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File: 1605854896637.png (3.54 MB, 1623x1418, mtf.png)

No. 1086919

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Last thread highlights:
- Reddit user LaurenRossy gets SRS, says vagina is great, has stealth sex with a man, complains about feeling used, talks about how they regret SRS, posts questions on how to fix their vagina letting out putrid smells and other medical issues
- Literallysofie continues to hate cis people, is banned from tiktok
- Anon posts timeline of a MTFs SRS that includes rotting flesh
- Man’s is upset as his wife for not wanting to be a cute lesbian couple, wife is told she’s transphobic and horrible for not wanting to peg him
- An entire subreddit exists to “hypnotize” people into being sexy, bimbo bambies – filled entirely with trans people LARPing
- Trans twitter users upset over Twitter being harsher on sexualizing children, says it targets trans people

People of note:
https://twitter.com/literallysofie (Popular twitter/tiktok user, tiktok is banned and attacks tiktok for being transphobic, says cis women are disgusting, attacks women , says transphobic people deserve to be hurt, transphobic to not want to date trans people)
https://twitter.com/TransSalamander (Attacked twitter for banning people for being trans, regularly attacks cis people, is wildly sexist towards women)
https://twitter.com/thicketthorn (Attacks women, regularly talks about beating and killing women, claims terfs deserve death)
https://twitter.com/dosomemolly (Attacks women, says cis people are jealous of trans people, says cis women will never be good as trans women, sexist)
https://www.reddit.com/user/LaurenRossy1 (Talks about going ‘stealth’ with men aka not disclosing they are trans before sex, posts multiple threads talking about their perfect neovagina then saying they regret it, talks about their neovagina rotting and letting out putrid smells)

Other honorable mentions: Reddit users AdeniaQuinn, whatsupwithMer, tututrap | Twitter users: fayekinley2, ProfessorGutian, Emmy_Zje, newtboob, degeneration

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1049127
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1070574

No. 1086941

File: 1605866827258.jpg (74.79 KB, 640x752, n9qs0ubk0a061.jpg)

I noticed that a lot of troons with AGP smiles display horse teeth, what's causing that ?

No. 1086944

Being men

No. 1086945

File: 1605868628799.jpg (148.81 KB, 750x1334, 1605863271111.jpg)

>what if it's just a fetish

No. 1086946

I hope he will cut off his dick.

No. 1086948

I'll just never understand this. why mutilate a functioning dick to get an infected unusable axe wound?

No. 1086949

It honestly reads like he's gay but has to have a vagina so he can have pure heterosexual sex instead of committing the sin of being a dirty homosexual.

No. 1086956

>I'd trade penetrative sex easily for having sex with a vagina

wait for him to do it and then realise the neovag monstrosities aren't at all functional or in any way like a real vagina

No. 1086959

>still questioning
regret in coming

No. 1086967

Sheer delusion. I can't imagine having to live such a life, with mutilated, pus-infected genitalia and never being able to cure it until you die.

No. 1086981

The truth about SRS is the biggest lie in the TRA community, they can't stop saying it's visually identical to a real vagina and that your body starts to "rearrange" the new hole into becoming female genitalia because "nature knows what it's doing". I don't get how these lies and myths can still perpetuate when pics of disastrous neovags are plentiful and easy to find. I don't think I've seen troons talk about them, only on subreddits dedicated to detransitions, SRS is still considered the final frontier for transitioning.

No. 1086990

File: 1605876870054.png (44.9 KB, 738x360, Capture.PNG)

Clit ? Girl orgasm ? What in the hell is he talking about.

No. 1086995

Am I having a stroke? I legit can't decipher what's going on, but I can feel it's some bullshit.

No. 1087000

Maybe he can't cum because most of his genitalia is mutilated??

No. 1087001

File: 1605879106418.jpg (12.58 KB, 275x271, 1604101060731.jpg)

I'm still traumatized after anon showed the mutilated neo vaginas. And I know that anon is gonna have much more in store for us. I don't even know how that anon was able to find those pictures.

No. 1087003

File: 1605879514884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.35 KB, 1083x806, SPOILER_1605853317851.jpg)

This one's pretty epic

No. 1087006

Never ever open a spoiler mid swallowing, oh my god. Looks like an anal prolapse.

No. 1087009

File: 1605880233940.png (54.55 KB, 600x577, The Lies.png)

Whats funny is if a gyno told the truth they'd be transphobic, what can they say? I bet every neo-vagina is the best one they've seen and "We couldn't tell the difference!" You're telling me if someone who looks like the folks in this thread walked in they wouldn't be able to tell it's a man? Even before they saw the Neo-vag?
I've seen men say they do not feel the same or look the same.
Trans women constantly say it's all the same and no one would know.

No. 1087010

why would they need to see a gynecologist though?

No. 1087012

File: 1605880605965.png (640.48 KB, 1559x1133, 1600235064758.png)

Like this guy walks in and you know they either have a dick or a neo-vagina

I don't know, everytime I look I get told some bullshit about them having a vagina/being a woman and needing one. I haven't looked long but I can't really find any information thats not TRA shit, so basically they are wasting time and taking up space for people who have actual vaginas.

No. 1087022

File: 1605882291680.jpeg (522.94 KB, 1242x1745, E6234278-CFC1-46AC-A578-6EE8EE…)

Why don’t they even try?

No. 1087024

File: 1605882324239.jpeg (111.67 KB, 750x547, 77F49191-46DB-4EC9-BAC5-E0DD6B…)

No. 1087025

The most convoluted way to be a gay male

No. 1087026

File: 1605882502053.jpg (111.26 KB, 1072x368, 20201120_142640.jpg)

This wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't a tranny I know

No. 1087031

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

No. 1087032


No. 1087040

>we come from a powerful and sacred legacy
Totally not a cult based on a fetish.

No. 1087041

File: 1605884206294.png (Spoiler Image, 403.57 KB, 689x387, degueulasse.PNG)

Bare with me anons. I don't know why I went on this rabbithole. But looking at the neovaginas posted I thought that "They look so horrible because they are probably fresh from surgery". I thought that if I want to see how that would possibly look like when healed would be to search porn of post op trannies (Cuz where else would you find people confident enough to show their open wounds?) And well… To my surprise in almost all the porn the neovagina is partially hidden. Up until that one vid where I saw a neovagina fully "healed". Either way it looks nothing like the real thing. I can't believe I've had to go through porn to find that, you can laugh at me for that kek.

No. 1087042

That's the genius of it. You won't find a gynaecologist who's examined one!

No. 1087044

I don't even understand how it looks nothing like a vagina..these neo vaginas make me feel better about my own. Holy shit. Either way I know scrotes are going to fuck it either way because a hole is a hole.

No. 1087046

Yeah a gynocologist could never tell that this has obvious scars from where the ballsack was stapled on, that it is in the wrong place on the body and that it has neither proper labia or a clit. Sure will have them fooled!

No. 1087047

There’s like… no labia and no clitoris. Or if they’re there they don’t look anything like any real ones I’ve seen. The skin looks weird and waxy like it’s been melted. Also you can literally very easily see the scar all the way around it.

Seriously how do men fall for trannies “stealthing” tho? Do they secretly know, but act like they don’t because they’re kinda interested in trying tranny sex but don’t want to admit it? Are they like completely wasted and doing it in a dark room?
I don’t get how it would be possible to miss the signs. I know men tend to be kinda dumb about noticing photoshop and troons.. like they just see tits and ignore everything else, but are they really THAT dumb?

No. 1087051

Wasted and in a dark room I assume.. Also men are REALLY and I mean REALLY bad at seeing the obvious signs of a tranny. My male friends have legit asked me if a bunch of 6ft5 drag queens were "real women".

That's why they think they pass. Cause men are totally oblivious.

No. 1087053

I think they just don't care. Like >>1087044 said, to men a hole is a hole.

>>1087041 also can we please talk about what the fuck is wrong with these hands? Why do they look like that?

No. 1087054

>we only have the ability to exist in public because our transcestors resisted cross-dressing legislation and persisted through criminalization

Setting aside the fact that these practices and people they want to claim were inserted in cultures so completely different from our own the equivalence is only very superficially valid, it's really disgusting (and downright scary if you're a woman) how much the trans movement is responsible for the conservative/traditional shift that social liberal left-wing thought is going through now. Ancestor worship of that sort is basically alt-right.

No. 1087055

File: 1605886384734.png (61.36 KB, 720x639, Screenshot_20201120-094803.png)

woah i wonder why people accuse you wonderful gals of having a fetish.

No. 1087059

I wonder if it's similar with us recognizing FTMs? I recently caught myself thinking that, while I clock FTMs easily, I often have the impression they tend to do it better in comparison with MTFs and that FTMs do not look like delusional parodies of the opposite gender. But.. is this true or am I just not as conditioned to recognize the typical jaw, skull, forehead etc relations for men as I am for women and MTFs look equally baffling to the garden variety cis-scrote as FTMs look to us?

No. 1087062

MtFs try harder than FtMs, so they look obnoxious. To go from man to "woman", you have to put in a lot of effort, to go from woman to "man" you need to put in less effort (literally).

No. 1087077

A lot of men will fuck anything and if something looks vaguely like a woman, I do think for some men it never crosses their mind, "this is a man" especially if they see a hole.
Some people never see a trans woman, some only see ones who look like straight up men in drag, but then there's twinky ones who some men may be tricked by or the very high quality troons, or ones who wear a bunch of make up and some men see "tits', make up, long hair and think "Woman".

I don't believe a lot of men are tricked as often but I do believe some men are just dumb and/or horny enough they don't see obvious signs.

No. 1087080

it looks just like what it is, a disfigured ballsack

No. 1087082

Men don't 'fall' for stealthing they are just willing to fuck pretty much anything. The excuse that they were tricked by superior neo-vag is a cope for when they get called out as tranny fuckers.

Most guys will have sex with anything, there are toothless morbidity obese women who have sex with random men regularly, men have no standards when they are horny enough only sad women and troons think that access to sex with shitty men is a prized thing.

A few threads ago there was a thread linked from reddit with guys who have sex with troons and every 'straight' guy mentioned that they noticed something off about the axe wound they were attempting to get into but where drunk or horny enough to not care.

No. 1087097

Ah yes, clearly all that goes into being a housewife for real women is being subby and getting attention! It's not like generations of women have been pressured to raise as many children as they can with no help from their husbands, need to clean and take care of all the bills on top of childrearing every day etc. Nope, none of that, women have just sat around getting attention and headpats for all time. Thanks for educating us, troons.

No. 1087100

i said it in the last thread and will say it again: the perineum, which isn't affected by srs, looks different in women and men. even if they craft the perfect neovagina, which they are far away from being able to, you can easily tell by the line on the perineum. such a cope

No. 1087107

File: 1605892362360.jpg (319.92 KB, 1536x2048, EmTludXXEAAa1Zl.jpg)

Welp someone I kinda know trooned out this year, caption not in screenshot:
>Hot how I feel 100x more legit as a trans gal since I have long hair even if the length doesn't (shouldn't?) change anything
>But I think it doesn't help to see that 99% of transwomen have long hair, so yes I feel legit but I shouldn't think it like that because I know it's not true

saging for no actual milk tho

No. 1087109

i know the trans community is supposed to be like 0.2% or 2% of the population or something, but does anyone think it's increased by a good amount since it was initially measured? i feel like mtf especially have been popping up at a fast as fuck rate

No. 1087121

>grows his hair out to feel more womanly
>facial hair
I can't

No. 1087122

File: 1605894531340.jpg (648.01 KB, 1194x1086, remembruce.jpg)

…Worst year on record! kek
How many white mara's and sophie's will stake their claim to oppression on the backs of these "mostly black and latin" victims.

No. 1087126

Every three days a women is MURDERED by her husband.
Where are they? Where do they support their cisters?

No. 1087132

And when we try to find numbers, almost all the results are about transgender women.

No. 1087141

Tranny fee fees come first, even when it comes to female specific oppression.
Does anyone have the screenshot of that tranny complaining that "cis" women aren't campaigning for his right to have an uterus too? Tranny sees oppression towards women, and tranny ignores it and thinks about himself before anyone else.

No. 1087148

lmao anon please dont tell me sophie is a stereotypical tranny name, thats my name ;-;

i feel bad for all the cis alices and lilys out there

No. 1087151

Women are required to be allies to trannies, but men, I mean trannies, are not required to be allies to women.

No. 1087153

File: 1605897397624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.73 KB, 1536x2048, EmTmintWMAEcPfU.jpg)

do you want that bonus

No. 1087161

same, anon.</3I thought they only took names like Alice or Neko or some shit. “Sophia” just makes me think of Sophia Patrillo from the golden girls. And trooners hate being compared to older women. They’d rather be a Loli teen.

No. 1087162

is having short hair as a woman the ultimate power move against trannies? they literally all think long hair is what makes you female

No. 1087165

it boggles my mind how people prefer THIS over being a bit upset over having perfectly healthy genitalia - like no matter how bad your dysphoria is, it can't possibly be worse than a designer vagina

No. 1087166

There's definitely been an increase for a few years because of social contagion, but most of the people you see on Twitter calling themselves trans are not even out irl and don't even bother transitioning. All the guys with a trans flag and a cute anime girl are actually fat bearded men that you would not even clock as trans if you saw them on the street (if they even leave their house). The day when the tranny craze dies down, you will see the number of self proclaimed troons decrease en mass.

No. 1087171

File: 1605898684352.png (626.06 KB, 958x622, ahfdsf.png)

That's a good point, the trannies I know irl don't pass in the slightest and look so blatantly like men, people would probably just think they're cis men rather than TiMs. Pic rel is one of them

No. 1087179

I think it's a mix of the iconic ultra feminine sex symbol Sophia Lauren and that its spelling almost sounds 'soft'.
Then there's the UK techno artist Sophie.

Sorry for that the your name is desirable to trubs

No. 1087192

Imagine being a brazilian trans sex worker knowing that your murder will be instrumentalized by one of those individuals.

No. 1087197

lol now that you say it, i can't think of a notorious mtf with short hair

No. 1087208

Imagine this telling you he's a woman. He looks like one of the game grumps, but idk any of their names kek

No. 1087212

File: 1605900685663.jpg (30.56 KB, 540x482, 1596399725274.jpg)

The whole MtF community is a result of individuals lacking self-fulfillment in life/feeling unsatisfied with the way they are, coupled with the lack of insight of WHAT they exactly want or need. And add the unlimited amount of porn on the web, you get a cult based off the fetishes they've built up over time.

I wouldn't have a problem with these people if they weren't so predatory, trying to get emotionally vulnerable people (especially teenagers going through puberty) to get into a lifestyle that is hardly recoverable from. But you can't even fucking do that anymore because psychopaths must be permitted to hurt others.

No. 1087220

hopefully this isn't too offtopic but i somehow ended up watching magdalen berns' videos again and i really miss having her content. is there anyone creating videos in similar topics as she did? any recs?(deraiing)

No. 1087235

this i know two trans gurwls uwu that trooned out in college and they both have facial hair and no effort in passing, just pronouns in bio

No. 1087241

"fabulosity is praxis" that has GOT to be a parody, right? I only know that it isn't because this specific ugly weirdo gets cited as a scholarly tranny online all the time.

No. 1087249

This is the shit that makes me MOTI. When the leading cause of death in the US for a pregnant woman is homicide, and those murders are committed by the child's father the VAST majority of the time, I'm supposed to be 'raising awareness' for male prostitutes in wigs getting killed? Death is tragic, and they don't have that coming (although being prosecuted for rape by deception is another story…) but let's solve the way worse crime stats first if we can please trannies, can we have that? Then we can start talking about how hard men in skirts have it.

No. 1087261

>"A gyno can't tell the difference!"
>Scene cuts to a gyno looking at a gaping hole that is unable to contract and relax in the way a vagina would, lacks natural lubrication, can't self clean, doesn't have a cervix, doesn't have the natural internal ridges, doesn't extend, doesn't tilt, etc.

Yeah, they'll never notice.

No. 1087286

This is sad and nobody deserves this, but I don't see how 350 deaths globally in a year is considered massively significant to them, but when somebody tells them statistics about transgender criminals they're "outliers" and "not real trans people".

When there was a debate about MTFs in prison wanting to share spaces with female prisoners, somebody submitted a FOI to the UK prison system in 2018 and it came out 48% of transgender prisoners were serving time for sexual offences and 18% of cisgender people were serving time for sexual offences. Yet if people bring that up, it's transphobic? Either use statistics or don't, don't pick and choose the ones you like.

No. 1087291

File: 1605904704018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 561.56 KB, 2000x2000, 3C8B6C21-4F9A-4566-B87E-39846C…)

Who the hell is continually telling them it’s the same? Is it the doctors trying to take their money or their own circle jerk? Because all of the neovaginas I have seen are horrifying.

No. 1087292

I cant imagine what a gyno would do. If the neovag even gets on the table, Im sure soon as the doctor sees it they wouldnt even waste their time. The troon doesnt need contraception, or need the overian tubes or uterus to be checked out….

Im sure theyre not qualified to even look at their crotch wounds.
The only time they would likely see it would be in photos at a lecture or study, no reason to see one in person

No. 1087294

File: 1605904821451.png (69.1 KB, 750x743, stats.png)


Source for this is BBC's FOI request to the MOJ and the source for the 18% of cis prisoners is the UK government's quarterly statistics publication.

No. 1087298

what’s sad is this is actually one of the better ones i’ve seen KEK

No. 1087302

The fact that people with neovagines want to even see a gyno shows how stupid they are when it comes to anatomy. These people are trained in BIOLOGICAL VAGINAS. They're specialists when it comes to things like female cancers, vaginal walls, uterine issues, cervix problems…none of which these people have! No matter how these people feel about their neo vag, it straight up does not look or act in the same way. The gyno's specialist training is unnecessary in the situation, they'd do better seeing a doctor that specialises in plastics, urology or colorectal surgery.

They're all going to die young because they're so focused on being feminine that they will literally delay their own medical care and stand in their own way just to feel validated by a doctor who won't even remember their name in the sea of patients they treat.

No. 1087307

File: 1605905467631.png (141.61 KB, 360x346, crylaffin.png)

Holy shit

No. 1087326

File: 1605906358772.jpeg (75.64 KB, 480x530, EC84BA6D-AA46-4B9D-BD6D-F1B2B6…)


No. 1087330

>open this
>foul stench immediately fills my nostrils
>goes away as soon as I close it
I think my brain just invented smellovision

No. 1087337

OT/spoonfeeding but can someone please tell me what MOTI stands for? the closest I can gather from context is homicidal/lost all faith in humanity kek

No. 1087340

mad on the internet

No. 1087341

File: 1605907273867.png (369.88 KB, 596x757, 0BA79F21-8F7B-4B4E-BFA9-A0526B…)

why do so many trannies look like doris from shrek kek (also the irony of the shirt why can they never take their own fucking advice)

No. 1087349

File: 1605907701593.jpeg (404.58 KB, 750x786, 3CD75819-649B-415D-A448-43744C…)

Happy Trans Day of Remembrance

No. 1087350

File: 1605907729952.png (768.52 KB, 876x701, trans_29-1.png)

old but gold

No. 1087359

File: 1605908125357.png (364.31 KB, 469x449, eli.PNG)

Eli Erlick the rapist had short hair, and so did Zinnia Jones when he first started blowing up online

There are more layers to this than can be described, and all of them are fucking hilarious

No. 1087370


Why do they all do the extreme side part? Can't think of a better way to emphasize a male hairline and brow but it's the first thing they seem to do to try and feminise themselves.

No. 1087371

>has stealth sex with a man


No. 1087376

File: 1605908932617.png (2.65 MB, 1236x3228, miles_claris_speedrunner_trann…)

Mentally ill tranny 1/2

No. 1087380

File: 1605909032877.png (4.39 MB, 4971x3564, miles_claris_speedrunner_trann…)

Mentally ill tranny 2/2

No. 1087387

Trying to create the illusion of volume I suppose? They don't have much hair and don't know how to style it, so if they flip it all over to one side they can just take selfies from that angle to pretend they have hair.

No. 1087388

kill it with fire

No. 1087390

File: 1605909975160.png (25.7 KB, 723x224, almost everybody.png)

Saw people sperging over this thread on twitter. I hate how polite they are. If they were talking to a woman doctor she'd be getting rape threats.
ITT hack doctor suggests he won't recommend transition for AGPs. Pic related is the sensible concern that that would alienate all of them.


No. 1087392

medfag sperg here but metaplasia doesn't mean you're going to miraculously develop glandular tissue?? what's likely happening is the 'metaplasia' is the skin inside is getting angry and becoming stratified squamous aka it can slough off when it's inevitably assaulted
the mucus is probably just a slurry of sweat and dead skin cells

No. 1087395

File: 1605910432930.png (340.65 KB, 1200x1052, 928347927.png)

he's still on it

No. 1087396

They’re polite with each other because men will always try to be as polite as possible around other men and for other men.

No. 1087400

he should take his shirt's advice

No. 1087414

>under 10 hours in boobed girl race


No. 1087417

Wow, those are some high levels of cope. I hate the fact that pretty much any “girl” gamer you hear about at AGDQ is just an ugly autistic scrote.

No. 1087425

File: 1605911944601.png (768.11 KB, 999x609, tranny speedrun meme.png)

He is/was a speedrunner

No. 1087427

File: 1605912066782.jpeg (106.08 KB, 415x583, 1973D5C5-BA32-4719-BD92-7CEAA8…)

he looks like a faceapp morph of this with jared fogle.
his stream of consciousness tweets read like the inner monologue of some sort of primitive hominin ancestor who somehow survived extinction and got psyopped into a sissy fetish.
the fact that all of the tweets in the screencap you posted have minimal likes with no replies makes it seem like he's mostly alone in a world he can't comprehend.
the last surviving neanderthal tweeting from an empty observation room in some government facility… the scientists let him believe that he is a large breasted speed running cute gf so that he doesn't hurt himself and compromise their research.
as he rocks back and forth, perched over in the empty sterile room he soothes the confusion of his neutered existence through his broken repetitive tweets of "boob" and "girl".

No. 1087432

>Also men are REALLY and I mean REALLY bad at seeing the obvious signs of a tranny.
It's the "I love women that wear no makeup - while posting a picture of a woman with a face full of makeup" thing all over again

No. 1087441

the nerve

No. 1087456

kek anon omg

No. 1087461

literally adam lanza eyes

No. 1087484

File: 1605917233798.jpeg (234.23 KB, 507x592, 0A63A798-ED31-4A9B-AA83-674B60…)

No. 1087507

File: 1605918684940.jpg (18.49 KB, 217x232, cannibalcorpsesinger.jpg)

why does his neck make me think of this?

No. 1087509


i skipped through the majority of this just to see the train wreck that was the outfits and his fucking hairy navel and beer gut are hanging out of the pants in almost all of these outfits. troons squeezing themselves into women’s clothing is hilarious. pants meant to be at or above a regular woman’s navel are literally hanging underneath this troon’s gut.

you know he’d get torn apart if he were an actual woman but since he’s got a pecker he’s stunning and slaying~

No. 1087516

Medanon, as someone who knows shit about medicine, how insane does the current climate make you? Because I feel like I'd be blowing my brains out

No. 1087518

It's biology. The effects of testosterone can't be undone but they can be added on a body that hasn't experienced male puberty. That's why the changes brought on by HRT is much more drastic for FTMs than they are for MTFs. FTMs can grow more muscle, have their body hair growing and their voice lower but MTFs get tubular moobs at best.

No. 1087523


Very strong gay male characteristics (hand movements, gestures, walk)

No. 1087524

>gets neovag
>still fucks ass

No. 1087527

Surely the hair growing on the inside would be a dead give away that somethings wrong, surely?

