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File: 1634957785688.png (1.61 MB, 1850x875, monster mash.png)

No. 1354100

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

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No. 1354108

File: 1634958389556.png (345.73 KB, 598x581, Screenshot (210).png)

Comicfag sperg here, there are so many interesting Amazonian characters in the extended Wonder Woman extended lore and yet there focusing bringing a new OC DONUT steal tranny for the series

No. 1354111

File: 1634958823680.png (321.9 KB, 1095x616, 111.png)

No. 1354117

They sell estrogen in themyscira?

No. 1354119

lol how? It wrecks the whole WW universe.

Somethingsomething true womyn soul granted by Artemis herself so he magically gets steroids from… idk, clay and uh, the air of Themyscira. Whatever.
Stunning n brave, all hail the strongest Amazonian.

No. 1354121

File: 1634960707586.png (293.74 KB, 545x594, Bia.png)

I should have posted the full article

>readers are reminded of the Amazons' mystical Well of Souls: a portal through which women who have died as a result of the terror of 'Man's World' are reborn, given new life among the immortal women. The five new sisters born of the Well (who represent the first group of women to come through the well in some time) wake up without knowing who they were, where they are, or what's to come next. And for one, it is a rebirth they have spent their entire life waiting for.

>After observing the women being welcomed and tested, considering their roles in the future of the Amazons, all present gather to witness the women deciding their names in the Royal Palace. One of the most emotional moments comes when "Bia" stands with tears in her eyes, lacking the words to explain what she feels, as it's the moment her soul has desired for some time.

>On Twitter, Nubia & The Amazons writers Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala confirmed the subtextual reading, that Bia is a Black trans Amazonian. Williams said Bia will be a fully-fledged character, and assured fans she "isn't a box to tick… that [she] is important to her community. Just as Black trans women are important to us in real life." Vita Ayala added that they wanted to introduce Bia and her story organically, hence, why it wasn't revealed before the issue hit comic book stands.

>Williams, Ayala, and co. did a beautiful job using imagery as subtext throughout Nubia & The Amazons #1. When reintroducing the Well of Souls, it's made clear that the souls reborn via the Well died "through acts of violence" in Man's World. With violence against the transgender community sadly rising in the United States, readers are allowed to link the two elements of the story, presuming Bia was one victim of such violence in her previous life. Leaning even more into the metaphorical, a later scene shows the recruits given a puzzle in the form of 'Labyrinth Spheres.' Meant to test the new Amazons' skills, Bia ends up finishing the puzzle almost instantly–possibly the greatest Amazon yet at 'navigating a maze,' offering another lens through which to view the difficult life she's navigated so far.


No. 1354135

File: 1634962615522.png (37.02 KB, 598x313, why.png)

>Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala
>Just as Black trans women are important to us in real life.
>for two nerdy black women
Yes, gay black men who don't even run in these same nerdy kweer circles and are too busy seething and chasing dick are clearly so very important to you both. It's not performative crap or anything like that. Nah.

Anyways, so Bia's spirit is a TIM, now in the body of a woman. A skinwalker's dream, validated by two handmaidens. How nice.

No. 1354159

Luckily bisexual Superman has totally overshadowed this nonsense. The tranny shit honestly makes the other recent representation– Tim Drake and Jon Kent– look worse by association. I just know neckbeards are going to pull a slippery slope argument and go, "See? They made Superman queer, and now they're saying men can be Amazons!"

Thing is, the title where Superman "comes out" is selling really well. People like bisexual Supes because the way they portray it is really wholesome, and it's a new character under the mantle. There's nothing illogical about having a Kryptonian (or half Kryptonian in this case) be bisexual, but having there be a male Amazon is actively contradictory because the whole point of Amazons is that they're female warriors.

I'm friends with a few female black nerds (one of whom is a lesbian) and they're all ambivalent to the whole troon spectacle. They mostly just want to see normal female characters be written better.

No. 1354175

>Troons being magically reborn into female bodies because the universe accepted their souls as true and honest wimmen souls uwu
If you're reborn with no memories into a completely different body, you're not really you, are you? Also, does anyone else find it weird that your race transcends lifetimes and memories, but not your sex? The typical troon bigotry is a bit on the nose here. Anyway, comic book fiction can't change the fact that Amazons were/are the blueprint for TERFs, literal female separatists. Amazons aren't men, and TIMs are men. Goodbye horses.

No. 1354177

Lol nice monster mash collage OP

No. 1354199

I don't know how any of this shit works Nona I'm internet retarded, I'm just reporting what I heard from moids on 4chan lol

No. 1354201

File: 1634977164423.jpg (39.39 KB, 558x750, FB_IMG_1634976197576.jpg)

I just saw someone unironically share this on fb.

No. 1354205

File: 1634978761889.png (42.88 KB, 592x644, liberalfeminism.png)

>character created by a literal bdsm pedo polyamory coomer to popularize his fetishes now promotes transgenderism
how is anyone surprised

No. 1354207

Literally where is the feminism in this? I'm asking genuinely.

No. 1354208

>Using the Amazons to showcase your pedophilic fetish
Moids should just die.

No. 1354230

how could he look like a fine TIF before and yet screw this so bad kek

No. 1354232

when your eyes are doing everything to get away from each other kek

No. 1354235

File: 1634985509426.png (14.15 KB, 589x157, hot.png)

>beminism is when I am horny :DDDDDD:DD
>t. libfem

No. 1354237

File: 1634986047914.jpg (207.86 KB, 720x882, 20211023_112600.jpg)

I accidentally posted in the previous thread because I'm retarded, didn't see the new one.
>threatens mass murder for misgendering
I'm gonna start collecting these screen caps like baseball cards.

No. 1354238

Well… knowing the UK he'll be placed in the women's section so, that's depressing. Although I must say it's nice to see a news source calling this thing a "trans identified male" instead of just "women" like most articles do

No. 1354244


It’s 4w lol, it’s a “terf” site

No. 1354250

File: 1634988498450.jpg (21.64 KB, 289x376, mrbean.jpg)


No. 1354252

Oh, well, never mind lol

No. 1354255

A man threatening violence for being misgendered? surely the precious trannys would never

No. 1354256

File: 1634990040778.png (196.57 KB, 360x360, image_2021-10-23_225406.png)

No. 1354266

File: 1634991482159.jpeg (85.75 KB, 1621x659, 084F5C20-07B0-488B-9119-942A44…)

This is a new insane tier of take, but I should have seen it coming.

No. 1354282

File: 1634993578215.png (228.77 KB, 736x990, Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 11.5…)

Was just browsing mypartneristrans for the lulz and came across this. Why can't they castrate themselves before reproducing? Maybe we really should be pushing for adolescent transition (but only for males lmao).

No. 1354285

Who even uses the word period that way? Such a dishonest argument

No. 1354286

Fuck, please don't be real. Poor mother and daughter. She articulated everything so well and she's the only one who works, I can't believe she was that blind to not let that asshole when he trooned out, she could support herself and her child financially.

No. 1354292

You ever just want to gain the ability to grab someone by the shoulders through your computer screen and shake them really hard?

No. 1354293

sorry im not a comic book nerd what the fuck is this???

No. 1354294

Why… would you put up with this? She WORKS and supports her troon husband while he does drug and doesn't take care of the child?? WTF? Sorry but this bitch probably deserves it if she has not divorced that dude yet, why would you have a child with a drug addict to begin with? The poor child is absolutely doomed, probably gets molested too.

No. 1354295

for my own safety I refuse to believe this is real and not just a bait to make me furious

I hope everyone in the comments told her to leave cause any other answer would be as insane as her

No. 1354299

File: 1634995633231.png (285.54 KB, 589x569, justno.png)

Instead of saying ''50s vintage'' like any woman would do just label things by some oppressive historical situation or a porn stereotype! It's so obvious that their fake identity is builded from fetishes.

No. 1354303

File: 1634997454985.png (84.93 KB, 722x702, society.png)

The mother isn't all there either. Their daughter is essentially an orphan.

The comments are 50/50; troons just bitching and ignoring everything else ("how dare you bringing her gender into this reeee she's a mother too!!1") and other users saying, in the nicest way possible, that her ~partner~ is not pulling his weight.
There was one dude (?) doubting this story, though. I noticed people can't call bulshit on someone's tale in troon reddit without risking a ban or the post getting locked, so he minced his words lol

No. 1354306

File: 1634997829677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,416.98 KB, 828x1430, 133A7C81-FF55-4DEA-931E-0BFD80…)

It’s a fetish.

No. 1354308

His fucking stubby fingered goblin hand…

No. 1354309

File: 1634998217414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,896.17 KB, 828x1348, 483411DE-43D1-4F48-A4A4-123A88…)

Samefag, but this guy’s entire page is absolutely fucking insane.
>trans rage is beautiful
Defunding rape crisis centers and murdering women is true beauty, isn’t it?

No. 1354312

the erotic fanfiction level image description. he was typing that with one hand

No. 1354316

Parted lips? This faggot doesn’t even know how to describe his own horrorporn pictures.

No. 1354320

what's up with men transitioning around the time the wife is expecting or the baby's early years?
is it a way of making themselves the center of attention in the relationship again and getting a free pass to chimp the fuck out and justifying it with "it's just the female hormones babe they make me crazy you know how it is"?

No. 1354321

>dead inside stare
>remaining hair is either oily or dry
>gyno with tuberous breasts
kek, tragic

No. 1354328

It's like you said, the speculated answer is to reclaim attention from family, friends, and even their pregnant wife. Troons are narcissistic by nature, so their wives and children having more attention than them is an affront to them.

No. 1354329

He looks like a slightly less insane Brianna Wu.

No. 1354330

Yes. Also a way of escaping their responsibilities as fathers.
Kinda weird how they don't just… leave, like any regular deadbeat dad would. I guess their seething narc envy explains it.

No. 1354333

Literally my nightmare

No. 1354339

i've heard that it's common for abuse to escalate when a woman gets pregnant too

No. 1354348

Did you guys watch this interview with the Netflix tranny?
>my bones hurt when people throw me into walls in the women’s bathroom
Bitch WHO is throwing your giant ass frame into walls? Insanity.

No. 1354349

File: 1635004913397.jpg (187.1 KB, 720x710, 20211023_171345.jpg)

Sweet mother of God, those breasts look like someone shaved a basset hounds neck jowels

No. 1354366

>>1354348 this troon lives in my city kek trust me no one is throwing his ass against bathroom walls here

No. 1354368

File: 1635008035261.png (266.1 KB, 1024x500, hey.png)

No. 1354369

It's okay to admit that you're a fujo, anon.(derailing)

No. 1354370

File: 1635008503294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,401.73 KB, 828x1311, AA74C676-CC0A-42A7-A6A3-B62BC8…)

no thanks

No. 1354373

male chests are already normalised

No. 1354375

Not this shit again

No. 1354378

wish more trannies would get caught when they do this

No. 1354380

this is the most autistic looking man i have ever seen

No. 1354387

It's a way for them to have control over their wife/girlfriend. Men tend to hide things from their partners that they know would make them reconsider their relationship until they think they got they're partner locked down. Some of the moment's being turning points in relationships such after sex, marriage, moving in together are when he'll feel safe show his more unappealing side; Pregnancy and having a kid with a women is the ultimate "You can't leave me now" moment for shitty men to finally decide to reveal their true colors. The woman they're with is vulnerable both physically and emotionally from pregnancy something that he with never experience so he can't sympathize. Instead he uses her pregnancy and child as leverage for himself knowing it going impossible/difficult for her to truly sever their relationship and ghost him, so he's hoping she'll just decide it will be easier for her if she just stayed with him and pretend everything is fine. Another personal theory of mine is that a lot of egotistical men think they have to reproduce and their genes are a blessing even though they're less than mediocre, emotionally detached, and would make a terrible father (a lot troons also have breeding/pregnancy fetishes so they're also fulfilling their sexual fantasy). Transitioning would make it a lot harder for these men to find a non-tranny "lesbian"/bisexual woman to have sex with him and be willing to carry his child than a straight woman ignorant of what/who she's truly dealing with.

No. 1354404

Yes let's call men getting hormonal a period. I wanna see how well that goes down for the normal people.

No. 1354407

Keking at his moobs

No. 1354408

He is incorrect about what schizoaffective disorder is.

No. 1354415

The hell's with this group of anons who keep sperging about fujoshis in the tranny and fakeboi threads?

No. 1354428

Average black TIMs are hsts and would deplore the idea of being in a female separatist space, they want dick and like all hsts cannot function without it
Makes more sense if they made the troon an overweight blue haired nerdy agp white male

No. 1354429

that moob cleavage is vomit inducing

No. 1354430

doesn't he have his gurldick tattoo on his arm?

No. 1354431

I think it also is a jealousy thing. The men who troon out are usually weak soyboy betas and they see their pregnant wife suddenly be treated as fragile, delicate and getting tons of attention and love and they are jealous of all that attention. A pregnant woman is at her most feminine, radiant, glowing. Then when the baby is born they are also jealous that they are not the number one priority in their wife's life anymore. Plus since they are weak men they are afraid of the responsibility of fatherhood. Trooning out resolves them of all responsibility, they now get treated as fragile as a pregnant woman and ALL the attention is back on them.

No. 1354439

That "biopic" was a crock of shit. Marston's surviving family members (who the filmmakers obviously never consulted) were offended by it. The Marstons were not polyamorous, and there's no evidence the weird diaper part thing ever happened.

No. 1354441

File: 1635016999965.jpg (226.85 KB, 1080x1318, 1628657089871.jpg)

Sorry for mass reply
(original post) >>>/snow/1297664

No. 1354444

imagine being jealous of an infant
the y chromosome is a birth defect

No. 1354446

I think it is more jealousy of not getting the sole attention of the wife anymore. I mean, I guess if you completely forget your partner exists and needs attention too after the baby is born I can kind of understand feeling a little left out/abandoned. But a baby just need a fucking shit-ton of attention and usually it is the mothers job to do most of the caring for the child. A man who is not a weak loser understands this is a normal process and doesn't childishly troon out to be center of attention again.

No. 1354455

An even better man is one that becomes just as active in caring for the baby as his wife, though guys like that are unfortunately pretty rare.
These "jealous" fathers only have themselves to blame for feeling "excluded." They want no part in the unglamorous aspects of caring for a baby, which ultimately results in the baby having a closer bond with its mother. If they weren't such lazy douchebags, they could feel the same level of connection and devotion to their kids.

No. 1354456

>The Marstons were not polyamorous
if both women lived with and fucked the same dude how is that not polyamory

No. 1354460

What I meant was that it was one guy fucking two women, and that the women weren't romantically involved with each other the way the movie portrays.

As for the cohabitation, they did it out of financial necessity. Marston cheated on his wife with Olive, and each women bore two kids to him. Before Wonder Woman, Marston made very little money because he hopped from scheme to scheme. Elizabeth was the breadwinner, and Olive stayed home to raise both women's kids. People who actually knew them alleged that Olive and Elizabeth didn't get along when the first started living together. They became friends after that.

The BDSM shit is totally fabricated. That interpretation comes entirely from people looking at people being lassoed and saying "lol author must be into bondage." Olive and Elizabeth, who readily discussed taboo subjects with their family, never made any mention of it. I stand corrected on the baby thing, but the article you linked reads like the guy's wank fantasy. Like why would he be permitted to observe this hazing ritual? Given that Marston was a bit of a scam artist, I'd bet this is made up.

No. 1354461

>for my own safety I refuse to believe this is real
if you go on that sub seemingly every 2nd post is about a husband trooning out right in the middle of pregnancy, it sadly seems to be very common

>Kinda weird how they don't just… leave, like any regular deadbeat dad would.
…orrr just stay and nevertheless don't take care of the kid like many average fathers do and get away with.

No. 1354462

>if you go on that sub seemingly every 2nd post is about a husband trooning out right in the middle of pregnancy, it sadly seems to be very common
There were probably many, many red flags before it reached that point, though. Women really need to stop wasting their lives with the first man that latches onto them, which is often the case with these trooned out husbands.

No. 1354469

File: 1635020928441.jpeg (694.46 KB, 960x1532, D301B0A0-6683-40EC-AEFA-C3878D…)

Their faces scare me

No. 1354470

File: 1635021008325.png (439.41 KB, 794x548, 0175715D-3E26-46F8-9DE8-195BAD…)

No. 1354477

couples who troon out are weird, like did they want to switch gender roles so badly

No. 1354512

Sure, but it’s no surprise these moids choose to troon out right when they’ve managed to “baby trap” their wives and made it much more difficult for them to leave. I know very few women who expect their husbands to go that far, red flags or no. It’s got to be horrible to be in a more helpless dependent state than you’ve been in before, and then to find out your life partner isn’t who you thought they were.

No. 1354514

100% of moids who get jealous of their babies are narcissistic manchildren. Normal adults understand babies are completely dependent on their parents and help their wives out with them as much as possible. Getting upset because he “needs attention” means he never saw his wife as anything beyond a mommy bangmaid who existed to serve him.

No. 1354527

This is weird has hell. I guess that's how regular mysoginy and internalized mysoginy work. How do you explain this?

No. 1354532

This has got to be one of the worst "watercolor" tattoos I've ever seen. It looks like a cartoon splat with poorly blended green and blue stripes. The troon character looks like a fourteen-year-old drew it. The anatomy is trash and the tattoos on the character's body look like rashes or burns.

No. 1354534

They don't leave because they're often unemployed and financially reliant on their wives. These women are bleeding hearts who are scared that if they cut off their scumbag husbands, the guys will end up homeless and/or kill themselves.

No. 1354535

As if a man's desire for anything could ever be greater than a woman's desire to be free of men
They're trying to get to the sides so they don't have to meet the mirror anymore

No. 1354538

My only guess is that it's the newest form of reckless abandon to participate in when you're in a toxic or failing relationship that you're too cowardly or codependent to leave. IMO it's a better decision than the ever-popular "surely having a kid will fix pur relationship", but worse than the classic "I know we have no money, but let's buy a house".

No. 1354539

I completely agree, nonnie. But it's hard to feel for them when these women refuse to see reason. Moreso when these women turn around and destroy female spaces to spare their AGP babymen's feelings.
I've had three female friends now end up in relationships with pathetic men just like these. All three of them were a little autistic. All three of them had never been pursued by men before their husband. And all three of those husbands are carbon copies of each other- unemployed, AGP, lie around playing video games and jacking off to hypno sissy porn. And extremely emotionally abusive.
But the women don't listen. They never fucking listen. Instead they turn on you for having the gall to actually care about their mental wellbeing. For them being single is a fate worse than death. They fall for the male tears every single time.

No. 1354548

File: 1635032507636.jpg (378.46 KB, 1536x2048, FCZB83CVEAc_WVT.jpg)

>Bia ends up finishing the puzzle almost instantly–possibly the greatest Amazon yet at 'navigating a maze,'
Oh she's one of those characters

No. 1354551

File: 1635033445729.png (4.67 KB, 674x165, boob gap.png)

Real women have #NoBoobGap

Someone covered it up so he could appear on tv lel. Fuck giving these troons any air time.

No. 1354559

File: 1635035376297.jpeg (336.76 KB, 1536x2048, 9611DD32-F160-4207-A6DD-7206DC…)

No. 1354560

I knew it, I knew rivers of nihil was tranny music

No. 1354569

god? you mean dr. hormone?

No. 1354608

NAYRT. I agree with most of what you're saying anon, and I wish people would stop pretending they were a happy throuple because it makes them less uncomfortable than actually staring the fact that Marston was an asshole in the face, but the BDSM stuff was absolutely present. It wasn't exactly what it looked like today, but there's 1. evidence that Marston and Elizabeth were involved in some kinky Boston-area groups, and 2. a lot of his published psych work makes his weird ideas about submission clear. He had a massive femdom fetish that he intellectualized, which idiot male scholars like Noah Berlatsky take at face value rather than actually interrogate. Have you read Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman? HIGHLY recommended – it's the only thorough documentation of all of this, and the source of the BDSM details. I think it's not at all a coincidence that the only serious book of WW scholarship that doesn't jack Marston off is the only one by a woman.

Shitty WW comics like this make me mad, but at the same time, it's sort of depressingly appropriate. The character has been compromised by crappy male bs from the beginning. That's true of a lot of heroines, but it still makes me sad. The only truly explicitly feminist WW comics are the Marston ones, but they're also full of his shit.

No. 1354627

you know it smells crazy in there

No. 1354646

>Noah Berlatsky
The pedophile?

No. 1354661

Jesus that nasty ass old carpet and the absolute filth in the corner. Disgusting.

No. 1354703

he looks like he hasn't washed his hair in a year

No. 1354729

File: 1635065388268.png (2.18 MB, 1733x1181, 385C6A40-1973-4A4B-8A24-C7F9F2…)

uNwAsHeD VaGiNa
The vagina is self-cleaning, kek.You’re not supposed to wash the vagina.

He looks like he lures women to meet him, kidnaps them, drives them to a heavily forested and secluded area, murders them then cut their vulvas out. One thing that unites serial killer of women is their hatred of women. It’s on this level.

No. 1354733

They were already ugly before transitioning now they look even uglier because they take cross-sex hormones which ages them and makes them look worse

No. 1354735

One thing that stands out to me is his confidence. Men have no shame or self awareness. The news anchors look uncomfortable.

No. 1354740

File: 1635066390586.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1242x1479, C1ABCDC8-EEFF-4643-B79B-3451DE…)

Tranny jannies are ready to nuke TumblrInAction. Note this subreddit has made fun of black people, minorities, feminists and yes, troons for years. Recently though, more TERFs have been posting content and Reddit admins have noticed an uptick of female TERF users, so of course, this got them heated up. What makes a tranny angrier than women speaking their minds?


No. 1354757

>us real women are doing dope shit like smoking weed and appreciating life and the earth
So you're being useless stoner NEETs? Most of the "TERFs" that I have met have actually done things with their lives, like falling in love, spending time connecting with their fellow women in person, starting meaningful careers, doing community service, getting involved in the creation and upholding of female-only groups and events, reading about history/science/philosophy, etc. Troons always insist they're doing "dope shit", but it's always just sitting around getting high and playing video games, posting stupid shit on Twitter/Reddit/Tumblr, or going to protests they didn't help to organize (usually "counter-protests", which are just troons showing up to anti-troon protests with no planning) with the intent to be violent and destructive.

No. 1354758

I tapped out when he said, in a cracking voice, "trans rights are 30-40 years behind gay rights"

No. 1354760

They're not even comparable, wtf. You don't see troons struggling to get married or getting beaten or killed for anything less than attempting to rape moids by deception. Getting murdered by a moid doesn't even require interacting with him, if you're gay or even just a woman. Any suffering troons come by is just the consequences of their own actions. Gay people, meanwhile, still risk getting hatecrimed for entering consenting relationships, and their rights to marriage are still at risk of being revoked.

