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File: 1636248576265.png (1.37 MB, 884x881, 1635902691283.png)

No. 1363335

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1363337

File: 1636248820905.jpg (783.71 KB, 1080x7066, Screenshot_20211106-183221.jpg)

This is deep.

No. 1363350

Glad that his wife had enough sense to leave him.

No. 1363373

File: 1636251938981.png (410.39 KB, 778x829, oooooh my goooood.png)

I found this tranny while scrolling on TikTok live because I was bored. All of my lives are of trannies, I found this one account who was live and has a daughter and wife. Goes by "muddy" instead of mommy and apparently the daughter made that up herself.

why is the url @oliviashinehorn_official as if he needed to differentiate himself from the 0 other olivia shinehorns out there

No. 1363374

File: 1636251957433.png (695.56 KB, 570x741, download.png)

thank god his wife left but why does this still read as so manipulative? is it because of the whiny tone?
troons really think they're like gay people who have no choice except being trans is a choice. it's your own fault that porn habits and your misogyny resulting in a lack of meaningful interaction with women got you to this point. given how many of them are married i'm genuinely shocked how many men can be married to us and yet have no idea that women are just humans and not some caricature of an 'other' whose life is easier or more fun. it feels actually insulting that they try to choose to opt into female existence simply because of patriarchal constructs like makeup and fashion.

i saw an anon claim in the last thread that 'womanface' is an offensive and made up term. womanface is an actual phenomenon, only we don't have an actual word for it so i will apologize as the term does for now borrow from 'blackface'. frankly it is hard to swallow when 'womanface' is literally on tv as we speak; rupaul's drag race is costume-ized womanface with a largely female audience who copes by saying "yaassss queen slay so fishy!!!" without thinking any deeper of how gay men have benefitted from patriarchal concepts of feminity for decades. troons do the same womanface except it's full-time which fools nobody. ultimately i'd sum it up as: womanface places all of female value on looks to an extreme and also stresses that women are of lesser intelligence, women are sexually submissive or sexually available to men by default, and women are catty or hysterical–for the last one, think of the mean girls of any teen movie or TV show and how simple-minded yet vindictive they are. this goes back to the concept of the "womens sphere" (seen in sexist ads like picrel) that simplify female existence into being too stupid to understand things beyond fashion, cleaning, and cooking while also devaluing the labor of a woman who cleans and cooks for her husband as "silly female things".
>>1356577 this picture from the last thread is a great example of what troons really believe of our existence. idk how old anons here are but when you get into professional environments, female discrimination is so obvious. i'm in male-dominated academia and as a woman it's really hard to be taken seriously because men do subconsciously think of women like the extreme caricatures which results in them believing that our work and contributions are of lesser value.

No. 1363387

thread pic innacurate, IRL troon would smash gate while in that gross slouchy posture they all have then do a victory meatspin on the lawn. nothing keeps them out of female spaces

No. 1363390

Why do they never do makeup over their beard shadow?

No. 1363393

No. 1363396

bc that would require color correcting and most of them can't even grasp eyeliner

No. 1363399

File: 1636254944906.jpg (391.56 KB, 2858x1764, FDgnx7IUUAEOnI8.jpg)

No. 1363400

Looking at his other videos, he also can't do lipstick right. Why? Because he can't stop licking the sides of his mouth so the lipstick on those areas vanish, basically meaning he eats his own lipstick because he can't stop flicking his tongue as if it is cute and girly

No. 1363401

File: 1636255096535.png (329.92 KB, 720x592, ljfehdnnmjx71.png)

what a good time to confess your metal illness

No. 1363408

File: 1636255913111.png (26.72 KB, 994x422, Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 23-30…)

No. 1363410

>if your feminism doesn't center MEN, then it's trash and so are you
>There is literally not a woman on this planet who experiences worse oppression than men
I'll be sure to tell female victims of assault, abuse, rape, and FGM that. I'll even get out my ouija board and contact victims of femicide, including victims of female infanticide. They need to know that their suffering is nothing compared to the hurt feefees of a man being told he doesn't control reality or other people's perception of it. /s Obviously. This dude is an actual full on misogynistic demon.

No. 1363411

>But on their honeymoon, Rayna finally plucked up the courage to tell Jae how she was feeling
I mean, I guess it's better that he told her before knocking her up, but waiting until their honeymoon to admit to her that he's a troon is still fucked. He obviously knew he was a degenerate long before they tied the knot, but the fact he waited until they were legally bound to one another to divulge that info is telling.
>Why don't we take this opportunity to test the waters, see how you feel presenting as female? The waiter comes up and says, 'good evening, ladies,' and the LOOK on her face said it all
Bless his wife's heart. She's clearly doing her best. She looked so happy and optimistic in their wedding photos… now she looks like a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

No. 1363412

File: 1636256189841.jpg (52.88 KB, 642x495, Screenshot_20211106-203345.jpg)

Kek this has been posted numerous times, but it always gets me.

No. 1363413

This HAS to be a photoshop. Please? Please tell me it's a photoshop!

I mean aside from 'hilariously non passing troon', that is not appropriate career-related wear. Just look at what the others are wearing, it's suits for the men and muted business casual for the women. If it isn't photoshop, it's autism.

No. 1363417

>says they're extremely selfish and come back at her with only their feelings and how this is affecting them
they're your fucking kids. their feelings and needs come before yours.

No. 1363420

File: 1636256903949.png (27.63 KB, 978x441, cope.png)

future troon trying to justify his fetish by saying women get it too, (which is not what the article mentioned in his post is saying at all)

No. 1363422

Hons forcing their kids to call them mom is one of the more disgusting things they do. Imagine if this was a post about a step mother crying because the kids don’t want to call her mommy. Everyone would rightly call her a selfish psycho.

No. 1363425

So he wants the kids to entertain him by complying to participate in his fetish, how totally not traumatizing, I always feel extreme levels of pity for the kids that will have to grow up with tranny parents, if the tranny parents don’t 41 before they’re 10.

No. 1363427

File: 1636258341362.png (153.73 KB, 500x582, 85EE05A9-2CCA-4A0E-9646-B5861D…)

No. 1363431

No, every guy's dream is having unfettered access to giant boobs which is why they "fantasise" about having them on their own body for a day. Living with large breasts is another thing entirely.

No. 1363437

>I have had such feelings since I was a child.
So he's either lying or was molested.
Boobs aren't mentioned anywhere in the post you replied to, and men don't fixate on women for their boobs, they fixate on women because they are women and can presumably get pregnant and have children. Many men fetishize breasts, but don't be fooled. It's the uterus they're after.

No. 1363454

So how do you explain men who don't want to have children?

No. 1363455

>Waking up as a (beautiful, young) is literally every guy's dream
>(beautiful, young)
I think waking up as a beautiful person at all is everyone's dream. That's the biggest tell that it's a fetish for trannies, they don't want to be women, they specifically want to be young, beautiful bimbos. If women as a class weren't associated with beauty, there wouldn't be so many men insisting they were "born in the wrong body." You also wouldn't have as many delusional narcissists who think that taking horse piss suddenly turns them into the sexiest people alive.

Beautiful people are so absurdly privileged. I'm average-looking, but I would give anything to be a conventionally attractive person of either sex, if only because our shallow culture rewards beautiful people with an overall higher quality of life. (Look it up, they're more likely to get raises, loans, promotions, etc.)

No. 1363458

They're not willing to share their partner's attention with another human being, obviously.

No. 1363470

This man definitely thinks dating men and getting pregnant are fun things and not the traumatic crapshoots they are for many women. This type of guy would definitely rope it once the reality of being considered a subclass of humans who are good to sexually harass, rape, disrespect and underpay/not pay at all (gendered servitude) settled in. No man club to pat him on the back and rain money on him, the literal only thing we get is comparative beauty and not all women feel the benefits of that.
Give up absolutely everything for beauty (which mostly serves to ensure you can't go anywhere alone, get mocked constantly by men and pickme women simply for being female, and any man you are alone in a room with will attempt to rape you?) sign me up!!

No. 1363473

Man is gay, be a gay man. Why it there like a 1000 mile path to something so simple. If you want to fuck men and wear makeup you can simply fuck men and wear makeup.

No. 1363477

He should have done the glowup with nice hair and makeup without also becoming a woman with tits, why can't these men just be gender non conforming.

If your dog's rights movement doesn't center zebras dressed up as dogs then it isn't a dog's rights movement. Zebras dressed up as dogs are more oppressed than dogs.

(someone needs to make some TERFy children's picture books like this to help hammer the point home)

No. 1363481

The ones smiling with teeth look like their souls left their bodies some time ago and a dinosaur could wander into the office without them even blinking, but I love the expressions on the three on either end:
>guy on top far right clearly a dweeb who's loving it and feeling validated twans rights are rights amiright girls?
>Guy on bottom far left with smug/amused face: look at this shit guys
>Girl on bottom far right who is flabbergasted and disconcerted

No. 1363493

>any man you are alone in a room with will attempt to rape you?)
I don't know on what twisted society you live in, to the point that any man would prefer to rape beautiful woman instead of courting them to long-term relationship or marriage

No. 1363498

Nta but she’s right, you sound like a scrote. Most men would rape us if they knew that they would get away with it. There’s studies proving it.

No. 1363499

While I agree…
>Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting

No. 1363500

He Tells Her
He tells her he's a woman too
He has a lady brain
He tells her his identity
and hers, they are the same
He tells her not to talk about
her body, it's not fair
her body is her privilege
his own, a cross to bear
He tells her that she cannot talk
or otherwise allude
to what her female body does
its nasty to exclude
He says respect diversity
except he would prefer
that she would not point out the ways
that he's diverse from her
He tells her that biology
does not impact her life
she should still bear his children
but she should call him 'wife'
He says that words must all evolve
she must learn to make do
And now that woman is his word
he's taking female too
He tells her that a woman is whatever he decides
He will not put it into words
she must not ask, he chides
He tells her he is more oppressed
than she has ever been
He says she must agree with him
or else she's being mean
She searches for the words she needs
to talk about herself
The billions who exist like her
Their lives, their rights, their health
Whatever word she chooses now
He finds a way to spin it
The conversation carries on
But she's no longer in it

No. 1363502

DemonMama threw an almost two hour long mantrum about Lily Cade.

It's full of seethe and cope, obviously, but quite entertaining to see him swing around the monkey cage, throwing his own shit, looking and sounding like the ugly, obnoxious, mansplaining dork he really is.

No. 1363521

Thread pic 11/10.

No. 1363523

I'm confused, I didn't actually watch the rant but I saw she said something opposed to homosexual marriage but that she was also a lesbian?

No. 1363525

>gender is very complicated and very social
5 min in and it's already retarded

No. 1363526

File: 1636275938344.png (137.91 KB, 237x323, sawdefghjk.png)

his fucking wall art

No. 1363537

Comments are full of sanity, thankfully.

No. 1363542

>Most men would rape us if they knew that they would get away with it.
It wasn't implied that the man would get away after raping the woman. My point is, if both of them know each other and the man still choose to rape her knowing the society would let him get away with it, I will suggest to flee the society/country with such twisted morality and no sense of justice

No. 1363555

Have you been around men? I grew up with an older brother, male friends (I wasn't feminine enough for the girls) and studied a male dominated subject, I can assure you that they absolutely would rape women if it had no consequences. They do the courtship so they can get the pussy later and because they have to most of the time, but if they could skip all that without getting in trouble they would do it. I've been around men saying the most vile shit to women, discussing how they would rape them if they could. Just look at how many of them are into rape porn, or how many of them get off to the idea of being violent to women. Men just want to fuck holes and nothing else. Every society is like this.

No. 1363561

>any man would prefer to rape beautiful woman instead of courting them to long-term relationship or marriage

How deluded are you, genuinely.

No. 1363571

>>1363555 i have been around men too and like 5% are like you say, and that's not very many. I guess you just have bad luck.

No. 1363574

>Well I've never seen it so it must not be real.
>Anon says she's heard men say it so it must be real.
Why are you right to go off your personal experience, but not anon?

No. 1363580

>>1363574 I didn't say she isn't right about the men she has met. I said she has a bad luck in the men she met because most people aren't of her opinion. Esspecially with "Every society is like this" not the civilized society where i live. I don't think it could function at all if the world was like she thinks it is. Men have passions and lifegoals other than sex and it's pretty normal. Not everybody is possesed by a sex demon. Thats why it's so shocking when people get raped.

No. 1363581

File: 1636287195969.png (699.1 KB, 752x550, karen ranney.png)

>troons really think they're like gay people who have no choice except being trans is a choice.
It's a mix of male entitlement ("i can be a woman too lol"), male retardation (enjoying "girl stuff", either what women do or cultural stereotypes = woman); psychologists & psychiatrists feeding the idea of sexual inversion and ~magical female essence~ to this day.

I wonder if we will ever have data on how many heterosexual men trooned out in the Anglosphere or elsewhere. It's not a new phenomenon but it's growing…
Picrel, transwidow - or grass widow, as she calls herself - who'd experienced this in the 90s.
>“My husband says his male persona is dead,” she explained. “I call myself a grass widow because it’s as if I don’t have a grave to mourn at — only a patch of grass.”

No. 1363582

But it's men who made the laws that say you can't rape women. If all men want to rape women why would they create a society where it's illegal to do so? Men have had all the power in western society for hundreds and thousands of years and yet they haven't legalized rape, how come?(stop derailing)

No. 1363584

1 in 3 (30-35%) of men would rape if they knew they’d get away with it. (Source. https://www.oneinfourusa.org/ Plus, second source 11 years later showing the same percentage: Kilpatrick)
1 in 6 or 7 (14-16%) reported cases will ever see the inside of a courtroom. This was a figure given to me by my own sexual assault attorney back in 2012. I took his word for it, especially after all the research I did coupled with my own experience with the police, as well as experiences like this.
1 in 16 (6.5%) men are rapists. 2002 Lisak study, although other studies show as high as nearly 15%, or 1 in 7 men.
Only 27% whose assault met the legal definition of rape consider themselves rape victims, so great is the minimization and normalization of sexual assault in our society. (https://www.union.edu/offices/dean/sart/campus/)

Listen, I know you’re trying to give the benefit of the doubt. I'm not saying females should be scared of men, or ALL men are rapists. However, the dichotomies men have constantly reiterated against females, that females are less intelligent, more emotional, etc.. Females have more empathy. Men act on aggression. Females are graduating more as of now and getting higher grades in western countries. I know you handmaidens and scrotes like to dignify nonnies words on here, however staistics prove otherwise.



Only 10 countries have full rights for females.

I dont believe “ALL MEN BAD”, however, and im not sure if youre the same nonnie in these other threads who call females “jaded” for having aggression to how theyve been treated, or demonizing women for pointing out the flaw in this system and how it treats females, as most of them dont have as much chances as men. We dont. We tried giving empathy to men, however, these same men who claimed they were on our side demonized us. Its us fending for ourselves. Trad men, liberal men, they only like females if they commodify themselves for the views they align with.

No. 1363585

Those laws aren't because they are empathetic to woman and think rape is wrong, it's because they don't want other men raping their women. They're property laws. This is why in war, men will rape foreign women because they are seen as property of the other side, something to take, to soil as an insult to their enemy.

No. 1363586

Simple. Because that’s what the hypermass wanted and uses it for their own gains. They pretend they support females while indulging into the things that dehumanizes females. The government coaxes itself under “democracy”, yet the golden era of funded porn 40 years after women had the rights to vote. The same government will glamorize whatever is popular and use it for their own personal gains. Who do you think benefits the most off of porn? You dont think the government indulges into sex trafficking? What about the multiple cases that was involved with politicians who were pedophiles, such as Epstein? Or are you going to deliberately pretend like we didnt have a colonization and as if the government constantly tells us the truth!! No siree, they never had experiments on humans or used militants for their own gains! Nope! You’re fucking delusional.

No. 1363587

Women should always favour women over men no matter race or sexuality because women can not see other women as a resource the same way men can see them. Women give birth, they create the kingdom men want to rule. Women contribute more to the population, which feeds corporate interest through providing customers and workers. Ultimately it's down to money.

No. 1363588

Because (some) lawmakers didn't want it happening to their female relatives but it's not like men truly give a shit.
You should look at DV and rape stats in your country (perpetrators and convictions).

No. 1363589

Exactly. Either we have retarded scrotes, or retarded handmaidens. Nobody is even saying all men are bad, or rapists. But imagine fucking thinking anyone is on females side. These are the same people who got mad at a female wanting a daughter in one of these threads and wanting to raise her with other females. We should start gatekeeping these posters. They dont have any fucking critical thinking skills.

No. 1363591

I definitely agree. I remember we had some scrotes on here who demonized lesbians and demonized female only spaces. These fucking handmaidens and scrotes need to step the fuck off and stay in their own spaces. Even to the females who act out in retaliation and choose men over their own sisters, I want to help them. No matter how much I hated a female, if she was getting ganged up upon by a bunch of moids, Id help fight by her or help defend her.(learn2sage)

No. 1363594

I know. I'm straight, and always think it's stupid when people think that saying this stuff is because you are an evil lesbian who wants to turn all women gay so you have more options. It's pure cope.

No. 1363599

So, because the men you know told you, who's supposedly a woman, that they value women as human beings and care for their emotional well-being and therefore they would never rape one, you believe them? I bet you also believe not all men watch degenerate porn in which women are degraded and sex objects. Your "civilized society" is one where men are still the ones who muder and rape women, porn exists for men, sexy women with insane beauty standards are put as props to sell things to men and men-catering sex is literally fucking everywhere. You sound sheltered.

No. 1363611

I would say the same, there's parents and a brother. Both of us read manga from childhood so it got interesting when both of us has reached puberty
>but if they could skip all that without getting in trouble they would do it.
Well, there's something like friendship with benefits
>I've been around men saying the most vile shit to women, discussing how they would rape them if they could.
I will classify it as fighting words(directed to woman), virgin delusion, or just them bullshitting around. Because most of the time, like 99.99%, nothing happened beside catcall. Those boys that talked like that while you're around probably made such hyperbolic statement just to get reactions from you.
Let's say, government suddenly declare that raping women is no longer a crime for a week. On the first and second day, many men would rape women. By the third day, most of men would have enough of it and play games instead of continuing their rape saga because there's no more thrill from doing it. And by the 8th day, the government will be overthrown

No. 1363615

>Let's say, government suddenly declare that raping women is no longer a crime for a week. On the first and second day, many men would rape women. By the third day, most of men would have enough of it and play games instead of continuing their rape saga because there's no more thrill from doing it. And by the 8th day, the government will be overthrown
That's some of the most retarded shit I've ever read.

No. 1363616

You know serial rapists exist , right? Men don't just get it "out of their system". You are aggressively naive, go read a book

No. 1363621

"All men are rapists" is about as dumb as "all women are whores for Chad who ride the cock-carousel"

Femcels log off.

No. 1363625

Men commit 90% of rapes, while 90% of woman are not whores. Sorry you can’t handle reality. Not your nigel, we get it. Cope somewhere else. Funny that incel men are men who want to rape women, but femcels are women who recognise men rape women.

No. 1363626

Sorry. Didn't spend much time writing it. I'm a terrible fiction writer
That's why I assumed the government was overthrown in the 8th day as most men didn't like their female relatives getting raped. Afterall, only few of them are serial rapist
Are you ok?

No. 1363627

Kek, anons can even say they don’t think all men are rapists, just that they don’t take rape seriously because they don’t have to fear it because they have a chance of being the same size and strength of a potential attacker, as well as homosexuality being less common than hetero, and you tards will still ree.

No. 1363630

File: 1636296499217.jpeg (504.92 KB, 1242x717, 337F9188-0B29-4802-961D-893209…)

Is it just me or do they always have this mouth?

No. 1363635


are you actually retarded

No. 1363637

File: 1636297060870.jpg (20.52 KB, 450x600, IMG_20211105_064649.jpg)

I would kill to know what their voice sounds like. I need to know what the sound is

No. 1363639

File: 1636297147263.jpg (89.65 KB, 720x960, IMG_20211105_064616.jpg)

I'm obsessed. I need to know why they do this wide leg pose, what is it? What does it mean? What is being conveyed when they do this?

No. 1363641

File: 1636297334089.jpg (83.54 KB, 576x960, IMG_20211105_064620.jpg)

Why do they always dress like middle aged escorts in early 2000s documentaries about Las Vegas? That's another thing I need to know

No. 1363642

Is this a mask or his real face? I'm not sure which scenario is more frightening

I don't want this in my restroom or on this earth tbh

No. 1363643

File: 1636297554573.png (608.48 KB, 637x636, unknown (1).png)

I have never seen a more robust skull shape

No. 1363644

File: 1636297583562.jpeg (624.79 KB, 1170x1558, 204ACF8D-A6D3-4EA9-91C2-8E61F1…)

they’re so delusional

No. 1363647

File: 1636297727302.jpg (137.29 KB, 720x960, IMG_20211105_064631.jpg)

This is in fact flesh on a skull. Not a mask in sight

No. 1363648

his head is shaped like a lemon kek

No. 1363649

fucking based ass children. i wish all children would do this.

No. 1363652

yes, but those who like trans women are MEN and the trans women they like are HSTS. no woman likes degenerate transbians, and the only way to these fetichists to be in a relationship with a cis woman is transitioning during the relationship.

No. 1363653

File: 1636298501801.jpeg (559.4 KB, 1242x880, 815FE972-5A31-4FD2-972D-6D500C…)

No. 1363655

File: 1636298840986.png (37.18 KB, 986x995, 1518268357258.png)

No, maybe? Sorry for the retarded fictional story

No. 1363663

imagine transitioning to look like marilyn manson with tits and AGP hair

No. 1363667

File: 1636301240676.jpeg (249.5 KB, 1902x651, 0FD8B55F-9AB7-4063-A5D6-44CB67…)

>Sweetie I am a woman now. If you don’t call me Mommy I’m going to kill myself.

No. 1363671

>unironically suggesting emotional blackmail
My God, this can't be real. Do you have a link to this post?

No. 1363673

Depraved and repressed johns will pay for a handjob from another man in makeup, therefore tims have no issue getting lesbian sex

No. 1363674

File: 1636302116246.jpg (101.01 KB, 1024x576, creature.jpg)

"No, u wanna fuck ME" - the post.
Because nothing is sexier than a balding narc hon with an egg shaped head and bolt ons sitting high on his chest.
He's just pretending to be oblivious, dude is a transbian and the general public perception on trannies is that they're all broken gay men.
Women being coerced into having sex with men like him is on his best interests.

No. 1363679

He looks like an older Irish man on the right, is that what he was going for

No. 1363680

Pee fetishist maybe?

No. 1363684

Maybe he's Bogdanov brothers third cousin

No. 1363686

File: 1636303482587.png (308.81 KB, 752x941, Bill Wilson aka CIA.png)

Power stance.

No. 1363687

based transphobic children harrassing hons in public

No. 1363690

File: 1636303872240.jpeg (131.65 KB, 495x584, 675FBA2B-777E-44AE-962F-5F30BD…)

It’s the one they do on those shitty movie posters for moid movies.

No. 1363691

I feel like it could be to hide the lack of hips? This is legit terrifying.

No. 1363719

troon mommie#2 seething because he can't call jannies or cops on his kids.

No. 1363724

All troons have failed boob jobs because of their chest, why do they even try?

No. 1363733

And you seem to be really bad at statistics. If you are going to say "90% of rapes are committed by men" the comparison would be "90% of whores are women". Both of these statements are true and yet most women are not whores and most men are not rapist. Way to show that you failed basic math in high school.(bait)

No. 1363744

This is the scariest individual I've ever seen. Out here looking like Shrek wearing a human suit

No. 1363749

Most prostitutes are women because men are monsters and rapists who love forcing women into prostitution and making their lives hell.
You realize that prostitution only exists because men want it and because they enjoy raping helpless women, right?

