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File: 1601546285371.jpg (29.12 KB, 275x265, 1601501700274.jpg)

No. 1049127

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751

No. 1049129

samefag but apologies to anyone who saw me fuck up by accidentally posting this OP initially as a reply to another thread. I will live with this shame forever

No. 1049133

File: 1601547989878.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.7 KB, 800x537, jesususus.jpg)

from a link in the previous thread…
i recoiled irl

No. 1049134

i have no words, they poke out just like his stomach

No. 1049135

No. 1049157

File: 1601551834556.png (Spoiler Image,2.62 MB, 1248x1676, wtf.png)

No. 1049161

This isn’t the sleep paralysis demons thread

No. 1049166

It looks so bad, I hope he's happier with having bigger man boobs.

No. 1049200

File: 1601556437762.png (546.96 KB, 1080x1201, lol.png)

trans holocaust survivor representation

No. 1049201

File: 1601556461576.jpeg (298.68 KB, 2048x1152, EiP-kldVoAIyqm5.jpeg)

the pic

No. 1049204

huh. i've never seen breasts that are so unfeminine.

No. 1049218

I'll give it to him, he passes for weird horse girl

No. 1049221

I wish he fixed those eyebrows a little. And ate.

No. 1049222

I don't understand. Wouldn't he be happy about being refered to as a lady? (not that it ever happened)

Or is this some kind of trans-ception where this guy wants to be a girl who wants to be a guy? I am confused.

No. 1049223

It's humblebragging. He thinks he is so ultrafeminine now that even in a… sleeveless blouse and tiny shorts he can still fool the masses.

No. 1049232

File: 1601560095370.jpeg (96.19 KB, 828x351, 9482A8B1-7ADC-4511-8C68-E1B665…)

I swear to god if I see one more dumbshit comment like this on a completely innocent video of a person literally just saying the words “pregnant woman” I’m going to gouge my fucking eyes out

No. 1049233

no he doesn't he passes as anorexic gay guy

No. 1049237

If I were a doctor, I would legitimately reply to this comment with "no" kek.

No. 1049238

I know, I was kidding.

No. 1049239

It’s so sad. Women have always been second class citizens, not taken seriously, undermined etc. The second we started getting some equality these retarded people came along and had to kick us down again. We aren’t even allowed to say/be pregnant without needing to care for the feelings of these mentally ill individuals.

This is a bit of a rant, but idc. I can’t even describe the sadness and frustration I feel, that these men attempt to be us. It’s as nonsensical as if someone were to claim to be a different race, and actually be accepted.

No. 1049240

File: 1601561228564.jpeg (492.42 KB, 750x1000, DEC0531F-6262-4F87-9732-43F54E…)

>CW: Attack Helicopter

No. 1049241


Trans women can't get pregnant, trans men technically can. Wrong thread?

No. 1049243

Trans women don't want to be reminded that they can't get pregnant. Especially since they sexualize it to death.

No. 1049260


Luna Slater + Lurch's child

No. 1049263


all the more reason to have this conversation without them

although those trans women who fight to be recognised as their pre-transition child's biological mother…. no

No. 1049264

Lol moob implants literally look how they sound.
Bolt on moobs

No. 1049267

I’m sure there’s going to be a time in which as long as you’re a trainswmn you will be allowed to say that you’re actually from a different race and denying your inner race, is not only transphobic but also racist.
I really, absolutely am willing to believe that anything can happen, at this point, nothing even matters, you can be whatever you want as long as you’re a man.

No. 1049277


As we have seen with BLM and every ugly white 'girl' mtf who feels the need to ensure everyone (especially people of colour) that they too also experience the same fear and systemic oppression.

Everytime they open their mouth on race, it's always "as a transwoman, I insert myself and my voluntary privileged decision to also become marginalized and just as likely as you, fellow oppressed people to be killed"

No. 1049302

File: 1601569974214.jpeg (94.6 KB, 1271x500, 51A2CB74-46C6-4DDE-8393-F71FCD…)

This weird anime-loving mtf side of tumblr is so fucking creepy and they all say shit like this

No. 1049308

Isn't it just futo or whatever god everything about their transition revolves around PORN. Even worse, CARTOON PORN. Futo/yuri/hentai isn't even made for Americans, it's Japanese, now they're trying to co-opt foreign 2D porn to fit their fetishes. Good lord, someone publish research on this specific brand of brain rot.

No. 1049317

I feel like all young trans people are obsessed with anime and nippon. They're all white and average/below-average looking and by the time they hit their twenties they don't want to grow up so they get into trans culture where they can act like children again while dressing like waifus and fujos.

No. 1049319

The cartoon fantasy that bore his desire to transition, two identically feminine characters, except one has a dick, having sex is no longer enough for him now that he sees it is an impossibility. Now he wants the Japanese spank fodder to conform to his disgusting reality, but why would they ever do that?

Cumbrain scrotes are seriously beyond help. Do they never learn to distinguish fantasy from reality? Too much coddling of their deranged dreams from every angle. How much of this comes from telling these goobers as children they can be whatever they want to be?

No. 1049322

File: 1601571386359.jpg (33.76 KB, 900x545, 8h8o7l8xfkr31.jpg)

Cause watching anime as an adult male literally rots your brain.

No. 1049326

i agree with your post but it's futa
made me laugh. i wish i didn't know what it was tho

No. 1049330

…so he wants porn with men? What the hell, this fagass really thinks the japanese will give a fuck to the point of labeling their shit as trans yuri and pre hrt trans yuri?but then again, if it means money, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.
What I don’t get is why don’t they just create their own shit, they keep on demanding that others cater to them as if they deserved it, but they won’t even try to bring anything new with their own perspective. I don’t know if it’s that I just don’t lurk enough in their pigsties, but I haven’t seen anything remarkable that was exclusively created by trainswemen or anything like that.

No. 1049333

File: 1601571939060.jpeg (395.58 KB, 1536x1947, 3463D88F-A78C-40D2-9EFF-30EE0B…)

It’s extra funny when you remember situations like that white mtf being barred access from a lesbian bar in japan and throwing an online tantrum about it https://fromkentuckytotokyo.com/2019/05/28/transphobia-in-nichome-bar-goldfinger-is-on-my-shitlist/ These ppl are delusional

No. 1049337

That's just yaoi.

No. 1049340

There's nothing I love more than weebs being confronted by how conservative Japan is as a country.

No. 1049343

File: 1601572734723.jpeg (147.3 KB, 885x600, 91210B74-4EDF-4B35-A63B-8E4A18…)

they won’t settle for stuff they make themselves because they truly crave outside validation more than anything else. deep down they know the japanese women they fetishize so much would never accept them as real women and that drives them insane

No. 1049352

>in Japan they’re notorious on Twitter for bullying people for not adhering to the strictest of definitions of female
Based Japanese lesbians

No. 1049355

This is so fucking true. If you ever go on sites like 4chan 8chan 9chan whateverchan, the number of trannies on there posting tranny propaganda, trap-porn, femboy-shit and "how to transition into a qt anime girl" bullshit is fucking insane. Those places are literal brainwashing facilities for lonely young men who are disconnected from the real world.

No. 1049374

File: 1601575147316.jpg (211.58 KB, 728x1100, 8ybRY0Bg.jpg)

Here's an example. There is literally hundreds of these being shared on imageboards.

No. 1049377

I've never been more proud of being wrong about something in my life kek

No. 1049379

I thought these were a joke, now I want some retard filming himself doing these routines and diets just to look like a mess in the end.

No. 1049385

>Diets high in soy have been shown to lead to lower testosterone levels
Where the hell did this retarded meme even come from? It's been debunked numerous times.

No. 1049392

They saw the word phytoestrogen and thought it meant the same as estrogen.

No. 1049399

Basically what >>1049243 said. Transwomen/TiMs only acknowledge transmen/tifs when it conveniences them. They don't like being reminded they can't have periods or get pregnant. I'm sure some TiFs may complain about this stuff but I guarantee that 99% of this type of bitching is from TiMs and TRAs (who are obviously bent over backwards by TiMs).
Female biology triggers the fuck out of them, which is why they overcompensate to cope by fetishizing things they'll never have or experience. But pregnancy is something they can't even pretend to remotely have.

Honestly TRAs have done so much damage by doing a lot of work for TiMs. Unnecessarily putting pronouns in their bios is a basic common example, it's a very slippery slope.
Biological mother as in… more mother than the actual mother? Or equivalent?
It's hard to have a conversation about how damaging TiMs/MtFs are without also addressing TRA stuff and how they turn a blind eye to these sleep paralysis demons, or worse yet, praise them.

They already bash black women, saying they look mannish yet are allowed in women's bathrooms, for example…

Was thinking the same thing. It sounds like that dude is just asking for twinky gay porn.

No. 1049423

File: 1601578918052.jpg (477.01 KB, 1000x990, 561.jpg)

There's literally so many of these and I think they are posted by trannies or chasers who want young vulnerable man to go down this rabbithole

No. 1049441

Blech, I hate whoever made that for including a kagepro image

No. 1049447

File: 1601581043353.jpeg (127.8 KB, 640x649, 1597618248392.jpeg)

Tfw Japan isn't like your fetish manga and doesn't cater to your grotesque fantasy. I wonder how many trannies move to there thinking they'll be treated like an animu only to be put in their place

No. 1049450


Like Mother on the birth certificate. Since they have a child and they are "female". It's sick, I think Morgane Oger is one of the prominent trans activists who calls himself his children's biological mother.

No. 1049457

One of the things that peaked me was the normalization of letting mtf ingest chemicals to "breastfeed" newborns. This flies in the face of what is healthy for the mother and baby. Men cannot give newborns the breast milk babies need to build their immunity and get essentially nutrients.

I saw and article written by a mtf where this was done and he was only able to "breastfeed" for 2 weeks WITH chemical assistance. The result? The mother's supply went down (since supply goes down the longer you go without nursing) and so the baby ended up getting weaned sooner than what was recommended which is 3-6 months old. The mother's breast also probably hurt from being engorged while the mtf was playing pretend. I think the mtf even admitted he got aroused by being able to do it. The amount of allowances they get for being sick and perverse is astounding.

No. 1049461

No. 1049464

All that makes me feel more sick than even the tampon trawling trannies. The idea of an innocent newborn being subjected to some ridiculous medical malpractice just for a natal male's ego trip.

One of them said he wanted to reach "tanner scale 5" for breast development, and that was one of his main motivations. I've never even HEARD of the tanner scale because like most women, I don't obsess over my own breasts.

No. 1049471

File: 1601583251657.jpg (70.29 KB, 720x720, goldfinger based japanese TERF…)

>Just to be clear, the marker was F, as in FEMALE, but the bouncer decided that Elin didn’t “pass” as female.
KEK, even with a changed gender marker this troon can't pass enough to get past a bouncer at a nightclub.

Image related, apparently the bar updated their flyers to include "cisgender" after this kerfuffle. Japanese TERFs are based.

No. 1049474

From the rejected trannys blog, these ppl are insufferable:

When I see people posting in “defense” of this bullshit, the common arguments are, “Well, it’s a lesbian bar! Why not go to a mix bar?”

Trans women are women. That’s why. They’re not “mixed,” they are women who deserve a space to go be around other women.

“But-but some women don’t feel safe if a trans woman is there.”

Trans women never feel safe, and excluding them from safe spaces puts them in more danger. Trans women die when we don’t speak up for them and stand with them.

People will try to spin this as a, “Well, that’s just how they feel! They don’t mean any harm.” BUT IT IS HARMFUL TO SAY YOU DON’T BELIEVE TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN! It’s bullshit to try to claim you’re an activist for LGBTQIA+ rights and then turn around and pit in the face of the T in the goddamn acronym.

No. 1049475

>Trans women die when we don’t speak up for them and stand with them.

Transwomyn DIE when we don't let them into our sexy lesbian dance parties, guize. Come on, have a heart.

No. 1049476

>“But-but some women don’t feel safe if a trans woman is there.”
>Trans women never feel safe, and excluding them from safe spaces puts them in more danger.
It's this rhetoric that peaked me. It's always about trannies feeling safe, not real women. If a male bodied individual could pose a threat to trannies he could pose a threat to real women as well. The obvious solution is just to tell trannies to go form their own troon bar, but then they won't have the validation of hanging out with real lesbians.

No. 1049479

its just so funny because they NEVER softly try to state "well transwomen and women are alike" or "like women, transwomen are often in danger.." its always just straight "ok but TRANSWOMEN ARE LITERALLY DYING"

No. 1049481

"Who cares if YOU feel safe, cis scum? This is about ME!!"

No. 1049486

You can't look at someone like Kevin gibes and say he's a woman.

No. 1049487

Two of the three interviewd are 50 and beyond… Thats way past biological women having any kind of breast feeding abilities…not a fetish i guess

No. 1049495

File: 1601586039404.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Here's Elin McCready, the brave and stunning transwomxn who was denied access to Bar Goldfinger. Right now he's raising money to sue the Japanese government because they won't change his sex to female on every single document.
Being allowed to grind your girldick on an unsuspecting lesbian is a fundamental human right, folx.

No. 1049500

Love how these clowns say to respect other peoples culture when it comes to misogyny, rascism and homophobia but twansphobia is off limits

No. 1049517

Porn artists are honestly stupid passing off this opportunity

Think of the amount of “pay for porn” troons that would lap this shit up.

No. 1049523

File: 1601588552128.jpg (47.63 KB, 758x426, 2019_61536741-758x426.jpg)

I wonder how the bouncer could tell he's not AFAB?

No. 1049531

Kek kick him the fuck out

No. 1049533

looks like fucking filch from the harry potter movies jfc

No. 1049545

In America, I saw the media propaganda train for feminism and women's empowerment mainly to butter the public for Hillary's election. But then Hillary lost in 2016, and now its biomedical corporations' money funneling to change public opinion. This time in favor of transwomen regardless of the impacts on actual women since feminism is now an expired fad.

No. 1049547

Y-you can't see someone's chromosomes, anon!!
What's funny is that the reason his sex can't be changed on certain documents is because doing so would violate Japan's ban on "same sex" marriage. But this dude doesn't give a shit about gay rights, only his special gender feelings.

No. 1049582

It's just another case of once again, men making it all about them. I hate it.

No. 1049587

File: 1601591937164.jpg (551.14 KB, 1537x2000, Hoby-Genesis-Breyer-P-Orridge.…)

cool, a talentless and lower effort Genesis P-Orridge.

No. 1049590

OH JESUS i shouldnt have looked at this before bedtime

No. 1049597

>foreigner in conservative Asian culture
>can't even write well in Japanese despite living there for 20 years (see email to bar written in English)
>tries to cancel locals for not wanting gaijin men in dresses in their spaces
>sues the government for not providing enough validation

Ah yes, such respect and cultural humility! But it's TERFs who are racist and intolerant, lmao.

No. 1049602

>The governments of the world think of me as a woman: my documents say F
How much does it really matter what the governments of the world say when you get clocked as male even in the dim light outside a nightclub? Kek, cope harder

No. 1049641


Realizing G-Po was a lowkey transbian made me really depressed, cause I admired them as an artist so much. As awful as it sounds it's prob for the best they died last year before being "discovered" as a AGP "pioneer".

No. 1049657


I'm amazing he has been there for 20 years and doesn't realize how insanely hardline and conservative 90% of japan is, although I suppose refusing to learn the language and staying in a expat, english language bubble will do that. I read somewhere that pathological narcissistic disordered men were observed to function extremely well as expats in foreign countries, much better then at home, because they forever "distinguished" as special and the language barrier creates a permanent wall between them and society and that would explain a lot of shit about men who move overseas for no reasons like PUAs who go LatAm, wignats who try to relocate to Russia to people like this who move to Japan to live out their uwu fetish.

If his lawsuit did achieve anything, I would imagine it would result in an amendment of the law where foreigner troon marriages were annulled after the fact, the same way that nightclub added an asterisk to the flyer.

No. 1049661

100% understand how you feel anon, Throbbing Gristle and that whole scene was a fun discovery for me back in the days, and before I knew exactly what AGPs were I thought Genesis P-orridge was just being transgressive (the cool kind of trans) and avant garde. Now I understand…he was just horny like all the others.

No. 1049667


Sorry what? Genesis never claimed to be trans or had any dysphoria whatsoever, their physical modifications were as a result of the pandrogyny project where they met their wife lady jaye and they both set out to surgically modify one another in order to become the same person physically as part of some genderless lifelong kooky performance art.

For the better half of Genesis' life they identified as man, had children til they met their spouse and embarked on the "interdimesional" project. I feel like if Gensis truly was AGP they would have openly expressed so, not like they were ashamed of anything.

No. 1049691

How sad that this is what it takes to get some men to wash their face and hair, do cardio, and eat fruits and vegetables.

No. 1049709

Gen was already spoken of in a reverent lgbt pioneer voice before she died and in her last years speaking engagements for better or worse. She certainly never seemed to fit or act like she fit into the trans category tho

What was the sex cult ritual aspect of topy not in your face horny enough already

No. 1049716

File: 1601604570054.png (2.89 MB, 1000x1496, 56a6e2cf0218b94c10a54da5b2ff8f…)

genesis p-orridge trying to become their partner reminds me of what laura les of 100 gecs is trying to do to dylan brady. feel so bad for him and what he's doing to his career and own musical style. why do troons have to consume other people and spread their mental illness?

No. 1049721

G-Po was extremely narcissistic and controlling. they probably would think they were more special and unique to be a sissy fetishist. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/dec/10/genesis-p-orridge-throbbing-gristle

No. 1049742


100% agree genesis was a less than agreeable person in every way imaginable, but i find it very hard to believe he was a sissy fetshist or agp all along yet failed to mention it. because, as attention seeking as he was, it would have been the first thing he would've shouted from the rooftops and milked the shit out of especially in early TG days where they existed solely on shock value.

No. 1049744

File: 1601607638895.jpg (163.49 KB, 600x900, aeternalae.jpg)

>why do troons have to consume other people and spread their mental illness?

Contagion is part of the fetish. They want the entire world to be anime lesbians.

No. 1049748

He may have discovered that sexual interest later in life. Besides, I agree he was pretty shameless BUT just out and out saying "I like becoming a woman because it makes me horny as hell" is hardly the kind of mysticism and sex magick that he was trying to peddle. Couching it in cooler, more metaphysical terms is the lens through which maybe even Genesis saw it himself. But to me there is no question its the same base psychology as the troons in this thread. Doesn't mean they weren't a talented human being in loads of other ways, I just feel that the gender-bending was a sex thing. Its no different than trying to explain bondage or s/m interests as being "deeper" than it makes you horny. More intellectual perverts will often do that, but its still just because they get hard thinking about tying people up or becoming a woman.

No. 1049750

A little bit OT but these two give me such high sex offender vibes and i've mentioned this before, i would bet 100 dollars they have weird shit going on with their underage fans.

No. 1049753

File: 1601608956629.jpeg (44.22 KB, 493x363, 5751EAB4-104D-4D1D-888C-C490C3…)

Wait please tell me there’s nothing wrong with throbbing gristle

No. 1049756

But gen was romping around with sexual deviants of all sorts including artsy gender freaks since the start of their career wouldn’t the pandrogyny and magik whatever cloaking it have happened the second they encountered it and realized they thought it was hot?

What was normal about that scene to start with

No. 1049758

> Trans women never feel safe, and excluding them from safe spaces puts them in more danger. Trans women die when we don’t speak up for them and stand with them.

This is not the case in Japan at all! Japanese Trans women are not routinely killed or beaten and they don’t fear for their life any more than a natal woman. The threats against them are less than gay people, which is already low. Foreign LGBT groups have been trying to force a scaremongering narrative on Japanese trans people that cis people want them to die and if they don’t fight now, Japan is suddenly going to become Brazil overnight. Old rich white AGPs, who look like shit, keep coming here and start up blogs and Twitter accounts with bad Japanese, trying to exert influence. Only recently has the term “TERF“ been showing up on Japanese Twitter and it is mainly due to foreigners.

The way things work in Japan is actually way safer for everyone, affirming for trans people with major dysphoria, and besides that, Japanese trans people are highly gender-conforming and acknowledge biology. The ones that don’t pass well, like those from the drag queen and cabaret scene, have their own unique culture in Nichome too. There is no big argument about where the line is drawn for woman because the end goal is the same: either integrate with the general population as well as you can and not redefine woman for everyone else, or, define your own niche.

There is literally a popular category in both hentai and gay porn that features exclusively crossdressing boys. Including bisexual scenarios with real women. There’s actually a AV company that specializes in convincing crossdressing male with real woman videos. Why do these guys, with their 4 GB a day porn habit, completely ignore that this genre already thrives and attack yuri?

No. 1049759

File: 1601609281607.jpg (36.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (9).jpg)

Mostly just Genesis becoming trans, whether you take it as a cool performance thing or just a fetishistic performance. There are also allegations from Fanny Tutti that he was controlling and abusive, and of course once you get into Coil and Sleazy, you gotta wonder why he retired to Thailand… OT sperg, enjoy another bad picture of P-Orridge as a woman. Always thought it was funny him and Lady Jaye were 'becoming the same being', but he couldn't be arsed to stop being way fatter than her. Sacrifice a lot for your sex magick pandrogyne fetish lifestyle, but not Mars bars.

No. 1049767

I feel like I should take a shower to wash this disgusting feel I had while reading whatever the fuck is in the picture.
I wish men could have revelations like the fakebois trooning out, just because their passport says “female” doesn’t mean their life will be amazing and just fun and games.

No. 1049771


This picture was taken well after lady jaye had passed and you can see her presence had waned in this picture, as you said genesis failed to keep up the female "look" which goes against the idea it was fetishism, as had that been the case we would have seen it live on till his death.

Instead genesis reverted to growing his hair out like he had it before and residing to wearing baggy t shirts and mens trousers, not sissy tights and heels like you see with actual AGP's like bruce jenner. Supporting the idea that his "transition" truly was some spectacular shock value fake deep performance art to keep himself relevant and meta.

No. 1049798

Always really sucks to hear. Genesis was known for being extremely welcoming and receptive to the youth, I remember they would routinely just talk to young people with problems without being condescending and let them vent, and would do tarot with them and shoot the shit. I know I shouldn’t be surprised because no man is above this clearly, it just kind of hurts because they dedicated the last few years of their life to being there for other people. I’m pretty PP but this is the one person it’s hard for me to make fun of, I remember a friend of mine was doing very poorly several years ago and Genesis bought her food several times and would be a very kind and patient ear. Just sucks to know I guess, it shouldn’t be so difficult for me to let go of someone who trooned out like that.

No. 1049806

If trannies have accomplished anything at all it is that they have clarified for everyone that there is a fundamental difference between men and women that just can not be breached.

I first noticed this when I realized my boyfriend couldnt clock trannies at all, at least not the ones who make a genuine effort and are not 6ft and balding, but like the ones who are just young boys in cat-ears and skirts. I can always fucking tell.

