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No. 1441571

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1441575

File: 1644683905237.jpg (44.86 KB, 508x424, 898709.jpg)

now shut up

No. 1441576

Wasn't this a threadpic already?

No. 1441579

oh shit sorry i took it since some nonita suggested it in the last thread (before deleting the comment it seems)

No. 1441583

the comment isn't deleted but there also weren't any other suggestion for thread pics, the last thread pic was so good it's a shame to see it go and there wasn't many good pics in the last thread to live up to it sadly

No. 1441585

well kim is the topic of the day anyway so might as well have him as the picture to remind us all what he looks like behind the photoshop

No. 1441590

should've used a screencap from that disgusting video he posted. or that really video that incel posted before that. both were peak troon-ism.

No. 1441593

File: 1644684658149.png (1.07 MB, 1120x694, Brinton.png)

How intense do you think the proliferation of TRA ideology has gotten to the mainstream where you live?

For me personally, I think in the US it is very present possibly more than anywhere else in the world thanks to social media and Biden's administration enabling their delusions. He recently hired some strange looking non binary troon as Department Of Energy Head and he has that Chris Chan looking tranny in another high spot.

No. 1441594

File: 1644684692570.webm (2.73 MB, 385x720, 2977334-f68959b9cbb1b0f15c276b…)

anyway have this specimen of nightmares to rest your eyes upon

No. 1441596

Is this a deleted Silence of the Lambs scene?

No. 1441597

sorry he's in a high position of the department of energy not the head of it though

No. 1441599

It's getting pretty bad in most of Europe, but like everywhere else it's only the big liberal cities that are affected. If you go to rural areas you will get away from the madness, I can not wait to move out of the city personally.

No. 1441600

the wicked witch of mars

No. 1441604

there seems to be a gap between the terminally online people who copy everything from the internet and the regular folks.

troons have some media power here but on other hand transitioning is a long and kinda difficult process which means that people just can't go and become a troon on a whim which means while there is many of them in certain spaces there isn't too much of them. by kinda difficult i mean that because you have to prove that you're not too mentally ill to transition but because most troons are head cases they don't get the permission to start hormones and they lose their shit about it. if you don't seem like a complete freak it's rather straight foward and even then they make mistakes and there is a growing detransition community here which has made the doctors be more careful.

the tras try to get these laws changed but because we tend to do things later than the rest of the world our politicians have been basically just pushing those decisions later and later, like some law change proposition about self id has been on the parliament for a long ass time but they just don't do anything about it but just keep pushing it away, and the tras have noticed it and are angry about it.

so troonism has gained some media power but not that much of it compared to other countries

No. 1441607

>but because most troons are head cases they don't get the permission to start hormones and they lose their shit about it

sorry for shit english i don't mean that most troons don't get to transition, i just meant that most of them are batshit insane. i don't know how many people get to transition and how many not, but i have heard that lot of people don't get the permission at least the first time and they have to try many times before they get the hormones, and some don't get them at all

No. 1441618

File: 1644686715525.jpeg (339.85 KB, 1170x737, 4552D466-9F0D-47F3-9DE7-F987E0…)

Facebook AGP telling a woman who is uncomfortable with her boyfriend interacting with many OnlyFans creators (most of the accounts he follows are porn stars) that she isn't allowed to feel upset. These faggots are so fucking transparent. Ladies, never date a porn addict. They're worthless.

No. 1441621

File: 1644686847753.jpg (59.67 KB, 581x641, FLQ4n06VQBctUHE.jpg)

I was just going to post about him.

No. 1441624

Sadly I hear this shit even from women. Mostly "cool girls" and pickme's tho. Men as a whole are definitely trying to brainwash women into accepting porn use as a "normal thing you have to deal with otherwise you are insecure".

No. 1441631

also to babble some more, while troons have lot of social power in some spaces they don't seem to we the untouchable gods like on the english internet. some time ago a hsts tranny tried to start a beef with some black woman about female genital mutilation, how it is unfair to focus on girls and men get mutilated too and people actually told the guy to shut the fuck up and that she has every right to focus on girls with her activism. don't know how he would have fared against a white woman though.

No. 1441635

File: 1644687759637.png (30.26 KB, 753x352, Airlie - Apocalyptic Estrogen …)

anyone want to tell him, he's not the ""lesbian"" she's referring to?

No. 1441637

File: 1644687847659.png (6.26 KB, 1063x94, good. we dont care.png)

No. 1441640

I'll fix it. He should be saying "I'm a faggot and I date fellow faggots." or for a different flavor, "I'm a man in a dress and I date fellow men in dresses!"

No. 1441641


i want you to notice

No. 1441643

>troon thinks divorced, alone, and no men trying to fuck me is a punishment
i'll just be over here weeping at my self-employment and house with no one else in it, what a tragedy. worse than death. oh nooo

No. 1441644

what's wrong with that faggot's face

No. 1441658

My first exposure to trans was in fandom drama communities in the 00’s. Some of the worst wankers trooned out to live out their gay HP or LotR buttsex fanfiction in real life. Even back then it stood out to me how everyone tiptoed around the ridiculousness of these women suddenly declaring themselves men but ripped the same women apart for everything else they did. You would get instantly permabanned for ‘misgendering’.

Sounds like my country though I’ve encountered several troons who’ve fully legally transitioned despite openly being batshit insane, including with diagnosed personality disorders. They whine about having to get a year’s worth of therapy before being eligible for surgery (and hormones?) but I’ve never heard of anyone being disqualified as a result of something unearthed during that therapy. It’s all affirmation, they just have to wait a bit. Still they call it conversion therapy and insist that it’s literally killing them.

No. 1441660

In middle and eastern Europe it's not so crazy, gay marriage isn't legal in most countries here anyway (which is a shame). Troons will appear on trashy TV channels such as RTL, but I have seen maybe one trans person irl while walking through Vienna. There was a shitty politician who transed and said the best part about being a woman is shopping, gross.

You can't make the languages here gender neutral as a lot of them have gendered verbs + 5 to 8 declinations but there's been some really shitty attempts. I don't think slavic people will ever accept trannies since western gender stereotypes don't exist here, women are expected to be mentally tough and fight for themselves, and even fought in ww2.

No. 1441665

ok so they call him a HE but a "he" who identifies as a "he" can still go in the women's area? what?

No. 1441684

File: 1644692764214.jpg (251.13 KB, 999x2048, FKxmvfGXMA45TtX.jpg)

No. 1441708

We are trans-free atm. Trannies, like the rest of the LGB, are told to "live their lives and leave everyone else alone" but people don't give a fuck and disrespect them anyway. Besides some loonies on social media (very few, cause liberals are also weird as everyone is conservative here). AGPs aren't a thing here, HSTS's are the most common type of troon but nobody takes them seriously. Women specifically get visibly angry every time a troon appears on social media, they seem to relate womanhood with something "sacred" and find it deeply offensive

No. 1441724

File: 1644696003908.png (251.35 KB, 744x758, Screenshot 2022.png)

No. 1441727

>let him have his thing
Why can't his thing be building shit, fixing shit, making model cars who cares, why does 'his thing' have to be watching porn 24/7? Do moids really see watching porn as a hobby and a 'thing'?

No. 1441731

I'd bring back patriarchy and the monarchy just to terminate troons

No. 1441739

Where do you live, Nona?

No. 1441746

"Carefully wording sentences" is the best that many people can do. They're trying to avoid the gender subject entirely so as not to hurt their fee-fees. I see it as a genuine effort to not "misgender." (Pardon blog, but I do this a lot at school.) You can't misgender if you don't gender. But of course it's not good enough.

No. 1441755

Yes they do. I had an ex that said that's his thing that's only for himself, like self care kek. It's sad really

No. 1441757

porn as self care? thank god i'm not a man

No. 1441765

this is because troonacy is just middle/upper class privileged culture war bs and anyone who isn’t an avid media consumer or terminally online welfare gamer is immediately turned off by it.

No. 1441766

nah you’ll all just kill yourselves first which is cool with me

No. 1441768

also what organs? bolt ons and hatchets wounds? don’t belong to us buddy, that’s a yall thing

No. 1441769

File: 1644702049534.jpeg (56.07 KB, 481x437, E9AB443C-B4F2-4B98-84D1-43E1E9…)

The first four star female admiral who only transitioned a few years ago :) anyone else think this guy is fucking scary? Watching any video of them speaking and immediate red flags. I feel like this person is gonna get arrested for owning CP at some point(emote)

No. 1441770


No. 1441776

Are you lost?

No. 1441778

You can call him a man anon it’s ok

No. 1441787

I was being cheeky :/(:/)

No. 1441790

india or pakistan?

No. 1441792

Nta but not detecting sarcasm is a symptom of autism

No. 1441795

Guess you would know.

No. 1441796

He means uteruses anon
They want your reproductive system for a kink

No. 1441798

oh, right, the handmaiden transplants

No. 1441799

No. 1441802

but they literally can’t get them

No. 1441803

are they actually giving them now or is dude full of shit still??

No. 1441805

oh totally full of shit, but you'd be horrified how many women are on board with the concept

No. 1441807

>be tranny
>steal uterus from dead terf
>die from organ rejection
>terf even slaughtering trannies in their death
Based terfs.

No. 1441808

it's literally impossible to do an uterus transplant on a man

No. 1441809

kim is being hate-shilled by his marketing team all across this thread and celebrity cows.

No. 1441811

nuke silicon valley.

No. 1441812

Of course not but they still fantasise about it. They think lily elbe was inspiring not unadulterated horror

No. 1441813

Rammstein has fallen on hard times, I see

No. 1441816

aren’t those all the tifs and handmaidens though who are like ‘shdisbdj totally!!1! i’ll give u my organs i don’t want them’ or something
my lord they’re dumb

No. 1441818

Hellscape for me in woke-Ireland unfortunately, they're quite powerful here but you wouldn't realise it unless you were following every change in the law, since its never publicised. Shitshow. War on lesbians and women, plain and simple. My mother called me a bigot for feeling terrible for a local lesbian who had her tits removed, none of the men get surgery here. I hate it so, so much.

No. 1441820

(samefag, if you're a farmer or working class here you just call them fags, but the majority are on board with troon shit since everyone is an arty hipster liberal in the cities and towns.)

No. 1441823

>man dies from unspeakable horror of humans trying to play God and also being dumbasses who try to fight biology and lose

No. 1441832

I guess you're his fan? weirdo

No. 1441833

Why do trannies get a free pass ignoring any sort of sensible dress code?

No. 1441837

because we all know theyre … special
and not in a good way
but people don’t want to say it

No. 1441844

File: 1644709416984.jpg (602.73 KB, 1100x1147, IRAWoman.jpg)

No. 1441853

i'm not his fan, i'm sick of seeing his individual lyrics posted/promoted disguised as milk.

No. 1441854

Even Ireland is woke? What about scotland

No. 1441860

I'm from latam kek

No. 1441867

is it that weird to you that we're talking about how freaked out by a tranny we are in the tranny thread?

No. 1441868

Kek, with Sturgeon in control, in hell just the same, though it seems to be very unpopular online.

No. 1441870

Whoever the fuck the male is in the op pic looks like the penguin from batman

No. 1441871

ayrt, I don't want to derail with /int/ bullshit too much, but to answer, Scotland isn't as bad as Ireland in terms of laws, but in Wales women have been arrested basically just for being GC or sharing about woman's rights

No. 1441881

Lmao you're obviously not from ArgentinE muchache

No. 1441891

File: 1644715640220.jpg (94.82 KB, 675x900, FGWScMDWUAYQiMX.jpg)

blocks your path

No. 1441896

dies from the stench

No. 1441900

These freaks really can't 41% themselves faster tbh

No. 1441901

I'm going to kill myself but not before creating diatomaceous earth for humans and sprinkling it in all of these child molester's diapers

No. 1441902

File: 1644716369195.jpg (1.03 MB, 2688x1512, MV.jpg)

but wait there's more!

No. 1441904

File: 1644716672483.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.82 KB, 599x900, gross.jpg)

God these things are ugly

No. 1441913

ugly dick and bad tits. manna montana got the worst of both worlds

No. 1441918

File: 1644717332330.jpg (364.67 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20220212-174359.jpg)

Oof, this dude claims to be 29. Why do AGPs age like milk? The only explanation I can come up with is that most of them are sedentary and eat like shit, but I feel like there's gotta be more to it than that. I've known plenty of lazy moids that live on McDonald's and still look their age.

No. 1441919

Kek sorry guys, hope things get better there

No. 1441932

KEK he literally looks like he's been in the grave for 29 years

No. 1441942

Looking like Riff Raff

No. 1441944

normal women totally post pictures of themselves like this on the internet #girlslikeus

No. 1441950

Why is his dick so weird

No. 1441951

It's because men age like milk, see: https://elifesciences.org/articles/63425

What you're observing is man dressed like a woman effect, which partially removes all the cultural accommodations we make for male aging. That immediately reveals how fucking old they look compared to their female peers. It's why twinkhons are a thing, as in whenever a twink becomes a woman he transitions immediately into a post-menopausal one.

Dress him like a man and everyone will think he looks his age or even younger due to penile affirmative action.

No. 1441956

>take female name and clothes
>only end up looking more subhuman and manly compared to women

He even types like a katana neckbeard kek

No. 1441966

File: 1644722288144.jpg (605.94 KB, 1080x1033, -22144.jpg)

And the more you try, the more inferior you look to real women. A grotesque knock-off may fool someone on its own, but not while standing next to the original.

Moids used to cope with not being women via compensatory distancing from femininity, and it was actually your best option. At least you could sometimes convince yourselves that you didn't want to be us anyway, despite building your entire lives around beta orbiting anything female-related. But as soon as you got the idea that you should actually attempt to act on your inferiority complex, it became disastrously obvious that you simply can't, no matter how much you want to. It looks like something completely beyond your reach, your ultimate defeat. Not a choice, but simple inability to fashion a turd into a diamond.

No. 1441977

> ugly dick and bad tits. manna montana got the worst of both worlds
Topkek I love you nonnie

No. 1441978

File: 1644723893283.jpg (348.87 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20220212-193212.jpg)

1/2 Troon veterans have come up in previous threads, but it absolutely baffles me that taxpayers are footing the bill for surgeons to perform orchiectomies and FFS on troon vets who are clearly mentally ill while vets with PTSD struggle just to obtain referrals to qualified mental health specialists.

No. 1441979

File: 1644723930593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 423.56 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20220212-193720.jpg)

No. 1441981

File: 1644724121456.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 359 KB, 683x1024, hhgttg-vogon.jpeg)

holy shit Vogons irl

No. 1441987

He looks like a hideous cave troll. Hope he offs himself once he realises FFS can't fix that face.

No. 1441998

this is 100% the last thing you see before you die

No. 1442000

No. 1442003

looks like dave coulier in drag

No. 1442006

>older than time itself

No. 1442007

dishonour not the great Richard O'Brien in that fashion, thou knave! i shall see you at dawn.

No. 1442008

Stone cold thought his dick was the big toe of his right foot curled up under him until I zoomed in.

No. 1442009

File: 1644726862814.jpg (28.14 KB, 562x503, 59e1da057b376510933c1bd6c1537d…)

Lord he eminds me of that creepy rat fuck in Harry Potter

No. 1442010

that's peyronies disease luv x

No. 1442011

ha you aren’t the only one!

No. 1442022

File: 1644728090583.jpeg (3.52 KB, 180x96, images.jpeg)

And here I was thinking Chris Chan was the only troon with bent duck syndrome.

No. 1442038

this fucking thread

No. 1442041

File: 1644730529378.webm (8.17 MB, 576x1024, 12efd42d7e3d60c6dd6963b9e7f077…)

No. 1442042

I'm surprised not all of them have bent duck since it's caused by cooming kek

No. 1442045

He's balding severely, like a 59 year old. I also noticed they think estrogen is the fountain of youth but I'm convinced they all just piss and sweat it out. I also think troons have higher than average testosterone levels due to the severeity of their coomerism.

No. 1442054

probably top ten worst dicks i've ever seen, no wonder he wants to chop it off. spindly infected mushroom.

No. 1442065

File: 1644735794372.png (31.49 KB, 751x404, death angel on Twitter.png)

more like reality

No. 1442066

They absolutely do. Someone on kf noticed that most troons have "Chad" facial genetics and the thought hasn't left me ever since. Female troons are all hyper feminine cherub faced childbearing hips straight women, while male troons are hypermasculine ogres.

Also, he's not balding like he's 59 kek. He's balding like he's 30ish, he's just blond so he looks balder.

No. 1442069

File: 1644736041648.jpeg (72.52 KB, 828x487, 65E77834-D03F-49B2-A4F5-903046…)

this is so delusional

No. 1442070

Like who?

No. 1442073

Hair transplant, brow lift, chin shaving, lip filler- or avoid all those costs and shave your balding head and stop presenting as something that doesn't fit you

No. 1442085

Coomer troons are all straight and have more qualities of their sex

No. 1442086

File: 1644741394348.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2015, E4F774B0-8DBA-4631-B300-41285A…)

Please do not ban me for not uploading the actual video idk why it won't go through but what the fuck is wrong with this tiktok male….
"I wish I was cis because i feel like i've missed out cause i don't experience discharge and i feel like i could've done something special with that"

No. 1442097

they're fetishizing cervical mucus now too???

No. 1442099

Imagine this faggot running in front of you on a busy sidewalk, only to turn around and lisp at you "I'm one of you!!!", while flashing his ~painted nails~. Funny how the least preferrable types of men decide to become women isn't it.
His stupid "disarming" way of speaking is the cherry on top. Fuck off.

No. 1442116

Why does he sound like the one white boy trying to fit in at a majority black high school kek, not racebaiting just honestly hilarious that he looks like he's failing to be a girl and sounds like he's failing to be a hoodrat

No. 1442125

You can only upload .webm files, but you can easily convert an mp4 to a webm with an online converter.

No. 1442135

He has 122k followers and the comments are all kids who idolize him…Tiktok was the biggest mistake and it’s only going to make things worse the longer we keep it around.

No. 1442141

I see TRAs say this shit on Twitter all the time but they never name these alleged pedo TERFs

No. 1442170

They're the ones projecting on terfs being sexual predators and pedos kek

No. 1442215

File: 1644766375012.jpg (72.53 KB, 826x1102, FKnPobkXMAAwDP1.jpg)

sophie from mars got this hilarious tattoo. The dick and balls look so fake. It's almost as if they wouldn't fit on a female body.

No. 1442216

>without evidence
Kek if you post the MTF sex crimes stat or any of the hundreds of MTF trannies who are convicted for raping women and children suddenly it's "those aren't real trans women! those are transphobic cis men who want to make us look bad!" Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1442244

sage for blog, but I don't have anywhere else to say it.
My dumbass normie cousin teaches a class of very little kids. She was just saying on facebook that after qweer class, her students won't stop asking her questions about gender she doesn't know how to answer. A boy asked her how he can have a baby, and she told him that he couldn't. He asked why, and she had to say, "you were assigned male at birth" He misinterpreted this as if it were a rule she'd set and got mad at her lmao.
She's asking for advice from other teachers on FB what the best way to explain that it wasn't her decision that he's male. So far they're mostly offering nervous support. ("Haha kids are so funny!") but I know my stupid cousin and I can see how much she's freaking out. It is funny how kids are so literal that they inadvertently point out nonsensical shit that's just in place to spare feelings.

No. 1442257

Is this actually part of the school curriculum now? Why is she even trying to teach them that stuff when the kids are clearly too young to understand any of it?

No. 1442261

Looks like homegirl got a hernia

No. 1442262

From what I've seen her say, the kids have got rainbow class every once in a while that's like what sex ed was when I was in school. It's an outside group that comes in and talks to the kids about gender shit. I'm not sure if it's once a year or more often, but the normie teachers dread it like the plague because they have to deal with parents (pro and anti troon) complaining to them about what their kids come home saying.

No. 1442269

File: 1644774975452.jpg (110.37 KB, 1282x1252, IMG_20220213_003734.jpg)

She deleted after the troons came for her

No. 1442271

Oh God, you're right

No. 1442272

Those are easy to answer questions tho.
>A boy asked her how he can have a baby
"You can have a baby with a woman once you are grown up. It takes both a man and a woman together to make a baby."

No. 1442274

how the fuck is that terf-y? we truly live in hell

No. 1442276

Okay, which state is this?

No. 1442277

"babies are for grown ups to have together when they love each other very much! there are different ways for grown up men and women to have babies but kids can't have babies! that's grown up stuff!" leave it at that. if the kid pushes on, bring it up to the parents. i'm tired of parents thinking that schools and the internet have to teach their kids shit because they're too fucking lazy. let their parents teach them what gender and sex ed is.

No. 1442280

It's safe to say that not a single actual woman wants to suck dick while pmsing.

No. 1442282

So he knows that his behaviour scares women, but he still insists on doing it 'cause he's "got places to be"? And instead of stopping he finds it funny 'cause "Omg stupid scared women, I'm actually a woman too!"? I hate men so much.

No. 1442283

ot but i work with kids (3-4 years of age) and we have a large collection of different books

inevitably there's some trans propaganda in there and i've tried to do my part by putting those on the high shelves where the kids can't reach them

No. 1442284

truly dystopian hell, if TRAs truly believe trans women are women, why would they automatically assume the word "women" excludes them? wouldn't they assume it includes them under the umbrella? i'm so confused

No. 1442286

gotta love when they say the quiet part out loud

No. 1442287

>Nonononono, I'm sorry! I'm on your team!! REALLY!
That's what they see this as lol. A "team", and not a mode of existence that gets pushed on you from birth. And of course retarded zoomers follow that logic

No. 1442296

File: 1644778014892.jpeg (188.62 KB, 1423x1191, CC3FBBC9-69A6-46F8-8E2E-9DC008…)

> Is this actually part of the school curriculum now?
Yes literally, and most parents don’t know about it nor can they opt out because it’s not a “sex ed” class but something else coded as an effort for diversity or something like that. The teachers can teach this stuff to little kids through reading books aloud to them like I Am Jazz, etc.

No. 1442298

it's the "definitely not a sex offender" team which isn't fooling anybody.

