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No. 1306903

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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>ps addict "Jessica" Alves travels to Brazil for a womb transplant >>1305295
>traaaans confuse indigestion with menstruation >>1304135
>Steam Powered Giraffe fans crawl out of the woodwork >>1305587
>dick-hate memes in a lesbian sub make troons seethe and cope >>1305665 >>1305700
>anons compare incel Meghan Murphy vs Chad Korean Radfems

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No. 1306916

Thank you OP!!

No. 1306924

Good OP! Just reading the old thread and there are a few posts about how radfems need to be nicer to men so they champion our causes? What a load of libfem nonsense. If men support your feminism your feminism is trash.

No. 1306929

are you referring to the Meghan Murphy discussion?

No. 1306962

File: 1629741963719.jpg (174.86 KB, 695x877, trukik.jpg)

No. 1306967

speaking of reactions to kikomi i love when /tttt/ copes with saying that kikomi was obviously created by a man because they can't accept/comprehent that a woman could have done it

No. 1306969

>Unclear if they made it to make fun of transwomen
is it though? kek

No. 1306971

File: 1629743011830.png (20.16 KB, 371x117, waah waah waah.png)

No. 1306974

It's their cope.
I want to see women do drag shows where they exaggerate men's features such as a beer belly and male pattern baldness

No. 1306975

File: 1629743491378.jpeg (126.17 KB, 750x397, 12FF25A5-EF34-48E0-A8C5-EA0652…)

Imagine thinking misandry matters kek.

No. 1306977

what's funnier is that the vast majority of users on that sub are TIFs, meaning its not even TIMs seething, its TIFs acting as handmaidens once more on behalf of TIFs

No. 1306978

File: 1629744088383.png (337.17 KB, 748x544, Three Women having a good time…)

No. 1306985

can someone archive these threads? >>>/meta/25695 says the site might go down and since there are quite a few threads i think it's worth archiving these just in case (also the gender critical threads)

No. 1306987

Google “Landon Cider filth”. It has been done.

No. 1306989

File: 1629745412278.png (508.38 KB, 800x1200, Meet this.png)

This is currently what's happening.

Regular Men with no agendas
>Don't want trannies anywhere near their mothers, daughters,sisters, wives.
>Have nothing to lose in this argument.
>Want to help out.
>Will kill a tranny if they offend any woman close them.
>Get attacked by troons , radfems, handmaidens and everything in between.

>Will pick whatever side gets them laid. Closeted ones will support troons.

Men with Agendas.
>Using radical feminism to profit.
>Using the entire women vs trannies argument to further push their extremely regressive anti-sex arguments.
>Always trying to infantilize women. ie; "you didn't make your own choice, a man made it for you."
>Women are lining up to follow these men like a cult.
>Are heavily misogynistic, yet are only allying with women because how dare a man in a wig get away with abusing women when he, a guy not in a wig , cannot.

tl'dr Just be careful who you're throwing your alliance to these days especially when you can smell the motives (usually $$$$ and views).

No. 1307002

File: 1629746484697.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 405.88 KB, 828x772, 2954EFAE-ED0D-42E2-BC29-0077E1…)

Lmao someone edited and already edited photo and attempted to remove even more of the male features

No. 1307031

File: 1629749864625.bmp (410.43 KB, 625x224, transcult.bmp)

What does this have to do with gays or blacks? This is your brain on gender ideology folks kek.

No. 1307034

File: 1629750155873.bmp (368.78 KB, 619x203, transcult.bmp)

This person's whole twitter is a goldmine of troonacy and poor arguements.

No. 1307037

File: 1629750210498.jpg (52.78 KB, 479x358, OG_Drag.jpg)

that's what Drag originally drag was for anon, early drag was performed by both gay men and lesbians to mock the gender norms, big bearded gay men would wear ridiculous dresses and lesbians would dress like "suave gentleman" and other masculine characters, Drag was their way of mocking the whole concept of what gendered clothing even was, but somewhere along the line gay men started to play more into this, dressing more and more proactive and thus drag became less of a political statement and more of a fetish

No. 1307038

Hoping LC doesn’t kick the bucket, there’s nowhere else to talk about this stuff at the same capacity…

This should become a Twitter trend kek

No. 1307054

Mcbain voice "That's the joke."

No. 1307065

File: 1629752440132.jpg (22.64 KB, 480x480, tumblr_cb37237df435bcaedf6ad4c…)

I don't know whether to laugh or Cringe

No. 1307076

OT but pls tell me who the lady on the right is.

No. 1307092

I think youre looking for the Fakeboi thread >>1303022

No. 1307096

you mean the trannies spamming gore? that was a couple threads ago and farmlands deleted it but someone archived it and posted a link

No. 1307099

Thanks anons, you're right it was the Fakeboi thread. Deleted my post because I realized it wasn't related kek

No. 1307104

They would all hate each other regardless of whether they are radfems or not. As for radfems specifically, Korean radfems blame historic Chinese influences like Confucianism for making Korea so misogynistic (but from my experience the average Chinese man isn’t as sexist as a Korean man because of communism), and they will blame modern Japanese influences like idols like idols/otaku/porn for making Korean men worse (I personally can’t decide if Korean or Japanese men are more sexist, I guess they are sexist in different ways with Japanese men being passive-aggressive and manipulative while Korean men are loud and obvious).

I have seen some solidarity from the sane ones because they priortize female liberation and they know that their styles of radical feminism are far more similar to each other than to South Asians or Eastern Europeans. Eastern European radfems have a reputation for being a little nutty because they are semi-Western but they make the best comics. Every time I see a funny ass image or comic made by a radfem it turns out she’s from somewhere like Russia.

No. 1307106

Women need to stop living in denial. It's not that women are "pure", women are normal. The majority of men live entirely for their dicks, at the expense of everybody else in their lives. Like this guy >>1306978
Can you even imagine how much (deserved) hate a middle-aged woman would get if she abandoned her children to closet crossplay bishounen all day and to go fuck ugly idiots at a cartoon convention?

No. 1307110

TRA retards not understanding Kikomi is milk I didn't realize I needed lol. The whole point of Kikomi is to point out how little troons resemble actual women. Leave it to AGPs to assume that Kikomi is making fun of Aidens and not them kek.

No. 1307111

I’ve always explained it as “Korean men want to be alpha males and Japanese men want to be sigma males”.

No. 1307113

you can do it yourself, just input the urls on wayback or archive.is

No. 1307128

File: 1629758372362.jpg (5.93 MB, 3520x13978, kek.jpg)

Known pedophile Zinnia Jones getting ratio'd by /pol after grooming tweet. Same happened to >>1306817

No. 1307130

No. 1307139

File: 1629759361731.jpg (113.24 KB, 675x1200, DjqXWq_W4AA3Hqe.jpg)

>Men with Agendas.
>Using radical feminism to profit.
>Women are lining up to follow these men like a cult.
>Are heavily misogynistic
What radfems are following misogynists? I can only think of a few women making nice comments about Joshua Moon because he helped to expose Yaniv, and maybe Megan Murphy simping for Benjamin Boyce (which most radfems seem to have been critical of).
Feels more like it's misogynists simping for radfems kek.
>you will never spend a year undercover larping in an attempt to make the opposite sex agree with your politics

No. 1307140

Somebody need to draw this

No. 1307146

He's an anorexic Brit with horrifying teeth, just like Cafebeef. They want to look like youthful girls so bad the anorexia ages them so much and highlights their man bones. They tried edit cheeks on his gaunt and caved in face kek.

No. 1307150

From the last thread, my god, I despise "Emma" Handy. I was not expecting to see this troon posted here.

I have wanted to post about him and other MTG troons for a long time because they are all gigantic cows, but I wasn't sure of the interest since there are not very many actual women who are active in the MTG community. In any case, Emma and his troon friend Autumn Burchett (aka Autumn Birdshit), in picrel, both have a huge amount of influence in what goes on with this game to the point where they caused a lesbian artist, Terese Nielsen, to lose her 20+ year long career with Wizards over pure slander about being transphobic. Her (now ex) wife was open about being a terf, and this middle aged artist was merely guilty by association.

Also I can't find the cap anymore, but Emma had the audacity to claim "she" was the first woman to win a particular type of tournament (don't remember which format). Like I really cannot emphasize how few women play in general never mind competitively, it's insulting for him to make that claim.

P.S. Emma, don't you DARE insult Makoto like that.

No. 1307152

File: 1629761036456.jpeg (161.58 KB, 1200x675, O7gjfoI.jpeg)

samefag. The image is part of the harassment campaign against the lesbian artist. For context, land cards are usually so cheap that stores will give them away for free (or like 20 for $1). The lands in the picture, done by Terese, are extremely valuable because one, they're rare, and two, she is one of the most beloved artists who has ever done work for Wizards. The Forest she did is worth $600, and the Island is a crazy $1400!

The troon on the right in the previous post, ruined these cards in the name of "trans rights" and used them in a high profile tournament. He effectively destroyed about $2000 worth of collectibles. IMHO if he really cared about trans rights he would have auctioned them off and donated the money, but no, instead he does the most scrote thing imaginable by destroying them instead and literally erasing the name of a lesbian artist.

No. 1307155

All males desire to dominate women regardless of whether they are troons or not. I find it interesting that non-tranny moids always act like AGP are their own separate thing or that it’s “only gay men” when the two are a part of the same sex class and most are heterosexual. These non-trannies want to act like misogyny has no influence on why people troon out in the first place. It’s also very funny that these non-tranny moids will say that troons are invading female spaces but they do the same thing and try to manipulate and harass women into agreeing with them just like any tranny would.

No. 1307158

File: 1629761425771.jpg (767.07 KB, 1920x1080, KYiNox9.jpg)

samefag again, sorry, not sure why the image didn't upload. Emma Handy on the left, Autumn Burchett on the right.

No. 1307160

I’m pretty sick of Western “radfems” following males like Glinner, Debbie Hayton, or Fionne Orlander. There is no such thing as a good troon, all good troons would detransition if they knew what they were doing was wrong. Hayton admits to having AGP while Orlander is always e-begging for his GC followers so he can get plastic surgery. Any woman who gives these troons money so they can get breast implants instead of donating that money to women’s charities isn’t radical, she’s just a part of the brainless GC Twitter crowd.

No. 1307166

Handy looks like the fat autist/BPD hybrid that awkwardly tails every art girl that seems to be in every high school, Burchett looks like a Bond villain had a baby with that one troon character in Sinfest.

No. 1307168

Marlene Dietrich, I believe.

Agreed, either it's all okay or none of it is okay. You can't pick and choose which troon is personally destabilizing women's rights, lol.

No. 1307171

LOL I'm seconding >>1306833
Please, anon!

No. 1307183

i’ve had radfems tell me blaire white is one of the good ones which is… i didn’t even know how to respond to that.

No. 1307186

>Any woman who gives these troons money so they can get breast implants instead of donating that money to women’s charities isn’t radical, she’s just a part of the brainless GC Twitter crowd.
Women seriously need to look at the world around them, and stop giving money and support to useless formerly-middle-class men to play with. Men look out for themselves. Troons wouldn't piss on a handmaiden if she was on fire.

No. 1307192

File: 1629763751267.jpeg (133.19 KB, 1200x1200, 1_HrvgTeIuKGWCeeAH_B4S2Q@2x.jp…)

Miranda Yardley is another (picrel). there was a crossdressing dude who's name I forgot who the UK feminists I followed on fb loved, until women started pointing out he often sported hardons in his increasingly voyeuristic photos

No. 1307193

that's not Marlene actually, but idk who it is

No. 1307203

glinner isn't trans though, don't remember him saying anything misogynistic either

No. 1307212

I love how the kikomi comics make them suddenly "not get it" because it's a gender identity they don't agree with. How the tables have turned kek

Afab trans girls are valid according to trans propaganda since you can't know someone's gender better than themselves and your physical sex doesn't reflect your gender sooo… stop being transphobic to kikomi, she's valid!!1!1

No. 1307213

I never said he was but I guess it wasn’t clear in my post. The problem with Glinner is that he constantly speaks over women in discussions, he cares more about being anti-trans than actual gender criticism (which is why he didn’t care about people saying that marketing gendered toys to children was bad), and the fact that he is one of the “faces” of the “GC community” in the UK seriously pisses me off.

I don’t care if he’s an ally, he’s still a man. GC women really need to elevate the voices of other women instead of orbiting around male figures. The problem with many women who self-identify as “feminist” is that they do not see men as the enemy, they think patriarchy is the enemy but they seem unable to realize that men ARE the patriarchy. Though it is definitely much worse in straight women compared to lesbians, female socialization makes women crave male approval regardless of their sexual orientation.

No. 1307214

Quit the radfem sperging, we're here to laugh at troons

No. 1307217

ntayrt but maybe quit your sperging and provide some milk doofus

No. 1307221

This is why female ONLY spaces are vital. Even in female majority spaces meant to prioritise female voices, the few males end up getting more attention and dominating the place. People treat men as more trustworthy than women so what they has to be more “true” or “reasonable” while the woman is “emotional” and “hysterical”. A woman will say men can’t be women, a man will say they can be women. Most people will choose to believe the man, even other women.

No. 1307229

Kikomi is so fucking VALID. Imagine all their experiences being weird fetish shit to mimic out of context? Just like "omg I couldn't open a jar." "I just had a dumb gurl moment and misspelled my reddit title!!! teehee" If they can pretend to have periods, Kikomi can shave her hair!

No. 1307240

So he basically destroyed $2000 of his own property to "own the TERFs"?

No. 1307243

If someone is AFAB but then identifies as non-binary and then goes back to female, doesn't this make them a trans woman? They transitioned to female.

No. 1307247

I would but can’t stomach looking at Kevin for more than a tenth of a second

No. 1307249

men taking things from women is the only acceptable way this works for moids - this is why they hate kikomi kek

No. 1307251


Of course the Wikipedia article has a pro-trans slant to it. The site is filled with terminally online trannies monitoring pages for "transphobia". Trannies are brilliant at propaganda. They know that if they can control the information in the cyberworld then they can control the minds of young people.

No. 1307254

>On July 3, a Los Angeles trans woman, a musician and activist, was falsely accused online of being the alleged person referred to by the incident video.
KEK, he PURPOSELY pretended to be the tranny in question and made dozens of threatening messages. He knew exactly what he was doing.

No. 1307260

File: 1629770205554.jpeg (150.24 KB, 827x1515, 62335E82-B8B7-4BED-BC31-36F4F3…)

We’ll what do you know. The “author”. How does one report this for false information?

No. 1307261

>white american

Every time.

No. 1307263

He’s 6’6 lol. How is this okay? It’s locked of course.

No. 1307264

Just more proof that Wikipedia isn't a "valid source". It's too bad a lot of people are convinced it is a "neutral", "factual" and use it as the first source for all their information. I wish they would realize that it just another outlet for spreading misinformation and propaganda.

No. 1307266

How can one report false information? This is so insulting to the victims of this incident

No. 1307269

Wikipedia is user-based and populated with troons so unless you are really good at debating on the talk page or get a user with a high enough credibility (like a moderator) then the misinformation stays there.

No. 1307273

File: 1629770880415.jpg (133.71 KB, 828x1056, E9bPyl8X0AI8Sfp.jpg)

Trooning out is a 'get out of male free' card and humiliation kink.

