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No. 1382334

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1382423

File: 1638469429854.jpeg (146.15 KB, 750x707, 66C604CA-F545-4165-AAC7-E61027…)

The pageant troon mentioned in the last thread got eliminated early and is blaming it on being trans because people aren’t “ready” for a trans woman to be MISS America lolol damn right they aren’t. I love how he doesn’t consider that maybe he got eliminated because he’s ugly and less accomplished than the other women.

No. 1382436

File: 1638469822787.webm (647.69 KB, 408x720, tumblr_r3ejxp2W5A1ztgfpt_720.w…)

Someone put this on my tumblr dashboard and it made me laugh

No. 1382452

Probably just a broke guy who saw the whole "DONATE TO BLACK TROONZ" movement and decided to jump on board. And now that gender is just a vague feeling, why shouldn't he? Don't hate the player, hate the game kek

No. 1382488

Probably expected a woque pity win.

No. 1382502

His bio is just being an influencer and a fashion “designer”. Compare that to women who compete in these pageants that on top of their looks are often founders of organizations and charities and are accomplished in other ways that are inspiring for girls.
His “activism” is basically just being an IG influencer and posting shallow trans rights content on Instagram. Might I add that trans shit is literally in his own self-interest and meanwhile a lot of pageant women have organizations and passions for causes beyond themselves (like helping people with special needs). They aren’t just doing activism for their direct benefit like this moid shamelessly is.

No. 1382507

File: 1638472372796.jpeg (244.6 KB, 1201x845, 8E221823-3C3A-4E2E-BECB-996106…)

And this is proof that he’s just a trans influencer on top of being a gay man who likes fashion. Not an activist.

No. 1382514

He got eliminated along with 33 women who didn't claim victimhood for losing because that's just the nature of competition. I think troons expect to beat women easily in all areas of life (bc misogyny) and then are shocked to find out living as a woman isn't as "easy mode" as they thought.

No. 1382516

or maybe you aren't as attractive as you think and more importantly, in a contest thats about very ATTRACTIVE WOMEN, a "woman" who just so happens to be a man, will NEVER be the most attractive "woman" in that contest. Over naturally pretty women or even plastic surgery pretty women. Maybe in a troon contest he could win, but not in a true & honest woman contest. He feels entitled. It's the "Blaire White" effect. They get so much praise that they think they hold a candle to actual women. When they just look decent compared to other troons.
It's not that people aren't "Ready". It's that if they actually JUDGE you don't hold a candle.

No. 1382517

File: 1638472891895.png (244.24 KB, 750x1334, 39DCE542-D525-4F71-8AF7-88915B…)

Oh and this is part of the bio of the runner up for Nevada. An actual stunning WOC with an organization and history of activism that would have won the pageant if not for crowning this fugly gay male.

No. 1382520

Lol cope, retard. Welcome to the real world, how entitled do you have to be to think you have a snowball's chance in hell of winning against some of the most beautiful women in the world. He should be grateful he was pity voted into winning Miss Nevada. Pretty sure that was just the equivalent of voting for the ugly unpopular girl to be homecoming queen.

No. 1382583

Typical. A woman can work hard her whole life to make something of herself and do something in the interest of others and still be picked second to a man with plastic tits and mutilated genitals/a penis. I hope this peaks some people here. THIS is why women's sex based rights and women's rights in general are so important. So men can't put a dress on and try to take what's ours.

No. 1382585

File: 1638475375434.png (59.58 KB, 751x812, troon shaking.png)

based tsa lady
and >this totally happened

No. 1382597

See this is why there's no point in indulging troons, nothing is ever good enough. Handmaidens fall back on traditionally female social models of mutual support & encouragement when they validate troons; they're too naive to realize this simply isn't how men think. Intrasex competition is a zero sum game for males, and that doesn't magically change when they transition and start competing with females. It's not VaLiDaTiNg enough to pass as an ugly woman, or even a cute girl next door. They have to out-Stacy the Stacies and "beat" the most beautiful women in the world to feel like they've really made it. This is also why they tend to LARP as hypersexual bimbo porn stars online instead of regular women. There is no "sisterhood" with scrotes, and god forbid a woman ever best them in anything - even being a woman. Anything less than total subjugation from women feels like oppression to a scrote.

No. 1382600

File: 1638475969785.png (4.37 KB, 1563x79, Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 22-55…)

No. 1382603

File: 1638476043845.png (4.76 KB, 1320x82, What are your opinions on biol…)

No. 1382617

This is entirely unfair to women who have been training their whole lives, but I kind of wish we as a sex just stopped partaking in professional sports. Stop going to the olympics. Just let the troons take over. Just let it become sausage party 2.0.
All it'd take is ONE instance of professional womens volleyball with two teams of sweaty mediocre scrotes battling against each other, manboobs and scrotums jiggling amongst "dainty" gasps of effort and I'm pretty sure men as a collective would revolt. If men in dresses and pink hair are going to disrespect womens sports and put women in danger we're going to have to no thank you the whole medium.

No. 1382635

He got posted a few threads back. Very unremarkable body with zero hips. No actual woman shaped like that would have made it this far.

No. 1382655

File: 1638478320864.png (804.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211129-234443.png)

Who does he think he is fooling, this is a terrible shoop, I know troons are autistic and face blind but this is way too far.

No. 1382656

File: 1638478325124.png (597.87 KB, 1136x671, Fundraiser.PNG)

I have no words…how are people this dumb?

No. 1382667

Lmfao what a retard he's probably built like a fridge

No. 1382673

This is so embarrassing, it belongs in the bad photoshop threads

No. 1382676

If I was less scared of the consequences that would surely follow, I would totally start a scam afab transgirl gofundme. If men can do it then so can I.

No. 1382692

Just cut your dick off, then you won't have this problem anymore, kek. Play stupid troon games, win stupid troon prizes.

No. 1382701


I am vomit

No. 1382704

Based, maybe a few of us can all go in on this

No. 1382742

Nah don’t try the AFAB thing, just use a picture of a dude from thispersondoesntexist, run it thru FaceApp’s girl filter. And if anyone questions you then say not using filters makes you dysphoric. Advertise to a bunch of handmaidens and liberal moids, take their money and either disappear or fake suicide after the goal is achieved.

No. 1382788

This is the perfect plan, and you would unironically make fucking BANK. People are so pathetic to give their money to these individuals. Do they do it for woke points? Clout? Does it make them feel philanthropic? WAT?

No. 1382830

File: 1638485637062.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2880x3840, 20211130_115416.jpeg)

Speaking of filters…this woman posts her beautiful "wife" on r/mypartneristrans. Second photo shows the unfiltered reality

No. 1382844

Christ, he doesn't even pass in the filtered image.

No. 1382846

>I've learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than
Another tranny claiming to be superior to women. Moids are ugly and can't get pregnant or give birth, cope.
>I don't care about cis people's ability to win
He's masking his language with woke speak, but what he's actually saying is "I don't care about women's ability to win". A TIF is never going to be competition for actual men in sports, but TIMs will always be more built for physical competition than real women are because they're men and have bigger bodies, bigger lungs and hearts, easier muscle gain from testosterone, etc. Women's sports are for showing the peak of qomen's physical ability, they aren't for validating men.

No. 1382852

Is he wearing a wig?

No. 1382857

Do you really need to ask?

No. 1382869

File: 1638487302535.jpg (250.32 KB, 1084x1180, FFOoV4ZXEA4nQWQ.jpg)

Surprise surprise no one calls him out in the comments

No. 1382873

Lol this is so bad. What the fuck is happening with his legs? He should give up and uninstall photoshop.

No. 1382875

File: 1638487885788.png (39.89 KB, 732x511, troonlogic.png)

Troon only have 3 topics to discuss on twitter. And as usual the replies from actual smart women never gets a response from the troons lol.

No. 1382877

File: 1638488141498.png (15.85 KB, 1582x209, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 18-33…)

No. 1382878

Men caring about men's feefees above women's rights instance #(uncountable).

No. 1382879

Sure, Jake.

No. 1382881

I fucking doubt a girl would even came 10 feet close to him, troons always makeup stories about how guys looked at their "tits" or how a girl got jealous of them, why would a girl be watching femboy troon porn?

No. 1382882

How can anyone believe bones will change, rearrange and grow or shrink like some harry potter magic is beyond me, what a fucking scam.

No. 1382885


No. 1382886

the same troons who believe they look like actual women

No. 1382890

File: 1638489185877.png (32.56 KB, 1329x476, Screenshot 2021-12-02.png)

No. 1382922

Oh my fucking god. Is this gonna be the new Nigerian scammer/Indian scammer gameplan? Pretend you're a tranny and get pity bucks from dumb lefties and liberals?

No. 1382935

I just heard from someone that this guy is on a list for "difficulty flyers".

No. 1382949

I would love to hear the whole story

No. 1382951

troon-on-troon violence

No. 1382955

Sounds like a plan. On my way to fortune, girls.

No. 1382963

Don't forget about us, the little guys, when you're rich and famous.

I just don't understand why she's so conflicted. She has a gross looking clown for a husband. Just divorce the narcissist.

No. 1382976

No surprised in that.

No. 1382999

File: 1638496594926.png (43.53 KB, 1050x503, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 20-55…)

No. 1383000

I swear 2 God im gonna start one too and donate it to a women's shelter

Was just about to post this. Poor girl is gonna get hounded by her friend group for being a transphobe and had to deal with his gross ass trying to cuddle her for the entire duration of a movie

No. 1383009

It's incredible cruel that her friend set her up with a troon without telling her in the first place. And now she's comforting the troon instead of her friend?

No. 1383017

How sad that men are not capable of processing signals no matter how obvious

No. 1383018

Because "she's a girl too so what does it matter". Either the friend hates her or she's too deep into the trans cult kool-aid. Either way the feelings of a shameless, boundary-crossing male are going to be exalted while the extreme discomfort of a woman is going to be framed as problematic

No. 1383019

They say early troons pass better but this guy started at 14 and he's still built like a man, walks like a man and sounds like a man trying to mock how a woman sounds like, you're born a man you die a man.

No. 1383021

The girl was moving away from him and his takeaway is "oh she wants to cuddle"?? Rapist behaviour

No. 1383029

File: 1638497933066.png (12.28 KB, 1072x177, Screenshot 2021-2.png)

No. 1383031

He obviously noticed she was uninterested by the way she answered his questions and even mentioned he can tell she was uncomfortable when they first met but that weirdo still tried to pressure her into being touched by him because this isn't about how the victim feels it's all about the narcissistic troon getting what he wants

No. 1383042

File: 1638498491960.jpeg (873.34 KB, 3024x4032, xtgyys9.jpeg)


No. 1383053

File: 1638499033968.jpg (37.34 KB, 680x336, xz0iqeqf85381.jpg)

But it's the womenz fault that troons are dying!!!

No. 1383064

is that Ronnie Radke

No. 1383110

Do colleges actually force female students to room with a tim? Or does this mostly happen in liberal states? I can't see anyone being comfortable rooming with a troon other than handmaidens and even then, the tranny's creepy behavior is gonna be revealed eventually like that story where a male was taking his roommate's tampons

No. 1383146

tithing or buying indulgences for their woke ideology. it's how they can launder their privileged guilt

No. 1383152

straight women are almost as bad as men are to lesbians.

No. 1383162

File: 1638505582822.jpg (82.84 KB, 585x526, rtreytryrtrt.jpg)

reminder: this is why you keep your "omg this tranny would be so attractive if it wasn't a tranny" bullshit to yourselves

No. 1383170

Can't find any comments about this one being attractive. It says "just cut your dick off" and "I heard he's on a list".

No. 1383173

Someone replied with "maybe she's intimidated by your beauty?". Unbelievable.

No. 1383174

just as a common psa because there sometimes are mouthbreathers talking about how they wanna fuck some noodle armed balding trannies here if they weren't trannies

No. 1383175

>He got posted a few threads back. Very unremarkable body with zero hips. No actual woman shaped like that would have made it this far.
Reminds me of the contestants of the Miss International Queen pageant, which is the largest and most viewed beauty pageant for TIMs

Its fucking hilarious

No. 1383176

help I'm obsessed with this song by a nasty AGP. He is not preaching tranny rights or anything but is still so disgusting but I love the song, help. Luckily is the only song he has.

No. 1383180

File: 1638507888790.jpg (398.84 KB, 1538x2048, surejan.jpg)

He could have been mentioned in previous threads. He was a handsome guy. What a loss, but it's good that the crazy ones leave the gene pool. Definitely not one of the ugliest trans so I'll give him that. Still looks like a man. Always will. I do appreciate that he wears regular clothes that most women would wear.

No. 1383182

>She looked??
This style of typing alone would make me want to glass this guy.

No. 1383189

I'm sorry anon but you need to get your eyes checked and learn to love yourself, he looks like your regular disgusting failed moid, there was never a real loss.

No. 1383191

No. 1383193

File: 1638509797001.jpeg (487.79 KB, 828x1410, C4A1F92C-0481-414A-8ECE-9AF7F1…)

Sage for OT rant but New Zealand has just rolled out a vaccine pass that you won’t be able to go to a restaurant, bar, salon or gym without. Since it’s accessed through emails and digital ID services, it completely neglects old people and those with no access to digital devices.
But instead of going after the government for this oversight, the local lefty rag the Spinoff is crying that it’s putting trans people whose IDs don’t match their presentation in danger of violence. Because of course the only way any of them would ever be clocked is if someone saw their registered govt name and not just from looking at them kek. Also the statement that it’s putting them in literal danger, like some transphobic hairdresser is going to stab them to death with their shears right there when they see their ID name. When the whole world is falling apart, at least troon hysterics can be counted on kek.

No. 1383195

You weren’t kidding lmao some of those walks had me screaming. The botched BBLs and too big boob implants were pretty funny too, specially the one from Colombia.

Is this a self post? Ain’t no way. He looks like Lord Farquaad.

No. 1383196

File: 1638510292967.jpg (672.54 KB, 1920x817, Polish_20211203_023852452.jpg)

I Google searched the thailand ladyboy and saw this. Rich men are insane lol i wonder whether the baby is being raised with a nanny or with the mother

No. 1383200

t. Gay man from China desperate for a loophole.

No. 1383201

AYRT, this person I heard it from said "the difficult flyer list is basiclly a warning for agents for passengers who might prove to be "security issues" and require additional measures". I trust this person who told me this, as they might be a glowie lol

No. 1383205

File: 1638510861850.jpeg (24.5 KB, 500x312, 13DD40BA-AC20-4992-8391-95B7E5…)

>maybe she is just shy or something
What immediately came to mind lmao

No. 1383206

Stop complimenting him you tard, he's lurking here and probably jerking off to your post.

Why the fuck do straight women have such low standards? I can smell his ratty Jewfro through the screen.

No. 1383207

Miss Thailand really was the best one
They got the ladyboy technology on lock over there

No. 1383208

This. China is very homophobic. A closeted gay guy married a woman so he could have a son, then divorced her for a man the second she served her purpose to him as a baby dispenser. This used to happen stateside a lot forty or more years ago– gay men trapping women in a loveless marriage just so they can have kids and then neglecting her for side dick.

No. 1383210

Who the fuck tries to CUDDLE with a stranger who is clearly uncomfortable and disengaged? “She doesn’t want anything to do with me, I’m sure it’ll help if I grope her thigh” is the’ thought process only an autistic moid could have.

No. 1383221

I hope trannies start mass killing normie straight men for not fucking them so people who aren't radfems will actually start caring about this for once.

No. 1383223

I'm fucking autistic and even I don't know how someone manages to misinterpret social cues this badly. If she was visibly uncomfortable and ignoring him the whole date, why the fuck would he take that as a sign he should make physical contact with her?

Also combination double-and-blind dates like this are fucking retarded, I've never heard of one going well.

No. 1383233

men are evil

No. 1383239

File: 1638518144741.png (17.94 KB, 746x228, iiuyiuiui.png)

love how they just speak porn as a language. hey sisters i need help making my room breedable

No. 1383240

That wasn't a misinterpretation, lbr. He noticed she was shy and awkward, and hoped she'd be too shy and awkward to stop him from raping her.

No. 1383243

File: 1638518228455.jpg (106.8 KB, 1080x921, FFbxlsFWUAAXe3d.jpg)

No. 1383244


This is why women need to be extremely careful around gay men. A lot of them see female friends/family members as their future default surrogates. They’re the same as straight men in that they’ll use a woman for her body then dump her ruthlessly.

A lot like troons.(unsaged bait)

No. 1383247

No. 1383249

File: 1638518522784.jpg (186.36 KB, 1400x788, 1638513403535.jpg)

I still have no idea what happens to these people once they become old.
like what's the point, they become a human sex doll for a couple years and after that their body will start failing them and they'll end up looking like picrel

No. 1383250

Lol this makes me laugh. I love the fact these pornsick retards will never experience a female orgasm, they seem to want it so much.. like just look at the delusion.

No. 1383251

File: 1638518871615.png (26.45 KB, 735x253, ggddfg.png)

saw this yesterday. I don't think the majority of them really have a plan tbh

No. 1383252

File: 1638519178778.jpeg (36.84 KB, 640x479, 0239B696-E99D-40DC-9657-211AF1…)

But if you’re a real female woman on the inside why do you need advice on how to make your bedroom more feminine?

No. 1383253

This was mentioned in the last thread >>1378773
Apparently troons with dementia is a growing problem, and a lot of them are reidentifying with their birth sex and having huge meltdowns when they see what’s happened to their bodies.

No. 1383254

File: 1638519482561.png (83.82 KB, 734x428, tttytty.png)

also saw this and it kind of broke my heart. I was about twenty-two when I first started feeling a connection to being female. Earlier than that, I was no troon, but it was all very confusing.
Kids can't even comprehend what being an adult is like let alone a trans one.

No. 1383255

File: 1638519588117.png (65.69 KB, 712x496, tgg.png)

No. 1383257

it's easy, keep it clean, have an actual bedframe not just an matress on the floor and use and regularly change your bedsheets. Easy feminine bedroom!

No. 1383258

I sincerely believe that a lot of troons an hero once they see themselves "hitting the wall". They are larping as female sex objects, and as we all know female sex objects have an expiration date. I don't think it's a coincidence that troons usually off themselves around the time they see their worth as """women""" runs out.

The only two other options are detransitioning into a finely-aged wine moid (lol), or become so delusional and porn sick they turn into hons.

No. 1383259

This is why therapy needs to be compulsory before decisions on transitioning are made. This guy can’t even make the firm call that he wants to detrans, but either way he’s going to be stuck in a body that doesn’t feel like home for the rest of his life.

No. 1383260

Yeah my gay friends I don't even know that well legit asked (or more like told me they decided) for me to be their surrogate because they want the kid to have my genes. Fucking barf. They are now try to force their best female friend and they legit told her they only want to conceive in natural way. No IVF. Bro aren't you fucking gay? Why od you wanna have sex with her?
And they expect her to do it.
I suddenly understand the 'poow precious gay men forced to marry women to mask their queerness' is basically just men using women as incubators.
Sage for blog.

No. 1383262

It's like he thinks his body is a toy.

No. 1383265

Idk considering how young he started, I feel bad for him. He's going to need serious therapy here soon once the full gravity comes crashing down. I sincerely hope he can learn to love himself.

No. 1383268

File: 1638520666044.png (18.76 KB, 961x152, rhrhhr.png)

I think you're right, but I also think it has something to do with post-nut clarity. Castration has been used to treat paraphilias across cultures throughout history. It massively reduces sex-drive. Without one, it probably dawns on them what they did just to coom.

No. 1383278

It's so fucking funny how men will literally coom themselves into castration.
The rational sex for sure, kek.

No. 1383281

Just because you’re fat/a weakling and shit at sports doesn’t mean women as a collective should stop playing sports. There’s more to life than owning the tranners.

No. 1383285

Nta but your reading comprehension is shit and I have massive second hand embarrassment for you

No. 1383289

They'll either off themselves or spend the rest of their sad lives doubling down and convincing others to troon out as a cope. People will go pretty far to justify drastic, unfixable choices they've made.

NTA but the post she responded to was pretty retarded. Boycotting the olympics isn't remotely fair or feasible no matter how many people it could peak, an athletes career is short and time sensitive. You skip the Olympics once, your peak might pass and you lose your chance next time around. Female athletes who get in shouldn't have to make that sacrifice, the ones who've lost their places are already way too much collateral damage for appeasing scumbag trannies.

No. 1383321

Going off your first point my mom peaked even before I did against tranny nonsense. I remember I had a conversation about how if these people are still so miserable why dont they detransition & why do they still sell this idea to others and her response was "they have to be right because how will they live with themselves if they were wrong? They can't undo some of the procedures, theres no going back after a certain point without admitting a colossal failure. Its easier to continue to stay in the dark."

I'd never thought of it in that sense before but I really think she has a point.

No. 1383327

idk how it is with other schools, but mine had a tickbox on the form asking whether I was okay with rooming with an 'lgbt student'

No. 1383330

File: 1638531556682.jpg (136.34 KB, 1200x950, shoebedroom.jpg)

>have an actual bedframe not just a mattress on the floor

This is shoeonhead erasure

No. 1383332

Fuck, that pisses me off. I'd be fine with a gay or bi roommate, but not a trans one. Those options should be separated.

No. 1383338

>transitioning (…) from the age of 15
Now I wonder how many Kim Petras and Jazz Jennings types are out there. Shame there won't be any data until chemically and/or physically castrated, 1st world richfags start yelling about it.

No. 1383339

Get fucked with your selfpost
Wtf is a glowie

No. 1383342

Is google broken or something?

No. 1383343

NTA but it's government agents doing psyops. Just Google shit if you don't know it.

No. 1383344

no you don’t understand seeing her receive female care after a miscarriage will trigger disphoria.

aside: i’m absolutely sickened by this. just when i think troons cant get any lower.

No. 1383347

File: 1638534666708.png (315.09 KB, 973x657, dementia.png)

The discussion in the last thread reminded me of an interview I'd read from a woman whose MtF husband had detransitioned when he got dementia. She talked about how she realized it had been a fetish all along, and it made her question the whole relationship. I didn't have any luck finding it again, but I did come across this.

No. 1383350

Moids should be executed the moment they claim to be hurt by a woman's suffering. I'm sick of moids claiming the trauma of women they've known, and troons are the biggest offenders.

No. 1383352

This is taking advantage of a sick person for the sake of his own satisfaction, and he should be ashamed.

No. 1383355

Keeping her in a perpetual, never ending hell.

No. 1383366

Thank you for my daily reminder never to have male children, jesus christ.

No. 1383368

shoe is borderline e-girl, and egirls tend to have tranny tastes in general (male gazey femininity)

No. 1383372

He looks like an orthodox Jewish man wearing a bra stuffed with toilet paper. I think it's because his box dyed hair looks like a hat.

No. 1383373

truly a man with cone titties and a woman's blazer. in no world would anyone HONESTLY believe this is an actual woman. they're all lying if they do, or they're mentally ill/retarded. so many self-posts lately.

No. 1383384

File: 1638537874711.jpg (100.89 KB, 540x680, E9rmonGVkAAacH-.jpg)

>he killed it
Is this idiot referring to himself in a 'deadname' sense?

No. 1383386

>What I just experienced is the most alive and most right thing I ever have in my life
Pathetic. Troons really are just nasty coomsoomers.

This is gross. Poor woman. He's using her for repeated validation. The emotions that she must go through every single time. Terrible.

No. 1383394

Link to post.

