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File: 1619818119175.png (7.99 MB, 4000x5003, 1618691009206.png)

No. 1220607

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit.

No. 1220619

I wish that were the case but as we all know there's the same old trannies in these threads that post suicidebait every now and then between their "I'm such a hot girl" selfies. Suicidebaiting is just to elicit sympathy, the NPD is much too strong for these freaks to off themselves.
This is making me question how accurate the 41% statistic is. Is 41% from that statistical nightmare of an online survey that promised a draw for gift cards to those who completed it?
> Doesn't this post show it's because some are uncomfortable in their own skin? I don't think you can solve or fight against a problem if you let an ideology ("men are always evil") cloud your conclusions.
> Men/boys being more comfortable in their own skin (these specific men who troon out) can also be prevented by developing ideas on how to become comfortable in your own skin
I'll take my ban for saying it, this is a moid trying to elicit sympathy for men. How else can you browse a thread full of sick pedophiles, rapists, murderers who are encroaching upon women's rights and then somehow still have the nerve to type out a plea for farmers to care about men? Who are the ones speaking out about troons? Men as a class aren't doing shit to stop this to try and protect women. No, the conservatives don't count.
As an average burgerfag woman I'm tired of caring for men's feelings and being considerate of them 24/7 when they themselves don't even care for their own emotional wellbeing. You all don't care about these issues unless we address how men are antagonists…then YOU'RE the victim and we need to care more. In a thread where there's a long list of misogynistic MALE rapists, pedophiles, and murderers nonetheless.
Men are 100% the reason that modern day feminism devolved into what it is currently. If you and other moids really don't want to fuck a troon then go make your own organization or cause to cater to men's "issues" (porn addiction, narcissism, pedophilia, and escapism from being held accountable) to fix your subhuman race. For now, get out of here and go back to Kiwifarms or whatever manosphere shithole you came from. Stop making us try to care so we'll do your emotional labor and activism.

No. 1220622

File: 1619820398970.jpeg (55.13 KB, 400x400, 4C2FD4E9-DEA2-455D-A19E-70ADDD…)

What’s with AGPs picking names that are inappropriate for their generation? Seems they don’t realize it’s a tell. I ran across a boomer hon named McKaylah yesterday. Like sir, you are 60 years old. How many boomers are named McKaylah? Same goes for hons with names like Payzlee, Aubree, Dior, Bryleigh, etc. Pic related. I shudder to think what young girls inspired their choices.

No. 1220627

The thread pic is too good lmao

No. 1220637

The ones they want to fuck, obviously.

No. 1220639

File: 1619823208008.png (153.8 KB, 820x1552, anothercollage.png)

Incel school shooter comment:
> "Cis women are to blame for the majority of my suffering as a trans lesbian"

No. 1220644

Also kek at a TRA trying to fearmonger about an anti-trans lobby being a legit boogeyman. Don't worry troons, both Republicans and Democrats are more than happy to take the big pharma paychecks so you and a generation of children can mutilate yourselves.

No. 1220646

Imagine even trying to calculate how many women were murdered in a year accurately to compare to a few hundred.

No. 1220648

>Murdered ethnic minority HSTS sex workers being driven to the position for being gay and not having a choice in their communities? Who gives a shit, the real tragedy is me not being rewarded cis pussy!!!
I would call this psycho a dedicated larp but the irony is that he checks the boxes faster than any psyopping terf could.

No. 1220652

>complaining about 350 murders globally when only in brazil we had around 1300 counted femicides (lowballing it)

and aren't most of those murders because the person was a prostitute and not specifically because they were trans? i sure wish women only had to fear for their lives when in dangerous professions

No. 1220657

Guys, I read the last thread and laughed, but now I'm gonna be dealing with a troon as a coworker in the next few weeks. Give me your fuckign energy so I can spirit bomb us all to hell(No1curr)

No. 1220664

>Women hurt my transbian feefees
Good. You're not a woman, and you're not a lesbian, so lesbians rejecting you is based and justified, not oppression. Sappho herself would hate you.
Sick of scrotes saying that being told "no" when they demand privileges is oppression. Being denied sex with whoever you want, free access to cosmetic surgeries and expeeimental "medicines," and unchecked access to spaces created for oppressed people when you qualify as part of the oppressive class isn't oppression.

No. 1220694

File: 1619829237230.png (Spoiler Image,2.27 MB, 1242x1609, 1619598621943.png)

just a totally beautiful and real human woman in her natural habitat uwu

No. 1220696

Is it a psyop if he isn't actually changing trans people's minds? At most he's just showing normies how being the worst tranny possible will not only fly past the radar but also get upvoted and awarded within trans communities.
Anon if you can then try looking them up on social media.

No. 1220697

File: 1619829367483.png (Spoiler Image,3.03 MB, 1362x1255, g345476gf.PNG)

my sleep paralysis demon (nsfw/gross)

No. 1220698

File: 1619829406292.png (988.8 KB, 1185x616, CB238686-DB06-4A28-9544-BA4656…)

The other farms doxed Bardfinn, the tranny power janny that runs r/AHS, the sub that got GenderCritical and itsafetish banned. He has a history of arrests, including for drug use, theft and domestic violence against his ex wife and child, and is a deadbeat dad who hasn’t paid child support since trooning out.

If you throw a rock you’ll hit a tranny that is projecting.

No. 1220701

jesus. which sub is ahs? not the tv show.. right?

No. 1220702

jesus christ that serial killer smile

No. 1220703

>44 trans people murdered
That’s a really low number though?

No. 1220704

They do it for free.

No. 1220705

I think it's "Against hate subs," or something. It was something stupid like that, at least. All they did is mass report subs that weren't sufficiently pro-trans enough and (iirc) post gore or cp or something on them to get them removed. Radio silence on racist, homophobic, and sexist subs (that last one in particular), though.

No. 1220710

yep they post CP, the "good guys" just so happen to have CP at the ready.

No. 1220714

I think this is the most cursed Troon selfie I’ve seen in a good while

No. 1220716

Do I reckon those kind of people are the ones who posted the CP to /snow/ a little bit ago? I just assumed it was incel trolls but they kind of go hand in hand these days. I’m fairly desensitised but I was shook after that. Who tf just has access to those pics like it’s nbd

No. 1220720

Not sure if anyone could confirm or deny that. It wouldn't be surprising, but TIMs all bleed together, anyway. Regardless of whether they were specifically AHS or not, it's very likely they're trannies, based on the target they chose. Trannies sure do claim that most of them aren't sexual predators or pedophiles a lot for a group that has such a large well of child porn to weaponize.

No. 1220725

File: 1619832172910.png (41.67 KB, 778x520, e214.png)

All the ex-troons I met, admitted it was a fetish. I am pretty sure a lot of troons are porn addicted.
It's pretty mindboggling that they would have CP at ready.
This begs the question on how many troons go to jail or prison for sex related crimes against children and women?

No. 1220731

I did and it's the funniest shit. Found their old tumblr, found their real name, it's so good. But I'm planning on sticking to my guns and not calling their pronouns and shit. I make it a personal note not to endorse mental illness of any kind. Just hope I don't get fired.(Blogging)

No. 1220735

On one hand, I don't want you to out yourself. On the other, I do want that milk.

No. 1220751

If you're on the discord, make yourself known.

No. 1220752

Just call him by his last name, no honorifics, no pronouns. It won't be validating and they can't fire you for not using words. Bonus, it'll take others a while to catch on so you can't be accused of blatant transphobia (unless you have to say something like "did Troon write down Troon's hours on Troon's timesheet?")(Derailing )

No. 1220789

they hate women so much yet the only people who harm and kill trannies are men. every single person who has ever killed a troon was male.

No. 1220795

File: 1619840552705.png (78.25 KB, 500x303, 1619173858599.png)

troons are just glorified incels and self-hating ill men in dresses,
This is typical toxic men behavior

No. 1220812

>Vocaloid stickers on his phone
It really breaks my heart seeing Vocaloid characters try and be claimed by trannies. I wish they just faded into obscurity…

No. 1220822

It's okay anon, I'm pretty sure none of these brainlets know anything past the meme songs. They just see digital anime schoolgirl with colorful hair and think, "wow, she's literally me!"

No. 1220836

I bet he knows nothing about miku nor the other characters on his phone tbh he's an old boomer crossdressing rape fetishist

No. 1220858

These are the same men who think the only reason we hate them is because we're "not as attractive as them".

No. 1220870

If that can make you feel better anon, on the crystal.cafe terf thread a bunch of anons are drawing terf art with vocaloid characters to reclaim them as terf icons. I think it's nice to see. Sage cuz no milk.

No. 1220871

File: 1619859906662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.63 KB, 1199x1404, 2D9411AB-AA60-491C-8E50-B23D07…)

sup terves

No. 1220872

File: 1619859985062.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.49 KB, 1197x1469, 5DEF1EB5-E7D3-4599-83D3-0CAE5A…)

No. 1220884

File: 1619861542317.jpeg (40.44 KB, 600x500, hit-girl_result.jpeg)

Literally sexually larping a child character (canonically 15 at most, originally 10 years old).

No. 1220886

File: 1619861831764.jpg (111 KB, 683x630, disgusted.jpg)

Why are men like this?

No. 1220899

the absolute state of those towels

No. 1220910

File: 1619868968409.png (83.34 KB, 806x565, 545146.png)

No, Johnny, "we're, like, all basically hermaphrodites on some level because some stages of phylogenesis had hermaphrodytes" is not a scientific argument. No wonder these retards all go into philosophy.

No. 1220911


Lol, love how the jannies always says no1curr yet these posts always gets engagement and people here find them usually interesting. Jannies need to stop projecting

No. 1220920

Even the bath rug looks moldy, I'm gonna barf

No. 1220921

Tranny Jannies have it in for this thread. They’ve tried to nuke it so many times.

No. 1220933

Just erasing intersex disorders then.

No. 1220944

So that explains why humans are capable of impregnating ourselves and also breathing underwater!


No. 1220949

File: 1619875038423.jpeg (638.44 KB, 828x1198, F1CC381D-CFF4-4AE6-AE8A-5538F2…)

Dudes like this who wear skirts where you can see the outline of their dick and slutty heels are proof it’s just a fetish, even if they’re not identifying as trans

No. 1220951

i love how our society sees these degenerate scrotes as brave and beautiful instead of calling them out for forcing the public to participate in their sick fetish

No. 1220952

are we surprised

No. 1220957

File: 1619875862403.png (550.25 KB, 1920x2533, snapshot.png)

I'd rather have whatever nightmare I'm looking at than men fighting for getting "female rights" though, even if it's disturbing.

>All the ex-troons I met, admitted it was a fetish. I am pretty sure a lot of troons are porn addicted.
But they have a ready-made excuse to rationalize it now. Checking the MtF subreddits there was the usual post of "I'm totally trans, but then I get the urge to choke my dick to sissification porn, and I feel so confused, and I'm afraid it's a fetish" and someone linked this site.
Everything is a gender dysphoria cope starting from
>choosing female avatars in video games
>watching hours of sissy/lesbian porn
>watching Mulan (!)
>getting married and having kids(!!!)

Like do they realize that plenty of people feel socially isolated and aren't perfectly happy with the way their life choices?

No. 1220964

This is so insulting to women, but I'm sure twitter would shun anyone calling him out on his inappropriate and fetishistic behavior as a close minded bigot. How has it become politically incorrect to think critically? Like surely people can't really believe that a cisgender heterosexual man "simply likes" wearing stilettos to work

No. 1220965

If a woman dressed like this to work it'd be horrible but when men do it it's brave and okay smh

No. 1220969

File: 1619877032949.png (367.72 KB, 445x586, eyesofakiller.png)

Samefag, browsing the "gender dysphoria bible" now, it brings up some selected relvant social media posts on the right side with every article, and it gave me this for gender euphoria. It's pretty fucking wild how disassociated they are from what everyone else perceives. Left side : average neutral faced dude, Right side: psychotic sanpaku stare

No. 1220981

He really does have the "I just like watching you sleep" look. Also check out his face on the left and compare his expression to the right one. Obviously now that you're a woman, you MUST constantly pose for the webcam and and be bright-eyed and smiley all the time.

No. 1220991

I feel so bad for the waxer.

No. 1221001

I don't know what you mean- lots of women in business or anything economics related dress like this.

No. 1221006

Depends on the profession yeah I guess you're right.

No. 1221021

In thigh high strappy stilettos and miniskirts? No they don't lmao what? That would be extremely inappropriate for any office

No. 1221022

File: 1619884424873.jpeg (315.65 KB, 1682x1319, 7510A986-64EE-46B1-B5C5-79D544…)

Narcissistic moment.

No. 1221023

File: 1619884453503.jpg (644.51 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-01-17-48-22…)

No. 1221026

I'm sorry, what? In what professional environment would a woman be able to come to work in open-toed strappy heels and a skirt that barely covers her ass and not have the whole office talk shit behind her back and HR telling her to tone it down? Not saying there's anything wrong with dressing like that per se but there's no way a woman dressed like this dude at work would be getting praised the way he does.

No. 1221029

Is he for real?

No. 1221030

This is what I think I look like in the mirror when my body dysmorphia is bad. A big thank you to these disgusting lumpy scrotes for showing me that things could be look whole lot worse.

No. 1221039

What a disgusting man. So hard to not a log

No. 1221041

Might as well say we're bananas

No. 1221044

Is this a real account?
It's seems too self aware.

No. 1221050

File: 1619887382678.png (180.17 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210501-193515.png)

This bloke is complete nightmare fuel. There is too much to unpack.

>thinks anime waifus have changed male standards but in reality it's just him and other jannie shut ins.

>Thinks black women are jealous of jannies stealing black men and tells himself that men don't want to date them

>claims he was attacked by a terf and that she put him in ICU

>Lives with his apparent narcissistic mother and sister and he has to lock his bedroom door so they don't gang up on him

>Racist and obviously hates women

No. 1221051

File: 1619887496258.jpeg (125.03 KB, 640x450, C1C7517A-9000-4EC8-8A3B-4AE90F…)

Morgane Oger (aka Ogre) is a politician, the 2017 candidate for the Democratic Party of British Colombia.


He has been on a warpath against any rape shelter (particularly VRR) that dares to not employ bedicked trannies to supervise traumatised rape victims. His mission is to take down any rape shelter that doesn’t pander to tranny feelings, and any women or children hurt in the process is simply collateral.

No. 1221056

This made me truly fucking rage I'm taking a break from the internet today. I hope he gets fucking killed.

No. 1221063

Tbh I’m going to try to dig up some dirt on him. I bet he’s a rapist.

No. 1221065

When you search Morgane, you get this.

When you search that exact phrase, you get this.

The "real" page is fiction , the "fake" page is the truth of the situation , lmao.

No. 1221067

File: 1619888201699.png (93.13 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_20210501-195417~2.p…)


>Senile old man who probably can't see or hear properly calls you ma'am. Rejoice.

No. 1221072

File: 1619888480190.png (347.46 KB, 720x553, Screenshot_20210501-195926~2.p…)

He passes quite well in some of his Facebook photos. Then you see a picture where he's standing 3 actual women. Oof.

No. 1221073

File: 1619888567590.jpeg (289.51 KB, 640x857, 18AD34DD-61C1-43B6-9BAC-487665…)

Yes it’s a troll account.
However this guy is truly a fucking monster. Deranged, relentless in his persecution of vulnerable women.

No. 1221074

This guy’s post history is a ride and a half. He has a lot of stories about being beaten up by terves, but also admits he’s been to prison for assault and got kicked out of school for making terroristic threats. Sometimes I think the whole account is a creative writing exercise yet his unhinged posts still get popular support a lot of the time.

No. 1221075

File: 1619888636011.png (501.37 KB, 720x417, Screenshot_20210501-200301~2.p…)

He looks like the red tshirt guy behind him wearing a costume. When you see them standing next to other people it's apparent how male they look.

No. 1221076

File: 1619888651113.png (534.96 KB, 839x629, EE7CAEF9-28D3-410D-BA8E-CDA363…)

>he passes quite well
Put some fucking glasses on.

No. 1221078

File: 1619888820501.png (320.42 KB, 720x429, Screenshot_20210501-200511~2.p…)

I mean here he doesn't look too bad. It's funny how they can fool people with clothing and flattering angles in photographs but in reality they look completely male.

No. 1221079

He looks like a fucking man. Christ.
Yaniv fucking passes better. Put down the crack pipe.

No. 1221080

You don't even have to look at the "Personal Life" section of his Wikipedia article to know.

No. 1221084

I sorta agree with you anon, not because he looks persuasively feminine in any way, but primarily because he seems to be dressing pretty appropriately for the situation/workplace, so I'm not sure I'd really do a double-take if I were just walking by. The amount of troons in these threads that think they can show up to work dressed like hookers or egirls to business/business-casual spaces is horrifying. Putting the effort to blend in clothing and posture-wise goes a long way when you're not looking at people directly.

No. 1221085

File: 1619889459650.jpg (80.71 KB, 789x460, vancouver-rape-shelter-vandali…)

No. 1221088

This pisses me off because a female robotics engineer who wore this to work would be sexualized, not taken seriously and possibly even written up or penalized. There’s nothing “progressive” about rich white scrotes flexing their male privilege in public.

No. 1221089

>August 28, 2019
Yes, anon. This is very old news. The Superstraights raised 5k for this rape shelter and their GoFundMe was shut down by troons too.

No. 1221093

Who cares about this deranged scrote’s “standards”? I doubt any women want to date him anyway with that personality, so why would we give a shit what he thinks of our stretch marks and cellulite? Go wank to your anime waifus and leave us alone, thanks.

No. 1221098

Its funny how the anime infatuated white north american guys obsessed with calling black women masculine and disparging them in creepy unfunny misogynistic racist ways (along with other groups of women) are the main ones trooning out. Almost like insisting a race of woman could be truly genetically masculine leads to connecting with dubious TRA gender regressive ideology to begin with. Always hated these Cluster B personality disordered faggots growing up and im not surprised theyre the main ones leading the AGP Troon internet movement.

No. 1221103

>isolating and refusing to socialize
>wearing loose and baggy clothing to hide your hody
>sleeping a lot
>spending all your time on things you enjoy like video games, tv, social media
this literally sounds like the average depressed teenager could they be any more blatant about wanting to groom children

No. 1221107

It's because we live in an era with extra unfortunate women.
You're not supposed to gawk, you're not supposed to stare. You look at her , see she's kinda ugly and look away. You don't say anything unless you say something nice. Most troons take severe advantage of people simply trying to be polite.

Anyway, I'm triggered.
This list of "ugly" women are women that aren't conventionally attractive ( I found Rosie attractive back in the 90s during Exit to Eden), being polluted with trannies.

Like I hate Lena Dunham for that shit with her sister, but fuck all the way off putting her on a list like this with the Wachosky Brothers.

No. 1221110

File: 1619891372824.jpg (125.82 KB, 597x713, oger1.jpg)

Shes still fucking sperging about rape shelters.

No. 1221115

No. 1221117

He is a pervert, but at least he owns it, which is miles ahead of the typical coomer and troon.

No. 1221120

Sorry i mean he*

No. 1221122

holy hell i have NEVER seen a movement more hellbent on nothing but forcing people in spaces they don't fucking belong with no regard for others. WOMEN built these shelters FOR WOMEN and to have the fucking gall to say that you deserve to be in there to endanger those women or else is disgusting and reads as "entitled male" more than anything else

No. 1221129

I'm sorry but second picture looks like the back end of a pig

No. 1221130

kek why are you apologising?

No. 1221132

The only positive I have to find in these threads is that at least men are discovering sports bras for their disgusting manboobs. But the narrative they’re telling themselves while wearing them is insane and of course has to try to be insulting towards women when they’re only making jackasses of themselves.

This is a man who never found the clit, literally or metaphorically, and wants you to suffer for it.

No. 1221134

Nta but female socialization lol, if men actually wanted to transition they’d learn this first. But if they learned it as men they wouldn’t be as insufferable and hate their lives so much while driving everyone around them insane in the first place.

No. 1221138

Evil. Oger by name, ogre by nature.

No. 1221140

>Greta Thunberg
She's a literal child lol

>Virginia Wolf above Donatella Versace

This must be a joke lmao

Gotta love how he's harassing a shelter for rape/harassment victims because he's not allowed inside. You can put a man in women's clothing but you can't get the scrote mentality out of him

No. 1221147

File: 1619894653623.jpeg (350.54 KB, 1280x1280, 4E20C593-1E20-4D30-B975-4F6AC5…)

No. 1221148

He's using a combination of reductio ad absurdum and blinding with science to explain why his penis is female.

Logical fallacies and rhetoric are all they have.

No. 1221149

KEK woman in "economics" here (are you ESL, I think you meant finance) and fuck no we don't, begone scrote. Like >>1221026 said even the women I know who are working in office settings are not wearing this shit. My business school had a seminar for what to wear to professional interviews/jobs and the majority of it was telling women not to dress like this. Women are incredibly conscious of sexualization esp when we want to be taken seriously in our fucking JOBS, troons having watched too much sexy secretary porn and not being called out on it because their troon card makes them untouchable is not anything we have in common at all.
I'd love to see more outlandish tranny fashion in public or at work if anyone has any pictures. I'm curious if tranny programmers wear those programming socks to work?

No. 1221152

File: 1619895015375.jpeg (187.72 KB, 640x709, 6E57D794-BA71-446A-A874-9BC228…)

This in itself is a form of indirect sexual violence, akin to cyber bullying victims and catcalling.

Tbh I don’t live in tranada but fuck it, I’m gonna donate.

No. 1221157

People need to stop protecting men. So few women spaces left, and no one is even saying men dont get raped, but the amount of women terrified and assaulted is so much higher. Women need these type of spaces to heal and get help. I'm donating as well. Catnt stand tr00ns

No. 1221158

Why do troons care so much about this one shelter? There are dozens of others that will gladly take them in. Why force themselves into one when nobody wants them there; where they would be met with hostility if they did get their way, when they can just go a couple miles up the road and be welcomed with open arms at a troon friendly shelter?

No. 1221161

File: 1619896046145.jpeg (161.29 KB, 640x646, E3BC1413-BDEF-46DA-9181-4EDCE1…)

Well, he’s certainly privileged and crazy I’ll give him that.
I want to know who he was pre transition. I feel like he’s changed his last name. Can’t find any decent info on him online, help? I think he’s hiding something.
He has two kids.

No. 1221163

I know this thread is clown world but I’m pretty sure >>1221001 was sarcasm. I enjoyed the responses from business ladies talking about male workplace privilege tho

No. 1221164

File: 1619896224194.jpeg (294.33 KB, 640x900, 0F4A752C-91A7-4294-814D-8AB5F6…)

They want to erase biological reality because it makes them feel bad.
I’ve noticed he’s toned it down a bit recently. Every time he brings up VRR it causes people to donate. Even edgy zoomers will donate just to pwn the trannies.

No. 1221173

File: 1619896931157.jpeg (432.28 KB, 640x990, 9BA41EE4-BECD-4E73-89CD-1AD26C…)

No. 1221192


I hope you’re In the same company as me anon, brand new transbian taking over a meeting on their first day, talking over seniors and supervisors in meetings. May god one day grace me with the confidence of a straight man.(Derailing )

No. 1221194

Well that author of the list certainly has a dispreference for certain ethnic features and longer midfaces. What a shit list

No. 1221203

The fucking gall of this scrote to put women like Emma Goldman, Serena Williams and Greta Thunberg even in the same digital vicinity as unwashed, misogynistic failed men.

No. 1221206

File: 1619900907532.jpg (398.05 KB, 1518x2024, IMG_0313.jpg)

We've got one like this here too! I actually see him around the city a lot. Even though it's gross I'd still rather be caught in a dark alley with these guys than any of the troons mentioned in this thread

No. 1221214

how is it sarcasm? seems way more likely that they're either a kid, a guy who thinks all skirts and heels are the same, or deeply autistic. also there are literally no responses like that but ok

No. 1221217

Marsha P. Johnson wasn't even trans, so whoever wrote this either is trolling or is drinking deep from the koolaid. It would be weird if it were the latter, since they classify (basically) every famous TIM as ugly, instead of stunning and brave.

No. 1221231

File: 1619902984675.png (75.17 KB, 591x773, Capture.PNG)

He also defends yaniv

No. 1221242

File: 1619903430291.jpeg (163.91 KB, 828x567, F23D69AA-D0AC-498C-8ED8-6A5D70…)

No. 1221243

Meanwhile people getting fired for having natural dreadlocks or a tattoo on their wrist.

No. 1221251

Because above all else, men absolutely hate hearing the word "no" from women.

