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No. 1506682

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1506692

File: 1650464775680.jpeg (64.62 KB, 599x269, 77FF5203-9194-4238-943D-A496B1…)

Did anybody post this yet? Second craziest thing after reading that Joan of Arc was persecuted because she was a non-binary (no joke).

No. 1506709

try the ftm tread

No. 1506755

File: 1650469354477.jpeg (35.75 KB, 715x429, 5886DDAB-FFE8-4788-8411-624FCC…)

DAMN i thought this was the FtM thread

No. 1506809

File: 1650472479450.jpeg (353.11 KB, 1125x1873, 7E5C8AB4-71BA-45CB-A44E-5CA0BD…)

walking HR nightmare

No. 1506837

File: 1650474226899.png (239.45 KB, 1742x778, 654390321156335.png)


No. 1506843

i wonder if his tweet would be as calm as it is if the interviewer was a woman

No. 1506856

File: 1650475048219.jpg (Spoiler Image, 722.81 KB, 3024x4032, 357uls9k1nu81.jpg)

Is that pus inside the hole? Ew.

No. 1506857

Oh definitely not, he would be absolutely raging if a female interviewer didnt immediatly kiss his feet and give him a job

No. 1506862

Thick slabs of uncanny flesh putty instead of anatomical features

No. 1506866

WHY would you post this online

No. 1506877

Probably because this horror show counts as a "good" result

No. 1506894

File: 1650476654182.png (549.65 KB, 1200x1017, regina.png)

aw man don't worry, i'm sure you've gotten plenty of the common mtf estrogen changes such as being irreversibly and permanently sterilized (you never wanted a biological family anyway, right?), having thinner skin and hair, which also ages you a lot so you'll look 20 years wiser! Oh and i'm sure your liver has been damaged, your muscles and bones are weaker and your cholesterol may be fucked up too! Plenty of typical mtf changes!

No. 1506907

File: 1650477076789.jpeg (49.61 KB, 640x640, 0DA67F7D-087A-466D-9199-03338E…)

No. 1506921

My 21 year old cousin is MTF and hearing this kind of stuff worries me. He went through some traumatic life stuff in his late teens, and I think he’s just using trans stuff to cope rn (I also think he might have autism and a bit of AGP - he’s infatuated with sexy catgirl anime characters). I’m hoping that the troon shit is a phase that he’ll eventually grow out of, so I want to be here for him and not disown him, but I am afraid of the long term damage he’s doing to his body with estrogen.

No. 1506929

Men on estrogen usually fare better than women on testosterone if that is any consolation.

No. 1506935

He would probably be trying to sue the company or get her fired.

No. 1506945

i feel like these threads could benefit from a recap of what happened on the previous ones, so there aren’t so many reposts

No. 1506976

File: 1650480740969.jpeg (771.47 KB, 2484x1792, FC32F381-85DA-4B36-BD87-4E91B5…)

Context is an article of a 60 year old man finding out he’s intersex after what was suppose to be a hernia turns out was an ovary, Fallopian tubes, and a cervix.

Anyways that very last comment just got to me. Handmaidens are something else.

No. 1506985

File: 1650481633646.jpeg (148.56 KB, 1178x688, A6399C87-3B6A-45E6-90C9-BDFC1C…)

>straight men

No. 1506986

literal biphobia kek

No. 1506991

Isn't this the same exact shit they're always getting mad at us for? We say we don't want to date trans women and they have a collective meltdown

No. 1506994

Yes. Rules for thee but not for me. Anyone they are attracted to exists purely to validate them sexually.

No. 1506996

this is clearly satire like when women in govt try to ban viagra, don't be fucking stupid

No. 1507004

File: 1650482430569.png (180.6 KB, 958x831, SXNSDA7.png)


No. 1507007

This is not satire bc of who it's coming from. Sophie is a notorious twitter troon. He means it kek

No. 1507014

File: 1650482677748.jpg (844.74 KB, 1920x1500, BIOTRANS.jpg)

i just miss kikomi

No. 1507016

File: 1650482780024.jpeg (83.31 KB, 680x453, 7FDA0B3B-6B43-4714-8DB3-5FF75A…)

Was going to see We’re All Going to the Worlds Fair because I saw it advertised as a horror about being a teenage girl on the internet and from a fresh new female voice in horror. Without fail it’s a tranny. Women don’t get anything in horror.

No. 1507019

the post might be a larp but the reply is corrective rape tier, they're obsessed with guilting people into sleeping with people they're not attracted to

No. 1507035

It’s so bizarre how these women are always brainwashed into thinking they will just magically become lesbians. You’re still with a man with a dick. You’re still just straight. I hate TRAs for confusing the hell out of innocent people.

No. 1507038

anon I'm the first to call out obvious bait and satire but that's real. Honestly it's not even that weird. Like it makes logical sense that a man who thinks he's a woman would want to be with straight men (and lesbians), because it would make them feel like real women. I'm sure most troons agree with him but won't admit it

No. 1507052

Please explain how it's satire when he always says crazy shit like this. This troon literally deformed his face and thinks he looks like a model but it's actually all satire. Retard

No. 1507053

File: 1650484215177.png (873.8 KB, 1180x1158, 2BB3053C-D5ED-476A-8A24-8FA460…)

Such a feminine crime!

No. 1507065

File: 1650484830820.jpeg (45.95 KB, 828x384, EAAF5B7E-74A6-43F2-8EAE-A081AC…)

You guys I fucking can’t with this. Do they really think if a woman is pre-pubescent, in menopause, or has a sexual development disorder she doesn’t experience sex-based oppression?


No. 1507067

File: 1650484896709.jpeg (360.76 KB, 1284x634, 2E6FADBC-D62E-429D-A69A-91225F…)

Yes. Women. Not men in woman-face.

No. 1507070

Nope, seconding everyone else, Sophie means it. The full thread shows it even more

No. 1507071

we’re gonna have a real deal weeaboo agp mass shooter who listens to 100 gecs like how columbiners listened to NIN. I think it’ll be a huge media circus and I think the TRAs will fuck up by defending him as opposed to their old protocol of no true trans distancing. My money is it happens before 2024

No. 1507072

i don't understand headlines like this, where they could easily avoid saying either "man" or "woman" and it would be just as pc, but they choose to say woman. Why??? so frustrating

No. 1507078


I only use my reddit account to lurk because I don't want to contribute with anything to that hellsite, but I wish I could reply to every single on of these posts with "RUN".

No. 1507084

File: 1650485638929.jpg (389.41 KB, 1073x1822, FQz-x_9aUAAhlc0.jpg)

Answer: Its a fetish. The end.

No. 1507085

Comming to a womens prison near you!

No. 1507091

File: 1650486667053.png (32.81 KB, 618x336, puberty.PNG)

We've reached the "your child's natural puberty is violent disfigurement" stage of trans hysteria.

Especially funny comment coming from this particular man who has the most hideous hack job I've ever seen called a 'neovagina'. Looks like an actual axe wound long after healing. He would show it off on an alt account between having melt downs about how ugly it is. All while indulging in his misogynistic bimbo fantasies about being a worthless slut, of course!

No. 1507101

File: 1650487417220.png (1.29 MB, 596x2592, emaley.png)

Phoney science.

No. 1507106

File: 1650487573888.jpg (45.58 KB, 582x514, mandrea.JPG)

samefag, cropped out the likes on this one. Im not even going to read the article.

No. 1507107

ot but you gotta turn off cleartype that text is painful to look at

No. 1507117

Trans mothers are the new munchie mothers

No. 1507123

not cleartype its just mspaint making the letters fuzzy

No. 1507127

File: 1650488543466.jpeg (156.61 KB, 828x1055, A1F16D6F-583B-434A-B925-F5860A…)

This dirtbag left podcast tranny gives me the fucking creeps

No. 1507129

File: 1650488791751.jpg (83.29 KB, 547x779, doesnthappen.JPG)

like how can they say it doesnt happen when we have countless images and stories of people straight up saying its transphobic to not want to suck a mtf's cock. And its mostly targeted toward women too so seeing it from the opposite gender is interesting but again its still just denied to happen to gay men

No. 1507132

>women are opressed based on their biology, terfs are right in that
>but acknowledging it and fighting it on that base makes you your own opressor
He tries using big flowery words, but ultimately he's still seething because he'll never be a woman. Saying "alright, women are not defined by pregnancy" does not make problems related to reproductive rights and motherhood disappear. People won't refuse to work with him because he might take a maternity leave, they all know he's a man. They refuse to work with him because he's a lunatic.

No. 1507140

Andrea from Bolton lives too close for comfort, the retards are closing in

No. 1507143

>It's ok to be called transphobic when you're not. Don't even try to defend yourself you transphobe!!!

No. 1507149

File: 1650490320371.png (119.39 KB, 1269x868, has anyone ever realized as a …)

Not a fetish™

No. 1507151

File: 1650490463144.jpeg (33.22 KB, 460x393, 3BBAE3C0-9B8D-4BFC-A00C-D5F38B…)

Same vibes

No. 1507152

Ik bc this happened to me too. everyone turns against you and pressures you to stay. friends, family, the tranny. they guilt trip you, bc the tranny is going thro a lot. call you a bad person. not like they lied for years and you gave up a part of your life

No. 1507155

is his name is kikkomi?

No. 1507162

nta, I'm sorry this happened to you anon, thanks for siding with what's sane and true in the end

No. 1507164

File: 1650491239920.png (95.77 KB, 1075x778, its all about me.png)

No. 1507171

Aw boo hoo hoo what a sob story of self inflicted misery. I hope his wife is happy and moving on to better things in her life

No. 1507176

File: 1650491893961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.57 KB, 480x640, e2VNSCQl.jpg)


No. 1507180

Good for her. Accepting that your spouse basically died is probably the best way to handle it, better than MtFs dragging their poor wives through the dirt for years before they finally realize nothing will be the same.

No. 1507182

See nonnies? We could never tell the difference

No. 1507183

99% of men can't tell the difference!

No. 1507185

File: 1650492422592.jpg (738.76 KB, 1536x2048, mbqd3k87xnc71.jpg)

No. 1507189

Boo hoo your wife found people who know how to make her cum. Die mad about it beta male failure.

No. 1507190

>I want her to make me pancakes like she used to
she's not your mom retard

No. 1507191

File: 1650492529998.png (17.01 KB, 1131x191, My AFAB friends tried to inclu…)

No. 1507196

File: 1650492683451.png (694.05 KB, 1080x1407, IMG_20220420_231000.png)

He's non binary but it felt like he fit here, especially with recent chat about trans violence against women

No. 1507200

Nona maybe it would be actually scary? Cause when troons try to act feminine it’s scary, when they think they’re being one of the girls their eyes bulge while they smile strangely wide it’s horrifying, and when they poorly imitate how they think a girl moves it’s terrifying. Maybe his crazy disconnected from reality brain might actually produce some really eerie shit that he didn’t intend to be considered the real horror presented in the film. It’s kinda like when cryptids, ghosts or aliens try to imitate, possess or study human beings and do it all wrong because there’s an earthly disconnect that we know in our brains triggers something that isn’t right and doesn’t look right.

Pirate it though.

No. 1507201

Funny how I always hear people shitting on J.K. Rowling over Fantastic Beasts, but not a peep about this violent moid who is similarly connected with the project.

And by 'funny' I mean 'depressingly fucking obvious and completely unsurprising'.

No. 1507202

>Don't include me in birth control discussion, I don't know anything about that, transphobes
>Don't exclude me from your vagina and uterus and period products and pregnancy journey, I'm technically a biological women and doctors can't even tell the difference, transphobes
It's always been about control, not inclusion.

No. 1507223

File: 1650493635513.jpg (472.24 KB, 1536x2048, FQzI19aXsAk5QiF.jpg)

nightmare fuel

No. 1507225

We have answered this question many, many, times. You just refuse to listen to us because tuning women out is how men are socialized.

The moment someone is born with a vagina, she is treated differently. Hell, the moment a baby is identified as female in the womb, she's treated differently. From that point on, she's socialized differently, and is subject to more restrictions on her behavior and ambitions, which varies depending on where she lives. Even in "first world" countries like the United States, girls are raised with implicit biases that negatively effect their performance in subjects like math and hard sciences. Because women are socialized to be conciliatory, we struggle to succeed in competitive work environments that favor male dog-eat-dog socialization. This is part of why even traditionally "feminine" professions like fashion and culinary arts are still overwhelmingly male, the other part being that in most cultures, women don't have the luxury of dedicating themselves 100% to their careers like men do. Even career women who don't get pregnant or have kids still get saddled with the majority of "domestic" tasks like caring for elderly relatives, housework, etc. This isn't because we have "lady brains" or whatever crap trannies are pushing– it's because that's how patriarchal cultures raise people born with vaginas. That's why FtMs are such doormats and MtFs are so aggressive, why the wealthiest trannies were all born male, why MtFs are more visible in media, why all the famous tranny athletes are MtFs, etc. It's all thanks to male privilege and socialization, which doesn't go away no matter how much horse piss you take or surgery you get.

And all of that is before you even get into reproductive rights. Sex-based oppression is caused by sex, but its mechanisms do not always directly pertain to reproduction. Males don't have to deal with FGM (don't you dare try to compare sawing a girl's whole vulva off to circumcision you fucking MRAs), having their reproductive rights stolen away, being forced to carry their rapist's baby to term, getting misdiagnosed on everything because doctors historically only studied male symptoms, being child brides, etc. I could go on forever.

TL;DR: of course you don't believe in sex-based oppression– as a male, you aren't just exempt from it, you enforce it.

No. 1507233

File: 1650494406136.jpeg (406.8 KB, 1152x1152, DFA2A6AC-939A-4949-B556-DA11E3…)

yes this thing writes for a tech magazine and loves cisbian bdsm porn how could you tell

No. 1507236

Holy fuck they are just outright saying misogyny doesn’t exist. These guys gotta be peaking people

No. 1507238

Goddamn use a fucking hair mask or something, that hair is THIRSTY. I thought I had dry hair but good lord

No. 1507240

Well put, thank you nona.

No. 1507259

File: 1650496007022.png (219.25 KB, 530x1102, 2273898129647255.png)

God, where to even start with this shit? I LOVE the fact that they suddenly care about a woman being in the wrong-sex space now that it's convenient for them. This woman is how ALL female inmates feel when they're forced to share facilities with males. It doesn't matter if they have bolt-ons or horomes.

And in any case, if trannies weren't constantly trying to force themselves into womens' prisons, this wouldn't have happened in the first place. You're are the reason why this retarded prison viewed this woman's medication as a red flag.

What the hell is this logic, anyway? A shitty, racist doctor wasn't following procedure, therefore prisons shouldn't be sex-segregated? Are we just going to conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of trannies in prison are sex offenders? This is literally the only case I've ever heard of where a cis woman was mistaken for a tranny and put in a men's prison. However, there are many, MANY cases of women being raped in prison by trannies.

Also yeah, I do like hurting trans people, because they're selfish narcissists who hurt their family members, friends, spouses, lovers, etc. Every time I read a story about a tranny going mask-off right after his wife gets pregnant, I want to hurt you assholes all the more. Seethe.

No. 1507263

File: 1650496164440.jpg (157.78 KB, 1170x1247, FQ0SMyoXwAA_NZl.jpg)

So much mind gymnastics to guilt people into fucking you

No. 1507265

File: 1650496385482.jpg (192.7 KB, 1038x1038, 20220421_021156.jpg)

I wanna a-log so hard right now, shit like this doesn't fucking happen.

No. 1507266

This is why people hate bisexuals, please stop.

No. 1507279

He looks like that guy from the pretty fly (for a white guy) vid kek what the hell is happening to his belly

No. 1507282

You can’t tell someone’s gender identity from looking at them. It’s more accurate to identify sex by eye than to know their gender based on their presentation. This filthy scrote knows this and is trying to gaslight and guilt lesbians and gays into having relations with people they aren’t attracted to. Also stop with the “the oppressor is manipulating and brainwashing you!” to try and get people obligated to support them.

No. 1507296

maybe a dumb question but does anyone how these cases are treated in statistics? like, could there be data published showing an upshot in number of women murderers and rapists now, cos of these troons?

No. 1507299

>It didn't happen
>Well if did happen, is it such a bad thing?
>You probably deserved it anyway, transphobe!

No. 1507301

Troon's hair in general is just disgusting. It's either greasy as hell or dry and brittle. Combined with the male pattern balding their hair just looks like shit

No. 1507302

File: 1650498459570.png (404.32 KB, 748x494, troon angles.png)

dem angles

No. 1507311

Netflix did something with an unpopular ass manga back from 2012, about if the roles were swapped with pregnancy and called it “He’s Expecting” - some say it’s to highlight the japanese movement for women by showing what it would be like for a man, while others say it’s tranny pandering, or the whole movement that men have babies too. Like the husband is pregnant and not the wife. Also, Netflix’s stocks have plummeted thanks to the password sharing thing and its tranny and pedo apologetics.

No. 1507314

File: 1650499180013.jpg (97.91 KB, 600x900, FQkNLmaWYAgXEAs.jpg)

No. 1507317

They really think they look like that, huh

No. 1507327

File: 1650499757326.png (25.08 KB, 748x277, Cassie Quirkt Up Progchamp (@P…)

Aren't troons like I played with dolls and liked pink at 5 years old IM TRANS!!!

So which is it?

No. 1507340

File: 1650500936295.jpg (635.44 KB, 1350x2048, FQkpAaYVkAErmUh.jpg)

where's those hrt curves you claim to have had dude

No. 1507341

File: 1650501033256.png (1.24 MB, 1497x1575, spot the difference.png)

both ugly men with moobs

No. 1507342

really hate how troons have forced the public to equate gnc men = woman. So fucked up for the nonnas who like boys with long hair

No. 1507356

File: 1650503004328.png (799.09 KB, 479x843, trysomecowashhoney.png)

this lovely creature hits so many checkboxes: 26, autistic, senior software engineer at faangs, making 500k a year but still begging for attention on reddit thinking he's cute with that dry-ass musty hair

No. 1507360

the greasy thinning hair is the cherry on top. gross

No. 1507369

File: 1650504169470.jpeg (641.04 KB, 1125x1260, DB435F19-FC02-4B43-8817-884CC9…)

They’ve figured out death and rape threats show the world who they really are.
They’re finding ways to tone it down while still being utterly male brained and threatening

No. 1507373

Wanting to be a lesbian is literally a male thing

No. 1507374

>senior software engineer at 26

No. 1507379

Unironically, yes. Straight men are attracted to women, therefore the ideal fantasy for them is one that contains multiple women and no men. It also plays into their obsession with purity, since lesbians are "untainted" by other men in their eyes.

No. 1507399

lmao has h me recently posted any pics? last i saw of him, he literally looked like a blow up doll but i think he said he had just gotten surgery

No. 1507401

Nothing makes someone look less intelligent than making up a conversation to 'checkmate' their imaginary adversaries kek.

No. 1507405

according to his reddit profile he skipped college and landed a higher up role at microsoft than he should have really young

you can scroll through his posts and watch the journey from teehee I'm just an enby ruined by latin machismo culture to cOoL tRanS gUrL

No. 1507409


No. 1507412

Why is there a pregnant man emoji on my phone, is it troon related too

No. 1507415

No. 1507418

He even refers to himself as a bitch kek. Why can't trannies understand that sexuality exists? It's like they all think they're so special that straight women should want to fuck them even though you know damn well if their wife came out as FtM they would leave her because they only like 'feminine women'.

No. 1507420

That’s hilarious, glad others don’t like it either it was so stupid and unnecessary and will just be used for shits and giggles

No. 1507422

I'd like that. It'd be helpful for those of us who can't always follow the threads all the time too. I wind up missing a couple of days worth of posting if I'm working, and these threads move pretty fast now.

No. 1507424

>Pregnant man and pregnant person

No. 1507426

it’s just embarrassing
they both have tits too if you’re on apple
is it a butch woman or ftm or never mind i’m not catering to the madness lmao

No. 1507428

Hysterectomy so yeah but he's a troon so it has to sound extreme doesn't it

No. 1507432

is this Life is Strange porn?

No. 1507446

"Pregnant woman" was an emoji before. I've used it when I was really full after eating and I can imagine the male one being used like that as well lol

No. 1507463

guys I'm really confused about how to participate in a conversation if I don't have any way to make it all about me. what is "listening"

No. 1507470


Holy shit Corpse Husband trooned out.

