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File: 1664492830005.jpg (287.8 KB, 1025x1284, Dylan-Mulvaney.jpg)

No. 1662296

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No. 1662327

The fact the OP pic is a very shooped pic is making me sus that the troon who loves to use "flattering" pics for OPs is back

No. 1662330

he has a beard in the pic

No. 1662331

File: 1664494236286.png (800.24 KB, 795x913, 1664493605949034.png)

No. 1662333

fuck nonny, I let out the ugliest wheeze laugh at this.

No. 1662336

Suspicions stains on the skirt on the right

No. 1662339

File: 1664494569466.png (834.43 KB, 912x769, oh.png)

No. 1662342

File: 1664494668594.png (1.71 MB, 1451x911, no.png)

No. 1662348

Nayrt but a lot of trannies are self proclaimed communists and love Russia by extension they’re fucking weird about it

No. 1662365

File: 1664495752600.png (255.72 KB, 828x704, cope (2).png)

Based therapist

No. 1662382

Why do I get the feeling James Corden will troon out when he begins to become elderly

No. 1662385

File: 1664496546593.jpeg (413.49 KB, 1170x2532, BD76C6B6-B828-4253-B5AD-6FDC0B…)

These things always have big puffy infected gumlines with scurvy. Charlotte Clymer ass mouth

No. 1662387

>just an excuse to post your thoughts onto a drawing or picture
I hate reddit, and based therapist not condoning this nonsense.

No. 1662390

tranny shit is legal in Russia?

No. 1662394

We need more therapists like this. She is doing the right thing. Imagine how many detransitioners could have been saved if they had a therapist to unpack their trauma and self hatred instead of automatically validating their “transness.” Too bad any good therapists actually doing their job will just get called bigoted and likely fired.

No. 1662401

jesus christ he didn't even wash his face before leaving the house or taking this picture
look at the dry skin by his nose

No. 1662403

p sure this guy jizzes into his shoes

No. 1662404

They are just considered sexually deviant transvestites. Like it was here 10+ years ago

No. 1662407

Well he clearly can't tie his own laces(fat and retarded)so how else would they stay on?

No. 1662431

Wish I never enlarged this image. This man has clearly never heard of moisturizer or floss.

No. 1662439

just here to curse the cunt of a OP who decided to ruin my month my putting that faggot's picture at the thread pic and now I have to see him in the catalogue until this thread is dead. I hate you so, so much.

No. 1662463

File: 1664503378933.jpeg (353.48 KB, 1284x1111, 1DC71CA1-8A83-45B0-BFB4-E5E9A9…)

everyday it amazes me how troons fail to understand basic biology. horse piss isn’t giving you uwu pixar mommy hips.

No. 1662466

ive yet to see a single mtf with hips at all that hasn't had work done lol

No. 1662468

jesus. a woman who walked around looking like this would have trouble just getting a job. if your friend tried to leave the house like that to go hand out resumes you'd ask her if she was going to shower& get changed& do her hair first.
PS, that threadpic has made me decide to kms.

No. 1662470

my favourite is the pictures where their feet are a metre apart just to make their hips look like a non-curvy woman's do when she's standing with her legs together.
troons are masters of optical illusion on par with peter jackson's camera work

No. 1662471

dylan looks like tom cruise hired him to make himself look more sane

No. 1662472

last thing you see before you die

No. 1662473

even with surgery, their hips never look even close to proportionate with their bodies. and their hips certainly never look female, just like two balloons glued to their sides.

No. 1662484

File: 1664504420468.png (1.1 MB, 614x756, ss.PNG)

this reminded me of a local troon who has a large following on tiktok. i wonder if this is shooped or just anorexia

No. 1662488

It's both, plus his pose. Look at how hard he's contorting his body in that picture.

No. 1662490

i think that's just his tiktok profile pic

No. 1662493

should have used this >>1658149 absolute gem
also please for the next one i support the anon on the previous thread that said we can prune it a little and not include the link to EVERY single previous thread

No. 1662513

Wait, that's supposed to be the same person in op? I thought it was some femboy trap groom victim half his age.

No. 1662530

OP pic is dylan mulvaney aka barbie pouch days of girlhood faggot

No. 1662537

A tranny got hired at my local supermarket and I shit you not I clocked him from 20 isles away. He was even walking on his tiptoes. Like fully on the tippy toes while crushed into some bargain woman’s jeans. Long greasy hair. Awful makeup. Voice is obviously just a gay autistic male. I side eye him every time I walk by because I get so creeped out. When will this end

No. 1662538

He forgot his male proportioned limbs. Looks like a Develv drawing come to life.

No. 1662564

Hate that I know what this means.

No. 1662581

he looks like he's skinwalking Pumpy from the cam girl threads on here kek

No. 1662585

anon I'm speechless

No. 1662599

File: 1664522896340.jpg (112.52 KB, 750x581, 84117710.jpg)

No. 1662619

Always with the dollskill clothes.

No. 1662627

File: 1664528188731.jpeg (354.74 KB, 960x745, D1F64F05-41FB-4B5D-9A50-6E17F8…)

pixar hips troon has something to say

No. 1662628

~the feminine urge to punch holes in drywall~

No. 1662632

>My unstable moid rage proves I'm a real women!

No. 1662633

File: 1664529472538.jpg (138.56 KB, 719x1135, 20220930_111628.jpg)

No. 1662634

File: 1664529763388.jpeg (138.68 KB, 828x391, 1BECB3EF-28FD-4BD2-B881-7DFB10…)

this troon is so annoying, deleted the “pixar mom hips” tweet because of angry TIFs lol, their community really eats themselves alive. anyways, why are they so obsessed with being so uwu frail they could never do something so ‘manly and strong’ as opening a pickle jars? no sir- that’s the cross-sex hormones your body doesn’t need giving you osteoporosis and destroying the already lacking muscles you have kek.

No. 1662637

>wouldn't they have said something
Rude awakening for this troon about their desire to get paid incoming

No. 1662639

bc their idea of womanhood is purely derived from porn. weak, frail, small, exists to be fucked.
troondrea long chu and others like him have said that to be female is to be fucked/submissive. clown world is so saturated and accepting of these stunning and brave sex pests that even questioning this rhetoric is terf wrongthink.

No. 1662640

tell that to the mma faggot who cracked a woman’s skull.

No. 1662641

Holy shit that male pattern baldness, looks like an egg

No. 1662645

bet he will cry when he gets cancer from the hormones and gets actually weak and still be delusional

No. 1662648

>Made a hole in the wall
>Can't open a jar

Pick a side retard

No. 1662649

File: 1664534267453.jpeg (209.05 KB, 1185x2048, Fd2C6A0XgAM_wCY.jpeg)

No. 1662653

File: 1664534488381.png (53.03 KB, 446x389, EC239876-28DA-4584-9085-8ED426…)

you can’t make this shit up

No. 1662654

File: 1664534627890.jpeg (43.01 KB, 620x595, 30FF0B9D-C48C-485F-A49E-418473…)

Excuse u nonny where’s the rot pocket?? I’m at the edge of my seat. I want to see the monstrosity

No. 1662655

>Lesbians aren't preforming to pander to my male sexuality enough
Really, no words. They have 0 self awareness.

No. 1662657

Weird how some moids can't feel attraction to women unless they wear face paint…
Good though. Stay away from lesbians dude.

No. 1662660

Kek, could you post the link? I want to read the comments.

No. 1662668

File: 1664536212865.jpeg (77.54 KB, 427x1200, 8BC7FA70-89BB-46F9-9376-5FE1C4…)

i cant find it unfortunately but funnily enough i just realized the op is daintyda1sy, that faggot that screamed at a random coworker bc he assumed she was a terf with absolutely no basis to prove that.

instead lets laugh at this deranged grandpa

No. 1662669

I love knowing i don't attract degenerates

No. 1662675

File: 1664538364611.jpeg (165.8 KB, 960x535, D11A3B56-9A01-4CBA-B373-EBB809…)

remember the 37 year old dad who trooned out bc his 15 year old son did? this is him now.

No. 1662676

>Why do lesbians not live up to my fetishized ideal of being hyperfeminine anime girls who giggle while they do each other's makeup?
>I'm only interested women who subject themselves to time-consuming, dysmorphia-causing, unnatural, and often painful performances to look like dolls all day every day for my sexual benefit
I wonder how much of hetero women's dating pool thinks like this?

No. 1662680

The wife needs to throw that whole family in the garbage

No. 1662681

File: 1664539498278.jpeg (172.41 KB, 960x566, 822786F9-528C-4763-B75D-74A808…)

No. 1662684

The "daughter" in question was a pre-pubescent son, if this is about the same father and son I think it's about. I'm thinking he was about 6 or 7 years old, last time we saw pictures of him? He's just a GNC kid who got groomed by his dad.

No. 1662685

>37 year old trans loser dad with a 15 year old trans autistic loser son
>wants to relive his youth and can't grow up and be responsible

No. 1662691

What a weird reply, who said he's looking for a job?

No. 1662697

Finally a good fucking therapist

No. 1662700

File: 1664542954442.gif (905.31 KB, 244x278, 0DB0FB8F-ACCC-49F3-B4C5-7DFEDF…)

No. 1662701

Isn't therapy about solving your issues anyway? Seriously, I don't understand how this has gone so far that if a psychologist or psychiatrist isn't recommending self harm, it's somehow a bad thing.
Can you even imagine how it would be like if a group of psychologists just started telling people that it's okay to develop Eating disorders, to self harm, or that the voices in a patient's head are 100% real and that they should listen to them? Everyone would be going nuts, but because it's tranny shit it's somehow okay.

No. 1662702

fucking kek anon

No. 1662703

That's an interesting prediction nonnie. What makes you think James Corden will troon out? I never got that vibe from him but I can picture it

No. 1662704

>my vagina looks like it was designed with a shotgun
Ngl I'm morbidly curious

No. 1662705

File: 1664543881836.jpeg (70.71 KB, 415x411, 90B4FA3B-FE32-4D82-A6A9-E24CD7…)

why is he standing like that

No. 1662706

this is so terfy kek, how can uwu valid enbies and TIFs not hate the troons? i know this tranny is fetishposting and is talking about fellow trannies but it could very well be coming from someone trying to dunk on a transman.

No. 1662707

File: 1664544254946.jpg (237.86 KB, 979x2048, FcLlDXeXoAAAlSc.jpg)

They are really not doing their own community any favours by lying to eachother about these surgeries being the best thing ever

No. 1662708

The schadenfreude is strong

No. 1662711

What do they honestly expect when they go to cut of their dicks?! In one sense it gives me joy knowing they’re castrating themselves willingly but also makes me fearful of these people.

1) Absolutely no fear or critical thinking skills
2) once you mutilate yourself that much and you have no quality of life (coom + dicks are a big deal to all guys) what else do they have to live for?
3) The world owes me not only because theyre not not a woman, but now because they have cut off their dick


Dangerous suicidal human being with a vengeance. Who are they going to take it out on? You know most of them are too narcissistic to quietly just rope themselves without taking others down with them.

No. 1662712

File: 1664545546208.jpg (898.75 KB, 972x4925, 20220930_094509.jpg)

imagine getting all these procedures and still just being a fridge shaped man

No. 1662715

File: 1664546030475.jpeg (306.44 KB, 960x793, 94B87EB0-CC9E-4032-B87A-9581E8…)

No. 1662718

Do these retards actually believe surgeries can perfectly reconstruct genitalia? Does he thinks he's gonna get his dick back? Does he not know he went from dick->unhealed gunshot wound->arm skin meat tube?

No. 1662721

BARBECUE?????????? Is he dilating with a baby back rib?? Men are insane. Having an experimental castration surgery ain’t gonna and didn’t erase your maleness.

No. 1662722

File: 1664546514537.jpeg (369.85 KB, 1600x900, 48BDCD0B-F78A-4F7F-8FBB-7BA4E6…)

No. 1662729


No. 1662731

Isn't walking on toes a symptom of autism kek

No. 1662741

File: 1664548296796.jpeg (16.61 KB, 275x172, 6FE0574A-3ABB-4936-A039-3225CE…)

>a pussy that drools and swells
This is clever usage of language because he means it drools with pus/blood and swells because it’s infected kek. Cope, seethe & dilate forever cus he’ll never have the real thing.

No. 1662743

Sometimes I think they really do, or they’re just so deluded they think theirs won’t end up badly. I can’t imagine how mentally unwell someone would need to be to voluntarily remove their healthy genitals, be upset about it, and want to try and reconstruct them again. All with the expectations that either of those processes would give someone the equivalent of natal genitals. Surgeons are laughing their way to the bank.

No. 1662745

>you can't help who you're attracted to
great, i'm sure that means he understands that no woman of any sexuality will be attracted to him and is entitled not to be, right ? right ?
downvoting you won't erase your vag, don't worry it'll collapse on its own soon enough

No. 1662750

>lesbians don't wear makeup because lesbians are attracted to women not femininity
>be moid exclusively attracted to femininity
>I must be a lesbian!

No. 1662759

where the fuck did I say that

No. 1662763

Don’t be silly, nona. You know they’re the only ones allowed to have people they’re attracted or not attracted to.

No. 1662766

I didn’t get that at all from her post.

No. 1662767

He’d have to have a vagina to be erased first. I will never refer to the pointless hole as actual female anatomy. It’s an insult to vaginas.

No. 1662780

It’s not this site you’re just retarded

No. 1662791

File: 1664551677208.jpg (45.42 KB, 622x559, EgW8qaYXgAIKHu7.jpg)

No. 1662796

If any body part smells like BBQ sauce you gotta go see someone about it. That's not right.

No. 1662797

File: 1664552090940.jpeg (482.84 KB, 750x1971, 85792FCC-59C6-4500-8287-6EC8E7…)

definitely not a condescending, mansplainy asshole, he’s just better than everyone else.

No. 1662798

I am DYING to know what this one looks like kek I’m predicting very stringy hair

No. 1662800

this thread is cracking me up lmao, bless you nonnies

No. 1662802

File: 1664552463457.jpg (51.48 KB, 701x617, portlandia-nina.jpg)

Looks so much like Fred Armisen to me. I cannot unsee this.

No. 1662804

It’s sickening no one will corroborate the idea that maybe - just maybe - someone made a decision they regretted. These people cry about being invalidated and yet the commenter here completely invalidates the OP and says “nah you probably don’t regret your horror show surgery, you’re just sad because you’re brother died”.

No. 1662807

Did this freak get ribs removed?!

No. 1662808

File: 1664552760127.jpeg (158.38 KB, 1200x675, 4BA37FBE-C33C-4F3D-A309-A93025…)

No. 1662810

A scar for that wouldn't be that low. I can't figure out what the procedure is meant to be though

No. 1662811

I think I figured it out. He's trying to cut curves into a cube.

No. 1662813

it says it right in the title nonnies, tummy tuck and rib removal

No. 1662816

The scar is for the tummy tuck, which is why he has no belly button, even though they usually make a new one so idk what's up with that

No. 1662817

Barbecuey can only mean "like rotting flesh", I'm about to throw up y'all

No. 1662818

Let's get some shoes

No. 1662819

My brain has activel scrubs most of the rot-pocket and surgery images on these threads. Please forgive me for overlooking something obvious.

No. 1662820

>Lesbian vibes
>Big sister
My Lord, everything is fantasy

No. 1662823

I feel like we are going to see more and more troons becoming teachers or male teachers troon out, it's the easiest way to speard their fetish to people who they are basically "in charge of" and groom other vulernable childern into believing that clearly men are women.
I almost want to put on a tinfoil hat and say that, it almost feels like some kind of weird shit going on, as if "people" want to expose childern/teens to MTF's hoping to "normalize" aka "force" them into believing that this is normal, you can be a woman and you HAVE to respect pronouns.
Plus, they can flaunt their fetish. I think that fake boobed teacher is just the tip of the ice berg.

No. 1662826

I thought that it was about someone calling out tifs/non binary women, thinking putting on a Sweater makes them look like a "Boy", but their obviously female features/body type shine through.
Knowing it's about MTF's confuse me, kek. Though it makes sense, the most delusional MTF think they actively have to try to look male, but not female. Like when Blaire was trying on his boyfriend's clothes.

No. 1662828

I don't think some zoomers have seen this(and they need to)so I am ruining your reference by posting the source, sorry nonna.

No. 1662829

Ah didn't open the pic fully since it's kinda guresome, thank you anons for your patience

No. 1662836

Yup, they usually do. Because it's a sin to doubt the holy word of trans and they all say that terfs (anyone who disagrees) are the most evil liars who want them dead, and that all their fellow trans people are telling the one and only truth and that they have perfect functioning, menstruating, future-birth giving vaginas (or can-stand-up-to-pee dicks for the females). It's all the same parts, the same blue print, the same building material, etc etc so of course you can surgery it back and forth as you please! On top of the brainwashing they were all already very mentally ill, so it takes a lot of work to undo all the mental trauma the trans community has given them. You can see detrans people still walking on egg shells saying things like "just becuase I was wrong doesn't mean every trans person is too, transition is totally a recommended option even though it nearly killed me and ruined my life"

No. 1662841

Yeah like opiates, they nearly kill me but I see plenty of people benefit from them without addiction and plenty without addiction.
Oh wait wrong thread.

No. 1662843

>>introspection is second nature
>>cuts dicks off thinks they’re women all the sudden and healthy

I don’t know, I somehow think he’s off base here…

No. 1662844

that is true and you are right, nonna. i'm so brainwashed by their constant torsion of language i didn't even react to how he called his mangled genitals.

No. 1662852

There's already a ton of trans and enby teachers all over tiktok bragging about how woke they are making the kids, and how they are actively hiding kids secret trans identities (that they made the kids get in the first place) from their parents and caregivers.
I think there are 3 categories of trans teachers
>the fetishist: uses their power and authority over the kids to make them validate them and/or their fetish
>the pedo/predator: wants to groom and sexually stimulate the kids for their own sexual pleasure
>the savior complex: believes they are a superior moral person and uses the kids to validate their egos
And then we have the last almost-category no.4: the just severely mentally ill traumatized person who identifies as trans and happens to work as a teacher. This isn't a true category as it falls under the fetishist category becuase they also want to use the kids as validation for their transition.

No. 1662860

Is this that autist that cums on his ugly shoe collection?

No. 1662861

I hope the dad trooning out will help the son see how stupid it all is before it's too late. Like you'd think he probably saw his parents and related more to his mom and thought he didn't want to grow up to be a man like his dad… only for the dad to be like "teehee I'm a woman too!". It usually helps teens dislike a trend when their parents hop onto it kek

No. 1662863

yes, it's him. i hate his face

No. 1662874

Hm, yeah. The problem is all the people around you, not you. Narcs gonna narc.

No. 1662875

fucking KEK
So sorry about the not ideal OP pic, but the thread was moving fast and got locked before I had time to make a collage like I did of oppai sensei for the last thread (admittedly also done in a rush). Just wanted to make a dig at Forbes for naming Dylan as woman of the year. The heavy use of filters doesn't get rid of his 5 o'clock or perpetually deranged facial expression!

I love making collages and would love it if they were more often a "best of" from the prior threads unless there's some pic that's above and beyond funny. If anyone specifies pics that they'd like to get used I'll try to make an effort to have something ready for next threads if I have the time.

Will also see what I can do about pruning threads too, I agree the list is getting a bit too long. It would really help clean up the thread OP if we had a separate thread to link, a thread on autosage that serves as a catalog of sorts, no discussion, just links to each prior thread, the OP pics, maybe thread highlights. At least going forward with highlights, might be to much to go back and do that for all prior threads unless I had some help with that. Some of the links in the long list are broken too and could stand to be fixed. Would anyone else even want something like?

No. 1662879

I feel bad for detrans people, mostly the younger girls who get medicalized. TRAs really act like a cult about detrans, they’ll say that r/detrans is full of terf larpers and meanwhile a ton of detrans people have been so traumatized they basically still act like victims of the cult even when free.

No. 1662886

passes better than most tims

No. 1662887

i know an mtf who trooned out young and tries to be NLOT, says he thinks being trans is a mental illness but that transition is just the best treatment, and ive been meaning to talk to him about this - like, with any other mental illness, your doctor has a pretty good chance of saying “okay, you said you think X might be the issue here, but i think Y is more likely” and that’s part of the diagnostic process, dysphoria is the only mental illness where that’s completely beyond the pale and conversion therapy to say you think the patient might be barking up the wrong tree lol

No. 1662889

Not to pearly clutch but that’s genuinely disgusting. If I were a parent I’d be pretty pissed, which is probably something they love. Meanwhile normal homosexual teachers that are appropriate are gonna be lumped in with these assholes.

No. 1662891

Theatre kids know how to tailor themselves to look like literally anything is the honest truth there really.

