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File: 1617925729903.jpg (653.29 KB, 1018x801, 1617909226052.jpg)

No. 1204267

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Arbitrary rules enforced by tranny jannies apply to this thread, this means you might be banned for being too fucking based for your own good. Please don't say mean words to users you suspect are trannies because it makes them cry, seethe and dilate.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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No. 1204269

File: 1617926074117.png (88.7 KB, 576x408, Screenshots_2021-04-08-16-54-5…)

No. 1204270

free advertisement in Flow’s favor, nice

No. 1204272

Thanks for using my shitty art, OP.
sorry forgot to add the shithead trans murderer, I was making it real fast on my lunch break kek

No. 1204275

There's always MtF General #16.

No. 1204285

If a troon doesn’t bleed or ovulate then what’s the point of keeping track of his freak period? It’s not validating to have a period, stupid troon.

No. 1204288

File: 1617927492092.jpg (496.07 KB, 4896x2444, 1983fa2.jpg)

He looks exactly how you would expect him to look kek.

No. 1204291

So everytime this fat dude has a bad day he's going to chalk it up to being a period? Also isn't it amazing how they constantly connect "Bad moods, feeling bad" to periods, but at the same time get mad when actual women speak about these things?
So it's okay for him to feel like "Shit", think, "hey it's my period" and share it, but when a woman does that some troons throw fits

No. 1204298

File: 1617928604478.png (591.24 KB, 745x934, i need chocolate teehee.png)

menstruating means eating chocolate and getting horny beforehand, duh. with bonus autogynesmiles

No. 1204300

File: 1617928838570.png (65.11 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_20210409-033915~2.p…)

I was reading a thread where troons were complaining about the size of their feet and this comment made up. After 30 years he can finally 'moisturize his feet and enjoy a pedicure'. Apparently if you care about grooming and hygiene you have to be a woman.

No. 1204311

>pampering, moisturizing, pedicures
I guess I'm not a woman, since I'm too broke for a more extensive self care routine than brushing my teeth and showering. Am I supposed to toss my money at making a part of my body that barely anyone sees instead of buying dinner? Good god.

No. 1204313

They even involve their parents in their fetish.

No. 1204321

It actually reads like he's trying to seduce his own dad. Fucking gross.

No. 1204324

I tried to search for information about this but got a bunch of weird fetishy blogs.

Can someone point me to a discussion of whether there is any truth to this at all? I presume it's not possible unless they are cycling hormones themselves to simulate dips in estrogen and rises in progesterone?

I do think male hormone fluctuation is understudied but again with this fucking period fetish. it really pisses me off. For thousands of years, women have suffered because we bleed. Now these people claim they suffer because they aren't bleeding - or they pretend to bleed? Call me when you have to leave work drenched in blood (bad period after endo surgery) or when you feel like your entire body has been run over by a truck or when you have surprise period-induced migraines. Let me know at what point in your cycle you have super sensitivity to smells, or when your boobs hurt, or when your clothes don't fit (solely from water shifting from inside cells to extracellular space - aka telling women to avoid salt is retarded). Let's talk then, fetishists.

Alternatively, I'd love to send them some period blood. They'll learn pretty quick that it smells different from bleeding from shallow self harm scars.

No. 1204326

File: 1617930804929.gif (3.06 MB, 194x268, d6c.gif)

the dad debating if he should call the cops on himself for misgendering his offspring

No. 1204330

don't give them ideas on symptoms to LARP kek

No. 1204332

File: 1617931328825.jpg (1.33 MB, 1660x1660, inCollage_20210409_032224755.j…)

sorry forgot to sage,also i think the argument that "trans ppl also have genital preferences for their own bodies, so why is genital repulsion suddenly something to be reevaluated when it comes to sexual attraction in cis ppl" is underused in terf/gendercrit spaces.

No. 1204338

>I'd love to send them some period blood.
I wouldn't joke about that, they're known for stealing and wearing used pads, among other things. They would just use it to jack off.

No. 1204346

I fear what those 3 comments say

No. 1204347

File: 1617932799813.png (1.98 MB, 1999x1448, sick.png)

Repost from the previous thread: someone cowtipped the murderer's girlfriend and it confirms she knows about what he did, so she's having a child with a narc murderer who can chimp out at any time. She might be too scared to leave him considering how he got away with it last time.

No. 1204358

File: 1617933595807.jpeg (104.39 KB, 741x822, 8D2C37DB-3032-499E-BCCF-6CBC8A…)

hate tumblr

No. 1204360

File: 1617933643070.png (633.54 KB, 576x954, Screenshots_2021-04-08-19-00-1…)

No. 1204362

I've never seen any real science (duh), but I've seen tw cobble together justifications like "the hormones act on the smooth muscle like hormones work on the uterus/muscles around the uterus." It gets laundered through different twitter accounts, shit gets added. I've seen claims that their bodies somehow know to mimic a cycle because of the increased estrogen, a lot of really vague wishful thinking bs that depends on "sex is a spectrum/construct" to better conceive of bodies as blank slates shifted mostly by hormones, so they can think of their HRT as waking up some dormant female thing inside them. Of course, this view also depends on sex absolutely NOT being a construct or a spectrum because the only reason they want to have a period is because they somehow know that's a female thing to do…

No. 1204369

Is… he trying to seduce his father?

No. 1204371

I went through the accounts of the "girlfriend" last night and I have doubts that her or the pregnancy is legitimate. The pregnancy test looks like the lines have been drawn in, the ultrasound could easily be faked, and the facebook for the fiancé seems to have no real interaction. Even the facebook of the dude seems to have no real flist. All the "friends" and comments are from those horny foreign men that add anyone who appears female. The only picture for the gf is a very dark photo of two people. Creepy that it could possibly even be his ex he killed. I'm hoping I'm right and the gf and baby is just a RP by this delusional murderer.

No. 1204372

You have a point, anon. He said it was a state sponsored IVF pregnancy. I can't imagine that would be possible. I know where I am from in the UK they do a criminal background check before allowing IVF. I would imagine it would be the same in Sweden.

No. 1204373


No. 1204374

anon, how does someone can menstruate without ovaries? it's impossible for them to menstruate
even if taking hormones does something to them, it's happening to their male body. it has nothing to do with a woman menstruating.

No. 1204376

so i guess calling people fatherfucker has to be a thing now. rip motherfuckers

No. 1204377

File: 1617934848776.png (251.99 KB, 720x710, Screenshot_20210409-051753~2.p…)

So I was watching this video on youtube about kristopher Johansen. Apparently he never cleaned his house and couldn't find a job. He used a false name and someone else's details to try and get into the army. Apparently he was also autistic and an alcoholic.

I'm starting to think that the more I hear about him the more I think that the girlfriend and the pregnancy is fake.


No. 1204378

File: 1617934998835.png (779.91 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210409-052300.png)

You're right anon, those lines are drawn on with a sharpie pen.

No. 1204379

File: 1617935227154.png (366.47 KB, 720x734, Screenshot_20210409-052707~2.p…)

He's also on twitter lying about his charges.

No. 1204380

File: 1617935347226.jpg (673.13 KB, 1079x2014, Screenshot_20210409-042826_Tum…)

girldick rulez <3

No. 1204384

just what every lesbian wants: a perma-flaccid acorn dick

No. 1204385

>Why have I been eating so much chocolate
Because you're a fatass with no self control.

No. 1204393

You can clearly see that has been drawn with a marker. You can even see the shadow of the sharpie ink underneath the plastic casing of the test window.

No. 1204396

>not pink
>couldn't even draw inside the lines

No. 1204400

File: 1617936901911.png (734.1 KB, 720x1412, Screenshot_20210409-055416~2.p…)

I found his youtube channel. He doesn't look like he has done anything to transition at all. He looks and sounds like a male with long greasy hair.


No. 1204402

File: 1617937003773.jpg (42.39 KB, 1080x1087, FB_IMG_1617936858285.jpg)

Here's an enhanced image of Kristopher and the "gf" what do you guys think? Almost looks like another man.

No. 1204404

Could it be a reflection of himself in the mirror perhaps?

No. 1204406

File: 1617937246891.png (262.93 KB, 720x721, Screenshot_20210409-060027~2.p…)

Enhanced it more

It's another troon

It's definitely not his reflection now I look at it.

No. 1204408

if the person on the right is the gf she has a very unfortunate caveman brow. it's hard to tell sex from what's essentially a picture of a big nose.

No. 1204409

File: 1617937412271.jpg (212.04 KB, 1080x1087, AirBrush_20210409060346.jpg)

Definitely another troon

No. 1204412

Some anon said the name was "Sofia" so I already suspected from that lol

No. 1204413

File: 1617937595698.png (73.5 KB, 602x538, 23453452345.png)

In keeping with the theme of the new thread, local man calls his mood swings and diarrhea a period.

No. 1204415

I can smell the video from here. I also can't minimize the video on youtube premium because you can't do that in videos 'made for kids'. He's literally set a video of himself talking about a weapon for kids.

No. 1204421

Kek so feminine!

No. 1204427

*liver damage diarrhea

No. 1204439

not to nitpick, I don't think I have seen a guy with stretchmarks like that. or a nasty cocklett like that either.

No. 1204447

This person is doing a lot for trans representation with these stunning and brave Tweets

No. 1204456

"why did i transition" give me a fucking break karen

No. 1204460

File: 1617944339575.jpg (122.8 KB, 1080x705, 20210408_215643.jpg)

No. 1204462

all the replies on twitter are based as hell, jah bless

No. 1204474

File: 1617947604140.png (961.08 KB, 870x1370, 22c66216-24e3-5fac-9531-dd7416…)

the fact that a black man was the one posted this makes it much worse but sadly its way to common, woke black men dragging black women for woke points

Like Christ weakest links can't be trusted

No. 1204477

Oh wow, I actually know Mags. Like personally, irl in person and all. Never heard her say anything like this in person, I had no idea her online persona was so… this

No. 1204479

>Never heard him say anything like this in person
when will you people learn that they are all like this, there are no "sane ones"

No. 1204480

russia has so much trouble with doping, they should just troon out their male athletes and infiltrate female competition… nobody could say anything w/o being called a transphobe…

No. 1204482

when will you realize his identity as a woman/as female is just as baseless as his idea that he gets periods?

It was agreeing to use troon's pronouns that allowed them to get more bold. It isn't respect to treat someone's delusions as factual, it's subservience.

No. 1204483

No. 1204487


kek i know using her in this gendercrit lite thread is unpopular but I knew this person irl and this is what i'm used to referring to her as. i'm not as deep in gc as most are in this thread, i just like laughing at mtf who threaten lesbians who won't have sex with them. sorry anons, you'll have to cope.

For the record I knew this person before they got super famous as a writer and fame changed her. lots of people who knew her before it drifted away from her for it

No. 1204494

File: 1617949953168.jpeg (598.51 KB, 2048x2048, 196D7E8E-51A5-424E-B6DC-6DED11…)

Eli Erlick is a rapist. How can we bring him down? Who has Twitter and can get a # trending?

No. 1204497

cope with what lol

No. 1204499

>i just like laughing at mtf who threaten lesbians who won't have sex with them
Yeah, homophobia is a hilarious and fun lark. Unlike a male who thinks he has periods and wants to literally shit on people who say otherwise, that person deserves to be treated with respect and referred to as a woman

No. 1204502

I get where you're coming from. if I ever meet a trans who is not balls out insane, I will gladly use whatever pronouns they want.

until then though, all of these faggots are he.

No. 1204504

calm yourself anon, I never said I was friends with this person or defended their shit take. just said I knew them irl and irl they're super meek and this aggro online persona is fake as hell. They'd never have the guts to say this to anyone's face.

yeah, what I'm trying to say is I'm surprised that they act like this online because irl they really act totally mild, so I was having a hearty kek at how big and bad they act behind a computer screen.

No. 1204509

File: 1617952845945.gif (374.66 KB, 500x369, 5716AABC-AAA2-487B-B7C5-88211D…)

Her willful delusion? kek

He looks like onion boy’s more recently de-cryo chambered neanderthal brother. The incestuous daddy issues really add to his stunning bravery.

If that’s really another troon this is just icing on the crazy cake.
>psychotic moid brutally murders woman
>claims he is a tranny
>instead of being locked up in an asylum, is released among the public
>people realise his identity, he begins his true mythomaniac era
>LARPs he plays with airsofts with his therapist because “therapy”
>claims he is going to be a father and the gov is paying for everything for him including IVF (LMFAO)
>guys I’m totally a famus and suksesfle artist!!! My shitty paint jobs sell for hundreds of USD!!!!
>spends every day coming up with witty and super funny comebacks for the mean tweets and posts women on the internet write about him
>Turns out he was larping about his transbian boyfriend is pregnant
>pregnancy test poorly colored in with sharpie, reflective of his actual art skill
>ultrasound photo is probably from google

No. 1204510

Yes and whenever I meet a schizophrenic who is not balls out insane I agree with them that they’re the reincarnation of Buddha on the run from MI5 who want to steal their blood plasma to use as a bio weapon against the french polynesians

No. 1204511

I'm actually blocked by this troon on twitter for calling him a rapist kek. I don't think the kweer community would care because they've willfully ignored it for so long.

No. 1204512

this is ot spergery supreme, but I get so many keks from knowing that these idiots have no choice but to pose with the most humiliatingly ugly flag ever conceived. You can wear all the tasteful neutrals you want, that shitty flag will always scream 'adult baby'. Gays get the rainbow, trans get maternity ward wallpaper. kek

No. 1204514

Guys, please stop touching the poop. I'm infuriated by these troons, too, but interacting with them 1) bolsters their victim mentality and 2) might cause them to DFE, which means less milk.

Also I think the murderer guy's "girlfriend" is just a sockpuppet account. I doubt it's the troon he's with in that photo, because the account is not nearly active enough to be the main of a terminally online troonbian.

No. 1204525

Isn't "horny" week ovulation does this tranny think he's ovulating now too a week before his "period"? Kek, I know some women get horny before p on p week but I wouldn't put it past these trannies to think they now ovulate.

No. 1204529

Holy shit that's disgusting. So it will show up in children's algorithms. These fucking pedophiles don't even try to hide their real intentions!

No. 1204530

File: 1617957173461.png (207.77 KB, 599x518, womenpostingws.png)

i already disliked this account for other reasons so this was hilarious

No. 1204531

fucking spoiler this shit, don’t know about you anon but fat tranny bulge isnt appealing to me

No. 1204532

File: 1617957592706.png (63.54 KB, 636x164, Screenshot 2021-04-09 1.38.24 …)

The troons NEVER care when one of their own is outed as a pedophile / rapist / abuser. They will always defend one of their own, without fail.
Picrel, the person reddit was "trying to get fired" FROM REDDIT was Aimee Challenor, well-known pedophile.

No. 1204542

File: 1617959821398.jpg (141.78 KB, 1080x1076, D_k9vnWXsAAbyD1.jpg)

Just to add to what anon here is saying. Aimee assigned their pedophile sex offender father, who has been charged with over 20+ sex crimes, and was jailed for, "raping and torturing a 10-year-old girl" to be their election agent. On top of that, Aimee's spouse has openly admitted to fantasizing about children being kidnapped and forced into sexual situations with adults. I don't think there was ever any hard evidence that Aimee was also a pedo, but why the fuck else would you choose to surround yourself with pedophiles? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1204543

how is this a W? i mean i guess if you're TRA it is but it's so boring, especially next to newlyweds and law school graduates.

No. 1204545

Aimee is a diaperfur. Nobody who's not a sick pedo jerks off to baby animals wearing diapers.

No. 1204547

Troons don't need to put in effort to be recognized as "brave and stunning", that's why they're even motivated to transition socially most of the time.

No. 1204548

Had he been in the US he could have gotten the death sentence instead of only 6 years for murdering his girlfriend. American jails are also not as comfortable as swedish ones where you get your own TV.

No. 1204549

File: 1617960684960.png (37.26 KB, 641x399, welll.png)

If only TwoXChromosomes wasn't a default sub there would be no men there!!!11

No. 1204554

Did they already forget about the trans-selfie incident?

No. 1204560

File: 1617962428111.png (29.37 KB, 593x361, JoWoHellNo.PNG)

No. 1204561

File: 1617962493018.jpg (103.5 KB, 1080x636, EyeDdBKWYAElH4f.jpg)

Based civilian.

No. 1204563

absolutely based and transphobia pilled

No. 1204566

File: 1617963463972.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1736x653, tsal.PNG)

NSFW, really gross, click at your own risk.

First of all, fucking barf. Second of all, how do you even top anyone with that vienna sausage? It looks like he has a fat, wrinkly, discolored, saggy vagina with a tiny dick for a clit.

No. 1204571

>clit for a dick

Don't flatter him anon

No. 1204574

Lmao I thought I was in the ftm thread a sec before looking closer

No. 1204579

That is the saddest looking dick i've ever had the displeasure of seeing

No. 1204580

Maybe a dumb question, what's a default sub?

No. 1204582

File: 1617965983354.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.88 KB, 655x1280, EwzLH3gXEAMH3fz.jpg)

lord have mercy for real, here's another one of the same dude (nsfw, rly gross again)

No. 1204583


It's the flabby man boob trying to escape under the arm that is the perfect touch for me.

No. 1204585

File: 1617966298339.png (596.08 KB, 586x694, 435986773kmnb4465_359.PNG)

Look at these two dudes you definitely can't tell are dudes! You also definitely can't tell what's in their pants — is it a barely functioning sad little penis or is it a smelly, dry, hairy hole where their sad little penis used to be? You just can't tell! Good thing they're ugly as well or you'd be branded human garbage if you didn't want to fuck them :)

No. 1204587

File: 1617966587192.png (1.09 MB, 915x1264, 45353434786.PNG)


No. 1204604

File: 1617968316503.png (331.88 KB, 1660x793, fds465hg.PNG)

this guy's post history is disgusting but hilariously on-brand for trannies. rape kink, legal teens, pregnancy fetish, sissy and cuckold nonsense, calling himself a femboy and crossdresser but a woman at the same time, taking pictures of women in public without their consent to post online for other gross men to look at.. literally a dirty old straight crossdressing man who now demands to be called a woman and treated like one.

No. 1204605

What is with these high ass angles? Are they trying to look short or something? Fucking gross

No. 1204626

File: 1617971210299.png (562.24 KB, 720x694, Screenshot_20210409-152652~2.p…)

Gibes is wearing a maternity shirt.

No. 1204627

File: 1617971373795.png (266.91 KB, 1302x1332, jealous of pregnant wife.png)

I wonder if this is why so many men wait until their wife is pregnant or has given birth to troon out.
They are jealous of not being the number one focus of attention from the wife anymore and also jealous of the attention and preferential treatment a pregnant woman gets from everyone. The manbabies cant handle it. By trooning out they get to be the center of attention again.

No. 1204641


No. 1204649

There is kids stuff in the background like foam tiles and baby talc.

No. 1204653

File: 1617974521450.jpg (182.2 KB, 400x432, 9b8c753.jpg)

No. 1204665

Reading this shit makes me want to vomit. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1204667

File: 1617975498375.jpg (63.16 KB, 1024x574, original_1456494549nail_salon.…)

Damn I guess Saul is a trans icon now

No. 1204668

Well it's clear that someone with a micropenis like this would never be able to feel like a man kek

No. 1204669

anon from the end of the last thread, please
>I was all for trans rights till I had the misfortune of fucking one

No. 1204671

I personally do not want to know kek

No. 1204672

Is that even a neovag? It looks like deflated balls, I don’t see any opening (i hate you for making me zoom)

No. 1204674

How the fuck is a fucking rape kink subreddit a thing?

No. 1204679

File: 1617978406606.png (224.88 KB, 1156x601, Part 1.png)

This one is a doozy:

>Husband is an unemployed loser

>Husband uses wife's insurance to troon out
>Husband cheats on wife with two men
>Husband starts poly relationship with said men
>Husband finishes his surgery recovery
>Husband doesn't need wife anymore
>Husband and poly partners pack up her bags and kick her out of the house that she was paying
>Husband delivers wife the divorce papers
>Husband and poly partners refuse to leave the house
>Wife asks for them to buy it from her
>Husband and poly partners say no
>Wife asks for mortgage payment
>Husband and poly partners say no
>Husband commits suicide
>Ex-husband's poly partners still won't leave the house
>Wife asks for rent
>Ex-husband's poly partners ask for legal advice in reddit kek
>Ex-husband's poly partners are shocked that no one is siding with them

Deleted original post:

No. 1204680

File: 1617978460060.png (150.59 KB, 1153x422, Part 2.png)

No. 1204684

File: 1617978876835.png (23.55 KB, 967x228, 1.PNG)

I love how everyone was so matter of fact with the dude, I love this comment. I know reddit is a troon hug box but I do wonder outside the reddits you know are a "Safe space" people say whatever they want.

No. 1204685

File: 1617978879875.jpg (312.74 KB, 1080x2003, Screenshot_20210409_163432.jpg)

No. 1204689

he also brought a bunch of men to her house in case SHE became violent, not to intimidate her and make sure she left, nope because HE was afraid of one woman. You can tell he went to reddit thinking people would feel bad for the poor NB male and his dead trans girlfriend, just because they are trans.
nope, gotta go to the 20,000 mtf subs for that,I'm sure they'll have sympathy.

No. 1204691


No. 1204692

The list of subreddits you're automatically subscribed to the moment you make your account

No. 1204694

Does it say preggers? I thought it said poggers kek. Either way, unsurprising.

No. 1204697

Shouldn't motherhood be the ultimate validation? They never seem to take care of their children and become a homemaker, even tho society still claimes this is the ultimate fullfillment for women…but apperntly not for troons

No. 1204698

Polyfags and troonery never had a chance of being taken seriusly when 95% of them are always freeloaders and beggars.
>but her unemployed husband totally wanted us to live there
>but we won't buy it from her

No. 1204712

File: 1617982402583.png (185.58 KB, 640x478, tenor.png)

all I can think of

No. 1204718

the fucking audacity of men.

No. 1204728

Anon you didn’t need to repost it unspoilered

No. 1204734

this is the best/worst comparison in the history of the MtF general. congrats

No. 1204746

>She abandoned the house!
No, she came home to find three grown ass men had packed her bags for her and told her to get out. Not many women would be willing to sleep in the same house as three delusional lunatics. If I came home and found even one strange man sitting on my sofa, I'd fucking leave and get the lawyers involved too.

No. 1204758

please share with the class

No. 1204759

File: 1617987684457.png (21.98 KB, 688x217, screenshot.png)

>It’s wage slavery from an absolute Karen who abandoned her house and wants a take-backsies
Holy shit, the level of entitlement is off the charts.

No. 1204763

That's because it is estrogen-deflated dick and balls; the left image is the "angel mommy" user talking about topping while the middle is the notorious AGP Kevin Gibes who's cooming over the idea of being fucked in his neovagina.

No. 1204764

My favorite part is when asked about what he thinks abandonment even means he goes
>We watched her leave. We watched her walk to the car and drive away, we've seen her leave.
I guess I'm abandoning my property every morning, better hope no one moves in with no taksie-backsies.

No. 1204769

More than three. They’d brought friends to help kick her out, supposedly because they thought she’d “become violent”.

No. 1204770

They keep saying she abandoned her house but they never questioned why she was footing the bill of an "abandoned" house?

No. 1204783

File: 1617990143013.gif (493.61 KB, 200x200, giphy.gif)

I refuse to believe that this isn't a troll.

No one can be THAT stupid.

No. 1204786

Same for the incels, which is the same group of people.
If they practiced basic hygiene and didn’t think women were only holes for men’s pleasure, they wouldn’t be incels lol

No. 1204788

Nah it's not a troll, it's probably a autistic male who thinks because he's a troon whatever he says goes. You can tell he's not used to people not kissing his ass and coming at anyone who dares to disrespect his "brave and stunning" ass.

No. 1204789

Trying to hide their double chins and Adam's apples.

No. 1204790

I see your point but I don't think they would…one thing more important to them than winning is maintaining national values. I think the idea of feminizing a russian man would be inherently repugnant to the russian powers that be.

No. 1204791

File: 1617991362373.jpg (254.89 KB, 1440x1802, Screenshot_20210409_011905.jpg)

Kevin is so shapeless I thought he was holding the jumpsuit up to show us, not that he was actually wearing it in the second picture.