No. 1507472

File: 1650511511984.png (Spoiler Image, 834.35 KB, 1296x957, nsfl.png)

y'all remember the disgusting public restroom nudist?

No. 1507474

sounds to me like they're agreeing that they never experience misogyny if the only form they're aware of is lack of reproductive rights kek they're not even educated on our struggle but they try to co-opt it anyway

unless I'm reading this wrong and the point was something along the lines of "trans women face all the same misogyny as women except reproductive harm so we're equal to infertile women uwu" which is like no ??

No. 1507502

built like | |

No. 1507503

File: 1650514193582.jpeg (149.82 KB, 1031x1832, FQgQN1PXoAIrMoR.jpeg)

NTA but they're talking about the director of the movie, the main character is played by an actual teen girl. I really wanted to see it too though, it's scored by Alex G and the trailer seemed kind of creepypasta/ ARG inspired without being cringe. so much for the not being cringe part lol

No. 1507510

File: 1650514675564.png (270.98 KB, 662x615, ex.png)

No. 1507538

File: 1650518174656.jpeg (164.34 KB, 1242x632, 60A928C4-DD62-47E9-BEAF-CFE3F1…)

these days handmaidens piss me off almost as much as the troons do. it’s one thing to see men embarrass themselves, at least i can laugh at them, but when a woman does it…. it’s just sad

No. 1507541

the infant girls being left to die for being born female will be very happy to hear that they in fact do not experience any sex-based oppression

No. 1507546

Sounds like creative writing.

No. 1507575

i might be misinformed but surely hysterectomy is not a form of birth control though?? lmao like that’s major invasive surgery

No. 1507581

Yes, to my knowledge, the rate of female criminals in general took a rapid upshot once "Trans women" were taken into the stadistics.

No. 1507583

Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, is everybody else enjoying the newest Twitter lie that because of J.K. Rowling's transphobia, the literal most popular movie in the United States right now is bombing hard at the box office?

No. 1507592

False. Women have always written horror and have done so very well but cba to get into a discussion about it now. not just Mary Shelley either

No. 1507605

yeah JK Rowling has posted about this in the past and ofc got lambasted for it but just look at the last thread and how troons are already becoming a substantial chunk of the female prison population in just a few short years

No. 1507609

yes nonna; and the baby girls being subjected to female genital mutilation, the little girls being sold off into sex slavery, all the girls abducted, abused, and murdered at the hands of men every single day, etc.

so glad to hear this troon has cleared up that those atrocities have nothing to do with patriarchal sex-based oppression whatsoever. us silly women, what could we ever know about sexism and oppression? let's all shut up and let the man talk over us since our lived experiences don't mean shit.

No. 1507612

Is it sexism or transphobia? Cause let's not pretend anyone treats troons badly because they actually believe they're women.

No. 1507613

>batting for men
>claiming men face the same oppression as women

Room temperature IQ.

No. 1507625

kikomi is such an inspiration, these bio transgirls would probably still be living a lie if it wasn't for her! beautiful!

No. 1507629

their attempts at 'clits' always have me rolling

No. 1507646

Even if we grant them that 0.001% transwomen pass enough to somewhat experience misogyny, transwomen still can't face both misogyny and transphobia at the same time. If they know or suspect the man is a tim, it's not misogyny. It's then "transphobia", which is really just homophobia because they see tims as gay.

No. 1507666

File: 1650533187063.jpeg (187.55 KB, 750x800, 9A3EF044-1E81-4B2A-9493-1D1B41…)

No. 1507670

What the fuck, that doesn't even make sense.
He just wants an excuse to leave his wife.

No. 1507682

Uhmm… what? So what if she wanted to live with a female relative? It's forbidden?

No. 1507686

i'll make more comics if i come up with something funny and not forced

No. 1507689

What the fuck, does this even make sense? Does he mean using estrogen gel transferring via skin to skin contact where it can accidentally troon out FTMs partners? Or does he mean he literally thinks that there's some female essence in the air?

No. 1507691

*the gel thing has happened in FTMs with testosterone, even made a House episode about it. Do they do it for the horsepiss?

No. 1507693

She should get a different doctor, although good for her, maybe this weird-ass doctor will have saved her from her troon husband.

No. 1507695

Yeah, the gel would be bad, but most male trannies take pills so he's probably just making the whole thing up. He needs to be locked up if he genuinely thinks women are contagious kek

No. 1507696

this sounds like the wife is making it up as an excuse to leave him as soon as he starts transitioning kek "the third doctor said the same thing, you just can't start hrt or i could die"

based kikomi anon

No. 1507697

File: 1650537383728.jpg (399.49 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20220421-123543_rif…)

No. 1507710

any reccommendations anon? most horror stuff I've come accross is basically porn with gore in it that moids insist is "art" looking at you de Sade

No. 1507712

No. 1507713

great so now we'll have "women are just as dangerous and violent as men, see!"

No. 1507719

Love how the troon and the blonde girl next to him are doing almost the same pose but they look like they might as well be from different species kek

No. 1507726

Is this bitch getting arrested once a week or what? Isn't he sick of it? Damn.

No. 1507727

this has been posted 3 times and I'm no closer to understanding what the fuck it's trying to say

No. 1507728

My bad, didn't see it get posted

No. 1507733

Not to spoil anything but the movie is explicitly super gay in a way that's plot relevant, especially for a high budget, mainstream Hollywood movie, and people on the bird app are complaining that it doesn't count because she's a TERF and some lines were removed from the movie in some homophobic Asian countries, as if she had any control over that. They're the same people who stan Nicki Minaj for her shit music or wife beater actors and directors so you just know their opinions are worthless.

No. 1507737

it's insane to me that he keeps getting away with it and the only reaction i'm seeing are people crying about him being "misgendered". they think it's ok for men to assault women as long as they don't identify as men.

No. 1507739

I think he’s trying to say:

“Cis women are being sexual harassers, they think it’s okay. TERFs told them that their “cis womanly innocence” allows them to “feminise” patriarchal behaviour”.

Essentially, more word salad where they toss together buzz words. It’s TERFs fault that some women are so pornified that they think they have a free pass to sexually assault men. More evidence that some people have zero idea what radical feminist ideas are.

Like… you’ve groomed women to be overly sexual and be sExUaLly LibErAtEd and now you don’t like it. He’d be twice as pissed if a man grabbed his crotch because they’re all homophobic too. But any reason to throw another shoe in the terf direction.

No. 1507740

nyart but here are some recommandations : Joyce Carol Oates, Tananarive Due, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Nadia Bulkin, Alexis Henderson…

No. 1507745

Wait, I forgot to add, but I often see people saying they don't want to watch FB3 because they don't want to support JKR the terf, but they're also disappointed that Johnny Depp was replaced by a much better actor. So they're not ok with a woman saying men shouldn't be in women's shelters, changing rooms, restrooms, etc. because they could abuse vulnerable women, but they're ok with a drug addict who's accused of beating his wife? Hey, actually that's consistent.

No. 1507747

Troons are currently in the process of ruining another one of my internet hangouts. Same shit, different community. It is all so tiresome.

No. 1507752

Of course troons hate it if it's gay, they're extremely homophobic and think being gay is morally wrong because it excludes having sex with trans people

No. 1507756

File: 1650546149844.jpg (406.63 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_20220421_155840.jpg)

I think we are getting a full blown troon arc from Oli London

No. 1507757

File: 1650546204556.png (510.67 KB, 736x712, traa retardation.png)

i believe they call that "doping"

No. 1507759

He is completely addicted to plastic surgery so he probably will troon out, alot of those insane plastic surgery people do that when they can no longer have enough surgeries in being a man.

No. 1507764

Just adds to the list of reasons why gender affirming surgeries are bullshit. People like olí have so many to the point doctors start refusing to work on them, and then they Troon out and magically are allowed more surgery to affirm their gender. Literal horseshit

No. 1507767

File: 1650547329819.png (60.94 KB, 993x557, troon church.png)

yesterday someone in r/mtf posted about starting a trans-friendly religion. looks like they've got their own subreddit now. a church for chopping up mentally ill minors- what could possibly go wrong?

No. 1507768

It is good that they admit that this thing is a religion.

No. 1507770

Great, now the cult has a religion too kek

No. 1507775

Is he an ascended being possessing a poor NPC or something? I can't comprehend.

No. 1507806

File: 1650551132665.jpeg (111.51 KB, 768x1024, 7B749C7E-6764-4148-8F52-954F3B…)

Oh wow, she must be the spokesperson for every woman and troon on earth. And I’m sure this brave and stunning man she is defending experiences all the same sex-based oppression as women who can’t get pregnant, who are exactly like him of course. Because we all know women who are infertile or have had hysterectomies are basically men.

No. 1507808

samefag, but pic is the Mags person she is defending

No. 1507814

File: 1650551731442.png (67.33 KB, 2066x862, 72E6BB99-56E2-4C5C-A844-66788F…)

Oh yeah, here are the tenets of the religion, which I’m sure don’t apply to anyone who doesn’t share their belief system, as with most religions. I don’t think these would fly if a lesbian terf wanted to join.

No. 1507862

>There are nothing to believe in listed.

Even the Pastafarians are more believable than this.

No. 1507874

What's the story for this Mags guy? Didn't he work for Marvel comics or something and get fired for troonish tomfoolery?

No. 1507875

I have no desire to see it, I don't really care about Fantastic Beasts, but that movie sounds based.

No. 1507887

iirc, they're starting the religion so they could say that certain anti trans stuff is against their religion in order to get it overturned.

>The inherent right to receive affirming medical care

The government will never recognize this kek

No. 1507890

>including self love

No. 1507891

You are this communities treasure. Never forgot that.

No. 1507893

Think it was DC actually. I don’t really know much about it but I think KF has a thread on him. Had to google for it but here it is, don’t have time to read it maybe there is more info about all that.


No. 1507899

it's funny that the troons and handmaidens seething over his "not valid" existence still have no choice but to accept him as a valid transwoman

No. 1507900

Ayrt, I know but I have a feeling he’ll make the teen actress sound and do things that aren’t what you’d expect from a real teen actress. Happens all the time in film but this time it’ll have that creepy thin greasy lense over it from an insane troon telling her how to perform

No. 1507902

Every single time I scroll by the thread header, I get this stuck in my head.

No. 1507906

trannies hate bisexuals because bisexuals remind them they will always be seen as what they actually are - men. note, though, how this HSTS is all nice about it because the tweet is in reference to male bisexuals, whereas the AGPs who talk about those nasty evil bisexuals not ‘validating’ them are usually verbally abusive because the victims are bisexual women.

No. 1507921

File: 1650560919799.jpg (115.27 KB, 1024x576, 1 human ken doll jessica rodri…)

It's only a matter of time. Reminds me of this guy

No. 1507929

I think he's just a very feminine gay guy addicted to plastic surgery, he tweets terfy shit sometimes so I don't think he will genuinely transition. He came out as nonbinary in a trolly way and people genuinely respect it even though his pronouns are kor/ean kek

No. 1507932

Is his autojiminphilia schtick over?

No. 1507933

File: 1650561536944.jpeg (64.63 KB, 636x382, E12C3FE1-A204-4940-A74F-768AA5…)

No. 1507936

will she go for the world's fattest penis then?

No. 1507941

i hate seeing men own cats, especially troons. somebody rescue that poor kitty.

No. 1507943

File: 1650561784159.jpg (207.17 KB, 1080x1381, FQ3BNy0XoAEHlIQ.jpg)

Excuse the weird crop this isnt my screenshot

But imagine trying to justify putting on your sisters bra and panties and blaming HER for being weird??

No. 1507946

They let unqualified males have high paying jobs and gatekeep women.

No. 1507950

His sister is based, Id instantly cut off ties if I had a disgusting Troon for a brother

No. 1507958

File: 1650562994196.png (666.18 KB, 874x1635, tranny.png)

No. 1507960

File: 1650563212562.jpeg (36.5 KB, 400x400, 95E333B9-A849-47CD-9266-8EE8AD…)

this one looks dead inside. I’ll give him 3 months max til he joins the 41%

No. 1507962

These perverts despise us so much. It's why they're foaming at the mouth over any chance to violently and sexually threaten alleged TERFs over the most minor things.
I'm glad his poor sister is going to live abroad so she can get away from this freak who thinks he has the right to wear her underwear.

No. 1507966

Great, now Sisters of Mercy is ruined for me. Thanks a lot

No. 1507969

isn’t this a copy paste of a reddit post in one of the tranny subreddits? i think the account might be a troll.

No. 1507978

Gonna need proof Jelena Woehr is trans

No. 1507980

Why are you posting women on this thread?

No. 1507981

idk i almost dont mind it, trannies look so hideous when they try to dress goffik. and the uglier they are the peakier they get

No. 1507985

File: 1650565756575.jpg (83.93 KB, 960x957, FQ4uAbdWYAAP9zf.jpg)

No. 1507987

>isn’t this a copy paste of a reddit post in one of the tranny subreddits?


No. 1507988

cope, seethe, dilate, etc etc

No. 1507989

Sir, your outer labia has ballsack skin.

No. 1507990

She's like that Farrah guy, the one who used to have a big dick and black out eyes? He was really into body mods but gay. Eventually he chopped his dick off.
It's just the next step for these people addicted to surgery/body mods. Everyone should eventually expect every one of these types to end up troons. They think attempting to change your gender is the biggest body mod of them all. Until they get bored and tried to reverse everything.
I feel like she's going to get her boobs removed and may actually even try to get a fake dick, then when that doesn't scratch the itch, she'll try to reverse everything.

No. 1507996

At least mine's original, he's got that second hand pussy

No. 1508000

They’re so obsessed with this shit, like their “vagina” doesn’t just look like deflated ball skin with a hole that leads to nowhere. Whatever sorry excuse that is for something that barely resembles a vulva at all cannot compare to millennia which has provided women with a unique self-cleaning organ that can perform a variety of functions they will never know or understand. Also, acting like a “pretty vagina” at all has more worth than one that isn’t pornified by bleaching, waxing, etc. is one of the most male things they do. After women have been shamed for their vaginas for so long, being called “roasties” and whatever else I just can’t with this. It’s so immature and male.

No. 1508004

>he paid money for a deflated ballbag that collects orange smegma and has to be forced open daily, while I have a self-cleaning organ that does it for free

No. 1508005

Turning your hot pocket into a rot pocket TWU

No. 1508009

I don’t get how it doesn’t peak more women when the scrotes who say these things were probably the same boys who talked about how gross periods were and how women smell like fish and are still just drenched in misogyny. Literally, how do handmaidens see this and think “yasss queen your pussy is so beautiful” or whatever. I know they have to have lived in the same universe and heard men say rude shit about vaginas their entire lives.

No. 1508010

All of these guys’ doctors should lose their licenses for performing unnecessary surgeries on mentally ill people.

No. 1508012

The poor sister, she’s literally being skinwalked. I hope she makes it to that women’s university before her deranged brother hurts her.

No. 1508014

Fuck off troon

No. 1508018

I know, it’s sooo sad to have a real vagina that just exists on its own instead of a surgical wound that needs daily dilation. Lmao

No. 1508023

>I want her to hold and comfort me when I cry
>I want her to make me blueberry pancakes in the morning
>I want her body next to me
>I want her to keep me company
>I want her to find pizza places to go to
Funny how he mostly misses how she serviced him huh

No. 1508025

original is always worth more than bootleg

No. 1508026

>>1507929 if he does go mtf kpop stans will defend his pronouns with their lives eventhough they hate his guts. possibly one of the worst tenets of handmaidery is the principle of "respect their pronouns even if you don't respect them as a person"

No. 1508027

Am I supposed to feel bad that my vagina isn't a loose wound that can't even please men even though that's the only reason they get it kek

No. 1508032

File: 1650568707308.jpg (68.29 KB, 750x1008, FQ4rwR-XwAIETwX.jpg)

No. 1508033

Most moids are socialized to see their wives as bangmaids. He doesn’t care about her feelings (or that she’s happier and more fulfilled now) because he doesn’t see her as a human being. He just wants his personal property back.

No. 1508036

is this transphobe saying that trans women can't have true and honest periods?

No. 1508045

Because they're supposed to if your file says you're female, they're not just gonna assume someone is a tranny

No. 1508048


No. 1508059

File: 1650571417171.jpeg (399.18 KB, 1536x2048, 90CB63AA-985A-44C8-B036-F095A5…)

early signs of male pattern baldness detected

No. 1508083

File: 1650573405733.png (240.57 KB, 1730x1636, Untitled.png)

Dream on, $100,000 and you'll still look like a hideous ogre in drag.

No. 1508085

This is actually really romantic, damn. Until you remember despite all his whining all he would need to do to get her back was take off the spinny skirt and the wig, and he refuses.

No. 1508089

Oh yeah I'm sure he's a 34B just like his female bestie kek.

No. 1508091

actually people are also shitting on her because of him
>rowling claims to be a feminist and to have suffered from domestic violence yet she kicks johnny out and allows they/them to stay?!!!

No. 1508092

File: 1650574096682.jpeg (551.45 KB, 1170x1496, 5C18B78A-10B9-4493-BD98-92C928…)

Literally no butch/GNC woman I’ve known ever thought this kind of shit. You’re just a crazy tranny.

No. 1508095

Do troon pussies have any sort of muscle control? Like how does it work with the pelvic floor muscles? If there isn't any muscles in it then it would just feel like a shitty flesh light, right?

No. 1508096

I don't think many people are gonna be standing up for Johhny Depp anymore kek. The defamation trial is going on right now and he has managed to make himself look incredibly bad.

No. 1508097

Let's see how long it'll take for him to whine because "muh dilation hurts and takes time and muh vagina is too tight for sex boohoo poor me, link to my GFM below"

No. 1508098

Afaik it's just a hole in their taint, so no, it just sits there, constantly fighting to close up.

No. 1508102

So there's no muscles, no texture, no self lubrication? Sounds like both anal sex and fleshlights would be more enjoyable to fuck. At least fleshlights aren't mentally deranged.

No. 1508105

ot but you couln't be any more wrong anon

No. 1508112

They're actually complaining that it's not gay enough because of a misunderstanding about how China censored the movie and because if it's only implied in the last book instead of explicit to begin with it's not enough and doesn't count, especially since it's now obvious in a movie released 15 years after the infamous interview. Here's the thing though: these people most likely never read the books and only watched the movies so they missed a lot of information and subtext, JKR isn't gonna make China change their homophobic laws all by herself just because of her new movie, and I'm 100% sure China only removed 6 seconds and 2 lines from the movie and left all the subtext because it's impossible to remove all the subtext when the two main actors look at each other like they're about to make out as soon as they're on-screen together, and most importantly they don't get that you can be an LGB ally and not give a fuck about trannies. I've seen actual gay and bi guys (only guys obviously) saying they're boycotting everything HP in support of trannies because I guess they relate way more to fellow fags who just happen to wear dressed than to actual women, obviously.

In that case, I'll give you a comparison: you know how Disney will say they're finally introducing their first LGBT representation in their new movie every year and it's a pointless background character holding hands with a same sex character for 2 seconds in a crowd very far away from the camera at best? And troons complain about it not being proper gay rep? FB3 is actually what everyone has been asking for but since it's JKR who's doing this they're still complaining ans saying it doesn't count kek

No. 1508116

Wrong about him making himself look bad or that people will stop defending him? Idk man it'll be hard to defend someone who texts his buddy that he wants to fuck his wife's burnt corpse to make sure she's dead.

In regards to JK Rowling, I bet trannies are gonna melt down when there are only two gender options in the new game kek.

No. 1508117

What gay stuff happens in the movie?

No. 1508121

>In regards to JK Rowling, I bet trannies are gonna melt down when there are only two gender options in the new game kek.

People say she had nothing to do with the game, but I don't believe. I don't think JKR would allow a bunch of rando game devs to do whatever they wanted with her world.

I bet she at least reviewed what they did to make sure it didn't conflict with her vision. But it would be incredibly hilarious if it came out she was directly involved in writing the plot, helping with character/world design, etc.