No. 1354823

Every man who looks up like he's
doing in that picture looks like a fucking serial killer. Every single one, every single time. The Kubrick stare.

No. 1354824

File: 1635084849545.jpeg (886.91 KB, 1242x1191, 9C5DC9EF-8993-4DFD-BA48-9F3EEF…)

What percentage of people in Britain are trans exactly… why do they have this much pull and why is it always mtf and not ftm that do this shit and have people listen to them?

No. 1354829

File: 1635085333925.png (221.07 KB, 1426x646, Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 15.16…)

Literally only 5k people have the actual gender recognition certificate, but since the process of applying is apparently transphobique (i.e. they ask people questions) activists argue there are half a million people. However, that statistic includes she/theys and other nonbinary types.

They also are convinced mumsnet is going to cause them all to be murdered, but the trans murder rate in the UK is… one person a year? If that????

No. 1354833

Also they make a big deal about how you have to have permission from your spouse for the certificate, but that mostly exists because the UK didn't have no fault divorce (they changed the law but it goes into effect 2022) and so it's a way for women to GET OUT if their husbands become full time fetishists.

No. 1354840

File: 1635086783058.jpg (234.92 KB, 720x961, 20211024_155538.jpg)

Another one for the collection. Do you think the rate of female prisoners murdered during incarceration will rise now that they're being locked in with MtF people? I have to be honest, I hope female prisoners notice the problem and look out for eachother against this threat to their safety

No. 1354842

So stupid. And Rowling is still an incredibly inspiring woman for her accomplishments and generosity. Why don’t they pull every game that features, idk, all the US presidents, since so many of them were racist, sexist pieces of shit?

No. 1354843

it's not UK people giving pushback. Its maybe a handful of UK troons, handmaidens, xe/xir blue hair faggots tweeting about it and getting the other troons from the USA to go on a bender for them. It doesn't matter what country people are from anymore because the internet is collective thing

No. 1354847

There are some crimes that women just don't commit. You will never ever hear of a woman digging up graves to rape the bodies, never hear of a woman sexually assaulting their mother, never hear of a woman who goes on mass shootings to get revenge for being denied access to sex. These are all crimes that are now being credited to women simply because evil, soulless men, ugly inside and out, are claiming womanhood. This is madness. People need to start speaking out and either put MtFs back into the male crime statistics or (better yet) make a third category for MtFs

No. 1354848

When did Malala get cancelled? lol they hate any woman that's suffered more than them

No. 1354858

File: 1635088714088.jpeg (87.25 KB, 720x960, 659CAD9F-53D1-4E82-981C-D3409E…)

sick ink bro

No. 1354862

Criminal arson is pretty uncommon for women as well. Something like 87% of arsonists are male.

No. 1354890

Well that sucks, but kind of saw it coming. The only reason I started reading that sub was for the posts from women who migrated there after so many women's subs got banned, but should have known the reddit jannies wouldn't let it stand.

No. 1354894

I was in a bookstore at the mall today, like one tenth of the store was dedicated to rowling's works and I overheard a woman ask the clerk for her new book. I'm not a rowling fan but it's funny that normies don't give a shit about her being a "genocidal TERF" and that she still sells ten times better than TRAs like gaiman.

No. 1354910

even in the UK, you'll hear handmaidens and SJWs and the like mention how they're going to harry potter world in London for the weekend - always because 'someone bought them tickets as a gift!' or 'JKR doesn't get like any money from it anyway!'. none of them actually give a shit, they just posture as though they do.

No. 1354917

File: 1635095944181.png (214.82 KB, 942x708, 81724791.png)

No. 1354923

File: 1635096488325.png (148 KB, 951x591, 516423.png)

No. 1354933

TRAs like Gaimam and the AGPs they cape for can never produce anything with the mainstream appeal of something like a rags to riches author like Rowling can, since they have a fundamentally bougie, capitalistic perspective. I'm not particularly a fan of either, but I've never felt that Rowling thought herself a genius or wrote anything other than things she felt were important or came directly from her heart. Gaiman and the troon goons seemingly only write self-important works that feel more like they're saying they're insightful than actually being insightful.
>straight up lying about the functionality of the neovag
>"I launched my dilator uwu"
Your dilator fell out because of a lack of grip.

No. 1354934

Samefag, I'm keeping that typo because reading "Gaimam" as "gay ma'am" did get a laugh out of me.

No. 1354942

File: 1635098148300.jpg (90.5 KB, 960x1280, 54546023.jpg)

Trannies do not suffer, when a man gets to sit at home fry his brain with hentai then decide to play dress up and creep on women in public toilets, they are not suffering. How easy must their lives be that their biggest struggle is wearing little girls clothes and living a fetish 24/7.

No. 1354945

Did you see the mod post on bad women’s anatomy? Saying trans women don’t have periods gets you banned for “bad science”. Being against porn, BDSM and polyamory is also bannable lmao

No. 1354955

One of the few things that gives me hope is that I see so many people with Harry Potter merch in the real world. There is a shop in my country, big brand for us, that releases new Harry Potter stuff every couple of months and people go crazy for it despite the TERF stuff. Outside of the internet people care an awful lot less

No. 1354960

File: 1635100515693.jpg (438.6 KB, 1350x1080, PhotoCollage_1635101189830.jpg)

"Women are why men keep killing trans sex workers"

No. 1354984

"totally not a fetish"

No. 1354991

I mean, I wish I could take credit for it but I think we gotta give this one to the boys.

No. 1354998

>Men kill troons because women celebrate it
This is on an even lower level of incel talking points as "women are abused by men because they choose to date jerks instead of nice guys".

No. 1355009

>Your dilator fell out because of a lack of grip.
lmao the visual I got in my head reading this: a tranny falling asleep with the dilator still inside then waking up and it just falls out and lands the floor with smegma all over it and the hole just gaped open like a second belly button, then when he closes his legs the cavity squishes together and his body starts the process of wound healing again.

No. 1355019

File: 1635106299914.jpeg (284.53 KB, 750x517, 9709627B-BD02-4D99-AD46-E4BD06…)

The person who made this and posted this is being unironic

No. 1355039

>"We have our own spaces"
Then stay out of women's bathrooms, sports, and rape shelters.

No. 1355048

Make it more obvious you're males who watched too much "lesbian" porn, kek, also like how the terf on the left is how most troons actually look while the girls on right can only be bio women by their very proportions shape and size

No. 1355051

gd anon, get some better hope. harry potter and Rowling are shit for women even if Rowling is anti-trans. Imagine writing a whole series about a boy whose great power was having mummy die so he lives. And somehow he's such a brave hero, because he has a dead angel mummy.

No. 1355063

File: 1635109768028.jpeg (451.62 KB, 1080x649, 7319B4BC-B720-44E5-8F52-259EE1…)

fixed it (I'm >>1355048)

No. 1355064

Nonnie this take isn't it.

No. 1355066

Since when do we "celebrate" MtFs getting killed by scrote sex buyers? Even the woman this guy replied to showed concern for them by talking about the dangers inherent to prostitution.

Also, I'd like to see a John-turned-killer this defense in court.
>I wouldn't have stabbed him if it weren't for TERFs on Twitter, your honor.

No. 1355067

anon, are you retarded? your reply is stupid

No. 1355068

That is incredibly lame, that reddit thread an anon shared before where women were calling out the troon claiming to have a period on that sub gave me hope for reddit a little. Of course though, nothing true can last on there.

No. 1355069

>Since when do we "celebrate" MtFs getting killed by scrote sex buyers?
The closest to that I've ever seen is on imageboards where being nasty is the culture, and it's usually scrotes rejoicing and scrotes can't be radfems
Meanwhile TRAs openly celebrated the death of Magdalen Berns on mainstream social media completely genuinely

No. 1355072

File: 1635111087013.gif (4.33 MB, 640x396, totally-spies-laser.gif)

It's not a feminist masterpiece, but it's hardly shit compared to other media aimed at little girls from that time such as Totally Spies or Sailor Moon (inb4 butthurt weebs). At least Hermione didn't have to run around like an idiot in high heels and skimpy outfits to kick ass or use her makeup as a weapon.

No. 1355074

Lezpilled could've easily shut down that dumbass handmaiden by asking for data (if there's any) instead of enabling her scaremongering.

No. 1355079

File: 1635111793290.jpg (100.58 KB, 768x1024, FCDrGxKXMAMZuh6.jpg)

kek onision transitioned, wtf LMAO

No. 1355088

A disfiguring act of violence by a trans woman against a woman.

a simpleton could figure it out. we’ve seen enough evidence of the rage and hate troons feel for women. threats of violence, murder and rape.

No. 1355089

fair enough.
but there are few if any stories about 'the girl who lived.' No girl is revered for living. Women in fiction (by and large) are praised and revered for birth, self-sacrifice, and death.

No. 1355091

holy fuck

No. 1355096

File: 1635113609282.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.17 KB, 300x334, warm-sienna-smokey-eyes.jpg)

He looks like vintage Lillee Jean

No. 1355103


No. 1355104

If this were true I wouldn't keep seeing them liking me on HER

No. 1355106

I thought this was Jack Nicholson at first glance damn

No. 1355112

evil jack nicholson be like

No. 1355116

Black troons absolutely detest women, especially if they are black. Being in a space where there is no married black men to fuck to make them feel female is their ultimate hell. The only way to make this realistic is if they were plotting to murder all women so they wouldn't have competition for straight men or something.

No. 1355128

This was posted in a tattoo shaming group that I'm in on Facebook, and the woman that posted it had to clarify in like 3 edits that she IS a trans ally, she's NOT attacking the person's gender identity, and that she does like the concept of the tattoo, because a million handmaidens were attacking her in the comments. Apparently you can't even criticise trannies for having shitty scratcher tattoos now lmao.

No. 1355130

Amazing, queue the gender horde getting mad at people for calling him a cuck instead of a cuck-queen

No. 1355176

So true, a lot of black men are downlow due to homophobia (especially in conservative religious areas like the US south) and will fuck troons in secret but openly diss them in public. Troons see black women as competition and hate their guts. It’s similar to how white troons hate women, but worse within minority groups since there are even fewer men to choose from. They’re the ultimate pick-mes and will still go out of their way to blame black women even when these repressed downlow gay men snap and assault/kill them. Lipstick Alley stays seething about this 24/7.

No. 1355177

It's not Onision, just some random tranny who has been posted here before.

No. 1355242

Annoying. They still can't hear it because they know in their hearts they're men and don't want to admit that men are the violators. They need to defend men at all times because they are men.

No. 1355243

nta but i also feel like man drawing woman have slowly been invaded by troons and handmaidens. One piece is a popular topic there since Oda, the mangaka, always has consistent and borings designs for his female characters but once he finally made 'transwoman' character with the same character design that the people always complain about. They ended up praising him instead.

No. 1355288

oh what the fuck i definitely went to school with this person

No. 1355290

File: 1635137708821.jpg (44.17 KB, 750x750, 207145091_3953966208027512_561…)

same anon, and yep, suspicions confirmed. they were really quiet when i knew them too, what a weird turn of events.
between this and finding out that one of my old coworkers knew shayna in high school this board is always serving up some twists

No. 1355313

Stop consuming media made for babies, you’re putting yourself on the same level as troons

No. 1355315

no one cares if you dont like harry potter

No. 1355316

>troons getting killed for lying
Well like the scrotes say "they asked for it"

No. 1355323

This thing thinks getting an implanted uretus will help it get pregnant lol. Never ever troons. They really do think that all you need are dresses, fake uterus and fake hormones to make yourself a woman.

No. 1355327

lmfao, the delusion.. in your dreams buddy

No. 1355331

Why don't we talk about 4chan trannies?
Im suprised people here only focuses on twitter and reddit ones

No. 1355333

No one wants to browse through that shithole of a site. I got AIDS just even looking at the link.

No. 1355336

Lol, but you can browse reddit and twitter?

No. 1355337

Sage your posts

No. 1355341

File: 1635144339805.png (152.14 KB, 530x706, 1635132807828.png)


No. 1355343

Typical 4chan enjoyer.

No. 1355349

This is an image board

No. 1355359

It was bound to happen. TiA was overlooked for a long while because the more dire twansphobia happened in other subs but now that leddit has scrubbed the whole platform clean of evil terven thought they turn to the last place left. The mask is fully off though, they never gave a shit when TiA displayed copious amounts of misogyny and racism but once they laughed at mentally ill white men in dresses it crossed the line. However I'm glad that the mods are open about this and refuse to budge, rather migrating to another site than buckling a knee.

No. 1355361

bullshit. trannies are succeeding in getting their pedo rights faster than nambla ever did

No. 1355383

Kek I definitely took the image from that tattoo shaming group. It frustrates me how all those handmaidens do not recognize that their behaviors reflect classic cult tactics. I’ve heard another woman say that women’s rights are important but at what point does fighting for your rights impede on someone else’s happiness. TRAs are so detached from reality and the parallels between trans rights activism and modern day cults like the church of Scientology are so indistinguishable that it would be comedic if it were not so frightening.

No. 1355393

File: 1635152810089.jpeg (Spoiler Image,875.96 KB, 828x1409, 39A69D15-DE86-4FBB-8E05-F07FA3…)

Farm shooter

Spoiler for terminally ugly

No. 1355396

why are they always tripfags

No. 1355399

Clover, what are you doing

No. 1355410


No. 1355429

you cannot tell me this isnt jack nicholson on crack

No. 1355433

One of her friends at uni was running for the leadership of the Conservative Club there so she promoted it. This upset people. Who would have guessed that a middle class Pakistani might not totally despise a centre right party?

No. 1355478

No. 1355484

File: 1635169304303.jpeg (125.82 KB, 720x720, 66C4F0F1-13EA-4046-A29A-FAC580…)

An irl friend just sent me this kek. I wish the reaction image was instead the troon ex-Netflix employee who was going off about how their “bones hurt after being shoved into the walls of women’s restrooms” (which is definitely a load of performative bullshit)

No. 1355496

File: 1635170721894.jpeg (420.65 KB, 766x910, 22D1CB87-8169-42B9-88E3-3C58C6…)

The things this poor Garfield has probably seen…

No. 1355498

File: 1635170900378.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1553x1988, F83BD3AD-5736-4A8F-B2EF-160264…)

Kek the chaser mindset.

No. 1355506

why does every netflix show need a tranny character. watching You with my flatmates and disgusted at the token troon.

they have so much positive representation yet literally riot at 1 person who doesn't suck their dick

No. 1355515

>week spots
This is your monthly reminder that porn kills brain cells.
I'm in the middle of watching Inside Job, and I've yet to see any troon characters. Not even a mention of troons so far. It's amazing to me that there's no troon in the main group (unless it's confirmed out of the show or later on) when it's produced by Netflix and made by Alex Hirsch.

No. 1355521

Posts like this really help make sense of the 41% statistic. I wouldn’t see a point in living either if my entire existence was smoking weed, drinking soda, watching anime and cooming. And that’s before you even add in all the unnecessary hormones jacking up their moods.

No. 1355522

An important part of You is making people into ridiculous woke stereotypes so Joe can be not like the other girls. Of course theres all kind of genderfag shit in there, HOWEVER I did find it odd that the show took jabs at literally every single "Haha lefty too woke" stereotype but they didn't dare make fun of the troon

No. 1355534


of course they didn't, all hail the sacred tranny male

No. 1355541

I had an ex whose mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer and the father (autistic, worked in comp sci) decided to transition right after she told the family about her prognosis. The mother said she couldn’t be attracted to him anymore if he transitioned and pleaded with him to wait to wait to do it, but the father who was the breadwinner at the time, left to live out his AGP fantasies as his wife was on her deathbed. She passed away not long after and now the troon insists on being referred to as the mother. It fucked his children up. Not to mention this person is one of the most insufferably annoying people I have ever met.

Sage for diary entry but it still makes me angry to think about.

No. 1355544


Video from a detranser, not milk so much as depressing in how predictable it is. tldr:

>abused as a child, therapised, given over a dozen pharmaceuticals before "discovering" his "gender identity"

>doctors and gender therapists rubber-stamped his transition, pushed him to keep going when he had doubts
>hormones caused medical issues that doctors didn't know about and refused to address
>found out troons are mentally ill narcissists and being friends with them ruins your life
>crossdressed at school and got bullied for it, aka transitioned because enforced gender roles

Also he did sex work, "straight" men paid to fuck this.

No. 1355559

i think that used to date cosmo wright

No. 1355565

File: 1635184158399.jpeg (87.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

jesus christ, this is one ugly human being. Imagine a woman having the audacity to be this ugly out loud on the internet. ANY woman who looked like this who had the self confidence to be on Twitch would A) have a thread here dedicated to how ugly she was, and B) get death threats from moids all day long. Unbelievable what they get away with while claiming victimhood.

No. 1355580

File: 1635185153028.webm (4.78 MB, 640x360, superjail.webm)

Old, but makes me think of this

No. 1355581

File: 1635185351587.jpg (157.61 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot.jpg)

Kids want to dress in certain ways because they're kids not because their future troons. Sounds like this mother is pressuring their poor kid.

No. 1355582

File: 1635185398046.jpeg (62.91 KB, 594x483, FCVIeR3WUAANJjp.jpeg)

No. 1355585

sounds unreal. sounds stereotypically sexist.

No. 1355588

>The mother said she couldn’t be attracted to him anymore if he transitioned and pleaded with him to wait to do it, but the father who was the breadwinner at the time, left to live out his AGP fantasies as his wife was on her deathbed.
but the /pol/cels who keep invading this general told me there were no downsides to men being the breadwinners

No. 1355591

A 5 year old wearing false lashes and long nails at school? Sure, yeah, totally. I wonder if teachers hold trannies to the same strict and arbitrary dress rules that are forced on girls. Like years ago I overheard a mother saying how upset she was that her 6 year old daughter was pulled from class and told she had to change shirts because she was… wearing a tank top with thick straps and frills on the end. That showing her shoulders was "distracting to the boys". Do they tell troons this shit? Somehow I have a feeling they don't.

No. 1355596

so a five year old wants to wear nails, eyelashes, heels and make up because thats what he thinks being a woman is? Almost as if he wants to be like his mother or some other woman (women) he looks up to or sees. I can see a 5 year old wanting to wear pink to say he's a girl. Thats basic "Girls wear pink!" 5 year old thought process. Though that extra shit isn't on a 5 year old boys radar UNLESS an adult he looks up to has those things. Little girls his age aren't wearing, fake eyelashes, heels, or make up.
I can believe this happened, but because childern want to be like those they love, especially parents. When a little boy wants to be like his dad with the same hair cut or says he wants to do what his dad does as a job, people don't think he LITERALLY wants to be his dad.
They think, "He wants to be like his dad", but when little kids want to be like a woman they look up to, they are a troon.

No. 1355602

File: 1635187113730.jpg (50.46 KB, 800x499, first-time-meme-template-hiql5…)

>men always love to fuck them but don't want to give them rights

No. 1355608

There's no reason for a 5 year old boy to think he needs all those things to not be picked on, because the 5 year old girls aren't going to school, in eyelashes, long nails and make up, they are still viewed as girls. It's very clear whats going on here. This is adult/older troon thought process. THEY think they need to be super dolled up/bimboy to be seen as a woman. They think women need make up, eyelashes, long nails etc. etc. to be "viewed" as women or "acceptable". I know this is more then likely a lie, but this isnt' some "Feel good" story.
A young boy thinking women need all those things to be viewed as women is a issue. Especially since the girls in his age group more then likely DON'T have those things.

No. 1355609

The kids should take the safe route and refer to him as the defacto term for deadbeat dads, "sperm-donor"
An infuriatingly male thing to call a him yet no grounds to police their language

No. 1355633

I think it's pretty obvious that his parents have exposed this child to drag queen content. Most normal adult women who children see regularly don't wear false eyelashes and long nails either. Certainly no little girls, but teachers and moms of young children also generally stay pretty basic. Who wears falsies and long nails on a regular basis? Instagram influencers and drag queens alone.

No. 1355647

Now that you mentioned it… yeah, it's true. Everyone on the show was free game to mock, the troon was the only exception. He was praised as a genius, thoughtful writer all over the show, not even Joe's narration talked shit about him. lol

>falsies, long nails, heels, makeup
>5 year old
Either he's making it up or he really encountered this new breed of faghag that is all about being ~supportive~ of the LGBTQIAE-86+, so they push their kids into drag or trans them.

No. 1355656

File: 1635190967924.png (186.14 KB, 984x812, Screenshot (3620).png)

This is the kind of stuff that peaked me on trannies, women to them are just things that get pegged. Sorry if you're a lesbian who doesn't like penetration ladies, you're a man now. Nona's who like to ride dick instead of take it, well you're men too. "Female brained bottom." Disgusting.

No. 1355659

These men are coping so hard about their homosexuality they have to come up with the weirdest newspeak to somehow make two dudes buggering each other "straight". Tragic.

No. 1355669

Nothing says "female brained" autistically obsessing over sexual power dynmaics on 4chan behind a little anime girl picture, kek

No. 1355672

File: 1635192966797.jpeg (459.41 KB, 709x2251, FE771135-4346-4FB6-9ABE-EDB1BC…)

4chan has a higher proportion of based trannies and way more infighting. There's some awful unabashed coombrains, but it's somehow one of the better trans communities online.

No. 1355673

File: 1635193291459.jpeg (174.2 KB, 640x936, 55581137-B45D-4EAC-993C-D0465C…)

I don't screenshot the massive retardation I see on /lgbt/ regularly, but I have some funny ones saved up from the years.
I'm gonna see if I can dig up these drawings of PhilosophyTube and Contrapoints that this schizo kept posting when PT came out.

No. 1355674

>based trannies
Go back.

No. 1355681

rofl this is as true as it gets, never have I ever sought out a group of other women to discuss abstract sexual concepts with. Nor have I ever looked for validation on my sexuality from other women, and no other woman has come to me looking for that either. Also I've never heard a woman refer to herself as a bottom, because we're not sex obsessed weirdos who define ourselves based on what makes us orgasm.

No. 1355685

tbh I'm not sure based trannies exist, maybe some traumatized men who have gender dysphoria but I was best friends with one of those from ages 14 to 21 and he was fucking scum lol

No. 1355688

File: 1635194483938.png (470.61 KB, 1473x841, Screenshot (3632).png)

Omg some of the troons that post to 4chan get absolutely dogged on.

No. 1355694

>never have I ever sought out a group of other women to discuss abstract sexual concepts with
me neither but omegaverse fangirls are a thing

No. 1355698

File: 1635195022879.png (Spoiler Image,475.48 KB, 640x2148, level 9000.png)

more old 4chan screenshots, spoilered b/c of a face-transplant pic

No. 1355701

they really said "you're so ugly you look like you have a birth defect"

No. 1355709

Gluing false eyelashes to a child's eyelids is bordering on child abuse, wtf. The tweezers and glue are dangerous enough for adult women (risk of infection, injury, etc,) let alone a little boy.