No. 1307275

File: 1629771087015.jpg (329.42 KB, 828x1184, 43534.jpg)

No. 1307276

File: 1629771118614.jpg (273.09 KB, 828x1144, 96867.jpg)

Close up.

No. 1307278

i normally don’t interact with anything on this thread but what the fuck, is this what they thinking being a woman is??

No. 1307279

Oh, this and so much more anon.

No. 1307280

File: 1629771431031.jpg (117.28 KB, 750x1012, 867746.jpg)

Is he trying to be the spermoid version of Valerie Solanas? Sorry but you won't ever be close because you are male.

No. 1307281

It's shit like this that makes me believe that calling a TiM 'she/her' is the true misgendering. When people were bringing up Chris Chan, I was telling everyone that they were misgendering him if used 'she/her' pronouns.

No. 1307283

>transbian sex pest
>fucking massive 6'6" behemoth
What an absolute stereotype

No. 1307284

File: 1629772022931.jpeg (913.62 KB, 960x1347, AA8277C1-B20D-49F7-8DAB-4D6F73…)

They really are all the same

No. 1307285

File: 1629772088785.jpeg (764.48 KB, 960x1224, FED4CE35-9150-44A1-8F32-688549…)

That hairline will never happen.

No. 1307288

so fucked up, people don’t understand women at all and this just convinced me.

kinda related but being on these thread have like opened my eyes to how ugly people are, visually. kek

No. 1307290

is he hiding his boner

No. 1307294

who is this? why censor his name?

No. 1307297

Not my image, I got it from a radfem discord.

No. 1307305

File: 1629773482875.png (50.2 KB, 689x260, 23312.PNG)

I always thought it was strange that East Asian radfems hate otaku and idol culture but then on Western radfem spaces you get picrel.

Woke moids really let their misogyny out as soon as they 'cis' in front of 'women'.

No. 1307309

File: 1629773752980.png (289.28 KB, 569x621, unknown.png)

lol perfect match

No. 1307311

Anime and porn certainly did a number on men but goddamn if FaceApp and filters didn't only make them more deluded.

No. 1307313

File: 1629774793228.png (37.76 KB, 678x525, 27b.png)


No. 1307315

File: 1629774846018.jpg (89.98 KB, 640x657, E9efq7iX0Awd6qt.jpg)

No. 1307316

This probably sounds stupid but I hate it when troons latch onto cats in order to seem more feminine.

No. 1307317

As if most moids don't already leech free maid services out of their moms, and then sad live-in girlfriends. They have to find a way to act even more helpless and demand even more free work from other people.

No. 1307318

I use metric measurements so I had no idea how tall 6'6" was until searching it up. Holy shit, it's 198.12 cm.

No. 1307323

File: 1629776369523.png (9.23 KB, 497x56, 863123.PNG)

>digital artist
>calls himself "gwennie-chan" on discord
>studying japanese
>supports free love
>has panic disorders and social anxiety
>works in tech industry
>bad eyesight

He also has TWO userboxes about boobs like a typical maleoid, pic related.

No. 1307326

File: 1629776531589.png (7.97 KB, 250x119, why.PNG)

He truly does embody every single stereotype.

No. 1307327

i hate men so much

No. 1307329

It's legal in NYC for a woman to go topless but almost no woman does it because of the potential sexual assault. Legal changes don't mean jack shit when there are no sociocultural changes. Like a typical male, he only wants to "free the nipple" if it lets him coom. More important women's issues like femicide don't matter.

No. 1307350

Its even scrotes though, its mostly TIFs

No. 1307360

I'm a tall woman but I have never met any woman over 6'1, let alone 6'6, imagine this giant man in a Japanese school girl dress entering the women's rest room or trying to make conversation with you

No. 1307364

imagine being so mad that you’re 6’0, you call women femlets to cope.

No. 1307365

File: 1629783299894.png (651.28 KB, 825x1034, Screenshot_20210824-013244.png)

is this troon blind? apparently he has a job interview for a receptionist position at a salon. imagine walking into a salon and this greets you

No. 1307367

I can see why Troons would latch on to Solanas, in her Scum Manifesto she stated that after the feminist revolution where women somehow over power all men in the world, defeat the entire world's milarites and beat them in war(That part was just so fucking Cringy btw, it came across as something out of a bullied nerd's journal) all the remaining men in he world who declared themselves as filth below women, would be forced to live as Transvestites and Drag Queens, which is the pretty much the Ideal AGP fantasy dream
Also in her unpublished play(which she Shot Warhol over, cause he accidently lost it) there's a sympatric Transvestite prostitute character whose considered a fellow woman and at the end of the play the Transvestite celebrates with the other primary female characters when a woman murders her young son
I'm surprised there aren't more trannies who like that Loser

No. 1307369

Mtg fag here. I briefly remember hearing about this scandal and I wanna thank you for mentioning it here. Old lands especially holo are worth so much fucking money. These things, when well preserved, will stack value by the year. This is so fucking infuriating. You nailed it. Absolute scrote move destroying these collectible pieces of mtg history (which has completely gone to shit in recent years, so vintage is all collectors have at this point).

No. 1307370

>I can see why Troons would latch on to Solanas
I doubt it, she said troons were males pretending to be women.

No. 1307371

correct me if i'm wrong but aren't these in sleeves? so the cards are fine?

No. 1307372

she still had Transvestites in her ideal utopia and seemed to prefer them over men

No. 1307373

Maybe I’m blind but it looks like it could be written on the cards themselves or the sleeves. I’m piggybacking the op who said they destroyed the cards to make a point cus I wouldn’t put it past a moid.

No. 1307385

>article points out the woman who recorded the video is consevrative and christian
>doesn't mention that she is black
I see, because it wouldn't fit their narrative of only rightwing white women not liking trannies.

No. 1307386

File: 1629788593934.jpg (95.76 KB, 640x841, 4WJ8kwJ.jpg)

nope, it was done on the cards themselves, Birdshit clarified that at some point and also had to remove them from his deck. Also hilarious that he clarified that it wasn't the judges who made him do it, most of them are also troons.

There was some other pro tour scrote (assuredly a chaser) who did the same thing to 4x original Force of Will cards (also with art by Terese), worth about $100 each at the time. He made a video of himself scribbling out the art with sharpie and blabbling on about how he doesn't support Nazis. So yea, 100% scrote move.

No. 1307388

Imagine such a privileged life that the worst hate crime you can experience is someone calling you "he". That's it, not an insult, not a physical assault - just a neutral word. They're so mentally weak they wouldn't survive being an actual woman for a single day.

No. 1307389

Solanas mocked troons in Scum Manifesto. She didn't like them, she was just willing to tolerate them as lesser being not actually as women

No. 1307390

It never stops being funny that this is absolutely correct, thebworst thing these people face is being called "he/him", and yet they are by vast majority some brand of marxist. Marx would have considered troon problems to be bourgeois shit and haaated them for it

No. 1307391

> She didn't like them, she was just willing to tolerate them as lesser being not actually as women, they view them as Quasi-Gay men or Drag Queen in their permanent person and the fact that she explicitly mentioned that remaining males would be turned into Drag Queens is something I feel that AGP Troons would like very much

isn't that what most Libfems secretly believe anyway

No. 1307392

No, libfems brainwash themselves into believing TWAW.

No. 1307394

That's what they say, but deep down I think they know

No. 1307395

I’m on ovarit and I see suspect posts and comments all the time, but they are very low key. There was however a TiM who ma’med out 4 hours after registration and he got banned and removed swiftly. I’m honestly not surprised that they would LARP so hard so they can become members and then LARP even more for a whole year. Ovarit isn’t private, literally anyone can read posts and comments. You can’t report people for transphobia etc like those TRAs with Twitter accounts pretending to be GC to report people. I know there are trannies with accounts on ovarit and it’s clearly about infiltrating a space meant for women, their whole existence is to skinwalk women and larp, so it’s inevitable but it’s hilarious that they claim to be “undercover” as if regular people don’t have access to a public website.

No. 1307398

Trannies have infiltrated radfem discords by manipulating their voices to be higher pitched and stealing other women's photos. I don't know if you heard of the really delusional troon who believed that being able to access radfem chatrooms and calling himself a "radical feminist" was the "ultimate marker of womanhood" for him since he knows only women can be radical feminists. He was getting all the transition surgery done, destroying everything from "his past life as a man", never contacting his old friends/family, and even wanted to get hypnotised into forgetting he was ever biologically male.

No. 1307401

File: 1629792027068.png (158.72 KB, 368x487, afabrights.png)

afab trans girl rights are human rights uwu

No. 1307409

kinda ot but is there a place where one could see all the kikomi comics without needing to go through all the threads?

No. 1307410

No. 1307412

>otaku culture
>sailor moon and animal crossing
I'm sure both are pretty normie

No. 1307414

thank you anon!

No. 1307423

Wikipedia is terrible. There are people fighting on the talk page for “woman” about trans-inclusivity because of course they world. There are TiMs all over Wikipedia pages about female biology and feminism but almost none on male pages. On the page for “biological essentialism”, there’s a nonsensical transgender “definition”. They also ban you from “deadnaming” any tranny. On the “Charlotte Clymer” article people were trying to add the stuff about the dude’s misogyny and creepiness but it was reverted because they considered it “not notable” and “transphobic”. It was an old article that called him “Charles Clymer” so it was considered “deadnaming”. Men can erase all their past bad behaviour by trooning out and LARPing as women.

This is glorious.

NTAYRT but “weeababes” is a fucking stupid ass name. Don’t know why anybody would willingly label themselves a “weeaboo” unless they were a retard.

No. 1307425


What can we even do? These entitled mentally ill fucks are just changing shit to benefit. We are rewriting history because it's too terfy, women's rights are being destroyed.

No. 1307429

I don't know, it's like >>1307269 says. I guess we can raise awareness on the issue through social media. I have tried editing some articles that push tranny propaganda before but they were immediately reverted since troons are terminally online. I would get permabanned if I kept at it.

No. 1307430

File: 1629800032333.png (10.92 KB, 799x67, grull.png)

Gruul sure seems like a very mtf friendly archetype.

No. 1307432

Terese Nielsen is a terf? I knew she was a lesbian but now she is mega based. I love her art

No. 1307437

If they actually believed TWAW they wouldn’t bend over backwards for them. Most handmaidens I know can be quite catty towards other women but treat TIMs like gods or, at worst, like disabled children who must be coddled at all times. Look at any female-dominated community (especially makeup) to see how TIMs who put in the barest minimum effort are praised to high heaven while skilled women are mostly ignored. If they really thought TWAW then those ogres who smear blue eyeshadow on with a trowel would get the same “oh honey no” treatment as real women, but instead they get thousands of likes/upvotes and comments gushing about how gorgeous they are.

No. 1307441

File: 1629801957164.png (74.24 KB, 552x518, 1212155.PNG)

I could never put together why I hated men in women's spaces. Why are we accepting these men like nothing?
It's like women actively accepting drag queens as if they are not mocking women in their behavior and looks.

No. 1307443

File: 1629803947951.jpg (249.81 KB, 1078x1566, Transcel.jpg)

If you only want someone with a real penis or vagina you are now ~mentally ill~

No. 1307451

>What can we even do?
Could push for transracial bs using the same tactics and arguments as transgenders do, then maybe normies will finally have enough and start fighting back against this shit.
Example, putting a pic of Oli London in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koreans#Gallery and arguing that anyone who objects to mentions of transkoreans in the article is a transphobic trerf (transracial exclusionary radical feminist) who doesn't believe in human rights.

No. 1307452

>classic lesbo domestic abuse rates

No. 1307454

You will need to provide "scientific articles" to back up your transracialism claims. Troons have already bullied academia into agreeing with them over everything so now scientists can't disagree with them or they will actually lose their jobs..

No. 1307463

There was a study a while back about lesbians/bi women and DV rates. RW moids use the study as proof that lesbians are violent and abuse each other at catastrophic rates, when the actual study itself found that lesbians were far less likely to be abused than straight women, while bi women were significantly more likely to be abused than either lesbian or bi women… at the hands of men.

No. 1307464

It's rightwing BS that straight people make up because they believe it's actually women who are the abusive ones in relationships so two women is doubly abusive.

No. 1307465

any more info about this? wtf

No. 1307474

do you have the study on hand anon?

No. 1307493

she doesn't even play to video games

what is wrong with his hair

No. 1307501

That and "lesbian bed death" are terms you'll only ever see in places with a high incel participation rate because they're seething that some women can live without penis.

No. 1307504

Damn, males really think of their dicks as tools and not as a functioning part of their bodies.
Porn induced brain rot.

No. 1307509

File: 1629816584595.jpg (193.74 KB, 858x366, ghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…)

No. 1307518

Let’s just make some up, like they do.

No. 1307521

being the retarded troon he is, he probably assumed the value of the cards would go up since to him this is some iconic "protest art" that would go down in history. that would explain why he even signed it (i'm assuming it's his signature, correct me if i'm wrong).

No. 1307523

File: 1629817925353.jpeg (212.59 KB, 958x776, 372D5732-8EC2-47B1-AE88-BF43FB…)

shamelessly stolen from r/tumblrinaction

No. 1307524

File: 1629818089528.jpg (76.8 KB, 900x852, 1629754708985.jpg)

No. 1307525

Sounds made up

No. 1307529

tranny is now saying in the replies “lol dumb terfs why would you think this is true? i made it up! it was bait to reaffirm that you terfs always think us poor wittle trannies are the bad guys and you took it so now you’re in the wrong”

No. 1307532

Only acting retarded. Good job some normie passing by this and see some poor old lady's pills being stolen. They don't even know what terf means so all they see is elder abuse.

No. 1307536

>year's supply of estradiol
Why would a woman have estradiol? Especially a year's supply of it? This dude is a bad writer, absolutely nothing to keep up suspension of disbelief.
>"she has a trans son"
>immediately talks about the theoretical son's genitals
Kek what if the son were a child? Also, I thought assuming anything about a stranger's genitals was a horrible transphobic hatecrime?

No. 1307537

Post menopausal women sometimes take estrogen for sexual function and to help alleviate some of the more unpleasant menopause symptoms. This is why horse piss pills are called HRT, since they were originally intended to be used by older women to replace the hormone profile they had prior to menopause.

No. 1307538

I considered that, but the "year supply" part is still strange to me, as someone who takes medication. Is HRT not given in monthly supplies, like basically everything else is?

No. 1307554

I heard troons piss out the estradiol they consume after a few weeks because they don't have receptors. Anyone got more info on this? Their moobs don't continue to grow either. It's like they have an E threshold level that they can't pass becasue they are male. This can't be good for the environment.

No. 1307560

So I've been looking through old threads and I can't find where to find Kikomi art.

No. 1307564

Based for that, yes. But let's not forget that her retarded ass publicly liking qanon, trump thinktank, and white supremacist tweets was why wizards cut ties. Not the radfem tweets. Troons like to gloss over all that and pretend she got cut because of being an evil 'terf' which isn't what happened.

No. 1307571

White Supremacists are also married to male supremacy. They don't even appreciate the support of women. Pride boys openly got angry when female users were on their facebook groups agreeing with them. Telling them they could support them better by having their kids and cooking for them. Kek. What a retarded lesbian.

No. 1307577

unrelated, but it just makes me laugh imagining what manlet scrotes think of 6 feet+ dudes trooning out.