No. 1442302

what the fuck? the way this is explained is so unnecessarily convoluted. it would make more sense to say that some people feel like they're born in the wrong bodies, but i guess that's not woke enough so instead they have to say it in a way that sounds like sometimes doctors make mistakes in identifying physical features. must be so confusing for the kids who are being taught this shit

No. 1442303

File: 1644778669495.jpeg (395.46 KB, 2224x1238, 38E2691E-56AB-4A84-9046-B89AA8…)

Gender expression is when running and spelling.

No. 1442307

omg leave the kids out of it for fucks sake
why are they always trying to push stuff on little kids who don’t know and don’t need to know about that shit? perverts, makes my skin crawl

No. 1442308

my gender expression is making fun of troons on the internet

No. 1442310

This is where gets me about this whole women vs trannies thing. THEY are the ones insisting they're women, but then insist they're different as soon as "women" are brought up. They don't even believe their own lies lol

No. 1442315


No. 1442317

This is dumb

No. 1442318

File: 1644780196234.jpeg (132.59 KB, 1179x500, 90F93DB0-3F26-4802-BDE0-85B598…)

No. 1442319

ding ding ding
they obviously dont "feel like women on the inside"

No. 1442322

so they believe terfs shouldn't have access to birth control? that's usually how pcos is treated

they're sounding more and more like fundamentalist christians every day

No. 1442324

You don't get it. This IS patriarchy.

No. 1442326

Enlighten me what would happening to these people if we would live in a matriarchy then?
Not >>1441731 btw.

No. 1442329

how the fuck would any of us know? there has never been a matriarchy

No. 1442330

Then enlighten me what you would with these people if you would be the queen of the matriarchy.

No. 1442331

What's the deal with you?

No. 1442332

no changing of legal sex, no hormones or surgeries for chlildren, no access to women-exclusive spaces or participation in women-exclusive events or sports

it's that simple

No. 1442334

i don’t think they know what PCOS is lmao. i think they think it’s like an intersex disorder or something.

No. 1442335

I'm just autistic
Only for MTF or also for FTM?

No. 1442337

We live in a patriarchy, this is what we got. Men in dresses use their male privilege to stomp on the rights of women and shut us up. Women only supported it because most of us are scared of being socially ostracized. I don't know what's so hard to understand.

No. 1442339

tifs shouldn't be allowed to change their legal sex either, but they're not a threat to men's spaces and sports the way tims are to women's so idc if they have access to those things

No. 1442340

I was like "ok, at least they show that girls can have short hair and wear pants", but nope, seems like that's a stunning transwxman and girls aren't allowed to exist.

No. 1442342

>We live in a patriarchy, this is what we got.
Yes I know that but how should it be according to you, like >>1442332 said?
So tifs should have excess to men rest and changing rooms?

No. 1442344

no but that would be for their own protection, not for the men's

No. 1442348

Does it matter what I want? So long as men are in the majority we're going to live in a patriarchy, and if it's not trans shit it'll just be something else degenerate. I'm just waiting for the normie men to get sick of this shit and then we can at least have our bathrooms and facebook groups back again, kek.

No. 1442349

File: 1644782968780.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.43 KB, 1188x990, Raccoon2.jpg)

I see … that I have no thanks for all my fighting because I was born a racoon.
I wish you good luck on your political endeavors anyway Nonita, tho I have to say they will most likely infertile ones.
>I'm just waiting for the normie men to get sick of this shit
Your waiting for reinforcement from the normies will be in vain nonnie. They're lemmings and not made to rebel.(sage)

No. 1442360

Damn if I were born today and learned this in school I would've been catgender and presumably the school would've let me walk on all fours and hiss at people. It would mean the autistic kid who used to play Pikachu and attack people at recess would actually have to be treated like a pokemon right?

No. 1442362

Kill it

No. 1442373

This shit has taken off because it’s mostly men in positions of power and in control of the law. They only got their total position control by oppressing literally everyone else (not allowing woman in office for a long time, not hiring certain people due to racism & sexism & homophobia) which they enforced through violence & religion originally, & then just hiring people like them over & over. This meant they could ignore the concerns of women & others & enforce shit that purely benefits men (indulge in degen coom shit, treat women as just small men in medicine, etc). That’s why back when women and black people had their movements in America, shit wasn’t pushed harshly down from the top, they weren’t the majority of institutional control. Now since Hollywood/ the US makes most English media & most sites being US run, the US is able to export all of it’s bullshit everywhere else. Men reee about diversity hiring, but this is why it was implemented, to combat the control of the one group of the whole system so they didn’t only fulfill their own desires & fuck everyone else over for it, it was just too late. It was done after coomers tried to push their shit as the same as being gay & succeeded.

No. 1442390

File: 1644786458134.jpg (147.74 KB, 1126x2048, 273974661_479722593717429_3142…)

Now he needs to get himself some smurf essence.

No. 1442399

I bet he’s the type to takes shots at womens’ looks. Meanwhile a walking dead zombie looks more alive than him kek

No. 1442401

LMFAOOOOOOOOOO that’s exactly who he looks like. Also, someone needs to tell this guy that what he got was his penis flayed and stuffed into a wound in his taint, not “a vagina”

No. 1442406

File: 1644788157073.jpeg (18.92 KB, 287x348, Gargamel_and_Azrael_from_the_S…)

KEK no fucking way ugliest mf I've seen in a long time. gargamel looking ass lmao.

No. 1442408

File: 1644788444518.png (Spoiler Image, 376.36 KB, 445x675, Screenshot 2022-02-13 162727.p…)

Gargamel needs to chill

No. 1442411

this triggered my flight or fight instinct

No. 1442413

Why are men so delusional, you seriously can't tell me this guy ever looked in the mirror and thought he'd have a chance at looking like a female of average attractiveness? Like come on!!!

No. 1442418

Leave my fucking girlfriend out of this you creepy fucks

No. 1442436

of course the freak went private. Spineless retards like this can't even stand for the shit they spew

No. 1442440

she went private cause i told her you freaks were stalking her(cowtipping)

No. 1442442

does "she" know that "her" friends lurk lolcow?

No. 1442443

kek it's not stalking to screenshot a public tweet

No. 1442444

File: 1644791161846.jpeg (143.65 KB, 760x670, 78DF02CF-42ED-459C-923D-3E77DE…)

No. 1442445

kys scrote, he's a delusional moid, tell him that PCOS isn't a intersex syndrome or something, is the ovaries, a female exclusive organ, malfunctioning because of cysts. also can be treated with birth control and diet, so no need to ask too much from doctors, unlike troids

No. 1442449

My friend lurks lolcow and notified me that she was posted here. i lurk 4chins but not this shithole.

No. 1442450

>he's a delusional moid

No. 1442451

File: 1644791414342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.72 KB, 488x326, 48C2467C-ED1B-4DE6-95E0-51B43D…)

No. 1442453

cope seethe dilate

No. 1442455

Post your mug so we can tell you if you pass or not

No. 1442457

File: 1644791621258.png (38.87 KB, 592x388, 1643412712058.png)

No. 1442458

lol post face

No. 1442460

Haha it’s funny because it’s true

No. 1442461

lol that's a man baby. kys

No. 1442462

i'm not MTF and hell naw, why would i want that on here?

No. 1442463

What does the ugly scrote behind this tweet look like? Anyone got a pic?

No. 1442465

KEK what are you then a ftm? Or just a regular moid who had to settle for a troid

No. 1442466

you'll NEVER know

No. 1442467

I can tell because you're an unhinged scrote dating another scrote pretending it's not gay kek.

No. 1442472

The previous thread had a bit of interesting discussion about Korean radical feminism. Of course American news aggregators like Huffington Post are calling Korean radfems "Korean TERFs" for not accepting TIMs as women.


No. 1442473

>looking at someone's public SM is stalking
only if you say negative things, I suppose, these degenerates are happy for online attention until it actually features an honest assessment of what they're about. Oops.

No. 1442474

abs or gtfo front pole

No. 1442477

Korean women are being harassed into suicide when Korean men suspect they might be feminists but HuffPo does this shitty smear campaign against Korean radical feminists because they rightfully don't like trannies. American propagandists just want all women around the world to be liberal feminist capitalist drones who love prostitution and trannies.

No. 1442480

nonny he doesn’t have abs don’t be delusional. He’s probably an impotent wisp of a man or a fat, doughy neckbeard.

No. 1442485

File: 1644792936429.jpg (62.74 KB, 596x628, ClaPtYfWIAAoGyz.jpg)

I love you, nonnie

No. 1442489

File: 1644793084873.jpeg (559.44 KB, 1537x2048, F70D6E8B-CBCA-484E-AA22-0F3525…)

So he wears skirts and bras because it makes his penis get hard and not because he actually believes he is a woman - wow who would have thought ?!?

No. 1442491

File: 1644793107363.jpeg (241.86 KB, 1500x1500, 13D77EFB-CE57-497F-8552-1982DC…)


No. 1442493

Wasn’t that the original slogan?

No. 1442496

File: 1644793297470.png (103.86 KB, 1256x793, 14.png)

i found the cervixthief guy's tweet on the wayback machine and their bio says they're 14, so they've still got a good chance of growing out of it. i also found the account of their partner who's been shitting up this thread but i won't post them here bc they're obviously a kid kek. if you guys are still reading this please get off lolcow/4chan and go be kids, play outside or something

No. 1442500

My god what’s with troons and them ddosing sites. Is it even worth $1,000 to take down servers that dissed them?

No. 1442505

oh good riddance. do we think it was the 14 year old troon who was trolling right before the site went down kek

No. 1442508

File: 1644815959311.jpg (210.96 KB, 1080x1140, Awww.jpg)

Troons pulling down their pants to show each others axe wounds, what a heartwarming story.

No. 1442509

haha birth control pills go brrrr

No. 1442516

So we have entered the phase where these moids want to deny women medical treatment unless they agree troons are women.
It's 2022 and there are still women defending AGPs. Can anyone like explain why…? Of course she peaked but I'm baffled women still support these men.

No. 1442518

>Reeeing about stalking when his BF posts publicly on social media and people make fun of him for being a delusional scrote.
A gay incel scrote from 4fag having a chimpout when his ego is bruised because we say his boyfriend isn't a woman? Shocking. Kek, is this what 4chan is now? Gay dudes reeing about woman and fucking eachother while trying to larp as straight? Have fun fucking the wound on your mutilated BF degen coomer. Nothing wrong with being gay, but this is an anon forum where women can say what we really think and every woman sees your relationship as gay, so cope, seethe, and dilate your BF. Maybe you should get your dick cut off next to remove yourself from the gene pool, only mentally ill people think they're not gay because they say 'no homo'. People like this is why the laws are being fucked. They want to be gay but are retarded and believe in muh superiroty so they shit on gay men while being gay. Go back to sucking Fuentes' dick, scrote, it would somehow be less gay than pretending your boyfriend is a woman. This is why no woman would ever date you, we know it's gay even if we don't say it out loud.

No. 1442519

File: 1644816811967.png (37.67 KB, 785x355, FLZWyiHX0AESeJK.png)

Troons are fucking retarded.
they call themselves "women" but get angry when they are grouped under women?

No. 1442520

Reason #2039485 to not have a boy kek.

No. 1442523

If they took down kiwi farm the lolcow was there other hit (specifically a female anonymous board)

No. 1442524

It either changed its name or deleted its account

No. 1442527

No. 1442528

Kill yourself.

And then it turned out they all went to the same surgeon.

No. 1442529

It either changed its name or deleted its account

No. 1442531

Probably a larping paedophile (how uncommon for a troon kek).

No. 1442540

I do feel bad for boymoms, imagine raising your son so carefully and then as soon as he hits puberty he becomes a delusional coom obsessed misogynist, as is the inevitable outcome of being cursed with a Y chromosome. The second their dicks start getting hard they let their penis drive all their decisions.

No. 1442559

Troon DDOS. totally not seething

No. 1442560

Imagine paying for a DDOS attack on a completely obscure imageboard. Moids are special and very mad.

No. 1442564

File: 1644819717305.jpg (198.32 KB, 1074x1521, Interesting .jpg)

No. 1442573

This is what pisses me off the most. Womanhood isn't a costume, women can't take off their oppression and likelihood to experience sexism based on their body when they're done playing. Imagine, the scrote larping for fetish/oppression point reasons stops larping when it's no longer beneficial, shocking.

No. 1442585

File: 1644822929335.jpg (416.57 KB, 799x739, 1644109245697.jpg)

Gender Identity shit was created by John Money, a literal pedo who molested twin boys (one of them had a birth defect). The two brothers would later commit suicide- the brother with the birth defect was the one to first go, but the later brother would feature in a documentary to shine light on John Money and his only wish was to stop this twisted man and his ideas.

Seeing this shit is more unsettling to me than it is funny. No amount of "le clown world frog" is going to help me cope with how horrifying it is that blatant child abuse is allowed to run free in public schools no less. I can't imagine how the parents who are aware are feeling right now and how justifyingly paranoid they are.

Even if you don't care about kids, we can all agree that having a future filled with nothing but mentally unstable adults isn't a good one to have. Imagine if you're in a hospital and you die because there's too many staff members having mental breakdowns or some shit you get the idea.

No. 1442588

File: 1644822999314.jpg (258.7 KB, 634x566, Screenshot_20220210-061428.jpg)

It's hard for me to mock Sophie from Mars when nature already did it for me. Look at the absolute fucking state of it.

No. 1442589

Imagine if a real woman posted a photo showing that much untrimmed armpit hair. She'd never hear the end of it. It's like he's got a tiny ZZ Top nestled up there.

No. 1442594

Truscoomer went batshit insane.

No. 1442602

looks like he evolved over a million years for the sole purpose to work on a construction site kek

No. 1442606

idk about what the exact case in America is like but sadly this has been a thing in Sweden since the early 2010's, we have pre-school children having read to them books like the "a boy who became a princess" and other books about "gender expression" that are basically trans-bullshit and the worst fact is that even trying to oppose this type of shit you get labeled a bigot and fascist and could very well be shunned from your entire community with that label attached to you
so there's not much anything anyone can do

No. 1442612

They are seen as retarded, like when the parents of a kid with down's syndrome didn't try hard enough to dress them properly for an occasion. Can't blame them for that

No. 1442614

you can't convince me this is real when the first word is a grammatical error kek

No. 1442615

File: 1644826729756.png (1.19 MB, 1079x1766, Screenshot (276).png)

Here's a list of all the statements that will get you branded as a ebil TERF

No. 1442620

File: 1644827409299.jpeg (229.39 KB, 828x979, 678065F3-151B-44C1-B99D-C4D771…)

I s2g this will be a mass peaking event

No. 1442628

Maybe they're letting him compete so he can pretend to lose 'proving' men totally don't have an advantage over women in sport when they're pretending to be women.

No. 1442637

Lia isn’t faking it though, they are winning everything by a large margin

No. 1442648

thank you for the schadenfreude this morning. I showed my girlfriend your seethe and we laughed at you in bed. again, thanks, but I must ask that you kill yourself asap

No. 1442651

ok but what's this from?

No. 1442654

inb4 tiktok pushing trannies is a chinese psyop to make western men weak so the chinese could stay on top

No. 1442660

Your REAL woman girlfriend kek.

No. 1442662

Fake LOSING anon.

No. 1442663

by this logic, Judith Butler is a terf

No. 1442670

>this will be a mass peaking event
I doubt it. We have people saying there will be a mass peaking every other month and yet it never happens. People just aren't peaking fast enough.

No. 1442671

Still a woman though kek

No. 1442672

At this rate I'm hoping the USA gets nuked off the face of Earth and I say this as an American.

No. 1442677

Is Kenshi Yonezu a tranny now? Or does he just like GNC clothes?
I only listened to his music so seeing him dressed up as a woman and kinda act like an agp tranny really surprised me.

No. 1442686

Wiki uses male pronouns, so probs not knowing their tranny jannies.

No. 1442697

A stylized music video produces by a company one works for does not a troon make. A man wearing a dress isn't automatically a troon, no matter what the trannies project.

No. 1442698

Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for. It's just that Hachi has been giving me a bit of trans vibes before in his vocaloid era so I wasn't sure.

No. 1442699

Show this to literally ANY normie and they will agree with all of these statements. I guess anyone who is not a troon is a TERF now.

No. 1442705

same nonnie, same

No. 1442707

He's an autist so if he troons out we all know why. If anything, I think it would be much more likely to call himself asexual or x-gender and then literally nothing would change. Luckily even the most degenerate autismos in Japan rarely troon out. The batshit ones you occasionally hear about online are almost always westaboos with a gaggle of Tokyo language school weebs from California acting as their hype guys. Or ABJs.

Much more common (comparatively) are crossdressers who will freely admit that they are men and never insert themselves into women only spaces. Even Matsuko Deluxe corrects people who try to call him a woman.

No. 1442711

File: 1644841569624.png (438.46 KB, 399x761, Screenshot.png)

Shut the fuck up, these are all human beings they are not fictional characters you can headcanon for your fetish. also the fact that its an AGP TIM wrote this post is telling

TRAs do this to every smaller/thinner guy and every woman who isn't white and even slightly GNC

No. 1442712

File: 1644841598009.png (135.34 KB, 531x1051, Screenshot 2.png)

further TIM cope and justification

No. 1442715

I unironically hate women like this more than actual trannys, traitors go first.

No. 1442719

File: 1644842056885.png (603.02 KB, 745x1031, Screenshot.png)

>“I bet she pegs him” “need me a manly woman like her” “he’s gonna transition to a transgirl once his marvel contract is up uwu” "Tom is zendayas girlfriend"
just gross racist and fetishistic all over, I’m SICK

No. 1442722

They just be saying whatever and hope it works because they have zero arguments kek

No. 1442726

>average tall thin black woman with shorter masculine white man.
Why are they so racist? Is the reason of them considering black people more masculine because of their addiction to interracial porn?

No. 1442727

Its a tranny tho

No. 1442731

same vibes as when attractive guys with some feminine qualities are immediately referred to as femboys when theyre perfectly handsome as men, jesus christ

No. 1442732

Did you see the MV for Lemon where he was wearing woman's clothing a few years ago? I had the same vibe, I liked him in his Hachi era but in his interviews he comes across as very snobbish and pretentious.

No. 1442734

Just how rotten is your brain to think Zendaya looks manly? You'd need to have an actual cognitive problem to get to this conclusion

No. 1442735

I mean 90% of people I saw who were defending the post were white and asian TIMs
but I find it weird how often they see a woman whose dressed down and wearing casual clothing their minds just jump to "headcannoning" her as their femdom mommy wommy
I mean like every woman occasionally dresses down from time to time, esplicially if it's with a partner who they trust intimately

No. 1442739

if you're not dressed like a blow-up sex doll you're not feminine according to these people

No. 1442741

It's fascinating how it turned into sexism with extra levels. Meanwhile bearded men in diapers still have to be called women.

In the early 2000s the standards for "transexuals" were through the roof, there was that MTV show "I want a famous face" where a porn actor troon called Gia wanted to look like Pamela Anderson and to this day I have no idea what he did with his voice, they were pushing for hardcore passing only.

No. 1442742

Yet another veteran trooning out. Authorities need to scour his hard drives and dig up his backyard. He looks like a serial killer.

No. 1442743

Has /ot/ been shut down?

No. 1442744

You're right. She's just dressed casually, like an average woman on the street which must be super shocking to trannies because they never go out! Also, I do think it's because of their racism and porn addiction. On sites where trannies thrive, 4chan and reddit for example, interracial porn that objectifies and masculinizes black people is very common. They probably consider themselves more feminine because of their race which just makes them racist.

No. 1442746

I wish they'd stop beating around the bush. Crust say calling a black woman trans is calling her a man. That's the issue, trying to make it see like black women aren't women at all but in the same "category" as trans women, aka not really women but men.

No. 1442747

File: 1644845125490.png (418.97 KB, 1344x1848, Screenshots.png)

There's also this white TIF handmaiden defending against woke twitter teens who can't call them out for the degenerate prevents they are

even woke twitter girls can see how offensive this shit is

No. 1442755

This is one manic moid. His crazy eyes, fake overly wide smile, and spastic jerky movements trigger my fight or fight response.

No. 1442758

They fucking wish they looked anything even remotely like Zendaya.

No. 1442760

I love how it's a bunch of non black Tims/Tifs defending this. That picture doesn't look like a Trans couple. They are attractive, young and comfortable looking. No colored hair, no flags, no crazy clothes. No bolt ons or sideways sloppy wigs. Nah they look like a normal couple. The total opposite of a T4T

No. 1442762

time to pour bleach in my eyes

No. 1442765

They're fucking delusional scrotes who actually think they look like her - even like the girls they were crushing on as teens and that's why they have that tacky style.

No. 1442769

Trannies letting their racism show, once again. So nasty seeing at least one black woman try to explain (and she's not even radfem), and then a white/non-black scrote tries to softly downplay her and makes it about his feelings

No. 1442770

i wish i could make that 41% at least 50%

No. 1442773

File: 1644847676452.png (702.55 KB, 1276x1876, Screenshot 60.png)

well this one is an Asian TIM defending the post, but yeah its mostly white TIMs and many white TIFs defending that post which is filled with vile fetishistic comments, a lot of woke girls(many black) are trying to point that out but also still trying to be respectful towards the TIMs/TIFs otherwise they'd be labeled TERFs
>Fucking let trans fems have one crumb of fun
this is all a dumb game for them


No. 1442774


any theories why are trannies so into bloodborne and dark souls? First tranny makes that bloodborne demake, now another tranny made a bloodborne mod into dark souls.

No. 1442776

the answer is always autism

No. 1442780

They sound like 4chan scrotes who make racist/pedo/misogynistic jokes but get offended and act like you're oppressing them when you point out they're bullshitting

No. 1442782

literally a successful troll.

No. 1442783

Game I play = my personality
Super hardcore popular dark game = more personality

Anyone trans is a product of peak consumerism. The TV taught them blue = boy, pink = girl and that's how they're trying to construct their whole personality.

No. 1442786

They literally accuse them of not passing ("cishons") if they don't dress or act feminine enough when they see normal women.

No. 1442788

I want to feel bad for these black women but this is what caping for trannies gets you

No. 1442797

it's a giant cope

i've met women with more masculine features but never once have i thought that they were troons

No. 1442802

Sorry I deleted the post because I forgot to sage and I definitely agree! I know so many women with wide jaws, big noses or big foreheads who look more feminine than the most effeminate men. Because their skull and bone structure is definetly female.

No. 1442805

They know they aren’t women more than anyone else.

I hope this guy gets maimed severely and has to live like that forever. Death would be too good.

