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No. 1457298

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1457307

File: 1646364219206.png (355.1 KB, 524x782, image468.png)

No. 1457309

File: 1646364309090.jpg (37.52 KB, 720x556, i was happy.jpg)

oh my god these threads move so fast these days

at any rate, have this. nothing shocking but if I had a dollar for every time i've seen them say this

No. 1457313

I don't think Sean Chong Umeda is actually mtf despite the clothes. His ig handle is still seannyboy808 and he goes by "any" pronouns. Also he bought some clothes from me once lol

No. 1457314

I hate this guy. He jumped on the far left antifa bandwagon but won't shut the fuck up about being a veteran. half of the SF guys are just complete psychopaths that wanted a chance to kill legally.

No. 1457315

yah he is a gay gender fluid non binary snowflake.
So gotta give him some created for not going full in on the larp I guess.

No. 1457316

File: 1646364892613.png (48.24 KB, 689x437, 567456.png)

No. 1457317

'become a curve/jelly' from last thread is now my favorite thing

No. 1457327

File: 1646365518630.png (295.95 KB, 740x626, said breasts.png)

this is what it looks like apparently after the Boob job.

Honestly I'm not even sure what they look like tbh. I feel sorry for his work mate having to put up with his shitty behavior making a joke out of how obsessive he is about tits.

I imagine that eye roll was her suppressing her true feelings on the matter and she is just being polite playing along with his creepy behavior. Because she doesn't want to deal with a troon chimp out and get called transphobic for voicing her discomfort.

No. 1457328

Men fuck anything and everything tho

No. 1457330

I love that enby automatically means female to them, gendies really tell on themselves

No. 1457331

True, but that's not the point

No. 1457332

File: 1646366262281.png (433.11 KB, 741x930, 33 years old granny.png)

How does this he ""pass" it must be people lying to him.

No. 1457333

File: 1646366331480.png (336.31 KB, 619x559, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter (2)…)

oof I paused at the wrong time.

No. 1457337

File: 1646366892539.jpg (262.59 KB, 1152x2048, FM6pgCCVUAIPeW3.jpg)

our fav Jasman gave us this pukey pic

No. 1457341

So much of what troons consider passing is just women being polite and not wanting to upset the hulking man in a dress. A lot of times men are just dogshit at telling sex; I’ve been sir’ed for having my hair up and wearing baggy clothing.

No. 1457348

File: 1646367543970.png (34.36 KB, 720x403, Peony Campbell.png)

here's an interesting thread related to letting troons into women's prisons

No. 1457352

I love it when they cannibalize each other

No. 1457357

File: 1646368290729.png (368.65 KB, 598x744, bathrooms are so SAFE.png)

No. 1457370

File: 1646369267221.png (4.06 MB, 1792x828, 9F610956-903D-4F8B-B7C8-578DF3…)


Anyone remember Gen Zed? It was an animated show from like seven years ago starring a tranny that immediately got cancelled due to backlash. The pilot is so funny

No. 1457371

>Asian girl with purple hair streak
WHERE did this trope even originate from and why is it everywhere lmfao

No. 1457372

File: 1646369544149.jpeg (276.55 KB, 1792x758, 4C41154F-263D-4449-98D8-22A81B…)

I love this so much. Lia is going to compete in the next Olympics and China and Russia will correctly protest how idiotic the United States is. Let America die.

No. 1457374

>Couldn't get out of bed before coming out as trans
More like couldn't win competitions

No. 1457377

I'm ready to watch the entire story burn.

No. 1457378

I kind of vaguely remember this. What exactly was the backlash about?

My sympathy for your autism anon

No. 1457388

this is some atrocious animation

No. 1457389

File: 1646370700689.jpg (85.74 KB, 1221x648, trooningout.jpg)

they are so clearly chubby, ugly, unwanted males who try to larp as female so that they aren't invisible. sad!

No. 1457390

File: 1646370717224.jpg (139.96 KB, 924x546, DSMtroon.jpg)

I'm disappointed but but surprised by these changes to the DSM-5. The invention of the concept of gender has ruined so much, gotta love how the material reality of being a female human being is now the same as a man saying being female is his "experienced gender".

No. 1457391

>(flattered then) disgusted, uncomfortable, guilty for the attention

Err so uh um… troons think we like male attention from strangers but feel guilty about it? Like Christian guilt kek?
No we just don't want strangers trying to solicit us you absolute moron. (aimed at troon, not you anon)

No. 1457395

Yukio from Deadpool 2 movie maybe

No. 1457400

no, zoomer, it did not come from deadpool 2.

When his team start to break it to him that he's gonna have to throw the race at the olympics, our only hope is that in the moment he'll be too autistic to follow through.

No. 1457406


Don't you just wanna slide your credit card in there?

No. 1457407

File: 1646373756744.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2967x2472, 3533526C-56BF-4CFE-9B6F-CB8140…)

his entire family knows and is ashamed of him, his father can hardly talk about his own son, and still he insists on wearing a wig and a dress. how selfish these troons are to play out their sick fantasies when not a single sane minded person believes any of it. plus his ‘gf’ (another troon) is disgusting too, goddamn.

I had to post him to show it’s not just kiwifarms laughing at him

No. 1457411

*some guy
He needs to know real women are laughing at him. I’m in my 20s. It’s not just middle aged British ladies sir.

No. 1457413

Good. Troons need to be laffed at some more.

No. 1457416

Sage but what's the difference between the aesthetic in picrel and that of a common tumblr fakeboi/boi?

No. 1457417

Lengthy description but all i see are a muddled mess of rainbows pink and pastels in general. Is there a behavioral difference if a moid vs a fakeboi adopts this kind of "uwu"? Why is one more creepy and one more immature? No moids like that are "mature creeps" afaik.

No. 1457420


It's been a thing for a while. I think because white people think Asians without it arr rook same.

No. 1457422

File: 1646376175544.png (553.02 KB, 757x1046, tumblr_md8oetBTWC1ro3irro1_128…)

Scott Pilgrim didn't just influence all the blue haired Ramona clones (though tbh it's probably from even earlier than this)

No. 1457430

it happened way earlier than that nonny like Titan A.E

No. 1457438

Because Asian women with no hairstreak in pop culture are just submissive, exoticized fuckmeat but a rebellious hairstreak automatically gives them "personality".
No idea where it originates though xox

No. 1457448

i have said it before, laughing at trannies is best thing you could do because women laughing at men is like their kryptonite

No. 1457454

no he deletes posts that can lead to dox, has a pretty clean internet presence due to him partaking in 4chan-esque internet trolling which he brings up on occasion. A lot of his early transition pics got lost when he got IP banned from his old account for harassment for the lol's.

Also spends a lot of time in self deprecating "humor" pages troons frequent so he def got that self hatred impostor syndrome bubbling underneath the surface imo.

miod is a stereotype just like most of the troons we see here.

Thou his job seems to have pretty good insurance/pay cause he is getting surgery's pretty often for how early he is in his transition.

No. 1457456

But he is "stealth" at his workplace? X to fucking doubt

No. 1457457

They know it’s all bullshit. They know men can never be women and vice versa. They’re desperately trying to get the rest of the world to believe their own shit but they will never believe it for themselves. I’d you don’t see a trans “man” as a real man and get dysphoria over them then how the fuck do you expect women to accept you as a woman? You are a confused man who is jealous of confused women.

No. 1457459

File: 1646382826737.png (94.55 KB, 735x729, use to be an obese neckbeard i…)

well considering he use to be an obese neckbeard sperg… maybe the normal passing interactions he is getting now that he has some confidence makes him think it's positive and he totally passes or something.

No. 1457460

They're always just sooo close to getting it lol

No. 1457467

I think the reason people are especially hesitant to believe men would pretend to be women (over, let's say, a cop or handicapped) is that being a woman is so dehumanizing that few men would ever think to stoop so low.
It really says a lot about our SOCIETY tbh

No. 1457474

I got this from the 12th thread but bought it forward for those who might not have seen it. It’s a really good documentary over four parts, highly reccomend and I think it’s got a lot of good, innocent, peaking material in it.

It makes me absolutely sick this he-man is competing on the womens team and stealing that oppertunity away from a woman. Foul. I kinda want the man beast to win by a landslide and break world records so the other countries will complain to the Olympic committee. If he looses they’ll use that as justification to have scrotum havers in womens sports.

No. 1457481

He’s probably going to lose on purpose like he did that other time. All he cares about is being able to coom in the women’s changing room.

No. 1457488

The weird shmorky voice they all put on is so fucking ridiculous. This is what they think women sound like??

No. 1457503

File: 1646393197710.png (52.28 KB, 598x296, 7432E1F4-4472-4AAC-B07D-7FB891…)

Another good argument for those battling handmaidens (as a follow on from me posting the coloniser quote yesterday).

No. 1457517

File: 1646394711940.jpg (400.6 KB, 564x762, RDT_20220304_12320421957827282…)

egg_irl traumatizes me

No. 1457518

File: 1646394776945.jpg (97.46 KB, 616x791, Screenshot_20220304-122904_Red…)

No. 1457535

>I used to be criticized for talking too much
>People find it charming and cute when I talk a lot now
The audacity of this fanfic! Imagine how annoying a moid has to be to get called out and told to STFU. Now imagine that moid feeling smug and manic from muh gender euphoria. I feel so sorry for his co-workers. They can't say anything but "stunning and brave!" to him or they'll get a call from HR.
Why do these moids think EVERY negative characteristic they have will flip to a positive when they get surgery and pretend to be a catgirl Friends character at work?

No. 1457539

File: 1646400856236.png (Spoiler Image,119.51 KB, 926x762, ewwwwwww.PNG)

this freak got euphoria from having his haemhorroids checked

noice how he sexualises women's pain!!! disgosten

No. 1457540

Ah yes, sexualizing invasive medical procedures, typical moid behaviour. And he squealed! We know all girls squeal and tremble and act sexy when having medical examinations at the ER! That sounds hot and I've seen it in porn so it must be true!!

No. 1457541

it could not be more clear that euphoria = sexual pleasure

No. 1457544

That is unbelievably predatory

No. 1457546

Oh my fucking god imagine being the fucking doctor having to put his finger inside a repulsing, smelly tranny and on top of that it even starts making "sexy" anime """"girl"""" noises oh my god

No. 1457554

eh doctors are hardasses who have seen a lot, he probably made fun of the tranny later with a friend and was ultimately unbothered (a lot of dudes actually ejaculate when having their prostate checked for cancer, men are degenerates)

No. 1457559

Was the femininity video linked here or MtF thread? Anyway, it got Tims very upset, and now Shanspeare made an apology video about how she OVERSTEPPED HER BOUNDARIES holy fucking shit

No. 1457561

TIL I'm not a woman because I talk with my hands and use big bites to eat.

Also, does this guy think women sway their hips when they walk because heels? No, it happens because we have wider hips and a low center of gravity (something these freaks will never have)

No. 1457564

As we all know, hentai is an accurate representation of female sexuality. He probably thinks (female) anal orgasms are real.

No. 1457565

I don’t watch her so what happened did she say something mostly GC and then the colonizers stomped on her?

No. 1457567

I can't believe this is after FFS. He looks like a fucking caveman

No. 1457572

Semi blog and no milk but he reminds me of an asian troon who did a live on Youtube, this was during my handmaiden-ish phase where I was curious about them. This was a faq and a comment asked him about a girl who vaguely mentionned someone who introduced her to drugs and pretty much made her an addict and asked if it was him. I clearly saw him reading the comment and ignoring it lol. Now that I think about it everything had that fake and forced happy vibe, pretty much a gay cliché and girls would naively yes queen him because I don't know, it's easy activism? They saw him as a gay baby to cuddle?

No. 1457582

File: 1646407318984.jpg (75.36 KB, 640x852, 96spfeoajdl81.jpg)

Creepy dad who took that whore-wannabe selfie with his daughter just posted a selfie to MTFSelfieTrain. God, what a fucking narcissist. In the post he refers to himself as '40 mtf Mom'. So creepy.

No. 1457587

She equated pressure to be feminine to "afab" people, and then all hell went loose

No. 1457590

File: 1646407855415.jpg (624.2 KB, 810x1683, Screenshot_20211213-225842_Boo…)

He's a fashion model. Not kidding.

No. 1457591

This cow has a potential for their own thread at this point. Also I never noticed r/TransLater before. Let me guess, it's AGP fetishists realising their True and Honest™ womanhood after years of marriage and several children later.

No. 1457592

File: 1646408013027.jpg (1.11 MB, 810x3280, Screenshot_20211120-005228_Boo…)

Digging for the pic where he's standing amongst the models

No. 1457593

File: 1646408201031.jpg (8.51 MB, 960x12821, Screenshot_20220225-011623_Boo…)

You're in for a real treat if you've just discovered r/TransLater, anon. Collage of the sub I took last week.

No. 1457594

male privilege is looking like this and still being allowed to model

No. 1457597

Eh this looks like a weird pageant thing anyone can enter, it's not real modeling it's larp modeling

No. 1457598

idk if i'm crazy for expecting this to be a mass peaking, but I am. Even countries like Japan will have an issue with this. Then we can twist it and ask why privileged white men from the most powerful country in the world are trying to force his bougie beliefs on other cultures kek

No. 1457599

if he wins gold in the olympics then there absolutely will be

No. 1457602

you're being optimistic, he can easily keep throwing like he did against the tif swimmer

No. 1457608

If a woman looking like this was allowed to model, moids would get so mad. I remember the outlash when gucci hired an unconventional female model who had a big nose.

No. 1457619

I fear he will do the same as the dainty NZ weightlifter moid

No. 1457622

File: 1646410367333.png (461.39 KB, 835x612, vain troon.png)

technically he paid to "model" for small business and designers thru a fashion and modelling school.

The modeling gig at NYFW he is bragging about is part of the course he paid for.


Its basically the same as those scam modeling agencies for kids you find in malls that con parents out of money to make their kids feel special, but for vain adults that need the ego boost and wanna waste money.

And Ms fashion global is another vain money scam pageant.

No. 1457623

File: 1646410378785.png (1.16 MB, 1656x1150, Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 15.28…)

Taken from r/MTFSelfieTrain. I feel like this is most troons. They want to look like Bubbles from the PowerPuffGirls but always wind up looking and sounding like Him.

No. 1457625

you’re joking right? gucci is literally known for hiring weird looking models. most gucci models have eyes too far apart, big chin etc.

No. 1457632

I know but the model being too "ugly" made it to news in my country since most people are clueless about the modeling industry standards.

No. 1457635

File: 1646411570051.png (642.1 KB, 735x793, vain troon among fellows.png)

on a follow up note, he seems to be involved in other seedy competitions masquerading as fashion shows as well. This is another one he paid to be part of.

This is the third such one he has been part of recently. Called Victoria Henley's Magnifique.


No. 1457636

This is pathetic lmfao

No. 1457639

all of that caping for troons and bashing terves in her video and she still has to apologize kek

No. 1457641

Jeez why does he make a note of being a 'mtf Mom' in every single post of his? So creepy! I bet his daughter is seriously traumatised.

No. 1457649

this made me notice his drawn-on hairline because his widow's peak is smudged in this pic.

No. 1457650

File: 1646412344952.png (950.08 KB, 1104x1104, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 11.4…)

a troon unironically drew this.

No. 1457654

I wish somehow it would lead her to fully peak

No. 1457657

File: 1646412875678.jpg (518.33 KB, 2316x3088, vain troon vein arms.jpg)

I think an annoying thing while going thru his post history is his triple posting of every pic.

This guy is so desperate for attention and validation it's on a whole other level. I bet he is even annoying the reddit troons at this point.

No. 1457658

what the fuck, people are seriously believing this guy? and taking it seriously? they're just credulously writing about this guy like he's some trailblazing woman?

No. 1457659

She certainly looked it in the last thread. Like a husk of a girl. It made my heart hurt a little.

No. 1457665

did this disgusting weeb seriously get a fucking pointy ear surgery

No. 1457674

File: 1646413501759.jpeg (85.11 KB, 1024x716, 949FB34D-12FF-4388-BD29-10BAE0…)

the way his boob job sits on his chest reminds me of a rennesaince statue done by some gay dude who'd never seen a tittie before in real life, lol.

No. 1457679

File: 1646413670177.jpg (772.06 KB, 810x2062, Screenshot_20220304-114327_Boo…)

This pic kek. Looks like a fucking armadillo linebacker.
Thanks for sharing this. The scam model agencies didn't even cross my mind. Literally Robert in "The Model" episode of Everybody Loves Raymond:

No. 1457682

File: 1646413762306.png (690.03 KB, 742x1218, vain troon squat and pee.png)

I didn't know having to squat and pee outside was such a huge milestone for a girl… imagine going out to go take a piss out in the park behind a bush then taking a photo of yourself afterwards so you can tell reddit.

~ItS N0t A FeTIsH~

No. 1457687

This is so fucking WEIRD. You have to "learn" how to squat and pee? What? Motherfucker, it is self-explanatory. Woah, big tranny milestone there! You squatted to pee! I'm sure it was very arousing but don't worry, cis women TOTALLY get turned on when they squat to pee too! You're not weird! You're definitely not a straight man getting off to the idea of being a woman! Trannies are infuriating.

No. 1457688

File: 1646413986266.jpeg (73.17 KB, 581x1121, BBF23C6C-CB73-4FDF-ADDB-30BF38…)

A moment of silence for this stunning and brave eyelash strip

No. 1457691

File: 1646414069173.jpeg (90.49 KB, 750x936, B26270E8-2700-4CEF-9FCE-F09F5E…)

Excuse me, Sir, if your going to dress up as a woman at least put glue on your falsies.

No. 1457694

crying that you call michelangelo 'some gay dude'

No. 1457702

No. 1457704

thing is he did know how to draw woman correctly and there are sketches he did of female nudes. He was just obsessed with muscles. so gay was most decently a factor imo.


No. 1457715

File: 1646416013398.jpg (817.3 KB, 810x1695, Screenshot_20210804-004316_Boo…)

Those veins

No. 1457722

just let it sink in that he went out in PUBLIC wearing that cheaper hooker top.

Imagine if a real 39 woman did that.

Do you think he wears slutty clothes to pick up his daughter from school too?

No. 1457723

It is like you are starving and some rich people are throwing out food so we are nothing but meat to this man. Lol the lack of self awareness and just utter retardation is amazing. Does he not realize WHY these women don't want their breasts? It's for the same reason perverts like him get them (sexual harassment from men). Fucking pig

No. 1457728

To that """models""" credit, he could pass as an ugly woman in pictures (pretty sure the illusion would break in video/irl), but no way in HELL would he be able to be a legitimate model. He should keep those hands out of pics though, they ain't very dainty

Nonny baby we can tell when you sage without you telling, the poster name changes to an url link. I understand you fear the wrath of the jannies but you don't have to tell every time, just so you know! I would put a heart symbol here but I would get banned rip

No. 1457729

Shit like this is why I'm never going back to therapy lol when I went in 2017 they tried to tell me I was trans (I used to try to pee while standing up after I was sexually abused as a kid) because it's easier to tell women to just identify out of their oppression than to help them overcome trauma surrounding their bodies

Sage for blog

No. 1457738

Sadly, he's got even more "mother"-daughter pics buried in his profile. Even if she did, his daughter never consented to any of this.

No. 1457739

I'm a detransitioner and I can't talk about it to a therapist without them trying to convince me I have internalized transphobia or something

No. 1457740

When filling out a form today, it asked for my gender and I can't tell you how much it killed me to have to tick the option that said "female including transwomen"

No. 1457771

If it makes you feel better nonny, we believe you

No. 1457773

That is so wrong. Trannies have ruined so many things.

No. 1457779

i'd try to find a new therapist

No. 1457797

File: 1646420246090.png (120.13 KB, 472x342, bnn.png)

No. 1457802

Being assigned gringo at birth isn’t easy.

No. 1457809

Jesus fucking christ. I hate these people

No. 1457810

'teagirlofsteel' being the neediest motherfucker again. He posts mostly autistic pictures of buses, interspersed with suicide baiting then only replies with one word answers.


No. 1457813

No. 1457819


breaking news; man gets turned on by finger to the prostate

No. 1457821

I had the same thing happen to me when trying to schedule a CVS minute clinic thing, the options were stupid as fuck. Putin can’t nuke us fast enough. I’m sick of these freaks.

No. 1457826

I fucking hate this. You don't see TIF's doing any of this it's all narcissitic entitled men as fucking usual. I hate that men are stealing our safe spaces and encroaching on our biology just like when will this madness end. I feel like there's no place for me socially now cause I'm a lefty type so I can't even feel comfortable in these spaces anymore because you have to be a kneebending handmaiden about this bullshit oh and pretend sex work is ultra liberating lmfao.

No. 1457827

I used to want to be a boy when I was 10-12 for abuse reasons. Never went further than daydreaming and never wearing skirts for a few years. Glad I wasn't in therapy…

No. 1457829

The comments were filled with a bunch of fags in makeup and self hating NB/transmasc girls. So many retarded hsts and agp saying they can relate to the pressure to be girly because they couldn't live up to the standards men tried to put on them?? So many mental gymnastics these freaks do. It was sad as fuck too all the TIFs were basically saying yea we all are raised female while the TIMs in the comments were desperately trying to equate their childhoods as gay boys to being a GNC girl lol

No. 1457830

That's why the alphabet gang always brings up 2spirits and other 3rd gender roles in non white societies. So that way if you try to call out their retardation they can call you a homophobe and a racist because don't u know!! Brown and black people didn't know about the gender binary till the evil white man came and explained it to us! Same reason they stuck a fucking black n brown stipes on their pride flag

No. 1457832

Oh hell no how dare they insult Kate Bush like that

No. 1457834

This is so stupid lmao. Like they make outdoor stand to pee devices just so women don’t have to squat when camping bc it sucks and is annoying.

No. 1457836

The fgm practicing tribes in africa sure know how to differentiate between men and women but okay..

No. 1457838

File: 1646422978277.jpg (170.21 KB, 750x893, Amiyah-Scott.jpg)

All troons have dead eyes. The AGP have a more Kubrick serial killer look while HSTS look possessed or empty inside. Even the "pretty" ones have dead eyes.

No. 1457839

It’s so fucking annoying. My boobs are pretty average and I’d give anything to go braless sometimes bc it’s more comfortable. The only time I feel safe doing so is when it’s freezing and I have a huge coat and am just going to get gas or something. Otherwise men just ogle you like they’ve never seen a female chest in their life. It’s enraging.

No. 1457842

Pretty sure it was da Vinci's ghey ass

No. 1457844

Wow so they just try to talk u back into being trans? So many people need their licenses revoked and honestly some of these people need to be imprisoned

No. 1457853

TIFs only try the narc weirdo shit with other women. They're the ones crying that men also get periods and have babies. They know not to try this shit with men. I hate men but at least gay moids know how to defend their fucking shit and tell fujos to fuck off. Women are too fucking nice. Alot of TIFs are throwing the rest of us under the bus so they don't have to deal with misogyny even though they're always gonna deal with misogyny but these retarded selfish women don't accept/realize it.