No. 1383398

>> He killed it
>> Punching ex in tummy

So this pos beat his ex and goes on to say 'tummy'. But poor you for losing your chance for a kid to abuse and manipulate.

No, divine feminine goddess didn't do it, scary man that she is totally not responsible for gave gf booboos. Sorry, my bad, trans people would never attack women. Shut it down, girlbosses!

No. 1383400

File: 1638539158595.jpg (3.17 MB, 2064x3072, Hari_Nef_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg)

TIMs will never even grasp what it means to be a real woman. They havent even been socialized to tell fake compliments from real ones lol. The male audacity, the impossible confidence, the simple mind and social semplicity… they'll never know

No. 1383402

let's just hope he kills himself soon

No. 1383406

Kek what the fuck, he looks like someone poorly photoshopped the hair onto him.

No. 1383408

Ok, don't know if I will be destroyed for this but just the age difference is super gross. 19 and 23. 19, just getting out of high school and figuring out the world. 24, out in the world for about 4,5 years, possibly graduated college and worked in their career for 2 years. Hmm, wonder who has the upper hand in this. I'd be fucking pissed on just the age difference of the set up. And the fucking intelligence to think that a uncomfortable teenager wants to be groped by you.

No. 1383409


I saw him in "YOU", with his tranny mannerism he made the character unnecessarily despicable lol cant even act

No. 1383411

This is also why transing children should be classified as child abuse.

No. 1383412

File: 1638539738122.jpg (91.02 KB, 952x1024, FFpmCMaXsAIHMEG.jpg)

Yaoi dorito chin lmao

found it on twitter, unfortunately

No. 1383414

I'd already be uncomfortable with the date if he was actually a real lesbian with that age gap, but him being a troon makes the situation beyond recovery. He could be the same age, and it wouldn't help. I cannot believe his shitty straight woman handmaiden threw that young lesbian under the bus this hard, it's like she was trying to give the coomer a young virgin sacrifice or something. Hopefully she gets better friends.

No. 1383416

lol that chin cant be real

No. 1383418

hari nef blew up!!

No. 1383423

when I was twenty-one, I stopped being friends with a guy my age because he started dating a sixteen year old. Everyone who knew us acted as if that was just fine because 'age of consent' and only 'five years difference'. For teenagers, every year marks a massive change. I would have felt weird about dating someone in the grade below me. That difference stops mattering as much after twenty five (when the brain has finished developing) but anything before that, the ages should be pretty damn close imo. Ironically, (or perhaps not) last I heard, that same guy has now trooned out.

No. 1383425

I hate seeing this ugly man in shows/movies. He's a terrible actor.

No. 1383426

File: 1638540570457.jpeg (103.92 KB, 750x568, 2025E30D-3017-45BB-B14C-6B45DD…)


No. 1383432

File: 1638540837429.jpg (101.52 KB, 828x1047, FFIG_JVWUAoh4fm.jpg)

lmao sorry if this has been posted already

No. 1383434

Like >>1383152 said.
Wouldn't be surprised if the straight friend just told her to be grateful for the set up and sees her less of a person for not being straight.

"Oh you are a lesbian and want to date? Well this rock says it's a girl, so that's good enough, right?"

No. 1383435

An actual woman beat the tranny in a pageant, and she's black? Based, I love to see content that proves to troons that their racist perception of black women being "basically men" is retarded.
Oger knows damn well women don't chimp out and rape and murder like moids do, but it probably makes him msld to admit it, since it proves that there's a large and meaningful difference between the sexes.

No. 1383437

Lol does that mean that they, who are now 'out', had been raped and murdered? Kek

No. 1383438

kek. Cartoon villain realness.

No. 1383444

File: 1638541359230.png (279.23 KB, 597x661, jjrjrr.png)

the only people who take selfies from this angle are little boys and middle aged men
people who are completely unaware that they will be judged for for they look

No. 1383446

File: 1638541393082.jpg (300.15 KB, 1536x2048, Ee5IVrwWAAAeVoU.jpg)

clean ur fuckin room, dad

No. 1383449

Good god. Photographic evidence of real ogres.

No. 1383451

this is so unfortunate and sad… how are they so lacking in self awareness? how can they still pretend it's not mental illness?(sage)

No. 1383460

So this pig killed his kid by punching his partner in the stomach? Absolutely disgusting.
Trannies are always being aggressive to their female partners, yet with all this talk "the terfs/cissies/evil women will rape and kill us" I am yet to see an instance where a tranny male was killed or at least badly injured by an actual female.

No. 1383465

Even if black women tended to look more masculine than white women (which I don't really buy, a stereotype of black women is that they're curvy), they would still look more feminine than black men (and white men). It screws my brain when these white troons act like black women look as manly as they do. Like, you're a white man, shouldn't you be comparing your appearance to white women anyway?

No. 1383468

It's only to try and justify their violence against women. Real women haven't done anything to them other than make them feel ~uwu dysphoric~.

No. 1383480

She's pretty. Bet there's some Woke Leftist Transcels breaking out the n-word in their Discord servers over this lol

No. 1383486

>beats trans contestant

The man did not even make it to the top 16 LMAO he was not the one to beat. I hate pageants but it’s bullshit she has to share basically every headline about her win with this LOSER that posed no competition at all.

No. 1383488

NTA but I think the whereabouts stereotype of black women are masculine is misunderstood.

1. Black women (in the media, at least) tend to engage in what is socially- deemed “bad” aspects of femininity, aka frivolity and materiality. Beautiful hair and annoying, impractical nails. Expensive wigs and jewelry; luxurious items of clothing. And if they don’t have the finances to part-take in that, it’s still highly aspirational, and it’s being posed in the media as highly aspirational. But most important is point number 2:

2. They perform as feminine, but inhabit as masculine (again: at least in media). A big part of femininity is about manufacturing dependency and being passive. Masculine sexuality constitutes being active and imposing, acting upon instead of being acted upon, without a single hint of uwu feminine demureness.

In the end, it boils down to performing femininity in looks but not in behavior, which makes everyone brain short-circuit. Because they look feminine! they have feminine bodies! they have all these feminine signifiers, make up and heels and wigs and clothes! But help, Megan the Stallion is imposing her p-pussy on me! Not very feminine of her.

No. 1383490

Never understood this logic and the other about how they were repressed and bullied for being Not Like The Other Boys, thus didn’t experience male socialization. By their logic gay boys don’t experience male privilege either.

No. 1383496

OK I’m thinking about this. I used to make small money larping as a PUA on reddit when I was 18 and fresh in college, but I live in a third-world country and paypal sucks. Two rich trans kids I know are collecting 23k on gofundme to escape to Europe. I’ll prolly have to build some online presence though as a catgirl.

No. 1383500

I've seen plenty of white MtF say that black women are taller, have more body hair, have more masculine facial features, etc. Something something eurocentric beauty standards. It's all just cope by racist troons.

No. 1383507

Isn’t he very hulking? I don’t think he’s ever been in any danger of this.

No. 1383509

File: 1638546340181.jpg (53.99 KB, 503x537, sleep paralysis tranny.jpg)

No. 1383515

It's weird because black and Asian people actually tend to have the least body hair lol. Troons projecting as always

No. 1383528

File: 1638547655781.jpg (180.8 KB, 640x875, tumblr_obtp3aYJIy1qhgul8o1_640…)

I know a lot of troons look like Ja'mie King, but this is the strongest resemblance yet

No. 1383537

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1383539

>self-mutilating psychotic abuser
Gee, why can’t this person find a nice gf? It’s so unfair.

The clickbait headline irritates me. She also beat out 48 other beautiful accomplished women but let’s only mention the troon, as if he had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning and wasn’t just there for woke points.

Lmaooo you know those Canadians, they can’t help but rape and murder every troon on site. It’s amazing troons ever leave the house!

Just say troons hate black women because they’re racist moids, it would be quicker. There are thousands of black women in the media who don’t fit that stereotype at all, but bigoted men will latch on to the few who do to reinforce their existing prejudices. So Madonna, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and other white pop stars’ aggressively sexualized images don’t reflect on all white women, but Megan the Stallion reflects on all black women? Ok.

No. 1383574

I totally understand what you're saying here. What a lot of trannies don't grasp is that saying someone has nice features doesn't translate to "looks great LARPing as the opposite gender" In fact, a lot of times their nicer features get lost because the incongruity between their actual body and their attempt is still massive. This troon is going to get FFS soon and ruin whatever they he does have going for him. They always find a way to fuck it up lol.

No. 1383580

I would argue that Madonna, Britney etc were intermittently marketed as coquettish and in need of a savior in between the raunchy hits. Black female celebs are usually marketed as more resilient, independent, and sexually liberated. Note that I said marketed because it would be ridiculous to assert that those stereotypes reflected reality. I haven't paid much attention to pop culture since the 2000s, but I'd be surprised to hear the framing has changed dramatically since then.

Holy shit.

No. 1383581

comparing black women to trannies is woke racism cope. blacks have the highest sexual dimorphism out of all "races"

No. 1383587


No. 1383592

Ja'mie is a fucking queen compared to these troons, how dare you

No. 1383595

I honestly thought that article was a troll post using a screenshot from his show at first glance

No. 1383622

This guy was posted here before he destransitioned. His name was Vanity and he sent Null from Kiwifarms a bunch of weird schizo DMs trying to become his tranny-gf. Did getting rejected by Nool break his tranny brain?

No. 1383624

File: 1638551521466.jpg (153.29 KB, 1279x711, 2c4.jpg)

No. 1383632

File: 1638551742288.png (42.95 KB, 657x360, Discord_vRhDycKe8v.png)

He also claims to have dated famous cray tranny Narcissa Wright.

No. 1383644

File: 1638552024341.jpeg (206.45 KB, 741x381, 131BEEA8-79E9-4ADC-95C9-72EEFB…)

He also got Nulls twitter account banned. He had a real vendetta against him and KF for bullying trannies that somehow turned into "I want to fuck you tho UwU". He dedicated his life to taking down KF for a while, weird that he detransitioned, I assume it's just for attention.

No. 1383661

File: 1638552689082.jpg (131.42 KB, 1043x1372, itcanhappentoyou.jpg)

Anon, here he is as a male. I didn't mean he was good looking from looking at THIS PICTURE. Of course the AGP smile was always there even as a guy.

No. 1383695

Do people seriously do that? Do the woketards let that slide? If so, incredible, they really are coming full circle, so woke they become racist and misogynistic and feel good about it lol

No. 1383697

jfc he went from this (average looking male) to THAT (an obvious abomination in women's clothes).

No. 1383706

I don’t think it’s simping to say males look better as natural males than larping as females, it just means you have eyes. It’s not that these guys are stunningly handsome, a lot of them are just average. But they make such ugly women that the visual change is jarring.

No. 1383711

Abigail Shrier, the based author of "Irreversible Damage", broke a story of California teachers grooming kids into joining clubs called "Prism Clubs", which explore kids' sexuality. These are ELEMENTARY school kids. And did I mention this is all behind the parents' backs? They purposefully hold these meetings during lunch so that parents don't learn about it.

No. 1383717

File: 1638554350041.png (254.81 KB, 1484x808, vanity.png)

Seems Vanity/Isaac deleted the video he selfposted… kek. Yeah, I remember you, schizo. I looked him up on Kiwifarms and he is really fucked in the head and utterly desperate for online fame. Detransitioning must be his latest grift.

No. 1383721

AGP is a mental illness.

No. 1383739

1 tranny dies every 10 years in Canada or something, it's that rare. Meanwhile there are Indigenous women and girls getting raped and murdered in remote areas in BC everyday, the same area where he lives. I undersand trannies in South America chimping out about rape and murder, but Oger is really being insensitive here, and it explains why defunding the rape shelter didn't affect him. Shelters in Canada are used mostly by poor women, and most of them are Indigenous. It just proves the SJW and feminist activism that they claim to support is just a means to an end for these perverted moids.

No. 1383752

Oh sorry I thought this was google
So end it then, what's the problem here?

No. 1383765

And women don’t even have to do anything to do this. They get rageful just by SEEING a normal woman outside. Men are men, nothing new under the sun.

No. 1383770

People joke that California is cancerous but I'm starting to think it's not a joke. May all states within proximity to this abomination band together and push California into the ocean where it belongs.


Canada, too. I don't know what gender craziness is going on up there. Didn't troonery start in the US? Why is Canada MORE pro troon than the birth place of the trans?

No. 1383774

File: 1638557058593.png (552.01 KB, 1381x1205, philosophytroon.png)

Here's an example from the trans queen of terf island himself!

No. 1383777

They are so insulting and offensive to say this crap. Idiot straight white man YWNBAW. WoC always will be.

No. 1383785

File: 1638557610066.jpeg (960.92 KB, 2406x1204, 25D89B3C-FE25-4ABE-9578-32E266…)

Sage for shitty screen photo, idk how many people itt pay attention to drag race, but season 14 is copping a lot of heat for including a straight cis man in the cast. Lots of points are being made either side for and against Massey Morphosis’ inclusion, but this has to be the most retarded one I’ve seen so far. Wasn’t it a huge argument for the queer community just a few years ago that clothes have no gender and people of any identity should be allowed to wear anything they want? He’s basically saying here that any man who is comfortable in non-masculine clothing is a troon by default. How the fuck do you have the same gender politics of the Iranian government and think you’re the woke one?

No. 1383791

File: 1638557723954.png (144.33 KB, 801x1119, 1637477629016.png)

He's awful. Here's a twitter thread where he compares transwomen needing to see a therapist to get oestrogen while 'cisgender' women can get it just by seeing their GP (you know, for contraception) to segregation.

No. 1383796

Drag is literally a costume, and just because he is a "straight" guy in drag doesn't mean he isn't cis. Of all the gay ass dudes they've had on this show, only a handful of them claimed to be nb or trannies. The only difference is their sexuality. Retards.

No. 1383804

lol he deleted it

No. 1383844

Because Canadians are more liberal. All places with a large population of liberals and democrats are overrun by troons, because they accept them and their degeneracy because otherwise you are cancelled for being a bigot nazi TERF. All big cities with Universities where you can study some sort of gender science bullshit or IT are doomed. California is doomed by default because Los Angeles is a literal portal to hell. The only places where you are still save from having troons try to groom your kids are rural areas full of conservatives who aren't afraid to call a man in a skirt a faggot. For now.

No. 1383859

And the hood/a lot of urban areas. There's troons sure but they are largely accepted as just gay men. given most trans are MTF prostitutes\junkies but there's none of that ultra woke shit here from my experience.

No. 1383863

File: 1638560837957.jpeg (525.81 KB, 1242x1512, 71C0BD94-D139-4C2B-9F63-53463B…)

This is embarrassing

No. 1383864

File: 1638560863506.jpeg (188.62 KB, 1423x1191, A286AA56-C87F-4A5E-A1E3-056B34…)

I fell down a rabbit hole from a comment on her post about it, of the Seattle public schools gender curriculum. Kids as young as Kindergarten are learning about “gender expression” and “gender diversity”. By second grade they have to learn the difference between sex, gender, identify which spectrum of “gender diversity” they identify with and if they are cis. By 5th grade they are in sex health classes where they aren’t taught about the female reproductive system or male sexual organs, but reproduction of “those with penises” and shown graphs with the words Female and Male deleted.

No. 1383866

This gets posted here so often it's basically copypasta

No. 1383871

No one is raping or murdering Mr. Oger. He's just a rich, politically connected white male who gets off on larping as the actual oppressed & marginalized women who get raped, murdered and disappeared in Canada every day. It's disrespectful for him to even make this claim.

No. 1383873

I hate the antichrist.

No. 1383874

This moid is projecting, black women actually rarely get called mannish and aggressive. We get called sassy, angry, slutty, low-class, hoes, welfare queens, i.e. slurs that are used toward economically oppressed WOMEN all over the world. Troons are the ones who get called mannish and aggressive because, well, they're aggressive men.

No. 1383876

I think he's pretty cute. Maybe I just have low standards? I'm just in awe that someone that looked like that would be unhappy with their looks. Maybe I have this misunderstanding that the ugliest, most failed of moids troon out. But you are right, anons, the change is what makes it confusing. Clean cut guy to moob, poodle hair abomination.

It's like how white people think black people all look the same, but eve neighboring African tribes have huge genetic variety to each other compared to any other race/ethnicity. Blacks that descended from generations of slavery may look more alike because of all the rape that mixed in white genes (African Americans). Looking at the English alone should tell you that women can have a lot of masculine broad features and men can have round faces. Black women always seemed to have the curviest features while black men are taller compared to black women, thin and have the narrowest hips.

No. 1383878

If troon activists really want to abolish gender, I don't get how teaching kindergartners about "trans" vs. "cis" identities and telling them they need to pick one is any less restrictive than the oppressive gender binaries they're supposedly against. Either way you're imposing adult language and social norms on tiny people who've barely begun to understand gender. Why not just let kids be kids and figure out who they are along the way?

No. 1383883

Lol your kids aren't safe in rural conservative areas either. Maybe from troons but not from drugs, domestic violence or perverted moids in general. Source: live in a rural conservative area.

No. 1383891

I really hope I can find some sane people in my area to homeschool my future kids with. Not sending my kids to public school in this hellworld where their tranny teachers will groom them into their discord femboy kittens.

No. 1383896

conservative men love child marriage and raping women and girls in their families. so they're not safe anywhere. better not to have kids at all.

No. 1383898

Well I didn't mean a trailer park full of white trash, jeeze. More like 20 acres with a farmhouse and a fence around it + a shotgun for any moid who wants to thread on my property without permission.

No. 1383902

Kek this is literally this scene personified. The only way to issue female oppression is apparently to dismiss them, troon out and become a man yourself to escape and let moids in dresses play pretend.

No. 1383907

Despite these stereotypes, black women will never have an issue attracting men. No woman does and it's because most men want women BECAUSE of the fact that they are women. One thing that incel rhetoric has taught me is that even the ugliest, most grotesque woman has more sexual and social value than a normie-tier moid. A white troon calling me mannish is a pain in the ass but it doesn't reflect real life and is just projection at the end of the day.

And the facial hair thing is silly too. Plenty of healthy men tolerate peach fuzz on girls. These small things that troons hyperfocus on are of no concern to real women who just have to be themselves to be attractive.

No. 1383920

A sickening level of simping, they acknowledge actual cis girlhood and womanhood can be extremely unpleasant and traumatic, yet celebrate a man larping as a woman "enjoying" his "girlhood"? It's more insulting than drag in that at least Drag artists make it clear it's a stereotypical, cartoonish mockery of womanhood whereas we're supposed to simp and respect a transwoman's mockery?

Get some self respect, girls.

No. 1383925

>I'm just in awe that someone that looked like that would be unhappy with their looks.

Men don't transition because they are unhappy with their looks, they transition for AGPs because peepee go hard, and for gay guys because they want to expand their pool of available sex partners (getting more bi and straight interest)

All peepee related, not at all about self confidence. This is why uggo and attractive men transition, and are happy with the results as long as if fulfils peepee go hard. But then they get bored and regretful and want to detransition, depending on whether they have srs or simply grow out of the fetish.

No. 1383930

>wear dress
>pp hard
>take hormones
>pp harder
>grow moobs
>pp diamonds
>take more hormones
>pp soft
>cut off pp
>pp gone
>coom gone
>reason to live gone
>commit suicide

many such cases

No. 1383947

I think people/media/TRAs leaning into the transwoman are real woman thing likely leads to more suicides than if they simply admitted to them being crossdressers. There were many happy crossdressers and transexuals all over the internet in the 00s, the penis removal situation is new, and definitely and obviously leads to depression and suicide in those who did it purely as a sexual thing but sort of memed themselves into becoming a "real woman" by removing their happy zone.

Ironic I guess for the loudest supporters of transwomen to be the ones killing them, eventually. Crossdressers and transexuals never had this mental health/suicide problem because they had nothing to prove. This culture has pointed a spotlight on a crossdresser and said "you're a real woman" and after the shine of recognition wears off, he feels compelled to "be a real woman" by cutting his penis off. Surprise, aiming a spotlight on a fetishist or mentally ill person and enforcing their beliefs doesn't go well for them or anyone.

No. 1383951

Bet he’s balding hence the rat’s nest

No. 1383957

AYRT, thanks for digging this up, this is… enlightening, for all the wrong reasons. The California Teachers' Union is the reason this shit is even being taught at all, but I didn't know it had spread to Seattle.

No. 1384005

I suggest watching this video. There is also a part two. They both are super long but very through. It was chilling to be honest.

No. 1384014

ok blog but what a coincidence, a former friend of mine trooned out recently and i just found out yesterday he has been dating a 17 y/o (hes 23). almost like theres a pattern or something lol. anyway i hope all three moids here kill themselves posthaste
this is genuinely fucking insane

No. 1384034

Its weird though how Canadians support troons and pass legislation for them but they still dont care enough for Indigenous women to do proper search and investigations on murder cases and moid serial killers. What the fuck.

No. 1384038

Sage for blogpost, but a guy I know irl who has sexually harrassed me, assaulted multiple people I know including guys, is a total narc and allegedly raped his girlfriend, just recently trooned out and had a hissy fit and threatened suicide after I blocked him. He also used to constantly bring up transwomen at parties and make everybody uncomfortable because they were all normies. Troonery is genuinely a symptom of narcissistic and sexually predatory males.

No. 1384055

You need to be somewhat of a predator to be a tranny. I mean, they demand access to female-only spaces, want to rape everybody, are heavy porn addicts, they derive euphoria from things like sexual harassment and imagining posessing specific female body parts and functions just like serial killers. Normies dont know an overwhelming majority of troons are AGPs, not HSTS. Legit the most dangerous men are being rebranded as women.

No. 1384057

Troonery did not start in the US. Natives in South America, Asia, Canada, US, and Pacific islands had been using "third genders" to "correct" their gay men long before the US as we know it was formed, and most of the foundings for early troonery as we know it came from coomers in Europe (Einar Wegener from the Netherlends, Magnus Hirschfield from Germany). Perhaps it became intensified by America's social climate for the last fifty years or so, but from what I've seen, it was already a problem without the United States. Eurofags just want to blame the US for problems the internet caused.
I live in an area like you're describing, the people here are all super dismissive of the idea that a moid could do anything wrong. If a man lashes out or treats his family poorly here, everyone immediately jumps at the chance to say shit like "he's not normally like that, he's so nice, he's probably just stressed" or "I'm sure I'm just misunderstanding". Lots of anti-science, anti-abortion, racist, homophobic, and ableist (for a lack of a better word) retards, too. And there are still genderspecials out and about, even in this cursed red state area. Lots of them.

No. 1384060

Same as >55 but I want to add that some HSTS can also posess AGP traits. Like the bizzare phenomenon where gay men troonout then start dating and having sex with women. Its fucking weird. Of course there are HSTS that dont do this but they still have a certain level of obsession with women that is needed to eumulate things like speech, body movements and behavior.

No. 1384095

The best way to understand this is to think of troonery as an addiction to validation. AGP and HSTS can get a kick out of being able to sleep with lesbians because both confirm them as Real Women and that takes precedence, like any addiction would, over their actual sexuality.

No. 1384106

I literally thought it was Ja'mie at first. Holy fucking shit lmao.

No. 1384107

File: 1638572842683.png (551.85 KB, 746x791, sc34.png)

>forgets that a bio woman actually still has the highest score
If i had a burner twitter I'd trash this dumb troon.

No. 1384113

Gender ideology started in the US though, and American media promoting it affected the rest of the western world

No. 1384116


No. 1384125

It literally didn't though, look up those names I listed. FFS, I hate America, too, but this is such a massive reach.

