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File: 1646874578581.jpg (123.95 KB, 817x766, Screenshot_20220309-170436.jpg)

No. 1462562

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1462566

File: 1646874844089.jpg (58.5 KB, 658x667, omygodwtf.JPG)

No. 1462569

my grandmother's makeup at her funeral looked more lively than this

No. 1462570

Sage for blogging, but I'm a woman in a male dominated field. All "women in [my field]" social media pages are hyper lib fem, prioritize trans women. It's so frustrating. I wonder, but can't really know, how many crypto terfs there are in the bunch.

I want to scream to them all that i'm a terf but i'm afraid of the backlash.

Not only Tims, but basic white moids with they/them pronouns are being uplifted as minorities in my field.

No. 1462582

File: 1646876035085.jpeg (235.31 KB, 828x1234, AFFFD69C-33DE-4971-AE9B-C975F6…)

>Terfs secretly want to fuck us and like girldick
>Terfs become Terfs because they’re desperate and lonely and confused and looking for a community online, nobody is naturally a Terf

Does trannies just project all of their problems onto women? How are you a furry and not immediately embarrassed by that sentence?

No. 1462586

Men are mad because she's still a beloved author, raking in the money. Her fantastic beasts movie is coming out soon and people will definitely watch it (I will) and support her.
Seethe and dilate.

No. 1462591

>feminism in quotation marks
>"never required them to question themselves"
Spoken like a true moid. Women are trained out of the womb to question every single action, thought and moment of their lives for the sake of men.

No. 1462597

File: 1646877022649.png (1.58 MB, 1151x992, 3.png)

No. 1462600

soy boy selfie with a fallout lanyard. i almost prefer him as a troon.

No. 1462604

File: 1646877520427.png (19.23 KB, 754x184, bree.png)

Who do they think they're fooling?

No. 1462607

File: 1646877715566.jpeg (228.07 KB, 828x1396, E1F20558-6A2C-45B1-81B3-276A57…)

Adalia Rose nigga

No. 1462608

File: 1646877901184.jpg (490.4 KB, 810x1944, Screenshot_20220309-203543_Boo…)

No. 1462609

File: 1646877956312.png (267.83 KB, 602x789, FNcbe_CVcAU7m7v.png)

Might be off-topic but Vaush is fighting with JK Rowling on twitter about women's rights vs trannies.

Now normies are discovering who Vaush is and his manifestos of 'lowering the age of consent'. I love how they're calling him a basement dwelling neckbeard and or comparing him to the southpark WoW player LMFAO

No. 1462612

that boy has spent far to much of his life on Reddit and its rotted his brain.

No. 1462613

>women be quieter
troons and men are all the same

No. 1462614

don't insult Adalia like that

No. 1462621

I forgot who this faggot was, he’s fucking disgusting and I hope he joins the 41 as a ~TwansAlly uwu~

No. 1462627

File: 1646879175419.jpg (501.28 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220309-202218_Ins…)

No. 1462628

the ukraine flag in dn (display name) is like the new #blm in bio

No. 1462631

People are defending him and saying "oh he was being sarcastic in the second tweet" and "oh those soundclips and videos of him advocating for lowering the age of consent and making cp legal is taken out of context!!" these absolute psychos are so desperate to band together in their hatred of a woman wanting women and girls rights protected…it's fucking sickening

No. 1462635

Why do men think it’s ok to look like this and enjoy video games into your thirties? I hate manchildren so much.

No. 1462636

tr00ns have vagina envy to the max. rofl cope

No. 1462637

that's why troons get those moldy holes cope scrote

No. 1462639

File: 1646880221458.png (328.16 KB, 499x615, no makeup.png)

I couldn't be bother to find anything worse cause they post a painful amount of memes, it's not worth scrolling.

No. 1462640

Might be semi off topic but the whole moid Lefty gamer community (Hasan, Vaush, Felix Biederman from chapo) have always aggressively prioritized trannies over womens rights while calling almost any feminist movement Karens while visiting brothels busted for underage trafficking and proclaiming “sex work”.

No. 1462641

they never call themselves women do they?

No. 1462645

What is it about Chapo that causes trannies to latch onto them? Is it the casual woman hating?

No. 1462650

why do troons love this format so much?

No. 1462651

Men have been calling women ‘incomplete males’ from ancient times for their lack of penises, you’re not original, male.

No. 1462663

File: 1646881612270.jpeg (186.23 KB, 828x1212, C3F6F46B-F934-46A2-AD9B-14ECE8…)

for the love of god shut up

No. 1462664

File: 1646881666383.png (411.99 KB, 498x600, swrkuax.png)

No. 1462679


I hope these people kill themselves. I’ve never said that before in my life. I can’t believe the arrogance required to expect people to take that seriously

No. 1462689

how do they say shit like this and not realize how different from women they are lol

No. 1462694

I remember when Hasan said it didn't matter that trannies were participating in women's sports because "no one gives a fuck about women's sports" with not a hint of sarcasm.

No. 1462701

Joanne is reaching dangerous levels of based. Vaush has always been a gigantic misogynistic piece of shit, its great to see the mask fully off and retweeted to millions of people.

No. 1462702

Holy FUCK I hate Vaush so much. No wonder he and Shuwu get along so well, they both hate women and love troons. Great response from Rowling though, get his ass Joanne

No. 1462718

I never believed men were women nor was ever pro-trans. Always remembered what people said about being raceblind, if someone ignores or pretends that race never factors in to how a person is treated they end up not recognising racism. This works the same for sex, not recognising the differences between the sexes (the proven easily observable biological ones like size, physical capabilities like giving birth, behavior like violence statistics, etc) you end up ignoring sexism, ultimately pretending it isn't real. Troons really came on my radar with the 2015 or 2016 Jenner winning woman of the year award. Thought you could literally find a more worthy winner by walking into the nearest business and awarding the first woman you see Woman of The Year since she'd be an actual woman. Found out the words for my beliefs from a pinterest post.

No. 1462720

To add, I was always fine with dressing how you please. It was the whole pretending your not your actual sex thing that bothered me.

No. 1462727

File: 1646887192385.jpg (38.04 KB, 586x492, 32413121.JPG)

Not about trannies but it's looking real bad for South Korean women right now. The conservative anti-feminist president Yoon won the election.

Praying for all my South Korean sisters right now.(off-topic)

No. 1462730

File: 1646887709060.jpg (31.15 KB, 595x229, 7613212142352312.JPG)

>as an afab

No. 1462731

File: 1646888171962.jpg (42.71 KB, 1280x720, it's_time_to_stop_0-7_screensh…)

This makes no fucking sense. I hate when cute lesbians start claiming to be non-binary. Either you're a woman and a lesbian or you're supposedly not a woman and therefore cannot be a lesbian. Someone make it fucking stop already

No. 1462732

My second X chromosome looks way more like a pair of wings than his crusty dick does.

No. 1462734

File: 1646888733167.png (52.06 KB, 1966x506, sneezydilatorprojectilesounds.…)

sneezy dilator projectile sounds

No. 1462738

Already seen some kpop libfem say korean feminists are “insane” so it’s their fault conservatives won. women voting for the conservative party is because feminists make them look bad by being terfs/swerfs.

No. 1462739

what's the bet he didn't even clean it properly after he picked it up to continue. I hope he gets an infection.

No. 1462742

A C-section… on the pussy? Where else would he have a scar? Moid doesn't even know where C-sections are performed.

No. 1462745

I just love her so much nonnies

No. 1462748

I hate it when women criticise misogyny only to believe in and support misogynistic gender identity crap.

No. 1462754

trust, me you'd be safe. you look exactly the way they expect a white woman to look.

No. 1462757

File: 1646893369089.jpeg (120.15 KB, 600x1104, B38064C7-EE96-416C-9C08-247914…)

He always pulls this “aha guys it’s just a meme lol” whenever he says this blatantly misogynistic garbage. The tranny chaser never even owns up to how much he hates women.

No. 1462760

misogyny and "ephebophilia" is what leftwing and rightwing bros have in common.

No. 1462761

I am amazed there are still Vaush fans in the current year.

No. 1462763

File: 1646894149489.png (336.39 KB, 2046x3110, guyscanjustsmellyourwomanlines…)

Guys can just smell your womanliness even when boymoding:

No. 1462764

No he's trying to say that women's pussy gets beat and ruined by birth but his is so perfect and pristine that the lady assumed he must have had a C-section. Just some misogyny in action.

No. 1462770

File: 1646894488519.jpeg (65.09 KB, 700x761, ABD34E7B-60E0-4257-A08A-AC87DB…)

He should get a scarf to cover his lower face and then as long as he doesn’t talk, then maybe he can pass as a woman doing the “tiny mouth makeup challenge” with a mouth painted on her nose

No. 1462771

Same. Completely forgot he existed. He must love that he’s getting clout for ‘acceptable’ misogyny

No. 1462774

File: 1646894820246.png (161.73 KB, 348x340, he.png)

No. 1462775

That's def not what he was implying lol he made this up but in this scenario the lady was referring to the horrible srs scars they get across their thighs and up their stomach where they frankenstein them back together

No. 1462780

File: 1646895157861.jpg (280.57 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20220310_074823.jpg)

the literal mansplaining lmfao

No. 1462784

agps are the ultimate coomers, like their entire life is based around a fetish, what is that other than terminal brain disease

No. 1462786

armpits that smell like vagina…. are u for real

No. 1462790

>trans women are killed and raped in mens facilities

So…men on men crime?? Also there's a ton of receipts of troons raping and abusing women in women's facilities.

No. 1462799

Fat men are worthless

No. 1462804

File: 1646896879655.jpg (490.04 KB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20220310-002050.jpg)

No. 1462823

File: 1646899104604.png (84.22 KB, 595x621, ajdh.png)

women's day was a shitshow lmao.

love that he's coming out of a sewer

This makes me so mad i stg

No. 1462829

>cis women don't walk around with a bullseye on their backs
aaand that's how we know your a man, troon. Any woman who has ever been outside can feel the bullseye on her back constantly and would never say the above.

No. 1462830

did they forget about the reproductive rights that woman lost in texas like just a few months ago? Woman are dying already because of those law changes.

No. 1462839

what about the women in afghanistan, who just got what little rights they had taken away by the taliban?

No. 1462842

I used the Texan example because the things troons are flipping their shit over atm are Texan law changes I believe.

But yes your example is another very poignant example of the lose of woman rights. Unfortunately when you bring up these valid points they move the goal post and go "I mean western woman ree'

hell world

No. 1462851

i know and i hate it

it's like when they cheered for kuwait, because they dropped anti tranny laws, ignoring that gay men still face prison and you can buy female slaves on instagram

No. 1462872

File: 1646907514554.jpeg (197.21 KB, 828x1193, D28B33A3-8E23-434E-9CE2-C6DE72…)

He’s seething so hard

No. 1462873

File: 1646907624291.jpeg (178.05 KB, 828x1245, AEBEC4D3-495C-49BB-B105-D12F9A…)

Troonery has truly reached a new level of psychosis, not only are trans women cis women now but they don’t age like regular women. How can we ever compete

No. 1462874

Let us have a glance of him irl and hearing his voice. Of course he looks like a woman in a carefully posed picture fully primped

No. 1462877

>trans women stay fertile
Doesn't the hormones they take infertilize them and give them ed?

No. 1462879

File: 1646908236470.jpeg (193.58 KB, 828x1077, 42151878-6989-4FBD-8992-5354F9…)

They’re so smug about wanting to be objectified jfc. You can really hear the incel agp come out

No. 1462880

He constantly posts about how he’s cis because he’s obsessed with tricking lesbians and straight men into lusting after him. Not a fetish

No. 1462881

> soyboy face
> Alice
> princess
> fucking pwincess babytalk

who got bingo

No. 1462883

Of course the bio is him calling himself a dumb slut bimbo. How do they get away with it

No. 1462884

is he a hormone blocker child? Because in this picture i see the something i see in jazz and Kim petras

No. 1462885

File: 1646909077534.jpg (49.69 KB, 695x441, FNYdpHEWQAAsX9n.jpg)

i was going to send this picture sorry

No. 1462890

No he’s literally just posing at an angle. There are only 3 pics of them and it’s all from the same angles

No. 1462892

File: 1646909423108.jpg (218.6 KB, 896x1120, FNcpBRPVcAAj0Se.jpg)

who wants to bet this turns out to be another scam to get money out of gullible 14 year old girls like that last troon who pretended to be kidnapped
It's all over twitter right now

No. 1462894

File: 1646909732851.png (1.14 MB, 764x1022, boobs where.png)

I don't know they have like zero boobs, I would of assumed they would have some boobs if they where taking estrogen.

I do find it weird the repetitive use of those 4 pics over and over again. Makes me wonder if they are scraping images from the 4chan soc board and larping as a cam girl from there.

No. 1462895

I do feel bad for him, I don't wish anyone dead. Blood covered phone sounds bad though.

However, we will not hear the end of it if he ends up dead, and his death will be used push so much shit

No. 1462897

Hormone blocker children have boyish faces and bodies. This is clearly an adult body and face styled and posed. He probably took tens of pictures before choosing this one.

No. 1462898

Trying so hard to not make their man hands immediately clockable

No. 1462899

It actually disgusts me that so many injustices are actively being committed right now in the USA and around the world against actual women and yet all anyone can talk about are trans rights

No. 1462901

He’s gonna end up dead because his friends were too retarded to attach a photo of him alongside his missing persons report the first 24 hours of him being missing

No. 1462903

It’s quite amusing how the very few times you see a troon’s face who can (almost) pass in pictures, the moment you see a full body picture it’s like yeah there you go, it’s completely a dude kek. And that’s before you’ve even heard him open his mouth and speak with that unmistakable troon voice. Happens often with the hormone blocker children on tiktok or insta, their faces look like twinks with long hair and can sometimes almost pass, but their bodies always, always give them away.

No. 1462904

It’s funny when troons try to dress sexy because it only emphasizes their male bodies. They have an entirely different idea of how they are being perceived while the rest of the world looks at them and is reminded of probably any instance where media has used crossdressing as a joke.

No. 1462905

They'll find a way to blame Kiwifarms whatever happens.

No. 1462907

What's up with black men who troon out? I remember that shit was just called under cover for a lot of gay mother fuckers in the early 2000s, now they just pretend to be woman.. I wonder if this is another kidnapping hoax?

No. 1462909

File: 1646911941741.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

>Makes me wonder if they are scraping images from the 4chan soc board and larping as a cam girl from there.
That is a sound theory. I do not agree with the other anons, that DOES look like a woman. Women can be built like planks too. That is either a tranny with very lucky genetics and/or puberty blockers, and good angles, OR those are stolen pictures of an actual woman. "Soc" would hint at it.

My fear with trying to clock trannies is mistaking masculine features some cis women have to trannies, or saying a catfish pic of an actual woman "totally looks like a tranny". Then the troons have more ammo against stupid terfies not knowing anything hehee!!

No. 1462910

>vaush shut the fuck up and squeeze your greasy, fat body in an ironmaiden challenge

It’s disturbing men can get away with saying this bullshit without being de-platformed. He’s probably so embarrassingly ugly and stinky naked that his self-hatred is redirected toward women.

No. 1462911

Doesn't look like a tranny but with the way most trannies pose, get countless surgeries, wear heavy makeup and photoshop, it hard to guess from pictures alone.

No. 1462914

File: 1646912375550.jpg (40.19 KB, 604x160, unconfirmed.jpg)

apparently they've found him

No. 1462915

Yes, exactly. Especially with that one using only a few photos. Or well, even like the ""better"" trannies like Blaire White can look convincing in pics and video time and time again, but get candid shots (or hear the voice) and the jig is up.

I just don't think it's honest to say that picture is CLEARLY a man.

No. 1462916

Can’t wait to see the sob story they conduct in a sorry attempt to milk whatever they can out of terminally online sjwtards

No. 1462917

The soyboy to troon pipeline still proves to be true.

No. 1462920

File: 1646912950456.png (44.75 KB, 605x304, asdq.png)

this is true but not for the reason he thinks. The possibility of a trans identity has given an easy answer to the mystery of teen misery. If troon shit had been around when I was a teen, I'd have a bad mustache and no breasts right now. I feel so sorry for today's kids.

No. 1462921

That reminds me of Leelah Acorn or whatever, the gay kid with crazy Christian parents who committed suicide by traumatizing a random truck driver, who left a melodramatic suicide note online saying that he was real girl, and who directly ruined Tumblr with his bs. No I have no pity for the kid given how he wanted his death to be used for the shitshow we have to deal with now.

No. 1462926

File: 1646913411763.jpg (111.23 KB, 1080x1052, ty8pSF1.jpg)

Just a male saying male stuff

No. 1462931

I can’t imagine living day to day in such a hateful, delusional cope. No wonder so many trannies eventually kill themselves.

No. 1462936

> Women can be built like planks too.
> My fear with trying to clock trannies is mistaking masculine features some cis women have to trannies

Thanks anon, I feel seen

No. 1462937

File: 1646913987635.jpg (156.95 KB, 638x632, tumblr_b024755c48f4c8dbe766fc1…)

God I WISH they took "our men" so we could grow old without them. Imagine a world where we could live free of the moid coomers, getting their dicks sucked by moids in dresses far away from us. But no, moids in dresses just get the coomers closer to us to our spaces, forcing themselves into lesbianism and every single "womans place". I give no shits what name a tranny uses for themselves or what they wear, how many dicks they suck - but the thing that bothers me is that all of that comes at the cost of real women. And also the fact that womanhood in itself is becoming a pornified act for men, and if you do not want to be "lil cumbucket slut teeheee!" you must not be a woman.

Jesus I want to go live far away with only other women.

No. 1462938

it literally just looks like a pretty twink in a dress

No. 1462939

A big hug for you anon

No. 1462951

they are the same, no need to distinguish between moids and moids in ugly party city wigs injecting horse piss

No. 1462953

> transwomen stay winning and fertile basically their whole life
tell that to the children you advocate to permanently sterilize, the estrogen chemically castrating you, and the surgeries that literally remove your shrivelled balls

it's not even a relevant comparison since you don't even have a uterus to be fertile with to begin with, males bragging about being fertile is hardly a threat or an gotcha against women

No. 1462957

Good to know he's safe, no help from his retarded friends.

No. 1462959

>Quit making your feelings other people's oppression
This is in defense of the "suck girlcock you terf lesbian cunt" crowd. Wild.

No. 1462962

Yeah they don't age like women. They age like a male corpse already in the ground.

No. 1462966

File: 1646919207760.png (450.51 KB, 870x618, insta.png)


okay I looked into it a bit.

So far from what I can tell it's a Canadian cis-woman who is dating a edgy liberal. Seems like she is mimicking his political viewers and started actively shitposting up a storm on the left side of twitter a few months ago. A lot of the more posed photography she does is by him, as he is an wanna be photographer.

The boyfriend is a tranny chaser I'm guessing with the amount of mtf people he interacts with but no def proof of that so take that assumption with a grain of salt.

You can her her in the background of one of his twitch videos when he is playing war hammer with a troon and you can hear the immediate difference imo kek

I have a feeling her name also may be Brittany but no confirmation yet.

>Twitch clip where you can hear her in background and compare it to a troon that's guest playing with her boyfriend.


>this is what she sounds like.


>this is her boyfriend


>boyfriend's photography


It's just a chick starting drama for the validation. Her crowning achievement is annoying Donald Trump Jr. enough with her shitposting that he retweeted her. Now she is networking thru a shoeonhead orbiter who claims he is PR manager for shoeonehead. Really pushing the twitter fame atm and has her other social media accounts named after her twitter lined up in case she does wanna milk it further. I bet her bf is silently seething inside since he has been working at that shit for a much longer time and hasn't blown up as fast as she did.

To me she looks like a female and sounds like one. Other wise she is super good at the larp.

No. 1462967

Black trans are usually HSTS, not AGP. Being gay is a big no no in many black communities.

No. 1462968

File: 1646919296158.png (154.27 KB, 1858x478, sterile.png)

They lie so openly, the confidence of a man

No. 1462970

Yeah her hands are pretty normal women's hands.

No. 1462973

I mean, if "trans women are women" and women should be quieter >>they should be quieter, too, basically, they should take their own advice and shut up!

No. 1462981

File: 1646920477764.jpeg (634.92 KB, 1898x2466, 2E8B7845-C75B-4332-812A-8817BB…)

do all the hormones they take fuck their brain chemistry up enough to make them so unashamedly delusional or is just naturally occurring because they are men?

No. 1462984

File: 1646920724930.png (718.04 KB, 587x844, 1.PNG)

I mean

No. 1462986

File: 1646920973872.jpg (217.06 KB, 1150x774, aofih.jpg)

Sorry I haven't read these threads in a while because they move so damn fast, but have you discussed that family vlog youtube channel SacconeJolys situation? Not even sure if this is a good thread where to bring it up. The father, Jonathan, is basically trooning out (non-binary right now but it has to start somewhere) and dragging his 7 or 8-year-old son into the same mess.

Not gonna discuss the child much ofc, don't even wanna link stuff, but the parents have allowed the kid to start going by she/her and change his name. I watched their recent videos and Jonathan was filming the kid asking him what he wants to become when he grows up. He answers something like "a teacher", but Jonathan instead continues to ask if he wants to be a mommy, and will his children have two mommies. Jonathan is obviously brainwashing his kid to fulfill his own sick fantasies.

He's only interested in making money out of this, not in his child's safety and privacy. They've always done so afaik, but this just seems like some next level shit. Jonathan "came out" a couple months ago without really saying anything just to throw a "buy my book to find out more" at the end. The book is apparently crap.

Creepy dude. Gives some strong predator vibes. The wife probably isn't any better but I feel a bit bad for her. She looked super uncomfortable about all of it.

No. 1462987

No one thinks men transition solely to abuse women, they transition because they're delusional mentally ill/autistic freaks. And misogynists

No. 1462988

It's kind of embarrassing how everyone here was pretending this looks like a man

No. 1462989

Also samefag but what do you mean how many biological women are in this thread? Are you lost? Lolcow is all women. And no we don't think this is hot. Begone scrote.