No. 1508123

File: 1650575623948.png (Spoiler Image, 237.09 KB, 723x753, Screenshot (65).png)

spoilered for ot, pls don't ban me kek
>Idk man it'll be hard to defend someone who texts his buddy that he wants to fuck his wife's burnt corpse to make sure she's dead.
oh yes they do https://twitter.com/DiegoVargas34/status/1517180403970359296

No. 1508124

File: 1650575650265.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1310x1582, QOLNHVSWER34.png)

How can you have such a fragile ego while looking like this?

No. 1508125

well aside from the multiple lines where both dumbledore and grindelwald say they fell in love, dumbledore also compared him and grindelwald to his brother who impregnated some girl one summer kek, they have a magical object infused with both of their blood that will kill either one of them if they try to directly move against each other and at the climax of the movie dumbledore and grindelwald have a magic duel which ends with them placing a hand over each other’s chests and feeling their heartbeats and when they finally destroy that magical object grindelwald says in this really heartbroken voice “who will love you now dumbledore?” . so it’s possible to cut out some lines but it won’t be possible to cut out the obvious subtext and the final duel. the movie ends with all the main characters meeting up with friends and family and one couple getting married and dumbledore watches from afar and walks off on his own

No. 1508126

It seems like many just mentally wite out anything heinous involving TIMs. I was watching my "she/they" friend scroll through tiktok once and any video where a troon was about to give an aggressive take on "the cis" they skipped past as soon as they realized. Inch thick rose colored glasses when it comes to this shit

No. 1508128

That's exactly how it is. It doesn't feel good for them or the man fucking them, it looks a horror creature and smells like poop. Absolutely pointless

No. 1508137

His style is pretty nice actually, he doesn't look like a bimbo or an alt girl. He's still gonna look like a man no matter what he wears tho

No. 1508140

Thanks for answering for me, but don't forget the entire restaurant scene with Grindelwald asking Dumbledore if that's where he has his "regular haunts" or whatever he calls it, Dumbledore says no and Grindelwald gets all giddy and flirts with him and shit because his ex basically said he hasn't been hooking up with other guys ever since they broke up. Then there's a rumor from a trustworthy source about a deleted scene still at the restaurant, Grindelwald whispers something in his ear and kisses Dumbledore's neck before shit talking him and leaving. But yeah, I laughed so hard when Dumbledore compared their relationship to his little brother getting his gf pregnant, you can't get more blatant than that. And Grindelwald looked so lost after being friendzoned at the end.

tldr; I've read explicit fics and R18 BL manga that were less gay than that shit.

No. 1508141

Back in the early days of the gender critical threads, someone posted a comment by a guy on Reddit, I think it was. He said fucking a troon pussy felt like fucking a "long bellybutton". So honestly, a shitty fleshlight probably feels better to moids.

No. 1508150

This Herman Munster poundland knockoff needs to calm his ass and leave the lesbians alone.

No. 1508154

File: 1650577575783.jpeg (309.96 KB, 760x1867, BB344AD1-FD1E-4AD4-8EEF-7D5CDA…)

She looks like she modeled herself after the art of Dennis Reynolds

So not a man but definitely a coomer

No. 1508162

Lol moids being moids. Not very “girls supporting girls” kek. As if she still wouldn’t look more like a woman than any FFS man even if she wasn’t surgically altered.

No. 1508180

Literally how? Reads like a regular narcissistic man having a break up and now sad that he isn’t getting tended to all the time.

No. 1508187

Men with their overblown self-image. Malebrained as fuck.

No. 1508188

lmao maybe they made it up so he doesn’t go through with it

No. 1508192

genuinely pisses me off when any sort of self-loathing, insecurities, and low self-esteem automatically means "yeah, ur trans." I swear troons just defeat the whole purpose of being GNC or wearing clothing outside of your gender norms. Who fucking cares if you're not a manly man pumped with testoterone and chest hair wearing nothing but wife beaters and shorts. TiMs have such fucking superficial egos obsessed with appearances and exploiting insecure people convincing them they're eggs

No. 1508198

I just realized that parents letting their kid troon out with drugs and surgery as a teenager will be seen as the new overmedicating your kid with AHD medicine 20 years from now.

No. 1508218

File: 1650582445022.png (413.92 KB, 1600x1368, OPQMNTRD1209.png)

Oh, the schadenfreude.

No. 1508221

This is actually really depressing.

No. 1508226

There’s a famous YouTube troon who got the surgery (I forgot his name, something Jules?) and he said he stopped dilating and only does buttsex now as well. I can see this one doing the same.

No. 1508227

Found him pretty quickly. This guy.

No. 1508229

>Not pleasurable at all
I still can't fathom how they ever believed fucking a literal tunnel gouged between their legs could possibly feel good

No. 1508233

They bought into the lie that it’s better than a natal vagina

No. 1508234

I don’t feel bad for them anymore. The trans cult is a cesspool of misogyny and homophobia, it targets children, and it’s backed by the most powerful corporations on the planet. Scrotes voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool is the only good byproduct of troonism.

No. 1508236

The glans enlarges even though they just cut it up and stitched it on top? Idk how they dilate, the thought of putting something inside a man made cavity in the body makes me nauseous

No. 1508238

It’s sad and hilarious that trooning out with SRS consigns a man to a life of being a dickless butt-boy - and our tax dollars are paying for it! 20 years from now, when being trans is no longer trendy (and it’s back to being seen as the mental illness that it is), our society will have an entire class of beta males (at least the ones who don’t end up in the 41%).

Troonism is the commodification (and global exportation of) the culture spawned on Tumblr.

No. 1508239

And then you try to tell them this and they say we are the ones obsessed with stereotypes and putting people into boxes because of ~biological essentialism~ and it’s like no. We just think you’re born a certain sex and can look and act however you want but it doesn’t erase reality.

No. 1508240

File: 1650584115523.jpeg (657.74 KB, 3065x2742, CAD08B95-EEB6-48B6-A48E-9C15DB…)

This is what he looks like, kek as if anyone couldn’t tell even with all of the clown makeup

No. 1508244

All the money spent on the hair and makeup and his bone structure is still as male as ever. He could have just been a pretty twink.

No. 1508249

>tomboys love the navy
>it isn't about the fighting or patriotism, ew
>it's about the beauty of your body~
>dying horrendously
Not only is it projection but it is so specific that this is just a fantasy he and nobody else has. I get being a tomboy and wanting to join the military, but who the fuck wants to be in the navy and watch themselves get mutilated? Mental illness.

No. 1508252

>when my last period was
Did you tell him it was two weeks ago, when you ate chocolate and had diarrhea?

No. 1508259

you can tell they're a tranny because they use the phrase 'tomboy'. adult women don't call themselves tomboys. tomboy has almost exclusively been used to describe young girls, I think it's just part of their pedo obsession with little girls.

No. 1508297

Sage for ot but bullshit, plenty of adult women call themselves tomboys. Only moids and tradthots think being a tomboy has an expiration date.

No. 1508310

because men's idea of pussy is as limited as thinking it's just some magic hole. they didn't care about women's pleasure at all as men so they remain ignorant about all the nerve endings, erogenous zones, and sensitivities associated with the vulva and vaginal muscles.
oh and because of the deliberate spread of disinformation like this. not only are online echo chambers peer pressuring and manipulating vulnerable, mentally unstable men into castrating themselves, money-hungry doctors are also overselling their medical capabilities. I honestly am tinfoiling if there are AGP trolls or something who get off on convincing other moids to mutilate themselves with SRS.

No. 1508312

ntayrt but I could see that, like misery loves company same with people with kids telling others how amazing it is and pressuring people when they obviously hate their life.

No. 1508329

File: 1650592618618.png (1.6 MB, 1420x1644, F039L2134DSA.png)

Today in psychotic first world problems.

No. 1508345

KEKKKKKK holy shit imagine cutting your dick off just so you can wear a fake one

No. 1508364

File: 1650595802835.jpeg (215.43 KB, 1125x686, 9DF27C0B-294C-4E7A-86E3-064A3B…)

What the flying fuck

No. 1508366


Oh, you know.


Sick fuck.

No. 1508369

Is this a new fetish of theirs?

No. 1508370

if I am correct these tweets are a continuation of other tweets I came across in the wild about how women who were bookish or nerdy as kids don't fall under the definition of tomboy and are "stealing" from them which is hilarious considering this is a male. You were not a "tomboy" troon. You were just a regular lad.

Being a GNC woman on the nerdier side and still being segregated from other girls when I was a kid because of that (third world-chan where gender roles are super strict) I need to lift a prayer not to a-log on this piece of shit. The ones that try to appropriate being GNC have my blood boil the worst like those fucking tran "butches"

No. 1508377

>not pleasurable
do troons think stretching scar tissue would be pleasurable? No fucking wonder scrotes think we get turned on at the gyno or using tampons, fucking imbeciles. I have had stretched earlobes and I can only imagine what that pressure must feel in your groin, the thing is that I never ripped mine because I'm not an imbecile kek scrotes stay losing

No. 1508382

Didn't 4chan have a grooming circle purely to persuade incels there to take hormones run by AGPs? I remember old milk about that, I think on KF, but only vaguely. It was on boards where vulnerable isolated autistic males would lurk like /pol/, /a/, /v/, etc with the whole "become the gf" rhetoric and they had a whole discord server to coordinate making or derailing threads for that.

Either way considering the shit that gets reposted from /tttt/ I thought this was a given. They're sick.

No. 1508385

this is how it starts, eventually they'll be trying to lobby for women in comas, late stage cancer, etc to get their wombs harvested for peak AGP roleplay

and I can already envision all the thinkpieces about the virtues of giving your womb up

No. 1508386

Uh because it's unethical and fucking unnecessary as it's not a vital organ meaning you won't die without it? And it will work as well as sewing a third arm on someone would. Like what tjw fuck

No. 1508387

Were these what the anime girl graphics with some sort of feminizing exercise routines were used for? I've seen some back in the day and it seemed so sinister

No. 1508393

File: 1650596769512.jpeg (553.53 KB, 1432x2020, D36CBC85-FDE1-4442-9991-2CADAB…)

This deranged shit.

No. 1508396

I wanted to forget, nona but these were worse than I remembered them being, i never browsed 4chan but saw some of these on tumblr or somewhere.

No. 1508397

i think these people also shilled back alley hormones with an anime girl/trap on the box made in Brazil, the name was otokonoko pharmaceuticals which iirc is a term for femboys or male crossdressers? fucking wild

No. 1508402

>Eat more semen.
>Uses photos of real woman who work out and not men.
>Pedo anime pic.
Internet coomer brain rot. I would have no problem if these men all cut off their dicks to never plague the earth with their offspring/raising influence if it didn't affect actual women, kids, and people in general just having to play pretend to satisfy the dregs of society because they are fat little paypigs for big pharma and happy to work as drones as tranny jannies for big tech.

No. 1508406

File: 1650597869249.jpg (546.61 KB, 1590x1981, 9fb83fbb-56f8-5823-ac32-e05d63…)

>trans women have the same breast tissue as cis gals

No. 1508407

Right. They really think you can slap on a vagina or dick and have it functional as normal on the opposite sex. No, you can’t. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1508408

You do have a middle aged man’s torso because you ARE a middle aged man with floppy gross soggy dorito man boobs.

No. 1508409

File: 1650598178398.jpeg (916.72 KB, 1125x1777, 26F5A23E-E3A8-4E32-86A9-62A8EE…)

There are posts all over r/TransDIY about this Otokonoko Pharmaceuticals. It seems so sketchy to me, imagine being such a desperate LARPer you inject yourself with something which provenance you hardly know anything about. Picrel is their packaging.

No. 1508413


god the packaging just tells me all i need to know

No. 1508418

File: 1650598813971.jpg (592.37 KB, 810x1867, Screenshot_20220421-233856_Boo…)

He almost gets it kek.

No. 1508423

I wonder if there have been any cases where a MtF died because they bought estrogen pills laced with fentanyl. Buying pills or drugs from sketchy sources, seems bound to happen eventually.

No. 1508426

File: 1650599263970.jpg (414.84 KB, 1536x2048, EvtCRatWQAM_UUh.jpg)

Well at least somebody found a way to potentially grift troons while looking like a good guy. Just slap anime girls on it and it's a-ok. From what I've gathered this seller had been banned by PayPal three times so now they only accept crypto and bank transfers (and yes the person running it is a troon who supposedly has a medical degree).
Picrel is the top of the box. Barf.

No. 1508428

holy fuck, I had no idea it was so widely used all I knew was the packaging, brand name and the website being sketchy as fuck. Trannies really will do anything, health or risk of death be damned, for the coom and then cry and whine and think of medical malpractice suits when it backfires and their integrity is compromised.

How did we let a bunch of malignant narcissist attention whores get so much power? It's mind numbing. If a substantial percentage of normies feel this way and treat them like the liability they are because they're mentally unstable, to the point trannies themselves notice the shift in attitude, why the fuck does no one stand their ground against them when so many of them are obviously delusional? Why is the pendulum taking so long to swing back? Absolute hell world

No. 1508431

>manufactured by: Beijing Yibai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
I can't even find anything online about this company.

No. 1508432

Marc Bolan?

No. 1508434

>How did we let a bunch of malignant narcissist attention whores get so much power?
I think that's just what anyone who wants power is.

>why the fuck does no one stand their ground against them when so many of them are obviously delusional? Why is the pendulum taking so long to swing back?


No. 1508435

These are old pics, nonnie. People online already found them and cracked down on them. I think it was some Brazilian chem student.

No. 1508439

funny that this is using pictures of women, and not men. they know that they'll always look male, and can't find photo examples of their own moid sex that fit their "aesthetic".
>eat more semen
it's hard to tell if this is serious or a troll. he's telling moids to drink their semen.

No. 1508442

File: 1650600729421.jpeg (527.38 KB, 1530x2824, 3E1766AF-85CF-4ADA-A2D0-902DF2…)


No. 1508447

troons have ruined cat ears

No. 1508450

catpeople and related are fucking nasty and always have been.

No. 1508451

The pendulum is swinging back, nona, a bit slow, but it is. The news and other outlets don’t cover it because they want to maintain the image that everything is hunky dory.

No. 1508452

While yes, push up bras can do a lot of legwork, women's breasts def do look different with or without any extra help. Even if they're small. C cups wouldn't seem that small most of the time, but on a 44 band that is small. With that large of a band size, I guarantee his moobs look the same as any other pudgy guy's. Even small chested plus size women's boobs don't have that weird moob look. I'd love to see all these mythical trannies with big natural tits like he claims. The only ones I've seen with large breasts that don't look obviously fake are obese and clearly wearing the heavily padded bras he's talking about here

No. 1508457

We have different breasts, something about having things in our breasts specifically for milk production, which men don't have (though they lactate, it is not milk that is for babies).

No. 1508458

lmao no way is this jamjars the insufferable e-famous faggot from the 2011ish tumblr era

No. 1508459

File: 1650602703643.jpg (69.12 KB, 728x546, lmao.jpg)

*dropped pic.

No. 1508460

I knew a MTF IRL who died in his 20s due to taking estrogen without a prescription (he shared a vial with another troon). He spontaneously got a blood clot that travelled to his brain and killed him before the paramedics could save him. I was told that he’d previously done heroin, which damaged his veins, and that factored in to his early death. For all I know he could’ve had the blood clot due to whatever other drugs he was on at the time, he was a mentally ill scrote after all.

No. 1508468

File: 1650603557578.jpg (176.6 KB, 1080x1524, IMG_20220421_235633.jpg)

His face is so punchable

No. 1508469

>day 35
yes we can tell

No. 1508471

Twink death hit the aging gay porno actor hard. Time is inescapable sir.

No. 1508475

>are there other reason?
just those pesky ethical ones. nothing major.

No. 1508477

File: 1650604427561.jpg (335.18 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20220422-151005__01…)

Has anyone else seen that smug gaggle of Melbourne troons that are peddling mental illness to impressionable young normies @babifairy @Ajclementine @grace.hylandd? All they do is perpetuate misinformation and exclusively hang with other troons whilst looking rich and satisfying their exhibitionist fetish on their young audience every chance they get. Especially Aj if you watch his reels he can't stop talking about his axe wound, boyfriend, or his axe wound and boyfriend in conjunction. Aside from that the level of delusional retards surrounding this group is astounding, and the amount of endorsement they receive from mainstream brands is even scary (they threw one of the trannies on tv for ass pats just because his dad was on home and away years ago kek).

No. 1508478

sigh i wish mads mikkelsen would kiss my neck.
they really view human bodies as a series of interchangable commodities huh

No. 1508479

File: 1650604494257.jpg (75.36 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20220422-143224__01…)

Samefag but their entire comment sections are filled with absolute gems like this

No. 1508482

why does he dress like a 5 year old

No. 1508486

i hate fucking m*lbourne so fucking much

No. 1508487

File: 1650604840618.webm (1.32 MB, 608x1080, Spirited_Stick_5093.webm)

Congrats on sounding completely unintelligible.

No. 1508489

Me too nonnie, me too

No. 1508491

Literally shaped like a lollipop.

No. 1508492

imagine looking like this and thinking that you pass

No. 1508495

Fuck, Lord Farquaad trooned out too. Couldn’t get the princess, so he became the princess. RIP.

No. 1508498

He just looks like a gay man and I don't understand why gay men like him want to transition when makeup and stuff like that are be coming normalized for men too? He wouldn't have to crossdress but maybe he could do some makeup and have long hair or whatever to express his personal style. I don't understand how they think dressing like a woman will immediately turn them into one. Sad thing is, his style isn't as offensive as most reddit trannies because he's not AGP I guess?

No. 1508500

>relatable ausfag moment
Didn't Victoria just legalise prostitution too?

No. 1508510

Me too nonny

No. 1508513

File: 1650606926582.webm (357.3 KB, 720x980, Bussy.webm)

Brothels have always existed here as far as I'm aware, not sure if they were previously turning a blind eye or what

Speaking of Melbourne troonery
>Hello non-binary teen audience I am in fact a tranny with a totally hetero boyfriend who I am of course sexually active with!!!

No. 1508514

Do they think all tomboys have to be retarded or something? Why can't you be both? You gotta climb trees and sit in mud to study nature. Literally every butch I know is nerdy, being enthusiastic about cars or bikes can be nerdy too, but the majority are STEM-lords. Also I don't work myself up over 'butch' troons, because my mere existence upsets them.

No. 1508518

His breasts will never reach tanner stage 5, here's his answer.

No. 1508582

AGP hons are so clockable just from the disgusting rambly way they type. This 40 year old is sitting there talking about “perky tits” and questioning younger women about their bras. And we’re supposed to entertain this.

No. 1508584

He sounds just like a fucking moid calling it "cheating". Basically the tranny version of "take her swimming on the first date"

No. 1508585

File: 1650613758930.png (82.97 KB, 1480x392, Screenshot 2022-04-22.png)

Apparently on May 11 there's going to be a shitshow on troon subreddits.

No. 1508596

File: 1650615582523.png (337.55 KB, 500x532, 9C752FB8-23F1-4E5F-BF2A-352921…)

No. 1508599

Typical man being confused by a push up bra lmao. A woman having small boobs just isn’t “female” enough to them, this shit is so damaging to the already ridiculous beauty standard… porn has ruined everything kek

No. 1508605

File: 1650617366913.png (94.39 KB, 720x805, FQ7e5iOWQAA9POM.png)

Sometimes I see terf accounts on twitter post things like this as an example of TRAs insanity, but this is so obviously troll bait

No. 1508608

File: 1650618009835.jpg (55.2 KB, 750x742, EFgfYtCXYAMHTVs.jpg)

>Kinda like a middle aged man's torso with new boobs that grew off it

Holy kek im dying I deceased this killed me

No. 1508610

I'm retarded what does using his tight meann?

No. 1508612

I’m sorry is this troon complaining that they can’t be NUDE with their fuckin DICK OUT in a womens restroom or am I reading this incorrectly

No. 1508614

File: 1650619281441.jpg (267.15 KB, 1440x2362, FQ6LN86XMAMULFM.jpg)

A post on trans reddit getting removed for being negative. Not cult like at all, not being allowed to show anything negative or wrong with the movement or the things you do within it

No. 1508619

File: 1650620995477.jpg (98.33 KB, 596x264, 20220422_103913.jpg)

If this moid had even an ounce of self-awareness, he'd realise that they're trying to groom young people into a cult that has retarded ideas about the world, too, although their ideas are arguably worse, because believing in an imaginary man in the sky doesn't require you to irreversibly mutilate your body chasing an impossible goal.