No. 1307581

File: 1629825130908.jpeg (281.71 KB, 828x630, 4A6777E3-946A-4936-8477-991118…)

Still looks like a scrote but with long hair

No. 1307582

File: 1629825444719.jpeg (1.51 MB, 4032x4030, 6451F02E-1786-4E3D-B528-354560…)

Best bet is..
This tranny going to kill themselve. MTF suicide rate is high once they realize they’ll never be a real women or accepted.

No. 1307584

What is it about that tacky alixpress 2014 Tumblr look that lives rent-free in these scrotes heads? Like, from an academic standpoint?

No. 1307585

There an @biotransgirl twitter now, look there. I'm not sure if it's run by the original artist though.

No. 1307588

If it doesn't look like something a preteen on social media or porn actress in the 'barely legal' tag would wear, how else are they supposed to coom while pretending to be the little girls they are attracted to?

Disgusting skinwalkers. I just hope and pray they don't act on their pedo fantasies with girls and keep to their fellow troonsbians.

No. 1307592

>Most troons of this type are early-mid 20's
>Would've been in their early-mid teens in the early 2010's when this type of fashion was in vogue
>The first girls they coomed to probably dressed like this
>Erotic mismatch error makes them want to BE the target of their infatuation
You see the same thing with older troons. Troons who were teens in the 90's dress like skater girls/punk girls/preppy Clueless bimbos, ones who were teens in the aughts are dress like goth/emo girls, so on.

No. 1307594

File: 1629826641755.png (226.24 KB, 840x1144, hhhhhhhh.png)

it is not. someone posted them to imgur https://imgur.com/a/WhR5q43

No. 1307597

Thank you, anons! Now, if I die the most offensive thing on my computer will be my collection of Kikomi. I love not being a moid with their weird porn they need to burn before they die.

No. 1307603

you're welcome

but moids don't like kikomi because she is a mirror of themselves. if people think kikomi is ridiculous for stuffing her socks, what stops people thinking troons are ridiculous for padding their hips? if kikomi is ridiculous for simulating genital surgeries, if she is clueless and out of her mind by claiming she can transition into a transwoman and so on and so on, does that mean regular troons are ridiculous too?

laughing at kikomi is not allowed because that could mean you laugh at them too>>1307597

No. 1307610

File: 1629828480199.png (952.22 KB, 919x1169, y chromosome.png)

Solanas would've called them defective moids trying to fix their defective nature (m->f), which is what they are. Pathetic men trying to run away from themselves.

No. 1307613

to sperg some more, i honestly think that one of the best ways to retaliate against males and troons is to laugh at them. it's their biggest fear, that women laugh at them, they hate it. they think angry women are pitiable and funny, they have no sympathy for sad women, but women laughing at them is like kyrptonite. humor wins.

No. 1307620

Agreed. If I ever wish ill against a male, it's that a group of 15 year old girls laugh at them till their dick falls off. The fragile male ego is so pathetic it can be destroyed by the most vulnerable group of individuals.

No. 1307623

File: 1629829382939.jpg (68.94 KB, 979x819, Tay2-300x251.jpg)

Omfg the dress is too small it cuts off mid torso. Big man.

No. 1307629

File: 1629829866742.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2084, 67493847.png)

Dude's posing like a WWE wrestler

No. 1307631

File: 1629830031055.jpeg (103.08 KB, 600x600, not troons.jpeg)

It's called skinwalking. Moids who had no interest in goth culture, British tumblr a la 2012 girls, or the new TikTok alts. They are attracted to those girls or they see how much attention they get. I always get "Creep" by Radiohead playing in my head when I look at these troons trying to become an obvious female archetype.

No. 1307632

You're completely right. Not a full troon(yet) but some male TRA made an entire video where he, a full grown man, was absolutely seething with anger over some teenage TERFs on twitter making fun of him.

No. 1307633

>a bunch of other troons are admitting that they do the same thing and steal from others as well

No. 1307663

File: 1629831972570.webm (1.86 MB, 640x352, heroes.webm)

Found another one of these clips that are supposed to make you feel sad for troons but are actully based.

No. 1307670

File: 1629832329718.jpg (413.73 KB, 1638x2048, 20210824_210957.jpg)

Stacy Cay is so retarded, half his posts are low quality bait and the rest is sperging that nobody wants him and then turning it around to say he's so hot and he's a volcel.

Pics of him do make me kek tho. So painfully male

No. 1307675

KEK this is hilarious. Do you have the one that takes place in a restaurant where the manager prevents some gigahon from getting into the ladies room?

No. 1307676

>Cheap hawaiian-print dad tank top with what looks like some ugly wifebeater underneath
>Rimless square tinted glasses that only a moid would pick out
>Male patterned baldness
>Unwashed male ponytail
>Massive head with prominent brow ridge
>Mask covers the supposed facial surgeries that totally sell him as a woman
>B-but I have 42C cups! Why can't people get it right? I'm obviously a woman!
Uh, sir, 42 is your band size, not your cup size.

No. 1307683

File: 1629833216168.webm (1.67 MB, 550x402, sheher.webm)

lmao here

No. 1307687

File: 1629833698944.png (32.9 KB, 620x235, what.png)

i wish this was a troll but its not

No. 1307691

saw this on twitter, Kikkomi-chan approved

No. 1307692

File: 1629834332713.jpeg (16.1 KB, 750x273, CFF2F7C1-1A66-4765-9C03-1F1DF7…)

whoops dropped image

No. 1307693

It blows my mind that 99% of men can't ever be faithful to one woman and love her, but they can skinwalk and obsess FOR LIFE over one woman frozen in time at X age.

No. 1307704

It's because an imaginary woman has the one thing men desire the most: eternal unavailability.

No. 1307710

Yes, both are normie, but there's a bit more to it than that. Online communities for both SM and AC are almost exclusively women and girls and have been for decades. Men have a much wider variety of franchises that they have communities for, women have far fewer so these two in particular tend to stand out. Unlike predominantly scrote dominated communities which often make it a contest of who's the better fan or been into it longer or fighting over dumb shit, these communities for women function on a whole different level as most "older" women into them are happy that there is continued interest by younger generations who help keep these fandoms alive.

After seeing what happened with My Little Pony and the rampant infiltration of that community from moids, troons, moidtroonfurries, and other degenerates, I am not surprised at all that some terfs are a bit more protective about SM and AC seeing as these communities are essentially women's spaces where typical troon behaviour is absolutely unwelcome (not to mention highly inappropiate considering how young some are in said communities).

No. 1307723

File: 1629837530326.jpg (281.07 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20210824-133735.jpg)

No. 1307731

tysm nonita

No. 1307781

He wants to be a troon tradwife so bad. He would look a million times better as a man.
>that pic
embarrassing. he is mentally il, there's no other explanation.

No. 1307800

You make some good points nonita, moids have a tendency to make every aspect of their interests into sexually deviant fetishes
Bury the fucker alive

No. 1307807

>C cups
stop this is killing me. i love how the soundtrack accidentally implies that the moids redirecting the trannies to the mens room are heroes

No. 1307810

I don't think that's an accident, anon, I'm pretty sure that's the whole reason that song was added

No. 1307814

LMFAO thought that's Caitlyn Jenner

No. 1307821

kek I actually like it even better than >>1307683 just because he calls to authority and still gets confronted with reality. Are these supposed to be like anti-trans bullying campaign ads?

No. 1307827

I'm so glad someone else sees it, thought it was ironic how the dude looks like him.

No. 1307842

anon that's the joke

No. 1307854

Congratulations on peaking lol

No. 1307865

>Her attorney said Hari was already living a "double life" sentence.

>"Thus, as she formed a ragtag group of freedom fighters or militia men and spoke of missions to Cuba and Venezuela, Ms. Hari secretly looked up 'sex change,' 'transgender surgery' and 'post-op transgender' on the internet," Elkins said. "As she purchased military fatigues for their 'missions,' she also purchased dresses and female clothing for a planned trip to Bangkok, Thailand, for male-to-female surgery. She was living a double life."

>It was the stress of this double life, the public defender argued, that drove Hari to attack the Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, on Aug. 5, 2017, and that her client holds no ill will toward the Islamic faith.

How the fuck does "stress" from wanting to get pussy surgery in Thailand cause you to bomb a mosque?

No. 1307867

my poor sides, the video itself is nice but the music makes it art (and the slow mo, wtf, this must be made by a terf)

No. 1307869

>Emily Claire Hari, 50, a biological male who identifies as a woman
At least the journo seems covertly based. Otherwise he would have stopped at Emily Claire Hari, 50.

No. 1307871

Any trans person that claims to be "gender critical" is a walking contradiction. You can be GC and dysphoric, you can be GC and a detransitioner but being both GC and identifying as trans/undergoing transition? That's pure bullshit and any "cis" GC person who falls for this was never truly critical of gender in the first place.

No. 1307883

I'm not surprised at all that TiMs think they can have sex with lesbians. If you go on Twitter, you can see loads of people pushing the idea that "nobody is born gay". They think homosexuality is a choice or a result of socialization. They say if you believe homosexuality is inborn then you're somehow a "biological essentialist".

No. 1307885

That's no different than what religious nuts say. Society is truly going backwards.

No. 1307993

did they never went outside? touch some grass mister,most people are hetero

No. 1308039

File: 1629874735113.png (9.23 KB, 259x123, image_2021-08-25_165855.png)

the replies are hilarious

No. 1308040

>assuming that all trans people experience dysphoria and self-hatred
How transphobic.

No. 1308045

lmaooooo green shirt guy is one of my favorite memes lately and this edit with the hero music is just chef kiss

No. 1308048

But even if being a lesbian was a choice or a result of socialization…. Why are they not allowed to make that choice of not wanting dick? Just let women live their life.

No. 1308073

File: 1629885655342.png (662.55 KB, 811x811, anmaki-Blue-Poison-(Arknights)…)

How long until she is claimed as theirs?

No. 1308077

>I claimed to have stolen pills from an elderly woman to own the terfs, they'll look so dumb and bigoted when they fall for it!!
Kek what the fuck kind of 4D chess is this strategy? It was mostly fellow trannies who seemed to believe and encourage it, and how is faking a crime supposed to be a good look? My dumb ladybrain just can't comprehend

I don't know the details but I do know for a fact that they start losing the form and volume of their estrogen moobs if they don't take hormones regularly so it lines up.

No. 1308092

>idealized scantily clad cartoon waifubait
let them have it

No. 1308093

love when troids post their L's

No. 1308100

File: 1629891939587.jpg (206.82 KB, 1064x884, What_could_help.jpg)

I know some of you think attractive men trooning out is "tragic" but I think it is hilarious. They don't even have the excuse of being mentally ill incels, they are literally chosing to be coomers over being normies. Peak pornsickness.

No. 1308109

File: 1629893402032.png (461.84 KB, 986x400, autismo.png)

He can't even be bothered to shave, what makes him think he can keep a necro hole clean and dilate 3x a day?

No. 1308111

File: 1629893544762.jpeg (371.77 KB, 1125x825, 2C3E1AFE-157B-4A37-891E-06FA34…)

As a woman who likes to play video games and is good at it, this makes me very angry.

No. 1308113

Don't be angry mock their try hard "just girly things uwu"

No. 1308114

I really want to a-log.

No. 1308116

Legit thought this was Mitsuri from Demon Slayer for a sec

No. 1308118

Are they seriously doing the "lol men be mansplaining, amirite gals?" or is this genuine gamer girl pickme Erin Painter emulation, "uwu I'm a gamer girl and I only play in men teams voice pitched high and need help to finish a level owo kyuuu~~"? either way they can fuck off

No. 1308120

sorry my loves i am retarded
allegedly on his way to get a thai axe wound installed and couldnt even shave his goat beard… what a world
this is tragic for me bc i would fucking kill for those gainz and hes throwing it away for freudian death drive coom. still hilarious tho

No. 1308121

File: 1629894363584.jpg (464.28 KB, 1440x1262, Screenshot_20210825-132325.jpg)

Imagine being so dim you don't know how to play a literal kids game. Kekekek just shows how mentally challenged these troons are.

Who is still playing Minecraft after 14? Autistic moids?

No. 1308122

File: 1629894394533.png (1.2 MB, 3520x1086, seethe.png)

They seethe so hard about normal straight couples, kek. "I-I don't wanna be like those stupid normies anyways!" Incel cope.

No. 1308124

Moids feel like that when they make us suffer they’ve gotten us to submit to them. If we laugh at them it essentially backfires and we yield some level of power of their egos and therefore themselves.

No. 1308125

imagine how tuff this fucking foid felt typing all that lamo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1308131

if any of them ever consider getting back in touch with that psycho, i hope they find this tweet and block him again

No. 1308135

I‘m a female gamer playing in an all men’s group and no one ever felt the need to explain something if I don’t ask for it. Whenever I tell a man I like video games they assume I know how to play video games. That guy just didn’t know how to play the game because it was his first time, so his friends explained it to him. But of course everything in his live has to be about him being a girl(tm).
Please just let this stupid gurl gamer stereotype die so I can play video games in peace.

No. 1308136

They always nitpick at the dumbest shit.

No. 1308138

The irony of this moid saying they look like pedophiles.
>modest potato sack dress
Seems like someone is bitter about having to dress like a fetish or they won't get any attention that they can lie to themselves about being love. While these women are probably happy and secure, this mood constantly switches between chasers who constantly abandon their walking fleshlight for the next mentally ill moid hole they can get their undercover gay hands on. Cope, seethe, fucking d i a l a t e

No. 1308143

Ayrt, the sad thing is that I know it's just a stereotype but the fact that troons constantly choose to act out the pickme gamergirl role in order to emulate the OnlyFans egirls they jack off too is disgusting. It's sad that they play up the whole uwu card because that's what this troon thinks someone like you is, and he would HATE that you're a more valuable member of a gaming team because you actually play the fucking thing instead of being a pickme

No. 1308147

Thank you for the kind words. I‘m glad that at least the people I know don’t buy into this stereotype.

No. 1308150

I love how dumb his roasts are, there's not much he can really say about a group of normally dressed, completely average looking people, so he starts going into weird projections. The man walking around in a tiny ass skirt, whining about straight men not wanting to fuck them, comes off more like a predator then some middle-aged men..dressed like middle-aged men.
Also, I love that Coom Brain, "They're more into the girls in porn then their wives!"
because of course a tranny thinks sexual attraction is EVERYTHING, thats why he's so upset when men he tricks with his photoshopped pictures don't want to fuck him, "You were sexually attracted to me! That means you must like me better than cis girls! You should date and fuck me!!!"

No. 1308156

File: 1629897352123.webm (4.29 MB, 576x1024, v09044g40000c4e289rc77u6cqvcuo…)

Queen from previous thread responded to the greasy troglodyte troon. Then he has the nerve to respond back. Like you are B E Y O N D ugly as shit shut up and take the L.

No. 1308158

File: 1629897501735.webm (2.77 MB, 576x1024, IMG_4886.webm)

He's trying to act like he was sarcastic the whole time but then hides half his face kek. These troons are on suicide watch and we need to bully them more.