No. 1204792

File: 1617991515587.png (160.44 KB, 456x511, 1.PNG)

Also this fat ass is blaming his weight gain on his period. Sometimes I think Kevin is trolling, but it's 50/50. He's trolling because he thinks it "owns" the haters/terfs by saying he's a woman with a period but he truly believes this shit.

No. 1204794

>irl they're super meek and this aggro online persona is fake as hell. They'd never have the guts to say this to anyone's face.
Fucking exactly. EXACTLY. The internet has given these weak, failed males far more power than they deserve. Weak people are not meant to decide how society should run, it's unnatural.

No. 1204795

File: 1617991561161.png (166.04 KB, 630x396, 2.PNG)

No. 1204799

File: 1617991719405.png (417.7 KB, 615x431, skak.PNG)

Last one, sorry for the Kevin Gibes dump, but i thought this was funny. They are very odd looking people.

No. 1204804

File: 1617992489276.jpg (39.33 KB, 700x400, scooby_doo_shaggy_reacts-1.jpg)

spitting image

No. 1204805

That woman looks just like Ethan Klein in Trisha cosplay lmao

No. 1204806

with kevin i have no idea if he is just autistically full of himself or if he is just massively coping.

No. 1204809

both, I feel like as a man no one ever complimented him or cared, now that he's a "Woman", he has a bunch of ugly men hyping him up.
So I do think he thinks he's both very attractive but at the same time he knows his body is botched and he's not attractive to non trannies.

No. 1204810

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1204811

File: 1617992974306.webm (8.28 MB, 1707x960, 8mb.video-yuo-317yHeLg.webm)

Some older farmers might remember this dude from previous threads. Here's more of him compiled in this little video, just for your enjoyment.

No. 1204814

The most insane and dangerous troons are not usually homosexual men. Most of them are straight cross dressers with a fetish. There is also no shortage of troons willing to bang each other, as shocking as that is.

Please sage your autism.

No. 1204817

Kek anon did sage and it's the funniest creepypasta on earth, not autism.

No. 1204822

Anyone who uses the phrase 'creepypasta' un-ironically is probably a troon themselves kek.

No. 1204826

it looks like he spent 20 minutes posing his mouth and forgot about the rest of himself

No. 1204827

File: 1617994868178.jpeg (46.86 KB, 750x729, 1552993590655.jpeg)

So that what it feels like to see the gates of hell

No. 1204829

File: 1617995022136.png (330.97 KB, 522x383, Based.PNG)

Yeah it's a copypasta

>bathtub full of piss

No. 1204834

File: 1617995351475.png (Spoiler Image,2.91 MB, 3000x1268, 1617987910776.png)

The dissonance between troon selfies and their profile pics/art (?? who tf commissions art of themselves besides flaming narcissists) will never not be funny

No. 1204835


>I'm so gay I can't even walk straight

So true, but not in the way he wants it to be.

No. 1204836

File: 1617995695551.jpg (64.3 KB, 750x550, DC8HLreXgAEV-5C.jpg)

Can you imagine being a woman with a rarer, Pagan-sounding name right now? Anything based on plants, nature, goddesses, etc. It feels like those names get picked up by the absolute dredges of troons. It's already bad enough for women with more normal names, having to share a part of your identity with the common troon. But imagine growing up with a rare and explicitly feminine name, and then being told you're a horrible monster for not wanting to allow piss-drinking, pants-shitting, suicide-baiting men who actively hate you to steal your name for aesthetic purposes. Absolute trash like this would probably insinuate that he's more "deserving" of the name than a woman born with it, too.
To any anon (or any woman in general) with a name based on nature or mythology: I'm so sorry these ogres are sullying your name. It doesn't belong to them, it belongs to you.

No. 1204843

File: 1617996060324.png (172.61 KB, 396x300, 1609359255065.png)

I was not prepared for the piss tub.

No. 1204861

Sage for autism and lack of screen caps but I used to follow someone on brba/bcs tumblr that wrote mtf Saul fanfiction. They weren’t very popular for obvious reasons. I think they also had a piss fetish but I could be mixing them up with someone else

No. 1204865

sage and this is kinda superficial as hell, but he could have been such a cute boy, got fucking damm it hurts seeing what just a decade could have been cute alt boys end up like this

and this isn't about poor uwu oppressed soft boys, its more that these cute boys are going to waste for degenerate pervert males

No. 1204867

File: 1617998734518.jpeg (91.46 KB, 649x657, 1615922746802.jpeg)

Get better taste, holy shit. Hope you're underaged and not a grown ass woman talking about mentally ill genetic dead end scrotes like this and calling them "cute boys".

No. 1204868


Miniblog but this is legit. In 30 years of being named after a lesser known Welsh goddess I have never met another woman with my name. Started noticing them pop up in random FB groups over the last few years and every single one is a troon.

No. 1204872

Wtf anon, NO. This absolute pervert could not have been "saved" by the right girl, he's a disgusting coomer who chose to become who he is now. This isn't some "cute" raw material that could have been shaped differently if only he found the right relationship. Nothing of value is wasted.

Please grow up and get better taste, and don't waste your time thinking you can save/change disgusting scrotes to make their lives better or more fulfilling. That's a huge lie women tell themselves to cope with horrible male partners.

No. 1204873

there needs to be an edit to include agp's on here. i want to post it to tranny boards

No. 1204877

Most of this applies to agps already, but why not. Sage for autism.

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a heterosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Women and lesbians are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed women to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a woman. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk lesbian home with you, she’ll turn tail and bolt the second she gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound [or deflated erectile dysfunction sausage].

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

No. 1204880

this isn't about saving disgusting coomers, its about the fact they shouldn't be coomers in the first place if it weren't for their degeneracy
I think a lot of these cringy femboys could be good looking dudes without forcing the stupid crossdressing degeneracy

No. 1204885

Stop making excuses for male failures. In the olden times these men would have been eaten by wolves as it is meant to be.

No. 1204888

By top he means use a toy on someone else I think.
Also didn't he say a while ago that his pussy is 'too tight' to use it? It looks like it just closed up, Jesus

No. 1204889

nta but I agree, I'm also sometimes sad cute guys choose to transition. There just aren't that many good looking men in general, so it seems like a waste when they're retarded

No. 1204891

Instead of sperging about retard's cuteboy potential can we discuss the fact that this mother fucker pissed in a tub for months and then drank some of the piss from it? and the fact that being a woman is basically just an aesthetic for him?

No. 1204892

What's there to discuss? He's mentally ill and a waste of oxygen.

No. 1204895

fair point

No. 1204910

File: 1618004408678.jpeg (364.51 KB, 1284x975, 0CDE17A6-46FE-4E8D-8317-A47E63…)

Got banned from Twitter because of this murderer. No, really. “Hate speech.”
This actual murderer gets to intimidate women and post pictures of weapons and detailed fantasies, while wearing lingerie.
Meanwhile I get banned for calling his art lame and using his birth name.
What fucking reality are we living in(cowtipping)

No. 1204919

Imagine visiting someone's house, and going to the bathroom only to find a whole tub filled with piss. Literally would traumatise any normal human being for life.

No. 1204928

Why have all social media sites become overrun with tranny mods and admins? It’s come to the point where trans murderers and pedos are protected and the people calling them out are banned and deplatformed.
I used to enjoy the fact that normies don’t know any of this discourse stuff, because I need a break from the brainworms sometimes. But now it’s getting to the point where this whole trans fad is becoming so big it’s getting on normies radar, and by the time they’re taking notice of it and learning about it, all gendercritical perspectives have already been silenced. So they ONLY see the hugbox and feel pressured to go along with it lest they be labeled a terf or even a cryptoterf.
I feel so sorry for teenagers, especially lesbians, forced to grow up during this time. They’re so pressured to go along with this stuff.
“Yes, actual murderer of women, your pronouns matter. It’s barely a crime to murder women, but to misgender you and your feminine penis and your lesbian balls? That’s the real crime.”
It’s fucking dystopian that pushing back or questioning this shit AT ALL gets one labeled a terf, added to block lists, banned from accounts. But having killed a human female is fine. That’s not a bannable offense. Hurting twans feelings is.
Mass peaking of normies when??

No. 1204931


thank you for putting together this video anon. it was awful to watch. like actually fucking painful. but i cannot imagine the pain you had to endure looking at his shit to make this.

how old is it anyway? it looks way too young to be degenerate enough to spend months making piss baths…

No. 1204941

>Mass peaking
Good luck, it’s the normies who have taken the torch and ran with the acceptance of this shit. Even voices of dissent have to tiptoe around their own language. Abigail Shrier and JKR preface everything with “I know and love trans people” bitch no you don’t.
There’s not a single “well-adjusted” MtF on this planet. They’re all either completely disassociated from reality or just wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m so fucking tired of being angry about this new reality. Swear to Christ it’s inescapable and every day I open my eyes is another affront to my existence as a woman

No. 1204943

I've seen 13-15 year olds in Discord servers with fucked up fetishes like piss and scat, kids are honestly the most likely to be influenced by porn other than incels.

No. 1204946

They really are all just a parody of themselves

No. 1204947

>but i cannot imagine the pain you had to endure looking at his shit to make this.
Thank you anon, I gagged several times, especially while adding the subtitles to the piss bath scene

No. 1204955

>klee, an anime little girl as his profile banner.
Fucking gross.

No. 1204956

I'd legit be looking casually around for their wrangler or respite provider.

No. 1204959

File: 1618009557636.jpg (45.98 KB, 720x640, 1618003241085.jpg)

Typical scrote behavior

No. 1204961

it's the goddamn bdsm slave collars that embarrass me the most about this. how do you go outside with one of those on, just…how.

No. 1204965

Did he bring the epee into the bathroom, too?

No. 1204969

>chucky ass man legs
>huge running shoes, probably saucony
>wearing a sundress
And then taking a picture to commemorate his trophy.

No. 1204971

So? She's uncomfortable, if Shawn Micheals in a dress walked in the bathroom I'd leave too.

No. 1204972

Lurk moar, it's all over the previous threads. A bunch of troons spammed selfies in Twox out of nowhere, causing a bunch of people to unsubscribe from the sub.

No. 1204974

Why DON'T they pick normal, age appropriate names? If I were a hulking troon, I wouldn't want people to laugh at my name on top of my hideous appearance. It's only a matter of time before hiring managers start passing up female applicants with unusual names out of fear of calling a troon, having to sit through an interview with him, and being forced to hire him to avoid getting sued.

No. 1204977

They want attention and they don't care if it's negative or positive.

No. 1204982

I literally read "AMAB" as "all men are bastards" lmao

No. 1204984

On god, if women start getting hired less because they happen to have a name that the walking PR/HR nightmares steal, I'll snap.

No. 1204994

>> It's only a matter of time before hiring managers start passing up female applicants with unusual names out of fear of calling a troon
I used to think it was cool that my immigrant parents named me after a demigodess from the mythology of their home country, but now I’m worried about exactly that. Thinking of shortening it to something much more basic, now that “cool” female names are synonymous with troonsgendies. sorry for blog

No. 1204998

if anyone wants to see more people roasting these retards, their post was cross-posted and discussed in-depth in /r/bestoflegaladvice here: https://www.reddit.com/r/bestoflegaladvice/comments/gst5vd/we_never_agreed_to_become_her_tenants_she_cannot/

No. 1205001

File: 1618013384840.jpeg (314.82 KB, 750x651, 19CF45AD-E045-4F24-90D7-E6FA05…)

if anyone wants to see an autist cringefest, have two gay dudes who pretend to be girls and abuse the most out of snapchat filters tickling each other and laughing like the dainty cute little girlies uwu

No. 1205003

Why do >90% of trannies have the worst taste in everything? Everything they wear and put on is hideous and tacky. I guess 30 years of life as a neckbeard does not a woman make.

No. 1205004

File: 1618013667475.jpeg (358.95 KB, 750x828, EE2E8B62-3E98-4958-AEE8-5D7A32…)

this dude also likes to imitate children while being naked for some reason i don‘t even want to know

No. 1205005

It makes your manic pixie dream girl fantasy pretty obvious when you literally skinwalk Ramona Flowers.

No. 1205007

That’s Leda Muir’s ex Zach aka Zacharyhearts. He has a daughter who should be nearing age ten. Ducking g disgusting.

No. 1205008

Another troon named Willow in the replies. Sorry to any Willows out there, especially, I guess. This is the third troon I've seen with that name, as opposed to the 0 women I've met with that name.

No. 1205011

It's already happening. A friend of mine heads up his company's IT department and was asked to diversify by hiring several qualified female applicants. He landed on one going by the name Euphrasia (kek). When he Googled this person, their social media was locked down, but since their Linkedin checked out, he set up a preliminary phone interview. Somehow, Euphrasia's voice didn't set off any alarm bells, but he did admit after the fact that it was husky. Anyway, to make a long story short, Euphrasia was a tranny and my friend felt pressured into to hiring him because he couldn't reject him on the basis of his qualifications. He hasn't said it outright, but has implied that since then, whenever a female applicant has a name he's never heard of, and they also don't have a photo of themselves on Linkedin, he just assumes they're trans and moves on.

No. 1205014

File: 1618014625530.png (445.81 KB, 1191x499, Untitled.png)

im at the point of assuming every "female" on twitter who uses anime girl gifs is a troon. im usually right

No. 1205017

And a lot of women are photo shy. Fuck TRAs.

No. 1205019

sage bc completely unrelated but it's been a hot minute since I've heard of that girl I wonder what she's up to now

No. 1205020

File: 1618015583037.jpeg (136.07 KB, 709x945, CF521BD4-569F-440A-A86A-0B00E7…)

Yes, plus I hate the idea of some scrote in HR zooming in on my facial features to make sure I’m a real woman and not a photoshopped/filtered troon. God forbid a woman have slightly wide shoulders, large chin, strong brow and happen to be named Athena or Persephone or something.

No. 1205028



No. 1205047

"Ethic" or classically "African American" names don't raise many eyebrows in the US anymore. No one gives a shit about Blanca, Tameka, or Prisha these days. But Lilith and Calypso are a different story.

No. 1205055

File: 1618022324831.jpeg (54.06 KB, 600x450, ZachLeda.jpeg)

oh shit anon, are you sure? He always gave off gay vibes and I guess it's not surprising that he'd troon out, but to end up looking that retarded kek what's with his hair

No. 1205057

It's almost as if they're choosing names you could imagine in the media a manchild would like. Joss Whedon's material (Willow, Jemma, Harmony, Echo, Cordelia), anime (Ritsu, Nozomi, Kotori, Aiko), and DND (basically any goddess's name, old European names, or Pagan-sounding names, as mentioned earlier).

No. 1205064

Huh, somehow I never put that together before, you're right. And of course, the hyperfeminine porny bimbo-esque names that usually start with a V.

No. 1205073

The ones I'm more bothered by at this point are the ones with stealthy names. I've yet to meet an Emily or a Mary, but I've met a few that chose names on a similar level of commonality. The kind that picks a passing name also hides their degeneracy more. They're still into sissy hypno, forced feminization, diapers, hentai, or some such shit. But they only tell it to people in private, and only if either provoked or sexually interested in the person they're talking to. Those are the kinds that need a spotlight on them. Handmaidens shake off the instances of open degenerates, because they're often friends with the meek kind who doesn't openly tell them that he wants to be able to shit his pants and force lesbians to have sex with him.

No. 1205089

idk a lot of the insane openly-fetishizing trannies are named shit like "charity porpentine heartscape".
also, alice is to mtfs what damien is to ftms.

No. 1205094

That's exactly what I'm saying, though. Handmaidens barely support that kind of troon, open fetishists are mostly (if not only) supported by other pervert troons. The ones who are on the down-low with their degeneracy are the ones that keep normies supporting the whole thing, because they think they're just sad uwu GNC gay softbois, when really they're transbian scum like the rest.

No. 1205098

File: 1618027338740.png (158.74 KB, 802x748, Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 12.0…)

Funny you mention Emily, because one of my favorite tranny cows is Emily Todd VanDerWerff who was/is a reviewer for the AV Club (the Onion's entertainment news site) and trooned out, becoming "Emily". Here's a creepy article where they detail their name choice. Same deal - female fictional character they obsessed over, wanted to become her if they couldn't have a girl like her.

> But the other protagonist, funny and winning and smart, her name was Emily, and I immediately both fell in love with her and wanted to be her, which is a pattern I've repeated throughout my life since.

I vividly remember that Book Emily had a pink party dress she was obsessed with, and my kid brain was also, like, whoa, wouldn't it be cool to have a pink party dress?

kek and he admits it, he fell in love so much he wanted to be her. That's mental illness luv. And he's a 6'2 fat ass dunderfuck, using a child from some Pixar movie as his profile picture in professional publications.

No. 1205125

They always pick names that don’t fit with their generation. If you are a 50 year old divorced late trooner you need to pick a name that was somewhat common 50 years ago, not Bella Persephone or something.

No. 1205130

Ladies you know what to do. We start (nick)naming ourselves the most masculine names we know. Call me Magnus Ver Magnusson.

No. 1205131

This is so true. I used to think the normal-seeming ones were actually normal. But after years of university and working with these fools, they are all fetish freaks in one way or another. They’re all furries, at minimum, and lots of them are into age regression play and diapers too, like you said, those seem to be the most common. Even the ones who don’t act like it in public still never speak out against the ones who do. They always defend them online and behind the scenes, writing emails to get women fired from their jobs for being “terfy” on Twitter, trying to get every single charity and organization to “center trans issues.” I’ve never heard a transgender person speak out against Jonathan Yaniv, Alok Vaid Menon, Aimee Challenor, any of them. They’re on Twitter all day giving their “hot takes” on everything they view as “problematic” but fucking silence when one of their own is threatening to murder women, fantasizing about underage girls, promoting public display of kinks. They always stick up for one another.

No. 1205133

Are these straight people?

No. 1205145

File: 1618034717589.jpg (86.17 KB, 718x718, angy.jpg)

blog but like. my name is a common white girl name often memed itt. i know 2 irl trannies that have dubbed themselves with it recently. this helped peak me along with 2 other separate trannies with just as Special names sexually assaulting me!

I'm sure it was so hecking validating for them when i froze up instead of fighting back! Glad I could help with the euphoria, tranny chans!! at least i didn't get preyed upon and then immediately skin walked like other women i've seen

RIP every freya, athena, artemis, isis (although that last one has already been fucked for y'all and i'm sorry)

No. 1205146

A huge peaking moment for me was realizing that even the most normie-seeming of troons is perfectly comfortable with lashing out at women who point out so-called "bad examples" of troonism, and would never maintain actual standards for their kind. You will never, ever see a troon truly holding another troon accountable. They see it as bad optics; which, quite frankly, is an insulting use of the term. If you care more about looking good by omission than addressing grooming, pedophilia, abuse, rape, misogyny, racism, and general degeneracy within your ranks, you are a bad group of people.
Remember this: The very nature of trans ideology is sexist, homophobic, and delusional. The act of being trans, on its own, indicates reductive and harmful thinking. The troon you view as normal is not normal. They are hiding. They know that if they told you what they really thought and felt, you would be disgusted– They see how you react to the Johnathan Yanivs, to the Kevin Gibes, the Eli Erlicks, Kristopher Johanssons, Julia Seranos, Christian Weston Chandlers, Grace Laverlys, Andrea Long Chus, Jakob Tobias, Alok Vaid-Menons, etc. They aren't unlike those men, they just hide better. Don't be surprised when an ex tells you he abused them, or a mutual friend admits he sexually assaulted her. Don't think that the worst of them are "exceptions," that most trans people are fine, they swear! Don't even allow the opposite, to acknowledge that "most" are reductive sex pests, but maybe your friend is different, he– you mean she, seems meek and polite. No. They are all like this. As long as they're trans, harm done to other human beings will only ever be bad optics.

No. 1205147

File: 1618035589344.jpg (158.03 KB, 1080x585, 1577335652575.jpg)

God I fucking hate libfems.

No. 1205150

>libfem: clothes dont change your gender!! gender is a sexist social construct!!! you can be a man who wears skirts and a woman who wears slacks!!!!!!
>tranny: i like sexism tho
>libfem: hell yeah your arbitrary desire to objectify 50% of the human population is uwu valid!!!! i apologize for speaking out of turn while having a vagina, instead of sucking your girldick on sight!!!!!!!

No. 1205168

So did he actually end up hiring the troon? Like, actually giving him a job?

No. 1205169

I found out about him after Lindsay Ellis showed a picture of him in her Cats video and I clocked him immediately. Looked him up, and sure enough, he had an autistic article about how the horrific misogyny in the Handmaiden's Tale made him want to be a woman (i.e., it made his micropeen hard.)

No. 1205179

Where im at photos are basically required on applications/resumes. I cant remember if gender is required or if people just do it to take up space.
We had a mtf apply. I stumbled upon my boss googling them heavily as they were very confused about their resume. Either photo was heavily edited and or gender said female but high school listed was a boys school. I could also tell she (boss) was uncomfortable with the whole interview process, but im sure she felt like she had to do because she didnt want to get some kind of discrimination lawsuit. Normally my work hardly looks at the resume and ask them to start in the next week unless theyre asking for too much money.

No. 1205180

He loves “having a woman’s body”? Where, in his trunk? Garage maybe?

No. 1205192

lmaooo i was watching that last night and immediately gave the side eye when she showed a pic of him at the critic screening.

No. 1205194

Yes. The troon still works there.

No. 1205208

Maybe it’s a country/language thing but all the MtFs I’ve met chose the same handful of relatively normal female names as their first name and reserved the Kimiko Aphrodite shit for their middle names. Nearly all of them are calling themselves either Sophie, Alice or Emma. I know a lot of Sophies and half of them are men. My name is in the same vein of feminine and old-fashioned-but-not-too-old-fashioned and I’m dreading the day I’ll meet one with my name.

This, 100%. Many of them can ‘pass’ as shy, socially awkward guys ~girls~ in real life and attract a lot of sympathy from women that way. These women will take them under their wing and write off anyone who doesn’t coddle them as a bully. I’ve fallen into that trap myself. Then when they eventually slip up and you find their secret tumblr/twitter/reddit/discord it’s full of coomer anime shit, violent fantasies against women etc. No exceptions. IMO most of them start identifying as trans because they view women as sex objects rather than people, and the tiny handful who initially admired women and are trying to escape their maleness due to trauma will inevitably develop a Madonna/Whore complex and start hating all women sooner or later. Sooner if they’re involved in any kind of online trans community since those are breeding grounds for this shit.
Any man who genuinely respects women would never dream of pretending to be one of us, much less forcing us to play along.

No. 1205209

File: 1618056198393.jpeg (255.06 KB, 648x398, 655A90EF-B797-46AD-BEC6-4075DB…)

5 mins of being on twitter and im done

No. 1205217

Funny how only conditions exclusive to women suddenly need to be inclusive. Can you imagine someone pulling this shit with conditions that affect men? I feel lightheaded sometimes, clearly I have type I diabetes and diabetes support groups must accommodate me even though doctors tell me I just have low blood pressure. Sometimes I need to pee a lot, so I must be suffering from prostrate cancer. Why are all these men telling me I don’t have a prostrate? What does that matter? Stop gatekeeping cancer you bigots!

No. 1205219

Pointing out that diarrhea and menstruation aren’t the same thing is now terf rhetoric. It’s gatekeeping to point out that the uterus shedding its lining is a different bodily function than a colon expelling poop.

No. 1205220

A period is literally the shedding of the uteran lining. Men don’t have a uterus even after taking hormones or mutilating their genitals. It’s really not that complicated kek what’s next, when they adopt or surrogate (which…..horrific) they’re going to claim they’re pregnant because they’re waiting for the child??

No. 1205221

File: 1618057612601.jpeg (88.72 KB, 500x667, 78D1272E-D03D-46D2-BCDD-03414C…)

It would be pretty funny if FTMs took a cue from their troon brethren and started talking about having prostate issues.

No. 1205225

File: 1618057745803.jpeg (725.58 KB, 2048x1197, 7D13B1A8-504C-4D6D-A5A5-9562A8…)

Oh they’re way ahead of you on that one.

No. 1205228

File: 1618058061049.gif (63.59 KB, 200x196, 49CE698A-2784-4C0E-913D-293485…)

This makes me want to scream in a megaphone that my ovaries are raging sacks of semen. Like how fucking retarded can Twitter get???????