Also, look at those names. We make fun of how obvious and stereotypical names chosen by fakebois are, and we're hateful bigots mocking a vulnerable group, but this stunning and brave trans woman does it and it's fine? Hmm.

No. 1508620

Why are they doing this to him? It's so scary how trans cult supports every member until they get surgery but once they regret their decision, they get ostracized.

No. 1508621

File: 1650621088091.jpg (334.03 KB, 1112x1346, reddit moment.jpg)

Sage because this is a bit different, but jesus christ, gender shit is everywhere

No. 1508626

>There's a small number of people who are in your situation
>it causes harm
Jesus christ these people are legit psychopaths

No. 1508628

old but I stumbled across this and it annoyed me. These men have absolutely no idea what it's like being a lesbian in games. ofc he calls himself a dyke too

No. 1508629

>people having realistic expectations will cause more harm than good

No. 1508630

This is how you know you're in cult. Actual reality is too dangerous to deal with.

No. 1508631

samefag but the lesbian gamedev that audience member names, Christine love, is another troon.

No. 1508633

File: 1650622994496.jpeg (362.88 KB, 1242x1731, 6373B38F-A307-464C-A76E-52A906…)

Can’t help but feel like his tweet implies that he’s mad at Elon because the transgender agenda is indeed heavily pushed by spam bots/bot accounts… and if Elon were to remove them, the platform would no longer be their comfy echo chamber and conversations would return to something more realistic? Huh, that’s interesting.

No. 1508638

harm to the surgeons and pharma. harm to the cultists who have bet all their chips on their delusions being the right side of history.

No. 1508642

File: 1650625642056.jpg (306.89 KB, 1080x1850, FQH7bk8aQAIzxu-.jpg)

No. 1508647

Is that a fucking lace wig to hide the balding or is his hair just that fucked up

No. 1508650

is an unfortunate looking wig. I wish they would least once watch an wig installation tutorial, it's not that hard. or at least match the color of the parting

No. 1508668

This wig is so bad I refuse to believe it’s anything outside of “man in dress haha funny” tier comedy

No. 1508669

File: 1650630642930.png (43.04 KB, 738x432, violet-kangaroo.png)

a furry mtf wants his coworkers to address him by "it/its" pronouns. most people are already a bit weirded out by troons and this is only going to make them flat-out hate him, kek.

No. 1508671

this tranny wouldn't survive a day as a woman

No. 1508676

The quote rts give me hope, so many people calling the troon out

No. 1508683

I honestly never really understood what "toxic positivity" meant until I saw troon communities. They don't just hate terfs and gender criticals, they hate their own kin unless they shut up about their problems and pretend everything is fine and dandy all the time.
This troon talking about complications could save another troons life, but they'd rather see their own dead than admit to being flawed.

No. 1508704

>Wondering to the internet if it's "worth broaching" at the workplace to require his co-workers to participate in his personal degradation fetish every day

No. 1508708

>I’m the hottest girl they’ve ever seen

My prayer for all women around the world is that we one day achieve the effortless self-confidence of a mediocre white man.

No. 1508711

File: 1650637826971.jpeg (406.01 KB, 1125x1033, A60B8E47-6932-4D60-8093-EF2DE0…)

AGPs are such freaks, ffs.


No. 1508714

File: 1650637936829.jpeg (389.76 KB, 1125x1112, AD41451A-27CC-4A4C-A8C3-CA04E6…)


No. 1508718

When girls and women play games as male, masculine characters like we have our entire lives and enjoy it, we think nothing of it because of course we can relate to other characters. When moids play as a female or girly character once and enjoy it they use it as proof that they’re somehow no longer truly male and must be transforming into a woman.

No. 1508721

classic revolting moid thing to say too. REEEE why can mothers breastfeed when i cant have my cock out in public REEEEE its exactly the same

No. 1508724

>sport dominated by men, including the competition
>most “female” players are TIMs
>find server for ladies-only sport team
>see server owner has posted that trans women belong in womens sports
>know where this is going

>anatomy lecture on genitalia

>first part has to be a discussion on how gender is a societal construct and not the same thing as sex

>required-attendance tranny health talks

>forced to share with peers our perceptions of gender and how we can expand our narrow views on it

Is this what joan of arc felt like? I feel like I’m going crazy. Oh my fuck. I don’t see any peaking going on, I only see the problem getting more and more aggressive.

No. 1508725

what the fuck did I just read

No. 1508730

I would never honor such a stupid request. You’re asking the entire company to bend over backward for you for the literally most eye-rolling thing in the world. I hope he was directed to HR who informed him that is is not reasonable at all.

Jesus fuck it means you’re a pervert. Not rocket science.

Don’t forget choosing to play as male in games that are online so we don’t have to deal with their harassment and advances.

No. 1508734

File: 1650639209531.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1527, B7C2C35D-EF9C-45EF-8940-BDA64C…)

No. 1508738

Delusional pedophilia. Vomitrocious. 99% of actual women would be beyond mortified to put something like that on if their body looked like that in it much less POST IT ONLINE. But it isn’t a fetish!

No. 1508739

File: 1650639730377.jpg (92.08 KB, 1080x453, Screenshot_2022-04-22-07-58-30…)

Why censor his username?

I'm not 100 percent convinced this person is a troll. This sounds like something a TIM would say.

No. 1508742

is he wearing a fucking diaper?

No. 1508744

Why are they obsessed with this name in particular?

No. 1508752

It's young sounding. Very much a little girl's name. If it's not ripped from a porn actress or real life woman they know, it's a kid's name.

No. 1508768

The women I know hate padded bras because they're uncomfortable and they feel like it is "cheating", myself included, but what do I know, I'm only a lowly "cis" woman.

No. 1508770

I don’t enjoy “cheating” tbh bc I don’t like the attention of men staring at my chest. I feel like maybe it’s my own insecurities, but these days I just wear sports bras and cover my chest because I hate being objectified. It kind of sucks because men they will still do it anyway.

No. 1508773

Because Lilith, the demon

No. 1508776

File: 1650642922195.png (1.53 MB, 1062x1654, Screenshot_2022-04-22-10-49-45…)

Yes and of course he follows Aggy.

No. 1508777

Common name these days among young females. Not so common among his own age group.

No. 1508778

holy cope, has he never been to a beach and seen all the women with actual real "distinctly female" boobs?
lol there's no way. I think a big problem with reddit troons in particular is that they use the r/abrathatfits sizing system which gives a significantly bigger cup size and smaller band size than classic measurements. So their C cup is what most people consider an A cup

No. 1508781

why are they all diaper fetishists?

No. 1508788

Because of porn addiction. Porn leads to AGP which leads to trooning out.

No. 1508791

The most common paraphilias that cluster with AGP are about being submissive, degraded, dominated, infantilized and so on. But the real common denominator here might be autism idk.

No. 1508792

File: 1650645733424.jpeg (41.2 KB, 400x400, F6E952E5-7044-4C0E-B4D5-193F20…)

saw mlp/w4k crossover fanart and i immediately knew what the artist looked like

No. 1508793

the mask is so dirty I'm gonna vom

No. 1508796

File: 1650646257025.jpeg (348.97 KB, 1124x1706, 9460BBE7-5431-4017-8240-4156CA…)

If I were the sister, I’d be so revolted to see my tubbie trannie brother wearing my heels

No. 1508797

Because one of the first famous MTFs called himself that

No. 1508799

Basically everyone in the comments is calling this person an asshole. The troll went too far.

No. 1508801

i've lurked and lurked and lurked and can't find anything on this. hope this isn't a spoonfeed, but did alok ever apologize or clarify the "little girls are kinky" quote??

No. 1508803

File: 1650647209332.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1946, 58FABD13-F30F-47D1-9D4E-4E42BA…)

(a-log) you’re lucky i’m not your sister because i would have killed you by now(a-log)

No. 1508805

File: 1650647511765.jpeg (710 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpeg)

this nigga?

No. 1508808

theyre obsessed with larping as anime girls, yuri being the japanese word for lily

No. 1508809

File: 1650647804022.jpeg (308.37 KB, 828x836, 6376D691-4657-4674-999E-78FD4B…)

I think they mean this guy, the one they made the biopic abt a few years ago iirc.

No. 1508811


It's the name of the tranny kid from Zombieland saga who got a literal heart attack and died when he grew his first facial hair bc he wanted to stay a little girl forever, kek

No. 1508829

File: 1650650405736.png (3.78 MB, 1947x1907, rlewis2.png)

Undercover Troon breaks woman's homerun record in College Softball?

I'm bad to clocking troons, but I think Lewis is. What do you guys think.

I came across this article about Lewis breaking Northwestern's University home run Record for the softball team (softball teams are all female in US colleges) and this person just looks like a man, but it could be an unfortunate looking woman. This person's looks plus breaking a record in women's sports just scream troon to me.

Plus, the team's roster, linked below, says Lewis' batting average in high school as freshman and sophomore was .546! The wiki article below says no female college softball player has ever broken .500.

idk how to internet stalk people to find more info on this person.

Rachel Lewis is hitting softballs out of the park and into the record books

Rachel Lewis Roster Record

NCAA Division I softball career .400 batting average list

No. 1508830

File: 1650650462129.jpg (90.62 KB, 600x469, elbrd.jpg)

Yes, exactly, this is what I meant!

No. 1508831

Bc they're all pedos

No. 1508832

i think that's just an unfortunate looking woman

No. 1508840

kek can you even call it wearing if you can only fit 4/5 of your fat piggies in them. His heels aren’t even in the damn shoe

No. 1508842

File: 1650651596454.jpeg (820.33 KB, 1170x1240, AB29E842-A971-49CC-8831-048BF8…)

this is so embarrassing lmfao

No. 1508843

you would think that would cause him crippling dysphoria

No. 1508845

I love how even though he blurred the picture to oblivion you still tell how much of an ugly moid he is.

No. 1508847

Are you retarded? She doesn't look like a man at all to me and what's the point in assuming any random woman is a man with no proof? Leave women alone

No. 1508848

Estrogen increases the likelihood of getting a blood clot, so he probably had some sort of issues beforehand. These troons are so stupid that they’re willing to put their health at risk for a chance of growing moobs.

No. 1508852

File: 1650652103240.jpg (582.63 KB, 1536x2048, DBAt6RWVoAAugk4.jpeg.jpg)

She's probably just a lesbian, anon. Also it's extremely easy to find info about her online, but it's all wholly irrelevant since she's clearly a woman. I wish this tinfoiling about whether or not someone is a tranny would stop once and for all. It's insulting and embarrassing. Oh and her voice is clearly female so maybe that answers all your questions.


No. 1508858

I always wonder if these posts are made by troons trying to make us look like idiots.

No. 1508859

>act with compassion towards all living things to the best of their ability

so they're vegan too??

No. 1508862

That’s always my thought. It reads so dumb it has to be intentional sometimes. There was also that study that women can physically pick out other women and men can’t. We have to for survival.

No. 1508864

They are.

No. 1508869


No. 1508875


So, I guess none of you have heard of Stephanie Barrett? Trans woman who, at age 37, took up woman's archery and in four years, he equaled the Canadian womans record at the World Cup. None of the articles about him mentioned he was a troon and just acted like he was a woman. It didn't come out in the mainstream until kf doxed him as a troon and then Glinner picked it up. I said I was bad at spotting troons and internet stalkery, which is why I was asking. Also, Christine Mcconell, total troon, proof dug up by kf. Would I have pegged either of them as trannies? Nope.

So don't be acting like some troons don't try to go stealth and that no media will cooperate with them.

tl;dr fuck both of ya'll


No. 1508876

Chill out. First off, I don’t follow archery and I’m not Canadian so I’ve never heard of the first one. And Christine McConnell WAS on peoples radars as a potential troon. Just because you are bad at spotting them doesn’t mean everyone else is.

No. 1508877

I think I've seen him at the zoo, next to the orangutan house

No. 1508882

File: 1650654801677.png (62.8 KB, 200x175, E2D6FAC0-1039-46E7-BAF2-99292B…)

No. 1508885

if you're bad at clocking troons then don't go around pointing fingers at random ass women retard

No. 1508892

It’s just not productive or conducive to the conversation to tinfoil about random people being trannies just because they have some facial features that are generally classified as masculine. You should have some evidence other than their appearance to support your theory. but tbh if you didn’t clock Christine McConnell right away then you have autism tier facial blindness

No. 1508898

File: 1650656817159.jpeg (794.82 KB, 1536x2048, FE7411E3-40B7-4F24-9166-675CF9…)

out of all the trash i had to spot first why did it have to be a vibrator

No. 1508899

File: 1650656887442.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 409.55 KB, 1536x2048, EAE54E72-7D03-4E02-AE9B-223877…)

same photoshoot. that tapestry ew.

No. 1508900

File: 1650656961607.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.81 KB, 1112x2048, a7DX8w2.jpg)

NSFW frankenhole. At least this one knows it’s bad

No. 1508901

File: 1650657006332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.13 KB, 1121x2048, NGsoui9.jpg)

Samefag forgot to attach the from view NSFW

No. 1508904

Looks like they got what they asked for and realised it'll never look real afterwards whoopsie

No. 1508918

Wow… it’s almost like this guy doesn’t have the pelvis for a vagina. I guess he was expecting the kind of pussies he sees in his hentai. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

No. 1508921

This hikkikomori lifestyle is cringe but not surprising for trannies. Regardless of this guy’s gender representation, living like this is horrible.

No. 1508925

AHAHAH oh my GOD. That is absolutely hilarious

No. 1508930

Perfect example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1508935

How's that even a religion? They say faith but what do they believe in? That sounds just like a cult

No. 1508936


I tried listening to Seeking Derangements and he and the two other fags were discussing how girls can break their hymens during horseback riding.

No. 1508937

Idk why he’s complaining, this is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen. There’s no pus or necrotic tissue.

It’s so weird that he thinks wearing a padded/push-up bra is “cheating,” because it implies having boobs is some kind of competition.

No. 1508938

File: 1650659880777.png (423.48 KB, 851x1486, screenshot-old.reddit.com-2022…)

Poor woman

No. 1508942


Meh, if she has kids with him thats her problem

No. 1508946

Pus and necrotic tissue usually goes away. This abomination is fully healed and will look like this forever.

No. 1508949

nice inverted scrotum, sorry 'vulva' lmao.

No. 1508952

It implies it's a game. And push up bras are a cheat-code which unlocks a new level (of stupidity)

No. 1508953

Sometimes it seems like men can only view things under the guise of a game or challenge, so it makes sense that he thinks it’s “cheating”. Plus, he probably is used to incel logic where they think push up bras and makeup are used just to manipulate men or whatever. Like the shit where they say “take a girl swimming” so you can see how “hot” she actually is.

No. 1508956

What a vile asshole. He trapped her and started that shit the night of their honeymoon? This woman should have walked out the door that night.

No. 1508958

Honestly I hate to victim blame or whatever but she's a retard for marrying a man she already knew was a sissy porn addict. She had plenty of chances to back out and should have gotten the marriage annulled when he started wearing her lingerie. Instead she indulged in it and let him impregnate her. I feel very sorry for the child though.

No. 1508961

File: 1650661295820.png (4.28 MB, 2386x1411, Picsart_22-04-22_17-00-11-888.…)

yeah ok sir…

No. 1508967

damn, wtf? I remember him standing next to Felice Fawn and looking like a tiny school boy… guess it's easier to troon out than not being remembered after all.

No. 1508972

This troon in pink with that creepy smile kek who told him that pic look good

No. 1508975

File: 1650662206964.png (59.23 KB, 738x527, sex and gender.png)

i know they've been doing this for a while, but here's another example of a troon conflating sex with gender. but "nobody's saying this!!!"

No. 1508980

And why is he so special that anyone should give a shit? They’re so self-obsessed and expect people to cater to their delusions at all times. No.

No. 1508982

This troon on my Instagram put me on his CF story and posted saying "My favorite thing since transitioning has been getting objectified and being seen as sexual object with no feelings" I fucking hate men what the FUCK.

No. 1508985

Good for her! Hope she finds a new guy who isn't a porn addict and will make HER pancakes.

No. 1508986

Weren't they a year or so ago, saying that it is not the same thing as sex. Now they want to be actual females because gender is not enough. If we feed into this bullshit, we can watch any female spaces and safety disappear. I am at the point where I don't even put up with any person trying to erase sex and biology. I had enough, for a male gender to claim they are the logical but same one trying to erase actual science.

No. 1508988

File: 1650662960526.png (472.34 KB, 502x607, uggo.png)


No. 1508990

That wig is not made for a man sized skull it is holding on for dear life

No. 1508991

That was his response to JKR retweeting an article about trans homophobia. Someone replied "What the fuck is that" to him kek

No. 1508992

File: 1650663181972.jpg (119.12 KB, 960x1280, 20220422_143237.jpg)

I had to block this specimen because some artists I follow are mutuals with him. Each selfie he posts is radiating with unwashed perversion.

No. 1508993

Is he skinwalking genie the feral child?

No. 1508994

Wow, i thought cave trolls didn't exist in real life.

No. 1508998

Why do literally all trannies have trans pride flags? It’s so obviously nerdy men who didn’t fit in trying to be apart of a subculture.

No. 1509000

File: 1650663830806.png (127.13 KB, 928x712, tran.png)

And here's some of the trans take on this story. Zero empathy lol, not that I expected it

No. 1509005

Idk it feels like it plays into the culty aspect. I don’t think any other members of the LGBT are this obsessed with their flag (except maybe the rainbow, but I feel like that isn’t as strange since it’s been a symbol for so long now). These guys seem to always have it in their room, wear the colors, make picrews with it, etc. Idk if it’s to signal that their trans (like we couldn’t already tell).

No. 1509008

colors play into the uwu kawaii aesthetic a lot of them go for

No. 1509020

looks like a legit chicken carcass

No. 1509032

File: 1650667131338.jpg (180.99 KB, 1200x1123, 5e6415027719dimage.jpg)

this reads exactly like one of those abuse cycle charts (picrel). especially when the scrote turned around and pretended to not be into his fetish anymore up until he knocked her up and fully trapped her.
that situation is genuinely horrifying. I hope the woman finds help and leaves safely with her kid.

No. 1509038

File: 1650667940257.png (84.42 KB, 1169x537, 1.png)

based lil sisters

No. 1509039

>What can I do about it?
cope, seethe, dilate kek

No. 1509042

>I don't even look like a boy anymore
Even children can tell you're a man.
>What can I actually do about this?

No. 1509044

even a child's imagination cannot see him as a woman kek

No. 1509050

Looks like an anti-smoking ad.

No. 1509072

He better not fucking abuse them

No. 1509094

from what i've seen of srs surgery, there is definitely not supposed to be that hole at the top there. that's supposed to be their "clit"/pee hole. he is royally fucked. should just 41% himself now.

No. 1509099

I've been wanting to check this account out. Anyone have any idea who it is and where to find it?

No. 1509102

File: 1650675568315.jpg (377.17 KB, 720x1424, 194710_Chrome.jpg)

I wonder what could have caused this? Hmmm…

No. 1509108

File: 1650676201444.jpg (503.51 KB, 810x1576, Screenshot_20220422-210035_Boo…)

They're a cancer. The troon brigade.

No. 1509120

i knew a menopausal woman who became suicidal when she wasn't on hrt but the trannies have to get their moobs so i guess it doesn't matter

No. 1509126

No one will give a shit. Infuriating.

No. 1509127

If your troon ex died in a car crash at least your kids would get social security. How is being divorced and your ex now spending all his child support money on transitioning supposed to be a better outcome?

No. 1509131

File: 1650678699146.webm (1.25 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1509134

File: 1650679020355.png (1.21 MB, 720x1115, Screenshot_20220422-215458~2.p…)

this was posted by @madisonwerner on IG and it's him and @dylanmulvaney in the pics.

thank god we have these men to teach us about the unique struggles of womanhood!!!

No. 1509135

>being trans in a gym locker room is scary
Cool, now imagine how the women feel about you being there.

