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File: 1666658544750.jpg (191.64 KB, 1536x2048, NhyTP9P.jpg)

No. 1683795

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
>got called out for being a Gold Digger >>1340549
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Mrs. Midwest:
>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic
>Knocked up again >>1322420

No. 1683827

Why do secular and christian antifeminist women have so much trust to assume men are good and naturally benevolent, chivalrous, providing whiteknights?

They really think men are more inclined to be good than women, what is the basis for this “men are wonderful” belief, given all the cheating, red pill, incel, voluntary transgenderism of males, raping, abuse stats overall.

Fallen nature is fallen, and a fallen man can lord over and make bad decisions, it’s gonna be uglier and more impactful than sinful women could ever. When men are bad, they are HORRID. What is thadthots’ endgoal in giving men the benefit of doubt or thinking they can coax men to be good, as if Men don’t take advantage and make other selfish choices just ‘cause they can.

Is tradwomen’s strategy to think forcing men to have a nuclear family and taking back the whole workforce going to “suddenly make men monogamous, good and responsible” will work, as if men cannot cheat with another housewife or friend’s teen daughter, walk out on family if he’s tired of the wife, arrange new marriages with younger girls? How does tradwifery strategy of “trapping men back into the plantation by giving up all voting and jobs” make men suddenly ‘care and protective of’ uneducated, vulnerable women and girls with no money or resources, when men have their pick and take advantage of them instead? Many manospherians have mentioned they would make society filled with harems and sex slaves if they could, so its not like they want to marry women deep down. Is giving men the benefit of the doubt working yet?

No. 1683890

Most of them probably know men who fit the chivalrous white knight stereotype. They exist, they're just rare.

No. 1683905

it’s easier to think you’ve done something wrong or you deserved it than it is to acknowledge that someone you trusted/loved has been hurting you. christian women are more inclined towards this thinking since a lot of christian churches teach you that God is just and everything happens for a reason.

No. 1683917

praying for the ballistic tardthot/incel from the previous thread to come seethe here

No. 1683924

1. they're retarded

2. muh men im related and emotionally attached to, are they really that bad? no, it must be that the specific abused wammins deserved it because muh just world fallacy

3. they're retarded

No. 1684010

File: 1666682245454.png (207.82 KB, 598x391, FaolQUYWQAYbU8P.png)

>Seems to be anti-feminist and rightwing tankie mainly because she's an Islam/Middle Eastern supremacist, strongly religious beyond the point of nationalism
>Over 30, seething about the fact she didn't get picked to be a wife already/un-married. Feels that if society turned to tradcon she would get picked
>Supports and adopts all the opinions of Russia, China, Iran.
>Anything which contradicts her tankie narrative she labels a "western coup" or "bad actors sent by US"
>Gotten plastic surgery to the point her eyes look glassy with filler
>Posted anti-feminist takes before and how muslim men and religion rules are much better than west
>When Andrew Tate drama broke out she simped for him and took his side
>Naturally masochistic, seems to enjoy being insulted and suffering from men, loves bad men
>Also thinks women should be masochistic and beauty themselves up/not trans & keep their tits only for being used and sexually consumed by men
>Worst thing, when the Iran protest drama broke out she defended the treatment of the female protestors, denied protests authenticity calling it western-funded destablizing riots, made hot takes about how she was happy those "bad women" were done away with & crueler things about how she doesn't mind those punishments. Masochistic.

No. 1684013


Funny how Sameera doesn’t wear a hijab and lets her hair down though she’s the #1 respecter of sharia laws and opposes the Iranian women going without hijab

No. 1684017

wish some reddit dombeard would take one for the team and pick her so she could get her ass beat in the bedroom every day

No. 1684018

i never though i would see the word stan and adrew tate on the same sentence

No. 1684029

File: 1666684777067.png (70.5 KB, 652x508, 56.png)

sameera khan is a well known troll in leftist/pakistan online discourse, she just enjoys being the contrarian, not saying she doesn't believe in all of the shit she spouts but to an extent she just says stuff that she knows will make people mad, I know about her from the drama she caused in Pakistani twitter, she used to be hardcore PTI(a centrist liberal Islamic party) supporter, when the PTI lost power in a military backed coup and their supporters turned against the military, she changed her allegiance to the PPP(pakistan people's party) which is the largest "left wing" mainstream party in Pakistan
so yeah, she has no real allegiance or set ideology, she just vaguely follows whoever is against "the liberals"

No. 1684041

Lauren Southern being upset about a guy's tweet admitting men get depression as they feel they don't have power rather than feeling unloved, she made a whole video about it because she really believed men think as sentimentally as women.

No. 1684044

>Andrew Tate stan
Could you pander any harder…

No. 1684051

that's false, moids just conceptualize love in terms of power

No. 1684180

the person in the OP pic is a straight-up ghoul. either politics have seeped so deep into her household it's now a "character" her son is interested in, or she made him dress up that way instead of letting him be a paw patrol or whatever children like.
Rebecca Barrett gives a vibe of airhead, mediocre middle school mean girl. it's like being a tradthot gave her a way to feel superior and judge and preach, so she ran with it. some of those women who make a fuss about staying home are grifters but not her, i sense some malevolent energy from her i'd only felt from older religious women.
i listened to it, it's actually not a bad video at all. depressed moids are a plague and if telling them to stop being a bitch and take responsibility makes them better and useful, i'll take it.

No. 1684203

>i sense some malevolent energy from her
I know it sounds kind of crazy but you're so right, there's something that just feels deeply unsettling about Barrett

No. 1684227

File: 1666707601740.png (601.28 KB, 628x629, rbarrett2.png)

i went snooping on her instagram and she used to be a caricature of the most basic girlboss.

No. 1684228

File: 1666707662221.png (551.43 KB, 944x571, rbarrett.png)

No. 1684236

No, it's women who've been abused, or know how likely it is they'll be abused at some point, like >>1683905 and Dworkin >>1649417 have said. Women who know and/or date good men don't end up posting self-hating trad brainrot online

No. 1684246

File: 1666708800747.webm (4.34 MB, 720x1280, 284402118_1649413768752934_740…)

her top-shelf, chromosomely nigel makes use of his eloquence to explain how he changed who she was, and how she used to be not wife material but "mad annoying", and she agrees, and lets out a forced laugh. not fond of calling women pick-mes but that was really painful. beyond indelicate to publicly disparage your wife, beyond embarassing to submit to this dude. this was an occasion to praise her for her growth and whatever but he chose to belittle her.
she's really stunted, jumping from an #entrepreneur online identity into diligent trad wife in the snap of a finger. idk whether she really hated working and did it only for her public image and online clout, or accidentally got pregnant with a random dude and tried to make it intentional, but this seems like she'd vanish into nothingness were her phone taken from her hand

No. 1684274

more and more I have to realize that normies should have never been allowed on the internet, while she is an awful person she would have never reached this level of retardation if it weren't the internet

No. 1684757

painful is the right word, how he talks about reworking her brain is just gross, reminds me of some abusive moids I have encountered not so much exactly what he says but in her response which is very unsettling

No. 1685882

File: 1666848638355.jpg (152.45 KB, 720x1189, 4cf1a3ee-9aa5-40e0-afe0-b5879c…)

Mask off moment with one of the moids right-wing women support. Implying all-men political teams are better and that the west was wrong for letting women in even a little.

Does this mean right-wing males, when they take back all or a large amount of power and stances, would gladly get rid of their fellow rw female counterparts, like Majorie Taylor Greene, Candace Owens and Kari Lake?? If they could?

No. 1685909

No. 1685916

Honestly I read that more as a "they're gonna do something retarded and male like launch the nukes"

No. 1685922

What I also don’t get about tradthots and antifeminist women is how they want to get married just for the sake of getting married, and keeping a man just for the sake of “keeping up appearances” and “showing off at least some guy worships me enough to be attached”, while the whole town knows her nigel has had 3 affairs outside their marriage, flirting with the barfly on weekends and giving pedo looks to the teenage girls when walking past the high school everyday.

Why, what do these antifem women think is their reward is: for putting up with a guy they aren’t crazy in love with but just for convenience and to say “at least I’m married unlike floosies”, laughing at female doctors, techies, lawyers, aka any woman who has a job and earns their own income, writing venomous essays about “unsubmissive” women and women who just want to be single, being jealous and having one-sided feuds with teen girls and younger women her husband oogles, and having empty nest after her children leave and can’t stand her from Overbearing Mother Syndrome(these type of women make the worst mother-in-laws)?

Is that kind of lifestyle even a reward? What’s the use of flaunting your marriage cert and how good it is on the surface when underneath you know it’s not as good as how you make it out to be? Serious, how are they achieving anything by just tearing down other women while being held down and limited by their man themselves?

No. 1686123

Seeing this really puts into perspective all the shit she said in her videos about her husband making her trad, how sad. He also gives off a lot of male sperg vibes.

No. 1686157

they're either too dumb for a good career and trying to drag other women down with them, or are simply not self sufficient emotionally so they will sacrifice everything to have company, no matter how shitty. also flyover values and being easily peer pressured into what their group shills as a desirable outcome

No. 1686160

also (forgot to add) epic levels of beckiness which leads them to believe that getting a man is very hard aktually and you should literally set yourself on fire daily to "keep" him

No. 1686552

File: 1666919444288.png (246.52 KB, 1200x630, 116227.png)

>Kara Mosher, has podcasts discussing conspiracies
>Claims to be a believer in Christ, but knocks christian republican figures and calls them 'controlled opposition'.
>Talks about how the elites sexually abuse and groom children, epstein island, trump being part of the new world agenda, Elon musk using ai for ungodly means, yet still say 'women have to stay silent and listen to men' and 'feminists are bad' and 'its in the bible'. Because men always have women's best interests at heart all the time and are trustable apparently…
>Literal flat-earther, believes its also in the bible where descriptions of the earth means its flat.

True Christian or fake testimony grifter?

No. 1686673

She definitely has no real identity and just shit posts and trolls for any attention. Maybe she wants to get picked by a useless scrote even though she’s over 30 and the ones she trolls for hates that. Maybe not. It’s just fucked up that she has chooses the worst takes that would fuck as many women over as possible. On Iran specifically since so many girls have been killed. Wonder if Sam will go rad fem as she gets older and still not picked.

Ring wing women think if they shit on women enough, they’ll get a scrap of power. Too bad their men don’t give a fuck about them. In the us there was a story of a pro life woman needing an emergency abortion so she wrote to her fellow pro life senator for help. And he told her to go to an anti abortion clinic so basically to just die. Ring wing women will be shocked to be reminded that they are women first. And men hate women

Grifter 100%. More people are less religious than ever so they need to recruit more people that’s why I think many of them are trying to absorb other groups like flat earthers and conspiracy theorists to be Christian

No. 1686699


True, idk why these pickme women think they're gonna have a seat at the boys' table and be 'the exception' as a woman, because to men, awalt and they spare no female, just 'cause they simp a little or prop up your talking points copied from the manosphere doesn't mean they truly respect and take pickmes seriously as people, not just pawns to be used condoms for their agenda.

No. 1686783

lmao the tradwhore really thought he'll give her an exemption for "baby murder" because she's a good little cuckquean? big serena joy moment

No. 1686839

File: 1666954222234.png (915.61 KB, 692x687, meghahusband.png)

Megha got married.

No. 1686845


Still checked if he made good bank before settling down, despite railing on golddiggers

No. 1686908

File: 1666962792534.jpg (717.63 KB, 720x5301, 717171aa-90db-48e2-a5d1-111841…)

Even after 1 marriage and a baby, this "lady" still wants orbiters and simp armies of terminally single failmales drooling at her feet.

She even threw some of her fellow right wing pickmes under the bus before, she is the most jealous of them all.

Honestly, Lauren Chen just seems like one of those SuperStraight evily Psychotic Antifeminist Woman, with a big agenda to use her pickmeism and suck up to red pill males in hope to destroy most other women and their rights while elevating herself only and trying to make herself "an exception to join the boys club" so that she will be spared and exempted from the female rules that those men want to dictate.

Seems to be a common archetype in the antifeminist women sphere, the other one being Closeted Predatory Lesbian who is all mra talk because she "identifies with" straight men and thinks rape and getting sex with females out of shady means should be considered "ok". But its obvious Lauren is the former. Closeted antifems have that horrible leer in their eyes and easy to tell they are closeted if studied for a minute.

The irony of Chen "subtly" discouraging women not to get jobs and make babies young so "men will be pleased" while building her own brand and shilling herself and her work also shows how she doesn't practice what she preach and just wants to keep other women down while she gets her own brand and money. Why do pickme Phyllis Schaflys do this, insult other girls who want a career and say it makes them hit the wall and have no family, while being a lawyer(Phyllis)/doing a job of their own themselves?! Who are they trying to fool? How come their male orbiters do not call them out on "building their brand/self-promoting their work" while ree-ing against normie women that do?

At least some of Lauren's simp army has turned on her now, they talked about how she was possibly a 'transgender androgyne'.

And notice how her "not all men are sex offenders" and "respect what men say" just evaporate when she talks about transwomen? They're males and she's not including them in her orbiter army, but if Chen believes "men are human too", then interesting how she is so against letting them in the female bathrooms, sharing spaces and says TW are doing male privilege by trying to force validation? Suddenly she acknowledges terf talking points? Double standards, or trying to cover extra hard for her identity like Blaire White.

No. 1686931

if love is blind why did she go for the most ginger looking snowape possible? megha wants to be white so bad, i literally can't believe she quit university just to sit on twitter all day and get married to a rich goblin while she passive aggressively makes fun of women who have money, gold diggers, etc. truly mind boggling.

No. 1686933

She actually got herself a white man kek wonder why it took that long/why this one

No. 1686934

File: 1666965587584.png (201.24 KB, 481x462, q85liabh2qv91.png)

Milo spilling legit milk or lying?

No. 1686938


Because she wants the $$$

No. 1686940

Hard to say, he's a seething retard but it does seem like she ends up in transactional relationships. However it has often seemed like the guys are using her in transactional relationships too, because there was that article that detailed her on a date with that guy who was obsessed with "non european" sauces not getting on his food and he made her pay for all his shit. And on the other side of the coin she's needed the various moids and orbiters to fund her travel. It makes sense that real relationships go to the wayside when everything is give and take like that.

No. 1686955

Do we have any receipts that he's rich?

No. 1687067

Genuinely not trying to race bait here, but Lauren Chen is proof positive that AMWF hapas are just as insane as WMAF ones kek. Armchair psychoanalysis here I know, but I wonder if her bizarre hatred of other women is born from her being upset that she'll never be white like her mother. I don't remember her being this psychotic years ago, and how long can someone spend their life pandering to racist RW moids without internalizing some of their psychopathic beliefs?

No. 1687077

This guy doesn't think anyone other than landowning men should be able to vote. He's a dyed in the wool misogynist.
Christianity, like all other male-created religions, exists solely to create a cultural context in which men are given sexual access to women and girls no matter how worthless they are. This is why its central tenet is that women must be submissive to men, no matter their behavior–yeah, they'll say men should be kind and virtuous and all that, but it's not a hard command like female submissiveness is. Read testimonies from people who grew up in hardcore Christian communities: women who get raped and abused are told they're the problem for not being submissive enough. Husband is gambling their money away? Be more submissive. He's driving their family to ruin? Submit to him more, it's his right. They absolutely have beliefs as crazy as this woman's, I don't think she's necessarily a grifter.

No. 1687118

She’s gone more retarded than before because the moids that follow her have done the same. Moods all over are losing their minds and getting worse. She’s trying to keep up with their insanity so they won’t lose interest and she loses her income. Bc at the end of it all, she’s still around because she loves money and male attention from the internet over her family and any trad values she pushes.

No. 1687197

>being a woman driver
explain why women have lower car insurance rates, cum gargler
my mom is a product of an asian male and caucasoid-ish female, can confirm she's batshit insane and has a racial inferiority complex she projected on me my entire childhood kek

No. 1687225

She's been away from her husband for at least a year now and her kid is with her parents? Definitely not trad lyfe.

No. 1687412


It doesn't seem like just internalized racism, though lauren chen seems like the sort who might snap and identify as 'transracial white girl' on the inside and get all the plastic surgeries if she could. There is also an element of jealousy and psycho hatred of other women just for being women, and having to share the male attention, aka ~competition~ to her.

Even if you said she was relatively pretty, she still thinks its "not enough" against the other girls and just wants to hoard all the beauty or destroy other girls for that, not just be a 5/10 hapa becky(what she was before her jaw shaves and cheek filler injections/reductions/injections again). If Lauren would have it her way, she would be the only woman on earth, to put it mildly. Some SuperStraight women can go off the track in their pursuit for orbiters.

No. 1687443


Also allegedly having an affair with steven bonnell

No. 1687445


Lauren Chen is 10 times more worse and venomous than Lauren Southern

No. 1687474

wait, does her husband not see their kid? her family is in canada right? why does she live apart from her kid? i have a hard time getting a grip on her situation

No. 1687475

this is an unpopular-ish point in feminist circles, but there absolutely is cooperation between fugly low iq women and patriarchy, which in effect is an alliance between beckies and incels (in which beckies think they can sic omega males and their retarded beliefs on female competition without it backfiring spectacularly). basically the crucible kek

No. 1687504


Because these beckies think they can somehow elevate their status and leech off of male power by repeating the manosphere talking points back enough, to seem more intelligent and 'safe' to rw men apparently.

What they never acknowledge is, when the red pill men take back the whole narrative, their tradthot strategy will go from being 'the exception' to 'commonplace' again. These antifeminist women will no longer be seen as 'virtuous feminine stand outs' but treated like AWALT with their sex class.

Why they dumbly think that their simp armies will remember them and can opt out of their sex class to go seat at the boys' table via sucking up "im a good fee-male who likes to submit and loves crass men" is just absurd though. The female rules still apply to them, kowtowing just reinforces it.

No. 1687522

bet you once they’re reminded that they’re women first by their right wing males, they’ll go on to post and support vaguely rad fem talking points but nothing blatant.

No. 1687581

>when tardthots think they can retvrn to the time when moids had no reason to screech that women are whores
>actually believing there was ever such a time

No. 1687608

>building her own brand and shilling herself and her work also shows how she doesn't practice what she preach and just wants to keep other women down while she gets her own brand and money. Why do pickme Phyllis Schaflys do this, insult other girls who want a career and say it makes them hit the wall and have no family, while being a lawyer(Phyllis)/doing a job of their own themselves?!

This is a mix of good old-fashioned jealousy & Not Like Other Girls coming into play here. In tradthot's mind, if she could make other girls plain old homemakers with no other skills to show for it, while she becomes the it girl who has a family AND a non-wife related jobset, then she can crow over and 1UP her status amongst other women. That's the most irritating thing about tradthots and antifems: they always want to be above, not among women, and use very sneaky, catty tactics to do that. But they cannot identify or opt out of the female class even if they copied everything misogynist men said.

And yes, they have always been like this. Trying to use the women's rights opportunities to get a career, have a brand and air their stupid little opinions loudly while talking about the tradcon points to virtue signal to men and seem like a 'good girl' and 'pls look at me as a person and more than just an object since i agree with your redpills!'. Chameleons.

No. 1687611


When they romanticise the "good olden days" and think men were naturally chivalrous benevolent whiteknights and forcing everyone to pair up made sure little to no cheating and orgies were going on, just confirms tradthots are indeed dumbass. History begs to differ, hard.

No. 1687617

They're also typically extremely mediocre at those "careers" they choose. It's no wonder that they'd like to abolish all girlbosses entirely just to be the top dog by comparison.

Seriously, look at every single one. A pickme is never even a halfway decent cadre in her field, let alone some captain of industry. If it's a scientist, it's always someone who has like 3 publications at age 45 and writes clickbait now. If it's a lawyer, it's always a "meh" one who does YouTube suddenly. If it's a professor, it's always some adjunct with a thesis in theoretical basket weaving who got recently fired anyway. If it's a journalist, it's someone who hasn't had a good story in years, trying to grift on male grievances to make a "comeback". But they always flex their "credentials" thinking no one will actually evaluate them.

It's always some tragic failure to launch and/or mediocrity, without exception.

No. 1687624


No wonder they then make their job out of shitting on other women/antifeminism. It's a pity the moids donating, contributing to part of these tradthots' careers can't see it though, it would be nice to see posts in the replies asking 'why are you working on your career and shilling your name while saying men should be in charge and how much you like housewifery only?!'

No. 1687759

There is such a sincere, genuine hatred and envy of other women radiating off of Lauren's tweets and videos. It's very telling women in these redpill/right-winger/trad circles never have any female friends.
Not to armchair but I think a lot of hardcore anti-feminist misogynistic women have npd. The constant need for validation, the lying, the lack of empathy, the low self-esteem, the jealousy, it all adds up. They are opportunistic leeches first and foremost, though. They wallow in the opportunities feminism has given them, expect to be pacified and supported by feminists whenever their male following attacks them, secure their own income off of their social media/journalism careers…All while simultaneously insulting, harassing and bad mouthing the same movement and its activists, viciously attacking random women for existing, and shitting on their own sex class - But they think they are exempt from this because they are one of "the good ones".

No. 1687760


So tradthots think by submitting and grovelling and saying "men r de best", they can coax men to see them as a whole person and like them? Root causes of misogyny and male supremacy:
1. Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior. "The main purpose of Man is to spread his seed" is code for "maxxrape maxxreap as many women as possible for beauty variety and pussy".

2. Believing men are better than women, that men are just made and born more superior in all shit they do, that men have more worth and value "potential" than women, biologically and naturally. Aka "might is right".

3. Not believing that women are people too, but just "eye-candy decorations and window dressing which are quiet, passive, docile, with little functions and abilities to ever be as built as that of a man". In order for men to treat their partners this way, they must first dehumanize her in his mind to feel ok treating her this way.

Yes even the "Good Men" have these same 3 base desires, most guys are male supremacists deep down, ofc some tradthots are ok with it, but with male supremacy mindset in place, men will never see them as a person or take them seriously, no matter how sweet they are.

No. 1687816

Why can’t I find a hot lesbian to date who shares your views goddammit(sage)

No. 1687845


No. 1687945

File: 1667058130323.jpeg (705.83 KB, 1936x1936, 6729DE9A-1610-4A5D-9245-CA52D9…)

This is a small account but they occasionally interact with bigger tradwife accounts like @petitenicoco and @chaoticitgirl

Meet @Tradbarbie
>posts like a teenager but is allegedly in her late 20s/early 30s
>childless, unmarried
>e-dating an Australian neo-nazi foot fetishist
>bakes swastika themed food because she’s so edgy but she’s totally not a Nazi guys!!
>scratched his initials into her skin
>her edgelord bf is clearly a weirdo misogynist into bdsm and feet
>allegedly will be flying out to meet him soon

No. 1687955

File: 1667059529083.jpg (26.31 KB, 1408x304, 20221029_120448.jpg)

More milk on Lauren, she might be pregnant with another man's child

No. 1687957

File: 1667060130203.png (167.35 KB, 1486x1056, Lauren_Chen_Pro_Life.PNG)

No. 1687965

Imagine larping as some pure blood nazi domestic godess and not ironing your dress before taking a pic.

No. 1687977

>scratches his initials on her skin
Mental illness. She sounds like another failure to launch story. Instead of volunteering somewhere she hooks herself with a foot and bdsm fetishist.

>no one is stopping women from receiving medical help for miscarriages
Yes they are you fucking retard, lauren
When you criminalize abortion, every miscarriage can be investigated as a crime. When every hospital in the area denies service because of their “religious” rights to deny abortion care even though the fetus is already dead, then yes women die unnecessarily. They already have. It’s already starting to effect pro life women when their pregnancy goes wrong and they just go shockedpikachu. Isn’t Lauren Canadian? Can’t she just shut the fuck on this?

No. 1687983

>cheap thin dress isn't even ironed
>pie looks like actual vomit

No. 1688022

ily nonna you are spot on about christianity, it is synonymous with misogyny and rape apologia.

No. 1688076

>Closeted Predatory Lesbian
This is a thing in trad circles?
Where? I only ever see super straight women as trad antifeminists.

Some "laid back" "chill" scrote calling his girlfriend "mad annoying". Probably because she fit his manic pixie dream girl ideal and Oh Wait, Actually, that's not good enough for him anymore. What an ungrateful prick. Ugly scrotes manipulating pickmes into being their thankless girlfriends, how sad.

No. 1688257


>preaches to stick to a marriage through thick and thin

>bails once she is not feeling the romance and chemistry with him anymore after 1 year
>says she is loyal and does not have any affairs
>Has affairs with other mostly rw men while travelling and doing "work"
>Preaches to not take the kids away from the husband, let him be involved
>Takes her son away from him and to her parents to raise, cuts off all connections to husband

Lauren Southern, going against the MRA principles one by one. What a wonder her simps haven't called her out on it yet, too much wool pulled over their eyes.

No. 1688266


I'm convinced several tradthots actively seek out feminine-looking men or self-hating gay men trying to live as straight, hence why they can get away with a lot more crap, podcasting, shilling, vlogging their home lives, and selling dumb merch more than they could - if they truly picked one of the incel orbiters from their 'army'. Or a true tradmasc man.
What they worry about is if their man might accidentally find 'you are a trans catgirl on the inside uwu' things those groomers like to send guys and then troon out.

No. 1688289

"trads" on twitter really are indistinguishable from fetish accounts. it just shows how much the "trad" movement is yet another subculture for maladjusted weirdos and has nothing at all to do with traditionalist values or whatever

No. 1688422

wtf she's kinda a stacy

No. 1688434


Not when she still makes anti-feminism and a few other RW tenets her main brand, even if its pretending, and her old videos against SlutWalk and trolling marches and ppl on the street show she is almost as venomous as Lauren Chen pickme level.

No. 1688465

Goes to show that if these women weren't ugly beckies, they'd do all this shit to men AND not act like pickmes online kek

No. 1688510

File: 1667101664027.jpg (1.2 MB, 2240x2138, The_Ladies'_home_journal_(1948…)

They always choose the ugliest, frumpiest most ill-fitting polyester monstrosities in the most outrageous colors, why can't a single one of them dress like the 50s propaganda they post all the time?

No. 1688717

Same with all the new pickme dating coaches "for men", female redpill dating coaches (Melanie King) and female manospherians trying to act like 'one of the guys but notice how my eyelashes are so long and fluttery' grifters (pearlythings). They are doing work and building their corps while saying through their teeth how much they love it when women stay at home and clean, tricking their moid followings into giving them $.

No. 1688765

The woman driver post is honestly one of the most cringe things I've seen in a while. It's so blatantly pick me that it blows all other accusations I've seen lately of pickmeism out of the water. holy shit, imagine being this pathetic? I don't even get offended when I hear "woman driver, asian driver" etc jokes I just find them dumb and overused, but the concept of a woman literally making that joke about her own gender is just… So ugly??? Its like putting a flashing sign over your head that reads "hey BOYS! ;) >>THIS CHICK<< only dates REAL MEN who FUCKING HATE WOMEN" and everyone in the room just steers clear of her besides the lowest value scrotoids that the worst genetics on earth ever squirmed together to breed.

No. 1688796

right and she can't even use the "I'm critiquing FEMINISM not WOMEN!!1!" cop out they always use. This boomer-tier predictable joke is so desperate and makes her look bad as a "political commentator" especially because she'd never make a joke at men's expenses.

It's always weird when these women try to laugh and meme with "the boys", especially because their male fans ONLY find them funny when they shit on other women. Shoe0nHead did it all the time and it ended great for her. Now she gets sent images of empty egg cartons every time she tries to giggle with them. Lauren has two years left until she's next. Better get those coins before you fall into irrelevancy.

No. 1689040

Lauren Chen is 100% the kind of pickme that is so misogynistic and self hating that it even makes some men uncomfortable.

No. 1689052

This is literally what killed Savita Halappanavar in Ireland and has almost killed multiple women in the US since RvW was overturned. A fetus can still have a heartbeat even when it's actively being miscarried, forcing the doctors to wait until the heartbeat stops before removing it. This can take hours-to-days, and by that time the woman has likely already septic. Doctors even have to consult lawyers before aborting ectopic pregnancies now, which are never viable. That's what happens when you let low IQ religious nuts write laws on a medical procedure they have no actual knowledge of.

I know you shouldn't wish death or suffering on others, but if anyone should be affected by monstrosities like this, it's Lauren and other RW anti-choice women. Reap what you sow.

No. 1689714

File: 1667200459836.png (625.65 KB, 953x568, megha.png)

she doesn't miss an opportunity to shit on other women but she did look good.
also, she changed her name to meghan LILLYWHITE ??? i'd die if this were the actual name of her husband.
i actually like megha, she's on another planet

No. 1689791

I never understood them tbh
Everytime Ive seen a car/motorcycle accident it’s usually moids who are split in half inside at the wheel of the vehicle because of their reckless and impulsive driving. Especially moids who have racing car autism, they cause a lot of accidents and fatalities. Not to mention property damage.

No. 1690020

File: 1667231892436.jpeg (157.4 KB, 817x865, Bethany_Mandel.jpeg)

No. 1690036

Miss “love the Nazis” doesn’t know the difference between motherhood and forced birth, what a shocker

No. 1690048

It literally is a waste of potential, though. Being an unpaid bangmaid to some moid's kid is a literal nonexistence, and the very same people who demand women submit to it and how it's so fulfilling and noble will say in the very next breath that women never accomplished anything worthwhile in all of human history. Just look at how many women throughout all of history, and even to this day sacrificed their career and any discoveries they could've made to have a family–something that men never even consider. There's a reason why birthrates plummet the second women gain any sort of rights to control our own reproduction.

No. 1690049

File: 1667234325469.png (5.3 MB, 3785x2099, Befriend Neo-Nazis.PNG)

I read that article. What I believe that she is saying is that "if we talk to a people group with a lot of hate for us we can get them to give up their hate once they get to know us". She cites Daryl Davis, a black musician who has successfully gotten many white supremacists to give up their ideologies once he has gotten to talk to them about their opposing beliefs.

No. 1690071

Based. Also, nothing that's actually desirable and enjoyable need to be shilled and enforced so much. The mere fact that you're nagged into bangmaidry since birth proves it's a shit life.

No. 1690103

File: 1667237716840.jpeg (198.9 KB, 750x905, 4907F753-1DEF-4338-944C-5E8BAC…)

Bethany is a housewife but writes for a bunch of conservatives media outlets. Her husband does as well.