No. 1462992

File: 1646921471118.jpg (70.46 KB, 695x250, Untitled.jpg)

im posting this again because the tranny doubled down, even with other trannies telling him why he's wrong

again on a female focused sub

No. 1462995

i'm actually disgustingly liberal by a lot of the site's standards and i believe there are levels to transness. i come here to vent about the agps because nuance does not exist in other online spaces and you'll get labeled an icky terf or receive threats of harm/death if you try to discuss the fact that many trans women make an effort and aren't creepy and just want to live their lives while others are just men getting boners from putting on a skirt and wanting to force their way into womens spaces.

no, i won't debate anyone on this, save your >you's

No. 1462996

Well you're fucking wrong. This is a female board and men get banned on sight so you should probably stop acting like one. And misread, apparently you think us "obsessing" about trans people is hot which is disgusting. Go away male.

No. 1462997

I think it’s more embarrassing that because she acts so obnoxious and annoying on Twitter it gives her huge troon vibes. If she’s cis then whatever, but she’s clearly spending too much time in that crowd.

No. 1462998

This is literally a women's imageboard, your moid brain just can't accept girls use the internet. Begone

No. 1463002

This is not a dating site, fuck off

No. 1463003

She has brain rot as a result of being terminally online and dating some retard troon chaser. I hope for her that her life is drastically different ten years from now but she may just wind up in a worse spot than she is now if she keeps her bullshit up as if it’s doing her any favors.

No. 1463005

>lolcow is all women
>hmmm I don't believe that
Spoken like a true man. You haven't been here for years and don't know the culture of the board but you're still sure you know better than us lol.

No. 1463006

This isn’t the own she thinks it is. Can’t wait for enough years to pass for people to feel embarrassed reflecting on how they’ve behaved while directly obeying the gender cult

No. 1463007

your "not all men!" scrote logic is seeping into your views on troons.

The fact you find this hot proves you have coom brain rot like the majority of moids.

begone scrote

No. 1463008

It’s really a shame watching women fall and be swept up in this mess, all due to scrotes. I hope she can get out of it too. Scrolling through her account is disheartening and incredibly cringe.

No. 1463009

File: 1646922365513.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, Screen_Shot_2021-03-18_at_11.5…)

Men will fetishize anything

No. 1463010

File: 1646922413812.jpg (41.89 KB, 700x383, lq0hl20czb441.jpg)

ok i thought you were weird at first but all of your syntax and personal story is extremely male

fuck off

No. 1463011

My favorite thing about transwomen is how absolutely all of them are blissfully unaware of female socialization, and believe whatever pandering/humoring thing women say to them is completely factual, and run online to brag about it
>Hulking troon admits to being a male
>Women, avoiding violence from men and humoring as standard: Wow I can't believe it! I would never have guessed!!
>Troon: I had all these women fooled, passing is so easy

No. 1463012

to be fair the moid didnt claim to know about the current state of the site
he was just a lost sheeple

No. 1463013

File: 1646922684544.jpg (430.87 KB, 1080x2298, Screenshot_20220310_152709.jpg)

No. 1463014

He did though, he claimed the board didn't use to be all women which is also wrong lol. Imagine thinking this board is men because we gossip about other girls sometimes

No. 1463016

File: 1646922763512.jpg (84.9 KB, 619x789, Iwonderwhy.JPG)


No. 1463020

married with kids are the worst type of troons.

imagine ruining multiple peoples lives with your degeneracy that you apparently love.

I hope the wife smartens the hell up and escapes the lunacy with her kids. Her being a youtube mummy doesn't give me much hope thou.

No. 1463030

File: 1646925445392.jpg (64.65 KB, 750x581, EInLqsiWwAEpcl-.jpg)

Not replying to debate, just to say I think in a similar vein as you. There are trans people I would have no problem even sharing a changing room with (probably all HSTSs). But the current culture of questioning anyone making you a terf immidiately like you said has made me if not hate, at least be VERY suspicious of any tranny. Plus I see the fetishization of gender norms vomit-inducing. I don't believe the brain theory thing, but some people probably do fare better in life with transition. Ok idk why I even responded, just to tell not everyone wants to strangle all troons in sight, I do have tolerance for the less smelly and creepy ones lol. A reminder for any trannies hatelurking too.

Also, did we get a moid here having a boner for women gossiping and hating trannies? God, why does the Y chromosome exist.

No. 1463056

Thank you for your research. I really wasn't sure if it was a woman or blockerchild. It feels worse knowing a woman could be the same level of shitty as a troon. I hate women who call themselves bimbos we don't need that existing and breathing. And the photos are just Lillee Jean level bad, i wish people would realize not everybody with an expensive camera is talented to take pictures.

No. 1463058

"breed" really is code for rape at this point

No. 1463063

File: 1646928966183.jpg (218.9 KB, 1080x929, why.jpg)

No. 1463065

>A reminder for any trannies hatelurking too.
Crumb of male approval, Sir?
Get some self respect nonny and stop trying to gain approval from scrotes. Even the cute gay ones would run you over with a steamroller if you got in the way of their plans. They are all sexual degenerates, however well they pass.

No. 1463067

Holy shit you're thorough! Thanks for this.

I hope trying to get troon/chaser attention points will blow up in her face - pretending to be a trans woman as a cis woman is quite transphobic, getting the troonies hopes up for that kind of results and all!

No. 1463069

Seriously imagine pandering to trannies in a tranny hate thread. Jesus christ. The gay ones want to steal our wombs too

No. 1463071

It’s ok because I can smell autism

No. 1463072

because they relate to sayori from ddlc, who is severely mentally ill and eventually kills herself lol

No. 1463075

Do you think saying "kill all trannies rree" will get normies to see "our side"? Being like that is exatly the terf boogiewoogieman twitter cries about constantly.

No. 1463076

Gus from Breaking Bad is woman of the year?

No. 1463078

God I hope shit like this will peak more women

No. 1463079

Doesn't even bother me anymore. Now that pandering to actual black women isn't woke enough, They just start pandering to black men in drag. In fact they probably think theres no difference. Notice how many Black TIMs have played parts of black women.
I get sick of the "they want to replace us" because no, a dick haver or dick hadder will never replace a woman. Though, in media they don't have any issues giving TIMS things in place of BW. When Elliot page is "the sexiest man alive" then that'd be something new.

Another thing I thought about, I hope TIMS stay away from women's basketball.
For some reason they've stayed far away from women's basketball which I'm thankful for. Those women have it hard enough.

No. 1463093

File: 1646931013384.jpg (122.3 KB, 750x1624, 20220310_114423.jpg)

I feel like these threads have given me some kind of superpower. Just the icon and the contents of the tweet instantly clocked this as a moid - went to the profile and says "genderfae lesbian". It's amazing how obvious this is now.

No. 1463095

File: 1646931083650.png (4.64 MB, 1928x1286, gabrielleludwig.png)

Sorry nonna they're already there, this is from 2012. He was 50 and was playing with teen girls.

No. 1463096

Your profile pic is showing

No. 1463097

File: 1646931241734.jpg (1.45 MB, 1110x1104, Tumblr_l_500362262581189.jpg)

No. 1463098

Why is lolcow the only place you can find hot terfs like this????

No. 1463100

Lots of terves are hot anon, it’s just lots of them are forced into hiding so you won’t just find them.

No. 1463103

fr this is the second anon doxxing herself as hot in this thread alone wtf

No. 1463105

File: 1646932111909.jpg (91.48 KB, 720x612, 20220310_110001.jpg)

Why is that always the go to for troons? Woman brings up valid point and the troon responds by…calling them ugly or fat or a virgin. Reminds me of picrel (also a farmer in the wild??). Is that male socialization to just go straight for attacks on physical appearance?

No. 1463107

it's real gutsy of them to go for someone else's appearence considering what 99.9% of them look like

No. 1463114

File: 1646933345597.jpg (47.85 KB, 582x650, what about even shaving jfc.JP…)

Ladies and gyntlemen, I love you but PLEASE check you are not doxxing yourself when posting screenshots lmao

No. 1463116

If he said the same thing about transgender women there's no doubt he'd be cancelled.

No. 1463123

File: 1646933780882.jpg (51.04 KB, 577x598, d6kjdt7.JPG)

I can smell the autism

No. 1463124

File: 1646933850872.jpg (54.69 KB, 553x774, dr6udtr6.JPG)

No. 1463126

All my tranny hating friends are hot, they're just not terfy in public

No. 1463128

anon don't do this to giancarlo esposito


No. 1463129

Wtf? Normies aren't reading an autistic imageboard and they won't care about your specific post

No. 1463130

'give me the 00's Ashton Kutcher'

No. 1463132

File: 1646934592454.jpeg (51.08 KB, 524x393, Robert-Smith-GettyImages-11391…)

Age and Gender: current day Robert Smith

No. 1463137

>be chunky and plain male. Could get a nice normal woman if you just were hygienic and worked on your personality
>refuse to play in your own bracket and covert hot girls, get addicted to porn, become coomer with bent dick from jacking it too hard
>get convinced you'll be a super hot girl and life would be easy mode. Everyone would think you're fun and sassy.
>end up uglier, a freak, everyone irl avoids you. Parents disappointed. Anxiety and depression get worse. Can't even jack it anymore.
kek i love this song

No. 1463140

Ayyy lmao

No. 1463142

Same. My terf friends are all gorgeous and smart. We discuss gc topics in private but lately I’ve been daring with dropping hints on my socials

No. 1463143

strange ass scrote post

No. 1463144

and my personal favorite lyrics:
>either quietly detransition knowing that no one will forget that period of time you walked around in public in thigh highs and stripper shoes
>or commit die
>your tombstone has your male name
>your bones are male
>you are forgotten by everyone within a year except for your family at best
>tombstone has

No. 1463151

kinda OT but I think women may be coming back around to the GC mindset. The more comfortable troons got just being out in the world and acting creepy, the more women got an actual snootful of dickcheese smell in the bathroom and unpleasant encounters with these MTFs. It's easy to theoretically have no problem with Bruce Jenner, but when you finally start seeing them out & about, scaring your daughter in the training bra section of Target, you start to see what TERFs were talking about.

No. 1463164

File: 1646937118575.png (706.37 KB, 750x750, 1646934344838.png)

Thoughts on Hunter Schafer (euphoria tranny) being gasp a porn sick moid who fetishizes rape?

No. 1463168

dude writes like a school shooter. thought i was looking at the diary writings of one of the columbine shooters for a second

No. 1463172

Shoutout to the nons who leave their profile pics in the screenshot and appear to be attractive young women, i.e. exact people troons want to infiltrate the spaces of
Nobody is saying this except you, tranny arselicker we're replying to is the one who suggested violence when nobody else had.

Nobody wants to harm these dudes, they just want them to remove their boners from our changing rooms, toilets and wherever else.
Men infiltrate women's groups and drive the women out. This can include women's shelters and rape support groups, thus removing safe spaces for those women.
Even with toilets, how do you hide in the toilet from some creepy guy at the bar if self ID men can just wander in too? Should there be nowhere for women to seek solace in case we offend a man?

The focus should be on acknowledging that and keeping women safe.
pickme nlogs who would do anything for male approval are prime targets for their cult.
There should be no grey areas where a sexual degeneracy is ok cause he's cute or gay or some shit.
There have been cute guys posted ITT who look harmless enough, and then you see the freaky, perverted, womanhating shit they've been posting on Twitter. No men in women's spaces, it's simple. It's about safety, not trying to convince "normies" by phrasing things in the most sufficiently pandering way.
Then there's stuff like this, >>1463016
where's the grey are when it comes to normalising pedophilia? Why the obsession with transing children and doing sex reassignment surgery on children?
People who are on the fence here are of no use to the movement and simply muddy the water.

No. 1463179

File: 1646938565472.png (484.81 KB, 497x861, wuw.png)

>It feels worse knowing a woman could be the same level of shitty as a troon. I hate women who call themselves bimbos we don't need that existing and breathing.

She is mutual with wig0nhead and vaush, it is to be expected.

Also lmao @ her thinking she own the TERFs by being cis yet looking and acting like an autogynephile tranny.

No. 1463183

Are you sure this isn’t a joke? Some of the posts seem to be implying it’s so trick terfs into calling them a real woman. Also the man hands.

No. 1463184

Why are all these women orbiting a fat, ugly, pornsick, literal fucking pedofile tranny chaser moid??

No. 1463188

I completely would have believed she was an HSTS mildly passing troon

No. 1463189

File: 1646939430520.jpg (103.76 KB, 680x340, FNceVcuWYAwU8du.jpg)


Just a matter of time before Vaush's mug ends up on this pic

No. 1463190

File: 1646939515176.jpg (151.33 KB, 1080x1951, FNcXHhTXEAE_yqN.jpg)

"haha guys just fess up im just wondering haha"

No. 1463193

oh he's 100% a predator himself

No. 1463195

kek ot but I always laugh at that girls face in the thread pic

No. 1463196

Me too, she's a mood

No. 1463200

What man hands? Her hands are tiny and someone posted a video of her talking where she sounds 100% female. Y'all are delusional

No. 1463203

Fast forward two months and you are a full terf. Most of us have been there, anon.

No. 1463204

They are that desperate for male validation and fitting into groupthink, that even being hot women, their self worth is so low they need the external validation because they've been conditioned by society to behave this way, they can't even see how sad it is

No. 1463206

nta but while it’s obviously a girl she’s doing the troon thing at trying to hide and angle your hands in that one photo.

No. 1463208

No. 1463209

my friend talked at work today in LA about Hunter Schaefer’s Instagram post being creepy and weird after seeing it shared. Keep up the peak work guys!

No. 1463221

you can tell he's male from the writing alone without even reading it kek

No. 1463223

File: 1646943205553.png (371.79 KB, 738x906, Katy Montgomerie on Twitter.p…)

What about the messages JK receives on the daily for defending actual women?

And now they have a problem with the fat pedo defending them right "katy"?

No. 1463226

File: 1646943353993.png (15.79 KB, 1070x149, Got asked the prego question.p…)

Troons don't realize that health care providers and those who are doing any kind of lazer treatment are supposed to ask this question. It doesn't mean you pass at all they're just forced too as you.

No. 1463230

Nonnies, do you have some trannies on your personal circle? Like family, coworkers, friends of friends… and how do you deal with them? I personally never met one they aren't very common where i live.

No. 1463237

My sister and her boyfriend are "non-binary" who sperg out if my mother accidentally uses "he/she" instead of "they" with them and cry about being misgendered. My sister's two best friends also FTM trooned out after growing up in the tumblr gay fan fic circles. I mostly just fake wokeness and then mock them behind their backs to keep the peace. I'm waiting for her boyfriend to fully troon out at this point though since he is an unemployed neckbeard obsessed with anime.

No. 1463240

Oh, nonnie lmao

No. 1463245

i only have TIFs in my extended circle. if i ever got introduced to a TIM, i would make damn sure to express my contempt.

No. 1463248


Yes, I work in tech, and I am the only woman in my org. I try not to think about it, but it's the most bitter pill to swallow. Some of them I have to interact with daily, all tims, fortunately we only ever talk about code. I otherwise love my job but some days it is like what the fuck are you fucking kidding me. Sometimes I want to announce I identify as male now just to fuck around and find out what happens.

No. 1463252

had a TIF in my friend group. she was fucking insane and eventually drove nearly every one us away from her. goes without saying on this board but if you think you can be friends with these people you can't. to be a troon you have to be completely delusional, there is no such thing as a rational troon and that irrationality bleeds into every other aspect of their personality.

No. 1463253

One of my friends from uni came out as a TIM after we finished our degrees and I started by being an ally but gendercritical on reddit peaked me and I lost it the day he told me he was a real woman now that he was bleeding out of his new made hole.

I started sending him "TERF questions" like "what does feeling like a woman is like since I never felt like one I just was" (apparently is wanting to wear dresses and talk more with girls) and "why is appropriating woman okay but not other races for example" and he couldn't reply.

Ended up deleting him on all socials I had at the time and we never spoke anymore. Last time I heard of him was probably two years ago, on a video about a splatoon competition where he went to represent my country, and he's fat as fuck kek

No. 1463256

with their powers combined, they’re just the worst alternate timeline’s Ben Gibbard

No. 1463257

Damn, that’s some bad projecting.

Right, JKR gets constant rape and death threats. They need to clean up their own communities before getting mad at what some rando says.

No. 1463260

There are a lot of TiFs I know just by virtue of being in fandom spaces. It’s annoying but I just try not to get to close and just do what I do. I know some TiMs through irl friends and keep away from them too (one of them had their husband troon out last year - it was painful seeing all our other friends love react to that on FB). Also, had a TiM coworker who came out via an email. Pretty much the entire company joked about him behind his back or just kept their mouth shut lol. In reality I think few people truly accept them and just play nice to protect themselves.

No. 1463262

I work for a tech company as a recruiter and it's funny how my clients always tell me unprompted that there are barely any female engineer and how they want me to send them more resumes from women to have a more diverse workforce, but the very few female applicants and recent hires I talked to told me there are barely any female students to begin with. I'm actually shocked I've never seen any transwoman's resume and application so far given what several anons in tech said in previous MTF threads and in other threads as well.

No. 1463266

File: 1646946156075.jpg (227.16 KB, 1250x600, tumblr_5fca5ad0b8f288589c5835e…)

1. Ex coworker is a FtM, more of the reasonable type but CLEARLY has very deep mental trauma from a literal neo-nazi brother beating her for being a lesbian, and a deeply religious father who died. Makes me sad. Had one sperg out at work when a male coworker who knew nothing about troonery laughed at her and said "but you aren't really a man right? lol". I wasn't a terf at that point and told him to play with her delusions
2. Bfs ex boss is all the stereotypes about TiMs in one. As a man was really creepy to young female employees and trainees, tried to start dating one but ANOTHER moid got to her first… trooned out, got promoted because Swedish company wants dem woke points. Uses revealing thongs at work, makes creepy flirty comments, tries to "relate to girls" by asking for gynecologist recommendations. Used an African immigrant employee as basically his slave and treated him like shit, made "ass rape" comments to him (to an immigrant muslim man the comments are even more shocking kek). Behaved like a teenage drama queen because of muh hormones, lashed out, cried in the break room openly (despite having his own office) to get sympathy. Was open about his prostitute visists. God was there something else? He's a horrible fucking boss, everyone quits under him.
3. A NoNbInArY girl that my ex friend dated, made her cry at a party by suggesting hormones should not be given to kids. I said I would have 100% got on hormones as a 13 year old if I could have and regretted it now, said I was not really trans rreee. Had a meltdown because a Turkish immigrant barber questioned why she want's a man's haircut, as he did not immidiately recognize a short haired woman as a speshul snowflake. She was part of the reason my friendship on 10 years ended with my primary friend group.

There's also some less notable ones, friends of friends, but these are the main ones.

No. 1463267

Vaush thread maybe?

No. 1463272

I was friends with an mtf and a female "enby" in high school, but I don't really know any now.

No. 1463274

I fucking hate when they say this shit. Gnc children don't grow up with 'dysphoria', they grow up getting treated like shit by their peers (and sometimes parents) for being gnc. Especially young girls. Of course you hate your body when you grow up being punished for it and the way you decorate it. If therapists would go to work on their obvious body image issues instead of signing them up for HRT things would improve drastically.
This is assuming the troid in this tweet actually grew up notably gnc and isn't some sad sack agp weirdo.

No. 1463278

yes, but its a TIF. we know each other since middle school since we went and graduated from high school while remaining in the same class. so i know everything about him and his past self, even i was the main delusion enforcer because i was very into sjw tumblr and shit. i didn't know better. but i consider him an exception, because he's my friend and also very good at being a male skinwalker, only nonnas expert at clocking can clock him. doesn't act like a fakeboi and genuinely seems better now, less dysphoric and all, but i think that this can only happen to already traumatized trannies. happiness for retards who choose this lifestyle without trauma or dysphoria is unobtainable, in all cases without exception.

also have other "nonbinary" female friends, but i realized that ignoring their gendershit and treating them the same as always, even ignoring the pronouns bullshit is always effective. im not going to reinforce another delusions again

No. 1463279

Troons aren't stupid. They know being male will get them in the door and being a troon won't. They wait until they get hired to troon out.

No. 1463281

My ex boyfriend is a tranny who got bullied out of existence, idk if he died or something but there's no trace of him around since 2019. Ask me anything. Yes he showed symptoms while we were together.

No. 1463282

This is very similar to my life. I can see the good things transition did to my friend's psyche. Sadly healthvize it's not that good. I don't respect young girls in our fandom trooning out after i learned about everything.

No. 1463287

Yes, I live in a super lefty city and work in a male-dominated field and I fucking hate it. I'm so tired of gritting my teeth through creepy "tee hee lesbians" jokes from dudes who grew up calling women whores on Something Awful. I'm so tired of their weird porn shit seeping into everything. I'm so tired of having to run face-first into the brick wall of all their boring, same-old male behaviors, which never seem to give them dysphoria. Their apartments are filthy. They're thoughtless and lazy. They're constantly pushing boundaries in those little ways you're never sure are you seeing things or not. I hate it. But I worked so hard to get into this field. I don't want to stop doing this work that I love. But I don't know what to do. So many of my female friends are TIFs and though I find solace with them, we can't fucking talk about it. Sometimes we can tiptoe, but no further. So I have no one to just fucking talk openly about being a woman with.

No. 1463291

I am from an eastern european country so troons are very very rare. I do know one, MtF though. She has been larping as a japanese host/kpop boy for almost a decade now, officially changed her name to a very embarrassing anime-sounding one. There are rumors she is abusive towards women she dates.

No. 1463295

My friend from highschool is now an agp. Yes I did reject him in the past, yes I'm a lesbian, and yes he does dress like I did back then. I deal by being sad and canceling plans often.

No. 1463298

File: 1646948732872.png (732.49 KB, 1267x680, oooo.png)

that troon stare
why do they all have it

No. 1463299

Yes, a talented artist who stopped creating work and instead focuses on looking like their ideal anime gf. Expecting a GoFundMe for facial feminization surgery any day now. It’s sad because he was a creative person but the desire to transform into something impossible in order to reach the ultimate coom seems to suck away all things about a person besides that.