No. 1442809

I had some libfem friends have told me, that since I' am tall and have a big nose that must mean I should sympathize with TIMs cause I surely must suffer from mis-gendering
the thing is even when people don't correctly guess my gender the first-time, as soon as they see my face for a couple seconds or hear my voice, I know that they know that I am a woman

No. 1442812

I had a huge nose and a hugely forehead and never got misgendered,probably because trannies don't exist here so people dont question your identification. Don't worry about it and cut out your petty friends imo.

No. 1442814

Any1 remember a tweet where a troon co-ops "internalized" misogyny?

No. 1442818

Misgendering is a total non-issue for cis people. The only people who get "misgendered" are women with short hair and men with long hair, and only because people have only taken a glance at them or seen them from behind. I've never had a single person in my entire life call me a man.

No. 1442822

File: 1644851854996.jpg (108.73 KB, 736x576, a9bf27bc5020f27b608595a22176ab…)

On the opposite end of this reality with regards to Tom Holland, while he is a short male with somewhat of a baby face, he has a body that only a biological male can posses
no TIF in the world can have the same body structure and musculature he has
also it’s like 500% easier for males to be ripped overall compared to women

No. 1442824

I don't get how he's called babyfaced or feminine. He's a muscular short man, which only makes him look more rough amd brutish, who had a typical white guy's face. No ftm looks like this.

No. 1442828

both tifs and tims are delusional about what they actually look like

they imagine themselves as these short soft boys or tall statuesque women but nothing could be further from the truth

No. 1442866

really a lot of FTMs turn into repulsive neckbeard looking creatures after transition and they pass with relative ease because no normalfag would suspect that someone would spend thousands of (tax payer) dollars to look like a gamestop employee

No. 1442874

File: 1644855466404.png (822.36 KB, 960x997, 92E97CAE-6F96-4D8F-8390-F80A38…)

The man that told Chibi “I’d prefer if you’d be quiet” during the Tomba speedrun is now trans.

No. 1442880

Lol further proof the autism to troon pipeline is real

No. 1442881

why are speedrunners all trooning out?

is it because of the autism required to play one game over and over to improve your time by 0.01 seconds?

No. 1442882

As funny as that would be, this is not true at all, CavemanDCJ dropped the monikor and goes by Unifiedbranding https://twitter.com/UnifiedBranding
Some tranny swiped @CavemanDCJ on twitter and made it a tranny joke


This is a now privated tweet where he asked people to report the old account, you can get the context from the replies.


No. 1442892

these are the same moids who make “i used to be a nazi” memes

No. 1442893

at first i didn't realize people were talking about speedrunning as in playing video games but i thought people meant literal speedrunning and kept thinking what the hell is it about that sport that makes troons go for it and how in all the pictures you see of these "speedrunners" they never seemed to be exactly athletic, and why would some random sport like that become such big albeit niche thing on the internet…

No. 1442894

samefagging i'm esl if that explians it because in my language speedrunning is sprinting, but i just had this mental image of bunch of balding troons in jogging clothes and sport events running down the track while people watched and saw nothing wrong with the picture

No. 1442912

I see this all the time on Twitter. Whether it's fictional or real life (which is ofc worse), there's a group of unhinged troons calling slightly smaller/softer looking men fembois and non bimbo women troons so they can feed into their disgusting "shEs peGGinG him" porn sick headcanons bc they can't just accept a normal heterosexual couple

No. 1442918

If i heard cishons i would think this is a french word i haven't heard yet kek. I've also seen them call straight men queerbaiters but idk if that's the same as cishon. I should look that one up

No. 1442922

Crazy thing Tom Holland doesn't even look feminine. He looks like a regular guy with a narrow build and a tapered jaw instead of a square one. They're so ridiculously sexist even more than a conservative fundamentalist boomer.

No. 1442924

File: 1644858507517.jpg (668.57 KB, 998x2399, 1619085870882.jpg)

your post reminded me of this AGP fantasy comic
they basically see all tall or even slightly masculine women as pseduo-males, not real women rather mommy doms who will take time to feminize them and peg them, fulfilling their AGP fantasy and desires

No. 1442927

>wasn't painting my hair enough?
Lol these moids are so fucking useless. Painting hair?

No. 1442934

gigakek at woke girls who spout the TWAW who get offended when they get compared to them. i wish they'd learn that these creepy men hate them for existing.

No. 1442945

what caping have black women done? if anything its white radlibs doing all the push and piggybacking for trannies yet they don't get treated as bad as black women
blacks as a community have a huge disdain against anything LGBT related to this day, why do you assume or say black women are at the forefront of the tra movement? not to start a race debate but be real with yourself please
look at the "black" trans lives matter protests, did you see any black female activists come out in support
the transmeds who use black women's bodies as justification for their sick fetishes, same as women with pcos, infertile women, any other colored women as well use these women as gotcha cards to give grounds for their opinion
Then do you say that about them? That its their fault for "caping" for trannies?
They're just easier prey
>you deserve it because you asked for it

No. 1442946

were not talking about the black community as a whole, these girls are specifically all very woke and likely support Trans-rights and other woke shit

No. 1442949

Then what? They deserve that black women as a whole get masculinized and invalidated of their womanhood because they were tranny sympathizers lol?

No. 1442950

>Troons seeing soft introverted men, a look that is more common in underage males or men under 25, as the perfect candidate for being groomed into a tranny.

Call it what it is: pedophilia and predatory sexual behavior.

No. 1442957

It's funny because there's an entire rash of conservative scrotes who say feminists (and women as a whole) "deserve" the TRA/tranny shit because they lobbied for women's rights and upset the "balance" of gender in the first place, but the same person who posted what you just quoted would probably get mad at such a statement
Some kinds of people follow shitty, victim-blaming logic selectively. When they themselves are included, it's bad. When it's a group they're not a part of, it's perfectly fine, even if we're all women. It's fucked

No. 1442960

I hate trannies so much. How dare they imply Zendaya is trans… She's tall and wearing comfortable clothes, no transwomen will ever look as good as a biological woman.

No. 1442962

They really think white = feminine and black = masculine. I hate the sick view of race Americans have. It's a cancer on this world

No. 1442965


The grandkids of klansman are trooning out while still holding their racist view points. Hate to see it

No. 1442972

glad to be a roastie instead of having some festering necro hole

No. 1442983

File: 1644862500056.png (444.93 KB, 793x625, tgw.png)

You know it just occurred to me that the reason this is being allowed to happen might be that the men who run the legal system think castration is a fitting (funny) punishment for offenders. Completely ignoring women's safety, but they hate women too. I wouldn't put it past them to not have looked into whether or not getting the chop factors into transition. Normie dudes seem more almost as clueless as children about troons. They think in cartoon logic. probably think they could get pregnant if they got kicked in the balls hard enough.

>feminists (and women as a whole) "deserve" the TRA/tranny shit because they lobbied for women's rights
I hate it when people say that. Few things piss me off more than someone hearing about an issue they've been doing fuck all about and blaming the people who are fighting their asses off to stop it. As if the people saying troonerism sucks were the same people who were doing fun feminism a decade ago. The majority of people who hate gender shit have always hated it. Before I gave a shit about troon politics, I still found the bastardization of feminism on the internet obvious and hideous. The faux activism and obsession with identity politics over class, the eyeliner as sharp enough to kill a man! bullshit that was clearly marketed to part girls from their money and distract them from liberation.
I'm sorry for black women who get that treatment. Regardless of race, The megaphone is going to be given to the idiots who say the right thing, so it's easy to say "(type of person) has always supported this." I don't think that was the point that >>1442788 was making (I think they were clumsily trying to say that they supported black women, but "these" ones were stupid for supporting troons). I've always admired black women's strength in defending their right to define themselves as women. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will probably never be heard of in the mainstream again after standing up for women (unless she's being dragged) but I'll never forget what she did.

No. 1442984

File: 1644862597052.jpg (51.85 KB, 232x487, Tom.jpg)

I don't think he's feminine either but he is a little short and he does have a cute face, I feel like If he wanted too be could be more rugged looking but he seems confident in himself unlike tims/tifs
In fact his build and frame for his height is quite impressive, he's built like a boulder and he has the same proportions as someone like Mike Tyson or Naim Suleymanoglu, a proper punch from Tom could knock someone into next Sunday and his forearms are also well developed, his grip strength would be impressive as well

Tom Holland could beat all these twitter tranny's at once, if he wanted too

No. 1442987

this is blessed

No. 1442996

I bet ftms think that Tom Holland being a former professional ballet dancer makes him feminine, delicate and kawaii uwu even though it actually made him look masculine than they will ever be.

No. 1442997

What the fuck? Your friends are retarded

No. 1443007

File: 1644863737418.jpg (53.32 KB, 564x752, 51d0377771a3738788466c2ec806c7…)

he wouldnt even look out of place as a chav and these people think he is a uwu femboy

No. 1443008

Kek I thought the same exact thing and I'm not ESL. I would pay to watch a bunch of troons try to sprint around a track though. Speed running is lame af.

No. 1443012

>names himself cervix thief
>tweets that women shouldn't have access to healthcare
>beleves in lady brain, one of the most sexist things you can believe in
>omg leave my poor innocent gf alone

No. 1443016

This is the creep that came up with cotton ceiling and did that workshop about it

No. 1443020

nice scrote logic, retard. If women had just accepted our lot and still served men they wouldn't invade our spaces? Is that all we had to do? Leave moid.

No. 1443025

handmaidens get what they want, which is to capitulate to men. cope seethe dialate etc

No. 1443040

consequences will never be the same

No. 1443042

File: 1644867556383.jpeg (200.17 KB, 416x1280, 8BAABADE-A7E6-4A5E-992E-AFB783…)

This troon from a few years back detransitioned and is now a "biohacker" lmao


No. 1443049

did it not register even for a moment that the comment was far more likely referring to the girlfriend having PCOS and being involved by proxy instead of it being the partner of some random deranged twitter user actively looking in the thread?

No. 1443050

File: 1644868069924.jpeg (219.64 KB, 790x1280, 8A95E80B-DB39-4254-ACAB-13D6C3…)

His response here is interesting. Does he feel actual remorse? It's hard to tell underneath the spiritual mumbo jumbo.

No. 1443055

No. 1443057

he will probably be like all the other reformed scrotes like ex-junkies, ex-alcoholics etc who won't feel any actual remorse for the shit they've done but just get another high horse to ride on. oh look at these petty pitiable women being angry at him, the male who reached enlightement but who of course will forgive and be above it all

No. 1443060

File: 1644868923199.png (463.37 KB, 802x648, t.PNG)

saged for autism but i wish it wasnt like this, i dont know what it is that attracts them so much to this series but i want them out

No. 1443061

Easy, skill based games are an autism magnet

No. 1443067

Someone please keep them away from Fallout New Vegas too. They ruin every gaming community they touch and make it about men skinwalking women. They'll do it with Elden Ring too.

No. 1443070

oh no…anon doesn't know…

No. 1443086

Idk but the headcanon is stupid as hell given the lore talks about Gwyn raising Gwyndolin as a girl bc he was born under the moon or whatever. The game explicitly states “he”.

No. 1443090


I remember once asking an incel why incels didn’t all just fuck each other considering how desperate they are for sex. I guess I didn’t realize I was holding a monkey’s paw at the time.

No. 1443093

what even is there to save from souls games anyway, evertyhing past ds1, demon souls and bloodborne are cashgrabs that completely missed the point of the "series". Let them have it, it has become just as performative, grating and attention seeking as they are, it also somehow is inserted into any unrelated conversation and lives on thru stolen valor (no ds didn't invent pattern recognition and mildly commital movesets). Its fitting, trannies are the dark souls of people

No. 1443100

Some people enjoy souls games, and other than the Gwyndolin thing idk really what trannies have done to the series. If anything it’s moid coomer waifufags in general calling every level up woman mommy and wanting to see their feet. Scrotes play it the most so it makes sense I guess. Anyway still going to play Elden Ring.

No. 1443108

Just saw a dudebro youtuber compare a person to "that ugly transexual from DBZ", literally no one in the comments calling that out. It's really frustrating how trannies only silence and attack women.

No. 1443116

well they didn't do much, in the same sense that they didn't do much with the gwindolin thing either, if some sperg on the internet wants to claim headcannon who cares. The playerbase however is infested with them which as you said yourself isn't surprising given its mostly coomsoomers thinking they're hardcoar or some shit. It was mostly to relate the current state of the series with the similarities of the latest releases, there's nothing wrong with wanting to play the videogame you wanna play regardless of other people's opinion, this isn't /v/.(learn2sage)

No. 1443117

File: 1644873250269.jpeg (170 KB, 828x834, 00539127-1874-4B64-BFC5-EF3BFA…)

This is what men really want

No. 1443120

Make it 100%

No. 1443133

telling someone where they aren’t while you can’t even sage your shit

No. 1443143

consequences will never be the same

No. 1443150

File: 1644875823024.png (1.78 MB, 1447x1076, used up tranny metaphor.png)

>He was a Lunar sign as opposed to the rest of his family, including his sister who were Solar Signs.
>Assigned the role of Lunar Priest, which is a female role - Also the Lunar Priest doesn't get to interact with people.
This is why scrotes think he's female.
>Also physically deformed, ie not a giant and has tentacle feet like the other mutant royal that lives in the painting.
>Pretends to be his Older Sister, to lure men into doing his bidding because men live by their dicks and will do anything a giant pair of tits tells them to do.
>Literally lives in the basement and spergs out if you come into his room.
Jump forward to Dark Souls 3.
>Gets his shit kicked in.
>Held hostage by a coomer cannibal priest
>Gets absorbed and the priest is wearing his pretty face and using what's left of his body to coom and kill.
There's not a lot to unpack with this character but people rather make shit up than go by what little is actually in the game.

There's trannies in DBZ? When did this happen?

No. 1443151

File: 1644875836802.png (92.54 KB, 483x390, t.PNG)

TERFs are canon in elden ring

No. 1443159

USanons, where is the troonery worst in your country and where is it the least bad? I know the USA is very large and culturally diverse but I hear that even in the conservative religious areas there are many trannies.

No. 1443163

File: 1644876747163.jpg (128.34 KB, 1012x1024, 1634988776426.jpg)

Oh nonny they have already sadly, I genuinely loved the game growing up but I can't stand the "fandom" filled with TIMs and a smaller number of TIFs

No. 1443165

I live in the south and in my state most people still openly make fun of troons unless you go onto a college campus which tends to be liberal, the troonery is worst in states like New york and cali but generally in the liberal north.

No. 1443166

worst: affluent liberal areas, big cities
still okay: rural areas mostly. or the conservative parts of the south

No. 1443169

Portland is Hell on Earth.

No. 1443175

Most troonery: California
Least troonery: Mississippi

No. 1443179

Phoenix is US headquarters for one of the largest non-affirming churches in the world. Just stay away from the Melrose area, that’s where all the degens like to congregate.

No. 1443180

But why? There's nothing troony about it. I bet they don't even get the lore (I am lorefag)

No. 1443183

consequences will never be the same

No. 1443186

its a very well regarded and popular in "geeky" circles non-competitive game with an active community outside of it , that's heaven for trannies to infiltrate and make it all about themselves.

No. 1443187

File: 1644878679877.jpg (509.64 KB, 810x2609, 20220214_194421.jpg)

I saw this one on the other farms and it pissed me off more than usual

No. 1443189

>clear statement of position

No. 1443195

The troon death cult on Twitter would unironically argue these boys are twinks or eggs for being slim and having young looking faces. A lot of anons just don't know how pathological it is with their obsession w/ branding women and men as troons.

No. 1443199

No MTF or FTM. Only men and women.

No. 1443200

how does that work with Muslim immigrants?

No. 1443204

many might not know the language well enough to know what is being read to their children

No. 1443206

When these losers troon out, they take what is close to them with them and use it to fill in the blanks of their faux-personality. Anything that isn't based off their fetish or the first woman they masturbated to will be based off their hobbies/ interests for examples ; Speedrunners skin walking the girls who rejected them ,New Vegas, any game with a create a character / FILL IN THE BLANKS games are extremely attractive to this. Funny enough, things where the characters are established to have their own personality tend to resist the troonancy a lot more than other franchises.

No. 1443207

I'm like 95% sure this was made by a terf to show that our fact-based "opinions" are decried as dogwhistles, thereby showing how illogical trans ideology is

No. 1443209

so, in other words, intelligent people are more likely to be genderfluid than their less educated counterparts. that should set off some light bulbs in your head.(the word you’re looking for is “indoctrination”)

No. 1443210

More like academia and the hegemony leans strongly left wing and the more intelligent people would be drawn to that through universities and engaging in those circles.

No. 1443211

It does, but not the ones you might think, tranny

No. 1443214

spending 100k on a useless degree doesn't make you more intelligent

No. 1443217

>troon implying poor people, black people and Hispanics have lower IQ because they are less likely to be gender fluid

No. 1443219

I don't really find those types intelligent, tbh. They tend to be conventionally more educated than the lower socio-economic types, sure, but they tend to have terrible observations and nonsensical viewpoints that come from just as much ignorance as a potato farmer would have imo

No. 1443226

a key part of being educated and intelligent is the embrace of the idea that people can live the way they want so long as they don't break the law. academia teaches tolerance which, sadly, many people lack on this issue.
i never said anything of the sort but thanks for displaying not only your transphobia but also your racism.(do you know where you are)

No. 1443227

YWNBAW. Cope, seethe, dilate sir. Troonsphobia isn't real, your just sexist.

No. 1443228

dilate dilate dilate tranny
you will never be a real woman

No. 1443229

Why is it that academia circles in other countries that aren’t Western outright reject your ideology?

No. 1443231

>so long as they don't break the law
>doesn't say "so long it doesn't hurt anyone"


No. 1443232

farmhands are alive!

No. 1443233

Being transgender hurts themselves and the people around them. The only reason why it isn't (rightfully) outlawed is because of elite lobbyists who have enough money to be validated through aggressively pushing for acceptance in every facet of society. Does it not seem strange that transgenderism has became more accepted than even women or non-white people in western society?

No. 1443234

Based jannies. ILY.

No. 1443235

shut up you stupid american tranny

No. 1443236

or… maybe rich privileged white people are more likely to troon out because their lives are so safe and comfortable they want to create some imaginary flavor of oppression to feel more interesting? and the people who hang around in academic circles want to alienate themselves from the "oppressor" group even though college campuses etc are mostly white dominated? think for a second or 41% racist tranny

No. 1443237

No. 1443238

Or most often, they're just coomers who want to live a 24/7 fetish.

No. 1443239

yup that too

No. 1443250

kek nona. I wish we could be friends. I want some pozzed girlfriends who are into dark souls.

No. 1443257

File: 1644883169926.gif (1.5 MB, 275x209, 1644536447480.gif)

>academia teaches tolerance

No. 1443270

>academia teaches tolerance
The most unintelligent take I've seen all day

No. 1443272

Calling us bigots when you literally are defending academia, a field full of rich white men, and saying people of lower socioeconomic standing are retarded because they don’t buy into your tranny ideology. Fucking classic, the jokes write themselves.

No. 1443275

Gwindolyn was designed to 'have the body of a 10 year old girl' according to its designer, he even adjusted the head size to be more appealing to Japanese incels. Then there's the lore of him impersonating a goddess. Are you shocked troons flock to the character?
Outside of him, most female Dark Souls characters are what troons would find sexy, which is child-faced, 'pure', submissive. They don't pay attention to the ones they call 'hags'.
AGP troons also love hard games and speedruns and all that crap.

No. 1443276

File: 1644884133285.png (263.24 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_20220214-190842.png)

same guy lmao it's already over he's picked up the classic tranny begging strategy. speaking of check out #transcrowdfund on twitter if you want to die instantly

No. 1443277

Gwindolyn was designed to 'have the body of a 10 year old girl' according to its designer, he even adjusted the head size to be more appealing to Japanese incels. Then there's the lore of him impersonating a goddess. Are you shocked troons flock to the character?
Outside of him, most female Dark Souls characters are what troons would find sexy, which is child-faced, 'pure', submissive, with a few badass ones they can self insert as. They don't pay attention to the ones they call 'hags'.
AGP troons also love hard games and speedruns and all that stuff also.

No. 1443281

Ah yes, the educated and intelligent, who can't even bear to hear the words "trans women are trans women" without having a mental breakdown and demanding everyone involved lose their livelihood, children, and place in society. Very mature and wise, certainly us hicks could never understand. I live in LA and all the people I know begrudgingly tolerate troons or just avoid the subject altogether. Everyone side eyes you and tries their best to not aknowledge the elephant in he room because they're so afraid of the inevitable spergout. You're not respected, your ideology is not considered rational or inspirational or revolutionary. You're the retard too oblivious to notice that everyone is humoring you to be nice, because you're too pathetic to bully.

No. 1443284

God, Japanese coomers obsession with children is legit infuriating. Their pedophiliac tendencies are disgusting

No. 1443285

No. 1443300

Definitely not, it's just word salad to avoid accountability

No. 1443307

you can't be smart if you're selling your flesh and soul to big pharma, and deluding yourself with thinking you're subversive while doing what corporations tell you to do. thats NPC behavior

No. 1443328

you spelled "autistic people" wrong

No. 1443343

File: 1644889224186.png (98.25 KB, 275x209, 1612364736278.png)

i love the "muh high IQ" autism cope, especially when it comes out of the mouths of either the most greasy, gnarliest neckbeard ogre ever or parched bucktoothed sewer rat

pic rel this musteline creature appears in a cloud of skin flakes to loom over you while bragging about their mensa membership. pure pottery.

No. 1443348

File: 1644889520519.jpg (156.85 KB, 720x960, MuhHighIQ.jpg)

No. 1443358

File: 1644890479965.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, 064E2B58-9B1A-4A20-A844-3DC612…)

sage for slight a-log but im so fucking sick of troon petras’s coom-fodder being praised as art. His album that came out this week has ‘slut’ in the title and all of the content is just blatant misogyny disguised at ‘uwu bimbo empowerment’. He is the only human being to have willingly produced an entire album with alleged rapist Dr. Luke, while actual women including those he has sexually assaulted are still being forced into 10 year contracts. No actual woman would be this traitorous to other women.

No. 1443362

KEK nonny

No. 1443368

the moid is right though, mental illness is well-documented to be more common the higher your IQ.