No. 1355730

the incel to trans pipeline is real

No. 1355739

Besides the creepy grin, am I the only one who only sees an average guy with a slightly lame haircut and a stupid pose? The tranny vibes are intense but I can't call him horrendous because he is plain like Paul Dano.

No. 1355742

File: 1635200785376.jpg (35.59 KB, 316x392, chriscorneriamx.jpg)

He looks like Chris Corner of IAMX lol
Speaking of which, I would not be surprised if he also trooned out.

No. 1355744

just to be clear, this isn't onision right? srry i'm autistic

No. 1355745

I thought those shoulders were a chair at first, what the fuck lol

No. 1355746

Superjail is fucking amazing

No. 1355750

No it's not, but one day I'm sure he'll be here too lol

No. 1355756

>Oxfam has withdrawn a bingo game that features "inspirational women" after concerns were raised by transgender and non-binary colleagues.
>Oxfam would not confirm what specific concerns employees had raised with the charity.
>However, the game - which was first published in August last year - refers to actor Elliot Page by his birth name.
It was trannies working there getting triggered and using an easy excuse to chimp out.

No. 1355800

because last time mado and ivy came in and posted gore for like 3 days straight

No. 1355810

File: 1635209091756.jpg (66.05 KB, 933x946, EqTld_fWMAEwhug.jpg)

>Trannies seething over lack of stunning and brave transwimmen in feminist inspired Bingo
>They can't do anything about it, though, since all the historical troons are parasitic losers or actual monsters
>Nearly a year later, one of the women on the card troons out
>They pretend to care about how a roided up womanlet feels in hopes of getting rid of a Bingo card that reminds them that troons will never amount to anything other than increasing suicide statistics
>picrel is the reaction of the coworkers who have been hearing troon narc rage since August realizing that the troons might actually cancel their pro-female Bingo game using a washed up B-lister's early midlife crisis

No. 1355815

File: 1635209691350.png (18.21 KB, 1127x260, Screenshot (2).png)

>he wants to keep his penis
>not agp

No. 1355816

No. 1355817

File: 1635210167895.png (15.83 KB, 964x422, Screenshot (3).png)

No. 1355865

Holy fuck what a weird subreddit of coomers. Never knew that one existed.

No. 1355886

I forgot to add. This is the dumbest ""gotcha"" by troons.
>uterus doesn't make a woman but these troons will literally cream to the thoughts of getting artificial vaginas and wombs made for their disgusting bodies.

No. 1355893

the entire idea of transitioning is based around certain organs/biological features belonging to either sex. hence the silicone bolt-on's they get after claiming they need "gender affirming surgery" when the estrogen can only get them to an A cup. which in and of itself is saying little titty bitches aren't real women. their whole existence is contradictory, what a fucking joke lol

No. 1355937

File: 1635221555013.webm (358.28 KB, 576x1182, f9bdbc65e91efeccdb708a86ba3111…)

my friend sent me this–somehow it's only got 2 likes and no comments but holy shit

No. 1355941

File: 1635222427731.png (152.13 KB, 400x400, 1635212507515.png)

>flirting with autistic mickey mouse in a cheap wig

No. 1355948

I hate this stupid game. Everyone knows what a real fucking woman is.. stop with the logic tree mind games that try to "trap" a person into your distorted definition.

The other great part though is no matter how much it gets distorted and diluted within our language, the actual biological differences aren't going anywhere as long as we exist as human beings.

No. 1355966

i hate when troons and their allies take intersex people and women with defects/mutations/injuries to use as poorly constructed arguments for transgenderism. shows how depraved and selfish they are. people suffering from conditions aren’t tools to entrap normal people into saying you’re valid for wearing a skirt over your dick.

No. 1356013

Trannies of all people should know that mental illness isn't rational. This girl attempting suicide despite how mild her problems were is evidence of how manic depression skews people's judgement and sense of objectivity. She realized pretty quickly after surviving the attempt that she wanted to live, no matter the hardships moving forward, which I honestly respect.

If anyone deserves blame for what happened to her, it's her retarded gun-nut brother, who left the rifle she shot herself with out in the open. Who the fuck even does that? At least keep it in a locked room if you can't be assed to buy a safe. I hope he feels horrifically guilty.

No. 1356035

File: 1635242618228.jpeg (119.68 KB, 828x388, 4F738D1D-8472-4463-B4C1-A8966F…)

TERF island strikes again

No. 1356050

I hope this issue keeps getting coverage, because one of the most effective arguments I've had for why troons are a menace is the way they pressure people (particularly women, with emphasis on lesbians) into sex and relationships that don't align with their sexuality, but many of my handmaiden friends are genuinely autistic and think that it's just a few "bad apples". I don't know how people like that could be convinced that it's not just a handful of people in an otherwise normal group, and that it's literally built into the trans ideology itself, other than having more examples and more coverage until the amount of evidence becomes too insurmountable to deny. I don't have too much hope, though, since autistic handmaiden denial seems so strong.

No. 1356051

they're already doubling down on twitter and claiming this is just transphobic fake news and that the survey is too small and why the poor widdle twannies would NEVER..!

No. 1356059

I would love to see this study done on a broader scale to dunk on the troons. If these results keep getting repeated the handmaidens will have to change their minds and side with us. At least the ones who are actually gay. The straight ones will always simp for the scrotes.

No. 1356061

They always do. When I tell handmaidens who generally hold me in good regard that every troon I've ever met has made advances on me and done the "it's not a hate crime to reject trans people sexually, but" dance, they just get meek and say I've just had bad luck, and that that's "awful, but not all trans women are like that". They get very uncomfortable when I tell them they're literally giving me the same rhetoric as "not all men", and then end the conversation and refuse to touch on it again. The cognitive dissonance is honestly incredible, and I'm beginning to wonder if some women are just genetically predisposed to whiteknight for sociopathic moids.

No. 1356067

It's just extreme coping, these women have been bullied into protecting troons and by proxy their own reputation by their lives. If you've been indoctrinated into believing that once you slip up you'll lose every last bit of good reputation you had and will forever be known as the evil terf, they will become desperate to save face. It's why I refrain from publicly humiliating handmaidens and instead discuss these matters privately, I don't want to shock them into retreating deeper and deeper into the TRA psychosis. For those who have social circles that didn't drink the kool aid it seems cowardly, but if you've built your life in libfem circles it's extremely hard to detach yourself from it.

No. 1356068

I think the fact they let them report this at all is showing the cracks in the armor. People are growing tired of it.

No. 1356078

AYRT And yeah, I've never brought it up publicly, only in one-on-one conversation. I grew up with a very liberal mom (I'm peaking her on troons) and entirely liberal friends, but I still don't really understand the levels of defensiveness. To me, it was over as soon as I realized that TIMs were largely capable of things I recognized as unethical male behaviors. I only learned how bad it really is piece by piece over time, but I instantly stopped siding with and vouching for the ideology as a whole the moment I realized it was a threat to the rights and safety of women and LGB people.

No. 1356079

File: 1635248242706.png (339.36 KB, 600x600, C58E0110-28C0-4E8E-8B25-9F863E…)

Rivers of nihil is p good though.

But check this shit out. TiM’s think that people mistaking them for women when they have long hair somehow makes them women. I’ve always kept my hair short since I came out as a lesbian in high school and her mistaken for a moid all the time. TiM’s are too stupid to realize that most people are genuinely brain dead and confuse hair length with biological sex. Because to sexist normies man is when short hair and woman is when long hair

No. 1356081

here's the full article https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-57853385

this. Glad to see a big news source report on it. Where I live, not even right-leaning trash news sites will talk about it.

No. 1356093

iirc AGPs actually are the ones who rush getting bottom surgery

No. 1356098

>and her mistaken for a moid all the time.
nonnie how to I say this…

No. 1356101

I mean I have CAH so I am more masculine looking than your average woman, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m biologically female.

No. 1356106

File: 1635252214744.png (108.7 KB, 1201x900, ok.PNG)

from r/badwomensanatomy

No. 1356107

For a lot of them it's purely performative. You'd be surprised how many troon sympathizers express terven opinions once you scratch the surface, but you wouldn't catch them dead publicly disagreeing with TWAW. It would be social suicide so people just dance around the issue.
>Yeah I think it's shitty that some trans women in very rare cases pressure lesbians into sex… but they're a very small minority and not at all mainstream! Trans women are women!
>Yes, I guess trans woman athletes are somewhat problematic b-but it's not like they ALWAYS have advantage over women! Why, I know plenty of bio women who could kick a man's ass and trans women who are as dainty and delicate as a flower! Trans women are women!
etc. Who knows if they're already peaking below all that clownery.

My lord if this article doesn't peak anyone I don't know what will.
>One of the lesbian women I spoke to, 24-year-old Amy*, told me she experienced verbal abuse from her own girlfriend, a bisexual woman who wanted them to have a threesome with a trans woman.
>"I remember she was extremely shocked and angry, and claimed my views were extremist propaganda and inciting violence towards the trans community, as well as comparing me to far-right groups," she said.
Absolute horror. Was she afraid of being branded a terf by guilt by association or something or what the fuck makes someone lose it like this?

No. 1356108

why can't we just talk about women's anatomy anymore without trannies interfering

No. 1356111

You have to admit that's a bit more than just hair

No. 1356112

i mean, i dont have cah and when i have short hair i get mistaken for male all the time if im in neutral clothing. but i live in a country with stricter gender roles i guess.

No. 1356123

File: 1635254562122.jpg (61.15 KB, 568x874, yikes.jpg)

No. 1356126

Now this just feels rapey what the fuck

No. 1356127

is it bad that i feel sorry for him?

No. 1356128

Great article, glad it doesn’t have comments on it or it would already be flooded with angry trannys

No. 1356131

I'd feel sorry if it was some young man or even teenager who was drawn into the gender cult at a young age, but I have zero pity for adult men who mutilate themselves just to live out their fetishes.

No. 1356133

Just read the article and its horrifying. And cotton ceiling? They're sexualizing women's oppression now?

No. 1356135

This is not the first time I've seen this complaint, I don't understand why they didn't do their due diligence and got electrolysis before the surgery. It's like they expect everything to happen just like magic.

No. 1356138

That guy (u/stupidstories aka sharkboy) is famous and evokes a lot of sympathy because they read his self hating comments as sincerity, but his personality pattern is that of an extremely obnoxious narcissistic emotional vampire. He's probably genuinely psychotic too.
He has no stable sense of identity and will mindlessly parrot whatever his current trooner groomer friends feed him. He also incessantly attention whores either through coomerbait, or through self pity, depending on his mood. His IRL contacts appear somewhat inconsistent. I think he easily makes friends when he isn't in a depressive state, but can't maintain them because he is so unstable and insane (toxic).

He was a very cute gay guy before he trooned out, but at least he will never be a parent now.

No. 1356144

don't feel bad for anyone who uses phrasing like "value in the sex market"

No. 1356146

>Moid consumed by need to coom destroys womens' rights in pursuit of the ultimate coom ends up with a hairy prison pocket for a vagina
>Sex drive gone
>Only option is aftermarket anus replacement which only prolongs the inevitable or death
Maybe god really does exist.

No. 1356153


Did he really think something different would happen?

No. 1356157

Someone chops his dick off and wonders why his sex life will suck from now on? I mean what are these surgeons telling these guys?

No. 1356160

File: 1635262913038.png (84.04 KB, 872x573, dolphinplasty.png)

this salmacian wants a literal dolphinplasty. I'm assuming "some mechanism" involves spring-loading the penis inside

No. 1356165

File: 1635263213175.png (766.45 KB, 1125x2436, 2D0177FD-90E9-44D4-88E0-12C3DB…)

That reply on the bottom… yes, you do need to read it to criticize it? What are they trying to say . We know the ideas in Mein Kampf are bad because someone read it. I can’t believe that many people read this tweet and agreed with it

No. 1356168

is that cafe beef lmao???

No. 1356172

File: 1635263861206.png (1.59 MB, 2723x2393, 1619404576416.png)

No. 1356175

File: 1635264187942.gif (481.57 KB, 500x365, dolphinoplasty.gif)

That has to be a troll

No. 1356184

good bait if so, he's apparently "not the only one interested in this kind of thing". you could just pitch psychotic ideas like these at trannies and see what sticks

No. 1356193

reading this have me a heart attack because I thought hannah gadsby might have trooned out kek

No. 1356197

File: 1635265978759.webm (2.79 MB, 576x720, trancel.webm)

No. 1356199

>Dave Chappelle is literally Hitler

No. 1356202

never understood their logic of calling us terfs or transphobes as an insult. like yes, i label myself as both those things and am proud of it?

No. 1356204

Does he know what dating means? Disrobing and genitals is pretty significant for that

No. 1356208

cis men have been making butterface jokes and reducing women to their bodies for centuries, but god forbid a troon gets rejected based on genitalia

No. 1356212

>Don't reduce me to my genitals!
>Lesbians with real vaginas are required to heal from their dick trauma and fuck me or it's a hate crime!
Why not date other stunning and brave translesbians, you absolute transphobe?

No. 1356213

I, as a cis lesbian, won't date any transbians because they are all fat and ugly and have dicks.
This board made me a proud terf tbh.

No. 1356215

I'm sick of arguments like this, because they're so completely disingenuous. If we can't clearly define the difference between male and female bodies beyond self identification, what is he "transitioning" into? What exactly is a woman? What are lesbians, and why is he so dead set on claiming to be one when he can't understand them, and they don't connect with him? If lesbians, as a whole, tell troons (outsiders) that they're not attracted to them, who are they to try to force a redefinition that doesn't fit? Even if that somehow worked out, and everyone agreed that "lesbians are attracted to TIMs", real lesbians would just be called something else, because they're not attracted to TIMs. Even if it's derogatory, and they're all called TERFs, TIMs still wouldn't be fulfilled. They would know that it's still the same world where lesbians aren't attracted to them.

No. 1356216

>If you're cis and you won't date trans folks, you're
normal? sane? smart? not indoctrinated?
>a transphobe.

No. 1356218

Transphobic doesn't even mean anything anymore. Heaven forbid women's bodily autonomy is more important than some delusional man's feelings.

No. 1356221

Dude really has the Weird Al Yankovic look going strong for him.

No. 1356222

When you try to conceal your futa fetish by associating it with the ocean's most notorious rapists instead

No. 1356238

>You won't get a pass when we're through
What did he mean by this?

No. 1356243

Violence, what else could it mean? He's an incel.

No. 1356250

They're all incels

Every single transbian is so upset they can't fuck women as a man that they try to fuck women as a "woman"

No. 1356259

dont trash talk Weird Al like that

No. 1356290

This is such terminally online rhetoric it's mind boggling. I always joke that I only peaked with online trans people because I'm in a circle of friends from grad school irl that has two MtFs and one FtM in it and they all hate being associated with online trans activists. I'm a lesbian and one of those MtFs always rants at gatherings about how it's not "transphobic" to not want to date a transwoman because no one is forced to date anyone, no matter what, and it's rapey to argue otherwise. Maybe I know only sane trans people and that's why i haven't peaked irl yet, but god damn these terminally online nutjobs are really doing their fellows as a whole so dirty with insane videos like this.

No. 1356292

File: 1635277106167.png (35.5 KB, 595x347, 500.png)

Published outside of tabloids or obscure blogs? That's a dangerous gamble. Good luck for her.
Caroline deactivated her twitter account, now TRAs and handmaidens are repeating "THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN REEEEE LIES" ad nauseam on twitter and gunning for her job.

They always did, I saw "cotton-ceiling" discourse on tumblr back in the early 2010s and it didn't have a positive feedback. Too creepy.
TRAs never used it again and went strictly with "genital preference" instead.

No. 1356299

I feel the exact same way. Most people I’ve met in person who are trans are completely rational and don’t fuck with what’s being done online. I still can’t believe Dave Chappelle’ strand friend Daphne killed herself because of the harassment too, one of “their own” who couldn’t accept another point of view. I don’t think people who were born as men understand what it’s like to never have your identity externally validated, to men we are just potential victims or objects to be used. We don’t “pass” as human beings to them but they want us to accept their abuse only now in a dress?

No. 1356302

Sage for OT but the terminally online, this site included, really do represent the worst of each label, hence why they are mocked as cows.

Sex , as in the act of fucking, is not an equal opportunity event comparable to housing, education, or legal rights. Only incels think otherwise.

No. 1356311

I think that most troons, especially TIMs, are terminally online these days, though.

No. 1356313

that means there will definitely will be a follow up article hopefully.

No. 1356316

I seriously fear for her safety, fuck, her life even. All it takes is for one unhinged tranny to find out her address and that's it.

No. 1356320


No. 1356328

I don't know I just saw it browsing the lgbt part of 4chan, I think he was asking if he passed or something like that? And some scrote just straight up told him he has FAS lol

No. 1356335

File: 1635281510603.jpg (1.16 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-26-21-49-38-316_deco.jpg)

Looks like a uni lad who lost a bet

No. 1356337

Is he wearing one of those silicone woman masks in the second picture? It's extremely unsettling.

No. 1356352

nta, I think it's make up + faceapp.

No. 1356397

>Penile preserving SRS
How the fuck is that considered sex reassignment surgery? It's just a body mod at that point.

No. 1356401

Screech and guilt trip me all you want, trannies, I wouldn't fuck you even if my life depended on it.

The article says it's alluding to panties, but I thought the "cotton ceiling" referred to tampons? Like if she doesn't menstruate, a lesbian won't sleep with her.

The porn star in the article is based for pointing out how fucking gross it is that trannies appropriated phrases meant to represent sexism and racial inequality (glass ceiling, bamboo ceiling) and made it about sex in their case, as if being denied sex is in ANY WAY comparable to job discrimination and racism in college admissions. Talk about fucking tone deaf.

No. 1356402

some people in the third world are dying because they don't have access to surgeons while first world transgenders like this guy are getting dolphin sex surgeries for the fun of it, and they still think they aren't privileged

No. 1356407

File: 1635288260106.jpeg (57.12 KB, 900x540, 5F6F80C0-4E70-4712-8037-55F9E2…)

What’s up with 4chan trannies obsession with far right Japanese ultranationalist stuff? They love this one nationalist assassin and Mishima. How do they live with the dissonance that their “based redpilled society” fantasy would immediately imprison or deport a fat white pervert in lolicon clothes?

No. 1356423

File: 1635290000130.png (102.18 KB, 1101x638, deception.png)

No. 1356431

Worship of "machismo" brought on by extremely poor male role models in their childhoods combined with weebshit. Also Mashima was gay and rightwing, which is where a lot of these freaks are too. It's weird, I agree, but if it wasn't him it'd be incel Sam Hyde worship or something. It's just that but more Japanese-y.

No. 1356436

File: 1635290504310.png (37.89 KB, 1684x228, t1.png)

No. 1356441

Wow. Go off Louis XIV

No. 1356444


No. 1356447

File: 1635291094678.png (180.77 KB, 528x939, photo-13-06-2015-15-33-37.png)

Nah, it was always a tone deaf allusion to underwear. You see, TIMs experience oppressive sexual exclusion because of their peen and that's heckin transphobic if you don't wanna date them.
I don't remember TIFs bitching about this back then, it was always these transcels.

No. 1356448

File: 1635291201451.png (67.57 KB, 601x642, narc prayer.png)

Samefag, but here is Coomer Serano pretending those incel manifestos that were circulating online totally weren't about lesbians.
Almost a decade of this shit online and they still pretend that it isn't about them feeling entitled to sex.

No. 1356451

A lot of these guys are straight weeb yellow fever AGPs and chasers though (Sam Hyde is also a chaser). I think actually gay hypermachismo fascists like Mishima give off a different kind of cow vibe imho, more self loathing.

No. 1356452

File: 1635291610849.jpeg (402.23 KB, 828x1211, E459193B-280D-4BE9-B395-AA2C40…)

I want to vomit. We can’t have any icons without these scrotes trying to trans them.

No. 1356453

bisexuals ruin everything

No. 1356458

Not sure what you’re referring to nonna but that Twitter user is a man

No. 1356462

They see strong, fit, heroic and inspiring female characters and immediately co-opt them as post-human alpha t girls because clearly only a space troon could be like that. Ovary owners could never. We're too short and physically inferior, even in fiction, also uglier than all troons too. Samus may not be human but she 300000% ascribes to human idpol. Totally. They claim it's trolling then genuinely start to argue and seethe when you press it.

No. 1356471

Honestly I blame whatever butcher "doctors" agreed to do such an invasive and unnecessary surgery on a literal schizo mental patient. They should lose their medical license and go to jail.

No. 1356475

THIS. They can easily distinguish between themselves and "cis" women when it comes to demeaning and attacking us, yet they somehow can't identify any traits that make a person "cis" when they're playing their little language games pretending they're "just like us."

No. 1356478

>totally wasn't true at all!1!!
kek why does this sound like sarcasm?

No. 1356481

Massive copium. I literally wouldn't be here if this were true, since I was initially peaked by sexual and general harassment of myself and my lesbian friends by troons (mostly TIMs, but a couple of TIFs, too). If they didn't want to fuck me, I might have never peaked.
>States a thing that trannies definitely did and people have hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of recorded evidence to prove that they did
>"…is just something TERFs made up/twisted to fit their narrative/took out of context to make us look bad."
Troon arguments against "TERF" talking points are always like this.

No. 1356526

File: 1635301133110.png (14.98 KB, 1575x228, Screenshot 2021.png)

No. 1356531

>you're mad!!!
I swear these troons just do this to gets reactions out of gullible people.

No. 1356533

Did Obama really call the TIM bathroom rape "fake outrage"? Does anyone have any source for this.

No. 1356543

File: 1635304115584.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x4396, 1A65800C-D02B-46AF-8CE4-3D2493…)

The comments of this post are people arguing whether it’s transphobic or not for a MtF getting mad that their cis lesbian friend set them up with a fellow MtF, or if the lesbian OP was transphobic to assume her friend would be okay being set up with a fellow MtF and not a cis woman.

No. 1356547

Kek. He can eat shit. He wanted to be set up with a real lesbian and not a man in a dress and knows it and is pissed. Reap what you sew with the TWAW bullshit and being real lesbians.

No. 1356554

Honestly sounds made up lol because of some of the points are used in arguments as to why troons should tell people they go on a date with that they're troons.

No. 1356555

i legitimately hate people from first world countries so much. how privileged and rich must you be to even entertain a thought experiment like that. jesus christ

No. 1356560


Something I’ve noticed is FTMs don’t feel entitled to date cis people, whether they’re gay or straight or bi or whatever. I never see these rage reactions, rape threats, and the like from them. I also see FTM people in varied relationships—sometimes with cis women or trans women or other trans men. Almost never cis gay men. And I don’t see them harassing gay men over it, at worst I’ve seen is cutesy “give us a chance” stuff on Twitter.

