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No. 1401162

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1401316

File: 1640397047250.png (339.6 KB, 513x383, 3-yrv.png)

Lia Thomas drama heatin' up

>Cynthia Millen has officiated at USA Swimming events for 30 years, but she hung up her whistle last week in protest over Penn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, and she hopes others will follow her lead.

>“I told my fellow officials that I can no longer participate in a sport which allows biological men to compete against women. Everything fair about swimming is being destroyed,”


boardroom talk lmao that's why

No. 1401318

File: 1640397603587.jpg (44.22 KB, 828x554, FHUhrx2WUAYvi-z.jpg)

achievement unlocked: Female suffering!

No. 1401322

File: 1640397980257.jpg (252.69 KB, 1283x1695, FHLyJM3WQAItYLj.jpg)

No. 1401325

File: 1640398268654.png (2.39 MB, 1654x1128, soohd.png)

No. 1401328

This makes me so sad. men are always at an advantage in physical sports than women. women competing against women makes sense, but throw a man in there? it's bullshit and disrespectful to women wanting their own space in sports, an already male dominated hobby.

No. 1401336

File: 1640399693518.jpg (48.97 KB, 753x520, seTGOFv.jpg)

"Euphoria", troons' way of saying they get AGP boners. All these answers scream fetish.

No. 1401347

>putting on yoga pants and moisturizing makes you think like a woman
Real potato intelligence over here.

No. 1401350

Idk how to explain to these fuckers that sexual attraction DOES NOT EQUAL genitalia.

It’s so much more. The way they move, speak, breathe….Their entire being is MALE. and for some reason they think if they get a surgically installed pussy that gives them a Woman/Lesbian Pass.

No fucking thanks, YWNBAW you nasty fucking moldy ass scrotes

No. 1401352

Euphoria = boner. Always.

If women got “euphoria” from trying on fucking socks it’d be a pathology kekkkkkk

No. 1401358

You will never be a woman and or lesbian, male. Cope seethe dielate.

No. 1401364

File: 1640405049790.jpeg (93.78 KB, 897x565, 1EA12A99-75A3-4104-8076-0F0B52…)

saw this on ovarit yesterday

No. 1401365

Patriarchy in action

No. 1401366

File: 1640405352406.png (1.99 MB, 1283x1695, 35AC312A-108B-4591-9AFD-3D3465…)

No. 1401369

“Used to”

Wow what a life I’d have if only I could identify out of my oppression and into a minority identity

Look at the pose. Scrote to the bones

No. 1401375

Comical "women of Isis" in tiny textsize compared to the manspreading rich tranny.

No. 1401392

This Episode really was an almost a prefect allegory for TIMs and how they get treated
the "Joke" of the episode was that those 3 criminals who were clearly fully grown adult men, were wearing flimsily disguises and yet the people of Townsville(who are shown to be mostly Idiots) fully believed they were the powerpuff girls and let them get away with anything

No. 1401394

Something that’s always stumped me in threads on Reddit is when people say it’s transphobic to not date a trans person if they’ve had bottom surgery. I don’t understand how they can genuinely act like the surgery = identical to bio vagina. Tbh I’d be more inclined to take girldick than hook up with anyone who’s had bottom surgery, and I just feel like people must be getting lied to (especially the surgery recipients) about the outcome and process and it actually makes me feel some sympathy for them.

No. 1401400

File: 1640411645312.png (230.15 KB, 1084x592, subliminals.png)

MTF subliminals are also really weird if any anon wants to post stuff from there.

This may or may not be good milk. Now I used to know some people who used to listen to these. I guarantee the comments will be delusional. Also check the description of these videos, they're probably really creepy and gross too.

Didn't if I should blurt out the name or not so I did it anyway.

Here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpKtLqIzQYrqAsGVbzsrqSHlnMjxciQAb

No. 1401402

File: 1640412043271.png (59.52 KB, 384x595, subliminals.png)

samefag some of the affirmations. it's basically sissy hypno lite sfw edition.

No. 1401403

Troon Elon Musk.
>I just feel like people must be getting lied to (especially the surgery recipients) about the outcome and process
They are. Normies aren't well informed about basic medical procedures, much less unethical horrors like GRS. It's only a minority of troons getting the chop anyways, so TRAs and post-op retards lie through their teeth as a cope and everyone believes in it due to the medical industry "validating" that lie for maximum profit.

No. 1401407

File: 1640414601460.jpeg (115.62 KB, 760x1059, 47FE84A1-C442-46CB-9D72-D74236…)

Can someone explain why the majority of men (like the dad admits in picrel) experience a fantasy of being a woman? It seems like this supposed universal male fantasy is the biggest weapon used against bored ass “cis” men into identifying into trans. Wtf gets them off about being women? Degradation, sure. But don’t you all think it goes further than that? imo it seems that men feel so deprived of female attention and are so obsessed with women whom they can’t have, that the literally being the woman (girl, ew) is the next best thing.
I’m sure most women who have realized the existence of misogyny have probably had thoughts of how much better life would be as a boring ass male but we don’t literally coom to it rn masse. But between this old boomer dad in picrel and all the weird moids that are trooning out, why is fantasizing about being a female such a common and universal thing for men? I hope Dworkin anon comes back and writes a response kek

No. 1401408

File: 1640414794274.png (4.29 KB, 1098x123, Anyone else turn to mush when …)

only troons will do this

No. 1401409

Ms. Bellum is a TERF confirmed

No. 1401414

Wtf man, this is so unhinged it actually scares me

No. 1401416

>“How can anyone love someone who is less than a full person, unless love itself is domination per se?” ― Andrea Dworkin

Men don't see women as humans but as objects who perform femininity. Womanhood and femininity are the same to them so if they want to perform femininity to be aroused, they have to transition since men who perform femininity but not womanhood are gay. Men hate gay men even if they are gay.

No. 1401418

cant stop loling thinking about this ugly troll sitting in his closet, gripping his phone with his chubby man hands, his socks stuffed in his bra trying to look cute with his little comb-over and bad lipstick for tiktok. Maybe this shit proves men really are funnier than women.

No. 1401426

>my vulva is changing to the most beautiful size and shape

No. 1401427

Here we fucking go with the clownfish shit again. They're sequential hermaphrodites; they don't "switch sexes," they're capable of producing both gametes depending on what part of their life cycle they're in.

There's a big difference between an entire fish species being hermaphroditic and a rare subset of human beings carving up their cocks because they jerk off to the idea of being a women. One is just an animal going through its life cycle, the other is self-destructive behavior. It's also worth noting that troons have to resort to using fish as examples– they can't find instances of this behavior in apes, whose traits are much more relevant to human evolution.

Also the GC argument against trannies isn't necessarily that it's unnatural– the issue is that male privilege is immutable, and that female-exclusive spaces need to exist to account for and counteract the effect of systemic misogyny and the physiological differences between the sexes. It's possible to understand that women are intellectual equals with men while also acknowledging that we have an obvious disadvantage where physical strength is concerned. I honestly don't care if people want to chop up their tits or take horse piss pills, my concern is when female inmates are being housed with male sex offenders against their will, or when women can no longer succeed in their own sports because the definition of "women" now includes biological males. Fuck up your body as much as you'd like, but don't you dare try to erode the rights women have fought so hard for over the last hundred years.

No. 1401428

File: 1640420036869.png (67.16 KB, 778x601, scrotes nasty.png)

A bit more of it. I won't post the whole thing because it's really repetitive and creepy.

No. 1401434

Keep begging, then. I do not and will not ever consider anyone born with a penis a lesbian.

No. 1401435

File: 1640421425729.webm (6.57 MB, 720x1280, entitled.webm)

he/him moid enby that uses womens restrooms complains that he's an unwanted presence
(mobile link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CXMj8faAK7m/)

No. 1401436

File: 1640421581174.png (88.25 KB, 746x296, Screenshot 2021-12-25 12.30.45…)

No. 1401437

all that sissy hypno shit like bambi sleep scares the fuck out of me. I've personally never listened to one, but just the concept freaks me out. I doubt the hypno works but just the idea of willingly messing up your brain for a coom is something that goes beyond degeneracy. Scrotes are sick in the head.

No. 1401438

The thing that gets me about the bathroom thing is that they say it's not safe for them to go into the male restroom. Ok? Female restrooms exists to protect males but not females? Also who would of thought men feel safer around women then other men. So are women's restrooms just troon sanctuaries because many tifs don't feel safe in the male restroom either. And he goes by he/him so he's just a regular gay dude.

No. 1401440

as a psych major I can assure hypnosis is a pseudoscience, Its mostly placebo and only really works when you want it too

No. 1401444

File: 1640423105660.png (275.2 KB, 498x518, CCC.png)

>the deep voices
>the facial hair
>the height
>not to mention the manly odor
>Those were men dressed as girls
Based queen

No. 1401445

Steven Hassan said that it works but not as hypnosis but as a way of making people join a cult.

No. 1401448

look out everyone we got a psych major over here

No. 1401455

Imo the fantasy of becoming a woman is the ultimate exertion of control over the female body (obviously they never will have female bodies, but in their fantasies)- the coveted female body (object) can't reject you if your mind controls it. I think this is closely linked to why so many trannies have hypnosis and mind control fetishes as well.

Moids literally seethe every day about not having control over female bodies. We see this everywhere from legislation to language to criminality. I'm sure freudanon would agree with me when I say that this could be conceived of as a crisis born from mommy's first rejection (stopping breastfeeding).

No. 1401457

File: 1640427462516.png (5.82 MB, 2640x1579, trannies.png)

Imgur is full of selfies from fat women and "funny" soyboys, but also a bunch of trannies. I found these specimen so far.

No. 1401460

Guy on top left should have "DAMAGED" tattooed to his forehead

No. 1401465


No. 1401479

A psych major who doesn't know the difference between to and too, sign me up to wherever they studied because I would breeze every course

No. 1401480

They really covet everything even down to our…screams. You will only ever roar like the low iq apes you are, suck it up, penis-havers.

No. 1401482

I'm ESL you moron

No. 1401483

I am begging tiktok trannies to fuck off and stop trying to groom kids. You're a man.
Pic on the right is what female artists who don't understand anatomy draw when they try and draw a male. Nice hourglass figure, dude.
Twitter person has a good point too…Their treatment didn't change. Woman gets to have her body unfairly studied and scrutinised, man gets respected and admired for his career.

No. 1401485

Absolutely deranged…idk what fucked up dreams you'd have listening to that.

No. 1401486

File: 1640434974510.png (18.44 KB, 636x164, unknown (99).png)

no one fucking does this

No. 1401491

I noticed siblings (especially nonfirstborns) troon because they either
1) Want to distance themselves from the gender of big bro/big sis if they are same gender
2) Want to emulate the gender of their big bro/big sis if born the opposite gender
3) If middle child then really jealous and 1) or 2) will increase in intensity.

Firstborns who troon are lazier amd want to escape responsibility

This is based on xp from many troons i know

No. 1401492

To add, 1) happens at a much higher frequency than 2), like it's always the sibling who want to become literal genderbend versions of their big bro/sis while also distancing from manhood(if tim) or womanhood (if tif)

No. 1401496

It starts to make sense when you remember that "trans women are women", so in reality it's a crusty troon patting another crusty troon on the head in their larp relationship.

No. 1401501

File: 1640439681895.png (21.86 KB, 607x140, unknown (100).png)

true. This guy is retarded. just two balding men having fun

No. 1401516

> I'm sure freudanon would agree with me when I say that this could be conceived of as a crisis born from mommy's first rejection (stopping breastfeeding).

So why don’t women hate and want to control other women’s bodies, since their mommies all weaned them too? People will come up with the most farfetched excuses to blame women for moid psychopathy.

P.S. Freud was a moid who invented bullshit theories to cover up the rampant sexual abuse in Viennese high society. Women came to him with traumatic flashbacks from moids in their lives mistreating them, and he told them it was all just repressed fantasies about wanting to fuck their dads. So yeah, I’m sure he would agree with you.

No. 1401521

I remember seeing a post from r/actuallesbians where the women were getting annoyed by the amount of headpat posts troons were making. What is the deal with this? I never understood this meme, it’s bizarre. That and getting called a “good girl”. Is it just the pedophilia?

No. 1401528

Any time an actual lesbian makes a post like "what's up with all this good girl headpats/big titted anime women/big titted anime women but it's a horny meme content? I just want to talk about being a lesbian" there are droves of trannies in the comments (which are always among the most upvoted comments) going "mmmyeah but transwomen are women and also it's about how transwomen are socially oppressed/whatthefuckever" despite the original post not mentioning transwomen at all. I swear I see this exact thing happen at least once a week.
To answer your question, it's definitely pedophilia.

No. 1401546

File: 1640451398999.png (1.13 MB, 1101x1096, al.PNG)

I went to look for examples of what you are talking about and this is the third post on the sub

No. 1401552

Reddit, as a platform, seems a very male website to use.

If troons really were women, wouldn't they use something more like Tumblr, which has a majority female userbase?

No. 1401561

Most of the popular "funnyman" tumblr users are tims. They're there.

No. 1401568

File: 1640470564189.jpeg (198.49 KB, 796x1128, A6B32479-E4A7-4F44-98D2-35F724…)

Now that the new matrix is out I’m using every opportunity a friend brings it up to peak them about Lana and Lilly

No. 1401580

File: 1640471460495.png (446.01 KB, 677x742, Untitled.png)

No. 1401585

You don’t have to. The movie flopped because they tried to make it woke

No. 1401592

File: 1640472409875.webm (1.17 MB, 1280x720, lily this is why they hate us.…)

hilariously relevant Contrapoints clip

No. 1401593

File: 1640472479800.png (4.65 MB, 1690x2239, trannies.png)

More hideous tranners from Imgurs Christmas selfies.

No. 1401595

i would stan top right if he wasnt a troon

No. 1401596

File: 1640472540995.jpeg (5.36 KB, 158x221, images (16).jpeg)

Happy peaking.

Andy/Lilly wasn't part of that shitshow, it was all Larry/Lana's doing.

No. 1401599

I'm the firstborn in a large family where boys are celebrated and girls do babysitting and domestic labor. One of my sisters wants to be a he/him now and it's not difficult to understand why.

No. 1401606

It just looks like a regular due taking the piss

No. 1401607

File: 1640473478022.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.84 KB, 953x650, photo_2021-12-26_00-58-50.jpg)

No. 1401608

Anyone else remember the first Christmas where you were suddenly expected to help clean while the men and other children got to sit and watch football?

why the hell are they allowed to wear wigs in mugshots?

No. 1401611

Funny that troons blame us for ""violence"" and yet they feel safer in our washrooms.

No. 1401612

I saw it, and I don't think it was trying to be woke. I think the main problem is that the movie is okay, but not good enough to justify making another Matrix movie without Laurence Fishburne. No one wanted that.

No. 1401615

File: 1640474250589.png (29.94 KB, 979x151, ew.PNG)

you can find some real gems in the comment sections

No. 1401619

I cannot even laugh anymore, it makes me feel nauseous how they're mostly just insufferable and pedophilic.

No. 1401620

it was Thanksgiving for me but yeah, i was like 8 or 9. my family is similar to ayrt and my younger sister is also he/himming it up while still treating the rest of us lowly women like free labor lmao. we don't have an MTF in the family but i can say that if we did, he would shit sure not be expected to do the work!

anyone with MTF family members (if they're allowed to come to family functions kek) who can weigh in on whether they clean up with the women?

No. 1401625

Sorry in advance for blog but on the rare occurrence my MTF cousin comes to a finally event he always leaves when we start to clean up, lol. These men will never know what it’s like to actually be a woman, nor do they even want to. It’s all a bimbo fetish porn experience for them.

No. 1401632

>have a child body
There are no words to describe my disgust with this man

No. 1401636

File: 1640477958759.png (Spoiler Image,22.05 KB, 945x359, 7282A09F-D552-4C82-8C28-C5D1EA…)

Ah yes, the sensual pleasure of head pats amiright ladies

No. 1401637

I'm sure this has been done before?

What happens when a regular woman posts a selfie or ootd on one of the troon reddits, do they reverse-clock them for looking too good? lol

No. 1401645

File: 1640478895481.jpg (24.3 KB, 480x360, D6adehfW0AM-bhU.jpg)

No. 1401647

I do believe 4chan was posting real women on the troon subreddits to stir controversy and make the trannies feel like shit but they caught on and blamed "the terfs" for trying to make them feel bad for not passing and giving them impossible standards

No. 1401654

>Celeste icon
>Is a pedophile troon
Of course. The fact that my brother is extremely into Celeste and how "trans positive" it is set red flags up about it to me, because I know he's a pornsick in private, but this just confirms my suspicions. What is it about certain extremely nonsexual, cutesy content like slice of life moeblob anime and things like Celeste (which itself is made by a pornsick scrote) that appeals to degenerate scrotes? And what is it about that particular brand of performative innocence that is so easily clockable as male fantasy shit?

No. 1401661

File: 1640480863054.png (369.7 KB, 642x1920, RDT_20211225_20062264320447837…)

Not sure if its been posted prior, but I thought it belonged here.

No. 1401663

File: 1640481141056.jpg (31.45 KB, 702x250, aC1M9NL.jpg)

Apparently having plastic boobs and your jaw shaved off is as essential as a house.
Besides, no amount of surgery is going to make a troon look like a woman, and they all know that. Can't get rid of that thick moid neck kek

No. 1401676

File: 1640481840195.jpg (21.7 KB, 734x164, 7pcqGnc.jpg)

And the same moid also coerces his wife into pegging. "Learning", disgusting.

>That's good, neither am I.
So he admits that he wouldn't date
other tims because they have dicks. He knows who the real woman are, and is specifically preying on lesbians.

No. 1401677

It has been posted before, but it's still incredible to see the pure "rules for thee and not for me" representation in the third panel, and the complete disregard for consent in the whole thing.
>the implication that big boobs and a conventionally attractive face are so necessary to womanhood that not having either is equal to not having a home
>but somehow it's not equal to homelessness when a "cis" woman has neither

No. 1401679

He tried to do the whole everyone is equal crap while having all the typical male bullshit that’s in every movie ever. Male saves distressed woman!

No. 1401681

What the fuck? How is this any different from moids coercively raping their wives? She's clearly not into any of what he wants, but he's portraying something that took a lot of arguing and emotional distress and exhaustion to get out of her sexually as a good thing? This moid should just kill himself, he's a sociopath.

No. 1401684

Ramadan, but yeah. And when you question why, the boys refuse to help so why bother asking.

No. 1401685

Who made this? Don’t tease us

No. 1401696

its also just. a terrible fuckin movie. theres no danger for the protagonists and it even has disney robots. they fly into the sunset. its so bad.

No. 1401711

Okay, what the fuck is with troons and head pats? Is it some kind of weeaboo/furry thing? How did they get it into their heads that it's something women do? Most of the women I know (myself included) don't like people touching their hair. I personally wouldn't allow anyone but my spouse, my mother, or a hairdresser to. Just the idea of someone messing up my hair with their greasy hands makes me mad.

No. 1401713

The only people who I see give "headpats" irl are dads to their young children, so the fascination moid trannies have with it always felt pornsick and pedophilic to me. It happens a lot in anime, though, and I really, truly wouldn't be surprised if it were common in furry "art".

No. 1401716

Well, in this case it's actually Asian girl saves black guy, then they save a man who saves a woman. But in your defense the "man saving woman" part takes up like two thirds of the runtime (along with a bunch of unnecessary, drawn out punch-ups.)

Honestly I think Neil Patrick Harris is the worst thing about it. I like him in other stuff, but he's horrifically out of place and miscast in this. The corny villain monologue he gave towards the end was the kind of shit I'd expect from a shitty kids movie. Who in the fuck thought that was a good idea? It's like if someone put Danny DeVito in Breaking Bad.

No. 1401717

It comes down to pedophilia and the desire to corrupt the cutesy anime children. It always feels male because real girl children do not act like they are performing innocence for some man, enticing him to corrupt them.

No. 1401718

File: 1640487352073.jpeg (291.54 KB, 750x419, 92224914-02F4-473A-B3CC-1CE852…)

It actually is common in furry art. So common in fact that it's become somewhat of a trope. It's common in furry stuff because petting cats, dogs, and other animals is considered to be cute and a way to express affection to animals so furries often do it to each other as part of the larp and depict it being done to their fursonas. It's also sometimes paired with yiffing purely as an expression of"sexual affection" as a "good girl/good boy" type of thing. The trans and furry communities seem to have some overlap so it doesn't surprise me that certain aspects of furryism are also commonly practiced in the trans community

Saged for furryfagging, I've seen some shit.

No. 1401721

I honestly just think Freud's theories about everyone wanting to fuck their parents was just him projecting like moids always do. His mom didn't raise him, so he had a weird parasocial relationship with her. Basically his logic was
>S-see! Everyone wants to fuck their parents, so it's not weird that I want to fuck my own mom!!1!
Freud was a quack even by the standards of the time period he lived in and his theories on attraction and gender should have died with him.

No. 1401723

You're onto something. I guess the best way to phrase it is that it feels like a deliberate performance of innocence, rather than the reality of accidental (and honestly messy) innocence. Real innocence doesn't know it's innocent, or want to be percieved as such. A healthy child can't even conceptualize the concepts of purity and lack thereof, because they don't know what either of those things really mean yet. The innocence of a child isn't constantly asserting itself, it only becomes obvious when directly pulled out by the non-innocent people (adults) around them, whereas the male fantasization of it involves constant signaling of one's own innocence. Real children are too busy being messy (literally and figuratively), playful, and ignorant (but learning) to be signaling how "clean" and "pure" they are 24/7.

No. 1401724

That image isn't pornographic, but looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable as if it is. Like there's just something subliminally wrong about it.

No. 1401726

Furry art is inherently fetishistic, and it's why furries claiming that any anthropomorphization or humanization of animals is furry is so insidious. One can make art of animals talking or behaving like people, or even create fictional races/species that are humanoid animals without it being or feeling furry, but furry is first and foremost the objectification and fetishization of animal characteristics. Considering what is "attractive" is the first thought in their designs, rather than what is realistic or practical. It has been said that you may not be able to describe why something is porn, but you know it when you see it. The same thing applies here.

No. 1401731

it's true re: the surgery disinformation. since 2009 we've been being told that a "neovagina" contracts, lubricates, functions as the organ it's imitating. (an issue of a magazine i liked had a huge photo feature about one in the first issue that came out in '09) i didn't know otherwise until about a year ago when i started reading the surgery failure thread on kiwifarms, and i've been a lesbian this whole time and even had mtf friends in my 20s. the surgeons should be in jail for these false claims and the fucked up harm they cause to people's actual genitals

No. 1401732

>Also the GC argument against trannies isn't necessarily that it's unnatural– the issue is that male privilege is immutable, and that female-exclusive spaces need to exist to account for and counteract the effect of systemic misogyny and the physiological differences between the sexes
exactly. fish don't have job interviews

No. 1401734

a hypnotist once told me i'm too stupid to be hypnotized

No. 1401740

> the fantasy of becoming a woman is the ultimate exertion of control over the female body (obviously they never will have female bodies, but in their fantasies)- the coveted female body (object) can't reject you if your mind controls it.
this part's true though. it's what "so i became the girlfriend" is. i'm actually impressed nonnnie, you have solved it. i no longer wonder what AGPs want

No. 1401742

hoooly shit top right would beat a woman. he has the eyes of paul olliges the fundie. that's a fucking american psycho right there. he's just itching to deck the first butch he meets who doesn't want to introduce herself with pronouns.