No. 1509136

This one is not entirely a troon problem but a statistic problem, there's a slightly higher than average number of people in the plus 50 bracket in the UK, there's about a million people for each age group up to 65, (as in literally average one million 7 year olds, one million 32 year olds, and so on) but after 65 it starts dropping to much lower numbers post 70s, but there's a peak in the 50-55 age group, which means more menopausal women seeking hrt than before. I'm sure the transtrend has had an effect, though.

No. 1509138

"women have a tangible energy and sisterhood between each other" yes, and men aren't welcome. go away.

No. 1509140

>femininity is internal, not external

this is the core of why troons buttheads with feminists and women in genral

No. 1509148

Right because honestly, anyone can be “feminine” in dress, mannerisms, whatever. But that doesn’t equal understanding the biological reality of being female. They see it as something to conquer and have zero empathy for what women experience, good or bad.

No. 1509151

>uterus transplants will make you obsolete!!
Is the same thing when scrotes when they say that artificial wombs will replace women. Same kind of scrote, different coat of paint. This one will 41% soon anyway as more people are peaking.

No. 1509154

Ignoring the fact that a biological male body would immediately reject a uterus transplant and they would die, what would we be upset about? Like, why would we care?

No. 1509157

even if uterus transplants became a thing (they won't) and trannies could carry children, who would take care of them? am i supposed to believe these degenerates would live for their children the way mothers do?

No. 1509161

File: 1650681987010.jpg (35.02 KB, 736x229, KEK.JPG)

this is so accurate KEK

No. 1509162

>vulnerability is power

No. 1509167

File: 1650682418695.png (2.88 MB, 1014x1606, BRAVESTUNNINGWOMYN.png)

When ur more brave than stunning.

No. 1509172

File: 1650683060079.jpg (31.76 KB, 564x564, e1d9c248f740231ebad352a3a4c2e3…)

I can't

No. 1509174

He won't even leave his bedroom because he's scared of a fucking five year old making fun of him holy shit

No. 1509178

Gender having scrotes are the weakest link. I hope they all castrate themselves to extinction.

No. 1509184

File: 1650684193815.png (261.92 KB, 2046x2830, lesbianchasers.png)

Lesbian "chasers." Could they cope any harder:

No. 1509186

this reads like a freshman boy telling his buddies about how he "totally had sex bro." fanfic tier dialogue

No. 1509189

They probably would want to force women to do it.

No. 1509191

You’re not getting a uterus, or pregnant, but you will remain a man with delusions. Don’t know why they have to ignore biology as if it’s just something they can control.

No. 1509197

File: 1650686407396.png (38.94 KB, 1212x154, Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 20-55…)

Even when larping as women TIMs won't stop using mra talking points

No. 1509203

I fucking hate this "getting fucked like a woman" shit that trannies always say. It's so apparent that it's a fetish

No. 1509204

This comment needs to be the poster child for the troon community

No. 1509206

>before I transitioned I was sexually harassed by more woman then men.
Kek I'm sure. They wish they were sexually harassed, it's all some fantasy for them. They pretend butches/dykes act like men.

No. 1509209

File: 1650687196886.jpg (303.63 KB, 1080x2144, Screenshot_2022-04-23-12-07-06…)

Those comments - I wish all women were as transphobic as black women lol. Anyway I found this tranny in the comments trying to insult women by telling them they have "hand-me-down gender"

No. 1509215

>GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.
Can we delete this rule? This literally isn't true anymore. Old admin restored 2X, the only people who bitch about terfs are trannies themselves, and we're all actively gender critical on /ot/, /g/, and /m/. I'm saying this because some anons in the Pixielocks thread are using this as a tool for the same old "LOLCOW IS FOR GOSSIP" charade.

No. 1509219

File: 1650688820622.png (5.45 KB, 488x100, Sin título.png)

>I wish all women were as transphobic as black women lol.
We are, but then our fight is called "white feminism" (I'm not even white myself) by leftist retards.

No. 1509222

Is there a specific term for people whose abusers trooned out and blamed their behavior on gender dysphoria (like 'trans widows' for women who divorced a troon husband)? I'm mulling over the idea of starting sort of a support thread for affected nonnies over at /2X/.

No. 1509228

The troon is referencing how dry humping his boyfriend's thigh feels better than his fingers on his axe wound. Why it felt the need to share that with a bunch a teenagers doesn't even need to be said kek

No. 1509235

We could make one? Transsurvivors? TRAbusers?

No. 1509254

File: 1650694948572.png (174.81 KB, 2240x860, ofvohvf.png)

transed male prisioner identifies as a baby

No. 1509260

File: 1650695801372.png (109.3 KB, 2046x1140, lesbianchasers02.png)

Part 2: Men pretending to be lesbians to chase TIMs kek.

No. 1509261

File: 1650695897057.png (383.42 KB, 924x896, cheers.png)

>mfw mtfs will be dropping like flies

No. 1509262

That is only a detriment to us real women when troons get the wrong idea. I hate men god.

No. 1509263

>men impersonating lesbians (LARP mode) having to deal with men impersonating lesbians (regular/online RP mode)

No. 1509265

They already are going to. HRT absolutely kills your kidneys and liver especially for more than a decade and can give you cancer. Bottom surgeries cause eventual muscle failure.

No. 1509266

>assuming she’s a man just because she’s ugly and not overtly feminine
You’d have to be a fucking man to be anywhere near this stupid. Is that what you are? You’re like a tranny yourself thinking unfuckable=not a woman

No. 1509268

ikr, that's a female body if I've ever seen one in the pic of the girls hoisting her on their shoulders.

No. 1509269

Take it to /meta/?

No. 1509270

File: 1650696672278.jpeg (63.9 KB, 735x435, 783669F9-422D-47DB-A53B-D4ECD8…)

Could you imagine the media storm that would happen if it came out this dude was a diddler

No. 1509272

>feminine hormones do not affect your voice
I fucking knew it. Their voices never change. Unlike FTMs.

No. 1509273

Wish I could find it, but some woman who claimed to have been an ED patient of Dr. Levine shared how creepy he was. If I recall correctly this occurred while he was presenting male.

No. 1509274

Eating disorders are illnesses that majorly affect teen girls with past sexual abuse. A man who already views femininity as a fetish shouldn't be allowed to practice on girls like that. He chose to work with underaged girls with mental problems on purpose.

No. 1509275

It's the 4chan clockery brainworms moids have. Other than that most/almoat all troons are obvious as fuck men dressing as women therefore they cope and hate the slightly more feminine looking ones

No. 1509276

Why can't he 41 or screw himself

No. 1509277

And somehow, somewhere.. someone will find a way to blame women lol

No. 1509278

She’s also only 5’6 so she’d be one hell of a manlet anyway.

No. 1509281


Umm 5'6 is slightlt tall for women but moids have super high expectations for their height

No. 1509289

File: 1650700368638.png (67.67 KB, 486x401, keffalsisaman.png)

genuinely love when he/troons tweet shit like this because it continues to peak all the real girls

No. 1509290

are you retarded or something?

No. 1509291


I was literally just wondering this. When I tried to look it was all about trans victims. I imagine no one is allowed to speak about the reverse (except JK, based).

No. 1509294

anon if that's your screenshot your pfp is viewable

No. 1509296

It's cute hehe

No. 1509297

Kefflas stopped dilating that's why he's coping so hard.

No. 1509299

I know a lot of you Nonna's are lesbos but as a straight woman this is my biggest nightmare and one of the reasons why I'm staying single. Lots of moids want to be in a relationship etc but i know coomerism and paraphilias are at an all time high due to porn addicted males. Are there any signs like before you commit to a male? Do i have to look through his search history? I know military men are known to troon out and i stay away from programmers and anime fans.

No. 1509300

oh wow i'm retarded, thank you anon

No. 1509303

What is this reddit spacing. So obvious its pathetic

No. 1509305

File: 1650704019942.png (102.66 KB, 661x387, chud phrenology.png)

why does this man resemble the chud meme so faithfully

No. 1509306

"Getting fucked like a woman" is just being penetrated without an orgasm, not sure why they want that so bad /s

I'm so tired nonnies. Glad you're here to talk sense with because I'd go insane otherwise.

No. 1509307

Why isn't this obvious tranny who's posting a picture of a random woman to say she's a tranny not banned yet? Even troons with tens of surgeries wouldn't "pass" as well as this girl and she's obviously very natural, doesn't have her hair styled or makeup done which is probably why the angry moid wanted to shit on her. I also think she's pretty in the above pictures.

No. 1509308

File: 1650705118554.jpeg (179.54 KB, 1536x2048, FQygIxpUcAIU250.jpeg)

No. 1509317

guess they'll be sending him to juvie now

No. 1509324

I truly don't get how this woman can just fucking play along with it for a year while being violently disgusted.Like I get that in some stories men spring this on their wife and family of 3 kids, and she tries her best to find a compromise to avoid breaking up the family, but this woman kept digging herself deeper with a smile when she had almost nothing on the line.

No. 1509330

File: 1650710962523.webm (6.44 MB, 1080x602, Screen_Recording_20220423-0338…)

Tranny accidentally turns off filter.

No. 1509337

File: 1650711341051.webm (9.15 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

based reply from the lady. Tranny is backtracking hard, he never specified artificial wombs. It was very clear what he was trying to say. And hysterectomies have many side effects. Also kek at the i was pretending to be retarded to catch you transphobe!!1.

No. 1509341

Another angry faggot talking to women like they owe him something, nothing new

No. 1509342

That's a hell of an improv trying to backtrack, as I don't know how he thinks they'll real-time genetically engineer wombs into men. Also 3D-printing eyes and hears are on a whole other level of priority from giving men wombs.

No. 1509346

File: 1650712585701.jpeg (86.31 KB, 1080x629, FQtAemeXoAciHA1.jpeg)

recently there's lots of discussion about "what's a woman?" on german twitter and most troons and handmaidens just straight up call you nazi instead of terf which is pretty much the worst label you could get and obviously totally silences women.
i feel like most euro countries who look up to the us immediately jumped to mra and tranny rights before even talking about normal feminism

No. 1509348

this stupid faggot comparing artificial hearts to artificial wombs.

No. 1509355

That happened here in Eastern Europe. Like it made you extremely unpopular to call yourself a feminist here 20 years ago and it still can be a controversial thing, not to mention gay rights. But troons are the real victims because they can't falsify their sex on their documents leading back to their birth certificate.

No. 1509357

File: 1650713230599.png (69.8 KB, 779x294, Screenshot 2022-04-23 12.19.49…)

There's a focus-grouped 'black trans girl' character in the Netflix Heartstopper series, despite the setting being a UK secondary school outside of any major metropolitan area. The actor doesn't pass at all. Funnier yet is the insistence of Autostraddle moid Drew Gregory that it would have been 'revolutionary' for him to have a 'cis lesbian' love interest. Who's going to tell them that no amount of 'media representation' will convince lesbians to fuck males kek

No. 1509361

No lesbian has ever acted this way, I can hear him furiously masturbating as he types this fantasy

No. 1509363

where in eastern europe is that happening?

No. 1509368

Hungary. During the COVID lockdown the Parlament sneaked in a law making chaning sex on your medical and etc. documentation impossible inside a bundle of "anti-pedophile" laws which caused a big outcry. Keep in mind gays and lesbians are much worse off here, but every liberal talking point still centers troons for some reason, meaning it also turns off people from LGB issues.

No. 1509372

nta and not to get into semantics but isn't Hungary central Europe?

No. 1509374

Geographically it is, politically/economically/mentality-wise we're closer to EE and even the Balkans. If I say Central Europe people imagine non-shithole countries.

No. 1509375

fair enough nona

No. 1509379

It's so weird that you can always tell they're trying to dress like whoever or whatever they coom to the most obsessively, and that for this guy that was obviously women on 80's home workout videos

No. 1509381

Because troons as generally extremely wealthy males and with the violent ape brains to silence others have enough financial and cultural clout to make it happen anywhere. And many scumbags all over the world sympathize with their plight.
Any incel with an axe to grind against women can become a troon and be allowed to do whatever.

No. 1509385

For me it was just easier asking what sort of porn he's into. I think from there it's pretty easy to weed them out if they're forthcoming of their degenerate fetishes. I had an ex who was not so willing to share and later discovered a file folder full of tranny porn on his computer.

No. 1509386

Any man who is into porn is degenerate imo. My Nigel doesn’t like porn. Thinks it’s kinda gay and doesn’t see the point

No. 1509392

I still have no idea what this faggot is rambling about

No. 1509395

Good on Nigel what a lad

No. 1509400

Probably this >>1508752 but ironic if it's because of Lilith because she's the ultimate TERF. She fought with Adam on equal terms and insisted on being his equal where neither would relent. She got so sick of the insufferable moid she left paradise just so she didn't have to deal with the scrote and was cursed to eat her own children because fuck dem kids.

No. 1509403

No. 1509408

Unfortunately sometimes it’s a literal axe

No. 1509410

They have no mercy for the elderly either, you're expected to curbstomp your Oma the moment she's confused by all of this bs or you're a nazi.

No. 1509418

>thinks it's gay
that's weird and sounds like overcompensating tbh

No. 1509420

Honest question: HOW do these dudes not look at these images and see how ‘70’s-era Monty Python skit they look?

No. 1509422

File: 1650724681183.png (684.79 KB, 971x928, Screenshot 2022-04-23 .png)


No. 1509429

File: 1650725351251.jpg (138.77 KB, 1080x838, FQ-samMXwAEF9Tp.jpg)

How mature

No. 1509432

scrotes acting like scrotes

No. 1509433

File: 1650725578819.jpg (112.01 KB, 1080x1144, FQ-sa6HX0AcBIFX.jpg)

Here this moid is in all his beautiful stunning valid glory

No. 1509437

Do they really find this clever? It’s just a take on the same tired joke 8 yo boys have been making since 1996.

No. 1509439

Imagine living in Germany of all places and calling lesbians "Nazis" for not being into scrotes.

No. 1509441

In this case they're saving him from making an absolute ass of himself. I feel bad for fucking drawn anime girls now, the way they get used as self-avatars for Shrek-looking MtFs

No. 1509442

Getting off to another guy is pretty gay anon. Even if a woman is involved, you're still looking at another guy's dick as you furiously best your own.

No. 1509443

There's lesbian porn too you know. Nigel is clearly just homophobic

No. 1509447

the number of women over 50 did not "more than double in the last 5 years," so that cannot possibly account for that level of increase in HRT prescriptions.

No. 1509450

Nigel is scared that the porn dick might awake something in him

No. 1509451

File: 1650727937633.png (11.54 KB, 766x236, Broke and tired (@OpheliaRisen…)

>born 1996
he looks like he's in his 40's

No. 1509452

26 years old??? no way

No. 1509453

File: 1650728075335.png (21.26 KB, 760x160, Broke and tired (@OpheliaRisen…)

What does feeling like a girl entail and how would they know what being a girl feels like?

No. 1509455

File: 1650728260657.png (66.9 KB, 811x818, Erin Reed on Twitter.png)

Anthony you were married to a actual women before you trooned out

No. 1509456

I think he meant 1796, colonial looking ass

No. 1509458

god i'll never forget the one time i watched his stream right after he trooned out and i couldn't believe it wasn't a fucking joke because he looked so laughably bad. then he tried becoming a ranked smash player and he just constantly freaked the fuck out when he lost. even when i was still a handmaiden i couldn't watch his streams anymore because you could tell everyone in chat was tip toeing around him and being overly nice because he would freak out over the dumbest shit

No. 1509459

File: 1650728778663.png (36.17 KB, 748x329, Quote Tweets _ Twitter.png)

a doctor of nonsense

No. 1509460

I've yet to see a child transitioner that doesn't look like an eunuch as an adult

No. 1509461

Isn't it better her Nigel doesn't watch lesbian porn either?? What is your point.

No. 1509463

File: 1650729564866.jpg (102.34 KB, 1079x1267, FQxgp6IWQAkCRlS.jpg)

No. 1509464

Yes obviously, so wtf is the point of calling porn gay

No. 1509468

File: 1650729837133.png (60.24 KB, 845x411, not my nigel.png)

forgive me if this is the joke and it's gone over my head or if it's just a coincidence he is called Nigel. see picrel

No. 1509469

are you committing a thought crime by entertaining the idea that you have any right to boundaries, you retard? get over it and don't make eye contact with the man flashing you in the bathroom, it's the right thing to do.

No. 1509472

He has to be lying about his age. I refuse to believe that man is younger than 35 at the youngest, and that’s a rough 35.

No. 1509475

please learn to repress expressing when you feel scared and uncomfortable around men. please feel guilty and don't challenge anything you think isn't right. never speak up! Remember that men have a right to your space at all times. #BeKind

No. 1509477

They don’t, and you can rest well at night knowing they never will.

No. 1509481

>project them from harm
wtf? I'm not a personal bodyguard. Like troons are fucking better than everyone else. Above the rules of biology and general social interaction.
>>trans, non-binary and gender questioning students
So what's the point of calling it a women's bathroom? If trans men and women and enbies and gender-undefined/confused people can enter doesn't it just it a tranny sanctuary (a tranctuary if you will). I bet that sign is not on the mens bathroom.
So much for what trannies call terf island kek

No. 1509486

>if it's only implied in the last book instead of explicit to begin with it's not enough and doesn't count
People keep ignoring that until 2003, when Order of the Phoenix was published, “promotion of homosexuality” in media was legally prohibited in the UK as per Section 28. I don’t know if JKR personally would have gotten in legal trouble as an author but if she’d portrayed Dumbledore as gay in the earlier books that would have gotten the Harry Potter series banned from schools.

No. 1509496

File: 1650732507677.jpg (126.13 KB, 720x931, IMG_20220422_150959_460~2.jpg)

you will let this feminine dainty girl barge into the women's bathroom screeching "omgaaaaawsh the girl's room is so much nicer than ours - i mean men's - yaaas queen do you need a tampon??" and you will like it.

No. 1509499

i'd just like to point out that the whole "JK retconned Dumbledore as gay!!!" thing is false. a little girl wrote to her and asked if Dumbledore was ever married. JK wrote back and said that to her, she'd always thought of him as gay. then she mentioned it in an interview years later. she didn't fucking retcon anything because it never mattered in the books. i'm so sick of that being used against her.

No. 1509501

File: 1650733042183.png (20.13 KB, 1087x196, Since prostate is moved in fro…)


No. 1509504

File: 1650733231499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.78 KB, 320x427, qp404fdqptu81.jpg)


why is it so dark compared to the rest of his body?

No. 1509507

Necrosis, my love

No. 1509510

Every single one of his videos is him seething over "cis" women. Every. single. one.

I give it 2 years before he kills himself

No. 1509512

this looks so weird and disgusting it just makes me laugh. what the fuck am i even looking at? is that supposed to be his clit? it looks like a piece of chewed up gum. the darker skin is vile looking too, plus what are the blue pieces of thread(?) by his finger?

No. 1509515

Sometimes a man’s precious jewels are darker than the rest of his skin. This ranges from barely noticeable to very noticeable. It’s normal and happens with women too. Although given the fact that the man in question had his balls removed and his dick inverted in a sad attempt to replicate the appearance of a vulva, it could be bruising. Or necrosis. Or something else terrible.

t. I’ve seen genitals

No. 1509516


No. 1509522

pretty sure that was the point anon lmao. are you new here

No. 1509524

and by the way i do forgive you, i love you even

No. 1509525

File: 1650734512475.jpg (1.26 MB, 1688x2251, 44z3cw9l0bv81.jpg)

r/mtfashion is a goldmine of atrociousness kek

No. 1509526

Is this the "x day of my journey to girlhood" guy?

No. 1509528

I think they misspelled "fetish gear".

No. 1509530

File: 1650734613803.jpg (646.34 KB, 1579x4632, raeseip105u81.jpg)

Oh no…

No. 1509532

File: 1650734758423.png (632.45 KB, 465x955, sfgn.png)

No. 1509534

File: 1650734842426.png (608.34 KB, 419x700, xfgn.png)

This one got me HOWLING

No. 1509536

File: 1650734917916.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x2190, aznn3vtxx1q81.jpg)

There's something very unnerving about this

No. 1509537

This looks like some horror creature that scanned a woman but couldn't entirely take her form. Doesn't even look fully human, never mind female.

No. 1509540

is he trying to larp as a sissy leon s. kennedy?