But reading this thread and the ones before has really shown me just how much men do not understand the woman experience and femininity at all. Their idea of womanhood is something out of a movie like American Pie and I don't think they want to understand either, because it would make women less sexy and illusive if for example they spent some time learning about the menstrual cycle.

Its probably not a bad thing in most cases, cause tbh I dont understand men very much either and how you would make cooming the focus of your life. Our differences aren't a bad thing per se, but when they try to pretend there are no differences it just makes me so angry.

Anyways I am now a TERF.(no one cares)

No. 1049818

Female socialization is impossible for them to recreate, and the only tolerable trannies I have ever met have all acknowledged that they could never breach that gap. They will never know what it’s like to be women, because if they did they wouldn’t spend so much time trying to embody a gross stereotype.(focus on the cows)

No. 1049824

File: 1601614848485.png (398.52 KB, 702x395, F5996825-084C-4CFD-A2D2-1F2DE7…)

redtext me too mod-chan

No. 1049827


>never claimed to be trans or had any dysphoria whatsoever

thats why I wrote lowkey. He had a legit idea that had sociological/artristic ect merit but lets be real. He wouldn't get breast implants and walk in a dress if he didn't have those inclinations. I still really like his work tho, but like most people I thought he was just very strange, unique personality who wanted to turn himself into a nonentity

No. 1049837

This site really needs to get rid of the tranny-mods LARPing as women. lmao.

No. 1049839

File: 1601616173144.jpg (82.15 KB, 1000x1000, EIQH190XYAA-U_E.jpg)

Fuck trannies

No. 1049840

File: 1601616452492.jpeg (52.79 KB, 1024x500, BD78C77F-D961-454B-BABF-FE5AB5…)

No. 1049841

Just read the OP of this thread. It was obviously written by a "good tranny". Pls only discuss bad trannies and don't say all trannies are bad cause some of us are REAL AND TRUE wahmen. They can't even give us this fucking space.

Why don't you ban all of us, bro?

No. 1049842

They banned them waaay too swiftly.

No. 1049847

This is like someone is making a videogame character and switched up the bust option to max, except the guy who designed the model has never seen a woman before

No. 1049850

Is that rosedommu?!

No. 1049852

File: 1601617041154.png (1001.04 KB, 954x596, tranniesmad.png)

Not surprised. They love to invade women spaces and even more to be in position of power over women.

No. 1049854

If the egirls thread (and PULL) is anything to go by, the most active critics of x group are people in x group. So there's definitely passing transwomen in here kekking at the creeps who get featured in the thread.

No. 1049855

In the celibricows thread someone got banned super quickly for saying "fuck trannies and fuck tranny enablers" while stating j.k Rowling was based for her views on them. Hmmm

No. 1049857

Holy kek, who is this abomination?

No. 1049859

File: 1601617247928.jpg (397.4 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20201002_084016.jpg)

He played with his ex girlfriend's breasts and vice versa and they are like sisters now apparently.

No. 1049860

File: 1601617354541.jpg (58.06 KB, 686x960, tddyskttles4.jpg)

It's our local trannymod, subscribe to his onlyfans or get banned, bitch.

No. 1049863

File: 1601617478483.jpg (611.26 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20201002_084517.jpg)

Almost 3k up votes and multiple awards in a female orientated sub because some male pervert has a fetish. This is why I hardly use reddit nowadays.

No. 1049864

Wait, what -

No. 1049865

I hope this guy doesn't have a sister, or it looks like she's owed some therapy.

No. 1049867

I've noticed BW seem to have the most funny and honest opinions about this topic. Imagine being constantly wheeled out as the "ugly weird woman" for them to relate to. Western transwoman are racist as fuck, black woman are beautiful and surprise, surprise do not resemble a caucasian transwoman in the slightest. Most transwoman ITT look like middle-aged Karen-tier teachers, not the hot young POC women they claim to be akin to.

No. 1049869

This looks like a flapper(lol) girl costume

No. 1049870

She seems a bit old to be going to lesbian dance parties anyway? Like wouldn't she be rejected on the basis nobody wants grandma at their lesbian dance party? Never mind it's a Japanese event so make it: some gajin's grandma at the lesbian dance party

No. 1049873

They were red texted within like two minutes. Gay and stupid.

Why even bother at this point

No. 1049893

Are there really tranny mods?

No. 1049895

the weirdest thing is that laura had a ftm boyfriend before glomming on to dylan

No. 1049896

> What I don’t get is why don’t they just create their own shit

They try to anon, it’s just so bad (garbage plot, even worse kinks and art) that they never take off. They end up reading content made by other depraved scrotes with functional bodies and projecting onto the characters anyways.

No. 1049897

wikipedia says the ftm and laura are married but idk

No. 1049903

Is he australian?

They definitely are. On dimblr there was some blog that was supposed to be run by pakistani and black troons but in actuality they were both white and “transracial.” I blame Rachel Doleza for bringing this behavior to the forefront of some people’s minds.

Their stance is just some equally racist form of, if not literally,
>b-but troons and black women are the same because they don’t fit beauty standards!! Obliviously share a female experience and pain!

They work so hard to turn pickles into pomegranates. Like >>1049867 said, if
a taiwanese woman and Rob Sterling both experience constipation, does that make them the same? Is Rob Sterling secretly a closeted taiwanese woman?

I was convinced they were just ugly brothers.

No. 1049938

I know this isn't the biggest issue here but what's up with troon teeth, they are always yellow as fuck, clean them properly you filthy animals

No. 1049939


Basic hygiene gives them dysphoria? Or at least showers apparently do, or so they claim

No. 1049965

Oh yeah I remember playing with my sister breasts. And my friends’ too, we just touch each other’s tits all day long when we hang out.

No. 1049974

Lol ridiculous fake tits but no other attempts at “transitioning”

Does he genuinely think anyone finds that attractive

No. 1050001

>'becoming the same being'
Doing this with a woman you're involved with AKA becoming your own idealized object of attraction sounds pretty AGP.

>as had that been the case we would have seen it live on till his death
I don't think that's necessarily true, there's plenty of AGPs who start off high-effort but then at some point the feminine rituals aren't as 'fun' anymore, or the effort is too much for the fetish payoff and they stop trying while still insisting on being called women

No. 1050021

Notice how they only red texted posts reaching in the mentality of mtf (this is the mtf GENERAL is it not), but never done the same ob the ftm thread, which is filled with similar posts. Hmmmm…

No. 1050029

File: 1601647275674.jpg (837.81 KB, 2048x2048, genesis p-orridge 148108340942…)

>of course once you get into Coil and Sleazy, you gotta wonder why he retired to Thailand…
Just gonna leave this here. I'm pretty sure whoever made this image brought attention to the tattoo and camp's symbol because they're both very similar to a symbol on a published FBI list of known pedophile slogan/symbols.
I kind of knew what was up from the time I saw the album art for "D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle" and found out what the "Five Knuckle Shuffle" part of "We Hate You (Little Girls)/Five Knuckle Shuffle" means, and I'm surprised no one seems to talk about it.

No. 1050077

File: 1601652831141.jpg (196.7 KB, 1904x1008, Y0WSNFT.jpg)

Their gofundme has only raised $6,403 out of $21,000 goal. Of course, most donations come from foreigners. But isn’t this guy a University professor? Can he not save money himself? It also seems like he and his wife got into party planning after lesbian bar rejection. Their collective goes by the name, get ready for it, “Waifu”. I’m sure Elin picked that out. From this article https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/lgbtq/waifu-is-reshaping-tokyos-nightlife-scene-with-its-inclusive-lgbtq-party :
> After realising there weren’t enough party venues in the city where people of sexual minorities could be themselves, Elin and her fellow Waifu members agreed that they needed to initiate change.

Uh, aren’t lesbians a sexual minority that has few places left to be themselves? If they want to create a super inclusive queer event then that’s cool, but they first wanted to drag the lesbian bar owner through the mud and they tried to bring in their fellow white AGP expats, like George “Ana” Arriola, to threaten her.

^KF has found a several transracial “black women”. Lol.

No. 1050122

wtf im now going to a therapist for 1 year and im still afraid im faking this shit for attention because I have some disgusting fetish

No. 1050127

wait are you actually in the middle of transitioning? If so why are you here? also what's your thought process behind why you "need" to transition?

No. 1050131

im taking puberty blockers and will start taking hormones in like 6 months, i never use this site and randomly stumbeled upon this thread. I mean I generally hate being seen as a man, and honestly I just want to be seen as a woman. Idk I constantly hate myself for any manly thing connected with me and I just want to be left alone as a women lmao. Im just rambling here holy shit(Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.)

No. 1050134

Obvious chomo spotted. Even if you don't buy that pedophiles covertly communicate with each other through symbols, the nonce probably heard about the FBI leak and became infatuated with the idea. And that's ignoring the suspicious retirement destination…

No. 1050135

No. 1050136

You know that puberty blockers fuck you up for life, right?

No. 1050137

talked to an endocrynologist and a doctor at a major hospital about it. No they dont

No. 1050139

File: 1601658239768.jpg (57.95 KB, 1200x525, EN01QBfXsAAaZ6z.jpg)

I don't know how much all this counts as MtF general, but it's all shady as fuck, agreed. The video for Love's Secret Domain by Coil should be banned. Anyway, I suspect they all got away with it because they were transgressive artists, hidden in plain sight type of shit. If the cover of Bryan Ferry's album was the same as The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle my guess is that the public would be outraged. But when you establish yourself as weirdo sex fiend "artiste", especially back then at least, you were given leeway and artistic license. Peter Sotos is another good example.

Anyway, it is related to MtF tangentially also because these days if you are MtF, you are given more of a pass. See Aggie's dumb bullshit.

No. 1050140

yeah cuz they wanna make money off of you kek

No. 1050142

they get covered by my healthcare bruh

No. 1050144

like they see no cent

No. 1050149

puberty blockers are extremely dangerous does it really need to be explained how blocking the natural hormones for your body and then taking different ones that your body does not produce will fuck it up.

No. 1050151

You probably do have a disgusting fetish lmao. Either go see a therapist for your obvious mental illnesses (not a gender affirming therapist) or join the 41% lmao

No. 1050153

you're never gonna be a woman dude. dicks are awful but neovag will be a guarateed fail, now buzz off.

No. 1050154

eheheh i fucking love this moldy corner of the internet

No. 1050156

imagine thinking you know more about the human body than several doctors bruh

No. 1050157

he’s already getting off on the humiliation

No. 1050159


No. 1050160

Stop responding to an obvious troll tranny baiter and report them instead.

No. 1050161

If the Twitter crowd found this they'd say he can't be black because he grew up with white privilege.
So how come he can be a female after growing up with male privilege?

You will never be a woman. You're mentally ill and your doctor is making those sweet sweet shekels while he gives you life ruining drugs

No. 1050172

> Anyway, I suspect they all got away with it because they were transgressive artists, hidden in plain sight type of shit
It makes sense to me. The revolting things TB and Coil performed on stage and produced, with the notable influence they had on electronic music and the layer of magik bullshits over it confer them some kind of cult-like status where it is expected from them to be transgressive and downplay the importance of what would legitimately be vehemently pointed at for any more conventional artists or collective.

Sorry for off-topic word salad but it's so rare to see people being critical of P-Orridge and its crew

No. 1050176

Anons, is there any place on ot where we can take this discussion? This is all news to me, I used to love Coil and TB as a teen and I’m interested in learning what I obviously missed. Also down the Peter Sotos rabbit hole, there are several claims he’s a gay man and that makes what he does more confusing.

No. 1050177

Healthcare coverage just means someone else pays them, they still get paid.
do you think they do it for free? moron

No. 1050194

wait so this is 100 gecs? I saw some people spamming them in Jerma's twitch chat. Funny, I saw the other troon in the dress on Kiwifarms and they were with a FTM, now the guy is with the MTF?
Or is he just dressing funny now?

No. 1050203

I didn't check but I would be surprised if there wasn't a general music thread on /m/. I wouldn't have much more to bring than what is already known but why not

No. 1050217


i can't even explain what it is that's so wrong about this

i think my first instinct is as an overweight woman myself with a large chest, theres no way boobs at this weight or size would ever be that "perky" but they look so fucking uncanny. like armor.

No. 1050228

Men literally can’t clock trannies it’s 100% true and so disappointing.

moot transitioned i guess

No. 1050236


have you actually seen laura les' partner? theyre a FTM and it's crazy how these people have basically done a whole reacharound to still be heterosexual lmfao

actually look them up, its sad how they look

No. 1050255

File: 1601668848992.jpg (55.88 KB, 500x700, d90.jpg)

They look more like the way bara artists draw pecs than boobs lmao

No. 1050302


This is where watching too much cuck porn gets you.

No. 1050321

File: 1601675958943.jpg (715.41 KB, 700x897, its safe bruh.jpg)

>SEVERAL doctors

No. 1050327

I refuse to believe these aren't created as some sort of memes to trick coomers into exercising and eating right. That or they're just fantasizing fetish material.

This was the funniest fucking thing ever.
>hulkine American troon goes to a lesbian bar's women only night
>bouncer tells him to get his male ass out
>troon throws a fit online
>instead of doubling down and allowing "all women" in they just specify the invitation to mean "cis women"
Absolutely based.

No. 1050331

whenever i hear puberty blockers i think of how jazz jennings('s parents) nuked his possibility of ever cooming by taking blockers so early. poor little guy has never had an orgasm. it even ruined his neo"vag" like cmon just wait till youre 18 and maybe after a couple cooms youll realize its just a fetish and grow out of it.

No. 1050338

Oh absolutely, the fakeboi thread has always been crawling with "not like other fakebois"-type of FTMs who come there to laugh at the super feminine Aidens and then start screeching when some anon hits too close to home for them personally. I'm 100% on that it's the case with this thread as well.

It's been said time and time again but every time I see this shit I get more mad at how women are relentlessly nitpicked for their appearances and simultaneously shamed for using artificial methods of improving it but troomer here gets 3k upvotes for putting on a dress and lipstick.

No. 1050341

You can be a good person and have shitty traits. I'm very terfy but I still recognize that it's not black and white. Some trans people are genuinely kind, doesn't mean it's not a fetish and they don't do gross stuff. If a woman does all the things you said this person does but also drinks piss or something does that make her bad? I wouldn't say so. I think we have to be critical while also acknowledging and being respectful of the genuine good. That's how we improve our community.
They have a think for black women and their culture because the stereotype is that black women are "masculine", they're characterized as being loud, smelly, bad hygiene, ugly, rude, aggressive, highly sexual and kinky etc. They want to "bond" with these women because they think that by normalizing masculine behavior they'll be accepted. They don't realize that black women behave that way as a reaction to the misogyny they face in the black community, and it's even worse for gay black women.

No. 1050348

That and we’re shamed and called shallow for seeking plastic surgery. We’re always told we should suck it up and learn to accept ourselves instead of surgically intervening. For troons though, it’s deemed an actual “life saving” medical necessity. They will LITERALLY DIE without breast implants. You wouldn’t want to be transphobic, would you? Donate to their gofundme.

No. 1050407

The “I honestly just want to live my life and be left alone” trannies are genuinely more crazy than the “uwu valid trans rights!” Types.

No. 1050415

…what makeup? if a woman posted this they would get massive downvotes since this doesn't even belong in r/MUA. if he's looking for advice he should've gone to a beginner sub, but no he gets a pass bc troon

No. 1050432


you want famous sissy/AGP troons, try the Wachowskis


No. 1050440


I don't really associate Genesis P-Orridge with the trans scene. They were more like a one-person performance piece.

And they may well have been controlling and/or abusive to some people, but doesn't mean they can't have been genuinely caring and kind too. People are complex.

No. 1050550

File: 1601692252757.png (297.09 KB, 1216x1390, 83749284632874.png)

unfortunately looks like they walked back their decision

No. 1050551

they're both batshit insane in their own ways kek

No. 1050570

white man bullies a japanese woman-owned business into submission

gj boys

No. 1050572

The way that first >> randomly took me to a post about the Hartley Hooligans from 4 years ago… omg

No. 1050575

This sucks, Japanese women are subjected to so much perversion and sexual repressed molestation and harm already. I can understand the complete anxiety of the possibility of having to cater to a pervert pretending to be a woman.

No. 1050576

the Africa necklace is sending me

No. 1050579

Wow, that’s fucking depressing. Women aren’t allowed to have anything for ourselves, huh.

No. 1050594

File: 1601698075351.jpg (17.71 KB, 615x410, boylover_symbol.jpg)


Sometimes a spiral is just a spiral. The only one that actually would mean anything is the open triangle within a triangle, pic related. The small triangle represents the young boy and the large triangle represents the adult. It's an open triangle because chomos believe children can consent and aren't trapped. There's a pedo logic to it all and pedophiles wouldn't get it wrong. The spiral version is just the triangle if it were to be made with a paperclip by a child, that's why it looks the way it does in the report. Random swirls don't mean anything, they need to be able to distinguish pedophiles from regular people for them to work as an identifier.

No. 1050598

This sucks, why? He’s not even japanese, he’s literally a foreign fat asshole with yellow fever who wants to see some pretty women frolicking like in his retarded fantasies so he can grind his dead meat on real women that just want to have fun and maybe find a nice partner.

No. 1050602

>Any posters with a phallus

Tell me again the farmhands aren't a bunch of sjw trannies kek

No. 1050608

You're probably right, I just don't doubt the degenerate would change it up a little as to not be too obvious. But maybe I'm judging a book by it's cover kek.

No. 1050610

File: 1601702088992.jpg (156.57 KB, 1108x637, 20201003_061621.jpg)

Maybe but the tat looks suspiciously like the little boy lover symbol anon…

No. 1050615

File: 1601702297841.jpg (207.36 KB, 1242x1676, txc8Rkc.jpg)

I mentioned a while back that George “Ana” Arriola was involved in the harassment. Arriola works for Microsoft, has influential friends in tech and he’s one of those embarrassing Y’all-queer-folx-BLM Twitter types that never stops tweeting at people. I don’t blame Ogawa for caving into these creeps. They were prepared to ruin her and predators like Arriola were already making accusations that she HATED trans and GC people. It’s frightening how much influence they have and how there is an entire ex-pat community in Japan comprised of privileged and obsessed activist white people like him. And craziest thing: none of these fuckers are Japanese citizens and don’t want to be!

No. 1050618

File: 1601702543499.jpg (189.95 KB, 1412x1751, Screenshot_20201003-062401_Duc…)

Looks like the 4chan phenotype type meme as a tranny, kek

No. 1050623

Really sucks for lesbian right now, do these men not realise that not everything has to be "inclusive"? They think not being allowed into women's spaces is actual murder.

No. 1050625

It’s an ideogram based on the ouroboros

No. 1050641

How narcissistic do you have to be to think that those women should have to have your crusty dick and manly horse face in their club?

Doesn't he have a wife?

No. 1050642

To clarify, Genesis had stacks upon stacks of archival material from many music sessions. This included cassettes and videotapes. Among them was content by Sleazy. When it was rumored that Sleazy had inappropriate content, they seized all of Genesis’ material because of his association with Sleazy. The tapes in question were filmed by Coil, and Genesis didn’t even have them in his possession, but feared that there could be some of P and J’s damning stuff among his own. There wasn’t. I can’t speak upon whether or not GPO was a pedophile, but I do know that the scandal referenced in that photo was all caused by Pete and John bragging about their sex tourism exploits. The authorities had to go through tons of back catalogues, there was too much controversy around Peter and the SRA nonsense. Genesis was not charged because all his material was just performance art and fake adult s&m. As for any new allegations for some reason I can’t find anything concrete, but that doesn’t mean I am in denial or would argue against the theory.

No. 1050665

This read like a bad parody. Utterly insane and depressing.

No. 1050668

File: 1601712562196.jpg (106.22 KB, 1079x717, tumblr_7e27d8c570b2c8a6b65dc55…)

What the fuck is this shit

No. 1050669

File: 1601712583602.jpeg (178.76 KB, 1125x520, 3CBCC918-F8CD-4E4C-A797-29850A…)

I think gen has some solid allegations for being a controlling/abusive narcissist but how could you know who gen is and not figure they would be a bit like that. But Gen doesn’t have any for sex crimes. It’s funny how culture has come back around to SRA pt 2 so the context for all this old edgy performance art has to be explained again.

On topic I saw this on a young mother’s gfm for a surgery she needed and it hit me how many people must scroll past gfms if the photo has a girl in a snapchat filter and party makeup now because they assume it’s for tranny stuff

No. 1050673

judging by their username, edgy groin satire to make real women and conservatives bothered I guess.

No. 1050674

*Troon, thanks autocorrect. I guess groin works as well though.

No. 1050680

Even better, the only trans people allowed are transmen, they have their own events in that bar. During the emergency state in Japan the bar was closed so a few events were on instagram and the only time I logged in was during one where two FTMs were just talking and chilling in front of their computers.

No. 1050684


OT but does is there enough interest to do a industrial/goth/apocalypse culture/magick/80s-90s alt thread? I would so participate the shit out that thread

No. 1050685


sameanon but to clarify it would be about discussing the stuff in this thread and related cultural/sociological/ aspects of it/milk, not general /m thread. There's been some touching on people like Boyd Rice/DiJ in the lefthots thread too but nothing concretely about that scene

No. 1050694

File: 1601721320730.png (424.25 KB, 2548x408, uhigi.png)

>hospital grade electric breast pumps and an mp3 player filled with hours of sound files of babies crying and making noises and I've been using the pumps for four hours a day while listening to it
There are coomers in the replies, too. But it's not a fetish.

No. 1050696

Why can't they make their own fucking nightclubs? They're all well-off American white men in prestigious positions, I think they have enough influence to create one for fucks sake.

No. 1050702

what kind of fucking disgusting piece of shit jerks their dick to the sounds of babies crying?????

No. 1050705

File: 1601723207703.png (271.16 KB, 2812x672, 3jrol1.png)

They're calling this "euphoric".

No. 1050708

File: 1601723362557.png (370.27 KB, 2860x576, 10411.png)

/lgbt/ is literally where they go to air out their true thoughts.

No. 1050709

fucking hell, as if. scrote fantasies are so obvious and disgusting.

No. 1050710

File: 1601723451919.png (51.37 KB, 1956x164, 1420.png)

Samefagging to post this from the same OP. Remember, this same person will turn around and scream
>How dare you! I am a woman on the inside!! It's NOT a sex thing, you are a bigot!

No. 1050728

>I can discard the nasty parts
oh, like being a target of sexual violence and discrimination? No, you cannot, you retard. Because you will always be a mentally ill misogynist scrote.

No. 1050730

I'm gonna fucking puke. Do you think this nurse roommate exists? (if they exist, they are probably also a tranny)

I really hope this is just cringy RP and nobody this retarded works in healthcare with actual mothers and babies.