No. 1087533

> this purse is sooooo CUTE!
> i'm dying. my butt looks sooo good!

you can't convince me that these aren't just ugly ass men LARPing as the giggling braindead bimbos they assume women are

his blatantly male pelvis is doing nothing for his walk kek he looks so awkward and clunky. women have a natural sway in their hips that can't be faked by men since the anatomy is different. the fact that it's super clockable and there isn't anything they can do to stop it is hilarious. cucked by a pelvis. the doughy hairy gut hanging over small croptops doesn't help either. i'd think this was a parody if i didn't know for a fact that they actually act this retarded

No. 1087595

kek anon please write this book I'm begging you

No. 1087608

File: 1605932642088.jpg (212.26 KB, 1024x1024, 20201120_232009-COLLAGE.jpg)

What is it with troons and demanding artists uwu-ify themselves? It's jarring to see a cute/pretty girl in a commissioned art actually be a literal hulking tranny. The 'short' goblin is 5'10" and the tall dainty 'flower' is 6'2".

Do they actually see themselves this way or are they that deluded?

No. 1087609

The funny thing is that in reality, 5'10" isn't that short and is about an average height for a man, but these trannies' perception of height is probably skewed by years spent on 4chan, not going outside and observing functional men who aren't insecure about their height.

No. 1087622

Jesus christ it looks like raw chicken inside

No. 1087626

File: 1605934851674.jpg (21.97 KB, 333x450, kim.jpg)

Serving Kim Day vibes

No. 1087635

Leave corpse grinder out of this

No. 1087641

File: 1605936582379.jpeg (295.03 KB, 750x1120, C122C74D-19B8-433F-865F-3A9E4A…)

This thread is kinda funny. https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/jy2xe8/i_stop_paying_attention_to_people_with_a_i/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
He’s right about that last part at least, most people are “supportive” or too scared to speak out against it all because they’re scared of literally being threatened or doxxed or losing their job over it. More proof they’re definitely still men, as women don’t hold that kind of power to best people into submission like this.

This reminds me, wasn’t there a black GC woman on twitter or something who got doxxed and a troon actually showed up at her house and was threatening Her? I definitely remember something like this happening but can’t seem to find anything about it now.

Huh yeah I guess this is probably three logical explanation thanks anons who replied.

Just dumb to me how when women bring up unrealistic beauty standards men are always like
>but we’re BIOLOGICALLY programmed to be attracted to FERTILE WOMEN we can’t help being naturally drawn to wide hips, small waist, big boobs, long shiny hair, etc etc because they’re signs of fertility

But then they will literally fuck a fridge body troon with none of that.

Male hormones must be a hell of a drug.

No. 1087661

Honestly this wasn't as bad since he's a gay guy; I'm used to seeing this twinkish misogynistic behavior. It's when they explicitly attribute brainless 'bimbo' shit to all women that I'm really pissed off (aka 90% Reddit transbians' post histories, the other 10% is selfies/picrew generated characters that no one gaf about).
His male torso is obvious but Trevor Moran definitely has the money to get a BBL and other fat transfers done. Knowing how vain he is (and was as a gay male) I would be shocked if he didn't eventually get a ton of work done. He doesn't look like he's had any of the surgeries yet but they're definitely going to happen.

No. 1087673

File: 1605941013692.jpeg (214.67 KB, 828x556, 6263EC07-FF70-492B-8ABF-64C29C…)

Offended by everything.

No. 1087674

File: 1605941105068.jpeg (575.73 KB, 828x1170, 7859B689-5380-4CB2-983C-0917B8…)

Chris has been sperging out for 2 days now. If they didn’t reply to your first tweet give up.

No. 1087675

At least they are finally admitting it, they think it’s transphobic for you not to want to fuck/date them.

No. 1087676

File: 1605941322318.jpeg (663.99 KB, 828x1425, BCDEACAB-06B6-47CA-B2FF-4D58C1…)


No. 1087677

File: 1605941398573.jpeg (499.53 KB, 828x1059, 1AC07D03-A056-4CC7-A0E4-91DC29…)


Our lovely trans salamander retweeted this of course. Violence against trans people = death sentence. Violence against anyone else = justified

No. 1087684

File: 1605942425811.jpeg (301.11 KB, 1125x1273, 9F89BF0D-C4E1-4570-AF90-FF384F…)

This was on a post about a troon asking when/if they can take their hormones vaginally once they make one, since that’s what cis women do to protect their liver.

>when I put hot sauce on it

No. 1087686

File: 1605942556255.jpeg (189.31 KB, 1125x761, BB4C0A0D-DE3B-4E41-9922-383246…)

Also found this one amusing

No. 1087689

Damn it's like we do more research than them and we're not the ones getting the surgery

No. 1087704

Why do research when you have a hugbox telling you how amazing theirs went and it's just like the real thing! I also think the doctors are not honest because they don't give a fuck.
What can they do but chop off this dudes dick and make the best of it they can. Even Lesbian TRA's play more into the, "it's just like mines, I noticed no difference! You'll have no issue finding a partner" bullshit.
Everyone is actively lying, streching the truth, shilling and treating these people like toddlers not grown men.
Women get get judged for botched work and if it harms our help everyone's like, "thats sad but she should'nt be trying to get this or that done"
With trans women it's a tragedy and they were JUST trying to get the perfect cis vagina!

No. 1087720

>Goodbyeeee horses

No. 1087765

Why do they all do that stupid fucking eyeliner with nothing else?

No. 1087770

Absolutely howling at this guy putting Frank's Red Hot into his crotch wound

No. 1087786

File: 1605962916614.jpeg (215.3 KB, 750x1090, 60585FB4-3DC1-4B8F-AF7E-0C82FB…)

are you fucking kidding me

No. 1087788

peak delusion

No. 1087789

Cope alert

No. 1087793

That dude makes Kim look like a supermodel.

There are very few women genuinely as ugly as AGP troons. That's a big part of why they hate us.

Why the fuck is his stomach folding in on itself like that? That's the worst I have ever seen a pair of high rise pants fit anyone and high rise pants are supposed to be universally flattering.

If he has that problem couldn't he at least choose something with more stretch in the waist? He looks like a $5 troon hooker.

No. 1087817

Those pants are actually mid rise, not high rise. High rise comes up past the navel and sits just below the ribs where a woman's natural waist would be.

He actually didn't look as bad in genuine high rise.

No. 1087821

I feel like on a woman those would be high-rise unless they had a long torso but because he has a man build they’re mid rise and look extra weird

No. 1087831

I’m guessing they’re either referring to the fact that most of the selfies on r/transpassing and subs like that have been face tuned and photoshopped for like 2 hours, OR their image of “feminine” is wearing thigh highs and fetish clothing like maid outfits and frilly pink floral toddler clothes.

Either that or they’re delusional and coping HARD, which is probably more likely I guess

No. 1087885

File: 1605974195548.jpeg (435.04 KB, 750x1050, 05E3F02E-AADC-4298-A4CD-2D8A03…)

No. 1087889

Based pharmacist

No. 1087893

Issa chaser

No. 1087904

nitpick but that disgusting thumbnail

No. 1087905

why, what lovely mutton chops, ma'am.

trannies are peak retardation, he looks deranged

No. 1087911

File: 1605977239720.jpeg (151.06 KB, 1125x342, 9A92E150-6743-4567-97F5-24E406…)

He’s right. It’s not the same at all. A “masculine” woman being misgendered is upsetting because her identity is being questioned and her femininity is stripped from her. A troon being misgendered is just a reminder that if they’re going to play dress up they should try harder. Actual women shouldn’t have to get surgeries to feel validated in their natural identity.

No. 1087912

>reliable hormones instead of natural ones

what could be more reliable than endogenous hormones? as if they think they are superior to the natural endocrine system lmfao

No. 1087935

Lol exactly, I mean they were all losing their shit when the pandemic meant they wouldn't necessarily be able to get their horse piss.

No. 1087947

I guess this post makes sense when they probably think an Adam's apple and Neanderthal brow ridge are feminine features

No. 1087977

Crazy how you can't compliment trans women without attempting to put down women.
People call women beautiful all the time they don't go,"Wow that woman is so much better looking then trans women!"
I don't know why shit like this makes me mad, it's just that it's so fucking fake/false. Just say you like feminized men with tits and go.

Most the trannies you are talking too aren't even the okay looking ones, you are more likely talking to an middle aged man in sissy gear.

No. 1088043

This is a cope if I ever saw one, lmao.
>reliable hormones instead of natural ones
Literally the funniest shit I've read.

No. 1088048

Is this guy pre transition or mid? Because christ he's already an entire femboy. If he was just a gay guy in these outfits I'd be like "okay". Just stop there dude there's no reason to go further. Why try to pass more if THIS is what you're aesthetic is? You've already done enough just be a fem gay

No. 1088104

if he trans out he's going to look old as hell.
Like he looks like a soccer mom

No. 1088116

he is addicted to pills or booze, can't remember which and he has already flip flopped with being trans, last I remember is him just being gay or fluid or some shit?

No. 1088174

I dunno if this is a zoomer thing or not, but the same thing happens when gay men put on makeup and comments usually are
>omg he's literally prettier than me!! and i'm a woman!
it's so cringe..

No. 1088184

I havent watched Games done quick in years. I feel like every time i come back to it, everyone will be tr00ned out

No. 1088187

The hairline is always a dead give away for men

No. 1088223

File: 1606000155438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.51 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201121-180656_Twi…)

(Spoiler for dick) the laugh he does is so uncanny

No. 1088230

Wow that avi is the first somewhat clear picture I've seen of this person and that dick looks really small.

No. 1088231

Like he literally looks like a fat boy in the face.

No. 1088258

File: 1606003948381.jpeg (412.43 KB, 1819x1818, 0D2F03B9-948A-43A3-85CC-ADEFB1…)

Update on Lauren’s neovag: it still smells putrid, and he’s regretting getting the surgery.

Also bonus wtf reply chain from some other troon who got his “clit” INSIDE his “vagina”(????)

No. 1088268

File: 1606004542002.jpeg (83.3 KB, 600x516, 7F4D1B7E-56C1-42F5-8407-084B5E…)

Is that a “Muslim” tranny in the first tweet? With a headscarf on?
What is the world coming to

No. 1088275

File: 1606005019168.jpg (551.86 KB, 1296x792, best of makenzie.jpg)

Meet Makenzie. There's not much novel here, just an extremely depressed 29 year old NEET with AGP who lives with his parents and uses Facebook as his personal diary/echo chamber. He hates cis women, FTMs, troons who've had the dick chop, and drag queens, but most of all he hates himself for not being a kawaii anime waifu. If he'd spent half the effort he spends complaining on applying for jobs or college, or going to actual therapy, maybe he'd feel better about his life.

No. 1088288

File: 1606005551693.jpeg (126.48 KB, 1079x633, 8A36D561-FE49-4864-B42D-B36FD0…)

>an Italian pioneer of sexual reassignment

No. 1088298

Why do these people legitimately think they magically grew glans to produce vaginal discharge? Them being "wet" is most likely a mix of sweat and leaking tissue fluid.

No. 1088357

These retards cut their dicks off, they have irreparably ruined their bodies and sex lives. I'm sure they could convince themselves of literally ANYTHING to cope with what they've done to themselves in pursuit of a fetish they can't even enjoy anymore.

No. 1088363

File: 1606009077346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.9 KB, 1080x1920, 984C3424-C3EF-4F58-B373-B48B0A…)

late but grainy Polaroid underneath grandpa’s porno mags of the asian ladyboys he fucked back in ‘nam material

at least he had the decency to censor the dick in this one

No. 1088373

Why are the words trannies use to describe things so bizarre? It's always "panties" instead of just "underwear" like a normal human woman would say. Literally have never once heard a woman refer to her vagina as her " bits " …

No. 1088375

Disgusting lmao.
Those nipples are so unnatural looking.

No. 1088382

By "clit" he means the tip of his penis. He's taking T blockers and oestrogen and wondering why he can't orgasm and is this the same as a real girl has?

No. 1088384

>Literally have never once heard a woman refer to her vagina as her " bits "
i actually have heard bits being used before, but other shit they say like "clitty" is literally never said by anyone other than troons or ddlgers
>top 0.5% on onlyfans
>still wearing a cheap wig

No. 1088391


No. 1088393

"bits" is used by middle-aged women in the UK who want to look sassy. "Clitty" is used by those whose brightest future is joining club 41.

No. 1088394

File: 1606011684872.png (831.27 KB, 600x1800, is_this_real.png)

is it me or troons with neo vags arent as popular as troons with dicks?

No. 1088399

The ultimate combover

No. 1088401

Not sure why this kid is sharing their traumatic experience on TikTok of all places but Jesus Christ… troons and their handmaidens have no empathy whatsoever.

No. 1088411

The biggest trans cheerleader is Kevin Gibes and even he broadcasts multiple issues with his "better than cis" vagina. He neglected to dilate properly so he can't actually get a dildo in it, and part of it FELL OFF.

No. 1088413

> why did i get kicked off Tik Tok????
> advertises cumshot

No. 1088414

File: 1606013187637.jpeg (517.9 KB, 1192x967, 49D2EECD-F84F-4E17-A3B3-246EB1…)

I let out a fucking belch from seeing that

No. 1088418

Which platform does Makenzie post their existential angst onto?

No. 1088419

Also I've never seen anyone but fetishistic troons use the term "tiddies" for breasts.

No. 1088424


No. 1088427

Girls jokingly call their breasts tiddies all the time anon, have you just been transported to 2020 from 1776?

No. 1088451

This is so gross. It smells because it's an open wound you won't let heal.

No. 1088454

> non-binary female
Uhm, doesn't it not work that way? The troons and gender specials really have to one up each other, don't they?

No. 1088471

the difference is that women do it jokingly but mtfs do it unironically

No. 1088549

Right when he's struggling with drug abuse and obvious depression, he comes out as trans. This is his escape/distraction and it's fucking sad.

No. 1088558

and they are going to cheer him on ignoring all the signs that this person is unwell.

No. 1088561

It's honestly nasty how obsessed they are with being little girls, and the fact that people are expected to accept and welcome it. This is mental illness.

No. 1088570

Jesus that's a very rough 29, looks like my late grandma.

No. 1088571

>My dad decided to troon out when I was a very tender age by threatening to shoot himself in front of his family if they don't accept him as a ma'am
These people are either sociopathic or simply too deep in their cognitive dissonance that they see the word "trans" and lose their sanity.

No. 1088577

File: 1606040170096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.71 KB, 262x325, 6745b1b2-3c88-4d4d-b155-a7d7a0…)

Jesus. I'm on a swingers site and I've just seen this. Apparently the owner of it still has part of the penis inside her vagina and I'm starting to realise why not all ftm get bottom surgery.

No. 1088588

1. Who is on a swinger site 2. Who didn't realize until now the horrors of bottom surgery .. are you a scrote anon

No. 1088590

File: 1606044059390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.32 KB, 299x315, 20191213_201957.jpg)

Rotting neo clit

No. 1088591

File: 1606044089986.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.75 KB, 1163x1782, received_449962508988758.jpeg)

No. 1088592

File: 1606044134079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 518.73 KB, 2448x1632, 1606042896780.jpg)

Yep definitely a real vagina

No. 1088593

File: 1606044189223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.53 KB, 1893x2048, 1606043113978.jpg)

This one is just balls with a slit

No. 1088594

File: 1606044215180.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.35 KB, 1146x814, 1606043247901.jpg)

No. 1088595

File: 1606044294176.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.68 KB, 900x1600, 1606043266064.jpg)

The highlighted spot is apparently pleasurable to touch

No. 1088596

File: 1606044320251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 839.49 KB, 2316x3088, 1606043301688.jpg)

No. 1088598

So sorry for posting so many images, found a lot of material on reddit.

No. 1088604

They’re telling on themselves by assuming the abusive parent is MtF, rather than that they’re FtM and the kid is respecting pronouns. Deep down everyone knows men are the ones doing this shit, not women.

No. 1088607

File: 1606046029504.jpeg (28.27 KB, 600x483, 874.jpeg)

Anon, I hate you. I can't drink my choccy milk because of how disgusted I am now.

No. 1088609

I was about to say "hey these don't even look too bad" until I looked further down where the hole's supposed to be

they're all bad

No. 1088610

File: 1606046373552.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 566.31 KB, 2048x2048, 3526B84B-37E3-4ADC-A6AB-B8CBC5…)

They’ll literally tell people to go die, get raped, make fun of their kids, call them all sorts of horrible, vile shit, but for some reason pronouns are so sacred and have to be respected even if you disrespect the shit out of everything else about a person. It’s ok to say you’re glad somebody got raped but calling somebody “he” is TOO FAR BRO..

Ever notice how they ALWAYS have the porny “innie” vulva look? They always, always get those tiny little tucked in labia that are barely there, and even their clitoral is never even visible. Most women’s vulvas have some more labia and clitoral hood visible and everything isn’t perfectly smooth and parallel and symmetrical like this. Labia look more “ruffled” and asymmetrical generally not like a literal “slit”

Image is left side: real vulvas and right side: 1 year post op (so nobody can argue “swelling” as the reason they look like that) mtf “vulvas”

No. 1088617

Such an obvious male perineum

No. 1088625

> Ever notice how they ALWAYS have the porny “innie” vulva look?
Oh yes. But they wouldn’t know what a ‘real’ woman’s vagina looks like, because their vision of the woman they want to be is shaped by porn. Not saying you’re not a real woman if you have small labia, but the reality is that a majority of women don’t have the neat tucked in look.
And honestly I believe that scrotes are so stupid they probably do think a neovag looks even better than a real vag with ‘meat curtains’ (god I hate that term) because all men think the fucking same, and mtf are the representation of what men really think of us.

No. 1088644

File: 1606051110936.jpeg (33.91 KB, 645x729, 253B4388-D0FA-4021-9B0B-7F007E…)

“you may compliment me”

God forbid a woman actually have this level of ego or confidence.

/ot/ and blog but I’m so happy I found these threads because trans people have always made me so uncomfortable but because of societal pressure I always kind of accepted them and tried to sympathize with them. I didn’t know what AGPs were, and I wasn’t really exposed to any critical thinking whatsoever regarding the LGBTQ “community”.

No. 1088645

Why are all of them positioned wrong? Seems to be too high up.

No. 1088646

Chad female vulvas vs incel rot pockets

No. 1088651

if having a penis is that bad then why not just get it all cut off at that point? good lord. this surgery should be banned but there's no way that'll ever happen without people screaming transphobia

No. 1088677

Bc the penis naturally sits higher and they’re inverting it.

No. 1088702

This looks like a crescent roll made out of frankensteined flesh. That medical license should be revoked and publicly shat on.

No. 1088715

Same here, Anon. It just feels like it’s a lot of men avoiding the whole “check your privilege” notion that happened.

A school board released a note home about Halloween to my coworker’s kid that banned cross dressing and dressing up as other cultures, then a follow up note saying trans people expressing their real gender isn’t a form of parody and leave those kids alone. MtF is the biggest form of objectivity of women that I have seen in a long time. It had a ridiculous table on it that said we can’t understand gender expression. Guess even school is encouraging deviancy.

No. 1088717


It's wild that they have absolutely MUTILATED this genitalia but you can still tell it used to be a penis. There's no doubt in your mind when you look at it. How can you chop bits of and tuck them away and still tell it's a penis? If literally butchering it isn't going to make it look less like a dick, why would you even bother with a surgery?

No. 1088718

remember when troons tried posting real vaginas on r/neovaginadisasters but got caught immediately every time? good times
the tranny recoils in pain at the female vulva

No. 1088726

File: 1606064624601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.57 KB, 999x805, Screenshot_20201121-224106_Sam…)

This is considered a good result

No. 1088734

I'm so confused by this

No. 1088742

File: 1606066113223.jpg (100.91 KB, 1280x720, oh.jpg)

No. 1088743

Reminds me of a xenomorph

No. 1088744

It does look good compared to the other ones we've seen. It does not look like genitals but nothing seems to be oozing pus or falling off.

No. 1088745

File: 1606066390922.jpeg (11.27 KB, 342x147, téléchargement.jpeg)

I've seen my fair share of nurglesque axe wounds on here and KF so I thought I was desensitized, but this one feels like I'm staring at some unfathomable abomination.

No. 1088753

vaginas are so cute wtf
Troons should just keep their penises, they’re basically worthless without one.

No. 1088771

True. At least with the penis, the bisexuals pretending to be lesbians will still fuck them.

No. 1088788

The Islamic Republic of Iran has the 2nd highest number of transexuals in the world. Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwah in the 60s saying it was cool to be trans and everyone since has agreed with him.

You can't be a gay man in Iran, but you can be born in the wrong body and the government will help you out.

No. 1088791

Lol no. Stop throwing us under the bus for them.

No. 1088797

I've once saw a chaser refer to trans women with Neo-vaginas, small dicks and/or non working dicks as "Useless Trannies".
Even their biggest "fans" think they are useless without a dick and/or a working one.

I just wish that the neo-vaginers would leave lesbians alone and focus on the straight men they claim that love them so much, excpet those "Straight" men want cocks more it seems.
It makes zero sense to me to get a neo-vagina for sexual reasons, it feels like it's purely for validation.
Nobody really wants them, even those dudes who hate women and start to date Troons don't even go for the ones post op.

No. 1088802

I never knew this. I bet somewhere there' a troon talking about how amazing it is for them ignoring the fact that they are gay men being forced to be trans, so they can be gay in peace.
Just like troons do with Thailand.

No. 1088815

Cant speak for other places, but in my country most trannies arent gay men, just perverts. "Lesbian transwomen" they call it kek the delusion of it all

No. 1088823

File: 1606072142975.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.58 KB, 1575x2176, 1597987618857.jpg)

The thing that always gets me about neovags is that the actual hole is below everything? Like how do you look at that and not notice something is off? Pic from an older thread but it just really goes to show trannies don't know anything about female anatomy. No woman's vagina, literally NONE, has a gaping hole under the end of their labia.

No. 1088835

I honestly just want to post this n some coomer sub, implying it's a real vagina so these troons can personally experience the pure shit men will really say about this frankenwound. We all know how they feel about real "roasties" and Most regular guys have never seen a neo"vagina" so imagine the shit they would say if someone happened to post this somewhere with the implication it belongs to a cis woman kek. It would be like them posting real vaginas to the neovagina subreddits but reversed lmao

No. 1088852

america needs to get on board with the saudis and start stoning these abominations. how deep in delusion do you have to be to look at a self-inflicted surgical wound of melting skin and goopy flaps and be like "oh yeah that looks biologically female to me sis <3" troon allies are seriously worse than the troons themselves for cultivating this kid glove culture of NEVER telling them the fucking truth. a comforting lie over the harsh reality of them castrating/butchering their one object of obsession.

No. 1088858

Imagine being a straight man trying to hook up with a "woman" only to reach down to feel/see THIS monstrosity. I love the way my real vagina feels when I cop a feel, couldn't imagine having to touch this lumpy scar tissue for a labia majora

No. 1088859

File: 1606074776200.png (267.71 KB, 1853x426, cc.PNG)

>tfw women on crystal.cafe are also complaining about trannies
Insane of the AGP never leave women alone.

No. 1088865

File: 1606075424538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.93 KB, 982x726, file-20181106-74763-t94fws.jpg)

It looks like the labia are wrapped over each other like a kimono. There's one bit that I'm sure is going to pop out in the second photo. All the other drooling abscesses barely raised my eyebrows but this is really troubling me.

All neovaginas remind me of the horrifying early attempts at plastic surgery on WWI soldiers, like it's better than an open exploded wound but you know in your heart that flesh is not supposed to do that.

No. 1088872

File: 1606075717455.png (68.15 KB, 781x859, amerifat05.png)

Jesus wept

No. 1088882

>My wife's honestly doesn't look much different to yours
God, what a fucking insult to his wife, i'd be outraged if my boyfriend said some shit like that about me

No. 1088899

he's so damn ugly..it's not even funny

No. 1088953

Does that count as cow tipping? Because if not that would actually be hilarious. The range of depraved and delusional specific porn subs on reddit would be a goldmine for honest complaints from coomers.