No. 1509542

you will validate his need to mock you with stereotypes he has reduced your womanhood to and applaud his bravery for doing so.

No. 1509543

File: 1650735549675.jpg (60.62 KB, 465x522, elvismaskkkk1212112.jpg)

looks like those cheap halloween masks

No. 1509546

I thought so but then it seemed like other people didn't get it. i'm retarded
thanks nonna <3

No. 1509550

It looks like someone pressed the random button for the body sliders on a create a character maker

No. 1509556

Looks like those looks like those aliens that disguises themselves as people in men in black

No. 1509564

File: 1650737975040.jpg (735.74 KB, 2320x3088, qhl1752jzyk81.jpg)

No woman would ever wear a casual androgynous outfit like that with the tallest stiletto heels. Like why

No. 1509567

The irony is that keffals is a deeply misogynistic man who thinks he is above women

No. 1509568

Unfortunately, we all know why.

No. 1509571

>blocks your path

No. 1509574

At least this crazy moid would be easy to trip.

No. 1509575

easy to run away from

No. 1509581

This nonsense will never stop until people realize all trans people are simply mentally ill and "being trans" has no basis in any physical reality.

They started by saying they were "mentally" female and that made them women, too.
They now claim that their sex is biologically female so they are women too, and they are more oppressed than real women. In fact they are oppressed BY real women!
They will literally not stop until they have fully replaced women and only males are valid women, but we still have to be in their spaces so they can continue to abuse and oppress us as they see fit.

No. 1509584

File: 1650740209312.png (25.52 KB, 1096x245, STransphobes apparently mappin…)

the informed consent map Anthony did, (erin the tranny mom) is being review bombed by Gc's


No. 1509586

Oh my god imagine this dude wobbling down the school hallway, screeching in his "dainty and feminine" anime voice

No. 1509587

File: 1650740344435.jpg (627.23 KB, 1728x2304, eov4qfzqc9v81.jpg)

>20 year old

No. 1509590

Yes this chosen troon, who comes from this misogyny, is more oppressed than the born women and girls who have been brutalized with fgm

No. 1509594

These perverts will never have uteruses, no matter how much they push that "science will get there eventually" because it's physically fucking impossible. They genuinely think they can just jam a uterus up a rot pocket and it will magically function. You will never be a women and you will never be a mother. Cope, seethe, dilate.
This is such a pathetic, transparent back track because he was rightfully called out for being a misogynistic pos.

Newfags fuck off. It's like you guys can't read for shit.

No. 1509599

File: 1650741631759.png (60.1 KB, 892x464, rjdrtyj.PNG)


Nerdforge released a video 2 hours ago about making new covers for HP books, the troons are already seething lmaoo

No. 1509609

>They genuinely think they can just jam a uterus up a rot pocket and it will magically function.

Considering how badly the srs tends to go, and that's basically just cosmetic and not intended to be functional aside being a hole (which it also fails at) - even if they did try to shove wombs into men's bodies every one of them would go necrotic, need to be removed and probably kill the patient from sepsis.

No. 1509613

I'm not British but I've read about it specifically in the context of whether it was possible to make him gay explicitly in the books and from what I understand it would have been possible BUT the books wouldn't be available in libraries and schools which would have been counterproductive given that they're kids books, and then YA. But I never saw anyone mention any possible fines for JKR or the publishing company.

Dumbledore is pretty flamboyant in the books anyway and again, given how his old friends and brother talk about him in the last book during the wedding and in the last part, it's definitely there, just not obvious. Then there's the fact that we almost only see Harry's point of view anyway. It's people who only watched the movies and are media illiterate that think it's a retcon. You know, the type in literature classes in high school who wouldn't even understand the most basic metaphors in very easy assignments and who have no idea how novels, series and movies' scripts are written and how sometimes you have ideas that don't make it in the final product for a shit ton of reasons.

No. 1509614

Wish this shit would die out already. Love how these types of comments never break community standards

No. 1509616

You will never be a woman. You will never be Bayonetta.

No. 1509622

File: 1650743344423.jpeg (161.9 KB, 1170x333, 4F7C74D6-28EE-4716-BB5D-D22B33…)

help i just wanted a tutor

No. 1509627

Wants to consume the soul of a 20 year old by the look on his face lmao

No. 1509628


No. 1509630

The amount of comments that say “you had me at destroyed my HP books” is retarded. No one cares you purchased a book, given the author money, just so you could destroy them.
Guess all the porn and hormones really does destroy male intelligence

No. 1509631

It took this guy almost 45 minutes to come to the conclusion that womanhood basically cannot be defined because there isn't a definition that includes all women (ofc by that he means a definition that includes transwomen) and it's a pointless question anyway because bigots only ask it as a gotcha. He also claimed that terfs want strict gender roles and they want them "for the same reason conservatives do". Just a bunch of lies and a lot of words to essentially say nothing. I also can't stand that creepy breathy voice and cadence he puts on. Even though he's doesn't dress as badly or look as obviously creepy as other AGPs, something about him sets off my fight or flight response much stronger. He gives such genuinely unnerving vibes

No. 1509633

Destroying something you already paid for is dumb as fuck and doesn't prove anything. Kind of reminds me of this one anime girl who the author revealed wasn't a virgin and tons of anime coomers destroyed all their figures/books/DVDs of the series.

No. 1509634

File: 1650744183260.jpg (223.9 KB, 1080x1269, FRDGDFhXoAIlkhQ.jpg)

No. 1509635

trans propaganda builds on misogynistic beliefs of the female body, that we're essentially just "smaller weaker men". they don't understand that our bodies are fundamentally different in a billion ways. i've had a male handmaiden friend tell me that he thinks srs makes sense because "the blueprint is the same" and he doesn't even see how insane that claim is

No. 1509636

File: 1650744251671.jpg (77.91 KB, 736x1690, a58db9ac0859cd4a5f05fa9b3809e6…)

No. 1509637

top ten things that never happened. Also, what a sick thing to lie about? Who tf fantasizes about that… AGP moment

No. 1509638

File: 1650744297846.png (869.16 KB, 913x2332, 1650743591742~3.png)

Samefag but here are some particularly annoying and disingenuous comments from the video. Talking in circles and using philosophical hypotheticals for a material issue. Postmodernism was a mistake

No. 1509640

tinfoil, it's true but the woman was taking the piss and he was too autistic to understand her extreme sarcasm

No. 1509641

Have you been on AGP twitter? All of them tell the same story about cis women complimenting and being jealous of their boobs, when they really look like chameleon eyes. Pure narcissism.

No. 1509642

Yeah, right. Maybe he should've spent money fixing that caveman forehead cus that ain't fooling anyone

No. 1509644

samefag but YEAH. They all have the same exhibitionist/vouyer fantasy to be a “woman”. Not to blogpost but I saw it first hand when I was “friends” (I hated him) with a troon myself

No. 1509645

File: 1650744676629.jpg (128.84 KB, 1076x1614, FRDGDSmXwAAUD9m.jpg)

Are you trying to say this isnt a petite little anime girl, transphobe??

No. 1509646

That's Sam Pritchard, he used to be a cow in the leftcows threads before he disappeared for a bit to grow his moobs. He's aware he's AGP and persists in being gross anyway

No. 1509647

So dainty and feminine. How can we cis women compete? That hairline is soooo enviable!!!! And the gorilla shoulders!!

No. 1509648

it's the expression he makes along with the voice, it's supposed to make him look like he knows more than you, that he's above you, he's come to educate you dumb cis woman… But in a rational human who's instincts aren't brainwashed it evokes fight or flight. I'd fight that little shit.

No. 1509649

Pam doesn’t deserve this

No. 1509651

what did Black women ever do to troons to deserve this treatment? I hear Laverne Cox playing a real black women Kacy Duke, now this?

No. 1509654

>very telling that nobody asks "can you define a man"?
Ohhh gotcha!! Maybe thats cus "man" never changed its definition.. Now can you tell why? What a bunch of clowns

No. 1509655

Why do you have their female name in the file instead of their deadname?

No. 1509657

File: 1650745328830.jpg (538.78 KB, 2500x2500, FQ0p80dXsAM9RUu.jpg)

Another lesbian event with a troon

No. 1509658

File: 1650745355325.jpg (125.56 KB, 1088x1158, FRA1njaagAM1BwS.jpg)

No. 1509663

File: 1650745488885.png (256.48 KB, 500x533, 1398177738631.png)

>what is a woman
>why are you asking, are you some kind of a BIGOT?? RRREEEE

The trans movement is so exhausting and requires you to jump through so many fucking gymnastic loops constantly oh my god

No. 1509664


No. 1509666

I AM THE WOMAN NOW OOGA BOOGA suck my girldick lesbians

No. 1509667

File: 1650745715047.jpg (46.2 KB, 432x561, Screenshot_20220423-134001__01…)


No. 1509672

>tries to mansplain feminism to feminists
>woman doesn't have a definition
I wanna alog AHHHHH.

No. 1509678

kryten in the front, hank hill in the back

No. 1509680

ntayrt It was most like saved directly from twitter anon? That's just his username.

No. 1509686

Because she didn't want to get in a fight where he ends up screaming at her. Males can get shockingly loud when they want to and it is legitimately terrifying. She's an abuse victim and it's common to stay in situations like that.

No. 1509699

That picture of him doing the hand thing in this outfit makes me cringe and feel so uncomfortable. He swears he's eating in this ugly ass outfit.

No. 1509701

I love how if I just ignore this shit and say "an adult female" when asked what "woman" means, it stops mattering. That's all anyone has to do. Ignore the crazies, deliberately switch off when they try to talk at you, constantly forget their pronoun nonsense after a day or two and don't participate in their delusions one way or another. Society has gone wrong in listening to them, because none of this was ever concrete or well thought-out. It's just personal confusion being made into everyone else's problem coupled with emotional panhandling, but getting mad at them now only adds legitimacy to the whole thing. Obsessive people who fixate on something as fluid as "gender identity" all day shouldn't be taken seriously, the same way you don't give excessive thought to someone who has a hyperfixation on Sonic. Only other autists and dedicated caretakers actually pay attention. As an uninvolved person, you don't entertain them in depth, and you don't scold them. You just smile, say "Very nice, dear" or "Wow, that's awesome" and put them in a room with some clay, an all-ages game and kinetic sand they can play with. Simple as

No. 1509702

>can’t describe what “women means” anymore than he can describe what “chair” means
Women are adult humans of the sex that is evolved to give birth, chairs are human made objects for the purpose of sitting on, and your brain is made out of fucking mush

No. 1509705

I used to think guys with long hair where cute, now I think they’re immediately sus. Like they will troon out any minute.

No. 1509718

Troon tits are so ugly, boy nipples aren't cute and the actual shape of the tranny boob is always so off looking. they look hard, like 2000s bolted on tits. no real weight or softness at all.

No. 1509719

File: 1650748894996.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, FOBcxA6WUAEXyuu.jpg)

womanhood is a meme

No. 1509722

that's the way the screenshot is saved

No. 1509723

why does it matter and why do you use they pronouns for a male

No. 1509734

File: 1650749856571.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.49 KB, 1125x1118, FQrC2knaIAMaf4I.jpg)

No. 1509735

JK Rowling if she was a caveman

No. 1509737

Also how does that make them any different from book burners who do it for conservative reasons? It’s just stupid. They make comparisons of us to conservatives but then screech at schools and libraries and stores to remove books that “go against their beliefs”. It’s the same shit.

No. 1509742

Every time they talk about this it just solidifies they know nothing about radfem beliefs. How the fuck is it so hard to believe that radfems want sex-based protections in place but also that there are no rules to things like gender presentation. All they say is yes. You are male or female and yes. You can wear and act however you want. But we still need rights in place for a class that’s been historically oppressed. This seems very easy to follow and yet they misconstrue it every time, making us sound like evangelicals who believe girls must be wearing dresses 24/7 or whatever.

No. 1509747

I feel like this stuff is happening so fast (new definitions or lack of definitions we’re supposed to accept and whatnot) that there’s no way a major backlash isn’t on the horizon. Even now it’s more common to see normies shutting their talking points down on tiktok and twitter. It’s getting to the point where it’s not just happening in their little corners of the internet and instead having major effects on people irl and it just doesn’t have the basis in reality it needs to be a lasting belief system. I think the thing that pisses me off the most about the “what is a woman” thing is the fact that defining the word is pertinent if we are to keep our rights that relate to womanhood and being female. They think it’s a fun little game to play when our lives and rights are at risk. It’s disgusting, and they’re no different from men who have walked all over women throughout the entirety of history. But teehee skirt go spinny or whatever the fuck.

No. 1509776

File: 1650752881549.png (80.12 KB, 275x225, F40C6D95-A08F-41DE-930A-38EAA2…)

Biological women are a myth. Womanhood is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Trannies, the DNA of the soul.

No. 1509777

i know, nona. the fact it's happening so fast makes it really disorientating and i think that's a big part of why it works. it honestly feels surreal that we're having to deal with this insanity

No. 1509784

File: 1650753427523.png (600.1 KB, 1077x1303, Screenshot_20220423-183517.png)

Jessie Gender accidentally made a memeable image of himself. Also, holy shit, I didn't realise his body was that muscular.

No. 1509787

next threadpic

No. 1509802

Nothing wrong with homophobic men

No. 1509803

Thanks and yeah, it does. Growing up there is no way I would have predicted this happening in a thousand years. Even when I learned about transvestism and men who were AGP way back when, I would have always assumed it would be kept hush hush in their little fetish corner. It is unreal that it’s having major implications in society now.

No. 1509812

Anon, of course he's oppressed. He's mentally ill and instead of getting him help society cut off his balls and secluded him to a twitter account.

No. 1509814

IS troon becoming mainstream? I saw someone on LSA calling a TIM a troon and I giggled. I honestly feel like troon is nicer then "tranny" as a slur

No. 1509815

Have fun washing your man's skidmarks off his underwear because wiping is gay

No. 1509820

Homophobic men are often fags, anon.

No. 1509835

File: 1650757253152.jpeg (516.42 KB, 1693x943, 7D46214F-C3CD-47E7-9DE5-1459D2…)

I hate TIFs just as much as TIMs. They literally shit every female group with their retardation and groveling to males. All the replies are like, “I, MTF, wouldn’t want to attend this group. they should change the name and purpose so that I could”. It’s NOT FOR YOU. This is how resources for women get smaller and smaller.

No. 1509836

I love how easy it is to tell that he's wearing fake tits

No. 1509841

The facts are that men take double and triple the "dosage" compared to any woman with a prescription. Fecking crazy times because men don't have any of the glands, receptors, and not even the microbiome required to regulate or recognize female hormonal changes. Any man with the right hormone imbalance can grow tits, that doesn't make the liquid wax they excrete milk, nor do all the necessary glands and nodes suddenly appear after a man takes hormones. Narcissism and ignorance are mighty bedfellows. Companies are already starting to make insane money from these soon-to-be lifetime patients.

No. 1509843

I saw someone in that comment section unronically saying womanhood is a “meme”

No. 1509845

Samefag, it is known to medical professionals that men are taking triple the amount of what should be for women (which is causing the remarkable increase). Even beyond that, fecking common sense so it is. It's unthinkable that doctors involved globally weren't aware if this in advance.

No. 1509848

it's insane that they're letting young, healthy men create a shortage like this because they don't want to hurt their feelings. anyone who says that no one cares about men's feelings is a liar.

No. 1509867

File: 1650759517631.png (500.52 KB, 1809x2125, Untitled.png)

Troon starts skinwalking his friend, threatens suicide when she doesn't want to move in with him.

No. 1509879

File: 1650760227472.png (352.12 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220423-192122.png)


Based terf in the comments section

No. 1509881

File: 1650760298773.png (300.04 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220423-192133.png)

Additional dumb tranny that can't ratio a woman on a video catering to trannies

No. 1509901

File: 1650761554046.png (354.15 KB, 2268x1260, Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 17-49…)

The poster of the video owning himself by saying he doesn't know why he wants to be seen as a woman.

No. 1509904

File: 1650762030860.jpeg (469.47 KB, 1080x1350, 975E4117-2ADF-4412-ACE8-98B5E5…)

i actually thought the actor passed somewhat decently in the show (probably because he was wearing a baggy school uniform and coat for most of his scenes. also his voice was quite feminine sounding) but i saw some photos of him outside of the show and he looks like the man he is

No. 1509905

File: 1650762064592.png (23.97 KB, 1121x260, When my close friend says Your…)

his friend is right tho

No. 1509908

File: 1650762313519.jpeg (51.94 KB, 764x401, 075C7419-4412-4203-B4C3-B02CDB…)

more natural looking make up makes him look less male ironically enough

No. 1509913

jfc. the wishy washy "idk i just am" response. they think all they need to know is that self ID is V A L I D and they don't have to reason beyond that.

No. 1509914

what confuses me is that i think trans ppl would genuinely be a lot happier if they were able to admit and accept that their biological sex is unchangeable and who they are. obviously being trans is still a farce but admitting that you’re biologically male and accepting it means you’re not seeking validation and basing your happiness on the opinions of other people. they don’t seem to want to do this though

No. 1509917

These dudes are really saying “I’m a woman bc uhhhhhhhh I dunno” and are taking over everything we’ve worked for. I hate them so much.

No. 1509919

Why did they start saying this crap? I feel like a lot of people were still on board when it was “sex does not equal gender” or “sex is what’s in your pants and gender is what’s in your mind”, but the moment they started unironically saying they were female was the point where it started going haywire.

No. 1509920

I would cape like a pathetic handmaiden on social media for troons. When I would argue with people I'd say "They know they were born biologically male! It's a matter of how they want to be treated socially and the gender norms they want to represent!" Not only was that retarded if true, troons DO NOT THINK THAT. Gotta kek that when I was a handmaiden, I would have been called a TERF anyways. I would have been confused as hell if a tranny came in and said "WE ARE BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE" and gave me female brain shit. I would have deserved the wake up call.

No. 1509922


But being judged for the way you look in the most brutal way possible IS the female experience. He’s getting what he wanted.

No. 1509929

okay and now tell a blackfish she’s biologically black because she feels like she is. tell Oli London he’s Korean he feels like he is. see how fucking stupid you sound?

No. 1509930

File: 1650763773145.jpeg (61.48 KB, 1170x543, 7CB73047-5E9F-4828-9433-FF5593…)

ratio troon deleted this tweet

No. 1509931

File: 1650763805610.jpeg (220.48 KB, 1080x1770, E2D876A7-9E19-41EB-8AB0-EA1392…)

They cannot be this stupid.

No. 1509933

File: 1650763833017.jpeg (210.62 KB, 1080x1781, 219D1531-2DFB-4FBD-94F9-EF68DA…)

No. 1509936

File: 1650764169396.jpg (559.68 KB, 810x1744, Screenshot_20220423-213014_Boo…)

What an exhibitionistic creep!

No. 1509941

How is he biologically female but also a transwoman? What is a transwoman then?

No. 1509942

>woman doesn't mean anything
>but i'll kill myself if you don't say i am one
make it make sense

No. 1509944

Kikomi would say if you feel like a transwoman, BOOM YOU ARE A TRANSWOMAN. Also if you have male pattern baldness. #trutranswomenarebalding

No. 1509951

finally someone for the necrophiles

No. 1509956


No. 1509971

It shouldn't even be taken so personally but the trans movement is mostly about never, ever having to acknowledge anything negative about your personality.

No. 1509972

nona discovers troon logic makes no sense

No. 1509978

File: 1650767615202.jpg (780.02 KB, 810x2176, Screenshot_20220423-222748_Boo…)


No. 1509983

If not being biologically female, aka really a woman and not a man playing pretend, means the trans identifying man does not get what he wants (like the opportunity to more easily perv on women undressing and vulnrable ala the bathroom issue), then they claim they are biologically female. It is not they believe it to be true, but believe people recognising the difference between them and real women means they do not get what they want, which is why the rules on what is troonsphobic constantly changes, they still don't get what they want (like lesbians fucking them), so they think it is because they still have something that people note means they are different from real women, so this must be denied or claimed that they too have it just like real women. It is not about belief but what they want. This is why the changed from claiming sex and gender are different, to claiming they are the same. Recognising sex and gender as different things (even though I believe they are the same, sex and gender are used commonly interchangably and when people mean the troon version of gender they actually mean sex based stereotypes and cultural expectations unrelated to biological sex) means they could be denied access to sex-segregated spaces like bathrooms and sports.

