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No. 1210260

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit.

No. 1210267

File: 1618625762938.png (127.12 KB, 576x895, Screenshots_2021-04-16-19-15-2…)

>That's a nice poem

No. 1210270

File: 1618625817029.jpg (429.38 KB, 1448x3216, nnnnnnn.jpg)

This is ur sleep paralysis demon

No. 1210271

File: 1618625916734.png (78.71 KB, 1168x378, Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 03.18…)

Referring to him wearing dollskill topkek

No. 1210275

File: 1618626143944.jpg (567.54 KB, 2208x2944, 2etzypk4lqr61.jpg)

Dying wtf, you can't tell me trannies aren't all severely mentally retarded , fuck

No. 1210277

I recently came into contact with a tr*nny in their 30s (I’m nb and I’m in my early 20s) and they are…. just the most fucking embarrassing white savior complex fucking freak. i have another trans friend closer to my age and she is…. idk fucking normal,??? She isn’t an internet fucking Scrooge. there’s such a. Specific breed of autistic fuckery in FTM trans folks especially. it’s so bizzare. plus this person, the 30year old freak, I think wants to fuck me bc they’re obviously lesbian, but like LOL NO????(Nobody cares)

No. 1210282

No. 1210286

File: 1618626688232.jpg (1.01 MB, 2736x3648, 5q93a5nb0ph61.jpg)

No. 1210293


did i walk into the confetti club thread by accident

No. 1210294

He should call himself Shoe0nhead

No. 1210295

File: 1618627275972.gif (904.38 KB, 320x180, 8D24355D-8B3B-48B5-9798-DF617A…)

instantly reminded me of WHAT ARE THOSE

No. 1210296

Yes!! our favourite mentally-ill tranny!

No. 1210301

Sage for blogpost and i'll take the ban but ladies i just wanna say you're all so fucking based and i'm so glad there's a space here where we can speak our minds freely and not have to be silent under the tyranny we face from mentally disabled men. although i have little hope for the future, it's nice to know that there's some people who see right through this shit and actually have a brain to find this whole ordeal absolutely insane. love ya.

No. 1210304

File: 1618627685746.jpeg (324.99 KB, 1242x1267, AFC0F280-5CD8-4BEE-8DE0-E21E48…)

No. 1210305

Is this the one that jerks off into his shoes?

No. 1210307

No. 1210310

File: 1618628321078.jpeg (101.65 KB, 700x1043, index.jpeg)

dude looks like something out of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

No. 1210311

This is the worst thing I'll ever ask and I know I'll regret it, but how do you know?

No. 1210312

Call him “the emperor”

No. 1210314

he's retarded and linked his youtube channel to his reddit, on his youtube in the description there's a link to his website which has a link to his porn

No. 1210316

before he trooned out, topfuckingkek

No. 1210317

File: 1618628761050.jpg (993.1 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210416-200505_Red…)

Lmao what the fuck? Why does he look like an autistic austin powers.

No. 1210318

Isn’t this the guy that masturbates in his shoes? I thought he got banned

No. 1210321

File: 1618628980950.jpg (2.4 MB, 1440x1555, 889a9dc.jpg)

Goddamn. Imagine being so mentally retarded that you go from this, to this… which even subjectively, is much more off-putting.

No. 1210322

R/womensstreetwear panders to trannies- even when they have their fucking boners showing in their pictures. He could literally be butt naked with his cock out and they wouldn't ban him because ~twansphwobwia~, muh precious men SHALL be pandered to and allowed to intrude into women's spaces!!!

No. 1210324

No. 1210331

Ahead of his time for sure

No. 1210338

>those two giant wall cats guarding Jesus
What an odd placement.

No. 1210344

Saging for obvious reasons, former TRA who bought into it because I wanted to "be a good person". After a friend got increasingly more jealous and guilty trippy to me for existing, guy who never intended to medically transition who is a good 250lbs decided to get violent at my birthday party and then called everyone scared a transphobe for it. I'm fed up. Can't beleive it took me this long to realize it's all about their ego and the threats are empty manipulation. It kind of disgusts me that these gross predatory men take advantage of females socialization to be kind to everyone to force their way in and make us uncomfortable and hurt us. Wanting our own space safe from that isn't hatred.

No. 1210365

File: 1618633419468.jpg (20.74 KB, 640x580, FB_IMG_1618633161683.jpg)

This picture has been circulating in my circles and it's kind of funny because, even in the never happened or rare instances it does, I don't think there are any women who were pressured to prove they were actually women but yet it they continue to think that it's only when we check their genitals that we wil truly know what they were born as or something lol

No. 1210370

Where the fuck are his parents.
The funniest thing is r/streetwear laughed him off the sub… so of course he runs to r/womensstreetwear

No. 1210389

File: 1618637393874.jpeg (775.57 KB, 1242x1262, F1EC0F35-F2A3-4559-83DB-FDC8DA…)

this troon is such a retarded weeb coomer i can’t

No. 1210402

certain ones have me like nobody show nemu

No. 1210405

I wish I could go back in time and Show Harry Truman and Eisenhower that this is what Liberal Capitalism will lead to, maybe then the world would be a better place

No. 1210407

They all post their full names online, claim to be the most endangered yet it's gc women being doxed losing their jobs and getting rape threats

No. 1210419

That’s quite the retarded name, imagine this man at the urologist like
>Mr. Milph? It’s time for you prostate exam.

No. 1210421

Meeting this man would peak anybody who knows what a milf is

No. 1210449

File: 1618652153744.jpg (54.6 KB, 749x1151, 3mpq3rgrtbt61.jpg)

wow… so many filters and still looking male

No. 1210450

thought this was erin painter at first glance

No. 1210461

that hair is damaged to hell and back, but knowing troons/men it’s probably due to sheer negligence, not even dyeing or heat damage.

No. 1210463

I think my favorite general takeaway is that apparently raising your eyebrows and smiling goofily makes you a woman.

No. 1210481

File: 1618659607487.png (606.51 KB, 1002x618, bald.png)

saw this in the wild. I laughed

No. 1210484

File: 1618659992743.jpeg (144.83 KB, 412x397, 3448279D-D445-4CFA-A693-1922AF…)

I get really nervous when I get that intuition that a female youtuber is definitely a troon and I end up being correct. For instance Sarah Z sounds like a cis woman, but this is what she looks like. This person is clearly using a voice over or something is clearly wrong here or I’m becoming so paranoid that she’s just an unconventional looking woman.(Not milk )

No. 1210487

even if sarah z isn't a troon, i am still disappointment with her make-up in her recent videos, especially with the tumblr scam video. it's like she's trying hard but in the wrong direction or little reference or guidance to actually make it great.

No. 1210488

She doesn't give me any tranny vibes, the usual giveaways aka her hands and neck look normal. Not sure why she'd lie about being cis either as she's definitely a raging TRA. Her writer or editor or someone however is a mtf.

No. 1210489

File: 1618660616009.jpg (31.55 KB, 400x400, dVnlRMR7_400x400.jpg)

I will never forget this

No. 1210490

Holy shit this is what spending too much time in snow threads gets you, I don't get how ANYONE could think Sarah is anything but a woman. Yes, she's normal looking, not overly filtered, not a makeup pro (she kinda messed up a few times lately), her voice, body language, everything very naturally feminine. Crazy you'd think otherwise.

No. 1210491


I'm pretty sure she's shown old photos of herself. She's probably a woman. Don't assume every non-feminine looking woman is a troon.

No. 1210493

Tbh you just sound way too wrapped up in troon spotting. Step away from the screen lol

No. 1210494

File: 1618660740194.jpeg (28.47 KB, 480x640, Ey0yyg0VgAMiLzO.jpeg)

tbh her haircut is ugly but I think she's just a cis woman who relies on ugly makeup sometimes. She has uploaded pictures from circa 2012 and she looked like your average teen

No. 1210495

This seems a bit like a reach, i've never thought that Sarah looks "male" or anything? She's just a bit chubby and has a wider frame.

No. 1210499

Are you retarded? Go out more.

No. 1210500

File: 1618661322355.png (2.34 MB, 2906x1433, tranny-trafficker.png)

The Tram Ranch is asking for support to one of their fellow sisters. They claim this "sister" is in jail for "prostitution". prostitution can only be punished by up to 12 months in jail at max.

Here is the real story.

No. 1210503

except obesity tends to blur the lines(depending on the person) and nikki only showed his face. sarah Z is so clearly a woman.

No. 1210504

File: 1618661471844.png (712.91 KB, 1762x862, tranny-trafficker2.png)

No. 1210505

TL;DR sex trafficker, involving a 16 year old boy who was treated horribly.

No. 1210506

They insist on being able to legally change sex without gatekeeping, they insist that you can't tell what someone's genitals are just by looking at the rest of them. The only thing left for people to protect girls and afford them protection and opportunity is to check if we're not sure. They're the ones that made this weird.

No. 1210507

spend less time looking at trannies and you won't constantly be looking for "clockable" features

No. 1210508

But if we don't spend all our time looking at and thinking about trannies, how will we be able to avoid traps?

No. 1210509

is this bait? She's obviously female even just based on the topics she covers. Find me one biological male, tranny or otherwise, who would make video essays about tumblr trends and shit like tjlc and twilight

No. 1210518

Been thinking about the trans athlete situation. I just found out an old friend of my trooped out. I got him to join swim team with me freshman years, and despite me having almost a decade of competitive swimming under my belt, after one season he was faster then me after one season.

It sucks, woman athletes already have to deal with so much: creepy coaches, being told muscles aren't attractive, not being taken as serious as their male counterparts, people telling them they need to put on weight so they can have kids, always hearing how woman sports are "boring" and so much more. The last thing the need is to lose the glory of winning because of stupid males.(Blogging )

No. 1210519

anon please kek
this hair and shirt are unflattering for her wider bodyframe and chubby arms but if you look at her other videos she's very clearly a young woman

No. 1210520

What infuriates me is that TRAs will only read the tweets about support men in dresses for HoPe and not about how he actually pimped out a child that he kept in a fucking closet.

No. 1210522

They are so concerned about trans kids, but if one of them gets pimped out by his groomer, no one cares

No. 1210528

People don't care. You'd think if you truly cared you'd look into why the persons in jail. But being a troon is enough. Remember when Laverne Coxs cared SO much about getting a MTF inmate moved to a female jail he did ZERO research and didn't know this dude was a convicted pedo rapist and murderer? There was a documentary where a troon was whining about being in a male prison and it got a little buzz, turns out he was a pedo as well.
No one researches when it comes to troons in jail & when it comes out everyone quietly backs away or goes, "I know they are a pedo murderer but they still deserve to be in a jail with other women"
People would rather people who kill/harm women and childern, be around WOMEN because suddenly in jail they realize they are women. Suddenly.

No. 1210531

File: 1618668278218.png (62.84 KB, 599x800, lesbiancoworker2.png)

Old post of Kevin's ugly boyfriend being mad that a lesbian doesn't like dick and saying people should do whatever their partner wants in bed even if they are uncomfortable.
Then lies and says she flirts with him but he doesn't want to fuck him. Uh weirdo, if she see's you as a man, she knows you have a dick. So why would she flirt with you?

No. 1210533

Someone on ovarit said fundie fridays is a troon. Does anyone know if that’s true? I just thought she was an unfortunate woman.(bait)

No. 1210534

Why do they always equate strap-ons to actual penises?

No. 1210539

This person is a liar. Women don't talk about dildos at work.

No. 1210541

> do things that you’re uncomfortable with and dislike sexually to please your partner
Okay rapist

No. 1210542

File: 1618670051877.png (54.46 KB, 606x492, 2.PNG)

Of course Janet Mock aka the man who talks about child sex work as an "empowering" expereince would have some contact with this person. Just be trans and people will feel sorry for you.

No. 1210544

File: 1618670224708.png (40.66 KB, 601x399, d.PNG)

and they keep tweeting this. What about keeping them in the closet? What about the person being a fellow trans person?

No. 1210547

How tf is he tweeting while in jail?

No. 1210548

I really don't know, he's tweeting and taking obviously edited pictures too. Someone said they sneek phones in or maybe they allow them phones? IDK.

No. 1210550

I do not fucking understand why the fuck it’s legal to change someone’s biological sex marker to the opposite sex. I seriously don’t get it. You aren’t female and you never will be. Why the fuck is the world in denial of basic biology? Throw me off a cliff

No. 1210552

File: 1618670753806.png (20.08 KB, 587x196, lol.PNG)

sorry for all the screenshots but this person is a weird, they tweet so much, are "woke" and play the victim.
He should've just stopped at "Don't talk to me about trans childern" because he'll probably have the urge to traffic them, feed them drugs and put them in the closet

No. 1210554

She doesn’t give those vibes at all. Some of you farmers really need to go out more.

No. 1210560

apparently it is very common for inmates in male prisons to get smartphones. there are inmates going on ig/fb live, lmao.

No. 1210561

Woww prisons have really loosened up..

No. 1210563

Sage for blog post but when my brother was in prison (tx) they had smart tablets that inmates could rent from commissary. That might be the same thing here

No. 1210566

They sneak them in. It’s really not as hard as it seems. The prison won’t give them WiFi or a connection but smuggling in a phone is easy to do. They constantly get caught and confiscated but get new ones very quickly because there’s basically zero consequences. The prison is definitely not allowing a sex offender a phone kek

No. 1210567

Does his cal dreams name refer to him dreaming about having committed sex trafficking in california instead? then the state would have happily paid for his surgery and hormones

He was also (maybe still is) dating a rapist.

No. 1210578

just like Indya Moore dating a guy who allegedly abused and sexually assaulted black women, but honestly what kind of guy do you expect to date a troon with a neo-vag? You either have issues or a fetish.

No. 1210584

I just love how consent goes out the window with troons.

No. 1210616

Pressuring people into doing sexual stuff that they don't want to do is woke actually

No. 1210628

File: 1618679305925.png (3.79 MB, 684x3874, buy a brain.png)

Why are they so stupid?!

No. 1210630

Kek what a fucking idiot. I love how he’s getting called just like what he is, a scrote.

No. 1210634

File: 1618680463840.jpg (156.99 KB, 1908x1146, article-2320679-19A90C52000005…)

women have done this too. still think it's pretty depressing that intense body dysmorphia is encouraged by TRAs when it leads to obviously mentally ill people to trust greedy randos willing to inject them.
he might die sooner than later from the silicone getting into his blood stream.

No. 1210639

men always think that just because women talk to them that they're hitting on them. so many times i've had to tell guys that i'm not hitting on them even when they know i have a long term bf. more likely the retard is flirting with the poor lesbian co-worker and she's just being polite because she's at work and is being harassed by a fulltime drag queen.

No. 1210682

File: 1618689069516.jpeg (331.52 KB, 1808x1808, Ey5TXeqWYAEzrbr.jpeg)

lmao dude looks like this, there's absolutely zero chance that any lesbian would hit on him or even think he's afab.

No. 1210690

He looks like the school retard that everyone knows is a pedophile.

No. 1210712

File: 1618690635709.jpg (23.17 KB, 695x428, p54k92l0s3p41.jpg)

No. 1210722

File: 1618691009206.png (7.99 MB, 4000x5003, 5E33C23A-B9A7-4E25-B9CE-B647BB…)

Reposting from previous thread.

No. 1210738

File: 1618691703916.png (190.25 KB, 1054x384, violentpredators.png)

No. 1210755

File: 1618692542975.png (463.21 KB, 743x510, j.PNG)

he's aggressively ugly and disgusting. Also he claimed he fucked Kevin Gibes rotpocket today so thats something.

No. 1210758

thanks for giving me r/awfuleyebrows material

No. 1210764

Honestly that's sad but some might call it karma. Not gonna mock since that is already a punishment to live with like >>1210634 especially if this one's a hsts instead of agp. But that's what happens when these guys encourage each other to take dangerous procedures in their own hands.

No. 1210769

>this woman says she doesn't like me but she's actually hitting on me!

It even copes like a man!

No. 1210771

Why do they all have Down's syndrome features

No. 1210793

It's probably because they're all actually born with retard genes. Low functioning autists, mostly, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear there's some Down's or FAS mixed in there, along with the Cluster B's.

No. 1210803

I think it’s fetal alcohol syndrome kek

No. 1210810

File: 1618699847274.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.48 KB, 1362x768, Xin Zhui.jpg)

No. 1210861

File: 1618704938161.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1537, 2496F96A-AFC0-4A79-A3D4-706F7E…)

So I’m supposed to believe it’s not a fetish?

No. 1210870

She's a woman, but her channel is vapid trash, why would anyone watch it

No. 1210877

tumblr nostalgia

No. 1210887

File: 1618707643855.png (323.08 KB, 903x1187, Screenshot_20210417_210001.png)

No. 1210896

wtf she's a female for sure. ovarit sounds like a mess. they only care about troons and boymom issues

No. 1210903

Hahaha holy shit that is sure something. Had to go look for that thread myself to witness it.

> https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/26808/does-anyone-else-ever-have-moments-when-watching-videos-looking-at-images-online

> There’s a YouTuber who talks about cults and stuff (called Fundie Friday’s) I can’t stand to watch now cause I think they’re a TIM.

> And if they are, like I’m not thrilled obviously. But I think they should at least be honest about it.

> https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/26808/does-anyone-else-ever-have-moments-when-watching-videos-looking-at-images-online/47aaa88a-6d56-466d-9ed4-d92fca68e318#comment-47aaa88a-6d56-466d-9ed4-d92fca68e318

Some bickering back and forth about whether really a man or not.

Some people really need to step the fuck away from the screen & diversify their interests.

No. 1210906

File: 1618709156088.jpg (59.29 KB, 637x696, 2D2D097E-860A-4F47-99CB-31B75B…)

Kek what could have been going through his mind when he set the timer on his phone to capture this picture?

No. 1210917

he literally looks like le reddit meninists from not that long ago, and it's because this is that same group or type of guy now wearing "feminist" shirts. except nothing about them changed because they want to kill "terfs" (actual women who are actual feminists) and i bet that's why he chose what he's holding like they always do

I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if someone did a deep dive on those le reddit mra atheist guys who took selfies, and found out all of them are now agp troons

No. 1210921

that's a fucking kyoryuger/dino charge gun I fucking can't–

No. 1210927


> what could have been going through his mind when he set the timer on his phone to capture this picture?

"the internet is going to think it's SO cool I have good trigger discipline."

No. 1210935

"If you can't defeat them, join them". The new incel survival strategy.

No. 1210943

absolutely an underrated post

No. 1210959

This is so embarrassing, holy sweet fuck. How do you name yourself after a milf fetish? I can’t believe some of this shit is real.

No. 1211010


Trying hard to hide that straight man torso kek

No. 1211011

reddit coomers

No. 1211043

File: 1618723553021.jpg (175 KB, 1079x571, Screenshot_20210418-012430_Twi…)

This really sums it up. They just think being a woman means getting fucked by a man.

No. 1211061

can we stop babying gay male trannies. they hate us just as much as agps and are genuinely even more misogynistic.

No. 1211067

That’s the libfem strategy. The incel strategy is “infiltrate, distract, divide and conquer”.

No. 1211078

File: 1618727572194.jpg (65.03 KB, 452x1024, 1618715837432.jpg)

God fuck the handmaidens who enable these hulking psychopaths

No. 1211079

File: 1618727597428.jpg (118.5 KB, 626x1024, 1618717183971m.jpg)

No. 1211081

Oh I'm sure 6 guys yelled at this freak alright, but it was probably more along the line of "kill yourself, faggot"

No. 1211082

I will never understand the tranny obsession with piggy tails. No normal grown woman wears them other than like space buns but that's a different style and only for like rave/party fun outing situations.

Yet another subtle way they see themselves as little girls. Absolute state of perversion

No. 1211103

File: 1618730348704.png (579.91 KB, 841x471, American footballs most likely…)

No. 1211121

this is what insecure chunky tall girls think they look like kek truly a horrifying vision

No. 1211139

File: 1618735411275.png (109.65 KB, 799x867, notafetish.png)

Saw this guy posting under a post how the r/abrathatfits sub has an AMAB option now complaining about his boob that just won't stop growing, teehee (probably got fat?). Checked his history and he also claims he suddenly lost 8 centimeters, which would alarm anyone that their spinal discs and body are deteriorating, but I guess E just makes you shrink, which is why I guess women easily gain and lose 10 cms during their periods /s. I don't get what these bimbo fetishists get from lying to other bimbo fetishists when both sides know it's a guy like >>1211078 sitting on the other side.

No. 1211151

File: 1618737596763.png (934.05 KB, 1419x1080, 4FAxoMV.png)

No. 1211155

File: 1618738323536.png (625.84 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20210418-172801.png)

Muslim trannies who wear a hijab are so weird to me. Literally opting into oppression

No. 1211157

It never fails to disgust me how taking HRT is a bimbofication fetish to them.
>Teehee I'm 2 days on estrogen and I lost 3 inches of height, went down 5 shoesizes, grew massive titties and have the smoothest skin!
They really do think that taking estrogen causes all these magical changes despite it only making them grow tubular, tiny moobs at best.

I'm amazed that this pic has the exact deprived eyes and decrepit smile as portrayed in this bingo >>1210722

No. 1211164

File: 1618740294753.jpg (32.61 KB, 350x708, jlfXvXt.jpg)

No. 1211166

>zelda tattoo
every time

No. 1211169

people are going to blindly donate when they don’t even know how busted this surgery is. sometimes it works ok but a lot of the time they end up with frog voices, the same voice they had before or a smoker’s voice.

No. 1211196

How does troon hair even get that crispy? Are 3-in-1 copoos really that caustic?

No. 1211203

no way that’s a 17 year old.

No. 1211208

If they're actually religious they see it as the cure for being gay, it's actually full-on been blessed or whatever as such by Muslim religious leaders in the middle-east

No. 1211234

>She'd be terrible in bed too
Yeah, maybe, despite that being a completely fucked up assessment to make, if it were true it's because you want to interact sexually with MEN in a masculine way and she fucks WOMEN, you troglodyte.

No. 1211242

File: 1618754124997.png (183.2 KB, 1160x608, longhairidentity.png)

>So like on the inside I feel like a person with long fluffy hair
She didn't even ask him why he's just a hairy guy

No. 1211252

File: 1618755816752.png (384.28 KB, 492x634, clown world.png)

Honk Honk

No. 1211255

Ok I know I'm missing the point but why would they continuously say 'non-trans' instead of just saying cis? Such awkward phrasing.

No. 1211256

because it doesn't center trans women.

No. 1211257

The Canadian Cancer Society now defines females as “non-trans women”. Linguistically, if you establish something as “non-_”, you are positioning it as alternative to a norm. Non-white establishes white as the norm. Non-Christian establishes Christian as the norm. Non-trans establishes trans as the norm. This is linguistically to say, quite literally, that trans woman is the normal state of woman, and non-trans is the deviation. We are being fucking erased from our own class, our own medicine, our own rights and language and knowledge and sisterhood, for the sake of wannabe females and their fucking feelings.

No. 1211262

File: 1618756655723.jpg (51.04 KB, 673x525, 1604881399881.jpg)

How do we opt out from this reality ? Our right's are literally being taken away little by little

No. 1211265

wait, surely this would be considered twanzphobic towards trans men and female enbies, right? calling people with female biology "women" is exacly what jkr got canceled for. i'm confused

No. 1211270

This text is obviously aimed at trans women, so it's probably fine, it's only women who are prohibited from discussing health issues as inherently female. I'm pretty sure it's ancient too, since I can count the pixels, and remember seeing something similiar before.

No. 1211312

Of course this is in my country, I could tell even before reading it lmao

It's sad when a woman does it, it's simply stupid when a man does it, I can't feel sorry for them anymore. Women have this pressure to be pretty since we're born, men don't, they choose this path themselves.

No. 1211331

where is this from? don’t try and get people riled up with unverifiable screenshots

No. 1211350

Women rarely wear pigtails. It's just not appropriate after a certain age and looks… creepy. These men don't want to be women tho, they want to be sexualized children and/or anime characters. Eugh.

No. 1211351

It's obv from some trans-centered website. I don't think it's very milky… trannies HAVE gotten cancer in their dicktip "cervix".

No. 1211364

No you don't understand anon, that's just because his huge bazonkas give him a hunch. That's why women are smaller, we collapse under the weight of our gigantic knockers!

No. 1211462

is this charlotte clymer?

No. 1211477

Some places are classifying child transitions as abuse but it's slow and alot of push back is there from agps especially who think kids can understand critical gender theory at fucking 4 and be completely aware and in control of their sexuality

A trans focused site in Canada. It'll be pandering hard to troons and agps thanks to progressives.