No. 1443372

Holy facelift, so much for /lgbt/'s cope that prepubescent troons 'age better than roasties'. I watched interviews with him and apparently he gets zero male attention, not shocking since he lacks attributes troon-chasers like. Jazz will probably go insane like this soon

No. 1443376

File: 1644893071943.jpg (455.47 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20220214-201005_Chr…)

>A Scottish man who repeatedly sexually assaulted a woman has been jailed for 23 months for his crime.

>Laura Miller, a biological male who identifies as "gender neutral," was sentenced at Inverness Sheriff Court in Scotland on February 11 after pleading guilty to the charge of sexual assault on the day his trial was set to begin.

>On at least one occasion, Miller filmed himself while he was assaulting the woman. In the video, he is described as being seen "removing [his] victim’s clothing, exposing her private parts and touching [her] breasts." He is also making vulgar sexual remarks of an offensive nature towards her

No. 1443378

>wearing family member’s clothes
every time

No. 1443380

that character is a tranny and the artist is a tranny, but that should've been obvious

No. 1443384

kim's real name actually being tim is so funny to me

No. 1443386


No. 1443388

Moids stay coping with aging like dogs.

Daily reminder that you can't possibly age better if you're designed to die earlier. Any geroscientist will tell you this.

A diseased male on hormones doesn't even age better than normie males, let alone women.

No. 1443394

Literal acromegaly. MTF troonacy = hypermasculinity.


Ah yes, "biohacker". When being a tranny bombs and you try to find another cope for your moid feelings of mortality.

No. 1443401

Say whatever you want but that gamer posture is on point

No. 1443418

thought this part was hilarious.
>During a meeting which took place that month, Pipitone asked Beck point-blank to identify his sex. She responded, “You’re male,” to which Pipitone replied by accusing Beck of violence.
what a little bitch boy.

No. 1443422

File: 1644898048983.jpg (122.04 KB, 960x720, 4bnxzz7kjuh81.jpg)

No. 1443436

forget the gender shit– only 23 months for repeated sexual assault with video evidence?! Vigilante anons add him to your hit list for when he gets out.

No. 1443452

even the dog is tired.

No. 1443469

File: 1644901315634.png (36.5 KB, 588x327, FIkypL0WUAAeRfr.png)

They're always racist as fuck and don't even realize it.

No. 1443473

back in the past people would say "race is a social construct and sex is a biological reality" but now they're saying "race is a biological reality and sex is a social construct" lmao

No. 1443477

File: 1644902007880.jpg (75.73 KB, 747x747, DSnNEpsW0AA8YOT.jpg)

This is what he looks like btw

No. 1443496


Terfsouls is something I never knew I wanted. Bless you nonas

No. 1443524

I would love to know what is not biologically the same? What started this bullshit?!

Are they seriously referring to skin colour? If so, why aren’t other people of colour in this delusion? I’m pretty enraged and confused by this shit

No. 1443538

Black women ARE biologically women though. Men, however, are not.

No. 1443539

This almost put a tear in my eye. Whoever wrote this will get torn apart for weeks

No. 1443540

What the fuck is a biohacker?

No. 1443541

Yeah this is just outright racist. I’d love to hear this troon explain how black women are “biologically different” from other women in a way that’s analogous with having a fucking dick(!!!) and not sound like a KKK grand wizard kek

No. 1443545

The first one is true and the second one is garbage junk science that came about once trannies got enough power to push for acceptance.

No. 1443546

I can't even be mad when they're this self aware about it. He's so close to realizing it all.

No. 1443550

I appreciate the sentiment behind the article but the guy who wrote it clearly doesn't understand that tims and their handmaidens are aggro as fuck. I don't think I could get away with just refusing to give pronouns point blank. They act like it's a hatecrime to even act confused when they ask

No. 1443551

sage for ot but generally speaking outside of troonsanity, a biohacker is someone who is conscious of what they consume, often using nootropics, supplements, vitamins and even microdosing hallucinogens to min/max their focus/abilities/output. Alternatively biohackers can also be body modders like people who implant rfid chips to paywave/open doors with digital locks etc. I suppose this troon thinks he's a biohacker because he takes horsepiss pills and will have his penis biohacked off

No. 1443558

these pathetic nazi troids love pretending they look more female than black women do. newsflash to troons: normal people with functioning eyeballs who haven't had their brains scrambled by loli hentai and 4chan can tell the difference between a white autogynephile male and a black woman existing effortlessly.

No. 1443560

No matter how hard they larp as uwu oppressed minorities, their aggressive white male social conditioning ALWAYS rises to the surface. They hate white women due to their mommy issues, believe black women are “biologically different”, and absolutely despise old/ugly/unfuckable women and women who don’t pander to the male gaze.

No. 1443562

POV you are Grimes walking in on Elon during his "designated flow state hours"

No. 1443564

so according to them black women are "biologically different" from other women, yet if a black troon got called biologically different from other women these retards would probably cry about how NOOOO THATS AN AKSHUAL WOMEN YOU CANT SAY THAT YOU FUCKEN TERF

No. 1443567

File: 1644915166584.jpg (106.39 KB, 747x747, transracescience.jpg)

No. 1443578

Black women are born with vagina, cervix, womb and ovaries. They are formed in the womb with 2 X chromosomes. They produce eggs and ovulate, although some are infertile, some have hormonal issues that affects their ovulation. They can give birth. They grow breasts, they have minimal facial hair unless affected by a hormonal condition. They have reduced muscle mass and are typically shorter than men. White women share all of these qualities. White men who take oestrogen pills however, have fucking dicks. A quality they share with black men.

No. 1443594

Fat, ugly neckbeard fuckface. God I want to kick his face in and off him with a handgun. Worthless small dick pasty fat sack of shit. https://youtu.be/jc1vzBMr29o(calm down)

No. 1443595

These trannies don't know that the largest amount of human variation is between the sexes. Women from around the world are closer related to each other than they are to men of their own respective ethnic groups. A Korean woman is genetically closer to a Nigerian woman than she is to a Korean man. They want to pretend that black women are a totally different species from all other women and therefore just like white men.

No. 1443599

The racial category of "black" isn't even a coherent genetic population. There's more genetic diversity among sub-Saharan Africans or "black people" than there is among all humans across the world.

No. 1443602

File: 1644919226879.jpg (115.59 KB, 1162x1144, DmDQubeXcAA2rUS.jpg)

No. 1443605

File: 1644919349595.jpg (50.98 KB, 1198x308, DmDQvxkXsAA39HL.jpg)

No. 1443606

Why do they always attack black women like this? How are asian or white women "more women" due to their ethnicity in their eyes? What the fuck are these retards huffing??

No. 1443607

White and black race relations mean that black and white people frequently refer to each other when making racial analogies.

No. 1443608

White people see whites as the "normal" race, black people as hypermasculine, and East Asians as hyperfeminine.

No. 1443610

Ah yes, non black people… well known for their impartial, fair judgements about black people

Tranny racism is unbelievable, they really have the gall to use black people as their woke cred 'gotcha' while overtly insulting black women (and assuming everyone else feels the same way about them) in the same breath.

No. 1443612

>I acknowledge that black people is my "go to" for social comparison. This is precisely because I am NOT black.

Lmfao what. If anything it's precisely why you're an idiot talking about something you don't understand.

No. 1443613

*White north Americans or those influenced by that culture (many on the English speaking internet)

No. 1443615

This, the biggest human differences comes from our difference in sex. It's the most important factor to each individual.

No. 1443616

>as an academic

I think universities are causing more harm than good.

No. 1443617


No. 1443618

>That's about as close to racism as I genuinely get
You're literally be racist in the tweets

No. 1443620

He's from the UK, so in the cancerous Anglosphere.

No. 1443621

File: 1644920725746.jpg (52.05 KB, 540x360, 360_F_391393142_lHCWI2UQZHja1L…)

>Black women are not biologically the same as other women.
I really want to know how troons even come up with this bullshit.

No. 1443624

Straight white men like "Christina" appropriate the oppression that other groups have suffered. They aren't oppressed themselves but want everyone else to think they are.

No. 1443626

British colonialists and American slaveholders sure as hell weren't thinking black people were more masculine than them back when they had them through a systematic oppression. Sure, they used the excuse that bp were brutes and uncivilized but this was a way to justify their heinous crimes not as a way to wank about how BBC is superior kek. This was before "uncivilized/brute = ideal manliness" connection came to be in the later 20th century so that originally wasn't their intention, though you begin to see this sickness creep in sometime around the 40s or 50s with postcards of hypermuscular bm raping ww (which totally weren't fetish postcards, guise). To think a group of women are more feminine than your group of men requires a lot of biological denial and insane lack of logic based on heavy delusions which is why I think this is inherently connected to transgenderism.

No. 1443627

>To think a group of women are more feminine than your group of men

*are more masculine, kek fucked that one up now i'm disappoint

No. 1443633

If black women aren't biologically the same as white women then trannies definitely are not the same as biological women, not in the slightest, but they still claim to be biologically women. Make this shit make sense.

No. 1443634

The troon didn't even specify white women, he said black women "are not biologically the same as other women". Maybe it's because he views white as default, but it might also be him thinking that the categories are Black Women and Other Women. Which is crazy.

No. 1443635

So he's saying black women are less women than other women and trannies? What the absolute fuck

No. 1443636

File: 1644922308226.jpg (32.78 KB, 521x269, 799599a64f3f086657ad2779ed5996…)

I want to add on this, in my country dark skinned people are associated with meekness and slavery, dark skin is not associated with anything remotely masculine
If your light-skinned or have certain asian features that means your ancestors were either Turkic or arayn conquerors who subjugated and enslaved the native dark skinned inhabitants and its not un-true either, the original darker-skinned dravadian of Indian were conquered by the Aryans who completely wiped them out in the north and the Turkic peoples raided and subjugated the descendants of the aryans

No. 1443638

that doesn't even make sense because black women tends to have very feminine features like big lips and hourglass body

No. 1443639

Weren't the Turkic people who invaded India basically Persians rather than Turkic though?

No. 1443640

culturally they were Persianate but they were racially from Turkic slave origins

No. 1443641

And then India was conquered by the British who gave the light skinned "European looking" Indians privileges over the darker skinned, indigenous-looking population.

No. 1443649

Nothing they say or do makes any sense, been like that for a while now.

No. 1443650

That's because they're racist and adsicted to bbc porn.

No. 1443652

Black women have higher levels of testosterone than white women, but that's about it.

No. 1443653


No. 1443654

Nta but high testosterone levels dont make you in any way similar to a trans woman. Ironically though, a lot of women struggle with health or cosmetic problems, hairiness male pattern balding etc, because of high T and their struggles are put aside by trannies actually.

No. 1443657

Testosterone levels can be increased through factors like obesity, PCOS, or even exercise. Though what that anon said is bullshit, because black women are said to have higher estrogen (at least during menstrual cycles which relates to lifelong exposure to the hormones) than white women which increases their risk to breast and ovarian cancer. Either way, nothing about testosterone and estrogen differences in races are comprehensively studied despite autists on the internet obsessing over this for 20 years and secondly, female and male hormones are more than just "testosterone" and "estrogen" since there's a complex variety of factors surrounding that. I know no one in this thread wants to see racial science autism but I'm tired of seeing this crap everywhere the topic is brought up so..

No. 1443658

Not sure about that anon but according to this study Mexican-American men actually have more testosterone than either black and white men.

>Contrary to the postulated racial difference, testosterone concentrations did not differ notably between black and white men. However, blacks had higher estradiol levels. Mexican-Americans had higher testosterone than whites but similar estradiol and SHBG concentrations. Given these findings, it may be equally if not more important to investigate estradiol as testosterone in relation to diseases with racial disparity.


I think it's lifestyle factors.

No. 1443660

>I think it's lifestyle factors.
Yeah, that's exactly it. I also think abnormal exposure to metals, additives in food, and obesity is a huge issue for Americans so I don't think they would be a good sample size to judge from to determine whether or not all group of X are like Y. But we know americans like to think they're the kings of the world so american trannies will keep using their anecdotal observations of american culture as some universalist message to enable their delusions regarding their sex.

No. 1443662

Of course women are all different from each other, like being black or white or short and tall and whatever, but they're all women because they were all biologically born women with xx genes and guess what, they don't have a filthy dick or a festering wound in between their legs. Discussing testosteron or estrogen levels and trying to convince people that women who have a higher t level (that may vary due to lifestyle and ancestry) are a "different type" just like troons is pure autism. You're a woman if you don't have a mutated Y gene.

No. 1443666

Lmao I just don't understand how black people are supposed to be one genetic category when they have more genetic diversity than all non-African populations put together, yet that one anon thinks all black women have the same testosterone level. Testosterone levels aren't even the same between individuals.

No. 1443668

File: 1644926355833.png (90.91 KB, 860x430, testosterone.png)

No. 1443669

I remember there was a huge controversy about banning women with high testosterone levels from the Olympics and how it was racist because it would mostly affect black women.

No. 1443676

Do you know how statistics and averages work? For example there are many asians of different heights, but on average asians are shorter than whites. That doesn't mean you won't find an asian that is taller than a white person.

No. 1443678

Your research paper is comparing data between women in late stage reproduction phase with lifestyle and BMI differences (reportedly the African-American female group has higher rates of smoking and higher risk of obesity) while another paper (https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/96/10/3199/2834917) shows the inverse pattern is observed within a study that doesn't use smokers or women with BMIs over 30, unlike your study. But obviously since AA women tend to have higher BMI and more unhealthy lifestyles this will affect their hormone profile more than the ones with controlled BMI and non-smoker backgrounds. This just means it's something lifestyle based and not genetic or hardwired in the DNA like the troons are arguing though.
Even from the research paper that concludes aa women do have higher testosterone than ca women it's higher by a few decimals not the rates of which men have higher testosterone (270-1070 ng/dL).

No. 1443679

How can you ban a women with high testosterone levels unless she's been taking testosterone supplements or has an intersex situation(which none of them do)? I don't get why people try so hard just to prove that some woman who has high T levels, probably because of exercise or nature, is literally the same as a man who's pretending to be a woman so he can compete with them and steal their opportunities. It's the same when tim try and larp as any basic beautiful tall woman, zendaya for this, when they look like short disfigured maggots themselves.

No. 1443680

Apparently you don't, using African Americans who have a mixed-race background and have unique environmental and lifestyle factors unlike Subsaharan Africans as an averages for all black people is pretty retarded.

No. 1443681

These studies are all about African Americans.

No. 1443686

Ok so when has there ever been a study measuring the testosterone levels for every single ethnic group in Africa?

No. 1443687

you're using "asians" (all the studies of measuring ethnicity differences in sex hormones have used Asian Americans and South Asian men from the UK, lmao), "whites" (White Americans), and "blacks" (Black Americans) as some kind of unifying category for all others who fit this definition per American cultural views of race despite the studies focusing nearly exclusively on people who live in the US.

Not everyone comes from the same environmental or genetic background just because they wind up grouped in the same categories per the U.S definition of race.

You're saying "asians are shorter than white people on average" to argue that other anon but there are white countries that have a shorter height than some asian countries.

No. 1443688

haha guys trannies amirite

please stop fucking derailing

No. 1443692

The truth of the matter is no woman has naturally obscenely high testosterone levels on par with a man unless she's taking hormones to get it to that level since otherwise it's nigh impossible. Even the highest testosterone a woman can have is 75 which would still be considered very low T for a man.

No. 1443693

debunking troon logic on "masculine" and "feminine" races to prove the whole concept is bullshit so they can stop using pseudo scientific racism to enable their gender dysphoria delusions is not derailing

No. 1443694

Yes, scientists categorize people into groups by ethnicity for convenience and because there are observable differences between different ethnicities. I know some people like you are extremely bothered by this and think we should just abolish race/ethnicity altogether because "we are all human after all, right?" But that won't change the fact that these categories work and have worked for centuries.

No. 1443695

it is when it's just nonas arguing with each other

No. 1443699

Damn, I guess we will have to abolish all scientific studies because we will never be able to have a group compromised of EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON PLANET EARTH and therefore no study can ever be accurate. Why did scientists never consider this if they are so smart? Checkmate, Anon.

No. 1443700

No, you fucking stupid ignorant American. You're using YOUR views of race based on YOUR groups of people to generalize it to ALL groups of people who fit the US definition of race (pointing out that America has a special way of seeing race vs other countries doesn't mean THEY don't see race). But since being American is to be inherently narcissistic and think your country matters more than everywhere else on the world, you're gonna continue to paint a narrative of me being some colorblind liberal because that's all you fucking stupid race obsessed Americans can do.

No. 1443703

So you think studies done on ANGLO AMERICANS fit white people from other countries like in Ukraine, Spain, or Romania? You think studies done on African Americans fit Somali and Nigerian people? Not everything revolves around your shitty country and the fact you're so insistent on this highlights the number 1 reason why transgenderism and all its narcissistic delusion is so commonplace in the US kek

No. 1443706

Calm down, sperg. We aren’t all American here

No. 1443708

So what are you, British or some non American obsessed with the American internet?

No. 1443711

Yes, because being annoyed at racism means i'm an autist having a chris chan meltdown shitting my diapers

No. 1443712

>obsessed with the american internet

No. 1443715

only some fuckwad who doesn't live their house relies on american race statistics to argue their positions lmao

No. 1443716

they define hyperfeminine as neoteny.

No. 1443718

File: 1644929669579.png (1.18 MB, 884x1050, stfy.png)

Big legs, long hair, a filter, and a dress doesn't make you a woman. I swear, it's so offensive how they make the argument of how "see I'm such a bimbo tee hee" to argue how they're totally women lol

No. 1443721

File: 1644929812887.png (221.83 KB, 1464x1017, oh boy.png)

since when do femboys identify as trans? this gets more and more confusing

No. 1443723

Femboy is just a stepping stone in between incel and tranny.

No. 1443724

>who doesn't live their house
What? Can you speak English please?

No. 1443725

I corrected it to leave but i guess it didn't send

No. 1443726

i have a extensive research article about how neoteny is highest in khoisians, pgymies, and negritos and among industralized peoples its east/southeast asians and then subsaharan africans who have high neoteny. caucasians are defined as having the lowest neoteny. Just stating anything separate from the usual race narrative causes a huge derailment anywhere on the internet tho which is why I don't wanna get into it but it's not fair with how much misconceptions keep being spread regarding this.

No. 1443728

Soon femboy won't be just enough, they'll start claiming pretty boys or any softer looking male overall is totes a transfemme girlboss like how they're doing with Tom Holland and trying to larp that he's a transman or gets secretly bullied to crossdressing by Zendaya lmfao

No. 1443729

I'm swiss, but ok. lmfao. You heard it from this Anon here, scientists are wrong to group African Americans into a different group than Asian Americans and White Americans. No useful information could ever be gathered by grouping people by race because what if one African in Nigeria is different?!?! They say that most Asians have black hair and yet I have personally seen an Asian who did in fact not have black hair, so saying most Asians have black hair is wrong and you're stupid and science isn't real.

No. 1443734

I hope someone informs geneticists of this racism, because last I heard they still do genetic tests for things like sickle cell anemia especially on "black people" without even asking what tribe their Ancestor are from, even tho there is a tribe in the Congo that has never had a single case of sickle cell anemia!! Same for the Ashkenazi Jewish genetic panel that they run on Jewish couples before they conceive because of the "high risk" of Tay-Sachs. Like… don't they know that some Jews do in fact NOT HAVE TAY-SACHS?! All of this "grouping people into categories" needs to be abolished and well.. if some of them die because known risk factors due to ethnicity are overlooked, so be it!

No. 1443735

>i'm swiss
then you should know your southern neighbors who are known for being manlets can be even shorter than an average asian height lmao

>No useful information could ever be gathered by grouping people by race because what if one African in Nigeria is different?!?!

Why should African Americans who have unique environmental factors and 20 to 30% european dna on average be used as a representative of non racially admixed Nigerians or South africans? just curious what bullshit reason you'll come with this one lol

No. 1443740

so would you be this stupid and dense headed at what im saying if i said you shouldn't use white south americans who have 15-20% native american blood as a representation of white people who live in the european continent? or is the lack of logic and defensiveness only done with the subject of black people?

No. 1443741

This is definitely the funniest because most trannies, tim or tif don't look like softboys or tall attractive actresses they like to larp as. Hell most tim are more manly and ugly than the average man and most tif is the girliest woman ever so it's even more impossible. Also the race thing is a weird argument because people of the same race and different ethnicity have very diverse looks, traditions, biologies, etc. Keep the weird autistic biological attractiveness, testosterone, hormones, etc. discussion to Vindicta or an incel board, not here.

No. 1443742

Lolcow has lots of lurking poltards and tradthots. Saying "trannies are racist for saying black women have high T" shouldn't be controversial but it is. In typical /pol/tard fashion they ignored my example that contradicted with what they were saying too lmao

No. 1443743

African Americans have more genetic markers in common with Africans than with white Europeans, is this a big shock to you? I'm sorry you don't understand how statistic works and that "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO IS DIFFERENT?!" is not an argument against global averages, but I can't replace this clear lack of education through comments on an online gossip board.(Racebait)

No. 1443744

I know and they don't leave if anons keep replying to them. Even if they get banned they'll just come with another vpn. Best is to ignore.

No. 1443746

Just to clarify that situation: the media spun it as banning women. Iirc the actual situation was about people with intersex conditions (has a vagina and testicles) competing as women, especially if they didn't have it in their medical record. There was also the case of Russian women being pushed into using testosterone as doping to achieve higher results and it had horrible effects on their bodies if you look into that.

As always, a lot of trannies co-opt the struggles of intersex people and women.

No. 1443747

>African Americans have more genetic markers in common with Africans than with white Europeans
Objectively false, they inherit from both sides and levels of admixture depend on the state they come from and their family. Some can be as high as half European without seeing a full blooded white ancestor in centuries. I remember seeing a chart about genetic markers using different ethnicity averages as a basis and they're in the middle but have a lot of similarities with East Africans (who are anciently admixed with Eurasian) but ironically your type argues East africans are actually caucasian for some reason lmao
>I'm sorry you don't understand how statistic works and that "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO IS DIFFERENT?!"

Except you wouldn't allow a racially admixed white person to be counted as the same with white europeans so there's no reason a racially admixed black person should be used as the same with black africans, who are more diverse group than white europeans and have very diverse genetic markers.