No. 1457864

Are u autistic anon? I'm telling you what troons and other gender specials say about non white societies. That the gender binary is white supremacy and that before the white man came none of knew what a man or woman was. Again. This. Is. What. Troons. Say. About. Gender. Ideology. So. That. Way. If. You. Try . To. Tell. Them. Being. Trans. Or. NB. Isn't. Real. They. Can. Call. U. Racist. Because. Only. White. Man. Believe. In . 2. Genders.

Do you understand now dumbass?

No. 1457871

I man anon wasn't wrong. No rights or names for men, no matter what they've done or how long they've been dead

No. 1457876

File: 1646424386439.jpg (517.47 KB, 2749x2062, GettyImages-959988486.jpg)

I feel like troons have shot themselves in the foot with constantly being in the media because even HSTS don't pass as well to me like in the past. I feel like it has to do with getting use to seeing them that I can tell something is off faster. Especially when next to real women. I know this isn't the TIF thread but even TIFs (the ones that are roided out and hit the gym, not the fujo softbois) are starting to pass less to me. No matter how beefy they get the neck/shoulder area always look weird asf and they have unmistakably soft eyes, while TIMs have soulless ones

No. 1457879

Why does he say womxn but not mxn? Sounds a bit exclusionary. Kek.

No. 1457880

No, the Tomb of Giuliano de'Medici was sculpted by Michelangelo.

No. 1457895

that's not how socialization works. Socialization is something actively done to you by the people around you. You can't be socialized female if everyone around you sees you as male, and vice versa. That's impossible.

No. 1457897

It makes me lose complete faith in humanity that no one's in the comments being like 'not everything has to be about TIMs' it's like we can't even talk about our generic female experiences without hons going 'OMG YOU TERF POS'. I feel like I'm going to need to become one of those people that celebrate vagina and menstrual art and whatever just to troll these fucking morons. Strangely enough all these TIMs are making me feel so proud to be an actual woman

No. 1457907

especially when their coming out stories are always like "I always knew I was trans because when I was three I wore mommy's heels even though I was on the baseball team for 4 years and I had two girlfriends and I never told a living soul and I have a wife at this present moment who calls me her husband"

No. 1457909

>you're using assigned gender at birth in the wrong waaaay you can't use it to excluuuuude traaaaans people reeeeeeee
fucking gold kek reminds me of the sign on the dressing room that said AFAB only. I don't care if the language is dehumanizing, I'm a proud egg carrier and they can't do shit about it

No. 1457913

The thing is about that whole two spirit third gender etc thing is that it’s them doing exactly what they say pisses them off.

Firstly, two spirit only existed in SOME Native American tribes - not all. It was when they had a very effeminate man who would be sent to live in the womens quarters. Instead of going to battle etc he’d be making quilts etc. What the men in those roles made was more valuable than what the women made because he’s a fucking man. It also meant they had someone keeping an eye on the women because women can’t exist without supervision. They were literally demoted to the womens tribes. Bare in mind that women who displayed masculine behaviour had no such special labels either.

Let’s be clear that people in those tribes knew exactly what gender/ sex those men were prior to any colonisation. They knew what roles they were meant to fulfil and exactly what to do when someone didn’t fulfil that. They didn’t pick up baby’s and be like “you are the magical two spirit one! To the ladies camp with you” it wasn’t a feeling that they had or any of that nonsense, it was a patriarchal society doing what patriarchal societies do.

These freaks essentially rewrite their history, change it to suit themselves and peddle the idea that these past tribes were so enlightened that they didn’t understand biological sex. The attitude they have about the whole two spirit thing is condescending, insulting and fucking racist. It is literally cultural appropriation.

No. 1457918

They are lmao. There isn’t just one uniform expression of female arousal. “Orgasms from anal are something only a MAN would get!” is something a TIF would say

No. 1457924

nta how can you orgasm from anal alone? Gay men have a prostate and afaik it's pretty rare for them too

No. 1457933

Idk, I guess the way some people can orgasm from nipple stim alone? Maybe it is unusual for women but (blog sorry) I’ve done it. It’s not an exclusively male thing. I feel like claiming things are “man/woman only” when they’re not plays into tranny hands.

No. 1457963

Nobody fucking cares about your disgusting degenerate bf and his mentally ill ex.

No. 1457975

I feel like I don't understand how ppl think only men are prone to easy orgasms. I swear the whole 'PIV orgasms for women is actually rare' (lmfao) is propaganda spread around for men to be fucking awful at sex and women to be okay with not expecting any better haha

No. 1457977

NAYRT but no one mentioned males in that post, and the convo was about females cooming from anal…

No. 1457986

I would have done some passive aggressive shit like scribble out “including transwoman” kek I’m petty

No. 1458005

>what is a lesbian
I'm the anon she was replying to and I cared btw

No. 1458018

no offense but i really ~dislike~ trannies for real. they offend me as a woman, i know too many of them and see grown men trying to act like cutesy little girls because that's women to them = little children it just pisses me off

No. 1458021

Do you think we're all in this thread as a joke lmfao

No. 1458023

File: 1646434009534.jpg (10.4 KB, 275x265, 1633201654294.jpg)


Same nona… don't really know what to say other than you're not the only one

No. 1458026

I'll always hate the way TRAs and etc. try to shit on terfs for recognizing that men are inherently violent beings. I've seen way too many criticize terfs for saying things like "terfs want to abolish gender but they keep gendering men as violent" or whatever. Just makes me mad. (i didn't see the new thread fuck)

No. 1458031

This. This is what peaked me. I'm a SA survivor as are most women and you're goddamned right I don't want some degenerate cock swinging coomer in the bathroom I'm using

No. 1458035

>no offense
what could be more offensive than a thread making fun of trannies

No. 1458053

File: 1646437673862.jpeg (89.89 KB, 553x540, FLa0tdcWUAAM46X.jpeg)


No. 1458062

Clearly a woman UwU

No. 1458066

She’s so graceful look at those dainty feminine shoulders uwu

No. 1458072

File: 1646439337423.png (3.15 MB, 2284x2404, image23904.png)

my favorite activity is sifting through comments like this and then seeing the man behind them

No. 1458076

The part where he takes care of his daughters would be sweet if he wasn't a tranny. Why can't moids take care of their kids without making it about them

No. 1458077

File: 1646439522341.webm (5.93 MB, 1026x572, sorana_xxxx.webm)

I stumbled upon the Twitch stream of a mentally ill, 40 year old Japanese man.

No. 1458078

i mean from other countries perspectives, it's clearly cheating. and to beat the US other countries will have to turn their sports divisions into transwomen divisions to stay competitive. goodbye women's sports. and men will laugh because they don't care.

No. 1458080

I'm really on my last straw here nonnas and I need advice. I used to be friends with this guy in hs and we were like a sitcom duo with the shy lesbian and the extremely extraverted gay guy. I used to see him in the halls with this random 12 year old boy and my friend would tell me that he was his cousin and I left it at that. One day, he just stops showing up to school and I find out from one of my classmates that he got expelled for statutory rape. I can understand why some women "not my Nigel" because I almost couldn't believe it. I never saw any red flags that or I overlooked them. Anyway, I check back up on this group chat my friends and I had and lo and behold he trooned out, clown hooker clothes, tube tits, the whole shebang. Seems that HSTSs troon out to escape their crimes as well.

No. 1458083

File: 1646440006048.jpg (26.06 KB, 736x326, 9438573498534.jpg)

it was cool once.

No. 1458089

i bet he squealed like a hog.

No. 1458109

why do incel NEET men love to pretend to be loli's together? is it like a different type of prison gay?

No. 1458118

> If it's not obvious, I'm a guy

No. 1458119

what do you need advice with, besides avoid that dude at all costs?

No. 1458122

Begone scrote. Your typing style doesn’t make you any smarter than women.

No. 1458129

> Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
Moids get banned on sight. Unfortunately many do not help out farmhands by admitting to it.

No. 1458131

Mate your on a womens board. Also no one wants the trannies around.

Avoid the creep at all costs. Are you at risk of loosing your friend group?

No. 1458138

What do you expect us to say? You don't respect women, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here, and you think we'll care about your retarded ideas? Moids always think their geniuses don't they

No. 1458147

File: 1646444491443.jpg (952.48 KB, 1440x1440, 1646314671714.jpg)

Nonnies can we get more ugly trannies please before the thread gets derailed

No. 1458156

fictionalized pedophilia as the other anon said. I think of it as a cope for the fact that so many of those autistic assholes never really mature mentally and fixate their sexual attraction of age groups they feel would be on their same level of maturity due to it being easier to manipulate and relate to children.

And since they have enough common scene to not get them selves thrown in jail for child rape they larp as little girls with each other because they feel its their "true selves".

It's to play out their debasing sexual fantasy with each other and act as the mentally retarded children they are deep inside.

No. 1458162

>I’m just going to start dating trans girls
That’s what they should all do.

No. 1458163

RIP dude you could have just never said you were a guy

No. 1458164

hate seeing trannies so obviously try to be feminine in the way they type. lots of keysmashing, lots of "umm's" and "like's", it's so fucking gross

No. 1458165

you're not actually asking a question, so no idea what advice you want tbh.

Scorn the fucker. He is a pedo rapist. And now he is making a mockery of womanhood to escape social prosecution. If he has gone to another town/school go on a crusade ah la anon and spread the info and proof that he is a rapist to his new school. He is a predator and the sooner he 41%'s the better. I know it's a bit sociopathic but I'm sick how these predators get away with this shit then get protection and let into woman's spaces.

Might not be the answer you where looking for, but it's the one I have.

No. 1458167

your typing style doesn't out you as a moid, but your retarded idea does

No. 1458174

Idk, I don't really like men on the internet and feel exhausted by them.

No. 1458180

He definitely doesn't actually take care of his daughters. He's probably a narc abuser and uses his children as pawns to abuse his ex-wife with. The fact he obsessed over how "attractive" they are and is jealous of them is so fucking gross and not at all how a loving parent would feel.

Plus he's a fucking liar. He seriously thinks anyone believes men are harassing him and propositioning him for sex even in "man mode" because he's "just so feminine uwu". Give me a break

No. 1458181

The voice lmfao

No. 1458182


stop encouraging scrotes by responding to them. doesn't work + derails the thread + no one cares. just report.

No. 1458184

Most of the friends in the group have grey walled him and the rest just do their best to avoid realizing the implications of it all. I just think that saying something would cause more problems because I don't want him to go awol.
I phrased it weird. I needed advice on how to cope with the revelation, but the best thing to do is to rip the bandaid off and know that whatever friend I had in him is dead and all that is left is a pedotranny. Unfortunately, I have no proof crossing my fingers and hopes he tries tricking a straight guy into sex

No. 1458202

File: 1646448828580.jpg (789.27 KB, 810x2373, Screenshot_20220304-214256_Boo…)

Just moms helping their sons buy bras and breastforms. Totally normal!:

No. 1458204

File: 1646448943055.jpg (62.71 KB, 540x674, 4389284329834243892.jpg)

No. 1458212

Are men usually terrible at holding their pee or something? Not to blog, but I do a lot of walking/hiking and can't recall a time I've had to squat and piss in a public place. Men have the strangest ideas of the "female experience".

No. 1458214

How does he even look more masculine after transition?

No. 1458217

Not necessarily, women get pelvic floor damage from (for example) childbirth. Also depending on the individual some people just have more sensitive bladders (reactive to coffee, alcohol, soda etc), diabetics notoriously pee more etc

I’ve definitely peed in the woods on multiple occasions.

>>1458204 okay so aside from wearing a one piece and growing his hair out… HOW has he transitioned?

No. 1458220

File: 1646450526216.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1737, A7CF4C92-30B5-470A-BAEE-E7FD5E…)

The agp smirk on him as she’s forcing a smile. If you told me this was a hostage photo I would believe it.

No. 1458221

Fair enough nonny! I suppose I should just count my blessings.

No. 1458223

Are they related? Looks like cousins or half siblings at the least.

No. 1458224

File: 1646450688709.jpg (84.11 KB, 1168x1039, 2022-03-05_04-24-54.jpg)

No. 1458227

ugh that username. This person actually wants to be taken seriously?

No. 1458233

that guy's definitely wearing a diaper

No. 1458235

if you drink a shitload of coffee every day you pee way more than the average person
t. french woman who takes coffee on hikes

No. 1458241

File: 1646452229877.png (292.98 KB, 1491x896, javisgeneral.png)

Javis/Yurii "MABTW" Strikes again, always uses Astolfo as the benchmark for troons. Posting it here to show he's no different from the mtfs he claim to trash.

No. 1458242

It doesn't look like he's done anything to transition, is he even on horse piss?

No. 1458243

Samefag but i hope he seriously just stay in his Dillin milking containment and not come into contact with troon matters

No. 1458247

beauteous graphic memery, shall repost til the cows come home. I can't believe any adult with > room temperature IQ is tolerating this disgrace

No. 1458268

Right, even the transphobic scrotes are no different from troons

No. 1458269

Why is his presence growing here even after he got banned and left? Are you seriously addicted to him or creating an underground cult to worship this ukrainian basement dweller?

No. 1458272

File: 1646454641372.png (59.94 KB, 671x641, period.png)

this troon thinks the blood leaking from his neovag is a period kek

No. 1458274

That is their cope as usual

No. 1458279

File: 1646455781078.png (491.99 KB, 634x642, waited till baby 2 till he dec…)

Married with kids troons piss me off the most tbh. I feel so sorry for their wives.

Imagine you marry a man have his children and then bam! One day they decided they need to be true to them selves and larp as woman. Like you married the man as a hetro female and now you need to pretend your a lesbian?

This troon waited till his wife was postpartum after having her body torn apart for a second time to have his kid. During the months of the first year of recover, the months of sleepless nights and feeding while your body is trying to recover and your dealing with hormones fucking with your head as they revert back to normal levels. During all of that she had to process him coming out as trans, destroying the promise of what that marriage was meant to be. Something she has literally paid in her blood and bone making those children.

So most likely only went along with it because she was in survival mode and desperate to keep her family together no matter the sacrifice.

The entitled asshole he is likely doesn't care, cause woman are just expected to sacrifice for their families without question.
He wants what he wants and he doesn't care how it might affect others. It's just such a fucking miod thing to do.

I hate them.

No. 1458280

if you're going to larp as female at least learn how female anatomy and menstruation works

No. 1458281

looks like he has a podcast

No. 1458282

File: 1646455951938.jpg (19.81 KB, 728x98, a.jpg)

Pretty sure it's a troll, it's also claiming it birthed a child

No. 1458286

File: 1646456226634.jpeg (296.86 KB, 1242x1838, 9A248F19-A187-4849-86E7-BA6169…)

his “When I Tell You” tweets always gave me the impression he has some gross fetish for wanting to fuck himself (they’re referencing a movie he made about his present self (troon) going back in time to tell his past self (just some guy) he’s trans). anyway this last tweet absolutely confirmed that for me. as if he wasn’t vile and disgusting enough, jfc

No. 1458303

>abusers often begin/escalate the abuse as soon as they marry and impregnate a woman
>troons often troon out as soon as they marry and impregnate a woman

hmmmmmmmmm interesting, what a fucking coincidence! What a completely and utterly male pattern of behaviour! They deserve to fucking rot for that shit.

No. 1458317

I'm surprised we haven't seen a dick bulge images of him in that swimsuit yet.

No. 1458322


No. 1458327

You know when gross wet bandaids stick to you in the pool, I'm fucking praying to every schizo god in existence that the tape he uses to sticky his penis to his perenium and keep his balls stuffed up in his inguinal canals falls off and adheres to another person in the pool

No. 1458330

File: 1646460903095.jpg (135.86 KB, 1025x760, top model.jpg)

>(pretty sure the illusion would break in video/irl)

Nice intuition. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXJm2s9FAtr/

No. 1458331

That's a man, baby!

No. 1458340

This thread is a shit show kek, lesbians shitting it up with their graphic ass play fantasies and now we have men bragging about their superior typing style.

No. 1458341

>lesbians shitting it up with their graphic ass play fantasies
what are you talking about

No. 1458345

Men who are transphobes always defend their agp brothers for being rational, same old kek

No. 1458349

sadly i feel like that kind of thing would get you put on a list if you live in some places

No. 1458350

File: 1646463355772.png (522.14 KB, 751x500, 43342324234.PNG)

No. 1458351

No proof of what? That he's a rapist?
You know he's a troon - that should be enough for you to cut ties.

No. 1458352

hi fellow coffee and wilderness nona!
tbh i can't squat for shit because of wrecked knees so i just take an empty bottle with a wide neck. does the job.

No. 1458354

why did you feel the need to inform us of this

No. 1458355

File: 1646464503076.jpeg (90.58 KB, 998x576, S03E01-3aM4g8XA-subtitled.jpeg)

Why would you wish that on a woman!?
Personally I'm hoping for a ball-out.

No. 1458356

i'm stoned as balls and entering dgaf mode

No. 1458357

File: 1646464600546.png (645.97 KB, 737x819, Been doing drag since the 90s …)

okay I started having a bit of a snoop as well cause he looked interesting.

This guy is 53 with 3 daughters, two of whom are gay. One of the reasons he hasn't been open socially as trans so far is because he is scared at how his daughters will react. So I wonder if the two lesbian daughters have openly confined to him their discomfort with trans forcing their way into lesbian spaces tbh.

He came out as gay in his 30s or even earlier it seems. He started visiting and preforming in Drag shows in New Orleans in his 30's during the 90s.

So all his bragging about doing hair and makeup and what not was most likely fueled by his ego tied to drag at the time imo. And the bragging about cooking and cleaning, that's a functioning thing ANY partner should do in a relationship. It doesn't make him maternal. Seriously the stuff he listed is shit any parent should be doing, but of course when a miod does it it's ~special~ the insufferable pieces of shit. Only time a miod takes pride in their parenthood its usually just to feed their own ego. And what ever real effort they put in, you can bet your ass its just performative if they feel the need to brag about.

Miod most likely had a midlife crisis and started hoeing around at drag clubs and neglecting his wife. He was naturally low T to the point of it being a problem with his genetics before all this shit so it was most likely a thankless loveless marriage so no wonder the woman was disconnected. And what do you do you?! …paint the woman as a sociopath. And he sure as hell didn't care for them full time after the divorce cause he was off gallabanting around the country with a string of boyfriends.

I'm getting strong narcissist vibes from him. He makes a point to attest to his intellect for having studied at university in something or other in relation to politics and having written 2 books.

Oh and the men hitting on him is most likely in relation to him being opening gay imo. He is just painting it that way to get ~larp~ points from other troons.

Picrel last drag show he went to, you think with the YEARS of experience with drag he would be a bit better at it.

No. 1458362

sorry but this has just been bugging me everytime you post, it’s ‘moid’ not ‘miod’ nona

No. 1458364


yah I am pretty trash at typing im afraid. The letters get jumbled pretty often, unless auto correct tells me I sometimes don't notice. hell sometimes im missing whole words from my sentences. It annoys most people I chat with online your not alone, but it's something I can't shake off unless I re read the sentence like 8 billion times to try and find my mistakes. sorry it upsets me to. I've been making an effort to clean it up as much as I can usually I fuck up "the" alot by letter order and I get so much shit for it in instant messaging groups cause people think I'm trying to be quirky typing "teh" all the time.

If it was something I could easily fix I would of by now, it drives me crazy to.

saged for the blogpost(blogpost)

No. 1458366

not to tinfoil or anything

But we don't care Andrew, we already know your a freak in a dress that takes photo in bathrooms. Try doing something interesting an we might start talking about you again.

You don't have to selfpost.

No. 1458394

It's ok nona! Don't worry too much about it, dyslexia is abreal thing

No. 1458402

Disgusting manlet body. Look at those thin chicken legs and his wide torso

No. 1458406

File: 1646478503402.jpg (290.51 KB, 1080x1562, tumblr_20181bc38295911dadedc26…)

I hope I can dumb some memes here and that it isn't derailing

No. 1458409

File: 1646478535585.jpg (172.16 KB, 1080x919, tumblr_c82902f29f146d681dc98ed…)

No. 1458411

File: 1646478656797.jpg (133.88 KB, 1080x936, tumblr_7810f9eef9f8623292e37b2…)

No. 1458412

File: 1646478919994.jpg (30.42 KB, 540x441, tumblr_4f03197fb783d23e63e732d…)

No. 1458415

File: 1646479082466.jpg (41.3 KB, 540x303, tumblr_bcd7ab8748f98b40298e9b0…)

No. 1458418

File: 1646479340078.jpg (180.91 KB, 1080x1081, tumblr_20dde5ac164909c4108c7d6…)

No. 1458419

File: 1646479492878.png (Spoiler Image,479.35 KB, 744x1186, wasn't aware girls peed on the…)

why does this guy think peeing on your butt is how girls pee normally?

also post surgery gore warning, click if you dare.

No. 1458420

These two are the best

No. 1458423

man you can tell the drs just stable that shit together with no care

No. 1458426

>Finally getting my makeup right

He has eyeliner literally all over his eye area, it looks like he forgot to take his makeup off before he went to bed. I love AGPs absolute inability to learn decent makeup skills

No. 1458429

When some girls shave their pubic area fully the pee can spray a bit depending on how you sit. I’ve never peed on my butt though.

He’s proberbly pissing in his diaper and loving it

No. 1458431

I mean the "vulva" area is probably one of the best I have seen tbh. Everything around is just horror though.

I am a strong supporter of vaginoplasty, as it takes the rape stick and horndog hormones away from them [passive-agressive smiley]

No. 1458432

File: 1646482689909.png (Spoiler Image,536.85 KB, 748x1106, beautiful and womanly.png)

Spoiler gore warning Post Op surgery.

you think that's bad! look at this one around the same time frame post op. wound opening… and the comments say its looks lovely and womanly…

yah I've had a misdirected stream on occasion but its never traveled anywhere my butt. Like wouldn't it need to go fucking backwards to do that? Was he trying to piss lying down or something?

his photo shopping is just as bad. look at his arm kek. There is also a post in relation to his boobs he made where the photoshop on them is so misshapen it's laughable.

No. 1458434

Are those… Pools of blood in the site of wound separation? Why are they acting like this is fine, shouldn't he visit his surgeon?

No. 1458437

>some wound seperation

No. 1458438

File: 1646483474570.jpg (Spoiler Image,373.19 KB, 752x666, 1622003536232.jpg)

>"oh that can't be the best incock possible it looks like shit"
>looks up mtf surgery

y-yeah that's a great one nona, relativity is a virtue

No. 1458439

I love this voluntary castration trend. All men should hop on board.