No. 1363753

Pls keep on topic or at the very least sage

No. 1363797

File: 1636312455040.jpg (392.24 KB, 750x2959, 01e59fe1-4347-5330-98a4-660780…)


No. 1363801

Virgin anecdotes vs chad statistics >>1363584

No. 1363806

It's a scrote obviously kek, I hate how misogynistic men are to think that women are so simple-minded and easy to emulate when the reality is that they get outed so quick here when attempting to pass as a woman. Stop trying to blend in among us, you all fucking fail and it's a waste of your time.
Now contrast their poor portrayal of women to the likes of u/terfsbeware and other female trolls that are able to pass as males flawlessly and even have men insisting that a woman couldn't have been behind their trolls. Men are so simple-minded and easy to LARP as online, even down to the degenerate sexual and violent behaviors and their shitty justifications (entitlement) surrounding it.

No. 1363818

What an idiotic thing to say. Men created those laws only because they didn't want their women (property) to be raped. Wives were viewed as property only to be sexually available by their husbands. Nowadays men feel apathetic about women being sexually violated because we're not guaranteed to be their eventual property like before.

No. 1363824

Ntayrt but I do statistics for a living and you're retarded, please just log off.

No. 1363832

File: 1636314456492.png (1.59 MB, 1200x1784, 253252962_646931823358177_6859…)

looking more like a haggard alice cooper or noel fielding to me kek…. (excuse if this has been posted before i haven't been keeping up)

No. 1363835

Nta but literally how?

No. 1363841

>Alice Cooper

I was going to say Joan Jett, but he'd probably like that.

No. 1363843

> And you seem to be really bad at statistics.
> Way to show that you failed basic math in high school.
These arguments are legitimately triggering kek, it's typical moid speak. Most people who do stats irl don't speak like this.

No. 1363854

Oh, I thought you meant the comparison part lol

No. 1363859

File: 1636315771445.jpg (692.98 KB, 2672x3274, gwzrE3A.jpg)

Men are disgusting, more news at 11

No. 1363882

File: 1636317553124.webm (4.49 MB, 404x270, creep.webm)

Remember: it's only the terminally online who are weird. If there's more of them showing up IRL it's no big deal because, uh, blablabla being progressive and the good transwimin out there said so~

No. 1363886

How can they miss the point this hard

No. 1363889

Good God, some troons really don't have a conscience do they

No. 1363892

That had to be canned laughter. This is so fucked up.

No. 1363893

No. 1363894

Because they are men kek.

No. 1363896

I don't know if it's because I'm sick, but the comments are genuinely mind-numbing. It feels like brainwashing.

No. 1363897

imagine wasting 20 years and commitment on a moid who will just succumb to his porn fetish. I'm happy she had the strength to leave. What a sick bastard. Hope he offs himself, fucking degenerate.

No. 1363904

This is so sickening and needs to be added to any peaking compilation out there. Women just like us, yeah fucking right.
Actually I was thinking about starting a youtube with material like the stuff that gets posted here to inform people on what troons are actually like. Do you ladies think some sort of troon antics compilation video series would have a chance to take off or would youtube fire up so fast on account of hate speech to protect troons as patriarchal society currently does?

No. 1363907

He has the AGP fringe. You can literally see his unfortunate hairline through his fringe

No. 1363910

>or would youtube fire up so fast on account of hate speech to protect troons
>as patriarchal society currently does
go away

No. 1363920

That will only make trannies come here even more often with their chained handmaidens like rabid dogs to post gore and cp as a “haha bitches be misgendering men in dresses so I be teaching them a lesson by posting women who got horribly murdered and sexually abused to show how much of a hurt and frail maiden I am”

No. 1363929

File: 1636320783694.png (42.51 KB, 799x107, hailey_the_femboyish.png)

This commenter's post history is fucked up even by reddit troon standards

No. 1363931

TERFy/GC channels survive on YT because they pretty much act like commentary/reaction channels (they're living on borrowed time though), but if it's just a compilation then no, your channel would be nuked before reaching 1k. Doesn't matter if you edit the videos (like adding text or effects, it would count as transformative), it would be reported en masse whenever TIMs find it or DMCA'd or a YT tranny janny would manually remove it.

No. 1363939

I finally summoned up the enthusiasm to actually watch this pompous moid.

I almost fell backwards off my chair laughing when he said that he can go outside and pass as a woman.

Nigga, you don't even pass on the Internet. You don't even fucking pass in the idealised 'cartoon succubus' artwork of yourself you use as your avatar. I can only imagine what an awkward, hulking fucking ogre you must appear IRL to normal people.

Demon Mama, you look like a man, you act like a man, then you open your massive, grotesque, jabbering fucking mouth and start lecturing everyone in earshot and remove all fucking doubt. You will never be a woman.

No. 1363941

kek at "go away", this thread is for terfs, not scrotes and pickmes.

No. 1363949

lol are you lost?

No. 1363951

Is there any way to read the manifesto or find it in its pure form, I don't really know who Lily Cade is

No. 1363960


Where The F* Are These Children's Mothers?

You're the mothers, right? The moms? The mums? I need the mothers on my side. I'm on the side of the breeders. I'm on the side of the children. Fuck feelings. I care about the emotional and physical well-being of the future generations, not some spoiled little f of the easiest, stupidest, path of least resistance society that has ever existed's bulls delusions.

I'm not here to play back and forth games with the actually faggots who with the wedge of their actually and your weak, well-meaning, nice, feminine, kindness and your ignorance of the smell of sulfur on the monster before you have rolled a Trojan Horse full of literal baby-f*ing God Damned pedophile monsters into your Ivory Towers, your Kindergartens, your locker rooms, your Olympics, your prisons, everywhere you sought to stand in public. Fuck these people.

This was done to hurt you, to make a mockery of you, to hold you down. This was done by men who hate women more than any other men who have ever walked the Earth, the worst men that have ever existed, trans women, men so worthless they can't even admit the most obvious thing about themselves that is obvious to the dogs and rats who can smell their manhood and should be obvious to every mother on Earth.

Wake the f up, b*, before they slice up even one more child in public.

Trans women are vile, weak, disgusting, whiny, fake-victim masturbators who should be ashamed of themselves. They threatened suicide and you rolled over. You disgust me too. There is but one noble response to a man who tries to use the threat of violence against himself to manipulate a woman's emotions. f do it then!

No woman should ever pity a weak man. Tear your fing blinders off, b*, what the f* is wrong with you? Your pity rewards weak men for their weakness. You have sacrificed your children's futures on the altar of that pity.

I have looked thousands of adult men in the eyes and have not met one man, not once, who believed that trans women are women. Soldiers. Bull Riders. Artists. Dope Smokers. Lawyers. Men. No one believes that trans women are women. Trans women know they are men. They are forcing you to pretend to believe that they are women to rape your minds and the minds of your children. They are like Big Brother before them twisting your language so that you don't have the words to make sense of reality. This is power, b**. This is the shape of power. These men run your world now because you refused to speak Truth to power.

Trans women are men. Say it. Own it. Know it. Hold the fing line, b*. Michfest held the line. When Michfest fell, so fell Western Civilization!

This is a pedophile cult. It's been here the whole time. You gave these people too much power so they became a pedophile cult. The lesbians tried to warn you but no one listens to the lesbians. I broke Max Hardcore's nose, b*, and drank at his house and shared his cameraman. Max Hardcore, a whorebreaker, who still slings fake dick, has more integrity than the whole of Western Civilization who would rather stroke their cocks and their phones while the world burns than speak truth to power. Say what you want about me I never fed no kids. I would send my daughter to learn what a golden shower is from Max Hardcore before I let these satanic tranny freaks "educate" her about her body and her soul.

You have abdicated your responsibility as a mother. You have sold your children for the trance of the endless scroll, for cheap validation, for Candy Crush b* you stupid fing cow how could you, because you're too cowed to draw a line. Enough is Enough. Your horrifying addiction is making you stupid and weak and your children are suffering because of it. You are no different than a heroin addict who ties the cord for her child to shoot up with her.

Trans women are men.

Trans women are evil.

Trans women are rapists.

Trans women are predators.

Trans women are men who have surrendered to their shadow. That's what it means to be evil. I should f*ing know. The men beneath these vile personas can still be redeemed, so long as the soul walks the Earth, it can be redeemed. The trans women cannot. There is no such thing as a trans woman. There is no such thing as gender identity. This is a sick fetish.

Trans women are a lie. They know and I know and if you can't see it you're not paying attention. Their fetish is lying to you, jerking off all over everything you care about, pissing into your children's developing minds, and making you shut up and take it. Weak men are the natural prey of whores. I see right through them. I read their dark hearts. Some of them are vile sadists and some are just worthless bootlickers but every single one of them is evil.

Trans women are evil pedophiles who have twisted the minds of your people so badly with annoying, ugly, stupid language, that your children are mutilating their bodies to please them. These people understand attention. Attention is the currency of your horrifying society. Teenage girls want attention more than anything else on Earth. They have been offered a choice between mincing TikTok whore and navel-gazing spoiled rotten weak pathetic fake man victims because you sold them out for the smartphone. Trans women and the shadow lords of the Algorithm control this attention. They are pedophiles, predators, monsters, shadow beasts, the literal devil. These men hate women. They are jealous panty wearing sick masturbating fs who have infiltrated every level of your society with one goal: Degrade Women. Piss on the faces of your mothers, your daughters, the women who fought to get here. Piss on your right to say no. Cut your breasts off. Sew your pussies shut. Take the word mother how the f dare you let the actually fa take the word mother from you.

Where the f are your balls, b*? Where are the mother bears?

I know what a woman is, b*, and I know what a man is, I know what a mother is, and I know what a child is, and I sure as f know what a pedophile is. A pedophile is someone who sacrifices the souls of children to feed his shadow self. A pedophile fs kids. A pedophile believes the validation of his monstrous sexual fetish is worth the reap of thousands upon thousands of your little girls and your little boys, your daughters, your sons, your babies, generations of your children, bred now for it, their minds warped from birth, their deep animal truths denied. These tranny freaks are experimenting on your children and cutting them apart in full view of the public and you stand by and let it happen because you are worried they will call you out for being afraid of them. You are worried they will take away your social media. Fuck Social Media. It did this. Burn it to the fing ground and hold these f*ing monsters accountable!

The evil trannies are 1% of the population. They control The Matrix. They do not control real life.

Call me transphobic. I'm transphobic. You should be too. The trans ideology is bulls* on its face, a lie built to suborn these soulless pedophiles in their public grooming of your children. This is a pedophile cult. This is the real pedophile cult that has been staring you in the face the whole time laughing, masturbating, the naked Emperor stroking his cock while you try to find some new nice words to explain gently to him in NewSpeak that you would like him to stop and that he is naked. NewSpeak doesn't have those words!

He won't stop. He hates you. Enough is Enough. Speak English, b*. Fuck your NewSpeak. I piss on your NewSpeak. No woman should ever let another word of this vile mockery of English that is NewSpeak pass her lips ever again! You know which words I mean. Don't say them. Don't write them. The truth is beautiful. NewSpeak is not. Hold the line. Let the pedophile monsters keep their NewSpeak. Speak English, as all men still do, once the pussies leave the room. Fuck your pronoun dance. Fuck your obfuscation while the blood truth stares you in the face. Do you think the Marines speak NewSpeak? Do you think the tuna boat fisherman ask for my pronouns? Grow up. A dog knows what a b* is. I walk with the dogs. This dead whore is the last man left in America. Take the culture back or the dogs will be all that survives of Western Civilization.

This is your Great Replacement, b*. These people castrate your kids. They sold them to Big Pharma to be castrated while you cheer them on for living their "truth." The f? How do you sleep at night? Self-mutilation has never been and will never be a cure for mental illness. Self-mutilation is a sign of extreme psychological distress. This is your next Opiate crisis. End this before it gets worse. Stand up to the cult. Every fing teenage girl experiences "dysphoria." The cure is acceptance and spiritual growth, a fing gym routine, hobbies, goals, control over the desires, the intellect trained to guard the heart, compassion but never pity not bulls*, personas, lies, a lifetime commitment to pharmaceuticals, hack job surgeries that construct a vile funhouse mirror effigy of the opposite sex from the bodies honed by millions of years of evolution that you have allowed the worst people in your society to "educate" your daughters about.

I have walked the world and watched this cancer stretch across it. They are making money from this soul reap, not just the evil pedophiles, but the even darker evil of the truly soulless money men who stand by and let it happen because they love money so much. The power structure knows this is horrible, they just don't care. Your children who agree to be mutilated for the attention of the cult are weak. The f do the money men care about a bunch of stupid mentally damaged children with endless scroll addictions? They f kids too. They have eyes like mine that truck no pity. You are sheep to them. They are laughing all the way to the bank. That's why you're not allowed to speak up. Money. Big Pharma. Look at this "science". The Sacklers had "science" too. Look at these people, the paragons of this paradigm, these mutilated side-show freaks, fake ass whiny victims holding you down in fear, these freak doctors chopping up your babies, do these people seem happy to you? Do they seem wise? You trusted your children to the smartphone and this is what it did to you!

I committed voter fraud for Joe Biden because I didn't want to watch that s-filled sack of s where once stood a man s all over himself in public every day, filtered through the voices of every last human soul in America who could talk about nothing else that whole time but the color and shape of his s. Joe Biden put a pedophile monster in charge of Health and Human Services so that the process of trapping your children with that lifetime commitment to pharmaceuticals can be honed ever further into the path of least resistance. Joe Biden knows that's a man and he knows that's a pedophile and he knows that's the agenda. No one did anything. Fuck these people.

Your children's teachers are either in this pedophile cult or the usual well-meaning weak man pitying feminine fools that suborn evil because they're too stupid to see it. Your children's teachers allow them to start their horrifying lifetime addiction to cross-sex hormones and the feeding of their shadow selves behind your back, twelve-year-old girls, experiencing the normal rhythms of the experience of being twelve-year-old girls, are encouraged to mutilate their growing bodies to please these pedophiles because it gets attention. Pedophiles f children. These pedophiles are fing your children in public every day. f their minds. f their bodies. Often, these tortured man-women, who have been so sadistically brought up, with no real men in their lives, their fathers having sold their balls to the endless scroll, their mothers so weak and broken themselves by this stupid garbage that they go along with it. I have seen it. The parents mean well, they're just idiots. Because she is bred from stupid weak people and trained by shadow monsters, the traumatized child victim of the cult can't spot a predator, and they bear children to these monsters!

Then, the monsters f the children too just like the pedophile cult of The South did. The shape of power is always a pedophile cult. Ask that finger sucking b* of a whore-breaker Maxwell. Do you remember that video with the trans couple trying to breastfeed a baby with the disgusting weak whiny fake victim piece of s man not worth the air he breathes crying about how no one respects him as a mother as he tries to squeeze the hormone-induced weepings of his man titties into a baby's mouth? Find me that video. Watch that video, and tell me that's not a worthless masturbating pedophile fing a baby while the traumatized child your garbage society has groomed to let pump his seed into her fertile womb coddles his weakness and lets it happen. How can you stand for this? Where the f* is child services? Where are that baby's grandparents? How can you let this happen in public and say nothing? What do you think that baby's future looks like?

I thought pedos got the wall?

I thought chomos got the rope?

That's a f*ing child molester. So is Bruce Jenner. He told you he gets off to wearing his own daughters' clothes and you stood by and did nothing. Tear your blinders off! This is not acceptable. You do not have to accept this.

Speak truth to power. Trans women are men. They know they are men. If these men can't slit the throats of these vile personas in public, admit what they have done, take off the dress, look with abject shame upon the affront to God and nature they have wrought in the service of their masturbatory fantasies, apologize for the children they have hurt with their lies and their drugs and their grooming, apologize for the incarcerated women they have fed to rapist monsters, apologize for the lesbian spaces they have desecrated, and devote the rest of their lives to repairing the damage they have done, if you left it up to me, I'd execute every last one of them personally.

Cancel the ever living f* out of this. Cancel this so hard that no man dare walk the path of the trans woman in public ever again! Enough is enough. Lynch Kaitlyn! Lynch the "Sisters" Wachowski! Lynch Laurel Hubbard! Lynch Fallon Fox! Make these men stand up as the men you all know they are and hold them accountable for their shame. Your fear of the truth has shoveled thousands of children down the hole in Buffalo Bill's basement so he can harvest them for their skins. Enough is Enough.

Pedos get the wall? Chomos get the rope? Where the f are the Marines? Where the f is the Army? Where are the Farmers with Pitchforks? Where are the Cowboys? Where are the Indians? Where the f are the men? Where the f are the mothers? How can you stand for this? If my grandfather and all his brothers who stood up to Hitler were still here they would rip the still-beating hearts from every last one of these pedophile monsters in public the same way they have raped your kids. So would every man who walked the Earth before your culture decided to accept masturbation as healthy and not the soul-draining creative energy wasting evil pathetic act of a man not worth his balls.

Break your smartphones. Break the Internet. Make these people pay. Afraid of Trannies? They should be afraid of you! Take the red pill, b*, before it's too late. Everyone's queer. Queer is utterly meaningless at this point, a box of nothing your children stuff themselves into to be cool with no connection left to the rebellion for which it once stood. "Identity" is sin. All lies are sin. I fought for the right to love whom I loved. I did not fight for the right to lie in public and have no one call me out, naval gaze about my own bulls while the world buns, or desecrate the sacrifice that has been done in my name as an American to whine about victimhood. No one deserves these rights.

Kill this ideology. No mercy. No quarter. Wipe the stain of Newspeak from the Ivory Tower forever. They should be ashamed of themselves, the actually faggots. Take back womanhood from the fetishists. Own the truth. Clear eyes, b**. Once more into the breach.

I've already been canceled. I can speak the truth. Dead whores tell no lies. I care not for fame nor money. I have no smartphone. I truck no pity. I crawled on my belly through the darkness for this. I walked back into the Matrix to get you out. Only God can forgive me. I'm not here for forgiveness. I'm here to take the language back from the forked tongue of NewSpeak and save your daughters. Are you with me, or are you with the actually faggots and the evil pedophiles and the damaged, spoiled children who have been trained by the two worse forces of evil that I have ever seen: The Matrix and the evil trannies that the Matrix breeds? Do you believe in Free Speech and atonement and the wisdom of the fallen or do you believe that no one who sins should ever speak again?

The monsters named me The Cotton Ceiling. To break me and others like me they raped and groomed and tortured and sliced up and desecrated and "educated" your daughters because not a single solitary State in all of Western Civilization had to the balls or the brains or the heart to say no to these freaks. What the f is wrong with you? Are you going to let them take me down with some lazy memes while you s out your s opinions about s you know nothing about and masturbate your outrage into your phone and do nothing or are you going to take off your goddam polite society blinders and look this monster in the eyes? I'm The Cotton Ceiling, b*. I'm the only one who said NO. They took down Michfest. They can't take down Lily Cade. She's already dead. I'm the bullet, b*, if you let me be. Who else has the balls, the brains, the voice, and the pitiless eyes to fight these monsters? I'm a fing soldier. You ready? I'm ready. We can't fight this within the Matrix. No more back and forth message board internet bulls. This ends now. Stop arguing on the Internet with the bootlicking footsoldiers of the men who are fing your children and stand the f up.

Peak trans, b**. Let's go. Let's see their Cotton Ceiling and raise them The Wall!

Are you going to let these monsters piss on motherhood and f* your kids or are you going to stand up for the Truth?

No. 1363964

Being trans is a mental illness and/or a fetish. I don't get why troons try to deny this and pretend that it's normal to think you're the opposite gender, same with non binary people lol.

No. 1363965

Vaush chiming in, with the incredible take that noticing that men have deeper voices, stronger brows and jaws than women is… Sexist?

No. 1363968

Pose as 4chan, they already we're them anyway lol

No. 1363971

Oh, anon, being trans isn't a mental illness, don't be silly. Hating your body so much you choose to irreparably mutilate it into an approximation of the opposite sex and then pressuring everybody around you to play along with your LARP is a totally sane, reasonable thing that normal people do.

No. 1363972

Pretty based, tbh.

No. 1363980

File: 1636323947748.gif (4.54 MB, 455x262, ECF5FCA7-BCE7-4E89-BA12-2C765B…)

No. 1363983

That's Lily Cades blog post, not the anons writing retard.

No. 1363996

File: 1636325070123.png (275.7 KB, 750x1363, cadeapology.png)

A lesbian pornstar who was interviewed in that BBC article about the cotton ceiling. TIMs are discarding the whole article as fake because she was a sex pest who assaulted three (or more) women in porn parties.
Picrel is her apology. On the second link I guess they confirmed it was really her.

Then she posted that autistic manifesto and the BBC removed her contribution from the article. What a mess…

No. 1363999

Okay but what she said was based and true though

No. 1364004

Yeah, it was.
But if you were/are an autistic coomer who'd raped people in bathroom stalls, the last thing you should do is go on the BBC News and talk about other autistic coomers raping people. Doesn't matter if you're right, it's TERRIBLE optics and TIMs are the ones who have the upper hand.
Also, Caroline Lowbridge's livelihood was already on the line of fire just for publishing that article, that dumbass made things worse for her.

No. 1364012

Thing is, they removed Lily Cade's spiel from the BBC article, but the rest of the article is still up. Makes no fucking difference.

No. 1364015

How many fucking creeps and abusers are there in the porn industry anyway? That's just the sort of people that industry attracts.(learn2sage)

No. 1364020

File: 1636326847965.jpg (58.39 KB, 1161x907, peepeetime.JPG)

That checks out

No. 1364038

if you're a woman and not a coping moid you're a naive dumbass. fuck off and read an iota of feminist theory before you decide to be this embarrassing in public again

No. 1364041

File: 1636328003353.png (184.57 KB, 566x319, w.png)

No. 1364042

>go away
kek triggered tradfem or moid, cope

No. 1364045

Y chromoid or just a retard? tbh they're synonymous but still, I think you're very lost

No. 1364046

90% of rapes are comitted by men =/= all men are rapists. Maybe you just have poor reading comprehension?


No. 1364048

the women kissing his ass in the replies are the most depressing part

No. 1364049

seethe and then kys

No. 1364062

he calls that hate? a bunch of people politely telling him his behavior is gross, what a fat fucking cowardly ass man child. people get rape threats online, they get sent gore and cp and THOSE are the worst of the tweets he could find lol what a fucking pussy

No. 1364073

I think sometimes the twitterfags from celebricows wander in

No. 1364076


Goddamn she's really gone over the edge. We were friends about a decade ago and she didn't write or talk like a schizophrenic boomer before the cotton ceiling shit. makes me sad to see how her mental state's deteriorated even if she is a coomer

No. 1364114

File: 1636336472080.jpeg (387.02 KB, 1170x2172, 5BA6FD12-A0CA-476A-ABEC-F33585…)

Sick of seeing this big headed troon on Instagram. No woman or girl wants their period. Stop glorifying wanting a period, ffs. It’s such a mockery, “yay blood clot, mood swings, and cramps.” Ok hotdog wound.

No. 1364118

Honestly I didn't get my period for 3 years because I was sick and while it was happening I kind of missed it - but only because I knew how much damage not having them anymore was doing. I was happy getting it back.

When I got them again it got old by the second day


No. 1364124

His hair looks like a drunk man tried to emulate Lydia Deetz with Elmer's glue instead of hairspray.

No. 1364127

Lmao I hope someone who was friends with him on Facebook before he trooned out takes him to task on this.

Also, I'm sick of retards who can't distinguish between "free speech" and "saying whatever I want with no social consequences." Free speech is just when the government doesn't interfere with your expression. People criticizing you online for saying something retarded is not an infringement on your right to free speech.

No. 1364133

NTA but anon should have green texted it if it was a quote, for a second I also thought it was a spergout until I looked at the post she was replying to.

No. 1364146

She sounds unhinged but it's based and true. The frantic and unhinged tone of this reminds me of extreme radfem writing that is immediately written off by non-radfems because it sounds like nutjob conspiracy shit. I don't see her actually peeking anyone from this nor do I see radfems being appreciative of this bc she's active in porn. Troons will just be mad and try to dunk on what she's written here since it's all anecdotal.

No. 1364156

Youtube would just ban you. /pol/cels seem to use https://odysee.com/ without getting banned so maybe try that.

