trans trenders because according to them anyone who says they are a woman IS One) are saying shit like this.

It's a fetish and these idiots want to involve fucking BABIES and do it in public.

No. 1017486

File: 1596569982824.png (Spoiler Image, 473.73 KB, 595x651, JESUS CHRIST.png)

100% in 2020.

No. 1017494

What the fuck? Even if you wanted to say "trans women ARE women," you literally do not produce milk. You're gonna starve a baby to prove a point? Think a baby wants to chew on your "wo"-manly nipple hair for sustenance? Degenerate fucking monster.

No. 1017535


Transman demanding to be allowed to donate sperm.

No. 1017817

this is a weird ass post anon lmao, never go full zionist

No. 1017825


How. Just HOW?
I will accept trans women as women, but nothing currently available in medical science will make a trans woman able to breastfeed. Sometimes men (and trans women) get lactation, it's usually as a side effect from medications and is nothing like the breastmilk new mothers produce.

If this is just a "validation" thing, then ffs they're just using the poor baby as a prop and that's not fair as the kid has no say in it.

No. 1017961

>fucking up a babies palate development & messing their mouth up into adulthood bc u need validation

No. 1018039

what in the actual fuck. I thought that too before reading this

No. 1018050

troons put the "puss" in "Pussy"

No. 1018076

No. 1018080

in the literal first chapter he writes about getting a boner over a "TERF" and then plans to kill her.