No. 1401743

kek yeah my second language is russian and my shit spelling is why i didn't go to university there. if you can't speak the language you're too dumb for that school. and even if you do speak the language, if you major in psych you're too dumb for most things.

No. 1401745

are troons all actual hikikomoris? this dude's talking about quitting an app like he's a mormon contemplating episcopalianism.

No. 1401746

wax bruce campbell

No. 1401751

>lots of tears
fucking what

No. 1401752

troons are all furries. remember the tim posting about his daughter's "species dysphoria"? they think dogfucking is real.

No. 1401767

File: 1640495484362.jpg (584.54 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p7p6nodLkJ1vox2h8o1_128…)

I tried googling "Olivia Munn captions" and this was the first image result, In fact there were a lot of these types of captions

No. 1401788

I almost included a comparison about how expecting women to win playing against men is like dumping a dolphin on land and expecting it to win a race against a horse. Dolphins are more intelligent, but they're going to lose that race because obviously they're not designed to move on land.

We can't help that we're smaller on average with different average fat-muscle ratios. It's more fair and a better measure of individual prowess to have women compete against other women. Obviously you can't always control for freaks of nature (trannies often use Michael Phelps as an example) but it's relatively easy to separate the sexes. Also, there's still a bigger difference in performance between men and women than there is between Phelps and other men at his level.

No. 1401792

File: 1640500820883.jpg (40.5 KB, 417x306, fdab37_affebf0f74384776b342992…)

No. 1401796

it’s got to be an autism thing. the focus on sensations, him being frustrated at his wife “stopping and starting”. makes sense why it’s a troon meme

No. 1401798

File: 1640504150147.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1125x1853, 71B66A1A-1A4E-40E0-B582-0EB2B3…)

oh my FUCKING god you guys. i am starting laser in a week and since i'm nervous about the pain i wanted to see what people are saying under "laser hair removal" on twitter. this is the ugliest mtf i have seen in a minute, be warned

No. 1401802

omg anon. forget FFS, at this point chopping his head off would the only way to improve his looks. or at least a paper bag maybe IDK.

No. 1401803

One eye looking AT you.
One eye looking FOR you.

No. 1401805

Two sentence horror story

No. 1401810

File: 1640507631974.jpeg (111.3 KB, 702x404, 7C0487C8-34D0-43DD-91BB-32D322…)

No. 1401811

File: 1640507664662.jpeg (483.31 KB, 655x1139, A1FF0CE6-A845-4C85-9E00-F66315…)

The abstract

No. 1401816

dunking on the humanities and derailing the thread to dick-measure is scrote behavior, please learn to integrate or kindly fuck off.

No. 1401818

File: 1640508465256.gif (724.8 KB, 498x280, head-pat-anime.gif)

Like many of you suspected, had patting is specifically something that originated in Anime, as far as I can recall. It's also prevalent in a lot of loli anime, specifically.

Might be a pedophilia/performative innocence thing, might be the closest thing touch-starved Japanese culture has to playing with someone's hair/cuddling them. Knowing the source, probably both.

No. 1401820

hmm haven't all their scripts bombed recently because apparently no one wants to watch media based around their coomer fantasies? how humiliating for them to fall so far, they even have to try to pander to contrapoints to steal some of his audience for their schlock.

No. 1401823

Sounds like you were asking too many discrediting questions
Fucking kek anon

No. 1401824

Popularized in western culture by Anime. It's just a regular display of affection (usually towards children) in some Asian cultures, no need to add the weird pedophilia into it when discussing the origin, I would only apply it to when weird trannies do it.

No. 1401826


You're probably right, but most of the examples I saw in anime were between love interests. I'm guessing that's where it got the Loli vaneer.

No. 1401827

Yes, to children. Which has been discussed before. We’re talking about doing it to adults, which you would never see, even in Asia.

No. 1401828

hEaDpAT shit makes me want to vomit. so infantilizing and creepy.

No. 1401830

ayrt, I did say that the origin itself isn't pedophilic and it isn't from anime. The anon I originally replied to wasn't replying to anything, so I thought I would clear up that it's not from anime, is all.

No. 1401836

It's the lack of (sexual) attention the (below) average male gets combined with the image of women in media/porn of being extremely desirable, having an easy life, getting all the attention and experiencing absurd amounts of sexual pleasure. If you can convince a man (subconsciously) he can get all of that and only has to take some pills for a while many desperate, dumb fucks will do so.

No. 1401870

did any german anons see that alice schwarzer is trending for days on twitter already?
she's 80 years old, was a feminist during times contraception wasn't a thing and marital rape was ok and now they cancel her because she wrote something not nice about troons

No. 1401873

File: 1640518523335.png (291.82 KB, 590x562, yeh.png)

No. 1401875

No. 1401882

True, now draw the conclusions.

No. 1401896


Third panel is supposed to be implying that the lesbian he’s talking to is a dick, and he’s not into people who are dicks. Done terribly so I see why you would take it literally. Troons stop trying to coerce and rape lesbians challenge.

No. 1401910

File: 1640526428508.jpg (58.49 KB, 679x517, FHdmsVqXEAA3iIz.jpg)

No. 1401915

This left me speechless.

No. 1401924

Ugh a specimen i just found on youtube who thinks he's being big brained. I still can't belive these people are forreal. He's saying women should shut the fuck up but has a whole channel about him being trans… back in the day people had hobbies damn.. now it's just about self self self being a victim but being smug about it.

No. 1401925

Bruh literally every other LGBT identity shits on lesbians completely unprompted. Beyond that you never see anyone treating gay men or bi people the way you see trannies trying to coerce lesbians into having sex with them. Wish this moid would just be honest and say that he calls himself a lesbian because he fetishizes lesbians.

No. 1401929

>troons complaining about brigading.

No. 1401934

Also not a surprise that troons very rarely date other troons. They love ftm and "cis" women. Sometimes they're gay men who hate gay men and thus want to become women. "Lesbian" troons want to rape women that's all it is.

No. 1401953

ftm are troons too kek, they'll avoid their own type because trans people are fake as fuck so it's natural to resort to "transphobia", that's why people are forced not to be in order to defy reality

No. 1401956

idk I feel like most tifs I see are t4t

No. 1401971

File: 1640538975188.jpg (466.58 KB, 1242x3769, e9e5028c-aa55-5fc2-80d6-4071af…)

>freaks of nature (trannies often use Michael Phelps as an example)
Oh yeah the Genetic freak argument, I've seen it often used by TRAs especially now with the tranny swimmer. A lot of people arguing for TIMs in women's sports will say, "These are just women with an advantage, just like Michael Phelps has an advantage over other men!"

and that is true, Michael Phelps has basically the ideal swimmer’s body. Every sport has optimized proportions, especially on a pro level, the big flaw about this "argument" is that professional sports is filled with athletes with optimized body types competing against each other, the difference between the winner and runner-ups of the same sex are within a fraction of a percentage while the difference between sexes are at least 10% (running), going up to 40-50% in some disciplines.

This twitter thread goes into way more detail dismantling this claim

No. 1401975

File: 1640539493914.png (557.31 KB, 632x480, do it. i don't want to live on…)

picrel is me

No. 1401976

idk i'm chinese (as in from china, not a usa "muh heritage" sperg) and dgaf about japan but here i've only seen old people patting little kids on the head. it's like a hair ruffle in a old movie, you know.

No. 1401977

I'm south asian and I've seen a lot of people give sorta heat pats here as well, so maybe its just an asian thing but its mostly elders giving full head patting to their youngers

No. 1401979

i think the matrix was a lucky/right-place-right-time thing. every single other movie they've made is tone-deaf gen-x "i'm 24 and this is deep" retardery. they matured before 9/11 happened and all of their work clearly belongs on a pink-haired guy's vhs shelf sometime between 1991 and 1999. it's all "reality bites + ALIENS" with a dash of "i caught a few episodes of aeon flux when i was at my friend's house who has cable last week"

No. 1401980

wow, great. go troons. little old ladies btfo once again. slay kween. yay.

No. 1401982

I have dark hair and it's true that it feels like a rubber band is hitting you, except its a little warm when it does zap you. It's not at all bad and I would go for more sessions if it wasn't so expensive. I have my father's hairy ass genes (my mom has no hair on her legs or arms, lucky gal)(no1curr)

No. 1401984

i think this happened two years ago because of a troon named "Morgane Oger"

No. 1401987


I think every race pats kids on the head, anime just uWu'ified it. Same shit as those people who post the holding hands shit.

No. 1401988

This guy got divorced from his wife because he came out to her and now he's on some crusade to prop up other troons just because the womanz are evil now.

No. 1401995

File: 1640541069645.png (641.48 KB, 748x733, Variant of Concern Pagliacci o…)

Why can't these troon freaks rely on real statistics instead of muh feelings? These people shouldn't defend these things if they don't understand how it affects real women.

No. 1402002

File: 1640541495820.jpg (77.32 KB, 460x645, 6551378_460s.jpg)

sage for OT
I honestly think they've had films with interesting premises they just ruin it with their geeky coomerness
I was seriously thinking about watching Sense8(the premise seemed cool asf) then I learned there are graphic sex scenes in the show and one of the episodes opens with a TIM hacker getting pegged with a rainbow dildo by his girlfriend and yeah I lost interest
Cloud Atlas also could have potentially been good but again they ruined what could have been, also insisting actors play different ethnicities, another detail was having actors in cross-gender roles was to somehow prove gender was somehow relative was also an indicator of how stupid they were, cause the actors just looked like men with layers of prosthetics on them and they still looked like men

No. 1402003

usians talking: "i love kpop jimin etc."
usians thinking: "bae doona doesn't really count as a famous actor"

No. 1402004

If the shoe fits… She mentioned tranny rapists yet all trannies and their handmaidens got offended.

No. 1402012

I heard they barely had a hand in the first Matrix, it was mostly made by other people, and that is why it is a good movie even though everything else they made is mediocre or bad.

No. 1402019

Also heard for years that Warner Bros. Stole the idea for Matrix 1-2 and terminator from a female author named Sophia Stewart. Some articles still say it’s an urban legend, but it’s believable to me.

No. 1402027

This unsettles and grosses me out so bad. The fact that they actually think real adult women want this done to them creeps me put in a way I can't articulate

No. 1402033

>one of the episodes opens with a TIM hacker getting pegged with a rainbow dildo by his girlfriend

This can't be real

No. 1402036

Don’t think it originated in anime, I know older people (who aren’t moids) who do this

No. 1402040

What are the chances this man saved their pictures and those oh-so-offensive mild rebuttals are direct quotes from women who actually looked like that. Usually when a troon lies about a woman it's all she raped me by denying me sex then threatened to kill my firstborn by mentioning she enjoyed Harry Potter as a child but these seem very realistically ordinary responses.

No. 1402041

>has been coercing his wife into pegging him for 9 years now, lots of tears, guilt, learming

Kinda sounds like she isn't into it, but somehow he's the victim here and not the person who has been coerced into doing acts they are uncomfortable with.

No. 1402050

Oh my God I forgot about the Cloud Atlas yellowface. They should have been raked over the coals for that. It really speaks to the average troon that so many of them cite a franchise by Asian larpers and sissification fetishists as the thing that “cracked their egg.” The Matrix is not a trans allegory, it’s wish fulfilment for NEETs and programmers who haven’t achieved anything in their lives but still want to feel special and unique. It just so happens that today the path of least resistance to achieving that feeling is trooning out.

No. 1402051

She might be able to tolerate it but most women find the idea of shoving a plastic dildo up a hairy man ass with fecal matter getting on the dildo to be disgusting and something they'd rather not do

No. 1402064

The lia swimming thing is peaking so many people. Nobody outside of troon Twitter space wants this to continue.

Oger always gets ratiod on twitter and thankfully you can still donate to the rape center.

She barely mentioned them directly too. Just at how ridiculous it is to tell women that the rapist with a penis is actually a woman. Then ALL troons got triggered and offended. it was incredible

No. 1402065

File: 1640548158968.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.36 KB, 2048x2048, 663647dcsr311.jpg)

One of the official posters of the show was a rainbow strap-on dildo, I swear I'm not making this up

No. 1402068

I remember nothing about Sense8 other than how bad it generally was outside of one specific horrifying detail - when that slimy rainbow dildo slides off the bed and hits the floor with a very wet plop noise.

No. 1402069

Holy shit, it also looks wet. Plz spoiler, this is disgusting.

No. 1402073

File: 1640548818196.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1169, 75C81E56-FD1E-4C1D-824C-707E4A…)

There's a troon in the fashion revival community on instagram and without fail everytime I see him it gives me whiplash. 80s fashion is already inherently ugly, but the women in the community can at least throw something together that looks charmingly ugly. When will they learn that dresses are not tailored to them and that any time they wear them they will always look like what they exactly are: a man in a dress.

No. 1402093

Apart from a small percentage of women with a domination fetish, no woman is getting any sexual enjoyment out of shoving a piece of plastic up a man’s hairy ass. And straight men are well known for not cleaning their anuses properly. That’s why they have to resort to threats and emotional manipulation to get their gross fetishes fulfilled.

No. 1402098

same and then the show making the couple try to own a poorly written terf stereotype character at a pride picnic or something

No. 1402105

File: 1640552429960.jpg (201.38 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20211226-125230.jpg)

Even they admit they're all sex pests.

No. 1402109

Many TIFs are T4T (TIF for TIF) because that's the only socially acceptable way for them to only date other female bodied people since TIMs have ruined "lesbian" spaces.

No. 1402116

you mean TIMs avoid each other

No. 1402117

oh that makes sense. like john k and m night shymalan? some guys will have a good concept/starter and then the real or good work gets done by other people.

No. 1402120

oh no..you could be right…the last one looks 100% like she's a real person

No. 1402122

jeeesus CHRIST he looks REALLY serial killer-y

No. 1402148

File: 1640554867087.png (168.2 KB, 2046x1990, reddit_trannies1.png)

No. 1402149

File: 1640554891448.png (826.84 KB, 2066x5132, reddit_trannies2.png)

No. 1402152

File: 1640555116337.png (1.87 MB, 800x4072, gross.png)

God they are so pornsick.

No. 1402153

First comment says it all kek

No. 1402154

>I wanna get railed in a prom dress since I missed the chance
Wtf is wrong with men, why do they so consistently apply the Madonna/Whore complex and think that women are either just mentally children or have sex 24/7? Retards.

No. 1402156

No. 1402161

being a women is about being a slut, being stupid and getting raped apparently

No. 1402172

Apparently having sex in a prom-dress is a universal female experience? kek. Men literally think women's lives are like movies about slutty cheerleaders.

No. 1402174

The truth is most women don't want to be "dominant" in the relationship or sexually at all. They want an equal relationship, with some women preferring to be "submissive" if their partner is someone they trust and respect. There's nothing wrong with that. I'd even go as far to say that most women find "submissive" men pathetic and an absolute turn off. Men who want to be "dominated" by women are almost always weak manbabies with a mommy fetish who see their dominant waifus as nothing but mommy bangmaids. And no sane woman wants that. Women instinctively want a male partner they know will be able to protect them. Shocking I know.

No. 1402203

yep. dominant men want to seriously hurt their partners. dominant women want to nurture them.

No. 1402214

jfc. half my class didn't go to formal (we don't have prom) because a ticket was $60 in 2009 OR because we had to go to work like normal 18 year olds. this wasn't even a poor area, we were working class to middle class.

No. 1402215

No. 1402225

Yeah but I think women hate submissive men because in porn it always means women basically servicing male while in sexy latex clothes, pegging them, making them come and so on. It's never about actually doing what women want and about female pleasure which submission should be. It's just sissy fetish shit that only male partner will get off on, that's why women hate it.

No. 1402228

File: 1640562129018.png (243.47 KB, 599x316, Screenshot_20211227-014014~2.p…)

Even small men with soft features look like men in costumes when they troon out.

No. 1402230

Right. As a normal girl in high school I went to prom, but my goal was not to "get railed" in a dirty car/bathroom/in public because I was just a regular person who wanted to go have fun with my friends. Moids are trash.(no1curr)

No. 1402232

File: 1640562353468.png (85.46 KB, 710x347, Screenshot_20211227-014318~2.p…)

Can we add violent fantasies/threats/gestures towards women who don't affirm their delusions (because we know that's who he wants to punch through the internet) to the AGP bingo?

No. 1402234

>reality bending

No. 1402235

Omg same and I watched like a good chunk of episodes.. it was nauseating and so ott

No. 1402242

File: 1640564272854.png (111.02 KB, 720x1080, Screenshot_20211227-021645~2.p…)

The internet is brainwashing cross dressers into a cult

No. 1402246

>very supporting wife
Imagine being a 35 year old woman and your husband springs on you that he's probably been wearing your panties on and off for the entirety of your relationship. And now he wants you to pretend he's a woman while he spends his days wearing womens' underwear, jerking off, and crying. The only thing I can say about this troon movement is that at least it's making degenerates out themselves instead of hiding it so you can dump accordingly.

No. 1402249

Sad, he'd get it if he thought about it the other way around. Imagine if all troons actually realized that gender euphoria is just unhealthy coomerism. The world might be a better place.

No. 1402251

nonnie this has really touched a nerve of mine. It boils my blood when I see troons wearing true vintage pieces when real women are actively looking for it and will look 100x better in it! Especially if it's pre-1960 because there's a fucking gross coomer fetish element to being a "homemaker" or some shit

No. 1402252

File: 1640566155540.png (89.24 KB, 738x779, asdfghjklouikujyhtgf.png)

I want to a-log right now

No. 1402253

the point of feminist art is to celebrate male bodies checkmate wamin

No. 1402256

He could at least spend some money on fixing his teeth

No. 1402257

File: 1640567603625.jpeg (107.54 KB, 900x540, the-dinner-party-body.jpeg)

this is one of the worst, uneducated takes i've seen in this thread in a while. feminist art is about not being ashamed of having a vagina, uterus, etc. picrel is the dinner table by judy chicago from the 70s.. when it was first unveiled it was attacked by critics and misogynists alike for being "vulgar" because it had dinner plates shaped like vaginas representing famous/revolutionary real and mythical women and goddesses. But statues and art have featured penises for all of history, and that's not considered vulgar. the point of having vaginas and uteruses in feminist art is to push back against the idea that having one, or showing it, is vulgar or bad or something to be ashamed of having. the history of feminist art having female reproductive parts is in response to the oppression women have faced for centuries. it's not about appealing to men with their most "valued" parts becuase pieces like picrel were absolutely SLAMMED by men, they certainly weren't thinking it was beautiful or that it was the only thing women were good for. jesus christ.

this is infuriating sage for art history anon sperg

No. 1402262

futagnarly is by far the most annoying tumblr tranny imo. he posts a fuckton of selfies and he's always pursing his lips in the most skin-crawling way.

No. 1402263

thank you art sperg anon this was interesting but also agree this take is nuclear levels of terrible. Love that we're re-stigmatizing uteruses as reproduction rights are on edge in america. The fact that it as 16k notes is bleak.

wish we could have a feminist thread like the good ol' days cause I would love to read more stuff like this.

No. 1402265

Can someone explain to me why trannies think femininity = the skimpiest clothes they can find? There’s a tranny living in my dorm block and I always see it with the tiniest bralette and the shortest microskirt ever even in the dead of winter whereas all of the bio women in my dorm wear normal clothes like sweaters, jeans, and boots. The skimpy clothes really highlight the fact that they’re a tranny and it’s revolting seeing their Hank Hill ass when I’m just trying to get back to my room.

No. 1402266

The Michael Phelps thing he brings up is such a moot point. Phelps is still a man racing against other men.

No. 1402267

thanks anon, if you want to read more about this art piece it's really fascinating. the playes get higher and lower as you walk around the table because it goes through the centuries and the heights of the plates represent when the rights of women were raised or lowered. it's a great piece and for someone to call this feminist art transphobic or pandering to men would have first and second wave feminists rolling in their graves. absolutely shit take, and on tumblr of course. no surprise there.

the stupidest part is that even if you are in the camp of thinking transwomen are women, it still means the vast majority of women have uteruses and vaginas, and that means that 'women' without them are bound to get left out. plenty of women are born without ovaries or uteruses because of a condition, should they be pissed about feminist art, too? if you're blind, you can't even see art. should we cancel all art just because the blind can't see it and it is therefor ableist to blind people? should be get rid of music because it's ableist to deaf people?

i shouldn't expect good takes from people who probably didn't have any education past public high school under no child left behind, but as an art history sperg this shit just gets my blood boiling. sorry again for art hisotry sperg anons.

it's simple. a mixture of misogyny and fetishizing

No. 1402285

Sage for sperg but how would trannies react to their genderbend(most likely non-tranny) counterparts?

No. 1402286

jasmine is 100% an autistic gay man in denial

No. 1402288

i almost fell for it. thank god the constant knowledge that other lesbians don't like men kept me from ever actually looking up how to get horrifying tit removal. the internet was a mistake, except for this thread

No. 1402290

what the fuck? they're the ones obsessed with getting uteruses, periods, and vaginas. they never shut up about how badly they need a dead woman's organs ripped out of her and shoved inside them. or how desperately they need to feed a baby their implant pus otherwise they'll sudoku.

No. 1402292

TiFs get piiiissed at butch lesbians. i worked with one and she was so awkward and standoffish. they stand there seething when other women are more "masculine" than them.
kek maybe they are for real, since once they become "men" they sure seem to hate women taller than they are or have "manlier" jobs.

No. 1402297

it’s so gross, they’re irredeemable and their fantasies never end
luckily we live in reality, but by God do they need to come to terms with it
feminist art = feminine and female, it doesn’t have mentally fucked and butchered moids in mind so cry more tranny

No. 1402305

Chris-Chan did these for awhile which is pretty telling

No. 1402313


>>1386394 picrel, because TIFs can't butch properly so they take it out on the real butches. Their apparent only way to show masculinity is to troon.

No. 1402315

They are effeminate retards who have been yass kweened to death by equally retarded handmaidens who don't understand the difference between femininity and effeminacy. Feminine just means female. Like how TIFs are still feminine even after the T and surgeries and TIMs are still masculine after theirs. It's the natural state of being. Effeminacy is a performance of men doing shit that is considered "girly" by other men. Men cannot be feminine only effeminate.

No. 1402316

lol this is exactly what it is! those guys seem quaint nowadays.

No. 1402317

belting the top of the beer gut, very chic.

No. 1402319

ntayrt but yeah i get treated like a male by men most of the time because i'm very tall, chunky, and butch and they don't wanna fuck me. but if a man really doesn't wanna fuck you he says horrible gross-ass scrote shit in conversations all the time and you have to yell at him to shut the fuck up. idk what ftms even want at this point. they get offended at the most basic stuff men say to dyke

No. 1402323

most ftms don't experience rthese because they're still seen as femmes and therefore fuckable. Like you compare tomboys to nlogs, tomboys are those who friend men and therefore get used to the horrible crude shit they pass around whild nlogs wanna be fucked by men because they're a straight girl mentality therefore they get easily offended. Like a feisty girly girl

No. 1402327

File: 1640581194763.jpeg (208.46 KB, 827x1389, FA1A950E-CD1A-4873-A6FD-03B95A…)

No. 1402329

>because itshaped like vaginas representing famous/revolutionary real and mythical women and goddesses
tbf that does sound fucking cringe and pretentious, you can't really apply the penis on statues logic, even the Greeks and Romans disliked the proportions of penises on their statues(that's why they were so often small)

No. 1402332

Obviously every single aspect of an MTF is a poor mockery of womanhood, but dae get especially pissed off by their shitty high pitched voices? They always speak in a manner that is a clear attempt to sound like a "bimbo." I do not care if a woman speaks with vocal fry or whatever, but when troons do so, it makes my ears bleed.