I don’t know where I stand on trans stuff because I’ve met older trans women that aren’t like the people in this thread at all, but I’m starting to get fed up with obvious men who aren’t even trying demanding everything from women because they’re “oppressed”now

No. 1356561

File: 1635306414640.jpeg (746.38 KB, 899x1804, 362CC0A4-D4B7-44F2-A4E1-F67ADC…)

>This article is transphobic because men who don’t wear dresses are just as predatory as men who do wear dresses!
chef kiss

No. 1356562

I love how the TRA harassment campaigns always perfectly prove the point there that is a huge online mob silencing and bullying people. Great job guys, just enforced that article even more than its damning content could.

No. 1356563

>in reality this is used to prosecute transsexuals for not giving every person they meet a detailed biography
it doesn't have to be a detailed biography though. you literally just have to say you were born a man, because you are…a man. why do they find it necessary to over/under exaggerate everything to their liking? i mean i know why.

No. 1356568

Idk about this one, tbh.
Timing is a bit suspicious (Chapelle's Netflix special, BBC news article) and there's a comic strip portraying this exact situation. Can't find it rn but it's about a lesbian setting up two TIMs on a blind date, both get angry with her. lol
However, it could be 100% real because handmaidens are that pathetic.

No. 1356570

It's unironically an abusive tactic used by guys a lot. You ask for something reasonable, like please don't do that, then they react by exaggerating your request into something drastic like 'I never get anything right. I guess I'll just never do anything.' in the effort to exhaust you and retract your first request. They try to conflate reasonable requests with unreasonable ones to exhaust in hopes you'll give up the request.

No. 1356576

When people are overdosing on self-prescribed ivermectin aka horse paste by media lingo, it's somehow doctors fault, but not when people are overdosing from painkillers or killing themselves after (elective) medical procedures ruined their life.
It isn't overexaggeration when SRS create more suicide than lobotomy.
Yes, those doctor should lose their medical license and put in jail for being a quack doctor

No. 1356577

File: 1635309790223.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 2400x1920, 20211027_003926243.jpg)

No. 1356578

File: 1635310525353.png (525.84 KB, 810x588, 5BDB9E7B-50A8-40C9-90DB-30EF81…)

Imagine your dad tweeting that he’s looking forward to stretching into your bra and panties.

No. 1356580

File: 1635310928966.jpg (66.94 KB, 590x750, fucked-hair.jpg)

close resemblance

No. 1356587

File: 1635312798010.png (50.78 KB, 593x537, alzheimers.png)

[Caretaker's What does it matter how my heart breaks plays softly in the background]

No. 1356590

File: 1635312920068.jpeg (429.14 KB, 1242x1118, 55C13BCA-1280-4B2D-AD9E-E8C36B…)

this is the article. It’s too long to post and it has repetitive quoting so I deleted the previous post:

No. 1356591

File: 1635313373014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.06 KB, 400x400, 52BD1B62-858A-4494-B299-C1B495…)

No. 1356596

File: 1635315607906.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1435, 64549915-3A68-4DED-B624-A13728…)

peteseeger/banjobutch has truly cracked the low effort transbian code.

No. 1356602

iirc that's a pretty old post, at least from the start of this year if not earlier.

No. 1356607

Nonitas, I'm sorry if this is derailing or against the rules but I'm going insane with offline handmaiden behaviour. I'm so tired of women bending over themselves to defend these pornsick scrotes and attack other women for not subscribing to this insanity. Recently a tranny from around here killed itself after not being able to use women's changing rooms (he had molested and/or spied upon undressing girls prior to trooning out) and a girl I know attacks basically everyone for calling him out for being the perverted male he is. I'm sorry for venting but I hate scrotes so much for using vulnerable women for their cause. She already is a rather insecure girl and latched onto this hyperwoke lgbtqap2s+ shite movement to feel included, I just wish we could help these girls be comfortable in their own skin without having to shield troons for approval.

this reply is a trainwreck, redtext away jannies. i just feel so much despair for these handmaidens and the future of womanhood

No. 1356611

He just a fat man, no need to call yourself a butch lesbian just because you developed fat boy tits

No. 1356621

lucky you but i am someone who knows these insane assholes in real life and they don't keep that shit just online

like those crazy online people are actual people who exist and interract with other people you get that right

No. 1356646

samus has been libfem shit ever since the blue zero suit was introduced, this is like trains trying to claim bayonetta or another male sex fantasy, why even care about it.

No. 1356661

File: 1635331331944.jpg (222.42 KB, 720x857, 20211027_115110.jpg)

Sage but why do skinny troons always look like a stern school teacher in her 50s in a movie set in rural depression era midwest America? The only feminine feature they have is looking like they've walked the fields under the hot sun their whole life, had abusive husbands she shot, and has lost like 9 kids because its ye olden days but despite the hardship that hardened her she still has a heart of gold deep down. Do they think this is sexy or something?

No. 1356662

only good part about this case is that the investigation led to the arrests of two more child molesting TIMs

No. 1356664

Hey, you take that back. Rural black widows are cool, subversive, and attractive, unlike these losers.

No. 1356667

we get it bruh, you're gay

No. 1356668

Incels eat like shit. Chicken nuggies and mountain dew. Eating nothing but processed sugary crap either makes you fat or makes you a skelly. The dead-eyed look is autism. The rest of the look is also autism (refusal to bathe because of sensory issues, poor self-perception, misunderstanding social roles and cues). Outside of autism, how many men do you know who put any work into what they look like? I dated a guy who got sulky when I asked him to comb his hair lmao.

Basically, if a woman looks as bad as a man, either something is severely wrong with her, or she has been to hell and back and can no longer give a shit about what people think. Men just go through life not giving a shit because there are few repercussions if they're repulsive. Just look at business men and male politicians.

No. 1356747

File: 1635345023667.jpeg (227.54 KB, 750x566, 7B051159-D51A-45DF-A0AF-088CEB…)

>non trans lesbians
you mean women??

and of course it’s only troons and tras who are the most vocal because we fuckin know if lesbians speak up we’ll be beat down.

No. 1356753

This tard types like Trump. I was expecting to see the tweet end with "Sad." Anyway, troons and TRAs can go seethe in hell, I only like women, and troons have harassed me. They can't cope with people calling them out.

No. 1356754

How fucking dare this person do that to Tutter the mouse

No. 1356758

It's the fourth TRA I've seen with a fascination with this mouse, and I don't use tumblr, Twitter, or Reddit. Without looking, I'm betting it's a TIF or handmaiden, since all the previous ones I've met were female.

No. 1356762

Y'all are lucky almost every troon I met was either psychotically depressed or a raging narc pervert. Have not met a single based one

No. 1356770

File: 1635348521667.png (60.24 KB, 754x294, 67D0D7F6-EF50-401B-AB62-F196C5…)

I think it’s bc FTMs tend to get instantly shut down by gay men. I’ve seen this happen a lot on places like r/askgaybros where an FTM will come along with a bait question about if gay guys see them as real men and the guys are just not having it. Someone also made a compilation of the homophobia they spout on twitter.


Sage bc this should probably be in the other thread but I felt it was relevant to what you were saying.

No. 1356772

it’s got me so angry that nobody is listening to lesbians on this. “they’re all transphobic, exclusive TERFs”

because women who are attracted to women only want women in their space. ignoring that some have trauma or discomfort with men. if a woman carries her keys between her fingers when walking past a man its excused because “some men” but if it’s a troon she’s a TERF.

i’m so angry but also happy to see this discourse. there are voices speaking with lesbians on this and i love it.

No. 1356783

I had a look through the #CiswithaT tag on Twitter and it's a combo of old lesbians holding down the fort and young cis lesbians trying to open the door for troons. When all lesbians who are currently over 50 die we are all going to go down with them, it's not even a joke anymore

No. 1356789

how many of those so called lesbians really are that though, lot of them probably get tired of their lesbian larp and get het married (and never have to care about the mess they left behind)

No. 1356801

It's not true, TiMs have far higher rates of sexual crimes against women than regular men, hence some feminists saying they'd rather let normal men in female restrooms than trannies.

No. 1356808

Unfortunately my ex friend wants to troon out because she wants to look like an anime boy. Tried to explain to her that she will not look like an anime boy and got called transphobic and that friendship ended

No. 1356815

Those larpers are currently controlling the environment for actual lesbians and tbh it makes things so much worse. They're not lesbians, amd they don't have to experience what we experience, and yet they dictate our rights and our future.

No. 1356840

Kek. I do feel for you, though, it's so weird to have friends that seem smart and intelligent turn out to be completely insecure morons when it comes to social issues like troonery. Autism is a not-so-silent killer.
It's a terrible time to realize you're a lesbian. It seems they're completely underground.

No. 1356853

ask all these women if they would have sex with a TiM and watch them scatter.

Mind boggling how refusing to touch dick makes me a TERF. I’m a TERF because trans women are men.

it’s what makes them trans.

No. 1356857

I’m just going to start saying I won’t date a TiM cause I don’t date ugly women.
At this point I’m too tired to go round in circles with their bullshit.

No. 1356861

File: 1635356833399.png (17.44 KB, 668x302, Screenshot (4).png)

This is all that troons do now. Protest the truth allday everyday.

No. 1356862

This is what they've forced you into. No hate crime for swerving hideous people.

No. 1356864

this will be hilarious though

No. 1356865

That's a terrible name for an organization, it sounds like a joke with no punchline.

No. 1356869

File: 1635357183991.png (163.79 KB, 673x421, Screenshot (5).png)

>believe all women… except when it's the troons doing it
What happened to believing women when they get assaulted by men?

No. 1356874

what the trans? is what people say when the girl who helped their extremely drunk ass home flops out their cock.

No. 1356875

On /tttt/ its more TIFs that love Mishima, they admire the weak small failed male to masculine self made man path, the glorification of masculinity and the homoerotic aesthetic. It triggers their AAP.
The bio males that like Mishima are either repressing trannies or weird bi male losers coping

No. 1356886

I've been wondering why people don't do that more. Like some might still try to cope by calling it transphobia, but I feel like "transitioning won't change your hideous appearance" would cut them a bit deeper since it's still harder to twist it (in their mind) as a problem with you.
Imagine if they heard that kind of thing from every girl they tried coming onto

No. 1356888

I hope GCs organise some kind of counter protest thing so I can go

No. 1356889

Same anon and OT but I like how it clears the email field but not your message when you go back from a ban screen (not my ban btw)
So please no ban for not saging

No. 1356917

>I'll be a big titty bimbo slutty sahm uwu
Reality will be he'll rage at women online then hang himself in his room joining the 41% because no one will agree to go out with him and nothing of value will be lost

Troons are incels so of course they dont care if women are raped. They only care about promoting their agenda and recruiting kids to it

No. 1356927

What is the point of a stay at home wife that can't get pregnant?

No. 1356929

File: 1635363209906.jpeg (298.03 KB, 828x718, 04BAFF65-ED03-4D90-8AC8-3D4A24…)

Another day, another scrote who thinks vagina is supposed to smell like flowers

No. 1356933

File: 1635363371243.png (394.63 KB, 524x1036, lmao.png)

Lesbians worldwide weep… lmao. Honestly tho, do you think there is a single tranny out there who would turn down a cis lesbians? No. Cause it is always the other way around.

No. 1356935

I hate that so much, why can't they leave children's shows alone?

It says something that if they shortened it the tag would just sound like cyst

No. 1356943

File: 1635363810391.jpeg (Spoiler Image,212.07 KB, 640x1029, 5E856F00-802C-48FC-9406-19E3A4…)

… is he talking about the scent of a smell fetish product?

No. 1356948

File: 1635364265727.png (358.41 KB, 1317x806, capture.png)

Listening to a podcast on Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes when "Ana", award-winning designer who worked on the iPhone, describes her experience at the company. Expects female voice, gets male ogre instead. And of course his twitter is full of tweets about how important women in tech are.

No. 1356956

Hate being a lesbian
Everything sucks

No. 1356959

fr. finally someone speaks up that we’re being treated like shit and still “what about the trans wimmins”

it’s a joke. i’m a lesbian. a homosexual woman reduced to “a non-man attracted to non-men”

i like women. not TiMs, not gender specials. women. butch, fem or in between. so long as she’s a women.

sage for rant. i’m just tired and angry.

No. 1356963

I feel you anon. I want to go back to being invisible this shit sucks.

No. 1356967

File: 1635366122474.jpeg (56.33 KB, 720x475, C9A358AB-5E49-4AC0-AF9E-7FE99B…)

There’s literally zero instances of a lesbian whining because troons don’t pay her romantic attention. It’s not even a thing. The opposite is true for them. They are countless instances of them crying about how they get rejected, all you have to do is open the HER app kek, not to mention the trail of thinkpieces about how they deserve sexual access to women (and men). As usual, they want you to deny what you know to be true and substitute your reality with their made up fantasy where they are always the victims of lies and misunderstandings.

No. 1356968

I assume this is because trannies actually have to douche their neoholes and perfume them to keep them from smelling rancid (which they of course still do anyways). They are not self-cleaning like real vaginas.

No. 1356991

Troons use projection to try to make "TERFs" look bad all the time, but it's so obvious that it's bullshit. You don't see dozens of thinkpieces written about how hard it is for lesbians to get trannies to fuck or date them, you don't see pages upon pages of Reddit posts from lesbians devastated by troons refusing to date them.
I considered mentioning this too kek. It definitely still smells like aged blood down there, but they think the perfume masks the scent instead of just adding synthetic floral to the miasma.

No. 1356998

stan our STEM queen anon, so smart, so bright

No. 1357013

File: 1635372301707.jpeg (1023.59 KB, 1170x1860, 043DA47A-A10D-4E8B-8C8B-F3DE11…)

Anyone catch Zinnia’s freak out over the guilty verdict on the Loudoun county bathroom rape case? The first victim testified that she’d had consensual sexual contact (which google says includes anything from kissing to actual sexual acts) with the perpetrator prior to the rape, and had repeatedly refused to have anal sex with him. He got into the handicap stall with her and anally and orally raped her after she refused again. The school district lied and said no assaults had ever happened in the bathrooms, and transferred the rapist to another school where he assaulted another girl, because they were implementing a self ID bathroom policy, but I guess the real issue is monstrous little 14 year old cis girls for their whorish behavior enticing good trans kids into violent anal and oral sodomy.

No. 1357014

No. 1357022

File: 1635373172334.jpg (29.65 KB, 700x394, brianpeppers.jpg)

it's giving Brian Peppers

No. 1357031

Zach is the most misogynistic fag that I've ever seen. /tttt/ vitriol doesn't get close to his hatred of anyone that isn't a major degenerate like him, mf has been going at it for over 5 years.
He clearly perceives that situation as a lover's quarrel ending badly and nothing more; any other details that surfaces about his precious Y chromlet, like the fact that he raped another girl, are all "rw lies" and "transphobia".

No. 1357036

zach cheated on his actual female partner on their wedding day, has never had a job and instead spends all day taking pictures of his butthole for twitter. It's funny when he talks about anything making trannies look bad when he alone peaked a significant amount of terfs out there kek

No. 1357037

Who said anything about black?

No. 1357039

I think that she's a retard for fucking a troon, but even a retard doesn't deserve to get raped. Not sorry, moid, it was rape. The court acknowledged it, it happened more than once with more than one girl. I bet he thinks that the courts are scewed in favor of women in general, like a true incel tard.

No. 1357045

Black widow as in "killed her husband", nonnie. Not the race.

No. 1357046

Oh my god, I didn't even consider that. That's fucking grim

No. 1357092

I agree with you, but has anything even confirmed that she actually fucked him? She was 14, they’d only known each other for a month or two, and despite the troon being overtly pushy and demanding, all the testimony says is discord sexting and sexual contact, which could be anything. It wouldn’t change anything if she did have sex with him prior to the rape, but don’t really like how many TRAs obviously not you, this just reminded me immediately jumped to tweeting about how the fourteen year old fucked one of their own. We don’t even know what she consented to prior and yet they’ve turned the whole narrative into salacious tales of a child rape victim’s sex life. She doesn’t even get proper anonymity because of what they did to her dad.

No. 1357099

Literally talking in circles about nothing, trying to imply she somehow victimized him, doing anything he can to deflect from the fact that a troon raped a girl in the girl's bathroom. I would call him a moron except he 100% knows what he's doing. Absolutely insidious.

No. 1357119

AYRT, I didn't consider the possibilities of what "sexual contact" implied, and I honestly don't think it matters. She foolishly trusted a troon, but the rape wasn't consequences for her actions, no matter what she did. The troon is fully responsible for his own actions, he's 100% responsible for the rape. She isn't responsible for it at all. I used to think they preached "listen to victims" and "don't victim blame", but I guess TRAs can't keep that up, since they're still whiteknighting for males. I can stand by those rules, though. Justice and recovery for the girls.

No. 1357121

Sage for pussy sperg but why do (some) men think vaginas are supposed to smell like flowers? I've even met men who say it should smell like water lol it feels like they're virgins who don't know what a healthy vagina scent is. They think we got like car air freshener fragrances or something when it's more of a musky butterscotch or whatever depending on how you eat. This troons whole flowers smell like poosy tweet is so male lmfao

No. 1357123

Porn and douching ads, no joke.

No. 1357157

What's 'rw'? Real women?

No. 1357164

Right wing.

No. 1357189

Real women don't need to shove air fresheners up their vaginas.

No. 1357194

File: 1635393492857.png (301.89 KB, 672x680, crazy troon.png)

"You can talk about Women's health without censoring yourself"-troon

I went to his profile and they locked it, I'm glad he got pushback for that stupid ass reply.

No. 1357200

File: 1635393780213.jpg (123.88 KB, 828x1204, FCvh0IUWEAAVtDB.jpg)

This seethe and cope.

No. 1357201

It's an unpopular sentiment around here but yeah, I too know a cool TIM. We're both programmers and work together, go figure lol. Obviously since it is work, we never talked about shit like what's discussed here and nothing related to sex/dating/womanhood is ever brought up.

No. 1357209


he is getting lit up like a christmas tree for that trash tier take

No. 1357251

will you still think that TIM is super chill when he's promoted above you and they point to him as proof of women in tech? Anyway just because you're cool with him it doesn't mean other women in the office are, and they shouldn't have to deal with him in the bathroom. Big deal one tranny is chill. That doesn't change anything

No. 1357262

This is such a major seethe. They undergo surgery with the same risks and little rewards. While it’s not for everyone, nobody that I know who has chosen motherhood has EVER reduced it to these superficial “risks.” Cope harder, moid. Motherhood is an incredible gift that you will never ever know.

No. 1357289


It’s because they see female bodies as exclusively sex objects. Even the average (non-coomer) moid can appreciate the stretch marks on his partner as marks of her bearing their child.

No. 1357317

File: 1635410020762.jpg (219.1 KB, 922x2048, media.jpg)

Please watch these videos of deranged troon moids protesting a conference about women's situation in prisons. Pure British comedy.

They think the black man is this lunatic btw

No. 1357318

To clarify, they = women on twitter

No. 1357329

Kek the women laughing in response based

No. 1357338

Comparing cutting your dick off and turning it inside out to childbirth tearing… lol. One is a frankenstein surgery that has barely even been explored fully and that many doctors still refuse to do… one is something that all mammals have been doing since the dawn of time. Trannies are so fucking retarded. They all have pregnancy fetishes and talk about it openly so you can't really fool us with this cope.

No. 1357339

Anyone who says shit like this, their mother should've aborted them lol

No. 1357340

They love to hurt woman. Some poor lady had to carry this fleshpig in the womb for 9 months. So sorry……,

No. 1357350

File: 1635413320835.png (139.33 KB, 276x300, b.png)

>w-we are taking your boyfriends, y-your husbands… W-WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING
>shove the dinosaur up your arse
>I'M A BLACK WOMAN (t. white guy)
kek charming.
"It's just terminally online discourse", they say…

No. 1357351

I want the best for fellow trans people sometimes but I think there needs to be literal policing. Most of the queer community is just coddling each other and bitching. There is no accountability to be seen.
Too many MTF fuckers are out of pocket with the horny shit, and everyone lets it fly. I have been made so uncomfortable by other queer people sometimes (as a FTM.) it’s just as bad as the way cis/het men have treated me. Wait.. maybe it’s because most of them (if not AFAB) were just predatory men to begin with.
I know a lot of trans women and men who are so fucking normal tho lol. They pass, they have worked their whole life to conform and those are always the trans people who act like normal people. People with real accomplishments in life, not posting pathetic porn of their sad attempts at crossdressing while looking like they have never groomed in their life. They don’t make being trans their whole personality and use it as a way to prey on others.
I’m sick of seeing these hairy disgusting men lie about being women. They need to be called out and bullied, keep up the good work(blog)

No. 1357353

> I want the best for fellow trans people sometimes
“Fellow” troon confirmed yikes hamflesh

No. 1357354

You are part of the problem, any man who wants to be in women's spaces is sick in the head. No one wants any troon in their space, we don't play to the delusions of other mentally ill people, why do we have to play to yours?

No. 1357357

This delusional fuck thinks trannies passing = good tranny. A tranny is a tranny no matter how he passes.

No. 1357363

Trooning out won't stop men from preying on you. Who would have thunk… bet you regret irreversably changing your body now.

No. 1357364

File: 1635414803365.jpg (7.47 KB, 734x217, RDT_20211028_10523565912385315…)

it's over nonas, women are now officially male

No. 1357365

Cope, lady. You're an enabler and delusional. No one passes.

No. 1357367

What the fuck does this even mean lmfao…

No. 1357368

Stfu you lolwhore. Why does my body matter to you? I mind my business and never sexually assaulted or harassed anyone.

No. 1357371

Funny how you are on lolcow a site meant for women, by being here unconsciously you are admitting you are a woman. You played yourself and did damage to yourself because of the delusions.

No. 1357372

Suck on my fucking enlarged clit. I matter.

No. 1357373

Can't even make a valid response, can't tell if you are troll or just another low q troon. Sad times to be alive when shit that sounds like trolling may not be trolling.

No. 1357374

File: 1635415331776.gif (1.94 MB, 250x137, melanie-fp_.gif)

>fellow trans
>queer community

No. 1357375

I’m not a troll. I have a more compass unlike you who bullies ftms

No. 1357378


Mimicking toxic masculinity doesn't make you a man. Take the gnc pill and accept that you're a woman regardless of your feelings or the trauma you've experienced

OT: Really happy with the bbc article. Troons are losing their shit. I'm expecting more articles and stories to come out, especially now that bbc has defended it

No. 1357379

The only thing I need to take is more T
Fuck outta here you didn’t invent this site

No. 1357381

stop taking the bait pls

No. 1357382

idc trutrans delusionoid

No. 1357386

You will never be a man

No. 1357387

Your man fucks my hole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1357388

File: 1635417438033.jpg (739.88 KB, 1080x1512, PhotoCollage_1635418098287.jpg)

Cis women are evil but everyone pay for me to get surgery to look like cis women, the holy blueprint that all trans people aspire to be

No. 1357392

Thanks I'm now convinced that normal troons who don't immediately start to spout weirdly specific sexual shit exists.