No. 1463300

No not anymore
Had a girl group in high school and one of the main girls became ftm anime boy. Showed up to a gay support club in college with a blue wig and pretended we didnt know each other while she went by a very special weird name. She was a very self hating bisexual woman I believe.

My ex gf trooned out and dated another ftm so I cut off contact after peaking thanks to gc reddit. Last I know she deleted all socials in 2020, I think regrets hormones, and if she had any surgery hates herself for that too since she was only 18-19.
Another ex gf became nonbinary probably because her parents were very religious and being half a "man" would somehow help her internalized homophobia and hate.
Last one was a girl who could have easily been in the FTM fakeboi thread. She went around with the most extra make up, wigs, long nails, then I find out a few months in she goes by he. She was a huge narcissist who believed everyone around her should make their scheduals as she wanted, she would flake on people, she thought all her stuff in our hobby was amazing. Any problems with her were blamed on the other person or her supposed mothers trauma that was never actually talked about. She went around saying she was lesbian (despite being a man) and ended up in straight relationships. She would also get the guys to do gay text or real life roleplay. It was all too annoying so I left. From what I know all her attempts at being efamous have flopped while everyone thst knew her then has left her.

No. 1463303

i am at a large liberal arts college in the most liberal city in my state. i know a ton of trannies just from around campus or hanging around my social circle bc i used to get really involved with the lgbtquhaksdv+ orgs
>agp who has 100k tiktok followers and uses filters to look more womanly, makes videos about the transphobia he faces, known on campus for hitting on lesbians
>6’3” overweight bodybuilder dude who trooned out, now has long hair and programmer socks
>too many aidens and theyfabs to count; some are normal nice women who just want to be kweer, others are kind of insane. one snapped at a professor for misgendering her
>i briefly met a xe/xem who introduced herself to me with her pronouns. never talked to her since
>dormmate fucked a tranny they/them who i thought was a woman until he spoke in the weirdest fake feminine michael jackson imitation type voice
>i can’t think of more rn but there are probably way more

No. 1463304

An ex of mine who is from a rich family trooned out and moved to LA. Lots of woman I know have come out as non-binary in the past handful of years but luckily I’m not close friends with any of them. My friends and I like to share screen shots of their dumb performative posts with each other and laugh at them as it’s hard not to laugh at the absurdity that is troon “logic”

No. 1463308

I have a friend who is trans and, as far as I've seen, he's not creepy. Whether he may be a deviant online, I wouldn't know. Seems more normie than my other autistic friends who are "cis." But I truly wish for his mental health. He's transitioned but still terminally fucking depressed where I don't see him emerge for freaking months. I hope the TiFs and non-predatory TiMs that were probably groomed would get the god damn mental health they need instead of fucking horse piss.

No. 1463317

Ex friend I never broke ig mutuals with is a troon who tried to skinwalk me and I have one ftm friend, I can understand the reasonings and the mental illness behind that transition, all and all I have some sympathy towards ftm. None for mtf.

No. 1463321


Anons who've been skinwalked by Troons - Do you know why? Are you really into a style or are you an object of their affection? I've only been skinwalked by a nerdy woman with practically no self esteem and it wasn't even serious. She was skinwalking a lot of women who she worked with. Do you think they skin walk for the same reason women skin walk?

No. 1463322


One thing i'll say about my tim coworkers is that a lot of them are much older than I am. The stereotype of men getting their career locked down before trooning out stands true in software from my experiences. Out of my cs program, I can only recall like 15 or so other women who graduated with me– lots of women switch out of cs to physics or pure math and i don't blame them. the standard sexism in engineering is already alot to deal with, nevermind the troon shit ontop if you go into the tech industry after. if i wasnt autistic as fuck id probably leave tech too. i don't think a lot of my male coworkers actually buy this gender shit, but it doesn't affect them so they don't give a fuck either. recently i asking around for mentorship at my work and one of the tims was suggested to me. i pushed back on that and my manager took the hint i guess because he started thinking outloud about what female engineers does he even know besides me, which is sad but also lol

No. 1463324

File: 1646951190279.jpg (935.5 KB, 1080x1921, 20220310_222618.jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of these chaser fags lumping woc in with fucking tranny abominations.

No. 1463334

They definitely skinwalk women they know irl out of sexual desire. You never see hsts skinwalking women in their lives other than their mothers (on drag race many of them talk about their mothers being their "drag inspiration" ew mommy issues) or female celebrities who they look up to. AGP ex-friend who I rejected started skinwalking me and there was something about it that felt much more perverted and sinister than when a weirdo girl I went to school with did the same. Instead of just noticing your style and copying it's like they're always watching you and studying your mannerisms so they can emulate them. Like stalking their prey.

No. 1463337

As long as us Terfs keep pushing that POC, especially black women are hyper feminine (which they are. most androgynous women I know are white), we'll be able to keep the narrative of what defines a woman and show racist men for what they are. White women, because of gender, have often shown more compassion for POCs compared to white men. I say that as Mexican-American woman.

No. 1463338

where did this guy even get a plan b crop top lmao

No. 1463341

Seeing a man in a plan b shirt makes me feel sick. And what’s with the fucking Pokemon

No. 1463348

hsts friend. i do love him but i pity him. he is the archetype of the category, from a religious/conservative household and was 'feminine' out of the womb. just wants to trans to get guys. thankfully, unlike agps, he is very private and low key about his transition so its not like we talk about it. he's in a super ~qu33r~ friend group so im afraid to peak him because they get absolutely violent when faced with dissenting opinions

No. 1463349

Did you have a specific style? I always thought AGPs skinwalk a stereotype like gawth girl, where women skinwalk because they don't know how to dress. When I was copied, it wasn't even my "style" or a style. I just wore leggings with an oversized shirt, sneakers and red lipstick because I walked long distances and needed to be comfortable. She complimented it then started wearing the exact same thing the next week. I feel like women really love when women look comfortable and admire that while an AGP would never try to emulate that. But I suppose they'd emulate anything they'd want to fuck?

No. 1463354

I honestly don't have a cohesive idea that covers all troon skinwalking, but in my case, he wanted to fuck me. I wasn't as butch as I am now but when he started the skinwalking, it was almost like he chose his current sexual obsession and ran with it, it was odd because we are wildly different sized and ethnicities, so many of the shittily applied makeup and colors looked insane on him. He also pretends to have a period, borrows pads or tampons, disgusting.

No. 1463360

My mom has been befriending young TiMs and genderspecials. I don't get it, she was the one who taught me about second wave feminism.

No. 1463361


that's a chao you bitch

No. 1463362

He is healthy enough to play lacrosse? I thought he was still a hamplanet. I also didn’t realize he was actually doing the Harvard thing now.

No. 1463366

I don't have any irl acquaintances with trans people atm luckly, mostly because I'm antisocial and only socialize in mother groups so my kids can play with other children. But I run in online social groups for shut ins and its full of terminally online troons that get outted for grooming and pedo shit on discord and ran out. Its a very large social group so policing it enough so they don't come back is impossible. Real trash fire of the internet to be honest.

But I have known 2 as friends of friends irl. One was a university friend of a highschool friend back in 2013-4 maybe. seemed to be a hsts troon dedicated to the larp. was at the stage they where getting their balls removed so the hrt worked better. was that point of time where Tim's still where somewhat rare and they either tried super hard to fit in and seem none threatening or went full on crazy hobo instead. mtf no2 was a little brother to my boyfriends band mate. he was a terminally online incel that never left the house and lived off grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. made no real attempt to pass and trannie chased other online trannies to establish online relationships.

my close highschool friend was a gnc lesbian from a very religious family who where abusive to her. her path to coming out and accepting it in highschool was traumatic. she also had a creepy fixation on a straight friend she was best friends and made me sad for both of them. she later dated younger chicks but would on occasion be be very verbally abusive and physically threatening to them when they fought over petty things which I tried to call her out on cause it reminded me of how her brother treated her. she later came out as a tif the last to I talked to her in 2017. very much the uncomfortable in her body religion fucking with her perception of her sexuality trope tbh.

another highschool friend was a tumblr fandom snowflake. very much in the camp of never accepting wrong think and hating her body wouldn't be surprised if she has gone full time yet as she was pretty traumatised by her puberty and deeply uncomfortable with her sexuality. she identified as non binary ace last I spoke to her in 2017.

once I settled down and moved cities I didn't really have time or the energy to keep in touch since I suck at socialising tbh.

oh and I meet an old school crazy hobo tranny at work once many years ago when gender identity politics was still a new thing being pushed. he was covered in scars from being beaten and stuff. so I felt sorry for him but he had def murder rape vibes going on. creepier than buffalo Bill stereotype.

No. 1463375

I had some HSTS friends back when I was a homeless druggie bc a lot of them are homeless/druggies/prostitutes. I’ve known a few TIFs. They all started out as cute butch lesbians and then got gross bc T. Tbh I don’t have a big issue with trannies besides AGP ones mostly

No. 1463381

My style is all over the place and doesn't fit in any stereotypes. But he bought clothing items that were identical or very similar to ones I wore often, suddenly immersed himself in all of my autistic niche interests (a nontraditional sport i watch, the dead online game I play, super specific obscure media, I am literally retarded btw), picked a name which has a nickname a couple letters off from mine, he even admitted to me he tried copying my body language and typing style because he thought they were cute. All after expressing sexual interest in me multiple times. I've seen other troons skinwalk their ex gfs or girls who rejected them before and it's always to the point where they are straight up pretending to BE them. One step from killing her and wearing her face as a mask. There definitely are many AGPs who do just pick a random archetype that they want to fuck (big titty goth gf, soft pastel anime egirl uwu, etc) and go from there though.

No. 1463385

File: 1646956099534.png (81.16 KB, 817x830, stupidmoid.PNG)

Saw this on twitter today. I wonder how uncomfortable this troon's roommate is living with a freak like this.

No. 1463386

File: 1646956104039.jpg (91.18 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20220310-150728_Fac…)

Probably fake but I WANT TO BELIEVE

No. 1463396

I usually feel bad for him but why does he have the same facial expression as Yaniv

No. 1463397

File: 1646956586743.jpeg (975.26 KB, 3464x1840, 91BCCD5B-D38E-4500-8608-936AE8…)

the handmaidens are currently flailing through their mental gymnastics to try and defend him kek. surely they know deep down it’s just a dude sprouting his misogynistic, sick perversions, hence why it’s since been deleted.

No. 1463401

Are they trying to be stupid. Being abused as a woman then feeling like that's what you deserve has nothing to do with being a man who thinks women exist to be raped then fetishizing rape because you're a tranny

No. 1463403

I wish, but this has big "and then everyone clapped" energy sadly

No. 1463406

thing is she was abused and treated as a sexual object from a young age because of her gender. It was a product of what other did to her.

The real question is why is it okay for hunter to think the stuff that people that abused her use to rationalize their abuse on a deeper level?

He is simply a predator putting him self in the position of what he thinks is prey for his own pleasure.

No. 1463416

She was probably talking shit about you that's why she they'd you because she didn't want you to notice who she was talking about.

No. 1463423

kek Monty wants to be noticed by JKR senpai so badly.

No. 1463425

There’s a zoomer TIM that comes to my workplace and they’re more or less a manipulative gay brat trying to larp as a girl. Most of their friends are guys and the other girls that hang in their circle get bullied by him until they’re in tears.

No. 1463429

I've been keeping up with jazz for years. He is slow and dim witted as fuck. How the FUCK did he get into Harvard

No. 1463430

File: 1646958609220.png (47.86 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20220310-173215.png)

Not necessarily mtf, but this kind of stuff is what makes me gender critical. All the TRA noise leads to ridiculous "gender options" like this. I didn't know lesbians weren't women anymore!

(From a silly online survey, probably made by some poor outsourcing farm based on the typos throughout.)

No. 1463432

Vaush discussion is welcomed in the Breadtube and co. thread >>1368608

No. 1463437

I do surveys for money and it really annoys me how pretty much all of them do this. I did one that asked something like "What gender do you feel more like". Why even bother asking anymore

No. 1463439

File: 1646959269128.jpg (393.77 KB, 720x1356, 20220310_193936.jpg)

finally his ass got exposed. I hope this gets more viral.

No. 1463443

watch it get reported by troons.

No. 1463445

We need a culture of archiving. The screenshot can be claimed to be fake, and archive link can't.

No. 1463446

You don't have to be exceptionally smart to get into Harvard if you're a celebrity with a cause. They love that shit.

No. 1463447

File: 1646959715663.png (232.86 KB, 730x941, on Twitter.png)

one of the Hunter defenders wrote this stupid reply

No. 1463449

File: 1646959931487.jpeg (45.34 KB, 828x387, 71013080-A58F-4606-BDCB-F63190…)

a lot of hunter fans are actually saying stuff like picrel. they’re so close to peaking…

No. 1463451

might be good to add that recommendation to the thread intro next thread.

I think its a good idea and will endeavour to link all caps when possible in the future.

So many nonnies are being peaked from reading older threads and it will be good to provide credibility with archived links.

No. 1463454

>I can't defend women without being labelled a terf
how fucking sad is this?

No. 1463456

I think the mistake is calling them names, it’s better to just be like
And let them dig their own graves by trying to explain how wanting to be used by men as a sex object is somehow the most feminine/womanly thing ever.

No. 1463457

Disgusting, so glad he said no at the alter and I hope she is doing a lot better with another guy now.

No. 1463465

File: 1646961415773.jpg (97.57 KB, 828x887, FNgfy4_WYAQPaq1.jpg)

No. 1463470

File: 1646961650430.png (13.64 KB, 815x210, Trans Serial Killer Arrested i…)

No. 1463478

I don't get why they bring up all these other petty reasons when people clearly state we WORRY because we feel threatened. Feeling threatened with sexual and physical harm, of being objectified and our lose of rights. Things moids have been doing for years and years.

We simply see them as men doing the same goddamn thing they have always been doing. Just under a new illogical justification. If they where half the woman they say they are they would understand that.

No. 1463479

Someone needs to make a bot that automatically takes every selfie these ugly tards post and turn it into a collage with their dumbass tweet right in the middle so laughing at them is as easy as possible

No. 1463480

File: 1646962251287.jpeg (214.69 KB, 821x1280, F3B3E489-152E-4F26-AFD5-18D76D…)


No. 1463482

This person clearly did not fully decipher the chicken scratch, (it has been in past threads) he at no point showed evidence of growth or distance from his perversions, it was a literal present day self-analysis of his current perversions.

No. 1463483

Wait 83??? Moids never stop…

No. 1463485

Fucking sick. Killed once, let out. Killed again, let out again. Killed a third time but the mfs 83 and gonna die in there, should’ve been rotting the whole time. Misogynistic piece of shit.

No. 1463488

File: 1646962702913.jpeg (318.26 KB, 828x1236, 07EB0460-7668-4465-B914-C01BAA…)

Ackshully terfs are women who can’t come to terms that most women want to be raped!

No. 1463490

Lel I was just skimming that thread and thought a woman posted that before opening their avatar

No. 1463491

Let the peakening commence!

No. 1463496

It's funny because it's trannies that make reddit posts about how they hate themselves and women because they're ugly. Cope, seethe, dilate and project

No. 1463501

File: 1646963467783.png (37.48 KB, 746x464, samka on Twitter.png)

based response

No. 1463502

It’s definitely emulating objects they are obsessive over or desire. I dodged a troon bullet myself by never giving into a dude who relentlessly (sometimes inappropriately) pursued me for years, the last time I saw him he had started to transition and was clearly in early stages of skinwalking me down to actually stealing cosmetics off my vanity. I have a coworker who told me her ex who trooned out would buy her clothes he actually wanted to wear like he was molding her to a specific sexual image he wanted to be himself. I see it as just an extension of fetish but it’s extremely disturbing to see it happen.

No. 1463503

I know a guy I considered a friend until he started trooning out. He's never had sex with a woman but wants to chop his dick off because that's what will make him happy.

He seems to think that as a dyke I'm into all this garbage too, and honestly I never had a problem with trannies until this guy. I met a trans person for the first time when I was six years old, didn't matter to me. I had trans friends, and even had a fling with an enby girl, kek. But this dude is really turning me and it's probably for the best innit.

>he decides to come out during my birthday party

>tells me that all the girls he likes are lesbians so he might as well be one
>can't wait to try scissoring!!
>Awful ratty wigs and breastforms
>supposedly started estrogen but I can't imagine a doc taking him seriously
>messages me every week to complain about not being able to be a girl while living w his parents
>asked if I could do his makeup for him
>go fund me that raised ten dollars

Hope he gets over it idk whos encouraging this shit

No. 1463507

they're calling this feminist theory
jesus h christ

No. 1463509

He already has a dead thread of his own, too, just ctrl+f vaushv in the /snow/ catalog

No. 1463511

its because they're trying to "play" radfems, anything but telling that Hunter is a creep!!! Good lord not my comfort tranny!!

No. 1463523

nice tinfoil and i have the same concerns about "clocking" catfish pics but… i think the soc in socdarling is a play on socdem. could be wrong though. why would they hint at frauding their pics?

No. 1463528

File: 1646965312297.png (365.19 KB, 751x1257, kek.png)

No. 1463529

Why is it always Alice? Is that the boho chic hipster girl that was way out of their league in high school and now they want to skinwalk her or what?

No. 1463530

File: 1646965493019.jpeg (288.04 KB, 828x1297, 3AEF9D71-DFB9-4D29-8A1A-5B10A9…)

It’s like they’re trying their hardest to not think about the elephant in the room

No. 1463532

File: 1646965592426.png (26.84 KB, 748x250, god I wish.png)


No. 1463533

File: 1646965654969.jpg (81.23 KB, 600x376, bwdja2015-binocs-short.jpg)

Ho this study again, if you pay attention to the numbers it says that more than half of these women had SOME rape fantasy in their lives (4 times a year is the median, that doesn't mean EVERY person has them), but that means than less than 10% of all these women tested had constant rape fantasies.
So in the end, is anyone surprised by that? NO, any normal person could assume that a small minority of females have fucked up fantasies, buy they take that "62%" as their argument, when it doesn't even reflect the real number of people who constantly fantasize about this.

No. 1463534

I never really interacted with a troon but I was real close to, though. A couple weeks back I was just minding my own business in the women's restroom in a mall and out of nowhere this 6 ft tall moid in a dress walked in. I pretended I didn't notice and quickly left. it's perplexing how these lunatics are allowed in our spaces now

No. 1463535

>an angel without wings is a human
>angels aren't real
what a self own

No. 1463536

Can't remember the first time I actively put a noose on a tranny's neck

No. 1463545

Alice is a cute little girl name, like Alice in Wonderland or anime girls

No. 1463553

Jesus H. Killed a woman, served 21 years, killed another woman less than a year later, served 23 years, killed another woman three years later. He should have been put down like a dog 50 years ago. Also:
>In a 1997 appearance before the state parole board, Ms. Marcelin described the 1984 crime and said she had “problems” with women, according to a state court filing.

No. 1463556

File: 1646966716750.jpg (85.18 KB, 800x800, gloves.jpg)

Kitchen gloves are so fashionable rn.

No. 1463557

capitulating to abusers gets your boundaries crossed, not theirs.

No. 1463559

File: 1646966841228.png (21.12 KB, 708x340, same study.png)

this is from literally the same study he is cited.

thankyou nonnie for bringing that up otherwise I wouldn't of bothered looking tbh.

free to read link if anyone is interested:

No. 1463569

File: 1646967405637.jpg (104.25 KB, 716x1200, FNhzbuOXoAEQ0qD.jpg)

No. 1463571

File: 1646967466722.png (31.68 KB, 657x226, troon1.PNG)

i'm getting so good at clocking troons on tumblr. why do they all make posts like this

No. 1463576

File: 1646967656944.png (25.89 KB, 540x153, tumblr_c3e280fd61a8ade862685e5…)

i mean seriously i wouldn't give a single shit if the authors of these types of posts weren't men who seriously think they're being "cute n quirky lesbians!! uwu!!" by making them. it wraps them into a layer of slime that i hate

No. 1463579

"she hates me so that means she wants to fuck me"
Are men retarded? Seriously.

No. 1463582

File: 1646968055399.jpg (82.99 KB, 675x1200, EkC_2pqVgAA44a5.jpg)

Because most of them are pornsick autistic weebs incels, shortly put. I mean read that post and think about any normal relationship you ever had and realize that only a furry coomer trans can come up with these retarded scenarios.

No. 1463588

File: 1646968466673.jpeg (212.25 KB, 828x1039, 1E4E3959-E53F-4D4B-8A92-8A7959…)

Why do men immediately blame others for their own actions?

No. 1463590

No. They are degenerate and pornsick and think women are the same.

Men would totally fuck women they hate and women that they know hate them. They get off on imagining that. And they project that onto women.

They are so many troons who think terfs want to fuck them. When really it's them that would love to fuck terfs. You're lucky if you've never seen any of the gross posts they make about that.

No. 1463592

these troon meltdowns after radfems find their tweets give me euphoria

No. 1463603

It's a mating insecurity thing I think. Like a man must have value as a partner to be chosen by someone in current society, so when they have no value and show by their violent actions, they need a quick explanation why it is actually someone else's fault not theirs, so they can retain their value and hopefully find someone.

No. 1463605

In short, no one wants to fuck a bad person, so they have to find an excuse to be bad since it can benefit them, such as being selfish, and blame it on others, alleviating them of being seen as bad.

No. 1463606

males love thinking women are flirting with them when they're really not

No. 1463615

File: 1646971624006.png (17.29 KB, 595x302, asfd.png)

yasss men trusting men #mtmpride

No. 1463618

File: 1646971727865.gif (2.23 MB, 600x338, 240804439_1412550439131481_200…)

No. 1463623

Women's spaces aren't a refuge for vulnerable men.

No. 1463637

And dont come back

No. 1463638

File: 1646974108480.png (328.03 KB, 748x521, lana eats pizza on Twitter.png)

Found this under its post, hope for the new generation.
I hope for her sake the gender confused don't go after her, she is still a teenager.