No. 1662896

my stomach dropped in fear, anon. too real.

No. 1662898

Trans people are really vile towards detrans people, they're seen as traitors. They only accept them as long as they shut up about their experiences and still openly advocate for the very things that left them hurt and traumatized. I think more detrans people speaking up is what is going to finally peak the masses because they know the truth, and that's what trans people fear.

No. 1662901

learn to integrate retard

No. 1662908

With this lunch table? No ty.

No. 1662912

They'll do anything as long as it only involves money and medical procedures. Fuck actually doing all the physical deprivation and contortion shit they demand from actual women.
If feel so sorry for this woman. I hope she at least has a nice daughter or niece for all her troubles. Imagine your whole family is human garbage.

No. 1662915

File: 1664560023391.jpg (47.68 KB, 381x807, E2W9S1HVgAAQ_yi.jpg)

Guy who made the shitty brony song discord trooned out a while back, someone should make a bingo chart for former bronies so people can guess who's gonna troon out next.

No. 1662934

Old milk

No. 1662936

Learn to integrate with this thread.

No. 1662940

That's definitely the point, along with all the kiddie drag shit, lying to boys and showering attention and praise on their confused asses, and also horrifying, shaming, and traumatizing the girls so badly so they troon out too. There was some shaved head bitch on Kelly Clarkson the day before yesterday bragging about opening an all ages drag show in some "conservative" small town that was (to her dumb ass) surprisingly welcoming. These shitheads lie about how nasty and mean "conservatives" are, just to rush confused kids into their rotten death cult. If I associated femaleness with some nasty ass shrieking obese man in clown makeup and stripper clothes, I would want to cut my tits off as well.

No. 1662947

File: 1664562214927.jpg (44.46 KB, 800x450, ironic.jpg)

I am so sorry I will get back out of your hair but c'mon, this is a huge target for this meme

No. 1662958

KEK thank you for the laughs today, nonnies.

No. 1662961

File: 1664563261858.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, 1647319614607.jpg)

The delusion, I swear.

No. 1662963

My god I forgot that troons and scrotes are basically retarded okay time to put an end to this.
The reason women have a harder time opening jars/bottles/whatnot is because our skin is softer and smoother and we have a harder time creating the friction needed to grip the lid, not because "uwu so weak"

No. 1662964

Anyone with estrogen in their system can tell you that.

No. 1662971

Plus it doesn’t matter, the jar thing is fucking stupid when rubber jar openers and knives exist.

No. 1662974

i know your intentions are good, but there are physical differences in our carpal bones and muscle tension that give men higher grip strength. it isn't because we have delicate skin lol

No. 1662997

It’s this kind of stuff that makes me think early tools were created by women because men think brute force is the only way to get shit done. Like do they think women just stare at a jar until a man appears and opens it or something.

No. 1663011

File: 1664566287242.png (843.25 KB, 978x808, 015821905681307924705103.png)

The only good thing about this creature is that he is on Grindr.

No. 1663021

It amazes me how much weight destroys moids. He lost weight and doubled his looks. He went from a 1 to a 2, still.

No. 1663022

No fucking way he looked like that at 20 and looks like that at 22 holy shit, what does a moid do to look like a 40 year old man at only 20? And how can any moid really think that women are the ones who hit the wall at 20, holy kekkeroli look at this real life goblin.

No. 1663023

File: 1664567056899.jpg (125.03 KB, 749x937, Fd7RxGvWAAwA3gU.jpg)

Cry more, people dont like freaks

No. 1663024

Literally looks like Danzig

No. 1663031

Reminded me of that fictional text story from the past thread where the troon self says to his past self "we actually are way more successful as a trans lesbian than a straight man!" The absolute cope when irl troons make reddit posts like this all the time.

No. 1663032

Lmao so close to realizing that nobody wants them. It’s not just where you live, scrote.

No. 1663035

Kek I like how troons are always low key excited by deceiving their potential future partners.

>"Hey I know you think I'm a CIS woman because "im cute and i pass" but SURPRISE I either have penis which will confuse and make straight men/gay women uncomfortable or I'm post srs and you can dilate me while I cry out in pain (female arousal). Also did I mention how many mental health issues and physical health issues I struggle with and will develop in the future?"

>"I do not want that"

>"Why are there so many BIGOTS on these dating apps"

No. 1663036

File: 1664567582608.png (419.92 KB, 2048x760, Screenshot_20220930-124944~2.p…)

This dude's reddit history is grim.

No. 1663040

File: 1664567787925.gif (310.36 KB, 200x113, 6780706C-DCB2-43BD-AE80-2784A0…)

> I don’t even get chasers here
Bro come on

No. 1663045

the reason I can't open jars is because my fingers are too small to get a decent grip. no amount of hormones will ever shrink their meaty paws

No. 1663058

I bet not even he is into mtf.
>cute and pass
>not even chasers are interested

No. 1663060

your feet are kind of big though

No. 1663062

File: 1664569065501.png (39.45 KB, 250x176, haha.png)

No. 1663064

the way he says we "don't make an effort" bitch women are beautiful by being women, i'm not attracted to maybelline i'm attracted to vaginas.

No. 1663065

wow they really downvoted a suicidal guy asking for help and then blame suicides on everyone except troons

No. 1663066

this looks like ed gein crime scene photos

No. 1663067


Yes. And that's why their hovels are always filth-encrusted. Because once they get ~femme~ enough, a big strong Garbage Elf shows up to remove your trash.

No. 1663069

I feel like the reply is even blaming him for not trying harder to be pretty. Because the other guy clearly thinks being fuckable would cancel out being in chronic pain 24/7. I'm just glad that men are finally inflicting it on each other instead of just torturing women.

No. 1663070

something I've generally noticed with troons is that they have the same level as skill in hair/makeup/fashion as a child trying to dress cool, why can't they watch some makeup tutorials?, wig styling or even outfit hauls to see what's in style right now, all of them are so desperate to "pass" but can't make the slightest bit of effort? even Thai ladyboys who still identify as men put more effort into makeup and fashion then these troons bother to do but they still expect to be treated as a woman by society with their wigs halfway down their foreheads and eyeshadow that looks like it was done by a blind person with cerebral palsy? men really are the most low effort creatures

No. 1663071

File: 1664570120868.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x2122, 7983FB03-96C6-4535-8F1A-93C56E…)

how do these delusional troons not realize they still look just as manly as ever.

No. 1663074

this looks like a professional cyclist dressed as kathy griffin for halloween. do these sick fucks not have EYES?

No. 1663078

Because he's getting attention online. This man has found a bubble of other troons, men who pity him, and women who are dick worshippers to enable his delusion. You wouldn't do this shit with a schizo, you shouldn't do this with a tranny.
>Missing out on mother daughter relationship dynamics
This is just sexist socialization. We don't praise that. He'll never get that as hard as he tries because he's not female.

No. 1663079

derail but i started a new job and the moid training me is 22 and i thought he was my age at the very LEAST (36), and the moid being trained along side me i was sure was 40-42, but is actually 32. we went drinking after work and a guy hitting on me turned out to have just turned 21 and i was freaked out to have been talking to such a young person all night long. some of it i guess is their lower voices, but the majority must be that they are not taught to eat right or do skincare at all. they live their whole life like they still have their teen metabolisms. they think women have "Easy mode" when really what we do is put in so much more effort and THAT'S why we look better or people ar enice to us.

No. 1663080

haha try living one day as an ugly woman, troon. he's also outing himself as an incel or pornsick because what he's describing is ages 14-20 for below average or ugly girls. and guess what we do? fucking deal with it.

No. 1663081

File: 1664570945186.png (805.64 KB, 600x1175, stunningandbrave.png)

and this is what it looks like…. no idea why anyone would pass out on such a 'cute and passing' lesbian!! (it's a 'transbian' of course)

No. 1663082

What did he miss out on? Being forced to cook and clean while their brothers do whatever they want?

No. 1663085

Anon, don't feed into troon mindset. We don't put ANY effort into being female. We simply are. We could have no hygienic skills and at the end of the day we're still women.

No. 1663086

they don't see women as anything more than fuckholes. why do they think that just a female body will instantly equal dates? hookups, maybe, but real women need to have jobs and apartments and ambitions to get into actual relationships. female losers have to date male losers. if you're a drug adddicted, broke, homeless woman, you're unlikely to have much luck dating. add a filthy penis to that and i don't know why he thinks he should be getting dates?

No. 1663087

ohhh this guy. he's going to fucking murder someone. i showed a male friend his "LOOK AT MY FINGERNAILS" tiktok and he even scares other men.

No. 1663090

That's not what anon was talking about at all

No. 1663091

>no one wants to fuck me, it must be because they’re bigots
it should be illegal not to fuck the poor twanses! it triggers them and makes them dysphoric, which is a hate crime.

No. 1663097

File: 1664571908191.png (361.31 KB, 585x749, Screenshot_20220930-170337-396…)

No. 1663099

holy shit the scrote ego is no joke.

No. 1663105

He looks like a fucking unidentified murder victim’s facial reconstruction

No. 1663108

My only problem with >>1658149 is that she should have made "men who commit violent crimes" into just "men" instead of "people who commit violent crimes." Otherwise, yes, it's perfect. Hoping a nonnie smart enough to edit so not me, I'm retarded can make my dreams come true someday.

No. 1663115

The california shit makes no sense. How is it that touching a minor's genitals is a felony sex crime that gets you put on a list for life but literally cutting their genitals off is totally fine. American morality is downright satanic. It's the actual dark ages.

No. 1663116

File: 1664574302688.jpg (13.1 KB, 183x275, IMG_2660.JPG)

Did not know jimmy carr had a troon brother

No. 1663119

It's amazing how a scrote can talk out both sides of his mouth and not even realize it. Even the ones who insist women only have to be pretty will, if forced to choose, choose a middle class plain woman over a beautiful poor woman. Because even though they think with their dicks, they aren't completely retarded. Women are the ones expected to marry an ugly broke loser.

No. 1663127

My fucking sides, trannies are delusional not only about their sex but their looks

No. 1663132

No amount of 'effort' could change the way that >>1663011 looks. He's even putting in the 'effort' two years later as a tranny with loooong hair. I guess he does look younger in the second picture though. By younger I mean like 35 years old instead of 22.

No. 1663138

Sorry to whine to be spoonfed but does anyone have the comic strip about the troon "lesbian" asking his "cis" woman friend to hook him up with a hot lesbian and it's another troon and they both get angry? it's for peaking purposes

No. 1663139

>im cute and i pass
the only thing he's "passing" is a football

No. 1663141

>real women need to have jobs and apartments and ambitions to get into actual relationships.
Haven't used these things for a long time, but many men's first question is about your job, income, location, like to a rude level when talking to a stranger. They really wanna see if you'll be useful and convenient to them first (live nearby, can chip in on bills or be their mommy bangmaid depending)

Ponsick men who think being pretty is all you need to be to have an easy life are delusional.

No. 1663144

I didn't notice that, the way they treat people who present their true feelings and experiences of transition is pure evil.
Unless you're chugging the kool-aid you'll be outcast from the tranny group and labeled a terf, get hate sent your way, etc, basically abandoned with the mistakes those same fuckers lied and groomed them into making.

No. 1663150

Yeah that too.

No. 1663154

Well of course we have it easy nonnie! We only have to remain a size 2 or have Bratz doll ass proportions (without spending thousands on painful surgery because insecurity is very unsexy eww), our boobs need to be big (but not too big because EW sag), hairless but definitely don't talk about shaving because that's gross too, we need to wear makeup without looking like we have makeup (or caring about vapid "girl" stuff), our skin needs to be naturally smooth and soft because that's how we're born and we definitely don't buy skin products from companies who profit off of telling us were gross and ugly and lastly be extremely passionate about sex but ALSO be a virgin because we can't actually enjoy sex we just need to know a lot about it so we can be unpaid whores for our live in scrotes until they get bored with us and turn to porn.

See that's really all women are expected to do in our society right now! Moids only want us to do all that AND THEN be able to cook, clean, mommy them and work a 40 hour a week job it ONLY has to be a job they find acceptable or they will bitch and moan about how you're not "focused on your family" and cheat on you while you're working like a dog. It's super easy to be a woman, troons would know best its just like putting on a spinny skirt and popping a bon- I er mean have a gender euphoria moment. It's not like we have been socialized our entire lives and existence as a gender as a certain way that unites us as a disenfranchised group of people or anything.

No. 1663155

Well why can't you just date another MTF? I'm sure you will have a lot in common. Oh? What's this now? You're not attracted to other transwomen? Seems like a heckin transphobia.

No. 1663174

File: 1664578766381.jpeg (579.61 KB, 1284x1234, F427CBAF-EADC-4FFC-B350-CF8D36…)

they’re saying you were more attractive as a male because you likely didn’t look like as much of a freak at that point

No. 1663176

How's it gay for a man to say a man is attractive? Straight women compliment other women all the time. His homophobia jumped out

No. 1663179

Classic daughter experiences like:
>being the third parent no matter how old you are
>your childhood ending at puberty
>being the maid
>being the therapist/marriage counselor
>your brother being mommy's little prince who can do no wrong
>heaven forbid you are a tomboy because your mom will really hate that
>and so many more

No. 1663182

Glad I don't have brothers, wtf is this

No. 1663184

File: 1664579274145.jpg (463.75 KB, 1080x2074, Screenshot_20220930-180511_Twi…)

sage for non-milk but its nice to see all the replies are pretty sane.

No. 1663191

Never seen "fruit/y" used in anything other than homophobic ways either, it isn't a reclaimed word and people don't like to use it about themselves. The "t"s really need removing from lgbt at this point since they are so obviously homophobes
>can't be gay, you must be a woman
is basically their catchphrase

No. 1663198

exactly what I've been thinking (except for the brother part, my mother treats him like shit). All this "I missed out on" stuff makes me angry and sad, because I never had those experiences they think of being only for females, too. No mother-daughter relationship, no sleep overs, no female friends. They will never understand that the only thing they missed out on is how horrible kids and other girls can be, especially because we are told that it always has to be a competition and the only goal is to fit in, serve and appeal to males. Don't know if it's like that today, but that is what I learned when I was younger, that girls have to be the grown-ups and boys are just boys.

No. 1663201

i feel like this is fake. i've never seen a tranny call it a neovagina, only radfems use that term.

No. 1663203

it’s cause they’re agp straight men but love saying shit like “uwu i’m so fruity i love girls!” there’s nothing queer or “fruity” about being a straight man injecting estrogen and forcing yourself into womens’ spaces.

No. 1663205

Nah, I've seen a lot of them call it a neovagina, particularly the terminally online "transhumanist" type ones, usually using it as a way of saying they're better and cooler.

No. 1663207

File: 1664581193303.jpg (688.92 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20220930_193627.jpg)

No. 1663212

No way this is real. Reads like a tranny revenge fantasy to me

No. 1663215

>I knew Katie was taking cocaine and meth while pregnant
And that wasn't enough to end the friendship, but them being transphobic was? Either fake af or OP is just as insane as them.

No. 1663227

>Women are the ones expected to marry an ugly broke loser.
absolutely true. i work in sales and make way more money than the male dishwasher who i POLITELY turned down for a second date recently. he had a fucking tantrum to our friends about how ugly and snobby i am for weeks. like…if my job is my life i don't think i want to hang out with a guy who just wants beer money? "transbians" are just like the fat acceptance girls who want to date gymbros. why do they think they'd be happy with someone they have nothing in common with? why do they think someone with a completely different lifestyle and values would want to date them in the first place?

No. 1663248

Where the fuck did his bellybutton go??

No. 1663269

LMAO. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm never sure where the gaslighting ends, and where the doublethink begins. Troons put on the spinny skirt and expect special "girl" treatment, but we all know the troons who actually dated never treated a woman well. They were always the skinflint "50/50" guys who expected a woman to work her fingers off and accept an engagement ring from Claire's.

No. 1663279

don't forget
>feeling terrible guilt and sadness as an adult when you realize the hell your mother was going through that you didn't notice as a child because she hid her feelings at all costs to put you first and you can never repay her

No. 1663280

i don't think anyone under the age of 35-40 is named carly anymore

No. 1663281

i'm starting to think troon surgeons are cenobites that eat the discarded parts

No. 1663291

Dont forget mom shaming you for not being their minime

No. 1663306

he looks like a human pig, why don't they try losing weight and getting in shape first.

No. 1663314

File: 1664592447212.png (3.99 KB, 307x124, Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 23-46…)

>male gamers


No. 1663315

i agree! baskets, fishing lines, and scrapers were most likely engineered by women

No. 1663317

what app actually allows you to say "no mtfs" without getting banned?

No. 1663325


No. 1663328

It's funny how he got ribs removed, but he's so far you can't even tell.

No. 1663343

File: 1664595531495.png (994.45 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220930-233829.png)

How did I do?

No. 1663349

Only thought is
> male fetishists who need medical help
could be
> male fetishists who deserve the rope

No. 1663350

> tfw two states you’ve lived in are mentioned by name
And you’re absolutely correct.

No. 1663365

File: 1664597968853.jpeg (505.41 KB, 1242x2087, 71E232C5-3651-4050-B061-D154D3…)

the jokes write themselves.

No. 1663366

Tims use grindr? Like, gay guys who deep down know they aren't actually a woman?

No. 1663368

ayrt, idk, i was trying to joke how only men are allowed to specify no mtfs

No. 1663380

Ah the classic mother daughter dynamic, her taking all her anger and aggression out on you while your brothers wreak havoc and do whatever they want

No. 1663382


No. 1663383

They’re popular among DL guys

No. 1663388

and if you're lucky you get
>Mom calling you a liar when you finally out your brother as a pedophile who abused you since age 3

No. 1663391

And it doesn't matter if the sibling you're expected to play parent to is older than you either, even if it's by over a decade and they're already an adult while you're in grade school. It's your fault if you don't fix their problems and clean up their messes.

No. 1663393

>Mom berating you and mocking you for being fat throughout your whole life if you're just above skin and bones because she's ashamed of being a beast of a fatty herself.

No. 1663403

Ouch, nonna, my soul

Spot on

No. 1663411

File: 1664603765983.png (287.45 KB, 329x532, whatthefuck.PNG)

This man claims to be a "nonbinary lesbian" … The comments are defending him too are sending me

No. 1663414

The person who hosts the file has to be online, otherwise the file indeed wont show up. The same way a torrent isnt gonna download when no one is seeding it.

No. 1663418

Carly Shay would beg to differ

No. 1663432

>goddess of cringe
at least he's self aware

No. 1663437

Literally looks like an Alabama frat boy…

No. 1663440

File: 1664606957004.jpg (621.49 KB, 1034x1425, Screenshot .jpg)

Good going retards

No. 1663464

File: 1664609899423.png (330.54 KB, 1780x636, fateco.png)

hey lois, get a load of this dipshit
(in this thread because actual male theymab)

No. 1663480

File: 1664613219065.jpg (808.99 KB, 1920x2560, 22-10-01-09-32-48-554_deco.jpg)

No. 1663487

holy shit
I pressed them for evidence
>"because it FELT like you were being condescending to me" which is not a good reason.

Also it's hilarious he begins to condescend on the same post. Moid behavior to a T.

No. 1663502

I like how the school's ignoring the fact the male was most likely being an exhibitionist/sexualising the girls while they were changing, instead they relegated all the bio girls to one cubicle for feeling uncomfortable in his presence. Now after they spoke up it's resorted in an outright ban for the girls while they investigate whether the they "harassed" the degenerate male. And people genuinely argue women aren't losing their rights in the current year.

No. 1663507

File: 1664617718026.jpg (778.48 KB, 1500x1701, it's going into the girls' bat…)

Sorry for ot and autistic edit but I was watching Harry Potter and this scene just felt too topical
(sorry if someone has done this joke before)

No. 1663508

Why do they all say the same thing?

>teehee im weak and can't open pickle jars teehee

>but its muh true self
>yes my rotpocket is totally like a vagina

No. 1663512

Great combination of things trannies hate.hp, bathroom debate and being called ugly.

No. 1663518

That's a solid edit anon. I only wish the trolls legs weren't so damn fat so we could add the stereotypical trans flag striped socks.

No. 1663520

File: 1664619915915.jpeg (186.99 KB, 577x767, 745E39A1-FC34-4E58-ABCA-03027D…)

Ladies all I can see in this Frida Kahlo painting is 6800 different iterations of tranny pfps and it’s harrowing

No. 1663537

File: 1664625127149.jpg (254.15 KB, 756x452, Screenshot_20221001_070733.jpg)

kek the womb envy & autogynephilia as portrayed by this exchange between robots in a graphic novel I'm reading

No. 1663542

kek reminds me of those posts in previous threads where trannies were putting various shit up their ass to larp menstrual bleeding

No. 1663543

File: 1664626794278.jpeg (259.8 KB, 960x959, 5018903D-7D6A-468F-90CE-C86C7E…)

can anyone tell me what this reminds them of

No. 1663549

its called being in a hetero relationship, no amount of larping as a woman will turn a troon into a lesbian

No. 1663550

Heterosexual relationship between two adult children. But it also could be T4T where one is further into the AGP LARP than the other. Either way, it doesn't remind me of any if the lesbian relationships I've seen or been in.