No. 1357393

File: 1635417862699.jpg (68.75 KB, 430x412, ellen_page_woman.jpg)

>troll the female only lolboard
>bait for a ban
>feel validated cause bans are for scrotes
>tfw gender euphoria

I see through your plan, troon-nonna!

No. 1357402

Oh kek I'm a fool ty

No. 1357403

I mean, I would appreciate if men finally only fucked and sexualized troons so both parties would stop bothering women.

No. 1357407

I was going to complement how feminine your writing was but then I got to the part where you said you were FTM so rip

No. 1357408

I would like to believe there's this much logic behind it, but we both know that it's either an intentional derail or she's actually just retarded kek.

No. 1357410

File: 1635420739045.png (55.84 KB, 404x250, 1635369067543 (1).png)

what an original groundbreaking concept

No. 1357412

>basically admitting they don't care about their "aesthetic"
we can tell by your lack of general hygiene kek

No. 1357414

File: 1635421225069.png (36.41 KB, 300x300, pepelaugh-emote.png)

>a more compass

No. 1357415

I think it's a joke about how most people who wear maid outfits are femboys, therefore if a woman is wearing one it would be considering cross dressing.

No. 1357416

Honestly, this misogyny is just projection, just as it has been forever. Troons are catty, superficial retards who are incapable of introspection or self-improvement. "They aren't interested in exploration of self" kek. Sorry that you can't wrap your weak moid brain around the fact that our "self exploration" is more complicated than changing clothes and jacking off.

No. 1357417

Sorry Paul/Bonnie, I can't see your ~self-exploration~ behind your mommy issues, the piles of alpaca shit and alpaca corpses.
Maybe try grifting more 100k for your dust bowl of a "farm".

No. 1357422

the wavering singing, the weird long pauses to read his 10 line song he couldn't learn by heart, the shitty lyrics themselves, the smug grin. the most insulting thing is him thinking his vid quality enough to warrant having people see it when he himself knows he'll convince nobody. what a convoluted way to have everyone know you're an incel.

No. 1357424

Where were you when Obama went full rape culture?(bait)

No. 1357426

meanwhile there's constant in-fighting among troons and an obsession with ""passing"" being ""hotter"" than real women but ok

why do moids always project

No. 1357429

Im curious about black TIMS, I know most(with rare exceptions) are HSST but Im curious about their specific dynamics with black women
I mean if black TIMs want black men I don't think anyone would consider it a huge loss but I wonder what they think about more feminist aligned black women who call out black patriarchy

No. 1357431


>women socialised as women bad

>"women" socialised as men good

hmmm wonder where I've heard this before

No. 1357434

Cis women suck, yet they’re desperate to get into our bathrooms and private spaces and spend thousands of dollars trying to skin walk us. Make it make sense kek

No. 1357436

They want black men to validate their womanhood, and they blame black women for the fact that black men romantically reject them (and occasionally kill them.) Simple as. And they dislike black radfems for the same reason “cis” moids do - they’re male, and their loyalties are male-aligned. They’re in a one-sided competition with women just like white troons, only the white ones seem more likely to be AGP and want to rape us as well as kill us, I guess.

No. 1357438

File: 1635427188844.jpg (204.03 KB, 1077x857, Screenshot_20211028-065140_Tum…)

This has to be satire.
Then again it is Tumblr.
I honestly wasn't sure if I should post this in this thread or the fakeboi one, but the clarification on being a "trans GIRL" really had me thinking moid.

No. 1357444

>Gotta catch them all
It's satire for sure.

No. 1357451

Just another peaking video, documentary about this oldfag painter who wants to be a girl and paints houses completely with cat ears and mini skirts - like any other woman would

No. 1357452


Why would they be validated if there is a better fitter and overall smarter option like you know… biological women? So of course troons hate us because they can't be us and they know that so they put us down.

No. 1357470

straight girl confirmed
hope youre looking forward to male pattern baldness and vaginal prolapse kekkkk. see how much the chasers like you then

No. 1357480

Get TF out of here tranny. Clearly your on this thread because deep down you know your whole identity and movement is a fucking lie and it terrifies you how much this thread confirms it. I know it's scary admitting you joined a cult and mutilated yourself while also throwing other women under the bus. But if youre too chicken shit to admit you were wrong/brainwashed you should just leave nobody will coddle you here. Fuck trannies lol I'm gonna throw up if I ever hear the word valid again y'all are hell

No. 1357482

>>1357410 Decries women but jumped at the first chance to run off from his alpaca farm to chase the first vagina he and his gang of trannies came across lmao

No. 1357484

The laughter fucking infuriated them! I love it. Moids can't stand women laughing at them.

No. 1357488

I don't expect any better from someone like Jones, but the amount of likes here/the amount of people in general I have seen trying to wave off a young girl being raped at school has really showed me that there's no hope in trying to get anyone indoctrinated by this shit to listen to reason. Anyone who can look at this situation and try to excuse it is too far gone to ever turn around, you can't come back from this level of depravity.

No. 1357489

Narcissists can't handle being the butt of the joke. The rising blood pressure and fury resulting from their ego being attacked unironically feels like violence to them. This narc rage is noted in both TIMs and TIFs, though as always males are more violent. The point is we need to start laughing at these freaks again and chase them back into their shameful parents' basements.


Case in point.

No. 1357491

Yeah, HSTS tend to hate women just as much as AGPs do, but for different reasons. But ultimately it all boils down to male entitlement.

I think black men are more likely to become HSTS because homosexuality is less accepted in black communities, so they may feel it’s their only option to attract men. It doesn’t work since dating a trans woman is still seen as “gay”, and they blame black women because we openly avoid dating black men who sleep with other men (including troons) due to the high HIV/AIDS risk. So they think it’s our fault these men are rejecting them. Black women also have our own struggles with misogyny & racism, and are less interested in being handmaidens for troons than liberal white women looking to score woke points. Black men (including black troons) are constantly demanding we mule for them and take up their causes, and a lot of us are done doing that until they stop abusing us. And of course that makes them really angry, because they’re moids. In the end uwu brave black troons are no different from white AGP anime troons raging because lesbians won’t sleep with them. They feel entitled to our bodies and attention and will throw massive shit fits any time we withdraw either. Oh well.

>Cis women
>Trans girls

Notice how they always call us “women” (old, frumpy, always nagging) and themselves “girls” (youthful, perky, fun, definitely not hulking moids) as if it fools anyone.

No. 1357498

He’s excusing it because he’s a scrote and it triggered the madonna/whore complex all scrotes have. Scrotes believe women & girls who display any sexual agency deserve to be raped.

No. 1357502

This is what happens when movements like BLM center moids

No. 1357505

Reading actual black people's thoughts on Floyd and BLM opened my eyes to what a white guilt movement it really is. I thought most black women supported BLM, Floyd statues, abolish police, etc just because white liberals chant that shit constantly on twitter. But no, it turns out many black women hold the same exact views that I do.

No. 1357506

File: 1635436503518.png (Spoiler Image,384.39 KB, 1138x827, Yike.png)

No. 1357510

while I do think the amerimutt police is incompetent and racist as fuck, black moids don't want their peers to stop getting killed and jailed(men don't give a fuck about other men until it benefits them), they want to get away with everything like white men do

No. 1357512

They really think they're even close to being women while posting shit like this, huh. Absolute clowns kek, couldn't be further away.

No. 1357516

I know that, but there are way more supposedly "normal" people who are still waving off this situation, and buying into the words of retarded scrotes like him. It's sickening, I mean there are even parents in that school district saying that they point blank don't believe this ever happened to excuse it away and that's been posted in headlines here more than once. IMO this case is a turning point that shows these people are more fucked than should even be possible.

No. 1357521

File: 1635437684879.jpg (305.62 KB, 1538x2048, FB2CEmyXMAkNX6F.jpg)

No. 1357524

The scene with him doing his make-up is straight out of Silence of the Lambs.

No. 1357526

How do they always manage to look so bad, yet have so much confidence?

No. 1357527

File: 1635438104704.jpeg (863.13 KB, 2048x2048, 80B7A887-9105-4F11-80B4-762D6C…)

I went to lipstick alley and this is the first post that came up kek

No. 1357530

File: 1635438159063.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x2560, 21-10-28-17-21-18-136_deco.jpg)

This is the oldest looking 28 year old I've ever seen

No. 1357533

damn when did onision finally transition?

No. 1357534

i wonder what makes some people look so goddamn awful before their 30s. shit genes and a shit diet is my guess

No. 1357535

Exactly. Because it’s not safe for women physically in most places, we risk more doing it and have always had to go inward to explore the self. We also have the correct hormones and notional capacity to do that. Men can’t.

No. 1357536

File: 1635438527366.png (1.38 MB, 1850x938, Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.2…)

I can't stop fucking laughing and it just started

No. 1357537

you can tell so many incels transition because most transwomen look so utterly horrific

No. 1357538

Testosterone. If that were a dude the aging would separate him from the idea of him being an immature annoying as fuck entitled boy, but surprise the aging isn’t from hard work it’s just testosterone, being white, god awful health, no sun protection, no skincare, dehydrated, brain destroyed, etc.

No. 1357539

Kek, they're still too nice. They're right, but they should have told him to fuck off, and that male on male violence isn't for women to solve. They oppress us, then have the gall to tell us to help them stop oppressing each other. It's ridiculous, especially coming from a misogynist who thinks he can meaningfully become a woman by change clothes and getting BBL.
What iceberg did the archeologists chip this specimen out of?

No. 1357544

Sometimes I wonder if a majority of them are heavy drinkers like HontraPoints. Alcoholism ages you like crazy, and it's very common in mentally ill moids.

No. 1357545

There's no way he's 28. This would be rough looking even for a 48 year old.

No. 1357548

Most men don't understand this, this is why troons will never get us. I hate that they try to use violence against them when women historically have been oppressed gender and victims of violence in most crimes. Men statistically are more aggressive, impulsive, and commit over 95% of violent crimes. Somehow with this knowledge, we have handmaidens defending that "Not all men" or try to make excuses for saying that the good ones out there are. Transwomen are still men and men are still violent. I don't give a shit about the claimed good ones, I don't want any man in women spaces.

The "good" ones they like to call it, does not change the fact that women have to be scared of being alone in situations that could harm them. It does not explain why women still have to keep their drinks on them at parties and bars. It does not explain why women had to fight for rights despite there being good ones out there.

Why the hell are we having to deal with abusive men in our spaces we fought for, AGAIN?

Women are not as violent or aggressive which is why there are more horrible men than there are women by a huge amount.

No. 1357560

No. 1357575

File: 1635440560199.jpg (85.88 KB, 500x737, women make men kill men in dre…)

jesus fucking christ. I only expect the worst and somehow, they still get worse.

No. 1357580

Imagine a world where men needed permission from women before killing, we might actually have a chance at world peace kek. I love how fucking nobody has any standards whatsoever for men. "Murderous men" are just a given. Like the weather, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it except blame women of course, because it's always somehow our fault. Tale as old as time.

No. 1357581

Men murdering each other isn't any of my business and doesn't bother me in the slightest. They have done it since the dawn of time and they will continue to do it. I don't see how women are suddenly supposed to put an end to this.

No. 1357585

If my female self was born as a male, I’d be a fucking male lol. Maybe I’d be a gay feminine man, but I wouldn’t mutilate my body to become something I’m not because that’s insane. And I have plenty of sympathy for troons; I just think there should be better therapies to help people process their dysphoria and accept themselves for who they are instead of self-harming with unnecessary surgeries and demanding access to women’s spaces, because that just spreads the problem around without solving it.

This is a 40 year old alcoholic man larping as a 28 year old HaWT TwAnS GuRL

No. 1357587

Kek, I truly do not care if troons think I don't have empathy for troons dying to moids. It's absolutely not our responsibility. Maybe, just maybe, we would be more inclined to help out of the kindness of our hearts if they could manage to stop killing and raping us, but even then it still has nothing to do with us.

No. 1357588

We can’t even stop moids from killing us, yet troons somehow think we control these same deranged moids when they cheat on us with sex workers and then strangle them.

No. 1357593

>"Murderous men" are just a given. Like the weather, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it
this is so true! Like in the troons-in-womens-prisons debate, it's a given that men will beat and rape each other. No one considers intervening on their behavior, it's women who are expected to adapt and compromise their safety to protect weak males. Like it's unrealistic to expect men to not act like animals. That's pretty terfy and misandrist and unwholesome if you ask me

No. 1357601

UK trannies are the ugliest creatures on earth. They never disappoint.

No. 1357602

I got into an argument on men and trannies the other day when a man defended them saying they’re animals and can’t help it. If they’re animals treat them like animals. If a dog bites a human it gets put down so… an animal is a animal. Kek

No. 1357607

I wish you a speedy detransition.

No. 1357610

File: 1635444114405.jpg (57.37 KB, 1280x720, 951367c657bb3bbdd66f5c5b9a2526…)

>What iceberg did the archeologists chip this specimen out of?

No. 1357612

Exactly. We can't have poor trans women in male restrooms because they might get bullied by other men, don't you have a heart? What? You're afraid of little girls getting molested by predators taking advantage of self ID? How dare you imply men are violent! No one would ever do that despite video evidence to the contrary! It's not like there isn't a whole subcategory of porn related to spycams in restrooms! Stop being hysterical. Trans rights are human rights! Trans women are little girls! uwu

No. 1357624

Right, so it’s inhumane if other men have the opportunity to rape and kill them, but it’s tRaNsPhObIc if the opportunity to rape and kill us is taken away? Fuck off. Just make a third option jail and put them there, or they could just idk not offend.

No. 1357625

If they’re so afraid of men harming them they clearly understand the level of threat, why can’t they understand how that applies to self ID and that men who rape and murder idk might also simply lie to take advantage of self ID are they fucking serious

No. 1357627

Because troon got no guts to smell their female relatives panties or asking them how their pussy smells.
Same with >>1357121 said, ads create irrational expectation about how vagina should smell.
Hopefully, my prediction would not manifests, where the troons would spray their dick with perfume or eat drink synthetic substance to make their cum smell like roses

No. 1357641

Any of you ladies see the twitter war happening because of the BBC article? It was the first time I've seen women actually push back on TRAs. They hit hard too. I'll have to come back and post some greatest hits but look up the #Istandwithlesbians hashtag. It was great when trans women were trying to weaponize transphobia and lesbian hit right back with homophobia. They're not doing too well against marginalized women.

No. 1357643

it's a beautiful thing and someone high up in the BBC/government has told them to hold the line and keep up this one article of balance compared to the 24/7 troon festival the bbc usually is.

No. 1357646

File: 1635449016791.png (12.17 KB, 347x96, wife.png)

This whole video and the comments is a surreal comedy.
They're using the same tone/approach for mentally challenged people (down syndrome, cerebral palsy, severe autism, etc). Just hyping him up for doing the bare minimum, he's retarded/insane and you don't wanna cause an outburst and deal with his retard strength.
I guess patronizing is read as respect these days. lol

He had a wife before and he has another one now.
I hope it's a tranny, not an autistic woman.

No. 1357648

laughing at them truly is the male kryptonite

No. 1357668

The number of gay men tweeting the hashtag because lesbians supported them during the AIDs times.

It wasn’t my time but it’s warming my heart. i’m so tired of being called “non men” or “non trans women” to see the pushback is kind of amazing.

No. 1357673

>why can’t they understand how that applies to self ID and that men who rape and murder idk might also simply lie to take advantage of self ID are they fucking serious
They do understand, they just don't care about the fallout. None of them do.
Kweer cult logic (trans folx uwu won't ever lie) + Y chromlet general envy/hatred of women = burning desire of having their mental illness enabled at all costs.

No. 1357739

File: 1635461921958.jpg (628.38 KB, 1279x2880, autogyno.jpg)

It's disgusting how overly confident these old men are, wearing short skirts and dresses. In my experience most women that age would never wear short clothing like that either because they think it's inappropriate or because they are embarrassed. My grandma, who's in her sixties (which is not that old) isn't even willing to wear a knee length skirt in on a hot day because she thinks her legs are gross.
It really shows that they don't want to be women their age, they want to be teen girls. Fucking gross.

No. 1357747

I don't want to cover up when I'm old either so I get it. The "started out dressing like a teenager" comment is weird though.

No. 1357749

I wonder if contra would ever do a video about misogynistic trannies? I feel like lefties listen to him, it could be interesting

No. 1357750

I didn't mean that women should cover up, more that it's a shitty that many real women feel ashamed, while trannies run around half naked.
Now that I reread my post it kinda sounds like I want to put older lady's in burqas, which was not my intention.

No. 1357751

Weird how he's definitely self aware because he lurks his kf thread lmfao but is too narcissistic to detransition or admit he's wrong

No. 1357753

it’s not just dressing like teens. they have no understanding if how to construct an outfit or how different fabrics look and drape.

and it’s always a miniskirt and vest. no variation. just clothes that show the most skin. no self awareness.

No. 1357759

Nick knew from the get go that becoming Natalie is just a fetish, he takes jabs at his fellow trannies on occasion and clearly misses his edgelord/atheistbro days, but I don't think he will rock the boat by bringing up actually terfy discourse that would most definitely attract the ire of real TRAs. He's a narc but he's not that stupid to kill his source of attention and income.
Besides, in his JK Rowling video he compared radfems to hitler and said TIMs sending death or rape threats is not a big deal, so it's not like he gives a shit about the actions of his fellow misogynists.

No. 1357766

File: 1635466372963.jpg (33.22 KB, 960x951, FB_IMG_1635466185439.jpg)

The difference between male and female socialization. These faggots know they'll never be even close to women.

No. 1357767

When he does care it's only because it now affects him too lol
You built this boat nick now you have to sit in it

No. 1357801

File: 1635469119350.jpeg (658.76 KB, 3596x2023, 1F4DBEA4-5463-40D0-BB5C-7CB9A4…)

100 Gecs is music a woman could never make

No. 1357819

t. San Francisco

No. 1357823

Kek, it just looks like a side by side of two photos of the same guy before and after twink death.

No. 1357832

100 gecs sucks and dylan brady kneecapped himself getting sucked into this mentally ill retard's orbit

No. 1357837

I almost guarantee that was a mtf tranny lying about being ftm to get everyone to say shit like "you'll always be a woman".

Anons you played right into his hand

No. 1357845

Troons are mentally ill enough to do it, but it really would just expose how desperate they are. If they’re that committed to lying about being a woman online for validation, they could very easily get their fill on Twitter and Reddit.

No. 1357854

Dylan Brady is a fucking awful creep moid and his music sucks

No. 1357860

File: 1635480330561.jpg (116.89 KB, 1077x608, 34.jpg)

Spot the irony

No. 1357862

Men killing Men ain't our problem. We got enough on our plate dealing with misogynistic men.

No. 1357866

File: 1635480732938.png (499.09 KB, 727x821, 1635467611428.png)

Sage for political caption. TIM can't hide their violent tendencies and their facial bones.

No. 1357867

>Andy Ngo

No. 1357869


No. 1357870

If he's trying to get his manhole surgery why doesn't he at least try tucking in his disgusting peen?

No. 1357878

File: 1635481549073.jpg (132.13 KB, 898x665, 35.jpg)

No. 1357879

It's giving Geico caveman discovered heroin

No. 1357889

File: 1635482690995.jpg (934.83 KB, 2338x2515, antifa-goth-TIF.jpg)

>mfw another transbian

Sorry for that
I bet they are financed by SRS surgeons or HRT marketers
Correct, he's 5'7"(170cm) 117lbs(53kg).

No. 1357897

I know, it really made me smile. I know there's infighting but overall I feel real solidarity with LGB people, since we all share common experiences of same-sex attraction and dealing with cultural homophobia. I can't think of a single experience we share in common with T people, and still don't get why everyone had to be rolled in together.

No. 1357919

File: 1635487101861.png (624.46 KB, 827x1263, image0-24.png)

ah yes, toddlers are supposed to gender me right. Sage for unknown about if this is legit given the twitter.

No. 1357923

it's an obvious satire account lmao

just checked it and he refers to "warak enab", a lebanese dish, as israhelli food in one of his tweets so yep, it's a jew confirmed..

No. 1357926

Nonna please, it’s clearly a troll. Please let’s not do another u/terfsbeware.

No. 1357928

damn there's a whole community of people pretending to be muslim or arab on twitter, and most of them seem to be either gay black men or indians. crazy shit

No. 1357932


I genuinely don't know if this stuff is satire given the amount of men pretending to be Muslim while knowing nothing of the culture or religion. I have seen too much twitter to tell if this stuff is entirely satire because of how stupid and ridiculous troon on Twitter is. Sorry I did not know whether this is satire or not.

No. 1357941

>>i hope you guys are fucking happy

No. 1357947

File: 1635496718077.jpg (344.72 KB, 1078x1916, Screenshot_20211029-092952_Tik…)


No. 1357948

File: 1635496757707.jpg (398.45 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20211029-092958_Tik…)


what lesbian could resist his feminine charms

No. 1357956

this looks like fucking satire jfc

No. 1357959

File: 1635497459244.jpg (359.51 KB, 1080x2018, Screenshot_20211029-095016_Tik…)

I thought that as well, until I went through his account

No. 1357960

File: 1635497496092.jpeg (77.26 KB, 680x510, BA3927F9-1CED-4C0D-A59A-658705…)

No. 1357963

My theory is that all troons are bisexual, the main focal point of their attraction is the attraction of seeing themselves as women/anime girls/insert archetype of woman here. The only outward attraction they have is others affirming this delusion. This is why troons will seek it from literally everybody, including children and non-consenting people. This is exactly why we don’t want them in our spaces, especially changing rooms where women and girls get nude. In addition, part of their fetish deals with fetishizing things like periods (the function itself but also women and girls handling their periods like changing pads/tampons, discussing their symptoms, conditions associated with periods) and women peeing (yes this is actually a porn category moids fap to), child labor, pregnancy, gynecologist visits, shopping for clothes and trying them on in changing rooms, make up application. Literally everything a woman does, it’s a fetish for them and they get a boner from it. Don’t let any TRA convince you this is normal and it’s something to be celebrated.

No. 1357972

File: 1635499002002.jpeg (712.82 KB, 1242x1847, A871B2B6-7569-4ABC-8B3B-B89F74…)

So oppressed

No. 1357988

File: 1635502075902.png (374.58 KB, 900x2000, chasekikomi.png)

No. 1357998

You tell em kween!! Remember you're super kawaii and valid! Denying well-deserved sexual relationships to brave and stunning afab trans girls is a fucking hate crime, I hope these evil cissies burn in hell

No. 1358005

Blessed you, kikomi-sama. I hope you would consider making the next comic about pregnancy announcement lol

No. 1358009

File: 1635506365064.jpeg (497.35 KB, 828x1267, 527B2E4C-BE57-4F59-91E7-11D7B7…)

This is the comment section of “Stacy cay’s” last post. Never ever lose sight of the degenerates the tranny minority actually are: creepy autistic men in dresses.