No. 1211513

Incredible how we have to use such particular language to make sure troons don't chimp out about cancer developing in parts of their bodies they don't naturally have. There's no way transman for example cry about, I don't know, knowing they can't get prostate or penile cancer. Those men should know they can't get cervical cancer. Jesus.

No. 1211523

TIFs do get upset about language not being "inclusive" of them, but they don't chimp out in the same way TIMs do. They just scream in their echo chambers, and maybe branch out and whine in gay male and tranny spaces, but then delete their post when males inevitably disagree with them. Unless they're extremely roided out on T, they don't get near the levels of actual, threatening aggression TIMs are at as a baseline.

No. 1211527

File: 1618781140311.png (36.66 KB, 1022x267, transmascs.png)

Reminds me of this post that makes me both laugh and get angry because of how accurate it is. FTMs really don't have a place to go, in trans spaces they always have to bend a knee to MTFs, gay men laugh at them, straight women find them gross and dutiful lesbians/bisexuals keep them company out of sole comradery. It's sad.

No. 1211612

Oh hey that's my post! I agree with you and have seen it happen a lot - this lesbian in a lesbian-only FB group trooned out, had a teary argument with group members about whether or not a trans man could stay in the space, eventually left, and then detransitioned barely six months later. I can only imagine what a lonely, fucked up experience that was to go through and it's one of the reasons I drew back from online queer communities. It's just not worth…whatever the fuck all that was.
FTM's do tend to be very aggressive and misogynistic in an effort to appear more masculine, but I understand how they ended up where they are and feel bad for them to a point. They don't have much besides each other and they continue to rip their own inner circles apart by arguing over transmed drama and whether or not it's masc to paint your nails black.

No. 1211615

File: 1618791293238.png (230.42 KB, 1184x980, realwomyn.png)

Nothing more feminine than shitting and farting

No. 1211640

File: 1618793705477.png (45.18 KB, 800x420, A2CF5C87-2AB6-4D65-B504-39AECB…)

White 18 year old “woman” named Kyoko Smith killed and dismembered their grandmother’s dog and stored its head and heart in the freezer. There is no mention of this person being trans but what white parents name their kid “Kyoko”. Also very boy-faced.

No. 1211664


>okay but they do

oh fuck, that's us told

No. 1211680

that's so true, in fact what peaked me is observing how ftms and mtfs still acted like women and men do respectively (well that and the yaoi to fakeboi pipeline, but you don't see mtfs doing the same they do the yuri version, so again sticking to what's typical of their sex)

No. 1211682

File: 1618796658416.png (313.3 KB, 500x374, the power puff bros.png)

>I can't shed the lining of my uterus because I don't have one.
>Giving myself IBS and diarrhea every 28 days should suffice.

No. 1211686

i can see the timeline of my male peers like this
>girls don't poop
>eww periods yucky
>wait umm that was dysphoria akshually making me act the way literally every other boy acts
>I want to have a period and be a cute girl
>stealing tampons and putting stuff in ass to simulate bleeding, etc
>wait trans women are women? like there's no difference? finally I can reveal my (other) fetish
>my period is when I shid and fard and poop my pants loudly in the public women's restroom
>get rekt transphobe scum
>trans women are REAL women and our pooriods are the same and actually more valid than yours you fucking bleeders.

what doth the future hold, fellow menstruators?

No. 1211689

I looked at the newspaper briefly while at work, because it had transgender shit on the front. Apparently my state is trying to do what many other states are doing, and banning people under 18 from transing, as well as banning TiMs from womens sports. The first line in the article was about some TiM saying he first tried to kill himself when he was 10.

People trying to neck themselves as kids don't need puberty blockers and "affirming" surgery. They need intense therapy. When will people wake up to what a bunch of bullshit this all is?(Not milk)

No. 1211690

>makes me rage cry for two days every month

30% of women have PMS, yet every trooner suffers from it. Fascinating. You don’t have a period, dude. You do not menstruate, you have no ovaries, you don’t have a womb. You are a mentally ill man.

No. 1211703

munchausens by period

No. 1211704

File: 1618798832995.jpg (58.51 KB, 624x415, Untitled.jpg)


you're a terf if you don't want trans women in your space, but you're also a terf if you don't want trans men in your space

how the fuck does that work? does this not completely invalidate the argument?(Derailing)

No. 1211708

Don’t you know, anon? To be a TRA, you have to allow anyone in your space.
>a man in a child’s dress comes into your house?
Accept him, let him sleep in your bed and you must sleep on the floor in the basement
>a woman with a prosthetic hotdog wants to fuck?
Let her fuck you, it’s your duty as a TRA
>a man in a dress killed a bunch of people and needs more money for his addiction to surgeries while in jail?
Give him all of your money, sell everything you own and give him that money as well, you don’t deserve it, but he does.
>a woman wants to fuck up her body at the butcher’s next door but needs extra cash?
Better find a job to support that woman’s dream, nonnie!

No. 1211721

File: 1618800037076.jpg (122.63 KB, 1080x780, Screenshot_20210418-213917_You…)

Has anyone else gotten a fucking State Farm AD of all things about this troon realizing when he was a woman??

No. 1211738

Based on what, having lower car insurance payments?

No. 1211739

He looks like a fucking husk.

No. 1211759

>I shid and fard around the same time every month so I have a period

Soon they’re going to start claiming their neovag oozing bloody infected puss is a period too.

No. 1211762

no they consider that "having a WAP"

No. 1211777

File: 1618806921864.png (492.96 KB, 1200x1185, trans bees.png)

>trans men.
Nobody wants those gender traitors. Anyway, working on stealth peaking material.

Should I drop the TERB line?

No. 1211780

period supplies being marketed to trannies, Just you wait, I can guarantee it.

pretty certain someone already has. I think it was a few threads back

No. 1211794

I'd drop the last line, I think it speaks for itself more without it. Just the cold facts are better I think than pointing out the ridiculousness of individual trans reactions. The entire situation is incredulous, and I think that works better than making it seem like an "attack" on how they react.

No. 1211836

> could let me into the hive

There's a typo in this line, a missing "you" between "could" and "let".

No. 1211880

if the bee won´t let the wasp in, it´s responsible for the wasp getting killed by insecticides

No. 1211884

Maybe it's time to conquer context comprehension.

No. 1211886

lmfao wtf

No. 1211888

File: 1618821889868.jpg (Spoiler Image,969.6 KB, 3024x4032, 362u66p7scl31.jpg)

extremely graphic and disgusting, click at your own risk, NSFL, don't say i didn't warn you

someone on another board said this was a tranny's tranny lover (neovagina included). wtf is wrong with that neovagina with hairy chunks.. not to mention the weird melted ass scar tissue? wtf

No. 1211890

>>tfw you wet sneeze all over your girl during sex and you just pretend you’ve cum

No. 1211891

No neovagina in sight, that's a male asshole with hemorrhoids (not surprising because he is obese) and the scars are from repeatedly occurring buttcheek cysts that he popped/self lanced over and over without proper medical care

No. 1211892

Those are hemorrhoids… But j have no idea why the fuck his ass skin looks like scrote skin or what all those black smudges are

No. 1211901

NTA but holy fuck. that somehow makes it worse than if it was a neovagina. these people are so focused on their coom they can't even tell how disgusting they look

No. 1211907

ah yes the good old
>man: women are crazy and retarded
>acts crazy and retarded
>see? I'm a woman

No. 1211915

File: 1618826459115.jpg (431.52 KB, 2448x3264, j4pn5xciuke21.jpg)

This pic is from reddit user geeky_laina. If you check his post history he posted a pic of his wife's tits and they were…natural. I'm pretty sure his wife is an actual woman, just has an unfortunate ass. It could be someone else's ass, but I don't wanna believe someone else would let him do that to them.

No. 1211921

File: 1618828919597.png (42.45 KB, 1186x313, you will never be an anime.png)

>you will never be an anime
comment under this "miku says trans rights" video that got recommended to me. Youtube must hate me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbGmabfvRrY

No. 1211933

Does anyone know if Emily Kavanaugh from Night Club is a troon or just unfortunate looking? Vid related.

No offense, but this is an exact illustration for "the left can't meme" meme(Not milk)

No. 1211936

File: 1618833076595.png (689.56 KB, 778x568, 1617799676910.png)

>period supplies being marketed to trannies, Just you wait, I can guarantee it.
already happened in one of the previous threads

No. 1211942

don't make me laugh, every troon would kill for her voice. She's obviously female

No. 1211945

>No offense, but this is an exact illustration for "the left can't meme" meme
I don't think this is supposed to be a meme anon

No. 1211947

The fastest redtext I've ever seen kek

No. 1211963

wtf? sorry for blogposting but i've been to their shows, she's definitely a real woman… you guys need to cool it down with the trans speculations, not all women fit 100% with what is seen as conventionally feminine.

No. 1211994

No. 1211999

but… this image has been floating around the internet for years w/o your dumb line about 'terb's

No. 1212004

Post caps baby, this an image board

No. 1212030

File: 1618844943910.jpeg (46.92 KB, 640x578, 67BE8E8B-D69A-4879-B10F-2ADF59…)

Someone with an account go get the tea pls

No. 1212044

File: 1618845826921.jpeg (214.12 KB, 933x1393, 851C9F03-E602-40C0-ACD8-689C40…)

This man is annoying asf

No. 1212051

File: 1618846099576.jpeg (179.94 KB, 640x579, 41080DE8-B0FA-4CC7-B560-4043CE…)

No. 1212055

File: 1618846362116.jpeg (342.63 KB, 630x869, 26DC7AD2-3E81-4BBA-92F5-A82DA3…)

Flee the county from what exactly?

No. 1212056

File: 1618846468837.jpeg (239.26 KB, 640x682, 4EAD06F4-CE4C-4D71-8DB1-47BC67…)

Fucking pedo

No. 1212059

File: 1618846582471.jpeg (338.35 KB, 640x759, CF5F63AA-EEE0-442E-A279-C45381…)

No. 1212061

File: 1618846698361.jpeg (223.99 KB, 640x641, 675A533B-48C1-4C17-BD17-D84F4D…)

Males who whinge about sexual repression either:
A. Want to fuck dogs
B. want to fuck kids
C. Want to masturbate in public
D. All of the above and more

No. 1212069

File: 1618847165235.jpeg (214.79 KB, 640x689, 99117294-0BE8-4256-9925-3AFAB2…)

No. 1212073

File: 1618847389305.jpeg (392.46 KB, 640x799, FDA1386E-A97C-49E6-BF95-332E1D…)

No. 1212075

>people from every corner of the political spectrum, from the far right to radical feminists, oppose your movement
>maybe I'm doing something wrong?
>no, it's everyone else who's a bigot

No. 1212076

File: 1618847510594.jpeg (366.13 KB, 640x831, C3ADA435-1DE1-4626-9EDC-C79E2B…)

No. 1212077

>cis people are way more confused about their identities and sense of self then the vast majority of transpeople
the cope is unreal. I have never, ever seen a normal person break down crying for having the wrong pronoun used or feel the need to validate their identity constantly through clothing, speech patterns or hobbies. The entirety of a trans journey, as THEY tell it, is trying to figure out their own identity, to be trans is to literally be confused.

No. 1212081

File: 1618847606496.jpeg (319.46 KB, 640x859, AF605B98-2B6A-41C3-A069-399FEC…)

No. 1212083

File: 1618847645396.jpeg (349.53 KB, 640x871, 2FF69392-425E-48C8-A4B7-AAAC19…)

War is peace

No. 1212084

File: 1618847658869.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3464x3464, 8F24B989-1EE0-490B-A838-DD997C…)

I love this takes so much.
>I will vaguely put my blopnouns and sparkledog name but you better assume this is what I want!
>just because a tranny raped some children and killed women doesn’t mean you can’t respect them!
>It’s not a phase, mom!

No. 1212085

File: 1618847674292.jpeg (334.23 KB, 640x856, 68467545-5691-45B4-A6D6-150FAA…)

Freedom is slavery

No. 1212089

File: 1618847744115.jpeg (361.43 KB, 640x869, FD964B73-0F34-4236-9071-5F9F2E…)

Ignorance is strength

No. 1212091

File: 1618847793289.jpeg (348.24 KB, 640x864, EB72B1DF-FBA9-42C7-B33B-93D506…)

No. 1212093

It seems that their current approach is painting all gender critical people as ebil religious republicans and without actually addressing the concerns from even their own lgbt community…

No. 1212095

File: 1618847927398.jpeg (313.65 KB, 640x850, EF96D15B-44AD-4EDA-A586-795FE0…)

No. 1212097

File: 1618848025343.jpeg (323.3 KB, 640x849, 47EF0C30-53E5-4194-8D94-8B0100…)

No. 1212099

File: 1618848071234.jpeg (187.77 KB, 828x1473, 09032743-036F-4F0E-A909-00BBE1…)

Oh the mentally ill man is going to lecture us

No. 1212101

File: 1618848127757.jpeg (325.64 KB, 640x866, 3E4F1293-31D2-4400-A208-DB9133…)

No. 1212105

File: 1618848233217.jpeg (315.3 KB, 640x849, 9C5CA51C-6AC3-46AE-9A10-EF03F8…)

Tranny gulag when?

No. 1212106

The ignorance about the way women have been shamed and secluded for their periods and STILL are to this day
I expect the rest of this year to be TRAs and media outlets bringing out the big guns now they've realized the backlash

No. 1212111

File: 1618848348393.jpeg (288.28 KB, 640x670, EA5ED81D-086A-444A-91BB-A9676E…)

No more semen stains in the women’s bathroom hooray.

No. 1212113

File: 1618848375464.jpeg (271.53 KB, 640x706, 9EBC2D7A-68F0-4A0C-902A-62B926…)

No. 1212116

File: 1618848445347.jpeg (336.56 KB, 640x859, 66AF699C-A6EF-4B19-9762-54B049…)

Won’t somebody please think of the children!

No. 1212117

File: 1618848487784.jpeg (166.37 KB, 640x446, 91039093-967A-46A0-94E4-2ABF01…)

Haha BTFO’d

No. 1212124

anon for the love of god next time please make a collage or take one long screenshot. oh and sage your posts (by writing "sage" in the email field)

No. 1212129

>the GOP thinks they can win on this openly
Hate to say it but they probably can (in terms of the public, but they'll have to deal with the massive wealth of big pharma and the like). From observation trans ideology is spreading and increasing the amount of people affected, even if it's largely teenagers in a phase, those are people's relatives. There's also trans widows. Individually those may be small groups but it's reaching into every crevice. This is going to come more to the spotlight because a lot of us know trans people now and they're showing them in all our media. The effects on people's physical health, mental wellness, heat over pronouns and the efforts to shove men into women's bathrooms/shelters/sports (plus all the crazy AGPs making themselves known in the worst way) are snowballing to make the US population shift priorities imo, whether truly right wing or not I can see this shifting in their favor.

No. 1212138

I know how to sage retard. If I made a thread on my shitty phone then nobody would be able to see it.

No. 1212140

this sentence makes no sense. why bring the nazis into this? I know why but they could've mentioned one or the other. making a connection from jim crow to the nazis makes it more transparent that they're trying to scare people with "it will be nazi germany all over again!" also they're weirdly overlooking that the jim crow south was bad enough to not need this comparison but of course we need maximum outrage.

No. 1212145

File: 1618850072490.png (171.57 KB, 720x1277, IMG_20210419_103324.png)

No. 1212146

You don’t need to post all of them. Just make a collage. And for the next time, you can screenshot the whole thread by clicking on the screenshot as soon as you capture it, checking “full page” then saving.

No. 1212156

File: 1618850672167.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, 1323123516269.jpg)

Jesus christ, just throw all of Reddit in the trash already

No. 1212157

A lot of explicit pictures of women on reddit are posted without their permission. There is no verification process for a lot of these NSFW subs. His wife probably doesn't even know that those photos are out there.

No. 1212159

You're probably just sharing the image and not the original poster, but what the hell does it even have to do with troons? This isn't the reddit hate thread.

No. 1212160

This is vile. Gender critical and pink pill feminism goes down but this is allowed…

No. 1212165

Oh yeah, it's completely unrelated sorry. I just hate when anons post links instead of screencaps.
I guess their point was that they delete terf/gc subs and not this kind of bullshit. But yeah.

No. 1212166

Can you do that on a phone tho?

No. 1212168

girl you dont even know what a fuckin thread is just wait until you get to a computer, learn to sage, stop clogging up the thread and quit sperging

No. 1212170

Being sexually attracted to your own daughter is abusive. I am so angry rn that that these men can come to a place where they are not heavily shamed and abuse their children.

No. 1212175

Ok answer my question: can you screenshot a whole page on a phone yes or no? Because I don’t think you can. I didn’t sage it because it’s milk. Girl do you even know how to read or write? Go make the thread for me if you’re that autistic you sperg out about 8 - 10 posts.

No. 1212176

throw your cringe anime reaction gifs along with them, this isn't scote-chan.

No. 1212177


No. 1212183

NTA, just went to check and you can easily do it on the phone, I figured it out under 10 seconds and I don't even phonepost, so you must be an absolute retard. Learn to integrate and don't shit up the thread with 20+ unsaged tweets a line at a time, when the hell have you seen anyone do that in here?

No. 1212184

File: 1618852253757.jpeg (175.5 KB, 640x549, 2E65BB3B-8E67-4B70-A64C-079179…)


No. 1212188

So where did you do that, on the Twitter app? Because I don’t have the app.
I’ve seen it, and I didn’t care enough to start infights over it. I just scroll past and move the fuck on

No. 1212189

the SEX binary is innate and recognized by the law. Why are they so stupid

No. 1212190

So where did you do that, on the Twitter app? Because I don’t have the app.
I’ve seen it, and I didn’t care enough to start infights over it. I just scroll past and move the fuck on>>1212183

No. 1212204

If this was a just world, these subs would still exist but as honeypots to get your IP and username on the feds' radar for closer surveillance. People who wanna brag about this level of degeneracy online deserve to be monitored, and v& if anything escalates.

No. 1212211

File: 1618853820067.png (34.29 KB, 590x402, 43'.PNG)

kek at this dude actually using a mens restroom but also accidentally forgetting that ftm trannies exist too.. Freudian slip?

No. 1212214

File: 1618853903046.png (52.32 KB, 810x401, topless.png)

Today's absolutely real girl brain thing that women are coded to feel from birth: covering up your upper body. It's not like girls are actually TOLD to cover up by adults as soon as they get over toddler age.

No. 1212220

File: 1618854077739.jpg (294.62 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20210419-194029_Twi…)

what does this even mean

No. 1212250

He's a man who dedicated his entire life to his sissy hypno fetish who now wants to larp "the lesbian experience" but can't because he's never been a woman or with a woman and doesn't know shit about women, who's looking for validation along the lines of "you were a woman and a lesbian this whole time! You were just comphet which is heckin cute and valid!"

No. 1212272

File: 1618856382931.png (52.62 KB, 783x425, uwu.png)

Troons and bisexuals co-opting comphet will never not be maddening.

No. 1212281

>attack LGBT youth
I have a love/hate relationship with how troons always end up saying "LGBT" instead of just "trans." Hate how obviously manipulative it is (what laws are being put in effect to stifle gay kids right now in the US?) and how it will most likely damage LGB rights in the long run. But I do love how it's essentially an admission that they can't stand on their own, and need to attach themselves onto a group of people who are actually oppressed to be taken seriously at all. This is why they cling to feminism and black rights so tight, too, even though it's painfully obvious that they only give a shit about these things on an aesthetic level, if at all.

Boys, if murder is so bad, why does it need to be enforced by law?

Cool, I guess women in Africa who weren't socialized to think of breasts as sexual aren't women?

Retarded man gives himself brainrot, views some men as women. Surprised to find he is now attracted to feminine men.
Please, exit my trauma zone. Your strange coomer habits are self-inflicted.

No. 1212293

File: 1618857938030.gif (4.14 MB, 140x140, 4F689C87-49E8-4749-B93E-2D89EF…)

Yes on iOS. When you screenshot and the shot shows on screen then slides to the left corner, click on it. It should take you to an edit page where you can crop the pic and highlight things. On top of the page toggle from “screen” to “full page”. Done.

No. 1212295

Okay, but I'm way too curious about how some ftm managed to get blood on the urinal? Either way it's funny that this dude forgot the inverse of him larping as a woman is a thing

No. 1212303

Can we please stop the screenshot sperging?

No. 1212306

File: 1618858705932.jpeg (49.9 KB, 750x715, 699EBBAE-CBE3-48B2-B92E-C1D79E…)

>HRT switched me to a lesbian

I want them to explain to me how this makes sense. If that’s the case, will more testosterone make a homosexual man straight? Are women with higher levels of estrogen all lesbians? Sounds like some type of conversion therapy.

No. 1212319

There are stand-to-pee devices designed for pre-op ftms to "stealth" the men's restroom. They also make them for non-tranny women to use for porta-potties or camping that aren't hotdog shaped but they are basically a funnel you put over your privates to redirect your pee, so it makes sense that menstrual blood could have dripped into something like that. It could also have been a man who went into the restroom with an injury elsewhere on his body, or a man pissing blood due to a health problem. Love how he thinks he's roasting men but instead reveals he's too retarded to come up with any logical reason as to why blood might be there. Plus, he's a mtf in the men's restroom. What if whoever bled in there was another she/her tranny? How dare assume their gender!

No. 1212320

File: 1618859760999.png (56.77 KB, 557x485, Screenshot 2021-04-19 121121.p…)

saged for non-milk but petition to stop morons like this from going to grad school. that has to be where they're all learning to write flowery sentences with big words that mean nothing. it's like mad libs but they fill in every slot with "colonialism"

big time brain genius discovers that sexual dimorphism is actually colonialism, wins nobel prize in sociology

No. 1212331

File: 1618860449500.jpeg (39.48 KB, 659x609, 014BC012-B58E-4C63-A51C-773E55…)

I fucking love when people type like this trying to sound intelligent, but it only backfires because you can see how hard they're trying. Is that thesaurus heavy king/queen?

No. 1212333

File: 1618860657182.gif (867.43 KB, 500x256, 25E5AAE2-FFFA-4D3D-A46C-0D97C6…)

Ty babe

No. 1212336

It’s just a scrote with chlamydia nonny it ain’t that deep

No. 1212346

am I retarded or does that 2nd tweet make no logical sense? Genuine question, maybe it's the lack of punctuation but I have no idea what that fuck he's trying to say.
Btw I love how he uses all these big words but mixes up "it's" and "its"

No. 1212352

> were they nice
Sorry I laughed at how retarded that sounds

What the fuck. I hate this with all my heart I hate this, I wish I could dox these kind of people to their family, wives, employment and ruin their lives

No. 1212353

File: 1618861465314.jpeg (45.61 KB, 800x450, 2EB02D7D-2BB3-45D8-B927-115C18…)

tfw your dexterity is lacking

okay, twitter person, I'll accept what you say that everyone before colonialism had zero conception of sex. er, sorry, I mean the bifurcation of the body, as you said. kek

these idiots equate different cultural norms around gender, all of which still recognize sex, with: "colonialism ruined everything guise they were totally woke!! pushing gay men to the outbounds of society to be prostituted and mocked because they are 'basically women' was peak gender theory in action!" I wonder if they know this still happens today including to male children.

I know what all those words mean and I'm sure you do too, but piled together like this he's not using them in the right context plus it's so fucking clunky grammatically.

>i'm so sick of people treating sex as something real instead of an entire social construct just because connotations about gender were created around it and they are subjective.

No. 1212360

uhh ok siri what's a synonym foooor uhhhhhhhhh

No. 1212362

>>1212353 samefag but to specify he's probably implying that cultures with a "third gender" (always a way to other gays and gnc people who proceed to be mistreated by society even worse) prove that sex is not a binary so intersex people aren't abnormalities. even though they are so rare, still male or female (with disorders specific to each), and also unable to reproduce.

No. 1212365

Sultans from the Ottoman Empire with their harem of teenage eunuchs was peak woke. The white man ripped it all away from us :’(

No. 1212368

>If race is innate and biological then why does it need enforced by law?? why can't I switch that "white" marking in my records??? hmmm???

Honestly for a lot of these people it feels like they're just degenerates that will fuck anything conventionally attractive because they've fried their brains with porn.