No. 1364170

File: 1636341087183.png (69.97 KB, 589x657, preggo.png)

You WILL accept the pregnant man
You WILL NOT ask where the uterus came from
You WILL NOT mention that men aren't born with them.

No. 1364171

I think this is geared towards females who identify as male though but yeah if a dude actually thinks he can be pregnant that’s retarded

No. 1364175

Criticism and commentary is another form of free speech. When something like https://archive.md/L7V0T happened, it's pretty much guaranteed you will be banned for naughty opinions

No. 1364177

>not fat man

No. 1364178

one time i saw a retard on twitter say its transphobic and ungrateful to say you hate your period
kek i’’m not even mad because of how absurd this is

No. 1364179

File: 1636341731389.gif (3.3 MB, 512x512, 2533B5FA-78CF-4D32-94EB-DD6641…)

No. 1364191

honk honk

No. 1364192

By that logic wouldn't it also be ungrateful and transphobic for them to hate their male bodies? Think of all the Aidens who would kill to have a natural born penis, you transphobe, and here you are turning yours inside out

No. 1364211

they move the goal posts when you confront inconsistencies like that in their ideology. i'm sure the answer would be something about how they’re dysphoric and suicidal in their male bodies so it’s oppressive and “violent” for them to continue living as a man. but women are never suicidal or upset living as a woman so it’s fine to call them ungrateful.

No. 1364221

>dysphoric and suicidal in their male bodies
>continue to make suicide attempts after transitioned
They're biophobe

No. 1364231

File: 1636348366068.jpg (175.01 KB, 1053x621, Screenshot_202.jpg)


No. 1364233

Troon lovers being obtuse as always when people point out that men can't get pregnant their single reply is omg read a biology book!!!

No. 1364238

people are gonna abuse the shit out of this, whether it’s for nonbinaries or aidens it doesn’t matter
regular people don’t give a shit or either know biology refuses to take part in fantasies so they’ll use it as a fat dude

No. 1364242

Trancel delusions

No. 1364251

He literally looks like he has Habsburg jaw
The delusion

No. 1364254

Let's be honest. Knowing Twitter this will be used by FtMs, male fat fetishists and fujoshis with mpreg fetishes.

No. 1364256

File: 1636350588803.jpeg (79.34 KB, 640x462, 1633172925234.jpeg)

3 out of 3 fetish

No. 1364257

Imagine if the genders were reversed and an actual woman turned Aiden said this, she would get so much backlash and nasty, sexually targeted comments from men. Meanwhile these sick narcissistic fucks have no pushback from women because we'll actually be cancelled for not validating their "identity"

No. 1364258

great idea anon, I'm going to start using it as a sole response to pictures of fat men

No. 1364284

I wish I had the confidence of a man in a dress

No. 1364286

I’m assuming he was a scrote who thought women have life on “easy mode” and that’s why he transitioned, so now he thinks being a hot gril has made life so much better when in reality, no one wants to anger a mentally ill man in a dress.

No. 1364294

That's for FTMs tho, MTFs aren't gonna claim it. It has short masculine hair, no feminine markers and non gendered clothing. They won't see the point of being a pregnant "woman" if they can't be a sexy pornstar bimbo at the same time.

No. 1364295

Cool moobs

No. 1364296

They would also say it’s transphobic if you posted how much you love your period. They think everything should belong to them and women are not people, just a resource like their mothers who never commanded respect.

No. 1364313

Thanks anon, a great reminder to kys myself never be left alone with a man. One of my friends was also brutally raped by her coworker she trusted and thought was a good man so you can never be too sure. One in three and even 1 in 16 is too risky of a gamble.

Fucking christ I hope this guy doesn't actually have kids but after so many r/transwidow posts I don't even know anymore.

No. 1364323

The fact she's a porn star but is also a, well we need a new word because terf doesn't cover it - must have broken the brains of the "porn is feminism" lefties
>listen to women
>listen to sexworkers
>sex work is work
>sex work and general debasement is empowering
>trans rights are rights
>lily throwing a spoke into the works
She sounds utterly deranged but I think it proves two points: sex work is terrible for your mental health, and any woman who has excessive exposure to men can see through their bullshit while also being angrily repulsed by them. Twitter complained a lot while avoiding reposting the whole thing in case it was "triggering" but it isn't triggering at all. It simply lays those two facts out clearly, and by effect paints porn as bad (it is) and men as awful (they are) because those two things had to be true to produce that rant.

No. 1364349

When people say "sex work is real work" i've started asking them if they'd be ok with blowjobs for their manager being added to their daily duties or be fired. When they say no, it should be a choice etc etc, I remind them that the company they work for can change their job requirements at any point and if they can't meet the new requirements they will be fired and unable to claim unemployment. This is what is going on with the covid jabs. Not being vaccinated is seen as you not being able to fulfill job requirements and that's why you can't claim benefits. You made an active choice to not do something the company is requiring of you.

If these dumb moids and pickmes don't think every shitty manager or owner would be adding sexual requirements for their employess, or adding them on a whim when they hire someone they find attractive, they are retarded. If sex work is work there should be no issue with it being added to any job.

No. 1364365

Good god her mind absolutely broke. She's right though, but I feel a great deal of sadness for this obvious desperate cry, you can feel the pain radiating off of it. You can tell she's been personally hurt by the troon ideology to the point she doesn't give a shit anymore, I'm pretty sure she's seen the worst of the worst being in the porn industry and all.

No. 1364371

In my experience the only thing that works even remotely is to ask them if they would like their girl/boyfriend/daughter/son doing sex work instead of something mundane and if not, like most people would reply, then ask them why. It doesn't hammer it in but makes them reconsider their point over time.

No. 1364376

I feel like nobody really cares about ftms in the wider discussion, so every time some new thing like this comes out it reeks of mtfs pushing "inclusion" of TIFs just to further promote othering women from their biology. There's just not the same financial or political power in the Aiden community as there are among boomer TIMs who were already CEOs and shit before trooning out.

No. 1364393

It's true. FTMs are on the very bottom rung of the LGBT community, absolutely nobody gives a shit about them and their only purpose in the trans movement is to serve as a weaponized ammunition for MTFs whenever they need to prove a point about how "not all who menstruate are women so fuck your terf rhetoric" to deny factual biology. There's a reason why FTM suicide rates are way higher than any other LGBT profile's while MTFs actually have the lowest one. Even the people I know who are really into the trans narrative make fun of delusional Aidens who have zero masculinity to them yet show nothing but overcompensating appreciation for the trashiest hons when it comes to MTFs. You really can't identify out of being a subject for misogyny and sexism, it will follow you no matter what pronouns you pick up.

No. 1364409

pregnant woman with short hair, I like it!

No. 1364413

You’re absolutely right, and it’s honestly incredibly sad to see. Just more proof of what working in porn can do to a person.

No. 1364414

i learned recently there's been a huge uptick in teenagers going for Tourette's diagnoses, as a result of TikTok's current obsession with crippling disabilities. psych practitioners have been (rightly so) very concerned.

i don't understand why gender therapists can't put 2 and 2 together and realise the exact same is happening with transgenderism?

and autism and DID and PTSD etc etc etc

No. 1364415

Some of them do. I think there's a fear in speaking out about it but it's literally their fucking job. I watch Sasha ayed's YouTube on occasion and she's one of the few I see speaking out about rogd

No. 1364416

File: 1636378253128.jpg (324 KB, 1070x1367, IMG_20211108_162113.jpg)

No. 1364418

File: 1636378538639.jpg (22.92 KB, 680x261, FDoWmU5WUAMwXQM.jpg)

Hmm, I wonder why.

No. 1364427

I have imposter syndrome for being an astronaut and they keep kicking me out.

No. 1364440

4chan is infested with trannies to the point they'll censor topics to stop them flipping out. Like every other area online they have been allowed to take it over and then censor people that were there before them. 4chan, reddit, and twitter are great examples to why you can't give an inch to tannies because they will take several miles then turn around a shit on you.

No. 1364482

It is still astounding to me how they have managed to infiltrate everything so quickly. Truly shows how much of an entitled men’s rights movement it is. They feel the need to conquer everything.

No. 1364486

No. 1364488

I got banned from 4channie because I was talking a 15 year old kid out of transitioning. The jannies are just as bad on there too, protecting creeps.

No. 1364503

the level of alogging in this

No. 1364507

File: 1636389614457.jpeg (746.74 KB, 1242x1684, 10F1476F-DF9F-4036-9EAA-D9DD3E…)

/lgbt/ is nothing but men hating on women's appearances and jerking themselves off over being better at being women than actual women

No. 1364524

And yet they can tell that these women are cis by just looking at them. Almost as if… they don't look trans at all. Even women with masc features like a square jaw or wide shoulders (professional athletes are all on T), they still very obviously look like women.

No. 1364535

File: 1636392563058.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.09 KB, 900x1200, enormous hands.jpg)

lmfao, look at those GIGANTIC hands.(spoiler this shit, dumbass)

No. 1364536


No. 1364539

cmon this one doesnt look THAT freaky and creepy.

No. 1364545

personal vendetta or selfpost

No. 1364548

And fucking sage.

No. 1364553

Because if they speak out, their credential or license will be removed. Their house address will be posted online, the harassment will continue until eventually HOA asked them to move out of the neighborhood. Troon will wait outside their school, despite some of them being registered sex offender. The banks or credit card will cut ties with them.

No. 1364555

I see we're dealing with another round of "let's own the nasty terves by fooling them" bullshit

No. 1364557

The hands look fine? They don't look bad. No clutching at straws please

No. 1364571

Why do men think one carefully posed, edited picture = reality?

No. 1364573

no sage, clearly a biofem, stop taking the bait

also kek at gigantic hands.jpg

No. 1364574

No. 1364580

You're the same baiting samefagging shitposter who replies to their own shit bait that's posted here before, ask me how I know

No. 1364601

who is this?

No. 1364602


his facial expression has always pissed me off
its literally just a heavily edited picture. if you look up ones of taftaj where hes not posing like that, he legit just looks like adude with tits

No. 1364612

ah true, note the wobbly skirting board on the RHS

No. 1364641

This should have included his handle like >>1364602 did. It's a moid, ladies, you just have Asian face blindness. TBH his stomach gave it away to me.

No. 1364651

It literally serves no purpose to post heavily edited pictures of random troons without context, there's a good chance of people interpreting it as a seething tranny trying to one-up people here by fooling them into believing a real woman is a tranny or vice versa. I can admit that if some MTF edits his pictures to the point he's unrecognizable i.e. warps reality itself, it might be impossible to clock him because surprise, it's not real. Based on filtered promo pictures I couldn't believe Kim Petras was a MTF until I saw candids of him next to an actual woman.

No. 1364653

that's how they end up raping cis men and women (and children)

No. 1364668


You can tell it's a troon, it looks like Kyle Rittenhouse. Besides posting an edited troon that edits and poses hardcore, this shows how warped men's view is of women even at a young age. He considers himself a curvy woman and admits AGP is real. Yet he does porn and sexualizes anything womanly in his book he can. Admits he feels like a crossdresser and tries not to be jealous of real women. It's the same shit, and you can tell he is a male because of the torso, voice, and the fact he is less curve than most women who are built like a board. There you have it.

No. 1364670

Troons are definitely selfposting here. They do it in the femboy thread too and always with smutty pictures to advertise their OnlyFans. They are too retarded to know that this is a site for women and they won't find new simps/chasers here.

No. 1364672

Because men have to make everything about themselves. This is the same guy who pretends to be above men who fetishize womanhood but does the same thing. Probably is a self-post given that he doesn't know how to use the website and all he does is porn. Men invented porn and forced women to part take in it. All of his accounts show he is male truly no matter what he does, he will never have that woman's way of thinking.

No. 1364682

And? Equating rapists (i.e. men who commit violence) with "whores" (i.e. women & children designated for men to commit violence on) is some absolute shit-for-brains scrote logic regardless of how the numbers break down.

If an actual woman looked half as haggard and masculine as this troon, she'd be mocked and bullied off the internet for describing herself as "attractive." The utter audacity of moids.

No. 1364700

File: 1636404566715.png (531.62 KB, 1070x644, Untitled.png)

The audacity of this man.

No. 1364705

>Queen's Gambit understands autistic female sexuality
Really? Because, as an autistic woman, I thought it felt like an autistic moid's coomer fantasy version of an autistic woman's life. Oh, wait.

No. 1364706

the coping really never stops with these faggots

No. 1364726

I fucking hate what troons have done to being an autistic woman

No. 1364731

It's a super common term on /lgbt/, somehow they manage to be 100x worse about women's looks than a site made for gossip

No. 1364735

>I, a man, understand this novel about sex-based oppression better than women.
I'm curious about what he would even say, but I know it would make me seethe too hard.

No. 1364737

Troons make the female experience with autism out to be incredibly horny and 1 to 1 with the male experience. Almost every autistic woman I've met has either been low libido or too uncomfortable with human contact to have sex most of the time, and none of them get to the level of "I am very smart" self-assurance that autistic moids do.

No. 1364741

You're giving him too much credit. He's talking about the show, not the book. Timmy can't read.

No. 1364746

Are the show and book significantly different? Never watched it.

No. 1364751

Scrotes are incapable of appreciating female characters outside of the concept of coom. SJWs are also incapable of viewing fiction without politicizing it. Leave it to a tranny to watch literally any TV show or movie and contrive some way to make it about himself.

Also damn he's skinwalking Hontra so hard, even down to the retarded costumes and ugly neon gels. Making a two hour long narcissist screed about something a retard on Reddit has already said in a three sentence post is the antithesis of intellectualism. If brevity is the sole of wit, breadtubers are the sole of retardation.

No. 1364757

The cope is reaching critical mass. Those women are beautiful and all clearly cis, no reasonable person is going to mistake them for trannies. Especially the bottom one, who has an hourglass figure and tapered, feminine legs.

I haven't seen the show, but I'm amazed that scrotes contrived a way to sexualize the idea of a woman being good at chess despite struggling with alcoholism. They sexualize even the most inane, boring things we do, it's repulsive.

No. 1364760

Someone please post what this faggot looks like unedited. When I first saw this, I was like "that's some Mickey Deer level shoop abuse." No human being looks like this, tranny or cis.

No. 1364763

File: 1636409941427.png (9.22 MB, 1170x2532, 80BFF073-70C1-4E0D-ABE0-3FC5CC…)

Have we spoken about this tiktok troon yet?
Insists that no one can tell whether he’s male or female but the face and fake pitched up voice are dead giveaways

No. 1364765

Here is the boyface in motion. Note the desperately curated bodily movements and vocal affectations

No. 1364766

He's born in 1991. Eunuchs age horribly.

No. 1364767

I wouldn't usually support someone calling for lynching, but I can't care much when it's so easy to find TiMs saying violent shit to women and there is no outrage.

No. 1364770

Yeah, he edits his pictures. Just off the video his torso is like 5x bigger. His voice is nightmare inducing.

No. 1364771

he sounds like when dudes make a funny mock of how women sound lmao he's a photoshopped troon, like all internet trannies sooner or later we will find out what he actually looks like in person.

No. 1364772

Classic webcam tranny. His arms are long as fuck and his head is gigantic in that video kek.

No. 1364781

uncanny valley tier

No. 1364783

It's funny how much he looks like a little boy even in the video thumbnail

No. 1364788

sadly i'm zoomer enough to know this is from a video where they weakly denied being trans and instead latched onto looking like a GNC woman and a WOC(!!).

this is a man

No. 1364789

File: 1636413333205.png (236.37 KB, 638x667, Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 3.12…)

i guess this is how greaselord 4chan trannies cope about being hideous, testosterone riddled ogres.

No. 1364792

whats wrong with the mouth…? mine looks like that

t. not a tranny

No. 1364795

Not meaning to doubt how much of a cretin he is, but I feel like he's bullshitting

No. 1364796

someone who never leaves their house wrote this

No. 1364801

>t. White person*(racebait)

No. 1364806

Does the tranny really expect us to believe that kek

No. 1364808

This didn't happen but if it did…
Creepy, instantly clockable tranny approaches wearing coder socks, spinny skirt, and transbian pin:
>"I've never seen another trans person here you must be new, hi!!"
Normal looking cis girl:
>"Wha…Ohhh sorry I'm not trans but have a good one."
End of interaction. When you know you're a woman, a stranger misgendering you doesn't cause dysphoria. Why don't trannies understand this?

No. 1364809

Every time this dude speaks you can see him straining his face to get his voice high

No. 1364811

I had to look this up because I thought no way, but his wiki says he's 29. What happened to "estrogen makes us trannies age slower" ?? kek most 29 year old cis dudes don't even look that old.

No. 1364821

I hope he keeps doing this so handmaidens get offended and peak.

No. 1364822

Is it really surprising though? Men are always judging women by their looks. I remember hearing boys in middle school making a diagram of what girls were attractive and ranking them. It’s funny when most of them look like inflamed toes.

No. 1364825

File: 1636417626490.jpg (82.69 KB, 930x490, nazi.jpg)

>muh terfs are fascists
cope seethe dilate and project
trans identified men are so in love with nazi ideology that it's literally a common relatable thing to them. this was drawn by an aiden who hates terfs, it speaks volumes that even a handmaiden like her realizes how fucked up tims are.
also aren't radfems anti-porn? so lily cade is really part of the libfem-to-fascist pipeline.

I wouldn't call for a lynching of trans people but I would absolutely call for a lynching of youtube grifters kek.

No. 1364828

I can't picture anyone doing anything but laughing. This is supposed to be psychological warfare?

No. 1364832

what would happen if someone played along and tried to claim troon oppression points with it. or even better be like "yeah as a trans woman i am so ashamed by how other trannies behave it's so annoying that crazy trannies are always the loudest right? i can reclaim tranny btw because i am a tranny teehee"

No. 1364839

the look on their face isn't because they've been "stabbed" it's because they think "this creep is an idiot who can't tell men and women apart"
sorry for linking to a video by a loser like amazing atheist but that tran channer reminds me of this schizo kek

No. 1364841

>what would happen if someone played along and tried to claim troon oppression points with it.
The mythical AFAB transgirl being memed into reality.

No. 1364866

yeah before i peaked (pretty recently) i often saw trannies joke about having a nazi phase and it was so weird how lighthearted they were about it. i also saw some trans men “call out” this type of joke but their point was that it was “transmisogynistic” because it spread harmful stereotypes about transfems uwu

No. 1364873

File: 1636422954635.jpg (381.87 KB, 1080x1267, troons on 4chan.jpg)

lmao right

No. 1364876

he looks like hes concentrating super hard to keep pounting and talking in a high pitched voice. he sounds like he just sucked helium tho

No. 1364878

File: 1636423295668.png (33.79 KB, 991x532, Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 20-57…)

What's wrong with these fucking people?
The social worker prescribing therapy but the child just wants results right away so the social worker is like LOL OK. wtf?

No. 1364880

File: 1636423994233.png (2.15 MB, 1189x2115, 1636423860529.png)

This old chaser posted this on fb and I cant stop laughing at the replies.

No. 1364885

perfect response would just to play along. "Nice to meet you! I've only been on HRT for a couple months now, I guess I need to get better at doing my makeup" either they don't get the satisfaction of phasing you or they believe you and feel shit about their own transition

No. 1364889

No self-deprecation needed, just act really excited and mention that your egg just cracked and you're pre-everything and ask how it's going for them and if they have any advice lol

No. 1364927

File: 1636429258223.png (46.19 KB, 963x680, Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 22-38…)

>She was also wearing leggings
this totally happened

No. 1364928

Oh my GOD. The comments on this post are all insane (though I'm not sure what I expected). Every comment is pro-puberty blockers what the actual fuck.
>"Blockers are considered fully reversible, pubery isnt."
>"Puberty blockers are 100% a good option for a 12 year old. They just delay puberty, so they give the kid a chance to pick what puberty they want to go through."
>"Puberty blockers are very safe from everything i have ever heard. There is little risk of jumping the gun. Because you can just stop taking them and puberty restarts. Conversely, puberty is harder to reverse."
This guy is going to ruin his daughter's life and is getting praised for it.

No. 1364932

it's always either a creepily posed selfie or the head tilt and turn. probably to hide how massive their jawline is and tuck away their adams apple

No. 1364933

>Puberty blockers are very safe
Tell that to the people who took them for precocious puberty and now have numerous bone problems as adults. There is no such thing as a drug with zero side effects.

Also OP (who I really hope doesn't listen to all the retards responding to him) established several times that his daughter flits between interests and goes through a lot of phases. It's clearly part of a larger pattern for her and not something he should be enabling.

No. 1364935

even with that it honestly sounds like he used a voice changing filter on his video kek

No. 1364945

When will they get it through their thick skulls that normal people don't give a fuck about being misgendered? Only lunatics who rely on others to enable their delusions care about it.

One of my friends has been mistaken for a troon before, and she just shrugs it off. She's used to people commenting on her height (6'1") and probably just views it as part of that. If a 4tranner called a woman a tranny, she'd probably just write it off as him being a faceblind autist. Terminally online trannies aren't exactly gifted when it comes to social grace.

No. 1364949

File: 1636431724405.jpg (12.4 KB, 268x305, Lady~2.jpg)

Is he trying to cosplay Lady Tottington?

No. 1364955

File: 1636432227794.jpeg (436.84 KB, 1379x1103, 393FBE20-0916-49EC-AFC1-B25D05…)

hey guise

No. 1364961

File: 1636433437465.jpeg (42.98 KB, 400x400, 3DA29E2F-E95B-4D79-9137-F83024…)

No. 1364963


The very bottom right is my ex-coworker oh my God… He would openly talk about doing sex work in the break room. Everyone was too scared to misgender him or call him out on his degeneracy.This mfer even got promoted to manager.. Now I see his face on lolcow, what a small world lmao.

No. 1364964

Looks like a methed out baby

No. 1364966

Funny thing about that last part, shopping for clothes and "older TERFs" .. I was in a Macy's dressing room on a busy Friday night at the mall recently. I was in the stall so didn't see anything but there was a bunch of teenage girls being loud and silly. They all sudden went silent and one of them said "this section is for girls only, men aren't allowed in here" and I heard the unmistakable hon voice say "no I'm definitely a girl" .. anyways they stayed silent for awhile and one of them eventually said "well it's not cool for you to be in here" ..

Anyways I know that kinda reads like r/thathappened, but it did and it made me happy. Just goes to show it isn't just "older TERFs" that have a problem with them, as they'd like to think.

No. 1364969

File: 1636434709674.jpeg (87.58 KB, 724x1024, FDrP0a8WEAAqpXS.jpeg)

That's good to hear, younger girls really need to stand up for themselves when it comes to troons in their spaces. And speaking of bathrooms..

No. 1364970

File: 1636434753020.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.21 KB, 746x1024, FDrP0a9XoAMsrIB.jpeg)

Guess what this weirdo looks like.

No. 1364971

Big groomer energy in there. They have to know that puberty blockers have terrible side-effects.

No. 1364982

>no chin
>arseways lips
I think he had to troon out to survive, this is such a back deck of cards to be dealt in life

No. 1365019

>This is supposed to be psychological warfare?
It was /pol/ plan to submit photo of real women to trans subreddit and claim they achieve it after few years of transitioning. Unironically, the plan succeed in achieving one of its goal, making the standard higher. Now, trannies themselves see biological woman as their goal and they will writhe in agony as they are unable to achieve the standard and lowering the bar would make the point of transitioning invalid. No amount of hugposts can fix this
I can't stop laughing while writing this post. They will judge their transitioning as a failure

No. 1365040

>>1364969 i wonder if the men's bathroom is such a horrorshow how some people make it out to be. I'm sure it stinks as hell there but the guys just want to take a shit and leave don't they? Why would anyone want to waste their time fighting someone in the bathroom? Maybe is just where i'm from but i don't think any violence is happening in men's bathrooms. They really don't care about how the person peeing next to them looks like.

No. 1365050

File: 1636450471943.jpeg (373.8 KB, 1170x2532, DBE290AD-08EA-4846-B30D-2AB47B…)

Here he is with what looks like no makeup. Rather unfortunate looking. B-b-but you don’t know he’s trans! He could be cis!!!!!