No. 1690105

“befriending” is not necessary to have civil discussions

No. 1690125

Freudian slip. Her brain immediately equates "motherhood" with "unfortunate forced pregnancy" because she likely has some regrets and/or inferiority complex about not being a girlboss. It was more than likely something she settled for, not something she truly chose.

No. 1690129

She got her inspiration from Daryl Davis, who explains how he deprograms KKK members.

No. 1690164

I also read the article. Mr. Davis is certainly an inspiring person, but the article doesn’t make the points she thinks it does.

No. 1690263

Deseret is a Mormon newspaper owned by the LDS

No. 1690267

Tradwives are always married to the ugliest, most worthless scrotes imaginable. Isn't the whole point of wasting your life away as an unpaid bangmaid-incubator to win the favor of a high-quality man, according to them? Why are they always married to such pond scum?

No. 1690280

File: 1667251510244.jpeg (170.05 KB, 750x837, 128F987E-00F9-4F64-967A-77984F…)

No. 1690283

>women enter into relationships with men that don’t like them
>this is bad
>women stop dating and left the idea of it/marriage/having kids
>this is also bad
She’ll never not find something to complain about

They never look masculine or fatherly either. You can always tell that it’s the supposed submissive wife that’s actually the leader calling the shots at home

No. 1690289

Could believe this is a FtM trooner.

No. 1690679

Horseshoe theory is real cause this reads exactly like a snarky leftist reply to me.

No. 1690733

lmao is he trying to reignite the peach discourse from this summer

No. 1691049

It's because truly strong (the giga rare "alpha", if you will) men don't need women to be submissive. They're not as easily threatened. Performative, customary female submission and piety is a feature of patriarchal civilizations that grant betas and omegas guaranteed wives. You play the deference game to have them think they're not actual pond scum, it's part of the social contract. Naturally, only worthless men would have reasons to be easily threatened and thus require reassurance through female submission, but letting worthlessness reproduce is the whole point of such societies.

Think of it, what man is worried about being "emasculated"? A weak one. What man is worried about being cucked? One that obviously doesn't measure up to other men.

No. 1691893

File: 1667417136059.jpeg (204.9 KB, 750x1050, 7EA5AE4B-BD31-44CE-870E-DEFA5F…)

No. 1691910

this will rile up her fans, but I still think megha is catfishing some married, high school classmate's pictures. the snarky, anti-women rants never match up to the perfectly normal pictures she uses. her manifestopost writing style matches up perfectly with the old "redpill" blogs that would use a picture of an attractive woman to "set the mood" for their how-to-get-laid writeups.
100%. every last one of the moids in this sphere are deeply concerned with emasculation, to an existential degree. meanwhile unthreatened "alpha" men joke about those things. but they usually cheat.

No. 1692187

I hear this alot from munchie moms that love the attention they get from “saving” their babies so they can exploit them online

No. 1692205

"You MUST give birth to retards" isn't the argument they want to be making if they want to strengthen their position. Clearly, when given the choice, the vast majority of women will not.

No. 1692258

File: 1667443544296.jpeg (237.32 KB, 750x1086, 503A05D0-0165-4A52-8217-823AB6…)

They obviously don’t know what it looks like down the line. Off-topic but here’s an old story about a mother who wishes her Down Syndrome son was aborted:

No. 1692327

Just look at the thread for Rachel whatsherface above. Dozens upon dozens of comments kissing her ass saying what a beautiful baybee the downie is and how she's probably happier and more full of life than a normal child. It's all about the mother, here–her narcissism, her sacrifice of caring for a perma-dependent, her giving up her autonomy and submitting to her god-ordained breedbot duty imposed upon her by men. These women don't think about what their precious drooling angel will be like grown up, with a teenager/adult's strength, aggression and raging hormones controlled by a childlike mind. At this this 'tato mom's kid is a girl. I shudder to think what kid of horrors male downies inflict on their poor families.

No. 1692521

This isn't much different from those SJWs who think that disability is diversity. The glamorization of disability, the only showing the highest-functioning cases to prove that the disability "isn't that bad", the comparing it to identities that aren't debilitating (such as race) to accuse parents who don't want their children to be affected of "genocide". And of course Icelandic parents are these profiling maniacs who hate Down Syndrome patients because they don't want to have suffering children.

No. 1692587

It's because men always want to see women have less rights and privilege than them. If there were 100 laws for rights written down, men would make sure that 90 of them would only apply to men and women have a measly 10. And that's moids feeling generous. But notice how many men complain everytime and say its unfair when a condition or right exclusively written for men only gets allocated to women too? They're mad and have male jealousy, because they don't get to feel smug anymore and watch women have less than them, so no more superior feels.

That is why men want women to have less things than them everytime, because its the only way for males to "feel more special and exclusive and superior" than women. Without it, males will have to face how imperfect and unspecial they are, only with brute strength and coomer mindset. So they have to cheat like that

No. 1692652

I hate children and the patronizing idiots who suggest that women getting praise for being burdened with the care of a disabled child is a reward of some kind (because women just want to be appreciated for being little more than household slaves! that's what makes it all worthwhile instead of, y'know it being a way to cope with what they're made to feel is inevitable.) and not a reminder of how women's shitty subordinate role in society is still something they're pressured into.

these debates always seem to devolve into insensitive, offensive
clusterfucks on here, though. I hope you all realize how critical you being this dumb is to maintaining board toxicity. whenever toxic online spaces are forcibly disbanded or disallowed you see a sharp decline in that bullshit in general. spaces like this that allow & encourage otherwise socially unacceptable behavior have a potent role in that toxicity becoming more common.

No. 1692659

are you ok spergchan? you're on lolcow stop whining about insensitive toxic online spaces kek

No. 1692665

File: 1667492601242.jpeg (171.18 KB, 750x847, 979FA29E-370A-42C4-BC07-ED80FC…)

She has had a history of saying shit like this.

No. 1692761

OMG. That carving in her skin looks kind of fake to be fully honest. And she does wear pretty clothes tbh but picrel is NOT one of them def. I have been following her for quite a while and wanted to post her here but ave been too lazy to

No. 1692803

Yes, but an "alpha" who's always been deluged with female attention is legitimately less likely to cheat than an omega incel who's never experienced any such things. The incel will try ceaselessly and more often, it's just that he's less likely to succeed.

No. 1692806

The male subconsciously understands that he adds nothing to a woman's life. Therefore in order to be an appealing option for women, he needs to take something away from them first and then "give it back" in exchange for something. Money and other resources is the most basic example (most laws like inheritance going to sons by default or women not being allowed to work are the logical consequence). Even animal males "hoard wealth" to later blackmail females with it. Contrary to popular belief, male mammals don't really "provide", they monopolize and then offer females a protection racket/conditional drip feed of what they took away from them in the first place. I'm surprised leftoid theorists generally have nothing to say about this.

When a woman isn't even rich, but has a baseline comfortable existence, the male already experiences a genetic/mortality panic. On a pretty much cellular level he can feel another hypothetical cum peddling opportunity lost, hence the seemingly petty and unprompted chimpouts. There is a solid biological foundation behind these feelings. Every law ever written is designed to "correct" this "biological inequality" the male perceives on a visceral level. Of course the result of equal opportunity breeding is beta incels left holding their fathers' bags, but moids generally don't think far about their offspring and their future - what matters is just getting to spread their genes.

No. 1692807

These women absolutely thrive on the attention they get from spending their life in drudgery wiping drool off their tard's face. Women are given praise for "knowing their place" as unpaid carers, men are not as it's seen as beneath them. Hence why Munchausen by Proxy is something like a 95% female disorder.

No. 1692812

That's just an extension of postindustrial male "children are YOUR reward not mine aktually" mystification. Sell his interests as aktually yours, that's how you meme women into advancing your genetics when you can't easily beat and rape them anymore + abortion exists.

You may have noticed the monumental shift in narrative from "children and childbirth are your burden and penance, and you need to get married to eat" to corporatey/consoomey/wellness shit like "children and childbirth and marriage are your Experiences© and Rewards™ and Fulfillment®" one. The only thing that's changed is that now you can avoid them, whereas in the past they would happen to you by force anyway. Obviously in order for that message to be consistent, disabled children need to be made into a special Experience™ package as well.

No. 1692888

Do you ever look at these accounts and think "this can't be a real person."? Mental illness. The performative behaviors and displays designed to get a reaction for their dopamine hit / internet addiction is off the charts sometimes.

No. 1693025

Yeah, and pregnancy and raising children are actually what ages women the most. Hate to say it but pregnancy is not all sunshine and roses, it does stress the body, along with all the drastic hormonal and other changes, ofc the woman will react to a good portion of it by aging.

Similarly with the post-pregnancy timeline and having to raise the kid. Children are much more complex than a career and pets, the mothers do have to put in a lot more effort and sacrifice just to make sure every little need of the child is met and to solve their every little problem. Especially if she is married to a man who will not help with parenting because he believes small children should need mothers and he gets to reap the benefits and take credit when they are older only.

Motherhood makes women age so fast and drastically too, hence a lot of tradmums worry and literally get their man cheating on them/having side chicks/abandoning the family to chase after an 18 yr old girl who just had a ONS with him.

Even in poor teen moms, you can see the aging effects of pregnancy and motherhood. Immediately after giving birth, the teen starts looking stress-raddled in the face alr. After a few years, instead of looking like a bright 19 yr old the teen mom looks more like those middle-aged 35+ wine-dependent tradmoms, complete with the eyebags, jaw sagging from the upside down smile, and wrinkles, because early childcare is not easy as moids bs about.

These shitty men trying to neg women to have children young and tradmoms/boymoms never tell the less glamourous side of it, and they just say it for fakery while promoting the Plate Spinning/Andrew Tate pump and dump before 25, so they will be creating single mothers anyway. They are just trying to lie and trick women into giving them some male-pandering attention first as placeholders before looking to upgrade and kickstart their playboy nonsense. Don't trust manosphere men, they are not good men.

No. 1693040

> After a few years, instead of looking like a bright 19 yr old the teen mom looks more like those middle-aged 35+ wine-dependent tradmoms, complete with the eyebags, jaw sagging from the upside down smile, and wrinkles, because early childcare is not easy as moids bs about.
trads always lie about this fact. even worse when they hire au pairs (often young european women) so they can continue working their fake media job and tweeting moid propaganda all day.
if they dont post any pregnancy bumps despite constant oversharing of the "joys of motherhood," they're likely paying a surrogate for that too.

No. 1693042

Men will think that women have too much power even if they’re in chains. Because moids are all consciously or subconsciously aware that women have more value than men reproductively. it’s a fundamental unfairness that they cannot get over. You’ll see them make up conspiracies, religions, and superstitious beliefs about how we are evil/manipulators/threatening even when they’ve built a system where they have near absolute power over our lives.
It’s just male reproductive neuroticism. They have an insatiable urge do everything they can to control women in order to increase their chances of breeding, because they are ultimately fighting against their own genetic irrelevancy. It’s an endless uphill battle since they cannot fundamentally change the function of sexual reproduction. And like you said, males display this behavior across many species in the animal kingdom.

No. 1693054

"Tradmoms" who have used surrogates and au pairs/nannies while pretending to have raised the children themselves ought to be revealed to their pwecious moid followings so they can have a crack at the fake "tradmom" too.

No. 1693061

Yeah honestly as far as defects go having a downie child is probably not the worst. I’d rather have that than a soulless autistic parasite moid any day. However I don’t think anyone wants to have a permanent dependent for the rest of their lives. The burden of caregiving almost always falls into the lap of the mother or another female relative too. I could have the nicest downie son in the world but I wouldn’t be happy being in my senior years and caring for a child in the body of a middle aged man.
Though imo having a downie son may be just another flavor of burden as having a “normal” son. At least the downie won’t rape/kill/abuse/manipulate/thanklessly leech from you or other women like the average moid does.
Whatever, just abort all male fetuses.

No. 1693067

Nta but male detected. Scrotes cope that women online that don’t see giving birth as their duty and every child no matter how taxing to care for a magical experience must be a tranny because they need to cope women aren’t turning away from what scrotes want them to do. Troons are pro birth but also pro child mutilation and sterilisation because they are retarded men and act like all other dumb ass scrotes. They are pro birth and forced mommymaid.

No. 1693069

Calling every one who don’t see women as catle who should be forced to give birth does not help you blend in retard.

No. 1693071

People who identify as eugenicists are often just bitter, entitled men with main character syndrome who want to rid the world of anything they find aesthetically displeasing, since they have no empathy and only care about trivial things like mitigating inconveniences like… seeing things they think are ugly.
These men are always on the spectrum of npd/autism themselves. They want to kill “useless”(not fuckable) women and retards because they have violent moid instincts that compel them to kill things that are weak and vulnerable. If he can’t see a benefit to him through your existence you might as well just die because he’s the center of the universe.

These people are too selfish and stupid themselves to realize any decent eugenics program would target failsons like himself.

No. 1693078

>”the best form of birth control is abortion”
>”obviously the only people who have kids are loving stable healthy parents everyone else is a dumbass hippie feminists who love abortion, lol eugenics in action!!”
Spoken like a true XY. These threads trigger males so much for some reason.

No. 1693079

>if you wouldn’t love whatever is gonna come out of your cunt then just don’t have kids
>im pro life
>people access abortion
>not women
>all posted after seething that women who don’t think giving birth is a net positive and womens duty are totally trannys
XY Kek.

No. 1693082

I was right about scrotes having to cope that any women online who doesn’t see herself as as a service for men must be a tranny (it likely is the tranny seething because he also chimps out about women not being trad because its the INCEL to troon pipeline and tries to claim feminists are like pol scrotes and incels because he thinks it will get him laid because scrotes are in fact not the logic gender tm). The biological panic from one less chance to cum peddle has engaged kek.

No. 1693086

>has to cope all posters are the same person
>has to cope that all posters are male
Kek. Sorry incel failson, no coom peddling for you.

No. 1693087

Like >>1693025 said, getting pregnant and having to be a mom does age women even moreso than having only a job and singlehood. Keep debunking male supremacist lies and rip the red pill scrote community for what non-tradcon cheating stud wannabes they truly are.

No. 1693089

Not even the same person, XYs are so predictable the same complaints pop up.
Calling radfem misandrists trannies is something only males do. No fucking tranny is a radfem who insults the Y chromosome (because they fucking have one for starters) since they’re also men who are too retarded to understand how women actually critique male behavior.
In short all moids, the polcels like you and your fellow transcels, should be culled. Pretending to be a tradthot while referring to giving birth as “whatever comes out of your cunt”, lmao. being male is literally makes your brain defective.

No. 1693090

You fool no one and repeating the phrase YWNBAW doesn’t insult actual women retard troon. You realise mods have post history? And that you’re seething about women not seeing themselves as bangmaids in the tradthot thread? And that you’re seething that posters who don’t see giving birth as their duty and magical but a chore peddled to women by incel failsons on a women only website that bans troons? Cope all you like, theres a reason 4chan is full of trannies and not here. Incel failsons hate non trad women.

No. 1693093

Keep it up womb envy troon. YWNBAW and YWNPC KEK.

No. 1693094

Especially Lauren Southern.

No. 1693099

I'm right >>1693082 I'm 100% right. Men have a mental breakdown as we can see by the sperging samfegaging troon seething at women pointing out what a shit deal being a tradmom is. Men are retarded and think using our words for their own ideals will meme us into doing what they want because muh logic gender isn't actually at all logical kek. Like calling women trannies will convince women to have sex with incel failsons chimping because they can't coom peddle to real women kek.

No. 1693102

>women can have different opinions!
>reeeing about thought crimes like a 4fag scrote mad he is being called an incel
Fuck off baiting tranny. Incel to troon pipeline proven once again kek. "Noooo women can't be people noooo they have to be a service for me!"

No. 1693107

You’re right. Men see women as objects and lump them into categories of useful and useless. Since they’re just coom peddlers themselves useful is synonymous with fuckable. All women who are in the unfuckable category are conflated in the mind of the scrote. Insults and accusations of tranny, fat, ugly, old, etc. get thrown out indiscriminately since in his small monkey brain it all means the same thing to him; useless.

I see men unironically believe radfems are trannies while falling for anime pfp RPs as if they are real women. I used to not understand why they could be so dumb and not recognize patterns or piece together logical chains, but now I know that their categorization of useful/useless woman overrides and ability for them to assess reality.

No. 1693109

Samefag, not to mention he had the same chYmpout about non trad women on cc kek.

No. 1693110

Good. He starts shit with so many people and can't just shut the fuck up for one day, I hope some /pol/fag fucks with him. Maybe then he'll finally fuck off and stop spamming this place with CP.

No. 1693122

He was doxed over a year ago and is probably posting that himself just for attention.

No. 1693124

bingo. farmhands already deleted the other post right before that one which was a 4chan screenshot of the thread, idk why they left the link but it's clearly him, starving for attention as always

No. 1693128

I'm the poster you're referring to, and I was clearly talking about women who parade their retard kids around on social media fishing for likes because they Chose Life™ and spend their time being unpaid, unfulfilled, moid-dependent carers with no time for themselves. Are you a 'tato mom or something? Having a dopamine crash because we're not blowing smoke up your ass for having a disabled kid?

No. 1693130

Reading the 4fag thread further demonstrates male retardation and chympery in regards to women choosing not to have kids.

>Marriage = make a woman your partner and pass on values to your sons. Shape a life and become stronger instead of weaker.

>Having kids = making a new life that could be anything he wants to be if you're not a shit back.

They truly do see it as forcing people to be like them, like parasites infecting new hosts. They also seem to think having kids will fix them and make them not losers any more. The tradfag peddling of it all just shows they are pathetic kek.

No. 1693133

It's the tranny spamming. He's chimped out about women not having kids on cc before as well and samefaged and been banned for it.

No. 1693138

Samefag. He stopped posting because he started posting in his dumbass 4chan thread and just kept cope posting 'hi blane' because he thinks calling anons tranny before they can point out he's male tricks farmhands or something. Women aren't exactly known to reee about women not seeing giving birth as their duty but incel to troon pipeline moids kek.

No. 1693141

Are 100% of the women with Down Syndrome pregnancies in Iceland "gross /pol/ trannies"? Are upwards of 80% of women in the US, a country where abortion is less accessible? Because they're the ones aborting, kek.
>if you wouldn’t love whatever is gonna come out of your cunt then just don’t have kids, simple as.
Yes, that's the entire reason why women will abort a Downie or other retard at the first opportunity. They don't want it and they know they'll end up resenting it, even if they love it. Even normal kids are massive, life-ruining burdens–imagine that X1000, and they never, ever get better. I know you're likely male and haven't even thought about what a lifetime of unpaid care would look like as you'd never consider doing it yourself, but us women must address this from a logical perspective.

No. 1693149

Lmao how funny would it be if someone like Matt Forney was behind the “megha” account? It wouldn’t be the first time

No. 1693151

>out of your cunt
out of all moid accusations going on ITT, male hands clearly typed this one
>im pro life
dont care, kill yourself

No. 1693179

You used the same pic you posted on your pol thread you made you retard troon.

No. 1693228

They don't even consider daughters as worthy of mentioning. What a miserable existence to be a girl born to one of these parasites.

No. 1693245

lmao i wish. she did appear on lotus eaters though, and she's less interesting on video than she is on twitter.

No. 1693259

What 4fag thread are you referring to?

No. 1693260

>Men will think that women have too much power even if they’re in chains

Empirically true. You can look 1000 years back and find written accounts of moids screeching about how women are now dressing like whores and how it's necessary to retvrn. A good reminder for tradthots that it will never be enough.
>Muh pass my neuroses and subhuman genes onto my moidlet because I can "try again" through him

Every Father's day, an incel should thank his fat malding dad for thinking this way. This right here is the reason your life turned out the way it did.

No. 1693263

The one posted in this thread >>1693104

No. 1693271

You know what's gonna blow your mind further? This is how infants think. The male fully retains classic solipsistic infant mentality into adulthood, except it also becomes fucking weird and sexualized after puberty. Except now he screeches for mommy milkers AND for a pussy to nut in, and it has to happen NOW or he will hold his breath and punch a wall! This is especially pronounced in mentally disabled moids, particularly low functioning autists.

Everyone and everything exists to meet the infant's needs - especially mommy. Women are extensions of mommy, they are Need Meeters. If Need Meeters do not meet needs or dare to leave the room, they might as well not exist - or die. Other moids are perceived as other infants/siblings (competition for mommy's resources). No matter how many layers of abstraction are laid on top of this, this is the underlying mentality of a moid. Women generally do not preserve this thinking because they will at some point be taking care of others, but no such pressure exists on males. This could also be because males are not designed to live very long, so any personality development past 30-ish isn't really written into the program (the moid should be long dead in some chimp war by then).

Fun fact: every time you say something bad about boymoms or sneer at having a son, this is the part of a moid's psyche that gets triggered. No wonder these discussions always invite guaranteed malding replies.

No. 1693382

Goddamn do these trad men go insane when they hear about misandry and birthing rights together in the same conversation. They automatically assume it means that evil feminists will start mass aborting male fetuses because we are just so irrationally spiteful and cruel towards males. Nevermind that sex selective abortions have almost always been aimed at female fetuses (and for reasons males contrived in the first place- needing a son to preserve a concept like a legacy or enforce a patriarchal system that wouldn’t exist without male extortion rackets in the first place)
Whenever men screech about feminists aborting male fetuses it’s the most blatant example of their entitled, paranoid mindset. They do it so much that it only ever reflects on the male psyche, never on any of these supposed villainous feminazis constantly vacuuming innocent fetuses out of their bodies as soon as a penis is spotted on the ultrasound monitor.

No. 1693404

Women should abort male fetuses more, honestly. If I ever plan to have kids, that's what I'm doing.

No. 1693440

No. 1693444

Omg this sounds like manifesto anon !!! Hell yeah

No. 1693450

Based. Every day I thank God She only blessed me with daughters. Girlmoms experience joy & companionship boymoms never will, because they’re too busy rationalizing how much they “love” the filth and chaos on their 4th wine cooler of the morning. That’s why moids have to brainwash women into overvaluing sons, because it’s unquestionably the worse parenting deal.

No. 1693461

No force on this earth could make me a boymom. God bless.

No. 1693557

>human software didn't bother with a post 30 update because it was deemed worthless as males' purpose is to spread seed and then die
kek'd me to the moon

No. 1693601

Nonnie, this filled me with so much hope. I wish you and your badass daughters every happiness.

No. 1693717

Moids are mentally deficient so they're always projecting. They think you're no doubt going to torture them out of spite because this is literally what's on their mind regarding women 24/7.

No. 1693720

Note how at no point it's mentioned what's in it for you. It's all me, me, me, me, muh another chance at youth through muh son, me, me, me. Also note how even a subhuman 4chan incel genuinely thinks he has anything worthwhile to teach a child. A moid could be literally fucking deformed and still think he deserves a "legacy" of deformed sons, because that's what they're all programmed to do - try without a shred of humility or self doubt. This is why male driven sexual selection is dysgenic by default.


You should from a health and hygiene perspective - they're more dangerous and costly to gestate. Also most conceptions are male and are naturally aborted anyway due to a high rate of deformitY, so you'll just be equalizing things. The best way would be to never even conceive a male in the first place to avoid microchimerism, however.

No. 1693722

File: 1667588476133.jpeg (206.61 KB, 750x889, 837DC149-2810-4E3E-8FF2-42E1DA…)

Rachel you think that child labor is just a “green thing” and that children aren’t also forced to mine fossil fuels and dangerous metals?

No. 1693793

Human society has always had an "excess males" problem by design. Moid-centric power structures - including the male protection extortion racket - require these excess "males as bulletbags" to not only compete with other leaders for resources, but also suppress dissent domestically when said leaders are fucking up.
Low-intelligence males voluntarily serve as the bulletbags for their useless leaders, time and time again throughout history. The boymoms then receive a closed casket in return for their sacrifice.
Nevermind the fact that moid leaders - which the tradmoids ITT delusionally see themselves as - pushing hypermasculinity and keeping these structures in place never go off to war themselves. How the rest of moids dont see through this astounds me. Not a single one of these beta males on twitter do anything other than RP.

Meanwhile in controlled environments such as nightclub studies, excess males create instability for everyone: the excess, empirically, increases aggression in the males themselves and creates extreme discomfort in women. When societies like China had implement one-child policies, it resulted in the excess males traveling to Africa to find partners. And failing that, they died alone to no benefit to either society.

No. 1693812

An excess of males is an accurate statistical predictor of crime and war.

No. 1694298

not very tradwife coquette christian helpmeet of you to openly browse an image board full of radfems miss tradbarbie

No. 1694299

File: 1667629651394.jpeg (1011.19 KB, 1242x1495, C28031A0-4459-42D3-A627-B57FEB…)

dropped my image like an idiot

No. 1694305

Is ironing the work of da joos or something? Why are all her fugly dresses so rumpled?

No. 1694320

I've noticed a 'strange' form of racism in some of the tradthot e-girls I've seen, namely that they're words seem to repeat exactly what the men they're into say: repeating the n-word, just saying ewww and making fun of features of coloured women, rarely do they ever make fun of the men and when they do it's just calling them animals or something like that. It's like women and girls are still the focal point with both the men and the women, why is racism the only way these people know how to be conservative

No. 1694326

File: 1667633461713.png (26.08 KB, 745x142, Screenshot 2022-11-05 12.27.04…)

…lmao is her bf not just calling her fat

No. 1694339

Generally speaking, some of the points in this thread should be exposed, leaked and shared around.

Far too many women are bluepilled about men, and refuse to acknowledge that most men are male supremacists and how it's the main root cause of misogyny.

Also think it is necessary to recognize though most women love the males in their immediate family, they should know most other moids outside of the circle can be a menace to them, same goes also acknowledging that their immediate family males can therefore be a menace to other women too, and not to be irrationally angered and defensive if their moids get called out technically.

No. 1694379

File: 1667642782934.png (13.7 MB, 2336x4075, tradbarb23423.png)

She uploaded these massively large photos of her ugly frumpy outfits. Judging by top middle and the shooped in waist + stretched out elbow of bottom middle he ain't lying.

No. 1694390

And again, not a single one is ironed. Comedy gold.

No. 1694548

the shoop on the last two is hilarious

No. 1694600

big “sisterwife who gets the fewest nights” energy here

No. 1694632

>no eye for cohesion
>cheap synthetic fabrics
>fast fashion galore
>musty hair and shoes
it's so funny to me that someone would make being a tradwive their entire personality and whine on twitter all day, yet still put no effort into looking decent. she looks like she smells bad.

No. 1694696

I disagree, she nailed the whole lower middle class tardwife look (frumpy, has given up, worked to near death by husband, barely even a woman anymore but an amorphous genderless mule, isn't desired or worshiped anymore, exists only to serve food and clean). Now she may not be doing all this, but she looks like she does.

No. 1694697

Trads in general are absolutely terrible at the roles they believe are innate to their sex.
>tradwives are hyperaggressive, spiteful, utterly obsessed with male attention for sexual and monetary gain on top of being abysmal at cooking, cleaning, and other homemaking pursuits. Often don't like children either, and only have them as fucktrophies to parade around for their own ego or so the tradmoids paying their bills shut up, only to leave the actual childcare to nannies/au pairs so they can blow time on instagram, twitter, or whatever MLM/"course" they're shilling. Usually sleep around, but pretend not to.
>tradmoids are un(der)employed failsons who either subject their family to abject poverty by preventing their wife from working, only get by with her financially contributing(on top of doing all the housework/childcare), or remain completely financially dependent upon women be it their wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister. Mind-melted by pornography to the point where they physically cannot stop themselves from screeching about 10" black dicks or football team gangbangs upon seeing any even semi-normal woman, despite portraying themselves as stoic overmen in total control of their emotions. Spend their time jerking off to loli hentai and blaming the Jews after their gooning high wears off instead of tilling the fields.

No. 1694935

File: 1667693477800.jpeg (354.27 KB, 404x1014, E8885921-E520-4D8C-B9D1-535708…)

holy fuck what a cow. that femalefashionadvice-tier tranny style and posing. those shoes. those hideous fake nails. and the unhinged behaviour on top. this is too good.
kek, well put nonna

No. 1694941

spot on anon, these fits really give off the polygamy vibes

No. 1694985

honestly female redditors are the closest thing out there to an afab mtf tranny

No. 1694986

Why the fuck is she doing this "I'm holding in pee" reddit tranny pose, kek is she trying to be clocked as a troon or something? Maybe her husband is into that tbh

No. 1695013

I don’t have the reddit app so I can’t screenshot since it’s marked as mature but found this sub for aspiring “trad” wives. But I’ve just seen “women” posting calling men their masters and crossposting with bdsm subreddits

This user posts on it a lot and reminded me a lot of Mary (gimpgirl555)

No. 1695024

I've noticed this too, although i've seen this with plenty of white women who aren't obvious trad thots, but probably could make the transition in the future. It's always the looks they attack of other women every single time whilst looking plain as hell and having lip filler. Maybe sometimes they will take swipes at non-white men for supposedly dming them and being coomerish towards them, but it's so obvious they will take any male attention that comes their way and they enjoy their little soy knights getting into race wars on their behalf.

Wow, look at all that cheap polyester, she really got us to shut up. Why can't tradthots ever seem to figure out how to source nice vintage gunne sax or laura ashley pieces, or better yet, sew their own shit? Her outfits reek of amazon. I'm literally sitting here waiting for them to make me jealous.

No. 1695027

File: 1667706179818.png (161.28 KB, 446x506, takingastandformensmetulhelth.…)

The first sub looks like a blatant fetish sub. One post i have spotted on there seems to have stolen some poor girls photo too. I also checked out the user you posted, she seems like a treat. Keanu Reeves is her husbando, she is a gamer girl and lurks around manosphere spaces. picrel made me chuckle. Her attempts at pandering to men flop so oftenly because so many men on reddit, for misogynistic as they are, have many lib fem beliefs.

No. 1695030

kek ironically the only women who are actually good at vintage or historical outfits are usually feminists ranging from "reddit rockabilly libfem" to "second coming of andrea dworkin"

No. 1695189

kek look how warped and wide her left arm at her waistline is. She even fucked up the window behind her.

No. 1695257

I’m not in the market for a tardwife but if I was, I’d at least want one who knows how to do laundry properly. Nothing is ironed or steamed and every item looks faded like it spent too much time in the dryer.

No. 1695349

I’m sorry but isn’t this the same retard who was trying her hardest to defend corsets?