No. 1088957


do it anon kek

No. 1088964

please do

No. 1088976

I don't think finding a random neovag picture and posting it in other subreddits is cowtipping.

No. 1089014

>labia wrapped like a kimono

They’d probably take that as a compliment seeing how most of them are raging weebs.

No. 1089020

Looks like he got an extra crumb collector installed too!

No. 1089024


No. 1089039

I predict this backfires and gets mostly “positive” comments. Scrotes will fuck anything

No. 1089084

LOL implying scrotes would be able to tell these are not real vaginas, especially the ones shown on >>1088610 image, as long as they resemble what they watch daily in porn they'll prefer these than the real ones on the right. It will be funny if you post them though bc I'm curious if I'm right.

No. 1089113

None of them ever point out that the colour/texture is the same throughout the neovagina. The inside of a vagina comes in many shades, but it's never the same colour and texture as your thigh. Even if they managed to make it look structurally like a vulva (which they haven't managed), the fact it looks like it was fashioned by buffalo bill is a dead giveaway.

No. 1089122

You put it into words! Thanks, I was never able to figure out exactly what was so offputting about them besides how they're arranged.

No. 1089154

Yes, it's the colour. I've seen my fair share of female genitalia, the inner labia are darker usually, not flesh colored.

No. 1089159


Can someone please explain to me why these axe wounds always appear to have at least one extra hole? Is it supposed to be a urethra? What happens in the surgical process that the urethra gets so mangled and oversized?

The absolute body horror of it all. These people need to be institutionalized

No. 1089160

The texture looks like when you would stretch out old school silly putty then fold it on itself. Weirdly shiny because it’s all scar tissue.

No. 1089205

Lol apparently they’re allowed in female Muslim spaces and female mosques
Imagine being a woman in Iran forced to subject to patriarchy and now you’re supposed to be the same as a mutilated gay man
Sicko muzzie men will take advantage of this no doubt once it reaches communities outside of Iran, Paki/Afghanistan and Indonesia

No. 1089219

As if I needed any more reason to hate them. Gross.

No. 1089328

I don't personally give a shit about neovags etc, people can do what they like with their own bodies… but it does bug me that MTFs do not actually try very hard to behave like women, or like they even LIKE other women, for all that they're supposedly working sooooo hard at passing.

MTFs love to come into female-centric spaces and make everything about themselves. They have to make every fucking conversation about themselves, transitioning, being trans, and how they're the most speshul group of victims to ever be martyred. What you seldom see from them: actual female behaviour, like taking other people into consideration, being selfless/caring, literally not being the center of attention every moment of the day, giving others space, realising not everything has to be about you, and yes, doing meta work.

They just want to be told that they're pretty and special and get asspats and attention for just existing - exactly like MEN DO. It'd be hilarisad if it wasn't so aggravating.

No. 1089366

File: 1606134985819.png (377.53 KB, 461x532, hair.PNG)

Why can't the troon at 100 gecs take care of his hair ?

No. 1089373

if it doesn't cover his face you'll see he's not passing, duh

No. 1089374

File: 1606136585002.jpg (228.7 KB, 1572x1068, 1289785.jpg)

Doesn't seem like he's the type to worry about passing, in all the pics of him you can clearly see he's a male

No. 1089376

/r/manmadepussy is also a source for keks

No. 1089378

File: 1606137237504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 412.07 KB, 1707x2560, sHOgci-tcsOSZo5GOSnTJkAURxFiMv…)

anon the shit you make me find, jesus christ.

No. 1089379

File: 1606137252286.jpeg (277.91 KB, 750x1010, E0A30CF0-2458-4676-BB37-4A1083…)

It's kind of a meme but, socialization really plays a huge role here. So many of these AGPs (and even HSTSs) were raised to expect the world on a silver platter. Ftms tend to be more accommodating (though younger ones act more entitled), but the whole community caters to men. It's sad as hell.

No. 1089380

File: 1606137258289.png (26.83 KB, 718x555, 424.PNG)

samefag but kek at the replies

No. 1089384

File: 1606137542085.png (Spoiler Image, 457.29 KB, 667x609, klj.PNG)

samefag yet again but first time i've ever seen someone mention the depth of a vagina, and of course it has to be a man with a neovagina. It's like the penis lenght shit but reversed this is hilarious

No. 1089385

I just cannot imagine what the hell would happen to these people if they accidentally tear that hole all the way to the anus. I know a good amount must have because they’re reckless and gross and they probably barely survived MRSA.

No. 1089386

If he never spreads it and fixes the weird scarring then he could fool a dude I think. The hole is completely seperate from the rest of the items as usual but it isn't noticeable as much when it's not spread.

No. 1089396

That is an actual surgerical complications they can have!

No. 1089397

File: 1606139203964.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 714x980, Skjermbilde 2020-11-23 kl. 14.…)

No. 1089398

Why won't they get fat transfer to the moobs first so they wouldn't get that cone shape

No. 1089406

>that jawline
Has he got a beard?

No. 1089409

This new administration better have these fucks paying for survivors who've had mastectomies to get reconstruction or women who want breast jobs because of whatever fucking reason. I'm so tired of assholes being catered to but my droopy/uneven chest giving me dysphoria alone wouldn't be covered fuck them.

No. 1089424

The more I see these post-op bodies, the more it looks like they want to conform to some stupid anime/video game beauty standards. Disproportionate and bizarre tits, neovags that look like every barely-there slit in a hentai, and then there's the "fashion sense" too…

No. 1089438

>id like to cut off my dick and balls and invert them into a lifelong open wound for sexual reasons

The longer this thread goes on the more i'm convinced this is a mental illness

No. 1089457


It absolutely is a mental illness, anon.

No. 1089461

It always has been

No. 1089462


I always assumed they had the Barbie doll puss because doctors probably don’t have the ability to give them proper labia, now I am curious if it actually is by choice. Never considered that before.

This is men we are talking about so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1089485

File: 1606148612390.png (246.37 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20201123-171121~2.p…)

Saw this post on KF and it really sums up the cognitive dissonance about the troon community and how self centered they are. I also came across the list of all the "trans victims lost to transphobia this year", and most of them are prostitutes in South American countries (so gay men) killed by johns, homeless people fighting with each other or even random victims of petty crime. Some of the crimes are fucked up, I'm not denying it and they didn't deserve to die like that, but do we actually have to remember the drunk schmucks who died by their own mistakes? (link to the list if anyone wants to check https://tinyurl.com/yyxdxptk)

No. 1089490

This is absolutely because they are men who never saw a woman not inside a computer screen before

No. 1089536

File: 1606153172676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.23 KB, 750x901, FAE8CF44-6BF6-42FE-86E3-218794…)

No. 1089537

Sorry i forgot to spoiler and it won’t delete

No. 1089549

File: 1606154520665.gif (984.67 KB, 625x353, 40EE237E-17C9-4C8C-9BAE-A8EEAC…)

Every single day on Instagram or Tumblr, I see GoFundMes, collectives, and general donation posts for trannies for everything from homelessness to surgery to “being able to eat even though they’re obese as fuck.” Literally every day, multiple posts. It’s so disgusting the way they shamelessly beg for money while screaming at women on the internet and sitting in their own filth due to mental illness. It’s also funny, though, because I know that the people boosting aren’t actually donating shit kek. Why are all of these losers jobless and poor?

No. 1089581

The press-on nails are sending me

No. 1089602

Oh my god, that's a Hank Hill ass in the front.

No anon you don't understand, the white middle class 20-50 year old troons are the most vulnerable demographic we could have! Why, unlike cis karen womb carrier women every time they step outside (i.e. once a month) they have a very realistic chance of being murdered!

No. 1089616

File: 1606159149847.jpg (37.95 KB, 1080x983, FB_IMG_1606159041945.jpg)

Content: this is a MtF troon that literally looks like a big bulky man in a dress. I clocked him immediately, are people really this dense?

No. 1089618

File: 1606159343595.png (469.63 KB, 512x512, 5RLa0ojp.png)

^ samefag but he is also a senator, here's a closeup of his profile. check out that AGP smile

No. 1089622

Isn't this a little unprofessional to be posting on Twitter as a Senator?

No. 1089625

Ngl that made me laugh lol

No. 1089626

most people are just trying not to be rude

No. 1089628

It's always the expression that gives them away, bulky women exist, but very few make the shiteating smug expressions men do.

Disproving the concept of ladybrain since they can't even smile right.

No. 1089644

I guess it doesn’t matter if he’s a troonsenator.

No. 1089660

How hard is it to just say, "I'm a woman/trans woman," if he actually cares about being a positive role model and representative for trans people in Congress kek. This isn't cute or funny, this is a grown politician representing not only his state, but his identity or whatever, since he makes it a Thing instead of just trying to integrate as a woman. But whatever, show your ass, "Sarah." I'm sure the degenerate part of your troonery will come to light eventually.

No. 1089673

I do find it weird how MTFs act like they're some sort of Woman+ - like, if you think you are a girl/woman, act the fucking part! But no, intersectional feminism only needs to apply when it benefits them - Dicksnip McGee cannot be expected to not put down cis women, or to support cis women and their rights, they only need to be vocal about wanting asspats for being speshul.

This whole business of "designer vaginas" is fucking gross. Call it your pussy or whatever, I don't care, but implying it's somehow better than the real thing is disgusting and disturbing, especially when cis women get shamed about "roasties" and "brown taints" so much that most hate their genitalia and think it's ugly to the point of labioplasty. I've yet to see one (1) MTF motherfucker say a peep about Female Genital Mutilation, either, which should be right up their alley logically, what with the wokeness and fEmInInItY and whatever… but the only thing that matters to them is getting someone else to pay for their plastic surgery.

They don't want to be "one of the girls", they want to be The Most Special Perfect Girl. It's such a male-brained, shitty, entitled approach, and the self-absorption is fucking exhausting.

No. 1089678

I know this word is overused alot, but the whole "designer pussy" thing is such a cope. "Cheap Chinese bootleg pussy" is alot more accurate kek

No. 1089681

File: 1606162746463.jpg (49.17 KB, 865x760, 83be567e59871c965fae3520ccd076…)

This kind of senator?

No. 1089688

I was not expecting a based MGS anon in this thread, fucking excellent

No. 1089697

File: 1606163597273.png (348.87 KB, 1434x1872, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.30…)

More posting from reddit toon posted earlier in the thread

No. 1089700

File: 1606163639095.png (393.92 KB, 1434x2016, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.33…)

more gems in the commets

No. 1089701

File: 1606163661719.png (281.95 KB, 1434x1448, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.33…)

No. 1089708

You don't even have to go as far as the DesignerHole to see their socialization in action. Just look at the crying and gofundmes for things like hair removal and facial feminization surgery. Real women don't get to have their PCOS moustaches lasered for free, they just live with the mockery and shame.
If that's actually a woman, way to live up to the socialization too. Anything to make men feel better, even self debasement for mutilated sex freaks. I'm so fucking tired anons

No. 1089709

These retarded women giving these men advice on their dick holes are the reason they keep fucking themselves over, trying to treat issues with their dick hole with treatments meant for actual vaginas.

No. 1089714

Good! Fuck them! They should have told him to shove a clove of garlic in there and smear the outside in yogurt

No. 1089716

The one that tried to paint "smegma" as something that women get too, kek. I'm glad someone attempted to call him out about his porn fantasy, but of course she backed down. I hate how all of these women are coddling him for being gross/outing themselves for their own nasty downstairs.
>blame the guy and not my poor hygiene
He's clearly familiar with the stereotype of trannies not showering and still says this kek.

No. 1089718

File: 1606164347697.png (17.52 KB, 922x185, jjjjj.PNG)

Someone gave him "head" and didn't smell the horrible smell he knows he has?

He spends all day making up lies. Bringing up his "vagina" every five mintues.

No. 1089720

File: 1606164498255.png (9.27 KB, 889x99, Capture.PNG)

No. 1089722

You're not a dainty girl, if he tries anything just push him off, dumbass.

No. 1089730

>things I cannot believe I have done in the name of homeopathy before just going to the OB/GYN

No. 1089731

"oh em gee, I keep picking up men who want to fuck trannies and having casual sex with them, why won't they date me????"

fucking kek, you'd think they'd be over the moon to be "passing" so well that straight men pump and dump them just like every other woman they use

No. 1089735

It's almost like living your fetish attracts fetishists. The difference is the chasers keep it a shameful secret like fetishes are supposed to be.

No. 1089739

I wonder if any anas read this thread as a purging aid, I feel it would be effective

No. 1089741

File: 1606165555000.gif (3.76 MB, 480x480, 269368F6-8B17-4223-9DF3-0824CF…)

>my pussy smelled like onion and vinegar!

No. 1089749

I kind of wonder what kind of weirdos he attracts, Chasers who like trans women with dicks usually are gross and crazy, imagine the ones looking for post op troons to fuck?

No. 1089750

File: 1606165876157.jpeg (38.95 KB, 226x300, 2EB87EBE-8099-4BE8-9056-6E72D1…)

If you compare Bianca Devins’ death to Gwen Arujo(transgender) they’re both kind of similar. But one is considered a hate crime and the other one is barely considered a tragedy because she was “asking for it”
Both of them
>led on/ were intimate with multiple men
>went out to concert/party
>MySpace/egirl kind of style.
>died at the hands of one of their manwhores
The story is indeed tragic and this dude didn’t deserve to die, he was just confused and gay. But what pisses me off is how if the story were about a girl being murdered after a night of partying, everyone would talk about how it were her fault. I bet there 100s of teenage girls who get murdered every year and nobody bats an eye. This was considered a hate crime and we had to learn about it in class a few years ago.


No. 1089759

The fact this happened and people still don't disclose and think it's okay to fuck around with crazy men without telling them kills me.

No. 1089764

Troons with dicks can be attractive to gay men/"straight" men, and conceivably even straight women (much rarer obviously). Troons without dicks aren't attractive to the above, and they're repulsive to straight men and lesbians and women. They're a void of sexual attraction. If you look up tranny porn, it's 99% trannies with dicks.

No. 1089767

What the actual fuck is the "real girl" talking about? Why in gods name would your pussy smell weird after getting head? Even if the guy did have bad breath, that's not a thing?? The handmaidens are almost as psychotic as the troons at this point.

No. 1089785

*redundant "and women", sorry

No. 1089822

Devins was 15 when she started having sex with those losers and sending those IMs. Thats rape, not "being intimate."

No. 1089824

the one cis tranny apologist giving advice on oily vag, girl get that shit checked. i understand smegma if you're unhygienic but ?????

No. 1089832

nailed it anon. isn't it so ironic how troon females are painted as the oppressed victims yet their entire identity rests on stereotypes and gross fetishization of women?

No. 1089845

That's where I was also confused, I never had oily discharge in my life? Like????? Pretty much any other consistency etc but never oily??? The lengths those handmaidens will go to ensure that the male ego is not bruised kek.

No. 1089877

No way that’s real.

No-one outside of insane trannies would call an adult a “boy or girl”

Also lol at the pfp with the horrible makeup

No. 1089887


What is the context of the screenshot?

No. 1089891

File: 1606175017106.png (228.01 KB, 750x1334, E48D0C62-9B36-4720-BC65-0C62BC…)


Either they’re reading here or one of you posted this lmao. Funny how all the trannies are downvoting them tho and insisting real vulvas are all the same colour as your thigh or whatever. I mean you can literally see they’re not in pictures like >>1088610

Men make fun of women for years for “brown pussies” or “roast beef curtains” and in some places “pink pussies” are prized yet when they try to be us suddenly
>sorry.. I can’t see.. vulvas are all thigh flesh toned..
Tho these are probably gays or incels/shitty-in-bed dudes who never gave head to any women anyway to notice what a vulva looks like.

No. 1089923

trannies are not based, so nope

No. 1089935

Can confirm this thread kills my appetite like nothing else.

No. 1089972

Anon stop that you're not a tranny so you're comparatively winning at life.

No. 1090022

Lumpy and firm looking, real designer pussy shit. I have to imagine post-op trannies is one of the least searched porno terms ever, because they just end up looking like mannish women with unpleasant vaginas at best. The coomer brain half-dead from hentai wants that futanari shit, isn't that much obvious? I'll give the chop ones half an ounce of credit though, if they know they're destroying their already limited sexual value, there must truly be some fucked up dysphoria.

No. 1090026

File: 1606185062469.jpeg (704.76 KB, 1125x1504, 17C5043B-7053-4840-AAEE-2149C8…)

from a thread of a guy moaning about how when he casually confessed that he yearns to be able to have a PERIOD, his female friend reacted somewhat negatively.

cue two of these psychopaths saying that women talking about how being female isn’t fun because of you know, all of the rape and assault, have no standing to even mention it when they start fetishizing female trauma.
seething with rage i am

No. 1090028

samefagging but just reaffirming reality- females are 6x more likely than males to be sexually assaulted as a child.

No. 1090040

> …Which is absolutely horrible but what about meeeeeeee
> ur rapes don’t matter i wanted to play with dolls

Trannies are so fucking self entitled. Even >>1089750 case pisses me off (they didn’t deserve to die but) lying to someone so they will validate you and be sexually intimate with you knowing what you’re doing full well is going to fuck the guy up mentally but
> what about me and my sexual gratification
> what about me and my sexual fetish
> what about me and my safe space
> what about me not being the most vulnerable type of real woman that should take over feminism and women’s sport and everything else
Ithink this is one way you can spot these men aren’t real women, they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves and there’s no nurturing, selfless or caring qualities about them.

No. 1090043

>being sexually assaulted as a child is the same as accidentally stepping on a knife
Kek. One more reason why I say scrotes aren't human. And then they'll expect us to give a fuck about how sad they are that they'll never have actual vaginas, or be able to give birth.

No. 1090056

What do these weirdos think a "female childhood" even is? I feel like they're romanticizing something that's not even real. Boys and girls aren't raised THAT differently so wtf do they mean?

No. 1090075

Aww, his little fresh and young baby smells a little stinky! Imagine the post he’d write if he hadn’t had the revision and still had his “80 year old woman pussy”

No. 1090083

this is a few days old but lol at this getting 28k views in 3 days with over 1 mil subs

No. 1090108

Every time I look at this thread, I find myself staring at a new level of horror and shouting WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT? WHO TOLD YOU THEY LOOK LIKE THAT? WHAT IS THAT?
Their ability to convince themselves this is all normal astounds me. And even moreso the supposed "cis women" who egg them on. "That's totally understandable, not many resources on how to keep our EqUiPmEnT clean either!" That's because it doesn't need to be, you LARPing monster. Pretty sure every woman knows the phrase "the vagina is a self-cleaning oven" at this point.

No. 1090115

I mean it is a standard part of female childhood in many places. I’ve yet to meet a single woman that didn’t have at least one story to share about groping/sexual harassment/assault/etc, often when they were children. Men are so ignorant.. they seriously don’t get how prevalent crimes like SA/SH/DV against women are.. they legitimately think we’re paranoid and exaggerating about the dangers in our daily lives. I’ve seen so many trannies bursting with joy at being sexually harassed or catcalled or whatever. No woman feels happy and excited to be harassed. It’s all a fetish for them, they don’t have any concept of actual fear or danger. They can’t sympathize or empathize with women, and they cannot understand the female experience.

No. 1090117

Always the same things.
Being coddled and wrapped in fancy pretty princess dresses because girls love it when it’s hard to play. They tend to sincerely believe that girlhood involves a fair old bit of quasi lesbianism if you’ve ever seen a Troon talk about a slumber party before. They think it’s all giggling and secret sharing and physically affectionate hanging out, practicing kissing and discussing boys.

If it’s a sleepover movie trope, they believe it’s normal female childhood. They want anything and everything they have sexualised about little girls to now be about them.

No. 1090130

>wasn't relevant at all to my wish

Do you want a fucking girl's childhood or not because that's very fucking relevant. I am not a victim of CSA but so many women (and men, you doofus) have been and it's kinda a massive issue. This is incel "girls have it easier than boys" logic taken to its furthest extreme.

No. 1090131

>lying to someone so they will validate you and be sexually intimate with you

That's a standard male mating procedure used on women, more male brain in action.

No. 1090138

God, they really have no fucking idea what it's like to be us, do they? Like, I wasn't assaulted as a kid, but 1. I know how common it is, especially because I (like a lot of women I think) have had friends/relatives who have confided in me the way we don't in men, or outright warned me about a dude in our midst, and 2. I know this shit exists on a continuum because none of us escape it. No one touched me, but the first time I was catcalled was a guy yelling at me to suck his dick when I was 8. But how do you explain knowing those things are connected to some pornsick mtf jackass? God, the worst, rapiest dude I used to know is a "femme bruja trans witch" now. Their egos are fucking ironclad.

No. 1090142

Dr. Squatch is a soap company that goes for the standard marketing angle of "Hey there manly man, don't you want to smell manly? Use our soaps and you'll smell like a lumberjack, you strong manly man you". Basically the Redditors are mad that Big Data has correctly analyzed them to be male and is giving them male-targeted ads regardless of what gender they change their account to.

No. 1090146

File: 1606202440559.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 423.63 KB, 750x1070, 0A916986-555F-43BE-AA48-5B144D…)

neovags either look extremely painful or downright bizarre

No. 1090152

The “labia” that fade into the weird giant barbie-smooth ridge where a clitoris would be in a woman has me cackling.
This is the best looking fake vagina I’ve seen and it’s still a hilarious failure on every level.

No. 1090156

Was literally about to say this, anon. Compared to some of the monstrosities upthread, this creation is almost real looking.

No. 1090163

The closest replication we've seen so far, yet so unmistakably not female. Funny how that works.

No. 1090174

I don’t get it.. If you look at any female vulva you can pretty easily pick out the anatomical structures: labia majora, Minora, clitoral hood, (urethra, vagina and clitoris if you spread the labia open) not much more difficult than pointing them out on an illustrated diagram.

But on neovaginas I can literally never tell where anything is.. what is the labia here? What is clitoris or clitoral hood, what hole is supposed to be the vagina and which is the urethra?? I haven’t seen one neovag posted on here where I could identify anything clearly except maybe the labia SOMETIMES… I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere about men not knowing where the clitoris is.

No. 1090182

Why is the hole always under the "labia"? Are the surgeons also scrotes who have never seen a vulva irl?

No. 1090185

>I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere about men not knowing where the clitoris is

That's what I've been thinking about too, anon, fucking kek. These "designer pussies" really are made for a male standard, ie. absolutely clueless and no clit to be found. They really do look like something out of a shitty hentai, or like a cheaply made sex doll.

No. 1090186

That’s where the materials are. All right up the front and very little tissue where actual labia go. Easier to build where it is than to relocate everything. The surgeons don’t give a shit because they’re paid handsomely even when the whole thing corrodes and sloughs off.

No. 1090196

I just saw a post about how troons invented cyber punk. Is that even true?lmao

No. 1090199

Nevermind, they mentioned the matrix’s influence and I know exactly where this is going.

No. 1090205

Sage for nonsense
Ok but what if someone posted a pic of their (cis) snatch to one of the subreddits and posted some shit like ‘27 years post op uwu’

‘Omg it looks so good what doctor?’

‘Two X chromosomes :)’

No. 1090209

On some of them they seem to have holes that look like they could be from medical trains of a catheter, but I've seen the extra holes on healed ones too, so I'm really not sure? None of them bring it up either…

No. 1090211

>They're all different :)

But some are more different than others, friend.

No. 1090215

Men don't have an opening where we do because of where the dick sits, so it literally has to be in their taint.

No. 1090217

Can’t they… start the labia further down by a cm or two? lel

No. 1090232


I tbh think there is a female type that matches this sort of behaviour too: severe BDP, which I'm sure a lot of those stealthing troons precisely have aswell.