No. 1458440

I'm gagging. It looks like it has maggots in it

No. 1458441

YEP, I meant when I said that is literally the best amhole I have seen so far anon, lol

No. 1458442

everytime I see a troonsbian

No. 1458446

you did not spoiler this

No. 1458449

File: 1646484751922.png (Spoiler Image,515.94 KB, 750x1146, it only gets worse.png)

This was 4 days before that gore pic. lots changes in four days I guess. Spoiler post-op gore.

doctors call it wound dehiscence. Apparently it is very common especially on the outer areas where he is splitting open. It posses a huge infection risk thou so he should def see a GP to get a referral back to a surgeon so they can stitch up up closed again or something. Cause looks like way too many stitches ruptured to be safe.

Personally I think its cause he used too big of a dilator, and over dilated by accident.

The self harm these moids go thru astounds me sometimes.

sorry I forgot to click it before I posted. Was meaning to.

No. 1458460

Ain’t no way that shit isn’t going to get infected. Yuk!

No. 1458489

I gagged. WHY does this look like the inside of a tentacle!?

No. 1458492

I've literally never seen any kind of surgery where the results are consistently this horrific, is it due to the fact they have to constantly keep it from healing shut like >>1458449 said? The pressure of the dilation causes the whole thing to rupture?

No. 1458520

well with that one I posted (the case of wound dehiscence) it's caused by the skin tension and the wound being pulled constantly, so they need to be super meticulous in the closure and the troon needs to be super on top of hygiene post op otherwise it can tear easier in that area. And just general movement I guess if it's got so much skin tension being put on it for where it is. Hence why wound dehiscence is common in most cases to varying degrees.

That being said I only briefly googled it, I've never looked too deeply into the technical bullshit of getting an inverted dick. I just browsed the sub for the horror show and thought I might share.

No. 1458529

nta but definitely, it's only logical too, that stretching an unhealed wound and scar tissue constantly isn't even meant to go well from a biological perspective.

No. 1458530

genitals have several functions (pleasure, sex, urination) so they are very complex

if you mess with something that complex you're bound to run into trouble

No. 1458538

Literally two sides of the same coin. A transphobe moid and a troon moid… who would win? Clearly a troon apologist who pretends to hate troons to have their back

No. 1458544

File: 1646497166448.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1673x3349, F3C329E1-88F5-4A1F-9A00-E0378A…)

happened to stumble across ANOTHER troon admitting he jerks off in front of the mirror.

but it’s not a fetish guise!!1!!one!1!!

No. 1458547

>looks amazing
In what fucking world?

No. 1458555

File: 1646497884839.png (14.73 KB, 739x179, lifeshardbutnotme.png)

quite possibly the stupidest question i've ever found on trans reddit

No. 1458557

Holy shit. It looks like it's about to fall off

No. 1458559

what vaginal fluids are they even talking about? arousal fluid? cervical mucus?

No. 1458582

It's not the vagina they want, but the vagina they deserve.

No. 1458583

Jazz Jennings had a rupture in the parking lot on the way out of hospital. The whole thing was caught on camera.

Her parents are going to hell.

No. 1458586

everytime I hear the stupid cutesy nicknames they use I wanna heave.

I remember before hearing that you should teach your children the anatomical names for their body (penis, vagina, vulva etc) because 1. we grow to be so ashamed of our bodies and afraid to use those words and 2. it apparently puts pedo's right off to hear a little kid use the correct name and makes adults take them more seriously when they report the abuse.

if youve ever stumbled across the erotica these creeps write they always use stupid cutesy names for the parts of childrens bodies.

Knowing how many of these fetishists are pedofiles just re-enforces to me that the reason they're so desperate to control the language around womens bodies is to silence the sexual abuse of women and children.

No. 1458604

>peeing on your butt is how girls pee normally?
The stream goes backwards if I sit a certain way. Didn't realize this wasn't a universal experience, honestly.

No. 1458607

No. 1458644

So basically from the story he's a weirdo who doesn't even care about shaving, he probably destroyed his own ass with dildoes (because if you have a normal condition like hemorrhoids,why wouldn't just say it?) and because of this he's a sexually desperate coomer who now gets turn on when an overworked, tired, sleep deprived doctor has to stick his finger in someone's ass, yet again on the ER room.
This isn't even bottom barrel, the barrel is gone you're a sexual bottom feeder.

No. 1458647

Andy Warski vibes are strong indeed.

No. 1458655

File: 1646508441422.jpeg (715.9 KB, 1170x1156, F7AAE45A-2004-4625-ABFA-76239D…)

>terfs consume a lot of trans porn
Ignoring that radical feminism is anti-porn, but if I would watch a video and a troon showed up I would close the fucking video so fast. If it was the hottest real woman ever doing my exact "kinks" but she was having a trans rights text in the title or something I would not be turned on, just seething lul.

I know there are many examples of like, homophobic lawmakers turning out to partake in 20 man gay orgies, but man, I don't know. I feel like the denial of being aroused by something manifesting as hate only applies to moids. I could be wrong though.

No. 1458656

it's definitely a moid thing and them not knowing that makes it even more obvious that they are moids

No. 1458659

the implication that their festering crotch wounds aren’t visibly distinguishable from real vaginas KEK. pure delusion

No. 1458662

>terfs only pretend to hate us they secretly jerk off to us uwu
The irony of this is this is a completely male way of thinking. Women don't openly and routinely lash out at anything that turns us on because we're normal

No. 1458665

>Gay/bi men with internalized homophobia watch gay porn therefore women who don't like men who pretend women must watch tranny porn
Jesus wtf is that reach? The hormones must be killing their brain cells

No. 1458672

Moids think all women secretly want to fuck them even when they get rejected/hated on.

No. 1458682

File: 1646510938706.jpg (554.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220305-150611_Boo…)

They unironically made a sub with this theme a few years ago. Still produces some occasional milk.

No. 1458696

Of course they are crying about the Tom Scott Jill Bearup thing. How many million trans wimmin died because of this??

No. 1458700

>Homophobic lawmakers turning out to partake in 20 man gay orgies
That happens because they’re men, I’ve yet to see the first scandal about some homophobic celebrity going to lesbian orgies after shit talking lesbians. And no, movies/series/comics/novels/anecdotes don’t count, I want a news article about it to even begin to think that such a possibility would even happen.

No. 1458703

Good point. I'd love to see any cases of that

Well, I mean except the whole of the farms hating men but majority still fucking them kek I know it's not the same I'm just memeing

No. 1458704

File: 1646513073484.jpeg (55.98 KB, 500x500, 81E7D6BF-C938-4133-9C0B-3583B2…)


No. 1458723

Only in their wildest dreams is being a terf a fetish.

Honestly they need to give their brains a day off from porn and sex. Doesn’t it bore them?

No. 1458749

File: 1646518212821.jpeg (319.75 KB, 827x1350, 0029A6E3-EA30-48CA-A799-96A39B…)

Lia is not going to throw it like the weightlifting tranny, he’s genuinely too entitled and stupid to do anything but go for gold

No. 1458763

File: 1646519569754.jpeg (132.02 KB, 828x1031, AFCFE5C1-F86E-42EC-8350-6F0CE9…)

They’re actually retrofitting womens bathrooms with urinals for these fucking people.

No. 1458766

Thats fucking disgusting, pandering to their exhibition fetish. If they truly were women inside, they would piss sitting down in a stall.

No. 1458768

File: 1646519824689.webm (1.64 MB, 534x534, 1646207047495.webm)

No. 1458776

>trans people deserve the same respect as any other athlete gets
Ok sure participate in sport the other athletes deserve respect too. You can’t have it at the expense of women, women who worked hard to have sports teams and who are having opportunities taken from them for unfair reasons. It’s incredibly disrespectful. He’s so stupid.

No. 1458779

I do NOT want to walk in the women’s room and see a penis right in the open. This is asinine.

No. 1458783

Time to start vandalising urinals.

No. 1458794

not actually a terf myself, i'm more truscum (although no1curr) but i seriously think MTFs in womens sports is assinine. Women sports are for females and they should have their own tranner category and leave women alone.

No. 1458796

samefag but i'm so sorry anon i hope you get a proper therapist who doesn't try and feed you retardation. Twitter trannies ruined everything for women.

No. 1458821

how do you live with that cognitive dissonance

No. 1458824

kek maybe she's a babyTERF. I feel like the truscum to TERF pipeline is a real one.

No. 1458839

it was for me

No. 1458859

What a distinctly male way of thinking.

No. 1458860

Sage for the blogging but omg the more I read about these degenerates and their grooming of young kids and pressure for them to transition, take hormones, have mastectomies and other life changing surgeries the more it puts me off having children. I finally got settled in a relationship with a nice (straight) man and started thinking maybe one day I could be a mum, but I’m terrified of these creeps finding away to access them and grooming them into a life of misery.

I can’t believe how many people just go along with all this and let these creeps colonise womens spaces and change legislation to push their retardation. They can’t groom the fucking dog into trans rights.

No. 1458874

File: 1646527131823.png (335.98 KB, 635x655, the apple shaped man turns int…)

it took me a bit to wrap my head around what that pic was saying.

So let me get it right, they think we gain sexual arousal from clocking troons? Or they think we get off sexually on rebutting their stupid arguments they try to use to defend there delusions?

It's such a convoluted line of thought honestly. Only a moid could jack it off to something as weird as clocking people.

on an unrelated note, maybe this guy just feels so good now cause he managed to lose weight. picrel

No. 1458878

Same here nonnie

No. 1458882

Female anal orgasms are real. If you hit the right spot you can orgasm from stimulating the anterior fornix.

No. 1458886

File: 1646528131834.jpg (46.29 KB, 750x514, FNH10lbX0AQrBws.jpg)

I know this might just be a joke. But look at the likes and retweets. JK rowling is truly the new Hitler to these people

No. 1458891

lmfaooooo this is why nobody takes twitter ppl seriously

No. 1458893

Of course you'd have a panic disorder when all your organs are drowning in fat and you can't breathe. He was killing himself with food and now with hormones

No. 1458894

I kek'd but then saw the amount of likes and got sad.

No. 1458896

File: 1646528578897.png (531.66 KB, 1196x906, 4B80BF63-951E-47D7-BC23-4E472D…)

I’m leaving this here

No. 1458898

File: 1646528616843.png (59.44 KB, 162x145, soyman.png)

soyboy moment
they always look like this

No. 1458900

File: 1646528728847.png (266.82 KB, 399x399, A2B5B4DE-4D9D-4AA5-A889-0A9244…)

No. 1458901

Is it real or a joke account? Poe's law and all that.

No. 1458904

File: 1646529161341.png (25.91 KB, 744x259, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter (2)…)

>gets fake vagina and surgery to still look manly
>the only thing it attracts is other trannies

No. 1458906

What the fuck is up with that man’s hands

No. 1458908

File: 1646529642719.png (25.31 KB, 1116x280, My gym class has swimming on M…)


No. 1458915

File: 1646530730063.png (33.65 KB, 756x437, troon swimmer.png)

youtube kept taking down the video about the troon swimmer

No. 1458921

Am I mistaken or didn't he have an FtM wife?

No. 1458927

>They're gonna hype you up, at least that's what my friends and I would do!!
No one says "omg you look so good" in the locker room. I thought the user replying was another tranny at first, but it's just a dumb 16-year-old still in their TRA phase. At least lets hope it's a phase; we don't need more handmaidens enabling troons and inflating their egos with fake compliments. Now this troon is gonna flash their dick, expect asspats, and when that doesn't happen, is gonna make a reddit rant about the "tRaNsPhObEs" and continue making everyone uncomfortable.

No. 1458933

He was married to a adult female who gave birth to his child, wanted to get his jollies by dressing up as a woman and divorced her. Now he's going around dating other mtf's and forcing his child to call him 'mom'
in other words
a trans tale as old as time

No. 1458934

File: 1646532237610.png (313.54 KB, 758x1412, intersex is as common as redhe…)

tbf that original_A person does seem to be an actual girl. She seems to be a highschool girl coming to grips with her budding sexuality and jumped on the woke train which tbf lots of young lesbians do when they first come out.

give it a few years for the realities of troons forcing their way into lesbian spaces to set in and she will change her tune me thinks.

That bella troon is a new account which so far has been posting only about an upcoming gym class and how they are gonna have to change with other girls in like multiple subs. So either its a young moid who is actually concerned and made this reddit just to vent OR its a role play.

either way it either boils down to an irl larp or an online larp kek.

Thou I did find their post about a comment they took offence to on a school group or something. And found the intersex is as common as red heads argument interesting.

No. 1458935

File: 1646532264537.png (1.02 MB, 943x5630, Two Oregon Educators Fired Aft…)

No. 1458936

File: 1646532320430.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.56 KB, 708x1220, FNHDvVHXwAMVhrO.jpg)


if i had to see it you do too

No. 1458937

How can trannies see this on their bodies and barely worry. Hardcore mental illness

No. 1458940

Jesus fucking christ. This makes me feel better about my life. At least I’ll never be this bad

No. 1458945

>Just keep dilating
Kek, I want to think that the people butchering these men are just doing their best to make sure that trannies are unable to even walk out of their homes to abuse others.

No. 1458948

>Should I be worried

No. 1458951

nothing gives me a bigger shiver down my spine than men calling a woman's genitals "her."

No. 1458955

same, i'd be pro men castrating themselves if gay kids didn't get caught in the crossfire.

No. 1458959

this is the worst one i've ever seen. where are the stitches? did they try to fuse the skin together with only glue?

No. 1458963

File: 1646535616658.png (86.25 KB, 380x513, Maud-zoom-380x513.png)

here's maud belanger, the young butcher.

No. 1458965

projecting as usually i see

No. 1458971

Just what I was thinking. What the absolute FUCK?

No. 1458974

I don't think its lesbians shitting up the thread with assplay fantasies

No. 1458991

File: 1646539134943.png (603.95 KB, 620x727, Screenshot 2022-03-06 .png)

Lost a few seconds trying to figure out who was Lilith, the bird or the troon. I stalked his twitter (https://twitter.com/dnguyenm03) and you could easily play bingo: anime, weapons, monster trinks, and lady dimitrescu.

No. 1458996

You can do it, you just gotta:
1) Talk to your kids about trannies first and warn them that troons are degens, perves, failed males, abuse victims or attention whores, in kid appropriate ways.
2) Tell them gender disphoria exists and is usually caused by under lying issues best treated with therapy, trans is the last resort treatment. Assholes trans kids because they are morons.
2) Watch their internet like hawks. Don't give them a smartphone, install key loggers, spy software, etc.
3) Make sure they see media, meet people who are masculine women and feminine men.
4) Read detranstioner stories and every reason they give for transing in the first place, make sure your kids hear about it first from you e.g. butch lesbians exist, puberty sucks for a lot of people, transing won't end all your problems and make you born again.
5) Talk to them about porn. Find child friendly ways to warn them about the dangers of porn.

Etc, etc.

Basically, you have got to stay a couple of steps ahead of the grooming rhetoric/tactics.

No. 1458997

File: 1646540499654.png (154.02 KB, 1714x872, redheads vs intersex.png)

Okay since that "redheads are as common as intersex people" comment interested me, I looked into it. So nonnies if anyone brings up that lovely intersex argument up please call them out on their bullshit for me. ty

Cause it's complete bullshit.
The estimates are closer to 0.228% than the red heads being around 1%-2%.

source links if anyone else found it interesting:

No. 1459006

Sage, but the parody for this thing was funny as hell

No. 1459008

File: 1646541389589.png (5.83 MB, 2369x1973, 87A53D1C-96B3-4C4F-AC28-9E32F7…)

So they literally KNOW they "act" (are) men but the second an actual women voices any of these concerns we're being a bigoted terf?

No. 1459015

File: 1646541909135.jpg (1.32 MB, 3072x2330, IMG_20220305_232249.jpg)

All Games done Quick events are basically run by trannies at this point

No. 1459016

dude's bitched about cis white males so much that the words have blurred together in his brain. if you asked him if he still acted like a cis asian man he'd spaz guaranteed

No. 1459034

Why do they love speedrunning games so much. It's the most autistic, asinine, boring, uncreative way to play any game.

No. 1459036

pls Haelian don't troon out

No. 1459044

At this point, if I know a bathroom allows men in it I just call it what it is. A Uni-sex bathroom. I went out about two weeks ago and noticed what appeared to be some 'progressive' inclusive friendly reminder sign outside the door, so I stopped immediately, turned right on my heel, and said "-oops, its a unisex. nvm we're going home anyway!" Didnt give a shit who heard. That's a unisex, there's males in there, I'm not going. They can seethe all the want! They can't follow us home and demand to pee with us in our houses. Soon enough it'll just be only trannies using them which guess what. Makes it a mens restroom again. If anywhere I frequent in my daily life does this, I fully intend on asking anyone who works there when we'll have womens restrooms again because unisex just don't count

No. 1459049

File: 1646545336455.jpg (407.22 KB, 720x1190, 20220306_004122.jpg)

Guess the replies

No. 1459053

not everyone can hold their pee in as well as you nonnie. So that plan might not pan out.

Woman are more likely to have incontinence issues and pelvic floor damage/weakness due to birth trauma and pregnancy related issues.

I do wonder if MtF troons have pelvic floor damage as well considering how invasive SRS is. ??? I tried looking it up but I couldn't find anything.

Well pregnancy related incontinence is more from the 9 months weight /pressure on the area and the hormones having a long term effect so maybe it different.

No. 1459060

File: 1646546044105.jpg (375.8 KB, 720x1235, 20220306_005322.jpg)

No. 1459066

Imagine having to do some research about some random bitches that, honestly, are so rare that nobody gives a fuck about, because some retards get mad on their behalf.
And before someone brings up race or screenshots this to show other gender cult members how ebil are the ““lolcow incels”” it can’t be applied to race, which is different from cultures, ignorant retards.

No. 1459067

File: 1646546464176.png (47.58 KB, 740x384, 6FDE738D-3845-4E0C-A116-26134B…)

No. 1459069

File: 1646546520629.jpeg (726.6 KB, 2945x1401, 5E71F7E7-D39B-48EA-AB52-AD5BA1…)

They really piss their pants crying over the Y chromosome thing, I’m so glad it’s completely irreversible and it will always be the little truth that they are, and forever will be, men.

No. 1459071

Let me guess how trans literature goes
>want to coom
>create coom fantasy
There’s also the
>want to coom
>create violent fantasy in which women get raped/murdered

No. 1459072

File: 1646546725041.webm (559.53 KB, 320x320, 87hisnKDLQEmrWs5.webm)

No. 1459073

These dudes are total MRAs. How dare women even write a FICTION book about a world without men? Men must be in EVERYTHING, Evil feminazis!

No. 1459079

The worst part is that from what I get is that the book is about how the women feel about the loss of the men, the book is technically about men, but because it doesn’t show the women going insane and killing/raping each other, it’s offensive.

No. 1459091

File: 1646548102501.png (919.91 KB, 751x1149, Amanda.png)

yes one of his tattoos is a pacifier

No. 1459093

File: 1646548271856.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2521x2711, 118F53B2-CE3D-465E-AD62-5E5B4B…)

Imagine getting mad at actual women because they choose to dye their hair/wear extensions and look pretty but you’re just a fat, gross man with a penis who claims to be a she/her because they want to larp as a lesbian, and yet still after all the mental gymnastics, no one wants to kiss you

No. 1459096

This man’s photos could be used alongside the textbook definition of incel

No. 1459097

>Describes women as a different species

A neckbeard can never be shaken, no matter how shaved, it's a spiritual curse

No. 1459098

he sounds very jelly

No. 1459099

File: 1646549298465.png (52.84 KB, 1083x576, Author kills everyone with a Y…)

No. 1459103

but the person signing it is a brunette?? like can anyone see blonde hair extensions in that pic? Is he just being a retard about some of the people in the background dying their hair blonde? Stinks of incel "REEE STACEYS!!!1!" malding rage tbh.

Just say "I hate white woman" instead.

I literally had to google the fourteen words reference. Is it a more well known thing in America or something? Or is it something only pol tards and white supremacists know off the top of their heads? Whats the bet he was a pol tard or something before he trooned out, why else does he know white supremacist slogans?

No. 1459106

>Guy telling you he's a feminist
Like a man telling you he's a feminist while repeating men are actually women?

No. 1459107

Even the very male obsession to judge women for not being natural enough and thinking dyeing your hair or wearing makeup is scamming men is still there.

No. 1459108

Some women are more equally than others, namely the male ones. It's obviously MRA shit.

No. 1459110

File: 1646549753809.png (24.29 KB, 751x255, Brianna Wu on Twitter.png)

wow I'm suprised it's trannywu writing this.

No. 1459113

Incels don't change their stripes. A man calling himself a woman is still an incel. Reminds me of a post where a GC woman mentioned that they initially accepted trannies whole heartedly because they thought a man who believed he was a woman would support women more. In reality, it means they hate them more than anything. Same with the men who pretend that a man calling himself a woman is actually a woman. It's just because they hate women and see them as fetish objects/stereotypes, a costume to be worn.

No. 1459116


No. 1459122

File: 1646550715293.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.52 KB, 1320x2048, FMfaGyuWQAMHwpv.jpg)

im sorry

No. 1459123

He stuffs his deflated my 600lb life Mtn dew and doritos grown neck beard moobs in a bra(don't use emojis)

No. 1459124

This ugly ape incel being a bitter misogynist, but """"woman version"""" so fucking vile

No. 1459126

Why are so many ex army men trooning out? They think enjoying being gangbanged in the shower by other men means they’re women? Either way they’re fucking terrifying. No woman could ever freak me out the way they do, not even the most ferocious female soldier in the world. I just look at them and react like they’re males, and I have to be wary around them or even better, never cross their path.

No. 1459129

Why is it so easy to make a bet about just anyone who is pront to trooning out? It's like troons who are mad at their partners who troon out after them because it reminds them of what they are kek

No. 1459131

He probably can't believe women can can grow nice looking hair because his male lack of empathy only allows him to understand his own frizzy, thinning greasemop.

No. 1459142

People say it's trauma but I honestly doubt it. Most military men aren't traumatized or put in any dire situations to begin with.

Transexualism and AGP are actually VERY "masculine"/male sexual expressions. The obsession with objectification and submission, power dynamics, performing a "role" and fixating on surface level attributes over genuine human connection/romance… It's all so very MALE.
What else is also very MALE? Military service. Simulated tribal warfare. Another expression of how very XY patterned their thoughts and behaviors are.

Despite larping as women, trannies are so very MALE. This trips up a lot of people, especially other males, because they judge these men at face value. Femininity as we know it is a male construct to begin with. Just because they forced it on women doesn't mean it's not birthed from THEIR sexual psyche. Dressing up as the construct you created of your own sexual desires. How is that not incredibly male?

No. 1459149

To add this is why so many troons gravitate towards so many male-brained hobbies. Military service (tribal warfare), programming (autistic XY brain), video games (simulated violence, often combined with autistic obsession like speedrunning).

They are just so… Male. And I do mean male. Not just "masculine" as it's defined, that's just another social construct to keep their racket over women going. XY behavior. The brain of a sperm ejector that has been forged over billions of years.

No. 1459150

surely there must be a meme about about the troon/prone to troon out stereotypes somewhere out there already right?