No. 1205234

>periods are an experience
>womanhood is an experience
>lesbianism is an experience
What is the endpoint?

No. 1205235

interesting they keep equating their retardation as being a female experience.

"im unstable and shit myself" is truly the pinnacle of womanhood…

No. 1205240

terf: truth-exclusive raging femboy

No. 1205241

>Diarrhea is different from menstruation
No, it's just facts. Your uterine lining coming out of your vagina is not the same as shitting yourself.

No. 1205242

These men clearly have no understanding of what a menstrual cycle even is. It's not just simply 'a load of blood that comes roughly every month'. This is pretty typical among men, including troons. You would have thought however that troons at least would do some research but that would destroy their nasty fantasy.

No. 1205243

We should start printing tweets like these out and mailing them to every single politician who supports letting these lunatics into our bathrooms, sports, shelters, prisons, etc. I doubt the average boomer democrat has any fucking clue that this is how troons really think and feel.

No. 1205244

Frequent diarrhoea is a symptom of many things, like prostate cancer cancer and severe infection, so why do they think it's a symptom of their periods, which they absolutely do not have? With this, "my vagina is just like a cis woman's vagina!" and "doctor's need to treat me exactly like a cis women", they're all gonna end up dying of a preventable illness.

No. 1205246

I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again.

>men: “Women are dumb and hysterical!”

>men: put on a dress, act dumb and hysterical
>men: “See, I’m a woman too!”

No. 1205249

I've seen them claim that it was a hormonal period for them, similiar to women, which also doesn't make sense.
>"oh, taking the exact dosage and keeping an exact nmol of estrogen level in my blood is causing a monthly cycle, just because my brain knows I'm a woman now!"

No. 1205253

I would love to see these men go through months of hyperemesis gravidium, followed by symphisis pubis dysfunction/pelvic girdle pain.

Followed by severe acid reflux and months of constipation.

Then to have to push out a small human to have a tear that hurts and feel irritating for a long time afterwards followed by a low sex drive and sleepless nights caring for a completely dependent and defenseless human.

Most women don't actually get pregnant because they enjoy the process, they want a child at the end of it.

They would detransition so fast because it would destroy their cute sexual fantasy.

No. 1205254

Troons only want the parts of motherhood that are either fetishized or glorified. I don't see any of the middle aged goontroons that trooned out on their expectant wife asking advice on how to help the kid calm down and sleep through the night on mommy forums or talking about how they have no sexuality because their kids hanging around their necks like little chimps makes them averse to touching. But they WILL ask reddit to justify his request for "breastfeeding" the kid.

No. 1205255

It wouldn't be anything similar since PMS is caused by a sudden drop in progesterone.

No. 1205257

I would like to see them go through a genuine complication, something like a placental abruption, or obstructed labor and having to push for hours, ending in a c section.

And having to go through having genuine maternal feelings for a fragile, defenseless person.

Having to constantly worry about that person day in day out and losing literal sleep over it.

Not to mention having a scar for the rest of your life which makes every pair of knickers you own roll up underneath the scar. Sexy.

No. 1205259

this shit makes me want to scream. not because these delusional retards say this at all, but because they have the power to make it a widespread belief. everything about being female is suddenly subjective and fantasy based and these mentally ill men get to dictate what it is, twisting biology and history and language all to include themselves at our expense. we're allowed to gatekeep this shit, because we have the immutable facts and physical experience. they have nothing but the hope that people are too scared to question precious trannies and their easily debunked logic.

they are males with a hormone imbalance and the negative symptoms they describe are due to the fact that they're not supposed to be full of fucking estrogen. how do people refuse to see that? because it feels like common sense and yet here we are.

they really think a period is just being horny, sad, shitting their pants and craving chocolate. it's pathetic af and it shows that they have no clue how the female body even works.

No. 1205260

I was gonna say that I'm gonna laugh the day some troon suggests prostate transplants for TiF but it probably has already happened.

No. 1205263

File: 1618064079706.png (115.76 KB, 720x403, Screenshot_20210410-171351~2.p…)

Troons get away with troon rage every day.

No. 1205264

What the fuck is he even whining about?

No. 1205265

If they had to learn about female biology and all differences between the sexes, they'd have to reach a point where they either admit biology is real or die in agony from the cognitive dissonance. That's why they're screaming "TWANSPHOBIYAAAA" anytime someone tries to bring material truth into a gender discussion. And some zombies do walk around ignoring the cognitive dissonance, because there are some troons in the field of medicine and biology. I even know some. They're also an actual schizo who tried to kill their younger sibling and went through every LGBT label before calling themselves trans

No. 1205267

he wants another day of visibility for the people no one wants to see or hear from ever again.

he might also be on his period, so who knows

No. 1205270

>stop identifying as a transwoman
>suddenly no more transwoman problems
If only women's oppression was that easy to solve.

No. 1205272

Imagine transmen walking around claiming to have erectile dysfunction because they have a low sex drive and clearly their clits not working.

No. 1205274

Phalloplasty fleshtubes can’t become properly erect and they need to have some kind of pump installed to inflate them a bit, so claiming erectile dysfunction wouldn’t even be all that unreasonable. I’d really love to see TIFs start claiming ED and angry men getting banned from social media when they say these women don’t have real penises. It probably won’t happen, but fingers crossed all the same.

No. 1205280

Sage for blog but literally what. Idk if it's just me, but I don't get explosive diarrhoea on my period, what I do get is cramps so bad they make me pass the fuck out.
Literally imagine breaking your back and then have someone else screaming you can't complain because they have a papercut.
I don't wanna live in this world anymore…

No. 1205287

Period diarrhea is real, anon, and it’s a nightmare.

No. 1205294

File: 1618068363847.png (471.38 KB, 720x1402, Screenshot_20210410-202519.png)

The is literally a degenerate fetish for them

No. 1205299

Interesting how they have actual women on the front cover when only AGP males would read these.

No. 1205310

File: 1618069849070.png (789.29 KB, 1307x395, Screenshot_2021-04-10 Trans er…)

yeah pretty much every Trans erotica(ew) book uses actual female models for their covers and not trannies

No. 1205311

File: 1618070027176.png (386.22 KB, 593x470, shutup.PNG)

why do these men think any woman acts like this? posting and comparing your body measurements…pure male behaviour

No. 1205315

File: 1618070771102.jpg (337.28 KB, 1080x1187, 20210410_170637.jpg)

Anon, you forgot the best part. Look at this ogre… I mean bombshell kek

No. 1205316

Yup it’s 100% him and he’s been trooned out for a few years now at least. I don’t really keep up with him but I never really see his child mentioned. Sad af

No. 1205317

File: 1618070906425.jpeg (72.86 KB, 750x605, 45604DDC-0DED-481E-A1DB-5BE742…)


No. 1205318

If you take a troon and move him into a forest cabin alone where he can't tell anyone he's a woman or sexualize himself, would he still want to be a woman? Poetic question obviously.

No. 1205319

File: 1618070940789.jpg (73.11 KB, 500x600, Halle-Berry.jpg)

No. 1205321

The only women I ever see posting their measurements are muh hourglass anachans. If a woman posted about having a 36 inch waist or a waist not much bigger than her hips she would be bullied off the internet.

No. 1205323

Horseshit. Probably weighs close to 200.

No. 1205337

File: 1618072149361.png (58.56 KB, 741x596, olddick.png)

LMAO so close yet so far

No. 1205338

File: 1618072242703.jpeg (21 KB, 200x267, 7FB8A979-80F9-4712-9BC6-06DB75…)

Okay I just lurked, his best friend is also a trans? Idk still looks like a dude porn star as well. They all 3 are just sex obsessed, anime obsessed, vidya obsessed dudes obsessed with being girls. I’m truly disturbed imagine this type of person being your baby daddy when he was just a dime a dozen emo boy 10 years ago, how could you have ever known kek

No. 1205342

File: 1618072448006.png (34.75 KB, 598x425, Screenshot_2021-04-10 Richard …)

Richard Dawkins asks TRAs to come up with an argument against Trans-racialism that can't also be applied towards Transgenderism, the responses are hilarious


No. 1205344

holy shit that attention seeking self-harm rp… way to discredit people who self-harm for reasons other than for internet upboats. really depressing that we're supposed to bend over backwards for these nonces.

No. 1205369

File: 1618074960922.jpg (619.76 KB, 1439x1691, Screenshot_20210410-131634_Twi…)

No. 1205375

It's so funny seeing Dawkins peak trans because I remember a few years ago he tweeted something about whether or not transwomen are women is simply a matter of linguistics. LMAO it took you long enough, Richy.

No. 1205390

Kek at least "transracial" people don't go around screaming about it and demanding full acceptance. The ones who pass don't want to be outed and typically slink away in shame once their caught.

No. 1205395

Also, transracial people are not demanding that children must get hormones, puberty blockers and surgeries before they’re 12 in fear of “not passing”.

No. 1205396

File: 1618077229096.png (2.14 MB, 1538x665, true lesbians.PNG)

this is the shit i have to sift through on dating apps. i hate it here

No. 1205398

>where do you work
>can I come visit?

No. 1205406

This is incredibly based.

No. 1205407

File: 1618078109737.png (73.11 KB, 485x439, butmydysphoria.png)

This troon has a whole Tumblr and Facebook group dedicated to his pro-life bullshit. The most rage inducing response comes when someone flips the narrative on him and asks his perspective on a pregnant fakeboi's dysphoria.

>the greatest cause of my dysphoria is probably my inability to be pregnant

>my dysphoria

Yet again, it's all about this man and what he wants. How can the world be so unfair and allow women to exercise their right to choose when this man can't get pregnant to achieve ultimate gender euphoria?


No. 1205408

Kek maybe narrow your geographic search settings. I mean, I know troons are everywhere, but their numbers dwindle if you only search with a 5-20 mile radius.

No. 1205410

lesbian specific apps (idk if the one you use is) are infested with they/them mentally unstable girls and male troons.
(why are you even allowing it to show you people 300 km away though?)

No. 1205412

I'm so glad I'm out of the dating scene. I know that if I were to try and find someone right now I'd only attract this kind of things.
Also what's up with the bisexual lesbians? How does that make any sense at all?

No. 1205413

Why do they always look like they are forcing themselves into an awkward and braindead smile? I hate it. It literally makes me angry and disgusted looking at for some reason.

No. 1205414

you have to pay for that sadly

No. 1205418

also Transracialism makes more sense then Trangenderism cause the concept of race is bullshit, my Italian descended friend gets mistaken for Hispanic all the time, many people assume my Pashtun boyfriend is white and people can't even tell what race I am, so what's to stop me from me saying I'm Chinese and claiming I feel like a Chinese person

No. 1205419

Are the "match's details" what they have down as their preference? If so, why are men in their mid thirties seeking out 18 year olds?

No. 1205423

you know why

No. 1205425

Thanks for pointing that out, now this is a whole other level of gag-inducing

No. 1205429

The ones claiming to be 18 themselves look like fucking predators.

No. 1205457

Scrolling the thread, and not a rape or death threat in sight. I am seeing quite a few "k but u rong tho" from TRAs and transwomen, who prove he is wrong by posting the highly convincing argument "u just rong".

No. 1205461

Of course he won't get any (not saying he should), he's a man kek

No. 1205469

ot but what song is this?

No. 1205470

That was my point. A dude posts this shit, and he gets mostly dumb, but calm responses. One of those icky illogical hysterical women posts this shit, and her responses are full of shrieking and threatening from the more "rational" sex.
these Tweets are based as hell. I'm loving watching more people wake up to this shit. It can't happen fast enough.

No. 1205473

That and I can't quite see a transracial person demanding unlimited access to spaces that weren't designed to include them. When they get caught, they step down from whatever position they had prior, usually something in the academic field. They don't bitch and moan that they "feel" black and therefore are black and shouldn't have to step down, even at the expense of equally qualified black candidates. Troons steal jobs from women constantly and eagerly, especially in tech. They cry until they're allowed to compete against us in sports, then steal our medals and titles and world records. I'm not saying transracial people aren't insane, but I do believe that they know what they're doing is wrong and dishonest, unlike troons who genuinely believe they're true and honest women.

No. 1205476

Yuga battle (Hyrule castle) from Link between worlds

No. 1205479

I actual had a very bizarre bandmate who claimed to be transracial at one point. He moved to China and started dressing in traditional Chinese garb and learned Mandarin. It was interesting to see him vilified, but transgender people celebrated. He was out there, but never threatened anyone or got surgery to look east Asian.

No. 1205480

I think it's because transbiens don't give a shit what dudes do or say. If that dude isn't a genderspecial, it has nothing to do with them or getting their girl dicks wet. HSTS are pick he's and slightly calmer.
They aren't going to start threatening to rape or kill a man talking shit, as quickly as a agp will threaten and lose their mind when a lesbian speak.
Both will join together to shut down a woman though.If a lesbians started "Super Lesbians" everyone would've been doing everything in their power to end them, but because it was "super straight" transbiens didn't get as outraged and HSTS unlike transbiens, know they can actually get sex from DL/bisexual/gay men easily, so the rejection doesn't sting as much as it does transbiens.Transbiens take it to the heart when women say they don't want them, because they know their options are low and entitled straight men who become women think they are owed sex and lesbian women.

No. 1205485

The thing that really gets me about the Rachel Dolezal case in particular was that, putting aside debate over whether her identification is "valid" or not, she was devoting herself to making life better for black people. Like trannies, she was/is an invader of a marginalized group– The primary difference was that she actually gave a shit about the group of people she was trying to opt into. Not once during her career did she attempt to "deconstruct" race the way that genderspecial try to "deconstruct" gender (by reinforcing it). If you translate her actions into the TIM equivalent, it would be like a TIM never spending a minute advocating for trans shit, and instead advocating for (bio)women's reproductive rights, equal pay, equal opportunities, etc. She's not black, and I can't say she deserved her leadership positions in African American communities, but she's done more for black people than any TIM has done for women. So what gives TRAs the right to criticize her?

No. 1205489

File: 1618088266855.png (46.2 KB, 946x553, 2021-04-10 22_45_50-notaguy_sk…)

mansplaining is so euphoric right girlies

No. 1205495

kek, the employees probably just played rock paper scissors and the loser had to help the troon so he'd leave faster.

No. 1205499

stop spying on me and give me back my plasma.

No. 1205500

I know this isn't the thread for it, but I also wonder about people who are adopted by a different racial group, or grow up in a community that they adapt to. Is culture to gender what race is to sex?

No. 1205501

trans women: "i love getting sexual harassment because it means i pass"
also trans women: "stop rape-murdering us"

No. 1205502

but god forbid there's a subreddit for women that talks about women's problems

No. 1205503

from the ovarit thread on this
>For some strange, unknowable reason, I'm not seeing any TRAs tell Dawkins to choke on their girl dick

No. 1205505

what do you mean anon, is this lavish sausage buffet somehow not enough for you?

No. 1205524

File: 1618092891336.jpg (289.18 KB, 583x718, A4W4Pf2QqDyQA1lmj2LcgcamcK8skn…)

>an employee of an auto-parts dealership asking someone reading a catalogue if they can help them is mansplaining

No. 1205525

I love you so much anon

No. 1205538

Also that's not really mansplaining lol. Mansplaining is when a man condescendingly explains something to a woman she has more knowledge or experience with than he does.

No. 1205543

If the guy really did "snatch it out" of the troon's hand, then maybe. But they lie about everything else, why believe them here?

No. 1205546

File: 1618095128028.jpg (219.47 KB, 1440x1553, Screenshot_20210409_224708.jpg)

Kevin lying about people seeing him as female aside, i didn't want PT's video, but if he did say a "Switch" was hit and people saw him as a woman, then why does he act like he's the most unprotected victim on this planet? If he passes so well irl then no one would see him as a brave and hunted transwoman they'd just see a woman.
How the fuck do they know what people really see them as? Even passing troons who tricked me at first glance get the "Oh thats a man/transwoman" when I find out.
I don't see them as a woman anymore.
I feel thats how most people are, they are respectful but it's always, "Wow they were born a man" or "thats a transwoman" anything but, "this is 100% a woman in front of me".

No. 1205547

File: 1618095150176.jpg (233.67 KB, 1440x1741, Screenshot_20210409_224721.jpg)

No. 1205548

I honestly think lesbians should come up with a new term, since the word lesbians means nothing anymore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1205549

love you too <3

No. 1205550

I get what you mean, but I don't want lesbians to give up on the word lesbian because stupid TiMs are using it. It's not productive to run away all the time.

No. 1205551

You can't give in because they'll play this game eternally. Claim "woman" -> OK, we're biological women then, females. Then they claim female and start calling themselves biological women. There's no term women can refer to themselves that they don't want, except for, obviously, TERF. Like even if we get very inhumane and call women menstruators and vagina-havers, neovaginas and "menstrual symptom-havers" will come knocking down the doors.

Philosophy Tube seems to be playing the biggest role of his life, that of the transwoman saint, who is faultless so they can't ever cancel him. Even Contrapoints, the transwoman he's skinwalking, admitted that he can't take ugly and low-effort troons as real women.

No. 1205552

Samefag but I also want to add that if lesbians come up with a new word, TiMs will probably try to hijack and use it too

No. 1205553

How long do you think Philosophy Tube will take to release an hour long video coming out as a trans lesbian?

No. 1205554

true, I know some are using "super lesbian" but it's mostly a meme

No. 1205555

Idk 111eh579@gmail.com, but are you gonna read the rules before posting?

No. 1205558

File: 1618096952256.png (44.21 KB, 639x360, yikers.png)

No. 1205559

File: 1618097059883.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1187, BDDEA466-D483-4630-B878-5C820F…)

Anon, oh no…he’s horrifying

No. 1205562

File: 1618097153389.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1927, 824E16D1-4196-4B0D-99C3-EE81D9…)

“She loves dressing as a schoolgirl” “lives as an 8 year old”

No. 1205563

> 1205558

I cannot believe the Daily mail is one of the few calling it like it is

No. 1205566

The original, the classic

No. 1205575

Old article, wonder what this degenerate is up to these days? Disgusting that anyone humors these types.

No. 1205584

File: 1618099891164.jpeg (193.15 KB, 1242x604, 9602686A-A755-45EB-A605-E5CF6C…)

This is from last year, he’s basically now a bot account tbh, posting random videos and retweeting random bullshit.
Kek at the comments that he ignored on this tweet in which someone asked if he actually thinks he’s a little girl.
He’s just irrelevant, even for the tranny cult.

No. 1205600

Kek this goes right back to troons and their ridiculous naming habits. First of all, Stephanie not a particularly common name for women over 50. Secondly, why the fuck would any sane person spell it like that?

No. 1205609

I mean I guess that would be pretty rude if true, but the troon clearly didn't know what he was doing and the other guy was just doing his job by being helpful to customers.

No. 1205611

The worst thing is that it's so philosophically incoherent and no one seems to realize it…. If gender is 'just a social construct' then transpeople can choose the gender fit for their body instead of changing it, if there is something biological defining gender then men and women are inherently different. Somehow they want both versions and virtue signal one of the sides whenever they can… I can't fucking stand it

No. 1205612

File: 1618104342790.jpg (541.82 KB, 1080x3846, Screenshot_20210410-180755.jpg)

some twitter account posted kevin to a "pass or not" poll and a lot of people voted no, now he's pissed.

No. 1205614

File: 1618104568738.jpg (31.64 KB, 520x604, nec14965--childs-play-chucky-8…)

"2022 tranny child starter pack"

No. 1205615

It only took seven paragraphs to convey how totally not upset you are, Kevin.

No. 1205619

Kek troons are so ridiculous. I've personally never been to an auto supply store that used a physical catalog. New vehicle models are released at least once a year, so it's far more practical for these types of businesses to use computers. It probably went down more like this:

Troon needs a new taillight. Goes to Auto zone to pick one up. The polite retail worker behind the counter notices he's wearing a wig and a skirt and decides to err on the side of caution by calling him ma'am. Troon says he needs a new bulb. Retail worker enters troon's vehicle make and model into the computer, then points him to the correct aisle. Troon pays for the bulb and leaves.

No. 1205621

spelled that way as an aspect of his DDLG fetish…it was part of one of his screen names on a fetish board "Stef On Knee" like little girl stef is on your knee….

No. 1205627

> my bangin' tits
they always speak like fucking trailer park men, christ

No. 1205632

File: 1618106091182.jpg (233.93 KB, 1564x1720, 3mu1f980res61.jpg)

Weird to see them cop to not caring about actually looking like a woman at all, just so long as they're "validated" by well-meaning goobers in real life. I mean, either you are dysphoric and born in the wrong body or not, right? Not caring about passing and getting a stink ditch carved into you can't co-exist in the same person, you diaper-eating pervert.

Meanwhile in the transpassing subreddit, cro-magnon man has been spotted!
> Is the look passable? My hair is growing so slowly. Age and gender me too if possible(from your first impression if you saw me on the street) tkssss

No. 1205636

File: 1618106339545.jpeg (192.26 KB, 750x857, B568E86D-D93C-4C44-980A-69FA4E…)

sage for blog and samefag ( below ) but as an actual biological female with autism, you don’t but that shit in your bio if you want to find employment

No. 1205638

File: 1618106364008.jpeg (149.86 KB, 750x757, 25B696E4-8A72-42EA-A1EE-4F151D…)

No. 1205639

Lmao the cope is real.

No. 1205640

Jules here is lucky that they reached the threshold of obesity where gender no longer presents itself clearly anyway. So in that way he's passing. kek at the cripplepunk…does it really count as a cool, punky thing when what crippled you was pudding pie and cheese puffs?

No. 1205642

neo vags smell like shit so I guess we can't expect them to know the difference

No. 1205643

Why is everything a fucking game to them?

No. 1205644

Kek, thank you anon

His Twitter is worth a browse, I’d call it skim milk at best but he was refused pain meds for being overdramatic, should have been euphoric for him as that’s a fairly common female experience but nah, it’s definitely twansphobia

No. 1205645

>white ashki Jew
There's literally no other kind of ashkenazi Jew. All of them are white.

Also, this moron does not want to find employment.

No. 1205649

T4T? I don't know what that means, but all I can think of is fat 4 fat.

No. 1205651

trans 4 trans, they're both dudes. Think that's it at least.

No. 1205654


This whole Twitter is a nightmare, but I may have been mistaken putting it here….. I believe this may in fact be a FTM. The male pronouns in the bio is throwing me off despite the claim to be a dyke.
I don’t know, these amorphous blob humans are throwing me off

No. 1205658

File: 1618109141584.png (549.76 KB, 1349x565, Screenshot_2021-04-11 Dear cis…)

>Dear cis Black women, transphobia will never serve us or the goal of Black liberation

>Pain is no more a biological feature of womanhood than the love of the colour pink, but intergenerational trauma has always felt deeply familiar to me. How could I know pain so deeply when I had barely met it? How could my mother’s suffering, obvious to me as a child, make my teeth ache as if we are long forgotten friends? I remember asking myself, aged 10, is this what being a woman is? Always knowing pain? Always cracking your chest open and watching your organs burn in the sun for a world that does not want you to sit comfortably? The cage of girlhood always felt constricting, like a prison, and I didn’t know how to get out till I was 18 years old and realised that I was non-binary – a term I had learnt through online friends and a foray into queer politics during the summer of 2013. It blossomed into a never-ending and lifelong list of critical questions of my identity.

>I don’t particularly care about proving the existence of non-binary and transgender people to those determined to exterminate us, but I see the power in waving back to my ancestors. We have known since 1923 that the Mudoko Dako from Uganda (also known as the Mukdo) existed “as persons of transformed gender…they took on women’s names…and they were formally wedded to men without offending Lango law.” We also know that the British Raj introduced the Indian Penal Code in 1860, which was later applied to African colonies from 1897-1902 and criminalised sexual activities “against the order of nature” which undoubtedly shaped the violent homophobia and transphobia present in our home nations and communities today.

>Historical amnesia is not accidental, but in fact a tool that keeps us in cyclical modes of being, constantly going back and forth over binaries that ultimately will never serve us. Recent conversations on Twitter about gender, Black womanhood and Black trans women have left me reeling and worried for our collective future; so I am speaking directly to cis Black women here when I say transphobia will and has never served us or the goal of Black liberation and freedom.