No. 1090235

Don't you drag real women into this, anon

No. 1090242

As a woman with a not very womanly face (I guess you could say androgynous?) these idiots are somewhat of a confidence boost tbh. I'll never look like your cute instagram girl, but damn it, I'm always going to be cuter than troons. Plus I have a working vagina.

No. 1090243

I’m with ya there, I’m broad shouldered, slim hipped with a jawline that would be enviable if I was a man, deep husky voice, muscular arms…

No. 1090244

Even if the directors of the Matrix had been trans at the time the film came out, they hardly invented cyberpunk. The Matrix came out in 1999. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was published in 1968, Neuromancer in 1984, Snow Crash in 1992, and none of those authors are trans. Not that TRAs have ever cared about real, verifiable historical fact. See also: Stonewall riots

No. 1090248

Trannies have done fuck all for humanity

No. 1090255

Yeah this, I get that the hole has to be where it is, but why isn't the "labia" covering it?

No. 1090274

The Matrix story was heavily copied from a black woman named Sophia Stewart, which makes this funnier that trannies stole a woman's work. What won't they claim?

No. 1090285

I thought they ripped off the idea from Fassbinder's World on a Wire.

No. 1090287

File: 1606229393329.png (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 750x1334, 5E198B54-3854-4F21-B47F-572AA9…)

Imagine being about to go down on somebody and this is what you see.. combined with the smell of rotting flesh.

No. 1090290

is this thread just a gallery of neovag disasters now? because it was funny at first but its getting a little old, i dont think anyone really enjoys looking at them and the anons who are looking at them all day to post here are honestly a little weird, i feel like you must enjoy looking at that shit on some level to keep posting it all the time..

No. 1090291

File: 1606229625769.jpeg (179.54 KB, 750x1003, D09B67F1-B857-42B0-9FE7-E69A4D…)

Heavy cope in the replies…

Is it normal to compare vulvas with your friends tho? Can’t say I’ve done that. Maybe I’m missing out on a girly sleepover experience….

No. 1090299

Botched wounds of putrid flesh are not natural looking lol. The delusion. Nothing about that monstrosity is normal in the slightest.

No. 1090304

imagine finding out that your “best friend” is saying that your natural god given vagina looks like… this

i’d actually throw hands like hate crime or not

No. 1090319

Right? Bitch if you think I have a freddy krueger vagina, say it to my face and not behind my vulva.

No. 1090335

Agreed. This thread is unreadable and boring now kek. Breaking news, neovags are gross.

No. 1090338

How do all of them always claim to know exactly what their totally not made up "cis girl friend's" vaginas look like? Who just shows their genitals to their friends? Do they ask women in their lives for vagina pictures to take to their surgeons or something, if it isn't all just made up fetish drivel?

No. 1090350

W-wanna go on a date, anon?

No. 1090351

File: 1606234190656.jpg (22.63 KB, 280x152, hons.jpg)

No. 1090356

They're just making it up.

Even if you had the kind of friendship with your friends when you were naked in front of each other, you wouldn't have detailed knowledge of their vulva. A woman stood buck naked wouldn't show you that much unless she spread her legs and her lips, especially since real vaginas sit between the legs and not underneath the bellybutton like these neovags do.

They're just delusional and trying to cope by lying to themselves and each other.

No. 1090385

Is this the new GC thread?.. if not, can we please have one now that the milk has turn to neovagpuss

No. 1090397

Idk why it's so difficult to realise neovags are troon shit and this thread is for troon shit? You don't need to open the spoilers, and we can't have a gc thread anymore.

No. 1090426

File: 1606239762756.png (2.51 MB, 1500x2000, zKBMaAsrNZ8.png)


No. 1090430

There are things outside of their botched wounds to talk about, obsessing over and seeking them out to stare at is fucking weird and freakish. And exactly what they want, mind you.

No. 1090432

Yes using the fashion gender will REALLY make people be more accepting of trans shit. Not even the normal, "Hey i'm going by she/her now I'm trans"
I didn't even know non-binaries were considered "trans" for a long time anyway, most people don't know they are or what that is.

No. 1090435

>Kill yourself, sodomite.
I can't believe someone paid to hang this poster.

No. 1090442

You’re telling us anon? Their DesiGnER VaGinAs are all the troons talk about… because a crooked smelly anatomically incorrect smegma coated crab claw is what what apparently makes them >real women

No. 1090466

kek you just know that a boomer made this

No. 1090468

/incoming rant
> they legitimately think we’re paranoid and exaggerating about the dangers in our daily lives
This is my frustration with all men. They claim that we're crazy when it's literally their own fault that women have to live in fear. Yes, all of them. "B-b-but I'm not a rapist" they say– well if you actually want to make yourself useful Jake, set other men straight instead of being complicit and be an advocate for women when no one will listen to us. None of them do though. And they know that they could do this but society doesn't expect any advocacy from men on behalf of women so that's why they don't give a shit–they don't have to. Better yet, ALL men benefit from women's fear of male predators because it lowers the bar of the treatment that we expect from them.
Sorry anon for the rant but this point just makes me remember how men are the absolute scum of this earth and the reason why I'll be happy when humanity burns. I hope they keep mutilating themselves, just not on my tax dollars. :)

No. 1090473

Fucking inconsiderate, next time send the whole paragraph instead of separate sentences, what kind of retard prefers texting like that? Text messages are expensive, for fuck’s sake.

No. 1090480

That should probably belong in the Blaire White thread >>>996474 but I wonder what you would think about that.

No. 1090484

Close your eyes and lemme laugh at them, idk why you're so offended by us wanting to see the freakshow

No. 1090488

Love the implication that “kill yourself sodomite” sent kek

No. 1090489

I don’t look at them kek. But again, you are staring at a fetishist’s mutilated genitals. Which is what they want. So.

No. 1090492

Thankfully i don't give a fuck, and you sound like a preteen kek, you can go to the vent thread now to whine what a uwu pervert i am for wanting to laugh at their mutilated stuff. I'm not the one posting them, just admiring the train wreck.

No. 1090494

File: 1606243518854.png (179.41 KB, 434x370, soylul.png)

>in partnership with soy
lul you don't say

No. 1090502

why are you salty about us laughing at their axe wounds? do you have one yourself?

No. 1090504

kek good that you noticed anon

No. 1090509

Dude I’m a dykey girl and get grown ass men asking if I’m a boy or a girl. There’s plenty wrong with this exchange, but I doubt it’s “fake.”

No. 1090524

I sense an incoming regret. It’s funny because the more Blair tries to pass the more obviously trans they look.
It’s like there are only 2 categories of MTF
> Blatant cock in a frock
> Uncanny Valley Tranny

No. 1090530

Probably because in your case they’re trying to decide between young woman or teen boy, and it’s common to refer to young women as girls. Mr senator looks like a hulking adult man or (if I take my glasses off and squint really hard) an ugly middle aged woman. If the conversation is real then it’s more likely the person is jokingly invoking Professor Oak/similar memes to make fun of the man in a dress.

Honestly I think many people take “omg they questioned my sex” interactions way too seriously, when most of the time people are just making fun of or insulting them.

No. 1090532

Why does this look like chewed bubble gum

No. 1090542

>kill yourself, sodomite
I’m dying. Did mag bitter truth send that message.

No. 1090761

Of course

No. 1090896

File: 1606264011162.png (110.78 KB, 626x494, penni.png)

From vtuber thread on /w/. Mtf vtuber named Penelope Smith befriended minors and then made them roleplay sissification, often including sexual scenarios. Below is a part of the allegation made by their ex, who was 16 at a time. Penni was at least 21.

"and then there were sexual messages. i don't want to sound mean and i don't mean any of this in a bad way. back then, i knew penni before her transition. during my time with her, she often had "imaginary scenarios" that would help her not feel dysphoric. it was a way for her to cope. some of these imaginary scenarios included nsfw ones. i felt a bit uncomfortable with them but because they would "help" her through her dysphoria i thought that maybe if i do them, she'd feel better. i don't remember letting them go for too long, but i do remember them happening. there were mentions of touching //things// here and there. i've seen callouts of people mentioning her calling herself a "succubus"; this is something i think i remember happening with me too. in the accounts i've seen and read so far, i've seen people mention how she has a way with interacting with people, often doing things like sending messages like smooches/hugs you as well as the coping mechanism. i've had this happen to me too. because i was young back then, i just thought she was being playful, so i kind of shrugged them off as "cutesy roleplaying." hell even after we broke up she was still like that. these were the only sexual things i ever remember with her. i don't know how bad it was for others she engaged with."

Take a look at the other allegations and then the apology. Plenty of people forgave that behavior because Penni claimed it was a "coping mechanism to deal with gender dysphoria".

"If anyone remembers Steph from twitch drama fame then you basically have this person. I remember I went to her streams a lot before she started VTUBING officially and always noticed her getting so defensive over certain words and would publically shame people for saying them. Like 'trap' she would get so triggered over that word so much so that she made a big stink and posted it on all her social medias and shit.

Recently in the last few months, she was outted as a child predator.

Many others came forth with their own experiences.

To which she responded to the main post with an absolutely shitty apology.

No. 1090909

Its already a third trannie vtuber who sexually harasses kids. They never learn lol

No. 1090917


He drove from Maine to Florida because "Gibson later admitted during an interview with investigators that she planned to kill the man and convince his wife to run away with her." He's lucky they didn't shoot him like anyone else in Florida would have done. Add this shit to peaktrans

No. 1090919

File: 1606265123411.png (625.26 KB, 804x842, floridawoman.png)

No. 1090937

cumtown ripped on these rot crotches to no pushback on their latest episode

No. 1090940

File: 1606266144560.jpg (247.72 KB, 1000x1500, Poster-image.jpg)

unfortunately that's an edited version kek

No. 1090945

>Florida woman
>Shitty wig and facial hair on obvious trans "woman"

Please with these headlines

No. 1090952

We really have reached South Park tier levels of insanity.

They could have at least put that he was a trans woman instead of plainly calling him a woman, like no one would ever think otherwise. That would be just slightly less insane.

No. 1090954

this is literally a dude with long hair! what the fuck. How much do you want to bet almost any real crime committed by a 'woman' is actual a tranny? Didnt this happen a few years ago with the 'women' that shot up youtube HQ in cali?

No. 1090958

I don't think I have seen a friend's genitals since I was a pre pubescent child.

They always have this strange idea that women are always getting naked in front of each other, where the hell does it come from?

No. 1090962

Most women go to the bathroom together and sometimes pee in the same bathroom (if it's a one room bathroom or whatever) but i dont actively see any of my friends naked. they're insane and delusional. Probably the same coomers who think women all get together and have pillowfights in lingerie.

No. 1090965

in terms of usefulness, a neo-vagina is similar to a belly button, right? I know that sometimes belly button lint which is really clothing fiber, sebum and dirt can get trapped in the belly button. Does that happen to neo-vaginas? Also because of the proximity to the butt, is their lint full of fecal matter? How do they not get an infection?

No. 1090973

> How do they not get an infection?
A lot of them do.

No. 1090974

Neo vaginas aren't self cleaning. They have to be douched regularly otherwise yes, they do build up gunk, fluff and debris.

There was a thread on reddit not too long ago reminding women that they shouldn't douche and lots of troons got angry.

No. 1090987

Women go to the bathroom together but I assumed in separate stalls.

I haven't seen a friend actually sit on the toilet since I was a small child.

The idea of a platonic friend watching me on the toilet as an adult is creepy, honestly.

Sorry anon but if you do that you are weird.

No. 1090993

I've seen women regularly (pre-covid) pile into a larger toilet stall together while on a night out and very drunk. I assume it's so they don't miss a minute of gossip and makes sense to them due to drunk brain. Not ever seen that sober though.

No. 1091003

Yeah I have seen drunk women piss together in the street even. I used to live next to a club.

Drunk people don't really count.

Troons however think women all perpetually walk around naked together. I remember Yaniv complaining that he didn't see 'tits and pussy' in the gym.

No. 1091008

I think it's the obsession with sexualizing things that aren't sexual; no woman is thinking about their friend's vagina while they're pissing. Obviously a degenerate who only thinks of genitals would, though.

No. 1091026

Are you sure they weren't just doing coke together anon?

No. 1091031

Not that kinda crowd and location(s), it's just easier for girls to go into one disabled stall than queue up for the other ones when they're at that level of drunkeness.

My friends would do it too sometimes, I'm a prude though so I would never.

No. 1091044

i think that was an actual woman who was on testosterone. not a tif, but a bodybuilder. crazy vegan type.

No. 1091068

File: 1606273780251.jpg (52.14 KB, 750x912, IMG_20201124_220626.jpg)

Can't believe he isn't a nonce /s

No. 1091080

I may be damning with faint praise, but if I didn't look too closely at this I could probably mistake it for an actual vagina.

No. 1091086

I know it hurts like a mf for a dude to pound your cervix but what would happen if a larger than average dude just went ape on the troon? Would the neovag tear open internally???

No. 1091087

Actually, women can get smegma too. Sorry to vagsplain. This person is incredibly obsessed with the grossness of his new vag though, someone's even pointed it out in the comments, probably a humiliation fetish.

No. 1091088

Maybe it’s age group/orientation? I’m 21, friends of similar ages, most of us bi or straight, and we’re always changing together or sending nudes to the group chat for judgement. I haven’t stared into my friends’ vulvae though.

No. 1091090

I have literally seen adverts for dyes for use on the labia, and anal bleaching isn't something just for porn stars any more.

No. 1091093

Probably depends on your country because I'm a burgerfag and what you've just described is really odd and seems like it would happen in a culture where nudity isn't as taboo (France maybe)

No. 1091094

Wendy Carlos, composer who helped develop the Moog synthesiser. But she's old school, had SRS in the 70s and has been quietly living her life, therefore likely wishes the newly-"hatched" would STFU.

No. 1091099

I have no idea. Since there's no cervix in there, what would they hit?

No. 1091100

I'm in Europe and my friend had no shyness about taking me to the toilet in the nightclub to show me her clitoris hood piercing.

No. 1091101


OT but my most recent ex/now friend were talking on the subject of transness in general and he casually wondered out loud that he wondered if he had sex with a neovag, would it feel different or not from a normal vagina. He is a elon musk tier silcon valley dude, early 00s reddit low ponytail, Atlas Shrugged paperback, into some corny BDSM stuff, some corny techno-libertarian stuff, but otherwise completely normal. I tried to discourage him from ever doing it although I don't think it's high on list of priorities since he talked really negatively about the instagram/plastic surgery look on woman.

No. 1091104


Your ex scrote sounds awful lmfao

No. 1091118

This is pretty regular for girls that go to the club and drink a lot. It seems weird soberly thinking about it but we just go pee, it’s not sexual or anything like trop a make it out to be. It also feels safer since we are all blistering drunk.

No. 1091141

> He's a pathetic reddit-tier social maladjust coomer, but otherwise completely normal.
The neoscrotes can take him.

No. 1091154

Damn, about time. These "edgy" woke podcasters say sexist and racist shit all the time but NEVER touch trans people, it's like they're deathly afraid of TRAs.

No. 1091158

Pretty sure it was a black dude who made ttrpgs in the 80s who made cyberpunk as we know it today, he's consulting for CDRP now. Though I can see why troons would be attracted to cyberpunk, fluidity of biological characteristics through tech is a big theme in the genre

No. 1091160

Why discourage him? The sad thing is, he probably already was on reddit and it's probably already planted in his head by the troons, it's tighter and better than the real thing.
Trust me, a lot of men interested in troon sex, are already watching tranny porn and already know exactly what they want.

If he's on reddit chances are he's probably in some post and pre op trannie's dm's pretending like he's "Curious" to see if it's the same, knowing he just wants to fuck a feminized male.

sounds like you are dating Vaush before he gave in.

No. 1091161

were dating

No. 1091181

> There was a thread on reddit not too long ago reminding women that they shouldn't douche and lots of troons got angry.

lmao fuck these entitled apes. Imagine getting butthurt because your body part has different care routine than the one it tries to mimic. Wouldn't be surprised if they started labeling breast examinations/mammography as transphobic and terfy since their moobs/silicones aren't at the same risk of breast cancer.

No. 1091199

Seconding this
I’ve seen alll my friends pee outside before sometimes right next to me while and I’m acting as a look out but I’ve never seen their junk I’d be really uncomfortable with that.

No. 1091200

Funny I never see trans men telling men not to talk about dick and ball care because, "all men don't have dick and balls"
I don't see trans women telling men not to connect, dick and ball care to "Men care".

Funny they don't say, "Hey just say "Cis" women shouldn't douche" they say, "Don't talk about that shit at all!"

So fuck that women outnumber troons and young girls may be looking for information on douching, who cares about them?

trans women need to be the focus because they gotta douche. It makes zero sense.

No. 1091210

File: 1606299566988.png (54.26 KB, 973x591, 1.PNG)

I went to check on Rossy and this is the advice he's being given.
IDK if this person is trolling or what, but what a disgusting person. I doubt this is real but imagine giving a group of people you claim to care about This kind of advice.

Then again this is the same group, that will have troons with horrible results still recommending neo-vaginas, so…it makes sense.

No. 1091233

porn, anon

No. 1091236

No. 1091245

>goes to meet ur new GF's mom
>GF's mom lets it slip ur GF was born a man
>stay with the troon anyway

I mean, at that point he deserves it. This makes it look like Trooning is just a shortcut for beta-men to try to aplha other betas.

No. 1091247

It's pure schadenfreude

No. 1091248

File: 1606306939164.png (432.22 KB, 700x700, 1551807679187.png)

okay troon

No. 1091249

This reminds me of this vid kek

No. 1091251

this was so ass, and saying you are something doesnt mean you are that thing

No. 1091258

File: 1606308520366.png (Spoiler Image, 868.73 KB, 960x815, wtf.png)

can someone tell me why it looks like this

No. 1091259

Maybe that's what happens when they try to place it at a more correct height, as an anon suggested they should do earlier?

No. 1091262

Small penis, not enough material to work with probably. That hilalrious attempt to hide the male pubic hair pattern tho kek.

No. 1091273

Oh my god what the hell

No. 1091274

All I can think about when I see this shit is how itchy and sore it must be to have that 24/7.

No. 1091279

File: 1606311912081.png (Spoiler Image, 973.15 KB, 713x744, Fk6hS6P.png)

bet the ex-wife doesn't have that much chest hair. imagine being so fucking stupid not being able to properly shoop or shave

No. 1091303

It looks like someone has done a pharonic circumcision.

No. 1091309

File: 1606314919750.jpg (176.15 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20201125_153446.jpg)

It has over 200 upvotes on r/transgender_surgeries and they're are calling it a good result….

No. 1091311


That… looks like the aftermath of FGM honestly, or a severe labioplasty where the woman has insisted on a Barbie doll crotch look. Very far from the real, healthy, natural vulva.

No. 1091317

So that's what this ^o^ emoji means

No. 1091320

Same. There's no way this could ever feel comfortable or normal. They must wince putting on normal pants eugh

No. 1091330

File: 1606317039265.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.02 KB, 225x225, zoidbergvag.jpg)

No. 1091350

I thought the same it looks like FGM. Maybe that’s what happens when you ask a doctor with autism for a vagina, you don’t get the labia as well kek
>Additional charge per labia.

No. 1091363

Lol I hate you anon

No. 1091373

File: 1606322132760.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1364x1294, wgsbf.png)

No. 1091389

Any context to this or are we just posting random neovag pics now??

No. 1091405

I guess it's just what we're doing and anyone that thinks it's weird or annoying is a prude

No. 1091406

Just got this in my reccomended

No. 1091409

I think she looks adorable tbh

No. 1091411

He's good at masking out his male features for sure, but seeing a trans person online =/= seeing them IRL.

No. 1091418

his voice is awful
and his foundation doesn't match his skin at all

nice hair tho

No. 1091437

File: 1606326543021.png (570.52 KB, 483x563, jfjf.PNG)

Every time I see trans like this, I just know they look like James Charles in drag in person.
not that either look all that bad, but at least some troons try.

No. 1091438

Wouldn't surprise me if posts like this out of the blue without context are troons desiring to be rated by us

No. 1091442

text messages are expensive? Do you live in 2001 anon?

No. 1091444

File: 1606326710577.png (152.34 KB, 395x324, jdjd.PNG)

and I clicked the video and I was right, a very pretty looking man but obviously trans and they look older.
Also why did they keep turning their head from side to side like that?
Pretty person though. People need to stop falling for these perfectly posed thumbnails, everyone's doing it & it's sad when there's nothing wrong with their face without the tricks.

No. 1091447

I thought this too. They love the attention, especially from twansphobes.

No. 1091449

They do have unmatched foundation in common.

No. 1091451

same. Feel free to bash me for it but I think she's cute and I don't hate the video, she actually seems to be pretty chill about stuff.

No. 1091455

I just hope anon's calling this trans cute (Which I think so as well) wouldn't nitpick actual women who look like this.

No. 1091460

No, that is a man. Did you see the beard and shitty wig??

No. 1091461

you know they would

No. 1091465

James Charles passes better than 99% of this thread

No. 1091467

Nope. There's a lot of stuff I'm not fond of (over the top lip fillers for example) and regardless of if someone's trans or not I just dislike it but at the same time I just don't care enough to point it out to anyone else except maybe my bf, it's not like it's any of my business. Believe me, I've called more than enough transwomen ugly, I mean just look at some (most) of the people posted in this thread. >>1091406 just isn't one of them in my opinion.

inb4 >why are you here then
not to nitpick.

No. 1091470

weird how anons thinking he's cute is suddenly enough to make him a "she" lol, as if men can't be cute too. that's still a dude just as much as any old AGP in this thread

No. 1091474

I 10000% agree that he looks better and puts more effort than any other tranny in this thread, but the bar is below sea level, so that's not saying much. He is pretty even with that being said.
True, and he still loves himself enough to be a man. I love gnc people, men and women, who stay themselves even when they go all fuckin out like James does.

No. 1091494


He’s very sweet person and was very kind to me, so nah I don’t want to play him like that. Actually I’m pretty sure our convo peak trooned him on pornsick trannybians, so there’s that at least.

When I said reddit tier, I meant he worked on the original reddit infrastructure like ten years ago and was part of the tech Steve Jobs entrepreneur culture, not the bread tube of today, he doesn’t actually use social media or post on reddit, so a lot of info I dumped was a shock.

No. 1091508

How did he end up trooning out if not influenced by weirdos on the internet, do you think? I mean, I know some come across it on their own, but most are heavily influenced by the internet and communities they're a part of/periphery to. You sound sweet, btw.

No. 1091519

Anon are you telling me that’s not James Charles?

Turns out womanhood really is all about learning to do your makeup well.

No. 1091526

No anon, that literally is James Charles in full drag.

No. 1091528

This looks like it could be related to pnp

No. 1091531


stop affirming their delusion. just because they're able to so their makeup, get FFS/pene removal surgery doesn't make them any more of a woman than yaniv or blaire. he's not cute, he's in a fantasy world and it makes no sense to coddle that just because he's really good at making himself look like a cute girl. everyone calling him cute is getting baited by makeup, voice training, and surgery kek

don't forget their entire identity rests on male interpretations of what women think, act, and dress like, even down to what our vag's look like. degenerancy doesn't begin to describe them.

No. 1091575

It reads like her ex didn't troon out, but that he was considering being a chaser. So pondering about penetrating a neovag rather than having one installed himself.

No. 1091582

Oh good, I was starting to think the makeup they use gives them all crazy sameface.

No. 1091590

Oh duh, you're right, I just misread. Thanks anon! I suppose the question stands in another way, as in how is he familiar with neovags enough to pique curiousity, but maybe it's just something men think about? Idk. I don't live in that mind kek.
Fair mistakes as it kind of does kek. It's either a full IG thot beat or blue lipstick and wavy eyeliner with a 5 o'clock shadow.

No. 1091633

Omg, this video show up in my recommendation all the time. I was actually about to mention it here myself. It's so annoying.