That and the standard male entitlement. Notice how you don't really see transmen pulling any of this shit.

No. 1221256

Gross, poor manicurists. Can we start shaming again?

No. 1221288

Damn, good for Shoppers Drug Mart

Yaniv is also a fan of his, dirt attracts dirt

No. 1221302

he left his husband for his coworker/employee who is 15 years younger than him & was homeless when they got together. glad that show is ending

No. 1221303

He fucked TWO members of his staff and everyone is acting like it's ok? He directs the series and had power over them. He literally fucked an actor, moved him into his house, then fucked another member of the crew, then shouted about it at a public event at least one of these men were present for. A woman would be fired and called a crazy bitch in a heartbeat. I'd think they'd even be pushback if this was a not tranny male. Plus his bf looks very young which is a huge red flag to me in men.

Also he made 40k an episode and is crying it's too little and then verbally attacked Ryan Murphy who is the only reason he has anything to begin with. Janet Mock did a documentary on Dahmer before Pose, he was a nobody in the industry until Ryan Murphy. His Dahmer doc wasn't even good/informative and added nothing. When will men like Ryan Murphy learn giving these crazies platforms is a bad idea? He sexually assaulted his crew and told you to go fuck yourself for the opportunity.

fred armisen that you?

No. 1221306

File: 1619911999079.png (687.48 KB, 486x705, 85ae07751c941d0c6b63ad5ea13aba…)

his bf being homeless before really puts him shouting this at his bf in front of a room full of people into an awful context:

>“Today, I was gonna let [Angel] go,” she said. “I was gonna let you go, right, but what did I do? I f–ked someone on the crew, right?”

>“Angel, Angel. I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f–king important to me,” Mock continued.
>“I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf–ker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”

I hope his bf gets out. This screams abuse. Also he is 25 and Janet is 38.

No. 1221323

Lmao he's trying so fucking hard to sound intelligent, but once you get past the thesaurus abuse it's obvious he has no idea what the hell he's talking about. If you strip away the purple prose, his argument basically boils down to "my penis is feminine because humans evolved from flatworms."

It's fiction, this guy is a troll.

If a woman wore this shit to work, she'd be fucking crucified, but when a straight man the same thing he gets asspats. Wokies are just as misogynistic as conservitards.

Damn, I didn't know Austin Powers trooned out! That's a man, baby.

No. 1221335

Although Austin Powers is unironically cuter than that train wreck

No. 1221344

Going down the list in order:

1) Men choose female avatars because they want to fuck them. Women choose male avatars because they don't want to watch a bunch of objectification. Those are the actual reasons 95% of the time.
2) Is it inconceivable that they're just good stories? Why should enjoying content that represents women fairly be considered abnormal to the point of indicating troonism?
3) Most straight men watch lesbian porn. Viewing women as objects does not make you a woman.
4) A fetish for crossdressing generally predisposes someone to trooning out because it's a fucking fetish lmao
5) Hair is an arbitrary fashion choice and is not indicative of a person's gender.
6) See above.
7) Once again, this is something women do because they're afraid of the male gaze. Or they just want to wear something soft and loose to relax.
8) This is literally just depression or social anxiety.
9) Or maybe it's just fucking retarded to associate certain careers with one gender in the first place. Have you considered that?
10) That's orthorexia.
11) That's narcissism.
12) That's just hygiene.
13) If you're doing it expressly for the purpose of being "high femme" how is it a precursor to trooning? HSTS and drag queens are the majority of men who do this.
14) See above.
15) So being disinterested in fashion makes you a troon now?
16) Once again, that's orthorexia.
17) So being aggressively traditional, aggressively non-conforming, and just neutral are all signs of being a troon at this point. Smells like confirmation bias.
18) This is just an unhealthy relationship.
19) Yes, because rigid attitudes like these are part of what cause trooning you retard. The concept of being a man with a ladybrain only makes sense if you subscribe to outdated gender stereotypes. There's a reason troons are more common in the American south.
20) See above.
21) Once again, associating certain tasks with one sex or the other is stupid in the first place.
22) That's autism.
23) Literally just something normal people do, though caring about your job is probably a foreign concept for troon e-beggars.
24) Also a common thing normal people (and NEETs) do.
25) That's autism.
26) That's OCD.
27) That's depression.

All this list indicates to me is that a bunch of psychiatric conditions are being misdiagnosed as gender dysphoria, and/or transitioning is being used as a "quick fix." Also, OP is apparently a gross pig who thinks hygiene and treating women with respect are abnormal behaviors.

No. 1221348

On Lipstick alley there were a bunch of people crying about "misgendering" this creep and making excuses.
Janet is disgusting and treats that gay scrote like shit. He comes off like a thirsty sugar daddy who tosses his penis hole to whoever.

No. 1221358

How dare you talk shit about Austin

No. 1221367

Obvious bait

No. 1221373

File: 1619920600808.png (325.37 KB, 576x1036, Screenshots_2021-05-01-18-55-4…)

The most pathetic part about his speech are the headlines. 99% of them ignore the fact he's unhinged and openly admitted to cheating on his boyfriend. Instead, he gets the stunning and brave treatment for calling out Hollywood over its lack of tranny representation and how trannies get paid less, and blah blah blah, nothing we haven't all heard a million times from every troon in the entertainment industry, ever.

No. 1221375

File: 1619920937505.jpeg (207.83 KB, 2012x828, CEB7E969-3741-42FE-9A60-F783DB…)

Speaking of Janet Mock, I knew he was a prostitute, but I didn’t know he was sixteen when he started. Kind of curious that this is called “sex work” on wikipedia and buzzfeed, when in fact it was child abuse. He was groomed by older troons into getting raped by adults in exchange for money. I read the essay he wrote about it and at no point does he spare any thought to this. He frames it almost like trans youth have pretty much no option but prostitution. Pretty sure trans highschoolers can just get a job at mcdonalds like everyone else.

> I perceived the sex trades as a rite of passage, something a trans girl had to do in order to make the money necessary to support herself. I had also learned (from media, our laws and pop culture) that sex work is shameful and degrading.

> These women taught me that nothing was wrong with me or my body and that if I wanted they would show me the way, and it was this underground railroad of resources created by low-income, marginalized women, that enabled me when I was 16 to jump in a car with my first regular and choose a pathway to my survival and liberation.

Yas queen

No. 1221380

Troons are always so hyped about being prostitutes. Women don’t feel empowered by being forced to sell their bodies to degenerate scrotes

No. 1221382

i barely even see gay men talk about this shit like they do, you are right. So many of them HSTS or AGP see that shit as validation or mad weird. Yet they always whine about all the danger they are in, ignoring the fact the troons actually in danger live the lifestyle that they talk about like it's nothing.

No. 1221390

That's because a lot of troons experience gender euphoria when "straight" men pay to have sex with them. Even if hooking is literally their only option in life, at least they can console themselves by telling themselves that men find them desirable. It's sad, really. Most scrotes want female pros… they often murder tranny pros whenever they're unexpectedly forced to confront their girldicks. The only Johns who want to bang troon hookers are chasers, but they only want the pre op ones; they don't consider troons to be women, just chicks with dicks. Nothing empowering or validating about that… just one dude with a fetish paying to fuck another dude with a fetish.

No. 1221426

The one good thing I can say about the Rogaine Ogre is that he knows how to dress like an actual woman - one with terrible taste, but still.

I'm trying to remember the dirt on him. Didn't pay child support and owes money to some First Nations tribe he won't pay back, I think. Not to mention getting a whole damn rape shelter defunded.

No. 1221432

Oger and Yaniv had a falling out, probably around the time that Oger realised that defending Yaniv made him look even worse. Now Yanny subtweets about how he'll run for office and beat Oger to the post.

even the custom snoo is a tell, christ almighty

No. 1221481

Keep in mind that this started because VRR declined a trans volunteer who wanted to work directly with victims, not a trans victim. Because someone who throws a decade-long tantrum when told “no” is definitely someone you want working with dv and sa survivors.

No. 1221487

File: 1619940615386.jpeg (99.64 KB, 612x408, 49AC2ACF-5138-4029-9EAB-356CA6…)

>Rogaine Ogre

No. 1221562

Kek his bf looks more feminine than he does.

No. 1221628

File: 1619958958846.jpg (69.89 KB, 1080x1090, FB_IMG_1619957550665.jpg)

Sorry if this has been posted before but I don't think so? Anyway, a transmaiden fb friend posted this and I thought she was saying she's a terf now by posting a based statement calling out woke parents who try to force their kids to be trans… then I realized.
It's so depressing because so many of these kind of parents try to convince their children they are trans both mentally and physically with PBs, which is actual abuse, while tras try to say that a mother calling her son, 'son' because he was born a boy, is somehow the more worse form of child abuse?

No. 1221659

File: 1619965069141.jpg (38.7 KB, 708x242, fsdgfjhkg.jpg)

God damnit I just wanted to read some razor reviews. Why they gotta fetishize everything and why are they everywhere lately.

No. 1221665

>Reviewed in Canada
Of course.

No. 1221667

No one needed to know so much about his life. They just looove shoving it to people's faces that they're degenerate psychos

No. 1221674

Yeah its relatively easy to pass as a frumpy postmenopausal middle aged woman or as an uggo, it's only when trannies try to larp as egirls that the uncanny valley effect comes out in full force.

No. 1221683

File: 1619967237188.jpeg (346.42 KB, 1456x1437, 4D5D6D8E-A644-4667-8BF4-4605CE…)

The meltdowns in the replies.

No. 1221686

He was a former competitive athlete himself so he knows how it is better than anyone pissed about reality.

No. 1221689

Please, miss. I would give anything for a little taste test of the replies.

No. 1221724

File: 1619972215585.gif (1.13 MB, 200x200, ILIX0AAoT.gif)

yesss let the infighting begin!

No. 1221729

Finally a tranny with something smart to say

No. 1221750

Honestly, this. He knows. He absolutely knows men even with HRT have an advantage because they go through male puberty. Even if they didn’t, they’d still have an advantage. Because it’s there even before puberty

No. 1221760

Not just that, our bone structure is different, and so are our muscles insertions. No amount of hormones and blockers can change that.

No. 1221762

Out of all TIM athletes that I know of, he’s the only one who managed to set records as a man. The rest are all mediocre to shitty athletes who started competing against women because they didn’t stand a chance against other men.

No. 1221763

When I saw this on the shaderoom most the comments was like, "he/she is right", is TMZ full of TRA's?

No. 1221768

>“Angel, Angel. I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f–king important to me,” Mock continued.
>“I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf–ker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”
…This isn't an apology. Lmao, why did some news articles call it that?

No. 1221769

because a brave and stunning Miss said it, they have to clean it up for her because any attack against a tranny sleeping with staff and embarrassing his gay BF, who he cheated with on his first gay husband is transphobia.

No. 1221770

Why are they so fucking OBSESSED with getting rape shelters shut down? Why can’t a goddamn rape shelter be the ONE place natal women are allowed to heal in peace without being subjected to penis and XY? Why can’t troons just open up their own organizations? Why do they need to take ours?

No. 1221773

I’ve never in my life seen a middle aged woman this ugly. And I live in England so…

No. 1221774

>Why can’t a goddamn rape shelter be the ONE place natal women are allowed to heal in peace without being subjected to penis and XY?
No. If trans women aren't allowed it should'nt exist. They are like toddlers, "If i'm not a woman NO ONE IS A WOMAN!! They don't exist waahhh!!! If a transwoman can't go to a female rape shelter then it should'nt exist! Waaahhh!"
One mintue they are like, "We are the 1% of the population, why do people care?" and the next it's, "if you don't include us then it should'nt exist"

No. 1221791

File: 1619981126467.png (112.96 KB, 337x220, unnamed.png)

yeah… except on the right, his eyes aren't actually smiling and he looks unhinged

No. 1221794

this makes up for his crimes just a little bit

No. 1221802

A few months ago someone on Tumblr dug through the people he followed on Instagram and it was mostly German foot fetish and crossdressing accounts. Since then he's unfollowed most of them.

No. 1221821

kek i thought that was a stereoscopic image

No. 1221823

No woman uses women’s razors kek.
everyone I know of always has bought men’s razors because they are better and cost less

No. 1221824

This. Women's razors never work for shit and are more expensive.

No. 1221826

It’s so funny they make up all this fetish shit and then real women are over here using the men’s stuff because of practicality and cost and whatever. They really are so bad at role playing women..is it because they have no experience with them? Or are they just porn obsessed and only know that shit

No. 1221836

File: 1619985987309.jpg (332.04 KB, 2560x1440, he did it.jpg)

>If you want extra shit, use women's razors.
>All razors are really the same except those hand sharpened ones.

>All razors have the same extra shit options.
>Men's razors now come with cocoa butter aloe infused ultra sensitive smoothing lotion
>Freaks still want to use the women's razors because they're womens

You dropped this King lmao.

No. 1221846

File: 1619987951286.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.35 KB, 960x720, 1619812758582.jpg)

what on earth is this boob job (nsfw, click at your own risk)

No. 1221851

Pretty sure that’s a silicone breast plate anon

No. 1221870

>I thought she was saying she's a terf now by posting a based statement calling out woke parents who try to force their kids to be trans
I read the tweet before your post and thought it was saying that at first too, they're so close to self awareness

No. 1221873

>32 years old
man that looks rough

No. 1221878

I would be very happy if they attacked the shaving industry or w/e and petitioned to make women’s razors better because men need them now

No. 1221892

well this is a turn up for the books

No. 1221903

based bruce

No. 1221926

Huh. Go fucking figure.

No. 1221944

File: 1619999652943.png (206.41 KB, 679x544, zhnk4xskwqw61.png)

the ratio kek

No. 1221950

File: 1620000276099.png (114.84 KB, 1652x187, h.PNG)

No. 1221954

Damn, thought police. Can't people just have a preference without having to give our whole life story? Invasive as fuck.

No. 1221959

As a lesbian I would rather fucking kill myself than do anything sexual with a penis, or put my mouth or hands anywhere near a stinky deformed neovag.

No. 1221961

No. 1221967

>you’re not allowed to exclude people you’re not attracted to from you’re dating pool. You’re only allowed to not date people you’re not attracted to if you want biological children.

Excuse me, I’m not “allowed to” do what I want with my own body? Rape culture at it’s finest.

No. 1221968

File: 1620002140389.jpeg (620.15 KB, 1170x818, 85BB674D-42CF-4534-91CC-3F764F…)

conveniently blurs the part of the comment that is irrefutable.

No. 1221972

>You are not allowed to exclude trans people from your dating pool
It amazes me that so many people support troons when the vast majority of them sound like predators and low key rapists. Their sense of entitlement is baffling. I also wonder how many of them consider the fact they're not being rejected simply because they're ugly troons, but because most of them have terrible hygiene, dress like retards, are unemployed and hopelessly autistic. Maybe they'd have more luck if they left their moms' basements more often, bathed regularly, and removed their cat ears.

No. 1221979

https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/trans-women-retain-athletic-edge-after-year-hormone-therapy-study-n1252764 (from 2021)

> “For the Olympic level, the elite level, I'd say probably two years is more realistic than one year,” said the study's lead author, Dr. Timothy Roberts, a pediatrician and the director of the adolescent medicine training program at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. “At one year, the trans women on average still have an advantage over the cis women," he said, referring to cisgender, or nontransgender, women.

> With situps, the trans men were comparable to the cisgender men before treatment and actually exceeded them after a year on testosterone.

Lol(Not milk)

No. 1221999

Why don't all men just take testosterone then?

No. 1222016

Too much/too little have the same effects in men. Baldness, irritability/rage, hair growth/hair loss, low sperm count, small penises/ dangerously enlarged penis , etc.
It's a balancing act.

>Sit ups
The Mortal Enemy of any muscle bound male lmao. " Fit" guys are supposed to be able to do 38, most fit guys can't pull 20 and only intense trainers do 100 ~ 1000.

No. 1222090

I believe trans women are the unironic target market for Bic's infamous Pen For Her


No. 1222154

File: 1620020950061.jpeg (457.6 KB, 1170x2003, 195AC3B2-B612-4244-897A-E5C5E3…)

I’ve never heard of this, the reviews are a goldmine thank you, the real female experience

No. 1222161

these sound like women taking the piss, not troons

No. 1222163

That’s the joke, anon.

No. 1222182

File: 1620026128329.png (101.49 KB, 956x371, kek.png)

No. 1222183

I thought by now they had discovered the 'girls' section in school kids stationaries… there you might find 'furry' pens aswell

No. 1222187

This would have been a good joke review if it wasn't for the furry mention..

No. 1222232

Making sure everybody knows private sexual stuff that they don't want to know is such a male trait

No. 1222242

imagine being too retarded to make a nail appointment

No. 1222243

File: 1620032912936.png (1.09 MB, 915x1264, 45353434786.PNG)

>trans flag + anime waifu avatar

you can't make this up. need we remind them?

No. 1222246

File: 1620033821107.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

again, this question was already asked before but why is this so hard for them to do their own trans sport section? It doesn't seem they lack of trans athletes apparently and the support they get to force their way into women's sports should be enough to cover the sponsoring part right?

All this effort and attention and nothing is done? Is this too coherent for them, does it take too much sense?

No. 1222248

we live in a clown world where Bruce Jenner is the voice of reason

the main reason I do not date trans people is not the genital fuckery but this entitlement attitude towards my body as a woman.

No. 1222255

File: 1620036542488.jpg (84.9 KB, 576x1024, 1619972023359.jpg)

Do they normally go out like that?

No. 1222260

But anon trans women ARE biological women, you're a transphobe for implying that trans women and cis women are different in any way shape or form other than cis women being obviously inferior.

No but in all seriousness they just have to invade all womens' spaces, it's not enough for them to have their own. Male privilege is one helluva drug.

No. 1222262

They don't want a single field to reject troons or consider their case with nuance. Like maybe you could make some fields or leagues troon-approved, but "sports" in general cannot be tolerant. There's a huge difference between playing ping pong and contact sports, and I'm sure even in ping pong males hold significant advantage just because of the size and reach difference.
Or they'll try to do the "gender neutral" approach, where all sports will be pooled, because if "it's not a human right to play in a league where you can fairly compete" (which is something troons cry about after losing their performance and muscle mass from blockers) then women don't deserve it either. They don't get that women are smaller and weaker through no fault or choice of their own. End of sportsperg.

No. 1222265

Broken Clock… However the clock is based.

No. 1222267

File: 1620039921310.jpeg (166.39 KB, 724x1086, EljUFEtXEAAvXvz.jpeg)

this fuckin guy

No. 1222278

Same reason they don’t want unisex toilets/changing rooms in addition to women-only toilets/changing rooms, or trans wings in prisons, or shelters catering specifically to trans people. There’s plenty of funding but they don’t want their own spaces, they want to be in womens spaces and especially so if these are spaces where women are vulnerable. Competing fairly against other men in skirts doesn’t give them the same thrill as beating women. If all women’s sports teams turned into 100% TIM sports teams they would gloat about it initially but then quickly lose interest and move onto something else.

No. 1222283

Do they cry that it would be invalidating if they had their own spaces?

No. 1222291

Most women’s razors suck ass anyway when compared to the male or default gender neutral versions, so it’s pretty obvious they’re not doing it because they’re better razors.

No. 1222297

Yes and no. Trans specific bathrooms and sports are "problematic," because they imply that "trans" is different from the group they're opting into. But they also demand access to trans specific support and groups, because of their "unique experiences." It's copied straight out of other human rights movements, so you can't really discount the line of thinking (unless you want support groups for straight or white women only). It's a curveball to try to distract from the inherent flaw with access, which is that they are not women (biologically or socially).

No. 1222298

Honestly, men razors are significantly better and it's not the same shit like people claim. Maybe it was the same years ago but as a man I tried to shave my face with a "female" razor a few months ago and I thought that shit was going to slash my face up and I'll come out looking like Freddy Kruger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1222299

>as a man
Kill yourself

No. 1222300

It’s not validating. They want what women have. They have tried to give them trans bathrooms for example, but they are against this solution.

No. 1222302

Thanks. You can now go back to hating on trannies so you can cope and feel like a real woman for once.

No. 1222305

Kill yourself

No. 1222307

lolcow is for women, leave

No. 1222309

Are you retarded? Do you know where you are? Read the rules and fuck off, scrote.

No. 1222315

Lol "feel like a real woman" nah bro, we just are.

For a second I thought this was Matty from the 1975

No. 1222320

I read he started at 14, guess it was 16 then. It was the 90s and paying for hrt and surgery by getting a job at mdcdonalds wouldn't be viable, especially for some 16 year old kid getting it illegally. If you're including paying for rent then it's even more unviable.

No. 1222327

fuck outta here, faggot

No. 1222341

File: 1620054194696.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 354deaa3770912621bb816da070346…)


Absolute cope and seethe because 'muh lady club'.
Thanks for the laugh girls, sorry if men hurt you in the past.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1222346

Please kill yourself.
Swear to god, wish we could have gendercrit or man-hate threads again.

No. 1222347

ilu anon

No. 1222348

Why can't we?

No. 1222352

Because it attracts more of those braindead Neanderthals.

No. 1222355

beacuse tranny jannies and a handmaiden admin iirc also what >>1222352 said.(because of spergs like you)

No. 1222364

Abs or GTFO.

No. 1222384

Can we please stop shitting up the thread every time a scrote makes a post. Just report and move on

No. 1222448

File: 1620062902156.jpg (65.86 KB, 650x650, a phallus is self delusion.jpg)

I'm glad he got ratio'd, since it's not self-evident anymore on twitter. Imagine having to force people to date you and getting hard over it.
see image

No. 1222450

Let this be a reminder that admin applications are open. Pink-pilled based anons with some knowledge of running an imageboard please apply.

No. 1222471

What is it with "cis" men who vehemently defend troons and condemn TERFs at any chance possible? Why do they care so much?
I used to watch ADoseofBuckley mainly for his videos on music but now he just seems to be talking about troons whenever possible. Vidrel is on men in women's sports. In vidrel Buckley, a straight man in Canada, explains we shouldn't be scared of the Equality Act because it says nothing about trans women in girls sports. He also has made a video on JK Rowling taking words out of her mouth to defend trannies and frame her as some evil bigot who hates trannies.
Is he going to troon out? Why is he so obsessed with TERFs? I had a professor (straight male married to a woman) and he hasn't trooned out but he hates TERFs kek. I'm curious to know why they're so eager to victimize troons.(Read the OP)

No. 1222509

They hate feminists, that’s why.

No. 1222520

Males identify with other males and they hate it when women call them out on their shit. That’s p much it.

No. 1222531

males will always stand up for other males

No. 1222539

This is the real answer

No. 1222575

You get to be both woke and misogynistic, it is a win win for males.

No. 1222577

because they hate women. A lot of men usually admit they don't care about women's sports at all, but for some reason feel so strongly to speak about this.
It's crazy. I don't see them so happy to speak about shit that effects women, but when it comes to women's sports, that most say they don't care about sports at all.
Suddenly they care and want to talk about it.

No. 1222585

like trannies in women sports does NOT effect these dudes, they always say it's a non issue but I always see random men trying to fight for trannies. Does it matter or not? Why don't they speak up for trans men? Oh yeah because they know trans men don't have a chance in dominationing and don't give a fuck about them.
It's so transparent why men who give zero shits about female sports, always have to cape for trannies.

No. 1222592

>get to "ummm, akshually" lowest hanging fruits from some truly bad "terf" takes
>get to hate on women
>get to appear extremely woke, and tell of people you're jealous of because of their perceived "victim" status for once (like terfy black people or disabled people)
What's not to love for these born-too-late-for-atheist-enlightment youtubers?

No. 1222595

>I tried to shave my face with a razor not designed for shaving facial hair and it wasn't as good as a razor that was designed for same

No. 1222612

im sorry to blogpost but this is the only place i can be openly against trannies. personal cow time: my bf’s friend group is all men plus a “mtf” tranny and his gf. last night, my boyfriend came over to rant bc he was so upset about their discord chat. tranny and his gf were defending pedophiles, basically. everyone else was like “what the fuck” but tranny and his gf were genuinely upset that everyone else was so quick to say “kill all pedophiles.”

even if that’s the hill you want to die on, why would you say it out loud? and defend pedophiles so adamantly? my bf wouldnt tell me exactly what they said because he was that mad about it.

every time i come to this thread i peak a little more, but it still seems so far apart from my real life. like, even the trannies i know can’t be this fucking gross, right? wrong as fuck kek. the last time we were at their house i was actually so disgusted by a thing he said i wrote it down in my notes. he was playing with their cat and said “cats are like brat bottoms. they’re protesting, but it’s all part of the game.” the fact that playing with his cat led to any sort of sexual thought
is so jarring. yet i’m still the only person in my life that’s peaked. how.(not your diary)

No. 1222614

ADoseofBuckley is a stones throw away from being an incel thats why

No. 1222672

Sage for OT but why do you say that? I don’t regularly watch his content but I’ve been watching his worst songs lists since 2010. He comes off as a pretty normal dude from what I’ve seen albeit very cynical.