Tiktok user @aclementine is a prime example of this.

(New poster, sorry if i saged incorrectly)

No. 1402334

kek alters aren't even real

Why are there no female only spaces. It's embarrassing the way men just have to invade and piss on everything.

No. 1402335

>I'm a man what do you think of meeeeeee
Not the gotcha he thinks this is lol. At least it got down voted

No. 1402338

Generally it's expected that people post evidence to the board of what they're talking about since it's an imageboard. I would suggest uploading a video in the future new anon

No. 1402340

ayrt. the whole "one of the guys" thing is a bit fucked imo. it's not a good thing to be that. scrotes don't care about other scrotes. at least if they see you as a woman they might protect you to uphold their image or whatever. if you socialize with them it should turn anyone into a radfem. i seriously think men could watch a lesbian get beat up on the street and do nothing

No. 1402341

it is cringe and i don't like that piece, but anon was saying that the criticism of it wasn't "this is basic bitch shit" it was "this is intentionally gross because you put VAGINAS on STUFF I LOOKED AT".

No. 1402344

"wanting information on you and your lifestyle" is the new "just asking questions"

No. 1402349

As the other anon is saying I think she's just trying to point out how the vulva is stigmatized.

No. 1402354

File: 1640586010155.jpg (825.85 KB, 972x2817, Screenshot_20211227-001354_LIN…)

troon claims that a nurse oogled his axe-wound and boobs, saying they were better than her own out of complete sincerity

No. 1402356

The way this reads like a sexual fantasy

No. 1402364

They think this makes it look like they have waists kek even with hip/butt implants they look uncanny. I wish I had this confidence.

No. 1402368

>i seriously think men could watch a lesbian get beat up on the street and do nothing
It happens. Idk about getting beat up in the street, but moids will let their female "friends" get raped and do nothing. It does not pay to be "one of the guys".

No. 1402381

He's so bad at lying kek. This sounds like every sissy-hypno addict's wish fulfillment fiction piece tweets/reddit posts combined.

No. 1402396

If this were at all true, it would be medical misconduct and really inappropriate. Fortunately, there is zero chance that this took place - imagine a nurse telling someone with a breast augmentation 'wow, your tits are bigger than mine now'. Just doesn't happen outside of scrote minds.

No. 1402414

Scrotes really think women do pussy measuring and comparing the same way men do with their dicks lmao
No woman I've ever met compared her vagina to anyone else's. It would be so creepy.

No. 1402416

There is actually not many research done on vaginas in general, and hymen studies are seriously lacking. The vagina is a canal for the female reproductive system, an internal organ system. It would be harder for women to notice any defect than moids do for the penis

No. 1402424

lmao. dude looks like justin mcelroy

It's part of AGP to be attracted to troons, which is why most chasers eventually troon out themselves. What they're attracted to is the performance. According to the studies I've read on it, it starts with an attraction to women, then to troons, then exclusively to themselves. In the beginning stages, when they're still attracted to women, they might find other troons repulsive because they're not gay.

No. 1402428

Did it end with the nurse giving him her number or something because this reads painfully fake

No. 1402429

That's not why penises were so often depicted as small. It was considered a sign of low intelligence to have a big schlong.

I had a friend who trooned out and he spoke in this breathy little girl voice. It was supremely embarrassing. He sang in a terrible post-emo band and put on a nasal high voice extremely similar to the voice boys put on to imitate porn noises in class to make girls uncomfortable.

No. 1402454

I have this one podcast which I love thats really leftist so of course they also had troons on and I really can't stand listening to their voices…I also clock them instantly every time

No. 1402455

File: 1640602174899.png (248.91 KB, 983x707, agm.png)

slightly OT, but lol at the UN thinking that being GC is an op. No one had to convince me this shit was fucked. I just had obnoxious troon friends who were committing sexual assault constantly. Also, I have eyes. I know men can't become women. I grew up knowing that men and women were different.
Apparently the only way someone could possibly resist changing their entire worldview after 2010 hit involves a spooky conspiracy.

No. 1402456

File: 1640602363597.png (75.61 KB, 914x584, mafb.png)

No. 1402458

File: 1640602580084.png (13.68 KB, 403x283, igatts.png)


>The biological reality of sex characteristics must not be conflated with the social construct of gender.

He's a terf! Get him!

No. 1402461

“…gender dysphoria resolves itself before adulthood. None of these arguments is supported by scientific evidence." - damn i guess i'm a contradiction to sicence then.
btw the art on this paper is fucking cringe

No. 1402468

File: 1640605945547.jpg (17.7 KB, 236x353, 22b1e8d0aa84d13b27013554f18c3b…)

Fuck I hate this so much, I'm one from one of these enlightened 3rd world nations that has a third gender and you know what they all are, Gay men who get thrown out by their families and the only community they find is among these crossderesser who either are beggers and or sex workers and are literally considered spiritually unpure by most people
In fact the term used for gay males, Eunuchs and hermaphrodites is the same, cause all these types of people are just considered lesser men so they get branded with this one term cause Khusra, Its literally the exact opposite inclusive

No. 1402474


Wait. You're telling me the magical new/olde gender that everyone should respect is called the Arabic word for "a loss"? Lmao this is worse than every single troon that's 2% native calling themselves "two spirit".

No. 1402475

I think more women would be ok with a sexually submissive man (although I agree most want a man who’ll protect them in public) if he was actually driven by pleasing her and serving her needs. But 99% just want to use her as a bangmaid to enact grotesque/violent male fetishes that give her no pleasure, like pegging and forced feminization. They’re just as bad as dominant men, only way more pathetic. There’s a reason they have to pay sex workers (or emotionally abuse their wives) into doing these things. I actually think the vast majority of women aren’t into BDSM at all, and would be happy with hot passionate “vanilla” sex if porn and coomers didn’t brainwash them into thinking it made them boring prudes. Males are the ones obsessed with violence and power dynamics.

No. 1402476

Yeah, they get treated by shit by pretty much everybody and are forced to live in the margins of society

No. 1402478

kek their "two spirit" and "omg in some third world country disowned gays are considered another gender" is "noble savage" shit rebranded to be woke

No. 1402510

nearly every single one of those mystical noble savage ascended nonbinary genders is just the local slang for "faggot" lol

No. 1402522

the term western wokies think we use for our mystical "third gender" or whatever is just a slur for most people with the same conations as calling someone a faggot
I mean look at this shit


No. 1402531

>i shyly pull off my blankets

No. 1402533

trannies love to forget how racist these 2 are. I remember one of them saying that black women were keeping him out of women's toilets kek.
this is an awful fucking take. The reason they made the penis small on statues is they associated big dicks with being stupid and a barbarian. The only thing cringe here is you trying to take part in adult conversation when you don't know wtf you're talking about.

No. 1402537

That's so bigoted of him to assume the nurse was a cis female.
I want to a-log so hard right now. These men are vile.

No. 1402555

when I talked about people who never got an education past public high school in the no child left behind era, I was 100% talking about this dumbass anon

No. 1402560

And then everyone clapped.

No. 1402563

Fuck this reminds me
So the Matrix script was actually slightly alerted by the Studio
There was apparently supposed to be BDSM orgy scenes that got cut and a character by the name of Swtich who was meek timid man outside the Matrix but when he logged in t the Matrix he took the persona of a confident female
It seems like if the wachowkis got their way, The Matrix would have been some weird BDSM coomer bait film

No. 1402565

I work retail in seattle and their voices piss me off. they sound like dogshit just men trying to sound what they think a woman’s voice is. That or they do a small breathy voice, sometimes they’re completely quiet. I love making my voice more higher pitch when I get Tim costumers, I know it makes them seethe

No. 1402567

Kek, 'TERFs are Wrong about Biological Sex"

No. 1402569

is it behind the bastards? because the simping for trannies on that show is always so annoying. garrison is definitely about to become a femboy they/them if not a full on troon by 24

No. 1402573

they got us guys, we're lying about biology for no reason but to be a poorly written villain in some troon's sexual victim fantasy.

No. 1402574

massive KEK almost the whole internet will ban you for beng the slightest bit transphobic. lonely lesbians don't have a secret network to radicalize people. we just delete HER and go walk our dogs and quietly wait for the mass peaking.

No. 1402575

God these freaks are fucking disgusting making up this sexual larp shit. No nurse would walk into a home visit with no idea what they're visiting the home for. Come on. This lie falls apart in the first few sentences

No. 1402579

KEK great idea nonnie. Gonna start doing this.
Dae notice that every TIM on twitter calls themselves a trans “girl” instead of trans /woman/, despite being balding 30+ year old men? They don’t even try to hide that they’re fetishizing girlhood.

No. 1402581

even avowed terfs like me are fine with this stuff. troons are free to do what they want, it's a free country, fine change your name and get fake titties, awesome. but you still go to the urologist, not the gynaecologist. you use the men's room unless you pass so well that no one would even say anything if they saw you in the women's woom. you change your name but you sex on your passport has to be the bio one (because sex isn't gender, remember?). you play on the boys soccer team. and you do not force lesbians to touch your dick.
everything i just said is what makes someone a terf right now.

No. 1402582

File: 1640621601844.jpg (262.79 KB, 1080x1002, manmadehorrors.jpg)

It's totally NOT a fetish in any way! Sidenote:This tranny has "female circumcision victim" in his tumblr bio.

No. 1402583

they sound like a drunken michael musto when they do their "girl voice"

No. 1402585

ot but what is no child left behind? i can't get an english result that isn't a literal translation when i search it and i haven't heard the phrase before

No. 1402588

Should had been castrated instead
>troons are free to do what they want, it's a free country, fine change your name and get fake titties, awesome.
Hell nah I don't want ugly trannies changing their names into female ones.

No. 1402604

I don't know why I tried to hate watch it but I did and I regret it
>first off he claims that Eastern Europe is Catholic
>Unironically quotes John Money(you know the guy who convinced a couple to raise one of their boys wo had a mutilated penis as a girl and forced the boy to do sexual roleplay with his brother)

>makes a joke about TERFs having unfulfilling sex lives and that their husbands DM the tranny for sex

>makes claim that TERFs are all white
>semantics semantics semantics, using man and women enforces the patriarchy
>TERFs are the real one's who conform to the patriarchy

Honestly I can't get through with this video, This person fills me with such absolute disgust and hatred
a literal sub-IQ subhuman, In any just world this Untermensch would be shot

No. 1402605

File: 1640624502712.jpeg (109.12 KB, 596x926, 7A0AD266-4A3F-4E0F-B1D6-3063E8…)

No. 1402613


It basically means all the dumb kids with rocks for brains who should have been held back a year or two in school get pushed along to the next grade without any real preparation for it. And they get pushed along until they graduate highschool

No. 1402614


log off friendo

No. 1402618

People you don't like can have names you like nona. It's just a name. Let it go. It's the least of our problems

No. 1402629

It might help to add "USA" to your search, it's a them thing, though I think the other anon explained it to the extent of my understanding about it

No. 1402633

haha thank you, this helped after>>1402613 made me unsure if i was being retarded or not. it's a name for an official government policy, it's not a social kind of thing.

No. 1402638

Lol I'm from California and alot of mexican-american troons I know call themselves muxe which is basically a term for Aztec/nahuatl men who were too weak to be warriors so they were given jobs traditionally associated with women or were priests. But these dumbasses think it's proof that LGBTQ have always existed when it's just a way to isolate men not deemed manly enough to fight since any man (gay, bi, straight) could be muxe. These fucktards don't understand that the third gender option is just a way to isolate "lesser" men. Nobody actually thinks these fools are women. Some of them even have/had wives and families so it's not entirely a gay dude thing either. It's not a celebration of having a woman spirit or whatever it's more like oh this guy is kinda timid and cowardly maybe he should make jewelry with the women since he can't keep up with other men

No. 1402640

fr getting mad over names is giving them more power. just say 'oh i never knew X was an androgynous/boy's name'. denoting names as male and female creates stronger gender roles for troons.

No. 1402641

>One study estimates that 6 percent of males in an Isthmus Zapotec community in the early 1970s were muxe
This is pretty much the standard % for same sex attraction with in a population

No. 1402646

Maybe for every passive homosexual but if you're a top and you're masculine I don't see why you would be a muxe. It's literally for queens and other effeminate/weak men. Not just gays. Maybe use Google because not all muxes are gay, friend. Unless you're trying to imply all gays are unmanly and timid
>Muxe men are not referred to as "homosexuals" but constitute a separate category based on gender attributes. People perceive them as having the physical bodies of men but different aesthetic, work, and social skills from most men. They may have some attributes of women or combine those of men and women." If they do choose men as sexual partners, neither are necessarily considered homosexual.

Generally they are gay/bi but a weak straight man can also be a muxe, you don't even need to wear female clothes to be one. Literally just a category for weak men

No. 1402657

oh now THIS is fucking based. thanks nonnnie

No. 1402677

No offense to >>1402613, but your explanation is completely wrong. "No child left behind," is just the pithy name Republicans gave the bill, it doesn't prevent schools from holding children back.

What the bill actually does is determine the amount of funding schools get based on how well children perform on annual tests. The problem is that the tests waste an enormous amount of schooltime and are designed by for-profit companies. Basically, it turned teaching into a rat race to get kids to perform as well as possible on the tests so the schools can get money. It had no discernable effect of the quality of education in the United States, thereby making it a giant waste of everybody's time and money.

No. 1402691

Ntayrt, but the majority of gay men are bottoms. Masculine gay men are highly sought after and fairly rare, so considering most populations say 10% are gay–6% could very well be the amount of fem gays in a population–but if I understand what you're saying, muxe just meant GNC/effeminate males because the Aztecs had a pretty strict idea of what it meant to be a man. That's really interesting. It's certainly not a Third Gender lmao but what else is new. It turns out every culture is aware of biological sex and thinks it's rather important.

No. 1402692

V for Vendetta is pretty bad ass imo (they wrote the screenplays) and Cloud Atlas isn't bad either. The first Matrix is still one of my favorite movies, I saw it like 6 times in the theatre when I was a kid in 1999. I had different adults take me lol. It depresses me about the Wachowskis and the paths they took in their personal lives.

No. 1402694

Holy shit this is my ex to a T who just transitioned. Love the “fallout new vegas” cherry on top

No. 1402697

File: 1640631198177.jpeg (211.67 KB, 674x1092, FHnz0A3X0AAfklb.jpeg)

>She doesn't even know I'm trans
>she has no idea I'm not a cis woman
>I totally pass
Deleted and reposted because I downloaded this screenshot from elsewhere and it had someone's pfp showing.

No. 1402699


What is a gynecologist suppose to do with a penis? Honestly besides stroking your feminine ego?

No. 1402701

File: 1640631387280.png (381.01 KB, 1118x718, hunter.png)


No. 1402702

I feel like if he didnt take hormones from a young age he would have looked just the same, his voice would just have matched his crearly male face

No. 1402703

no woman will ever say that, not even to a cis woman

we don't think of our pussy like men think of their dick

No. 1402705

Also regular ass people change their names all the time. This was a weird one for nona to get mad about imo.

No. 1402706

Accurate word usage nonnie kek

No. 1402707

He would have looked the same expect older, he just looks like a teenage boy
any male praising how he looks so "feminine" is a pedophile

No. 1402717

File: 1640632641620.webm (1.31 MB, 428x640, mtf.webm)

Saw this on my fyp and thought to myself what the fuck? How can this dude call himself a girl whilst having a dick and no dysphoria? How does this motherfucker even qualify as fucking trans when one of the characteristics of being trans is having dysphoria? Also funny how he used to use the hashtags 'thirsttrap' and 'crossdresser' under his older tiktoks. His pfp even used to be him in a maid-dress with catears and fake nails on KEK

No. 1402718

As someone who loves New Vegas, I fucking despise that trannies seem to infest the New Vegas community

No. 1402720

He was pretty androgynous and oddly passed more in person than in photos when he was younger IMO but as he's matured the male is really popping out. No escaping biological destiny lol

No. 1402723

What is this? Hahaha

No. 1402759

Literally why did they choose it to be one of their games? NOTHING about it is tranny or even really porny, the graphics are too ugly lol

No. 1402772

troons love latching onto media with that sort of "muhhh america BAD" message. not that im mocking NV for that, its very well executed.

No. 1402776

cause he was an underage boy that had been on hormones since he was a child
His body is a crime against humanity and his parents and doctors deserve to be sent to prison

No. 1402779

File: 1640637281237.jpg (162.16 KB, 720x484, Kevin Gibes.jpg)

He looked more feminine before. We need a name for this phenomemon.

No. 1402781

>We need a name for this phenomemon.

No. 1402785

If estrogen is "mAgIc" how come his hairline is receding so rapidly?

No. 1402788

it makes no sense to me how literally all tims let themselves bald like this when theres already stuff that even cis men take for their hairlines. no excuses just poor hygene and brain rot

No. 1402792

Can trannies leave new vegas alone. The New Vegas equivalent to trannies are the Fiends. No factions like them. They'd be crucified by the Legion or exterminated by the NCR. Leave my game alone.

No. 1402793

finasteride is both safer and more effective at avoiding the busted up hon look than estrogen
i'm not even sure why they take estrogen in the first place, all the claimed benefits like "softer skin" and "feminine smell" seem to be wishful thinking

No. 1402796

File: 1640638189350.jpeg (832.96 KB, 1772x1330, 1.jpeg)

it's fascinating to se how the male degeneracy and bodily characteristics still pop out even if they transition before puberty. Hormones alone cannot rewrite your genes, their tiny fucked up chromosome's influence is too strong to overcome.


No. 1402801

Imagine Shafer in his 30's. Men age like milk.

No. 1402803

we have one, it's called "transgenderism"

No. 1402804

>why they take estrogen in the first place
it's a fetish

No. 1402805

that's a fucking zodiac killer letter

No. 1402809

even nonnies here sometimes throw on a cape for this one, claiming he passes so well and looks like a pretty woman. I NEVER see it. I feel like the standards are so fucking low for white troons. Even if he was a woman with the same exact looks, he would'nt be seen as a attractive one. He looks like a dude with long hair. An decent looking male, not a woman.I feel like i'm going crazy sometimes with how people simp for this dry looking dude.

No. 1402831

Anons that like him have probably seen Euphoria or another thing that he's in. His mannerisms are fairly effeminate in a way that doesn't seem forced, and his voice is definitely in the female range, which helps a lot with his ability to pass.
Even though he's physically clockable, passing is more of a holistic thing, so anons have already internalized him as very female-seeking overall, and they project that belief onto still images of him.
Clip for example of his voice and acting, though his face passes even less well here than it did in season 1 (aging + minimal makeup?)

No. 1402835

File: 1640640619649.png (420.01 KB, 958x540, hunter.png)

>why is no one talking about the outfit
>horrible dress with golden nipples and serial killerish fake female fingers

how is everyone so blind
in this exact scene he was talking about a fantasy he has of driving a truck while "being dressed as super high femme". coomer shit.

You are not crazy, nona.
They just get fooled by the estrogen voice. It's like an optical illusion, cause we are wired to detect gender from these cues and voice is an important one (unlike dressing or acting like a stereotype)

looks like a gay man dubbed by a woman, freakish. I kinda wish there was a dude voice over version of this

No. 1402837

With the sound off all I see is a gay male, they are often shy and embarrassed like that so I don't see that as female. Depends where nons live I think on how well they think this one passes, it's clearly a dude to me.

No. 1402839

File: 1640641013182.png (390.48 KB, 981x519, hunter.png)

>is mannerisms are fairly effeminate in a way that doesn't seem forced
>manspreading in a skirt

No. 1402842

lmfao I didn't watch the full clip before I sent it.
>gotta air out THE BOYS
yeah that's pretty bad kek

No. 1402843

File: 1640641234598.jpg (192.14 KB, 720x1401, Screenshot_20211227-223339_Chr…)

Fugly irrelevant scrote disses the woman that made him famous back in the days to get some of that sweet queerio twitter cred
Bonus: the article was written by a scrote

No. 1402844

I don't get the part about his voice passing. The first add for Euphoria where he introduced himself I clocked instantly. Sounds like a gay man. Same with the Australian troon for the botched show where he said "Noooo." about wanting a head like an alien. I didn't see them for more than 2 seconds, but the voice was so obvious.

No. 1402846

File: 1640641298630.jpg (186.18 KB, 720x1243, Screenshot_20211227-223415_Chr…)

No. 1402850

> Star
> Not a main cast member.
> Tops 20 minutes of screentime.
Are you sure?

No. 1402868

Idk nona, VFV always made me uncomfortable, between the DDLG thing they made Evey do, and also the drawn out "V locks up and tortures Evey" sequence, especially since the latter was portrayed as a good thing, and any "criticism of DDLG/pedos" you could read into the former is nullified by the fact they dressed Natalie Portman as a sexualized little girl and had her act out the part for a whole excruciatingly long scene. Also they portray Evey as an ignorant mousey girl who needs to be taught how to be revolutionary by some BDSM clown moid, and the "anyone can revolt" shit falls flat when they pull a "one great man" twice. If you go back to their movies, you'll probably see the same cringe.
Just to clarify to anyone wondering: He weakly says that he's "pro LGBTQ+" and that "trans women and trans men are who they say they are". Neither of these screenshots clarify his stance. Anyways, he really is just some pasty white hetero moid disowning the woman who was responsible for any of his relevancy for daring to say things like "biology is real and matters", "a woman should not get fired for declaring people cannot opt in or out of their birth sex or the privileges or lack thereof", and "it's messed up that trans people have responded to my concerns by threatening my safety and spamming porn on my tweets".

No. 1402874

all that dumb shit is from the comic, they didn't make it up. it is dumb shit for sure, but the original author wrote it.
the wachowski's stuff is still dumb shit too, though

No. 1402881

They still made the choice to include it, and clearly enjoyed it.

No. 1402887

File: 1640644882033.jpeg (174.73 KB, 828x1244, 4DC601C9-49BA-4902-A95C-6F6253…)

No. 1402888

They claim to be all about supporting the poor and working class on Twitter but then ask if it's okay to deny payment in response to wrongthink.

No. 1402890

this is a troll right? please tell me this person is trolling…

No. 1402893

Ah the classic move of making zero effort to not look like a man, calling yourself "butch lesbians" and then whine about being misgendered

No. 1402902

This is retarded lego man, right? Even treddit is dunking on him he's so unlikeable. I'm actually hoping this opens up more troon mockery as people realize they're all insane and literally impossible to satisfy no matter how many eggshells you dance on.

No. 1402914

He looks like a guy that would demand his dick be sucked or he calls the girl a transphobe. Sent shivers down my spine.

No. 1402915

Seeing the PR Lana is getting for the new movie makes me sick. How long is their past going to be hidden by Hollywood

No. 1402922

yes it's a fucking dick move you champagne socialist dillweed. i had a lyft driver ranting about pro-cop bullshit at me for 20 minutes and still tipped 20% plus left a 5 star review. you can't just support the proletariat when they behave the way you want them to. this is just being an entitled white "karen" with extra steps.