No. 1308160

File: 1629897674251.jpeg (151.05 KB, 914x858, IMG_4898.jpeg)

>radfems and terfs are a minority
>most women accept troons

No. 1308162

Since they keep labeling us as "cis-women", we might as well abandon the term women and go with "cis women". If we create cis-only spaces like bars, events, chats, groups, pages, etc, then, the trannies will feel hurt by our way of excluding them. Troons will eventually start calling themselves cis to be deemed as "A real true women". Straight men and lesbians will say "I prefer cis women" as the outcome of trannies invading online and dating spaces. Trannies hate to be outed and excluded from real women they skinwalk.

No. 1308165

File: 1629897975255.jpg (300.66 KB, 1448x1080, 1628843783323.jpg)

Love this autistic seething

No. 1308168

Okay but I don't want to use their terms lol. We shouldn't have to throw away words like woman and female just because a bunch of men like to appropriate them.
Kek the speed at which this moid was banned.

No. 1308175

File: 1629898623831.png (25.35 KB, 502x122, littlelad.png)

responding in the typical "enlightened gentleman" moid fashion isn't helping his case. also what's wrong with her side part? let's talk about his entire male face and body, no amount of hormones or surgeries will be able to alter that into resembling anything female kek.

No. 1308177

Would be funny to use their terms against them and have them rage like retards. But creating a space to exclude these autists is a need. Would be a relief to see bars, pages, events, and more to be bold with "real women only" to get troons fuming

No. 1308178

those dresses look like perfectly normal dresses for a family event, which I'm assuming this was. None of them are potato sacks, because you can see that the women have decent figures. Are they the most flattering? Not really, but damn stacykay, I didn't know women had to conform to anyone's ideal in order to go out in public or be photographed. How man of you. A lot of women don't want to show cleavage or wear short skirts at family events or at all, and no one should be policing their dress, least of all you.

No. 1308183

well someone has a sister complex it seems

No. 1308184

he's seething. he can't come up with anything else to say about her looks so he must go for her sidepart because it's not trendy anymore. if sideparts were trendy now and she had a middle part he would insult her for that.

No. 1308185

>all that sperging
>says it's just because he's a "girl"
Yeah, totally. Also they're all "far right" lmao. Cutting your bpd brother out of your life doesn't make you a natsoc.

No. 1308192

can someone find the family and send them this.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1308193

The problem is that TiM will never stop advancing on our "territory". First they were trans women, but not female, but now they're also "female" even though nothing changed and it's biologically impossible. There's be no way they wouldn't bully society to erase "trans" and "cis" altogether if it was actually embraced by women and an effective filtering tool. They can't even leave the term lesbian alone.

No. 1308198

No. 1308206

File: 1629901050974.jpg (39.97 KB, 696x241, Screenshot_20210825-101724_Chr…)

No. 1308215

saging because this is irrelevant but…haven't you noticed the recent resurgence in Minecraft? even with Minecraft Youtubers, like Dream?

No. 1308220

It's because it's a long-running game that actually gets content updates to this day, and is also something teachers encourage young kids to play. Although nostalgia from now 20-somethings probably plays a part in it too.

No. 1308221

Whats the real is truth is women who are around troon shit pretend to accept troons. When it comes to dating them or dating men who dated them then the story is different.
It's so easy to go, "yeah transwomen are women" and be on twitter putting on a cape.
Men don't even try and men not "accepting troons", can lead to death, harm and harassment of them, but they don't want to talk about that.
There's more women who accept troons rather it's real or fake, then there's non-troon men who do.
Even gay men can be pretty anti-troon.

No. 1308233

File: 1629902958815.jpg (1.3 MB, 1200x1289, RDT_20210825_16473024092092481…)

From r/egg_irl

No. 1308235

I will never forgive Westerners for liberalism. This bullshit is infesting my country too, thank you. Fucking bastards.

No. 1308236

Poor girl, hopefully she learned not to humor a sexual deviant

No. 1308238

wow, suddenly moids 'get it' when it can be applied to their 'plight'
>It's not really about that, it's about wanting the full experience and feeling lesser because you are missing a part of it.
>That's flippant and callous towards people that are debilitated by something they never chose.

No. 1308239

Permanently online moid who only hangs out in discords with fellow trannies and barely interacts with the outside world doesn't realize that most normies still find trannies utterly disgusting, especially men, kek. Maybe if you live in Portland or Los Angeles or any other libshithole with a bunch of social science college students then you can find people who at least pretend to accept trannies cause they are told they have to, but try going literally anywhere else in the world.

No. 1308245

Meh, it will go away again. Society can't survive if everyone is a hedonistic degenerate. Either these people will die out because they don't reproduce at all (through sterilizing themselves or not finding a willing partner) or the offspring they raise will be mentally ill and not fit for survival. I know these people also reproduce by grooming other people's children, but in the end this is just a fad and a trend that will go away and leave a bunch of people who mutilated themselves forever while normal people will probably become more conservative in result and hopefully learn their lesson about the slippery slope. The other possible outcome is that Society will just completely collapse and we will have to start all over again.

No. 1308251

god how fucking vile and gross, poor girl having to deal with some gross guy doing that to her. I hope it's fake.
How the fuck to they even justify this gross shit to each other?

No. 1308255

Most people don't know anything about trannies. If they're liberal, they pity them because they think it's just a flavor of gay, and if they're conservative they think they're perverts (but also it's better to be "straight" and trans than intact and gay.

No. 1308260

Why are men.

No. 1308261

File: 1629906372209.jpg (35.92 KB, 220x346, 20210825_104606.jpg)

No. 1308265

>just for being a girl
dude i think its because youre a fucking sociopath

No. 1308267

>you look like a little lad who loves berries and cream
Idk what the fuck this means but they're right and it's the best insult anyone has ever used

No. 1308268

it's an old ass starburst ad

No. 1308270

ultra kek, holy shit - these tiktok kids are spot on with insults

No. 1308291

It's because biological women aren't as dangerous as biological men. Not so much obsessing that you wanna wear a dress, but show your girl dick to every person you meet and harass lesbians.

No. 1308310

Biggest cope, seethe and dilate I've seen in in all of MTF threads, holy shit. And why do these troons always default to porn to invalidate straight men's attraction to women?

No. 1308328

It’s so funny that these moids think 42/larger bra numbers mean “big ole milkers”
42 is the band size, you stupid men. You can be flat chested and be a 42.

No. 1308335

If this is how he publicly talks about his family to 8000+ followers, no wonder why they won't talk to him. It's not because he's trans, it's because he's an asshole.

His sour grapes attitude is palpable as well. The odd fixation on his sister and the clothing, you know from that alone that he would steal stuff from her closet and is mad that it doesn't look as good on him. He is angry at their smiles, their happiness, because he knows that he is miserable inside and can only muster the hollow soulless AGP grin in false attempts at joy. The accusations of pedophilia are a self reflection of the monster he is himself, and the disdain for watches shows that he cannot muster the thought of going a few hours without access to the degenerate porn on his phone.

No. 1308339

Because they default to porn to validate straight men's attraction to them. Troons love bringing up how men who claim they are straight "love shemale porn" according to pornhub and how it's "Soooo popular".
A lot of them think, men's sexual attraction towards them means more then sexual attraction, they think a "Straight" dude jerking it to two men fucking (except one has boobs and long hair) means, that he'll date, love and marry a troon.
So I assume they think men jerking it to pornstars, means more than sexual attraction.
at least thats how I see it.

No. 1308343

>look at them wearing watches in the age of Smart Phones!

I see three watches and two of them look like smart watches. Watched they can look at in place of their smart phones and ignore you from their wrist without any additional effort.

No. 1308352

Kek you think moids care about love and affection? All they want is to be sexually desirable, because they're coomers. It's all they think about, it's all they care about. They're the same moids who say women get cheated on because they're not sexually adventurous, the same moids who leave their wives when they're too ill to have sex with them, the same moids who cheat when their girlfriend's get fat. Women = fucktoys for them.

No. 1308354

I really found him throwing out the word pedo out of nowhere to be incredibly sus. I agree that it's a self reflection, he probably trooned out to seem less like a predatory man

No. 1308356

This makes me so happy.

No. 1308361

>Average southern white man dressing like average southern white man = pedophile
>Average southern white man dressing like a teen girl and seething over his sister's happiness = not a pedophile
Yeah, that totally checks out.

No. 1308378

File: 1629917378440.jpg (56.2 KB, 749x729, 1611280500978.jpg)

That wouldn't work for very long.

There are transwomen who claim to be biologically female. Some of them will claim any term that women claim for ourselves, because not being able to handle being distinct from us is part of their pathology. They're already denying the reality of biological sex, so it would only be a matter of time before they started saying either they are cis, or there's no such thing as a female, to gain access to 'cis female only' spaces.

The idea is also bad on a philosophical level because they say being cis is being happy with your assigned gender. Saying you're cis treats gender as a part of a person's psyche that they express, and not a hierarchy that is imposed on people, and posits that certain things like pink and blue are inherently masculine or feminine. Identifying as a cis woman is promoting these arguments, and saying you're fine with being treated worse than men, and in fact you aren't being treated worse at all, because how you're treated is consistent with your inherent unchangeable self.

No. 1308395

Trans or not, if my sibling behaved this way (and you can absolutely tell these breakdowns and name-calling are a regular pattern in their life) I'd fuckin ignore them too.

No. 1308429

This trans shit will just evolve. In the past we laughed at men believing they could be women as we do now with white people believing they're black or asian. Bet you anything these guys will push for trans racialism with weebs at the forefront believing they are actually japanese. I can see it

No. 1308430

Can’t possibly imagine why none of them cared to spend time around this publicly unhinged maniac.

No. 1308431

I can't wait until trans racialism is a thing, the circus will be glorious.

No. 1308432

File: 1629922372390.jpg (125.2 KB, 1067x1200, EJRdtJ5UUAADZJW.jpg)

>pervert is literally using images from an asian pedo porn cartoon
>reeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck whyte ppl and their degeneracy
I will never forgive japan for their chomo toons that are turning men into creepy transcels.

No. 1308458

File: 1629924916495.jpg (800.09 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1234540647-2048x20…)


>potato sack dresses

what is it with trannies and feeling the need to show so much skin to borderline hooker apparel?

So for every event you're going to have you ass out? The photo clearly looks like some family/friend gathering. Even women who love to show of their bodies know there's a time and place, they aren't constantly showing skin.

Meanwhile they dress like this and genuinely think they look great.

No. 1308462

It's not Japan that's bitching about muh human rights in other countries and using it as an excuse to interfere so they can civilize the transphobic and homophobic brown savages. And Westerners is not synonymous with being white, dumbass cunt.

No. 1308464

Wow, Blaire really can't pass if he's not in control of the camera. He looks like he shit himself in public.

No. 1308465

Holy shit is this Robbie? I always thought he "passed" as an average ps-obsessed HSTS that would get courtesy ma'amed. He looks hilariously hulkish squeezed into this soggy condom of a dress.

No. 1308478

File: 1629926794145.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1862, blairewhite.png)

He looks like the typical HSTS attention seeking faggot. Even /tttt/tards acknowledge he's a hulking hon. why do fags think that dressing like a slut to funerals, work, and nursing homes will attract normal str8 men?

No. 1308479

File: 1629926983251.jpg (1.14 MB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1234540435-2048x20…)


I've learned after seeing Robbie in person he instinctively does it in photos to make it look like he has hips. Because obviously if you buckle your knees you'll have wide hips, it's that ez.


He never did, not even before the fillers.I know there's a few gifs floating of the way he walks but it's fucking hilarious. Completely paralleled shoulders while jutting out his hips like he's a paraplegic taking his first steps.

Of course in his mind he thinks it's the perfect model walk. Giving Naomi a run for her money.

Sage cause this isn't robbies thread but he's always the first person I think of whenever they complain about how cis women dress. That an the killstar obsessed trannies.

No. 1308480

File: 1629927174821.png (35.17 KB, 1260x612, Clash_of_Civilizations_mapn2.p…)

Nta anon but all western countries are white, although not all white countries are western.

No. 1308485

I didn't say countries in my original post because there's a shitton of non-white liberals, who happen to be WESTERNERS, to blame for this as well. God I fucking hate autists like you.

No. 1308486

big guy on campus

No. 1308487

File: 1629927983911.jpeg (105.29 KB, 400x300, 327876.jpeg)

he legit looks like this

No. 1308492

File: 1629928425023.jpg (321.59 KB, 807x484, loudandproud.jpg)

You nonnies think troons have ever heard of satire or are they too autistic to be able to tell what it is?

No. 1308493

Absolutely unhinged lmao

No. 1308496

>"no one cares"
>side part sperging
I hate gen Z they respond to every argument with calling you old, ugly, or shut up.

No. 1308500

File: 1629929171522.png (154.83 KB, 1297x695, utterlyautistic.png)

the sheer autism

No. 1308502

File: 1629929190519.jpeg (161.55 KB, 940x1200, 1D3F8FE9-4FB7-4623-A337-644C07…)

You think that’s bad? This one makes me cringe.

No. 1308503

>Radical feminism is conservative feminism
I'm not conservative myself, but I don't get why 'CONSERVATIVES AGREE WITH THIS' is considered the end all be all argument. You could literally apply it to anything if you really wanted to.

No. 1308511

>3 associate's degrees
>Ancestry testing results listed on profile
>Weeaboo trans-lesbian with kids
What a long-winded way of saying you're a below-average straight white American man whose only achievement in life is attending community college despite having the world handed to you on a silver platter.

No. 1308514

File: 1629930288991.jpg (71.71 KB, 625x565, 64facbb6eeee65cefad26e5e75cbda…)

It's the guilt by association fallacy. You share one view with conservatives, therefore you must share ALL attributes with them. It's basically like saying
>You wear pants?
>Well Hitler wore pants too!
>You must be a Nazi.

No. 1308515

Japanese cultural imperialism is spreading otaku shit into other countries. It’s no coincidence that Japan spends billions of dollars on its “Cool Japan” soft power promotion in South Korea and China since it knows those countries hate it the most. It’s been ruining the feminist activism in those countries with all their hypersexual anime girls, horrific pornography, and idol culture. Then South Korea started to run with the shitty idol culture thing to make K-Pop.

The West but especially the US is to blame for the tranny shit. The way it runs smear campaigns about non-Western countries being “transphobic” is wild to me. They call Chimamanda a “TERF” or say that lesbian bars in Japan letting trans men in but not trans women is “cisnormativiry”.

No. 1308516

>This user has two children
Fucking horrifying

>This user is not a biological parent

Oh nevermind, so they're either his step kids or some minors he's grooming by calling himself their "glitter" parent.

No. 1308517

>multiple ancestries
>just a bunch of germanic countries

No. 1308518

Slightly off topic but I am getting annoyed with the amount of conservative women calling themselves terf and radfem when they're obviously just conservative.

No. 1308524

made me even more horrified. whoever is letting this guy around kids should get CPS called on her. troons who like to think they’re moms are predators point blank.

No. 1308528

Troonacy is our collective karmic punishment for the atom bombs.

No. 1308529

Those potato dresses he's seething over would ironically be better for the average troon than the skintight fetish material they usually wear, since they would at least help to hide their male proportions, fridge bodies and total lack of hips. For instance, Robert might've actually 'passed' for a second here if he dressed like an actual woman and not like the fantasy bimbo in his head he thinks straight men will be attracted to.