No. 1459157

it's the same things with tifs

they'll claim that things like reading yaoi (a genre written by women for women) proves they were men all along when it actually proves the opposite

No. 1459158

Yet this is one of the easiest stereotype to break while the sexist stereotype about women being hylerfeminine and sexy is still intact. That troon stereotype broke because now we can see that anyone is prone to troon

No. 1459159

And why the fuck do women who want to be a man always centre a man instead of themselves? How female and hwo trad. Men centres around being a different subject and women centres around being relationship-based, is this the pattern? Men focus on goals while women focus on relationships? And this applies more to troons than to us normies. They're the sexist stereotype of their own sex they internalized

No. 1459160

Anything related to males become masculine, nona. This is the new masculine.

No. 1459162


So are u saying the focus on human connections and romance is female like it clearly is? Some women can't even perform that, they are sociopathic and still female. And yet they are not butch lesbians. How so? Some women have male (the word u described about present day troons) interests. Get over it.

No. 1459163

>To add this is why so many troons gravitate towards so many male-brained hobbies. Military service (tribal warfare), programming (autistic XY brain), video games (simulated violence, often combined with autistic obsession like speedrunning)

Warhammer, too.
Get a load of this moid and his frog voice, gigantic hands and stubby, fat sausage fingers.

No. 1459164

Where is the pic where a troon gets mad at his "ceez" partner trooning out?

No. 1459165

Butthurt "not all" troon.
Yes there are some women with low empathy and only care about cooming but they are an infinitesimally small minority of women. It's a very male pattern of thought and behavior. It doesn't go away when they put on a dress.

No. 1459166

Liking videogames doesn't mean you have a monkey male brain, nonna.

No. 1459168

File: 1646554926887.png (1.24 MB, 2500x2500, KJB.png)

PhilosophyTube is good friends with this infamous sissy "Muslim" transcel. He does a podcast with them (picrel). Really says everything about Olly's character.

No. 1459170

>heartwarming image of female governor surrounded by girl athletes as she signs a law protecting their hard work, class identity and futures.
>blue check narc refers to male athletes as ‘women and girls’, believing that he can dictate women’s reality and override our personhood with his fetish.
>onlooking TrAnSwOmAn dehumanises everyone and fixates on hairstyling to denigrate young girls.
This screenshot is a complete trip, should be in a museum one day.

No. 1459175

File: 1646555759497.jpg (173.56 KB, 1353x617, ugly troon lying.jpg)

This troons really thinks XXY is a female intersex condition. It's literally the Y chromosome that makes you male, the only females with a Y chromosome have one that is suppressed by their inability to produce testosterone. Unless you have that, take the L and accept you're a gross moid, I know it's hard to be a walking abortion but stop lying. Kleinfelder moids are tall ugly neckbeards with moobs, small dicks, balls and low IQ. Literally the anthetesis to a female.

No. 1459178

Women can like video games just fine, but they don't tend to like the same sort of games moids like or enjoy them in the autistic way moids do.

No. 1459180

I don't know if Dana Howl is an improvement in the online Warhammer scene, but before him there was 'Alexandra' with his channel 'Girl Painting', who always gave me the shivers even back then, with his ridiculous squeaky approximation of what he thought a woman sounded like.

At least Alexandra had the decency to never show his face on camera.

No. 1459181

why do they keep calling it a genocide story? isn't it a story about all men dying of disease or something?

No. 1459183

no they just ~disappeared~

The story is about a group of woman working try try and bring the man back cause of LOVE.

Personally I would fund research for reproductive research/services and sign up to a lesbian dating site. No moids sounds like a dream come true.

No. 1459187

I kind of want to read it, because I like to support anything that makes trannies upset.

But is the author a troon, too? I'm not giving my money to a troon.

No. 1459191

File: 1646558269872.png (12.35 KB, 602x124, trans people totally exist.PNG)

She's an enby. She backtracked in her response and implied that there is tranny character(s).

No. 1459194

was reading someone's comment on AFAB non binary pansexual are copes chicks in woke culture use to try and avoid troon dick. kek

maybe she secretly does dislike troons.

No. 1459196

rectoneovaginal fistulas often happen after vaginoplasties, tho medical literature can't give a consistent rate. in actual women, rectovaginal fistulas can happen because of trauma related to childbirth (among other things), so to answer your question, yes

No. 1459197

File: 1646559519028.jpg (522.21 KB, 810x2309, Screenshot_20220306-042456_Boo…)

>I only like girls, but vagina kinda grosses me out.
>Ye! I'm also like, double gay. I'm a chick with a dick who only likes fellow chicks with dicks.

Totally not a paraphilia!

No. 1459199

File: 1646559639334.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x1912, Screenshot_20220306-042942_Chr…)

Chaser's deleted comment about wanting a threesome with a troon:
>My wife and I are bi curious and have been considering threesomes or maybe even foursomes so we can explore our sexuality.
>Recently it hit me after seeing a very attractive trans woman, how awesome our threesome would be if it was with someone like her. The idea of a beautiful woman with a cock joining us in bed so we could all spend the day pleasing each other shined above all other possibilities. Because she is a woman, the things that don’t interest me with men are not an issue, there is pretty much nothing sexually I wouldn’t eagerly do with a pretty trans girl.
>I talked to my wife about this and she really liked the idea too. So now I’m doing my homework to learn everything I can so we do things right and try to come correctly.

No. 1459201

File: 1646559685372.jpg (265.49 KB, 433x2352, image (3).jpg)

The study is about how mothers who gave birth to sons retain parts of their child's DNA in their bodies. But this moid thinks it means most women have a Y chromosome lmfao

No. 1459204

So boymoms are actually aidens? Wow scrote logic and intelligence is truly astonishing and so much superior to my own as a stupid woman.

No. 1459206

I swear surgeons are the true terfs

"Haha you are fine don't worry just keep dilating tranny"

No. 1459208

kek this retard even admits to his claim being false

No. 1459211

wtf does his name tag say? all i see is

No. 1459212

they're truly the RATIONAL sex kek

No. 1459222

File: 1646562505613.jpg (221.58 KB, 1089x948, srethsr.JPG)

Kek every time someone mentions Dana Howl in my bfs WH group chat he posts Danas dick pic. Dunno the level of arousal he has for him but I hope not very high

Jesus christ this moid is even worse

I hate how other WH Youtuber moids have these troons girlcocks balls deep in their asses, always looking to virtue signal about their shemale fetish

Looking for a tranny flag space marine from google to illustrate, WHY IS THERE SO MANY

No. 1459226

oh you just reminded me I did see some stats on that when I was looking up wound dehiscence!

If anyone wanted to read: (warning graphic photos of SRS surgery)

for those of the TLDR camp, I'll surmise the related points.

>2.3% rate of rectal injury with a 0.6% overall rate of rectoneovaginal fistula.

>1.1% rate of intraoperative urethral injury and a 1.7% rate of postoperative urethroneovaginal fistula.

>In other studies rectual injury is bumped up to 4.5% and Urethral injury reported rates of 1.1% to 3.6%.

…well the uncontrolled pissing and pooping leaks def add to their otherwise rather lacking hygiene stereotypes.

And for the lazy troons that don't dilate enough their neovagina shortens at a rate of 12% in some studies. They should really listen to all that go dilate tranny advice we give them.

No. 1459230

You answered your own question. It's because they're autists, so they like to do autistic shit.

No. 1459234

>Eventually, patients are recommended to perform lifelong dilations every one to two days. Our patients are reminded to use a clean dilator each time without touching the anus and to douche the vaginal cavity after each dilation.

This on top of the injections/pills they have to take all the time… it's so much, and in reality it's all for nothing (they don't pass) To live like this forever… what a sorry excuse for a life.

No. 1459246

Sorry for OT but if anyone wants this concept but about lesbians, there's a silly manga called Renai Idenshi XX with focus on how romance works in a post-male society. It's not the best exploration of this concept, but it's fun and was written by two fujos.

iirc there's also an american comic with this concept that is troon inclusive. I randomly picked it up at a bookstore once and was very confused when they casually revealed one of the characters was supposed to be a trans woman because it just didn't make sense at all. It had a very tumblresque soft art style and it wasn't very good. I can't find it when googling about it, I just keep getting that Y The Last Man or whatever. Anyway, the concept isn't new, the twitter rage machine baits troons once again.

No. 1459249

literally killing trans kids to not let them be butchered like this. sure jan

No. 1459268

File: 1646569821973.png (695.71 KB, 728x839, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)

harry potter woman bad

No. 1459269

subhuman is such a reddit insult

No. 1459270

funny coming from a troon who still lives with his parents.

No. 1459271

>self-appointed classy lady


No. 1459280

File: 1646571726499.jpg (718.26 KB, 828x1589, 1646571294117.jpg)

Just came here to post that kek.


No. 1459286

tbf he is only 15, hopefully he grows out of it and doesn't get groomed online to the point of no return.

I feel sorry for his mum having to deal with that shit.

No. 1459287

If it makes you feel any better, that's not a woman's genitals

No. 1459301

File: 1646577045757.png (1.54 MB, 1267x442, clocked.png)

saged for off topic but since miniatures were mentioned

i saw this and i thought of female elves dressed normaly alongside a troon dressed fetishistically

No. 1459313

Only men act like this. fucking violent monkeys. I cant wait to see the new fantastic beasts movie.

No. 1459320

I accidentally clicked on this and screamed. Why are these always so disgusting? What the fuck are these surgeons doing?

No. 1459321

Just read "Y:the Last Man" by Brian K Vaughn. The tranny book is just a fanfic rewrite of "Y".

No. 1459324

based surgeon butchering trannies

No. 1459331

correct me if im wrong but wasnt one of the reasons why the tv adaptation of y the last man was scrapped was because TIMs on twitter kept raging about it

No. 1459332

It makes me sad. I would love if more real woman got some spotlight there. I can’t even watch it anymore even if it’s a game I really care about.

No. 1459333

File: 1646582513780.jpg (31.01 KB, 588x584, mad-donna.jpg)

LMAO what the hell is that pink haired beast is

I love old GW female models, they are so telling of the fact that a male sculpted them kek. No wonder troons are all over the SoB faction


No. 1459335

Lol like dude it’s just a fictional book who cares

No. 1459336

Didn’t one of them write a book about terf villains and going on a rampage to kill them? Lol

No. 1459345

It's predictable. To get good at speed-running, you have t play the same game over and over again. You get to analyze every small detail.

No. 1459349

Fuck, the speech the mother gave is heartbreaking when she almost starts to cry for being so frustrated at the situation her daughter is in

Linehan's article; https://grahamlinehan.substack.com/p/a-mothers-defiance?s=w
(the speech is embedded)

No. 1459351

File: 1646584022717.jpeg (232.15 KB, 750x1073, E21DBCA3-55B7-4C7C-872E-1618B0…)

Just dropping some images I found on instagram. This isn’t Tranny exclusive but it made me feel sick. Men are degenerates. They absolutely want in to the womens changing rooms for access to kids and the self ID laws that passed have just given them oppertunity.

Also idk if anyone wants to hear it but my ex was a registered sex offender and I was treated awfully by him the police etc. He hits a lot of the markers for someone who will Troon out eventually.

No. 1459352

Oh shit meant trascription, not article

No. 1459353

File: 1646584055122.jpeg (231.58 KB, 742x645, 5A7E6DED-907E-46AF-84AE-D93070…)

No. 1459359

I will bet ass there will be no apologies

No. 1459360

File: 1646584146939.jpeg (285.76 KB, 750x934, 696509C0-DEF5-47EB-9AA4-18A00A…)

No. 1459361

File: 1646584170968.jpeg (148.78 KB, 750x841, 60F4CF9F-FF01-408E-986D-2F77B3…)

No. 1459362

File: 1646584211442.jpeg (131.67 KB, 748x535, 5EAE2FEA-4154-4A46-92FF-EB733D…)

No. 1459364

If there was one superpower I could have, it would be the ability to telepathically strangle some internet users

No. 1459366

This is a milk thread, caps like these fit 2X better.

No. 1459370

Easy solution, he needs to find a tranny group so he can stop imposing himself in the womens group.

No. 1459373

>what the fuck are these surgeons doing
These based surgeons are saving humanity, one botched surgery at a time

No. 1459376

Oh I didn’t realise there was a 2X thread. Sorry nonnas. I’ll take my ban

No. 1459382

i hate seeing white men in hijabs, shit makes me want to vomit

No. 1459383

Not all men nona

No. 1459385

Same old "men are gial-oriented women are romantic" but think of it, men sexualize women romanticize because being the fantasy is malebrained while shipping is fembrained kek

No. 1459386

this is honestly unbelievable

No. 1459387

she said ONLY men

No. 1459388

File: 1646586434289.jpg (236.55 KB, 999x2048, FNG3y3-WUAIH88o.jpg)

Just had a peek. Looks like bait. Account is suspended.
Horrifyingly legit, on the other hand.

No. 1459390

Big varusteleka energy, but fr why does it say that there

No. 1459394

File: 1646587013153.png (693.65 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20220306-111305~2.p…)

Able bodied Ukrainian men thinking they are more vulnerable than women n children because they wear wigs n get fucked in the ass. Aren't there foreigners not allowed to leave the Ukraine right now? And these pathetic attention whores want us to pity them because they are too cowardly to fight for their own country? No I'm not saying war is God but it blows my mind how men act like we should be protecting them in times of war when they are the ones starting all these wars.

No. 1459395

File: 1646587162164.png (546.44 KB, 720x1287, Screenshot_20220306-111311~2.p…)

*I'm not saying war is good

The comments are filled w people arguing so thankfully more people are seeing how attention seeking n narcissistic this whole movement is. And trannies n handmaidens trying to educate ppl in the comments just seems to make it worse imo less ppl are gonna care about them till it's like before where theyre seen as a niche sex thing for freaks n weirdos

No. 1459397

No. 1459398

This was posted in the previous thread and it turned into a shit show

No. 1459400

That's fucking disgusting. Women can die from preeclampsia. That sick freak wanted to get off on their suffering

No. 1459401

File: 1646587503252.png (34.05 KB, 743x435, dr e zje on Twitter.png)

No. 1459404

Tbh I haven't checked up on these threads as much because of the infighting. At one point I think anons we're arguing about some vampire named lestat?? Sage for OT but these threads go to shit sometimes lol

No. 1459405

File: 1646587624937.png (31.29 KB, 751x348, jakkï on Twitter.png)

No. 1459406

>reeeee a penis is just a body part
>my brain has the essence of a woman uwu

No. 1459407

nah anon, I am the same way. If I dont sit up straight it goes in the wrong direction. probably because of how our labias are formed around our urethra opening

No. 1459409

>double gay
>is a man who only likes other men
No, that's just regular gay with extra steps and paraphilias

No. 1459413

Typical that mediocre males steal an event meant to showcase women. Even worse because Frame Fatales exists it makes it harder for women to get into normal GDQ events because they're told to just apply to the less watched mediocre event full of disgusting fetishists.

No. 1459414

Fuck the trannys if they get mad just say it’s a dystopian novel it’s not meant to be righteous and I don’t have to justify shit to you because it’s a free fucking country!!!

No. 1459418

Yeah, I don't trust fujos to write about lesbian characters.

No. 1459429

Yes. It's called Manhunt by Gretchen something something.

No. 1459441

File: 1646590509326.png (499.65 KB, 743x580, Libs of Tik Tok ( libsoftiktok…)

I like that a few replies to this post was like unfortunately she's an enby…basically acting like a terf lmao.

No. 1459446

He is right though. I’m tired of ppl hating on shit before they ever even read or watch or play it. Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle thing where they got mad without watching bc they heard there was trans stuff in it. I watched it bc I wanted to know what all was said and I was much more annoyed about a joke he made about shoving a woman in a car trunk. That kind of joke is fine though. It’s just the tranny ones that are bad right.

No. 1459448

File: 1646591184003.webm (1.88 MB, 720x1280, mslyraharte02.webm)

I swear this troonatic looks familiar.

No. 1459450

Yep he talked about beating up a woman and talked shit about women’s appearance but somehow when you make a tranny joke about a man looking like a man it’s LITERAL VIOLENCE and you’re going to cause the mentally disturbed lemmings to run off a cliff. Normalized misogyny can’t compare, it’s just seen as typical content for comedy

No. 1459451

File: 1646591505292.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)

>the mentally disturbed lemmings

No. 1459461

Nooo I am making a course work about beer research, and I came across troonism even in that - apparently hops have estrogen properties

>This review provides insight into the unusual hop phytoestrogens and

shows numerous health benefits associated with their wide spectrum of biological activities including
estrogenic, anticancer, neuropreventive, antinflamatory, and antimicrobial properties, which were
intensively studied, and potential applications of these compounds such as, as an alternative to
hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


So to trannies hatelurking, chew hops I guess

No. 1459467

How's that tranny related? HRT is used for women/men whose bodies don't produce hormones and have to take them, trannies just appropriated it

No. 1459468

somehow a Narcissa Wrights tweet just made it to my timeline, can't believe he hasn't killed himself yet

of course one of the most recent tweets is about taking LSD, yeah maybe if abusing drugs made you into a tranny it can also undo it! keep it up

No. 1459473

Oh shit I forgot - to my brain "HRT" is completely a trans word now

No. 1459477

File: 1646593728482.png (250.12 KB, 1314x600, teehee no thoughts head empty.…)

No. 1459479

Holy shit… death DEATH to all of them

No. 1459484

File: 1646594328305.png (390.07 KB, 1170x754, PRINCESS WAND.png)

Sorry, another crosspost from the other farms



(I would bet this user is troll tho, it's too on the nose)

No. 1459486

Haha wow women are so stupid and dumb and feminine because they don't think! Lol I hope he chops his dick off soon and sterilizes himself so that the world can be free from his potential progeny.

No. 1459499

File: 1646595984713.jpeg (155.57 KB, 1365x760, 615B2598-1EFA-4A32-AD48-C1D27B…)

Got this from an older thread but it was just too kek worthy to not share

No. 1459514

they think women don't have thoughts now?

i hope this moid gets the chop and takes himself out of the gene pool

No. 1459520

File: 1646597232224.png (57.97 KB, 676x238, Screenshot 2022-03-06 at 20.06…)

Based Google

No. 1459523

Oh boy, a new identity to appropriate.
Why weren't they all claiming to be Yemeni last year? I guess white people looking Ukrainian is easier.

No. 1459524

I read from KF that account is 100% a troll

No. 1459530

This pic never fail to make me laugh. The girl's face lmao

No. 1459536

> Amanda

A man, duh

No. 1459539

gretchen felcher-fartin

No. 1459543

only apologize to the ones trooned as kids.

No. 1459546

so pick up a gun, loser. fuck that guy

No. 1459548

I know the 'fourteen word' slogan from baiting neonazis on the internet, but i can't see where it would apply here. He's just painting them out to be literal nazis as if the nazis only went after trans people.

No. 1459550

"wah wahh, i can't get out of the country unless i show an ID that i own, but i don't want to show thaaaat one because it has the wrong naaaame" also shut the fuck up and serve your country. do trannies love putin?

No. 1459560

twitter unfortunately suspended this account

No. 1459567

File: 1646600601852.png (57.88 KB, 750x548, dumb troons.png)

jk is is the news again

No. 1459571

Every single person has a different emotion and it's hilarious.
Black hoodie: getaloadofthisshit.jpeg
Checkered tie: sensiblechuckle.gif
Blue tie: zoned out trying to ignore the beast to his left
Brunette with glasses: repressed disgust
Burgundy dress: trying not to look down
Pig in lipstick: the missing link
Striped tie: ifonlyyouknewhowbadthingsreallyare.jpeg
Buns and glasses: visible disgust

No. 1459576

you know i 100% feel as if this tweet was made as a bit of dark humor (same with all those 'rape/punch a terf xD' 'terf gf xD' jokes), but i also feel trannies fail to realize "joking" about the very real crimes males commit against females daily isn't very stunning or brave. so crazy

No. 1459579

File: 1646601494811.jpg (7.82 KB, 116x162, IMG_20220306_221752.jpg)

No. 1459597

This is honestly one of the most retarded troon posts I have ever seen. Imagine being so pornsick you think being a woman is just being an inanimate blowup doll with no thoughts

They're really proving the article right with comments like this, the article itself mentions how these freaks were threatening to put a pipebomb in her mailbox

No. 1459610

She is such a mood oh my god I love her

Please make this into an image

No. 1459611

File: 1646603301326.jpg (4.93 KB, 255x58, Screenshot 2022-03-06 134805.j…)

No. 1459615

File: 1646603703379.jpeg (853.58 KB, 960x1456, 6FE0724F-8489-423E-8124-85CCD8…)

A simple man in regular clothes look.

No. 1459634

Our queen

No. 1459666

>some vampire named lestat

No. 1459667

She has been a terven queen for a couple of years now, kek. Wherever you are, based bun-hair, we love you!

No. 1459672

It’s just bc so many of them are blonde probably.

No. 1459699

Looks like a combination of Spoony and Squeazy Jibbz

No. 1459706

it kills them all they can do is sperg out on twitter while she has the resources to roll back everything they've been working for kek

No. 1459721

Sage for vent. I wish there was a group for women who have been assaulted/stalked/skinwalked by AGPs, like a subreddit ( lmao unlikely) that won’t get immediately blocked. I love you ladies but like 4chan, normies don’t take image boards seriously even though they’re one of the only relics left of old days free speech internets. I think handmaidens just drink the flavorade and don’t actually realise how fucked up a majority of these males are, and I think if these stories were talked about there’d be a mass peaking or at least a less stunning and brave response to troons. For those who want to live and let live and aren’t fully terven yet, at least they’ll see the dangers that they pose. A lass can dream I guess

No. 1459739

not to fucking sperg about 40k but there are no female space marines and there is a lot of emphasis on the fraternity of the chapters.

also mutants are considered a lower caste and are either put to slave work or just put to death.
not surprised to see troons into 40K cause it’s an autistic af hobby but the eternal war goes on because humanity is corrupt and indoctrinated into blind belief.

troons would be fuckin executed in the 40k verse.

again sorry to sperg but it’s bad enough seeing trannies trying to claim the battle sisters. cant have shit.

No. 1459745

There are. Ovarit and its GenderCritical subboard has been around for a while now, and their 'peaking' thread has a lot of collected content in the vein you're describing – but it remains a niche resource. Normies get uncomfortable the instant they're asked to leave Youtube/Reddit. I think many of them have been conditioned to think 'alternative' platforms are inherently alt-right/bad/whatever. The normie mind sees it like: "well if this content wasn't fucked up and wrong, they'd just allow it on Reddit.."

No. 1459748

super mutants exist in their beloved new Vegas, nothing beats the representation of a terrifying hulking man with a big gun and the brain development of a child. In real life shit they’re into, like communism, it’s hilarious that they believe they wouldn’t immediately be gulaged.