No. 1384127

He is a man, and therefore isn't the highest winning of any category he's in. I'm going to a-log, we can't even keep our Jeopardy titles of all things.

No. 1384129

Man this fucking sucks, and I used to love jeopardy.

I'm also not convinced that this troon is legitimately winning these games anyway. Definitely staged.

No. 1384139

Note how the "first troon to do whatever" is always a trans woman. Never a trans man.

No. 1384147

Always. In every case.

No. 1384148

Yup,the men are always more vocal and as usual, everything is always centered around them.

No. 1384149

love the men saying this proves men are smarter than women, like this ugly ogre hasn't been benefiting from being male and then being a transwoman. I can't wait for the trannies to start really going after men for not fucking them. Going to sit back and lol

No. 1384152

Yeah, Black and South Asian women can't relate because being perceived as "hairy" or "aggressive" just means you don't fit certain cultural expectations for femininity. It doesn't make you any less of a woman. To compare women with some masculine features to actual men is ridiculous and racist.

I actually have nothing against troons in the old school "transsexual" sense. I think some people genuinely feel better dressing & living similar to the opposite sex and there's nothing wrong with that. I don't think anyone should be forced into gender roles they find confining. It's when they start mutilating their bodies (or worse, children's bodies) and insisting they ARE biologically the opposite sex that it falls into mental illness for me.

No. 1384155

File: 1638575270770.png (121 KB, 540x414, 1562719773235.png)

>Do people seriously do that?

They do it all the time.

No. 1384156

Julia Collins had a 20 day win streak. I think they're referring to winnings (Julia got $429000) but that's before adjusting for inflation.

No. 1384157

File: 1638575334958.jpg (70.76 KB, 616x596, 1552096895767.jpg)

No. 1384166

Kek. I bet his hairline is running away from that ugly mug. Troon bangs to cover it up.

No. 1384167

How can they say this shit and make these comparisons with absolutely no backlash? Trooning for white males in particular is literally a get out of jail free card. It’s asinine.

No. 1384168

>Legit the most dangerous men are being rebranded as women
Fucking terrifying.

No. 1384172

you're still doing exactly what i said; talking about how a tranny is good looking if he wasn't a tranny, it doesn't matter how you compliment him.

No. 1384179

File: 1638576875539.png (12.09 KB, 563x314, inflation.png)

moids stay losing

No. 1384185

File: 1638577053325.png (14.33 KB, 1073x207, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 19-16…)

No. 1384189

You can't change that you were born with a broken chromosome, and a flesh hole carved out if your dick and balls and filled with colon flesh isn't a vagina. Cope and seethe.

No. 1384196

When I was a borderline handmaiden I used to say this and I had troons come after like me like I was a sandstorm of transphobia. Well congrats, I am now. I have a phobia of swinging dick in my gym. Or a guy covering his girl dick boner because he'd surrounded by naked women (although most cover up or covertly go to a stall to change).

Small blog, but I have a lesbian friend who's liberal and "woke." Her dumbass friends keeping setting her up with trans women and she's kind enough to give them a chance. Each time she tells me about the experience she tells me how fucking insufferable they are. "It's not that they're trans, it's that they're a shitty person." The dates are spaced so far apart she still doesn't really see a pattern or call it out. She's in her 30s and outspoken, so she can't be called out for transphobia. She simply points out things about their personality and shuts them up. She's too intimidating for them to try to accuse her of transphobia.

No. 1384200

File: 1638578032383.png (101.52 KB, 1856x1061, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 19-27…)

No. 1384205

>There is no acceptance of trans identities in TERF ideology
Yes, this isn't a secret - congrats genius.

No. 1384207

It's a form of overcompensation. Canada has had a terrible reputation towards their Indigenous population for centuries. Gender Ideology exists to make liberals feel good again.

No. 1384211

Yup, Canadafag here. The country went overboard on the "we're a happy rainbow country who loves LGBTQ" liberal virtue signaling once the horrible history of mistreatment against First Nations people started coming to light in the 90s. And they continue to shit all over them while promoting white moids like Rogaine Oger and pretending they're "progressive."

No. 1384212

This has to be a troon selfpost on what planet is that thing handsome? even if he hasn't trooned you are not appealing in the slightest as a man and as a troon you are ugly, you look like the incels everyone picked on in school

No. 1384216

I'm honestly starting to tinfoil that the "this troon is actually pretty attractive" posts are made by selfposting trannies to brag about seducing evil radfems on a terven imageboard like the asshole in this screenshot >>1383162 .

No. 1384223

oh i see they're trying to do the sweden tactic and the swedes actually succeeded to bury their colonial empire past by virtual signaling

No. 1384226

No it didn’t, it was brought to America by people who listened to the likes of Freud and the rest of his ilk. In the 1930s in the US tons of weird Jewish psychologists started fucking around with the concept of gender and that grew to what we saw with John Money, a deranged kiwi that the Māori should’ve beaten to death with their totems, and then to what we see today. We can say that American media has broadcasted this world wide and co-opted it, but it did NOT start in the United States, it came from many outside cultures.

No. 1384248

File: 1638582376500.jpg (Spoiler Image,334.41 KB, 1538x2047, no.jpg)

I'M THAT ANON. I even posted his pic as a man before he trooned out. Where does "definitely not one of the ugliest trans…still looks like a man. Always will" seem like a self post? Maybe people like creepshow would low key insult herself when she self posted, but troons are too narcissistic and delusional to call themselves a man and say they'll always look like a man. After reading this post >>1383162 I went through his twitter so I could laugh at his delusion. No he doesn't use filters (at least not momo/margo level), no he doesn't look like a woman. I'm not fighting with anons, I do regret posting that because I only wanted to point out he looked good as a guy and I was impressed he covered his manly body for the most part instead of mini dresses. Although after scrolling…I take it all back.

No. 1384250

spoiler PLEASE anon I implore of you

No. 1384254

Sorry nona I believe you now, it's just you never know with troons they do anything for attention, if you check the femboy troons thread you will get a great example of one weirdo (cafebeef) who calls himself ugly or says he looks like a man so other femboy troons give him attention

No. 1384268

Thanks, anon. You're right. I'd delete it if I could. Even posting "looks better than most" will give them gender euphoria because they love the idea of passing the BESTEST. They only support each other online. Set them up on a date with each other and we see the transphobia accusations pour in.
>mtf (39)
>cis lesbians only (early 20s preferred)

Lol. Men walk around their moobs out at public pools, why do I have spoiler a flabby male chest? These aren't real breasts or anything, but fiiiiine, anon. The farmhands yelled at me anyways.

No. 1384275

NTA But it's because they're gross. Real boobs are nice but get spoilered to avoid misunderstandings, but man boobs are nasty and get spoilered so that no one has to see them kek.

No. 1384288

File: 1638584873400.jpg (Spoiler Image,327.87 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20211203-202639_Twi…)

"It's not a fetish!"

No. 1384290

pussy doesn't smell like their dick cheese

No. 1384291



No. 1384296

He purposely fails to mention the "Why" factor here. Just spouting the same thing over and over. More words = more smarter tranny.

No. 1384300

He should 41% now.

No. 1384310

Are vaginas even supposed to smell? How would these freaks even know kek they really just make shit up based on their fetish and jerk themselves off over mutilating themselves

No. 1384311

>Are vaginas even supposed to smell?
anon… all vaginas have a fragrance, whether good or bad…

No. 1384312

All body fluids smell. The lubrication women excrete can have a strange sweet/acidic mix. It smells better than a penis, but it's typical body odor that's unique to the individual. In no way would any sane human being want a candle or perfume of it. Ignore the coomers, they have brain damage.

No. 1384313

ask gwen paltrow, she made a candle out of how her vagina smells.

No. 1384348

Alot of woketards are racist and sexist as hell. I used to be a democrat till I was like 20. Too many fake ass liberals who basically are only Dems to piss off their republitard parents but end up being as extreme as them. They go so far left they end up having views they say people on the right have for example alot of SJWs say conservatives hate black people but then will call certain black people coons if they don't get offended at what they get offended at or if a black person dare have an opinion of their own. It's fucking odd I would call them out and it'd be all "but this black person is a white supremacist/transphobe for not agreeing with me!" "You know I didn't mean it when I called them a nigger I'm gay/democrat/Mexican/[insert trivial identity here]" or whatever bullshit. It's the same shit with misogyny, looking for any small excuse to call a woman a cunt and put her in her place or guilt her into sleeping w men (alot of woketards have been giving straight women shit for not sleeping with openly bi men lately, calling straight women homo/biphobes). I pretty much avoid my LGBT+ and woketard friends from HS

Sage for OT

No. 1384397

File: 1638596529537.png (17.7 KB, 743x202, because you're ugly.png)

and no one would want to date troons

No. 1384401

Because you're an incel. Kek do they really think that attraction is literally just based on "gender"? I would wager next to no one is interested in him now, either, outside of chasers/downlow bi moids.

No. 1384440

And court eunuchs during the Byzantine Empire and the ancient Persian empires, for example.

No. 1384445

>alot of SJWs say conservatives hate black people but then will call certain black people coons if they don't get offended at what they get offended at or if a black person dare have an opinion of their own
God, I know black people who are conservative and the amount of times they're called "race traitors" or Uncle Toms for DARING to have an opinion… it's disgusting how blatantly obvious woke people are in their desire to control black people. I, too, avoided contact with all my woke college friends and hs friends, especially the ones who trooned out.

No. 1384464

Different anon here. That's true, woketards and democrats in general has the tendency to make enemy from their own friend at the slightest hint of wrongthink.
I laughed everytime the SJWs try to bait /pol/ with the same tactic. When Kyle Rittenhouse said he support BLM, /pol/ catalog was filled with bait threads trying to shamed you for supporting him and demanding outcry.

No. 1384487

Smells slightly of watered down yogurt

No. 1384499

File: 1638603148389.jpg (61.27 KB, 1280x720, 7b91419864bbb906741ef6e3c9fd3c…)

Kielan Meddick, 'daughter' of an Australian MP. Currently in the news because
>she was attacked by a man and chased down a Melbourne street for being "too political"

>Investigators have been told Ms Meddick was spray painting over a poster on Smith Street when the unknown man approached her about 11pm.

>"The pair had an argument before the woman threw the spray can towards the man as she attempted to leave the scene," a police statement read.
>"The man followed the woman and threw the spray can which struck her in the back of the head."

~just cavewoman things~

No. 1384506

File: 1638603553488.jpg (112.83 KB, 625x900, FEiasLrVkAASmMW.jpg)

last tweet so gd funny

No. 1384566

they legit think their actions will have 0 consequences. life isn't twitter, people won't stand around and applaud you for being an "activist".

No. 1384579

He literally did instigate, though. First by being a vandal, then by assaulting the guy.

No. 1384593

File: 1638612686010.png (452.66 KB, 584x521, Why.png)

I could have sworn there was an English word for this? What do you call those people again? Drawing a blank here.

No. 1384595

Holy shit this ogre of a he-mam has no business being "distraught and scared" for provoking a fight with conspiratards on the street and then being shook that a crazy person hit him back. He looks like he's build like a fucking barn door, he's not a dainty princess being assaulted.

No. 1384596

I'm seeing so many troons in my state now, I hate it.
>there's this fat 6"3 ugly ass guy with a bob cut that wears the same pink shirt. I know this because he comes in almost every day and gave me the creeps. found out later he's a tyranny
>grandpa tranny with golfball tits and cheap wig strolls into my work
>we recently hired a tranny who I clocked immediately because he looks like a skeleton Edgar with fried hair
>coworker telling me about his 40 year old tranny friend who only transitioned because his wife came out as lesbian
like wtf? I'm disgusted. this isn't even a super liberal state

No. 1384598

tranny not tyranny. sorry queens my autocorrect

No. 1384611

No, you were right the first time.

No. 1384612

your autocorrect betrays its wisdom my queen

No. 1384621

Jfc I hate Victoria. The border closures were the best thing to ever happen to us. I'm sick of playing pretend for fucked up men. It's just sexism.

No. 1384633

File: 1638618125766.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1920x3411, Polish_20211204_123815467.jpg)

>See a tranny account with pfp that looks like he passes as a cute girl
>curious, check it out
>actually a hulking agp incel

Why do troons do this? He's not fooling anyone with that fake profile pic when he posts his actual ugly nude photos.

No. 1384634

He's desperately trying to fool himself

No. 1384635

that has to be a different person, that doesnt even look shoopable

No. 1384640

Troon shoops may as well be AI generated humans at this point.

No. 1384652

Do anyone notice that bisexual men are virtually all trooning out? They hide their bisexuality as a man by saying that they like 'girldick' you know because being lesbian is a whole lot more 'uwu' and they don't want to have to deal with homophobia from other males. Groups of bisexual men will get together and troon out and claim to be lesbians.

No. 1384653

They do. You just have to look for the gay men who are lying and still calling themselves straight.

No. 1384655

yeah, the eyebrows on the pfp are more straight, even while looking concerned, his are more curved. definitely some random woman's photos he took
>my identity is based around people's attraction to me
no, dude. even if someone is attracted to one sex, that doesn't mean they're attracted to EVERYONE of that one sex. you're just an overall insufferable person.
well, think of it. no one wants to willingly date someone who obviously doesn't even know themselves. you're dodging a huge bullet and saving yourself of all the stress.
there's so many troons on grindr and i question how many men actually message them compared to if they were on grindr before becoming a coomer.

No. 1384669

Ugly as a man and even uglier as a woman.

No. 1384698

Bisexual men have always been the most degenerate form of moid. They date women because relationships between men can only ever be sexual and there is no emotional fulfillment, so they want a woman as a long term partner to do emotional labor for the and be their caretaker, while they cheat with men on the side and give their partners STDs. I wouldn't even spit on a bisexual man if he was on fire. They are vile.

No. 1384710

Explain to me rn why he has a full set of briefs, like actual wideback underwear, bunched up in between his cheeks like that. Granny panties up the butthole like its sucking them in

No. 1384730

"teehee my ass is so thick and juicy it just bursts out of these panties! compliment me or you're doing literal violence to me"

just buy a thong you freak, they cost like $3

No. 1384740

File: 1638628399862.jpg (375.12 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20211204-152818_Chr…)

This is his bedroom >>1384633 (hid his naked ass) and lmao it looks exactly like Shoe's.
She's really got tranny tastes.

No. 1384746

Kek why is he posed like this is a crime scene photo?

No. 1384749

File: 1638629024168.jpeg (200.92 KB, 1365x2048, Eb_UvAkU0AESJW5.jpeg)

Samefag but what an asshole.
>'suck my girl dick or I'll out you as a terf on social media'
>goes on to dox her name and face

No. 1384751

File: 1638629137786.jpg (208.86 KB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_20211204-153923_Chr…)

No. 1384753

Dick doesn't belong in women's spaces. XY doesn't belong in women's spaces. Imagine being a misogynist in 2021.

No. 1384756

Grandma panties shoved up his ass kek

No. 1384774

File: 1638630726228.jpg (87.17 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-514399673-170667a.…)

The funniest thing about trannies is that they honestly believe that they can groom all of humankind into believing that they are indistinguishable from women. They think if they just groom children in schools by teaching them that sex and gender isn't real and if they moderate all of social media and get misgendering criminalized and people fired from their jobs for calling them "sir" then one day they will be seen as real women by society. But that will literally NEVER happen. Even if you can bully people into calling you a woman to your face, you will NEVER change people's perception of you and what they really think about you in their head. What they say about you when you leave the room. Normies will NEVER see you as real women, even if you force them to treat you as such. Lmao.

No. 1384799

This from a person that shoves their grandma panties up their ass and has a fake pfp. Always expecting their creepy ass cult to bully women into sex like some gang of cronenbergs. Hilarious it has only 3 likes and 1 retweet. Oh no!

No. 1384816

OT but did they lower the age because of how many TIFs are shooting up ball juice now

No. 1384823

This is the biggest self own holy shit lmao

No. 1384850

Troons think they pass because moids are face blind and of course, troons are moids so it just becomes a never-ending cycle of moids "complimenting" other moids about how well they pass. Women can easily clock troons but we always have to lie and say the moids totally do pass.

No. 1384851

Agree. Having hung around a lot of LGB people for all my life the bisexual men are actually the worst coomers of the lot. Lesbians and gay men generally act like normal people, bisexual women are hit and miss but bisexual men? Sex pests trying to hit on anything with a heartbeat and living some cringy kink lifestyle. People like to take shots at gay men for degeneracy but truth to be told the worst whores are bisexual men, usually they're in a relationship with a woman and fucking other bisexual guys they met on grindr on the side. They're the ones who become teenage anime girl larpers and start "lesbian" relationships with others like them. Male bisexuality seems to entirely be driven by pornsickness.

No. 1384854

All they're doing is pushing the kids of today to be super conservative. It's make me sad to say but I don't blame them one bit when they cut back on LGBT+ acceptance and sex positivity bullshit. It's gonna be the 50s again when they take over lol. I wish the Ls had their own movement or just stuck to women's rights groups. It makes me sad. Gay men (all men really) have been such useless allies to women we should've always been about ourselves and let the GBTs handle themselves because now we are associated with their fuckery

No. 1384857

Gay men are the same as straight men ime. Some are cool dudes, alot are sexist and entitled, and both have fetishes for people who do not want them (straight men with lesbians and gay men with straight men). Bisexual men are like a combination of the two so u get some hypersexual man child that wants to compete with you and fuck you at the same time

No. 1384861

Honestly a lot of the "anti-LGBT" stuff seems to be very clearly focused on the ladt letter. I'd say approval rates for LGB are probably about the same as they had been before troons went wild, give or take. I know things look grim, but it's okay to have a little hope thar normie hetero people can discern the difference, especially with some explanation from gay people about how hostile TRAs have been, and how they took advantage of LGB people's empathy.

No. 1384862

kek how is this supposed to be some pro-trans gotcha? He's basically admitting to being a man.

It's true, but at least gay moids aren't involving women in their narcissistic delusions by roping them in with promises of a relationship. Bisexual moids are the ones who force their co-dependent girlfriend into pegging them, becoming a mommy bangmaid and opening their relationship to involve more troons and discord FWBs. I.e. all r/transwidow horror stories.

No. 1384920

It's crazy how a whole generation of men went full psycho, isn't it? Previous generation of men were huge women haters but at least you could find one or two men that were legitimately good people. Now you've got AGPS, rapey nice guy "feminist allies", and bisexual man children that cry all the fucking time thinking that it makes them look "emotionally mature" when all it does is make any sane woman's vagina dry up like the sahara. These moids aren't even worth being friends with, let alone risking the potential murder suicide and dating them.

No. 1384937

what a creep he harasses her multiple times and twists her questions of that perverts gender and she's the creep? he's the one who mentions genitalia pictures in response to an innocent question

No. 1384987

File: 1638650475510.png (665.07 KB, 943x627, 568768768547.png)

No. 1385010

File: 1638652175324.jpg (669.52 KB, 1440x1080, Collage_20211204_220457.jpg)

something I've noticed coming across troon reviews is that many of them wear tights and socks with sandals or open toe shoes. Because they're fucking male lmao

No. 1385015

Lesbians made a huge mistake attaching themselves to the other alphabet people. Honestly I can barely feel bad for them because they are constantly white knighting degenerate gay/bi men and calling everyone homophobic if you call out a moid for being a disgusting groomer/coomer. The bad image that gays have is entirely because of men. Bisexual men and gay men have something like an average of 1.000 partners in their life, hence all LGB's are seen as promiscuous. The average age they lose their virginity is like 14, they prey on male children to groom them into the lifestyle early, hence gay people are seen as predators. AIDS also happened because of men fucking each other. Unless the lesbians decide to finally break away from degenerate moids I won't feel bad for them. Kind of made your bed and now you got troons trying to lay in it.

No. 1385024

Maybe it's to hide their manly ass toes? We talk about man hands but man feet are another league of their own lmao
>why wouldn't they wear close toed shoes, then?
Can't squeeze into them.

No. 1385046

I know that a vagina of course would have some type of smell but it’s not a specific type and not a defining characteristic of having a vagina. It’s not like women know exactly what their own vagina smells like and cherish that experience.

No. 1385060

File: 1638657035944.png (85.95 KB, 606x709, kjdshjdfhjf.png)

penises are so "feminine and delicate"

No. 1385064

That one radfem tumblr post about how the rise in transgenderism was a direct response to the cringy liberal "eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man" tumblr feminism because it was getting a little too close to female class consciousness rings truer and truer with every "friendly reminder" tranny post.

No. 1385069

WTF does racism have to do with this and why do they always have to throw that in? Also how do black people feel about this whole "hello fellow oppressed minority" thing that trannies constantly try to do? Just curious.

No. 1385070

they buy "nude" tights because have you seen the texture of men's shaven legs? They find guides saying 'women wear nude sheer tights to hide imperfections' and buy opaque tights that don't match their skin because sheer tights wouldn't cover shit. So they think they can wear them with open toed shoes or sandals because they think it looks like they have bare legs. lol.

No. 1385076

File: 1638658526252.jpg (42.58 KB, 700x394, richard-speck.jpg)

I was listening to My Favorite Murder ep34 and holy shit apparently Richard Speck, the man that raped and murdered 8 women actually transitioned while in prison. He walked around wearing women's underwear and nothing else, flaunting his estrogen induced man-tits, while talking about the details of how he raped and killed all those women.
There's absolutely nothing that can convince me that MtFs are not fetishistic skin-walkers at best.

No. 1385077

i despised that 'tee hee, eyeliner on point' libfem shit when it happened because it confused the performance of femininity with being a woman. I feel that all that 'i wear makeup for me!' shit convinced a lot of people that if womanhood was a costume. Anyone could put it on and be part of the club. The ironic relics of that time (sparkly ovaries lol) are fascinating because they would now be considered terfy by the same girls who made them.

Never had a problem seeing any woman's body as female ever. No matter the race. You can say that our concepts of what is beautiful is rooted in racist preconceptions and ideals (many asian countries for instance have a dark skin=bad problem) but beauty is not what makes someone seem female. This conflation of beauty with womanhood is the fucking problem. Only men think that. If transwomen want to die on that hill, they'll die at the bottom, because even if they passed as women, men's beauty standards are even more unrealistic for them than most women.

No. 1385078

File: 1638659012617.png (Spoiler Image,49.67 KB, 1800x1168, penos.png)

I made this helpful illustration for other cishets who might have an issue telling apart female and male penises. Hope we can all learn something today!

No. 1385092

Black people are the hammer white troons use to bludgeon their opposition. Many white affluent women are terrified of being called racist, and troons have discovered this is a great way to bring them under their heel. That's why troons have tried to connect trans activism with BLM. Not only to make their cause seem more valid but to gain the power of the black experience.
Otherwise it would make no sense. Black and ""POC"" generally hate troons. Just look at Lipstickalley, for instance. It's a shame liberal black people fall for these tactics, since it's been shown that in the current political climate black people are safe from troon tactics (See chapelle). So many white troons have outright admitted they used to be huge racists- they are no friends to black or other races. That sort of thinking doesn't just go away.

No. 1385115

Okay, what ratio of penises to vaginas commit sex crimes? Can a feminine, delicate penis rape?

No. 1385116

>Location: Naboo
He does kinda look like a Gungan.

No. 1385118

File: 1638661904228.jpg (834.94 KB, 1600x2000, a1LYMqM.jpg)

>BB/Survivor Fan
The girl in his pfp is Sarah Beth from last season's TV show "big brother". She's a cosplayer and a bisexual who spoke about having a girlfriend. I'm guessing he wants to skinwalk her/date her since she's a weeaboo and likes women. It's really creepy to use a selfie of her as his own.