No. 1358010

File: 1635506401052.jpeg (331.04 KB, 828x806, 2719B594-4573-4343-B3FD-83DD02…)

Sage for samefag and spoiler for NSFL.

No. 1358011

Welcome back queen.

Is kikomi gonna LARP being a lesbian as well lmao.

No. 1358012

Hey anon I was wondering if you know whether or not this is satire

No. 1358016

When you jerk off one too many times to those sexy e-girls dancing tiktoks.

No. 1358026

if a 31yo cis woman larped as a teenage girl people would humiliate her relentlessly. this guy just gets yas queened into oblivion

No. 1358032

The point in time where society stopped shaming people for degeneracy and embraced it instead and started saying "NO KINKSHAMING!!!" instead of "If you come around here again we will shoot you" was when the downfall began.

No. 1358034

Literally all you have to do is check the twitter. As of now the last post is a suicide threat with a picture of hands holding a bottle of cherry flavored melatonin. It's a troll, and >>1357919 is either stupid or a tranny psyop trying to make us look like idiots. If it's the latter, it's working pretty well.

No. 1358035

>women still have to keep their drinks on them

Heads up that they've started just sticking women with needles instead now.

No. 1358036

many of them do and get away with it, hell I've seen cows doing it

No. 1358051

the fact they're lolcows means they're not exactly getting away with it

No. 1358053

What? Seriously? You mean like in a club setting?

No. 1358057

>>1358053 yep, its been documented a number of times around the UK and its on the rise.

No. 1358065

middle aged dad losing bet with his bros

No. 1358087

supposedly he squats, parking his vehicle anywhere

No. 1358225

What the hell, that's terrifying. I really don't want to catch HIV from some pre-used heroin needle. That shit better not catch on in the states…

No. 1358234

the sole reason me and my friends are staying in and watching films for halloween, men truly are a prison

No. 1358253

I've heard rumors of people sticking needles in people for so long
It used to be HIV positive people injecting random people with the virus

No. 1358254

File: 1635540958566.jpg (360.26 KB, 2000x2844, Vincent_Crabbe.jpg)

Serving sad Vincent Crabbe.

No. 1358300

File: 1635548989208.png (8.56 KB, 1238x170, Screenshot (6).png)

Yes they're totes looking at your ass.

No. 1358323

How can you tell with a shitty phone camera that would be constantly in motion (in all directions from being in your pocket while walking) and targeting people who are also moving? Wouldn't the touch screen also continuously get activated? As far as I understand, the camera on phones only works so long as your phone is on and you're on the app. Also, leaving your camera recording probably takes up a lot of storage space. It's not like I have much faith in men not to look at a troons ass, since they'll fuck anything (including animals and inanimate objects), but this doesn't add up.

No. 1358325

What if they were looking at the weird ass phone hanging out of your pocket

No. 1358329

File: 1635556126785.jpg (87.37 KB, 640x744, MKcZr37_d.jpg)

Samefag but this is the "complete success" this copist posted

No. 1358343

I'm at a uk uni and there have been hundreds of confirmed spikings in this term alone, basically every girl here knows somebody who has been spiked. People are way more scared to go out now especially as girls who have been injected and had to be taken to the hospital don't even realise they had been until medics find bruising and an injection site

No. 1358361

>"Dude, was he filming from his ass?"

No. 1358374

File: 1635565325804.webm (968.13 KB, 271x480, 1635555222599.webm)

Someone on 4chan's /g/ posted this and I wanted to share it with you all. It's so grotesque. Why are trannies so horrible at dressing themselves?

No. 1358385

even if i were deep into tranny religion i'd peak trans then and there

No. 1358386

Autism, male entitlement… in his case, it's just the 'tism and he watched Pose too many times lmao

No. 1358387

File: 1635567721777.jpg (214.17 KB, 1080x1350, sat.jpg)

No. 1358391

All my thoughts are struggling for dominance after seeing that.
Is he trying to Vogue?
Isn't this BLACK PRIDE?

No. 1358394

Chris Chan having an epileptic seizure on the dance floor, damn

No. 1358397

No. 1358402

File: 1635569429202.jpg (650.28 KB, 828x1347, 1635564806531.jpg)

Not samefag, which one of you post this on /pol/ https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/345339735


>> 4chan
>> terf board
>>TERF message boards (aka 4chan)
>>TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist.
>Yes, it's definitely those 4chan radical feminists.
>>TERF board
>Guess we're feminists now.
>This is just conformation to me that, at least deep down, troons know they will never pass as a normal person.
>Let them think that. I don't think actual TERFs last very long here.
>>Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists
>Lmao yeah at least they got the Trans Exclusionary part right kek
>it's 3/4 correct
>I am a Trans Exclusionary Radical

No. 1358405

File: 1635570089796.png (26.79 KB, 593x380, ntps.png)

saw this earlier and snorted.

are you okay lol

No. 1358411

I'm ok, the quotes is just a reminder how crazy it sounds when describing 4chan, that's full of misogynistic contents as a TERF board

No. 1358415

Wait a sec, I just noticed he's wearing fucking crocs lmao

No. 1358420

One of my favorite micro-hobbies is peaking handmaidens. What are some of your favorite talking points where you see the lightbulb go off in other women when you express how all this transgender woo is really nonsense is at is core

No. 1358422

File: 1635574227083.png (287.26 KB, 1092x467, michaelanndevito.png)

> interested in tech like all troons
> but still in a field where there's lots of women
> studies bullshit gender gibberish, specifically troons crying on the internet bc narcissism
> self-identified sperg
> I mentor junior researchers

how are all these people the same ? btw it's not doxing, his handle is literally his full name.

No. 1358423

4chan is known for it's support of radical feminism

No. 1358430

how does he know the people are cis? Sounds like he's assuming their gender identity.

No. 1358437

Kek remember the Japanese man that stopped talking to his wife for 20 years because she was busy giving her attention to raising their three children

No. 1358454

I find it funny that they never check or required verification even though most rateme subs have to in them for your post to be taken seriously. Is this going to really change anything? People can easily photoshop faces of women onto different bodies.

No. 1358459

It's basically Computer×Psychology, full of women and troons, and him being transbian, it's perfect environment for him to manufacture evidence that basically says "MtF are the most oppressed group in Social Media" before publishing it on IEEE or similar journals

No. 1358471

I brought up Dana Rivers, the stalker train who murdered two radical feminists, likely for their participation in terf activism (Michfest), and asked the person I was talking to if they could provide evidence of a terf ever being violent to a train, when I could provide even more examples like Maria Maclachlan. Then it should be obvious which side is more unhinged and homicidal.

No. 1358478

Find up biological statistics and then show troons being violent. If you can get women to agree that these troons who are born as men are more aggressive and violent than real women then you can actually start showing them the reality of this movement. Show them Wi Spa and other horrible crimes troons have been able to commit to that trans community seems to ignore. The main thing about convincing a crowd is to never go into it by generalizing that all troons are bad. You should just help get their foot in the door and this stuff begins to show itself to them now that they are aware. This is what happened to me when my mom told me straight up about male behavior.

No. 1358485

File: 1635587073928.png (33.4 KB, 599x301, 1426002623974.png)


No. 1358488

Oh same! sorry for sperging but I usually spend a couple months peaking, but it depends. Foster their sense of solidarity with other women so they really feel the difference between interacting with them and troons, peak them on men (no mention of trans women needed) so that they recognize male behavior when they see a mtf acting up. If it makes sense in the context of the relationship and who you are, occasionally bring up an obvious troon doing something ridiculous that you can both laugh at without bringing up the trans part. Mostly you need to give them the tools and space to make the connections for themselves, and if they ever try to press you on the trans issue, you stick with “I don’t think I really understand what they’re going through, but I don’t need to get it to respect it!” because the frustration over people accepting something that makes no sense really helps. I’ve “mutually” peaked with almost a dozen women in the past couple of years, I just pretend to arrive at the conclusion with them every time.

No. 1358497

File: 1635589028269.jpg (263.97 KB, 1071x1453, LOOKATME.jpg)

This dude broke through my Instagram echo chamber with his "gender euphoria"
In the screenshot he's literally screaming "Look at me!" as if we're supposed to revel in his feminine hulk pose
Idk how to post Instagram videos directly but here is the link if you want halloween to come early
Sorry if he's already been featured I'm not a regular

No. 1358522

File: 1635593156199.webm (1.98 MB, 320x568, this is the last one i swear T…)

No. 1358523

File: 1635593274293.png (Spoiler Image,890.21 KB, 660x1466, neanderthal in underwear and t…)

No. 1358534

He make an astounding assumption that the majority of 4chan users is cis neckbeards
>Is this going to really change anything? People can easily photoshop faces of women onto different bodies.
That's within expectation, photoshopping woman to another body of woman. And, troon population have high "abandoning" rate (detrans, but mainly suicide). So, if you photoshop deceased troon, there's high chance no one will notice your works as most troon use photoshop, faceapp and they probably around for only 2,3 years.

No. 1358545

Apart from everything else, it means having blood tests for many months to check you haven't literally got HIV or hep c or something.

No. 1358547

Troons claiming to hate capitalism despite being the most capitalistic identity out there is retarded enough, but they really prove how truly brain dead they are by also claiming to be communist. A troon would be instantly unpersoned in all current or former communist nations. The identity itself likely wouldn't thrive under communism, either. How many Russian or Chinese troons do you hear about? I'm betting most (if not all) examples are only ethnically Russian/Chinese and spent most or all of their life in capitalist nations.

No. 1358552

File: 1635600390299.png (190.82 KB, 300x417, literalcancer.png)

i fucking hate this troon, he makes me wanna a-log every time i see him. a literal narc cult leader. he can say the most outrageous shit while being an incredibly cocky asshole pulling faces that make any sane person wanna punch him and there will still be loads of selfhating handmaidens in the comments like "PREACH IT GURL" ffs

No. 1358553

I dunno, Scotland seems intent on becoming a communist troon dystopia.

No. 1358556

Buffalo Bill admiring himself in the mirror

No. 1358558

Scotland isn't communist. Even if they achive something close to what you're saying, it won't be communism, it would be some other system with extremely loose basis on communism, since troonery is hyper-capitalism. My bet is that if troons were fully in control, it would swing to a communism offshoot for a year or two before going back to status quo or even more capitalist than ever.

No. 1358564

whoever took the screenshot is a self-poster

No. 1358570

It’s a screenshot from 2014, dumbass.

No. 1358571

I love you kikomi

No. 1358572

It's intentional slang for trans people on some websites, but I'll stop using it if it bothers you.

No. 1358575

The fact that a woman with this exact body type could do this and still look visibly female and by extension look 100× better is shocking. There's something so male about the way he moves. What the fuck is even happening here

No. 1358576

I know it's 4chan but this a really good idea lol. Subtle trolling.

No. 1358577

I got no problem with your word preference, anon. It just reminds me of train related jokes

No. 1358578

When your eyebrows are thicker than your lips - that gender euphoria?
He is so crazy aggressive leaping around the camera it activated my fight or flight response. How are 70k+ followers into this… Whatever this is?
He is so crazy aggressive

No. 1358585

No. 1358587

No. 1358598

Incredible how so many people don't seem to understand that service workers are forced to be nice to you. It's rarely ever 100% genuine, they just want the transaction to end as smoothly and quickly as possible. Bet you the worker ran to the back to talk shit with their coworkers immediately after lol.

This is the worst goddamn thing I've seen.
>Me, me, me!
>I have it so hard because my gender euphoria is interrupted when I leave the house!
Oh, boohoo. You can't walk around with a boner. How tragic.

No. 1358599

Holy shit that video with the kid is so sinister. his parents obviously put him up to that

No. 1358648

File: 1635618614159.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1164x1713, 7B27D2E1-4CBE-41A5-8452-1FAE89…)

Why does it need to be specified that “all genders” get abortions? Pregnant people sounds so demeaning. And him being a trans woman bio male means he also has no say in the argument. Don’t tell me how to speak about abortion since you will never experience it either.

No. 1358651


No. 1358652

Shouldn't this be in the ftm thread? I know all trannies have a weird fetish for abortions tho. MtF trannies would kill to have a woman's uterus franknsteined into their bodies just to get an abortion. The ultimate coom for a troon.

No. 1358656

File: 1635619433879.jpg (388.18 KB, 2243x1630, PicsArt_10-30-02.41.19.jpg)

>gender euphoria
>"it's me! I'm the lady!"
>waitress immediately corrects herself when he speaks

No. 1358658

File: 1635619672484.png (1.56 MB, 828x1792, B3DBECD6-A12E-44B5-A7A8-42D7E3…)

what the fuck.

I thought this was one of those weird rumors like “people are taping HIV needles to gas pumps” but https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-58990136

men are so evil

No. 1358660

A shootout between tranners and the alt right would be the best thing to ever happen. Let the trash take itsself out while we sit at home with out tea

No. 1358667

File: 1635621741092.png (395.72 KB, 577x504, Screenshot (217).png)

Why can't they just admit that they're both gay

No. 1358679

Neither of them look happy.

No. 1358736

File: 1635630432350.png (311.46 KB, 328x433, Sin título.png)

He didn't even bother to shave

No. 1358753

File: 1635632384855.jpeg (293.67 KB, 828x1090, 0EF4AA25-D107-46C0-A5BD-EEEF52…)

Dogshit libfem handmaiden theorist. The comments on this are troons threatening violence towards “fascist” women

No. 1358766

don't worry anon this is most probably fake news. I don't know why women lie about this but I've even seen some say they got spiked via injection at pizza hut. It's ridiculous

No. 1358785

>fake news
>multiple women have been on national news lately with photo and medical evidence of being stabbed at random bars and pubs throughout the country
are you a moid or do you just have embarrassingly low IQ?

No. 1358801

Why does no one know what fascism means anymore?

No. 1358806

Calling someone a "facist" or a "Nazi" is now used instead of saying "I'm angry that you're point of view is different than mine!"
It was funny in 2015.

No. 1358813

I used to like Judith Butler, what a disappointment

No. 1358826

I was so close to go on a rant about fascism implying use of force and so once again any violence against trans people being blamed again on terfs rather than the real culprits (men). But then I remember misgendering and not dating a troon is supposedly violence so ok, fair enough, whatever.

No. 1358833

No offense nonnie but what about her is appealing? she's like leslie "i'm butch therefor a man. gender is fake" feinberg

No. 1358834

The term "gender euphoria" is just so disgusting. If it weren't just a fetish to troons, they would use "confident" like everyone else. I've also heard "gender affirming" when they wear tank tops or skirts. Real women just know they are women regardless of what they wear or do. It's just about stereotypes to troons.

No. 1358837

NTA But to be honest, I feel the same way about Alison Bechdel, even though she hasn't actually trooned out. I wonder if there's a thread that would be appropriate to talk about pseudo-intellectual butches who cape for trannies and are fountains of internalized misogyny.

No. 1358848

wait what did she do?

No. 1358850

I explain the difference between gender and sex, how one has a social/cultural definition and one is biological. Most people don't know that they're not interchangeable and when they see how much confusion and anger it generates when they're mixed up, it helps kick off the train of thought that it might all be nonsense. Sometimes I also explain exactly what the various parts of 'transitioning' do to the body, so they see it's not magic or hard to understand. Also maybe some points about how sexual dimorphism works in humans and other animals, in order to underline how immutable it is.
The best part about these points is that they're neutral, undeniable and not matters of opinion. Sex and sex differences are real, otherwise how are babies made? TIMs don't magically become female, otherwise how can you still tell they're male?*
After they can see I'm a person grounded in reality, I explain more about 'my personal thoughts' on gender as behaviour, gender roles and stereotypes without using obscure academic language. Most women, except the most poisoned by internalised misogyny, recognise the external and internal pressure to behave a certain way, a way that might be at odds with how they are naturally. This leads nicely into pointing out male behaviours like everyone else everyone else said. After that, it's just getting them to be ok with the fact that they're now committing thought crimes, lol.

*shout out to anon for the 'imagine them bald' trick for seeing troons' true sex, this has been outstandingly useful.

No. 1358853

damn I'd never actually seen a close up picture of Laura and I thought he was a real woman. Ugh.

No. 1358861

(NTAYRT) I'm going to need a link, that sounds peak male entitlement!

No. 1358862

"gender euphoria" applied to cis women reminds me of this horrific commercial that i still remember like 20 years on i hated it that much

No. 1358880

>Most people don't know that they're not interchangeable
They technically are though, gender has always been a euphemism for biological sex. It's generally used for phrases like 'gender roles' because 'sex roles' sounds fucking awkward. TRAs originally pushed for gender to exclusively mean the social/cultural definition you refer to, because that was their way of legitimizing the concept of being a ~woman on the inside~. Of course, once they were given an inch they had to take a mile, so these days they fight for biological sex/gender roles to be conflated.

I don't disagree with your points in general, just venting about how much trannies fuck with language to obscure meaning and move goalposts to get what they want. I really preferred when I could use gender and assume people knew I meant biological sex unless I added 'role' or 'stereotype' to the end for clarification.

No. 1358886

File: 1635654915850.jpeg (155.4 KB, 924x924, 100-gecs.jpeg)

It's pretty obvious from any distance anon. you ok?

No. 1358899

File: 1635658327137.png (196.71 KB, 806x842, asdfghjk.png)

it makes me livid the way they're treating this shit. It's all just a joke wow!

No. 1358912

Honestly I'm okay with them broadcasting what misogynists they are like this. Makes more people peak.

Looks like a couple of 80s hairband guys with hangovers from an enormous bender. The left dude's mullet is positively putrid.

No. 1358915

In the same way that I imagine the MLP theme song is the inner monologue of every horse, I now imagine that the song from this ED is the inner monologue of every troon

No. 1358932

The ultimate handmaiden: can't define anything in her magical post-structuralist inner world, but can point out where "fascism" is… because some men with fetishes told her so. Funny.

No. 1358950

Omg me too lol but the Nancy Kwon version, the very first I thought when I heard it was "it sounds like a Tranny wrote it"

No. 1358951

>219 subscribers
>I think this Song by Nancy Kwan from the Movie Flower Drum Song (1961) should be the anthem of any sissies around the world… I just scream feminity, grace and pose

No. 1358965

this is the reason she's said 'fascist' because it's ok to punch/kill fascists. Anyone these lunatics want to kill gets defined as one.

No. 1358969

This guys submissivesissy channel lists his liked videos which is unsurprisingly a collection of various 1950s era videos about how to “behave properly” as a woman (dated, misogynistic crap) and “how to” knitting videos. It’s insane more people don’t see through the rampant misogyny that is fueling trans gender activism.

No. 1358984

Yes, and I'm trying to fight against using those euphemisms because it only confuses everyone. I get that people are icky about saying the word 'sex' out loud, but until all biologists come up with a new word, I'm going to keep insisting on using this completely reasonable scientific term, because it's too important to get wrong.

Similarly, I saw a public fight between two UK politicians (male obv) about who has a cervix. The Labour leader says 'not only women have a cervix', the health Secretary said this was a 'denial of scientific fact'.
One was using 'women' to mean 'anyone choosing the social role of woman', one was using it to mean 'females'. The whole stupid fight could have been avoided if they had just defined their terms, and if the Labour leader had been seen to deny that only females have a cervix (which is undeniable), people would have immediately questioned his pandering rhetoric.

No. 1358993

I have a thing for dense critical theory I guess, and Butler’s work was interesting and new in its time. Academia in the 80s & 90s was populated by crusty old white scrotes with extremely gender essentialist viewpoints, and then this cool butch comes along and says “actually, gender roles are made up bullshit” and has the theoretical chops to back it up. It was refreshing for young female academics to read theory that wasn’t about “the chaotic feminine void” or implying women were innately too dumb and silly to participate in critical theory. But that was a long time ago, and no one reading her work at the time knew it would metastasize into the fanatical gender cult we see today. She lost all her earlier feminist fans (including me) for this reason.

No. 1358996

Probably not. But now that I think about it I've only seen the photos of them when theyre faced in the opposite direction or completely covered with hair. I truly never took time to look at either of their faces at all

No. 1358999

This the same troid who went on a tantrum because the mods deleted his tranny porn spam posts from AMWFgonewild kek. He’s trying really hard to be accepted by these white girl subreddits because of his new implants. He really thinks he passes for a white girl. In all honesty I don’t think the ricecels mind, Asian men into white girls are so desperate.

No. 1359001

Is that the guy who was posting himself on porn subs, thus getting scrotes pissed off because they only wanted to see biological women? Because I unironically love that guy for that
Going on a bit of a tangent here but it's amazing how everything is always about TiMs. You'd think that cervix discussion would be about how men also have cervixes because transmen are men and they have cervixes, but no, it's about how TiMs somehow totally have it (while men who just identify as men don't I guess)
I bet his knitting sucks

No. 1359076

She's been a handmaiden since 1995, made a couple comics about how she went to MichFest the felt NLOG-ish because her only comments on it were "it was fun but 5 days is enough woman-energy" and being upset that it didn't allow troons, and she acts weirdly dismissive and accepting of how predatory her dad was to younger men and makes some implications that maybe both of them had weird gender identity issues that she could connect with him on. Honestly, "Fun Home" was one of the most painfully pretentious and self-absorbed things I have ever read, and it's baffling to me that I don't see more criticism of her NLOG handmaiden tendencies in "TERF" spaces. Sage for OT.

No. 1359082

I just find it ironic that a poststructural theorist who did so much work to deconstruct gender is now using her platform to defend the troon cult, who do more to reinforce traditional gender roles than anyone else except maybe the religious right. Idk how she can’t see the cognitive dissonance between “gender is performative bullshit” and “little Timmy likes wearing pink spinny skirts, quick let’s put him on hormones, chop his dick off and pretend he’s a female!”

No. 1359094

File: 1635700371813.jpg (Spoiler Image,985.08 KB, 971x2433, Screenshot_20211031-130005_Ins…)

This was not what I wanted to see in the dark mori tag. In fact it's the exact opposite of anything remotely mori.
But if I had to see this with my own eyes then you all do too. Why do they infect everything?

No. 1359096

File: 1635700466173.png (240.57 KB, 444x394, bardfinn.png)

I was looking at pictures from It and got a feeling of dejavu, then I remembered where I'd seen this horrifying face before. (Pennywise photoshopped in by me)
Bardfinn also started dyeing his hair red so now he looks even more like a murderclown kek and both of them are child abusers.

No. 1359099

>The whole stupid fight could have been avoided if they had just defined their terms
This is like every fight ever lol. Especially the ones using feminist or SJW terms that sound like they mean something else

It sounds like it was about TiFs? Did I miss something in it?