I'd laugh but this is legitimately the narrative they're pushing

No. 1212369

creating a third gender for men who deviate from the norm and usually imposing forced marriage/rape for women who deviate from the norm is so genderqueer. nothing more radical and non-binary than excluding people from normal society!

No. 1212374

If the catholics want to be woke they just need to start calling their altar boys altar femboys or altar enbys.

No. 1212394

>altar enbys
Holy shit my sides

No. 1212402

I can't give any details bc of HIPAA but I got my first "u-uwu I'm being deadnamed by paperwork" complaint at work today. To bad, male. Also, first AND last name change? What crimes are you hiding sir(Blogging)

No. 1212407

Also, let's just say he's involved in a program reserved for the elderly, people missing limbs, and retards, and he was not old.

No. 1212437

the first image to make me gag on this hell site. how would anyone think that's sexy

No. 1212470

He’s clearly retarded though

No. 1212473

So stupid. I will absolutely say whatever the fuck I want about my body and my experience as a woman. I’m tired of the attempted silencing over it.

Imagine the experience of the average female for millennia. Somehow we’ve managed.

No. 1212478

That man can do no wrong.

No. 1212512

File: 1618872331953.png (712.57 KB, 910x1049, florida.png)

[Not that I agree with the bill but] a doctor giving a physical exam to a child is pedophilia but wanting to be grown men in little girl's spaces isn't?

No. 1212525

Having a laugh at the bright pink reddit mascot avatars. Even their icons look like troons

No. 1212576

File: 1618875820556.png (81.45 KB, 576x484, Screenshots_2021-04-19-16-38-3…)

So the heterosexual man with a cock in a frock expects women with vaginas to fuck him like a woman with a vagina? I'm confused. How is it possible for a troon not to be "the guy" if he still has a dick?

No. 1212579

File: 1618876144550.png (500.59 KB, 576x809, Screenshots_2021-04-19-16-47-2…)

Samefag but this is him. I sincerely doubt any woman is fucking him, even as a man.

No. 1212581


No. 1212588

i'm also confused by this
from what i'm getting they're a mtf lesbian
and the 'hetero guy before' is also a mtf? but is expecting them to perform as the masculine role 'so you can feel like a woman' because they're 'just another girl like all the others you've ever dated, just like you'

No. 1212601

none of his rant makes any sense. these imaginary dudes he’s dating are treating him like a man but they’re both lesbians? if this dude has the body type theyre into, why would they treat him like a man if they were supposedly hetero before?

dude broke my brain trying to comprehend this.

No. 1212603

>mom said it's my turn on the xbox

No. 1212616

I finally get what he was saying now, thank you. He's a fag who wants to bottom for fags. Both he and his hypothetical partner are transbians, but topping makes him feel like the man he actually is instead of the uwu lesbian he envisions himself to be. Whatever. At the very least, he's not forcing actual lesbians into playing the "male" role in his alleged sexual encounters. I'll give him props for that, I guess. I still dunno why he can't just be a gay guy who prefers to bottom though. It would be far less complicated.

No. 1212673

yeah no it just seems like homosexuality with extra steps

similarly i had a ftm friend who decided they were a gay male in their heart and started dating one of my friends who was a straight cis male. the straight cis male didn't care that he was dating an allegedly gay man because he still got to stick his dick in a vagina/anus on a regular basis like he would have with a cis, hetero, female-identifying biological woman, but also as a bonusTM he's now part of the cool kids club because he's dating a transman. the mental gymnastics here are ludicrous.

No. 1212703

I would so much like to treat him like the woman in the relationship: belittle him, criticize his looks, prevent him from having friends, stereotype him as a dumb bimbo, everything bad that comes from the role he fetishizes

No. 1212725

that’s a tranny’s kink. they brag about being catcalled.

No. 1212732

File: 1618891092622.png (798.12 KB, 1280x641, im scared to download this pic…)


theres no "guy" role in lesbian relationships. this is such a scrote thought. i feel like lesbians have discussed this like a thousands times but these idiots always need to set everything back for the rest of the LGBT.


he can pass as the scary bitch in Pet Sematary

No. 1212759

"Liberated sexual practices" are why the community is full of people like Kevin Gibes and Jonathan Yaniv. They're actively damaging public perception of gay people with this shit– trannies get to run around being diaperfurs and shit while gay normies have to deal with the social fallout of having them in their movement.

I don't want troons in female spaces, but when it comes to bathrooms in particular, any laws barring troons from women's rooms is going to be unenforceable. Playing in sports and being incarcerated involve a lot of documentation, so it's easy to know who's actually female and who isn't. But there's no practical way to ensure that bathrooms are being used by the right people– the only thing keeping those practices in place up to this point was social etiquette, which troons clearly don't give a fuck about anyway.

The fact of the matter is that multiple-stall public bathrooms have never been safe for women. It's just getting worse now because troons are eroding the social boundaries that helped discourage at least some perverts from entering women's bathrooms.

So basically, he thinks republicans invented transphobia in 2015 because gay marriage became legal? Hate to break it to you, but feminism and the LGBT (specifically the GBT) have historically clashed more often than they've gotten along. Feminism has been aware of and opposed to troon nonsense for a hell of a lot longer than Republicans or Orange Man.

Classic pseudobisexuality– they're not actually attracted to other people at all regardless of gender. They're just aroused by themselves and the idea of being a woman, so they'll fuck whoever most validates their narcissistic delusions.

It's also likely that he's still actually gay, and just considers himself a "lesbian" because he exclusively fucks other TIMs.

No. 1212767

File: 1618895152714.jpg (134.98 KB, 848x942, 1561732887574.jpg)

Careful, you might summon the eunuch-chans.

No. 1212796

welp, my bad for thinking i could visit lolcow for a nice bedtime scroll. this is a face scary enough to be the jump scare in one of those old screamer flash videos. those empty eyes… eesh

No. 1212820

File: 1618906075010.png (18.65 KB, 595x235, fgdgdj8.PNG)

you're a gay man and your boyfriend is a gay man too.

No. 1212822

The bill doesn't even lead to 'genital inspections'. That is something that' completely mafe up by pro-trans groups. Literal fake news.

No. 1212845

It's unironically all your fault that tall women are made uncomfortable, trannies.

No. 1212848

why do they do this? I wonder if they get off on saying the most absurd nonsensical things and knowing no one can contradict them. like is it a power trip for them to go online and say stuff like "there's no such thing as a biological woman" "my penis is female" and know they can shut down anyone who says anything?

No. 1212856

File: 1618912507736.jpg (262.19 KB, 1080x1279, xx.jpg)

>4 teens attempted suicide after anti-teen transitioning news
>transphobes are saying TRAs are weaponizing suicide!!!4!

No. 1212858

I had to read this like 4 times to understand that he's in a transbian relationship with another transbian and the other guy wants him to be the "male" one in the relationship for gender validation and feeling more feminine. So yeah two men in a homosexual relationship pretending to be female lesbians and the other one is pissed the other one wants them to be "butch" to feel more feminine in contrast. Amazing.

No. 1212863

imagine getting children addicted to artificial hormones and then crying oppression when the government catches onto your child abuse.

No. 1212864

If we're going to go by the assumption that the suicide attempts were serious and not just screaming "I wish I was dead", these kids have comorbid dire mental problems that need to be treated. In my country you couldn't even get the trans treatments if you were depressed and suicidal, you have to actually be of sound mind to be allowed to begin medical transitioning. You don't attempt suicide as a kid only because you won't get to mutilate your body at 12. For christ's sake.

And yes, TRAs absolutely weaponize suicide and use statistics based on a bogus study. Every time I see this shit I'm reminded of the fact that according to the actual numbers teenage lesbians were most likely to die by suicide and how nobody ever talks about that.

No. 1212867

File: 1618914256717.jpg (312.45 KB, 1080x833, theactualfuck.jpg)

I think we should all sue mother nature for not asking for consent

No. 1212869

File: 1618914340744.jpeg (97.65 KB, 1473x628, D1A91224-7CB5-4C9E-838A-08FF42…)

How very feminine of you…

No. 1212871

>reference to sex appeal
>picrew icon
We could tell you were male before you even spoke.

No. 1212886

File: 1618919307471.jpg (994.9 KB, 2349x2037, cimallecamille.jpg)

No. 1212887

this kind of retarded rambling reminds me of kelly lenza

No. 1212890

sounds like when "cis women" talk to you there's a "you being an envious misogynist" dynamic. The power thing is interesting though, does this guy think even a pre transition ftm has male privilege or power over him? Because that's retarded

No. 1212904

Damn, Stephen King trooned out?

No. 1212921

"distinctly male adult body" ummmmmm kind of colonizer rhetoric… No trans woman has a male body even if she goes through her natal puberty uwu. Kind of white supremacist to suggest that…

No. 1212922

lord this dude is seething so hard in the pic on the left it is hilarious to me lmfao. the ultimate picture of impotent troon fury

No. 1212927

Isn't it victim-blaming to say that not passing causes people to be assaulted? Also, there's no guarantee you'll pass even if you do medically transition as a minor– Nikki did and he still looks like a linebacker. A better way to ensure your safety would be to carry a weapon, like a taser or a gun.

It's worth mentioning as well that there isn't much overlap between the people being assaulted on the street and the ones who would actually use these treatments as minors. The fact of the matter is that white TIMs and their middle-class munchie parents are the ones pushing for this shit, not the black and latino sex workers who actually have to deal with violent homophobia.

On top of all that, the most recent research indicates that SRS doesn't lower a patient's risk for suicide, and may actually increase it slightly. Obviously what we're talking about here is blockers and HRT, but the point still stands. So basically, people want to do this shit to kids when they have very little evidence to prove that it actually prevents tragedy.

No. 1212932

File: 1618932500246.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.55 KB, 1152x2048, yellow teeth.jpg)

DO not click if you don't want to see Kevin Gibes "girlfriend"'s cone tits and super yellow teeth.
He claims that no one didn't know he was trans until someone asked him. Brave AND stunning. He fucked his body up to the point he has to wear a strap on and is in literal pain when he gets a hard on. Yet he claimed his dick works fine.

No. 1212938

For some reason, the eyebrows are the worst offence in this pic for me

No. 1212939

File: 1618933270512.jpeg (19.26 KB, 400x300, images.jpeg)

Ha I remember that episode, the whole joke was that those 3 were clearly fully grown adult men wearing flimsy disguises but the people of Townsville were complete idiots that they couldn't realize it, It was a joke literal children could understand but now its not so funny anymore cause we live in that reality, where fully grown adult men wearing flimsy disguises are considered real women

No. 1212950

Imagine living such a privileged life i know I’m whining but this is baffling that you want to kill yourself because you can’t get invasive body mods.
It’s like trying to kill yourself because you’re fat at 12 and you can’t get a gastric bypass or because you’re flat at 10 and you want to kill yourself because you can’t get breast implants.
This is so fucking retarded, what are we even alive for?

No. 1212952

Its the daffodil yellow teeth for me. Absolutely disgrace of a human

No. 1212956

According to that study the more the troon passes (in terms of the study, the amount/frequency of the occurrences of being clocked as trans) the more they are at risk of suicide, the reason being that FTMs objectively pass much better than MTFs due to testosterone's effects being largely irreversible and stronger. And FTMs being (often lesbian) women are at a much bigger risk of killing themselves. It's bizarre that this doesn't get talked about and it's always about muh trans women hogging the spotlight when some white narcissistic AGP troon has a microscopical chance of killing themselves and even the PoC MTFs at the highest risk of dying are more likely to die of murder due to a drug/sex work related lifestyle than suicide. They've twisted and turned the facts to gaslight the whole world to give them what they want because when the mask is off, they're just incels who found the golden ticket to untouchability.

No. 1212959

File: 1618936423654.jpeg (435.77 KB, 640x900, F73F0F84-B1C9-4BB4-B4E5-14B35E…)

No. 1212962

wtf this is the second thing I have read about Scotland on here, the other is the reply about a Scottish animal rights activist found with cp

No. 1212970

Just start killing rapists then. Dead ones can't self id

No. 1212975


No. 1212985


No. 1212986

This is the only real solution

No. 1212990

tfw the far right cares about women more than liberal "feminists"

No. 1212996

File: 1618939989968.jpeg (37.26 KB, 720x718, 57AF8E8F-9F36-40E8-B747-2093C3…)

Oops, had no idea it was a far right website. I just stumbled on the article by chance. Never saw or heard of it before.

No. 1213000

File: 1618940190981.png (1.58 MB, 1442x1604, tranny1618937729113.png)

Here's some sad shit.

No. 1213007

Sounds pretty fake to me tbh

No. 1213008

I find it hard to believe that a doctor would recommend black market testosterone. This sounds fake.

No. 1213010

shitty low effort larp, the op pic and the one in the top right aren't even the same person

No. 1213011

this is clearly fake as shit are you really this stupid? lmfao
>both parents medically transition just to support trans son
>now son has horrible deformities and seizures and asks "why did you do this to me father"
>doctor says it's "too dangerous" for son to go off estrogen, recommends BLACK MARKET testosterone
>wife has heart attack and dies
>bereaved husband posts sob story on 4chan, calls self an "uneducated old man" who doesn't understand how the internet works

No. 1213041


No. 1213045


HER also endorses?!?! how dare you misgender tucker carlson!

No. 1213049

>site with Milo Yiannopoulos as an ex-editor cares more for women than "feminist" rags

No. 1213054

hating trannies isnt an excuse to be a retard, the breitbart freaks hate you even more than them

No. 1213101

Local Youtube troon verilybitchie talks about why people hate bisexual women. The thumbnail fired preliminary warnings but it was too late. Content feels like they were ran through Hontra's nervous face sweat factory that could supply these people with years of salty horse piss.

No. 1213103

Samefag but found another video by them talking about transphobic cosnpiracy theories.

No. 1213122

File: 1618951144586.png (16.5 KB, 536x125, rt435.PNG)

what does this even mean

No. 1213128

I think they’re just saying that troons (neo-femoids) complain about having testosterone but they see it as something that gives them positivity?
Idk but I am slightly jealous that men can lose weight easier due to testosterone levels lol

No. 1213139

thank you, this makes a lot more sense lmao

and i am extremely jealous that men lose weight easier! "omg i lost 100 lbs in 2 months eating nothing but 1200 daily calories worth of burgers and bacon and cheese! and my gf lost 4 lbs doing the exact same thing :)"

wish there was a way to simulate that effect for women that wasn't permanently fucking with their bodies.

No. 1213158

Men lose weight faster but their type of obesity is much more harmful to them than female obesity to women. Android obesity is hormonally active and can cause development of the metabolic syndrom. It's kinda fair that they at least have better time losing it. Gynoid obesity is mostly mechanically harmful, bad for the joints but the fat isn't really as hormonally active as men's abdominal fat is. Women in general should have more fat and it's more dangerous for them to have low percentage of body fat. Current trends have it all backwards when you look at the biology (skelly women and kinda big man that don't ever diet). No hate to skellies from a fellow bone rattler but it isn't healthy for women to be skinny, unlike men who should have lower body fat and are in risk of android obesity. That's I guess why they biologically lose fat faster, for them it's more harmful.

Sage for medsperg

No. 1213174

There must be a crossover between troons and flat earthers. Both of them think smugly denying obvious facts makes them smart.
At least flat earthers come up with wack theories to counteract things like the horizon existing, I have not once seen a troon come up with an alternate theory of sexual reproduction that includes their 'spectrum of sexes'. Apparently saying it's racist is enough to shut down all critical thought.

No. 1213206

File: 1618959205659.jpeg (582.47 KB, 828x917, 1555D10A-811D-4379-A380-13E9B1…)

Seen in the wild on a Facebook group about alt makeup
I’m just baffled he thinks there’s any difference between these looks

No. 1213237

File: 1618962098162.jpeg (192.1 KB, 806x1000, 0E77F9C6-9E89-48AD-87AE-3A1376…)

i saw this on r/gatekeeping and thought it was hilarious they posted a great argument against drag queens.

No. 1213240

How are people supposed to judge his makeup and give feedback when the pics have so many filters on?

No. 1213241

File: 1618962704775.png (66.12 KB, 576x480, Screenshots_2021-04-20-16-42-4…)

This is a perfect example of why troons aren't, and could never be, women. Most women don't like bras; it's the first thing most of us take off as soon as we get home after a long day. A cute or sexy bra is great and all, but they sure as hell don't feel like hugs.

No. 1213247

It’s also because testosterone can literally improve your mood. Many FtMs talk about it being a benefit.

No. 1213260

File: 1618965648899.png (109.61 KB, 500x229, B14C7DB0-0DC7-4458-AC5D-A0366F…)

Imagine the group with the literal bingo card of mental illnesses calling anyone unhinged.

No. 1213264

sage for ot but I will never understand why so many women say they hate wearing bras? It feels so much more comfortable to me to have them not moving around or to not have the bottom of my boobs touch my stomach when I sit down.

No. 1213269

Someone should point out this racist radfem to me.

No. 1213270


same, sports bra is far comfier than no bra

No. 1213271

nah, I have gotten over male metabolism envy by remembering that female metabolism is efficient while theirs is wasteful. women have the perfect metabolism if it weren't for men shoving down the dogma that they must be unhealthily and unnaturally skinny to be attractive, which makes us battle our metabolism at a young age

No. 1213276

I don't see how drag queens are relevant here. They don't deny the pretense, they don't invade women's spaces, they don't have surgeries, they aren't delusional. This thread isn't an opportunity to promote some Breitbartian agenda, scrote.

Fucking underwire, that's why.

No. 1213302

I guess if your breasts are so large they touch your stomach while sitting, bras would be more comfortable than the alternative.

No. 1213313

this scrote's face is huge and doughy and it's unsettling

annoying to see some coomer male representing lesbians as psychos that are just bitter about being dumped by a bi chick. what in the hell would he know about the complicated issues between lesbians and bisexual women? he is none of the above. it's perverse and inappropriate that he is sticking his nose (and dick, too, probably. agps get off on this whole charade) where it doesn't belong

No. 1213317

Honestly this, my nipples are super sensitive so I wear one 24/7 with zero issues.

No. 1213321

Everything wrong with agp scrotes in one video

No. 1213331


No. They biologically lose weight faster because their BMR is higher. Men are larger, and carry more muscle mass- so it takes more calories to sustain the weight.

If they cut back, they’re creating a deficit that would often be larger than women by virtue of their size. Sage for med sperg.

It’s easier for a man who burns 2200 calories per day to cut back 500 and lose weight, than a woman who only burns 1600 to cut back 500 and lose weight.

For the man, it’s more sustainable.

No. 1213361

Maybe someone can explain as I don’t know how it is for men, but women, starting from teenage age, are used to genital inspection at a gynecologist so I don’t see what is supposed to be traumatizing about this?

No. 1213364

File: 1618985107263.jpeg (608.6 KB, 1800x1430, 64DDE608-486D-4A44-B53A-780D0A…)

No. 1213367

>Radfems actually despise men and… uh oh, that's too relatable, let me see, they also hate.. checks notes queer people, racial minorities or any of these groups!
>Source: just trust me dude
What a cope. "Femcel conservatism" is probably the most absurd way to describe a movement that's based on giving women full autonomy over their own lives and bodies after centuries of oppression. What does it even mean? Is he implying that it's bitter cock-hungry tradthots that don't get laid and are taking their sexually deprived bitterness on ~kweer ppl~?

No. 1213369

Top kek anon lmfao

No. 1213376


The jokes literally write themselves. Imagine reading this shit and seeing this person and thinking that this is anything other than a gross perverted straight dude fetishizing Asian people and women. Do we even need to talk about those dreadlocks?

No. 1213377

He's so so close, people talk down to him(and other TiMS) because of the autism, not just because of his delusions

No. 1213401

You misunderstood my point. Yes, what you're saying is one of the factors but you can't pretend it's the only factor.
I was saying it biologically makes sense or is 'fair' for men to be able to lose weight faster because fat is more harmful for them and they are supposed to be lean and have more muscle.
Also android and gynoid obesity is very different, from localisation, mechanism of losing it to the fat cells. You should look into the differences in a few textbooks or studies before you straight up deny its importance.

No. 1213407

File: 1618992682218.png (132.62 KB, 668x803, twoxterfs.png)


A totally real ex-TERF wrote on open letter to ex-terfs on TwoXChromosomes on how they don't have to be that way, they just need to open their heart to lovecock and forget about any abuse they suffered cuz transwomen are DYING.
>Stop projecting your pain onto trans people. Take that torn up heart of yours and open it to love. It’s not too late. All you have to do is walk away. Reach out to trans communities on Reddit.

No. 1213408

Imagine if a white person said something like this to BLM?

No. 1213409

>trans people need allies. They are suffering. They are dying
Finally, some good fucking news

No. 1213411

>Hi ladies.
Kek even had the nerve to start with this. Listen to me sisters, as your fellow vagina haver I'd like you to open your eyes to the hate you're spreading, just accept the girldick you literal nazis. A bit of Not all men thrown in for good measure too.

If it's not a straight out powerlarp from a troon it could be a libfem who's fighting her cognitive dissonance breaking apart and has a chip on her shoulder from radfem communities not bending to their persistent "Okay but can we just accept that trans women are women though" cope like every other "ex-TERF" I've ever seen. It's so much easier to just accept the trans supremacy than fight it, not everyone has the willpower to keep going and some revert back. It's easier to lull yourself into the "Actually, they aren't that bad, right?" mindset and become a doormat.

But whichever the case I'm just appalled at the "it's not about child medicalization and sports being co-opted, it's about your fear and projection!!!!!" take. Awful lot of male-specific lack of sympathy towards female issues going on right there so I think I'm going to learn towards a larp.

No. 1213412

the tranny communities on reddit are worse than anywhere else, kek. if this is a real woman, then she's very easily manipulated.

No. 1213420

File: 1618995354497.png (406.98 KB, 500x379, roadwarriorhumungus[1].png)

>all you have to do is walk away

No. 1213430

I'm funny I never see them approaching men with a "just open your heart to Jesus!!" method, even when men are asked to consider women equal they're asked to think about their mothers and sisters. With women they're going straight for empathy for their abusers. And they don't go "think about your father potentially trooning out at 60!!" because it's a terrifying thought that'd probably peak more people than convince them, kek. Troons are easier to accept when they're just some weird community of internet strangers that are killing themselves because of deadnaming.

No. 1213434

File: 1618998644085.jpg (78.35 KB, 927x1200, IMG_20210421_054620.jpg)

This is making the rounds on Twitter

No. 1213435

Obvious fake. First of all Disney/Pixar wouldn't be caught dead putting gay characters in their movies so I'd imagine troons would receive the same treatment, they couldn't sell the movie overseas in homophobic countries (namely China). Secondly, they wouldn't give out details like this in a movie that's in production and hasn't received a worldwide reveal yet. Thirdly, casting agencies take care of the casting, not Pixar Animation Studios.

No. 1213436

File: 1618999528947.jpg (288.62 KB, 1023x1640, IMG_20210421_120403.jpg)

can't find any source other than this

I'm inclined to think this is real because Disney is trying to be ~woker~ these days (letting cast members show tattoos on costume, appointing a diversity committee) but I'm sure the character itself will have like two lines that can be easily dubbed over in China and Russia like the lesbian cop from Onward

No. 1213439

This is literally the only source saying "it's real" with absolutely nothing to back it up besides "trust us bruh". Some twitter account with 4000 followers maintained by a seedy organization with no contact info listed on their site. It's either them purposefully faking it or some troll sent them a fake mail from a @pixar.com mask to fuck with them. Why would Pixar first send the flyer to them of all organizations?

No. 1213443

It’s not real. This is not how any studio puts out casting notices and if they were too, it would not look like this and would come from an official social media page or email.

No. 1213445

This while thing sounds like it could potentially be grooming minors

No. 1213451

I don't really care if OP is male or female, or has ever been GC/RF. It doesn't matter in the slightest, because what their post says is stupid either way.
I'm pretty sure a lot of GC/RF types do stumble into their sociopolitical beliefs through being women who are androphobic after being traumatized by men. That doesn't mean they're wrong, though. It's just bold to say hate and anger aren't perfectly valid motivators for oppressed groups to think the ways they do, or that their hatred means they're not (morally and factually) correct and just. Would this person say that hating cops for, at large, being aggressive oppressors is a bad reason for black people to want the police to be defunded? I wouldn't imagine so. The same holds true here.
"Woman" is a biological fact, not a feeling, and men have oppressed and abused women for thousands of years. It doesn't matter if any of us only learned this through hating individual abusers.