>How can there be a “them” and “us” between Black cis women and Black trans women when the very forces that malign us are one and in the same? When we understand that the term “woman” has no singular, stable or essential definition but is, in Lola’s words, a “strategic coalition” under which we organise against the structural, colonial and anti-Black project, how can you insist on a womanhood for yourself and not others? How can you still use identifying markers and turn them against us?

>When cis women deny the ways oppressive forces work in tandem to hyper-sexualise and dehumanise us, under the guise – the false promise – of “womanhood”, we need to ask who does this serve? Beyond leaving our sisters out in the cold while you fight over a barely lit flame that has failed to keep any of us warm. In the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Friere points out that “violence is initiated by those who oppress, who exploit, who fail to recognise others are persons – not by those who are oppressed, exploited and unrecognised”. The moment cis Black women realise that the limited resources (material or otherwise) we are fighting for, is not the fault of trans women, is the moment we realise that the transformation of society we seek rests on asking ourselves: do we want power, or do we want freedom?

>“How can there be a ‘them’ and ‘us’ between Black cis women and trans Black women when the very forces that malign us are one and in the same?”

>Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs), or transphobes and transmisogynists as I simply like to call them, speak of the sanctity of “women-only spaces” – despite these very spaces being eroded and underfunded by a decade of austerity, with leading TERFs often sitting in the pockets of Conservative think tanks. Regardless, no way currently exists for cis women to “prove” themselves without reducing their own womanhood down to body parts, relying on crude, consistently refuted essentialisms (the width of your shoulders, hair on your arms and the size of your muscles) you would expect so-called feminists to reject.

>Despite this, they claim this kind of womanhood and revel in the ability to clock “masculine” features/identifiers, excluding whoever they see fit. I want them to ask themselves these questions: What women are you describing? And what women are you excluding? Think back to the countless famous cis Black women like Serena Williams who are chased with rumours of perversity because of a strong jawline or a husky singing voice. Often what we are seeing is just a modern reinterpretation of scientific racism, eugenics and phrenology.

>Biological and gender essentialism, the belief that “human nature”, an individual’s personality, or some specific quality (such as intelligence, creativity, homosexuality, masculinity, femininity, or a male propensity to aggression) is an innate and natural “essence” (rather than a product of circumstances, upbringing, and culture), harms all women — how can it not? When the bodies of Black women have been under the microscope for so long and to the detriment of our community, what does it serve you to do the same to trans people? I immediately think of Saartjie Baartman, born in 1789 and finally laid to rest in South Africa in 2002, whose body was displayed as entertainment for colonial Europeans and to the bolstering of racial science – the trauma of which is still felt today by the Black community.

>“I am daring you to dream bigger than the punishing limits of gender and see how these limits sit comfortably in the mechanics of oppression”

>If gender and the arbitrary, so-called biological distinctions that outline it don’t hold as much weight as we think they do, and we as Black people are supposedly redefining it in our own little ways – ways that exist beyond whiteness, beyond Western intervention and hangovers from colonialism – why are you still committed to restriction? Where is your imagination? Are you not exhausted of these limits you have willingly placed on yourself by yourself through your own agency? Why not invest an ounce of your energy you spend pitting yourselves against trans women into standing against the constant demonisation of trans women in the British press and the violence we all face.

>When we critique structures with the aim of abolishing them, and creating them anew, I have little interest in tone or politeness. You are not meant to feel comfortable when we are discussing the material reality of all Black women and how the identity of womanhood has always historically been weaponised against us and by us in our very own communities, be it through our bodies, our hair or our lack of supposed “femininity”. In the same way I scoff at some short-sighted notions of feminism which don’t acknowledge the fact that our choices can never exist in a vacuum but rather in a system that functions on power, I scoff here; I am daring you to dream bigger than the punishing limits of gender and see how these limits sit comfortably in the mechanics of oppression.

>You ask, if gender doesn’t matter why do trans people still transition? I see you still weren’t listening, finish the sentence: if gender doesn’t matter, why do we need to worry so much about binary definitions? You see abolition as destroying the only version of reality you can think of, whereas I know abolition is creation. You see dead ends, I see the beauty in nuance and complexity. All I ask, is that you see it too.

The fact that an actual black woman wrote this is the worst part, god fuck stop trying to equate our struggles with degenerate men

No. 1205665

This whole fucking time I’ve been pronouncing it in my head as “ste-FONK-nee”
what a mess

No. 1205669

I hate that this fucking retard acting like she's intellectually superior to other black women, when in reality all she did was notice that womanhood sucked and tried to opt out of it like a coward. Also, more "those noble savages didn't know the difference between man and woman was until the huwhites told them" rhetoric. Hey, dumbass, why do you think assigning personality traits to genitals is more subversive than dropping the sexism and acknowledging the bodily functions are all that really changes between the sexes? Fuck off with that regressive shit.

No. 1205675

>acknowledging the bodily functions are all that really changes between the sexes
the whole "ladybrain" argument in general makes me want to tear my hair out. years and years of it being used to silence women and we're bringing it back full force for the sake of … men saying they're girls because they like to wear dresses. i'm so tired

No. 1205678

>How can there be a “them” and “us” between Black cis women and Black trans women
Easy. Black women are women. Black troons are men. Heaven help this poor handmaiden, because Black women have the most to lose once troonery is fully accepted by polite society. The population of Black women in prisons, jails and shelters far exceeds the white female population, so their risk of being assaulted by degenerate troons who are allowed access to these spaces is much higher. Additionally, even the most qualified Black women frequently lose out to men of any color when it comes to promotions and raises, even if those men identify as women. The author of this absolute pile of rubbish obviously drank the Kool-aid.

No. 1205679

>If gender and the arbitrary, so-called biological distinctions that outline it don’t hold as much weight as we think they do, and we as Black people are supposedly redefining it in our own little ways – ways that exist beyond whiteness, beyond Western intervention and hangovers from colonialism – why are you still committed to restriction?

This nonsense right here. Gender doesn't fucking matter, yet these jackasses are more than happy to heap praise on males with sissy fetishes and call them heroes.

No. 1205689

>In a 2012 survey, 45% of black women have experienced a form of domestic abuse through things such as sexual harassment, physical violence, or stalking
>1/3 of girls in North Eastern African regions experience FGM.
>womens vagina medical research was through black female slaves being tortured by having sharp rods up their vagina and much worse
The writer has the audacity to write this whole essay handmaidening troons instead of actually working with fellow black women to help prevent things like FGM and domestic violence. Jesus christ it would have been easier to say "I'm a jackass" instead of re-writing the chronicles of Narnia.

No. 1205708

KEK once again troons resort to gaslighting. It’s like clockwork. Black troons really act no different than Black men. I don’t think anyone with a healthy state of mind will fall for this.

No. 1205709

anon sadly she is actually a black woman

No. 1205714


I love how these handmaidens always dance around the real difference between troons and cis women. It’s always framed as:

>Regardless, no way currently exists for cis women to “prove” themselves without reducing their own womanhood down to body parts, relying on crude, consistently refuted essentialisms (the width of your shoulders, hair on your arms and the size of your muscles) you would expect so-called feminists to reject.

Like TERFs think women with broad shoulders and hairy arms are men and conveniently leaving out the fact that troons are whole-ass men with whole-ass penises. Who’s out here claiming hairy-armed women aren’t real women? Pretty sure “have a vagina” is the only qualifier for femalehood around most “TERF” spaces and not “have a vagina, no hairy bitches.”

It’s such a stupid straw man argument and the only people I see reinforcing shit like that are the troons themselves with their uwu shiny legs spinny skirts gender boner euphoria bullshit. I’m so tired, girls.

No. 1205715

still never actually answered the question as to why transitioning exists if gender and its definitions are wrong to believe in. what the fuck does “abolition of reality” have to do with anything?

if they don’t want womanhood to be defined in any definite terms, what does transitioning to a woman even mean then? if that’s the reality they live in, how does it make sense to them? saying “oh you just want one reality!” means utter nonsense. explain. the. logic.

No. 1205716

File: 1618119514258.gif (4.49 MB, 224x168, 6A9C1A18-6147-4DAF-B8EB-0419DC…)

So she’s a deluded male-identified self hating handmaiden? When it comes to troons really does only get worse.

A different black woman on youtube did the same thing, she invited trannies to her talk show and both men had the exact same rhetoric. When the audience didn’t agree with the men she gaslit them and used her education background to boost her opinion against contention.

All I think that really needs to be said is any woman that works this hard for trannies doesn’t value herself or other women. But the focus of this thread are the deranged troons that obsess over oppression points to begin with. At the rate they’re headed we’re going to eventually have troons arguing that their age regression is real and they should be more protected than actual children and babies.

No. 1205727

File: 1618120571829.png (958.41 KB, 1988x1304, Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 1.55…)

Age, like gender, is nothing but a social construct anon! you know being a "teenager" didn't even exist until western consumer culture of the 50s!

now please dear god age and gender me reddit, there is no point in living if I am not convincing people I'm a teenage girl!

No. 1205730

You have no idea about the state of WOC feminist spaces, they've been taken over by TIMs, and here's the thing non-White TIMs are the ultimate oppressed Individuals according to woke rhetoric, so they can do whatever they want and not one person will question them, caping levels are beyond Insane

No. 1205734

They're both female.

Literally all they care about is being fuckable. That's the entire female experience to them.

No. 1205735

File: 1618123130307.png (35.96 KB, 1008x574, Screenshot_2021-04-11 Apparent…)

sage cause its no milk, but you know its gotten bad when redditers are claiming they miss the kill all men type radfems then deal with troons, In fact I'm seeing certain reddit spaces(chiefly Tumblrinaction become pink pilled)

No. 1205754

Nice, I might give reddit a visit again. Guys the tide is starting to turn..I predict shit about to clash next year in 2022.

No. 1205755

>i miss kill4llmen!!1!
yeah bc you knew it was an empty threat.
that's the point. there is no logic

No. 1205760

So basically he knows that people will call him "she" not because they actually think he's a woman, but because they're being polite and don't want to see him chimp out. Bullying people into enabling your delusions isn't the same as actually changing their minds, you troglodyte.

I've gotten a few troon customers where I worked and I clocked them right away, but I called them "ma'am" because I knew they'd chimp out and get me fired if I didn't. Also, they're idiots who will tip you more just for pretending that you think they're women, kek. To the troons hate-reading this: you censoring us and forcing us underground has now made it impossible for you to identify us IRL, and now you're giving money/business to TERFs without even realizing it. Congratulations, you played yourselves.

No. 1205762

>why do you think assigning personality traits to genitals is more subversive than dropping the sexism and acknowledging the bodily functions are all that really changes between the sexes?
Anon, you are extremely based.

No. 1205767

Not necessarily right tho
There is sexual dismorphism in humans and it would be strange if it suddenly stops at the brain. Which is not saying that men and women are inherently different, they're mostly similar with culture creating the largest differences, but generally speaking (comparing groups and not individuals) some biological differences are to be expected. We are not blank slates.

No. 1205768

File: 1618134267820.png (Spoiler Image,176.85 KB, 326x313, EWfno.PNG)


gotta love it how women's health issues are always demonstrated with goddamn pieces of fruit to not show any private parts, meanwhile (spoilered image just in case) you can actually see this ones dick hanging out, so gross

full video here if you wanna see it in all its glory: twitter.com/radicaldreamr_/status/1381046105325076480

No. 1205769

She main argument iis that black women were not seen as women in colonial societies which is simply not true

If black women weren't accepted as women, why did female slaves nurse white babies, why were female slaves sexually assaulted and raped by white masters, why were black women medically experimented on to form the basis for modern gynecology? Black women had WOMANHOOD but not PERSONHOOD. That's the difference

No. 1205772

link doesnt work

No. 1205775

fuck all these degenerate troons but what's the correlation between troons who do online porn and women's sexual health? the troon you linked is just shayna or any other e-whore except even more mentally ill.

No. 1205781

File: 1618137931771.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, troons.png)

>be absolutely disgusting looking male
>only put effort into your looks after you're a "woman"
>"estrogen is magic, hehe"
More like taking a bath and putting a wig on your balding head in magic

No. 1205782

shayna has a bigger dick though

No. 1205784


you’re right there isn’t lol, i’m just sick of dicks hardly ever getting censored or reported

No. 1205798

I’m actually scared, I can’t believe social media brainwashed, as in seeing how much photoshopped women being praised on their feed for their attractiveness, these average joes into this delusion. If I saw these scrotes irl i wouldn’t think they’d even be aware of Twitter ideology. My distrust for men has skyrocketed.

No. 1205799

Love his book on Genes, but let's not put him on a high pedestal. This is expected of him as an evolutionary biologist. Dude literally promotes gendered brains bullshit.

No. 1205800

It’ll probably be similar to The Handmaid’s Tale: an actual woman gives birth an a troon in pastel stockings squats above her, moaning about his contractions kek.

No. 1205806

File: 1618145919967.png (148.96 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20210411-145522~2.p…)

Late but I used to follow this dude on Tumblr before he trooned out, so surreal to see him there. He was one of those anti-sjw guys obsessed with guns, he started to call himself a woman because he resented his parents for circumcising him when he was a baby. He's apparently back at identifying as a guy but he's completely cumbrained now, having an Onlyfans and covering his walls with shitty hentai posters.

No. 1205807

>40 year old
coomer brain is truly damaged

No. 1205808

Aside from it obviously not being true since this site has a younger userbase, I think it's hilarious how they always come for age because they still have the very male mentality that women "hit the wall".

Still got that monkey man brain no matter what they do!

No. 1205810

hey caveman if you're reading, sorry about that y chromosome

No. 1205812

Loool, love how they can’t get rid of their raggedy male-socialized brains no matter how many sooper special genders they invent. Omg, how dare any woman have the nerve to be….(gasp) 40!!!

No. 1205815

File: 1618147295488.png (57.05 KB, 731x606, wellpassing.png)

The unfortunate fridge body is just cause he's a man, but the mullet is a choice.

He also seems very happy with himself indeed. Also lol at "well-passing" but never showing his ugly mug without a million filters.

No. 1205817

It's always one of the same responses.
>They're old and ugly which is terrible because a woman's worth lies in her youth and attractiveness to men.
>Stupid or dumb [Insert misogynistic slur]
>Something overtly sexual because that's all females are good for, amiright fellas?
>ew I hate when women have opinions
>a comment about transgenderism which is actually just reinforcement of stereotypical gender roles
>suicide baiting
>attention seeking selfie
>comment about how women are catty and jealous

No. 1205818

File: 1618147654234.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.85 KB, 401x827, tanny pls.jpg)

Exactly. Imagine being delusional to think real women are jealous of you when you look like this kek.

No. 1205822

I'm super late to this but oh my god what the fuck is this. I'm not American and I'm not familiar with the legal system so I had to do a few takes to actually understand what these crazy fuckers were doing and it was just as messed up as it sounded. Absolute degenerates. Did they think they could just cuck her out of a house AND a a will just like that?

On top of all that they really had the nerve to claim "s-s-she s-seemed like s-she would become violent when we kicked her out of the house she legally owned!". I don't know which is the worse transwidow story, either this or the smacked with a bloody dilator one.

No. 1205825

eesh, the armpit titties, the man bod, the bad hair, the face carved from wax and stumpy dicklette.

how broken must a cumbrained deviant be to want to see this, let alone pay for it

No. 1205826

File: 1618149712535.jpg (3.51 MB, 4096x5124, CollageMaker_20210411_15565745…)

Yeah, he is the typical troon that has a seething hatred for real women but still wants to fuck and be them while being obsessed with his dick, at least we dumb cissies don't need to inject hormones or slap filters to be ourselves.

No. 1205830

Is this how these pornsick coomers really think normal women interact with their fathers? Kek

No. 1205834

File: 1618151316907.jpg (100.75 KB, 1200x630, 300cb272e71c6dead29b3013673b76…)

He looks like Tim Curry out of rocky horror picture show

No. 1205835

he’d have to be watching the thread to know he got mentioned here (very briefly too)

how much you wanna bet he’s selfposted at least once

No. 1205837

One time a tranny came itt and spammed gruesome pictures of dead women. I didn’t witness it, they where all deleted by the time I went back on lc, but I saw people talking about it.

No. 1205838

Hot take, but I'm convinced that the reason troons off themselves is primarily due to see themselves age-out of their fetishized version of womanhood.

Most of these guys don't think about the idea of being old, and if they must, they fetishize being a quirky old woman in some way.

No. 1205839

He will never be a real woman lmfao

No. 1205840

Sage for OT but Technically someone could have one non white parent and a white jewish parent and they could still call themselves jewish.

No. 1205842

Cope and seethe
He says, coping and seething

No. 1205843

File: 1618152305660.jpeg (258.5 KB, 1527x1155, 49B12908-F50A-4691-A723-58D1A4…)

Why do they think this is a gotcha? TRAs say gender dysphoria is not a prerequisite for being trans. In fact saying so in 2021 makes Matthew here a transphobic gatekeeper lol. And I don’t see how the mechanisms that apply to “gender dysphoria” cannot also be applied to a type of “racial dysphoria”. We’ve already seen many cases of “transracialism”, it’s only a matter of time until they start researching this. And then what?

No. 1205845

File: 1618152342837.jpg (800.63 KB, 1439x2259, Screenshot_20210411-154418_Red…)

I'm surprised this is still up and so many people actually agree with OP


No. 1205846

Kek, the physical male frame and the attempts at performing preconceived femininity through awkward posing is absolutely atrocious.

No. 1205851

Straight men are allowed to say that they don't wanna bang troons. It's only lesbians and women who can't criticize them.

No. 1205855

most people agree that you don't have to have sex with anyone you don't want too. It's the crazy TRAs/Wokes who don't think it through. They believe whatever a trans person says (unless it goes agasint what the woker trans are saying, like Blaire) and repeat it.
They don't care they are telling people, "Hey you don't have to sleep/date everyone you are attracted too but if they are trans you do or you are transphobic"
Question, IRL has anyone ever seen someone fall for this or use this at someone? To me it's a online movement. People, especially men are going to fuck who they want and thats that.

No. 1205857

File: 1618154981139.png (25.22 KB, 871x334, 1.PNG)

I don't think I ever seen someone get that much downvotes, The conversation is,
"It's wrong"
"Okay but what about-"

No. 1205858

File: 1618155002889.png (52.21 KB, 877x539, 2.PNG)

No. 1205863

I did see people going, "Do you ask every person you are with can they have kids? and would you break up with them?"
Difference is, a transwoman cannot have childern with a man PERIOD. You know that going in, it's totally different then being with a actual woman and wanting childern and finding out you cannot.
People need to stop having this conversation, since when is it okay to quiz others on who they will and will not date and why?
I feel bad for young girls who get sucked up into these conversations.

No. 1205871

It got removed since then by the mods, I guess it got reported too many times. OP was too polite anyway with the "because trans people overthink stuff and get mad over little things". He should've just written "I don't want tannies, because I don't date mentally ill people."

No. 1205872

ntayr, but we're talking specifically bout Ashkenazi Jews. it's redundant to say "white ashki" because they're all white.

No. 1205880

I swear, those reddit commies also think people's bodies belong to everyone.
They're also not so fond of freedom of speech, I got instabanned for saying that trans people can be abusive too (without being accusive), and that was AFTER the Challenor incident, which was a massive cover-up by exactly those mods for years.

No. 1205881

nta but you're also too meek to say shit to the crazy trannies face irl despite knowing the threats and attitude they have online. So you might want to curb whatever you're trying to do here.

No. 1205883

Anon how dare u insult Tim Curry like that

No. 1205893


No. 1205894

dont be dense. reddit still hate women more, they just don't like being pressured to have sex with other men.

No. 1205903

File: 1618160759319.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 918180444.png)

Here's what I don't understand about this particular brand of leftist incelism, if they think x-ism or x-phobia is so bad why don't they just attack that issue straight on instead of making it a point to bring sex and dating preferences into it? Sex and dating is already a sensitive topic due to issues with consent and rape culture. If such preferences are truly rooted in bigotry, then simply attacking the root of it would be enough to eventually open people's minds. Could it be that they're just pseudo-progressive incels who love to feel self-righteous for talking down to people about their sexual boundaries?

No. 1205907

I wish I could make a twitter bot that replied to all tranny whining with “ok Karen” and other dismissive misogynistic comments. Even if all transphobia was erased, these men would still experience sexism, and they would never be able to handle it.

No. 1205911

This is such a male comment. No amount of photoshop will make your reality true. You ruined your body with hormones and still can’t get into the girls club. No woman wants to fuck you. Sad!

No. 1205913

Wait this post isn't making fun of libfems and their tranny bootlicking but instead trying to be a "cutesy and relatable" interpretation of it?

These people would literally bypass actual health issues because they would believe it's just their ladyperiod acting up. If you're getting cramps and consistent diarrhea you should get that checked out, you don't have the tissue and hormonal activity that causes bowel problems associated with periods. Most of the severe health problems women have with their menstruation are caused by a condition that gets downplayed by doctors like PCOS and endometriosis to begin with.

>Oh wow man I miss the kill all men radfems because even back then I knew they wouldn't pose a threat to me but these white men in dresses can actually fuck me up for not humoring their delusions!
Who would've thought that the evil radfems were right all along.

No. 1205915

Because gender dysphoria was declassified as a mental illness so they think its a valid argument.

No. 1205916

what kills me is when TRAs tell OTHERS they are transphobic for not dating/sleeping with trans people. Like you not even trans but you telling me what to do with my body.
It's dumb enough when troons do it, but it's extra retarded when people who gain NOTHING but imaginary goodboy/girl points do it.

No. 1205934

Imagine having a multiple day long breakdown because someone got more attention on the internet than you

No. 1205949

>These people would literally bypass actual health issues because they would believe it's just their ladyperiod acting up.
Good, hope they get what they fucking deserve. The only way I'm able to cope with all this shit happening is that all these mentally ill freaks are sterilising and ruining their bodies. Eventually normies will wake up and the pendulum will swing back, but these trannies won't be able to reverse all the physical damage they've done to themselves.

No. 1205964

File: 1618165428184.jpg (108.49 KB, 1577x893, EytUWGZWgAU04Kg.jpg)

No. 1205967

File: 1618165507496.jpg (70.61 KB, 750x858, EytEbm9XMAU6poU.jpg)

No. 1205968

This is also a retarded question to ask. Every hetero adult I meet asks about kids very early on in relationships. Do you want them, can you have them, are you on birth control, would you mind adopting, etc. It's not necessarily fun to bring up, but these things make or break relationships, so anyone with a fully matured brain knows to get it out of the way early so no one wastes their time.

No. 1205969

So many threats of violence. Very masculine.

No. 1205972

>girl's nights
Aww, poor baby. Did you not get invited over to the totally real lesbian sleepover/orgy? The women around you didn't realize you were a ma'am, did they? Your crusty male ass isn't entitled to women's time, let alone their spaces.

No. 1205975

>The only way I'm able to cope with all this shit happening is that all these mentally ill freaks are sterilising and ruining their bodies.
The best thing to come out of the trans acceptance movement is how easy it's become for AGPs to sterilize themselves. The adult freaks who want to fake teen miscarriages for their coom should not be reproducing.
>Men feel entitled to women's spaces
We're aware. You're not invited, nobody wants you there, and yet you show up anyway. Classic male move.

No. 1205976

"Girl's nights".
Let me rephrase that in a more accurate manner "Girl-dick nights". Never have I experienced these fabled girl's nights in my 29 years of existence! Must be a problem with me.

No. 1205980

>are entitled to girl nights
Don't even need to be invited. Lock your doors, lock your daughters, because if there's even a girls' night, this troon is coming in.

No. 1205985

I mean, if any woman told him that we don’t give a fuck about his dick and that we don’t want him anywhere around us because he’s a man and he’s not entitled to enter out spaces, he would get mad and he would throw death threats at everyone.
Why even post shit takes if he won’t even talk about them?

No. 1205987

They're real, but they're not universal (obviously) and aren't what these guys think they are. Pretty much reserved for when one of the ladies in a group of friends has been going through some shit (breakup, depressive episode, death in the family, etc), or if the entire group is hetero and single. It's not some mystical girlmode party, it's just women trying to support each other in dark times or help each other (safely) get boyfriends. Trannies aren't invited because they're an emotional burden, in the case of trying to cheer up a friend, and a red flag, in the case of trying to get laid.