No. 1050731

i hate men and their entitlement holy shit

No. 1050734

File: 1601729545726.jpg (107.82 KB, 1080x899, 02742c2b_5e69044a_1280.jpg)

Troons are such a plague lmao

No. 1050735

Another one bites the dust

>queer leaders of the global tech community
In the immortal words of Tag Team: “Whoomp! There it is.”

This was my first thought too. Normally I cringe at the “if u don’t like it make ur own” argument, but in this case they more than likely have enough cash & networking ability between them to start up their own club night. Let the free market decide and all that. Might run into some issues with starting a business as an expat, but nothing a bit of Twitter screeching couldn’t fix surely

No. 1050774

Uh that "list" is meaningless lol. The female body by nature is designed to produce milk when their infant cries, no effort is needed. It just happens. A man's body cannot duplicate it

No. 1050792

Literally seeing red, have never had to actively try not to a-log on /snow/ until now

No. 1050803


i know it's possible that this tweet was a joke/meant to aggravate people but it still makes me so mad, when someone say stuff like this. i've had someone irl said to me something similar (bio male) that they can be misogynistic because they are feel like "a woman". it was actually kind of felt threatening for someone who didn't even present as a woman to talk/think like that. i swear some of these people will shit on/threaten women in the same way men does and act like it is ok because they identified as female.

No. 1050854


Just take some antipsychotics, that'll get you lactating out yer manboobs AND make you too zoned out to share your grim fetishes online. Everyone wins!

No. 1050887

Like are these stories even real? Do cis women actually, enthusiastically ever play into troon pregnancy kinks by bringing medical grade equipment from their work so they can pretend to lactate for muh gender euphoria? I know some women are into feminizing men and find it hot and whatever but this sounds like some sissyfication hypnosis fantasy.

No. 1050898

Anon… is this abomination truly a jannie?

No. 1050904

That's an obvious joke, anon.

No. 1050914


And that's why they'll never be real women - they don't get "the nasty parts".

No. 1050917

I'm pretty sure that either the roommate doesn't exist or the roommate is also a tranny, which would be the worse option cause then that tranny is a nurse in charge of actual women and steals equipment from the hospital to satisfy their roommates kinks.

No. 1050932

99% of the time when you read something like this (especially places like reddit and 4chan) it's just erotic fantasy writing for them. like they're probably getting off as they compose and submit it.

No. 1050960

There’s a neofolk thread in /m/ it’s Pretty mixed bag since neo folk can mean edgy music and the larger industrial provocateur scene or mandolin forest nymph stuff

No. 1051124

That big titted janny abomination meme is so much more sinister than just an ugly troon.. he has a daughter

No. 1051141

File: 1601771958087.jpeg (48.19 KB, 480x350, 2962458B-06EA-4306-9A88-CE5574…)

Those Fullmetal Alchemist tats tho… imagine being the disabled wife and having to rely on big ol Gluttonjanny for care

No. 1051149

Most threads on lgbt are LARP, don’t take it too seriously

No. 1051154

got banned from a reddit sub meant for women. a man kept posting in a thread about vaginal health that "this doesn't apply to trans women's vaginas." like there was a PSA that douching is bad for vaginas and the guy had a meltdown replying to all the women that it's not the same for trans women's vaginas.
i told him to stop making it about himself and i instantly got mass downvoted and mods chewed me out in DMs lmao. how are people fine with this shit?

No. 1051158

>not the same for trans women's vaginas
one is a gaping, closing wound that pus and infected discharge comes out of, the other one is female genitalia. pick one reddit.

No. 1051212

i love how they’re so “your gender isn’t defined by your genitals!!1” before they transition and then as soon as they have their own personal flesh wound they want to act like it’s all the same

No. 1051260

gynaecologists can't tell the difference!

from the Kevin Gibes thread


No. 1051273

Fuck reddit. They removed r/gendercritical but keep up all of the violent porn subs.

No. 1051297

Mask off. The "good part" (singular) is getting attention from men and the "nasty parts" are everything that actually defines being female.

Every subreddit for women's issues is modded by trannies. They don't have vaginas, they have surgically altered penises. The term neovagina is such a mistake. It's like calling a metal rod in someone's leg a neobone.

No. 1051403

That’s true. They can never replicate our let-down reflex and that person’s story is either complete bullshit or that nurse is unbelievably stupid. The only way trans women can produce a constant(yet small) supply milk is through a heavy rotation of drugs that trick their body while pumping all day. Some ugly old pervert was reported to be the first trans woman to successfully breastfeed a baby for the first few months of life, but what every headline left out was that he actually shared nursing duties with his wife, who supplied most of the (substantially more nutritious) milk. But he got all the credit for feeding the baby. Of course, with every attempt they make, trans woman can never produce a normal supply and they can’t continue past within a couple months since it’s so difficult.

I read another Reddit story of another childless trans woman claiming their doctor helped them to induce lactation by showing them how to use the combination of lactation drug and round-the-clock pumping. So these guys have to be pumped full of multiple drugs(because these guys always still have their balls) and stick to an aggressive pumping schedule to even produce a bit leakage. It’s insane.

No. 1051431

>Some ugly old pervert was reported to be the first trans woman to successfully breastfeed a baby for the first few months of life, but what every headline left out was that he actually shared nursing duties with his wife, who supplied most of the (substantially more nutritious) milk. But he got all the credit for feeding the baby.
This makes me so fucking mad. It's one thing that people fawn over "dedicated daddies" for changing the baby's diaper once a month but an entirely another to actually twist around the facts of biology. Imagine being so fucking nuts that you make your baby suckle on your man nipples just to ~validate your gender identity~. Wouldn't the excessive amount of hormones transferred via the bodily fluids be unhealthy for the baby anyway?

No. 1051477

One silver lining in living in eastern europoor is that, despite this country basically mass exporting IT workers, virtually none of them are troons. Or maybe they are but they wouldn't dare be public about it because very few people in this country would accept their lunacy.

Even better, surveys showed that this country actually has a much less skewed male-female ratio in IT than most countries in Europe. It was actually really nice studying computer science and having such a large percentage of your class AND professors (still less than 50% but at least you're not alone) be actual females, compared to the horror stories I hear from American and Western European women in IT.

No. 1051479

File: 1601817954213.webm (1.46 MB, 640x480, 1601716805457.webm)

No. 1051495

I don't even want to think about the physically detriment be has selfishly forced into his child, let alone the mental.

No. 1051507

A+ Effort for who ever made this but Jazz is really the worst example, he legitimately didn't have a choice in this, he was just a gender con forming kid with a psycho mom

No. 1051521

File: 1601825210297.jpg (81.16 KB, 540x440, loleeta.jpg)

Thoughts? Doesn't claim to be trans or a she/her afaik. Just some stylish gay dude who likes to crossdress. I honestly prefer this, even if it looks weird. They're just clothes after all and wearing skirts and dresses isn't all being a woman is about.

No. 1051522


Good for him, actually. I just hope the troons and the wokies won't pressure him into caving in and transitioning, especially since he's gay.

No. 1051525

I honestly don't care about men crossdressing as long as they aren't claiming to be women. Fetishistic crossdressers who are up front about their fetishism and still want to be men, or even men who do it just for fun/fashion, are infintely better than trannies in my book.

No. 1051530

I have no problems with crossdressers as long as they don't claim to be the gender they're crossdressing as unless it's a character they're playing like Conchita Wurst or something. I hate sissy fetishists and think they're disgusting degenerates but honestly I don't mind that much if they keep their fetish away from nonconsenting women and don't co-opt female spaces. I also feel sympathetic towards effeminate young gay guys who like to crossdress for the aesthetic and are pressured to transitioning and have the egg meme forced upon themselves. I'm glad a lot of them have recently been speaking up against this.

However in this case it's sad to say that brolitas are often perverts and shunned by the lolita community due to them shoehorning their fetishes into the fashion and creeping on the attending women. But if he does it because he just likes the clothes then whatever. His coords aren't godawful to be honest, a lot of the nasty brolitas just put on satin dresses and costume boots and call it a day.

No. 1051532

My only problem with this is
>hit up a lolita meetup

which implies invading female spaces. Also one day suggests there are some changes that need to happen before he hits up that lolita meetup. I think this is what is called an egg, basically transwoman testing the waters.

A gay guy normally would be more confident and silly about it, these photos are all very serious.

No. 1051534

Also there is a boystyle lolita which is just as frilly, but more male-frame appropriate, the lack of effort in the hair and face I find jarring. But his coords are fine, I'm just stamping this one with "suspicious" for now.

No. 1051539

Why even post if he’s not trans anon? I don’t know what responses you want. I don’t care for crossdressing unless you’re a drag queen. Drag queens are just gay men putting on gross makeup and wigs and acting like a walking stereotype of what men think women are.

No. 1051553

Aren't your statements a bit of a contradiction? If you say that lolita meetups are female spaces then wouldn't the change he'd be waiting for be a meetup that's not female only? I don't get egg vibes from him at all because he doesn't have the creepy ass troon makeup or wigs or weird fetish poses, he's dressed up and just taking straight on pictures.

No. 1051588

Screaming inside about how obsessed trannies w lolita are over past years, but so far its THE ONLY one that actually seems to know how to match clothing and doesn't look like a overlyfatty fetishist as long as u crop his gross head.

No. 1051606

>Doesn't claim to be trans

He will. Crossdressing is a red flag. Always assume they'll escalate.

No. 1051619

We shouldn't hate on (gay) men enjoying 'female' fashion. If he feels accepted to wear this stuff as a man, he might not troon out. Don't assume everyman is a sissy.

No. 1051620

What sub was that anon I want to laugh

No. 1051622

Agreed with all of this. BDSM freaks don’t insist I call them master or that they’re obeyed as dommes out in the real world, or get plastic surgery to become… bigger and more threatening or add whip hands, why do we let sissies and crossdressers get away with it? Keep it private with consenting parties and I 100% would stop giving a shit. Have creepy little sex clubs, treat it like a BDSM-type thing, then yeah, who cares?

No. 1051789

Which sub, anon?

No. 1051829

His coords look well matched and decent, and I know you said he isn't some AGP, but god I just fucking hate when men wear lolita but make no effort with their hair or makeup. At least Mana and other men aka other vkei stars go all the way and try to look like girls, even if they are clockable. Men really just have to wiggle their selves into everything. Sorry for the spergout.

No. 1051868

>Also ‘one day’ suggests there are some changes that need to happen before he hits up that lolita meetup.

that seems… pretty obviously about covid lol

No. 1051983

File: 1601868411155.jpg (434.62 KB, 1080x1126, Screenshot_20201005_062230.jpg)

I don't know if anyone has seen this story about an AGP with a breastfeeding fetish offering to breastfeed women's babies on a Facebook group.

AGPs never fail to disgust me but this is on another level.


No. 1051984

What's worse is that the women on the page are SUPPORTING him.

Honestly women should be fucking done with being so nice. We pander to the enemy and it needs to stop.

No. 1051985

This pisses me off. Actual women have had still borns or miscarriages and that can be very traumatizing… What gets me to are the women who support him. Why? What are they gaining from this? It's actually baffling and sad af to see any woman supporting trannies

No. 1051990

File: 1601869409752.jpg (471.94 KB, 1047x1929, Screenshot_20201005_063600.jpg)

This is the pervert

He's apparently engaged to a woman and has fathered 2 children.

Troons with families always piss me off. We are supposed to believe that someone 'feels like a lesbian woman' when they have jizzed in a vagina and fathered children.

It's sickening.

No. 1051996

The level of fetish driven delusion here is ridiculous. Why would anyone want some rando breastfeeding their child, female or not

No. 1051999


I doubt a hospital would play along with such delusions, my guess is his (cis female) partner had the stillbirth and in typical troon fashion he's making it all about him and his need to lactate.

No. 1052002


I support trans women's* right to exist, not to do the biologically impossible (not to mention immoral).

* the ones who just wanna get on with their lives, don't cry twansphobia at every funny look and don't insist oestrogen turns them into actual teenage girls(tumblr)

No. 1052011

This post is cancer

No. 1052017

Give me back the seconds I spent reading your retarded take.

No. 1052040

This probably peaked a lot of poor, unsuspecting women who simply thought they were in a normal breastfeeding group.

No. 1052075


how did you get this photo of me

No. 1052076

File: 1601883600493.jpg (66.21 KB, 521x549, come on now.jpg)

#4 - yes ok
#2 - that's just plain misogyny
#1,#3 - so gender = clothes??????? biological functions that have been "female" since the beginning of time =/= femininity but clothes with norms that change over time and culture should absolutely be tied with femininity/masculinity? so all women who wear pants and cargo shorts are men and women are just bras and panties and skirts. sorry for sperg

No. 1052079

none of that shit is transphobic.

No. 1052084

Aren't effeminate villians a homophobic trope?

Also, there have been plenty of cross dressing men in histroy, as women have been denied to act in theater s.o. And women cross dress to travel savely. Learn some history troon.

No. 1052094

>invading female spaces
Lolita meet-ups aren't female spaces, sperg.

No. 1052102

I mean…what are they then? Lolita is mostly frilly dresses, my lolita knowledge is limited but there's a whole scarfing scarves video about whether boys are included or not. Boys are pretty rare in lolita. So it is a female space. I personally would want that guy to make his face and hair pretty before attending a pretty dress meetup; you can be gender nonconforming and pretty without being a woman. (see other anons mention of jpop stars above)

No. 1052104

Honestly, he just needs a wig and to shave the beard and he would look fine, and most lolitas would have no problem having him at a meetup. His coords are nice and the effort he puts into them pretty clearly indicates that he isnt just a fetishist.

No. 1052106

based farmhand

No. 1052107

Doesn't he have a lot of dresses and photos of his coords for someone who only started collecting lolita after March this year? It seems obvious his collection predates covid, unless he went real ham on buying lolita as a coping method.

No. 1052140

I am disgusted. I hope this guy is facing some kind of consequences.

No. 1052166

Men usually aren't welcome because there are too many sissies and fetishists, but if you're just a bro who happens to like it and is otherwise normal and friendly it's not an issue IME. At least none of the communities I visited considered themselves "female spaces".

No. 1052171

Kek bretty gud

No. 1052213

What book has a CONFIRMED historically trans person portrayed as cis? What the fuck is he talking about?

No. 1052391

Off topic and spergy but the non-chronological you ordered the numbers gave me severe anxiety wtf anon….

No. 1052429

1.5k likes? I wonder how many of them felt obligated to agree so that they wont be called out for their blatant transphobia.

No. 1052494

Fuck this guy. I found that the NYT apparently gave him a platform to express how jealous he was of his wife having a baby 2 years ago. I'm glad she is leaving him. I bet he doesn't even work and she's supporting him since apparently they share a space and he spends all day pretending to be pregnant. He is a danger to his children

No. 1052511


I love how they try to one-up the misogyny women face by petty shit like "i-implying all women have periods". That's nice, how about these rape, domestic violence and murder statistics that still top yours?

In this day and age nutty bitches even stalk your twitter likes to see if you've done enough woke prayers by liking batshit insane virtue signaling posts. So I'm guessing many.

No. 1052519

>studied compsci
>worked in IT
Everytime. That field is a curse.

In eastern euro places they're alot more blunt towards agps with alot less sjws trying to coddle their feelings right?

No. 1052524

Yeah, most of my female cousins and other family members are engineers, economists, programmers and other things traditionally considered "male" in the West.
I guess we didn't have this divide because it was normal for both parents to work postwar rather than the stupid Stepford Mickey Mouse housewife thing in the West?

To be fair they're pushing for it here too, usually packaged with other LGBT rights like marriage equality in campaigns, so if you say no then you're a homophobic bigot by default.

No. 1052532


People in my country were trying to get same sex marriage constitutionally banned a few years ago, fortunately they hilariously failed because no one showed up to vote for that.

I heard some wacky politicians propose teaching about "gender identities" in schools, probably hardcore westaboos who think every policy that is popular in the west must be good. But we don't even have sex education in our schools, and it shows with the high rate of minor mothers.

No. 1052574

got screamed at by a 6ft+ troon in a mini skirt and purple wig yesterday just for slightly glaring at him, i feel like they just dress as women so they have an excuse to be assholes to real women.

No. 1052608

The misogyny and partriarchy is strong with this one.

I am living in Germany, mid 20ties, and we never had sex ed for homo-sex; never have breen told it‘s okay to not be straight; that I am allowed to end a pregnancy. And it‘s a first world country, mind you. We have a lot to work on, still.

No. 1052626

My bf got shit on by a troon for being friendly/polite but not reciprocating his nearly immediately advances. They are unhinged.

No. 1052636


How did he shit on your boyfriend? I thought they only go after lesbians, but guess not

No. 1052646

b-but the cishet men anon!!! the meanie cishet moids!!! just as bad as those horrid wesbians

No. 1052648

File: 1601947080236.png (325.09 KB, 588x954, 0949602B-CE56-4214-9BD6-3634E6…)

No. 1052652

fucking lmao. 10/10 find. how do you become this delusional about your appearance.

No. 1052653

Are they fucking blind? Do men really fucking see a woman and this and go "it's the same picture"? I know they are shade blind and detail blind but come on

No. 1052655

>”conventionally pretty”

he’s “pretty” as in “pretty damn ugly” at best

No. 1052657

I watched it so you nonnies don't have it. To sum it up:
"I feel less like a mother because one thing was missing, I didn't give birth to them"

Which I don't understand. What about people that adopt? What about lesbian mothers? I don't understand what this pity party is for.

No. 1052658

>are men blind

At least we certainly don’t have to guess how badly he needs those glasses. He should look into getting a stronger prescription.

No. 1052664

File: 1601948174248.jpg (677.49 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_10-06-04.36.54.jpg)

How could it get worse, I just don't get how they do it

No. 1052671

there’s no way to tangibly fetishize adoption is the difference

No. 1052672

ugly dude, uglier “woman”

No. 1052697

File: 1601950863514.jpg (66.18 KB, 640x640, 1600646962400.jpg)

> take female hormones
> lips get thinner

No. 1052699

File: 1601952003575.jpeg (291.1 KB, 1242x695, EAE0E336-2B77-482B-879C-B1656D…)

I couldn't get through all five minutes of that nasally falsetto, but I thought this shot was funnily accurate to the reality of the situation.

No. 1052737

Was some dude who worked front desk a company my bf deals with. They had interacted one time before this when the troon asked my bf to help with some boxes because they were too heavy kek (my bf told this story laughing a few weeks ago.) This time he started chatting him up and bf had time to kill so he indulged. Troon touched my bf's arm and he pulled away. Troon starts freaking out calling him a fucking creep and he's going to get the contract he has have with their company terminated. Still have no idea what's going to happen with everything! bf has to deal with a bunch of shit now.

No. 1052750

Sorry to ask, but why do they hate Contra so much? Isn't he on their side?

No. 1052752

He's considered truscum and doesn't feel comfortable being grouped in with troons who make no effort in passing and nb's, from what I gather.

No. 1052767

I'm sorry to hear that, the entitlement of that person is unbelievable, I hope your boyfriend is going to get out clean.

No. 1052772

Contra is hated by a lot of trans people for the "controversial" take that you need to have dysphoria to be trans. The people who have a problem with that take are usually the most obvious AGPs/fetishists or the most "yass queen" liberal cis women.

No. 1052774

But didn't make his 'TRanstrender' video an argument against it? He is by no means a Blaire White or Rosa Dawn.

No. 1052776

With these types the more you care the harder they cancel you, the more you concede the more they demand. He'd get less hate if he was a Blaire White.

No. 1052783

File: 1601969551974.jpg (73.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024px-lennart_poettering_foss…)

No. 1052884

why the fuck do men do this retarded tight lip holding-fro-in-mouth expression? i notice it more with snivelly low-self-esteem types and troons (though that venn diagram is almost a circle). its so ugly lol

No. 1052907

File: 1601993515085.jpeg (76.18 KB, 750x568, 364469B5-10CA-420E-A918-D49BD2…)

No. 1052923

Some have wounds and some are intersex, we get it.

No. 1052959

File: 1601997806115.jpg (240.52 KB, 1080x1079, 20201006_112308.jpg)

Anyone else familiar with the recently viral @DoSomeMolly on twitter? (Was featured on Buzzfeed)

No. 1052967

was posted in the last thread.

Why not adopt one of those abused children, there are plenty of them in the foster care system.

No. 1052994

File: 1602000768952.png (92.21 KB, 408x304, L.PNG)

Someone asked this in /ot/ but why are troons even ones without neo-vaginas so obsessed with vaginas?
Not all women have vaginas according to them, so why do they have this vagina obession?
Even gay men do it, I've heard the most graphic random shit about pussies from troons/gay men.

No. 1052998

vagina envy?

No. 1053009

if everything about it weren't so abysmal, it'd be funny how many channers got memed into becoming sjw abominations

No. 1053013

That is infuriating. I cannot stand how much they villianize women. And they want to be women too? It is undoubtedly a masculine trait to have this over inflated confidence, to think that you are better at being a woman than women are.

No. 1053021

Two words: Woody Allen

No. 1053026

that was just regular old pedophilia

No. 1053027

File: 1602004393782.png (Spoiler Image,764.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201006-190305.png)

Why do they always have the ugliest dicks? I know HRT atrophies the genitals and reduces libido, but even pre-hormones these guys all have subpar or micro peens.

No. 1053028


Also: surrogates. So much of transwoman whining online is shitting on women and other groups because they crave [insert whatever the fuck] they can never have. Just like whining toddlers. Y'know most people have things they can never have? It's a part of life? Why are they this stunted?

No. 1053030


He went from normal dude to whining middle-aged Karen, it seems a common fate for cis guys transitioning.

No. 1053032

>When you get roasted by the illustrator

No. 1053034

Sounds like someone using their male privilege to sexually harass uninterested parties, but what do I know

>h-hello I want this man fired!!! he rejected my sexual advances which is transphobia

No. 1053054

>Are they fucking blind? Do men really fucking see a woman and this and go "it's the same picture"? I know they are shade blind and detail blind but come on

They are. I recently showed my bf a drag queen music video and after like TWO MINUTES he asked "wait, are they not women?"

Drag queens with pink wigs that looked like literal muppets. I am certain that these trannies think they are fooling everyone just because men are SO easily fooled.

No. 1053056

He’s referring to himself being treated like an enemy by his parents, not the actual abused children. Did you expect anything beside selfishness from a troon?
That said, for the love of god, please don’t encourage these people to adopt.

No. 1053057

Why did I click the spoiler. This image looks like it smells.

No. 1053060

Please link the video, I want to laugh at your boyfriend.

No. 1053064

File: 1602007189247.jpeg (Spoiler Image,316.29 KB, 2048x1170, 8C8ABFD5-E997-42B2-AED1-967CF0…)

i noticed this too. i took a dive into the horrors of mtf horny twitter last night and i saw SO many thumb dicks and literally the only big dick i came across was ugly as hell. looking like a retractable glue stick lmao

No. 1053079

ot but this is actually a somewhat nice dick, light years ahead of >>1053027. weird ballsack tho

No. 1053082


Even the nicest dick becomes inherently repulsive when attached to a troon, that's just how it is.