No. 1365054

File: 1636450812983.jpeg (384.03 KB, 1170x1983, 52F25CA6-B1DA-4514-935F-F934CB…)

I was assuming he was about 18 or something but uh… born in 1987 and writes shitty self published novels

No. 1365055

Long pre-raphaelite hair with that unmistakeably male face, unfortunate

No. 1365059

Those book covers holy shit. Such a mans face even after editing. Countess is especially abysmal. Serving some real Wachowski vibes.

No. 1365060

Did it really shop itself into it's own shitty self published book's covers?

No. 1365062

File: 1636451462063.jpeg (75.99 KB, 533x800, 56FA56AD-3B58-4A4E-A302-0DE155…)

There’s also a cringe modelling profile with such gems as this


No. 1365064

This blurb makes him sound borderline illiterate. And delusional for thinking it would make anyone want to buy his books

No. 1365074

Wow, his filters must be working overtime to smooth out his skin.
I think it was a deliberate attempt to sound like a "bimbo".

No. 1365075

I covered his face to see if he would look female without it there, since it's such a major clock. Then I covered his face and his legs. He was still clockable as a torso, arm, and hair.

No. 1365085

File: 1636458897174.png (275.7 KB, 464x454, 94E2055C-F211-42B5-A584-C4725C…)

No. 1365096

File: 1636461909090.jpg (471.06 KB, 1786x962, 1636373868152.jpg)

Did you guys know that /qa/ got whiped by jannies because of /lgbt/ raid?
Lol imagine getting so triggered by an MS paint edit that you nuke and entire board and install a surveillance state through unsalaried wagies. Proves that trannies are most certainly NOT mentally or emotionally unstable.

No. 1365112

Yes. >>>/snow/1362111 Lurk more and learn to sage.

No. 1365116

It's almost like being a man or woman has nothing to do with appearance. I can see how trannies get schizoid and mad at women who look very masculine. They think "why can't I do that too?", you're male that's why, you will always be male and all you have going for you are cringe, gender stereotypes like wearing pink skirts and uwu thigh highs which only serve to highlight your maleness. Being a tranny is coping eternally until you 41.

No. 1365120

Put it behind spoiler next time. Ginger moids are truly hideous creatures. Anyone know why they have reddish brown eyes?

No. 1365121

File: 1636466173676.png (33.79 KB, 593x169, 1636257756668.png)

Shut this site down

No. 1365122

it was fun while it lasted ladies

No. 1365123

Oh no, did we hurt the feewings of an irrelevant Twitter troon? Trans ideology is misogynistic and homophobic, and so is your whole identity. Cope, hon.

No. 1365125

if this thread ever went anywhere i would kms, the censorship is ridiculous and i need some sanity in my life

No. 1365126

It’s not going anywhere nona

No. 1365128

That’s how you can tell it’s male. Ginger women are usually beautiful. Ginger moids usually look like anaemic freaks

No. 1365130

Yet another ginger male market failure

No. 1365133

File: 1636468052286.jpeg (119.24 KB, 311x414, 7EE61CE9-CBC8-4C1A-89D3-41C50D…)

Look at how fucking massive Jazz has gotten holy shit?

No. 1365138

oh my god, at least fat trannies pass better

No. 1365140

The fact that he still has to wear what basically ammounts to men's swimwear on the bottom says something, but I'm not sure what.

No. 1365145

This is just sad he's clearly mentally unwell and using eating as a coping mechanism

No. 1365147

exactly, anyone that balloons suddenly over a short period of time is dealing with mental issues, like with any other addiction.

No. 1365148

I do feel bad for him. Poor kid.

No. 1365161

I don’t really feel that bad for him, isn’t his family/him supposed to be rich? He could get a professional therapist and a personal trainer even if he’s a tranny, and he must have his male metabolism too.
I don’t feel bad for any tranny that prefers pumping his body full of hormones, get surgery and play pretend 24/7, at some point they must figure out that something is wrong with their lifestyle. He’s 21 years old, a whole ass adult, I think it would be a good time to start cutting people off and doing what he really wants to do with his life.

No. 1365162

It's weird, though. His stomach looks like an obese woman's (if a bit male beer gutty) but his face doesn't hold fat like most fat people. It's extremely uncanny.

Isn't this the kid that was groomed his whole life? He's one of the few TIMs I can spare some empathy for. He's also one of the best examples we have for how this ideology is mutilating gay children.

No. 1365169

His mother pimped him out for TLC since he was a little kid, do you really think his family gives that kind of emotional support even if they have all the money in the world?

No. 1365180

>Isn't this the kid that was groomed his whole life?
Yeah, his mother has brainwashed him since he was a child and did everything she could to stunt his emotional and physical growth to maintain control over him. I doubt he could even open up to a therapist because then he'd have to break away from his mom's control and actually come to terms with the fact that he was abused and mutilated. Not trying to wk him because ultimately he still pushes the ideology now that he's grown up, but he's never known anything else so I can see why he has to use food and other shit to cope. I agree that he's a good example of how damaging it is for parents to act like his did.

No. 1365182

You're anon, it seems like these pseudo intellectuals tims are being inspired by Hontra. Granted it's only two which is this fucking dude and Philosophy Tube but it's just crazy how they're trying to be like him.

No. 1365186

File: 1636473299755.jpg (123.52 KB, 940x453, lgbt.jpg)

/lgbt/ is now /troon/, only 20 threads or so are about LGB. /qa/ soyduel and chud was devised by bunkerchan troon. But /troon/ are trying to blame /pol/ for it (pic) despite soyduelers came from multiple boards as they vent by shitposting.
4chan jannies are pampering thin skinned troon and mods are enabling this behavior. And this won't be the last privilege they received from the site administration

No. 1365188

Which only underlines to the idiots who supported his self-mutilation that there was a bigger issue and just watch, it's gonna get worse for him as he continues to age to age like the man he is and reality sets in that everyone around him lied to him about his "woman-ness".

>Isn't this the kid that was groomed his whole life? He's one of the few TIMs I can spare some empathy for. He's also one of the best examples we have for how this ideology is mutilating gay children.

From what I remember of his tv show, his parents came off very homophobic mainly because of how his grandparents were since they were from a bygone era. Like they didn't want a gay son, especially his father who I remember saying that he wanted a son he could play sports. I'm trying to remember if he commented on his son's interest in dolls, I have to re-watch it again but yeah, it's clear that outside of his sister who seemed to genuinely care about him, everyone else was enabler of his delusion, his sister was the only one who kinda questioned him.

No. 1365191

>I agree that he's a good example of how damaging it is for parents to act like his did

Agreed anon. I think that all parents in todays age need to watch at least a bit of the show and be observing of his parents behavior and take note of how Jazz still has issues which prove that there's a serious problem with him and that his whole "gender identity" is probably a cope to deal with his trauma.

No. 1365196

This is so sad. Imagine if jazz's parents had let him get through his girly stuff phase and become a normal gay guy. Poor kid has never even had an orgasm before because they put him on puberty blockers so early

No. 1365199

File: 1636474072334.png (1.08 MB, 1591x640, 1550092746530.png)

His parents are 100% complicit in causing his mental illness. There's a word for it, MSbP. Related thread >>>/snow/387658

No. 1365200

I really don't see how he could break away from it, his mother seems to be the ringleader and the entire family submissive to her, everyone around him reinforces the narrative. On top of the conditioning he has gone through from day one, I've seen people say he's also intellectually stunted cause of puberty blockers and such

No. 1365202

They cannot possibly be this retarded. /Pol/ is never getting deleted simply because the traffic it gets doubles the rest of the other boards combined. Framing this as some sort of stand on morality while being a 4chan poster is very funny.

No. 1365211

Are those not women’s bike shorts?

No. 1365213

I agree I don't pity him, his whole reason for saying he's a girl as a little boy was because he wanted to play football against little girls and win, it's normal for boys to want to always be the winner but everyone considers them cowardly or use terms like "plays with girls" to make fun of them, he has no shame.

No. 1365216

It’s the fact that women pity these men so they get patronized and given special treatment. For the 33 years I have used the women’s restroom and I have never had any other woman talk to me about my outfit or theirs. Everyone just passes each other quietly. This man is such a sorry creature that random women baby him in public.

No. 1365224

You say that is if that's not even funnier. Who the fuck wears bike shorts to a pool?

No. 1365233

But /new/ happened. I wish the post was a joke or falseflag. But I know they're coomer so their brain are fried and can't think clearly. So, they probably will demand even bigger retaliation from the admin and never learn what's humility. Imagine when they nuked /pol/ because of the troon and hundreds of slide thread were made every hour indefinitely

No. 1365235

>Who the fuck wears bike shorts to a pool?

No. 1365246

For one blissful minute I forgot he thought he was a woman

No. 1365250

File: 1636478085825.jpeg (46.74 KB, 960x882, FDZ74rTXsAEuZeA.jpeg)

Who is this? I need to see more. Does anyone know their name? Reverse search shows nothing

No. 1365253

Worst thing is that he isnt even gay, he is interested in women, which made his mom freak.

Kid was trooned for no reason

No. 1365257

Girl genuinely are you confusing jammers with bike shorts?

No. 1365259

Maybe they don’t get it bc it affects men more? Like men hate being compared to women for the most part so maybe it’s both their weird tranny projection combined thinking calling someone the opposite sex is an insult. There are probably some women out there who would get annoyed but for the most part I think we just note a mental ill man is saying this and wave it off. Men say stupid shit to us all the time.

No. 1365260

File: 1636478974085.png (370.61 KB, 778x980, what the fuck.png)

Spotted in the wild on Amazon… I just fucking KNEW from the review. Then I saw the picture.

No. 1365263

I wish those irrelevant reviews could get reported or something, they’re not funny and they never describe the important shit that matters when you’re buying crap online.

No. 1365268

>his whole reason for saying he's a girl as a little boy was because he wanted to play football against little girls and win
Can you post some proof of this? I believe you, I just want to see for myself.

No. 1365273

I have so much pity for him, you'd honestly have to be especially cruel not to feel sorry for what happened to him since literally none of it was his own fault. Groomed into troondom since he was a baby, implanted with bullshit false memories by his homophobic stage mom about him giving full ass speeches about deep gender identity issues at 2 years old and pushed to humiliate himself on TV, laying his most intimate details for everyone to gawk at like he was a modern time freak circus starting from how he had no friends, ate his lunch in the bathroom and can never have an orgasm or sex life due to the puberty blockers. Imagine having just turned 18 and your issues with your micropenis having been broadcast to the whole world and afterwards the results of your botched colon dick inversion surgery become a meme.

It's a horrifying thought and I don't understand how people don't see his case as child abuse. If I was him I would probably cope with eating too. I wouldn't be surprised if he went full gypsy rose someday.

No. 1365281

I can't look at jazz without feeling sad. What his parents did to him is pure evil. I really pray one day he will be able to see that he is just a flamboyant gay boy and detranstion. It's so sad he already got bottom surgery too and it probably still causes him pain.

No. 1365283

Start from 6:00 that's where he talks about football, "they're all very tall and more masculine and I'm sort of smaller but I am quicker" no matter the age a narcissist is a narcissist.

No. 1365288

This really isn't enough evidence since his mother trooned him out way before he was old enough to even truly understand what he is getting himself into. How do we know he would have still trooned out if his parents didn't push him?

No. 1365292

>it’s like going on a random stabbing spree

late af reply but i don’t know if this is showing troons are obsessed with hurting women. or explains how they think getting sir’ed is violence.

words are violence but only agains me terf nazi bigot!

No. 1365298

I dont think its wrong to feel bad for him the same way you can feel bad about the kids in 19 kids and counting. He is a hostage to TV spectacle, if his insane mother ever let him get real help their lifestyle would stop being profitable. He has very little agency in his situation.

No. 1365299

File: 1636481801512.png (239.98 KB, 478x301, 1575854074.png)

He liked football since the age of 2 he was banned from playing against girls at the age of 8, his mom encouraged his troon behaviour we ALL know this but what I'm talking about is that I believe he said he's a girl because he wanted an easy win, he himself admits to being faster.

No. 1365301

Holy shit this is such a sperg reach anon. Stop embarrassing yourself already. He absolutely did not troon out at 8 because he wanted to "win against girls in football", he did so because his lunatic mother groomed him to.

No. 1365304

He's been playing against girls way before the age of 8 you clown learn to read I believe what I believe ,the only one embarrassing themselves is you weirdo, I showed proof of what I believe caused him to want to play against girls and say he is one, you're free to disagree but don't act ape and insult others.

No. 1365308

Who gives a shit? He was a CHILD, kids have all sorts of weird narcissistic ideas because they're inexperienced little people with undeveloped brains. The entire moral responsibility rests on the ADULTS who were supposed to raise him into a functional person, and instead mutilated him and left him with crippling mental problems.

No. 1365318

Nope, just feel too lazy to make corrections. He should have wear patterned jammers so people don't notice how fat he is

No. 1365320

Are femcels seething about toddlers again?

No. 1365322

File: 1636483272974.png (1.2 MB, 960x960, 1577738725382.png)

Just the one.

No. 1365326

Honestly I see no difference between the cases of Jazz Jennings and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. I wouldn’t be shocked if Jazz hires someone to kill his mom one day. Or if he does murder-suicide, like Ricky Rodriguez, whose mom sexually abused him as part of her beliefs in the cult they were members of, calledThe Family. I’d say Jazz’s mom threatening to shove a dialator up his neovag on TV counts as sexual assault…

No. 1365330

You look like idiots trying to take shit out of context, did your parents tell you that boys are gross when you were a little girl? or did you form this opinion based on being around them and seeing it for yourself? what is so hard for you to understand that little boys like winning so they will play against someone who's weaker at the game, stop acting out. Jazz knew the girls aren't better than him at the game.

No. 1365335

File: 1636484198738.webm (1.36 MB, 1125x600, 1584320970278.webm)

I feel sorry for him. But he got almost a decade to figure out that he's gay or straight man with feminine hobby from the internet, book, and social interaction. Unless everything got filtered by his mother
>literally /tv/ cow https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/130902300/#q130904490

No. 1365339

File: 1636484611957.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.5 KB, 800x939, 1591091976292.jpg)

Different anon, but here's the meme

No. 1365343

did you grow up with boys? they're all selfish little shits who only care about themselves and use their mothers. this just sounds like 'boys will be boys' crap your mothers and aunts probably parroted. you must be one of those dumb bitches that think child on child sexual abuse isn't real too

No. 1365353

Why don't you people even try with your shit bait?

No. 1365361

Uuuuh you talk creepy but I'll answer you any, yes like any normal person I grew up around boys, I've seen 3 types of behaviour, the first and most typical is they won't play with girls because girls are "stupid", the second will play with you because they like you, the last likes winning and tends to be the favourite child so they will pick a person who will pretend lose against them or is generally worse at the game.

>you must be one of those dumb bitches that think child on child sexual abuse isn't real too

I was just talking about how Jazz is a narcissist and knows he's faster than a girl and I was told "muh he was a child youh femcel", obviously I'm the only sane one here who understands that even a child is capable of evil and understands to an extent what is wrong and what is right, there are psychos who killed animals and hid women's underwear under their beds when they were just children why do you find it so shocking to believe that a boy simply wants to play and win and will lie to get what he wants.

No. 1365366

Pls stop the infighting and derailing

No. 1365375

Was this moid a Chicago local at some point?

No. 1365395

You’re telling me this isn’t a deviantart inflation edit?

No. 1365401

Literally two angry NLOGs arguing with each other about who hates little boys more. I may be a misandrist, but this is retarded. Go take a nap or something, all the other anons said was that little boys learn a lot of terrible behavior from their parents, which is true. Jazz wouldn't be so fucked up if his parents weren't narcissistic homophobes who were paranoid their sheltered straight son would grow up to be gay because he liked dolls or whatever.

No. 1365412

This is a pretty ungenerous take, anon.

Some people who are inducted into cults as children aren't able to leave them until they're adults. Sometimes well into adulthood. Sometimes they never can leave for good. The way they groomed him from a child reeks of cult tactics. It's kind of absurd to think he could break out of it. His entire support network consists of Yes Men who exist to validate and affirm transhood, even if he has doubts about it. They speak off a script. It's bizarre.

I think he must sense something is wrong with the homophobic gender theory/conversion therapy he was groomed into. Probably why he binge eats. I saw on TLC that he is on a lot of different pills too, and anti-depressants. Probably sinking in he will be a lifetime medical patient. A fucked endocrine system for life. Blood clots, stroke. No sexual function. No penis. Increased risk of obesity, like all castratos. Learning that the trans ideology of gender based attraction versus sex based is a farce. Even bisexual people, who like both sexes, will have a hard time parsing trans genitals (even ones that aren't destroyed by puberty blockers and surgeries.) It's all a fucking lie. It's a deck of cards that comes undone when you do some actual critical thinking, and realize that dysphoria is not born from a "naturally occurring gendered soul" but a collection of co-morbidities; sometimes these comorbidities are so extreme that an adult may choose to transition, but almost always they can be managed better through therapy and feeling accepted.

Of course, this isn't profitable. Surgeons, the medical industry, they've been making a pretty penny for years now. In the news, I see some trans surgeons speaking out about the affirmative model - like rats off a sinking ship. Something big is finally coming. Can't ignore detransitioners forever. Or the stats that show surgeons and hormones don't meaningfully improve mental health. Who would've thought a problem in the mind can't be cured by modifying the body, without therapeutic intervention? Even the butcher who did Jazz, the transwoman who made comments about being a pornographer while looking at Jazz's genitals on TV, has been in the media lately calling it out… It is truly fucking ghoulish.

Not to mention he was on "puberty blockers." Mankind's constant search for eternal youth or whatever. You cannot really block or pause a puberty, or aging. Your body will continue to do shit, the real gag is it tried to do the shit without the appropriate chemical/hormonal signifiers that occur during pubery. Good bye bone density. Stunted cognitive growth (that is then expected to make reasonable decisions about irreversible medical procedures at an already young age.) Undeveloped genitals. He was chemically castrated and then physically castrated before he was even able to understand his sexuality, what sexual pleasure is, how sex and attraction impacts relationships. Disgusting.

It's fucking disturbing. I've kept an eye on him for awhile and could talk at length about the things I've seen within his family dynamics, even just on the carefully edited TV show. I don't blame him at all. Once he started socially transition, especially associating it with good things for his family, he was goddamn doomed.

If there's a hell I hope there's room for these fucking doctors. They should all be disbarred. They know it's wrong too but like war criminals they will attest in court that "I was only following orders." Fucking WPATH.

No. 1365416

Fucking based and true

No. 1365418


Afaik, Jazz isn't even homosexual and has dated/is attracted to girls. Idk why radfems insist every gender non-conforming person must be gay, isn't that kinda stereotypical too? My husband wore dresses as a little boy and is only into women.

No. 1365419

Idk, anon, the other anon who believes that all male babies are born universally evil incarnate and strive to oppress women before they can even crawl has a pretty convincing argument.

No. 1365423

Absolutely based and captivating Manifesto-chan's spirit nonny

No. 1365426

Oh, so that's the reason for the higher amounts of trannyposting. Still pretending that every troonphobe is a stinky basement-dwelling terf or some seething polchud kek, all because papa janny stomped a few soyjaks?

No. 1365427

I just assumed he was gay because his mom seems extremely homophobic. But you're right that she could just be homophobic in the "boys can't like pink or they're homosexual deviants" way.

No. 1365428

Everyone seems to be ignoring the part where HES 21.

He’s a damn adult. Stop talking about him as if he’s a fucking a child. He’s had time to think, time to leave. He’s an adult. Get it on your heads.

No. 1365435

Time to what? 3 years to break free from an entire system of abuse while everyday dealing with depression and whatever terrible physical health issues he has because of transitioning and now obesity too? He has no support outside of his family and the freakshow tv that raised him, and no exposition to sensible contrarian opinions

No. 1365437

well said anon. Jazz is in a lifelong nightmare, and his family made sure of it.

No. 1365438

he's been indoctrinated in a cult since childhood. it's not typical adulthood. if you were forced to believe an ideology for 16 years, you would take ages to leave as well. have some humanity.

No. 1365439

I'm convinced some of these anons are kids themselves, they seem super naive about how brainwashing and cult conditioning actually work

No. 1365440

It's the same shit anons use to justify a-logging for Venus, apparently once you turn 18 you're just supposed to get over and forget about all that silly abuse and grooming you've been subjected to since birth despite never having had the chance to experience normalcy to know any other life than the fucked up one you've had. Makes me wonder if the people pushing that meme are underage themselves.

No. 1365441

mhm, you can't call transgenderism a cult (which i believe it is) and then shame people for not leaving.

No. 1365442

That's a possibility. There's incentive for everyone to shit the catalog, to trigger the trannies or creating a fake distress which means mods would further loosen their grip on jannies leash regarding ban.

No. 1365449

Also worth pointing out that his brain development has undoubtedly been stunted alongside his puberty

No. 1365455


No. 1365459

People always say that to victims of abuse to blame them, like age has anything to do with it when that’s all you’ve known on levels so deep they are in your unconscious and has reprogrammed your nervous system. It is an extremely long term thing and resources still don’t exist for this, just some trauma care to help you maintain. Disability isn’t something you grow out of and as we age it usually gets worse, especially with lack of support like that.

No. 1365472

yeah women need to stop fucking doing it because it verifies their "women live in easy mode" delusions, even though they are not treated like women they are treated like retarded kids

No. 1365475

True. I suppose I was speaking from my experience as a butch lesbian.

Lots of homosexuals cross dress and shit like that as children. My belief is that is narcissistic mother saw him doing "effeminate" things and thought it = him being gay. She was quick to get ahead of what could be a great shame for the family by converting him into a straight "woman." Bonus points for the TV show latching onto her and blowing smoke up her ass.

Joke's on her if he is indeed heterosexual. If there is a joke in this situation. Maybe he's bi. Who can really say. He seems like a broken person.

Interestingly, there was one episode where they did "past life regression" on him. Who needs real therapy. During the past life, he said he remembered being a "gay man" and his family didn't accept him. He cried during it. Seems like projecting to me. Lots to think about.

Here is the video. Comments are turned off, of course. Can't have any dissent. It's around 3:10.

No. 1365481

Venus Angelic, she has a thread on /w/ and you've probably seen her in the banner sometimes

No. 1365488

redditfag but TIL kate winslet hated her topless Titanic scene and point blank refuses to sign images of it, rightly so, stand up to normalised porn queen

No. 1365493

I hope this post will be satisfactory.
What you said is true. People born into cult have harder time to be aware of the cult-ish behavior compared to people who join a cult after they're teenager or adult.
There's possibility that this was planned even before his first visit to psychiatrist at age of 5. But he was on normal school until grade 7
>Jazz was home schooled since 7th grade because the school system wouldn't let Jazz play on the female soccer team and change in the female locker room. https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/129563838/#129570339
Sure, the parents might told him to not become friend with the rest of the boys or even make a shortlist of approved friends. Maybe the parents also coerced the teachers to sterilize any kind of topics that might plant doubts on him like reproductive biology.
Supposedly, his peers should have make comments and disregard his pronouns etc.
Maybe his parents also cut him off the internet or any kind of communication ever since he transition.
Suicide of his fellow troon should have been the final straw.

I am entirely aware of huge incentive for medical industry to encourage people to take unnecessary medical procedure and medications, including troon surgeries and HRT+ "anti-puberty". Because his live is televised, we could see what the doctors explained about medical procedures/medication and possibilities of complications, side effects. The possibility of jazz being unaware of his condition is blown away as the doctor said that his dick is too small to be made as neo-vagina by penile inversion. Although, this doesn't erase concern that he might be unaware of such possibility when he was younger.
Why aren't he hurt by occasional harsh remarks from his family? Sometime I doubt his sentience, Sometime I don't.
His case should be studied to make better safeguards against child grooming, even by their own parents.
Trans activist, lawmaker, pharma, doctors are all complicit in the crime against kids or even adults who can't consent

No. 1365497

I have worn bike shorts and a loose T-shirt to the pool anon.

It’s not weird at all.