No. 1205989

It amazes me how often these people try compare being trans to racism as if it's the same. This always gets brought up even though a more comparable situation would be if you thought the person you were dating was black and it turns out to be a mentally ill white transracial.

No. 1205991

>Entitled to your spaces.
Yeah I think this is just internet bluff. Irl only a few would be brave enough say that to a group of women. Unbelievable…smh

No. 1205995

ot but are Sauconys a troon thing now? I guess it shouldn't surprise me, I know they're associated with cheerleaders often

No. 1206000

I know a woman who's currently serving time with several very masculine troons. Apparently, they all claimed to be exclusively attracted to men before they were transferred to the women's prison, then went full on transbian upon their arrival. It's not just a bunch of freaks bluffing on the internet. There are plenty of troons who will stop at nothing to access our spaces offline. The worst part is they're succeeding.

No. 1206001

File: 1618167554936.jpg (43.48 KB, 540x533, Dpy8QjxXcAAFsY_.jpg)

No. 1206004

File: 1618167870622.jpg (170.72 KB, 1206x631, EyPCj4bWQAAt9Y5.jpg)

twitter has some hilarious memes

No. 1206010

File: 1618168445369.jpg (6.11 KB, 200x224, dark-wojak-light-grey-thumbnai…)

> women's charity and rape crisis centers defunded because they refuse to take in predatory men

its all so grim,anons…

No. 1206011

File: 1618168694172.jpg (39.87 KB, 739x372, EynV9G2XEAQ0Z-y.jpg)

They're too real though

No. 1206012

It’s a strong minority for sure. But a large percentage of them seem like wimps.

No. 1206015

Sage cause this off topic as hell, this is a rhetoric I have seen a lot with certain woke MOC in many of the activist groups I have participated in, where any sort of rejection by white, Asian or Hispanic women was met by accusations of racism, but like 99% of the time most of these guys would never even bother with actual black women of their race

No. 1206019

I want everyone to remember that the lawsuit (which, thankfully, didn't go through) and defunding of Vancouver Rape Relief weren't for refusing a TIM rape/abuse victim service, but for denying a TIM a job at the facility. They argued that, due to his male socialization, he would not be able to provide effective help to victims. Counselors I've spoken to have also mentioned that male applicants are refused at women's shelters and crisis hotlines due to the physical and auditory approximation to victim's assailants/abusers. That is to say, men are refused work at crisis centers because they trigger teauma responses in abused women.
The man who started the attack on VRR hasn't made a statement against the defunding or assault on the shelter, and Oger has the audacity to refer to him as an activist and hero. None of these abusive men denounced the defunding, the graffiti, or even the dead rat stapled to the wall of the shelter. Not a single one.

No. 1206028

It's their go-to cope. Terfs must be unfuckable middle-aged white Karens because an unattractive, older woman is the worst thing these freaks can think of. Learning of young, normal women being terfs would strike against their delusions of every worthwhile woman wanting to lick their boots.

Sometimes these troons hit the levels of pathetic that I can't even be angered by them, they're at most causing eye-rolls. I look unmistakably a woman even with the worst bedhair and no makeup while these goblins are having meltdowns over not being able to skinwalk their OF obsessions. No matter how much they fantasize about HRT turning them into a spinny skirt teenage girl it will never happen and they will forever be a gruffy adult male with a dick.

Reading accounts like this one makes me want to enter irreversibly doomermode.

No. 1206034

File: 1618171095482.jpg (235.29 KB, 1440x1720, Screenshot_20210411_204007_com…)

Kevin and Co are always saying shit like this and I barely see any troons calling them out.

No. 1206037

Their worst enemy, the average-looking crypto TERF. Not ugly enough for them to feel superior, not the bombshell the wish to objectify.
Lowkey, I bet troons have a complex that they can't be the girl next door type, because they rely on dramatic makeup and hyper-feminine clothing to even get pitied enough to be ma'amed. It probably would crush their souls to know that the kind of woman they wish they were the most , but can'teven emulate (the effortlessly feminine, no-makeup chill tomboy with fairly average looks), is pretty frequently GC.

No. 1206038

>no passing framework for an agender woman
>as long as I get called she/her and ma'am
pick one, Kevin

No. 1206039

Could you imagine someone saying some shit like this but in the context of transracialism. People would be fucking enraged. But it's ok if you make a mockery of women's oppression and say shit like that napparently

No. 1206043

the average age of a lolcow user is probably lower than his lol
all the terfs i know are hot women. they hide it in public of course, not wanting to cause any trouble for themselves, but they quietly reject all trannies from their sphere. it truly is a cope. if all terfs were "just" unfuckable old cows then troons wouldn't be so enraged about being denied access to their spaces.

No. 1206044

>Who the fuck cares if you transition to Asian for the fetish????
>Haha I transitioned for little tits and seifuku, gotcha.
>Now I'm gonna spend the other 23 hours of my day for the rest of my life as a 14-year-old Japanese girl.
>(This is supposed to be a gotcha about how the time I spend outside of jacking off is hard)
>(But it doesn't work, because everyone knows I'm a jobless loser who spends all 24 hours of every day jacking off)
>Ya'll are exhausting.
>My desire to treat you as subhuman is valid.

No. 1206046

i mean even fujos who trannied to male would be attacked for fetishizing the poor homosexual males if they said similar.

No. 1206047

File: 1618172815676.jpg (9.37 KB, 240x298, 240px-Grey_Owl.jpg)

there was a white Englishman who pretended to be Native American for almost 30 years in order to get certain state privileges which made it easier to peruse furtrapping, his real ethnicity was only found out after his death but whose to say that he wasn't a real native American

why is his transition into being a trans native any less valid then a tranny transitioning as a woman


No. 1206050

No lie i’ve seen them argue that they will age better than women because they are on a constant level of estrogen while women’s naturally will dip as we reach menopause. So they think terfs are jealous they will be so kawaii desu and hot at 50 lmao

No. 1206052

Why is it that it seems more transracial people seem to adopt the concerns of the group they integrate into, while transgender people can't be bothered? Rachel Dolezol became a human rights activist with a focus on black people's rights, and Grey Owl renounced trapping and became an environmental activist with focus on conservation. When was the last time you heard of a TIM advocating for abortion rights or against FGM, beyond saying shit on twitter? They're being put to shame by transracial people, it's embarrassing.

No. 1206053

>big mommy milkers
You have A-cup moobs.

Anyway, it matters because 99% of people agree that it's fucking gross to involve strangers in your fetish, which is what you're doing by forcing them to pretend that you're a woman and pay for your surgeries. People support troons because they're worried they'll kill themselves if they don't, not because they want to help you coom.

No. 1206055

i love how the word valid means literally nothing

No. 1206057

Troons like Kevin Gybes that troon out just to LARP lesbiand with other males are relativelly harmless, since he's not charming, intelligent or convincing anyone of his cause, he's just pure cringe. It'd be nice if they all were like that instead of the insidious fucks that fight against women.

No. 1206058

my god this is a whole new level of horror

No. 1206059

File: 1618174538834.png (707.79 KB, 941x851, 2021-04-11 22_32_54-.png)

this stunning and brave couple decided to reproduce, the woman is into ddlg, maybe the two mommies and baby all have maching pacifiers. Like all the other trannies, he came out as trans during his wife's pregnancy

No. 1206062

I hate that "big mommy milkers" is common on twitter because of troons. I have big breasts, and I've never hated them or been bothered by them, but the way trannies talk about them is straight out of the most disgusting of hentai, and it makes me hate my body a little. Is it any wonder ROGD has become a problem with young girls, particularly when it comes to discomfort with their breasts? They have to hear and see men talk about them like this, and have to say that those men are women.

No. 1206063

Exactly. Even if they compare themselves to transracial people, they still come up as the losers. 99% of transracial people I read about are activists or professors working on issues affecting the race they’re pretending to be. At least they’re making an effort to contribute to their assumed race, even if it’s based on a lie. Troons do nothing for women as a whole beyond screaming for attention/validation and demanding access to our spaces and resources.

No. 1206064

>so many people actually agree with OP
i firmly believe that most normal people (aka not woke twitter) are not big fans of trans people but they just stay quiet because they know they'd be crucified if they were to criticize them in the slightest

No. 1206067

they would feel so ~*validated*~

No. 1206070

I think that most of the "uninitiated" general population still believes transwomen are just extremely feminine gay men, and have zero idea what a transbian is.

No. 1206071

well I think its important to understand that 99% of what me might call "transracial" people were often oppressed people who often changed their race and identity as a way to gain some privilege

>before WW2 many Chinese, kOREAN and Filipino Americans would present themselves as Japanese(as Japanese people had a higher standing in America compared to other Asians)

>Africans in colonial Latin America would present themselves as being indigenous as indigenous people were higher on the colonial casta system then blacks
>fair skinned Indians in the UK would give up their identity and pretend to be white

these cases are very different from Rachel Dolezol, sage cause its super off topic

No. 1206074

that poor fucking baby

No. 1206078

lol. Men are pathetic.

No. 1206079

I think the worry is less about being crucified and more about not wanting to be mean to retards. They go ahead and "ma'am" trannies because they don't want to make their bleak existence any more difficult, but would never fuck or befriend one, don't agree with children medically transitioning, and think they belong on their own trans spaces. Trannies and woke twitter took the meme too far and think the normies who play nice really believe trannies are women, not sad ugly autistic men who are so nuts they invert their genitals to cope with wanting to wear "spinny" walmart dresses.

No. 1206081

I feel this way, too. Most "normal" people just want to not fucking deal with it and will just do it out of a desire not to rock the boat.

No. 1206083

sage for nitpick robbie white grasped onto any predator case he could as per usual kek but when talking about james he brought up that women get the leeway..how is that even relevant pls pls stay out of a womans business

No. 1206086

I have a well-paying job to lose, which provides me with good food, housing, leisure time, holidays, etc. Any sane person knows that those wackos would do ANYTHING to hurt you and they're not totally dumb so they also know where you're vulnerable.

I just deleted my Twitter and will never go on that website again after seeing all the troons it's infested with.
I reject to use such a platform, they can have it, they can post their open threats to women there without getting censored, I'm done with social media. I hope it becomes an echo chamber and they get hit in the face when they pull off their bullshit in real life and think it's normal.

I'll sub a fucking boomer newspaper now after having signed off from facebook/twitter/instagram and especially REDDIT and continue to live like a normal person.

No. 1206089

why are these men so obsessed with removing women's teeth

No. 1206090

yep. i stay the fuck away from trannies save for some ftm friends i have that i respect because they are normal, though i do feel a bit bad for them. would never let a mtf near me beyond polite, superficial conversation.

No. 1206093

Oh yeah this is kinda what I meant, I'm not too good with words
Being harassed over being "transphobic" sounds like such a goddamn hassle. We're not going to change our minds, and neither are they so there is just no point.
I'd just rather not deal with the whole being attacked and threatened thing for not thinking trans people are superior beings

No. 1206099

You're spot on, this has been my experience.

No. 1206124

A lot of the comments say gender dysphoria is a real condition, race dysphoria is not!
So if you are suicidal can you identify as a corpse and get out of paying taxes?
Asking for a friend.

No. 1206129

Yet most of them also insist dysphoria isn’t needed to be trans, so why can’t the same argument be applied to race?

No. 1206133

Race dysphoria is absolutely a real thing, particularly in cases of transracial adoption. If nothing else, it's as "real" as gender dysphoria (either just as probable or not real at all).

The notion that you can't feel out of place and wish you were another race if you're surrounded or raised by people who don't look like you (but then at the same time can wish you were another sex for no clear reason in particular) is absurd.

No. 1206136

I agree. If anything it makes more sense. I can understand how someone being surrounded by an adoptive culture for most of their life would feel alienated to not be considered a member of that culture.

No. 1206143

File: 1618185858076.png (327.3 KB, 750x701, hahaha.png)

Trannies really have the audacity to call terves the violent ones

No. 1206145

this is still baffling. what are WE coping with? we're making fun of him and other dumbass agp moids. he's the one whining endlessly about how cis women don't accept him??

No. 1206146

Bold of them to assume superlesbians didn't happen before superbis. Also, threatening to kill women for not wanting to fuck you must give amazing girly feelings, totally not a distinctly male behavior, nope.

No. 1206149

"I want to kill people who don't want to fuck me"

No. 1206150

File: 1618186188940.jpg (140.46 KB, 970x789, Untitled.jpg)

women are never as violent as these freaks

No. 1206152

Which is more common: men threatening to kill women who won't sleep with them, or women threatening to kill women who won't sleep with them?

No. 1206153

Wasn't Rachel Dolezal strongly identifying with her black adopted sister?

No. 1206154

ftms never talk about killing gay men who won't fuck them either.

No. 1206159

Man that is a real good point

No. 1206162

I think it was adopted siblings, but the primary one was a boy. Her parents were weird and shitty, so she was often responsible for taking care of the kid, too (racial injustice and all). She was also socially isolated due to her parent's weird, conservative, religious upbringing of her, and claimed that her first real social acceptance was with black kids in high school. She has more reason to identify as black than any TIM has to identify as a woman.

No. 1206163

Grey Owl is famous in my country and he was even married to a native woman and she had no idea lmao.

No. 1206166

File: 1618187052996.png (2.13 MB, 1498x2048, Screenshot_20210411-182245.png)

Have we laughed at this yet?

No. 1206167

File: 1618187081448.jpg (426.12 KB, 1804x1313, 20210411_182259.jpg)

No. 1206171

it is insane and it never gets brought up. i have literally never seen ftms go on a crusade against exclusionary gays, who typically just go "yeah i don't like vaginas" and no one questions that. seen more ftms be anti-terf than anti-gays.

No. 1206172

>Lead character's name is a drag/porn name
>Author's name is also weird and porny
>TIM character being visually represented by a bio woman
>Plot legitimately sounds like a /pol/ author's plot, just replace "liberal" with "terf"
Men are incapable of not being men.

No. 1206173

Because men like attacking women, even when they're dressed like women. They still feel like women owe them something.

No. 1206176

>terf BRUTALLY assaults troon in a bathroom
>not the other way around

I bet white trans women are vastly more likely to commit a violent crime than to be a victim of it. Someone with more access to the stats (like the UK terves) really needs to do the math on that, because it would be a very concise, to the point slogan.

No. 1206178

Pussy envy: the book

No. 1206181

pardon my ignorance anons itt, i’ve only recently started reading. i’ve always been „supportive” of trans people and never really cared but after a disgusting troon legitimately peaked me, i can’t deal with it anymore.

how are people pretending that transbians and people who are obviously in it for the fetish are okay? why do people sit by and allow it to happen? i don’t understand and i see so much trans support EVERYWHERE, i don’t even know what’s right or wrong at this point kek. surely people have to realise it’s deluded right… but it feels like people are just supporting this insanity to an overwhelming degree, no matter where you look there’s innocent women being accused of terfs and transphobia. i don’t even know how society is going to change. i hope this isn’t permanently accepted into daily life & eventually we come around. sage for rambling

No. 1206182

I have an Asian American friend. They are too Asian for the American part of the family, and too western for the Asian part. She said she feels very alienated and it’s so strange to belong in two groups but not be accepted. I would consider that racial dysphoria

No. 1206184

Note the real woman on the cover. Kek.

No. 1206185

I think it's because they feel something similar to white guilt, but with gay people, and think of trannies as just "the new gays." It doesn't help that women are socialized to hide their pain, whereas trannies threaten suicide over every little thing. People really just think "well, if it seems wrong, maybe I'm just being bigoted."
No homophobia meant here, I'm a lesbian and completely sick of these degenerates latching onto our movemt and threatening our safety and civil rights.

No. 1206188

File: 1618189999271.jpg (2.31 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210412_031329155.j…)

fixed it

No. 1206200

Sounds eerily similar to my experience as a chicana. Maybe racial dysphoria is real.

No. 1206206

File: 1618194068416.png (685.53 KB, 1166x1388, troon_bingo.png)

I was inspired by your list.

No. 1206210

File: 1618194697062.jpg (92.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

One of the most feared Hispanic gang leaders Joe Morgan was actually Croatian, but cause he grew up in a community with Mexican Americans, could speak Chianco Spanish and had a swarthy appearance everyone accepted him as being Hispanic

No. 1206214

File: 1618196935179.jpg (26.95 KB, 583x228, true.jpg)

Straight to the point. I like it.

No. 1206215

Probably because "milkers" is the sort of word most people would associate with cattle, not human beings. It's really not that different from calling breasts a "rack" or "udders." The term isn't just fetishistic, it's dehumanizing. The "mommy" part adds another layer of disgustingness, fetishizing motherhood and assigning "motherly" qualities to women just because of their body type. I don't know how intentional all this is, but the result of the gross subtext is an overall icky feeling.

Don't even get me started on the yuck factor of MtFs being obsessed with saying "Goddess" instead of "God." Hey dumbasses, it's a proper noun, which is already gender neutral. It would be like calling Loki "Lokette" when he takes on a female form. It's fucking retarded and a great example of troon performative "femininity."

No. 1206221

Having womanhood reduced to purchasable parts and roles that were forced onto the people born into it. Lots of women are scared of pregnancy and childbirth. I'm one of them, and I can tell you that having a part of my body emphasized over and over to be for the soul purpose of creating a child (even if true) feels like shit. It's a constant reminder that people don't view you as an individual, just a receptacle, even if you never intend to be, even if you're scared of the thought.

No. 1206222

It's the first time I've heard of trannies saying their diarrhea = period

ot but it's the opposite for some and it sucks. i guess constipation is better than diarrhea

No. 1206223

How could you forget the classic "I'll fuck your partner"/"I can steal your man"/"your dad wants to fuck me" comebacks?! Those are honestly all I see nowadays

No. 1206224

To be far, GC feminists/TERFs make fun of trannies for being ugly all the time

No. 1206229

how is it tbf, they are all ugly ass men in dresses and no one but closeted fags would want to sleep with them and most straight GC feminiists/TERFs are into FDS so vet all potential male partners

No. 1206236

>being a woman is better than being a man
Okay but it’s literally impossible for you to know this as you’re literally a man stfu, the cognitive dissonance I swear

No. 1206237

They’re balding men in $10 walmart skirts with my little pony friendship is magic t shirts and severe cases of autogynosmile. There’s a reason they all use anime catgirls as their icons instead of selfies. They ugly.

No. 1206241

Ok but why is it ok to call trannies ugly but it's not ok to call a woman ugly

No. 1206247

Because first off, there’s no such a thing as a pretty or even decent looking male tranny, they’re all fucking ugly, specially when they’re not wearing tons of makeup, filters, shapewear and wigs.
Women are beautiful. So go seethe, dilate and 41% already.

No. 1206248

whats fds? it's not on urbandictionary

No. 1206251

yeah, cause trannies want to invade women’s spaces. women judge other women. if they get offended and think we can only compliment them or suck their dicks, that’s on them.

trannies want only the great aspects of womanhood that television and porn show them. as soon as a woman truly treats them like they claim they want to be treated, all of a sudden every woman is ugly and their man is only with them bc they haven’t enjoyed sex with hairy crotch wounds.

No. 1206252


No. 1206254

I threw those responses under the "catty and jealous" one. I was going to put "im a better woman than you" but also included that under "catty and jealous". If anyone has anymore we can upgrade to the 5x5 traditional board.

No. 1206260

File: 1618204825058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,351.81 KB, 586x796, B9A9AB54-CA45-43E6-B21D-E03D0B…)

just warning you all the trannies are larping it up in /meta, whining to farmhands trying to have us deleted again. Just be careful with the saging of non milk.

No. 1206266

File: 1618206720115.png (719.82 KB, 1164x1360, troonbingofull.png)

full 5x5

No. 1206267

Kek, now I need pills to use as bingo chips

No. 1206269

Exactly, and you only see a rare amount of people who attempt to try to change their race through medical means. Hmmm.

No. 1206274

File: 1618208039434.png (234.73 KB, 434x529, Screenshot 2021-04-11 10.57.48…)

IDK whether to post this here or in the personal lolcow thread but I just wanted to vent. I know a troon IRL that I have to interact with on a regular basis b/c of my work and he is straight up lolcow tier. I have no idea how this is not considered a mental illness. I could probably make a whole thread about his shenanigans, but I would feel bad. He’s a nightmare to deal with, but he’s also a very obvious victim of circumstance and the completely cucked society we live in. He’s a poster child for what having no male role models will do a mf. 99% percent of the time transitioning is just a cope for trauma, a last resort for failed male incels, or a combination of both. Such behavior does exist in other animals, to an extent. Look up the Rat Utopia experiment, essentially the same thing happened. Strong male rats guarded the food and weak male rats imitated the characteristics of female rats, even displaying abnormal sexual behavior.

>literally just looks like a goth dude, didn't even realize he was trans when i first met him

>very tall and gangly, has a horseface and a slight cleft chin
>however, he does not seem to realize this or just doesn't care because he constantly talks about being a 'lesbian'
>had been know to post pictures of his anachan skinwalker ass in lingerie on his Instagram story for all to see
>constant suicide baiting, talks about his previous suicide attempts and posts "memes" about killing himself
>when his friends get concerned he just brushes them off, "it was a joke teehee"
>has a massive fat fetish and all of his girlfriends (how the fuck this guy managed to get ONE girl, much less multiple ones, is a mystery) were fat
>actually got a callout post for, and i quote, "fetishizing the thick girls at his school"
>he is literally so obsessed with fat girls that he incorporates it into his art
>he has a skramz/power electronics project and he used a drawing of a naked fat girl for his last album's cover art and when i poked fun at him for it he started sperging out
>deadbeat dad
>decided to tell everyone in my group chat about how his grandma molested him in a completely unrelated/casual conversation with zero prompt
>the last time i saw him he started sperging about how Marilyn Manson is an evil Nazi rapist for like 10 minutes straight (despite the fact that he bears an eerie resemblance to the man himself and used to be into some pretty “problematic” artists like Boyd Rice and Death In June before he transitioned. regardless of your take on the Manson situation it was funny as fuck to watch this dude who looks like a tranny wendigo hooker shitting on him)

I'm kind of afraid that he's actually going to kill himself someday but I'm holding out hope that he's just an attention whoring weirdo

No. 1206277

girl if youre gonna blog at least sage

No. 1206279

>tranny wendigo hooker
my sides

No. 1206280

Can you believe it? Shit we’ve endured since the dawn of time is being compared to crude occurrences of the male body?
>vagina = stink hole
>period = diarrhea
>breasts = excess fat or cement in their chest

No. 1206283

nah normal killjoy TERFs were/are against it and will even proselytize about how wrong it is to make fun of "GNC men" and use the word "tranny". it's that new breed of "memey terf" that consists of zoomer girls and uses chanspeak that usually responds to troon insults with something equivalent, real radfems had major beef with them on tumlr iirc

No. 1206286

If race dysphoria isn’t real then why do so many bitches want to be Japanese?

No. 1206287

That isn't race dysphoria, that's just autism anon.

No. 1206288

File: 1618211224916.jpeg (724.28 KB, 1125x1504, 77158CCF-2EB5-4CAB-BB73-208627…)

This is the thread that keeps on giving.
>Why are so many men desperate to „discuss“ women‘s lives, rights, healthcare and other intimate issues? Just leave women alone!!

No. 1206289

They don't want to be Japanese, they want to be anime, which is an even more retarded dysphoria

No. 1206290

So it’s just /spicy/ autism

No. 1206301

They wouldn't survive a fucking minute in Japan. Women's only recognized trait there is that they can have children. Troons can't, they would be bullied into suicide or simply overlooked by everyone and homeless/without support.

I saw them forwarding clips of underage anime girls on Twitter a lot (i.e. K-On) and it's so obvious they are just mentally ill and degenerate.
Doctors put them on HRT because they are not allowed to check their twitter account (for some real-life facts), but rather have to rely on what they say during the appointment. What troons have to say to get HRT is all over the internet in guides, so the doctors just do what the text book tells them.

No. 1206307

> skramz/power electronics
It's probably just shitty PE, because I literally don't know how you could cross those two genres. Also, unfortunately, a lot of troons are into industrial.

I have a feeling I know the same guy though.

No. 1206334

File: 1618227792814.jpg (446.1 KB, 1216x1390, 3U2cL57.jpg)

hashtag feminism

No. 1206341

We should establish Buddhism. Those troons can be women in their next life and get to know what it's really like, instead of mutilating their body in this life and spending their whole life pondering on their AGP mental illness.