No. 1213452

OP seems to be real, she has a bunch of posts about going through a divorce and asking female subreddits how to raise her sons into decent men, and a bunch of vegan shit. But she seems to be on some kind of self-guilt trip, she also made an "I was a TERF" manifesto on the r/trans sub, which spiritually is identital to the TwoX post, and they're obviously all over her.

No. 1213457

File: 1619003721678.png (77.99 KB, 1470x750, whatnow.png)

if they are a real person they are really dumb. they are claiming to be a gypsy because their jewish ancestors grew up in romania? LMAO.

they apparently have an eating disorder that was triggered by wanting to lose weight. maybe their eating disorder killed off their ability to reason?

>Women also rape women in prisons. That’s a rapist problem, not a trans problem.

also OP

> This title sounds bad, I know. I have never known a decent man in my life. Ever. My dad molested me. My male teachers rubbed my legs under desks. My time in the Army was full of hateful rumors and sexual assault. Almost every male friend I’ve ever had eventually tried to have sex with me and turned into a monster when rejected. My own husband of almost a decade cheated on me with hookers and other women. I have never known personally a decent man.

No. 1213458


also, samefag and saging because some americans might be put off by me using "gypsy" but i thought i might explain.

i grew up in eastern europe (hungary) and my grandmother was gypsy. "gypsy" is not considered to be a slur in hungary, my ex was from bucharest and said the same there. a lot of gypsies self-id as "gypsy." it's not really a slur unless you're from a progressive country that has barely any gypsies.

No. 1213465

Roma don’t come from fuckin Romania what a goddamn tard

No. 1213472

I cackled

No. 1213473

Why does this sound like something some tranny groomer would come up with. Don't worry kiddies this casting is soooper totally legitimate.

No. 1213477

Gypsy isn't really a slur to most normal americans. And most normal americans don't realize other groups like the Travellers even exist.

No. 1213482

Amerilards really take their 0.5% off white, mostly European heritage and think that they're a diversifying poc blackrights warrior.

No. 1213506

feminists fought to desexualize and destigmatize nipples for troons to cover themselves up because muh womanliness.

They seem to not understand how societies pre-colonialism were still mainly patriarchal and women were viewed as lesser than men, oppression against women wasn't introduced by the colonizers lmao. Colonialism seems to be twitter's boogeyman.

>redfems despise men
I see no problem with that

No. 1213530

From a country that has 3rd gendered people, its just confusing seeing wokesters try to claim them

Hijrads(or Khusras as their called in my country) were historically eunnch servants for sultan harems and or their children
The idea was that a guy with no penis probably wouldn't fuck the Sultans wives or abuse their kids sexually
But outside of that specific scenario they were viewed(and still are viewed) as being lesser men, most Khusras in my country are Gay men abandoned by their families and its tragic as most Khusras are either beggars or prostitutes

This was true even before the ebil WHITE Man came to India and made it unwoke

No. 1213534

Yeah right. No real women would ever change her beliefs once she’s opened her eyes to the reality of the trans movement.

Cool, but sage

No. 1213536

If you google "casting@pixar.com", the e-mail for contact listed in the ad, the only result that comes up is either this or a 2-year old leaked/faked casting call (since it's only on one suspicious site as well) for their upcoming movie "Luca" and this is almost word for word copied from that one including the "Are enthusiastic, outgoing, funny, and energetic." requirement. It's absolutely fake and I can't wait to see Pixar having to deal with the PR disaster of having to tell people they don't have any tranny movies in plans. Makes you wonder if this is a manipulative effort to make people pressure them into creating one.

No. 1213545

It's pretty funny in my opinion.
>New Generation of Eunuchs
>They parallel the Chinese Eunuchs who tried to take over everything.
>People thought they were saints till they hogged all the power and manipulated the shit out of the throne.
>Mass executions and oustings until the power was returned to who it belongs to.

No. 1213549

Stupid question, but were any of these third gender options accessible for female? It always sounds like a dunp site for gay and intersex men, never for lesbians and gnc women

No. 1213554

There's nothing for Female to Male lmao.

India is already a country with a fucked up gender ratio, fewer men opt to pretend to be women? Less competition. A woman decides to be a male? That means she can be an heir and that's a big fucking no to some families.

I honestly think this would be a good topic for our eastern friends but then it would be moved to the FtM threads.

No. 1213555

Kek, not that anon, but obviously not. In most of these countries women are subhuman, they don't get to opt out of serving men in one way or another. Men who do not want or can't be live up to the "man" role just get removed because out of the public eye because there's not much else they can do with them outside of outright murdering them, but it's not like they're gonna listen to a woman saying she's a lesbian, they're just gonna get "corrective raped".

No. 1213569

>real terf
>appeals to empathy
>it’s just trauma
>they need our protection
women who just hate troons and grow out of it need to leave us alone lmao I can see why some radfems are so pushy about people reading some fucking theory. I can’t ever in my life go back to thinking a man can ever be a woman, in any sense. It’s a lie.

No. 1213578

I looked at OP's post history, too. It could be real, but there's some weird pitstops in there. At one point they replied to something in r/NoFap about their ex husband's porn addiction. But they also ask how to raise their sons not to be monsters and blog about being vegan, like you said. If it's a LARP, it's weirdly tame and realistic. If it's not, though, OP did mention one of their sons being autistic, so maybe they are just an older woman with a head dent.

Honestly, shorthand versions and excerpts are lifesavers. If you're just testing the waters of GC/RF through anxiety-fueled troon hate, you're not going to spend money or extensive time on books. If OP is actually a woman, this could very well be a libfem to GC relapse back to libfem, and reading more theory would have absolutely helped with her resolve. It's hard to deprogram yourself, especially if all your friends are libfem. The guilt is crushing. It's not justified guilt, but if you don't have the tools to recognize that with, you're pretty much fucked.

Let's not derail, and get back to the trannies, though.

No. 1213583

Hilarious that this 'ex-TERF' suggests that radfems listen to what trans people have to say, when that's exactly what led to them being terf in the first place.

I suspect she was never a terf.

No. 1213586

Sage for off topic but there have been instances where girls renounce their womanhood to become "Honorary males" its incredibly rare compared to 3rd gendered males but its happened

In Afghanistan its called Bacha Posh(and still ongoing) it happened in Albania and Zambia
And despite the massive differences between these cultures all had the same socio-economic justifications and results

Rural families in extremely patriarchal countries didn't have any sons to provide for them and work the fields, so one of their daughters would essentially have to take over the traditional male role, but since these countries were illogically patriarchal they girl had to literally become male to be the breadwinner of the family

So women end up doing intense manual labor to provide for their shit families

No. 1213600

That's the thing, most "TERFs" are irreversibly peaked. Being critical of troons in the current political climate is a social suicide and the people willing to take that step aren't returning to the point before. A bleeding-heart "won't you please think of the men in dresses and their struggles" manifesto continuously downplaying the trauma caused to women by men won't change my mind.

I feel bad for this woman though, the world undeniably becomes even bleaker once you admit to yourself that the abuse from men is unjustified and there's no amount of manipulative reddit posts that could change it. If her post history is real then it's clear she's refusing to accept what happened to her as the result of systematic discrimination against women and not just "a few bad apples that ruined the bunch".

No. 1213632

Not to defend the trannies, but eunuchs have been a thing since the dawn of time, and they got by…ok… with hardly any androgens in their bodies. A boy on E would have fine bones, im pretty sure E even increases bone density. Trannies love to say they're hormonally female and it's actually kind of true. A boy on E wouldn't have stunted mental development any more than a girl does.

No. 1213635

You think only the testes produce testosterone? Nope. Unless they want their adrenal glands cut out they'll still have that icky boy juice.

No. 1213637



my man would never

No. 1213646

File: 1619029386893.jpg (140.36 KB, 720x1266, e-side-effects.jpg)

>"Trannies would be fine on HRT"
This isn't including the effects of hormone blockers or puberty blockers. Puberty blockers are the ones that stunt brain growth and give extreme bone density issues. Look into Lupron for more info.
>Trannies love to say they're hormonally female and it's actually kind of true.
They still have higher testosterone levels than women (on average), even while taking hormone blockers and estrogen. They also don't have the same hormonal cycles women have. In fact, most "treatment" for dysphoria minimizes cycling, altogether.

No. 1213647

>listen to trans people!!!
Okay, but that’s exactly how I got here in the first place.

Shitty creative writing exercise aside, it’s not the estrogen that fucks up trans kids’ bones and brain development but the puberty blockers. Eunuchs also weren’t taking estrogen so I’m not sure what you mean by that.

No. 1213656

I'm a doctor and there is the whole field of endocrinology that is about hormones. If it was just E and T then every GP could deal with your hormonal issues.
A person is not 'hormonally female' because he takes estrogen.

No. 1213675

File: 1619032421383.png (85.28 KB, 1067x885, 7dgfdgf89.png)

Just some severe retardation.

No. 1213678

File: 1619032454014.webm (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 352x640, 1619024774062.webm)

What's worse


No. 1213681

More like NSFL

No. 1213687

File: 1619033709069.jpg (37.31 KB, 480x444, 1572290154730.jpg)

fuck you anon, legitimately fuck you

No. 1213694

The more radfems fall for dumbshit fanfiction (on /pol/ no less) and conservative psuedoconcern for 'woman and girls', the dumber they will look. Come the fuck on, you don't need to masturbate to every piece of outrage porn you stumble across.
Drag queens aren't troons, they're just misogynists.
Noballs /= female, nor does castration cause a man to have female-typical sex hormones afaik

No. 1213696

Would you not say that those are the most significant in terms of their responsibility for sexual dimorphism? After all, someone on the implant/iud wouldn't have cyclical GnRH/LH/FSH. And isn't it levels of estrogen/test that are responsible for the differences in fetal development?

Is there a difference in the amt of test produced by the adrenal glands of males & females? Genuinely trying to understand

No. 1213723

that was disturbing as fuck. jfc

No. 1213730

I’m on mobile and don’t want to download this alleged horror to my phone, may I get a tldr please sweet anons?

No. 1213731

Ntayrt, but taking 'cross-sex' hormones later in life does nothing to affect the actual structure of your body. No structure of your body is added or taken away, only changed temporarily. Taking steroids doesn't mean you've acquired the genes to naturally be a gorilla person, if you stop taking them you'll revert.
>someone on the implant/iud wouldn't have cyclical GnRH/LH/FSH
Yes, and menopausal women are still women.
You can Google these questions, the thread doesn't need more medsperging.

No. 1213732

2 trannies from a seemingly non 3rd world country showing off their graphic axe wounds

No. 1213733

>>1213678 what am i looking at?…is that a DIY "SRS"?

No. 1213743

File: 1619037086088.png (197.41 KB, 480x270, image.png)

It's VALID! In fact more FEMININE than yours.

No. 1213746

>>1213678 sage for sperging, but if I am seeing correctly and that hole is urethra, then those idiots just made themselves forever incontinent..afaik, court eunuchs in joseon korea were castrated basically same way (i.e. completely) and they were notoriously known for smelling of piss

No. 1213758

take me back to when i didnt know this

No. 1213762

I thought I already had seen the worst on neovaginas and shit but I'm so disgusted right now I have no words NSFL

No. 1213763

File: 1619039012722.jpg (29.21 KB, 720x603, just end me now.jpg)

Premium 10/10. If I don't get a phone call the says " 7 days" I'm gonna go cry.

No. 1213766

prolly didnt realise that it was ALL SPLIT ENDS up to the point the hairdresser cut and styled it

No. 1213768

Funny because I used to be a tra until I met a trans woman, who thought that gave him a pass to harass me because now that he's a girl he thinks he has a chance with me?
Before that, i didn't know any trans people so I assumed they were harmless, but now I know better than to trust any man that ruthlessly tries to infiltrate our spaces.

No. 1213771

This moid looks like a potato more than anything

No. 1213774

Superduo nullo and cloaca. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1213808

File: 1619045552486.png (894.51 KB, 710x1957, whole ass man dont have a mirr…)


No. 1213819


Decreased I.Q as a side effect of suppressing puberty is not a downside to troons. It will create a steady supply of people who are more easily groomed, as their brains are not and will not fully develop. Also Remember that they already think estrogen makes them stupid. Certified lower I.Q just means they have an excuse to call each other bimbos more and pretend it’s not a fetish.

No. 1213825

>TERFs are ugly!
Every time. Ugly women are still women, men are still men even if they're pretty or feminine. And it doesn't matter anyway, because this is yet another visible case of astronomical copium. Dude still looks like somebody's dad, even with makeup and thousands upon thousands of filters.
They're mad because the unattainable lesbians in their lives would rather fuck any TERF than them, even if every single one were ugly.

No. 1213829

this made me transition into death

No. 1213837

> black people might fear for their lives, but not all transes can get their tittie skittles
I'm trying so hard to not a-log. Why can't other leftists see why these mentally ill men make everything about themselves? Why can't they see that they're just coddling white men in dresses? Im a leftist, so this shit drives me up a fucking wall.

No. 1213844

I think they're actually eunuchs, like we've been discussing. They just have fully removed genitals, no neovag.

No. 1213847

File: 1619048823876.png (104.9 KB, 744x837, Screenshot (323).png)

Why are troons against men just wanting to be feminine? Do they not realize the hypocrisy when they tell men that the right thing to do is to "transition" just for dressing femininely or wearing makeup? Do they not realize they are literally enforcing gender stereotypes and gender roles when they pull this shit? Ladies, I'm literally peaking.

No. 1213852

File: 1619048954434.jpg (57.44 KB, 619x587, Screenshot_20210420-221411_Twi…)

Here's another post by this troon. They were gaslighting rape victims, saying that all us terfs do is "fixate on violence." It's almost as if this shit affects us and we genuinely have to fucking worry about it? Why do they want to shut us up by speaking about rape or being angry about it?

No. 1213861

do eunuchs also have fake tits? genuinely asking, i'm ignorant

No. 1213880

So Harry styles is some sort of pre-transition thing because he likes to wear dresses every once and then which are totally not performative at all but that’s an OT tinfoil seriously, he might say le ebil terfs are fixated of themes, but these scrotes only give a fuck about people “transitioning” and putting their ugly ass flag somewhere because “muh representation”fuck this shit.
And tbh, I’m honestly amazed at how Harry Styles hasn’t drank the kool air, as far as I know, because it’s quite the easy money.

No. 1213890

>Why are troons against men just wanting to be feminine?
Because it unravels their whole strict gender ideology. Same goes for masculine women.

No. 1213894

They wouldn't be special anymore for wanting to wear dresses and make up if everyone was allowed to do that without judgement lol. No one would care about them opting into oppression because it wouldn't exist.

No. 1213932

Something that disturbs me about troons wrt grooming and all this "soft uwu girldick" talk about their shrunken wilted peens, on its own would be one thing, but we know how many that say that and are pedos… Do you think "stopping puberty" has other perks to those people? (not saying they all think like this but my god the amount with pedo tendencies)

No. 1213939

File: 1619058568909.jpg (26.33 KB, 500x281, 20201201_135438.jpg)

>taylor swift
>radfem tendencies

No. 1213946

black people: literally enslaved for the first century of American history, couldn't vote for the first 200 years, still discriminated against widely, have worse outcomes in most aspects of healthcare, disproportionate police violence

No. 1213970

>portraying the terf as ginger
I legit thought the terf in this comic was the troon, such a classic troon look

No. 1214017

It has to be either grooming or innate homophobia, or both. They absolutely need other people to share their misery or they straight out have a fetish for forced feminization/bimbofication.

>Ugghh not women talking about the issues they have to worry about every day and which significantly hingers their quality of life! Damn terves always hyperfixating on the violence women face, nobody wants to talk about that shit! Can't we just focus on REAL girly things like skirts that go spinny teehee

No. 1214026

>It's painful to be so hyperfixated on violence.
Troons consider using the wrong name or pronoun to be literal violence and constantly bring up suicide rates in order to guilt anybody who criticizes them, but alright

No. 1214027

File: 1619075558572.png (164.4 KB, 576x658, 12.png)

Sissy Porn being taught at Princeton University


It's a guy who makes sissy porn of himself and calls it art, and people accept his word salad as evidence that it is so he gets to do art shows with a level of prestige at a prestigious University people work their asses off to get into. He also has a bunch of other titles for trans organizations that don't do anything useful. it's is a bunch of students having an in depth discussion about – and I'm not even joking – pictures of him spreading his ass cheeks and a video of him doing cock and ball torture to himself. And they say the word "cock" like a thousand times. It's just a porn addict talking about their degeneracy. Btw this is a lecture about "forced womenhood" apparently, but there's nothing about women being forced to do anything except look at this pervert's actual asshole.

How did Gender Studies lead to this, how did we get here

No. 1214029

They aren’t being DENIED MEDICAL CARE? If they get any type of injury or illness it will be treated. Nobody is just going to let them die??? (But look up medical racism, especially that which affects black women and their children) WHY do they always say this . It’s so disingenuous. Just because you can’t get HRT on your insurance. Try being a fucking diabetic having to go into debt just to stay alive.

No. 1214030

I’ve heard of cases of paedophiles encouraging their victims to starve themselves to prevent them from having their period or growing pubic hair, because as innate pedos they found that kind of stuff repulsive. I’m sure a groomer would be falling over themselves to get their hands on puberty blockers, to keep their male victims small, scrawny and malleable throughout their teens, as opposed to them growing taller and developing upper body strength.

Basically they are all paedos.

No. 1214040

File: 1619081105210.png (85.44 KB, 720x773, Screenshot (324).png)

I was looking at this thread and this 26 year old tranny was acting really predatory to this 15 year old girl and accusing her for being perverted even though he talked down to her during a lecture. This is really fucked.(underage selfposter)

No. 1214041

File: 1619081128788.png (91.53 KB, 761x829, Screenshot (325).png)

No. 1214042

Are troons taken seriously because 50% of the human population (moids) cannot see any moral issue with associating women with sexual objects to be degraded?

I never see men criticizing trannies for their misogyny and mistreatment of women. They only criticize trannies for being ugly horrorcows or trying to indoctrinate children.

No. 1214043

based young queen
there's nothing that disgusts me more than weak men lashing out at girls and women while playing the victim.

No. 1214045

File: 1619082059629.png (77.27 KB, 762x823, Screenshot (327).png)

Yeah. This shit pisses me the fuck off. Here's the link to the twitter thread if you want to see him continue being weird to her. It's fucked. https://twitter.com/scrotehater/status/1384692213058134017/retweets/with_comments
It seems as if he has some hateboner with talking down to TERFS, but the thing thats fucks me up the most is that this girl is a legit fucking child. Why the fuck does he try to make himself look like this?

No. 1214047

>terfs are sexually creepy
he wishes

No. 1214049

File: 1619083095324.jpeg (219.96 KB, 640x639, 292DC08E-D164-4D5E-A514-2A3C20…)

This Xavier is a rapist. This is how rapists talk. His feed is half rape jokes, half shitting on women. He’s evil.

No. 1214050

File: 1619083441595.jpeg (158.37 KB, 640x565, 89CFD3EC-00CD-4FAD-B494-89B5A7…)

This is why I don’t vote

No. 1214051

File: 1619083546490.jpeg (331.68 KB, 640x622, 34456A91-27BE-4118-87DB-DE54FC…)

He can’t say anything about women without bringing up rape or beatings.
This man is so clearly a degenerate.

No. 1214054

File: 1619083739520.jpeg (977.8 KB, 1536x2048, 18EA1B15-7685-43AD-AD70-C55AD4…)

Aaaaand this is what he looks like.
He’s a rapist. I don’t even need any proof.

No. 1214055

Troons proving once again that they think like men by judging the validity of a woman's opinion based on her appearance. Typical.

They're trying to reverse our criticisms of ugly troons back on us without understanding why we do it in the first place. We don't make fun of ugly TIMs because it affects whether or not they're right, we do it as a response to their delusional declarations of beauty. We're drawing attention to the dissonance between their ego/aspirations and actual reality. 98% of our stances would still apply even if every troon was a mostly-passing femme Asian ladyboy. An ugly woman still has female socialization, and she was still raised as a woman in a patriarchal culture. A "passing" troon still benefits from male privilege because he was raised as a man, educated as a man, etc.

No. 1214057

File: 1619083876577.jpeg (234.36 KB, 640x744, 2F5BCEDB-4303-472D-9474-0DDD7A…)

Just look at his dead shark eyes.
Remember his face for when he gets #metoo’d for raping an underage libfem because he will. Nobody jokes about rape this much and talks seriously about “stamping femcel radfems” out.

No. 1214059

File: 1619084375271.jpeg (290.17 KB, 640x706, FBD823B9-F460-4D67-A398-64A004…)

He’s always ridiculing women and making jokes about “girl boss”.

No. 1214060

Off topic but that's not tinfoil at all IMO. At best, he wears dresses because he's trying to skinwalk cooler male musicians who already did it over 40 years ago, and at worst he's doing it for woke brownie points. Also, people like David Bowie were actually cool, whereas Harry is just a washed up boy band member trying to look "artistic."

Same lol, I'm actually kind of insulted these headass thinks a corporate libfem like Taylor even remotely qualifies as a radfem. This is a woman who waited four years after gay marriage was legalized to release a corporate-approved song about gay rights just to squeeze money out of people's goodwill. I do not believe for one fraction of a second that she's bisexual.

No. 1214061

File: 1619085096092.jpeg (210.71 KB, 640x534, A959EB07-6366-4D00-A8A6-036123…)

This is how woke men trivialise and bring down women in power.

No. 1214062

File: 1619085399149.jpeg (221.87 KB, 640x689, A0337F99-A20E-4232-97A4-9522AF…)

CHINKS being misogynist is the only exception where being racist towards them is ok

No. 1214065

Anon I get that is guy is a complete piece of shit but don't you think he deserves his own thread ? I don't think he quite fits the MtF thread because he doesn't seem like he is one.

No. 1214066

I don't even hate men.

No. 1214067

He’s a TRA and a they/them genderspecial so I thought he would fit. I guess you’re right though.
Idk if he should have his own thread because all he does is tweet retarded shit and get ratio’d for it,and it will just be an archive of his Twitter feed.

No. 1214069

File: 1619087919784.jpeg (136.3 KB, 626x382, 3D2F5C95-BE17-447A-9666-C81F47…)

Friendly reminder that Stonewall opposed the sexual exploitation bill.

No. 1214070

File: 1619088018564.jpeg (221.11 KB, 493x2048, ADD4454D-3BB7-4061-A22F-435167…)


No. 1214071

File: 1619088184227.jpeg (160.82 KB, 640x575, 9E8AB71C-A22D-409D-BA05-C3475F…)

I hate faggots

No. 1214072

File: 1619088599681.jpeg (166.26 KB, 640x611, 59180AC9-0A05-4ABD-A1AD-BF060D…)

Don’t worry Colin, no matter what happens in the future, you will always be a male.

No. 1214073

I’ve actually had conversations with men who tentatively told me they think the whole trans thing seems kind of sexist, but 90% of the time they were referring to TIFs acting obnoxiously macho. When I pointed out that TIMs are misogynistic too, a lot of them backpedalled and defended the TIMs claiming “but that’s different!”. Misogyny is so normalised that most men won’t even acknowledge it when you rub their faces in it.(Blogging )

No. 1214075

Why did I even bother getting my hopes up before the first comma. Of course that's the point they complain about kek.

No. 1214077

men will not acknowledge it. if a man hates TiMs, it’s because he thinks they’re gross and fucking them would make him gay.

No. 1214079

File: 1619090193269.jpg (257.78 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20210422-131527_You…)

No. 1214089

sage for sperg cause I've said this probably a dozen times
There are a handful of really good and well meaning gay men and there's nothing inheritably degenerate about being a gay male but gay male culture is toxic and degenerate and needs, it needs reform but any attempts at reform get halted with accusation of Homophobia

No. 1214090

File: 1619090808044.png (8.68 MB, 1916x3016, paint collage.png)

I made a paint collage of the most embarassing TiMs from r/transadorable, enjoy!

No. 1214092

She has such a good @ too. Live long and prosper, scrotehater

Actual sanpaku eyes

No. 1214097

This gives me second hand embarassement

No. 1214102

All of them are fugly so I don't care but the one of the bottom left seems like he could have been such a cute guy

No. 1214106

I never wore swimwear tops as a child and am bewildered by their existence to this day (surely I mean those meant for children). There's no such thing as… I guess even merely _thinking_ about your nipples AT ALL, as a girl child. Unless some pervert makes you feel weird about it or something.

No. 1214108

It's the tragic hairline anon

No. 1214116

Radfems are Wacist !
Ok, proof?