No. 1509993

File: 1650768909974.png (77.15 KB, 773x1478, Untitled.png)

I'm constantly baffled by the absurd lengths these fucking weirdos go to in order to maintain their delusions

No. 1509994

So I've been watching the Chris Chan documentary and GenoSamuel dropped his latest video on him. I still cannot believe he is calling this fucked up, literal mother fucking rapist by female pronouns. It's so annoying hearing phrases like "her penis". I mean I get he's probably doing that to cover himself in case his videos get struck for "hate speech" but it doesn't make it any easier to listen to.

In any case, I just find it hilarious how much Chris Chan is the best representation of unfiltered Transgenderism/Troonery. He's every stereotype that supports the truth of what trans ideology is and what other troons try to hide which is why they can't stand him.

No. 1509996

The same guy could release a video calling women subhuman, unintelligent, fuck holes and youtube would be a-ok with that. But call a rapist anything other than his preferred pronouns and you're going down kek

No. 1510000

File: 1650769774697.jpeg (409.65 KB, 960x1222, 32700F08-DC1B-4EF9-9456-AE479F…)

Holy fuck I hate this woman. She’s Lindsay Ellis’ replacement and comes from a wealthy Chinese family.

No. 1510003

it's definitely isn't because he was mentally ill. no no it's because he got bullied for hating on Harry Potter!

No. 1510007

It's depressing about how likely true this actually is… But fuck it, we all know what this unhinged, mother fucking, mentally fucked, man child rapist he is and as wretched as it is that fools validate this POS, it's good to have videos like this that at least give a glimpse of what goes through troons minds even if they aren't as vocal as this guy is. And with Geno constantly referring to him with female pronouns, I'm sure it may be peaking some people or at least planting the seed to truly question this kinda stuff.

No. 1510009

Deep down everyone actually views trannies as being like chris chan even if they pretend to suck up to twitter troons.

No. 1510010

Wow, fuck off. Yeah it's totally not because this troon was a mentally fucked individual who had problems that he wasn't getting properly treated for. Like seriously, offing yourself over a video game that you don't even have to play or a book series you don't even have to read.
I hate sounding like an ass but I can't stand the manipulation of these people.

No. 1510011

I hope you're right anon. I look in the comments of these videos and especially back when word got out that he raped his mom and people were throwing tardfits about "mIsGeNdErInG" him.

No. 1510017

He raped his mom with his princess wand which is definitely not a penis.

No. 1510026

File: 1650771635580.png (258.25 KB, 795x758, egg irl accidentally.PNG)

so… they admit it? surgery and hormones do not make you the opposite gender?

No. 1510029


So it was a teenage girl, who they are now using as an excuse to shill the internet comments are violence meme because heaven forbid someone remind them of science and biology for a moment. They create a boogeyman of TERF haters when they're the only people perpetually threatening violence. Funny how transmen are only wheeled out when it suits their narrative, most of the time all the screeching is by and about transwomen (aka men) while the transmen keep to themselves.

No. 1510030

File: 1650771845160.png (1.96 MB, 1051x1881, 1650771137324~3.png)

Right because JK Rowling tweeting the mildest criticisms of troons ever makes her liable for a mentally ill teenager's suicide. Not the people allegedly harassing this kid for sperging about a Harry Potter video game of all things, not the family for not getting them adequate mental health assistance, not the government/healthcare system for making it near impossible for the parents to actually get their kid the therapy they need instead of having their delusions affirmed, not the actual individual for making the final decision to end their own life…no it's a children's book author whom this person has never met or spoken to who had some controversial opinions on the internet.
They keep trying to pin anti-trans violence on TERFs but the only deaths they link to us are self-inflicted. It's always a woman's fault somehow

No. 1510035

I see Zach Drennen still dropping troon selfies onto Twitter.

We need to stop calling him Ari. His name is Zach.

No. 1510036

File: 1650772402505.jpeg (339.63 KB, 960x1189, DAF377BC-C49A-42ED-9174-02149F…)

I forgot to post this one that happened after people called her out.

No. 1510037

>Trans people are one of the most entitled and sensitive people in society.
Fixed that for her

No. 1510057

The only real violence they face is from straight men when HSTS try to rape them via deception, or when AGPs try to prey on women they know/are around, all other real violenced faced is due to things unrelated to their status, such as prostitution for the poor HSTS/drugs, for being perceived as gay, etc. Because this does not fit the narrative, they do not target any real violence, nor is the violence because they are genderspecial, but because they are believed to be gay.

No. 1510073

>"I'm not saying HP and JK Rowling are directly responsible for this"
so what's the second tweet in >>1510000 meant to imply lmao

No. 1510108

this is going to make me sound like a psycho but if you kill yourself over harry potter i don't feel sorry for you at all

No. 1510122

How are trans people the most vulnerable? are they sure it’s not like, orphan children or severely disabled people that can’t walk or talk or old people with late stage dementia? Or even sex workers? No just men who take oestrogen tablets willingly …

No. 1510123

So what, is it going to he a Leelah Alcorn situation where everyone will feel bad for a retarded, mentally unstable teenager to the point where trannies will be given even more rights and exposure super fast? I'm not looking forward to this.

No. 1510124

I hope she sues for defamation. I wonder if she could?

No. 1510125

File: 1650781909477.jpeg (35.83 KB, 488x331, 98196DBB-15B3-48D6-AF42-5D93D8…)

>it’s her impact and her legacy
>i’m not saying she’s directly responsible

No. 1510142

File: 1650784610605.png (326.81 KB, 806x927, ur fault.png)

No. 1510145

Haven't been here since last dec, but speedreading previous threads about trans moids makes me wonder how fast the pace is going

No. 1510153

>people that get state-funded non-essential surgeries and healthcare are the MOST vulnerable group
Who in their right mind actually thinks this? They wouldn't win even in the mental illness victim olympics.

No. 1510158

Narcs. They think the psychological damage of people being able to defy their whim is tantamount to real physical abuse.

No. 1510159

File: 1650786786268.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 1620824005731.png)

ah xiran jay zhao, the woman who believes that homophobia didn't exist in china before white people came along, she also did a collab vidoe with wealthy SEA diaspora where they also argued that homophobia and transphobia didn't exist in south east asia before european colonization

No. 1510162

File: 1650787141249.jpg (459.48 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20220424-095805_Chr…)

"I'm a lesbian man" they call these guys guyddykes in the article. clown world

No. 1510171

This, plus the moving goalposts and keeping everyone on their toes is part of the narcissistic abuse they’re perpetuating on society. They want to be able to yell at people for perceived slights and play the misunderstood victim which is only possible as long as the people around them, no matter how well-meaning, are unsure of the current narrative. They need conflict or else they get bored.

No. 1510183

Should have used pics of how an average crossdresser really looks like and not some anime shit with huge head/eyes and tiny child body.

No. 1510185

>the trans community allegedly harassed a kid into suicide over jk rowling
>this is jk rowlings fault
I hate these idiots so much

No. 1510188

>ancient chinese men fucking male and female prostitutes and concubines while married and their wives almost certainly not being allowed to do the same while expected to produce male heirs was good and progressive actually and proof that homosexuality was totally accepted in ancient china
This is like the retards who try to argue that ancient Greece also wasn’t homophobic because men were allowed to fuck little boys. They also were not allowed to marry them and lesbianism was definitely not acceptable. Wow…it’s almost like these were deeply misogynistic societies and only made certain allowances for gay sex and pederasty because men’s boners were prioritized above all else

No. 1510190

He looks atrocious but do you even remember 2012? Every fashion blogger was wearing stupid high heels with everything from jeans to shorts.

No. 1510191

reading comprehension please.
but yeah cyberbullied to death please just click the little x to close in future, kids. don't be a lowtax.

No. 1510193

>imagine watching a monotone droning autist make hour-long, 65+ part series on Chris-chan, respecting his pronouns like a cuck the whole time
>not watching the absolute fucking Chad king, BasedShaman, with his voice like honey and his laid back chill bro vibes

No. 1510196

self-promotion is against the rules, Alan

No. 1510197

Why is it always trannies that wear heels to the most inconvenient places? I went to a park with ziplines and mountain coasters and there was a tranny there in 6-inch heels with sweaty pits struggling to keep up with his appropriately dresssed female friends on the hiking trail

No. 1510199

File: 1650794021803.jpg (33.66 KB, 727x395, Khadija.jpg)

another TRA libfem breadtuber that I personally despise with a passion is khadija mbowe, every video about black women she has to bring up troons, and how their treated just as bad as black women and rejecting troons from women spaces enforces white colonialism, she also seems to blame the abuse black men do against black women also on white supremacy, also lastly she tries way to hard to come across as a american black auntie with an exaggerated aave accent despite being canadian and the daughter of middle class gambian doctors,

No. 1510200

no one fucking „feels like a woman“, it‘s always the moids who say this stupid shit. there‘s no such thing as „feeling“ your gender.

No. 1510201

It’s hilarious how almost all troon fashion is like 5-10 years outdated. Deffo value to the idea they’re just skinwalking their high school crushes kek

No. 1510202

File: 1650794486572.jpeg (65.88 KB, 622x864, 2D6DA93F-4F2E-4578-BF97-143E61…)

Umm she's a THEY sweaty don't be twansphobic!!! Ugh can't believe I subscribed to her at one point good god

This posted yet?

No. 1510203

The fact that they are so pornsick that they will say shit like this unashamedly…

No. 1510204

This cow is straight up lying, trans people aren't very vulnerable at all. Trans people is one of the least likely group to get murdered with only about 300 trans people murdered a year, in the entire world. And most of those are prostitutes in dangerous countries.

Trans identified males are over-represented in prison for sexual crimes against women and children, which suggests they are the perpetrators of such crimes at a higher rate since they're supposedly such a small group.

Long time studies show only about 0.6% of trans people commit suicide, it is extremely rare. There are plenty of other groups more likely to die by suicide, for example autistics, bipolar people, addicts, and people with good ol' depression - which is very common even for normies, so that makes normies a more vulnerable group than trans people.

The state often cover their non-vital aesthetic placebo surgeries, even though they are some of the most complex expensive surgeries in the world, and that's just because trans people demand the surgeries, the surgeries actually do more harm than good for them.

The only thing that makes trans people vulnerable is that they are fucking mentally ill and refuse to accept it and seek help, which makes them as vulnerable as other mentally ill people.

No. 1510205

i think it's good thing that autogynephile is becoming more and more known as a term because if people actually look that shit up they're gonna realize what's going on

No. 1510206

So transbians and gaydens aren't valid then? kek

No. 1510207

I feel like this should be more widely spoken about. It's a detail that, in my eyes, is absolutely fucking damning.

Of course their lady brains don't urge them to keep up with contemporary women's fashions, because they're nerds still wishing they could be the emo and scene girls they thirsted over growing up.

No. 1510209

File: 1650795394922.jpeg (15.81 KB, 300x163, 7077F475-2F04-4663-84EB-73572F…)

No. 1510210

"Mom, can I watch ContraPoints?"
"No, we have ContraPoints at home."

No. 1510211

so this troon assumes it's ok to take his shirt of in front of female sales assistants if he's male? but since he's a troon without moob implants yet she is totes horrified that his non-existent female chest is showing, and not because this deranged creepy old possible sexual predator male is socially inept and starts undressing in front of her when she's just trying to do her job

No. 1510215

File: 1650796536317.png (669.99 KB, 1440x900, 125454.png)

her self description
>"I'm queer, I'm non binary, I'm dark skin, I'm American and Canadian with a muslim background who is now more spiritual"
and picrel is her ex-boyfriend who appeared in one of her videos, I expected a mediocre looking white guy he is even more hilarious

No. 1510217

Gaydens are women too nona. Yeah, transbians aint valid kek

No. 1510218

Christine McConnell was clocked by a bunch of us many, many threads back.

No. 1510219

The fleshy boobs on top of that skinny ribcage, ugh it looks so wrong. Women have softer, fleshier upper bodies and chests than men so it will never look like this even on the skinniest woman.

No. 1510221

Conflating sexuality and gender is conversion therapy, this is conversion therapy.
Being sexually attracted to males is not the essence of being female.
This erases gay men, see first line.

No. 1510227

if we're looking at them as though they're woman boobs on a man body it looks like there's some filler under the nipples kek

No. 1510231

Ahmed shouldn't you be at the mosque

No. 1510234

Why is it always the rich sheltered asian genderspecials going on about how the evil white people ruined their totally real trans and gay utopian society?

No. 1510240

Holy shit, this is the worst definition of woman yet. This straight up is saying that lesbians are not women. Lesbians, y'all. You heard it here first, sapphics are not women according to twitter user InvertsRUs. Women cannot be asexual with this definition either. Also if you're a straight woman who likes pretty boys (and/or pegging them)? Not a woman apparently, sorry.

No. 1510245

Monique Wittig said it first afaik, but it was more in relation to lesbians feeling alienated during the second wave, because straight middle class women and polilez were weirdly gatekeeping about which women were included in their feminism. I hate that troons coopt discussions between feminist philosophers and pull it out of context.

No. 1510252

it’s like they sewed a breast form to his chest. gross.

No. 1510260

So gay men are… Women?.. But bisexual women, lesbians or even women who have vaginismus are men? Kek.

No. 1510270

He also forgets the clit like a typical scrote. Many women prefer oral over piv.

No. 1510271

Alien Queen type shit…if the Alien had white skin

No. 1510274

>you’re not a woman unless a man gets to penetrate you

Love it when they go mask-off with their misogyny so the handmaidens know what they’re truly supporting!

No. 1510275

File: 1650806721392.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.45 KB, 1322x782, 62E79E5E-F61C-453C-BDC5-980E15…)

No. 1510276

File: 1650806908776.png (1.28 MB, 1178x2048, 1649333818916.png)

God the most repulsive troons thread on KF has me in stitches

No. 1510278

The homophobia lmao

No. 1510281

File: 1650807380369.jpeg (42.18 KB, 750x400, 97C7C0C5-8F30-4D50-8759-573241…)

Their pfp is of Marc Almond, the gay lead singer of Soft Cell (just find it funny given what they said). I guess he is a woman too. Sad they used that particular picture of him, always thought it was really pretty. Maybe he would have trooned out if he’d been born later.

No. 1510295

An awful lot of dick measuring going on in the mind of this phenotypically normal female

No. 1510303

File: 1650811676017.jpg (989.73 KB, 1617x4096, pt2022_04_24_16_47_32.jpg)

No. 1510304

What is the context of that shit? Nightmare fuel right there.

No. 1510307

File: 1650811848221.jpg (146.09 KB, 1080x947, Screenshot_20220424-164945_Chr…)

Totally normal parenting

No. 1510309

Why would he make that up kek

No. 1510313

File: 1650812689575.jpeg (332.84 KB, 1277x1091, CB976DCE-A0EC-4078-A02A-4AF3DC…)

based club manager

No. 1510316

this is how i imagine Manhunt would look like irl, truly horrific

No. 1510318

that’s fucking hilarious. sounds like a lesbian bar that can’t legally bar men but just up charges the hell out of them to keep them away.

No. 1510319

"Mom I want sexy girly panties that have pocket that hides the penis"

>Mom silently turns around and orders it from some degen fetish site

Yep sounds like it really happened.

No. 1510320

how is this facing discrimination? wouldn't discrimination be if he was banned from joining the mixed sex club rather than being allowed in and simply having to pay the intended fee for his sex?

No. 1510321

Idk, but you know if the situation were reversed and they were charging women more, this dude would be taking off the dress.

No. 1510322

Is this the same couple that was dressing up as little girls while having some pedo looking pin ups on a wall? I think Slatz retweeted it recently.

No. 1510324

Or worse, "they charged me more for being a woman, I feel so vAlIdAtEd" the way they do when they get honked at on the street

No. 1510330

File: 1650815106834.jpeg (389.83 KB, 1284x1142, F4C70DCB-21AB-4B62-957E-D77FFC…)

No. 1510333

God I'm so glad some places don't fall for the "I'm trans" trick just to be woke

No. 1510335

File: 1650815729094.webm (2.58 MB, 576x1024, troon with ounce of brain.webm)

smart tim. an axewound is more disgusting than a shriveled up cock.

No. 1510337

did you watch the video you posted anon lol

No. 1510338

i did. did you?

No. 1510340

File: 1650816140885.jpg (52.16 KB, 680x511, FRB8TQoXsAAkIRv.jpg)

A chance to mature?? Its literally doing the opposite

No. 1510341

did you fall on your head

No. 1510342

i mean these HSTS trannies who don't get the chop would probably not rape women at a public toilet, but those are always the ones boasting about how much hotter and better they are than women. the most dangerous are transbian AGPs who refuse to remove their dicks, sure. but the HSTS with dicks claiming to be women can fuck off too. i wish the pressure to get the chop gets higher, they should all castrate themselves and be miserable.

No. 1510343

i didn't but clearly you must've been, cause you haven't watched the video.

No. 1510350

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but don’t puberty blockers kind of stunt their mental development as well as physical? How is that allowing them to mature?

No. 1510355

File: 1650818287408.jpg (264.89 KB, 720x1610, yates-dude.jpg)

No. 1510356

File: 1650818359873.jpg (231.01 KB, 720x2335, results.jpg)

results for female and male (!) categories

No. 1510358

File: 1650818449691.jpg (146.43 KB, 1133x714, yates-dude2.jpg)

> wig on eyebrows
> leg bent
> uwu

No. 1510359

Kek notice how she hides most of her hand and also tries to create an illusion of a waist. Do they not realize women can get tit jobs too? Would love to see this troon outside of a heavily controlled environment. The internet allows them to completely delude themselves but the girl doing that troon's nails definitely knew they belonged to a man.

No. 1510360

damn so he would have been 8th place in the men's category. nice little ego boost for him though so that's all that matters

No. 1510363

File: 1650818761795.jpg (193.54 KB, 1017x533, fnhum-11-00528-t001.jpg)

yes. this is a boy who was placed on puberty blockers. his iq decreased from 80 to 71.

No. 1510364

I hope this peaks a couple people about trannyism. In what world does blaming jk rowling make sense? And it's a ftm on top of that, jk rowling only goes after the mtfs iirc.

No. 1510365

7th. and he would only have a 30sec difference to 1st place. compare it to 2nd place in the women category where she is over a minute behind.

No. 1510366

This is absolutely insane what the fuck. Are there any long term studies about the effects of puberty blockers? This seems incredibly dangerous and I sincerely doubt it's just a pause button on puberty. I'm convinced the vast majority of trannies are pedos, why else would they be so obsessed with the idea that children can consent to something like PUBERTY BLOCKERS? Next step children can consent to sex as long as their 'transage' is over 16. Since apparently kids can just say whatever and have adults respond by permanently fucking them up.

No. 1510368

File: 1650819182303.png (156.61 KB, 462x401, the more you know.png)

No. 1510369

This just makes me want to cry. These poor children.

No. 1510371

File: 1650819628971.jpg (25.85 KB, 480x598, 18156507_10154715870202987_754…)

it's the ugly troon version of this pic.

No. 1510375

Look up the symptoms for hypopituitary during childhood. I'm guessing that's what puberty blockers do, but the symptoms are even stronger because hypopituitary isn't supposed to cause problem to your mental development, just to you physical development and some neurological stuff like memory loss and constant fatigue. Speaking from personal experience.

No. 1510376

File: 1650819993458.jpg (598.34 KB, 810x2166, Screenshot_20220424-123611_Boo…)

Current hottest post on all of trans reddit right now:

No. 1510378

I don't think there's a lot of info, which makes their cries of "it's saving trans kids!!" very stupid. Long term use of Lupron has been shown to cause brittle bones.a An important research to do imo, should be the mental effects. Puberty is clearly noy just about physical sexual maturity, but a big change to the CNS and endocrine system.There's no way a pill would be just like hitting the pause button on increased testosterone. I'm definitely no neurologist, but the whole procedure looks like stunting cognitive growth, only done with intent.

Thing is, there's been documented therapy of dysphoria using Pimozide, so why should this not be an option? If one is fine with kids getting pills with questionable side effects, why aren't troons championing for antipsychotics?