No. 1663551

i can't believe it's the actual future and women still take years of awful abuse from their moids and somehow manage to completely shield their children from it. and then moids have the gall to say we're weaker

No. 1663553

idk why they think they'll have "better luck as a lesbian". unlike straight women, lesbians have standards. i'm average looking and athletic, but party way too hard for most women to want a relationship with me. you can get casual stuff as an ok-looking butch with a drug problem but i am not surprised when i never get called back by a woman i hung out with once. i see males who make me look like fucking james dean somehow get into long term relationships without even being employed

No. 1663554

men film themselves from this angle and post it publically???

No. 1663555

No. 1663556

til girls don't play final fantasy games and love barbie movies

No. 1663561

oh, I hate them, haven't we gotten past the point where it's assumed that women never play video games but like everything pink and Barbie? Sometimes I wonder why I'm single and then I come here and I remember.

No. 1663562

It amazes me how you can always clock them even when their pfp is the size of a finger tip

No. 1663564

File: 1664629809918.jpg (185.57 KB, 1080x1884, FcP_yoxXgAAQjqM.jpg)

Again, not a fetish

No. 1663566

I’ve seen so many tims say they go on grindr. Even the troon from Euphoria went on grindr. Not to mention a lot of them posting on r/femboys. It's a very curious phenomenon.

No. 1663567

Oh my fucking god fucking "femboys". Every meme subreddit is filled with them now. It's like Reddit as a whole is grooming the moids to transition.

No. 1663571

Uh… sounds like a child, not a lesbian.

No. 1663575

Many adult women like Barbie movies, nostalgia has been a big thing for a few years now

No. 1663576

File: 1664631528041.png (148.59 KB, 514x406, CHiN.png)

No. 1663577

it's less about our bones and more like most products are created with men in mind. This also goes for tools, seatbelts, etc. In design and engineering, the male is the default human in testing.
Ideally, women would would be included in the testing and design phase so more things are available and less deadly.

(invisible women by CCP)

No. 1663580

never met an adult obsessed with barbie movies

No. 1663596

File: 1664634276632.jpg (214.23 KB, 922x2048, Fd7mWUeWQA05NAD.jpg)

Do you guys think there is ANY transgender out there who doesnt have intense autism??
I feel like there should be more autism linked to transgenderism studies, but you know they dont want that

No. 1663600

some are both gay and autistic

No. 1663601

Why are trannies obsessed with being a "pet"

Youtube has recommended me several women who are into them, plus there are adult toy collector women who like them

No. 1663607

That was the whole reason why they (The APA) removed AGP and everything related to trans-bullshit from the mental illness category. To remove the association/correlation between being autistic and trans- I suspect there's numerous men in dresses involved in this butchering of the mental health system.
Bondage, sissy shit, being owned, etc. If they can't have a submissive, bondage obsessed girlfriend it, they will become it and convince themselves they're still straight. The way these men manifest their desires is disgusting.

No. 1663609

It’s the same pathology that leads them to believe theyre women. They’re lazy and expect things to be handed to them, and think that is female reality. They want to just lie back and have sex performed on them.

No. 1663614

Yup, exactly. Lazy failmales who can't handle basic adult responsibilities, and think becoming a "pet" or a "girl" (bc women live on easy mode hurr durr) will allow them to lay around cooming, playing vidya and being fed chicken tendies all day. These are the same failmales who want "goth mommy dom gfs" to take over for their mothers in catering to their every need. It's all just woke excuses for their uselessness and inability to produce anything of value.

No. 1663621

The vast majority of them aren't actually autistic, even though it sure feels like it looking at them online kek. Normal men get pornsick and troon out, and normal women turn into brainless handmaidens. They're like slytheriners; not every trans is an autist but if someone is an autist they're a lot more likely to be trans.

No. 1663638

This all boils down to "you straight men are actually GAY haha you got owned for being gross gays"

No. 1663658

all have autism and some cases i know just have brain damage from stroke, aneurism or cancer.

No. 1663661

why can't colleges weed these people out anymore?

No. 1663674

I think that’s what boils my blood the most; they have no fucking clue how much harder it is to be a woman than a man. They will never know because trooning out just bumps their status up to like Male Plus and they have even fewer consequences for their actions. It’s so hard not to a-log all the time, nonicas. It gets so tiring.

No. 1663679

Why are transwomen simultaneously jealous of 'cis' women yet insist they’re “the greater gender” compared to say, women at the same time? And

Why do AGP "lesbian" trans women want to hatefuck yet "ruin the beauty and femaleness of cis women" at the same time?! Hsts just want to ruin it and maybe hurt bio women for just being bio women.

Trans women's jealousy and desire to hurt 'cis' women so to be "better version" runs so deep it is mental and these disgusting individuals literally even want pickmes who stan them butchered and to compete with them! Why don't more normie women actually acknowledge deep down these are the end goals and feelings of most trans wahmen? Its so easy to tell.

Why do these males have an insane obsession with the female form till they become perverted over it and want to do extreme alterations to their own bodies for it?!

Transition will not fix broken antiwoman males

No. 1663703

um excuse me i'm pretty sure japan existed before us and they invented all kinds of degeneracy while being the country version of a shut-in NEET until the 1800s. france is a pretty young country compared to anything east of istanbul and while we did invent immoral hitmen and the demeaning blowjob, we cannot be blamed for trans.

No. 1663706

wym nonnie? besides foucault, most of the french philosopher dont like troons ideology, i rather blame on the germans

No. 1663708

oh my god he looks like luka rocco magnotta with a wig

No. 1663711

How? Men have always had womb envy. It was just a matter of time before they tried to replace us

No. 1663712

File: 1664640053000.jpeg (119.47 KB, 1170x458, EDA7A94F-314B-4614-9E8D-A50534…)

You are literally a straight male

No. 1663721

He managed to describe the most unattractive person ever

No. 1663727

How did he manage to make a tweet that smells bad?

No. 1663731

For a man to be delusional enough to think he can be/become a woman he has to think of women as less on some level, they're all fueled by misogyny. Even the men who troon out because they hate men (typically abused feminine men and/or autists) think themselves to be above women and that they know better than actual women what a woman is.

No. 1663752

Sometimes I want to give everyone in these threads a hug. You can just tell nonas are getting more and more burnt out by this nonsense.

No. 1663756

I wonder if Luka would ever troon out.

No. 1663758

ah ok sorry then, i'm the french chan who complains about fat people. the german hater is right though, i like her.

No. 1663761

can they not see that their male jaws are twice the length of female ones? like…the average idiot can tell the difference between male and female skulls. it takes one second to learn

No. 1663772

THE BIGGEST AGP CAME INTO MY WORK RN AND I MEAN BIG HE IS PROB 3 CLICKS OF THE SCALE AT MIN. I’m freaking out ladies I watched him brazenly go into the two stall women’s room and I shuddered. All my female coworkers are disgusted too, we are a small ethnic restaurant in a suburb of Chicago and this is a pretty rare occurrence. I am trying really hard not to get fired but I want to call him sir when they leave kek (I’m a hostess)

No. 1663781

I will try to stealth snap pic just for u Nona lmao he looks like he’s skinwalking my 4th grade teacher tbh the funniest part are his hoof-like feet in those like, foldable ballet flats that aren’t real shoes but for when you have had heels on for hours during some event and want a break. He’s so fat that his giant scrote feet look dainty in comparison I’m losing it.

No. 1663793

What book is this? The talk bubbles make it look like a Euro comic

No. 1663802

sage for ot but you sound like my dream woman

No. 1663813

I wish I knew, beautiful nonette. I keep doing loops of the bar side where he is sitting with his two rotund actual female relatives (mom and sister I think) and a really thin guy who they said might not be coming but showed up looking kind of embarrassed kekkkk this is the most excitement I usually get during the lunch shift so, sorry for shitting up the thread with it.

No. 1663814

In the first one he passes as a racist cacricature of a french aristocrat….

No. 1663820

>at a bar and posting about it on lolcow instead

No. 1663829

Hostess-anon, can confirm lmao it does get hella busy at night tho because it’s our busy season right now. Troon is eating two entrees currently.

No. 1663830

Didn't think something in the tranny thread would make me feel so sad.

No. 1663831

terfy hugs to all my fellow trans-exclusionary witches, meet up at the usual place under the full moon where we cast curses on troons for them to seethe, cope and dilate xo

No. 1663836

i prefer sauerkraut behaviour over weisswurst behaviour. let us unite to mock the bavarians, eurochans

No. 1663837

File: 1664647558458.jpeg (276.31 KB, 750x593, 2B6EBE88-3EFA-4183-82F3-8439C6…)

Longer hair = woman

No. 1663838

please say nothing anon. i don't want you to get murdered moidered

No. 1663841

seems translated from french maybe?

No. 1663844

anon she said she's a junkie kek. what is going on in this thread lmao

No. 1663848

the dish washers do more work than the whole front half. i was a dishwasher so many times and it almost turned me into a self-hating woman. girls would bitch that their feet hurt from standing at the hostess station in flats for four hours for the mid shift and got mad at me because the cutlery box was "too heavy to take upstairs" bitch i carried it up here, i know it's not

No. 1663849

his GIANT HEAD jfc

No. 1663851

File: 1664648012362.jpg (84.06 KB, 722x842, creep.jpg)

He's such a creep

No. 1663853

everyone's shitting on you for being a hostess, meanwhile ignoring the troon eating a double meal. you should ask if he's pregnant and eating for two kek.

No. 1663860

I know kek. Real talk tho to all you nonas who have done your time in the kitchen or waiting tables, I know and see how hard the servers and kitchen work (we try to help them in every way we can when it’s busy as it’s such a small place) and this is just my weekend job but it’s ok. I get their anger esp having worked in more commercial restaurants, and it’s why kitchen drinks and eats for free here. OK FOR REAL IM DONE POOPIN UP THE THREAD. Troon just waddled out with three to-go desserts I cannot believe mine eyes.

No. 1663861

agreed. wtaf is up with the retarded sperging derails lately. im inclined to believe half of them are instigated by scrotes

No. 1663863

they should both get into shape
high five

No. 1663865

post the fat troon kek

No. 1663866

make the club a dilator

No. 1663867

who's this megamind white dude? he looks like ted bundy

No. 1663874

I think it's the guy from a Netflix show called You. I haven't it but he's supposed to be a psycho

No. 1663875

>Why are trannies obsessed with being a "pet"

Let's see, don't have to work, cook, clean, pay bills, all pets do is eat, shit, sleep and someone else provides everything cleans up their literal shit for them

No. 1663876

trannies have dozens of paraphilias, including degen ones like petplay

No. 1663880

I really wanted to get a pic but I’m not ballsy enough, and there wasn’t good cover, nonas I’m sorry I failed. Please forgive even tho I don’t deserve

No. 1663884

this thread isnt autosaged anymore its a miracle. i was tired to go to the search bar to find it

No. 1663893

In future open then catalogue, crtl+f. Takes 2 seconds.

No. 1663921

No. 1663939

File: 1664652796386.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1440x1440, 032F5E75-86F3-45D4-9D49-04797C…)

sorry for shit quality, this troon has been shitting up my anachan spaces. fetishizes the struggle of an ED and constantly spergs on about his anorexia when he’s still obese. practically cums to the idea of being forcefed at a hospital bc ~~too sick~~. fucking disgusting.

No. 1663945

File: 1664652969691.jpg (103.83 KB, 1080x1001, IMG_20221001_153519_546.jpg)


No. 1663946

File: 1664653012309.jpg (174.8 KB, 1079x438, Screenshot_20221001-153633_rif…)

this dude's posting history is hilarious.

No. 1663948

hes such a fucking cow, figuratively and literally

No. 1663964

I'm pretty sure most people aren't able to orgasm multiple times in a row… especially if you're a man taking meds that kill your dick

No. 1663970

I feel bad for you nonna

No. 1663979

File: 1664655936302.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 570.7 KB, 750x1244, 79D7946D-35E9-40C5-B24A-842E9F…)

another chicken carcass.

No. 1663981

Ayrt, I'm into it. Thank you!

No. 1663982

we need to start teaching girls it’s not only ok, but necessary to hate men and stop enabling their bullshit.

No. 1663984

Nta but not every woman can do the porn thing where they have multiple orgasms seconds apart. Some people have lower libidos and some (like me) are exhausted after a couple, after that it becomes unpleasant.

No. 1663986

there was an ask post on the front page maybe half a year ago asking men who had sex with both trans and real women the differences between trans pussies and real pussies and the most upvoted comments were saying the mutilated dicks were tighter kek.

No. 1663989

>Male Plus
this. they’re the new predatory, pedophilic priest class.

No. 1664022

So many lies. The true comments, saying that they were nothing alike and axe wounds are worse, all got downvoted,.

No. 1664027

are you male or just dense

No. 1664028

The best part of this is that it's stupid males fucking up their own lives, removing themselves from the gene pool, on the advice of other males. Imagine this same level of stupidity in a heterosexual relationship, trying to fuck up a woman's life all day.

No. 1664029

File: 1664658394432.jpeg (232.74 KB, 750x576, DD8B06A9-A203-4A6B-8591-078F2D…)

troons think estrogen is the cure for everything, they’re really fucking delusional kek

No. 1664033

because troonchops are literal poopy wounds that they have to force open every few days with hair growing inside of them. of course it feels different than a vagina lmao. those who say otherwise are the troons themselves coping that its visually and physically indistinguishable from the real thing.

No. 1664036

…you really think a chopped off dick full of hair and pus would feel better than a vagina?

No. 1664037

They really think theyre gonna turn into either an uwu anime girl or megan fox just by taking HRT… Estron on a fully grown man aint gonna do shit, if anything its gonna make their hair thinner and weaker, their skin weaker and their bones weaker… and maybe some ugly moobs when taken for a long time, thats about it. Oh yeah and sexual dysfunction

No. 1664038

saw a tranny commenting “no wonder i feel weird once a month” under an artist’s comic/thread about PMDD. i hate them so much.

No. 1664046

File: 1664659275884.jpeg (78.45 KB, 828x462, E966AB59-25B2-422C-B0B0-18A3A0…)

just another 19 year male calling himself a lesbian. what a joke

No. 1664049

Balding is the ultimate karma for men. They spend their entire lives chasing young women and thinking they age like wine, then their hairline recedes and they become irredeemably ugly with no real way to reverse it. When it happens to trannies it's even funnier. Does anyone have that photo of the troons out to dinner and there's that one with long hair but he's bald as an egg at the top of his head lmao

No. 1664076

I don’t give a rat’s ass if that’s true. I honestly hope it is. Any man who prefers to fuck inverted penises, by all means. There’s the door.

No. 1664084

I remember that, anyone even respectfully saying it felt different got down voted kek troons can't stand reality. Their wounds are tighter because they end up with no depth and typically can't have sex even after dilating for years because the wound just wants to heal itself up, so it does. That's why we see detrans men admitting to having "one inch vaginas"

No. 1664098

Ontario? Think he was taught by oppai sensei kek

No. 1664115

some people need to go to sleep right after sex

No. 1664117

>as a trans person, introspection is second nature


No. 1664125

who asked

No. 1664130

There are a lot of harry potter edits nonnies could make like that mirror in HP1 that shows someone's deepest wishes we could have the reflection be kikomi with the troon standing in front of it.

No. 1664133

The bragging about your sexual prowess and stamina on an anonymous imageboard gives big virgin incel teenager energy

No. 1664145


No. 1664149

jodorowsky's the metabaron

No. 1664153

What is up with people derailing threads these last few days? Can you guys focus? I think there should be a ban for that, it's getting annoying(what’s with these homies not saging posts)

No. 1664160

I think we have a bad scrote infestation atm.

No. 1664164

Underrated and can’t wait to use this.

No. 1664167

Definitely trannies

No. 1664169

File: 1664665977037.jpg (331.12 KB, 2059x1697, HG8BwxH.jpg)

here you go

No. 1664178

I bet they were such shitty customers lmao trannies and the two chasers

No. 1664225

Thanks anon it kills me every time

No. 1664244

jeez. women randomly quit their jobs because they felt like life was over/100% pointless that week. PMDD isn't like..mood swings. you will be sitting in your room full on suicidal and be like "waiiiit i'm about to get my period NOTE TO SELF this emotion isn't real"

No. 1664247

ride what? you're mad that women fall asleep with their girlfriends? what is happening

No. 1664273

They absolutely do lol the cognitive dissonance is amazing. They'd never be caught dead admitting they're bio males yet they have to silently admit it to themselves every time they want dick and have to use the gay men hookup app to seek fellow gay men willing to fuck them. Suddenly they magically understand how homosexuality works and which spaces are meant for them.

No. 1664274

They need to put the thread back on auto-sage. It was so much more civilized then.

No. 1664277

Stalker/murderer main character from a Netflix show called You

No. 1664282

your moid humor isn't funny

No. 1664283

While I've seen some feminine gay men being pushed to transition, I dont feel like that's their goal with femboys. I think they're just so misogynistic they're trying to bring back ancient Greek faggotry + misogyny. Het moids aren't even attracted to women, just femininity. So from their scrote pov a feminine man is the ultimate woman and actually better in every way since they're not women at all and don't have icky gross roasty vaginas. Futanari, femboys and trannies all kinda fit the same fetish of feminizing men so incels can coom without depending on the femoids they loathe so much. And we already know incels think we have it easy because we get "compliments" (harrassment) and theyre poor depressed widdle men who never get called cute so I think they'd also rather simp for and give attention to another moid instead

No. 1664339

File: 1664675156868.jpg (105.38 KB, 1500x918, Time-Curry-and-actor-writer-RZ…)

It's true. A joy of your mid-late thirties is seeing all the men who treated you like shit turn fat and balding, at the age when they thought they would own a mansion and marry an 18 year old model. One of mine was gonna be RICH, but I see he's living in government subsidized housing, I bet emaciated teenage beauty queens are just shitting themselves to get a chance at that.

No. 1664351

File: 1664675902342.jpg (155.42 KB, 1600x1035, 1600-Genderbread-Person.jpg)

Do you ever think maybe most of us are agender? For the longest time I thought gender identity was a made up concept, but maybe there really are people out there who "feel gender" in some way.


https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/03/17/what-universal-human-experiences-are-you-missing-without-realizing-it/(you’ve come to the wrong neighborhood)

No. 1664354

Shit b8

No. 1664357

This isn't really the thread for this and I'll probably get a mod mad at me for replying but tldr yes and no. I think the vast majority of people don't really "feel" gender because "gender" is a concept made up in the mid 1900's to describe gender roles and expectations of certain sexes. You don't feel your sex, you ARE your sex, so if you feel like a certain gender, you're just relating more to specific archetypes of society. Calling basic existence "agender" is pointless because the vast majority of people don't need language to slot themselves amongst gendered stereotypes, they'll simply just exist without needing this language. People who "feel gender" are talking about societal roles/appearances or have some sort of sexual trauma a majority of the time.

No. 1664364

>Lol gender existed since 4000BC, cope
Gender ROLES maybe, the literal word gender in the english language wasn't considered anything separate from sex until John Money came and raped some kids.

No. 1664366

God I love being a natal woman. I can and have buzzed all my hair off and people read me as a woman, because I am one.

No. 1664377

File: 1664677474232.jpeg (599.21 KB, 1000x5673, thecomic.jpeg)

No. 1664385

File: 1664678208990.jpg (406.02 KB, 710x1397, 20221001_213234.jpg)

this troon showed in my fyp and his takes are so unginged. The worst part is the amount of followers and likes.

No. 1664389

smells like smegma in here

No. 1664405

the gender fandom

No. 1664408

File: 1664679837980.png (140.58 KB, 644x213, Screenshot (646).png)

I hate this world so fucking much. Pedophile men can just do whatever nasty shit they want and we are helpless to stop it.

No. 1664409

sorry anon, I indeed did not see your follow up.

No. 1664413

They all literally masturbated themsleves into wanting to be little girls.

No. 1664418

Let the diaper fetishists fight among themselves.

No. 1664441

File: 1664682352224.jpeg (263.16 KB, 750x677, 468E1B58-C9D2-42C7-87F8-6ACD2B…)

Feeling for this poor mother trying to appease her man child adult son trying to find a room in a share house at 21. What an absolute sperg he must be. I could not imagine making my mum do this for me as a young adult, I was working full time and had been living out off home for 3 years enjoying my independence as any normal young adult. Pathetic.