No. 1222707

become the dilator enjoy the annihilator

No. 1222748

File: 1620077467217.jpeg (706.11 KB, 828x1452, 8D20BEB7-145E-4B4A-B55D-82EB05…)

Other troons saying in the comments how envious they are kek

“Pre everything” okay lol fillers and FaceTune

No. 1222749

The pedo apologism makes it really obvious he’s guilty of it himself. Especially obvious when paired with him publicly talking about his gross fetishes and sexualizing a cat.

No. 1222757

It's just a way to kick women out of sports. But it won't stop. Women could go underground for all their sport clubs and private groups and toons will still whine about how unfair it is that girls in general are creating anything in groups for themselves and not allowing agps to join

No. 1222783

File: 1620081572536.png (372.11 KB, 1242x2208, 0D241A28-23C7-48B6-B824-0C1C1E…)

Imagine trooning yourself to look like a girl and then thinking you are better, true delusion.

No. 1222784

Would a woman who identifies as a male not be allowed on Blue Balls Drag Race? Can there be a show for women only, that objectifies and stereotypes men in that same way? Instead of serving cokewhore bimbo ~fantasy~ can we get some lumberjacks and sexy Pizza delivery men?(Derailing )

No. 1222791

File: 1620081864638.png (887.79 KB, 978x1026, 10972e0f08a0d77f0553.png)

I know there's abuse of filters.. but I'm so confused by the ~delicate~ facial features??? The contrast is clashing I guess kek

No. 1222798

Damn mental illness is a hell of a drug

No. 1222802

only his music commentary videos are worth anything, most of his other opinions are retarded

No. 1222812

troon photo has that plastic-y look that people w/ fresh cosmetic surgery have

No. 1222815

Getting test/steroids is actually illegal and you can go to jail for it. You have to trick your doctor into diagnosing you with a medical condition (or be a woman), or find a shady doctor you can bribe, or buy them on shady drug websites. It's way harder than getting estrogen.

No. 1222842

File: 1620085631529.png (98.52 KB, 576x463, Screenshots_2021-05-03-16-38-4…)

Kek is this dude for real? He felt validated after being clocked as a gay male, but only because he thinks women walk like gay men? I'm confused.

No. 1222848

just further proof that passability is due to genetic lottery kek. Dude has a pretty face, good for him. Still doesn't make him any closer to being a woman, but it's funny knowing how much his existence will make other trannies seethe

No. 1222852

>woman walk
How can they type shit like this and not cringe into the abyss.

No. 1222855

sorry, that's gay walk and will forever be gay walk. You can't change your pelvis.

No. 1222856

File: 1620086431055.png (981.07 KB, 894x1160, 9973376854345.png)

No. 1222857

File: 1620086536161.jpeg (224.03 KB, 1178x1067, 5EB4ED22-AF51-44B0-8AAB-257DC5…)

I find it funny how even victims can’t “misgender” criminals and abusers without being painted as horrible transphobes who are literally murdering trans people but troons do not hesitate to misgender any of their own that step out of line.

No. 1222860

nvm he's more plastic than human

No. 1222864

>as a man

Perish, scrote. Lay down on the ground and simply deteriorate

No. 1222869

Where did the chad jaw and chin go from the second pic to this? Second pic also has a somewhat prominent brow ridge that’s been erased in the third. On the third pic if u scroll to the last slide the chins look totally different. Is this one of those 4chan trolls?

No. 1222875

The eyes look facetuned

No. 1222876

File: 1620088505456.png (885.72 KB, 1336x1138, 2465cf932438151.png)

prob strategic angles and editing anon

No. 1222881

File: 1620089630656.jpg (109.71 KB, 1200x900, DlLQ-7dUwAAQfTd.jpg)

(saging for no content) i see where the makers of Hereditary got their inspiration from

No. 1222895

I find it fascinating how they cannibalize each other. There are all of these weird little splinter troon groups within the wider trooniverse and they're all terrible, and they all hate each other for stupid made up troon reasons. It would be more funny if it wasn't affecting women's rights.

No. 1222901

File: 1620091913661.jpg (66.78 KB, 857x440, 20210503_181328.jpg)

The fetish for pregnancy-related anything coming from agps will never not be gross

No. 1222904

Yes let's see how that turned out with asherahs garden lmao

No. 1222963

no filter or surgery can change those fucking arms kek

No. 1222965

File: 1620095987948.jpeg (107.01 KB, 1242x613, 60258BEF-A725-42DA-A380-18EF26…)

He’s so out of touch

No. 1222967

File: 1620096085079.jpeg (65.11 KB, 1242x548, B93C2EED-4BC5-4624-A7D2-DA84D9…)

No. 1223004

Cool, enjoy that blood clot risk scrote

No. 1223008

Question is if he'll truly stick around, or if he'll dump "her" for an actual woman so that he can have children and what not. Maybe "she's" just the current trend. Yeah, yeah. She's a woman and what not, but a few surgeries and some hormones won't ever make the ex-him an actual woman.

No. 1223013

I like that you can see the sheer wall of filters from the PFP thumbnail.

No. 1223018

bruh lookin like a specter from Courage the Cowardly dog

No. 1223031

File: 1620100380343.png (34.68 KB, 614x281, e68.png)

>reee we're better than you cissies!!!11!
>constantly complains about not having ovaries, feminine voice, etc.
Lmao cope harder.

Also lmao he's got a few vids of himself and the Meitu/Snow abuse is off the charts.

Your boyfriend is a faggot and I have zero interest in catching whatever parasites he got from sticking his cock in your nasty ass.

No. 1223038

File: 1620101556549.gif (82.04 KB, 250x184, h446.gif)

Obese weeaboos on Twitter:
>There's no athletic difference between female athletes and male athletes on HRT11!!!1!! You're LITERALLY killing twans wimmin!1!!
Actual award-winning tranny athlete:
>Biological men shouldn't compete in women's sports because they have a physical advantage.
I can't believe Bruce Jenner is right about something for a change. Can't wait for all the retards to go, "h-he's not a really twans wumman because he's a Republican!!1!!

No. 1223048


I'm calling it, they're suddenly going to really care about that person he fatally hit with his car to discredit him lol.

No. 1223054

File: 1620104521036.jpeg (246.88 KB, 1242x1619, 04D2AD2D-FDAD-4515-A0B0-55A297…)

Why do men?

No. 1223055

File: 1620104764560.jpeg (104.6 KB, 1242x418, D4FA8172-849D-4CBB-98B5-34A8AF…)

It’s as if he’s speaking out of his own insecurity and hatred for women. He looks like a fat balding albino gorilla with the ugliest hang witch nose. Age will hit this guy like a truck.

No. 1223079

lmao the cope

>we don't want to be like you at all!!

>we just want to dress like you
>and use your bathrooms
>and be on your sports teams
>and get pregnant
>and sound like you
>and look like you
>and get mistaken for you

but let's be clear we do NOT want to be you and we are better than you!!!!

No. 1223084

File: 1620108770590.jpeg (127.54 KB, 828x867, BD4580EE-CEFA-414A-A360-119EE5…)

…what does this mean? Kek

No. 1223085

i mean,they need it more

No. 1223111

File: 1620111310806.jpg (59.98 KB, 720x482, 20210504_015137.jpg)

Really not a fan of this. I don't want to see anyone's fucking penis outline anywhere in public.

No. 1223120

File: 1620112134928.jpeg (219.66 KB, 828x1472, A42B0F2A-8DEA-4FD0-B894-0A0CAA…)

Scary balding man

No. 1223123

File: 1620112220254.jpeg (104.54 KB, 828x1472, 28FD6B18-BCBF-4A9A-B6DA-FDB879…)

Two different people, still soft blurred to hell

No. 1223124

Without fail, the ones that talk the most shit are always instantly clockable in their PFPs, despite obvious heavy use of makeup, posing, angles, and filters. I swear I could touch the screen and my hand would get covered in a thick layer of a blush/vaseline mixture.

No. 1223138

File: 1620114595467.jpeg (58.9 KB, 419x529, F422E290-F95D-407A-B1BA-83055D…)

These troons all think the Kubrick stare is cute wtf

No. 1223142

It's not necessarily that they think the pose is cute, more that they think it hides their neck/chin and distorts their proportions in a way that makes their male anatomy less obvious.

No. 1223154

File: 1620120183546.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.54 KB, 500x700, clownmask.jpg)

Calm down with the blush, clown face. With billions of hours of free makeup tutorials available on the internet, how fucking hard is it to learn how to not look like this?

No. 1223159

File: 1620122193252.png (541.72 KB, 567x599, unknown[1].png)

No. 1223163

File: 1620123802034.jpeg (125.6 KB, 1447x650, 6880F94B-F94E-4BAE-820E-E0A396…)


No. 1223167

Looks like iNabber is going through a tough time

No. 1223169

god I hope it gives him cancer

No. 1223190

Underrated post and absolutely true.

They're already doing it, even George Takei and Chris Klemens who are notorious for praising Bruce for being literally stunning and brave suddenly went all "hey we don't talk about how he killed a person with his car" kek.

No. 1223194

Holy cope, Batman. This guy is seriously considering him bagging some bisexual dude as an achievement and devastating victory over "cis women". Nobody tell him that HRT actually causes you to age rapidly.

>Be a tranny handmaiden
>Do all that you can to please them
>Bend over backwards convincing yourself that trans women are women
>Always ask for pronouns and be as apologetic as possible for it
>Diligently refer to a he as a she and be careful not to slip up
>"I can tell you didn't mean it, that's even worse than misgendering me REEEEEEEE KILL THE TERF"
They chose a very sad life.

No. 1223201

File: 1620129566835.jpg (85.93 KB, 813x992, P8NKveM.jpg)

>Drachenlord (shitty German youtuber) injects cow blood into his ears to play victim but I'm the sick pig when I put strawberry jam in my panties when I'm on my period?!


No. 1223202

word salad, yummy yummy

No. 1223203

File: 1620130132728.png (2.01 MB, 900x774, 1604652297036.png)

I hate this country so much, it's fucking unreal.

No. 1223226

The whole “cis women are jealous” thing is such a hilarious cope. Imagine the mental illness it takes to believe any of us wish for a life of endless surgeries, hormone injections, and sperging about whether we “pass” or not, when we can just…be.

No. 1223229

Only a scrote wishes domestic violence on a woman. Disgusting.

No. 1223242

It really boils down to projection. If we're the jealous ones, why they trying so hard to skin walk us?

No. 1223269

File: 1620139864518.png (389.79 KB, 745x818, sdssdsd.png)


No. 1223271

>or should I just go die

Also what does "I thought I was cis" means, when he used to id as a dude he didn't felt invading lesbian spaces? as a male?

No. 1223275

I love how he also managed to add suicide bait into this.

No. 1223277

If a tranny isn’t suicidebaiting, does the tranny exist?

No. 1223280

They're so delusional, he probably doesn't even realize a real women his age would already gone through menopause or he just doesn't give a shit because it's all part of role playing as a young girl because they can't stand older women.

No. 1223281

File: 1620140937326.png (1.01 MB, 678x762, weve been down this path befor…)

>Or should I just go die.

I hate suicide bait. At this point I just want to reply to everyone who does it "Make sure you tie a plastic bag over your head first."
But that's like an auto-ban on every fucking forum on the internet these days.

No. 1223282

File: 1620141095767.png (94.29 KB, 799x776, tampons.png)

>girls go to the washroom together
>using smilies all over the post
>friend humoring you even though they know your a troon, sooo validating!
No one fucking wants to be handed a tampon by a random troon in the restroom. I'd assume they will get off to the idea since they oversexualize every aspect of female biology.

No. 1223284

>Biproduct of a patriarchal society which sexualized lesbianism in porn for decades
is what pisses me off the most, oh my fucking god, as if they're not one of the worst fucks who fetishize lesbians to heaven and back. trannies and claming another groups struggle for themselves, don't even try to name a better combo because you won't be able to.

No. 1223285

inflate them???

No. 1223295

File: 1620142873966.png (96.17 KB, 655x581, wrongthink.png)

Semi-related, troons are narcissists through and through that cannot stand not being able to control other people's perception of them. We use your pronouns to not get it's maam'd, not because we think you're ~true and honest womxn~

No. 1223299

Supposedly the one thing they have on us is that they “work harder” to perform femininity in the form of makeup, surgeries, clothing etc. But the thing is that if women wanted to do those things, we could. If we were truly envious of a man with breast implants we could just go out and get the same size implants ourselves, and they’d probably look better too since there’s more natural breast tissue to work with. Nothings stopping us from caking our faces in makeup or wearing skimpy clubwear in our free time. The reason most of us don’t do that because we have no desire to, so where is jealousy supposed to come in? Are bigger jaws easier to shave off in Facetune?

Of course he didn’t feel like he was invading as a straight man in a lesbian sub. He only feels slight discomfort now because he knows he’s an impostor relying on mass make-believe.

I’m afraid to ask what he thinks tampons are or how they work.

No. 1223303

File: 1620143938095.jpg (706.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210504-175632_Twi…)

There's the hashtag #LesbianMeToo, where finally lesbians rise up and speak up.

No. 1223304

File: 1620143979009.jpg (545.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210504-175654_Twi…)

I'll post some confessions, too.

No. 1223313

File: 1620144272486.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.66 KB, 720x737, Ey8vBubXEAIjn0X.jpg)

spoilered, it's about sexual assault.

No. 1223316

File: 1620144315714.jpg (103.48 KB, 720x720, E0JaFfBWQAkFvU0-1.jpg)

No. 1223317

Oh boy..this is gonna get shut down quick like #superstraight.

No. 1223330

File: 1620144529481.jpg (95 KB, 720x664, E0Fan4dXIAEt819.jpg)

last one.

No. 1223331

At least they can't pretend this one's a 4chan troll-op.

No. 1223335

>She had FFS and passes
Sorry the bimbofication surgery didn't work out. How dare the cruel cissies let the veil slip!

No. 1223339

Turns out FFS still doesn't overwrite male bone structure and stature kek

No. 1223343

>when he shaved my head, he told me that I was his "little teenage boy"
Im getting Onision vibes and gonna throw up. Fucking disgusting

No. 1223345

File: 1620145686627.gif (156.15 KB, 536x440, 7b517226923e4eb2187acb6fb7767b…)

Holy Doly this triggers me and is disgusting I should have read >>1223313 before >>1223316
I hope that scrote burns in hell

No. 1223350

>need it drilled in their head
YOU DIDN'T PRACTICE OUR MANTRA ENOUGH, I WON'T BE YOUR FRIEND! Good riddance, then just leave these poor people alone. She literally admits to living in a bubble and won't make friends because of "transphobia", but is surprised when the world only sees her "girlfriend" as a guy in a dress.

No. 1223351

this dude is scary as fuck, can't wait to see what he'll look like in ten years

No. 1223352

I bet troons are going to hijack this and try to turn it into a thing about lesbians hurting transbiansfeelings, and male allies are going to chime in with that constantly misquoted study about lesbians in abusive relationships to ‘prove’ that lesbians are actually super abusive and the real villains here.

No. 1223358

This is so dumb, I've said the wrong pronouns to cis friends before it's just thinking too fast and saying the wrong word. It's not that deep

No. 1223378

These are all awful, but
>I don't want to be coerced but I want a community and friend to be apart of
broke my heart in particular, she sounds young and confused and I hope someone can make her see there's nothing wrong with her for being a lesbian and only being attracted to women

No. 1223380

he already looks like a bloated embalmed corpse, so probably exactly the same

No. 1223383

Like at least tuck your shit in, retard. The same way people don't want to see and always make fun of camel toes (unless they're a perverted scrote), no one (except for perverted scrotes) wants to see anyone's dick bulge/outline like that in public.

No. 1223384

File: 1620150788201.jpg (666.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210504-134912_Chr…)

kek I've been visiting /x/ lately for nostalgia and mindless entertainment lately and even they have tranny jannies! picrel is the thread they deleted. for context, racial slurs and anti-semitic language is tolerated and everywhere

No. 1223386

what happened to it? I miss AG.

No. 1223389

I would assume this was Yaniv posting, but he didn’t include any naked 10 year old girls in the story so it’s probably another tampon fetish troon.

No. 1223402

File: 1620152420033.jpeg (117.86 KB, 828x1472, D988C752-9BA8-46AE-B080-73E365…)

Lmaooo what the fuck even kind of edit is this these troons are hilariously sick

No. 1223404

File: 1620152538522.jpeg (117.12 KB, 828x1472, DDD8C308-35C3-4F4D-8504-FC79CC…)

He’s really bold posting these set of pictures compared to the rest, maybe he got lazy

No. 1223405

All this shop and he still looks like a teenage boy kek

No. 1223408

File: 1620152588106.jpeg (81.25 KB, 1242x544, 12FF51C3-DB46-4682-801B-86BCA8…)

What does this even mean

No. 1223409

File: 1620152618002.jpeg (68.21 KB, 1242x592, 6A23C1E7-DB1B-400F-820E-0CF540…)

No you’re just fat

No. 1223418

If an actual woman wore this to work would be bitched about, sexually harassed, called a slut and not taken seriously. Middle aged ugly scrote is sooo sooper brave and spechul for wearing clubwear, kek. I remember when all my friends were RTing this junk and praising him on twitter, it made me vomit.

No. 1223421

File: 1620153967342.jpg (465.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20210504_194320.jpg)

This fridge shaped thing just popped on my timeline with his dick almost hanging out, trannys aren't even trying to look fem anymore. YIKES.

No. 1223422

I’ve thought about this too actually. If autists are lining up to get their dicks turned inside out, be my guest. Thank god they can’t procreate lol.

No. 1223425

The eyes always give it away. They all look dead inside and like they'd snap any second.

No. 1223429


women: notoriously known for reporting having a GREAT time at the gym

No. 1223439

It's fucked up but i do believe it's somewhat necessary to point out she said she shaved her own head. No need to embellish the story, it already makes the man look bad enough.

No. 1223441

File: 1620154776493.png (354.53 KB, 598x510, MrGarrison.png)

I thought this guy was a parody of an autogynephile at first since he's talking about putting strawberry jam in his knickers to simulate periods but apparently he's for real and pretty upset about this Mr. Garrison comparison.

No. 1223444

Is this the new reinstallment of George of the Jungle getting to know city life?

No. 1223453

While you may be right, I think the main reason is that any criticism of the tranny agenda is relagated to /pol/ posting.
Same, I'm starting to think it's just another means of population control.

No. 1223455

lmao is houseki no kuni just tranny fuel?? i knew a guy who never fully trooned out but was troon-adjacent who loved that shit

No. 1223461

Cow with his own thread, but the first time I got the feeling Digibro's gonna troon out was when he reviewed Houseki no Kuni and went on a spiel how gender is nonexistent and he sees no gender anymore, so there's something to it. It's a nice story though, with zero actual in-universe gendersperging.

No. 1223470

I'd tend to agree with you but it was made clear by a seething troon itt that they were reporting the thread for "anti lgbtq hate". plus, every other popular thread is either about or heavily discusses /pol/ tier shit a la da joos

No. 1223476

The strawberry jam thing was actually fake though. But yes, 'Georgine' is real…

No. 1223483

Mad he can't wear phone filters to the gym so all women should transition because they trigger his disphoria kek must be pretty frustrating to see his obviously male reflection in the mirror surrounded by sweaty women just trying to stay healthy and realize how much of a failure he is when his competition isn't even trying

No. 1223484

File: 1620158733681.png (50.4 KB, 601x270, narcrage.png)

No. 1223488

File: 1620158951585.jpg (253.13 KB, 720x957, 20210504_211245.jpg)

I just remembered Sayton Hypernova. Does anyone else remember him from about 2 years ago?

He is a trans guy who would instigate fights in his family and blame it on them being transphobic. For example, he provokes his brother into physical fights then cries about them all assaulting him because he's trans in a house full of Republican nutbags. All this would be uploaded to his YouTube channel and blame his skin condition on anyone who criticized or cow tipped

(Funny enough they did actually turn out to be nutbags, a whole family of cows tbh)

No. 1223492

Yeah he basically disappeared but every now and again his videos are found by revenge of the CIS. ROTC are annoying as hell and give stale commentary but at least there's some Dayton content

No. 1223499

Is he the one who played chess?

No. 1223526

Played chess? I'm unsure but I'm going to guess no.

He was very well known for being a caricature of the LGBTQ "everything ever is slander against me" crowd. My favourite is when he stole his mums credit card, filmed his mum calling him out for needing to shut down 4 credit cards previous to this because he kept buying dresses for his upcoming boutique, then he blamed it on her transphobic views.

Oh and the boutique was an idea he had for a store that was payment optional. I don't know how he thought this would work out.

He was also weirdly racist towards his black brother in law and made a whole reoccurring thing about all black people being transphobes.

And he allegedly threw a wine glass at a baby.

Am I missing anything?

No. 1223529

Samefag but I also forgot his brother died last year and the day after Dayton was filming the poor guy's room.

No. 1223533

File: 1620161491722.gif (35.19 KB, 420x45, 2962F5F9-A04B-4BAF-9C46-BE4CFF…)

already posted but

No. 1223541

Shit, how did he die? I thought he stopped having any kind of internet presence by the time Deadwingdork covered him in late 2019.

The brothers name was Sherman and had a penchant for drunk driving and being a failed boxer who never won a match in his shitty career.

Kept unregistered guns in the house and actually was about as violent as Dayton claimed he was

No. 1223545

I believe he had liver problems which shouldn't be surprising tbh.

No. 1223546

Good. I want to see more people talking about this. I know so many aidens and handmaidens who have been straight up raped by terrifying trannies in pastel wigs and were too scared to say anything in public about it because they were "afraid of people taking it in bad faith" (aka afraid of being cancelled) or being worried that they'd contribute to the "negative stereotypes" (aka confirming that transwomen~ are, and continue to act like, typical predatory males).
Love this shit. Die mad about it.

No. 1223548

What’s the milk?

No. 1223552

Samefag but here's the thread and the post where its announced he died. My time is screwed up he actually died early this year. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dayton-hypernova-earl-shultz-cade-dorian-paradoxa-earl-david-shultz-th3bl8ckm8squ3r8d3.57020/post-8166573(Imageboard )

No. 1223554

Digibro is a trans identified male now? Why are every degenerate men trans "women" now? I hate them so much.

No. 1223578

honestly that original post wasnt too bad,innocent enough but the adaline guy though… vaginas are not silicone fleshholes my guy. tampon size mostly depends on bloodflow not vagina width but how would a man ever know that

No. 1223598

Yeah I thought the trans person was being really sweet, cared enough to get a tampon for their friend, and even wanted to carry some around in case for other women. I really hope that got encouraged. They didn’t make it about them not having a period, but being a good friend in female spaces.

The other poster who thought tampons literally inflate is on one. How

No. 1223641

>>strawberry jam in underwear

Literally you could be anybody and anything, idk billionaire, have multiple phds or be Albert Einstein. If you put fucking strawberry jam in your underwear you are just straight up insane and hella weird.

Strawberry Jam. I just can't.

No. 1223679

>feels even more violent
You're hardly oppressed if the worst violence you experience is a delusion-fueled feeling.

No. 1223696

File: 1620177266859.jpg (13.04 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)


No. 1223746

Reminds me of that troon who recently came out at work and started using the womens restrooms only to find out later that all of the female employees were using the handicapped bathroom as a result. Of course he was whining and condemning the evil cis women for creating a line to pee in a single stall restroom because they're so afraid of a meek, harmless trans girl (more like a hulking predatory AGP who probably had HR complaints regarding sexual misconduct in the past).
But this could have been fake, like I said, it seems a tad overboard for all women to avoid using that bathroom just bc of a troon. Probably was made up for sympathy points.

No. 1223770

File: 1620186152180.jpeg (178.33 KB, 750x372, 448B147A-26E3-4322-9712-EEE503…)

This is being peddled by a “mixed” conservative, so disgusted.

No. 1223776

Imagine being so goddamn bitter you start a-logging half the human race.