No. 1365519

So you dont feel bad for him because he was insecure as an 8 year old? Am i understanding this correctly?

No. 1365522

File: 1636497986756.jpg (112.12 KB, 591x599, gfgfgfgggggggggg.jpg)

could you all post more troons and sperg less

No. 1365537

The creepy thing about this is he looks utterly brainless. A skull filled with cum, sloshing about. There's nothing behind those eyes. He's not human, he's an insect.

No. 1365546

This is a girl. Nice try

No. 1365575

File: 1636503680702.png (93.26 KB, 274x223, st.png)

Legit thought it was a leatherface costume

No. 1365582

A girl with a dick, if you believe in such things

No. 1365590

Nice try tranny everyone knows this troon is a he him man troon cuz you guys post him everywhere, as if we don't know what you look like irl

No. 1365597

File: 1636504884782.jpg (105.14 KB, 836x1280, 08972677.jpg)


No. 1365599

There is hope for the next generation

No. 1365605

Is there any sense in the comments?

No. 1365614

based terf zoomers

No. 1365615

See for yourself

I'm checking it out, so far not a lot

They keep mentioning a trans man should go change in there to make the girls uncomfortable, but honestly I would give zero fucks lol Aidens aren't scary

No. 1365616

Mtf trannies are literally so much worse than ftm trannies

No. 1365621

There is one retard that keeps repeating "what are you gonna do, inspect people's genitals before letting them in??" like that's the only way to tell lol sexual dimorphism be damned

No. 1365622

I'd rather they changed in there than in the male restroom for their own well-being

No. 1365645

File: 1636508292769.jpeg (121 KB, 1606x996, 2FDF514B-3819-43C9-89E4-32753D…)

I know some troon thought this was insanely clever and funny, but failed to see the irony. On some level, they still see themselves filling the male role. I bet the troon that created this is probably still crying about the BBC article about TIMs harassing and pressuring lesbians into having sex with them, too.

No. 1365647

there is hope for zoomer girls thank god. I wonder if they did it because op in particular was using it and making them uncomfortable

No. 1365654

More like pissed off that their incel scheme is slowly being exposed to the general public.

No. 1365658

Faceblind autists are more likely to use accessory cues for clues to gender people. So skirt/long hair = woman, short hair/pants = man. Which is also probably why so many of this autistic moids make zero effort, as soon as they put a skirt on they see a woman in the mirror.

No. 1365664

There is no way Jazz's mom wants her to go to a therapist or any kind of treatment she can't control. Anything to stop her realising how badly Mommy has fucked up her life and prospects.

No. 1365666

It's so funny that they think anyone would freak out at a ftm in an AFAB changing room. People don't fear mtfs because they're "gender non-conforming" its because they're fucking degenerate rapist sex pests who have a fetish for women and pushing into the safe spaces. I've never heard of an FTM trying to get into a cis woman's bathroom to molest them

No. 1365698

They're both equally crazy, but when women go crazy, they catfish their exes, start camming, or hoard animals. When men go crazy, they rape their grandma or shoot up a school.

There's nothing threatening about a TIF, they're just pathetic and annoying.

No. 1365712

No. 1365739

Holy shit the video you linked is psychotic

No. 1365761

The whole show is insane. There are red flags all over it but it's played up as an ~empowering journey~ of a twansgurl.

No. 1365802


God I hate ftms so much. The ultimate level of pick-me sellouts.
>it’s reducing us to our genitals!
Yeah that’s literally what a bathroom is retard.

No. 1365813

File: 1636523146130.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1149x1727, 91F5A493-CDF1-42DF-9301-50A4F4…)

Why are troons all obsessed with sailor moon? It’s gross and creepy

No. 1365817

Jesus, he put that weight on fast. Remember that his situation– fully supportive parents, blockers and HRT at preteen-age, and surgery at eighteen– is the dream scenario for trannies. He's got everything troons say they want, yet here he is, miserable and obese (most likely due to disordered eating.)

I have a pro-trans, libfem friend in medical residency, and even she's opposed to SRS because it doesn't lower the patient's risk for suicide. Suicide is the main thing we're trying to prevent with troons, so why the hell are we performing a dangerous procedure that doesn't appreciably reduce their suicide risk?

Jazz never needed hormones or surgery. He needed normal parents instead of the MBP narcissists he got. He needed a normal childhood where he wasn't being carted all over talk shows. He needed a mother who wasn't a shameless homophobe.

No. 1365824

Usagi is a hypercapitalist brat who's an emotional trash fire and "girly girl", so they ID as her instantly. They also like that it has a mostly supermodel-esque female cast to project onto and have porny yuri fantasies about, and that it's cutesy, pastel, and made for children, so they can pretend their interest in it is totally innocent. Anyway, my first thought seeing this pic was "ew, what is that?" And that was long before I noticed the nasty, worm-like penis. He looks like he smells bad. Inb4 weeb derail about how Sailor Moon was actually great female representation or whatever.

No. 1365827

File: 1636525104286.png (929.94 KB, 700x872, 1636172954557.png)

An anon posted these freaks in the previous thread
who are these people, I feel something more fucked up is happening in this family

No. 1365831

That kid has the thousand yard stare, also sage non-milk especially reposts

No. 1365839

File: 1636526746771.jpg (59.16 KB, 720x579, cringe.jpg)


disgusting. the y chromosome is a genetical defect.

No. 1365840

I'm the anon you were responding to and >>1365427 and >>1365475 petty much said what I was gonna say. I didn't mean that Jazz was homosexual, I meant that his mother (and his father to a degree) were homophobic in the sense that when they saw Jazz exhibiting feminine traits, they were assuming that he would turn out homosexual and really didn't want to potentially have a gay son and how this more than likely fueled their desire to try to trans the gay away.

No. 1365845

It looks like an outie bellybutton

No. 1365846

File: 1636527395869.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1931, 3C6903FA-0A5A-4F50-B65C-5B0CCD…)

I hate this moid so much, racism and sexism under the guise of being morally right and the victim! Women with pcos and ethnic women do not look like men, freak. You are just male. The way he thinks people are seething over “not being able to tell” is hilarious.

No. 1365848

File: 1636527829190.jpg (215.77 KB, 698x1106, 20211109_235046.jpg)

Troon with no colon still wanting to get a ditch even though he apparently will have a ditch "with no depth" Can't wait to see how his life is with no ability to coom

No. 1365849

File: 1636527914528.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.82 KB, 703x806, 20211109_235151.jpg)

Samefag, he's also posted his moobs on a different tranny subreddit. You really just cannot tell the difference!

No. 1365859

File: 1636529846382.png (493.09 KB, 601x977, jkhkhkj.png)

that joke is supposed to be funny because it's said by men who think lesbians = porn, not people. It didn't "turn out" you were stating a fact. It turned out that that kind of pornsick ignorance became socially acceptable

No. 1365865

I can't hate him, his act is so pathetic and at the same time it's absolutely great peak material. I hope he continues schooling the kids on why racism and sexism is the pinnacle of progress lmao
HRT magic gave him a validating eunuch chest.

No. 1365869

>you could still finger fuck it

But why? What would that do for either party? Aside from being horrendously creepy and fucking weird as shit?

No. 1365880

File: 1636533513255.jpeg (118.53 KB, 748x860, E4397B3B-F11B-44D2-9CE8-4E89DA…)


No. 1365895

File: 1636535159264.png (442.43 KB, 728x1524, kevin.png)

Why are you censoring their names?

No. 1365896

>you still have a clit
How the hell are they going to have a "clit" if it's just a nasty inverted penis. There was no clit in the first place because he's a male. Delusional.

No. 1365898

>I wasn't into this stuff before I trooned out
Bullshit. Troons always turn into their jerk-off material. Whether it be the big tiddy-goth girl who rejected them in high school, the dyke butch lesbian that rejected them in high school, the bimbo pornstar they obsess over or in A LOT of cases.. children. The amount of pedos in the troon community is very telling.

No. 1365900

They probably grabbed it from Reddit anon or someone else

No. 1365905


Has anyone ever considered Usagi/Serena to be great female representation? Sailor Moon as a show has some good female characters, but Sailor Moon the character was just a whiny, naive girl.

More related: wouldn't surprise me if that's why troons relate to Sailor Moon (the character) so much. She's a ditzy blonde they can project their "bimbo" fantasies on.

No. 1365912

How do men get wet? Did I miss something in my biology classes?

No. 1365913

File: 1636539394252.jpg (73.96 KB, 960x887, jr9kc.jpg)

can a kind nona please link or reply with a screenshot of a "study" that I saw in a previous thread (within the last 5-7) that I can't seem to find now; it showed that as of like 2020 70% (or rather the majority) of trans "women" identified as lesbians aka straight men

No. 1365923

sorry I don't have it but I think it was a survey of some trans subreddits users

No. 1365927

Usagi had character development, later on she's less of a crybaby. There are more interesting characters in the series, though

No. 1365931

File: 1636543913911.jpeg (961.14 KB, 924x2145, D0436813-5411-4F9B-9BD6-79F67E…)

/lgbt/ is just a neverending cascade of delusional misogyny

No. 1365934

4chan as a whole is misogynist, /tttt/ is just incels with a fetish

No. 1365936

File: 1636544570609.jpg (312.03 KB, 1080x1953, 1630425984851.jpg)

You mean this? Also, shout out to anons who post stats and journal excerpts

No. 1365938

Isn't 4chan supposed to be feminazi site?

No. 1365939

are you retarded

No. 1365940

I think they’re referring to troons on reddit saying that 4chan is full of TERFs

No. 1365944

>nazis spamming YWNBAW are terfs
Troons are so fucking stupid

No. 1365946

She is right. Most male children are whiny brats.

No. 1365948

You know, I've come to associate the word "sapphic" being used by troons so much that it makes me cringe.

No. 1365951

>terfs are closet rapists and pedos
typical sheltered redditor teenage boy falling for the "men and women are LITERALLY the same" meme because his entire knowledge on how the world works comes from reddit and shoeonhead videos. sad, many such cases

No. 1365953

I hope /tttt/ gets raided again

No. 1365971

File: 1636549993087.jpg (826.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211109-164402.jpg)

36 inches of depth? Like… 3 feet? Wtf and how even

No. 1365986

File: 1636551996770.jpg (27.42 KB, 600x863, 462.jpg)

That is like taller than most tables, that is about the height of a king penguin, is the neovagina non-linear like an intestine?

No. 1365988

It's a mistake.
Also that guy is an extremely miserable and sourly person. He's diagnosed with PTSD and autism and can't contain his bitchiness and disgust for everyone around him even on the show.

No. 1365990

Too late. I've chosen to believe they stretched him like in a cartoon.

No. 1366016

It's straight out of hentai kek. There's a trope where a woman oral cavity are surgically altered to be connected with womb (like second birth canal).So, they can be made pregnant from oral sex. Overflowing cum could gushed through mouth. Even impaled by stick similar to medieval torture method. Because it's fiction, it's still tolerable. But it's super gross if made to reality
If someone request for example, I will post the link

No. 1366018

File: 1636554887103.jpg (414.89 KB, 718x1127, RDT_20211110_15030811678117479…)

They're so fucking obvious, how do haindmaidens NOT see them for what they actually are (pedo coomers)?

No. 1366023

>If someone request for example, I will post the link
You're very kind, but no need

No. 1366026

File: 1636555488049.webm (2.83 MB, 853x480, 1584445790289.webm)

the webm

No. 1366029

Their obsession with depth is such a scrote thing.

No. 1366036

anon, with respect, we don't need to know

No. 1366037

No. 1366047

Sorry, but it's less absurd than neo-vagina that got folded like intestine

No. 1366057

Right? Never in my life have I even considered how much depth my vagina has, let alone discuss it with other women like they do with one another. I guess if your partner is hung it might be more of an issue but it’s fucking bizarre.

I’m dying anon

No. 1366066

Why do coombrains always oversharing their disgusting porn-habits? Nobody wanted to know about this and yet here you are. Absolutely shameless and probably a tranny hate-reading about other trannies.

No. 1366069

I'm the anon who posted them, I got them off the Nig Heke Twitter account (the controversial one that posts troon behaviour). I didn't check for any ID I just took the images and ran straight here

No. 1366088

Um wtf, nothing about that is tolerable nonny

No guy on earth is 36 inches hung lol

No. 1366092

Lmfao 36 inches deep would mean his vagina goes all the way up to his sternum. Clearly they misspoke or something because that's way too ridiculous

No. 1366100

the doctor must have said "3 to 6 inches" right? kek

No. 1366106

Because life imitates art. And their obsession with depth undoubtedly come from hentai.
Knowing is half the battle
>probably a tranny hate-reading about other trannies.
You definitely has reasonable suspicion. You may take everything I said with a grain of salt, but I'm not a troon.
People who are trying to detrans may have my sympathy because they're trying to get out of a cult. But those who has ever try to convinced someone that they're trans or supportive of trans movement are evil

No. 1366107

Probably meant 3.6 inches

No. 1366110

Can you guys imagine if we bragged out pussy-depth like men brag about their dicks?

OH YEAH BABY! BET YOU NEVER HAD A DEEP ONE LIKE THIS! Mhhh hmmm… tell me you love how DEEP it is! You like that? You like how it just feel sooooooooo deep? Like a bottomless pit swallowing up your dick?! TELL ME I GOT THE DEEPEST YOU EVER HAD! HHNNNNGH!

No. 1366123

Watch troons use this as yet another opportunity to dunk on cis women in the imaginary battle they’re fighting with us in their heads. “Oh yeah? You terf bitches are just jealous you don’t have a 36 INCH VAGINA made out of colon tissue!”

No. 1366150

I don't think this was the one but thank you regardless for posting it!

No. 1366165

on the topic of Jazz Jennings, I found this video really interesting. Honestly I feel really bad for the kid, the show is fucking unhinged.

No. 1366168

File: 1636567088384.png (Spoiler Image,899.72 KB, 1125x1600, The World of Moral Reversal - …)

Maybe I'll do another check
KEK. Also check this out

No. 1366182

>terfs are rapists/pedos or narcissists
men really do tell on themselves kek

No. 1366211

What in the hell is this?

No. 1366214

kek anon I know, I just mean for women who experience pain due to their partner’s size ty for making me laugh some more though, I needed it

No. 1366223

Part of me kind of wants to start doing this if we know it bothers them that much. Like the troon upythread was all "oh thank GOD" about 3 to 6 inches and that's laughable. Cis women can pass a whole human through their massive pussy depth, we are not the same lmfao

No. 1366232

Okay after watching the video with sound I've come to the conclusion it was a joke, it's actually 6-6.5 in. They said now he has "the same depth as a cis girl's vagina", as if real vaginas don't expand and contract naturally

No. 1366242

File: 1636573269059.png (99.64 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot_20211110-213631~2.p…)

Yeah, because your lady brain somehow makes you want to ingest something that tastes and smells like toilet cleaner and filthy sea water. Amirite girls?

I have never met a woman who genuinely wants to have a man's ahem, 'stuff' in her mouth. Most women I have met barely tolerate it at most, a lot won't do it at all.

No. 1366246

Seconding what you said anon. I don't know any women who like to swallow or even have that nastiness in their mouth.
Sage for blog post but once I was giving a guy I was dating head & he finished in my mouth without warning even after I told him I dont fuck with that. I ended up being so mad I spit his cum back in his face lol.

No. 1366247

File: 1636573498963.png (25.84 KB, 720x247, Screenshot_20211110-214326~2.p…)

I think men want to suck dick and drink cum more than women actually do.

No. 1366248

Sage because big irrelevant, but I actually like having a guy finish inside my mouth. It has a neutral taste most of the time IMO (at least the guys I fucked). I wouldn't gallons of the stuff ofc, but I genuinely enjoy it.(thanks for your input)

No. 1366249

No. 1366254

It really depends on the man and how they eat and if they smoke. Very grateful that my man's tastes almost like nothing (sometimes even sweet) but my ex's was truly rancid and horrible. Definitely not something I would put in my coffee tho. Trannies are just pornsick and want to play the bimbo stereotype of "OMG I LOVE CUMMIES YUMMY YUMMY!".

No. 1366255

>heheh i luv cum nao
A man's brain on sissy hypno.

No. 1366256

I used to not really mind giving head until I got a bit older and saw how men weaponize the act and are always mentioning it when saying misogynist and hateful things about a woman.

I refuse to do it now because of that association.

No. 1366264

Visited /tttt/ for the first time bc of lolcow and got instantly doompilled.

There is no hope for scrotes.

No. 1366271

how to say you're a porn addicted moid without saying you're a porn addicted moid

No. 1366294

sage for blog
I grew up with a single dad so I had to use men's public restrooms for years
I've also had jobs that involved cleaning the washrooms
Women can be gross in the washroom too but men? I don't even wanna talk about the shit (literal and figurative) that I've seen

No. 1366316

It's a fakeboi
I'm emphasizing on the females reaction towards the fakeboi

No. 1366327

There's a big difference between extracting mental enjoyment out of something because you enjoy seeing someone else enjoy it and being willing to do it because you find it tolerable to saying that estrogen literally makes people crave semen in their mouth and thinking that women are programmed to 'suck dick'. Women women do that they are doing it because they like the idea of giving their partner joy, not because they have some biochemical craving to have a dick and some semen in their mouth.

No. 1366331

Yeah the issue is them implying that "girl brain" = "cum guzzling slut teehee"
Like sure some girls like swallowing but this is so reductive it's laughable

No. 1366346

Imagine the dialator he’d need lol. A fucking lamp-post.

No. 1366352

>I wouldn't mind sucking a guy or girl's dick

A guy's dick, then.

Three days lol. So much repressed homosexuality in these guys.
>I'm a woman now so I can suck dick to my heart's content
Repression logic.

No. 1366353

>OH YEAH BABY! BET YOU NEVER HAD A DEEP ONE LIKE THIS! Mhhh hmmm… tell me you love how DEEP it is! You like that? You like how it just feel sooooooooo deep? Like a bottomless pit swallowing up your dick?! TELL ME I GOT THE DEEPEST YOU EVER HAD! HHNNNNGH!
my sides jesus christ

What's actually ironic is that if these fucks actually did watch Sailor Moon (the uncut, undubbed original version at least) or much less read the manga they would absolutely hate it. It's actually quite dramatic, zero sexualization, mostly female power fantasies, talking about how shit men are and friends growing up together.

No. 1366377

hedonism treadmill. it's never enough for these perverts.

No. 1366391

File: 1636586301362.webm (1.17 MB, 576x1024, cf4c5a0c25680c024874595e53edaa…)

No. 1366424

Kek he just looks like someone's worthless, unemployed, Midwestern dad wearing his wife's clothes without permission.

No. 1366441

He probably is

No. 1366451

Mike Tyson is whiteface???

No. 1366492

Lmfao this is almost a kikomi-level type of parody

No. 1366521

lol at the woman employee who 'misgenders' him.

No. 1366569

god grant me the confidence of a male troon

No. 1366578

>I spit his cum back in his face
Unironically badass

No. 1366587

I don't understand how 4chan can be so edgy and this big bad scary internet monster, yet they have a section of their site walled off just for troons. The Internet Hate Machine now has another weakness aside from curtains and dogs: troons.

No. 1366596

Sarah-Paulson-as-Linda-Tripp vibes

No. 1366604

Fucking kek anon

No. 1366605

Samefag but so much wrong with this video of your third-grade teacher's attention-starved husband. It always floors me how these moids have no hang-ups about publically displaying their disgusting rooms

No. 1366609

i saw this before I saw what you were replying to and i knew EXACTLY who you were talking about lmao he comes up on my fyp every now and then and the comments calling him beautiful and ~ethereal~ are absolutely mind boggling

No. 1366627

Because MTFs are born from misogyny and 4chan is the breeding ground for it. All troons started off as /b/tards at 14, proceeded to become incels at 18, then at 26 decided to become the altgirl they had a crush on and who never replied to their twitter mentions.

No. 1366641

It's the Kevin Gibes origin story!

No. 1366648

File: 1636614814587.jpg (458.75 KB, 1500x1112, trans.jpg)

>instantly clock this guy's heavily faceturned selfie on r/lesbients
>came out in his late 20's after being with his gf for 11 years
>calls himself a lesbian named Natasha now
>calls his mother a bitch and cut off his entire family after transition
Looks like he transitioned into his gf. I wonder why these women stay

No. 1366652

>I don't understand how 4chan can be so edgy and this big bad scary internet monster, yet they have a section of their site walled off just for troons.
I solely blame lefties and commies who think they have to support troon just because conservatives have been hating the idea of crossdressing male entering female bathroom/ locker room decades ago. I don't deny the existence of leftist who raise the same concern, but they long ago have been labeled as far-right
As long as the owner doesn't acknowledge the bias in the moderation hierarchy, the pandering will continue.

No. 1366669

I'm sure this was posted a long time ago but there are so many creepy moments in this video, like the mom in actual glee about how raunchy it was going to be, and the kid putting money that was handed to him down his shirt and patting his chest in front of his whole family. The mother is a steamroller. Sage for common knowledge

No. 1366680

lmao lgbt isnt just for troons, plenty of regular faggots there. though i did get the honour of witnessing some "MAP" activist slapfight for hours in a troon thread trying to compare their ~movement~ to gay pride

No. 1366682

I did a deep dive on this bitch's ig and I'm fairly sure they are female. Just an obnoxious theatre kid type latching on to the asspats from neither denying or confirming their gender. Also she wishes she was black. She just does her makeup extra fucking terrible on purpose to look super speshul.

No. 1366684

File: 1636623832880.jpg (90.39 KB, 1080x725, bullshit.jpg)

Check out this article, every other show with gender-noncomforming character (not trans, for example in Blue Period the guy wears a skirt and uses male speech, it's not treated as a joke, he just prefers to wear feminine clothes sometimes) is labelled as "transphobic". Yet an anime with 14yo child bride getting sold off, with her whole personality being that she looks like she is 9, has no mention of pedophila or trigger warning. This is your brain on libfem ideology. Pathethic. Those women should be ashamed of themselves.

No. 1366689

The dude (crossdresser) is actually okay with his gender but did not disclosed it to a random character he was flirting with, and ended up being rejected for that. It's more deception than anything else

No. 1366699

I like his smooth, considered, and well evidenced takedown of the transgender ideology of "giving hormones and puberty blockers to kids willy nilly is totally fine and has no side effects". He's bang on about it being a psychological problem, rather than a born into the wrong body problem, and I liked how he basically proved that being born into the wrong body is impossible.

Watching this video would be an excellent way for parents to understand what gender dysphoria in young children is like and why it so often goes away either on its own or with therapy and support.

Emphasis on the young children part, he doesn't talk about the autistic moids who troon out due to overdosing on cooming, but thats a good thing, if you shock the system by exposing all the bullshit at once it can lead to denial

No. 1366714

Why’d you think that? Imho the tranny voice is unmistakeable

No. 1366717

File: 1636631045015.jpg (741.88 KB, 2048x1536, FDsBorXX0AkcQhd.jpg)

London has a new trans-flag crossing. LMFAO, imagine being british!

No. 1366718

All well and good until some poor blind person’s guide dog gets confused and they get run over. But who cares, the troons’ feelings are more important

No. 1366720

i'm a britbong and terf island twitter is doing everything we can to call out Camden council for this bullshit. visually impaired people are at risk of being run over so trannies can feel validated.

No. 1366721

brits are such stupid cucks. look at that nightmare fuel

No. 1366722

Are the any real women involved with that site though, I know there is at least one troon writing for it.

No. 1366724

a British nonnie needs to take a pail of crimson paint out there for me

No. 1366726

File: 1636631893811.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1757, 66BB2083-D422-421F-827A-813E7D…)

>Give birth to daughter
>Your husband does
>Your eldest son dies
>You have 2 daughters, your youngest daughter becomes a man and after the male deaths, the family inheritance passes to the frankenson
>The eldest daughter is completely ignored of all inheritancy

Somehow this is a trans problem and trans people are denied rights due to this secret court case that took wealth and property from an actual woman, 2 actual women. The daughters of the man who died.
B-but muh trans rights. Bitch what the fuck. This is about actual women being denied what is passed to them through bereavement. Not about trannies.