(apologies for the karen comment and the sperging but despite the inherent misogyny in the term it does the best job of summing up the petty boug entitlement on display here)

No. 1402969

Looks like Ben Shapiro kek

No. 1402972

File: 1640655594397.jpeg (102.3 KB, 500x650, 03FF9358-3FBE-4E32-9E51-9342AA…)

Because and I’m not trying to bait here but Northern European-looking women look exactly like him like picrel

No. 1402976

Another man thinking we care about his opinion

No. 1402977

>doesn't know im trans
>in the next sentence he says she has to check his axe wound
She knew even before she saw that monstrosity. What terrible liar.

No. 1402979

File: 1640656241236.png (625.3 KB, 1080x1080, 1080x1080.png)

"otherworldly gorgeous" while he got canceled like last February for taping his eyelids back to try to mimic Rina Sawayama or other asian women's features.

No. 1402991

File: 1640657664093.jpg (261.52 KB, 1080x1462, Lol its a troon saying this.jp…)

Troon proving he never saw an actual vagina.

No. 1403010


> "she asked 'guess which one is which?' "

> "she didn't know either"

she wouldn't have asked him to guess if she didn't already know the (obvious) answer lmao. i think she just copped out of a troll

No. 1403012


God bless the terven waitresses at the Cracker Barrel he's Shapiro-glowering in for calling this guy out on his bullshit.

OT: 9/10 Cracker Barrel waitresses I've had are nurturing-and-sweet-but-take-no-shit vibe moms and grandmas. I swear it's an intentional marketing thing to make you feel like you're visiting a family's house.

No. 1403021

it's pretty obvious that they say this same thing over and over so they'll believe it themselves.

No. 1403022

No, HS just looks like a slightly feminine NorthEuro man. They all look like that, not specific to women

No. 1403031

File: 1640662739165.jpg (743.09 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_Reddit.jpg)

The first comment compared terfs to fascists.

No. 1403034

Kek what can you expect from a bunch of white moids and their handmaidens who constantly compare themselves to jews, black people, intersex people, and so on? At this point the only demand they can make that might shock people is to allow troons to rape children in order to reclaim their girlhood.

No. 1403036

Ngl I literally thought it was before I opened the thumbnail

No. 1403037

File: 1640664077497.jpeg (102.35 KB, 828x908, D2B4BF24-4797-43F6-8545-2D71FD…)

troon level narcissism is glaring

No. 1403038

Anon are you fucking blind

No. 1403045

File: 1640665112794.jpeg (140.53 KB, 828x1505, 8B857F1A-C034-43D0-957F-74AEC6…)

I think he looks closer to skwisgaar skwigelf

No. 1403046

Just had to say I greatly appreciate this comment nonnie kek

No. 1403048

he should mind his own business and not fuckin talk about my mother like that

No. 1403058

Naming yourself after a cartoon you jerk off to or the girl that rejected you when you were 14 though…

No. 1403067

And then there's the gross moids that want their sister's name.

No. 1403068

File: 1640667729793.png (658.24 KB, 659x656, eedsf.png)

Hunter looks male but he aboustetly doesn't just look like a "slightly feminine" Euroman
I'm from that region, most guys tend to be tall, big-boned, hairy asf, and have Crimson chin-tier jaws

Most people would assume Hunter is an underage male around 13-16, not a woman but not an adult man either
If someone could post that pic of Hunter and his brother you'd get it, the difference between the two is just one has gone thorough puberty and one didn't

Seriously TIMs do look like males but to pretend that some change to their bodies haven't been altered is somewhat ridiculous, especially with the case of of TIMs who have been transed since they were kids like Jazz and Hunter

No. 1403079

About time people started speaking up from this shit. Everyone keeps coddling these male baby delusions

No. 1403095

if this twink got a “masculine” haircut he would just look like a regular twink

No. 1403097

again I'm not denying he looks male(he does) but not a man
he looks like my teenage nephews if they had long hair and didn't exercise

No. 1403099

so just even more stunted than males are usually

I hope trooning out your child is illegal in the future but I won’t hold my breath

No. 1403105

dont insult my man like that

No. 1403118

>i'M a mOiD buT I wANnA tRY AutOGynEpHiLiA
don't tell me it's not a social contagion

No. 1403125

So many things here are repeated, just with different trannies each time, but no1curred and continue to milk when there's apparently no more milk from MTFs as a whole. Don't tell me all trannies are inherently lolcows in the basis of just being a tranny.

No. 1403128

i could 100% tell this one is a man just from him moving his lips. Not a single woman has this combination of lips and teeth looking like this, only guys and i know this because really like this type of mouth on men. It's a crazy detail but i live for crazy details on faces. Too bad, he'd make a very handsome normal dude.
this one is hilarious

No. 1403130

Same, He could have been a handsome dude but his parents ruined his body
They fucking mutilated him and had him on hormones since he was a kid

Its a crime against nature

No. 1403131

the apparent body dysmorphia some people on lolcow have is fucking alarming

you seriously have problems

No. 1403142

go back

No. 1403143

>Claiming, even sarcastically, to think it's weirder to keep the same you've been referred to as your whole life than to legally change your name for any reason
>The reason this time around is that the chosen name gets his dick hard and is a name he stole from a girl (always a girl, never a woman) he jacked off to (either real or fictional)
Tranny "jokes" are always so full of military grade copium. Any time I meet someone who's changed their name, they either did so to escape a shitty situation or have turned their life into a LARP.

No. 1403144

Sorry if this doesn't go here, but I have a story about a personal troon cow of mine. He's my ex and is basically the reason I peaked, and since we've broken up I'll check up on his social media now and then for milk because he's really gone off the deep end, and something very funny happened recently.

When we knew each other, he claimed to be asexual, which I ended up seeing through pretty quickly because he was clearly sexually interested in my breasts among other things. But he was also somewhat sheltered and "woke" so he probably thought he was being sincere, he was homeschooled, autistic, and not really sure how to deal with sex as a concept yet. I accepted the idea of him being asexual at the time because I honestly was very scared/disgusted with the idea of sex with a man, even though I knew that he definitely still had sexual impulses and would start edging towards sexual advances with me. We broke it off before anything really happened, thankfully.

Fast forward, we've been broken up a good while, he's long since been lost to the twitter troon army, and he starts posting about how he's actually "hypersexual and polyamorous" now that he has a new twitter troon gf that he roleplays with online. They both pretend to have DID and are dating all of each other's "alters", which are all based off cute anime girls that neither of them resemble. They both look and act like every mtf stereotype that you can imagine.

Fast forward again to now, his troon 'gf' decided to fly in to visit for christmas. After they both posted confirming that they were together irl now, he posts that he's "actually still asexual".

Meaning, seeing another troon irl literally made him disgusted by the idea of having sex.

No. 1403150

women who say they’re “jealous” of TiMs being so “beautiful” are just like women who comment on a fat ugly girl’s video with stuff like “wow you’re so pretty!” The only difference is that the fat ugly girl probably knows that the compliments are fake.

The “nurse” and the “friend” in both of these stories have the same energy—saying those things as a fake backhanded compliment to make themselves feel woke. Trannies are just too narcissistic to pick it up.

Does anyone else remember those uncomfortably sexist movies in the early 2000’s that usually had movie covers with a woman with her legs spread and men posing underneath them? I am convinced these men learned about women through those movies.

No. 1403151

>only women can see through it
Yet TIMs keep saying "muh fembrain" kek. What's a fembrain to them? They deserve to be interrogated

No. 1403152

Unironically never date autistic men. They make horrible partners and are very likely to troon out or be into fucked up shit sexually. Hope you learned your lesson and glad you didn't have sex with him.

No. 1403153

>>1403144 i can't even imagine how weird it must be for you to have a troon ex.
I have a story too. Two people from my basic school turned out trans. One was my close friend who is FtM and i was there throughout he whole transition. Knowing all the details and the amount of health issues my friend and his trans friends have made me realize how horrible transition is and opened my eyes to it. My friend is a chill person though, just wants to live his life on a farm not caring about the world much.
The other classmate though! MtF a complete opposite. He was in my crew of friends for like 2 yeras and i never thought he'd be trans. He was an average looking boy, sometimes mean to girls but still the best looking from the class lol. I could tell he was insecure a lot about something. After like 10 years out of basic school my friend told me this kid is also trans and that they are somewhat friends, but that he's acting really weird, tried to touch my friend and is an attention whore who tells everybody on the street that he's trans because he's so proud of it. On the contraty my friend doesn't tell strangers because that's kinda the point when you just want to be treated as a man a go about your day. Anyway i foudnd out that the MtF guy presents really cringey news on facebook for my country's trans community and he's even more awkward then as a kid. He speaks in a really quiet voice, stutters out of nervosity and stares like a crazy person. He always had the stare but it's much worse now, almost like he has some brain fungus that's controling him. It was very shocking to learn out of nowhere that he went this crazy and is a propaganda machine and i'm still mindblown seeing his videos.

No. 1403157

lolcow is my destination

No. 1403161

Return to your origin

No. 1403163

File: 1640681745214.png (1.41 MB, 1254x806, hunter.png)

tims not having a clue of how women feel or think. they are simple pathetic creatures and have no idea of how female socialization works. I swear they got bidimensional brains

No. 1403164

Depends though, autistic males and females who use the Internet are almost destined to end up fucked up
Just need to keep autistis away from the Internet or videogames and they end up fine

No. 1403166

he terfed himself kek

No. 1403169

File: 1640682538958.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.2 KB, 1090x600, MV5BNzBkZDc5N2EtODU1YS00MWQxLW…)

not mutilated yet.
wich explains why he's still in super coomer mode (see picrel in >>1402796)
I don't think he'll ever cut it tho, probably enjoys it too much

No. 1403171

>Just need to keep autistis away from the Internet or videogames

If someone figures out a way to effectively do this I believe that could be Nobel prize winning material

No. 1403172

How about the autists on lolcow? Or only the troon autists

No. 1403175

hunter strikes me as the kind of troon who enjoys being the obsession of chasers (usually incels on 4chan and shit that have turned prison gay from having never experienced intimacy with a real woman). i dont think he would actually like having sex with them or anything, hes probably a transbian like all the other mtf coomers, he just likes the moid attention keeping the dick gives him

No. 1403178

File: 1640683653900.png (91.37 KB, 899x550, dfsdafd.png)

Reminds me of this

No. 1403181

Body is still fucked up from Hormone blockers and Estrogen he's received since he was a kid
I don't know what to make of him, cause unlike the vast majority of troons he's been on Hormones and blockers since he was a child
I think he knows what he is, he knows he's male and was forced into this by his narc parents

He'll likely take his own life

No. 1403204

>Why did I want to be a woman
>My gender was so influencer by a need to be used by men

I have never seen a troon be so honest. That's what they think of women, (toilets) and that's why they transition (to become the toilet)

And admits he wouldn't have minded his natural puberty in the caption.

No. 1403205

he's def a narc obsessed with validation and jealous of the sexual attention teen girls get from nasty hollywood scrotes. he'll never kill himself but i can def see a plastic surgery nightmare in his future.

No. 1403208

Troonism is a cult. A lot of old tims will groom these younger, lonely, stupid, and/or inexperienced guys into trooning out. I knew somebody that trooned out and went crazy after meeting an old tim through ffxiv. I don't play it anymore, but that tim had a "harem" just from roleplaying and throwing money and games at people. There was a whole grooming discord by him too.

He's in a mlp costume. At work. That seems more of a creepy moid thing to do. Also named himself Laura, while the creator of that particular show is named Lauren.

No. 1403215

>When I was gay I liked straight porn because it lacked misogyny, abuse, oppression

trans "woman" ignores all the realities of women

And the rest of the right half, and the concept of the left, suggest he is a porn addicted coomer. Most women don't want to be literally eaten by men or used by them sexually in the way he means, we want to be considered worthy valuable humans, and men use love and sex (and our service/labour) as a vehicle to falsely reinforce our desire for approval while personally benefiting from it, and without ever changing our external circumstances that lead us to seek approval.
Love and sex is the only avenue available to most women to try and get male attention and approval; imagine a workplace where the smaller male staff had to have a sexual, and servant/servitude (free labour, crawling, pandering at all times, never reacting with honesty) level relationship with larger/stronger male staff in order to get promoted or even treated like a human on the day to day, with no other avenues available since all other efforts are to be ignored or derided. It would be fetishistic and surreal but that is our reality.

And then the observation of our unfortunate reality becomes a fetish for those who can simply dress up as a man, go off the titty skittles and otherwise opt out of womanhood at any time.

This coomer will never understand the reality of being a woman.

No. 1403218

>straight porn lacked misogyny

No. 1403219

I get hating typical AGP TIMs and he might have somewhat of similar psychology as them but at the same time he's different cause of the way he was made

No. 1403220

Pretty sure a tranny wrote that. They cant accept that an MtF who went on puberty blockers as children do not pass.

No. 1403221

This shit is all funded by jews(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1403222

I can’t read moid chicken scratch but did he actually say straight porn lacks misogyny, abuse, and oppression? Has he ever actually watched straight porn? Even the most vanilla of porn is rooted in misogyny, abuse, and oppression. This also makes me wonder how young he was when he first started watching porn. I wonder to what extent (beyond trooning out) that has fucked with his mind. I decided to take a closer look at that “mind map” and this is the kind of thing only a man would proudly post on his public social media platform. And does “men ate women whole” mean that he has a vore fetish? Or does that mean something else?

I hate men. Every day this website makes me hate men more than I already do. And I hate TiMs most of all.

He may have been on puberty blockers and hormones since he was seven (highly doubt but okay) but this is the brain of a man. You’d think being on puberty blockers would prevent someone from being so weirdly sex-obsessed. Also, him thinking that both genders fetishize rape and that straight porn doesn’t have abuse, misogyny, or oppression has nothing to do with puberty blockers. It doesn’t take properly going through puberty to see that straight porn is a driving force of misogyny.

No. 1403228

Late but isn't this the other way around kek?

No. 1403230

>defending this porn-addled moid
Did you read his mind map? It's extremely fucked up, unless you defend every self-admittedly misogynist gay male and femboy too, there's no reason to defend him. Despite all his coom-filled introspection he still struggles to see women as people or understand us in any way.
>And does “men ate women whole” mean that he has a vore fetish?

Pretty sure it does, he seems extremely degenerate.

No. 1403231

yet it's "based white men" who are overwhelmingly the ones performing their sissy porn-induced identity, lul. Take some responsibility for your problem chromosome, moid.

No. 1403232

How bizarre. His "gender journey map" or whatever is nothing but paraphilias and his transition is portrayed as part of his journey to try to satisfy them most efficiently.
And that's written by himself, not by someone looking at his posts and drawing conclusions, he himself says that it's all just him chasing his fetishes.

I've seen many cases like this on trans reddit, but I'm never not baffled by how they can spell it out this clearly and not see that their "transness" is nonsense. And of course there's more fetishists in the comments saying how they relate.

Adding -isms to your fetish map without connecting them to anything doesn't make it deep, it just makes you look even more like an idiot.

Facially he looks like a somewhat effete man, not like a woman at all. By the time he's 30 he'll look like a completely average man. His body is already 100% normal male now.
It's disturbing to hear that strange voice come out of what is obviously a man. Truly a monstrosity.

No. 1403234

>Pretty sure it does, he seems extremely degenerate.

Paraphilias often cluster, it's why most people don't have any, and then you have pedophile furry diaper trannies.

No. 1403235

File: 1640692097312.png (1.03 MB, 1226x778, hunter.png)

he didn't transition at 7, he started taking hormon blockers after puberty and it was alerady too late, nonna. The male degeneracy was already in him. Idk how he managed to get his voice so high pitched tho


>Hunter started her transition in high school. She was in a public school at the time, and she referred to her transition as a pretty intense experience. Hunter started her transition as a gay person before becoming fully trans.

he's male and thinks like a male and his body looks clearly male, look at those mannish legs

No. 1403237

File: 1640692190445.png (647.48 KB, 1793x1057, hunter.png)

surprise surprise

No. 1403253

absolute dark unhinged vibes from this moid. he’s either gonna kill himself or murder someone by 30 mark my words.

No. 1403259

You know when woke people say stuff like "you can't deny trans women access to female spaces only because of some few bad apples", "jessica janiv is not a real trans woman" "trans ppl are not mentally ill, they are just vulnerable ppl trying to be happy:(" etc? well, this is one of the "presentable" trannies, like one of the "good ones" kek.

No. 1403260


>Just need to keep autistis away from the Internet

Lolcow would die then, RIP.

No. 1403263

honestly this thread could use more personal trooncow stories

No. 1403264

Yeah I wish I could peak normies with shit like this. Wish it would spread. JKR gets cancelled because of 'transphobia' when she says people who menstruate are women but this tranny gets to say being a woman is about being used by men and other outright misogynistic stuff but gets praised as brave and vulnerable.

No. 1403266

I avoided reading this because it's hard on the eyes and because it gives serial killer vibes like other anons said but I tried and it's so difficult.What does he even mean? Idk if it's because I'm ESL or because his handwriting is shit but I can't make sense out of this aside from it looking written by an unhinged person

No. 1403279

If I hadn't already been peaked by trannies screaming about how talking about already stigmatized female body parts and bodily functions in association with femaleness is triggering their dysphoria, this shit would've definitely done it. It's one thing to buy into the "well they earned their womanhood by putting twice as effort into it with surgeries and hormones" meme but an entirely another to suggest that the core essence of being female is just being a hole for men to use and that straight porn is free of misogyny. This guy is fucking demented.

No. 1403285

File: 1640698475551.jpeg (39.67 KB, 300x300, 1624938590902.jpeg)

I'm anon here >>1403219 I made a mistake
I had mistaken Hunter for Kim Petras, Kim was the one trasned by his parents when he was just 2 years old and had SRS when he was just 16 not Hunter

Sorry nonnas

No. 1403290

yup, that would me be nice, here's mine:
I've been with this "theater kid" for 3 years. I liked him cause he was sensitive and creative and kind to me, I liked his harmless looks (he was thin and shorter than me). We were good friends and had fun together. But I've always felt like there was something off at the core. like he wouldnt open up about his blurry past (I vaguely knew about his self harm and therapy) never talked about his deep fears and feelings. These kinds of conversations that make you fall in love with someone and create a deep connection.
I thought I was weird for needing that.
Sometimes he sperged about small things (huge red flag).
Like he once ruined the last night fo a trip with our friends, cause he felt the need to go back earlier to the hotel and pack our stuff (we were leaving the morning after). He went completely autistic cause he was scared we'd forget stuff in the room and forced us to leave in the middle of a concert.

Finally I broke up with him, I told him that I've always felt like he never really connected, he never really opened up with me, so I didn't see a future together. he gaslight me saying it wasnt true and crying for me to stay.
just a few months later he asked to meet and told me he trooned out, he acted really happy and it freaked me out cause it was clear then that he never really gave a fuck about me or our relationship. He said he used it to hide, cause it made him feel "normal" and I liberated him when we broke up. I felt so hurt and angry.

Of course I told him I was happy for him, I had not yet peaked at the time. Only later the fucked up memories came to mind.
Like when he asked to buy sex toys "for me" and I told him "you are enough", he probably wanted me to use those on him.
Every time i was laying on him while he touched me he was getting off imagining my body was his.
I cant believe I've lost years thinking I was the problem.

Oh and after trooning out he told me about his (male) boss showing interest in him and acting very inappropriately. I felt sorry for my ex cause I imagined how uncomfortable that would be.
Last time I've heard from him he said he was in a relationship with that creep… My answer was "lol ok", I started peaking then.
ofc he's not gay, he was just in his gender affirming relationship phase.
men are trash, if one appears to be more sensitive and harmless is probably even worse than the others(no1curr)

No. 1403296

It says he didnt like gay porn because it lacked misogyny, which is why he transitioned instead of calling himself gay.

No. 1403302

File: 1640702804901.jpg (65.46 KB, 828x261, Screenshot_20211228_154406.jpg)

No. 1403307

Like it or not this is one of the deepest reason a troon troons out

No. 1403314

I feel like this might describe Stevie of Pixielocks fame's future quite accurately. Beard to gay/trans pipeline except because everyone is a coomer now, they go straight for the more deviant option of trans (gay with extra steps+more fetishistic+more misogynistic) rather than the truth, which is homosexuality. At least you weren't married with kids before it happened.

No. 1403315

I'm considering transcribing this troon's whole demented mind map in this thread since I managed to read/understand most of it.

No. 1403317

>men are trash, if one appears to be more sensitive and harmless is probably even worse than the others
I wish someone had taken me aside and told me this when I first started interacting with boys as a teenager.
The more "sensitive" a man has been ime the more sexually deranged. I think it's a mix of a chemical imbalance in the brain combined with being constantly on the internet since they're weirdos and no one wants to interact with them IRL. The chicken or the egg comes to mind. Are they creeps because of the internet or did they flee to the internet because they were always creepy?

No. 1403321

No tranny is good enough, in reality we know it. Just look at his excuses, since it seems so genuine he's better off deranged.

No. 1403322

yup, I'm glad I was confident enough to abandon the ship before it wrecked, even tho it seemed overall ok and comfortable. At least I've learnt to trust my instinct and never settle for less

Idk, I just wish men were normal like us
I mean I am constantly on the internet and I've seen my share of fucked up shit, but I've never enjoyed any of it.
y chromosome is a disgrace

yes please nona

No. 1403323

Lmaooo, yeah I guess this pic looks “exactly like him” in the sense that they’re both blonde white people with heads.

No. 1403324

File: 1640704926735.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2076, 00E031F7-3949-4538-BC98-0E834A…)

I had to kek at the top rated response to this typical troon depravity on actuallesbians. They’re so off-base with how women think and interact it makes me laugh.

No. 1403325

File: 1640704949056.jpeg (74.2 KB, 1125x341, 400BFBDD-B9E3-4CA0-B334-205983…)

No. 1403330

Demented troon's mind map (left side), transcribed for nonnies who don't speak moid or are otherwise too sane to understand it.
Content warning: absolute derangement

>To be consumed

>My sexual orientation was not gay. It was not straight. Nor pan. It was, is and always an attraction to misogyny.
>To never know a world without misogyny is to never know yourself without it as we are all mirrors
>Why did I want/need to be a woman
>My gender was so influenced by a need to be used by men

Now we move onto his life timeline which is entirely defined by his sexuality:
>Str8 boy –→ An assigned place now realized. Wearing misogyny in discomfort but benefiting from its weight
>Gay boy –→ An attempt at femme. The beginning of shrugging misogyny off my shoulders and stabbing myself with it. An inability to be femme, but an ability to feel the hurt of femme
>Str8 woman –→ (womanhood) finding (femme) under the conditioning of being gay. Not feeling femme enough w/o being a victim of rape.
Editor's note, let's hear that one again folks,
>not feeling femme enough without being a victim of rape
Femininity is defined by how raped you are according to this "good" transwoman.