No. 1214117

I don't get what do trans people want? What rights don't they have?
They can marry, adopt. Change their gender, name. They will get medical help if they need it.
Or is this about not being able to compete in top sports? Millions of women don't do that either, maybe just deal with it? Or make your own category so it wouldn't be unfair, jesus.
I can't think of anything else they don't have.

No. 1214121

File: 1619094509141.jpg (89.77 KB, 306x357, black-feminist-arguing-about-m…)

when I point out that there are many non-white gender critical women with in the community, we get accused of bowing down to white feminists, having internalized racism and being white worshippers and sell outs
see >>1214040

so we can't win no matter what we do

No. 1214124

I'm surprised no one has noticed this is a self poster. You can only see post stats if you own the account.

No. 1214125

>if a man hates TiMs, it’s because he thinks they’re gross and fucking them would make him gay.
Yep. For as much as you see them protesting about letting trannies into women's restrooms and locker rooms, it's never to protect the women. It's always to deprive the troons of validation.

No. 1214129

Absolutely. Men won't hate male trannies because they're medicalizing children and taking away female spaces and rights, they hate them because "ugghh gay ewww" and FTMs because they're "unfuckable ruined dyke women" to them, not because they're women who wanted to escape the sex-based oppression. I have never in my life met a man who questioned TRAs for the same reasons as female radfems do, it's always either caping hard for troons or clumping them in with "the rest of the alphabet faggots".

Underage twitterfag deserves a ban but I'm still glad to see zoomers not drinking the tranny koolaid kek.

No. 1214130

a lot of the bullshit drama the gay community has churned out lately should be a clear sign that gay men need to get their shit together.

No. 1214136

Gay twitter probably made me slightly more homophobic then any intentional anti-gay propaganda
I'm a weirdo and have no social skills but even I can act more "normal" then these guys who seem like exhibitionists, is is that hard to not be a degenerate

No. 1214137

gay men will blackpill you on male sexual nature

No. 1214138

I know some good gay men though, often their feminist allies
they do talk about wanting to fix the issues with in western gay male culture but repeatedly get told that they just wanna be straight, that being a degenerate is somehow revolutionary then being acting like a normal fucking human being

No. 1214140

Most male animals are aggressive because that's what males are for, you cocksped. Do evolutionary biologists believe in race realism also? A good measure of whether something is biological or not is whether it persists across different societies, and men are responsible for virtually all violence everywhere. Cope and seethe, retarded moid.

No. 1214142

Could you please take the debate regarding gay men elsewhere. I'm getting paranoid that it's some retarded tranny psyop to lure out the homophobia so that they can post screenshots of how hating MTFs is comorbid with hating all gay people.

No. 1214143

Same. Make your own gay men thread if you want to sperg about it so much

No. 1214146

The admin already said it’s the same anons who keep posting racist bait and yet people keep replying to them.

No. 1214148

He looks like a botched Davey Havok.

No. 1214150

how dare you insult Davey like this

No. 1214151

It's like a bot posting too. Always the same demented spergy energy repeating "fag" and "faggot" over and over again just to cause infighting and make the whole thread look unhinged. Pretty sure it's the same baiter just replying to themselves because suddenly all the homophobes just conveniently come out of the woodworks to agree with each other over how the gay men are the real enemy because… sassy gay stereotypes I guess?

Anyway anons, continue to report and ignore.

No. 1214166

File: 1619101694233.png (347.27 KB, 329x488, 8.PNG)

I can't tell if it's a tranny or not, fashion and mannerism are screaming yes to me


No. 1214169

Tranny for sure. Check the ears.

No. 1214172

what's so much more degenerate about gay male sexuality than straight male sexuality? you gonna talk about fetishes, check the guys who fap to women being waterboarded, child abuse, entire countries enable men marrying girl children, rapeyness, boy do i have some news for you.

tttt's psyoping?

No. 1214173


probably my own ignorance but i didn't realize that the trans plague had spread to japan

No. 1214175

No, what I meant was that when men don't have their sexualities filtered by women saying "no", they end up being unhinged degenerates.
Thousands of partners and rampant pedo grooming. Fucking aids isn't a big deal with them for no reason.

No. 1214178

File: 1619103986945.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210422_170407246.j…)

how to LARP as a girl

No. 1214179

File: 1619104022990.png (923.4 KB, 1244x707, one of these not like the othe…)

Debatable everyone's caked with makeup and I can't make out their legs. But the one with "Jan" name tag is totally a dude.


Japan has had trans shit contained since the 80s. Crossdressers and Troons were already segregated and confined to their own little worlds, most are seen as jokes , while others quietly live out their lives not drawing attention to themselves. They don't risk acting out unless they want to be exiled even further. It's the academic cancer that's gonna overtake japan.

No. 1214183

>Japan has had trans shit contained since the 80s. Crossdressers and Troons were already segregated and confined to their own little worlds, most are seen as jokes , while others quietly live out their lives not drawing attention to themselves. They don't risk acting out unless they want to be exiled even further. It's the academic cancer that's gonna overtake japan.

wasn't that the perception of Troons pre-2008 as well(in the western world at least)

No. 1214185

Definitely a tranny.

No. 1214188

I think from her voice, it’s just a Turkish girl anon. I found the full episode and around 05.57, she talks.


No. 1214193

case closed then I tried to look for a full vid so thank you kek really unfortunate taste to look like that

No. 1214197

I've always worried about Davey trooning out but luckily he seems to be content as a gnc man.

No. 1214200

That's much better quality. I apologize for assuming Kyle was a troon.


That's fake.


No. 1214202

File: 1619106463959.gif (243.22 KB, 399x224, ezgif-1-054fb85efa46 (1).gif)

Irrelevant tumblr troon posted this with the caption "Me when the HRT kicks in" and it grossed me out so much I'm making you all look at it too.

No. 1214212

>Nothing else changes
As objectifying as the implication he's making is, this is a very nice self-own.

No. 1214217

holy fuck i think i’ve met this scrote. they’re ftm. the minute she transitioned she turned into the must insufferable pretentious wannabe alpha dick.

sage cause off topic. but if it’s not her it’s uncanny as fuck. she took the same angled selfies cause shes super insecure about her weight and jawline.

No. 1214219

Im starting to wonder whether these spergs who keep going “this slightly androgynous or masculine woman is definitely a troon” in these thread are a tranny psy op or just clinically retarded scrotes

No. 1214230

Yeah, I was going to comment on how the "Is this a tranny?" guessing game bullshit plays right into the hands of TRA:s and their "evil woman hating radfems"-narrative.

No. 1214232

Kek. It's like women is some sort of enlightened state these scrotes want to attain so badly.

No. 1214235

File: 1619111035241.png (15.36 KB, 788x223, 2021-04-22 18_17_19-Down_ _ sa…)

saidit is down, people on reddit are saying it was because of a tranny janny that got upset

No. 1214237

I just enjoy guessing games, blurry image "this or that" spark a small amount of joy .

Explains why I cant' access droptheT.

No. 1214248

Not milk, but I need to blogpost about this somewhere. I’ve been increasingly vocal about my radfem views around my boyfriend, and the other day he begged me to tone down my hatred and vitriol. He agrees that men who say “punch TERFs” are insane and that real women have unique experiences due to our biology and upbringing that men shouldn’t try to co-opt. But he thinks the majority of trans people are just trying to live their lives quietly and the insane diaperfur misogynist screeching troons on Twitter are a loud minority. The other day we were browsing /aco/ (adult comics and cartoon porn board on 4chan) for art reference pics, and he complained that there are too many trap/futa/dickgirl threads that clog up the board when he’s trying to find het porn of his waifus. I replied “Now you know how women feel when there are a bunch of men in women’s makeup groups, women’s sports, women’s fashion groups, etc.” I think a lightbulb went off in his head and he finally got why I complain about troons so much. All thanks to cartoon titties. Amazing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1214249

When you grow balls during the male puberty you went through being a man

No. 1214251

>Being radfem, but dating a coomer

No. 1214252

>trying to find het porn of his waifus

And your coomer scrote is better than troons in what way exactly?

No. 1214254

>The other day we were browsing /aco/ (adult comics and cartoon porn board on 4chan)
>he’s trying to find het porn of his waifus

cringe and loserpilled

No. 1214255

Watch the full video, Jan is a normal woman.
This was sad to read.
Whose bright idea was it to have a tranny janny in the first place?

No. 1214256

File: 1619115340124.png (246.79 KB, 638x359, aaf.png)

Why tf did you share this to everyone on this thread anon…

No. 1214258

File: 1619115345876.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1543, 323DA5F2-CF67-4F7B-BADE-3A2C1B…)

so I was on r/HobbyDrama and saw a post about how some indie RPG game apparently ruined itself by being transphobic with a sale.


and the whole drama is that the game’s creator’s girlfriend is a based terf who didn’t even have anything to do with the game. and then the game went on sale (like every game on steam does lmao) and trannies cried about how the sale percentage was 41% off so it’s advocating suicide. you can’t make this shit up, oh my god.

No. 1214262

Do game devs even have any control over when Steam sales happen and/or what % Steam sales are set at?

No. 1214263

This is about Heartbeat, and the whinging TRAs have done about it has only made me want it more. The creator herself hasn't publically expressed any TERF opinions, and her girlfriend has repeatedly said that she was not involved in the making of the game. It's pure guilt by association, a literal witch hunt. Please, buy the game if you're into RPGs, and recommend the game to anyone who might be interested. It's got good reviews, and a lot of heart, plus it would be good to support female devs.

No. 1214265

aids is a "big deal for them" because it is 18x more likely to spread through the anus than the vagina.

No. 1214266

Please don't shit up the thread with this, I promise nobody cares.

No. 1214269


Haha fine, I’ll take my Ls for dating a coomer who likes cartoon titties. I just thought it was interesting how, even when a man is sympathetic to some types of the misogyny women face from troons, arguments about women’s oppression in sports, politics, social life, etc. aren’t enough to convince him there’s a problem, but too much futa hentai might be enough to pill him on the troon epidemic.

No. 1214270

I wanted to join a group called Linguistics shitposting on Facebook. One of the questions they require you to answer before joining is ”Are trans women real women?”, like… Linguistically speaking… No… They are not……

No. 1214271

Dystopian. They say they're oppressed, but you can't do anything these days without them making you take a purity test.

No. 1214272

He wasn’t even sympathetic enough to women’s suffering to stop being a coomer— of course he’d only see reality when it effects his cooming. Wtf. Sorry for being harsh but wtf.

This meme is horse shit, let (black) women sort problems they have in their communities out while simultaneously fighting against troons and other shit in peace.

How do posts like this gain any traction? Doesn’t it only solidify that their identity of “womanhood” is completely performative, and not a biological reality? How is this different than proving transracialism is real by enacting in racially based stereotypes?

No. 1214273

i hope their insane theory is true and based terf gf is setting the sale % numbers at tranny suicide stat numbers on purpose to trigger their collective schizo nature
it is a very important point i think anon (your dismal taste aside). it's also why i think this whole era will only come to an end if/when the tranny movement makes a misstep in their whole "easing in" thing theyve been doing with the mainstream and get cocky (pun intended) with their newfound social power. i think we're well on our way for this outcome! especially considering how delulu males are when it comes to social power games.

No. 1214301

Suddenly he cares about trannies because it affects his porn. What a catch! He's not going to get pilled on trannies he only cares that it affects his porn, he's still not going to care how it affects you or other women. No wonder radfem is a shit show, you're all dating coomers and can't even stick to your own values if it means you'd lose out on dick.

No. 1214310

Tell him to start lifting instead of jerking off to Chinese cartoons all day lmao.

No. 1214320

yeah if i found out my bf jerked it to cartoons i'd probably never look at him the same way again (idk, it's just extremely unattractive and off-putting to me)

No. 1214325

i honestly don't think so. i went on steam to see if there's any truth to the whole "well the percentage is unusual so it must be deliberate!!!" thing and i saw no less than five games on sale right now for 35% off. i saw ones for 66%, 73%, 13%. I truly think the sale is a made up witch hunt but also it'd be hilarious if a game dev managed to troll trannies with a fucking number

No. 1214343

The absolute fucking state of straight women…

No. 1214346

let us know when he troons out to be like his favourite anime waifu

No. 1214348

Anon, most of the radfem you’re calling out aren’t actual radfems, but just agree with their ideas lol

No. 1214357

I looked it up and as long as it's not a seasonal Steam sale the devs/publishers are free to decide their own discount percentage, so the 41% are likely deliberate.

No. 1214376

i don't think it was deliberate. maybe they set it to 41% off but i don't think it was to troll trannies. what kind of business sense is that? the creator has nothing to gain from pissing off her fans and has never actually said anything about trans people. why would she stay quiet but then make a deliberate reference to trans suicides?

No. 1214377

Are you kidding me? That's a tranny voice if I've ever heard one. Combined with everything else, definitely a troon.

No. 1214395

new copypasta

No. 1214398

thats a girl voice what are you on

No. 1214409

I should've specified that I meant that the dev deliberately chose the number, not that the number was deliberately chosen to troll troons.

No. 1214446

The review bombing on Steam is so embarrassing. I physically cringe irl whenever anyone says "trans rights are human rights" – regardless of whether or not I agree or disagree, it's just a cheap slogan people parrot to make sure you know just how woke they are and it's embarrassing.

No. 1214448

File: 1619132901845.png (27.6 KB, 643x297, hello.PNG)

Based af.

No. 1214463

File: 1619134538638.jpeg (861.96 KB, 1125x1583, CA499D32-AD8A-4E69-809A-31238B…)

Ok but you can’t tell me this doesn’t look like social repose doing lainey cosplay

No. 1214517

>Trans rights are human rights
Huh, I didn't realize it was a human right to have breast implants covered by insurance!

No. 1214530

There's proof it wasn't deliberate but I'm too lazy to find it. Basically the "41%" was the result of two different sales stacking. The game was on sale for 35% off, and then there was another 10% taken off of the price you got after subtracting 35%. Relative to the overall price, the 10% would be 6%, giving you 41%.

For instance if something was 100.00 and it was 35% off to begin with, that would make the item 65.00. If you then used a 10% coupon, it would take 6.50 off, meaning you saved a total of 41.5% off the original price.

No. 1214559

looks like pewdiepie

No. 1214562

File: 1619146107652.jpg (509.29 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20210422-203817_Fac…)

Literally looks like this bitch.

No. 1214575

File: 1619147584019.png (868.75 KB, 576x957, Screenshots_2021-04-22-20-10-2…)

I dunno what's funnier, the thought of him purchasing this dog collar for himself at Petco or the thought of him stealing it frim Fido just long enough to snap this hideous selfie.

No. 1214633

this subreddit banned me recently for saying that (re: gamergate shit years ago) zoe quinn was female and none of the shit she got would've been as it was if she was male. my ban reason was "blatant transphobia" lmao

No. 1214658

Look like they’re wearing one of those freaky rubber masks. The 15$ taobao wig doesn’t help

No. 1214680

File: 1619168169221.jpeg (223.73 KB, 942x1433, C771A9D2-D9E7-4388-8F04-FBB877…)

I hate this “created by 4chan” thing tras do to dismiss criticism (even if it’s a meme) like. It’s not even true. They just don’t want to accept that real women hate them. Also kind of resent /b/tards for shitting everything up with their alt right coomer reputation.

No. 1214684

These are the kinds of people that are ready to swallow misinformation the moment it benefits them. the superstraight thing is from Tik Tok and no amount of screeching about it being a 4chan troll will chance that.

No. 1214706

File: 1619171818715.webm (2.84 MB, 853x480, tranny rekt.webm)


No. 1214710

>majima pfp
such a blessed screenshot

No. 1214711

File: 1619173738460.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210423_062629490.j…)

Can't tell if this belongs in this thread or western animator autism thread

No. 1214713

File: 1619173858599.jpg (22.16 KB, 500x303, 1558047812372.jpg)

It's ironic because the 4chan-to-trans pipeline is so well established, if anything originated from that hell hole it's the weeb AGPs who live online and dominate their movement

No. 1214720

Is there a version with better quality, we can't really see his face ? I do feel slightly bad ngl, but then i remember most troons are AGPs and instantly feel better kek

No. 1214723

is that narcissa? i forgot about his ass. what an absolute trainwreck.

No. 1214725

Apparently Cosmo is back speedrunning. Is he as big as he was? I feel like he missed a trick by dipping out just as GDQ and whatnot were really taking off.

No. 1214727

>majima loving terf
I want to marry this person

No. 1214744

Sorry for being a dumb but what is the context here? Why didn't he just exit off the video if it was so triggering?

No. 1214747

silly anon, to make those kinds of points you really tiptoe. like "zoe was dogpiled because, at the time, they were presenting and being percieved as a woman"

No. 1214748

I kinda want to post a picture of me on r/transpassing only to see how they would react

No. 1214752

I'm not sure how safe this is but I always wondered how they would react to an actual woman there kek

No. 1214758

File: 1619181468863.jpg (84.08 KB, 1125x1332, IMG-20210410-WA0000.jpg)

No. 1214759

File: 1619181732336.jpeg (45.94 KB, 570x570, C85F2706-CD85-425A-A704-EDE335…)

Fucking kek.

No. 1214766

losing it over this

No. 1214775

File: 1619183226883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,575.39 KB, 828x1249, 48A5441C-9DAA-4123-8810-24F194…)

Spoiler: neovag. Not as gruesome as usual, but… this doctor put the tip of his dick inside of the neovag as a “clit” I guess and the thread is full of scrotes saying it looks just like a natural vagina. I want to vomit.

No. 1214776

lol i used to work at petsmart and social rejects dressed like freaks would come in proudly telling me they're getting a collar for themselves. my response was always "ok" in the most judgmental tone i could muster. i hope it crushed their day

is he trying to pretend he's laughing while actually crying or what lol

No. 1214788

No. 1214795

This is funny but I worry that it has the opposite effect. It could make teenagers who are on the fence (being groomed) think outcomes like that are really possible, which might encourage them to troon out thinking they’ll really pass someday.

No. 1214810


Lol so realistic! Vaginas always have little dickheads poking out behind a weird faux-labia curtain. And all those folds that don't go anywhere, holy shit. Wonder what part of that the stolen used tampon goes in?

No. 1214827

File: 1619189269008.jpg (84.1 KB, 1600x1042, d11261e89f95748e3c290bd028d9f8…)

Sage for off topic, but I wanna thank trannies
I have started appreciating my body more cause of these threads, I had think lingering doubts that cause of my biology that I was somehow lesser but seeing TIMs spend hundreds of thousands dollars on hormones and surgical multination's, all to end up with essentially pale imitations of what I and all have naturally
it just makes me happy

No. 1214861

>alt right
Remember when the Alt-Right was Hillary hating, President Sanders/ VP Warren Supporting turbo misogynists?

If I wasn't an /cow/ poster stalking peter coffin shit at the time, I honestly believe I would find these lies true as well. Like watching it all unfold from the inside is beyond surreal.

Thank you for helping suppress my appetite for pork lo mein.

No. 1214870

Based Nick telling him to fuck off with the pronouns.

No. 1214891

I saw a post about this on AHS. They were like “I don’t get what this accomplishes! We’d just be happy for a fellow trans woman to have such great results and use it as goals uwu. A lot of trans women look like this!”. The cope.

No. 1214895

On reddit it may be so, just because anything but the most positive reaction gets you banned out of their safe spaces. In places where they're mask off like /tttt/ seethe and suicidepost over better looking trannies and make fun of hons relentlessly.

No. 1214906

I remember when this happened. So much fucking words just to mention the fact they made the game go for a -41% sale which is related to trans suicide rates and that made them butthurt.

No. 1214920

Is it even real? Looks like somebody just used the video on another clip where Cosmo had a breakdown for unrelated reason, the lack of reaction in the chat is pretty telling.

No. 1214975

File: 1619201362482.png (1.02 MB, 960x966, 29944f64814e161c59cf6340.png)

Looking at Caitlyn jenn all I see is: "shit, john. them lady folk aren't prettying themselves up no more; my pp is suffering here!!1! let's show 'em how it's done boys" transitions into a stereotype

No. 1214976

File: 1619201379745.jpg (527.14 KB, 598x642, Eor7gHc.jpg)

I understand the media feels it has to kowtow to these men but could they not phrase this in a more scientific and less awkward way? AFAB people or biological females would be better, wouldn't it??

No. 1214983

Reading this sent me back in time to relive my foremothers' traumas. They really do think saying "woman" in reference to people with vaginas is more objectifying than this. It literally reads more like the description of an object than a description of a human being.

No. 1215002

File: 1619203427558.png (43.6 KB, 1190x216, 1g6WkLD.png)

this got posted on my local subreddit recently; thankfully there were a lot of comments asking why we didn't just say "women" and people making fun of the absurdity

the fucking irony is meanwhile disabled people etc no longer want to be called "people with [disability]" but just want to be "disabled" again … yet we're going backwards for women

No. 1215004

File: 1619203552343.jpeg (95.19 KB, 640x1036, BFD65235-28B8-4441-B0B1-0C9706…)

Just saw this on the news. No other articles out yet. He most likely will be in a woman’s prison

Trans woman in Devon jailed for arranging sex with fake underage girls;
A transgender woman has been jailed for arranging to meet what she thought were 14 and 12-year-old girls for sex.
Jessica Smith, 41, of Sydney Road, Exeter, sent sexual messages to decoy social media accounts set up by so-called paedophile hunters.
She admitted three counts of attempting to incite a child to sexual activity and one of arranging to commit a child sex offence at Exeter Crown Court.
Smith was jailed for two years and ten months by Judge Peter Johnson.
She was also put on the sex offenders register for life.
Smith sent explicit sexual pictures to two profiles of fake 14-year-old girls in the summer of 2018 and asked them to reciprocate, the court heard.
She arranged for one to visit her at home in Sidbury near Sidmouth in Devon and asked the girl to bring along a 12-year-old friend.
The group who set up the account found Smith at their arranged meeting location and called Devon and Cornwall Police who arrested her.
While sentencing, the judge said to her: "You thought you were talking to someone aged 14 on social media and within ten minutes you turned the conversation to sexual matters.
"I fail to understand why you thought this was appropriate for any reason other than your sexual gratification."

No. 1215006

I hope you were just copying from an article and didn't write that yourself

No. 1215007

File: 1619203849382.jpeg (154.07 KB, 640x720, 0ADF7AA7-F3E9-4723-A66A-DD8DF8…)

No. 1215010

File: 1619204113201.jpg (17.86 KB, 826x180, wat.jpg)


Other article on same story. Who actually wrote this and didn't spontaneously combust from the sheer stupidity of what they were trying to say.

> man dressed as woman dressed as man

No. 1215013

They literally said "he" before copy pasting the article. It takes two seconds to click and see that. kek

No. 1215015

It’s so dodgy. I seriously believe he was planning to do something horrific, like rape, torture and murder. Why tf was he hiding in the bushes? I’m so glad he’s on the SO register for life.

No. 1215021

Ntayrt but the text is clearly copied from an article. In fact it's copied from the article linked in the post. The brain rot itt is embarrassing.

No. 1215024

File: 1619204636926.jpg (19.71 KB, 481x289, rxZnfIQ.jpg)

sorry, the troons are infecting me

No. 1215038

It's okay, anon. I could've sworn the OP's part said she, too. Maybe an edited repost? If not, we share collective illiteracy.

No. 1215044

File: 1619205829275.jpg (302.08 KB, 682x587, peaktrans.jpg)

>"When people behind the profile arrived they saw a person dressed as a male peering through a hedge," said Ms McCarthy.

No. 1215046

It is an edited repost KEK. The article brainwashed me into writing “she” and I deleted it because I knew you’d all crucify me. He couldn’t look any less like a “she”.

No. 1215053

God, look at that mug.

YoU LitEraLLy CaN nOt TeLl By LoOKinG aT sOmEoNe WhAt GeNiTaLs ThEy HaVe Or iF ThEy'rE tRaNs Or NoT sO hOw CaN yOu SaY yOu'd NeVeR dAtE a TrAnS pErSoN? cHeCk MaTe, TeRf

I see their point, all I see here is a beautiful gorgeous feminine cis woman uwu

No. 1215056


I love how they think that there is literally 0 difference between a real woman and a dude with implants who has taken estrogen for 6 months and got his penis inverted into a dry, stinky meat wrap.