No. 1053083


I'm so, so sorry anon. You must have had some really, really terrible dick. It looks a skinny hotdog, I am disgusted.

No. 1053087

well it’s flaccid but it looks like he’s got nice girth and length so it probably looks better erect. not gross and shrunken like the other dick that was posted

No. 1053088


It ain't aggy's ugly babydick that's for sure. It looks functional even if it's aesthetically ugly. I forgot how low the bar was, kek.

No. 1053130

you have to be an actual female for that line of logic to make sense.

No. 1053132

Can you trannies stop derailing over dick aesthetics?

No. 1053149

interesting, i wonder if ftms are more clockable to guys in return

No. 1053194

On the left,he almost resembles Benedict Cumberbatch

No. 1053203

I doubt it. Men are stupid kek. And FtMs that actually try can be hard to clock unless they're very tiny. I've come across two FtMs irl that I couldn't tell at all–one didn't even have masectomy scars bc her breasts were small and all the tissue was taken out through her nipples.

Anyways, it feels weird to say, but women are always going to be better at LARPing as men than men LARPing as women. We pay attention to details and put forth effort when it comes to our looks, including trying to look like another gender.

No. 1053215

> and all the tissue was taken out through her nipples.
How do I unread a sentence?

No. 1053223

Why do you think they want to be women. They fell for the
>If you don't have a 8 inch shlong, you might as well give up and be girl

No. 1053235

what I find funny is these same men will say that a woman looks like a man, for example, I had a friend argue with me how Meg thee Stallion is a man, yet he couldn't tell that Indya Moore was trans.
How the fuck are you saying an actual woman is a man but when you see a man you can't tell?

No. 1053239

Kek apologies, it was just fascinating to me when the lack of scarring was pointed out. It looks incredible.

I had to google him and holy shit, your male friend is either retarded or a chaser who wants to claim plausible deniability. Regarding Megan though, black women get it the worst when it comes to men’s retardation about this, but that’s been discussed to death upthread.

No. 1053246

I don't blame men too much because they don't give a shit about things like filters, makeup and camera angles so they wouldn't understand that trannies will do literally anything in order to appear more feminine in a picture. I've argued with guys in real life who have told me that a tranny "looks good in that photo" and then when I explain how they angle the camera, angle their bodies (like throwing their shoulders back to appear like their shoulders aren't as broad), their makeup tricks etc. Then they usually go "oh that makes sense" or "oh yeah true"

No. 1053303

See, and Indya is a "HSTS". I thought they passed better than AGPs and were 100% unclockable because they're fem gay dudes. I've yet to see a MtF troon that passes, the fetishistic nature is still there regardless of if they're gay or just an AGP. Fun fact about Indya, his boyfriend is an abuser and Indya stalks his victims on Twitter. The boyfriend is an "alleged" serial rapist.

I don't get trannies, I sympathized at first because of their totally real dysphoria, but then you realize most of them don't get bottom surgery. And all of them become caricatures of the opposite sex. Their "dysphoria" is legit based in some kind of "heteronormative" fantasyland.

No. 1053328

lol FtM's are even more easy to clock
>those wispy "beards"
>how short they are
>how tiny their feet and hands are
>they all dress like 15 year old swagfags (dykes) because thats how they think "men" dress
>they take as many selfies as a woman does, probably even more, If I didn't ask my boyfriend for a cutie selfie as often I do I don't think he would've taken one in years

FtM are exactly the same as MtF, they have a weird idea of what the opposite gender is and try to emulate that and the same way you can identify a MtF you can identify a FtM

No. 1053360

yeah, I remember he was blaming women for men harming transwomen but is dating a man who admitted to harming women.
I always found indya to be very overhyped in looks, he's not attractive at all to me and looks like a fem dude, which he is.

No. 1053367


To be fair, have you SEEN a neovagina? I think they're mostly better off shrinking their dicks with oestrogen and learning to take it up the arse instead.

No. 1053369

That's just plain ol' racism anon

No. 1053391

begone scrote

No. 1053403

File: 1602034391309.jpeg (565 KB, 1724x3526, EE1439A0-3554-4784-B4D0-31DA27…)


No. 1053405

Don't you have a neovag to dilate?

No. 1053407

those fucking HANDS

No. 1053410

The way these men look at themselves through that Snapchat female filter is some end of Rome shit. Caligula jacking himself off through a phone screen rather than Nero fiddling, but same vibe. The faces they make at themselves as ‘females’ is how they see us…deranged, brain dead whores. Love when they find out life as a mediocre man is 100 times easier than life as, at best, a very ugly woman. If they can even manage that level of passing.

No. 1053413


AGPs making the ahegao face is like the most disgusting thing I can think of

No. 1053415

My ex husband is a troomer. Fucking narcissistic abusive skin walking fuck wad

I fled, so not living at the house I paid for. I've gone back to grab some necessities while he's at work, and he's fucking going through my clothes and picking out what he wants to keep and he hid my menstrual products in his room in his underwear drawer

Jokes on him when me and my mom rent the uhaul and clear out the house of all my shit. Fun part is that I bought everything in the house.

This thread gives me life. Once I'm more safe from him I'll post pics of his ugly mug in his shitty hand me downs from me that I'm letting him keep

No. 1053432

Stay strong anon and fuck that vfc ugly faggot Male to death. I'm proud of you for leaving and showing no mercy. All our love with you anon.

No. 1053434

File: 1602036662379.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1429, FD168841-C774-4F27-9EF8-A4A9AB…)

they say it’s not a fetish/sexual thing yet this person “forgot” to tuck their dick and all their “selfies” are them clearly pointing to their dick

No. 1053436

File: 1602036848972.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1432, 89AF3BAB-AB78-460F-BE64-A7B523…)

No. 1053449

Fuck that dude. Check out the transwidows if you haven't already, and I'm gonna throw in a rec for Sex Changes by Christine Benvenuto–great memoir by a woman who lived through her (now ex) husband's transition.

No. 1053451

I read that as female for some reason sorry.

No. 1053470

This one is kinda sad, I bet he was a very attractive man.

No. 1053477

Wait until you hear about Elagabalus

No. 1053479

My troon ex also stole my clothes, chose a name similar to mine and last I heard he was skinwalking me too. I wonder how common that is?

Saged for blog

No. 1053484

Idk why but seeing a big bulky linebacker AGP do the 'dress go spinny uwu' makes me feel sick on such a visceral level, it's like I can sense they're predators, foxes in the hen house
> Sage for sperg

No. 1053487

File: 1602042876468.jpg (1.08 MB, 1439x2185, Screenshot_20201007-045555_Red…)

This what they think we are, kek

No. 1053491

The face and lighting is hitting uncanny valley. It's like only filter-face has studio lighting and photo-retouching . The other half of the pic with his hands is just regular, mundane phone pic. I don't know what makes you think anything resembling his original face is in that picture.

No. 1053518

File: 1602047635721.jpeg (128.01 KB, 500x812, F97478C2-7AE2-485F-9638-ECD5D3…)

You literally chose to take HRT and wreck your own fertility. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1053522

Imagine being so self centered you manage to equate abortion rights with gender fuckery

No. 1053524

He doesn't want to HAVE a child, he wants to BIRTH a child. Actually being responsible for someone's well-being is unsexy.

No. 1053540

File: 1602050658996.png (89.77 KB, 990x694, wow.png)

this male is upset that lesbians won't come at him first and he has to make the first move.

No. 1053542

>>nobody is complimenting me! It's been 7 months!!
He so fucking entitled and gross.

No. 1053543

he should date men if he wants to be the bottom. i'm sure the lesbians he's messaging have zero interest and are trying to slow fade his ass

No. 1053545

I'm not surprised a scrote who couldn't cut it is labelling normal relationship dynamics as "toxic". Women are the ones at risk of pregnancy with life long effects… Of course we're going to go through a process of vetting the guy thus deciding whether he's worth our emotional labour and the associated risks. Obviously not all relationships work this way either, sometimes women make the first move. This creature has always been undesirable and this post screams as a cry for help under the guise of "transphobia" and enforcing "gender stereotypes".

No. 1053549

>"I haven't received a compliment in 7 months over chat"

Maybe you're just ugly and boring? Why does it have to be about gender dialectics or whatever

No. 1053554


Also wants to birth said child for the euphoric (see: sexually arousing) experience. A baby squeezing out of your vagina is not anywhere near an orgasm, it's horrifically painful and can lead to endless lifelong medical problems. It really boils my piss when AGPs start fetishising something that literally kills hundreds of thousands of women every year because of complications or poor medical care. "Shut up about death rates of mothers in subsarharan Africa, it's all about me and my sad inability to carry my own orgasm. I mean child."


> heteronormative relationship

> relationship between two women

Choose one. This is very definitely "a trans thing" despite his protests. Lesbians, on the whole, want women who have always been women.

No. 1053564

I think they’re just ugly and have a bad personality or profile cause I’m bisexual and have 0 problems with getting women to message me first. Instead of being a privileged, demanding troon who thinks women owe you something work on yourself. Hate how these people think women owe them conversations or sex or favors. The male privilege is so obvious.

No. 1053572

>Once I'm more safe from him I'll post pics of his ugly mug in his shitty hand me downs from me that I'm letting him keep
Please do I can't wait, stay safe anon

No. 1053591

Patiently waiting, anon. I'm glad most of the furniture is yours by the sounds of it, and that you're getting away asap. Fuck him.
>he's fucking going through my clothes and picking out what he wants to keep and he hid my menstrual products in his room in his underwear drawer
My God, this made my skin crawl.

No. 1053648

File: 1602069879495.png (3.61 MB, 952x2011, 24C7E503-8CBF-4B51-8F39-1FFE13…)

The stealing clothes thing is grossly common, apparently. My trooner ex would do the same. Imagine an overweight 6 ft man unironically wearing XS crop tops… “Oh, sorry anon, wasn’t sure if this was mine or yours”

No. 1053649

>projecting onto women's issues like their life depends on it

No. 1053650

Is this real or parody?

No. 1053651

(If it's real that is sexual assault/CSA)

No. 1053653

Excuse me

No. 1053657

Oh, so she’s right.

No. 1053658

File: 1602071916339.png (325.82 KB, 1658x1260, jazz.png)

The text is real, but it lacks context.

No. 1053661

Dunno if context makes it less horrifying tbh. Poor kid. It doesn't sound like he's happy with the surgery or wants to dilate at all.

No. 1053670

i first thought this was troon version of own wilson…

No. 1053675

This sounds awful to deal with. Anyone who goes through with this surgery (besides Kevin) has to really need it in order to function in order to deal with the aftermath.

No. 1053688

File: 1602077435638.png (235.44 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20201007-081642~2.p…)

He isn't attractive to me either, his face is very masculine despite him being on HRT since he was 16, and obvious bony man legs. He has those dead troon eyes, too. Dude is clearly a misogynist, he hates women and it's probably because his mom told him the typical "gay bad" religious thing.

Why are they obsessed with anime traps? None of those characters are trannies, they're all proudly male. I'm convinced these troons are just normalfags, they probably think these characters are flat chested teenage girls.

No. 1053707

i literally know a semi-passing troon who gets a decent amount of bi girl pussy on tinder, there are women willing to fuck troons, just not these freakface nerds lmao

No. 1053731

File: 1602081368330.png (635.08 KB, 680x596, 83b.png)

>None of those characters are trannies, they're all proudly male.
The funniest thing is that troons are so seething over the gay femboys who make more attractive traps (and are calling themselves just that) than the nasty transbian AGPs to the point they're trying to claim the word "trap" as a slur. They are crabs who hate the fact that some people can be GNC or crossdress without having to force everyone to humor their fantasy lives, that's why they try to pressure young twinks into transitioning.

No. 1053737

>the gay femboys who make more attractive traps
Them and their $4 Amazon schoolgirl skirts are just as awful. Go back to /lgbt/.

No. 1053738

Who said anything about them being stunning and beautiful? The term was "more attractive" i.e. more tolerable to look at than troons like this >>1052648 . Stop your sperging.

No. 1053766

They're tolerable so long as they recognize they're not women, I see them as no different than drag queens except instead of trying to be OTT parodies of "bitch" women, they're OTT parodies of anime characters or something. Its just a new generation of drag that is probably more sexual, and if they're gay, upfront about their gender/sexuality, I don't care. I don't think its cool because they often similarly diminish women down to clownish, whorish buffoonery BUT at the very least they're not denying reality with regards to biological sex and gender.

Granted NONE of them pass in real life. I've never been unsuccessful in clocking a trans, and if one ever slipped by then I grant them a bathroom pass for effort.

No. 1053777

>Elagabalus wore women's clothing, preferred to be called a lady, and sought vaginoplasty. The emperor is considered by some historians to be an early transgender figure.

kek, of course the first stunning twans woman in history threatened to destabilize an empire with his sexual degeneracy and had to be assassinated at 18

No. 1053789

I like these parts of the wiki article:
>Elagabalus was raised to the principate at 14 years of age in an army revolt instigated by his grandmother, Julia Maes
>The assassination plot against Elagabalus was devised by his grandmother, Julia Maesa
Granny giveth, granny taketh away

No. 1053816

>She joked

Ah well, joking about sexually assaulting a child makes it all ok again

/s for the incels who may lurk this forum

No. 1053869

What the fuck, anon kick his ugly ass the fuck out.

No. 1053896

File: 1602100138980.jpg (8.42 MB, 3328x5120, Bust_of_Elagabalus_-_Palazzo_N…)

Elagabalus? The guy who runs Kiwifarms?

No. 1054005

I see the pedostache is a timeless accessory for sex pests.

No. 1054038


Joshina Connie Troon looks so stunning and brave here

No. 1054113

>the minute she leaves my house we have a dilation problem
Hmm, can't imagine why.

Jazz is one of the very few trans (and the only that currently comes to mind) that I have any sympathy for. What a horrible mother. Treats her son like a real-life doll to dress, control, and mold as much as she wants. No wonder Jazz had (has?) an eating disorder.

As another anon said
Yeah that doesn't make joking about sexually assaulting your adult child ok. Any normal parent wouldn't even think to make a similar joke to this.
Who is this "joke" even for? Only truly herself to make her feel like her actions are reasonable and accepted (at least excluding the "joke", but you know what they say about tolerating rape jokes normalizing stuff etc etc).
Sorry if that verged a little on armchair. Jazz is no longer a functional human since he's long been unable to even grasp the nuances of sex, much less feel any sex drive or pleasure. Life boils down to biological imperative to reproduce (saying this as someone who never wants to get pregnant). She completely ripped that from him as a person. Gets me mad on the internet.

No. 1054114


To be fair, assassination was a leading cause of death among Roman emperors.


If trans women with neovaginas don't dilate near enough religiously, they end up with problems such as Kevin Gibes is now experiencing - strictures of scar tissue as the wound tries to heal itself. Dilation is a lifetime commitment but after a while the rush of playing with the new toy/vagina wears off it would seem.

No. 1054119

At 14? I thought to get to consul you had to be at minimum of 42 and engage in praetor and quaestorship

of course some degenerate tranny would be the one to try and bend the rules and topple a kingdom

No. 1054169

Can’t really blame him for assuming the throne when his gma and mom placed him in it as a figure head so they could run shit behind the scenes. His replacement was his younger cousin lmao

No. 1054177

Innie and outie are actually used to describe the labia minora though. What scrotes refer to as "roast beef curtains" are just outie pussies. I hate that this tranny thinks he's funny for making a joke using terms he doesn't even realize exist and making it about his dick.

No. 1054195

File: 1602151489889.jpg (72.1 KB, 1048x686, Antonin-Artaud-wide.jpg)

He also married a Vestal Virgin, the Gobber was all about breaking taboos. Most "bad emperor" narratives revolve around breaking Roman custom, the principate was all about maintaining pretense.

Antonin Artaud wrote a book about him before he went too insane and as a result goth dudes into Crowley are often really into Elagabalus lore.

No. 1054229


i study this shit and he makes me sperg so fucking hard

No. 1054259

women get enough shit for what our vaginas look like, so obviously they had to turn it into a joke at our expense

No. 1054557

File: 1602187334151.jpeg (93.71 KB, 649x453, 2B951B3E-81F4-4FD2-9252-9875F8…)

look at the vote count lmao, jesus christ

No. 1054558

File: 1602187345679.jpeg (34.18 KB, 480x480, AC8A029A-D559-4613-A3FE-6357E1…)

A term I keep seeing come up within my twitter circles recently is “wombcentric,” and jeez, it’s making me rage hard. I usually roll my eyes at whatever new “PC” term is in use to avoid saying WOMAN, but I don’t know why this one is hitting me so hard. I mean… I guess the obvious answer is that my womanhood is literally reduced down to my womb at this point? Spare me the irony of the term “wombcentric” when all these troons want is a uterus of their own.

No. 1054571

So dumb, not to mention that hysterectomies are a thing

No. 1054586

File: 1602189844006.jpg (155.09 KB, 1080x514, 20xhdjhsu372808.jpg)


No. 1054593

Such a mysogynistic position to say that a woman who wants a certain dynamic is wrong just because she's gay. These men can't comprehend that some women just don't like penises, but are still women. These trannies know absolutely fuck all about lesbian and bi female culture and everything they do know comes from porn and children's media. It's all rainbows and unicorns and pussy eating sleepover pillow fights. Hate these fuckers.

No. 1054597

File: 1602191022949.png (79.57 KB, 594x774, Wretch.PNG)

Imagine how many Troons we'd kill if we said "her cis vagina was wetter then a neo-vagina", imagine the outrage.
It's funny how troons (and even gay men) can put down our bodies in comparisions to their bodies, but when we do the same it's punching down.

I'm not offended by the fan fiction, It's just annoying how one mintue transwomen are women, we should treat them like it (whatever that means) and the next they tell the truth, we are different but somehow they are better then the real thing.

Not to mention this dude's Neo-Snatch isn't healed yet and Hailey ate him out, meaning he was eating probably pus and sweat.
Of course a open wound would be moist tard.

No. 1054599

when i was a freshman in highschool me and this guy were in the same friend group and he was transgirl uwu and he sent me a pic of him in his moms dress and high heels. its so fucking universal they dont want to hide it anymore.

No. 1054601

>These trannies know absolutely fuck all about lesbian and bi female culture and everything they do know comes from porn and children's media.
Would you really rather see educated emulation of that, or see their obvious failed attempts?

No. 1054602

Why even have sex if they hate their body so much?

No. 1054619

I genuinely ranted about this for so long yesterday to a friend, women x women relationships are seen as some uwu safe haven for these coomer ass trannies. They don't even understand why some women prefer butch girls and some femmes or heaven forbid, both yet not dicks. Women aren't here for men to feel wanted or coddled, nor does anyone fucking owe these troons even polite replies in lesbian spaces.

No. 1054623

File: 1602192952849.png (385.36 KB, 897x454, image_2020-10-08_173733.png)

No. 1054630

Because they're coomers who think being a woman is about being a bimbo sex object

No. 1054643

Without fail, they initiate a rape threat. Every. Fucking. Time.

No. 1054645

Troons- "Misgendering us, not sleeping with us, not letting us in your space is VIOLENCE!Terfs are so violence they are more a danger to women/transwomen then transwomen are to them/women!"

Also Troons- "Say something I don't like and i'm going to beat your ass and rape you with my girlcock!"

No. 1054666

Imma need a username for this tranny

No. 1054671

someone on Kiwifarms brought up how "genital comparisons" is a very male thing and I cannot agree more.
I know women talk about their vaginas and compare, but we NEVER do it like troons do.
They brag about how "Deep" their Neo-vag's are, they constantly go, "it's tighter, it's this or that" in comparision to "cis" women and even eachother.
I've never see a woman brag about how deep her pussy was, or how much tighter her was than another woman.
They still dick measure even when they don't have a dick. It's like they LIKE when their Neo-vagina is doing something another trans woman isn't, like being deeper or getting "Wet".
They like it because it means their inverted dick is better than another inverted dick.

No. 1054672

and yes I know rappers brag on pussy all the time, but again, it's different.

No. 1054696

>They still dick measure even when they don't have a dick
Oh wow, you cracked the code anon. It all makes sense now.

No. 1054697

wow i never really noticed that but that's very true. i guess putting on a ~*spinny skirt*~ will never get rid of the male monkey brain they have

No. 1054720

This is why they brag so much about ANY attention from certain groups. For example how a transwomen will brag about all the "Straight men" who think they are cis who come onto them or who they date. How trans women randomly bring up how desirable they are to lesbians/men.
it's just a man bragging on his dick or lack of dick. A man bragging about how much attention he's getting from the man/woman he likes.
Trans men and some butch lesbians do this because they know thats what men do, brag about how much sex they are having and with who.
So not only is it out of jealously and wanting to down actual women, but it's just plan old, "Look how much bitches I got! Ha ha i'm better then you"
Expect it's weird because they are doing it to us, women who actually have access to the real deal instead of, people who "identify" as gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual.
We are less likely to play their pissing games.
They want us to brag about the depth of our pussies so they can go, "Oh, mines deeper"
Just like they'd go, "Mines bigger" when comparing dicks.

No. 1054727

If it's the deepest it means it was the "longest" to start with? (according to the brave anons who clicked the spoilers ITT, this is not true)
Though that makes the brags about how tight their closing wound is all the more amusing.

Also I've never talked about my vag with another woman, though oversharing friends have done so with me. Not bragging, just random comments.

No. 1054763

File: 1602207003624.jpeg (131.41 KB, 828x837, C437E324-5E41-4167-8B4F-819F43…)

I have no words. This is some serious next level mental gymnastics.

No. 1054772

i'm happy more people realize this because i have been ranting about this before. same thing with the whole "i'm more woman than you" thing, men have pissing contests over who's the manliest man or a real man, women don't do that.

No. 1054773

Unrelated to the quote: All estrogen does to fugly, tall dudes like this is make them look like the Worm Aliens from Men In Black. I keep seeing this sloppy body type over and over and they think they look “feminine”. The fat distribution is so male yet also bizarre.

I think I read before that he just had a traditional penile inversion surgery so he is literally just oozing fluid from his abused flesh. He didn’t have Buccal Mucosa or intestinal lining graft and even those produce nowhere near the female range of lubrication.

No. 1054774

Are misogynistic scrotes calling my vagina a frankenian, pussy wound? Mayhaps but at least it's fucking home grown.

No. 1054775

fortunately i’m not a dude in a dress

No. 1054795


I don't think misogynists say women are creepy sex pests who try to skinwalk them, nor do I think transphobes say trans women are stupid or worse at their jobs*.

*to be fair, so few of them actually have gainful employment….

No. 1054812

File: 1602215119828.jpeg (306.42 KB, 1242x1623, 396FC028-9A7F-4E0D-8970-1050AE…)

He’s talking about neo vaginas as if they’re car parts.