No. 1308531

It’s actually pretty bizarre because those conservative women have always been completely terrible to radfems and would want nothing to do with them, but now they’re calling themselves “radfem”? They just should stick to labelling themselves “GC” because they’re diluting what radical feminism means. GC might have been a radfem term that originated from Tumblr but it’s turned into it’s own movement (and it doesn’t even have to do with feminism now). I don’t call myself a “radfem” because I don’t engage in activism but I agree with their points.

No. 1308537

USanons, what is Iowa like? Is it full of transgenders?

No. 1308539

They're just grifters attaching themselves to it. People like distorted Linds are obviously just conservative women and she's getting money out of people too.

No. 1308541

They're little bit frumpy, but not distastefully so. The red v-neck that girl in the middle is wearing is actually pretty cute. Honestly it speaks volumes that these women still look attractive in somewhat unflattering clothes. Maybe that's why this troon is seething so hard– he probably can't even manage to be physically appealing in literal fetish gear.

Honestly the thing that jumped out to me in this picture is how frumpy the men are. They're worse than the dresses. The guy with the glasses is okay, but everyone else looks so boring and doughy. Maybe they have good personalities lmao. If these are the guys related to this troon, there's no way he passes himself.

No. 1308543

No clue but I can confirm troonifornia is, it's a nightmare. I think people already knew that tho

No. 1308547

I don't think they're frumpy. I wouldn't even say they're unflattering (at least most of them), just casual. What's weird is that they're all wearing the same kind of dress with similar color tones. Like they went out of their way to be matching.

Most men dress like trash. Even when they "dress up" it's terrible. Better off if they came in a t shirt and jeans.

The saltiness is what's hilarious. Just because the outfits are boring doesn't mean they're unhappy at all. I bet they're at a rib place right now enjoying convo and not feeling lonely because some cis guy doesn't like dick.

No. 1308548

Iowa is a swing state in the Midwest, so it's probably not so bad there. Troons tend to grow up in conservative areas and move to liberal urban centers or college towns. Outside of California, they like Portland, Boston, Denver, Austin, Providence, etc. They also like to congregate in tech-heavy cities for obvious reasons.

No. 1308549

Don't they know the Japanese are considered the whites of Eastern Asia? If they wanted to appropriate a really oppressed ethnic identity then should have chosen Hmong. Transracial Japanese need to check their imperialist privilege.

No. 1308551

Man ass is not ever attractive tbh
Went to university in Portland, can confirm daily troon sightings. Pure insanity.

No. 1308555

What is it about Japan that simultaneously attracts so many anarcho-communist trannies and white supremacist trads?

No. 1308556

Iowa developed a solid Republican base after Trump. It used to lean Democratic and was one of the first states to legalize gay marriage.

No. 1308559

I guess because the shows they're generally into (love live, zombieland, etc) tend to have little to no political messages and more just exist in a vacuum of yurishit, so they're more easily able to project their political views onto the characters.
It's the same shit as alt righters who use touhou characters even though touhou has nothing to do with alt right shit.

saged for anime political sperg

No. 1308560

Yeah, I've been seeing tranny and non-binary crap appear more often in Japanese media and even Japanese celebrities are calling themselves "non-binary" or "X gender" now. Since Japan has so much media influence across the rest of Eastern Asia, it's probably going to start infecting other Asian countries to become more accepting of troons. Japan's acceptance of troonery is a Western influence. It's not like Thailand which "accepted" troons because it's Buddhism schools taught them that gay people are the result of a botched reincarnation.

No. 1308564

what's the difference between gc and radfem? is it that radfem focuses more on women's issues and gc more just on the fact that trannies aren't valid? because to my knowledge people mostly just use those terms interchangeably and don't really separate the two because a lot of GC people use radfem arguments and vice versa

No. 1308571

>"You're really fucking ugly"
>shows a picture of her where she looks really pretty
??? cope seethe dilate I guess

No. 1308573

I don't really know about the first one, but white supremacists tend to like Japan because
>yellow fever (hapa future and they don't feel threatened by Asian males lol)
>low crime rates
>"Nihonjin are so clean, honorable and polite!"
>homogeneous population (muh ethnostate)
>casual racism and xenophobia
>severe sexism, pedoshit
>muh anime and vidya
>honorary aryan
Both of the groups tend to be Americans, no? Japan is one of those countries that is respected and appreciated over there, and multiple generations have grown up consuming Japanese media and products so I guess it's that. It's a non-western developed country with a lot of western influence so it's exotic but comfortable (can't think of the right word for it rn) at the same time.

That's not surprising, they are after all a colony of the U.S lol.

No. 1308576

GC is just critical of gender theory an troon shit, radfem is crital of everything anti-female, which just so happens to include gender shit.

No. 1308583

GC is mostly criticism of trannies and you don't have to be a radfem. A lot of GC people are conservative and male. Radfem on the other hand is a feminist perspective that is leftist and the movement prides itself on female-exclusivity. I've seen a lot of GC people being pro-porn or religious, that's a complete no-go for radfems.

GC first originated on the old radfem community on Tumblr (back when grrrlfever was still active) to express doubt about the validity of transgender identities, the "science" behind "gendered brains" that was coming out at the time, and theorizing how gender socialization affected behavior. So of course a lot of GC people appropriate radfem arguments when most of the theory comes from radfems.

Radfems see gender as the roles, stereotypes, and bevahiors imposed on the two sexes to create a hierarchy where males dominate females in patriarchy. From my experience, a lot of actual radfems don't like GC people because of all the conservatives and males in the community, as well as the strong focus on just trannies as a problem rather than the social construction of gender itself. They also don't think mere "criticism" of gender is useful, they have long advocated for gender abolition.

Many GC people will say they support the right for trans people to exist and transition as long as they do not erase biological women. Radfems say transgender people's very existence is the result of patriarchy and that trans people reinforce gender so in their ideal world nobody would be trans.

No. 1308590

Radfems can't be religious? The movement will never take off then.

No. 1308593

A lot of GC people believe dysphoria is a genuine medical condition with some inborn basis. A lot of GC people flock around their token good troons like Miranda Yardley and even Blaire White.

Radfems see transgenderism as pure socialization and do not believe there is such a thing as a "good troon" because transgenderism itself is considered to be misogynistic.

Radical feminism doesn't need to "take off". If it caught on then it would be immediately diluted and reworked to cater towards males in some way. Radical movement are always restricted to a minority of people but their theories can be helpful for more mainstream movements.

No. 1308596

>A lot of GC people flock around their token good troons like Miranda Yardley and even Blaire White.
They tend to respect preferred pronouns if they like the troon too. They just don't think trans women are the same thing as women. This is extremely transphobic and "TERF rhetoric" according to TRAs though.

No. 1308599

Kek at people who criticize radfem for "not being able to go mainstream", as if even basic, non-radical feminism is capable of "taking off". Libfem is proof that no feminism can go mainstream without becoming fundamentally anti-feminist.

No. 1308602

The mainstream feminism we often call "libfem" is in itself a diluted version of actual liberal feminism. The suffragettes were liberal feminists because they focused on legal issues.

No. 1308606

Reminding everyone here that women didn't get the rights to vote, own property, or work most jobs because they convinced men to support them, but because WWI and WWII made it so that if women weren't given these rights, society would collapse immediately. I repeat: Men did not allow us rights because it was morally correct or intelligent, but because they literally had no other choice.

No. 1308610

>Radical feminism will never do anything significant
It's making moids like you go on sperg rants and show your asses. I think that's pretty significant.
I hope these freaks keep peaking women and girls, I used to be a dumb follower too.

No. 1308613

File: 1629938280303.jpeg (747.44 KB, 2828x2828, C6553BE3-58F1-497D-A091-C9F930…)

>”are they in good condition? unused?”
>If I didn’t know it was in a trans context I would have clicked report for harassment
>I know it’s just jokes and all but…

Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1308615

I don't understand why a transmasc discord server would be asking for photos of your boobs and pussy

No. 1308616

>same-sex marriage
He's a man married to a woman. Straight people love pretending to be gay, but they hate actual gay people.

No. 1308617

it's probably filled to the brim with predatory straight TIMs looking to groom and harass "afabs"

No. 1308618

It's not a transmasc server, it says "trans discord server", and they're not asking her for photos, there is an ongoing joke among MtFs about how FtMs should just "trade their boobs and vagina" with them, but here it's being directed at a literal underaged girl with creepy additional comments about the "condition" of her vagina, and she even feels slightly bad about pointing out that's predatory as fuck

No. 1308619

File: 1629938934835.png (18.89 KB, 1253x74, 32311.PNG)

Kek, thanks to whichever one of you anons edited this. It's too bad the troon immediately reverted it. If we have multiple people making changes to it then I do not believe he can revert all those changes in a single day without it being considered edit warring.

No. 1308621

Wow, I am too much of a normie for this.

No. 1308623

So it's just this >>1308617

No. 1308624

Does this mean people were voting on the editing decisions?

No. 1308626

>Latin America not Western
>But Papua New guinea somehow is
>Japan not Sinic
>"African" as its own category
>Orthodox and Islamic are categories but not Protestant or Catholic
>Israel is Islamic

That just means how many individual characters were added or subtracted from the edit. The higher the number, the more major the edit.

No. 1308638

File: 1629941199397.png (267.25 KB, 575x420, blanchard.png)

japan is responsible for the moe industry of idealized girls that makes men think life is easier and better as a girl (example, giant moe fan digibro turning trans), along with a massive amount of futanari porn. cope seethe and dilate that you can't blame it all on the west, dumbass cunt.

No. 1308651

NTAYRT but South Koreans are the people most negatively effected by misogynistic Japanese culture outside of Japan itself but there is no comparable epidemic of Korean moids trooning out like Western ones.

No. 1308654

I apologize for this person on behalf of all pisces everywhere.

No. 1308658

Based tranny

No. 1308659

It's the Western individualism and liberalism that is to blame. Even in Japan where so much depraved sexist shit was created, the trans movement there only gained traction because Western trans activists were pushing it into Japan. Since many Western troons are weeaboos, they have been desperate for Japanese people to validate their identities.

No. 1308660

abort all y chromosoids at this point

No. 1308661

File: 1629943575378.jpg (49.34 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_20210825_200339.jpg)

men reminding us once again that they don't understand the female body

No. 1308662

A lot of normie Japanese think all trannies as HSTS but there's been a huge uptick of AGP troons in Japan and there are even non-binaries now.

I've always thought about that. I don't really want kids but if I ever fell pregnant I would abort any male fetus. There is absolutely no reason for women to birth moids. They create their own monsters.

No. 1308668

If you think a backlash to conservatism will amount to people "learning their lesson about the slippery slope," you're in for a rude awakening and desperately need to read Susan Faludi's Backlash. If the 80s/90s are any guide, and they are, what that will mean is people will blame this on feminism and gay rights instead of men being men as they always have. Men will get to keep being "hedonistic degenerates" as always, if maybe in a new form. No one will care about what this did to fucked-over females, whether they're lesbians, detransitioners, or women in prison. Strongman backlashes to "decadently degenerate" moments in history are always shit for women. Always.

No. 1308672

>east of iron curtain

No. 1308675

Self-made freakshows demonizing their whole normal-looking families will never not get a laugh and eyeroll from me. As if the internet hasn't seen 25+ years of this same stupid shit from goths, punks, scene kids, furries, gay/bi teens, weebs, cosplayers, etc… It's the most cliche thing ever. Imagine raising a moid to have a nice, productive life for almost 20 years, only to find out that the only thing he wants to do in life is acting out porn 24/7, and he criticizes you and your daughters for not dressing like hookers.
>if I ever fell pregnant I would abort any male fetus.
Same. There's about a 99% chance the father would cheat, have a midlife crisis, troon out, divorce, get jealous/resentful of his baby, regardless of gender, and then the son would just end up another empty shell cumbrain.

No. 1308677

Transgenderism was a thing way before the moe industry and trans activism was inevitable after homos got their so called human rights, tard-chan. You can't keep blaming non-Western countries for your errors, faggot. Plus, the only reason Japan got so much fucking soft power is because of Amerimutts, so get fucked.

Also there's non-Western countries that are white so why is this bitch so bothered. Mayoids are so weird for no reason at all, maybe you do deserve woke shit.

No. 1308679

Anon, you got any book recs for reading more about this? I'm trying to bone up on the history of feminism and you seem like you might have some recs

No. 1308680

Kill yourself, moid.

No. 1308681

Trannies really do believe women are 100% estrogens and men are 100% androgens.

No. 1308689

You're right. Moids will blame this whole thing on women.

Men's problems are always the fault of women according to men.

No. 1308696

I wonder what kind of magical blood test this individual requested to see how much testosterone they have in their body.

No. 1308697

File: 1629947771187.png (15.12 KB, 290x236, 42325.PNG)

>giant moe fan digibro turning trans
I can't believe so many people didn't seem him trooning out as just him living his fetish even more deeply.

No. 1308703

Digibro was always complaining about women, racial minorities, gays, and "Western wokeness" in anime then boom! he's a trans girl now.

No. 1308721

>zero T
lol sure
I hope he enjoys his depression and decreased bone mass.

It's nothing magical, a regular blood test can do that. You go to a doctor, request a blood panel to check specific hormone levels. The doctor can either send the request (takes a blood sample and sends it to a lab) or you go to a lab of your choosing with the doc's referral.
t. has PCOS and takes blood tests once or twice a year

No. 1308722

He also is(was?) a contributor on The Dick Show, the podcast by that guy who started menarebetterthanwomen.com and was on Oprah for it once around 15 years ago. They supposedly cut ties with Null for making m'lady Digibro uncomfortable by calling him a pedophile. One of Digibro's "greatest" moments on TDS was him going into detail on how he likes lolicon because he, to quote verbatim, likes to watching "little girls being fucked".

No. 1308723

That's… not healthy. Both sexes are supposed to have testosterone, men just have a lot more of it. He's either lying or he has a terrible endocrinologist.

No. 1308724

Losers with a poor sense of personal identity are easily suckered in by both political extremism and escapist media. Typically the interest in anime predates the political extremism; social outcasts are drawn towards anime, which alienates them further from normal people, making them more bitter and susceptible to grooming.

No. 1308726

Abrahamic religion is inherently patriarchal and no radfem worth her salt would practice it. This isn't to say all radfems are athiests– most are just agnostics or diests.

No. 1308727

File: 1629953241992.jpg (197.39 KB, 1704x879, 1602349839206.jpg)

I don't know if he's still doing this because I haven't kept up with his twitter in a while but he also drew shitty loli guro and called it hornyposting

No. 1308728

File: 1629953761558.jpeg (684.28 KB, 695x1042, F92E830C-C948-418A-9985-573C92…)

Kek a AFAB woman is invading male spaces at Drag Race UK. I hope she wins.

No. 1308730

For a second I thought that was Kim Chi.
If she doesn't win, I hope she's trendy with the kids like Gottmik was/is.

No. 1308734

No. 1308747

No way, people hate actual woman if u haven’t noticed. If she slapped some he/him pronouns on though she could be a fan fave. I hope she kicks ass

No. 1308750

File: 1629957704097.png (313.25 KB, 1070x1330, 898898.png)

Saw this MtF sperg reblogged on my dash.
This is so funny to me, because the OP keeps racebaiting by bringing up white women specifically and lumping everyone else into "marginalized groups", ultimately to defend (mostly) also white men with fetishes and mental disorders.
It's all "White femininity is a violent tool", but when it's the very inventors of that construct attempting to embody it for their own gain, suddenly they're blind and we all just need to validate the heckin awesome trans gals and let them show their girldicks to children.