>Gay woman –→ Releasing gay conditioning but finding comfort in the box and padded prison of womanhood

>Queer person –→ the most liberated from gender I have found myself. Still dealing with the ruins of sexual brainwashing but allowing my own femimimy to funurish a void of men
I think it's intended to say
>To allow my own femininity to flourish a void of men
Assume he means his male self is a void and he considers the female self to be flourishing within it(?) The thing doodled on the right is a christmas tree of stacked "stages" with a scribbled, messy bottom end point, and an arrow pointing to it
Underneath that on the left is a black circle with many circles outlining it, reminds me of the ring movie a little but maybe represents death and his obsession with being a hole at once

No. 1403331

File: 1640705403207.jpeg (79.21 KB, 750x290, 4BE54C1D-A1BF-439F-81EE-906246…)

Can’t imagine being so delusional

No. 1403334

File: 1640705833139.png (601.36 KB, 698x800, troon.png)

damn nona, I came over to find it and found this instead
>that fat trannny's thumb
what the fuck that subreddit floods with tims and their pedo cartoons it's revolting

No. 1403337

I'm not sure I've ever met a real lesbian who likes this manga, just transbians and other moids.

No. 1403339

This mind map has been posted and decoded here before on previous threads. But I don’t mind it getting reposted, because it really is one of the most honest representations of the inner world of a troon. Their concepts of womanhood are inherently misogynistic because they’re misogynists. At least this guy admits it.

No. 1403340

Women are constantly screaming "No, that's not what being a woman MEANS!" when they're constantly talking about wanting to be raped so it makes them feel like a real woman. This is just another way for men to tell women what their bodies are made for. And this kid has been made to be obsessed with gender his whole life…he has no chance of ever being normal.

No. 1403341

I didnt know this channel existed until now, I subbed to her! seriously finally someone is standing up to these troon predator clowns it's about damn time

No. 1403342

Troons are always screaming about needing to use women’s bathrooms to be safe from moids raping & killing them, but shouldn’t they welcome this possibility? Since (according to them) that would be the ultimate VaLiDaTiOn of their womanhood and femme-ness.

No. 1403343

Right side:

>Look up "the act of eating"

>The idea of being eaten used to arouse me
>is this misogyny
>I think I used to (still do?) internalize misogyny because I thought I wanted to be a woman and saw that men ate women whole, that men dominated
Trying to justify his coomer fetish to himself
>Hence my former and current arousal towards domination and not to mention humiliation
>Why is it that sex is all too commonly an act of violence
>Why is it that rape is fetishized by both sides of the binary
>How did I take on this sexuality so easily and without thought
>Was I gay because I was trans
Is trans conversion therapy, you've nearly got it
>Did my yearning to be feminine, to be a woman, to escape the prison that is being a man
Editor's note, he described womanhood as a padded prison on the left and being a man as prison on the right
>made me want to be eaten by men so I could feel like a woman
>Was being gay the only answer to this.
Next part is muddled but my transcription is he was looking for that consumption power dynamic in normal porn and is judging them by that specific basis.
>I remember not liking gay porn because I could not find the "Big vs small" contrast.
Big vs small contrast? I'm not au fait with vore but strongly suspect this is what he was looking for.
>That even when I was gay I liked straight porn because it lacked misogyny -> abuse -> oppression

No. 1403345

Transcribing anon here, it really is the clearest display of troonerism. There's nothing other than fetishes and coom in their minds and hypocritical justifications for same.

No. 1403350

is that zendaya? poor woman

No. 1403351

File: 1640707865723.jpg (127.42 KB, 975x588, a.jpg)

thank u anon for making more clear but still wtf???

>My sexual orientation was not gay. It was not straight. Nor pan. It was, is and always an attraction to misogyny.

so he is attracted to hating women?

>To never know a world without misogyny is to never know yourself without it as we are all mirrors

so we "need" men to hate us and hate ourselves to understand ourselves as humans??

>Str8 woman –→ (womanhood) finding (femme) under the conditioning of being gay. Not feeling femme enough w/o being a victim of rape

so at the time he was with men he got raped and felt his "womanhood" was valid?

ok most of this makes more sense but still wtf

I just…wtf is going on in his head…?
Trying to make sense of this is impossible

No. 1403357

damn this one REALLY looks like Ja'mie

No. 1403358

File: 1640708287815.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3264x2448, E1074D2F-146C-481D-9DDF-02635B…)

Since we’re sharing personal troon stories,
This is “rosalita” a white man who claims to be Jewish and quarter Mexican. I knew him from one of my old workplaces and he ended being very close to my best friend despite being engaged to a woman for 1-2 years. Some highlights include



>claiming to speak Spanish but never speaking it

>flirting (being a poly man whore in general ) with tons of people despite being in a relationship and later engaged

>being super unlikeable his friendships and work places never lasted

>he smells and sounds like shit

> heard he cheated on his fiancé and they ended up breaking up(after breakup he would say his ex was abusive but brag about same ex helping him move out and giving him all their old furniture)

>huge tumblr fag, would go on every day and pick fights with anyone (I believe his url was bitter-blooms)

>constantly drank and picked fights with people in real life as well, not sure if he stopped since I luckily have no contact but all his old friends make fun of him

>claimed to look like Kate bush

No. 1403359

File: 1640708331591.jpeg (546.79 KB, 2560x1926, A9346F92-ADDB-4FE0-B3AE-14C894…)

Some candid photos of him

No. 1403361

What a good tranny, very safe

No. 1403362

he's so fucking out of shape, hardly any males have arms that soft and flabby. his thighs too. he's gonna get so fat after age 25

No. 1403363

kek they put zendaya in th baggiest shit and made her look wider than him but he's still so much manlier than her

No. 1403364

I think know what's happening, a couple days ago there was a thread about "TERFs" on leftypol and I think this is a raid that's going on

we should be careful and on guard, just post trannies being the degenerate losers they are

No. 1403380

We all hate troons here but jesus calm down with the bone rattling ana-chan.

No. 1403405

Yes they should welcome the possibility since that's apparently what being a woman means to them. They can all be raped in the men's room for all I care, if they can actually find someone willing to rape them kek

No. 1403410

even if we decide being a degenerate porn addict is fine, what the fuck is wrong with someone that makes them think it's ok to post this in public?
maybe troons would be free to troon if like, ONE of them could present a tumblr that's just pictures of northern english ceramics or something.

No. 1403416

File: 1640715115326.jpeg (621.4 KB, 1080x1331, 95E87B8F-CD7F-4577-8718-3AFC96…)


Here’s a higher res. If it helps.

No. 1403430

While I felt like I was having an embolism trying to decipher his serial killer scribble, I assumed the creepy, weird stacks were mouths eating each level since he's all about getting consumed.

No. 1403442

I have no idea what those are either, and I'm kind of terrified to inquire further.

No. 1403443

File: 1640716932804.jpg (66.72 KB, 1300x957, portrait-young-beautiful-disgu…)

kek it looks like a stack of glans slowly rotting until they become a dripping flesh hole

No. 1403444

I hate clicking a new YouTube video about any tangentially gamer/nerd interest I have, only to hear that nasally, hushed, imitation-child tranny voice.

No. 1403457

I actually really love it, I think it's one of the better yuri to come out in the past decade or so, but yeah, the only other people I've met who like it are transbians, which is sad. Most weeb lesbians don't actually read much yuri in my experience, and either prefer BL or yuri adjacent stuff, meanwhile troons FLOCK to it. I'm not sure what it is about Bloom Into You specifically that troons like, the art style maybe? sage for ot sorry

No. 1403460

This happened to me the other day. I clicked on some random >70k video about that one metroid stage in smash brothers and got hit with that fake ass high pitch voice. Checked "she/hers" twitter and lo and behold, a troon.
That voice was some serial killer shit lmao. And instantly clockable.

No. 1403462

File: 1640718075128.jpeg (128.42 KB, 720x1280, FGBa0bPWYAEbQMd.jpeg)

Come the fuck on
Do they even try?

No. 1403463

Imagine the cognitive dissonance it takes to believe you’re 1) part of the superior “master race”, and 2) a tiny minority group is somehow controlling your entire society and brainwashing you to the point of voluntarily castrating yourself. That doesn’t add up kek

No. 1403464

I keep seeing this thumbnail, now i know i won't click it.

No. 1403466

I will be not one bit surprised if this Buffalo Bill ass troon is found with a woman skin suit in his basement. This is serial killer levels of derangement and hatred for women.

No. 1403468

File: 1640718250905.jpg (73.13 KB, 540x475, tumblr_bf0034f9bb0db766503f37d…)

>I'm not sure what it is about Bloom Into You specifically that troons like
Teenage anime schoolgirls holding hands and being cutesy lesbians, I think that's like the tranny life force. Also picrel, you really don't understand why troons love it?

No. 1403469

It's an admission that males are passive hedonists led around by their dicks.
Except they are too selfish and egotistical to think they have any flaws, and that others could accurately assess them. No, every bad thing that happens to them must be the result of a grand conspiracy.

No. 1403471

It’s the pedophilia, duh

No. 1403474

>> Most people would assume Hunter is an underage male around 13-16, not a woman

This is why I wonder if puberty blockers are to make these young TIM’s look childlike and androgynous for pedo groomers.

No. 1403476

Shit, it makes sense. I just hate thinking that they project onto Touko because she's such a well written character, but now that I'm thinking about it, she's the troon ideal.
>tall for a girl
>living a facade to keep up an ideal image to people around her
>selfish and stubborn
She's what every troon thinks they are NOOOOO

No. 1403478

Oh my god it's the same guy. I watched his FNAF plush video.
This is him.

No. 1403479

I'm gay and this is gross. I hate fetishization of teenage girls and lesbians, and this just feels like the next step past moe slice of life "corrupt the cutie" virgin fetish shit.

No. 1403481

Holy shit that's hilarious. He must be paying to get his shitty videos boosted by the algorithm.

No. 1403483


Yeah, why else would there be such a heavy push for people to let their kids transition? The sickos want more fapbait and will take your kid away from you if you tell them they're too young and they complain to the wrong teacher.

No. 1403486

>i-it's the jew's fault that white AGP sissies are trooning out en masse!!!!

you males need to start taking responsibility for your collective degeneracy and pornsickness. coping like this and exporting blame just makes you look even more pathetic.

No. 1403487

Yeah only moids are obsessed with school girl "lesbians". Actual lesbians want their romance to have a plot and greater story with adult female characters not just 300 pages of little girls making out like wtf

No. 1403494

this one has legit pubes on his head

No. 1403495

men will blame everything except themselves. it's never men's fault, it's jews, gay men, black men, rinse and repeat.

No. 1403496

The prevailing theory (aside from pedophilia) is that transing kids allows adult troons to live their fetish vicariously through actual innocents who (mostly) aren't trooning out for fetishistic reasons, and that having pre-pubescent kids who are incapable of sexual feelings quickly trooned out before they can change their minds is the best way to artificially inflate the number of troons who aren't just fetishists, which (falsely) legitimizes their ideology. Basically they're using kids as extensions of themselves in a similar way to how one might project onto a character from a game or movie, and/or as political pawns.

No. 1403498

i always mix up kim petras and trisha paytas cause their names sound the same and i don't actually know what either of them do, just see their names on lolcow.

No. 1403502

>he was thin and shorter than me
ot but i like this too! i can only be attracted to small feminine men, so i don't know why troons think bi people are like, obligated to date them. i don't care what "gender" you are, if someone is big and strong and broad shoulders it's too manly and i don't like them.

No. 1403504

please do it and archive it so we can use it as evidence in the trials that will come after the mass peaking.

No. 1403506

It’s the tendency of white males to blame everyone else for their actions and to conjure up global conspiracies to explain their own incompetence. They’ve been creating these theories about women, ethnic minorities, gay people for centuries; Jewish people are just an easy target for this.
Men are really two-faced—on one hand they control the majority of institutions and rejoice as women lose legal protections and freedoms. Then after that, they’re firing up about how powerless they are because some “other” group has complete control on society and is oppressing them as members of supposedly the most hated group in the world.

No. 1403508

offtopic milkless tinfoil: i sometimes wonder if exulansic makes herself look as bad as possible in her videos to really drive home YWNBAW. it must enrage troons so much to see someone at that level of dgaf about appearance (she's like, postgrad-studies-ancient-gaelic-translator tier) be more clearly female than they are.

No. 1403509

That, and troons are obsessed with the idea that if they troon out early enough before they develop adult male secondary sex characteristics, they’ll “pass” perfectly. They’re just living vicariously through kids by giving them the early transitions they wish they’d had.

No. 1403511

nah she's saying she can tell he's GOING to get fat. i think she means his body has the signs of a moid who never learns to take care of himself because his metabolism was good in early 20s

No. 1403513

i thought it was supposed to be a penis without skin or the internal parts of a clitoris. they're obsessed with that stuff, right?

No. 1403516

I remember reading a study of white American moids, and the majority of them claimed they were the most oppressed group in the country. Not women, gays or blacks. They honestly believe heterosexual white males are THE most oppressed group. Their collective derangement and solipsism knows no bounds. So of course they blame women and minorities for their pornsickness and troonery, like they blame us for all the other dumb shit they do.

No. 1403518

The irony is that none of them would be happy if they had gotten that early transition, since the motivator is either being gay and hating themselves for it, or having a fetish. In the former, they've just ruined their chances of living the authentic life that would have actually made them happy (being a normal gay person), and in the latter they would have preemptively butchered themselves for a fetish they never had the chance to formulate.

No. 1403528

File: 1640722621346.png (1.02 MB, 1022x609, Exulansic.png)

yeah I love when troons get mad at terfs that don't care about appearence. Classic shit they say: "I look more feminine than you"
1 even with surgery and makeup you can still tell which is which
2 it shows how superficial and misogynisitc their idea of a woman is.

btw I think she's just unfortunate in the looks department and dgaf about it. I don't see her trying to look bad, she dresses nicely when she feels like it as in picrel.
Rn I'm watching her series about Jazz jennings and I'm sliding into depression.

No. 1403533

moids think they are oppressed just because they want sex and cannot have it. all they can think of in their rotten brains is sex. That's why they think women live in easy mode and transition to become one. They are so fucked in the head they cannot fathom how bad and dangerous it is to be sexually desirable to men. Or how undesirable and gross and painful sex can be for a woman. They cannot see the real word behind their porn fueled obsession, a real world where people have real problems.
I fucking hate men

No. 1403534

I swear this never happens to me. Is it just that youtube knows I hate them so it stays out of my recs?

No. 1403537

ive never seen this person before but looks like a man

No. 1403538

She's a detrans female

No. 1403539


I am choosing to believe it is a christmas tree but the anon who sees it as mouths eating probably is on the right track, like a stacked pacman.
One of the strangest things for me is he is aware of being brainwashed and conditioned (refers repeatedly to "gay conditioning" and sexual brainwashing) but appears to either intentionally skirt the concept of trangenderism being his main source of brainwashing/conditioning. Is he afraid to call out the trans cult while being in it? He even refers to wanting to be a woman in past tense. He sounds like someone considering detransition but too afraid to fully face being a gay/bi man.

No. 1403546

i think she's cool and brave. Team idgaf.

No. 1403551

That's probably because she transitioned once but Idk how much it affected her looks, she's also native american if I remember well.
what's cool is if you see her in video you would never misgender her, genuine female mannerism. While if you see a video of a "passing" tim your brain tells you that's unmistakably male.
our minds are wonderful

No. 1403564

idk the mouth and jaw area never seems to become passable in any troon. also forehead somehow? she just looks like a woman who doesn't care that she's ugly and enjoys her life without basing her self-worth on appearance, like troons do.

No. 1403565

i don't understand the logic that "unattractive woman = male" as though mannerisms, physical frame, and vocal inflection have nothing to do with it. plenty of women i see every day don't look like supermodels or particularly feminine but it's still obvious they weren't born with a dick.

No. 1403569

>she's just unfortunate in the looks department and dgaf about it
ayrt and that's why i wrote "tinfoil"! i didn't want to sound mean kek
she definitely just dgaf because she has a life outside of her looks

No. 1403571

in this vid she's wearing a style that suits her and the whole package (seeing her talk, do stuff, while wearing what works) is actually rather cute imo.
she must make them SEETHE

No. 1403573

I went on a search for articles about how autists feel and think about gender stereotypes. How misunderstanding them effects their lives ect. I couldn’t help but kek at this quote.

>> It’s not just children who may suffer as a result of this type of ignorance. When I spoke to Kayla Schierbecker, a transgender autistic woman and college undergraduate, she explained that aspects of her personality made it more difficult for her to be accepted as a woman. This, she believes, was due in part to the way her autism presented itself. “Some of my hyper-masculine traits are going to be a barrier toward transitioning,” she says. “I have a fixation on things that are stereotypically thought of as men’s interests: technology, the military, sports.”

Clocking MTF’s is just ableism I suppose.

No. 1403576

I do
Women are fuckable, their only purpose is to be fucked. Hence if you are not considered fuckable you must not be a woman. Haven't you read the trannie's serial killer scribble?

Btw Exulansic give me hope, I love her and I wish there were more women like her out there. At least I'm happy I've found this place. Love yall nonnas

No. 1403586

File: 1640728868127.jpg (31.61 KB, 609x381, cringe.jpg)

classic troon fetishization

No. 1403593

File: 1640729324989.png (8.51 KB, 1084x156, My mum just said I'm not a wom…)

where's the lie

No. 1403597

I think it's mostly just when she wears a wig that she looks goofy, like she doesn't even brush them or anything. Just slap it on and call it a day.
I don't mind it though, she's still charming, lopsided wig and all

No. 1403611

File: 1640730297964.png (26.27 KB, 1102x552, Trans woman very tired of bein…)

Because it's not pms retard

No. 1403614

Do trannies even know women make more hormones than just estrogen?

No. 1403617

coomers are indeed literally retarded

>BUT. DO. THEY. GET. P.M.S.?????
brrr I can hear the tranny inflection
PMS stands for Pre Menstrual Syndrome, you don't menstruate. YOU. DON'T. GET. P.M.S. SIMPLE!!!!

No. 1403619

Do they give progesterone to trannies too? As far as I know most of the PMS symptoms are cause by progesterone (feeling bloated, moody, crampy, tender breasts etc.). I doubt you could even get these symptoms on just estrogen.

No. 1403624

some do but most trannies think estrogen=pms

No. 1403632

File: 1640732642700.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 1624640934141.png)

>That feel when women's medical studies are barely touched because of all the misogyny
>Troons want to "study" endocrinology because they want PMS

All of that porn has made their brains rot.

No. 1403639

Hahahaha fuck. He freaked out at me on tumblr once for criticizing some troon smut disguised as a thinkpiece that heavily featured rape. Later backtracked for whatever reason (I think op of the piece got cancelled?) and claimed that he fainted at work later that day from the stress. He is ugly as all fuck and I feel bad for his gf but I'm glad she got out and I hope she's doing better. When I last saw her she id'ed as a trans butch and was on testosterone.

No. 1403648

oh my godddd. if they want anyone to believe iTs NoT a FeTiSh, WHY DO THEY KEEP SAYING THIS SHIT

No. 1403649

they want periods so they can post witch pr0n covered in blood. prove me wrong.

No. 1403654

It's amazing that you can't peek into tranny spaces without being flooded with people openly flaunting their gender fetish, but academia and media acts like that's some weirdo neo nazi terf conspiracy theory without basis in reality. Same with the crime and harassment perpetrated by trannies against women.

Makes me feel like I'm going insane.

No. 1403665

PMS is always highlighted in media, like movies where the girl is crying and eating chocolate curled in bed. This is why every troon thinks they have it. No matter that most women only experience minor symptoms.

No. 1403684

Looking back on this tranny era will be how people look back on lobotomies and asylums taking in people who are just depressed or anxious or women with ppd

No. 1403693

The wig thing is her saying, “No matter how insane or ridiculous I look you have to accept that this is my real hair. I have hair dysphoria.” Kek

No. 1403696

File: 1640738864646.png (1.75 MB, 1320x1134, vax.png)

keep the vaccine the fuck away from me if it does that

No. 1403708

thumb? looks more like a toe

No. 1403714

The inability to take care of their hair after transition

No. 1403720

He must go through an entire eyeliner pen every time he does up his eyes kek. What are the odds that he just overcorrected until his liner was that huge? Also his lips looked weird even pre-transition, but now that he's coloring them, it's much more noticeable. He looks like he has an infected asshole beneath his nose. Men can't do anything right lmao.

No. 1403723

the bright pink lips get me every single time lmao

No. 1403724

Literally looks like the same person who just shaved, dyed his hair and put on Boy George makeup. All these extra steps just to look like the GNC male you are, idgi.

No. 1403731

File: 1640741239156.jpg (273.79 KB, 480x651, Martin_John_Bryant.jpg)

There's something about his face that reminds me of picrel

No. 1403734

i'm so happy to see this sentence more and more these days.
one day someone who's currently a "journalist" for an internet content mill will publish a book called "The New Lobotomy"

No. 1403735

PLEASE DON'T BAN ME i forgot to sage

No. 1403738

That’s because “femininity” is a set of social & cultural codes, while womanhood is an innate biological condition. A man can be feminine and a woman can be masculine, but he’s still a man and she’s still a woman. And this is why troons hate the word “woman” and attempt to reframe “femininity” as the battleground on which womanhood is defined. They idolize the hyperfemme bimbo aesthetic and attack women for not sufficiently performing femininity because that’s the only possible way they can compete with us (and even then they usually fail.) If the criterion of womanhood is just “woman”, they automatically fail because they can never be women.

No. 1403741

psycho eyes kek?

No. 1403749

I think what Hunter meant was that he liked straight porn because (gay porn) lacked misogyny, oppression, abuse. Like in the last sentence he said he didn't like gay porn because it lacked the big vs small contrast. I think at least, the structure of the sentence would support your interpretation, but based on the rest of the manifesto it seems like Hunters sexuality is completely about getting used, abused, and literally eaten by men. It seems like an honest account of what was going on in his head throughout his life, doesn't make him a woman or anything, just a gay probably man whos been traumatised by the patriarchy.

No. 1403759

File: 1640743992202.png (1.7 MB, 1309x1183, ss.png)

these 2016 vs 2021 comparisons are the gift that keeps on giving. I bet I could find a couple more. But qhy can none of these fucks take care of their hair?

No. 1403761

with all these hormones they wanna take they wonder why that suicide rate is jumping through the roof
maybe stop pumping your male body full of female hormones and you wouldn’t be breaking down before you hit 30 dumbasses
but whatever i guess the less troons the better go nuts

No. 1403764

File: 1640744990758.jpeg (552.85 KB, 716x937, B40A7106-CD5C-468C-91D5-63ACF7…)

Trans butch on testosterone is a dime a dozen on tumblr but I figured out who you were talking about, I got curious to see how the ex was doing and it seems like she’s doing better now. Dating an actual woman is a huge improvement.

No. 1403774

another tranny overwatch player. used to go by rammy, now he goes by brieannah.

No. 1403777

yeah, I lurk in OW/OWL Twitter a lot and the amount of troons involved is astonishingly high. Thank god none of them are in the actual league playing. I know there's some involved with socials and background things, but no outright trans players.

No. 1403779

>Estrogen really is magical
Even after seeing so many examples of it, the sheer delusion still astonishes me

No. 1403782

Good for her they look cute together

No. 1403797

It's pretty damn rare to have parents say "no you're not" when a kid says he or she is gay, regardless of how bigoted those parents are. It's believed, and it's suppressed, or the kid is kicked out. It should be a wake up call to these people that their mothers are saying "I don't think you're woman". That sounds like the opposite of rejection to me. It's like "No, you're my son, and I accept you regardless of this coomer bullshit you're making me deal with."
Also, if you've had a fiance for 9 years, you're too fucking old to be looking for validation from your mother. Be a fucking adult and stop leeching off women's emotional energy.