No. 1054813

File: 1602215149561.jpeg (388.43 KB, 1242x1593, 6DDF6180-31C0-4F75-BB37-89D943…)

The comments under the post are so gross

No. 1054814

File: 1602215193164.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.86 KB, 468x784, article-2081537-0F530C92000005…)

All HRT and estrogen does is age their bodies up. It doesn't make them women; it makes them age 10-20 years. It gives them skinny-fat grandpa bods.

No. 1054818

Kek, what the hell, i guess neovaginas are like cellphones or a computer to them. It’s amazing how they can openly talk about such things in public, but it’s totally not a fetish! Just gal pals talking about their empowering, euphoric but also gross bits, because ew, vaginas.

No. 1054827

I wonder if his gay/bisexual boyfriend will want him without a dick once he see's what a neo-vagina is and how iffy it is when it comes to "healing"

No. 1054828

I hate how they compare their gross shit to "cis vaginas", yeah we aren't getting the same type of discharge, I'm postitive whatever makes your "wap" wet isn't vaginal fluids.
Do the doctors lie to them this much or do they just repeat shit other troons tell them?

No. 1054835


I'm trying to mentally compare it to other cosmetic surgeries. Like if someone wanted a breast enlargement they'd decide what size first etc. But I've never known anyone with fake breasts to say they're better than natural ones.

No. 1054838

It is literally cosmetic surgery and a form of consumerism (in the biomedical industry).

No. 1054841

Did he really think that his sigmoid colon tissue would magically know when he's horny, rather than pumping out a constant stream of stinky colon mucus? Lmao at this retard. Also the reply talking about how cIS girLs hAvE disChaRge TOo - yeah well ours doesn't smell like poop or require three liners a day.

No. 1054855

damn i hope he doesn't back down please let this annoying shit cut off his penis

No. 1054858

I'm >>1054113 and I think you completely missed my point in saying "Hmm, can't imagine why." Point was that this whole trans thing is Jazz's mom controlling every aspect of his life and being as a person. Mommy dearest fears losing any control and knows that this is and always has been about herself and her control.
Honestly idk how that's unclear. Everyone ITT knows what it is I'm sure.
>after a while the rush of playing with the new toy/vagina wears off it would seem.
Jazz has no such "rush", just a sense of obligation because all his life he's been told he's supposed to be a specific way, and that pursuing it is a cure-all.
I've never heard of that. Disgusting. I've only heard of innie/outie in regards to bellybuttons.
>making a joke using terms he doesn't even realize exist
I hate to even remotely defend some stupid tranny rando but I didn't realize either. But tranners would probably be a lot more likely to be exposed to that kind of terminology, so there's that.

Funny since they use the anatomy logic to whine about "[trans]men have periods too so you can't say women!!!"

No. 1054861

File: 1602223505939.jpeg (555.27 KB, 1096x2048, 51175560-4D1B-4FB8-99D1-CA710D…)

I’m going to become the Joker

No. 1054863

I'm new here, is euphoric a synonym for horny with thdse people?

No. 1054871

the term “drippy girl” absolutely disgusts me. what a degenerate.

don’t those colon coochies reek of shit constantly?

No. 1054874

Can someone explain to someone who is not american what's wrong with this?

No. 1054876

> don’t those colon coochies reek of shit constantly?
Is that the title of a book from Philip K. Dick

No. 1054882

Ugly men who somehow think they're objectively attractive are bad enough, but ugly men who think they make objectively attractive women are batshit.

I'm tired of hideous troons being shilled as beautiful women when similar looking actual women are dragged to hell and back

No. 1054902

File: 1602231215468.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3464x3464, 93C3856C-A571-498E-9640-BBEAC2…)

I didn’t make this a edgelord tranny I follow put it on my feed. it’s something that they’re aware of even if most won’t admit it

No. 1054912

Lmao, I hope so too.

No. 1054924

kek anon lmao
>Do Colon Coochies Reek of Shit? by Philip K. Dick

No. 1055003

File: 1602251489719.jpg (41.03 KB, 608x811, iuJS09PQY6.jpg)


>cis girls have discharge so it'll be euphoric I do too

No. 1055005

File: 1602251839339.png (58.42 KB, 406x101, Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 2.11…)

Lmao how pathetic. The Harry Potter fans against JKR are so unaware of the irony of how they refuse to say the author's name just like Voldemort in the books they worship and how it was actually a bad thing.

No. 1055021

I genuinely don’t get why they would do this surgery. Like just have anal sex. Like essentially all they’re doing is cutting off their dick and balls so they can’t feel any pleasure and then adding basically a second anus a few cm in front of the other one. Just have buttsex and keep your sexual pleasure.

No. 1055025

This is gold

No. 1055039

I think the idea of being constantly wet, ready for sex & 'horny' is part of the bimbo euphoria for these guys. The reality of course will be a swampy, nasty mess…but theoretically they have no problem soaking three pantiliners at a time, they think it just sounds like the WAPpest WAP ever.

No. 1055040

File: 1602257449981.gif (8.01 KB, 101x101, 710745585598201856.gif)

KEK, good one anon

No. 1055044

File: 1602257783187.jpg (200.08 KB, 1080x1513, IMG_20201009_173722.jpg)

They just won't let women catch a break, even if they act as their handmaidens

No. 1055049

File: 1602258477059.png (84.9 KB, 593x514, fb61deada5ba9c682329ed148edf48…)

Lol they do this when a girl actually tries to be nice to them and then they whine about getting no pussy.
Trannies goal is to pass, but if someone acknowleges they pass they get assmad cause it's an acknowlegement they aren't inherently "real" women.

No. 1055052

The only way is to just not interact with trannies, and also don't even refer to them if you can help it. Ghost on sight, hard-block if not worried about cancellation.
They will never be happy with anything you do regarding their "identity", because they aren't even happy with what they themselves are doing.

No. 1055053

What a bunch of fucking assholes, this is why men will never be happy, they’re unnecessarily defensive when it comes to women interacting with them.

No. 1055059

Well, he knows the person is lying anyway. I don't even have to zoom in to know that a man in a wig with a filter on.
Thick ass neck. I love how trannies love to try to expose people for shit, they constantly prove why people shouldn't want to be around them for more than necessary.

No. 1055067

trannies are the best terfs i hope she peaked and realized you shouldn't bother with them

No. 1055089

They're agps so the thought of being a woman with all the reproductive parts in place is what they want. It goes beyond wearing dresses and being called ma'am. Yet with srs, the rates of suicide actually jump drastically because they want to end up as an anime girl and not the reality of treating an open sore with feces and smeg leaking

No. 1055103

Wow, doesn't being this bitter get exhausting?

No. 1055124

File: 1602266542515.jpg (571.95 KB, 1438x1463, Screenshot_20201009-190303_Twi…)

No. 1055126

File: 1602266789873.jpg (528.76 KB, 1417x1553, Screenshot_20201009-190535_Twi…)


This one seems like cow material, even beautiful "cis" girls don't experience this, why don't they even try to make their shit believable.

No. 1055128

HA HA wow. So three boyfriends HAPPEN to be chasers? What does this troon really look like because from the photo he does not look great.
It's obvious this troon hates "cis" women and thinks we all want him and their men do too.
Also, the reason why they don't talk to you is probably because if this did happen, he was probably smiling and gloating about it.

No. 1055131

Constant stream of euphoric asshole juices

No. 1055133

File: 1602267809613.jpg (5.98 KB, 201x251, images.jpg)

So I looked into his twitter and he's another one of those woman-hating transwomen who spend all day whining about "Cis women" and "transphobes", he looks like what he is a cheap drag queen, like imagine broke James Charles except he's not attractive.
I don't think this dude should get more attention because he's the type to post this shit on twitter and have a bunch of troons come here and act out.
He loves attention and scrolling through his twitter is just the same angry trans bullshit.

He's like that Sophie dude except he doesn't look botched and like a cheap sex doll from wish that takes 2 months to come and smells like mothballs.

No. 1055139

I think the friends are trannies as well, would explain it

No. 1055141


The strong jawline and the 5'o clock shadow… whomever told this dude that he passed was actually doing him a favor

No. 1055155

We've seriously got to start holding trannies up to the same standards we hold other women to. If I took this selfie I'd be mortified by how masculine I looked, how frizzy my hair was, how obvious my nose contour was, basically that I looked like a drag queen…but for these no-effort troons this is the pinnacle of beauty. Why gas them up? If they want to be treated like a woman, prepare to get dressed down like a woman. For instance, this "girl" looks like a dude in a fright wig.

No. 1055156

File: 1602269881785.jpeg (110.09 KB, 628x707, EF4EB686-35C7-48B4-91B6-63463E…)

No. 1055158

File: 1602269911768.jpeg (111.82 KB, 543x726, 95D7823D-02BA-4FDA-824C-79156C…)

And kek

No. 1055160

File: 1602270024514.jpg (97.43 KB, 1080x1080, rs_600x600-191115161846-600-ki…)

what's to explain, Ken Zolciak? professionally edited and dimly lit photos can make anyone look good.

No. 1055168

why are trans women afraid of bangs? their sixheads clearly need them.

No. 1055171

plastic surgery doesn't make you a woman and never will

No. 1055173

Because they want to look like bimbo porn stars. The ones who are inspired by anime and hentai do get bangs, though.

No. 1055175

Also what with trans and giant foreheads, it's a recurring trope I can't explain

No. 1055176

File: 1602271710633.png (1.36 MB, 1636x720, aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaA…)

Checked out his twitter and now imma have nightmares

three horsemen of the apocalypse right there

No. 1055177

File: 1602271907017.png (743.69 KB, 1600x900, 6ScCUlO.png)

Bangs won't help when his forehead already looks like this

No. 1055179

if "looking" like a woman makes you a woman then I guess non-passing trans men are women?

No. 1055180

File: 1602272026056.jpg (96.49 KB, 736x689, ba1d0c8ddf6b2b63034e783b94b6c9…)

No. 1055181

even with filters, they all look like transwomen even if they were women they'd be overly worked on women who look trans.
They look horrible

No. 1055182

They all look like they got photoshopped in the picture wtf.

No. 1055184

They wish they looked like bratz dolls.

No. 1055188

they look so fucked up lmao

No. 1055189

If I posted these pictures randomly online pretending like they were "Cis", I bet you on every pro-trans gossip site (like datalounge) they'd be picking at their faces, they'd talk about how they look like blow up dolls etc.

Now imagine if I posted this picture saying, "Look at these three trans girls", I 100% bet you the comments would be about how good they look, how no one could tell and none of the bitching about plastic surgery would matter.

Women who look like this through surgery get tons of shit thrown at them from EVERYONE, but transwomen who look like this get praised.
If they are women, treat the same way you'd treat a woman walking around like this

No. 1055190

not datalounge, I mean Dlisted

No. 1055192

File: 1602272603188.jpg (75.22 KB, 720x1250, 51024430.jpg)

If Bratz dolls were shaped like Action Man figures, maybe.

No. 1055193

is this goals? is this tranny goals? i guess this is goals if you're a coomer who only jacks it to bimbo instathots lol

No. 1055198


Remember when everyone YAS QUEEN'd Bruce Jenner before they found out he was a Trump supporter, yet they still kept shitting on the KarJenners for looking plastic

No. 1055216

I saw this person on Twitter awhile ago and she seems like an asshole, I have a proposition for why her friend may now be blanking her.

No. 1055219

>Being a full-time asshole online but wearing a let love grow sweater

No. 1055226


I wonder what this looked like before they went ham in the edit, skin smoothing so much they removed all visible bones, moving the eyes into the forehead, creating new mouths, and so on.

No. 1055230

It's cute when transwomen/gay men are conceited and bitchy but bad when women are. The same people who'd hate these behaviors from actual women cheer them on in men.

No. 1055263

File: 1602277515072.png (16.09 KB, 597x204, okstraightmale.PNG)

Straight AGP man expresses his contempt for gay men (and I'm sure you can guess how he feels about actual lesbians who don't want to fuck him.) So woke!

No. 1055270

Are they partially afraid of bangs because of the "terf bangs" meme? Because if so someone should start convincing trannies every little thing that would help them pass is something terfs like to do too lol

No. 1055271

men naturally have farther back hairlines than women, that's why hairline lowering is part of ffs.

No. 1055272

terf bangs meme is so hilarious because i have ever seen those short baby bangs on tras and other genderpeople

No. 1055278

File: 1602279166786.jpg (327.57 KB, 1908x1146, 3671D14A00000578-0-image-a-27_…)

>If they are women, treat the same way you'd treat a woman walking around like this
This so much. Trannies are put on a pedestal just for tossing on a dress and makeup, they don't even need to put in an effort with makeup and plastic surgery for handmaidens to wanna suck their feminine cocks.
A bit OT but I watched this British makeover show (100% hotter) where they regularly mock and tear into the bad fashion choices of their participants, and they're forced to take off all their makeup and wigs/extensions on the camera. But not the tranny. Men think women are coddled, even when men dressing up as girls are far more coddled than actual women.

No. 1055284

100% accurate, trannies dress decades younger than they actually are and get applauded, meanwhile natal women are expected to start wearing potato sacks post 35, lest we’re trying to ‘trick’ people into thinking we’re younger than we are. Tricking people with your appearance, of course, being sinful vanity when a woman does it.

No. 1055291

That would be amazing, something like a promotional type of video with different women with plastic surgery or ott makeup like the ones they use, all of them would just look at the camera and say
>I’m a terf

No. 1055292

I remember this show, that was such bullshit. They treated the girl with the fake tan and eyelashes like shit then turned around and timidly licked this guy's balls.

No. 1055299

File: 1602280889346.jpg (87.42 KB, 720x1250, JohanaWytchDilatrix.jpg)

No. 1055300

File: 1602280902320.jpg (230.45 KB, 1200x1114, iu7YGNTM19.jpg)

No. 1055301

why are they so smug?

No. 1055309


Never underestimate the confidence of a mediocre white man

No. 1055325

I guess they projecting their insecurities on real women because they subconsciously can't really compete.
Making up stories and feeling like every guy wants to fuck them is just what they think the life of a actual women is like because their brains are mostly cum.

No. 1055367

File: 1602285746505.jpeg (555.49 KB, 1242x2156, 66362363-8C3D-49A8-B26D-888CAC…)

I’m sorry.

No. 1055377

Marry me.

No. 1055388

This is beautiful anon

No. 1055399

This is amazing

No. 1055416

> Jazz is one of the very few trans (and the only that currently comes to mind) that I have any sympathy for. What a horrible mother. Treats her son like a real-life doll to dress, control, and mold as much as she wants.

It reminded me of this. The mother literally said "I knew she was a girl because she liked sparkles and pink and all the girly things"

No. 1055430

This should be the next thread pic

No. 1055436

File: 1602292374041.png (18.57 KB, 686x160, agpbehavior.PNG)

Why. Why. Why???

No. 1055457

child should have been taken away. Not put on hormones. the system failed these children. It's so sad

No. 1055479

I didn't really like pink and sparkles as an afab cis female, but I like them more now so I guess I shifted gender?? So blessed to live in these woke times where color preferences are linked so closely to our gender expression!

No. 1055492

There's one that's even sadder. A mother that confessed to abusing her child for expressing feminity to the point where he wants to kill himself. But now she's "accepted it" and gets ass-pats for that.

No. 1055518


> “ I knew she was a girl because she liked sparkles and pink and all the girly things"

That’s sexist. Fucking nutters. Boys can like girly shit, just like girls can like boy shit. They need a term like tomboy for little boys.

No. 1055521

It’s tomgirl, but AGP’s took it for themselves because it’s not a fetish, but the term really makes them euphoric.

No. 1055529

Uh no it's always been tomboy. Tom girl is what retards like chris chan say.

No. 1055563

they were saying tomgirl is the tomboy equivalent for little boys that like girly stuff lol

No. 1055569

Anon who mentioned Dlisted jogged my memory. When Bruce came out, posters on there were gleefully talking about how he was going to be a much hotter woman than the women in his family and “show [his (step-)daughters] how it’s done”. This was long before I peaked but it still rankles me how these posters would cheer on a father for trying to sexually compete with his own daughters. Bruce was guilty of all the same shit they criticised the others for and worse but while they were called trash, he was called a Queen. It was one of the main reasons I stopped reading there.

No. 1055588

He looks like a fish

No. 1055590

That one on the lefts nose is about to collapse if it’s really like that kek

No. 1055592

File: 1602315335629.jpg (498.65 KB, 330x191, WUN6mbG.jpg)

No. 1055602

I won't lie, I was hoping for someone to add some edits because I was too lazy to do it myself. That's perfect

No. 1055648

File: 1602327686000.jpg (252.96 KB, 719x776, Screenshot_20201010-140156_Twi…)

It is, thanks! Isn't it lovely when men say nice things about us?

No. 1055649

File: 1602327756676.jpg (Spoiler Image,448.64 KB, 1534x2048, IMG_20201010_140342.jpg)

No words for this level of delusion

No. 1055651

He's bad at makeup.

No. 1055659

he lives in a society

No. 1055665

File: 1602331077970.png (578.04 KB, 705x410, d.png)

nitpick but look at that failed attempt at editing, his waist literally changes depending on the picture.

No. 1055666

he/him lesbians are ridiculous but wouldn't that be better off in the fakebois thread? If this is going to be a thread picture it should be more MtF focused

No. 1055675

fuuuck those lips bruhhhhh

No. 1055681

File: 1602333868577.png (406.35 KB, 589x561, fgdfg.png)

yea i can see the gay and a male but that's it

No. 1055685

File: 1602334261665.png (215.09 KB, 497x509, wekwek.png)

No. 1055686

File: 1602334380333.jpeg (49.62 KB, 385x400, 50CDF50A-90F2-4481-A479-938F85…)

No. 1055688

Nvm I actually feel bad now. That character, whatever her name was, is actually really sweet.

But the lips do look alike.

No. 1055692

I cant with those wide ass man lips. It looks so weird

No. 1055695


What's with so many former gay men now calling themselves lesbians? Gigi Gorgeous pulled that shit too

No. 1055697

i think about the wachowskis a lot when trooning comes up. i think the matrix and its spinoffs are literally some of the best movies ever made, absolutely incredible stuff for so many reasons, and realizing the directors are both gross female-fetishists makes it near impossible to separate art from artist and go back to looking at the movies like i did.

No. 1055698

No. 1055702

it's this

fool men online and look "hot" all you want, no man wants to fuck you irl once they realize you're packing a dong. and for the transbians, literally no woman wants to fuck them. that's why they're always with other transbians.

imagine mutilating your whole body for a fetish and then being unable to indulge in that fetish in the way you want, LOL

No. 1055704

I wonder, what do you think about the AGP general on /lgbt/?

Most MtF seem to have issues understanding how AGP they are and how they're basing their identity on a fetish, but what about those that just see themselves as mentally ill coomers, and that know that actually transitioning would never live up to their porn-induced fantasies?
The rest of the board is constantly trying to convert them and "crack the eggs" to join their hivemind, but maybe it's because they don't like how open they are about how, sometimes, it really IS just a fetish?

No. 1055705

well i literally just saw infighting in the mtf thread where some tripfags were calling out others for being AGP so they at least acknowledge it's a thing

No. 1055706

Even frogs don't have mouths like this one.

No. 1055710

Yeah, but often they just use it as a catch-all insult to invalidate others (like "male-brained", "transbian", "rapehon", etc.)
They way I see it used most often outside of the general is as a surefire way of implying the other person is just a fetishistic man, while whoever is lobbing the insult is a True and Honest™ trans by contrast.

Meanwhile, the general's dominant opinion seems to be more along the lines of "God I wish I could coom normally instead of being mentally ill".

No. 1055717

File: 1602338146077.jpg (11.86 KB, 204x247, images.jpg)

No. 1055721

i genuinely think hormones fuck up your sexuality…same shit happens to ftms

No. 1055723

Most of them fucking other troons, so still gay men.

No. 1055739

kek still got that fat manly troon neck though

No. 1055743

God I hope he does, when he's dealing with the post surgery regret and never being able to wank again and having a gaping wound that smells like shit all the time and still trying to claim "pEoPLe CanT TeLl tHE DifFERence", hilarious.

I think as more of these twitter troons get surgery the trans fad might die down a little.

No. 1055745

Literally no word I despise more in the tranny vocabulary than “euphoria”

No. 1055750

yeah and i wanna see what happens to his onlyfans when he's not a dickgirl anymore.

i hope since he's popular he will inspire other trannies to cut off their dicks too, honestly don't feel bad for them anymore about it i think it's just karma

No. 1055754

sorry if this is a dumb question but where do they get the money for this amount of plastic surgery in addition to gender reassignment surgery?

No. 1055759

That’s also what I don’t get because they preach about how “genitals have nothing to do with sex” and you can literally be “female” and have a dick, yet they simultaneously try to replicate vaginas as closely as they can to the real thing and dream about having functioning uteruses and shit. Like which is it then??? The “you can be female and have a dick” thing is clearly just a huge cope until they can get srs apparently then.

No. 1055760


The most common explanation I hear is "some trans people are dysphoric because of cissexist society and that's valid!!! but also not being dysphoric at all is just as valid!! there is no wrong way to be trans!!!"

I've heard troons saying that wanting waginas and uteruses is lowkey internalized transphobia and if "women with penises" were completely normalized it wouldn't be necessary

No. 1055767

So tone deaf. Medusa was raped by a male and then punished for it (although it does kinda seem like a blessing in disguise to turn men to stone) trannies fuck off and stop trying to claim a victim of male violence and misogyny as your own.

>The Medusa we know was raped by Poseidon in the goddess Athena's temple. Athena then punished her for desecrating her sacred space by cursing Medusa with a head full of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone.

No. 1055769

anon how could you compare an innocent cat to this mess

No. 1055772

I am only confused about one thing - if you dont need to look like a woman or you dont need to have a vagina, or female reproductive system, what makes you a woman? Why do you need to be called a "woman"? How do you go about defining what a woman is?

No. 1055778

This is really confusing for me. I am fully peaked and not like a secret TRA but do most little gay 4 yr olds insist they're girls? I mean esp this super religious family, the kid obv had no influence toward the psychos in society who push this shit. I really don't know what to do with this information. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Gotta admit this is really good pro trans propaganda lol

No. 1055783

…What's wrong with that? Someone who abuses their child for behaving in a "feminine" manner and liking "girl things" absolutely deserves to get their ass handed to them.

No. 1055784

>if you dont need to look like a woman or you dont need to have a vagina, or female reproductive system, what makes you a woman?
Fucking lesbians.
>Why do you need to be called a "woman"?
To fuck lesbians.
>How do you go about defining what a woman is?
Women are the gender lesbians fuck.

No. 1055799

I've read that effeminacy and crossdressing in young boys isually a sign that they'll be gay when they grow up, which the mom straight-up says she was trying to prevent him from becoming. I think she just started feeling guilty when he kid became suicidal, and decided trooning her kid out was the bets option. Her family enforced strict gender roles and would spank him just for playing with "girl's" toys. If you teach a kid that only girls want do the things he wants to do, then it makes sense he would come to the conclusion he's actually female.