No. 1695396

Yes, same retard (most historic costume cows are like that) but that video is on point

No. 1695852

Yeah, she's one of those historic/vintage costume cows who think corsets are akshually super beneficial to our health and empowering and it's akshually men who invented the "propaganda" of corset = bad KEK. This is what happens to your brain when you attempt to reconcile your libfeminess with your interest in Victorian fashion and stuff like that. Fried. Things like hoop skirts and tightly laced corsets were literally designed to restrict women's movement but they're so deep in the libfem "choice" mindset that any critical thinking is thrown out the window. Wear a corset if you like but stop trying to force this gigacope of "empowerment" onto everyone else.

I wish they'd strop trying to woke-ify some of the most misogynistic eras in history. These women are one step away from defending Chinese foot binding for fuck's sake. Sorry for sperg but this gets on my nerves.

No. 1695948

Not only are trads in general shit at whatever they preach like >>1694697 mentioned, they also love to make a show of saying they respect "traditional femininity" and that stereotypically female interests are noble and trad and good, actually, so women should stick to them - but their revealed preferences (when not straight-up their literal words five minutes later) show they have zero actual appreciation for those things and absolutely do view them as less than. Actually caring about historical fashion requires having some basic respect for something strongly associated with women, which they simply cannot have.

I actually think the frumpiness is intentional, because it's meant to signal adherence to their values. It's exactly what these outfits are doing: showing she cares enough to wear those types of clothes, even if they're unflattering as shit (or rather, especially because they're unflattering as shit - covering up in a "traditionally feminine" way is more important than looking good) but that her reason for wearing them begins and ends with pleasing the moids and she does not have an actual active interest in fashion of her own.

Wait, what?
>tightly laced corsets
>one step away from defending Chinese foot binding
Isn't her whole "corset good" shtick based on tight lacing not being the norm for corset-wearing, and corsets being ergonomically good? As far as I know that's pretty solid and matches my experience wearing structured shapewear - much better posture.

No. 1696040

Is she really libfem? thought she was catholic or tradcath in some way until red pill scrotes found her channel, they shit on her for her appearance and her outfits

No. 1696061

I also had that impression of her at first but I don't think she's a tradcath. But libfems are drifting so far into conservatism they may as well be the same thing at this point.
Not sure about the terminology to be honest. The type of corsets she whiteknights are not the ones that improve posture, though, and it's odd how these people pretend that men don't exist when talking about corsets because no one recommends them to compress their abdominal area for improved posture. She even mocks actresses for disliking corsets. It's weird.

No. 1697227

File: 1668109894903.png (22.14 KB, 596x217, jessekelly1.PNG)

Sage since it's not actual milk per se, but can all Republican women be considered tradthots by extension? I see nothing like takes like picrel from RW moids, and the women who follow them just lap it up and affirm that they think women are too emotional to vote rationally(expect for them, tee hee!). It's especially jarring since white women are (unfortunately)not much more liberal than white men–that domestic violence-committing, radically anti-abortion(no exceptions for life of the mother) nutjob Hershel Walker got 73% of the white male vote and 70% of the white female vote. White women barely even respect themselves and that's still too much for these moids. How does any woman see something like this and not reconsider throwing her hat in with them?

No. 1697361

File: 1668123780654.png (4.37 MB, 750x1334, 712762EA-F41D-4C76-B37F-797B26…)

Is anyone familiar with this account? She tags most of her videos with “#traditional” and “#traditionallifestyle” and then gets mad when people call her a tradwife.

No. 1697448

Scrotes don't actually care about their so called 'beliefs' like thinking all non trad women are degenerates, they just care whether they have a servant or not. Anons are right about it all being about cooming and dying. Doesn't matter if all women in the world were trad, the fact that failsons don't have a women to use as a servant/status object/to pass on the failsons muh legacy, then they will still ree abou women.

No. 1697476

Jesse Kelly is such a desperate insecure scrote that he’ll tweet anything for attention like this. He does nothing in politics like that MTG woman. but rw women have no self preservation or esteem to continue supporting moids like Jesse or that retard Hershel

Is she one of those new age crystal girls? I’ve been seeing more of these new “rest in your femininity” divine energy gurus appear more lately

No. 1697544

Tradthots posting Ls

No. 1697545

>Moids in charge of losing with dignity

No. 1697602

File: 1668155541497.jpg (313.47 KB, 587x538, yeV4MOv.jpg)

all his posts concerning women are either "woman bad" or "woman sex" kek, the only two modes scrotes know.

No. 1697744

Oh for fucks sake this idiot needs a brick to the head. Stat.

No. 1697763

tradcon cucks who label themselves radfem boggle my mind. are they retarded or something? maybe it's brain damage from asphyxiating on /pol/ chode.

No. 1697824

the definition of 'radfem' has been watered down so much that they think all there is to it is being anti troon and sometimes anti porn

No. 1698062

File: 1668205412347.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1640, 9B257025-31CD-4822-A1BB-7F4CB7…)

I think Aly Drummond/@realfemsapien was discussed briefly in the last tradthot thread but she’s had a multi-day meltdown while fighting with the rest of trafthot twitter that needs to be discussed

>is 20 something married to a gross 50 year old divorcee

>panders to white supremacist trads while being Puerto Rican
>promotes redpill/manosphere talking points, like advocating for men getting mail order brides, men should be allowed to cheat and 20 year olds should date men in their 40s+
>makes tiktoks bragging about how she’s picked and other women are ugly and jealous
>is currently pregnant with her 50 year old moids child

recent milk
>made an inflammatory tweet about pregnant women gaining weight because she’s just sooo thin and frail and can’t imagine gaining weight because she loves her geriatric husband
>tradwives respond with criticism, worst person you know just made a horrible point, etc
>Aly gets mad, says she’s quitting Christian twitter, says they’re all white and jealous
>comes back less than a day later but removes “Christian” from her bio
>is still mad

No. 1698063

File: 1668205476963.jpeg (953.63 KB, 1242x1914, B5F55981-1737-466F-BD2D-2C6C69…)

The original tweet

No. 1698067

File: 1668205805046.jpeg (700.07 KB, 1242x1725, 353FA48C-C9C8-4B5C-9607-AB3ED6…)

cameo appearance by a totally not still trad pandering Brittany Venti

No. 1698069

File: 1668206102844.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1724, 997ACAEB-8CD3-44A1-947F-12E031…)

>men should cheat on their postpartum wives for weight gain. im a Christian btw.

No. 1698091

Issue is retard troons label every women as a terf/radfem because it essentially just means feminazi and is meant to mean 'evil women' so they call all women it, from actual feminists to outright tradfags, as long as they are both women. Tradfags accept it because it is synonymous with not thinking a man is a women because he says so and upsets troons, without the other essential part of being feminist.

No. 1698105

God help any girl raised by a racist, hispanic tradthot mother with an inferiority complex and a coomer geriatric scrote.

No. 1698107

She’s trying to be sarcastic but it’s actually true. An unworthy XY who managed to get his inferior genes inside of you should worship the ground you walk on, in all seriousness.

No. 1698109

All the health issues she listed would apply to her geriatric husband.

No. 1698112

Didn't she miscarry a while back? It's to be expected if it was fathered by a 50 y.o. man, but surely she would've learned by now not to sully herself with decrepit sperm?

Honestly, hopefully this one shows itself out too. I can't imagine a fate worse than having a turbo pickme self-hating mother and a father who'd get mistaken for your grandfather. Clasping my hands in prayer for fetus yeetus.

No. 1698115

who wants to bet she'll put on 80+ pounds herself after the full pregnancy/postpartum. tardthots will be pregnant for a week and start schooling experienced moms on what they did wrong akshually. they are so overconfident in their abilities, they think they'll be so much better at motherhood than all the roastie feminazi careerhavers because they have the right values or traits or something.

No. 1698118

Why is she harping on about a husband's sexual desires when there's a baby to take care of? News to tradtards, but taking care of a baby is 1)the priority for both parents and 2)absolutely nukes libido. A woman should be concerned with letting herself heal and caring for her child alongside her partner, not touching his dick.
Not very meek and feminine of her! Her geriatric husband might pop a viagra or two and menace the local community college if she's not careful.

No. 1698164

Allegedly she got pregnant prior to getting married because her ancient husband wanted to make sure she was fertile

No. 1698174

File: 1668216203545.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1874, 79878C21-9965-4282-BC83-B89BF3…)

She brags about her own weight loss a lot, so I imagine she lives in fear of what her postpartum body might look like

No. 1698188

she absolutely looked better in high school, does she not have eyes?

No. 1698295

>Becky physiognomy

Every time

No. 1698335

30 pounds isn’t even a noticeable difference

No. 1698611

I'd bet other rightoids make fun of her cause those people are rather "swarthy" also being catholic

No. 1698612

He’s Australian. The fact that you were able to find out her name yet still don’t know basic information about her bf makes me think this is a self post or vendetta from someone in her circle

No. 1698802

This shit throwing tantrum is why these tradthots cannot ever survive actual trad spaces. Women would rely on other women for support through hard shit like pregnancy but self hating attention seeking thots like aly crave males to agree with her only.
>husband is 50s with new baby coming
He’ll be dead soon and she’ll be left as a single mother with a baby that’ll need special care most likely because geriatric sperm is worthless

No. 1698846

>sputters and burns out due to being a hated Single Mother Ruining Society
>only gets more extreme, refuses every offer of help or camaraderie from less retarded tradthots
>I can see her becoming outrageously obese and blaming it on feminism failing her, will lose her male following either way
>since a disproportionate number of trad/altright/MRA/pickme grifters were fathered by 50+ men(tard behavior due to geriatric sperm), the child likely grows up to follow in mommy's footsteps as a pickme or PUA(depending on sex)

No. 1698958

File: 1668350756036.jpg (91.07 KB, 1506x387, 8OdSquZ3Wig.jpg)

I don't think she qualifies as the usual tradthot, her "politics"(and I use the word loosely) are just pure anti-americanism, any one who is against America and its allies are "based and chad" for her, regardless if they are Jihadists, White Nationalists or Communists, there are tons of people in the third world who think like this, they hate america so much that they would literally cheer for anyone who opposes them

No. 1699514

If anyone wants to listen to 15 minutes of pickme bullshit this is a good video. One of the chicks on Muslim daddy Tate’s (piss be upon him) payroll.


No. 1699516

Hope she enjoys raising those schizo shitflinger goblins


>The researchers found Autism Spectrum Disorder prevalence was 66% higher in children born to fathers aged older than 50 and 28% higher in children born to fathers in their 40s, compared with those born to fathers in their 20s.

>ASD rates also rose with widening gaps between the two parents' ages.

>ASD rates were highest when the father was over 35 and his partner was 10 or more years younger.

Older men produce schizophrenic offspring.

>One study estimated that about a quarter (26.6%) of cases of schizophrenia could be attributed to paternal age.


No. 1699519

File: 1668416315706.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1800, B9798FFC-EF4C-495F-AAC7-A0A6B5…)


This Becky talking about how to keep a man is so cringe, especially considering how she mentioned in the introduction segment that she has only been with her current bf for 10 months.

If pickmeism actually works, why wouldnt she be married and ‘locked down’ by a good moid who loves her already? Oh right, because good men who will actually love and cherish you don’t want a human laundromat and dishwasher for a life partner. The type of men who DO want that type of women, don’t actually love or respect their human dishwashers or washing machines, especially not enough to devote themselves faithfully to one.

Pickmes never get picked, they can never lock down a good man.

No. 1699541

When does she have the time to make 7 figures if she's making breakfast at 6am (from scratch! very important, no frozen jimmy johns in this house no sir)
i wonder if any of this makes her happy, or if anything makes a person like this truly happy.

No. 1699550

It always seems to be hypercompetitive Beckies who know they can’t compete lookswise with other women, so they feel they need to compensate by being a human footstool and hope the guy will pick them because she folds his undies/cooks him four course meals/eats his ass/whatever other gross Gabrielle Union pickme shit.

No. 1699627

File: 1668440247552.jpeg (200.58 KB, 1080x1856, q2wv3uhipwz91.jpeg)


there's currently big drama happening in the streamer destiny's community over him serially fucking every woman he streams with. ex-orbiter lavlune posted on patreon that he tried to leave his wife for another woman whose identity is being concealed due to the pushback she'd receive. running theory is the woman is lauren southern.

timeline seems to match up with ethan ralph's tweet - destiny and lauren made videos together regularly until late july/early august, which is when destiny apparently left his wife. lauren then disappeared from his stream altogether.

post from destiny's subreddit on the wife drama in august:

destiny has said the rift was caused by a ‘normie' woman, but has also repeatedly contradicted that by mentioning (in his most recent video on mrgirl drama) ex-orbiters were messaging this woman and claiming if her identity were revealed, she’d receive extreme vitriol from her community.

during this period, he had a religious crisis and began questioning his belief in god. matches lauren's ideology. there's a screenshot of lav discussing this somewhere - will post if i find it. relevant comment about halfway down about that screenshot and destiny’s interest in religion:

on lauren not appearing on stream:

total speculation at this point, but i imagine if the woman is actually lauren it will come out eventually. has she posted a full body view of herself recently? she would probably be showing around now. wonder if she aborted her illegitimate spawn

No. 1699702

I don't know, part of me wants to believe… But would other chicks really want to respect Lauren Southern? What twitch thots are even friends with Lauren that have an audience who wouldn't cancel them for associating with someone like her who aren't grifters like Brittany Venti. I feel like if the theory were true, Ralph would've said some shit by now. Maybe they were going to fuck but one backed out last minute and it's some other chick altogether? I don't know…

No. 1699731

i wish it was real, but it's very doubtful. destiny obviously has a crush on her but i can't imagine lauren fucking him (not to wk her) and like the other anon said it would surely get out if it the rumors were true.

No. 1699767

File: 1668461942339.png (3.6 MB, 1792x828, DA5B7A7A-4265-43B6-AAB7-4CF31E…)

Destiny was last on stream with Lauren less than a week ago. It’s not her.

No. 1699872

File: 1668468549782.jpeg (596.71 KB, 1242x1505, 0FA8DA95-6AA3-4064-9FBF-078349…)

>x shitty male behavior is fine, it’s been happening since forever, so it’s natural and normal!
I swear to god soon enough these pickmes are all gonna be defending legit male pedophilia because apparently that’s ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ for men too (some tradthots already are pedophilia apologists).

Hell, XYs killing people and raping has been ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ for hundreds of thousands of years too, let’s just push the boat out, indulge moidmonkeys and normalize all disgusting male behaviors regardless of societal consequences!!!

No. 1699884

Destiny is such a scumbag. He screams sex-positive liberal sexpest from evey pore and I don't know why women don't respect themselves more. I'm not intimately acquainted with the current drama but my general understanding is he was sexting with some pickme and still doing it while calling her his creepy stalker etc. Mr Girl who was calling him out is a whole other thing, he's a scumbag and probably a nonce too, but still less creepy and unctuous than destiny.
I'll tell you I'd rather bed a straight-up misogynist than an undercover one who gives lip service to feminism and sex positivitiy to fuck women.
I don't believe the hype Lauren was involved with him, they are friends but she can do hugely better and seems to have a better head on her shoulders than some of his female orbiters.

No. 1699892

i feel like she must be in an abusive relationship with some insecure douchebag that can't handle a girlboss gf. why else would a successful woman feel the need to compensate for her independence by acting like such a desperate pickme? i don't understand women who drink the mgtow coolaid and think they need to be submissive tradwives when they already got things going for them.

No. 1699938

File: 1668471133479.png (53.8 KB, 481x500, corsets.png)

It wasn't as actively peddled to men, but men absolutely wore corsets, the small waist was considered attractive in males too. I saw her "mocking" not the actresses but the people responsible for costuming, because they made the actresses wear corsets directly against their skin, which is not how actual corsets were worn. Idk nonnie sounds like you're reading people bitching about her without actually watching her stuff. Not WKing, it just doesn't match up with what I've seen her actually say

It can't possibly be because dems cater more to women's interests, no, the wimmenz are just brainswashed! Moids stop projecting tjheir inability to think rationality onto women challenge (impossible)

No. 1700021

Obsessed with how these moids claim women don't vote rationally, but in the next breath with admit that their platform offers nothing to women and never will by design. It's been hilarious seeing all the cope from them about how unmarried women, the voting bloc they're least popular with, are simultaneously high powered career-having yuppies too busy to have a family, desperate poors looking to make the govt their husband, unfuckable bitter fat chicks, and also getting enough dick to have a late term abortion every month. The male intellect at work, kek

No. 1700055

> rather bed a straight-up misogynist than an undercover one who gives lip service to feminism and sex positivitiy to fuck women
my sister in Christ, these are not your only choices

No. 1700472

Unfortunately yea it is let’s not kid ourselves

No. 1700595

Go outside nonnie

No. 1700827

i disagree (you can also choose to not fuck men at all btw) and even if it was only those options you'd be retarded to pick the "straight-up misogynist". why would you rather fuck someone openly hating you than someone at least pretending to respect you? that makes no sense unless you're a self hating cuck

No. 1701243

better options include dating women, not dating at all, or being really selective about which men you date
or mixing and matching these choices throughout your life

No. 1701433

(forgot to sage)
> why would you rather fuck someone openly hating you than someone at least pretending to respect you?
I'm the anon who made the original comment (not the oe that said those are the only 2 options, I don't agree with that, I actually found a moid who is neither) but what I mean is that in the case of a creep like Destiny or your average college professor who sleeps with his students you add another layer of lying and manipulative headgames to the mix on top of the misogyny. Plus the sex is probably going to be better with the regular ass scumbag. But yes, nonnies, don't fuck either.

No. 1701608

>in the case of a creep like Destiny or your average college professor who sleeps with his students you add another layer of lying and manipulative headgames to the mix on top of the misogyny
sure but those two are like pretty equal in terms of their behaviour and manipulation tactics. so none of them are worse or a "straight-up misogynist" in comparison to the other. if the dilemma actually was like the other anon described, the person who outright hates you is obviously worse.

No. 1702341

Yeah I've never understood this line of logic. How is a misogynist who performatively respects you at times worse than one who never does? Both are terrible of course, but it's not like dating MAGAgroyper1776 who thinks women shouldn't be able to vote and exist solely to serve him is preferable to some male fake-feminist type

No. 1702589

The groyper is probably more attractive and actually has a job

No. 1702685

Groypers? The group of extremely online, unwashed, mom-dependent 15-25 y.o. unemployed neo-Nazis who spend their time jerking off to loli hentai and pestering mainstream GOP operatives for not being bigoted enough? Tell me you're joking.

If not, you're either a moid or someone with an extreme lack of discernment. If the former, kill yourself. If the latter, get some taste before your lack of it gets you killed.

No. 1702822

My two cents after observing tradthots in the internet for a while, but i noticed how these women never seem to be truly happy or having fun about anything. The tone in their voices seems simply sad, and they give serious "dead inside" vibes even if they keep posting photos about how social they are and how fun they have with their trad friends and shit like that… It just doesn't seem genuine, specially when you compare them to women who don't hardcorely adhere to any political ideology and just mind their business.

Like, just watch a video of some tradthot YouTuber and then compare it to some smaller YouTuber that has a channel about hobbies or something mundane like that. The vibe is completely different. Something about these women always seemed off and I'm realizing it's probably they are deeply miserable with their lives in general, like these women keep hanging out with men who will spit random misogynistic shit to their faces and then play it off as a joke, and then these women in their heads play it off as "harmless banter"/he's just joking teehee and they probably think this shit is normal because they most likely don't have any contact with socialized or mildly polite men who are at least aware enough not to say nasty crap to a woman's face. The funniest part is that since most of them are usually jobless and most likely terminal online, they most likely don't have casual interaction with normie men so they probably aren't aware of how dysfunctional the men and the people they hang out with actually are.

All this shit for not wanting to finish your studies work… Fucking tragic honestly. It does sound like a miserable existence for anyone.

No. 1702828

Samefag, but i wanna add i dont really believe this becky is making 7 figures lmao, its probably either a bluff or she's luckied out from some shit like a crypto scam or whoring herself out, meaning it's likely temporally.

When you really have the skills to make 7 figures you are not making breakfast from scratch at 6 am for some loser you only dated for 10 months, mostly because you don't have the time to. If anything you hire someone to make breakfast for the both of you. These women think so highly of themselves for doing the bare minimum and basically being useless slobs, its hysterical how out of touch with reality these narcs are. The looks on the faces of the rest of the girls on the set are saying everything, even the scrote sounds like there is disbelief in his voice kek.

No. 1703101

>photos about how social they are and how fun they have with their trad friends
Examples? I always got the same vibe about their unhappiness too but never seen them posting pictures like that, the pictures I see tend to come from more normal conservatives

No. 1704506

File: 1668946374877.jpg (778.7 KB, 720x6428, 9e7662b3-1394-472e-ac04-9a7858…)

>Posts the link to her ig account under her tweets
>Makes up statements about wanting to be a SAHM and housewife as young as possible, but still studies and goes to college. Another Phyllis Schafly in the making, trying to preach to other women to not get jobs but self-promoting & build her brand on the downlow with her male simps paying for it?
>Says she is super pure and innocent, never partied or hooked up with men before. Then talks about "the next man i date…" tweets
>Named Trump and DeSantis her daddies

No. 1704524


The NLOG vibes reek with this one holy shit

No. 1704925

>"future stay at home wife and mommy!!"
>in college
Literally every single time, no exceptions.

No. 1704977

has the photo of lauren southern's husband been posted yet? the one where they're at some even and he's 100% visible, it's like a full length couple photo?

No. 1705215

She’s a little too late now anyway. Moids are catching on to tradthots like her since she’s literally using all the same buzzwords as every other tradthot in existence.
>I’m too pure for sex uwu
>ugh I hate school
>in college anyway
>hate partying and shaking my ass I will be a quiet submissive sahm so date me pls
>here’s my ig
She’s not even creative or memorable. Also kek did she really waste 8$ on a blue check

We saw a full body from behind with her wedding pics

No. 1705248

File: 1668998067409.png (1.2 MB, 1004x1040, LShusband.png)

this is the one i have, is that not her then? not american so idk sorry - just saved this when i saw it posted on kf

No. 1705853

File: 1669061584355.jpg (740.4 KB, 1080x1930, lchpckm.jpg)

I honestly think she wrote this because she's a retard who cannot function in a normal, 40-hour-week job and is trying to cope by thinking other women are as useless and stupid as she is.

No. 1705862

I thought these were terrible wax figures of Ivanka and Jared for a sec kek

No. 1705900

>I'm so trad and chaste and submissive to pwease my future white husband uwu
>btw here are all the sites where you can look at my thirst traps and give me money
Even moids can't be dumb enough to fall for this.
>get rid of most women
>twitter is falling apart
I know there are other factors at play, but how can anyone try to spin this as some kind of own on the women who got fired?

No. 1706185

First picture is a subset of 7,500 employees, second picture is a subset of about 2,000. Doesn't make sense to compare pre-Elon and post-Elon this way. But as long as there's a chance to shit on women logic doesn't matter. Feelings over facts.

No. 1706356

i'm more freaked out that every woman at twitter has the exact same haircut

No. 1706382

>seems like one of those SuperStraight evily Psychotic Antifeminist Woman, with a big agenda to use her pickmeism and suck up to red pill males in hope to destroy most other women and their rights while elevating herself only and trying to make herself "an exception to join the boys club" so that she will be spared and exempted from the female rules that those men want to dictate.
Yeah. It’s obvious when this vermin takes pride and joy in seeing other women tainted or f’ed.

No. 1706387

File: 1669091869649.png (300.53 KB, 551x619, EFWbdBZX4AMjGat.png)

Should it be reviewed to his fellow female "honeybadgers" to acknowledge it and stop claiming an early-transitioned troon lying to be a natural woman in their group is not wrong then?

No. 1706398

does L. Chen herself even have a job other than tweeting all day and getting enough face fillers to float away like the balloon from Up?

No. 1706412

She’s suppose to be married with kids but it should be obvious that she isn’t even doing the sahm thing either. I’m guessing her husbands pathetic and can’t fully support them so she has to make more money grifting online

No. 1706447

She employs her husband iirc, she's his sugar mommy. Of course, he's ugly and treats her like garbage. No idea about her kid tho.

No. 1706476

File: 1669100287656.jpg (203.57 KB, 720x2062, 8018fa87-2f13-41dd-ace4-bbad9e…)

With their 2 other cis woman counterparts from the feMRAs, though they look masculine you can still tell Hannah is the trans woman here. Hannah has a male overbite and cheekbone-to-chin lines that really emphasise the male bone structure, how could the group not tell?

No. 1706516

It’s funny that they try so hard to pander to scrotes but these same men ignore them in favor of thots. Well ignore isn’t the right word, they make sure to harass them and remind them how unwanted they are in dms and comments every day.

No. 1706530

What’s odd is the badger femras still try to get a bunch of orbiters when they claim they already have a husband/man as a partner, how is that being loyal women if there are males you are trying to get attention from on youtube?

No. 1706608

Looks like a Men With Facial Differences support group. Finally Elon is among his own kind.

No. 1706619

Tradthots are a mildly interesting bunch. It seems there are three camps: one the bluepilled camp, one the redpilled camp and one the blackpilled camp.

Bluepilled trad thots are those sheltered quiverful churchy Jesus Loves Me and My Man is My Lord types who were raised by very protective parents and think men are fantastic and can do no wrong because they haven’t experienced the real world outside their family and church.

The redpilled ones are the ‘men provide money and resources, women provide sex youth and babies’ camp who are bitter about getting older, are extremely bitchy towards other women and usually spend too much time lurking FDS and manosphere forums. They’re generally pretty miserable and terminally online as well as unemployed and latch onto a betabux. They’re also very dominant overbearing and outspoken despite men deriding these as unfeminine traits.

And the blackpill ones are usually the ones who have been abused by a man growing up and develop this extremely defeatist learned helplessness mindset, they are basically human doormats and their trad lifestyle is really just an extensive BDSM fetish lifestyle, they’re the type to eat their mans gross ass and smelly tunafish gooch, convince themselves they enjoy being abused, and basically just end up being homeless or murdered.

No. 1706620

Does Lauren even know if these men have wives? Kek

No. 1706637

Why they haven't asked Lauren Chen how come she's self-promoting and building her brand with male orbiters while saying "women shouldn't have jobs" simultaneously is also intriguing.

No. 1706650

>no makeup selfie
>an entire ass face of foundation, blush, mascara, and possibly eyebrow liner
Moids are retarded

No. 1706652

Tardwives do this too. All their posts about traditional femininity and submitting to their huzzzbund gets little engagement from other women, it's always 90+% moids seconds away from cooming cheering on how "real women still exist" or something of that nature. Actual "traditional" women(many of whom had no choice, so I won't call them tradwives) leaned on other women and collaborated with them on projects around the house/in the village or whatever, but these women only want attention from men. They have no desire to form or be part of a community, save for one where a bunch of failmales circle them to salivate over what a NLOG they are.

No. 1706654

File: 1669128480716.png (6.97 MB, 1836x2376, unknown-172.png)

Another rw tradthot on twitter:
Elise (@elfenelise)

>20 year old swedish girl

>bad at nailart but rw men love her nails because it's not fake acrylics
>for a self proclaimed "tradgf" her pastries just look like turds
>insecure about her natural hair colour (brown) and bleaches it just to tell people she is a natural blonde
>gets simped for being blonde
>has argued with a tranny to then show her very womanly rectangle fridge physique
>gets simped for this
>apparently has abs
>"tradgf" but posts her thighs
>inflated ego solely because she is nordic and only argument she has to laugh at people is "you're brown hahaha"
>gets laughed at in a nordic groupchat for being too americanised

No. 1706669

kek are those not just acrylics with nail polish applied to them? Men are fucking retarded

No. 1706675

obvious self post go back to your lame ass twitter please

No. 1706695


The anime profile picture makes me think about why the rw is so obsessed with anime for people who claim to be "trad" and against consumerism. Blogposting but I've personally been friends with a lot of people who claim to be trad and religious and all this crap but are also huge weeaboos. You would think wanting to turn against modern society and consumerism would also encompass anime and media consumption, no? That's what a lot of right wing men make fun of in so-called soyboys, at least. Rules for thee and not for me , I suppose. Are men really that retarded? And women, too. It just reeks of trying to be speshul

No. 1706706

File: 1669134984474.jpg (45.21 KB, 720x290, Screenshot_20221122-152949_Twi…)

She's ridiculous

No. 1706711

Lauren and all these tradthots are imagining something nearly impossible. They can't even have no job and only need to take care of their children and tidy up the house. They have to continue making money "on the side". They're the actual breadwinners in their families. The hardest cope in realizing the nuclear family doesn't exist anymore. Even now the only way you could have a nuclear family is your husband would have to go into debt to attend some university and get a bachelor's or doctorate degree and fingers crossed he gets some high paying corporate or medical position to quickly pay off the debt so you can save up before he knocks you up and you'll be able to completely stay at home.

No. 1706712

Anime is "trad" because it's full of sexualized, infantlized teenage girls. That's the extent of their reasoning.

They fetishize Japan as a trad ethnostate RW utopia, mostly because their entire view of the country comes from hentai and video games. They were screeching over how Japan has fallen to Western woke imperialism a few weeks ago since their parliament wants to increase the national age of consent to 16 from 13, kek. They don't seem to realize, or maybe just don't care, that the shitty harem uguu anime they salivate over is seen as schlock for kids and perverts even over in Japan.

No. 1706717

Looks like her regular nails with nailpolish on them. Regardless of that it looks shitty

No. 1706722

this almost feels like a vendetta

No. 1706728

I love how she hides her face in all of these pics. She's probably just as hideous as the other pickmes ITT.

No. 1706732

>abs with those flabby arms at that normal weight
i hope it is a selfpost so this skinnyfat becky will go do some weight lifting, also nice double chin while she shows her brassy hair off

No. 1706768

what? what balkan cares or even thinks about those scandinavian countries? balkans are chasing the mediterranean lifestyle. these racist tradthots are so delusional

No. 1706774

File: 1669139879578.jpg (40.06 KB, 720x287, Screenshot_20221122-152917_Twi…)

She really has a superiority complex when it comes to being Nordic. She blindly believes in the idea that everybody wishes they were Swedish or worships Scandinavians

No. 1706838

has to be one of these two. how else would OP know about what's going on in a group chat she's in?
>gets laughed at in a nordic groupchat for being too americanised

wait till these retards figure out japan is actually a modern hellscape with abyssmally low birthrates, high suicide rates, etc. also, if any of these people ever went to japan they wouldn't last longer than a year . i fucking hate weebs, but i hate racists who say japan is a model society even more because they watched too much anime and haven't had a reality check of how shitty life can be there while acting like they're superior to everyone else who likes anime

this shit SCREAMS american larper. no way she is actually nordic. she even bleaches her hair to cope and seeth. also as a woman with balkan heritage, no i don't get upset for not being nordic lol if anything looking at her i'm glad to not look like an actual tranny

No. 1706891

smells like a vendetta post. but i do love how those blue nails are probably supposed to be runes, they look like they were made by a small child who has just started learning how to draw the alphabet.
kek, i fucking can't with tradthots, nordic women are just normal women like everyone else. most women i see in everyday life aren't some mythical trve aryan models or something. i think these idiots are obsessed with these partially obscured selfies because otherwise they couldn't pretend they aren't extremely plain looking and insecure.