No. 1403815

File: 1640749922021.jpg (5.48 MB, 5850x2475, tohm3ap6m7s71.jpg)

A year later and he learned angles.

No. 1403823

damn, this is the first time i've seen a full video of hers, and her righteous anger at the medical system that allows this damaging shit, her empathy for the people who have been let down by the people around them and the medical system, her logical breakdown of the lies and delusions surrounding the surgeries and "transness" in general. i understand now what people mean when they say "i have no choice but to stan".

No. 1403833

File: 1640751365568.jpg (460.57 KB, 1080x1223, 1635932181366.jpg)

Ah the wonders of Estrogen

No. 1403835


> somehow looks even manlier

No. 1403849

>A year later and he learned angles.

did he though?

No. 1403851

File: 1640753933173.png (27.78 KB, 1057x430, Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 23-58…)

No. 1403885

File: 1640757017849.png (20.81 KB, 754x363, Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 00-49…)

Why would the paramedic ask this in the first place?

No. 1403903

on someones medical history?

No. 1403923

More incel logic about life on "easy mode", fantasizing about being his ideal manic pixie dream gf, and the total omission as to why women were excluded historically…. This is so fucking male.

No. 1403926

Why would he need to see a paramedic? Pop a stitch in his inverted ballsack?
All troons make my skin crawl, but with every tweet and every picture of this moid in particular I have a violent visceral reaction.

No. 1403946

His stories are becoming increasingly ridiculous has to be a fetish at this point lol

No. 1403968

Its just bizarre how many liberals in homophonic countries have internalized this belief, that they were all supportive of LGTBABC+, until the europeans came and colonized them
Take this video as e.g, its grasping at straws

>Trickster god taking the form of a woman to mess with demons is interpreted as openness to trans identity

>A story of a king who had no sons and raised his daughter as a son so that she could inherit his kingdom is framed as woke is interpreted as openness to trans identity
>when Hanuman goes the demon world he see's the demoness engage in sexual acts with each other
>and probably my least favorite e.g, Muslim rulers raping with underage boys

Like literally why

No. 1403971

File: 1640764338057.png (62.31 KB, 588x488, cantevenpeelikeawoman.png)

Might be related to this. His twitter is abhorrent and I feel like I need a chemical shower afterwards.

No. 1403974

File: 1640764470691.png (61.2 KB, 1162x294, 1640750274859304945.png)

please stay far away from women

No. 1403975

yikesss y'all r hateful

No. 1403980

bet none of u terfs pass irl hate behind a computer(scrote)

No. 1403985

tend to your clot you festering scrote

No. 1403990

Hating misogynists, racists, and homophobes isn't a bad thing. Hating women, nonwhite people, and homosexual people is a bad thing.

No. 1403997

Still female regardless
Cope harder

No. 1403999

Ugly woman is still a woman sir.

No. 1404000

why would a woman need to "pass"? Wtf do they care what you think of them lmao you're the one that has passing living rent free in your head anon

No. 1404001

Women don’t “pass” you fucking stupid scrote, in fact one of the things that makes us female is being able to clock your male ass from a million miles away

No. 1404006

go back to twitter, fatty

No. 1404027

Oh i remembered I happened into one of his streams by accident. Within the first few minutes he was talking about how he has DiD and how he's a system, and how one of his alters is better at Baptiste and has a different playstyle. He also has a MtF partner, so at least they're just dating each other. It was the DID cringe shit that wigged me out most of all.

No. 1404029

HRT for MTF people makes bloodclots more common IIRC. sick what doctors are doing to people

No. 1404040

reminder to not respond to b8

No. 1404048

Love when trannies try to say GNC cis women don't pass, as if their retarded need to have their identity validated by others is a universal experience. Normal people just are who they are and don't need the attention or approval of others to maintain their sense of self.

No. 1404051

This. Every time moids are looking for others to blame to avoid ever taking responsibility for their own hedonism and entitlement that leads to trooning out. If it's not the jews, it's feminism, my little ponies, anime, video games, whatever. Never male-specific pornsickness caused by their own desire to keep cooming no matter what. Women could consume the same form of media and never become so irreparably insane as they do.

Just how the fuck is this Mengele level butchery legal? Now that trannyism and dick inversion is becoming more and more popular I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of patients to die due to complications of the surgery, I feel like all the survivors from before were just flukes. That, and of course all the backdoor "gender clinic" quacks will be offering their services without a proper medical background.

No. 1404090

>anywhere you go the majority of people are male
male autists shouldn't be allowed access to the internet

No. 1404093

it's because unfuckable women are literally invisible to moids. they're exposing their own pornsick thinking.

No. 1404095

Not everyone without a girly name and a filtered makeup covered profile picture is male. Women don't always gender themselves online.

No. 1404097

You can still see the Y chromosome, even with no male puberty.

No. 1404099

>I feel like the standards are so fucking low for white troons.
He looks good for a white man of his age. No one is judging him as a woman. This is hilarious.

No. 1404103

This guy is a serial fantasist and porn addict. He had a whole twitter thread about how a 'cis-nurse' was called out to check up on his SRS, didn't recognise him as a man even though she'd been called out to check up on his SRS (his picture alone, come on), thought his inverted dick looked better than her real vagina, proceeded to be so amazed and turned on by him that she GROPED him and insisted on getting his fake boobs out for her to look at too for absolutely no reason.
I'm not even going to post screenshots because it was disgusting and I feel so bad for female healthcare workers being lied about and sexualised in this way. It also amazes me how a castrated, dickless man can still be such a fucking gross pervert. Didn't they use to do this to people to destroy their sex drive?

No. 1404106

this is honestly what i have long thought is what males's issue is: they're jealous to women and the attention we get. not just troons but moids in general

No. 1404115

File: 1640781919347.jpg (18.27 KB, 473x574, 1622725050670.jpg)

nta but I think this is what she meant, Hunter is a male pumped full of hormones and is schlubby and so looks like feminine male teenager, not female but not an adult man either
also he's 22 years old, your confusing him Kim Petras whose 29

No. 1404142

This. I interpreted it as him not liking gay porn because it lacked the misogynistic abuse present in straight porn. It says a lot that this is the media darling troon of the moment, and he's just as mentally ill as the rest. I'd be suicidal too if my entire sexual identity was based on self-loathing and being a fuckpuppet for moids to abuse.

No. 1404145

he looks more and more psychotic in every picture kek
we dont need to, tranny <3

No. 1404146

Oh lovely, I'm sure women everywhere are thrilled that a dude whose sexuality is "attraction to misogyny" wants to fuck them now. Can he not just go back to being the twinky gay man he was clearly meant to be and leave us alone?

No. 1404152

Didn't that euphoria show (which he co-wrote) have a bunch of stuff about him wanting to 'conquer femininity' by making himself into the perfect manic pixie dream waifu and then getting fucked in the ass by lots of men?

No. 1404176

Yes. His character was also sexually assaulted by a male in the show. I guess he got to pretend to live his rapey fantasies.

No. 1404180

In my experience this is how AGPs generally function. They're completely straight but get off to the idea of being gangraped by men only because it enforces their feminization fetish, and to them being a woman means being a hole to fuck. So in order to feel like a woman, they need to be treated like a meat sack by men.

No. 1404187

File: 1640791882422.png (356.9 KB, 917x900, 1622333010177.png)

What the fuck did they mean by this

No. 1404199


I'm into yuri and honestly, it's nothing special.

>Their lesbian romance is fleeting as they will eventually grow out of it.

I think people only hype it up because it's one of the few yuri mangas to get a show that's normal enough to be introduced to people. You're not gonna tell people about Maria+Holic, despite it being written by a woman. I'm honestly surprised trannies haven't tried to adopt that show since the main character is a tall(in comparison to the other girls) lesbian who would be on a sex offender registry due to her drooling over the other girls in her school and the secondary protag and his sister are crossdressing (they switched positions at their all boy/all girl schools) for a large sum money. or Yuru Yuri, while lighthearted and absent on the coombrain bullshit, it's really not something you casually bring up in a conversation do. And to be honest neither is Utena, but Tumblr has claimed that show and I don't think the troons can get enough of their claws into it to claim it as their own.

No. 1404204

It was already posted up thread anon

No. 1404213

Torilla tavataan btw nice rally english

No. 1404239

I've heard of Yuru Yuri through trannies and moids, too. It's actually one of the things I was thinking of when I wrote >>1401723 along with Sound! Euphonium, since they're all things I have heard moids rave about but never have met a woman who watched or enjoyed them.

No. 1404241

why do they all parrot the line 'estrogen is magic'? it clearly fucking isn't, you still look painfully male and will continue to do so

No. 1404250

tbf Estrogen does have effect on their bodies but not in the way they think
It causes pre-mature blading, decrease of muscle, makes them fatter, gives them diarrhea

It doesn't make them women, it makes them pudgier, fatter and more diarrhea prone men

No. 1404252

are these libfems also cool with gandhi sleeping on a pile of naked teenagers every night

No. 1404253

>unfuckable women are literally invisible to moids
this needs to be in giant neon letters on every page of the internet

No. 1404254

Yeah liberals always use pederasty as evidence of homosexuality being natural and accepted, they just conveniently ignore the part where the one getting butt raped is a child. I hate liberals/neoliberalism, it's no different from isolating the 'orient' from the west except this time the magical orient is a land full of noble savages instead of just normal savages.

No. 1404255

god it's so true. internet moids will assume you're male just because you have a picture of moe the bartender as your avatar. porn is a fucking disease.

No. 1404257

because they're all horsefuckers (bronies) and love having a catchphrase from that show

No. 1404265

Honestly surprised he didn't shove a tampon up there and slap on a pad and call this his first period.

No. 1404273

They tend to ignore that and frame it as him trying to keep sexual impulses pure
The funny think its these people themselves that have accepted these dumbass beliefs and now trying to frame it as liberal

No. 1404275

That's a pretty huge generalization. I've seen SJWs can mad at people for "romanticizing pedophilia" when they talk about pederasty in Ancient Greece or whatever. Not sure why people would focus on pederasty anyway, there are other instances of homosexual relationships throughout history.

No. 1404277

Thought bubble is what happens irl, below is what they think they look like kek

No. 1404289

File: 1640801100199.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 2560x1600, Neovagina disaster.png)

Not the Always pad and "brown discharge". Sir, that is feces.

No. 1404297

>Using a menstrual pad instead of a sanitary product more suited to post-op around the pelvic area
>In denial of the fact that the hole he carved into his body is spewing fecal matter

No. 1404301

oh my god I would be white-knuckling an anxiety attack ready for sepsis while the hospital just waited around for my butcher to advise them "yes that's shit" "um sucks I guess"

No. 1404308

I just realized that the surgeon's name is Indian. At this point I'm 100% certain that there are no good Indian doctors, they're all greedy and ignorant.(racebait)

No. 1404311

File: 1640802374876.jpg (7.31 KB, 112x156, 0576567.jpg)

damn i was JUST KIDDING with the nutella stuff……………… t. kikomianon

No. 1404314

File: 1640802859705.jpeg (270.57 KB, 931x1446, 5c6b9807518c2c76cd8a0a824d0038…)

I love capitalism

No. 1404323

File: 1640803287891.jpg (21.26 KB, 460x421, aKdoQ91_460s.jpg)

No. 1404324

You have to wonder how profitable these surgeries are for people to actually do them and make these frannken vag monstrosities.

No. 1404338

File: 1640804006330.png (72.77 KB, 882x355, Screenshot.png)

He had 2 blood transfusions that could've gone to people that actually needed it.
It makes me so angry that they call that putrid, shit-spilling hole a "vagina" it's not a vagina, IT WILL NEVER BE A VAGINA
The anime avatar is the cherry on top ugh

No. 1404352

File: 1640804704042.png (466.98 KB, 900x2000, 1639725906283.png)

lol kikkomi is always right

No. 1404355

They don't need to know the specifics as to why you had the fake vagina done though? And then asking if its because it gave birth? C'mon.

No. 1404362

I'm never donating my blood again.
Jk but immagine if it ends up in a tranny for tranny reasons

No. 1404363

File: 1640805195736.png (27.75 KB, 743x454, fake science.png)

Summary: Don't hurt mens fee fees
So this troon is getting it's sources from an article that was written by three other TIMs, like that wouldn't be biased article. What's wrong with these troons why can't they just admit they're men? I've never seen TIFs act like they aren't women.

No. 1404364

Lmao you are faceblind anon, probably a scrote

No. 1404367

Wanting to wear pink is essentially female, but having a Y chromosome isn't male at all, please be accurate and scientific.

No. 1404372

What the hell does he think male means?

No. 1404373

File: 1640806567029.jpg (67.6 KB, 629x851, FHzEKq5agAMuvZ9.jpg)

No. 1404376

men and women don't exist anymore its just xx and xy now. Which would even be more ""transphobic"" because you can't change your chromosomes ever not matter how much estrogen you take.

No. 1404378

Sage your shit and now I'm curious, is this a known finn cow onx maitoo

No. 1404380

File: 1640806994444.jpeg (458.48 KB, 1284x939, 07C4F197-5CF6-4402-96EE-F76909…)

Highest earning female jeopardy contestant is actually a man

How do handmaidens defend this?

No. 1404384

File: 1640807412873.png (6.01 KB, 1028x122, Screenshot (10).png)


No. 1404391

of course this retard also thinks he has DID. pick a struggle.

No. 1404392

File: 1640808318086.png (402.25 KB, 984x1072, Immagine.png)

this is an actual article from an actual magazine
I cant believe they let this fetishist write for them for woke points.
(at least they got a cheap illustrator for his shitty piece lol)

too long to greentext but near the end he tells about something that supposedely happened to him on a train. A guy had an altercation with another troon and was later laughed at by teenagers, he didn't do shit and just left lol. He's too much of a coward to even go to the other troon after they got off and make sure he was ok.

>I simply quickened my pace and walked on to my appointment. Assimilation affords me the privilege of not getting involved, of doing the easy thing instead of the right thing. […] Assimilation lets me be seen but also not seen. I can disappear. And in disappearing, some part of me evaporates.

They all are disgusting narcs and only care about themselves and having their their misogynistic fetish validated.
The delusional piece of shit doesn't even pass lol he's just lucky he meets people that don't want to be "transfobic"

here's the full "article":

No. 1404393

File: 1640808383393.jpeg (118.06 KB, 828x1148, 0F0F9D21-02F0-4075-ADB7-5A9F13…)

i’m exhausted

No. 1404394

>most trans women don’t have the same advantages me
>they go out looking visibly trans unlike me


No. 1404397

File: 1640808642381.jpg (108.21 KB, 1284x750, Tumblr_l_86167640382960.jpg)

No comment.

No. 1404398

being fat and having moobs doesnt mean your body is androgynous kek
he looks like a fucking fridge

No. 1404399

“it’s not feces from my butt!” sir you have 3 fistulas. what the fuck do you think a fistula is? it absolutely is shit that leaked in your axe wound.

No. 1404404

And then everyone stood up and clapped

No. 1404405

They think saying women are equal and portraying the image is all it takes, not actually treating them fairly, so it doesn't matter if the 'woman' is a man they are calling a woman to look good.

No. 1404407

It's so fucking funny how fast and BAD female hormones age them. Less than a year on HRT and they all have deep nasolabial folds, face wrinkles, they're balding, and fat.

No. 1404426

>Man outperforms women in contest designed by men
In other news, it's a hot day in hell.

No. 1404429

The Dunning-Kruger effect is so common in trannies it might as well be part of the diagnostic criteria. Also this is one of Lindsay Ellis' tranny friends.

No. 1404433

nonnnie please donate your blood if you can, it might go to a nice terf with blood cancer like me! wer're not allowed to donate even after we get better cause we're radioactive.

No. 1404435

how do people not notice the "i went to work with a buttplug in and i'm totally getting away with it" smile that AGPs have when their crossdressing gets publicly validated? it's the same smile as when a teenage boy gets a pat on the shoulder from the coworker he's obsessed with

No. 1404437

these losers really think being sarcastic is in the same league as being a weeb? they're lucky i have a job and so don't have time to a-log

No. 1404438

well, i mean, since he has 3 fistulas the feces maybe didn't come from his butt. it's still shit, it just came out of one of the random holes maybe.

No. 1404442

i though: every person who wants to do this surgery should see this post to show them how bad it is… that you will have shit coming out of your genitals, but then i remembered a troon i know who was a gay man before, well he was straight, then had a brain tumor and became gay and shortly after trans, so he was pretty used to have shit on his dick so maybe it wouldnt even be scary for him.

No. 1404458

How can this possibly be better than just be a male who wears feminine clothing or whatever? I mean… this isn't the first time. There are so many horror stories relating to transgender surgeries to the point a TIF lopping her tits is the less complicated of them all

No. 1404466

Let the troons do this to themselves, the more horror storries that are out in the open the more it'll open people's eyes. Maybe this troon insanity will eventually stop.

No. 1404473

I'm in favor of SRS for every AGP. Let them remove themselves from the gene pool and reduce their ability to rape. In fact, SRS should be the first thing they get, before they are allowed to be prescribed HRT.

No. 1404490

>act 1
Scene 1 male lying spread eagle on the hospital gurney, his axe wound spread bare towards the audience
TROON PAUSES, DEEP BREATH. In a loud obnoxious tone he announces that
The paramedics beside him all stand up and proudly clap, wiping tears from their eyes. The audience follows suit wiping away tears.
The axe wound starts sputtering blood all over the place from all the attention the troon is getting

No. 1404495


The way this is worded makes me wonder if the authors aren't crypto-GC themselves. I haven't read it but from the title, they sound like they're admitting that the only way transgenderism will flourish is if we completely modify the way we refer to sex, anatomy, reproduction, sexuality, etc. to accommodate the infinitesimal fraction of self-absorbed, privileged, global north trannies who actually give a shit about how they're referred to.

"Global North" ofc because the HSTS survival sex workers in Brazil and Thailand don't care what they're called as long as they're not fucking murdered by Johns.

No. 1404497

Yes, AGPs should receive free SRS by the government so they can be castrated even further and be as miserable as possible so they 41% faster. kek
I know HSTS are sexist too but at least they aren't interested in raping women… the standards are that low. Idk I live in Brazil and HSTS trans were always a thing here (mostly low class/poor prostitutes, sad stuff) and were never a threat to women, only when queer shit and AGPs started coming out of the closet that things changed

No. 1404499

The only reason why transbians haven't appropriated Utena is because it's obviously made for girls, it has beautiful male characters and relationship drama too complex for them to tolerate. They don't consider women as people but barely as objects to feed their fetish, so if female characters are doing anything more thought provoking besides talking about each other's breasts and holding hands it's intimidating and aggravating to them. And because Anthy is dark-skinned and white male troons are all highkey racists

No. 1404503

File: 1640818426915.png (Spoiler Image,620.53 KB, 1200x900, TIM_unhinged_moidry.png)

Idk if this was posted before, but here's a blue checkmark tranny publicly sharing his rape fantasy of making "breeding facilities" where TIMs will be able to pick and choose "cis" women to sexually molest to own the TERFs, which has now resurfaced thanks to this article: https://4w.pub/trans-rape-fantasist-at-tja/

He privated his Twitter and other degen trannies like Kathryn Gibes are defending him because of course.

I'm barely holding back an a-log, I can't take this shit anymore. How do they get away with this.

No. 1404504

I imagine a future where troons like him kill themselves and we can finally be free of this disgusting behavior

No. 1404507

I imagine a future where AGP freaks like him will be shamed again

No. 1404515

I never cared about Harry Potter but I gave it a chance these days and liked it. My partner gifted me the complete book set for xmas. kek
Based JK Rowling queen will have my money. It's honestly refreshing to see a famous woman standing up against TRA bullshit.

No. 1404517

Does anyone have a link to that comic (by a Russian artist I think) with the big burly troon, asking their female friend to “hook them up with a hot lesbian!” and then their friend hooks them up with another troon and they throw a fit? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere with no luck, but those comics were fucking hilarious

No. 1404520

No. 1404522


"Ana Valens is an NSFW reporter for The Daily Dot specializing in online fetishism and queer porn"
lol this is one of those people who literally has NO life beyond their fetishes and thinks everybody else wants to hear about them, fucking loser

No. 1404526

Isn't he the same tranny that shoved a vibrator up his ass while he was playing a kids game for a news article he was doing?

No. 1404534

Bless you Nonny

No. 1404552

File: 1640823642150.jpg (161.7 KB, 750x681, S__28696595.jpg)

His enormous head and chin look pretty male to me. He must be happy about mask mandates.

No. 1404566

If there's no such thing as male bodies why did he get ffs surgery?

No. 1404567

I made the mistake of watching jeopardy and I really wish this Amy guy would get hit by a bus

No. 1404568

When confronted with any argument all they know how to do is say "googoo gaagaa", that tells you everything.

No. 1404578

The fact that he's a father and ejaculated into a woman so she would bring a life into the world seems pretty male to me. But he can probably dig deep into his ass or something and find scientific proof that it never happened.

No. 1404579

I find it hilarious that sissies claim to be "dumb girls who just crave cock" while making themselves look utterly repulsive. They'd get way more cock just cleaning themselves up, getting in shape and presenting as older gay men than they ever will looking like horrifying female impersonators kek

No. 1404580

>Trickster god taking the form of a woman to mess with demons is interpreted as openness to trans identity
This is exactly the same as people who claim Loki is "genderfluid" or "nonbinary" in Norse mythology because he could shapeshift. It's so retarded, it's fucking fiction, and he's still male whether he dresses up as a bride or shapeshifts into a female animal or whatever. Clay is still clay no matter what you sculpt it into. Sorry for sperging, but I study Scandinavian history and there's this troon in my mythology class who won't stop bringing up that "Loki is one of us!" and uses the Marvel comics as proof. Trannies are a fucking plague wherever they go.

No. 1404582

File: 1640826315517.jpeg (484.39 KB, 440x1345, 80312489-944A-4010-B795-1ACC64…)

Bless this artist, I never knew how much I needed this kek.

No. 1404584

They're men and have never been scrutinized for their looks in the same way women are and it shows. Bruh could moonlight as a scarecrow. Forget birds fucking up your shit, your crops would be bulletproof.

No. 1404585

Wow, thanks for the update anon! I'm relieved, she looks happy and I hope she's healing. Honestly I don't have any ill will towards any of the ubiquitous butches on testosterone, they got suckered by stone butch blues and I think it's because it was a way to be a troon (far better than an evil cis lesbian) but still socially identify with women. Sage for ot.

No. 1404590

Does this artist have more?

No. 1404593

My mother is a handmaiden who has been very resistant to peaking up until he showed up, now she seems more open to discussion. She's mentioned how she was surprised to see an adult refer to themselves as a princess and deliberately act so childish, and I think having direct visual of a transbian gorilla without me needing to show her has helped her to realize how fucked the ideology is, even if it's just a little bit. She seemed actually dismayed when I told her people were claiming he's the "first woman to win (whatever amount of money) on Jeopardy" (which by the way isn't even true, if you account for inflation).

No. 1404594

This will never not be absolutely hilarious.

No. 1404597

he's getting his feminine penis replaced with a axe wound soon. May the gods curse his ass.

No. 1404599

Yep, it was Fall Guys at the height of its popularity

No. 1404601

>refer to themselves as princess
Did he really do that?