No. 1055800

File: 1602348955770.png (166.69 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20201010-185228~2.p…)

My personal trooncow is deep into chastity cage but he is adamant about getting an axe wound, he is going to be so disappointed when he'll realize he won't be able to play with this fetish any longer. Of course he thinks he'll get a top notch true and honest pussy, I can't wait to see his reaction once he sees he won't be be able to use giant monster dildos in it.

No. 1055811

Can't say for sure, but you often hear tell of sexwork

No. 1055814

I think little kids sometimes just say crazy shit, but most parents know better than to indulge it OR act crazy and freak out, making it a bigger deal to the kid than it is. Pretty sure when I was 4 I insisted I was a puppy a couple times, and my parents would've just laughed it off and dismissed it until I grew out of it. Its saying, "Okay, yes, you ARE a girl." or "No, dear god in heaven no you are absolutely not a girl and I'll beat you if you say that!" that messes with a kid's head.

No. 1055822

what's even more fucked up is how most agp perverts that start hormones at a younger age end up dead on average by their 40s and 50s. their fetish literally controls their life spans

No. 1055827

Yeah, I think when they say they are "Lesbians" they mean they are just fucking other troons when they are former "gay men", I bet you this troon was once a "Straight woman" but realized that men who chase troons don't usually date them, the ones who do aren't usually prizes & hide it.
It's easier to find another bimbo troon to date with a dick and larp as girls/lesbians then it is to find a man to larp as a straight couple.
Another thing i've noticed is the ones who seem like they have shrunken or barely working dicks, usually end up with other troons in the end.
That guy seems like the type, he's all about looking like a bimbo and he does not care what hell he puts his body through to get that look.
Gigi's make me sad because it's a gay man who fucked his body so much, that there's no point in even getting with a man/troon. He might as well be with a very rich lesbian.

No. 1055829

Oh this troon got the chop? No wonder he's a "lesbian" now.

No. 1055830


>He might as well be with a very rich lesbian

I'm pretty sure that actually happened at some point, but I still don't understand why would a lesbian, particularly a filthy rich heiress, settle for some botched troon

No. 1055835

Either the lesbian is not a real lesbian, or she wanted childern and thought somehow someway she could make it work with a troon.
Or maybe the lesbian is a chaser. Regardless the relationship comes off very fake. The "lesbian" could've done a lot better in troons, could've gotten one with a working dick and who could have childern.
Also, one that looks better because imagine how horrible gigi's tits look in person?

No. 1055843

That was a great explanation, thank you. I wonder if the mom is more comfortable with her kid transitioning and appearing to be in a hetero relationship than with him just being gay.

No. 1055873

imo nats was never a 100% lesbian and also gigi entered her life when she was at her lowest - wouldn't be surprised if he took advantage of that and just manipulated her. unfortunately to me it seems that nats is actually attached to gigi is in love

No. 1055875

*and is in love

No. 1055881

Idk who this is but oh bitch, you need to update us when he gets the puss-wound

No. 1055929

File: 1602363824032.jpg (49.96 KB, 623x603, tumblr_74feb69591da65a46dca4d4…)

No. 1055932

No. 1055933

uppest kek

No. 1055934

Now this is just depressing, no amount of surgery, makeup or filters can help this miserable soul.

No. 1055940

Of course it's a furry

No. 1055979

What physical medical condition(s) cause someone to look like this?

No. 1056013

thank god

i honestly don't care about troons who are just gay men and don't screech about misgendering and all that. i hope they're content. i only hold disgust and hatred toward AGPs

No. 1056038

Imagine a world where saying All women don't have wombs but all that have wombs are women is seen as hate speech.

>Mmm, such delicious infected tissue fluid and ballsack sweat! It's even better than the real discharge produced by dedicated vaginal glans instead of a leaking open wound!

Yep, the whole sperging about their designer pussy is a very male-socialized behavior in general and identical to the way they talk about their penises. A dick's a dick even if it's inverted I guess.

No. 1056051

Ah yes, all those misogynists who bitch about women entering their bathrooms and changing rooms to sexually assault them.

This is a front row seat to HSTS misogyny and bitterness. Like they often lowkey resent women for taking away all the men but usually try to keep it at least passive aggressive tops but this guy's going all out.

Next thread pic material

NTA and I'm not sure if you understood correctly but what anon meant is that the mother gets applauded for first abusing his boy for being a boy who likes girly things but only accepted him once she figured out she can just raise him as a girl instead of a effeminate boy.

No. 1056065

He might be suffering from a genetic disorder that makes him look terrifying or he's probably on the spectrum or some shit.

No. 1056076

Blaire White is a gay male tranny and spends all his time ripping down real women, like them all. The gay male trannies like Blaire are trying to appear female because they want to bag straight guys. They won't date other gay men because of this. It's VITAL the guy is "striaght", but of course no actually straight guy is gonna fuck a dude no matter what he paints his face with. And because straight men won't date them they'll lash out at real women for it, because they're desperately jealous.

I mean, Blaire was sitting talking to Yaniv and when Yaniv said "you look better than cis women" to him Blaire loved it. Coming from a pedo he was meant to be grilling. It's a similar but different competition to the ones AGPs make with women.

No. 1056188


Just like real girls. I, too, get sexually around at the thought of my own bodily functions.

Not really, that's fucking weird. If they used a word like, idk, "validation" that might be something but euphoria makes it sound like they're just constantly chasing that high, that feeling of OMG AM REAL WOMAN.

No. 1056189


If you flip it so Athena is helping her, it's the best rape and revenge story ever.

No. 1056191


e-begging like 90% of the time

even in the UK where you can get your bobs an vagene on the NHS they complain that the waiting list is too long and they need this lifesaving surgery now so plz gib.

No. 1056204

yeah, I don't think all of them are making that much from sex work even the high quality ones, I've seen how much they donate to eachother, like Kevin Gibes begs 4 times a week after spending money on toys and people STILL give him money.
I've seen a lot of instagrams with lots of follows post sob stories about transwomen doing "surivial sex work" yet they will literally die if you don't help them get Facial surgeries.
In a way I think some woke people will donate to grown troons saying they'll LITERALLY DIE without boob jobs, a Neo-vagina and dorito chins then anything else.
People really think grown men who think they are women are the most oppressed people on the planet, not even childern, GROWN MEN.

No. 1056247

>he/him lesbians are ridiculous but wouldn't that be better off in the fakebois thread? If this is going to be a thread picture it should be more MtF focused
Oh you sweet summer child…
This is about MtFs.

No. 1056249

What is it with the NHS anyway? I've seen TRAs attacking them recently, but it's undefunded as fuck, don't they make everyone wait years to get necessary surgeries?

No. 1056256

Basically this. You have a billion GoFundMes for this shit.
>Help Lily Brianna to transition! Hello, my name is Lily and I'm a AMAB trans woman. NHS is filled with bigoted transphobes who won't let me mutilate my dick and pop estrogen pills after two days of identifying as a woman so I need to fly to the US to a private, informed consent clinic. I have to raise $80,000 for my fifteen surgeries and to pay for house upkeeping for the next two years so I can stay home and shitpost on Twitter all day. Every donation counts and remember, if I don't hit my goal you're the reason why I will be 41%ing uwu
>$120,000 RAISED OF $80,000 GOAL

No. 1056268

lesbians in what sense? i thought this type dated men or at most other trans women.

No. 1056283

File: 1602416864262.webm (136.08 KB, 854x1518, yOIAU7K.webm)

Saw this tranny on the frontpage of imgur with 33k views doing the "dress go spinny UwU" shit and getting a bunch of upvotes and compliments for it. At first I thought maybe they made the skirt, but it's just titled "Spin Spin Spin" with no explanation. so I checked out their profile and it's just videos of cats and them "doing the spinny thing" in different outfits. I am so perplexed by how much normies enable this bullshit.

No. 1056285

No normal woman cares this much about the spinnyness of their skirts. It's so funny they they think this is a fundamental woman behavior. Le skirt go spin spin spin hehe I'm such a dumb little girl hungwy for lesbian mommy milkers. Men can literally meme themselves into anything, huh.

No. 1056307

kek that fucking background

No. 1056311

Seriously how many of these fetishists think they actually look both feminine and good?

No. 1056331

is it just me or is the obsession with spinny skirts vaguely pedo-tier?
The only people who really actively spin their skirts are little girls.

No. 1056339

It seriously is, girls stop giving a shit about this when they're 8 years old. They really don't seem to get that most girls/tweens want to be seen as mature even when they're actual children, being all "uwu dwess is swpinny" really isn't conducive to that. Being a troon is basically being a pedo in public and getting praise for it.

No. 1056346

I cared about the "spinnyness" of my skirts… when I was in kindergarten.

No. 1056347

File: 1602427534293.jpg (180.32 KB, 1080x1093, trans.jpg)

One ftm got a bunch of heat for complaining that they kept bumping people's top surgeries because breast cancer patients needed urgent life saving surgery instead.

No. 1056356

You don't understand, these grown men never had your priviledged little girlhood and so now as adult men they have to relive it by first pretending to be born as a little baby girl (and a cis woman should be forced to help them recreate that experience) then they should get to breastfeed on a qt cis lesbian and be diapered in cute pink girly diapers, then they get to wear spinny skirts and play with Barbies until HRT induces a natural girly puberty that is very euphoric and they discover their girly sexuality for the first time and get to have their first qt girl sleepover (which cis women should be forced to participate in to give the real girl experience they missed out on, remember your priviledge bitch!). Then they will get to be fertile young wymmin and by 2030 they will have womb transplants, which cis-women will be forced to provide cause you got the priviledge of being born a woman and don't deserve it and…

ok ok I am making myself sick now, but this is literally how they think

No. 1056372

I refuse to believe it's not a troll

No. 1056374

>how dare those fucking wxmxn be dying of a critical illness that has no cure other than amputation?! my cosmetic surgery is literally more important than their lives, I will literally kill myself if I can’t grope my own tits by the end of this non-binaryfigureofimportancefucking month

No. 1056382

But anon you have to understand that they're experiencing gender euphoria because they never got to be little girls spinning their spinny skirts like cute little girls do uwu

Isn't this tweet at least two years old or so? I remember being pissed off at it when I had just peaked. And yes it's real and unironical.

No. 1056384

I was going to write a paragraph long alog in response to this, but I've settled for kill it before it lays eggs.

No. 1056397

Meanwhile women with cancer actually DO die waiting, cut off your own tits if you need it done so badly, Aiden.

No. 1056406

can someone explain to me what the fuck "Dress go spinny" means? Sounds like some toddler shit.

No. 1056409

and how is it "gender euphoria" they can put on a dress and spin to mars as a man, shit don't spin different because "I'm a womyn now!"

No. 1056412

That's one of the problems, they equate womanhood to swishy dresses, big tits and makeup.

No. 1056415

Their own existence is a simple, yet convoluted one all at the same time. I recommend they take their meds.

No. 1056472

File: 1602438178858.jpg (369.79 KB, 2295x1290, 201812_TR_VLV_01-WEB.jpg)

meanwhile in Turkey, men have figured out how to enjoy spinny skirts without trooning out.

No. 1056504


mandatory hrt for the entire camab population of Turkey

No. 1056515

I’m the anon who asked and honestly this makes me bitter and sad. Mainly because there are so many harsh beauty standards placed on women (esp black women). If a girl makes a go fund me asking for a nose job she’’ll be made fun of. Hell even if a girl gets plastic surgery she’s ridiculed for being fake/plastic despite the pressures society puts on us. But MTF they ask for surgery it’s a “”necessity “”to look like like a bimbo because it’s “life saving”

No. 1056517

Oh god the uwu anime girl hands

No. 1056520

Yeah, I never bought into the whole "gay troons r better than those nasty straight troons!" One is a pathetic fugly gay male who thinks trooning out will grant him access to straight men who will then take him over actual women, and the other is someone's dad/uncle who has a porn addiction which turned into a tranny fetish. Both are equally pathetic, it's easier to be a troon than a GNC male.

Yet another religious parent turning their gay GNC male child into a tranny. First one was Jazz Jennings, right? His family is Jewish, this child's family seem to be southern Baptists. This will end up with him getting his dick cut off like Jazz.

No. 1056551


dress go spinny cringe compilation when??

No. 1056555

Obviously women are less threatened by gay troons because they won't rape and abuse them. AGPs, primarily if they are interested in actual women and not other AGPs are the biggest problem.

I do agree though that we should stop saying that gay troons are real women. They're just men who make themselves look like blow up dolls. Thailand has it correct where they are all called 'lady boys'.

No. 1056558

I just searched Youtube and got "dress go spinny meme" as a suggested search.

Hit that and I get a playlist made by this person, who has age restricted their own dress go spinny related videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnGHsbzcOFbHPGDCfHtnADQ/videos

Here's the playlist. There are 987 videos. This is very normal!

No. 1056564

File: 1602445895255.png (701.81 KB, 1434x1434, doomerdoge.png)

tfw so many little children in that

No. 1056584

HRT moobies look so weird, they're always far apart and pointy, they don't even look like puberty boobs. If I saw this dude in public I would assume he had gynaecomastia. Even when they get boob jobs it doesn't fit their male frame with their nips sliding off the side, LOL.

I think it depends on where you're from, I've heard of gay trannies fighting women irl. And I'm convinced the random anons trying to convince us gay troons are rEaL women are said gay troons. They get butthurt when they feel called out.

No. 1056592

In all honesty even though I don't consider HSTSs women I still feel sympathy for them and would much rather have them in my bathroom than AGPs and don't see them as an immediate threat to my safety. That doesn't mean I still think they're women or pathetic as hell for harboring so much internalized homophobia that they wanted to become blow up dolls just so that some chaser would fuck the gay away.

No. 1056594

A lot of deleted videos, and yeah a concerning number of videos of little girls in there

>Hello, is this the FBI?

No. 1056605

File: 1602450599121.jpeg (128.65 KB, 750x580, CD754C4B-E502-47AC-B7AB-A8C2D3…)

No. 1056618

I’m drowning in medical debt from cancer-removal surgery/cancer treatment and I want to make a gofundme for help, but I don’t bother bc the problems of a “cis” white woman rank much lower than that of troons looking for a nose job or looking for someone to pay their rent. I get very bitter every time I see a successfully funded (if not more) campaign for a boob job or facial feminization surgery, or better yet, the vague campaigns asking for assistance in “transition” with no established goal (where does the money go???). These fools are given thousands of dollars from “sympathetic souls” while real women suffer in silence.

No. 1056619

Worst one I ever seen was the one outright asking for money to buy a car.

A luxury for most but because trans it suddenly becomes a necessity

No. 1056620

Sorry anon, you can still make one and maybe some individuals would help you out. You never know who would connect with your story.
But yes I remember the time Shia laebouf specifically paid for some trans persons surgery and he got all these asspats for it but why don’t celebrities also donate loads of money to people who are actually suffering?? That’s one of the first things I would do if I had money to give out. It makes me sick that there’s so many families (I work with a lot of them) that are forced to ignore their health issues because it’s expensive but people with enough minority points can just ask for money for anything and people feel imposed to give them money because they feel like it makes them better allies or some shit. The power of enforcing yourself as a perpetual victim on social media!

No. 1056650

Hahaha wow crossover, this person is a notorious menace in the lolita community. He would send girls inappropriate messages asking what they wore under their dresses etc. he used to go by “brolitajenny” back on livejournal but recently resurfaced in Facebook lolita groups too.

No. 1056657

This. MTFs have no idea how much misery every woman around them has felt since, like, the age of 7 because of this shit. Wow, you feel like shit when you look in the mirror suddenly, Evelyn Luna Persephone? So does every fucking woman you know, just as intensely, since they were 8.

But then, even if they did know this, they wouldn't change anything, I guess, since the sexy princess milf etc ideals we grow up struggling beneath are the things they build their whole sense of self around.

No. 1056717

But we have spwinny skwwwitts and titties and can rub our clit since childhood!!!1 There are girls as young as 9 getting painful periods, still having to act quiet and usually so nice to especially boys because they are allowed to act like actual kids for so much longer- then they fucking get their dicks chopped off and fetishize all of that. At the risk of blogging, these sick fucks have made it so that we aren’t even ALLOWED to speak about women’s health as just that, there’s shit like “wombcentric”, “people with utero” bitch I am a woman, we are goddamn women, let us just say that when talking about our fucking bodies that we didn’t need to get built in some Thai surgery table. Troons are allowed to tweet about their rotting Frankenstein pussies but women get screamed at to put trigger warnings when talking about ovarian cancer on social media because some Lillian Asuka McStorm with a perma 9 o’clock shadow Might get their feefees huwwt.

No. 1056737

Can't take this shit anymore. The videos in that playlist and the "underwear warning on his own videos…

Of course he is. Absolutely gag-worthy.

No. 1056740

This is extremely unsurprising information, and definitely makes his dress go spinny playlist look even more suspect than it already does

No. 1056768

File: 1602471751145.jpeg (391.78 KB, 828x714, A2FCF136-3D59-48DD-9FB2-A252C1…)

Why must they always make everything about them

No. 1056769

He also has an Internet Safety playlist of videos geared towards children. Don't know what the fuck to make of that, except for that he thinks some kind of plausible deniability about trying to be a children's 'educational' channel or something when he's busted for being a huge disgusting pervert.

No. 1056776

File: 1602472237707.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.6 KB, 1242x1457, bpTikhZ.jpg)

(Spoiler for dude boobs)
This link was shared at KF(you can only view posts if logged in to Reddit) and all HRT moobs look like they’re trying to escape in different directions. The fat distribution and tissue, even when they have a lot of growth, is distinctively male and plain unsettling. When you see a woman with tuberous breast deformity, you just feel sorry for her since it is a congenital abnormality. Women with this deformity tend to suffer a lot of psychosexual issues even when they can get the condition surgical treated. But these dudes all seem to love their wall-eyed growths and deflated grandpa moobs, thinking they’re hot babes with their massive ribcages and distended bellies.

I clocked that Autism face so fast. It’s scary how many of these impaired guys get to ok to go ahead on life-altering hormone treatments and surgery rather than intensive psychological and behavior therapy.

No. 1056777

Sometimes I scroll past this thread and wonder how stuff like this is considered milk. I've seen about 1,000 cis women make this exact same remark, but instead of dick, it's about one side of their labia not fitting in Victoria Secret underwear. It's a jokey joke. Laugh.

No. 1056778

With the fucking love nikki music… why

No. 1056792

god, that skin is so gross. do they not scrub themselves in the shower? that's male hygiene right there.

No. 1056796

File: 1602475872767.jpeg (76.12 KB, 640x640, AE02CA6C-F8BC-49FA-B3D2-0A33A4…)

There’s blackish grime on the underboobs…

No. 1056808

That’s one of the “better” examples. The gallery is full of pictures you can smell. Sorry! I forgot to include the link to the gallery: https://www.reddit.com/r/TransBreastTimelines/

No. 1056828


>andom anons trying to convince us gay troons are rEaL women are said gay troons

makes sense tbh but i also wouldn't be surprised if the HSTS defence squad was mostly annoying girls who are just overly defensive of their GBFs. so many people don't realize how crazy fag hags can be

No. 1056870

File: 1602492458393.jpeg (86.22 KB, 924x924, 2F5E1DCB-7924-4D23-8DE4-AD97CD…)

an mtf in my friend group recently sent pic related in our group chat and I'm so tired. they really do get off on the awful shit that actual women go through every day.

No. 1056901

literally nobody uses the term. it's culturally nonexistent.

No. 1056934

File: 1602502985425.jpg (7.8 KB, 184x184, 70e47e938e45bbb2f0d9492f2fc5ee…)


>literally nobody

excuse me, christine weston chandler is literally a cultural icon and i will not stand for such blatant erasure and disrespect

anyway, we really do need a term for feminine boys that is not inherently derogatory

No. 1056956


i fucking hate trannies

No. 1056963

This just makes me plain mad. There are really more serious cases rn than their stupid tiddies in hospitals. Don’t these troons realize covid is still a thing ???

No. 1056974

As bitter and sad as I was, the hypothetical names gave me a genuine laugh anons. Thnx

No. 1056986

File: 1602511662011.jpg (300.05 KB, 1242x1762, tumblr_8317e476ba49f9ce0bc6de6…)


imagine being this entitled

No. 1056987

File: 1602511686356.png (152.16 KB, 640x577, tumblr_aa46d858f8a7e1a185b0551…)

No. 1056988

File: 1602511725053.png (185.24 KB, 640x540, tumblr_5cae1e89f88d7fa45dd4e27…)


people are literally dying, xayden

No. 1056996

Killing your nan for top surgery money…how awful. I just lost my grandma and I could never imagine being this cruel.

No. 1057003

It’s all about the tits, anon, think of the tits, it could literally die if it doesn’t have tits.

No. 1057005

File: 1602515585846.png (1.29 MB, 1166x1080, tranny.png)

How you gonna reclaim something that isn't yours? the sheer delusion of these freaks.

No. 1057007

The moid lingo checks out.

No. 1057021

Adult human female sounds like the picture description you would find in a biology book.

Also they don't even look human, let alone female.

No. 1057069

Adult human female was terf terminology back in 2018 to designate real women, it used to trigger troons real hard, now they've "reclaimed" the expression for themselves.

No. 1057078

Kek, even the really "pretty" ones still like men even in their most edited and photoshopped pictures, i'd love to see this troon with no editing.

No. 1057079

File: 1602524612793.png (105.8 KB, 943x640, Skjermbilde (24).png)

azelia banks getting cancelled on twitter right now

No. 1057080

Second down is a waste of oxygen and hopefully has already received their karmic blessings for these entitled, hateful wishes.

No. 1057082

No. 1057086

It’s funny because those men in dresses will never be able to become a real woman, they have to settle with terminologies like female or wxmxn because no matter how much hormones they pump into their manly bodies, how much they shave their huge bones nor how little they eat or how much plastic they get. They will always be men in dresses pretending they’re smug.

No. 1057091

Wtf I love Azelia Banks now

No. 1057097

she gets cancelled all the time. Canceling celebs or anyone online isn't a thing and doesn't mean anything. She doesn't and will never give a fuck about what others say

No. 1057098

It’s more likely a girl who wants to get her tits removed, same as that one who went viral. Aidens can be brutal little shits too. I don’t know if it’s because they’re mostly teenagers or because testosterone rots the brain.

Adult human female is (was? I’m afraid to check) the dictionary definition of woman. Some women put it on billboards and produced T-shirts to essentially troll TRAs back when words like male and female still had some meaning. Now female has gone the way of woman, where a female is anyone who identifies as a female.

No. 1057123

File: 1602528604185.png (108.37 KB, 778x640, gender-affirming-boobjob.png)

This one's my favorite.