>but I can't replace this clear lack of education through comments on an online gossip board.

Ironic because you think your stats from pol and half assed looking at research papers, ignoring stuff that contradicts your little factoids is "educated" when it's far from kek!(race sperging and derailing)

No. 1443749

I'm just tired of them thinking they can dominate every topic surrounding this tbh

No. 1443750

I've never seen anyone, tranny or otherwise, argue that white men are less men than black men because they have less testosterone, wonder why

No. 1443752

samefag, anyways stop derailing the fucking topic because you can never shut up with your compulsion neuroticism towards racial topics. if you want to continue this dumb discussion make a thread somewhere else.

No. 1443758



Some do (who I think, overlap a lot with current troons) say wm are less masculine than bm which is probably why a lot of transgenders in the US are so confident they can pass compared to black or latina women who they think don't fit conventional beauty standards in a similar vein as them for being biologically male. I think this logic is probably more slightly popular (I say slightly because I truthfully don't notice it outside of North America or countries that imported a bit of North American racial politics) in more progressive leftist countries? I don't think Russian and Italian men consider themselves less masculine than black men.

No. 1443759

Its the exact opposite in my country actually, see >>1443636

No. 1443760

Technically speaking black african americans are a pseudo-race
they were taken from various west african ethnic groups and forcefully mixed together, there's also the factor that many black americans have varying degrees of western european ancestry(mostly English and Scottish) on average 20%, but in terms of Y Chromosomes, 40% of African American men paternal lineage goes to Britain(again mostly cause of the scottish and anglo slave masters) northern blacks have some trace Irish ancestry due to the occasional mixing of the communities(take Muhammad Ali as example)
So no averages between them can be found, they vary exceptionally

hell they outright avoid even revealing paternal ancestry for African Americans cause they know what the results likely will be and they want to avoid the potential trauma(racebait)

No. 1443763

I understand your point anon and I agree with you but unfortunately this is derailing the original topic so you should move it to another thread

No. 1443765

File: 1644932840592.webm (4.64 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7008194392175480069_pi…)

Reposting this because it got ignored in the previous thread but this is still pretty horrifying.

No. 1443768

>African Americans are actually like.. totally European and not at all black and have nothing in common with Africans
Fucking kek. Imagine having to do this much mental gymnastics cause you hate your African heritage.(Racebait)

No. 1443772

nobody said that

No. 1443775

The naïve portion of my brain thought he had blacked out a tooth as a "joke" or something. Holy fuck

No. 1443778

Oh baby thank god I finally decided to open this site, my bedtime stories have suffered since kf has been ddossed. The tranny threads are critical in feeling a little bit better about myself <3 I am quite sad and ugli but not as sad and ugly as these freaks

What's the difference between this thread and the one in 2X?(no1curr bout ur ugly mug)

No. 1443780

Is this timmy thick

No. 1443791

File: 1644935498327.jpeg (122.05 KB, 960x960, E50776CF-F575-4919-8145-9E812A…)

Not really milk but seeing a Troon in a photo shoot with all women always makes me giggle

No. 1443792

NTA, but interestingly, black women also have higher levels of estrogen. I wonder why no one ever brings that up when this topic crops up lol

No. 1443794

you know why kek

No. 1443798

>weak ad hominem after getting BTFO

No. 1443799

and this is one that supposedly passes kek

No. 1443800

File: 1644936201803.jpg (15.1 KB, 480x360, same energy.jpg)

They're all wastes of the Y Chromosome trying to skinwalk the worst of the X Chromosome.

>If they're attracted to you, they're gay.
I don't understand the kick these twinks get of that.They wear the most fetishist clothing, then they purposely conceal all their features, then photoshop, then edit and if a scrote thinks it's a female for 2 seconds, they apparently "win". This is exactly why these guys get beaten to death.

Speaking of skinwalking, that character he's supposed to be looks familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it. I tried Akinator but without more information it pulls comic book characters.
>Power-puff girls shirt
>Shitty home depo projector you're not supposed to point directly at yourself.
>Blacked out teeth and camera angles that invoke a horror movie.
I should turn on the sound but I think I'll pass.

They hate all women, but they especially hate black women. Especially black female athletes. "HOW DARE THAT WOMAN HAVE BETTER MUSCLES THAN ME, SHE MUST BE A MAN"

No. 1443801

Hilarious seeing zendaya, who trannies claim looks like a trans woman, next to an actual trans woman. Hunter looks like a fucking caveman or viking next to her, kek.

No. 1443804

They did their best to hide him in the back too kek

No. 1443808

Trannies unironically tell themselves they just look like tall, thin women. It's tragic

No. 1443813

File: 1644936777262.jpeg (267.11 KB, 1242x1293, 840DB64B-B87F-45AA-86F5-72505B…)

This might be just a joke for him but it’s still weird as hell, who even thinks like this? I hate that we’ve had tiny bins in our toilet stalls since forever with no problems but now it’s like… can we get bins which aren’t accessible? Because I legit don’t trust these freaks.

No. 1443816

File: 1644937228916.jpg (1.8 MB, 1536x2211, RDT_20220215_09584327369701673…)

anyway new specimen

No. 1443821

have any of these men ever used a conditioner

No. 1443823

Sorry you're a self-hating black, Anon. Must suck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1443826

I'm not that anon, I just think you're pathetic. Also probably not European (or just very low IQ) if you think an Italian (or any mixed person, for another example) and a Swiss are interchangeable for genetic studies because "Uh well same skin color!!" lmao. Anyway, it's off-topic so let's move on(stop)

No. 1443827

also nta but northern italians and swiss people unironically are

No. 1443829


No. 1443831

No. 1443835

>I-I-I a-am n-n-ot like those other A-Africans j-j-ust because I'm b-b-black!!!! I am genetically different! Just like swiss and italians!!
Damn, stop crying already.(racebait)

No. 1443836

>Mental illness and seething: the post
You must have high testosterone to be raging this hard lol

No. 1443839

yes? northern italians are italian too nonnie kek if you want to single out one ethnic group say southern italians (even then there are "white" looking southern italians) or meditarraneans or something. also plenty of swiss people are literally italian. but i digress(derailing)

No. 1443840

could you retards stop this sperging and post troons these threads have turned into shit

No. 1443841

It's called context anon, obviously I'm not referring to those who you know are genetically similar to the group being compared to. Also being "white looking" isn't actually relevant, unless you think genetics are just looks (which would be retarded, I'm not saying you do)
>but i digress
Yes please

No. 1443842

this is what happens when the kiwitards have nowhere else to go

No. 1443846

File: 1644939710310.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20220215-104102.png)


No. 1443850

File: 1644939892241.png (409.86 KB, 717x681, erfw.png)

You're right anon, should've ignored the obvious scrote bait. Here's a spot of troon self-awareness

No. 1443856

that's your brain telling you what you deep down know is true

No. 1443859

these guys are gonna make me become a terrorist

No. 1443861

Wow I wonder why women wouldn’t want them in the same bathrooms!

No. 1443867

This comic has been posted a couple times but it still always makes my eyes roll, they woman basically does all the work "feminizing" the guy without any effort on his part
Its like TIMs expect women to do it for them

No. 1443870

To any kiwitard who think he's accepted because he makes fun of trannies: hey, you're also a cow that nobody likes except you have a little bit of self awareness to hide it. You're still not welcome here.

No. 1443871

Their conscience is telling them this for a reason. Trannies know deep down inside their identity is a lie and that it's based on denying everything around them so they can feel pacified by the harsh truths of their situation. However, self-denial only lasts for so long and it's only a matter of time until the illusion all comes crumbling down. What will they do once the transgender movement inevitably no longer has hold in current society and all of their enablers go away?

No. 1443875

Plenty of people use both Kiwifarms and lolcow. The whole "if you use this website I hate you!" is completely retarded. Like you somehow have to pick a team between two websites? Why? I have no deep investment in the entertaining online retard spheres I browse.

No. 1443879

I wanna throw my sanitary pad at this fat greasy hotdog water mess but I assume he'll probably get off from it, so nvm

No. 1443880

Are you a male like most kiwitards? if so, fuck off.

No. 1443882

It's very telling how he make jokes out of the fact that even our sanitary bins or products aren't safe. There's troons out there who literally fished tampons and pads out of bins to jerk off over it…I feel like women can't have anything without it being turned into a fetish.

No. 1443883

No. There are a lot of women browsing the Beauty Parlor and tranny threads on Kiwifarms and also this thread here, a ton of shit gets crossposted on both sides it's very obvious there are many people using them interchangeably. You sound extremely childish when you say that people shouldn't use another website other than this otherwise they are males and should fuck off. Go back to Kindergarden.

No. 1443884

Ignore the male. Y motoids leave when they realize that this website isn't filled with women getting in line to be in his imaginary harem.
Is that a lesbian flag? This kind of men are the ones who flood lesbian spaces with their retarded shit. Disgusting.

No. 1443888

File: 1644943565966.jpeg (95.24 KB, 815x731, FLjKKkCWQAES6B4.jpeg)

I have to agree. Honestly kf and lc are very similar, this site just (thankfully) has less moids with a boner for racism and misogyny. Both are people spending a lot of time laughing at cows, which may or may not be cow behaviour in itself. I do not really know kf deeply though, I have never made an actual account there.

Probs a repost image for tax, but goddamn that grandpas face

No. 1443889

I'm pretty sure this is the same tranny that is living with or dating Vaush…misogynistic coomers of a feather flock together.

No. 1443890

File: 1644943633208.png (666.27 KB, 1640x939, common enemy.png)

>a ton of shit gets crossposted on both sides it's very obvious there are many people using them interchangeably.

Half the thread images came from the KF thread.

>If you only knew how bad it really was

No. 1443894

>You can't sit with us anymore because you went to Tiffany's birthday party. We all universally decided to hate Tiffany and so you can't like her!
Literal kindergarten behavior. Embarrassing.

No. 1443896

Yeah I have posted a lot of shit here that I found on the KF tread and nobody ever complained, kek. You didn't even fucking know it was from le evil scrotoid website. Oh no.

No. 1443899

File: 1644944123229.jpg (151.23 KB, 500x909, xvaue9h7huh81.jpg)

My issue with KF is that it's mostly scrotes, pick mes and "based self-hating" /pol/tard trannies (some of which are actual moderators), and they can't integrate for shit. Even if content is crossposted, anyone who unironically gets mad enough to defend Null's shithole has obviously been there too long IMO
Anyway, more tranny comic cringe

No. 1443900

>shove him in the back
>give him a weird necklace to obscure his adam's apple

and he still sticks out because he is in a crowd of women with small features lmao

No. 1443904

They think their wound bleeding because it's rotting or stiches ripping are periods?

No. 1443911

> I'm afraid that i'm just lying to myself
It's ok, Timmy, all trannies are lying to themselves after all.

>I'm sorry you don't understand how statistic works and that "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO IS DIFFERENT?!" is not an argument against global averages

There's a huge difference between saying "cats aren't quadrupeds because I have three-legged cat" and correctly pointing out that you shouldn't act like all felines are fatty persian cats. And lmao at her recognizing that the risk of Tay-sachs is specific to ashkenazim instead of all jews, what a hypocrite.

No. 1443912

How do you know? Are you outing yourself as a Kiwifarms user as well? Damn, I guess you aren't a TRUE farmer and should be ashamed of yourself. You are only a gold star farmer if you have never visited Kiwifarms ever. Just like how no REAL redditor would ever be caught dead posting on 9gag. There is honor in shitposting on the internet afterall, right?(Infighting/ derailing )

No. 1443914

Nope, but I've lurked there. Your anger makes it so clear you have KF brainrot, I hope your site comes back so you can stay there

No. 1443916

oh great now we got from race sperging to kiwifarms sperging could you silly little gooses contain your autism a little bit better please

No. 1443917


> I'm afraid that i'm just lying to myself

It's ok, Timmy, all trannies are lying to themselves after all.


>I'm sorry you don't understand how statistic works and that "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO IS DIFFERENT?!" is not an argument against global averages

There's a huge difference between saying "cats aren't quadrupeds because I have three-legged cat" and correctly pointing out that you shouldn't act like all felines are fatty persian cats. And lmao at her recognizing that the risk of Tay-sachs is specific to ashkenazim instead of all jews, what a hypocrite retard.

No. 1443918

Just like anything else that’s fetishy in nature that men want. And well. Everything else in life too. I think it’s hilarious that they think they’ll instantly become their hot dream girl just with slightly different hair and clothes.

No. 1443920


>I'm afraid that i'm just lying to myself

It's ok, Timmy, all trannies are lying to themselves after all.


>I'm sorry you don't understand how statistic works and that "WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO IS DIFFERENT?!" is not an argument against global averages

There's a huge difference between saying "cats aren't quadrupeds because I have three-legged cat" and correctly pointing out that you shouldn't act like all felines are fatty persian cats. And lmao at her recognizing that the risk of Tay-sachs is specific to ashkenazim instead of all jews, what a hypocrite retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1443921

Damn, you wanna start this up again? Ok let's fucking go. How do statistic averages work? If I say that overall black people are less likely to get skin cancer than white people, is that argument refuted because there are SOME BLACK PEOPLE who are born as albinos and therefore have a higher risk? Tell me if that's how it works, anon. Otherwise you might want to just shut up about it because you're wrong and the fact that "SOME AFRICAN TRIBES ARE DIFFERENT!" doesn't actually matter when looking at people with African descent as a whole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1443924

if i ever have a son and he does this to me i'll haunt his ass

No. 1443925

File: 1644945423986.png (Spoiler Image, 53.29 KB, 800x800, 1601839866585.png)

>Damn, you wanna start this up again? Ok let's fucking go.

No. 1443927

Anon, I didn't need this mental image

No. 1443930


No. 1443933

lmfao, on the off chance this is even real; Same same means "It's not the same but I don't want a conflict."

No. 1443934

No. 1443935

i'm 100% sure they were thai ladyboys in which case it probably is the same

No. 1443943

File: 1644946657708.jpg (3.43 MB, 2309x3389, Picsart_22-02-15_18-33-09-868.…)

whenever I need a laff I just sort troon selfie subreddits by controversial

No. 1443950

how huge is this guys head?! what the hell

No. 1443955

Couldn't even wait for his father to kick it
Oh no, he had to disgrace his family in the last months of his father's life instead, let him did heartbroken
It's the tranny way

No. 1443963

File: 1644948547077.gif (2.32 MB, 498x368, 47D7A28A-3B62-4424-A909-806871…)


No. 1443968

Do they ever even downvote each other? They just pretend every one of them is a demure laydee

No. 1443976

Yeah, everyone knows troons without dicks aren't desired by the men who like troons. That's why I get so annoyed by the "it's not gay" arguments. Men want to have gay sex with troons. Not stick their dick in a dickhole. Kim acts like most Dick Hadders, horny and oversexulized but probably not having sex at all. Kevin Gibes is like this too. It's very telling that 100% straight men dont want to date/fuck a Trans woman unless "she" has a dick. Almost as if these chasers aren't straight…Almost as if chopping your dick off and getting a fake vagina isn't going to have men rushing to be with you, when they can have the real thing on a real woman.

No. 1443980

File: 1644950567002.jpg (1.46 MB, 971x3753, Screenshot_20220215-094318_Ins…)

what did i tell you. he doesn't regret at all!

No. 1443985

The fuck is that meme supposed to mean? Do troons eat blood?

No. 1443986

Women hate their periods, trannies love theirs, as if they had any.. They're delusional to a degree of retardation. Institutionalize them.

No. 1443988

kek no anon it means they enjoy it

No. 1443990

And ofcourse he turned off the comments because ofcourse he did

No. 1443991

oh he can go fuck himself, the damage is already done

No. 1443998

I’d have to agree with you on that nonnie. I’ve been around both sites for years. Kiwi farms is so into their hivemind that sharing a different opinion sets them off and they’ll screech bloody murder kek. I’ve casually trolled some threads with unpopular opinions and it’s so hilarious.

No. 1443999

oh my god i owned a dress really similar to that neon pizza abomination as a 14 year old in like 2013, goes to show how trannies are all in arrested development and have no sense of fashion/current trends

No. 1444000

He's scared of disrespecting "real" trans people but not women, fucking scrote.

No. 1444002

i have no fucking clue what any of that meant. i'm gonna assume it was fake woke scrote for "fuck you i'm a man you're a woman shut the fuck up"

No. 1444003

Jesus Christ is the troon in the rainbow lanyard a teacher? the future generations are truly fucked

No. 1444004

the fuck? how do you even turn the word surgery into that?

No. 1444006

the fuck? how do you even turn the word surgery into that? a kid probably made this

No. 1444012

chirurgie is German for surgery

No. 1444016

For some reason, TONS of troons and other extremist woke people are teachers!
Confusing kids and indoctrinating them from a young age

No. 1444017

Also happens to be the source of "you are nothing but a vag" troon chimpouts. If troons were anything but their dicks (and the repulsive taboo of fucking a dickgirl), men would still want them after shitwound surgery.

Projection really is how all moids cope, isn't it?

No. 1444018

I know surgery is "cirurgia" in Portuguese and "cirugía" in Spanish, so I get where it maybe came from.
Also what the fuck with all these repeated posts today? Did the DDOS tranny put on his programmer socks again?

No. 1444021

File: 1644953004755.jpeg (11.24 KB, 267x335, spiderus.jpeg)


No. 1444025

Would it really surprise you if they did?

No. 1444027

File: 1644953460749.jpg (339.14 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20220215-142901_Red…)

You're right anon, it's a goldmine.

No. 1444033

i've seen this one around many times and always get serial killer vibes

No. 1444046

File: 1644955766838.jpeg (299.84 KB, 1242x978, 3EE29DB7-7AB2-4C1E-8594-24E0BF…)

No. 1444047

Why would anybody a dress to the doctor? Even for checkups they need to put the stethoscope under your shirt.

No. 1444049

File: 1644956031148.jpg (151.47 KB, 640x853, 8mqbwz50jwg81.jpg)

>>1444027 It fascinates me to see the poses they make. Most of them try to mimick teenage girl selfies. This one made me laugh. Its like emo skater girl on the bottom and a 40yearold accountant lady on the top

No. 1444056

File: 1644956645556.jpg (232.84 KB, 1000x1200, on my way to doctors appointme…)

Dresses are what REAL WOMEN wear, duh. Are you a man? You wear a shirt to the doctor? Cis girls really do pass worse, huh. Can't pass if you aren't in a dress like a lady.

No. 1444064

That's right anon. And for true and passing ladies the doctor doesn't need to lift up your shirt. He simply presses the cold stethoscope to your quivering teats (at least that's how they do it in my animes) Doctor is clearly a transphobe.

No. 1444065

He probably coomed the moment the doctor lifted his skirt like he does with ALL WOMEN! He was probably replaying some nasty doctor porn he saw in his head.

No. 1444086

Sweden got a 24 year old AGP-hon competing for Eurovision lmao https://youtu.be/fAYGXJRiq-s

No. 1444089

I really dgaf about testosterone levels, or genetic markers, or neotony, or anything. All I know is black women are not trannies. I literally can’t believe we all have to sit here and justify it. Wtf has become of the world?

No. 1444092

Embedded that for ya, anon.
My, it's really scary how mainstream they're trying to make this. I love how he's composing his body not to express itself too roughly but he can barely contain it once you see his muscular body and veiny neck popping out his broad frame.

No. 1444093

Because people are more racist and misogynist than they are "transphobic".

No. 1444094


It’s really English that mutated the word into “surgery,” it’s from Latin chirurgia (via French) and in most Latin-derived languages it still looks more like the original

But anyway the amount of troons who think that uterus transplants is already creepy, but this guy also apparently thinks that a transplant would give him the complex hormonal balance that causes menstrual cycles. None of them bother to learn even the basics of how the female body works before claiming they’re “women”

No. 1444103

if you aren't a man then why are you crying so hard? scrotoids aren't welcome on this website

No. 1444106

That voice is very male if you told me this was drag I’d believe it

No. 1444108

It's a man and will go away if you ignore him. He literally got mad I told people not to reply to scrotie because he thrives off the attention. Don't engage.
Based. Even intersex people who have xy chromosomes but have uterus and vaginas can't menustrate.

No. 1444114


Yup. All of this is happening because people will bend over backwards so much to avoid upsetting white men. The fact that they’re white men in dresses is irrelevant.

No. 1444123

troons claim they get periods from taking the same dose of estrogen over and over

meanwhile actual women have fluctuating estrogen, progesterone and lh levels

No. 1444129

The whole uterus transplant thing is so stupid, it was already attempted and led to death. Science won't be able to change your body on a DNA level so the brain can handle having ovaries, let alone change your entire bone structure to support it.

No. 1444131

in china they tried it with rats

to sustain a pregnancy they had to sew the male rat with the transplant to a pregnant female rat and even then only 3% or something of the offspring lived

No. 1444135

So the 3% was able to live thanks to the presence of the female rat. Who would have guessed that male brains with male xy genes aren't equipped to handle a pregnancy not only because of the lack of proper organs, but also because you can't just inject estrogen over and over and expect a baby to magically form and pop out of a pus-ridden wound.

No. 1444138

You know the scrotes wouldnt hesitate to demand a real woman to be surgically sewn to them in order for them to get pregnant as if its their right

No. 1444147

Once that happens people will finally peak once and for all, right?
Nah j/k, they'll probably wait 3 years until people get more desensitized and cover up their true intentions in a self pitying, faux compassionate tone to pull on the heartstrungs of boxheads like they always do.

No. 1444149


No. 1444151

and then demand to join groups for women suffering from miscarriages and stillbirths because of the 97% risk they chose to ignore

No. 1444152

Sometimes I wonder if they have bothered to induce ectopic pregnancy in male subjects and try and mimic the blood work of a pregnant female to help with implantation and pregnancy.

A little part of me enjoys the idea of males risking their lives with ectopic pregnancy. Cause the main thing that annoys me with the current ideas about trans getting pregnant is the womb theft.

No. 1444163

They have.
First the Nazis did it and it failed miserably.
Then some scrotes stitched a male mouse to a female mouse to make sure it survived the faux-pregnancy.

No. 1444165

Tranny nazi link getting confirmed once again, maybe thats why so many troons were nazi or nazi sympathetics

No. 1444168

Doing something every biologist could tell you is a waste of study resources should be scrutinized harder.

