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No. 1492702

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1492712

KEK is he fucking around for april fool's or is this legit? I was one of the anons who predicted he'd troon a few weeks ago. he's got all the boxes ticked.

No. 1492717

Who dis

No. 1492718

File: 1649114092026.jpeg (118.57 KB, 828x953, AB65A233-AD72-49A0-BD7C-9B8161…)

no he changed his pronouns March 20. also ap has been referring to himself as a genderfluid lesbian and making music about it for years. He did music for the incel documentary. these lyrics are from a decade ago

No. 1492720

Oml ariel pink is finally trooning

No. 1492723

Hey retard, the previous thread is still active. Stop jumping the gun.

No. 1492726

Not even op but
>23 posts left
>jumping the gun
What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1492732

Most people who got witchhunted after the Jan. 6th event moved on with their lives and tried to rebuild, but this guy decided to troon out.

No. 1492734

Don’t respond to autistic whining

No. 1492757

It was posted and discussed in the last thread

No. 1492760

Okay, thanks

No. 1492761

Imagine being such a narc troon that you OUT YOURSELF.

No. 1492792

File: 1649117969063.jpg (414.26 KB, 1536x2048, FPgx5NoX0AAPtNQ.jpg)

Lilly Wachowski morphing into an ogre

No. 1492793

he’s a fat pig and a slimy rapist, wtf are you talking about

No. 1492794

File: 1649118119735.jpeg (400.77 KB, 1539x2048, 821E2A9F-3C3B-4B3F-A112-36BA15…)

Isn’t he AGP

No. 1492798

>rape me
Always with the rape.

No. 1492803

He has a boyfriend now but he trooned out after dating a dominatrix

No. 1492804

alt-right to tranny pipeline checks out yet again

No. 1492806

File: 1649118666841.jpg (545.05 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_2022-04-04-17-29-21…)

Kek, all the horse piss pills did was make him fatter.

No. 1492808

File: 1649118854640.jpg (2.53 MB, 3888x2912, KpLEIe9.jpg)

trannies always have frazzled hair and bad makeup, yet think they're hot

No. 1492813

File: 1649119401996.jpg (715.46 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_2022-04-04-17-42-54…)

No. 1492816

You disgust me

No. 1492817

Come join us in the unconventional crushes thread, there's at least two more of us.

No. 1492818

Kek trannys actually manage to make men they stand mear look feminine in comparison, truly a gift

No. 1492819

Yeesh, the Elephant Man looked better than him. Nice jaw, you knuckle-dragger.

No. 1492822

The too-short brows always get me.

No. 1492832

You guys remind me why I’m proud of being a lesbian.

No. 1492834

Are you a TiF? You'll never be a real man so stop trying to match their coom brain thinking. I'm assuming you want to hate fuck Tucker because attraction is impossible. He's fat, ugly and his tiny squeezed lips looks like a puckered anus. I'm sure you wanna put your prosthetic penis into that tiny mouth/anus while he complains about his tv dinner stock empire.

No. 1492841

I’m going to be mildly annoying and repost my comments from the last thread since I didn’t realise it was so close to being locked.

No. 1492844

It’s really not that he’s fat and ugly, I’ve known plenty of women who are into big James Gandolfini daddy types. Tucker is weak and disgusting looking

No. 1492845

Is there something HRT does to your hair that makes it frizzy and thin? I know plenty of cis men with completely healthy long hair. It looks soooo bad.

No. 1492847

They were defending their sister who was getting beaten up by a crazy man. Who cares that a violent asshole was giving blow jobs? A 17 year old should know to keep his hands off of women.

No. 1492854

Might be less oil production or something and not properly changing up conditioner to compensate

No. 1492857

crusty ass agp smirk
i think it's because trannies tend to be unhealthy? i'd like to know too. i think it's also them being shitty at styling

No. 1492859

kek, you can tell he was sooo proud of that eyeshadow but all it does is highlight his distinctly male brow bridge

No. 1492860

AYRT, I really don't know why you're tryna dunk on my sexual preferences when we've both seen troons trying to strong-arm both of us into dating them. Let's focus on them, instead, shall we?

No. 1492861

Most cis men I’ve seen with long straight hair tend to not even try and it just looks good. men with curly hair usually get this kind of frizz because curls and even wavy hair demands way more thought than using a 5 in one shampoo and raking shitty broken comb through it

No. 1492862

I can guarantee this guy decided that he'd buy all the stereotypical "feminine" shampoo (like Garnier Fructis and all that shit) without testing to see if his hair would cope with it. I bet he also takes hot showers, doesn't use conditioner, never even puts conditioner on the tips… the works. He puts more effort into the makeup than his hair.

No. 1492863

HRT does speed up hair loss in men ironically, so that's probably why

No. 1492871

No, they weren't. Jesus, I hate troons, but they don't deserve to be beaten death by homophobes for being troons. These assholes clocked Gwen on the first night they met him, but were so desperate for sex, the lied to themselves about him being a woman.

No. 1492877


No. 1492886

It's only in comparison because it's always the troon's fault for looking like disney animals and prehistoric primates

No. 1492887

Whats his birth name

No. 1492889

aaand i'm done with him. hope he sudokus

No. 1492890

Arielwoman Pantynicker

No. 1492893

looks like winston mccall lost a bet to davey havok

No. 1492895


No. 1492897

she was making a funny one-liner, zoomerchan. sarcasm and jokes are possible without using the prescribed tiktok music or emoji to indicate that a joke has arrived, read some terry pratchett or something
hjfkkdfdfddfgggs << so u know i'm joking

No. 1492899

File: 1649124511613.png (480.96 KB, 743x912, Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter.png)

I hope this isn't real

No. 1492902

Nta but love your work

No. 1492903


No. 1492906

I’ll never forgive this dipshit for trying to ruin Matrix saying it is a trans allegory.

No. 1492910

I think you might be a bit autistic yourself, there, pal. Lesbonon wants to pick fights with Tuckeranons, she can take it to the unconventional crushes thread. This thread is all about troon-hating. No need for infighting among the ranks. Comprende?

No. 1492911

Can we stop posting this boomer twitter? Libs of TikTok is bait.

No. 1492912

lol they post videos of like a random black guy stealing something from the dollar tree and caption it “PLANET OF THE APES”

No. 1492913

File: 1649125711740.jpeg (482.18 KB, 828x1572, A29E1780-7640-4880-8682-4D7D1A…)

AGPs: it’s not a fetish

No. 1492914

umm YEAH i'm autistic, i'm on lolcow.

No. 1492915

those moobs really look like moobs in that outfit.

No. 1492919

Maybe I jus have astonishingly lowered standards due to lurking these threads for so long, but this one isn't as bad as most posted here. He should invest in some conditioner though, or stop using so much heat on his hair.

No. 1492929

Who the fuck is ariel pink and why am I supposed to care?

No. 1492933

He’s a musician, nonna. He’s got some nice bits, too bad he trooned out.

No. 1492937

why do they call their subreddit "selfie TRAIN" if they think they're not fetishists? idk where the phrase comes from, but it sounds like they mean train like the porn term. "mtfselfietrain" sounds like a sexual reference. it's even uncomfortable for me to read it

No. 1492939

I highly doubt it's in reference to that nona.

No. 1492940

more than that he physically and sexually abused his barely legal ex gf for years, even got booted from his old label because of it iirc. if anyone's familiar with his music, she was the one who sang the good parts of Kitchen Witch and worked on some weyes blood music videos.

No. 1492949

it's been a long time coming honestly. he's an all-around shitty person, always has been. but he's also one of the only artists whose music I like so much I'm willing to separate the art from the artist for some reason. john maus is in kind of a similar boat since they're friends(?) but at least I can give him a pass for being an actual schizo.

No. 1492984

The fucking razorburn. They can't even be MEN right.

No. 1492990

oh ok i hope you're right! where does the phrase come from then?

No. 1492992

I got it wrong. The woman involved wasn't a sister, but a girlfriend. Gwen was flirting and table top dancing and the girlfriend got pissed off because her boyfriend was there and she fought Gwen. Gwen threw off like with moid strength. If the woman knew Gwen was a man, she wouldn't have tried to fight him. Next party (or a few parties later) they checked for a penis, and beat him to death as he begged for his life. This was only the three moids who had sex with him. To the woman's credit her and her boyfriend tried to escort Gwen out of the hosue but were stopped. The torture lasted a few hours with strangulation, beatings and finally a shovel to what was probably the corpse that point.

Only rapists and murderers deserve to be tortured, anon. I'm going to have some empathy because this person was still a kid and the defense lawyers did the same thing to him as they do to women. Victim blaming. It's not a kid's fault men choose to stick their dick into a person they've known for an hour. If you're too stupid to know what you're having sex with then accept you're a faggot or something. These men were also in their 30s so they were pedos. Gwen passed because he was a child not because men can pass as women.

No. 1492996

Nayrt but similar to gravy train, (gravy used to mean money) where you get easily railroaded into whatever comes before the train part. I think selfie train means a mindnumbing way to effortlessly look at a lot of self portraits

No. 1493138

they are so oblivious to the disgust they invoke in everyone around them.

No. 1493142

it fucks up their thyroid, that's why they all get fat too.

No. 1493143

File: 1649138695619.jpg (55.55 KB, 554x960, azaxm2rfxeb61.jpg)

ariel rosenberg. his dad is a beverly hills doctor who got in trouble for insurance fraud

No. 1493148

that's awful, maybe this is an unpopular opinion here but I really don't care that much about straight men's problems with hsts troons. just because they're retarded enough mistake a man for a woman doesn't mean the man deserves to die especially not at 17 tortured by three men. If I unknowingly had sex with a tif (extemely unlikely for obvious reasons but then again so is the opposite) I'd be upset but I'd never resort to violence. monkey behavior

No. 1493150

One selfie after the other after the other. Repetitive posts one after the other like wagons ig

No. 1493160

This. I can’t stand the pickmeishas in here caping for these disgusting murderous moids because they killed a troon. They’re not your allies. They’d beat a woman to death too.
This is typical male-on-male violence and there’s no excuse for it, which is why we don’t want MEN (troon or not) in female spaces to begin with.

No. 1493163

>This is typical male-on-male violence
imo that's more like just normal fighting
this is more like male-on-anyone-significantly-weaker-than-them violence

No. 1493196

NTA but why are you describing this so in detail, sounds like projecting

This dude is so fucking ugly and CREEPY, why is he getting so much views?

No. 1493211

I think the algorithm is pushing him because he works in media. Apparently he writes for Disney.

No. 1493224

For Disney?? That Disney that's very uncomfortable with showing homosexuals as anything but flamboyant villains? Kek

No. 1493226

File: 1649147766481.jpg (407.25 KB, 1350x1080, PhotoCollage_1649148628355.jpg)

Imagine this hairline trying to dictate what a real feminist is

No. 1493235

men are not people pass it on

No. 1493239

Oh gross. I remember liking him back in my cringe 'hipster' days in college but this is just embarrassing

No. 1493240

Ok, fucking same. I'm glad someone said it. I'd have angry sex with that dude

No. 1493241

No. 1493244

sage for blogpost but my male friend said the same thing about terfs "they're not REAL feminists since they don't care about a group of women" (aka trans identified men), they really want you to think women can't care for other women unless they also care for people with dicks. Pure misogyny as usual. Friend is an autist tho so it makes sense he can't think for himself.

No. 1493251


No. 1493253

Multi level marketing ?

No. 1493254

File: 1649150942797.png (203.99 KB, 1441x961, Screenshot (253).png)

Wife gets cancer, dies, husband of 34 years celebrates because he can finally live out his sissy fetish.

No. 1493255

File: 1649151134573.jpg (264.41 KB, 614x494, Bez názvu-1.jpg)

i think my brain exploded

No. 1493257

i wish his kids will leave him and will never ever contact him again. their children are mourning for their mom while im sure he's happy to raid her closet and steal her clothes.

No. 1493258

File: 1649151237967.jpg (1.03 MB, 1439x2670, snapshot.jpg)

His wiki still uses male stuff, if someone wants to archive (idk how or if it needs to be, sorry).

No. 1493260

His ancestors that gave him Shan Yu genes are crying rn

No. 1493262

marxist leninist maoist (ie communist)

No. 1493264

>recruit thousands of healthy patients for unnecessary surgeries
Isn’t this what’s happening with trans medicine too?

No. 1493269

File: 1649152962482.png (1.35 MB, 1459x1683, lesbian.png)

No. 1493272

>she once said that she was afraid I’d be prettier than her

Doubt. She was likely more worried about the perpetual embarrassment that comes as a package deal with having a hon for a husbando.

No. 1493273

why do they keep lying about things like that? literally no woman on earth is afraid that a man in drag is going to be prettier than her.

No. 1493277

they want to be envied, it's a whole thing. They want to be the sparkling femme fatale, the popular girl at school they never could have.

No. 1493278

He should go back in

No. 1493279

File: 1649154676402.jpg (144.19 KB, 1140x824, isart-paris@1140w.jpg)

I was checking the website of a gamedev school and the first thing I spotted was the troon, amazing.

No. 1493280

Are they seriously afraid gc women will assault and beat them? When has that ever happened? The only violence that happens to trannies is via men. GC women are more likely to be beat by trannies than the reverse.
Are they lying or are they really deahtly afraid of women who simply don't validate their gender identity lmao.

No. 1493281

No. 1493286

It's DARVO. No, actually women who I assault when you do not validate my delusions/fuck me, you actually abuse me. Basically they want people to not be GC, so they try and paint it a bad picture, including claims of violence, so other people do not feel comfortable being GC. They unironically call men who beat them TERFs, even Ben Shapiro, when they are in no way even a feminist. It's just violent male supremacists doing their best to shut down womens rights/protections from their predation.

No. 1493294

agree on both counts. i will never give up john maus. sad to read of pinks trooning though. damn.

No. 1493295

It doesn't, they're always trying to spin the GC argument for having sex separate bathroom facilities back on us by acting as though women being concerned about our own safety from men is the same. It obviously falls down if you took 1 second to realise that male violence toward women is exceedingly more common than the inverse. The chances of them being sexually assaulted or otherwise by a woman in a public toilet is next to zero, but let's ignore that to feed their victim complex okay??

No. 1493297

File: 1649157982380.png (403.03 KB, 598x526, lesbian submissive housewife.p…)

no thanks

No. 1493299

File: 1649158108975.png (5.03 KB, 435x269, 5epli.png)

Terf toilets sound based as fuck tho

No. 1493306

For the love of god PLEASE give us terf toilets. I'm actually begging

No. 1493308

And then when all the women, regardless of views, go to the terf toilets because they don’t want to be around men, the trannies will whine and try invading the terf toilets, because it will be the new women-only bathroom. they’ll never be happy.

No. 1493311

File: 1649159528544.png (19.03 KB, 536x236, 54353354554354.png)

Looked up his twitter and saw this lol, you know people on tinder rejected him and thats why he went back to twitter and posted this.
Also ofcourse he does tranny porn too, is there any tranny left on twitter who doesnt have a porn account/onlyfans at this point?? But no its not sexual or a fetish at all

No. 1493321

I bet it was just a joke on her side
> you know, I'd like to troon out
> oh don't be silly. you can't, you'd look better than me

so they would like to create… women bathrooms? ok, cool. just watch them attack every single woman going in and out.

No. 1493323

Give us TERF everything so we can have womens categories back. Reminds me of when the trannies began to invade so a school theatre production had an AFAB change room and an AMAB change room. Tranny student was fuming, even though they were playing along with the delusion.

No. 1493325

File: 1649160962551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 755.02 KB, 1047x1824, Screenshot_20220405-141520_Twi…)

>>1493311 look at those feminine curves

No. 1493327

File: 1649161135352.png (843.83 KB, 637x959, 1399580911911.png)


No. 1493332

Grown ups beating up children are always disgusting, what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1493333

He bragged about matching with a cis girl 3 hours later kek

I think some of these troons are honest, their AGP brains makes them think they are hot, so when they see other men with their manly features present in the feminine way they do too it reminds them of themselves, so they think it's hot. They also don't have to feel inferior and jealous of manly troons the way they do to women, so that helps them feel more "secure".

No. 1493339

I support t4t

No. 1493342

Every time a hon dates another hon, a lesbian gets her wings.

No. 1493345

Goodbye horses

No. 1493346

>A group of his fellow men found it distasteful that he would attack somebody weaker than him and thought he should have a taste of his own medicine
lmao anon I hope you're not this trusting of male strangers irl. did you even read the post
>Next party (or a few parties later) they checked for a penis, and beat him to death as he begged for his life. This was only the three moids who had sex with him. To the woman's credit her and her boyfriend tried to escort Gwen out of the hosue but were stopped. The torture lasted a few hours with strangulation, beatings and finally a shovel to what was probably the corpse that point
does this sound like three noble gentlemen defending a girls honour to you? They're violent sadistic scrotes who were mad a faggot sucked their dick and used it as an excuse to act like the animals they are

No. 1493348

What is that ewwww

No. 1493353

This pic from last thread got me thinking about the lie that is "transitioning makes people happier and stops them from 41%ing“.
It's just not observably true. Almost every TIP I've ever seen looks way more miserable and severely unhealthy after they start transitioning and anyone with eyes can see that. Every TIM I've ever seen also becomes a shell of former self after transition. They go from being a whole person with actual interests and a personality to only ever talking about being trans, feminine stereotypes, and sex. Not to mention their suicide rates don't noticeably go down after transition.

No. 1493357

Same, indie-chan. If John Maus troons out I’m removing all living male artists from my library

No. 1493361

It frustrates me to no end that trans "inclusive" feminism defines the central pillar of feminism to be just inclusion. It posits that once we learn to include MtFs into womanhood, once we include them in our spaces, then we will have achieved the aims of feminism.

My feminism isn't about inclusion, though. It is about the protection of rights. I have a right to life which is why we need movements against domestic violence and SA. I have a right to bodily autonomy and health which is why we need movements for abortion and for non-dismissive medical care for all women. I have a right to work which is why we need movements for equal pay and for recognition that women across the globe are far too often shunted into precarious work that pays little and provides no security. I have a right to education which is why we need to fight for girls' access to school and to programs which would normally discriminate against them. I have the right to a fulfilled life where I can pursue what paths I choose, and that is why I need feminism.

MtFs don't understand any of that. They don't experience any of that. And even when they do face violence or "discrimination", it isn't because they are women. It is because they are men trying to be women. If they fought for trans rights under the umbrella of trans rights and as separate from women's rights, I don't think I ever would have peaked. But as it stands, I am at my wit's end.

No. 1493365

I was joking and don’t consider any of them noble. I was working around the transphobia argument that’s always pushed with this story. If a woman agreed to have sex with someone believing it was another woman using a dildo but turned out to be a tranny and his girldick, wouldn’t she be allowed to feel betrayal? Men don’t deserve sympathy in general and I’m insulted by the response I’m supposed to have to the story.

No. 1493372

Who cares if closet cases kill HSTS. Women aren't out here stealth raping people. Maybe if trannies didn't do reckless shit they wouldn't get killed. Women could do everything men tell us and still get killed just for existing. Stop wasting empathy on moids

No. 1493375

I feel like most women actually pity troons. This sounds horrible but in my TRA days (and now) I would actually get a confidence boost around my MTF friends. I even pitied the "passing" pretty ones because at the end of the day they're a delusional self loathing man who has to put on a costume everyday to mimic women that he's jealous of. I couldn't imagine hating myself so much that I botch myself to look like somebody else. I feel like asides from women empathizing with self hating HSTS, women are ok with having tranny friends because even the prettiest tranny is still an envious mutilated man and that is pretty funny to me

No. 1493379

Anon female troons also pretend to be men to have sex with women

No. 1493381

Anons in this thread really telling us to have empathy for a troon who fought women and fucked homophobic closet cases. Maybe if he didn't try to live out his cardi b bad bitch persona he wouldn't be killed by his fellow moids. All men involved in the story are disgusting go cape for men on Twitter fujo retards

No. 1493383

> the central pillar of feminism to be just inclusion

This has been going on for years. Trans inclusive "feminism" is the latest and worst version of it.

It started off ok as "intersectional feminism", back in early 2000s, talking about how non-white woman also have to deal with the intersection of racism and misogyny so that's something feminists should talk about and how white women are often racist so they should be less racist.