Also the nice thing about not being a tranny is people still recognize us as women regardless of how much effort we put into our appearence. A woman with crow's feet, a fat nose, and bad tattoos is still identified more consistently as female by others than your plastic, photoshopped, drag-queen makeup ass. Screeching at us won't give you ovaries, Timmy.

No. 1223780

File: 1620188625230.jpg (33.52 KB, 171x250, 859315-2f8791436ff53e2f8332a5d…)

No. 1223781

File: 1620188647260.jpg (35.19 KB, 188x250, 859319-824bbc7035526f63765f55d…)

No. 1223782

Whats sad is this dude just seems to be a racist who hates liberals, but I've seen shit like this said by transwomen and Black female TRA's. It's never this blunt but they are always trying to take away black women's "Woman card" and make us seem like a sub category of women. It's sad because some people find it "woke", to try to de-woman black women or WOC so trans can be included. They try to dance around but this is what they are doing. They'd have a issue with this dude is saying but I see TIMs imply this shit all the time.

No. 1223783

He's not wrong, kek. Newsflash asshole: bullying people into calling you "she" isn't actually going to make them think you're a woman. They're just taking the path of least resistance and pacifying you so you don't chimp out.

>do you just inflate [tampons] to the size you need
The absolute state of sex education in this country, holy shit. This reads like something CWC would say.

Also, this guy sucks at creative writing. Bathrooms have tampon dispensers, you retarded ape. I don't know about you guys, haven't asked another woman for a tampon since I was like fifteen. Also, women generally only go to the bathroom in groups if they're A) someplace dangerous (a bar for instance) B) wearing a lot of makeup, or C) family.

I love it when they say the quiet part out loud.

>TERFs have been trying to destroy [Yaniv's] life
He's destroying his own fucking life! Literally everything that's happened to him is the result of his own retarded decisions. Also, Yaniv is mostly a Kiwifarms cow, at the majority of their userbase is male. They hate trannies because they're right-wing or just misanthropic, not because they're TERFs.

No. 1223785

Tranny spergs out at a Popeye's over being "misgendered". Popeye's employees prove they are based.

No. 1223786

Bonus milk of the trannys post-Popeye's sperg.

No. 1223787

Ha ha, you think they won't find some way to link this with white supremacy or Nazis
They'll probably go on about some bullshit fact about how this movement was started by "white lesbians" and that's its actually about excluding non-white women, this was the argument used against Lesbians liking cottagecore

No. 1223788

File: 1620190191509.png (374.94 KB, 2246x786, 19eh1946egv61-1.png)

Peak fucking delusional, do they really think they will end up anything more then some flabby shapeless men in women's clothing

No. 1223790

Aka- "it's easier to get sex from other scrotes then it is from women, I hate women because I'm gay and/or because women forced me to be gay because they don't like me"
I love how men are now lowkey blaming women for wanting to fuck other men, trannies, traps. "

No. 1223799

there's so much to unpack here lmao the way he goes to leave and keep coming back, saying they're gaslighting him, all of the poor employees having to put up with this shit… saying they're calling him slurs?? god I'm so sorry for service workers

No. 1223800

File: 1620192318522.jpg (54.91 KB, 1038x714, 1620168367948.jpg)

Because becoming a creppy coomer predator would fix the mental illnesses these guys have.
I am retarded if I don't know if I should feel disgusted or confused by this image?

No. 1223802

File: 1620192856017.png (385.14 KB, 350x544, brave_INLsCL0S21.png)

look at his clothing holy fuck, this is absolutely unhinged.
>bro is a slur
my fucking sides

No. 1223817

>Mexican-Americans had the highest testosterone (versus non-Hispanic black: P=0.002) and lowest SHBG (versus non-Hispanic white: P=0.010; versus non-Hispanic black: P=0.047) concentrations.
>We also found African Americans and Japanese Americans to have higher estrogen levels than White women, whereas levels among Latinas were similar to those of Whites.


No. 1223824

File: 1620196510366.jpg (291.81 KB, 821x1180, Screenshot_20210505-092835_Red…)

I saw this on reddit, apparently this monstrosity is a mod for the Her app.
>her world is yours
Not even trying to be subtle about taking over womens' spaces.

No. 1223825

both examples aren’t really related to this. first study is on adolescent males and the second is on postmenopausal women.

No. 1223827

You know maybe taxpayer funded sterilization isn't that bad of an idea.

No. 1223828

The moment he took off his sunglasses was peak horror show

No. 1223829

His forehead has to be photoshopped, right? I didn't know 8heads were humanly possible

No. 1223832

File: 1620198741977.png (384.69 KB, 607x607, 9KkZOxx.png)

Of fucking course he has the anime poof eyebrow

No. 1223840

File: 1620200003798.jpeg (Spoiler Image,277.73 KB, 1536x2048, 226554D9-27D7-417F-A297-736435…)

Oh yeah this man also carries I guess. So that's a nice America.

No. 1223841

>implying they aren't creepy coomer predators to begin with

No. 1223842

Didn't know Art Garfunkel was a tranny now

No. 1223844

File: 1620200136822.jpeg (Spoiler Image,356.17 KB, 2048x1942, C493D67E-8432-40C9-9E7A-2CDA08…)

No. 1223846

File: 1620200319519.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, A141E570-3AC5-49FB-9063-D302AA…)

I'm so tired of these perverts. This guy isn't even trying to hide his man voice and is blatantly gross, yet "woke" people eat this shit up.


No. 1223849

I didn’t know Yumi King’s husband transitioned!

No. 1223850

Do you have a link to this?

No. 1223863

File: 1620206488978.png (713.67 KB, 525x947, vb.PNG)

No. 1223870

NTA but this uses the same study in the second link and notes that the hormone differences are before menopause.
>“It is known that before menopause, African-American women have a higher breast cancer risk than whites, as well as higher estrogen levels,” Setiawan says. “It would be interesting to find out why their elevated rates do not persist after menopause, despite having comparatively higher estrogen levels.”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1223880

File: 1620212765459.jpg (1001.6 KB, 1165x1398, dYrjU1W.jpg)


>live 61 years as a man and have male career in TV/journalism

>troon out at 61
>have interviews on international women's day about your uwumanly hardships

From German newspaper "Die Zeit" for international women's day
>Being underestimated is what keeps me going
>They are successfull – and female. 22 women in politics, economy, society and sports tell how they overcame pushback.

No. 1223881

so funny how hypocritical MTFs are. the whole point of being trans is because you feel you dont belong in your own body/have the incorrect genitals. so why show them off?

No. 1223887

It's not a fetish, the visible penis is a coincidence, to question it is transphobia

- Some idiot on Twitter, probably

No. 1223888

>Her world is yours

silently screaming

No. 1223904

>"Sir is a slur"
>White man calling a black man a nigga

No. 1223918

>They are (…) female.
>Also, water is dry.

Gotta make sure to center the troon, too. It´s international women´s day after all.

No. 1223919

jesus christ some of the mods around here are a fucking joke these days.

literally looks like mrs doubtfire

No. 1223927

Why are german men such pervs. In particular. Like is there something in the water.

But not a fetish. P-please use our bathrooms s-sir.

kek how he has to put “she/her” right in his captions because otherwise no one would know this one is even a man trying to be a woman.

No. 1223929

This person would rather have a public meltdown and immediately post it for validation than consider the possibility that they do not pass and look like Walter White in their long manjorts and wife-beater while yelling like a man at KFC employees.

No. 1223939

File: 1620223362444.png (318.38 KB, 1440x2147, 1620222077114.png)

From the reddit thread

>A woman makes a post on the relationships subreddit about her being asked to become a surrogate for her brother who came back into her life after 10+ and is now MTF. Redditors quickly assemble to remind her of wrong speak

No. 1223940

File: 1620223605451.png (10.13 KB, 464x91, basedalex.PNG)

>"I'm walking out of here right now!"
>proceeds to go back and sperg even harder for 2/3 more of the video
And even though the troon was the one who posted the video, every comment is taking the employee's side. Good.

Apparently the TV station he works for is the major state-funded broadcaster too

No. 1223946

One of the trannies got her. F

No. 1223948

>every comment is taking the employee's side
yeah, but look at the names/icons. this definitely got linked to from KF as well

No. 1223952

Your first study is about males, your second study is about postmenopausal women.


Black people have higher testosterone than white people (both man and women) because testosterone is directly related to skin color.

Doesn't make black women men, of course, just clarifying because you provided misleading facts.(Medfag)

No. 1223962

File: 1620226130514.jpg (606.25 KB, 1536x2048, 1620210511357.jpg)

No. 1223971

NTA but I couldn't find the sources for the claims about testosterone made in that study. I did find this, though
>In an attempt to understand these associations, a number of studies have sought to determine whether there are differences in estradiol (E2) levels between reproductive aged AAW and CW with variable results. In four relatively large studies E2 levels were higher in AAW compared with CW (7–10), whereas other studies either reported lower E2 levels in AAW (11, 12) or found no difference between the two groups (13–15).

>To further address the hypothesis that E2 levels are increased in AAW and to advance our understanding of potential physiological mechanisms that may underlie racial differences in reproductive hormone levels in women, we have examined ovarian and pituitary reproductive hormones through daily blood sampling across the menstrual cycle in age- and BMI-matched, regularly cycling AAW and CW. These studies demonstrate that E2 levels are significantly higher in AAW compared with CW, which cannot be explained by differences in the number of dominant follicles or LH, FSH, or androstenedione (a'dione) levels. The observed decrease in the a'dione to E2 ratio among AAW compared with CW, despite similar FSH levels, suggests an inherent increase in aromatase activity in AAW.

Also Googled the skin color/testosterone thing to see if others had concluded the same thing, and studies show that melanin actually increases with estrogen.
Don't want to spam or derail since we basically agree, it's just that there's more than one thing basically dismissing the "black women = more testosterone" thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1223972

It’s definitely not a fetish, this is just how regular everyday women dress to pick up groceries at Walmart!

But I’m starting to understand why they believe they’re “better” than cis women despite all evidence to the contrary. Pornsick scrotes define womanhood entirely by how well we cater to male sexual fantasies. And since many of us don’t give a shit and can’t be bothered, they think they’re flexing on us by dressing up in this goofy bimbo clown wear. But of course you can’t point out this is 100% scrote logic or they’ll seethe.

No. 1223974

I hope the candids are posted to people of Walmart.

No. 1224004

The testosterone rage against overworked minimum wage workers, it’s hilarious KEK

No. 1224006

Grown ass adult man literally screaming at an underage minimum wage worker, and for many retail workers, sir/ma'am is reflexive

No. 1224007

it’s never not been a fetish

No. 1224020

Those dirty fingernails make me gag

No. 1224026

Is there a way to watch that train wreck without logging in and sending my credit card info or ID card to google? I'm curious but not enough to do this.

No. 1224033

No. 1224039

I don't even want to know what he's wearing on the bottom with that much exposed skin below the top, what a nightmare

No. 1224054

File: 1620236572856.jpg (235.31 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20210505_194017.jpg)

no comment

No. 1224056

File: 1620236720684.jpg (138.79 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20210505_193646.jpg)

today on things no lesbian has ever said in the history of lesbianism

No. 1224060

i love how he doesn't see a difference between "i hate my genitals" and "i want my holes used".
one sounds like body dysmorphia, the other sounds like a coomer tard talk.
but womanhood is about being used, right?

No. 1224081

File: 1620239191304.png (319.77 KB, 1082x922, 0a3adeb561ce904ee9036e4fe1b4fb…)

Man reaches peak trans after realising that his desire to be a woman was rooted deeply in misogyny and a fetish, that his behaviour was validated by his liberal friends and girlfriends, and it was only when he subscribed to r/GC to troll that he began to realise the cognitive dissonance in the trans community.

No. 1224082

I can’t go on YT at the moment. Are any of the commenters calling him a Karen, like they would if an actual woman was acting even half as unhinged towards service employees?

No. 1224083

File: 1620239215893.png (369.44 KB, 1082x1044, fdd96631d614576a1bf13ca2101711…)

No. 1224084

File: 1620239347534.png (347.29 KB, 1082x1064, 12b2c12cacc67050ea4ca82685de0c…)

No. 1224100

>my girlfriend at the time was a bi-radfem and also fetishized my transitioning
either the gf didn't know shit about radfem ideology despite identifying as one or the bf is talking out of his ass

No. 1224109

Likely dating some degenerate libfem who encouraged his degenercies(rare but not unheard of)

No. 1224112

File: 1620241963102.jpeg (46.86 KB, 600x708, CA278576-C071-4E06-8FB7-03C68D…)

> and also fetishized my transitioning
Yeah that doesn’t check out. Maybe she reblogged a few posts from radblr and denounced shit on twitter once in a blue moon; but I highly doubt she read any theory kek.

No. 1224120

The gf parts smells like coomer fetish fantasy

No. 1224123

Men should learn to shut the fuck up. I didn't need all these screencaps to know he's a coomer retard. I hope he permanently fucked up his body and 41%

No. 1224131

File: 1620243840803.png (48.01 KB, 787x384, troonacy.png)

The comments are a dumpster fire.
>you shouldn't have to be a baby incubator if you don't want to uwu
>but if you don't want to do it for your mentally ill trans sibling you need to rethink your perspective

My favorite part is probably
>I think your sister wants to reconnect with her family
No estranged woman tries to reconnect with her family by asking her estranged sister to bear children for her. That's a distinctly male attitude.

No. 1224134

File: 1620244040194.png (6.31 KB, 525x97, gross.png)

Troons fetishizing terfs/radfems is nothing new. A lot of them see it as something to conquer.

No. 1224143

That fucking barrel waist, that spilling over busted keg actual waste. Like sir this is a Walmart and your priority should be your diabetes. How do you have access to testosterone and get like this, even before any potential blockers. What an ass.

No. 1224145

They can and will. They'll just cry terf and it'll get shut down no questions asked.

No. 1224151

this thread pisses me off from all the assholes going, "Stop misgendering waahhhh!" to people even saying she doesn't want to do it because the brother is trans.
"It's your body but, if you don't wanna do it because she's trans you are transphobic" fuck off.

No. 1224152

this tard keeps tweeting about transphobes thinking he's a AGP and then going in so many words, "i don't care!" so why keep posting about it? It obviously bothers his ass that people know his fetish is a fetish.
He's not going to stop doing what he's doing so why does it fucking matter to try to explain?

No. 1224153

Why are they always taking selfies at Walmart or dollarstores? To prove they went outside in "girlmode"? Imagine them pulling this shit someplace young women shop, Forever21 would trigger their disphoria so hard they'd never leave the house again kek.

No. 1224166

> goodnight sis

No. 1224193

File: 1620248427079.png (238.61 KB, 376x378, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.3…)

No. 1224202

Terfsbeware has a similar fantasy. He made a now deleted post asking for “terf porn” references. All their violent fantasies are also sexual ones. It’s very predictable.

No. 1224210

File: 1620249616232.png (201.71 KB, 1580x898, handmaiden.png)

Kek this wasn't even blogging, I was referring to a post that has previously been posted in here. Retarded mod strikes again jfc.
Yeah I think this is it. I misremembered the troon being the one who posted it, actually it was a woman. Picrel is the comments screencapped when it was originally posted to LC.

No. 1224212

Your honor, I demand this person go to prison for not waxing my girlish taint

No. 1224218

>wax my asshole and/or festering fecal scented flesh wound neovag or go to prison

I wish I could say I’m the slightest bit surprised that someone thinks this way but I’m not. Men are so fucking entitled.

No. 1224219

File: 1620250662341.png (64.72 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_20210505-223610~2.p…)


They both wanted a daughter so raised him as a girl. What the actual…

No. 1224221

Seems faker than the usual reddit post, if they raised him as their daughter, why do they have to teach him "how to act, think, walk, and talk like a woman" just now?

No. 1224237

File: 1620252042170.jpeg (274.63 KB, 750x1194, 7888BCA3-A4E7-4956-BC40-ACBF15…)

his post history is all yuri and forced feminization mommy fetish material. fucking gross

No. 1224251

A lot of uninformed normies think "radfem" means any militant feminist, so a militant libfem or leftist feminist would be a radfem to them.

No. 1224260

File: 1620253264347.jpg (256.57 KB, 1079x746, Screenshot_20210505-171950_LIN…)

yes sofie because looking like a fish is essential for your survival

No. 1224269

so unsafe but literally has a onlyfans sucking his boyfriends tiny dick and calling cis women names. So unsafe. Face and dick is all over the internet but so unsafe. fuck out of here.

No. 1224281

As if they’re the only ones who get told that. What about people dying of cancer in countries without healthcare, trying to get affordable insurance and being denied. Meanwhile some troon wants D-cup bolt-ons and we all have to pay for it for him, otherwise we are saying his life is worth nothing? Why the hell can’t that logic be applied to terminally ill people who can’t afford their treatment? I’m sure a TRA’s response would be like “both are valid! they should get funding too!” but I disagree that they are ANYWHERE near the same level of importance. Lifesaving care for every actually sick person deserves full funding before a single troon gets a penny for new tits. If we as a society can’t get our priorities in order over something like titties vs. lifesaving care, then I have no hope whatsoever for humanity.

No. 1224283

File: 1620255546405.jpeg (208.76 KB, 1124x639, DEDB945D-4A74-48B4-B9B0-A7A5D1…)

Note that the “healthcare” being referred to in this tweet means breast implants, lip injections, and cosmetic surgery.

No. 1224285

I could tell this was fake, even before >>1224237 showed up. Pretty sure any lesbians desperate enough to have biological children that they get artificial insemination wouldn't care about what sex the kid was. If they wanted a daughter so badly, they'd adopt. Also, lesbians (at large) are aware of gender identity shit, and usually either GC or drinking the tranny koolaid deeply enough that they'd raise their kid somewhat gender neutral, instead of "raising him as female" before he's even told them he's trans. The only way I could see this happening is if it were two transbians as his "moms," and a transbian as the "girlfriend."

No. 1224298

I've seen people ask for money in life or death situations and it's never like this. It's never, "healthy people need to donate to me/my family RIGHT NOW, we will fucking die! If you don't you are literally killing us!", but I bet you people will read this dumb shit and scroll past a gofundme for a fucking dying toddler or some shit & donate to this troon to get breast implants, more botched facial work so he can suck dick and make money on onlyfans.
They feel entitled to shit, but people who really need money in serious situation NEVER are this smug or rude about it.

No. 1224311

No. 1224328

File: 1620262474744.png (96.25 KB, 820x553, 350-3502301_148-kb-png-conside…)

6'5 neanderthal Chad chins are more likely to become AGP because AGP is hyper-maleness. It's hilarious when they claim "feminine essence" when everything about being AGP is basically peak male sexuality that probably suggests excessive testosterone (cooming so hard you coom yourself into wanting to become what you're cooming to). Males are inherently more susceptible to supernatural stimuli and being conditioned via orgasms, to the point it overrides their rational selves entirely, which is how they should be by design. For instance, studies say that the more aroused a man is, the less negative his attitude toward sexual assault is - this tendency is a lot more pronounced in AGPs with regards to anything. Empirically, AGPs are "superstraight" and "supermale", more male than cis men, the true "Chads".

Also, their nagging desire to be seen as women publicly and "out-woman" cis women has been on a steady increase as women acquire more (real or perceived) status and social prestige, which is, once again, a male biological tendency towards pointless competition and seeking to climb dominance hierarchies to delay their inevitable reproductive irrelevance, as well as trying to play novel social rules to maintain their proximity to a supply of females at all costs (even hacking your cock off).

Tldr Being an AGP isn't a lack of virilization, it's an excess of it.

No. 1224332

the fetishes they seek in porn have no connection to real life eh…

No. 1224333

Just no. There's so many more important problems in the world and we all need to put our foot down.

No. 1224338

>only type of hatred he can experience is psychosexual hate-envy towards something he can't have
>autistic, narcissistic, clingy omnipotent fantasies about "turning" the ones who avoid him in disgust into his submissive simps (that only set him up for more seethe as he goes outside)
>every sexual fantasy is basically a fetid, zealous cope for being a disgusting subhuman reject

This has to be the part of male nature and sexuality that makes me unable to see them as people. It's unfathomable how pathetic and deficient the male mentality is, I genuinely have no clue how they get through the day. I imagine they feel quite a bit of toxic shame over being this way, cause I'd off myself if I couldn't help being sexually obsessed with people who despise me. Maybe that's why they all have this idee-fixe about being independent emotionless Nietzschean ubermensch who don't need nobody (especially with onset of puberty), but the call of their repulsive ballsacks ruins the LARP for them real quick.

Male fantasies of this nature (arguably the most common type) always remind me of a pathetic infant shrieking with this typical mixture of pitiful begging and absolute seething, entitled rage at mommy for taking away the boobies.

There's definitely something with men and wanting to be loved, adored and worshiped by everyone, ESPECIALLY people who are indifferent towards them. The lack of dignity is entirely mind boggling. No wonder males are more narcissistic than women.

No. 1224349

I can't say it as eloquently as you but my take on those kinds of fantasies is also that it's about sex = dominance, aggression, a power move to him. A sex fantasy with a terf basically serves a form of revenge and mockery, he wants to objectify and reduce one into something he's "conquered" and humiliated. Which says a lot about porn and these males' views of sex and women sadly. That their first instinct when mad at a group of women is to seek porn of it, says a lot about what porn is. I am not totally against all men like you but if they all think like this then jfc. As if once a woman he hates serves a purpose to him sexually, then she is defeated and he can have peace. Disgraceful, but I know it's also about wanting sex from lesbians in the first place so it's like you said as well.

No. 1224361

File: 1620268052073.jpeg (504.4 KB, 1125x1336, 92971324-3574-4198-8067-029619…)

Please tell me Mr. Charles Clymer is not trying to pass off this Twitter profile picture as himself…

No. 1224363

um is that reese witherspoon's head?

No. 1224365

Males know that they are filthy and expendable, so their core fixation is to "taint" as many people as possible by proximity. Male sexuality is basically a closed loop of narcissistic self-soothing exercises - "n-no, you're not better than me! Y-youre not too good for me! Now you're f-filthy like me! M-maybe now mommy will come back!".

No. 1224370

Oh yeah I’m dumb- he used that deep fake app with Reese Witherspoons face, which in my opinion is just as creepy to make your Twitter profile picture as a politician but whatever. His whole Twitter reads like a teenager on a tumblr blog

No. 1224375

File: 1620270549785.png (109.79 KB, 695x979, Screenshot_20210506-080755.png)

Why do these men have such a bizzare fixation of their wives, girlfriends and even mothers "feminizing" them, like who thinks like this

No. 1224377

sounds like the kinda stuff Lily Madigan has been accused of doing at university

No. 1224379

When was this posted and where?
Because JY has done a LOT of bad and proveable shit at this point.

No. 1224380

Trans women have thinner skin than 95 year old women in the nursing home. If you're not looking properly and only react to someone's voice you might get it wrong, if someone is androgynous (I think I'd call that person ranting in the video androgynous).. hell I even got "misgendered" by a waitress when I had very short hair and was skinny. We just laughed it off. You wanna be trans, you gotta grow some balls….oh

No. 1224383

This one apparently hates his dick so much that he continues to use it for sex. Coom overcomes dysphoria.

No. 1224395

I hate that they use this thinly veiled suicide baiting as the reason they deserve anything at all. Grow up freaks

No. 1224402

Why aren't men concerned that this is the power pornography has over them…?

No. 1224407

Lately some actually are, but it ain't the ones in this thread as you can see.

No. 1224420

can't say for sure, but all of the comments agree he is unhinged, which is even funnier because the person that posted the video was the tranny himself. I bet he was expecting a very different response

No. 1224422

i checked out his page and… does he really think this is good? honestly?

No. 1224427

Because all men by design have mommy issues, perpetually avenging a trauma inflicted by something known as "maternal omnipotence". All males resent it, but women don't due to their ability to become mothers themselves. Most of what we define as "masculine identity" is just a set of pitiful exercises at establishing oneself outside of mommy's oppressive power. Predictably, everything about this particular LARP revolves around men defining themselves entirely around women and "not being women" as though they ever could be them - another "a-actually I'm choosing this, it's not like I CAN'T do something you can" cope.