No. 1091755

File: 1606352429730.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, godilate.jpg)

No. 1091896

File: 1606365383256.jpg (14.86 KB, 596x89, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1091925

They always get that Nikita Dragon voice and have ultra femme gay dude mannerisms when they want to make it big on YouTube. AGPs don’t see the same success as gay dudes in entertainment spaces because the fetish is lazy. I find the gays will put in work but really this vanity and attention whoring makes me sick. I rather see women do it and profit off simps but even then, can’t we dream bigger? Sorry for getting on a jag. I just feel so regressed.

No. 1091934

Long ring finger (a long index finger compared to the ring finger is a common biological female trait, with males it's a long ring finger vs the index), large hard looking straight across clavicles (women's do not jutt out like this and are v-shaped and softer looking in aappearance), brow bone, big ears, square block chin (bio women's chins come to a point and are more rounded, softer looking in comparison), big thick neck to support that large male skull, and fierce concentrated male gaze seen in the eyes.

Still has that bio male skull, skeletal structure, harsh male features and male energy, still looks like a guy. Nice try troon but it's a fail.

No. 1091955

File: 1606369885612.jpg (119.54 KB, 828x1203, ddb73236-547b-5a93-af3a-5fc00f…)

Trannies btfo by their own selfies. The cope in this thread kek


No. 1091960

File: 1606370681449.jpg (44.31 KB, 526x502, 127962425_10208443450359502_30…)

unironic and found in the wild

No. 1091985

We can nitpick the troon all day but we all know people here and other places would be calling them a hard old faced, fake lipped, bad make up, cat fishing man face if this was a woman.
The bar is low, not looking like shit will get you attention as a trans woman on youtube because even TRA's know the average trans woman looks like shit.
The better looking ones always look like little boys or bimbos, both look weird ass hell in real life.

No. 1092002

File: 1606374618530.jpg (304.63 KB, 1570x1416, 1600112051682.jpg)

No. 1092016

Practically all female TRAs I know are really into flamboyant gay men and I’m sure they see transwomen as an extension of this. They surround themselves (online) by sassy HSTS who “do femininity better than cis women” and usually by the time they run into a crusty AGP they’re too deep into YAAAS KWEEN TWAW culture to extricate themselves. Even they realise that saying “wait no not that one, that’s just a perverted straight man” would be very unwoke. They clearly see a difference, though. In my experience it’s rare for women to cape as hard for obvious AGPs, and the few that do tend to hate other women as much as the AGPs do. One so-called nonbinary sapphic femme I know wields unwashed furry transbians like a weapon, inviting them to events they have no business being at and noting down anyone who seems uncomfortable for later cancelling. Even the other handmaidens hate her.

>passes so well even the most notorious terfs can’t clock him
lmao which HTST made this? Replace with
>likeable or seemingly harmless enough that even the occasional terf respects his pronouns
and you’ll have something more accurate. Most of these types have a lot of overlap, though.

No. 1092035

there is no way this wasn't made by a tran

No. 1092036

File: 1606382152280.jpg (517.52 KB, 1080x1239, you'll never be us die mad.jpg)

I checked our stunning and brave nonbinary transfemme icon alokvmenon's Instagram, and among posts about how women don't exist and biological sex is racist, I noticed how he singles out "trans exclusionary feminists" here for apparently no reason.
Liberal troons like Alok hate "transphobic" women so much because they can't accept that a woman could possibly not be on their side. Our mere existence contradicts their retarded, entirely identity politics based worldview and they can't stand it.
It's especially funny how Alok has several posts about how gender is a social construct and female gender roles were made to keep women submissive to men (though from this he somehow draws the conclusion that biological sex isn't real), but gets infuriated when women actually break that socialization to stand up for themselves against men like him.

No. 1092037

Here they comparing WOC to trans shit, here they go ignoring the fact that men think trans women aren't women more then women, even the ones who are fucking them.
Women address men all the fucking time, trans women address women and ignore the fact that men are more likely to be "transphobic" then any woman and them being "transphobic"aka "homophobic" can cause trans women their lives or harm.

also, why do they always seem to think WOC are with trans shit?

No. 1092044

I didn’t know xy/xx chromosomes were invented in the 19th century woah shit sucks man

Fuck all your female specific medical conditions and needs they don’t exist-!

No. 1092046

>women as a category was constructed in the 1800s
Yeah, I'm sure no one knew which citizens the kids would fall out before then. I also like how just mentioning that women give birth is "weaponizing" it. Womb envy is real.

No. 1092051

discrimination against white women and poc. What?

No. 1092052

samefagging sorry, but I just can't wrap my head around this.. Calling women women is discriminating according to them or what the fucks going on in that picture?

No. 1092056

But they aren't women, just ugly, misogynist men.

No. 1092064

File: 1606388633260.jpg (500.94 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20201126_115308.jpg)

pretty much "ideas about biological sex have been used in the past to justify misogyny, therefore making any distinction between the sexes today is misogynist". So this is a man telling women that not accepting men as women is misogyny. His whole Instagram is like this

No. 1092066

File: 1606388768024.png (49.33 KB, 602x581, 1606321061519.png)

grown men telling us what we can and cannot say, but they can say whatever the fuck they want about us.

No. 1092079

Shit do you happen to know the names of other ones? I'm not really into vtuber drama so sorry about asking for spoonfeeding

No. 1092083

tfw misogyny was invented in the 19th century
damn i wish i lived as a woman in the middle ages mustve been wack haha

No. 1092089

I live how trannies constantly have to walk on eggshells even when stating the simplistic of shit because it might get in the way of another trannies very specific delusion

No. 1092091

Period being a result of hormonal fluctuations that are not possible to replicate with exogenous estrogen intake aside, how do those boys know what the period feels like? Is it another case of transsexuals taking the sexist stereotype of what period is (hurr durr women are cranky and want to eat chocolate hurr durr)? I hate it here.

No. 1092093

Replying to this old post just to say this is very observant and accurate

No. 1092096

Ngl I’m enjoying the mental image of pre-Victorian human cultures as essentially Discworld dwarfs, awkward courtships included. Beards for everyone!

This is the misogynist version of “I’m colourblind, I don’t see race” Surely if we all stick our fingers in our ears and pretend not to recognise marginalised groups, discrimination will magically disappear.

No. 1092120

i can't believe this "trans women get periods" bullshit got so widespread as it is

aren't people tired of playing dumb on this level

No. 1092150

Inferior men always need to control when they are not accepted by the other men, so they attempt control women and the narrative. I'm so tired of accepting this.

No. 1092160

File: 1606406282117.png (296 KB, 2323x893, Delusions.png)

Congratulations you got fatter?

No. 1092166

Poor Tristan Hyde doesn't deserve to be in that pic

No. 1092176

File: 1606407594456.jpeg (140.72 KB, 1242x891, 9C1F0C63-41AD-4E43-A351-B05BA1…)

Flo is the least woke of all the popular apps I’ve used. Their entire description on the store is about “women’s health” and “female reproductive system”, which are no-no words. Just noticed they changed their bio on instagram, went from “women” to “people” lol There’s always some TIM or handmaided complaining about them not being inclusive. I’m just waiting for their “not only women menstruate” post lmao

No. 1092191

God damn, this is the one I use. Wish one would just stick to “women” but no one has a spine anymore I guess.

No. 1092200

File: 1606410136583.jpeg (263.5 KB, 750x1334, C5DE13BF-9C73-40B9-B7B0-C7570E…)

found a cesspit of trannies and handmaidens out in the wild - they were sharing nicknames for their hrt and what a surprise, of course they sexualize their medication. i don‘t think ftms call their testosterone shots dick juice or something disgusting like that. one even claimed to have a period kek. and every woman in the thread just hyped them up and said that they wish they could try titty skittles and how happy they are that there are no transphobes in the comments (as if they didn‘t all get banned)

No. 1092205

File: 1606410576804.jpeg (155.99 KB, 750x800, 1EA68F10-29C9-48CB-B974-886369…)

also this made me mad as fuck

No. 1092206

If transwomen are biologically females we should stop hormone therapy using this fat logic

No. 1092207

I've had trannies call me "truscum" and "femboy" on Facebook when I argue with them. I'm clearly a woman based on my profile picture - I wonder if they're assuming I'm a better passing troon because they can't comprehend that a biological woman would be vocally opposed to their trans nonsense? Or maybe they think deliberately misgendering me will make me cry - little do they know most humans aren't retarded enough to have an emotional breakdown over mean words on the internet.

No. 1092208

What is biology then.. I'd love for them to explain this to me

No. 1092212

Transsexuals are one of the first frontiers of transhumanism, where arguing that your past body did not exist, you were not born, just are existing, and your body means absolutely nothing. Trying to understand their retarded takes really brings you on some post-reality, post-truth plane of thinking, so they're mad that there's still an actual reality out here.

No. 1092233


Also >>1092205 Arguments like this will end up discouraging people from believing them. Because the average man and woman simply won't comply with stuff like this.

No. 1092258

Quality discourse anons, thank you!! (am not being sarcastic)

No. 1092261

You honestly sound a little schizo for this, anon. I have some of these features and I can think of numerous other women who have these.

No. 1092282

File: 1606418546092.jpeg (372.35 KB, 1280x1619, FD88E14D-78D3-4209-861B-040B27…)


I agree, I think that anon needs to spend less time on kpop/ incel plastic surgery forums. ESP the chin/jawline thing sounds beyond ridiculous. I know so many men with weak/recessed chins or jawlines, that doesn’t make them women lmao, or vice versus most fashion models have strong bone structure because it photographs better. Most people can innately clock trannys because the facial proportions are subtly different for natal m vs f and no amount of hormones can really fix that, not facial features.

No. 1092291

File: 1606419055036.png (537.65 KB, 1200x814, Flexiblebillowyfittedgiraffe_1…)

please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke

No. 1092293

This is one of those things that could be 100% mockery or 100% real.
Highly predatory if it's real.

No. 1092295

this is so obviously a joke, they would never make the transwoman look like such a man lmao

i believe the actual artist is @SpecialNewsUnit on twitter and they make similar posts

No. 1092319

Who is the model?

No. 1092349

why do these guys always have to say some weird shit like "itty bitt titties", "milkers", "boobies" ect.? Can't they just say boobs or breasts like normal people? I hate them.

No. 1092354

Still waiting for the day all the prostate cancer activists and organizations change their usage of "men" and "male" to "people" and make posts about how not everyone who has a prostate is a man. What's that? It's never going to happen because it's a male health issue and that's a bridge too far? Of course.

No. 1092365


Kris Grikaite

No. 1092384

That's just Vinny with a shitty wig.

No. 1092392

File: 1606430814854.jpg (77.04 KB, 640x920, oempEHbJy17RZvuSnraaMC8IvKTp5X…)

Once again proving to the world that they just want to larp as anime girls.

No. 1092401

ah, yes, of course you shed the lining from your… erm… uterus??? bleeding from your rotting infected axe wound doesn’t count

No. 1092410

I'm absolutely loving how women have to put "content warning: menstruation" to their posts about menses in order to avoid hurting tranny dysphoria feelings but male troons can talk all about their imaginary bullshit periods and people will just cheer for more. Not.

I swear if they hadn't made the man look like a caricature with the 5-o-clock shadow and balding head and all I would 100% believe this is true. The amount of "I need to interact with young girls because I never got to experience spinny skirts and sexy sleepovers at 12" shit they spew already crossed this line.

No. 1092421

File: 1606433003512.png (14.67 MB, 9681x3613, ddvsjbs-20550101-6645-40c2-b57…)

I wonder how many troons are just into transformation fetish ?

No. 1092432

Plenty of them. It always starts with the forced feminization/sissyfication fetish, they slip into the lifestyle after finding someone to enable it and then troon out completely. It happened to Larry Wachowski too, the archetypal AGP. His dominatrix essentially made him larp as a woman for his feminizaton fetish and it leaked into real life.

No. 1092448

File: 1606434659775.jpeg (184.65 KB, 750x682, 14EF8E06-F30D-4246-93D3-E1BDDB…)

I don’t know why but the thought of hair growing inside a neovagina is making me want to vomit. I never even considered this being a thing.

No. 1092453

It's an occurrence well known enough to be a meme about hairballs etc. Basically the skin used to construct the inside of the neovagina didn't go through proper electrolysis and now it's growing strands of body hair inside, tangling with all the fluids into small unholy dreads causing infection. Spoilered for the weak of heart.

No. 1092460

electrolysis isn’t even for sure permanent. maybe 90%. some people don’t even respond to it and some get horrible infections and scarring from it.

that’s why some of these doctors try to do the intestines option (where they basically cut off a piece of their small (citation need) intestine to create the “vagina”) because it gives the same depth and there’s no pubes in there.

No. 1092495


It's just mind boggling how many people support this delusional bs. A biological male/female, will never be transformed into an equivalent state of their biological opposite sex. It's just genital mutilation, but therapists and psychologists are being forced to shill for their mental illness.

No. 1092496

I don't doubt this is real, considering people like Jessica Yaniv exist.

No. 1092498

If they're BIOLOGICALLY female, why do they need to change and mutilate themselves with artificial hormones.

No. 1092516

File: 1606443122091.jpg (291.09 KB, 1080x779, MaleandFemaleskulls.jpg)

These are biological sex bone structure and skull facts unfortunately, picrel. And a woman may happen to have one or two of these traits which is perhaps uncommon, but she will NOT have ALL of them. A biologcal male however will tick all items I highlighted in the list I provided in my previous post.
Also, I am not schizo so stop armchairing me. Why don't you do some research and find out for yourself.

No. 1092518

File: 1606443314477.jpg (231.13 KB, 1080x788, BioMaleandFemaleSkullsDifferen…)

No. 1092524

File: 1606443804554.jpg (690.15 KB, 2174x2898, PicsArt_11-27-02.22.43.jpg)

Again, picrel

No. 1092537

less biology science talk more troons being hurt and funny talk

No. 1092550

Be the poster you wanna see, anon

No. 1092561

don’t be rude to vinny, he doesn’t deserve that

on topic, i’m genuinelystill so baffled how some of these men honestly expect to be called women. a woman doesn’t shave her legs and she’s disgusting and doesn’t care about her appearances. these men come out with full beards and chest hair yet they’re “strong and powerful and beautiful women”. and when they’re called out for looking like men they screech like they’re being murdered, yet the “evil terfs” are snowflakes for not wanting men in women’s spaces?

No. 1092562

File: 1606452233820.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.09 KB, 1024x768, 632EC219-35AB-45A9-8322-7D8C7C…)

These degenerate faggots should just embrace their faggotry and go the nullo route instead of spending thousands of dollars on a rotting flesh hole

No. 1092571

File: 1606453016030.png (3.2 MB, 2697x1664, ponett.png)

Old milk, but I was reminded of Ponett/Bobby Schroeder, the creator of an mlp fangame called Super Lesbian Horse Rpg that he's currently reskinning with trans lesbian ocs to make into an original work. He's an artist I love this little illustration of his self perception vs. what he actually looks like.

No. 1092573

File: 1606454203849.png (818.99 KB, 1021x578, trrooooon.png)

without makeup he looks like a man and a pretty low quality one

No. 1092574

I truly can not comprehend what I am seeing is that small hole a urethra why would you do something like this

No. 1092578

Okay I’m definitely finding their makeup tutorials

No. 1092580

Jesus Christ. Women, we need to take back our natural faces. This is totally a fucking man. Makeup is what makes them feel empowered entering our spaces. I am tired of these blown out representations. Do I have hope if I have a daughter that she will even want to study when modern femininity is reduced to being a whore? I’m being a total sperg but it’s getting actually suffocating.

No. 1092584

>aren't people tired of playing dumb on this level
This is what peaktrans'd me. I don't understand how others are just playing along.

No. 1092585

They section parts of the body with the same ease as they cut off their penises, you can be biologically female in the ladybrain even though your hormones are "wrong" (note: make no mention that you're hormonally, phenotypically male, just don't address the non-female parts at all)

No. 1092593

They lop off their dick and balls and instead of going full on edward scissorhands crafting a beef sandwich they just let it heal

No. 1092601

If women didn't have to wear makeup most troons would be probably lost.

No. 1092606

Cringe if your daughter wanting to study and not sell her body hinges on popular makeup shit. Maybe instill an innate desire to learn and succeed regardless of social media trends something crazy like that

No. 1092610

I'm sorry but what? Is this a genuine fetish thing? I just don't even know whats going on anymore

No. 1092612

Dumb. Anyone who thinks women are disgusting for not shaving also think trans people are disgusting. Celebrating and promoting women not shaving is bare minimum feminism even the most liberal. the only people who hate that shit hate trans anyway

No. 1092617

Right!! I got a little fucked up hearing a guy call November men’s health month. should have already been in place the moment women’s health was changed

No. 1092621

Heavy makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake hair, fake lips, fake breasts, fake asses, shapewear, body hair removal and heavily edited pictures. If all of these things weren’t so normalised then there’s no way transwomen would be accepted even among libfems. They need all of those things to signal that they’re “women”. An unmodded transwoman surrounded by women in their natural state will stand out like the man he is, and a fully modded transwoman in the same group will stand out like a freakshow. They need women to cover themselves in the same fake shit so that they can blend in.

Libfems and TRAs aren’t going to outright say that women who don’t shave are disgusting, but they celebrate women who think that not wanting to shave makes them non-women. Every single enby and fakeboi I know started in that direction because they didn’t like to be sexualised and were fed up with compulsory hair removal. That’s the same sentiment of “women have to shave and like it”, just with extra steps.

No. 1092624

FAS eyes

No. 1092627


I hate Alok Vaid-Menon so fucking much. Good on his friend Meredith (transwoman) though for writing an entire article blowing up his dating life for the pathetic hellscape that it is, while trying to pass it off as run-of-the-mill pity.

No. 1092630

It's a different fetish, dudes who want to be eunuchs

No. 1092637

Damn I at least thought a pretty man was under that make up,A pretty older looking man but i guess I was wrong.
I guess props for showing his real face in a thumbnail, I bet you chasers and women are in the comments like, "oh my god you look better then most cis women without make up! Oh my god you look better then me without make up!"

No. 1092641

>we do tho

What do they think having a period is? Do they think it's crying? Not all women even have emotional changes during the month. It's the womb lining shedding. If any part of a trans woman is shedding she needs to go to the hospital asap.

No. 1092642

File: 1606468468134.jpg (35.8 KB, 640x480, 6161e5e8c75265a0a8d37bb1226952…)

No. 1092645

nta but the current online message for girls is "be pretty and then get followers and maybe become an onlyfans sex worker"

I agree instilling a message to study is vital, but it'll be hard to reject the peer pressure of "looking pretty is the only thing that matters."

But, I don't know how long this will last. It's likely in as soon as five years things will swing in another direction and this won't be something we need to worry about. Surely seeing all the influencers and sex workers careers tank as soon as they "age out" will make it obvious it's a shitty plan and to do something else.

No. 1092652

File: 1606471578159.jpeg (202.02 KB, 750x864, FEC58B2A-5500-40AE-84DA-B8D47A…)

Lol what is this
>male bodies were just objectively better assets for society.
>so what advantages does estrogen give you

Kek. Peak FAS face. Small eye openings, smooth philtrum, thin upper lip. Guess we know why he’s fucked in the head

No. 1092654

source? i would like to read the trainwreck

No. 1092658

No. 1092661

ah yes, our primitve medieval society, where hard field labour is required to feed our families.
Not being a misogynic ass should be a requirement to transition…

No. 1092664

Considering most Strong Muscular Men won't even bother to take out a bag of rubbish unless someone nags them for hours if not days, and then acts all martyred about it, I seriously question where this idiotic mindset comes from. This is such a common MALE headspace, and it has so laughably little to do with actual lived reality. Strong Muscular Men my arse; most people know not to depend on boys and men for maintaining even basic personal hygiene, let alone being Helpfully Available With Their Big Strong Muscles kek

It really is all just a gender essentialist fantasy for these types. They just swap out hyper masc delusion to hyper femme delusion, but at no point are they ever either Gaston or Belle (to use so-obvious-that-kids-get-it stereotypes) despite what they would like to believe.

No. 1092665

> mal bodies objectively better assets for society

he does realize where every fucking human being comes from?

No. 1092668

It's almost like biology plays a role in reproduction, and hormonal differences aren't just to get tits and soft skin….hmmmm.
Also I wonder how many of these troons actually worked strength-based jobs. Suspiciously the sportsmen that troon out aren't the topliners, because they'd actually have to be worried of using their competitive edge.

No. 1092672

File: 1606476967204.jpeg (591.68 KB, 2048x2048, B6CC68CD-FB7A-463B-B7B2-A63DB6…)

Theres a suspiciously large number of them posting on the Mtf subreddit (pic related) concerned about losing their muscles/strength and asking advice on how to keep their strength. Kinda funny they want to be tiny delicate anime girls but Still be super strong. They want to keep their male privileges but also be the same as 100% real biological women

Guess they’re scared of not being able to throat punch TERFs or intimidate women in public bathrooms. Or they just want to LARP as being victimized and vulnerable and scared of being attacked by a males and unable to fight back, and don’t ACTUALLY want to be vulnerable to attacks by males like real women. Troons love to act so weak and scared and defenseless when, if no weapons were involved, 99% of them would have a decent chance against a male attacker and 99% of women wouldn’t.

No. 1092675

I actually know quite a few women in strength based industries (truckers/longshoremen/warehouse workers) and none are no where near looking manly.
Actual strong women may look a little bit more girthy, but womanly strength looks different to man strength. You can still tell a female longshoremen from a male a mile away. Our bodies and movements are just different.
I hate that troons pride themselves on being able to beat down natal women because they KNOW they were born different yet insist they are the same. They’re so damn agro while natural born strong women tend to be chill af.
They make death threats on “terfs” and assert their domination on natural women. They’re exactly like us….until their natural masculine strength gives them the ability to scare is into submission. Just like a MAN would do.

No. 1092716

File: 1606485802783.jpeg (533.1 KB, 750x881, AC2607D7-5552-4287-A0BE-C87737…)

Sleep Paralysis Demon

No. 1092718

File: 1606485849200.jpg (80.51 KB, 810x539, 0_AMR_MEN_13082020_20Stories.j…)

Article featuring the guy that was Jamjars on Tumblr and some hideous delusional troon.


No. 1092727

I had no idea jamjars trooned out, that's a blast from the past. I remember he hung out with Felice Fawn

No. 1092728

you should post the full comic anon

No. 1092737

It’s strange seeing a lot of troons who make fun of cis women and ftm troons who make fun of cis men. Like, they’re literally what you want to be. You’re trying to become what you hate. I don’t get it.

No. 1092738

It's just envy.

No. 1092742

samefag but that's also news to me. haven't heard of him in AGES. he looks 10 times worse as a tranny though kek. let's not talk about the thing on the right though

No. 1092744

The yearning for "not like other girls! doing it better than cis women!" is so ridiculous and off-putting, especially with how FTMs like to take over women's spaces with impunity. Everything has to be about them, and for them, and they literally pull the reverse of "not all men!!" in online spaces - "not all women have uteruses! not all women menstruate!!" like buddy, pal, not all women play tennis, either, but this particular discussion happens to be about women who do, so sit your mangled ass down…

It's especially hilarious if you happen to speak a language where pronouns do not differentiate between the genders. Then these drama queens need to make up shit so they feel like they're on the ze/zir/they/her train… usually by talking of themselves in the plural, which is just really fucking lulzy. "We had breakfast today and then we were really sad!" fucking kek

No. 1092747

Holy shit, is the bare faced pic shooped to look more uncanny? Those have to be the weirdest ugliest eyes I've ever seen

No. 1092755

>i am an athlete
A nightmare.

No. 1092769

He doesn't actually look like this. It's edited

No. 1092789

the schizo thing was clearly a joke, so maybe you are just an autist! yeah, we're clearly not denying that males have those traits, but you've seriously never met a very masculine bodied woman before?