But it morphed into the unholy abomination of "inclusive feminism" i.e. feminism that solely focuses on women and fighting misogyny is trash and worthless and feminism should focus on fighting all the -isms and problems of the world.

I mean can you really call yourself a feminist if you aren't fighting for the right of a male who calls himself nonbinary to be a counselor for girls and to sleep in the girl's cabin at a summer camp for preteen kids? Or if you aren't fighting against police brutality against black men (not black women mind you) because black women have black men in their lives so it affects them when black men are murdered by the police? (Actual argument I saw back then)

No. 1493384

Male troons do it way more lol. That's like bringing up female teachers that molest boys when discussing men who abuse little girls. Are you the same anon who brought up lesbian pedophiles when anons where discussing NAMBLA?

No. 1493386

A kid tortured by grown as moids for hours. Any functional human being would have sympathy for some one in that position.

No. 1493387

There is a disturbing trend of Aidens doing just that to gay men. And it's not few of them either. It's not relevant in this thread but lets not pretend it's not a problem.

No. 1493389

I've seen y'all have less sympathy for female minors on here lol but yeah let's cry for some dumbass 17 yr old who put his hands on women and stealthed men. You can't really expect everybody here to pity and coddle moids like you do. You think that troon would've stopped fighting women and stealthing men? Although I'll be honest if men wanna rape eachother idc as long as they leave us alone. But that shit is their business and not our problem. Do troons stick up for women who are murdered? Nope. Stop wasting energy pitying these retards. Are we gonna cry about every male who dies because of their stupidity?

No. 1493391

How does gayden stealth a man? I know they've been raped as fuck towards gay males lately but gay men are MEN and have been successfully defending their shit lol they still have their own bars and shit. Pretty much most lesbian spaces include gender specials now like women don't even have their own shit. Gay males are big kids. They can fight off a few rapist TIFs no problem

No. 1493393

>fujo retards
for the love of fucking god touch grass

No. 1493394

Unlike moids, I'm capable of empathy and that is a quality I'm pretty proud of. I see no reason to act like a fucking sociopath about dead children on the internet.

No. 1493395

By exposing their ass and hiding their front (I wish I didn't know this). Men are pretty stupid when it comes to sex.

No. 1493396

Samefag but u anons crying for some retard troon are the same ones who pity AGPs who get the chop and idk why. They do this shit to themselves. Only Jazz Jennings type troons had no say in mutilating themselves. Some social reject who wants to rape lesbians or a gay boy who wants to skinwalk Nicki Minaj is not our burden to deal with

No. 1493397

No. 1493398

Bitch ur on lolcow nobody here is doing shit with their life(bait)

No. 1493399

don't worry anon, he only had 1 year left before he was a moid and worthy of death anyway.

No. 1493400

Ok do you want a cookie? Retards like you are how moids are able to weaponize our empathy. I'm only concerned about women and small children.

No. 1493401

Omg what. I believe you but DAMN. Men are fucking retarded.

No. 1493402

>That's like bringing up female teachers that molest boys when discussing men who abuse little girls.
You literally brought it up saying women don't do it

No. 1493405

Can y’all shut the fuck up and stop derailing the thread

No. 1493408

I see what you mean. Women are as bad as men yes? We're as likely to rape them? We're just as likely to murder as they are right? Obviously I didn't mean NO woman is raping people but compared to men the number is far lower. YOU anons who bring up female rapists- wtf is the point here? Are you trying to imply we are just as dangerous as men? Or just trying to derail because you don't want us to discuss how male it is to stealth rape somebody who doesn't want you? Are you implying that it isn't a male thing to do? That we do it just as much? Like why bring that shit up at all

No. 1493412

Are you delusional? You brought it up

No. 1493427

Sometimes it literally feels like their end game is to just tear down everything we’ve actually made any sort of progress in. Can’t talk about abortion now bc it hurts men in dresses feelings. Can’t have STEM programs for girls because boys want some of those precious spaces too. I just can’t believe this is the state of things sometimes.

No. 1493429

nta but ??? girl speak for yourself lol

No. 1493431

>You have become addicted to estrogen
More like Jet, looking at this waste of space.

No. 1493436

>I’m cis and a survivor
>constantly terrified of TERFs raping me in the bathroom

Lmao this has GOT to be a troll, or severe mental illness

No. 1493437

Freeside raider looking mfer

No. 1493438

Don't over exaggerate. No one is harder on female minors here unless they're terrible people. Even then, we don't wish rape and torture on them. I'm the anon that posted the story and while I'm disgusted by the crime, I do understand the hypocrisy of how they gloss over a trans kid engaging in dangerous situations vs a woman. Most people would say it was only a matter of time before a teen girl got murdered if she was acting out sexually. I get being bitter about that. But my initial point of the story was to point how cruel the murder was and how it was conducted by MOIDS while TERFs are vilified. It's to point out the absolute disgusting nature of the TRA movement where they scapegoat women. If TRAs really cared about trans lives they'd constantly be calling out homophobic men who can't clock a hole in the wall.

No. 1493439

That is so awful. I hate that any of these troons feel good about being able to rape people by deception. It’s just fucked.

No. 1493440

Honestly I think a big chunk of people here have pretty decent lives. Just because we come on lolcow doesn’t say anything other than this is a place to go to vent frustrations and even chill out for a while.

No. 1493441

Speak for yourself nonny, a lot of us work, raise families, go to grad school etc. and use this anonymous forum to blow off steam. I don’t think it’s necessarily something to be proud of, but imageboards have been relevant to normies for at least a decade.

No. 1493465

yeah we literally have a neet containment thread to keep the losers out of the other threads. people in this thread have good lives

No. 1493467

i have some bad news for you about how containment threads work

No. 1493469


Looks like a centaur from the front

No. 1493478

where is this story about the kid who got "tortured"?

No. 1493484

is it too late to hope for a nuclear winter

No. 1493489

End of previous thread. Or just Google "Gwen Araujo".

No. 1493495

me too guys, pitiless censors is a GOAT album there's nothing that man could at dis point do to get to me stop headbanging to quantum leap. john's not terminally online npdfag crazy like ariel but cluster A weird crazy so I don't think there's any danger of him trooning.

No. 1493497

File: 1649177394121.png (114.99 KB, 910x861, larp.png)

kek the fucking cope. everything else seems accurate but they had to throw in random girly shit to feel validated
>be afraid to walk at night
>have with cramps once a month
>spend much more time on hair and makeup
>make less money
>deal with more drama

notice how the post is titled "woman" but every single line uses "girl"

No. 1493501

They really don't see us as humans do they?

No. 1493504

oh okay, thanks. thought it was something that happened recently.

No. 1493509

Hey at least this one recognizes that horsepiss isn't some magical elixir which makes your breasts and cat ears grow, height to shrink and and have actual periods with choccie cravings and bleeding out the dickhole. I'm sure he got swiftly banned for saying it'll most likely kill him.

No. 1493513

File: 1649178614413.png (231.2 KB, 635x3205, 12.png)

Chel Wong, a troon music game "composer" tested positive for covid twice and still decided to go to a game dev convention. Hes getting quite the flak for it and rightfully so.
Also made an 'unlisted' shitty youtube apology video on an alt channel that he can delete and swipe under the rug later

No. 1493515

This meme is such blatant tranny false-flagging to make us look bad.

I have never encountered a man with as much micropenis energy as Carlson. His face is permanently stuck like he just smelled a fart, and I'd rather listen to a dryer full of silverware than his grating, nasally voice. If I had a voice between sleeping with him and shooting myself, I'd shoot myself twice.

No. 1493516

I remember reading how even in CS the gamedev courses always had the most troons. Even in a field as AGP-infested as CS it always stood out to me as that.
Not like it concerns me, though, since I prefer cybersec anyways.

No. 1493518

>for the sake of the kids
that's one of the my most hated sentences, he should have left right at the beginning, not traumatising his children

didn't you all knew the real reason why women go to the toilet in groups? It's just so we can find a troon and rape him or a woman outside of our group.

don't think she is a troll, she wrote three books and is a professor of sociology. Imaging having her as a teacher and writing something that is very different to her views, she would never grade you objectively.

No. 1493519

not to blogpost but as a woman who was sexually assaulted by a man in a unisex toilet people like this can shut the fuck up.

No. 1493523

I fucking hate men sometimes. I hope his kids find out what a disrespectful piece of shit their father is

No. 1493524

File: 1649179076675.jpg (76.93 KB, 480x720, FPltgxaX0AAfYld.jpg)

They really just want to be objectified by men, thats all. Fucking disgusting

No. 1493527

this dude is just going to college. can't screen rn but in another thread he says his mother doesn't want him to go to college in a woke state (father doesnt care and just wants him to make money) and the advice he gets from some handmaiden mother is to lie to her.
having kids in this timeline must be a nightmare

No. 1493541

These retards would have a much higher success rate with being "ObJeCtIfiEd" by men if they just embraced being a faggot and got on Grindr as a gay man. Men are fucking retarded

No. 1493553

they have boatloads of internalized homophobia to work through, plus gnc men are hardly accepted in society (or even within gay communities – lots of gay men want a man who is conventionally masculine, etc.). also: gnc men generally do not get the level of ass-pats and social support "brave and stunning! uwu" transgirls do.

No. 1493554

File: 1649180654975.jpg (80.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

cackling at the mental image of him literally showing his entire leg at the club desperate for attention. He is gay so he could get all the male attention he wants by working out and being attractive as a man, why overcomplicate things like this

No. 1493557

ot but did you ever notice the girl's leg in that pic is extremely fat

No. 1493562

>by working out and being attractive as a man
see that's the thing: he's probably one of those gnc gay guys that falls through the cracks. he wants to look pretty in a feminine way, but tra's and his homo commune think makeup and heels = woman.

No. 1493571

File: 1649181696537.jpeg (749.77 KB, 1435x2048, FA5EA119-DAC5-4750-8704-2D2A44…)

true and honest adult human female

No. 1493589

File: 1649182888454.png (1.69 MB, 1437x1616, image (1).png)

Who's boyfriend is this? He got some identifiable tattoos kek

No. 1493596

My leg looks like this and I'm not fat :< I just have huge calves from dancing and they look like absolute units when they're not flexed( :<)

No. 1493598

It's the Amazon wig on the shelf in the background for me

No. 1493599

Unfortunate for you tranny. None of those things make you female!

No. 1493620

Go back to the pro-ana thread

No. 1493625

They really this its radical to make womens only bathooms KEK

>>1493269 his face looks like its made out of rubber, like a mask with that two-head. i feel like hes a scooby doo villain.

No. 1493626

Anon, you are mentally ill

No. 1493629

you’re right
No one’s shaming you for being overweight jfc

No. 1493630

File: 1649186808259.gif (3.57 MB, 498x498, stop-it-get-some-help.gif)

No. 1493634

This is some Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit

No. 1493640

File: 1649187494856.jpg (543.12 KB, 2048x2048, 20220405_141836.jpg)

my tinfoil is that most of them go for the emo/scene/goth girl aesthetic because it gives them an excuse to get side swept bangs

No. 1493641

Lord God that hairline is horrendous! They really just troon when they don't get their own way in life huh.

No. 1493644

More like that's the only hairstyle that will accommodate their male hairline

No. 1493651

File: 1649188317302.png (60.2 KB, 287x347, Stan_Smith.png)

~Good morning USA!~

No. 1493652

almost like that's what nonna here was saying!

No. 1493660

>first pic
Family and friends around, life is good
>second pic
All his hope and optimism, gone

No. 1493673

Oh man I saw people rage tweeting about people going who knew they were positive and then there being an outbreak. Fuck this moid

No. 1493678

File: 1649190557158.jpg (293.31 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20220405-162728_Chr…)

No. 1493682

File: 1649190712956.jpg (269.79 KB, 720x1081, Wtf.jpg)

Can't wait for this to go horribly wrong…

No. 1493683

>regardless of their earnings level
Absolute madness.

No. 1493684


No. 1493685

if i lived here i would absolutely cash in on the fagbuxs

No. 1493687

Wouldn't be surprised if half of the residents pretended to be gender-specials just for free cash.

No. 1493688

what other oppressed minority gets treated like this

No. 1493689

then how do you explain that chonkle

No. 1493690

kek it's huge bro, you'd need both hands to get around it.

No. 1493691


No. 1493694

neck yourself, Garth

No. 1493696

What the actual fuck???

No. 1493697

>Infighting over the goddamn leg egg meme
The absolute state of these threads

No. 1493698

File: 1649191479394.png (773.78 KB, 714x706, how do you do fellow women.png)

No. 1493705

Must be a troon or a moid posting shit just to make the evul cis wimming feel bad

No. 1493709


None of them. White women make less money than men, women who aren’t white or Asian make even less money then men, black neighborhoods have historically been redlined and fucked with to make it harder for a group that didn’t even have basic equal rights until the 60’s catch up, we have tons of immigrants who had to flee their home countries with basically nothing, but yeah let’s give UBI to every privileged NEET who says they’re trans, and there’s no defining rule for gender identity so uh yeah if you’re an upper class white person who doesn’t wanna work just come on in I guess

No. 1493711

every trans person from every state is going to move to california to try and get gendie bucks. now california can have all the homeless people and all the insane trannies. it think it's a great move. take them all.

No. 1493716

What the fuck, something like this should be for domestic abuse survivors, impoverished black women, or homeless families with young children, not white tech bros in programmer socks.

We've seen what happens to trannies who get regular handouts, just look at Kevin Gibes. He blows his monthly inheritance on toys and porn. The city council is just deciding this shit, they're not even putting it to a vote. If I was living there and my tax dollars were going to a bunch of freeloading trannies, I'd be fucking pissed. Palm Springs mayor is a tranny himself (surprise surprise) and he's pretending to be against it, but we all know where he actually stands. He almost certainly fomented this bullshit.

No. 1493720

It makes me incredibly sad for people who legitimately need help(and maybe some of the people included in this do, idk every individual situation, but not ones over a certain income level obviously). I hope there is major backlash over this.

No. 1493722

i think so too, these threads can be autistic but not THAT autistic

No. 1493724

Doesn't California have a homelessness crisis?
>regardless of income
Fucking hell

No. 1493728

File: 1649192922773.jpeg (180.53 KB, 1080x1739, EFCED580-B960-4716-93B7-9DCC41…)

Cope Seethe Dilate

No. 1493732

name checks out

No. 1493736

File: 1649193580730.jpeg (331.02 KB, 750x872, 4C85EC12-D926-472D-B082-CF6C30…)

It’s a test to see if UBI works at a small scale before scaling it up, 20 people for 2 years and has been done in other areas with non-trans. I guess they thought trans people have less variables than other groups? This article has more info and says they’re more likely to be unemployed, gee I wonder why

No. 1493738

very ladylike. 100% something a true and honest woman would say.

No. 1493740

truly the most oppressed minority on earth

No. 1493741

So how do they decide who gets it if being trans or nb are the only real criteria?

No. 1493743

File: 1649193855820.jpeg (24.88 KB, 220x260, 540F598C-91F7-4DA0-9729-DB0B47…)


No. 1493748

losing my mind at this, specifically because its a fucking category in which ANYONE can identify into. if i fucking lived there god knows i'd be a they/them moss faeboi in 2 seconds just to get that bag

No. 1493750

Ahh, well this is a completely different thing then. Nice clickbait yahoo/Fox News.

Honestly useless amholios laying around and spending all their money on porn and toys are a perfect test group on UBI to see if it makes them any more functional. I doubt it.

No. 1493754

I wanna take this opportunity to say They/Thems who present/conform to their biological sex are even fucking more mentally ill and narcissistic than troons. A white guy making $1,000,000 a year who wears suits can get all that free money by simply claiming to be non binary. Fuck off.

No. 1493757

samefagging but i feel like they are basically fucking over the UBI experiment by using mentally ill troons as their experimental group. why not use single mothers, young families, fucking NORMAL people who dont spend thousands of dollars on flesh tubes and axe wounds? i swear to god this is an anti socialist psy-op that will prevent Americans from seeking class consciousness.

No. 1493762

Agreed. Why couldn't they pick 20 homeless women with children or something? Why trans and nb? Even if they're poor and homeless too, what makes them so special?

No. 1493764

File: 1649194732080.png (273.67 KB, 378x474, 1645211803482.png)

Big think nonna

No. 1493765

they want it to fail. The right will outrage over welfare queens doing Chris Chan shit (buying toys and sex toys) and it’ll get shot down before it can go anywhere.

Remember that trannies and libfem philosophers like Judith Butler were literally supported by the CIA in the 70’s to destroy the working class and black panthers

No. 1493766

File: 1649194918003.jpeg (384.58 KB, 750x889, E8DEC403-E49D-4A72-9B35-6603B2…)

Dispatch from terf island, the equality and human rights commission published legal advice to say that the NHS can mandate that wards are single sex. Tara Hewitt, an NHS equality advisor, was on Twitter leadi the charge and advised several NHS CEOs and senior management to simply ignore the law because it isn’t what Tara agrees with

Tara is a huge personal cow of mine. I went to uni with him and he was so incredibly creepy. He kept a purple strap on hung up on his wall, called himself ‘Tara Kitten’ and posted pics of pet play on fb etc. He failed his degree but somehow managed to swindle himself a job in the NHS as a legal advisor. He’s held every single political belief/party membership it’s possible to have because besides troonery all politics is just a method of self advancement to him.

No. 1493767

File: 1649194993354.jpeg (128.08 KB, 750x1185, 9909564D-ABBA-4772-A159-FD892F…)

the ceo of liverpool women’s hospital casually agreeing with Tara that she’s gonna ignore the law when it comes to women having single sex spaces

No. 1493769

nah i was og legchan, i just don't usually see anyone that chonky(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1493779

Hate to be spoonfed anon but I googled the Judith Butler thing and nothing came up. Could you provide a source if you can?

No. 1493788

There’s a good article I read like two years ago about it. I’m gonna look. In the meantime this one’s good lol https://bennorton.com/judith-butler-kamala-harris-donations/amp/

>Studied and taught at UC Berkeley at the height of MK Ultra
>good Friends with Gloria Steinem, an open CIA agent
>mentioned in that same 70’s funding document as Foucault & gang
>constantly supports US coups against socialist or left wing South American and Middle Eastern governments because they supposedly mistreat trannies and USA #1

Fuck her and her evil alphabet soup bullshit. She hates women.

No. 1493790

File: 1649196699835.jpg (466.73 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_d91bf5d9f21587cfb8f15cd…)

I know he's been discussed before but I hate this ugly scrote. Calling himself butch as if he isn't just an ugly gender conforming man. He only reblogs "cis" women too it's so clear he's just a straight homophobic man that fetishizes lesbians.

Currently he's sperging out on Tumblr about jk Rowling. He use to got by peteseeger his new username is butchdot.

No. 1493794

File: 1649197117771.png (1.24 MB, 1168x1281, trooncel.png)

This troon just has to show off his moobs in all of his reddit posts..definitely not a fetish.

No. 1493795

even with the mask and wig you can still tell he's ugly. those male eyes and brows.

No. 1493797

do you think he claims womanhood offline or just lives as the male he is lmao

No. 1493798

this is pete.seeger or whatever right? this is the guy that peaked me several years ago. I owe him everything in a backwards way. a perfect representative of the TRA cause for a tumblr-pilled girl like myself, who realized she had to go through one too many cognitive steps to try and "accept" his identity. and understanding that he's a whole man explained why I found "her" personality so abrasive, condescending, and truly masculine

No. 1493799

oops samefag just saw you said that it was indeed him.

No. 1493806

It's okay anon. But yeah he's really easy to clock as male even without the photos.

Reblogged some het porn and said something about how sometimes butches see themselves in the "masculine" role. He's a piece of shit

No. 1493808

Pretty sure that person's ftm. They've been in documentaries about being in a trans couple.

No. 1493809

This guy is known for going full mask-off and making threats about murdering you or skinning you alive, or sending you gore.

No. 1493813

Not surprised if you look up his old handle on Tumblr you also get a lot of black people calling him out for racism

No. 1493817

Palm Springs is a very gay city in CA lol, not sure on the income/race demographics but I would bet money that it's run by mostly rich white gay men. I assume those who are trans in Palm Springs are more lower income/in need.