No. 1463641

Why is Jenner at the far left when he literally admitted to wearing his female relative's underwear

No. 1463645

File: 1646974899513.png (40.99 KB, 761x441, gender heretic lesbo on Twitte…)

muh sides

No. 1463652

He's the best the trannies have to offer

No. 1463657

queen shit

No. 1463662

File: 1646975701609.jpg (517.21 KB, 921x2048, FLVicChXIAI1UbH.jpg)

Stole it from Assigned "MABTW" Baffoon but is this troon's table really so messy it's clockable? It kinda look like mine tho. How do you clock a tranny from their table alone, is this something new?

No. 1463667

I think clocking a tranny from their table is bit of a stretch nonnie.

No. 1463671

File: 1646976005741.png (353.87 KB, 592x588, projection.PNG)

Unlinked but chainposting from the same source (KF). Nonas whatcha think?

No. 1463675

For once they're right about trannies commonly being criminals so much they assume criminals are trannies

No. 1463677

File: 1646976228637.png (53.29 KB, 764x281, 99666.png)

No. 1463679

File: 1646976316121.jpeg (335.46 KB, 1242x1577, CC0D4943-3072-464C-B91C-37AE76…)

As someone quoting this beautifully put “troons will prove time and time again that they view womanhood as an act or feeling. troons are just misogynistic m@les in a trenchcoat — sorry to state the obvious”

No. 1463688

Then they should have no problem using the men's bathroom. It's a win for everyone.

No. 1463691

As if any normal adult would ever give a shit if someone referred to them as a “they”. She isn’t even going to notice . These people are unwell.

No. 1463706

Me too, nonnie. In fact i don't share any views with most anons here exepct that pornsickness is real and the bane of many mental ilnesses. But that alone is enough to trigger many people especially in left wing spaces (with perverse coomers like vaush being a valued spokeperson, no wonder why) so they kinda forced me to be there kek.

No. 1463715

These people can't function IRL. Outside of the internet they are seen as freaks and violent moids.

No. 1463728

people like you are honestly dumb as fuck. at least tras go full wacko world. how can you read the shit here and still think there's a legit trans person? You're either a self-hating pick me that buys into pink brain mythology, or you believe being trans is a mental health issue in which case you're advocating for mentally ill men to be allowed around women and children. Either way libfems can fuck off to their own spaces, not use scary terf places when it's convenient for them.

No. 1463730

For my case we fit some of the same niches (both grad students, both STEM fields, same undergrad club acquaintances/friends) so I guess he viewed me as social competition for the Older Mentor group role. I think there was less of the sexual aspect, he didn't really try to emulate me physically and instead tried to lift personality and mannerisms.

>would buy her clothes he actually wanted to wear like he was molding her to a specific sexual image he wanted to be himself
My friend's troon ex did the same, pushed her to dress as a goffic queen with piercings and corsets, and then after coming out came to the divorce hearings in the same style.

No. 1463747

That’s the thing. They won’t care if you they/them them because they know what they are and so does everyone else, it literally does not matter.

No. 1463749

File: 1646980351308.jpg (39.38 KB, 500x469, tumblr_b3a75f0a59be2d2b6f34564…)

i'm a deep state terf and honestly know maybe most troons of my country by one to three degrees of separation. i have even met some online infamous troons. it's a combination of interests filled with troons and living in one of the most liberal areas here. on top of that tims for whatever reason seem to be gravitated towards me, yes i dress in alt style and yes i have had them skinwalk me.

No. 1463762

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.

No. 1463767

>deep state terf
I'm not too sure what you actually meant by this, but the mental image made me kek

No. 1463768

File: 1646981654296.jpg (348.18 KB, 720x1030, 20220311_015136.jpg)

>Lia Thomas
>Hunter Schafer
>Mj Rodriguez

2022 is the year where everyone would start to peak

No. 1463772

my ex bf trooned out, luckly shortly after we broke up, ofc he's in tech and a sperg.
When I think about the sex we had I gag and feel weirdly violated…
troons are 100% mentally ill and it's crazy I can't even say this out loud

No. 1463775

File: 1646982297612.jpg (111.53 KB, 500x563, efb6e3aaf61c9d470_41c0cf33_500…)

can someone break this stupid shit down for me

No. 1463776

File: 1646982318485.jpg (1.38 MB, 1800x2400, 1998_JK-Rowling.jpg)

I hate this timeline, I wanna go back nonnas

No. 1463780

Please post their social media holy shit

No. 1463782

File: 1646982497342.jpg (196.54 KB, 1080x802, IMG_20220311_150530.jpg)

How are his students holding up? Having a teacher like this

No. 1463786

>it’s white supremacist if you think girls can’t have penises
this is only a logical takedown epic insult in the brains of chapo Twitter trannoid leftist men who think the worst possible thing someone can be is not subservient to them. Outside of online these people melt away. Whoever made this image would never make that argument irl.

No. 1463790

just another tra not understanding that radfems define women by sex, not by the gender roles imposed on our sex

no terf gives a shit about men wanting to be feminine, they care about men claiming that it makes them women

No. 1463798

File: 1646983794406.png (931.41 KB, 968x802, fet.png)

For some reason, I've always found the tranny flag to be nauseating, probably because of the pastel baby colors. Turns out my gut feeling was right.
Idk if this is old but its creator is a textbook AGP: crossdresser pedo narcissist coomer, the complete opposite of what a woman is, obsessed with their fetish to the point of STEALING underwear, not a mental illness at all!
This person is considered legit and the flag is used everywhere, this will never stop to amaze me.


No. 1463802

saw this before and lold
>Helms – who named himself after a fictional battle in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
sublime autism

No. 1463805

File: 1646984910983.png (69.93 KB, 599x571, 1646934647124.png)

Seriously though, why are so TIM commie into speedrunning ?

No. 1463807

gamer disease, im afraid its terminal.

No. 1463808


No. 1463809

What the fuck… I read through his account how is he fit to be a teacher

No. 1463817

File: 1646987329632.png (434.86 KB, 1742x1492, transpedoflag.png)

Do you girls think the trans community will even care that their flag was created by a pedo to represent pedophiles? Obviously a large portion of them groom children on purpose so I doubt they'd care, but amongst the TiF's a lot of them trooned out specifically because of sexual abuse in their childhood so it should at least sit bad with them

No. 1463818

The reason is the left's lack of work ethic ('go fast' rather than 'do it right') and, in a Petersonian sense, to elevate alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace ('fastest mario'). Consider how woke GDQ has been, almost since the very beginning. Your eyes will start to open. Returning to the topic of the work ethic… A "speedrunner" may well spend hours a day at their craft, but this is ultimately a meaningless exercise, since they will ultimately accomplish exactly that which is done in less collective time by a casual player. This is thus a waste of effort on the behalf of the "speedrunner". Put more simply, they are spending their work effort on something that someone else has already done (and done in a way deemed 'correct' by the creator of the artwork). Why do they do this? The answer is quite obvious if you think about it. The goal is the illusion of speed and the desire (SUBCONSCIOUS) to promote radical leftist, borderline Communist ideals of how easy work is. Everyone always says that "speedruns" look easy. That is part of the aesthetic. Think about the phrase "fully automated luxury Communism" in the context of "speedrunning" and I strongly suspect that things will start to 'click' in your mind. What happens to the individual in this? Individual accomplishment in "speedrunning" is simply waiting for another person to steal your techniques in order to defeat you. Where is something like "intellectual property" or "patent" in this necessarily communitarian process? Now, as to the sexual archetype model and 'speedrunning'. what archetype is the 'speedrunner' engaged in, who is accomplishing nothing new? They are aiming to make a new sexual archetype, based upon 'speed' rather than 'doing things right' and refuse ownership of what few innovations they can provide to their own scene, denying creativity within their very own sexual archetype. This is necessarily leftist. The obvious protest to this would be the 'glitchless 100% run', which in many ways does aim to play the game 'as intended' but seems to simply add the element of 'speed' to the equation. This objection is ultimately meaningless when one considers how long a game is intended to be played, in net, by the creators, even when under '100%' conditions. There is still time and effort wasted for no reason other than the ones I proposed above. By now, I am sure that I have bothered a number of you and rustled quite a few of your feathers. I am not saying that 'speedrunning' is bad, but rather that, thinking about the topic philosophically, there are dangerous elements within it. That is all.

No. 1463819

Stop asking these stupid fucking questions and detailing the thread. Take it to 2X. You ruined the last thread now you’re about to ruin this one

No. 1463835

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, this is the most basic shit. You are tinfoiling too hard.

No. 1463836

So 20-30 people consisting of mostly women tell you that you're a creepy predator based on your own actions. You still insist the lesbian room mate who according to you calls you a they/them to invalidate your trans identity suggesting they don't really see you as a real woman, is somehow still "totally asking for it" and wants to fuck you.

I'm willing to bet the room mate is just wokewashed and trying to treat this man as a real woman by giving her uplifting compliments like women do to each other, but because he's a man with a male brain and male socialization he mistakes it for flirting. I hope the room mate sees these tweets and is able to get out, she's not safe with this unstable predatory man who wants to fuck her.

No. 1463839

god nonna your mind, I'm gonna save this

No. 1463841

File: 1646990882348.png (19.07 KB, 579x180, vaush.png)

No. 1463843

how is it tinfoiling to say the man who wrote a book about an adult man marrying and impregnating a 16 year old girl who can't age might have been in pedophile circles when he was already heavily involved in every other sexually deviant group

No. 1463844

autism. same reason why so many far right people are weebs. it's not that these things are connected to their politics, but both their politics and their hobbies stem from autism. that tweet is hilarious though, is it a joke?

No. 1463845

File: 1646991608447.png (28.53 KB, 746x300, sounds like anime.png)


lol it's written like a 'thousand year-old loli' trope.

old gen and new gen troons have so much in common.

No. 1463849

So ugly that he actually somewhat passes as perhaps-not-a-man since it renders him almost genderless.

No. 1463850

File: 1646992909012.jpg (359.28 KB, 1052x1648, 1646952702904.jpg)

kek its not mine nonna, its taken from schitzo scrote twitter posts
though he is right more often not

No. 1463855

No. 1463856

File: 1646994881745.jpg (546.71 KB, 4454x1443, MergedImages.jpg)

i wasn't sure if i should post this in personal lolcows or here so sorry in advance nonnas but i've been following an account on Twitter known as @fatima_trans, to break it down for you guys he's a German man in his 60's cosplaying as a Muslim ladyboy and posts pictures of himself daily, this convo started out where I made a tweet jokingly saying that if he were to become a Shia they would accept him as a tranny Muslim and so these dms started in which I asked him about his life, and it's more disturbing that i thought

to give you a tldr

>he has a wife and three children

>his wife doesn't accept him for who he is, prefers him as a man
>wife doesn't want to see him dress in a burqa and hijab infront of her
>he's been wearing dresses since 2008
>started dressing in a hijab and burqa, and reading the quran 2 years ago
>basically admits to being a troon because its a fetish of his to dress up in hijabi clothing
>wants to be an obedient servant for his husband
>his sexual fantasy is being the second "wife" to a muslim man and be a mistress to his wife

No. 1463858

Imagine being conned into passing down his failedmale genes, and being attached to him for life.

No. 1463868

moids get coom brain rot far to easily.

this man has hit peak degeneracy.

No. 1463869

Why do men sexualize hijabs whose solw purpose is to keep women safe from being a sexualized? Also he'd know if he read quran but it's strictly forbidden for males to dress, smell, act or look like women or have homosexual sex. He's literally committing to all the biggest sins.

No. 1463871

File: 1646997232451.jpg (427.65 KB, 810x1539, Screenshot_20220311-061018_Boo…)

Owning JKR by taking perverse joy in wearing his Harry Potter panties kek:

No. 1463872

File: 1646997347536.jpeg (128.67 KB, 1061x1200, FEj9wQMXIAMmDtr.jpeg)


this is the reason i was so intrigued, call it morbid curiosity but you need to be a real type of psychopath for mocking and fetishizing an already oppressed group, so i wonder how his kids are doing/how they ended up…

btw he does porn. if that makes it any better

No. 1463873

this reminds me of other moids "getting back" at women they don't like by masturbating to pictures of them

it's so ???

No. 1463875

nope that does not make it better.

why are deranged fuckers like that allowed to breed?

No. 1463876

Alright but most Shia Muslims don't believe in the tranny thing, its literally just Iran cause of one stupid incident
the Islamic republic just uses the trans thing as a way to sterilize and quietly get rid of gay people without executing them
I mean he was a crossdressing sissy fetishit since 2008, she had 12 years to leave him before the Islam shit

No. 1463877

You know what I posted this in another thread but it fits better here, the whole story is so unbelievable fucking stupid

basically what happened was, that one specific tranny bugged Khomeini until he let him transition and he approved of it in one conversation, he was in his 80's during this and likely senile, but since Khomeini still has a cult of personality (some people believe that he never died and is actually the Messiah) they can't change those rulings

>Maryam Khatoon Molkara was born in the suburbs of Tehran as Fereydoon. She was tortured and bullied for her feminine behavior as a boy in the early days of her life. The harshest form of retaliation towards her identity came from her own mother. She moved to Tehran and started working in a saloon. Those were the days when Iran was ruled by the Shah.

>Maryam wanted a religious solution to her gender issue. In 1975 she started writing letters to Ayatollah Khomeini, who was living in exile in Iraq. She knew she was a woman, she knew she was living in the wrong body and she knew she could fix this. She went to Paris in 1978 to meet Ayatollah Khomeini in person (who was visiting France) as she couldn’t travel to Iraq because of the travel ban for Iranians at the time. She wanted to make him aware of the concept of transgenderism and have his verdict on sex reassignment within Islam. But the journey was not fruitful as she couldn’t meet him.
>Maryam was working in television as a man when Islamic revolution took place in Iran. She was immediately fired by authorities and was arrested for being feminine. While in police custody, she was forcibly injected with male hormones, as prescribed by a prison doctor. Maryam shouted, but no one listened to her. Maryam had links with religious clerics in Iran and a well-known cleric, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, came to bail her out as soon as he learned of what she was going through in prison. This incident made her stronger and convinced of her decision. Maryam wanted to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but she knew that it was by now no longer possible as Islamic revolution didn’t contemplate this possibility. But she had hope, as the country was under Islamic Sharia and Imam Khomeini was now in Iran and he was the head of state.
>One fine morning, she crossed all barriers at Khomeini’s residence in Tehran and reached inside his house. Holding the Quran in her hands, she shouted “I AM A WOMAN, I AM A WOMAN.” Security officials got confused by the band wrapped around her chest, which they thought was an explosive belt. She removed it to reveal her female breasts underneath. The female security staff in the house rushed towards her to cover her with a veil as soon as they saw her female chest exposed.
>She told her entire story to everyone in the room, all of her years of struggle. Ahmad, son of Ayatollah Khomeini, who was in the room listening to all this, was moved to tears. He took her to meet the Ayatollah in his compound. Ayatollah knew of Maryam as she had been trying to approach him for years. A team of government doctors was summoned and the issue was immediately discussed by experts. The discussion included the difference between hermaphrodites and transsexuals. Khomeini hadn’t heard much about the various gender conditions until then.
>Maryam left Khomeini’s house victoriously. She had a letter in her hand addressed to the Chief Prosecutor and the head of Medical Ethics giving a fatwa (a religious authorization) for her and for all those like her to have their gender surgically reassigned. That one daring step by Maryam changed the dynamics and made history in Shia Islam. The fatwa is available in Imam Khomeini’s Tahrir al-Wasilah (Volume 4), a book written as a commentary on a traditional theological text, and as a guide for Muslims.

and that's why Iran allows gay men(and women) to transition

No. 1463880

File: 1646999813699.jpg (231.78 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20220311-065332_Tik…)

I'm surprised this moid hasn't been talked about yet. Every time he posts his ugly mug, all the comments asspat him and tell him that he looks "so biological!!1!"

No. 1463881

well I'll give the tranny credit for that. She had balls to pull all that off.

Key word HAD kek.

And it's better than being gay and getting the death sentence I guess. So I'm glad they managed to pull it off.

Still sucks that is really their only option. Wait do they force lesbians to get srs too? cause those neo penises do not look like they would really help anything tbh.

No. 1463884

File: 1647000388764.jpg (13.38 KB, 400x400, GP7MW.jpg)

No. 1463885

i figured it means like secret agents and stuff

No. 1463893

File: 1647002004605.jpg (389.42 KB, 810x2738, Screenshot_20220310-161944_Boo…)

Ah, this makes me smile

Imagine a creepy furfag man trying to talk in his anime loli voice, carrying his lil purse around and wearing a fucking pronoun pin l m a i

No. 1463894

File: 1647002215864.jpg (253.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220310-162908_Boo…)

Imagine wearing a fucking PRONOUN MASK

No. 1463896

File: 1647002380942.jpg (479.38 KB, 810x3625, Screenshot_20220310-165420_Boo…)

Aand some skinwalking as a cherry on top

No. 1463908

I wish instead of some TIM, it would have been a lesbian who harassed Khomeni and convinced the senile old man that somehow lesbian relationships aren't Harem, I think he'd buy it

No. 1463913

Based Macys kek.

No. 1463921

This shit makes me giggle, who wants to bet the "recieving job I cant really do" is just moving a box from one spot to another or placed in the back where no one can see him?

Can we also talk about the "female coworker wears hijab around women, not me, I'm MAD" tantrum??
You can't even wear a HIJAB without some spergoon thinking hes entitled to YOUR body and YOUR boundaries.

Next thing yk they'll want to pull out our tampons and wear our hair too because its more "womenigly". Fucking psychos.

No. 1463924

i blame television

No. 1463929


Ewww. Literally reading the title made me GAG but it only gets worse.
The skinwalking theory is so fucked and shown soo much here.
(Most normal people who find names nice, move on with their day or choose a similar or different name for their /blank/ but troon logic)

>clearly jealous of cis-cousin, everyone probably talked about what a cute girl, name, etc

>"iTs nOt WeIrD I jUsT wAnT HER!! nAmE"
>been obsessed with cousin to the point he fantasizes about being HER and 'mistakenly' calls him her name
>gets upset because hes not her, will never be woman, and fantasizes about her life REGULARLY
>"nOt sKiNwaLkInG, ShEs a BITCH!"
>clearly jealous she sees through his bullshit. Sister cuts him off, probably tried to skinwalk her too.
>goes on rant about how much she hates her
>"nO bUt I jUsT tHinK iTs pRetty"
>self aware weirdo starts to look for validation in his hate fetish for valerie
>"I just want to take her name, I could just take it. She couldnt do anything."

Sooo fucked. Literal fucking psychopath. How much you want to bet he worded the post so people will be like "YAS! MAKE HER UNCOMFORTABLE! GO TO FAMILY FUNCTIONS WITH HER NAME!" soo fucked. so so fucked.

Tldr; jealous of cousin, hates her, skinwalks her, looks for validation in his hate boner

No. 1463934

>MEFeater magazine
Masochistic Emasculation Fetish mag more like it kek.

No. 1463937

It's seriously serial killer shit. Like I'm legitimately worried about this poor woman being found skinned and dumped in a denny's dumpster by this freak.
Even my craziest female cousins would never do this. Men are a disease.

No. 1463945

How unfortunate to have a face shaped exactly like a mashup of a man's foot and a crescent moon.

No. 1463946

I work with a TIM. I've never talked to him about trans shit, only work and mundane personal life things. Tbh he's one of the smartest and most competent software engineers I've ever met.

He also doesn't really try to dress sexy or anything, more just casual clothes, and asks for they/them pronouns. I respect their wishes because I'd be ostracized if I didn't and honestly because he's a cool person.

I knew another one we played ffxi together but he eventually an heroed.

No. 1463949


My brother is dating a pre op troon TIM, follows troons on twitter and has pronouns in bio.

No. 1463950

She wore her HIJAB around him? The nerve! When will Muslim women stop oppressing mentally ill white men??

No. 1463962

has your underwear gone missing

No. 1463963

My old laptop shit the bed when I still lived with my parents around 2012 and luckily my family had an extra one I could use. I made the mistake of snooping around the browser history and discovering my younger brother has a mtf transformation fetish along with weird my little pony shit. He’s heavy duty conservative so makes sense. At the time I was deep into gender cult so I assumed maybe he was stunning and brave himself and never said a thing. It’s now 2022 and I still haven’t brought this up with my family because it’s so awkward and gross however I regularly talk with my mom about gc stuff and she is peaked thank god.

No. 1463965

Last thread I recalled how my sister got her name stolen by our cousin. Seeing this story I think the spite of the troons really adds up as to why he stole her name. He didn’t steal it outright but he did make himself the wish knockoff of her.

No. 1463968

Praying for you nonnas

No. 1463969

They’re so intent on reversing decades of progress. Acting feminine doesn’t make you a woman, BEING a biological woman does. Even if they killed us all off and stole our organs and skins they still wouldn’t be replacing us because they can never be us. God damn they’re all just so tiring.

No. 1463972

Yes I’m sure JKR would give two shits about your wankfest in HP undies. I’m sure she doesn’t have better more important legitimate activism to take part in.

No. 1463974

File: 1647012738042.png (803.06 KB, 572x898, Skärmavbild 2022-03-11 kl. 16.…)

No. 1463975

One close friend is NB/FTM who I met at my old retail job. I thought she a butch girl and had a crush on her but never made it known and we wouldn't have worked out regardless of the troon shit. She's a very bright, lovely person and we get along very well. I rarely, if ever, have discussed gender related shit with her. I usually just nod my head. I'm gay so I guess we're both in the LGBT circle together, but I have no issue with my femininity and womanhood and am quiet about my sexuality so I guess that's why she almost never brings up troon topics with me.

Another is a MTF who's a friend of a friend. He's Asian and used to do a lot of crossplays a lot before eventually coming out as MTF. Everyone saw it coming. It's undeniable that he's clockable but I think his features make him look significantly less offensive and punchable than the ones posted here. I guess in the same way kpop idols are a bit feminine looking. Undeniably male, but there's something about their features that's sort of "softer." Also genuinely a really lovely person to be around but we don't talk about gender identity shit either.

I use their preferred pronouns and the names that they want. They act like regular people and know how to conduct themselves as normal people and not walking freakshows. I've only come across one truly insufferable nb who was the embodiment of those terminally online twitfags but most everyone else I've met is pretty normal and chill.