No. 1366727

File: 1636631907560.png (3.84 MB, 1170x2532, 7D4386AB-D599-4568-8A25-D493D7…)

Wonder if someone will get cancelled for cultural appropriation…

No. 1366728

File: 1636632095841.jpg (545.9 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20211111-115938_Twi…)

Two stunning and brave hons and a pornified Asa Akira clone. True wimmin.

No. 1366731

If I lived closer to London I would, nona. And then get arrested for wrongthink.

No. 1366734

Samefag here, I went to chat with other 4chan /pol/acks friends. From the conversation I had with them, ever since they started enforcing ban for "hostile attacks" (shortly after they finished latest round of jannies recruitment) posters were banned for OT, troll post, avatarfagging despite it wasn't the case.
Troon repetitive posts and threads on /pol/ doesn't get deleted. Legit user got banned by jannies interpretation
Yes, there's LGB people. But when you compare https://archive.md/bHSVK with https://archive.md/mAofP, any other sexual orientations are outnumbered by troon threads by 1:8. It was 1:1 7 years ago.

No. 1366737

Did you just ot listen to Nikita Dragun? Anon, troons invented hair for black women. Weaves and braids were made by troons and then evil cis women stole them. Troons set trends you fucking bitch

No. 1366743

File: 1636634199068.jpg (978.53 KB, 1076x2002, TikTokTran.jpg)

Nona, that's a man. He thinks he's being clever but he's not. Like >>1366714 said that's a tranny voice if I ever heard one. Also that hair color/texture is definitely not natural whatever that freak is.

No. 1366746

Sage but this is DEFINITELY going to get people run over, it's a traffic-light controlled crossing (pedestrians need to press a button and wait for the green man) but the stripes make it look like a zebra crossing (pedestrians can cross whenever, cars need to stop whenever someone reaches the crossing)

So ppl will misinterpret the signs - there will 100% be accidents. As a bonus, this is quite a busy part of London as far as road traffic goes, traffic is fast-moving and comes from multiple directions, it can take over 5 mins to cross some roads in this area at rush hour, and there are crossings all over the roads here so they'll all just meld together in the pedestrian's mind. One of the worst places to implement this. I think there will be lawsuits

No. 1366747

Ahah the state of the people in that photo, imagine intentionally becoming a (very!) ugly old "woman" while also being a scrote who hates old and ugly women. The cognitive dissonance must destroy them.

No. 1366751

I just realised it's not just one crossing all the crossings in that pictured area are painted the same way. The area of road to traverse is quite small but that isn't gonna stop people being hit by cars at an increased rate due to the confusing road markings.

No. 1366753

not to sound like a fag but are there any people fellow britbongs can email about this in the council or whatever? i’m blessed enough to not live in the south but the way this has the potential to encourage more trannies to fuck over the disabled and the blind just for a quick moment of uwu gender euphoria is a legitimate concern imo

No. 1366755

I hate when troons take shit like this, legal technicalities of some actual woman pretending to be a man to bypass some sexist law, or third gender stuff in Indian/Thai or Native American cultures and pretending they were so accepting of trans people, when in reality it was a class of men who failed at their masculine ideals and so were prevented from having the social benefits of manhood. Extremely sexist, rigid gender roles, that are pretty interesting historically speaking, and they're just smooshed over to fit into the 21st century western trans ideological mold.

No. 1366757

>>1366680 a > compare their ~movement~ to gay pride
"A major focus of the report is on how West Berlin’s paedophile organisations demanded decriminalisation of adult-child sex as part of the gay community’s battle for its rights. The paedophiles’ motto: “Solidarity with a minority of the minority.”
The contacts were uncomfortable for some, archives show, but others viewed accepting paedophilia as part of the rejection of conventional sexual norms.
A 1981 gay travel guide to West Berlin names bars where visitors could buy “fresh meat, offered here, clean and tasty, to take away”.
Paedosexual literature was sold in gay bookstores in the 1990s and, in 1997, a city Aids centre sublet rooms to a paedophilia working group.
In 1991 Berlin’s Gay Museum exhibited “collages and poems by a boy-lover who, on account of these passions, was suspended from his position”. The artist in question was a pastor who abused and flogged boys."

Results of a german government study that came out this year:

No. 1366760

File: 1636637391715.jpg (232.81 KB, 1034x1281, IMG_20211111_162016.jpg)

No. 1366766

File: 1636638398593.png (949.94 KB, 524x1268, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 7.46…)

look at this absolute fucking turtle. what a stupid looking dolt

No. 1366771

Brits had pretty good humor about this at some point

No. 1366774

poor TIF is probably only 43

No. 1366778

This is sick. We should stop government from installing dangerous, unsuitable, or sometime unnecessary road fixture. Are government trying to emulate "walk in her shoes" campaign by imposing insecurities, discomfort and 51% chance of accident/near miss on drivers and pedestrians that trannies experienced on regular basis? Cults shouldn't be supported or encouraged

No. 1366788

File: 1636640872800.png (857.11 KB, 838x964, lol.png)

The avatar to real picture comparisons never fail to make me laugh

No. 1366789

you will never be a woman

No. 1366791

Isn't that the person who made a 2 hour long Pixie Tiery video?

No. 1366794

No. 1366795

he is a youtube commentator who steals his content from here and KF and pretends to be cis, idk how he thinks he can fool people with that face and his falsetto, but men are dumb I guess

No. 1366797


apparently yes

No. 1366798

If that is his natural texture and colour I'm going to flip. That hair has too much potential to be wasted on someone who looks like the ginger witch from AHS Coven. They literally refuse to style their hair, doesn't even bother to curl it despite looking like they transitioned into Merida

No. 1366803

File: 1636641555671.jpeg (87.46 KB, 680x381, D21CA7BD-B783-48CB-8336-29C325…)

If only there was some sort of design that could be colorful enough to catch everyone’s attention, without making the crossing a hazard for the disabled and the old people, but that could also be used to represent an actually oppressed group of people. Wouldn’t that be neat?

No. 1366805

cecil mcfly is a woman, something that you will never be

No. 1366807

He just described men.
The scene at 1:47 is great, this is how they act in female spaces except more inappropriate.

No. 1366809

this guy only 24? LMAO

No. 1366813

File: 1636642165849.png (267.37 KB, 1106x533, b0d7d70a1e79c1460d01a0cadee942…)

This is the same site that published an article "analyzing" about genderswap hentai. They're troon infested in and out

No. 1366818

I can only hope for the sake of children that one day this kind of abuse can be recognized by society for what it is, these parents should be charged for what they did tbh

nayrt and yeah there's no indication she's a troon, but I can see how someone would make the mistake with her overall pornsickness and coomer avatar. Not someone worth getting offended on behalf of

No. 1366832

OT but does anyone know who the person in the picture is? looks like some milky cow I used to know on tumblr

No. 1366833

Gay rights activist Harvey Milk fucked a 16 year old boy named Jack Galen McKinley when he was 33.
Funny to see how desperately they try to wipe his wikipedia site of this since the navy is naming a ship after him lol

No. 1366857

File: 1636645726804.jpg (571.6 KB, 758x601, NCW091B.jpg)

>>1366833 Great to see more LGBTQ inclusiveness in military

No. 1366861

NTA yes, but they are brain-dead libfems staning troons to the point of not only publishing, but also defending trash like >>1366813. Your post isn't even their worst take, as you can see. The website has been created in 2014 or so, btw. Mentioning this since someone earlier assumed it was created a long time ago by actual women and troons took over. Nah, it was always like this. #transwomenarewomen

No. 1366862

File: 1636646728240.jpg (40.06 KB, 758x200, edit.jpg)

There's no women in the picture

No. 1366865

What is TSF?

No. 1366867

No. 1366869

somestimes i browse r/mypartneristrans just to suffer and peak again i guess
"she" is always a moid btw

>There are times she gets turned on and we have sex, but its always me doing things to her until she is done. Then we stop and no attention is given to me.

>I'm trying to explore different alternatives to hormonal birth control as it is effecting my body in ways that I don't feel comfortable with.

>it's not an option right now for either of us to get a vasectomy
wants to be a women but doesn't want to give up his ability to get somebody preggers despite his wife struggling…

>I’ve been going to a therapist, to a psychiatrist, taking medication, ive been working on myself, saving money, going back to work

>We’d decided on trying to start a family in three years.
doing her best to plan their future and then he just decides to become a girl…girl is so young, she needs to run

this got me extra mad: we talked about this often before, so many women also never had an uwu "girlhood" yet have to suck it up because we're adults now, yet moids just get to do whatever they want.
of course it's easy for "her" to make girl friends when the entire first world caters to troons

No. 1366893

Which bottom hurt this guy?

No. 1366895

yeah i know >defending trannies
but are guide dogs THAT confused by differently coloured crosswalks?

No. 1366906

File: 1636650500368.jpg (1.56 MB, 1217x645, vHYUog8.jpg)

>>1366862 How dare you

No. 1366907

File: 1636650863931.jpg (48.98 KB, 612x439, LXaejSa.jpg)

No. 1366909

File: 1636651012649.png (418.6 KB, 808x1688, psyOp_makeThemClockThemselves.…)

kek this article made me laugh so hard it's written like it's some terf psyop
The tim writing this described the character like some anons on here do when clocking a troon
>While the bio never explicitly states this person is trans, their square jaw, huge hands, broad shoulders, and masculine, poorly painted face are all supposed to show that the person is trans.
He also described troons as being terminally online and giving the evil terf cult ammo by sperging on twitter every time something happens, which also got a good chuckle out of me

I snipped out most of the relevant stuff but here's the article


No. 1366914

File: 1636651113955.png (34.53 KB, 505x391, manifesto.png)

This tranny is pretending to be a black ex terf on tumblr and says all women who hate men or dont want to fuck them are fascists.

No. 1366915

File: 1636651147891.jpg (96.44 KB, 540x675, tran.jpg)

This is what he looks like.

No. 1366918

File: 1636651444663.jpg (420.49 KB, 636x798, 24Twa2I.jpg)

No. 1366924

>the first of these woman is an old, shrivelled up prune
I can excuse misogyny, but I draw the line at suspected twansphobia
Stop it, that molerat is cute

No. 1366925

hmm, disliking the oppressive class is now fascist

No. 1366927

So I guess the biggest fascists are POCs kek

No. 1366933

NTA But why do you think this person isn't a troon?

No. 1366934

File: 1636652535649.jpg (61.82 KB, 450x566, d9cf29b94966573d737fab83e876fb…)

No. 1366944

>lots of feminists get accused of ‘man hating’ but terfs really do and they are genuinely terrified of them and see them as threats

Nothing wrong with this.

No. 1366945

I'd say most TERFs are older married women who just dislike modern liberal feminism and perverted men in dresses trying to molest their kids.

No. 1366948

Terves are just women who understand biology and do not pander to troon delusions. Or anyone daring to criticize anything troon related.

No. 1366955

I'm under 25, unmarried, gay, and broke. Most other "TERFs" I've seen or met have been LGB, non-white, middle class (or lower), GNC, former "sex workers", under 40, or some combination of a few of those. They just want to act like we're all oppressive upper middle class, white, heterosexual women ("Karens") because it sounds better, but it's just not true. Like >>1366948 said, it's just women who acknowledge the material reality of sex. It just so happens a lot of the women who have the most reason to do that have been particularly harmed and/or outcasted by the patriarchy.

No. 1366958

File: 1636654408619.jpg (633.09 KB, 538x590, AQdtzsU.jpg)

No. 1366967

>gay genderqueer sexworkers
Go back to twitter, you're not a TERF because a tranny called you one

No. 1366968

>looks at crime statistics
>looks at DV statistics
>looks at the entire fucking history of the world

"Hmm, I wonder why these delusional terves are terrified of men and see them as threats?"

No. 1366970

AYRT, I don't believe in genderqueer (I'm literally GC, I don't believe in gender at all), and "sex work" is oppressive, hence the quotation marks. All I'm saying is a lot of anti-trans people are the exact oppressed groups TRAs claim to support or be.

No. 1366979

Where did they say “genderqueer”? They said GNC which a lot of gays and lesbians are.

No. 1366981

NTA, but I didn't get any of that from the post you replied to. Weird hostile flex tho.

No. 1367036

because she doesn't look or act like one in any way?

No. 1367046

>>1366909 Self description of the author Stacey Henley:
"I like to think I’m a pretty nice person. I’m not great at small talk, so most people think I’m quiet, although I’m very outspoken and confident when I have something to say. I’m pleasant without being friendly, basically, and I’ll respond politely, but don’t expect me to walk up to strangers to chat about the weather. But I wasn’t always this way. I used to be a little bit nasty. I didn’t bully kids at school with wedgies or swirlies, and the weirdo in me has always had an affinity with the outsider, but I could be mean when I wanted to be, which I frequently did. I had a quick wit and I got laughs if I said something funny about somebody else, even if it was punching down, which again, it frequently was. I was a bitch. I had the interests, the friends, and the body of a boy, but I was a mean girl." lol

No. 1367058

I hate men so much

No. 1367077

Mhm, I'm 22, and was a prostitute from 16-21. This is not an experience men go through in the UK.

No. 1367091

File: 1636664093254.jpg (540.57 KB, 1580x1375, tom slatin.jpg)

I saw a highly rated post on one of the "off my chest" sub reddits where the OP claimed to be intersex "with a completely female body and internal female organs, but with a male private showing". I was intrigued, but after opening the thread and reading through some of the top comments where he explained how he "menstruates" through his urethra, painfully (in his own words), I'm certain this is some sort of bizarre troon LARP. Digging through his comment history I've found a lot of contradictions, like saying in one post that he was raised as a girl, and saying in another that his parents don't accept him as transgender. There's also lots of jumping back and forth between calling himself intersex and transgender, and lots of commenting on other troon reddit posts with words of affirmation about how he looked just like they did before starting HRT and how it worked wonders for him, despite also claiming to have outwardly appeared totally female for his entire life. He also just doesn't seem to know enough about this extremely rare (one in 8 million, according to him) condition that he claims to have to answer any questions about it.

I did some more digging and found his personal blog. I've compiled some choice quotes and images…


No. 1367093

File: 1636664140044.jpg (636.99 KB, 1786x1456, tom slatin 2.jpg)

No. 1367094

no1currr, there's a benefit system in the UK if you're struggling

No. 1367095

wow so feminist, i haven't been a SW for nearly a year, i'm doing fine.

No. 1367104

He should go get his urethra checked if he’s pissing out blood.

No. 1367106

i'm not a feminist because it's a choice between sex positive whores and sex hating ex whores

No. 1367121

Sometimes it’s better to let nature do its job.

No. 1367122

take your meds bpd-chan not everything is black or white

No. 1367124


This thread isn't just tranny-bashing. If you're a self-hating misogynist you should go to therapy.

No. 1367133

some anon has a huge hateboner for cecil mcfly kek

No. 1367140

The stereotypes are getting out of control

It's like instead of getting rid of them lefties now are trying to create even more

No. 1367141

Dunno about her not acting like one with the uwu thicc thighs anime gf thing, but she neither looks nor sounds a lot like one. She's probably just a pickme.

No. 1367143

Highlights: 0:37 1:05 1:39 1:54
What an absolute freak show, this is just sad

No. 1367157

why the fuck does his mother look like an absolute tranny herself and why does his brother date trannies aswell the fuck is wrong with this goddamn family?

No. 1367159

I mean its all more or less a gift that everyone but Jazz is in on

No. 1367166

her brother is a gay chaser who like black troons, I bet ALL of them have dicks as well.
They all look miserable and mentally ill. From Jazz gaining so much weight and his head not growing at all. To the obviously gay twin dating troons.

No. 1367177

SA- Looking at the brothers IG it's a mixture of pandering, crazy looking faces/eyes and rainbows.I don't know what to make of him, he clearly loves attention, he's clearly gay and he's clearly drank so much woke juice that he's retarded. Does the other brother act this way?I see him trooning out soon.I also saw Laverene Cox in his comments, It'd be something if they ended up dating. Also apparently he said he would'nt have sex with a trans person unless they had surgery & twitter trans got mad, i didn't watch the whole clip but thats what the Kiwi thread is saying.
IDK, I still think he's either super gay or super into pandering for his sister that he feels he HAS to do these things.

No. 1367186

"I was a spergy narcissist trapped in a male body but i found a way to transition to the moral high ground of permanent interpersonal victimhood where i can be as grandiose as i want and bitch as much as i want"

No. 1367197

I think it's a storyline they made up to spice the show up and push the trans agenda. >>1367143
He has the face of a 12 year old, then his body is all fucked up. How does he clean his neovagina and dilate when he's that fat?

No. 1367198

what the fuck kek

No. 1367207

yes; they're dogs
to be more fair, some of them have lines painted in the incorrect direction, and color coding is important to guide training, also dogs don't perceive as many colors as we do

No. 1367216

>I have a uterus, but I also have a penis and testicles
>I menstruate through my penis.

Doubt (x)

No. 1367217

"I am Jazz's Waking Nightmare"

No. 1367252

File: 1636676076672.jpg (1.98 MB, 1409x1073, x6HSQ33.jpg)

>>1367143 just sad

No. 1367259

File: 1636678056344.jpeg (53.31 KB, 620x400, williams.jpeg)

they never know how to pose

No. 1367260

that one in the middle looks especially stupid. overgrown manchild.

No. 1367261

There is absolutely no light behind those eyes

No. 1367263

Crazy to think at the end of the day, after all of the suffering this person has gone through they're not even an attractive looking person. TIMs change the law and groom minors to take puberty blockers because they think if only they had they'd be smoking hot women and here's the biggest example of that not being the case.
Which brings to to another thought I have about men in general. They seem to underestimate how much work it is to be an attractive woman. They unironically believe attractive women wake up perfect and are perfectly confident every single day because of their attractiveness. The reality is that while I've seen my very attractive female friends get many perks, they also are terrified of being seen without makeup and constantly feel like they're under a microscope. They spend an extra time getting ready in the morning making sure their makeup is perfect and that they're always attractive. meanwhile TIMs are hard pressed to use anything but a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner on their rats nests.

No. 1367266

sorry you went through that anon. that kind of experience must really cement just how different men and women are and are treated based on those differences.
this is one of the more unhinged and obvious intersex larps ive seen. great find anon. also his husband looks FAS kek

No. 1367268

Legit serial killer vibes

No. 1367274

he literally is one nonnie.

No. 1367284

yeah I can't remember this guy's name but he broke into women's homes and took photos wearing the victim's underwear
I don't think he was ever identified as trans

No. 1367289

It's David Russell Williams, a Canadian serial killer who started out stealing underwear and ended up raping and murdering women. I once saw the police interview where he confessed

No. 1367311

Why isn't twoX in the list of tranny subs?

No. 1367326

thanks for weighing in john green

No. 1367334

>Yes, the name of my intersex condition is "intersex disorder."
Somehow it's still shocking how retarded these assholes are.

No. 1367339

Places like 4chan that pride themselves on being hardcore sites for fucked up shit are literally always hugboxes for men, we just don't think of "online wasp's nest made of dried cum tissues, rape fantasies, and exponentially esoteric racism" as "uwu safe spaces." They've always just been boys and men doing what they've always done: soothing themselves with hatred and sex, tearing into anything that disturbs their delicately ordered sense of the universe, pretending this makes them interesting, clear-eyed, and even brave instead of short-sighted pseudo-people.

No. 1367347

They even invaded the chromosomes one? No respect for anything

No. 1367363

This 100%. “Edgy” sites are never truly about edge. It’s scrote hugboxing. Make a post on 4chan or similar site about how it makes you laugh that males are quicker to commit suicide than women and every male on the site is cry typing calling you a piece of shit. But when it’s a tranny posting their rape fantasies it’s “free speech” or “just shitposting”

No. 1367364

are you new to this thread or reddit in general

No. 1367366

File: 1636688870295.png (390.03 KB, 612x439, 1636688845419.png)

No. 1367369

Reminds me of one I saw who did nothing to pass but said he shaved his legs one time and said it was “fun but hard” and he doesn’t like doing it.

No. 1367372

He doesn't clean it, cause it literally exploded. "I heard something go ‘pop’ and when I looked, the whole thing had just split open," the doctor explains.


No. 1367373

the voice crack right in the opening line had me kekking. I imagine if Jazz's voice changes it will just make the mental health struggle even worse, though, which is a bit sad

No. 1367376

if he has internal female organs, there’s no reason he would need artificial female hormones. external genitalia has no effect on your hormones. estrogen is produced by the ovaries. dude didn’t even try to research before going on reddit to jerk himself off.

No. 1367377

File: 1636690535108.png (717.39 KB, 1217x645, 1636690489583.png)

I don't throw much effort anyway, just copy here and there. Add another 2-3 layer, paint over, erase here and there.

No. 1367379

Absolutely disgusting

No. 1367381


that's a terrifying face

out of curiosity, how did jazz get into harvard? is he particularly smart? legacy? or did he just pull a "woe is me, i am trans" personal essay and harvard saw $$$ in having him on campus?

No. 1367383

You answered your own question

No. 1367385

i was just wondering if he was smart is all

No. 1367386

The most probable case is what you mentioned because throughout the show it wasn't shown if he was studying or not, granted he could've studied off-camera. I hope he is smart though.

No. 1367387

File: 1636691634689.webm (2.51 MB, 1408x788, 1515654327224.webm)

Uh oh, found this webm

No. 1367389

Jazz was supposed to join Harvard in 2020, then the pandemic came up and he was going to do online classes, but his dear old ma stopped him from doing even that.
All he did after the surgeries was TRA propaganda interviews, filming I Am Jazz s03, posting some TikTok with his siblings and eating himself to death.

No. 1367391

Genuine question: why does the alphabet soup accept trans genderism so quickly but deny trans racialism.

Isn't the logic for both the exact same?!

No. 1367398

Genuine question, should we start putting an FAQ or "frequently posted" section in the thread posts to prevent derailing for a subject we seem to cover what feels like every other thread? I know "lurk moar" is generally what you respond to stuff like that with, but there's 33 threads of TIM troonacy at this point, and I can understand why that may be daunting, unappealing, or even impossible for people to sit through before participating in new threads.

No. 1367404

Who let these men outside?

No. 1367407

Cecil is a man?? I always thought Cecil was a woman, and I’m a fan. Goddamnit, another YouTuber I can’t watch.

No. 1367408

Cecil is a woman, is just anons getting a little paranoid like with Sara Z.

No. 1367412

Bless. I was watching Sarah’s undertale video today and it was painful when she basically parroted whatever her ~trans woman~ co-writer put in the script about John being trans. Sage for no one cares

No. 1367414

We don't sass Myrtle Snow ITT.
I've definitely seen people with this hair colour, my friend's kid being one of them, but the texture seems odd like it's naturally curly and he's brushed it out which is odd because troons and haircare don't really mix.

No. 1367416

Yes. You're looking for Camden Council, and cite the Equalities Act 2010 saying that these crossings put visually impaired and learning disabled citizens at risk (not a jab, some people with LDs could easily misunderstand what kind of crossing this is).

No. 1367418

That is creepy and sad
Fuck Balenciaga

No. 1367424

Something like that might be worth the effort. These threads can move pretty quickly too, it's easy to skim over information.

No. 1367425

She was trans for a few years, as she says not at last due to early childhood abuse, but had therapy and detransitioned

No. 1367427

Cecil is a KF power user and a scrotum guzzling pickme ass bitch.

No. 1367428

If the "shrivelled up prune" can be quite obviously an elf or fae of some kind (per that illustratioN) then why can't the other prostitute be part-giant or something?

This sounds like ~internalised transphobia~ from the OP!

No. 1367432

Jimmy Page fucked a 14 year old girl, but no one's trying to claim that all rock stars are pedophiles, or that you're Literally Hitler for naming things after Led Zeppelin songs. Gandhi brutally abused his wife and the world still upholds him as an exemplar of morality.