No. 1664444

May I ask who her audience is? Why does she need to help her son? If there’s an Australian city that accommodates lunacy is Melbourne. She pleading as if her son was fleeing a domestic abuse situation or lost everything in an event outside his control.

No. 1664452

For millenia gender and sex were assumed to be the same thing. Some societies had sperate categories for crossdressers but no one was insisting hijras and fa'afafines were real women. The modern concept of gender started with John Money in the 1960's, it is very new.

There have been no studies done to test what portion of society has no inner concept of gender. What if the way we experience life isn't normal? Or maybe it's the trannies who feel gender who are abnormal..

No. 1664464

File: 1664684169048.png (232.1 KB, 592x499, oh ngo it's andy.png)

I watched a clip, refuse to watch this scrotr, please tell me this is some shit that was clipped together and this tard doesn't truly think this. I'm going to post the clip after I post this. (Got this from kf)

No. 1664466

File: 1664684207303.webm (7.58 MB, 1280x606, 3706916-325032d80fdf53a8c89fbd…)

No. 1664468

Documenting creatures like Ben Franklin-chan is why the internet exists.

No. 1664469

File: 1664684419936.jpg (510.29 KB, 1280x720, No_Fetish_Teachers_no_text.jpg)

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.. What the fuck? Even other trannoids have to find this embarrassing.

No. 1664471

And the chat is screaming, "You can always tell!" So I don't know if he's being serious or what.

No. 1664494

I’ve read that this teacher was actually a right wing conservative seeing how far Canadian school boards could go could be possible but Idk tranny degenerates are always like this so it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s just a fetish

No. 1664503

Tranny psyop to blame anyone but themselves. There are photos of him in this getup before he came out at school.

No. 1664504

"very gentle and shy"
More like lazy and antisocial. These women always assume so many complimentary female things about lazy scrote sons, just because they're too cowardly and low energy to run around being abusive shits IRL.

No. 1664506

No, he isn't. That's a lie some trannies came up with to try and convince people they all aren't creepy sex pests when they are. There are far more people who came out saying this teacher has been walking around town with that breast plate for years only to recently start wearing it at the school. In the last thread his now deleted twitter (@techdesignteach) was posted and the tweets from that account that were archived interacted solely with very left leaning accounts. Stop spreading this lie just because you saw some screencapped post from 4chan.

No. 1664524

On a housemates community on Facebook. She didn’t any replies lol.

No. 1664536

File: 1664692309327.jpeg (766.4 KB, 960x1581, 09A49ED8-195A-4A8E-841A-7E357A…)

No. 1664539

File: 1664692689018.jpeg (378.79 KB, 1968x1680, 5FE6E5A3-7B4A-4980-9978-6DF314…)


No. 1664542

honestly i dont mind ugly sissy troons invading that pedo sub i hope it gets infested with them and pedo moids cant jack off to their gross pedofetish

No. 1664544

The fucking tube boobs jfc

No. 1664545

ps1 character tits

No. 1664550

That's literally a conspiracy theory from 4chan, nonnie. That rumor was started on /pol/ by some rando who never offered proof he ever set foot in Ontario.

No. 1664552

Yes TiMs are all over grindr. Gay dating apps/sites are where TiMs primarily get dates and these sites/apps are where men who are into TiMs go to find one.

No. 1664554

File: 1664697067822.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1945, 7B33297A-DF1E-42F0-9CA8-E01EDE…)

Thai tranny who's a weeb and puts their fake name in the (wrong) japanese language in their bio. Cringe and ugly as fuck.
Idk how these tiktok dumbasses always freak out about white girls "asian baiting" and then turn around to suck the dicks of these equally weeby trannies. Why are so many troons weebs?

Also unrelated but has anyone else been getting numerous tiktok ads of our favorite woman skinwalker dylan? Why is he the face of Crest or whatever?

No. 1664566

>Why are so many troons weebs?
anime traps

No. 1664568

Dylan is a fucking parasite. He’s been literally everywhere, getting brand deals and endorsements non-stop these past months. I’ve seen him appear multiple times on random non-related tranny stuff it’s infuriating to see his ugly ass steal opportunities from real women

No. 1664571

At least it knows which companies to boycott.

No. 1664573

File: 1664700397502.jpeg (197.62 KB, 960x788, F3B682C6-D3FA-4FB8-B5C8-536C2F…)

No. 1664574

my tinfoil is that he's an industry plant

No. 1664582

Is this real or an edit or what? I avoided watching Keffals before this and had no idea he was this retarded.

No. 1664583

I think the edits are just cutting out all the dead air since he has (multiple) minute long pauses while trying to complete a sentence.

No. 1664596

It's bait, I think. But it's also genuinely the level of delusion Twitch demands people maintain, so there's that angle to it.

No. 1664608

I guess women who've had mastectomies are banned from women's spaces

No. 1664611

File: 1664710386709.jpeg (473.87 KB, 1242x1739, 515874A7-0B0A-4B73-894A-5FAE9F…)

Does he look like a man?

No. 1664612

He looks like momo

No. 1664613

Jesus fuck that legit scared me when I saw it on the frontpage.

No. 1664614

i don’t think he looks like a man, actually i don’t think he looks human at all

No. 1664616

mf looks like his parents are siblings

No. 1664619

File: 1664711014624.jpeg (815.32 KB, 3024x4032, FC5FF7DF-6EF9-4C81-B2C7-19CA90…)

same troon

No. 1664621

Hahahahahaha, I love Halloween time.

No. 1664622

File: 1664711159317.jpg (188.4 KB, 1280x743, 1650308718223.jpg)

Everyday I'm grateful and relieved I don't look like that. God bless.

No. 1664623

Ole demon from “The Nun” looking ass

No. 1664624

File: 1664711235829.jpeg (425.07 KB, 1242x1853, 8FA27CD9-6CD4-4162-ADF3-13136C…)


No. 1664629

By the gods, that's a huge ass honker.

No. 1664632

Holy fucking sleep paralysis demon

No. 1664635

File: 1664712034618.jpeg (535.02 KB, 960x1501, A798DC83-0CF2-4812-AE4A-F39C81…)

No. 1664637

File: 1664712178023.jpeg (786.85 KB, 1242x1590, 75663460-4BD0-4040-A27B-903381…)

Gabe lewis in drag

No. 1664643

Women getting surgery on their normal noses while this mf walks around like that

No. 1664644

If my friends were talking about how they would want to have sex with me if I was trans or a man I would be really skeeved out and uncomfortable. They're all so nasty.
r/MTF is peaking material in itself. Just give it to someone and have them scroll.

No. 1664647

if i was a complete sociopath i would troll posts like these with comments like "um my ability to owogasm went down a tiny little bit too but when i really started getting better owgasms was after bottom surgery, you see my mind's map was wired to experience sexuality with a vagina so after getting one i finally had mind shattering girlgasms because my body and mind were finally properly aligned uwu"

No. 1664651

Seeing sexual harassment as a compliment is peak moid behavior

No. 1664655

I think he thinks he's being smart and "tricking" people into thinking the guy could be a woman so he can then go "see, you can't always tell! you all though it was a bio woman!" even though it actually just makes him look retarded because he's so obviously a sex pest man

No. 1664660

Leftwing women and pickmes should not feel so flattered or irrational pity for any "transwomen", like 'ohh they want muh womanhood I'm so honored!' Or 'just be kind even if it hurts, he-I mean she, must have wanted to be a woman always but got born as an ugly male'

Also the troons claim that handmaidens who think like that are 'feeling passively superior' or 'smug' that they were born women and thinking they are the saviors of trans women and sometimes scold them for it…pickmes just can't win(sage)

No. 1664661

Sage your sperging, it’s not milk

No. 1664662

thank you so much!

No. 1664671

This is it. This has to be the most retarded, punchable, and hideous face I've seen.

No. 1664680

he literally doesn’t even look human it’s terrifying I’m gonna have nightmare about this analog horror looking ass

No. 1664684

it looks like a titan

No. 1664688


I know we throw around the Buffalo Bill references quite a lot with these people, but fr this guy actually looks like he skinned a woman to wear her face.

No. 1664691

File: 1664719888499.jpeg (263.39 KB, 1536x2048, DD243A1C-C2F8-46BB-8E94-4F7AEC…)

No. 1664693

Paul Dano?

No. 1664714

File: 1664721864890.jpg (277.48 KB, 1080x1545, Fd_qrZ5X0AI1YBW.jpg)

Trans women are the reason women have rights?? The level of misogyny

No. 1664722

Men love historical revisionism so much. Probably because history does not look kindly upon them.

No. 1664728

>Defining people as dangerous because of their biological sex goes against the whole point of the trans movement
He's so close to just saying "men aren't dangerous, you're just a crazy, dumb bitch."

No. 1664729

File: 1664723516228.jpg (153.38 KB, 726x2048, FdsZs9VWAAAo31_.jpg)


No. 1664733

>he tasted it

No. 1664742

File: 1664724832388.gif (1.31 MB, 300x224, vomit-jim-carrey.gif)

No. 1664760

I saw some video a moid spammed for shock value where some guy with his dick lopped off (completely flat genital area sans urethra) rubbing the area and some cloudy fluid shot out. I don't doubt this moid is "squirting", but it's just his mangled organs malfunctioning. How they think it's vaginal lubricant is beyond delusional.

No. 1664768

Are we sure this isn't what happened to Michael Jackson. Maybe he got nose implants.

No. 1664769

i know exactly which anon you are kek i ask you this: if the germans are to blame for tranny shit how come american academia has been infested with gender ideology for 10+ years and it only just now starts to roll out in german academia? magnus hirschfeld might be german but judith butler isn't and i wonder whose impact on current day tranny shit is bigger… after all the cities with the highest amount of trannoids are in the US (except rio de janeiro and bangkok)

No. 1664770

Even the most stubborn women antifeminists like Daisy Cousens, Lauren Chen, and Sydney Watson who always like to say "men are human" and "not all men" suddenly take it back when they talk about trans women and how theyre invading female spaces and being emasculating. Like if you antifeminist gals believe men dont rape all the time and not all men, then why are you so relucant to share with trans women and trust them, it's like even antifeminist women acknowledge male nature sometimes?

suddenly they too can acknowledge the true nature of Man, that men can be bad too, or perverted and start saying all the feminist talking points about how "trans women have male privilege" and "invading bio women's places"?! Are trans women not male to these antifeminist women, why antifeminist women dont submit to TW?

Do trans women make RW women and antifeminists peak?(sage)

No. 1664777

funny because i keep seeing TIMs complaining about TIFs on lesbian dating apps but this is acceptable to them

No. 1664779

no, because they just view trannies as something that keeps happening because men aren't "real men" anymore and trannies are showing how all men are soyboy beta weaklings instead of understanding that all men are sex pests and trannyism is a symptom of male perversion rather than societal gayifying

No. 1664781

Libfems: omg men are trash!! I hate all these fuckbois!! (but I preform for them anyways) also trans women are women you evil terf nazi
Tradthots: evil feminists oppress they are just misunderstood benevolent creatures in fact they are are superiors and need to take away our rights for our own protection but transwomen are dangerous and a threat to women they to get out of our bathrooms!!

Literally no winning with either of these options presented to us.

No. 1664782

i saw that gif/vid too in >>1579603 its not "squirting" at all, its like an inverted penis ejaculation which it actually is

No. 1664783

File: 1664728367638.png (695.09 KB, 545x968, 2022-10-02.png)

He's in the comments now pretty much saying trauma is bigoted lol

No. 1664784

nta but she didn't say that at all dummy

No. 1664786

Somehow they (and anti-tra men as well) blame troon degeneracy on their "femininity". Because they're stupid as fuck. There's nothing feminine about male paraphiliacs who just so happen to focus their fetish on wearing skirts and calling themselves women's names.
They're unable to see beyond the surface level (long hair and skirts) down to the root of the issue which is moid degeneracy and perversion. It's akin to calling incel behavior feminine. As long as it's wearing pink these retards will blame it on women. The tradthots might wake up but the chYmps are too stupid to understand.

No. 1664787

Why the fuck do antifeminist tradthots think men are benvolent and will whiteknight for "the good women who submit to them" and egg on the misogyny against the bad girls?

What makes SuperStraight pickmes who want to 1up most other women this way via leeching power from men by parroting what they say about women, think that these men won't come back to hurt them should they ever screw up or make a mistake? Why do they think they'll always be perfect women so the misogynistic men cannot get them too?

No. 1664792

To add to this, idk what exactly they think feminism's is what inspired these men to troon. I don't know of a feminist wave where jerking off to sissy porn and lolicon, being a bitter sexless incel, racism, and programming were was its narrative. These men are just incels who redirected their misogyny and sexual desperation onto becoming what they desire- a "perfect woman", as defined by men.

No. 1664796

sage for blogpost but I was at a Shari's with my Nigel and I saw a group of 4 troons walk in: 1 wearing a muu-muu dress and balding blue hair, 1 was like 6'2 and looked like a young anachan model mexican, and the other 2 were just typical mid-40s hons. I pointed them out to my bf and I explained some of the words like "hon" and we talked about how most of these disgusting people can't reproduce so they just find others like them to group with while grooming and indoctrinating children. I could not finish my meal after they came in, I tried to get a picture on my way out but I made eye contact with one and got shivers from the 1000 yard porn stare..(blog)

No. 1664798

True male nature is not benevolent or charming at all tbh. Even the "Good Men" also have 3 base desires to 1) Deflower as many girls as possible and have a fresh harem of new women every week, 2) Believe that males will be superior to females biologically and therefore "Man has more worth", 3) Not see women as actual people but "half-fantasy props and window dressing, only useful for arm candy at parties or just to fuck; females are a performance or a fantasy idea". That's how male degeneracy can escalate so fast and how troons still have the "maxxrape as many women asap" thinking. Why can't more just be honest about what male nature is like?(sage)

No. 1664799

They've fallen for the lie that they can be the exception to men's misogyny by performing hard enough. They're either young and naive or sunk too much into the tradthot lifestyle that it's become impossible for them to leave.

Any stripe of pickme will eventually learn that they'll never escape the hatred of men. Even if they're absolutely perfect and miraculously manage to escape the stalkers, abusers, perverts and manipulators, simply aging past 25 is enough for them to turn on you.

No. 1664801

>Women are threatened by men
>Sounds like a personal problem
Well then your fear of being in men's spaces because of "transphobic violence" is a personal problem. Get back in the men's bathroom and stop being so AMABphobic.

No. 1664803

"sounds like a personal problem", yet he still has a problem with the woman dealing with… personally..?
i'm starting to think the y chromosome makes people retarded

No. 1664805

Ok nice manifesto but sage your shit

No. 1664812

He looks like the white spider from that bug show

No. 1664814

Maybe a punch will fix his ugly ass nose

No. 1664817

File: 1664730276449.jpg (140.59 KB, 796x1417, FeCulfQUAAEoc59.jpg)

Ah yes, assaulting women. Men never change

No. 1664820

i’ve heard men say this line before, that trauma around men is a personal issue and not the troon’s problem, conveniently ignoring that something like 1 in 4 women have been sexually harassed and thats likely an underestimate lol, what percentage of women does it have to be before it can be a factor dumbass

No. 1664823

Here's the son some mother would call a "very kind, sensitive, and caring" girl.

No. 1664824

File: 1664730578268.jpg (41.07 KB, 720x657, A60d08d7b1e40ada4ef7a17951b47d…)

No. 1664825

If trauma around men is a personal issue then troons have no right to be in female spaces, given that they're only avoiding the male one because of their personal issues with men

No. 1664827

AGPs only claim to be scared of men as an excuse for their behavior and as part of their "frail uwu wittle giwl" fetish LARP. Some HSTS TIMs are actually scared of men because homophobia is real, but a good deal of them still use the men's spaces by choice. AGPs will be extremely defensive of the argument that they're "so scared of men," because debunking it or proving hypocrisy would leave them with only the truth: That they just want to indulge a fetish or delusion, and they don't care that it hurts women or children. This simultaneously breaks the delusion and reveals them to be predatory misogynists.

No. 1664844

An Apology to Dylan from slxthkween

No. 1664849

>trans women are the reason you have your rights
I want to a-log.

No. 1664850

File: 1664732811678.jpg (54.97 KB, 1068x560, tumblr_eca868fa0824eaf52df7e52…)

you'd be surprised how many actually believe this

No. 1664860

what does your picrel have to do with feminism

No. 1664861

"we just want to peeeeee"
>constant selfies in public bathrooms at the sink where other women have to watch you do it

No. 1664862

WTF are you talking about. Johnson wasn't trans.

No. 1664863

I know this is a parody, but I do wonder what genuine hardships she must be facing for standing up against all this.

No. 1664865

my very small breasts mean i should use the men's room and that i make all of you uncomfortable? i'm sorry anons, sorry that i am too ugly to be female. better go to the urologist because i am a man i guess.

No. 1664866

File: 1664733185079.png (87.04 KB, 535x270, Lana Hiscock for Kitchener War…)

oh he's back with a colonoscopy bag and a campaign

No. 1664867

These retards don't even know the timeline of feminism.
This has nothing to do with feminism. And everyone here knows they've been appropriating Stonewall for over a decade.

No. 1664868

Jeff the Coomer

No. 1664870

i've said it before, but, last thing you see before you die

No. 1664873

File: 1664733441591.png (1.23 MB, 986x646, brb k-ing my s.png)

No. 1664875

File: 1664733451839.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 2381x984, 2.png)

edits from kf

No. 1664877

Imagine being cursed with the name LANDON HISCOCK. I almost can't blame him for trooning, but he should've picked a name farther from landon

No. 1664878

George McFly from Planet Terror

No. 1664879

land on his cock is a great name for a tranny

No. 1664884

And some men helped women's rights, too. But it doesn't matter at all, because men were the ones who took our rights away in the first place, and more men fought against feminism than for it. The same is true for TIMs. More of them were (and still are) apathetic towards or actively against women's rights and women's liberation than for either. We owe our civil liberties to women, not men. It's not worth pointing out that "ackshully 1% of men and trannies helped fight for women's rights," even if it's technically true, because it's men's fault that we didn't (and still don't) have full human rights, and it's men's fault that we don't get treated with basic human decency and respect.

No. 1664885

the anon you responded to was literally talking about antifeminists. begone poltard.

No. 1664887

File: 1664734192572.jpg (118.55 KB, 1200x675, 1968-miss-america-protest-5153…)

One of the first nationally organized Womens Liberation protests, in Atlantic City, September 1968. Protesting a Miss America pagent, almost a full year before Stonewall. And again, Stonewall had nothing to do with womens rights.

No. 1664890

kek anon, the actor's name is crispin glover
women know his name. it's men who know him as "george mcfly" because they have shit taste in movies
also if someone gen z has seen planet terror and liked it enough to remember it, i think they can name who was in it
sorry your post is just funny to me for the above reasones. maybe i smoke too much pot sorry

No. 1664891

the stonewall riot happened because a lesbian got sick of being arrested and had to TELL the moids watching to do something.

No. 1664893

Trannoids stealing from a woman. Tale as old as time.

No. 1664899

File: 1664735801927.png (20.13 KB, 682x270, Maddie Haunted Era on Twitter.…)

No. 1664907

god imagine if tifs tried to say this to actual men? they don't anyway, because they know how fucking dangerous it would be for them to start a confrontaiton like this with a real male

No. 1664909

seeing as how moids can wear prosthetic tits hanging down to their guts, and men can rape and identity as women to rape women again behind bars, what do you nonas think will happen next. im honestly getting concerned about how far TRA propaganda will go, seeing as how just feminists and women being afraid of men is bigoted now. Will mass peaking ever happen? People make Chris chans pronouns a bigger debate than the sexual harassment and rape he’s been doing.

No. 1664911

He actually had to get a colostomy bag?

No. 1664923

It's because "not all men do x" is the same as "some men do x" and not "no men do x". The most dangerous and degenerate moids rarely wear a sign, but some of them do. Troons are choosing to wear a red flag like a cape, is it really a surprise when all women, even the TRAs on some level, instinctively see them as a threat?
Even the TRA women will sometimes admit that rapists will "pretend to be trans" to get access to women's spaces, they just don't do shit about it.

It's not like antifeminists are the ones advocating for removing women's spaces, that's more of a libfem thing. Tradthots are pretty strongly against troonery, even if they only hate it because it's an abomination against god or some shit.

No. 1664930

>I was working full time and had been living out off home for 3 years enjoying my independence as any normal young adult.
In this economy? How old are you now?

No. 1664933

Wait nvm I’m a burgerfag and thought you meant Florida.

No. 1664954

This is really funny and you sound very precious nonita. Rowling was always based

No. 1664984

Topkek nonners ily

No. 1664995

gender dysphoria is a mental illness and should disqualify him from holding an office.