No. 1706899

Nordic countries are also the most feminist countries in the world lol. I don’t get why subby doormat pickmes try to identify with them.

No. 1707016

I wonder why they always like to emphasise how single women are actually “lonely, not independent” but never say the same for bachelor men. Why are men allowed to be single and not called out to be a lonely wine-guzzling cat person?! In fact, many pua and trp also encourage men to be single and spin plates, saying marriage is not worth it. Why the contradictions?

No. 1707049

Is it not obvious? Its so their moid fanbase will keep paying for their nudes and not feel bad about being single and to put down other women because pickme

No. 1707051

Because it's the exact opposite in reality. Projection is how moids cope.

No. 1707311

Idk if you nonnas used to follow the Varg Vikernes thread (trve vikings) but some of his followers had this exact same larp: American larping as Scandinavian, Italian larping as Scandinavian etc. It’s a different form of trad circle with elements of paganism but the main audience is very similar to trads.

No. 1707515

Seriously, Nordics don't abide by most "trad" trappings from what I understand. I've heard Swedes say they couples don't even consider getting married until they already have a child together kek, it's no 1950's soup advert come to life like trads would like to believe

No. 1707519

They also like to claim women in the workplace are in some weird pseudo-sexual relationship with their (assumed male, of course)boss due to "submitting" to him, but never extend this logic to men. Aren't they "submitting" to their bosses as well?

No. 1707530

Claiming that working for a boss (they always assume male for some reason) is exactly like being an indentured bangmaid is one of the more recent tradthot copes (especially if they have some sort of trendy anticapitalist slant)

No. 1707590

So their husbands are indentured bangmaids, then? I guess that makes them even lower than that, a bangmaid's bangmaid kek

No. 1707623

They probably think it's only true for women because tradthots plainly can't imagine not sucking dick to survive. The idea that you can obtain resources as a woman without engaging in prostitution-lite or some other sexual transaction with some type of daddy figure is simply unfathomable to them.

Because a tradthot has to tease anal for that one new washing machine or some shitty Florida vacation, she thinks this is how it works for any other woman - understandably so. If I willingly sentenced myself to such a life, I too would probably want to believe that no one has it any better.

No. 1707796

Because the Nordic phenotype is blond hair and blue eyes and light skin and so get worshipped by tradthots.

No. 1707863

What's funny is that most tradthots aren't in that kind of arrangement, even the hardcore evangelical christian types. They do all the household drudgery, but also spend their time embroiled in various MLM schemes/making "courses"/selling etsy shit/grifting in some other way since their husburdens can't make the cut. They're effectively just whipped breadwinners to their tyrant manchild husbands. It's wild.

No. 1708075

A workforce alternative of that would be a paid internship where you pay the employer, except it's for a job in which more experience makes you less employable.

No. 1708951

A bangmaid’s tale

No. 1709184

No. 1709974

He looks like a nice guy. Tall too. She's insane but I'm glad she found someone.

No. 1709981

>1. Males have this "rape-maxx reapmaxx" as many women as possible mindset, get a harem, only settle down when 50 - 60, with a young virgin from 4 decades his junior. "The main purpose of Man is to spread his seed" is code for "maxxrape maxxreap as many women as possible for beauty variety and pussy".
Men have problems but this isn't what most men want. Most men do want a lifelong relationship with one woman. They'd love it if they were allowed to cheat but in general I'd say that men want a genuine romantic connection more than women do

No. 1711187

They don’t want a genuine romantic connection, they want a locked down bangmaid, broodmare, and surrogate mommy who can’t ever leave him. Because why wouldn’t a moid want a whole other human being who exists solely to serve him?
If they give a shit about romantic love they wouldn’t treat their aging wives like shit while simultaneously whining about the rise in divorce.
Yes all men want to rape and reap but they’re also self serving and lazy in general, enough to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. A millennia of being promised helpmeat has got them extra entitled. They want to be a warrior king with an infinite harem as well as being coddled and served like a mother would to a child. There is no limit to how much men demand and no iota of humbleness or self reflection in regards to it.

No. 1711189

>If they give a shit about romantic love they wouldn’t treat their aging wives like shit while simultaneously whining about the rise in divorce.
You are confusing Zoomers on the internet with men irl. Both men and women want love, but I'd say on average that men want it more. The difference is that men are obsessed with sex and still want to sleep with every woman with every woman they see, even if they are in a good relationship, whereas most women aren't interested in sex without there being a romantic connection

No. 1711207

This is actually funny because whenever you go to male spaces and, in the rare moments they will show vulnerability (or share “feels” as they call it), it’s almost entirely consistent of men crying over lost romantic opportunities, struggling with loneliness in their old age, feeling “blackpilled” for having no family/legacy and other existential dread that hinges on their relations with women. Their fearmongering about cat ladies on benzos is entirely projection. There’s nothing that scares a man more than coming to the realization that he isn’t actually the main character of the universe and he spurned every opportunity to form lasting friendships/romantic relationships. Even if his grief is entirely superficial (muh lost son/genetic legacy, muh no womyn slave to clean my house and talk to me enough to not go insane). The phenomenon I’m describing is basically a moid midlife crisis, since most men never drop their ego fog until they have to face the reality of being terminally unwanted when they are empirically….a bald old creep.

Moids are parasites who think themselves superior for feeding on their host’s flesh. it’s only until they come to the full, front-brain realization that they are dependent on their host to live and the power balance is really the opposite of what they pretended to believe. Of course subconsciously they’re all aware of their precarious situation and their neurotic behaviors towards women can attest to that. One of these tells is their tendency towards projection. Every failure of the parasite is really of the host, and the parasite is actually quite clever and deserving to take advantage of the host, of course.

No. 1711212

You are either a man or tradthot apologist if you think the moid instinct to spread their seed and mate guard is anything that could be described as “love”. Boomer and zoomer don’t matter, men have has the same misogynistic ideas since recorded history. Zoomers may not use the same language, ex “my nagging wife”, but they still denigrate and neg women stupid enough to get into relations with them nonetheless.
A fundamental requirement for love is equal respect, and that’s something moids just don’t have for women. If you can say moid “love” includes cheating and reap/raping on the side then it is simply not love that they feel towards us. The closest thing men have is their hierarchical idol worship, but that is still an empty and soulless version of romance that even a robot could preform.

No. 1711217

Ah, the classic hopeless romantic moid who has such profound, emotional depth and in need of love and affection to fill his empty heart but also is addicted to porn and will cheat on any woman who gives him a chance without an ounce of hesitation… oh if only women knew the plight of this prince and became his girlfriend already!

I think you have fallen for moid manipulation tactics; lovebombing, narcissistic self pitying, and their main character syndrome waxing notably. Instead of taking male whining over their poor lonely hearts at face value, maybe you should simply observe the faxx for what they are.

No. 1711230

It's absolutely stunning how close the average moid personality is to a clinical picture of NPD (complete with the aging narc collapse we call "midlife crisis")

No. 1711317

moids rarely complain that they can't get sex. Incels do but those guys are genuinely mentally ill. Your typical moid who can't find a relationship complains about being lonely and/or being unable to find love. Women can be happy on their own but men usually can't.

You are tripping if you think that men don't want real love. They just don't want the responsibility that goes with it.

No. 1711323

They don’t want real love because they don’t know what love is. They think mate guarding and forcing sexual exclusivity on women is love (note that they themselves will never be sexually exclusive). Your moid will say he “loves” you over the phone while he has underaged rape porn open on his browser. Your moid will say he “loves” you but if you inconvenience him even slightly he’ll be looking for way to monkey branch to another woman.
I literally hear incels make the same argument as you, on 4chan, in threads about dismembering and raping young girls no less. “We men just need love. We’re so lonely. Won’t you fix us? We just need a gf”. All I hear are desperate bargaining attempts from a parasite who is deprived of its host, a parasite that would just as readily rape and kill you if he thought it would be easier than begging. Sorry but moids are animals and their crocodile tears about not having something their brains cannot even process is none of my concern. In fact I relish in the “epidemic” of poor lonely men. Can’t wait for their useless genes to be flushed away.

No. 1711329

>moids rarely complain that they can't get sex.
Men and pickmes just go on the internet and tell the most brazen lies like it’s nothing.
>incels do but those guys are genuinely mentally ill.
Ok I see, we’re doing that moid diversion trick where they make a clear line of distinction between the “real men” and the “lesser men who don’t count so you can’t make generalizations lol I win the argument feminazi”.
Other such examples: “that chauvinist isn’t a real man he’s a boy!”, “That pedo is no real man he’s a faggot!”, “those sex pests aren’t real men they’re incels!”

You tradthots need to understand quick that your mythical perfect man and your idealized version of masculinity does not exist in reality. You handwave actual assessments and critiques of observed male behavior for the honor of a class of men that aren’t even real.

>Women can be happy on their own but men usually can't.

Because males are parasites who need a host. They aren’t hopeless romantics struggling with their love quest.
>You are tripping if you think that men don't want real love.
They don’t because men are almost entirely incapable of understanding what real love even is.
>dodging responsibilities
Another lazy parasite behavior that has continues to exist because of excuses women like you make for men. You don’t even hold men responsible for their actions WHILE you defend them. Insanity.

No. 1711347

>Because males are parasites who need a host. They aren’t hopeless romantics struggling with their love quest.
Men have been writing cheesy love poems for thousands of years. Pretty much the only subject they can write songs about are about love.
>Ok I see, we’re doing that moid diversion trick where they make a clear line of distinction between the “real men” and the “lesser men who don’t count so you can’t make generalizations lol I win the argument feminazi”.
If you are at all familiar with self described "incels", they are clearly all mentally ill.
>You don’t even hold men responsible for their actions WHILE you defend them.
I agree that men are bad and are responsible for their own romantic failures. I'm just pointing out that while we can live without them, they can't live without us. It isn't a value judgement, it's an observation.(male so buttblasted that he is derailing the whole thread.)

No. 1711371

Ah yes, the well known genre of romance stereotypically associated with men, so commonly enjoyed by men that the term 'dick flicks' was coined. Seriously, men want love? Don't make me laugh. Men don't brag about romance, they brag about sex and servitude when it comes to relationship branging.
What world do you live in? Tradfag men chimpout online about women being poisoned by romance media because they no longer have to settle for men who don't care for them but settled in their minds. Do you mean when men like classic hero movies where they fight the bad guys and get rewarded with a women for being so great? Men don't want love, they want worship and status in their dumbass made-up hierarchy.
>They don't count as men! You can't use them to point out that men don't want love they just want a bang maid! Muh poor mentally ill rapists and mass shooters who sperg about rape needing to be legal and often being outed as pedophiles and zoophiles looking for easy prey to
Men need to take responsibility for their actions. Do you think everyone who is a selfish asshole that chimpsout when not given what they want with little to offer or effort on their part is muh sad wittle mentawwy ill person?
Men claiming they want romance while women live in reality and see that is mostly false isn't going to trick any hapless women into settling down as a bangmaid for some useless scrote who wants status and a little kingdom to order around because he feels entitled to do so and shilled the idea by other moids who use it as a way to get them to obey other dumbass moids higher in society.
>Only zoomers
Accept men have shat on women for most of history and literally made society force womens single value to be their looks and ability to give birth for majority of history, not love. Tradfag men cope about the wall and shit on older/ugly women all the time. There go to for reeing about women who aren't tradfags is muh leg beard fat feminazi shit.
>But 17 century poets! Men can't focus on anything but love.
Men wanting to fuck women is not love. And the whole poet love letter romanticism is rare. The average moids that majority of women paired with was not some romeo.
I assume you're male considering how hard your trying to shill men and relationships in the face of reality and history. It's not going to trick anyone and you wont find a gf hear nor will anyone suddenly believe this dumbass myth of men being romantic as a class. As I said, there's a reason the genre of romance is associated with women and men sperg about women expecting romance from men.

No. 1711373

>men ree that women having kids is a duty
Ah yes, much love, very romantic. They don't mention joy or beauty at all, nor do they respect those that claim to not enjoy or see the act of traditionalism as beautiful. They are not romantic people, this is a cope.

No. 1711384

Truly. Imagine saying moids rarely complain that they can't get sex seriously kek.

No. 1711415

Most moid music I hear on the radio is literally narc love bombing if not explicitly toxic and abusive. Most of the famous male artist who sing about love have probably raped numerous underaged fans as well lol. There you go again taking what men say at face value instead of looking at what they do and what motivates them.

Men in general are mentally ill, they all are on the spectrum of autism and NPD, on top of being prone to violence and impulsivity. Incels are men, they are like the gestalt of what it means to be a male before you socialize and domesticate them.

>they can't live without us

And I don't think it's my responsibility to project humanity onto them and feel sorry for their failures. I like seeing these parasites die off.

Tradthots really do think moids are fallen angels who just need a good woman to fix them, of course the men will say the same. What you get in reality are isolated and lonely women dedicating their lives to being a support human for a moid who doesn't give a shit about them as a person. You'll run around in circles for a few years before you come to this realization. It only takes a few "trad" men to suck the all of good will out of you before you learn, like almost every other woman in the planet.

No. 1711428

I'm convinced the only famous tradthots who still exist at this point are ones who got in way too deep and are literally afraid of what would happen to them if they change. Most women go through a pickme phase and it always ends when they realize male attention is abundant and of very little value.
If you're online with your face and name, pandering to psychotic misogynists with a tendency towards abuse… the ruination you'd face from abandoning them is enough to keep you in line. It's quite literally like an abusive relationship but on a mass scale. It's easier for tradthots to tolerate the hate, abuse, stalking, ridicule, and othering by their fans and male counterparts even though it runs them ragged I'm sure. Best to stay and let your man beat you indefinitely, rather than leave him and risk having him kill you in a fit of male narc rage. The only option they have us to degrade themselves even more in a series of failed attempts to earn better treatment.

The only women who get into this scene are young and extremely naive, they probably think they really can be one of the good ones despite there being a mountain of discarded tradthots that have been dragged by their moid audience. Or worse yet, the aging women who have not invested an ounce in themselves and are scared shitless of the moid catlady scare propaganda and cling to the first geriatric cheater who will have them.

No. 1711635

sage since responding to old milk but this is thought to be a fake message Ethan Ralph sent to himself https://twitter.com/TheRalphRetort/status/1549113385094201346 so the curious thing to me is whether Ethan himself is lurking here to fuck with the narrative which is definitely something he'd do, it'd be pretty hilarious for the Ralphamale to be gayopping on a girl site though, kek

No. 1711670

>Men need to take responsibility for their actions.
>And I don't think it's my responsibility to project humanity onto them and feel sorry for their failures.
>I like seeing these parasites die off.
I agree with all three of these statements. I didn't say men deserved true love, I said that they wanted it.

No. 1711736

Wanting to be loved (essentially worshipped for many men where flaws including outright cheating is ignored and the woman acts like a door mat that does not mind being divorced if the man fines a new shiny women to hold his attention) is not being loving nor actually wanting love.

No. 1711740

You say men should take responsibility for their actions then say you can’t blame incels for their behaviour when they are just entitled and repulsive men?

No. 1711782

you’re really hung up with semantics, very scrotey of you.
Men are animals and animals can’t help what they are because they don’t have the faculties to change. Just because I know men are defective by nature doesn’t mean I excuse their behavior btw. Same way I don’t fuck around with snakes even though snakes can’t help that they’re snakes.
“Taking responsibility” is accepting that unsavory (aka bad optics) males are still, in fact, males. They can’t use their masculinity fantasies to talk their way out of incels and incel tendencies not being part of their sex.

No. 1711786

>You say men should take responsibility for their actions then say you can’t blame incels for their behaviour
You can blame incels for their behavior. Mentally ill doesn't mean that they aren't responsible for their actions. Prisons are filled with mentally ill people.
>Wanting to be loved (essentially worshipped for many men where flaws including outright cheating is ignored and the woman acts like a door mat that does not mind being divorced if the man fines a new shiny women to hold his attention) is not being loving nor actually wanting love.
That isn't what most men want. Most men just want the whole boring suburban dad experience. They want to be Beto O'Rourke, not Hans Solo.

No. 1711855

The "suburban dad" experience they want is them being king of the shitty overpriced house they manage to afford with their long-suffering wife and kids serving as their subjects. Take a look at any mom forums and you'll see endless complaints of husbands who play video games into the wee hours of the morning instead of caring for their children, don't cook or clean and leave their house in squalor if the wife won't pick up the slack, not letting their wives have lives outside of caring for him/the children, etc.

No. 1711878

>pointing out my hypocrisy of saying men should take responsibility for their actions while excusing incels is scrotey ree
>keeps trying to push lie of men wanting romance and being great
>these animals demand to be leaders and control the way society runs
YWNBAW kek. Trying to shill scrotes as a good deal will never work in the tradthot thread of all places. You can’t blend kek.

No. 1711896

John Calvin, Herman Goering and George H.W. Bush were all high status guys who had money and servants to look after them and yet all three became debilitated with grief when their wives passed on. Percy Shelly could never forgive his devoted daughter for causing the death of his feminist wife during her birth. Even wealthy, high status men want a romantic lifelong partner

No. 1711901

I doubt that Beto mistreats his billionaire wife. He knows he needs her a lot more than she needs him and I'm pretty sure she rules the roost. Even his perpetual failed runs for office are likely because his wife doesn't want him moping around her house

No. 1711911

File: 1669586724854.png (1.31 MB, 945x831, C3B136B8-8E0E-429D-ADCA-38491C…)

>using George bush and literal nazis as an examples of “the good ones”
I still have hope for you (unless you’re a male). You are going to look back on your past self and cringe. Still a better fate for you compared to marrying and dating a polscrote. Just be sure you don’t make that mistake.

No. 1711954

First of all, I doubt John Calvin or Percy Shelly were Nazis.
Secondly, I don't think that any of those men were "good ones". My point was that even rich and famous scumbags wanted love, not harems

No. 1711961

Surely there are better examples at your disposal than Herman Goering

No. 1712044

funny how many sincere replies this obvious male received

No. 1712063

There are just as many if not more men that can be pointed to as examples of men not wanting love, also saying something and actually doing something/feeling something are completely different. You fool no one and can’t even address the other anons points about incels and men hating romance etc.

No. 1712067

Do you think women weren’t oppressed when they couldn’t own property or earn there own money ‘ruled the roost’? Is this some sort of cope that women are totes the boss so don’t question why majority of power is in scrote stranglehold and often relies on women being fucked over?

No. 1712070

Nobody is saying that men are good or denying that men have more power in society. I'm just pointing out that most men want love. I'm not saying the deserve it, I'm saying they want it.(male)

No. 1712228

And anons say men don’t want love and give examples of many things that disprove the whole men want romance idea of being at all common including the fact that many men who call themselves trad seethe about the idea of romance etc, yet you don’t address any of that while making an obviously false claim you expect anons to accept without thinking and disregarding most of history and experience. You see groups of men that cheer the idea of women being replaced by robots then try and claim this and seethe that anyone who points out how nonsensical your claim is is male while being prob male kek.

No. 1712238

And he still can’t explain why they don’t apply. Men identify as romantic kek.

No. 1712283

Explain Calvin, Goering, Bush Sr and Shelly, then

No. 1712287

>You see groups of men that cheer the idea of women being replaced by robots
The men who say that are coping. They are unable to make romantic connections (usually because they themselves are so fucked up) but they still have the need for such a connection so they cope with MGTOW YouTube vids.
Studies have even shown that narcissistic men are unable to find happiness because of their inability to form romantic bonds

No. 1712386

Men don’t want romantic connections. If you actually read studies on how men perceive love it mostly revolves around sex and servitude. Incels aren’t down on their luck mentally troubled men who have to work through their trauma and develop their character in order to get the dream wife they always truly deserved, they are coomchimp hominid creatures who are missing the neural pathways in their brain that allow them to see others as human beings with their own life stories. To them, men are other player pieces in their hierarchy games, and women are objects to be taken or discarded depending on their appraisal.
Autism / NPD scrotes aren’t tragic, byronic main characters who need character development to unlock the next level their love quest. They are literally subhuman and are absolutely unable, down to their biology, to have empathy and connect with another human on an equal level. It’s like teaching an animal how to talk to you. No matter how hard you try it’s never going to happen. These men aren’t worth defending or explaining. They are failures.

When men cry about love they cry about not having a guaranteed hole to fuck, not having a manic pixie dream girl to fix their catatonic depression, not having a house maid who does their laundry and dishes, not having an emotional sponge to dump on, not having a source of narcissistic supply.

For all the romantic minded men you list, even assuming it were 100% true, the unevolved chYmps outnumber them a million to one. You’re either coping and praying you can find your prince charming who loves you like in a romance novel (but let’s ignore the war crimes and anything else that would make him undatable), or you’re trying to trick women into serving moids by dating them under the pretense that an understanding woman can find the good in him (that isn’t actually there).

No. 1712409

>For all the romantic minded men you list, even assuming it were 100% true, the unevolved chYmps outnumber them a million to one. You’re either coping and praying you can find your prince charming who loves you like in a romance novel (but let’s ignore the war crimes and anything else that would make him undatable), or you’re trying to trick women into serving moids by dating them under the pretense that an understanding woman can find the good in him (that isn’t actually there)
Except I don't think that women should get married. Studies show that men benefit from marriage but that women suffer from it.
>They are literally subhuman and are absolutely unable, down to their biology, to have empathy and connect with another human on an equal level.
Then explain Calvin, Goering, Bush Sr and Shelly
>but let’s ignore the war crimes and anything else that would make him undatable
If he treats you well, what difference does it make to you how he earns a living?(male)

No. 1712415

File: 1669621090205.gif (371.68 KB, 500x375, 98F8793C-F0B2-4152-B4E8-3061A0…)

Tradthots think they’re better than radfems while idealizing marrying George Bush and seeing war crimes as a quirky side hustle I am literally laughing my ass off

it’s so fucking pathetic and funny like girl you are not winning and you have absolutely nothing to be smug about lol goddamn thank you for making my day

No. 1712817

>Tradthots think they’re better than radfems while idealizing marrying George Bush
I didn't say I wanted to marry George Bush(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1712826

I did retard XY, saying that men don’t always mean what they say and can say they love someone but instead love how they can be used aka not love. You however couldn’t explain away tve whole incels, men hating romance, men not considering women people for a large part of history, and majority of scrotes being the ones to commit DV thing and instead coped and seethed and ignored everything to just identify as romantic like all other retard scrotes kek.

No. 1714434

not sure if tradthots but this brand of "off grid" couples scream american larping as scandinavian to me. they live in a box the size of a 2x4 in the mountains with no running water and electricity and they bathe in ice water but at least they have social media to broadcast their lifestyle.

No. 1714435

>Most men just want the whole boring suburban dad experience. They want to be Beto O'Rourke, not Hans Solo.
Are you literally 13? "Most men" want the whole boring suburban dad experience NOW, because that's now considered a basically impossible to get lifestyle and is therefore a status symbol. When men were getting that lifestyle by default they fucking hated it.

No. 1714555

File: 1669820190828.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2511, Screenshot_20220519-010200~2.p…)

I found this slut while browsing Facebook this week she's the most pathetic pick me I've ever seen.
>a female MRA
>Constantly posts thirst trap posts parroting MRA talking points for validation despite being married with a kid.
>Posts weirdly sexual pictures of her breastfeeding her toddler (I have nothing against breastfeeding btw but still).
>Says circumcision is worse than rape.
>Claims that all feminists are anti woman.
>Is a lolbertarian

No. 1714559

>Posts weirdly sexual pictures of her breastfeeding her toddler
I feel every instathot does this and tries to justify it with BS politics

No. 1714565

File: 1669820793861.png (2.04 MB, 1428x2667, Screenshot_20220519-010148~2.p…)

I feel like this cum dumpster knows that scrotes are only gonna pay attention to her retardation by posting her ass.

No. 1714569

File: 1669821204938.png (489.65 KB, 1440x2392, Screenshot_20221130-101136~2.p…)

Here she is using breastfeeding to virtue signal for asspats

No. 1714621

Scrotes will swear on their life they love a woman while literally abusing and manipulating and lying to her. Story of most women’s lives.

I wonder if most tradthots had dads that loved them? I feel like it’s one way or the other. They either had dads who truly loved them and did a good job being dads, so they think all guys must be capable of loving them like their daddies. Conversely their dads were huge fuckers who said they loved them while actively abusing them, so they assume they have to accept scraps of affection from some fucker cause that’s the best they’ll ever get and if he’s even slightly nicer than their daddy it’s def true love.

No. 1714640

Moids are never satisfied with anything unless it’s something they can chase. The grass is greener mentality is something that’s just ingrained in the y. The default was they get a wife and two kids with a house and good job? They ran to the nearest hotel room with an escort to cry about how boring and awful their life is and how it was so much better before. Now the default is they’re alone and they’re running to the nearest mra sub or youtube channel to cry about how boring and awful their life is and it was so much better before.

She looks like the type of woman that ironically mras hates the most

No. 1714642

so they either have good dads or…. bad dads…. like literally everyone else? got it.

this is why the idea of sexually promiscuous girls havin "daddy issues" doesn't work either. i think it's reductive to talk about a women's whole mental state as if it's based only on how her father treated her.

No. 1714684

Sorry Nonna but your logic is flawed. You put emphasis on fathers way too much, like scrotes who love to humiliate women with daddy issues, as if those women had a choice. According to you, they either have a loving father or an abusive one, which already covers a large group of people? Not every one of them turns into a tradthot?
What actually helps women grow stronger is a strong female figure in their family, preferably a mother. A pick me “love heals everything” type of mother who accepts all kinds of abuse from her husband and sons, and puts them on a pedestal is the worst for women’s inner strength and confidence. A mother figure who keeps her head up, is independent, is her authentic self and moves on when/if she’s abused by her husband and sets a good example for her daughter(s) is what young girls need

No. 1714775

File: 1669839467756.png (547.48 KB, 796x818, Screenshot 2022-11-30 151332.p…)

She's a little different from the alt right trad thots that normally get posted here but i recomended this youtube channel today and I just wanted to share it. There is actually a whole genre of videos created to teach black women to be smol and submissive and be less "masculine". She definitely practises what she preaches to some extent unlike the traditional tradthots that are subjects to this thread, but i can't help but think how miserable of a life this is, everything she does seems to be more about trying to get her man to stay. Ngl her cooking looks very unappetising lmao.

No. 1714798

Tardthots generally come from tard households. In a classic tard household, the male is an "unattainable", celestial, deified figure whose approval you have to fish for no matter how objectively worthless and meek he is outside the home. The nuclear family is in many ways built to give the beta male an "outlet" for being at the bottom of the hierarchy, a little sandbox in which he gets to be a Chad - his boss may fuck his every hole Mon-Fri 925, but at least he's God and King in the home. This way there's also fewer reasons for him to revolt, which keeps society in relative order. The mother, of course, plays the "unconditionally loving", "earthly" and perma-accepting role as an extension of the moid's own mommy. Daddy and mommy issues aren't a bug of tardition, it's a feature.

That alone explains the generational contagion of tardthottery. What can a girl learn from this environment?

No. 1714914

tradthots become tradthots because of mommy issues, not daddy issues. They think that being a SAHM is living life on easy mode either because they do not have a proper mother figure so they have never seen firsthand how difficult being a housewife can be, or she is a total egoless pickme who lets everyone around her treat her like trash. Women whose mothers are good and normal understand inherently how hard it is to be a mom and all of the bad things that often come with it like depression and loneliness. Basically, pickmes don't respect other women because they don't respect their moms.

No. 1714916

File: 1669848660427.jpeg (173.32 KB, 658x1054, 766CF42F-489E-4F24-B737-8071F1…)

A woman from tradwife Twitter just posted this. She had to leave her abusive pos husband after he forcibly got her pregnant. The darkest part is when she basically says she felt like it was her fault for not being a good enough wife. She’s only 25 and pregnant by a violent asshole with a baby she didnt want, and I think they have another child. I hope she can find safety and support for her and her babies, but I also hope that all the trad morons in the comments posting how sorry they are realise they should be shouldering some of the blame too, for normalizing this heinous bullshit.

No. 1714919

ik that room smell crazy

No. 1714920

neither anon but tradthos definitely beget other tradthots because they are moms who do not raise up their daughters but throw them negativity all the time. But dad has a role. Maybe it's the mom explaining the dad's role too: like nonna was saying unconditional submission and seeking approval. And an aloof dad is going to drive her to pickmeism especially if her mom degrades her or women in general in her presence and if she doesn't have other female role models. It's a generational issue but the girls who don't come from actual trad households and instead adopt it for the meme online or in some kind of quasi-BDSM fetish, those are also probably from a similar home situation just not presented as overtly "trad", just a degenerate marrying a pickme. Many such cases.

No. 1714959

She's just going to submissively pump out his ugly rapespawn and go back to being his self-warming fleshlight-maid. Such is life when your entire identity revolves around serving a moid. The beauty of traditional marriage, kek

No. 1715035

And yet you sound like a moid, dehumanising her, expecting her to be incapable of change, and focussing all your anger on her instead of the violent rapist. She's been duped by the lies of the trad movement but she's still a young mother who managed to do one good thing by her kids in leaving him.

No. 1715042

holy shit. i do a lot of lurking on tradtwitter and sarah is a very active member. she's deep in crunchy woo-woo stuff about natural childbirth, recently posted her fridge full of homecooked meals she made in preparation of her upcoming birth. she is either due in weeks, if not freshly postpartum with a newborn.

to hear that she never wanted to be pregnant is so sad. i know tradtwitter isn't full of the best people, but my heart aches for women trapped in horrible situations like this. i hope she has friends and family who arent damaged by catholic/religious traditionalism nonsense.