No. 1459755

You’re right. I haven’t been able to get an acc on ovarit. They fact that it’s so private ( not saying it shouldn’t be, I love that it’s a safe space in that way)
Where have peoples web curiosity gone? Even the millennials? TF adjust have common sense, look for sources and proof instead of taking things at face value, bada bing bada boom your browsing is 100% more interesting and less consoomery

No. 1459761

If there's nobody left in the neighbourhood how are they in any danger of being attacked for being trans? Also people are kinda busy elsewhere? Imagine still thinking you are the victim when a literal war is going on.

No. 1459763

I’m glad it’s not just me who hasn’t been able to get a code for ovarit. I DMd them on Twitter ages ago but I’m not active on there much

Why arnt women excited by the prospect of a girls group behind locked doors? The troons have even got under mumsnets skin. There’s literally nowhere safe from these freaks

For a lot of them I think they’re going to have to be directly hurt or upset by a moid in a dress to peak.

No. 1459765

File: 1646613833049.jpg (115.45 KB, 791x800, 1555617284465.jpg)

The longer I live, the more I think one of the defining traits of normie-dom is the active desire to not be challenged, while consooming as much as possible.

No. 1459766

In his special where he makes the LGBTQ car joke he also made a joke about how the kids Michael Jackson molested were lucky because he's famous lol but the very accurate joke about how troons are fucking annoying and how u gotta walk on eggshells around them is what's offensive to them

No. 1459767

Nona I’m basic as hell and I’d have to agree. At least liking Harry Potter is radical now l o l

No. 1459769

File: 1646614392906.png (231.71 KB, 583x813, FHtkVcuXIAkwGgV.png)

So Tom Scott deleted his video with Jill Bearup because she was outed as a transphobe?
I'm sick of these weasely men not standing up for women.

It's frustrating that it's culturally impossible for anyone to have a terfy world view outside of the hyper republican sphere without getting skewered alive.

No. 1459771

lol trannies, male and female, try to claim characters who would kill them/their affiliations would kill them. i make sure to point this out every time i see it

No. 1459773

do they ever refer to anything as "people with penises"?

No. 1459775

File: 1646614685532.png (443.35 KB, 594x694, troon flag.png)

No. 1459780

I feel like men would make sure to shut it down because they don't like when women become conscious of ourselves as a class. That's why they pushed this tranny shit so hard to divide us. Alot of women and girls were talking about the abuse and discrimination they went through with men then sex posi troon feminism got mainstream and intersectional feminism (which was about race and sex I think) started to mean feminism for everybody. They will try their hardest to hide the shit AGPs do because if it becomes common knowledge handmaidens will be forced to abandon their gender ideology >>1459721

No. 1459783

damn, since that other nona talked about how many troons are ex-military i can't stop noticing it.. it's like military/programming/athletics are the unholy trinity adorning the gaping maw of troonism.

No. 1459784

Kill it with fire

No. 1459791

Yeah, women are silenced in every sphere and people think it’s funny to say we never shut up. Are retard moids just always on the hunt for a whisper of female text to delete? In the past year like 5 GC spaces I went to have been Erased. It’s a weird paranoid state to be in, thinking oh no what if people find out I read an article about trans rapists or liked a tweet by jk Rowling, as though you’re googling how to build a bomb

No. 1459792

File: 1646615276437.jpeg (432.86 KB, 960x1235, 0076FC3C-D987-4AC7-915F-6A2982…)

No. 1459793

I think it was budget reasons and poor reception. Covid didn't help matters.

No. 1459795

I've learned that troons are the minority most likely to reee and demand something be cancelled. I don't see disabled people calling for Brave New World to be pulled from bookstores. It's almost like they understand that spec fic is fiction.

No. 1459799

Why do they always ignore the obvious solution to put them in single cells/their own spaces. Also, notice how no one questions a single individual claiming to have gotten raped every day for five and a half years, but multiple women claiming to have been assaulted by the same trans woman (who was in prison for a sex crime) couldn't possibly have happened. It's all so tiring.

No. 1459806

Of course we don't care what men do to other men. Ain't our problem.

No. 1459807

I think legally that would be an issue because putting them in their own room would be considered solitary confinement, which is used as punishment. That, and there's not a lot of room in prisons so giving a troon his own room is using up needed space since they usually put more than one person in a room. At least in the US.

No. 1459812

Even a woman with small breasts would understand that having natural breasts so large they cause back pain would be undesirable and that making a joke about being envious would be in poor taste at that moment.
I would expect nothing less from a tran who feels they would be welcome at a womens support group though. No sense of decency, or empathy, and the male entitlement to make it all about them.

No. 1459815

The hijab is obviously for extra oppression points.

No. 1459822

I read an article earlier about a children's home for handicapped children being bombed and the kids who are medically complex having to spend days in a bomb shelter without beds and the nursing staff trying to find a way to leave to another country.

But no, let's worry about the adults. Let's give all the media space to the adults who suddenly regret their decisons.

No. 1459823

All I can say is at least he's not putting himself onto lesbian dating apps, and his 'wife' doesn't give a fuck because she's a plastic doll. I just hope he cleans her properly.

No. 1459826

Lindsay Ellis is insufferable. She's one of those people who thinks liking Harry Potter shouldn't be allowed now as you're 'actively harming people' in enjoying it lmfao these people are crazy

No. 1459828


I feel the same way. I'm so far left politically I'm basically a socialist so my 'terf' views are not in alignment with my social circles at all. Only my closets friends know how I really feel.
I just wish there was a safe space for women to voice their concerns in literally wanting a safe space…if the sports issue doesn't peak everybody I don't know what it will take…sage for blogging but where else are we supposed to say this stuff

No. 1459829

It's the same as a man making a joke about domestic violence. Dark humor but too close to reality.

No. 1459833

File: 1646618140632.png (Spoiler Image,327.47 KB, 642x1097, facebook tranny.PNG)

was looking for jobs in my area and stumbled across this monstrosity, how do they think this is acceptable in a Facebook job group?

No. 1459834

File: 1646618166506.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.09 KB, 1212x1616, facebook tranny 1.jpg)

No. 1459835

File: 1646618220681.jpg (Spoiler Image,965.54 KB, 1212x1338, facebook tranny 2.jpg)

No. 1459838

KEK that's so gross, i feel bad for you nonnie bc you live near this thing

No. 1459839

I'm absolutely convince a key part of the troon-fetish-complex is aggressively shoving it into other people's faces. It's like, "why did I even cut my balls off if I can't shove that fact down other people's throats?"

No. 1459840

I assume they mean their neighbors have fled for the borders but there are soliders and militia around.

No. 1459841

I know 2 people who are trans-identified who have Harry Potter tattoos. I feel guilty for it, but i do find it hillarious.

No. 1459846

you could probably make a thread on the 2X board here

No. 1459847

I'm the same as you nonny. My closest friends are the one's i'm most scared of finding out that i'm not as trans-friendly as they think. This thread is a welcome respite.

No. 1459849

Fuck that’s funny. Is it the deathly hallows? Funny how in canon it was also a hate symbol why krum attacks xenophilius for wearing it, trans krum confirmed???? Pure autism im sorry. This shit is ridiculous

No. 1459851

Friend do u know how many males are on the 2X forum? Literally 60% troons

No. 1459852

I've lost so many of mine because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut.

No. 1459853

the lolcow one not the reddit one.

No. 1459855

the 2x board is dead. i wish it wasn't. for some reason nonnas don't want to go over there for discussion. there was a good male analysis thread that was popular on OT, but got locked. when it was moved to 2x, it hasn't been the same.
yeah, you could get along and have many other similar views to them, but as soon as you say that you don't agree with everything trannies say or do, they drop you immediately. just that 1 thing makes you "unredeemable" in their eyes. it's ridiculous.

No. 1459859

I’m afraid one of my closest friends is going to Troon out, doesn’t know of my terfism. It really hurts to have someone you thought respected you, think that’s what womanhood is. Fearing the skin walk because we’re a lot alike besides our sex. If I dropped him, I would have nobody

No. 1459865

I think because it's hidden and was at one point locked, so no one remembers it and goes there.

No. 1459872

I had an ex that trooned out and I peaked after that. I tried to remain friends with him, but his views got crazier and I had to cut him off. What first peaked me was him claiming to have periods. This made me mad because I was hospitalized due to nearly bleeding to death as a tween. I still have issues. Hearing him complain about "cramps" made me angry, and him equating his "period" to mine was pathetic. He knew my history and problems and didn't think it was insensitive at all to say he "had a period too".
The skinwalking is unsettling. Seeing them try to imitate you in every way is really creepy. Had it happen to me and it made me question myself. And they begin trooning (especially if they start HRT), they start saying annoying things like "wow my skin is as soft as yours now!" or "my body hair is as thin as yours now!". Constantly comparing themselves to you, when you know you're nowhere alike and not the same at all. I'm glad that I peaked. It's alienated me from other people, but I would not go back to being a TRA that chooses to ignore things for the sake of "being accepting".

No. 1459883

I need a renaissance painting of this lady. such an iconic expression

No. 1459892

Lindsay ellis is a pick me ass bitch who had no issues making date rape jokes along side channel Awesome with Doug Walker.

No. 1459895

I'm so sorry you went through that nona. I'm sorry you still have a hard time with it too and I hope it gets better. Honestly, I think this is the worst part of it for me…like how are they getting away with insisting people affirm their delusions that they have periods too? It's fucking crazed. It's not grounded in reality whatsoever. It's not even the tiniest bit possible. How are trannies getting this much power to have everyone walking on eggshells around their delusions? They want to go to pregnancy classes and shit too. These are beta ass men wearing our dresses and acting entitled to acting out their fantasies to the expense of everyone around them….just like WHAT. They make literally everything about them…how are they getting away with this shit:

No. 1459903

File: 1646624093147.jpg (374.59 KB, 2056x2500, Artemisia-Gentileschi-Judith-B…)


alas I have no talent. but I would like to imagine the hairbun lady and the troon staring in this painting. "Judith Slaying Holofernes" by Artemisia Gentileschi.

Are their any other nonnas in this thread that would have a better choice? As I haven't studied in the field so I feel like I'm missing some other great paintings that would work well.

No. 1459904

>Princess Wand
This is next level pedophilia.

No. 1459905

the death eater symbol that is like a skull with a snake coming out of it. so yeah, a harry potter swastika equivalent! lol

No. 1459907

i didn't even know it existed until i saw it mentioned here

No. 1459910

I’m not all too sure why troons have this much power either, when they used to be seen as weirdos.
One, troons have managed to make people think that “transphobia” is equal to racism or some other actual discrimination.
>Trannies just want to live! They’re just people like everyone else!
Except they’re not just “trying to live”. If they actually stayed in their own lane, whatever. But they’re trying to infiltrate women’s bathrooms (not just to pee, we’ve seen plenty of evidence of them harassing girls about their periods or whipping out their dicks for selfies). Stealing scholarships from women and girls because they want to infiltrate women’s sports. It goes on and on. If you don’t support their delusions, you’re somehow as hateful as a nazi.
Two, people walk eggshells around trannies because like any other man, you don’t know what they will do. Trannies are unhinged and are braver because they think they can get away with anything, and usually they do. Some women walk around eggshells around them because if they don’t, they’ll get yelled at and attacked. Again, there’s plenty of evidence, and lots of videos showing trannies chimping out.
The handmaidens don’t help, but I think it’s other men that need to start actively putting these trannies in their place. Men are either too passive about the tranny issue (because it’s not affecting them) or they’re for trannies because they like the havoc they cause women.

No. 1459914

File: 1646625037010.png (9.21 KB, 1070x105, How do trans women here cope w…)

its just not periods or pregnancy troons will never be able to relate to woman

No. 1459919

Thank you for the research, anon! I've seen others bring up that 1.7% figure before and thought it was a little fishy.

No. 1459925

File: 1646625696370.png (253.92 KB, 992x986, Screenshot ).png)

>you think trans women are prevented men
proceeds to act like prevented men with their forced feminization fantasy

No. 1459929

this always irritated me about troons too. they say that they’ve “always been women” and that “people with penises are women too” (barf), but then they whine about missing out on periods and pregnancy. And then get mad at the women that say they don’t like their periods and don’t want them, because “but trans women wish for them!”. Yeah I think those trannies would kill themselves if they actually had a period.

also…just to turn this around on them…he’s saying periods and pregnancy are womanhood. But don’t fakebois get periods and pregnancy too?? bigots! These trannies always contradict themselves and their ideologies

No. 1459934

>how do troons have so much power
They are white, middle class, heterosexual males. Before, TIMs were mostly self-hating gay guys, but there was a shift and now they are mostly perverted straight guys. But societies perception of them didn't change so normies just think being critical of troons is an extension of homophobia.

No. 1459936

File: 1646626545501.png (5.15 KB, 1050x48, dumb.png)

>But don’t fakebois get periods and pregnancy too?? bigots! These trannies always contradict themselves and their ideologies
that's the funny part! I was never a male I'm a woman! But ftm can get pregnant but they're supposedly men! This is why troons claiming they were never male is really funny to me.

And they don't even know what a period is, this genius thinks our cramps come from the intestines.

No. 1459938

Best way to get a code seems to be to sign up on reddit and ask for one at the ovarit code subreddit.

No. 1459940

I once read about a troon that almost died from some intestinal issue he got from HRT after he delayed going to the doctor because he was convinced it was a period. Hope they all die from that

No. 1459944

File: 1646627131020.png (24.88 KB, 1071x256, cope.png)

Is it weird that troons always say they want to be able to get pregnant but they never say they want to be a mother? or talk about motherhood?

No. 1459950

lmfao from the intestines?? That’s too funny. Typical moids, clueless about anatomy. Yeah sometimes there’s more bowel movement, but that’s it. These troons don’t have a uterus, so they aren’t getting cramps. They just got gas, which is a symptom of literally anything.

No. 1459961

>nasty mess it creates if you forget about it
yeah women totally forget we get periods, we're just so dumb and have no thoughts
>ungrateful little shit
says the pervert pretending to be a woman after his mother wasted her life raising him

No. 1459962

>nasty smell
Kek, males projecting their lack of hygiene even on hypothetical women never gets old, just like a femboy.
Anyways, I’ve noticed that too, they want to get pregnant so they can lactate and give birth, but that’s about it. If guys could get pregnant like how trannies wish they could, it would be a mess because they would just abandon the kids after they reach the orgasm they wanted and the props aren’t as fun as they were before.

No. 1459969

Women truly are in danger with these freaks around. Thankfully mother nature doesn’t play that, but, the more people see their behavior the more people will peak. How long is it going to take to see and realize that these are literally just men who get off to everything about women? How they look, how they supposedly act (which is portrayed poorly by them), bodily functions like periods and pregnancy, lactation, it’s just … it’s fucking sickening.

No. 1459974

File: 1646629381122.jpeg (502.29 KB, 2048x1536, A7B5DC31-6374-4AE5-86AF-E4A2F6…)

I peak transed my roomate with this

No. 1459977

Probably is a pedo too considering the colors are baby blue and pink.

No. 1459978

Sorry, samefag, but reread it and I guess he is actually a pedo. Surprise surprise

No. 1459983

God yes, I'm so lonely. I have a pretty big friend group is the thing, but none of them know – except my guy friends, b/c so many of them basically feel the same way, but also don't care that much? Like when I've brought it up they're like "oh yeah obviously [nb friend] is female and we literally never think of her otherwise, and duh [trans woman we know] is creepy, yeah it tracks that shit sucks for lesbians rn," but it's not like…something that weighs on them. No one is badgering them, none of this really matters or affects them. I guess I'm glad I can vent to them, but they don't actually get it. I wish like hell I had irl female friends I could talk to about this.

I've been thinking of getting involved in irl women's stuff in the hopes of meeting some normies – I'd like to do some real world stuff in general, but I also feel like seeking out the kind of women who give their time to shelters, libraries, etc are more likely to be divorced from this shit. I just want anyone to talk to who doesn't make me feel insane.

No. 1459985


>devastates your biological equilibrium
Yes, it devastates it. Unlike suppressing your natural testosterone and taking cross sex hormones.

No. 1459987

We need more compilations like these and they need to get soread around more, especially twitter where troons are the loudest.

No. 1459990


Does "Nora" realise that no cis woman in the free world is obligated to get pregnant either? It's not like he is making a choice kek

No. 1459992

They sure do tell on themselves, they ooze misogyny from every pore

No. 1460014

File: 1646633829533.jpg (100.34 KB, 1600x1200, jk-rowling-tweet-16394585994x3…)

You better believe the troons had a problem with it, without a hint of self awareness

No. 1460021

People need to realize that trannyism is a sexual fetish and they use external validation to get off: women, men, babies, children, animals. If we ignore them as a society and set boundaries, they have no where to go but to crossdress in private in their own homes. But since we let these sexual predators free access to women, girls and children and let them talk about their fetish so openly without judgement, are we really surprised more and more men are coming out the woodwork as "trans"? Of course men, who are by nature predatory, would take advantage of this opportunity. Trannies thrive in a society where womens voices are suppressed, men are allowed to talk over us about our needs and safety, this is why most of them are pedos because they do the same to children. A tranny is a sexual predator.

No. 1460022

kek based troon baiter

No. 1460029

Did some nonny say on here or the fakeboi thread that butch lesbians are still more feminine than camp guys? Wouldn't troons troon out because they are already very femininine (for a man) and want to extrapolate their femininity to female levels and also want their femininity to be taken seriously and not as "man trying to imitate femininity and fails comically" instead of just being femboys?

No. 1460030

I mean they don't want to be camp guys because to them even the most masculine women are more feminine than feminine guys therefore they troon for their femininity to be take seriously and not as a drag queen/predator joke(sage)

No. 1460063

Any woman by default is more feminine than any man, including butch lesbians compared to camp gay men.
Some troon out because they're effeminate or gay to avoid homophobia, but the majority aren't even a tiny bit feminine and are simply just predatory and pornsick. As you can see in these threads a lot of troons genuinely think they're hotter/better at being women than actual women. They really just want attention (mostly sexual, but also in general), and to be able to sexually prey on women and children as they please. In some cases to prey on men too if they're gay, but they'll happily throw women under the bus to do so.

No. 1460070

File: 1646644170606.jpg (594.7 KB, 810x2068, Screenshot_20220307-040409_Boo…)

Today in egg_irl autismo:
clean shaved=eggy/outy/passing behavior:

No. 1460072

sorry nonas for possible blogpost, but I had an ex of mine reach out to me out of the blue after I blocked him everywhere and he has only a photoshopped picture of him in a dress and him wearing eyeliner. His face is so male (he's built like a truck) and I feel tarnished by him pulling this shit. why can't we even live our lives in peace without them injecting themselves in em smh

No. 1460074

The idea of pro-trans space marines being so popular in online leftie circles is so weird to me.

Space Marines are canonically fascist, genocidal hypocrites. Like, that isn't even subtext, it's TEXT. You really think they're going to be cool with your trans flag and girldick, 'Zoey'?

No. 1460075

>Not that terfs care
You're right, I don't. Prison is the only place where men experience the fear of sexual violence women have to live with as part of their every day lives. Men raping other men in prison is a problem caused by men; solving it should not fall to women, who by all accounts have more important shit to worry about where sexual violence is concerned.

No. 1460077

I’m so sorry nonna, that is a genuine nightmare. What reason did he have for reaching out?

No. 1460078

File: 1646645329444.jpg (235.24 KB, 581x752, Screenshot_20220307-092610.jpg)

There was a tranny at my local Games Workshop who got outed as a pedo. He's banned for life from every one of their stores now.

No. 1460081

File: 1646645813119.jpeg (681.08 KB, 1969x2811, 1E7D0F99-DB37-41A4-A441-2FC9D8…)

i hope he goes full mental illness and gets his disgusting amhole :) it’s truly what he deserves(:))

No. 1460082

Just be indifferent, nonnie, if he goes full retard like
>hey anon, I’m trans, did you notice? I’m trans now
Just congratulate him and that’s it, don’t encourage him and don’t try to reason with him, let him get his dick chopped off on his own.

No. 1460083

Holy shit, anons. I was on pornhub (I know) looking for sex toy reviews (I want a new one) and there was a video of a tranny giving a “tour” of its axe wound. It was disgusting and obviously looks nothing like a vagina. The “vaginal canal” was so far down from the “clit” and not even near the “lips.” It was confusing… I’ll post the link for anyone who wants to see, but be warned. You can almost smell it through the screen.

No. 1460084

>tranny is a freak more news at 8

No. 1460085

Please don’t, that’s basically gore.

No. 1460087

ignore him it's the troon kryptonite no 2 after laughing at them

No. 1460090

Interesting how transitioning suddenly made him more dysphoric about his body and not less huh

No. 1460094

i know its been a couple of days but i can not stop staring at this account. they claim to be married and a mother who birthed a child with a uterus transplant and also a teenager. i assumed they were trolling but theyre in this whole circle of people who claim to be “tma” trans women with no pics of themselves whatsoever and get into arguments and make willfully ignorant statements they assume everyone will go along with. it’s the weirdest shit, and probably a larp (as with what happened with puppychan and others trying to leech off of ‘tma’ coddling) but it’s driving me fucking insane that no one else is catching on to it.
sage for offtopic sperg, sorry

No. 1460100

File: 1646653814731.png (27.68 KB, 739x368, stunning and brave.png)

No. 1460102

I had to screenshot this 'cause your reply is perfect

No. 1460111

Why is it hidden? That's just retarded. I did not know it existed either

No. 1460112

the thing i really dont get is why are transgenders the only delusional people where it is considered the 'right' thing to indulge their delusions

for people with eating disorders you dont tell them how great they look as skeleton, you get them help
for people who think theyre are jesus you dont tell them how holy they look, you get them help
another example are the people who larp as other races, these people are ridiculed and shamed not commended and are often given psychiatric help
those people who think they are aliens/magical creatures/aliens are usualy laughed at but given psychiatric help
those people who think they are the reincarnations of historical figures are usualy laughed at but given psychiatric help

so why is it when someone says theyre are a different gender, everyone kowtows to them and bends over backwards to endulge them

No. 1460114

Oh god, the one in your pic?

I'll probably get banned for this but I find it sad that women who try to discuss dreepy trannies in the very few places where we can, and then get banned for a fucking smiley

No. 1460116

Because rich troons and chasers have spent time publishing “scientific” articles in support of their delusions which help provide “evidence” for them to change and write new laws with complete disregard for women and children

No. 1460117

Rich troons like Caitlyn Jenner and Jennifer Boylan (whose son is also a troon) come to mind

No. 1460119

Don't forget the vested interest of expensive surgeries and pills. It's a real life consequence of the postmodernist academic shit now infecting science and politics. Same as grinning, cock flapping troons in your all ages women's spa.