No. 1665003

Blogpost but I told my friend today that most MTFs are autogynephiles who view it from the lens of porn / misogynistic degradation fetish and don’t actually have “gender dysphoria” (on TRA’s and libfems own terms) at all. she said I was projecting because of my own internalized misogyny and dysphoria and that I actually hated womanhood more than them.

I tried to show her countless screenshots of guys like Oppai Sensei or scrotes here with rape fetishes and she just refused to hear it and got really mad at me for even suggesting bad twans people existed and I was somehow right wing for being concerned about womens safety. It got seriously so heated that I don’t want to be friends with this person I knew for a long time anymore. It’s sad how tranny mind programming has ruined countless friendships. How do you nonnas handle this

No. 1665014

i usually talk about less controversial things like how they shouldn't be in women's sports or prisons. unfortunately a lot of women can't wrap their heads around how willing moids are to turn their lives upside down for a fetish.

No. 1665015

you need to use the source itself, show the reddit posts.

No. 1665027

I just can’t believe being critical of men is seen as conservative now.

No. 1665028

File: 1664744193142.png (1.74 KB, 343x105, 1664740401970417.png)

Look at what's trending on twitter

No. 1665036

What the fuck, those scars look like his rotpocket grew mandibles.

No. 1665037

File: 1664744519230.png (4.73 MB, 3000x4275, AED82512-E8D3-4CB8-BE6C-EE1071…)

No. 1665043

File: 1664744685814.jpg (101.56 KB, 800x688, FYYZ5OVI22KDMEY.jpg)

Looks like the other mother but worse

No. 1665046

They like to insist they’re not socialized male though. Kek

No. 1665047

I personally don't bother with "friends" like those. You just kow they're the time to call JK Rowling a "terrible person" but make "not all men/troons" excuses whenever you show evidence of trans sexual harassment or violence.

No. 1665052

Tips may work for peaking someone:
1) Feel them out to find out which issues they care about the most, – e.g. rapists in prisons, kids being sterilized, sports – and lead with that, and tie it to negative consequences for them or people they care about - e.g. "some people would call you a transphobe for not dating a tif", "your niece who is into track will never be able to win against males. (See these stats on boysvswomen.com)"
2) Have evidence – screenshots, news articles, etc – ready before you start the conversation.
3) Act like you are just finding out about this too and sharing with them. "I just saw this story about this crazy teacher in Canada who is wearing huge fake breasts? And the schoolboard won't even discipline him? Have you heard about it. Wow, that's so crazy."
4) Pozzed people really care about misgendering so avoid that at first. Don't used pronouns at all if you can't bring yourself to use wrong sex pronouns.
5) Back off at the first sign that they aren't actually listening and are just spouting standard handmaiden talking points, say something like "I can see you really care about this." and change the subject. Try again a few days/weeks later in another way. It may take several discussions over months to peak someone.
6) Even if the conversation goes bad, the info you gave them may still lead to them peaking themselves. It's still in their head and may lead to them doing some investigation on their own to debunk it and thus to them finding out the truth.

No. 1665062

>walk like a man
>meme virgin walk
Also, should I be worried that I do the bro nod?

No. 1665098

No. Trannies just have autism and don't know what normal women act like.

No. 1665100

>Unfortunately a lot of women can't wrap their heads around how willing moids are to turn their lives upside down for a fetish
Can't or don't want to? A lot of women are in denial of male depravity because the idea that degenerate men could easily be their husbands or son is too painful to bear.

No. 1665112

it's actually 1/4 have been sexually assaulted, I'm sure close to 100% of women have been harassed at least once

No. 1665137

File: 1664751969060.png (8.66 MB, 1242x2208, 65D831D1-ECAF-4DC9-9A89-E86195…)

Jesus his daughter can’t even get an award without the damn troon making it about himself and how awesome he is because he’s trans and how amazing he is at raising her

No. 1665148

That's a good point nonny. Are troons online capable of discussing topics other than troonery? I thought they were supposed to be regular people born into the wrong gender. If so they'd just transition and get on with their lives, instead they make literally every topic about themselves and how brave & stunning they are for being trans. It's exhausting.

No. 1665152

nayrt but I honestly didn’t even realize how depraved male sexuality is until reading these threads. I knew it was bad but TiMs take it to a level I wasn’t aware of before.

No. 1665153

Any context? Is it related to Keffals and co.?

No. 1665190

That art is really fucking terrible. Even How to Draw Manga could have helped this disaster out. IDK how it's possible in 2022 to still be drawing this horrible failed manga style.

No. 1665191

Don't you just hate it when you suddenly grow a penis and turn into a man just because you were slouching slightly for a second instead of sitting with your legs crossed like a delicate little lady?

Oh wait that's right, it doesn't happen because I'll still be female no matter how "manly" I act lmao. Meanwhile these dudes are driving themselves crazy trying to keep their paper thin identity from crumbling because they didn't breathe "~girly enough" or some shit

No. 1665196

cringe of the content aside this is some of absolute worst drawing that I’ve seen unironically posted by someone possibly ever. these freaks really don’t understand that they can’t do anything right do they

No. 1665212

Destiny published a “manifesto” on Keffals and did a 3+ stream discussing it https://destinygg.substack.com/p/keffals-a-case-study-on-internet

No. 1665303

File: 1664766739105.jpg (138.41 KB, 1160x1131, Ek8jefOX0AExP6a.jpg)


No. 1665309

Troons are a symptom of the capitalist system via big pharma and unnecessary plastic surgery. Think again.

No. 1665314

I'm saying as a woman to a TIM: you don't decide what is or isn't misogynistic, we do. Ffty.
And it's misogynistic as hell to suggest that women didn't fight for our own rights. We owe scrotes nothing. Trannies didn't even exist during the time of the suffragettes so gtfo of here with that revisionist nonsense. He may as well have said "you bitches used to not even have human rights so how about you bow down to men and suck my dick". My skin is crawling from the sexist energy emanating off this one.
Pretty much. What I heard was:
>The whole point of the trans movement is to let predatory sex pests self-ID out of their well-earned reputation as dangerous to women and gaslight everyone about it.

No. 1665316

>But (s)he's totally changed guys!
You went from one male fantasy to another. Nothing changed just because you put on a skirt, you're still just a misogynist who wants power over women.

No. 1665320

File: 1664767663283.jpg (88.69 KB, 1169x597, nightmarenightmarenightmare.jp…)

ffs. tranny lives in an all female building in japan??? i hope hes lying. Imagine how those women feel living with a giant hulking obviously mentally unstable white man.

No. 1665326

>there's more to females than boobs? I just see boobs.
fuck, just when I thought I couldn't hate moids any more than I already do. these pigs cry about how they're so oppressed but yet they feel totally liberated to openly post the most women-hating comments you could imagine and never face any repercussions for it. never trust a moid who refers to women as 'females' outside of a medical setting, it never fails.
side note but it will never cease to amaze me how trannies will grow the most unsightly little moobs and become obsessed with them regardless. especially ironic considering you know these are the same women-haters who would body shame the shit out of a real woman if she had breasts that looked like their pathetic moobs.

No. 1665351

>his views on women consists of stereotypes
woah did not expect that from a tranny

No. 1665353

File: 1664769293096.jpeg (316.33 KB, 750x962, 9A54CC5E-8B85-42F7-A680-3149E9…)

you will never understand female socialization no matter how hard you try KEK

No. 1665358

autism, actually.
this has been my tinfoil too.
oh great, another tranny making shitty autobiographical comics. just look at those man arms.
yikes, rot pockets don't even need blood or puss to be grotesque. somehow there's nothing more unsettling than a dickless moid. kek at the hand mirror by his side tho.
I have to laugh at how all of TIMs' problems are entirely self made and made up. just confused and depressed about their innate maleness for no reason other than brain worms from the internet. like go touch grass, I'm begging you.
why are they all so obsessed with carrying around tampons and handing them out like candy? do they think it will magically make them pass if they keep them on hand or are they desperate to live vicariously through women?

No. 1665372

kek what a self-own

No. 1665373

File: 1664770513245.jpeg (383.33 KB, 733x1141, A28AA15C-1C16-4FAE-A4DE-8835F1…)


No. 1665374

They describe women like an entirely different species, it’s so weird.

No. 1665375

>why are they all so obsessed with carrying around tampons
Men completely and utterly misunderstand what periods are. You have the right wing scrotes who call periods a curse and think they're inappropriate, sexual (???), dirty, and warrant shaming. Then you have the "left wing" trannies who call periods "mysterious feminine pleasures", think tampons give you orgasms, masturbate to the thought of menstruation, and fantasize about carrying around products to hand to women. It's an exclusively female bodily function, therefore they don't understand it at all, and like all moids they either hate it or jerk to it.

No. 1665376

>i was assuming it's normal, like your hymen being broken
i'm at a loss for words lmao

No. 1665380

he literally stabbed a fucking pencil through his colon from his rot pocket and didn't think it was a problem? IDK this one has to be fake, they can't be that dumb.

No. 1665381

>Fingering with a pencil
The fuck? Is pencil slang for some sort of sex toy or is he sticking graphite up his inverted penis?
>Hymen being broken
I don't even know what to say to this.

No. 1665382

Nona he cut off his dick and inverted it because he thought it would make a vagina. Do you truly think pencil fucking is too low for males like this?

No. 1665384

they literally think "science" can give them a vagina and that people won't know the difference, the bar for intelligence is buried.

No. 1665386

yeah but i mean it's basic human knowledge that stabbing around with a pointy thing in a soft area will end in injury. You wouldn't stab your belly with a pencil why would you shove it up your newly installed surgical site? it doesn't add up imo

No. 1665387

Men put glass jars (and anything else that they can dream up) up their asses in pursuit of the coom. Put nothing past them.

No. 1665388

File: 1664771345166.jpg (2.5 MB, 3456x3456, pennywise.jpg)

troons think taking estrogen changes their chromosomes, they are that dumb nonnie

No. 1665389

They literally don't think it's a wound, though.

No. 1665390

Maybe there are too many dead nerve endings for them to feel a lot of pain?

No. 1665391

'basic human knowledge' doing a lot of heavy lifting here, you can't assume everyone knows what you do no matter how logical it seems. knowing what dudes get up to with sounding (where they slide thin hard items down their urethra because uh…. pleasure?) i have no surprise

No. 1665392

if they know how forks work then they should know why pencil fucking would be a bad idea. thats all im saying.
you're onto something i think

No. 1665400

File: 1664773868864.jpg (870.38 KB, 1078x2513, Screenshot_20221003_010859.jpg)

No. 1665411

Men are so fucking disgusting

No. 1665412

File: 1664776425924.jpeg (418.86 KB, 960x965, 8F6153FC-494E-4939-BFCA-7C4D70…)

female brain doesnt exist, retard, your just a fat lonely faggot

No. 1665417

This tranny thinks feemails obsess over men 24/7. How much more blatantly male can you get jfc. Trannies have opened my eyes on how men really see women and it's just a bunch of stereotypes.

No. 1665478

They think being female is a teen romcom

No. 1665482

A… pencil?

No. 1665484

I'm not even sure it looks male, certainly not female though.

No. 1665505

If they actually tried to be female in nature and not stereotype the world would be a much better place. Y chromosome can't deteriorate fast enough.

No. 1665508

"me" being a caricature of a women stereotype they got from porn and teenage romcoms. absolutely sickening how these freaks get so much attention, no one becomes me, and certainly not some made up perversion version of another race or gender. they need to be in an asylum

No. 1665618

These moids claim to KNOW they literally are "girls" but obsess and fawn over female behaviour like they're studying an alien species ffs. Their fascination and contrived efforts to emulate the most superficial behaviours are further blatant proof they know nothing about women.

No. 1665630

>hymen being broken
Kek, he thinks he's living in sissy hypno land, getting a virgin girl's vagina so that he can have his virginity taken.

No. 1665657

I know who Crispin Glover is, nonna kek. I felt that this abomination was reminiscent of Glover's role in Back to the Future (you know… because he was a creepy pervert) versus any other role. I wouldn't associate that freakshow with Thin Man or even Willard. Put down the weed, it's not good in excess.

No. 1665665

JFC it's not like we live by some unspoken "code" or something. We don't carry around excess tampons just to "help" each other out. We keep that shit on ourselves in case WE need it. Of course, we help a fellow woman out if she asks. Just like ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WOULD DO IF A PERSON IS IN LEGITIMATE NEED OF HELP. These fuckers are ruining my coffee.

No. 1665684

Honestly unless my flow was SUPPER heavy i'd just stuff tissue in my pants before asking someone in a public bathroom for a tampon lmao, also pretty sure most public toilets have those dispensaries with sanitary products if you're in a pinch. I really think this situation is extremely uncommon and is just another troon kink.

No. 1665700

It's the exact same thing as carrying tissues in your bag… They're for me, but if someone asks I will give them one. They fetishize female specific things so much

No. 1665724

Having a wide set vagina and a heavy flow, sucks.

No. 1665735

The silent majority are still disgusted by troons

No. 1665746

Yeah plus as many nonas have said before, actually having a stranger ask you for a menstrual product is an extremely rare occurrence. I’ve only had it happen one time in my life.

No. 1665748

No. 1665749

File: 1664818258243.gif (2.77 MB, 480x270, giphy flow.gif)

it's a mean girls reference retard

No. 1665751

the way i got the reference as soon as i saw the post

No. 1665758

That’s great honey now remember to sage next time.

No. 1665759

carrying a hair tie on my wrist is painful enough. im not about to wear one on my wrist for a random girl

No. 1665762

absolutely not about to use one that’s possibly been in some moids greasy skullet.

No. 1665765

kek exactly. this fantasy of being of service to another woman god forbid a girl is so creepy. you know how non trans moids will do favors for random women they find beautiful (and ofc act like the rest of us are invisible for the crime of being ugly) and then expect their undying loyalty or even a relationship? that behavior has to be connected somehow.

No. 1665777

I understood the reference and that's why I said leave

No. 1665778

They think women are servants, even to each other. We have to always take care of each other. Ugh, even something as "innocent" as this, I can tell this stems from some porn stick fantasy constructed in their heads.

No. 1665782

Never in my 27 years of life have I 1.asked for a tampon from a stranger 2. been asked one by a stranger. Not even friends now that I think about it.

No. 1665795

>me when I prove a woman right when she calls me a guy
fify, hon.

No. 1665796

File: 1664820803176.png (475.91 KB, 900x865, FeKcMC5XkAo13ip.png)

Men wanting to burn down a hotel where women hold a feminist conference, but because they use the word "terf" suddenly its okay??

No. 1665797


This is so damn creepy. I can imagine a tranny in a situation where they could help a bio woman get out of a bind, where they think she owes him her friendship afterwards. Just like their ~cis~ counterparts think they're owed sex from smoking a blunt with you or taking you to Applebee's. I'd never use a tampon that a tranny offered me, even if I was bleeding all over my wedding dress.


Never? Not even in middle school whrre your period just came whenever it felt like? Kek. It's rare but I've had women ask me, but that was back in highschool. As an adult I've never asked for a tampon/pad or loaned one out either. Most women would rather avoid that awkward interaction and pack their own. What they he'll do they think we keep in our purses?

No. 1665798

What the fuck kind of name is this, is he an Ace Attorney character? His parents hate him?

No. 1665801


What strong and courageous non violent allies we have sisters.

No. 1665803

Not ever for real. Just hasn’t happened idk

No. 1665804


Don't befriend liberals. Most of my friends are actually queer and we sometimes will make fun of genderspecials. also, I'm black and friends with PoC who are like, first gen immigrants who haven't swallowed the blue pill of acceptance

No. 1665805

I have friends who are TRAs because that's the good thing to do and it's so uncomfortable, I pretend I don't know shit about any of this and whenever the topic of JKR comes up I pretend I don't know shit and it works because I was always a HP fans because of the books and the first movies but never interacted with the fandom. But I'm worried it's gonna come up at some point where I'll be outed as a terf and I'll lose my friends. They're great people, not stupid at all usually but they're too nice so they trust every scandalizing clickbait headlines they see on instagram and never check sources. I avoided some former coworkers I really liked because of this shit but these friends are like my sisters, I don't know, it's very frustrating.

No. 1665806

File: 1664821337636.jpeg (602.05 KB, 750x1189, F0A933B3-2630-4CD3-9771-03E007…)

I can assure you, they do not

No. 1665807

File: 1664821363890.jpeg (321.85 KB, 1536x2048, C3990FAC-1EAA-4121-ADC9-C6E3B2…)

The delusion

No. 1665812

just like when that troon was calling for the murder of all rad fems on a TedxTalk, was it?
this is what my body dysmorphia tells me I look like. kek that his works in reverse.

No. 1665817

they're not even pretending any more. they used to insist "terf isn't a slur!!" but now it's mask off and it's code for "feminist" or "woman" or even "bitch". i hate them.

No. 1665831

I'd be worried if anyone's tits look like that because the anatomy on that drawing is fucking awful

No. 1665833

I doubt this. There are no anti discrimination laws wrt housing in Japan, landlords frequently turn down tenants for not being ethnically Japanese and other bs reasons. It's also usually required you send a photo with your application too. There is a good chance this freak would have a hard time getting housing at all and zero chance he would be let in a female only building. I wonder how he's paying for all these trips to asia? He's never mentioned a job and lived in a bus in the US. I wonder if maybe that gofundme that disappears has something to do with it…?

No. 1665834

superscrote here protected his tweets, but it won't stop a visit from the bobbies on the beat. threats to kill/arson hooboy

No. 1665846

File: 1664824790215.jpg (236.91 KB, 879x2048, FcrsBdoXkAAHVVE.jpg)

No. 1665849

jesus christ, why are all moids and troons so fucking illiterate. cant read this shit without feeling like im having a stroke

No. 1665859

File: 1664825482831.gif (857.06 KB, 540x1040, sol walk.gif)


>me when I walk to Tesco's and resist the urge to give manly nods to everyone I meet

No. 1665863

It's almost like the Engrish you see on cheap chinese products.

No. 1665869

OT but she seems kinda weird, she's moderately misandrist(but only in a jokey way) and has a bf and also retweeted shuwu, idk I just don't trust her, like I would not be surprised if she turned out to be a /pol/tard

No. 1665870

at least they learn an extra language, so its not comparable. the ones im talking about cant master their own mother tongue kek

No. 1665872

File: 1664826056265.jpg (377.12 KB, 762x2048, 20221003_154027.jpg)

No. 1665873

Every terf that does attention seeking shit like this is a cow. Yes the videos are funny, but they don't achieve anything other than her getting doxed

No. 1665874

File: 1664826347467.jpg (41.6 KB, 277x260, 1455728369346.jpg)

>commits rape by deception
>accuses his victim of being transphobic and being in the wrong
As usual…

No. 1665875

Engrish on cheap Chinese products usually comes from bad machine translation. Trannies literally read like poor AI.

No. 1665879

she actually got kicked out of university over this, so she probably has noting better to do
samefag she sells feet pics online

No. 1665882

why would they need a rule guide if these behaviors are supposed to be innate in their feminine lady brain souls?

No. 1665884

>Most of my friends are actually queer
You can say gay (or LGB) here, assuming you don't legitimately identify as spicy straight–Sorry, I mean "reclaimed term that totally isn't a slur."

No. 1665892

If she's already been doxed i can bet she's at the point of not caring anymore because what else can they do? Harass her at domino's?

No. 1665894

Does anyone else feel like troonism probably peaked during the pandemic / last two years? I feel like this was the year the fever began breaking and people who weren’t committed to this began to see what it really was. I bet in five years half of the current trans population will have detransitioned

No. 1665896

don't care, she makes libfems and troons seethe and I respect her for that

No. 1665897

Lmao tranny spotted

No. 1665901

>I'm a woman FFS

No. 1665902

>carrying tampons to give to "girls in need"
i honestly think this obsession comes from one of those puberty guide books written for preteen girls. i remember my mom handing me a book like that when i started my puberty, and i distinctly remember it advising to always carry some extra in your bag, in case your friend forgets to bring their tampons to school. overall the book was pretty ridiculous and sexist, but i guess this advice makes sense for preteen girls because… they're still children, and kids forget stupid stuff. it should all be done between friends at school, no gross adult tranny should be offering tampons to teen girls. adult women definitely don't need it either.

No. 1665906

Only time I recall giving or borrowing period related products what definitely in middle school. And maybe like once or twice. Maybe. Id never ask a stranger. Shits expensive not gonna take from someone when I can wad up some tp to hold me over if I wasnt diligent enough to prepare that day.

No. 1665910

Yeah I used to follow her on twitter but she'd like and comment on shit like 'having children is the only thing worth living for' and other tradshit, praising Blair White and so on. She's only based for making fun of Dylan.