No. 1715071

Women have agency, believe it or not. And the ones who entrap themselves in submissive man-worship woo woo like this one simply reap the consequences of their poor choices. I fully support her and the rapespawn leaving her ugly moid, I just know she won't. Give it a few months and she'll be gushing over how the key to marriage is being extra quiet and submissive and she just let her silly woman emotions cloud her judgment.
If her family is full of tradtards, then they'll tell her to suck it up and perform her duty as a cleaning-fucking-breedbot. The entire point of traditional relationships is to give men easy access to sex and someone to lord over, the woman's health and happiness is not a consideration.

No. 1715112

you are no better than trad men and the incels who glorify them. in both your worldviews, if a woman isn't ideologically perfect in your eyes, she is worthless.

No. 1715121

Oh shut up, you just need to admit you hate women and go. If one doesn't fit your aubitrary definition on what womanhood is she's worthless and deserves everything negative to happen to her. We've all heard this song.

No. 1715156

God, I hope she gets away from him for good and he doesn't follow her. Something like this happens every week and yet whenever women describe these scenarios as a big risk of tradthottery they get accused of being cruel and making up fantasy scenarios where people who disagree with them politically get horrifically abused, like, honey, we don't need to make shit up we just need to have a working memory. I wouldn't be surprised to see people in the replies saying it was her fault for making him forcibly impregnate her and she should have wanted it.

No. 1715176

I’m sorry but how do these women not realize how much of a fucking scam these “traditional” relationships are? Let’s give a man the power to lord over your entire life and command you to do whatever he wants while you are cloistered away in the home and have no job/education opportunities. Oh yea and your ultimate goal is birthing as many rapesons as possible so he can spread his shifty genes and abusive ideology to the next generation.

They must have supremely low self esteem and believe they deserve it, and blame themselves so much for everything they think if they act right their pos scrotes will change.

No. 1715211

Ayrt, your talk of "agency" makes it sound like I'm defending her doing intentional harm to someone. She bought into false promises and learnt the hard way. At some point everyone realises they were wrong about something and that they've been lied to in some way. Your edginess here is going to haunt you when you realise you were wrong about being a woman and detransition.

No. 1715532

This is 100% correct.

No. 1715554

The worst fears of them leaving is coming to realize that those evil man hating feminists were right all along. Swallowing the black pill dry. I’ve seen trad wives completely abandoned before, living as a single mother with three kids under 5 struggling to get job above retail because they dropped out or never started any higher education cause they believed their moid would provide and be this handsome Marlon Brando 50s husband for them. They always end up abusive and cheat with a co worker or some escort. And yet even going all this, some will still say not all moids are like this or that he wasn’t actually trad because it’s easier for them to continuista living in their fantasy than face the real harsh truths of reality

No. 1715567

There was a "tardthot" moid in the current lefthots thread actually trying to sell the idea that these things can't happen (and some lc tradthots mooing in agreement) because there's alimony and child support kek, the whole exchange is kinda milky


No. 1715583

ntayrt but please. their entire existence online is to not only advocate for this exact experience to other women but also to shame women who choose agency and dont accept the tardwife lifestyle.

as sad and depressing as her situation is, she is part of the cancer that has spread online. I hope she finds help but I know she will be back on twitter in a few weeks advocating for other women to accept the same exact thing.

No. 1715671

Yep. I emphasize with her but I'm also aware that situations like these are what feminists have been warning these women from for years. Not to mention how much they demonize women who criticize trad bullshit or any kinds of feminist activism, even though they constantly reap the benefits of it themselves. Two things can be true at once.
And mind you, tradtwitter is constantly making light of domestic violence or straight up telling women to accept it as normal. I've even seen women on that side of twitter "joking" about how well they'd be able to withstand their husband's beatings due to her "peasant build". I truly hope she and her family will be fine. But let's call a spade a spade.

No. 1715768

How? I think this lifestyle and its adherents are the lowest of the low, only slightly above criminals(which many of them are anyway, including this woman's huuuzzbund). The women who buy into fit into this category also, in addition to being dumb enough to think they would be exempt from the consequences of an ideology that actively preaches for their subjugation. Do you think all the trad women saying wives should shut up and submit to marital rape and beatings are just poor wittle victims? No, they're active participants in this shit. Them being victimized by their own bullshit doesn't change that.
Did you respond to the wrong comment? This has nothing to do with what I wrote.

Marry a man who thinks you're his property to do with as he pleases -> getting treated like his property is a reasonable expectation. She got what she signed up for, which she was delusional enough to think would somehow never happen to her. I don't think she deserves it, but it's far from a surprise.
I'm a woman, just not one with much sympathy for tradthots. Believing you exist to serve as a man's sexual outlet-maid-breeder results in actually being treated as such, like this woman is right now. She's an adult, not a child–I don't know why you and these other nonas insist on treating her as such.

No. 1715792

Yeah she was posting completely normally until a few days ago. Makes you wonder how many of her mutuals might be experiencing similar things.

There are people in her community saying that a woman should get married as young as possible, to the first man she goes out with, and that they shouldn’t be together for longer than a year without getting married. When pressed on how to exactly an 18 year old with no prior experience is meant to be able to choose a good husband they always say some vague shit about how she should know if he’s godly, or that her dad should choose or smth. And if the marriage doesn’t work out then it’s up to her to change to fit what he wants bc divorce isn’t an option. Honestly it’s not hard to see how things like this happen, and I’m sure that for every one of her mutuals who is genuinely sorry for what happened to her, there’s another one who will blame her for picking a bad man, or not doing enough to please him.

No. 1715881

How do you become a good wife, nonnies?
> Step 1. Do The Self Work
> Step 2. Prepare Your Body
> Step 3. Learn Domestic Skills
> Step 4. Manage Your Finances
> Step 5. Change Your Circle of Influence

No. 1715896

God her face is hard to look at but I just watched clips of men admitting that women should be treated worse than in the handmaids tale. Yet these “wifeys to be” retards are still pushing for women to marry scrotes. The same scrotes that will happily beat you and kill you because the Y chromosome is deformed. Marriage rates should plummet to 0 it’s never safe for women to be married to a moid

No. 1715907

why r they always either obese or just hideous looking

No. 1715927

if they were attractive they wouldn't need to try this hard, it's really simple

No. 1715933

File: 1669920265719.png (227.17 KB, 1184x946, sewtrad.png)

These thinktank girlbosses are always shucking and jiving for their awful divorced male followers

No. 1715951

step 6 get a rhinoplasty

No. 1715961

>is against any kind of taxation from the state
>when censored by a private platform resorts to state enforced laws to defend herself

No. 1715977

Don’t take any pro life woman seriously. Most of them will spout this shit then you’ll see them hilariously covered up entering the nearest clinic for an abortion. in their minds, it’s totally justified because they aren’t sluts, their situation is different. I’ve seen it. Others who’ve worked at clinics seen it. They want to be special exceptions to the rules to feel special from men. Allie here would love christian nationalism but is always quiet when her fellow christian moids turn around to tell her to shut up or leave the internet because she’s a woman with a supposed husband and kid. She has no place in their world but thinks she will if she supports them.

No. 1716145

File: 1669935663843.jpeg (352.65 KB, 1540x1922, EA8A3139-6491-4DB8-9234-83D6A1…)

Justpearlythings looks very haggard for her age. Tranny face, becky physiognomy, and skinnyfat with a bloated belly. Is she really 26? I feel like shes really 35 and lying about her age because muh men don’t want post wall women.

No. 1716148

This nonny is right. Women have agency and we can make our own decisions and take responsibility for them.

Telling us we’re perpetual victims with the minds of children is exactly what trad scrotes try to say about women and it’s gross.

I’m just glad she has left her disgusting scrote, proud even. But needless to say, no trad scrote is gonna wife and betabux a kid who isn’t his. And this is why she won’t be accepted in that community anymore, that demonizes and blames single mothers and not the man who ruins the relationship and family.

This is the sad reality of tardwives. They play a rigged game which they can never truly win.

No. 1716157

I think the real issue is low self esteem, and being unattractive is just a common source of that for women(and men too, but men blame "shallow" women for their lack of romantic success while women blame themselves). All the common factors tradthots have that have been mentioned here–religious upbringing, physical unattractiveness, being mediocre in their career–are just the means by which their self esteem was tanked. Religious women are raised from birth to think they're lesser than men and exist to serve them, unattractive women think playing hard into the tradthot angle will bring them romantic success, mediocre career women are just looking for a grift since they can't cut it and resent their more successful colleagues, so on.

No. 1716171

Tardwives and pickmes age like dogs (selection bias, high quality women don't need to grovel) so I honestly believe the 26 story. She could be sub-30 at worst, not even 35.

No. 1716188

File: 1669944155713.jpeg (203.54 KB, 750x998, 49406E83-F31F-4C4B-BE4B-92E019…)

No. 1716248

Stop nitpicking. She looks normal

No. 1716347

She looks at least 10 years older than her stated age

Kek you can feel the jealousy dripping from their fingers when they post this type of shit. >>1716157 is right, they absolutely resent successful girlbosses

No. 1716356

Nta, she looks normal and fine for a 35 year old but come on… 26? Maybe she doesn't believe in sunscreen but it's not farfetched to think that she might have lied about her age so she could make money lecturing other women about The Wall while being unmarried post-wall. There's plenty of grifters like Lauren Southern who don't even believe what they preach.

No. 1716622

Sage for kind of off topic but one of my close friends is digging deep into the trad lifestyle and this is threatening our friendship. (She’s not tradthot tho)
Before I continue, I would like to say I want to support all kinds of women, that includes women who sacrifice a lot for their husbands. Not every woman is based pink pilled and I don’t believe in alienating other women for lifestyle differences.

Background: she uprooted her life in her home country so that her husband can have a well paying dream job here. She hasn’t worked in years and never learned English properly, can’t speak the native language either. As a result she has a hard time making friends, I’m her only friend here. Her English skills deteriorated over the years because she doesn’t speak to anyone and is mostly codependent on her husband.

I feel sorry for her because surprise, when you’re completely codependent on your husband you have anxiety about the future. She’s anxious about everything and a simple day trip over the weekend can be mentally challenging for her.

She has zero friends who are from her country. When I ask her why, she says they are too liberal for her and that she doesn’t like other women looking for greener pastures. I don’t fully understand what exactly she means by that because of the language barrier.

She recently told me her pro Russian opinions and she had some theories about Ukrainian activists which are deeply disturbing for me. I think the isolation is getting to her because all day she’s cooking, cleaning and in her spare time she browses the web in her language. It’s so weird, she has no interest in discovering this beautiful country or meeting with people. I think the isolation is making her seek refuge in right wing ideas but at this point I might have to draw a line. I’m super uncomfortable with that. The husband is too autistic to understand her mental health issues and only responds to questions about his hobbies or work. He ignores her loneliness and struggles.

Sorry for the long blog posting but this what they want women to be.

No. 1716931

File: 1670028934865.jpeg (127.2 KB, 750x1098, 19238E4A-8F67-4FB4-AC16-7C408E…)

No. 1716939

File: 1670029233179.png (3.34 MB, 1832x1398, be31t2ndger81.png)

The other day I've come across a random "muh women must take care of their husbands because nature" posts by one of those trad gurus for fatherless moids, and it inspired me to actually look into it.

Unsurprisingly, there's nothing "natural" about women taking care of men. No animal species, not even monogamous ones, has females that expend their nurturing resources on the fathers of their offspring. Sure, there is a tardthot argument to be made that "women are naturally maternal because female animals". But that really only applies to their offspring. The husband as an ersatz infant is a uniquely human phenomenon that can only be described as a mixture of sexual and brood parasitism.

The fact that the human male evolved to be such an effective parasite is remarkable, however. From my observation, any given "masculinity" permits the male to mimic infants in some contexts involving women without being seen as "weak". Perhaps tapping into female caretaking instincts is more of a factor in female subjugation than tard strength in moids, which is why testeria about "unmotherly" women is a cultural as social cliche virtually everywhere. The tard strength alone wouldn't work without women's pity.

No. 1716952

Like most tardwives, she's regurgitating her moid's grievances. The "looking for greener pastures" part is either her and/or her moid's frustration at women who have more bargaining power, made better choices and therefore won't settle for what she has/what he has to offer. Things like that aren't pleasant to observe for either him or her, which is completely understandable.

Internalizing a male's sexual resentment against women he'd like to have but can't is certainly one of the more twisted tardwife behaviors. I can only describe it as being a weaponized cuckquean.

No. 1716961

Working hard for that Shuwu award, Lauren. I'm thrilled to see what this gets you in three years or so

No. 1716972

Nonna I'm glad there are nonnies like you that will tell it like it is. What excuses do Western women in 2022 have about being tardthots? Feminism may be a perpetual conflict that is currently losing, but so many gains have been made and have not been chipped away. I have less sympathy for tardthots and how "patriarchal brainwashing :(((" lead to them experiencing exactly what their ideology preaches because so many women that belong to similar lifestyles/ideologies/political opinions i.e. normie conservative, republican, overly religious women have some self respect as women. Granted, not a lot, but it is there. They may believe in some submission bullshit to some extent, but they are not give up total personhood and many have successful careers. They take pride in their intelligence, ability, and seek greatness for themselves. They won't be pinkpilled misandrists but they have some fucking common sense about males and what they can do if you aren't careful. Essentially, it is not impossible to have an iota of common sense and self-respect without being super in-tune with gender politics and while having a more conservative ideology. Yet tardthots do a whole side-step and lean in to the most hideous mutated version of an already shitty ideology. And we're supposed to sit here and think this is inevitable under a patriarchy? No ma'am, not all of us are retards. You can't be surprised you're treated like shit when you are a cheerleader for the worst of patriarchy.

No. 1716982

the pic wasn’t even right but nobody fact-checks anymore. But tbh, I see Lauren C following in southern’s example by quietly divorcing her husband and leaving her kid behind for a life of chasing scrote attention until she’s in her 30s and gets shamed for her obvious fillers

No. 1717005

Well said. Nonnies need to keep in mind that tardthots don't just want that prison for themselves. They would if it was actually desirable as opposed to gigantic cope for low value females, which is why they don't. Their self loathing is never confined to their own filthy lives, YOU need to suffer too. Because tradthottery is inherently a sexual collective bargaining strategy for mid to low women, the proposed "benefits" of tard marriage simply can't work unless every female buys into the system. Otherwise there's too much temptation and interesting, unavailable, non-lobotomized "whores" for hubby to fantasize about conquering.

Againz they need you to be a tardthot also - just as miserable, boring and noxious - because anything else interferes with her odds of being picked AND inspires extramarital obsession with "uppity" women in her beta moid symbiote. I have legitimately never seen a female masochist that wasn't sadistic towards other women, and frankly I don't care if it's their coping mechanism. Men are merciless towards male "cucks" and "white knights", why should non-retarded women martyr themselves for seething bangmaids? You can acknowledge that they're victims (just like pedos who were molested as children) without having a shred of mercy for them.

Misplaced empathy towards tradthots is going to end with them dragging you into their own bucket of crabs.

No. 1717007

Sounds like she spent too much time on Slavic coquette tumblr

No. 1717009

Break up your textwalls a bit when you type this is hard to read

No. 1717029

File: 1670036540697.jpeg (57.09 KB, 750x489, 2F76697C-3807-49B2-9ED4-33DABF…)

Off-topic but guess who commented.

No. 1717052

Trad influencers are just sex workers. Not a calling I'd choose, but they're as valid as onlyfans creators/lewd twitch streamers/snapchat GFE providers, and represent the exact same labor category (remote partial service sex work). The way their clients perceive them is also largely the same.

In traditional full service sex work, a low sexual value man pays a sex worker to perform acts vanilla women might have too much self respect for. Acts that center the male pleasure and fulfill a psychological need to feel important to women, often in an extreme way. Lauren gets paid to verbally debase herself to cater to these male fantasies, things no woman who grew up with a present and involved father would say in an earnest manner. It's a completely valid market niche in adult content.

The only difference between her and let's say Shayna is that Shayna's content is visual, whereas Lauren's content is verbal (so far). It's sex work lite like phone sex BDSM or custom ASMR blowjob sounds, but sex work nonetheless. Honestly, not a bad gig if you actually get paid and are anonymous, but she's old and it's all tied to her real identity, so her future earning potential is kinda cooked unless she escalates to nudes.

No. 1717135

File: 1670041975284.jpg (486.85 KB, 894x1606, Lc.jpg)

It's curious that you mentioned Southern, since Chen kind of looks like an Asian version of her. And probably not because of genuine similarity, but because she has that peanut head shape found in aging women with bad fillers (hollow temples and chipmunk cheeks). Her tear throughs are herniated as fuck as well. Does her "career" as tradwhore only afford her a Groupon medspa or something? A decent fat repositioning blepharoplasty would look better and is cheaper in the long run, but perhaps not upfront. Maybe immediate solvency is a problem.

Her moid kinda looks like a skinny pregory septic. What's funny is that supposedly when they met she was already whoring for money, while he was a nobody still in college. Then he hopped onto being her pimp and that's his full time "job" now. Wew lad.

The state of tradthots - literally buxxing a man with the proceeds of your online self-debasement.

No. 1717147

>BASED REDPILLED twitter is a barely functional mess that is quickly becoming just as censorious as it was before, since the entire reason it was like that in the first place was for legal purposes
Musk fellaters stop embarrassing themselves challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
A stunning number of tradthots are bankrolling their "provider" husburdens, or sometimes even just boyfriends. Never forgetting that Atlantic article about Lauren Southern's then-boyfriend telling the interviewer he wouldn't eat ketchup because it was too ethnic, then meekly waited for Lauren to pick up the bill when their meal was complete.

No. 1717160

>This is what happens when men run Twitter!
>Twitter is an insolvent, unusable catastrophe

If I didn't know better I'd think she's trolling moids lmfao

No. 1717348

Thanks nonna for the reply. I was feeling a bit guilty about these feelings I cannot help. She says her husband is not a “womanizer” but I catch him staring at cutely dressed young girls around their twenties. All the damn time. However he doesn’t want HIS wife to wear any makeup or get tattoos. He also gave me a dirty look when I told them woman have some sort of financial independence and they should be able to make their own financial decisions. Earlier this year I got myself a second hand Furla bag because I passed an exam and she was like “omg how could you spend this much money on yourself”. It’s not like I spent $10.000 on a Chanel bag, I rewarded myself for a year of hard work. She has no concept of prioritizing herself.

She does spend a lot of time in Slavic online circles. I’m not sure about tumblr it doesn’t sound like her cup of tea

I want to support women. But now I understand the nonnas who cannot stand tradwives

No. 1717361

why dob't you look at the animals that humans evolved from (apes, btw) instead of sourcing all your information from comparing men to lions or frogs or whatever you're doing

No. 1717365

Wait, you think adult men do naturally need women to fawn over them? Ntayrt but huh?

No. 1717414

>tradthots become tradthots because of mommy issues, not daddy issues.
Lotta truth in this statement. I wasn't tradthot but I had a lot pickme tendencies and self hatred for being a woman cause my mom was a total psychopath bitch. My dad is shitty in a lot of ways too but at least he loved me.

No. 1717432

File: 1670082175899.jpeg (102.88 KB, 750x722, 717CE17F-2C18-4E97-B3F6-79E08A…)

No. 1717459

iirc there's evidence men suck on womens tits to try and build the same chemical bond we have with our infants kek males are absolutely parasites

No. 1717460

the reason they use frog/hentai avatars is because they all look like even more effeminate versions of the "soyboys" they cope and seethe about

No. 1717499

chen and southern are different people??? i thought southern just changed her last name after marrying some asian moid

No. 1717530

The point she’s trying to make here is literally so retarded you can’t even argue with it. Of course most of the programmers are male, software eng is 90% male. Does she think the entire company is just programmers?

No. 1717534

nona this is killing me kek

both popped off at around the same time and are both names lauren, but they occupy different niches now. lauren southern married a asian(half asian?) from australia and has a son, she's still nazi-lite but has toned down on her misogyny after being the subject of tradmoid ire for the past six years. married her moid likely after accidental pregnancy, ignores son and husband, likely in the process of divorcing

lauren chen is a hapa who's gone off the deep end in her pickme misogyny. she never got fawned over like lauren southern did on account of being mixed race and not a blonde evropean or whatever, which likely spurred her to behave in such self-debasing ways. married to a butt ugly indian(feather)-white man who mistreats her, has a child i believe but we don't know much about her/him. pray for that child if it's a girl
nayrt but all you can do is live your life and show her that life as an independent woman is fulfilling on its own. she doesn't even need to leave her moid or even get a full time career, just socializing outside the internet(maybe at an english language lesson group?), going for walks if she can, picking out a hobby not related to the online sphere. always remember that she's not your responsibility, and there's only so much you can do for her. her life is her own.

No. 1717542

>has a child i believe but we don't know much about her/him. pray for that child if it's a girl
Lauren Chen's child is a girl.

No. 1717588

>Why don't you look at chimps and bonobos for animal examples of bangmaidry and monogamy

Cute bait kek

No. 1717627

Anonymous now No. 1717625
comparing these women to the japanese women i see who actually have it going on and the realities of the cultures here is absolutely wild. staggering levels of childishness when it comes their creepy delusions, it makes them look even more provincial and like stereotypically dumb white people

No. 1717633

tradtwt snowflakes learn to read challenge . how far does the point have to fly over your head to think someone is trying to actually be negative and suggest that?

No. 1717732

Literally why is she speaking on this when she obviously doesn't know anything about programming? Am I missing something or is she just jealous other women have interests, careers, skills, and personalities outside of being a BASED woman with a fake social media job?

No. 1717752

Everything about her screams "Generic girl who couldn't get male attention in high school and college and is compensating by appealing to the lowest demographic" kekk like those dumpy girls who say they are sooo kinky and they looove anal in hopes of attracting some equally dumpy man

No. 1717754

Women who do nothing with their lives aside from pumping brats out are insecure and lash out at women who do more with their lives. Every mother I know who actually wanted kids 1)has an involved husband who treats them like a partner not a broodmare and 2)has something else going on with her life, be it a successful career, making art, writing, volunteering, anything. Being a live-in maid who moonlights as breeding stock is a miserable way to live your life, and the women stuck in those circumstances want to crabs-in-a-bucket other women into their misery.

No. 1717777

There is a certain (not uncommon) cognitive style that makes you gravitate towards ideologies that promise you a boon for displaying X traits or belonging to X group. Tradthots (if I'm a good girl I'll get a good man and go to heaven), troons (if I respect pronouns and take hormones I'll be happy), incels (if I jelq, mew, neg, eat Ray Peat and blow Andrew Tate I'll get a lot of bitches) are all good modern examples. You can call it religious thinking, or whatever. It's a primordial cope and can be applied to anything.

Women like both Laurens at some point probably flirted with liberal feminism and (being the retards they are) processed it the only way they know how - if I'm a woman or if I do X feminist things, I will be a successful girlboss. Said proto-tradthot enters college and finds out that wow, holy shit, she'll never make the cut and will never be able to compete with other women or men. Impossible! Feminism said otherwise! So what does the tradthot do?

Well, a normal person would reason that not all women or men are talented or useful, and it's not implausible that she is one of them. But you see, it just can't be. That would require the tradthot to acknowledge that she's inferior to other women, and that simply can't be. What's actually happening is that all women are as mediocre and useless as her. Also, she can still win by joining another ideology that promises divine rewards and eternal glory for being a good girl, so that would actually kind of make her BETTER than other women! Yeah, that'll work!

On some level tradthots are kind of like James Damore and other deeply mediocre males who just can't accept that many women are better than them, except for tradthots it's coming from a place of also being a woman and requires more complex mental contortions. Many such cases, sad, etc.

Is it pleasant for her to realize that she basically resigned into softcore sex work due to her uselessness and it's really just her, not the nature of a group she belongs to? Does it hurt to be acutely aware of the fact that you got the short end of the stick in life? I can't say I wouldn't feel the same in her position.

No. 1717820

she literally just lives to hear how BASED she is on twitter for retarded takes. How much longer until tradcath moids or farther right wing ones tell her to fuck off for being a woman on the internet

No. 1717887

Bonus kek is when these types seethe about pink haired topless feminists or OF thots or whatever like they're any different.

Getting paid in replyguys saying BASED to her. Not even a whore, but a garden variety slut.

No. 1717914

I think it's funny a lot of women who advocate for traditional roles tend of have careers and no children. I presume trad thots all over consoom this content and should be able to pick up on this. I don't really feel bad for them at all. Most of them spend their miserable lives putting down other women living better lives than them. I hope all pickmes who refuse reform die like that. If you lead someone to freedom and they don't go after it, it's their fault. Just let them hate themselves.

No. 1717984

You're completely right nonna, good post!!! These women believe in the stereotypes of women as narcissistic, talentless things who live on nothing but attention because thats what they are and they can't imagine it any other way.
>James Damore
I forgot about that faggot, he would definitely be a tradthot if he was a woman.
I can't wait till this happens throughout the far right internet so they can stop recruiting girls into being groomed into being creepy guys slaves, maybe if we're lucky it'll butterfly effect into the whole thing collapsing.

No. 1718094

this is the women's blackpill(pinkpill, really) scrotes are just that shallow and selfish. if you are hot, you can get away with almost whatever. but average to below average women have to do all this pickme shit to be considered "worthy".
this alpha fux beta bux is moid projection. because a woman can actually love and care. moids are unable to care about others. moids just look for sex and maid services. their "love" just means "ohh she's useful and has sex with me". while women will try to fix the most wothless and broken scrote.
you just don't do moids kek

No. 1718097

nice dark roots. very aryan uwu

No. 1718098

this seems to be a recurring theme. tradthots are usually unremarkable women who want to believe that other women who achieved more in life are actually just secret dummies who get promomtions out of nowhere.

No. 1718100

File: 1670145816371.png (831.38 KB, 810x705, justpearlythings.PNG)


this dumb tradthot explaining why androo taint is right and how she also needs to stop dating cause she's like 26

No. 1718107

She is so malebrained.
>softcore sex work
At its core, trad marriage is a form of prostitution hence why tradfluencers of all kinds (whether it be online thots or middle aged christians) put so much emphasis on "keeping your man happy" with sex. They need to ask themselves: If I have to fuck for an allowance or a new pair of shoes, am I really any better than the ~whores~ I despise?

No. 1718193

out of all tradthots pearly creeps me out the most because the way she talks is always so robotic, emotionless, scripted and her eyes look like there are zero thoughts in them.

it makes me wonder if she has mild autism.

No. 1718202

>alpha fux beta bux
As if it's not every moid's aspiration to bag a Becky bangmaid and then buxx and beta orbit a variety of Stacies from a place of safety - with his Becky's money in most cases. This isn't even internet retard trad, this is literally actual culture of most BASED places like China and such. Western moids are seething because a) it's what they'd like to be able to do and b) this is exactly what women who like moids should be doing to be optimal and c) moids are incapable of not projecting.
"The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other." - Andrea Dworkin

No. 1718224

Chad Chad did a video roasting her its pretty good!

No. 1718249

She’s such a mess, trashy as hell.

No. 1718279

File: 1670175416225.png (329.33 KB, 823x937, pearly.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if she is.

No. 1718294

File: 1670176376297.png (332.96 KB, 587x513, 1.png)

Some (not all, not even most) redheads age in rat years.
Pic related is Red-Headed Libertarian (frequent Timcast quest) who is late 30s but looks like an elderly woman.

No. 1718337

Nonna, you're forgetting the other types of tradthots. Not all of these tradthots buy into the idealogy or can give up total control to a man, no those are the low self-esteem tradthots. There's 3 other types of tradthots that some nonna's have already mentioned, but one is the "I can't cope with being ugly"-kind of narc who thinks all the men around her are beneath her because she's really a 10/10 stacy. Her narc brain can't handle the idea that she's the same as other tradthots who have to grovel and beg for male attention, nonono she's the main character who has all men slamming into signposts and those that don't acknowledge "muh traditional beauty" can get hit by a car. This type of tradthot feeds on online moid attention but at the same time would every male that doesn't see her as a goddess to drop dead. She'll never settle for a single one of them because she 100% knows they're fuggo failmales, but if she does end up settling for someone she considers her lesser, expect her bitterness to come out in everything she posts while still trying to get the attention her moid doesn't give her online, but uwu tradthottery based amiright?

The 4chan tradthot is the basic becky that spent too much time on your classic /pol/ /r9k/ and /soc/ wombo combo, is 100% a friendless neet who can't even provide for herself let alone a family but, 4chan brainrot has led her to believe that yes, she absolutely should be following tradthot doctrine. At first starts out naively believing men wouldn't hurt her, after her first failed relationship it she either swallows the blackpill on men or spirals further down by just using tradthottery as an excuse to honeytrap males into providing for her neetself.

The final tradthot, is the aggro tradthot who tries to play up the fact that she's a "demure submissive housewaifu uwu" but in reality, she runs her home with an iron fist. Her moid is usually some "daddy dom" soyboy who is absolutely terrified of his wife (expect if they divorce for him to go full mgtow). Online she's particularly nasty and aggressive toward women, whom she knows have it better than her especially if they have an attractive SO. Said moid probably works 10+ hours to provide for her and their possible family but, he looks dead on the inside or like he might snap and kill everyone in that household. It's almost 100% guaranteed there's no love in their relationship. Bonus points if he occasionally lets out subtle digs at her on SM, but is too much of a spineless loser to leave her.

No. 1718376

If she really wants to suck taint’s dick, she would just convert to islam and be in a harem for him but something tells me she just wants to be the cool girl for guys to like and call based because she never got attention from moids before

No. 1718420

Here's the response video.

No. 1718494

She's got the same annoying sounds-like-talking-underwater voice as James Charles. Also why does she she make a big deal about how women don't have consequences for our actions if men are the ones most likely to rape, steal, attack etc.? You'd think women would be the bigger risk takers if society really favoured us that much.

No. 1718542

TBH she sounds (and looks) like a lesbian basketball player.

No. 1718574

She is so fucking crusty. Pickmes put so much effort into getting a man but they can't take 2 minutes to put on some moisturizer.

No. 1718705

Hot take: I think these fat dikey chicks cling to tradlife for the same reason incels cling to MRA. Just a bunch of ugly insecure people making excuses for themselves. Go be ugly somewhere else, we don't want to see it.