Like 'oh but this tranny has had The Surgery! they have a vagina now so now you have no reason not to date them'

News flash: a vagina is not just a hole you can stick a penis in. Almost no one (would be no one if I wasn't counting perverted scrotes) wants to put their mouth, dick, or hands near a stinky deformed surgical wound.

No. 1215079

No. 1215105

>a vagina is not just a hole you can stick a penis in.
please roll the fucking credits of this -0/10 movie.

No. 1215124

Kek Bruce doesn't stand a chance. Libs hate him for supporting Trump and conservatives think he's a mentally ill man in a dress. And neither side has forgotten how he killed a woman and got off scott free.

No. 1215131

It’s true, it isn’t. It has many more functions than just being a cock sleeve, like nerve endings, muscles, contractions, etc. Why are you so angsty about it? It’s almost scrote-like.

No. 1215143

sigh …You misunderstood anon. I agree with the statement. Moids think that’s the only function of a vagina and I’m pissed about it.

No. 1215149

Idk, transcult is on another level. I literally got called a terf the other day online bc I wasn't down with referring to women as "womb bearers" when talking about birth control.
If they're fine calling us something as dehumanizing as "womb bearer" I'm sure they see nothing wrong with this

No. 1215195

File: 1619218017676.jpeg (236.12 KB, 828x1541, 812A286C-DC3F-4585-B34C-1C7FB1…)

have you guys seen this yet? i’m sure there’s a full length video but i honestly don’t wanna see it. highlights include

> “i’ve been having to explain myself since three or four”

> “texas legislators have been attacking me since pre-k. i’m in fourth grade now”
> says that legislators use trans kids to get votes from people who hate trans people simply bc they exist
> god made me, god makes no mistakes

nice to know that the parents of these children are teaching them that people hate them for existing. like, i really don’t think children can process such big ideas. being a kid with a developing body is uncomfortable already, so you’d think the parents would at least try to shield their child from the big bad TERFs who want to take away their rights. instead they throw their child on a stage and broadcast their failed parenthood to the whole world. poor fuckin kid.

No. 1215204

speaking of Bruce, his appearance on the Masked Singer was cringy as hell
EVERYONE knew there was a male in that costume

No. 1215205

>God doesn't make mistakes.
Then why are you male, and why are your parents alive? Conversion therapy scumbags.

No. 1215209

>God made me, god makes no mistakes.
The EZ counterstatement is simple
"God didn't make the mistake. Your parents did."

No. 1215212

This is the celebrity equivalent of seeing someone in a group call with a full female name and an anime girl icon, joining, and hearing an undeniable autistic male voice. He can't even sing.
Also kek at none of them guessing a female celebrity, just trannies and men. You could see him slumping down more as the guesses went on.

No. 1215217

How is this more acceptable than telling your kid to spread the word of god, or to tell other kids that people hate them because they have a certain skin color and the others are different?
Kids don’t need to know about annoying theories that don’t even matter, I will never understand why would you sit in front of a child to tell them confusing shit that will only, actually, leave them traumatized.

No. 1215218

I mean, I wonder how would they feel if we started separating women by vagina-born and vagina-made category.

No. 1215221

Mad. The only time anyone is allowed to make the distinction at all is when a TIM wants to talk down actual women.

No. 1215223

I thought the car clue was because he murdered someone with his car

No. 1215227

So… is it okay to call a pre-op trans woman a "penis haver" or "person who ejaculates semen"? According to their own logic it should be, right?

No. 1215231

> nice to know that the parents of these children are teaching them that people hate them for existing.

The parents don’t care. This is the same kid that was on the new babysitter’s club and they had him act a scene where he was in tears over people calling him a boy. If misgendering is so traumatic and such violence, why have a child act that out?

No. 1215233

File: 1619220902401.jpg (39.62 KB, 470x228, 9ivbKsk.jpg)

I'm samefag as >>1215002
your question reminded me of someone's response to the "pregnant people" post which of course was downvoted into invisibility

No. 1215261

I wish the comment had just ended with a "How come?" after the "people with prostate" sentence, 'cause that's actually a very straight forward question that can't be dismissed as transphobic in the same way the part about women's reality can.

No. 1215268

I agree. Scrotes always cry double-standards saying women get away with certain shit. But uh what about here huh?

No. 1215295

Doesn't this literally murder trans wamin? They are prostate owners. Guess this company thinks they're men.

No. 1215310

yeah but they call themselves women so it doesn’t apply and prostate cancer is only for men, not beautiful brave trans women. just like how they think they can go to an OBGYN bc they got a crotch wound.

No. 1215340

for those who don't know Kai's story

>Kai would only play with other girls and girls' toys. She said boys were "gross." Family members were flat-out asking me if this kid was gay. It made me nervous, and I was constantly worried about what people would think of me… There were time-outs, so many time-outs. There were spankings and yelling matches and endless prayers. I even contacted the daycare Kai attended and asked them to put away every single "girl" toy.


>Kimberly turned to a DIY form of conversion therapy. She dressed Kai in camouflage and held her down to cut her blond hair into a flattop. Since most of the family’s seven children are boys—Kimberly has one adult daughter—there were no “girl toys” at home, but Kimberly asked the Christian daycare Kai attended to hide any baby dolls from her as well. When Kai turned her T-shirts into skirts or insisted she was a girl, Kimberly spanked her. When Kai asked for a Minnie Mouse birthday cake, Kimberly bought her one with Mickey.

>“No matter how much punishment this kid got, you couldn’t beat it out of her,” Kimberly said. “You couldn’t pray it out, I couldn’t cast it out.”

>"I remember thinking even before Kai was 3, this kid might be gay….& I thought that cannot happen…would not happen. We started praying fervently. Prayers turned into googling conversion therapy, and how can we implement these techniques at home to make Kai not be like this."

>"Putting her in timeout for acting like a girl…for stealing girl toys. Spanking her…REALLY spanking her, every time she said mommy you know I'm a girl."

so this kid may have been Gay or effeminate straight kid(really doesn't matter) and his fucking regressive parents were so worried he might have been gay that they trannsed him, Jesus Christ this proves that these people all believe regressive gender stereotypes

I have sympathy for him and all these Trans-kids, they don't deserve this shit

No. 1215355

File: 1619233810914.jpg (37.09 KB, 759x720, 159623253_197513745498484_9218…)

i agree, like no matter how much vitriol i have for adult autist troons, kids don't deserve this shit. play with the toys you want jfc. I feel bad that this lad is living in fear because of the illusion the parents set up by not letting him be a normal effeminate child. In elementary i had plenty of boys to play bratz and powerpuff girls with as long as I would pretend to be goku or something as well. They're all secure in their gender now as far as i'm aware. All of these transed kids parents are thick and delusional homophobes

No. 1215364

This shit is honestly sick. They abused this child, when people speak on some folks rather having a straight science project of a child then a gay son or daughter, THIS is what they are talking about.
But instead of seeing this as child abuse and paranoid homophobic parents abusing their child because they think he's gay and suddenly it's, "oh he's not gay just transgender" it's some happy story. We should listen to this abused child talk about how others hate him, when truth is his fucking parents hated him because they thought he was gay and treated him like shit. Now they are making money off of him.

No. 1215369

>you couldn’t beat it out of her,” Kimberly said. “You couldn’t pray it out, I couldn’t cast it out.”
literally try waiting it out or maybe asking why he thought he was a girl? lmfao i'm pretty sure like 80% of male children with gender dysphoria just desist and become normal gay men

No. 1215381

She didn't want a gay child anon, thats the point. This shit is so backwards and I feel like I'm going crazy that other people can't see it. She abused her child because she didn't want him to turn out gay and then transed him when the beatings didn't stick.

No. 1215384

truly progressive

No. 1215400

i feel like if i posted one there'd be some anon posting it here like "lmfao this troon thinks he passes with those big ass shoulders and manjaw"

No. 1215449

File: 1619240351688.png (829.68 KB, 689x776, 111.PNG)

Hot girl summer is coming up, cissies and menstruators better watch out

No. 1215452

File: 1619240420700.png (Spoiler Image,921.4 KB, 900x665, didnteventry.PNG)

Poorly shaven pubes, very womanlike

No. 1215453

>all women have perfectly shaven pubes
I think the most unwomanly thing about this is the fucking dick print, wouldn’t you agree nonny?

No. 1215456

Eh yeah but the pubes are a nice touch bc most women I know would at least edit them out with a photo editing app

No. 1215459

That's sad, Anon.

No. 1215461

You need to grow up, you adhere to the same rigid gender roles that causes people to Troon out. Not every woman wants to airbrush their photos.

No. 1215477

Do other troons purposefully upvote extremely "non-passing" photos like this to feel better about themselves? I've seen fridges with more curves.

No. 1215503

File: 1619244991259.jpg (25.51 KB, 640x480, 449081.jpg)

See that's your problem. Princeton is a clown college.

No. 1215520

And that's good how? Don't know if you've noticed but women naturally have body hair.

No. 1215550

Waste of basketball genetics

No. 1215576

A literal man with a 5'o clock shadow and greasy trucker hair creeping on kids gets called a woman. Good god. At least they had the decency to specify it's a troon. On a related subject, how come so many of them are named Jessica? Is that some quintessential stripper name? It's like the TiM version of Aiden, along with Sophia/Sophie and Lily.

> god made me, god makes no mistakes
Is this the kid from the bible thumping family that legitimately had a mom trying to beat the gay away from him until deciding to raise him as a girl? Tell me again how it's not conversion therapy.

No. 1215580

It's funny how that works. Women have to be referred to with dehumanizing terms like "womb carrier" and "people who menstruate" all the time to avoid hurting tranny feefees but you could never get away with calling a troon (or even a man) a "penis haver", "prostate carrier" or a "semen ejaculator" even when it's accurate. It's all meant to make the bed for trans women and trans men are given the tablescraps from whatever is left over from that discourse, just like all the other women.

I remember the documentary about them. The mom was legitimately having a crying fit yelling about how she was hitting her son and praying for him in order to make him become normal and this was when I was just about to peak myself. It was really eye-opening to see the mask come off in full force and see this shit for what it was. The fact that the mom is pushing his kid into the public as some underage trans activist is really telling in how his parents realized this is the golden goose to eradicate gay kids from existence.

No. 1215585

can't wait for this kid to grow up and realise how shitty their parents are and how the entire world romanticized their abuse as martyrdom for the trans community.

No. 1215593

File: 1619262807286.png (69.08 KB, 1096x535, i'll just stop talking then.PN…)

The replies are insufferable. So you want me to not misgender you but also not ask for your pronouns or use "they" because it's not inclusive enough. How the fuck is someone supposed to be your ally then??

> stop asking my pronouns when I'm in a dress and wearing makeup.

>Asking my pronouns means that despite my gender expression, I am not viewed as truly being female.
Yes jackass because a dress and makeup don't inherently make you female and some of you use xir/xe/xim or other stupid neopronouns and if I don't ask for their pronouns they get just as mad. Their thinking is so backwards, I remember reading a tweet from an mtf a few days ago that said that "the idea of a cis man wearing a dress is so weird to me". Why? It's literally a piece of clothing for crying out loud

I think I'll take a break from this thread, this made me really depressed. I truly believe we're heading into another Dark Age

No. 1215609

File: 1619269671425.png (173 KB, 1440x696, Screenshot (17).png)

Based Samantha

No. 1215616

Oh wow I saw a clip of that singing before and I assumed it was a YTP style overdub. That's embarrassing. And he referred to himself as 'Dad'?

No. 1215624

File: 1619272767682.png (751 KB, 576x1071, Screenshots_2021-04-24-06-52-2…)

Not sure if this sub has been mentioned here before, but I just stumbled onto r/SissyPregnancy and I… troons really have no place in polite society.

No. 1215628

>Men not knowing how to stop talking
>Having a meltdown because a woman of all people shut him down
It all checks out.

No. 1215635

This world needs more based samanthas

No. 1215638

I love this thread cause it shows what happens, in real time, the same stuff we discuss here. What is supportive and factual now, will not be so in five years as it’s redefined as having been a terf dogwhistle all along and totally transphobic. No wonder active support for the cause is decreasing. People who are passive “live and let live” people, who think they are doing right by asking your pronouns or telling you you are a heckin’ valid gurl, can’t keep up with this shit.

> I think a lot of the problem is that ideas about the trans community that are easy for cis people to understand get more publicity than ideas that are more accurate to our experiences.

So they lie to get people comfortable with certain concepts and then move the goalposts. We already know this, from greatest hits such as, “we never said we were born in the wrong body!” etc.

> Coming up to a trans person in a public space and stating their "support" of them and outing them to a ton of random people. (Seriously person who did this at the bus stop, it was awful).

> I want to pass, so someone running up to me and telling me I'm valid ruins my day, because you have made it clear to me that I don't pass, even though you may have had good intentions.

Gonna do this from now on thanks.

No. 1215646

File: 1619275612246.png (476.36 KB, 576x987, Screenshots_2021-04-24-07-45-4…)

>-"You don't need to pass (or transition) just be you!" I find this really frustrating because passing is not only how I combat my dysphoria, but also how I stay safe. Being read as "trans" in certain areas can be extremely dangerous.

No. 1215648

File: 1619275653488.png (34.84 KB, 720x549, masked_singer_transphobia_KEK.…)

No. 1215651

>sigh …
please don't type like this

No. 1215654

File: 1619276402829.jpg (33.09 KB, 429x250, 1729214-48f127b0130cce11aa95bb…)

Did anyone heard about Adam Laboucan? He was able to get breast implants while in prison for the torture-rape of the infant boy. Interesting they left the torture part out. It left the child with permanent disabilities

No. 1215657

Wait, what? So what if I see a person in a dress wearing make up, address her as she but it turns out it's a trans man and now I've hurt HIS feelings? Or is he just admitting that no one cares about fakebois anyway lol

No. 1215658

File: 1619277456766.jpeg (220.28 KB, 750x725, 8337E4B4-931B-42DB-84C1-389205…)

Sage for slightly ot/no milk but even the most masculine women still don’t look like troons. I can’t pinpoint exactly the reason but if a woman has broad shoulders and a square jaw, literally no one would think that, oh that’s a dude. Yet if a tranny with a naturally feminine frame and over the top lip injections and botox/fillers everything rolls up, 9/10 they’re clockable.

No. 1215659

She has soft round features despite being big tall and broad.

No. 1215663

>why am I just hearing about it.
>The masked singer
That show is only interesting in small doses, as an actual weekly show nobody gives a fuck lmao.

excuse the rant buttt.
Everyone's just hearing about it across social media now because most of the fans stopped watching it OR they're waiting for the season to be over so they can simply watch the best ones or their favorite celebrities.
Tony Hawk dressed up as a power rangers elephant was something I didn't know I needed in my life and my waifu Tori Spelling still looks good lol. But the show is ultimately a stupid biproduct of everyone being stuck at home.

Google is making sure you haven't heard about him.
>Google name.
>Get results from non-mainstream websites.
And then if you tell people that monsters like this exist it's always.
>That's just fake made up news
>Post a link from a REAL website
Like I'm actually angry that the mainstream doesn't give a fuck about literal babyfuckers- the only good news is, his parole was denied.

No. 1215664

Is this the only thread you are active in, anon? People are constantly trying to call out random women celebs and cows for being troons all over lolcow. kek

No. 1215667

>That's fine," I said. "But Samantha, you interrupted me mid sentence. I have no guilt at all about continuing to talk."
>And then she gave me this little smirk and said, "Well, I guess that's how male privilege works."

A Literal Queen

No. 1215671

Alright not advocating for cowtipping but I’ve had a change of heart regarding hatemail. I used to think that reaching out to these freaks was bad but consider how they are being validated 24/7 and in an echo chamber of logical fallacies and big pharma propaganda. A while back in here an anon pointed out that we’re not allowed to shame anymore just in general even when shaming should be fine bc some shit is legitimately detrimental to society, like this. Someone needs to be shaming these men. Take this one for instance, THIS is literally the reason they want our uteruses, it’s fucking porn and fetishization of pregnancy/birth ffs! I know the downside is that if someone reaches out then it will be aired out as a trans hate crime with radfems as the supposed terrorists. But as of right now I can assure that the majority of messages are coming from men despite what TRAs say—I had a fake tranny acc at one point and all of my messages were largely from right-wing transphobes, the few from women who messaged me were airing out concerns to actual issues with allowing fetishists in our spaces. It’s really eye opening because even when you adopt the worst AGP personality you don’t get anywhere near the amount of hate you should be getting, most of the actual communities will shower you in validation no matter what fucked up shit you say. They rarely leave their echo chambers and make non-trans-related communities into trans echo chambers as well. The only thing that is even remotely shaming them is their method of digital self harm (kek) which is just lurking GC spaces. Then again a number of AGPs are active on 4chan and whatever else degenerate corners of the internet but there’s definitely not enough shaming there because those are the worst of all trannies.

No. 1215673

Oh also forgot to add that I definitely did not get many hate messages at all despite purposefully trying to be as awful as possible. So all of the troons like Kevin Gibbes can’t be getting that many hateful messages either and if they do, 4 times out of 5 it’s some transphobic man and not a radfem.

No. 1215676

> the entitlement and the total lack of self awareness

the irony lol

No. 1215677

File: 1619279663021.png (1.74 MB, 1191x1905, TDS.png)

Here's a creepy letter he wrote

No. 1215697

>How the fuck is someone supposed to be your ally then??
I think this is the point. They enjoy the power trip of yelling at allies who’ve committed a faux pas, demanding apologies, and making people jump through hoops to appease them. By constantly moving the goalposts they ensure that there will always be someone in violation who they can then bully while playing the victim. And when these allies inevitably peak and stop being allies, that’s taken as evidence that the entire world is against them and treated as yet another opportunity to play the victim. Many of these people seem to enjoy conflict, but only if there’s a power imbalance that’s in their favour.

Of course this isn’t sustainable because they will run out of goodwill eventually, but I doubt they’re thinking ahead that far. After all these are the same people who castrate themselves and then act surprised when their sex drive is gone.

No. 1215698

jesus christ, I wish stories like this would trend on twitter…pure horror.

No. 1215701

File: 1619282316127.jpeg (451.2 KB, 1514x1379, 7BF31A06-176C-4870-A212-6657C5…)

No. 1215715

File: 1619283368225.png (247.29 KB, 1000x1000, race-mixing-advertising-comic.…)

No. 1215716

File: 1619283442764.jpg (94.8 KB, 720x1280, goth_tims_in_your_area.jpg)

He looks like that guy from Hotel Transylvania if he tried to skinwalk his wife

No. 1215732

This is what fucks me up the most. Thinking about the original child sex change by John Money and how that ended up with the victim committing suicide down the line because he could never escape his demons. We know how that turned out, yet all we can do is needlessly stand by and consoom the media praise of this child going through the societal progression of that first experiment. His parents are all but bragging that this is conversion therapy for a possibly gay child before the whole world, and we all have to be silent. I just worry for this kid in the future if he asks himself, "Where was everybody? How come no one cared to stop this? It was right in front of everyone's eyes" and I really hope he doesn't get the same fate. Honestly in cases like this where it's a child, part of me would rather they live the rest of their life in the delusion so they never have to suffer the realization of what happened to them from their own parents. But knowing all the health effects (not sure if this child will be given blockers and hormones but it's likely) the stunted growth, and the rates of these kids growing up to realize they are gay, it is a really sad and scary story. All these historical events where we look back and wonder "how come nobody stopped this?" are hitting me again because we can't do anything to stop it. I mean, not right away. Nobody can intervene now and save this kid we just have to keep reading the news like dumb spectators.

No. 1215738

it's interesting how i have seen trans people use this case to defend transitioning kids. they logic is that the kid always had internal feeling of being a male even though he was female socialized (kinda questionable since he didn't look like a normal girl and was bullied by others for it, he grew up going to doctors all the time and knew something was wrong with his genitals so he didn't like, live as an ordinary girl fitting in until someone dropped the truthbomb)

No. 1215740

Save the racism for 4chan. We don't want it here.

No. 1215744

Fucking sucks when TRAs gloss over these cases like "you're judging the whole trans community by the few bad apples like there are in every group." Why do they maintain the same violence rates as males then? In prisons don't they even have a higher level of sex crimes? So I think that's relevant if they're claiming to be women and granted access to women like in prisons who they have then raped. I know not all transwomen are baby rapists but if they are all claiming to be women, you have to ask does any data actually support that and no, it opposes it. They don't even have "female brains" or female anything in their whole body. The female body is the entire thing, down to the shape of our pelvis and to our sex cells, it's why there's sex-specific conditions yet somehow a boob job and artificial hole cover all that distance? Bullshit

No. 1215747

Only in canada would a troon be given breast implants via the tax payer.

Most surgeons also won't give overweight women implants and breast reduction surgery even if they pay for it themselves, but they are ok with giving troons implants when they weigh 300lbs. Just another double standard.

No. 1215748

He and his twin brother were also sexually abused by John Money. Anyone who thinks David was miserable because of “innate gender identity” rather than a lifetime of horrific abuse either knows nothing about the case or is deliberately obfuscating facts that don’t align with their views.

No. 1215752

Honestly all it shows is that transing kids is a huge gamble and you could end up fucking them up for life over it. We've seen that most kids who don't fit in as their gender at a young age grow up to be fine and often gay. I think that's part of why that one felt it worse, because he was straight so he didn't have any identification at all outside of maleness. It seems like HSTS do a little better because they don't quite fit in with expectations for their sex, and identify more with the other, but the brain studies have shown their brains are more like "in between" but hardly that. It's only specific sections that are similar to women and it's likely showing the patterns of male attraction, not gender. But even that is still the same size of a man's and their brain is a man's brain, just different from straight men because duh, they are gay. Anyway the point of my sperg is to say that maybe this recently transed child will do better since he actually has feminine behaviors, but it doesn't make him female that's regressive. The reason even "feminine" boys shouldn't be transed, aside from the massive risk you're taking any time you do that to a kid who is still developing, is that they're likely gay and conversion therapy is very wrong. This is like reverse conversion therapy "okay you can be feminine/like boys but you have to be a girl now so it's not gay" and if he ever realizes this it's gonna be a huge blow.
Also (nta but was the first anon) that's a good point and honestly I spoke too soon myself comparing them in the first place. I'm just worried because realizing you were transed from your parents being homophobic could not be good for someone's mental health, on top of everything else that he shouldn't have a choice in, being a young child.

No. 1215775

File: 1619287339485.png (433.26 KB, 900x2000, kikkomi.png)

No. 1215778

Kikomi, I love you endlessly

No. 1215787

>studying the dsm for symptoms
kikomi you are a genius

No. 1215796

>like a shapeless fridge in a bikini
This made me laugh way too much, go Kikomi

No. 1215803

Did the government at least pay for her surgery?
Sorry, I mean her surgery.

No. 1215806

Yeah. Where does that come from?
My brother is a iffy fit guy, if he lost his thighs he'd be healthy but his entire life he's never been able to lose his booty meat. I went with him to a plastic surgeon and they flat out denied the option for lipo because of his weight.. Which is located entirely in his hips and butt. He's actually really fucking depressed about it (even after losing 150) and for real,he has our mothers ass lmao

>I am a survivor of physical and sexual abuse beginning at the age of 3 years old.
>Same age as his victim.

And the disgusting cycle continues. If you don't know they were a literal baby fucker, you'd almost feel sorry for them.

No. 1215809

Anon please illustrate everything for this website, ilu

No. 1215811

Wow it just clicked for me. Yelling “transphobia” is a way for men to get back the power they used to have back when it was acceptable to talk over and silence women.

No. 1215812

Statistically, many pedos lie about being victims themselves. They do this to elicit sympathy.

But even if this is true, it's interesting how women who have been abused almost never choose to abuse others. The whole women internalize/men externalize thing is true to the core.

No. 1215814

I wouldn't take his word on being abused so quickly. While it's common for abusers to have been abused, themselves, there's a possibility that the "sexual abuse" he mentions was being "assigned male." I wouldn't be surprised either way, but a lot of trannies (especially TIMs) coopt and appropriate the stories of sexual abuse victims, when they've literally never been abused. Stay skeptical.

No. 1215818

File: 1619290675076.png (191.21 KB, 618x1011, TDS 1 copy.png)

More shit

No. 1215823

>I am redeemable
No. Die.

No. 1215833

Missed u kikkomichan

No. 1215850

kek this reminds me of pro ana texts.

No. 1215851

She's back!

No. 1215859

Stunning and brave, I'm so glad to see Kikomi's glow down is going well!