No. 1359101

I think it makes sense in the whole postmodern clown world. Your mistake is taking the earlier shit seriously.

No. 1359123

Fucking hell, mori isn't just being in the forest. Put on some damn clothes. No layers, no mori.

No. 1359130

Maybe so, but she spent decades arguing that gender and sex were distinct (and is one of the theorists who introduced that idea to the mainstream in the first place) only to spend the last few years caping for gender-variant males’ delusions that they’re biologically female because they prefer dresses over pants. It’s a pretty pathetic career trajectory, even by postmodern clown world standards.

No. 1359136

> I get that people are icky about saying the word 'sex' out loud
I don't think it is because of this point you made here. People see sex as a defining of them in some way. Why are men trooning out more than women? Even Incels can agree that women are anything but violent. Most of men's criticism of women is not about violence or being aggressive. Men, on the other hand, are those things: aggressive and violent. 90/10 statistics, if you are the gender that is most violent then it would benefit you to pretend to be the less violent gender(wolf in sheep's clothing). I think the word sex is a border between men and women. It became negative when people started to twist or misunderstand the word, to begin with. Basing judgment off of sex is not bad entirely but due to the history of women's rights, any idea of this was pushed against by normie women. People are stuck in absolutes ideas and just see things as black and whites. "Women belong in the kitchen" is == "Women's average intelligence is higher than men's average."

The only reason why these people made it a debate is because the glory of being a man has fallen, you can't deny reality so why not create a new reality where men can pretend to be women to try to attempt to gain that glory back. Glory as in, having all the power and being able to walk on women in violent and toxic ways. Would there even be a debate of gender term meaning, if women did not get rights and started to slowly eat men's power away? Probably not. Sex became a bad thing in recent times because men can no longer be proud of their shitty gender behavior. Now we allow men a free pass for the same behavior under the whole pass of gender and sex terms, so they can once again hurt us.

I agree with your other points but sex isn't gross because it became something different, as pass for shitty behavior(mainly men's).

No. 1359162

File: 1635711824721.png (46.78 KB, 1000x500, FDBfBkGXoAEwY7j.png)

No. 1359172

The CIA has literally copped to funding poststructuralist theorists between the 60’s-80’s to discredit the Soviet Union’s version of leftism and make the West appear more “cerebral” and “academic”. Almost all of these people became openly neoliberal in their work ex Foucault. The fact that libfems like Steinem are also infamously intelligence ops should give you a hint they are not there for you.

No. 1359173

posting stonetoss and clownworld memes. are we being raided by /pol/ incels

No. 1359175

i didn't mean the person posting it here. i meant the person who made the tweet took a screenshot of their own tweet and disseminated it (since the delete icon appears beneath the tweet).

No. 1359176

I just meant that when people are referring to biological sex, people find the word "sex" to be impolite and gross and substitute it with the word "gender", which I'm arguing that they shouldn't because they mean different things and it's confusing.

I think I vaguely agree with what you're saying but it's honestly not clear lol I'm literally only talking about the human body on its own, not behaviour.

No. 1359182

The problem with "sex" is that is also refers to sexual intercourse, sex vs gender is kind of like "taking a dump" vs "going to the bathroom" in that sense. It was fine until retards started to insist gender is literally the same as sex, so now you have to differentiate the two to communicate, where before you could tell from context. Tranny tards still use it as a gotcha when an older person says "gender" when they mean "sex", like Dave Chapelle did. Lying and manipulating are the essence of their being, so this behaviour comes as easily to them as breathing.

Because of this I don't think it's fruitful to try to clarify terms in a more general sense. If these people were intellectually honest they wouldn't exist.

No. 1359184

File: 1635715248892.png (369.66 KB, 801x450, butler's husbando.png)

Butler's work isn't just about deconstructing gender, it's about challenging norms (positive or negative) and "liberating" the individual, "gender" was one of those topics. She masked her inane crap as feminism and now… here we are. If you wanna get a headache, read between the lines of Gender Trouble and Bodies that Matter. You'll notice her change wasn't sudden, her ultimate handmaiden tendencies were always there.
>Idk how she can’t see the cognitive dissonance between “gender is performative bullshit” and “little Timmy likes wearing pink spinny skirts, quick let’s put him on hormones, chop his dick off and pretend he’s a female!”
Going by her logic, gender is a performance and biological sex is a product of the social environment (say, "assigned at birth"), both social constructs; therefore, there's nothing wrong with lil Timmy's antics. Reconceptualize reality and abracadabra, he's a woman (don't mention sexual dimorphism as humans age tho, shh~ just look away).
Trying to understand this woman's spiel is a waste of time. Butler and her kweer pals live in a Foucaultian Lalaland where they can happily isolate themselves from the monster they've created.

kek, surprised rockhurl hasn't been suspended yet.

No. 1359192

>Because of this I don't think it's fruitful to try to clarify terms in a more general sense

What you mean by this nona. What terms, in what general sense?

No. 1359194

Might be a /pol/cel moid, but I have seen too many actual women, even radfem adjacent ones, post stonetoss garbage. He's a bog standard nonwhite white supremacist who hates women and gays, he's not on your side because he thinks troons are disgusting too

No. 1359212

It's not confusing at all except when TRAs use it to intentionally confuse people and obfuscate their sexist ideas. Insisting on gender being the official definition for sociocultural stereotypes is a great way to reinforce that gender roles are real and important rather than something unnecessary that is imposed on us.

No. 1359251

what has he done that indicates he is a white supremacist? and hates gays and women? because from what i've seen he's just another maga build the wall cringe trumpie (might be wrong tho idk)

No. 1359256

File: 1635723266134.png (93.08 KB, 1000x1000, 2lrah9up19m11.png)

A huge chunk of his content is like picrel, lots of "black people are stupid thugs" and "Jews run the government" types of things. Most of it is in dog whistles like 14/88 or 13/90. It's not subtle.

No. 1359270

Putting this in a bunch of normal tags that typically have no nsfw content is such a pervert move. This is the internet equivalent to running around a city in a trenchcoat and flashing people. They get off on the humiliation and on shocking random strangers. Abhorrent.

No. 1359273

I agree with your overall point, but
>Why are men trooning out more than women?
A slight majority of the more recent troons are actually FtMs.

No. 1359278

gotta agree with this anon, if you walk into a high school or college campus the rate of troons will be 90% TiFs and maybe 10% TiMs if there even is one. Most men posted here are in their late 30s-50s and may seem like the majority in various circles because of that.

No. 1359284

File: 1635726255610.png (1.55 MB, 950x2534, st.png)

just look through his archive. here's a selection of it, last "joke" is kind of confusing, I assume he's saying that a better man would've become her husband if she had waited until marriage to lose her virginity.

some of his comics are still funny though and I don't see a problem with sharing the milder anti trans ones (Imo suicide jokes go too far) as long as you don't support him financially.

No. 1359285

File: 1635726453961.png (331.66 KB, 1000x2000, lgbtp-blocks-comic.png)

also this where he again lumps gays and lesbians in with pedos

No. 1359287

File: 1635726605230.jpeg (68.86 KB, 700x350, 5A4F66A2-74AF-42E7-9109-2780CC…)

Hes a whiny retard incel who should honestly have his own thread on this site

No. 1359295

Nonnie, there's no pedophilia in this, the panel with the small white square and large brown cylinder is how he perceives interracial relationships. It's still a retarded point. The only thing he's "lumping in" here is comparing people's personal tastes in intimate partners with troons.

No. 1359302

File: 1635728432675.png (385.96 KB, 771x1794, StoneToss.png)

kf tried having a thread on him but it got infected by his butthurt fanboys, null got so mad at them that he began telling them to kys kek

it's both pedophilia and interracial. the slippery slope argument is generally gay to trans to pedo. also the black peg could easily fit into the yellow and purple squares it's standing with in the last panel, but it doesn't fit into the white square because it's a child.

No. 1359305

>constantly conflates homosexuality with sexual degeneracy and pedophilia
>is a disgusting coomer who barely conceals his desire to molest teenager girls
why are all magatards like this

No. 1359308

Ironically ST is very similar to a troon in the constant misogyny and defending of loli degeneracy.

No. 1359318

Source on him defending lolicon? I don't really doubt it I just want to be able to piss off his fans with proof of it.

No. 1359330

File: 1635733456631.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.24 KB, 1536x2048, FC_obLTWQAEBBjm.jpg)

troon with that gross tattoo comes up with something else

No. 1359332

File: 1635733542785.jpg (Spoiler Image,355.26 KB, 1536x2048, FDAYspQXMAEz6pO.jpg)

>he is dressing up like a little girl
he makes it really easy huh

No. 1359333

Samefag but I hope he gets shat on by twitter, this needs to get spread around so this dumb troon can go away.

No. 1359334

File: 1635733832899.jpg (341.31 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20211031-212350_LIN…)

troons hate service workers so bad

No. 1359340

File: 1635734776003.png (467.69 KB, 695x445, 13a0fdabf795342b9b1ff381754808…)

No. 1359346

I'm glad troons are miserable due to their own retarded obsession. If their shitty ideology is going to hurt actually oppressed people, it better hurt troons twice as much.

No. 1359347

Raging racist will never be a woman

No. 1359349

Wow, this is like if my dad trooned out
Fucking scary

No. 1359354

I don't pluck my eyebrows because I live in fear of doing them this poorly, but I guess he thinks he did a good enough job to be seen by living people.

No. 1359380

File: 1635738726114.jpeg (70.24 KB, 550x290, D34C3530-A170-4E9D-BFB4-0A126B…)

For some of them the only time they get “gendered correctly” is going to target or some other store where someone is forced to call them ma’am to avoid a meltdown, and they go home and masturbate about it. This guy wants to take that scarce validation away from them because he will never “pass”. Hilarious.

Jeffre Tambor?

No. 1359381

Oh that Sylvester Stallone fucking looking ass mouth.

No. 1359394

File: 1635741518042.jpg (65.12 KB, 722x406, vj8tretj6ww71.jpg)

No. 1359410

sorry but does anyone know this brand of briefs? look comfy and like they have good bum coverage for my hungry beast crack lmao

No. 1359438

Late to this but I remember that one MTF troon who came here to blog about how he feels "so bad" about how trannies treat women but the post was generally pointing the finger at women making him feel guilty about his own community and demanding a spot from the female space to save his own skin without ever lifting a finger to fix his own peers. You can remove the dick from his crotch but not from his brain, male entitlement is something they will live with for the rest of their days.

Come on anon, I'm willing to give a pass to someone who posts a single Stonetoss strip because they probably saw it out of context and don't know who he is but if you are aware of the author you should already know.

No. 1359441

Noone gets paid enough to deal with their crap.

No. 1359459

yeah her comics even feature a trans child. lot of women who like her don't seem to have actually read any of her comics.

No. 1359504

sage but its both funny and scary how they all look the same, before and after. It wasn’t a friend of mine but a guy in my area went down this exact down route too.

No. 1359530

File: 1635769461677.jpeg (93.57 KB, 750x973, 66F0888C-C699-495B-8C2A-49507B…)

just when i thought trannies reached peak retardation…yeah that’s right girls, the gender that actually murders trannies and have generally wreaked the most havoc in all of human history are “too chill to do anything deliberately evil”. yet these same trannies claim there’s an epidemic of tranny murder kek

No. 1359533

this person claims to be 15 and autistic and thinks he’s literally a sheep

No. 1359538

surely this is not a troll? sounds a little too outrageous to be earnest

No. 1359546

Writes like an older troll or fed probably hoping to catch pedos

No. 1359578

File: 1635774910032.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1627150603021.png)

>cis men just kind of exist

No. 1359581

But nonnie, you left put the part where we literally murder them with our discourse!

No. 1359589

File: 1635776736111.jpg (458.67 KB, 1078x1344, Screenshot_20211101-142442_Ins…)

sick of being alive

No. 1359597

He's a veteran and Republican from Indiana. I sincerely doubt that calling a male "he" is the worst thing he's ever said, and yet this is what he gets banned for. Honestly incredible. Why do troons think they're oppressed, again? Getting a rich white man in politics deplatformed is something only other rich white men in politics can do.

No. 1359598

>I know a lot of black women who would be offended by this!!!

No. 1359621

File: 1635780225664.jpg (258.68 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20211101-112248_Twi…)

Holy shit I was just coming here to post this after it popped up on my timeline. The replies are gold too.

No. 1359626

He should be glad he only got sir'd instead of fired.

No. 1359639

This shit is horribly drawn and literally retarded, please stop posting it here ffs

No. 1359641

File: 1635783603118.png (36.26 KB, 710x321, incel.png)

that's some scary shit, bro

No. 1359643

"I underwent chemical castration and my violent thoughts just went away~ uwu"
ok Elliot

No. 1359644

File: 1635784040273.jpg (427.79 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20211101-092606_Twi…)

Lol I went to go look at this person's Twitter and was not disappointed

No. 1359645

Jim Banks voted against COVID relief twice (including a bill to support essential healthcare workers), denies climate change, aggressively fights against women's reproductive rights, and voted against the Violence Against Women Act because he wants domestic abusers and mentally ill people with violent criminal records to own firearms. But God forbid he misgenders an uwu brave trans gworl on the twitters. That's just too far!

No. 1359647

The greasy hair, pasty unwashed skin and dirty broken fingernails are the stuff of literal nightmares

No. 1359648

Bleakest timeline. Imagine a world where you can be a racist, classist, misogynist, violent conservatard with absolutely no consequences coming your way but making fun of white men in dresses is what does you in.

No. 1359651

>I used to be an incel who wanted to rape women and raged that they wouldn't date or fuck me
>Now I'm a transbian who wants to rape TERFs and rages that cis lesbians won't date me or suck my girldick, it's totally different!
Redditor moid thinks that using different abusive tactics means that he's no longer an abusive misogynist.

No. 1359652

Thats literally Sylvester Stallone

No. 1359654

is he doing the weeb cat paw thing or is he pretending to suck dick? I can't tell

No. 1359658

more accurate if it's both

No. 1359661

File: 1635786271272.png (499.76 KB, 863x311, wtf.png)

cat paw. mr autismo "learned" nonverbal communication from anime.
he probably assumes that opening his eyes wide makes him look cute.

No. 1359662

Stop being a rapey shithead? Nah watch sissy hypno until I forget

No. 1359689

Dr. Levine looks like your great uncle who's really into metal. Just the image alone is enough to peak most people.

No. 1359724

Instead of therapy he gets put on hormones? I hope he castrate his peen.

No. 1359727

>uses #witchfashion
>is completely naked

Make it make sense.

No. 1359741

File: 1635792107019.jpg (303.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1580752469774.jpg)

he's trying to be a teen girl, the lofi hip hop beats girl. barf.

No. 1359744

Oh my god, you're right. That's disgusting. Troons are pedos.

No. 1359778

File: 1635794693321.jpeg (123.98 KB, 2048x1229, 53A195BB-FF99-437D-966E-9EE9D2…)

I saw that Kikomi got turned into a pride flag. Thought I’d share on here in hopes kikomi creator-chan sees it.

No. 1359789

that's the fucking point of my post, they asked for proof that his comics suck and I provided it

No. 1359790

anon. there's a stereotype about black men having huge dicks. it's not fuckin pedophilia lol

No. 1359803

>>1359473 I just don't get why when somebody wants to be a woman, they want to look like THIS type of a woman. Everybody hates these.

No. 1359807

they don’t though, and they’re AGPs

No. 1359815

wish troon Ben Franklin would do something productive, like fly a kite in a thunderstorm or something

No. 1359842

File: 1635801620855.jpeg (661.67 KB, 828x1417, BCB48CAA-EDBD-4862-A6A0-5634D3…)

Didn’t believe the hype and installed HER. Absolutely infested with troons.

No. 1359847

They want to be who they want to fuck, which is literal anime characters. Anime is a hell of a drug.

No. 1359854

all they ever do is whine about how they feel dysphoric and it's everyone else's fault for not validating them. yet none of them take steps to look more feminine or alleviate this supposed dysphoria. they expect to exist and for society to treat them like the stunning queens they think they are, without putting in any work themselves to reduce muh dysphoria.

like if you get misgendered constantly, maybe learn to apply makeup and don't wear skirts so short we can see your wrinkly girlsack.

No. 1359858

File: 1635804584002.png (111.2 KB, 601x602, 175.png)

what's with all the whiteknighting of stonetoss? he's saying gay rights leads to acceptance of pedophilia. the black cylinder can't fit into the child square, but it could easily fit into the other squares.

No. 1359871

it represents interracial sex. the the first time I saw that comic I made the same mistake you did, I thought it was meant to represent pedophilia, probably because I'm not a poltard American so i don't have black dick on my mind 24/7

No. 1359873

NTA but how is it any better to imply that being gay or in an interracial relationships is being "degenerate"? Defending Stonetoss isn't a good hill to die on, anon.

No. 1359874

Alt right conservatards are literally obsessed with black men's dicks, it's so weird. If you visit any of their forums, it comes up in so many conversations.

No. 1359875

It's not whiteknighting if we agree the comic is stupid and bigoted either way. It really, truly does not matter what retarded take he's making here between the two, stop derailing.

No. 1359892

christ that’s a rough 35. if you want to pretend to be a woman at least invest in some fuckin leather softener my

No. 1359907

just stop replying if you think it's derailing

No. 1359930

Would a woman get banned off HER if she indicated in some way that she was only interested in biological females?
It's a brown cylinder lol

No. 1359933

Girl where did you find that? That's incredible. The only flag I'd salute to.

No. 1359990

>Jim Banks voted against COVID relief twice (including a bill to support essential healthcare workers)
The bill is full of rotten meat cuts that's unable to pass. They often only let the representatives and their staff reading thousands of pages with only few hours before beginning the voting.
>and voted against the Violence Against Women Act because he wants domestic abusers and mentally ill people with violent criminal records to own firearms. But God forbid he misgenders an uwu brave trans gworl on the twitters. That's just too far!
> The House of Representatives passed a bill reauthorizing VAWA in April 2019 that includes new provisions protecting transgender victims and banning individuals convicted of domestic abuse from purchasing firearms
Kek, those convicted abusers cannot purchase firearm anymore. In turn, troons able to invoke the provisions and falsely accuse lesbian and woman
Levine is male, white jews, graduating from Harvard medical school and his parents are both lawyers. This puts him on the pinnacle of privileged class even before his troon and 1st crossdressing admiral status. No way he's not going to use his position and connections to crush people who dislike him

No. 1359991

> Would a woman get banned off HER if she indicated in some way that she was only interested in biological females?

Usually yes. Even if not on your profile and you accidentally match with one they’ll often bait you into admitting why you are rejecting them, and then report you for transphobia.

No. 1359996

>they expect to exist and for society to treat them like the stunning -kings- they think they are, without putting in any work themselves
so they're incels

No. 1360006

I’m so used to seeing troons refer to themselves as girls or women or whatever but today I heard one call himself “a teenage girl” and something about it irked me way more than usual. He was probably like 20, but it still felt really fucking gross.

No. 1360022

Lots of them do this, many of them arguing that they're "only started puberty when (they) transitioned". It's some "mental age" tier pedo shit, since it's usually dudes between 30 and 70 years of age claiming to be "just teenage girls uwu". Like, no, you are a fully grown man who has lived well past your 20's.

No. 1360099

late, but you put it into words perfectly, anon, and really nail some key context. I was never super into her, but it STILL hurts to see how far she's fallen. although now, I marvel at how desperate I was to like someone who played by male academic rules even as she criticized them, instead of the second-wavers who wrote so much, so clearly, and so well. It's so striking to look back and realize everyone in my circle studied Gender Trouble, but fucking none of us touched Dworkin

No. 1360106

most theory past like 1970 is bad though. JB has always been a complete libfem shill

No. 1360186

>he's saying gay rights leads to acceptance of pedophilia
Yeah, and?

No. 1360197

Don't reply to the bait. It's either a /pol/tard or tranny false flag.

Deleted because I don't know how to sage.

No. 1360198

definitely some (likely tranny) /pol/tard lurking. he’s in /ot/ all the time shitting up threads with the same shit

No. 1360201

Jesus Christ, these people all sound like pretentious assholes
POL POT was right, we should kill pointless intellectuals

No. 1360203

Seconded. I’ve heard accounts from women on Twitter who have been banned for rejecting troons. It’s wild bc even if you don’t say it or hint at it, they know. They know that they’re repulsive freaks of nature that no homosexual woman could ever truly want. The self awareness is almost there.

No. 1360204

I was on Her and saw hilariously ugly troons, if you don’t respond/interact they can’t report you so best to just do that. Post screenshots though kek

No. 1360212

Basically, the whole gender studies and other useless fields

No. 1360215

They're just giving away their pedo tendencies, since most AGP troons seek to become their objects of desire.

No. 1360222

That yang sanpaku is strong.

No. 1360238

File: 1635860772310.png (142.76 KB, 536x805, upload_2018-3-20_16-23-30 (1).…)

And They're still a man by the way. show proper respect and stop dead gendering them

No. 1360240

No. 1360243

The large brown cylinder and tiny white square are probably in reference to the Pakistani rape gangs that targeted underage British girls.

No. 1360245

lmao autistic females attempt suicide 4x more than sperg males and 12x more than non sperg males. sorry trannies, you must now be nice to me forever

No. 1360258

I've had "Not into dick havers" in my bio for months and my profile is still there, so maybe it depends on the local moderation team.

No. 1360259

I love how they claim being "misgendered" is what's driving them to commit suicide. If getting discriminated against and disrespected caused suicide, 41% of women, gays and ethnic minorities worldwide would be dead by now. Hint: it's the mental illness, sweetie.

No. 1360275

If you pointed this out to one, they would probably just say that suicide rates increase with oppression, so troons are just "the most oppressed uwu". Never mind the fact that the high percentages they get are literally inflated by including troons who have ever self-harmed in any way, have ever considered self-harm, or have ever contemplated suicide for any reason and to any degree.

No. 1360287

File: 1635868740931.png (3.6 MB, 2066x1458, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 9.58…)

#istandwithlesbians greatest hits

No. 1360289

File: 1635869084033.png (799.2 KB, 1084x996, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 10.0…)

Forgot to sage

No. 1360290

Are..are his eyes edited?

No. 1360296

File: 1635869893669.png (134.77 KB, 1198x760, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 10.1…)

Finally shutting up these delusional abusive men. Only time I ever saw feminism stand up to AGPs on social media.

No. 1360340

File: 1635875870258.jpg (266.75 KB, 1125x2436, FDJ1NQEUcAMEX0F.jpg)


No. 1360348

File: 1635877092531.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211102-191616__01…)

Opened HER to see for myself. Yup. Even in my country.
Feast your eyes on these beautiful transbians.

No. 1360362

Based on observations, there is an alarming trend for trannies to seek out significantly younger women to pressure into a relationship. Three recent clearly AGPs in their mid thirties I know within my field (SURPRISE, VIDEO GAMES!) have been railroading their 21 year old cis 'girlfriends' of seven months into marriage.