Men are never mad at women for reasons that have nothing to do with being rejected by them. Immediately pursuing porn of them is a form of panicked reassurance seeking - "no no no, this is not really happening! They're not better than me like mommy, they're not above me like mommy, they're not LEAVING like mommy did! See, there's this video of them groveling before me! Okay, I can feel alright for a few hours now!". For a man, a woman rejecting him is wielding dreadful power over him. She is the mommy withholding the nipple, she is killing him. As most things men think and feel after puberty are tainted by their libido (because their sole purpose is dispensing sperm and dying), the "mommy don't leave, I hate you bitch, I will hold my breath until you come back" infantile rage becomes "I will fuck mommy so hard until she's cock-hypnotized into staying because my cock is very magical actually, it's totally not worthless unlike what those Tinder bitches think". Most male fetishes can be traced back this way, they're nothing but sexualized maladaptive coping mechanisms - coping with female withdrawal, coping with powerlessness, coping with sexual expendability, coping with reality itself. Biologically worthless penises become worship-worthy and precious (while still being portrayed as dirty because men can't help but resent women who lower themselves by being with them), biological garbage that is semen is craved like it's ambrosia, women cease being cold and picky like mommy - not only are they eternally available, they actually become this way after being unavailable because the male is just so irresistible - the essence behind all the pathetically wishful "turning a cold bitch into a cock hungry submissive slut" drivel that helps them cope with how women treat them in real life. In that case porn is supposed to be some sort of a reassuring sequel to being told to fuck off by their most recent beta orbiting subject, which requires that initial rejection to be incorporated into the fictional narrative as something that's "overcome" later.

You can't help but notice the obvious pussy envy and desire to switch places - males want women to be the easily coomditioned, expendable, sex addicted ones - groveling before the more valuable set of gonads. The ressentiment and envy of a disposable ballsack thus culminates in trooning out. Is it really surprising how obsessed AGPs are with the "mommy" narrative? AGP is the absolute pinnacle of male coping, something that's usually followed by surrender and death.

Males have no sexual fantasies, all they have is predictable eroticized copes. You can coom-meme them into anything including killing themselves, if you push the right buttons. They're not people, they're a malignant growth around their semen pustules.(K Dr. Phil)

No. 1224428

Cool it with the Freudian shit, I don't think its that deep, they have porn Induced fantasies but they can't do make up for shit so they want the closest female in their lives to do it for them

No. 1224429

Ok freud

No. 1224430

File: 1620281838767.jpeg (71.23 KB, 751x644, BE1E50E4-D881-4A68-99B5-D04CFF…)

gonna be honest, i probably won’t read all that but
>She is the mommy withholding the nipple, she is killing him.

is spot on kek

No. 1224438

God you are so fucking based. You should write a book.

No. 1224441

She saged, you didn’t. Cool it with the worthless input.

No. 1224443

>you’re telling us our lives are not worth saving
They aren’t.

No. 1224445

He only did it once and he corrected himself immediately, and yet it’s still the crime of the century.
Meanwhile, yesterday I was chatting quickly and accidentally called my own mother “him” because we are all just human beings and everyone gets a little mush-mouthed sometimes.
How many years until verbal slips like this lead to hate crime charges? Imagine being written a misgendering ticket. That’s already a thing in the UK though, isn’t it?

No. 1224447

I agree but maybe other coomers with brainworms needed to see it. If testimonies like this stop even a handful of retarded moods from trooning out, it’s worth it.

No. 1224449

i hate trannies as much as the next farmer but what the fuck

No. 1224450

She’s right. AMALT

No. 1224452

fucking based

No. 1224454

Just where do these people find not one but numerous women who want to groom them into becoming a ~true lady with a ladybrain~? It all sounds very much like a warped forced feminization fetish they're attempting to larp.

How far can they push the envelope before people start realizing they're narcissistic fetishists and you will never see their last request? They will keep coming up with more ridiculous demands and make the suicide baiting more and more obvious, how long does it take before the most diligent TRA realizes they're not worth going under the bus for? Next they're demanding government money to buy designer purses because carrying your dilator in a Birkin bag is essential to being a woman.

No. 1224458

You dropped this crown, queen. Thanks for your post.
>You can coom-meme them into anything including killing themselves
It's actually true. How many males have died due to autoerotic asphyxiation? Numerous, including celebrities. They're willing to risk their lives in a very serious way just because someone memed them into believing that you can coom harder by choking yourself half to death at the same time.

No. 1224459

>Just where do these people find not one but numerous women
They don’t. They call men women. It’s all just degenerate coomer men grooming each other and calling each other women.

No. 1224460

anon has embodied the second coming of dworkin. absolutely based, please give us more of your takes.
i see this happen so often. they want to be the mommy figure without being the literal mother. they sexualize the fuck and degrade what motherhood actually means.

No. 1224462

queen shit, anon. i think radblr would love this too.

No. 1224464

Unfortunately tranny janny banned her. She was probably mass reported by handmaidens. I hope she knows how to ban evade like the rest of us, because it’s really easy and doesn’t cost a penny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224465

Not agreeing with Freudian tier psycho-analysis doesn't make one a hand-miaden nonnies

No. 1224466

>males want women to be the easily coomditioned, expendable, sex addicted ones groveling before the more valuable set of gonads
Absofuckinglutely, you are right and you were right to say it. It's all about the envy and anger they feel in knowing their dick and balls are nothing special and that in a pool of eligiable men, they're the least likely to get picked because they have nothing else of any importance to offer. The way they SEETHE when they're forced to remember that women online easily get hundreds of messages meanwhile they struggle to even get one. So now they troon out thinking "I can do it too, I'll get a hundred messages too and be an even BETTER woman than you!!" and all they get is maybe 3 disgusting cis men clearly wanting to pump and poz them with aids. They resent the power women have with being able to choose a partner and now try to take it back by becoming women themselves but it'll never work because even with a fake pussy their worth will still be nothing special and no one of any importance will ever choose them first. Even after they transition, they will still be forced to grovel in looking for a partner. They dont get to choose a partner out of a plethora like women can and they never will and they will simply die mad about it.

No. 1224467

Just admit that you don’t understand psychology or sociology or anything other than nitpicking ugly trannies. Everything is rooted in childhood.
Noooooo admin don’t ban me ur so sexy ahaaaaaa

No. 1224470

This is basically blaming the mother and also low-key accusing their degenerate behavior anon, AGP-ism is a combination of misgony and coomer brain overlord

No. 1224471

That’s exactly what that nonny was saying, and you’re too fucking stupid to understand. She wasn’t “blaming the mother” she was blaming the male for being an insatiable little parasite and eternal toddler.

No. 1224472

The issue I take is that acting like this is inate behavior within males actively excuses them for their bullshit and degenercy,

No. 1224473

Normal males should develop past this and start the process of sublimation of their base instincts like women are taught since birth.

No. 1224476

This. I hate this whole “society makes men into the vicious disgusting pieces of shit they are! We have to bulldoze all of their fears and discomforts so that they stop abusing degrading and raping us!”
How about it’s their base instincts that make them simultaneously mentally inferior, and more dangerous than us (y’know, like bears or something) and then we can get them to modify their behaviour from birth, just like women?

No. 1224477

File: 1620292051057.jpeg (75.65 KB, 828x602, 5AA23B1A-9336-4111-BC30-850F44…)

No. 1224483

File: 1620293161744.jpg (123.75 KB, 828x672, 87838b12-043f-572f-b8d6-a7f77a…)

I half agree with you and half don't, men do have some purpose in life and society
They should be imo all either soldiers, laborers, janitors, workers (Basically anything that requires physical labor) while women should take the intellectual and leadership positions in society

Its a utilitarian matriarchal society where everyone prospers imo
Basically I unironically agree with picrel

No. 1224484

Lol I agree but you’re about to be banned for this. See you in 3 days.

No. 1224485

It's because we live in a heteronormative society where men's domination and women's humiliation are sexualised. Humiliation is fun for them because it isn't real, they can always escape it as men. That's that simple. White women blackfishing is the same, it's all about power play and having fun by humiliating those who can't escape their social status (women, homosexuals, people of color, …).

No. 1224487

I get meth vibes from these.

I wonder how prevalent meth use really is among MtF troons? Meth is popular among coomer males with self esteem issues, and also in the gay male community, and also people with severe mental illness who are inclined to use destructive coping mechanisms… so it seems right up their alley. But meth is so sigmatized that I imagine many typically exhibitionist troons aren't public about their use of it.

No. 1224489

I'm gonna be honest, I find this worldview very sad. I understand your anger and the anger of all women here directed at coomer males and I think in the coming years more and more women will think this way because the coomer-cattle male is just utterly repulsive.

But what is to blame here is the porn industry. Modern men are repulsive because they are weak and give in to their lowest instincts, just because it is so easily available at the click of a button. In the olden days men had to do a lot more work to get to see a vagina and it made them better men. They were leaders, scientists, musicians, poets, conquerers, fighters. Hell even a coalminer who destroys his body all day to put food on the table for his family is worth more than the modern man who is fat, lazy and sits in his coomer cave all day contributing nothing to society.

Men were always and will always be driven by sex, but porn hands it to them on a silver platter and takes away their incentive to be worth anything at all, contribute anything at all. It makes them undesirable and therefore turn to porn more. In turn women will turn away from men more and our genders will become more and more divided, when we used to be a unit where both people contributed something important. It's fucking sad.

Ridicule me all you want anons, but I wish that men were respectable and we could each fulfill our role in society and respect each other for our inherent values. Our society is going to go completely down the shitter.

Men will see women only as whores and holes, women will see men only as weak coomers and bags of money. Either all the weak will die off and only the strong will survive (cause coomer males do not produce offspring) or we will just compeltely die out.

No. 1224494

Isn't this guy needlessly rich though? Or am I thinking about someone else?

No. 1224495

Judging by their teeth I'd say it's very prevalent.

No. 1224497

Sorry nonnie but back when men had to put effort into wooing a woman they just fucked prostitutes, sex slaves and even young boys while beating his wife. Fucking Nero was a crossdressing hedonistic coomer and he existed 2000 years before the porn industry. The porn industry is a derivative of male degeneracy and privilege, not the cause of it.

No. 1224502

>Is it the government's job to[…]
well, if you live in USA then no it's not since you don't have socialised healthcare.

No. 1224504

Men used to just rape their wives, or daughters, or go visit the local hooker, or any other damn thing except treating women like people. Your fifties utopia dream is cute but no society has ever not had male sexual degeneracy lmao.

They made porn to reflect their wants. They wanted the violence and humiliation and degradation of women long before they had cameras to film and share images of it.

No. 1224509

People (men) have always had some degenerates amongst them, but it used to be looked down upon and chastized, largely by religion. It has never been this normalized and accepted and handed to them on a silver platter like it is now.

We need to go back to making degeneracy a bad thing. Even forcing men to walk to the video store to go to a back room behind a curtain is setting a barrier that they have to overcome to entertain their degenerate behavior. Going to an actual prostitute is a much bigger step that most people will not take. We have allowed men to indulge their degeneracy with previously never seen ease and made it ACCEPTABLE. How many women will tell you they think it is ok that their boyfriend watches porn instead of having sex with them? A lot.

You can say that "men have always been like this", sure, whatever. But society has NEVER been like this, never made it this easy and acceptable to be a complete waste of space. A man who works a 9 to 5 job 6 days a week and going to a prostitute behind his wifes back is less detrimental to society than having millions of useless fat sacks of shit NEETs who do nothing but jerk off all day.

This will have never before seen consequences for all of us, whether you want it or not and just saying "men have always been like this and will always be like this, it's no use" does not HELP ANYONE. You have to actually encourage the men around you to be better people and most of all: DO NOT FUCK COOMERS.

No. 1224512

>it’s all because of the porn industry, they’re just victims of the evil capitalists of pornhub
You are completely fucking delusional. It’s called supply and demand.

No. 1224519

>Actually, we should go back to the 1950's abusive husbands fucking prostitutes, they're the true chads, not these worthless porn-addicted coomers! Remember girls, stop giving sex to them! That'll teach them!
No, anon. Both are awful. Broken dick incels of today would've been garbage men in the olden times as well, they would've just manifested differently. Like >>1224512 said, supply and demand. Men wanted to see women abused and that's what they got.

No. 1224533

So we’re not morally & politically obligated to pay the medical bills people dying of terminal illness due to lack of adequate health care access, but we’re morally & politically obligated to pay for troons’ fake tits and lips so they don’t commit suicide (i.e. a personal choice)? Okie doke.

No. 1224539

nta but for me the issue solely isn't about men, yeah men suck but a lot of horrible degenerate shit is getting normalized and its effecting women as well
So many libfems I know have gotten into wierd bdsm and taking about how their subs or Doms or verse, just think how normalized choking has gotten

While the effects of this degenerate normalization are less potent on women they still have an effect on younger women

No. 1224547

This is such a bad take, porn has always existed and men have always been degenerate coomers and a danger to women & children at large. The only difference now in the West is we live in post-industrial societies where low value men can live utterly useless lives of sitting around jerking to porn, consuming junk food & bitching about women online instead of starving or dying in wars en masse. But if you think men didn’t abuse, degrade and resent women before porn taught them to, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

No. 1224548

Porn-sick moids are generally the ones grooming them into that

No. 1224551

File: 1620303708597.jpeg (424.91 KB, 971x1235, 9E571CB7-C729-4099-9EDD-B13404…)

No. 1224552

They dont need to anymore, look at the Cosmo articles or Vanity fair about how great anal sex is or how its totes feminist to eat ass
Ive known girls that were Virgins post memes about eating ass or getting ass eaten

No. 1224579

I hate to break it to you, anon, but the reason the porn industry functions the way it does is because it caters to the fact men are already degenerate scumbags. If men were normal they would hate it

Bro, the church have been famously fucking kids for centuries, having them look down on degenerates is like having a hornet look down on wasps. Whatever way you try to manage these things- men are still going to be a huge problem. They aren't fully capable of upholding a world without degeneracy because, like what the other anon said, "they aren't people. They're malignant growths around their semen pustules"

No. 1224581

File: 1620309978119.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1313, A5A58B82-D52E-4F0D-890A-7DB506…)

two scrotes, both insisting on she/her pronouns. The ugly one was recently featured by a large reputable governing body to speak during their virtual Women’s month event

No. 1224582

File: 1620310008687.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1313, 068EAC5B-26C4-4BE1-B37C-8DFE9B…)

The ugly one

No. 1224584

File: 1620310315889.jpeg (468.96 KB, 1170x1330, A82A8590-361F-48BA-8419-81B377…)


No. 1224588

ugh I want to kys , this is the same species as me.

No. 1224599

warms the heart and sets the mind at ease that prison gay armouredskeptic and indistinguishable male mac demarco fan #2,283,560,794 are out here fighting for women's rights with their beans and wieners out, fully visible and semi-erect

No. 1224603

One has to wonder how deep in internalized misogyny and cognitive dissonance do you have to be to be a female handmaiden and agree with this. How do you look at these two goblins and unironically refer to them as a she and not want to break down crying for the future of all women on earth? Even pre-peaking I would've called bullshit on this, I just don't understand what makes a person lose their common sense like that.

>prison gay armouredskeptic

No. 1224610

File: 1620313820820.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.55 KB, 828x1379, D08F9331-0906-4290-81A0-4DA1C3…)

The retardation here

No. 1224622

File: 1620315204695.jpeg (44.31 KB, 622x600, B11A1E09-9DA6-48F2-8BB1-525A5C…)

This picture is literally so funny. Deciding to wear a waist trainer while having that male ribcage, shoulders, and narrow pelvis is an exercise in absolute futility. It’s exactly like polishing a turd. Could not be a more perfect illustration of their delusion.

No. 1224631

File: 1620316564317.png (1.86 MB, 1000x1500, destruction of sodom.png)

>People (men) have always had some degenerates amongst them, but it used to be looked down upon and chastized, largely by religion.

Religion has been replaced with consumerism. If you're not worshipping a product or an ideal that makes you look like a better person, you're not a person these days.

I'm not religious, but man. A cleansing fire over Canada, California, Washington and Edinburg would sound great right about now.

No. 1224639

I can't stop thinking about this. Sage for being off topic but I just needed to say that you have surpassed queen status and acheived Empress

No. 1224641

Oh please, like religion hasn’t inflicted just as much degeneracy on the human species as consumerism. They just prefer to do their scamming and kiddie diddling behind closed church doors instead of out in the open, but that’s hardly the moral high ground they think it is.

And I’d almost feel sorry for troons (and scrotes in general) if they weren’t so rapey and unpleasant. Imagine having all that testosterone and urge to fuck constantly, but no one wants you because you’re hairy and butt ugly. It’s no surprise some of them lose their minds and troon out in an attempt to feel desirable.

No. 1224655

> The ugly one

You need to be more specific

No. 1224660

To be fair, I've known some pre-trooning who could've been decent or even above average if they bothered to shower daily, groom their hair, dress well, shave/style beard in a way that flatters their face and work out regularly, but their brains have rotted completely from coom.
Contra's a good example. He wasn't too bad before physically but both trooning and alcoholism have made him so haggard. Whenever I see his thread bumped I'm just shaking my head.

No. 1224667

Pick your poison.
Which group would your rather have dictating your life? And you can't choose neither.

>Troons stealing and corrupting everything you are to cater to their sick fetishes.

>Morally Bankrupt people pretending to be righteous belittling everything you do.

No. 1224669

File: 1620319749853.jpeg (125.06 KB, 718x1068, 7D810FA8-0B8C-41FA-BC75-135CEA…)

trans women and cis women are basically indistinguishable. /s

No. 1224675

>eric j grimm

No. 1224677

It makes me evil cackle at how even the most "passing" top tier troons look like boys next to any woman.

No. 1224704

Note how you're immediately internalizing guilt for the way males are even though there is physically no way you can bend yourself over backwards to mitigate their feelings of inferiority - a typical feminine, maternal, virtuous approach all males learn to exploit since childhood. Males are the way they are entirely because of nature and you can't (and shouldn't) appease them enough into changing their ways. What you should be doing is removing them from society so no woman is materially impacted by their fantasies, beliefs and behavior. Ironically, that might actually improve them because they'll do anything to continue being close to women - it won't be the genuine moral epiphany your idealistic female self is hoping for, but rather something akin to opportunistic compliance of a subdued animal.

The modern vs past male dichotomy is rooted in romanticized, idealistic, pastoral Disney-trad fantasy that has nothing to do with reality. The percentage of "genius pioneer" males has always been vanishingly small, the amount of degenerates absurdly high, and the "role" males fulfill in society is largely artificial, carved by them to maintain proximity and relevance. Males know that women can do something they can't while the reverse isn't true, so they had to make it "fair" by nurturing the pussy-envy myth of uniquely male ingenuity, the idea that they too can create something the other sex can't, which thus makes them just as irreplaceable and essential.

The modern male is becoming discouraged and catatonic because this artificial niche is dissolving - in the past (after all the role reversal fantasies about women's original sin and inherent sexual degeneracy have fallen flat) he could proudly say "yes, we are responsible for the vast majority of all atrocities and human misery, but at least we invent stuff sometimes, that's the price you have to pay for it because no one else can do it!". Today he has to watch women do everything only he is supposed to be capable of, yet somehow without the "toll" of war and crime. The artificial niche is crumbling, and so the obsolescence panic increases. The male retreats into self destructive hedonism and an ever widening pit of omnipotent desirability fantasies. You have correctly observed that these fantasies grow more pathetic and extreme as males lose their real world "importance", and that is because porn is a cope - sexualized of course, like everything males feel.

Your proposed solution is to mitigate it by giving males their participation trophy niche again, which will have to come at the cost of artificially restricting women. Sadly, it's about as effective as curing NPD by providing the narc with more narcissistic supply.


Your idealization of religion is curious as well. Christianity, being the copefic it is, is an amazingly infantile collection of male projection and reversals (sky daddy autonomously births people, man is the default human and gives birth to woman, only good woman is somehow a mommy but no man jizzed in her so I don't have to share her, aktually it's women who are all easily tempted sexual degenerates driven entirely by lust, etc), which famously and rather hilariously paints all women as weak of flesh coomers. That of course is used as justification to rightfully subjugate them. But now that we know that it's men who are inherently degenerate, this is somehow our moral failing and we must all commit sudoku for failing to cultivate them into something more palatable. That's the guilty mommy in you speaking. You refuse to accept that someone can just be naturally deficient and at the same time undeserving of anything beyond indifference - you have to "save" them, help them, nurture them. You probably can't bear the thought of your male family members being this way, so you have to render hope-based "exceptions" for them even though males have never felt much conflict between "all women are bad" and "I have a mom, a sister and a wife" (likely because deep down they know that the former is false). You speak of women enabling male degeneracy, but you're doing exactly that. The only effort you should put into raising them is one that benefits you and your kind, everything else is a fool's errand.

No. 1224713

based thesis-writing anon

No. 1224714

Jesus christ anon, how can a person be this based? I'm going to save this post and read it whenever men are driving me insane again just to remind me why women are the superior sex.

No. 1224725

>Caked make-up
>Iffy lighting
>something just wrong with their face.

It's more noticeable the longer you look at it without maximizing the image.

Threw this together after subjecting my eyes to predditor bullshit.

>Why hit on the girl at Hot Topic when you can BE the girl at Hot Topic, tee hee <3.

It's fucking hilarious how these losers actually turn into the women that get their rocks off.

No. 1224732

that last paragraph about christianity and the virgin birth stuff is particularly interesting as it really does show how old the madonna-whore complex really is.

No. 1224733

File: 1620322521335.jpg (598.45 KB, 1000x1294, goth rebel dream girl.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ. Sorry. It's huge I didn't even notice.

No. 1224745

kek anon what a collection

No. 1224752

Go back to pol or whatever right wing shithole you crawled out of, faggot.

No. 1224753

The ghost of Valerie Solanas has spoken! Loves it

No. 1224756

this is incredible tea beloved. I honestly think a lot of freudian shit was on the right track, but because freud suffered from mental retardation (y chromosome) he could never fully realise the potential of his ideas.
right? We're supposed to be human beings with free will, able to transcend our biological programming. Males are unfortunately too handicapped to do this, and also don't get bullied enough to keep them in line.

No. 1224759

Thought it was Game Grumps at first.

No. 1224766

Ngl sis the more I see this sort of shit the thinner the ice that faggots are on for me gets

No. 1224769

File: 1620323660007.png (460.03 KB, 720x1414, Screenshot_20210506-223736.png)

I agree that men are shit and any woman has the right to hate them as a class but cool it with the dumb ass Freudian post lmodern takes, these theories were all developed by a bunch of bored "intellectuals" who sniffed their own farts

The issue of the patriarchy has to be looked from an accurate anthropological and cultural perspective, relating to the history of farming, the beginnings of capitalism and private ownership, cause patriarchy has a beginning in history and it can be ended by a historical process

I suggest reading the works of Gerda Lerner who spent years of her life doing actual anthropological research on the subject and not making up post modern philosophical "takes" that accomplish nothing but make you seen like dumbasses

Also I'm not a Christian by any means, but the origins of Christianity are also Incredibly complex and can't be just explained with "men it made it to subjugate all women", I mean Judaism alone is mix of Semitic mythology and the Quasi-History of the Hebrews but there were regional variations of these myths, like there was version of Adam and Eve where they literally one conjoint hermaphrodite being that God separated into man and woman

No. 1224771

File: 1620323875088.gif (2.58 MB, 268x168, e8c5c9ae273a.gif)

>featured to speak virtual in Women’s month event.
Wow, fucking love the representation of today's women.

No. 1224772

>and you cant choose neither
man. it's been fun getting fired up about how useless and deficient males are with the girls, speculating about utilitarian matriarchal utopia, but with that sentence you successfully took the wind out of my sails. serious blackpill that the latter is probably our best bet, realistically.

No. 1224783

thank you gerda anon I wanted another perspective.

No. 1224785

Based reading anon. It's fucking boring to just read the showerthoughts of some baby radfem catching her first train of thought. It's basically reddit male tier on how much it lacks any reflection.

No. 1224796

File: 1620324895739.png (1.29 MB, 1188x1016, ????.png)

legitimately can't even tell which one is supposed to be the before and which one is supposed to be the after

No. 1224797

File: 1620324924886.jpeg (636.71 KB, 1242x1201, 18CFD1E8-0930-4AB1-B3FA-9D5AEA…)

>prison gay armored skeptic
Anon please

No. 1224798

Freud externalized, like all males do. He may have briefly stumbled upon the truth but his ego defenses made him pretzel it into a convoluted cope. His initial work was on CSA and pedophilia, which likely made him unable to separate his observations from his core male self somewhere down the road, this prompting the testerical "NO ACTUALLY ITS THE CHILDREN WHO PROVOKE THEM REEEEEE" pivot he became famous for. Fundamentally, a man cannot face who he is - it hurts too much and "kills" his false self. This is something all the women who believe in changing men need to understand.

A male is incapable of accountability because guilt and self awareness interfere with his most basic evolutionary function - take stupid risks until he either reproduces or dies. That alone requires self deception and grandiose delusions.