This topic made me realize that even in advanced sci fi scenarios you can't perform an ideal transition. You would have to change the body on a cellular level, change your DNA, and that would probably be easier to achieve by growing a whole new body from 0 and after that's achieved you have to question if that's still you or just a copy of memories placed in a new body.

No. 1444183

In theory you just need to get the right hormones to the right place at the right time to ovulate/carry a pregnancy so if you could create some sort of artificial pituitary/hypothalamus (think of the artificial pancreases they have for people with diabetes) and get good at transplanting the organs in. You would have to override the bodies natural hormones so probably would need to irridiate your real pituitary/hypothalmus too.

Like unlikely in our lifetime but not impossible in like medicine terms.
I can see it happening in the not too far off future.

No. 1444202

File: 1644968993721.jpeg (583.53 KB, 1170x1684, A8185B55-91F0-4F20-8360-D9844F…)

“how can i make this about me”

No. 1444206

the black girl was kicked out for testing positive for weed not for taking hormones? wtf is this guy on about

No. 1444207

>complains about white women
>is a white male

No. 1444208

Not this fucking shit again.
God damn it , black women do not have high levels of testosterone comparable to a man ever!! Thinking black women are unfuckable and having a porn addiction to fantasizing about black men's bbc and "hypermasculinity" doesn't make them on the same level of men!
I really fucking hate American scrotes and trannies.

No. 1444212

File: 1644969698468.jpg (48.61 KB, 803x600, caster_semenya_chell_hill_comm…)


Trannies ALWAYS have to bring Caster into the argument and if they're not talking about Caster, they're insulting black women.
>Commission finds Semenya to be an intersex at birth, assigned female.
>Has more male features, but has chosen to live as a woman.
>Testosterone is too high to qualify as living as a woman and female sports.

No. 1444224

There aren’t even any trannys in the Winter Olympics, just the giant dude from NZ last summer

No. 1444233

>people can live the way they want to
>so long as they dont break the law
kek, outstanded that you have come up with an even more bafflingly moronic version of libertarianism. do you actually have an intellectual impairment anon? i hesitate to call you a dribbling retard because it seems like there really is something wrong with you.
always awestruck by the mental prowess of self described educated-and-intelligent tranny cultists. no words for this tier of banal stupidity.

No. 1444250

that doesn’t discount the fact that male bodies are quite literally not equipped to do that, like even with the hormones their bodies cannot regulate it properly and it would kill them
also according to the study it was to see the effect of what pregnant blood does or how it works
but even then in humans, males cannot touch blood from a pregnant woman or one that was recently pregnant as it’s horribly toxic to them and lethal

No. 1444252

They really need to stop grouping black women together with cross-dressing white men indulging in a misogyny fetish to make their struggles seem more "valid". I really hope more black women speak up against this.

No. 1444254

also you can’t apply that to pre existing organs in a body that we all have and can mimic
males don’t come with the dna and or biological parts to carry a pregnancy, so what is there for it to mimic? the baby is gonna come out deformed if it makes it that far, like refer to the comic the nona did in the last thread for this
i’m sorry i just get kinda annoyed when people say ‘in the near future’ when it’s playing into tranny wishes and kind of going along with what they want but cannot have

No. 1444255

File: 1644974202515.jpg (146.14 KB, 947x2048, FLkkEPCX0AI9Qgj.jpg)


seems hopeful that many people are agreeing in the comments

No. 1444256

anon we can see your camera roll. Whose baby got a balloon for valentines day?

No. 1444258

That's not her camera. It's from the twitter link.

No. 1444259

File: 1644974880288.png (543.14 KB, 710x1010, yeetergod2.png)

> Lookin big bro

No. 1444260

File: 1644974923922.jpg (42.96 KB, 593x355, 34244.JPG)

it never ends

No. 1444261

File: 1644974953604.jpeg (118.53 KB, 1170x314, 3D14C773-F62B-40F8-8523-8457AC…)


No. 1444262

I mean if they are transplanting the ovaries they would inherently have eggs inside them which would have functional DNA.
You then just need hormones to target the reproductive organs in the right quantaties and timings and that would work, it wouldn't matter that the rest of the body has xy dna.

No. 1444263

File: 1644975360719.png (909.92 KB, 782x824, gryposouza.png)

I bring this Brazilian troon that got a job as a professor and teaches dressed like this. His twitter is pure agp coom autism and I didn't even open the youtube channel.
Twitter bio says: "Non-binary transwoman, genderfuild (catgirl = femboy), ace, maid, communist, science sharer (youtube Make Science BR), biologist and palentologist."

No. 1444266

Do you want this to happen or something?

No. 1444269

The only reason their bodies can't regulate it properly is because their own pituitary system controls hormonal regulation, if you could get rid of that and replace it with an artifical one that would be problem solved basically.

No. 1444270

I'm going to redraw the comic because obviously it wasn't concise enough

No. 1444271

File: 1644975723708.jpg (28.34 KB, 595x245, uh.JPG)

No. 1444272

Nah sorry just medical person and so particuarly interested in how the whole trans thing is gonna be handled in medicine in the future.

No. 1444273

File: 1644975886050.jpg (106.97 KB, 582x917, uh2.JPG)

No. 1444274

File: 1644976049757.jpg (98.5 KB, 592x916, uh3.JPG)

No. 1444276

File: 1644976155652.jpg (63.33 KB, 588x527, uh4.JPG)

No. 1444278

File: 1644976316052.jpg (711.87 KB, 1079x1346, Screenshot_20220215-195057_Red…)


No. 1444279

File: 1644976317345.gif (185.73 KB, 498x477, 23487834738384637847.gif)

>I compared black women and trans women. I never compared black women to men.

No. 1444280

black women are literally the reason of why beauty standards in the west moved towards hourglass body shape, big hips, ass and fat thights. they're hyperfemenine, since their tendecy to have that body type is higher than any other agrouped ethnicity. maybe troon are jealous, that would explain their projection and racism towards black women

No. 1444282

Trannies on /tttt/ genuinely think black women are more masculine than white men (I wish I was joking) so they're angry that black women are accepted as women but not them.

No. 1444284

this is a popular tranny talking point but i'm not sure where it comes from. i remember philosophytube said something like this.

No. 1444285

same nonna you replied to here, sorry, am i misunderstanding? it seems i’m getting like two very different messages from this board sometimes like
it goes from no matter what no they can’t have babies the biology doesn’t add up here’s the proof
then to actually yes it’s possible here’s how and i’m getting mixed messages but the thought of pregnant trannies or males makes very extremely ill

No. 1444286


thing is, I hate the idea of trans people harvesting female parts for their fetish/mental illness. Even if it is given with "consent" I rather them work around it within their own body altering instead of stealing other peoples parts and sex cells.

Artificial hormone control system + ovarian and uterine organs grown and implanted. let them enjoy the risked of child birth if they want, might reduce the burden of reproduction on us, if scotes actually started to understand the shit involved with it up-heaving your life.

that being said, organoid development got a long way to go before we get it to the actual functional organ stage.

No. 1444287

this is so awful I had to pause several times just to make it through
this is literally worse than nails on a chalkboard for me

No. 1444288

high doubt because not even some intersex people with the correct organs can get pregnant no matter what they do
it does highkey seem like you want it to happen though not trying to sound snarky

No. 1444289

trannies and gay men have the same problem with black women. black women have more game with men than them, have more culture and influence than them, and will never accept them. personally, the black women i've known have held gay scrotes and trannies at a far distance and treat them with a lot of disdain.

No. 1444291

but then we round back to the whole artificial womb thing which would happen way sooner than altering your dna in such a way to make pregnancy possible. and with all the risks? no money in that. a lot of death and law suits. so again, we go back to the artificial wombs and possible government power that comes from that and it all gets very transhumanism-ish which is something they already believe in.

No. 1444294

OOP same nonna again now i get it haha i’m just a dumbass
that comic haunts me

No. 1444296

was it the flayed penis shoved in the taint comic?

No. 1444298

hahaha no it was the cute one the nona did where the ladies looked like moomins almost, really cute one where the doc is like ‘don’t move’ and the dude’s baby comes out looking absolutely fucked

No. 1444299

where the FUCK are those parts gonna go when they have no space in their bodies at all or anything to hold it up with
even with somehow growing their own where would it go

No. 1444300

This is just blatant racism. And everyone's cool with this?

No. 1444301

Here's why so many trannies think black women are men:

1) back in the 2000s, internet racial anthropology and radical white supremacy movements were gaining a lot of steam on messageboards which overlapped with a lot of gaming and anime communities starting around either the late late 2000s or early 2010s.

2) oftentimes during these discussions (whether overly from racialist websites or not) the beauty of other races would come up as well as pseudo scientific measurements about the masculinity or femininity of certain races which were fueled by popular dating website statistics and hypothetical research papers.

3) these men would virulently hate black women and take a sadistic pleasure in bashing them. oftentimes they considered black men more masculine and attractive than them so they were both envious and hateful towards them at the same time. they considered east asian women the most feminine of them all and fetishized them and white women were also feminine (except when they were being compared to east asian women to bash all western women)

4) many of this stuff got seeped into the internet if you were in more nerdier or niche circles, point blank. a lot of trannies expose themselves as having former nazi incel roots when they use this logic to justify their warped ideas of masculinity and femininity.

there's also a bit of the logic in mainstream us media of course not as autistically detailed as what the internet says but the reinforcing tropes both on a socially and media level are observed

No. 1444303

What do you even say when they get to this stage, like how do you even respond to this babble

No. 1444304

this comes from nazi incel circles and those autistic racial anthropology sites from the last decade. it's TOTALLY not mainstream–even if the current media perpetuates negative stereotypes.

No. 1444305

well its not just the artificial womb thing in the long run. the womb is just the organ to help keep things contained and reduce your risk of bleeding out once the parasitic placenta rips a chuck out of you once it detaches.

The important bit will be the artificial hormone crap and the systems that work with it. oh and a functioning artificial ovary to grow the eggs in. Cause turning the stem cell into female sex cells thing still requires a functioning ovarian system. We have only really gotten half baked useless attempts at it so far cause the ovarian organiods that we can grow arn't proper functioning organs just shitty lumps of goo.

The biggest hurdle is not the womb, its the understanding of the hormone system (and the multiple systems it affects and works with) and being able to mimic it correctly.

which honestly we are no where close to.

No. 1444306

You dont. Don't get into arguments. Just say "Black women are women. Trans women are men. And you are a racist."

Dont let them drag you into some stupid argument about it. That's what they want.

No. 1444307

Literally the only group of "women" claiming that Black women are innately more masculine are white troons. I wonder if it's because on some subconscious level, they're just pissed off because Black women are less likely to cape for them than white handmaidens.

No. 1444308

File: 1644978618506.jpg (295.39 KB, 1288x2640, RDT_20220215_21290852279445472…)

1/2 found a new awful subreddit

No. 1444309

File: 1644978661241.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.89 KB, 1288x2640, RDT_20220215_21292658068778295…)


No. 1444314

No, white men love to call black women they don't like a man.

Republicans called Michelle Obama a trans women.

Serena Williams got called 'manly' a lot.

Troons are using that same playbook.

No. 1444317

I still think the horny oversexualized schtick is a cope and most of them can no longer feel arousal. Just look at Kim’s lyrics, they’re so oddly rote and clinical. They’re pornsick for sure, but there’s nothing sexy about them since they lack any passion or mystery. It’s how a coomer who is numb from the waist down THINKS a hot bimbo would feel. Because yeah, most men aren’t looking for a barely convincing simulacrum of a woman. They’re either straight and prefer (real) pussies, or gay and prefer (real) dicks.

No. 1444326


I was the anon that preferred ectopic pregnancy at best. I rather they just figure out mimicking the hormone shit and letting it implant in their abdominal cavity and they run the gambit of the…

-die and bleed out by accident placenta detachment
-they survive with half their organs cut out too remove the placenta so it doesn't rot and kill them off with sepsiss after its melded with their other organs.

moid skin stretches like ours does. so you can shove shit in there. holding stuff up and blood supply would be the real issue. I'm not well versed on whether they have the same ligaments we have to hold up the womb during pregnancy if we did figure out the artificial womb bullcrap to get around the ecoptpic pregnancy.

But long run wise, when it comes down to it.. even with the what ifs of science advancement they would still be horrible crippled for life with a much greater risk of death.

They are never gonna get their dream real working womb and pussy.

They at best might sacrifice their bodies to try and grow a fetus in some attempt at a functioning womb and have it cut out of them afterwards. They ARE already keen on getting their dicks flayed and shoved into their taint so I doubt it would stop them from more pointless self destructive bullshit in the name of mental illness.

And really its just speculative bullshit at best atm since we haven't got enough of an understanding to even grow organiods into a functioning structure with a proper blood supply and all that jazz yet.

No. 1444328

crowdfunding posts set off the kill bill siren in my head. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I got MKUltra'd to start chimping out when I see internet scams.

it's possibly the least retarded thing about that cap, but seeing "curvy" spelt "curvey" is really rustling my jimmies. And he wrote "horney" in the first one you posted. They're so dumb.
Get the dumbest and most unfunny perverts and add them to the Woman Category. Bringing men's hateful stereotypes about us to life!

No. 1444330

i hate hate hate the way they cling to black women. do they think i have a cock between my legs? absolute fucking chuds

No. 1444332

good and fair explanation. as far as i know, no they don’t have the ligaments that we do and their body cavity is way to narrow to hold our organs properly without it potentially hemorrhaging or falling in on itself
i also do think they would 99% die or be handicapped for the rest of their life at the end of the day the odds are against them and they’ll kill themselves in the process

No. 1444333

I hate that idea too. I think it would be the end of women for sure, because they would find a way to justify that women are obligated to donate their organs and the ones that dont are transphobes. They literally want to wear our skin. If men have been trafficking women and children for ages, imagine what they would do to us if genital transplants between sexes were possible. They are so disgusting, i dont understand how a male gets to that level, i wish this shit was studied because porn and the circles they form cause something horrifying in their personality, i truly think they have no humanity left in them.

No. 1444334

Troons and TRAs get into such weird word games that anyone who can just stand back and see things objectively would immediately process as being batshit insane, a retard moment, but for some reason I guess if you know one mantra (TWAW) you are likely to adopt others even if it means embracing racism and rejecting biology, not to mention the other consequences like seeing women as a nothingburger of vague concepts.

No. 1444335

Troons are racist. If you go onto /lgbt/ or any of their vc chat shitholes that are anonymous all they do is insult black women. They have to keep up the pretense of being anti-racist in public to have one of their greatest gotchas, the Trans Day of Remembrance and 'trans women like me are murdered for existing'. Black, indigenous and SEA troons do get killed via deranged moids in hookups and relationships, prostitution, drugs, etc., so the same /must/ apply to the vast majority of American white and East Asian am-holes making 500k a year who never even go NEAR men.

I've never seen an AGP be attacked in public, ever, meanwhile Twitter acts as if Larry Wachowski is a real candidate for a victim of 'cis violence', KEK. Even Stefonknee and Wi Spa troon was barely criticized in public, let alone attacked. I know why… many moids sympathize with or coddle these creatures, it's a kind of fetishism they like (compared against homos, who make them murderous).

In reality black troons only overlap with one demographic as far as murder is concerned (whose deaths are actually higher when you compute it)… effeminate black men. But they stay LETTING white troons do this bullshit because they love browbeating black women also.

No. 1444337

How do you even react to a friend saying transwomen are more oppressed than a cis woman and that we are the oppressors?

No. 1444338

I'm used to homosexual transexual trannies here but I really hope these agp cooker get hatecrimed as hard as the other trannies do
Eles merecem

No. 1444339

i think so too, different anon btw. but i seriously don’t see it happening i feel like this shit will have been falling in the ground (as it is failing now as we speak) or we’ll be nuked by the time we even advance that far in science
i think it’s just wishful thinking for troons, there was a thread on kf i went into a hot minute ago that explained a lot of why it wouldn’t work as it was under the srs horror thing or whatever and it was somewhat informative or, some of the entries were there … not all

No. 1444341

I read this as 'mald', which is more accurate kek

No. 1444344

i have seen SO many troons proudly admit on twitter that they used to be rabid incels/just your average hateful moids shitting up the internet with their barely functional brains. Think about the shit they're into. They're all socially inept computer geeks.
They're not even especially racist over the average man (lower empathy + more power = more likely to make convenient assumptions about What You Are being better than What Everyone Else Is) but the lack of social skills makes them fucking loud about it.

And I don't mean "oh he didn't mean it! he just didn't know!" I mean that I don't think that idiot would have said that if he realized how hilariously racist it sounds because he's trying to fit in with a group who would shun him for that.

A lot of men get dangerously butthurt if you tell them they're wrong. They want to look capable and intelligent, and they convince themselves that they ARE instead of trying to learn anything. So they get up on their soapboxes and shart out the first idea they've had on a topic after only just having encountered said topic for the first time in their lives. Which is how "huh. black women not the same as white women. me not the same as white women. me must be like black women" comes about imo

as an aside, I've never come to loathe any group of people more as I find out about them. Except for one.

No. 1444346


Except that Chinese scientists could only get a 3% fetal survival rate when they tried that with male rats even when they had the male rat sharing its circulatory system with a female rat. Male pregnancy does not work.

For the other nonnie: some XY intersex people can and do give birth (note there are different types of DSDs that give you a female phenotype with XY). The chromosomes don’t matter so much as how you developed as a fetus. XY Females with Swyer Syndrome have given birth, although it’s difficult I believe. I think there was one case of CAIS successful pregnancy as well but that was an exception.

(When TRAs go on about “aktually chromosomes don’t matter that’s just fourth grade biology they are partially right about that fact, but they are depending on the fact that most people don’t know that much about biology and will not realize that the fact is meaningless. You can be an XY female or an XX male due to genetic errors, but that fact has nothing to do with trans people and does not mean that “sex is a spectrum” or whatever bullshit they are pushing. It just means that genes end up on the wrong chromosomes sometimes)

No. 1444351


“The only reason this guy is dead is because he doesn’t have a head anymore, if we got him a new head and attached it it would be problem solved basically”

Artificial hormones can barely do their job well when it’s basic shit like insulin, and you think we could come up something that functions as a whole-ass artificial pituitary gland?

Are you a troon? I have only ever heard delusions like this coming from AGPs who decide after ten minutes of Reddit “research” that they’ll be able to live out their pregnancy fetish any day now

No. 1444352

>sex is split into 4 categories
me when i'm high

No. 1444354

I've seen it before on tumblr many times. They say thinking trannies are ugly moids is actually because you are brainwashed by Eurocentric beauty standards and they will always pull out racist comparisons like:
>middle eastern cis women are hairy yet people still accept them as women so why don't you accept trans women as women? why do trans women have to put so much effort into their appearance just to be accepted as weomn? you have internalized a white supremacist mindset which leads to violent transmisogyny.

No. 1444357

This is likely it. Using TWAW is just a convenient excuse to express the racism they already have in their hearts.

They know that, on average, bw have way less tolerance for their bullshit and they resent the shit out of them for it.

No. 1444359

Troons want to think all women of color are secretly men except East Asian women but that's because East Asian men are secretly women.

No. 1444360

Judging by their posts I’m like 99% sure you’re right and that anon is a troon kek

No. 1444362

Yeah tbh they think women who are muscular, tall, hairy, or have dark skin or are all "male-like". They even claim that women with PCOS have an "intersex" condition.

No. 1444363

i hope they die on this hill, so that all black people and other normies peak the fuck up

No. 1444364

File: 1644984444765.png (477.1 KB, 1280x1668, Screenshots.png)

some more TIM/TIF retardation/cope on this post, also it was genuinely upsetting me seeing so many TIFs defending TIMs

No. 1444366

File: 1644984496869.png (432.99 KB, 1466x1996, Screenshot.png)

No. 1444369

troons even think a woman with high cheekbones and short hair is closer to a moid than a woman lmao they see women as nothing but a bunch of pornified bimbo stereotypes

No. 1444370

Well with the narrow bit its more a problem with giving birth. That just wont happen. Its cut it out or nothing for them. No birth canal nothing zip.

But having space to fit it in the cavity is fine since its mostly skin and stuff holding in the abdominal stuff. it stretches. just gotta pump them with the right hormones to loosen the muscles like it does with us.

Its the hormones and how it interacts with our other systems that is the real thing that is next to impossible at this stage. We don't even know enough about FEMALE pregnancy to map that shit out properly atm.

The increased blood flow, the loosening of muscles, the organs getting shoved into our lungs, the suppressed immune system and how it functions… the list goes on.

There are so many changes that are needed to happen to a females body to facilitate healthy fetal development. Mimicking artificially is a pretty big stretch atm.

No. 1444372

Under their criteria TIMs are undoubtedly male. You can't change a male skeleton to a female skeleton, or XY chromosomes to XX. TIMs can get a necrotic axe wound by eviscerating their penises but that's still not a vagina.

No. 1444374

File: 1644985074097.png (160.32 KB, 720x389, Screenshot (137).png)

worst one imo
imagine being this porn brain rotted

No. 1444376

So what? White women dominate swimming but nobody ever compares them to trannies.

No. 1444380

Okay yeah skin, but what I’m saying is — physically speaking INSIDE of a male there is no space on a construction level. Not skin, but literal space between their organs and nowhere to install a uterus properly to allow it to expand and contract and hold a baby to term. It would quite literally fall in on itself. There is no space to fit the necessary organs, as their bodies were not built to accommodate them to begin with. Trying would surely lead to internal damage of some kind.

No. 1444382

Also many good points down there, not disregarding that at all nona!

No. 1444384

Sounds very similar to what immigrant families also experience in the U.S. it's honestly disgusting.

No. 1444386

This is so fucking retarded, no one has ever doubted the womanhood of middle eastern women, they get otherized and feitshized like asian women, but their womanhood has never been questioned
as for bw, If black women weren't considered real women, they wouldn't have been raped en-masse by arab and later white slave masters, there bodies wouldn't have been used as test subjects for new medical techniques that cost them their lives

No. 1444392

One of the reasons is the transgender law center's advice for getting voters on their side

>Most effective message at moving voters away from opposition sports policies and towards supporting transgender student athletes, as well as driving enthusiasm to join together with others to create change.