No. 1493826

I am not sure Palm Springs has that large of a homeless population or if it does it may be more of a transitory homeless population (drifters, etc). It is in the desert so it reaches triple digits in the summer/for most of the year, it would be brutal to live there without shelter. most homeless in california are in the cities or in closer to the coast where there is better weather.

No. 1493835

Cool penis dress, bro

No. 1493841

I wouldn't even listen to a males opinion on feminism

No. 1493842

real women do not wake up and say this lmaoo

I'm officially a she/they. but fr, why are they helping these people when they could be helping homeless people, injured vets, single moms, idk anyone else more worthy.

No. 1493847

I find it interesting that when they talk about experiencing "misogyny" and being disrespected, sexualized and intimidated by men the way a woman would, to them it's just affirming, exciting and arousing. They express discomfort only on the surface level because that's how you're supposed to react, and once that is out of the way they can start talking about their true feelings about being treated "like a woman". "Sure misogyny is bad I guess… BUT it's so affirming and sexy teehee uwu!!".
But when they have negative experiences that are directly related to their transness, only then they are able to feel true non-performative discomfort. There is no "but" after "transphobia bad", like there is with "misogyny bad". They could get direct rape threats from men and just find it hot and affirming, yet a simple side-eye from a woman is enough to launch them into a full panic attack. Misogyny will never make them feel as uncomfortable or scared as transphobia does, because they just simply don't truly relate to women and our experiences.

No. 1493854

that's just a neckbeard who can't even grow a beard.

No. 1493856

this dude is worse than charles clymer

No. 1493858

ayrt thanks anon I'll have a read of it!

No. 1493860

show me one troon that doesn't look like saruman raised him from cursed mud

No. 1493867

aw man i wanted to go to grad school in liverpool

No. 1493875

>impoverished black women
Yes nonnie, because section 8 + welfare + SNAP isn't enough to sustain them

No. 1493880

Moids keep J.K. Rowling's name out of your fucking mouth forever challenge.

No. 1493886

I swear to god if I see one more troon standing all pigeon-toed or "uguu kawaii moe" pose with the fucking knees together like that I'm going to lose it. They're all just pedophiles who pick up this shit from looking at loli.

No. 1493887

I don't get why they don't have the conviction to just move the fuck on and read another book instead of coping and seething over JKR.

No. 1493888

Was gonna say this, lol. Palm Springs is the Castro District of Southern California. I can't wait to see troons and gays clash in the streets.

No. 1493892

Anon please don't fall for the "the poor starving homeless" meme. I'm from LA, the homeless will literally stab you in the back for not giving them pocket change. They're all scumbags who are a drain on the economy and are worthless, them and troons alike.

No. 1493901

Who gives a shit? At least anon's posting relevant shit

No. 1493903

Because they're narcs that lose their shit at a woman challenging them or told no

There's so many actual pieces of shit out there but yeah jkr's tweets are clearly more harmful lol

No. 1493906

How do people still fall for the Ronald Reagan welfare queen meme? absolutely delusional if you think poor people and minorities are siphoning off the rich via handouts and not the other way around

No. 1493918

File: 1649205457351.png (7.17 MB, 1170x2532, 7046CC7D-A290-484A-8214-DEF448…)


No. 1493919

>a drain on the economy
Almost 40% of the homeless in LA are women. I can immediately tell by the way you type you’re a white or Hispanic man raised by racist suburbanites around the LA area and you moved here as an adult. Just because you also hate troons doesn’t mean you’re accepted here, Fuck off to /pol/ scrote

No. 1493921

>are siphoning off the rich via handouts and not the other way around
Oh no, I entirely think the rich are siphoning off of them (not sarcasm btw). Like I'm aware that for say like phones, which normally people only buy one of, a company is going to make more revenue than they spend in taxes by pushing for more welfare because it would then often be spent on their product
Like it's a complicated topic but my point is the shelter and food needs are generally being met, at least when food benefits aren't being exchanged for cash for drugs etc but that's a completely different issue

No. 1493923

>shelter and food needs are generally being met
Like how project roomkey was completely sabotaged by the hotel industry. libertarians are so fucking STUPID

No. 1493926

Lmao, love when they call women “incubators” thinking that insults us, while also openly threatening suicide because they can’t get womb implants

No. 1493930

Found the triggered troon! (you can tell by the stench of unwashed programmer socks and the sperging about black women)

No. 1493941

>libertarians are so fucking STUPID
I mean I'm not opposed to the benefits already in place

I love how when people peak, they never seem to learn that they should maybe actually learn a bit about things before jumping to take a stance on them.
They basically just continuing to handmaiden for any other group they see as helpless. Like pretending to be a good person doesn't actually make you one, would you think a handmaiden defending putting troons in womens prisons and refusing to even weigh the risks to be good?

No. 1493946

File: 1649206366216.png (288.86 KB, 594x658, 45364564356.png)

….what kek? this cannot be real. i've only ever seen men claim that sigourney weaver is a man.

No. 1493948

>mistress has given dobby a programming sock

No. 1493953

The absolute projection. It’s all because he knows he’d be clocked immediately. And Sigourney is masculine but still undoubtedly a woman.

No. 1493954

that "Drain on the economy" shit is just like when moids say women talk too much even though we talk less than they do. as soon as something not themselves exists, they call it a life threating inconvenience
>reeee i observed a homeless man this is equal to being stabbed

No. 1493957

Found this comment while browsing a Coli thread talking shit about trannies and found a dude caping for them. The literal only reason men support trannies is because they hate women and no other reason.

"Women hate trans women because they want to feel special about being born a woman. The same chicks who cry about patriarchy do actually like it when it makes women seem better than men. The concept of being a woman being just a social construct that has no basis in moral worth frustrates them because if a man in their eyes can be a woman, then maybe they aren't some sort of special creature just because they have a vagina. These types of feminists aren't looking for equality, they think they are better than men just because they are women. This is the same mindset poor cacs have against black people where they would rather be at a lower place in capitalism than to be equal with black people."

No. 1493983

Can we start saying "transwashing" when trans people want to make gnc people, lesbians, gays, and more, into trans? by force? Not only to characters but real people too.

No. 1493989

You mean like what they were doing with Kurt Cobain?

No. 1494003

No. 1494006

File: 1649209572209.jpg (160.85 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20220405-214507_Boo…)


No. 1494007

This is such projection

No. 1494023

No. 1494028

5000 bucks says he's sexually assaulted a woman in his past. Sorry you had to have him anywhere near you, anon. Did he have friends at all? Or was he a creep that everyone avoided?

No. 1494035

Lol oh man you don't actually know real Angelenos, do you. Also where did you pull the 40% from?

No. 1494039

No, I witnessed a homeless man stab my idiot neighbor in the back with a pen because she kept giving him change, and the ONE day she didn't, he flipped out and stabbed her. He was let out of jail and we saw him roaming around our neighborhood. I also witnessed a homeless crack addict try to break into our apartment, and then our neighbor's. I've lived closer to Skid Row than any of you clowns ever will. Enough of this gay shit, back to troons.

No. 1494053

File: 1649212316366.jpeg (186.73 KB, 1170x1447, 02897370-FB3E-429F-929D-AE3A9A…)

No. 1494054

i love the smell of scrote in the morning
smells like…failure

No. 1494061

Shut up libtard scrote, not only are you wrong but you're derailing

No. 1494066

Oh look, handmaiden-tier rejection of dissent

No. 1494071

File: 1649214110701.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.77 KB, 828x1456, 7FC409D8-1011-41E0-AA1B-8BB1F2…)


No. 1494073

I thought those were fruit for a sec kek

No. 1494076

I remember hearing somewhere that some guy named Anthony Trollope, the guy who invented the post box, got all pissed off about it because he thought women shouldn't be allowed to have relationships without their parents' consent. And he didn't predict that post offices let women do just that, instead of having to have a servant mail it for them.

No. 1494082

Naw just prosthetic breasts for trans kids. Totally normal, nothing creepy or sexual to see here.

No. 1494100

File: 1649216457975.jpeg (752.81 KB, 1170x2532, 99BA053E-AECD-4880-A424-E8A481…)

everything about the description is a huge red flag too

No. 1494107

She's beautiful, these people are retarded. And radfems don't call other women ugly.

No. 1494115

File: 1649217859532.png (31.16 KB, 917x1027, FB258477-8130-4C4A-A8AF-11F38A…)

No. 1494120

why the fuck are you defending homeless so hard. its true that they're aggresive and rapists, you're only showing how you've never been near one. they can do gruesome crimes under drug withdrawal
exactly like handmaidens thinking that trannies are really oppressed

No. 1494124

Apparently his real name is Zack and the whole online transbian thing is a larp. He doesn't do it in real life but just on Tumblr for clout and attention

No. 1494125

because of the attention and views they get. if they moved on they wouldn't get the clout they got when talking about jk

No. 1494126

yeah middle class men who live in suburbs or work at tech jobs or are cops don’t rape anyone!! It’s the dirty homeless’ fault!! We should just shut up. scrote

No. 1494127

Man lol

No. 1494129

File: 1649218972832.jpg (195.56 KB, 1372x1507, FPlm0bGXoAUPXb-.jpg)

No. 1494131

"B also does A so your argument is invalid!!"
unironically the most used phallacy of TRAs
go back to middle school, peak american education

No. 1494132


Jesus christ this is the worst thing I've ever read in my life

No. 1494134

remember ladies to not reply to scrote bait

No. 1494135

No. 1494137

Wait do you actually think mentally ill people aren't more prone to violence? sexual or otherwise

No. 1494138

Bro, I can’t take this anymore. How, how, how is it not obvious how PERVERSE these freaks are? In what world could somebody, anybody accept them? I hate to see kids subjected to this, they just, these troons need to go. They’re all pedophiles. They’re all degenerates. They need to be cleansed from God’s green earth.

No. 1494139


No. 1494141

Lol the majority of middle class men do date rape or target drunk women who can't resist, so they are easier to avoid with some basic security tips than homeless men who assault random women walking outside. Why do you think you never see homeless women on the streets? They are hiding because homeless men are targeting them for rape or to steal from them.

No. 1494144

>mommy milkers
That would imply the ability to become pregnant and breastfeed, something he could never do.

No. 1494147

Looked it up. there were some moids that made me chuckle a bit in that thread.

>Transwomen are not women. Women can't de-transition. You're a year of not taking hormones away from being Brent again bro. That means you're not a fukking woman. You're a method actor my nikka.

No. 1494149

Some of them are funny af, anon. If I can count on black men to be one thing, it's transphobic. But that one dude in there was just so fucking misogynistic its so obvious he hates women because he's a incel. Also kek at even straight black men being offended by JK Rowling

No. 1494151

they're homeless handmaidens, beyond redemption. nearly all of homeless women are raped or sexually abused on the streets at least once, and not by cops or middle class men, but by other homeless men. and these women are also the ones that suffer the most from drug withdrawal of homeless moids.

No. 1494166

File: 1649221747742.jpg (74.05 KB, 610x538, you wish.jpg)

I remember this guy when sigourney weaver was trending here because he has an obsession with her and likes to pretend he looks like her and Geena Davis. Just another delusional moid.

No. 1494171

Dylan get off this thread kek(hi cow)

No. 1494177

File: 1649222128993.jpg (321.49 KB, 944x2438, 4rsj4jx70tr81.jpg)

so sick of seeing this freak on reddit. the caption: "Some here have suggested I should wear a high waisted skirt. This one’s hem is only a couple of inches above the knee, so I did the old Catholic School girl roll up to show a bit more leg."

No. 1494179

File: 1649222258768.jpeg (650.6 KB, 2826x1851, FE35F226-7218-489E-A51D-8DDC0F…)

1 like.

No. 1494180

Who is Dylan anon?

No. 1494181

This is what happens when the old pringles can logo man loses his job. Keep Mr Chip away from women and children.

No. 1494187

What exactly is this bill doing?

No. 1494199

File: 1649222964084.jpeg (609.71 KB, 1242x1616, B854192B-9250-447E-8B5F-A02B83…)

Healthcare that would actually help trannies.

No. 1494267

trannies successfully conflating conversion therapy for lesbians/gay men to a therapist asking a tranny if maybe them dressing up like a teen girl and getting a boner is sexual is fucking sick. It is totally different to question sexual orientation to gender identity. No gay person is asking for surgery/medications to be who they are, or asking for any laws to be changed to accommodate them.
They continuously hide behind the LGB because most people don't want to hurt the rest of the alphabet squad by voting down laws just to stop trannies.

No. 1494269

what the fuck, this cannot be real. did he really just call an actual child dick hungry??? men always assume women/female children want them so bad, its projection at its plainest. If its real I hope the FBI puts him on some list.

No. 1494270

Yes, and the government decided to ban gay conversion therapy in the end, just not trans conversion therapy. They did it to protect kids mainly. Fucking sick that Stonewall want children to make life altering decisions just to normalise their movement

No. 1494275

>not a mental illness
ughh i hate tucute so much

No. 1494283

They can’t achieve anything without trying to mule gay issues.

No. 1494286

literally no one said this. I'm lost can someone explain why thinking homeless scrotes are dangerous makes anon a man? ironically assuming all women have certain political views is extremely male behavior

No. 1494303

By their logic, transitioning to cure gender dysphoria is now conversion therapy, because it's trying to "cure" their "trans mental illness". Exactly why do they not want trans sufferers of dysphoria to be able to access therapy that will keep them from killing themselves?

Trans people HATE therapy, they simply don't believe in it. I keep saying trans people are on the same level as ultra conservative Christians in a lot of cases:
- They think gay people aren't "really" gay, they're actually into the opposite sex's genitals as well. If they're not, they're morally bad… for being same-sex attracted.
- Therapy is NOT to be trusted. Therapy implies you're a crazy loon who should be locked up in a mental hospital.
- They think having a mental illness is shameful and bad, so suggesting they have one is a direct insult to them
- They think if you like pink and dresses you are a girl. If you don't, you must be a boy. Anything outside rigid gender stereotype is a sign you are the opposite gender… because REAL boys never like pink. Or at least they're LESS of a boy, so maybe non-binary. Just definitely not a boy, because boys don't like pink.
- They think being a christian/trans makes them morally superior, and they can do no wrong while everyone else is a "sinner" who deserves bad things
- You can NOT question their believes. Neither can they, they do not care that they are blatantly hypocritical and contradictory. They will refuse to think about it and pretend it's not.
- They have a very strong distrust of science and cherry pick the few dodgy studies that support exactly what they believe, while ignoring the many that show they are wrong
- They both physically attack women specific centres, abortion and rape survival centres.
- They reduce women's bodies down to reproductive parts and baby-makers when talking about real women "menstrators, birth-giver"

They're mirror images.

No. 1494305

File: 1649232768064.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210718-152853_Red…)

This is a troll account guys. Leatherface's actual account:

No. 1494308

Holy fucking shit. Went through their old videos and realised I came across this person during my mild TRA days. They were a hairy GNC guy that instead of IDing as that said he was 'GenderQueer'. He looks completely different and was only hitting around 2000 views per video. Since he took the troon pill he's trending.

No. 1494324

Shut up, who cares

No. 1494325

he had some friends but would eventually lose them with constant drama and suicide baiting. most people avoided him like the plague though, especially the gay dudes at the lgbt society he condemned as transphobic for not wanting to make every event about troon shit. He would walk around in a velvet feathered cape with fresh self harm wounds on his arms. he also completely changed his identity every couple of years going from some kind of anarchist to being an anti-abortion catholic Tory. The fact that he’s being taken seriously by actual senior figures is so alarming and proof that troons can do anything they like

No. 1494328

of course if it’s perpetuated by an actual woman it’s offensive to these guys

No. 1494335

File: 1649236970277.webm (14.61 MB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1649236353704 (1).we…)

The worst part are the handmaidens in the comments praising him for being brave

No. 1494336


Did a mortician do his makeup?

No. 1494340

the neet containment thread is for talking about life as a neet, they are allowed in other threads tho lol

No. 1494342

43 years old???
i have to start collecting 30+ troon pics as a motivation for a healthy lifestyle and socializing. 'this is what lack of fresh air and no human contact does to people, go out'

No. 1494346

Yes, that's a great term anon. Them headcannoning that dead cis guys were actually transwomen is bad enough but headcannoning dead cis women as being transwomen takes the fucking biscuit. I was so pissed off when I saw that post about Joan of Arc. Someone said she must've been trans because no cis woman could do what she did. Probably just a joke but still misogynistic as fuck.

No. 1494350

File: 1649238404859.png (1.24 MB, 1395x1910, image (6).png)

The TRAs are creative. They have come up with another lie about JK Rowling, this time holocaust denial. She tweeted a GC JEWISH woman who slam dunked on this uppity moid and now they're accusing a Jewish woman for being a Nazi because… She denies that Nazis were targeting troons. I know Nazism and trannies have been discussed here before and how the Nazis were handing out Tanny passes and other weird shit like a Nazi surgeon doing the first SRS but any nonna who wants to refreshen us with Nazis history with trannies, feel free to post. I'm also pretty sure they wanted gay men to transition as a form of conversion therapy.

No. 1494351

>this is what you're afraid of

No. 1494352

and they know exactly what a woman is when they want to objectify us. anyone have that pic of all the female focused subreddits that are all TWAW in the bios yet subs like r/degradingholes specifies CIS WOMEN ONLY.

No. 1494353

so many words when he just could've written 'I am a paedophile'.

No. 1494355

Absolutely idiotic… a) gay conversion therapy is bad because being gay is not inherently painful or damaging to someone's quality of life, whereas gender dysphoria IS painful and needs alleviation, b) 'gender identity' is only being suppressed as far as names, pronouns and spaces - the patient can still functionally like, do and wear whatever they want after talk therapy. This false equivalence only harms trannies. I'm sure it will be cited in ten years time when they're all like 'Wait who let us do this to ourselves'

No. 1494356

He looks like an unhinged psycho. Straight outta some horror movie

No. 1494360

i really cannot wrap my head around how this is suppossed to be interpreted as holocaust denial…i really can't…

No. 1494361

he should talk to all the tims who were neonazis and neofascists before transitioning. or all the tras in those circles.
but also any nazi arguments are idiotic because the state was simply killing anything that wasn't a woman in kitchen birthing babies or a manly man ready to die for them. jkrowling wouldn't be liked either because she is an inteligent single mother against gender norms. also nazi soldiers had cross-dressing shows and there are photos documenting their agp.

i have these articles saved if some nonna wants to read:
>agp soldiers
>on trans passes
>on gender and sexuality (link to a pdf)

No. 1494367

File: 1649241152831.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.07 KB, 586x478, twitter.comIzzyKitty_XXXstatus…)

>transphobes btfo

No. 1494372

Definitely something women do, taking a photo with dick in hand to show dominance. Such woman brain. Jfc they disgust me.

No. 1494373

they all have such small dicks, i swear to god. this one is kind of large for a troon if he's not fully erect but it seems like almost all men nearly wading in micropeen territory are the ones who decide to troon out

No. 1494375

Its because of the incel to troon pipeline. Their tiny dicks are part of why they're so maladjusted

No. 1494376

hormones make them smaller

No. 1494381

The chestne and those brows, I can’t.

No. 1494383

File: 1649243651109.png (79.49 KB, 562x358, Screenshot 2022-04-06 7.12.18 …)

No. 1494388

Ginger moids should go extinct. They are an affront to humanity.

No. 1494393

it looks like a maggot

No. 1494394

File: 1649245388388.png (35.82 KB, 739x456, muh penis.png)

literally zero women become aroused when someone calls them ma'am in public. try again.

No. 1494404

I have literally never met a “cis” woman who was aroused by “validation of her womanhood.” It’s never come up in conversation (and my girlfriends and I talk candidly about sex) or in research studies of women’s sexuality. What does that even mean? We don’t need people to validate our womanhood, we’re women.

No. 1494408

Dont you guys just get totally wet when you put on makeup, wear a spinny skirt and a man calls you a filthy cumslut? No?
It really shows how little these people know about women, and how misogynistic they are, thinking women are all just vapid bimbos who get turned on by seeing their own titties in a frilly bra. Everything about being a woman to them is superficial porn stuff

No. 1494410

>this is what you're afraid of

No. 1494424

File: 1649248410660.png (620.32 KB, 1190x650, hypergenders.png)

the amount of 30-year-old "transfems" going by it/itself pronouns and claiming to have multiple personalities. staggering.