No. 1308752

imagine unironically citing Huntington

No. 1308753

Why do you follow people who post this on your dash in the first place?

No. 1308756

TRAs really want to push the narrative that "TERFs" are this mythical perfect "Karen". The rich white straight woman who calls the police on black men taking walks in parks in broad daylight and yells at teenage service workers. The truth is that radfems are mostly minorities, and I would take a bet that most of them are true middle class or lower; radical feminism isn't profitable. All the white radfems I know are lesbians or bi, all the heterosexual ones aren't white. There's definitely straight white ones here, but I'd bet they're the minority of actual radfems. Also, all the tranny vs woman encounters I've seen that end in protests were tranny vs nonwhite woman or women. Their cope that it's ~*privileged*~ women is a pathetic reach, and probably projection.

No. 1308757

Drag queens are so misogynistic towards hyper queens. I remember reading drag queens accuse hyper queens of committing "cultural appropriation" and "making a mockery" of drag queens. The irony was through the roof.

No. 1308759

I guess a lot of male fans were seething and screeching upon the announcement. Our girl Victoria Scone is also a lesbian (hopefully the good kind)

No. 1308760

Because TRA shit has taken over most of the site, and I'm not about to make it so I only see GC or radfem content because I have multiple interests.

No. 1308761

File: 1629959210077.jpg (104.74 KB, 828x691, 2321.jpg)

I believe middle to upper class straight white women are more likely to support troons, like picrel. The reason why some "Karen" like JK Rowling doesn't is because she lived most of her life in poverty (she published Harry Potter at age 32 while being a single mother living on welfare) and experienced DV from her abusive ex-husband.

No. 1308763

TRA shit didn't merely "take over the site", Tumblr paved the way for all the TRA shit we see today. However, I don't follow any radfems and I still don't see stuff like that. You probably just follow a lot of shitty people or are into fandoms.

No. 1308764

Yeah of course white woman can be racist but white timmies are you know, literally white men. White men have been abusing white women since forever. These people always treat white women as public enemy #1 while giving white men a free pass. Under no circumstances are white women as a class ever as bad as a white men.

No. 1308765

You sound like your purposely torture yourself. Most people on tumblr never post original content, they just reblog the same shit from actual content creators or posters. There is no point in following people who don't post original content.

No. 1308768

>My son likes dolls, can I chop his penis off?
The fact this is what passes for "progressive" these days…

No. 1308787

I like how these grown ass men think this is matters when they’ve give through every stage of male puberty and built like a solid fridge. Don’t old men have low T? Enjoy the health issues, moid.

No. 1308791

>decreased bone mass
You’re thinking of TiFs. Estradiol stabilized bone density, even makes their bones grow even more. It used to be common treatment for women with osteoporosis due to menopause but doctors don’t do that anymore due to the blood clotting risk.

No. 1308792

He should go to lipstickalley lmfao. Ngl it’s entertaining to watch white fetishistic men try to build a coalition with WOC as if they too are oppressed for being autogyephilic creeps. Philosophy tube tried it but it didn’t go so well, white moids know they have to claim oppression to infiltrate women’s spaces and bodies.

No. 1308796

You know deep down they are desperate to make transracialism a thing so they can be something other than white but non-white moids scare them into not doing it. On the other hand, men always talk over women and don't think misogyny is real.

No. 1308807

Males arent allowed to post on lolcow.

No. 1308809

Watching moids desperately try to "how do you do, fellow women?" to nonwhite women, especially black women is so funny. I love LSA because that shit doesn't fly there. Especially vetted forums where you have to show some sort of proof, any troons trying to get a sliver of the coveted "race card" get the boot so fucking fast and it makes them rage. It's the single one thing they absolutely can't larp as and they hate it.

No. 1308815

I'm not American nor Asian and I can guarantee you that America's soft power is infinitely worse and way more direct when it comes to spreading troon ideology shit all over the planet.

You know, between a country that produces cutesy TV shows with cutesy female characters that appeal to teenage boys and young male adults because they're dumb, cute and fun, and a country that produces live action TV shows and documentaries about "female" characters who are actually trans faggots preaching about muh representation to the point where young people in other countries on other continents exclusively use Anglicism and untranslated English words in the middle of other local languages to talk about their gender identity, I think the second one is the worst one.

No. 1308816

You go get some bloodwork, the lab will analyze your blood and depending on how many patients they had that day you can get results very fast.

No. 1308818

there's a shitton of non-white liberals, who happen to be WESTERNERS
Who are you talking about? People whose ancestors come from non-western countries? Because otherwise you wouldn't say that ''not all westerners are white'', which is false. I hope you don't think a 2nd generation nigerian living in the UK is by default a westerner. Not even the small communities of gypsies that have been living in Europe for centuries are western.
>fucking bastards
>dumbass cunt
>God I fucking hate autists like you.

Are you… a kid?

>Latin America not Western
It's not
>But Papua New guinea somehow is
Yeah, I can't agree with that either.
>Japan not Sinic
Japan is very distinct from other Asian countries.
>"African" as its own category
Why not?
>Orthodox and Islamic are categories but not Protestant or Catholic
I don't think the Islamic category needs explanation at all. The Orthodox category is obviously a good term for ex URSS countries who share this religion. Religion's presence in Catholic and Protestant countries is much more weak than in Orthodox countries and they all belong in the ''American side'' of the Cold War, so they share some influence with the USA.
>Israel is Islamic
You mean occupied Palestine? Yes, it's Islamic.
I would have put a dark blue/light blue stripe pattern in some countries like Poland.
I wanted a high resolution map and this one is really cool to click at. I don't agree 100% with it.

No. 1308821

I just use Dashboard filtering "transgender" and associated tags and slang. It's still not perfect (I miss out on mtfuji posts but still see troons e-beg sometimes) but I don't have to see a lot of it.
A lot of Tumblr users virtue signal regardless of what they post, especially if they're personal blogs run by women who are literally harassed by troons randomly messaging them if they're part of the cult. I'm okay with having acquaintances who don't necessarily agree with me on every issue, but I've found that these women tend to be unaware of how extreme trans rhetoric really is and can be gently nudged towards radfem takes.

No. 1308829

This. I'm sick of people saying it takes patience and persistence to gain rights. They're only given when it's financially beneficial to the ruling class. Just like Gandhi didn't liberate India by eating salt meekly - the British left when the country became a financial burden to them post-war (after destroying it for the Indians and pillaging it, of course).

No. 1308836

>Japan is very distinct from other Asian countries.
Kek, yeah, because Japan somehow isn't "Sinic" but Korea is and somehow even parts of Malaysia are.

>Why not?

Africa is the most geographically and ethnically diverse continent by far. No way you can just throw half of Africa into a generic "African" category.

>Philippines is Western

I pretty much stopped using Tumblr completely because of troons. I know some people can ignore it but it annoys me too much to see how little people care about women's rights in favor of men in wigs.(derail)

No. 1308837

>Japan is very distinct from other Asian countries.
No it isn't. Huntington only listed Japan as its own speeshul "Japanese" category because he still believed in the long-discredited Altaic language bullshit. If you've actually read his work he actually does consider Japan to be "Sinic" (hell, it still uses Chinese characters unlike Vietnam or Korea) with "Altaic patterns", just like he does with Korea. It's not at all anthropologically accurate, it's about which cultures would likely ally with each other.(stop derailing)

No. 1308839

> I hope you don't think a 2nd generation nigerian living in the UK is by default a westerner
Not by default, but 2nd Gen British BME university-educated (and online) people are very woke. They're obsessed with importing BLM from the US, even though it's a non-issue in the UK. A 2nd Gen Somali friend wrote her dissertation on troons…

No. 1308845

Yeah there’s no way for anyone to have zero testosterone, especially men. In competitive sports the cutoff for blood testosterone is higher for TIMs than for real women because anyone who knows anything about endocrinology knows it’s impossible to get a male’s blood testosterone to female levels, let alone to zero.

No. 1308853

anyone know genshin impact and if it's attracting troons? it seems like the perfect game for them and their coomer fantasies because of the anime drawings and abundance of female characters you can play as.
the genshin impact streamers i've seen all seem like total coomers but i haven't seen many tims mentioning it

No. 1308860

you never paid attention in school huh

No. 1308861

I was born with XX chromosomes and I shoot T blockers and estrogen hourly. I have 0pmol/L testosterone and five billion pmol/L estrogen. Now when I leave my house, other women are magnetized to me, and we fuse to form a more feminine woman.

No. 1308864

>people wearing normal, modest clothing and not dressing up like flamboyant sluts at a family event
>men standing by their wives and not leaving them to chase STD-ridden internet whores
>not having a smart phone on them at all times so they can REEEEEEEEEE on twitter about how oppressed they are
truly the MTFs worst nightmare: a world where people act like responsible adults and not narcissistic degenerates.

No. 1308865

yeah like even if he got his nuts removed did they remove his adrenal glands too? kek

No. 1308869

>Kek, yeah, because Japan somehow isn't "Sinic" but Korea is and somehow even parts of Malaysia are.
I took this map because I thought thatt it separated groups of countries in a interesting relation to what I consider to be ''the West''(with some mistakes, specially in SEA). There were so many maps including Eastern Europe and South America that I chose this one. I believe Japan is in a different situation to the concept of ''westerner'' than any other Asian country (probably due WWII).
>Africa is the most geographically and ethnically diverse continent by far. No way you can just throw half of Africa into a generic "African" category.
Again, this map is useful in terms of proximity or distance of countries to the values of the West. Africa may be all the ethnically diverse you want (Asia and South America are seen as more geografically diverse by some) but within countries are similarly culturally far from any other subgroup the map showed.
>>Philippines is Western
Yeah, I wouldn't label it like this either. I didn't make the map.

This is a cultural map, not a languages map. I understand language plays a secondary role on this but that was never my point. If you still don't understand why I picked up this map just read the first part of this post. It doesn't matter if Japan's religion or language are closer to another group more than other of the same group are, culturally speaking the West's influence on Japan exists in a way any other Asian country has never experienced (maybe SKorea is reaching another similar point). Don't you agree with that?

>Not by default, but 2nd Gen British BME university-educated (and online) people are very woke.
It's almost an illness by itself…
>They're obsessed with importing BLM from the US, even though it's a non-issue in the UK.A 2nd Gen Somali friend wrote her dissertation on troons…
That's something I've been thinking about, some of these people are globalist puppets and of course they love the most globalist country in the world and its so called culture.

Don't have it as fresh as you, kiddo.(derailing)

No. 1308878

Why do white men constantly compare themselves to black women to explain transgenderism? And aren't any black women offended by this assertion? White men have a very long and brutal history of abusing black women specifically.

>This is a cultural map, not a languages map.
No, it's Huntington's 'Clash of Civilizations' map. It's more about political science, it discusses which countries would ally with each other or have influence over the others. Inglehart–Welzel's map is an actual cultural map. And how is language not a part of culture?(derailing)

No. 1308880

File: 1629982388392.png (235.99 KB, 1157x559, Clash.png)

Yes, it's a cultural map, not a language map, so I don't see why you brought to the discussion any comment on Japan's language, don't ignore what I'm saying and reply ''no'' because you feel the need to disagree with me. I haven't read Huntington's book (I never said I had, I have explained why I have picked the map but I guess you ignored that part) but it seems clear to me that he has in mind culture very much during that book (pic related).
>And how is language not a part of culture?
See : >>1308869
>I understand language plays a secondary role on this but that was never my point.
Can't you read?

No. 1308881

Anything weeaboobait will attract troons. I see far more TiFs on it than TiMs, though. As typical of these franchises, the female fans are having ship wars while the male fans are having waifu wars.

No. 1308891

This is intellectually lazy. On a surface level, it's all they care about, and it's what they THINK they care about, but if you actually study the behavior and actions of incels/4chan coomers/degenerate porn addicts, their obsession with sex and porn leaves them hollow, broken, and on suicide watch. Human beings require love and affection to be fulfilled, and that's why parasocial relationships between coomers and onlyfans girls has skyrocketed.
So while troons can gloat about how they can "steal cis women's husbands", they know they will never be loved or cared for in a genuine way beyond surface level. That's what makes them so bitter. They will always be broken, failed human beings, neither male nor female, just an abomination who will never experience love.

No. 1308897

>And aren't any black women offended by this assertion?

Some of the funniest TERFs on Twitter are black women, they have very much noticed this particular issue and aren't afraid to talk about it.

No. 1308900

Yeah, I was thinking of strictly having low T but didn't cross my mind that one effect of estradiol on TIMs. Thanks for the correction!

No. 1308919

they wouldn't "turn" them if moids weren't inherently susceptible to degeneracy, cope

No. 1308928

Troons will be beat up or called out by black woman Twitter lol. Calling Black women masculine is a death wish for these troons as, many black women are tired of being seen as masculine. They noticed how the Olympics pulled out black women with natural and high testosterone levels but, rather have a Aussie horse piss injected troon compete for the Tokyo games. Most black women don’t really like troons especially,, the white ones. White troons and west libs always put the stereotypical “black terms” when around blacks, stealing their personality “acting black”, race fetish, and more disgusting shit. The wi spa lady was a black women and she don’t give a shit if called transphobic.

No. 1308933

And don’t forget how Lipstick Alley is one of the few female-dominated online spaces that doesn’t coddle troon feelings, though I’m sure TRAs will argue that those posters are undercover white Karens or something.

No. 1308947

There weren't any black women with high T pulled out of the Olympics. Both of them were men with intersex conditions a la Caster Semenya

No. 1308970

I honestly feel nearly sorry for him. It's so painfully obvious how much he actually wishes to be a part of his family/friend group again.
The entire thing is so comically ott, when you begin reading you think he's gonna end with something like "god I wish that was me!!!"

No. 1308980

File: 1629995584815.jpg (205.91 KB, 706x777, 20210826_182612.jpg)

God, women on ovarit are so fucking cucked. Imagine reporting a guy for rightfully laughing at a misogynistic moid who's actively fighting against women's rights and defining womanhood as a humiliation fetish. At the end she was so afraid of being "unkind". we're never gonna win at this rate.

No. 1308994

He outright admits messaging three of them in an attempt to meet up and hang out. Why would he do that if he thought they were all boring bigoted pedophiles? He obviously wants their companionship. I don’t feel sorry for him though, he brought this on himself by being an unhinged lunatic. I doubt this is the first time he’s publicly freaked out at someone because they hurt his ego.

No. 1308995

I know this is a projection and autistic but if she didn't help him I could see this post on reddit from the troons prospective-

>>"I was at the pharmacy, I'm 6 months on HRT, I don't pass very well, but it was my first time out in clothes that fit my gender.

I was wearing a wig (pink in pigtails),my favorite thigh high boots, a mini skirt and my jacket with the trans flag on it (i posted about it on r / trannnnns).
I got into line, I felt EVERYONE'S EYES ON ME. Especially the cis men that were there. I was so nervous that I dropped all my money on the floor, the cashier a cis man had a dirty smirk on his face, looking me up and down. The men behind the cis woman in line, started laughing and whistling.
I knew my skirt was too small for me to bend over properly, The men knew that as well. At that moment I knew what a cis woman went through, How it felt to be seen as a piece of meat.I felt nervous, scared and I hate to admit it but, eurphoric. So I glanced at the cis woman, my face red.
Hopefully, as a woman as well,she'd see my distress and help me pick up my change. But she didn't.