No. 1092800

Lots of them actually see themselves as superior to us cissies and will claim they love being trans and would not trade it for anything. It's so obvious they are trying to overcompensate, we may boring cissies but at least we are not coolers hooked on horse piss hormones.

No. 1092801

File: 1606495962225.jpg (259.91 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20201127-175140_Bra…)


Why isn't this on the notable subreddit list?


No. 1092802

File: 1606495989959.jpg (248.17 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20201127-175158_Bra…)

No. 1092808

>”I’m a lesbian”
>”I like using my dick”
Make it make sense.

No. 1092816

Totally looking like a lady with all the chesthair

No. 1092827

Is he referring to his penis as "my girl"? Jesus

No. 1092830

Absolutely mind boggling. Is he looking to stick his dick in an actual lesbian for the ~validation uwu~ or is he just a homosexual male in denial?

No. 1092834

File: 1606497550492.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 141.15 KB, 1200x900, Em7ZauoWEAEuc4Q.jpeg)


The latter

No. 1092844

>aftermath of a furry convention

No. 1092853

I know this is an overused joke, but seriously.. Imagine the smell.

No. 1092857

Wow, he literally looks like the crypt keeper

No. 1092859

I just had to stop to wrap my mind around this for a moment.
>A homosexual male identifying as a lesbian woman wants to fuck other lesbian women by which he means other homosexual men identifying as woman
My god, why add this many steps to be gay? I always imagine that people in denial like this grew up in some super strict evangelist christian household being beaten with a bible every day for wearing a pink shirt or something. It's tragic.

No. 1092864

I thought the programmer socks shit was just a meme holy shit

No. 1092872

This is one of the worst images I’ve ever seen. Thanks anon.

No. 1092896

That's not a troon, anon, just an eunuch.

No. 1092897

File: 1606502552459.png (887.03 KB, 864x621, mmm.PNG)

It never fails, everytime i go to their reddits to see the obvious male behind the post, It's full of shit like this.
he does not want to attract chasers (aka straight/bisexual women or trans women aka gay men who want dick) but all he posts about is lesbians who prefer dick?
I thought it was chasing to prefer trans women with certain set ups?
Which one is it? You don't want to date people who want dick but you post dumb ass memes about "lesbians" who prefer dick?

No. 1092899

I wish I had such a comfortable life that my biggest problem was that wearing a skirt and living out my fetish in public were incompatible. Holy porndamaged scrotes

No. 1092905

I can actually live and let live when they are only involving each other. It mostly angers me when they have to involve women in their fetish, especially the ones who have wives and children or get off on involving themselves in women's spaces and force them to play along with it.

If a group of men want to play sissy dress up together and pretend to be lesbians I don't have as much of a problem. They key word however is pretend. Society lets them think it's reality and not just a fantasy they have.

No. 1092908

Honestly this, but I do hate when they bring their gay shit to lesbian spaces. It must suck to be a lesbian and have to deal with these retards talking about actual gay sex in spaces that are for lesbians.
Women can't say they don't like dick or talk about periods because it makes them sad, but they can screech about their dicks and gay sex & if women have a issue they need to get over their "genital fetish".

No. 1092909

He looks like a pretty, feminine man, but a man nonetheless. If you know what you are looking for HSTS are fairly easy to clock. They present like hyperfeminine gay men (which is what they are) rather than women.

No. 1092911

A so called masculine bodied woman is the result of poor genetics, improper development and messed up hormones from poor nutrition and other factors. Lol i'm starting to think you're a troon because you sound more and more like it after each reply. Would explain the defensiveness and personal offence taken as I outlined the physical characteristics of the legit bio woman, you must feel invalidated.
Not an autist either, what other armchairing diagnosis have you got for me? Go on, spoil me anon.

No. 1092922

Honestly this sounds more and more like a tranny cope.
>no anon I know plenty of women who look 100% like men and have identical bone structure despite biological evidence suggesting otherwise!!! ur just an autist chill a bit lol
Even the most manliest women I've ever seen are always recognizable as female. They will never have a full on male skeleton. That's why troons get facial feminization surgeries and shave literal bone to imitate women.

No. 1092924

What if cosmetics and such fashions were only created for that purpose and shilled to women so hard that these products become associated with being female because real women wear it, and so makes it harder to detect the trans because society will identify men decorating themselves with all these artificial add ons as legit women? Like that's the real reason for these things even to exist? To enable troons to blend?

No. 1092927

File: 1606505249100.png (762.77 KB, 1210x1920, tumblr_ebe617f2168bffd02778eab…)

No. 1092929

There is no nutritional deficiency that will cause a woman's body to virilize and I assume by poor genetics you mean natural endocrine disorders.

No. 1092934

>Remember people, it's not a fetish! This guy certainly isn't transitioning because he gets his rocks off to being humiliated as a woman and– oh.

No. 1092937

Trans apologists have such a ridiculous view of sex and gender.

It's as if they don't know what they objectively mean. They think pretty and stereotypically feminine equals woman and the latter equals man.

You can be a pretty, feminine man and a less attractive or masculine woman. It doesn't matter if you are a man who is prettier than most women and looks wonderful in a dress, you are still male and nothing will make you a woman. Biological sex and the reality of it doesn't change because of those mannerisms.

No. 1092940

no makeup here

No. 1092942

Some diets interfere with women's hormones and can increase testosterone in a woman's body, one being veganism. This over time influences her body shape and can change it to a more masculine shape especially if they were eating these diets in key developmental years such as a child and teens.

No. 1092943

Just looks like a boy. Can you see the boy in the face anons? Cause I can. Also, those clavicles lol

No. 1092945

Sage cause just a question but why can’t we have gender critical threads and why were they closed down?

No. 1092946

it's a fetish, npt just being gay. see >>1092927

No. 1092953

That's nonsense. No woman is going to look like a man because of veganism. No woman is going to virilize by becoming vegan. A woman who is vegan will still be on a scale where she has a typical female biology.

Veganism will not increase testosterone enough at the very least to make a woman grow a beard, become sterile or develop muscles like a male.

Certain vitamin deficiencies can make a woman become sterile but eating certain food groups or avoiding them alone will not. Sterility and masculinization are also not mutually exclusive.

You know absolutely nothing about endocrinology.

No. 1092955

File: 1606506188213.png (170.24 KB, 615x319, fjffj.PNG)

Can we stop posting this boy?

No. 1092957

ask /meta/

No. 1092958

So on Twitter a week or so ago there a link to a sideshow of a man doing this TO HIMSELF like literally taking selfies with his severed cock and proudly showing off his ken doll anatomy in things etc after. Not trans, just no genitals. STILL FUCKING INSANE to do it to yourself obviously

Don't have the link

No. 1092960

like they aren't bad looking, they look like a pretty gay boy and a bootleg james charles, they don't even belong in this thread being honest.

No. 1092961

Ngl anon I was arguing internally since I thought they really just looked like a plain girl in the thumbnail but the second I actually turned the video on I immediately took it back lmao

No. 1092962

aren't they called smoothies or something?

No. 1092963

Uwu so valid

No. 1092965

it’s like michael jackson came back for round two

No. 1092969

What do you consider a 'masculine body shape'?

You know that women with a healthy endocrine systems can have a range of body shapes, right? The stereotypical hourglass figure actually only accounts for around 8% of white women, apple shape accounts of 14% and the pear accounts for 34%. The rectangular body shape is actually the most common and for Asian women and many Latin American ethnic groups pears and hourglasses are the least common and apples and rectangles are the most common.

There is a wide range of what is considered normal and typical.

No. 1092970

File: 1606506670009.jpg (51.82 KB, 495x750, 4ebed8344564ee3281835759fde3b9…)

If a diet is poor enough growing up (anorexia, famine) the body may fail to start puberty or complete it. So, yes can look "masculinzed" or "boyish". I had a French teacher who was only anorexic during early adolescence, and as an adult she's 5ft, flat chest, with no waist definition or broad hips. Her 2 sisters are 5'3, and curvy, like their mother. She was told by doctors it was due to this period. However, I had an anorexic friend whose puberty was delayed, but once she resumed eating her body caught up. Audrey Hepburn suffered a short bout of extreme starvation during the war, and her body shows it.

No. 1092972

NTA but you're obviously intentionally pretending like you don't understand what anon was getting at. Stop it.

No. 1092977

Most trannies, gay or straight, hate women and think they can get away with hateful comments about our bodies because they've all watched 'mean girl' tv and think it reflects reality and it's how we feel about each other. The way AGP trannies critique women sound EXACTLY like incel 4channers because that's exactly what they are. It's hilarious they believe we can't clock them.

No. 1092979

>Most trannies, gay or straight, hate women and think they can get away with hateful comments about our bodies because they've all watched 'mean girl' tv and think it reflects reality and it's how we feel about each other.
No, they make mean comments and hate women because they're incel men who trooned out to be the girlfriend they always wanted.

No. 1092980

What you are presenting is not masculinization. What you are presenting is hormonal deficiency and in some cases even a lack of puberty as a result of malnutrition.

Maybe in your subjective opinion your 'French teacher looked like a boy' but that has nothing to do with female virlization.

No. 1092982

Lol where did I say nutritionally poor diets will make a woman a full blown man? I said veganism as an example of a diet that interferes with womens' hormones, encourging more testosterone production, which influence a woman's natural female body shape and appearance such as reducing the natural softeness with the reduction of fat and decrease the hip and breast size, resulting in a very straight up and down figure with smaller hips. If you browse the boards much and know the cow Ariana aka Pnp, her body is a good example of what I'm talking about. She's still a bio woman with key bio woman bone and skull traits but she's always getting called a troon in her thread because of her very masculine shapeless body. And that's definitely been encouraged by fluctuating hormones from a poor diet.(autism)

No. 1092983

Anon was saying that certain diets and malnutrition masculinize the female body which I was pointing out are untrue. Anon also seemed unaware what the range is for typical female body types.

No. 1092985

'Being straight up and down with smaller hips' is a very common and typical female body type. It's not caused by 'more testosterone'.

And no a vegan diet will not cause a woman with predominanly lower fat distribution to suddenly develop a different fat distribution.

Mtfs who use testosterone actually keep their lower fat distribution if that's what they had prior to taking testosterone. You can clearly see that in the fake Boi thread.

The fat cells already in your body will not change location because of diet. You may develop more of them in other places but a vegan diet will not be enough to influence this.

Age and menopause also makes women develop slightly more visceral fat although their bodies don't become 'masculinized'.

No. 1092988

Hormone taking trannies have a squeaky, munchkin quality to their voice. Like this impression, but toned down. Once you hear it, you won't be unable to ignore it lol.

No. 1092990

The voice change is contrived. They attempt to speak in an 'uwu girly' voice because of their fetish. There is nothing that can undo vocal virlization once it has taken place apart from voice feminization surgery.

No. 1093009

>Maybe in your subjective opinion your 'French teacher looked like a boy' but that has nothing to do with female virlization.

It was medical opinion (something do with tanner stages) and she spoke openly about it, including her infertility. I'm not being snarky. Starvation results in a body lacking sufficient feminizing hormones at a critical time of growth and can make women appear BOYish. Pre-pubertal males & females don't differ much.

Endocrine disorders cause a female body to virilize, ie look manly.

>Being straight up and down with smaller hips' is a very common and typical female body type. It's not caused by 'more testosterone'

Higher levels of circulating androgens can make a female body mannish, ie. narrow, boxy hips. Adult pelvis size is partly genetic, partly environmental (circulating hormones).

And I disagree, a woman with all three (literal flat chest, no waist, no hips) is not common. Many women can be slightly boxy, but their hips still flare out, there's breast development… they don't look like troons.

There's lots of subtle feminine parts to an adult female's body too, like a curved lower back. Hepburn looks stunted, her contemporaries noticed and commented on it.

No. 1093044

Vegans all end up looking genderless after tanking their hormones though. Vegan men pass better as women than trannies do.

No. 1093045

Maybe people would read your shit if you stopped using words like "boyish" or "mannish" to describe women.

No. 1093065

File: 1606514061183.jpg (28.66 KB, 480x480, 1572835193417.jpg)

Are we seriously gonna debate women's bodies on a thread about making fun of troons ? What are we trying to prove here?

No. 1093076

I don't even know if it's trannies who got their feelings hurt or insecure twig anons who can't tell the difference between using the term "typically masculine features" and "you look like a man". I mean fuck I have a traditional manface but I can admit that I have some of my features that are "mannish" without throwing a reeing fit over it because I know I have the natural vagina troons will never have.

No. 1093117

Of course. Also, what basic human rights do tranners not have, esp in the West?

No. 1093119

woman: XX
men: XY


No. 1093157

File: 1606520460009.jpeg (183.73 KB, 750x726, 45B840F5-8DF8-4D16-B69E-2B9E24…)

Anyway can we get back to making fun of troons instead of this boring sperging?

No. 1093186

These cunts can't even function with their dysphorinyahh~ yet think they can just handle having cancer? Not to defend ftm troons but i've seen quite a few psa/call out-ish posts about just biting the bullet and going for pap smears, breast checks and so on, yea it's fucking uncomfortable to most but so is cancer, you need to go. Plus, what the FUCK does that last line even mean? Uwu doctor check my prostate, yea i got a hysterectomy, i am a real womunnn

No. 1093211

>Thinking the doctor won't be able to tell right away or check his records
The sheer amount of delusion I am amazed. These people would literally risk cancer to live their spinny skirt fantasy. Tell me again how this isn't a mental illness.

No. 1093249

>stealthing a doctor
These idiots really think they'll get away with this? And if the doctor asks what prompted a radical hysterectomy and the complete removal of uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix? If you have unexplained pelvic or abdominal pain at any point and the doctor wants to check the hysterectomy closure? When you're examined and missing female parts that can not be replicated by surgery? What then?

>I'd rather have prostate cancer

Choosing cancer over a very quick medical examination? Couldn't be me!

No. 1093275

I don't know what this negative obsession with veganism is.

As long as people eat adequate calories and supplement b12 they will generally be fine.

A lot of people will use veganism as a disguise for their disordered eating and the fact that they don't eat enough calories.

Veganism in itself does not cause people to 'waste away'.

No. 1093278

They are preachy and smug

No. 1093283

>Starvation results in a body lacking sufficient feminizing hormones at a critical time of growth and can make women appear BOYish. Pre-pubertal males & females don't differ much.

So the body stays in a state of pre pubescence or sex hormones cease production. I don't understand how that relates to a woman having features that are specific to a male and why you would need gendered words to describe things in this case at all or how this relates to troons or biological sex.

No. 1093288

Meat eaters are just as 'preachy and smug' about people who don't eat meat. I hate red meat and my diet is mostly vegetarian down to personal taste alone and people give me a difficult time constantly,although I never make a scene about it and I don't care what other people eat.

Still I don't see what this has to do with troons or this thread.(autism)

No. 1093291

I love how troons always forget about their completely unchangeable male pelvic bones, kek. Any doctor or nurse can clock a tranny using basic anatomy, since no matter how many surgeries you get you can't replace your entire body or change the degree of your pelvic arch.

No. 1093292

Wtf the prostate is very important in men's health and this kid would love to get it removed? This is why troon ideology is dangerous, they'd rather misinform people on the effects of hormones and surgery for the sake of validation instead of acknowledging their biological sex and getting the appropriate exams.

No. 1093303

File: 1606529642544.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)


anyway troons ugly

No. 1093329

Why is he worrying about this at 19? Don't men usually get their prostate checked when they're old dudes?

No. 1093337

Why is this written like a porn title

No. 1093345

They’ll be retraining and re-educating gynos into checking prostates soon, since it’s now a female organ.

So is the uterus, yet ftm are encouraged to get hysterectomies.

No. 1093351

I don’t know how anons were getting banned left and right in the last thread but you retards are still going on about veganism.

I just realized isn’t this transphobic? Prostates aren’t only for men, and prostrate checks aren’t only for men. They’re for prostate-bodied people.

But seriously troons freak out if you DARE mention “women” and mammogram/period/Pap smear/pregnancy etc in the same sentence, and they believe penises can be feminine and vaginas csn be masculine but they can’t perform the same mental gymnastics and make prostates girly?

No. 1093368

That's just a bimbofication fetish. The only reason this troon calls it a "misogyny" fetish is because they're a misogynist themself.

No. 1093374

File: 1606535588454.png (562.5 KB, 583x732, Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 03.52…)

The delectable Ms Robin Hosking (not a dox, all social media has their full name). Looked creepy as a man, as a woman goes to fullon serial killer. Some very lazy investigating shows this one still runs a mens group for a disability charity kek

No. 1093379

File: 1606535943304.jpg (82.03 KB, 625x453, soyboy.jpg)

Yeah, picrel really passes more than a troon. Absolutely genderless. You retards should actually research nutrition before you try to talk about it. Veganism isn't a "diet" anyway.

No. 1093411


No. 1093496

File: 1606544862921.jpeg (5.83 MB, 4032x4030, 68B3C04A-9D35-4141-8348-F6FA09…)

>rants on and on to girlfriend about how beautiful some other “girl” (read: troon) is
>she’s so pretty she makes my chest hurt
>girlfriend gets quiet and seems upset
>keep talking
>Finally finish gushing over another “girl” and then backpedal to try to save your own ass
>apologize but girlfriend doesn’t reply because she’s weirded out/upset and also hanging out with her sister
>panic from your “trauma” and sperg out, spamming her crying and being manipulative and start “beating yourself up” (unsure if verbally/physically) to make her reply
>she finally replies because you’re being an absolute retard
>Somehow deflect all responsibility and blame everything on “because of who I fucking am and the bullshit we have to deal with as trans women”

Pic is the brave and stunning woman in question

No. 1093499

File: 1606545036849.jpeg (355.1 KB, 828x769, 976124D8-6E72-4AC3-A0CC-89BAB1…)

These men really couldn’t give less of a shit about women’s health and safety. I hate these people so much.

He looks so creepy and unstable. Being in a relationship with him sounds like a nightmare.

No. 1093503

sage for ot but this felt real good to read after cleaning up my apartment b/c my shitty straight boy ~enby~ roommate won't ever do it, ty for the catharsis anon

No. 1093507

did it occur to him that the huge amounts artificial hormones trans people pump into their bodies are the reason why they’re not allowed to donate?

No. 1093511

are we entirely sure this isn’t elliot rodger? this straight up looks like that incel school shooter from florida.

No. 1093512

This made me gag more than the rotten caves for some reason. Such a disgusting display.

No. 1093513

yah i wonder why kek

No. 1093514

>trans people
>critical thinking
No, all he cares about is having someone affirm his fragile and artificial sense of “womanhood.”

No. 1093520

Is this person shay ayanamis? I don’t think it is, but does anyone remember shay from tumblr in like 2013-14? I’ve tried to look shit up about them but have found no trace of them. I remember being so fascinated bc she was so tapped and also a tankie and always blogging about her girldick

No. 1093528

No. 1093540

This shit is what got GC banned. Can you just laugh at trannies and let ugly farmers live kek.

No. 1093585

File: 1606561195460.jpg (138.18 KB, 1024x820, 1589586323445m.jpg)

No. 1093592

To be fair it’s not about the hormones it’s just the blood ban from the aids era, they fall under MSM(men who have sex with men).
The larger lgbt community has been decrying it for years especially after pulse cause at this point it is pretty homophobic since they test every single donor no matter what anyways but this dude wouldn’t know that because Reddit trannys don’t know anything about actual gay people or the shit they deal with

No. 1093595

Already posted anon.

No. 1093596

File: 1606563302662.jpg (412.9 KB, 1109x1478, edb4d004-51e8-41e5-86c9-90cc23…)

Cursed image.

No. 1093599

This. Every time I go to give blood, they ask me, a woman, have I had sex with a man who has had sex with men. They won't let me give blood of I've had sex with a non-straight guy. It's got nothing to do with transness.

No. 1093605

File: 1606565294551.png (6 MB, 2680x2208, 5.png)

No. 1093606

"bullshit we have to deal with as transwomen" = existing in a world where people look better than you ??? Lmao god how pathetic and fragile can you get

No. 1093609

HIS DICK IS POKING OUT OF HIS BODYCON DRESS. He has to be fucking trolling.

No. 1093612

Men will turn themselves into this just so they can take away women's places. We really can't win. He's literally a man wearing a dress for fetish. He's not even trying to make himself look more feminine, and you can see his fucking dick.

No. 1093614

This is ot but MSM are statistically much more likely to have STIs than any other demographic and if the infection is very recent it won’t show up on tests, but can still infect the vulnerable patient who receives the blood.

On the bright side, guys like this will help more people peak.

No. 1093628

eeee why the fuck did you point that out, anon. my eyes cannot unsee.

Don’t do so well competing against other males so let’s move in to a women’s domain with less job competition and more experience due to other women having time out to have babies, then use MTF earned oppression points and be number 1!!!

No. 1093636

They test blood in batches. It's easier for them to weed out high-risk people than risk spoiling an entire batch of blood with HIV positive blood. It's not homophobic. Science isn't phobic. Men who have sex with other men have a huge HIV risk increase.

No. 1093640

File: 1606571894388.jpg (17.25 KB, 640x602, mom-said-its-my-turn-on-the-xb…)

No. 1093641

Probably a requirement for something or he has that shit running in his family

No. 1093653

It’s the same in gaming. Finally started to get female tournaments and troons enter all of them and get top 3. We aren’t allowed to have anything, and we aren’t allowed to win - especially if men can’t take over that space.

No. 1093658

If that’s what “moving forward” looks like I’d rather take my chances going back to the Reagan era.

No. 1093659

Unless u live in a really disadvantaged place they test individual in the us, & poors as a whole have a really high hiv risk which doesn’t stop predatory paid blood donation from being a thing lol

No. 1093662

This absolute genetic failure can't even learn how to tuck to keep his shriveled cock under control. Anybody who insisted on coming to work in elected leadership in an adult baby diaper or gimp mask would be shown the door.

No. 1093665

holy fuck, i haven't thought about this person in forever. cant believe somebody else remembered this guy. no i don't think that is shay, definitely looks the same though. he was @kirmira on tumblr for the longest time but i think left.

No. 1093673

tinfoil hat on, but every time i see one of these trannies that get violent over other people's appearances, i can't shake the feeling they'll kill someone one day. perfect incel serial killer building blocks

No. 1093686

Their writings and Reddit posts read like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Everytime.
"My skincare is my identity while real women make me SICK".

From beginning "uwu me me Me's" to the final "… That i must suffer simply existing as a transwoman"

No. 1093693

Why does gaming need to be sex segregated? Legit question

No. 1093696

It's a /pol/ meme. They're using the Alegria artstyle (low effort, vector) that corporations use and drawing dumb shit with it.

No. 1093697

Neither thanks

No. 1093698

I assume for the same reason chess is sex-segregated. Female chessmasters still fall behind male ones, even if they can beat lower classes.
For gaming it probably also involves problems as housing and inner-group relationships, since gaming teams spend a lot of time together, often are housed together, and are very often teenage guys, so I assume no woman can really work well under those conditions. But sometimes women do make it into lineups, they're not excluded. And all-female teams seem to underperform, but for what reasons, do not ask me. They usually just get marketed for being girls so they can sell a bunch of merch to thirsty e-sportsfags and then they fail all their tournaments, but there isn't really anything stopping them from finding 5 competent female players for mixed tournaments.

No. 1093700

File: 1606581850290.png (54.02 KB, 530x464, madness.png)

A hot serving of crazy, fresh off the Tumblr presses. We're basically at the point where enjoying anything outside of fifties gender roles makes you a tranny.

No. 1093701

>suck my girldick tweet

So professional. If you tweet shit like this you should be banned from running for public office.

No. 1093704

File: 1606583045890.png (75.5 KB, 539x195, for fucks sake.png)

Apparently they elected this pervert over a black woman, too. Also the woman he called "garbage" was Rosario Dawson, a latina actress. Wow, so woke!