No. 1404606

I can't verify because I don't watch it, but I assume it was correct or very similar, since mom doesn't know what an AGP is on her own and has none of the stereotypes. It clearly stuck with her, whatever it was. If there are any Jeopardy anons here who can confirm, it would be appreciated. Googling it just results in him talking about how he loves Ozma, which of course he does. Old AGPs all headcanon Ozma as a TIM because they're retarded.

No. 1404609

And why get an axe wound >>1404597 if according to him, there's no "maleness" or "femaleness" regarding genitals? He wants to get a false imitation of a vagina, just because?
Troons always have such stupid arguments. They want to change who qualifies as a woman and the definition, but will still try to emulate us. It's obvious he knows what a biological woman is and wants to be one.

No. 1404617

fucking christ does he look like anthony perkins in psycho. give that dead dude an oscar because he got agp-murder-face SPOT ON.

No. 1404657

>TiM bragging about how much pussy he's getting now in college
>nod and move on
>eventually confesses he just had sex with another troon
every time

No. 1404677

No. 1404686

File: 1640834980035.jpg (370.01 KB, 1000x811, b4c29ebc7d7c553c451300feba3e61…)

She's so talented and funny.

No. 1404694

File: 1640835268237.png (196.52 KB, 881x212, tolstoi.png)

I want to find the Russian originals but no luck.. this panel cracks me up (Leo Tolstoi(translates to fat lion), Chubby Tiger, Crawling Snake, Hunchback Dog)

No. 1404698

you can see th originals if you friend her on vk

No. 1404704

but would be so kind as to repost.. not a fact she'll accept the request

No. 1404705

File: 1640837199049.png (467.48 KB, 612x326, dodgeball (1).png)

No. 1404706

File: 1640837288814.jpg (334.88 KB, 1000x811, e094efe64deb119a4079d7378c21b1…)

handmaidens be like

No. 1404708

(also the community is invite-only and there's nobody on VK by that name)

No. 1404728

File: 1640840073942.jpg (82.19 KB, 750x847, FHiabHxXEAAiyjz.jpg)

run away while you can

No. 1404729

File: 1640840093481.jpeg (389.9 KB, 489x1205, 09B02146-3992-4F72-8FA5-80E585…)

No. 1404730

Exactly. Prefer not to ever reveal I’m female bc once I do it’s game over.

No. 1404732

File: 1640841483573.png (15.87 KB, 1057x257, Screenshot 2021-12-30.png)

how how do we avoid these kind of men that just randomly decide they want to be a mtf after a dozen years of marriage and a couple of kids?

No. 1404734

I've decided to just start telling them that if they ever troon out I'm leaving them. Not much you can do when trapped with kids already, just try to rescue them, make sure you have a separate income so you can escape easier, have a support system of friends and family if possible. Most importantly, avoid autists, no videogame or porn addicts, keep them connected to reality.

No. 1404735

I can’t believe trannies are somehow able to get boobjobs and their dicks cut off and yet my “elective” surgery has been postponed 3 times because of covid and my dad’s hip replacement postponed like 5 times.

Just. How? Why? Are they actually worried that if they cancel a troon surgery there will be some sort of backlash whereas the rest of us with real health issues have no voice?

No. 1404738

I was going through the mypartneristrans subreddit and its scary that so many women are subjected to their husbands trooning out after so many years of being together. They even are gaslight into staying in the marriage just so their troon husband can be happy meanwhile the wife is miserable.

No. 1404740

File: 1640842640056.png (9.59 KB, 1068x158, Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 00-37…)

totally sane

No. 1404741

File: 1640843136942.png (16.7 KB, 1921x215, Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 00-45…)

No. 1404742

Calling them female is the thing that gets me the most.

No. 1404753

They are so fucking selfish!

You mean you don’t say this in the mirror every day nona?

So is this one a “woman” or gay? Even he sounds confused.

No. 1404755

File: 1640844103365.jpeg (82.77 KB, 645x677, hot librarian.jpeg)

No. 1404759

And then some of those wives try to gaslight other women into "sticking it out" when their boyfriends or husbands troon out. You can just tell by their replies that they are miserable in their relationship, but don't want to be "transphobic" and would rather drag other women into the same situation, so they feel less alone in their suffering.

No. 1404777

>my skirt go spinny so i am a woman
this is true actually anyone who has a skirt that doesnt go spinny legally can not be a woman

No. 1404785

the bulge under the dress absolutely killed me

No. 1404801

And then it goes soft when they see the other dude kek

No. 1404808

1.never date a man who isn't peaked on trannies
2.tell him honestly that if he ever decides to troon out after you are married with kids that the medical examiner will identify his body as male

No. 1404813

File: 1640851637419.png (916.59 KB, 865x878, SL'.png)

maybe he's seen the callouts about your furry diaper fetish, Sofe!

No. 1404815

This is tinfoiling, but I swear I can always tell the online mini-celebrity they're trying to emulate. I'd put money on this guy trying to look like Sarah Z.
Same as I'd put money on PhilosophyTube trying to look like Lisa Eldridge

No. 1404822

nta but this is beautiful kek

No. 1404823

June 2021 serving Pauline from the Job Centre realness. Oakie kokey, pig in a pokey!!

No. 1404828

gay in this context means "lesbian" lmao

No. 1404835

Trannies weaponizing victimhood and pretending people don't like them because they're an "oppressed minority" (they are a minority, but not oppressed), when actually people hate them because they're insufferable delusional perverts who are one step away from massive narc rage at all times.

No. 1404854

File: 1640863423895.jpg (54.03 KB, 854x422, hatt.jpg)

We discussed this in the last thread but it still makes me angry seeing TIMs frame abortion as some quirky shit women just do

No. 1404856

File: 1640863720700.jpeg (613.03 KB, 1284x3988, 7BF689F8-4326-4F73-8F8C-6819D2…)

Hello cis lesbian ladies, Jamie here wants to know if you’d like to come join their lesbian harem farm?

No. 1404859

Males in general think abortion is just something women do on a whim.

No. 1404867

This one looks so much like Issei Sagawa, the cannibal so obsessed with white women he wanted to consume them. Really troon fitting.

No. 1404876

File: 1640868711270.jpg (721.82 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20211230_133915_com…)

found this in kevin's replies, arguing that the terfs would totally be consenting. This reminds me a little of those anti-feminist arguments from a few years ago that women who didn't want to be ogled at work were oppressing male sexuality, but more condescending and with 10x the mental gymnastics

No. 1404878

File: 1640868749546.jpg (538.61 KB, 2556x2556, 20211230_134138.jpg)

the troon in question btw

No. 1404880

God damn is this her? That app is such a hellscape of agps

No. 1404881

I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of and you're right

No. 1404884

>>1404878 ahahahaaa his profile picture vs. reality. One of the ugliest human beings i've seen for sure this one.

No. 1404887

>kill all men
>is a man
thank god it’s a shitty attempt at being a joke
horribly unfunny
cant even have an abortion to begin with

No. 1404888

Nice. They always regret it. I can't wait for the AGP high to wear off when he realizes he can't coom anymore.

Shhh. Let man's hubris be his downfall. As it always has been.

No. 1404890

That bit about being fabulous makes me cringe. Straight men appropriating camp gay culture will never not be embarrassing.
>coffee professional
You mean a barista?

No. 1404897

start saving money now so you can price him out of custody in divorce court.

No. 1404898

jfc i know. my coworker got TiF titty surgery in a matter of weeks and i had to wait 3 months from diagnosis to start chemo.

No. 1404899

the 65-year-old chainsmoker that ran my elementary school library in 1996 was hotter than this guy. because she was an actual woman and thus automatically leagues above him.

No. 1404900

the other guy with the dick longer than the skirt is really funny to me

No. 1404901

what i'm getting from this is that he really, really wants a kiss from his cousin?

No. 1404911

what about being sexually harassed or propositioned by gross old perverts is fun and what about not wanting to engage in that makes you a nazi.

Jesus they are just perverted MRAs who can't stand the idea of women not putting on a show for them.

No. 1404915

File: 1640874935761.png (155.57 KB, 900x477, issei-sagawa-tokyo.png)

This was bothering me for ages, thanks for jogging my memory.
Picrel, the cannibal guy doing a terrifying photoshoot (?) for some reason.

No. 1404916

>if you don't want to dress sexy you're a nazi and if you are uncomfortable when others oversexualize public spaces you're a nazi

>(fascism) requires a world of struggle, pain, and misery to perpetuate itself

More like reconstructing your body and entire life to in order become a sexist stereotype of a woman. Now that's a real will to power lmfao.
>kinky hijinks
Your exhibition and misogyny fetish is not "kinky hijinks" it makes everyone uncomfortable.

No. 1404918

yeah he killed and ate a 24 year old grad student and it was widely publicized which, i can't even imagine how that must have been for her parents. then he spent 2 years in a swanky mental hospital, got out, and lived as a celebrity off of perverts who buy his "art" and put him in magazines and movies.

No. 1404925

File: 1640875881716.jpg (250.91 KB, 1000x811, triggered tranny kek.jpg)

No. 1404930

If he's a porn addict, get away from him. It always becomes more degenerative, no matter what he looks at or how infrequently.
If he's autistic, get away from him.
If he's into anime or manga, get away from him!
If he's big into video games, be super wary.
If he tries on your clothes "for a laugh" or your underwear in the bedroom "as a kink, to see what it feels like," flee!!!
If he's super submissive in bed (not saying go for someone who dominates you!), be wary.
If he has no outside interests or doesn't have a good male support system who will call him out on shit/hold him accountable, be careful. Admittedly this one is tricky…lots of men don't have a solid male support system and look to a woman to be mommy/lover/therapist/friend, so that's just something you have to discern.
Most of all, tell him up front you won't put up with that shit.

No. 1404935

This ought to be the pic on the next thread. "Triggered Troon edition."

No. 1404938

>Most of all, tell him up front you won't put up with that shit.
What if that makes him hide it until you've sunk years into the relationship and maybe even have a child on the way?

No. 1404939

cases like this truly make me wanna go homicidal on males

No. 1404940

Assuming a male baby is cis are we? What if the male baby is a stunning and brave trans girl?

No. 1404947

>radical feminists think women are breeding factories

I love when men write their own personally held beliefs and opinions about women, then falsely attribute them to women in disgust.

No. 1404949

>Should I tell my wife who is currently recovering from a severe illness while also raising our 3 children (since he didn't mention childcare at any point we can assume he isn't doing it) that I want to masturbate while wearing women's clothes and a wig and I want her to call me she/her from now on

Anyone with a scrap of decency wouldn't even need to ask this question

No. 1404959

Then you have two options. Chalk it up to fml and do whatever it takes to get the fuck out, regardless of being pregnant, or remain miserable in the relationship while he pretends he's a woman, squanders your assets away, and fucks around.

No. 1404962

If he has mommy issues
If his dad is missing or dead
If he has no outdoorsy hobbies
If he only has female friends- if even moids can't stand him there's a reason for it
If he has poor hygiene and a general lack of self care
If he lacks any solid identity
If he cries a lot over being called out or when he's angry is a big one. A man who can't regulate his emotions is trouble
All in all I'd say avoid narc men like the plague.

No. 1404982

what if i slip on a bar of soap in the shower?
trust your instincts nonnnie. if he makes you feel weird drop him immediately, don't worry about anyone else's feelings when it comes to YOUR vagina.

No. 1404986

Why do you think that is? Because those amounts of estrogen aren't designed to be circulating around an XY body?

No. 1404990

Projectile vomiting at that last line.

This person has been posted before, I won't forget that disgusting gender crit wet pussy carousel line. What is his blue check mark for?

Oh so they just give a blue check mark to anyone these days, huh?

I can see it happening, not in 2 years, not in 5, but eventually. The pushback will come eventually.

No. 1405074

File: 1640890669953.jpg (57.06 KB, 1080x777, 61d.jpg)

No. 1405075

>Mother does the job of birthing and caring for her children
>troon wants to be called mom
Imagine being so far up their own ass they want to be called mom without doing any of the work.

No. 1405077

your liver has to process it (and some other things? not a doctor, sorry) in addition to everything else you consume; that's part of why female alcoholics die so much younger than the men.
it may be a matter of moids already can't take care of themselves, so running their liver and kidneys on hard mode ages them even faster. women's organs have to do a lot more work with less bood and less body mass. it's also why i'm cold all the time, but that's not relevant to the thread

No. 1405081


No. 1405088

File: 1640891534852.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, f4dbadad97149677c48bb5315c3315…)

No. 1405092

he got bloat?

No. 1405094


I feel sick. Which fully grown woman does this stupid thing in actual, real life??? Fucking pedo shit

No. 1405102

Female hormones cause fat redistribution to the midface. Moids have thick skin and it's often dry and dehydrated. I think the extra fat just makes their leathery skin start sagging and melting off.

Plus they slather foundation over everything and let it settle deep in the cracks.

No. 1405105

File: 1640892748839.jpg (185.18 KB, 857x1134, 1492592070045.jpg)

sage for my personal sperg and observation regarding why certain young males transition

IMO it reflects a sad downward spiral into cultural isolationism; where a grotesque mix of capitalistic hyper individualistic "one man for his own" sigma mindset with self imposed standards that no average joe will ever achieve all. So self-conscious retards either hyper-perform masculinity while simultaneously binging on redpill spaces as a coping mechanism of the devastating effect of being isolated and constantly castrated as a singular cogs among cogs within capitalism, accept that you will never be the cartoonish masculine man that the you think others want you to be and when you fail to meet that ideal then you believe yourself to be a failed male, If culture is a mirror to our world then, gen z's irony-poisoned gay femboy memes are a eldritch mirror of our late-stage capitalist world. It's bleak really. Almost half of gen z is anxiety-ridden isolationist workslave and socially retarded with unchecked mental illnesses.

This isn't me saying that a substantial amount of gen-z males transition but rather that the entire generation(male and female) will end up in some bizarre irony based identity

No. 1405107

Couldn't even be bothered to shave the fucking moustache.

No. 1405110

I don't feel bad for failedmales because instead of rubbing two braincells together to become actualized human beings when facing an identity crisis, they instead roleplay their favorite sexist stereotypes and goon themselves into hedonism and passivity. Either they larp as Greek philosopher pederast gymbros or pornified sissy bimbos.
At this point I think the average male outright lacks the ability to think deeply and reflectively about the human condition and himself in relation to it. It's all binary stereotypes and extremes, highly autistic and male-brained. They should just do the world a favor and die off, taking their dumbass brain chemistry to the grave with them.

No. 1405119

I don't know, I'm a zoomer and I'm pretty sure the "femboy trend", is just another one of those classic examples of the internet amplifying the importance of a niche social phenomenon. I feel like 98% of zoomers don't even know about this shit

No. 1405125

File: 1640894711590.jpeg (329.16 KB, 598x2048, DCF66EA2-3041-4F9B-BA24-2D50BA…)

Related story is from a few threads back. Looks fake maybe..? but still a fun read!

No. 1405126

also, gen z is steeped in porn. it's everywhere, and 'stepbro', milfs, femboys, pornstars, onlyfans, all have meme status on tiktok. you have 11 year olds watching porn and young teenage girls twerking on social media. bdsm is considered normal, and 'vanilla' sex is considered boring and supposedly says something about you. if you question anything you're a prude and a slut shamer.

No. 1405130

File: 1640895370277.jpeg (569.67 KB, 784x1260, 50A7A866-3F2C-4BFD-8E64-D8BD6C…)

KEK I’m inclined to believe it’s all true. Crazy how handmaidens are such simps for MTFs, just like NLOGs simping for moids.

No. 1405134

> If he's big into video games, be super wary.

I'm going to get hate for this but imo this depends on the type of gamer. I think men who are into strictly vanilla FPS and/or sports games are probably alright.

No. 1405138

According to them radical feminists
>reduce women down to their genitals
>rape cis and trans women
>conduct violent attacks against trans women
>Are nazis expecting women to be birth machines for the nation
So basically they're just projecting their own misogynist behavior.

No, those are just a different breed of dudebros.

No. 1405141

fps/sports game dudebros are the ones that keep going when you say "wait stop" and act like that's just part of being a couple

No. 1405142

File: 1640895940829.jpeg (608.16 KB, 2048x1536, 4AB7C7D5-DC31-4130-9642-35B138…)

Same dude would go on about how unclockable he is, not with that huge man bod you fucking hon

No. 1405147

what happened to these guys just calling themselves metrosexual

No. 1405194

File: 1640900091213.gif (2.86 MB, 540x285, 4447829C-5A9E-4F87-BB74-E815FD…)

manifesto-chan, i know youre here often. because of you i read demonic males and am now reading the works of sarah hrdy and barbara smuts.

do you have any recommendations for authors that talk about psychoanalysis (specifically concerning men’s congenital mummy issues and their womb envy)?

\o/ summoning manifesto-chan \o/ (sage for ot but ill take my ban)

No. 1405200

Correct me if I am wrong, but metrosexual dudes weren't meant to be faggy, just extremely well taken care of (for a scrote) ie wearing fashionable suits, using face creams, perfumes… basically Patrick Bateman. This creature doesn't even approach the idea

No. 1405214

>don't invite troon brother to grils only party
>put him to work in the dungeon with the other scrotes


No. 1405240

Greetings nona,

I typically mention that there are very few authors that reflect my viewpoint word to word. It's an amalgamation of different works, so it may not be immediately evident how a particular book is related to what I believe at all. In that regard, Demonic Males is one of the more "blatant" ones, but it's a one of a kind anti-PC take on primate behavior that not as accepted as let's say Sex at Dawn, which makes many of the same arguments without offending male sensibilities. Therefore, you will not find another Demonic Males type of message outside of the obviously politicized works by radical feminists.

Regarding the concepts of maternal omnipotence and good-enough-mother - you will encounter them across most literature on attachment and early childhood development, and those usually mention the innate gender differences in infants.

Regarding maternal behavior and social structure, I would recommend Mothers and Others by Sarah Hrdy. If you approach it with the knowledge that male fetuses and infants are weaker and thus need to "manipulate" their caretakers more, it makes for some interesting reading. Enjoy!

No. 1405243

File: 1640902955820.jpg (68.62 KB, 480x720, H3257-L78857918.jpg)

No. 1405271

You're right. Metrosexuals are masculine, they're not soyboys that don't give a shit about their appearance or hygiene until they become wannabe women

No. 1405293

File: 1640908389937.jpeg (214.78 KB, 1256x2048, D86257A9-0283-4681-8C19-F40AA8…)

Tranny thinking he's got the same face as kpop female idols. How can men be so arrogant about their looks?

No. 1405295

Sage for not important at all but I find it hilarious this thread currently has like 600 more replies than the fakeboi thread when it was made a day later than the FTM one.

No. 1405297

There's also 20 more MTF treads than fakeboi threads kek

No. 1405300

what past nonnie? Please enlighten me, I hate this two sick scrotes brothers

No. 1405301

just creepy shit - getting publicly groomed by a dominatrix, doing fetish stuff in public, i think there was a shouting match with buck angel at some point
ntayrt so maybe there's more i don't know of

No. 1405309

File: 1640909823438.png (156 KB, 772x718, kek.png)

this 4chan tim got btfo by a dude and its fucking funny. even funnier he didnt understand how he got fucked with LMAO

No. 1405313

No. 1405315

help for those of us with bad english? (sorry!)

No. 1405317

sis im fluent in english and i dunno what the fuck that means

No. 1405323

male troonacy is truly in a league of its own

No. 1405326

why is it always the same garish lipstick

No. 1405333

Lmao a guy I knew that loved shooter and shit games like Madden just trooned out

No. 1405336

Because women can and will become the mommy. A man won't.

No. 1405337

File: 1640911836211.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4000x4000, 01D12851-F541-4613-BB94-5C6CBB…)

AGP the horror scrote, coming soon to your nearest ladies only bathroom.
Scrote posts to the mtf sub about his weight gain which of course due to his supreme troon goes straight to his ass only! At least according to his deranged fantasy. Thank god his wife left him. Look at this fucking hulk and his sad manboobs lol

No. 1405343

File: 1640912919023.png (184.09 KB, 743x844, Screenshot 20.png)

>tranny doesn't understand what he is talking about
>blocks someone who explains it to him under his tweet for going against muh tranny

No. 1405351

File: 1640913242243.png (16.12 KB, 758x195, Screenshot 2021-12-30 (2).png)

>a radio invited a tranny to talk about women's sports and the lia thomas situation..

No. 1405354

File: 1640913573361.png (23.19 KB, 753x458, Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 20-14…)

keep dreaming

No. 1405359

File: 1640913716594.png (954.11 KB, 748x756, Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 20-20…)

And I guess this is the article that brought this up again. It's unfortunate they didn't go through with it, it's absolutely sad that women have to once again protest for unfair treatment in sports all over again.

No. 1405365

Oh I'm so scared of the Troon death battalions and the truth™️ committee. These fugly scrotes can't even dress themselves properly let alone work and this degenerate believes he's a "mommy".

No. 1405367

>hadn’t shaved body since wife moved
>shaved then found the weight
did… did he genuinely have so much thick, coarse hair on his ass that he couldn’t see 10 ENTIRE POUNDS of weight gain?

No. 1405382

girls sports teams are usually ride or die for each other, even if they're not really friends outside of that. he must be so obviously fake, crazy, and beyond the pale for them to feel confident proposing that in this year's social climate. like he has really fucked up if 2021 university girls are doing this.

No. 1405384

future rosemary kennedys, all of them

No. 1405387

KEK he would call his dick bulge a cameltoe or fat pussy too. Look at that fucking fridge.

No. 1405389

I think this one in particular disagrees with a lot of tra opinions and would most likely argue against it.

No. 1405394

File: 1640916050700.png (441.82 KB, 750x1334, 60A93384-6AAD-4C61-BF93-CD13D0…)

Or MAYBE it’s because he’s a fucking misogynist. Typical autistic male making himself out to be a victim, when his subscriptions in picrel show that he’s more likely to be a shooting spree autist than an innocent one.
The subs that stand out in particular are Sargon and Shoe, both of whom are misogynists [internalized in the latter’s case] and love to dunk on women whenever possible. Why do these freaks even transition if they hate women so much?

No. 1405395

dude's got the proportions of the humans in Okami lmao

No. 1405397

File: 1640916424306.jpg (170.87 KB, 1080x1352, FH2opTFaAAUU8zF.jpg)

No. 1405405

File: 1640917067277.jpg (59.61 KB, 1068x601, 8x7lj46nwns51.jpg)

>trans vers
>refuses to elaborate further

No. 1405430

File: 1640918959547.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 4000x2727, D1F024C3-E16F-4CE4-A843-BA8425…)

NSFL "salmancian" butcher job
Mangled raw chicken penis.

No. 1405442

Did they sew a grapefruit to his perineum? I’m so confused.

No. 1405443

for those who don't want to unspoiler, just imagine a balloon animal tied to a slice of uncooked bacon

No. 1405448

File: 1640920570829.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 2052x2923, 20246DDB-7485-4C30-8A41-6E01C0…)

nsfl and the troons patting his back in the comments. "It's healing SO well darling!! Looks like a cis hole!!"

No. 1405456

Looks like raw chicken that was left outside to rot

No. 1405463

what is salmancian?

No. 1405466

Coomer/Troon term about having both a mangled penis and a frankenvag axe wound or a vagina with a strecthed T clitoris and a phalloplasty. Sorry for misspelling it before! It's actually Salmacian. Troons also call it "Altersex identity". Gross.