No. 1510384

File: 1650820780014.jpg (104.81 KB, 1062x1070, FRFiQeLVEAARwCX.jpg)

Yes because youre men and men are generally way more aggressive than women. What a self-own

No. 1510385

In defense of Geno, he said he had to do it because otherwise trannies would get mad and get his videos taken down.

No. 1510391

>Me, a creepy man with a cross-dressing fetish

No. 1510393

Me, a man, is willing to beat up a woman! So brave, so inspirational. But also cis women need to protect trannies, don't forget that. They're weak little fragile flowers who just get sexually harassed all the time.

No. 1510394

won't blockers make it worse to have grs in the future?

No. 1510396

If I had to play nice with TiMs, I'd say they should only be allowed in female spaces like bathrooms if they've chopped off their cocks and been on HRT for at least 4 years. That should cut the pervert problem down significantly

No. 1510397

There were a couple of posts last thread about puberty blockers causing micro dicks which can't be converted into axewounds. So they have to use some of their colon. They also destroy your sex drive.

No. 1510399

I mean yeah bc you’re a man who hates women. A man being physically violent to a woman is nothing new.

No. 1510400

I don't mind Geno's monotone voice because out of everyone who I've seen who covered Chris Chan, he goes over most things in a concise and digestible way.

Right I had a feeling and I understand it. The videos may be annoying with the misgendering but they are great insights that give the full unbridled reality of what Chris actually is and how like I mentioned in my other post, embodies the truth about Autogynephelia with no filter.

No. 1510402

went to check the account and it's gone lel

No. 1510403

Jesus christ. How can anyone think this shit is "harmless"?

No. 1510405

File: 1650822746024.png (30.96 KB, 1104x306, Why do cis people say the dumb…)

No. 1510410

File: 1650823016994.gif (1.42 MB, 356x200, 16E2EB69-979B-48C7-9086-B5AFC5…)

No. 1510413

File: 1650823495593.jpg (51.48 KB, 889x472, kneesucks.JPG)

No. 1510415

File: 1650823638456.jpg (121.5 KB, 640x1421, xbk4w7ksu3q81.jpg)

No. 1510416

Worst part is there are women who find men in lingerie hot - by trooning out these men exclude the only women who may tolerate them

No. 1510421

File: 1650824906684.jpeg (272.8 KB, 828x1185, 6E6A63EA-70FF-4082-99FB-A26211…)

Most people ITT would call this delusion but I think he is telling the truth and that most trannies are just literal disabled autistic retards

No. 1510422

For context the troon was saying there’s no evidence testosterone lowers your voice??

No. 1510427

>it goes away
Yeah when you do hormones that fuck up your sex drive and then you just keep larping your fetish for no reward even lmao

No. 1510428

Nothing about Marc is troon like though.

No. 1510430

Why can't they at least attempt to dress in a way people on the street actually would. It has to be a plaid-skirt mimicking schoolgirl's and fucking childish kneesocks.

No. 1510433

Why do they think the existence of genetic abnormalities somehow changes the fact that actual sexual reassignment is impossible?

No. 1510438

I'm like 95% certain Geno is a transphobe he just can't say it outright. It's not like he blocks people from misgendering and making fun of troons in his livestream chat. Offtopic but yeah

No. 1510439

Correct, by stunting one vital thing you stunt the growth of everything else too, and it is irreversible. Obviously you don't actually "pause" anything, the body keeps aging and you never get that time back. The body will keep going with all the other changes that depend on the very hormones being blocked, so nothing develops properly the way it should which then snowballs and creates all sorts of problems. They get developmentally delayed both mentally and physically.

No. 1510440

How can he not be when delving that deep into CWC, and also lurking around KF kek

No. 1510441

If you can be clocked even by a drunk person, then you know it’s over or, should I say, it never began.

No. 1510445

Well yeah kek so I'm personally not mad about the pronoun thing in his videos besides the fact that it's jarring but how could it not help peak people? Watching his history it's obvious he's not a "true and honest tranny" he's just a fucking insane retard, and yet he follows every step that supposedly untouchable troons do and yet we have to call him "she" and "her" it's just the ~right thing to do~

No. 1510447

File: 1650826667664.jpg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, 9q0w9q5htws81.jpg)

Went to this guy's history, he also posts about how he's afraid to lose weight to lose his "curves" gained by estrogen. You're just chubby, my dude.

No. 1510450

Kek, real curves are caused by bone structure so they're more obvious when you're skinny. Of course he's a man so he just looks like a rectangle with fat padding

No. 1510451

No. 1510459

File: 1650827829501.jpeg (170.27 KB, 828x1223, C1A34D70-DBEE-4CDE-8077-465B04…)

They’re determined to say that GC and staunch conservatives are the same people. Idiots.


No. 1510462

>They also destroy your sex drive.
They prevent patients from even having a sex drive to begin with. Not sure if that's better or worse though.

No. 1510465

Samefagging to say this scrote and the others who were protesting probably do not give a single shit about abortion rights normally, but bc they can use it as leverage, they’re all about it.

No. 1510472

File: 1650828364718.jpeg (73.6 KB, 253x314, 8B315930-0B5B-41D2-991D-C69926…)

>If only you knew how bad things really are.

No. 1510475

File: 1650828609077.jpeg (639.67 KB, 1125x1216, 96B5266F-C5CE-4D51-907C-D62E8F…)

Based friends made tranny cry

No. 1510477

i don't think this person knows what semantics means lol

No. 1510478

File: 1650828881982.jpeg (502.28 KB, 1170x1518, 3AC4CF8F-C2F4-4067-8B29-DB54D8…)

GIRLhood!! I’m just a LITTLE GIRL!!

How are you feeling, UK nonas? Protect your little cousins and sisters, please

No. 1510480

a sackler family level scandal

No. 1510484

They're going to get that much but how much is it actually going to cost the NHS? This seems pointless, at least it's not nationwide and only in Sussex. Hopefully it fails and the plug gets pulled

No. 1510494

No. 1510499

i see cis women talking about womens role in upholding the patriarchy literally all the time?

No. 1510505

File: 1650830379601.jpeg (189.99 KB, 828x1091, 6CB72641-0DA8-441C-A212-0F8C52…)

TiM showing his true, lovecraftian abomination form

No. 1510508

File: 1650830561985.png (4.98 MB, 828x1792, B6C820F2-26D7-4B18-81E6-9F85F2…)

absolutely fucking revolting

No. 1510519

It always shocks me how massive his head is. Idk if it’s just because his shoulders are small. He looks like he’s wearing a gigantic Austin powers mask without the glasses. He looks like one of those roblox things. His immense stepford wife grin makes him even more uncanny. I genuinely thing the sissy hypno worked on this one because he kind of reminds me of the cleaning lady from Get Out with the dramatic smile but the eyes are almost screaming “help! Get me out of here!”

No. 1510524

File: 1650831109561.png (Spoiler Image, 427.54 KB, 684x587, blackholesun.png)

totally. or like someone from Soungarden's Black Hole Sun video

No. 1510536

kek sounds like he managed to peak his friends, hope they're proud terfs now

No. 1510539

File: 1650832016744.jpeg (344.13 KB, 1638x2048, 9D1A92C4-70E2-4C5C-821A-23020C…)

spot the male

No. 1510540

The weird massive pecs are scaring me

No. 1510542

looked at his post history and it's nasty, him posting boner pics and saying he puts his dick into the pool jets at his apartments pool
he's also obsessed with his fake boobs and talks about them a lot
typical disgusting coomer troon moid

No. 1510543

Jesus not trying to sound like a fat fuck but his legs are revolting looking

No. 1510544

Those are one of the most masculine set of knees ive seen in a while.

No. 1510545

I know people say the head or hands or big ass shoulders but for me what makes me sure it's male is the legs. They should never want to show them off cus it is very distinctively male, idk how to explain, it just doesnt look female at all.

No. 1510546

samefag he also talked about masturbating in a public bathroom (likely a womens bathroom of course) because seeing himself in a dress gave him a boner
but it's totally not a fetish or anything! it's just his gender euphoria!

No. 1510551

wait? the public pool? Fucking gross

No. 1510552

Not to be a troon simp but he really does not look so bad here, or noticeably male tbh. Maybe I'm not deep enough in the troonspotting to accurately identify tranny knees like a transphobic hawk kek

No. 1510555

god these people make me so sad

No. 1510558

is it just the shadow or are his leg veins ruptured? yuck.

No. 1510559

Trannies should never show off any part of their body nona. Its the angular boneyness of it. His legs are straight af and there are not even a hint of thighs. A woman with legs that skinny would have an equally skinny body.

No. 1510560

>transphobic hawk
Stay mad and suck more troon dick.

Notice how he's the only one hiding his hands.

No. 1510561

File: 1650833228057.jpg (647.53 KB, 810x2854, Screenshot_20220424-164221_Red…)

No. 1510562

File: 1650833234525.jpg (21.87 KB, 401x456, 1648835779525.jpg)

>Stay mad and suck more troon dick.
?? what

No. 1510563

So GPs don’t get extra for anything else? Just prescribing for troons. It’s almost like we’re encouraging them..

Also do they not even need the gender clinic anymore? Can GPs just become uwu tranny supporter and fling all the hormones at them?


No. 1510567

>transphobic hawk
YWNBAW and your knees will always look distinctly male

No. 1510569

Why not lead more males to be castrated? It’s a brilliant idea when you think about it. They fuck themselves with hormones

No. 1510570

File: 1650833487934.png (648.9 KB, 756x551, kek.PNG)

whoever dresses him must fucking hate him lol. zendaya is such a goddess and just makes him look even more like a man.

No. 1510571

Holy shit, this guy really think anime character designs are how women are supposed to look. Who the hell even approved this

No. 1510573

File: 1650833704439.jpg (93.3 KB, 940x627, l.jpg)

No. 1510575

is that thing even human

No. 1510576

I guess theres nothing the person who dresses him can do. There are no curves to put on a nice dress, they're stuck with trying to hide the maleness but it only draws more attention to it the harder they try.

This is so fucking gross.

No. 1510577

A coomer that can't even coom. I love it when nature corrects itself kek.

No. 1510580

I don’t think it’s transphobia to naturally notice someone is male.

No. 1510581

OT but Zendaya looks gorgeous here. Not really a fan bc I feel like every role she plays is just her playing herself, but the two moids next to her really make her beauty shine.

No. 1510582

The knees betray the massive bone structure. Honter is the type of troon who goes anachan to look more dainty and feminine, but it just makes his underlying big-boned Scandinavian fisherman build more obvious.

No. 1510583

Such bad photoshop, I can't believe anyone even asked if they were real lol.

No. 1510585

they did in one of his other posts and he said he's had multiple surgeries to get them like that

No. 1510588

File: 1650834731219.jpg (22.27 KB, 564x562, 1647598165664.jpg)

It was supposed to be funny joke rrreeee, I didn't use the word "transphobia" genuinely

I just think that when Honters perfectly ok pics (NOT >>1510570 good god, fire the stylist) get autistically microanalyzed it kind of dilutes the criticisms against genuine fucking creatures like >>1510508 . Like I can imagine troons from /tttt/ lurking and screencapping these posts as "evidence" of the awful terfs keeping womanhood in an impossibly raycist high standard!1 There's so many worse photos of Hunter to mock imo

No. 1510589

Can a male's chest skin even stretch that far?? Even a woman's?

No. 1510590

Nona you gotta remember some of us are a little autistic. I like your cat pic.

No. 1510596

Actually starting to think men’s eyes just don’t work properly. They are hilariously bad at recognising faceapp/snow/filters/surgery/makeup. That or they just don’t care as long as they pop a boner lol.

No. 1510597

File: 1650835052126.png (181.51 KB, 1170x1120, waste of money.png)

apparently so, although it seems it takes multiple surgery sessions with recovery time in between

No. 1510598

i didn't get it right in my first 3 guesses :( fuck me(:()

No. 1510599

Thank you nonna, the cat loves you too I know it

I am pretty autistic too, getting this upset over nonnas not getting my joke!

No. 1510600

That's stupid. Why do you care what some incels on 4chan tell each other

No. 1510601

Those knees are so obviously male, it's not autistic nitpicking. Even with women with skinny legs their knees don't look like that. Also who gives a fuck about what trannies screencap from this thread. No matter how much they conform or pass they still aren't female. Also this thread is to make fun of troons not to be ideal gender criticals for a hypothetical lurker??

No. 1510604

Not the moids, but close to peaking women lurking seeing knee sperging might think the tranny arguments are more symphatetic

No. 1510609

>Those knees are so obviously male, it's not autistic nitpicking.
>No matter how much they conform or pass they still aren't female.
Choose one. Saying both at the same time makes you sound dumb.

No. 1510610

File: 1650836017137.png (288.64 KB, 1200x900, final boss of agps.png)

pic related a collage of his nasty posts
he is a masturbation addict and agp who got large fake breasts so he can masturbate to himself in the mirror

No. 1510612

Ignoring the dystopian horror of the topic here, I fucking hope this new acronym takes off. Why the fuck can't we have both LGB and TNBI? I feel bad for the intersex for being lumped together with the freaks but it still makes more sense to have the gender freaks and the biological defects as one group and the sexual orientations as another. Troons and handmaidens would still lump all of them together but the LGBs would be seen as our own thing, but we all know they would riot if we tried. The way they already have. I'm so tired, nonas.

No. 1510615

File: 1650836326431.png (426.15 KB, 1780x836, y chromosoid moment.png)

another one - lost his job because he jacks off like 30 times a day

No. 1510618

What the FUCK man. Absolutely deranged.

No. 1510619

They can talk in masturbatory post-structuralist circles all they want, but if a Supreme Court justice cannot answer "what is a woman," they will still come off as idiots to the average person.

No. 1510632

>Who told them you were trans?
Their own two eyes.

No. 1510646

ayrt I don't see how those opinions contradict each other. I don't think hunter passes but if he did i still wouldn't acknowledge him as a woman. I see how it could be unclear but I don't think it was fairly obvious what I meant.
I was more responding to the point nonna was saying about troons screencapping it but that's a good point. I don't think everyone in the thread is on board with that though.

No. 1510647

File: 1650838471594.png (647.49 KB, 1284x2778, 45E971C0-3976-4EAB-94D5-F82432…)

Gender not clear but could be a moid

No. 1510648

File: 1650838502695.png (487.98 KB, 1284x2778, FDE9B90F-182C-4C71-B035-237D6E…)

No. 1510652

If I found out a troony gave my kid hrt I would go to prison

No. 1510660

not a cult eh

No. 1510663

Chekhov's bleach

No. 1510665

Same. For murder

No. 1510672

>my new ward
I hope somehow the parents are informed of this, this is some groomy shit.

No. 1510674

File: 1650840323369.jpeg (420.2 KB, 1170x968, 1C2EA23C-74C1-4C6F-BE29-87D99F…)

why are the first ones to defend rape scenes always troons

No. 1510676

Who cares if it’s realistic? Maybe more movies and shows and games should be produced that shows troons being violently raped and murdered and they can see what it’s like. Though they would probably just get off on it.

No. 1510678

File: 1650840798543.jpg (336.31 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20220424-175214__01…)

No. 1510680

What is he even gaining from this? I just don’t understand the need to make sure to fuck up a kid’s life behind the parents’ backs. I wish there was a a way to find who the fuck is this creep to put him in jail.

No. 1510700

He's clearly making it up. It's clearly shoop.

No. 1510705

File: 1650842933178.gif (2.06 MB, 400x224, laughing-nene.gif)

that fucking filename sent me. god bless you nonny

No. 1510708

People pointing out troon knees are hardly the worst thing said in this thread. If people were going to point out how bad terfs are, they'd show posts saying things like 41% and axewound and rot pocket. Laughing about ugly tranny legs doesn't take away from any of the points made in this thread. This isn't a forum for strictly serious debate, this is a gossip image board. If anyone on lolcow still thinks trannies are valid, they should probably stop laughing at all the girls with EDs and other mental illnesses.

No. 1510710

The internet was a mistake. Some people aren't worth saving. If anyone needs to cut of their dick, it's this degenerate.

No. 1510716

i'm pretty sure this is a joke or at the very least some weird RP. i don't think he has 2600cc boobs and jerks off 30 times a day.

No. 1510724

File: 1650845249703.jpeg (192.77 KB, 828x1715, 55FBCB9B-D565-4EA3-8F5A-E4085D…)

"wahhh, some girlies on an anonymous gossip forum are making fun of me and now im cooming in my own sadness wahhh"

No. 1510734

The amount of times he talks about not being attracted to men makes me think he is attracted to men.

No. 1510737

gets in trouble with the law for exposing himself in public yet has the gall to cry harassment
I really hope >>1510716 is right and this is all some weird larp

No. 1510747

Stuff like this makes me realize they couldn’t function as a woman, not even for a day. The amount of times we just have to ignore or take being harassed without crying to anyone about it, even getting more harassment and anger for it when we even so much as talk about it. They are so clueless and live a pointless existence.

No. 1510763

File: 1650849182097.jpeg (526.09 KB, 828x1037, 859D77B6-E177-4D46-97B5-B23033…)

No. 1510765

File: 1650849214883.jpg (25.99 KB, 591x487, FB_IMG_1648186956267.jpg)

what's crazy is this troon thinks he looks like a woman.

No. 1510768

Damn Potter! This is what bullying does to you, look at Severus now..

No. 1510769

the universe where severus snape troons out after lily rejects him

No. 1510770

File: 1650849425708.png (82.45 KB, 183x275, 1649999689417.png)

No. 1510771

meant to reply to this pic but this is the universe where severus snape troons out after lily rejects him

No. 1510778

>Bc I cant keep it in my pants lol.

No. 1510780

Talk about a perfect example of the Ginger Male Market Failure(sage)

No. 1510786

It was a type-o, I swear!

No. 1510794

Does anyone know if the parents would actually be able to take legal action in this case? They must, right? I can’t see how buying a minor prescription drugs, without a prescription for either the kid or yourself, would be legal. Wonder what “public place” this fucking pedo met this kid at. What a nightmare for the parents. Imagine dropping your kid off at the mall or a park and this shit happens right under your nose. I’m extremely skeptical of the “abuse” they’re even claiming to suffer. Trannies consider even the mildest of criticisms to be abusive, though I guess they are somewhat negligent for not knowing that all this shit was going on. I hope they rip him a new one in court. This is disgusting grooming and anyone with any sense can see that.
Androcur is a steroidal antiandrogen - basically it reduces testosterone production. It’s typically injected, but there is an oral form that needs to be taken daily. It carries risks particularly related to blood clotting, liver issues, and increased depressive symptoms. It’s not safe to just stop taking cold turkey. Estrofem is estradiol, which is what would be commonly known as HRT. It’s typically taken orally on a daily basis and also carries risks - the most prominent being blood clotting and other cardiovascular issues.
I would be livid if I were this kid’s parents. Not only is this sick freak clearly trying to groom my child into a sexual relationship, he’s also providing him with illegal strong medications that may have very dangerous side effects. This dude belongs in prison, getting his ass beat and ostracized with all the other chomos

No. 1510801

I don’t know but I feel like there will be a lot of caping for this groomer because schools have been able to trans kids behind their parents backs.

All I know is if I was this kids mother, I’d skin this Troon alive in a place no one would hear their screams and bury them alive.

But I’m on the wrong side of history so yknow

No. 1510804

File: 1650853345835.png (420.49 KB, 680x692, chiquipepe.PNG)

No. 1510806

File: 1650853384679.png (855.46 KB, 532x780, Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 16.43…)

No. 1510812

Oh man this one is good. Fucking hilarious.

No. 1510817

File: 1650853888976.jpeg (49.87 KB, 600x500, F12F7845-4E08-4FFB-B094-BD2E91…)

The man looks straight up like Danny DeVito in picrel, but ofc he thinks he is cute. We hit another level of delusional.

No. 1510818

File: 1650853913689.jpg (136.03 KB, 576x1246, snapshot.jpg)

No. 1510819

My beloved Haru, how could this happen to her.


Aren't the trannies in One Piece really offensive?

No. 1510820

File: 1650854241296.jpg (67.57 KB, 839x941, FB_IMG_1650853091042.jpg)

I deleted the post you're responding to because I misunderstood the tweet and therefore my post made no sense. I'll repost.

Oda can't knock Rowling off of the top 10 authors of all time since he's a