Silly anon, sexual harassment is a-okay as long as you're a tranny.

Also, systemic misogyny results in socialization that discourages women from competitive and technically-minded endeavors. We've spent thirty years telling little girls that video games are "boy toys" and that they're inherently bad at them. It's not surprising that a demographic is going to be worse at something when its culture is constantly reinforcing the idea that they suck at it.

No. 1093707

So many people say that might be nonbinary/trans because gender as a feeling is something that can't be normally grasped or reasoned with, and treating it as something that is inborn is a relatively new concept. So when someone asks "do you feel like a woman/man?", people don't even fucking know what you mean, and can easily be confused, especially if they're young.
And I especially like when they talk about pronouns as a part of gender-feelings, not realizing that there are languages that have no gender (outside of innately gendered words like grandma or father), so you wouldn't even ever know what they consider you unless you straight up ask "do you think I'm a boy or a girl?". So how do we have trannies here?

No. 1093710

File: 1606583637065.png (60.78 KB, 530x464, 9864527332.png)

Just in case it wasn't clear, samefag for alternate version.

No. 1093714

>There is nothing that can undo vocal virlization once it has taken place apart from voice feminization surgery.

It must be tiring having to fake your voice all day long. Everytime they laugh, they have to fake the uwu girly laugh. Shit I've even seen videos by trannies on how to cough and sneeze in a cute way.

No. 1093716

He has stubble sometimes but he does try and leech off the weird art girl style, he always arches his back to try and appear shorter it's pathetic.

No. 1093717

I guarantee you "kind of relationship where we can drool over girls together" means "we can acknowledge other women are pretty without issue" and not this spergery lol

No. 1093718

>hey babe look at this insanely gorgeous girl who's so much prettier than you, she's so beautiful it makes my heart ache (you could never)

No. 1093719

>>1093496 I'm assuming the gf is attracted to women based on the "drool over women" thing. Can you imagine having bought in to this tra shit or being pressured into it by your hyperlib friends and having to date this unstable cluster b grab bag? She probably was just thinking about all of the actual women she could've chosen instead kek

No. 1093720

So it’s not even transphobic but yet again, gay people are tossed aside so trans freaks can cry about prejudices.

No. 1093721

File: 1606584811524.jpg (29.42 KB, 640x325, if92hmfophe51.jpg)

No. 1093722

Honestly the obsession with headpats is so transparently male lmao. 90% of the women I know hate it when people even try to touch their hair.

No. 1093723

you’d think he would have just… i don’t know, watched a tutorial on tucking or something or an episode of drag race before going out like this.

but then i remember this is a fetish of his that he’s dragging everybody else into.

No. 1093729

File: 1606585435372.jpg (137.26 KB, 753x1200, DT-QxHsX4AAfnol.jpg)

Femboys, gay men, cosplayers, all have a better capability to dress as women than this mongoloid. It's honestly not that hard to dress feminine if you dress for your body shape (read: soy male).

>tfw you've been bullied for being ugly your whole life

>become fashion conscious and put a lot of time finding outfits that make you look good both by your own standards and society's
>see men in poorly fitting clothes that accentuate their bulges and male bone structure being held up as icons of feminine beauty
>see these same men get picked over actual women

No. 1093730

File: 1606585605284.gif (482.65 KB, 145x150, urkel confused.gif)

Is… is he implying that black women can't give birth…? His logic seems to be that biological sex revolves around pregnancy, and is therefore racist?

No. 1093731

File: 1606585864926.jpg (51.16 KB, 640x360, med_1510178474_image.jpg)

They also think that male directors*writers making shows about cute girls is a documentary on girlhood.
Headpats in anime in general are also a pretty fucking condescending thing, yet is always treated with adoration or thinly veiled enjoyment from the receiver.

No. 1093734

Boner is my go-to word to replace gender euphoria. Btw, where did the gender euphoria meme start? It's the most unscientific concept ever, I can only imagine it coming from some TRA in Twitter.

Troons have this weird theory that non white women are on their side in the gender war, it's in those moments that they inadvertently reveal their racism with their comparisons, I've seen shit like "black women are not traditionally feminine and kinda look like men, they are closer to trans women than cis white women". They should check LSA to see what black women really think of them lol.

No. 1093735

How nice it would be if the English language dropped gendered pronouns right now and we got front row seats to the new ways of mangling of English to allow for their larp

No. 1093736

Never forget that "speedrunning for women" event which was like 70% troons. The group photo was posted in one of these threads iirc and I'm not shitting, it was maybe a handful of natural women in a sea of hons. Despicable.

> And all-female teams seem to underperform, but for what reasons, do not ask me. They usually just get marketed for being girls so they can sell a bunch of merch to thirsty e-sportsfags and then they fail all their tournaments, but there isn't really anything stopping them from finding 5 competent female players for mixed tournaments.
I'm going to sound super petty but as a woman working in tech the people chosen to represent by marketing teams etc. are always very people pleasing, pretty women whose assets lie in their looks more than their talent and skill because that's what's being valued more with female members put in front of the camera. Male representatives can be as hideous looking as ever if they're talented enough. When you compare the group photos of female and male e-sports teams you can see a clear difference between how they look. Not at all saying that looks correlate with how talented you are, just that team members are picked according to their marketability instead of how they perform.

No. 1093741

>systemic misogyny results in socialization that discourages women from competitive and technically-minded endeavors

This. It’s the same reason why girls have been so underrepresented in STEM fields, too. It’s not that they aren’t capable of making big achievements in those areas, it’s just that the environment is hostile towards women.

No. 1093751

I wish I had the balls(kek) to get an engineering degree. But the biggest technical university in our country has such a fucking toxic incel culture and overblown sense of self-importance that I was scared. I probably would've quit it anyway for that reason. And they're always asking "why are there so many STEM-programs and conferences for high school girls and not boys???".

No. 1093752

The term "gender euphoria" was coined by minor cow Faust the Disease Guy. I can't remember her most recent Tumblr URL, but here's an old KF post about her.


As recently as this spring, Faust was still shitting up edgy aesthetic Tumblr even as she nears 30 years-old. AFAIK these days she is not very interesting or lulzy, just publicly horny and embarrassing.

No. 1093755

also tons of good female players receive a ton of harresement online. Just read up the story of Geguri, that Overwatch playing teenage girl, who was accused of cheating because no woman can be this good at games right??

No. 1093804

File: 1606593965645.png (2.09 MB, 1792x3058, transsteam.png)

I know this is very autistic, but I went on the rabbithole of searching steamgroups that are girl only, through that I found a GamerGirl steam group which was full of troons and horny people. I decided to search for a troon steam group just to have a good laugh and… I can totally see the trend of cute animegirls/picrews and the ones that are confident enough to show their face and socials are ugly kek.

No. 1093819

There have been studies showing that when girls are reminded of their sex before a test, they perform poorly compared to when there is no such reminder. I’m sure that being in a competition as one of only a handful of women and constantly being reminded of your femaleness has the same effect. Girls also tend to do better in all-girl schools compared to mixed sex schools.

Of course MtFs don’t have this problem because they know they’re not real women, and many of them are narcissists anyway.

No. 1093824

this reminds me of that comic of a girl playing game on a bus and some guy was staring at her playing and she felt like she has to do good or she'll "prove" that girls suck at games

No. 1093846

File: 1606598430956.png (576.52 KB, 1118x640, 1606564246747.png)

Every trans comic

No. 1093847

No. 1093875

No wonder impostor syndrome is strong for women. If you're an average professional, not patriculary outstanding as a man, you're just that, an average professional. But if you're a woman, you're ruining the chances of all women, because you can't the face of female excelkence or whatever. If you're a tranny… you'll feel like you're better than your female collegues even if you aren't.

No. 1093934

I don’t get it, why are there tranny group chats and internet spaces but none for cis women? Where tf am I supposed just post shit without jargon

No. 1093938

Also, when it comes to video games/esports, most video games are male power fantasies. Women aren’t as interested in roleplaying as Macho McShootyman. There are more female gamers nowadays because game designers have realize we are an untapped market and have started making games that are more story-focused and have compelling/interesting female characters that aren’t just decoration. It’s why so many more women play Overwatch vs Call of Duty, or League of Legends Vs Starcraft, even though those are similar types of games. So yeah, socialized misogyny, and women not being recognized as a target audience for video games (until recently) because of said socialized misogyny.
There is nothing inherent to women that makes us naturally less good at video games any more than there’s anything that inherently makes men less good at sewing or cooking.

No. 1093942

File: 1606606353296.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, Eacz1rPXgAAS04S.jpg)


The trannies have invaded all of 'cis' women's spaces and turned them into tranny spaces. And they need to have their own 'trans spaces' too, just for them. They need to have everything to themselves, because anything 'exclusionary' is 'twanzphobia' kek

No. 1093944

Have a strong feeling you never really played games.

No. 1093946

By troon logic, cis women are a priviledged group, so us exluding them is an act of oppression and them excluding us is necessary for them to be safe.

No. 1093947

This is a perfect image anon.

No. 1093953

This image is perfect!
Whose the artist? I need it on muh clothes

No. 1093955

cool article for anyone interested——n-n-not like this is a GC general or anything, h-h-hahaha! sweats


NTA but why is that? I feel like the ability to be represented as a female character is a crucial aspect in these patterns. though perhaps anon is being a little reductive

No. 1093958

File: 1606607384254.jpeg (178.55 KB, 750x434, 4405A23E-A19C-49F1-9AB0-BEF25F…)

They just love telling on themselves about how batshit this is kek
> sexually into: futons, purple, plants

No. 1093959

A grew up playing games from the 90s and most of the feminist rhetoric from 2010s regarding games was full of shit. It's like saying you watched Star Wars, Christian Bale movies or whoever keeps putting explosions, AVP, and saying you have an extensive knowledge of film to say this and this entire medium that's existed since the 60s is just misogynist / male power fantasy.

Still remember some femshit documentary implying a game is sexist because the player character was beating up a female NPC like you would any other. Or when a female character was switched to trans by the development team to avoid 'violence against women' lol.

No. 1093979

File: 1606609529078.jpeg (150.67 KB, 750x520, 56E6C044-F313-4CC9-8763-25BC55…)

Kek. I had saved this and was going to post it and bring up the fact that “euphoria” just sounds like a euphemism for “raging erection”

No. 1093980

Anon I think you might need to do a bit more research on that.There were plenty of women into video games before it’s just that men ,as you know ,push them out of the spaces or parents thought of vidya as more of a male thing. Also plenty of women like shooter games.
COF is for faggot scrotes for sure though.

No. 1093987

File: 1606609886478.jpg (568.17 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20201129-011437_Bra…)

Has this drama bee posted before? Tranny gamer girl shit going down.


No. 1093990

File: 1606609918490.jpg (872.99 KB, 2560x1707, gamer girls meetup.jpg)


Gamer girl meetup

No. 1094003

anon i need to know the origins of this image

No. 1094008

No. 1094010

File: 1606611401224.png (95.47 KB, 590x416, okthen.PNG)

Her mods will also be clearing comments from her server that refer to biological sex, so that's fun

No. 1094011

File: 1606611560752.png (139.63 KB, 892x275, xaltis.png)

Its from Frame Fatales, a female-runner focused speedrunning event.
Found an article on it, and started looking up random names of runners and the first one turned out to be a pedo, no shocker kek.

No. 1094013

File: 1606611563685.jpg (204.99 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20201129_005808.jpg)

Literally nothing is ever enough for them.

About the Pokimane drama.

No. 1094014

File: 1606611617524.jpg (24.17 KB, 290x305, 1560703522487.jpg)

A woman only event being overun by trooners again and again and again and again. God.

No. 1094016

>when you want to feel safe
Pressing X to doubt

No. 1094020

>when you want to feel safe
>making suggestive comments to a 14 year old

There is not need to doubt anon, this guy a pedo

No. 1094026

>If someone told me I'm not a girl but a "she/her" I'd be pissed

>womb havers

>menstruating people
>just say incubator already

No. 1094029

We have to bend ourselves to accomodate the troons while women get left behind only to be worthy through the lens of being ovens for babies.

No. 1094030

Oh god, somehow my eyes skimmed over the last part too fast and I didn't catch that. Every fucking time.

No. 1094059

More reasons to get sterilized.
I am so full of hatred towards men claiming they are better women than born ones I swear I'll never reproduce just to shut their fucking mouths. I'm furious

No. 1094081

did we get any pics from this years dickgirl speed running event? gdq has been adding videos of the runs this past week & ive seen more dudes than females just going by the face cams

No. 1094107

sns, nothing i loathe more than fucking disgusting brown hair extensions. if you can’t grow your own brown hair you have a problem, you don’t deal with bleach you have literally no excuse. there are real issues on this thread i just hate that and have no apology. if you have no hair to blend them with you need to utilize a specific method and the amounts needs to be far more, even just for women who would get roasted for no reason. these are nothing more than pathetic tape ins. it’s astounds me when men complain about how much work it is to be a woman, when they don’t take actual women seriously who talk about beauty standards and don’t realize how much they’re trying to contribute solely in a desperate attempt to separate them from other women. it’s constant “i’m not like other women~” behavior and it’s like yeah no fucking shit.

No. 1094110

what the fuck is she supposed to say??? they will wage a fucking war against her. which isn’t very feminine of them, no woman does that. that’s testosterone period.

No. 1094126

i feel like that guy in the skirt on the far left is just taking the piss out of them

No. 1094128

you're insane.

No. 1094167

Just look at the highest paid "female" gamers on this list.

No. 1094170

Every one of them looks like they're taking the piss. Seriously, the one on the left in the pink dress has Ed Kemper eyes. Terrifying.

No. 1094177

i always wonder what would happen if real women stopped going into these events, like would they feel validated anymore if it was just other cross dressing men they have to play as girls with

No. 1094188

Agreed, she's not going to commit social suicide by not bowing down to the troons, who knows how she really feels.

No. 1094218

File: 1606627762748.jpeg (168.09 KB, 310x599, DB0298C1-BF31-4620-A851-0CDFB4…)

speedrunner indeed

No. 1094241

The top mod on ask trans is a FTMTF “ally” lmfao imagine being on testosterone for like 18 years, scheduling a hysterectomy, then detrans-ing 3 months later “just because”.

No. 1094286

They’d probably get angry at women for avoiding them and declare all female gamers terves. I remember this reddit post of a MtF at work who started using the women’s bathroom and wanted to report his female coworkers to HR because they started using the disability bathroom and bathrooms on different floors instead. Using our bathrooms isn’t enough; we need to be around to validate them while they’re using it, too.

No. 1094306

Jfl, screenshots?
Really though, at that point just have gender neutral bathrooms, the kind that don't have stalls. Easier for everyone.

No. 1094315

>not even bothering to shave his neckbeard

No. 1094321

File: 1606639725560.jpeg (175.6 KB, 750x1334, 5A9B3593-DBFA-442F-9C99-C28509…)

Replies on a post about how “cis women” are the most transphobic of all.

Like gee, I have no idea why women would be giving the most push back over people literally trying to erase female/women, and paving the way for literally any man to enter any private female space at any moment because he “feels” like a woman, even if he’s literally a 6’6” balding guy with a beard, or the fact they’re reducing a biological reality to a “feeling” at all, and promoting sexist ideas and stereotypes about women. Also calling us misogynistic terms that make us sound like livestock instead of “women”

Making being female a “feeling” implies we’re just choosing to be women instead of being born into it and unable to change it, and we are just “choosing” to experience misogyny and rape and domestic violence and FGM and less pay and other forms of discrimination.

And it could literally take away our rights and protections related to pregnancy and breastfeeding and equality in the workplace because if men can also do those things we can no longer sue or report it to HR for sexist discrimination.

Yeah no idea why women would hate that the most, and why men would be indifferent.

Also kek at that first reply
>it seems to get worse the prettier they know you are

No. 1094326

>it seems to get worse the prettier they know you are
God, the lack of self-awareness. Why do I get the idea that this troon is just a narcissistic self-absorbed person in general, and when it happens to be a woman who confronts him about it, he perceives it as ~le transphobia~?

No. 1094328

kek at
>cis men do not care as long as you do not flirt with them
Well yes, if you just left us the fuck alone we would not care either, but you're literally dangerous to us.

No. 1094332

I'd honestly prefer this idea of tranny groups and spaces only, so they don't have to intrude ours. But in reality they have that AND dictate women spaces so were's the win?

Your post hit the nail and as anon >>1094328 said, why can't they connect the dot together and make the effort to think WHY cis women view them like that, but tranny gotta give a narcissic explaination. That they are never the problem and they simplify the issue to a problem of acceptance.

No. 1094337

Wow isn't this transphobic? They are talking about people born female and then bringing up trans men who are MEN right? They have no respect for a woman in any form, and they prove they see trans men as WOMEN.
Now if we were to say, "Trans women and anyone born male are entitled weirdos" they'd be crying.

At the end of the day these transbiens are upset women aren't doing what they want. Transbiens get mad women won't date them and validate them every five fucking minutes and HSTS get mad because they are sassy gay men who try to "out women" us and think we are in a weird competition for men. They literally think they look better than us, and we are jealous/insecure that a man can do it better.
Both think the only thing stopping them from getting what they want in life is women.
Women don't go to MTF spaces making it about our female issues, MTF go to female spaces talking about passing, their dicks, neo-vaginas etc. and get mad when we speak on anything thats 100% about us.
They have their spaces, our spaces AND gay male spaces, meanwhile we aren't allowed one place without people bitching about it online.

No. 1094339

Also, these transbiens (i'm sure they are) don't even deal with men anyway, so of course these weirdos who want so badly to be in female spaces would think we are the worst.
But HSTS barely speak about men unless they are whining about DL men hiding them or they half way call out men for harming/killing them, but they always bring up women in those rants anyway.

No. 1094341

No. 1094342

Yeah, I disagree. My favorite childhood games were the early Doom series and Serious Sam, but also cartoony platformer shit like Jazz The Rabbit and The Lion King game. There is nothing inherently anti-female in early games, and my dad and I bonded a lot over them. I guess it's more about how your parents/older siblings perceive games as a "boy thing".

No. 1094348

I die every time I see that one dude on the far left with the granny skirt, programming socks and tranny sneakers. It's like he's just "Women's event and I got my skirt on, what you gonna do?".

They're not even hiding it anymore, they can just blurt out that they hate women and recite the incel ideology with slight modifications. "We're oppressed by AFABs because they want a space for themselves and their sole existence is triggering to our spinny skirt fantasies by making us feel inadequate" is just another form of "We hate women because they aren't putting out whenever we want them to". It's all about being enraged by the fact that women have some amount of autonomy and the freedom to not be completely colonized by men.

This. I don't understand how they lack this much self awareness.
>I mean cis men give us a break because we're not bothering them or pose any kind of threat to their existence but these goddamn cis bitches keep giving us a hard time for forcing our dicks on them and forcibly entering spaces meant to be restricted to women and their unique experiences and biological reality! What's up with that?!!

No. 1094349

File: 1606647433123.png (67.72 KB, 639x1315, HLyxr5QROq4.png)

>into computery and sciency stuff
This field is cursed beyond repair

No. 1094351

>super mentally ill
you don't say
also that infini-chin is horrifying

No. 1094353

they look like brothers who'd be casted in a early 2000 teen nick show playing awkward nerd brothers.

It's crazy how these gender specials can never have normal relationships, it's always some open weirdo shit.

No. 1094354

>super mentally ill
At least they admit it. I hope their cats are well taken care of, even if they're creeps.


I wouldn't even be surprised if they actually are brothers. Wachowski shit.

No. 1094355

Are they related

No. 1094356

> Mental illness is my personality trait teehee uwu
And why are all these mtfs into communism? Do they think someone like Mao Zedong would spare them lmaoo

No. 1094362

Because communism is the only alternative they know to capitalism, and capitalism bad. Even though buying plastic surgeries to destroy your body just so you can participate in buying all the clothing and makeup marketed at women is as capitalist as it gets.

No. 1094363

File: 1606649052511.jpeg (3.73 MB, 4032x4030, 907CBC8A-B067-45BF-9C9C-FDC186…)

I went into yoshiyakanon’s post history for fun and their entire Post/comment history consists of them invading other groups spaces, saying how much they hate FTMs, & women, and whining about how MTFs are oppressed. https://www.reddit.com/u/YoshiyaKanon/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

(Left screenshot)He especially loves to complain about how transgender people (mostly FTMs) who went through hormone therapy/puberty blockers/surgery at early ages (teens/preteens) SHOULDN’T be allowed to speak out against how horrible the system is and how it’s too easy for young, minors whose brains aren’t even completely developed to make such drastic changes to their bodies. Apparently they’re not allowed to talk about something they literally experienced. That’s “gatekeeping” according to him, and not being allowed to transition is more dangerous so they should shut the fuck up. He has dozens of posts about this.

(Right screenshot)Their most recent comments are on this post in a FTM subreddit (so yeah, troons can’t even stop themselves from invading FTM spaces either) and OP (a FTM) made a pretty based post about how despite being FTM, their experiences as a female matter and they experienced sexism, rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, etc because they’re female and don’t want to erase that. But yoshiyakanon has to reply and sperg about how TERFy that thinking is and how it hurts MTF ppl and how they’re so oppressed. On a post about a female talking about some of the most private and painful moments of her life. Tone. Deaf.

No. 1094364

File: 1606649527803.png (365.75 KB, 699x671, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.PNG)

>highest paid "female" pro gamer

No. 1094366

Kek they look like a fucked up version of the brothers from ahs apocalypse

No. 1094368

so he's a transphobic trans incel because he views FTM's as women which is why he's jealous. Makes sense.

No. 1094378

i know i should be pissed a guy has taken yet another space reserved for a woman but
that photo is just making me realize that dua lipa looks like a man

No. 1094381

File: 1606654468830.jpeg (420.39 KB, 2048x1539, EUUDsh6UMAEJeg0.jpeg)

Troonbians couples always look like they are related, either because their gross hygiene and lifestyle make them seem inbred, or the more dominant one in the relationship remodels the other one into a clone of his.

Despite all claiming to be ancoms, troons are some of the most materialistic people, even excluding the hormones they are always buying a shitton of cheap AliExpress clothing, expensive monster dildos and video game paraphernalia, and they mostly get it from Amazon while crowing about eating the rich.

No. 1094384

I wonder what a day in their lives looks like. I’m so curious.

No. 1094386

is this the same couple?

No. 1094387

Their politics are just as ill-informed and superficial as their "gender identities."

No. 1094398

links or screenshots at least?

No. 1094401

imagine these trannies making selfies in front of your grave, the fuck. there's no amount of surgery that could make these big ass manly noses more feminine looking. and that side bang thing they're doing doesn't fool us into not seeing their receeding hairlines

No. 1094403

The series is called Webcomic name, there are plenty of funny ones. Pretty sure this strip wasn't intended to be gc though.

No. 1094406

They believe that under communism they would be allowed to indulge in full of hedonism and get their titty skittles, surgeries and injections free of charge with nothing expected in return when in reality they would be assigned to a productive job and not at all allowed to live off others' money.

>Even though buying plastic surgeries to destroy your body just so you can participate in buying all the clothing and makeup marketed at women is as capitalist as it gets.
It's fascinating how they don't see this. They're living peak consumerism with their plastic surgery/clothing/hair/whatever fantasies and eating up the big pharma fed pills but still hang that communism flag on their wall.

No. 1094411

and the transbiens are ALWAYS obessed with toys, games, sex toys etc. They spend so much money on meaningless shit, while the higher quality gay ones spend so much on upkeep, surgery, wigs, hair, make up, clothing etc. etc.

No. 1094416

File: 1606659366659.jpeg (716.38 KB, 1668x1507, 1F6E57FA-51E1-4927-85F3-FA3459…)

They say here they didn’t have any surgeries but later say they had a hysterectomy.