No. 1405467

I'm going to kms. I don't want to be associated with electronic music anymore.

this is why I named my project after a TERF. Keep your nasty fetish out of my scene.

No. 1405471

if there’s one thing more monstrous than a neovagina, it’s this hermaphrodite surgery shit.

No. 1405478

Kek I love how they all retain the same distinct school shooter look despite how poorly they age and how long they grow their hair out

No. 1405479

nooo ew. do tru-n-honest troons REALLY want that obvious fetish crap grouped with them? if yes they cannot possibly expect to be credible

No. 1405480

This is in response to someone asking "what muscle control do amabs have over their vaginoplasty".
>all of the same muscles are involved compared to a natal vagina
>the entrance does not contract
Yeah, all of the same muscles as a natal vagina, okay.

No. 1405481

File: 1640925424887.jpg (190.93 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20211230-223237_Red…)

Samefag, dropped pic sorry kek

No. 1405489

So it seems the wound gets narrower the deeper inside he goes, and this is the best possible outcome? And this is what they are told a real vagina is like?

No. 1405492

Holy shit I just went down a dark Wikipedia rabbit hole about this, thoroughly freaked out for the evening lol

No. 1405497

A real vagina doesn't need things stuck in there to prevent it from closing. They'll never know what a real one feels like.

No. 1405498

File: 1640929098520.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.59 KB, 1040x1040, 2015-5.jpg)

This looks like a cis vagina to troons lol

No. 1405499

This whole thread made me vomit.
That just looks like a literal hole! I don’t understand. How is this not considered a body mod fetish?
Why are doctors lying and saying it’s like a real vagina? I’m just so lost on all of this

No. 1405500

Transverse is an organic chemistry term. I believe that where the idea of cis and trans come from.

No. 1405502

Why do I keep opening spoiler images lol is that a hole on the pelvic area? Are they sticking their dicks in that?

No. 1405514

These pictures always confuse me. Is this one of the weird extra hole situations or did the butcher actually put a hole that high??

No. 1405515

File: 1640930325886.jpg (Spoiler Image,313.95 KB, 3216x1808, cifo05orqz781.jpg)

Does this not look like real vagina to you ladies?
Really nsfl

Money makes people retarded. Probably the same reason trannies aren't classified under mental illness anymore.

No. 1405517

File: 1640930963036.jpeg (478.4 KB, 1284x1349, FFA77F7F-1B61-41E0-839F-0B0663…)

South Park is now a reality tv show apparently

No. 1405518

This the view from the bottom.

No. 1405519

File: 1640931326914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,850.79 KB, 4000x2170, 9943BDC4-9347-4142-B6D7-3D6F7F…)

Deranged scrote calls his genitalia "joystick" and thinks lesbians should lick his taint wound. You can't make this shit up anymore.

No. 1405520

spoiler this you absolute assinine idiot

No. 1405521

You fucking idiot, spoiler this please. I was drinking my morning tea and saw this on the frontpage.

No. 1405522

Ah yes. It's a genital dimple. Completely normal!

No. 1405523

why does it look like there's something inside? wtf is that

No. 1405524

Honestly this is just so pathetic and gross. I feel genuine sadness over the decay of humanity's collective psyche .. how can something so grotesque (in both physical form and in conception) exist in this universe?

No. 1405525


You've seriously never been around babies if you think stopping breastfeeding is a "crisis." Most babies grow out of it and lose interest, and barely notice being weaned. If they do get upset it's usually minor, and you can redirect them and they forget about it 2 minutes later because they are babies.

You'd think moid psychologists should actually observe women and children before they start making up theories about why it's mommy's fault whenever men do something bad, but of course their superior scrote brains already know better.

No. 1405529

If that is how much it sags now I can't imagine when he becomes an old man

No. 1405530

File: 1640932687216.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.69 KB, 1242x1514, D5DB40C5-CC7B-4D10-B8D9-1FD062…)

this subreddit is insane. people in the replies saying this is their dream surgery

No. 1405532

File: 1640932850038.jpg (215.58 KB, 1034x1408, Ss3.jpg)


No. 1405533

why do I keep clicking the image even though I know it’s gonna be horrifying

No. 1405535

Why is it so deflated?

AGPs already taking hormones why not go the extra mile and get a woundhole made too.

No. 1405536

>this is why I named my project after a TERF.
what would that name be? I'd love to listen to a female electronic artist for once!

No. 1405539

Anon, she's not going to give identifying information in a thread that's notoriously stalked by schizo TRAs who spam gore.

No. 1405541

What, they're too good to call it futanari?

No. 1405545

figures, damn

No. 1405552

>Trans-tech is a budding industry with an enormous opportunity, RKA claims. “Our estimates place the average cost of transition at $150,000 per person. Multiply that by an estimated population of 1 million transgender people, we’re taking about a market in excess of $200B. That is significant. That’s larger than the entire film industry.”

A Capitalist gets liberals to convince random mentally ill people that they are Chinese-knockoff-women, by giving them the most secure and safe environment to adopt that identity as well as frequent suggestive advertising, without any challenge to their conviction whatsoever which would at least lead to organic self-assurance establishment and self-actualization.

The tranny then proceeds to waste inordinate amounts of money, whether personal, family money, inheritance, burger flipping, or successful gofundme donation whoring by bootleg-women; on surgery, corrective surgery, medicine, painkillers, antidepressants, some of these things are lifetime. You can add overpriced fashion, wig, skincare and makeup industries to that.

After the troon is squeezed of all their money by the Capitalist, helped by their lack of challenge to their conviction; the absent organic process of self-actualization then blows back into regret and misery of what they've done to themselves in the aftermath in a moment of clarity; they then suicide, which is perfect for liberals as their death becomes a grift statistic to exploit.

The final masterful genius touch is Capitalists getting the liberals to force the State to steal money from taxpayers, to establish a welfare fund for bootleg-women and their lifetimes meds and surgeries, to ensure that there is not a single bootleg-women who can't afford it, which translates to 100% assured monetary flow into Capitalist hands of pharma and surgery clinics and even makeup and fashion industry.

It's nefarious in a way

No. 1405570

Are you a mother? There is no need to be defensive, because this isn't your fault.

No. 1405571

I don't understand this. Like you already have a fuck hole built in (the asshole) so why create an artificial cavity if you're keeping your dick anyways?

No. 1405579

File: 1640940747007.jpg (Spoiler Image,258.79 KB, 690x1198, image.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1405582

no context?

No. 1405584

…and the winner for the biggest cameltoe of 2021 is this dude!

No. 1405587

not that anon but is any context honestly needed

No. 1405591

No. 1405595

I call bullshit on their weight redistributing on estrogen.

I'm a classically apple shaped woman and have had two children. When a woman is pregnant she has extremely high levels of estrogen and progesterone. Most of the weight I gained went to my upper body like it always does. My ass is still as flat as a fucking pancake and smaller than my gut. It's not a case of more estrogen - Kardashian ass.

These men look as fridge shaped as they ever did.

No. 1405596

Read The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male by Janice G. Raymond.

It's free. https://janiceraymond.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/The%20Transsexual%20Empire.pdf

No. 1405597

The body generally doesn't lay down new fat cells as an adult. On top of that there is a variation of typical female fat distribution. Being apple shaped is one of them. Apple shaped women still store fat differently to men, it's just not considered particularly en vogue to have a wobbly belly and flabby upper arms.

These men just end up with moobs and the male bone structure is still there even if they get gain more jello.

No. 1405599

Men really do think that a vagina is a flesh hole. I don't know if I should cry or laugh.

No. 1405601

I have even seen them say "I'm a woman right, I have a pussy now, there is no difference apart from the fact that I can't have children"

The level of delusion is baffling.

No. 1405603

OT but Speak for yourself. Weaning my toddler when I was pregnant again and developed an aversion was extremely difficult. I think it depends on the child's individual temperament.

No. 1405605

They're by artist Annie Cubozoa in case you haven't found them yet

No. 1405610

Different female hormones and also some medications do cause fat redistribution or accumulation. There's a reason why they take HRT. It does actually feminize them…. minimally. They grow moobs and their thighs/faces do put on a little more fat.
However the effects are minimal and they still have male bone structures and skin.

They don't end up looking like women, they end up looking like saggier men with armpit moobs.

No. 1405617

That is the ugliest penis I've ever seen. And that hole looks like one of those pilonidal cyst wounds (google at your own risk. but then again, it's not any more disgusting than this rancid troon hole tbh)

No. 1405621

one day all these twitter troons will be in an asylum where they belong.

No. 1405623

I remember straight boys in middle school joking that they were lesbians because "lesbian means attracted to women", and then making fun of any actual girl they presumed was actually gay. Somehow, I imagine transbians are a mixed bag of those boys, and the boys who became sexually obsessed with lesbians and bi girls, and thought that it made them more "progressive", when it really just made them homophobic, misogynistic creeps who ignore boundaries and have unchecked narcissism. It's extremely typical deranged male behavior.

No. 1405628

Anon that makes no sense. Apple shape is just a variation of female body, it's not "masculine". Of course your body won't get more feminine during pregnancy, you already had female estrogen levels all your life

No. 1405629

Is that fucking fungus in there? How is that considered successful? It looks like he stuffed some doughnuts with powdered sugar in there for later, jfc

No. 1405633

File: 1640956167738.jpeg (801.93 KB, 1313x1403, A078015B-2616-4051-9391-C42AF2…)

Lol what a wacky account, why are these freaks so delusional my god

No. 1405641

File: 1640957796519.png (457.46 KB, 944x960, 1616520026720.png)

Breeding these people out of the genepool can't happen soon enough. Most of them will either chose not to procreate out of their own mental illness or will be unable to because they made themselves infertile. The only issue we have with trannies is those who troon out AFTER they already have a child.. but I assume that children raised by trannies will either commit suicide and end the lineage or become hardcore TERFs. The future will hopefully be brighter and we will cross this shit out of the history books because of how embarrassing for humanity it was.

No. 1405642

little girls get their genitals mutilated for misogynist reasons, men with cross dressing fetishes most affected!

No. 1405647

File: 1640959426855.jpeg (500.03 KB, 2048x2048, 86544DA0-C6CD-4A8E-ABEA-E1A90B…)

You made me curious about him and unfortunately here he is kek. As low effort as always because of muh autist man brain. Do libertarian men troon out like this too?

No. 1405648

KEK his makeup looks like the sims 2 base game options

No. 1405649

I just wish the average woman in a vulnerable position (prison/bathroom) didn't have to suffer in-between to weed out degenerate males.

No. 1405650

If you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside.

No. 1405658

File: 1640964672387.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.56 KB, 464x279, arQW0NJm_700w_0.jpg)

picrel is my most potent weapon, ive had troons break down about muh dysphoria over it because it elicits such a visceral disgust from all scrotes
the reactions are always funny

No. 1405667

God they’re so stupid. I personally find circumcision stupid and do agree it shouldn’t be done to infants (if they decide on it later whatever), but comparing it to FGM done in shit conditions for the PRIME reason of preventing a woman from having pleasure is in no way comparable to an infant having this procedure done in sterile conditions. This dude probably wouldn’t even wash the smegma out of his foreskin if he had one.

No. 1405669

trump did this. It was his secret psyop

No. 1405672

File: 1640967165699.jpg (195.86 KB, 1121x1639, FHzH39bX0AETjga.jpg)

Happy new year, Nonnies. I wish you all a dearth of Feminine Experiences

No. 1405674

These guys seem to have no problem reproducing, unfortunately. At least the AGP troonsbians don't, since they only seem to troon out in their late 30's after years of marriage and a few kids to trap their poor wives with.

No. 1405678

No. 1405694

Women will get better at sorting these faulty males out and the children of troons will be too mentally ill to reproduce themselves.

No. 1405697

File: 1640970523232.png (19.5 KB, 756x273, Screenshot 20 (2).png)

2022 is the year troons need to stop telling normal people what to do. Why would they listen to crazies

No. 1405704

Nothing is ever good enough for trannies. They are always the most affected, always the most oppressed, always the most offended. Fuck.

No. 1405712

Honestly who the fuck do trannies think they are to tell other people how to please his Majesty? Fuck off.

No. 1405716

Unfortunately handmaidens always fall for this shit and end up in loveless, abusive relationships with poly troons who will place the blame of the eventual downfall of the relationship on said handmaiden

No. 1405717

Getting all your clothes stretched out is a bonus now?

No. 1405723

Do handmaidens actually fuck troons, though? Every one I see will treat troons like a gay best friend while only ever dating normal men.

No. 1405737

It's setting us up for transhumanism.

No. 1405755

Some TIFs are good cute butches, but the mental illness is a real downside, sorry.

No. 1405780

yeah there was a guy earlier in the thread posting how his wife pegs him while crying

No. 1405837

Jesus. That is so bleak.

No. 1405847

Where I live most butch lesbians are dating troons it’s so gross, something about relating to their transness or some bs

No. 1405852

These surgeries should be criminal, I know they’re by and large delusional but seeing these after images still makes me feel sadness for them.

No. 1405859

Wtf seriously? I thought butches would go for the femmes lol. I guess most western butches are brainwashed by the trooncult to be NB or some shit. Can't imagine how shitty and betrayed I'd feel if my gf would go around and parade as a fakeboi, claiming me to be bi at the same time. Sage for blogging.

No. 1405866

his body looks like he's wearing a baggy beige onesie

No. 1405867

I'm bisexual and I would never date a trans identified man. They are all ugly, femininity on them is jarring as fuck.

No. 1405868

why do internet troons' entire lives revolve around looking for people to date
all they talk about is who to fuck, who should fuck them, who should get raped, they want abortions, etc. so much sex talk. what if in 2022, i don't want to date any people? what if some of us don't go on dates and have other, you know, LIFE goals despite getting laid?
i think i might be done feeling bad about having peaked.

No. 1405891

Genuinely mental illness is a great excuse for this. Every blue tick troon I’ve seen has talked about either having been or currently being on antidepressants, their HRT turning them into tearful rage machines, or having been committed to a mental facility. This is all of course in between tweets talking about how badly they want to butcher TERFs and turn cis women into their personal breeding stock (>>1404503)
It’s not that I don’t want to date a troon. I don’t want to date a mental patient and spend a whole relationship playing therapist sexdoll regardless of the other persons identity. Unfortunately for troons mental illness is a prerequisite for their identity kek.

No. 1405900

In 2022 I pray for a mass peaking

No. 1405901

File: 1640989457296.jpg (62.04 KB, 960x783, authorities.jpg)

bitch what the fuck is he trying to become a futa

No. 1405910

Holy shit he’s literally the chud drawing

No. 1405911

Yes, they’re always ex 4chan Nazis or libertarians who got “saved” by Contrapoints. It comes with their inherent lack of empathy

No. 1405916


Because no one wants to date them. The studies done on people's willings to date troons show that like 80-85% of people will not date one.

The gay male ones can dudes to fuck them on the down low, but that's about it. The straight male ones have to hope they luck into handmaiden or a lesbian woman who can't stand up to them and get's pressured into a relationship. And if a straight TIF is lucky, she will run into a bi dude who thought he was gay. Gay TIFs date each other.

So, all in all, troons mostly have to date each other if they want to be in a relationship and they hate that because it doesn't ~validate~ their 'identity'. Hence all the homophobia and coercion to date them.

No. 1405917

Trail Mom is two porn categories pushed into one identity.

No. 1405919

Break down that 80-85% statistic and filter out enbies and tucutes and the number is probably in the 3% region for people who want to date a troon

No. 1405921

Are they complaining about the normals not dating them because the only people that would fuck them is other trannies and they don't want that kind of self reflection lol.

No. 1405922

>the black parts of the outfit to give the illusion of a female waist
hahahaha fridge man

No. 1405925

The truth is, even troons find other troons disgusting. Their love is entirely conditional and based on how attractive they find the person they want to fuck. And they find their fellow troons abhorrent. They want a "normal" person to fuck, not a mirror of themselves. Eventually they'll settle with another troon because they literally have no other choice, it's that or nothing. This is why they seethe.
That's why in 90% of cases, when you see a TIM with a straight, normal woman it's because they got together when he was still a man. And women are selfless and fucking stupidly easy to guilt into staying with an actual vampire. And in the case of TIFs x TIMs, again usually they got together when they were normal, followed by the man trooning out and then the woman. Like 99% of the time. I think the man trooning out just breaks something in the female consciousness if the woman was already easily manipulated.
I'm reminded of the story of a TIM I read here once. He got SRS, lost the cooming ability, detransitioned more or less, and ended up in a sexless, loveless relationship with another TIM who did the same thing. And now they just play board games and try to forget what having a penis was like. There's no sex drive anymore, so they're in a gay sexless relationship. Anything not to be alone. They know a woman would never want them, so what can you do? Lmao.

No. 1405927

it makes me feel happy to know that this is what lurks under every tranny's forced agp smile

No. 1405928

Screw it, voluntary celibacy it is. Libs, conservatards, and libertarians, none of them are worth procreating with. It’s all a giant mindfuck circle jerk. God help us all. Any time anyone asks me why I don’t have kids, I literally look at them like they’re insane. What rational person would bare children in this day and age? Either I have a daughter who turns into a fakeboi nlog, or a porn addicted son with serial killer tendencies and a floral dress collection.

No. 1405930

Anon there's life outside of terminally online people, I promise. None of the people I know IRL are like that

No. 1405931

seek therapy and log off anon

No. 1405932

This is such a moid take. Not "date trans people becuase they are just like everyone else and are humans too" but "fuck them, they are hot and make your dick hard". Its funny how the prostitution murder statistic suddenly doesnt matter.

No. 1405933

Based. The muh Nigel nonas will cope. Moids are not worth being around.

No. 1405941

I am seeking it and my therapist is a low key feminist terf who admits my concerns are valid. Sage for blog but I’m tired of pandering lib moids who just want to fuck trannies and shit on women. My hope for het men as a het woman is -1000. Either I simp for the moids or face the truth. Do you know how many children grow up realizing “Wow my father is a selfish POS and doesn’t give two shits about anything but a coom.” I would literally rather die under a dusty rock than doom my future children to that.

No. 1405955

Typical D.Va main.

No. 1405957

This shit has only really just started, of course those who existed before the internet allowed it to spread via word + porn are going to be normal. Anons talking about kids being born into it and not being able to develop into normal people without it.

No. 1405970

is he trying to say some guy slapped his crotch?

No. 1406006

You're right and you should say it. I'm also a straight woman and i feel the same way

No. 1406013


This whole fad will be over within a decade, just like the sexwork trend, there was no online evidence it was a terrible idea due to it…being a terrible idea and thus nobody doing it en masse before, but monkeys gotta stick their hand in the fire I guess to find out if it's hot.

No. 1406029

Only fans will probably last a little longer than this. Troon shit already seems to be getting a lot of blowback from apolitical people. I think the tide is turning and this phenomenon will be considered a 2010’s-2020’s thing

No. 1406039

File: 1641003289576.jpg (21.56 KB, 500x270, 99be39776c70853b6c13f41f4db34a…)

Right, because trannies have such a great track record when it comes to relationships. I'll pass.

No. 1406043

i just wanna apologize for being cunty about exulansic's looks before. she's genuinely so smart and her videos are really excellent.

No. 1406045

Troons do date each other, but it's typically a prison gay situation where two castrated men just sit around larping as lesbians and rub hitachi wands on each other's sad, functionless dicks. You'll find that a lot of trannies online claiming to be dating lesbian women are actually dating equally gross troons. Kevin Gibes is a good example of this.

No. 1406053

It’s okay nona, don’t feel bad.

No. 1406058

True. Transbians only date each other when there's no other option. If transbians had the option to pick between a real and fake women, they'd pick the real one because they're straight men, at best bi with no options for the other sex (or their own sexes sane members).

No. 1406071

Great image, thank you. I'll need to make use of this.

No. 1406103

I assumed it was something too perverted for me to understand

In probably the only comparison I'll ever make between troons and women, I'll say that that reminds me of a group of girls in my high school who made out for boys and filmed lez softcore. Hetero as they getero. They weren't at all attracted to each other, they got off on their own perceived hotness, and it made them feel good about themselves to be seen as desirable.
A core part of AGP is being turned on by the idea of owning women's supposed sexual power over men. In college, I had a male friend bemoan that power and tell me if he were a woman, he would get away with all this random shit. I listed off a bunch of women he'd basically called unfuckable based on their looks alone and asked what made him think he'd be a HOT woman in this scenario. He rolled his eyes as if that were totally irrelevant. Men are dumb.

No. 1406120

File: 1641017000243.jpg (402.63 KB, 1200x1800, Collage 2021-12-31 22_01_45.jp…)

Her's user base is primarily troons with a smattering of profoundly hideous women. I found these dudes within 5 minutes of swiping just now.

No. 1406130

File: 1641021298555.png (502.56 KB, 722x629, crazyeyes.png)

No. 1406165

I really, really like this image

No. 1406186

sage but my HER feed is infested with troons too, i just always assumed it was because i live in a hyper liberal city where 1/10 men is a tim. where the hell am i supposed to meet girls

No. 1406190

when you think about where the penis would be, the hole is probably that high because it has to be.

No. 1406221

Someone on KF said if you set you’re preferences to not white, you knock out 90% of troons on the feed, since non white troons are mostly gay men looking for men. Try that.

No. 1406222

Phone + in car kek

No. 1406227

Nona this is a devastating insult, I'm cackling.

No. 1406248

So you can set racial preferences on dating sites but no preferences for biological sex?


No. 1406249

Sorry this is a bit ot but has anyone else's HER app started giving them popups scolding them for taking screenshots too? I imagine it's to protect troon feelings since so many get reposted to make fun of lmao

No. 1406254

HER is full of trans identified women too. I remember five years ago finding only regular women…

No. 1406257

in theory it would be good to protect actual lesbians/bi women who are not out

No. 1406266

i'm really confused right now. is this thing supposed to be a penis and a vagina? do actual surgeons do this?

No. 1406270

ive been saying this forever when nonnies are all "HOW, as a straight woman, can you prevent yourself from shacking up with a future-troon AGP?" but no 1 wants to accept that its overwhelmingly a white male problem

No. 1406272

Nah lots of Asian men troon out too. If you are telling us to date black men.. well you're going to be a single mother either way.(racebait)

No. 1406280

File: 1641053619182.png (1.56 MB, 1270x786, disgusting furry freak.png)

No. 1406282

works in real life to. just avoid young poc who grew up in white suburbs and watch the gender discussions and virtue signaling disappear.

I'm still thinking about when Jennifer Bilek of 11th Hour noted corporatization of yt culture and loss of their religious traditions made yt kids more susceptible to corporate identification and troonyism as they search for community and human connections.

No. 1406283

but asian men who troon out are always hsts, or know ways to deal with agp. it's obvious that all of this bullshit is a big pharma move when you realize that the only people who treat or interpret agp as muh gender dysphoria are white men of the first world.
meanwhile, the vulnerable trans sex workers are still getting hatecrimed, but helping them doesn't make money

No. 1406287

>but no 1 wants to accept that its overwhelmingly a white male problem
Yeah I hate to say it, but it's true. I usually hate blaming shit on white men because it's overplayed but tbh it's true. Just look at the majority of men involved in BDSM and puppyplay. They're almost always white. I have no idea why this is.
They also almost always have mommy issues. White boys are babied by their moms and for some reason fucking hate them.