No. 1215860

I read a post years ago from an actual MtF who described being an autogynephilic trans person in this exact way. That you are in love with a woman who lives inside you. Every time someone calls you a man, you feel like they've just insulted your wife, and that's why they fly into a rage.
Someone so close to you that you are them, and you want to love them more by helping them come out through your own body. It also explains why some trannies become skinwalkers for specific women. It's like they create another version of that woman in their mind, and deep down, the closeness of an actual relationship with a physical person wouldn't even be enough (assuming it's even possible, we know how socially inept most trannies are). They want to be so close to "her" that the two share mind and body. It's like a perversion of love and obsession.
It sounds way more insane and otherkin-tier than what you'd expect with the typical "I am a woman in a man's body", and it's more fucked up when you understand how layered that statement is from this viewpoint.

No. 1215871

>Be a pre-everything i.e. a man
>Be pissed off when someone calls you out for using your male privilege and accuse them of transphobia because they didn't see past your male socialization and male appearance that you're actually a spinny skirt little girl
Samantha is an icon though, I aim to be her at 55.

Yep, there's a reason why "They just want to pee!" became a meme. They started with that and now we're at the point where talking about female-specific health issues is transphobic and you're just supposed to telepathically know everyone's preferred pronouns without causing them life-threatening dysphoria attacks by asking. People gave them an inch and they took a mile, and their demands keep turning more and more abstract to the point nobody is able to keep up with them especially with all the gaslighting being done. LGB activists wanted equal rights with straight people such as the legal rights a juridical marriage grants and other definable goals, troons on the other hand keep coming up with crazy shit that no other group of people could be granted. I wouldn't be surprised if they were asking for state-paid prostitutes and changing their legal age to "relive the childhood they never had" or something. Sounds crazy? So would've most of their other current demands 5 years ago. Slippery slope is a fallacy but in this case we have past evidence of how it's a real and happening.

No. 1215873

The dead eyes, every time. I know that pornsick stare.

No. 1215874

File: 1619295335630.png (18.74 KB, 715x218, ss.PNG)

I want to think they are playing make belief and know it's not possible but I came across this comment when this troon was talking about a positive pregnancy test.

No. 1215877

This. He stuck out like a sore thumb as a "girl" which subjected him to bullying, was put through numerous abusive, invasive "medical procedures" and had his genitals mutilated and rendered unfunctional, and people try to claim that his discomfort with his body and identity was because "he identified as a boy and you couldn't change that".

welcome back queen

No. 1215883

No. 1215961

File: 1619306648685.jpg (75.18 KB, 680x340, e18ojc5rr9451.jpg)

how do you guys feel about the fact that these predators are affecting our crime statistics

No. 1215969

Not good.

Reminder that the ACLU is currently suing a woman who sent a FOIA request to get data from the state of Washington regarding how many TIMs are in women’s prisons.

https://www.womensliberationfront.org/news/aclu-sues-private-citizen-to-suppress-public-records-request-in-washington-state(Imageboard / read the OP)

No. 1215983

File: 1619309559100.jpeg (342.86 KB, 1168x2048, 6039724A-E707-43FD-B7BA-C81C22…)

warriors reboot looks sick

No. 1215991

File: 1619310317684.jpeg (59.61 KB, 707x258, 6CD75DD0-824E-4A8B-B10E-5A2118…)


I’m not sure if this has been posted, but the UK government did a report on the offending rates of troons and it’s basically exactly what you’d expect.

‘male-to-females . . . retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.’

No. 1215995

>Karen White

No. 1216008

File: 1619311890656.png (102.99 KB, 576x645, Screenshots_2021-04-24-17-44-1…)

Kek imagine getting gender euphoria from a crusty bum who'd say anything if he thought he could make a buck. Real women feel emotions ranging from sympathy to fear to revulsion when approached by homeless men, but I've never heard of any woman who felt flattered.

No. 1216011

once he gets assaulted or raped he'll feel differently!

No. 1216015

but anonchan what could be more validating than sexual assault??

No. 1216016

How come troons are allowed to use their personal need for validation as an excuse to CELEBRATE misogyny? I genuinely feel like I'm going to lose my fucking mind when I read shit like this.

No. 1216028

Read that entire paragraph and felt the sassy passive aggressive gay male vibes through the screen.

No. 1216031

File: 1619315237113.png (399.17 KB, 580x768, sure dude.png)

No. 1216076

clymer is just baiting hate so he can scream oppression and transphobia. yaniv is the same way.

No. 1216082

Objectively hideous troons are the only group of people on the planet who genuinely believe they're gorgeous. Even the most delusional HAES deathfats know they're disgusting… they won't admit it publicly, but in their (clogged) hearts, they know it's true.

No. 1216089

all of us need to start calling ourselves beautiful every fucking day if this horse-gummed ghoul is calling himself "astonishingly gorgeous". seriously we need to give ourselves the overblown egos of men

No. 1216092

File: 1619329626649.jpg (16.22 KB, 390x280, portrait-young-beautiful-shirt…)

This is what I was talking about anons, TIMs literally give more more confidence in my appearance and body
I feel like a supermodel every time a TIM shows his disgusting face, no matter how much pancake make up he wears, no matter how many hormones he takes and no matter how many surgeries he gets, it can't ever compare to a woman with no make up who just woke up from bed

No. 1216094

File: 1619330520325.gif (986.33 KB, 500x270, c9odiIh.gif)

>Fundie psycho beats her kid because she thinks he's gay
>Realizes she can just force him to be a "straight" "girl"
>Wokies shower abusive mother with asspats and completely ignore the horrifying ramifications of the situation

No. 1216106

File: 1619333701995.png (1.82 MB, 2160x1080, jazzsroom.png)

Jazz's brother uploaded a house tour and showed jazz's room. I was shocked to see all those pill bottles for someone so young. Does jazz have other health problems or can we can assume those bottles are transition related. What kinds of medicine do they give post op?

Idk why he would recklessly upload the entire layout of his house when they have spoken out before about how scared for their lives they are. I would hope they live in a gated community.

No. 1216109

Anti-depressants, so she doesn't 41% herself

No. 1216110

But when confronted with these examples, TRAs: “That never happens! Terfs are making it all up!”

No. 1216124

>11 pill bottles on display
Jesus christ that kid is taking a cocktail.

>Be a literal southern baptist tea party conservative
>Beat up your gay kid for wanting skirts and a Minnie Mouse birthday cake, force him to wear military camo and a buzzcut
>Be such a psycho that you actually tell his daycare to not let him play with girls' toys
>Indoctrinate him to the point he wets himself at school because he doesn't want to use the boys' bathroom
>Proudly admit to googling conversion therapy and trying to spank and pray the gay away
>Realize that he's not a "disgusting degenerate faggot" but instead a cute frilly princess straight girl who was just born in the wrong body! All part of the god's plan!
>Be celebrated for being the Woke Mom caping for ~kweer kids~
Every time I read a story like this I can't help but think how differently things would've gone if the mom just said "Look, I'll get you the skirts and the Minnie cake but you don't have to be a girl to like them you know".

No. 1216157

File: 1619344344124.png (128.38 KB, 362x401, Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 9.50…)

This is the book on her desk:

>Marsha M. Linehan's DBT® Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, are provided, together with brief introductions to each module written expressly for clients. Originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder, DBT has been demonstrated effective in treatment of a wide range of psychological and emotional problems.

No. 1216174

You mean "fuck this anti-gay Earth"

No. 1216198

File: 1619356604171.png (550.6 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot (19).png)

Fallon Fox is set to have a biopic made about his life

>Fox will serve as a consultant on the project. Mark Gordon and Bonnie-Chance Roberts will produce for the company alongside John Papsidera. The subject matter is especially timely, as 34 states are currently considering legislation that would ban transgender girls from playing on girls’ interscholastic sports teams. Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee and Mississippi have already made those bans law, joining Idaho, which became the first state to do so in 2020.

>“I’ve had a great time so far working with the producers and writers bringing this story to life, and I hope this film sheds some light on the topic of trans athletes in sports. This story needs to be told now more than ever,” said Fox.

>Gordon and Roberts applauded Fallon as “a remarkable woman and athlete who has withstood and achieved so much in her life and who’s story is far too little known. She is a universal, living icon of strength and persistence.”

>The Coopers added that “we know in our bones the inherent value in and necessity of telling stories from the inside out, rather than from the outside looking in. We’re thrilled to be teaming with Mark Gordon Pictures to help bring Fallon’s undeniably powerful and relevant story to the screen.” The writers are represented by Paradigm, Mosaic and Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner & Klein.

>Mark Gordon Pictures’ upcoming slate includes “Marked Man” at Amazon, based on the life of Marcus Garvey; “The Flag Makers,” a documentary feature that explores the nation’s largest American flag factory where nearly every employee is a refugee or immigrant; and the live filming of the Tony Award-winning musical “Come From Away.”

No. 1216212

Wonderful, I can't wait to see hollywokes bend over backwards to paint this ape cracking a woman's skull as a stunning and powerful moment. And then getting his ass handed to him by Ashlee Evans-Smith as a tragedy a'la the ending of Million Dollar Baby.

No. 1216214

Underrated post

No. 1216217

I hope they include the part where he nonchalantly talked about how he loves fracturing women's skulls in the ring.
>Gordon and Roberts applauded Fallon as “a remarkable woman and athlete who has withstood and achieved so much in her life and who’s story is far too little known. She is a universal, living icon of strength and persistence.”
Heinous. This man is a subpar wrestler who steamrolled the female category solely due to his biological advantage, then lost to a woman who used pure skill to take his barbarian ass down while being an embarrassingly sore loser about it. How's that for sportsmanship?

5 bucks says they're going to make him into the poor battered transwoman who went from zero to hero and during every match his opponents will be evil transphobic terfs shouting slurs at him.

No. 1216218

Slightly OT but who this?

No. 1216220

>Heinous. This man is a subpar wrestler who steamrolled the female category solely due to his biological advantage, then lost to a woman who used pure skill to take his barbarian ass down while being an embarrassingly sore loser about
This, As someone whose done MMA for a long time I can accurately say he absolutely sucks at fighting, his grappling is just okay tier and his stand up is beyond mediocre, my 11 year old brother has more coordination and skill them him, Ashlee Evens-Smith herself said that he hit harder then any person she's ever fought and those hits really rattled her and she only won cause she was superior overall fighter

No. 1216226

Also Tamikka Brents, the woman whose skull he fractured in the ring, said this about the fight:
>"I've fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can't answer whether it's because she was born a man or not because I'm not a doctor. I can only say, I've never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right," she stated. "Her grip was different, I could usually move around in the clinch against other females but couldn't move at all in Fox's clinch…"
But yeah trans athletes are totally the same as cisgender women, no biological advantage at all.

No. 1216251

This is going to be so full of lies, they might as well just call it a regular movie, instead of a biopic.

No. 1216260

pretty sure it's sedona prince.
i don't follow basketball but i saw her in a tiktok from one of her teammates where the teammate basically goes around and asks the whole team who they wouldn't let date their sister and they all said sedona. it was cute and funny.

No. 1216263

File: 1619368141369.png (1.78 MB, 1024x3464, PicsArt_04-25-09.26.52.png)

Just caught this on FB. Try to make sense of a single portion of this. I dare you.

No. 1216264

File: 1619368186877.jpg (700.39 KB, 1525x1848, PicsArt_04-25-09.27.38.jpg)

No. 1216269

The video is incredible

No. 1216273

The internet (and probably drugs) fried this dude's brain

No. 1216275


drugs and/or alcohol fueled screed about how his MAGA bf is the only one that understands him. a big run-on sentence that mainly boils down to "so much for the tolerant left"

No. 1216291

You'd think with all the troons these days they'd buckle down and get more women's clothing companies an ultimatum for having more inclusive tall sizes for clothes and shoes.

I'm a tall woman myself and it's still hard to find shoes in size 14 that aren't pleasers or meant for drag.

No. 1216320

why would they when pleasers and drag shoes already come in size 14?

No. 1216325

Miss, this woman >>1215624 will be in our birth classes and any TERFs and birthers who are opposed to her ~literal existence~ and her validity will be thrown out and blacklisted from every hospital in a 30 mile radius out of concern for the safety of our valid pregnant trans woman whose life is at risk by evil TERFs during her delivery

No. 1216327

They're practically the same type of shoe lol. Insanely high heels.

No. 1216360

File: 1619377927804.jpg (532.44 KB, 1080x1964, 20210425_140155.jpg)

i don't have any dating apps downloaded, so it took a while for a wild troon to pop up in my feed, but it finally happened kek

No. 1216365

Does his top say “unfuckable”?

No. 1216369

File: 1619378397159.jpg (105.01 KB, 720x660, NotHowThatWorks.jpg)

Kinda old, but what the actual fuck. The logic is so flawed….

No. 1216370

spoiler that shit

No. 1216374

…is this hair..dry? or was the troon too self absorbed to wait for the "curls" to actually come in?

No. 1216375

File: 1619379216370.jpg (462.92 KB, 810x2514, 20210425_142611.jpg)

lmao, anon

i went to check some of his other posts, and found some funny deleted comments

No. 1216376

File: 1619379257796.jpg (288.06 KB, 1080x1723, 20210425_142628.jpg)

No. 1216383

still one of the greatest moments in women's sports history, it truly is awe-inspiring

No. 1216389

kek I was coming to post this! apparently "straight persons" don't know about curly girl method

No. 1216394


i debated with myself over whether or not this was milky enough, and decided the ott title (along with the user's short post history in 'curlyhair' and 'womensstreetware') tipped the scales towards 'milk' kek

No. 1216396

Is this greasy, heat damaged, or both? It looks like it would be coarse and slick to the touch, it's truly unpleasant to see.

No. 1216401

File: 1619381596071.jpg (33.14 KB, 680x340, Edy7pfUWoAEFMtA.jpg)

It sort of looks like it says "unclockable", which is hilarious considering he has one of those stereotypical awkward nerdy male assisant professor look with huge fucking features. Also the hair looks disgusting.

No. 1216416


Imagine being such a narc you wear a shirt that states "unlockable", but your physical appearance is more or less a withered John Krasinski in a wig. Horrifying. Also kek the tribal tattoos and giant man hands.

No. 1216428

that drawing makes me so sad

No. 1216430

I have hope that this is going to be an eye-opening critic in disguise.

No. 1216432

That shit looks so crunchy, he clearly isn't following the directions and yet he's so proud of the results. How sad

No. 1216437

the look in his eyes legit terrifies me. Like a serial killer peeking out from a bush what the fuck

No. 1216440

File: 1619387014168.jpg (81.43 KB, 745x1024, 20201126_024140.jpg)

as a woman who's been in a wheelchair all of my life I really fucking want to a-log rn

No. 1216441

File: 1619387071208.png (513.2 KB, 639x775, 02eafda4d36dbdc414812e136b2e61…)

I want to fucking die, one of my real life friends retweeted this garbage. I thought I was safe.

No. 1216447

Wait is this making fun of troons and their ladybrain bullshit or is it legitimately trying to be like "womanhood is an arbitrary piece of makeup on cartoon characters, terfs btfo"? I can't seriously even tell anymore.

No. 1216449

anyone else following the nagatoro thread on twitter? his derail into tranny dunking is beautiful https://twitter.com/locksneedfartin/status/1386000194844700672?s=21

No. 1216450

File: 1619388229180.jpg (Spoiler Image,855.29 KB, 978x4096, Ez1nkoVXoAEgRRI.jpg)

Just a image collage I found on twitter
what a ride
warning: neo-vagina and also descriptive horrors

No. 1216454

File: 1619388383789.jpeg (187.16 KB, 1241x780, 6DF282F0-34C5-4682-AC25-6E4FAD…)


they mad

No. 1216455

Nagatoro is coomer scrote garbage and this person is hating on troons only because of he's a /pol/faggot crying about muh blue haired LGBT feminist boogeymen. Not exactly the "ally" anyone here wants.

No. 1216458

this guy seems like a racist misogynist, I don’t care how “based” his shitty weeb rant is

No. 1216464

ok? who cares if it’s from some pol retard, the drama it’s causing is still funny. They don’t have to be an ally. We hate them both, let them fight

No. 1216467

File: 1619389400087.png (855.05 KB, 2916x1626, npdstudy.png)

I swear legit psych researchers studying cluster B disorders would have a field day with western trannies. I tried finding the studies that show narcissism in trannies and as of 2020 they're already manipulating the data, not surprising but it's pretty fucked up imo. (sage for medfag)
1. Study from Iran, 2014. It finds that of all PDs that NPD is the highest in troons (57.1%) but obviously the circumstances for transitioning in Iran are much different–less AGPs and all HSTS. Most if not all troons transition in Iran because they're gay/lesbian, not because sissy porn and NPD has convinced them they'll be a hotter girl than all of the sex workers they lust after.
- "Researchers used the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory II (MCMI- II) and the patients were in an in-person environment." Imo this is better than a self assessment but you be the judge:
> The patients were admitted to the outpatient sex clinic in Tehran Institute of Psychiatry, Tehran, Iran between October 2006 and March 2007.
> The patients were evaluated by two senior psychiatrists of Iran University of Medical Sciences faculty who had special interest in this area. The participants were recruited after an unstructured psychiatric interview in order to approve the diagnosis of GID and exclude the current mood disorders and psychotic disorders to decrease the effect of axis I disorders on the diagnosis of personality disorders. Seven patients were excluded as they met the criteria of current mood disorders.
> The patients were evaluated by two senior psychiatrists of Iran University of Medical Sciences faculty who had special interest in this area. sus but ok
- Overall very similar findings to what you'd expect except that Iran has a way different sociocultural climate than the west which could indicate the instance of NPD in a general trans sample is higher in the west.
2. Study from 2020 in Italy, somehow concludes that trannies have higher instances of BPD compared to NPD. Good findings for TRAs because BPD will victimize troons in comparison to NPD.
- If you actually click on each of the authors, they have extensive research in affirming trans shit which indicates major likelihood of a confirmation bias
- For the actual study, they used the DSM-5 for a self-assessed questionnaire and the interview criteria from IV when the SCID-5 pairs with the DSM-5. Idk if that was necessary but it seems odd to not standardize across the editions, why use an outdated text?
> Participants first completed a set of self-report questionnaires (including the PID-5 and the
SCID-II-PQ), and they were then evaluated with a structured interview for the assessment of personality pathology (SCID-II).
- Trans women are lower in psychoticism…yeah fucking right. That's because you made them SELF-ASSESS their own traits that are symptoms of personality disorders on a questionnaire that they apparently could have just not filled out entirely which became your main finding to prove how harmless troons are. Yes, they actually got rid of 1/4 of troons who didn't fill out 25% of the self-assessment form properly. Why even do a self-assessed form that they didn't have to fill out entirely in the first place? Probably so the troons could insert their own bias as narcissists typically do and you wouldn't have any blame for understating how antagonistic or psychotic they are.
> Antagonism, juxtaposed to Agreeableness, is defined as “behaviors that
put the individual at odds with other people, including an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a concomitant expectation of special treatment, as well as a callous antipathy towards others, encompassing both unawareness of others’ needs and feelings and a readiness to use others in the service of self-enhancement” tl;dr: They asked bunch of potential Cluster Bs to self-assess on a questionnaire (that they could have just walked out of apparently)
> Participants (N = 21) with more than 25% of missing responses on PID-5 questionnaire were
removed from the sample.
> We then compared the mean scores of each PID-5 facet and domain between transgender clients
and the corresponding normative data derived for the Italian general population [51] using one-sample t tests. So basically: self-assessed troons who filled out more than 75% of the questionnaire VS average women and men from DSM data
- Based on the other studies I've seen, the fact that there alone was 0 out of 43 FTMs/TiFs with NPD is a giant red flag. Compare this to the number of FTMs with NPD in the 2014 Iran study (48.4% vs 0%). Consider this: the researchers who are gender affirmers proven by their past research know the literature finds MTFs have higher instances of NPD. They don't want to have those same findings. They know self-reporting is bullshit, especially when it comes to assessing your own behaviors, but it has greater odds of downplaying troons' aggressiveness and narcissism and less risk than directly understating your own observations as a professional during an in-person interview. So they place more importance on the self-reported questionnaire and less on the interview, even using an outdated interview guide for instance. /tinfoil ofc
Sorry/sage for medfagging. I think there's more to be said about the DSM-IV vs DSM-5 that I wouldn't know, if anyone else can confirm if it's suspicious or not and has a background in something psych/med related please do. Sorry for derailing but I think psychology is an important element behind troons and isn't talked about enough. Especially considering big pharma is shutting down any researcher who wants to look into any comorbidity that might make troons look bad so our days of actual research on this topic are numbered if not outright over.

No. 1216484

I wish I could respond to this man and cheer him on without getting canceled.

No. 1216490

…. What the fuck is that white shit? Scabs? Gauze? Teeth!? Lol lmao no, but seriously who the fuck butchered this person.
Did they join the 41%?
Do they have an obituary?

No. 1216497


Literally my first thought. I never know what I'm looking at when I see pictures of unhealed neovaginas. It's usually such a gory fucking mess and just thinking about forcing a dilator into all that minced meat makes me want to die.

No. 1216498

File: 1619392608542.png (85.23 KB, 1170x280, 5632987712264356468087.png)

No. 1216520

On one hand, I love this sperging nonsense.
On the other hand, you know what's gonna come next?

Seething troons and near peakers switching to auto-ignore whenever someone brings up the same points. That's why I hate /pol/ spergers. Anything they touch, no matter how correct or polite or even factually perfect, it becomes a red flag.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but in this case. This is an asshole who only exists for the validation of other assholes.

No. 1216522

that's how my wavy hair looks on the worst wash day possible, I wouldn't leave the house like that let alone post it on reddit?? God they're so obviously male

No. 1216534

i know he's a scrote /pol/fag but i gotta admit i lost it to this video https://tinyurl.com/ahxymeps

No. 1216547

i saw this before in a previous thread but it bears repeating that the most annoying part about it, to me, is when he says his literally necrotic neovag is "always dirty, smells like shit" and then continues to equate that horrorshow to "normal female genitalia, much stronger than my old penis"

not only delusional but straight up misogynistic. i hope his gf left him before he could tell her what he thinks vaginas smell like.

No. 1216550

File: 1619397678570.png (177.97 KB, 687x528, not a fetish.PNG)

No offense but literally what woman wears cat ears except for an e-girl making money off of weeb coomers or a cosplayer? Do they think they're Belle Delphine or something? MTFs are always so male in that they wear whatever looks good on their waifu without considering how 1) it'll look fucking awful on them because they're men and will only make maleness even more obvious (as a result of narcissism) and 2) how jarring or inappropriate those outfits might be in public (as a result of western individualism). I don't even associate the cat ears with anime characters, I just think of troons.

No. 1216552

I didn't catch that, now I have no sympathy for him at all kek. Did he 41% himself yet?

No. 1216561

maybe I'm stupid but why is that racist?

No. 1216563

sage for derailing but the artist/author is a known alt right antisemitic white nationalist turd toucher

No. 1216571

yeah stonetoss is garbage but also the top right panel w white and black mouths is supposed to illustrate miscegenation, at least imo. the point of the comic is to further the idea of "elites" making society degenerate this way, for retarded anti-semitic and highly racist reasons

No. 1216600

i mean the filename literally has "race mixing" in it

No. 1216601


>Every one would stop organizing.

Not even true. When they start with this rhetoric, they always go too far and get sent to prison. Like with antifa starting with "punch a nazi" and the Portland mayor now calling for people to dox them.

No. 1216609

File: 1619403611150.jpeg (290.18 KB, 1146x638, 4F173C64-B882-4AE9-8450-9CEFEB…)

>it’s literally a vagina

Colon mucus does not a WAP make

Also in this thread are people sperging about how we wouldn’t have rights without Marsha P Johnson lmao. It was in r/ confidentlyincorrect and it fits the sub but not in the way they think lmao

No. 1216610

omfg an inverted dick and/or colon tissue does not a vagina make … it can't make vaginal fluid … who tells these idiots this garbage?

No. 1216616

File: 1619404228803.jpeg (335.75 KB, 1078x815, E3873649-1379-4337-8B17-DFD969…)

They also accused someone of only seeing neo-vag in surgeons before and after images, which is pretty rich considering they’ve probably only seen a pussy in pictures if they think that’s how it works.
>I don’t need to douche
Ah, I can smell him through my phone

No. 1216653

Nonnie, Idk if you care or not, but your username is showing!