You will frequently see shit like serial killers trooning out, pedos age regressing, etc. That is typical male convoluted guilt-dodging - to ward off the realization that he's a piece of shit, he will scrap his prior self entirely and try to become someone else, typically a member of the group he wronged, which is supposed to enhance his delusion of innocence. He, of course, won't stop the behavior he is trying to dodge the guilt of, because he is unable to. He'll just use the mangled split identity to "okay" it to himself while mitigating guilt and shame. This is the kind of deranged mess that happens inside men's minds.(derailing)

No. 1224801

This is the rational response to that take. The women getting mad at you want to judge the whole of male existence by the worst of their kind (though there is many, granted) which ironically makes them no more enlightened than the incel dude who sees women as nothing but holes because casual sex/prostitution and porn/OnlyFans exist.

Not denying that men pre-porn didn't rape, abuse, and cheat. It's just that being an unmarried, no-children, not-providing lump wasn't tolerated, and so men had little choice but to enter into the competition of capital; part of which was securing the 'best wife'.

Normal men do hate the sex industry and find women who sleep around disgusting. Problem is those same men have been being demonised for 'repressing women's sexual liberation' for the last decade or so. Can't have your cake and eat it.

No. 1224805

I know what you mean, its why I stopped associating with radfems not the misandry or anything like that, it was these bizzare and often very Innacurate takes and opinions, like again I'm not fond of Christianity by any means what so ever but the way radfems talked about, it was like it was some planned out and well thought out conspiracy, when actually it was just a series of personal interpertations, speculations, translation errors for centuries till we got anything close to resembling modern Christianity

No. 1224812

File: 1620326057653.jpg (649.82 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-05-06-20-28-52…)

imagine getting offended by a video game

No. 1224814

File: 1620326329759.jpg (23.23 KB, 261x400, 9780395877432.jpg)

Twitter "socialization" marxfems always sneer at "psychology" and "philosophy" and then hit you with "muh capitalism", "muh agriculture", "muh patriarchy", "muh porn", "muh neoliberalism" and a myriad of other buzzwords when asked why men are men. Nobody knows what went wrong before all of these, of course.

Aside from the fact that interpreting the social order of prehistoric humans based on a couple of broken fossils is every bit as scientific as psychoanalysis, I highly doubt that you've read any of these, because none of what I say contradicts the tired "transition from matriarchal nomadic tribes to private property/agriculture/inheritance" narrative that's been blabbered about by Engels long before everyone else and is considered debatable by today's anthropologists. One thing you can never explain, of course, is what compelled males to create these abstract systems you blame their behavior on. To you, men are products of these nebulous structures. To me, these structures are the products of men and their evolutionary inclinations, which can be observed in our closest relatives.

Do male chimps have private property and capitalism, or do they simply possess a primitive reproductive instinct that compels them to hoard resources to coerce females into mating with them? Well, here's some reading.(derailing)

No. 1224816

> tfw male characters who just like dressing up in girly stuff will forever be better than trannies

These weirdos are possibly too young or new to anime to know the harmless 'trap' trope.

No. 1224825

Chihiro doesnt even like dressing like a girl, he pretends to be a girl to avoid being bullied for being an underweight manlet. The whole point of his death was that he was going to go back to dressing and acting like a guy and practice sports and it made the insecure masculine though guy jealous of his confidence. This reminds me of Naoto from P4, you'd think trannies would find them insulting but instead they didn't even play the games so they don't know the characters at all.

No. 1224826

>Be Chihiro Fujisaki
>Be a frail, weak, geeky boy who's forced by society to disguise himself as a girl to avoid abuse and torment from your male peers
>Have your character be about wanting to become stronger mentally and physically and end up connecting with your peers via it for the first time, giving you more self confidence in identifying with your birth sex
>The character is a commentary on how toxic masculinity throws those who don't fulfill it under the bus simply because effeminate features are undesired in males
>Hated by trannies who are completely blind to the irony of their distaste

No. 1224827

It's weird, because I can point out differences between the images, but neither looks good or female kek.

No. 1224830

Posts like this really make me wish the pinkpill threads came back. Thank you anon.

No. 1224833

Neither of them currently dictate my life, so yeah, I guess I can choose neither.

No. 1224834

Standard male ultimatum, or a shieldmaiden buying into it.

"Either you submit to us on our terms and we keep you safe from troons, or we do anything to get our way regardless, including trooning out".


You're killing your own point by bringing up "conspiracies".

With enough personal interpretations fitting a certain profile, you really don't need a "vast conspiracy". A clear tendency in said interpretations suggests a tendency in mentality.

>Normal men hate the sex industry

"Normal" means average.

Remind me again, what is the total percentage of the male population that consumes porn?

No. 1224836

So we’re waxing nostalgic for the good old days of enforced monogamy itt now? And pretending that wasn’t a much worse deal for women than it was for men?

I love how people always think they can get away with slipping reactionary bullshit into radfem/GC discourse under the guise of “h-heh-heh, we all hate troons here, don’t we? So I guess we have to roll back feminism and go back to religious patriarchy because that’s literally the only other possible option, r-right fellow ladies?” Lmfao, nice try losers.

No. 1224837

jesus stop posting this it was already posted successfully

No. 1224840

> Normal men do hate the sex industry and find women who sleep around disgusting. Problem is those same men have been being demonised for 'repressing women's sexual liberation' for the last decade or so. Can't have your cake and eat it.

Lmao stop telling boldfaced lies on Al Gore’s internet, if “normal men” hate the sex industry and women who sleep around, WHO is pouring billions into the sex industry every year and sleeping around with all those women? This is scrote/handmaiden “logic” at its finest.(derailing)

No. 1224845

Your dumbass post-modern takes aren't actual psychology, they are dumbass takes and most socialist feminists don't claim that the world was a beautiful matriarchal or even egalitarian paradise but we can historically see how the rights and freedoms of women have eroded historically and we wanna objective about it

Ancient Egyptian women were allowed to own property, be priests, doctors, initiate divorces and wealth was passed down to maternally(which led to the unfortunate and gross asf instances of mother's marrying their sons or older sisters marrying their brothers all So wealth would remain with in a certain family)

Namman women in South East Asia were the ones who by Chinese accounts were the heads of religion and were the only ones entrusted with the knowledge of tattooing(tattoos in nanman culture were a symbol of adulthood in that society and a male without tattoos was not considered a real man and the only ones who could tattoo were women)

Norse women were also allowed to own property, be priests or doctors, and initiate divorces

Ancient Celts practiced polyandry and allowed women to be druids and had pairings of young boys with older women

these societies weren't perfect but there were Still a lot better then what women would have to deal with for centuries to come after the destruction of these cultures

No. 1224863

NTA but saying that women being allowed to own private property in a few choice historical societies (as if those privileges weren't limited to noblewomen who were still regarded as less than their male counterparts) as some sort of a proof of how men haven't always been destructive navel-gazers is such a weird, straw-grasping hill to die on, anon. I know it hurts to realize that men are prisoners of their biology and have never been, and never will be, worthy of your pity and sympathy, but it is what it is.(derailing)

No. 1224865

The "find women who sleep around disgusting" part followed by the gleeful, thinly veiled threat "but you won't tolerate our enforced monogamy antics so I g-guess you deserve sexual exploitation h-heh" is a fairly typical male outburst at a vague suggestion of cuckoldry. It hasn't yet occurred to him that he no longer has a stranglehold on resources that would require women to play his wife vs whore game. Once this sinks in, he will probably proceed to threaten to shoot up malls.

Hating something and fapping to it is by no means impossible for a man. If anything, being uncontrollably sexually obsessed with something is a prerequisite for hating it. We know that males "hate" the porn industry on some level, much like they hate themselves and what their parasitic testicles make them do, which is why porn is rife with resentful, vengeful narratives. That, however, doesn't mean that he'll stop consooming it. Best of luck with his nofap discord.

No. 1224871

There’s an answer but nobody’s gonna like it because it causes the thread to detail to /pol/ sperging..
The only answer that doesn’t cause a thread riot is Mindgeek.

No. 1224872

>Observed animal behavior and evolutionary biology are postmodern woo

>Tumblr tea leaf readings about the recorded parts of ancient societies likely describing the upper classes are rigorous soyence

Starbucks major moment

No. 1224874

Did you read my post I am not saying those societies were even semi-egalitarian but we can see a clear erosion of women's rights (what little they have been)

No. 1224876

So why exactly did they cease to exist in favor of strikingly similar "patriarchies" and what is it exactly that you're ardently disagreeing with?

No. 1224878

Can you all just shut the fuck up before they close down this thread

No. 1224879

Sure, let's assume that there is a (((they))) who produces propaganda that makes you do degenerate things.

What is it about you that makes you so receptive to it?

No. 1224882

………..Cause they were conquered anon and their cultures and Languages were viped out by people who considered them uncivilized

The Egyptians were conquered by the extremely patriarchal Assyrians

The Celts were conquered by the Romans

The Nanman by the Chinese

Like what did you think happened ?(derailing)

No. 1224890

Fascinating! So humanity does this thing called "war" with cultures dominated by a certain half of it being more likely to initiate violence - really mind-blowing stuff I didn't know. Please continue, it's really interesting.

No. 1224904

They were conquered, occupied for centuries, had a large % of their population sold into slavery and lost their very Identity and who they were

No. 1224905

>>1224704 Late to the party but incredibly based take anon, never thought of it like that before.

No. 1224922

Kek at the tape strategically placed to cover that massive ribcage

No. 1224924

I don't find this based at all and I seriously worry about anons who do. This is max level manhate that will make it hard for you to live in society without feeling enraged every time a man is within your vicinity.

You legit sound no different than an incel talking about worthless roastie whores. Get help.

No. 1224929

>Thinking the tired old "y-you're just like incels calling women roasties!!!" defense will do anything when everyone here knows manhate is based on systematic, class-based oppression and intergenerational trauma and not entitled "why won't women reward me with sex" level tantrums
The thesis anon remains based.

No. 1224930

nta, sage because I don't want to contribute to the derailment but, WTF I've been pinkpilled for a while now and I'm STILL attracted to men. How do I stop anons please help I hate them but I still long for one of them's affection

No. 1224932

File: 1620333593490.png (356.36 KB, 613x721, Toby and Eric.png)

it's like with Catherine.
Projection is a problem with troons because the imaginary characters have more depth than their sexuality and their issues are eventually worked out or the character dies first.

No. 1224933

File: 1620333612582.jpg (119.81 KB, 702x1280, IMG_20210506_233849.jpg)

That's because you didn't see the full pic with his giant mommy milkers, anon. SO womanly.

No. 1224934

It's funny because the "roastie whores" diatribes by no means represent a fringe of male opinions. They are more or less the male norm, but it's mostly incels who articulate them into manifestos due to free time and autism. Naturally, I invite you to ask yourself how the average man goes through the day.

Jk you know it already, abs or gtfo

No. 1224935

Yes, women have a good reason to hate men, but if you make that you obsess over your hatred for men and let it seep into your soul until you can't even look at men without anger anymore, you will end up forever miserable because men won't stop existing. In the end you are in the same position as incels are, seething at men all day and being bitter and alone. It's not a way to live anons.

No. 1224936

File: 1620333788595.jpg (198.24 KB, 1440x1800, IMG_20210506_234110.jpg)

This guy is fucking hilarious, the bizarre angles and that shiteating smirk. What a punchable face.

No. 1224940

>The whole point of his death was that he was going to go back to dressing and acting like a guy and practice sports and it made the insecure masculine though guy jealous of his confidence.
This, jesus christ. They act like it's genocide litewawwy kiwwing twans ppl that his tragic character arc had him sort out his issue only to be murdered by someone who felt slighted by him being able to be confident in himself despite being a weak manlet. The logic is that "it's implying all trans people just need conversion therapy" or whatever when it's not even about troons, he never said he felt like a girl or much less was one, he insisted on wanting to become comfortable enough with himself to stop disguising as a woman. It's so fucking dumb and I'm autistically angry about it but the overall magnitude of tranny narcissism is unbearable.

No. 1224944

>let it seep into your soul until you can't even look at men without anger anymore

You're either a mad scrote projecting your distinctly male approach to generalizing women (it has to be exhausting hatred towards every random female stranger), or a girl projecting your own future attitude should you choose to see men the way they really are, which is why you're fighting it in the first place. You're unable to imagine approaching men this way without seething with rage and cognitive dissonance over your dad, bro, male best friend and male doggo, because that's what my posts make you feel. Some part of you is probably mourning the idea of "true love" you were raised with already. You're probably feeling a little duped too, which isn't helping you to calm down either.

It's not easy to explain, but you can happily co-exist with males and even "love" them without turning a blind eye to who they are. I think you (understandably) feel that what you see here is "murderous rage" when it's merely "lack of idealization".

Think of it as loving pets. You don't have to pretend they're people to form meaningful bonds with them.

No. 1224945

>Acknowledging the class-based oppression and dissecting the reasons behind why it's been carried on for centuries and recognizing your own harmful behavior such as the virtuous mommy syndrome that enables it is "obsessing over your hatred for men and letting it seep into your soul", thinking about misogyny makes you sad, better pretend it doesn't exist!
I can acknowledge that men are, in general, responsible for nearly all atrocities that happen in the world either directly or by proxy and analyze the phenomenon, yet still live my life and not be consumed by it because I'm not a hyperviolent scrote who needs to have the opposite sex under his thumb at all times.

>Think of it as loving pets. You don't have to pretend they're people to form meaningful bonds with them.

No. 1224950

Go back on /pol anon. We hate you. <3

No. 1224963

Well if “roastie whores” systematically raped, abused, stalked, harassed & killed “incels” anywhere near as often as the other way around, the incels might actually have a good case for disliking them. Until then, gtfo with this dumb false equivalency.

No. 1224976

Exactly. Only a scrote who’s massively projecting thinks radfems can’t deal with men from day to day without being consumed by murderous rage. My life got more peaceful and happy when I stopped indulging scrotes and their drama. Sorry we don’t have raging testosterone making us behave like violent animals toward everyone we dislike kek

No. 1224977

Much like wanting to be the picky and desirable ones, moids really want misandry to be a sour grapes seethe like what misogyny is.

With shit tier coping mechanisms like that, I'm surprised their an hero rates aren't higher.

No. 1224981

Accepting the reality of men and protecting yourself from them =/= seething with rage. Go back to your incel forum

No. 1224984

>how do you do, fellow channers

No. 1224986

File: 1620338992824.jpeg (226.34 KB, 488x784, 38BE63F5-7A1B-4762-ABF1-D1AB8D…)

Seethe moar lurking scrote

No. 1224987

File: 1620339168171.jpeg (47.94 KB, 720x695, 23015122-003E-49EB-9AD4-2442B3…)

Jfc, more laughing at tranners and less essay-length sperg marathons please.
I’m more interested in the insanity of the first world anglosphere troons than the insanity of the anons. What he hell is going on in this thread rn

No. 1224988

Nobody fucking cares what you’re interested in. Bring the milk or shut the fuck up. You are a useless contribution to the thread.

No. 1224989

stop sperging yourself and post some milk jfc

No. 1224990

Why didn't you post a tranny we can laugh at tho instead of that fucking retarded image

No. 1224991

>first world anglosphere
Wow king you’re so woke.

No. 1224992

File: 1620339481586.jpg (90.33 KB, 640x1317, icringe.jpg)

I got you some troon to laugh at

No. 1224995

Shit post. No context, no link. Hang your head in shame.
You don’t have to stamp out every discussion you don’t agree with. Go do something else.

No. 1224996

That shit was hilarious
>reeee why doesn't Eric transition into Erica in this completely different timeline far removed from the original endings??? what is the butterfly effect??
>reeee why is the new love interest a gay crossdressing twink who knows he's a guy and not a brave and stunning transwoman??
Atlus made Catherine Fullbody too woke for the TRAs, ironically enough.

No. 1225000

File: 1620339890905.jpeg (220.32 KB, 1143x419, 302A5646-6232-4F08-97ED-56A343…)

luv the delusion of some anons thinking anyone who’s not a staunch radfem is a male. Women can think different than the disconnected from reality academia masturbation moid armchairing and still find these manbabies hilarious anonita

Anyway have a Reddit rando who types in a way that reads exactly like a toddler in the supermarket throwing a tantrum, but about 30k uk surgery

No. 1225003

Why do you hate intellectual debates so much? Why do you say academia as if it’s an inherently bad thing? If you’re too stupid to understand then just don’t read it. Post your “hilarious” milk and move on. People like you are who is ruining this site. Why don’t you fuck off and go cry to admin about the crazy scary radfems making you uwu uncomfortable.

No. 1225004

Troons are retarded because they're men. You can't escape this. If terfranch is too much for you and you need your balls gently cupped as you post your toothless takes about trannies, go to kiwifarms or whatever reddit spawn with awards and updoots you came from.

No. 1225008

Based. They can’t give us downdoots for wrongthink so instead they have to shit up the thread and complain.

No. 1225010

if you just want to laugh at men in dresses you'll fit perfectly in kiwifarms or 4chan

No. 1225012

>Think of it as loving pets. You don't have to pretend they're people to form meaningful bonds with them.

Not that anon but i can't fuck animals/non-people like you're insinuating here, you're a degenerate if you say you don't view men as people but can still have sex with them.

No. 1225013

File: 1620340686964.jpeg (402.74 KB, 1249x1010, 784904EC-4F05-4257-A43A-87719B…)

cause I don’t come to lol cow dot farm mtf thread to have intellectual debates nonnie.

Clarification about academia: I have observed academia from family who work in the field. it’s usually a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense used to fill up published paper requirements with sparsely any real world application (the amount of times I’ve seen my family get rejections cause they haven’t published the required amount of papers for a job offering), esp. when it comes to a bunch of gringos and uk people shoving all this ideology in my third world shithole where none of it applies to reality at all kek. Even these family members are disillusioned with it when they realize all these papers do nothing when it comes to a pandemic and the economic complications it brings to our poor trash countries.

Anyway, back to topic: More caps from transgender_surgeries, a coomer facing the grim reality his surgical abomination doesn’t work like a real vagina and another coomer who thinks women can’t masturbate so this isn’t entirely ot.

No. 1225014

I hate this website so much. Nowhere else on the internet would someone be emboldened to say anything this fucking stupid. Why don’t you go fight with the scrotes on MGTOW? You obviously aren’t a woman. GTFO.

No. 1225015

>family doesn't exist
>friendship doesn't exist
>lesbians don't exist

No. 1225016

You could of posted all of this WITHOUT your irrelevant blog, yet here we are. Nobody cares about your dumbass family.

No. 1225019

Samefag, addition on my third world shithole (saved): trannies aren’t that common here outside of hyper rich, hyper educated circles who have access to all the Twitter and (previously) tumblr slog. The deep implications of moids’ impact of history or whatever don’t matter here while people are hungry and unvaccinated and the army kills anyone who protests, and most people don’t have the time to even think about gender shit. I constantly got bullied for being a tomboy as a kid, but the trannies here who come from poor backgrounds rarely pass and call themselves transvestites and don’t even try to get into women’s bathrooms or anything, since they know they’re gonna get beaten up, and they’re okay with that.

Trannyism and anything gender anything here = rich person who doesn’t have to figure out how to help in the house, kek.
The only time I get exposed to this shit locally is around art circles where most people come from private art colleges paid by daddy and mommy. Its insane.(derail)

No. 1225020

did you mean to reply to me? seriously what point are you trying to make here lmao
I'm not trying to fight, just simply pointing how she simply still doesn't have a way of healthily coping with her man-hate. It was all crap passed off as good intentioned advice for that anon.

No. 1225021

Ignore it then. Just like I would of ignored your sperging about your low iq family had you of not derailed the discussion.

No. 1225022

No one asked

No. 1225023

my point is that no one talked about sex and you're mad at yourself for wanting to have sex with moids so you project that rage onto us

No. 1225024

funny you talk about low iq and you're the one confusing me some other farmer keep seething xoxo

No. 1225026

People like you are insufferable. If you don’t like something just ignore it. How fucking hard is that? Have you really got nothing else to do?

No. 1225028


No. 1225029

"this isn't relevant to my 3rd world shit hole so don't talk about it"

No. 1225030

File: 1620341824155.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, d90.jpg)

mods im so sorry I called you tranny jannies please come back

No. 1225031

Just finished reading all this and I'm pretty sure thesis anons original point wasn't to spend the rest of your life seething, but to accept the reality of the situation and move on. They create their own problems, and it's not our fault nor responsibility, despite their claims to the contrary. They're fucked, but we don't have to let them drag us down to their level, nor do we have to sacrifice ourselves in vain attempts to "fix" them. They blame us and we bend over backwards trying to find a solution but there isn't one. If you think that's a defeatist or depressing thought then you don't understand it - it's the most freeing stance you can take. We're not their mommies, we don't owe them shit. We're free to work on ourselves and uplift ourselves and our sisters, the same way they've done for centuries.

No. 1225032

File: 1620341969563.jpeg (767.69 KB, 1620x1079, E2BF0FB1-913C-4A71-AEAA-0D44F0…)

with all the speculation about social contagion and rapid onset gender dysphoria with fakebois, do anons think it could be possible this man trooned out cause of his genderspecial gf?

No. 1225035

File: 1620342419996.gif (Spoiler Image,3.57 MB, 498x255, joaquin penis.gif)

No. 1225040

No. 1225042

you two sound an awful lot like newfags. Yes we laugh at trannies on the mtf thread? go make your own thread if you want to debate and fuck off

No. 1225043

File: 1620342788558.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20210506_191115.jpg)

started a world building RPG podcast and immediately clocked one of the players' (picrel) agp, kevin gibes-tier tranny voice. this is going to be insufferable

No. 1225063

Maybe this is how the thread truly dies. By becoming a lawless wasteland.

No. 1225072

I've been trying to find a place and way to say this as all the debate was happening (I didn't participate), but I hope the mods take this shit as a sign they might want to bring back pinkpill/manhate threads, instead of seeing it as a sign that this thread is shit and needs to be nuked. It's clear the manhate hasn't gone away, and people still have things to say. They're just going to bring it up in whatever thread it becomes tangentially related to, since there's no containment zone.

No. 1225075

>blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned

No. 1225101

>can't fuck what you don't think is a person
all men are zoodegens confirmed then, thanks for playing

No. 1225150

Absolutely love you, queen. Keep posting truths, don't let anyone try and silence you.

No. 1225178

pls i like the sperging as much as the rest of the radfems but i don't want this thread to die someone post an ugly tranny

No. 1225185

no, you just get immediate permabans for wrongthink here, kek.

No. 1225193

KEK none of you are mad at the essay sperg marathons–look at how 90% of Kiwifarms' MtF thread is basically just that. You're mad because we're talking about men.
It's so incredibly male to come in here to a forum NOT for you but still interact and demand that we make it all about you. This is why the original based anon is correct even in her sperging. I mean you're literally just proving her points that you're obsessed to where you can't just go to a tranny thread where men are welcomed like the KF thread like >>1225010, you have to come to a obscure imageboard of all places to try and LARP as one of us and police us on what we can/can't say.
RIGHT and we get the ban hammer for pointing it out. Jannies aren't doing their fucking jobs on here or /ot/ and then blame anons for it. Then going to /meta/ about it as a legit farmer is pointless because they just laugh since they hate this thread and want it gone anyways.
Doing what they say is useless. I've previously not interacted with them and reported the moids but no action is taken by the jannies since the infighting continues. Before you know it, there's like 20-30 posts in the thread of pointless infighting when the janny should have reprimanded the scrote to begin with and nipped it in the bud.
This board has become utter shit in the last year. You can't even use this fucking thread without being banned for a blogpost (as seen here, the first post is somehow blogposting >>1223746 >>1224210) or pointing out some anon who keeps infighting is obviously a scrote because the janny won't stop the infighting herself.
Can you start a blog (blogspot is good) and post this stuff there anon? I would love to read more takes!!

No. 1225199

I love you, based anon. Please start a blog, I need more

No. 1225202

File: 1620359262110.png (607 KB, 1898x1032, emancipationproclamation.png)

Oh here's an older tranny just casually throwing out emancipating yourself asap to some tweenager who posted on MtF with dead giveaways that he's not a credible narrator ("fake crying") as well as not specifying what his parents are withholding. Turns out it's growing his hair out, how EVER will SHE live!

No. 1225203

go to meta at any point and there will be anons bitching about pinkpill/gender crit threads even though they've been banned for ages. But admin thinks it's all organic and not coming from a few bad actors that want to curb discussion on the site, while the rest of us are told to just hide threads we don't like.