No. 1665911

File: 1664829592232.png (103.41 KB, 758x377, tomBOY.png)

When you're an AGP with typical male hobbies + interests but need to justify your fetish.. just be a "tomboy"! Tomboys love sparkly nail polish ^_^

No. 1665912

That's surprising, she frequently retweets posts how "misandry isn't real" and males committing acts of violence, I wouldn't expect her to be a tard

No. 1665918

Ayrt and it wasn't just tradshit so I don't think she's a tradthot, I personally feel she just tries a bit too hard to be ~based~ but hasn't decided what group does she wanna be based to (because /pol/ 'based' is vastly different from radfem 'based').

No. 1665931

File: 1664831097943.png (2.85 MB, 3500x1638, AD620273-FC00-4B9D-91E7-D21B30…)

the top comments, in order, of an r/wholesomeyuri post. fourth poster’s bio says ‘need to be dominated by a big woman’. Need I say more

No. 1665932

I’ve literally shown other women shit like this and they defend it as “exploring their feminine sexuality”. We are fucked

No. 1665933

>take a little bit of estrogen, but don't worry it won't actually make you female
>what kind of hatred is flowing through her veins?
is this really the point we're at? it's hateful to know that taking a hormone can't change an adult's sex?

No. 1665948

When and where in Cardiff? I will 100 percent attend fuck it.

Also that guy is tiny as fuck ill and whines about mean Internet people in person to randoms. Overheard it myself. He's pathetic. His comic book is pathetic and he's a 'gay is my only identity' faggot.

No. 1665950

Fuck. Meant for >>1665796

No. 1665956

File: 1664832293497.jpeg (854.43 KB, 960x1466, F506825E-C87A-4813-AEAB-B4A5DF…)

>troon in feminine makeup

im so fucking tired of this shit nonas

No. 1665962

The fucking AGP smirk and that username being "The Great"

No. 1665964

File: 1664832802955.png (1.44 MB, 1279x2048, chrome_screenshot_166483273009…)

No. 1665971

that is a gay man

No. 1665972

does…. this guy know what butch means?

No. 1665975

File: 1664833627128.jpeg (229.94 KB, 1267x1222, 512F339B-E9B8-4D98-9AEF-D5A3BF…)

I’m not sure what’s worse, his complete disrespect for butch women, his refusal to respect their spaces, or his “I’m so feminine I don’t even know what butch means” AGP larp.

No. 1665985

what a fucking pig

No. 1665986

they think it means "woman who is manly and ugly" and since they're hulking uggos and they think they're "women" it must count as "butch"

No. 1665994

He has that weird oval moid head with a huge chin and huge receding hairline forehead. Absolutely repulsive.

No. 1665996

Kevin's long lost cousin.

No. 1665997

Sorry I don't like conservatives pretending to be terfs for a fad and making us look bad

No. 1665999

The ratio on the arsonists's tweet though kek. They really think any and all male violence is acceptable if they tack "terf" onto it. Just because the trannies who run Twitter think it's ok doesn't mean the wider world do, this is just modern-day witch burnings
>women want to live free, unfettered by the need to agree with strange men's sexual propositions and delusions
>burn the witch! I mean, terf!

No. 1666005

These autistic keysmashes and pleading emoji faces though. Trannies really try their hardest to type like middle school aged girls.

No. 1666006

File: 1664835145203.jpg (985.75 KB, 810x2874, Screenshot_20221003-175803_Boo…)

It's so amusing how they believe people view them with less suspicion now:

No. 1666010

File: 1664835427599.jpeg (2.69 MB, 4032x3024, D928D3DD-B8B3-4CBE-8C17-11300B…)

Saw that fucking faggot again today in the same dirty disgusting outfit that I know he’s never washed. Get the fuck out of my neighborhood!!

No. 1666011

lol is this somewhere in PA

No. 1666016

What does cracking your knuckles and being racist have to do with each other? I bet he is indeed racist. And what's with the women section thing? No one is barring anyone from wandering around a store, you could always just say you're looking for a gift, that's what I'd presume a guy going through female clothing was doing, unless he's a troon of course.

No. 1666017

every single time is skirts with these people. every. time.

No. 1666019

This is from downtown Portland kek

No. 1666025


It's rare because we've been conditioned since birth to feel as if getting your period is a gross inconvenience meant to be bore in silence. I keep an open "take what you need" box in my bathroom for anyone to raid, you never know who might be quietly broke and deciding between tampons or lunch that day or week.

No. 1666028


I've seen this guy around, in Zupan's of all places. He's always eying people up around him in this disgusting outfit, when I saw him earlier this summer he had a furry tail.

There's another pair of stunning a brave TiMs who dress like this and hang out at another grocery store with a leash and collar. I never see TiMs anywhere else but grocery stores, it's like people of walmart.

No. 1666040

Bless you nonna

No. 1666048

I've legitimately been asked for period supplies more than I can count, I think I am just a super approachable person and everyone mistakes my kindness for weakness really.

No. 1666049

File: 1664838879428.jpeg (420.86 KB, 960x992, 28910584-387B-4081-8F16-7BE282…)

holy shit the tif wife of the tim that masturbates into TOWELS every time shes out posted this apparently. THEY HAVE CHILDREN TOGETHER

No. 1666050

Did she say she was a radfem?

No. 1666058

File: 1664839586870.jpg (43.43 KB, 567x379, ce04878cc4574ca9b1c5c3a7d58454…)

>we got married when I was 17
What are the odds of the kid not being autistic and they just wanting him to have a special label? I have no idea if having both autistic parents, which might be the case, increase the chances of an autistic child, either way, those children sure are unlucky.

No. 1666063

Imagine bringing your gender obsession into every single hobby you have instead of just enjoying it and bettering yourself.

No. 1666067

File: 1664840357589.jpeg (101.12 KB, 713x332, 96CFCB6F-A653-44C7-95BC-B06606…)

>secure in my masculinity

that’ll be the Y chromosome.

No. 1666072

He doesn't understand that by styling he's obviously an AGP and that makes people uncomfortable. When you have clearly mentally ill people interacting with you, you don't want to upset them or cause some kind of outburst. You don't get the shock of seeing a normal looking person first and then having them be weird to you. With troons, you know right from the first glance.

No. 1666080

Life is so unfair I wish this was my friend group

No. 1666097

Nta but I will admit, life is very chill, based, and funny when your best friend is also a terf. May you find your person/people, nonna

No. 1666099

Never seen one of these neanderthal looking fucks inside my grocery store, very grateful that I haven’t because I can’t even imagine one of them being let in without being asked to leave kek…my condolences that you had to bare witness to that nonita

No. 1666103

Twans woman UwY grooming 14 year old boys on discord. What else is new? Why doesnt he have a thread?

No. 1666104

Same. I think it just depends on a bunch of factors. I definitely get asked for things (tampons, midol, cough drops, etc) more since having kids and carrying around a big mom purse. People assume there’s a bunch of useful shit in there and they are correct.

No. 1666110

she mentioned she was a radfem on twitter when her videos first started trending

No. 1666124

File: 1664845309110.jpg (156.11 KB, 768x1024, FeJsQRkXkAIglvN.jpg)

only colon and the troons would promote something like this

No. 1666147

This is true galaxy brain level shit lel
>What if we made a racist meme
>But we say it's what some other site we don't like would do
>We're definitely not racist
>Us trans girls have the right to use that word, we basically have the same history of oppression
Total projection

No. 1666152

It’s bizarre how much they want to be seen as having it just as bad as black people. I can only imagine that’s also, somehow, part of their fetish.

No. 1666165

I dare them to find a black person who would laugh at this.

No. 1666166

OFC the troon who leaves jizzed towels rotting everywhere has a mom who hates her daughter in law for stealing her perfect little prince sonsband.

No. 1666167

the bigger galaxy brain is that trannies are mostly white males and they're saying this about black women. This is their "true" selves racist misogynist assholes.

No. 1666169


Or resents the fuck out of her for allowing this bullshit to fuck up her grandkids whom she now feels a need to keep an eye over

No. 1666172

I don't think they realize this is what clocks them and this is why people act so antagonistically towards them in their hobby space, especially in online spaces

No. 1666176

Holy shit WHY do no blm people go after this shit, white trans people steal black valor 24/7

No. 1666182

This is very obviously a troll post

No. 1666184

File: 1664847648492.jpg (95.67 KB, 1080x383, IMG_20221002_053538.jpg)

sorry for the image

No. 1666192

men are so FUCKING ugly!

No. 1666193

Kek, they'll be scraping stuff out with their tongue alright. Unintentionally apt analogy!

No. 1666195

File: 1664847962974.jpg (299.03 KB, 2048x1152, skynews-emmeline-pankhurst_421…)

Just the fact that they think feminist activism "started" as late as 1969. kek

No. 1666197

File: 1664848121419.jpg (164.01 KB, 1080x1527, FeD_L2xXoAIN9NY.jpg)

I am not a woman repeat infinity

No. 1666200

File: 1664848311491.png (26.23 KB, 931x300, Screenshot_10.png)

I don't know, it's obviously a throwaway account and it's written like a shitpost. There's also Reddit users in the reply of that post who agree. I don't know what compels a person to make a post like this but screenshotting these bait posts and posting them here and acting like they could be real is not a good look

No. 1666202

>My body and stomach is aching from the indigestion caused by my terrible diet and abuse of experimental endocrine medications
>Must be my period lolz!!1

No. 1666203

File: 1664848493742.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1837, 5A6FF6FA-5A78-4E72-BFA8-53EF07…)

this tranny keeps shitting up transpassing every 5 seconds and gets like 400 comments and updoots telling him he’s a heckin valid women and even prettier then cis wimmens!

No. 1666208

Slapping eyelashes and blush on doesn’t make you look like a woman. I’m pretty sure if I saw this faggot hunched over a laptop I’d easily clock him and his mouthbreather nasolabial folds.

No. 1666209

He's easily clockable without the filters and potato quality phone camera.

No. 1666217


No. 1666219

Don't engage retard, read the rules before posting. Just report him and ignore jfc.

No. 1666228

File: 1664849750030.png (201.57 KB, 551x555, opiumtea.png)

They made this tweet insinuating that Reduxx was trying to make it look like they used a "very different word", I'm not a burger so I just lack the context to judge that, but from a quick search it doesn't seem like modern black americans are fond of the word "negro", that it is sometimes censored from older texts and this is the kind of context it'd be considered to have a racist undertone? Either way, they are so daft to not realise they still come off as racist regardless of the word used.

No. 1666249

File: 1664850789380.jpeg (461.42 KB, 750x861, FB4EF96E-D7D6-422E-906F-CF3C98…)

This made me laugh so much

No. 1666250

It's still a reach to say they were deliberately trying to make the original "satire" seem worse, because both terms are slurs. The censorship was due diligence, not an obfuscation or an attack. Troons just think that their racial insensitivity is okay so long as they "don't cross certain lines," and they're seething that someone drew the line closer than they did because it makes them look bad.

No. 1666254

He literally just looks like a pudgy moid wearing a wig. Also note the username having "coom" in it. Self-awareness doesn't make being a coomer any better, scrote.

No. 1666305

File: 1664855877880.jpg (291.74 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20221003-234436_Chr…)

Gotta love reddit admins kek

No. 1666307

File: 1664856037229.jpeg (258.93 KB, 1242x974, 96AC0568-3897-448F-9965-E10A19…)

A tranny posted this be the way. Further clear proof that troons use misogyny as a fuel to their own fetish towards womanhood
Women are adult human females which you will never be.

No. 1666313

this fucking troon followed me. i was mortified when i went to his gofundme or whatever it was he used then to see that he was a hulking male rather than a 14 year old girl he larps as, i think he had it in his bio. what the fuck? why is anyone okay with that? fucking sick pervert

No. 1666314

And I just had to check, love it. this would get them pissy
>Women are not doing anything wrong
Post yours, nonnas. A troon could never

No. 1666335

no nonny that IS jimmy carr. they aren't getting him for tax evasion again.

No. 1666341

>Women are more important than the other

No. 1666347

which song?

No. 1666376

It's definitely not a reach. Only seeing the censored image at first, I definitely thought it was the n-word. While it's still a stupid, unfunny comparison, use of the actual n-word would make it blatantly much worse. I don't recall ever seeing negro censored, but if they really wanted to, they could have censored it as "ne—es" or something

No. 1666378

>just for sex
Men are actually so evil.

No. 1666381

She got fired from her job and her family doesnt talk to her anymore, only for making fun of some sexist troon

No. 1666383

File: 1664864960707.jpg (569.76 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20221004-022046_Chr…)


No. 1666384

Lmao, I love how they think a period is just a random collection of symptoms they read in an old “Cathy” comic and not the uterine lining shedding as part of the ovulation cycle they will never ever experience.

No. 1666385

he wants female dominatrixes to fulfill his his forced feminization fantasies for free

No. 1666386

>unless the client knows they have options and has specifically chosen you

Uhh, so how does he think people are finding dommes online?

No. 1666388

Women are honestly smarter funnier to the office or go to class

No. 1666397

cope harder, male

if you’re “”””cis,””””””" you should only be interacting with males to step on their balls when they pay you to do so

No. 1666400

“I shouldn’t have to pay women to fulfill my AGP fetish, those bitches know it’s their job to do it for me“ – men

No. 1666406

patheticcccc kek

No. 1666414

You respect this? Why? It’s cringe

No. 1666415

Reading this made me feel like I was having a stroke.

No. 1666416

Are we stooping to covert creepshots now? Look away

No. 1666419

cry more moid

No. 1666425

When I was going through puberty, my mom went through menopause. I wouldn't wish that situation on my worst enemy.

>>being the therapist/marriage counselor
This one is too real. All of the emotional labor of divorces, aging parents, menopause, etc falls on daughters. I've met so many women my age who have extremely unhealthy, enmeshed relationships with their mothers, where their mom continues to helicopter parent their adult daughter while the daughter becomes mom's therapist and main source of emotional fulfillment. They can't say "no," to their mothers, because they've engineered a situation where the daughter is entirely reliant on them and therefore always indebted.

These toxic mother/daughter relationships are typically the product of generational trauma. Our culture enables and encourages martyr complexes in women (which is why I fucking hate the Giving Tree, by the way.) You shouldn't give until it hurts, or give with the expectation of getting something in return. You should give because you want to, simple as. But that's a lesson our culture generally reserved for boys, who take full advantage of it by being selfish leeches.

Relationships between mothers and daughters are complicated as fuck and often toxic due to unresolved trauma and social conditioning.

No. 1666427

I was thinking about the term terf and wondering what a tirf gathering would look like by comparison. I don't think it's possible. Not just because women would shun trandwomen(men) who call themselves feminists, but morso the trannies themselves are anti-feminist by default. Everytime you criticize males and male behavior the trannies always take offense. I have seen more trannies talk like MRAs and meninist reddit pickmes than I have seen them actually fight for women's issues. Hell, when roe v Wade was overturned, they immediately made it about themselves and their potential loss of rights in relation, and scolded women for not being inclusive by talking about our bodies and how they function.
Men just can't be feminists and this includes troons. Even if they wanted to sit with us, they couldn't. Radical feminism isn't about soothing the male ego and watching porn, which is all these moids care about.

No. 1666429

men constantly try to “sneakily” take pictures of women and girls. i think this scrote will be fine

No. 1666435

no one cares about your vendetta newfag.

No. 1666437

Women are in a good mood

No. 1666439

File: 1664872569354.png (2.02 MB, 828x1792, 746159DB-3CD1-4E53-8C37-0BBC0A…)

check out this self-posting and deleting troon

No. 1666452

no, just post it

No. 1666453


Start saging when you post pics of this fugly faggot!

No. 1666457

lrn2sage retard. p.s. girls think you’re ugly

No. 1666458


No one cares, faggot

No. 1666459

tfw lain content and community is dominated by moids and moid-rejects

No. 1666463

literal decade old milk

No. 1666473


>u r so insecure !!!
>zomg is hatred flowing thru your veins

Literally what about this ugly ass moid is worth being insecure about ? ooooh nooo I will never be as genuinely unlovable as Queen Dylan, how can I live ? It's so hard seeing my reflection in the mirror knowing my head will never be a perfect cube like hers boo hoo… girlies how can I train my voice to sound more like a gay caricature

nta but some blurry picture of a random tranny in the street isn't exactly milky.


This isn't milk. take your programmer socks elsewhere

No. 1666477

We see your discord tag in the corner? Could not possibly be more obviously self posting. Just go, retard. You’re embarrassing yourself.

No. 1666480

Wtf is happening in this thread

No. 1666483

What is it with discord people and their belief anyone else gives a shit about their personal dramas, here you go have fun ok thanks for the photo of a random man and screenshots about your infighting. Not what this thread is for.

No. 1666490

What the fuck do you mean you’re not self posting? And no, we don’t want to see your nudes.

No. 1666493

>10k screenshots of your discord drama

Please lad, take it elsewhere, nobody cares. Also revenge porn is not allowed here so you can take those elsewhere too.

No. 1666497

With all due respect what the fuck do you expect from portland

No. 1666499

File: 1664875814700.jpeg (599.52 KB, 960x1442, BE96517C-68E0-4607-9142-58C893…)

this is so stupid fuck off and stop shitting up the thread.

ive brought real milk. these retards think being a woman = emotionally retarded obese moid.

No. 1666502

File: 1664875891777.jpg (89.47 KB, 580x1600, EgU63MTXsAEUyOa.jpg)

No. 1666505


No. 1666506

He should just be lucky that dude didn't flip out and kill/beat him

No. 1666507

stop interacting with him.

No. 1666509

Tranny male imposing himself on female spaces despite it being made clear he is unwelcome, it's like poetry

No. 1666514

>Self post to prove not selfposting
Poetry in motion.

No. 1666520

File: 1664878160155.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20221003_003811.jpg)

No. 1666522

Is Edward Snowden ok? He's looking rough here

No. 1666527

If you have to ask, yes

No. 1666528

Where did she say this?

No. 1666538

>"the DNA that grows boobs and make you cry are already there in you"
Except they don't grow female boobs, they don't suddenly grow a bunch of new working lubules and milk ducts. Why? Because it's simply NOT in their DNA to do so, because they are male and are lacking the literally 1000+ more genes women have that men don't. Although ironically the higher levels of estrogen in men does make these guys more likely to develop breast cancer.

No. 1666545

HRT fucks them up SO bad, they could literally be so sick they're about to die, but they think it's a period (even though deep down they know it is physically impossible) so they won't seek medical help. Insanity.

No. 1666547


Women are not the same thing as you

No. 1666550

Did troons find out lolcor and are using it to shit talk their pedo troon friends?

No. 1666556

Women are women and men are not women

No. 1666557

File: 1664884948771.jpg (40.29 KB, 250x668, 3365223-2193f298b8969b398ee43e…)

No. 1666558

File: 1664885023506.jpg (1.22 MB, 1242x2014, list 2.jpg)


>tie up in my murder-basement

>dump in a shallow grave

No. 1666560

Why the fuck are his lip piercing bars so long.

No. 1666565

moid handwriting

No. 1666568

To shittalk trannies they don't like? Or for self-hating mentally ill reasons?

No. 1666572

Just report the self posting troon and ignore it

No. 1666574

is anyone else noticing how tims especially geriatric ones sign off on EVERY comment post etc w their initial? like stupid shit like “yes thank you (rose emoji) G”. its like theyre trying to assert their delusion on everything and everyone all the time.

No. 1666576

honestly ive seen males do it in general, like I never actually see women do it
dont know if its an autism thing or some shit

No. 1666578

That plus the ones always talking about themselves in third person or using their name in everything. Stuff like "@emilyloveshugs" as a username or "Jess is a girl" as their Twitter handle.

No. 1666585

File: 1664887923599.jpg (130.87 KB, 746x1207, FeOO8syX0AIdSrv.jpg)

So all that happened was you took a picture in clearer lighting??
Why do they fool themselves that HRT alone does anything to an adult male, besides maybe give them some moobs and erectile dysfuntion?

No. 1666587

File: 1664887988110.jpeg (703.75 KB, 960x1616, 8CF2F868-AB1F-450A-B5CF-A4C9E5…)

dodell616’s female brain doesnt know a skort is a skirt/short, not an agp-designed skirt with built in panties.

No. 1666588

File: 1664888058827.jpeg (159.21 KB, 897x1073, CA8C7FE8-2468-451A-9AD2-57A75F…)

my apologies if this has been posted in a previous thread but it made me laugh, even a drunk, high and extremely horny moid couldn’t stand fucking a troon and cried during lol

No. 1666590

Kek I was just checking out the lainzine yesterday. Disappointing since I love lain but I hate troons.

No. 1666591

sorry to semi derail but god, when I was still a TRA and found out years ago that vektroid (kek "troid") wasn't a woman my heart was crushed.