She stared away from me as the men giggled and waited for me to bend over, I did and they brust into laughter. I know it's wrong but all I could think was, "Is this sisterhood?" If I was visably Cis would that woman behaved differently? I ended up writing a complaint about the cashier and I made sure I added a bit about how I felt his actions were sexually motivated.
Yes, I don't look Cis but I would never sit and let another woman, trans or cis, be treated so unkindly and do nothing about it! Of course I'm the most upset about how the men behaved, but i'm betrayed on a deeper level by how the Cis woman behaved as well!"

No. 1308998

The troon she whiteknighted probably went home and wrote a post on one of the trans subreddits about how every man in the pharmacy he just went to was smitted by his beauty except for the seething cisbitch biohole behind him who was fuming with jealousy

No. 1309008

>risking someone else's job just to whiteknight a troon
When will these "peaked" libfems learn that the only thing that works on AGPs is shame?

No. 1309014

She was BORN THAT WAY. Intersex is incredibly complex emotionally. I'd rather have someone who is born intersex who feels they align more with one gender than some weight lifting bio-man who realized he wanted to be a teen girl in his 40s in the olympics any day of the week. The mockery was that heart sign after losing purposefully is way better than being beat out by someone who is clearly born with a genetic anomaly.

No. 1309015


Both of the intersex men in question are completely, unambiguously male, they just have malformed genitals. Men are men, no matter how broken they are or how they claim to "feel". Have you been drinking libfem tard juice or something?

No. 1309019

>Intersex is incredibly complex emotionally
The Olympics aren't about emotions so nobody fucking cares.

No. 1309057

File: 1630000551198.png (2.59 MB, 1206x3665, Marina Luna Terry.png)

Another potential TIM serial killer. Remember this guy? he has his own place now, and is friends with this TiF, both haven't posted on their instas since at least feb. I hope she's ok

No. 1309059

File: 1630000670233.png (2.12 MB, 1850x1197, psycho.png)

yes those are face tattoos

No. 1309061

What the actual fuck. This man should be institutionalized for life.

No. 1309078

>>1309015 not >>1309014 but in this case, I wouldn't call her anywhere close to a troon. The doctors who determined her as a girl saw she had a vagina and went with it.

Dick- man
vag- woman

"Semenya is an intersex woman, assigned female at birth, with XY chromosomes and naturally elevated testosterone levels. Following her victory at the 2009 World Championships, she was made to undergo sex testing, and cleared to return to competition the following year."

during they found
IAAF asked that she complete a gender test (which included inspections of her external and internal genitalia), and just hours before she easily won another race in Berlin, her results were leaked to the press: Although she had a vagina, she didn’t have ovaries or a uterus, and her body produced three times the testosterone as the average woman. The Time magazine headline read: "Could This Women's World Champ Be a Man?"

There are women born without a uterus and often have to undergo utures transplant if they wants to have a kid. "Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome is a disorder that occurs in females and mainly affects the reproductive system. This condition causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent, although external genitalia are normal."

Intersex shouldn't be lumped in with troons at all. she was suffering identy issues growing up as being told she was a female and not intersex


No. 1309080

File: 1630001579504.png (2.18 MB, 1682x2048, Screenshot_20210826-140355.png)

so oppressed

No. 1309084

Are you new? Caster was brought up as a man, and trained as a female athlete to cheat the system. Just like the other intersex athletes.

No. 1309089

Caster is a man who recently fathered a daughter. His intersex condition, 5-ARD, exclusively affects men and literally cannot affect women whatsoever. He's a man, no matter what woowoo genderfeelz he may or may not claim to have.

No. 1309091

>Semenya is an intersex woman, assigned female at birth, with XY chromosomes
>with XY chromosomes
>"she's a woman though!!1!"
That's an intersex MAN, with health issues that prevented her from having a normally developed male looking body. In someone's everyday's life it doesn't matter and I'm going to pretend she's a woman so I'll use feminine pronouns, but when it comes to things like sports or health it changes everything.

No. 1309097

but again the doctors assigned it a girl bc no penis when really they're XY intersex male or female. so bc of this they went with whatever the genital was. Even the dad was confused because,"HoW BorN vAGina But, MALE CHromo0somes" 1991 south afica

No. 1309098

File: 1630002979357.jpg (399.96 KB, 1080x1593, transwidow.jpg)

Ovarit and even the old r/GC comment was still full of women/mothers empathetic to a fault, and the general public will always feel pity because they rarely see the accumulated degeneracy ITT. Hell, if you ever check the transwidows on Mumsnet, those women are still not allowed to generalize that middle-aged men with AGP might not be "true trans" or their comments get deleted.

No. 1309105

Shit like this disgusts me and really makes my internalised misogyny flare up
Do you really care about being "kind" or are you just so afraid of reality shattering your saintly good girl self-image that you'd rather develop cognitive dissonance than be honest?

No. 1309108

I checked Semenya's page on wikipedia and she's just 3 years old than I am and she was born in a village, I'm guessing the doctors just saw something that vaguely looked like a vulva and a vagina and just rolled with it. I don't know a lot about South Africa but I'm gonna guess she was born in a small hospital or in a hospital where workers just didn't have the time or the means to double check or triple check. After birth typically doctors don't bother checking anything until you have symptoms for something dangerous, I had a lot of bloodwork done on me on a regular basis and my doctors checked my chromosomes just in case even though they wanted to check my growth hormones first, and it doesn't take that long to get your results iirc. Then again I'm in a first world country and was lucky enough to be treated by competent doctors and nurses because I'm gonna guess Semenya didn't go to the doctor very often or didn't have any signs of anything "dangerous" going on so she was old enough to pretend nothing was wrong at some point because she was winning competitions.

No. 1309130

You're all fucking stupid. You think village births are delivered by doctors? And you think VILLAGE doctors are busy? You think midwives don't have experience do know what a normal baby looks like? Midwives in village visit the mother and baby for weeks post-birth. Or mother's, who've birthed previous children, or their mothers who've also countless experience. The whole reason Hijra exist is because mothers, grandmother's, midwives, are aware there's something different about a child. The community becomes aware and then the Hijra become aware, and kidnap the child.

No. 1309133

they take the high road over there because they're trying to do actual activism. can't complain about troon's violent hyperbole if they did the same thing.

No. 1309134

They are this close to saying white women are the illuminati and the poor white men just do our evil bidding

No. 1309137

My thoughts exactly. You can basically feel his heart breaking in every A-logging Tweet. Not surprised he's a stand-up comedian.

No. 1309138

>TRAs have no problem with hurling terrorist-esque murder screeds and rape threats at women, still managed to gain massive influence over most western nations in less thana decade
>While women get raped by troons in female prisons and female sports players lose spots and scholarships to males, radfems are too busy hand-wringing over the handful of them who are slightly rude to troons
We're NGMI

No. 1309139

Not helping the troon and reporting the cashier isn't being "violent". Taking the high road means not joining the men in their laughing and jeering. What are you, a TiM who thinks any woman not bending over backwards for men in mini skirts is a violent TERF?

No. 1309141

File: 1630006879300.png (433.85 KB, 1086x740, Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 21.40…)

No. 1309142

Am I missing something? Mini skirts are not this deep. Just bend your knees, rather than your torso. You can even just get on your knees if needed.
Or, wear shorts under the skirt before you go out. What is wrong with troons?

This lmao

No. 1309144

File: 1630006991883.png (574.97 KB, 509x762, Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 20.53…)

No. 1309146

May Pixy give me the power and will not to a-log. Amen

No. 1309154

File: 1630007560251.gif (1.8 MB, 254x196, rb-stare.gif)

>taking the high road
>(allegedly) reporting someone for laughing at slaneesh spawn

No. 1309155

File: 1630007642593.jpg (669.08 KB, 1264x4905, itsafetish.jpg)

sissy porn is just an unhealthy coping mechanism for trans women, it's not a fetish at all. Disgusting perverted freaks. We are wiping out years of hard fought women's rights for this???


No. 1309156

I hate troons. Ugly women pass as women. Being a woman is not about being pretty and women who are insecure about their looks are not insecure because they are worried they will be mistaken for a man but rather because ugly women are treated terribly.

No. 1309157

File: 1630007786208.jpeg (250.7 KB, 2012x2015, 215242507_4105531096148963_211…)

Idk if personal cows are allowed, but an old friend from school that I lost touch with (but still follow on social media) trooned out this past year. He checks all of the boxes - fading 'pink' hair, receding hairline, wearing cheap 2012-era-tumblr outfits, and constantly posting about 'tiddies'/'big titty goth gf' memes and being a 'lesbian'. This was the most recent thing he reposted, these guys aren't even trying to hide their coomer fetishes

No. 1309158

I don't see what Hijras have to do with anything I just said since they're in another country, in another continent and iirc they kidnap normal boys as well. Anyway

>You think village births are delivered by doctors?

For all I know the village was next to a bigger city and the parents drove there so the mother could give birth. And in hospitals midwives take care of mothers during births but pregnant women and mothers see obstetricians and gynecologists on top of that when necessary, and these people ARE doctors. And again, I was just guessing.

>You think midwives don't have experience do know what a normal baby looks like? Midwives in village visit the mother and baby for weeks post-birth.

This doesn't mean shit, if they see a seemingly healthy baby with what looks like a slightly deformed but functioning vagina and vulva they're not gonna go further than that unless they run blood tests. I'm pretty sure doing this right after a baby is born is more common in first world countries than in African countries based on what I know about the African country where most of my family is from, which isn't South Africa. Since you seem to know more than me, do midwives who deliver babies at home and not in hospital typically run this kind of tests on newborns then in SA? Or do they just check the baby and mother to make sure they're generally healthy and the baby is fed properly and that's it?

>Or mother's, who've birthed previous children, or their mothers who've also countless experience.

This, again, doesn't mean shit. Sure, mothers and grandmothers can give valuable advice to expectant mothers when it comes to feeding and raising a baby and their own health during and after pregnancy but intersex conditions are rare and not obvious to people who aren't doctors and aren't equipped to run medical tests depending on the intersex disorders. There are legit people who are supposedly educated about that shit at school all over the planet who think that being intersex means being an actual hermaphrodite, you'd trust some random grandma on that?(derailing)

No. 1309159

Also what is it with troons and being obsessed with Shen comics

No. 1309160

This. I don't understand how Tumblr is synonymous with hell, grooming, pedos, and terrible people, but somehow nobody realises that the fruit of that chaos (uber faggots) are just another abomination

No. 1309161

Please do not let it be that the next big troon thing is trying to push using the tern "passing" on women. Do they think women feeling insecure without makeup is the same as their shitty attempts at skinwalking? They really couldn't be further from the shared female experience.

No. 1309162

File: 1630007943795.png (2.08 MB, 1848x1392, sissy.png)

They've been telling us, lmao.

No. 1309163

Holy fuck. Sometimes I feel gross/unkempt without makeup but never in my life do I feel like I'm not "PASSING" as a woman. Like. This isn't a thing, right

No. 1309168

>"an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes"

I want to fucking throw up. Men ruin everything.

No. 1309169

HSTS's second favorite insult besides "i'll take yo man" is saying they look more like a woman than we do, they "pass" better than we do or even saying a Cis woman looks like a man.
I legit do think some trans think that women need to "Pass" as women, aka whatever stereotype that troon sees as "looking like a woman".
You know those troons with inches deep make up, surgeries etc. probably think women who walk outside with sweats and a bun don't "pass" as well as they do as a woman.

No. 1309175

i'm ugly and have never been misgendered in my life

No. 1309181

It's a massive cope. They want to force themselves into the same category as "unattractive" women so badly, missing the fact that a woman dressed in a slovenly way will still never be as comical and hideous as a man in women's clothing.

No. 1309248

I get where you're coming from, but this is some mra "women aren't ever genuinely feeling anything, they're always calculating for the best image!!!!" shit. Assuming all women who haven't peaked are self-obsessed brats is the kind of convoluted thinking that elevates your own ego, but it has absolutely no tether to reality. Women are raised to consider other people's feelings very deeply (and maybe naturally do it more too, who knows, manifesto-chan makes some compelling points). That's why patriarchy is so entrenched. We're not all faking it. If we can't reckon with the fact that women genuinely feel tugged emotionally by people who would never feel the same way about them, we can't change things.

No. 1309251

Jesus, if I could have believed people thought I was a man during the times in my life I felt most hideous, that would have been such a relief. The misery comes from so visibly failing as a woman at the goal all women are forced to pursue. I can't speak for anyone else, but the worst things I've thought about myself are really female body specific – "roastie," saggy tits, etc.

No. 1309290

nta but I personally love to see their dumbass hot takes

No. 1309300

>"Transbians are among the most oppressed people on Earth"
Straight men aren't oppressed at all. Cope.

No. 1309318

File: 1630020946574.jpeg (118.9 KB, 750x279, 11AE0ECF-2269-4612-8C00-912C8D…)

the amount of men larping as women in my local yikyak sphere made me delete the app again lol
real women don’t have to worry about random appendages poking out at people through our retarded girly underwear. maybe boxers and an actual pair of pants would keep you off the registry hun

No. 1309351

I'm at the point where I believe someone is male until proven otherwise. I struggle to believe that any woman would go around talking about shallow topics. I just think it's all male porn addicts.

No. 1309360

it's playing the long game, unfortunately. martin luther king is credited with civil rights because of his style of activism compared to malcom x.

No. 1309375

>women genuinely feel tugged emotionally by people who would never feel the same way about them
I hope that some day soon women will have a decisive realization, and start being honest to girls about men and teen boy's true intentions and lack of emotional capacity. We're already in a position where many underage teenage boys are as twisted and perverted as 50 year old serial killers of the past. E.G. >>1309057
What a fucking disaster. We're going to see rates of child abuse, adult sex crimes, and serial killer shit shoot sky high. Maybe this just has to happen for women to realize that men aren't just like women.

No. 1309376

File: 1630027557903.jpg (524.44 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20210826-212509_Ins…)

this picture of him next to what looks like a rabbit in a tiny ass cage makes me want to a-log. poor little bunny.

No. 1309377

Is that a rabbit…right next to a toilet? Where you poop?

No. 1309380

File: 1630028004411.png (137.85 KB, 728x468, justgirlythings.png)

>i get why cuddles are a thing now

do moids seriously not like cuddling? seems pretty cold and inhuman to be honest

No. 1309381

>last three lines
Offering sexual services for favors, just your run of the mill lady things to do.

No. 1309385

Just sounds like a fetishistic fantasy to me. Talking the way they think teen girls do.

No. 1309386

This is some Buffalo Bill type shit. TiMs always think women are jealous of them but they are actually the ones who are jealous of women and often violently so. No woman wants to look like a TiM but TiMs want to look like women and constantly project their own insecurities onto them.

Also kek @ the TiF who actually lives with him. The anons from the previous threads who said TiMs are more stereotypically masculine than the average man and TiFs are more stereotypically feminine than the average woman were right.

Not surprised that this fucker loves programming and computer science.

No. 1309388

He identifies as a “right wing liberal hybrid”. I guess that means he supports gender roles and also pornography. No different from any other moid.