No. 1057132

I'm howling, she really went off

No. 1057133

File: 1602530302110.gif (2.15 MB, 480x244, 1547789586305.gif)

No. 1057136

File: 1602531090988.png (113.23 KB, 798x620, hgv.png)


No. 1057150

absolute queen

No. 1057152

No. 1057163

Does she lurk here or on KF? She uses very specific anti troons terms I've only ever seen there.

No. 1057173

It was kind of a running gag in the first celebricow threads that she may or may not be a farmer. She also may or may not be using LSA according to girls there and a few farmers as well. I think it was even a bannable offence at some point to post "hi azealia", but honestly, who knows.

No. 1057203

> It’s another wank off to literal who shattering twitter echo chamber by posting about what normal people think of trannies

No. 1057208

based and terfpilled, I wish it was a reputable celebrity saying what we're all thinking but at least someone is. also YOUR BALLSACK PUSSYLIPS CAN WAIT made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes

No. 1057214

There's a guy on 4chan who claims he trolls transitioning subreddits by posting pictures of real girls lol

No. 1057239

No. 1057277

Well that Cambell dude definitely isn’t one of them kek. He looks so uncanny valley.

No. 1057281

I bet all my euros on him just posting on trans passing kek

No. 1057314


MOVE OVER jkr, you blew the credibility of any rational thinking with your recent "cross-dressing" serial killer character…

HERE FOR AZAILIA BANKS… She's been training up on cancellations for years. Thank you 2020

No. 1057315

OMFG, Jenny is back.
This man is a full-blown sissy and autistic man who is in a lolita community (in GA iirc) or was last time he was discussed in the sissy thread. (might have been the old rose board its been a long ass time)

No. 1057325

File: 1602555587780.jpeg (440.78 KB, 2048x2048, 8E356270-6FED-45E1-8775-156E9B…)

This made me fuckin kek

No. 1057326

I thought this was a fucking joke at first just scrolling by, delightful

No. 1057342

I might be misremembering, but didn't she come out a year or two ago and spoke out about how she had "friends" who were transwomen that she trusted and considered sisters and they sexually assaulted her? I heard she has a sister that's FtM, but I remember her mentioning MtFs. Of course Twitter being so woke, caring and loving trashed her for speaking out about it and wanted to silence her. I wonder if that's when she peaked.

No. 1057419

Wtaf, it's called being a useless lesbian, and it's rooted in women not wanted to be creepy towards other women like how men are forceful and creepy. On tinder I 90% of the time have to make the first move with other women because we never want to come off as a man. This guy obviously has no fucking clue about wlw culture holy shit

No. 1057434


Watching his videos reminds me of my ex. When he started wearing dresses and women's (aka my) clothing he would get fucking PISSED because he… couldn't figure out how to put a dress on. I had to show him multiple times how to take a sundress and put it over his head. He couldn't figure out how to take a women's cut t-shirt off, oh fuck all the times when he would come into my room crying that he couldn't get his shirt off. Lol after the 3rd month of him being full time I would just say "You're a big girl, you figure it out."

It's funny, he would always complain about zipping me up in my vintage style dresses (I can do it myself, but it's just easier to have someone else do it), but he had to have like a 3 hour lecture on how to put on a fucking over the head stretchy sundress on and would scream at me if I ever slightly gave him the idea that I wasn't having the best time of my life teaching a 40 year old man how to dress himself

No. 1057491

Was your ex learning disabled? Couldn't slip a dress over his head? Couldn't take a shirt off by himself? Were the clothes just way too small?

No. 1057498

NTA but I'm pretty sure her ex was just pretending not to know how to put it on because he wanted to indulge her in his sissyfication fetish. A lot of pervy men who are into forced feminization/crossdressing feign ignorance to trick women into dressing them up or choosing their makeup etc. They get a kick out of a more experienced mommy substitute dressing them in spinny skirts like a cute little dolly uwu~

No. 1057499

He was in the process of trooning out, ofc he was.

No. 1057503

I don’t like her for liking trump but these comments are spitting facts for once

No. 1057505

Can you imagine if you went up to one of your girl friends saying "uhm girl, your cameltoe is showing" and she flipped out on you screaming "WTF ARE YOU FETISHIZING ME?! I FEEL VIOLATED!!"

Cause I can't. A good friend tells her friend that his dick is showing.

No. 1057516

I honestly think the spinny skirts meme comes from Disney princesses. Because they have a childish and unrealistic perspective on womanhood. They think they're Cinderella twirling in the kitchen in rags and a fairy godmother will come and bless them with a Real Bagina

No. 1057527

I would much rather be around someone who thought they were competing with me, than somebody who was targeting me.
If HTSTs are fetishising me, it's for my ability to attract straight men. It's kind of sad but I can easily ignore it, and if I actually cared about 'winning' at attracting men, we both know who wins.
AGPs are fetishising my actual bodily functions and lived experiences, and want to wear my skin.
There's overlap obviously but there are definitely MTFs I can tolerate better than others.

No. 1057647

who even wears shit like this anyways? those straps are pulled up so high it looks painful. yeast infection central if you ask me

No. 1057661

File: 1602604952607.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.37 KB, 640x852, jsqkeb5hsko51.jpg)

this is repulsive

No. 1057679

Thots wear them in their onlyfans pictures I assume and since these men only see women in their underwear on their computer screens they probably think normal women wear shit like that to the grocery store while feeling euphoric.

No. 1057703

If she actually voted for Trump she's now ultra-based in my books.

No. 1057714

File: 1602607420981.jpg (33.3 KB, 448x256, 1483092498_my eyes.jpg)

spoiler that shit ffs!

No. 1057723


neovagina or gtfo

No. 1057731


post your neovag and credit card information

No. 1057733

show us your "designer vagina" if you're proud of it

No. 1057739

Send credit card info or gtfo.

No. 1057763

Does the piercing get tangled in the hairballs?

No. 1057764

nice paupiette anon but I think it's the wrong place, the cooking thread must be on /ot/ or /g/ iirc

No. 1057767

Hello sir

No. 1057772

Very typical male skinny fat body here.
Are you done showing off your mediocrity yet?

No. 1057775

damn that aggy/matt shoutout attracted all the sissies

No. 1057776

File: 1602609749570.jpeg (27.29 KB, 614x614, 9D331D4D-7E06-48BA-B33C-FD89C7…)

There’s lots of men ITT today, aren’t there?

No. 1057778

show dick

No. 1057781

Ah, okay, sorry, mister/sir/he/him/gentleman.

No. 1057782

Is it trolling hour or did someone link lcf to twitter?

No. 1057785

File: 1602610042951.png (114.41 KB, 500x402, 337A2597-0B6E-45DC-A6B7-8C0B85…)

Sorry about your limp dick, sir.
Keep that butt pussy clean.

No. 1057786

Some weird ass anon trolling. It even reads like someone who posts here, at least be funny, plz

No. 1057787

some tranny pedo artcow named aggy/matt did link lcf and kiwifarms to twitter the other day. he has a thread here

No. 1057801

Seethe harder troon
Your cringe behavior is not only entertaining but self evidence of your mental instability.

No. 1057812


why is there always some sort of sexual fetish going on? I've never looked at the social media account of a troon and not found really nasty gross sex pest shit. ALWAYS.

No. 1057818


most trannies are AGP, AGP is itself a fetish that is often comorbid with other paraphilias

No. 1057834

She’s a dumbass if she votes trump.
No matter if she dislikes trans people or not
/sage for slight ot/

No. 1057836


sage goes in the email field, tranny newfag.

No. 1057867

wtf i dont check this shit for one day and when i come back i find out i missed the troon brigade?? lame

No. 1058015

File: 1602628015611.jpg (87.54 KB, 754x431, bro wtf.jpg)

Eunuch enjoys farting on his own crotch wound. https://archive.is/eNZkg Others are jealous, of course. It's still fairly new so commenting may continue on this one.

No. 1058084

These are the worst kind of farts to have wtf

No. 1058119

These shit head give themselves ass pats for "queefing" through their manufactured front holes.

No. 1058314


There are only a handful of NHS clinics, people often have to wait 2-3 years to be seen just for an assessment then the same for any surgery and that's only after a few years on hormones.

TBH, with the exception of emergency stuff like cancer, it's much like the rest of the NHS. Free at the point of use, but moves slowly. There are far more important things to be funding at the moment though - mental health care in the UK is abysmal for adults.

No. 1058317


Jazz's family aren't orthodox. I don't think this is a case of "oh no we don't want a gay son".

No. 1058320


where I'm from, cunt is a gender neutral term

No. 1058645

File: 1602694444911.png (Spoiler Image,839.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201014-185053.png)

What kind of fucking horse piss hormones induced monstrosities are those? Also forever laughing at the BLM in the name tag.

No. 1058652

File: 1602694698240.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.3 KB, 640x480, d1nuped1kvj51.jpg)


No. 1058654

>>1058645 are those nipples??? like real nipples?????? how does that even happen im gonna gag

No. 1058657


Please say psyche right now

They look like fucking chewed up tootsie rolls that have been mashed onto his moobs what the fuck how does this happen I'm gonna vom

No. 1058667

omg I actually gasped. How rancid

No. 1058683

those are fucking horrifying to look at

No. 1058694

File: 1602696692310.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225, 1559329602759.gif)

jfc what a freak show

No. 1058702

File: 1602697336970.png (105.93 KB, 290x333, 431.png)

what the fuck

No. 1058706


you don't have to be overtly religious to be homophobic, you know

No. 1058710

https://www.gofundme.com/f/get-a-comrade-a-better-face found this gofundme for someone with "facial dysphoria"

No. 1058714

File: 1602697890744.png (180.36 KB, 417x300, 86bac2cf82bfbe87cd9b7457838161…)

god. you ruined my day anon. why? how? why even take a pic?? he must have bee, born with those atrocities…

No. 1058721


i highly doubt people would care as much if this was an actual woman who wanted plastic surgery to feel better about herself

seriously, what's the difference between "cis" people wanting plastic surgery and hormones to feel better in their own bodies and troons transitioning? why do people only campaign for the latter to be state-funded? why is it considered a human rights issue?

No. 1058724

kek they look like fricking hershey's kisses, disgusting these troons are really out here destroying their own body.

No. 1058729

good to know that facial feminization surgery isn't gonna do jack shit about his "dysphoria", because that is just deeply rooted mental illness and won't go away with surgery

No. 1058736

Holy fuck.
>2k from goal
Maybe I should set up a gofundme for my life-threatening nose dysphoria

No. 1058768

There's a chance that this was done on purpose by suctioning the nipples. Hentai nipples look like that so he probably tried to copy it

No. 1058772

File: 1602703769982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,270.74 KB, 2048x1536, Ef1d0AGUwAAqoJe.jpeg)

Probably, I found another pic where they look like run of the mill HRT moobs, kinda disappointed that they don't really look like cancerous moles.

No. 1058785

File: 1602704828626.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.38 KB, 510x680, EhH0pHjU0AEeaxE.jpg)

Why did I open his profile, I feel like I got my lineage cursed for the next seven generations for looking at this

Idk anon I think it's just the level of arousal, they look disgusting way too often

No. 1058789

No wonder the 41%, if this is supposed to alleviate dysphoria

No. 1058829

Holy shit, this makes me mad. My grandmas hip surgery got delayed because of corona, and she lives with insane pain. Then these fuckers are crying because they can't get their tits and dicks chopped off fast enough.

No. 1058837

File: 1602708039888.jpg (Spoiler Image,773.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201014-233712_Twi…)

He has "bf" who is a troon as well, look at that boob hackjob

No. 1058843

I vaguely recall something like that, do you have more details? I think they "just" groped her and talked shit about her normal female body but it's been so long because of how her twitter accounts get deleted all the time.

No. 1058845

File: 1602708346929.jpg (28.47 KB, 406x399, tanner-stage-girl-07.jpg)

I think it's just him getting stuck in tanner stage 4. As sickening it is to hear troons cumming over the idea of growing tits like teens girls, it is actually similiar. Except the lack of tissue produces weird fucking tubular boobs. I actually remember seeing breasts like that in changing rooms, except they were my class mates and were like 12-13, and obviously grew up normally.

No. 1058854

at least those freaks stay amongst themselves

No. 1058916

I have absolutely never seen nipples like that especially not while developing, anon

No. 1058924

File: 1602714689467.png (Spoiler Image,403.79 KB, 515x673, Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 05.3…)

Boss-eyed troon tits. Open at your own peril.

No. 1058927

No wonder most of them demand free plastic surgery. I'd kill myself if I had to live with breasts like that, man or woman. And they do this to themselves, even after checking out subreddits with pictures like this.

No. 1058932

Forget the "breasts"; look at the torso. That's 100% man bod right there. Women just aren't shaped like that. Gross.

No. 1058953

File: 1602717663654.jpeg (254.13 KB, 1244x1278, D5A81528-D3CC-4F8B-AE6B-92E5C8…)

No. 1058954

File: 1602717771093.jpeg (53.28 KB, 1177x340, 6B671172-7FCF-4EA4-94F6-F0374F…)

It’s amazing how some people have convinced themselves being morbidly obese has NO repercussions for their health

No. 1058956

File: 1602717864301.jpeg (48.31 KB, 1176x254, 71C8A1A3-E038-4C51-B83C-371072…)

No. 1058962

File: 1602718312310.png (233.1 KB, 935x626, image_2020-10-14_193250.png)

the first thing they fucking talk to you about at a spine doctor's office is how weight correlates with back pain. i have scoliosis and these are one of the first things they fucking warn you about.
anyways trains writes

No. 1058973

And tell the court you forced me to lie? Bet

No. 1059023

Anons I feel so crazy. There is a poorly passing goth troon running in my city’s local election and since I live in a college town there’s a huge swath of people giving him attention solely because he is trans. He has no qualifications and was apparently abusive to his ex wife wow what a great candidate…

No. 1059024

Just lie and say you're a tranny honey lol grift those fuckers hard I'd donate

No. 1059029

Post pics

No. 1059035

File: 1602728395069.jpeg (187.52 KB, 723x800, 31B5EFC2-73D5-4563-9A0F-6CD4F9…)

Found this on a local city forum and loled

No. 1059041

the boomer-style editing is such an amazing addition kek this is too funny

No. 1059043


hard yikes

No. 1059141

File: 1602744265475.jpg (78.78 KB, 634x845, 33104850-8726583-image-a-10_15…)

I thought you were in New Hampshire. Looks like there's more than one poorly-passing gothic troon in elected positions. Yikes.

No. 1059202

This image made me lose more brain cells than hitting myself in the head with a sledgehammer. Literal incel mindset.

No. 1059300

File: 1602771054375.gif (516.04 KB, 221x231, 1571557796825.gif)

jesus fucking christ how do these people even get elected in the first place?

No. 1059301

Too bad cis women with BDD can't go cry on gofundme that their big nose makes them suicidal and get a free nosejob.

No. 1059305

Kek, he probably is some sort of incel who fell for the become the girlfriend meme, no one says something like that unironically.

No. 1059341

WTF is that chest tattoo

No. 1059347

it's a snowflake because he is quite literally a special snowflake kek

No. 1059399

File: 1602782394691.jpg (25.28 KB, 400x400, vegvisir.jpg)

It's a vegvisir. My poor understanding is that is a type of nordic compass? I do like snow flake anon's assumption though, kek

No. 1059442

Looks like a shitty drag queen.

No. 1059477

That's because it is. simple as

No. 1059520

File: 1602797848381.jpg (14.04 KB, 291x290, Doris.jpg)

No. 1059861

One of the best comparisons I've seen kek

No. 1060066

File: 1602880371322.jpg (94.59 KB, 750x909, 4760237609742097306.jpg)


No. 1060075


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by sissy hypno, cumming uwuing naked
dragging themselves through the lesbian dating apps at dawn, looking for catgirl headpats

No. 1060087

It's not nice to compare Doris to troons, she's just trying to live her life by working in a sleazy bar and she becomes one of the good guys, troons have none of her qualities.

No. 1060091

i love seeing pornsick retards meme themselves into thinking they're smart, kek. drop the sissy hypno and the titty skittles and you'll get into harvard asap my guy

No. 1060121

good news, Sam, you were always a dumb fuck

nothing has been wasted

No. 1060138

The NH situation is actually pretty awesome; DiMezzo is running for local sheriff as an anti-cop libertarian satanist on the GOP ticket because nobody else ran in the primary. If you're going to be a loser then you may as well make a spectacle of it, I guess.

No. 1060578

Was that a Nana Grizol reference?

No. 1060659

today i fell down a rabbit hole of german serial killers and there is one case which belongs here lol. in the 90s there was a crossdressing 25yr old nazi who broke into houses and scavenged for underwear, raped 6 women and killed them in pretty gruesome ways. when he tried to rape two twelve year old girls, they scratched his face and his dna was sampled. he was later found by two men while he was masturbating in womens underwear. they found multiple bags of womens underwear he scattered in different forests and which he wore while raping the women. in court they found out he began stealing his
mothers underwear when he was 6 and when she punished him for it, he started pissing and shitting into them and put them back in her drawers. all his victims had his shit stained stolen underwear either in their mouths or somewhere on the body.
he is in forensic psychiatry living as a woman and raped another trans „woman“ there. here’s a link if you’re interested in this: wikipedia.org/wiki/Beate_Schmidt
a literal incel with strong autogynephilic, misogynistic and fetishistic tendencies who, in court, said he has always felt like a woman kek. reminds me of multiple mtf cows like kevin gibes or matt/aggy(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1060679

File: 1602966175576.jpeg (474.01 KB, 695x1536, 360BC0BF-6AA3-4BE1-BC64-BAFFBF…)

ughhh please someone call the furry police

No. 1060782


It's a parody of Howl by Allen Ginsburg:

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
Angel-headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection
to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night

It's been copied a lot since publication in '55, including by Nana Grizol (nice to see someone knows of them too, good band).

No. 1060799

Good job proving why they should never have/adopt children.

No. 1060811

File: 1602982588724.png (4.61 MB, 1536x2048, suffer.png)


Is this tranny a cow or what? He cries all day about not passing, "terfs", jk rowling and looks like this while saying passing doesnt matter:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeY1MgJ852c [DL][Archived Copy]

He gets into Andrew Dobson tier slapfights over stupid kids cartoons on occasion and makes Youtube videos about why hes always mad about kids media not going his way:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hzuvpf_90A [DL][Archived Copy]

He has so much bullshit and drama about his "partners" and men on grinder not loving him, it's ridiculous.

No. 1060837

File: 1602987087057.png (50.58 KB, 594x358, 16f1d10467c70cbf75edb70314ed6c…)

The level of cope going on here

No. 1060844

At least he uses bangs to cover his man forehead, which has been a general complaint around here about huge manly trans foreheads. kek

No. 1060851

File: 1602989809363.jpg (38.62 KB, 386x586, 1602930687892.jpg)

4chan tranny memes are hilarious

No. 1060852

this really proves they're still just men. i have never once seen a woman describe herself as "the marx of this generation". jesus christ.

No. 1060857

Men are biologically programmed to overestimate themselves. This is likely due to their reproductive role and the fact that taking action, even if it has a disastrous outcome, is preferable to no action at all. The reverse is true for women due to high cost of reproduction.


No. 1060863


this is just saying it's intersecting factors, largely from a patriarchal society, hence the three decade jumps and impostor syndrome. the fact is, these trannies are just narcissists. men who think they can become women often are, which is why theyre all such shrieking whiners that try to gaslight and manipulate everyone into believing their rhetoric, often hating and abusing real women in the process

No. 1060865

Wait did he roast pronouns in a rant about how trans he is?

No. 1060868

>what is self control?

No. 1060913

File: 1603001943913.jpg (246.02 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20201014-080050__01…)

man wants to have kids purely for fetish reasons. other man replies fetishizing abortion.

how is every woman not a terf at this point lmao

No. 1060921

He murdered a baby and then the mom. That part fucking broke me.

No. 1060951

I've shown a bunch of disturbing shit to feminist women around me, but they always say that tampon-sniffers and pregnant-pretenders are just very extreme cases. Which is fair, obviously not every tranny is this demented, but the thing about these troons is that they don't really get called out by their environments because everyone self-censors. Trannies discussing how they carry around tampons because they hope one day they can save a woman's day on female-centric subreddits should be instantly shot down (verbally) because no matter how innocent it sounds, it sets out all fetish-alarms.
That one troon carrying a fake-belly for 9 months to then "experience" a stillbirth and lactation should've been fucking fired for playing out his fetish at work and removed from every mommy facebook group.

No. 1061002

>I got my cat neutered i.e. now my cat is a brave and stunning trans woman uwu
No words.

A lot of women have also been conditioned into believing that all this fetish shit is necessary for trans wymmyn to feel validated and to experience girlhood discoveries they missed or whatever. Also the good old "t-they aren't TRUE TRANS" argument. I mean before I peaked my mental image of trans women was a timid effeminate man wanting to live out his life in peace, I had no idea degenerate AGPs and the extreme misogynist HSTSs existed. At least now both types are confident enough in showing openly how much they hate and fetishize women so it's bound to peak a ton of people.

No. 1061024

They really are in for a harsh awakening. I guess sexual nutcases can always be scribed off like anomalies, because "REAL transwomen just want to live in peace", but things like trannies beating women in sports, taking away scholarships from women and shutting down rape-crisis centers just because a troon wasn't allowed to work there leave even the most liberal women I know confused, as there isn't a generally accepted One True Narrative presented for those scenarios yet to alleviate their cognitive dissonance.

No. 1061026

File: 1603025446369.png (138.39 KB, 923x1103, 2n2kZeo.png)

Girl finds out her brother's wearing and wanking to her underwear, tim responds like this. No selfawareness lmao

No. 1061028

i mean yeah, you never see trans men throwing cis men under the bus and hating them to the degree troons do with cis women.

No. 1061031

You can see that sometimes, but it's mostly trans men going against "toxic masculinity" as a phenomenon, more than actual men. They'll make big crying posts about their "male guilt" and how they'll always keep their male priviledge in mind. So basically things no men say, unless they're a sexual predator masking as a male feminist.
Still better than transwomen thinking women hate them because they(TW) are more beautiful or more female.

No. 1061034

>AGP isnt real

How do they say shit like this in the same breath that they try and defend jerking off in your sister underwear as being gender reaffirming kek. Last time I checked even gay women don't masturbate to the thought of being a woman.

No. 1061041

That's how it started with serial killer Beate Schmidt, some end up as psycho rapists and murderers and some end yp as proud transwomen

No. 1061044

No. 1061046

>"I'm opressed because I can't get off"

No. 1061070

This makes me support the death penalty. Knowing that fucker is gonna be taken care of for the rest of his life is infuriating

No. 1061099

>serial rapist

Well I for one am glad they didn't "invalidate his identity" by calling him a freak with a fetish amirite fellow feminists?