No. 1385120

Tinfoil, but I think the eye-liner shit was pushed by big business to make money, same with the slogan t-shirts, etc. Make being something an identity to be shown through things you buy rather than actions that actually change shit and threaten businesses and corporations bottom lines of making bank. It was picked up by those who thought being an activist was cool and wanted to be a part of the club without actually doing the hard work of believing in something and acting in accordance with those beliefs, or those who considered themselves activists but felt guilty about being hypocritical. It gave them a way to excuse themselves, "Actually I'm not a hypocrite out of their guilt" and become a part of the new popular cool rebellious kids club.

No. 1385123

Oh my god, that's so creepy. He wants to wear her skin.

No. 1385124

Luv u queen

No. 1385131

Last I heard Vaginas can't rape

No. 1385133

It would be very difficult kek.

No. 1385161

But what if a vagina that's masculine, predatory, and aggressive attacks a feminine, delicate penis?

It's weird how that post insists that you can't equate penises with rape/ predatory behaviour and vaginas with being a victim, but associating masculinity with rape and predation and femininity with victimhood is fine. (I guess legally speaking women can commit statutory rape, but it's not like it happens in any significant numbers)

No. 1385173

kek anon this is great

No. 1385201

penises are tools of penetration. these fucking people are so deranged. launch me into the sun.

No. 1385218

File: 1638671360612.jpg (111.43 KB, 640x1214, 5r886KRqfzWASGXGAU4krTQctV3v5W…)

>anything is possible <3
they are so insane. i cant get enough of it

No. 1385226

i'm 99% certain they are just that dumb.
They are in delusion after unlimited trans healthcare paying for their botchery and hormones.
But I'd see a troon trying to get an uterus transplant that was harvested from a deceased woman, just to see it all fail spectacularly.

No. 1385230

I agree and I'm lesbian lol it's crazy how quick other women were to call me (a butch lesbian) a homophobe when I'd call out sexist and racist gay men. I used to be super LGBT involved till a few years ago I got sick of gay men being just as misogynistic as straight and bi scrotes. Literally everything centers dick and their stupid fag hags are basically apart of the LGBT now and have no issue letting twansphobe lesbians like me know I am disgusting and not welcome lol. But if I ask those fags and their handmaidens if they'd fuck a trans man it's always I want a REAL man lol but I'm the bigot for saying a fag with tit implants is not the same as me. I can't even feel bad for other lesbians or gays at this point. It's like they're trying to prove the christians who said we wanna confuse people & turn their kids gay right. And everything you said about gay and bi scrotes was nothing but the truth but you will be called a bigot for stating it. Gay men (and bi) are so coddled it's irritating. Not to mention how many of them feel entitled to surrogates but hate women. Idgaf two men raising a baby is red flags to me. I've yet to meet a normal gay couple that doesn't fuck strangers at parks and gas station bathrooms.

No. 1385235

>"anything is possible"
i mean no? women can receive uteruses from other women because our bodies are built to have them. science isn't "cRAzY" it follows a very simple line of logic.

No. 1385244

These fools think they get ghost periods of course they think we live in a fucking sci-fi movie Lol

No. 1385252


Based af nonita, bravo

No. 1385260

Men really think saying no to their penis is a crime worthy of public shaming. The rapey male entitlement of it all.

No. 1385267

wait why would the tsa scan machine have a warning block for a dick? isn't the yellow square supposed to be the range in which a foreign object like a knife or coke baggie might be? the machine isn't for detecting body parts/fleshy bits, i don't see how anyone believes this story. unless everyone's dick shows up on the machine and the tsa agent was confused because a dick showed up on something shaped like a woman? please help me

No. 1385269

>unlearn your biases
>penises are not tools of penetration
>meanwhile 97% of all rapes performed by cismales
This is the groomer's manifesto

No. 1385272

>It's not VaLiDaTiNg enough to pass as an ugly woman
this might be what pisses me off about timmehs the most. if an ugly girl wanted a nose job or fake boobs she'd get shit on, called "fake", and of course, have to PAY FOR IT HERSELF. troons get free bolt-ons and new faces (some get wayyy more than ffs, they get a surgeon to carve them a brand new pretty face), and for sure throw in lipo and BBLs while they're at it, then expect us to treat them like that's their actual real body and give them a pageant title?

No. 1385277

>assumptions about a woman's body…rooted in racism and misogyny
Samefag, how the fuck is it racist to call a male body male? (and no, you don't look like a black woman you turds, you fuckin' wish, black women are beautiful and you are gestures at thread)
And then he co-opts women's language by saying refusing penis is policing and controlling women's bodies no, it's policing and controlling rapey men's bodies, as they should be.

These moids are truly sickening, this is so clearly manipulative on so many levels. I can tell the person who wrote this is a dangerous sexpest from this one post alone.

No. 1385280

File: 1638676470968.jpg (314.1 KB, 1152x2048, FBz569CWYAED5u4.jpg)

dem crazy eyes

No. 1385281

i should've slept early now im gonna have nightmares jesus this thing is not a human

No. 1385290

this does happen. If they think you're a woman, and there's something down there, the scanner flags it because there shouldn't be. troons are in a bind, because if you go through as a male, it'll flag your fake tits lmao. saw a blaire white bit about it, it was actually a pretty grim video tbh

No. 1385292

Why do you call them "timmehs"? It's just TIM.

No. 1385293

File: 1638677858053.jpg (144.74 KB, 1000x664, nikki-before-and-after-facial-…)

keep seeing FFS before and afters that are basically just raising the eyebrows. I don't have a prehistoric brow by any means, but my eyebrows are pretty flat and close to my eyes even when shaped. Am i a man, nonnas?

nta but i thought it was funny lol

No. 1385295

File: 1638678165358.png (Spoiler Image,125.51 KB, 960x960, tpir7qy82l821.png)

christ. it's not worth it, mang

No. 1385299

he looks like the guy in your drinking crew that acts super quiet and soft and sensitive/sad about how alone he is, while inwardly thinking all his female friends are too ugly for him. then he "falls in love" with someone's barely legal new roommate and sits and talks with her all night until she's super wasted and then walks her home seriously thinking no one noticed that shit, and her roommate has to badger him out of the house whie drunk girl can barely stand up and feels sooo rude for saying she didn't want to fuck

No. 1385301

Sure, they shave their skulls down smaller, but they can't do anything about their thick ass necks kek

No. 1385302

did this motherfucker seriously equate being a black woman with having a penis

No. 1385303

File: 1638678661427.png (505.6 KB, 639x552, uytututy.png)

this guy's gonna shoot up his workplace u can just feel it

No. 1385304

The surgery did nothing for his face lol

No. 1385305

ayrt, cause it's funny, it's like saying "timmeh" like in south park. cause they're retarded

No. 1385306

Hopefully he'll just 41 percent soon

No. 1385307

I had to get stitches in my scalp once and it was agony. Seeing those stitched up hairlines makes me squirm

No. 1385311

plus what's this assumption that black and south asian women are the ones being called names everywhere? like does he think every country is majority white and his race is the baseline? i grew up in a country where white women are considered mannish, hairy, and dirty/stupid whores and literally would not think to call any other race's women those names. idk he seems pretty dumb and provincial to be spouting shit on the internet so confidently

No. 1385312

File: 1638679240627.png (712.9 KB, 637x615, 000773.png)

required viewing for anyone making the changeroom/bathroom argument
viscerally frightening

No. 1385313

no natal woman who looked like a post-emblaming margaret thatcher got up from the open casket and walked out of the funeral would ever agree to be on television. we have the good manners to not broadcast our faces when we're that ugly. only moids have that body confidence from a lifetime of literally never being judged on appearance.

No. 1385315

dude looks like he snaps and starts screaming&punching walls after someone says a completely innocuous sentence.

No. 1385316

>a guy covering his girl dick boner because he'd surrounded by naked women (although most cover up or covertly go to a stall to change)
holy fucking shit have you really seen this happen? they just get away with this?

No. 1385317

File: 1638680002723.png (30.58 KB, 749x372, whenthrough.png)

HRT kills brain cells lmao

No. 1385319

File: 1638680431106.png (3.17 MB, 1238x1238, that guy from mad magazine.png)


No. 1385320

File: 1638680547585.png (13.83 KB, 1119x270, Screenshot 2021 (4).png)

Why are tim's the only one who ask this?when they know the reason why

No. 1385321

OT but what country was that ?

No. 1385323

File: 1638680910443.png (4.23 KB, 1050x66, Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 00-07…)

>If I get a fake vagina will I have a period?
These men need anatomy lessons not HRT

No. 1385325

File: 1638681338984.jpg (100.53 KB, 640x595, lwxleo63hz281.jpg)


No. 1385326

The straw that broke the camel's back for me with the tranny shit was seeing my black girl friends compare themselves to white ogres in drag. It blew my mind seeing these ugly men proudly proclaim they understand , black women. Infact, they are even more oppressed than their black sisters and need these strong black women to protect them! All the coddling I saw my black liberal friends do for these disgusting racists was insane. And if I even tried to point out the fuckery of it all they'd start saying how I'm being hateful and a white supremacist (because apparently black people had no idea what gender was before the white man so being a TERF is also being a racist). I truly hope they wake the fuck up but woketards can be very hateful to black people who don't agree with them so Idk. I wonder how many other people ignore their common sense out of fear of being shunned/punished by the woke mob. The way they repeat their mantras when they fail arguments is telling

No. 1385330

"china" but not really, i grew up in hong kong and macau
pretty much all of east asia agrees. maybe it's different for gen z but growing up in the 90s it was pretty clear white women are the grossest. i guess it's tie between white and black women actually, i didn't know any black people back home though so i don't know what it's like for them. (PS i'm basically white, i don't hate white people)

No. 1385331

File: 1638681923071.jpg (66.88 KB, 1200x675, The_Almighty_Loaf_Banner.jpg)

No. 1385333

File: 1638682414074.png (20.75 KB, 1076x347, Screenshot 12.png)

No. 1385335

this is patriarchy at work. they think every other man and woman are extreme airheads like the people they purposely surround themselves with. they're deranged. no doubt, so many of us would be fine if they carried themselves around the world looking like they do now, but since we have the context of them attempting to "look like women", we're aware of how retarded they actually are. we are protective with established boundaries, if someone oversteps those boundaries, we're going to say something.

No. 1385337

File: 1638683711546.png (11.01 KB, 594x154, eryeey.png)

if it's impossible for non-troons to know what's phobic then how can we be blamed for being phobic?? it's all so silly

No. 1385339

File: 1638683827848.jpg (4.42 MB, 2880x1920, fbfjovehtnq71.jpg)

No. 1385341

File: 1638684098949.png (617.77 KB, 630x609, rtyyr.png)

oh, do you mean balding?

No. 1385342

It's the triangle Johnny Bravo body for me

No. 1385344

>I don't demand anything of anyone
On god? I thought you expected us to let you into every female space, deny the reality of words like "woman" and "lesbian", encourage any GNC kid to take bone-ruining "puberty blockers" (and provide them to such when they "miraculously" decide they're trans), pretend that kids can meaningfully consent to massive changes to their bodies or anything related to sex, and not ever "deadname" or "misgender". But if you have no demands, and just want to live as a man in a dress, I can't say I have too many qualms with that, so long as you don't wear hypersexualized clothes that don't cover your dick in public.

No. 1385345

I like it when they admit it: if you can't fuck her, become her!! Very healthy! Doctor approved!

or y'know seek happiness and self improvement in other ways leading to a successful life which attracts the people you want to be surrounded with towar- no just skinwalk them!

No. 1385347

File: 1638684647269.png (439.03 KB, 641x628, 678866886.png)

excuse me. how old

No. 1385348

Really. I wouldn't have much of a problem with troons if they just stayed in their lane. What peaked me was tims trying to redefine what womanhood was so that it included them, change the definition of woman and pushing terms like "uterus-havers", and trying to co-opt women-only experiences such as periods. If trans people stayed in trans spaces, like trans-only sports, and kept their shit to themselves, I think most people wouldn't care. But I've had this argument before with someone, tims aren't satisfied with being "separated" as trans, because they insist that they are real women. It isn't "validating enough" for their identity since then they apparently won't be seen the same (people can already tell though).

No. 1385350

File: 1638685026531.png (13.73 KB, 1050x174, ss (2).png)

>your moobs don't fit in a bralette
gee I wonder why

No. 1385351

ikr? "IT'S NOT A FETISH" but also "i'm dressed as the girl i wanna FUCK"

No. 1385352

>gonna exchange it

someone else is gonna get his used bra

No. 1385353

File: 1638685444656.png (43.08 KB, 1053x977, Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 01-23…)

"men who don't wear bras"-r/abrathatfits
Oh god fuck off

No. 1385355

Filter working overtime. Someone that looks bordering 50 would not look like the right pic.

JK Rowling makes broken metaphors in her writing and went off the edge with her lore updates, but she was right on the "uterus-havers" thing. Her opposers basically use some of the same arguments as Rowling, but Rowling is the villain just because she wouldn't include trans in uterus-related experiences, and that somehow invalidates trans people. News flash: having a uterus and complaining about it is offensive now because it doesn't include trans. And now troons try to shoehorn themselves in.

No. 1385361

Why isn't he feeling euphoria over being hated? Has he seen crime statistics? Or seen misogyny at all? Its a worldwide problem. People HATE women, for no reason, so being hated should make him feel valid.
Scrotes will fetishize every aspect of the female experience, no matter how average-to-awful, whether it be biological facts (having a fully functional vagina, uterus, menstruation, bone structure, accidental pregnancy, etc) or societal occurrences and pressures (women are sexually wanted more than men, being cat called or ogled, being oh-so-scared of men tee-hee, having a non-traditionally feminine hobby making you ~unique~, spending time on your appearance, unable to grow muscles easily, etc) to the point of shouting women down for complaining that they have these experiences, even if they are objectively awful, because "at least it happens naturally with you :(" yet the vague, uneasy feeling you get with random strangers hating you for "no reason" is somehow transphobic instead of validating to their inner gender.

>I just want to be a girl, why am I hated so much?

>I am not hurting anyone.
>I just want to be myself.
So many girls feel this way starting in elementary school. Its a part of female life that never really leaves. Grow up.

Maybe my monitor is doing some of it, but with the filter he put on, I thought the after pic was a Joker cosplay attempt. Even after I expanded and saw the hair wasn't actually very green, I had to read the caption to remember what thread I was in.

No. 1385363

Where…do they actually think the implanted uterus is going to go? Men’s bodies don’t have space for it, and even if you could somehow create a neovag that could expand enough to allow a baby to pass through, their hips aren’t wide enough. A baby’s head literally wouldn’t fit through their pelvis. So they would have to give birth via c-section, and if they’re already going in there they might as well just take the whole uterus back out if they’re going to anyway. Which means there is absolutely no point at all in implanting an organ into a body that won’t even have time to heal before it’s removed again. Just so some scoot can live his pregnancy fetish for a few months? Absolutely fucking vile.

No. 1385367

File: 1638688704855.png (1.64 MB, 1235x856, spot the girl wait.png)

my single lesbian ass joining dating apps and realizing "lesbians" looks different these days

No. 1385374

File: 1638689050144.png (383.55 KB, 592x616, cem.png)

Bradley looking like a grey these days

No. 1385377

Funny how Reddit is using the same overly-inclusive, clunky rhetoric they used to make fun of Tumblr users for. Remember when Redditors were obsessed with the Amazing Atheist and constantly bitching about "Tumblrinas" and "SJWs"? Same shit, different day– Redditors just look for different ways to act like they know more about misogyny than women do while chimping out at those of us who call them out on their nonsense.

No. 1385379

>vague, uneasy feeling you get with random strangers hating you for "no reason"
that's such a good point. I remember asking my male school friends why they hated some girl and they always just replied "She's a bitch" or something without explaining why. No one's expected to justify hating women. Being hated is the neutral state.
(and I thought that was a joker cosplay at first too lmao)

No. 1385381

Our reproductive systems are extremely complex. I sincerely doubt all the different hormones that go through women's bodies when a baby is growing can be added in manually and in the right amounts.
Even if it did work, the drugs a person has to take to stop their body rejecting an organ are no joke. The whole idea's ghoulish and profoundly selfish.

No. 1385383

what is Eva smoking thinking that ~teehee pantsu in mouf catgirl headpats ^_^~ is what lesbians want to see

No. 1385386

He looks fucking rough for 33

No. 1385389

File: 1638690512815.jpg (663.48 KB, 1920x3410, Polish_20211204_155334362.jpg)

Such an textbook male entitlement. Luckily he's delusional about his 3 followers actually being able to cancel people.

No. 1385391

I vote Jessi for prom queen

No. 1385398

>Faux News
Come back when you have a reliable source, trad-chan.

No. 1385402

We really have gone too far the other way on out treatment of mentally ill people
From locking them up and basically treating them like dead weight to letting them run wild with their delusions, inflict and spread their delusions into others, creating laws to protect said delusions and forcing people to accommodate them.
Hopefully someday within my lifetime we'll goldilocks this shit and actually manage to treat mentally ill people right

No. 1385403

probably lying about his age.

No. 1385405

>i grew up in a country where white women are considered mannish, hairy, and dirty/stupid whores
>literally would not think to call any other race's women those names
>pretty much all of east asia agrees
>clear white women are the grossest
>ps i'm basically white

At least try and make it sound realistic, racebait anon. You started off OK.

No. 1385408

Just remember, it's okay when men do it.

No. 1385410

Wish this thread could go a day without a trad or larping scrote sperging about how much they hate Jews/blacks/gay men

No. 1385411

People in Hong Kong live in literal cages, but sure, we're the dirty ones lmao.

No. 1385414


we need a /pol/tard containment thread they're getting annoying.


please take your white tears elsewhere, no one cares we are here to laugh at trannys

No. 1385416

samefag but has that kim petras "coconuts" song come up in the thread yet? it's not really milky but it's the AGP's anthem, specifically designed to go viral on tiktok

No. 1385442

>how the fuck is it racist to call a male body male?
blah blah gender is a colonialist concept and the whitey invented being male and female blah blah native American tribes' 3rd gender blah

I can't help but feel somewhat sorry when I see posts like this, they've been memed into believing that HRT is a magical girl pill that turns you into an anime girl because so many troons post fully filtered and edited before/after photos trying to sell that idea to negative IQs who don't know any better.

No. 1385448

And even after all that, the baby won’t even biologically be theirs, unless they impregnate themselves with their own sperm which tbh I wouldn’t put past them. Any troon who crows about uterus transplants and wishing they had a period is just outing themselves as a self-loathing misogynist. It’ll never be enough until literally everything we have belongs to them.

No. 1385449

I might be in a minority, but I don't consider ultra-entitlement (even approaching the narc range) to be mental illness. Male selfishness is rewarded. It's not mentally ill to act as though you think women should be subservient to you if that was what you were raised to think. It's inexcusably lazy and cruel of them not to try to challenge their socialization, but it's not crazy.

No. 1385450

the people who fall for this bullshit are always seething narcissists so it's poetic justice that they become ghoulish freaks.

No. 1385452

i saw a video of a TiF showing her before and after coconuts and the comments were filled with troons asking her if they could have hers or hoping they went to a lucky troon.

No. 1385453

I thought it was weird that he thought he wouldn't be "hateful" anymore if he took estrogen. I see a lot of guys acting as if their disdain for others is a male quality.
Hold on a minute. Is that why they shit their pants over terfs? Because they associate women with being nice and docile and they don't like seeing real women expressing rage and disgust? Hoo boy. Now that I think about it, the "feminists are all hairy-legged manlike bulldaggers" of yore makes a lot more sense if men think anger is the domain of the bedicked.

No. 1385454

Moids blame "cancel culture" on women and girls but revenge/slandering is something males love to do, because they want to ruin anyone who goes against their narc egos. It's especially bad when you refuse his dick. Incel troons have double the reason to try to publicly defame the women who rebuff them.

No. 1385478

>wearing collar, cuffs and nipple clasps in public.

Tell me it’s not a fetish though.

No. 1385479

Is that Cecil McFly?

No. 1385492

File: 1638706501087.png (415.41 KB, 1355x592, Screenshot (302).png)

So I occasionally browse leftypol(formerly known as bunkerchan) mostly on the /edu/ board for pdf files(its the only decent but also slowest board on the site) sometimes I'll stumble onto the other boards on that site and I immediately get disgusted after 10 minutes
the site is the probably the only publicly accessible space online that has the sane environment of private tranny discord, basically TIMs with no filter and saying what they really wanna say as half the board the site users are either TIMs or guys like vaush
Here is the some of the shit I have seen
I have seen blatant sissy fetishists talking about wanting to force feminize Barron Trump, talking about removing the uterus's of TERFs and setting up rape camps for republican woman, this is what they are like when they are allowed to be themselves

No. 1385493

At least they admit being tranny is mental illness

No. 1385507

nta but ive literally seen this at my uni change rooms. emailed a complaint and got back some bullshit including the unis 'inclusivity policy'.

No. 1385520

File: 1638711733704.jpg (416.14 KB, 1453x2805, 5mi4ylta5l381.jpg)

The monopoly man got his skirt. I'm getting really sick of these men posting fetish pictures in women's spaces because they know the women aren't allowed to tell them to stop.

No. 1385528

File: 1638712481438.jpg (290.74 KB, 1079x613, Screenshot_20211205-085306_rif…)

This is the monopoly man again. Apparently he started growing tits and decided that meant that he was meant to dress like a woman and be "nonbinary".

No. 1385541

gynecomastia isn't just fat, jfc. he probs got fat and developed moobs from being a chronic alcoholic.

No. 1385550

That's dumb. A smart female autist who's really good at quizzes or whatever shouldn't hold back from her potential just because she's pug-ugly.

No. 1385561

Anyone encountering more troons in traditionally female online spaces? I'm in quite a few vintage fashion groups on FB and ALL OF THEM have become a hugbox for troons with receding hairlines trying to play Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe. Some of them try to integrate by applying makeup and setting their hair but I'm convinced at least some of them are there for AGP larp at 1950s housewife. It's my special interest nonnas please help me

No. 1385564

Gay men have been on the forefront of bullying lesbians to suck tranny dick. Thinking gay men are different to straight men is retarded. They hate you just as much, they just don't want to fuck you afterwards.

No. 1385568

As a lesbian: no. Straight women are the main ones pressuring me (aside from TIMs themselves), and I say that as a androphobe who would love to blame men. Gay men generally don't care or won't discuss it.

No. 1385572

you dont know what the fuck youre talking about. Go simp for men elsewhere

No. 1385575

ok grandad kek
gay men don't like you

No. 1385578

AYRT And I literally hate men, even gay men, but they aren't personally pestering me about tranny shit. They swerve the topic entirely, probably because they don't want to throw their fellow coomers (troons) under the bus, but know tranny rhetoric would shit on them, too. Het women are the ones setting up blind dates between lesbians and TIMs, and policing my language about my dating pool.

No. 1385579

women are the ones organizing and fighting against this trash. Gay men (well ALL men but gay as well) refusing to discuss it and letting it happen because it doesn't effect them is exactly why we're in this position. But keep thinking the men will dace you.
Men constantly ignore topics that fuck with women and then get praised for doing it? They're cowards and you sitting here saying "well they havent forceably made me suck dick yet" is ignoring the issue. Also Adrian Harrop and all the gay men like him say hi.

No. 1385582

men are never held responsible, you know that. too many libfems in here right now sucking faggot dick.