No. 1494425

troons find it “validating” when they’re harassed and sexualized “like women” so I guess that’s what he means.

No. 1494434

the unneccessary and strange smell comment makes me 100% believe he sniffed womens underwear in there. that man is insane.

No. 1494436

well but my eyes were hurt having to see this

No. 1494438

> Couple decades ago
> Gay kids hate their bodies, other men coom in their moms panties
> Both just transexuals
> Nothing new
> Some Frankenstein doctor wants young bodies no one will miss to experiment on
> Old fashioned fetischism isnt covered by insurance
> Lets focus on the pain to which we have a deliciously expensive cure
> Diagnos: gender dysphoria
> Symptoms: any kind of natural response to sexual abuse and/or being gay
> Everything is going great, steady influx of new lifelong patients
> But oh no
> The sound of hundreds of shaky size 47 stilettos approaching, dick first
> The man who has never had a bad feeling in his life demands his right to be experimented on, he deserves to be oppressed just as much if not more than everyone else
> Approving nod from the insurance company
> Big pharma has no choice but to surrender
> Diagnos: gender Euphoria
> Symptom: erections
> Treatment: just chop it off

No. 1494440

Mentally ill incels with extra steps. LOTS of extra steps.

No. 1494445

Wow he's so close to realising its a fetish, the denial is strong

No. 1494456

File: 1649253426710.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 242.27 KB, 1242x1115, EE6FCD02-02F5-41A0-93A4-3A1719…)

accidentally made the huge mistake of searching up his account to laugh at him but holy shit nonnas don’t do it, it isn’t worth it. he’s a complete degenerate, always whipping his disgusting penis out in public bathrooms and taking pictures, it’s genuinely terrifying that there are men walking around doing this and we just have no idea (until they post it all over their social media), I’m now going to avoid public bathrooms even more than I already do

No. 1494461

File: 1649254228480.jpeg (683.56 KB, 960x1210, 93F7EE52-7659-44F8-B158-D7CACE…)

Dude is weirdly obsessed with trains and that’s where a lot of his bathroom pics are taken.

No. 1494462

You know she was a real women because they killed her as a witch. Sad kek

No. 1494465

Is it a tif? Only way that makes sense to me.

No. 1494467

File: 1649254956231.jpeg (339.12 KB, 828x533, FDE3A2AA-9049-4BC9-B3CB-2C3837…)

No. 1494478

That's a woman and I truly don't give a shit about girls using female spaces what are they gonna do? If a 4"0 TIF attacked me I would simply rip their poorly attached neosausage off to show dominance. Even your picrel looks like she has a soft skull and isn't allowed to sleep on her back in her child size car-bed bc of SIDS. They're all so tiresome

No. 1494480

I like how they claim there is no danger in letting transwomen go into the womens bathroom, and then post countless selfies of themselves exposing themselves in said womens bathroom

No. 1494482

Classic autism trait tbh

No. 1494490

File: 1649256603389.jpg (52.14 KB, 585x687, lolololo.JPG)

it should be saying autism in the center

No. 1494491

File: 1649256622856.png (823.36 KB, 983x888, transnazi.png)

Real stupid of them to try the nazi argument when really the troons were the nazis. Literally THE nazis, not neo-nazis, but the nazis who murdered all the innocent jews. This is the troon history and legacy and if they try to deny it they are holocaust deniers.

They can't say these nazis aren't real trans people according to their own logic:
If AGPs are valid trans people, then so are these guys. If euphoria boners are normal and valid, then so are these guy's transness.
If the want to dress up as a woman (as a man) is a clear sign for being trans, then they are clearly expressing those signs and are valid trans people.
If they try to say that the nazis are "just" crossdressing… then what makes them any different from trans people today?

No. 1494493

Oh don’t worry there’s a Canada based article floating around that they argue how interesting it is these actual nazis mocked women and were dressing as them while sending true trans people to gas chambers. It’s just clown world level jokes.

No. 1494505

Kek anon

No. 1494506

I feel like a lot of this ideology is frog slowly boiling in a pot. It started off with weak with sex and gender being diffrent and now it's going full steam ahead with the period shit.

No. 1494519

sage for extreme autism, but someone could print out screenshots from twitter troons like this dude and place them in nightclub bathrooms etc (where there wont accidentally be any kids seeing the pictures)

I imagine it could possibly peak some women, who otherwise think troons being pervs in womens bathrooms is a conspiracy.

Again, sorry for the autism

No. 1494520

File: 1649260871986.jpg (28.45 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

They were killing gay men, not troons
okay but not really, these were soldiers doing random drag, you could even british and americans doing drag, like I hate TIMs but this is such a wierd reach nonna(also German soldiers were not Nazis, your thinking of the SS, almost every German able bodied male conscripted during the war, to say that 99% of men in Germany were committed Nazis is absurd, its like saying that every soldier fighting on the Soviet Side was committed ideological communist, when likely he was a peasant), and dressing in women's clothing was always considered a joke throughout the world, in Indian films crossdressing is a common gag used from time to time, especially if the man crossdressing is fat or maculine cause its considered fucking hilarious, the same as a fart joke
by your logic, the entire cast of monty pythron were also troons and many actors in bollywood would be AGP TIMs

No. 1494522

Samefag, but I forgot to say that it would also ofc need to have some kind of context to the image. Like "is this really what you want happening in womens bathrooms?".

No. 1494523

Nona, you might be onto something here

No. 1494524

149 likes and 20K retweets. This is a bot farm tweet.

No. 1494525

not sure what the photographs are meant to prove, they used to dress up and photograph them as blackmail and also dressed up to make fun of women, the dailymail is for especially retarded britfags

No. 1494526

samefag, I hate trannies as well but the way certain users here "reach" and try connect them to various forms of male patriarchies is a bit much, such as the Idea that Muslims and conservatives Christians are fine trannies somehow

No. 1494528

honestly… love this idea

No. 1494530

It’s interesting though because the harder they push the envelope, the more people peak. I think troons get so much validation from woke handmaidens for their every deranged tweet, they forget the general public isn’t with the bullshit and sees their antics as creepy and off-putting. Most people nowadays (at least in the West) are pretty chill about gender nonconformity. It’s understood that some people’s brains are wired differently and they enjoy cross dressing or identifying as a different gender, and they probably can’t help it. But normies won’t go along with delusions that GNC men are literally, biologically the opposite sex. That’s why stuff like Liam Thomas and men getting “periods” and demanding womb implants peaks them so hard.

No. 1494531

and the only reason more people haven't peaked is because most troons in the media are hsts who fit the "feminine essence" narrative.

No. 1494532

train toilets in bongland are unisex. Who says nightclub toilets won't be cleaned by 15 year olds on a weekend job? Owner's kids when the place is closed? Don't turn into the monster.

No. 1494534

this isn't the worst idea. TRAs are always pulling their "think of the poor trans kids" shit to get people on their side, we should bring the focus back to the gross adult men.

The average supporter has never been in online tranny spaces. Bring the tranny spaces to them. Their support of trans people is based on the idea of a theoretical good troon who just wants to pee. Shatter the illusion.

No. 1494538

The humour of it when most if not all real women would start using them and non-terf toilets would become male toilets. Even the lib fems would use terf toilets in secret, I'm sure.

No. 1494540

Terf and non-terf toilets. Moids and genderspecials go in the non-terf ones and normal women go terf. Perfect.

No. 1494546

>I did the old Catholic School girl roll up
Why the FUCK does he know about this

No. 1494547

This. Ask the average person what they think of when they think of a troon and it’s Laverne Cox, Conchita Wurst, maybe Ru Paul. Flamboyant GNC gay men who make an effort to look feminine. Most normies (especially women) don’t feel threatened by these types and probably find them entertaining. Some women will even feel comfortable sharing bathrooms with them. They aren’t ready for the reality of a bunch of basement dwelling incel misogynists with beards, plastic purple wigs, anime kiddie porn on their computers, and smelly programmer socks invading their spaces.

No. 1494549

It's almost like they're a cult or something

No. 1494550

Do it, if that one nightclub anon from before is seeing this, please print this out and duct-tape it (with the clear kind of tape) to the bathroom walls

No. 1494551

Some graphic design aligned nonna could do an A4 (or smaller) pamphlet to print? Of course with a qr code or a link shortener link for an internet archive page for source (since people would obviously claim it's fake). Just words straight from the horses mouth, and a question if you feel safe with these people

No. 1494554

File: 1649263125317.jpg (291.22 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_20220406_193751.jpg)

Terf Island strikes again!

No. 1494556

even if it is real there was a post going around radblr recently of a terf who posted a "selfie" and only revealed that it was actually a picture of a tim after she got dozens of asks from tras calling her ugly and saying she looks like a tim so i think the conclusion here is that everyone is stupid

No. 1494557

Doesn't mean shit until he actually starts putting forward some legislation.

No. 1494559

This is a good idea. Just a collection of tweets, quotes and information that could peak some women. I would probably sneek some in the bathroom next time I go to a club or bar.

No. 1494560

File: 1649263910204.jpeg (810.41 KB, 1170x1645, F90ACFD1-6553-4E34-901B-17CE03…)

this made me laugh

No. 1494561

File: 1649263930195.jpeg (123.21 KB, 1080x1318, FPqi8NGXoAkwu1a.jpeg)

Her showing colors by assuming lesbians are terfs.

No. 1494562

of course it means something. it's a vote winner and people will take their cue.

No. 1494563

File: 1649264015410.jpeg (15.31 KB, 210x240, 97667306-0D6C-4B02-A5CB-0A44F6…)

what an ugly guy. sad

No. 1494564

This is a parody, right? Why is there a brown streak on his nose?
Garbage app. Boycot.

No. 1494565

He's jumping on a bandwagon. Look at how little they did when BLM was tearing down statues and defacing public property, destroying businesses, etc. Now since that NHS rape case came out, I'm sure they're all sweating bullets because they've realized how BAD it would make them look if they didn't say anything against troons.

No. 1494566

When will they realise that caking a bunch of drag makeup on your face doesn't make you hot?

No. 1494567

Conservatives are clearly trash misogynists and will definitely fuck over women while/after pushing back on the troon menace, but I kind of feel like allying with them on this and fighting them on everything else will have better results than waiting for liberals to wake up. Idk.

No. 1494568

Many terfs do this shit tbh especially on twitter. They assume some woman is a tim and suddenly she's 100% masculine and could never look like a woman

No. 1494569

OP here. I am glad you liked my autistic brainstorm. It's obviously going to seem excessive to normies before they eventually peak, but the shit these troons are doing in what should be a safe space for women is so fucked that I don't care. It's probably going to be removed from the bathrooms quite fast. But I assume most of us are happy, even in we only peaked a few women at once. Also, nothing is stopping us from just putting the posters back up if they are removed.

JK is so pretty. And ew, look at that tacky looking makeup on that male face.

Imagine kicking out lesbians to please heterosexual males.

No. 1494570

look at it this way: nobody is resigning from the government at him saying it. that shows which way the wind is blowing.

No. 1494576

File: 1649265137319.png (534.84 KB, 1079x1365, Screenshot_20220406-130552.png)

Destiny interviewed a destransitioner yesterday and I was just wanting for trannies to get mad over it. It's so fucking funny to me that Destiny constantly drinks the koolaid but if he says one thing slightly off the narrative, they start attacking him.

Not sure where you're getting those numbers from, nonna. It has 2000 retweets and nearly 25k likes.

No. 1494578

I keep an account on shitty apps so I can delete my account and tell them off in the reviews when they end up doing shitty things.

It's cathartic and sure to fuck with someone's head.

No. 1494581

File: 1649265300051.jpg (18.3 KB, 474x266, copium.jpg)

>tfw a terf became a billionaire from writing lame books about children going to school

No. 1494582

he got permabanned from twitch so i think he's no longer under the troon flag colored jackboot.

No. 1494587

File: 1649265836788.png (466 KB, 781x791, J Singal on Destiny.png)

Oh my god, he has Jesse Singal on his stream. I bet the trannies are steaming.

And, Destiny is a dumbass because he thinks that because he's not attached to his gender he might be nonbinary.

No. 1494591

File: 1649266048765.jpg (172.13 KB, 585x687, lolololo.jpg)

completed the diagram

No. 1494599

I had this discussion with a friend the other day. He said Destiny identifies as enby because he has no real connection to his masculinity - that he could wake up as a woman the next day and go about his life the same.

And I was like, bullshit. He wouldn't have the same fanbase at all if he was a woman, barely anyone would take his political commentary seriously and he'd have a complete different set of expectations to fulfill as a female streamer.

No. 1494602

can dumbasses on reddit please ignore this loser so he'll stop posting, pls.

No. 1494603

i spotted him in the wild this week on /r/oldhagfashion

No. 1494605

Draw a bigger circle around all of it and title it Males

No. 1494607

you are missing the point, which is that by troon logic they'd have to be accepted as and considered trans, we don't actually think they were trans

No. 1494609

File: 1649267985163.jpg (125.83 KB, 600x652, FDRm7PeXMAQFmyQ.jpg)

This is one my favorite TRA comics, cause it doesn't disprove any of the criticism against TIMs, just that since right-wing people have similar views, that somehow means we are just wrong

No. 1494612

This has to be the next thread’s pic.

No. 1494615

File: 1649268235912.jpg (74.62 KB, 720x735, Screenshot_20220406-160349.jpg)

No. 1494620

File: 1649268449481.png (3.23 MB, 3508x2480, keepmenout.png)

i'm not good at art but i tried

No. 1494621

oh, my god, I used to read this scrotes blog when he was still pretending to be a feminist. Fuck him. Get this. He sold his domain name to a porn company, and then got mad when the feminists he built his audience on predictably got upset about it.

No. 1494622

File: 1649268508181.jpg (101.35 KB, 720x1064, Screenshot_20220406-200740.jpg)

Why do women go so hard for males? Someone help me understand. Why do we do this to ourselves as a sex class?

No. 1494623

Good idea imo. They posted it on a public forum, they can deal with the consequences of that.

No. 1494625

>tearing down statues
Are you the same nonnie who thinks tucker is hot

No. 1494626

As the troons DemonMama nicely put it: Destiny is a smelly, ugly, failed StarCraft streamer. Nothing more. Don't let this loser talk for you. I'd hate to be defending troons, but they're kind of right to not want this ugly cheetoes encrusted moid speak for them and use them for clout.

No. 1494627

Nonna, you are doing gods work

No. 1494629

This lmao

No. 1494631

I would honestly go even further and get pics of other ones too. There are plenty of them who post this shit with no remorse. Show people how common the problem is. Also ones like the one who was larping a baby on a bathroom baby table, think it was in a previous thread.

No. 1494634

I’m not a conservative but trump will probably be re elected in 2024 and is already talking about legislation at rallies because of Lia Thomas.

No. 1494636

Does anyone know what happened to that pre school troon teacher in NY who got posted here doing weird porn about being a female pre school teacher

No. 1494639

So retarded you couldn't even reply to the right post with your racebait.

Also none of the things you listed are intended to target black inequity specifically; they're broader social programs.

No. 1494644

Boris is a twat but good for him for not pandering to bullshit

No. 1494645

File: 1649269890537.jpg (90.09 KB, 1080x1331, FB_IMG_1649269847664.jpg)

Saw on Facebook. They are so obsessed with Rowling, it's unreal.

No. 1494647

Ughhh I'll bite
Why do they need any more material resources compared to everyone else at the same poverty level?

No. 1494648

based Terf Island lol I hate conservatives but holy shit with all the tronnery going on at the moment I would side with them until all the troons join the 41%

No. 1494650

the butch with a tattoo sleeve is a conservative christian? kek ok

No. 1494651

don't know who the artist, who is he and what has he done

No. 1494652

lol they hate the UK so much it makes me so happy. All they can do is dumb shit like this while they lose all the "rights' they manipulated and lied their way into getting at the expense of women.
Tweet away you dumb balding ugly moids. It's all you have and you know it. And like the director of Aquaman said regarding twitter trying to get Amber Heard kicked off the film, Twitter opinions absolutely do not matter in the real world.

No. 1494653

i know you have autistic hyperfocus but you're going to get laughed at when they point out this is a britbong train toilet which is a locking, 1 person, unisex, disabled sized room. note the baby changing table.

No. 1494654

Lmao right, if anything the character designs would be swapped

No. 1494657

that's not the point. Normal people don't take pictures like this in any bathroom because it's what porn-obsessed degenerates do. Who goes to piss and gets turned on enough they whip their genitals out? Dilate.

No. 1494660

File: 1649270452676.jpeg (148.83 KB, 1242x641, BA62BAE5-A687-4037-88E7-C60713…)

No. 1494661

But who takes pictures like that regardless of the place, no actual woman takes pics like that unless its some kind of fetish… Which these porn sick moids treat this as… As a Fetish, to them being a "woman" is nothing but a medium to feed their sick fetish and force lesbians to fuck them.

No. 1494663

I've said it before and I'll say it again - their sheer hatred of the UK is unfounded when the the US has a higher rate of violence against TIMs. Violence against TIMs is practically non-existent in the UK. They get murdered at a rate of less than 1 per year.

They're more scared of radfems in the UK saying TIMs are not women, than the men that are actually murdering them in other parts of the world. Because they hate women so much that a woman disagreeing with them is worse than a man beating them to death. It's absolute brainrot.

No. 1494665

the point is that normal people don't print out pictures like this and force other women/girls to look at it because ~peaking~. you've become the degenerate, congrats sis.

No. 1494668

I think that was the point of the comic, to point out that "transphobic butches" and "transphobic conservative women" aren't all that different

No. 1494669

I wish i could like this post

No. 1494670

Suddenly im nonbinary

No. 1494671

it's really bothering you that someone here might print your gross dick pics you put out publicly, isn't it? Cope, seethe, dilate etc etc

No. 1494672

File: 1649271184815.jpg (2.82 MB, 3276x4096, InCollage_20220406_205215240.j…)

do my manboobs make me biologically female?

No. 1494675

Agreed. Putting up pictures of troon nudes so random women can see them and "peak" is just weird

No. 1494676

ah shit im in game dev spaces on twitter & saw people talking about this, not surprised to hear it was a troon considering the scene is full of them

No. 1494679

What lmao??? My God grip your rosaries elsewhere you boomer sped. Some of you are far too mentally weak to even be in this thread if this is where you draw the line

No. 1494680

Grandpa has gynecomastia and thinks it makes him a girl. Okay lmao. I had to hide his face w my finger while reading that bc he is so uncomfortable to look at to me.

No. 1494681

not your sis, tranny.

No. 1494682

JK: doesn't need a lot of makeup to look beautiful
Tranny: needs to cake on make up and still doesn't pass

No. 1494684

No. 1494686

kek this is absolutely right

No. 1494692


Someone needs to come get their grandpa and put him away.

True. What she does isn't right, but I don't think she does it to actually hurt other women. However these troons do it to encroach on womens spaces. I can't imagine shayna sexually assult women. The wannabe skinwalking trannies however.

No. 1494693

20k likes on the first tweet, 1.3k on the least with the photo “evidence”

No. 1494698

is their a reason why their outfits look like, switched? The "conservative christian" is a butch woman with tatto sleeves, it's so odd it has to be intentional right? but why? what's the message?

No. 1494699

Lol I thought this was just an anti-Anglo post since they birthed agps

No. 1494702


His name is Barry Deutsch.

Back in the early to mid 2000's feminist activism online was done via blogs. Barry ran one of the big feminist ones, Alas a Blog. He started it in 2000. Most of the big feminist blogs that were around then have been shut down or gone dark, so I was surprised his was still around. And, the cartoon is from 2008, so I'm quite surprised that it's still floating around.

In 2006, he sold his domain, amptoons.com, to a pornographer so the porn guy could boost the search rankings for his porn sites cause amptoons had high rankings. Because he got his high google rank from his feminist audience, everyone was outraged. (This was before the 'sex work is work' bullshit took off so feminists agreed porn was misogynist and all the other blogs were enraged.) Plus he didn't tell people about it and someone only found out accidentally and they told everyone else.

Per this site, https://hoydenabouttown.com/2006/10/11/um-stunned/:
"This is my first public de-linking. Renowned “pro-feminist” blogger and cartoonist Ampersand aka Barry of Alas, a Blog (yep, not linking) apparently sold his amptoons domain in July, and only fessed up in September in a post which I missed and which did not allow comments.