This isn't a defense of Milk– the point I'm making here is that we need to stop idolizing and deifying celebrities, because they're just as capable of shitty behavior as anyone else. It's also possible to be two things at once– an important advocate for marginalized people and a creep. That's a phenomenon that's unfortunately very common with male politicians of all races and sexualities.

No. 1367433

I'm trying not to A-log, so I'll just say Universal Credit is a great benefit system when you want to punish people for being poor.

No. 1367439

>>1367432 "no one's trying to claim that all rock stars are pedophiles"
Triggered? Nobody claimed all homosexuals are pedophiles either but the whole gay movement claims they never had anything to do with that and that child molesters and pedophiles just try to invade their movement while in reality they were there from the start.
Another example germany: >>1366757

No. 1367445

File: 1636698781198.jpg (70.99 KB, 1038x1600, c8307879-79ef-41a6-8c87-b13b8f…)

There was a drag queen being introduced to children on snapchat one day. The kids looked so uncomfortable and scared. Why did they need to meet a drag queen? The kids ages ranged a bit but the youngest looked like a first grader at best. Why was this necessary?

No. 1367451

File: 1636700028739.png (24.01 KB, 645x265, twitter.png)

This AngryAria person is a trans identified man, someone pointed out that he groomed kids with an incest manga called Met My Sis On A Dating Site. He claimed it was for queer rights.

No. 1367452

I swear there's a tradthot who keeps returning to these threads and seething about gay people any time someone mentions pedophiles. Ironically, it's like a trigger word for their thinly veiled (or outright) homophobia.

No. 1367458

I think the owner of kiwifarms has taken content from this general several times and credited it while streaming, he holds this view of gay men so it could be his fanboys coming here and posting that stuff.
Not saying there aren't gay men who are pedos, but pedophilia seems to be just as common in hetero men.

No. 1367459

No. 1367462

Exactly, and they are naming navy ships after hetero pedos all the time. For that one Harvey Milk movie with Sean Penn there are dozends who glorify hetero pedo idols.
I dare these tradhots to challenge Kevin Spacey, his accusers all die very suddenly lol Looking forward to his new movie, he's such a good actor

No. 1367466

This thread has lurking /pol/faggots who lose their ability to control their sperg whenever someone mentions pedos or gay people. It's the same with """da joos""", not one thread can go by without them having a meltdown about (((them))) controlling the world with globohomo schemes. Moids and moid-minded can't be subtle if they tried.

The overwhelming majority of all cases of child sexual abuse is male perpetrator on female victim. Straight men just need to do the "well what about gay pedos" whataboutism cope to either feel less guilty about it or to justify their own pedo thoughts.

No. 1367470

Men hyperfocus on gay male pedophiles despite there being even more straight male pedophiles (gay men are only ~5% of the adult male population, they'd all have to be pedos to even come close to how many straight men are pedos) because it harms male children specifically. Men feel more outraged at sexual abuse of male children than of female children because they feel girls are "meant" in one way or another to be targets of sexual abuse due to the fact they're female, since females are, of course, meant for men's sexual use.

No. 1367471

>Nobody claimed all homosexuals are pedophiles either
Except plenty of people do. At least once or twice every tranny thread, like clockwork another /pol/fag or polilez spergs about how gay men are pedophiles.

No one ever bitches about this sort of shit when something gets named after a straight celebrity or historical figure, and it's a retarded double standard. So many things are named after Thomas Jefferson, who raped and impregnated one of his teenage slaves (and didn't even free their children in his will.) Elvis Presley dated a fifteen year old girl when he was forty, yet people are more concerned with the fact that the dude died taking a dump. Jimmy Page dated a fourteen year old girl while he was married, but no one complained when he got knighted.

I'll tell you why: when it's a straight white man, people are willing to say, "oh, well the good he did outweighs the bad." But suddenly when it's a gay person, their flaws are irreconcilable. If you're going to go after Milk, you better also be willing to take on all the straight men who pull the same shit. But you won't, because you just want an excuse to lump gay people in with troons and pedophiles.

No. 1367473

What we need to know about child sexual abuse (CSA):

🔹At least 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18. More recent figures suggest rates are actually closer to 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys.

🔹Over 90% of CSA survivors know the perpetrator in some way. 68% are abused by a family member.

🔹Boys (48.5%) and girls (51.2%) are abused at nearly the same rate.

🔸Learn more about being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse from @rainn and @1in6org

No. 1367474

mimimimi lol

No. 1367477

practice your singing somewhere else anon

No. 1367479

Fucking based. Where's all the moral outrage for the thousands of female children raped each year? The tendency men and trads have to fixate exclusively on male CSA victims is proof that they only care about rape victims when they can be weaponized against some group they don't like. They get all up in arms about rape when the victims are male, or when the perpetrators are black, brown or gay. But when girls are targeted by plain ol' white men? Crickets, because they can't use that to their advantage.

People need to care about CSA regardless of who it happens to and who perpetrates it. This bullshit of ignoring certain survivors when it's inconvenient needs to fucking stop.

No. 1367480

No. 1367483

Null, if you're reading this, you're a bigger faggot than actual faggots. Go find content on your own shitty site.

No. 1367488

When someone is talking shit and people have had enough of it and don't want to hear them speak


No. 1367492

The reason people bring up gay pedophiles is because they are like 10 times more likely to be pedophiles than straight men. They are actually only around 1.5% of the population, but make up 33% or pedophiles. THIRTYTHREE! They are enormously overrepresented for being such a small group and that shows you that gay men are more likely to prey on children, because most of them are gay because they got raped as kids themselves. And they boy children they molest will also go on to become pedophiles, because that is how men deal with sexual trauma. Girl children who are molested just grow up to cut their tits off and take T, but men will continue to rape kids making it a cycle.

No. 1367495

>source: this giant bong hit i just took

No. 1367499

This guy for example is spreading this homophobe propaganda. OMG what a fucking asshole. Why is this kind of hate speech allowed??? I hope this homophobe dies from his cancer!


No. 1367508


This has been studied for ages and you can research it yourself and find many more studies proving that homosexuals are largely overrepresented in child sexual offenders.

No. 1367513

You're right, as we all know, journal articles can't be biased. Especially not a journal article from 1985 that uses common homophobic phrases in its abstract. I also love how the second article you linked doesn't even support what you're claiming:

>Analysis of self-reports confirmed that the proportion of pedophiles who report having been sexually abused in childhood… is larger than [non-pedophiles], though the difference is relatively small (10.7% for the heterosexual… and 11.8% for the homosexual).

>Further analysis demonstrated… that pedophiles who admitted having an erotic interest in children significantly more often claimed that they had been sexually abused as children than pedophiles who did not admit having such feelings. This interdependence renders the reliability of these self-reports questionable.

No. 1367518

File: 1636708131118.jpg (478.36 KB, 1895x2790, 1404657054090.jpg)


No. 1367520

So in laymen's terms that last quote is saying that pedo sex-offenders who admit to being pedos are more likely to claim to have been abused than pedo sex-offenders who won't admit to being pedos. AKA, the out and proud pedos tend to use claims of abuse to justify their proclivities. Thanks for the article, it was interesting… even though it didn't say what you thought it said.

No. 1367521

>Presented by 14-year-old model Savannah van Zweeden
>The film's tagline is "Eighteen Is Just A Number", expressing its principal claim that all men are hebephiles, which it defines as attraction to teenagers
> it argues that in an effort to protect children, society has begun to isolate men

No. 1367525

>> it argues that in an effort to protect children, society has begun to isolate men
And men start pretending to be a women or other(queer) to infiltrate schools and other child-friendly facilities e.g. library. Bio women cooperating with men doing despicable things which eventually lead to CSA. Founding advocation groups with goal to make pedo and grooming acceptable to society

No. 1367528

File: 1636710174068.png (30.7 KB, 600x700, child-sex-abuse-lawyer.png)

What exactly is this "same rate" statistic based on? All other data says that girls are around 4 times more likely to be sexually abused. Female CSA victims are also more likely to have long-lasting trauma which would indicate that they experience more severe forms of abuse. In Asia and Africa boys are abused at the same rate but that's not because every adult male is gay there, it's because of strict sex segregation and perverted pedo males only having better access to male adolescents than female ones. Being a pedophile isn't about gender, it's about having power over a defenceless child.

No. 1367529

>muh homophobia
Seethe. Of course nowadays you are not even allowed to imply scientific facts that go against the narrative and any scientist who would even try to recreate any of these studies now would be CANCELLED! REEEE! You can cope and cry and cancel people all you want, normal people will always be disgusted by two men fucking each other in the ass and won't want them around their children. Even if they put a fake smile on when they talk to you cause they know you have the power to make them lose their job.

No. 1367532

File: 1636710430692.jpg (364.08 KB, 416x375, tPIXblI.jpg)

Fun fact: The german Harvey Milk, Rosa von Praunheim has always been into crossdressing


No. 1367535

Go back to 4chan.

No. 1367536

No. 1367539

His documentary: "Männer, Helden, schwule Nazis" about gay Nazis was funny AF

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_Heroes_and_Gay_Nazis>>1367532(derailing )

No. 1367566

Metokur is pathetic, remember that time he threw a half hour mantrum because a pedophilic my little pony rape comic got banned from tumblr?
Going by how offended he was by this pedo horsesex shit being banned the dude probably jacks it to loli himself. Brony coomers and weebs like him are more likely to slip and slide into pedophilia than your ordinary gay dude.

No. 1367567

>unironically using "cis"
kys tranny

No. 1367571

based. loling forever at every y chromelet lurking this thread and seething

No. 1367572

all men are sexual degenerates, het or homo. cope!

No. 1367575

What has this poor rodent ever done to you, anon

No. 1367583

tradthots think that it is natural for men to rape little girls that's why it doesn't bother them(unsaged bait)

No. 1367587

I never said straight men aren't also degenerate. I don't know why lesbians still haven't woken the fuck up and realized that attatching themselves to the GBT in LGBT has been their absolute biggest mistake ever because men can not control themselves and will forever be sick fucks, especially those with existing paraphilias like homosexuality will have more paraphilias to go with it. They do not give a single shit about lesbians or your rights and yet you will screech at other women over and over "NOOOO! MUH GAYS! THEY ARE SO WHOLESOME!" Honestly, you deserve the bad press you are getting by getting in the pool with all those degenerate men.(bait)

No. 1367589

File: 1636718760076.png (302.19 KB, 730x655, 1592367344577.png)

>Fun fact:

No. 1367590

I feel ill. Men are truly irredeemable.

No. 1367591

>paraphilias like homosexuality
Bugger off homophobe-chan.

No. 1367594

Watched it, had to turn it off. Thought it was a serious documentary but was just heavily biased propaganda. The director wants to fuck 14-year-olds, therefore “all men” do, therefore age of consent laws should be lowered so the poor oppressed moids can fuck 14-year-olds. It wasn’t anything you can’t find on any incel forum, some moid just had the money to make a bullshit “documentary” about it.

No. 1367599

Both being targeted for homosexuality makes strategic alliances make sense. Polilez tried to separate the L already and all that caused were divisions, because a lot of lesbians were/are dating bi women. It also caused the closing down of lesbian bars and separate lesbian marches, too small to achieve anything. Nazi's and other conservatives targeted lesbians alongside gay men, even if it was to a smaller degree, all before the lesbian and gay alliance became a thing. Your theory that lesbophobia is only caused by the lesbian and gay alliance is ahistorical bullshit. If many straight women weren't so lesbophobic to please their conservaNigels and didn't bar lesbians from feminism back in the day, maybe all this shit would have never happened, but here we are. Straight women give just as little of a shit about our rights related to our sexuality as gay men give no shit about our women's rights.

No. 1367600

File: 1636720467027.png (52.44 KB, 936x560, 1556596101889.png)

Yeah. Most of them have ephebophilic tendency, while few of them have pedophilic urge. After reaching puberty, it they started to feeling attraction to female of their age who begun developing secondary sexual traits. And it never change for the rest of their life.

No. 1367604

This graph is always passed around by MAP/pedo Twitter but it’s meaningless. The study only sampled 80 men and found about 1/3 of them exhibited similar or greater arousal to pedophilic content than adult content, and about 3% of them had acted on those urges. That graph has absolutely nothing to do with the actual study, I think some pedo just mapped out their preferred ages and then slapped a random citation on it to make it look “official.” Here’s the source:


No. 1367606

Thank you for correcting me. Then, I have to find another one

No. 1367608

Society has never treated a woman with another woman the same as a man with another man so not really. Blaming the L wanting to leave GBT on polilez is retarded when it was directly in response to lesphobia from within the "community" which is why trannies got away with specifically targeting lesbians, regardless of some lesbians dating bis who divide themselves from homosexuals by far and away mostly dating the opposite sex and supporting trannies. Men can't actually ever be allies to women as proven by gays' unwavering support for trannies too.

No. 1367614

I've always held the view that pedo/hebe/ephebophilia is a spectrum rather than black and white. A lot more men (and women, but primarily males) meet the criteria for 'pedophile' than most ppl think.

No. 1367615

File: 1636724589704.jpeg (21.27 KB, 460x533, images (40).jpeg)

>it argues that in an effort to protect children, society has begun to isolate men

No. 1367616

I think most women are very aware of how many men are ephebophiles (or at least predatory opportunists) from being annoyed, harassed and assaulted by those men at young ages. It’s men who have a vested interest in pretending otherwise.

No. 1367627

>from being annoyed
Can I ask what you mean by annoyance? Is it like someone frequently asking personal questions or "Where are you? Where are you going?" In my opinion, that's a harassment

No. 1367629

Nta but you’re just derailing the thread, this is for making fun of ugly males in dresses, not to talk about pedophiles and personal experiences with them. If your pedophile was/is wearing a dress and calling himself a woman, then sure, talk about them, but nobody in this thread gives a single, tiny little fuck about other kinds of pedophiles.

No. 1367640

See this is how I know you’re a scrote, every female on this thread knows exactly what “annoyed and harassed” means. Other anon is right, stop derailing. This is a terf thread, no one cares about your loli obsession or your fake pedo graphs here

No. 1367646

The Lolitas won't be happy about this poster, is this real?

No. 1367649

Samefag, I searched & it's from 2012 so I assume they've already been reacting to this for some time

No. 1367653

Yeah, this has been reacted to by lolitas many times by now. Somehow I thought it was even older than that though, surprised.

No. 1367656

to be fair, west germany went through a really fucked up period of pedo acceptance. didnt have anything to do with being gay, just men being disgusting degenerates as usual

No. 1367661

if you don't want your subculture associated with pedos maybe don't name it after a book about a chomo raping a kid kek

No. 1367665

it's not a fault of any lolitas that Japanese are retarded when it comes to English. Dolores Haze literally looked like the opposite of any lolita.

No. 1367676

Not arguing the fact necessarily but it's worth noting that a lot of child rape by heterosexual men is familial and goes unreported. People protect men who molest girls in their family, and male on male assault is overrepresented for the fact that a homosexual pedophile is a double scandal and underage boys are simply more likely to be taken seriously as accusers

No. 1367677

This, absolutely. I got disgusting comments from men way more at 15 than I do now at 30. I hate scrotes so much.

No. 1367680

The church covered up homosexual child molestation for hundreds of years, but sure, it is more underreported… the copes you have to come up with lol. And homosexuals also molest kids from their own families, not just strangers.

No. 1367682

FFS stop derailing, we’re all well aware scrotes of all sexual orientations are deranged perverts. We’re talking about the ones who wear dresses and pretend to be lesbians. Try to keep up!

No. 1367684

Why not adjust your opinions to reality rather than try to find something you can mangle into backing them up?

No. 1367689

Don’t bother trying to talk sense to ESL pedo scrote, I’m pretty sure it’s the same weirdo asking women to describe their experiences with pedophiles itt for his spank bank. Let’s keep talking about trannies, that should scare him away.

No. 1367690

File: 1636737302394.jpeg (55.63 KB, 720x507, mhUTFQQ.jpeg)

A lot of kids want to become caterpillars, wolves, bears, superheroes, trains… but their parents don't encourage their delusion and give them hormones and surgery to turn them into a caterpillar. Maybe that's why.

Tho I am glad this person realizes that turning a human into a caterpillar is comparable to turning a man into a woman.

No. 1367691

What book is supposedly turning kids trans?

No. 1367692

File: 1636737524596.webm (1.48 MB, 545x574, 1628457292923.webm)

No. 1367694

I assume they are talking about all those woke picture books for kids that teach a bunch of gender nonsense.

No. 1367695

Like any TiM could make a room these cute and cohesive even with coomer materials. There's no giant monster drink with fast food wrappers.

No. 1367697

Oh, those probably just bore (and confuse) them

No. 1367702

there is definitely some caterpillar-gender teen somewhere on the planet

No. 1367705

sick of libfems who refuse to engage in debate. i just get called racist over and over.

No. 1367708

File: 1636740234966.jpg (292.14 KB, 1064x1664, Screenshot_20211112-120203_Twi…)

No. 1367711

File: 1636740319446.jpg (431.71 KB, 972x2633, Screenshot_20211112-120113_Twi…)

Meant to post this first as the original post

No. 1367712


so close to self awareness and yet so far

No. 1367713

Your daughter should be scared of a lot of things lady, it's a cruel world out there. Cis men aren't the only terrible thing.

No. 1367715

File: 1636740896639.jpg (388.62 KB, 1080x2181, Screenshot_20211112-181408_Tik…)

can't say i agree with this one, yikes

No. 1367717

File: 1636740924503.jpg (121.92 KB, 1041x414, Screenshot_20211112-121441_Twi…)

No. 1367719

File: 1636741007824.jpg (642.5 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20211112-181637_Tik…)

and of course the comments are reinforcing the delusion

No. 1367721

These people are delusional but I at least expected them to realize that most of them go through their childhood and teenagehood as men and not "women", it's disrespectful. They're so desperate to be female it makes them look stupid, how do trans supporters not cringe at this shit?

No. 1367727

I'm not sure if I believe the job interview part

No. 1367733

I wouldn't even clock him as trans, he looks like a completely normal man, aside from the bad hair I guess.

No. 1367746

What's he gonna do about that 9head and receding hairline?

No. 1367751

File: 1636744356289.png (315.2 KB, 473x1224, trooniform.png)

literally just got this ad on a guitar chords website what the fuck and i know i'm not searching up lacy fucking underwear for men WHAT THE HELL …. anyways a moid troon would wear this unironically

No. 1367753

as long as they keep making sure it's advertised as MEN'S underwear lol

No. 1367795

File: 1636749272489.webm (2.2 MB, 576x1024, f753af4c4cf1c2170e4f20427502e0…)

please for the love of goddess stop derailing. where are the mods lol

anyway here's the ultimate, depressing example of why transgenderism is a wholly conservative, homophobic ideology. makes me laugh when trannies and TRAs call terves bioessentialists as if this video isn't the epitome of the word

No. 1367804

File: 1636750440496.png (94.67 KB, 1126x549, image.png)

Totally real lesbian is mad that his compatriots' uwu headpats uwu ERP is getting downvoted on /r/actuallesbians

No. 1367805

>bias are good
>transphobic woman aren't cis woman
Did I misinterpreted him?

No. 1367806

Most pedophiles don't have a gender preference, they're attracted to children in general because they're "pure" and easy to control. It's a power fantasy.

There's also a subset of sex offenders that aren't attracted to children but rape them anyway because they're psychopaths who want to hurt people.

No. 1367807

tbh it's the gay trannies who make me want to a-log the most. their whole self esteem comes from bagging the most degenerate dl bisexual scrotes and thinking it's an epic own of women. their supreme confidence in their own stupidity is the worst

No. 1367811

Anon literally just explained why the studies you cited don't fit your argument. One of your article is outdated when it comes to psychiatry in general, and the other doesn't even say what you think it says. She's not trying to cancel whoever authored the studies you drooling retard.

Also, scrotes aren't allowed here. Don't you have some porn to jerk off to or a pointless war to die in?

No. 1367812

So it's healed shut now or what? The never updated on the show. He's got a lot going on and it's purely due to people experimenting on him. Hopefully he can sue his parents, this show, the tranny and the Asian surgeon for damages.

No. 1367814

File: 1636751727596.jpg (86.25 KB, 739x575, [caption].jpg)

No. 1367816

It's hilarious that they think they can somehow control anonymous downvotes.

No. 1367818

there's literally no women commenting in there

No. 1367820

I just a "fuck terfs, they're old and ugly anyway" like… Do women honestly think this is okay now? Saying only those young and pretty matter is really something those allegedly lesbians will allow in their communities?

No. 1367824

File: 1636752773154.png (1.26 MB, 1928x1076, 1635803894588.png)

Dios mio

No. 1367836

Sanders is so try hard, for fucks sake. Still feeling bad for Jazz, probably couldn't do anything physical post SRS

No. 1367854

I love this woman so much.

No. 1367863

In a few years we'll have yet another tranny on my600lb life

No. 1367864

same, and fuck this moid >>1367381 for shitting on her appearance. troids and/or regular scrotes are seriously lost.

No. 1367874

Nonnas, I had a torso MRI and when I looked at my uterus, I felt super girly. Like literally "wow, I'm a girl! Just like the biology textbooks". Was that gender euphoria?

No. 1367876

How did troonism take over LGBTQ?

No. 1367877

they don't have to use the japanese pedo name for it, but weebs gonna weeb

only if you got a boner from it

No. 1367884

Gay marriage was legalised and lobby orgs needed a reason for the money to keep rolling in. Can't rally support around behaviours, but you can around laws, like the ones that prevent men preying on vulnerable women.

No. 1367894

Like this

No. 1367896

File: 1636761058924.jpg (1.1 MB, 1436x1260, j0oNq88.jpg)

I think this person had something to do with it

No. 1367906

>Symbolic of his struggle against reality

No. 1367920

So tired of this thinly veiled misogyny. Just say you hate women.

What, so we’re just a “category” now? So what “category” are men broken up into? Oh right, just men.

No. 1367926

File: 1636764000001.png (Spoiler Image,648.89 KB, 706x682, Untitled.png)

i wish i had never stumbled upon the the transgender surgery subreddit. i can handle all the gore on 4chan but those posts on there made me sick to my stomach

then there's all the selfies with a bunch of comments saying how good they look

No. 1367938

Yes you must be an afab trans girl

No. 1367947

That room shows a level of cleanliness, color coordination and design skills only a cis woman could possess. A troon version would be an empty dark room with one of those posters lying on the floor soaked in semen with hideous cheap lingerie littering the floor

No. 1367948

Brokedick Connor Moon also seems to believe child sexual abuse happens exclusively in Japan because of anime. He's a brain dead faggot who will come up with all sorts of copes as to why he and his group are inherently superior to all others. Never forget he had a full blown tranny (cock cut off and everything) as his head mod and right hand man for the majority of KF's life span (Cat Party or whatever that actual tranny faggot was called before he did the right thing and joined the 41%) Null and most of KF are tranny lovers who want fags to transition the gay away

No. 1367949

I feel so valid

No. 1367963

based retard

No. 1367972

Holy kek that's awful

No. 1367980

>gays' unwavering support for trannies too
hmm I dunno if thats actually true though, obviously any internet famous gay guy has had to pay lip service to the tranny cause, but I haven't seen any organic support for trans women or men from large numbers of gay men like there have been from handmaidens/women who've just been shown the propaganda.

There has been a bit of seething every now and then about how gay men just straight up refuse to date trans men, although not a whole lot mostly because nobody takes TIW's seriously.

Obviously that doesn't make gay men an ally to real women or anything, they are still men and oftentimes can be more misogynistic than straight men.

No. 1367994

File: 1636773959189.jpg (1.48 MB, 1165x670, nzFKB5q.jpg)

No. 1368001

an abomination if I ever saw one.

No. 1368003

Even the hairiness aside, it looks all wrong. Even a hirsute woman doesn't look this uncanny

No. 1368023

If it weren't for HSTS's nobody would've pitied the troons and accepted twaw. Confused gay men in wigs is literally what got the trans movement going I highly doubt people would've taken a transbian serious back then. Hence why poor confused gay boys were/are the face of it.