I'm so worried that this infestation has already come to my country apparently.

No. 1206342

File: 1618228816525.jpg (475.33 KB, 745x745, 9xx1S1L.jpg)

had to check him out and of course the troons are now co-opting the 'my body, my choice' slogan. they can't come up with any catchphrase of their own so they always steal others. trans lives matter, the future is trans, etc.

No. 1206354

He‘s using a slogan from Women who are not allowed to have an abortion to politicize his troonism, that‘s such a ruthless and entitled dickmove

No. 1206356

learn how to sage you dumb "bitch"
imagine coping for mentally ill men who are balding and FAT

No. 1206364

Where are the angry sjw mob when you need them? At least furries had the Burned Furs

No. 1206365

>those hashtags
agp and borderline pedophilic as fuck, hope he gets btfo’d by his local antifa

No. 1206372

ayrt, just to be clear and fair, the hashtags written in pink are not his. It´s satirical because the sexy schoolgirl meme is in fact sexualising children plus he´s obviously agp.
The translation I gave is pretty much accurate though

No. 1206374

He didn't put those hashtags in his post, whoever translated them just thought it was funny to add them, I guess. The only pedo tag he used is "sexyschoolgirl" in both English and German, the other hashtags are about politics and troonism.

No. 1206380

i cannot remember wearing britney spears fasching costumes during my time in school huh

also Flauschi

No. 1206388

File: 1618233832285.jpg (223.21 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_04-12-09.20.51.jpg)

No. 1206389

Thanks for clearing that up, that's a small relief

No. 1206390

File: 1618233953628.png (17.79 KB, 586x251, 4367.PNG)

maybe, except for a woman

No. 1206397

shocked pikachu face when he realizes he gets moodswings every 10 days

No. 1206410

>first male hate and gc threads are removed.
>these threads will soon be gone as well.

No. 1206412

We’ll just have to make a new one with a slightly different topic. And keep making them. This is the only place for this kind of discussion.

No. 1206414

Ashkenazi are an ethnic group who happen to all be Jewish. Its like saying "I'm a white Slav" or "I'm a brown Bengali" or something. No shit you're part of the ethnicity you're a part of.

No. 1206417


who told them they experience a period? they constantly take the same amount of hormones, thats not how a menstrual cycle works

No. 1206420

File: 1618238660026.png (40.54 KB, 808x298, ouihf.png)

>Am I going to be 40 and using the men's bathroom because transphobes say I need to?
>Will I be forced to use he/him pronouns and my deadname?

No. 1206421

>It‘s getting to the point I‘m not sure trans people will win the fight for equality
He should rejoice, this brings him a step closer to women

No. 1206425

they are cunts who bleed from many places, that's all they got.

No. 1206426

you are right, I am hoping it is sooner rather than later so maybe the damage will be much less to future kids and mentally unwell/isolated/lonely people.
Every doctor who prescribes hormones or assesses a claim for GRS and performs the op, all those need to be on the hook for all costs involved following. Extra psychiatric care when they realise there is a mistake. extra operations to make the poo pit semi functional. funeral expenses. damages to those around the cockless psychotic in a dress who may go on a murder rampage. All back on the doctors who promote/allow it.

No. 1206427

the cope in that thread…
>it's just crusty boomers
>some ppl are just scared of change uwu
>it's the dang christians/homophobes
>tankie response about capitalism (as if capitalism isn't the exact thing enabling their degeneracy)

literally none of them hit on the real reasons why people, including LGB, young, poc, and female people, hate trannies. they legitimately believe it's just old white men. incredible.

No. 1206431

why are so many TRAs desperate to "discuss" whether women should even be spoken of, whether our rights, lives, healthcare and intimate issues matter, whether homosexuality is a "preference" and gay people's rights, lives, healthcare and intimate issues matter? I can play this game too.

No. 1206432

What's so hard about clicking the [-] and not reading a fucking thread. jfc

No. 1206433

why the fuck is he only threatening to kill people when it's lesbians. this is so transparent

No. 1206434

File: 1618240482617.jpeg (191.6 KB, 640x708, 9BE580EA-DE3E-46D7-900D-71B96C…)

By Katy (Colin) Montgomerie. Really shows how coddled he truly is. Seems his biggest threat is not “actual violence” and “hatred” but invalidation of his fantasies by jk Rowling. Maybe he ain’t so oppressed after all? Since I’d rather deal with a “well ackshually” men’s rights activist than someone who openly and proudly sees women as subhuman potential rape victims.

No. 1206436

File: 1618240664016.png (50.49 KB, 610x521, african trans.png)

I think I'm just gonna start photoshopping these troon posts into African/Mohammad Praising Islamic posts. I'm off today and I feel like rustling jimmies. Do kids still say that?

No. 1206440

File: 1618240962767.jpeg (173.04 KB, 640x857, 53844A1D-99E6-48CA-AA81-A030F6…)

This account is so fucking stupid kek

No. 1206445

File: 1618241678908.webm (4.12 MB, 320x568, lazymale.webm)

Men are literally so lazy. That's one of the reasons you can't convince me you have a "girl brain".

No. 1206446

It's almost funny. As women we have to be legitimately afraid of being raped or beaten up just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, our career sabotaged due to our birth sex, or our husbands becoming physically abusive. What these people consider the "worst" of bigots is a person politely bringing up the question about medicalizing children who haven't yet developed a sense of self. It's really telling how entitled and privileged these people are.

No. 1206448

why is being a faguette not good enough? kek. if you're gonna keep that stubble and man voice just be a feminine man. oh well people like to rag on "white gays" so he wouldn't be able to act smug anymore.

No. 1206450

Moving to Alaska really is doing a number on Jesse Pinkman

No. 1206455

it's fitting that he represents himself with a trans pride flag where his brain should be.

No. 1206457

File: 1618243009615.png (140.24 KB, 200x384, A literal strawman.png)

>Creepy grown ass men trying to get in to your personal space.
>The person pointing this out is the problem.

I would be convinced that this is a troll account if it wasn't filled with so much validation.

No. 1206458

Katy is so damn delusional and I've seen her all over Twitter claiming that transwomen can be the victims of misogynistic violence that would be physically impossible for them to ever experience, like forced impregnation for example. It's obvious they care more about the validation than the actual violence, because otherwise they wouldn't be trying to appropriate the struggles of another group. They want obviously false things like that to be true so bad because it would validate their woman feelz.

No. 1206459

Adding to these experiences: I'm from a mixed family. I can't pass for white, but my sister, with the exact same ethnic make-up, 100% does. It's a complex situation, but it's part of what peaked me, b/c living this way makes it clear how transracialism honestly makes MORE sense than transgenderism. Not to say the Dolezals of the world aren't ridiculous, but imho race is WAY more murky than sex and it just makes the tra attempt to prove otherwise such obvious bs.

No. 1206461

File: 1618243713132.jpeg (345.26 KB, 640x862, E4E12337-2CD7-47D3-B13C-C311EE…)

There’s an actual human being behind this account
He’s 100% serious. He’s very good at beating round the bush and being manipulative.
Jumps at any chance to dunk on the GC feminists.
It’s not enough that transphobia is a registered hate crime, meaning it is punished more severely than misogyny, which is not yet considered a hate crime in the uk.

No. 1206464

File: 1618243992552.jpg (98.23 KB, 800x450, img_4628_wide-53e2a6839460405a…)

>the image of what a woman looks like was created by Hollywood
Didn't know women looked like a guy with a neon colored ponytail before the evil hollywood producers took over

No. 1206470

Skip to 1:20 - 2:00 mins on this shitty vlog of his where he relates his male socialisation. I almost screamed when I heard it.
“I thought that all boys wanted to be girls, and the reason they all said boys where better than girls was jealousy”
“I knew I couldn’t talk about wanting to be a girl, because girls are yucky”

No. 1206475

The rest of the video is just self important “wAa waaa im oppressed by ace Ventura and Jerry springer” nonsense.

No. 1206478

All he does is whine

No. 1206479

It’s good they where left off the list because they aren’t a fucking woman. They get justice under hate crime laws when they’re killed and attacked. Women barely get fucking justice in the uk when they are choked to death in their own homes. A man named Anthony Williams got 5 years for choking his wife to death in sales, another policeman got 11 years for choking his lover to death in his car, which is WHY it was read out! It’s an epidemic and people aren’t getting justice. This guy was given 24 fucking years and Colin is boohooing about “WAAAA I’m not on the list!!!”. Fucking hate him.

No. 1206501

File: 1618247768189.jpg (330.43 KB, 778x1037, Wiki_nefertiti_icelight.jpg)

Americans are always so quick to say femininity was created by Hollywood/"the media". You can tell these fucks have never stepped in an art museum. History didn't begin in 1903. We have been portraying and idolizing feminine beauty and womanhood as a whole in the arts since we were still in goddamn caves. There's no way they would see Venus of Urbino and think "Oh yeah, that's me right there". Clearly the Nefertiti bust (her name literally being "The Beautiful Woman has Come") depicts, uh, "androgyny". Yeah. Jesus christ.

No. 1206503

File: 1618248072957.jpg (610.7 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-12-19-14-15…)

Beware(obvious selfpost)

No. 1206505

go report the account for harassment.

No. 1206506

Oh no, gore, how terrifying. I'm sure most of us here have lived through the olden days of /b/ when gore was posted everywhere.

No. 1206507

People do all the time.

No. 1206508

I've seen some pretty fucking unfortunate women in my time, but even they're more feminine and beautiful than any troon.

No. 1206512

But crush videos?

No. 1206513

NTA but what are crush videos? I'm assuming it's something disgusting and I'm scared to look it up

No. 1206514

Do it anon, make racial appropriation great again. Start a movement. Maybe some people will understand the comparison and peak.

No. 1206516

No. 1206518

Bring it on. We will just use it to push our terf narrative even further, seeing as you can’t trigger us with fax and logic, it’s no wonder you’re resorting to mindless chimpanzee shit flinging.

No. 1206519

File: 1618249293598.png (3.67 MB, 1439x2861, Untitled71_20210412123956.png)

Don't mind me. Just another scrote getting away with shit no woman would've been able to for all of history.

No. 1206520

File: 1618249365844.jpg (299.49 KB, 991x2038, 20210412_124021.jpg)

Sup gals?

No. 1206523

Nothing screams "valid woman" quite like spamming chan boards with gore. #justgirlythings

No. 1206524

funny how scrote drank the punch so easily because we're living in a time where women are being super hypersexualized.

No. 1206525

Fuck me I thought that was shayna.

No. 1206528

Very typical male poster of them

No. 1206529

KEK. Thanks for the genuine laugh anon

No. 1206531

Ah shit, the gore posting has started

No. 1206534

Remember when that asian chick on youtube stepped on those cats and the entirety of the internet hunted her down?
There's an entire porn genre dedicated to people crush and stepping on things.

See, it's part of the long game to make this place shittier than normal and it works. Look what happened to Dramatica and 8chan.

Step 1. Spam a place with gore/cp
Step 2. Tell disgusting people where it is.
Step 3. Those people come here looking for more.
Step 4. Mods crack down on everything.
Step 5. People begin leaving here because of mods over-reacting .
Step 6. New users flock here for the stupidity, the gore war, people getting triggered.

Step 7. Old users leave, leaving behind newer users who are okay with the bullshit because that's what attracted them.

Step 7a.Old users stay and force the new users out or to conform to the standards of the board. Nothing ultimately changes. Just a lot of pissed off jannies and mods.

If 7a occurs, great.
If not.

Step 8. New users with new beliefs get represented by a new mod and new janny.

No. 1206535

this reeks of self post

No. 1206536

stop self-posting and seethe.

No. 1206537

No. 1206540

Because the "polite transphobes" are the ones most dangerous to the movement. Of course he loves people who don't give a shit and hysterical haters, they prove him right. It's the tempered, rational arguments that shred their ideology to bits. Its the polite, but firm, expectation of mutual respect that they can't fucking tolerate. Either close your eyes and let them change the laws as they please, or act out the role of aggressor to bolster their stance as victim. But don't you fucking dare point out the innocent bystanders in the crossfire. Don't you dare consider the unintended consequences. Don't you dare THINK OR SPEAK, just shut up and suck girl dick you ugly terf whore.

No. 1206541

>Plaque protruding out from between his teeth
I'm really gonna puke.

No. 1206546

File: 1618251552312.png (348.73 KB, 1103x628, genius.png)

No. 1206548

Cause they are.

No. 1206549

File: 1618251893911.jpeg (240.54 KB, 640x866, 7B91F4CA-75D7-4275-B6DB-C9512B…)

No. 1206550

>if you ask your kid what he identifies as and he says he's a dog, that means he's enby

No. 1206553

And it's not a troll. some people identify themself like this

No. 1206554

File: 1618252059808.jpeg (75.55 KB, 810x540, 4B31FF1B-02FF-41FE-AF6F-34BBAB…)

No. 1206555

Is it the blonde standing on the back?

No. 1206556

It's either blondie in the back or the black haired one in the front. My guess is the black haired one.

How come they never do this shit for ftm?

No. 1206557

I'm pretty sure it's the blonde one sitting… Very obvious!

No. 1206559

Love how he is totally just a condescending mansplaining dudebro

No. 1206561

Maybe its the blonde standing? But I'm noticing how just about everyone's hands are hidden.

No. 1206562

File: 1618252664747.png (476.3 KB, 1182x806, transvogue.png)

No. 1206563

thought that one looked suspicious lol. not a shockingly hideous beast but definitely made me squint.

No. 1206564

File: 1618252784779.jpeg (75.04 KB, 1280x720, F2784868-E41C-4397-AA08-61A70A…)

You’re both right, it’s the blonde. Paris Lees. Would a cis woman who looks like this make it into VOGUE of all places? And this is AFTER feminisation surgery. Yes, we CAN always tell Colin, just not always from tiny, perfectly posed modelling shoots feat. Makeup and photoshop. But look what happens when you turn to the side irl!

No. 1206566

This troon has had a LOT of plastic surgery, plastic surgery addicts all kinda look the same.

In this video he admits that he laughed at other people's pets dying.

He's also british.

No. 1206567

Passing doesn’t even matter, just because some guy looks like a stereotypical woman doesn’t make them any more of an actual woman. There might be some trannies that look more feminine than me because they spent thousands to surgically alter themselves but that doesn’t change reality. If I implant fur and whiskers into my face that doesn’t make me a cat and would probably be seen by everyone as mental illness instead of “living my true identity”

No. 1206568

some crimes can never be forgiven

No. 1206569

It’s the blonde sitting, Paris Lees. You can tell because if they pass, it’s because they’ve had surgery/fillers and get that rounded off look.

No. 1206573

Not gonna lie, pretty good job on the voice. There is something that sounds a little unnatural though, dunno how to describe it though.

No. 1206574

So women won't ever be able to understand transwomen but transwomen can understand what it feel like to be a woman? Also nice that he's attacking women out of nowhere when it was a male who asked, they can't mask their misogyny.
>ex prostitute
>spent time in jail
What a role model.

No. 1206576

File: 1618253379627.png (1.92 MB, 1790x1008, parislee.png)

Here he is before all the cheek fillers, kek.

No. 1206577

No, anon, stay alert! The day where exhausted and barely conscious you squint and mistake a MtF for a woman, radical feminism falls apart and sexual dimorphism will be no more!

No. 1206578

Well, yeah…

No. 1206579

File: 1618253513885.jpg (47.46 KB, 490x326, camoflauge works when you make…)

>Let's play spot the tranny.
>Professional photoshoot.
>Hands hidden except for the dark haired one
>Practical use of brown backdrop, except it works against the two dark skinned women
>Soft lighting and dark clothing to further the obfuscation of the bodies.
>Negative space literally points an arrow directly at the tranny.
>Standing at different angles and positions.

This is the most use I've gotten out of my art degree lmao

No. 1206580

File: 1618253577887.jpeg (162.56 KB, 401x665, 0C804C6C-8ECF-4E4D-B6FF-1D589A…)

Apparently Colin made a fake account pretending to be part of the LGB alliance
https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-1436#post-7134174 idk what proof the kiwifags have but seems like something he would do.

No. 1206583

I wanted to be and acted like a wolf for a while as a kid. I also used to claim I was a "big blue airplane" at one point and my uncle used to humor me and swing me around. Also, feeling like you don't belong is simply being a misfit. But being just a regular old misfit isn't special enough these days.

No. 1206584

File: 1618253682935.png (511.22 KB, 382x542, 1.PNG)

I never saw his real face, I remember someone posting him like, "she really passes" and they got a picture from his instagram, mind you this is what the pictures he put on instagram look like.

No. 1206587

People always do this with transwomen. They know right away if a instathot made her ass slightly bigger, but with transwomen it's like people forget that photo editing exist. For example, the Trans Catfish Blaire White.

No. 1206589

I can make a new twitter account. Maybe other anons here can help

No. 1206590


He looks fine. Transwomen can get a shit ton of plastic surgery and the best make-up/clothes money can buy, still just makes them feminine transsexual males that pass only in the most superficial of circumstances. When it comes down to it they know they're still men and anyone spending more than the briefest time in their presence will realise it.

I'm pretty sure Paris is the one who said he enjoyed men catcalling him on the street because he found it 'validating'. Any woman would just be grossed out/embarrassed. Scrote through and through.

No. 1206591

File: 1618254146081.jpg (400.5 KB, 1280x948, 1497061226824.jpg)

You mean they aren't cis men in dresses wishing they were animu girls?

No. 1206592

File: 1618254228853.jpeg (19.37 KB, 468x278, A81C3C3C-1A87-4C56-AD4F-C4926C…)

Colin with no makeup. That’s all the milk I’m poaching from KF I can’t stand browsing that place because it’s full of bullshit.

No. 1206593

File: 1618254311633.jpg (532.26 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-12-20-16-38…)

And now you can identify as a dog
Why these trannies and enbies has a unhealthy obsession with kids

No. 1206594

File: 1618254468711.jpg (8.54 KB, 197x255, charo.jpg)

Why is it that every dude either looks like they're Buffalo Bill Or they are trying to skin walk Angelica Houston, Meryl Streep or Charo? Like they found their dads porn stash and was like.. "No I don't want this.. I want to be this."

No. 1206605

File: 1618255713425.jpg (105.14 KB, 1200x675, COqRV5bUwAAwSkp.jpg)

Once you take away the performative femininity, which is arguably mostly a construct of patriarchy, they have very little on which to form their identity.

Also re transspeciesm.

No. 1206606

This man can't see that he's taking advantage of the patriarchy by invading women's issues. This man should read ancient greek philosophy and then try to mansplain the "patriarchy". Transbians are exhausting.

No. 1206622

Getting offended about being called men, so they decide to spam gore, violence and animal cruelty?

If the "evil terfs" did this shit to them they would have all the woke fucks on social media crying about violence and threats to the poor helpless trannies.

No. 1206636

it is so frustrating to go on r/makeupaddiction and see women who clearly struggle with makeup application getting one or two upvotes while trannies looking like five year olds who got into your makeup get 1k at least.

No. 1206655

File: 1618259353330.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x2560, 21-04-12-23-26-51-551_deco.jpg)

Spotted this thing in the lolitafashion hashtag on insta. Noticed Lor had liked his pics because of course she has, gotta redeem herself for that one misclick somehow!

No. 1206659

>>Age and gender me, Lolcow!!1
42 year old male, and that’s me being fucking generous mate.

No. 1206661

She’s got the troon smirk they all do in photographs

No. 1206668

The massive shoulders give it away

No. 1206669

File: 1618260970035.png (Spoiler Image,518.09 KB, 1005x549, dGDQJZJ.png)

>trans women are not out to get you
>they aren't trying to silence you
>no one denies the reality of sex-based oppression

gaslighting doesn't exist, you made it up because you're fucking crazy.

No. 1206673

YMS just uploaded a video on trans athletes being in sports and I feel like decomposing.

No. 1206677

File: 1618261292515.jpeg (107.26 KB, 724x437, 948A4DD6-0B4A-4FA7-922C-223679…)

Samefag but a comment from the video as well. Don’t know if this is a troon or not but tiresome

No. 1206681


No. 1206682

I lasted until the first 3 minutes and they already brought up
>ummm, at top pro level the MtF physical advantage is basically nothing compared to other factor (???)
>female sports aren't dominated by the MtF at this second, so it's obviously not a problem
>we should separate by race if we separate by gender
At that point he arrived that there shouldn't be separations at all!
These are like reddit troon level takes, kek. The furry who prides himself on doing research and always trying to be objective.

No. 1206683

Doesn’t matter if you troon, the male socialization will always shine through l. Stunning and brave everyone!

No. 1206684

Samefag, let it play for another 10 seconds, and he just said "so if sports will all be dominated by amab male-born whatever guys forever, who cares?" Ok, fuck gay men.

No. 1206687

Their voices are unbearable. So nasally and pathetic. No wonder they want to fuck women over and see them humiliated. Who wants to fuck a guy that sounds like a gnat stuck in your ear. Incels that know nothing about anything.

No. 1206689

because they choose to be, i wouldn’t make fun of a random bald fat guy but i will make fun of a bald fat guy cosplaying as a hooker

No. 1206690

Omg don’t tell me that they’re fags?

No. 1206691

Adam/YourMovieSucks is a well-known out gay furfag, don't know who his friend is.

No. 1206694

the part in () seems like a troll is this an attempt to peak?
also why female sports, they never bother for ftm rights

No. 1206702

Yeah who gives a fuck if hard working women get treated like shit by men? I bet if it was about gay men or furries he'd care.

No. 1206705

There’s something I noticed and that the more men are on board with shit like this, the more this social infectant spreads like wildfire. These groups wait for male approval all the time and feminism is also no stranger to this as well

No. 1206707

with a woman killer tranny character for the avatar, no less

No. 1206732

File: 1618263943826.jpg (537.12 KB, 865x800, sterling.jpg)

No. 1206753

They’re posting even more gore, these attacks are relentless.

No. 1206754

Gay man doesn't care for women's issues. Not surprised tbh, nobody hates women more than gay men do.

He's such a smug faggot in this as well. Sad cause I like his movie reviews, but I always knew he was a disgusting degenerate.

No. 1206755

such a horrifying sight. i'm shaking

No. 1206760

wait thats a picture if Jim Sterling, wheres the gore? im confused?

No. 1206762

Only the ones with bigly pussy envy. Normal gay dudes are far less misogynistic than straight men.

No. 1206766

>Normal gay dudes are far less misogynistic than straight men.

No. 1206768

File: 1618266347929.png (Spoiler Image,2.82 MB, 1170x1396, ohno.png)

Spoilered because i hate this image

No. 1206773

File: 1618266518447.jpeg (765.43 KB, 3462x1844, 0D301599-FC2B-4599-A0CD-BC163F…)

Posted by Pinknews about trans people kek

No. 1206774

It's a good thing YMS has proved himself to be an egotistical retard already, more than once. The early group that lost respect for him when he streamed Telltale's The Walking Dead and spent the entire stream whining about how it sucks, he hates it, and he doesn't want to play it. The larger group that came after lost respect after he shat all over A Quiet Place in a really matter of fact way, as if he was saying facts, when it wasn't objective at all. He got called out for this and made a response video talking about the criticisms, which pretty much amounted to him saying "okay I was wrong there, but not really, because the movie still sucks and I am very smart." Also brags about his ability to vomit on command and suck dick. Honestly surprised he's not a troon.

No. 1206778

>"lubricating the neovagina i got from my parents for my 16th birthday"

Doubt this is the case for most troons but if it is, damn that's sad. Still a man though

No. 1206780

this isn't a edit? "Leaving in fear of tiny women saying, "Can you please leave?" sounds like a edit.

No. 1206781

>living in fear of tiny women saying "could you please leave"
tiny women? do they mean …regulare women? or are they attending meetings for people with dwarfism?
>choosing what weapon to take to a feminist meeting

No. 1206782

that's one big pickle jar in the background

No. 1206783

It's an edit. Notice Pink'News'.

No. 1206784

yeah those two make me feel like this is a edit, sounds like something someone here would post, it probably said something different.
Or maybe Pink News really does think that way.