Here is the dialogue they suggest to achieve this goal:

>Whether we are Black, white or brown, Native or newcomer, transgender or not, we want the freedom to be ourselves. But some people try to get and hold onto power by putting us in boxes based on what we look like, where we’re from, or our genders. We see this in how schools tell Black kids how to keep their hair or send girls home for the clothes they wear. And in how certain politicians exploit lack of familiarity with transgender people, excluding trans kids from healthcare, school, or sports. They stoke fear so we turn against some group instead of demanding what our families need.By joining together, we can make this a place where we are all free to thrive and support each other for who we are

There was another extremely damning report that I can't find atm where a bunch of lawyers from the biggest lawfirm in the UK put their heads together to try to make the public pro-troon, and their plan was basically that if you convince white liberals that troons are the same as black people, those white liberals were more sympathetic to the cause. Also that any troon thing (argument or a proposed law) must be tacked onto another cultural group's issue. Otherwise it looks insubstantial and people get suspicious about how it just looks like a big goofy fetish.

No. 1444394

They don't think they are men but people on tumblr unironically think it's ""transmisogyny"" that TIMs have to shave since Med women tend to be hairy.

No. 1444396

sage for historical OT but that is true, they give special privileges to a bunch of illiterate and violent tribals, just cause they were a little more caucasian looking

No. 1444397

what's the name of the font you're using in the picture, anon? it's beautiful.

No. 1444402

Some tranny once told me Dutch and Latvian women are tall so making fun of TIMs height is transphobic as women can naturally be tall.

No. 1444403

File: 1644987418481.jpg (63.95 KB, 600x278, Meme-4.jpg)

Northern European and Medditeran women have roughly equal amount of body hair growth, Mediterraneans and the Middle Easterners often have darker hair than Northern Europeans. This leads people to think of them as “hairier” although they often aren’t. I see this in my family. My cousin is quite hairy but her hair is blond, therefore you have to look real close to see it. My other cousin is overall less hairy but these few hairs are brown. so they are more visible

No. 1444407

Chinese women are also really good at weightlifting but I guess that doesn't fit the ~hyperfeminine East Asian women~ narrative they are looking for.

No. 1444411

File: 1644988273584.jpg (76.87 KB, 622x894, 1640097476141.jpg)

proportionally the strongest and tallest women in the world are also from northern europe, hell most Scandinavian women are taller and hairier then most men in africa and asia, but no one denies their womanhood

No. 1444418

can the next thread have less race sperging and medfagging PLEASE
thanks i'll take my ban

No. 1444421

You could just have saged nonna, but yeah the race speging is always dumb, I'm from a country with barely any white people and most of the TIMs here are HSTS trannies who have their own set of issues
yes the wokies here have adopted rhetoric from the america and it all always ends up awful sounding

No. 1444423

File: 1644989375415.png (26.06 KB, 547x189, Screenshot.png)

No. 1444425

the main problem would be connecting it up imo not the space.
Space wise the way room is made for the uterus to expand for fetal development is simply our organs being shoved up further into our abdominal area into our lungs and we just gotta deal with our digestive track and ability to breath being compromised. Its not that we have that much extra space. Just our muscles and ligaments are softened from hormones to facilitate crushing them up into our upper half. I'm sure moid organs are not extra delicate and cant handle a bit of squishing like ours goes thru.

And the concept of the artificial womb (cause I refuse to think about them stealing our organs to feed their self destructive fetish/mental illness) is purely speculation on my part. It is just there to reduce the organ lose/bleeding to death in minutes/sepsis that ectopic pregnacy would incur if we DID somehow manage to get the artificial hormone balances and the systems it affects down pat.

In my speculative scenario the artificial womb would have to be at a point of development that its cultured into a fully structured organ so the blood vessels, tissue structure and what not is where its meant to be to actually keep it alive and function is all there. And even then its only really there to contain the fetus and provide a buffer to stop the placenta fucking up the miod in a super life threatening way.

Shoving that shit in their would be fine enough. Its connecting it to the blood supply and nerve system that would be tricky. Nerve system especially so if we want it to work in harmony with the other abdominal muscles to ensure contractions after the baby is cut out of them to reduce the the chances of them bleeding out. And as I stated before ligaments to hold it in place. the uterus has two main ligaments that work in tandem with the pelvic floor that anchor it in place then soften and loosen when we get pregnant so the uterus can grow and push the rest of our stuff out of the way and when the pregnancy hormones wear off they contract back and help bring our uterus back into our pelvis area where it contracts into a fist shaped organ.

Honestly there is so much convoluted stuff our reproductive system needs to do, the most I can think an artificial one will be able to do is be a meat bag with reduced chances of rotting in them and playing a protective buffer to stop the placenta consuming their organs. Having it function like an actual female reproductive system would require rebuilding the miod on a cellular level.

No. 1444428

not true at all, being called masculine is one of the most common insults aimed at black women, and it comes from many sides not just one race or one gender that perpetuates it. the "black femininity movement" which some black women youtubers base their whole platforms on was made because of this very thing. to say that a small little irrelevant group like white troons made it up is laughable ignorance.

i think what happened is that they are aware this is a thing and use it for their own agenda. literally all of these "oppressed groups" like to compare racism to transphobia, fatphobia etc.

No. 1444430

just thinking about everything they would have to create and set up for them to even begin to simulate pregnancy exhausts me. it’s just not feasible. i’ll jump into traffic exactly where i’m standing the moment they announce that they successfully did it, i’m that confident there’s absolutely no way.

No. 1444436


Yeah I think one of the reasons black women make them seethe is the same reason women in general do, which is that they unconsciously expect women to support and care for them and play the mommy role the troons have assigned them to, and then rage when women don’t.

When males reject them it’s less of a narc injury because it’s expected. But women exist to support and validate them so it fully triggers the narc rage when a woman disobeys. Especially when she’s “one of them” like Rowling for example.

Black women as part of the rainbow coalition and so they are supposed to look up to male troons all dewy-eyed and accept them as fellow victims of the patriarchy, and when they don’t the troons seethe. That and all the other racism stuff lmao.

No. 1444439

unfortunately anti-black female rhetoric comes more from black males more then any other demographic, just cause they have some issues with self hatred they throw black women under the bus

No. 1444441

What about their skeleton and muscles + women's center of balance being closer to the bottom? Would they be able to walk with a late stage pregnancy?

No. 1444443

as someone who once thought this way: find cases of women being oppressed not on the basis of their ""gender"" but their sex. just taking a moment to realize that i myself wasn't abused because i was a woman, but because i was female, helped me immensely.

also, ask her why she feels that way. ask her what forms of oppression she's seen towards trans women that aren't merely "misgendering" (don't say "merely" but y'know).

No. 1444445

much like the nona’s comic from before they’d have to sit around all day because no, they would be unable to
way too delicate and no way for their lower halves to move

No. 1444448

agreed it’s all speculation and so convoluted it’s not funny
it’s like the ultimate reach

No. 1444458

Found a phenomenom, ftm dress girly don't have AGP symptoms and therefore not men because they lack that male patterned perversion. Just like normie girls enjoying normie stuff. Special nlogs wannabe.

No. 1444459

Even if you could make men give birth, it's a pointless endeavor only a fetishist would want. We don't get pregnant for the experience of pregnancy but because evolution wants us to pass our genes on, much cheaper and efficient to do it the oldschool way. And even in the incel/tranny fantasy of women becoming obsolete, that could only happen during an incredibly totalitarian terror regime and those depend on funneling monetary resources into the military, not into technology to make men reproduce without women. Why would you do that when there's a cheaper way? And this is me talking from the most dehumanising standpoint possible.

Tl;dr laugh at tranny/mra fantasies

No. 1444467

technically yes. They would just be a bit more prone to falls than females. Female center of gravity changes during our pregnancy thru the softening of our ligaments from pregnancy hormones and just the automatic corrections we take to maintain our balance thru out.

Bone wise the difference in females is mostly to help with giving birth. Widening of hips and softening of ligaments to help with it literally cracking in half to fit pushing the baby out.

The giving birth part isn't really in the cards for them honestly, no room hip bone wise and the idea of them getting a functional birth canal with all the muscles needed in there to function is laughable. That's the not structurally possible part imo.

Best they can hope for in the most convoluted what-ifs is a functioning meat bag to grow it in and having it cut out of them like an english bulldog. That's if they manage all the other hormone crap, and not having their immune system KO them for having a parasite grow in them.

No. 1444487

even with the female rat providing the right hormone levels 97% of the offspring didn't make it

i would like to believe that scientists wouldn't be doing something with that high of a failure rate considering the high risk to everyone involved

No. 1444507

Exactly. If this doesn’t work with animals, mind you I read in the article that they made sure the rats were somehow related to lower the chances of organ rejection, what the fuck makes you think it’ll work for humans? It’s clearly not feasible. The male rats died soon after. When they had put uteruses in the male rats alone with no female attachment, nothing grew. So, this point is just silly.

No. 1444508

thing is… I can see it happening in an ultra capitalist society sooner or later.

-lab grown organs reaches an actually useful stage of development
- commercialization of lab grown organs.
-rich mentally ill tranny pays someone with lose morals to give it a go.
- it becomes a thing that suddenly proven to work.
- lucrative market of further mutilating trannies in the name of mental illness and making a buck.

Of course that would also require scientists to give enough of a fuck to under stand how pregnancy actually works in females in a detailed enough level to develop a work around with the other convoluted bullshit. And there is no money in that.

When it comes to pregnancy they just expect us to do it cause that's what we do and we are lucky people figured some common sense ways to reduce us dying. So luckily I doubt it will happen any time soon.

No. 1444509

Not to be rude but all of the people saying it’s going to be soon sound just like the people we’re supposed to be making fun of themselves. Despite all of the evidence presented, it’s keeps being insisted. Don’t know if it’s denial or maybe what-ifs going too far and or playing into the already existing delusion.

No. 1444510

None of it is in the cards for them.

No. 1444512

I'm the anon going in detail with the what-is speculation atm. I don't think it will be anytime soon or anything close to to actual female reproduction. I'm just speculating cause it is interesting even if its shitty.

If I had to think about why too hard it would be because I'm a bit bitter about the reproductive burdens females have.


No. 1444521

File: 1645000607708.jpg (1.41 MB, 2160x4440, t4t.jpg)

Searching t4t has some interesting results, all of these are cis-couples
the common dominator from what I can see is that the woman is slightly above average height, being roughly equal or slightly taller then the man

No. 1444522

File: 1645000752115.png (404.35 KB, 540x590, Screenshot (626).png)

samefag, It seems women who have a dark /alt/ aesthetic almost always get "headcanoned" as trans as well

No. 1444530

Being porn sick and disturbed is considered woke these days. Just fucking great

No. 1444531

kek they wish they looked like krysten ritter

No. 1444537

> 40yearold accountant lady
> lady
Not with that stubble.

No. 1444538


I agree with this post but I really doubt they're not more racist than the average man. It's already proven that the average TIM is more sexually criminal than the average male (at least in the criminal population) so why wouldn't they be more bigoted too?

No. 1444540

Men think that men are better "women" than women. Joke's on them women need to nothing to be women. Femininity isn't womanhood.

No. 1444541


These troons don't see EA women as masculine because many of them were yellow fever nazicels and obsessed over the juvenile characteristics of EA celebrities and animu girls as the peak standard of femininity (because their circles they ran in often said high neoteny a la preteen or young teenage girl was the peak physical form of a woman's life and yellow fever nazicel scrotes often mixed pedophilic logic to why they were attracted to eaw). I've seen some scrotes complain EAW weren't "feminine" enough but it's usually the kind that thinks they look too "childish" or "immature" (which ofc is a bonus for the nazicel troonhon AGP pedos sadly). This sounds autistic as fuck but I've been watching this growing over the years so just trust me

No. 1444542

yes i absolutely agree bm played a big role in weaponizing this as an argument and a lot of bw know this which is why they end up hating bm with a passion. cant blame them tbh

transgenders troon

No. 1444544


samefag just before someone starts going full triggered and twisting my words im not saying only pedos are attracted to EAW or that they look like children, but retards like trannies had insane logic from being nazicels in the 00s and 10s and group women by porn categories more than anything else.

No. 1444547

They fucking wish.
Notice how they headcanon them as trans if they look slightly offbeat or unconventional over all? Yeah, that's totally not disconcerting for women or men who fit this category and have to see a bunch of mentally ill pornsick trannies "headcanon" them and people who look like them as troons for not being perfectly gender conforming by the standards of 1950s stereotypes. Yep.

No. 1444548

>group women by porn categories
How ironic that trannies do the exact same thing.

No. 1444550

File: 1645004735124.png (3.51 MB, 2704x1418, stfu already.png)

Inspired by another anon posting tweets from the t4t thing. They really think trans women are hardcore goth baddies and trans men are emotionally sensitive romanticists don't they?

That reminds me when this clip of an 1940s actor (Gene Kelly I think?) was circulating on Twitter and there were comments talking about how you can still find people like him within transmen communities and how this guy is obviously gay, kek

No. 1444551

File: 1645004834856.jpg (148.08 KB, 1242x1344, 7h2mydgv8rq51~2.jpg)

This is just a tranny's way of saying "I really like the unconventional dynamic of these couples, but cishets are yucky and lame so I'm just gonna pretend they're trans"

No. 1444553

Goes against their narrative of "cishet couples are BorInG" so they have to make them trannies to appease their autism. Lol pathetic

No. 1444555

Personally I think we should encourage people like this, because it shows normies that the entire trans thing is just a trendy identity that people take on to be "different" and if you can declare fictional characters and dead people trans then it really has no meaning and is something that can be assigned at a whim, unlike a real gender that you are born with. It proofs that it's all just a huge fucking joke made up by special snowflakes to feel unique.

The trans communities downfall will be that they are all autistic, not relatable and absolutely buttfucking insane. Normies are already starting to notice this, because their loudest voices are the most crazy people.

No. 1444556

File: 1645005664725.png (208.88 KB, 539x609, Screenshot.png)

best reply I saw to this bs

No. 1444559

Not really. That same thing ended up making tweens on social media go: "guess by that rule set I am non-binary"

No. 1444560

File: 1645006074092.jpg (364.48 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20220216-105949_Sam…)

The bi4bi thing in the middle reminds me of this cringe. Beta male + bisexual woman = "queer"

No. 1444563

it's like millenials and zoomers can't live with being ordinary

they have to find ways to describe themselves and everything they do as "queer" even if they're as straight as they come

No. 1444566

This screams of fetish. He's trying to look like a teenager clearly. Barf.

No. 1444571

File: 1645007037451.jpg (79.29 KB, 900x650, FKcq7VxUcAQIABL.jpg)


No. 1444576

Kek, one of the iconic posts. The other ones off the top of my head is the FTM crying in the bathroom. All the MTF ones are just horrifying rather than funny, like the being beaten with a bloody dilator one.

No. 1444582

File: 1645008000666.jpg (32.35 KB, 496x661, you_beauty____beyonce_photo_mc…)

Yeah, that explains this one time I was listening to the radio. One of the radio hosts announced that Beyoncé was pregnant and one of the others responded with "Haha, really? I always thought she was a man". I was confused by the comment since Beyoncé doesn't look like a man at all but I thought it must have been some inside joke among the hosts. Then years later I saw trannies always comparing themselves to black women and I found out that there was this stereotype of black women being "masculine". I realized that the radio host was just being racist all along.

No. 1444585

If you look at that and see a man you got some issues. A lot of these men are closeted faggots.

No. 1444591

File: 1645008537838.png (6.15 MB, 1619x3718, troon.png)

from r/transpassing

No. 1444599

well it's not an explicitly racial thing imo, lady gaga has had trans-rumors against her for years
pretty much any tall and thing female celebrity gets accused of being trans


No. 1444602

lady gaga is 5'1 but yeah

No. 1444603

Didn't she push encourage rumors herself to get more publicity?

No. 1444604

File: 1645010255899.jpg (592.77 KB, 1829x3000, Beyoncé-Knowles-visited-TRL-ap…)

nta but if anything Beyonce has always been known for being curvy. How can you look at her and see a man? it is a race thing imo

No. 1444608

Yup. “Black women are masculine” is a common incel dog whistle (along with “white women have sex with dogs” etc.) It’s just a cope for women not coddling them or giving them energy. Troons are really telling on themselves whenever they invoke that one.

No. 1444610

>white women have sex with dogs
Wtf? That's a stereotype? If anything it's white men who have sex with dogs or force white women to have sex with dogs for their porn.

No. 1444611

the terf dog post is golden though and that involved a mtf

No. 1444612

it's just a retarded meme they came up with, probably after jerking off to said porn kek

No. 1444613

Yeah it's insane, it mostly spread on 4chan and reddit among incels. I can't see it as anything but a self-own.
>he is obsessed with thoughts that women would rather fuck dogs than him

No. 1444614

yeah men have been trying to force that meme for years now on online spaces

No. 1444617

>Dogpill refers to a belief that women – especially white women – like to have sex with large dogs, and would prefer having sex with a dog over an incel. The belief is a development of blackpill and is often referenced in memes in the contexts of inceldom and men's rights.

No. 1444618

File: 1645011469248.png (1.88 MB, 1744x2074, bi4blah.png)

>it's like millenials and zoomers can't live with being ordinary
exactly, the overwhelmingly majority of people will be "boring straight people" and there's nothing wrong with that
This reminds me of all bi4bi posts, every single one of them is just a regular healthy straight couple, but they can't really accept them, they have internalized these dumb ideas in their minds about the "yucky and problematic straight relationships" and how superior queer relationships are, so they headcanon them as being bi and thus allowing themselves to ship them and its mostly zoomer girls doing this, they probably have some dumb woke identity but their all likely straight
so in summary its a combination of interlined heterosexuality, queer politics and varying degrees of fujoshi brain-rot


an additional detail I notice is that often a lot of white girls have this hc with a lot of woc characters, even when race isn't an aspect of their character, it elevates them above boring "straight white people" and thus they must be bi
This is why I have always argued that positive portrayal of healthy hetorsexual relationships are more important then pointless queer pandering

No. 1444619

So when are they gonna advance to "women actually love all DOG BENIS" schizophrenic pantshitting like they do with black men and white women?

No. 1444621

I wonder if incels panic over BDC (Big Dog Cock).

No. 1444622

men are unhinged

No. 1444624

yeah it's called the "dogpill". it started as a meme from this video of a crazy girl listing reasons why women should have sex with dogs and men thought "this is what ALL white women act like. they would rather fuck a dog than an incel like me!"

No. 1444627

A bisexual man and a bisexual woman in a relationship is still a straight relationship. The obsession with saying such relationships are actually "bisexual relationships" is so bizarre to me. I've even seen some say that a bisexual woman in a relationship with a straight man (a very common pairing) is actually not straight at all but "queer" and if you call them a straight couple then you're committing "bisexual erasure".

No. 1444628

kek, I remember bi4bi always being cope for racist fujos
fujos would rather ship two white dudes who have never met than acknowledge canonical chemistry between one such white dude and a woc

No. 1444630

File: 1645012967714.png (672.45 KB, 544x956, Screenshot.png)

>white "queer" fujos being just as racist as the TIMs they cape for, by masculinizing bw and casting a queer identity upon them
seriously, is it that hard to treat black women as just normal people(samefag; derail)

No. 1444631

>bright flamboyant clothes and lean bodies = KWEER!!!11

Homophobic christian fundamentalist boomer rhetoric is trendy now guise

No. 1444632

I remember it used to be an insult to deem a man as queer or gay through his clothes or his looks. Now they would probably call you homophobic if you argued that a straight man isn't queer just because he wears flashy clothing, lol.

No. 1444634

ironically they would be less boring if they were at peace with their relationships being straight

we've gotten to the point where pretending to be "queer" is the most predictable thing you can do as a teenager or someone in their 20s

No. 1444649

Are you that one sperg on /m/ who derails every thread to reeee about fujos? You samefagging hard

No. 1444651

2/3 actually, but I expected a backlash
weather you are willing to admit it or not, Fujos are the responsible for the current dynamics of the current TRA agenda and this whole "head-cannoning" straight and cis characters as being queer or trans

also most fujos are racist white girls

No. 1444653

NTA, but how is it samefagging if they aren't replying to themselves? Also who the fuck cares if they post on another board that isn't milk, personally attacked fujo.

No. 1444654

They do this to every social rights movement. Attach their fetishistic asses on and water down everyone's identities. Gay people are genital fetishists and their sexualities should include them and straight people should be allowed to identify as gay, womanhood is a nebulous concept so TIMs should be included in feminism else you're a TERF and now black people are masculine and in the same category as TIMS in terms of being socially outcaste. This is the only reason why anyone listens to them. Everything they touch turns to shit.

No. 1444658

File: 1645017860494.jpg (75.17 KB, 680x680, YP8WCF7A.jpg)

its so funny (insufferable) to watch these men lie to themselves, hunter literally has zero hips and still somehow this troon has even less than him, and yet he believes he has more? the delusion is almost impressive.

No. 1444659

Be honest, 3/3.

>Fujos are the responsible for the current dynamics of the current TRA agenda and this whole "head-cannoning" straight and cis characters as being queer or trans

>also most fujos are racist white girls
Neither of these statements are true and you are indeed that sperg kek. Most fujos aren't even white, they're young Asian girls.

They are replying to themselves, they already admitted it.
>that isn't milk
Neither is derailing ANOTHER thread with their raging fujo vendetta like they do every day. It's bizarre.

No. 1444661

Uh huh, sure buddy.

No. 1444665

File: 1645018738898.jpeg (265.06 KB, 828x1475, FD47F4DD-42CD-42E8-8FFD-119897…)

Our queen azealia banks popping off again

No. 1444666

who is she talking about

No. 1444668

white girls fuck dogs actually comes from a deranged hispanic man (common filth) who was very angry white women rejected his sexual advances. he denigrated them 24/7 because he thought white tradcel scrotes would elevate his status as a ~pious catholic brown man~ for doing so, the fuentes crowd repeats his talking points 24/7. he also admitted to troon-y tendencies on his dogshit show and browsing trap threads for hours a day (predictable, AGPs really are a hive of scum and villainy)

No. 1444669

File: 1645019464877.jpeg (486.96 KB, 828x979, A9E9DB0D-9ED7-41D5-86BB-450AEB…)

No. 1444671

File: 1645019671154.jpeg (256.97 KB, 828x1556, 64D196CC-38E0-44E5-9020-1DEEBC…)

No. 1444672

File: 1645019721000.jpeg (305.44 KB, 828x1486, DB05B67A-9542-4351-8A31-C2ED6D…)

No. 1444675

I mean she's based but comments about a another woman's baby are always below the belt, as a mother I'd lost my shit as well

No. 1444679

Well it’s azealia banks. Of course she’s going to be unfiltered on others even their babies.