No. 1463976

tranny ex boyfriend, he used to steal (and ruin, out of spite, excusing it because he wanted to try textures and mixing and I don't know what else) my makeup, used to spread around rumors about me so I could be all alone with me, since they were trusting him because "poor thing :,(( Nonette is so mean!! Gatekeeping her stuff and experience!"
Been together for 7 years, only show symptoms in the last two but always had a creepy attitude and used to watch porn in class and using pictures of girls on tumblr to scam sugar daddies online

No. 1463977

replaced how? in which way?

moids think women's worth is based on sex and reproduction so i guess that's what he's referring to? but that makes no sense because moids don't want to sleep with troons and they can't reproduce with them

No. 1463978

i for one 100% believe that a lesbian is lusting over this honest and true woman

No. 1463979

File: 1647013024489.png (794.55 KB, 1500x1284, whywebecameterfs.png)

TRAs and handmaidens think TERFs and gender critical people are "just not educated" or "don't understand" when in reality most of us used to be exactly like them and were in full support of trans people, until we actually experienced them

No. 1463980

>just wants to hear cis women pee
Actually lol'ed

No. 1463982

File: 1647013491745.jpeg (29.97 KB, 554x554, 821CFE72-7B4C-4FBF-819C-347C9A…)

> most of us used to be exactly like them and were in full support of trans people, until we actually experienced them
yes, very much that. picrel

No. 1463986

Damn, that is ROUGH lol What lesbian wouldn’t want to fuck this?

No. 1463993

File: 1647014336466.png (32.31 KB, 729x397, Untitled.png)

i am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?

No. 1463994

Performative typos are so cringe.

No. 1463996

As if I would get that close to a troon

No. 1463999


Also the NPC needs to be more clearly a man/troon

No. 1464000

>if you’re here just to say you disagree with me, keep it to yourself
KEK and somehow these people claim they want tolerance

No. 1464002

Kek what a fucking coward.

No. 1464003

Nadine is a woman. if you wanna bring Twin Peaks into it, blame it for that stupid David Duchovny Denise shit - "fix your hearts or die"

No. 1464011

File: 1647016044353.png (34.73 KB, 742x384, Untitled.png)

same moid

what a womanly thing to say!

No. 1464016

Kek can someone post the removeddit I’m retarded

No. 1464017

File: 1647016566004.png (24.6 KB, 1329x196, creep.png)

lmao i tried to but it gave me a connection error. here's another removed post by this freak.

No. 1464020

>younger brother
I can't help but wonder how many troons are younger sibling. It'd make sense since they hate being told what to do and solve their problems by crying and throwing shit fits.

On that note, as a not white person, I've always noticed how shitty white kids treat their parents compared to my nonwhite friends. Never in a million years would I tell my mother to shut up but that was a common thing with my white friends. They were also extremely narcissistic and self-absorbed, so I just wonder how much of this is nurture. These straight troons are 80% white, which is why I wonder.

No. 1464022

File: 1647016739507.jpeg (95.78 KB, 640x341, 105FEBB4-4283-4B96-BE25-CF8323…)

Damn I almost hope someone cowtips him. He might be fully pushed over the edge kek.

No. 1464024

Honestly the titles are milky enough, also
>what does it mean when a woman looks at me from behind?
It means you’re fucking terrifying kek

No. 1464026

Why do so many of them have literal serial killer vibes

No. 1464030

Wow, such deep anguish and trauma, very touching, I kneel, my goddess!

No. 1464032

This bigotry, hostility and sexualization this moid is projecting on his roommate scares me a little, along with listening to her private conversations through the door. I hope this woman can find a safer living situation soon.

No. 1464033

Why do both MtFs and FtMs rely so much on external validation? It’s normal to go to friends sometimes to vent or rant or whatever but it’s like the entire internet must prostrate themselves in the presence of troons and tell them they’re perfect and have done nothing wrong. The walking on eggshells and blind devotion is scary.

No. 1464036

cowtip in what way? showing his room mate that tweet?

tbh I'm sure she has seen it and it's been painted as victimhood bullshit so it won't be taken seriously either way.

No. 1464037

Exactly Nonna, they love to spout that "replacement" line but it literally does not make sense. I guess they're trying to threaten to steal our menz or whatever but that also doesn't make sense. Straight men hate trannies too.

No. 1464042

Wow, 62% of women have rape fantasies. I wonder what percentage of moids have them? Because that might also shed light on Hunter’s mentality.

No. 1464046

No sending him to this thread so he sees what anons say about him here. Obviously I don’t mean it.

No. 1464050

how does allowing men to say they're women simply because they wear a dress "deconstructing gender"? That's the definition of enforcing it. Destroying gender was when men would wear makeup/dresses and say "i'm still a man" (like Eddie Izzard used to). They don't even understand their own fucking arguments.

No. 1464051

I think at most a small % of women have "nonconsent" fantasies which are not even close to being as degenerate and violent as what a male's rape fantasy entails.
For women it's a man she finds attractive pursuing her and her not having to feel guilty since society has shamed women about having sexual desires. From what I've seen it's about persistence and is usually not violent in nature.

Meanwhile a male's rape fantasy is a woman being beaten, punched, pissed on, choked and treated like literal trash while being violently raped. They are not the same.

No. 1464052

eh I'm sure they will come look. Our friend Andrew was give his condolences earlier.

No. 1464056

The way these moids try to LARP as a BPD manic pixie girl with their filtered, shopped and blurry asf pfp. I actually think they believe it.
and there we have it. Greasy, balding ugly neanderthal scrote squeezed into a size XXL crop top. The lesbian roomate is his headmate. Bet that room smells of shit and ball sweat from all the Grindr moids.

No. 1464060

nta and Sage for super OT but I don't think she's saying that nadine is a tranny, rather that in the 90's and 2000's one the pop-feminism trends of the day was focused on proving that girls are physically equal to boys and that anyone opposed girls and boys competing against each other is a sexist man who needs to change his ways
I remember Hannah Montana, Degrassi, Proud family, Lizzie McGuire all had episodes about girls not being allowed in the same team as the boys(this being framed as a bad thing) one of the female characters joins anyway and utterly defeats the sexiest males easily and at the end of the episode the sexist coach realizes he was wrong about biology and changes his away
I think this led to an idea among a lot of young woke women who never actually did sports and are adults now, that there is no significant physical difference between male and female and anyone against boys and girls competing physically each other is just sexist
and now we have libfems who have never played sports in their lives arguing that boys and girls categories should be completely separated

No. 1464062

File: 1647019015539.jpg (59.82 KB, 640x390, PLvpKyf.jpg)

I know 3, almost all of them identifying as nonbinary. All of us went to a liberal arts university in a MENA country. Obviously there are more from fandom spaces and my country’s queer twitter circle.

Nonbinary gay man, to some extent was basically a walking gay stereotype he was very effeminate in terms of mannerisms knew a lot about gay culture and had a lot of female friends because he’s generally very harmless. His family probably disowned him for being gay and at some point he immigrated to the US since he kept getting kicked out of every house since he’s gay. I can imagine he identifies as nonbinary because he always felt alienated from men since well…MENA countries aren’t very kind on gay men and he’s from a more accepting one.

nonbinary TIF, she’s THE walking stereotype of a “spicy straight person”. She’s very rich and currently doing her masters in terf island and apparently wouldn’t stop complaining about “the pressure to be white” despite being a pasty white looking person herself with a weird British accent. She met the first envie in a play they were in together and I’m assuming contacting it from him. I always saw it coming tbh and I never liked her. I have no idea why she would identify as nonbinary honestly.

My bf (I know I’m cringe) started identifying as nonbinary because he was guilt tripped so hard by his friends (one of them being the nonbinary spicy straight girl, but he was also in the same play as the other two enbies). He started peaking a few months ago when I shared some nonbinary comics, TikTok’s and he met up with his spicy straight nonbinary friend, who was basically his enabler, he also told me how he wants to cut off his “progressive friends” and for some reason he stopped peaking and still identifies as nonbinary and keeps bringing up when someone makes a joke about masculinity. I can’t help but feel responsible for the way he is now because I was the idiot that introduced and explained what being nonbinary as back in my ally days to explain wtf the 1st person on the list identifies as. I don’t know what caused him to stop peaking. I definitely hold the urge to call him a retard and embarrass him in front of our friends whenever someone brings up gender shit (literally anything, could be a dumb joke about men) and he jokes about being “not a man”. He started getting annoyed about how I have a problem with enbies. It’s more or less his fault that i started peaking.

There’s someone who I’m assuming is a transwoman that’s repressing, I found out about him through a mutual friend. He had this very deranged post about how much he hates ciswomen feminists and how selfish they are. it was kind of scary to see the amount of feminists and progressives I know liking and leaving supportive comments.

No. 1464065

Funny enough my parents have always tolerated my brother being rude to them and do everything they can to reinforce his superiority complex. He can do what he wants, say what he wants, he is always right. I grew up with a 10pm curfew until I moved out and would be punished for saying something like “dammit” or “what the hell”. RIP the few times I really blew up and got what was coming.

No. 1464071

I really hope you bf can peak even more, you can always tell him you changed your views about it since then, maybe it'll lead to a meagniful talk

No. 1464076

Is your brother a mommy's boy? Was your father aloof and always busy with work? I've noticed that many MTF are mommy's boys and that's why they think every woman they come across is their personal therapist. And why they're generally outcasts from male society and have no male friends.

No. 1464077

I love how triggered they get over hijabis. I guess to some extent it’s the ultimate test to whether or not they are seen as women

No. 1464081

We had a very open talk about this back when he started peaking and I opened up a lot to him. I want to have another meaningful talk but I think at this point he’s too far gone since he seems to think that the Arabic language should be changed to accommodate enbies when months ago that would send him on a sperg since the only people who would suggest that are Westernised rich kids who can’t even read Arabic properly.

No. 1464084

File: 1647019857462.png (1.11 MB, 2294x1100, fat twitter troon.png)

I'm actually surprised at the amount of radfems on twitter rn. When I got banned around 2020 there were like a handful. I'm kind of proud. Based girlies.

No. 1464086

Are you Tunisian or Moroccan ?
I have seen a lot of Tunisian enbies here and there

No. 1464088

I saw some floating interpretations that lesbian relationships shouldn’t be haram but gay relationships are (because of anal sex)

No. 1464090

File: 1647020117022.png (77.32 KB, 1155x299, kafka123_removed_trueoffmyches…)

Could not find a copy of the r/socialskills post. It got removed by Reddit's spam filters too quickly.

No. 1464098

>society would be easier for women if men were more willing to kill them


No. 1464100

wowww, much lesbian, such stealth pass uwu

Thank god for these nonnas

Just an example of the mental gymnastics these people are willing to stoop to

No. 1464103

File: 1647021429369.png (224.3 KB, 697x1110, the 62% stat.png)

the troon was using this to get that 62% stat if your curious.

I linked the full study here >>1463559

And honestly the studies on males are not as detailed best I can find is 44.7% where a seduced woman "pretends resisting" and 33% of raping a woman.
(it's a download)link: https://zh.booksc.eu/book/6620282/faefd6

me thinks its because admitting you wanna rape someone on paper is a bit more challenging.

No. 1464104

File: 1647021442262.jpg (58.82 KB, 529x689, SUCH LESBIAN WOW UWU.JPG)

Such a feminine lesbian!! Would neeever ever clock him, how can his roommate call him a they!!

No. 1464105

I miss when boys like this were just andro dudes with long hair and didn't try to pretend they're women. Men are fucking retarded.

No. 1464106

File: 1647021796708.png (2.67 MB, 1080x4593, StitchIt_20221103010101_347.pn…)

This troon is absolutely retarded and I feel bad for his cat.

No. 1464107

He would unironically get laid so much more if he did not claim to be a lesbian. Many many women like artistic, feminine/andro dudes. He's not ugly at all, but the female larp and personality fucking ruins him.

No. 1464112

>"she was clearly talking about how she deconstructed herself from internal misoginy"
that's… really not how the post was intented? How can she do such a reach.

No. 1464115

Anytime I’ve thought about a fantasy that could be considered nonconsent or rape it’s been about some fictional character who doesn’t even exist and isn’t actually hurting me, therefore since it’s all fictional unrealistic bullshit I can imagine the sex being as good as I want. I am a rape survivor and in no way, shape, or form do I ever want to live through it again in actuality, because real men are viciously cruel and it was one of the scariest moments of my life. Sorry for blogging and derailing a bit. I feel like this is the case for many other women too though- maybe a fantasy where you imagine being taken sexually by someone but it being all in your head makes it so you feel safer, so you control the outcome in the end. On the other hand sometimes I imagine I’m the one doing the deed/penetrating. I’ve heard that’s not uncommon w bi and lesbian women but who knows, maybe I secretly have deeply rooted misogyny or to them it means I’m truly a man lol.

Bottom line though the “62% of women fantasize about rape” thing was proven by another anon to not mean precisely that (people see a statistic and think it applies to everyone on earth for some reason w no factors applied) , and anyway it’s not the flex they’re trying to turn it into bc it doesn’t mean women ACTUALLY want to get raped. Sometimes it’s just a way to imagine rough sex safely so we don’t have to deal with men.

No. 1464116

I think it has to be some kind of self-shielding copium

No. 1464123

Something that always gets me is this kind of definite proof that troons absolutely do not understand how female socialization works and thus don't have the "ladybrain" they think they do. Just because no woman yells "that's a fucking tranny" at you in the bathroom doesn't mean that they haven't clocked you. Women generally have enough social tact to be polite about it and say "Wow, I never would've been able to tell!" if you told them you're trans even if it was glaringly obvious to them.

Watching the queen absolutely trample on this worthless clout chasing, misogynist, pathetic pedo scrote is amazing, I'm glad I lived to see this day. I don't even like Harry Potter but I'm tempted to buy all the books and movies just to give more fuck you money to Rowling.

No. 1464124

File: 1647023138509.jpeg (294.5 KB, 1170x614, 0CD76410-1484-4CD8-9925-AF267A…)

This guy posts on r/IncelExit so yeah another example of that sweet incel to trans woman pipeline. He also posted a seething rant about how angry he is at his female therapist because he made her uncomfortable, probably for expressing violent thoughts about women. He seems extremely dangerous.


No. 1464128

What's often overlooked is that the """rape fetish""" is more akin to passionate sex as in the partner taking initiative to pleasure her and worship her body to the point they can't control themselves anymore. It's not at all the same as male on female rape focusing on the male getting his power trip by violating the woman against her will. Truthfully it should be called ravishment fetish, not rape fetish, but of course moids love to weaponize it to justify criminal sexual assault and abuse.

No. 1464129

File: 1647023516417.png (1.27 MB, 969x1396, screencapture-twitter-estrozen…)

I'd rather risk my life fighting a homeless moid on a NYC subway platform.

No. 1464130

hate the hijab but can’t help but laugh when troons mald over hijabis not showing them their hair.

No. 1464131

This is fucking terrifying wtf

I'm pretty sure I would panic and say "HAHA WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED" or shit like that to a tranny as well just to escape their rape ape mode

No. 1464133

How does he know that’s a boy cat? Because he was born with testes? Does that make the owner a boy human?

No. 1464137

Jesus this guy is a ticking time bomb, no? He probably needs a male therapist bc women can’t understand or relate to rape fantasies and female skin suits.

No. 1464140

> waah wahh stop posting about stuff you did as kids because I didn't have the exact same experience

Sounds trans just from the words alone.

No. 1464147

Help my libfem and tif mutuals keep defending tranny Schafer. Being a crypto is getting too hard.

No. 1464148

>life is hard for everyone because men don't kill enough women
the things I have to see on the internet…

No. 1464150

I know a she/they MTF who I end up being around more than I would like to because we have mutual friends. He's one of those people who speak like they're delivering hot takes on twitter and who you can tell gets all of his opinions from tiktok. He constantly makes weird "mommy" jokes and has "jokingly" told me about his accounts on hentai sites (I've told him it makes me uncomfortable but he won't stop "joking" about it). Other hits include: the time he told me that the concept of a febfem sounds transphobic, the time he compared the dystopian concept of state-mandated sex-trafficking to a hentai manga he read, and the time he literally said "gender dysphoria is so weird because sometimes you unintentionally end up reinforcing sexist stereotypes. But it doesn't really matter because gender euphoria makes you feel happy, right?". His brain is so blatantly poisoned by porn that it's almost sad. The only other trans identifying people I know are nonbinary girls, one of which is an extremely close friend of mine who is actually bit terfy without even realising (she agreed with me that feminism should be about "AFAB liberation" kek).

No. 1464162

Poor Hector.
I'm a bisexual who loves andro men and soft butch women, and the past 10 years have been absolutely hellish for dating with these preferences.
These troons just keep confirming the connection between AGPs and serial killers every damn day.

No. 1464165

you mean defend him over his serial killer notes? id go for the "um you know women can be problematic sex pest rape fetishists too…it's ackchyually super toxic and white-feminist and patriarchal and cisheteronormative of you to not hold women accountable" angle

No. 1464181

File: 1647027710198.jpg (785.72 KB, 810x2462, Screenshot_20220311-142828_Boo…)

"Borrowing" female family members' clothes. A transvestic pasttime!:

No. 1464182

File: 1647027735509.jpg (881.5 KB, 1440x2232, Screenshot_20220311-143434_Chr…)

Removed and deleted comments:

No. 1464187

>get your validation where you can.
>meaning: coom by any and all means necessary, even by stealing your mother's underwear and wearing it to school.
These men are disgusting menaces. It's his mother's underwear. How can you fix a pornsick online scrote like this? He's beyond all hope.

No. 1464189

Pornsickness and troonerism are connected VERY damn closely, dwell on it. If you have a problem with one you have a problem with the other. Troons wouldn't be taking over the internet with their sexually violent words and content if not for pornsickness.
>Do you think they skin walk for the same reason women skin walk?

I think women skinwalk for psychosexual reasons (too) if that's what you're asking, just less intensely
There's actually a lot of this type, I've been seeing these "muslim" or religious troons for a decade, brave of you to dm it
If you pass so badly even a pronoun mask doesn't do it, it's time to accept your birth sex

No. 1464200

Even though they refuse to say it out loud, they're all sick agps.

No. 1464203

File: 1647028432212.jpeg (232.38 KB, 901x1200, FE7BC9F0-836F-4F52-81D6-335CC7…)

Don’t know if AliceAvizandum has come up before but they’re a white psycho agp podcaster who wears a burqa as a fetish

No. 1464210

File: 1647028704230.jpeg (182.75 KB, 1200x676, A71A45EF-3370-4322-9A28-FFC98B…)

I don’t think it’s been posted here yet, but Grimes is dating a troon now…and Elon I guess?
>> Grimes has reportedly began dating Chelsea Manning, the activist and whistleblower who famously leaked hundreds of thousands of classified military documents to WikiLeaks.
>>Page Six reports that Grimes and Manning are currently living together in Austin.
>>The news comes on the heels of Grimes’ revelation that she recently welcomed a second child with former partner Elon Musk. Although Grimes referred to Musk as “my boyfriend” in her recent Vanity Fair cover story, she also acknowledged that their relationship was “fluid” and that they lived in separate houses. However, since sitting down with Vanity Fair, Grimes and Musk have split.

No. 1464216

shoops his pictures, hides his linebacker shoulders, still looks like a fucking man.

No. 1464222

she really is the ultimate pick me

No. 1464224

I lived with a troon very briefly who told me I misgendered their male cat, that the cat is female trans. You bet I noped out of there within weeks. I literally fucking can't with these people anymore, it's a legit mental illness.

No. 1464232

Being a former grimes fan really is suffering. Remember when people thought she was twansphobic? If only

No. 1464233

lemme guess all the removed comments are the ones critical of the disgusting behavior? Mods on reddit are all trannies, hardly surprising

No. 1464236

No. 1464239

If my child did this I would abort him. I don't care how old he is. Baby's going in the dumpster. Absolutely revolting.

No. 1464251

being a current fan of her music is suffering too. I wish I never learned anything about her as a person

No. 1464253

I saw this greasy moid in motion last week on Twitch. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1464256

WHAT THE FUCK. Dating a troon is bad enough but Chelsea Manning? I love her music but I never liked her as a person. She's genuinely insane

No. 1464259

File: 1647032386374.jpg (273.85 KB, 760x517, 1520983072053.jpg)

I hate how society gives respect to fucking SERIAL KILLERS by RPing along their delusions. You might as well accommodate them with a crown and roll a red carpet to their court entrance, and make everyone in the room refer to him as "King".

Fucking hell.

No. 1464260

Yes he absolutely is and she makes it worse with how much she coddles him. He’s a grown adult and she’ll still snuggle up next to him on the couch.

No. 1464261

File: 1647032514393.jpeg (140.43 KB, 843x1053, FE6AA192-57F4-4CF6-BDAC-BEF340…)

No. 1464265

That’s all men today though, not just troons. I can’t name a single guy with a good relationship with his dad. Every man I’ve gotten to know well enough has mommy issues because of their moid dad. Then they project and accuse women of having bad father issues.

No. 1464267

Sir, you're going to need to pay for that hotdog.

No. 1464270

kek is this why her newest release is called “shinigami eyes”

No. 1464273

….I thought you were fucking trolling

No. 1464277

She had been hyping it up and using it as background music for every single Tiktok she’s released for a while now. I thought it was a strange coincidence before but now it’s confirmed

No. 1464280

Is Grimes the ultimate pickme?

No. 1464281

I don't follow her at all, I almost liked her music but stopped when she got together with Muskrat

No. 1464285

The cunnidingus must be lovely kek.

No. 1464287

I really only found out about this through the grimes/musk thread. I was a fan of hers in like 2013 but the more I found out about her the more I realized she isn’t someone I care to support

No. 1464292

I love how there's a sexist self-hating TIF in the comments going on and on about how male therapists are rational, analytical and give advice but female ones are just gonna listen to you and be emotional, that's why he was recommended a male one.

No. 1464293

>hover over any link in a post
>click [Archived Copy]
>click 'archive this url'

No. 1464295

Fuck me. I convinced myself it was just a death note reference because she's a weeb and it's one of the most famous animes. Guess not

No. 1464296

File: 1647034474457.jpg (80.85 KB, 588x387, weeaboo grimes.JPG)

Apparently she is just a fucking weeaboo junkie making a high-budget AMV

No. 1464297

File: 1647034531795.png (130.78 KB, 1326x542, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 4.28…)

No. 1464298

B-but at least we know who the bad men really are!!!