No. 1360367

File: 1635879758684.jpeg (Spoiler Image,543.13 KB, 828x1348, 423CDF69-4A63-4417-AD79-4F3278…)

one of my favorite local examples of troon degeneracy lol. Unfortunately no photos of them but their bio was ‘trans girl’ and this is what they decided to put out into the world to pick up chicks…the delusion

No. 1360368

File: 1635879858847.jpeg (215.73 KB, 828x1140, D3E13A3E-BABA-4D02-886D-63C06F…)

Clocked. This one of of two of their photos, the third is of their obese obviously male body/hands. Listed itself as a lesbian. This is clearly a man and there is an option to identify as a “transwoman” and they choose to still lie. A creepy testament to how much they hate themselves.

No. 1360371

I love that you can tell whether a person is male or female just by looking at their face. Hair and lipstick and even surgery don’t mean shit. Nature is beautiful.

No. 1360377

kek at the 5 o'clock shadow

No. 1360383

Ayrt but like it baffles me fr. Do they think they won’t get clocked? And when the question of gender/sex comes in, and you have the option to be HONEST and still choose to lie and identify yourself as a biological/cus woman?? Are they trans and proud or not?

No. 1360384

men can't tell when women are wearing "natural/light" make up, you think they can tell how ridiculous and hideous they look? they're used to society telling them how special and handsome they are, even when they look and smell like a moldy old ham

No. 1360386

I haven't come across any male troons irl but I see these motherfuckers everywhere on Twitter in fandom spaces, for some reason French troons look particularly disgusting even compared to their American counterparts.

No. 1360391

trans pride!! unless I have to lie my way to raping someone

No. 1360393

File: 1635882600409.jpg (183.22 KB, 720x1092, IMG_20211102_204724.jpg)

No. 1360394

I would say that you're definitely wrong, since American troons tend to be greasy, much more poorly dressed, and either fat pigs or scrawny in the "once I hit 30 and my metabolism catches up to me I'm going to be skinnyfat" way, but I don't know enough about French troons. I will say that the troon in >>1360348 has bangs confuse and frighten me, though.

No. 1360395

Are you French or from another French speaking country? Because Jules is a male name in French so that means this guy isn't even trying whatsoever. When I learned that the tranny character in Euphoria is named Jules because it's a female name in English speaking countries I found it hilarious.

No. 1360396

Damn, Germany, what the fuck?

No. 1360402

I'm not surprised, it's countries like Germany and the Netherland that started this shit decades ago

No. 1360403

bet no one told any freddy krueger cosplayers to leave despite him being a child rapist and murderer. any csa victims getting triggered by that are expected to suck it up, but trans people can't handle seeing something as tame as a reminder that a woman made fun of them on twitter.
when will society stop coddling these worthless narcissists?

No. 1360410

Not only is this repulsive and universally unappealing to actual women, it looks like shit

No. 1360422

File: 1635886248588.jpg (768.75 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211102-190636__01…)

Here's another one to help you form an opinion. It's Lilith, with bushy eyebrows.

No. 1360427

His hands are massive, even for a moid. Do you have any idea why troons there all seem to have super dry and frizzy hair? They're all very greasy here, but these ones look like they have heat damage.

No. 1360431

File: 1635887679478.jpg (583.33 KB, 1440x1800, Collage 2021-11-02 22_12_33.jp…)

Most men with long hair have no idea how to take care of it and won't make the effort.

I clocked this one on the wacky outfit pic and confirmed with massive face.

No. 1360432

Apart from the obvious answer that these speds are adversely hyped by society into believing that they’re special kinds, my guess would be shitty diet and biology. Their bodies aren’t going to flourish on a 4chan incel died accompanied by being denied a building block chemical that their anatomy requires not only to survive but to thrive. They need testosterone.

No. 1360435

Most moids in general don't understand basic hair care. I don't care to give them advice here but they really don't know things that seem like no brainers to any woman who has ever had her hair longer than an inch. That doesn't change when they start larping as women and growing their hair out.

No. 1360440

File: 1635888093306.jpg (526.54 KB, 1440x1800, Collage 2021-11-02 22_20_22.jp…)

I'm pretty disgusted. They're so many of them. Hope fellow lesbians are good at clocking the fixe o'clock shadows on these freaks.

No. 1360442

>Hope fellow lesbians are good at clocking the fixe o'clock shadows on these freaks.
I don't think anyone out there is mistaking these guys for androgynous women. Not even close.

No. 1360444

Is he wearing socks under pantyhose?

No. 1360448

Besides what other anons have said, excess of hormones you don't really need to survive can turn your body into shit. Same thing happens to TIFs, but worse.
Good catch lmao, he really is.

No. 1360449

His face is bad enough, but what is that ugly updo? He looks like he probably has a potbelly, 0/10.

No. 1360451

I'm sorry but I am absolutely howling laughing at the idea of a woman seeing this picture, thinking it's a female lesbian, and falling deeply in love. THE DELUSION

No. 1360452

Please show us the other pics. They must be glorious.

No. 1360454

File: 1635889935859.jpg (455.46 KB, 1440x1800, Collage 2021-11-02 22_51_23.jp…)

Getting big buffalo bill face vibes from this one.

No. 1360455

The pics with his legs in the foreground smell bad. I actually gqgged seeing the first one. He looks so gross.

No. 1360458

Silence of the lambs was on a couple days ago and I watched it again and honestly, buffalo bill looks damn good compared to most trannies. At least he's in shape

No. 1360462

Sounds like the period lusting the troons go through.
>I will never get a period or get sexually assaulted. I want them to feel like a women, those things define womanhood. Things I will never experience aren't so bad.

No. 1360464

HER app should have Goodbye Horses playing on loop in the background.

No. 1360465

File: 1635891109162.png (29.26 KB, 962x457, Screenshot (7).png)

this is so sad, poor woman.

No. 1360469

File: 1635891677375.png (2.99 KB, 950x45, Screenshot 2021 Finally came o…)

Oh nevermind.

No. 1360477

Even pagan moms don't give this name to their daughters, let alone French ones, what the fuck is wrong with troons choosing the most retarded names? There's a semi-famous French fakeboi who calls herself Allister, which nobody has even in English (only crazy occultists in B-movies).

No. 1360479

>my wife is miserable
>she downplayed how much of a coomer i am
>i wanna coom harder
>and i still wanna keep my bangmaid around heh

May every single western sexologist and queer theorist burn in hell for enabling this shit.

No. 1360482

Well good news, she got herself a new man anyways

No. 1360486

File: 1635893518870.png (1018.71 KB, 1270x1274, Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 3.51…)

/r/transpassing, milky as ever kek

No. 1360489

This. For all the trans, nonbinary and 50 different genders nowadays, I can think of only once or twice in my life where I couldn't look at a person and IMMEDIATELY tell what sex they were. They're not fooling anyone but themselves.

No. 1360492

Why would you go out of your way to dress up like a caricature of a literal hooker, and then take a photo emphasizing your massive jaw and huge manly feet? Kek

No. 1360506

>his personality changed
reposted b/c sage

No. 1360525

File: 1635896198668.jpg (399.83 KB, 1580x1152, 9898698.jpg)

No. 1360528

What mtfs dont understand is that putting your body through the stress of 2 puberties isnt going to do them any good kek anyone in decent health will always be less unsettling by comparison

No. 1360529

Keep the wig on. Christ almighty that dome is something else. His face looks like a knee.

No. 1360543

I keep coming back and reading the knee part and can't stop laughing, I saw a lot of troons saying the same thing "I'm a trans woman and was verified from first try b-but this AI is transphobic >:(", like which is it?

No. 1360545

Haven’t Korean women suffered enough?

No. 1360556

b-baron harkonnen??

No. 1360559

File: 1635900553218.jpg (41.33 KB, 500x500, genderqueertheybie.jpg)

caroline and charli how could you?

No. 1360565

File: 1635901721378.jpg (31.41 KB, 349x472, kikomi's cousin.jpg)

>t. balding tranny's lost twin
there needs to be a collage of kikomi clones out there

No. 1360568

Furries shouldn't be able to ID into pride, or live in general.

No. 1360574

File: 1635902691283.png (1.37 MB, 884x881, 1592707179245.png)

I am so tired of these moids inserting themselves in places they are not needed. It should be legal to shoot them on sight.

No. 1360577

Holy shit I love that image

No. 1360580

File: 1635903246234.jpeg (416.18 KB, 650x990, 3C976AA6-9DC9-461B-8F67-6D62D2…)

have been genuinely trying to figure out if this is an awkward but sweet disabled woman or a troon lying about their gender and height, it’s driving me absolutely nuts what’s your wagers ladies

No. 1360583

Lying about height. If they were 4'8, they would appear further down the chair.

No. 1360590

it looks like a cripple wheelchair tho, so wouldn't it be setup for her height?
my bets on disabled

No. 1360594

If you're not sure maybe don't post photos of potentially disabled women in a tranny thread

No. 1360613

Jules is a pretty unisex name in the UK. Short for Julia/Julie for women, Julian for men.

No. 1360615

I mean, yes they pass as a man on 4 months of oestrogen.

No. 1360617

Hahaa that looks like Grayson Perry in his "alter ego" costume.

No. 1360628


> "Awkward but sweet"

> One picture is an out of focus mirthless smirk with a bad stare
>Another is giving you the finger because that's cool when you're 25, right?
> Nothing else is of note.. besides a switch joke in 2021.

Anon.. idk what to tell you but I don't think this girl is such a catch that it's worth it to consider whether or not she's even trans..

I would believe she's a girl though, because a lot of disabled people are permanently online/gaming like tras, she's otherwise tiny and cute.

No. 1360641

lol i think that's a woman, and perhaps it's not a good idea to post people here if you're not sure what they are

No. 1360642

yea i swiped left immediately after screenshotting just in case, tbh everything else checks out for being potentially a woman except for the intersex part, i know a ton of troons use that excuse to say ‘uwu my body knew i was a woman all along’ and most ‘cis’ women don’t feel the need to state a medical condition as their gender.

No. 1360652

I always laugh when troons who have had grs says no one can tell the difference between a real vag and their wound hole. Its like they all forget about the distance between the vagina and the anus is a good tell tale sign.
Case in point look at the distance between the anus and their wound hole.

No. 1360663

File: 1635911503999.jpg (1.99 MB, 2953x2444, young.jpg)

No. 1360664

Gotta love this hair. Probably is coping and thinking it looks vintage like a flapper hairstyle.

No. 1360670

The only way I can imagine any doctor saying any of this is through their teeth, knowing they have to make a choice between handing this elderly-looking moid some weapons-grade compium or getting sued and potentially losing their job. It sounds fake, though.

No. 1360681

File: 1635914318948.png (311.58 KB, 501x745, gen.PNG)

I've found an excerpt from a grammar book published in 1858 describing gender as a signifier for sex of nouns. It wasn't until the 1950s, the word gender became more widely used. It had nothing to do with feeling and just complete observation.

No. 1360700

Has anyone here tried to respond to transbian advances by completely avoiding mention of the matter of not considering them to be women, and instead putting forward an equally egregious and unfalsifiable spiritual reason as to why you turned them down? For example, claiming that you "aren't seeking out what your zodiac compatibility has to offer", or that "your energies don't align"? Many of them seem to claim to be some form of pagan or that they believe in astrology, so I suspect that they wouldn't be able to openly call you out on it without showing everyone that they either don't believe the things they claim they do, or that they have absolutely no respect for other people's boundaries or beliefs.

No. 1360702

>wearing an arm band
>wearing a hot pink arm band with she/her written in gold glitter puff paint

No. 1360709

are they even trying to convince anyone that trans lives matter

No. 1360710

There's no reason for him to troon out as his wife is fine with him being a crossdresser. If he have sissy fetish, acting as a butch does not fit. And, the wife probably want him to be sissies during sex.
She could've pretend to inject him with estrogen to fulfill his MtF dream and acting more as a dom. But i guess it would be like pouring more gasoline into fire

No. 1360714

I mean that's kinda her own fault, if he was a fetish crossdresser their entire relationship I don't understand how she's surprised that he would come as a tranny

No. 1360720

I looked through his account and he wears that everyday kek.

No. 1360725

Her acceptance doesn't really matter to him, he only noticed one thing: his fetish wasn't as thrilling anymore. Trooning out gives him a stronger fix.

Lots of these guys are crossdressing in secret or the wives know and they look the other way (e.g. Kris Jenner). Whether that guy's wife was 100% ok with him crossdressing or not (reminder: troons are unreliable narrators), there's no way she could've mitigated this.

No. 1360726

He named himself after the troon character in Euphoria kek

No. 1360727

Why does he have a microwave on the floor of his room???

No. 1360732

File: 1635923221881.jpg (432.2 KB, 720x1224, Stfu.jpg)

Lurking pathetic moid subs used to be funny but nowadays there's at least one stunning and brave post like this a day. Watch the couple comments by women noting how this shit scares them be removed and their accounts suspended for muh violent content.

No. 1360735

What’s wrong with the name Alister/Alistair? I mean Lilith is a weird name because it’s the name of a she-devil or demon. In the bible Lilith was Adams partner before Eve was taken from his rib.

No. 1360736

Aleister Crowley Is why

No. 1360747

Lilith isn’t in the Bible, rather Jewish mysticism.

No. 1360749

Alt right troons have to be the scariest subset of moids. The think transing not only redeems them of all the awful shit they said and did as men, it also puts them higher on the Victim Totem PoleTM than the women their behaviour negatively impacted. Black and Jewish people have been standing up for themselves and making it clear they don’t have to be nice to “reformed” racists and antisemites, so hopefully women can get to the same place with female cosplayers soon.

No. 1360758

>Trooning out gives him a stronger fix.
And when they can't find any stronger fix, they would kill themself,ending their life as dopamine addicts.
In my eyes, i still think the wife could have prevented this if she intervened the moment she caught him interacting with tranny advocates

No. 1360765

You shouldn't be sorry to them. This is just like feminist men™ found out to be raping other female activists
Any kind of racism is not ok, including anti-white. If not, there will be more of racial dysphoria

No. 1360766

It's a tryhard snowflake name that no French male has, thus making you look like a huge attention whore. Isn't a dude from Dragon's Age named like that? That tells you everything about troons' cultural references.

No. 1360767

File: 1635931972830.jpg (268.35 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20211103-093012_Tin…)

complete pornsick degeneracy, the "inappropriately feminine clothes" part really highlights how they don't truly see themselves as women

No. 1360769

Christine isn't trans? I hope?

No. 1360778

See, that's the kind of reviews I need to download apps. No idea what it's about, but now I shall go download it.

No. 1360779

leftist men, anyone in general, who make part of their personality the fact they overtly support an demographic of people are suspicious as fuck. definitely hiding something. covert narcissism is so insideous.

No. 1360783

man as a visibly disabled lesbian this post makes me want to kms, thanks lcf

No. 1360784

she's not, idk what the fuck deranged anon posted that unfunny meme here for. in fact the meme seems to be insulting Christine?

No. 1360795

For now, she already calls herself pansexual, I would not be surprised if she came out as some kind of NB or genderfluid flavor.

No. 1360804

That's a good summary, and the trait could be found in almost, if not every cow

No. 1360812

>Any kind of racism is not ok
At the risk of sounding like a /pol/ack, I'm going to say there's nothing wrong with being cautious around people who are statistically more likely to hurt you, be it gender, race or whatever

No. 1360818

considering facial features, height, disability and intersex status i'd say Turner Syndrome (X0 chromosomes). don't post random social media or dating site profiles unless they openly admit to being troons

No. 1360827

there was a british documentary a few years back called 'things we won't say about race that are true'. really well portrayed our fear of saying the wrong thing about groups that occasionally fit their stereotypes.

No. 1360834

Racism is literally natural and part of human survival instinct. Because tribes other than our own can be dangerous. We are born knowing what "our people" look like, familiarity is comfortable and safe. Children need to be explicitly taught not to point out differences between people, because their natural instincts are "offensive". Asian children who have never seen a black person in their life will literally cry, lol. Idk why people think you can defeat human nature with their policing and cancelling. It is a futile effort.(racebait)

No. 1360842

Is that nature or nuture though? Is it innate to stay around people who look like you, or is that learned from society surrounding you?

No. 1360843

Why is Stephen Dorff in his daughter’s prom dress being posted here?

No. 1360845

Anon my love, don’t let these people put you on the defensive. You don’t need an excuse to reject anyone, because no one is entitled to your body, your attention or your time. “Sorry, not feeling it” is more than sufficient.

No. 1360847

You can see it with very young children (preschool I think?) who likely wouldn't have seen social handling of it yet. IIRC if there is one kid of another race, they'll join the group with the others (and be accepted fine) but if there's enough to have their own group, they'll naturally (mutually) segregate.
I doubt they'd even be rejected by the other group, but they tend to befriend the kids that resemble them the most

No. 1360851

It’s not the job of women to “intervene” and save shitty moids from the consequences of their pornsick behavior. She should leave this clown and find a partner she’s actually attracted to.

No. 1360853

It must suck for them when they say shit like “complete sub, you can do whatever you want with me” and still no one wants them. And then inevitably whine about “women don’t like being sexually objectified but I’m jealous of those bitches, why won’t someone objectify meee?” I’ve heard gay moids talk about troons like Tobia and Alok (who constantly whinge about getting no sexual attention) saying they’d gladly date them if they presented themselves as feminine hairy gay men instead of deranged grandmas. Troons love to make themselves undesirable, and then pretend that normal people who don’t want to participate in their niche fetishes = oppressing them.

No. 1360854

I think I explained pretty well how it is nature. Small children have not been conditioned by society to ignore obvious differences between people yet. Also why kids will call strangers "fat" and then mommy has to teach them "we don't say that". Children naturally know when someone is different than them.

No. 1360856

Please stop the race sperging, no one gives a fuck.

No. 1360860

File: 1635946268284.png (268.8 KB, 607x600, image_2021-11-04_003033.png)

On r/actuallesbians, thought the weirdly sexist nature of the meme and the username were off, and as it turns out they're a self described "Trans-girl"

No. 1360863

>sounding like a /pol/ack
I won't go that far. Let's say there's someone who followed you after three left turns. By deduction, you could assume someone is tailing you regardless of sex and race. You start to run and that person run to catch up with you, then you pepper spray the stalker. The facts doesn't matter to criminal-apologists or even the lawyers as they accuse you of racism or anti-transphobia when it's a troon.

No. 1360864

File: 1635946751477.png (338.58 KB, 627x617, image_2021-11-04_003928.png)

Samefag but they even use specifically TERFs and not transphobes in this meme, they don't even hide that they want to kill/hurt women kek

No. 1360867

wanting to be a traditional housewife without doing any actual cleaning, cooking etc

No. 1360868

Imagine being this retarded. Polfags kys your family would be better off without you

No. 1360871

No. 1360880

Why are male leftists unable to conceptualize women being anti-tra as anything but nazis?

I don't think y chromosomes are capable of understanding feminism at all.

No. 1360887

File: 1635950085656.png (1.21 MB, 856x1166, w null_a5f20jo4y8x71.png)

Because only nazis take action against transsexual degenerates and their enablers circa 1920
>and in 1933 his Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was sacked and had its books burned by Nazis.

No. 1360890

>Kinda confirms that Reddit really is just a dumb cesspool of hate doesn't it?
It's funny how reddit's extreme censorship still isn't enough
On a side note
>[+22] "so much time spent on promoting and normalizing a severe mental illness that makes 40% of the people that have it at least attempt suicide. Do you know how many lives your sick ideology claims every year?"
actually kinda upsets me just because I hate how people who can't form coherent thoughts feel the need to voice their opinion
You can't call something both an ideology and a mental illness, at least not in the literal sense
Not saying I don't agree with the sentiment, just I feel like if people like this kept their mouth shut predatory troons wouldn't be able to hide behind shit in the first place (not to mention a million other OT issues)
Sorry for sperging

No. 1360895

I think the word you're looking is "retarded"

No. 1360897

What’s with all the race/nazi sperging? Go back to /pol/ faggots, you’re just as degenerate as troons and no one likes you either.

No. 1360907

sorry to nitpick, but Butler doesn't claim that gender is a performance, her point is that a person's gender is a combination of that person's own actions and other people's performative utterances caused by those actions that "confirm" their gender and make it a social reality, like "look at that woman"
i'm sure that this is mutually exclusive with the idea of transwomen being women, since they're not socially recognized as such by most other people, and against "xenogenders" as well

No. 1360910

File: 1635952666638.png (665.08 KB, 783x1280, 30A658B0-EC1B-45B4-AD52-CB5D62…)

Also perhaps that ghost child from the last pokemon (who I’m pretty sure is named after Crowley, but still. Some of them have that weird thing with shotas).

No. 1360921

File: 1635953639493.jpg (552.97 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20211103-112258_Chr…)

Friendly reminder that nothing said in this thread is wrong.

No. 1360922

These threads are regularly derailed by obsessing schizos over whether a masculine looking woman is secretly a TIM or not. This thread is a tiny subsection of humanity and the people who replied are an even smaller slice of that tiny fraction. Most people don't give a shit.

No. 1360930

File: 1635954967966.png (412.57 KB, 1097x961, 1635900050305[1].png)

But its not a fetish

No. 1360934

>Be a retarded loser moid
>Be mad that women won't give you free pussy and that they have standards
>Gravitate towards alt right content because it tells you that you're right, and that you do deserve free pussy
>Be perfectly fine with oppression of literally everyone else
>Get triggered by one of the content creators implying even a single standard for you to meet
>Instantly drop the content style entirely
>Claim you dropped it because of hateful rhetoric and censorship
>Actually dropped it because you're a weak moid with a feminization fetish and don't want to improve
>Notice that libfems pander to, coddle, and praise TIMs while having 0 expectations for them
>Troon out
>"My obsession with having pussy was never about possessing women, it was about my twue inner sewf uwu"
>Likely openly seethes about lesbians not wanting him and calls them TERFs/Nazis, threatens them
>"I no longer hate femoids uwu"

No. 1360954

Do you live in some big liberal city, maybe on a college campus full of art-students? Cause I got some real bad news for you, a lot of people are racist. Not just a handful of troons from /pol/. Millions of people. And not just white people either, asians all hate each other (chinese and japanese for example). Black and mexican gangs regularly kill each other. Black people beat up old asian ladies in the streets for no reason. The world is incredibly racist and I am sure when you take a real honest look at yourself, you will feel deep inside that you also have some prejudices and are not the perfect little social justice warrior that you pretend to be. Suck it up.

No. 1360957

>You think racism is bad? Well, sweaty, you're racist! Welcome to reality.
Copypasta material.

No. 1360962

why would pagan moms give their children biblical names?

No. 1360967

Reading comprehension is real hard, huh?