No. 1666593

Not to cape for moids but this is literally rape by deception. Imagine how much worse it would have been if the author were female.

No. 1666594

File: 1664888759254.gif (373.39 KB, 220x198, dfshkdjf.gif)

No. 1666598

I have this thought too, but he did say she told him more than once, and he responded like he didn’t care so she thought he didn’t mind. Still not a very feel good story imo.
> inb4 “sheee???”
Just differentiating them more easily

No. 1666599

File: 1664889006964.jpg (63.19 KB, 670x680, FeLfNoFXoAAihGW.jpg)

Why do women agree to feed into their partners pedophilic fantasy?!?

No. 1666600

I have no idea and can’t imagine it. I would kick him out for even suggesting it. If I hadn’t already left by then, which I would have.

No. 1666604

So he worries about hormones "leaking" and tits not growing anymore, but not about letting his child suck on some kind of toxic brown discharge his body produces because it can't fucking stand female hormones?

No. 1666605

This shit is so fucking vile. I’m an actual lesbian with an actual wife and we co-feed (I am the one who carried) and it’s beautiful and natural and these freaks just…it is so pedo and so horribly wrong, how can the women with these men ignore their instincts that HAVE to be screaming at this?? I just don’t get it sorry to sperg, nonas

No. 1666609


How is he not asking this question to his GP (who to be fair, would probably not know what to say) and to a subreddit? Filth

No. 1666611

KEK Had to read that part twice to get that the "shriveled dark thing" was the ladyboy's limp shenis, gross. Even if you're a faggot, of course it's gonna be unpleasant to have sex with someone who's essentially chemically castrated. Well, most moids probably don't care if the trannies get off anyway.

No. 1666612

File: 1664889622725.png (487.97 KB, 717x722, 13.png)

so this is kinda confusing but I don't where else to post this, so in a 2018 a progressive liberal Islamic party in my third world muslim country instituted a Transgender rights bill, that would allow anyone choose their gender and to have that identity recognized by the state and so afterwards tens of thousands of women and men have "transitioned" into the opposite sex, it honestly was pretty suprising how local westernized liberals and actual western liberals have made this into a major issue even through transgender people are still a very much a small super small minority of the population, by framing it such as a major issue the left wing in my already conservative country is just shooting themselves in the foot cause

No. 1666614

men involving their babies in their fetish is the most pure and unfiltered evil. trying not to post violence, because there is a violence to post.

No. 1666617

GP would be legally obliged to write a safeguarding concern to social services I expect

No. 1666619

File: 1664890015499.png (1.32 MB, 1280x1125, 1657428636742.png)

also worth understanding that majority of MTFs in my country are from middle punjab and kpk regions, where sexual abuse of boys is incredibly common, I think part of it is that boys are "more available" than girls and women (who are either kept far away from males, or marked as another man's commodity, aka not fair game) but its also cultural to an extent, I have stories of male cousins who were 10-12 being chased by adult men when they were at markets and one time when I was with my younger brother, a group of men started whistling, not at me(I was veiled) but at my younger brother and making sexual remarks to him, so their are probably hundreds of thousands of males in those regions who have been raped at some point and discussing that sexual abuse is also not a thing over here, so becoming a MTF might seem like the only option for these traumatized young men who often die from heroin overdose in most cases(heroin addiction is super common in those regions as well)

No. 1666621

I wonder if any of them are going to say 'it was 11 years ago'.

No. 1666625

Women are the most important thing

Kek had to turn on predictive text for the check so idk if that's from my dictionary algorithm or the phone's base one

No. 1666626

Western NGOs prioritizing trannies over the problems of real women in Pakistan

No. 1666632

Genuinely asking, how is your wife able to co-feed the baby with the same demand as you, if she didn’t have the pregnancy hormones telling her body to produce milk? Doesn’t it hurt your milk production to have her “change up” the feeding schedule? Had she had another baby previously? Also, congratulations!

No. 1666634

Women are extremely [and then a choice between "important" and "judgmental"] kek

No. 1666644

File: 1664893002481.jpg (214.53 KB, 1080x1257, FeNV2alX0AAG8-i.jpg)

Theyre getting scammed with this FFS nonsense

No. 1666648

sage for lain sperging
the thing that enrages me the most about the majority troon section of the fanbase is that they tend to interpret lain as this super terminally online character, when in fact the message of lain is to go outside, touch grass, make real connections with people and stop being a social reject / misanthropist etc etc. it's like they'd rather wilfully let the message of the series fly over their heads than do a slight amount of introspection.
if these guys were in lain, they wouldn't be lain, they'd be that one guy in that one scene who wanders around in the vr headset and the computer backpack while everyone looks on in vague disgust.

No. 1666658

>Removed by Reddit legal

No. 1666662

He really just looks like a dude with bigger eyes lol. Also I don't get the chin shaved thing, it just gives him a more noticable neck beard.

No. 1666666


'man' is a stretch.

I'd cross the street to avoid that thing in case they try and stab me or some other psycho shit.

No. 1666669

File: 1664894293260.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2062, 1D789A48-C2FD-4C3E-B603-92AD23…)

i was going to say this troon looks like he’s skinwalking 90’s pam anderson, but i feel like that’s insulting to pam anderson

No. 1666670

No kidding it looks like madame puppet

No. 1666671

Why do they always end up looking geriatric? They all end up looking like old men, not like women in any shape or form.

No. 1666681

i think some of you just have social anxiety because ive asked female coworkers/friends for a tampon when I forgot one lol. trannies are delusional if they think I'm ever gonna ask some random moid though

No. 1666684

For trannies I think it is symbolic of the ultimate form of recognition as "one of the gurls" hence so many of them talk about carrying tampons in case we need one

No. 1666704

File: 1664898353680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 664.41 KB, 750x1216, D986D5E9-5CB5-4410-A712-4D264A…)


No. 1666708

Imagine how many moids he hooks up with. His amhole is probably a breeding ground for new, obscure bacteria. Ew.

No. 1666709

also there's a specific kind of agp (forget the term) that gets off on imagining having female biological functions like having a period, being able to get pregnant, etc. pretending that they need to use tampons and getting others to validate that fantasy is part of the fetish. also just normal period fetish stuff unrelated to agp probably plays a big role…

No. 1666711

I'm a full-on misandrist, and even I think this is fucked. The TIM took advantage of him while he was drunk and high out of his mind and continued to make him do things he was uncomfortable with despite getting clear signals to stop (like how he was avoiding his penis until he forced it into his mouth). The fact that he specifically waited until the guy was too high to form coherent memory before telling him he was a man (extremely casually) is a major red flag, too.
>Women are more important than the other
>Women are not the same as the other
>Women are not only the most beautiful but the most important
>Women are the best
Depending on which word I selected from my three options at any given time. Meanwhile:
>Men are a little bit too much
>Men are the only ones that have ever been so bad

No. 1666713

> Women are very supportive and I love her

No. 1666717

Women are so much better

No. 1666720

All they seem to care about is having tits, ass, a vagina and looking good with them. Not fighting to make sure women get equal pay, representation, and an equal say in our bodies.
How can ANY of them say they aren't in it for pure sexual fetishism? BULLSHIT.

No. 1666723

right, like another anon said upthread they even managed to make roe v wade all about them. they care about our rights as much as any other man, which is to say, not at all.

No. 1666734

this one, and its the guy who sings this and not made the living tombstone who made the song. its old news from like last year or so

No. 1666769

File: 1664904714493.jpg (143.3 KB, 720x1053, 1664899866802403.jpg)


No. 1666777

Kek dude literally stopped using drugs bc he fucked a tranny

No. 1666779

I'm not defending the tranny but come on. He told him he was a man multiple times at the beginning of the night. He even specified being a man instead of trans woman, probably cause he knows a lot of men don't even know what that means or assume all tims have had bottom surgery. It's not really his fault if the moid didn't listen and is also a fucking junkie (who the fuck drinks, takes oxy AND does coke at the same time?). Most trannies are rapists by deception but this one did the right thing, the moid is fully at fault plus he also kept going after being disgusted by the shriveled black micropenis. These men aren't in danger of being overpowered by a tiny asian tranny, he could've left at any time and still decided to stay and sob while sucking dick kek.

No. 1666784

I have never heard of a woman refer to her boobs as "perky" the weird way men do.

No. 1666786

File: 1664905911168.jpg (20.24 KB, 640x451, GettyImages-467535866.jpg)

Sage for old milk but Jimmy Carr is oddly trans milk relevant. The Netflix special where he was in trouble for the gypsy joke is the same special where he backed up Dave Chapelle. Troons were seething for weeks because people cared more about the gypsy genocide than trans feelings. In the entire circuit of UK comedians, the one person to stand up was this ventriloquist doll mfer. Not even Frankie Boyle had the balls to do it

No. 1666787

That's awful, hope you and your family are doing okay nona.

No. 1666788

Jimmy is weird af but also based for backing Chapelle. Soon comedy as have known it will be dead and our standup will just be angry gender specials.

No. 1666790

UK comedians are an interesting part of the "terf island" thing because it's been such a huge part in debates regarding transgenderism. The loudest voices are comedians for some reason, not politicians. Whenever I see gender drama from the UK it's either a comedian being praised for preaching or it's Ricky Gervais demonstrating for the 89th time that he doesn't care

No. 1666791

>Assumes his rotpocket is unclockable despite having noticeable scars and showing up to his one night stands dry as fuck when in reality the moids probably pretended not to notice to fuck him like his twansphobic date did
>"He tells me that im very tight" "you are so loose"
Huh? So which one is it?
Funny how they constantly fetishize misogyny and say they just wanna be fucked, used and degraded to feel like real women but when a moid actually treats them like shit they get their fefes hurt. Boohoo. Rapist tears.

No. 1666793

It's probably both. Vaginas have muscles that can actually, y'know, contract. Rotpockets don't have muscles, but they do have a wound opening that's constantly trying to close itself. So rotpockets usually have an abnormally tight entrance and an abnormally loose 'canal'.

No. 1666795

File: 1664906967689.jpeg (546.74 KB, 2275x1562, D7F73962-5BE6-42AB-81E2-C019A5…)

Sorry to any bayofags itt

No. 1666803

>There’s a sexual predator in your neighborhood? Why are you so bothered? Look away!

No. 1666806

NTA but you made me curious and I googled it, lesbian couples can both breastfeed if the partner that didn't get pregnant takes hormonal birth control without the placebo pill (to stimulate raised hormonal levels), then stops abruptly a month before her wife goes into labour (to stimulate the drop in hormones right before birth) and starts using a breast pump. The couple I read about kept on an alternating schedule so they could both get some rest and I guess keep milk production going.

No. 1666818

Why is one moob twice the size of the other

No. 1666824

File: 1664909163469.png (127.32 KB, 980x742, 7-Figure1-1.png)

Female socialized moids don't exist. They all have experiences women never have to deal with.

No. 1666828

Good for him. At least he knows the consequences of being mentally unwell.

No. 1666833

File: 1664909578131.png (347.16 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20221004-205120.png)

Don't know if this long ass article has been posted but it's a hoot


Tldr being a woman is easy being trans is hard. They're basically eating themselves.

No. 1666839

File: 1664909824700.jpeg (496.38 KB, 960x1452, 44FAAC69-AA76-4CFF-AED9-175618…)

>agp is a harmless kink

No. 1666852

kill yourself

No. 1666853

its harmless to them bc women arent people lol. fucking coomer degenerates

No. 1666855

is this benedictus cumbersome on horse piss pill?

No. 1666862

>men are terrifying
correct. that extends to womanfishing moids too. you are terrifying, and you will never be women.

No. 1666866

File: 1664911041690.jpg (924.22 KB, 1440x2027, Screenshot_20221004-151039_Chr…)

Bozo here has a clown fetish.

No. 1666868

I wish they would just call themselves feminine men. It would be better for their mental health and women's rights.

No. 1666871

That was a hard ass 5 years. Male-to-Mitch McConnell pipeline is real.

No. 1666872

well it's not like they actually care about either

No. 1666881

he looks like eminem

No. 1666883

this is hilarious but also what the fuck did he expect? trannies that somewhat pass also style their hair and wear makeup. he didn't even bother changing his shirt.

No. 1666885

don't respond to the selfposting tranny nona.

No. 1666887

File: 1664912335744.jpg (56.29 KB, 572x680, FeLfRBiXoAIBz-g.jpg)

They WANT to be oppressed so bad, you know they LOVE the thought of terfs being evil and wanting them dead, while that is not happening at all

No. 1666889

Sounds like an excuse to hurt women

No. 1666891

my bad

No. 1666892

File: 1664912546959.png (1.57 MB, 1200x900, familar setting.png)

>Eliot Rodgers Carposting
Why are men like this?

No. 1666894

literally when have TERFs physically attacked troons?

No. 1666895

Never, but men have.

No. 1666896

File: 1664912750822.png (159.28 KB, 1118x386, asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfdsdfd,.png)

I know at least one other person here follows this cow so I'm posting this lol. I guess this answers the question of wtf he's doing in Japan. Going to school? To study what? If there are other trannies at the school I would assume it's full of white people. Or does his autistic faceblindness cause him to assume any ugly woman must be a tranny? So many questions. The Japanese should put him on a 24/7 livestream like they did with the life of prizes guy kek.

No. 1666899

or he's just lying about everything and actually lives in America

No. 1666900

This gives off the same vibe of "I'm moving in silence no one message me"

No. 1666902

File: 1664913071351.png (890.63 KB, 1118x1526, meetthetroon.png)

Sorry to doublepost but I just realized he made a new about me page kek
>I'm a japanese schoolgirl
Holy fucking pedophile batman.

Yeah or it could be this. He's posted pictures of Japan, and photos of Korean money, but I don't think he's posted anything of himself where he's clearly in Japan. Except for that picture of him in the girls bathroom but that could be anywhere.

No. 1666905

why do nonnas itt belive this guy? he's clearly more delusional than the average troon, do you think a tranny would have a japanese gf, and if he did that he wouldnt brag about to his incel friends about how he's totes like the animu girls from yuru yuri?

No. 1666906

File: 1664913519818.jpg (212.69 KB, 1080x1920, AAAAAAAAHHH.jpg)

went back and found this, i think he's actually in japan.

No. 1666908

thats korean

No. 1666910

kek at the 666 in this post number, truly cursed.
anyway this is a screenshot of his tiktok where he autistically hits his cat with the rainbow chain choker he's frequently seen wearing. it looks like a dorm room to me. i remember seeing an article about japanese students being sent to counselors for not accepting males as women, do you think he triggered that kek. i would be fucking terrified if i had to sleep in the same room as this guy.

No. 1666912

I'm trying to imagine how Japanese people cope with this because American trans travel there by the boatload

No. 1666914

Sage for blog but I’m a very muscular woman and while I sometimes get objectifying comments like this from normal men, the number of them that i get from troons is actually insane. Trannies objectify me more than absolutely anyone else. They fall into two camps - the ones who claim they are “Muscle mommies” themselves (but actually just have flabby middle-aged dad bods, but by virtue of being men are slightly more muscular than your average woman) or the ones who get off on the idea that they are more uwu small and weak than an actual cis woman.

No. 1666918

File: 1664913924910.png (1.19 MB, 928x1526, animalabuse.png)

dropped the image

sorry, i'm retarded. i'll go back and see if he ever posted proof of him being in japan.

No. 1666919

File: 1664913949060.png (2.48 MB, 854x1285, unknown.png)

the farms archived the selfie channel of the bobposting pedo server, aside from everyone that posted there looking underage they also all were ugly incels that stole their moms dressed, this one was the absolute most horrid but it was tied with some pizza face with psycho eyes

No. 1666920

File: 1664914030220.jpg (437.16 KB, 810x1630, Screenshot_20220915-141544_Boo…)

>"Transgender invaded my restroom" is the new "The n* touched me"

No. 1666924

If he really just wanted a cis woman to show him how to wear makeup, he would go to the makeup counter at the mall.

No. 1666930

Yeah, I don't get it. This whole thing is just a justification for these men to carry a weapon so they can use it on women.
Let's not forget that these men are obviously, not only taller, but also stronger even after taking estrogen for years, which most of the times doesn't even happen because they don't feel the need to chemically castrate themselves, as they should, because just "feeling like a woman" (whatever the fuck that means) is more than enough for them to justify their boners while they invade women's spaces, wearing women's clothing.
Like, even the most rabid a-logger in this site would rather stay quiet and leave before confronting these freaks.
I don't get just why isn't that site considered the same as browsing pornhub but with a bunch of miscellaneous communities, everyone in Reddit is just playing along with those moids' fetishes whenever they updoot any post made by them.

No. 1666931

This is one of the dumbest things about TRA Their obsession with TERFs who have never violently attacked a trans person. But don't seem to care a fraction as much about the homophobic men and unhinged people within their own community who are the actual threats.

On the flip side, "terfy" women have been killed and violently attacked by trans activists (eg. Dana Rivers).

No. 1666932

I don't even feel like going down the racebait rabbit hole, but that's how it was in this country. It's so surreal to see what we once thought were normal men, put on dresses and trying to flip yet another thing around to fit their gross purposes. It was gross then. It's gross now. The fact they're still harping on it shows that the vile racism is always there at the tip of their tongues.

No. 1666951

(sage for a-log probably, I'm new idk)
Why does every "movement" always try to make it seem like they're living the life of a black American in the 1800s? It's starting to seriously piss me off. I'm not American but I'm black and it angers me so much when (especially) black women are being crammed into a movements stupid slogan or being dragged along in whatever nonsense. Fat acceptance, The election thing, Ben and jerrys and now this. I wouldn't care as much if they were doing it to everyone but they always, always, always choose black people. Leave us alone.

No. 1666957

Welcome to the farm, friend. I hope you stay with us and enjoy your time here. I'm also not American, but it's always been bizarre to me that they do this. I think you've articulated it better than me kek. My theory is that American whites are so obsessed with being victims and in America they feel the biggest tragedy is the treatment of black people. I'm surprised more of them don't larp as Native Americans anymore

No. 1666959

I want to be based enough to laugh at this but the tran kept thrusting his dick in a drug fucked person's face until he gave in and cried a little while doing it…. that's fucking disturbing. If they can do this to men then lesbians aren't just expressing a "genital preference" by avoiding trans women, they're physically protecting themselves.

No. 1666966

File: 1664917094886.jpeg (584.21 KB, 960x1731, E7A495D8-60C9-4624-B08F-0CF76F…)

a tim wrote this thread and theyre getting attacked for it. i know its just twitter but this is bleak. idk what to think nonas

No. 1666970

Someone didn't tell him that there is no such thing as a male and transwomen's experiences are women's experiences

No. 1666977

File: 1664917866711.jpg (2.61 MB, 810x6939, Screenshot_20221004-170236_Red…)

Imagine trooning out on your family like this

No. 1666978

>"I'm a man"
>Were there signs? I dunno
The logical and rational gender

No. 1666981

and he's fucking right, i'll say it. i don't agree with everything he has said, but he is well on his way to peak. i hope he'll someday deal with his dysphoria without chopping his balls off

No. 1666985

i feel sorry for the woman she is too cute for that ugly moid and its so obvious he's skinwalking her

No. 1666987

Holy fuck he was only 33 in that last picture.

No. 1666991

I'm being a downer, I know, but it pisses me off that they can do this because they're men. Attempts to cancel Chapelle and Carr are pretty limp-wristed compared to what would happen if a female comic dared do the same. Men can beat, rape, and kill TIMs but they'll worry more about TERFs. A woman merely says sex is real and suddenly an unholy alliance of transes, handmaidens, and horny men rises up to lob death threats her way. Worse still, I doubt Chapelle, Carr, Gervais, et Al, would ever stick up for a female comic daring to do the same.

No. 1666999

He definitely thought the troon was joking, nona. He even said so in the post. I think some of you don't realize how being completely blasted on drugs and booze can obliterate any semblance of cognizance or agency a person has.
>there is no such thing as a male
If only this were true.

No. 1667007

We didn't "let you visit" you fucktard moid, you barged into our space without permission and then forced your stupid shit on us despite multiple people telling you to stop. You are male through and through and will never ever be anything close to us. Even if you abandoned your flesh to the wired and ascended to internet god status you would still be a worthless male.

No. 1667016

File: 1664920696037.png (1.83 MB, 2372x1648, Untitled.png)

No. 1667021

Stop talking to troons you idiots

No. 1667026

File: 1664921370848.jpeg (32.05 KB, 320x243, 2F46B5B5-3645-4B53-B6E4-2D3390…)

No. 1667029

File: 1664921633049.png (1.14 MB, 1904x1008, dolezal20.png)

No. 1667030

File: 1664921720693.png (672.68 KB, 752x936, transracee222.png)

No. 1667033

when blackface and womanface collide. troons are addicted to identity theft.