No. 1385585

Do you think handmaidens or women with internalized misogyny don't exist? Not all women are out there fighting trannies, a lot of them have been brainwashed by queer rhetoric or brought down by constsnt attacks from the patriarchy. They're not more evil than men, because they're also victims, but it's retarded to pretend a lot of women aren't complicit in misogyny or lesbophobia just because it doesn't feel good to acknowledge.

No. 1385586

Agree, I'm pretty sure your average HSTS squeeing about a donated womb isn't much of an intellectual genius. It isn't even up for debate or a matter of an opinion, it's simply scientifically impossible and it will never become reality.

Honestly just report them because the infighting is so fucking annoying, they only come here to sperg about the evil homos as if gay men were the ones raping and murdering women and presenting as the millionaire transbian AGPs sitting at the top of the money trail. Lesbians are thrown under the bus by all sexualities including straight women, bisexual women and even other lesbians willing to pay lip service to troons, as another lesbian the heaviest TRA supporters I've met have been by far bisexual men and straight women. Plenty of gay men are anti-troon, they just don't get much coverage because nobody gives a shit if a non-woman is being "transphobic" so they're being ignored instead.

No. 1385590

Racial segregation comparison aside, trannies comparing their transition to treatment for actual health problems really pisses me off. By "basic medicine" he's referring to hormones, right? Normal men and women get put on hormones because they have a medical imbalance, something which potentially has serious consequences for physical health as well as depression (not because of some 'reverse dysphoria', because having fucked up hormones ruins your emotional stability) and is easily diagnosed via blood test. The only potential side effect iirc is a slightly increased risk of blood clots (which goes away if they go off hormones).

Trannies go on cross-sex hormones to GIVE themselves a hormonal imbalance, in the hopes that it will help their sadbrain. This has extreme long term consequences- infertility, development of breasts/ clit enlargement/ deepened voice/ facial masculinization/ vaginal atrophy/ etc. Acting like it's completely unreasonable to expect them to see a professional because they'll kill themselves if they don't get what they want immediately is insane. Should doctors just give people whatever medicine they demand for whatever they've self-diagnosed with, without running any tests? "you read webmd and you think you have cancer, lets fire up the chemo!"

It reminds me of TIFs crying about how cancer mastectomies are prioritised over their tit chops.

No. 1385591

Then blame the troon men for making this a problem in the first place.

No. 1385604

>16 successful
They really want to try a procedure that’s only been successful in sixteen women? Be my guest. I’m sure it will go swimmingly.

No. 1385607

Retarded point because a large amount of gay men are ALSO trannies. HSTS are more common than ever before because gay men have always wanted to bang straight men and think that by trooning out they get access to straight men. So saying "gay men totally don't care about trans stuff" is stupid, since they are one of the major groups of people currently trooning out. Look at the gay men in this thread who are constantly bragging about how they can "steal cis womens boyfriends" and about how they are so much better at performing femininity than women because they dress like sexdolls and have plastic surgery to fit a porn-ideal. Their "bussy" is so much better than a vagina, etc. Gay men are not your allies. They hate women way more than straight men do, since they have absolutely nothing to gain from us, but they do see us as their competition. Just because you personally have not ever been pushed by a gay man to have tranny sex (obviously, they don't give a fuck about people other than themselves) doesn't mean gay men aren't trying to oppress you by re-defining the definition of womanhood to include themselves and put themselves above you, all because they think they are better than you for being more promiscuous and opening their anus to strangers on the reg.

No. 1385609

Yes nonnie, sorry you’ve been diagnosed as man now. Get ready to have your arm stripped of skin for your new flesh tube.

No. 1385615

Sorry its too late, time to make your own group to force the troons out.

No. 1385616

There are more AGP then HSTS, and HSTS aren't demanding women suck their dicks (for obvious reasons). Cope.

No. 1385621

Moobs aren't boobs fucking old man.

No. 1385625

File: 1638721450318.jpeg (82.9 KB, 827x1168, FFxmtGjXwBAc1kC.jpeg)


No. 1385627

> gay men have always wanted to bang straight men and think that by trooning out they get access to straight men.

This is true lol I just witnessed a thread on a gay music forum where most of the men replied that yes, if they could wake up tomorrow as a woman they’d do it. Primary reason being access to straight men. Some of them just said they’d do it to escape discrimination. Like misogyny isn’t a thing.

No. 1385629

This. I was even fine when people were saying things like sex is what’s between your legs, gender is what’s in your mind. The moment they started saying they are true biological females was the point I was like. Hell no. Women haven’t gone through centuries of bullshit just to come to this.

No. 1385632

File: 1638721822824.jpg (2.32 MB, 2000x1333, cones.jpg)

No. 1385634

Sorry to samefag, but this is the other thing that gets me. They feel entitled to every space where women can talk about health issues that only affect us. When’s the last time you saw a TiF trying to infiltrate a group for prostate cancer survivors? Yet TiMs want to either be allowed in groups for things like endometriosis or miscarriage or whatever else just to get off. It’s insane.

No. 1385635

Yeah HSTS will just continue to devalue women in every way they can to put themselves above us, call us "axewounds" and try to hit on your boyfriend/husband every chance they get, because don't you know? They will do ANAL! which your boring fat old wife totally never wants to do. They are willing to debase themselves and be the UwU slutty boywife who is totally trad and looks like a porn star! Women just can't compete! Oh and they might also try to groom your kids on discord to turn them into troons as well or to molest them. They are totally not predatory misogynists! Gay men don't affect your life at all! Gay men are soooooooooo safe to be around, right fellow faghags?

Nah, fuck off. I will keep my distance from those predators and will never let them near my future children either. Not sucking off gays and you can't make me.

No. 1385647

File: 1638722967103.png (136.04 KB, 1892x612, Untitled.png)

No. 1385651

Kek HSTS will never be as much of a threat as AGP. If your Nigel leaves you for one or cheats on you with one, he wasn't a good man to begin with, and HSTS have no interest in raping women. It's not simping to admit that straight men are more of a threat to women than gay men, even though they're both misogynistic. Absolute tradthot cope here.

No. 1385653

Incorrect grammar in literally the first word. These are the people we want teaching our children?

No. 1385660

>Gays only want to rape kids, not you, why do you care?
Fuck off faghag.

No. 1385662

Fuck off tradthot.

No. 1385669

You're probably a HSTS yourself coming here to shit on the AGP hons, aren't you? Only a scrote would think that women should deal with misogyny from gays as long as they don't actively want to rape us.

No. 1385672

Nope, all men are bad, and hetero men just have more reason to hurt women. Sorry it hurts your trad fantasy, but straight men still rape, murder, and molest just as much, if not more. I hate all troons, but AGP are fundamentally more dangerous.

No. 1385683

This and we can't even use women to describe ourselves anywhere. like >>1385353

No. 1385686

What terrifying eyes

No. 1385687

File: 1638725911020.png (39.15 KB, 1081x591, Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 01-30…)

No. 1385690

File: 1638726207791.png (38.29 KB, 760x500, The Tweedy Mutant.png)

You can use the same excuse for troon woman so why are you backtracking?

No. 1385699

File: 1638726896810.jpg (26.97 KB, 382x679, photo_2021-12-05_17-50-05.jpg)

>fuck the terfs, up trans rights
i was taking a piss yesterday in the public train station toilets and decided to read the graffiti and yeah - beautiful message for us ladies. mind you im not from burgerland so this was a bit shocking because i live in a quiet part of the uk. they're everywhere nonitas

No. 1385701

My tranny ex is trying to skinwalk Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, me, and his childhood friend (my ex gf). Before I blocked him he'd always post about how he has Marilyn Monroe syndrome because everybody loves the idea and beauty of him but they don't love him and how much he understands her (because a privileged white man putting on a dress and selling his ass totally gets what it's like to grow up in foster care and have people only see you as a pretty dumb blonde). Always posting weird sexy glamour pics of himself it's quite sad and hilarious

Sage for blog post

No. 1385703

File: 1638727274451.png (19.84 KB, 746x240, Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 13-00…)

Make believe situations and talking over actual women is all troons do.

No. 1385704

I wish I was around whatever gay dudes youre around because gay men have called me a bigot for not wanting date transwomen. They literally are the reason models look like underweight twinks and women are doing drag makeup. The majority do not like us. Either ur a gay dude or a serious fag hag. Because alot of them barely even fuck with lesbians

No. 1385709

How the fuck is "straight men rape" an excuse for gay men to be misogynistic pieces of trash? Do we really hold people to the standard of the lowest people in our society? No. Why do faghags always use this argument? Nobody is talking about straight men and you are trying so hard to deflect from gay men doing awful shit by saying "B-B-BUT WHAT ABOUT STRAIGHT MEN?! ARENT THEY SO MUCH WORSE?!" literally trying to change the subject and misdirecting the conversation. Imagine simping this hard for fags, your fujo husbando will never love you. Wholesome gays only exist in your porn fics.

No. 1385710

Literally the fact alot of gay dudes call their asshole a boy pussy should tell you they do not respect us (also that's disgusting lol)
You sound like a gay scrote lol. Or you are a pickme libfem for gay men. Sad either way because gay men have never done shit for us and are the face of the tranny movement. Yea hsts don't rape women but they rape men, even if you don't care about that you can't like they're harmless. They enforce patriarchal standards and claim their effeminacy is better than any woman femininity. They literally want to replace us and have expressed this many times if you just go back through the threads

No. 1385711

Alot of gay men don't think misogyny is real because they're men. Since most want access to straight men they see being a woman as a privilege. I've had gay men tell me I shouldn't complain that men want me when I complain about creeps. Theyre kinda like incels in that they think being a woman would be easy or fun it's why they have drag shows

No. 1385713

Luckily for you, you are a man and can simply detransition.

No. 1385716

>wah wah why do people call me out for hating gay men specifically more than any other kind of men
It's homophobia if the reason you hate them is because they're gay, instead of being moids. Moid hate is cool, you can hate gay moids for being moids. They're all coomers. But I don't trust you to be cool to me as a lesbian if you're going to act like gay men are more evil than straight scrotes.
>"they literally want to replace us"
Imagine actually being afraid of this kek. Are you such a bad choice that your only options are downlow gay/bi men who would cheat on you with a hon with STDs? They'll never be able to have wombs, anyway.
Again, this is a problem with moids in general, not just gay moids. I wonder when the mods will come and ban us all for this stupid shit?

No. 1385719

And a lot of them still are touchy and weird with women even tho they don't want to "rape" us, they do think they can just grab a womans boobs or peek in on women changing because they are gay and it's "no big deal" or some shit. Never met a gay man who didn't want to touch my boobs. They don't know boundaries because they are hypersexual and deviant.

No. 1385720

>Imagine actually being afraid of this kek. Are you such a bad choice that your only options are downlow gay/bi men who would cheat on you with a hon with STDs?
Alright, cool. Way to out yourself as a man here. Nobody ever said anything about being scared of gay men replacing us. I just said that they constantly talk about how much better they are than women and how they compare themselves to us in the most misogynistic ways that reduce womanhood to how fuckable you are and how you compare to a blowup sex-doll. Nobody is afraid of a HSTS stealing their man. I am still not ok with them boasting about how they could or them attempting to touch straight men inappropriately because they think they are entitled to do that. You are basically doing the whole "Oh, you hate gay men? You must just be JEALOUS and you are AFRAID that they are better than you, wow you must be such an ugly bitch."

Fuck off, piece of shit.

No. 1385730

File: 1638730083201.jpg (185.91 KB, 1600x983, 259406639_4432813656841158_847…)

>>1385720 "periods are a feminine pleasure" said no woman ever.

No. 1385731

I accidentally replied to the message above and didn't notice it lmao, I didn't mean to reply

No. 1385738

I literally quoted someone worrying about HSTS wanting to replace us but go off I guess.

No. 1385741

NTA but imagine being this miffed over gay HSTSs' desperate "at least my asshole doesn't smell like fish" copes when straight AGPs are literally writing shit about beating and raping terfs to the point you're actually fighting someone in the MTF thread for telling you to cool your sperg. Did your Nigel cheat on you with one or why in the fuck do you derail every goddamn MTF thread with this boring, projective shit going in circles?

No. 1385758

File: 1638732021171.png (347.17 KB, 743x646, nonbinary person is a man.png)

No. 1385768

i'd write ywnbaw over it

No. 1385773

I want the pleasure of kicking him in the balls.

No. 1385774

You just can't stop with the "but what about straight men?!" misdirection, can't you? Guess what, both AGPs and HSTS are degenerate shitstains that deserve absolutely nothing. You are just outing yourself with this weird "OMG you must have your husband stolen by a gay man!" fantasy that for some reason all gay men constantly engage in. Which is exactly why I call you out for being misogynistic pieces of shit who constantly want to compete and compare with women (guess what, you will never compare). Because you will forever seethe that men prefer women over you. Cope, faggot.

No. 1385777

I live in a lefty bubble so all our toilet graffiti has been aggressively pro trans women for years. Sometimes people respond but it's always fairly unnerving to see KILL TERF SCUM next to the usual 'love yourself hun xo' stuff.
I don't think it's necessarily reflective of what most people think (even here), but the people who enjoy woke slogans are usually pretty loud about it.

No. 1385780

Becoming "the type of girl I wanted" trend creeps me out to no end. How do we know some weirdo from our past became a weak and shallow facsimile of you, the girl he crushed on?

No. 1385797

File: 1638736490267.jpg (410.53 KB, 750x1126, IMG-3575.jpg)

Reddit so kindly recommended this post to me in my emails, despite having never even been on any gender related forums… The fact that they feel so emboldened as to post this shit makes me puke.

No. 1385798

Anyone who posts deranged coomer shit like this deserves to be isolated and harassed until suicide is a viable option.

No. 1385799

Nothing would piss a tranny off more than to write “only men choose violence” underneath

No. 1385807

File: 1638737125271.png (106.21 KB, 1080x746, Screenshot_20211205-212519~2.p…)

Lol you wish.

No. 1385823

kek what i'm a white asian and we're considered fat drunk hookers, it's not an uncommon opinion. i didn't mean to racebait, just that usa troons seem to think their country's stereotypes are worldwide ones

No. 1385825

only sad single people live in cages, if you have a good job and a girlfriend you can at least get your own bathroom
i like how westerners know the word "cage apartment" but haven't seen the movie Cage Man. you guys love your buzzwords and internet trends but don't bother to actually learn anything of substance

No. 1385827

ayrt and yeah i agree it's dumb and that we shoudn't have to feel that way, i meant the fact is that we do. so many of us don't work towards our goals because from a young age it's drilled into us that nothing we do will ever matter because we're not hot. so then we sit around doing nothing because we've been told our achievements will be worthless no matter what they are because due to our looks we've already failed. men have literally no concept of living like that

No. 1385832

Probably one of my favorite tranny videos, it has a rather infamous one explain that trans people love touhou due to it ‘having patterns that can put trans people at ease since they follow gender patterns in a similar way to video games’ and ‘has characters that wear only comfortable clothing’ despite almost every girl in touhou wearing an animu lolita dress.

Also for some reason the video insinuates that a character who reincarnated as a king (they never specify what gender the king is though, in reality it’s more like fate where a girl is called a king) makes them canonically trans for some reason?

In reality the obvious reason trannies like touhou is because they’re lolicons.

No. 1385856

The only people I know who actually play bullet hells are autists, and mostly men.

No. 1385867

File: 1638742358420.png (214.48 KB, 1272x510, sigh.png)

>Muh innocent baby gay Nigels do nothing wrong!! Youre all just tradthots!
Rape is not the only thing wrong with trannies and scrotes in general, but if you're not a woman, you probably won't get it

No. 1385885

File: 1638743212036.png (546.57 KB, 748x494, Screenshot 34.png)

leaning to one side = hips

No. 1385887

File: 1638743254935.jpeg (84.23 KB, 1184x956, photo_2021-12-05 22.22.52.jpeg)

No. 1385891

I'm a woman because (insert nonsense here)

No. 1385895

nta but that's not what that anon said retard. She only said that gay men aren't as dangerous to us as straight men which is objectively true

No. 1385901

Gay men/HSTS still love to infringe on women's spaces and our rights because of male entitlement. Splitting hairs and fighting with other women for the sake of their honor is the most retarded handmaiden shit

No. 1385904

Kek at this point I'm pretty sure "she's" a psyop from someone trying to make us look homophobic while derailing. Either that or >>1385741 hit the nail on the head. Either way, this person tard rages about gay men every other thread, then gets pissy when she gets called out for targetting gay moids in particular instead of moids in general.

No. 1385905

christ fucking everybody who claims astrology as feminist subversion should do a flip. we don't need fake magic shitting up our demands for personhood. i don't wanna hear any of you idiots calling me a handmaiden or hater for denouncing star magic as the fake bullshit timewaster it is.

No. 1385906

So you're trying "Actually, you're the male for not defending men, checkmate"? Lol. I wasn't even in the argument and I stopped reading the post you just linked at "fishy pussy" or whatever because that's obvious scrote BS
Quit handmaidening and chimping out at women for disliking men, taking it up the ass doesn't make a male innocent. I'm not whichever person you've been reeeeing at for not having your opinion, everyone here is just tired of faghags, including LB women

No. 1385909

This >>1385906 is for you since you deleted your first post lol

No. 1385910

It's very telling this man just assumed astrology was meant to refer to inherent womanhood.

No. 1385912

I found a website called transwidowvoices after trying to find that subreddit, holy shit. Depressing

No. 1385916

Transwidow shit is truly devastating. I'm not sure how anyone can stay a handmaiden with the knowledge that AGPs stealth as "normal" men, then trap women in their narc fantasies after they're married and have kids.

No. 1385924

Nonnies first time finding out that a lot of farmers hate gay scrotes just as much as straight scrotes, cute. I bet you were also a liberal feminist until last week when you found out what a TERF was because you've been called one on twitter. Don't you have some gay man's balls to polish somewhere?

No. 1385925

They really do nearly throw their nonexistent hips out of place trying to look like they have waists don't they? Kek. Fridge body.

No. 1385929

File: 1638746280406.jpg (134.44 KB, 682x500, gakuen handsome.jpg)

No. 1385930

The men who enjoy bullet hell games and speedrunning are a special breed of autistic trannies.

nta but could you fucking stop already? This is some major cringe

No. 1385934

It's because it has anime girls. The end.

No. 1385938

distinguishing between systematic sexual and physical abuse and stealing an acting award and is not "splitting hairs" you fucking idiot

No. 1385940

When I was a kid I had to wait over a year until I could start an hormonal treatment that was absolutely necessary for my physical health and indirectly for my mental health just to make sure I truly needed it and to adjust my daily doses in the most precise way possible, do these gorilla looking mf think their plastic surgery and placebo HRT should be given to them after they just ask for it just once?

No. 1385945

also women on hrt have been undergoing female hormone "therapy" for years. it's not like they experience estrogen for the first time, either there's health benefits, as u said, or a return to how their body was functioning before

No. 1385947

File: 1638747347692.png (295.32 KB, 720x1097, daintygirlthings.PNG)

I wonder if that TIM in wrestling who split open that womans head has a hard time opening his pickle jars? Kek at this idea that all trannies are delicate waifus like the "It's Ma'am!" hon couldn't crush a firm apple in his meaty fist like it was an old grape. If these dudes can't open a fucking jar they're either malnourished incels or can't manage to crank the lid and crank their agp boners at the same time.

No. 1385964

>Claims to struggle to open pickle jars
>Probably has holes in his walls from fits of gamer rage

No. 1385979

In my case I had to take growth hormone daily for years but since I started that treatment as a kid it's the only reason why I could even go through puberty. Knowing that I would still be more of a woman than these "people" even if I didn't take that treatment and remained a womanlet with underdeveloped reproductive organs and no breasts makes me laugh tbh.

No. 1385985

>transphobe because we believe in reality

No. 1385988

I told you that fags themselves talk about replacing us but you're too retarded to comprehend that. Go suck doodoo dick somewhere else you pathetic pickme bitch. When in history have gay men ever done anything for women? They have stolen women's jobs and positions before (ancient Greece) while we were delegated to broodmares kept inside all day. You need to grow the fuck up and realize ALL men have the ability to oppress us. Literally all men from all walks of life have before pick up a fucking book. And read the thread or go back to data lounge. And no woman wants a gay or bi scrote. Thanks for showing us why gay men are not our friends lol. I didn't say shit about STDs or undercover fags but you started going off about my man (I'm a lesbian btw) getting stolen by a fag? Ok? You are so clearly a gay male, y'all brag about fucking your female friends closeted bfs and expect us to continue to mule for you and let y'all dictate how we do our makeup and dress ourselves. Gay men never stand up for us when their straight and bisexual brothers rape us and they're now claiming to be better women than us when if we did that to them (start a thing called fag shows where we dress up as gay dudes dying of AIDS and make jokes about leaky assholes) they would go ballistic and end it. Women are too fucking nice. Even when fags are mocking us and calling their disgusting man assholes boy pussies women still yasss queen these fucking retards just like they do straight men. You are seriously a fucking retard I'm not gonna explain this to your slow ass again(infighting)

No. 1385993

Alot of libfems in these threads kek

No. 1385994

Lmao if that happened TIMs would get buzzcuts and wear their wife's underpants behind closed doors just like olden times. They want to be opressed so badly

No. 1385995


No. 1385996

Preach queen

No. 1385999

I get that you're from an insular retard town but "y'all" is common vernacular in half of the country, not just twitter. Give it up.

No. 1386003

Ma'am this isn't LSA

No. 1386006

Not only that, but they won’t even get that far. Their bodies are literally NOT programmed to even understand what a uterus is. They think it’s just an incubator they can stick in there, when it’s not. It would be a hunk of dead meat that would lead to sepsis, if anything. All the way down to a molecular, cellular level — it wouldn’t work, due to a difference in structure, purpose and compatibility. It’s an intensely different organ, no matter what TiMs say or spew. The more I’ve researched about my own body parts as a lady, the more I’ve learned - I’m talking shit they don’t teach you in school. They do not have a female endocrine system either. Nothing about their brain, body, cells would register the uterus correctly to allow it to function. Secondly, uterus transplants are taken out after they’re used and even then - it’s not the most pleasant experience for the woman getting it. So in short: Dream on.

No. 1386019

Yes, the fucking mental gymnastics. Suddenly gender ISN'T only a belief you hold in your head.
The moment they tried bringing biology into it, I peaked. Suddenly, trans people akshually have brains like the sex they feel like. Suddenly, trans people akshually could have chromosomes and sex organs like the sex they feel like. It's very rude to assume, please be nice and you will respect our demands.
Bull. Shit. No one genuinely believes this.

No. 1386022

literally no one itt likes hsts or thinks gay men aren't misogynistic, all were saying is that a hsts in a woman's space is less dangerous than an agp. period. you kepeo strawmanning everyone's arguments because youre an obsessed sperg

No. 1386055

File: 1638756708896.jpg (255.6 KB, 1080x1628, FF4K4qnXIAMDrQs.jpg)

So this troon is getting heat from other troons because of this lmao

No. 1386059

Wtf is he sperging about? does he think tims are going to be put into camps and killed in some near-future "nazi uprising"? because that's literally the opposite of what's happening right now. people have to go along with troon delusions or they're fired from their jobs, and there's more bullshit laws being passed in favor of tims.
Also, funny he's calling out they/thems that make no effort to "transition", since that's typically a "terf-y" thing to do according to their queer cult.

No. 1386062

Kel, Nazis aren't gonna go after you because you titty skittled your gay away.