No. 1464299

I thought she hated troons? Must be another elaborate publicity stunt kek

No. 1464300

i hate grimes but god damn this is gruesome

No. 1464304

File: 1647034654530.png (435.48 KB, 1698x1150, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 4.36…)

comment made by a troon on a video about slave rape. when i clicked on their profile and realized they were a troon i wasn't surprised. kill all scrotes.

No. 1464305

Imagine being patted on the back this hard for being an in your 30s weeb

No. 1464309

will they never stop reinforcing the binary?

No. 1464310

bruh moment

No. 1464316

>grimes dating Chelsea Manning
Thanks, Obama

No. 1464322

When you make Trevor wear the dress in GTA 5

No. 1464334

File: 1647038596743.jpg (15.63 KB, 271x275, 1646874844089.jpg)

Please can you be a decent human being and take my photo down. I know my makeup isn't good, I'm trying so very hard to get better. Ive only been doing my makeup for 18 months. I am learning as fast as I can, but it takes time. I'm transgender and Ive had to learn how to do everything by myself and from Youtube. In my post I've asked for suggestions at whet I needed to work on, I'm not trying to deceive anyone. Please can you be nice and take it down. You have no idea what things like this does to those of us that are just trying to be who we are. I don't have a problem with your opinions on trans people, you are entitled to them. I don't want to take that away from anyone, all I ask is that I not be made a joke when I'm trying to do better. I still need to know what I can do to get better, I'm still asking for help. So I only ask for you to just be decent and not turn me into a joke. please please I beg you, can you please take it down. Thank you(cope, seethe, and dilate)

No. 1464335

You should not have come here.

No. 1464336


No. 1464337

The post was about me

No. 1464338

File: 1647038756941.jpeg (180.96 KB, 957x1300, 655B95B8-8E9A-4920-A360-C80F62…)

No. 1464339

Why cant I ask for it to be removed

No. 1464340

Shut the fuck up

No. 1464341

You’ll learn.

No. 1464342

OMG, really..

No. 1464343

Kek what is this

No. 1464344

Sir, you're very lost. Please return to your hugbox.

No. 1464345

"im transgender and ive hard to learn how to do everything by myself and from youtube"
im sorry, do you think cis women are born knowing how to do makeup? im laughing.

No. 1464347

>posts picture online
>gets mad when other people posts it somewhere else
Whats with these retards not knowing how the internet fucking works? Just post your credit card information already.

No. 1464349

No but they have years to learn everything they need to learn. I'm just starting out

No. 1464350

>Ive only been doing my makeup for 18 months
LMFAO you can't be serious, you might as well just give up if it takes you over a damn year to look like this

No. 1464351

Shut the fuck up or post your credit card numbers.

No. 1464352

No. 1464354

I know how the internet works, I just thought I would ask you al to be a decent human being

No. 1464355

You need way more than makeup to save you

No. 1464356

No. 1464357

just drop it and forget about it. if it's really you, you need to grow a thicker skin or you're going to have a bad time.

No. 1464359

>asks for decency
>while invading women’s spaces

No. 1464360

Mr Tinervin, sir, you posted the photo on the Internet. What happens after that is out of your control

No. 1464362

His skin is thick enough already, nonnie, look at those folds that makes his face look swollen like a dead toad.

No. 1464363

File: 1647039110341.jpeg (433.39 KB, 750x856, 215E7809-CF0E-4575-9C7E-C70D70…)

Kek, a 53 year old man commenting on photos of 18 y/os and women in their twenties, disgusting scrote

No. 1464364

Kek, of all the specimen featured recently, I would not have figured this guy to find the thread. Dude looks like a boomer who barely knows how to use a computer.

No. 1464365

You think makeup can save this fucking monstrosity? It needs to be put out of its misery.

No. 1464366

You are completely retarded lmao

No. 1464367

Well I was warned about coming here. I had hope everyone would be reasonable. Nope. I'm not going to stoop to insults and bigotry and transphobia. I just asked it to be taken down.

No. 1464368

Seriously I'm so confused whenever they say this. Who the fuck is teaching girls to do their makeup? I thought we all copied celebrities and watched youtube tutorials. Maybe I'm a man deep down

No. 1464369

Shut the fuck up faggot, go back to your retarded hug box.

No. 1464370

There was a mtf posting their face in another snow thread yesterday, how are the ugly old men finding us

No. 1464371

No matter how much you practice makeup and “learn” and butcher yourself with surgery you will always look like a fat hideous man. Quit while you’re ahead or perish.

No. 1464373

Don’t you know, nonnie? We get help from our friends at the sexy sleepovers.

No. 1464374

I don't think there is any quitting while he's ahead left. Only option is perish.

No. 1464375

File: 1647039354081.jpg (141.45 KB, 1080x1920, z1ke2ree61d71.jpg)

>stop bullying me waaaaaah I'm a cute girl

No. 1464377

File: 1647039372472.jpeg (149.8 KB, 1170x1574, 7992DA46-26C7-4238-8232-FFA416…)

HHAHAH oh my god the moid looks like this

You must be in your sixties, didn't you ever learn that whatever you put on the internet, is there forever and can be shared all over. Btw, no amount of make up will EVER make you look more than a toad in a wig

No. 1464378

File: 1647039436350.jpeg (123.39 KB, 639x783, 03DE73EA-5C2D-404A-AB79-6B3CD9…)

What a fat, disgusting hog

No. 1464379

File: 1647039436632.jpg (24.02 KB, 325x333, so feminine.jpg)

No. 1464382

You could try emailing the admin.

How did you even find out about lc?

No. 1464383

Is it better to sexily do your friends' makeup before or after the pillow fight orgy? Me and the girls always disagreed about this and had to let the winner of the whipped cream tickle fights choose.

No. 1464384

Dude looks like he killed a woman and scalped her.

No. 1464385

Oh shit, I never had those, I must be a man too! Same for all women around me!

Resembles that tiktok pedofile

No. 1464386

File: 1647039577316.png (26.92 KB, 838x245, 01B0ED1D-170D-4D17-A2F7-C9C44E…)

Picrel is from her most recent interview. Levels of pickmeism I’ve never seen before.
This is from a 2020 interview.
>> Grimes identifies as “gender neutral” and says that they are “impartial to pronouns for myself” but wishes that “I didn’t have to be categorized as female constantly.”
>>No doubt in part because of their own experience with gender identity, Grimes wanted to practice gender-neutral parenting. After Grimes’ first child with Musk was born in May, they decided not to assign the baby a gender until the child is old enough to choose their identity for themselves. “I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life,” Grimes said.

No. 1464387

File: 1647039623333.jpeg (25.46 KB, 300x294, 1471AA04-94FD-45E9-B201-9D9636…)

Literally egg_irl. humpty dumpty looking ass

No. 1464392

Oh yeah? And I have endometriosis, sometimes we get dealt a shit hand, scrote.

No. 1464393

File: 1647039791889.jpeg (15.23 KB, 200x202, 54FA79BA-091E-4FB3-A723-8776D4…)

No. 1464396

I sounded like an old man wheezing reading this post

No. 1464397

You can be mean. I cant stop you. TheEverestt. Don't lie, I know that's you. My question is, Why are you cruising Transpassing on Reddit. Do you like what you see?You want that special girl that can feed you a long dick. Yeah you do. It's OK baby, mommas got something for you. Open wide lover.. lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1464398

File: 1647039868634.png (1.19 MB, 1303x740, pale-lady.png)

No. 1464400

Do they seriously think a real woman would ever call herself penismommy? Do troons just think this is because they were socialized male or do they think girls talk like this?

No. 1464401

is this a troll? this is foul.

No. 1464405

This one’s bait, don’t respond.

No. 1464406

whoever is encouarging you or tells you that you look good is not your friend

No. 1464409

No seriously why are all of this creep's replies to young women (read: biologically female, not other male trannies)??? Man is old enough to be their grandfather yet he can't contain his perversion. Why isn't he leering at other trannies if they are so totally women too?

No. 1464410

File: 1647040092760.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 8D04AF42-167A-4E87-8CF1-A0D703…)

>you could try emailing the admin
Are you fucking delusional?

No. 1464411

tinervin@juno.com, how long do you think it will be before we find out where you work?

No. 1464412

It's incredible moids do not comprehend women NOT getting excited about things, like they do. Terminal coombrain.

No. 1464413

Tell us what happens, nonnie

No. 1464414

File: 1647040222494.png (1.89 MB, 867x1400, 4.png)

No. 1464418


No. 1464419

He has a lot of info public on his Facebook profile kek

No. 1464420

>Old man with "penis" tatted on his chest

No. 1464421

Please update us! I wonder what would be good subtle ways to TWIGGEW him lol

No. 1464422

Samefag all his friends are other ancient troon blobs or fake porn accounts. Why are they all so transparent?

No. 1464425

I wondered why he mentioned that username - he thinks we are one honest commenter on that Reddit post he made. The commenter said "There's nothing you can do. It's hopeless".

No. 1464429

File: 1647041135726.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1937, 30CD9537-1A7F-40DA-9E73-A90090…)

Why you are sharing videos of very young half naked women, Holly? Half of them look underage. No woman would ever be interested in something like this. You will never be a woman. You will never be a lesbian. You will never be loved by a female. Worthless pornsick scrote.

No. 1464430

What the FUCK is wrong with him? You have to be seriously mentally retarded if you share posts you jerk off to on your fucking fb profile. That's a thing even most moids would not do, even they have SOME shame. Well, some but not all, as we see here.

No. 1464431

Hideous old fat bald crossdressing man is revealed to be a pedophile. Wow, who would have guessed?

No. 1464433

I think if says “ this pen is”, not “this penis” lmao but maybe it’s intentional

No. 1464434

File: 1647041526776.png (347.01 KB, 1478x502, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.31…)


No. 1464435

That girl seriously looks underage. I feel sick

No. 1464439

he posted in transpassing? all the plastic surgery in the world cant help him pass

No. 1464441

File: 1647041701892.png (698.37 KB, 1624x414, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 6.34…)

a little less than 3 times his age. disgusting.

No. 1464442

samefag meant to say 3x her age

No. 1464443

>You have no idea what things like this does to those of us that are just trying to be who we are
while creeping on underage girls? fuck you and kill yourself pedo

No. 1464445

Well, if this means they will stay in their tranny subreddits for once, instead of trying to shove themselves in women’s Reddit spaces, then I hope they listen to the fat pedophile faggot.

No. 1464446

Lovely, will we have a troon flood here?

No. 1464447

How about being decent first yourself and stop calling yourself a woman? You will never be a woman. We don't want you, you will never feel the touch of woman, you will never be loved. Go away and stop posting anytime, psycho

No. 1464448

I’m sure there’s going to be a bunch of gore posted in here, like usual. Then again, is he even getting followed by other trannies?

No. 1464449

if you don't want people to laugh at you stop being such a cow lmao.

No. 1464450

His posts have like 0 updootitooties on each. Not even the trannies like him

No. 1464451

doubt it, they will 41% the second we don't validate their feelings, they won't send too many soldiers or they will be left without fuckmeat and they know real women dont want them

No. 1464453

File: 1647042188595.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, 41C887CA-88B4-4FBF-8E8E-92E0F3…)

>Tfw the losers that told him to join the cult doesn’t even like him.

No. 1464454

Really makes you wonder why so many of them have tons of gore and cp at the ready

No. 1464456

every now and then we get pick me TiMs a la blair white who think they're better than the other TiMs and want to prove it to us

No. 1464457

File: 1647042390483.png (347.24 KB, 1310x616, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 6.46…)

hes creepy even to the other troons. that last reply is so menacing.

No. 1464458

It’s such a male response to something they don’t like, men love to justify anything rapey at the smallest excuse. They creep discords they hate to try to send members dick pics and such, not to mention this shit.

No. 1464460

Hahaha this is one of the ugliest men I've ever seen in my life. Disgusting fat ass. Clearly male and I know he has no real-life friends and his family hates him. Nasty ass

No. 1464461

File: 1647042516872.png (310.57 KB, 1504x526, wow.png)

No. 1464462

He was probably bullied all of his life so he doesn't know what actual love is kek. Pathetic loser. I wonder if he knows how many people are laughing behind his back. Not fooling anyone.

No. 1464463

Can they at least TRY to sound like women. Nah it's always rape threats

No. 1464468

Insane how he can post this right after he threatened to dick down a nonnie. They have no shame about playing victim.

No. 1464469

File: 1647043131518.jpeg (132.9 KB, 828x908, E92C4257-3F16-41E8-89E4-FA83CE…)

Holy shit Honter looked so different even 2-3 years ago. Twink death hits hard

No. 1464470

File: 1647043137586.png (61.61 KB, 620x214, tsktsk.png)

breaking the first rule

No. 1464473

quick reminder that Bradley hates lesbians and bragged in his leaked IMs about punching one in the face while enlisted.

No. 1464474

File: 1647043482932.jpg (40.03 KB, 792x600, Limburger's_evil_laugh.jpg)


No. 1464475

File: 1647043604975.jpeg (250.92 KB, 828x626, 39E31C9A-C44E-4C49-B882-0D43DC…)

this troon was discussed in the last thread for having SRS and sexualizing his newly botched meat. inching closer to potentially 41%-ing himself im sure now that he’s castrated and his wound isn’t doing well.

No. 1464476

File: 1647043618343.jpeg (17.56 KB, 488x326, 123.jpeg)

You can't be serious

No. 1464480

File: 1647043910633.png (140.54 KB, 1212x522, Screenshot 2022-03-12 at 00.11…)


"Cliff" is actually a pickme woman (Holly 'Pervocracy'), she was around in the really old days (like mid 2000s) of 'feminist' blogging to talk about how kink was good or whatever retard shit

No. 1464481

oh man they got that post surgery blues.

they better keep dilating otherwise they will lose what few inches they have in that meat cavern.

No. 1464484

File: 1647044014987.jpg (140.46 KB, 720x884, FNiSo6cWQAA7ac4.jpg)

No. 1464489

File: 1647044134910.jpg (346.66 KB, 2544x4000, dee.jpg)

>don't try to be something you aren't

No. 1464499

File: 1647044766416.png (33.58 KB, 641x451, Capture.PNG)

>They want me so bad
Cope harder

No. 1464501

lol the honeymoon phase didn't last long. don't tell us that we didn't warn you!

No. 1464502

Ew. I can't believe I almost felt bad for a second. All troons are disgusting and this just proves that they'll use any kind of manipulation (particularly the emotional aspect- trying to use pity to get /Blank/) to get us controlled under their power.

The only times and anytime I've had to interact with a spergoonie has just reinforced my ideas that they're trying to hide their pornsick fantasizes of fetishizing woman and particularly young girls (common theme: troons jealous of children).

I don't know any man with a decent head on his shoulders who would ever consider invading womans bathrooms, clothing spaces, etc. Even if they are more femme because they know they're NOT A WOMAN. And woman NEED THEIR PRIVACY. Or they use the NEUTRAL/HANDICAP BATHROOM. It's so fucking creepy to me MEN will always try to justify their existence in a womans washroom.

I can't believe this sisicsisick fuck posting underage tiktok girls on his Facebook wants to be in the same space as me. What the fuckk.

No. 1464505

They always pretend they’re not crying when all they’re looking at is tips for 41%ing quickly.

No. 1464507


This gives off the same energy as the trannie who thought his misgendering room mate was into him. Psychopaths in disguise. They constantly want to think everyone wants to fuck them. I dont even want to say HE because I dont even consider troons people at this point LOL.

Fucking psycho, keep lurking. Just know you'll never be a cis-woman and all men can see right past through your shitty shampoo + dollar tree eyeshadow. You'll never have a vagina or breasts. We'll always be woman. Always. But you- an imitator and skinwalker who's irls wont talk to him because they all know you're a fucking creep and loser.

No. 1464508

It’s funny that they suddenly come back down to reality as soon as their masturbation tool is gone.

No. 1464510

the lesson is you could have kept your penis and been a gnc but you wanted to troon out and now you got a wound hole for the rest of your life.

No. 1464511

agreed… at first I was like, "well, I feel a little bad, maybe we should lay off him" but then he launched into the weird scrotey sexual comments and was revealed to be posting his underage wank material to facebook like a psychopath. You're so right nonna, that initial post trying to get us to feel bad was just pure manipulation.

No. 1464512

I actually did feel bad for him at first, like he seemed so sad, retarded, and pathetic I felt sympathy toward him….but then of course he showed his true rapist incel pedo colors and I feel like an idiot. These people really are fucking sick freaks

No. 1464513

he's still posting about it on the transpassing subreddit. literally just having a mental breakdown on a public subreddit treating it like his own diary/blog. surprised he hasn't been banned from the subreddit or something yet. what a pathetic scrote.

No. 1464515

it just shows that males' brains and "logic" are controlled by their dicks

No. 1464516

File: 1647045819585.png (982.38 KB, 926x1388, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 4.40…)

>You should stay out of the places that aren't for you
>Invades a lolcow mtf thread

No. 1464517

lol this is the most attention he has had in his life.

he is 100% gonna delude himself about it so he can wank to it later.

No. 1464519

It seems they weren't fans of him before anyway kek. He's bringing more attention to the sub than anything so they should probably cut their losses and ban him by now

No. 1464528

File: 1647047032567.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1426455836186.png)

I have no idea what is going on itt but I'm having a blast KEK.

No. 1464530

samefag, I read the whole mess listening to this song as a cherry on top. What a moment in history.

No. 1464532

Magnum Kek.

No. 1464535

He's still posting about us kek. He's an old fart so he probably never learned to not feed the troll? I almost feel bad for senile men with PC access.
Also, funny that a 53 year old man refers to himself as a girl. Do any actually refer to themselves as women?

No. 1464536

literally why would he post that on reddit….

No. 1464537

File: 1647047627471.jpg (265.25 KB, 667x1000, just wow.jpg)

Holy fucking shit, yesterday was the days many girlies got peaked by Hunter Schafer and now I see trannies imploding on LC, what a night, cheers ladies

No. 1464538

Does he realise since this a woman only anonymous imageboard, women can actually say what they think?

No. 1464540

Maybe he thinks they’re his personal army, which yeah, Reddit trannies are particularly vile, but lots of time has passed already and there aren’t any gore or cp posts yet.

No. 1464543

too bad that cp (funny how they got it on their pc, I wonder why) and gore posting does nothing aside putting them in trouble, moid be thinking that sending trannies here would have the same effect as a trans girl subliminal uwu

No. 1464544

Sorry to be tech illiterate since I don't use reddit, but it says this post has 6 comments but when I click there is just his. Do you have to be part of the sub to view it? Is anyone actually defending him?

No. 1464545

Same here, it seems to happen only on his posts so Idk

No. 1464546

pls explain, I live under a rock

No. 1464548

File: 1647048225087.jpg (282.07 KB, 1280x961, FNcD6H2WUAEJxlw.jpg)

TV series Euphoria's tranny posted this on instagram then deleted it once it got attention. Twitter found it and you can imagine the havoc.
of course libbies are defending him saying "Well, cis girls think like this too!!"
And can I have your opinion? Because I'm in my mid 20s and while I know that society is shit, I never feel validated by catcalling but we're talking about a moid so yea, what do we expect right

No. 1464550

Holly, Harold, whatever your name is, if you were actually sorry you'd stop posting. You only look more unhinged to both us and your tranny brethren.

No. 1464552

I don't get it, are those screenshots entire new posts made by the troon? Why is he spamming that subreddit, clearly nobody cares about him.

No. 1464557

File: 1647048384726.png (212.41 KB, 1480x465, 2.png)

It seems that the saga has finally come to an end

No. 1464558


No. 1464560

I don't think he's baiting suicide I think he's just out of breath.

No. 1464561

Refill your wine glass, anon? I'm here in my Harry Potter sleep shirt watching true crime while reading about a tranny have a narcissistic tantrum during commercials. I've never felt more female. J/K, I always feel female because I was AFAB. Fucking kek.

No. 1464565

File: 1647048773119.jpg (45.84 KB, 563x697, 7246124dfdaec956c50dc293258588…)

Oh silly nonita, how can you feel like a woman if woman is not a feeling, just a biological reality that's rooted in our bones, organs and dna? Silly billy nonny.

No. 1464571

File: 1647049228466.jpg (14.16 KB, 500x353, 571638870e4ab5acf55392b9365d97…)

I've been reading too much troon propaganda. Silly empty girly brain.

No. 1464572

File: 1647049351618.jpeg (289.73 KB, 1668x741, 7075CE75-D29E-4C66-BE61-1E96DA…)

Lmao come on, I know you bitches are smarter than this

No. 1464573

Smarter than you.

No. 1464574

It funny

No. 1464578


No. 1464579


girll just let us drink the milk lmaoo

No. 1464581

File: 1647049843908.jpg (16.85 KB, 268x284, 1614020204543.jpg)

this will never not be funny K E K

No. 1464582

File: 1647049847070.jpg (84.47 KB, 488x516, 3e3.jpg)

he's still posting on reddit btw

No. 1464584

moids love it when the woman "pretends to resist" so they can both reassure themselves that they got a "good girl" not a "slut" and also stroke their egos because the good girl became a slut for them. barf.

No. 1464586

File: 1647049937898.png (17.19 KB, 632x205, Capture.PNG)

Yeah we stole his photo after all

No. 1464589

We just had some good dairy and now you're coming with this? Let us bully people out of our spaces.
Also, the absolute state of a man thinking that we're mean to him because of his looks (incel rhetoric) and not because he's pornsick and a joke of a human

No. 1464597

File: 1647050139998.jpeg (31.02 KB, 500x477, 1646368913273.jpeg)

Why is this tranny saga so funny to me I can't stop cackling help

No. 1464601

I think it's really funny and telling to view true women's only spaces. The nonnas here are so unabashed and hilarious and powerful. There's a reason men don't want women to congregate alone frequently.

I want to create women's only groups irl in my profession but it's hard with gender shit.