He sold his domain to a Search Engine Optimiser, who used the domain’s pages to put up link farms to porn sites. So, every time a feminist posted or linked to Alas from the beginning of July until Barry put up that post, was unknowingly helping Alas’ high site-ranking bring business to those porn sites. Considering the number of anti-porn feminists who post to Alas, the lack of transparency is troubling, to say the least. So Barry’s blog is no longer on my blogroll (or at least won’t be as soon as blogrolling.com is back up)."

I sold out to a pornographer:

Round up of outraged feminists (most links are dead):

And now ends your lesson in internet feminist history.

No. 1494703


No. 1494704

This. They know they’re being predatory and they’re doing it because they know it bothers women. And they know they can just get away with it bc people don’t want to get attacked for pointing it out.

No. 1494705

lol your cow behavior is up to you just don't say you weren't warned

No. 1494707

YO i could not handle that. being in a locker room with this creep is a nightmare. he probably stares at you with those fucked up eyes and tries to act innocent like hes just one of the girls. men have ZERO self control. I hope hes not allowed back.

No. 1494708

This, and remember to keep the Twitter UI in the image with the likes and retweets and everything.

No. 1494709

sage so fucking true. i've been in several discord servers run by tims and this is a running theme. If someone asks how i am and i say, yeah just bad cramps today, i get people telling me im triggering them, but if i dont like dick but im attracted to women, I get called a transphobe. its almost like they just want you to talk about things that reinforce their world view and make it seem like youre sexually available for them.

No. 1494712

This man was able to easily get a mammogram and ultrasound on his moobs. I was almost denied a necessary mammogram because I'm not 40 yet. These cavemen go on and on about their oppression when being male affords them access to procedures and tests that women are struggling to get.

No. 1494713

Also they delete reviews in the play store. They've already deleted 3 of my reviews calling them out on this bullshit. Fuck that app, let the agps have at it!

No. 1494729

File: 1649275858176.jpg (50 KB, 627x546, 9dfb211fcfb7ecc6160cda7ee09911…)

No. 1494734

File: 1649276554269.png (1.02 MB, 688x861, 151854.png)

when the universe conspires to call out your bullshit

No. 1494735

File: 1649276638098.png (53.82 KB, 1306x183, kek.png)

Reddit is an absolute cesspit. I'm browsing reddit for milk and see that Indian men have their own sissy subreddit. You can't find stuff like this anywhere else but le Reddit.

No. 1494736

File: 1649276642440.jpg (46.39 KB, 500x500, avatars-y5E4tyUOixI8Qsfs-F8Jge…)

"Hrt is magic!"

No. 1494748

that "radfem" is retarded. The photo is obviously older than the TiM.

No. 1494750

File: 1649278720267.jpeg (13.96 KB, 280x280, ae2e71beefad8443bc70b3cc13550e…)

Feminist bloggers genuinely thought this man was pro-feminist? I'm sorry, but were those women retarded?

No. 1494753

I have to admit, I've never read a book written by J.K. Rowling, but all this will make me buy a nice Harry Potter edition soon and I will read them on the bus, in the park, just to piss some people off.

No. 1494754

Kek the fat tranny from My 600lb Life 41%ed

No. 1494756

this is an imageboard
can you at least link

No. 1494757


No. 1494762

Wait what kind of board is this again

No. 1494765

No. 1494767

File: 1649279918184.jpeg (77.24 KB, 540x540, PRI_222616006.jpeg)

Did he detransition? He's looked like picrel for at least a year

No. 1494768

my first thought was Jazz Jennings kek

No. 1494773

> Feminist bloggers genuinely thought this man was pro-feminist
Kind of.

1) He got criticism for other stuff, but the porn thing was what ruined his reputation.
2) the feminist blogosphere (as it was called back then) was 95% libfems not radfems. So, it was all "of course men can be feminists. If they do something sexist, we will look the other way, excuse his behavior, or chastise him and accept his (fake) apology because we will pretend he is working to be less sexist."
3) It was the early 2000s. Only horrible assholes went digging for pics and other docs back then.

Man, now, I really want to do a write up about Hugo Schwyzer (another male 'feminst' from that time who was really popular, despite his shady behavior, until it became public that he was fucking his community college students, and thus cheating on his wife, and was a former drug addict and one time attempted a murder suicide with an ex-girlfriend when he was high) but that would be way off topic. Maybe one day on 2X.

No. 1494779

Ayrt. That sounds really interesting. I'd love to read about it if you ever decide to post.

No. 1494787

Isn't that old news, he even lived as a man or a themlet his last years I think

No. 1494794

File: 1649281028732.png (709.09 KB, 782x767, 42432234342432243234.png)

No. 1494801

At first glance I thought the moob tattoo said "YWNBAW"

No. 1494821

RIP this mammoth won’t be a carcass in ice kek

No. 1494824

Genuinely one of the more sad cases to me, honestly. He was a HSTS who trooned because of homophobic parents and he also lost a sibling. He managed to even lose the weight and was on the track to detransition, he clearly had some deeper stuggles that he wasn't able to deal with, which is sad. I see this more as a cautionary tale of how trooning doesn't solve all your problems, his life seemed rough.

No. 1494826

same, I legit thought his tattoos said "Dilate" and "YWNBAW"

No. 1494830

Wait wait, he was on track with detransition? What makes you say that? I’m curious but not enough to watch a whole season

No. 1494850

It's not on the show, this is him >>1494767

I only read a little about it, but he was calling himself either genderfluid or nonbinary later on and went by his birth name again (also when trooning he had named himself after his dead sibling iirc). On the show he did talk about how his family was homophobic, so I'm just assuming he didn't actually hate being a man and just had a lot of internal issues with being gay and body issues because of the eating disorder.

No. 1494868

this is a great idea, would love some stickers of this whole screenshot to put in bathrooms

No. 1494877

blocked and reported sucks now that they just follow internet trends under the pretense of journalism. is it true that they have a furry intern who helps direct their content or was that an april fools?

No. 1494880

File: 1649286766419.jpeg (239.95 KB, 1170x796, BAD4DDBE-255D-4F18-A6BD-623BC6…)

the entitlement is astonishing

No. 1494887

File: 1649286962518.gif (794.54 KB, 245x270, segementedworm.gif)

No. 1494889

Eww this moids video was recommended to me recently on youtube

No. 1494892

>nooo don't expose me, women have to be nice and follow the rules!!!!

No. 1494893

File: 1649287266607.jpg (56.82 KB, 800x450, maam.jpg)

Why does he remind me of this sir?

No. 1494894

Troons love pointing fingers, but you can easily use his own bullshit against him by telling him that he, a white person, isn't doing enough to protect people of color, etc.

No. 1494896

Both ogre faces.

No. 1494898

what's up with narcs thinking they are beyond mortals comprehension, a supreme being both male and female. don't they realize that's the default? everyone is a mix of "masculine" and "feminine" traits, because those traits being prescribed as either is arbitrary. being able to understand and empathize with both male and female lived experiences is supposed to be the standard issue, and is supposed to happen much earlier when a person matures into adulthood. if suddenly you feel like you're both genders because you finally matured and caught up with the rest of humanity at 55-65 years old, you are actually not the alpha and the omega but an autistic retard.

No. 1494901

File: 1649287611962.jpg (123.83 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Don't you mean Oger faces?

No. 1494905

File: 1649288304820.jpeg (320.95 KB, 1170x825, 7DD0711A-07AB-4D91-8533-030189…)

kek looks like ariel took off the she/them off his profile, wonder if it was a gag

No. 1494910

Aren't all trans just a gag in the end anyway?

No. 1494911

File: 1649288416196.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x1804, 409B4CB7-CAF7-46F2-ADFA-0E18CD…)

No. 1494919

someone 100% cowtipped him

No. 1494923

i want to punch whoever did this in the face.

No. 1494928

>drawing them more mannish because they are (being imagined as) men
Yes, kek

No. 1494930

>learning to love themselves
>standing up for who they are

because a woman is incapable of doing these things…i guess?

No. 1494935

Controversial YouTuber Mr. Girl made a video criticizing the trans community's political tactics. 99% chance TRAs will accept all these points because it's a man saying it lol

No. 1494939

I really like what he says in the video and fully agree. But youre right, a woman would not be able to make a video like this without being literally witch hunted

No. 1494942

men can't see traits in women that they admire, because relating to a woman means you are gay. make the women men, ah there that's better.

No. 1494943

men had to corner the market and be thought leaders during lib feminism, now men doing the same to radical feminism / gender critical thought. it is all so tiresome.

No. 1494968

50%, not all moids trust each other. However if it's a woman then it's <1%.

No. 1494969

Since gays are more widespread, relating to a woman automatically means a moid is a tranny as per new 4chan.

No. 1494972

So relating to actual gays and trannies still makes then manly, but relating to a woman is 100% emasculation, kek

Because trannies are moids, moids are aware of the reverse that all of them have a nonzero chance of becoming a tranny and they shame each other for whoever steps closer to the troon path. Male socialization.

No. 1494973

File: 1649293704233.jpeg (404.71 KB, 1170x789, 01B7FB93-674D-402D-B02B-C8783A…)

There’s this tranny whose music often shows up on my feed. Never seen his face up until now and I’m not surprised.

No. 1494985

>Looked nice
The bar is so low.

No. 1495009

No. 1495025

File: 1649296942457.png (155.49 KB, 770x1647, Stacy Cay on Twitter.png)

thread of bullshit

No. 1495027

>too scared to leave their houses

No. 1495030

File: 1649297609745.jpg (Spoiler Image, 371.88 KB, 1600x1200, FPpxhvbWUAEGVXg.jpg)


No. 1495033

They're clearly not too scared to take over lesbian spaces

No. 1495034

File: 1649297737172.jpg (1.56 MB, 3320x3536, FPp-JHwWQAQ9gsT.jpg)

No. 1495035

Why does he look like a DreamWorks character design

No. 1495036

Kek at first it kind of sounded like he was advocating for everyone to start bullying trannys. On another note, why is the argument for allowing troons to play in women's sport always "nobody ever cared about women's sports in the first place so why do you care now if it's unfair?!"

No. 1495037

File: 1649297894274.png (240.33 KB, 753x933, Twitter.png)

yes that is totally the reason why she's defending women's rights.

No. 1495038

we can reverse it and ask the troons why they didn't care until they transitioned into ""women""

No. 1495039

File: 1649298209987.jpg (909.06 KB, 1536x2048, FPmS7ouWQAICFjL.jpg)

No. 1495042

File: 1649298492809.png (177.25 KB, 776x1205, Erin Trail Mom on Twitter.png)

No. 1495045

Tbh, I don’t trust that the reviews would be organically criticizing her work because of the work’s value and not because it’s her and everyone in literary circles wants to be the woquiest of them all who sucks as much dick as possible.

No. 1495047

Why is jk rowling obsessed with troons?

No. 1495048

do you know where you are

No. 1495049

Geez nonnie, maybe it’s because they keep harassing her and won’t stop posting porn in whatever tweet she makes, even those directed to children. Or maybe it’s because of the death threats? I’m not sure.

No. 1495051

if you are genuinely out of the loop: jk is a woman who was sexually + domestically abused & is understandably upset at the idea of men encroaching on women’s spaces

No. 1495052

I know anon
Its retarded she keeps arguing with her. If i was her id ignore them and never mention them again. Triggering them each month is useless. Its like she likes the attention

No. 1495053

shes a billionaire so troons cant do shit but i dont get baiting them every month kek

No. 1495054

The only way troons will feel scared is if a male celebrity speaks on it

No. 1495055

Just because you are conflict avoidant hot mess, doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 1495057

wow they almost understand how women are made to feel uncomfortable participating in public life, and how taking away single sex spaces regulates women to the home.

No. 1495058

damn he really misses 1991

No. 1495059

ot but it pisses me off how twitter capes for autistic people until they do/say something autistic, then they claim real autistic people are actually all aware of subtle social norms and you're just a bIgOt

No. 1495061

File: 1649299910466.jpg (300.44 KB, 1600x1600, 8729358ru4iwe3.jpg)

No. 1495062

no it actually indicates that enough people have peaked and that the tide is turning that people feel comfortable being more terfy

No. 1495069

I'm on the internet enough that I thought I was desensitized to this shit. But wow.

No. 1495070

They always have such violent sexual fantasies, so much desire to hatefuck.

No. 1495078

File: 1649302110624.png (441.05 KB, 745x3270, neckbeard-745-1.png)

Oh wait, this is the dude who made the cringy neckbeard is an abelist slur comic

No. 1495082

oh my god. if i hadn’t known any better, i would have thought this was amazing satire.

No. 1495084

Why are troons so obsessed with rowling?

No. 1495085

>tries to dirty the word by saying right-wingers use it too
>tries to manipulate female empathy by mansplaining to feminists what they want/should do and what an insult even is
>"don't insult neckbeards, I'm one of good ones!!"
>conflates the use of the word with women with facial hair and autistic people so as to further manipulate female empathy
>implying misandry/toxic masculinity is a feminist issue
>calling misogynistic slobs neckbeards means non-neckbeard will get off the hook, as if we can't have both
>overall patronizing tone
>lack of self-awareness when talking about something that nobody cares about
Scrotes just use activism as a way to bypass hierarchies/systems that don't benefit them. Obviously, women invested in social change are the easier ones to guilt trip. Also kek at the soulless neckbeard silhouette in the background.

No. 1495086

i thought he achieved in buying a home or renting an apartment reading the second part of the title was weird. so, he's still homeless? kek.

No. 1495087

File: 1649303742003.png (24.67 KB, 192x201, 8ju.png)

No. 1495093

FaceApp was a mistake

No. 1495099

File: 1649304695858.jpg (19.44 KB, 428x368, tiredpepe.jpg)

>insults about grooming are clearly linked to class stereotypes
What a piece of work is neckbeard.

No. 1495102

is that meant to be tobey maguire

No. 1495104

Depends. He's on lesbian tinder (my friend in the area found him) but he's on facebook and working as a male. So basically: he's a woman on tumblr and when he wants to meet lesbians and a man the rest of the time.

No. 1495111

It's not useless. She's one of the very few women who can speak out against troons without ruining their lives. Yes, it's true that troons thrive on attention, but it will lead to their undoing. JKR provokes them like no one else and their aggressive mask off responses to her are peaking people.

No. 1495122

Reading into things that aren't there

No. 1495123

Because both are women who have a vested interest in protecting their rights. That still isn't an argument against anything they actually said.

No. 1495128

not surprised since troons are terminally online and narcissistic so they're bound to read things about themselves. but thank you for the warning.

No. 1495134

File: 1649307875688.jpeg (472.24 KB, 750x969, 3C728CEE-1C45-4EF0-9F2E-D2E5BC…)

More photos of dorothy, the stunning brave gender non conforming butch lesbian.
As a sidenote I went through his "gals" tag and it's exclusively cis women. Also, a lot of hentai.

No. 1495163

were they assmad? i hope so. they were probably in full inquisition mode, be careful nonny

No. 1495167

They don't know the concept of satire. Just another troon agenda factory that tricked so many women into being " allies" to AGPs.

No. 1495173

please delete this nonita, the nasty troon might use this against you, he will either get you fired or do something worse. Troons are psychos

No. 1495174

If we mass report this could the jannies take it down in order to protect this nonny?

No. 1495180

You should've followed your own advice. I hope a janny takes pity on you and deletes your post.

No. 1495183

I thought I was going to be mad about this, but honestly its pretty fucking true. I've had friends who I've gamed with for years online cancel me because I said a word they didnt like ie "ladyboy" "FTM/MTF" or "neovagina" like just random fucking words that made sense in our conversation. they stopped talking to me completely. I tried SO hard to do what I could for trans people who I knew for YEARS, and try to make them feel validated, but its like pleasing a fucking abusive partner. They hold everything against you, if you didnt know a word was outdated or you have an opinion that is slightly different, they gang up on you. they approach everything like its a severe personal attack ,like you're trying to make them 41.

as a black woman, I educate dumb fucks on the street and close friends/family all the time. if they say something that's inappropriate, im like "this is why I'm not vibing with what you said" I give them the information on why I feel as I do. they usually dont realize what they said or did was wrong. and if its not intentionally hurtful, like whats the problem? trans people assume we're going for their throat, especially the white ones. like its baby's first oppression or some shit.

No. 1495196

>cancel me because I said a word they didnt like
this is why you say nigger early on, so you dont have to find out the kind of person they are down the road
why is quoting hard

No. 1495203

only a scrote would admit to lurking KF out loud kek

No. 1495209

ew no get that abuser out of here

No. 1495213

File: 1649314662096.png (257.31 KB, 315x922, 4118ecaa-957c-58e3-9ed5-4c83be…)

troons can never miss an opportunity to be racist

No. 1495225

Thank you noona, collages like this are super useful for peaking people. If you send 1 single screenshot they say "well that's just 1 single crazy person" if you send multiple they think you're pushy and don't want to listen.

I would also like to point out a majority of the time these people are fully accepted in the trans community, which is why they all say it so comfortably out in the open.
At best other trans people who don't agree with it just try to hide this from the general public, they don't try to stop it, they don't denounce these kinds of statements or try to get these people cancelled or kicked out from the community. The one single time I've seen any trans person attempt to disagree with it has been a tif meekly going "um maybe could we please not" and the tims fully ignoring it as the men they are.

No. 1495229

File: 1649317661833.jpg (159.61 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20220406-174750_Twi…)

No. 1495232

This is what public self-flagellation looks like

No. 1495238

To my (not friends) troons: what are you doing to protect cis women? Children? People of color? People in wheelchairs? Homeless people? Addicts? Autistic people? Starving people? Amputees? Mentally stunted people? Poor people? Gay people? People with ptsd? Deaf people? Traumatized people? Victims of abuse?

Fuck all. Fuck all is what you're doing to protect any of them. And most of them are larger groups with way bigger and more pressing issues than trans people.

No. 1495243

tell me gender isn't a religion

No. 1495247

Honestly "maybe I'm autistic" is a perfectly straight forward autistic thing to say. So the other 2 are being ableist towards a possibly autistic person who is explaining that they literally do not understand something.
Neither of them made any attempt to explain anything to her, because they know they don't actually have any reasonable arguments.

No. 1495253

always the juxtaposition between "black and brown trans women" and "pasty vanilla cracker white cis women"… even in "queer" "feminist" circles all the women are white and all the black people are men.

No. 1495265

this just makes me sad

No. 1495278

The internalized misogyny is off the charts. Many such cases.

No. 1495287

Kek even the non-neckbeard sexist guy he draw has a neckbeard

No. 1495293

not to defend the troon but I think it's just a well known thing, and not just in catholic schoolgirls, just girls in general made to wear longer skirts than they'd like. my mum said she and her friends used to do it in the 80s

No. 1495295


so much for intersectionality

No. 1495296

File: 1649321670768.jpg (236.48 KB, 1078x1212, FTFY troon.jpg)

No. 1495298

She is the pasty becky? Cope in human form.

No. 1495299

KEK great work nonna

No. 1495311

I think it's weird and fetishy that he specifies catholic

No. 1495313

Why is that thing bringing up black and brown? What's the relevance? Does she realize that "pasty, vanilla, susan, becky" also applies to herself (no matter how many times she cuts her hair and screams about "they/them" pronouns), or has she been catfishing as a black latinx kween for the sake of Twitter arguments for so long that she's fully divorced herself from reality?
I hate how Americans are so gleeful to weaponize race on every occasion, for any reason with zero shame. It's honestly disgusting

No. 1495317

nominating this for next thread pic

No. 1495319

Nonnie, wtf are you on about?
Some people like reading the last few posts between matches of whatever game they're playing
[spoiler]not to mention, since she's a black woman there's even less of a reason she can't use it to out (generally not even black) sjw-types

No. 1495320

if i make a man afraid to leave his home i consider it an accomplishment

No. 1495324

File: 1649327859405.jpg (140.53 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20220407-113714_Red…)

How to explain your dick?? Hmmm, oh I know! You're a man

No. 1495327

>well see daddy's Y chromosome touched mommy's X…

No. 1495331

File: 1649328538594.png (49.76 KB, 1266x228, b.png)

But nonny what are those, teehee!