No. 1460120

File: 1646656920249.jpg (140.6 KB, 1280x668, tumblr_93257d71fca16bc477fbba8…)

I have never in my fucking life had a "female nightie". I always sleep in disgusting joggers with holes in them probably from my toxic ass gas, and a dirty t-shirt I blow my nose in. Still, I am and look more like a woman any tranny ever will even with all the cosmetics and surgeries this planet has to offer kek

No. 1460125

File: 1646657575184.jpeg (183.31 KB, 1010x947, FMz0CyYXsAArr3Y.jpeg)

Laurelai Bailey, troon rapist and pedophile, has been outed as the moderator of the Reddit community r/rape, where rape survivors share their stories and support each other. Laurelai is also:

>moderator of r/Contrapoints

>former hacker associated with Anonymous
>snitched on Julian Assange
>pimped out his wife to his Army friends before becoming a troon degenerate
>creator of Shinigami Eyes, a browser extension that highlights anti-trans websites and groups with different colors
>infiltrates communities under false identities

Other usernames used by Laurelai:
>/u/EphraelStern on Reddit
>@hypnotransgirl and @BimboPolitic on Twitter
>suspected to be Laura Izaguirre >>>/snow/1188043


No. 1460127

File: 1646657651850.jpeg (232.39 KB, 542x934, FMz0DnGWYAYG-Re.jpeg)

No. 1460129

He was forced to penetrate her?

No. 1460132

It's very confusing, because I'm pretty sure everyone involved in this (including the rapee) is a man but the writer uses female pronouns for them.

No. 1460135

I can’t stop laughing! They really believe all this don’t they, that women are going to find all this erotic and submit to their full bimbo sissification nonsense. Pure kek.

No. 1460140

File: 1646659100104.jpg (126.31 KB, 1000x1000, Laurelai-Bailey.jpg)

I do have some respect for the trans people who call out these freaks. To be honest, I would not have nearly as much vitriol for their community as a whole if they weeded out the rapist pedo criminals more often. Instead those people are in charge the most.

What a demure laydee

No. 1460141

>Why is it hidden?
The same reason why no one here wants to use crystal.cafe.

No. 1460142

File: 1646659190601.png (28.36 KB, 736x426, IS THIS NORMAL.png)

i hate when TIFs validate these ugly creepy men

No. 1460145

File: 1646659344506.jpeg (490.39 KB, 1411x2126, FEB7F953-BC1F-4F03-B2EA-AB6220…)

he thinks this is passable

No. 1460150

No shit nobody believes he’s 46, he looks 60.

No. 1460168

normal for someone with autogynephilia, sure
Giant male forehead, he doesn't pass even with a mask covering half his face
>if they weeded out the rapist pedo criminals more often. Instead those people are in charge the most.
This, how are women supposed to feel comfortable having our spaces invaded by a community when the loudest voices are rapist/pedos/pervert/openly wishing death upon women? The only positive of this is the trans movement will be a lot shorter than people think, if you make rapists, perverts and woman-haters your spokespeople most normal people will be repulsed or afraid. If you make people defend convicted rapists as part of supporting your community most people will recoil. They did this to themselves by having absolutely no standards for their community.

No. 1460175

I have honestly never at any point in my entire online life seen a single trans person out another trans predator, only defended them and their actions no matter how heinous. (Until the post above which may have been by a trans person?)At best they stay silent and pretend they didn't see anything because it's bad press.
I swear being trans is just a fucking religion, and now they're trying to cover up just like the child molesting priests.

No. 1460184

This is so sinister but like, completely unsurprising. It’s not even one of those extensions that censor photos or change specific words to jokes, its “C’mon everybody! Let’s let some random guy we don’t know decide who we can and cannot interact with online”. Most people wouldn’t make something like that, it’s the exact type of controlling hubris an abuser would exercise. Worst of all and likely the main point is most people with Shinigami Eyes etc installed are young women.

This is the cumulation of sheltering and exalting the opinions of a bunch of dudes while simultaneously demonising “terfs”, literal feminists, the group of women with their best interests at heart and yes I know not everybody is on the ball, but the incentive is there. It’s the same story every time.

You just know the accounts of their victims are blocked.

No. 1460186

When that long google doc about Rain Terranova/gangsterpopeye dropped I had seen a lot of gender specials start “misgendering” and saying he was never a “real” troon or that classic “I always got bad vibes from that person” bullshit sjw types always say whenever one of their own is outed for predatory behavior

No. 1460187

I've read shit like this (aboit women not having inner monologue) many times on reddit before. Do these moids seriously not have any woman around? Their mother? They could just ask.
It's not a gender thing, it's literally a brain condition one can have (that for example makes reading difficult). Even if they don't have a woman around, they could just use Google.

No. 1460194

What is the probability of a mtf de-transitioning? I guess I hope someday my friend will come to his senses and live normally as a man again, but the chances seem slim.
Tifs de-transition more, but that’s because they’re usually self-loathing and eventually come to accept who they are. With Tims, it’s usually a fetish which doesn’t go away (could it with therapy?), or they’re too stubborn to admit they’ve been wrong and so keep on digging themselves deeper.
Just sucks losing somebody and seeing them become a different person.

No. 1460197

No. 1460199

File: 1646663619893.png (2.32 MB, 1024x1788, cult.png)

i posted in the previous thread >>1450973 about being peaked by my reformed friend at uni who had been tricked into thinking he was TIF as a teen but thankfuly saw sense

I spoke to him about this once and he said this is how the troon community deals with any criticism, they close ranks and attack anyone who speaks out against the community even when it is valid, he said it is a literal cult and he is was so glad to be out with no long term damage

No. 1460202

Who would you consider the 'leader' in this scenario?

No. 1460205

Male arrogance and entitlement knows no bounds; they will pretty much never detrans no matter how much everyone else tells them they are wrong. The only examples I see of them regretting it are when they lose libido and can’t coom anymore.

No. 1460206

File: 1646664104708.jpeg (20.27 KB, 620x382, E7thnANWQAIv22Z.jpeg)

No. 1460207

i know its not quite equivalent as there is no 'leader'
but i would say the 'leader' is the movement a whole

No. 1460209

most tims i see on /r/detrans are hsts

i think many of them realize that they're not attracting the straight men they wanted to attract and are instead only able to get with chasers

No. 1460210


I think the trans issue will always weigh more heavily on women than men because we're the ones that actually care about the safety and the rights of others. Which also means we're the only ones that will stop troons from getting their way. I couldn't give two shits about degenerate grown men getting off while wearing skirts, that's nothing new. But I absolutely fucking refuse to put their safety and rights above that of women and children and that's what's being asked of us.

No. 1460211

i can send my former TIM friend a fb message and see what he says then post his message here
it may be a while before he responds to my fb message though

but from what hes said before there is a chance but sadly it is slim

No. 1460213

I’d say any older trannies are “leaders” in a way too, since they have power over the young and clueless, and are seen as “wise”. They have enough experience in manipulating people, and enough connections to create a mob. For example, the old pedo trannies that cultivate discord servers, the trannies that have taken over as leaders of lgb groups in colleges and schools, etc.

No. 1460216

Thanks. That sucks. I’m glad your friend snapped out of it and left the cult. I think unfortunately my friend is the AGP variety with the things he’s said. He’s made a lot of tranny and “nonbinary” friends too that only enable him, so chances are slim. Maybe when he realizes where his depression stems from, has health issues due to the pills, and remains alone (no one likes floppy dick transbians), will he realize. I’ll try not waiting for that day though since it might never come.

No. 1460220

File: 1646666005990.jpg (1.22 MB, 810x3174, Screenshot_20220307-100954_Boo…)

Just gross.

No. 1460223

>that wrinkly ass forehead, eyebags and visible scalp
God I wish I was this delusional

No. 1460224

Whenever I get silly bans like that theyre only like 5 minutes thankfully

No. 1460225

yeah I get banning someone who's an obvious newfag who doesn't sage but that anon seemed to use it sarcastically

No. 1460226

Please note, that this didn't happen until the majority of troons were rich, straight, middle aged, white men. They have all kinds of access to the halls of power that actual minority and groups with mental illness don't have. And white men cater to white men and everybody else generally falls in line when rich white men start speaking.

Like you can bet if furries were a bunch of rich, old, white dudes, then we would be seeing all this shit about them.

No. 1460230

Newfag here. What's the story behind the feud between this place and crystal.cafe?

No. 1460231

>Sell me out to the terfs
Kek how dramatic, like yeah, it sucks that he got raped, but come on, the evil terfs are some sort of threat? The only real threat to him was getting isolated from the group of other tranny friend he probably had and the possibility of losing his job or some shit since trannies are their own enemies.

No. 1460233

File: 1646667255686.jpg (598.24 KB, 810x2029, Screenshot_20220307-102724_Boo…)

We're reaching absurd levels of gender autism. You should assume someone playing a game as a female character is a woman. Same with a clean shaved man.

No. 1460235

There are leaders, not of the tranny cult on its own, but there’s always someone charismatic enough to be considered a leader for a community of trannies.
It can be an influencer, or just some random retard from a big group of “friends”, what matters is that someone with enough presence to command a hoard of losers is the one who gives out the ideas and sets up the rules to follow.

No. 1460236


Some of them do detransition. But not a lot. And it's usually because of negative consequences or because tehy have a moment of clarity, realize being a troon solved none of their problems and then don't repress that moment of clarity.

I would lurk on r/detrans and read stories of male detransitioners to find out what the commonalities are and if they apply to your friend.

But even if it does, it's probably not likely as male troons are driven by porn and misogyny which are things that males are very unlikely to face head on, put in the necessary effort to deal with and give them up.

No. 1460240

File: 1646667800756.png (100.67 KB, 806x151, 2022-03-07_16-43-22.png)

No. 1460244

ok so i got a response
he said it is like an opium addiction and should be viewed in the same way
most will not want to acknowledge any problem that they have and will not want to get better
they may fight against any attempt at help
depending how deep someone is, they may be too far gone
there is a sunken cost fallacy, some people may have gone to far to come back
if someone has had their genitals removed they know there is no going back, they can't bear the idea that they may have made a mistake
troon comunities are like echo chambers and if a person cant get away from them there is very little chance at helping them

he says the only really way to get someone out of it is to help them realise how unhealthy and delusional it is
they have to be made to understand the simple truth they will never ever be a woman they will just be a mutilated man

also to help them realise their life has not really improved in anway and that no matter how accepting some people seem all they really think how much of a freak you are, how their stomachs turn when they see you

he said something very interesting that he feels that it is like opium addiction or alcoholism as in 'once an addict always an addict'
he said the he has known of people who 'quit' only to fall back into it

No. 1460247

File: 1646668263907.jpg (197.48 KB, 1242x1209, IMG-9208.jpg)

No. 1460248

As a woman I play female characters because I find them more visually appealing. Only a tranny autist would believe he's the sexy anime girl he plays as and expect to be treated like one

No. 1460249

File: 1646668438060.png (317.79 KB, 1433x421, fgdsfg.png)

If you think that's bad wait till you read this from the same account, this guy openly admits he's grooming a rape victim into coming out as "sissy" and then come out as trans, as a way to deal with his trauma
like jesus christ this is fucked up

No. 1460252

The potter fandom is full of trannies and I bet they hate JK with such fiery passion just because their favorite series' creator is against their speshul identity.

No. 1460253

I'm in the exact same situation as you nonnie.

No. 1460259

They also took over r/antiwork after the whole dog walking fiasco and any criticism was met with bans fyi

No. 1460270

troons keep doing this over and over again and no one is allowed to point it out

everyone is just supposed to pretend like it's just a coincidence that it's always one of them and i find it so frustrating

No. 1460274

File: 1646669932065.jpeg (719.14 KB, 1170x1545, 7A006259-51D4-4DAA-A2AB-8E3B47…)

I am so tired

No. 1460279

That’s graham lineham?

No. 1460283

Moids are extremely low empathy and lack theory of mind. Instead of realizing they are the problem, they just assume women literally don't think and aren't human.

No. 1460284

I hate how they’ve taken over pride and everything I once stood for. Between trannies and corporations I just find it a fucking circus now.

No. 1460287

Nta, yes it is, he was showing/memeing how TIMs go on lesbian dating apps

No. 1460288

Oh really sir? This is one of the reasons I stick to male characters in online games. Funny though bc I’m sure a hunk of people playing as women are just men.

No. 1460292

This is just fucking retarded. In game characters have literally no connection to your own sex. I play as both and so do most people I know, men and women

No. 1460296

There is none, (maybe some judgement both ways, but there's a lot of user overlap) nta but I think she means that it's infested with more troons and moids in general - so hidden boards here have less moids on them.

No. 1460298

File: 1646671212678.png (243.43 KB, 467x688, poor twans wimmin.png)

No. 1460302

>the feeling of safety that comes from being surrounded by women

these moids think women exist to give them emotional support

No. 1460303

>sent him on hunting trips as a direct response to seeing him fully dressed in his sister's clothes on the reg and playing with dolls

Yet to read a paragraph written by a transwoman of an event which actually happened, and not a fanfiction rewrite of their own life. Whatever unconvincing nonsense they write will be met with cheers from the other transwomen so why bother making it convincing?

No. 1460307

a troon got beaten into a seizure by a couple of cis girls in mcdonalds 2011. at least they weren't creepy about it.

No. 1460308

Women's spaces aren't areas of refuge for men.

No. 1460310

good for them

No. 1460311

nta but it makes me annoyed how troons are always saying anyone can act and dress how they want but not liking hunting instantly means he must have been a woman all this time. they literally never practice what they claim

No. 1460313

Maybe I live under a rock, but I rarely if ever see MtF trannies get attacked by police in public. If anything more police need to step in when trannies are flashing children and women in spas, or physically attacking “terfs”.
The only time I remember a tranny getting “attacked” is in that hilarious video where police and paramedics try saving a flailing, yelling troon from their anime mobile.

No. 1460320

So according to their own stupid line of thinking, this “Aria Plays Video Games” troon is really a male because many males play video games. These troons are dumb.

No. 1460321

At least this guy admits men are dangerous, just sounds like he needs to hang out in LGB spaces rather than invade women's spaces. This is solving a problem by creating a new problem.

No. 1460325

You can’t make this shit up. This man thinks women are there to ‘protect and support’ him lmao. I used to think SRS is there to stop these freaks from procreating for some piece of mind, however most of them trap women into having children with them first then troon out.

No. 1460327

Sometimes I wish women were as violent as men so they would stop seeing us all as their fucking caretakers

No. 1460330

it's mommy issues all the way down

No. 1460336

File: 1646672650742.gif (1.51 MB, 498x221, D22E2658-4423-4935-9E76-2C2035…)

>women endanger troons

No. 1460337

So, since everyone hates trannies and wants them dead… why not create their own spaces so neither the ebil Terf women Karen’s with children, nor other men attacks them? They have the money to ask for bathrooms for themselves in which no “cis” person can enter, they can push for that, and tbh, I would support it, they need to stay in their own spaces so they stop fucking with normal people.

No. 1460342

yeah not to even mention tech and programming.. they clearly just pick whatever drives their own narrative

No. 1460344

please let another one of these assholes go to the point of no return

No. 1460355

Is this a crypto terf group?

No. 1460366

because they don't want their own spaces, they want OUR spaces

No. 1460377

File: 1646675097375.jpg (134.37 KB, 1200x902, gabrielle_and_xena.jpg)

It must have been so much more awesome to be in the feminist movement 20 or even 10 years ago when it was really just women uplifting other women, just lovely femmes and butches all there for each other without these retarded coomers colonizing our womenhood and invading the safe spaces we all fought so hard for. I hate the trannies and their pornsick delusions so much. I hate that everyone caters to their delusions and entitled attitudes so much. How the fuck has this happened??

No. 1460384

current day troon shit began in the 70s and really started to gain momentum in the 90s. girls to the front? well… I'll become a grrrl!

No. 1460386

I honestly did not see it become so big until like the past 5 or so years

No. 1460388

File: 1646676123099.jpg (123.29 KB, 1139x1080, FMiAsFXWYAEvKjD.jpg)

I can't fully give a accurate picture of just feminist spaces as I never was involved in those groups but I can give my perspective of what what leftist online spaces used to be like just over a decade ago, before the rise of the degenerate dirtbag left and the troons, the soyboys of breadtube and even libfems of twitter
online leftist spaces were much smaller(like by a lot) but they had a more diverse array of people (men and women, gay and straight, black, white, Indian and Hispanic) and we would discuss social issues, what we could do with our limited resources, local activism and in those spaces real hateful speech like racism, sexism and any specifics of violence against women would get you banned

Now you compare that with twitter leftism or spaces like r/ChapoTrapHouse, leftypol and breadtube comment sections and you see nothing more then a much of degenerates spewing bullshit, talking about cat girl skittles and how much they hate their Chud parents or over analyzing random films
its depressing really what happened in just a decade

No. 1460395

i still don't understand how and why it happened

why are moids doing this to themselves

No. 1460402

again those spaces were small especially compared to today, there were four online social movements that changed the demographics of online leftism
the rise of chapotraphouse, tumblr(later twitter) snark feminism, breadtube and the dirtbag left
these four all contributed to the various aspects in leftistm we had today, they had actual real world impact in a way

No. 1460407

It's the classic story of the failmale. These men know deep down that they're useless and worthless, so trooning is just one pathetic way they try to make themselves something special and worthy of attention

No. 1460409

File: 1646677043902.png (1016.32 KB, 1136x1190, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 10.1…)

when using the wrong body wash gives you dysphoria lmao

No. 1460412

Tbh the antiwork fiasco was proof to me that this trans thing is a government psyop. The way it just demolishes leftist movements is way too calculated.

No. 1460413

File: 1646677150948.jpg (208.38 KB, 767x490, 20220307_181242.jpg)

Sage for being really late to the 40k autism party, but Snipe and Wib have been getting increasingly insufferable to watch ever since they started putting smug, performative, pickme shit in their videos, like pic related from their Squats video.

No. 1460414

who gives a shit about bodywash

get some bar soap kek

No. 1460415

How do you even tell the difference? My bodywash doesn't say "woman" on it, most aren't labelled either way.

No. 1460417

File: 1646677370868.png (245.49 KB, 1782x830, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 10.2…)

>I was thinking about having a vagina and having cum leaking out of it and down my inner thigh and butt.
but it's not a fetish and it's offensive when you say it is

No. 1460419

>too jealous

this absolute pos should be grateful that his gf is staying with him at all

No. 1460421

the way he STILL manages to blame his wife by saying she’s ‘too jealous’. here’s hoping he gets his totally heckin valid sterilisation by cutting his dick off and the whole thing gets horribly infected!

No. 1460422

File: 1646677633636.jpg (132.77 KB, 768x411, 20220307_181607.jpg)

Off topic in the MTF thread, but Snipe suddenly identifying as a she/they nonbinary is the biggest, most embarrassing cope for her having fucking ballooned in weight over the past few years. In their earlier videos, she was spergy, but kind of a qt3.14. Now, she's piled it on. Bitch looks like Kathy Burke.

I bet she's a nightmare to put up with, but I don't feel sorry for Wib. He's the archetypal nerdy beta male and is probably getting cucked by Longfang, either knowingly or unknowingly.

No. 1460423

also love how he describes his wife as "too jealous" for him to be non-monogamous, like she's "problematic" for not wanting her partner to go out and fuck someone else. I hope she gets away soon.

No. 1460427

literally who are these people and why are you sperging about them here when none of them are MTF.

No. 1460428

Have any of you experienced erasure from troons as a woman of color? I know many people get tired of hearing things are rooted in racism but troons get to screech “transphobia” at almost ANY inconvenience and they get praised and an army of handmaidens supporting them. I’m wondering if people are quick to support because they’re scared of being canceled ?

No. 1460430

The fuck even is male bodywash and if he doesn't like it why is he still buying it when there are so many neutral ones. Sounds like any other moid insecure about not being masculine enough

No. 1460437

File: 1646678263421.png (198.52 KB, 1190x714, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 10.3…)

the urge to a-log grows stronger

No. 1460439

Troons constantly bring up how manly and hairy WoC are, like "If black women are considered women, then men can be women too", so I don't think they are actively erasing them.

No. 1460442

i can take a guess, they live with their family or housemates and they are in the 'closet' and dont want to explain why they have female body wash

No. 1460458

Black women groom and style themselves so femininely no man could match them. Their body proportions and faces literally get emulated by surgeons who want to enhance women's beauty because their features are the feminine ideal. Middle Eastern or brown women can be hairy but have very beautiful hair, gorgeous faces and curvy bodies so no one could mistake them as a man. It's all a cope and I hope women of color dont feel hurt by these mentally ill racist scrotes who want to steal their identities.

No. 1460459


No. 1460460

File: 1646678978393.jpeg (421.47 KB, 1284x1264, 6D5F48AE-F613-4006-850B-231663…)

cry harder

No. 1460461

Maybe this dicussion could fit into the Woke Media thread? I'm interested in discussiong things relating to tabletop trannies etc too


No. 1460462

File: 1646679160297.png (446.5 KB, 1033x881, MandW.png)


No, some of them do have "for Men" or "$Brand$ Men" on the bottle. In my country, the bodywash section of the store is divided into the male and female side.

Body wash for men - the bottles are blocky and are in dark colors and they are made by companies that make cologne and other male type products and or have "Men" on the bottle.

Body wash for women - bottles are smaller and white or other light or pastel color and curved in various ways.

No. 1460474

OP here. I think from experience and what I see is so many loud troons and handmaidens screaming “trans rights” “transphobia” yet you don’t get that energy for actual WoC struggles Shows how entitled men are and will always be. Sorry for the rant nonnies I’m just so tired of women spaces being erased

No. 1460476

Has he never heard of Suave Ocean Breeze? Also most body washes (unlike lots of hair products) aren't really gendered, and I don't think any men would bat an eye at wanting to smell like coconut or pear or whatever.

Dog walking fiasco?

No. 1460478

sage for off topic but my bf always buys himself this honey and nougat bodywash because it smells amazing

No. 1460482

No. 1460490

Kek also blog but my bf uses this pink raspberry shower gel and smells great. I have to use unscented soap bc sensitive skin.

No. 1460518

so theyre saying men are dangerous rapists and thats why we should allow them in womens prisons? i dont doubt that men would rape TIMs at higher rates than cis men, but why not just have a troon block in a mens prison?? I dont think anyone would object to that. why do they have to come to womens prisons???

No. 1460524

noo, ive had this happen to me too. its awful because you cant even tell most of your friends with out being called a terf. youre not alone, and you have every right to cut that creep off.

No. 1460538

I love how they complain about coochie smell as if its a flex. Like i doubt any woman let you and your 5'oclock girl beard get close enough to her vagina to take a whiff. meanwhile theyre getting fuck in the ass or better yet they get bottom surgery and get fucked in the smegma chamber. we all know they have abysmal hygiene and the only other people who will want them are other men who cant get the real thing.

Fucking shut up and dilate.

No. 1460546

>I want to censor women in a women's group talking about their biological reality because it hurts my feelings
>They should only be allowed to talk about their bodies on specific days


No. 1460548

File: 1646683557233.jpg (51.47 KB, 734x454, rossy flower.JPG)

This reminds me of the trannies that keep being euphoric(tm) over their cocks smelling like vaginas on hrt - is the smell ACTUALLY that different? Presumed you wash your genitals.