No. 1464603

>wE'rE gOnNa rEpLaCe YoU
whatever twinge of pity i felt at first is long gone now

No. 1464607

why on earth is this geriatric individual calling himself a GIRL. Have you ever met an old lady who refers to herself as a "girl"? pornsick elderly scrote.

No. 1464608

Truth, they need to realise that we eat our young and together we'll be unstoppable.

No. 1464610

Nonnies, I went to engineering school (over 90% male) and the Women in Engineering program has been renamed Diversity and Inclusion program…..
And all the women engineer professors have pronouns in email signatures. None of my male professors have pronouns.

No. 1464611

File: 1647050617737.png (1.84 MB, 991x1221, 2.png)

No. 1464612

Just more proof that gender shit is being pushed onto women from whatever higher authority wants to push it. Women in Engineering is not analogous to diversity and inclusion. A woman isn't anything that isn't a man, but this is the narrative that is being forced.

No. 1464613


We are Lilith. I hope more trannies come here to see what women actually think of them. Moids need to know how good they have it when being judged by looks. 18 fucking months putting on make up, having the entire internet at their disposal, and looking like sewage is not a mood.

No. 1464615


No. 1464617

How long is this fat fuck gonna milk his 15 minutes of "fame" lmao. Undoubtedly the most female attention he's ever gotten.

No. 1464621

Old but imagine if his students react to his account

No. 1464622

File: 1647051098535.png (44.39 KB, 631x375, notevenawoman.png)

The funny part is that if you also go through "TheEverestt"'s account on Reddit, he's not even a woman like what this geriatric tranny was probably hoping.

No. 1464624

imagine dumping the richest man in the world for this ogre

this is the second troon i've seen calling the chop "grs", i thought the approved term was """gender confirmation surgery"""?

No. 1464628

Honestly, I want them to understand that every woman who compliments their messy eyeliner or overdrawn lipstick is doing it out of pity. Because women are taught to be highly empathetic emotional support humans for males. I wish more women would speak their minds.

No. 1464638

File: 1647051805308.jpeg (347.72 KB, 1170x1003, D145B0F5-3F0F-4F87-A6EC-145D09…)

Trannies can’t wrap their head around a woman being talented and successful. Also OP catfishes alt right chasers using pictures of real women.

No. 1464640

"Well, cis girls think like this too!!"
And can I have your opinion?

Well do YOU think woman don't feel female enough without being a victim of rape? It is very different to be fearful of rape due to the realities of your gender and feeling that your gender is defined by it.

He is unpacking his internal misogyny in a very male driven view point. If he was actually trying to address this in a female manner he would address the female/male power dynamic and the act of "being consumed" in the more commonly female ideal of the "ravishing fantasy".

Where a man is overcome by his physical/romantic attraction and can not control his baser urges. The act of being dominated for females in this example erotic rape fantasys, it is very rarely fetishized as an act of abuse or oppression. The girls that do take it a step further either have trauma relating to it or are coom brained and way too into BDSM. And honestly you would criticize those coom brain nonnies as well if you where sensible.

He is still very much "stabbing himself with misogyny" if he still has a similar view-set of womanhood as he did in 2017-2018, and I worry for the woman in his life that he may act upon if he views this way about woman still.

I think it's irresponsible of him to not address this publicly and not try to dissuade people from this toxic mindset. No one should just accept this as the norm when addressing their dysphoria. This is not healthy thinking for anyone cis or trans, queer or straight.

No. 1464641

What constitutes as a good YA novel/series to these people? Manga?

No. 1464644

Awww, that projecting is so, so, so, lovely.
While I agree that HP is not that literary masterpiece, everytime some tim mentions her, I just sit and watch comfortably. You know trannies are the first to have horrible home lives and have never been loved, that's why they transition

No. 1464645


No. 1464646

imagine thinking jk rowling is talented when she named the only asian character in her book cho chang lmao

No. 1464648

twittard spotted

No. 1464652

File: 1647052139207.jpg (58.48 KB, 1200x628, l-roy-dunham-the-marvelous-mrs…)

Do you guys watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel?
L Roy Dunham is a columnist who Mrs maisel assumes is a man. Once she meets Dunham, it's revealed she's a woman writer.

Clocked immediately from the voice.

No. 1464656

There’s a troon with this exact hairstyle at my uni. He goes by fae/faer and tried to “correct” our professor (Indian dude who could barely speak English) for “misgendering” him.

No. 1464659

It's not My Lai, anon. It's a book written by a British woman for kids. Many kids who would have never bothered to read much started becoming avid readers because of Harry Potter. She's talented if she's able to do that.

No. 1464660

I can't name a single troon who is talented and extremely succesful as ms. Rowling. They can't even hide their envy towards women.

No. 1464666

Touch grass. Not everyone is a sjw who knows everything about other cultures than their own

No. 1464667

For any troid moids reading, even the nicest handmaidens that suck your dick literally and figuratively are instinctively repulsed by you. You are an affront to nature. You are a red flag dripping with cum personified. People at work mock you when you're out of earshot. Your parents are embarrassed by you. Everyone can tell just by looking in your dead, degenerate eyes that there's something wrong with you. You are fated to wear out the good will of everyone around you. You will die alone, unloved, and broken inside.

No. 1464669

File: 1647052850015.png (194.21 KB, 745x802, creep.png)

Don't worry he gets attention from every guy and girl since coming out

No. 1464673

They let their misogyny show when they refer to her as an old hag who should just take her success within range and stay quiet (see Vaush)

I never read HP growing up and it's so funny because all the kids who told me what a great series it was and I need to read it are pretending it's trash because of her cancellation ..haha

No. 1464674

Let the girls have some fun

No. 1464675

Her treatment of non-British/Christian cultures is cringy but there’s no denying her works had a cultural impact. Quit nitpicking.

No. 1464679

Why are we nitpicking a YA series from the late 90s? Come on, nonnies we have troons to laugh at.

No. 1464680

they literally see the religion and culture as an extreme extension of a BDSM lifestyle.

No. 1464681

Kek. Same. All my super liberal friends who jump on every band wagon like "BERNIE!" "SOCIALSIM!" are desperately retweeting and sharing shitty opinion pieces on how Harry Potter belongs to the fans and not her. The sheer cope of them knowing Rowling changed their lives and trying to stay woke and popular is amusing to me. I'd rather be liberal than conservative so I'm not changing my friend group, but I wish I could TERF out in the open.

Anon, Rowling is the single biggest threats in troons mentally ill mind. An actual woman who owns a huge part of autistic nerd culture occupies the only part of their brain that's not coom filled.

No. 1464683

Its been a long time since read Harry Potter, and it was only the first book, but I seem to recall the prose being fine. It didn't turn me into a massive fan or anything, but she's doing something right. I'd love to see her detractors writing. I'm sure they're churning out masterpieces.

No. 1464689

nyc sucks because of troons

No. 1464691

Literally this, this is why so many troon out after they trap a woman in a marriage and usually transition when she's about to give birth.
Or they just turn to other troons.

No. 1464694

Harry Potter was a massive cultural phenomenon that brought people together all over the world. It was fucking awesome growing up as the books and movies were being released. Stay fucking mad trannies.

No. 1464696

did donald trump transition????

No. 1464697

holy shit that dude needs to wash his hair

No. 1464699

this always happens to them once the opiates wear off

No. 1464701

stay away from schools and do not make eye contact with me or my daughter

No. 1464702

>Harry Potter

No. 1464703

File: 1647055016476.png (1.38 MB, 1041x941, moid brainrot.png)

i don't see it

No. 1464706

because she had short hair and no makeup?

No. 1464707

>female brow
>female jaw
>female neck
Meanwhile these troids are fracturing their face bones to have a face like hers lmao cope seeth dilate

No. 1464710

i can't find that photo anywhere by searching jk rowling young. all i can find are baby photos.

No. 1464711

I wouldn't doubt this is a fake post. That looks nothing like her

No. 1464713


her hat thing is so cute!

It's kinda ironic them policing what looking female or not. kek

Never understood the "I was just pretending to be a retard hurr hurr" humor. Seems like the most lowly attempt of irony. And you know they will try and pull that card if they get called out on policing the stuff they bitch about.

Also seems to be a moids number one go to for humor. And if you try calling them out on it they criticize you for not having a sense of humor. It's bullshit.

No. 1464715

the nose is completely different. i'm not saying she couldn't have had a nose job but the nostrils are widely different and that's usually not something they mess with.

No. 1464716

Harry Potter is a literary empire. It’s gone way past being just a book series. If it was just a book that anyone could write and had nothing else going for it other than luck, why is it still repeatedly on no.1 amazon book lists? Why do the movies get a whole marathon on tv like every other month? Why is there still an hp theme park? Why is there an hp game show? Why if shes such a bad person who must be erased from history, why is nyt making ads and posters of sjws still thinking about her creation? Because they know they can’t make anything even 1/1000000th as interesting and influential as HP.

No. 1464718

Are they making fun of her or are the trannies tinfoiling that she’s secretly a self hating transwoman

No. 1464719

Not to mention the eye color, eye spacing, and different depths. Watch this have thousands of retweets and likes anyway though because they just want more 'JKR is ebil terf' content

No. 1464722

File: 1647056028211.png (354.41 KB, 1085x775, rowling.png)

this isn't JKR - this is anne volant rowling, joanne's dead mother

No. 1464724

File: 1647056121226.png (75.45 KB, 849x471, rowling2.png)


No. 1464726

ooof new low reached. troons and TRAs just keep sinking.

No. 1464727

My god they're retarded. They look similar but the nose is completely different

No. 1464728

Calling someone's dead mother a moid! Very nice!

No. 1464729

File: 1647056276618.jpg (14.95 KB, 320x240, g231502_u81204_kidddd.jpg)

that makes way more sense. JK is like 50. why would a photo of teen her look that old?

No. 1464734

I won't cowtip but I hope someone calls it out

No. 1464736

lol that was quicker than expected

No. 1464744

the gore is just their own surgery pics

No. 1464745

yes, a flood of post-dilation blood and pus

No. 1464750

File: 1647057618804.jpg (208.2 KB, 720x1032, 20220311_225932.jpg)

Why is always the ugliest retard mfrs who talks the most shit

No. 1464751

i don't think thats jk, it's a 60s photo

No. 1464752

it's jkr's mother >>1464722

No. 1464753

If we put every twitter troon both MTF and FTM and the enbies, etc, on an island, what do you think would happen? Would it be lord of the flies?

No. 1464755

File: 1647058202535.jpg (37.98 KB, 219x530, jk.jpg)

edgy rebellious teenager JKR is a mood I can get behind tbh

No. 1464756

Jesus these men are so unhinged, no wonder they will never be happy with themselves, all they can do is literally spend their lives seething, coping and either cooming or dilating.

No. 1464759

the troons would chimp out and rule thru violence. Years down the track natural born females will be kept in the birthing shacks so they don't trigger their dysphoria and treated as a lower caste because trans woman are "better".

They will just play out the regular moid patterns of practice with the cult of gender being their new religion.

moids will be moids for ever and always. Thou wonder how they will pull of the attempts at passing with HRT and surgeries. Most likely just beat people into compliance with their delusions.

No. 1464771

I almost felt bad for him when he came here, email first, asking to get his post taken down because he dosnt know any better. like, poor mentally ill grandpa, coming in here like a cow to slaughter. but damn, he really is the scum of the earth. getting all hard for invading women's spaces and threatening people with sexual assault? beyond disgusting. no one wants you here, we just want to laugh at your pathetic existence from a distance and youre making it worse for yourself by refusing to leave. its people like this who ruined my respect for trans women.

I'm still somewhat nice, in the sense I dont want him (or anyone) to 41%, but I won't feel bad in the slightest if he gets doxed further and ruins his own life because he can't exercise an ounce of self control.

No. 1464774

looks like a tube of toothpaste.

No. 1464777

File: 1647060044419.png (4.48 MB, 1864x1529, Untitled.png)

Sorry for samefag but i saw this so you have to see it too

No. 1464779

Accurate. The TIFS will learn quickly that the TIMS still see them as female. TIFS will not be given the male priveledge that they think they can opt into, and will experience the same misogyny. We already see it happening plenty on Reddit. Those dystopian fics that incels write regarding what women should do are a glimpse of what that island would be like.
It would be violent and honestly, I think those trans people would get tired of being with each other and still desire to interact with "cis" people (because that's where much of their validation comes from) and try to invade.

No. 1464783

This. And I'm weirdly comforted by anons talking here about the sympathy they initially felt for this guy, because I did too. It's really something to realize how instantly and immediately we extend good faith to men, even hardened bitches like everyone here….and then to realize it's bs. I'm angry, and I'm tired of being used, and I want men who come here to know we're lying when we're nice, because we're forced into it.

No. 1464787

lmao, I'm so glad someone's posted about this. Clocked before he even turned around, then I thought, "nah, wait, maybe I'm jumping to conclusions," and then he turned around and it was Hari Nef. Thank god he never shows up again. Also lol, that this happens in the same episode the stripper who's happy about the club getting nicer says women tip better because they give life, and are more generous.

No. 1464794

>this entire post
accurate as fuck, I too a self-proclaimed hardened bitch, felt some sympathy when reading his pity pleas for mercy. Only to be slapped in the face with the fact that not only is he a deranged sissy degenerate but also a paedophile. I'm done feeling pity AT ALL, as some anons said; we eat our young, we are Lilith.

No. 1464797

J.K is probably laughing so hard at these scrotes who think she wants to be a subhuman retarded moid with incomplete chromosomes.

No. 1464798

please don't respond to scrote namefags, it only encourages them

No. 1464799

>Why are we nitpicking a YA series from the late 90s?

It's a series for 8-12 and I think the first book was published in 1998, but there were (increasingly thicker) books released up until around 2006? (I could just check wiki but it's beside the point) - most people criticising the series haven't read it and know nothing about it, and the fans stayed fans. It's relevant because Rowling is very literally becoming a feminist hero, one Tweet at a time, and all anyone has against her is to nitpick her (bestselling across the world) children's books.
Also a current franchise with theme parks, merch and Fantastic Beasts movies still ongoing.

No. 1464813

File: 1647064417731.jpeg (842.74 KB, 1460x3214, 66135FB1-6837-4F88-9E40-293E59…)

hahah it’s so great seeing the troons stumble over themselves trying to defend and explain away this. all he could come up with is “u real girlies will never understand!!!”

No. 1464814

File: 1647064752409.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

I hope some of them come here to see what people ACTUALLY think about them.

I pretend to be nice and courteous to their face, respecting their prohnunns, but behind their back I'm here. If you have a penis or a gross open wound in place of it, you will never EVER be women and everyone knows it.

And to any "afabs" reading, please GET OUT of the cult. Read through these threads.

No. 1464816

>people who aren't transfem can't possibly understand
how convenient that it only applies to them

No. 1464820

if you say it like that it almost sounds cool

No. 1464823

any person who defends this mindset is a creep. I love how they come out with "but he was 17 at the time" which he wasn't btw. I've never met a teenage girl who has fantasized about being used by men. Gosh the mental gymnastics these freaks create.

No. 1464826

File: 1647065949705.jpg (116.08 KB, 980x980, gettyimages-1181149685[1].jpg)

how did his chin balloon in size

No. 1464827

File: 1647066009216.jpeg (319.78 KB, 828x1026, C39A1193-6C36-4AD9-B6CF-BA29F5…)

No. 1464829

lemme guess, ano-neo"vaginal" fistula? they can't close their neo-holes, which just stay wide open (unlike real vaginas) so the gas would just seep out like a constant gas leak. And of course, gas is not the only thing that would be coming through…

No. 1464830

wo wo wo hold up, you are telling me the "vag" hole they have pierced through their asses so now they're a walking gas/shit distiller??

No. 1464831

"hunter's serial killer ramblings about being sexually attracted to violent misogyny is something all transfems understand! You wouldn't get it!"

do they… not see how much of a self-drag that is? You're admitting to what the "evil TERFs" have been saying for YEARS. So you're allowed to admit it, but no one else is allowed to point it out?

No. 1464833

That's the only explanation I can come up with, yeah. But it probably wasn't "pierced"; rather infection bored the hole between the colon and the neovag. And maybe was helped along a bit with too-rough dilation.

No. 1464834

>infection bored the hole between the colon and the neovag
BLEGH anon this can't be real, can you imagine the STENCH alone these degenerates produce? wtf

No. 1464837

Yes. Some threads ago there was a troon that posted pics of his shit filled pads asking if he should be worried

No. 1464839

Imagine ruining your body and investing years into your life to raise a moid who jerks off in your underwear and becomes a misogynistic coomer troon

No. 1464840

File: 1647067882350.png (58.36 KB, 579x500, UQmVHDI.png)

is this the dumbest thing i've ever read?

No. 1464842

Next thread pic pls

No. 1464843

Ad i was reading this i was thinking to myself how these moids use cowardly and submissive language to lower your defences and make you feel sorry for them. They're just snakes, and it all a sexual thing for them. Then i finally read this post,
All of my biases and prejudices confirmed. Nasty incels trying to creep into womanhood. You just can't help being perverted and misogynistic though. Men are too retarded and coombrained to keep the lid on their violent sexual fantasies for too long.

No. 1464844

File: 1647068358213.png (362.47 KB, 1080x816, Screenshot_20220311-223232~2.p…)

No. 1464846

File: 1647068630399.jpg (290.55 KB, 701x1106, 20220312_020246.jpg)

>insanely juicy

More like poop

No. 1464848

i swear you cant so much as listen to new BM or grind bands without like the drummer being a troon or some shit it's everywhere now

No. 1464851

Chelsea Manning is a troon? Not gonna lie, I had heard about the leaks on the news, but never even saw a picture of “her” until this. Interesting. I clearly don’t follow news close enough. Poop is accurate. Also, blood and necrotic tissue that’s fallen out.

No. 1464852

i mean they're not that wrong, hunter schaefer is just doing the same performance of self-awareness as other tims like grace lavery, this recognition that their desire to be women means that they desire to be in a social class defined by negation and sexual violence

No. 1464859

File: 1647071655743.jpg (76.61 KB, 600x900, f61e79e985d06b1c433eac5cab113c…)

damn he was cute before

No. 1464860

Shang Tsung?? But seriously what a shame

No. 1464864

Still thinking about this post

Mr. Egg_irl

No. 1464865

This guy looks like he collected his cat’s fur balls for a year, put them all together, and then slapped them on his head

No. 1464866

This reminds me…we haven’t heard from “Erin” in a few days. I wonder how he’s doing.

No. 1464868

which one is that?

No. 1464877

File: 1647074094883.jpeg (476.11 KB, 1170x1030, 1EF67F08-1395-40D2-9C2A-670447…)

ErinInTheMorn on Twitter
All of his tweets in the past week are about Texas, misinformation about multiple states' laws, and this gem,

No. 1464879

She had to find names for her character in a time when Google didn't exist yet and the internet as a whole wasn't massively used, it's not like she could have looked up suggestions on a baby name webiste or some shit, and some of the other, actually british characters have even sillier names. It's like being shocked that an Ace Attorney character who's a murder victim is named Deid Mann.

No. 1464882

ahh gotcha.

the type of troon I hate the most

No. 1464889

I know this is shit bait but since a lot of troons regurgitate this point as some gotcha for how J.K. is actually a racist conservative Karen, >>1464879 said it best. Most of the British characters have silly, cartoony names themselves (I mean Luna Lovegood is some Ebony Darkness Dementia shit) and back then the standards for representation were very different from today. If anything she was progressive as hell for including students of other ethnicities in a school portraying a traditionally white upper class British private academy. If someone came up to me in the 90's and told me to name a Chinese character I would've said something along the lines of Cho Chang being completely sincere and well-meaning. It's not like I would've been able to drop a tweet asking people for resources on authentic Chinese names.

No. 1464892

File: 1647078538406.jpg (233.14 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20220312-033202_Chr…)

Dream on, Big Bird

No. 1464895

So cute, I don't feel pity for them, I just see them as special needs kids, the ones you have to pretend you're interesed to so they don't throw a tantrum.

No. 1464898

>more of a woman
You have a penis and a Y chromosome. In what world are you more of a woman than a biologically born woman? The cope. lmao

No. 1464899

Good lord even just hearing about celebrity news they can’t help but sound like degenerates. They probably think it’s a true and honest lesbian relationship ugh

Lol the fucking cope of troons losing female fans of hunter is hilarious. As someone with adhd there’s a difference between bad handwriting and someone writing cryptic writing for thoughts like these. If you write like this AND think like this you need to send yourself to a psych ward.

No. 1464900

I want to add that Cho Chang is really not a bad name, most people argue this in bad faith. One-syllable first names aren't uncommon at all, the given name and surname order is not the Chinese one because that would be confusing to Anglo readers. As for the name itself, the Chinese edition's name of Qiu (first name) Zhang (family name) is very cute and normal and can written with the old Wade-Giles romanization as Chiu Chang (with "-iu" pronounced like an "o" sound in mandarin). You can also imagine a number of other names that would have one syllable and sound similar to "Cho" (like Zhou or Zhuo, even if they would be uncommon as a one syllable first name). So JKR is really not that far off with "Cho Chang", she probably wanted a two-syllable Chinese-sounding name with the ch- alliterations, it's really a non-issue used to smear JKR since she turned TERF by listening to the tamper tantrums of some deeply retarded Asian-Americans that most likely can't read Chinese.

No. 1464901

File: 1647079750243.jpg (196.64 KB, 1200x1200, E6Bq3JIWYAUy_qE.jpg)

Still can't gauge if this is an upgrade or a downgrade. Grimes sure does have a thing for uggos.

No. 1464902

I almost started laughing out loud at your comment while on break at work, curse you nonna

No. 1464904

File: 1647080992056.jpeg (361.99 KB, 1152x2048, FNnb0fIVsAI1n0S.jpeg)

Any medical Nonnas itt that can explain why estrogen does nothing for these men? and why do TIFs get more out of testosterone? tims need major plastic surgery and silicone implants to somewhat resemble a woman.

No. 1464905

Hahah just checked the pedo egg grandpas reddit, his spamming just got deleted, no one cared except one user told him to stop. Lol.