No. 1718779

she’s remarkable levels of pathetic, like “textbook” nothing girl. it’s not even repulsive, just sad that you’d choose to be like that and loudly justify it while still being miserable

No. 1719393

They’re similar to those crunchy moms that think spf causes cancer so they look like a dried prune at 28 after playing trad prairie wife all day under the sun. No wonder they think they have to marry at 23, their lack of self care makes them wither

No. 1719411

File: 1670283619438.jpeg (261.84 KB, 1284x1256, CD81E19A-42CF-4777-A584-8F884A…)

Lauren Southern blaming peer pressure for getting Botox and fillers instead of just saying it was her own choice to do it…

No. 1719413

>In my "industry"

The "industry" being whoring. Use your big words, Lauren. Tradthots are sex workers.

No. 1719429

File: 1670284760184.jpeg (440 KB, 1284x1758, 2C5AFC53-3E7C-4746-B89E-A1EEBC…)

Whole thread she’s deleted

No. 1719435

I kek at this study every time because the Botox twin looks dessicated and older

No. 1719464

And yet these same tradcunts will blame women who got raped for ‘not taking personal responsibility’ or say they deserved it for getting pressured into a situation where they are alone with a guy who rapes them. Go fuck yourself Lauren.

No. 1719468

A couple years ago she would be mocking other women for ‘having no eggs’, for ‘not locking down a good man in their prime’ and for being cat ladies. Now that she’s ‘post wall’ herself (according to her incel-derived standards) she wants ageing women to be respected.

No. 1719473

File: 1670287696422.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2039, AB540EE0-2E25-4337-B678-9AE89E…)

Probably on Taint’s payroll. She also dates and has sex with black men so she is tainted and untouchable to most huwhite tradtards and polcels anyway. Same with Layah Heilpern.
Nothing triggers racist white men more than white women having sex with black men. Im amazed they don’t know that.

I saw a thread yesterday on /pol/ where they were bitching her out for it because of their small dick insecurity. When are these idiot women going to realize you can’t win a rigged game?

No. 1719489

File: 1670288701662.jpg (68.21 KB, 445x1050, Deutsche-Kuche-Doppel-Keks.jpg)

>Jelq, mew, cope, mald, seethe, perform all the "alpha PUA" mid-air splits, convert to a religion in which women can't leave you
>Still resign into sex tourism, paying women to fuck you, agree with you or even exist in your general vicinity
>Could've done just that to begin with with less effort and the same results

Taint's entire existence is sending me because this is the EXACT trajectory of every looksmax dot com pussy slayer. Plastic surgery, roids, autistic and highly rehearsed LARPing, only to end up somewhere in the Philippines or Ukraine whoring your US passport out. All that effort and you're still a mald paypig. Also:

>mfw this beta's perma-incel simps are literally crowdfunding his sex life in hopes of at some point being attractive for who they see themselves as instead of using that money to pay for their own hookers

Levels of cuck never thought possible. L

No. 1719500

fucking hell, i knew white supremacists were degenerate racists but that's just baffling. I thought the goal was to reproduce white babies, the fact she dated black men won't change that. I can't even understand being racist to this extent

No. 1719521

what was pols reaction to taints popularity anyway? Since he’s half black and now muslim

Having dated black men means that she “imprinted” on them and she’ll always compare black dicks to white ones. Then there’s the addiction to cuck porn on top too

No. 1719537

>women imprint on men they sleep with
>semen changes a woman's DNA and personality
>if a woman sleeps with any minority at any point her children will be partially mixed race because muh microchimerism
>all the shit about pair bonding
>semen retention gives men superpowers
Where do these manosphere assholes get all this shit from? It sounds straight out of omegaverse fanfiction

No. 1719548

What’s funny is nobody cared about interracial porn or BLACKED. /pol/ literally kept pushing it and obsessively posting about it until it became an international meme. They’re so goddamn stupid they actually pushed the whole BBC/snowbunny/blacked meme into the forefront of western culture. By being obsessed with big black cocks and letting ethnic people live in their head rent free 24/7. So insecure.

No. 1719550

He HAS to wear gaudy clothing and overpriced watches otherwise everyone would just assume he is a nafri drug dealer lmao. He’s so insecure about being/looking poor, that’s why he compensates so hard. Man is daddy issues and race issues personified.

No. 1719558

Isn't his dad some genius mathematician? No wonder he feels insecure in comparison. Incredible how his sister, a successful lawyer iirc, is the only accomplished sibling of the bunch

No. 1719562

>we need to create a culture where ageing gracefully is allowed
I don't think that her far-right male fanbase will want that to happen.

No. 1719573

File: 1670296409882.jpeg (434 KB, 1284x1975, 764D26D6-5AEC-4A94-BE9B-686A04…)

No. 1719574

File: 1670296456460.png (750.69 KB, 1284x2778, 6742A590-F8D8-43B1-B6DB-014205…)

It’s like she’s taking it as a personal attack

No. 1719576

File: 1670296530849.jpeg (99.38 KB, 1000x1000, 3FA66608-D8F1-44B6-8EC8-6484B7…)

Guess what Lauren? We can tell you overdid it with fillers

No. 1719592

she only had to resort to falling into this bc she’s astronomical levels of clueless and fearful

No. 1719595

Time and time again it proves that mentally mature women with actual value and decency, more naturally inclined towards the stereotypical “feminine” things and do actually do them well (because most of these women are that generally pretty, probably don’t have great practical/interpersonal adulting skills they can do with a genuine attitude without harping on about it) just do and are normal about without making it weirdly shallow, arrogant but super self-conscious or snowflakey gender fetish when it’s all basic af

No. 1719761

if you look up "teen love" on 4chan there are a bunch of threads of moids seething because they missed out on dating and sex in middle and high school. they seem like closet pedos who are mad that they missed out on the window when they could legally grope underage girls. so now they schizo post about how all postwall 18+ women are jaded roasties who already had their "firsts" and aren't naive enough to tolerate their porn addictions

No. 1719815

File: 1670326588097.png (51.96 KB, 1276x337, tradth0ts.PNG)

the uggo tradthot theory from chad chad's comment section

No. 1719828

this reminds me of all those reddit threads of moids being caught buying of by their live in bangmaids

No. 1719830

kinda sorta, it was Indian dudes who kept on spamming porn on /pol/ around 2016 and since then its kinda of porn spam war between discord spammers and mestizos

No. 1719837

I do think that tardthots should be considered separate from conservative women, when I think of conservative women I think of women like my grandmother who have some outdated values and might consider them actively hateful, sometimes they just don't understand other's perspective, others I feel just might have some uncertainties of liberalism, so I can excuse conservative women
tardthots are different though, they don't belive in anything they say and easily could have been the "SJWs" they spout about if circumstances had been different

No. 1719888

shes not wrong here. but you made your bed Lauren, go lie in it kek

are the mysterious blacked porn spamming indians in the room with us right now? cope

No. 1719950

Checks out because most pedos are pedos because of perceived lack of naivety in adult women, which in their minds makes them blackpilled on men. By blackpilled they mostly mean lack of unconditional love and worship, much like the one you would get from your mother as an infant. Pedos can't stand being seen for what they are, and instead want to be seen the way they see themselves (which for most men is some grandiose, delusional view), so they reason that the only person that will be impressed by them and not see them as a disposable meat dildo would have to be mentally underdeveloped. Also, beta male cuck anxiety plays a major role.

They get this from core male neuroses (being cucked or abandoned for a better male, loss of female proximity) and core male awareness of being a parasite of the female reproductive system.

>women imprint on men they sleep with

Wishful thinking, safety-from-cuckoldry fantasies, envy of perceived successful parasites. A hefty dose of projection, since moids do often experience fixation on the women they sleep with due to delusions of post-coital ownership. They think they've permanently "collected" them and watching those women move on makes them lose it.

>semen changes a woman's DNA and personality

No, but it is a foreign pathogen to women. Awareness of parasitism.

>if a woman sleeps with any minority at any point her children will be partially mixed race because muh microchimerism

A man isn't even fully genetically related to his own father because males have the genetic mutation rate of rats, and their defective DNA gets altered when it's transferred anyway. On some level they know this, hence the fixation with muh legacy and muh immutable paternal line (lmfao).

>all the shit about pair bonding

More wishing rather than observing.

>semen retention gives men superpowers

Primordial coping with the worthless and burdensome nature of male gametes, pretending that they aktually chose to retain it as opposed to not having anywhere to dump them.

A moid can tell himself all these tales about how women will forever be attached to men they fucked and then lament being dumped or cheated on in the same breath. They lie to themselves even more then they lie to others.

No. 1719968

great post nonna. ill add that most of the "studies" they try to reference are bunk, speculative bullshit that fails to account for the moid's own mutations. its beta male anxiety-ridden turtles all the way down

No. 1719973

you can check out /pol/ yourself, its literally a porn spamming war between two sides, you'll see it for yourself

No. 1719979

Begone seething white moid, no one buys that you're not a racist porn addict lol

No. 1719980

I guess it's obvious but these moids have got to be friendless, since anyone close to someone who dated in middle or high school would not envy their experience kek. Even in the best of cases, the relationships are just learning periods where one figures out how to treat/get treated by a romantic partner, they rarely(read:almost never) lead to a lifetime or even 10-year long relationship. Who you are as a teenager is not who you'll be at 25, 30, 35 and beyond.

And isn't the age of first sexual encounter around 17? Porn has destroyed their brains if they think the average middle schooler is sexually active.

No. 1719995

Some tribes still practice splitting their dicks apart to imitate vulva ownership. They've been trying to become us since the dawn of time to no avail. We live inside their heads rent free. Being God's original creation feels good.
To any scrotes reading here: you will never experience unconditional love. The immutable mother-daughter bond excludes you.

No. 1720008

its funny you think /pol/ users are white, most of the serious WN left to stormfront or 9chan, /pol/ is basically just /b/ with news

No. 1720017

Sure, everyone who makes you look bad is actually brown

No. 1720018

ntayrt but this reminds me of BAPtard "we more diverse than the leftoids!!1!" cope

No. 1720031

There’s some truth to it. I need to look it up later when I’m home but very progressive people tend to be more white than those in the center or apathetic to politics.

No. 1720080

mods can look up my Ip, there aren't many white people in my country
they are diverse cause they are unified in their common hatred and neurosis, black, white, brown and asian men all have issues against neoliberal capitalist society who they blame solely on the jews and other made up boogeymenm, its more toleration then accepting other people
which makes me curious, there that doesn't seem

writing this makes curious, why do you think there's overall less overalp between white tardhots black tardthots, and muslim tardhots compared to their male counterparts ?

No. 1720091


Tardthottery discourages female solidarity, most of all through "muh nation" shit which is the core of tradthottery. Moids can superficially bond over their cuck seething about losing "their" women, but "their" women must be racist and isolated to keep said moids comfortable.

No. 1720104

I mean the only thing that really seems to unify moids is hatred of "the jews" kanye west being a good example, hell even in my third world country where jews have never even lived, people still blame them for every bad thing that happens

No. 1720139

lmao i read that, the oddest justifications, whining/backing down, with the oddest motivations.

No. 1720219

Misogyny is what unifies males most of all. It is their very essence.

No. 1720373

are you implying jewish men are not moids?

No. 1720404

>being this neurotic about the male gaze
Lol tradthots dig their own grave, I don’t care if they suffer mentally because of it, they obsess over what men think because their entire lives they’ve tried to pander to scrotes, they make fun of fatter/uglier/older women in their youth and throw other women under the bus at any given opportunity then plead for mercy and understanding as they in turn start to age and get fat and old. Guess they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

No. 1720410

File: 1670369889840.png (1.91 MB, 987x2578, Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 16-37…)

>those crunchy moms that think spf causes cancer

No. 1720412

Omg she doesn't know the word perpetuated!! Hahaha what a fucking moron, imagine being built like sloth from the goonies and also being dumb as an XY retard. She probably had to become a pick me in her mind just to have a chance with anyone. Sad case holy shit, and her hair is literally always greasy.

No. 1720458

"pair bonding" is how males try to sell their violent mate guarding

sage your non-milk

No. 1720738

sage for OT but I really wish I could post some Muslim tardthots here, their so awful but I feel most nonnie's wouldn't care much for them

No. 1720809

We absolutely would nona, post them.

Also, is anyone interested in assorted batshit pickmes who are not necessarily tradthots but are pushing it? There's this hideous Colonel Kurtz hoe (from the justice for Johnny Depp orbit) and she has the most tragic failed girlboss syndrome ever.

No. 1720901

as stated earlier there is a big difference between tardthots and crazy right wing women, in that crazy right women genuinely believe in all of the BS they spout, while majority of tardthots could easily be working for CNN if the opportunity presented themselves on the other hand crazy RW women underabily believe that bill gates is part of a stanatic pedophilic elite that wants to move to mars, that's why I think they shouldn't be lumped in with tardthots and should maybe have their own separate thread
though I am curious about the woman you described, could you post her insanity ?

No. 1720994

Looks like the egg carton shit is catching up to her. She can go fuck herself.

No. 1721032

I love this post more than any moid can love anybody.

No. 1721034

if she wanted bigger lips she should have stopped at about halfway if that. she could look cute with a subtle volume boost but it's like she can't see things objectively.

No. 1721042

Maybe she got that done for herself and not for you.
t. got my own lips done(sage, sausage lips.)

No. 1721043

could you give post more about men not being related to their fathers, that seems interesting ?

No. 1721257

This. She wasn't even ugly, just average looking, that's the case for most of these tradthots but they can't handle that and fuck up their faces in the pointless goal of appealing to males.

No. 1721356

File: 1670443317520.png (630.8 KB, 846x596, EtmHc66XYAAq_FN.png)

Well, this capybara looking Becky is a rightwing-ish woman, though she's probably more of a feMRA loser.


She thinks women shouldn't vote, and that "female professors are crazy", followed by "I am a female professor so I work with them". Most of her content is about pathetic simping for Johnny Depp and Marylin Manson. Some of her greatest she-simp hits - "Johnny wouldn't ever get jealous if he was with me".

But who is this "female professor" really? Well, her name is Kristen
Lacefield she used to be some sort of an adjunct teaching film studies (lmao) at Texas Christian University (lmao) until she got booted from there. That's when her J4JD "career" began. She openly admits to being broke as shit and having nothing to lose. Her biggest triggers are, as you may have guessed, respected female professors from prestigious institutions like Stanford, teaching something respected like law. I suppose if my thesis was about Mary Shelley's influence on horror movies (LMFAO), I'd feel this crushing weight of academic inferiority too.

No. 1721366

>I am a woman
This was the cringiest part of the video somehow

No. 1721371

>Mary Shelley's influence on horror movies
that's actually a pretty good thesis idea for a literature or film major

No. 1721378

File: 1670444698761.jpg (120.62 KB, 828x1146, lul.jpg)

i'm surprised that she doesn't have a thread here, she's ridiculously milky. i guess part of that is that the manson threads have been dead in the water for a good while so people who were interested solely in that discussion migrated.
she's ridiculously dogmatic and will use knowingly falsified receipts to push her agenda. this tweet thread covers a few occasions where she's done it including a hate campaign against manson accuser ashley morgan smithline that was facilitated by her giving a platform to ashley's ex who just shit talked her. eventually she took down the interview for obvious reasons.
pic related are some clearly faked dms lol
also ot, i've never properly seen ck's face before. she looks like an extremely plain emilia clarke.

No. 1721384

I can almost understand the psychology of depp defenders, but who the fucks defends Marilyn Manson, he's always been a creepy weird dude and I don't think anyone was surprised when the accusations were made against him

No. 1721391

Even as a STEMlord I recognize the importance of the arts and studying them, but failed creatives are a whole other level of crazy, guaranteed. Even creative-adjacent professions like journalism fall into this category. Virtually all tradthots/feMRAs, Candace Owens, Kanye West, Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder…all failed artists in some respect. It can't be a coincidence.

No. 1721394

It's close enough, this thread was so slow for months the last one hit bump limit and this one wasn't created until weeks later. They're all posting the same retarded misogynistic right-wing bullshit, psychological specifics are purely cosmetic.

NAYRT but there's mountains of thesis already written about that.

No. 1721410

Her thesis is a little less cringe if you ignore the premise, no doubt thanks to her advisor and thesis guidelines, but you should read her essays and the absolute retard level of writing there kek. The eternal self important "Lacefield argues" in a literal high school essay topic is sending me:


No. 1721427

File: 1670447556915.png (31.1 KB, 1254x267, scrote.PNG)


and now this fucking retarded crusty snatch-rot is straight up defending woman beating. comments full of used tampons saying they have a right to hit women cause they "brought it out of them" by being mean to them. picrel

No. 1721441

So her dad is a retarded animal? Good to know. Wonder if she keeps that energy for when moids fuck around and find out, or if it's an instant "she didn't have to go this far!!!".

No. 1721450

Because if Manson is guilty, so is Depp. They're good friends and partners in degeneracy. Therefore, if you believe Depp dindu nuffin you have to believe that about Manson too.

No. 1721461

The only Manson defender I know is a juggalette single mom who started popping them out immediately after high school with abusive/loser/perverted men. People who are entry level “alternative”/juggalos and therefore think just because they like someone’s work that they are a good person.

No. 1721475

Even as an analogy this doesn't work in their favor, since we put down dogs that bite people.

No. 1721494

File: 1670451778607.jpg (894.15 KB, 2036x3054, andrew mothafuckin TATE.jpg)

He's also ugly as fuck when he's not doing his constipated tough guy pose and wearing those stupid sunglasses

No. 1721508

File: 1670453076714.jpeg (529.11 KB, 1936x1452, F451E068-862B-4121-88B4-0DE887…)

>Russian tradwife posts obvious coomer bait photo with “yes, daddy?” as a caption
>the usual misogynists in these circles take issue with it
>”omg how dare you sexualize me im just flirting with my husband :/“

No. 1721513

is she for sure russian or another teehee soviet butterfly slavic ice princess larper? seems like it to me. her profile is google translate tier and her typing style si typical american native internet dweller

No. 1721518

>minimal makeup

No. 1721522

File: 1670453658191.jpeg (353.03 KB, 1536x2048, 3DC3526C-19DC-4B97-84E7-9CF929…)

she gave birth with heavy eyeliner on, “minimal” my ass

No. 1721526


Every time

No. 1721527

File: 1670453754192.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1591, D28B188D-CDB3-43C0-B634-DE7DDF…)

she brags about wearing “minimal makeup” a lot

No. 1721555

Tradthots stay not understanding that they're sex workers and that's exactly what their fanbase sees them as. Moids demand a specific genre from them, and get mad when they destroy the suspension of disbelief by acting sluttier than what their respective porn category calls for. They're deadass like Shayna when she openly hates her johns lmfao.

No. 1721617

What's with the thinly veiled slut shaming? I feel like most tradthots actually are aware of what they're doing. More power to them. Maybe you're just jealous?(learn to sage lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1721619

Do you know where you are, retard? Learn to sage and stop wking whores

No. 1721653

She's pretty although she does remind me a bit of margo palermo

No. 1721677

Her nose job is bad. They scooped the bridge out too much and gave her eagle nostrils. You can also clearly see she uses the Hollywood filter on her pics

No. 1721682

Definitely larping since it’s trendy to do and poltards fetishize Slavic women like crazy. Might be 1/2 or 1/4 Slav or some shit irl but definitely not a native speaker and no Slavic woman would call herself soviet honeytrap, that’s so cringe.
t. Actual Slavic

No. 1721691

File: 1670460386880.jpeg (209.06 KB, 1242x713, 82B36ADB-A623-4311-834E-BFC32F…)

Romanticizing scrote chimpouts is soooo trad!

No. 1721696

Don’t compare those men to used tampons nona. Used tampons are filled with literal lifeblood and most importantly, have actually been inside a vagina before. These scrotes haven’t.

No. 1721700

What thirdie hospital was that? Looks filthy and wrecked.

No. 1721708

Muslim tradcows are underrated. I’ve encountered so many online and they’re a whole different breed of mental illness. They have so much repressed sexual frustration and rage due to their culture but also such severe self objectification, competitiveness with other women, pickmeism, cattiness and self hate due to growing up with Islam and patriarchal men. Makes for a whole lotta milk.

No. 1721715

Honestly reminds me of Andrew Taint’s dysfunctional childhood stories framed as normal.

He talks about how his mom and dad would fight over how to raise him, his dad walked out on his mother and would force Andrew to stay up playing chess till 3AM while he was exhausted and crying and his father was berating him and yelling at him. Asshole dad right? Yet somehow Andrew manages to make his dad seem like the good guy and demonizes him mom in that scenario as trying to make him ‘weak’ and thanks his abusive dad for making him ‘strong’.

Literally just has so much trauma it made him into a psychopath and thanks his dad for giving him ASPD. Tate is daddy issues personified.

No. 1721717

I remember whenever various moid celebrities were accused of domestic abuse or rape it was always fangirls from the Middle East and SEA countries still defending them on their pages. Sad.

No. 1721726

I'm not slut or sex worker shaming, queen. I'm merely wondering why they got into this line of completely valid work if they struggle so much with the reality of it. Like yeah men will sexuize you when you're a sex worker? Lmfao

No. 1721732

Sooo true Queen! Murdering you and moving on is clearly a greater degree of simping than when he forgives you, begs you to come back and appeases you so you don't cheat again. That black eye>>>>gifts and money! You're winning!

No. 1721735

Top kek, daily reminder to all boymoms that your moid larva will always side with the man that's abusive to you AND him.

No. 1721738

Unironically tho. The number of men I’ve seen who blame their single mothers for everything rather than their abusive or absent fathers who abandoned the family is insane. Moid solidarity is unbreakable, scrotes will always defend the worst most evil man over the most good and virtuous woman.

No. 1721831

nonna get your eyes checked kek

No. 1721849

File: 1670472111310.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1957, 57A8B6F7-2079-46A5-84CA-8BA279…)

Does this insane trad Muslim couple with the woman in a full on burqa count? I fucking despise everything about this, the cutesy shit just makes them more sinister to me.

No. 1721861

his nasty teeth jacked with yellow plaque

No. 1721863

they fall into this >>1720901 category, they women actually believe that dressing like this and being submissive toward whoever is their husband guarantees they will get into heaven

No. 1721900

Why would anyone be jealous of the women debasing themselves for free to garner the attention of fetid /pol/ incels and balding divorcés?

No. 1721973

So it's not just me kek. I'm staunchly pro women and I swear the algorithm is designed to show you content to aggravate you. I've never interacted with trad Muslim content but I know this cancerous couple.

No. 1721975

Whoring yourself out to men who'd beat you if dinner isn't ready on time and romanticizing such a dynamic is such a power move, totally. Fuck off scrote.
He literally has the incel/virgin physiognomy, holy fuck.
Two retards fighting. When will tradthots realize these poltards don't want them on the internet at all, whether they post thirst traps or not. They hate you and you don't get it. It's like those high school bullies pretending to like the autistic kid in order to mock him. Same vibes.

No. 1721977

bruh whose realdoll is dis

No. 1721981

moids are the ones unable to take accountability kek. always projecting. Violent? someone somehow made them do it, "it wasn't them, they weren't themselves" as many of those yt comments claim. they can't be responsible for their chimpouts, they literally act like they got posessed when it was just them. same with being absent or abusive. always someone elses fault.

No. 1721985

funny enough, she calls the shots in that relationship it seems like

No. 1721987

ugh ffs samefag but those comments are retarded. all about forgiving taint.

No. 1721995

they're probably ecstatic to have him because a lot of the shit he says goes hand in hand with orthodox islamic teachings. him converting just gives that an even bigger platform.

No. 1722046

In Islamic law , if someone genuinely converts to Islam then yes all their previous sins are forgiven regardless of whatever they would have done in the past, its not a matter of debate either, cause Muhammad recorded stating this in the major Hadith compilations
>“The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘If a person accepts Islam, such that his Islam is good, Allah will decree reward for every good deed that he did before, and every bad deed that he did before will be erased. Then after that will come the reckoning; each good deed will be rewarded ten times up to seven hundred times. And each bad deed will be recorded as it is, unless Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, forgives it.'” [Sunan an-Nasa’i]

so yes, from a Islamic perspective, Andrew Tate is forgiven for all his previous sins

No. 1722072

He looks a lot /less/ ugly here IMO because he looks less like a psychopath. I'm surprised he's capable of smiling. Evil beady eyes still there though ofc

No. 1722081

you misspelled taint and idfk about that retarded pedo "prophet" and asslam is a retarded religion anyway

No. 1722083

File: 1670503003518.jpg (561.09 KB, 1082x1460, tradmuzziewvnqs8eo1m4a1.jpg)

No. 1722093

File: 1670504343231.png (95.62 KB, 1305x464, vb.png)

oh this moron, I'm surprised you are aware of her
she's a shill for the PTI(a last liberal Islamic party in pakistan that was ousted in a coup), she posts edited photos of herself as thirst traps and tires to preach pan-Islamic identity, she's very stupid, so stupid that Islamists in Pakistan make fun of her

No. 1722095

big iblis this one

No. 1722119


No. 1722125

If she doesn't fix that upper right corner showing a bit of her hair she'll end up having a "heart attack" the moment she sets foot there

No. 1722130

I really wish it was possible to view our own post history. I wonder what kind of impression I give off to mods.

No. 1722152

she doesn't have to worry, the Iranian state is really good at treating foreign guests and hiding societal issues, my father still praises how clean and efficient Iran was when he went there for a work trip

No. 1722182

File: 1670517580798.jpeg (339.55 KB, 828x539, 78117E4C-1CBC-4C8B-BA8B-A10587…)

Kek he actually looks soy

No. 1722229

File: 1670521307437.jpg (6.95 KB, 259x195, 1483666128904.jpg)

Chin-chan levels of chincel

No. 1722268

its the modern "engagement" algorithm. more aggravating content keeps eyes longer than pleasant content.

its why twitter is the way it is, the algorithm constantly pushes the most "engaging" content to your feed, which is almost always psychotic tradthots and their balding orbiter moids

No. 1722326

File: 1670527998913.png (18.79 KB, 721x857, taint.png)

No. 1722349

No. 1722410

Tradthotism in Muslims communities is truly an underrated topic. Muslims Tradthots and Muslim libfem progressive women overlap in many ways regarding lifestyle, but the libfems cherry pick Islam especially in the face of people who criticize Islam. They are aware of the massive double standards between men and women in their communities, how dogshit the men of their communities are, but refuse to connect the dots. They have the audacity to occasionally whine about "white feminists" who imply that hijabis are oppressed. Bitches like picrel live the exact same lives as the libfem types (i.e. don't wear hijab or even modest clothing and if they are hijabis they belong to more chill families, hang out in mixed-sex groups, essentially "have permission" from their families to live whatever lifestyle they want) but shill for orthodoxy. Not realizing that their fun adventures would come to an end the more Islam is injected into their governments or lives. I can't decide which demographic is more braindead, but I can only hope to pinkpill the libfems

No. 1722867

based af. in my country leftists love to shit on christianism but praise islam. make it make sense. oddly enough, they don't have anything to say about the obvious incompatibility between islam and women's & gay people's rights (among other things). libfems act like hijabs are some kind of cute or even feminist accessory. and the muslim tradthots defend their religion and criticize the west while enjoying your average libfem lifestyle and living in a western country where they actually have rights (for now).

No. 1722873

kek I also later noticed the lack of hijab in her pfp. she is so starved for attention bruh.

No. 1722879

give her a break nonna, she is clearly has very little experience wearing it as shown by her pfp

No. 1722907

i am conspirabrained as fuck and will die on this hill, but was anyone else paying attention to the hasan/destiny drama? hasan said destiny tried to 'whitewash' lauren southern on his stream because he wanted to fuck her. and in another attack, said take care of his 'children' - not child! SECRET BABY CONFIRMED. I WANT TO BELIEVE.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1723011


Bravo, anonita! I enjoy reading your takes.
Can you teach me how to respond to trp arguments that "scrotes built civilization", "all great people in the history, all scientists and philosopgers were men" and other arguments of the sort. What's the best way to shut them up?

No. 1723013

Tell him to be silent and just shoot him in the face if he continues.

No. 1723033

In my experience men who claim this are the exact same ones who try and say that being a housewife is the most noble thing a woman can do with her life. Just goes to show that none of them actually believe in the importance of being a SAHM, they just want a financially dependent, perma-pregnant woman who can't leave tgem

No. 1723063

tell him to post his patents/discoveries. no answer/coping? next tell him to kill himself

No. 1723083

are they really surprised at the lack of female scientists in history when women didn't have the same education and rights and were expected to have children and take care of their families, all in a society that has always considered them inferior? these scrotes are either dumb as fuck or blatantly lying/gaslighting. and they always act like the accomplishments of other men hundreds of years ago are theirs, when in reality their main daily activity is to jerk off to deviant porn before seething about women in their little incel communities. anyways, be careful nonita, these men and their communities can be really draining and depressing. when i was still using reddit, i used to argue with them too, but you can't reason much with such frustrated and hateful people.

No. 1723092

Indeed, they sincerely believe themselves to be a part of that community of greatest men on earth, while all they've managed to achieve is some dead-end job - at best. I liked all advices, many thanks to y'all nonnies.

No. 1723147

File: 1670609871677.webm (2.02 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_717486086812189009…)

>women don't deserve marriage equality
>starts sobbing
>muh religion
>gaslighting her colleagues to vote against women's rights.

No. 1723148

Skip to 10 seconds to hear her talk.

No. 1723179

Scrotes who say this are uneducated as fuck kek I suggest not engaging at all because they simply do not have enough IQ to understand how and why these men even have the standing they do to begin with. Their repertoire of "all great people in history" is always limited to Albert Einstein and Plato. Just >>1723013

Not just that but womens creations and contributions are not recognized and/or lost to time because preserving information is difficult and costly and women were not allowed to join the institutions responsible for formalizing and preserving knowledge. On the rare cases that particularly non-shit moids decided to educate their daughters, they weren't allowed to do anything with their education beyond being witty at parties at best or ending up a ruined spinster at worst.

No. 1723181

File: 1670612365929.png (2.92 MB, 1767x1119, dumb.png)

Yeah there really is no point in educating them on the obvious they don't care. What is nice though, is that despite all the BS there are still many women that contributed to major discoveries in science and made contributions to fields like philosophy, art, literature..etc.

As a pakistani descent-anon (not to be confused with our resident paki-chan lol) I don't even care about arguing with people that aren't from Muslim families. This issue is a theoretical one for them. I do take issue with their lack of critical thinking and lack of adhering to progressive principles, but the bigger problem imo is the delusional Fatimahs whether they are tradthots or libfems. They have more power in the discourse than they are given credit for, and many of the stupid slogans repeated by mindless non-Muslim libfems come from delusional Fatimahs (and ofc Muslims in general).