As someone with experience sniffing both dicks and vagooters (yes I have SEX aren't I cool huh later virgins), they have very similar smells. Some days I go to pee and think that huh, my thing smells a bit like a dick / sperm today, despite having no contact with one. Trannies seem to have an obsession with the smell though?

No. 1460550

>my body smells like a rossy flower

how can someone be this fucking stupid

No. 1460552


When your soap is misgendering you…

We get it, you want to be dripping in cum, I'm sure someone online will take you. Imagine the gall to post online complaining that your soon to be trans-widow can't cum on you in the fashion you desire and is "too jealous" to be poly. ffs.

No. 1460560

This is so vindicating. I knew that EphraelStern had skeletons after his weird "don't worry, I am an experienced tranny janny and will be in charge now" post during the r/nowork drama, but all I could dig up was him being a mod of r/rape and an interest in hypnosis. Which set off alarm bells for sure, but there was nothing concrete until now.

No. 1460561

>Some days I go to pee and think that huh, my thing smells a bit like a dick / sperm today
Why is this relatable kek. They really don't smell that difference, and female sweat doesn't smell like flowers either

No. 1460563

LMAOOOO, they do have a obsessions with smell. One of my roomates was poly and her partners partner was a it/its furrry TIM and would talk about humping a pillow and never washing its case so it soaked up their "bussy musk", they also smelled SO BAD. They also never had sex with a woman (peRsoN wIth vaGinA) and would ask "jokingly" to smell me and my roomate saying they would just put a finger in and out real quick. They were always around and invited themselves over, I was worried they would try to steal my clothes or something. so I moved back home at 27 to escape it. Kinda sucks but at least I'm saving money.

No. 1460564

Anon I am GAGGING what the fuck, jesus

No. 1460565

sounds like a lucky escape nonny

No. 1460578

B-but, I thought transwomen didn't experience male socialization!

No. 1460582

If trannies don't want to be raped in prison maybe they shouldn't commit crimes to begin with. It's that simple.

No. 1460584

File: 1646686467696.png (468.46 KB, 739x916, xrDBtpl.png)

as if any woman would want to be with you after pretending to be a lesbian

No. 1460585

File: 1646686645487.png (25.38 KB, 760x227, 40EAF364-0167-4D0F-964A-91F176…)

Women dumb amiright

No. 1460586

when you induce brain damage from erotic asphyxiation but blame it on your teehee girlbrain instead

No. 1460588

File: 1646686906520.jpg (58.86 KB, 501x566, tim fantasies.JPG)

I would like to strangle that fucking moid

t. an engineer with no math chromosomes

No. 1460600

That sounds just exactly like what some sissy hypno porn shit would say.

No. 1460611

Sage for tif blog posting, but the smell of my vagina did change to something more musky while I was on T, but that was most likely due to more sweat? I’ve been around TIMs dicks too unfortunately, and I’d argue that the smell change for them isn’t just hormonal, most of them smell the way they do because their livers are so damaged that they become pre diabetic from all of the booze they tend to drink.(unsaged blog )

No. 1460612

Same anon, sorry for not saging like a moron. Blame it on the tra koolaid brain damage

No. 1460626

Death to transsexuals(a-log)

No. 1460630

>boyfriend deliberately called TIM at our job a man after the troon asked him a question
>i accidentally called the TIF at my job "ma'am"
a couple that misgenders together stays together? i'm glad my bf hates trannies. i was friends with a woman whose bf was so obviously a chaser and would leave her to comfort his troon friend. are your bf/gfs supportive, nonnas?

No. 1460631

sorry if this is a stupid woman brained question but why would you need spatial visualization for addition? does he picture an abacus every time he has to count?

No. 1460633

File: 1646691190643.jpg (117.9 KB, 750x654, tumblr_c82d80f36a0b5940914219f…)

I rant about it to him and he agrees, he had a fucking weirdo MtF boss that got promoted just for woke points. He does become a bit fed up with how much I am invested in my seething though. Also, he said he has (does?) consumed shemale porn so, idk, have to stay vigilant

No. 1460641

He had to invent a special manbrain superpower that only moids have, because I doubt even he could claim that we don't know how to fucking add.

No. 1460649

>He does become a bit fed up with how much I am invested in my seething though. Also, he said he has (does?) consumed shemale porn
praying for you

No. 1460660

Thanks nonny, me too

No. 1460663

for the love of god don't have children with this man if you're sure he won't troon out

No. 1460673

My girlfriend thinks troons are insane and that transgenderism is bullshit but chooses to ignore them with the "live and let live" sort of mindset. She hates it when I go on by TERF spiels because she doesn't really want to be consumed by the disgust. Can't blame her but on the other hand it's sometimes disheartening.

No. 1460674

File: 1646693391824.png (112.42 KB, 478x899, tran period.png)

I know I'm a bit late. But the troons comment on "cramps from the intestines is a period" was interesting in the stupidity of it all.

Troons that push the period narrative of having periods list their symptom (many of which are just symptoms of hormonal imbalance from too much estrogen) but a big emphasis seems to be on gut cramping. So I looked into sex hormones impacts into IBS. And it makes me wonder if they are just experiencing "female presenting" IBS tbh.

But honestly even that gives them to much validity and I would be likely to suggest it's actually fueled by their "maleness" since male sex hormones help mediate a lot of the issues and with them suppressing their own T it most likely has caused them to actually feel shit they didn't know was a thing to begin with.

If anyone else would like to chime in I'll source some links and let you guys come to your own conclusions.

Sex hormones in the modulation of irritable bowel syndrome:

Gastrointestinal symptoms before and during menses in healthy women:

Was thinking about trying to explain it a bit more in depth in relation to MtF HRT vs hormone function in the the menstrual cycle.

Cause the fact that they say "period" when they are popping estrogen pills daily and our period is when our levels of estrogen crash to that nearly average for a male is laughable. And their is no way in high heaven or hell that they get Dysmenorrhea like we do because that would suggest they have a womb.

So to all the nonnies that have spergy troons in their life saying they are having periods and cramps to teehee, tell they you are talking about Dysmenorrhea not PMS and that true clinical pms symptoms are not that common and suggested to be due to certain people having estrogen sensitivity OR estrogen dominance if they are effected by things like POCs. Maybe they are just having those symptoms cause just like the woman that have estrogen sensitivities/estrogen dominance their body reacts badly to having to much estrogen as well.

No. 1460682

File: 1646693979607.jpg (1.42 MB, 3024x4032, 1643316085539.jpg)

Most see that its beneficial for the troon to die from complications. Keep in mind these surgeons will often coerce and encourage sexual reassignment surgery because it makes them a lot of money (along with shady hollywood organizations that fund them). I've been seeing this sort of pattern play out in the past several years when troonism was getting started. Then when the troon dies from either 41% or septic shock, they'll be able to avoid lawsuits and jail time.

It gets heinous when surgeons outright encourage reassignment surgery to teenagers under 18, then are forced to live with the consequences.

No. 1460692

File: 1646695129101.png (408.9 KB, 1160x1586, 0.png)

Rowling being based again.

No. 1460699

I fucking love her. I was never even into Harry Potter but god damn she is awesome.

No. 1460711

all hail the queen of terf island

No. 1460722

she is so based, I regret not reading Harry Potter when I was younger even though I loved YA fiction. Wish I could go back and tell 13 year old me to get really into hp instead of the mortal instruments which has a fat lolcow author

No. 1460724

If it’s “only the bleeding symptom” (it’s really much more than that happening, but anyway), they should chop off their dicks and bleed out.
I argued with that troon about how it’s impossible because for one, periods have a drop in estrogen, and he’s getting a consistent supply of it. He just called me a terf. They don’t want to look at biology and have no refutes when they are told the truth. I really don’t understand why it is so offensive to troons to tell them that they aren’t getting periods when it’s fact.

No. 1460729

File: 1646697329645.jpeg (36.34 KB, 828x199, 47F7125D-AB1E-40D5-8146-DA9EEE…)

Has anyone noticed the surge of troons volunteering for Ukraine? Pretty sure Russia is demolishing Ukrainian forces so that means they’re gonna die or immediately starve and cry in the frozen forest?

No. 1460731

I don’t know how she does it but I’m so glad we’ve got her on our side. I already have all the potter books back at my family home but I’ve since moved out of the country, and now I want to buy all the books again just to support her.

No. 1460740

this is bait anon kek

No. 1460753

File: 1646698433847.jpeg (131.85 KB, 1179x858, 25BC000C-1B3D-4382-ABE4-CFA532…)

This isn’t

No. 1460754

File: 1646698454876.png (553.17 KB, 705x702, A736EAD4-64A6-4646-832B-AD5433…)

Or this

No. 1460758

File: 1646698660149.jpeg (159.17 KB, 1279x919, 7787AAF4-9254-4DF8-A9A3-2A65D9…)

No. 1460760

kek they call him Peter.

No. 1460761

This is "Lady Feral" or the MMA troon who was ex-SpecOps.
This is the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch or Tran-Ranch guys that have a Kiwifarms thread.

It's just /pol/ men trying to bait out Redditors. It's funny but don't take it as actual news on Ukrainian volunteers.

No. 1460762

Pidor is Russian for "faggot".

No. 1460764

haha holy shit that's so much better.

No. 1460765

I love her so much, I can’t wait to get even more Harry Potter merch to support her.

No. 1460767

OT because its old but women with androgen deficiencies do not have a y chromosome? It is hormonal not chromosomal. Why do these men feel the need to drag unrelated women into their childish arguments?

No. 1460771

yes it is anon >>1460762
this is a picture from this summer of the tranchers. they have a kf thread https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-tenacious-unicorn-ranch-tenaciousranch-steampunk-penny-penellope-logue-phillip-matthew-logue.86681/

redditors are both extremely autistic and gullible which means they will troll each other in the most dedicated ways for ages

No. 1460772

Fuck yes Rowling, our fourth wave feminism queen
Literally this. I've been a lifelong fan but at this point with libfems and trannies equating enjoying Harry Potter to being a TERF regardless of if one is or isnt, might as well enjoy our new way of signaling to each other that we love Harry Potter and also hate troons. lol imagine HP merch being the only way we can stealth signal to one another, what a world

No. 1460795

JK is so calm and rational in her responses. Many women authors literally change to an alias or pretend to be a man to be taken seriously. JKR has death and worse threats thrown at her by insane nlogs. I love her replies

No. 1460796

File: 1646701071827.jpg (317.84 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220308_025401.jpg)

Yet another episode in "twans giwls totally have pewiods uwu"

Ah yes, the monthly hot flashes and chocolate cravings

No. 1460797

> Why should trans women's periods not count just because we lack one symptom?
God the fucking cope. ONE symptom? The “symptom” is the entire fucking period. Careful not to break your back with that reach.

No. 1460799

File: 1646701113924.jpg (354.98 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220308_025442.jpg)

And apparently now even men not on HRT get periods

No. 1460800

I just got an ad on YouTube about how biological men should not be allowed in women's sports or women's shelters and was all 100 on board with it until they threw in the only man plus woman can be married and raise a child. I wish there could be a middle ground for this madness. We should all agree biological men should not be allowed in women's bathrooms, lower rooms, shelters or sports without the crazy christ fags involved.

No. 1460802

File: 1646701319492.jpg (105.89 KB, 782x657, RDT_20220308_03012855316622880…)


No. 1460803


They ping pong in between

"A period does not define a woman. Post-menopausal women don't get periods, and trans women don't get periods." (Lol obviously very similar cases)

And "wait actually transwomen definitely get periods from HRT therefore they are women"

No. 1460804

File: 1646701594988.jpg (324.15 KB, 1080x1311, IMG_20220308_030519.jpg)

Just girly things, teehee!

Yes, the poster is a tranny. I am so surprised

No. 1460805

I bring things up often and he agrees with most of it but I think since like most men it doesn’t really affect him as much he thinks I’m obsessing over only the loud ones or whatever.

No. 1460806

Also, you know, it requires a fucking uterus, so there’s that. Not to scorn any women here who don’t have one or don’t have periods, but men are so stupid. Like you idiots you’re lacking the organ that cramps and sheds. There is no period for you.

No. 1460807

One comment saying girls do not actually do shit like that and it was downvoted to hell and back, TiMs coming in hordes to tell "yes we do!!"

No. 1460810

Was it Matt Walsh? He’s an open Nazi Christian identity guy who constantly advocates for women to not be allowed to work and for banning abortion

No. 1460811

My favorite thing is when there's a post, either made by a tranny or actual woman (though usually a tranny) and there'll be a massive thread of two or more trannies straight up roleplaying with each other.
> pats head you're such a good girl, aren't you
It's so fucking funny. I've never once seen an actual woman in those stupid threads. Of course it's just pornsick weaboo scrotes.

No. 1460812

I know lmao, it just infuriates me how these men actually think they are in a lesbian space. And it's just a fucking sausage party of men

No. 1460814

File: 1646702344453.jpg (87.09 KB, 1001x632, IMG_20220308_031732.jpg)


No. 1460815

File: 1646702396566.png (797.18 KB, 1080x1395, Screenshot_20220307-201321 (1)…)


Of course they're anime schoolgirls. Would any actual lesbian post stuff like this? I'm convinced r/actuallesbians is 75% tims.

No. 1460816

Wishing whoever made this image a painful existence.

No. 1460818

Almost all of the memes are uguu kawaii animu gals. I bet my ass not one of those is posted by an actual woman

No. 1460819

I remember when even on 4chan the lgbt board had diverse threads, now every single one is trannies roleplaying as anime girls.
Why are there so fucking many of these people?

No. 1460822

That's why people ""joke"" it's /tttt/ now. It's not a joke, it's the reality.

No. 1460825

>So to all the nonnies that have spergy troons in their life saying they are having periods and cramps to teehee, tell they you are talking about Dysmenorrhea not PMS and that true clinical pms symptoms are not that common and suggested to be due to certain people having estrogen sensitivity OR estrogen dominance if they are effected by things like POCs. Maybe they are just having those symptoms cause just like the woman that have estrogen sensitivities/estrogen dominance their body reacts badly to having to much estrogen as well.

Nope, don't say any of this. Troons say all kids of crazy shit and taking it seriously only encourages them. Even if you disprove it, they will move the goalpost and come back with some more crazy shit.

Just repeat "No uterus, no period" to whatever nonsense they come up with.

No. 1460828

It's not just there is a lot of them, it's also that their antics drive everyone else away.

No. 1460829

yeah, trying to explain it to them just doesn't work. period symptoms are caused by the imbalance of estrogen in our system. that's why some women break out or get constipated or get moody. but troons are on a regulated, steady dose of estrogen. they will never experience a monthly imbalance of estrogen, caused naturally by their body. if you point this out, they disregard this and say that their body must be regulating estrogen on its own. there's no winning.

No. 1460831

File: 1646704989076.jpg (22.16 KB, 500x303, 1558047812372.jpg)

The 4chan-to-trans pipeline is real

No. 1460835

OP here. Yeah in the long run your right tbh. The most rational thing to do is cut them out of your life if possible, they are creatures of delusion. If they cared about making sense and accepting reality they wouldn't be doing what they are doing in the first place. My advice was misplaced in retrospect.

No. 1460836

I hate these invasive lanestraying pieces of shit. There are literally no boards for actual women now because troons get to be 'real women' now too complete with neo periods and supposedly no difference in socialization or biology wow what a miracle!! wow how fitting that white men would gain the right to female only spaces just in time for women losing more rights to their own bodies. Fuckin hell fuckin hellll

No. 1460840

sage for blogpost but my boyfriend thinks tims are suspect but whenever i even mention terfy shit he starts defending them with all his might. he has admitted to being attracted to hsts tims and has probably watched femboy porn. men only defend trannies when they are attracted to them

No. 1460845

But why nonna he makes funny british sitcoms and hates troons too

No. 1460846

dump him

No. 1460847

really sick of retarded burger anons reeing about "freedom of speech". How was 4chan a bastion of freedom of speech? moot regularly banned discussion of people he personally didn't like, boxy being the most famous. WT Snacks would ban you because he didn't like your opinion on anime. There has never, and will never be a true "free speech" space, because you need to censor SOME speech for it to be tolerable. The line has to be drawn somewhere, the issue is men control where that line is drawn and tims are men.

The problem isn't a freedom of speech one, it's certain companies having a monopoly on online spaces when it's become almost expected of people to be on social media. No private company can infringe on your freedom of speech, moron.

No. 1460848

why are you dating such a loser? have some self respect. gross.

No. 1460851

you're right, im an oldfag and i guess i was just nostalgic for people saying slurs on the internet. I do think this thread is important though. Its one of the only places i've seen people actually voice their opinions on this shit

No. 1460858

If men defended people they were attracted to they wouldn't be misogynists.

He's defending men. He's a chaser degenerate and misogynist.

No. 1460860

File: 1646707375123.png (53.37 KB, 1005x783, isntatransthing.png)

also samefag its funny im not even a burger , they've tainted my brain with their politics and i feel gross now. Anyway enough of my non milk, got this sorting by new on my partner is trans

>it isnt a trans thing

really because 100% of troons i've met attention whore online

No. 1460864

>thinks tims are suspect
>starts defending them with all his might
tbf, this is how most normies react to tims

No. 1460869

>nasty smelly ass mess it creates if you slip up and forget to be ready for it.
I always carry a baggie of assorted pads, tampons, and pantiliners in my purse and keep a box in my office that's always stocked but ok.

No. 1460872

the "girl" with the penis is missing the five o'clock shadow and neanderthal browridge

No. 1460874

Yeah in this day of period trackers and same-day Amazon orders who the fuck just forgets their period is due and forgoes protection?

Oh, right, the women in these troons heads.

No. 1460879

File: 1646708568482.png (44.81 KB, 747x237, hygiene problem.png)

No. 1460881

Brave tran or based troll?

I know a couple of TIFs and they smell like BO because the testosterone really amps it up.

No. 1460882

Fully agrees with me, in fact, that's what lead us to getting together. We were in a friend group and a tranny joined. We both were obviously silent every time they tried to pull the 'trans rights!' group cheer. Finally one night after they left, he carefully insinuated that trans "issues" were "sometimes concerning". So I bust the door wide open and blatantly listed off how they were delusional, predatory, and pornsick, and every point I was making he'd add into it and even link sources he knew of to backup what we were saying. He works in the medical field, so to him it bothers him a lot how he has to be careful lest he say the "wrong" facts and offend them whilst just trying to do his job. Still refers to trannies as their true sex to me. Together a year now.
Why would you intentionally date a pornsick loser? The types who do that always end up actually trying dick. Whether they're with you at the time or not. "terfy" things are always in regards to womens rights. So what you're saying is he doesnt like when you try to speak about real issues that effect real women, because he'd rather prioritize and feel sorry for other men instead. Pornsick fellow scrote worshipping male. You can do way better than that.

No. 1460899

Nonna, dump that scrote. Don't settle. We believe in you.

No. 1460909

Ugh, yes, that's exactly it. God, this really ties into something that always throws me wrt to women vs. TIMs – the older you get as a woman, the more you realize a lot of womanhood is actually just work. Like, the makeup and pink is part of it, but once you're an adult, it's mostly…work. The hard, necessary, unglamorous work no one wants to do that has to get done, that no TIMs ever identify as the reason they transition – no one's ever like "oh I knew I was a woman because I always went to bed last b/c the dishes still had to get done and I was really good at swallowing my resentment," even though that's really a bigger part of womanhood than heels or sexiness. And this fight against woman-hating gender bs is just more of that: work that is really fucking hard and lonely and thankless. But it has to get done. People will make fun of you and hate you and make gross jokes about you for decades (p sure I first learned about Dworkin this way) but it still has to get done. Damn.

No. 1460912

If he didn’t talk Over other female radfems like a typical condescending moid he would be husbando material

No. 1460913

You should look into women's lands and the group that's trying to buy the Michigan Women's Fest land – there's more of this world still hanging around than you might guess, and a lot of the older women involved would love to connect with younger women who aren't into bs!

No. 1460914

I really miss the early era of feminist blogging – tbh I wasn't into it at the time (too young and deep in my cool girl phase), but some of the writing there was so strong and unapologetic that it reached me even when I didn't want to be reached. Today, places like Jezebel are fucking hives of self-hating women desperate to apologize for ever focusing on themselves and appearing to be a girlboss or what the fuck ever

No. 1460928

File: 1646716384197.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3598, Screenshot_20220308-001120_Boo…)

He's a bedwetter kek.

No. 1460938

File: 1646717111933.jpeg (135.71 KB, 640x453, 7139A2FB-FECF-46E3-A5B2-BC7F56…)

The dominant theory in certain leftist spaces goes something like picrel. Of course you can find more nuance on the subject but this gets it across.. the ruling class will resort to anything to keep people from becoming class conscious.

No. 1460939

You should try /r/stupidpol. It’s really diverse and based

No. 1460943

File: 1646717501098.jpg (886.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220308-002920_Red…)

He dating his brother?

No. 1460946

lol they do look very simular.

But its most likely white moids looking like other white moids. I can tell apart some male news presenters because of that.

No. 1460951

File: 1646719369572.jpg (667.76 KB, 810x2454, Screenshot_20220308-005847_Boo…)

Getting fisted in your neopussy. Goals! r/traaNSFW needs to make a comeback.

No. 1460952

It's OK. Sadly I've noticed there's quite a bit of misogyny on that sub.. and too many rightoids and rightoid dick suckers imo.

Lately I prefer hanging around r/fourthwavewomen

No. 1460957

Why would you practice makeup on someone instead of just on your own face? Doesn't even make sense.

No. 1460961

File: 1646720435589.png (48.27 KB, 1033x347, Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 01-15…)

Take solace in this, anon.

No. 1460965

Fucking kek nona I died

No. 1460968

lp bringing up rowling having been abused is disgusting

rowling was a victim of domestic violence, it's not comparable to getting a bad book review

No. 1461003

XY with complete androgen insensitivity develop as very feminine women with external female genitalia, female personalities etc. They often only find out they are XY when they can't get pregnant. I think it's fair to call them women in every sense but chromosomal.

No. 1461011

stupidpol considers feminist issues idpol and only lately has allowed anti-trans speech. they ran off all the women back when r/gendercritical was still around. they are leftybros and brosocialists.

No. 1461012

MtF's stink because men are always dirty and smell like ass without even noticing it and FtM's stink because men stink so they're just trying to blend in/seem convincing

No. 1461013

Mostly correct. They usually look like normal XX women, not particularly more feminine than the average XX woman though, and the feminine personality is just feminine socialization. There’s this idea in some circles that XY + complete androgen insensitivity causes the individual to look particularly beautiful and feminine but I’m pretty sure that idea came from an episode of House MD kek

No. 1461021

File: 1646727259562.jpg (83.26 KB, 634x857, intersex preg.jpg)

OT but there have been cases of androgen insensitivity XY people being able to get pregnant.

Because Müllerian regression does not fully complete in approximately one third of all cases, resulting in Müllerian "remnants".