No. 1667044

File: 1664922469568.jpg (675.21 KB, 2016x1992, 1664916208923635.jpg)

No. 1667051

These mfs literally asking to get killed at this point, I know men normally put themselves in danger for their own sexual gratification… but asking groups of black men (history of being more homophobic typically) to meet up with you and have sex with you while you wear black face… oh my fucking god

No black person is going to come near you, only to beat you to a pulp… maybe they’d get off on that too and make it a way to be about “black womens struggles” ffs I hate men

No. 1667053

Why is the support staff letting such a mentally ill guy troon out?

No. 1667055

kek the last paragraph, he's self aware he's a case study for mental illness

No. 1667057

File: 1664923369380.png (Spoiler Image, 248.71 KB, 662x384, lashelle.png)

No. 1667058

File: 1664923402541.jpg (522.64 KB, 2229x1341, lizardrage.jpg)

lmao the comments are telling him yes

No. 1667063

File: 1664923761633.jpg (251.6 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20221004-183546_Boo…)

No. 1667064

>tourettes with rage attacks

that's why she threatened to call the police motherfucker. autistic males need to be genocided.

No. 1667065

File: 1664923844379.jpg (467.7 KB, 1080x1648, jay.jpg)

This guy's handlers need to get him away from the internet.

No. 1667067


No. 1667068

If I saw this cryptid approaching and asking random questions, I would not hesitate in calling the police
Of course he doesn't understand, those random and weird questions could be used to lower her guard, she was alone at night and he kept trying to make contact with her despite the clear signs that she didn't want…

No. 1667072

File: 1664924075372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 242.25 KB, 1080x1602, helga.jpg)

>the dog on his shirt has a visible vaginal slit

What the fuck?

No. 1667075

File: 1664924349885.jpg (172.92 KB, 1280x750, 1664924291025165.jpg)

I don't understand why his handlers are letting him do this.

No. 1667076

it's the most abundant/one of the cheaper collars on chinese e-commerce sites tbh

No. 1667078

Maybe they're TERFs, kek

No. 1667090

File: 1664924925465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.66 KB, 1080x1442, cow.jpg)

He trooned out because he has a cowgirl fetish and nobody around him thought to say no..

No. 1667095

File: 1664925238961.jpg (254.36 KB, 1080x1383, 74.jpg)

His art is very Chris Chan.

No. 1667107

this has to be the new threadpic. It's a deranged troon's drawing of literally transforming into a COW. So topical

No. 1667112

Autism not taken care of results

No. 1667116

No. 1667118

File: 1664926973984.jpg (721.75 KB, 2390x2870, mobian cow.jpg)


No. 1667121


these new aged white men scare me more than their KKK grandaddies.

No. 1667125


I'm having trouble believing this isn't some parody shit his comedic timing is perfect

No. 1667135

File: 1664927673687.jpg (351.56 KB, 1080x1363, 1664926139157748.jpg)

He's been posting for years. It's legit, his brain is just broken.

No. 1667140

I'm with the other anon. This has got to be an elaborate troll what the fuck. I cannot take this seriously. Everything's so perfectly timed and then the "transformed by a dog and adopted by a nice gay couple" at the end made me fucking laugh out loud. 21st century Andy Kaufman.

No. 1667153

He's doing the same poses as his cow drawing in his epic three piece modeling photoshoot, presumably taken by his tard wranglers.

No. 1667154

holy shit his stomach

No. 1667155

File: 1664928343135.jpg (75.68 KB, 1231x558, 1664925405946347.jpg)

He has a transformation fetish. The dog thing with a pussy is his fursona.

No. 1667156

what the fuck. And he was offended the lady washing her car was gonna call the police on him? He literally admits he wants to, and struggles not to kill random innocent people.

No. 1667160

>it almost makes me cry sometimes
>(Im a transgirl)
oh thank god, I was so confused for a moment, Im glad he cleared that up! Also why is he not in a mental hospital? How are people like this allowed to just roam?

No. 1667163

And we are transphobic if we don't share a bathroom with this mentally unstable moid, nonnies. Literal genocide.

No. 1667164

People got really upset at how poorly institutions used to be run so they were shut down, and now there's no place for people like this.

No. 1667167


No. 1667169

No. 1667170

Holy shit, who let Chris-chan clone himself?

No. 1667172

Learn to integrate catuuross@gmail.com

No. 1667175

Most asylums in America were shut down in the 60's.

His parents bought him a house and hired people to help him with daily life.. he's not quite roaming free, but he clearly needs more oversight than he's currently getting

No. 1667177

I hope the caretakers are getting good money for dealing with Canadian Chris-chan.

No. 1667178

Kek I just realized I'm already subscribed to him, I wish he uploaded more often

No. 1667180

his writing is so coherent and i think he does genuinely have a sense of humor, crazy to see an autistic moid manage to avoid the robot talk

No. 1667182

Learn to sage and stop namefagging

No. 1667188

I am very surprised, I think that is the first time I saw a troon's house that doesn't look like a mix of a sewer with a serial killer's basement

No. 1667193

Kek how he pulled his hair forward in his headband to hide his male pattern baldness. Too bad they didn't fix that.
I can't tell which is the before and which is the after.

No. 1667198

File: 1664930741046.png (202.09 KB, 593x978, some slight insight.png)

that is probably the only thing his caretaker actually helps him with, maybe that and a little shopping or something. they are certainly not there to keep him from sperging out online. much "I don't get paid nearly enough…"

No. 1667200

File: 1664931102569.jpg (4.41 MB, 970x9097, Screenshot_20221005-024827_Fir…)

he made an album about john money

No. 1667204

>this gender dysphoria stuff that I have apparently been feeling for 28 years

He sounds surprised, as if he didn't realize he had dysphoria until recently. He probably got groomed by unscrupulous discord troons. I don't get how his shrink failed to see that. He's on estrogen now.

No. 1667211

File: 1664932150339.jpg (349.8 KB, 1080x1690, preg.jpg)

It's electronic, so it's actually not bad.

No. 1667212


He’s trying to pass for 28?? Nice try grandpa! kek

No. 1667215

Wtf he sounds severely developmentally delayed, why are they even letting him troon out? I'll never understand why these people who barely have the mental faculties or ability to wipe their own ass are taken seriously when they say they're a woman now.

No. 1667218

holy shit what a find, this guy is literally like cwc's long lost brother

No. 1667219

File: 1664932734374.jpg (41.58 KB, 540x960, 1664932305076657.jpg)


>i really like when a new fetish gets invented on the internet. i like that stuff!!!!! there is potentially some poor sap somewhere for every one of these things that can ONLY get off by using IT and NO OTHER FETISH, NO OTHER HUMAN INTERACTION, NOT EVEN ANY OTHER KIND OF SENSORY DATA….. like….. dorses… dick horses!!!! horses that are women who were reshaped into a giant dick on 4 legs by a magical dildo that now serves as their horsetail…. or…. cubegirls/cubies/cubeguys!!!!! people who were smushed into the shape of a cube but are still otherwise just a functioning healthy human body that cant get itself out of that shape. ULTRA submissive is what it is….. speaking of….. ladypots/enbypots/guypots!!!!! a person potted, like a potted plant. awwwww. succplants!!!!! a variant of “ladypots” where the enby or lady or dude or whatever is actually turned somewhat plantlike, with their head turned into an upsidedown Pitcher Plant (for succin) while their arms are turned into prehensile leaves.

>theres another two that showed up on twitter quite, neither of which i know the name of, altho im probably wrong about the name of the previous ones too……. one where a pre-op translady has her center-seat-of-consciousness magically transferred from her head to the head of her….. um….. (ill just say dicc in case theres any transwomen or femme enbies here with really severe dysphoria…. i dont wanna cause more bad feelings than i probably already am just by asking about all this) so just to stop feeling disoriented she has to start walking on her hands (doing a handstand) with her dicc wayyyy up in the air at all times, 24/7. and the second one is…. well the premise is a there being a way to make someone ejaculate their sentience/soul, and them, well, bodyswapping etc.

No. 1667231

File: 1664933742957.png (Spoiler Image, 220.04 KB, 298x363, disturbing.png)

Dead animal warning
This is extremely creepy in light of this post and I don't know if he's so autistic he thought it was sleeping or if he killed it himself.

No. 1667234

File: 1664933867512.webm (565.15 KB, 720x1280, #TransBian #EggGod #unstoppabl…)

This "homeless transgender woman" was featured on Soft White Underbelly today.

No. 1667235

File: 1664933896981.jpeg (383.37 KB, 1170x1103, 6EFC6E0F-4645-440F-B7BF-0AC80A…)

I can’t stop laughing at this help

No. 1667238

this guy needs his own thread.

No. 1667240

File: 1664934198848.png (35.34 KB, 900x300, Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 21-42…)

Spoken like a true AGP fetishist

No. 1667241

I just found out what Mermaids was a few days ago and the whole concept creeped me out, and lo an behold … it's infested with pedophiles. Just wow.

No. 1667244

File: 1664934343775.jpg (105.15 KB, 1017x786, my_headmates__sketch__by_uncle…)

The retarded guy is also being groomed to believe there's people living in his head.

>these are the people who may or may not share my body & mind with me….. i kinda doubt it but ppl online keep sayin theyre real so i dunno. am i plural? do i really have alters? why are they so hard to hear & listen to?

Oh no no no. Imagine that person in a shelter for women.

No. 1667260

Not a single woman talks like this. Not even onlyfans whores and pickmes who try to flaunt for male attention. It's just so retarded and fetishistic I don't think anyone lacking a y chromosome could make this shit up.

No. 1667267

>women are in the middle of the day and I have to go to the store and get a new one for the kids

No. 1667271

And this shit has 51 upvotes.

No. 1667279

It sure would be sad if Andrew Tate got exposed as being a closeted transwoman. He is beginning to take Ws again and in the media more now, his audience can't possibly know that he has telltale signs of wanting to trans and his antiwomen stance is a jealous front.

No. 1667294

God, even in 2016 it was the mere start of nuttery.
>Remember that when you think “not all men!!!”
You are the men. What the fuck?

No. 1667307

File: 1664938605060.jpg (562.51 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20221004_215101.jpg)

No. 1667318

What did Rowling say to trigger them this time?

No. 1667320


No. 1667323

This music is unironically very kino.

No. 1667331

to a large extent its many of the local elite here are also at fault, cause they just don't realize how fucking unlikeable they can be, the MTFs in my country don't even care about this shit cause they are illiterate peasants who probably don't even know why the sky is blue
one my male cousins was almost raped by a pashtun but that's real incident I can think off, in northern Punjab where most of my paternal lives, that sort of this is much more common and not the sindh region where I live in

No. 1667337

Surprisingly alright wtf? I can imagine this being some game ost.
He's seems so articulate, it's so surreal in comparison to seeing him speaking/in motion.

No. 1667349

It's not the best and does have some autism weirdness to it, but it's shockingly good if it was produced by the same retard writhing around in a BDSM Birdo costume in the video.

No. 1667355

File: 1664942512731.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1224, ripx4nutmeg-natalieryan.png)

TIMs invading the women's division of professional disc golf despite there already being a mixed sex division. Quillette recently had a nice article about it:

No. 1667361

reading this essay is a trainwreck. reposting, forgot to sage.

the only time he confronts his lack of female upbringing is wanting his girly sleepover meme, yet when actual women come in with perspectives that stem from all the facets of a female childhood, the good and the bad, he flips the fuck out. his ego is so bruised, he doesn't stop to consider WHY exactly women might call men fuckboys, or make misandrist jokes; something tells me his idea of being a woman hasn't really progressed past wanting to be the pink power ranger.

the other times he tries to establish commonalities between his experience and womens' experiences, it falls flat entirely. sure, his hobbies are denigrated like womens, but his hobbies are looked down on because he's failed at being masculine, whereas women are simply because they are not men. to put this bluntly, girls are not called fags for playing with barbies.

i do feel a little bad for him considering all he's been through in the past (hazing, homophobic bullying), but that's not enough to make up for him overstepping his place in womens' spaces.

No. 1667362

i truly hope TRAs try and normalise agp, holy shit the peaking would be insane. finding out about agp, hsts stuff single handedly peaked me. it was like the curtain opened.

No. 1667366

Your DNA is cow edition

No. 1667367

Kys, /v/tranny

No. 1667368

For the future of humanity, there needs to be a way to detect autism in male fetuses.

No. 1667374

The fucking NERVE of these retards to talk about 'echo chambers', they live online in a hugbox because the TRA tech mafia deplatforms and censors anyone who tries to speak up against them. Meanwhile in reality, every single person since the beginning of time has instinctively understood the distinction between male and female and none of them had to be 'radicalized' first. Trannies seriously think everyone will bow down and immediately accept their decision to erase a fundamental aspect of our existence.

No. 1667375

>makes gender euphoria more euphoric
if AGP = kink = boners = "gender euphoria", and non-AGP also experience "gender euphoria", then isn't this just another way of saying trannyism is a fetish? lmao

No. 1667377

It's because it's a fetish. It's never about liberartion, or any form of honesty. It's always about the coom. No exception

No. 1667380

Autism in sons is literally a sentence for any mom. Having an autistic son is a fate worse than death and you will never be free from it. And the worst part is that everyone knows this, i'm just saying the quiet part loud. Autismo moms are condemned to a life of suffering, their sons trooning out is just the cherry on the cake. That's why most autistic boymoms get the news of their son's trooning with quiet melancholia, they're already suffering since the child was born if not before, because complicated pregnancies increase the risk of autism

No. 1667385

These are so incredibly racist holy shit

No. 1667387

nta but c'mon, kino as a term is rooted in board culture and is kinda cringe to me but that doesn't mean she's a tranny

No. 1667389

I'm just laughing my fucking ass off, even without looking at the photos or the bio I can tell by the stereotypical, racist as fuck way they type that these are the natural conclusion of porn-addicted /pol/tard type scrotes

No. 1667390

i think to say it's "for the coom" is a fundamental misreading of what he wrote. at no point did he even write once about sexual gratification coming from being a woman, which, considering how shameless these guys are, if he did, he would've. under all the prior dsm, he shows textbook signs for gender identity disorder, already putting him at odds with the agp label.

what i think he does have is a particularly infantile view of womanhood stemming from having hang-ups about not experiencing a female childhood. he has an idealised picture of the experience he never got to have, and refuses to confront the reality of what it'd actually be like. since he went into a gender studies major, then that slaps him in the face even more; women in that field tend to have more of a radical bent than the average normie precisely BECAUSE of the negative experiences they got from a female childhood.


this. besides, we'll get less repressed weirdoes as a whole if we let people act femininely from the beginning instead of letting it mutate into freaky fetish shit.

No. 1667391

NTA but kino comes from /tv/ I think. I don't have anything against using it but I understand that some nonnies are wary of posts that have that word, since it's strongly associated with annoying 4chan scrotes.

No. 1667393

File: 1664945490904.jpg (193.16 KB, 1080x1193, rape.jpg)

The retarded guy was sent to the psych ward for sex pest behavior?

No. 1667395

It's the same thing with the incel troon who spammed pictures of black men fucking white women then white men fucking black women while seething about muh black people being criminals, while denying the common through line in crime statistics is sex and poverty. Ultimately they have a complex about a racist fetish and act like utter retards and try to make society deal with them rather than being reasonable functional members of society rather than raging coomers because society coddles men. It's why pol tards sperg about race so much, incel to troon pipeline and dumb inferiority complex while entitlement and ego making them seethe they are the best because of something that is arbitrary to personal skill like race.

No. 1667396

File: 1664945614882.jpg (97.33 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_20220923-034856~2.j…)

No. 1667398

File: 1664945924431.jpg (58.96 KB, 466x922, 96c2db8e491f5a915.jpg)

No. 1667399

Whatever, wouldn't be surprised if it was the guy yelling foids and trying to meme "passing mtfs" into existence

No. 1667400

>this. besides, we'll get less repressed weirdoes as a whole if we let people act femininely from the beginning instead of letting it mutate into freaky fetish shit.
A man being free to participate in "feminine" interests and wear what he wants without society associating those things with any one sex, or a woman doing the same with "masculine" things, is what radfems want, it's what they call abolishing gender.
The problem with troons, who are all fetishists, is that their whole identity revolves around the fetishization of what they perceive women to be: they get off on the gender roles that we women are forcefully assigned, gender roles which oppress us and limit our freedom to express our personality and lives (you could say that gender roles for men also limit them and it acts as another reason for them to troon out). In other words, allowing the free expression of one's personality without it being associated to one's genitals, is not the same thing as supporting the tranny fetish. Trangenderism reinforces oppressive, traditional gender roles while putting women and their rights in danger. A man identifying as a woman inherently comes from sexism and misogyny.

No. 1667405

> A man identifying as a woman inherently comes from sexism and misogyny
This is why societies more oppressive to women are more likely to have “3rd gender” categories as TRAs call them. They have strict roles and refuse to acknowledge those who do not fulfill them as what they are with just a different personality.

No. 1667406

You nonitas can pretend whatever you want about the subject of 'men acting feminine should be allowed', but no straight woman goes for a frilly faggot. There are clear limits.

No. 1667416


Speak for yourself, I’m attracted to fruity dudes, super sad they’ve all trooned out now or at the very least insist on plural pronouns and considering themselves above male privilege. Gross.

No. 1667420

I'm straight and love frilly faggots. I even like men who look like women in every way as long as they have a functional penis and call themselves male.

No. 1667421

Harry Styles

No. 1667423

Hahaha /pol/ scrote furious women like guys that look like David Bowie more than their joe rogan masculinity fantasy

No. 1667425

Okay, then I'll edit my statement. 'No straight woman with any self respect goes for a frilly faggot'. I'm not wanting a dude to be all 'bitch, make me a sandwich while I watch the game', but if I needed someone to paint my nails while walking old musicals I'll go hang out with my long lost gay bestie again.

No. 1667426

David Bowie was fucking ugly. What are you on?

No. 1667429

>or a woman doing the same with "masculine" things, is what radfems want
Yeah no, that is considered male-aligned. Women are at most allowed "neutral androgyny". Where did people get this idea from that radfems are all for women doing masculine shit, when that's never been the case? I don't mean whatever radblr friendgroup you're in thinks, I mean all the big names and theory in the last 50 years. TRA's are not any better, but those statements are pretty difficult to take seriously when nearly all the big orgs are run by old school polilez.

No. 1667432

it’s not like he was a sex symbol lmao keep coping Anna Khachiyan

No. 1667433

As long as they aren’t pornsick coomers as porn categories or women hating incels, women are into all types of men. Just look at the nerd thread or when popular boy bands have scrotes seething about women being attracted to pretty boys.

No. 1667434

yeah seriously you would wanna fuck inbred leatherface just because he wore makeup sometimes? straight women get help

No. 1667435

Mick Jagger was also a sex symbol. And equally fucking ugly. Sorry your taste is shit, nona.

No. 1667436

>but no straight woman goes for a frilly faggot
Women don't all like the same types of men (we could argue that a specific concept of "masculinity" is forced onto women to like as well, and society definitely influences what we see as "faggy" or "masculine") but I also find it weird how you managed to turn the gender role point into something about what kinds of men women want or don't want to fuck, plus it's not like other knids of men would disappear. I couldn't care less if other women wanna fuck "frilly faggots", and it doesn't matter, the point is getting rid of the association between certain clothes, colors, traits, etc., and one's sex. Because as long as those gender roles exist, every aspect of women's lives will be controlled. If they didn't exist, trannies wouldn't be LARPing as female because the concept of femininity as we know it wouldn't exist either, and men, as well as women, would be free to wear and act however they like without having to transition to the other sex.

No. 1667437

same op as before, but phoneposting. i understand what you're getting at, but doesn't societal misogyny and degradation of femininity play a part in AGP in the first place? when you consider a lot of the fetishes troons have, aren't a lot of the bottom lines (especially ones like sissy, forcefem, bimboism) inherently misogynistic and treat femininity as something to be denigrated? these fetishes reflect a societal undercurrent as a whole of women and being feminine as inherently lesser than (ie toxic masculinity), so my logic is, if we take that out of the picture, then we also remove a lot of the ideological power behind those fetishes. this would, i feel, have an effect of stopping people from trooning out.>>1667400

No. 1667440

screwed up my tags, meant to reply to

No. 1667441

You only say that because this fucked up world has you believing 'non-binary' is a real thing and not just another mental illness.

No. 1667442

>why cant there be a romcom about a consensual relationship between a normal human lady and a normal human lady who had her body surgically remodelled into the shape of a briefcase as a last resort to prevent her from dying of stage-7 epiglottal autoneurosepsis?
why does this read like fucking hussie's writing lmaoooooooo