No. 1495332

I mean if they don't understand algebra it makes sense they can't wrap their minds around biology

No. 1495337

you know based off of the profile pic alone that that is a man

No. 1495340

File: 1649330326446.jpg (234.1 KB, 632x757, Screenshot_20220407-121434.jpg)

This fucking moid's profile picture nauseates me.

Trying to do the cutesy 'bubblegum girl' pose, immediately undercut by dem gigantic tattooed hairy man arms and a set of shoulders the size of Texas.

No. 1495341

File: 1649330766279.png (47.12 KB, 628x227, FPvI0-WXEAITmLG.png)

Everything in their world is genitalia and sex. Theyre so pornsick nothing else can fit in their tiny heads

No. 1495342

This tweet is comically bad

No. 1495344

File: 1649330947518.png (339.29 KB, 680x636, FPvGQn1X0AAq-cp.png)

No. 1495345

You forgot the huge calloused mitts for beating his handmaiden girlfriend with when she 'triggers his dysphoria'.

No. 1495348

File: 1649331179573.jpg (48.59 KB, 768x434, zelda1.jpg)

Serving 'going to twist your back like mine so you'll never get out of bed again' realness.

No. 1495351

Why do they make shit up like this?? One of the top things that makes me absolutely rage about these disgusting fucks is the way they fetishize the characteristics of physical motherhood idk I am so close to just putting a lawn sign in my yard that says TERF N PROUD or some shit but I live in a pretty liberal city and have children who don’t deserve the backlash. Sage for semiblog & small autistic rant

No. 1495352

His Tumblr presence is so very male. He reeeeees about Harry Potter constantly, it's such a pathetic cope. I don't think you have a right to judge people's interests and taste when you post coomer anime shit

No. 1495353

File: 1649332149176.jpg (321.77 KB, 606x997, Screenshot_20220322-073800.jpg)

Imagine being some overworked pharmacist in a post-pandemic Britain, struggling with long hours and constantly worrying about your job security with the Tories looking to dismantle and sell of the NHS to their rich chums at every opportunity, having to entertain the navel-gazing pronoun word games of a hystrionic man with dyed pink hair who insists that he's a woman.

No. 1495354

this is fetish

No. 1495355

They can have Ariel but they will pry Mulan out of my cold dead hands

No. 1495356

he looks like the pedoartist strawberry something tranny

No. 1495358

File: 1649332554793.jpg (132.5 KB, 768x536, Screenshot_20220407-125513.jpg)

Conversion therapy for gay people - electroshock torture and religious fundamentalism.
Conversion therapy for trans people - "Hey. Hey folx. Folx, hear me out. I'm just saying maaaaaybe you ought to go see a shrink before you commit to the whole 'cutting your cock off' thing."


No. 1495359

File: 1649332690418.jpg (310.16 KB, 612x841, Screenshot_20220407-123523.jpg)

I've said it before, but it bears repeating.

Sophie from Mars legit looks like a mischievous time traveller went back to Victorian London, found the most hulking, broad-backed, moon-faced, shovel-handed Irish navvy they could find, and dressed him up as Belle Delphine for a joke.

No. 1495362

Does this stupid bitch not realize that gay conversion therapy IS the trans agenda though?? Both are bad

No. 1495363

File: 1649333170225.png (14.07 KB, 738x177, sports.png)

once again we are witnessing actual retardation from r/mtf

No. 1495364

Mulan was a real hero in China. Fat chance that will get her. She is highly respected. I really do hate the west with this trans agenda. Damn

No. 1495365

No, we all know women are just fucktoys with no personality!

No. 1495366

This is a legit question, but why don't trannies have their own teams like the special Olympics do? It would put them on fair levels

No. 1495368

What exactly did he do?

No. 1495369

Nonas, why do TRAs lie so much. They lie even when they don't have to, it's like it's compulsory or something.

No. 1495370

File: 1649333479234.jpg (67.42 KB, 720x631, screen68.jpg)

I mean, he does make good points about troons but these GC rightoids men like him and Matt Walsh pretend to side with us women and care about our rights until they get triggered by birth control, lesbians adopting children, etc. We're still the inferior half of human population to them lmao. The only GC/radfem ally I trust for now is Menno.

No. 1495371

You can never trust rightoids even when they're right about things. They are rightoids for a reason.

No. 1495373

Isn't this the sicko who said women giving consent is boring and basically admitted to getting turned on by watching Cuties? I guess a broken clock can be right twice a day, but I'm shocked he isn't all for troons since he seems to be into a lot of their same flavors of degeneracy

No. 1495374

File: 1649334329524.jpeg (567.88 KB, 750x1080, 8D1A36EB-2843-4D53-91E8-530587…)

Samefag, but in the original the mermaid is in crippling agony for the rest of her life and is banned from heaven, seems fitting. Unrelated image so I don’t derail too much. Even with shoop they don’t look female.

No. 1495375

They should, but they don't want to.
They want to easily beat women and not have to lose to other men. Troon teams would be only men, so they can't win without effort anymore.
They also want access to female changing rooms for sexual fetish reasons so they can be around naked women, they don't want it to just be other troons because then they're all men.

No. 1495376

File: 1649334390408.png (26.47 KB, 739x286, cis women reeeee.png)

libfems, PLEASE wake up. these men hate you.

No. 1495378

The lack of self-awareness is astounding.
I bet his "whining about trans rights" was him saying lesbians should take his girldick and they're evil bigots if they don't

No. 1495380

>especially white cis women
What? They’re notorious for being libfems and handmaidens

No. 1495383

Their entire existence is based on them lying about who they are, anon. Are you surprised?

No. 1495384

He looks like that pedo troon stwawbwewymilk or whatever his name is now

No. 1495386

I'm just surprised over how brazen they can be.

No. 1495388

They use “white” because they know that the hurr durr ebil Karen meme helps them put a thin veil on their misogyny.

No. 1495390

>They expect us to bow down to them at any cost, in any situation and never reject what they say, or they will cry about us being evil transphobes and decide we don't deserve rights
I can play the same game retard

No. 1495391

TRAs dunk on white women a lot. It is mostly just a socially accepted way for them to express their misogyny but it is also a way to keep white women in line. They are playing on the white guilt angle to get women to flagellate and to agree with them.

No. 1495392

Art, saved.

No. 1495394

Damn, that’s some intense projection.

No. 1495397

so he claims to be a woman, but also hates the suffragettes? make it make sense.

No. 1495398

It’s probably also because none of them have ever developed real coping or life skills, and often times they’re up to some nefarious shit behind the scenes, so they have to revert to acting like children to get what they want (and it usually works bc people don’t like hearing whining screaming children, in this case, manchildren). Lying, blaming it on others, etc. If they were mature, reasonable people, they would be able to have conversations without resorting to lies and attacks, sometimes their threats of violence. They’re so badly adjusted to human interaction, maybe sometimes bc of the autism but also maybe bc a lot of them are just shitty humans who want what they want Now at the expense of anyone else who needs help.

No. 1495404

He has such a punchable face.

No. 1495407

I live in a very trans-friendly city and the delusions went from being funny to being really annoying and pathetic

No. 1495409

There needs to be a compilation of these going around the internet to peak people, especially women.

No. 1495410

Are you in Toronto ?

No. 1495415

The best thing we can do for other women is to make them read the trans subs on Reddit. So much peaking material right there.

No. 1495419

As an actual black woman, white troons pass the least, not because they are marginalized, but because white men look like literal neanderthals. The troons that exhibit femininity are Asian and South American due to their short stature, the rest don't pass for shit except as a hulking moid. White troons look like Lia Thomas. It's funny because I'm actually somewhat ok with black TiMs, I know 2 and they are just gay men with internalized homophobia. Troons today are overwhelmingly fetishy, misogynistic, entitled, predatory disgusting white men like >>1494367 who say they're lesbians.(racebait)

No. 1495425

So annoying for him to use suffragettes as an example of women fighting for their rights as a gotcha when he'd probably be the type to dismiss everything out of the first wave because a lot of them were racist white ladies. Because wanting to be able to vote for leaders in the society in which you live is totally the same as wanting the world to enable your delusions and wanting to perv on women in changing rooms and toilets. Also as a male who is presumably white and seems to have enough disposable income to waste so much time bitching about women and pop music (based on his comment history) on reddit, he would have never been denied the right to vote.
Yup. I've also noticed that white troons are way more likely to be AGP, and black/brown/asian troons are way more likely to be HSTS. The gay ones are still misogynistic, but I have more tolerance for them because they're often dealing with intense homophobia in their family/community and just coping with it in a stupid, self destructive way. They're also way more likely to be actual victims of violence from men. The only violence the white AGPs face is by their own hand because of their raging mental illness and narcissism, and yet they're the ones crying the most about how the "cissies are literally killing us!!"

No. 1495431

Black troons tend to be HSTS. HSTS have their of brand of dysfunction, but they are generally more tolerable than AGPs.

No. 1495440

File: 1649340316045.jpeg (1002.83 KB, 1242x1687, B1103219-899E-402B-BB6F-A553B5…)

uk based again

No. 1495444

Finally. It's still f-ing annoying and disappointing that the new Supreme Court justice can't even define what a woman is. I swear, it's 2022 and women in powerful positions aren't even using their power anymore like Sara is doing here. She's the head of the women's cycling Olympics in the UK and she did that!!

No. 1495456

watch out nonnie, you said you're ok with two hsts you know irl?? in 10 minutes someone is going to come in here asking why your 'caping for gay moids'

No. 1495463

Again with the fucking uguu anime bent knees pose.

No. 1495464

Ah yes because they're all clean-shaven men in their respective time periods

No. 1495491

File: 1649348894520.jpeg (156.5 KB, 1242x891, 325FE40B-A0FA-4AE2-ACDB-30B0CF…)

No. 1495492

It highlights his scrawny chicken legs compared to his massive upper body.

No. 1495493

Ok but thinking about TiM Cinderella is kind of funny. I think the search to find out who wore the glass slipper wouldn’t be too hard- just find out who was there who had the biggest man feet in the land.

No. 1495499

Ooh I just LOVE when they go mask-off, quit with the "I just want to make a safer world for our trans and WoC sisters uwu" bullshit, and start spewing the actual racism & misogyny in their hearts. Just peaks the woke handmaidens quicker! It's much harder to call yourself "feminist" while caping for white moids in programmer socks when they're forcing you to choose between them and actual female minorities.

No. 1495513

White "kweer" feminists honestly believe they can buy their way out of pasty vanilla Becky/Susan-ness just by cutting their hair short, declaring themselves nonbinary and loudly virtue signaling their support for "black & brown trans women." These types hate their fellow white women and wouldn't spit on a brown or black woman if she was on fire. Troons are their perfect pet minorities, because they can avoid dealing with their internalized misogyny by continuing to support men, and still get woke points on Twitter.

No. 1495521

this was 6 years ago lol. insane how long the retardation has been underway

No. 1495529

Troons are so stupid. Trans Mulan wouldn’t even make sense. It would literally just be a story about a man going off to war.

No. 1495539

File: 1649353324591.png (218.77 KB, 1034x900, Screenshot 2022-04-07 13.36.36…)

IMO one of the worst handmaidens is this athlete who wrote to Sports Illustrated defending Lia Thomas. This quote has been stuck in my head since the shit article came out


No. 1495543

>i believe that keeping men happy is more important than any trophy or record will ever be

fixed it.

No. 1495547

this faggot hasn't tweeted since 2019, hopefully he roped by now.

No. 1495549

File: 1649354580775.jpg (102.66 KB, 685x1024, 1641069416974.jpg)

samefag but here's what drives me bonkers
- she's not just throwing herself under the bus but also future generations of athletes. US law works based on precedent and allowing a tranny to compete opens the door for all future athletes to deal with this shit.losing is okay to you? ok why do you get to make that call for everyone else?
- she ignores all logic-based discussion for a pointless emotion-based appeal to HUR DUR BE REESPECTFUL
- she's implying that EVERYONE treating the situation with more nuance than "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!!!!" is literally incapable of dignity and respect

god it makes me mad

No. 1495569

File: 1649355962368.jpg (32.04 KB, 520x520, 10d6e417432c9675ffcd3d4b1422fb…)

Quickly ladies, let's form a mentrual blood moon ritual to manifest it if not

No. 1495577

I posted that article last thread ya goose

No. 1495581

you posted this excerpt? I saged bc I know the article is old but I hadn't seen the excerpt called out specifically and it was just on my mind sry

No. 1495586

Great minds think alike.

No. 1495592

>that’s the point of banning us from sports

No. 1495599

trannies in charge of not being fucking dramatic

No. 1495602

>Trans women are experts at victimizing themselves

>A trans woman just told me I needed therapy and to learn to stop whining about women's rights, so I said lol sure maybe the TRAs did too?

>And then she called me a transphobic cunthead who will ruin any support cis women could get.

>They expect us to bow down to them at any cost, in any situation and never reject what they say, or they will cry about us being evil transphobes & decide we don't deserve rights. They know everyone will fall for it, especially other white cis women. Their tears mean more than our lives.

Fixed that for him.

No. 1495610

Almost sounds to me like she's trying to appear as compassionate, open-minded, and civil as possible while admitting there is an unfair advantage.
>more important than any trophy or record
This part comes across like she's implying Lia will win and break records he shouldn't be eligible for imo. Like an acknowledgment that TiMs are taking these honors away from women. Any one else get this vibe?

No. 1495611

he looks like such a fucking perv in those picture montages. dude can barely string together a sentence he's so autistic.

No. 1495616

sf but

TiM: makes post about cis women victimizing themselves
TiM: post is actually about TiMs always being victimized


No. 1495618

quoting is hard because you're retarded

No. 1495619

What I love about this one is that he openly acknowledges that whatever early feminists fought for has nothing to do with him - because he knows he's not a woman and not affected by it thereby. He probably doesn't know what he admits to us here: that he just revealed that female oppression is something the "cis" woman is uniquley affected by, that's why he brings it up to upset her.

No. 1495624

I might be retarded, but even retards can be right sometimes

No. 1495625

this should be posted as a response to his post

No. 1495626

This is a really astute observation, anon.

It's crazy that he shits on a women's rights movement and then is offended at being called a misogynist. Even crazier is shitting on a women's rights movement and then claiming it was the just other person who said he didn't deserve rights?!?! Projection much?

Also it's funny that they act like are denied the right to vote or something. Lmao like what a human rights violation that somebody clocked you on accident.

No. 1495657

Faghags go. You're even caping for faggots when no one said shit. Men don't need you defending them.

No. 1495664

Preach, love u anon

No. 1495666

gotta love that Freudian slip

No. 1495672

>hope your clit gets sewn shut
They want to larp as women so bad yet can't be bothered to learn about our anatomy kek

No. 1495677

File: 1649366615350.png (732.97 KB, 748x799, (@SimonWi45684664) _ Twitter.p…)

no not really

No. 1495694

literally looks like a man in a dress and the full body tattoos make him look even more unhinged

No. 1495697

File: 1649368277769.jpg (184.83 KB, 971x1855, FPvaE8eVIAIHpCM.jpg)

>lying down vs standing straight
this tranny thinks estrogen changed its bones

No. 1495701

I do see what you mean about implying Lia would steal trophies, but to say "I will not have a problem with it" pretty much removes all doubt about her support imo

No. 1495704

File: 1649368635399.png (25.2 KB, 751x335, dumb.png)

he says unironically

No. 1495707

File: 1649368744482.png (790.82 KB, 642x716, weeb.png)

weeb to troon pipline running strong.

Anime cons starting up this summer, going to take a shot for every ugly dude who became an more ugly dude with she/her pronouns.

No. 1495710

‘getting gender’???

No. 1495711

File: 1649369021442.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220407-175701_Red…)

Rat's back for more attention:

No. 1495713

File: 1649369239529.jpg (58.4 KB, 900x675, FPofpBPVcAUcCdy.jpg)

>nah he doesnt edit his pictures

No. 1495716

the mayor is a troon so this checks out

No. 1495717

File: 1649369604095.png (151.13 KB, 1416x942, agp clown.png)

a tif gets raped, and immediately tim is like "first of all" then "not all transwomen, I know a good one". Soon as I check his profile AGP, helps others self harm, radiohead super fan, stalin simp. so yeah, all transwomen. 41.

No. 1495718

File: 1649369610327.png (498.39 KB, 751x616, Doom Pill Pagliacci on Twitter…)

poor kid

No. 1495721

Kek these trannies are retarded. There’s much more that distinguishes male and female skeletons than hips. There’s the skull, the external occipital protuberance (most prominent in men), the jaw, the size of rib cage, etc. It goes on and on. Seethe, troons.

No. 1495724

>most sexual predators are […] not trans women not even per capita

No. 1495731

Do you know what provokes me - trans women actually not giving a shit about actual women in favour of just wanking off at their own image. I'd be hard pressed to see any trans women give a fuck about abortion, genital mutilation, domestic abuse, any human rights issue that affects women globally. It's no coincidence that it's people who have benefited from being socialized as white males centering themselves without any regard for anyone else.

No. 1495732

grifting as usual

No. 1495737


No. 1495743

Anon have you peaked recently? There's no such thing as a trans woman, they're just men and that's why they don't care about women. And all races of men are misogynistic

No. 1495746

File: 1649371929623.jpg (183.69 KB, 810x1693, Screenshot_20220406-145408_Boo…)

I sure fucking hope this is a fake post man

No. 1495749

white men have a special brand of misogyny , why do you think nearly all AGP are white?? power, money and privilege creates the AGP. being socialized to think you have no boundaries and people cannot say no to you creates the AGP. there is also a reason why white women are the biggest fag hags white people always uphold whiteness.(racebait)

No. 1495754

his legs really highlight how huge his upper body is

No. 1495755

they are mentally ill and live in a reality they invented.

No. 1495756

File: 1649372556568.png (116.26 KB, 1123x1232, kafka123.png)

>fake post
They seem pretty active in tranny subs and have had that account for like 6 years sooo idk
But seriously how do you actually empathize with the person catcalling?

>why do you think nearly all AGP are white
probably because white people are trying to be super woke and progressive so whiter areas are going to be where they can get away with it. crossdressers have existed a long time, they only really began doing it 24/7 when they started being allowed/encouraged to
also autists aren't going to understand boundaries either way tbh

No. 1495757

they literally know nothing about women's history.

No. 1495759

looks like squanched arca

No. 1495760

emily davidson did not throw herself under a horse for troons

No. 1495761

i don't care if anna uses the same irony poisoned jokes as the rest of twitter. she's is relentless on TRAs and we need her. i wish all terf/gc - adjacent journalists could get along.

No. 1495762

we need more women like sara symington with the power to protect womens sports

No. 1495764

It’s completely retarded but I wish there was a way to create an X-ray image of his skeleton to hand to him as a reminder he has a male skeletal structure, the angles, photoshop, fat redistribution, that stupid knees together pose they always do, nothing will change that. He can take one “”good”” (in his eyes) photo out of 1000 and post it over and over again as many times as he wants, it won’t change reality. He is a man, and his body is male.

No. 1495772

It’s what the kids say now when they like the aesthetic of a character apparently.

No. 1495773

Looks like Cody Ko in a skirt

No. 1495779

>children just have to agree to never grow up and hit puberty
They are such fucking pedophiles

No. 1495780

Yeah, specifically a character of the opposite sex. Because gnc people don't exist and you can't like feminine aesthetics if you're a man

No. 1495785


i had to stare at this face for like 30 seconds to figure out who it reminds me of and it's nicole dollanganger

No. 1495794

wasnt he in the breakfast club

No. 1495824

lol nonnie

No. 1495828

File: 1649379934658.jpeg (126.16 KB, 453x397, 77AE2E7C-4C2A-4F53-8FE5-1B8704…)

I was sadly recommended a video by this person and they always have the weird egghead build and all I can do is imagine them as a bald male. Is it the estrogen or some shit? I’m confused as well isn’t this the youtuber that detransitioned but are they biologically female or male? Anons help me out kek

No. 1495841

i think she's a girl, but detransitioned so her voice sounds weird? i watched a video and she refers to herself as "cis"

No. 1495843

File: 1649380729782.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1156, 1649380631692.png)

Oh yeah, didn't you hear? Bender transitioned. He goes by Brenda now.

No. 1495848

I love you

No. 1495849

That’s a detransed woman, anon. Her voice is forever fucked.