No. 1225207

I know exactly which podcast you're talking about, I had the same experience of immediately clocking him because of his breathy valleygirl whisper and stupid uncommon name. At least he's barely audible since he's trying to contain his manvoice so his parts are easy to ignore, but I feel bad for the actual women players.

No. 1225215

Late but holy fuck anon, absolutely based. I will remember you.

No. 1225220

Wonder if his sister knows he stole her clothes and makeup yet.

No. 1225246

File: 1620368310192.jpg (541.86 KB, 1080x2589, Screenshot_20210507_001518.jpg)

I don't understand how they can say *~gender is fake and a social construct so we can do whatever we want uwu~* and then ask if a BODY PART is female how do they not see the disconnect…

No. 1225249

File: 1620369377371.jpg (352.38 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20210507_003303.jpg)

The fact that he has no empathy and the wife is the one that ends up having to comfort him… Also does he think only women know how to be empathetic? Yikes.

No. 1225250

the answer is no

No. 1225263

It's probably just plain autism.

No. 1225267

>belt tightened to the point his waist looks like a squeezed sausage and loose pants bagged to fake having a defined waist and hips
Sorry hon but even with all that your upper body and shoulders still don't lie. I would be impressed if these tricks were do intentionally create an illusion for crossdressing purposes or something but the fact that they're trying to legitimately brainwash themselves into believing they have "female parts" where they don't is what kills it.

No. 1225282

The more I lurk the more I understand males through troons, they are the ultimate male for that matter, the entitlement, the tantrums , the mommy searching, the gaslighting, the guilt tripping, the need for emotional labour , the need to intervene in our spaces, to over power us, to intimidate, to violate , to mock us.

They are the male distilled, the creme de la creme of true, innate male nature.

No. 1225294

Women are more empathetic and emotionally intelligent than men in most cases, he is right that it is a female quality that he will probably never posess unless he trains it like an autistic person, but even then it will never be on the same level as a woman's.

No. 1225296

>Some part of you is probably mourning the idea of "true love"
Stop projecting. Your entire post is projection and cope. "I don't seethe about men! It's YOU who seethes about men! I just type 3.000 word essays about how men aren't even people every day."

You are incredibly jaded and I pity you, what a horrific life.

Call me a scrote or whatever cause I don't hate every man who ever lived, you're all just giving men and libshits more ammunition against us by saying TERFs are all man-hating lunatics and not rational people.

No. 1225303

File: 1620383759836.jpg (175.14 KB, 807x640, yes_pls_castrate_yourself_for_…)

Men suck, what do you want to do about it? Seriously. All this theory and analyzing of patriarchy, but what are you going to do about it? Let's face it, even if patriarchy is the oldest oppressive hierarchy (born out of men hoarding food after hunts etc.), every hierarchy which has come after it has supported the patriarchy and all need to be stripped back.
I hate men and I think marxist feminists are just going to fall victim to the class reductionism of male ML's. The radical feminists who just want all leaders in the current system to be female, are just libfems in practice. The radical feminists who want pink communism, will inevitably fall to class reductionism, with regards to race and sexuality. Just look at how polilez only sees lesbians as a political tool. Rest are conservafems larping as radfems.
Take the anarcha feminist pill, read SCUM manifesto (and not just the pussy envy shit, Freud anon) and Emma Goldman, let the agp's sterilize themselves and let men tear down their own patriarchal state and there will be the choice of mixed or affinity communes. Unwork, sabotage, set up female only or mixed communes, with no leaders, encourage agp's to sterilize themselves and laugh about it back on lolcow. Pic related

No. 1225307

File: 1620385647188.jpg (597.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210507-130605_Ali…)

Found in the wild while shopping on aliexpress. Love that it's the exact pose that's parodied in Kikomi comic.

No. 1225310

im curious lol, why edinburgh?

No. 1225312

wtf is going on with this dude's legs? they are so.. angular? like at first i thought someone photoshopped the edges really poorly/choppily but that's just how his legs are shaped, somehow.. quasi modo ass mf

No. 1225314

This just looks like one of demonstration images where they show the difference in focal lengths for camera lenses.

I wouldn't be surprised if it really is just a front facing camera vs a backwards facing camera.

No. 1225322

The guy on the center right has the worst case of AGP smirk I have ever seen in the after photo

Reddit groomers gotta groom kids, it's the only type of "grooming" they know how to do given the absolute state of greasy troons in those selfie threads

No. 1225326

cryptid sighting

No. 1225329

Anons I swear I don't wanna derail this thread again into politics but the Polish left is tearing its self apart cause of TRAs
A number of women and men have been kicked out of removed from a party "Razem" that is a major left wing party in Poland. Last few months have been a witchhunt against her and all people with rational sense who disagree that TIMs aren't women

See there is no real left wing in the Polish political scene. Only the libfeminist and neo-liberal parties, and the ones who support these parties are usually very young, very vocal supporters who have a huge influence through social media.
So Its a situation where journalists and these vocal twitter and facebook fanbase force their politicians that they should vote for TRA policies and pro-sex work shit. But when the actual polls were revealed, only like 10% of all Poles supported this

Social media are really ruining our reality, because they warp perspective of politicians and powerful journalists. They are no longer connected to what people actually believe and want. They think they know from twitter and facebook, but only specific demographics are active there

If this countries we are going to be stuck with a ultra rightwing government

No. 1225338

File: 1620392711176.jpg (486.36 KB, 810x1713, em5aaz60plx61.jpg)

lesbians are homoSEXuals, not homoGENDERals.

and it isn't a 'preference' because we don't PREFER vaginas over penises — we ONLY like vaginas and do NOT like penises. period.

doesn't help that people with penises are almost always manly asf and not in a butch way but in a man way.

No. 1225341

File: 1620394642252.png (3.2 MB, 1920x2149, 8CB90496-AA75-45E1-9125-A473B4…)

This is who they want lesbians to fuck

No. 1225343

If that kid were just trying to be GNC then it’d be pretty lame for his parents to not let him even grow his own hair out. Gender non-conformity is pretty based as long as the person doesn’t get delusional and think it literally changes their gender.

No. 1225349

>child’s bed
>pull out couch
>lotion and paper towels

He read somewhere, someone saying that you should pose with your knees slightly pointing inward and arch your back to make your booty pop. And he’s been posing like this ever since.

No. 1225356

I mean yeah, the parents are obviously shit for not allowing their teenage son to grow his hair out, especially since it leaves him vulnerable to seeking out validation from adult groomers on the internet. A good parent would allow their child to experiment with their gender identity (which most kids do at some point) in safe ways, while steering them away from extreme measures like hormones or surgery. Instead troons on Reddit will pressure him to immediately move out, chop off his dick and get on E before his brain is even developed enough to make permanent decisions about his identity. One of the sad things about society’s hatred of GNC people is that it pushes them to troon out young because they see no other options.

No. 1225365

File: 1620397571429.png (136.76 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20210507-185108.png)

Literally how does he think women discuss their pregnancies

No. 1225370

>OMG you should totally do it! When is your husband going to creampie you next?

…said no “cishet” woman ever. They really can’t hide their misogyny or their porn addictions, can they? Also, what point is this person even trying to make?

No. 1225372

Those that got kicked out should make their own party. Maybe try to support them somehow if you can?

No. 1225373

This is not only not how women talk about getting pregnant, but also not how loving adult male partners talk to their wives/gfs about conceiving either. Just because everything is fetishized and optimized for cooming for trannies doesn’t mean that normal people think this way in the slightest. He really thought this was a gotcha, kek.

No. 1225380

How can a person lack so much self-awareness and post everything on the internet like this? I wish, once all of the tranny fad ends, that all of these hot takes end up at some studies about how the fuck can people be so fucking stupid. Coombraindead bastards.

No. 1225383

obviously nobody talks about pregnancy like this, but also, they realize it's weird for them because they can't give birth? Like

>Amputee "I can't wait to get a new prosthetic hand!"

>Everyone: "yeah, you go get that hand! Cool!"
>Normal person: "I can't wait to get a prosthetic hand!"
>Everyone: "….what?"

>Why is society so judgemental?

No. 1225384

Exactly, they really give the game away with these ice cold takes that only reveal their warped off-base assumptions about womanhood. Cishet women discuss all sorts of things when we want to get pregnant - health, finances, access to medical care, our hopes and fears for our children etc. But of course this person thinks we talk about dicks and use porn terminology, because he’s a pornsick dude who thinks with his dick.

No. 1225390

Its like how they think women all have sleepovers with soft erotic pillow fights

No. 1225397

File: 1620400549572.jpeg (76.51 KB, 600x600, C32E9C77-AA0A-4A03-AF75-C0DB52…)

>terfs are so transparent about what their real objection is.

Yes, thought that was obvious? It brings me great comfort to know no male will ever give birth to a child and subject them to their mental illness in that way. Not now, not ever.

No. 1225400

File: 1620401203757.jpg (205.84 KB, 1067x1067, liar.jpg)

kek, sure jan

No. 1225402

This. Men are shit with kids on average in general just imagine them with a kid they can push their mental illness onto.

No. 1225403

Every time I see this viewpoint being recited I feel like dying inside. Homosexuals have struggled for decades to be accepted and one of the cornerstones of proving that homosexuality isn't simply a degenerate fetish is that it can be observed in varying animal species and is proven to correlate with a certain gene. Animals don't have ~gender identities~, they're male or female, end of. How could homosexuality in animals be defined if it's not about being attracted to the same sex, sex being defined by biological factors? Or are humans just ascended demigod beings who aren't bound by their biology anymore? I'm sperging but this snake oil they're successfully selling to people blows my mind in how they can't see the absurdity in it. By their logic if I'm not attracted to a man due to being a lesbian he could just start identifying as one and I'd be forced to find him attractive or else I'd have my lesbian card taken away. How the hell is calling this out for being crazy homophobic problematic in the current year?

No. 1225405

probably just reads and looks at furry porn instead.

No. 1225411

>I've never in my life watched porn, dude.

>uses terms like "creampie" in casual conversation

>literally has a furry as his profile pic

Sure, John.

No. 1225414

File: 1620402515036.jpeg (66.37 KB, 475x356, FDA022DD-3602-4C22-890E-D3A89E…)

No. 1225415

Yuck. When women talk they are not that vulgar and disgusting. I really hate the way men talk sometimes and TIMs are certainly no exception. They manage to take the innocence and beauty out of everything, like making love with your husband or partner and raising a child with them.

Women are actually talking about their life plans and you are talking about a sick sexual fetish. It's not the fucking same.

No. 1225416

late, but do you know where i can get a pdf of this?

also, while i love the scum manifesto vibe you're bringing, isn't this basically the same ladybrain shit that troons are pushing?

No. 1225419

There used to be a time where it was socially unacceptable for men to speak that way around women.

Please bring that social custom back.

No. 1225420

Here in Jamaica most schools have rules against boys growing their hair longer than ONE INCH kek. Once, when the students were protesting that rule the teacher just said "What are you, a bunch of gays?" and that shut everyone down quick.

(sorry for blogging; your post just reminded me of that)

No. 1225421


unfortunately these fuckers would go around it by claiming them being "women"…

No. 1225425

The ladybrain shit troons are pushing is about being "soft" and liking spinny skirts and lesbian pillow fights. What Manifesto Anon is describing is a socio-psychological behavior of males caused by their biology which can be condensed in one sentence: men can't give birth i.e. give life and that's fueling their need to control women who can. It's very, very primal instinct-controlled behavior. Troons can't give birth, so they have male biology and that very burden associated with it.

No. 1225428

His torso is so freakishly long.

No. 1225429

ayrt, thanks for explaining! that clears up the literal only problem i had with that

No. 1225431

Sage but a similar thing happened in my country, boys with Long hair had their heads literally shaved by the school, these were the equivalent of middle schoolers btw

No. 1225434

You think that will stop troons from co-opting your rheorirc, socio-psychology is the reason we have so many troons in academia I'm the first place

No. 1225438

File: 1620404641576.png (464.23 KB, 720x1220, Screenshot_20210507-212342.png)

Case in point how so many TIMs can openly talk about their fetishes and just to have some post-modern buzzwords


>I think the danger of talking about something like forced feminization isn’t necessarily the fact that the subject itself is taboo or shocking (which is a level of pushback so basic that I find it uninteresting), the danger lies in conclusions we have to draw when we honestly reckon with those subjects. For instance, pretty much every queer agrees that trans women are women. But not everyone is willing to look at the ways trans women’s sexuality—by dint of shame, life experience, different bodies, et cetera—might not look exactly like cis women’s sexuality.

>When you stop centering cis women’s sexuality as the standard of women’s sexuality and you begin to claim that trans women’s sexuality is equally valid as cis women’s sexuality—it means that women-only spaces, if they want to be inclusive to ALL women, must re-examine aspects of sexuality frequently deemed dangerous or male: namely, sexuality that might involve penises, or working through shame about femininity as seen through the male gaze.

>Subjects like forced feminization ask us to question those presumptions, and more to the point, they make the dangerous case that what a majority of women have previously labeled male, or triggering, or traumatizing, might actually be a type of womanhood, one that belongs in women’s spaces and as a part of women’s sexuality. That kind of claim tends to get emotions going and receive a lot of pushback because it demands not just acceptance of trans women into womanhood as it now exists, but a change in how cis women think about and apply the idea of womanhood in general.

No. 1225446

> different bodies
"Danielle", your transphobia is showing.

No. 1225454

File: 1620406619484.jpeg (56.67 KB, 595x583, 8F97098D-3F2B-42D3-864B-7693A0…)

Wow, this has got to be the dumbest string of words ever posted online. Good for a laugh though, what a waste oxygen.

No. 1225459

File: 1620407057291.png (105.81 KB, 1162x402, lesphobe.png)

so which is it

No. 1225463

Not sure if my reading comprehension skills have gotten worse throughout the years or these people just throw words together at random bc this is stupid and makes no sense

No. 1225469

File: 1620408085201.jpg (429.59 KB, 3000x2070, katie notawoman.jpg)

Did someone say openly talk about fetishes?


> I want big daddy capitalism to rawdog my data.

> I love it, I’m a dirty little piggy for those ads. Oink, oink, bitch.
>I suppose I’m slighting the cuckolding community with this comparison (sorry cucks, hotwives, and bulls), because being a cuck isn’t really saying, “Fine, I give up, fuck my wife.” It’s usually on one or the other end of a spectrum: “Yikes! You’ve fucked my wife” or “Fuck my wife — please!”

Because Real Valid Women™ talk about being cucked in a professional capacity.
It's all a raging fetish party and they can't stop inviting us.

No. 1225476

Literally what the fuck are trannies on? No one talks like this IRL
Life ain't one big porno.

No. 1225485

Seriously. Also have they considered…lesbians? There's more to pregnancy than getting fucked by a dirty man

No. 1225505

>I'm not projecting, you're projecting!

Oh, but you're angry. And if you're not angry on behalf of men (scrote), you're certainly angry on behalf of you.

Like I said, you're lashing out in the first place because you know that you'd be unable to go through life without seething if you perceived men the way they are. This is the most trivial sentiment I hear from misandrists-lite like you: "yeah men are objectively terrible but knowing that too hard makes me feel weird about my bf :( idk how I'm ever gonna bond with men so I'll just limit this knowledge to vaguetweeting when he does something scrotey".

You can't conceptualize co-existing with men without deceiving yourself about them. This is entirely normal in women, you really don't need to be defensive about it.

No. 1225530

I love you so much, Nonnie

No. 1225543

I read this yesterday buthe more I think about this the more I'm inclined to agree with you. You should post this somewhere else where more people can see it

No. 1225551

File: 1620418538337.jpg (43.62 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_p63pn4JXLo1vnw8o…)

Pretty much all these woke third gender groups, were just a role effeminate and or gay men were forced into

No. 1225558

File: 1620419413065.png (360.29 KB, 510x818, horse.PNG)

Was posted on women posting their L's and there's no way this isn't a troon.

No. 1225561

File: 1620419660225.png (19.63 KB, 591x167, clocked.PNG)

samefag, i was right kek.

No. 1225563

He's saying the only valid reason not to like dick as a lesbian is if you're asexual

No. 1225567

File: 1620420237163.png (386.18 KB, 771x849, zena.png)

Checked his twitter before you posted, he's the quintessential socialist troon, reeing about individuality while posting about his degenerate fantasies and thinking you can self-ID.

No. 1225568

File: 1620420410103.png (207.35 KB, 446x473, 3kk9xq.png)


No. 1225577

File: 1620421766848.png (6.3 MB, 2380x2312, katieorkeith.png)

The obvious forearm veins with the belly roll over the belt is peak male fat distribution.
This is so fucking disgusting and so male but I went through their IG, twitter, and so on and can't determine if it's actually a tranny? The pic from 99' is giving me troon vibes but nowhere online do they say anything about being trans. If it's a woman then they're extremely male "humored" (picrel) to the point of finding long red nails to be "pornier" than a literal dick statue…ok. Sorry for possible tranny sperg.

No. 1225588

File: 1620423081977.png (654.3 KB, 720x1091, Screenshot_20210508-002855~2.p…)

Seriously who wears this? Pink compression socks and jegging jorts. Of course he 'felt cute' in this 'outfit'.

No. 1225590

I've yet to personally meet a woman who was this obsessed with dick. At least, not in this way.

No. 1225598

File: 1620423789924.png (850.74 KB, 720x1016, Screenshot_20210508-003939~2.p…)

I wish I didn't have to shave but I'm scared of getting negative attention in public when I wear a skirt. He's sexualizing something women only do out of social necessity.

It makes me angry.

No. 1225609

She's cis she's just one of those tryhard twitter comedians

No. 1225626

well my after-exercise high is ruined, I think I'm gonna go throw up my protein shake

No. 1225636

Is picrel a troon?

No. 1225643

Obviously anon.

No. 1225650

Feels like another possible "hehe the TERFs really can't tell the difference!" psyop. I don't see any info about the journalist, and all of their articles are written to be humorous. It feels pointless to talk about this person, unless you want to squabble about whether it's a crypto tranny or just a masculine woman.

No. 1225722

She's fucking mogging him.
I hate those arguments because trannies perceive it as a win ("haha they really can't tell! we are totally wimmin!!") but the reason we care is vastly different (there's a big difference between a tranny and a woman with a scrote-like sense of humor. also itt we only feature males). They literally don't care about anything but aesthetic perception when in reality a it's because we see all women as women and all men as men, even those who have transitioned, even those who who don't get clocked. "Passing" doesn't mean "interchangeable" regardless of how well you pull it off, and it doesn't change anything in the end. Also I hate when collages with red cryptid circles on them start shitting up the thread.

No. 1225763

File: 1620443201621.png (27.98 KB, 590x307, terf destroyer.png)


Popeyes troon has dysphoria when people don't buy his nudes and give him asspats for being a strong "terf-destroyer".

Got info from his KF thread.

No. 1225795

I'm glad you recognized what I was talking about! to be fair I've hardly got thru episode 4(ish) of the very latest season and kek the TRA male friend I was with called him a man and it felt way too good not to correct him. maybe later.

No. 1225799

File: 1620449576246.png (45.54 KB, 540x462, dJKHHNnlkhBH45646.png)

Good ole trannies

No. 1225800

he looks like freddie prinze jr.

No. 1225803

i didn't know that tiny tim trooned out

No. 1225804

a woman would never say this

No. 1225805

It’s hard to even get outraged about these low-effort misogynistic tales anymore. They’re just so lazy.

No. 1225806

File: 1620451187508.png (17.34 KB, 885x184, Untitled.png)


No. 1225807

I love when pick-he troons get pissed at shit that they see women say about men. They know they are being called out and it hurts.

No. 1225808

even when skinwalking women, they can't help but keep defending male depravity

No. 1225810

Such a great take! So thankful that these are the people “expanding the definition of what it means to be a woman”. He should tackle sexual harassment next, I’d love to learn more from his perspective.

No. 1225811

Fun fact: regardless of what they say, troons don't see themselves and other troons as women, which is why they can't help (subtly or overtly) placing themselves in the same interest category with straight cis men. They do, however, want to be seen as women by real women - as a form of narcissistic reassurance that all men crave.

Every man is obsessed with the omnipotent idea that he is seen by females as what he's trying to sell himself as. In normal men, it's standard masculine deficiency-based idiosyncrasies about about not having emotions, having control over their sexual impulses and other assorted delusions of independence. In troons, that idea extends a little further - they're trying to get you to agree that they can fulfill their need for mommy-parasitism internally by becoming what they parasitize on, all while still relying on you, a woman, to validate it.

As one of the anons said in this thread, troonacy is indeed distilled, late stage maleness, a metastatic culmination of what a straight man is.

No. 1225813

the irony being the mental gymnastics of convincing yourself that male gaze is actually female empowerment

No. 1225825

File: 1620457796821.png (445.69 KB, 2048x1204, Screenshot_20210508-015629.png)

I detest how much mtfs embrace the term "bimbo". Do they think they're reclaiming it?

No. 1225831

File: 1620458342547.png (1.57 MB, 1416x1378, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 3.18…)

It's a cute way of saying they're overtly sexual "women". Whore has a nastier connotation, bimbo seems quaint and 'harmless'.

Tina Belcher lookin ass here bragging about their moobs, but they're "not sure" about their face. I'm sure. It is male.

No. 1225832

plenty of women don't want to stop shaving, though it's chicken or the egg regarding society's beauty standards for women.
i'm more concerned about the totes accidental panty (ugly as fuck btw) slip

No. 1225849

There might be something about the "oversocialization" of men in academia. From what I've read/seen they usually don't troon out until they feel secure in their position though, and after that they test the waters with enby shit and sooner or later you have a guy that keeps sending angry letters about the university not being inclusive or supporting enough to his troonery.

No. 1225853

pretty ironic coming from someone whose entire identity revolves around how others perceive them and how that impacts their ability to enjoy life, but as usual he's completely incapable of empathy so he doesn't even realize it kek

God what the fuck is it, they theoretically check all the boxes to pass as an ugly fat girl but my brain still knows something is off. The thumbnail alone made me double take. Must be my ancestors collectively screaming through my DNA to get the fuck away from this psycho.

No. 1225854

It's also an entirely different thing to see one photo vs. meeting them in real life. You can fake a lot of stuff in a still photo to make yourself look like a whole new person and fool everyone, but IRL or even in a video it's much harder to hide your manjaw, receding hairline, quarterback shoulders, 6 feet of height and above all male socialization.

>Ackchyually, talking about male gaze is calling me out for my perverse need to objectify women and their bodies and I'm not used to being held responsible for my own choices, so I'm just going to shit out a gigabrain take about how we, men in a more privileged position, need to sexualize female bodies or we're essentially shaming them!
The amount of transparent male entitlement here, my god. They don't even need a mask anymore, they'll get 300+ RTs and 2,5k likes just fine for being incels out in the open.

Based and true

No. 1225887

I love you, anon

Seriously, what woman wears a skirt like that then flips it open to expose her underwear for a pic? Especially some ugly Great Value Halloween underwear

No. 1225899

I have always shaved because it's a social expectation. There have been so many times where I have justed wanted to go out in a skirt with hairy legs but I'm not ready for the possible harassment from people and I don't think I ever will be.

The majority of women don't like shaving their legs, it doesn't make them suddenly feel like men if they have their natural body hair, they do it because it's heavily expected and they don't want to have to deal with people ostracizing them.

You are probably so attached to the idea of having to shave your legs because it's all you know.

Having a daughter has made me think about this subject more than I ever have.

It makes me sad to think she will feel obligated to shave as well someday.

Troons like to sexualize something women are socially obligated to do. What's more women are pressured into painful methods of hair removal, like waxing and epilating. I have never known someone to suggest these things to a troon.

No. 1225900

What is it with extremely online troons and not being able to make a serious argument without resorting to memes?

No. 1225907

File: 1620472869330.jpg (168.33 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_20210508_131809.jpg)

samefag, I miss toxic masculinity sometimes

No. 1225908

File: 1620473063345.png (113.88 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_20210508-141705~2.p…)

Troon thinks lady hormones will make epilation easier.

Like us women are just biologically predisposed to rip our hair out.

Another troon admits that it's a form of self harm.

No. 1225909

File: 1620473248342.png (486.29 KB, 1440x1668, Screenshot_20210507-201817_2.p…)

Shamelessly stolen from the KF thread, but at least this is somewhat self aware.

No. 1225910

OT but whenever a moid measures quality of life through how easy it is to get laid it just lets me know that they have never experienced any real hardships and struggles whatsoever. You deserve to feel like a waste of air because you fucked your own life up by being a bitter cunt.