No. 1094437

You have such an extensive knowledge of games yet don't know about Abby the tranny? Abby was switched from female to Trans for inclusion points and because the main dev is a tranny chaser. They then had the male tranny beat the shit out of the lesbian couple. Your whole post reads like a giant scrote larp.

No. 1094438

File: 1606663234132.jpg (319.56 KB, 1079x1190, Screenshot_20201129-101533_Sam…)

>my husband managed to scare a woman out of the bathroom knowing she was already uncomfortable
>what a legend
Ah, reddit. Never change.

No. 1094441

Because he's a man, with male privilege. He doesn't have to have empathy for women or trans men because he doesn't have to. This is just your garden variety socially retarded male.

No. 1094444

many years on masculinizing hormones basically necessitates a hysterectomy eventually, its sad but the excessive testosterone cause the womb to wither and atrophy (fact check me on this its been a while since i read about it) and can also cause all sorts of health/hormone issues before and after removal

No. 1094447

This is what happens when hons are exposed to cherrypicked top 1% people like Kim Petras, they become bitter and angry that they had to wait until 30 to get on hormones and surgeries and now want to allow literal children access to these life altering procedures to live through the new generation of trans kids. They legitimately believe that they'll magically turn into 100% women when put on blockers and HRT at 12 even though someone like Jazz still looks like a prepubescent boy and it's been proven to cause severe health problems like osteoporosis and blood clots in the long run, not to mention making SRS practically impossible due to there not being enough material to work with.

Ah yes, scaring already insecure women is worth at least a million updoots. Have some virtual reddit gold you epic trollmeister.

No. 1094451

Are you talking about Poison?

No. 1094453

This is it, Anon. This is where we have to exist now. With the amount of troons I have to deal with on the daily at work, at least I have somewhere. It is getting tiring seeing my life as a performance.

No. 1094455

And his so called “wife” wonders why he doesn’t have female co-worker friends. They literally go out of their way to make women feel uncomfortable in female sex based spaces like the pervs they are. These men claim they’re real women yet they know damn well women don’t do this shit to each other.

No. 1094456

No. 1094460

Nayrt but what the fuck are you talking about? I played that game and Abby was never trans. There is another character that is. The Abby being trans thing was a meme. You’re an idiot.

No. 1094461

Yeah but hey claimed to never had had any atrophy.

What I have learned just now though is that vaginal atrophy is treated by… taking estrogen LMAO apparently this creates a lot of dysphoria. The whole thing is a circle at this point.

No. 1094476

Heh, they’re fucking mad that they no longer have their own personal bathroom at work and are using transphobia to put the other women at work in danger. I get the plight Disability-Chan, but our spaces got taken over and now yours is too.

No. 1094480

This “not like other girls” attitude needs to stop. Games were clearly marketed for men in the early 80/90s. This doesn’t mean as young girls we didn’t enjoy them, I get that. Now that women are finally included as a demographic for consideration in the industry, we are out again to make room for troons who can’t have the spotlight off their ego.

No. 1094482

>if you don't agree with me, you're:
>not like other girls
>a larping scrot
>just dont konw what's good for u
Holy fucking shit you're obnoxious.

No. 1094483

File: 1606670315243.png (46.69 KB, 754x371, EnibApLWEAEYKWT.png)

Imagine being this much of a sad sack

No. 1094499

God they are ridiculous.

No. 1094502

File: 1606672070738.png (571.16 KB, 632x651, 567.PNG)

Is he implying that lesbians are just a personality trait/fashion choice and not a sexuality?

No. 1094503

File: 1606672155278.png (705.22 KB, 736x854, 45.PNG)


No. 1094505

What the hell is going on with those filters, his nose looks like it's 2D

No. 1094506

File: 1606672396950.png (27.45 KB, 696x124, irony.png)

>Wheelchair-chan capes for troons
>Troon invades women's space
>"Stunning and brave!!11!"
>Women frightened of troon use Wheelchair-chan's bathroom
>"REEEEE women invading my space!!!1"
Hmm, it's almost like people shouldn't use facilities intended for those with different physiology in the first place.

No. 1094517

I was at work the other day and had to use the restroom. Our restrooms are shared with the public so no private spaces for employees. After I am done, I leave the stall and in walks a 6'5'' Troon towering over me (I am only 5'3'), no effort of looking feminine besides pulling his balding, long hair back into a knotty disgusting ponytail. I dont make eye contact t so I briskly run to wash my hands, but before I could even get the water turned on I just start hearing the most massive, explosive, farting shits in my entire life. Didnt even do a courtesy flush or anything, or try to ease it out quite like most real women would do. By the time the wave of shit smell reached me near the sink, I decided to run. I didnt even wash the soap off of my hands. I have never felt so humiliated.

No. 1094521

i didn't know soren was de-transitioning KEK

No. 1094525

File: 1606674248833.jpg (56.25 KB, 1024x576, creepy-rena-0___0-higurashi-no…)

how do i unread that

No. 1094535

i'm 90% sure this is a pasta but it was a good read regardless

No. 1094557

File: 1606676488339.png (847.03 KB, 750x1334, image0 (15).png)

People that argue that hormone blockers are harmless are insane.

No. 1094565

File: 1606676905787.jpg (11.08 KB, 500x272, sucks2bu.jpg)

No. 1094579

If I was OOP's coworker I'd simply tell her I now identify as disabled so she has no right to gatekeep me from using the handicapped bathroom.

No. 1094586

His description kinda fits boys who grew up with a mild case of growth hormone deficiency but never received treatment, except for the weird moobs. I wonder if he also has other symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression or memory loss due to hormone imbalance. And he's right, with his plates fused he should just accept his life as a manlet, I hope nobody will tell him to stay too hopeful. Saying this and looking at my own case with that condition, although I was treated during childhood, I'm surprised everybody in English speaking countries gives that shit to random kids like it's nothing when the consequences seem so obvious. I've heard it's even harmful to kids who were suspected to have early puberty or gigantism.

No. 1094598

drew monson?

No. 1094602

File: 1606679524060.jpeg (49.46 KB, 1872x147, 7EF870F9-9B63-4209-9064-9C7597…)

Saw this one in that other thread kek

No. 1094607

Yes this is it! I remembered wrong and thought the guy himself posted about it.

This. Plus she doesn’t have to share a bathroom with him so it’s easy for her to police the women who do. IME disability bathrooms tend to be completely separate rooms; would she feel the same way if the disability bathroom were just another flimsy stall in the main women’s bathroom?

No. 1094677

slight blogpost but
i am so terrified of ending up in a situation like this one day,

I am really scared and uncomfortable around men due to being sexually abused as child,
while I am don't consider myself transphobic, i'm sure that not even the most hardcore neo lib trans ally woman would escape the fear of being around an amab person alone in a bathroom,

and the scariest part is that every woman who would have her ptsd triggered by an encounter like that would be attacked and accused of transphobia or worse, get an aggressive reaction from the person which would further trigger her, even if it was one of those 'haha i lowered my voice to be scary' kind of things(blogpost)

No. 1094678

samefag meant to respond to

No. 1094745

guess they can always be a bottom, welp

call me an r-tard if i’m wrong but if someone did start hormones at a young age would they even have enough skin to create a neovageen? like would it not be the size of a belly button if there’s nothing much to erm… invert?

No. 1094752

They have to use intestinal tissue. Look into Jazz Jennings. Terrible what that kid's been put through.
Especially the complete lack of sex drive, sensation, or sense of sexuality.
The Dr literally said jazz had a micro penis.

No. 1094845

I wish. I work for Walgreens, its a two stall bathroom. I am used to seeing blood, needles, shit smears, but never encountered the person making said mess until 15 years with the company.

Sorry for blog posting.

No. 1094915

You are transphobic but I don’t give a shit about how you feel about trans people. Just thought you should know.(back to twitter)

No. 1094925

NTA but you care so little you bothered replying to an anonymous stranger to tell them how little you care. Jog on, pal.

No. 1094971

Imagine sincerely yelling 'transphobe!' at someone in this of all threads.

No. 1094981

File: 1606714726747.jpg (496.91 KB, 1079x1617, 9582875i2r.jpg)

Stumbling upon this person because they have a covid tweet that went viral. The "single mom" moniker was the first thing that struck me. Couldn't just say single parent, they have to co opt their ex's title. You know, the person who actually birthed the child.

Then you see that they have a gofundme for divorce fees alleging that his wife is fighting for custody because he came out as trans. People donated a ton of money based on what this guy is claiming. Its disturbing that the internet takes this at face value and the mother has to compete with someone with a 100k lawyer fund.

When's the last time you saw a battered woman get donations like this? Tired of so many trans people shamelessly grifting.

You can also see this person recently got facial surgery. Makes me wonder if they used some of the gofundme for their trans shit. A fool and his money are soon parted

No. 1094984

>REEEE you're twansphobic!!1!
Are you lost, anon?

No. 1094991

File: 1606715482121.jpg (561.97 KB, 2048x2048, Enw-5vUXYAETfzM.jpg)

>the mother has to compete with someone with a 100k lawyer fund
I doubt it, anon. Like you said, he probably spent most of that money on cosmetic surgery. Also, he raised 40k, not 100k (which is still bullshit, but I digress.) The dipshit really did pay several thousand dollars just for an uneven brow lift and a sewed-on hairline, kek. It amazes me that he went to all the trouble for a brow lift but can't even be assed to tweeze them.

No. 1095003

File: 1606716708299.png (592.92 KB, 738x690, terfs wish.png)

OMG, this guy has been one of my personal lolcows for months. he's constantly harping on about being a single "mom" and how totally well he passes IRL

"terfs wish they dressed like me" in midwestern church maam hand-me-downs? cool story, bro

No. 1095005

File: 1606716877805.png (55.73 KB, 733x552, selfawarewolves.png)

>no growing up with people telling me what my version of femininity should be

wow.. sounds almost like.. male privilege??

No. 1095006

File: 1606717025936.jpg (33.12 KB, 737x202, makessense.JPG)

>gender is bullshit
>yet painting my nails totally affirms my identity as female uwu

No. 1095020

I literally can't see a difference?

No. 1095028

File: 1606721077109.jpg (43.06 KB, 828x411, 20201130_002304.jpg)

I'm starting to see why.
I feel for his ex having to put up with his shit

No. 1095030

Someone's demented grandma could wander her way into a Banana Republic and still make an outfit the same or better than this

No. 1095039

Meanwhile cis women can choose their own style anytime, and usually opt for something better than a discarded summer dress from a thrift store >>1095003

No. 1095040

>please, I am a mom too

Surprising how common it is to skinwalk your ex wife and try to co-opt the role of mom, while acting like the people who don't go along with it are the bad guys.

No. 1095048

At least even his own parents won't validate his bullshit.

No. 1095055


I can't get over how creepy it is that these people seem to long for a female childhood so much.

No. 1095056

most socialist ideologies in their most basic practical application, are about establishing solidarity and networking between individuals and fight for better rights. it has absolute nothing to do with frugality or anti-consumerism. even in a post-capitalist utopia with low levels of automation, people would still need to consume to boost the economy to create jobs, and supply the infinite amazon warehouse. troon hyperconsumerism is a symptom of their narcissistic behavior. A lot of them aren't even socdems, most of them just show the red flag for larping and shock value.

No. 1095066

Yep, totally jealous of the greasy hair, dated plastic microbead necklace, aluminum earrings, and dress that looks like it was made out of an old couch. Mmmhmm.

No. 1095070

I really hope the (actual) mother use his tweets to the court as an argument agains't him, I'm sure they can dig a lot.

No. 1095072

Yes because the only issues Terfs (women) have with you is you are attractive?
I've seen men in halloween costumes for jokes look better then this. The fact that troons and women like this show how deep the hate goes for women & how they think the only issue is, "Women be jelly of bitches who look better then them".

I hope they know this guy thinks he looks better and is better then ALL women, not just "terfs' if you cross him he'll be bragging about how he's a better person, better looking and you are a bitter "terf" whose jelly.

No. 1095073

Sadly i feel he'll make a tweet about how the "transphobic" courts gave his child to the "transphobic mother" and start spearding lies, that his TRA friends will believe.
They'll probably try to ruin her life, because they don't give a fuck about the child's well being or relationship with his actual mom, only that a poor trans woman claims he's being mistreated.

No. 1095114

File: 1606737826563.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20201130-195833.png)

Guess he got visitation rights. Side note, why can't these assholes ever learn how to smile? Do they think smiling is gendered the same way they think laughing is gendered? They'd probably pass better if they learned to smile properly

No. 1095115

Um?? Why both of his eyes have some weird red spots?

No. 1095116

My dad has those red spots in his eyes often, never saw my mom with them (or any other women around me). Maybe it's a dad thing kek?

No. 1095119

File: 1606738894155.png (142.48 KB, 1448x1041, WholesomeRedditorsWhenTerfUnti…)

Wholesome epic redditors when they see a TERF(derailing)

No. 1095126

What the actual fuck is going on with his eyebrows?

No. 1095130

i'd totally and 100% reject my dad if he trooned out, fuck trannies for putting their children (and their wives of course, but that's a whole different topic) through this shit. i can't imagine what it is like to have a tranny dad but i figure having no dad is easier than a trainwreck who you have to call "mom" who tweets shit like how much he wishes to have a childhood as a girl, disgusting

No. 1095136

File: 1606741911799.jpeg (238.34 KB, 750x1334, DB57577E-9CD0-4E3A-AEC3-4E2FB2…)

found this gem while lurking at the divorced trannies likes. dude literally looks the same to before his ffs, and thinks he is hot shit kek. still looking awful and not that much different even if the swelling went down. that punchable agp smile tho

No. 1095137

People who pretty much dance on the grave of a murdered teenager (Bianca) get less pushback than this. Fuck that hellsite.

No. 1095138

not the first anon but she's absolutely right wth, games were marketed to men and we had to wait for the 2010s to see women included in player target documents on big titles (and not mobile match-3 games)

i don't know why you don't want to acknowledge that games being marketed to men is the reason gamer spaces are so shit even today

No. 1095141

Why is the enemy always TERFs and assumed that they’re women? I never see them post about building women up.
>it’s not a fetish tho

No. 1095142


There are males making "Le 41%", "dilate" and more suicide jokes, but for some reason they always get mad at women.

No. 1095145

Because they know men will laugh at their whining, and mock them even harder. If there's one thing women should learn from the CisStraightWhiteManTM it's how to ignore clowns that are obviously hostile towards you and advocate against your own groups interest.

No. 1095155

File: 1606743919136.jpg (135.14 KB, 914x960, EXU3KEKUwAAkZ9R.jpg)

These edits really are ridiculous

No. 1095158

File: 1606744634605.jpg (598.33 KB, 1073x1549, 1606739444966.jpg)

I'm gonna puke

No. 1095159

File: 1606744708916.jpg (127.62 KB, 1080x1920, 1606741865951.jpg)

No. 1095161

What is it that makes them so narcissistic? I actually wanna know why they all think they look good.

No. 1095169

File: 1606745471977.jpeg (237.59 KB, 1280x720, 25403B3F-BBA5-403A-B9B1-C2FB62…)

They’re meant to be, I find them hilarious. Here’s one for us. ♥

No. 1095170

File: 1606745481751.png (37.21 KB, 877x271, incel.png)

Why am I not surprised he posts on r/MensLib.

No. 1095172

Pretty much. We are too nice, which is why leftist spaces are being taken over by woke pickmes and the various scrotes they are coddling.

They are always seething at women, and this terf testeria is a perfect guise to spew incelloid and pickme rage.

No. 1095173

Based grandpa

No. 1095174

Wtf. Every lefty youtuber mostly talks about trans stuff, lesbian subreddit is filled with 'girldick', and this clown wants to act like being born male means you are oppressed?

No. 1095176

File: 1606745911779.jpg (52.27 KB, 619x479, troonie.jpg)

No. 1095183

"Lesbians with pink and purple hair" was never a trend, these losers wills ay anything.

No. 1095186

It's genuinely sad that these men will larp as ugly women for a crumb of sexual attention on the internet while their families have to deal with it. Based grandpa, but he also sounds very sweet honestly.

No. 1095230

Protect the based generation who still knows a male is always a male. In 10 years the elementary school kids will be completely indoctrinated w garbage and aggressive when challenged … Especially if you are in Canada. Look out for Gender jihadists

No. 1095231

Basically this. They get mad at women because they know we're socialized to be too empathetic and understanding. And then they pin all the legitimately homophobic and misogynistic altright 4chanlets' "41% yourself dilate department" comments as being those made by female terves.

kek I wish I had the balls to put this as my social media header

No. 1095233

File: 1606751703575.jpeg (39.44 KB, 343x390, 6566FDAE-B652-49EB-98EA-B7B7C0…)


No. 1095237

First of all let’s not do Shaggy dirty like this, second of all this edit looks so much better kek.

No. 1095238

Imagine being the ex wife and having this thing argue in court that you need to split mother’s day with them now.

No. 1095241

I wonder if he tries to get Father's day too.

No. 1095249

So fucking tone deaf. I hate these assholes.

He is absolutely deranged. I feel so bad for his ex and his son. Imagine this being your father and having to go through this bullshit.

No. 1095252

I love seeing wokies REEEE when Kylie and Kendall call Bruce dad like in their latest tiktok lmao

No. 1095262

I'm pretty sure he doesn't care too?

No. 1095263

It’s kind of hilarious because it shows they actually know nothing about radical feminist theory. TERF has gone so far beyond its original meaning.

No. 1095269

in my country a hsts trans woman was killed by his boyfriend, and some uppity trans feminine activist group started attacking his family members for calling him brother and other male terms, even though the guy had said that his sister can call him brother and so on. they made some faux apology about how it's just understandable that they feel suspicious of cis family members because families are often soo transphobic, like i can't imagine being in their shoes, their family members was killed and now bunch of freaks on the internet are attacking you and smearing you and using your dead relative for their agenda.

No. 1095273

The irony in this post is thick. They are upset that others are fleeing to invade their bathroom because theirs was invaded and they don't feel safe… I bet this person is a man too since they clearly have no empathy for the women in this situation.

No. 1095277

In my country a HSTS trans woman was killed by some male acquaintance (possibly boyfriend or just a drinking buddy, idk) and the police reported the victim as a male because that was his juridical gender listed in his legal documents and the local troon groups went nuts over police brutality misgendering a stunning and beautiful trans woman even though it was never made clear if he was just a crossdresser. And of course this was another proof of the transphobic violence trans people experience even though the guy was involved in drug bullshit and the porn industry and most likely got killed over an argument about drugs.

No. 1095278

i can't figure out what "hsts" means, can someone help me out?

No. 1095280

Can’t wait for the smack of reality that this moron will get once he gets his dickhole

No. 1095281

File: 1606755505190.jpeg (182.41 KB, 750x524, 29E51DAF-B2D9-4F7C-A0F2-6BF9C3…)

No. 1095293


Homosexual transexual

No. 1095301

File: 1606756476970.jpg (1.2 MB, 592x3676, seethe.jpg)

>implying he won't just cope and seethe like all post-op trannies do

No. 1095306

File: 1606756745638.png (86.82 KB, 585x634, 1605906263157.png)

Samefag but of that giant block of straight seethe, this is the most relevant bit. The absolute state of denial.

>so yeah my labia mniora isn't very pronounced, but what's there I suppose did come from skin that needed electrolysis

>thus, children should be put on blockers
Ignoring the fact that children on blockers have massive issues with SRS due to lack of material to work with (see: Jazz), he's on lethal levels of copium. Acknowledges his am hole doesn't look like a real vagina, has fucking hair in it, but insists it and all neovags are the same as the real thing?

>I actually don't know if a trans girl who avoided her testosterone-based puberty would grow hair there with an estrogen-based puberty
He doesn't even know if estrogen would allow pubic hair to grow on labia. That is really all you need to know about troons.

No. 1095313

The fact they really think their stink pocket even approximates or will ever approximate a vulva and vagina speaks to their mental illness.

But the most delusional trannies are still the ones who think they will get a working uterus and gestate a fetus within their lifetimes.

No. 1095318

He actually says
>my labia minora
That's not what you've got dude. At least they won't breed.

No. 1095323

What was the og post about?

No. 1095324

File: 1606757781431.jpeg (631.19 KB, 1522x2048, 5E60961B-1C91-4FF2-B755-072910…)

NTA but here is another

No. 1095325

Because they haven't grown up socialised as women and knowing the expectations for appearance that women are held up to. Plus its a fetish so they just show some of their moobs or a skimpy weeaboo sailor outfit and think they're hot shit because they are turned on by it.

No. 1095334

No vagina for you, ever. That open wound flesh hole isn’t a will never be a vagina.

No. 1095337

>find a gyno whose seen a neovag to see if they could tell
Does he really believe women go to the OBGYN for their doctor to take a quick peep and say “yup, that’s a pussy,” and send them out the door? You don’t have a cervix. You don’t have ovaries. You don’t have a uterus. The primary reason for a pelvic exam is to have these things checked. Why didn’t these retards pay attention in health class, because it was uwu twansphobic?

No. 1095340

Ayrt, love it and all of these truths!

No. 1095344

This shit sends me. Most of these trans women would be clocked at hello, a GYNO would assume if Kevin rotton mouthed ass walked in that he was a trans woman with either a dick or a neo-vagina.
A gyno isn't expecting a fucking man with his dick split to come to them, so if they assume someone is a woman it's because they WORK WITH WOMEN. But the moment those my little pony pus stained panties comes off the doctors knows.

No. 1095345

I don't think they expect retarded men with issues with their fake vagina would go to them and not their surgeon who'd know more.

No. 1095377


okay I get it if this is not something someone childless would even think of, but this person does have a kid so this just amplifies the selfishness

with covid this year, tons of kids are literally missing out on their actually childhoods right now, including their own child! and this asshole has the audacity to bitch about how they didn't get the perfect one they wanted? kids in good homes missing out aside, what about all the other kids who are experiencing more domestic abuse this year as well? or the ones who experience it covid or not and always miss out?

so fucking out of touch

No. 1095379

Apparently from surgery, he got his nose and hairline done

No. 1095380

Because sex ed didnt include big tiddie anime gurls. of course they didnt pay attention, they're pornsick scrotes. Women's health issues aren't about their fetishy wants.

No. 1095383

anybody else feel totally drained just by reading tranny delusions and watching them try so hard to twist reality and definitions? like paragraphs and paragraphs of male entitlement and rage while trying to force ppl to play along with their fantasy of being a cute little girl lol. a neovag has more in common with a horrific accident than a vagina, i don't understand how they can genuinely think their penis magically became the opposite sex? or that their hormones magically changed them into females? it's literally impossible, they will always be ugly hulking misogynistic men and they will never carry children. they think just slapping a uterus inside them will do the trick and it's the dumbest shit ever, imagine the shock when they realize even our skeletons play a part in pregnancy. something they can't change. the ones who "breastfeed" should be in an actual prison or an asylum

i can't imagine being close with one, what a fucking nightmare it'd be to hear them go on about themselves and how much better they are at woman-ing than us because they perform dumb female stereotypes all day

No. 1095397

With all honesty, I think I would be a full on raging terf if I had to see these freaks and constantly spend time with them, like have one as a roommate or a colleague. At least I can kinda avoid them on socials like twitter by blocking words but I am almost masochistic the way I come here to just get angry about it all. These are men larping as women, stealing our spaces and the whole bathroom low voice thing upthread? They clearly do not care about women, they pretend to be us yet don't even stop to think how that shit might be to an actual woman. They just wanna be men with an extra wide hole and pretty clothes, even failing at that. They failed being men and now fail at playing women, fucking pathetic.

No. 1095421

File: 1606766186264.jpeg (154.89 KB, 1280x960, FCE0730E-2D02-4E1E-91AE-BD9484…)

i love terf memes, this one is my favorite

No. 1095428

> Fuck off, TERF. Take your FDS propaganda elsewhere.
So I gue