No. 1386065

The world prior to the retarded sexist pandering to troons was literally just the world 5-10 years ago. They weren't being killed, just not given everything they want regardless of living a lied. They are just entitled men. The only reason they keep pushing is that they think they'll get what they want if these laws pass, whether that's being sexually desirable to someone who's sexuality does not include them, etc. They don't realise that changing the words, then the laws, doesn't change reality. Like Alok being baffled at the increase in trans acceptance didn't lead to more people wanting to fuck him. Literally nothing has changed about what they are, just what were allowed to say about them. No straight guys going to fuck a man no matter how draconian they treat people calling them a man in a dress.

No. 1386071

Tell me you have a martyr complex without telling me you have a martyr complex. Any sane individual would say “no, I’m not trans” if whatever hypothetical American nazi regime were kicking down their door in the year 2021; a totally reasonable and sane fear to have that’s not at all a strawman.

What a weird way to acknowledge that even when you “medically transition” you still won’t ever pass though.

No. 1386072

File: 1638759400815.png (15.96 KB, 753x182, Screenshot 2021 (5).png)

that means she didn't want to date a man pretending to be a woman. which sane person would ever want to date a walking mental illness

No. 1386073

File: 1638759486860.png (16.79 KB, 1076x255, Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 21-40…)

On that note look at what happens when you date someone like this. You get trapped taking care of a man child and your kids.

No. 1386075

This scrote legit thinking he knows what being a mother is like

No. 1386076

I thought even gynaecologists couldn't tell the difference lol

No. 1386080

I’m a third world coke addict femcel and I hate faggots. What? It’s my right. I hate their voices and their stupid films and songs and their sense of humor and their ratty clothes and nerdy suspenders and awful hairdos. I don’t have any good reason I just think when my eyes fall upon their he/him visual presence I feel like I want to hang myself. Yes

No. 1386082

I'm sorry but is the point of this thread not to shit on trannies, both HSTS or AGP? And ur right. On lipstick alley there's less faghags

No. 1386084

Go away

No. 1386087

Letting confused gay boys in our spaces allows for other men to come in our spaces too quit being retarded and white knighting a group of men who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Gay men are still men u homophobic fuck and letting one man in no matter how fruity and retarded he is will mean we have to let the other men in too. Dumb fucks like you are the reason AGPs are in our spaces

No. 1386089

How the fuck do you avoid men like this? Men who wait till you're trapped to troon out? I've been in an abusive relationship before and honestly I'd rather get hit again than have my SO troon out. I can't imagine having some pervert skinwalk me and abuse me on multiple levels while our friends yasss kweeen the whole thing, at least when I got hit people gave a fuck. People really expect the wives to deal with this intense psychological abuse it's disgusting. Literally all abusive men have to do these days is slap a wig on and they can just say they were feeling dysphoric and that's why they beat their SO

No. 1386090

At least sage your pathetic blogposting.

No. 1386091

File: 1638762056358.png (1.01 MB, 793x2100, hitlerdesu.png)

love when they get all shaky in knees about Nazism like their community doesn't have an overwhelming amount of 'former Nazis' in it

No. 1386098

Stop replying to the trannies larping as homophobic women. It's very obvious that they're a handful of speds trying to make us look like conservatives.

I will never, ever hate gay men solely for being gay. You fucking people have the weirdest obsession with how gay men have sex. I don't think fujoshis even talk about anal as much as you guys do. I don't give a fuck how gay men have sex, and honestly as long as gay men keep to themselves, they're not a problem for us (being an HSTS obviously falls outside the definition of "keeping to themselves.") Anon was right when she said straight/bisexual handmaidens are the majority of non-trannies guilt-tripping people into sucking girlcock. Not saying gay men don't do it too, but askgaybros is proof that fags object to tranny nonsense, too.

I seriously doubt any of the homophobic anons are actual women, but if any of you are: seething about poop isn't feminism, nor is treating other women like shit for treating gay men with basic human decency while still acknowledging that they have male privilege. No "third world cokehead" has an opinion worth listening to lmao. Call me a faghag or whatever, at least I'm not wasting my time obsessing over total strangers having anal sex (which straight people also do, and I bet some of your Nigels have before meeting you.)

No. 1386099

I think it's just schizos being schizos.

No. 1386103

You're a fucking moron, keep sucking gay scrote asshole and pretending they can't physically abuse us and cosign fucking us over politically because of your yaoiz

No. 1386104

it is saged newfag

No. 1386109

Terfs and rightoid/conservative scrotes are the different faces of same coin.(dilate)

No. 1386111

Cool. Want to tell us about your "nazi phase", William?

No. 1386113

Are you the retard posting that terflover girl in the other threads lmfao fuck out of here tranny

No. 1386115

Never had one, nonny.

No. 1386116

Nope, this is my first post. Please take your meds and touch grass.

No. 1386119

File: 1638764041227.png (798.04 KB, 652x867, 99.png)

Sure you didn't lol

No. 1386123

Nope, never had one.

But for a transphobic scrote to have saved pictures of trans girls in his computer must mean something.

It is there anything you want to tell us, anon?

No. 1386125

>Reddit spacing
You didn't deny being male the first time, don't try to reverse uno now.
In general, it's also just really nauseating to see trannies infantilize grown men, including ones who are Nazis. Please keep your fetish to yourselves, last (You)

No. 1386127

Goddamn nonnie, I'm using this the next time I see a troon pull this lmao

No. 1386128

Why is this always the classic tranny deflection? You call out their sicko moid behavior and the first thing ripped from between their snaggly chapped lips is "You're just jealous and want to fuck me!"
Narcissism at its finest.

No. 1386129

A lot of them aren't even "former", you can tell by how they talk about women who aren't white. Honestly, just head to /lgbt/ and see how racist and misogynistic they are when they can be anon. I first started to peak when I witnessed the racism in their community for myself, and saw white allies and TRAs trying to deny all of it

No. 1386132

love this idea that because they're the self proclaimed definers of womanhood that they can be as misogynistic and racist as they please to validate themselves. "omg I took estrogen and now I can't do math or open pickle jars teehee!"
It's like if every time Rachel Dolezal colored in her pores with a brown sharpie she had to publicly share that she was suddenly craving fried chicken or got a rap song stuck in her head.

No. 1386133

You're that retarded troon that keeps asking about hard drives on halfchan. Incredible

No. 1386134

Because they are men. It's what men do, they're narcs.

No. 1386135

>Nooo, acknowledging biological sex is sexism stupid wamen.
Y chromosome moment.

No. 1386137

Weird. I thought they totally pass, and after transition and magical hormones you can’t tell who’s cis or not. what does he mean they can’t hide from the nazi boogeyman?

No. 1386139

The state of this thread

No. 1386154

Because deep down they know they don't and won't ever pass

No. 1386155

the glorious cope. Your ex lied to you so you wouldn't harm her.
i'd imagine the wife is in a bad mental place at the moment. they usually do this shit during a very low point of the woman's life, either coming from external stressors or from him. either way, he'll take advantage of this low point.

No. 1386186

File: 1638772467694.jpeg (276.18 KB, 781x2048, FFTVH_iX0AIAkOP.jpeg)

Troon fashun

No. 1386187

I don't like her but she's a female

No. 1386188

I hate it here but it's all I've got left.

Side note but I've noticed the best strategy is to just make them lay it all out in excruciating detail. Go on Matthew, how exactly does a black woman resemble a male?

No. 1386190

That is because you don't pass Stacy, did you forget that "not even a gynecologist" can recognize a neovag? How would the Nazis even know somebody is a troon? No wonder the others are not pleased with this take lol

No. 1386196

>transitioning to look like a rhea pearlman drag queen

No. 1386200

>>1386119 Chad Ernst Röhm: nationalsozialistisch, SA leader, second man after Hitler, butch gay man
Virgin Gregor Strasser: national Socialist, thrown out of the NSDAP, killed by the Gestapo, strasserist troon fans

No. 1386214

File: 1638777188754.jpg (21.56 KB, 309x328, cretin-marissamartinez-headsho…)

> boyfriend wants to show me a woman in grindcore
> Marissa Martinez
> "oh wait it's a tranny"
> "he looks like a woman!!"
Pic related

I really hate seeing men take away from women. Like Closet Witch doesn't get half the attention that troon faggots get in extreme music. I hate this hell world.

No. 1386219

I think you droped this.

No. 1386223

I have seen a bunch of them say it makes their dick smell like fish. They are probably just getting a floral imbalance from their bodily secretions changing or from tucking. A fishy vadge is alkaline, the opposite of what it should smell like.

No. 1386236

>I have seen blatant sissy fetishists talking about wanting to force feminize Barron Trump, talking about removing the uterus's of TERFs and setting up rape camps for republican woman
In nutshell, it's "seize the means of reproduction". I could last longer reading news from regional general. Otherwise, I easily bored with their insane and headache-inducing posts

No. 1386238

I fucked a tranny once, and it did actually have a slightly fishy genital smell. I haven't smelled any vaginas other than my own, so I can't say that it for sure didn't smell like a vagina, but it certainly didn't smell similar to mine.
There was also smegma.

No. 1386239

Jfc anon

No. 1386244

>Intentionally shit up thread with homophobia
>Switch IPs and pretend to be someone else
>"Omg look at how conservative TERFs are"
How fucking gullible do these retards think we are

No. 1386245

Why…? Was someone holding a gun to your head? I'd rather take a swim in a pool of cold puke than touch a tranny's genitals.

No. 1386252

99% of troons are AGP and only want to rape women, dummy.

No. 1386263

>the two genders are smart and retarded
I hate it here so much

No. 1386266

File: 1638786869898.png (1.51 MB, 1129x1487, whiteman.png)

the fish smell was smeg or a UTI, why did you proceed

No. 1386268

File: 1638787471257.png (712.73 KB, 512x768, ec6.png)

you are no woman

No. 1386272

Westerner here: what the fuck is a "cage apartment". Never heard that term. It isn't common. Kind of sounds like a translation issue.

No. 1386273

This is why I don't touch modern American metal with a ten foot pole, the scene has been completely pozzed with tranny shit, especially black metal. It's probably seeping in Europe too unfortunately.

No. 1386277

It's not a translation error, just look it up. If "cage apartment" doesn't work, try "Chinese cage apartment".

No. 1386285

File: 1638791008681.jpg (12.72 KB, 285x285, 05072017161501_jun-chikuma[1].…)

I feel the same way about the composer of Bomberman, Jun Chikuma, being a fucking troon. He really thought he could get away with it too. He even tried getting the Discogs listing of the album he made under his real name Atsushi erased completely off the site. https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/698721

No. 1386286

eh I clicked on it from the main page thinking it was a woman.

No. 1386293

I have seen countless comments about how 'asian men pass better' when that's only because previously the majority of Asians trooning out were HSTS. There is a new crop of Asian AGPs and they look just as hideous and hulking as all the common Caucasian ones.

No. 1386295

You need to seen an optometrist nonita. His horseface, giant neck and gangly shoulders make him an obvious troon. I have never seen a woman that looks like that.

No. 1386296

File: 1638792431625.jpg (65.81 KB, 940x616, Modern_punk.jpg)

Im thankful the DIY rock scene is still safe, however online based and modern "punk" in general is filled trannies, handmaidens, kweers and genderspecials who don't know the first thing about punk and just use it for their "gender expressions" while bashings on the previous generation of artists, honestly punk is dead the "kweers" have claimed it
picrel is what the average punk band looks like these days

No. 1386297

I'm still mad over finding out that Vektroid/Macintos Plus is a troon, I thought it was great that a woman was such an important part of the electronic music scene but of course it had to be a man. If only he would've been a HSTS but no, it's the cyberpunk hacker girl loli waifu transbian type.

Also yes I know electronic music is tranny central and I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up

No. 1386298

File: 1638792658794.jpg (362.27 KB, 1200x1598, Chelsea_Manning_on_9_April_202…)

He gives me Chelsea Manning vibes, rather delicate looking as a man but then when he tries to become a woman he does not pass.

No. 1386305

>especially black metal
anon im not american and this is puzzling to me, the metal scene and specially more niche genres like BM is pretty much 99% men with conservative views, if not straight up nazis, i had to have male friends pretty much chaperone me to concerts.
Is it really that bad in he us?

No. 1386316

nta but I'm assuming she's talking more about the scene that open to the normies and so present super inclusive LGBT+ POC friendly image, as well being the one's that advertise themselves online and yeah their infested with trannies
real Metal scenes often are filled with blue collar white trash guys, its not too bad per-se but its too violent for my sake and the guy's are usually there for the violence not the music

No. 1386323

File: 1638795886549.jpg (16.06 MB, 728x910, kMCGahI.jpg)

Oh no punk is dead? For the millionth time declared dead because of some posers who play some kind of "punkrock music"?

No. 1386326

Why is it so hard to imagine that some white people still live in the former colonies and that there is some ethnic tension between them and the natives?

You're going to lose your mind when you find out about the Indians in Africa…

No. 1386328

No. 1386332

File: 1638797160805.png (225.43 KB, 1010x694, 90000.png)

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet but a TIM athlete set a record recently, he is now technically the fastest "woman" freestyle swimmer in all of America


No. 1386335

File: 1638797549936.png (7.76 KB, 887x94, tryry.png)

lmao i wonder why it hasn't?

No. 1386336

File: 1638797804321.png (1.17 MB, 575x920, 51264961-10266627-image-a-3_16…)

woah. now this one's not going to be sympathetic to the normies
usually the troon tactic is to hide the ones who don't fit the narrative, so i guess Lia will not be celebrated unless he really must be

No. 1386339

They really are letting TIMs make a mockery out of women's sports. He's not a winner, he's a cheater with a giant moid body.

No. 1386342

File: 1638798135372.jpg (115.42 KB, 775x1024, 1638778410165.jpg)

Uk nonitas, does this means trannies can't harass you for sex online and offline?

No. 1386344

I'd wager that online harassment isn't touched on, and if they put anything about the internet that could be considered "censorship" into this set of laws, it would get protested and repealed.

No. 1386345

i'm one of those out of shape geeks sports-chan was referencing earlier when that argument about the olympics happened, so I don't have the same attachment to it, but I can still understand that it's super important to many women and I sympathize. But sometimes, I'm almost glad to see this happen, if only so that there's proof.
People are going to vomit dishonest talking points about how ~there's absolutely no difference at all after a year of E, you bigot!~ and normies will eat it up until they see the gross truth for themselves. It's tragic what's happening to the female athletes, but I don't think they'll be taken seriously about this until there are stats.

No. 1386368

I'm not American, I'm in Western Europe so I don't know how it's going on during live shows, but I see online what's going on like >>1386316 said, there's a bunch of shitty bands like Neckbeard Deathcamp or Feminazgul that are super into antifa larping and woke posturing, and there's been a bunch of musicians who trooned in recent years, the most prominent being that Hunter dude from Liturgy. It's slowly reaching Europe too, apparently one of the guys from Reverend Bizarre crossed the Troonicon (thank god they disbanded years ago)

No. 1386382

File: 1638803531928.jpg (393.42 KB, 1080x1986, 1621592580288.jpg)

I know we shouldn't blame women for the ego of troons but damm to handmaidens make it hard
They take their asskissing for gay scrotes and turn it up times 100000

No. 1386383

Omfg Macintosh plus is a troon? No fucking way I thought he was a natal woman too..that sucks so bad. Why can't we have nice things?

No. 1386388

I've known plenty of women who didn't have stuffed animals as kids, but most of them would feel infantilized and uncomfortable if you bought them one after learning that about them, let alone take them to build-a-bear. Knowing troon behavior, he's probably just going to use the memory (or perhaps the toy itself) to jack off. I feel bad for handmaidens this ignorant, they have no idea how badly they're being used for moid gratification.

No. 1386393

Sage for no1curr, but my mum did this for a male friend in college, and he's still got the damn thing to this day. Takes it everywhere he goes in his backpack too, I don't really know what to make of it.

No. 1386404

Kinda based. Seeing as it’s from six years ago, I wonder how it would go now. I see many no-no terms in that thread, like calling the guy he/she and using the term transexual. Very different from wikipedia who now deletes of obscures their original birth names.

No. 1386411

im guessing u never saw a pic of him bc he’s very easy to clock kek

No. 1386414


The body hair thing is the most moid aspect of this stupid argument. All women know that it's very common for women to have a bit of hair on their lip, arms, sideburns, chest, stomach, as well as the 'standard' crotch, leg, pit hair. Yeah teen girls might bully each-other over their hair, but that's just puberty bullshit.

No. 1386415

File: 1638807167181.jpg (156.51 KB, 960x1280, 20211206_081129.jpg)

Jesus, you weren't kidding

No. 1386416

Of course he doesn't fool anyone when you see pictures of him since he's a turbo hon but he usually attempts to go stealth and hide behind female avatars while shutting up about being a tranny. Someone who doesn't know much about him besides the real name and his music doesn't even consider the possibility.

No. 1386417

God, the brown knee-high boots and the black shirt+cardigan…I thought it was common knowledge to not pair those two colors like that, but not for this scrote kek
I cannot handle this curdled-milk corset and jean combo either, oh my goddd. This guy actually leaves his house looking like a colorblind school-shooter who maybe got a little too into victorian or steampunk fashion at some point.

No. 1386418

WTF kind of parents do you people know that do not buy stuffed animals for their kids? I don't know a single kid who doesn't have a mountain of plushies, the parents buy them even before they are born and they get them gifted for every birthday/christmas.

I am gonna assume the tranny is just lying about this for pity points. It is a really sweet gesture to buy someone a teddybear if that person told you they are sad about never having had one. I don't think most people would be offended by this kind gesture. It is a gesture only a woman would make tho. Can you imagine a tranny ever doing anything as kind as this for a woman? Hah, never.

No. 1386420

Yeah thats exactly what I did. I didnt even consider it. How infuriating lol

No. 1386428


I'm gonna vomit

No. 1386430

wtf. my little brother took his teddy bear to school with him until he was twelve (lol) There are loads of fucked up things about the way kids are raised differently, but stuffed animals aren't gendered. mf christine robin lmao

No. 1386439

I was thinking about it recently when a game dev 'woman' i liked turned out to be a troon. Before I knew, what I was really impressed with is that she seemed so unfettered by self-consciousness and she was able to dedicate all her time to a silly little project. I was disappointed because I know so few women who aren't hounded out of the public eye for existing as visibly female or who just run out of steam.
I haven't been able to do cool game dev stuff since I moved out of home because the only way you can be truly creative and dedicate all your time and brainpower to something is to have someone caring for your needs. That's why there have been fewer woman 'geniuses' in history too. Who's making our tendies and doing the dishes while we create masterpieces?

No. 1386441

That's cute ngl. When men get attached to things like that it makes me think of when pets carry around their toys. The instinct is there, but they're too crippled by male socialization to know what to do with it so they just cuddle objects like babies.

woof. that's some head, huh

No. 1386444

I didn't know Asgardsrei was a troon festival but if black metal bands are actually just recruiting troons for militias in the ukranian civil war that is not a big loss

No. 1386453

Its not, I don't know where the fuck she's getting that from ?

No. 1386455

>Ramona Andra Xavier (born August 19, 1992) is an American electronic musician from Portland, Oregon
I mean even without the face the name and fucking despeciation should have given it away

No. 1386456

File: 1638810284747.png (338.53 KB, 592x587, Untitled.png)

scary eyes

No. 1386459

Exactly how it went with SOPHIE

No. 1386460

Crazy eyes and agp smirk,they always do it kek

No. 1386463

is he wearing…dungarees…over a dress?

No. 1386466

File: 1638810735664.jpg (99.38 KB, 1039x882, FF6PcWKWQAA5waJ.jpg)

Each time I see crazy-eye troon selfies itt I think about this.

No. 1386469

File: 1638810862374.png (360.42 KB, 720x436, Screenshot_20211206-191324~2.p…)

I refuse to believe that some troll didn't do a face swap with an image of Mr Bean.

No. 1386476

File: 1638811582175.jpg (83.62 KB, 1280x720, truthordare.jpg)

No. 1386477

Nobody is happy that mediocre men are getting into womens sports either. Womens sports will end up going underground and unofficial with private donors while the publicized "womens sports" will just be men who couldn't compete in the male category. Fucking bleak

No. 1386480

marvel posters on the wall? who would've thought.

No. 1386484

At least he's getting roasted in the comments. I feel like this can't go on forever, the general public obviously doesn't buy it.

No. 1386494

So, you have to bring the matter offline to make a case against them? That sucks

No. 1386499

Why do troons seem to be in this goldilocks zone of hating enbies but not enough to declare war on them? They clearly are upset by normal people using pronouns to get praised and cryptoterfs but they rarely voice it. Trenders literally anger them more than it does anyone else.

No. 1386508

I will never ever hate gay men for being gay
Lol do you want a cookie? I don't get what it is with you fag hags infantalizing men just because they are homosexual. All you have to do is skin the threads and use common sense. I'm gonna guess you don't know very many gay people or are assuming all gay men are like fairy godmothers to straight women. Gay men are MEN. Many of them hate us. And askgaybros, really? Lol they only recently started to push back on trans shit because they finally have had to deal with TIFS. Which is what I see them discuss more than TIMS. It's sad how desperate women are to be able to say a group of men don't hate us. The bar is literally in hell. HSTS = reason why people accepted other troons (AGP) and why men are now allowed in our spaces. Because, like you, most people are dumb (or maybe just homophobic?) And don't think gay men are threats because they are somehow not real men if they don't want rape us, so it's ok for them to be in our spaces. Idk about you but I've been SA so I don't give a shit how much dick you suck I don't want a cock in a frock nowhere near me. There really is no difference between you and tradthots who let their Nigel cheat on them, take their money, and mentally abuse them because at least he hasn't beat me !! Individual gay men are good dudes yes but most are not. Some straight men are good people does that mean we should get butthurt when straight men as a whole get called out because waaahh my boyfriend is a straight man and he is da bestest ever NOT ALL MEN(relax)

No. 1386519

File: 1638814655802.jpg (588.55 KB, 943x930, worldwide.jpg)

I used to be disappointed too until I heard the album in picrel, Worldwide by Dancing Fantasy; the Macintosh Plus album samples large sections of it so liberally you might as well refer to it as a derivative work

No. 1386520

The politifags infighting on this thread is pissing me off. They are taking over the whole thread. Where is the moderation? I just want to laugh at and make fun of ugly delusional men in dresses. Can't you all just shut the fuck up. This thread used to be fun.(sage)

No. 1386523

File: 1638815137949.png (809.57 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_20211206-202336~2.p…)

This freak is actually real and he has lots of posts on r/MTFselfietrain

He's just really ugly, even by troon standards.

No. 1386531

Again like any other AGP he has to play a character. He can't just exist as a woman (despite the fact that he will never be one) When he's in 'boymode' I'm sure he doesn't post selfies claiming to be a 'hippie fall boy'. No, because that would be dehumanizing and silly, wouldn't it? But it's just fine to play a character and not a real person when he's acting as a woman, or at least what he thinks one is.

I might upset some nonitas but I have never labelled myself a feminist, however I did think that There is No Unmarked Woman was an excellent essay.

Most women don't consciously mark themselves, however a lot of straight men just view women as ridiculous stereotypes that they see in porn and in the media when they don't see women as whole people.

No. 1386533

Looks like sissy hypno has finally hit the shire

No. 1386537

Take a fucking look at yourself, right now.
>Original point: At least HSTSs don't want to rape or beat us unlike hetero/bisexual AGPs and gay men can sympathize to a degree despite their community also being full of misogyny
This is on par with /pol/faggots making literally everything about da j00s controlling the world and sperging at everyone who tells them to put it back in their pants. It's embarrassing behavior and has no place here, lay off the coke already. I have no idea how your deranged ass hasn't been banned yet unless you're evading.