No. 1225911

>"darker cami to make it slutty"
I thought the whole point of wearing camis were to make things more safe/appropriate looking… wearing the wrong cami on purpose is more of a fashion dont.
Shouldnt a coomer know to at least wear a bold bra and not cami if he wants to look sluttier?

No. 1225917

Have there ever been any studies linking CSA and/or repressed homosexuality to trooning out?(derailing)

No. 1225918

I read the article

Sage for blog post

I am one of those women with a nerdy husband whose son will probably grow up to be a nerd.

We currently live in a fairly developing country where troons haven't hit the mainstream yet.

Who knows though, they're trying to hit the whole world with troonery.

They tried to pass several bills here in favor of troons in the last 5 years and the people managed to hold them off. For how long though?

A country that doesn't celebrate self mutilation isn't 'progressive' enough apparently.

No. 1225958

File: 1620483201859.png (9.06 MB, 1530x8177, sistch.png)

Troon finds a bisexual man that wants to date him, calls him a "faggot" for being into dick, kek.

No. 1225960

That whole thread is trash. You’re doing amazing faggot, peak all the women with your dumb ass male takes.

No. 1225966

Reading through that thread made me so fucking sad.

No. 1225972

>fuck a guy
>wonder how he managed to notice the dick
Is this retard serious?

No. 1225976

File: 1620485737085.jpeg (309.81 KB, 1125x966, BD53603C-066B-4360-A87F-38F7D4…)

The absolute troonery of that thread, keeeek

And I thought I couldn’t peak any harder

No. 1225981

They don’t want to be with someone who knows they’re trans and doesn’t care, someone who sees them as they are and wants to be with them. They get off to the idea of crossing people’s sexual boundaries and raping them by deception or coercion. This predatory mindfuck element probably excites them more than the actual sex.

No. 1225988

male pain tolerance is embarrassingly low jesus

No. 1225999

Sorry if this has already been posted but sorry, what? This absolute UNIT of man is heading to the Olympics. South Park hits it out the park again.


No. 1226015

Unless a troon has had copious amounts of plastic surgery to the point they barely resemble a real human anymore there are always subtle telltale signs that act together to make you clock them as a male just by looking at their faces. The jawline, brow ridge, forehead slope, hairline, eye orbits, supraorbital ridges, temporal lines, zygomatic bone, all these are different in female and male skulls and anthropologists are always able to tell apart a female and a male skulls.

Looking forward to this peaking more normies.

No. 1226020

I hope that first person is a troon, because do they think it's HARD to get "male gaze", you can be 600 pounds, you could be objectively ugly, you could be disabled, not that person's type, you don't even have to be fucking legal for men to leer and "gaze" upon you.
I know troons find it hard, because the ones who want male gaze, want "Straight" male gaze and to pass enough that they can experience the AMAZING experience of men staring you down and harrassing you on the streets. But it's not hard at all for a actual woman or even a gay male to get gazed upon by scrotes. It's also nothing to be proud of.

No. 1226021

File: 1620493902147.png (250.12 KB, 675x594, hubbahubba.png)

There's already some controversy starting around it and not even just in media that usually report on shit like this.
I like how this dude just happens to be the 16th strongest weighlifter wohman in the world in this category at 43.

No. 1226027

easily one of the least attractive things about them

No. 1226028

You know it's funny how this man handles it and how I could see this making rounds of "transphobic lesbians" if a bisexual woman was involved instead of a man.
I can legit see troons telling this troon he's wrong, but if it was a woman I could see, "She 100% see's you as a man, thats why she's okay with your penis. Lesbians still have a long way to go-" or some bullshit.
It's funny though, this disgusting dude was expecting a "Straight" guy to larp as if he didn't like dick or men,I've noticed some HSTS would rather live a lie with a "Straight" man, then the truth with a bisexual man who'd not hide, kill or harm them. They'd rather be with a man who has a whole wife/gf at home just to feel he's "100% straight" and be a dirty secret then be with someone who accepts them.
I've even seen hsts say they don't want to date men who date transwomen. All for validation/fetish.

No. 1226030

the hairline kek
aight now let's compare ma'am's stats against mens'.

No. 1226046

File: 1620499390506.png (300 KB, 673x1035, Screenshot_20210508-234315.png)

you will never be a real girl dad

No. 1226054

How can a 5 year old be so based

No. 1226056

> 5yos never come up with that on their own.
Someone never had siblings, because kids are brutally honest in a lot of situations. Based kid

No. 1226058

get out of my underwear drawer, dad

No. 1226059

5 years old pwns AGP tranny

No. 1226062

And TRAs also think kids can't be influenced into saying they're a girl or a boy, but apparently can be fed TERF propaganda

No. 1226066

File: 1620501506632.jpg (116.17 KB, 580x745, 1612197804940.jpg)

based kid

No. 1226069

No anon it's because men aren't socialized into accepting pain for fashion and beauty. These things hurt women just as much.

No. 1226071

File: 1620502305938.png (951.29 KB, 1916x3388, 050821.png)

Is it normal to feel fucking enraged at all of this? Like they think so little of the female experience to where their depravity and pornified ideas of what a woman is are enough to make them forgo a privileged male existence.
They never even lose male privilege when you think about it either; their privilege evolves into the only protected class within the oppression hierarchy because they're somehow the most oppressed of all. Meanwhile the majority of them are just straight white men who watched too much sissy porn and are a walking talking porn addiction who have the ultimate trump card as a ~transgendered lesbian woman~. How can anyone even say that there's such a thing as cis privilege when female oppression still manifests even for the most privileged women? If you look closer into it, you'll find that the supposed effects of not having "cis privilege" is being treated like a freak (when you are one) instead of being oogled and sexually harassed as a "cis woman" would. So validating! So affirming. Totally not scared for your safety at all. Definitely not living in fear 24/7 of getting raped and murdered and being yet another number to the statistics of women raped and/or murdered per year.
Picrel is a compilation I gathered today to show how little MtF trannies think of a female existence is.

Some highlights:
> I had a whole group of guys staring at my ass when I bent down to help my girl's kid with her vest. What cis women call misogyny I call affirming experiences haha!
> This is all the way back, knew I belonged in girls clothes…They are GORGEOUS, […] But the blouse is V-NECK, so revealing and sexy!
> Transition goal achieved! I managed to lick my own nipple this morning.
> After a night of taking advantage of making $100 for oral sex [just the way he says 'taking advantage' like you have any advantage when prostituting yourself wtf]
> Why do feminist hate trans? Us trans women Ben through way more to this day we being murdered

No. 1226082

that 20-year-old prostitute story, holy shit. Sure, the peak female experience, he came out of it wishing it wasn't so stigmatized, but just a normal sidejob women could take. And that in Amsterdam prostitutes are treated like all other professions… sure, dude, all those eastern european women trying to send money home sure are treated well.

No. 1226087

File: 1620503950622.png (486.18 KB, 576x918, Screenshots_2021-05-08-12-54-5…)

No. 1226090

This looks so fucking bad, no way he doesn't realise its botched anon.

No. 1226092

File: 1620505111657.png (50.58 KB, 576x302, Screenshots_2021-05-08-13-17-3…)

He definitely doesn't realize it's botched.

No. 1226099

Reminder: this is what they're hiding behind every "women hit the wall and are worthless roastie holes" outburst - a painful awareness of their own worthlessness and expendability.

Become comfortable with the idea that men typically speak in terms of what they wish were true, only showing the actual truth when they think no women are watching.

No. 1226101

A real woman would never put her own feelings above her childs wellbeing.

Troons are so fucking narcissistic, nothing matters more than them, not even their own children.

No. 1226105

Getting laid is what life is to a moid. Do you know why in nature most males are prettier and flashier than females even though it makes them easier to spot? A male's life is utterly meaningless without reproduction, so it's preferred to die trying. A shorter male lifespan manifests even in captivity, because evolution usually doesn't bother adding something that isn't going to be used anyway.

They explain this to you rather vividly when they claim that it's women who exist to have babies - another example of coping with pussy envy. They're not designed for any participation outside of nutting and dying, and most of society's ills are caused by this directly or indirectly.

No. 1226108

TRAs: "A 5 year old knows they were born in the wrong body! Why do you doubt them??? They came up with this on their own!"

Same person: "My 5 year old is a dumb bigot for recognizing biological fact! What a dumb child! They know nothing! They must have been brainwashed!"

What is it exactly ?

No. 1226115

Can't post it as an actual video but I'm so annoyed. He's obviously not an athlete so why does his input matter? Also that fucking hair and outfit Jesus Christ…

No. 1226116

File: 1620509475015.jpg (79.83 KB, 1024x768, Mating is particularly difficu…)

Nature is at it's most simple and honest at the depths of the sea, and even there in a world so vastly different than our own, your statement is true. Men exist to nut and die

No. 1226117

File: 1620509664066.jpg (374.04 KB, 2208x1299, 1r3hd87vhle41.jpg)

He looks like he walked out of picrel.
I've seen the same argument from unfit reddit men talking about how even their wife outruns/outlifts them. They aren't athletes spending half of their relative lifespan preparing for competitions, so why the hell should that matter?

No. 1226120

I think they might have been talking about the new head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

No. 1226124

File: 1620510477846.webm (9.45 MB, 300x562, strongestmanalive.webm)

Turned it into a webm for convenience

No. 1226126

File: 1620510558678.jpg (231.82 KB, 1284x980, Astral Kek.jpg)

Oh fucking hell somebody stick a fork in me I'm done

No. 1226129

> it's chicken or the egg regarding society's beauty standards for women
don't be fucking dumb.

No. 1226132

How is someone this dense? I feel like anyone would know there's a difference between porn for females and porn for males, or hell even what male pandering is.

No. 1226134

File: 1620511979091.png (289.78 KB, 405x359, riphair.PNG)

Holy shit this dude fried his hair beyond repair

No. 1226137

File: 1620512328075.jpg (39.61 KB, 680x505, Ez75DsJWYAAp6D8.jpg)

Troons really out there thinking they've ever "deceived" anyone.

Newsflash: even if your chaser is acting like he never knew but then "found out" you had a dick all along and went "that's okay babe, I don't care what's in your pants because you're a goddess among women", in reality, he always knew. In fact, he approached you in the first place because he knew you were trans. Chasers are men, they know what men like and how to play other men - so they pretend to go along with your male idee-fixe of suddenly "changing" someone's staunch preference to accommodate you specifically because of how "amazing" you are. The chaser himself knows because he harbors the very same needy, fetid, shameful, utterly infantile desire is to "turn" someone indifferent into an adoring, reliable simp that will never abandon you. And the more fundamental that someone's indifference and inability to be attracted to you, the more intense the desire. Most men are obsessed with "turning" lesbians only to resent them after they've been "turned" because they realize they've been wasting their breath on a bi all along. Same goes for turning a "good girl" into a "slut" and a myriad of other boring narratives of male sexuality that revolve around loathing something that became available to them. You are experiencing this exact effect. You yourself are feeling betrayed, deceived, duped and manipulated because your manipulation was never a success. Moreover, like all narcissists, you will never be satisfied because your own desire to surpass cis women is in direct conflict with wanting to be perceived as one of them.

Pic vaguely related, moid sexuality in one tweet.

No. 1226138

The “I love your yellow hair!” comment is SENDING me.

No. 1226140

File: 1620512627902.jpeg (727.47 KB, 828x1229, 690DFF21-9281-49D4-9376-BA3DDF…)

Please let this not be true

No. 1226141

>A real woman would never put her own feelings above her childs wellbeing.
Surely someone can not be this delusional and idiotic

No. 1226142


ofc he is not a threat to any professional athlete because he is a lazy fat fuck who spends his time cooming, if he actually did sports he would have an advantage. the fact that they think that pointing out that women who work hard their whole lives are better athletes than a greasy coomer who sits on his ass all day and think they are actually making a good argument is sending me.

No. 1226145

File: 1620512924635.png (14.25 KB, 166x166, 1567786598179.png)

anon you are so fucking based

No. 1226146

>wow this girl is stronger than me
>wait no, this is wrong and fucked. w-what do you mean I'm not automatically stronger than every woman in existence because of my smelly cock flaps? Have I been lied to all my life? WELL OKAY CUNT!!! I'LL ENJOY WATCHING YOUR SKULL CRACK AS YOU COMPETE AGAINST MALE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, THAT'LL SHOW YOU!!!!!!

No. 1226147

>[he] isn't the best with self-care
What a nice way to indicate she's worried her greasy son who showers biweekly won't be cleaning his surgical wound anyway.

No. 1226148

anon you're a goddess among women for real though

No. 1226149

so for males wanting is better than having then. the fun is over once you get what you want.

No. 1226152

Bingo. Males are designed to want what they can't have, and getting it means it's not what they wanted. A male is built to never be happy or content so he can continue peddling his nut and escalating his sexual obsessions until he dies - it's a necessary part of the proverbial "spread the seed" programming manospheres like to shriek about. The part they're omitting is that it's pointless to indulge it, because it's designed to be insatiable. If anything, indulging it will make a man more unhappy because at some point he will begin wishing for something that's straight up physically impossible, and that's when he will contribute to those "male suicide rates" or chimp out in some other way like trooning out. There's a reason why troonacy is more common in objectively prosperous societies.

No. 1226153

Yeah this, funny how depending on which narrative suits the situation kids either are fully aware of twitter tier gender discourse and can consciously come out as the opposite sex but the moment they state that daddy can't be a girl they're misled by evil adults since kids don't understand gender identities. Funny how that works.

Didn't think I could peak harder but I just did. The fact that they can fetishize our oppression for cooming and sleep their nights peacefully is infuriating.

No. 1226155

god, that's not even living. destined to forever chase something that doesn't even exist. pitiful.

No. 1226161

Lol imagine being ruled by your neanderthal-equivalent instincts instead of rational thought.

No. 1226162

thank you anon, i tried but either im not smart enough to do it properly or my internet is shit

No. 1226163

>will hopefully have stabilized other areas of her mental health

No. 1226164

do you know who that twitter user is in picrel? is it a tranny?

No. 1226165

Just some average anime post-incel, probably not a troon (yet?). His url is childshgamdeemo, if you want to see more.

No. 1226171

>My grandma bought me thigh highs
I've seen feminization fetish LARPs talking about sisters and girlfriends and mothers, but this is a new one.

No. 1226181

Never stop being this based queen, I live for these takes

Sad to say it sounds legitimate. But one has to blink once or twice at this "my trans daughter is mentally unstable and thus unfit for surgery and can't be assed with self care at 17, should I let him mutilate his nether regions ruining his body and making him dependent on medical care for all eternity?" thing. It's hard to differentiate between a straight out munchie hero parent and someone who is desperate and fooled by lobbyists to believe that her son will 41% unless he gets his dick inverted.

No. 1226186

File: 1620518685538.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1242x906, 4A4AEF83-31D8-405E-AF5C-82FE1E…)

Please marry me, anon, I’m begging you.

No. 1226189

I love how she’s dissing her son while asking for advice. I think she’s just waiting for someone to say “hell no, don’t let him and here’s the 41% graphic so you can show your son how shitty it will be in the last 4 months he will have before depression terminally kicks in” I’m pretty sure she’s against the whole deal.

No. 1226194

one of the users who commented has a pretty scary post/comment history himself. jaw and mouth numb for 6 months (and counting?) after his botched FFS: https://www.reddit.com/r/transgenderUK/comments/i7i6fj/depression_and_i_dont_know_what_to_do_i/

honestly really scary how we consider this shit normal, where dudes have to go through all this shit just to look like some freakish caricature of the women they wish they could be, meanwhile these procedures are really risky and most of the time not good.

how is this natural? normal? accepted?

No. 1226198

I’m taking notes

No. 1226205

File: 1620521100987.png (499.73 KB, 524x494, gbf.PNG)

crying at all of the comments (pretty much 100% of them) all like OMG SHE'S SO CUTE THOUGH PLZ LET HER PLAY UWU

No. 1226208

This is what I see in the corner of my room when I’m having a nightmare.

No. 1226228

But anon why aren’t the male suicide rates higher? Ik men tend to take their aggression out on other people more than women do. But is there any hypothetical event that could make the suicide rates higher?
I think it’s hopeless with MtFs since they’re all legitimate narcissists but what about just men in general?

No. 1226230

I hate tranny as much as the next anon, but delete this comment luv x

No. 1226238

when they can't even follow one simple instruction…epilators don't work on long hair

No. 1226247

Because they still have women to baby them.

That hypothetical event is women's refusal to baby them + absolute inability to force them.

No. 1226252

No. 1226266

As lizzo said, he looks like he could gain a little weight
Embarrassing lol

No. 1226316

File: 1620531731222.webm (5.38 MB, 576x720, 126241002_234041128052417_7931…)

Imagine spending 100k on cosmetic surgery and hair extensions just to look this bizarre and still less feminine than the woman you're "clapping back" at.

No. 1226321

that body shape holy hell kek

No. 1226322

men in wigs pulling this shit are just proving how male they really are. we fucking know men don't see us as women unless we're fuckable to you.

No. 1226326

lmfao. real women don't care and don't attack other women for how they look unless they're jealous or have low self esteem. these days I see a lot of female body positivity on social media. ofc a fucking insecure troon freak will be misogynistic and attack an actual real woman.

No. 1226329

Clearly >>1226316 and >>1226087 went to the same hip surgeon kek.

No. 1226331

File: 1620533001787.png (853.18 KB, 625x783, Capture.png)

Did he get bottom surgery or he is just tucking? also holy shit if that woman is the hamburglar then he's grimace

No. 1226332

File: 1620533099544.png (736.71 KB, 720x1410, Screenshot_20210509-090249.png)

Checked her account, she identifies as non-binary wlw sapphic(how I've begun to loathe that word) and Also look at this screenshot of them curdling
Despite being a small "5'2 transgirl" his male body is still massive compared to her's

No. 1226333

lmao we don't have to 'remember' to look like women… we naturally, effortlessly just are, regardless of our appearance. Troons can't relate.

No. 1226345


I can almost guarantee it's true. This poor woman is clearly conflicted that this is right for her child. I bet everyone in her social circle is pressuring her to go through with this and she's putting aside her better judgment to avoid being called unsupportive.
What a sick fucking timeline. This kid will kill himself and she'll spend the rest of her life questioning if she did the right thing.

No. 1226348

File: 1620535915483.png (1.83 MB, 1435x2048, Screenshot_20210508-234846.png)


Anyone else read this? I'm so past peak at this point.
Some choice headlines, but it's all so fucked:

>Transgender, Repeat Child Sex Offender Too “Vulnerable and Easily Exploited” for Prison, Judge Rules

>Transgender Detainee Who Impregnated, Beat Fellow Inmate Released from Prison

No. 1226382

Kek, his arms. It's been posted before, but his bonerattler, Frankenstein's monster looking ass prancing around like a concussed reindeer gets me every time. Such big hip implants, and yet you can still see his natural, boxy man hips being implied by the rest of him. How much money did this clown waste, just to look like Timmy Thick's gangly, HSTS cousin?

No. 1226383

File: 1620540283496.jpg (267.71 KB, 969x1500, angelique-morgan-and-eden-the-…)

who does this demented linebacker think he's fooling?

No. 1226387

dude was shoving cotton balls into the open wounds of his illegal plastic surgery sites so he’s beyond fucking demented.

No. 1226390

my favorite thing about this troon is the fact that he looks more swole and masculine as a woman vs when he was a skinny twink

No. 1226392

File: 1620542518178.jpeg (650.17 KB, 1170x2049, 9EB405C5-5915-4AD1-91DA-7AE900…)

there’s a reason why he doesn’t get full body pics with actual women

No. 1226394

File: 1620542785029.jpeg (66.01 KB, 596x900, 8E983B3A-A7B8-45DB-AF14-5C1C81…)

Do you have any screenshots of the ratios? They’ve heavily restricted the replies.

“Absolutely delighted to welcome
as our new CEO. A passionate campaigner & advocate for all women incl trans & BME women, she joins us at an exciting time as we seek to increase support for survivors of gender-based violence. More info: https://ercc.scot”
Scotland is so dick whipped tbh.

No. 1226400

Still looks like a obvious troon even next to Frenchie, yikes.

No. 1226439

Despite being only 6% of the worlds population, anglos commit 60% of sex crimes. When will the anglo mennace be stopped??

No. 1226443

Where did you get those statistics? Sounds like bullshit. You know in other parts of the world sexual assault is massively underreported?

No. 1226445

File: 1620553864821.png (317.46 KB, 434x427, THEPOWEROFCHRISTCOMPELLSYOU.pn…)

>no sense of humor
Anglo detected! Stay back anglo! You ain't raping me or my kids today!

No. 1226447

Why don’t you answer the question instead of responding with Twitter memes? You just come across as unintelligent and inflammatory.

No. 1226448

File: 1620554435874.png (267.26 KB, 600x600, 1618403363260.png)

So trans people can't date straight people and gay people for obvious reasons, the very few ones who accept to them seem to always either have some kind of mental illness, cripplingly low self-esteem, or were trapped in a relationship with them before the trans person came out. But the very few bisexual people who are into them and respect them are also not ok? Then they're surprised they're always single?

No. 1226449

they fell for the twaw meme

No. 1226455

File: 1620556144163.jpg (204.3 KB, 750x741, Bk1JdHn.jpg)

Just saw this on reddit lol. It just checks so many boxes I had to share.

No. 1226459

This girl is speaking the truth and the only way this guy can argue against her is showing his botched body, his fake hair, his face covered in 50 layers of makeup and his voice that sounds like he inhaled helium. Amazing.

No. 1226460

this karen shit is getting so cringy

No. 1226461

aren't they technically the actual karens? constantly complaining, offended, demanding, entitled, self righteous, having public meltdowns, screaming at underpaid staff for literally nothing…

oh, wait, you have to be a woman for that. nvm. they only know what an actual woman is when it comes to calling her a terf, bitch, cunt or a karen. funny how we're at a point where a woman simply expressing discomfort or having boundaries makes her a karen now, too

No. 1226462

File: 1620557548997.png (21.68 KB, 863x557, FACTS.png)

Wow calm down, Anglo. Of course I have the statistics right here if you don't believe me. It is a well known fact tho, like common knowledge that is taught in schools everywhere. This is from my textbook from second grade.

No. 1226467

File: 1620558378831.jpeg (264.26 KB, 1200x1096, EE66F67D-D0FC-409C-B75C-212983…)


Kek i love how these troglodytes like to think they look like anime girls.

No. 1226469

why do so many of them skinwalk Ramona Flowers

No. 1226471

Reminds me of that "Scott Pilgrim vs the world ruined a whole generation of women" song. Ironically it fits troons more. Sage for slight OT.

No. 1226478

No. 1226479

Ok tranny. You can keep trying to derail this thread with infighting by calling everyone scrotes, but it's not going to work. We won't stop making fun of you.

No. 1226500

File: 1620572086780.jpg (588.38 KB, 1080x3084, Screenshot_20210509_165236.jpg)

mtf realizes women's underwear is meant for women
>I dont know anything about anatomy or lady parts

No. 1226502

That's not the purple haired boy from the tiktok. Bad scissor is the chick talking, his is goth marshmallow. Kek I went to look too, purple boy only has one thing posted.

No. 1226503

And then reality sets in. It’ll never look normal lol

No. 1226504

>no-no square

i’m going to fucking kms

No. 1226505

File: 1620572433598.png (Spoiler Image,35.63 KB, 500x265, wtf.png)

samefag, someone on kf illustrated this in Kevin gibes tread
also sorry for the wonky screenshot, idk what's wrong with my phone

No. 1226507

It’s so accurate

No. 1226509

wow does it really sit like that? I mean, it makes sense since it's just inside out dick, but that looks horrifying

No. 1226523

Holy shit. Is this Frenchie/Angelica from Rock of Love?

No. 1226525

File: 1620574663905.jpeg (263.06 KB, 1188x1110, 0AD744A6-99BF-4EC4-9316-998CBE…)


You can search the quotes of any tweet by typing “URL:” on the search bar, follow that by copy/pasting the number at the end of the address. For example in this case you can search “url:1389562003904159746” and see all the quotes. Make sure there’s no space.

No. 1226542

I’m so depressed about this. Sexual misconduct allegations when? Look at that smug fucking smirk, he will be popping a boner under his desk all day every day. Fucking evil POS.

No. 1226548

Wow I thought more than one was a FTM, fucking gross

No. 1226560

Yea, the cutesy euphemisms were killing me. Maybe he doesnt want to call it a vagina because he knows his front hole isn't it? Also kek at having a hole were your penis used to be. It truly blows my mind that anyone would decide to get a neovagina.
This picture is literally the entirety of reddit.