No. 1206787

File: 1618266989118.jpg (98.87 KB, 1849x931, 167374542_10159592711451518_85…)

ok i hate misinformation so i looked up and it's the real one, let's not get worked up about some ridiculous fake (even if probably correct)

No. 1206788

File: 1618266989525.jpeg (454.91 KB, 750x1179, A589ADD6-485D-43F1-BA39-D14C08…)

highly convinced this is a troll anyways

No. 1206791

Its always the ones who might troon out.

Men's hatred of women comes in three varieties: envy, sour grapes, and something in-between. A typical stupid, loud twink (like Greg Gorgeous and the like) hates them cause he ain't them, a typical straight man hates them cause he can't have them. AGP troons are usually both from being terminally incel. Normie gay men are pretty cool with women because they don't want to be (with) women.

No. 1206792

Man I wish he would buy a proper human-hair lace-front wig. He has the money not to wear this plastic cheap shit. Really rustles my jimmies to see that shitty wig.

No. 1206794

File: 1618267177244.jpg (782.65 KB, 1080x6457, Screenshot_20210412-152827.jpg)

Kevin keeps losing his shit because someone posts him to some "Pass or not" twitter. Also, he says he's misgendered because his "height" not his man face, voice and body.

No. 1206795

So violence occuring against troons is so rare it's less of a problem than pronoun fights in their eyes? At least they're admitting it.

No. 1206796

File: 1618267267513.png (Spoiler Image,414.21 KB, 585x529, 9.png)

Here's his rocking tits btw.

No. 1206797

The irony of them commenting this on a page where the artist was harrassed because she painted a portrait of herself on her period and used the term "woman" in the caption eXcLuDiNg TrAnS PeoPle.

No. 1206800

Yet somehow nobody misgenders those 6 ft tall androgynous fashion models even when they try to look male. Cope, troon.

No. 1206802

Gore? So are they gonna just post their neovags?

No. 1206803

Is that the grand canyon inbetween his man boobs?

No. 1206808

Why are you pretending to samefag me by correcting the info? The point still stands and the message hasn’t change lmfao.

No. 1206809

I didn't pretend anything, take your paranoia meds

No. 1206810

You’re one crafty angry troon, kek

No. 1206812

I want to believe this is just an elaborate troll trying to get more people to peak, because this is a surefire way to do it.

No. 1206819

>account with 0 followers
>posted one second ago

stop F U C K I N G selfposting

No. 1206824

File: 1618269789149.jpg (286.51 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20210413-012308_Twi…)

god tier checks out

No. 1206826

File: 1618269843158.jpg (131.64 KB, 1216x741, 20210413_012312.jpg)

No. 1206831

I really wonder why this fat ass is into inflation so much?

No. 1206832

and pregnacy isn't "inflation" retard.

No. 1206835

helium?? tanks?? pool toys??? is this party city??

No. 1206837

>kink preferences

And here you see the internet coomer at work. Normal sexually functioning people might have one or two abnormal kinks that they're ashamed about. Here we have a stunning and beautiful trans woman (who's brain has totally NOT been warped because of his severe addiction to porn) talking about how much they would love to inflate themselves and become pregnant purely to satiate their totally normal list of 30+ hard-core kinks. Very womanly and feminine.

No. 1206838

What a terrible day to have eyes

No. 1206842

File: 1618270724474.jpg (434.91 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20210413-012630_Twi…)

here, have some more
yes trans women can get pregnant, bigot

No. 1206844

Kevin crying at his once a month gender specialist checkup because the estrodial hasn't magically given him a womb yet, so he can't get off to getting pregnant, or aborting late term. It'll never happen, Kev.

No. 1206850

Totally normal female behavior

No. 1206852

This person is 14 and reblogging Hetalia fanart
How rotten must your brain be to say stuff like this at such a young age, that's actually really upsetting…

No. 1206853

File: 1618271701123.png (548.08 KB, 576x896, Screenshots_2021-04-12-16-36-4…)

I wish people reacted with as much anger when witnessing troons appropriating womanhood as they do when white women wear bantu knots kek.

No. 1206857

We need to bring kink shaming back.

No. 1206859

File: 1618271963214.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 17497C18-BE32-4228-8EC5-D12406…)

Sage for no milk just retardation I saw

No. 1206864

A regular woman would have been DRAGGED on Reddit for a low quality post. Meanwhile actual men draw a heart or whatever on their face and slap on some lipstick and everyone falls all over themselves to validate the “stunning and brave QUEEN”

No. 1206867

File: 1618272481322.jpg (186.61 KB, 1600x1689, graceful-smiling-young-brunett…)

>tfw TIMs who fetishize pregnancy will never be pregnant

No. 1206873

File: 1618272656781.jpg (301.05 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20210413-014253_Twi…)

>drugging children by default is fine.
>why not sterilize them too if we're at it.
>babies didnt consent to being born, procreation is a hetero-patriarchal racist transphobic ideal,their body,their choice
>get sterilized transphobe

No. 1206887

File: 1618273375783.png (490.24 KB, 614x426, Screenshot_19.png)

You can see this dude's four o clock shadow in each one of his pictures lol how depressing

No. 1206891

>in one of these pictures
I can see it in every one of these.

No. 1206893

File: 1618274297912.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210412_173030356.j…)

>Serious question. What bathroom should I use when I'm out?
How is this a serious question? Troons would rather have panic attacks trying to decide which bathroom is the safest one to piss in than to just look fucking normal in public.

No. 1206896

Kek they're probably going to spam the wrong board and mildly inconvenience non-GC anons in /pt/ or /snow/. A+ "activism," guys.

No. 1206899

File: 1618274428159.jpeg (38.25 KB, 640x480, Grandma-Finds-The-Internet.jpe…)

No. 1206916

Anon please integrate. She was being sarcastic.
I love reporting stuff like this to libfems, they're always so horrified kek. I sigh and rub my eyes and when they ask what's wrong I inform them on the latest tranny news and watch them peak before my very eyes. It doesn't have to be gore or CP spam, it can be the latest troon who raped a woman in prison, is skinwalking his daughter, or got caught filming children at the park. They really tell on themselves.

No. 1206923

File: 1618276787844.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.74 KB, 750x1084, 20210412_135219.jpg)

just kill me

No. 1206926

I feel so bad for butch women getting their labels stolen by the most efortless disgusting hairy men

No. 1206929

As a femme, fuck yourself you nasty male. You're not butch, butches are cool and sexy women.

No. 1206930

I mean aside form the actual issues here, I just wanna say
>ugly oval man nipples not even in the o-rings

No. 1206934

Is this PeteSeeger?

No. 1206935

tagging #butch but also #bear is what really gets me

No. 1206936

Most bong femboys sound something like this tbf

No. 1206940

The neck areas look a little airbrushed too, and parts of the faces. It’s not surprising that hiding/blurring/airbrushing all clockable features makes them a little harder to clock.

No. 1206941

I don’t want them in my bathroom. I’m sure they don’t want to be in men’s rooms. Why are they so opposed to third options? They act like it’s a violation of their human rights to not be allowed into sex-segregated spaces that have to do with sex-specific bodily functions. Yet they don’t want their own facilities.

No. 1206944

You can tell it’s the blonde man sitting down because he’s trying so hard to make the pose look effortless when he looks uncomfortable and the pose is unattractive and unnatural. look at the women appearing relaxed elegant and effortlessly sitting down or standing. They look completely comfortable in their poses. Also his neck looked really thick they really tried to blur that Adam’s apple lol I’m surprised they didn’t give him a less neck revealing outfit but either way I could tell.

No. 1206946

lmao I remember the tumlr death threats sent to parents of a 9 year old white girl who had a japanese tea ceremony

No. 1206951

>here's a fashion editorial image so airbrushed it's pretty much CGI
>see????? You can't tell!!!

a) we can
b) anyone who can't will clock him to hell and back in real life

No. 1206953

Why didn't the lesbian go to the libfem lesbian buffet?
She wanted to avoid trans fats

No. 1206967

Kek, got me

No. 1206968


Why do trannies wear so much eyeliner when they won't take the time to learn how to apply it properly? Looks like they held the pen with their big hairy manfeet.

No. 1206974

Well tbh it does look like how I did it when I was 13 and had no one to teach me how to do eyeliner in a flattering way, the problem is everyone coddles them so much they don't even dare tell them they need to work on their makeup

No. 1206983

it's interesting how the best case scenario for troon moobs is middle school fat girl starter-tits

No. 1206985

Becoming a third option means they can't feel like a validated woman, so it's necessary to invade their own "space". For some of them, sex/gender/etc. literally mean nothing unless it's for the baseline societal terms. Not for genetical, physical, mental aspects that make a huge difference in overall health. As much as they feel like women, these people aren't that in so many other areas. You'd think using a gender neutral bathroom would help at least; however, if they aren't around that which they want to emulate, does it count in their eyes?

No. 1206987

please don't use children as examples when referring to these faggots and their delusional pedo fantasies.

No. 1206990

File: 1618285117075.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1291x2048, Screenshot_20210412-213429.png)

How disturbing.

No. 1206994

I genuinely believe that anyone saying “faggot” in this thread is a troon planting homophobia here so he can point at lolcow and be like “look they’re homophobic!” We have nothing against gay men, even extremely feminine gay men, until they start calling themselves women. Even then I think many of us have slightly more tolerance for HSTS than AGP “transbians”

No. 1207001

ayrt, not trans, not homophobic, dislike the tranny faggots itt

No. 1207003

>not homophobic
>calls people faggots
Okay, nonnie… whatever you say.

No. 1207004

They are, anon. Which kind of men have been raping and murdering women for the past few millennia? Hint: not the gay kind!

No. 1207015

What do they think they accopmplish with this?

No. 1207018

Shut up faggot

No. 1207019

I’m a long time fan and he does make these stupid cringy points sometimes that he convinces himself are the logical view. In one of his gaming streams a long time ago he defended drawn Loli porn/CP because there’s no victim since it’s just a drawing someone made. It’s the epitome of the “well akshually” contrarian edge lord view. Plus he was convinced women are naturally more emotional and less rational than men a few months ago.

No. 1207025

Testosterone quite literally destroys your impulse control and self awareness. A histrionic twink attempting to fax and legic is fucking hilarious.

No. 1207027

fags and hsts troons are the same brand of misogynistic porn sick sex obsessed coomers who emulate every "feminine" trait thinking it's funny and quirky, quit defending them retard

No. 1207028

File: 1618294260910.png (137.51 KB, 1539x817, D6BCBC1A-99F4-4499-98E2-4B3C60…)

he also defended bestiality and is an obvious dog fucking furry so there’s that.

No. 1207029

What the fuck constitutes "non-abusive sexual relations with animals"? Taking your dick out and waiting for your dog to sniff and lick it? Fucking christ, why did I even type that.

No. 1207036

Why are they so proud of „passing“ in pictures? With today‘s possibilities of photoshop&co, I could pass as the queen of England in a picture. Doesn’t mean that’s who I am.

No. 1207038

Gays don't give a fuck about women, anon. They are still men, not your perfect gentle yaoi snowflakes. Stop caping for them, they wouldn't do the same for you.

No. 1207044

File: 1618297824877.jpg (388.66 KB, 1076x1060, moredicks.jpg)

roller derby is real physical isn't it? like ice hockey for people who can only turn left?

No. 1207046

Its a very physical sport and momentum and weight are huge factors

No. 1207049

He looks like some gay guy dressed as Luna Slater for halloween

No. 1207053

Precisely. It’s impossible for me to see them any other way. just scrotes dressing up

No. 1207056

>caring this much about people who FUCK ANIMALS to type out this whole paragraph instead of just wanting to lock them up and throw away the key

No. 1207063

Anecdotal but every gay man I know is a raging misogynist even though they mostly socialize with girls, I think that's just because straight bros reject befriending them. Worse thing is they think they can speak for women.

No. 1207067

Wow, you’re right anon. That WAS purely anecdotal!

No. 1207069

Yup, super physical and women get injured regularly. I had a friend who played it who broke her ankle, tibia, and collarbone.

troons cant even hide the fact they want to hit women.

No. 1207076

File: 1618304281559.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2040, 25085011-F62B-4F7F-8A1C-85C803…)

>now that pandemic is nearing its end, try to find dates on lesbian dating app
>1/3 of girls are “bicurious” pillow princesses just looking to “experiment” ie get head and give nothing in return
>1/3 are married and want you to join their threesome with their scrote husband
>1/3 are eThIcaLlY PoLy~ And wanting monogamy is heteronormative
>app proudly proclaims on social media that trans women are women and therefor allowed
>but also allow trans men too so are they men or women? Which is it????
>just when you think it can’t get any worse this shows up in your likes
>lesbians can’t have shit anymore

No. 1207077

This is like someone’s dad who went into his daughter’s room and took a pic being like ‘haha look at me!’ trying to be embarrassing. The fact we’re supposed to take this shit seriously and see him as a fucking lesbian or we’re twansphobic…god

No. 1207078

who would have thought that wokeness would have destroyed the lesbian community, I'm sorry anon and the
>1/3 are eThIcaLlY PoLy~ And wanting monogamy is heteronormative
comment is something I've heard a lot in woke academia, that wanting to have a normal stable relationship with someone is somehow a product to white supremacy

I mean Christ there are so many normal gay and lesbian people whose voices get ignored by a bunch pretentious degenerates in academia

No. 1207080

slightly OT but it’s one of the most frustrating things about being a dyke these days. Aside from degenerates like Chase up there, even when you do find a cute girl you like and want to settle down with, the woke ~queer~ community will try to convince you that
-one partner being butch and the other femme and/or being top/bottom respectively is like, super problematic and heteronormative
-both partners being femme is catering to porn’s idea of lesbians and bad
-wanting to have a nice wedding, a house in the burbs, maybe kids and a normal life is heteronormative, white supremacy, and goes against “queer culture”
-wanting anything similar to what a straight person wants is a betrayal to the community

It’s not just not being allowed to refuse to fuck a trans person just because you don’t want to, you are also not allowed to have a “conventional” relationship. I can’t even recall how many times I saw a picture of a girl I thought was cute only for her profile to be nothing but politics, nothing about their life. Their entire personality is social justice and it’s fucking exhausting.

Just take me outside and put me out of my misery already anons. Sage for exasperated dyke sperg,

No. 1207081

Men will do anything for pussy kek look at this buffoon.

No. 1207083

And ofc he’s centered…always centered.

No. 1207085

"Their entire personality is social media and it’s fucking exhausting."

if you took their twitter/youtube/gram/tiktok away, they would stop getting asspats for allying with imaginary causes. troonism being a major one.

No. 1207086

oops I meant for this

No. 1207088

More like Run

No. 1207096

I often see the faggotspergs as the annoying polilez type that's looking for an excuse to be homophobic and hijacks lesbian discourse to whine about butches being gross and how girl love is so pure and magical. It's the same breed that resides in the fakeboi thread to whine about women "ruining themselves" for adopting the generic bulldyke or tomboy look in place of their previous milquetoast girl next door vibe. Nobody here like HSTSs and is well aware of their misogyny based on skinwalking and jealousy but like fakebois they're victims of a society that hates women and by proxy homosexuals, unlike AGPs who want to legitimately take full control over women and their rights. But I digress I guess.

No. 1207098

File: 1618309823887.jpg (344.41 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20210413-222949__01…)

John oliver is looking rough

No. 1207099

Did Drew Monson troon out?

No. 1207101

File: 1618310324621.png (23.05 KB, 899x291, Screenshot_2021-04-13 The Terf…)

So they admit that they know TIMs will dominate womens sports but they still don't care, saying
>"lol sports are dumb why do you even care"

sage for blogpost but sports(specifically Shotokan Karate) were a big deal for me, I learned to socialize, get out of my shell, got more confident and most importantly made friends as well some rivals that made me strive to be even better, If a TIM was there competing against the girls I would see no point going and leave

No. 1207102

I thought QuintonReviews finally trooned out for a sec

No. 1207107

Why do they always wear those spaghetti strap tank tops with bras showing??? I dont know any real woman over the age of 19 that is not on crack that would wear it like that? Like, they really think being a woman is about showing your body huh

No. 1207108

>wanting anything similar to what a straight person wants is a betrayal to the community
the only reason they say all this shit is because they try to make anything outside of "married with kids" kweer. they know, deep down, that piv sex is straight even if the people involved are troons, so they try to make actual same sex attracted people feel bad. at the end of the day, they KNOW that they aren't same sex attracted, that they aren't oppressed lesbians or gay men. a lesbian marrying another woman, having a house in the suburbs and having kids will always be more homosexual than a woman dating a transbian or a man dating a fakeboi. deep down, they know.

No. 1207109

It's always hilarious to see people that hated sports even from the time they were forced to run 5 laps in school talking about how professional competitors should feel after dedicating their life to sports. And even though apparently we're all so similiar in body composition except for tiny, unremarkable quirks, FtMs are not breaking long time male records.

No. 1207113

Lmao I love this. It should be part of the next OP.

Squart guy transitioned?

No. 1207115

All in hope of achieving his very own squart

No. 1207121

squart guy heard you could get bigger oegamioms on HRT..

No. 1207122

File: 1618314410998.png (30.84 KB, 962x555, Screenshot_2021-04-13 Jesse Si…)

comments regarding Jesse Signal and Meghan Murphy

the fact that there acting like opposing transition of children is somehow the worst evil is just fucking astonishing

No. 1207126

This reminds me of a tweet that went viral a few years back about how someone brought their 6ft lumberjack looking NB friend (their description) to a women and NB meetup and he made all the women there visibly uncomfortable. The tweets went on to berate all female NBs for oppressing the poor males for still being intimidated by them and how he ran home crying because of it.

Like how can you see that massive hulking man in your spaces and not feel terrified? He could seriously hurt you if he wanted to.

No. 1207127

Wow, twitter markers made their way to reddit now? But I guess it makes sense with the autism-troonery correlation.
Also the whole "wrong side of history" shit is the most banal argument against opposing questionable medical interventions. Also Mengele is remembered well, but not for the right reasons, I'm not sure they should be proud of that.

No. 1207129

What "trans rights" are these people even fighting for? Transgender men and women can get married, the can vote, they get jobs ALL the time in basically all fields whether it's game devs or politics (bonus points if your MtF). Women, the LGB and minorities all had to fight for those things and the opposition wasn't saying "we don't want you to mutilate your body off of feelings and we don't want children to regret mutilating themselves" they opposition actually wanted to oppress and kill us for wanting the same rights as they had.

Is it really just a war on social nuance and pronouns for fucks sake? It's insulting they have the nerve to act like Cissy hets are the biggest detriment to trans lives and that they have it worse in the oppression olympics purely because people won't let them LARP without voicing valid concerns about the medical industry. How can people not see through this?

No. 1207135

Stop wking and caping for gay scrotes. Lesbians think gay men are their allies just because you are both LGB and straight women think gay men can be their fun gay best friend who loves to go shopping.

Gay men are still men and men treat women based on how much they want to fuck them. Straight men treat fat and ugly women badly because they don't wanna fuck them, gay men don't want to fuck any of us, in fact we are their competition (all of them have a fetish for turning straight men). Which means they have zero reason to like women. "HEEY SISTERS" is a fucking farce and your gay best friend will 100% try to steal your boyfriend and shit-talk you behind your back.

Gay men (especially those who troon out) make their entire life about being better and more desirable than cis women, that is ALL they care about. They are the most pornsick and sex obsessed of all men because women are the keepers of sex and without women involved it is just one big fuckfest orgy. There is a reason they are not allowed to donate blood.

You think gay men would fight for you? They don't give a shit, so you should do the same.

No. 1207147

>they get jobs ALL the time in basically all fields
But it's transphobic not to hire people that don't wash their hair and show up to work like they dressed blind, and a light background check brings up their furaffinity page! Those are totally things "cis" people get away with.

No. 1207176

sage but its from a TRA support subreddit

No. 1207181

lmao reddit moment

No. 1207190

File: 1618321322523.jpg (44.01 KB, 640x597, 43dxe4d2hus61.jpg)

How are they not height disphoric either, must be horrific to grow from a child to adult heigh

No. 1207198

Based schizoanon

No. 1207199

File: 1618322309047.jpeg (404.18 KB, 750x1095, F6B1B93F-11AF-47F3-AC54-93A524…)

But it’s totally not a fetish, guys.

No. 1207205

Kek, underrated

No. 1207206

thankfully telling teenagers how to masturbate isn't creepy.

Chances are it's a 52 year old man in dress like the rest of them

No. 1207210

Listen, I'm all here for hating men and pointing out their misogyny. But, if you're hating on gay men for being gay (yes, that means using "faggot") instead of being men, then you're a homophobe. Using man hate to justify it doesn't make you woke, it just makes you opportunistic.
This isn't 4chan. Stop whining about how you're being oppressed because you can't call gay men a slur referencing their historical deaths by fire, go back to talking about troons.(derailing)

No. 1207212

Gay men HATE women though. It's practically baked in like it is with troons. I'm not sure how calling them fags in a thread about misogynistic & narcissistic men seems out of left field for you.

No. 1207214

Who said we can't? You're just upset about the fact that we actually can, and that's why you're ranting. Maybe you should go to Reddit instead and chill with the Friends of Aimee Challenor Committee (he's still an r/lgbt mod btw - I wonder which part of the LGBT besides the T would ever cosign such a thing?).
Not homophobic if we support lesbians, by the way.

No. 1207217

Stop sperging out and minimodding, you can't tell what words to use if they're not outright banned (and faggot doesn't just mean gay men in imageboard culture). If it hurts you so much, go and kiss something phallic and ask for forgiveness in anon's name everytime.

No. 1207219

Jesus, what is that post anyway? I've never cared about sports yet even I can't fathom the amount of bitterness and lack of empathy just leaking off of this person.
>Alright mate, guess we'll legally invalidate people so your sports are good!
Yes. That's exactly the point. I hate it when they do this "Next you're going to tell me you think trans women are men!" kind of fallacy because what can you even say to that? It's like trying to convince a person about the most obvious thing in the world and them straight out refusing to accept it.

>a lesbian marrying another woman, having a house in the suburbs and having kids will always be more homosexual than a woman dating a transbian or a man dating a fakeboi.
This. The whole "d-don't support heteronormativity by leading a life like average citizens!" narrative is a cope made up by all the straight-aligned "kweer" activists.

No. 1207220

They're not any more misogynistic than straight men, they just don't have to pretend they're not. If you're really that desperate to hate on gay men specifically in this thread, at least be on topic and hate on HSTS. You probably won't even be able to do that much without airing out your clear gay-hate, though.

No. 1207221

NTA, but weren't anons literally talking about (either HSTS or AGP) trannies, and you flipped out just because they used the word "faggot"?
*male-hate (gay males not excluded)

No. 1207226

You're wrong. Look at all the fucking troons in these threads who are gay men who can't shut the fuck up about how much better than women they think they are because they "perform femininity" better and their pussies are "designer".

Gay men fucking hate women cause they want straight men to fuck them and straight men won't fuck them even if they turn themselves into poor imitations of us.

No. 1207231

Cool, the transbian type does that as well. It's because they're men.

Like I said, man-hate is cool, and I won't exclude hating on men who happen to be gay. But shitting on them for being gay is homophobic.

No. 1207232

>>1207210 Kys faggot.
>>1207220 Kys faggot.

Faggots are faggots. All men hate women, and gay men, fags, are inherently more misogynistic on the count of women being direct competition for scrote dick. Ride your cape and troon dick back to Twitter.(derailing)

No. 1207233

Take this fucking gay debate out of this thread already, you're bunch of spergs that always intentionally derail this fucking thread because someone will always take that homophobic bait. Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 1207234

Okay, but this is the wrong thread for that. If you want a thread about gay men, you should make it and keep the ot stuff out of this one.

No. 1207237

Hey, stop being faggots and get back to posting cows.

No. 1207238

File: 1618325002818.png (114.04 KB, 822x806, adam.png)

Adam has decided to go into the comments of the video to spread some more of his retarded opinion.

Just say "I don't care about women and their issues" and move on. Scrotes can never just back down from their dumb-ass arguments cause they gotta stroke their massive egos that's been hyper-inflated in his case by a lot of internet-asskissers.

No. 1207242

damn didn't know he was such an idiot. can't watch his videos anymore.

No. 1207243

isn't he one of those zoophilia fucks?

No. 1207244

>Yeah, but on a philosophical level I don't care about women
He didn't need to type any more after this part, lmao.

No. 1207246

Must be nice being able to say ~I don't care~ to all trans issues. Can't imagine how easy it would be to be a straight, American anglo-saxon man and have the whole world cater to you and you only.