No. 1216654

did you just dox yourself

No. 1216655

begging you to delete this

No. 1216658

except a vagina has muscles and glands and connects to an entire reproductive system. vaginas don’t close up if you don’t shove things in it and they don’t grow hair on the inside.

i mean, i guess it was a matter of time until they redefined what a vagina is. but it’s still so infuriating.

No. 1216671

And how the fuck would trans women even know if their "clits" function exactly like real clits? Real clits have a network of both big and small nerves that can't be recreated.

No. 1216688

File: 1619417608051.jpg (41.36 KB, 640x480, mesenteries.jpg)

Just for reference, the peritoneum is the lining of the abdominal cavity. Peritoneal fluid is the mucus the tissue secrets to keep your guts from chafing against each other. I suppose that's less gross than colon tissue, but it's still not the same thing as vaginal tissue, which has its own pH and structure. Peritoneal tissue is not supposed to be exposed to foreign contaminants, so I'm not sure how safe it is for people to be sticking their dicks in it.

No. 1216690

File: 1619417771374.png (694.21 KB, 533x866, 90gb.PNG)

dudes making fun of their own male pattern baldness never gets old

No. 1216691

File: 1619417863180.jpeg (17.32 KB, 200x160, 49F0693B-09A8-4DBA-A7EE-DC51A9…)

>smells dirty, smells like shit all the time
>just like a normal vagina I guess

No. 1216692

Wonder when they’ll just start experimenting with donor vaginal tissue. I’m sure there’d be a line of TIFs waiting to donate.

No. 1216694

File: 1619418494875.jpg (34.37 KB, 700x400, the-ren-and-stimpy-show-reboot…)

So Stimpy is a woman now? He's got purple eyelids, checkmate TERFs.

No. 1216700

That tweet is clearly a joke and Idk why several of you are pretending it's not so you can be angry over what is essentially nothing compared to what actual troon cows say

No. 1216708

Relax anon, I was joking too.

No. 1216711

My forehead is way bigger than this anon, also this looks like a girl?

No. 1216723

This is confirmed a dude. He’s dating some gamer coomer. He was aired out maybe two threads ago for tweeting some shit like “terfs who think they can pass vs us” and the women he was making fun of for not “passing” got banned for reply “I don’t need to pass because I am.”

Tldr that is a man.

No. 1216724

File: 1619420694808.png (46.63 KB, 532x580, dude.PNG)

this is 100% a dude.

No. 1216727

File: 1619420725806.png (389.81 KB, 541x549, dude2.PNG)

No. 1216734

This dude again? His crippling self-loathing shows so much. If he was secure or loved himself, he wouldn't have to coat himself in makeup, filter the hell out of his pics, and put down real women on twitter to gas himself up. Are the dick prospects really that barren for this insufferable twink?
How do I, as a lesbian, become as undesirable to men as this man is?

No. 1216737

Shaming women's looks aside, it's always so funny how they have the audacity to even make these comparisons. Like, doesn't he realize anyone could flip his argument around in 5 seconds by posting a pic of, let's say, Zendaya next to Charlotte "sasquatch" Clymer? And have much easier time finding a cute girl and an ugly TiM to compare? Now what, troon?
Also, so brave and stunning of him to not even post a pic of himself, but a teenage swedish model that's maybe the 0,01% of the troon world.

No. 1216738

the juxtaposition of the backgrounds is very telling

No. 1216743

File: 1619423646060.jpeg (45.01 KB, 600x534, C19BC761-296E-47BD-B451-0B8633…)

This is why trannies never shut up

No. 1216757

>it doesn't heal
>it doesn't bleed or pus
So it's just rotting off now? What am I to imagine under that open wound that suddenly magically became not an issue for the body anymore?

No. 1216759

They wish they were e girls because they have porn brain and want to be sexual objects for validation. That’s what being a real woman is like! Plus they’re probably obsessed with social media so that’s all they’re exposed to anyway, the real womanly experience /s

No. 1216777

you’re right, I gave it a quick google and read about the procedure. Its very new. Also, idk if this Troon is larping because in the comment thread they insist that they didn’t cut into their abdomen at all.
It’s also a procedure that’s done on real women with genital deformities iirc. The troons in this thread are prob heckin validated that some cis women have them too (but theirs usually connect to a uterus lol)

No. 1216783

Can you link to the thread or screenshot the comment about not cutting into the abdomen?

No. 1216787

Wow don't know how I missed that. Gotta admit though without hearing his voice I'd never have been able to clock him

No. 1216791

Male pattern baldness does not look like a huge forehead.

No. 1216847

File: 1619444534138.png (1.15 MB, 1703x1121, image.png)

Old milk but Amazon removed all books related to Questioning of the Trans cult as well some 2nd Wave Authors but still allows an erotic 'forced feminization' fetish ebooks about children
Of Course this was troon by a MTF Troon with a sissy fetish

No. 1216851

to be real, I always thought he was until I watched some documentary about how they were metaphors for being gay and violent.

No. 1216859

File: 1619445858055.jpeg (362.05 KB, 1515x1388, 68FD9998-EC17-49A9-83D9-2D9992…)

What he posts vs what his boyfriend posts

No. 1216865

>I don't even associate the cat ears with anime characters, I just think of troons.

Before scrote, traps , coomers, cross dressers and troons- women did wear these things ( sans the buttplug tail) because they either A)wanted to be the cat/cuddle with their cat B) were evolving into full blown furries C) found them cute and wanted them , D) wanted to be the fujoshit manga main character.

That buttplug shit is just pure fucking fetish garbage. Back in the day if you wanted to be a catgirl you just wore the ears and a tail belt, maybe one of those onesies with the hood. I almost miss high school thinking about this shit.

While nobody is perfect in this world, not everything in life is a man's sexual desire and don't let troons ruin shit for you. You should feel better that you will never look uncanny in it like 99% of men do when they cosplay as women.

Is this creep trying to skinwalk Billy Elish?

No. 1216868

I read about that, but then I see Irreversible Damage, The End of Gender, etc are still for sale. Wonder why they haven’t been taken off yet?

No. 1216870

Poor kid. This is child abuse.

No. 1216878

Anon its not real though, its literally a forced feminization erotica novel about a Child
I think there banned in Amazon Canada

No. 1216892

Still looks way too much like a girl to me, just with more unflattering lighting. Is it possible they aren’t pulling a kikomi for attention?

No. 1216905

Okay wow well thanks for clarifying for me. I thought this was autobiographical. Though I’m not sure this is any better. Totally not a fetish.

No. 1216906

That's really sad… afaik most of the people who do DBT are traumatized and/or addicts

No. 1216914


Their family left Russia to escape communism, it scares them because everyone says they love socialism on the left. It is too violent towards people with different politics, and doesn't acknowledge problems like muslims being anti-LGBT. They don't think people with MAGA hats for instance should be punched. The violence scares them. They aren't welcome in the LGBT spaces anymore for being a "nazi". They want to break away and become more strong and stop seeing themselves as a victim, and they feel really lonely being trans and not fitting in anywhere.

No. 1216926

More people need to do this everywhere, even if it takes going through multiple accounts. It's dangerous that they give the impression of having majority acceptance by manipulating the conversation. People need to know it's fine to throw the first stone because they aren't the only one.

No. 1216928

File: 1619452014724.jpg (524.3 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20210426.jpg)

Over 40 years of estrogen, still aged like a man

No. 1216932

File: 1619452307336.jpg (54.9 KB, 360x450, jim-carrey-Good-End.jpg)

lmao, this guy looks like a "what-if bad ending" Jim Carrey

No. 1216934

What if most of them end up feeling like this eventually, and they just don't say anything because they think everyone else is happy… ?

No. 1216941

File: 1619452976039.jpg (43.9 KB, 479x720, join us.jpg)

Lmao. The echo-chamber has to be airtight.

Any sign of not being valid or general unhappiness? You get thrown out.
The moment you regret it, you're no longer a true troon. You're a pretender and a faker, you never were one of them. Therefore you should be silenced. and forgotten about. It's fucking hilarious how every group that either supports people who regretted it has been chased off the internet and there's only one, the one run by that NASA dude that still operates.
The only thing left for these rejected rejects it hop through the magical anime girl portal and complete their transformations.

No. 1216948

Wow anon, that’s dark as shit, even for this site. But I’m sure that those who end up 41% are the ones who realize how they’ve ruined their life and have no way to reverse the damage they’ve done, therefore they choose to rope.

No. 1216960

Nonny, look at the neck.

No. 1216979

File: 1619455838511.jpeg (364.25 KB, 828x1386, A17DE6EA-D041-495D-B3D4-A452F7…)


went onto the page of one of the troons who had replied to this tweet out of curiosity because they looked fucking ridiculous

teacher but also posting pics of their micropenis on twitter, you couldn’t make this shut up

No. 1216981

File: 1619455912726.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.1 KB, 828x808, E707381B-CD72-44FB-8FBE-B42259…)


samefag but if i was a parent and i found out my kids teacher was posting shit like this online i would riot

No. 1216987


No. 1216990

File: 1619456257839.png (380.25 KB, 527x570, Screenshot (26).png)

How was this allowed to happen ? seriously was there not a single non-degenerate Individual present that said "hey prepubescent children shouldn't be doing highly sexualized drag in gay clubs"
This is open pedophilia and were supposed to be pretend that its normal and now woke and questioning it makes you regressive Nazi Bigot


This is peak-libfem and peak Gay men for me

No. 1216991

I hope someone reports his disgusting ass, can he get in trouble for this?

No. 1216992

File: 1619456314855.png (45.06 KB, 498x580, inmon-designs-misogohan.png)

OMG. HE HAS A WOMB TATTOO. That's so cursed. That cummer being a teacher isn't ok at all.

No. 1216994

cartoons made by males, characters designed by men.

No. 1216995

He should. Here a woman was fired from her teaching job because she got her tits out on Big Brother (reality tv show) while getting changed so not even overtly sexual. This is disgusting and he should be fired and banned from working with kids.

No. 1216996

This is the second troon with a womb tattoo we've encountered (oldfags probably remember the other one). Lord help us.

No. 1216999

File: 1619457267587.png (741.76 KB, 1173x753, Screenshot (29).png)

>Nina West, RuPaul’s Drag Race season eleven contestant and winner of Miss Congeniality, and producer of Drag Is Magic, an EP of kids music about the art form, says she hopes to inspire them to “dream big, be kind, and be their perfect selves.”[26] West feels drag is “an opportunity for children to get creative and think outside the boxes us silly adults have crafted for them.”[26] Marti Gould Cummings said something similar when a video of them performing “Baby Shark” at a drag brunch went viral.[27] “Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong,” said Cummings, “Drag is expression, and children are such judgment-free beings; they don’t really care what you’re wearing, just what you’re performing.”[27] As of May 2019, the video has been viewed over 806,000 times.[26]

>West’s responded to critics who question if children are too young to experience drag, saying, “Drag is an opportunity for anyone – including and especially children – to reconsider the masks we are all forced to wear daily.”[26] West added, “Children are inundated with implicit imagery from media about what is ‘boy’ and what is ‘girl.’ And I believe that almost all kids are really less concerned about playing with a toy that's supposedly aligned to their gender, and more concerned with playing with toys that speak to them.”[26]

>The New York Times noted “Laura Edwards-Leeper, a clinical psychologist in Oregon who works with queer and trans kids, said that experimenting with gender expression isn’t necessarily linked to being queer or trans.[28] 'It’s normal at basically any age for boys to dress up as princesses and girls in male superhero outfits,' she said.[28] What's changed is parenting. 'When there’s no judgment, kids are more likely to feel free to explore,' Dr. Edwards-Leeper said

Have we really reached the point, where children wearing hyper sexualized clothing and doing sexual dances is considered "woke" now, If it weren't by radfem socialist beleifs I'd probably could go conservative over this

No. 1217008

Of course. I fucking hate this state.

No. 1217009

>pulling a kikomi

Agree though, I thought Kim Petras was the best passing I had seen and even he was clockable as a man but I legitimately have a hard time accepting it even in the pic the boyfriend posted. Is it actually confirmed that it's a troon and not a real woman? It's hard to tell because all of the photos are filtered to hell but that brow ridge, jaw and hairline just looks female to me. Wouldn't be the first time a cis girl was larping as a mtf to get attention.

No. 1217010

and it's the lgb who will be blamed for this shit when little girl's beauty pageants have existed since forever, but this time critisizing this will be a hate crime (though i guess libfems won't let you say anything bad about little girl's beauty pageants either because it is empowering for the girls or whatever)

No. 1217012

now that i think about it, funny how lot of people notice of creepy it is to dress little boys in high heels, make up and mini dresses while they see no problem in little girl's beauty pageants.

No. 1217018

Tbh, most ordinary people (in the US, and elsewhere I’m sure) find little girl’s beauty pageants creepy. It’s kind of a trashy thing to be associated with.

No. 1217033

File: 1619459738372.png (410.69 KB, 614x455, wtwi13ge1ev61.png)

sage for not milk but still fitting

No. 1217047

At first I thought it was a temporary tattoo, I mean, it has to be right?? But then it dawned on me that it probably isn't. Imagine finding out your teacher is a porn sick degenerate sicko.. I hope he doesn't teach young children.

No. 1217049

There where other pics where his adams apple was pretty prominent, plus his huge hands and shoulders. Once he made that post about terfs being uglier then trannies people started posting them in the replies and he went private shortly after. The fact that he's still on private really proves he wasn't doing it for attention and was genuinely hurt when people pointed out that he looks masculine in candids.

No. 1217055

is there a source for the highlighted quote? it doesn't really seem like something a child would say but it does seem like something a conservative influencer would make up for outrage points.

i don't think drag is appropriate for children either but i don't think kids are freely going around saying they want adults to find them sexy, that's insane.

so yeah, source please.

No. 1217060

if you read closer you would have noticed it never said the kid said those words. it was actually written by a convicted pedophile and the kid's Mom posted about it denouncing him. see :https://medium.com/@jamesbesanvalle/mom-disturbed-by-pedophile-lusting-over-her-12-year-old-drag-queen-son-2285e7fd8ae

the mom also says "his costumes are always age-appropriate, he collects tips for toys and he’s never allowed into the bar area"

seems like maybe a god way to protect your child from pedos is to not have them performing for drunk degenerate adults in the first place but what do i know

No. 1217061

File: 1619461389944.png (731.64 KB, 1440x629, Screenshot (31).png)


>HuffPost got an exclusive first look at the music video for the EP’s title track, viewed above. In it, West appears alternately as a “Mrs. Doubtfire”-like nanny and her bubbly diva self as she extols the virtues of her art form to an audience of youngsters. The video concludes as each child embodies their own fantasy self ― a ballerina and a pirate, for example.

>“Drag is Magic,” which hit retailers and streaming platforms last week, happens to coincide another with West project: a five-track comedy EP titled “John Goodman.” While the latter tackles pop culture and politics, the queen opts for a playfully educational approach on “Drag is Magic,” with tracks like “The Drag Alphabet” and “The Reading Song.”

>“I believe that almost all kids are really less concerned about playing with a toy that’s supposedly aligned to their gender, and more concerned with playing with toys that speak to them,” Nina West said.

>West’s EP and music video arrive at a time when drag performers have been finding new and creative ways to adapt their work for younger audiences. In recent years, drag-themed story hours have become an increasingly popular, if controversial, pastime for kids at libraries across the country.

>Similarly, drag artist Marti Gould Cummings won praise from singer-actress Audra McDonald and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) after performing the ubiquitous children’s song, “Baby Shark,” at a 2-year-old’s request at a restaurant in New Jersey. Video footage capturing Cummings’ performance has been viewed more than 806,000 times after being posted to Twitter and Instagram.

>“Drag is an opportunity for anyone – including and especially children – to reconsider the masks we are all forced to wear daily,” she said. “Children are inundated with implicit imagery from media about what is ‘boy’ and what is ‘girl.’ And I believe that almost all kids are really less concerned about playing with a toy that’s supposedly aligned to their gender, and more concerned with playing with toys that speak to them.”

>She continued: “To all the little boys and little girls who don’t always see their unique selves reflected in other forms of media, or who are being told they are too feminine, or who are told they shouldn’t want to play with that toy – I want this album to be where they feel silly, goofy, loved and seen.”

No. 1217065

nina west isn't a troon though

No. 1217069

No but he's a fucking weirdo who sucks on the toes and/or feet of random audience members at shows.

No. 1217076

ok? not the thread for it, make a drag cows thread if you want cause theres plenty of material but pls dont sperg here

theres barely any tranny milk here now tbh, i love occasional terfchats but at the end of the day the point is to poke and laugh not make ourselves sad with deranged male antics

No. 1217147

have you seen this woman on tiktok who doesn't give a fuck and just go ahead and calls trannies the agp perverts they are. most of her videos are lost since she gets being banned but here's her new account https://www.tiktok.com/@troontown?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1(imageboard)

No. 1217152

In my area a few years ago a teacher got in trouble because someone reported that her PRIVATE instagram account had a photo of her standing on a beach with a group of friends. It wasn't posed or sexual at all, just a regular group of adults standing for a photo.
This dude deserves to be ratted out for posting their disgusting micropenis online where kids can see.

No. 1217157

I get selfpost vibes from this, but still based.

Troons say they face misogyny, but it's obviously not true, based off the levels of scrutiny put on them compared to that of real women. I hope this dude gets fired and blacklisted from working with children, since he's such a clear coombrain and hentai addict.

No. 1217161

The face is alright but those shoulders… yeah I see it now

No. 1217167

>make a drag cows thread
please do

No. 1217179

It’s lesbian day of visibility and every post I’ve seen on various social media platforms is specifically only celebrating “trans lesbians” AKA heterosexual males. This happens every time there’s a day to celebrate women, people now only talk about males. Men get their way at the center of attention constantly.(Not milk)

No. 1217182

turns out male entitlement wearing a skirt is still male entitlement

No. 1217183

It seems like there's been a massive increase in troon identification, for both men and women (and people going the they/them route) during this past covid year, does anyone else know what I'm saying?
I'm wondering when I'm going to see any media coverage of it. It's really sick and upsetting to think about, all these people feeling desperate and lonely and trapped within themselves and resorting to this shit. It's just going to make the inevitable collapse of this ideology even more destructive.

No. 1217214

easy. Men got depressed, bored, thought about the meaning of life, sat in front of a screen, and said, "yeah huh maybe I am a wittle girl after all."

No. 1217261

The facetuned and filtered face maybe. The candids are very telling.

No. 1217277

File: 1619475796625.jpeg (120.82 KB, 1242x1288, 1611597184868.jpeg)

No. 1217278

new thread pic please!!

No. 1217280

My lord. Who is this in the far right with that enormous forehead????

No. 1217294

File: 1619476554682.png (10.81 MB, 1242x2208, A16DE904-0FA7-4F9C-BBC5-5E91D0…)

Honestly this dude seems like a huge cow how tf is it okay for him to post his micro penis and be a teacher…..

No. 1217306

File: 1619477660958.png (289.07 KB, 2472x1120, mansplainsurgery.png)

> "it was initially proposed by a trans patient to her doctor"
I got a weird vibe so I looked it up and these doctors are women, which means that the "suggestion" probably looked more like the iconic candid picture of Charles Clymer where he just so happens to be mansplaining a woman.
> "The patient who proposed it is a Reddit user herself which is kind of cool."
And he was BOTCHED. Picrel.

No. 1217312

Disgusting. Imagine thinking a hole between someone's legs made of their own penis, or colon, or stomach, or whatever else, was a real vagina. Imagine sticking your tongue or fingers or dick in it, or your mouth on it, and not being immediately repulsed that you just licked someone's colon or whatever.

No. 1217318

Where the fuck does he teach?! This is insane, if he wasn’t a tranny he’d have already been fired moons ago. I’d say I hope he doesn’t work with kids but unfortunately his yearbook picture practically screams pre-university education.

No. 1217319

Who the fuck has bloody scraps of genitals left and has the thought to masturbate, that is fucking vile and coomer behavior.

No. 1217327

lmao insurance covers 80k elective cosmetic surgeries for trannies to get butchered

No. 1217391

I’m trying to figure out if that’s either a pad or a diaper in the corner on the floor.

No. 1217394

File: 1619484071211.png (3.61 MB, 1242x785, 1619476554682.png)

I thought this too … sage because not sure if milk

No. 1217396

File: 1619484095448.png (689.92 KB, 2300x1700, interesting.............png)

> 20 year old guy, admits he has a great life with friends, an ugly face (he mentions in later MtF posts) but a great body, a big dick, and enjoys being male so he can "talk about chicks" and go to the gym with other guys and partake in hypermasculine guy culture (i.e, scrote privilege)
> He has no sexual arousal around women but has sexual arousal to women's clothing. The first time he jacked off is recently after finding tranny porn which satisfies his crossdressing fetish ofc. Then he, being repulsed as a man, feels that there is no way out except to transition because there is no way to 'undo' having jacked off to tranny porn and continue living as a man?
> He says that he admires women, but that he has no romantic or sexual attraction to them. But like no attraction to women at all, just admiring them. Kind of wondering what "talking about chicks" looks like, hmm…I mean admiring pretty women is nothing similar to gay men idolizing and admiring Britney Spears or Lady Gaga as their inspirations.
> He's absolutely NOT a gay male but don't worry because no one even suggests that. He actually finds the asexual sub and starts posting there how crossdressing is totes norm for asexual people, right?
> Somehow he comes to the conclusion that he is trans. He says his parents would disown him if he came out as trans.
> No mention of HRT. Oh but he shaved his beard, how stunning! How brave!
> He then consults MtF for tips on how to stop getting boners in his ~girl clothes~!
> Turns out that gender euphoria is actually just getting a boner and troons say this is totes normal for an oppressed and valid trans gal. Theirs stopped when they started taking HRT and testosterone blockers. Basically the boners stop because they can't get hard for anything at all.
The last bit blew my mind. Imo the only reason we don't see more gender euphoria boners is because MtFs push medicalization so early on. Not because moids lose their porn sickness.
However, what truly fascinated me was the comments about "jealousy" surrounding women. I really suspect OP is gay but won't come to terms with it. He never mentions the possibility, weird how he's so quick to jump on MtF shit, right? WELL I'll post another picture of a post the OP commented on where it's full of non-trooned men (yes I checked each one), except for OP in this picrel, that are agreeing "Yes I want to be a girl, it seems easier". I didn't expect the majority of comments to be agreement from men about how they fantasize about being women instead of a boring guy (but only as attractive/hot women though KEK). Picrel will be in the next post, it's infuriating.

No. 1217398

File: 1619484291315.png (121.37 KB, 692x1542, nfshiuhsdf.png)

Picrel is the first post he commented on this account. All of these men except for the OP above have not trooned out.

No. 1217418

File: 1619486186611.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x3479, inCollage_20210427_031533686.j…)

autistic on main, micro girl dick on the low

No. 1217420

Holy shit, look at this mess. Absolute waste of human life lol. The delusion is incredible.

No. 1217429

I seriously hope that’s a fucking shirt

No. 1217435

sorry for ot but what documentary was that? i always suspected john k was a closeted homo

No. 1217452

What is non binary bottom surgery supposed to be?

No. 1217459

It's kind of like a cloaca. It showed up in the last FTM thread, I think. Just a hole in your groin, no labia or anything.

No. 1217460

like what Chris Chan thought he had? shudder

No. 1217470

>my non binary bottom surgery
> surgery to grow and replace my foreskin

This ugly fucker wants that Futa hentai surgery.
I pretty sure he means the more common surgery, the 2-in-1 deal. Mtfs keep their penis(lose balls) and have a canal to Hell carved in. Ftms keep most of the vagina but get the arm corndog above it. Removing everything is nullification and very rare.

TRAs think these 100% fetish body mods are more “medically necessary” than helping women ravaged by cancer or born with deformity! None of these vanity procedures dreamt by autists should ever be covered by insurance. “Cis” women grow up with so much pressure and insecurity, hating their bodies or never feeling woman enough for society. There are millions more women than men that feel horrible about their looks and would definitely feel more confident with a free lift, liposuction or nose job. But grown ass, hideous men and even dangerous criminals get priority in order to become their own sex fantasy.

No. 1217471

AYRT I briefly lived in a hentai-free world, mentally. Of course a scrote wouldn't desexualize himself in the same way a TIF might.

No. 1217494

File: 1619494494923.png (62.28 KB, 400x200, c51.png)


> arm corndog

No. 1217495

File: 1619494548060.jpg (786.37 KB, 1920x3479, inCollage_20210427_053344851.j…)

follow up for the curious
basically futa anatomy

also does girl dick count as a special interest?

No. 1217502