The ex-Muzzies need to realize that they need to debate with their sisters, cousins, and aunties because they are also on the podium saying stupid delusional shit, and they have the the identity politics trumpcard to shut down criticism ("yeah, well I'm a Muslim woman and I'm not oppressed! I get to have a boyfriend and wear what I want! Only Allah can judge me!"). It is Muslim women that yap about "white feminism silencing them" when the rare mainstream libfem criticizes the hijab. It is Muslim women that love to cherry pick verses and try to girlbossify women's obvious second-class status in Islam (b-but my money is my money and his money is my money too!). There is a lot of discussion about "white feminism" and white women that play both sides of the political spectrum (i.e. democrats but fuck republican dudes, become republicans later on), and it is usually said by WOC. These WOC need to be humbled because picrel is what they end up doing, which is the exact same thing that the evil yt feminists they yap on about do. Literally, so many WOC are essentially the cringy republican white chicks/tradthot make fun of, but they get to hide their regressiveness with some woke/"anti-imperialist/anti colonialist"/faux anti-racism veneer.

No. 1723186

same anon, and to continue the sperging from my previous post, the only thing standing between these women being libfems vs them being tradthots is the blatant racism from republicans. Once that shit is up because republicans find a new scapegoat or to make their part more ~inclusive~ and ~diverse~, you best believe some of these lib"feminist" Muslim women will start to head on over to the anti-feminist side and won't even entertain progressive politics out of convinience.

No. 1723188

Women scientists had their accomplishments stolen by moids on the regular, it still happens to this day. Einstein's wife(acknowledged as the superior mathematician by all who knew her)collaborated on his theories all while raising children and tending to the home, all without credit. Same goes for Louis Pasteur's wife Marie Pasteur, who was such a skilled chemist that her shitmale husband's colleagues gushed over her capabilities. The same thing would've happened to Marie Curie, one of the greatest scientists in human history, if her husband hadn't been as decent a man as he was. Then even in the 20th century there's Rosalind Franklin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, etc.

No. 1723222

As person living in country which is very much inspired by Iran and has Iranian ancestry the morality police is a joke . These men get off their "moral" high ground . This woman is free to wear what she wears while I have to wear a scarf even if I wear a t-shirt. Muslim Moids are the most mysgonistic assholes you'll meet who think if you wear jeans in public that access them to catcall you . This woman is probably a immigrant since these woman tend to have some tone deaf views on women belonging to their respective countries.

No. 1723223

File: 1670615589889.jpg (99.5 KB, 603x1332, FjZI7rsXwAsSfmb.jpg)

Sage for not milk but picrel is a good example of the mindset the average RW moid tradthots are trying to get picked by have. No matter how servile or self-effacing they are, their moids still think they're nothing but useless burdens itching to cuck them. I don't think there are any RWers/trads that aren't coombrain cuck fetishists, honestly

No. 1723227

Imran Khan literally blamed women over being raped and killed ..this women is dreaming if she thinks he's going to make pakistan a first world country. He's too inlove with the mullahs

No. 1723244

I guess her perspective is a little skewed from the previous leaders and politicians, Mr. Cricketer can almost seem sane compared to actual murderers lol

No. 1723273

1. Wow moids won the race when no one else was allowed to run! Tell him to polish that participation trophy.

2. After only a few generations, women are rapidly outperforming men career and education wise, which is something he's no doubt seething about while calling for more penile affirmative action. Men are barreling towards irrelevance and decay after only a few generations of simply not being coddled as much. Let that sink in.

3. Coom chimps generally know that that there's nothing they can do that women can't, and women are a lot less costly to society. The cost of propping up a male (muh father figure, muh skulinity, muh not triggering coom impulses, muh ritualistic female submission and male reverence rituals, muh consooming more resources, muh dispense him a wife so he doesn't shoot up a mall, muh protect him from all domesticity so he can pursue his "brilliance" etc etc) simply doesn't create any output that justifies the colossal investment. Most men not only amount to absolutely nothing despite all the coddling they receive, they're actually a net economic and societal negative. More males always equals more violence, crime, disorder, sexual degeneracy and war - especially if they're unmarried.

4. Muh male variability dictates that the vast majority of moids are mediocre or borderline retarded - it's a near guarantee that he has absolutely nothing in common with the ones who actually invented something. Like >>1723063 said, tell him to post his patents as opposed to seeking penile pride by proxy via the exact SJW "representation" mechanism he probably sneers at.

5. There is nothing males are "superior" at except their chimp strength, which comes at the expense of general health and longevity. That's it. The most efficient way of applying a male in society is backbreaking

No. 1723286


Their chimpouts about gynocracy and feminization of society because women are outperforming them are hilarious

No. 1723313

>the more valued woman in society does the least

We know kek

No. 1723323

The absolute absurdity of the gender that fucks goats deciding what's moral and what isn't will never not be funny.

No. 1723326

(cont) backbreaking labor in prison conditions. Kek

No. 1723334

I'm always baffled by the accusations of gynocracy. Women and girls face ungodly amounts of rape and abuse, are losing our abortion rights, are disrespected in and out of the home and seen as inherently less competent, but society is gearing in our favor because… we still do better despite that? Insane levels of cope on their part.

No. 1723404

kek the nerve of that retard coomchimp who came here to claim bbc porn was posted on their beloved imageboard by "indians" while they regularly make cuckold fantasy memes like this

No. 1723410

No one believes women are actually abused at the rate they are. The statistics are there, but if you ask the average person if they know a rape victim they would say no, that's impossible. Nevermind that even knowing 10 women means you probably know one. If she's not frequently discussing it it didn't happen.

No. 1723419

>men who hate women need to marry women
That pic reminds me of that american news guy who blamed democrats winning on unmarried women and then told men to just put a ring on it so conservatives can hold power or how conservatives complained that no woman would date them so they had to lie on their dating apps to get attention. Or when conservatives built a dating app for just them but zero women signed up and the males were pissed
I hate the narrative that we can all just get along uwu with these scrotes that see rape and murder of women as nothing because they don’t see women as human. Women gain nothing for that deal

No. 1723459

It's all because men identify as muh leader god king inventor etc (which is why troonism was kicked off by men and involves mostly men). Men think that their desires/beliefs = reality, they think women gain something from the deal, the perfect boss, aka them because they are narcissistic and see themselves as special.

No. 1723473

This reminds me of when Roe was overturned, there was a pro-life politician who was walking into her workplace and got confronted with with a protest and she started having a meltdown and talking about her own two abortions. Meanwhile I can't really remember any female non-republican politicians crying like this on the job.

No. 1723487

>pro life
>has had multiple abortions
Every time. There's nothing wrong with having an abortion of course, but it takes a special kind of hypocrisy to try and deny the same opportunity for self-ownership to other women. If fetus yeetus is baybee murrrdurrr, then why aren't they castigated by their fellow forced birthers for being a murderer? Just goes to show that no one actually believes that shit.

RW ideologies are just very emotion-based in general. You have Dems trying to keep people awake with their necessary but boring policies w/r/t infrastructure or whatever, meanwhile Repubs are foaming at the mouth about their interracial cuckold and kindergartners learning about anal beads in school fantasies. Entirely based on coom and emotions. It makes sense, given that it's a male-driven ideology kek

No. 1723491

You know how it goes Nonna. Feminism is cancer, feminists are loonies, but boy do these conservabitches looove to pursue girlboss careers, thot and bop around, and even delete some of their fetuses on the down low. Not for the rest of us, though.

No. 1723503

Found the video and I misremembered it was only one abortion kek. And she did call herself a murderer but I doubt she thinks she should receive any punishments that other women who got abortions should get.

No. 1723518

That's moid psyche for you. When they do something that arouses them but isn't consistent with how they view themselves, they'll literally lie to your face about who did it. It's actually pretty terrifying to watch irl.

No. 1723551

>Unmarried women don't vote like women who grovel before moids or just agree with their husbands to avoid rocking the boat

That's not the own he thinks he is. He's just saying that the authentic female perspective is inherently not republican.

No. 1723553

Well you see nonnie, being able to sit down in class for a few hours is a feminine trait. Studying and having good work ethic and discipline are all feminine traits. Moidlets can't be expected to be civilized like that! Nevermind that the entire fucking system was created by and exclusive to them until so recently that people who can remember a time before things changed are still alive

No. 1723580

That just proves that being RW is a way for Beckies to be more sexually competitive. They absolutely do believe that they'll be the only ones with abortion exceptions, jobs and respect while all the hotter women are subordinate.

No. 1723583

The "feminine school system bias" meme is sending me. I completely agree Kings, we should bring back beatings by teachers for moidlets. You used to have that back in the olden uncucked days, when schools were for moids only.

No. 1723584

It's how we have the tenants of most religions kek.

No. 1723588

Originally they coped by saying boys scored higher on tests and girls only did better because they're more obedient, but then girls started outscoring boys on tests, too. And women do better than men in "masculine" professions like being a doctor or business person…must be the gynocracy at work!

I always wonder how they argue against the fact that girls and women outperform men even in countries like China. Is the hyper-misogynistic, highly traditional educational system created by and for men also subverted by eeevil feminists over there, too? The country where little girls were regularly killed at birth until recently? I'm sure they'd find a way

No. 1723715

exactly, this is just the internet manifestation. it had horrific circumstances offline (she made me do it)

No. 1723808

I don't think you can compare Islamic belief to western tardthottery, cause Islam is a perfect religion (structurally speaking)
Judaism and Islam have supplementary theological texts that help fill in spaces, the Talmud, the hadiths and various commentaries on these texts, plus in a more authentic language, jewish texts remain in Hebrew while the Islamic texts remain in 7th century Hijazi arabic, that's why the enlightenment and thus the loss religion could only ever come from a Christian civilization, Islam(and many organized religions) are just too structured, they have perfect hierarchy and guidance to never really decline as a faith in their societies
Muslims use these arguments all the time to discredit Christianity and they are correct, Christianity is an internally flawed religion and that's why christian societies could evolve past faith

No. 1723826

peak maria al masani. idk if she was mentioned but if she read this her seething/coping/internalized incel mindset (clearly her therapy didn’t work, she went roosh v tier and her husband, thank gods those genes won’t reproduce) would explode and her “elegant lady larp” and mr burns in drag costume would melt off her.

i do think a select few/basic ideas of the hypergamy or adjacent ish blogs who are normal are really great for those who are particular situations already and can work them are really helpful, along with some basics as the “minimum not being bare and self-improvement” stuff is no brainers, but it’s devolved into something really watered down, ridiculous grifts, taken from old posters who were talking about really different goals, diffused into circles like this, and turned into general silliness and made easily marketable for clueless people focusing on the wrong things or having no sense of judgment and seeing these influencers aren’t the real deal or shittly portraying themselves, or they wouldn’t be doing this or shut up.

No. 1723843


I've read an article on some neonazi blog explaining that Mileva Maric was talented because of her superior European DNA. And that Albert Einstein worked at a patent bureau which allowed him free access to the most groundbreaking findings, he stole ideas from other scientists.

Every time Mileva's name is being mentioned it reminds me of that nazi article. I mean, Rs don't look at women's accomplishments from gender perspective rather from racial perspective.

No. 1723849


They recognize Mileva Maric's contribution, they admit that Einstein exploited her talents, but only because he was Jewish and she was European. Only in situations where there's POC vs Euro dynamic they readily praise the woman and knock yhe man down.

No. 1723884

Its hard to tell with Imran Khan, cause a lot of his statements were more forced then actual Islamist belief, he was not the usual brainwashed bearded Islamist that we tons of here, I guess he wanted the supported of the Islamists(both sunni and shis, that's why he shilled pan-Islamism so much) as a count weight to the loyalist PPP and PML supporters as well as the army
and as >>1723227 stated, every other political power is connected to two bit thugs and ethnic para-miltairy death squads, for most of the middle class he would seemed like a better alternative but he didn't know how to play Pakistani politics, everyone saw how phony he was and he was not build a support base that had any actual power

No. 1723885

He really sneaked his BBC cheating porn fantasy into his retvrn 2 tradishun meme kekkkkk

No. 1723907

who is the artist ?

No. 1724005

tbh I think actually political discussion is not something I expect much from here, most of the users want just to mock hypocritical morons online(which is valid mind you) but I don't expect a discussion beyond that

No. 1724060

Paki-chan behna, I think you need to understand that even the most autistically thought of religion is going to have people that do not follow it 100%, precisely because that is just how people are. Yes, Islam's autistic structure with hadiths and sharia make its followers more prone to orthodoxy, but how are you going to give this speech when there are literal Muslim tradthots being discussed who absolutely do not follow and will never follow any Islamic teaching aside from showing off their Eid shalwar kameez suits twice a year. We're not discussing beliefs, we're discussing real life people. And yes, you can definitely draw overlaps between western and eastern tradthots

No. 1724078

>only extreme, schizo-level antisemitism can break male solidarity
what sad state of affairs

No. 1724144

Paki-chan is right tho. Muslim libfems and tradthots are a product of westernization. Without the west, there would be probably no current social media culture that rewards attentionwhoring.
Also islamism is, at its core, a reaction to westernization and modernity. For early islamic groups, technological innovations such as the telegraph was similar to innovation in faith, which is a major sin in Islam.

No. 1724155

File: 1670699771249.jpg (487.96 KB, 1588x2048, bdf492efad2fe091f86b28c66718f4…)

is that like a botaccount cause it's posting like 5 memes every half hour, and why are you subscribed too it
You are correct, I really cannot comprehend the mindset and even background of most "hoejabis" cause I was raised in a more military family and my father considered most other ethnic groups half-eunuch's or religious radicals, I have lots of experiences but I can't know where they come from, like I can understand where the unreliably naive "moderate" muslim libfem comes from but I don't get these "types" at all

No. 1724182

I just saw the tweet since it left its intended incel audience

No. 1724332

I sometimes fantasize about making some sort of secret society only for women to advance science or found a company. Then I remember I live in a rural area with literally the least women per men in my whole country and im socially inept

No. 1724339

what I don’t get is modern western hijabis with this thick modern makeup and the hijab when I thought plucked eyebrows and makeup is forbidden and they’re the ones I see fight for hijabs while women are being arrested, shot, raped and tortured for not wanting to wear it

No. 1724477

It's simple, these women are part of the westernized upper class, but they don't to admit that so they identity with "POC's" in america and try to appropriate some of their slang and their behavior and that's why they bitch about white people so much even though in most cases they are literally 1% of their country

No. 1724518

they cry because they think it makes them more feminine

No. 1724858

File: 1670775597269.jpg (32.32 KB, 407x405, 1590649887831.jpg)

You are likely right, these women are from what my father would call half eunuch groups, upper class, disconnected from the reality of the world and rather westernized lot but not at all willing to admit it, they do shall look down on their own cultures and people here but to the west they try to present themselves as some pan-POC(or whatever termn) Muslims
they have constructed an entire identity that is simply opposed to the idea of "white people" or "Christians" rather then be authentic to themselves in anyway

No. 1724871

bump for cp

No. 1725134

File: 1670796816697.jpeg (282.3 KB, 828x1343, 03E7097B-CB7C-4A46-BB39-22D6BF…)

how could we have known that the meme was meant to be about her? thank god she wrote me 3 times with arrows pointing to the female wojack so we could know!!
another slide said
>i will cook every day, pour him with love, give him children, take care of him and do as much as possible for him
bitch if you’re going to larp as trad maybe become literate first

No. 1725179

File: 1670801111193.jpg (117.6 KB, 732x599, 732px-.jpg)

this also ignores the reality that for majority of people(in Europe at least) there were actually few gender specific tasks, both men and women did back breaking labor from the moment they could walk till the day they died, both contributed to the household and both their extended families helped in the child raring, frankly speaking memes like this insult the experiences and existence of their ancestors just as much as their imagined enemies

No. 1725354

someone hasn't done a modicum of research, have they? The European patriarchy was defined by the gendered division of labor. Women were swamped with work unless they were the richest of the rich. All the washing, cooking, cleaning was done by women. All unpaid menial work was women's work. Men may have had physical labor to contend with but they we're also the rightful owners of the fruits of their wife-slaves' labor.

No. 1725359

I am aware that in the family life the man who was ultimately held all the power but to deny both didn't contribute to the household is just as bad as tard version of history
again its complicated

No. 1725424

>>>I don't think you can compare Islamic belief to western tardthottery
It's Muslim tradthots and Christian tradthots that are being compared though, and how are they not the same? Both use religion to prove that they are better, traditional and modest, while seeking attention and validation on social media and living in a way that is incompatible with their religion. They both criticize something (the West, women's rights, etc.) that they benefit from every day.

>>> they have perfect hierarchy and guidance to never really decline as a faith in their societies

In communities/places where people are not allowed to question anything, and are violently punished or even killed for disobeying, of course the ""faith"" does not diminish. It's not like you can't poke holes in the Muslim religion, it's just that it's repressive and violent enough to discourage people from trying. It was the same for Christianity in the Middle Ages. All religions are inherently flawed and retarded (I mean the Quran itself contains obvious human errors (e.g. mathematical errors) and thought processes even though it is supposed to be the word of Allah himself) and they all collapse without repression (at "best" they continue to be practiced in a less strict, more "spiritual" way and in a way that is adapted to modern life). Because no one is going to follow completely anachronistic –and unhinged I'm sorry to say– texts unless they are brainwashed and forced to do so, usually since childhood.

No. 1725444

Mfw tradthots are out there thinking they won't have to be wagies when in reality they'll be doing backbreaking work but with no money or credit now kek. Down with the wagie life, we indentured servitude gang!

No. 1725473

so same as now

No. 1725529

File: 1670851502380.jpeg (314.19 KB, 1165x1958, B303848C-7E61-4549-9A48-5903B8…)

Megha’s new opinion

No. 1725530

That's the thing, for 99% of people most of our ancestors were peasants and there's nothing nothing wrong then that, they weren't either morally worse or better then us, they were just people living their lives and doing the best they could
Meghan Murphy???

No. 1725609

The original meme is hysterical. Do they seriously believe housewives are never kicked to the curb? Men speak of dogs more fondly than they speak of the mother of their children, and treat them better too. Most have zero issue abandoning them to the wolves for getting fat or sick or just older.

No. 1725631

What's really interesting is that the Amish communities I've visited still very much function this way. I have the opportunity to visit their little farms with the health-care provider I work for and talk with them. Pretty amazing, actually. What's even more amazing is the majority of married couples I've met are very happy and deeply in love. They're a fairly jovial people (at least the communities I interact with) and the women hold a lot of clout in their communities. Everyone works together, regardless of gender. Now, there are distinct roles only for men and women, but it does seem to work for them. When I read all this "tradthot" horseshit I can't help but imagine what those Amish women would think. They'd likely be terribly confused and think the thots to be idiots of the highest order.

No. 1725649

Amish communities like most organized groups has its fair share of abuse of women and children(mostly due to hierarchy) mennonites are generally better but the point still stands, all these people are hypocrites that's why they are distinct from religious fruitcakes

No. 1725880

>let's run away from society and build a new life
i always get the feeling that people who share or relate to these memes are either teens or failed adults who never moved out and therefore think that getting your own place to live and becoming independent equals retvrning to tradition and is not just a milestone every normal functioning person should hit

No. 1725943

To be completely fair, with the economy the way it is and boomers and ultrarich hoarding the wealth, getting your own place to live and becoming independent is less a milestone than a pipe dream. Places with less opportunity are cheaper, but that has its own problems, particularly fresh food, which probably fuels their growing their own food/raising their own animals fantasies. Tradism is retarded, but I think there's very real material concerns behind some of it

No. 1725963

File: 1670892688641.jpg (826.5 KB, 1080x1515, All the same....jpg)

Sorry if this isn't the right thread. But god is it telling how conservative men that larp as trad Christian husbands are all just the same scum men at the end of the day.

No. 1725995

Hitler is the poster boy for failed-artist-turned-lunatic so maybe if you pursue the arts and it doesn't work out, you should be placed on a watchlist ig

No. 1726014

>be male
>lose a game that's rigged in your favor
>claim to be the superior sex

No. 1726029

Not Meghan Murphy, Megha @Margaritaevna, notorious Indian tradthot

No. 1726107

most remarkable is how the balding freak found a woman(?) who would even want to have sex with him

No. 1726123

>cheater and sexual assaulter supports the CTE poster boy wife abuser/serial cheater who wanted to make it so women couldn't abort pregnancies killing them, despite paying for several abortions himself
Totally unsurprising.

No. 1726287

i'm sorry but what's CTE?

No. 1726327

File: 1670935431824.jpg (133.98 KB, 1008x1652, Retard1.jpg)

Every accusation is a confession. Tradthots should pay attention. Their trad husbands they want to put all life in the hands of will shatter it the second his worthless peepee gets hard for another woman.

No. 1726328

Nta but I think they are referring to Hershel Walker having brain damage from being hit in the head repeatedly from football.

No. 1726329

File: 1670935716846.jpeg (134.15 KB, 675x900, Fjvw1dJWIAQWwML.jpeg)

Ugly ass moids really got nerve to cheat when they look like this. First time I ever saw a clip of this asshole he said how much he loved his wife and she was his best friend. God I fucking hate men.

No. 1726341

File: 1670937743732.png (828.22 KB, 724x521, 13466207_10153430839700876_489…)

tbf this isn't a phenomenon limited to either this generation or even rightwingers, young people enmasse tried setting up hippie communes to "retvrn" to a mythical era
I actually have researched communes in western europe and america, the vast majority of them failed and this happened regardless of ideology and race, the quasi buddhist communes, the free love communes, the female separatist communes, the quasi hindu communes, the black or white only communes
all of them failed for reason or another, physical labor and shitting in the woods is harder then it seem, giving away civilizations comforts is not easily done, they went in with ideals and weren't willing to even acknowledge the likely hardships they would be facing
still some survive to this day with old believers who were willing to put in the effort remained true to their imagined ideals


No. 1726356

This is what you get when you date a trad moid. I mean all moids suck but what do you expect dating someone like him who angrily rants about women all of the time?

No. 1726363


Even amish are hypocrites. They live happily as long as their health is intact. And when someone gets terminally sick, to the point that their panacea aspirin doesn't help, they go to hospitals and use services provided by ungodly, unholy, modern, "degenerate" society. All these religious kooks know that civilization will back their snowflakey asses up, they live these fulfilling trad lives because civilization is extending its blessings to them indiscriminately. Without the state, its police and army, they'd live in perpetual wars with other religious groups, with thugs and other savages.

No. 1726368

kek why do they always settle for men like this? theyre so much better off than to be with these fugly looking scrotes.

No. 1726378

I feel like there must be a middle ground, like I'm not delusional enough to believe everyone can just 'escape modernity', especially having lived the majority of their lives in western society with all the creature comforts, but there are chances for a more self-sustainable life. I think the downfall comes when you have exxxxtreme rigid beliefs that guide you rather than common sense. That's when it becomes cultlike. Having a place of your own and being able to feed yourself off the land (to some extent), having a skillset where you can care for yourself and those around you… that sounds pretty manageable and something the tradthots can't co-sign because that requires work and time, and takes away from their twitter larp. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we live in a society, gotta make the best of it.

No. 1726389

>be Modest, Pure and Chaste™ so you're good enough for a guy who looks like he hits on high schoolers
>endure his reeeeing about sluts and women who aren't retard tradwives like you uwu (who probably still work since he's a loser)
>prepare to be his bangmaid-birthingsow for the rest of your life
>he cheats on you flagrantly, apparently without protection
I'd rather be a cripple than a right winger woman, what a miserable existence

No. 1726398

File: 1670944954094.jpg (318.79 KB, 1200x750, 1-b.jpg)

for all its faults, I feel like Yugoslavia did have an effective middle ground between industrialization and self reliant communities that had a degree of autonomy without globalization, but I don't think it can easily be replicated for other states either

No. 1726457

You can't really avoid the crazies and extremists being the majority of the group with intentional communities because as a general rule one has to be a lunatic to make this calculation and think it's worth leaving society instead of making do. Sane well-adjusted people manage to deal, crazies have little to lose

No. 1726513

they benefit from their geography, with lots of mountains and fertile soil

No. 1726554

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. It's a progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by repeated concussions to the head. It causes mental and physical deterioration before the patient dies.

No. 1726557

I feel like the majority of conservative women who end up with uggo loser men like that got meme'd into settling down asap cause muh eggs and dying alone. Men have been literally using the same scare tactics since the dawn of time.
Calling a woman a spinster in the past is literally the same as they do today laughing at women having a career.
Men are just such pathetic creatures they need to have power over someone else or they feel worthless.

No. 1726581

They're used car salesmen, except they sell their nut.

No. 1726587

geography played a large factor but it was also specifically Yugoslavia's unique economic model
see large companies were state owned, and for the larger part of Yugoslavia existance the private owned business was forbidden. Smaller businesses, such as small produce shops, farms and similar were however part of public associations.
The workers were directly involved in the company/enterprise being organized in Radnički savjet (Worker's counsil) whose representatives informed the management of the workers opinions. Management propagated the idea further to the top


No. 1726665

Not just their fair share but whole huge issues with them. They struggle a lot with inbreeding and the resulting health issues that come from that. And the rampant sex abuse of girls and women in those communities. Maybe 1 couple looks happy but for every one, there are a dozen families that are abused. Any community ran by moids will struggle and women will never find love and happiness in them

Hope more gets exposed. Ugly scrotes like Elijah deserve their wholes lives to be destroyed permanently

No. 1726724

Rightoids by and large either don't care or actively applaud men cheating on their wives/sleeping around/being sex pests, so he probably won't lose any credence in his own sphere. I mean, this whole kerfuffle was based on him bitching at the son of Herschel Walker for outing his wrongs, among which are domestic abuse, adultery, fathering bastard children, and paying for abortions. They have zero convictions save for uplifting men and denigrating women.

No. 1726755

Yup, they're appaulding his "stamina" in the Steven Crowder subreddit and calling Walker a DNC plant. If he was gay they might cancel him. I'm shocked he even got fired for SA.

No. 1726789

that a scrote like him can say stupid shit like how women need to be modest and obedient then cheat, commit SA, get called out by another moid for it, and awarded is a black pill.

Tradthots never win with scrotes like these willing to rape and spread stds around but will call other women the problem

No. 1727072

Every time a scrote talks about muh modesty and muh grace I just know he's a cheater and a whore kek. Also imagine being an online loser, looking low T as fuck and expecting women to be 1950s housewives. Go chop a tree or something, soyface.

No. 1727773

File: 1671083888952.jpeg (454.69 KB, 1284x2142, 205FE137-C109-4331-A48F-7216D0…)

No. 1727837

Who's the person who made the tweet?

No. 1728125

File: 1671134613792.jpg (14.77 KB, 394x111, delete thiis.JPG)

his eyes are the only ones really smiling while she looks dead inside…maybe she already knew

No. 1729253

tbf its Vice, they literally defended Muslim rape gangs and rioters who wanted to kill Macron over the charlie hebdo incident

No. 1729464

Lets not be so obtuse as to act like vice is one person writing all of their shit takes.

No. 1729859

File: 1671336175729.webm (792.15 KB, 320x568, EuOnj99Q-WqqhN1y.webm)

Tangentially related, but read the comments+QRTs on this doozy. So many moids and some tardwives/boymoms wishing death, torture, and misery onto women who just don't want to get married. Are moids genuinely too stupid to realize they're just proving her point?

No. 1729890

I’ve noticed a shift towards calling women who call themselves ace as selfish too. Tradwives are bitter that other women aren’t joining in their misery being tied to a moid that could t care less about them while scrotes feel robbed of a sex slave to keep in their shitty house. I think the latest stats say that over 60% of women are not interested in dating at all while for men it’s at 30%

No. 1730061

It is truly hilarious when you remember the narrative in popular culture in the US where men dread marriage soooo much because of the ball-and-chain nagging wife annoying kids..etc. What happened to that? Shouldn't they be joyful that now they don't have to deal with all of that anymore?? I mean we all know it was all BS in the first place, but it is so funny to see it roll out

No. 1731660

I get pleasure from seeing mommy issue moids suffering

Now they’re complaining that women don’t teach them to be aggressive or chimp out enough. As if XY parasites need to be encouraged any more than they already do kek. You can give endless love affection and care to your smeglet yet XY parasites will always be ungrateful pieces of shit who hate you. Honestly if you don’t cull your smeglet in the womb you deserve everything you get.

No. 1731662

This is why I only want daughters. No matter how good a mom you are, moid larvae will always side with their father over mom, even if he was an abusive, crappy or absent piece of shit. Scrotes are literal parasites.

No. 1731665

File: 1671906325608.jpg (184.6 KB, 1245x701, lesbian_moms.jpg)

one of the toughest men I know was raised by 2 lesbians, so I wonder how these guys who have never left their parents basement would react to him

No. 1731674

I love seeing incels wallow in their misery too. There’s literally an infographic that debunks pretty much everything they’ve said about women (like about how women will just divorce you and take your money - in fact divorce rates are falling and have been consistently for decades, and 90% of alimony is temporary. even though it shouldn’t be, because moids should suffer as much as possible) also disproves all the stuff about women fucking lots of men and using tinder (only a tiny percentage of women even use it, men make up the majority of users, also female sex partner count is lower than it was in the 70s and 80s) but I don’t even bother posting it because I WANT these faggots to keep living in the nightmare they’ve created in their head. They deserve to dwell in their self imposed, self defeating, demoralization echo chamber pit of misery lol. Every blackpill they’ve ever said about women is pure projection.

No. 1731676

I was gonna respond with something similar to this except I don’t know anyone who was raised by lesbians, however it would make perfect sense if babies born to lesbian moms would know how to defend themselves/stand their ground more? Because scrotes try to fuck with lesbian women all the time and they Bruce Lee those faggots right away, whether verbally or physically kek

No. 1731697

wasn't there a study that proved children raised by lesbians are less likely to have psychological issues as adults

No. 1731698

Anon pls pls would you link me to this infographic? I have xmas diner with a bunch of nasty boomer scrotes and I would LOVE to have this handy

No. 1731712

Wouldn’t surprise me. Scrotes can’t be trusted around kids. Nothing wrong with keeping a child away from the person statistically most likely to rape them.

No. 1731893

Women who don’t abort male fetuses are retarded.