No. 1061109

File: 1603033497881.webm (3.7 MB, 640x360, breedingfetish.webm)

I remember when this tranny had a little scandal over tweets about breeding facilities where cis girls get raped by trannies a while ago, but I never heard these fucking recordings until now, I don't think they were posted?

This is so fucking sick.


No. 1061115

File: 1603033857570.webm (1.78 MB, 480x270, breedingfetish2.webm)

Part 2

I can't believe that fucking tweet is still up and this person has a verified account. Absolutely disgusting

No. 1061125

I'm pissing myself, what a wild shitpost.

No. 1061192

Honestly just sounds like some 4chan pasta read aloud. But kek at this guy being a "reporter".

No. 1061240

File: 1603046256473.jpg (44.91 KB, 720x474, racism.jpg)

Can they seriously not be racist for a fucking second??

No. 1061246

this reminds me of that john mulaney joke where someone says the word "midget" is as offensive as "the n-word" and he says "no it's not, because you just said the word 'midget' but can't even say the 'n-word'"
same energy

No. 1061298

It’s the narcissism. Despite what you see here, trans totally isn’t a fetish or a choice. They were born women just like black people and asian people are born looking the way they do. Because HRT being legal was as liberating as slavery being abolished. We need desegregation not only for people who aren’t white to go to school, but for 6 foot men to use women’s bathrooms and changing rooms.

Black people can’t pretend to not be black so I’m sincerely at a loss why they always bring them up.

No. 1061307

Troons think they're the most opressed people ever, if it's not black slaves, they literally compare themselves to holocaust survivors.

No. 1061315

Wait, what happened to "pronouns aren't inherently gendered" and "anyone can use any pronouns and still be ~valid"

No. 1061321

Oh yeah Steve, it's totally the same!

Will they ever acknowledge their narcissism and racism?

No. 1061333

No, me getting called a nigger is not the same as someone not pampering you, Timothy. There's no space for trannies at this table, fuck off.

No. 1061347

Kek I love how even with general trans issues/pronoun sperging, they're still always thinking about themselves (and fellow males). It's all about trans women, they couldn't give less of a shit about TiMs/born women.

No. 1061389

File: 1603061473038.jpg (20.76 KB, 500x281, 2015-07-10-1436541103-5727082-…)

No. 1061394

i mean technically she qualifies it

No. 1061424

The entire point of this scene is that the character is a self-important bullshit artist, though. The show drags the shit out of Hannah all the time for thinking she's uniquely brilliant.

No. 1061898

File: 1603140119750.jpg (63.7 KB, 596x590, CfckU5GWsAANp8V.jpg)

If anyone remembers Vin Los, it was the guy who got tattoos all over his face and had his 15 minutes of fame and later transitioned to a woman only to detransition again. I was trying to link the socials for milk but it's all gone so maybe someone has an update?

No. 1061990

Made a quick search, he has an Instagram account (@vincentlangloisofficiel) and an OnlyFan.

No. 1062011

Am i tripping or did he model for jeffree star?

No. 1062030

File: 1603149821936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,189.97 KB, 750x658, 8E9D98E4-BB79-47BD-AD5B-5605B7…)

No. 1062064


I know troons are retarded but his tattoos make him look like a bootleg Chinese world-is-a-fuck tier t-shirt

No. 1062066

File: 1603151436247.jpeg (64.45 KB, 608x455, 15FDCFD5-8F27-49BF-87C3-C7AFCD…)

Did he get insults tattooed on his face like they do in bully ads?

No. 1062069




>Scream my name
>Now your
>Worldwide world

Maybe if he was bullied in an ESL class kek

No. 1062236

Wait those are actual tattoos? I thought they were drawn with a permanent market lmao

No. 1062240

why does this have redtext tho

No. 1062243

can these total idiots stop thinking through the lenses of their fetish ?!

No. 1062276

Wtf you're right, sus

No. 1062286

File: 1603199366485.png (727.5 KB, 950x594, trannymod.png)

trannymod strikes again

No. 1062295

File: 1603201251474.jpeg (76.67 KB, 1024x683, why-is-my-cat-throwing-up-undi…)

No. 1062317

This isn't a thread for blogposting and do you newfags not know how to imageboard?

Semi-related but hontra released a new video on voting.
>I couldn’t stop thinking about catgirls calling me a neoliberal hack, so I started having imaginary arguments

No. 1062446

He needs to keep the mask on all the time

No. 1062453

wow <25min, his best video yet

No. 1062549

People addicted to bodymods are like another category of trannies alongside AGPs i HSTSs. Case in point: Pauly Unstoppable (who recently got his lasered off blackout tattoos back on again) and that Ken guy who's now a Barbie.

No. 1062689

Bitch got a whole ass point though

No. 1062704

File: 1603242956330.png (487.7 KB, 803x441, dhdhs.PNG)

I was wondering what was going on with the Barbie dude,I find it weird that people actually compliment him when he looks horrible.
The trans cult is the LAST place he needs to be. His twitter is so sad, it's just him posting articles about himself from Daily Mail. He was recently in the hospital.

No. 1062706

File: 1603242997978.png (503.32 KB, 659x476, 4.PNG)

No. 1062709

File: 1603243097549.jpg (177.06 KB, 634x1067, 34359894-8837091-Date_night_Th…)

also he dated a Plastic surgerion? Where does he get money from? The guy from what I can see looks like a gay dude but a decent looking gay dude, did he work on Ken and botch the fuck out of him?

No. 1062711

His nose looks like a used condom, I am almost sad for him. Should've spent that money on therapy.

No. 1062754

I think those are bots, if not just people (friends) being polite.

No. 1062784


his legs are so tight and shiny here that you can tell he is retaining fluid in this picture

No. 1062866

My ex also had a few clothes from me that she refused to give back and I see that she still copies me in some aspects right now which really creeps me out tbh. I’m glad she broke up with me because I was mentally unstable. Jokes on her, my psychologist told me she is definitely more unstable. She mentally broke me again after getting better. Troons are a nightmare to deal with girls. I’m bi but I could never handle a developing troon ever again.

No. 1062876

No. 1062882

afaik his family is disgustingly wealthy

No. 1062907

These doctors need their licenses revoked. I’d almost argue that plastic surgery be reserved for emergent cases, but that’s extreme. There’s NO reason for anyone to have G tits and a Voldemort nose, though, especially when they were born (and still are) a man.

He’s a man honey, say he. It’s okay. Fuck him.

No. 1062976

Buckle up, anons. This is interesting and juicy as fuck.

So, essentially, there is an internet fetish cult that uses audio input to "turn you into a bimbo". I skimmed through the subreddit and only found one (supposedly) cis woman, and she appeared to have severe body dysmorphia; the other "girls" are talking about their "clitties" (fucking kill me now) and wearing girly shit, and saying the audio not only made them horny, but also made them realise that they are indeed a girl. It seems incredibly dangerous for suggestible people.


No. 1062991

File: 1603292688415.jpeg (163.08 KB, 828x481, 11055C19-214B-4F36-8E98-AE812B…)

Another man pretending to be a woman and forcing his wife to help him become a “lesbian bimbo”. That entire subreddit is filled with this garbage, good find anon.

No. 1062996

File: 1603292892367.jpeg (174.75 KB, 828x486, 1F0B4959-AE3D-46C4-9B45-676D2B…)


No. 1063001

Sissy hypno porn is big with trannies. It gets posted on chan boards all the time along with other tranny propaganda.

Obviously hypnosis is not a real thing, it's just a fetish where they can pretend they are being "forcibly sissified", which they all get off to. It's too boring to just put on a skirt and jerk off. They have to pretend that someone "forces" them to put on a skirt and they are all humiliated by it, in this case that someone is themself. At least its better than tricking your actual partner into putting skirts on you.

No. 1063003

This is like a foreign language, men are deranged.

No. 1063006

Fiction isn’t reality, troon. That’s why you look like shit and no one wants to fuck you.

No. 1063007

Samefag but imagine your entire life literally being driven by being horny/your sex drive. Imagine being this horny in general! It seems miserable, castrate them and put them and everyone else that it hurts out of it their misery.

No. 1063008

File: 1603294355846.png (84.93 KB, 730x490, faceofdisgust.png)

>shaving clitty

No. 1063026

>Imagine being male

No. 1063155

Fucking kek anon

No. 1063184

what is wrong with that wife for putting up with that shit? i don't understand how you can put up with this as a woman. today i saw a couple my age where the man was very obviously wearing his girlfriends clothes (they both wore skirts and he even tried to wear his hair like hers). he wasn't passing at all tho and i could tell from 100m distance that he was a mtf, especially since there was a real woman right next to him holding his hand kek. poor girl publicly humiliating herself by not breaking up with her now tranny bf

No. 1063213

Shoulda taken a creep-shot, this sounds hilarious

No. 1063255

File: 1603319412838.jpeg (167.86 KB, 828x733, 676516B5-2992-4F62-A83C-989B03…)

This same dude for some reason still insisting that troons can breastfeed because he wants to die on this hill no matter what.

If you think that men who take hormones can produce anything adjacent to legitimate breast milk that nourishes a child, you know nothing about women’s bodies and how they work. Educate yourselves, after all, you are a woman right? You should know these things.

No. 1063304

But don't you know anon? They can raise a new generation of ultra troon babies with their hormone laced milkshake of estrotitty juice? Why can't they just give these poor babies formula, with their logic a mother who doesn't breastfeed isn't a "real" mom, though who gives a shit about their brainworms.

No. 1063324

Absolutely incredible to see someone arguing that trans women are completely the same as women in a really intimate, physical way while talking about "milkers," a term only manchildren with hbrowse brainrot use

No. 1063338

Totally not a fetish!

No. 1065379

>troons breaststroke feeding
There’s no way what they’re producing is actual milk. Ugh Fucking repulsive.

No. 1065392

What's a GC? All I can think of is gemma collins but I feel like they're not talking about her

No. 1065395

It stands for gender critical.
Also here’s the whole thread if you want to laugh some more

No. 1065398

Thank you! Just read through it and I'm not sure if I don't understand because I'm an idiot or if they're just saying dumbass stuff. Probably a mix of the two. You're gonna have to spoonfeed me here though, anons, I'm a bit confused about them saying they can produce milk? Is that even biologically possible and if so, would it not be full of weird laboratory produced hormones that would harm the baby? Granted I know absolutely nothing about this kinda stuff but i wouldn't let my baby drink that stuff…. Not that my baby would be drinking some dudes milk in the first place but you get what I mean.

No. 1065414

It’s all just delusion on their part. There is nothing here to understand, they’re trying to convince themselves of an alternate reality that simply isn’t possible.

No. 1065417

Men CAN lactate but we're talking droplets of very much medicine riddled puswater that would not sustain a living, human baby child. It also would not change to the baby's needs like a mother's would, so it's just useless.

No. 1065489

>pus water

Nta but Jesus Christ on the roof that is vile.
Do they really think anyone would let them near a baby, let alone breast feed them.

No. 1065492

if you look up thread, there apparently are some that indulge them unfortunately

No. 1065548

File: 1603355914754.png (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20200916-102903~2.p…)

Those dead eyes, I'm sure he is super proud of all the life decisions that have lead to this very moment.

No. 1065552

File: 1603356692763.png (Spoiler Image,4.02 MB, 1308x2048, ew.png)

kek thats the most male looking one of them all

No. 1065553

File: 1603356804093.png (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 1430x2048, ew2.png)

samefag but holy shit i just looked up some of his mutuals and I'm going to puke

No. 1065559

What's wrong with his stomach? Has he lost 200lbs?

No. 1065566

yeah pretty much.

No. 1065575

File: 1603360685638.jpeg (Spoiler Image,322.76 KB, 1536x2048, Ek0BrK3X0AI0rIn.jpeg)

Oh yeah, this dude, I keep seeing him in all of the troons' likes because he keeps spamming these bimbo photoshoots, and this is a huge trend in the trans community for some reason. I had never seen his Great Unclean One tier belly though, troons really can't look decent without photoshopping kek.

No. 1065583

He kind of looks like hontra. Troons all start looking the same at some point.

No. 1065593

How do you know the "wife" isn't also a tranny? Since no real lesbians want to date them, they usually end up dating each other.

But there are women who indulge trannies and even encourage them, look at this thread >>>/w/94955 that girl actually encouraged her boyfriend to "turn into a loli"… they broke up, but she was the one who told him he was really a girl on the inside. I think it's some weird humiliation fetish on the girls side to dress the man in her clothes. Also a lot of women are victims of "woke culture" and think if they don't support their man trooning out they will be crucified.

>Yep, same reason they deny that trans women can experience period symptoms. Their entire argument relies on trans women being "male" & on transition being superficial, so they can't have that (unless they talk about detransitioners, then it has serious and everlasting effects)

Very funny. Yes of course, the pus that leaks out of your infected "milkers" is the same as breast milk and when you get indigestion and crave chocolate it's the same as a menstrual cycle. lmao

No. 1065626

Oh god I thought that was shiny stockings

No. 1065660

This is really amazing, these people claim to be oh so nonconformist and against the "cistem", they always end up with the same autism stare, the same Aliexpress clothes and they always end up whoring themselves out on Twitter, all the while acting all high and mighty. This goes for FtMs and enbies as well, they all look like they came out of the same moulds.

No. 1065691

That's true for my eastern euro country as well. Only the gamedev seems to be accepting when it comes to troons.
On the other hand the corps have lots of boomers who still think pretending to be gay for each other and jokes about gays are both funny.
All this americunt nonsense comes here late, sadly smartphones exist along with euro tendency to suck western dick so every other kid's like she/they leftist bi lesbian anarchist ace pansex instead of whatever else idk.

No. 1065705

File: 1603378774326.png (46.09 KB, 707x268, maleretardation.png)

reddit really is something huh. found this one on a similar subreddit called r/girlschool and i wish i wouldn't have had to read this

No. 1065708

wait so he's a fucking dad ? poor children…

No. 1065710

File: 1603379399823.jpeg (59.17 KB, 557x578, 19A5119A-A76B-4487-B3DA-FC9D65…)

why did he have to mention his kids in his fetish ramblings though

No. 1065712

File: 1603379631546.png (4.71 MB, 2048x2048, 2E665023-9AF0-4C73-B518-1701F4…)

This person constantly posts on Reddit asking if they pass as a girl and if they look cis.

No. 1065715

File: 1603379804611.jpeg (682.18 KB, 828x1218, D8F653CF-0689-47BB-88F3-741CCC…)

Their username is trap and they post in trap porn subreddits all the time. They don’t even see themselves as a “real woman”.

No. 1065716

The bangs combed forward from all the way on the back of the head, kek.

No. 1065718

what would these guys do without filters?

No. 1065720

clock those sanpaku eyes
reddit loves trannies, they are probably one of their biggest demographic, since 90% of their traffic is for porn

No. 1065724

>Please be kind
I wish people would just tell these troons how creepy they look and are.

Get the rope. I hope his wife notices and asks about the shaving, and the truth comes out. Those kids do not need their dad doing this shit under everyone's nose. Why would he even mention them.. So, so gross.

No. 1065725

I'd love to see what he looks like IRL without those filters. The face looks like it was photographed through vaseline.

No. 1065752

File: 1603382634903.png (841.7 KB, 828x816, trannyunfiltered.png)

Here you go

No. 1065760


Kek you get my vote for next thread pic

No. 1065763

my sides holy shit anon

No. 1065771

this is beautiful. next thread pic for sure. this edit also shows how much filter and editing that dude has, nose is 100% different.

No. 1065776

And let me guess, even though at best they pass as a plain-to-average checkout girl at a grocery store this tranny is getting HIGH praise about how beautiful they are. The bar is truly on the floor for men.

No. 1065825

I love this, please make this the new thread pic.

No. 1065866

this is gold, you get a star sticker from me

No. 1065882

abuses filters yet still looks like a dude in a cheap, badly cut wig lol. even the wrist doesn't look like it belongs to a woman

they think raising their eyebrows and opening their eyes freakishly wide like this helps somehow, but it just makes them look unhinged and emphasises the dead fish eyes

No. 1066091

Ah yes, peak womanhood: looking at pictures of hot chicks and jerking of your dick.

Can’t even be fucked to shave everything together at the same time either

No. 1066164


what a fucking waste, he's a beautiful man with a great jaw and lovely eyes with heterochromia to boot

No. 1066186

File: 1603436418974.png (Spoiler Image,425.28 KB, 699x1000, 9A49470E-517A-4769-A98D-941760…)

why are the nipples so far apart and looking up/sideways??? is there a reason most mtf end up with boobs like this?

No. 1066192

Looks like a botched tit job to me. Peep the scars. Their moobs never get that big without surgery.

No. 1066259

Probably because male pecs=/=female breasts, they can't grow the same way, just like FtMs getting mastectomies always end up looking uncanny. Proving once again that biology is the sole determiner in all this mess.

No. 1066260

Reminds me, one time I remember coming across some kind of sub dedicated to photofilters and they were doing a genderswap week or something. It was full of MtFs posting their images and talking about how it "cracked their egg". Ignoring that these filters even make actual women unrecognizable to themselves, and push some insecure ones into plastic surgery.

No. 1066337

File: 1603468964549.jpeg (228.02 KB, 828x622, ED66ED49-D5B9-4642-8E77-2AE15B…)

is this a cult? why would emojis mean you want to be a girl?

No. 1066343

because only girls use cute emojis anon ! no boy has ever sent a pretty girly sparkly heart to anyone !

No. 1066345

he just craves attention. doesn’t matter if its from other trannies or fetishists

No. 1066423

Because gender is just silly stereotypes to these people. The days where a guy using an eyeliner was just artsy or a punk are over, now he's a girl inside. They'll also deny this sometimes to appear more legitimate, but then talk about how their early realization about being a girl was liking dolls and painting their nails anyway.

No. 1066643

Cause Egyptians were totalky fond of trans and gay people and all girls love dolls since motherhood is the only thing we truly require to be happy.

No. 1066658

You know, the Egyptians did breast lifts back then. They'd hoist those suckers up and sew them in place. I'd say that contemporary sex change surgeries are about on par with that. (Though ancient Egyptian prosthetic toes were kinda neat)

No. 1066662

File: 1603496680519.gif (2.65 MB, 440x275, whigs.gif)


and these guys? ALL EGGS

No. 1066665

Expectations Vs Reality

No. 1066812

File: 1603512314171.jpeg (581.53 KB, 828x1330, 06149ED4-D13B-4921-A9B2-2EC81B…)

Another day, another maid catgirl troon.

No. 1066813

File: 1603512393986.jpeg (765.31 KB, 828x1362, 2B76CA9A-9769-419A-B556-B8A633…)

Guess other troons dislike the “I’m an uwu anime catgirl loli princess” thing too.

No. 1066904

Nah, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. They love the attention.

No. 1066913

File: 1603538888472.jpg (792.67 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-10-24-13-27-55…)

wow i forgot i was subscribed to this horrendous sub

No. 1066939

Why do they always wear skirts and pants so low down on their hips? Is it because they don't have a natural waist unlike even the most fridge shaped woman?

No. 1066941

Man breasts are spaced much further apart on the chest. It's difficult to replicate real boobs in troons even with a boob job. Virtually all the troon boob jobs I have seen look whack.

The only exception is when males start trooning prior to puberty. If you look at Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras their boobs look like any other pair.

No. 1066943

That and pure ignorance of how to wear even the simplest of clothing. Or they want to wear it as a low-rise skirt or something. The dumbassery of troons knows no bounds…

No. 1066944

He was quite a good looking guy prior to trooning out. It's a shame. Now he just looks like a freak. He should have just invested in a hair transplant to improve his hairline.

No. 1066964


Because that's how men's clothes fit kek

No. 1066997

>Almost 700 people were polite enough to upvote this

No. 1067007

He needs to take a straight-ahead, high-quality photo like the pre-transition pic if he wants an honest answer.
He probably never will, because he already knows it, and the resulting photo would make him want to kill himself.
He does pass in the side selfies IMO, but in the "please be kind" one, you can see how strong his nose bridge is, and raising his eyebrows barely helps.

No. 1067073

File: 1603560749808.jpeg (79.04 KB, 828x163, 03B1D772-4E36-448E-B791-79AA6F…)

Definitely not anon, Jazz Jennings has some sort of tube boob deformity

No. 1067089

I never understand how people can look at Jazz Jennings and think he looks remotely womanly or that his breasts aren't botched.

Also somehow the doll they made of him still resembles a man in a wig.

No. 1067095

File: 1603562422287.jpg (156.75 KB, 676x1024, JazzJenningsevent.jpg)

He could pass for a plain jane looking girl with droopy boobs. He looks a bit like Shayna here.

He never actually got to go through puberty as a male so it makes sense.

There aren't many anatomical differences between males and females prior to puberty. It's mostly male puberty that really fucks up most troon's ability to fully pass.

No. 1067098

File: 1603562659362.jpg (279.77 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20201024_155749.jpg)

Here is Kim Petras who also trooned out without any male puberty.

You have to admit, there is something off about the shape of the skull on her and Jazz but you have to be looking for it to notice.

Skull shape is one anatomical difference between males and females prior to puberty.

No. 1067108

File: 1603563099714.png (1.13 MB, 800x1060, t17jjdd01.png)

I forgot to attach the picture of his doll, sorry

No. 1067118

Even if they didn’t mean to, this speaks volumes against troons
Anon this is fucking hilarious, thank you.

No. 1067119

File: 1603563710139.jpg (428.03 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20201024_212207.jpg)


Once you actually see it you can't unsee it. They'll never well and truly 100% pass even if they take female hormones prior to male puberty.

Babies are actually born with different skull shapes depending on their sex.

No. 1067126

File: 1603564420988.jpg (6.43 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

She looks like a pre pubescent boy in a wig when you look close enough.

No. 1067144

File: 1603565627908.jpg (28.21 KB, 465x470, 0.JPG)

I was looking at a live and noticed a guest being taller than the rest I was like "damn she's pretty a masculine woman" but when they zommed-in I started to clock her features

No. 1067146

File: 1603565748372.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.25 KB, 660x714, 1.JPG)

So I went to check the said person's channel old videos to indeed confirm if they are trans and it delivered

No. 1067153

He actually looks kinda good though actually

No. 1067154

I wish people would'nt use pictures like these, It's like with Blaire, people go and on and on how passing he is, then you see multiple unedited pictures and in each one he's clockable and/or looks 50% different.

Also, who cares? Imagine ruining your body to MAYBE look female at certain angles or filters, I'm sure KP has gotten work done as well.

No. 1067155

shit not you anon, I meant >>1067098

No. 1067192

i honestly don't get why we constantly talk about how clock-able troons are. yes, 90% are, and the rest 10% has enough money to completely alter their body/face.

even if they all passed perfectly, its just a sad existence to be literally addicted to hormone pills. they start this with no idea of how much it will fuck their body, and they don't care until it's too late.(no milk, sage)

No. 1067253

File: 1603575947596.jpg (Spoiler Image,786.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201025-004606_Ins…)

Sorry but which…what is this one?