Can u faghags stop wk ur precious gays. They don't even fw lesbians. What TF could a gay man even have to gain from being kind to women? We don't hold positions of power like that. many of these fools hate us as much as their straight/bi bros. I never seen gay dudes fight for us or speak up for us like we do them. And can the homophobic tradthots fuck off too. All men r trash. As a whole they are more likely to be pedos. Quit arguing about whether fags or straight/bisexual scrotes rape more. Because they all more likely than any woman to do so anyways.

No. 1368024

Germany was indeed a bit "fucked up" back then. This was on public TV at the best screening time and here we are in 2021 wondering…

No. 1368032

File: 1636780551987.gif (1.13 MB, 500x500, 1631251091011.gif)

>Aaahhhh I'm burning in hell!

No. 1368036

Yet said person accept trannies. I believe that account is a sockpuppet

No. 1368041

anon, this is not /qa/. Please post delusions from /lgbt/

No. 1368043

File: 1636781485043.png (67.42 KB, 641x420, 1636742831685.png)


No. 1368067

File: 1636785724194.jpeg (116.28 KB, 540x542, 96075309-74FA-4A7F-AD0E-807DCE…)

Of course there’s a fursuit head in the bg

No. 1368117

It's literally a Japanese thing, what else are they gonna call it? Nitpickers gonna nitpick

No. 1368121

It's a fetish like all the other perverse obsessions men have

No. 1368134

At 16:00 the guest talks about "drag kids" and in particular this boy Desmond

No. 1368147

File: 1636806496387.jpg (833.38 KB, 1076x1223, W89Efyn.jpg)

No. 1368148

Parents Horrified by Man's Drag Show Routine at school talent night

No. 1368149

File: 1636806729914.webm (7.57 MB, 640x360, videoplayback-1-1 (1).webm)

PhilosophyTube / Abigail Thorn groomed this 18 year old and now he made this tranny speech

No. 1368157

Holy shit he fits the mold, bunny ear wearing sperg (in his mothers basement?)who is into anime, so clichè it's ridiculous

No. 1368161

Imagine taking your kids to Drag Queen Story hour. Like taking them to Epstein's Island.

No. 1368163

Lol Null makes fun of trannies every stream and openly talks about how much he despises them. Cat Party is also not a tranny, he's married.

Idk where this "Kiwifarms mods are all trannies" rumor comes from, but nobody has yet been able to point out any mod who is actually a tranny. Cause it's just not true.

No. 1368167

literally anything besides a reference to a book about child rape. pretty sure imageboards were also invented in japan but nobody calls them gazō keijiban in english.

No. 1368174

Can you please put your brain in next time you post

No. 1368175

it's all part of the brainwashing, nona, they feel the need to be as woke as possible

No. 1368231

I hope they will do mass suicide for woke purpose, like climate change or giving carbon quota to Africans

No. 1368234

That would be reinventing a wheel. What's the point in calling the style something else when the proper term will still be commonly used. No point whitewashing the name of the subculture, if someone cares they can read up on why it's called like this even though it has nothing to do with "nymphettes" or pandering to men.
Imageboard is a translation, that's different than basically a loanword.

No. 1368252

File: 1636821916631.png (174.64 KB, 480x269, A488606B-4965-4D40-A0ED-DE8D1D…)

Does anyone have a source for the poll that showed the percentage of MTF who identify as “lesbian”?

No. 1368265

scour the old gender critical threads. it was 29% tho, compared to smth like 19% straight

No. 1368266

No. 1368301

>nerdy straight boy who likes crossdressing
>know what trans is, dont identify with it
>find out about nonbinary, still dont identify with it
>join discord group that leads into another discord group filled with troon shit
>suddenly "crack"

It is almost like there could have been self awareness.

No. 1368318

Is he wearing fucking 'programming socks'? And a kitty facemask? May as well just complete the look with a shirt that says 'I got groomed on a femboy discord'

No. 1368320

>N-null might be a degenerate homophobe scam artist looking for a conservathot bride but at least he's a based tranny hater!!!!!
kiwifaggots need to leave

It was posted upthread nonny >>1365936

No. 1368345

real like Kikomi!! I am so jealous

No. 1368363

File: 1636841001699.jpeg (207.52 KB, 1170x1538, 95CF4EE2-5E07-4187-8495-456C27…)

Thanks nona. I’m blind apparently.
Searched up the original survey.

No. 1368377

Sorry I'm late to this but I remember seeing this as a kid and thinking how horrible people were to "her" and why they would wish "her" harm just because "she has a girl brain." The show carefully chose the critique that was senseless and violent to make it seem like the opposition to Jazz transitioning was just that, a bunch of angry moids raging about nothing. Of course they didn't show the actual worries about his health of being on puberty blockers and what his future will look like. And they put this shit on TLC or whatnot at like 3:45PM when they knew kids we're watching. It was pro trans propaganda, and I'm not even a tinfoil-chan.

No. 1368378

File: 1636842556835.jpeg (508.23 KB, 1125x1678, 2E643058-603E-4EAD-A573-A1EC81…)

Found an Instagram meme account run by a mtf non-binary tranny. Apparently he really fucking hates "theyfabs" (female non-binary people) and he starts shit about it all the time. Funny how sex is again relevant when it comes to hating women.

No. 1368379

File: 1636842601458.jpeg (702.82 KB, 1125x1900, BEEA18A7-8153-4781-8252-90E9A0…)

Him bitching about people getting mad at him saying "theyfabs do not interact"

No. 1368380

The more they infight, the better, imo. Fortunately they don't have the self-awareness to see they're all clowns.

No. 1368381

That's Gabbi Alon Tuft, I honestly just think the kid watches too much anime but I hope there's nothing bad going on

No. 1368382

I hate how homophobia has been completely replaced in their lexicon by "queerphobia".

No. 1368387

I love the infighting, not going to lie. I've seen growing animosity towards enbies and xenogenders lately with troons eating each other alive because of gender bs.

No. 1368388

The comment at the bottom equating "transmisogy" with racism

No. 1368402

No. 1368409

File: 1636846583103.jpg (5.59 KB, 300x168, gFRiSkh.jpg)

Church of the Nonbinaries Desmond Is Amazing

Youtube deleted the video, surprise surprise

No. 1368410

Why do so many of them sound so fucking low iq

No. 1368414

I'm surprised their channel isn't being bridaded by trannies
But I feel like any minute now it will

No. 1368437

they have brain damage

No. 1368483

"WHY my TRANSGENDER transition?"

Maybe an extreme self mutilation fetish and not much options left?

No. 1368488

Creature from the black lagoon

No. 1368495

>Cat Party can't be a tranny, he married a woman who'll suck his girl cock
Cat Party was openly a tranny for most of the sites existence newfag. Null was a lolbertarian for most of his online existence until it became fashionable to be alt right. Stop running damage control for shape shifter brokedick Connor Moon and his band of trannies. Just go read his fucking thread and see how many of his head mods are men larping as women on the site

No. 1368498

There's a separate thread for drag queens you retard. Stop shitting up this thread with your "the gheyz are all pedos11!1" nonsense, multiple anons have explained why that's a crock of shit. Desmond was mainly groomed by his psychotic stage mom, much like Jazz.

Why do you guys only care about CSA when boys are being targeted? Oh yeah, you don't. You just want an excuse to hate gay people and you don't give a fuck about kids getting molested.

No. 1368502

I don't know, can you stop typing like a retard?

No. 1368512

>>1368147 Yeah drag has nothing to do with this transpocalypse, exposing kids to this shit has nothing to do with grooming them into transgenderism.
>>1368134 Let's defend these degenerates and shit on TERF women who actually fight this.
Obviously you didn't watch this interview with this former professional LGBTQ activist who woke up since she clearly explains this point.
Way more important to throw a hissy fit. Reality denying political correctnes fags like you let this garbage thrive but the others are "retards" hahaha

No. 1368515

Did you just assume the gender of the kids in these audiences? That's not very PC of you, don't let your LGBQ community find out what a bigot you are

No. 1368518

you are completely right anon but we should just ignore and report the attention seeking /pol/ sperg

No. 1368526

File: 1636864614341.jpg (47.97 KB, 1066x367, CLXRFKr.jpg)

I for my part care about all sexual violence no matter who is victimized or who perpetrates it

No. 1368528

File: 1636864710830.jpg (47.63 KB, 1594x322, erYJ94x.jpg)

No. 1368531

The 119K transwomen population generates a 9/10th of male sexual offending inmates, the higher figure half the sexual offending of male prisoners but… crucially this calculation shows that female sexual offending is 100th of male sexual offending inmates.

A long-term follow-up Swedish study (2011) of ‘transsexuals’ after Sex Reassignment surgery suggests that transwomen (without male genitalia = after sex-reassignment surgery) had the same pattern of criminality as the bio-logically male control. While transmen have a slightly elevated incidence of offending but only when compared to the far lower female pattern offending of other bio-logical females.

No. 1368535

What is the second column in the transwomen (BBC Fol) section? The
half male
I understand the first column, there are 125 transwomen in prison, 60 for sexual offences, and thus this means per population they have a little bit higher sexual offending rate. But I don't know what the second column's info about population is from, is it a different sources estimate?

No. 1368546

The range of estimations of how many there are:
"Using HMGovt figures for trans people 200–500K (approximation 2/3 transwomen): by the 133K figure transwomen sexually offend more than bio-logical males, by the 333K transwomen sexually offend at half of male sexually offending rates but female women at 1/100th of male sexual offending."

No. 1368573

File: 1636875763492.jpg (83.33 KB, 900x773, Sblg_old_gregg.jpg)

If he gets SRS he will literally be old greg, mangina and all

No. 1368574

File: 1636876199428.jpg (979.89 KB, 640x840, p2Rqwlt.jpg)

Philosophy Tube is doing subliminal Sissy-Hypno to his audience confirmed

No. 1368579

File: 1636877198810.jpg (1.99 MB, 470x835, WtqInht.jpg)


No. 1368614

This. Nonnies, never forget that the "actually we should hate the gays because they're men and we hate men right??" is a bargain to push the envelope until they're free to expand their hate towards lesbians and women in general. Besides if women should hate gay men for being misogynistic then lesbians should hate straight women for being homophobic, and while under minority stress there's a certain temptation to do so it serves absolutely no purpose to alienate allies over secondary drama while straight men are still the ones raping, killing and oppressing women and girls and now invading their spaces and wearing their skins too.

No. 1368647

Is there a thread on this site to discuss "The Man Problem" or whatever you want to call it?

No. 1368654

File: 1636894830048.jpg (346.74 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20211114-121617_Tik…)

those eyes

No. 1368656

File: 1636894877428.jpg (205.18 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20211114-121632_Tik…)

also fucking kek

No. 1368658

the Male Question if you will lol. But no, manhate/pinkpill/etc containment threads were banned because they caused too much sperging i guess

No. 1368665

uuhgh not this guy, he’s body dysmorphia incarnate. How can you look at him doing this after he amputated some of his fingers and be like: yep that’s valid? He probably really thinks he’s an alien or some retarded shit like that. This is what too much acid+BD enablement does to you

No. 1368684

Gay men should be held accountable for their misogyny. Of course women should hate gay men, and any man, for being misogynistic. Are you sure you're not just a fag hag? Lesbians do hate straight women's lesbophobia and have every right to.

No. 1368687

Why do you fall for their bait every time? It's not a black or white situation either way. Gay men parodying women as drag queens is one step away from transwomen and totally desensitized the general public to the concept of gender switch, and it's not like gay men don't by and large support the T, nor are they incapable of pedophilia and rape. Allies where? Blaming the mother every time is nice and all but there comes a time you have to question the culture itself.

No. 1368690

Not sure if you guys remember this person from a couple threads ago, he's getting a revision for his botched srs in December. He explains it quite flippantly, saying the surgeons are going to reshape the outside of it because the scarring is so severe it now resembles a croissant. But he further says "they're not actually fixing the inside of it, so it's just going to stay really tight." And then says he has to dilate twice a day to prevent it from bleeding, but the dilation is very painful because his "kitty is super tight." I can't tell if this coy airheaded take on the matter is him trying to save face and not admit that his rot pocket is trying to seal up or if he truly believes what he's saying. Either way I kinda feel bad for him, he doesn't seem like the brightest bulb on the tree and his oversimplified take on everything makes me feel like these doctors are taking advantage of someone who might not have the proper mental capacity to be getting these procedures.

No. 1368691

why do you know what balls smell like?

I hope he dies of an infection

No. 1368698

The srs tightness cope, it being so small you can't even dilate it defeats the purpose of pleasant sex*
like the backside will be more comfortable than a closing wound so what's the point of srs? Just keep doing anal and keep your dick.

*Not that you'd get the truth from a chaser but I suspect it's not pleasant for either party

No. 1368715

I think they just go into srs thinking it'll be just as good, if not better than the real thing. I wonder what the surgeons tell them exactly

No. 1368727

There is no point, but they're mentally ill and delusional so we can't apply reality or logic to their thinking. That and they buy into the idea of a designer manmade vagina and believe it'll be better than the real thing because it was surgically crafted to be tight and pretty, which is a laugh bc every photo available of a neovag looks like a lasagna at different stages of rot

No. 1368738

File: 1636907741708.png (128.85 KB, 957x732, ewrwer.png)

And then everyone clapped Trans fantasy again, I don't know how anyone can believe this shit

No. 1368741

>men knowing what an hourglass shape is with a cup boobs and no waist
Lol Id like to see what this "woman" looks like now. Hope to god this is just a dumb dunk on troons, so they'll believe him and try it out themselves.

No. 1368747

Some dumb plant is actually quicker and more effective than actual hormones? Wow, I totally buy that

No. 1368748

File: 1636910245964.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.91 KB, 640x831, FD8OdR5XwAAioHj.jpg)

"TW are better than the real thing"


No. 1368750

Wish I didn't click that

No. 1368751

Reading this I'm convinced that the pervs upvoting this know it's bullshit but choose to indulge in the "rubbing fennel oil on my body made me grow tits and a big ass so my bimbofying domme girlfriends made me wear their lingerie and dresses" fantasy for cooming.

No. 1368752

Why did I click

No. 1368757

Quit being a pickme for fags you fucking retard they keep showing you they're just like they're straight brethren but you stupid tradthots and faghags keep shitting up the thread arguing over whether gay pedos or straight pedos are worse. Newsflash bitch it's all bad please just shut the fuck up. If gay men aren't as predatory as straight men then why did lesbians have to get rid of the fucking National MAN BOY Love Association back in the 70's? In highschool my gay friends were preyed on by closeted and openly gay men just like teen girls get preyed on by older men. Gay men are MEN you fucking retard

No. 1368760

Also samefag but by get rid of I mean kick out because pedophilic gay dudes tried to insert themselves into the lbgt. It's no different from straight men who try to justify their attraction to women because of some bullshit psuedo science about how men are hardwired to like 12 year old girls who barely start puberty. All men are sick. Accept it

No. 1368762

But don't you know that:
Transphobia leads to hating gay men which leads to hating lesbian women which leads to misogyny in general, it's a slippery slope.

No. 1368765

Bussy-buttplug, turn your ass into a fleshlight!
I love pragmatic solutions

No. 1368766

File: 1636911925031.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20211114-124317_Red…)

>that fucking tattoo

No. 1368767

whenever i see such awful tattoos i just know that bpd is involved. no sane person could ever

No. 1368780

NAMBLA freaks were not romantically attracted to children, they were sex pests who wanted to abuse minors because of them chasing the taboo high. Plenty of Epstein-like high society pedophile rings have female participants who aren't lesbians but like the power they get from exploiting young girls for their pleasure. No different from today's TRAs who are straight men acting like they're part of LGB to get free pass to take advantage of young groomed trans youth. Various perverts who are just different flavours of straight men have always tried breaking into mainstream acceptance via the LGB movement, it has happened many times and will happen many times more.

As a curious detail, lesbian activist Beth Kelly supported NAMBLA because "lesbians do it too", there are always lesbians who lick male degenerate boots just like there are lesbians who actively fight against the cause. I'm a cryptoterf because all my lesbian friends support TWAW even behind closed doors, even my own girlfriend thinks they're just battered gay men.

No. 1368781

lurk more unless you're a moid, in that case kys

No. 1368787

you know that's a fleshlight, right? how do we know this isn't just a faggy bottom instead of a tranny

No. 1368789

pulled from a trans 'sex worker' acct

No. 1368795

Yeah this is the troon who made a video a while back saying his coochie was going to be better than a woman's because it was going to be a "custom coochie," lol the tranny propaganda has them all brainwashed. At one point in the video he even says "I had to get this surgery, it wasn't a choice for me." As if there aren't people with gender dysphoria who don't get srs and live just fine, or people who's gender dysphoria goes away completely without transitioning. I do feel bad because he's clearly ignorant, but like how do you not research into you're own disorder? How do you not look into alternatives to chopping up your dick? Why would he think this is the only option? The doctors need to be sued for malpractice and misinforming the patients.

No. 1368796

I'm not going to watch your retarded alt-right video if you're going to willfully ignore all the actual research on pedophiles anons have posted. For the millionth time, most pedophiles don't give a fuck about the gender of the kid they target because it's a fetish about control.

Polilez who hate other gay people are not the same thing as TERFs. Trannies are often homophobes themselves. If you want to sperg about how much you hate fags, go to Kiwifarms.

No. 1368810

The argument isn't over which is worse, learn to read. Tradanon was trying to argue that there's an inherent link between the LGBT and pedophilia. The rest of us are trying to say the same thing you are, which is that it's a male problem, not a gay problem. There's nothing about being gay that makes a scrote any more or less predatory, so it's retarded to target gay scrotes specifically when the problem is with men in general.

There's also no reason for TERFs to align themselves against gay men, since plenty of them are against tranny nonsense as well. Also, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that if we want trannies out of the movement, we'll have to enlist the help of some gay scrotes.

No. 1368813

>it serves absolutely no purpose to alienate allies over secondary drama
Have you considered the ones being alienated by the misogyny of male "allies", and the ones being alienated by the homophobia of "feminist" women, are the people they're supposed to be allies to? It isn't alienating allies to say their misogyny, homophobia and tranny rights enthusiasm make it so they're not really allies.

It's so sketchy to blame women and lesbians for causing drama just for speaking up against more powerful groups. Straight men are the biggest threat to women but that doesn't mean we have to shut up in the name of solidarity whenever someone with a dick you like is in the wrong, or when you're in the wrong for excusing them "for the greater good". Seriously pushing into Not My Nigel territory.

No. 1368816

NTA and newsflash, lesbians care about politics and feminism. Political lesbian means "straight or bisexual woman who is attracted to men but identifies as a lesbian for political reasons", not "lesbian who has an interest in politics that affect her because she is a lesbian".

>Polilez who hate other gay people are not the same thing as TERFs.

Gay men hate on lesbians constantly and are super into tranny rights activist lingo like TERF, despite lesbians telling them about the collon ceiling. They'd simply rather save face in their LGBT circles. What does that make them? Oh, right, lesbophobes. And the point is it's understandable why women and especially lesbians would take issue with misogyny and lesbophobia even from so-called allies. This is not in any way polilez.

No. 1368821

Watch long-form interviews with radical women from across the globe on the topics of feminism, trans ideology, female erasure & women's health outside the medical paradigm.
→ "Alt-right" confirmed


No. 1368823

File: 1636916435984.jpg (468.71 KB, 1080x1794, XBITSIh.jpg)

No. 1368831

File: 1636916946011.jpg (362.62 KB, 2000x2000, 257359221_285936623542383_1034…)

This children's book by the pedo labelle has gotten 2k out of 12k on kickstarter already. Literally trying to brainswash kids to think that biology isn't real by adding an ebul terf in it. Bleak.

No. 1368837

File: 1636917322388.jpeg (212.35 KB, 1080x818, F22F25C4-EB9F-46EC-B115-C50B64…)

God this makes me want to a-log. Frustrating to deal with excruciating cramps all morning only to log on to fb to see some retarded moid share this propaganda. And by their “logic” if periods are not gender specific then why the fuck do all of us have to deal with pink tax?

No. 1368842


I hate this generation

No. 1368845


People with common sense wouldn’t read this to an actual child. Only weird trannies would read this.

No. 1368851

Imagine mowing down a field of players that are half your size on skates, i can't imagine how empowering that must feel

No. 1368854

Holy shit I wish this was the product of a 14 year old troll.

No. 1368864

That's internalized misogyny, why would women need the help of gay men?

No. 1368869

File: 1636919781960.jpg (1.28 MB, 1024x840, PsMS0c3.jpg)

No. 1368870

I mean, makes more sense than getting the surgery I guess.

No. 1368875

>yeah the story is not set in texas
Is he implying that hockey is more tranny friendly in Finland than in Texas? I believe it's actually the opposite

No. 1368879

They should just do that tbh, they get to coom, they get to make an homophobic guy happy and they can stay seething. But I prefer reading their complaints after they get unsurprisingly botched.

No. 1368885

AMAB chose hockey knowing damn well it's one of the least safe sports to add a wildcard into. He could have chosen baseball or basketball, something fairly low contact (and he would still be wrong), but he chose the high-contact sport where everyone has knives on their feet. It's like he's begging someone to call him out. This is some "go on, say it" type shit.

No. 1368895

Not really milk I guess but my mother download a store app to use their coupons on her phone directly, and when she created her account the app asked "quel est votre genre ?", which mean "what is your gender?" in French. The answers were "féminin", "masculin" and "autre/other", and since my mother's first language isn't French she was super confused and wondered if the wasn't some kind of scam or phishing attempt. It's the first time I see that shit written this way on a form written by professionals.

No. 1368897

I would be so fucking terrified for my life if I saw this guy on the opposite team lol .

A “terfy kid”? So they are going to start inciting violence against little girls now? Disgraceful, pedophilic monsters. Hideous “art” as well, looks deviantArt tier .

No. 1368912

I think you replied to the wrong anon. The post talking about political lesbians was above the one you replied to.

No. 1368913

That part caught my attention, too. It seems like the "author" is creating propaganda targeted at children with the intended message of "if you ever question this or dissent, you will lose rights, and that's a good thing". He's trying to scare little girls into complacency.

No. 1368915

This isn't Twitter. Also, it's "Get the L Out," not "Take the L Out."

No. 1368916

Taimi is a boy, play on the boys team. Ugh.

No. 1368923

File: 1636925155917.jpeg (460.95 KB, 1170x893, F1436F05-1BB6-45B0-A570-57F7C1…)

you are that ugly.

No. 1368942

>terfy kid
>that atrocious art

No such thing as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist kid, living shitstain that came up with this book idea.

No. 1368947

If you're bleeding out of your dick please call a doctor, for such caring and considerate individuals (sounds of TRAs threatening to rape and kill TERFs can be heard dimly in the background) you sure don't care about people receiving incorrect health care, or not even seeking health care due to misinformation.

No. 1368968

I found another fucking troon pretending to be a woman in the video game industry. Using his 5 minutes as a therapy session for "imposter syndrome". He shows up at 31:51.

No. 1368970

Is this idiot asking if he looks the same with and without filters? Cause no and that is kinda the point of filters

No. 1368971

Update on Rani the kindergarten teacher? I can't find anything. A month ago, it was reported he was under investigation and had not been allowed back to work. It does sound as if he will be tho, the tranny in the vid tried to make out it was a witch hunt and they wrap the vid up with the reporter claiming "parents said off camera" they want him to stay kek.

No. 1368972

Where did they get that 133k figure for transsexualism? How is it defined?

No. 1368985

An incel retard knowing how to cook anything, I'ma call "no way" on this one

No. 1368986

Lol u sound like a faggot coping. So lesbians DIDNT kick NAMBLA out? Because one pedo dyke bitch said hey we do it too. Got it.

God u faghags are retarded. It's like youre competing with tradthots to see who can be the most pathetic pickme for men


Stop trying to be like oh they're not pedos they're just sex pests no faggot people who wanna sexually abuse kids are fucking chomos. It doesn't matter if it's a male pedo creeping on boys or girls or a female pedo creeping on boys or girls no matter how they identify they are fucking pedos. Fucking weirdo(calm down)

No. 1368988

Thanks for reiterating what I was saying dumbass.