No. 1732057

From Martha Rosenthals' book human sexuality from cells to society:
>A long-term study of children raised by lesbians found that these children were less likely to suffer from physical and sexual abuse than were their peers who were raised by heterosexuals. This is thought to be due to the absence of adult heterosexual men in the households (Gartrell, Bos, & Goldberg, 2010).
>Girls raised by lesbians tend to have higher self-esteem, show more maturity and tolerance than their peers, and are older when they have their first heterosexual contact
>Children raised by same-sex parents seem to be less constrained by traditional gender roles; boys are less aggressive, and girls are more inclined to consider nontraditional careers, such as doctor, lawyer, or engineer (Gartrell et al., 2005; Stacey & Biblarz, 2001).
>Compared to age-matched counterparts raised by heterosexual parents, these adolescents were rated higher in social, academic, and total competence, and lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggression, and externalizing problem behavior (Gartrell & Bos, 2010).

No. 1732088

File: 1672022508929.png (70.3 KB, 560x328, 1523232561374.png)

this is also a good time to remind people the "lesbians have the highest domestic abuse rates" shit men like to chant is pretty much false, because they are leaving out important details.

No. 1732157

File: 1672041228467.jpeg (643.42 KB, 1242x755, 0410C17D-C0C7-4351-8DCE-7025AD…)

Thanks for reminding me how retarded the moids on pol are. All they think about is black penises and ‘Chad’. They’re all such fucking faggots kek.

No. 1732158

I mean it’s blatantly obvious. How many women a year are killed by other women vs women killed by men? 80% of female homicides victims are killed by a male partner or ex too.

No. 1732160

Why would women change their political views because you forced them to have sex?

No. 1732168

Terminal moid brain, don’t try to make sense of it. All it knows is rape, eat, scratch ass.

No. 1732184

File: 1672051054785.jpg (59.21 KB, 652x960, 1669000142499.jpg)

I wonder, how would they feel about someone like hafthor bjornsson or young dolph lundgren being allowed to impregnate their gfs(on the slim chance they have one) or crushes, cause by their logic only physically strong and intelligent northern europeans should be allowed to have children and 99% of /pol/ users aren't this, so by their own argumentation they should sterilize themselves and raise the children of scandinavian powerlifters well like literal cucks

No. 1732204

Staightcels btfo. God I would hate straight women if they weren’t so pathetic

No. 1732221

This cracks me up since Scandinavia has such a high number of soyboys and sensitive feminist moid types. Sure they’re tall, but this 4chan racist delusion that they’re all shredded Vikings is retarded cope.

No. 1732231

I looked that thread up and 99% of people were making fun of OP and talking shit about OP, so I don't get what the point of the post was if even /pol/cels don't agree with the sentiment

No. 1732235

>board supposedly about politics
>thousands of posts crying about le femoids
>no politics discussion anywhere, entire board is nothing but the purest distilled ressentiment
daily reminder men shouldn't be allowed to vote

No. 1732246

I would go, not for racist reasons though

No. 1732279

Sage for ancient corset sperg, but this is like saying “some men wear makeup today to hide their acne, or as beautifying rituals for the emo subculture.” Women were expected to wear corsets not just for getting the “fashionable silhouette” (already a fucked to goal to have different body types be trendy) and “good posture” (about the only thing corsets do seriously do well is on bust support and benefits beyond that are sketchy) is modesty. Women were expected to wear corsets and women who did not were seen as eccentric or ugly. Men were not expected to wear corsets but may choose to do so just as men in the 1950s may have chosen to wear girdles, even though the undeniable societal trend was for women to wear girdles. Why do so many corset lovers treat it so uncritically when they wouldn’t give the same leeway to modern shape wear or bras or cosmetics? You can like corsets and correct inaccuracies about them while pointing out that the burden was on all women to wear corsets, regardless of whether they needed the bust support.

No. 1732292

Even Vikings were less misogynistic than most other moids of the time, kek

No. 1732375

It’s weird because from all the misogynistic manosphere circles I’ve lurked it seems most moids hate ‘noticeable’ makeup with a passion and think it should be banned. They also believe women shouldn’ be allowed to wear things like shapewear, corsets etc because it’s ‘frauding’.

The disgusting taliban scrotes banned makeup, perfume, nail polish and western clothing like jeans for Afghan women, they were issuing fucking fatwas against makeup stores and terrorizing, kidnapping, raping and torturing female beauty salon owners.

But at the same time smeglets complain that women arent attractive or sexy enough when women refuse to wear all that garb. Radfems claim makeup, shapewear, heels, perfume, filters etc are sexist and oppressive and to an extent it definitely is, but on the other hand you have scrotes beating women in Islamic countries for wearing lipstick and actually wanting the government to jail women for using filters or makeup.

You really can’t win with scrotes. Women should just do whatever the fuck they want, honestly.

No. 1732376


No. 1732416

File: 1672097368979.jpeg (736.11 KB, 1242x1884, 8A4D5107-FC8D-4ABB-92C5-BC5D35…)

White men’s psychosexual obsession with black mens penises fucking white women is really strange. They even have a whole database where you can look up womens names to see if they dated black men before you. And you can add/edit entries of women on there. It’s insane.

No. 1732418

File: 1672097463321.jpeg (289.73 KB, 1242x698, 8C81E9A8-13CC-45F2-83FA-10219E…)

Rent free.

No. 1732424

this reads like a moid posted it for some reason. anyway sage your non milk.

No. 1732430

what the actual hell. and they say white women are jealous and obsessive over white men dating non white women lol

No. 1732433

White women actually racemix far less than white men do. There was a study that proved around 60-70% of white women strongly prefer white men, whereas only about 30% of white men strongly prefer white women. Once again everything moids say about women is pure projection.

No. 1732435

moids are absolutely porn fried and destroyed from all the cuck porn they consumed. It’s all they see in everything so they project their degeneracy onto women

Makes sense. It’s always projection

No. 1732439

The fact that tradmoids think women aren't hot enough without a bunch of artificial shit is so hilariously emblematic of tradism in general. They buy into the cheapest, most crass mirages sold by the lowest, least subtle advertisers (like the 50s shit) and convince themselves it's natural and traditional. Tradism is consoomerism as a religion

No. 1732446

I remember seeing this site, and when someone pointed out how pathetic and insecure it looked, some white scrote quickly tried to insist the site was "actually made by jealous black women to try and stop white women from taking their black men!!!" kek. Literally all they do is project.

No. 1732449

It's bizarre to see alt-right scrotes bang on about how white women are destroying the white race through interracial dating and not having enough white babies, all while they have Asian/Latina/mixed girlfriends and wives. I get that they're moids and muh dick is the only lens through which they see the world, but how can a man who makes "fighting white genocide"(kek) his life goal turn around and have mixed race children? Doesn't that make him a race traitor too?

No. 1732454

I’ve read studies that found women across ethnic groups are less likely to date/marry outside their own ethnic group than men are. Women tend to be more conservative in their mate choices and choose men within their social circles. It’s funny that moids sperg hardest about “muh racial purity” when they are the ones prone to racemixing and chasing their dicks around indiscriminately. All of this is just insecure bullshit aimed at controlling women, because internet Nazis are socially maladjusted autists who know they can’t compete with other males in an equal dating market.

No. 1732458

Lol as if black women give a flying fuck what black moids do anymore. Black femicide & sex trafficking is at an all-time high. They are dangerous to us. PLEASE let white women take them.

No. 1732459

There's an entire continent filled with hundreds of millions of mixed race people as a result of white men fucking outside their race, but these idiot racists never seem to have an issue with that.

No. 1732469

File: 1672105372730.jpeg (101.9 KB, 800x264, DB39661D-1276-413D-875E-5EBDF8…)

It’s just typical scrote one rule for me another for thee bullshit. Race will never come between a moid and his innate horny moid nature.

It was supposedly ‘conservative’ married white men who were raping and marrying countless native women when they came to the New World, having sex with their black slaves, marrying Korean and Vietnamese women after the wars, who fetishize Asian women in porn, poltards bashing white women and talking about how they’re ruining the west etc etc.

Pic rel, in a dating survey 65% of white women said they prefer their own race only, while only 29% of white men said they prefer their own race only. Moids are hypocrites.

No. 1732470

I honestly feel nauseated when I see scrotes talking about going to third world countries and impregnating a bunch of local women just to leave them as single moms. You hope these things are fanfics but I know guys irl who’ve done it and it’s so disgusting. They never send money to them or face any consequences either. And they probably rape a bunch of kids while they go there too because they can just bribe the family or local authorities. Yuck.

No. 1732473

Lol there’s about 300+ Latina/Asian/black woman threads on /pol/ on any given day. They all say how much they want to fuck ethnic women but are scared of their kids not coming out white enough (because they think non whites are beneath them but are also simultaneously attracted to them, they can’t reconcile these nuances), so they discuss getting white female egg donors and surrogates and shit, while also jerking themselves off into a coma over brown and Asian and black women. They hate the women they’re having sex with and unfortunately there are enough self hating ethnic pickmes out there willing to cater to their insane worldview. Racist moid cognitive dissonance is astounding, the jokes write themselves.

No. 1732476

Literally all men are garbage, you either go lez, be a femcel, or pick your poison and regret it later. The idea of any demographic of smeglets being loyal, kind, faithful, monogamous etc is just laughable. Its simply in XY nature to be trash.

No. 1732479

scrotes make all sorts of insane databases on women, treating them like objects to collect and categorize

No. 1732484

This is the funniest part of the eugenics movement (which is all scrote brained and utilitarian ofc)
They claim certain traits are far more desirable than others, yet are not humble enough to let a superior man impregnate their gf or wife, even it’s for the ‘greater good of humanity and gene pool’.
These scrotes are all talk and no action. Eugenics is a meme and always will be because moids are innately egotistical and terrified of being cucked. Even if they’re ugly and balding and short and mentally ill they’ll insist that REAL eugenics is about muh intelligence, race, whatever goalpost needs to be moved in their favour and make them feel validated and included etc.

Even the most rabid eugenicist darwinist scrotes recoils at the thought of being a stepfather and would rather spread their own sperm which is full of defects and mental illness, than allow a healthy handsome smart neurotypical male become the sperm donor.

What’s also funny is that the ‘beta bucks alpha fucks’ idea that incels screech about is actually the most eugenic system there is. Why wouldn’t you want Dolph Lundgrens genes for your child with Jeff Bezos wealth? Isn’t that actually kinder and more considerate for your offspring? Lmao. Just playing devils advocate here ofc.
All men are hypocritical disingenuous faggots basically, with flimsy paper principles. They also dickride Chad harder than anyone else.

No. 1732485

Yup. Scrotes are tribalistic ape brained morons who still psychologically live in 100,000BC and think ‘their women’ are ‘their property’, even if they have precisely zero maidens lel.

No. 1732488

The modern, scroteified interpretation of traditionalism is coomerism, its basically worship of aesthetics. It’s in primitive scrote nature to take everything at surface value and process beauty = virtue and ugly = evil. Which is why they simp so hard for dark triad Stacy while spitting on ugly women and trying to burn them at the stake.

No. 1732489

Lol they went from ‘Yes m’lady, so true!!! May I simp for you my tradwife queen’ to ‘BBC WHORE BURN IN HELL’ real quick.

No. 1732506

What the fuck is all this "white men are race traitors" and "they can't do eugenics right smh" going on ITT lol

No. 1732508

I somehow doubt the average /pol/tard is pulling women of any ethnicity, “pickme” or not. It’s all just their stupid fetid moidbrained jerkoff fantasies about raping ethnic women while controlling the wombs of white women.

No. 1732509

They’re very obviously pointing out the hypocrisy of racetard moids, not agreeing with their deranged worldview. Nobody would care about white men’s constant race mixing if they didn’t scream about racial purity online all day and pretend it’s women’s responsibility.

No. 1732512

What’s wrong with pointing out how hypocritical racist scrotoids are?

No. 1732513

Yeah I hope to god none of these retards ever breed, I’m fairly certain at least 90% of them wont.

No. 1732536

Yeah, it seems weird and kinda generalizing

No. 1732544

its worth noting that up until the 19th century, 99% of white people barring the elite did not believe in the aspects of racial pseudoscience, both white and women would mix the communities that were closest to them, it was rather human nature, in Roanoke Island for e.g the white communities completely mixed with the native inhabitants, exiled Hungarians in Sudan converted to Islam and married Sudanese women, Chinese, Irish and Indian indentured servants all married African or Indigenous women, we cannot corelate these people with modern day racists

No. 1732567

Anon didn't even say that other men aren't bad.

No. 1732578

Yes. Racial schizophrenia bullshit arose in America.

No. 1732580

ive found that 99% of the time, when white men think of "race mixing", the one and only thing they think of is "white woman + nonwhite man". Reminds me of that one white American politician (wish I could remember his name) who voted to ban interracial marriage, even though his wife is literally Asian.

No. 1732581

I'm asian and I've noticed since I was young that a lot of rich/middle class white people especially the conservative ones pretty much see asian women as white

No. 1732590

>race will never come between a moid and his innate horny moid mature
I'm not trying to racebait I swear but back in the day, for a black man, looking at a white woman the wrong way was a death sentence but the first pro-race mixing case to the Supreme Court was for black men to marry white women. Moids will risk life and limb for pussy.

No. 1732601

Who was this?

No. 1732624

Mitch McConnell?

No. 1732630

I can't find anything on him trying to ban inter-racial marriage

No. 1732631

File: 1672143529475.jpg (185.46 KB, 1080x1477, studies.jpg)

Sameera got into controversy for arguing about how any man attracted to women who aren't starving aneroxics are inherently low IQ

No. 1732633

File: 1672144374429.png (102.1 KB, 368x1367, 16.png)

she got into a live chat with some libfems and woke dudes, throughout the entire exchange she labelled any woman disagreeing her as being fat and any man disagreeing with her as being a low IQ beta male, all the white she was ranting about her deranged tirades that would confuse anyone

No. 1732636

File: 1672145317500.jpeg (92.04 KB, 638x1024, 94B39DFF-CC2A-4869-B75F-996648…)

Andy was having his daily coke fuelled narc mental breakdown

No. 1732637

File: 1672145339025.jpeg (60.02 KB, 1024x594, 4C626C7C-55C5-4184-B1D0-CAC78A…)

Even footstool pearly called him out

No. 1732638

OT, He has his own separate thread

No. 1732649

No, the first race mixing case to go to the Supreme Court was Loving v Virginia in 1967, which was a white man who wanted to marry a black woman. The reverse would likely have been thrown out of court even in the 1960s, for reasons outlined itt.

No. 1732650

Mogged by a guy named @libyourbestlife, I’m screaming

No. 1732662

None of these men will ever get to choose between two elite supermodels so who cares what they “prefer”? Pickmes are fucking retarded, the vast majority of men will take whatever they can get and would immediately jizz in their pants if either of these women glanced in their direction irl.

No. 1732669

He didn't vote to ban interracial marriage, but he voted against a bill that would give gay and interracially married couples legal protections for their marriages if Obergefell or Loving are ever overturned.

No. 1732912

No amount of retarded teen moids telling us that he can get any woman will convince anyone that andy isn’t seething at couples that genuinely love each other. he even tried to bait Greta thunberg for attention as if she knows who he is.

Isnt she a meme for these retarded takes too? nothing she has done ever got her picked and I guess she’s panicking. Plus Ashley has been married for 10+ years with kids while Irina is a single mother.

No. 1733044

thanks for correcting me, i read about it forever ago so the details were a bit fuzzy in my head. still comical tho lol…

No. 1733189

File: 1672237408110.png (11.47 KB, 589x470, sasmeeeeeemera.png)

No. 1733240

File: 1672243821049.png (4.29 MB, 2148x1530, oopsies.png)


No. 1733244

Do trads seriously expect tradwives–who they expect to be constantly pregnant, breastfeeding, homeschooling and doing all the household chores–to have the time to look like fetish models on top of all that?

No. 1733245

Yes, they literally do, and they think we would all be much happier that way.

No. 1733246

I hate this fucking gammon-skinned ogre looking bitch. She deserves everything she gets.

No. 1733247

File: 1672244907340.jpeg (18.78 KB, 183x276, kashmiri dress11.jpeg)

actual reality(not saying this woman is ugly but real village people look haggard asf IRL and don't look anything like eroticized models)

No. 1733294

File: 1672250501555.jpg (388.67 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20221228_130115_Twi…)

Big brain take right here

No. 1733298

People just say shit like this to be contrarian. Narcs also get highly defensive when people call them out and they love to rubbish the idea of psychology because it reads them. Narcs behave in very particular ways to the point they are almost like a bot, their pathological reactions and actions are actually very predictable.

No. 1733313

Yup, actual “tradwives” from traditional cultures look 50 by the age of 30 due to the stress of constant childbearing and domestic drudgery. A porn star with breast implants posing awkwardly with a dead chicken just highlights how fake & retarded their whole LARP is.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pickmeism is a haven for ugly women with terrible social skills. Normal women don’t have to jump through degrading hoops to get attention from moids, they basically throw themselves at us bc biology compels them. You have to really be down bad as an adult female to believe “getting picked” by an adult male of your species is an impressive accomplishment.

No. 1733322

File: 1672252791529.jpg (119.21 KB, 621x843, 3573556f635ea58a8e2a66bdcb659c…)

I guess they would only accept a northern european example though, so picrel is what a true tardwife should aspire to look like

No. 1733327

File: 1672253493823.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1539, 9DBF4D32-18EA-4682-A485-23FD65…)

This is hilarious considering by the trad standard, Irina Shayk has been in two public relationships to two celebrity men, one awful (Christiano Ronaldo) and one closeted (Bradley Cooper) the latter who she had a child out of wedlock too. She’s an unmarried, 36 year old single mom.

However despite being a ~gross plus size woman no man could ever want~, Ashley Graham has been married for 12 years to
a religious man she met through church and they have 3 children. She’s the trad standard of an ideal woman. But they’ll still nitpick because it’s all cope and grifting.

No. 1733335

the guy is sorta ugly though

No. 1733426

I know tradmoids are by definition disconnected from reality, but you'd think even they would be able to put together that constant back-to-back pregnancies and unending domestic labor will make someone age like milk. Though tradmoids usually look pretty rough even without going through all that, so who knows wtf they're doing
>and one closeted (Bradley Cooper)
OT but Bradley Cooper is gay? This is the first time I've heard this kek

No. 1733705

They think pregnancies make women brighter and more youthful. There was a tweet going around recently where a guy commented that insta thots with 5+ kids all seem happy and energetic all the time, that the more kids you have the easier it gets because the older care for the younger yadda yadda. The entirety of tradism can be summed up as men consooming aspirational lifestyle content and making an ideology out of it >>1732439

No. 1733796

Yeah, it's what they say. Moids are parasites of the female reproductive tract, they know that they "use up" and age women.

It's common knowledge that things like pregnancy, marriage and early sex (fast life history) increase female biological age, shorten female lifespan and increase lifetime morbidity. Sure, some cope by pulling the "muh breast cancer" card, but that's completely dwarfed by other disease you accumulate and life expectancy you lose from moid exposure.

No. 1733807

Ah, the joys of raising a smeglet:
Kek at the boymoms and their buyer's remorse about their Aydyns who are their Kings. Don't forget to shine a blacklight on that bathroom of yours, Jennifer! You don't wanna miss those piss stains on your toothbrush! You don't wanna make Hunter pee like a girl, do you? Chop chop, that urine ain't gonna scrub itself!

No. 1733810

Because that's literally what happens to moids when their prostates are tickled. No, I am not kidding. Scratch any politically obsessed scrote and you'll find some sort of sexual interest underneath. Both rightoid (mmmmuhhhh d-delicious Tyrone cock fucking my aryan wife and destroying my western society hhhhhhnn REEEE) and leftoid (you have no clue how many white male BLMfags are literally only doing this because they're into cuck porn) are motivated by abject fantasies of being sexually dominated by some "more virile" moid, which in Murican minds is black. This is also true for homophobic moids, which almost certainly stems from popping a stiffy while taking a large, prostate-prodding shit, and then living in fear of becoming a willing slave to cock if it ever finds its way into said homophobe's anus. See also: "gay men were molested" narrative.

Naturally, they think women also function this way because of XY deficits in perspective taking.

No. 1733905

not pictured: some of the women using surrogates, all of them using day care and au pairs, all of them being unemployed with a subsidized fitness lifestyle

No. 1733911

Every single elderly woman will tell you the secret to living long and happy is to avoid men. They die sooner naturally because testosterone and the xy is violent by nature so they try to drag us down with them. Tradthots most likely have a death wish when they lie to themselves about needing a moid in their life

No. 1733953

>Fetuses, which are effectively parasites whose bodies are built cell by cell with their mother's bone and blood and the nutrient is siphons from her and, if kept to term, always inflicts permanent injury upon said woman
>keeps women young and bright
Cannot believe moids have the audacity to call women irrational when they believe shit like this

No. 1734564

File: 1672436946358.png (1.27 MB, 1514x1764, Lauren_Chen_Abortion.PNG)


No. 1734601

Same old trad larp bullshit as before. I’m seeing evangelicals fighting more with tradcaths online lately so if she wants religious moid attention, she’ll have to choose

No. 1734660

Being able to choose when/if to bring a pregnancy to term is empowerment, there's nothing else it could be. Nothing impoverishes women or curtails our dreams and aspirations like children, especially unwanted and unplanned ones. Lauren and other tradthots know this, it's the entire reasons trads oppose abortion in the first place.

No. 1734873

File: 1672498654272.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1290x2336, BC12FB35-8A35-4BF0-92D3-1520AD…)

Next level pickmeism from Sameera Khan simping for Andrew Tate in her Telegram channel

No. 1734891

pickmes can be just as evil as men

No. 1734892

Tbh i don't like the extreme worded marketing, but why does Lauren tho for low hanging fruit

No. 1735043

File: 1672525284181.jpeg (235.12 KB, 828x750, 9C257880-8C24-4CB7-AD74-7BE858…)

Unfortunately true and it tends to be NLOGs and Beckies who felt excluded or superior to other women in childhood that side with awful men and express their hatred cattiness and jealousy towards other women in the form of scroteish violence

No. 1735046

Can confirm, my grandmothers biggest regret in life was getting married. A 50 year long miserable marriage that she stayed in because of ‘tradition’ and fear of being socially shunned by her church and community.

Yup, scrotes worldview and political opinions are shaped almost 100% by their sexual desires and all men use their dick as their main navigator through life, I’m not even joking. A man can list every principle and viewpoint he holds in one breath and will immediately betray those values for sex in the next.

No. 1735137

>a woman talking to the taliban
I wonder if she really believes she’d be treated special by these scrotes

No. 1735189

File: 1672541216251.jpg (491.23 KB, 1012x1500, url(4).jpg)

No. 1735236

>giving child rapists a platform
she needs to kill herself

No. 1735237

If she met with them then she probably isn’t at risk of being raped or forcibly married, they’d probably just try to make her a slave, because Middle Eastern scrotes are also extremely racist and a black woman isn’t a sexual being to them, black people are just a joke slave caste to them and their attitude hasn’t changed in centuries.

No. 1735297

Het female sexuality is just Stockholm syndrome

No. 1735298

You forgot
>married to a black man
They don't like that at all, kek

No. 1735323

very well said anon. i don't understand how people can think that tweet or any other statements of the same sort are controversial or extreme in any way, unless you literally believe abortion is murder, in which case you are insane.

No. 1735362

Are you on drugs anon? I’ve lived in several Arab Gulf countries and black women are just as much in danger of being raped or trafficked as any other group of women. Sexual abuse against domestic laborers is rampant, and there are prostituted African women everywhere. A scrote is a scrote, and scrotes will rape an animal if they can. You need to stop listening to the retarded bullshit that comes out of their mouths and pay attention to their actual behavior, because it’s dangerous to be this naive about men.

No. 1735794

>a black woman isn’t a sexual being to them
This is such a cope. The whole delusion that a moid being racist means he won't sexualize women of the group he looks down on, the idea that slavery doesn't signal vulnerability and easy availability for any low-empathy scrote, etc etc. Don't be fucking retarded, anon. Moids getting horny over a woman is not the same as endorsement, care or respect.

No. 1735871

Sameera is Pakistani

No. 1735872

File: 1672673216454.jpeg (64.82 KB, 985x662, F58BDCAB-F734-4E1D-B03F-23ED92…)

No. 1736007

willing to bet that she wants to get married to a taliban member, get obviously abused then run away to monetize the story and trauma of it for attention. But spin it to where it’s feminists fault she did all that to capitalize on right wingers. Sameera is such a meme that nobody takes her seriously though

No. 1736195

>26 members

No. 1737216

File: 1672854533400.png (Spoiler Image,428.43 KB, 600x582, madeyouclick.png)

How can you be so blind/delusional not to realize that you (and to an extent the entire board) are just the other side of the same coin? If anything, there are more vitriolic death threats here than on any other chan out there. A clinical therapist would lock this place in the loony bin.

No. 1737319

>Women talking about mens hatred and predatory behaviour is basically the same as being a x hating predator!
>Maybe if you women didn't call me an incel I wouldn't spam cp and sperg about women being inferior and wanting rape to be legal!
XY moment kek. Men never take responsibility for their actions. There's a reason most mass shooters are found to visit sites like 4fag and incels.is and shit like that, while scrotes seethe about pointing out their degeneracy as being just as bad because this time the ones pointing out degeneracy are saying males are degenerate, and are the ones men are trying to attract. "Pointing out that I'm a pedophile is just as bad as me being one!" why are men like this?

No. 1737320

You caught an incel kek. They really are mad that their beliefs aren't seen as reality and can be easily pointed out as false using statistics and just observing reality.

No. 1737479

>men post CP, gore, fantasize about raping women in grotesque ways for the smallest of 'infractions', which may be as minimal as simply not paying attention to them
>"b-but women are soooo much worse!!!"
Are men sentient? Serious question.

No. 1739142

File: 1673084346230.jpg (493.21 KB, 2140x1628, 6492df.jpg)

this might not belong here exactly, but I don't know what else thread to post this in

A popular Alt-rlght aligned account by the twitter handle of "Carnivore Aurelius" was recently reveled to be run by a woman named Caeleah Taylor who works for a marketing firm
The main way Taylor makes her money is through selling liver jerky. for $9 per 15 oz. $7.5 if you subscribe to have it delivered every month. It is not hard to find a pound (16 oz.) of liver for $2.5. Meaning that assuming someone subscribes they would still be paying 3 times the amount of money its worth.
She does not produce the liver chips through her own company btw. She buys ‘em wholesale from another meat procures and puts them in branded packaging.
she found out cause she heavily plagiarized content from others


No. 1739143

Lol Mercedes Schlapp's husband is being accused of groping dudes

What is it about conservative women marrying closet cases?

No. 1739172

Kek, the carnivore cult are a whole other level of crazy and delusional grifters

No. 1739177

>vitriolic death threats

I’ll start giving a shit when lolcow is linked to literally ANY mass shootings or irl violence like the other boards are. But you and I both know that’ll never happen for…obvious reasons.

No. 1739311

File: 1673118122120.png (16.47 KB, 596x140, ftm pickme.PNG)

Context: under a comment mocking s tardwife conservative chastising women for not being on-call fuckmaids to their husbands and telling them not to "deny" sex.

Fakeboi pickmes really are something else. I guess it's not really surprising that a woman who thinks she needed to chop her tits off and grow a pedostache to wear khakis was taken in by an equally authoritarian ideology.

No. 1739410

>marketing firm posing as an alt right conservative for money
Kek no wonder why these right wing events are always empty. All their voices online are basically firms and bots trying to make a quick buck from terminally online retards
The carnivore cult and raw milk drinking crunchy anti vax moms are way too similar to not be some marketing firm’s psyop either I bet

No. 1743410

I'm howling because this is literally how my mom raised me

No. 1743412

Ah yes, the "you're just like me!" resident incel cope. Moids stay having no defense mechanisms besides projecting onto mommy.

No. 1743607

File: 1673609911840.jpeg (106.56 KB, 1024x872, 7933A4B3-13FD-4D93-A934-A0A946…)

Yes, it’s feminism making moids sexist and disrespectful. Not the fact 99% of scrotes are watching porn daily from when they are just 10 years old.

No. 1743738

she’s been torn apart before for going after scrotes on Facebook over how awful men are to date. MRAs and trads seethed. Seems like she doesn’t care kek only she’ll blame feminism and the liberals for it instead of it being specifically a moid issue

No. 1744254

File: 1673666393048.png (1.01 MB, 658x1064, Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 9.54…)

I wonder if Megha is genuinely this delusional or she just says these things for engagement

No. 1744263

They seethed because she slept with a black guy lol. Nothing triggers little weenie wignats more than a dude having a bigger dick than them.

No. 1744277

How are men any worse now than they were before. Moids have pretty much always been the same

No. 1744281

Local straight woman coping by telling herself that the way men are is subject to change because it's somehow conditioned, out of fear of confronting the reality of moids around her. For radfems it's "muh male socialization", for tradwhores it's "muh emasculation of the modern male and muh feminization of my retard son's school system". Both believe in Disney fairytales, the former about what men Could've Been™, the latter about what men Used To Be™.

No. 1744290

Men have always been garbage but this new generation of porn addicted fatherless scrotes who were never taught to say please or thank you plus absolutely zero social skills are definitely even worse than the ones before them

No. 1744364

they def have stayed the same but i feel like with porn&tech the misogyny has just evolved and become even more invasive. might be the reason why some think its worse

No. 1745007

And did that make you a tall and robust person?

No. 1745018

No. 1745019

Idk why she even bothers, right wing men hate her guts because she supports abortion and dated a black guy. Conservative women always just end up pointlessly scolding men who don’t want to hear them speak in the first place.

No. 1745038

A few years ago, she had a concussion and nearly died. She probably has residual brain damage from it

No. 1745093

Not tall, but I am robust as fuck tbh

No. 1745296

She’s just parroting /pol/ shit. Height and build and skull shape is mostly genetics. There are already millions of people in Asia and Siberia who live that milk meat outdoors lifestyle, swim and bathe in lakes and rivers, and they are still short on average, because of their fucking genetics. What a dumbass.

No. 1745299

Girl you can aim for the tallest blondest blue eyed ‘hyperborean’ Chad you want but at the end of the day they’re still gonna get your short Chinese genetics and be 5ft6 Elliott Rodgers lmao.

No. 1745537

>. There are already millions of people in Asia and Siberia who live that milk meat outdoors lifestyle, swim and bathe in lakes and rivers, and they are still short on average,

No. 1745543

Maybe they will be Chads like Daniel Hotzclaw or Keanu Reeves

No. 1745561

>Daniel Hotzclaw

No. 1745606

Chads can’t rape?