No. 1444681

Since when did clothes become a sexuality. I wish I could tell my gnc friend he doesn't have to identify as queer/nonbinary/genderfluid just because he likes makeup and some stereotypically feminine things.

No. 1444687

who gives a shit about trannys in men's prison? it's where they belong, statistically for raping children

No. 1444693

Kek it is a crackbaby though she fucked a male escort while they were on a bender together.

No. 1444698

>yelling about headcanons
these are real people not cartoon characters retard
i'm 99% sure these people say things like "listen to black people and don't speak over them because you don't know about the oppression they face if you're white" yet when they actually need to listen to black women they act like this

No. 1444700

kek are you that anon who sperged out about hockey rpf after seeing some stranger things fanart

No. 1444705

remember your a porn addict

No. 1444712

Why was this posted in the mtf thread.

No. 1444714

Based anon telling it how it is. Those are usually the same Aidens that troon out.

No. 1444716

What does this have to do with the thread?
Also, Julia Fox exposed her for being a crackhead trying to get pap pics with her lmao bpd femcels kin with Azealia tooo much

No. 1444717

honestly I don't know why I didn't clock that schizo being one of those weird white and azn man exclusive pickme black girls before. it puts so much into perspective. anw, report and ignore cuz she's never gonna shut up.

No. 1444718

This. Even TiFs get treated as the females they are. And TiMs as the males - look at how once they transition, they keep all of their privileges, esp career-wise. Hell, they steal every title and position (“woman of the year”, best FEMALE whatever, going from #500000 in mens sport to #1 in ours). They’re literally destroying everything women have obtained in the last 100 years bc they’re bitch babies who cannot handle seeing females succeed or have any rights that don’t include simply being seen as their property. Yes they’re soooooo oppressed.

No. 1444720

>Can't create anything.
>Have nothing.
>Have to claim everything is theirs.

First, how do you live like this? Second.. Shadow and Rogue are a thing? I haven't cared that much about Sonic stuff since high school and I think that's kind of cute.

No. 1444721

It’s the fact that Julia fox thinking she’s can expose azealia for being transphobic is so funny. I guess Kanye dodge a bullet by not settling with a tranny enabler.

No. 1444722

“SHe TrAnsPhoBIC!” Why do they even try with her? She doesn’t care

No. 1444724

WTF are you on about, I have had a black-ex before and am not into any one racial group
I just think fujos can be disgusting and will erase woc and actual good representation of healthy relationships(regardless of race) for the sake of their retarded m/m ships, cause as stated they are porn addicts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1444725

Kanye is a tranny enabler kek

No. 1444727

Probably cause OT is still down

No. 1444729

he is?

No. 1444730

>People who say things i dont like are schizos

Literally troon on social media tier, how dare you make fun of trannies when you have the same batshit ideology and worldview like they do?

No. 1444731

File: 1645025386087.jpg (706.34 KB, 2560x1920, killthegaystho.jpg)

I really fucking hate how troonism has become more acceptable than something as natural and widespread as homosexuality but here we are. I guess they also don't think lesbians exist because how could women do something so icky, ew.

No. 1444732

I think anon might be referring to the rumor of him and Jeffree star. Idk but Jeffree star is just a fag who likes dicks. There’s no way Jeffree goes around saying he’s a girl like 99% Twitter troons do.

No. 1444734

this has been a thing for years, there are countries that force normal gays to troon out because gay bad and everyone knows traps aren't gay. christians are latching on to it harder and harder now too. end times.

No. 1444741

File: 1645026513378.png (10.72 KB, 1086x153, Is it wrong to think that tran…)

If you find your mental illness fun then it isn't a mental illness.

No. 1444746

No disrespect nona but as a christian who stays in a christian community: we’re not lol. Maybe in some other country but troonism is not well accepted at all, it’s mockery and perversion of God’s design to a lot of us.

No. 1444748

File: 1645027324076.jpg (175.01 KB, 736x1167, 00258c04c4daf9116c55e029193fcc…)

This has always been a phenomena in many conservative Islamic nations, usually born out of the extreme gender segregated nature of Islamic societies, the relations were always between an older man and a young boy who would "belong" to the until his early 20's

>cross-dressing boys and young men took their place throughout the Middle East; in some Arab countries, these dancers were known as gawwal, and in Egypt, they were known by the related term khawal. The khawal imitated female ghawazi by dancing with castanet self accompaniment, painting their hands with henna, braiding their long hair, plucking their facial hair, wearing make-up, and adopting the manners of women.

>The youths, often wearing heavy makeup, would curl their hair and wear it in long tresses under a small black or red velvet hat decorated with coins, jewels and gold. Their usual garb consisted of a tiny red embroidered velvet jacket with a gold-embroidered silk shirt, shalvar (baggy trousers), a long skirt and a gilt belt, knotted at the back. They were said to be "sensuous, attractive, effeminate", and their dancing "sexually provocative". Dancers minced and gyrated their hips in slow vertical and horizontal figure eights, rhythmically snapping their fingers and making suggestive gestures. Often acrobatics, tumbling and mock wrestling were part of the act. The köçeks were sexually exploited, often by the highest bidder.

libfems and TRAs use these practices as proof of how non-western cultures were so enlightened on trans and gay issues, but this was more or less how it actually way

No. 1444750

tin foil but this anon and (c)rap anon are the same self-hating black woman

No. 1444753

File: 1645027498183.gif (3.11 MB, 640x360, chewing-gum-african-dance-scen…)

good luck finding that healthy irl relationship you fantasize about day and night via various self inserts girl… I mean it because the bulk of talented female fic writers will continue to write buttsex no matter how many times you call their sistherin pornsick raysists on lolcow.farm

No. 1444755

>christians are latching on to it harder and harder now too.

No. 1444756


What hell are you posting about? Go away and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1444757

*the hell

No. 1444759

Isn't this the same phenomena as Ancient Greece? Wealthy elite men (from aristocratic or royal backgrounds) fuck little boys or effeminate teenage boys because they're bored and it's a luxury they can have unlike peasants who HAVE to make children with their wives

No. 1444760

File: 1645028295118.jpeg (175.9 KB, 750x926, E4260F27-E398-4993-9BD8-D46CB4…)

based google

No. 1444763

No. 1444765

Sometimes I really don't understand them, I thought sex and gender were different? Fine you say he's a woman but that won't stop him from being a male, right? Why is calling a male a male transphobic?

No. 1444768

Keep up, anon. The "sex is different than gender" phase was a few years ago. Now they've completely enbraced the queer theory and their new thing is to say that there are no differences between men and women so trans women are therefore true and actual women.

No. 1444769

1)your being racist
2)I really doubt the latter part, but I'm sure you believe that you gay rape story where a male makes ass babies is on par with actual romance novels

No. 1444770

>Now they've completely enbraced the queer theory and their new thing is to say that there are no differences between men and women so trans women are therefore true and actual women

Correction, it's that troons are now biologically female. Because they are women so their parts are now female parts. 'biologically female' and 'biologically male' are now terf dog whistles.

No. 1444775

>wah wah rayceeest.
that word no longer has meaning.

No. 1444776

I really was under the guise that there might be some limits to this but they really don't know where to stop eh?

No. 1444778

Can you retards shut up with the sperging and go to the /ot/ thread on /g/

No. 1444783

They think getting plastic boobs and a wound hole makes them a women.

No. 1444784

>>1444776 ayrt
Yep. They are coomers and their current level of degeneracy gets boring to them so troons always have to escalate.

>>1444783 ayrt
Nah, they don't even have to get the axe wound. The love going on and on about their "female penis".

No. 1444785

And yet nobody believed the slippery slope fallacy.

No. 1444786

File: 1645030797437.jpg (218.41 KB, 800x779, 800px-Kiss_Briseis_Painter_Lou…)

a broad generalization but more or less correct, this was however common throughout civilization in middle east, including in pre-Islamic Arabia and as Islam spread this cultural practice spread to regions where this practice was never a thing such as Egypt, Central Asia, rest of North Africa and India
This cultural phenomenon usually required a society to be at least feudal, have an extreme form of misogyny even for the time(where women are considered good for nothing but making babies) and an active salve culture,

No. 1444789

According to queer theory there is no difference between men and women? Seriously?? Any anon wanna elaborate on this topic?

No. 1444791

pretentious subhumans create subhuman ideas, not that complicated

No. 1444792

This sounds suspiciously like bacha bazi.


>Bacha bazi has antecedents in ancient cultures throughout central Asia. However, the practice appeared in its modern form in the 19th century. It typically involves wealthy Afghans, often Pashtuns, who acquire young men or boys for the purposes of sexual entertainment and exploitation. Women are prohibited from working as dancers or entertainers in many parts of Afghanistan, and young boys are used instead. These boys, known as bacha bareesh, or ‘beardless boys’, are generally between ten and eighteen years old, and tend to come from poor backgrounds.

>Parents are persuaded to hand over their sons for financial reimbursement, with the promise that they will be given work and an education. Ostensibly, the young men work as dancers at private parties, however many are coerced into having sexual relationships with their masters. Boys who refuse to do so are often raped, and, in some reported cases, murdered if they manage to escape. The boys are also generally deprived of education, ruining their life prospects when they are eventually discarded after having become too old.

No. 1444797

Its not really suspicious, it was usually common in many Islamic societies
usually ended in the 20th century by secular nationalis leader

No. 1444802

i love how they pretend that people are arbitrarily assigned male or female at birth

i wonder why none of the amabs menstruate or get pregnant or give birth etc

~it's a mystery~

No. 1444803

> Boys who refuse to do so are often raped, and, in some reported cases, murdered if they manage to escape. The boys are also generally deprived of education, ruining their life prospects when they are eventually discarded after having become too old.
Yass kween slay, based, how progressive, they were so advanced for their time, I can’t believe nobody thought of this in the year 2022 of our lord, insert some drag queen meme about being based here.
At this point, if there’s no mass peaking, this will happen publicly and we will all have to applaud those who traffic children because it will be based yass kween.

No. 1444805

Pederasty exists where moids exist, period. Even the church was full of it in the 1100s (Liber Gomorrhianus) and the Italian city states were so full of it that some moid saint wrote a massive tract about it and concluded 'it's far less sinful to violate a little girl than a boy, so do that instead'. The wakashu in Japan were males of an age designated as fuck-objects and fuck-holes (not "third gender" like youtube idiots claim). Papuan tribes practice it. Its a perennial, perpetual scrote fixation to dress little boys up as little girls and rape them. So of course it was omnipresent in the Islamic world until recently, since Muslim men have no restrictions on their carnality

The femboy nonsense gaining traction everywhere is scrotes reviving this ideal again out of spite. The West briefly got rid of this b/s in the 20th century but it didn't last

No. 1444806

File: 1645032913638.png (6.69 KB, 749x109, Achievement unlocked Jiggle Ph…)

These troons are so embarrassing imagine a woman talking like these troons do.

boobies go boing boing xD

No. 1444807

>The West briefly got rid of this b/s in the 20th century but it didn't last
Try earlier than that, like at least the 15th century.

No. 1444809

How was it common practice in Islamic societies by Islamic law. Under Islamic law, a male imitating a woman would be punished and it was made into a law to deter such practices. These kind of men were even banished from ever entering women's quarters. Don't give Muzzie agp's any ideas, I have already seen one who insists on entering women's only mosques.

No. 1444811

those were behind closed doors and kept a secret, there were no open markets of boys being sold as slaves like the Islamic doors

No. 1444812

they weren't always dressed as women and while they weren't allowed in women's quarters cause they were men, they were still considered "lesser men" overall, which is what most third gendered people were
the "third gender" term in country includes gay-men, intersex people and tims casue they are all considered lesser men

No. 1444816

File: 1645034180418.png (36.04 KB, 754x410, Katy Montgomerie.png)

I have to make this about myself or else I won't be able to relate to it-twitter troon

No. 1444818

These mukhannathun were not dressed as women at all.
They were allowed into women quarters because they had no sexual attraction towards women, which later was proven to be false as some did and simply lied to force themselves into female spaces and were subsequently banished by Muhammad. Not because they were lesser men, they still had the upper hand over women and had the rights of a normal man and were recognized as males.
Islam doesn't recognize these effeminate men as a third gender and their scripture makes a clear distinction of females, males and intersex individuals who would still fit in the M and F binary. The mukhannathun who some Muslims like to justify transgenderism for was simply used by Muhammad to indicate an asexual man who sometimes possessed feminine characteristics or an asexual woman who would be seen as masculine although the woman could never enter a males quarter because of danger against her.
Muhammad literally word for word threatens "men who imitate women" and vice versa, rejecting the concept of transgenderism and being unwavering on the fact that there are only 2 sexes.

No. 1444822

File: 1645034986484.png (1.55 MB, 1748x1173, Euan Yours on Twitter.png)

Member the troon who put his festishes on display in his social media, the one who volunteered for a girl guide group, he was fired and the tra's are mad about it.

No. 1444823

Post pics with your spergy rants at least.

No. 1444826

NTA but how is giving out information contradicting what trannies say to justify their delusions "spergy"?

No. 1444827

Maybe when you finally accept what you really are, Colin, and stop infringing on women’s spaces.

No. 1444867

File: 1645037629233.jpeg (40.97 KB, 415x739, TrannyPombaGira.jpeg)

NTA, although the autistic westboro-like ultra-trads obviously hates troons, the moderate normies tend to be more supportive of them than of the LGBs, since they think they believe trannies are mentally ill HSTS who will 41% if they don't transition, while L/Gs can be celibate and Bs can date exclusively with the opposite sex. But most of them are peaking now because of transbians and genderspecials, instead of "latching on to it harder and harder now" like nonnie said.

Also, my country has many followers of Alan Kardec's spiritism, and they believe that homosexuals are people who have spent several incarnations being of the opposite sex and haven't gotten used to their current bodies, which is perfect for troonism.
In fact, Umbanda, a offshot of Spiritism syncretized with african religions have a lot of trannies, and guess what, almost all of them relate to the oversexualized entity "Pomba Gira".

No. 1444877

Why does this article for Pomba Gira on wikipedia portray it as something completely straightforward without skepticism yet any article on an abrahamic religion is always skeptical and vague as fuck? lol

No. 1444883

Oh how I love this crazy bitch

No. 1444897

File: 1645041621132.jpg (258.02 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20220216-115535.jpg)

Good Lord, I swear r/MTF is one of the most disturbing tranny subs on Reddit.

No. 1444900

No. 1444904

>Women would rather fuck dogs than me

Men cannot stop posting Ls

No. 1444905

File: 1645042823867.png (104.28 KB, 820x662, Untitled.png)

Screenshotted cause this will probably get deleted, it's already downvoted because it's too honest, kek.

No. 1444907

>could breastfeed thanks to modern medicine

No, you fucking can’t. You can lactate, but that isn’t proper nutrition for babies and you don’t and never will produce proper milk for them to feed on. It’s not fucking healthy and having a baby suckle on man tits should be enough for a damned pedophilia charge, you sick fuck. All these posts made me mad lmfao. Nasty asses. YWNBAW.

No. 1444910

File: 1645043539839.jpg (300.06 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20220216-151524_Red…)

That subreddit is a gooldmine. Also, look at the other posts by the faggot you screenshotted. He basically admits to being one of those incels who try to fuck other men to cope kek

No. 1444911

“Waaaah I wish I could be pregnant waaaah it’s not available to me waaaah!”
Cry more, troon. You can’t have every facet of womanhood, no matter how much you cry and no matter how much you want to. As a matter of fact, you don’t have access to anything remotely close to it outside of what you think is womanhood, or, playing dress up and shitting your guts out thanks to the hormones you dope yourself up with. Turn to God or something, get help.

No. 1444913

I guess it's because afro-brazilian religions are "minoritarian and persecuted", which is true but wokes use this fact to shield it from any criticism, such the ones against the animal sacrifices in some branches of these religions.

Hi anã, nice to see other brazilian here. I always wanted to post tranny vacas from here but I thought it would be too niche.

No. 1444917

kek is it bad that I'm not completely against this, if incels want to start crossdressing and getting fucked in the ass by old men to pwn the roasties, who am I to stop them? it's really funny

No. 1444920

File: 1645044164795.jpg (581.42 KB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20220216-154153_Red…)

No. 1444923

KEK. terfsouls confirmed
to be fair, I played in the network test and unfortunately they have "body type A and B" instead of gender like the former souls games, which is unfortunate.

No. 1444933

Trannies in mens prison is the correct choice. Banks needs to realize this. She’s fairly transphobic but still seems to think some troons are valid.

No. 1444934

Isn’t the father of her baby her ex-husband?

No. 1444936

JFC no wonder these people fall for the tranny shit, they’re insane. So he’s an heterosexual man, who has AGP, hates getting fucked by men, but is somehow gay, and went through conversion therapy at some point of his life
Yet he says he’s straight again and is mad that women will never even look at him. Jesus, these men really need to get shoved in an underground cell so nobody has to look at their ugly faces rotting.

No. 1444946


I don’t know anything about queer theory but the “no difference between men and women” thing really is being pushed. They’re now saying that male and female are meaningless terms, “biological sex” is a TERF dogwhistle, sex is a spectrum, etc. A surprising number of normies have been convinced of this too just because they think it’s what “good people” believe. “There are only two sexes” is becoming a culture war phrase and good liberals know they’re supposed to be on the side that doesn’t say that. All because being reminded they’re male ruins the AGP coomer fantasy.

Probably a lot of academics and intellectuals get on board with it because it makes them feel smarter and more enlightened than the average idiot who still believes that there are only two sexes and those sexes don’t change.

No. 1444948

File: 1645046555819.png (580.48 KB, 607x794, Screenshot (58).png)

>and i mostly pass too

No. 1444966

They really think not being openly "misgendered" = passing

No. 1444979

how can someone be this deluded i don't understand

No. 1444982

Women and men are both social constructs only existing to uphold the privileged cis heterosexual white able-bodied patriarchy. Keep up nonny! Cis women are as bad as men but trans women are the same as cis women!

No. 1444991

I wish there was a drinking game on troons. Take a shot everytime they say the steal their sister or mom's clothes or finish your drink when their festering axe wound is described as identical as a real vagina. If you don't get alcoholic poisoning you win.
Also, where can I find all Kikomi's comics? I know there was an Imgur's album but I lost it.

No. 1444994

i'd go through 5 donor livers in a span of a week. bad idea

No. 1445028

File: 1645054871716.jpeg (291.2 KB, 828x872, 13962FD4-38D0-4A79-A227-27AB27…)

ah yes, compare the fact that you want to mutilate your bodies to fucking nazi germany

No. 1445033

I think by straight conversion therapy he means memeing himself into gay buttsex, not the other way around

No. 1445034

File: 1645056093967.jpg (236.04 KB, 828x1339, electivesurgeryisrelgious.jpg)

Because talking about how healing from your elective butchering "among life and death" felt like a "religious experience" definitely doesn't sound cult-like at all.

What the actual fuck. This one can't 41% soon enough.

No. 1445041

Coming from her, I don't think this is a call to put tims in women's prisons. I think she is moreso emphasizing that black men are serving multi year sentences for things like possession charges where frathouse Ryan would get a couple months probation at max

No. 1445044

> The verdict came after the hearing of a case brought by a Kuwaiti man who was charged under the law.

>Lawyer Ali Al Arian told The National that his client identifies as a woman.

>The person's medical records, dating back to early childhood, include a doctor's assessment that they have gender dysphoria, the distress caused by someone’s gender identity not matching their biological body, Mr Al Arian said.


This is not something I ever would have expected. Kind of stumped.
“Its not imitating the opposite sex if you have gender dysphoria”. I wonder why the client was diagnosed with gender dysphoria as a child.

Its also weird seeing anons bring up whats a pretty dead and obscure practice as something that defines gender and sexual relationships, most muslim arabs will have no clue what you’re talking about if you bring up dancing boys.

No. 1445053

Wow, people dying and all he can think about is himself kek. Typical troon behavior.

No. 1445058

That’s what Demon’s Souls had as well and it’s older now (the remake had it too). Probably more of a call back to that tbh

No. 1445062

I'm always amused when they think the female orgasm is some out of body experience. Its just a fucking orgasm, you feel it for like 7-8 seconds, the clit, ass and vaginal walls contract and thats it. Wtf do they think its some devine thing when they feel exactly the same when they orgasm as well. These people are mentally ill. Their obsession for being the opposite sex is based on lies they think are true and thats creepy as fuck.

No. 1445069

yes yes because recognizing the sex characteristics that exist in the human species is just like being persecuted for some phenotypes more common in a particular ethnic group. trannies want to be oppressed so badly.

No. 1445071

Female orgasms are felt more intensely, last longer, and they can be had multiple times in one session unlike male orgasms. Troons do exaggerate it of course. It the pornsickness. They see female porn stars have their fake exorcist-like convulsions while orgasming and want to experience the same thing.

No. 1445077

Do troons all talk in the same high pitch tone when trying to sound female? Some guy I saw at work sounded exactly like the ftm I went to school with, it’s uncanny they’re not the same person

No. 1445078

They still have male orgasms, but probably much worse due to the extensive nerve damage. That’s the irony

No. 1445079

Yeah the orgasm actually gets worse but a lot of troons are delusional enough to believe that gender transition will let them experience female orgasms

No. 1445107

File: 1645064256059.jpg (396.99 KB, 1080x1080, PCIMG_2022-02-16_18-28-41.JPG)


No. 1445108

>felt more intensely
>last longer
>can have multiple in one sessione
none of these are universal at all

No. 1445112

the way he's dressed like a 3 yr old

No. 1445122

Yeah and how can you even compare without experiencing both

No. 1445125

when can we send these people back to hell where they belong
putin nuke us off the map already

No. 1445143

how do they even know what a female organism feel like?

No. 1445148

supposedly the female orgasm should be stronger bc the nerves are more connected or something like that. the clit has double the amount of nerve endings than the tip of the penis, anyway. but we’ll never know.

No. 1445152

I suspect it is because they have more difficulty achieving orgasm and so spend more time building up before release, so they experience the buildup/payoff differently than before and interpret that as the difference between male/female orgasm.

Much of what I have seen them describe aligns with this, which they associate with s