No. 1495864

kafka doesn't deserve this

No. 1495882

I didn’t know what the fuck it meant either until someone online said it to me and I was like ??? what? Im a zoomer but I didn’t even get that shit

No. 1495885

File: 1649384812826.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1533223596335.jpg)


No. 1495894


No. 1495897

threadpic threadpic threadpic

No. 1495898

Why are autistic moids like this

No. 1495899

It either means “personality”, “style” or “body” either way, it means that the unhinged retard talking about it wants to wear the skin of the person or character pictured.

No. 1495909

I don't know, i used to watch them sometimes and they hung out with a trans woman who said something like "this guy in the drivethru was hitting on us cuz he both thought we were just girls…" implying they were both trans women. i kind of wonder if they lied about being detrans, i found it really weird, among other things. they also have a really male torso and shoulders, maybe being on T so young can do that, i don't know. weird vibes

No. 1495911

Eh tbh it's not that different than body positivity
just a way of coping i think

No. 1495912

you think like a moid because you're a moid. you're welcome.

No. 1495916

his name is zack jolet. check him out on facebook. he's just a regular man on there kek

No. 1495920

next thred pic lmao

No. 1495925

She has videos with no make up and stuff and to me it's very obvious she's a detransitioned woman. She has a weird chin shape but that's about it. She's just kind of shitty at make up, that's all.

No. 1495927

File: 1649388025005.png (37.46 KB, 726x403, sameguy.png)

same guy.

No. 1495929

I personally don't get peoples beef with her. She memes a lot, but she can also do genuinely good in depth writing.

No. 1495940

It's not women like her, anon, it's EVERY WOMAN. Every woman has the power to stand up and protect women's sports. There's strength in numbers.

No. 1495942

No, it's pretty easy to sex a skeleton if you can see the skull and the pelvis. And men have denser bones. But then again, this is a retarded troon on Twitter so of course he doesn't know what he's talking about.

No. 1495950

Nah, I'm not sure if her older videos are still up but she started out as an open ftm and then nonbinary before publicly detransitioning.

No. 1495951

wish these freaks would keep the good name of forensic anthropologists out of their mouths, my bioanth professors were all female and could clock a male pelvis from across the room. no amount of photoshop coping can change that.

No. 1495952

So you're just going to ignore the constant atrocities towards women of brown scrotes, kek. How come this shit never gets the redtext for racebaiting?

No. 1495955

File: 1649390881526.png (117.18 KB, 1425x679, Untitled.png)

No. 1495957

And how or why is this women’s problem?

No. 1495961

Asian troons don't pass when compared to asian women and south American troons just get big butt and tit implants which I guess you're relating to femininity. No one cares that you're a black faghag either.

No. 1495966

>Women should be encouraged to kill people
Based honestly

No. 1495985

>Hearing the average woman talk about misogyny sounds to me like someone telling me how they were in the mafia and how dangerous it was, and you keep thinking, "well why were you in the mafia if you knew it was dangerous? Why didn't you do something else instead?"
Resisting the urge to a-log so bad oh my god. Women don't choose to live in a world with misogyny. What exactly does this freak suggest we do? Never go outside or interact with men? It's our fault for not fighting back? Yeah sure, let the average woman try to physically fight every man who is sexist towards her, see how well that works out for her. He'd probably blame the woman for getting hurt or killed in that situation too.
>doesn't do his fair share of housework and his mom picks up the slack and he of course is pissed at her for being annoyed with him for it
>is so male brained and hateful towards women that even his own female therapist is afraid of him
>calls his hatred of women "internalized misogyny"
You didn't internalize shit, dumbass. I hate when they try to steal our own terms when denying their lifetime of male privelige. You're just a misogynist, plain and simple. That's why you find sexist jokes funny. That's why you blame women for the violence perpetrated against us. That's why you've dedicated your life to turn yourself into a sad imitation of us. He probably only encourages women to kill men not because he actually cares about our safety but because he views himself as a woman and wants it to be more acceptable for him to act on his psychopathic violent urges

No. 1495995

Why are men so willing to tell the world they feel worse for male rapists and murderers than the women they taped and killed? Just what the everliving fuck

No. 1496004

Somehow this one is vaguely more self-aware than most. Still sounds like a stupid and scary motherfucker though.

No. 1496006

he's self-aware enough to realize that he's nothing like a woman, but somehow not self-aware enough to realize that means he's not one.

No. 1496008

learning that this guy with an obsession for "sleepy, childish girls uwu" and "stepford wives" and "highschool prom queens" is actually an hsts puts a lot of things into perspective. i used to enjoy his work – we're both writers in a roleplaying hobby – but now it just seems gross. hunter tier stuff.

No. 1496009

the freaky fetishes only grossed you out after you found out he was a tranny? you trusted a man with a "sleepy, childish girl" fetish in the first place? girl… no wonder he trooned out.

No. 1496012

This is cringe. What the fuck. Especially that little anecdote.

No. 1496013

Why does he look like Christopher from the Sopranos lmfao

No. 1496014

>they/them moss faeboi

No. 1496017

>What exactly does this freak suggest we do?
I think he’s suggesting we all simply troon out. since it obviously works sooo well for them.

No. 1496019

Why does he have "fans"? He's so fucking creepy and gross.

No. 1496023

She's kind of a pick me tbh and it annoys people. Her troon tweets are based though.

No. 1496025

>Used to enjoy the work of a misogynistic pedophile
I'm sorry, but you're brain damaged. I'd tell you to sage your shit, but I honestly hope you never post again.

No. 1496031

File: 1649400583220.png (4.41 MB, 2000x2000, 491AC948-8A5F-4691-A649-4200C2…)

Why are they so ugly and confident? I can't think of more male behavior than being inordinately proud of a non-achievement (wearing clothes a decade out of style and looking fugly asl).

No. 1496038

men don't understand female anatomy, part 441

No. 1496044

For all the talk of dysphoria, I’m starting to wonder if it’s more a sort of reverse body dysmorphia. Instead of a thin girl seeing a fat girl when she looks in the mirror, these average people see supermodels instead. That’s the only way I can explain it.

No. 1496052

It's mostly just cope.

No. 1496054

It's a mix of coping, narcissism and AGP fetishism

No. 1496062


Nope, that would be the "euphoria" (sometimes just cope, "fake it til you make it" kinda)

Being trans is the same as being ugly. It depends on other people's perception of you, but if people keep telling you that you're ugly, you'll start seeing yourself as ugly even when you're alone and suffer from it. Same with them. People see them as their actual sex, and then they see themselves in the mirror and see a man they don't want to be, and that is dysphoria. It's a hindrance to their fantasy of seeing themselves and being seen as a woman, that makes them frustrated and miserable. However, if they surround themselves with total handmaidens and a tranny validation circlejerk, they will be regularly reminded of themselves as a beautiful woman, and be able to see themselves as one and live in somewhat lasting gratification. Gender validation gives them "gender euphoria", aka a boner and a huge ego. They become addicted to the feeling, and become narcs who get irrationally angry at anything that gets in the way, no matter how small.
That's why they need mass acceptance and the annihilation of even the most reasonable, non-hostile opponents. Nothing can get in the way of coom. But if they brainwash themselves hard enough to manage to think of themselves as a hot gril even in a room full of transphobes, it makes the nuisance (and their own anger) easier for them to bear. (also ugly women are worth nothing to scrotes so there's no way they'll ever be fine with being seen as one)

No. 1496068

File: 1649411949435.png (129.82 KB, 487x466, lolabanza.png)

so TRUE! terfs BTFO by this extremely low IQ take shared by all the gender specials in the last week

No. 1496078

then what's the point in transitioning? if the earth is dying and we're all going to die, why are they wasting time and resources injecting themselves with horse piss? they realize that this argument can be used to dismiss anyone who's concerned with anything, right?

No. 1496080

File: 1649412557160.jpg (31.17 KB, 813x451, FPxpFYpXIAMBNSU.jpg)

But its not a cult right

No. 1496094

can't wait for post apocalyptic society where trannies don't exist

No. 1496096

I am not going to respect your pronouns in the world where nothing matters anymore, bro.

No. 1496101

And this is why it is lunacy to expect people to play pretend that a man is a woman when we should all be focusing on more important things.

No. 1496103

Nobody would give a shit about trannies in a post apocalyptic scenario, not even the trannies themselves because they would realize theres way more important things to worry about than your own bloated ego

No. 1496108

and when we all die all that will be left are male and female skeletons xoxo

No. 1496114

Mulan being trans wouldn't even make sense

No. 1496115

File: 1649418302022.jpg (254.01 KB, 1241x1504, Df1QlHB.jpg)

The rest of the thread is him talking shit about his surgeons because they don’t know the risk-benefit assessment of stitching up his rot pocket

No. 1496117

This is just tragic IMO. He realized how wrong this shit was far too late, I feel pity

No. 1496123

oh my god

No. 1496127

File: 1649419779091.png (393.72 KB, 594x479, british cycling.png)

god bless TERF island.

No. 1496129

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I swear these people always remind me of the south park where Kyle & his dad got plastic surgery to play basketball better & be a dolphin. They literally have no grasp on reality.

No. 1496131

Oh nice, that means I can just say anything about trannies! It's not transphobic since we're all trans!

No. 1496132

File: 1649421551683.jpg (105.14 KB, 1200x675, kek.jpg)

thank you for reminding me of this episode lmao

No. 1496133

prolly mostly male socialization at work. men in general often overrate their own looks.

No. 1496134

File: 1649421697431.jpg (117.79 KB, 1080x741, FPwgQnuX0AAtfo2.jpg)

No. 1496136

You don’t pass.

No. 1496140

File: 1649423113766.jpg (599.94 KB, 1080x1908, bikeawaytroons.jpg)

Women have won on this day.

No. 1496142

File: 1649423339976.jpg (227.91 KB, 1920x1080, 296858.jpeg.jpg)

Maybe this stunning and brave lad could just, Idk, race other men?

No. 1496149

File: 1649424127478.jpeg (959.88 KB, 1284x2104, DE070254-7034-4E2D-9B44-6B650B…)

More racism from the TRAs. Alabama just passed a bill criminalizing HRT, puberty blockers, and GRS for minors and I saw this sweet. Not sure if Oshee is a man or woman but the replies to them say it all really. Esp when trans are always the ones wanting to be the most oppressed. 1/2

No. 1496150

An die Freude.

No. 1496151

File: 1649424148542.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x2206, D421EE1E-47C1-4E38-8CC8-80AEEB…)

No. 1496152

But when we talk about misogyny suddenly it's troons that are most affected…

No. 1496157

This is hilarious considering a lot of terfs I’ve met and spoken to are self-sufficient, hard-working, and have practical knowledge of things. I’ve met women who refuse to get involved with a man so they learn to do everything that men would typically do on their own. What to trannies do but jerk off and refuse to wash their asses all day? Most of them look like they’d break it they were asked to do a moment of physically labor. Again with projection.

No. 1496159

And yet that’s the one they seem to lay claim to most frequently.

No. 1496162

because they can't stand there being a children's movie about a woman being gnc.

No. 1496164

Damn, this is so depressing. Sage for (mild) blogpost but I have a 3 yo daughter and she calls herself a “big boy” and plays with boys toys all the time. I also taught preschool and it’s VERY normal for children in that age group to experiment with gender. But a lot of parents have discomfort with that, and impose their own homophobia and gender stereotypes on the kids. Imagine trooning your kid out, screwing up their natural development, and exposing them to increased depression & suicide risk rather than even ENTERTAINING the possibility of having a gay son, or even just a GNC boy who likes feminine things.

No. 1496169

the mulan thing is so fucking horrible. they are horrible people.

No. 1496170

Im old but I think pretty much every girl I knew growing up had a brief "boy phase" when they were very young and no one ever did anything drastic about it. They all grew out of it within a year. It's so scary that they're transing literal toddlers for that now

No. 1496171

for real! most of my friends went through a weird "I wish I was a boy" stage in elementary school

No. 1496173

there's always ace ventura

No. 1496175

I will never forget the anon in the Onision thread years ago who said that TIMs have it harder than real women in misogynistic Muslim countries because the women could just transition to male to escape the misogyny. It may have been the worst take I’ve ever seen in my life.

No. 1496176

Yep. One time my mom had to watch a little boy I went to pre-school with, he didn’t close the bathroom door when he was using it and I saw that he had a different part than me. The next day I was putting a sock in my underwear pretending to be a boy, which, on top of my love for GI Joes and dinosaurs, surely would have meant I was actually a boy if I was a kid today. Sorry to blogpost, just another tale of how kids are stupid and like to mimic and play about things like that. Many such stories, most of them mean nothing. I guess if it’s something that persists and persists that’s one thing, but toddlers and preschoolers barely have concepts of anything other than eat, sleep, and play unless seeds are planted in their heads.

No. 1496177

Honestly I think it has to do with little girls realizing they get treated differently (re:worse) than boys their age, which is very sad but also not them being even remotely trans lol

No. 1496180

They say this, but then invalidate bio trans women like Kikomi who are just living their truth. We live in a society

No. 1496182

another vote for next threadpic this is hilarious

No. 1496187

>cis women talk about their slutyness with naturality and playfulness, trans women don't

What a textbook case of selective cognition. As if MTFs aren't constantly talking about their girl-dick and soliciting depraved sexual partners over twitter. I also find it sickening that when he hears women talk about their "sluttiness" he imagines it to be gangbangs and threesomes all over the place, instead of just normal hook-ups. And how has he had access to hearing women talk "playfully" about their sex lives? This man is pornsick and is just looking for a reason to share his depravity with the world.

No. 1496191


No. 1496192

File: 1649428017176.jpg (212.9 KB, 1486x836, lolatu.jpg)

No. 1496193

It just feels like this generation of parents are so retarded and shut-off from history and biology that they don't get how children grow and learn and become themselves.

No. 1496208

>> 1496195

Oh god, that is horrifying.

Basically our only option to avoid this risk is stay celibate - I can only imagine having a manchild as a husband that you swallow since "at least he's one of the good ones" and at this age he pulls this shit. Even if they married at 30 it'd still be 30 years of marriage minimum.

I'd just walk into the desert at this point. Change my identity and move elsewhere.

No. 1496211

Right, like when I was a kid I told my parents to call me Tarzan and went on & on about being a little boy. That phase I had went on for months. Shocker that I grew into a woman somehow. According to TRAs I was definitely a baby troon and should've been put on puberty blockers right away & sent out to live in the jungle as my "true, authentic self" lol

No. 1496227

Propbably a lot tbh, especially male teachers. Sage for blog but this got me thinking of my old school that spent lots of money and time on becoming "lgbt-certified" which basically meant they got a certificate stating what good boys they were or some shit. It also had teachers literally taking whole classes to teach us about gender shit and showing tranny propaganda "documentaries". The biggest irony of it all was that a year later the school was sued for discrimination for not allowing a tim student in the girls changing rooms. Crazy…

No. 1496229

samefag but I've got plenty of other tranny horror stories from that school. Can I post the article and reveal what school it was since I don't go there anymore and this was some years ago? it's a small euro country though so I doubt it's even that relevant

No. 1496231

my high school showed us pictures of the "genderbread person" and talked to us about polyamory.

No. 1496232

Please do, of course be mindful it might somehow make you doxx yourself

No. 1496234

Was it an art school?

No. 1496236

I'm glad that you managed to peak despite being genderbreaded.

No. 1496237

He should probably go to one of those surgeons who specialize in doing trauma reconstruction after like bombs or car crashes and such

No. 1496238

Honestly this just looks like someone's dad in the 70s

No. 1496241

I've observed the same irl. Troon allyship is a socially acceptable form of getting a DUFF entourage. You're ALWAYS going to get picked at clubs and the troons pose zero competition for attention

No. 1496244

oh for fuck's sake.

No. 1496247

This is all so fucking disgusting and makes me want to homeschool

No. 1496252

JK Rowling is my go to litmus test on dating apps. You can filter out the gendercultists and photo filter troids 100% of the time by talking about our terf queen's books

No. 1496253

How do you britfags get away with it? Drinking tea with lady fingers and killing degeneracy in its infancy? As a burger anon, I'm jealous. I drink London fogs all the time, but it's not terf flavored.

No. 1496257

All I can say is it was a public school (for ages 6-16) in a particularly woke part of Stockholm Sweden. If by any chance some anon here lives in the area I'm sure you can find it (the lawsuit was in 2019)
kek same here. There were also similar arts and crafts projects made by students displayed throughout the building. We also had a lgbt after-school group run by a handful of teachers where similar things would be discussed and on an open house day they hired some frumpy looking dragqueen to awkwardly stand there and represent the group. I wish I was kidding but I'm not.
Looking back it's infuriating how much the school tried to groom influence students with that shit from as early as age 6/7 wtf and it can easily become so destructive. Do any other anons from other countries have similar experiences?

No. 1496259

i'm from sweden too (i'm genderbread anon)! my school wasn't in stockholm but it was also very woke. tragic.

No. 1496269

Jag förstår verkligen varför du inte vill outa skolan men jag önskar att du kunde. Jag har barn och bor i Stockholm och jag vill skydda henne från den där jävla pepparkaksgubben.

No. 1496271

Especially most of the lesbians O know, me included.

No. 1496272

File: 1649438716085.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-192143_Tik…)

Came across this guy on tiktok, dressing up in pvc schoolgirl uniform in public is so fucking creepy


No. 1496274

Another Swede here, do you know of any good terven resources in Swedish?
That our schools are grooming kids like that… Horrible

No. 1496275

Yes! And I know a lot girls go through that in middle school when they start going through puberty but its usually just because theyre uncomfortable with their changing bodies but that also only seems to lSt a yr or so. So many girls would be considered trans/nb now because of that! Whats worse is I find it all just reinforces antiquated gender stereyotypes. Arent we moving past that?! Like neother gender has traits beyond sex related ones. I find it maddening

No. 1496276

Sakura is in the fourth grade and 10 years old in the first episode of the show. I hate these disgusting moids and this isn’t the first one I’ve seen obsessed with this show.

No. 1496281

>Alabama says that minors can't be castrated for being gender nonconforming but minors aren't getting these surgeries anyways bigot
>There are black people that are currently living that have lived through the Jim Crow era, you'll live. Troonery isn't a real problem when you look at what others have had to put up with.
>Why are you trying to make this the oppression olympics?!?1!

No. 1496292

File: 1649440394948.jpeg (229.96 KB, 828x1252, ED1FF822-B963-4FD0-8836-97426D…)

found this on tumblr, hope this is the correct thread to share it in. the fact that this shit isn’t intended to be satirical or anything blows my mind. anyway, small dick men are laughable, as is this sad meme.

No. 1496303

Holy fuck people are so brainwashed. I heard normies / liberals saying out loud they think Alabama is genociding troons and the Florida don’t say gay bill is the first step to concentration camps.

No. 1496304

tyvärr inte. det var rfsu och rfsl som kom och pratade med oss, så hos dem hittar man inget i alla fall.

No. 1496305

made up language

No. 1496307

Fucking kek they're really all just insecure men

No. 1496310

they weren't portrayed as fetishes. i was under the impression he was criticizing those tropes, not glorifying them or trying to live through them.

i thought HE was a woman, is my thing. if it were a man from the get-go i would've been squinting – but i didn't know until he exposed himself in chat one day. up until that point i just thought he was a slightly brain-rotted "coquettecore" or w/e girlie

No. 1496314

No they're as bad as the English Stonewall now, everything is about promoting troonism.

No. 1496326

HRT makes their small dicks shrink even more.

No. 1496329

holy shit i went to this college… scrote degeneracy is truly inescapable.

No. 1496344

nah, that assumes that there's any legitimacy to transing. it's purely fetish, they view being a woman as being degrading, so when they squeeze into women's clothes they look in the mirror and get off on the humiliation they feel. Doubly so when they go out in public/post the pictures online.

No. 1496349

File: 1649445650363.jpeg (744.66 KB, 1170x1663, B2671F23-0426-4C8B-95C6-6C349B…)

kek troons triggered over hatsune miku

No. 1496353

As if men aren't the ones who keep shaming female bodies and genitals.

No. 1496356

>just as a reminder people will draw miku saying things you don't agree with because
Motherfucker you can do that with any fictional character at all. Why does miku deserve an entire friendly reminder post.