No. 1464939

File: 1647086676008.jpeg (136.79 KB, 1170x1181, 2DAD887D-D056-4447-8E65-00427E…)

No. 1464942

>u can not like dick but it has nothing to do with being a lesbian or not

i feel like i'm taking crazy pills

No. 1464948

The fuck. Those hormones they take are chemical castration, their brains are rotted from syphilis. If he's saying that they can stay fertile without hormones well… good luck convincing people that you're even trying to be a woman with that inevitable male hairline, fat distribution and very male ageing. They can save their garbage sperm, but women can also freeze their eggs so…

No. 1464949

This one is ill-behaved, needs to be fixed in minecraft. Japan is onto something by demanding trans people remove their gonads to access their desired bathrooms. It's very telling when rapist scrotes oppose it, they don't want to lose their male libido for a reason.

No. 1464953

fr the reason they stay fertile (without hormones, which they claim is NECCESSARY MEDICAL CARE) is because they're moids

if he's so proud of being a moid then he should stop pretending not to be one

No. 1464956

Same in Finland. Though activists are actively trying to get self-id and no medical requirements here too. Even the UN has said it's unethical

No. 1464959

Same. Maybe we are the crazy ones after all, and lesbianism is all about gobbling dick, male homosexuality about licking pussy!

Sometimes I just want to give up man

No. 1464961

File: 1647088709508.jpg (515.2 KB, 810x2371, Screenshot_20220312-072853_Boo…)

Predators, all of them:

No. 1464964

File: 1647089059514.png (488.53 KB, 1170x696, trans sergal extraordinaire.pn…)

25 years old and still pretending to have DID

No. 1464967

We could tell without the disclaimer too bby

Props for being of very ambigious sex though, I can't tell if it's a MtF or FtM

No. 1464972

it's a dude on estrogen

No. 1464975

File: 1647090543782.jpg (84.3 KB, 567x762, FNpr6Y0VgAIFPGL.jpg)

Ah yes totes female humor!!! Totes female pose!! She's a girl like you!

No. 1464976

If you cut the hair short it could be a pudgy fakeboi too. Impressive, really.

No. 1464977

brow ridge confirmed. the only time being a no-chin helps is if you're a troon

No. 1464980

>huntie gets backlash for being too open about womanhood being a fetish for him
>women are horrified, try to claim it's just hyperbolic
>"no, we're all really like that"

2022. the peakening.

No. 1464981

the worst are the coping troons and pansexual teenagers drooling for some shrinked feminine dick saying "It affects everyone!! Cis girls think like this too!!"
I know no cis girl thinking like this and if they do, it's the result of very bad trauma and they're in therapy trying to overcome that. Sad.

No. 1464985

File: 1647091646701.jpg (132.45 KB, 960x1792, q883d0qwnum81.jpg)

So apparently Eminem is asking for a new name during his transition, any ideas?

No. 1464986

machine gun callie

No. 1464989


No. 1464993

Joy Fruit

No. 1464997

Androgenisation is a complete process. Once a human male completes androgenic puberty, the changes are permanent and cannot be undone, only overridden (to varying degrees of “success”) by HRT. Obviously human females don’t go through this process naturally, but it commences once they take androgenic hormones. That’s why the effects of testosterone on TIFs are far more dramatic and permanent than that of estradiol on TIMs.

No. 1465001

Ladies, how do we undo this female socialization. I don't want to be like this forever.

No. 1465008

File: 1647093807721.jpeg (40.02 KB, 800x600, 6147961C-B055-47CC-B2A6-496EC9…)

Went an event at a nice hotel near me last night and there was a middle-aged, fat, balding troon there. Black minidress with marabou trim, black opaque tights, white sparkly strappy heels. The worst bit was his hair: bald male pattern baldness (picrel) but it was grown long? Crispy, wispy, chest length hair but bald as a coot on top. He looked fucking ridiculous.

No. 1465012

And then there's actual women with slightly thinning hair who try their hardest to hide it

No. 1465013

They're demented creeps, here's a quick confession: I frikin love the Handicap Bathroom, so much space, you can fix your hair and your clothes in absolute privacy, you can be truly alone for some minutes!
Who the hell wants to smells someone else shit or piss? Not me.

No. 1465019

File: 1647095487814.jpg (506.42 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20220312-062517.jpg)

Holy shit kek I posted this >>1462566 because his face made me giggle, dipped for 3 days and come back this?
Out of all of the ridiculous looking troons whose pics I've capped from transpassing over the years and posted here, I can't believe trandpa was the first to this thread. How did that even happen?

No. 1465024

File: 1647095861072.png (129.32 KB, 1133x303, kek.png)

Someone on 4troon claims they messaged him to tell him that lolcow was making fun of him but who knows

No. 1465030

kek they're sending themselves to death just to laugh at each other, like jackass, truly male behaviouor. I'll just sit here and pick my teeth until someone one new gets thrown in this lioness den

No. 1465033

Lmao this is hilarious if true.

No. 1465034

The real Slim Lady

No. 1465044

It’s the “accidentally” in quotations for me. The implication that she did it on purpose. Fucking psycho.

No. 1465046

This man has never had sex lmao. I’m kind of glad.

No. 1465054


No. 1465060

File: 1647099030892.png (600.43 KB, 679x1039, hollyelizabeth.png)

Please listen to trans people and you'd see they're just like any other person!

No. 1465062

File: 1647099225813.jpg (85.52 KB, 1080x720, 6fh2upinevl81.jpg)

Arthut Fleck doesn't look so hot these days. He's from New York as well, maybe works in tech I assume because he posted C+ stuff many times, a huge leftie since for ever. Claims to talk and debate himself outloud… He said his wifi password is "poop" and asked in another thread about pooping in a public park, so we can assume he's a scat fetish coomer. I didn't like the vibes he gets off I've been researching… that stare, it gives me the creeps…

No. 1465065

File: 1647099625170.jpg (47.59 KB, 736x589, 4a43ec1b069c0d58a2d2117d437e38…)

>that stare, it gives me the creeps…

No. 1465069

I swear that INTJ blah blah stuff is like horoscopes for moids.

No. 1465072

it's a joke autist

No. 1465073

That autistic glare. Ah..
Even horoscope make more sense. Intj shit is like which personality disorder or mentall illness you got. The leader one is narc, the analytic one is autismo for example.

No. 1465074

…And there it is, the moment the mask always slips. Even when your kind initially pretends to be "reasonable", you eventually resort to the most despicable, fetishistic, woman-hating shit. You either spam gore, or spam CP, or threaten with rape, or speak like a typical gas station sex predator. Because that's what women do when angry, right?
Honestly the more we let your kind speak, the more normies turn on you, because you always dig your own grave simply by talking. So by all means, keep digging, expose your real nature more.
You will never be a woman.

No. 1465076

Silly nonnie, you forgot to add his full name and e-mail.

No. 1465078

File: 1647100519240.jpg (4.09 KB, 275x183, hara-kirirock.jpg)

Same creep, this one looks straight up like a mugshot.

No. 1465079

Bro his implants have travelled to his abdomen wtf

No. 1465081

File: 1647100715778.jpg (339.61 KB, 1080x1457, IMG_20220312_164939.jpg)

I love it when she's on fire

No. 1465085

jk is openly identifying as a radfem now? based

No. 1465086

Yes we should have our own troon trading cards with facts and quirky quotes like this. I would use them to peak people

No. 1465087


Obsessed with JK refusing to back down. Troons and handmaidens all over are seething because they can't make her complacent and silent and just keep digging their own graves kek

No. 1465090

Thanks 4chan troonies that are reading this, you're helping women hate you even more

No. 1465091

File: 1647101823348.jpg (121.12 KB, 1067x943, Screenshot_20220312-081305_Twi…)

Tranny Faggot is like 10 days post op and is already contemplating suicide lol

No. 1465093

No. 1465094

This. I'm only nice because I don't want some freak following me home and harvesting my skin. But all my female friends at work make fun of the troon all the time.
>look what he's wearing
>oh my god he did not
>doesn't he realize how retarded he looks?
>he's a retard, so no
>etc etc

No. 1465098

File: 1647102568179.png (24.56 KB, 598x286, qrwrqwrqqrqrwrwq.png)

JK continuing to slam dunking on these losers

No. 1465100

This is why my favorite troon is a troon that has had SRS. You get to see the 8 stages of grief in real time:

>DENIAL: A giant raw hole in my groin is a real vagina! Dilating is sexy!

>ANGER: Cope. Seethe. Dilate.
>BARGAINING: Do I really have to dilate every single day for the rest of my life? Maybe I can have my dick reconstructed? A single orgasm?
>DEPRESSION: Why didn't anyone tell me it was like this? (Everyone told him).
>ACCEPTANCE: My penis is gone forever. I paid someone to flay my penis and dump it in a biohazard bin. I will never be the man I was before. I am but a dickless failure lost to the ever marching beat of time.

No. 1465102

kek, except usually subjects of mugshots aren't crying 5 min before their picture is taken

No. 1465103

File: 1647103287769.jpg (22.78 KB, 563x388, 1568083723788.jpg)

No. 1465105

File: 1647103522643.jpeg (787.93 KB, 3285x1784, A6AA77B4-8EA3-4849-902C-667E00…)

just insane amounts of cope. “w-well ackshually i don’t even want one!!” and yet a ridiculous amount of troons claim to get them. plus to try and make it out as if we fetishize our periods when THEY'RE the ones fishing tampons out of bins to play with.

“I’m built different” yeah, you’re built like a MAN

No. 1465107

She's playing naieve and acting dumb you fucking man. She can't simply ask "is that where your cock was", if this interaction even took place to begin with

No. 1465110

Wow proving right here that "transness" is absolutely built on the foundation of misogyny. I fucking hate these worthless excuses of life

No. 1465111

"i'm better than them" wow good job contradicting the whole "trans women are just like women!" idea. sexism from a male at its finest.

No. 1465113

Speaking of which, aren't we having some CP spamming in /ot/ right now? Earlier at least, I saw an anon mentioning it.
Tranny pays us a visit and CP spamming commences, what a coincidence!

No. 1465114

Yaaas queen you did the tiny mouth trend so well. How can anyone think this looks good

No. 1465116

unfathomably unspeakably unimaginably inconceivably groundbreakingly monumentally historically extraordinarily based

No. 1465117

They have to dilate every day for the rest of their lives??!
It's fucking insane this surgery is allowed to be performed on mentally ill people

No. 1465126

File: 1647104459038.jpg (64.62 KB, 582x900, kingdomhearts heaven.jpg)

Soon you stinky tranny, soon

No. 1465127

File: 1647104519098.jpg (1.4 MB, 1269x1927, dialate.jpg)

>They have to dilate every day for the rest of their lives??!
Pretty much.

No. 1465128

And no one saw it coming!
41% is closer than ever

No. 1465133

File: 1647104894374.jpg (1.19 MB, 2286x3161, Vaginal-Dilation-skin-Graft-la…)

It's recommended they dilate at least twice a week once they reach two years post-op. It's 3x daily for the first two years.

No. 1465134

TOP KEK! I'd probably 41% too if I had to put myself through horrible pain 2.5 hours a day. Plus changing them out and cleaning them. His life sucks even more now than it already did, and it was all by his own choice hahahaha.

No. 1465135

>Dudes be like "I'll be the guy to turn you straight" which is gross and shows a total lack of respect
>but transphobic if she doesn't see a dude as a girl

No. 1465136

The best part is, people are still making her richer.

No. 1465137

I swear these surgeons must actually hate autists. Like want them wiped from the gene pool. Meanwhile these tards are giving them hugs and talking about how "life saving" these surgeries are. Hilarious.
A large percentage of men can't even be bothered to brush their teeth and wash their asshole. And 100% of those men are autists just like these. It's like a personal hell for their debauchery lmao

No. 1465145


No. 1465146

No wonder they ask for absurd sums of money while asking for donations, they spend a ridiculous amount of time just coping, seething and dilating. I doubt these men have the time to work.

No. 1465147

"I'm better than cis women" as they cry from forcing open their rotting wound. Serves them right.

No. 1465149

>I swear these surgeons must actually hate autists

actually they love them, they are projected to make billions off them in the coming years, and fund lobbyists that push for tax funding of these Frankenstein experiments. Aka youll have kids waiting for organs longer than a man waiting to get his genitals butchered.

No. 1465153

File: 1647105946462.jpg (879.93 KB, 1409x4383, IMG_20190311_003824_008.jpg)

No one will convince me that they're happy this way

No. 1465154

File: 1647105986504.jpeg (201.58 KB, 828x489, 6C545736-2D76-4909-AA7F-4854FB…)

another tim replying to the pic of the suicidal dudes post op vagina pic claiming it looks just like a vagina after it’s given birth. cope

No. 1465156

his bolt-ons look so strange, fake boobs always look kinda off but these are really weird looking wtf it’s quite repulsive

No. 1465157

This is just TRUTH.

No. 1465158

File: 1647106033020.jpg (169.58 KB, 1024x598, 1641065562451.jpg)

No. 1465160

My question is, why do they continue to get these surgeries when all of these references are online to show them how they come out, time and time and time again? How they have to dilate the open wound in their taint for the rest of their lives? Why would you do it anyway, when you have all of these references?

No. 1465166

The truth is, nonnie, that there are people much, much stupider than you in the world. Part of growing up is realizing that your life at the whims of people who can't read at a 6th grade level. They lack the ability to think critically and from multiple angles.
Some people don't even have an inner monologue. Some people can't perceive the concept of other people having their own thoughts.
They see the negative results of these surgeries and think "this will never happen to me." They believe something (MY penis will become vagene) and therefor it is true.
Like I need you to understand. Some people are literally that stupid.

No. 1465168

They’re thinking with their dick because they don’t have any brain cells left. They buy into the trans narrative that it’s actually the exact 100% same as a real, natal vagina.

No. 1465169

File: 1647106569607.jpg (61.98 KB, 640x802, 0ad7a3599e76a664f4a1ccf6427f35…)

Moids are retarded. Usually when someone dies out of sheer stupidity it's a man. They see all the warnings and just figure well I'll do it and succeed and that'll show them. Sprinkle in some pornsickness and it's recipe for disaster.

No. 1465172

Because they aren't. Neovaginas are a scam. Even the "good looking, successful" ones look like something your dog would throw up before dying, they don't work, they don't feel, and they're a lifelong commitment. It's mutilation, post OP trannies will never have an orgasm again and the thing between their legs looks like something that would make any reasonable human being scream in horror.
So they either react by total denial of reality, like a more fucked up buyer's remorse, plunging deeper into madness… or they join the 41%. There is no escape, there is no turning back.

No. 1465180

Anon, I'm down. Maybe we can make up a card game in 2x?

No. 1465184

File: 1647107168757.png (525.34 KB, 1409x4383, 1647105946462.png)

Thank you for the compiler, made it a bit easier on the eyes

No. 1465189

Do you think trannies could be brought back down to earth if they were just castrated? Like, instead of a whole SRS, get rid of the thing producing the testosterone that’s making them so delusional and porn sick.

No. 1465191

File: 1647107435426.png (Spoiler Image,28.07 KB, 480x800, m.png)


No. 1465192

they often get orchiectomies before/in place of full SRS, so no

No. 1465193

Fukken saved

The jokes write themselves. This sounds like a fucking parody, oh my god

Lmaoo she's gone nuclear, queen

No. 1465198

Its basically a drug to them. The next step in their trooning out is their high, and the validation just makes them chase bigger highs. It's the exact same as eating disorders and plastic surgery addicts, only we don't sit around YAAAAS KWEENing them.

No. 1465200

The weird thing is that normies mostly believe in the scam too. One of my old relatives said she believed neovagina surgery had been "perfected". She's 70 and married so she'll never interact with a troon but she was still convinced of the neovagina lie. Its so strange

No. 1465204

File: 1647107954972.png (249.22 KB, 640x533, gross.png)

didn't watch but stfu vaush

No. 1465205

42%? I would too if I got the axe wound he got. Are troons shunning him because he's not speaking highly of his axe wound?

No. 1465210

I dont want to hear about their stupid girl dick.

No. 1465211

Holy shit, he's fucking shameless. I suspect the handmaidend are just clapping how he's a hero?

No. 1465220

Underrated reply

Let me guess the trannies are fawning all over him now in the comments?

No. 1465221

Whether he and his ilk like it or not, he has peaked a ton of people in JKR'S favor. A lot of liberal women are on the fence about this issue at the moment (ages 25-40), and hearing a retard tell women to shut up and apologize has tipped them over. That's even before all the child porn apologia.

No. 1465223

Handmaidens are so pathetic, they'd advocate for pedos if they thought it'd get them a pittance more of male validation.

No. 1465224

sage for blogposting/tinfoiling but the reason probably why so many only regain there senses after srs is because there body goes into panic mode (producing cortisol) from having a massive axe wound and starts destroying all the testosterone that is produced in there body by other organs un-coombraining them.

No. 1465225

Kek, that name was already taken by a female eurovision band one year

No. 1465232

The moral necessity of doing society a favour and banning Vaush from social media.

No. 1465235

File: 1647109363604.jpeg (595.24 KB, 750x1050, 82EA5C32-948F-407E-BB5D-C80069…)

Lord help

No. 1465236

File: 1647109375617.jpg (36.92 KB, 1262x135, 5iud56i.JPG)

Why did I check the comments

No. 1465238

File: 1647109396933.jpeg (611.43 KB, 750x1109, 7C78D878-68CC-4DBF-9248-9DD822…)

No. 1465240

based mom recognized the tranny beside him as his 'gf' because she realized no normal lesbian would ever date him

No. 1465241

Yes and no.
yes, because testosterone is pure poison for everybody, increasing sex drives (and thus coomerism and the porn addiction)
No because they're delusional and mentally ill and autotrick themselves thinking they're doing the right thing.
Or they're just that arrogant and self-absorbed, as all men are, to not to admit defeat

No. 1465243

>4th owned dress
What did he mean by this

No. 1465244

>why do they continue to get these surgeries when all of these references are online to show them how they come out,

Mental illness, the first thing a sane person does is look at before and afters of the surgery they want to have. They all live in a fantasy land and deny reality so why would they examine actual result photos? (fyi I never look at the images, transwomen describing their injuries is distressing enough)

No. 1465247

Vaush is a sexist pig and a pedo why do troons like him? Oh right they're men defending other men.

No. 1465249

*pedos defending other pedos

No. 1465251

It's so sad to see how all of twitter is just saying that her against vaush is like hitler against stalin, as if anything she could ever do would be as bad as being a pedo…

No. 1465253

Vaush is a pedo zoophile so they already are.

No. 1465254

File: 1647110018534.jpg (267.59 KB, 1575x2046, FNqbhrwXsAUh_W7.jpg)

Hunties here talking about the "good breast implants" of Haunter like? He looks like he's wearing a cosplay silicone suit

No. 1465256

Was there an old Vaush thread years ago? Or should we discuss him in leftcows?
It's also horrible that a woman having an opinion is being compared to mass murderers. Imagine if they policed people of foregin religions this way.

No. 1465257

A woman with strong opinions is the same level of threat as a male mass murderer. Misogyny has always been this way.

No. 1465261

File: 1647110283472.png (46.74 KB, 750x368, then its a fetish.png)

No. 1465264

File: 1647110405662.jpeg (155.32 KB, 750x493, 904F736A-BDC9-457D-B176-1CF40F…)

Lel even troons themselves are starting to catch onto trans-exclusionary misogyny

No. 1465265

nooo but you don't get it! her opinions are literally killing trans people, like, literally and actually, millions of trans girls have died because of what she said omg (sarcasm)

No. 1465267

File: 1647110514690.png (888.05 KB, 1059x622, i'm sick from this cotton pris…)

KEK i just saw that scrolling the subreddit and came to check this thread. i wonder if we were laughing at the same time at the same image, nonnie.

No. 1465269

File: 1647110525069.png (409 KB, 707x986, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter.png)

No. 1465270

File: 1647110578850.jpg (28.33 KB, 436x400, CTeUH20UcAAK978.jpg)

You still don't get it.. you were never women in the first place..

No. 1465271

Damn, the peaking is still going on?? Will 2022 be the year where the 41% will go up? nice

No. 1465272

kek what will Vaush's reply be to this?

No. 1465274

I didn't even think about it this way. Vaush told on himself. He doesn't see them as women, but as men, a gross disgusting fetish like his many other fetishes.
He sees them as men/femboys and money. Or they don't see themselves as women and assume he's not talking about Trans when he says "women should shut up".
Which is all the same. Any Troon or TRA who liked that post, don't think troons are women because why would they want poor transwomen to shut up and be quiet?
Vaush really fucked up coming at JKR. I feel his rep is worse with normal people then it already was.

No. 1465276



No. 1465278

HAHAA, fuck you Vaush. He's even too retarded for tranny furries

No. 1465282

No. 1465283

funny how the things that makes them feel "valid" is dressing up as little girls

No. 1465284

File: 1647111289966.jpg (102.25 KB, 1080x995, FNobobsXIAMSJZj.jpg)

No. 1465285

No. 1465286

File: 1647111438319.jpeg (50.87 KB, 600x600, 1323123516269.jpeg)

oh god i got too curious and looked at his twitter and found the pic…. huge mistake. im gonna vom.

No. 1465289

KEK now I went to look and it's literally just a frontal hole that looks like a huge belly button??

No. 1465290

Nevermind, what I saw was the new pic where that shit grew together.

No. 1465291

File: 1647111677245.jpg (440.96 KB, 794x893, gimme.jpg)

No. 1465292

This is tragic…why are they letting people do this to themselves? But if he's anything like the agp pedo that invaded the thread I suppose it's what he deserves.
But on a more sympathetic note….this is like the danger of the echochamber hug box they're all in. If he had known how actually awful it is he never would have done it…seems most are not being honest about how fucking horrible it actually is. Wow…just sad…

No. 1465298

He fucked up so bad kek, hope he gets vanned

No. 1465299

Sorry to sound like an a-log, but I hate this fucker.

No. 1465300

File: 1647112059706.jpg (Spoiler Image,303.39 KB, 1315x2048, FNlG61DXIAQBMNH.jpg)

This one?

Remember, you can't tell a neovag from a natural one!!

No. 1465301

I for one have to thank them for making my actually find love for my period. It reminds me I’m what they can never be, no matter how hard they try. Wo