No. 1386539

File: 1638816536956.png (855.93 KB, 720x1414, Screenshot_20211206-204611~2.p…)

He looks physically harmless, the kind of guy that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag and would burst into tears if someone yelled at him, but I still find him legitimately terrifying. He looks like he's wearing a costume and his face doesn't look real.

No. 1386541

File: 1638816717380.jpg (126 KB, 640x1176, sq4n03x88f281.jpg)

He looks human in that one, which makes me wonder wtf is going on in picrel

No. 1386545

THAT does not look harmless. THAT would keep you in a pit and skin your back for his fresh new body suit, then prance round his basement to Goodbye Horses saying "would you fuck me? I'd fuck me hard. I'd fuck me hard."

No. 1386551

I hate this. I can open jars my boyfriend can't sometimes. I guess I am the man in the relationship spontaneously.

No. 1386553

That is actually terrifying. Looks unhuman.

No. 1386589

Terrifying. Don't these people check their selfie before posting it?

No. 1386593

Autistic people are face-blind.

No. 1386602

Probably more than that, mental deficiencies

No. 1386606

File: 1638821487604.jpg (252.38 KB, 972x1153, e.jpg)


Can we do something about this? This is going too far

No. 1386607

File: 1638821656704.jpeg (219.61 KB, 908x934, F53AC0D5-E197-48BA-B100-987BDC…)

I has just turned 18, and I decided I was cool and mature enough to start exploring the bdsm scene.
I joined a "queer" bdsm group hoping to mostly avoid creepy male predators. There were a ton of trannies, which I was ok with at the time, but I was somehow surprised to learn that 90% of them were agp disaster-hons into abdl.
Anyways, at my first party, I had attached myself to the only other person that was under 25, a 20-ish mtf.
He eventually asked to "play," and I said yes, because I felt like I owed him something for keeping me company. "Play" doesn't necessarily include contact with genitalia, so I was surprised when he took his dick out and asked me to eat him out. I'm in kind of a public space full of qweers, and I decided that the pain of sucking this girldick would be less than the pain of rejecting this troon and having everyone think I was a transphobe. (In hindsight, there were several older women there that were big into consent culture, and they would have advocated for me if anybody chose to give me shit.)
Anyways, when I noticed the smegma, it seemed too late to back out, so I just horked that shit down. I don't remember it having any flavor beyond the fishy aroma and the extreme saltiness of his body in general. He then pressured me into penetrative sex despite having said that he was too dysphoric to top earlier in the night. My fault for being an obvious doormat, I guess.
I didn't go to any more meetups after that.

picrel looks just like the most likable tranny there. let that speak for the types of people involved in the queer kink scene.

No. 1386608

How the fuck do TIMs look like every exaggerated racial caricature of every race known to man

No. 1386612


Funny how he retweeted some character holding a gun aimed at "terfs". Why did they allow him to speak?

No. 1386617

You mean why are so many of them jewish? kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1386629

File: 1638824027913.jpeg (229.84 KB, 1284x574, 2C40645F-A719-45BA-B533-FCA3CA…)

And then he changed the story and purpose to trans women. What in the actual fuck?!

No. 1386637

conversation starts at 14:04. guy’s actually got a few good points. also the twitter space being called “trans women are born dishonest, frauds, liars and deceivers” is amazing.

No. 1386638

So he pretty much lied about what he was going to talk about? It must have been a man that invited him. It's absolutely insulting and im glad the cbc story got trashed in the comments.

No. 1386642

Even if they got trashed, the hulk is still speaking.
I hope he goes on about trans issues instead of the women killed and gets swamped

No. 1386646

Opening jars is fairly easy. I'm a weaker than average woman with average sized hands with a number of health problems and even I can open them. You literally just turn them and they click open. If you have wet hands you use a towel. If the seal won't break you slide a cutlery knife into the underside of the lid, but the seal generally breaks. Idk where the stereotype of women being unable to open a jar of spaghetti sauce comes from.

No. 1386647

He’s turning off comments and deleting comments now since his sex based violence is coming up on the comments

No. 1386650

This is an FtM, right?

No. 1386652

No one wants to know that you fucked a troon, let alone all these disgusting details, anon. Go and cry to your therapist.

No. 1386666

those women probably would've been the ones to call you transphobic kek

No. 1386683


No idea if this link will work but the pei group that organised the man to speak hasn’t mentioned a word about him

No. 1386722

The original point wasn't even really defensive of HSTS, or gay men as a whole kek. It was literally just "HSTS don't trap women in relationships with children then troon out" and "gay men aren't the ones pressuring lesbians into fucking TIMs, it's AGPs (heterosexual) themselves, and straight handmaidens". >>1384862 and >>1385568 for reference. Nowhere in either of these does it say "HSTS/gay men aren't men", "HSTS/gay men aren't harmful", or even "HSTS/gay men aren't misogynistic". Anon just popped off with the "YOU SUCK FAG COCKS, THEY'RE ALL POOP-DICKED PEDOS YOU FAGHAG REEE" shit regardless. It's like anon doesn't understand no one here is defending gay men for being men, just saying that they're less likely to rape women or trap women in relationships than straight men are, and that they're not bad for being gay, they're bad because they're scrotes.
I know nona blogposted, but she was explaining a previous post that someone did ask for more details about. Also she was manipulated/pressured into sex, so she was raped by a troon. You sound insensitive and moidish.
Modern day, yes. What year was this, though? Nona said she was freshly 18, which the wording of that makes me think it was awhile ago.

No. 1386729

This was… a lot. I hope you’e doing better these days.

No. 1386732

Blank, dead, autistic coomer eyes. Moids are so disgusting.

No. 1386737

File: 1638830497717.jpeg (152.25 KB, 2000x1601, F109788B-628E-4964-A79A-B62E5C…)

some troon tried to own JK for who knows what at this point and made the most pro-TERF looking sticker.

“she’s so petty” they cry then cope and seethe like this

No. 1386739

Kek this looks sarcastic, you're right.

No. 1386748

just got sent gross call pics by an angry troon in discord

staggering that they can’t see how male they are in behavior

No. 1386771


This won’t be the case for much longer. “Girls Rock” was once an org that would teach young girls they could make music and build solidarity in a girls-only space, now half the “girls” that attend the camp in my local chapter are 14 year old boys in dresses

> Gender is fluid, expansive, and cannot be contained within a binary. Trans and gender non-conforming people have always been and always will be an integral part of our movement. Our work must center those who experience marginalization because of their gender identity and expression.


No. 1386776

Young boys IDing as trans and mass invading spaces for young girls isn't making a very good case against aborting all male fetuses.

No. 1386789

I mean the guy saying troons identifying as other genders are like pedos identifying as children was pretty accurate I couldn’t watch the rest it was annoying

No. 1386790

File: 1638833570248.jpeg (798.33 KB, 665x1691, A9CC4E84-EA79-47B1-A3E0-E0BAFC…)

That’s a man

No. 1386794

He looks like he wrote the Homestuck epilogues.

No. 1386795

behind every single trans child is some narc parent though, usually a mother who doesn't wanna be a boring straight white woman, instead they permanently fuck up their kid so they can be a "queer icon"

No. 1386796

File: 1638834087838.jpg (30.94 KB, 450x450, Pauline_2017.jpg)

Serving Pauline from League of Gentlemen

No. 1386799

Wow, talk about a low point in one's life. Hope you're doing better, nona

No. 1386803

never really read HP, what's the joke here? is it about spell pronunciation?

No. 1386806

There's a spell 'wingardiam leviosa' which needs to be said with a stress on the 'o' sound or it won't work.

No. 1386808

File: 1638835437212.jpg (79.06 KB, 1019x476, 260681022_4568700853166446_595…)

get me off this fucking planet please. How was this thing allowed to talk for actual woman and then on top of that make it about themselves.

wow this troon got groped in a bar (yeah right, who would touch this hideous thing) lets compare it to women who got murdered because of a sexist asshole.

No. 1386810

File: 1638835614276.jpg (402.74 KB, 1383x1579, FF9joIIVkAMlxDP.jpg)

LOOK at this thing.we had Trans week already but no we need to do more tranny related stuff for a memorable about women.

No. 1386811

I never heard of this massacre so I went to look up and in the shooter's suicide note it reads
>Thus it is an obvious truth that if the Olympic Games removed the Men-Women distinction, there would be women only in the graceful events. So the feminists are not fighting to remove that barrier.

Seems like the shooter would be pleased with the current developments,then, of women being shooed in favor of trannies lol
Dare I say it he might have trooned out himself. So much hatred and obsession with women is AGP material

No. 1386814

This actually feels like a really hateful thing for them to do. This is a whole ass man displaying obvious misogyny, and they let him speak for a group of women killed in a literal, undeniable act of femicide. Shit like this should be considered a misogynistic hate crime.

No. 1386817

This feels like a parody, look at him
he's built like a linebacker and tovers over every woman in the room

No. 1386820

I looked up a picture of him and he does look like the kind of loser that troons out.

No. 1386821

His entire speech was about him. Him being groped at a bar and how trans woman are the real victims. Fuckin what?

Not a single thing was said about the women killed. It was all about him and trans people, which he also somehow managed to make race as well?

I’ve never really wanted to a-log before but fuck me!
How was this allowed?

No. 1386822

They really think they're oppressed in any way, when they get constantly celebrated and carted around to lecture everyone about how "great and important but victimized" they are like this, all while lawmakers actively jack them off. Not a single one of these Neanderthals would be able to last a single day as a woman, they'd lose their minds without the constant validation that they get as men.

No. 1386825

Of course it's always men defending this troon speaking for women. These comments are so disgusting.

No. 1386827

kek no he literally has an adams apple

No. 1386829

File: 1638836800596.jpg (348.89 KB, 1080x1830, FF89sayWUAA8DPT.jpg)

No. 1386831

FtM can have an adam's apple. The testosterone thickens the cartilage around the larynx (I think this is what deepens their voice).

No. 1386834

File: 1638837415779.png (20.01 KB, 748x250, Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 19-33…)

remember we can't say women

No. 1386837

wait until he finds out what the "gyn" in gynecologic means

No. 1386846

Thank goodness he's getting shit on about this. Imagine the butthurt if JK picks this up lmao.

No. 1386851

Why does this have to happen? Why do scrotes always have to use this particular horrible massacre to air out their shitty opinions? He's just going to do the same thing

No. 1386853

it's a joke about nerf guns. queers are gonna turn that back on the GCs who don't know that. nerf guns are harmless

No. 1386854

yeah, because it's not as if they've made memes about real guns before

No. 1386855

why is this troon even talking when he is neither a dv survivor or a real women? All he said in his speech was that he got smacked in the butt in passing by a man.

Is it a joke like all the other times they "joked" about harming women for their opinions?

No. 1386858

you know, I always find it funny how big troons are in pictures next to women, but when you see them towering over men as well, it makes me wonder if they're their own fantasy race like trolls

No. 1386860

File: 1638840466608.png (16.34 KB, 589x171, trette.png)

goddamn stfu

No. 1386862

File: 1638840727229.png (246.04 KB, 586x549, whatr.png)

do they think trans is a race

No. 1386864

File: 1638840835710.png (28.55 KB, 751x391, troon lover.png)

>5th account
I wonder why. Let me make it a 6th account, sexist pig.

No. 1386865

File: 1638840887181.jpg (19.96 KB, 590x288, FF9xUpqVUAUq2a9.jpg)

this is from 2019. how fucking delusional do you have to be?

No. 1386866

File: 1638841060549.png (43.5 KB, 597x454, aapa.png)

As a somewhat petty aside, I think it's strange to have a speaker who appears to be illiterate. What the fuck does this say?

No. 1386868

Blind retard

No. 1386871

fucking kek

No. 1386880

Ronan you absolute piece of shit, do you really think that 1) a misogynist intending on killing women wouldn't clock a troon back then because it was "secret", and 2) the troon wouldn't just leave? God, Oger should just kill himself already.

No. 1386881

Wow, imagine being such a waste of human flesh. The most pathetic existence.

No. 1386887

File: 1638842497500.jpg (81.49 KB, 1242x1065, FF8xaueVkAEsWuX.jpg)

No. 1386896

File: 1638843398524.png (13.3 KB, 1538x193, weirdo.png)

No. 1386899

This is absolutely ludicrous if these seven women are seriously allowing this MAN to speak about an actual femicide (that happened not too long ago, actually). However, I do have a slight hope that at least one of these women has agreed to this for the sole purpose of exposing this shit to the world for what it really is. I hope at least one of them isn't a handmaiden.

No. 1386900


Carrying pepper spray. Probably an absolutely clockable ogre getting off on the pageantry of women's rape defense

No. 1386902


You can call any white or 'white-passing' person you don't agree with a "colonizer" now and the wokey folx will block and put you on their Shinigami Eyes extension or w/e

No. 1386909

File: 1638845339603.jpeg (388.14 KB, 1260x859, CF5D1097-691C-486A-A7A9-090859…)

The guys banner is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever seen.

No. 1386911

Of course, we could have known he was an AGP without the shitty flags.

No. 1386914

So you were emotionally blackmailed into performing a sex act that traumatized you.

You do realize that's rape, right? Especially the bit where he penetrated you after you told him not to?

No. 1386923

A handful of obvious schizos and psyop-ing trannies is not "a lot of farmers" you sped.

No. 1386924

She was raped you scrote piece of shit

No. 1386931

>I've been sexually assaulted
And apparently never talked to a therapist about it, if the schizo rants and coke addiction are any indication. Take your meds and stop shitting up this thread.

It's possible to support gay rights and fight misogyny simultaneously, and I'm not going to change my mind about that no matter how much you scream at me about "licking buttholes" (which honestly sounds like you projecting your own degenerate fantasies on me.)

No. 1386936

File: 1638849106484.jpeg (614.71 KB, 1800x1683, 6E06D27B-74D4-484E-910D-40EBA3…)

This TIM thinks people need to ask what’s in his pants to be able to tell which toilet he should be using.

No. 1386939


He looks like he stares at children for a little too long. Why the fuck would any adult woman want to share a bathroom with him?

No. 1386948

File: 1638850296564.jpg (58.12 KB, 561x810, IMG_20211206_210758_009.jpg)

can someone tell me what is a "plushy"?

No. 1386949

cackling rn nonna

No. 1386951

According to urban dictionary, it's exactly what you probably think it is, in the context of an AGP.

No. 1386954

fuck it is… Thank u anon.
their degeneracy never ends

No. 1386959

In combination with >>1386382 and >>1386393 and >>1386430 really has to make you think.

No. 1386962

w this and domination of womens sports hopefully normies start peaking hard. glad they are too autistic to hide their narcissism

No. 1386964

File: 1638851955504.jpeg (252.22 KB, 1125x726, CCF62035-9D93-495D-A791-9A37FA…)

they don't fucking want much do they? just for everyone they've ever met to spend hours thinking about them and trying to force themselves to see them as something other than men in spinny skirts

No. 1386970

the part of the evolution from travis mcelroy to ramona flowers is interesting

No. 1386973

kek criminally underrated insult
aw the poor trannies were excluded from being executed for the crime of being born female… is no one thinking of the dysphoria this must have caused the community…
lel theyre so mad that they cant stop people from seeing them as the hulking fugly moids they are

No. 1386977

sometimes when i read spastic teenagers saying shit like "it's really not hard lol! just don't be a terf!" I think about what it would take to change my perception and have the 'correct views'. If someone gave me verifiable studies that showed that transwomen were uniquely vulnerable, either safety-wise or financially (they're not) and that there was no fetish component to it (there is) I would be able to be supportive as I am to all vulnerable people who mean no harm.
But even then, I would not be able to fucking rewire my brain to see a woman where a man stands. This isn't because I've got some uterus-obsessed ~essentialist~ view of womanhood, it's just that for my entire life on this earth, a woman has meant an adult female. That was all the word meant to me. It didn't mean anything political or spiritual, it was just what the word meant. I can accept someone is 'living as a woman' as a social category, but I will never be able to believe TW are women because 'woman as a social category' is not what 'woman' means in my brain.

No. 1386978

I'm reading this as him nagging the country Chile

No. 1386989

Ily, anon. Thank you for articulating my thoughts.

No. 1386992

if it won’t open, turn the jar upside down and slap it a few times to break the suction. sometimes you can hear it. then just twist off them lid. and stop trusting men!

No. 1386996

File: 1638855875911.jpg (313.16 KB, 1075x1541, Sf.jpg)

It just never stops does it.

No. 1387002

they really arent even trying to hide it anymore kek

No. 1387003

They’re killing their own movement by themselves. Let them fucking burn. Disgusting.

No. 1387005

Here we go

No. 1387006

File: 1638857147992.png (35.73 KB, 721x243, no.png)

wish I could stop feeling sorry for Jazz. Hope he sues everyone one day. Has lots of televised evidence

No. 1387011

File: 1638858387400.jpg (250.98 KB, 1125x1499, FF3wybPUYAM5jVe.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 1387013

Jesus christ what the fuck? That poor kid.

No. 1387014

This is so scary anon ho my god. That middle pic looks AI generated

No. 1387018

women don't fucking wear nighties. i hate this larp

No. 1387025

jesus you weren't kidding. comment is made at 3:45 of this video. Before that bowers can be heard in a clip arguing with the other surgeon in regards to the complete hack job he was doing at the time.

No. 1387027

>you're a basic default ass bitch
say so much about these idiots

No. 1387028

It's even creepier than I thought it would be. The kid's in this horribly vulnerable position. It must be humiliating enough having photos taken like that. Then that mutant goes ahead and says something predatory. Jesus Christ.

No. 1387029

I swear that kid is a biological experiment for some pedo-elites, his mutated and mutilated body is a crime against nature and in a just world his parents and doctors who did this to him would all get sent to prison
that reminds me, the founder of Mermaids, the "transkids" charity that breadtubers like to go on about publicly stated that the reason she transed her kid was cause he was too "feminine" growing up and she was worried he would grow up to be gay, so she decided to "raise him" as a girl and on his sixteenth birthday sent him to be mutilated in Thailand

so many of Transparents are either full on narcs who use their kids for their own ego or homophobes who would rather their kid be "straight" as a mutilated eunnch

No. 1387030

the argument the surgeons have at 2:46 is chilling. troon hysteria over being told what to do by a surgeon who seemed a lot more competent

No. 1387032

I read recently that Carl Jung said "The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of the parents."
Made me wonder if a lot of women troon their sons as some sort of projection thing. Maybe they hate girls and love their sons and want to live vicariously through a daughter.

No. 1387033

File: 1638861159634.png (304.09 KB, 597x592, ld.png)

~La Diabla is valid~

No. 1387035

jazz is one of the few troons i feel sorry for. the kids being yass queened to death while his narc MBP mother rakes in the profits and woke points. hes a modern day David Reimer


No. 1387039

File: 1638862029275.jpg (56.74 KB, 634x792, 49918093-10153729-Next_up_Real…)

Yeah, after the three botched surgeries, Jazz has developed a binge eating disorder and gained 100lbs in two years. They ruined this kid's life.

No. 1387043

I think it's a given most of us would feel sorry for Jazz because he transitioned so young and his parents made everything so sensationalized. >>1387025
>we can't just be joking around here
the fucking nervous laughter and camera shots of the adults laughing along. TLC does a really good job documenting how fucked up this whole situation is, yet braindead consoomers brush everything off or mental gymnastics their way around the degeneracy because a life without consistent media would be so savage. TBH i wouldn't be surprised if the producers of I Am Jazz knew how insane everything they're recording is. How far are they willing to let this go on for?

No. 1387050

how short is he if 230 pounds makes him look that beluga? did the lack of t keep him a manlet?

No. 1387051

Fat still distributed in a male pattern… biological sex isn't real though!

No. 1387053

he's 5'2" apparently. It tracks if he's got a very small frame, but honestly he looks more like 250

No. 1387055

That’s fucking foul. Any parent I know would beat someone half to death for saying something like this around their child that they hold a position of authority over. That plus the bickering and troon tears when the cis man in the room dares question his innate trans surgery knowledge. Also why did he keep touching Jazz’s knee? Hope this piece of shit gets his medical license revoked for gross negligence.

No. 1387056

Kek I was trying to work out why this looked photoshopped. No big girl I know has fat distribution like this, only old men.

No. 1387065

This looks like something a serial killer would do. Are those scratches on the mirror or hanging spider webs?

No. 1387066

ew is he wearing one of those rubber woman suits

No. 1387076

Looks like both, probably too busy rubberwalking to do even the most basic of cleaning

No. 1387093

File: 1638869453985.png (65.15 KB, 903x218, rc.png)

I found his insta by searching 'hi it rosanner' lol but he's not wearing the mask there


No. 1387096

Dios mio. It's better if he wear the mask for the rest of his life

No. 1387098

File: 1638869869095.jpeg (103.75 KB, 960x720, ogbMw.jpeg)

christ. I think this is him too. I'm so disappointed that his twitter is gone because from what people are describing, it was a horrible thing to behold. Also, all the videos they link to about him apparently stalking emma watson have been deleted.


No. 1387102

File: 1638871160852.jpeg (527.04 KB, 1125x1025, 3DCF33CC-74FB-43E5-9721-7BE533…)

Pretty sure its a fetish thing for some reason theres a huge subsection of mtf furries with a stuffed animal transformation fetish. I used to be in the twitter artist scene and remember an artist that followed me get exposed for posting shit like this on another account

No. 1387112

The posters in every selfie are weird. Only autists put up every single poster that's ever been given to them.

No. 1387122

just imagine getting a surgeon like that, someone who seems reasonable but when actually operating on you either is going to do the wrong thing or fucks up, and their ego is too big to admit it even when another doctor is right there and telling them its wrong, and they keep on going and fucking things up more. i dont think its super common but ive heard horror stories about stuff like that, or even just common surgical practices like the 'husband stitch' after birth. makes my skin crawl

No. 1387125

Is this eggmans dad kek

No. 1387134

This guy is definitely making a woman suit
Someone check his basement

No. 1387136

The cishet privilege of being fucking murdered
Ugh, seriously, I don't understand how society could go so low as to actually give these psychopaths a voice

No. 1387140

These people are disgusting, they don't care about the women who died that day and need to shut up

No. 1387142

he vaguely reminds me of like a fat mafia boss or mexican breaking bad villain, without the long hair i could see him in tony soprano costume or something, his face is beginning to look mannish

No. 1387208

The very lack of snowflake behavior usually found in teenage girls in mtfs shows they're really men huh, usually mature (pun intended) manly coomers and less cringy, moids are just… better than women at faking trans surprise surprise

No. 1387209

Yup, I said this upthread but I actually have zero problems with transsexuals. If you prefer to live & present as the opposite sex, that’s your right and no one should harass you about it. My issue is with claiming they ARE biological women, transing kids, demanding access to born women’s spaces, claiming people attracted to the opposite sex who don’t want to date them are bigots, etc. So basically all the shit they’ve been doing for the past 20-ish years.

No. 1387210

why do troons (both genders) have the ugliest art

No. 1387211

I hope Jazz grows up and sues this sick moid into the ground, as well as his attention whoring parents. NO ONE involved in promoting child porn or castration fetish porn(!) should be allowed access to children’s genitalia.