No. 1496357

>don't give them attention or spread their art

meanwhile they're giving them attention and spreading their art.

No. 1496363

I am sorry for ot but I've always found hp to be cringe and kinda disney adult-y to mention on dating app profiles, but are you telling me that all those women who mentioned that shit on their bio might have been actually dog whistling. Damn, this changes shit.

No. 1496365

Rfsu did that shit? Man I love their pussy soap products, too bad there's no swede terf places, could've combined our forces. T. Finnfag

No. 1496366

Ok now I gotta go do that house sorting shit and do a little larp on my bio it seems,thank you anon!

No. 1496369

File: 1649447002300.jpeg (613.63 KB, 1980x1114, 6768E60E-3680-45C4-B915-ABDCEB…)

A lot of based shit going on at the moment with regards to women’s sports. Has this already been discussed?


Also heard of “Emily” (Zach) bridges? He’s like the British Rhys/Rachel/whatever the fuck that disgusting male calls himself now/ McKinnon.

No. 1496370

File: 1649447013207.png (13.56 KB, 738x145, AMABs.png)

who said it: MRA or TRA?

No. 1496371

I like how they aren't even pretending anymore.

No. 1496372

File: 1649447285366.png (1.11 MB, 1226x1088, Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 20.46…)

he isn't able to compete now thankfully

No. 1496375

kek. what persecution?

No. 1496377


This is why it should be legal to perform late term abortions, look at the pure autism/low value genetics on this scrotes face, hope he fell off a cliff right after

No. 1496381

File: 1649447641895.jpeg (142.9 KB, 630x546, 5ED08845-D7E0-42C9-96E6-5086F3…)

He literally came 43rd out of 45 male riders and troons out about a month later.

No. 1496384

File: 1649447726214.jpeg (127.29 KB, 1024x640, 5B984521-87CD-479B-9B32-0B5B5D…)

No. 1496390

File: 1649447901109.jpg (410.79 KB, 2208x2944, 88jrzcwt6mh81.jpg)

this is what he looks like

No. 1496392

File: 1649448066905.png (308.63 KB, 986x1106, Screenshot 2022-04-08.png)

I hope the brother doesn't get groomed by his troon sibling.

No. 1496395

icb Hatsune Miku invented terfism

No. 1496397

i feel that too nonnie. i used to be a fan of kficc‘s art even though their nsfw works rubbed me off the wrong way. then i found out he was an agp transbian

No. 1496401

>woman Snapchat avatar
Yeah that kid is already gone. Some other groomer got to him first.

No. 1496411

Simple formula - Take a troon coomer icon and trigger them constantly. I think that's worse for them than their family disowning them.

No. 1496413

Oh my god what a fucking idiot. Hm. I don’t know. Maybe because “AMABs” are the ones doing the most degenerate and violent shit and bragging about it the majority of the time?

No. 1496419

File: 1649450017005.jpeg (294.57 KB, 750x772, AB20BDE3-2819-48DC-8EE5-BA9955…)

>getting your dick cut off is comparable to birthing a child

No. 1496423

All of this ""science"" sounds just as credible as antivaxxers/piss therapists/what have you

No. 1496425

File: 1649450348406.jpeg (237.25 KB, 1170x496, B05D77D8-D8D7-45FA-8A30-15FFEE…)

braindead take

No. 1496426

How the fuck does a man compare having a rotpocket carved into his fucking taint to the one of the most dangerous, possibly traumatic and personal things a woman could do? I’m cant even have biological kids and I’m disgusted by this shit.

No. 1496427

File: 1649450450957.jpeg (395.11 KB, 1536x2048, DB6E8FC9-C87B-42B0-B017-D3A346…)

here’s op by the way kek

No. 1496431

File: 1649450646600.jpg (136.65 KB, 1080x497, Screenshot_20220408-223729_Red…)

No. 1496433

Does… does he realize after a pregnancy you give birth to a whole human. It's not just a fun body mod

No. 1496435

File: 1649450963624.jpeg (127.67 KB, 1170x331, C32BB05F-0DD6-438C-8C6F-3F00A0…)

No. 1496446

I never understood this argument. So do they expect trannies to always be losing on purpose? That’s not really the point of competing is it?
A female athlete that is trying her hardest deserves to compete more than a troon throwing the competition for “representation”.

No. 1496451

And defeminizing HRT immediately kills you

No. 1496453

File: 1649451758984.jpg (907.12 KB, 972x4690, Screenshot_20220408-230045_Red…)

our friend raina is back spewing misinformation and misogyny

No. 1496455

can you imagine what will happen the day pigs fly, the clouds are made of candy floss and the oceans are filled with coca cola?

No. 1496464

File: 1649453697427.jpg (69.35 KB, 1080x835, 269096799_3017939798444714_418…)

not the genderbread person kek holy shit i didn't know they actually used that let alone outside of the anglosphere. That shit would not fly in my country lol conservatives here have been paranoid (well I used to think they were paranoid before but I guess they were right) about "gender ideology in schools" for over a decade, way before anyone else here even knew wtf it was. When I was in high school I used to think all the anti-gender propaganda was silly because the ramblings of they/them American millenials on tumblr seemed so far away from becoming mainstream anywhere else let alone this country where most people are catholic and don't speak english, but now I'm glad they predicted it

No. 1496472

If they’re going to argue about this, why aren’t the bringing up Bruce Jenner? Pretty sure I remember this stunning trans woman winning some gold medals.

No. 1496473

Yup. They want all of the things that are easy to fetishize and none of the work or the responsibilities that women have to actually take on.

No. 1496474

File: 1649454678909.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x2084, RDT_20220408_23221571635642345…)

speaking about stunning and brave transwomen in sports…

No. 1496478

probably because he won against other scrotes, so it's both irrelevant to the point they are making and contradicts it, if you realize that a scrote beating scrotes surely would have an advantage over female athletes

No. 1496487

Keeping peaking us. Beating up women is a thing in MMA, but it's usually scrotes beating up their girlfriends. Now men beating up women is allowed in the ring. Thanks, society.

No. 1496488

Have you noticed how troons always talk about an intense desire to be pregnant and to breastfeed, but almost never mention actually wanting a child = the point of pregnancy. They might mention wanting to be seen as mothers, but it's always centered around their need for validation rather than genuinely wanting to care for a child.

(Repost 'cause I forgot to add that this Reddit post is one of few that even mention troons wanting to have children. The main focus is obviously still being pregnant though 'cause their fetishes are the most important parts of their lives.)

No. 1496489

Yeah true. I just found it kind of funny. I feel like if anyone brought it up and said that they were discounting Jenner’s medals and said they were misgendering him, OP would be sputtering over it “yeah but they could only compete as their ‘true and innate’ gender for the past two decades like I said. That one doesn’t count”, “reee”, “Jenner doesn’t count because of ‘her’ politics”, etc.

No. 1496496

Exactly. They'll breastpump and take like 20 pills a day for months just so they can stick their hairy nipples in their baby's mouth and feed it a tablespoon of rancid troon milk, but they won't cook dinner for their wives or clean the fucking house.

No. 1496497

trigger warning for troonbianphobia

No. 1496502

File: 1649456578732.png (24.86 KB, 594x256, LycanLesbian37.png)

omg PLEASE start including otherkin under the trans umbrella. show everyone how insane you are.

No. 1496503

File: 1649456582203.png (49.52 KB, 2066x424, themanipulatedman.png)

>Men have been manipulated by society to work for women while women use men.
These kinds of posts are always a honeypot for TRA/MRA crossover sperging. Picrel is from a 30 y/o TIM.
Literal neckbeard.

No. 1496508

This makes me feel so insane. For years, part of the conservative argument against gay rights was "if we allow anything other than heterosexuality, people will start thinking it's ok to marry an animal!" It's just so fucking reductive to bring in their furry larp (and by extension, age regressers and DID fakers who pretend to be all sorts of things) into human rights activism because it makes all of us look as insane as them.

No. 1496513

were any of those women even terfs? i can't believe this asshole fallon fox is shamelessly bragging about fracturing a woman's skull. disgusting male behavior.

No. 1496516

since when have men ever worked for women? men work to attain status and wealth for themselves while using women as free domestic labour

No. 1496517

>men tell themselves working for women is manly
>it's women's fault

No. 1496522

The problem is transgenderism opens the door for all of these things. I’ve never heard one single cohesive argument for why you can identify out of your biological sex, but not your biological race or species. Otherkins and Rachel Dolezal should be hailed as brave freedom fighters under troon ideology.

No. 1496525

File: 1649459109744.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1769, A3C6C35F-51FE-4D4C-A190-94C841…)

Someone braver than me please read through the whole thing. I tried to skim through the first few paragraphs but ended up with brain damage.

No. 1496527

Media works to maintain and push capitalist interest. How shocking. Big businesses co-opt everything including feminism to sell a product and are shocked people are like, no actually it's not about buying things, it's about freedom and how others are treated. News media wonders why it's losing viewership when it's obvious. Literally DARVO.

No. 1496528

Literally who?

No. 1496529

Weird that the only faux-feminist kind of feminism these libfems are interested in are the ones about selling a product (sex, an asthetic without the action and hardwork of activism, and unecessary surgery).

No. 1496532

File: 1649459961240.jpg (152.53 KB, 829x707, wowza.jpg)


Wow, it's almost like their inner struggles doesn't automatically mean they want to butcher themselves and there are very big money hungry fucks out there

No. 1496540

File: 1649460691745.jpg (125.89 KB, 1170x682, muL138u.jpg)

The usual

No. 1496542

They demand sex from women and then get mad when women have standards, I think that’s what it boils down to.

No. 1496543

John Wayne Stacy must've missed the fact that the health care and pharmaceutical industry is corrupt

No. 1496545

a-log but this guy’s face is so punchable i hope he gets hatecrimed

No. 1496547

>the peer reviewed research in question: shows that TIMs are almost all narcissists with several concurrent personality disorders, that the TRA movement is proven to be spawned by astroturfing in order to gain money for the pharmaceutical industry, that TIMs all have faecal bacteria filling their neovaginas and most bottom surgery outcomes require further surgeries to try to salvage the extreme complications damage, that TIMs commit sex crimes at several times the rate that females do and 50% of TIM prisoners are sex criminals, etc
>meanwhile, troons: but look at this tweet about how JKR is literally killing us by being mean, and this anime girl meme about how skirts give us boners! Checkmate TERFS!

No. 1496556

well if they're so bad at sports why do they keep qualifying?

No. 1496562

it astounds me how much blind faith and trust people have in doctors and surgeons.

No. 1496565

File: 1649464206567.jpg (44.07 KB, 612x408, cheers.jpg)

cheers, nonnies

No. 1496571

sadie doyle attempts to remain relevant by gendertrending and writing self-serving articles. yawn

No. 1496572

this article got a lot of traction on stupidpol and other mainstream reddits, like r/science. somehow the tranny mod cabal let it be spoken about. makes you wonder.

No. 1496573

They just ignore the opioid crisis and over prescription for kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies, and the fact that a lot of people are misdiagnoised both on accident and on purpose (like doctors in the news in my first world english speaking country who diagnose them with cancer since the treatment is expensive and generates more revenue), and women often being dismissed over their medical treatment and care concerns, even the adverse effects we get from different drugs we're just told to ignore. Doctors aren't always right or operating with a want to help people attitude.

No. 1496574

The transing of little kids for being GNC breaks my heart. I worked in a toy store for years and it’s normal for little kids to play with gender, I’ve lost count of the number of little boys you’d see cuddling the baby dolls and pushing them in the strollers, quietly and kindly playing in the houses - a lot of the time they were mimicking their dads who cooked at home or who they saw caring for the younger siblings. And you’d meet little girls who were terrors, there was one who delighted in telling me all about a dead bird in her grandmothers garden, they’d build big towers just to knock them down and chase each other with dinosaurs. It’s completely normal for little ones to play like that and most of them just grow out of it. But now, a little boy showing interest in cuddling the baby dolls? Better get him down the gender clinic quick! Time to get those hormone puberty blockers!!! Give him a new name and dress him in drag, better get him on Instagram stat for those uwu oppression points. Makes me sick, just let them be little kids Ffs.

No. 1496575

Kek I follow the girls who were having this fight, fucking dying laughing following along with it while it was going down. Troons and handmaidens actually blow a fuse or something when they realise we can also make art of their anime idols, the best they can donat that point is "b-but your art is bad"

No. 1496578

Reminds me of Angelina Jolie's daughter, Shiloh, she liked dressing as a boy for most of her life and the media was all over how trans 'he' was and how his name was actually John! Everyone was in such a hurry to virtue signal that they ended up erasing her identity as a young woman.

No. 1496596

mind posting it nonna? I wanna start posting evidence every time he posts his edited pictures on his twitter.

No. 1496601

File: 1649467821543.png (21.65 KB, 1335x225, German Declares He Is A Lesbia…)

>a trans woman makes a better woman
i've never seen a troon that looks better than an actual woman.

No. 1496630

Vice (because of course, who else?) just put out a doc about muh trans murder epidemic. I haven't watched it yet, but I did go to check out the comments and the like to dislike ratio.

No. 1496632

File: 1649470793525.jpg (23.93 KB, 656x177, tired of troonacy.jpg)

sage for samefaggotry

No. 1496636

>Although individuals with Swyer syndrome develop a vagina, uterus, and the corresponding external genitalia, they do not develop the associated sex glands, known as the ovaries. Instead, they have what is known as streak gonads, in which the incomplete development of the ovaries leads to replacement by functionless connective tissue that does not secrete sex hormones. Due to the lack of ovaries, individuals with Swyer syndrome are infertile and cannot naturally conceive. However, with help of donated eggs, individuals with Swyer syndrome can still carry a baby to term.
I hate when trannies try to equate themselves to people with conditions like this. In a more sane universe, the only accepted form of "transgender" would be headed by intersex people who grow up with actual confusion, health concerns and marginalization, not self-hating gay men, incels and porn addicts who have completely "normal" bodies.
Even if you take out the "chromosome" part of the conversation, there's also things like bone structure, sexual organs, skin, fat deposits, gametes, hair growth/balding patterns, etc etc. Countless little details that tell the whole world that you're a fucking man. There's no space for a uterus in male hips, but they won't listen until they fuck themselves over with surgery, I guess. Much like their dilation holes

No. 1496649

Literally more women are killed then men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men. Prostitution is the issue, with trans being killed due to drugs/gay deception anger by men. Not saying they aren't what they pretend to be.

No. 1496663

The thing about narcissists is that their self perception always contradicts itself. They simultaneously think they are gods gift to the earth and the worst human beings to ever exist. So yes, they genuinely do think they are sexy women, but they do have self-hatred running constantly in the background.

No. 1496680

File: 1649474604841.png (153.51 KB, 746x615, Katy's Shit Cartoons on Twitte…)

No. 1496683

When has anyone ever accused a tranny of getting off on doing basic chores?

No. 1496686

As if tranny dens aren't the exact state of neckbeard nests, except the stuff is pink. Would be nice if they got their euphoria from cleaning for once.

No. 1496689

woman are murdered in DV on average once a week in my country, like in confirmed media cases. And still no one gives a shit cause it's just to be expected or some shit. And this is in Australia, a pretty western country.

..yet we need to put them first? men who are often just as sexist and misogynistic as the men that kill woman weekly here? it's different cause skirt goes spinny right?

clown world.

No. 1496690

when they dress up as a slutty cat girl maid when they do it. moids will sexualize the most mundane things, and should be scorned.

No. 1496691

If he doesn't die by his own hand, the untreated cancer moles will finish the job.

No. 1496694

Times like these I'm glad I went to an all-girls school.

No. 1496696

Men like him would've been exposed at birth, left for the wolves.

No. 1496698

This only works if a man gets his testicles cut off as a young boy. That's why castrati had longer lifespans, no acne, and their voices never broke.

No. 1496705

I read a post of an ex-handmaiden basically explaining they were supportive because they were operating under the misguided belief that a man who identifies as a woman is empathetic to real woman more than the average man and cares about us more, like they identify with us. In truth they identify as us and their own perception of woman or ability to access us, usually as a coomer sex object or wanting to be near us while vulnerable without being called out.

No. 1496706

File: 1649476915426.jpg (108.97 KB, 1080x1340, FPn7VAeXEAwxcGI.jpg)

do troons just randomly message other men and tell them they would look good if they transitioned? how is this not a cult?

No. 1496707

File: 1649476942585.png (521.44 KB, 748x776, Evelyn Gray (@evelynflynngray)…)

No. 1496708

So, murder?

No. 1496710

File: 1649477027125.jpg (149.5 KB, 1044x1086, FPdWv1GVUAA3Oog.jpg)

No. 1496719

File: 1649477942121.jpg (20.2 KB, 756x141, groomer.JPG)

eeeeeeeewwwww, this is some groomer extraordinaire shit

No. 1496731

never. the answer is never. holy strawman.
well at least the title/username checks out. shit cartoons? damn right they are. admitted to never doing chores or helping with kids tho kek.

No. 1496759

File: 1649484012782.jpeg (224.81 KB, 828x1023, 2EF29ABC-9302-408A-A706-832C84…)

Proving that terf just means women to them, hence why it’s always tErFs and transphobes

Also we’re just vaginas now and men are still men

No. 1496764


No. 1496870

If they were terfs then they wouldn’t have agreed to fight him, maybe they are now after facing the literally brutal reality of tw in sport

No. 1496874

they're probably in contracts idk if they have that luxury

No. 1496879

From what I remember the first (two?) girls didn’t know he was a man before they literally saw him in the ring. Ashlee (the girl who kicked his ass) did know before she fought him and she’s said it was the hardest fight she’s ever had. If you watch the fight she looks like she’s been in a pub brawl at the end and this hulking man who LOST to her barely had a scratch on him. Ashlee says in her interview after the fight that trannies shouldn’t be in womens sports.

No. 1496883

kek this reminds me of stuff like this.
i remember troons raging over it on twitter or something.

No. 1496885

The reason nobody cares about Tifs is because society once again doesn't care about women. It's always men in the spotlight

No. 1496886

castrati had numerous health problems like obesity. the longer life spans could be attributed to the fact that they didn't engage in risk-taking behavior and they were essentially house pets of the catholic church.

No. 1496887

tranny plague has reached albania

No. 1496896

AGPs are prevalent in every color dumbass. Sissys in the Philippines or Brazil just don’t have mass delusion about being true and honest women. They know they’re just gay men and it’s a fetish.

No. 1496901

File: 1649499198203.png (45.93 KB, 736x546, so I became her.png)

"becoming your own girlfriend" isn't just a meme.

No. 1496916

Russell Brand lookin ass

No. 1496919

why do they all want to fuck themselves god.

No. 1496922

Because nobody else wants to fuck them obviously.

No. 1496925

unlike women, men are delusional about how attractive they are that's why all trannies think they are all "goddesses" and we're all jealous of them

No. 1496935

Sorry for the late reply.

The causes of poverty are different for different groups. For instance, people in Appalachia are living in poverty because of a combination of changing energy technology, automation, and exported labor causing the coal mines and steel Mills to close. Simply put, they had resources and lost them due mostly to inevitable factors. However, poverty in inner cities is caused by intentional policy choices (redlining, excluding blacks from the GI bill, discriminatory lending, etc.) When programs are put in place for black people, it's not "giving extra" to them, it's an attempt to make up for four hundred years of policies that hurt them and prevented their community from acquiring the sort of generational wealth and upward mobility more typical of whites.

Idk though. There's definitely an argument to be made that throwing money at this problem won't solve it.

No. 1496941

File: 1649507003717.png (1.11 MB, 2066x3440, catcalledgoals.png)

Catcalled goals:

No. 1496946

l o l

No. 1496948

File: 1649508443737.png (39.73 KB, 1966x282, fakingperiodtogetoutofwork.png)

Also, OP

No. 1496950

File: 1649508663786.jpg (790.66 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220409_144749_com…)

what are the odd the guy said "hey bitch tits" and he misheard

No. 1496951

File: 1649508668666.png (612.23 KB, 738x593, subby.png)

NEVER use their preferred pronouns. you'll be playing right into their fetish.

No. 1496954

Holy shit. He thinks he was being catcalled but really the guy was making fun of him for being a fat man with moobs. It probably didn't even occur to the guy yelling that the specimen he yelled at might be trans. He was 100% just making fun of him.