No. 1207249

Adam is the ultimate fedora-tipper, who thinks he's the most enlightened, everyone else is irrational, and caring about anything other than the original Lion King and its legacy is emotional overreaction. I don't even think he's a dogfucker, but because of this personality trait he'll die on that hill defending "consensual zoophilia" too, and won't ever admit to being a retard.

No. 1207251

don't forget he's a furry

No. 1207254

File: 1618325894814.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.59 KB, 961x1024, lion.jpg)

It's true, he doesn't want to fuck dogs, he wants to fuck lions, hence his obsession with the lion king. Thankfully it is much harder to fuck a lion. Unless…. oh no!

No. 1207255

a guy said in that chain, "I don't care what women want either" so why do these dudes who do not care about women or sports talking about this? Oh yeah, to shit on women.

No. 1207259

File: 1618326215423.png (34.29 KB, 704x302, 1.PNG)

No. 1207261

Because troons want to become the slutty cheerleader they never got to date in highschool. Or they want to become their anime loli catgirl waifu. It's always one or the other.

No. 1207263

File: 1618326782802.jpeg (135.07 KB, 2105x554, 83F46AB5-D371-44DA-9495-6952A6…)

You can’t say the j-word now.

No. 1207273

So tranny janny is a tautology?

No. 1207275

File: 1618327333101.png (49.3 KB, 730x478, 2.PNG)

You can say whatever you want about women and you don't even have to care about sports or women, but don't talk about trannies.

No. 1207283

I made a thread for Adam >>>/snow/1207265
cause he's not technically a MTF troon.

No. 1207312

Thanks anon!

No. 1207320

I love how men use every chance they have to bring up the "high school boys are better than top women!!!". I don't really believe this, is this even a real thing? It might be in a few disciplines but they say it as if a couch potato would beat the best of the women.

Men really think being stronk or fast is something special in modern world where everything is automated, people have weapons and laws against assault and body strenght is only useful for mindless entertainment of others kek

No. 1207322

I'm starting to think that these men have emotional issues from childhood connected to being shamed for being a 'big girl's blouse' or a 'pussy'. They have externalized that pressure for not living up to that ridiculous macho ideal into having autogynephilia. It's well speculated that men develop sexual fetishes from childhood trauma and I think this theory holds a lot of truth. It wouldn't surprise me if they had shaming parents who were very caught up on certain ideals of masculinity. It's as if every man that is a bit dorky or sensitive is developing a sissy fetish and trooning out.

No. 1207327

Sage for blog post but I had a brief fling with a man from mainland china who was very stoic and very conservative. We had a falling out and he freaked out over any type of emotional confrontation. I found out he would jerk off while wearing women's pantyhose and he would log into wechat and look at women in knee high socks and ppantyhose, this was his equivalent to pornography He couldn't ejaculate during sex.

However over where he is from it would be shameful to troon out, men just keep their cross dressing fetish to themselves. It seems like in the west people encourage these men into delusion.

No. 1207329

As soon as males are exposed to testosterone during puberty they are generally stronger than adult women.

In countries where there is war and unrest teenage boys are just as much mass rapists and are as violent as adult men.

No. 1207333

When they talk about high school boys, they mean high school boys that are aiming for a professional level, not any coomer that scrolls tiktok for 8 hours a day.

No. 1207339

Maybe these two are talking about athletic boys which would make sense. But I've heard the "any man, even one that doesn't exercise at all can beat any woman, no matter her athletic level" a lot from scrotes and that feels a bit delusional to me.

No. 1207358

File: 1618333350891.png (188.37 KB, 1510x819, ptition.png)

>ban automatical face-scanning technology in public not because it is creepy, invasive and dangerous, but because it MISGENDERS troons
Holy shit, you have an actual questionable practice to motion against, and they still make it about misgendering.

No. 1207362

>I don't care about women
>trans women are different
Pretty much not even his furfag ass actually sees trans women as women. He if truly didn't a shit about women, then that would include transwomen since according to him transwomen are women. He still sees them as men so it's ok to care about their issues

No. 1207394

that's simply untrue but a male mid level male athlete would probably beat most professionals women records, its not untrue

there's a site(made by a radfem) that compared top level female athletes with local high school male athletes and the results are staggering


No. 1207421

Why where you all listening to a guy who wants to fuck DOGS AND ANIMALS in the first place?! Is this retarded tranny shit here REALLY the final straw? He wants to fuck DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1207422

I didn't know!!!

No. 1207423

No. 1207426

File: 1618336537327.png (31.54 KB, 644x515, 1.PNG)

i went to the bottom and the wife was spazzing out at people being "transphobic". All this happened because her husband wanted to be a woman and all the friends supported the husband because he's a troon so he's the victim. Yet she's still caping for these people who give zero shiit.

No. 1207429

you clearly don't have to spend your time with gay men and it shows. For every good, respectful man there comes like 10 womanhating faggots.

No. 1207433

My first thought is that this is someone's elaborate storytelling. Why are both of them on reddit with throwaway accounts telling their story? 'Paula's' account of things just seems too ridiculous. The whole theatrical 'beloved' and 'we watched her get in her car and drive away' spiel just doesn't seem real.

Sage for blog post but I used to concoct stories to post on reddit and yahoo answers back in the day. I used to be one of those people that got a kick out of writing something fake and ridiculous and making people think it was genuine.

No. 1207436

File: 1618337409067.png (1.09 MB, 913x960, soccer.png)

Acknowledging that men have (typically) greater capacities for speed and strength isn't sexist, anon. In 2016 there was some hullaballoo about a team of 15-year-old boys beating the Aussie women's national soccer team, and the year after FC Dallas's under-15 boys team beat the U.S. national women's team in a scrimmage. Rather than take this as hurrdurr women weaker/worse at sports, it's simply a reminder that the male and female body are built differently - that doesn't mean women shouldn't do sport or can't be better at it, of course. The average neckbeard redditor isn't going to do shit to Serena Williams in tennis, for instance, but that's how they tend to take it.

Same with troons who argue "I can't even open an uwu pickle jar how would I dominate women's sport" without realizing that their ineptitude is less because of Validating Tiddy SKittles in this case than it is their fatassery. Even then, the average 6'0" 250lb of fat troon is still going to overpower the average 5'4" 120lb woman. In the case of sports that are very contact heavy like roller derby, that half a foot of height advantage + massive weight advantage makes a world of difference and can get women seriously hurt.

Failing to acknowledge this fucks up sport for women rather than equalizing the playing field, which is why women in sport tend to be more critical of this issue than the libfems or neckbeards who couldn't give less of a shit about sports or physical activity in general. Women who are in sport know their physical advantages and limitations to men and can recognize them without falling into the trap of thinking it makes them lesser or weaker or more inept at sport in general. Sage for sperg.

No. 1207438

> But I've tried, goddamnit. I am trying.
wish people would stop with these creative writing exercises. This character’s voice is exactly the same as the original poster.

No. 1207444

Even if it's a retarded creative writing exercise (which it absolutely reads as), the comments highlight the insanity of troonerism. The amount of people railing against anyone who is confused or dares to misgender "Paula" and making excuses that they would not afford a "cis" man tells enough. The story might be fake, but the gold imo is the idiots in the comments validating that indeed, troons are as insane as they're made out to be in shitty reddit fanfics.

No. 1207452

File: 1618338053341.png (77.21 KB, 720x346, Screenshot_20210413-231935.png)

Why the fuck is she okay with this, stop acting like this is normal

No. 1207467

It's because of the kink suportive rhetoric that is being pushed on social media

No. 1207472

based and terfpilled

No. 1207498

File: 1618340166762.jpeg (161.14 KB, 1124x652, B7987CA8-0017-41D2-BFBA-555D7A…)

Run of the mill MTF pornsickness, as if it couldn’t be any more transparent already how almost all of them just “feel like girls” because of porn.

No. 1207509

Women are programmed to be empathetic, compassionate and empathetic. That's why so many women let themselves be abused by sick scrotes.

A lot of women don't know when their boundaries are being violated and when to say no, some women can't say no ever. Combine that with what >>1207467 said and the constant virtue signaling and acceptance of degenerate behavior by society.

It's really sad.

No. 1207515

File: 1618341297681.png (107.99 KB, 758x934, jimquisition.png)

You already got hit on plenty Jim. On the head with a solid object, there's no other way you turned this retarded.

No. 1207518

omg I thought the meme meant that that the troon is still playing the same shitty mmo except now they delusionally consider themself an uwu animu girl… then I realized that the second picture is supposed to have a sexual meaning… disgusting

No. 1207525

yo how the FUCK is this not just straight up the BTK murderer shit at this point?!
PLEASE let's bring back kinkshaming, dear lord

No. 1207544

Anecdotal but every gay man I know (personally and irl) is incredibly empathic to women, has great respect for his mother and is kind overall. The only exception I can think of was an online friend who had a crush on me at some point when I was 16. He later came out as a fag, started drawing yaoi about himself and eventually trooned the fuck out, but I don't know if he counts since he was obviously bisexual.

I'm not into yaoi (funny example since yaoi characters actually tend to hate women), I know very well how misogynistic gay men can be, and gay men have actually caped for me before. I'm just saying that they're not really worse than straight men.

No. 1207545

>Sports don't matter
>Spends extraordinary effort trying to identify into them

No. 1207547

Again with the, "Only Terfs think this way, everyone else is onboard! Terfs tell their shitty kids this! If they didn't there's no way anyone would ever think men in women's sports is wrong!"

It also annoys me that people who give zero shits about women's sports, join in to say whats fair or not. It feels like actual female athletes can't say anything because they'd be cancelled, so it'll always be this way. Fat ass scrotes like Jim and Adam talking about shit they only care about because it's about dick havers.

No. 1207557

thankfully, they haven’t really been able to invade the education field. at least where i live, no ally is brave (stupid) enough to allow these psychos around growing and learning children for 6 hours a day.

No. 1207566

anon pls spoiler

No. 1207569

File: 1618344709436.jpeg (Spoiler Image,105.95 KB, 800x312, CB294758-2CA3-41A1-8631-E4E570…)

No. 1207574

It is depressing that men (young ones too) always beat women in sports that are very reliant on things like raw strenght and speed, but then I think about those sports that require a lot of technique, strategy and resistance and as far as I know men get obliterated a lot in those. I know that in motorsport and sailing men and women compete together and women do beat men at times, then you have things like gymnastics and figure skating where objectively women look better and more charming/engaging, and in some sports even teenage boys can only dream of surpassing top female athletes because of the years and years of training that go into a specific technique.

No. 1207579

There are so many contradictions in this whole issue
>MtF are not stronger tha women, I took hrt for 3 months and can't pick up my carkeys
>so what if mtf dominate sports?! they're women

No. 1207660

>bloating noises
>pool toys transformation
>baloon noises

Imagine being such a coomer that the only thing that gets you off is inflanting ballons and pool toys. I would pity them if they hadn't brought it on themselves.

No. 1207680

She said shes into it, it doesn't sound like she's being abused.

No. 1207687

when your bf expects YOU to find ways of satisfying his degenerate fetish because he's too autistic to articulate his desires in any way other than showing you gross porn

this fat gross man in a wig needs constant validation, pls feign sexual interest in him immediately!!

No. 1207707

They all look like the same person but in different stages of their life.

No. 1207736

Sounds like a troon larping, honestly. That line about muh lesbian gender bimbo or whatever gave it away.

No. 1207742

I could see it if the wife is one of those straight chicks who is just desperate to be seen as Kweer. Maybe she thinks that her husband identifying as a genderfluid lesbian bimbo is her “in”

No. 1207755

I'm not saying there aren't biological differences, but the Aussie soccer team thing is a bad example. Iirc, they did like, a dozen practice matches against the top teenage boys team, and the boys won one match. I could be thinking of another thing, but I remember seeing a bunch of MRAs shitting themselves over it and looking like fools when people looked up what actually happened.

No. 1207760

File: 1618356567473.jpeg (485.69 KB, 828x965, 1E3A4380-F135-42EA-8A22-7CCFE5…)

the fucking tranny circlejerk under his pictures……literally a heterosexual unwashed man i cant take this anymore,,,,

No. 1207776

File: 1618357449265.gif (914.08 KB, 220x220, B28C921B-88BE-4B13-A5CD-6B0F1A…)

Fat fuck thinks his shitty cope opinion matters

No. 1207780

File: 1618357669188.png (381.47 KB, 576x668, Screenshots_2021-04-13-16-46-2…)

No. 1207791

Oh my god. Can y'all name even ONE online troon personality who isn't into scat, diapers, rape, pedophilia, bestiality or sticking their girldick into a goddamn pool toy?! Or at least one who doesn't force everyone else to hear about their personal kinks? Jesus, even most run-of-the-mill coomers at least have the decency to stfu about their degenerate porn habits in public. It's almost like aberrant sexuality, mental illness and an overwhelming desire for attention are common factors in this group. Hmm, I wonder why?

No. 1207797

it's not a tautology, it's just redundant.

No. 1207852

File: 1618363885530.jpeg (70.94 KB, 640x613, 486D2043-7F25-41DF-A203-A35627…)

Lmao I found this screenshot on reddit of Hontra explaining why people love to watch their troonlympics videos and develop a parasocial adoration for them.

No. 1207854

The good rule of thumb for me when i see these articles is that the ones from about 2017 are dubious and clickbaity at best.

No. 1207855

i wish jordan peterson a happy toaster bath

No. 1207872

sage for no milk, i love you for this

No. 1207880

This hurts to say type this, I despise that old fuck but I have more respect for someone who chooses to looks up to Jordan Peterson then anyone who looks up to Contra and PT, like at least there's some good advice he gives and he tells men to take responsibility for their own lot in life

Hell I'd probably have recommended to some people if it weren't the evo-psych misogyny, either way Contr just encourages nothing, I doubt he brings any sort of meaningful positive change in his viewers lives

No. 1207885

>Rich old man who encourages misogynistic and racist lines of thought alongside vapid, surface-level advice, denies climate change, and was once hospitalized for partaking in an all-steak diet that his daughter tried to push onto her literal baby
>Rich manchild who was likely involved in a college sex scandal, literally moved cities and changed his name, alcoholic opium-addict who encourages people who aren't attracted to dick to "try dick anyway," claims to be a feminist, yet hates women
Choose your fighter.

No. 1207899

sry for asking for spoonfeed nonny but where can i find an elaboration on cont sex scandal? cause thats milky af

No. 1207902

Idk if this is how to crosspost, but here you go, queen.

No. 1207924

File: 1618371632450.png (24.38 KB, 865x221, 2021-04-14 05_29_13-Transition…)

just girl things uwu

No. 1207925

File: 1618371632772.png (290.94 KB, 612x600, TIM Teacher.png)

I have bad news for you, anon, picrel. He trooned out after becoming a teacher, though.

There was also one recently who bragged about changing into his "girlmode" clothes in the classroom for grading after students had left.

And then there's the infamous one that wants to use the little girls' room: https://www.womenarehuman.com/male-teacher-now-transgender-demands-access-to-washroom-for-elementary-school-girls/

Fucking pedos, every single one of them.

No. 1207926

File: 1618371639551.webm (8.29 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1618371162.webm)

Sometimes i take a break from the internet and start to think the whole tranny problem is overblown, that the lolcow girls are just bitching about shit way out of proportion, and then I come across shit like this with 200 thousand likes on it and it makes me want to deepthroat the exhaust pipe of a running truck

No. 1207928

No. 1207929

File: 1618371999253.gif (Spoiler Image,158.31 KB, 500x375, 47261411-95E9-43F5-8C8B-56E5C4…)


This is all i could think of

No. 1207933

Why would someone think this is even worth posting about. Fuck this troon in particular for wasting fifteen seconds of everyone's day with this shit.

No. 1207934

TIM equivalent to learning how to suck your own dick.

This video has heterosexual with queer/bi/nb in bio energy.

No. 1207953

Why the fuck did they choose a character that is biologically male and is forced to crossdress by his abusive mom??

No. 1207957


trannies trying and failing to impersonate women give me the same feeling as middle aged people attempting to write "teenage dialogue". They have absolutely no idea what we are like outside of pornography, tiktoks, and bad media.

No. 1207964

>Literally thousands of women are born without vaginas every day and have to have them constructed

I've been trying to understand what he means by this and I just can't. I would argue his numbers are way off but I truly have no idea what he's even referencing if he's not just talking about trannies

No. 1207973

Why the hell does he have a giant jar of pickles next to his couch? Does this nasty motherfucker just chow-down on unrefrigerated pickles while he plays vidya?

No. 1207977

File: 1618377284335.jpg (75.63 KB, 750x998, THE DELUSION.jpg)

We are reaching levels of delusion that shouldn't be possible.

No. 1207979

All trannies ever did was put a divide in the general population.

No. 1207980

>Uneducated medical professionals
So the people who spent four years in med school and god knows how long in residency are "uneducated" because they don't listen to enough delusional perverts on Twitter?

>Inaccessible mental health care

Love this unintentional self-own, it's basically an admission that trooning is a symptom of untreated mental illness.

No. 1207983

Either he's so retarded that he's living in a delusional haze, or he's intentionally saying ignorant shit to rile women up so he can feel (wrongly) superior. If it's the former, he's pitiable, at best. If it's the latter, I feel absolutely no shame in pointing and laughing. The cope is so sad, so pathetic. Troons don't even do anything for their own movement, let alone anyone else's.

No. 1207985

that's fair

No. 1207986

>This is what I wear to bed!!1!
>Push-up bra
No woman in her right mind wears a fucking push-up bra to bed lmao. Also, actual women are distinguishable as such even in loose-fitting clothes and sleepwear. Kevin doesn't even pass in the crap he wears out of the house (which from what I can tell is just a dumpy camisole and sweatpants.)

No. 1207987

they can’t even stop themselves from committing suicide every other day but lmao go off i guess

No. 1207990

a white male trooning out 30 years into his career is not a forefront for anything…

No. 1208004

>So the people who spent four years in med school and god knows how long in residency are "uneducated" because they don't listen to enough delusional perverts on Twitter?
This is legitimately what they're claiming. They always want to replace trained psychologists and psychiatrists experienced in recognizing mental health disorders with "trained professionals" who are nothing more than just TRA quacks. They know a psychologist would be able to tell that their gender dysphoria stems from a root issue treatable with therapy and medication, so they want to get rid of that "gatekeeping" altogether and gain a hold of all the treatments they want.

No. 1208008

It's a paradox.
They KNOW that they don't actually have 'gender dysphoria'.
Instead of explaining their experiences, desires and motivation to the psychologist, they look up on reddit what people with gender dysphoria WOULD tell a doctor.

In fact, they have already self-diagnosed themselves as AGP and are mad because they wouldn't get HRT with that diagnosis. They know they are shams, they know medicals think they shouldn't transition. Yet, some belief (probably discord propaganda) is pushing them to do it despite it.

No. 1208012

Sissification fetish.

What have trans people ever done that benefited “cis” women in any way? All they do is trample the protections it took us over a century to establish and make it impossible to talk about issues that affect us. Not to mention that without the strides that “cis” feminists have made none of these men would even dream of identifying as a woman in public, not even the effeminate gay ones.

No. 1208014

Tbf people in med school are really not educated on a lot of shit because all they do is listen to men and women in their 50s explain outdated science to them - especially when it comes to gynecology and issues like that. Just because you're in a med school doesn't mean you are an educated authority unless you specialize in that particular field. The bullshit I sometimes hear from my classmates is astounding.

No. 1208015

I think he's playing a game of telephone with intersex statistics? He may be referring to babies born with non-standard vulvas who get immediate cosmetic reconstruction after being born (which obv has nothing to do with trans identified men). It's babble though, whatever he's saying.

No. 1208016

Anon I'm not going to start a whole debate on "Ackshually being a doctor doesn't mean you're allknowing!!!!" and whatever, this isn't Robin William's Patch Adams enacted. Someone who went to med school and practiced psychology for years will be rewarded with more credibility and authority than some asshole who went to a troon training camp to learn about how 12-year olds should have their tits cut off and that unstable adult men with AGP should be pumped full of synthetic hormones and have their dick inverted.

No. 1208017

File: 1618385785104.jpeg (24.39 KB, 639x202, E5E4D660-BC4C-478F-9203-7B0CC8…)

No. 1208025

Sorry but you don't do psychology from med school. You mean psychiatry? kek
And I said "unless they specialize in that particular field".
TRAs don't know shit but you really put way too much faith into doctors. There's a load of med students that actually support TRA bullshit, ladybrain, being born in a wrong body - most of them are very liberal and only know snippets of these issues, what they read on social media. You're delusional if you think we learn about trans issues in med school.

No. 1208028

i'm stealing this eyeliner trick but god "have to have them constructed" no they fucking don't

No. 1208031

> There is no such thing as a biological woman

then what the fuck am I, and what was my mother? Did we get pressured into growing wombs through pre-birth socialization, or what? Is my menstrual cycle actually just a social construct?

No. 1208033

I think he's trying to imitate the "im pregnant teeheee! look i want to eat a whole pickle! haha weird food cravings hehe"

No. 1208034

File: 1618389689678.png (1.51 MB, 1922x1276, Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 4.41…)

samefag but why are they always saying that their 'existence' is under attack or being debated? No doubt these goobers exist, no one disputes that, we're not tranny truthers. The debate is to whether or not we as individuals will consider them "women", and that is a debate they'll never win because you can't legislate people's opinions. If troons are being turned down from housing opportunities or being denied access to education, or being told they have to sit in the back of busses…then yes as a country we could solve those issues. But they'll never be able to make lesbians have sex with them, or even just people in general acknowledge them as women. No law will grant them that, so what are they even fighting for? Its like ugly people complaining that they don't get laid as if we're all supposed to just "do something" about it. Sounds familiar…incel to tranny pipeline continues. Tale as old as time for the Beast here.

No. 1208041

File: 1618390252608.jpg (33.47 KB, 629x505, 1519695312908.jpg)

>based on my features can my face pass ? How bad is it ?
>How bad is it ?

No. 1208042

File: 1618390380070.png (133.89 KB, 1366x698, retrogamer.png)

Jesus, this dudes post. Potential further shooter/serial killer vibes.

How is overhead light that throws dark shadows on your face that empathize all your manly features good lighting?

This dude could probably look normal if he grew a beard and got a normal haircut. But I assume he has a really shit and repulsive personality and outlook on life.

No. 1208043

He looks like an early 00s wrestler.

No. 1208048

perfect example of an incel who troons out because he think he'll get a gf that way

No. 1208049

File: 1618390987948.jpg (88.89 KB, 853x1137, p7w66lb3mqs61.jpg)

yeesh I didn't look at his history. The way troons hold their mouths SO tight, like they are barely concealing animal rage at not being fucked, really sends me. That is the first stage of troon facial expressions. The second is a smirk, once they've decided that "yeah, I WOULD fuck me!" as seen here. The ones who really start feeling themselves do a Pamela Anderson style lip-biting snarl, because all they want is to be a sex object. Embittered hopeless virgins, Jana Melhoopen-Jonks lookin ass asking
> do I pass? what could I do better? 5 months hrt.

No. 1208050

File: 1618391001880.png (368.46 KB, 691x610, photo.png)

Troons do face hardships, mainly thanks to being mentally ill and completely disconnected from reality, but also mainly violence from other men. What they don't talk about when talking about being turned down from housing opportunities is that they look unhinged, don't respect the rules and absolutely shit up the place they rent.
There's a big female support facebook group in my country, and one woman offered rentfree lodging for any woman in need for 2-3 months in her late father's apartment. The two people who applied were a mother of two and a troon and her troon girlfriend. The woman was bullied into helping the troons instead of the mother. Two months later she updated the group that she was looking for the troons, because she had to break down her own door to get into the apartment, and found a pigsty. They left unwashed dishes all over the place, all kinds of shit smeared all over the floor and walls, moved in other random troons without permission, and destroyed a lot of her father's books and written correspondence, which were the only things they weren't allowed to touch in the apartment. When they were finally "bullied" into answering, they just kept saying that they're autistic, so they can't be held responsible.

No. 1208052

this guy is basically an incel: alone, mentally ill, body dysmorphic but we're supposed to treat him as a brave powerful woman who just needs 'mones and fake tits? troon bs harms people's perception of mental illness

kek he does