No. 1387213

Wow, this is an amazingly accurate cosplay of my sleep paralysis demon

No. 1387217

File: 1638890929324.png (6.33 MB, 1242x2208, 1BA0918F-7037-4E54-9995-795850…)

Didn’t realize veondre was this big. Even though he is wearing flats and the other girls are wearing heels and he is leaning. Also notice the big feet spilling out of those shoes.

No. 1387220

Damn, I’m glad Emma Watson is a rich celebrity with security. If he fixated on an ordinary woman like this she’d probably end up as a skin suit.

No. 1387223

Yet they don't want to live as women, they want to stand out and still call themselves women. Bro your maleness is leaking

Here's the thing, you can't actively change a perception of an existing person so godspeed to troons ur only hope is to move out if you don't want your old friends to """out"""(kek wtf?) you, oh wait that sounded like pre-2020 TRA rhetoric. Hypocritical as fuck.

topcope kek
Really that bulimia won't cure any of the surgeries just made him gain extra tummy veins

because fembrain is biological, but nonny your misogyny…

Levels of cope by covering the entire shoe just to fit in beats the troon kek

No. 1387239

File: 1638893503112.jpg (1.22 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20211207_111026812.j…)

That totally happened.

No. 1387250

this is so deranged wtf

No. 1387252

twitter has started banning actual troons who try to question afab transwomen kek, they can't tell the difference

No. 1387254

Apparently questioning anyone's "genderfeefee ID" in whatever way is transphobia even if it's meant to be satire kek

No. 1387256

based as fuck even if twitter doesn't know the difference.

No. 1387257

holy moly I'm going to start identifying as an AFAB trans woman now, Kikomi be praised

No. 1387280

Gay moids sexually abuse women by using them as beards/baby machines all the time

No. 1387281

Hypno, micro, TF of various types… all of these fetishes involve powerlessness.
>when you're such a loser the only way you can cope is to fetishize being a loser and disappointment to your parents
It'd be sad if these people weren't the biggest narcs around.

Because the lack human introspection and soul. No, really. They are incapable of improvement because they're that stupid.

No. 1387283

He sometimes would send women & trans to Germany where prostitution was legal & bc they didn't know the language, could end up more alienated than in spain. Ex-bf was a former police officer (german). He was caught in Hamburg, at an hotel where he was staying alongside his current bf, a Latvian pro player Robert Licitis. Bruh I hate scrotes.

No. 1387284

Kek I would, but my nigel hates what troons are doing to women and leftism too. He's just retarded. I would have ran if called himself a feminist though
Dear God. I love grind, pv, and electronic music, but the scenes are so flooded with troons.

Closet Witch is actual female fronted grind if you want to check them out. Rape Revenge too if you like pv. So weird black metal has so much trans shit considering the false nazi stigma.

No. 1387287

I also think their shitty art will never improve because society coddles them and tells them they're so ~uwu~ talented, gifted, etc etc. They're honestly treated like spoiled children because that's how they behave.

No. 1387317

no one male or female who this happened to would write about it like this. he's just posting his his hentai-fueled sexual fantasies. /lgbt/ is full of posts like this

No. 1387336

File: 1638902288277.png (218.61 KB, 760x808, Screenshot_20211207-123401.png)

Fuck. They figured out where we keep our penises!!

No. 1387339


How could you not feel sorry for this poor kid? Mom didn't want to deal with an effeminate gay/bisexual son so she forced him to transition into a woman, ruining his body irreversibly forever, in front of millions on national television.

No. 1387343

Lol wtf? He really thinks panties are mass produced with dicks in mind, even when he admits it's uncomfortable to use the gusset for tucking? If moids made panties with men in mind, they would be a lot comfier for moid bodies and more coom-resistant.

No. 1387347

The fuck is he even talking about?

No. 1387353

File: 1638903606044.jpg (455.58 KB, 968x2010, Screenshot_20211207-135857_Chr…)

Samefag but I forgot this part.

No. 1387355

why do they put this shit up in public and talk about it like it's normal conversation
why the fuck would you post something like this on the public worldwide twitter and think you still deserve rights

No. 1387358


I would have just assumed this was a tall woman tbh.

No. 1387360

I'm assuming that little section of fabric, the part where a panty liner or pad goes

No. 1387366

>kid was cause he was too "feminine" growing up and she was worried he would grow up to be gay
Wowee and people still defend this charitym

No. 1387368

Is this thing meant for women really for guyz teehee.

No. 1387377

Nona said she willingly went to a BDSM meetup and agreed to suck a 'girldick' and had sex with a troon. She obviously regrets it but it doesn't sound like rape. She wasn't forced to do it and she was an adult at the time.

No. 1387384

Okay moid.

No. 1387386

What is wrong with you?
> He then pressured me into penetrative sex despite having said that he was too dysphoric to top earlier in the night.
That's the description of a rape.

No. 1387388

Cotton knickers don't usually have a pocket, only synthetic underwear does. Nothing is meant to go inside it, it's not actually a pocket. It's there for comfort and moisture wicking. Sometimes it's fully sewn on.

No. 1387391

Rape means forcing someone to have sex when they don't want it through violence or threats of violence , or having sex with a minor or someone who lacks capacity (drunk, braindead, asleep, drugged) she presumably agreed to do it with him, despite how she felt at the time or what her reasoning was.

No. 1387394

i'm fucking crying at this band I found on spotify nonnies
>band name "she/her/hers"
>ugliest soyest greasiest white men you've ever seen
>song hating on boy bands, literally the most straight male shit ever
>cringe ass lyrics about "misogyny" and straight white men
>bitch you ARE the straight white man
I'm at a loss for words, this is absolute peak male feminist. literal incels on soundcloud make better folk punk than this and are probably less likely to be rapists

No. 1387400

>not believing in rape through coercion/social pressure
>Not believing that saying no to one sex act and getting fucked anyway constitutes rape simply because the victim said yes to a previous sex act
Broke and busted takes.

No. 1387406

nta, that troon is piece of shit and pressuring a woman to have sex with you is not okay but it's not the same as rape if she consented

No. 1387414

Why does having a "yes" from someone who's clearly not interested and had to be talked into having sex not classify as rape? Is it not rape if he put a gun to her head and told her to tell him she wanted it, either? This is such a weird line to draw.

No. 1387417

Cajoling someone and putting a gun to their heads are hardly the same thing

No. 1387421

anon those two are very different scenarios. I meant pressure by insisting not pressure by extortion or intimidation obviously lol. I think if the latter were the case anon would have directly said that she was raped/that she didn't consent. I'm sure she knows whether she was raped or not better than strangers on the interent

No. 1387424

Okay, then what if he threatened to out her for "transphobia"? Maybe report to her employer, or events she attends. Words have power over people's lives, too.

No. 1387425

Agreed, troon is a disgusting creep but not a rapist.

No. 1387430

That's not cajoling, that's blackmail. A crime.

No. 1387433

it's still rape. its basic radfem 101 you are supposedly 'debating'. i was messing with that anon but i didn't think some of you would be this stupid to think its not rape.

No. 1387438

It is because onsent is negated when the person feels uncomfortable with rejecting the advances?

No. 1387442

I just can't understand why they're so hard pressed to explain away a troon/moid taking advantage of a woman as "not being as bad as it could have been", or whatever. Like do they not hear themselves? "She was an adult" (barely), "she said yes" (under extreme social pressure), "but he didn't get violent" (but would he have if she rebuffed him). They sound just like the scrotes who cry "false accusations are a serious issue" every time a major sexual assault case is uncovered. It's embarrassing.

No. 1387451

Of course coercion = rape nonnies, stop debating topics that aren’t up for debate with male trolls. It just lends validation to their disgusting behavior and makes their pps hard. Also stop reading and responding to obvious self-posted tranny porn.

No. 1387455

All-male band singing about hating all-male bands. I hate the future.

No. 1387467

pressuring someone to have sex with you is not automatically rape and it's disrespectful to actual rape victims to claim so. you guys are writing literal fanfiction ("what if he blackmailed her? what if he was violent? etc) about anon's post when all she said is she was pressured. You think she wouldn't say she was raped if she was raped? I'm not a man but ig it's easier to assume every woman agrees with you 100% of the time. That's the same logic liberals and trannies use when they assume all twanzphobes are conservative men btw

No. 1387482

How is leaving someone no option to say "no" not rape, dumbass.

No. 1387487

"pressuring" doesn't necessarily mean that ffs, again with the writing fanfiction(tranny rapist apologia)

No. 1387491

File: 1638909300490.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, kek-bomb-pepe-the-frog.gif)

what the actual fuck they've really become a parody of themselves KEK

No. 1387516

You say that as if there is only one kind of circumstance for rape, when there are many; rape OG (just doing it), rape by deception (witholding information that would change someones will to consent like your real sex or HIV status), and rape by coercion (if you dont fuck me I'll fire you, or having a gun to someone and demanding sex or else). While I don't think anon was raped by coercion due to it being more of a friend group/community, it's understandably close enough since her circumstance reads as (If you don't fuck me you'll be branded phobic and kicked out of this community or possibly loose your job due to phobic claims) and I can see why other anons think it. The pressure was there and without it she wouldn't have consented, obviously people aren't going to see it the same as you.

No. 1387522

Nah usually a troon groomer dad

No. 1387533

I think anon might mean people like Raising My Rainbow who are otherwise boring so they shoehorn their toddlers into troonery for clout

No. 1387540

What's up with all the gay men, troons, and faghags derailing the thread. It's irritating

No. 1387542

NTA But according to what? All of the famous cases of childhood troonery I know of were caused by the homophobic moms. Jazz's mom, the founder of Mermaids taking her son to Thailand for the snip, and that case where a couple got divorced and the mom claimed the dad was being "transphobic" towards their child to get custody (he was reluctant to put the kid on blockers iirc). The only TIM groomer dad I've seen is that guy who claimed he told his son that he hates wearing suits too, and they both trooned out. Most of the time with child transition, I think it's the (homophobic) mom's fault, because if the dad were that invested in trooning out, he would just do it himself and abandon his family to go live in a tranny polycule.

No. 1387544

I was raped against my will as a child (so I guess a "perfect victim" to you) and know that being pressured/coerced into sexual activity with no option of saying no (or else face getting beat/forcibly raped) is still rape. go fuck yourself.

No. 1387548

Most of the people in these threads aren't even radfems anon. It's a bunch of tradthots, fags, trannies, and woketards in here too

No. 1387555

They also have no issue groping us lol. I've decked gay dudes in the face for grabbing my ass and boobs. One of my former gay friends (like I cut him off, he's still gay lol) admitted he likes grabbing women's breasts/butt in front of his straight/bi male friends as a sort of power move. Since female attracted men like to treat women like trophies (men literally will date a hot chick to show her off to other men), gay men sometimes participate by grabbing on women that straight and bisexual men want, but cannot grope like gay men can, sort of to be like fuck you look what I can do with this woman that you cant. Some go even further (the closeted ones) and will date a girl just to show off/get respect or whatever from other men for pulling a woman they want. Aside from using us as surrogates/dress up dolls gay men sometimes treat us like some sort of trophy(derailing)

No. 1387558

This is the TIM thread, not the "sperg about gay men" thread.

No. 1387564

Ty farmhand, good redtext

No. 1387578

Oh shit, we found the one non-transvestite janny

No. 1387580

she not wrong tho

No. 1387585

You will never be a woman.

No. 1387588

File: 1638914448819.jpeg (129.29 KB, 1024x752, C4187BA8-5AC4-472C-AAF1-AE894E…)

No. 1387591

File: 1638914502316.jpeg (111.44 KB, 720x960, 32D3E58C-0FF5-40FC-A9CE-D40A15…)

No. 1387595

oh wow, someone who calls himself the fucking devil is evil, how about that

No. 1387596

File: 1638915118341.jpeg (916.26 KB, 965x1857, 3B1FC939-972D-428F-A7E3-F9CBE0…)

No. 1387599

You can tell that he has read some advice online on 'how to pass through body language' kek. Troons always say stuff like 'open your eyes widely to make your eyes look bigger, like a real woman' or 'look downwards so that your chin doesn't jut out as much', not knowing that they look tragic regardless

No. 1387600

this is like in Jurassic World 2, where the bad guy business man is showing the good doctor lady the new island he bought to put all the dinosaurs on to save them from the volcano, and he has like an entire giant sculpted model of the island to prove it to her, and then later in the movie we find out there was no new island

No. 1387601

No. 1387614

I've been reading up on Jazz and this is very clearly a case of a narc mother. She wrote to several people after seeing the attention another trans kid was getting on television, she had a very effeminate son, and so she decided to plan it out. It's very clear that the entire family revolves around Jazz. When Jazz had jus vagina fall apart, he began to question his ability to conceive children, and the mother said they would just get his sister pregnant as a surrogate for him. The whole dynamic is very weird. Jazz once, on camera, told his own grandmother that he can't wait to have sex and orgasm as a female.

No. 1387625

File: 1638918244487.png (23.18 KB, 725x193, wg.png)

I found this comment interesting.

No. 1387626

bruh, you can tell 20lbs apart on someone that fat?

No. 1387636

I'm just throwing this out there but the mum made a really big point of helping Jazz dilate.

Regarding Jazz and sex- he can't. He doesn't feel arousal. He was on blockers since before puberty, he never sexually matured, and a huge plot point of the show was that his penis never grew so it couldn't be used as part of a neovagina. The doctors literally said it was the size of a battery. Jazz has a vagina that was described as a "quilt", as it is made of Patches of groin skin and flesh from the lining of his stomach. He has been completely sexually mutilation beyond repair by his own mother

No. 1387637

The family clearly has inappropriate sexual boundaries, so this would not surprise me. I remember on the show Jazz talking to his mom and grandma about masturbation and orgasms, they encouraged him to try it because he has never had an orgasm apparently and also the famous scene where the mother says she pushes in his dilator when he doesn't dilate enough.

No. 1387639

Of course it is black, lol.

No. 1387646

>Jazz has a vagina that was described as a "quilt", as it is made of Patches of groin skin and flesh from the lining of his stomach.
Kafkaesque. Good god. The visible scars he has that he showed off in a swimsuit photo were distressing enough but reading the details of his mutilation is just harrowing. This poor kid, he was completely fucked over by his crazy mother and now he'll have to live with it for the rest of his days.

No. 1387649

Goddamn I am such a simp for Exulansic, I recognized her thumbnail instantly. She's a bit eccentric but wonderful to binge for anyone interested in the downfall of SRS victims.

No. 1387663

ugh i saw that one too, I like oldhagfashion but of course it isnt safe from old rotten troons if it's on reddit

No. 1387664

another reason i want trannies to kill themselves or be put into camps

No. 1387668

very OT but what exactly is Exulansic's disability situation? Don't think I've seen a video where she's named it, but she's mentioned it affects/affected her skin, voice and ability to walk, just wondering if these are all related things.

No. 1387669

One of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. IDGAF who calls me racist but the skintone doesn't even look like an actual human's. It looks dead. The fucking bubblegum peach pink of the insides makes me sick, talk less of the dick. Why do trannies think this is good? Una abominación, ausencia de cultura, criatura repugnante

No. 1387673

more 'black women are basically like men' comparisons i guess

No. 1387676

File: 1638923381325.jpg (28.9 KB, 408x612, kljasehtoi;qahtgo;iuqarbfgiure…)

Its a fucking mannequin of course it looks uncanny spicanon(racebait)

No. 1387678

Now why did they make it black…

No. 1387679

File: 1638923688195.jpg (19.48 KB, 300x501, p47319.jpg)

No. 1387681

She's mentioned that its a connective tissue disorder, but I don't think she's elaborated further or named the medication.

No. 1387685


Because white troons and troon allies love to coopt their movement with race without the consent of BIPOC, so that if you point out their lunacy they can just call you racist. They only care about non-whites if they can be used as a tool to let them break the cotton ceiling.

No. 1387686

What’s the significance of it being black? I posted it because it’s fucked up they're teaching that this is normal, or even possible in school classrooms, literally rewriting reality

No. 1387688

r/TiA has an entire crusade on this, normies hate troon raids on women

troons are harder to believe kek stop posting realistic fanfics online

apparently anything fem is to attract moids, u guys just don't know it

IS it a dildo or real dick

why tf are TW the biggest ogres, they're like above 6' just look at this mankaren

reminds me of african kids getting killed but for another reason which is dIvErSiTy, even the default mannequins look non-white/racially blank

No. 1387692

Troons think indigenous cultures were more accepting and had 3rd genders, when in reality it was man, women, and homosexual man or women but all men in the family are dead and someone needs to take the mans role. Also just the whole oppression hierarchy, and black men are more likely to be HSTS and considered 'true trans' for being effeminate gay men.

No. 1387693

The women who posted this is Indian and there is mixed race/black ‘biologists’ asking where to order the model for their classrooms

No. 1387698

white and brown trannies obsessed with masculinizing black women because theyre racist moids who think pale=woman

why isnt it surprising to me it was one of those smelly idiots that did this?(racebait)

No. 1387699

not anyone you responded to, but my first thought was that it's almost nostalgic to see the medical/biological field so blatantly dehumanize the blacks again

No. 1387701

strange yet underrated post, 10-year-old-anon

No. 1387704

I saw this, it's completely useless as a biological model since they bothered to have both tiddies and a dick but no uterus or female organs like 99% of people who have tiddies also have.
If you wanted to be truly inclusive just make one half male and one half female, the tiddy+dick combo is a giveaway this is for fetishists.
Of course we can't have kids understanding basic biology unless it offends a tiny percentage of white male programmers.

No. 1387707

It's no surprise that the parents don't care, didn't the mother once comment that Jazz liked big penis'? or something about her childs sex life? That is not territory any parent should be that involved in.

No. 1387714

Have male and female mannequins achieves the same thing and looks less retarded.

No. 1387715

>the famous scene where the mother says she pushes in his dilator when he doesn't dilate enough

What a nightmare. I hope this kid runs far away when they are old enough to

No. 1387722

when did they 'recommend' he masturbate? before or after srs? its disgusting either way though

No. 1387723

File: 1638926335619.png (29.6 KB, 744x595, Erin, TROON not a mom on Twitt…)

Troon sucking off another troon but this time in sports, once again.Same old excuses by the way. This troon is using phelps just like troons use intersex as an excuse for more than two sexes.

No. 1387726

Speaking of Jazz, I have been rewatching the show and I am currently at the past life regression episode. During the session, he claims that he was a gay man named Cal that was kicked out of his home cause his parents caught him having sex with another man and he now is in a market hungry. Later, Jazz tells his parents about this. The reaction of Jeanette and Greg is of pure shock. I wonder if something clicked in their head but they had gone too far and had to keep up the charade. I am not 100% sure that Greg has completely drank the Kool Aid like Jeanette.

No. 1387732

is that the uterus and ovaries thrown across the desk there?

No. 1387735

>I call it, "Mean Gene, the Fuck Machine"
>None of that nasty female gunk on the inside, just all the fun grabby bits on the outside from both flopping around on one amputee's eviscerated corpse
>why is no one is buying my sex dolls
>rebrand as anatomically correct and educational
>sell to Canadians

No. 1387743

Ohhh wtf. That's so sad

No. 1387758

File: 1638929212893.png (22.63 KB, 759x318, eileen biotrans she her on Twi…)

whomever is making more accounts like this, may the twitter god bless you

No. 1387763

File: 1638929740476.png (9.3 KB, 1050x108, Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 21-11…)

So rather than learn not to do that and improve oneself I took estrogen and now I can do the same thing but with women now!

No. 1387764

Lol what are the odds that he says he was "an oppressed member of society in his past life" poor gay men am i right?, the show fakes all kinds of shit including bringing people to pretend to be "transphobic harassers" for victim points

No. 1387767

File: 1638930354633.png (23.78 KB, 605x114, fss.png)

No. 1387775

File: 1638930902246.png (4.28 MB, 2206x1230, Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.24…)

Has anyone seen Blake Butler? Botched YouTuber addicted to plastic surgery, bimbofication, and being a sugar baby

No. 1387779

ayrt but I obviously think that past life regression is bullshit and the show is scripted like any other reality show. I think that this scene was also a moment of clarity for Jazz. He knows that he is in fact not woman and just an effiminate gay or bi man and his parents failed him by keeping up with the gender woo. The family is so deep down in this bullshit that there is not turning back.
I can't help but feel pity for him.

No. 1387785

File: 1638931526186.png (95.94 KB, 1204x334, Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 02.43…)

they will never ever stop, it's just going to continue. putting a dilator in your kid is so clearly sexual abuse but people will always defend it because they're so blinded. picrel.

No. 1387801

Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong!

No. 1387810

holy kek anon
fun grabby intestines!

No. 1387814

So a WOMAN'S clothing company recently released an add that starred a drag queen as a model for their dresses

No. 1387817

what really steams me is that VS has always produced uncomfortable garments that explicitly cater to male fantasy and is male owned, and these troons are acting like they've been pushed out of some special club even though it was always about catering to men to begin with.

No. 1387821

Are they aware of the fact that its mostly women and girls who listen to boybands, I have known plenty of girls from different backgrounds and ethnicities who liked boy bands that only "cis-straight white men" and the only one's I have known who have hated on those bands were males that looked like soyboys

No. 1387826

File: 1638938016554.png (502.89 KB, 665x647, Screenshot Capture - 2021 (2).…)

No. 1387843

File: 1638940551055.png (18.57 KB, 595x246, gosoh9991.png)

is the punchline here what I think it is?

No. 1387845

File: 1638941206488.png (18.97 KB, 595x216, sfsff.png)

this guy's a gem

No. 1387852

clearly the first wife was supposed to rip out her uterus and give it to him so he could be euphoric

No. 1387854

File: 1638941964919.jpg (1007.79 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20211208-003559_Ins…)

Empties Cart.

No. 1387858

Way to totally misidentify the problem in the situation, which was your scrote friend trying to conform to a version of toxic masculinity invented by straight men. For the millionth fucking time, the problem is with men in general. Their sexualities are irrelevant because their violent behavior stems from their toxic socialization.

Also using your anecdotal experiences to hate an entire subset of people for something they can't control is fucking retarded. A Mexican lady stabbed a pregnant woman in my neighborhood, but you don't see me saying all Mexicans should be gassed for it. There's nothing inherently misogynistic about being a homosexual the way there is with transgenderism, which is predicated on gender stereotypes.

No. 1387859

File: 1638943013360.jpg (826.02 KB, 1080x2400, 1636549993087.jpg)

I wonder if this is the sort of "36 inches of depth" neovag picerl (from a few threads back) was referencing

There is nothing good about this photo, but for some reason his feet particularly disgust me. That trannies think this is how women carry themselves in public is insulting in the extreme.

No. 1387864

Neo moose knuckle

No. 1387865

Idk, what's with polilez and trads using feigned misandry as an excuse to be homophobic? (Assuming they're not trannies trying to make us look bad by larping as homophobes.)

No. 1387868

The GameStop He-Ma’am also ‘inspired’ his son to troon out

No. 1387872

It sounds like scrotes in denial, rape by deception is a form of rape and that anon with her horrible experience was lied to earlier about him being too "dysphoric" to top, hence the penetrative sex would have been unexpected. Surprise sex (especially with a stranger!) is rape and only males would disagree.

No. 1387887

God, imagine if they actually all killed themselves.

No. 1387889

Literal front butt kek

No. 1387899

File: 1638952742232.webm (2.51 MB, 1408x788, 1515652914575.webm)

there is this, where Jazz's mother is talking about how deep his 'vagina' is and difficulties he will have taking large penises. oh and btw, Jazz has lost 2 inches of depth since this webm.

No. 1387911