But yah they don't look extra female. I found an interesting news article on one who had a tiny womb remnant taht was intact enough they managed to grow it with HRT and used IVF to get them pregnant.

"The woman born a MAN and told she would never conceive cradles twin girls with her husband"

It is definitely the grey area when it comes to gender imo. But I hate that trannys try to use these people just trying to live their life as some validation to their delusions.

No. 1461029

No woman without a uterus/other condition that causes a lack of periods has ever insisted they totally do have a period and pms mood swings.
If anything they only ever express begin sad over not being able to have biological children, which unlike a troon they didn't choose to do to themselves in most cases. Women also don't say a woman not having a period makes her not/less of a woman either, that's just a hypothetical scenario troons make up as some sort of "some cis women don't have periods either!!!!!" gotcha moment. We fucking know all women don't have periods, literally no one doesn't consider a post menopausal woman a woman.

No. 1461031

Dump him. No one can save men from coomerism, they have to save themselves.

No. 1461034

Fuck off, I have apparently some issues with my ovaries that have kept my periods irregular all my life. I also have an IUD now that complicates things even more. Some fucking apps or Bezos doesn't help with that.

No. 1461044

This just seems like proof that cross sex hormones may cause actual brain damage and a lower IQ. A male/female body literally isn't made to handle cross sex hormones, that's why it causes a myriad of side effects, of course some of them troons want (like growing moobs) but most of them are just damaging to their bodies. If a significant amount of men report estrogen makes their brain work worse then maybe it really does cause brain damage.

If a person isn't a fully mature adult (at least 25+, the brain isn't done developing until then) and they take hormones that are unnatural for their body they are almost guaranteed to have caused some brain damage. I definitely remember reading about teens being put on puberty blockers (which are hormones) resulted in them having a permanent drop in IQ later on in life.

In the same vein, if we trust that these troons are honest it seems estrogen causes some men to get some sort of IBS or intestinal issues, which they then wrongly assume is a "period". I'm sure some of them aren't lying about the symptoms and the estrogen really is significantly damaging their bodies and minds, causing both mental and physical pain. Obviously unrelated to actually having a period, and they should seek medical help because something is clearly wrong.

No. 1461056

She's obviously not talking about women with irregular periods. Don't be a retard

No. 1461063

Someone with a regular period could also be forgetful or just lazy too

No. 1461064

the timing of the woke shit going mainstream and the man shitting themselves from occupy is very, very telling. I wonder if wokeists ever pause to think who funded the insane academics who cooked this shit up years ago.

No. 1461082

Just saw a video. Women are sending their children somewhere safe and taking up arms to protect the country.

What's the excuse now troons?

No. 1461083

B-but muh feminine brain… Too stupid to think thoughts, body too weak to open pickle jars teeheee

No. 1461086

How will skirt go spinny if I have to wear pants??

No. 1461093

I think there is also an issue in the suppressing of their natural testosterone levels when it comes to the cramps and gut pain they speak of. Evidence indicates a protective role of androgens in pain modulation and anti-inflammatory properties of testosterone that may inhibit the development of visceral hyperalgesia. Cause when they suppress their testosterone levels and the estrogen acts as an antiandrogen they lose the mediating effects.

And the funny thing is when you dope the male with extra estrogen they don't receive the same benefits in pain management that a woman does from elevated estrogen. Get wrecked trannys, you can take the hormones but it still has a uniquely male way of working in the body in the long run.

The study in relation to this point was preformed on rats where they gave them artificial kidney stones and dosed them with sex hormones to see the effect on visceral pain.

> supraphysiological levels of estradiol, but not of testosterone, are only analgesic in females.


TLDR Some troons fucking with their natural hormones give themselves chronic pain and even thou they are taking elevated amounts of estrogen their shitty male bodies won't give them the analgesic effect a woman would have from it. Get wrecked.

No. 1461098

File: 1646740589773.png (44.9 KB, 579x381, SRS when.png)

this weeks stint of internet infamy has caused Andrew to…
1. accept that he is bisexual
2. have mental breakdowns about his dick in the shower and before sex with his fuck buddy he flew to Seattle to visit.

At least this guys is the same age range so hopefully Andrew can do some emotional maturing if they do develop a long term relationship and not slide deeper into psychosis. And honestly the psychosis is here and ready to party it seems.

No. 1461099

karma. can't wait til he gets SRS then commits 41%

No. 1461100

nothing would make me happier than this man mutilating himself and taking himself out of the gene pool in one fell swoop

No. 1461104

File: 1646742334228.png (965.3 KB, 1263x680, transfaeries.png)

i'm fascinated by the sheer amount of troons who claim to have DID. this one describes himself as an immortal fae/faer transexual plural system, among other things.

No. 1461106

What does "mad pride" mean? At first I read it as map pride and I wasnt even slightly surprised lol

No. 1461108

it's just another form of attention seeking

No. 1461113

it's a thing made by mentally ill people who were treated badly by mental health professionals

No. 1461117

No. 1461121

It's International Women's Day ladies, prepare yourselves for the men who want to make this day about them.

No. 1461122

File: 1646745204882.jpg (325.17 KB, 1920x1067, wut.jpg)

lovingly mashed together in pixlr, here you go nona

No. 1461123

File: 1646745290777.png (97.13 KB, 1153x543, 1.png)

No. 1461124

File: 1646745794795.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1067, wut.png)

samefagging to say i have a better version now

No. 1461127

is that… visible chest hair?

No. 1461130

haven't seen much so far, guess my muted word settings do their job

No. 1461133

this is so weird because dude literally posted a picture of his dick on twitter a few days ago

No. 1461135

I think black hoodie is blinking "S.O.S"

No. 1461142

does anyone have hunter schafer's deranged misogynist scribblings he posted on insta and deleted? trying to peak a friend who likes euphoria

No. 1461145

I hope nothing bad, i.e. moids harassing her or troons reeeeeeing, happened to buns and glasses after this pic went viral.

No. 1461147

wow i’ve never seen this before, absolutely mental. it’s giving zodiac killer letters

No. 1461149


No. 1461150

Wow he's fucking insane

What? What happened?

No. 1461152

File: 1646748820912.jpg (33.06 KB, 512x122, IMG_20220308_151303.jpg)

me when I'm a normal woman and definitely not a male pervert with a misogyny fetish

No. 1461153

She said she HOPES nothing happened to her, not that anything did.

No. 1461154

>"escape the prison" of being a man by being a female victim of rape
what a privileged, ignorant, retarded fucking manchild

No. 1461155

damn why have i never seen this posted outside of these threads? i want to see how his fans/the troons defend these deranged, perverse and misogynistic ramblings on twitter and reddit. what do the normies make of their precious jules having a fetish for misogyny ??

No. 1461157

they'd tell you don't kinkshame, it's just his way of dealing with dysphoria, watching violent porn is normal etc etc

No. 1461173

Completely ignore any mentions he makes of being trans, or his "new identity". Don't play along if he tries to pull any girl talk. Minimize engagement. Grey rock.

Completely ignore if you are able to.

No. 1461178

That's been a theory of mine for a long time. Makes perfect sense. Create so much unwinnable infighting that there's no time to focus on the real enemy. What are those certain spaces? I'd love to find forums or youtube videos that address it

No. 1461185

File: 1646753814179.jpg (450.35 KB, 2056x2500, Artemisia-Gentileschi-Judith-B…)

I'll post my shitty edit too then.
i love her expression so god damn much.

No. 1461186

My cousin is trans and I just realized he’s been emulating my sister and I for years. He took up long-boarding because that’s what I did, plays saxophone because of my sister and of course ripped off her name. To top it off he recently threw me under the bus and told a lot of things to my aunt that I said about her in confidence. Fuck trannies and I hope the axe wound was worth it.

No. 1461187

Did he actually take his own cousins name on purpose?? The disrespect. Can you retaliate by revealing anything he's said to you in private?

No. 1461188

he will look like your uncle soon enough. Always remind him of this, but innocent like you were still kids.

No. 1461201

I’m sorry you have to go through that, nonna. I won’t sperg about it, but the same happened to me. It’s so strange that they will try to copy you in every way, including hobbies and interests. They have no identity of their own, so they try to take over someone else’s. Actual skinwalkers.

Is there an explanation for this, anons? It was my ex that skinwalked me, so in that case I think he just picked the closest, most desired by him, woman to imitate. But skinwaking seems extremely common by family members and relatives too. I really, really don’t want to think it’s because troons view their sisters or cousins as material. Makes me sick.

No. 1461206

Honestly, I think so many normies don’t give a shit. When I was at Universal last year people were decked out in HP gear. Just saying I too am going to keep supporting her but I don’t think it’ll ever be some stealth signal lol. Which is a good thing!

No. 1461207

Their names are months. He alleged that he chose it because it was when his “epiphany” happened. Turns out his epiphany happened the month after my sister’s namesake and realized we’d pick up on it sooner. He also ripped off her middle name.

No. 1461210

lmao love it

No. 1461221

honestly, even girlbossing is looked down upon as cheugy in work spaces. Bimbology is new wave for the 2020s

No. 1461222

I really hate that I understand these two sentences. fuck you for making me read them

No. 1461223

File: 1646758119433.jpeg (159.48 KB, 1279x919, 5EBE343A-1DA0-4B31-964A-2D12B8…)

Trannies going to die in Ukraine lmao

No. 1461224

this is like the third time this is posted, it's bait. Well the larper trannies are real but they're not going to ukraine, they're from a troon ranch in Colorado

No. 1461231

Both stink and have abysmal hygiene because of long hours of terminal online activity causing them to forget bathing and not keep track of their time. Some TIFs delibrately do the smell thing but most are just as subconsciously reckless about hygiene

Which turns out catastrophic because buffalo bill


No. 1461233

I want to ask you anons what your personal peaking story was? I hope this is the right thread to ask, sorry if it's not. Was anyone else lowkey transphobic even in their TRA phase/"they just want to use the bathroom" phase? For me it was like this:
>grew up an sjw online
>is told that troons are just like gays and lesbians, they just want to have rights!
>support troons and stay away from anything deemed "transphobic"
>likes men and women, but unable to understand why I don't have any romantic or sexual feelings for trans women or trans men
>cannot understand why I am disappointed to learn that a cute girl is a they/them or a trans man
>cannot understand why I feel disgust when trans women talk about their girl dicks or their "mommy milkers" or whatever
>cannot understand why I always feel disappointed when I find out a woman content creator is actually a trans woman; it always feels like a loss
>am constantly butting heads with TIF friend that REEEEs any time I bring up how men are an oppressor class (WHAT ABOUT BLACK MEN, TRANS MEN, GAY MEN, DISABLED MEN? answer: they're still men (except for the trans men) aren't they? So they are still part of an oppressor class
>always avoided any terf content or w/e because I was scared of seeing the truth
>finally cave in and read the lolcow MTF threads chronologically
>finally peak
Thank you nonnies for showing me the truth!

No. 1461239

i trooned out at age 12-13 and was a full-blown tra for 2 years until i got tired of how crazy everyone was and desisted

then i started thinking about what a disaster it would have been if i had had access to puberty blockers/hormones/surgery at that age and realized how fucked up it all is

No. 1461243

It’s sad that we’re back to “dumbing ourselves” for men. I remember acting dumb in Highschool because I thought it was funny. Turns out people didn’t realize I was joking and actually thought I was stupid. It was dumb of me to even do that kek.

No. 1461250

They’d just say the usual.
>if it was a “cis woman” you wouldn’t find anything wrong with it, you just assign perversion to it because you have internalized transphobia and whorephobia yikes sweetie. I’ve literally seen someone say this in response to a few of these here >>1459974 Most recent one was in response to someone calling Alok’s out on the quote about little girls being “kinky”.

No. 1461254

File: 1646760853066.png (2.64 MB, 828x1792, 96D8DB52-868D-4460-A91C-7F9488…)

No. 1461259

Girl your icon is showing

No. 1461264

BABE DELET THIS ur gonna get doxxed

No. 1461265

yeah it's been shown that men in general talk more. women talk more "in the home" only.
this article doesn't mention one of the most obvious reasons for the perception that women talk more, which is that if women talk AT ALL men consider it "too much"

No. 1461266

>abusive ex trooned out in jail
>got a psych working at the prison fired because apparently there’s an ‘affirmation-only’ law in their state and he got Lambda Legal involved
>Got transferred to a ladies’ prison AND his sentence reduced and will be out next year.

I hate that the justice system is catering to troons now. My main saving grace is that I have already moved across the country and changed my legal name.

No. 1461267

being a teeneager online in the 2010s I knew and knew of many girls my age who had trans/non-binary phases and grew out of them after a couple years. So since I knew from personal experience that this happens to teenage girls and that it's usually correlated with other psychological problems, I started having doubts about orthodox gender ideology when I heard of the controversy surrounding Irreversible Damage.
This was late 2019 and at this point I was still a libfem and unironic contrapoints viewer, I watched his videos on terfs and autogynephilia and didn't think anything of them. Then in 2020 out of sheer boredom I started browsing 4chan and I realized that agp is real and that everything the "terfs" in those videos and on here were saying was true. the end

No. 1461268

Please stop posting low tier bait, we're not as stupid as Redditors over here

No. 1461269

nonnie delete and/or change your icon asap

No. 1461273

it's because he got called out for taking nudes in women's public restrooms. now he has to make a fuss about how much he hates being a male so that no one will suspect him of being a predator. "how could i have been exhibitionist? i HATE my penis! i would never whip it out in a women's changeroom!"

No. 1461274

Not to mention the added violence of a potential pregnancy that results from that rape and everything the women (and child if she decides or is forced to keep it) have to suffer through

No. 1461277

Delete this nonna but the contrast between seeing an actual pretty woman and moid feet in hentai socks is hilarious. Truly TWNBW.

No. 1461281

kinda spergy but i hate how the immediate response is always "back pain". large breasts that aren't big enough to cause back pain still suck ass. i feel like only saying "big boobs are bad because back pain" will eventually lead to men/troons accusing us of lying or saying we're not justified in complaining if we have boobs large enough to cause all the other problems but not the painful one. like "back pain" is gonna be the new "deviated septum"

No. 1461291

File: 1646763629693.png (255.31 KB, 570x520, tumblr_c7bc114cbc3dd9cfe539e7c…)

I'm so stressed for that nonny with her face showing oh my god lol. You're pwetty btw tho

>be a peak NLOG because grew up in image boards
>first bf has quite the alt-right views, mine were more left/green but that was "cringe" according to him, think he is right
>he has a crossdress/femdom/sissy fetish from a young age
>steals his mothers underwear, borrows her dildo, orders sex toys as age 16
>tries to get me to peg and dominate him (a 6'6/200cm massive dude), I never want to because it makes me sick
>say I can't deal with it, he promises to stop, never does
>the sex toys, clothes and breast plates just keep multiplying over the years
>find his "girl pics" he posted to 4chan in a SHARED DRIVE because he's a moron
>ultimately break up, over many reasons, me thinking I'm a lesbian being a primary reason
>I start dating a woman, my political views soften/I become more leftist again, and btw I actually do end up pegging her kek
>be generally supportive of trannies, always have a disgust in the back of my mind because of the ex and shit I have seen online on image boards
>some people in the lgbt friend group she has troon out, clear "uncomfotable with womanhood" type lesbians (who also read yaoi? idk man)
>stumble upon chris chan, kiwi farms and one of the gamer gate tranny historics
>same time casually following more terf blogs on tumblr
>get into a fight with friends because I made a TiF enby cry because I said no hormones for kids
>people find from my hobby tumblr read my personal tumblr and brand me a terf for reblogging from radfem urls (thought the posts are not related to trannies)
>get "cancelled", not welcome in any hobby spaces with my name without any chance to explain myself
>instead of re-educating myself I only grow more angry and immerse myself fully into radblr for a while consoooomed by hate
>the first ex is upset now I'm a mean terfie werfie, says it's extremist nazi group waah, also that he was always a leftist (despite voting for the nationalist party when we were younger)
Sorry for the novel, but it was not a single even that peaked me, but a sum of minor things. I ended up from a 13-year old who thought I was a boy, to ultra feminine NLOG euphoric "anti-SJW/feminazi", to left-centrist to same but enlightened terf. In my younger days I thought "all feminism is cringe haha!!", but I'm glad I found out there are many types of feminists.

No. 1461292

i'm convinced posts like this are made by trannies trying to blend in and sow doubt in the people here minds.

She has a womb. That has fuck all to do with gender, it's BIOLOGICAL. She BIOLOGICALLY has a womb. There's no grey area at all. The only reason she was able to have kids was a complete fluke in that she had the remnants of a womb. That doesn't cast "gender into a grey area". wtf

No. 1461293

Do eet. Cut your dick and balls off, white man.

No. 1461294

The only reason she was able to get pregnant is because the Y chromosome is completely and successfully repressed and it has never been expressed since her conception. You will never be a woman you filthy, Y chromosomed gorilla man moid.

No. 1461297

I used to be an anti-feminist mra pickme. I read 4chan, redpill, and consumed various youtube channels dedicated to the subject. I liked shoeonhead lmao. I seriously hated women, but maintained that I was being logical about it. My sexism was acceptable because it "made sense". Trannies however, did not. I already said this on the other board, but the sexism inherent to trans ideology is so blatant that it works as a litmus test for who actually has compassion for women. Their idea of womanhood is so comical, so exaggerated, so textbook sexism, that I just simply could not entertain it. Even to my brainwashed pickme woman hating brain, I could see that this was wrong. I was already used to seeking out unpopular opinions, so it wasn't much of a leap to get here. What was unexpected, however, was that I would be exposed to actual feminist ideas. Not the "big red has a public tantrum let's laugh at her for the thousandth time!" shit, but actual well reasoned arguments from a female perspective. It turns out you (we) have some legitimate fucking grievances. It made the mra talking points look downright childish in comparison. So in a fucked up way I have to thank the trans movement for being so fucking obnoxious and the world for being so fucking sexist for accepting them in the first place that I was finally forcefully shoved into the arms of reason.

No. 1461299

This thread peaked me, and so did recent tranny events. If TRAs stopped moving the goalposts and coming up with more asinine crap, I may have still been a supporter. I think a lot of people are in the same boat.
>”Trans women have periods!” Trannies think periods are a fun game and so frivolously throw around “period”, when women suffer complications and die from menstruation all the time.
>”Uterus-havers”, “womb havers”, forms forcing you to choose pronouns.
>Wi spa mess. Women and girls have every right not to see a dick in the bathroom or changing room. “poor twans that just wanted to pee”, “who cares about transphobe feelings! trans need to feel safe!”. But what about those women and girls that don’t want to look at a penis? That won’t feel safe with one around?
>Trans women in sports. Arguing about this with an ex tranny friend did not help. The swimmer and the wrestler look like hulking men, and yet I was still supposed to call them “women”. Bullshit.
>That most problems could easily be fixed by making trans-specific spaces (trans bathrooms, trans sport teams), yet troons refuse this solution. It seemed selfish to me to deny such a simple solution, and at that point I knew it wasn’t just about “being who they are”.
I actually used to hate and avoid this thread, but when I kept getting into arguments with a troon friend, I started reading this thread more and eventually peaked. I felt less alone about the logical thoughts that were claimed as “terfy”, and realized the craziness of trans.

No. 1461304

peaked sex work'd before peak transing. saw what prostitution did to a family member and never could jump on that train. the funny thing is that when it came to the trans stuff, even in the past i've always said the most "terfy" shit but then added "trans women are women". like i see my comments from 4 years ago on online discussions and i would be like:

"women are oppressed for their ability to reproduce and its been that way since the agricultural revolution. women's bodies are the source of their oppression. this includes trans women too."

like i just would add trans women to sound woke but looking back it made no fucking sense because it would directly conflict with my views on feminism. im so glad i have a brain now. i really just said shit to say shit. my words had no meaning behind them other than signaling i was a good ally. sorry for blogpost but i just find it funny to look at my old self because really nothing has changed about my worldview besides me growing a spine

No. 1461308

ok even if you weren't a troon it's hypocritical and weird to get that tattoo, pretty sure JK Rowling OBE (that's fucking right, troons) shared the beliefs of her protagonists that fought against the wizard nazis? and the wizard nazis for sure would have killed trannies. i mean, they were all right with killing babies.
i don't get why a harry potter fan would get that symbol. it's not really like getting Hail Hydra or the mark of Tzeentch or some other nerd shit, it's a pretty straightforward allegory/insert of real-life supremacist death squads.

No. 1461309

File: 1646765140146.jpg (54.48 KB, 1002x640, 1643314773126.jpg)

This is so accurate. And I also loved shoeonhead lmao. But yeah this is almost exactly what happened to me too t. >>1461291

I also watched a lot of "SJW cringe compilation ben shapiro fucking owns them!!" type videos, because I have always loved weirdos on the internet. Seeking out more about the tranny weirdos led me to radical feminism. So like, thanks to the euphoric Shapiros and Petersons I guess

No. 1461310

Already was part of the 'truscum' people and was never a TRA or cared enough to defend strangers online. Went on /tttt/ thinking I'd meet based 4chan lesbians but it was just troons. Oh the naivety.

No. 1461311

>be me
>grow up online
>autist who feels disconnected from physical reality, wishes i was a boy because i hated having boobs
>finds out about trans stuff online, thinks it makes sense because i dont feel like a boy or girl
>at 14 e-date some other terminally online autist girl, homophobic parents find out and make us break up
>but we keep talking in secret
>she troons out
>i think it's kind of weird because she never seemed "masculine" to me but whatever
>i think more about how i hate my boobs and put they/them in my bio, then he/him, then they/she again
>think i might be a repressed trans male
>start college and forget about thinking i'm trans because i actually have a social life to an extent
>lockdown hits
>discover lolcow
>read mtf threads
>"these people are so gross and weird but obviously not all trannies! my tranny friend isn't like this!"
>i already agreed with "terfs" on stuff like pornography but i didn't want to admit it because i thought they were like these awful bigots
>at this point tranny friend has long been on hrt
>drags me into a tranny discord server
>one of the moids there gets exposed for being a literal pedophile, would send loli shit in the server, apparently had the police visit his house once for messing with kids irl
>tranny friend knew and didnt have a problem with it
>holy shit these people are insane
>block everyone and erase my they/them online persona now fully terfed

No. 1461312

the bathroom thing is especially suspect. regular old crossdressers and drag queens (many of whom "pass" better than tru and honest wammin) have been using the men's room since's public bathrooms were invented. how come it's only become "dangerous" for them now?

No. 1461315

Unfortunately for a while I drank the kool-aid, thinking it made me a good ally. What happened was a series of events.
>A real life friend transes, and I talk about it on MSN back I the day with an online friend. He asks how does someone feel like a woman, genuinely curious. I have no real answer, and the convo sticks with me for years, even during my good girl ally phase.
>North Carolina bathroom bill happens. The completely disproportionate response to the state by fake woke companies and celebrities gives me a bit of pause.
>The first big one is Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie saying women and TiMs are different because transwomen have different experiences and are raised male, so they receive male privilege, at least in their youth. I find my