No. 1309390

do men just not feel love or what

No. 1309401

Holy shit, this is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read. I hope this person gets help and stays far away from any woman or child. Absolutely chilling.

No. 1309403

Kek he looks like Chris flemming as Gayle

No. 1309404

File: 1630030987746.png (689.96 KB, 828x1792, A51CEAA5-2C71-4047-A483-CBB458…)

This is what lesbians do, right?

No. 1309410

That whole instagram is disgusting

No. 1309424

guys oh my gosh he held the popcorn bag!! a fundamental girl™️ experience as we all know

No. 1309425

File: 1630033055543.png (164.99 KB, 403x512, unnamed.png)

A rabbit enclosure is supposed to be 2.5 by 3 feet bare minimum for the smallest breeds. This is appalling. It looks like that rabbit can barely turn around on there. There's no separation between it and the substrate, so it's just wallowing around in its own shit, too. Rabbit cages also should have a ground-level exit so they can leave the cages without being picked up and risk having their fragile spines broken from a fall.

Trannies are narcissists who don't love anything but themselves. I'm not shocked that they're horrible at caring for animals. I'm sure he poses with the rabbit for his ~uwu girly~ pictures before shoving it back in a puny cage in the bathroom. Being a good pet owner doesn't make him coom, so of course he's not going to do it.

No. 1309431

Absolutely appalling and 100% agree anon. This is straight up animal abuse at this point. There is absolutely no reason a rabbit of that size should be in a tiny cage elevated that far off the ground, covered with a towel in some musty, filthy bathroom. Poor thing must be so stressed out.

No. 1309432

fuck that shrink for not calling 911 and getting this guy locked up, what the fuck

jesus fucking christ can't these turd touchers clean up before they take photos? at the very least they could put the toilet seat down, disgusting

No. 1309437

This nearly beats "mouth feel" as the most disgusting term I've ever heard a tranny use to describe their junk.

No. 1309439

This is a cry for help. He's deranged and he fucking knows it. His counselor fucked up by not seeking medical help and 911. This sounds like incarcerated serial killer biography shit. If I can give this person credit for anything, it's his self awareness. I hope he gets the help he needs. Transitioning will only further his feelings of inadequacy. I honestly feel bad at how mental he is, but I sure as hell will wish him dead once he starts murdering women.

No. 1309452

It figures that he lives in a trailer, the school district must be too poor or rural to afford separate buses for the little kids and adult-size kids. Still, this is why parents have to demand separation. One of the reasons schools are separated into 3 age groups is to keep the moids from beating and molesting the smaller students. Adults used to be acutely aware of this, but "liberals" have tried hard to brainwash everybody with sinister forced naivety.

No. 1309455

File: 1630037521483.jpg (988.25 KB, 1078x1631, Screenshot_20210827-000833_Red…)

>male intactivist rage factoring into this for some reason

No. 1309456

File: 1630037603448.jpg (197.91 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20210827-000920_Red…)

No. 1309466

Gentle reminder that troons think in porn tropes and this is just a long winded way for him to say "I watch porn where the woman has sex to pay for her pizza, and so I'll emulate this by giving bjs as taxi fare because I too am a porn st- I mean, I am a girl with girl crushes and girl behaviour"

No. 1309490

>cutesy TV shows with cutesy female characters that appeal to teenage boys and young male adults because they're dumb, cute and fun
>trans faggots preaching about muh representation
>defending the creepy interests of gross hetero males while raging at the gays
you write like an edgelord male addicted to pedophilic moeshit. digibro also emphasized how cute, fun and innocent his love for moe is, while drawing little girl pedo guro vore on the side.
>incel coomers will try to trick you into thinking they only watch this because they find it cute

No. 1309491

kek this is just the plot to steven universe

No. 1309500

TIMs will never succeed in pushing female gender stereotypes because they will never be women. No one would clock a TIM wearing a hoodie and jeans, but the ones who wear skirts and small tops look the most male because the clothing is designed for female bodies, not 6'2 moids with gorilla arms. No woman will ever look at a TIM and say "omg I want to look like that" no matter what the handmaidens tell these men. They talk shit about them behind their backs. Waiting for a clothing line catered to troons to open because they definitely need it. Also bonus women don't have to buy cum encrusted clothing because a tranny trapervert decided to fap in the changing room.

No. 1309501

My first thought as well. You can tell he's a complete callous sociopath with no regard for life. I know he has murdered animals before.

No. 1309508

I have no idea who Digibro is and with the way you describe him I'd say that's a pretty good thing, and I don't even like moe shit, but I've seen too many straight male weebs who are obsessed with completely normal cutesy but mainstream stuff like K-on, that Gatchaman Crowds anime with that one character here >>1308638 I only watched 3 episodes, I couldn't stand this shit it was so fucking boring or magical girls anime targeting a female audience. You missed my point, these shows are normal, they just attract people who are already total weirdos to begin with. It's not because of Japan as a whole if deranged nerds become troons, or at least not JUST because of Japanese pop culture.

Meanwhile you have Western, mostly American shit actively promoting this shit to insecure gender non-conforming teenagers. The key word here is "actively", in case you didn't notice. I'd say shit like Euphoria and its trans character is more damaging than shit like Gatchaman Crowd and its crossdressing cartoon character.

No. 1309509

File: 1630058257063.jpg (209.86 KB, 1200x1200, EOmXsMWWAAE1lsU.jpg)

His comics are generally popular among redditors and sometimes they legitimately make me wonder if he's one of them kek

No. 1309516

Digibro has a thread here >>>/w/94955

No. 1309520

I'll read it, thanks for the link anon.

No. 1309521

That second comment kek
>the moment I started LARPing that I'm actually a girl, my sissy fetish died
Your fetish didn't die, it progressed to the next stage.
If I wanted to analyze it with the best intentions, I could interpret that they mean the wish "to be born pretty" is something uglier women might feel because society focuses so much on women's looks, because "passing" is not something even ugly women worry about. And a bunch of "eggs" actually don't transition because they know they wouldn't ever make a good looking crossdresser. Except women do not opt into this bullshit and for men it only reveals that for them "being female" is just being an attractive young woman who gets attention.

No. 1309541

real women don’t get a partial erection from just wearing clothes.

No. 1309574

File: 1630069020042.webm (4.82 MB, 320x568, uDPX9l0thXxa50kO.webm)

"I am non-binary. I hope everyone knows that, "We need to protect women and children" has been used against marginalized people for most of human history.
These comments upset ME, because it's anti-trans, of course, but also it strikes me as anti your own daughters. Anti young people, anti women. If you are a young person, if you are a daughter, if you are a woman, Would you do me a favor?
Please let all the men in your life know that you can take care of yourself.
Let them know you don't need "protecting" and that you especially don't want "protection" if it means erasing trans people from public life."

No. 1309576

i will give this clown looking moid a kick to the ballsack in order to show him what protecting myself means. we need to bully men more

No. 1309579

>toilet seat up

Its a man

No. 1309580

>Let them know you don't need "protecting" and that you especially don't want "protection" if it means erasing trans people from public life."
Nah, we're good. I wish they'd actually be decent guard dogs that stopped these guys from entering women's restrooms like >>1307683, but I doubt they ever care unless you actually walk in on their daughter.
This guy wrote a best-seller book and gets all kinds of media apparences, he's such a grifter.

No. 1309581

File: 1630070952954.png (45.71 KB, 581x476, Capture.PNG)

No. 1309582

File: 1630071055259.png (45.43 KB, 598x373, 2.PNG)

No. 1309583

Please make this the next thread pic, it’s a perfectly summary of what TiMs think as a hivemind.

No. 1309584

File: 1630071188127.png (42.7 KB, 592x395, 3.PNG)

This just in "Cis" women are never discrimated agaisnt becasue we are women. We don't deserve our spaces like gays/transwomen we aren't oppressed enough.

No. 1309585

wonder what they’d say about a lesbian only space.

No. 1309586

They'd say that they're lesbian too, so it's fine.

No. 1309587

File: 1630071595592.png (155.73 KB, 602x481, sally 2.PNG)

this is what caused the troons to spazz out.

No. 1309588

bleh they dont even hide their misogyny lol

No. 1309589

File: 1630071721172.png (33.02 KB, 594x344, what about me.PNG)

No. 1309590

File: 1630071836883.png (43.5 KB, 596x503, sally.PNG)

and this Sally person is the founder/CEO of the app.

No. 1309595

this sall girlboss seems to be a grifter. Nobody seems to care about her app (except out of principle) because it's completely shit.

No. 1309600

You're so obviously male it's scary

No. 1309603

There are girls on grindr?

No. 1309605

I’ve heard the guy that draws them is a bit weird as well. He hangs out with Newgrounds animators/artists though.

No. 1309606

maybe, probably but I love how mad it makes the troons, so whatever.

No. 1309611

his way of talking itself causes me the flight or fight reflex he sounds like a serial killer

No. 1309613

It rubs the protection on its skin or else it sees the girldick again.

No. 1309622

As long as men continue to rape, murder, and abuse women, women (obviously excluding TIMs, because they are male) do need protections against them. I can't live life as a "girlboss" and do everything men can do, because I simply would not be treated the same as a male, and would most likely end up taken advantage of or harmed. You know what "protection" women can give themselves, though? Female-only spaces, emphasis on female. You and your fellow coomers inserting yourselves into our spaces is a threat to us, and proves that as long as men exist, women are not safe from them, at least without males policing each other.

No. 1309625

>I can't live life as a "girlboss" and do everything men can do, because I simply would not be treated the same as a male, and would most likely end up taken advantage of or harmed.
This. The narrative of women just having to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and start being independent #girlbosses is being intentionally dishonest about the possibilities women have doing this. Just like you can't identify out of oppression and become a non-woman, you can't just decide to not be a victim of intergenerational trauma and worldwide sexism. It's just the fact and not meant to act as a perpetual victim but encourage to pinpoint the problem and organize as women.

No. 1309633

There's not much I hate more than this narrative trannies push that women would be completely safe and fine trusting them the same way women trust other women, and that it's somehow oblivious or uninformed to say "no, actually, we're in danger in ways you're not". I don't cate how much "dysphoria" it brings to go "boymode", it's a safety and privilege women don't have, and can never have. If it hurts to hear "women are oppressed for their biology (having female organs and DNA)", that's not women's fault, you're just getting hurt by the truth. I'm never going to trust a male like I would a female, I'm never going to tell a male that he's an "exception", I'm never going to tell a male that he isn't a threat to me, or that I don't need protection and safety away from males, or that any other woman doesn't, either. Believing I'm in the wrong for that is what's truly oblivious and uninformed, usually willingly so.

No. 1309640

The other problem is that the only men who stand against t(y)rannies are the religious/rightwing/etc with their own brand of oppression. Aligning with them will bring further oppression through refunding women's clinics and other resources that are already stretched thin. Women are going to have to stand hip to hip on this and represent ourselves as it's always been. All we have is each other.

No. 1309647

>Women are going to have to stand hip to hip on this and represent ourselves as it's always been.
Unfortunately, it's the technology age. The largest voices are young adults and teenagers, those most online. And they're the ones who naively still believe women and men are the same, men can have sex changes, and aren't aware of the cross-dressing fetish (and associated serial killers).

No. 1309651


Holy shit. He's like an ugly, male lifetime movie villan. Anna Kendrick should get a restraining order. This is horrifying. That dude is going to kill some woman because she's pretty and he's a fat, hideous beast. How does he go to psych appointments for his tranny shit and the doctor NOT pick up on the fact that he's irl Buffalo Bill?

No. 1309656

File: 1630083922564.jpg (357.58 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210827-001944_Red…)

one of the commenters is u/gooner_filth, a proud AGP. "gooner" is term for a porn addicted male enthusiastic about his own degeneracy. see r/GoonerCaves for some of the most cursed moid shit ever. I hate Reddit.

No. 1309664

wtaf, this is fucking terrifying and psychotic. i can't believe moids get this sort of shit validated (and apparently it's frequently enough to feel confident in posting a novella about their deranged emotions.)
gee, I wonder why women can be hesitant about opening up spaces to people like this.

No. 1309667

You're an idiot. I'm not a moid and having compassion for a clearly deranged person who has yet to commit a crime is plain human empathy. Criminals with intent usually want to coverup, but this person is showing his intent and troubled by his own thoughts. I don't have to be a raging radfem on every damn troon posted here. In fact, I'm happy that someone can actually explain the mental illness, danger and misogyny that's involved with gender obsessions.

No. 1309677

these types of reddit posts are usually less "self-awareness" and more "i'm getting off on telling all these people how fucked in the head i am"

No. 1309680

Or "I know these are thoughts a bad person would have please tell me I'm not a bad person!"

No. 1309682

Reading this thread always makes me want to leave this planet. I'm scared and angry. I'm glad I live in a country where the trannies haven' taken over like in america though.

No. 1309706

This is it. Tranny circles are entirely based on denial of reality and coddling mentally unwell people, and a large part of that is TIMs telling each other the worst things they think and do so that they can tell each other they're actually "not that bad" and are actually "pure, dainty ladies who could do no wrong". It's the opposite cope for the same "problem" incels have, instead of saying everyone and everything is awful including themselves, they coddle each other and insist everything is perfect, and "of course you're not doing anything wrong!"

No. 1309726

File: 1630091641367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.53 KB, 844x865, 1605452774681.jpg)

can any femanon here please share what she thinks about neo penises like pic related?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309731

I think you should spoiler this shit and take it to the FtM thread

No. 1309733

Seconded, this isn't tranny general. They look like sickly hotdogs, though.

No. 1309737

Fuck off /tttt/ tourist, female is the default here

No. 1309740

>unspoilered "dick" pic
And in the next thread, you'll be called a schizo if you dare complain about the scrote infestation.

No. 1309744

roastie board. nice.(scrote)

No. 1309746

This might be off topic but i'm watching a Ben Boyce video where an UWU femboy dragged his dad into an interview and the whole time they avoid the porn question.

He is 17 or 18 now, and came out as a bisexual in middle school and says he was the only one open about it in his school as if that's a good thing. Obviously this kid got unlimited internet access at a young age and started to watch porn.

Then Boyce asks if he used Reddit when he explored his trans identity and the he says no, he only watched trans Youtubers. He likes to do "his research" and he has an analytical mind and intellect due to his autism (kek, the dad gushes about his superior intelligence the whole time as if that's relevant)

This boy obviously has a uwu femboy twitter or Reddit account where he shows his asshole to pedos, it's so obvious. The reason why I say femboy is because he is not liberal, he's right wing.

Also major kek to the answer he gave when Ben asked about what kind of GNC clothes he liked: earrings and painted nails. What about dress go spinny, cat ears, and uwu thigh highs? Also doesn't say anything about hentai or anime, just that he likes colourful clothes because his superior autistic head makes him "see more colors than the average person" ahhahhahaha

I'm dragging this boy and his father because they come across as MRAs, blaming the girls he was friends with in school because they gave him the cold shoulder (probably because he did something creepy, but again, they never touch on that far in the interview). He "internalized" misandry at a young age becasue there was so much of it around him and that made him not want to be a boy anymore.

Lastly, his dad sounds proud that his son "moved on" from this trans stuff and that it was just a phase… lol, your son is a coomer and a crossdresser and became that at a very young age, it's over. You will realize this when you catch him in lingerie some day.

https://youtu.be/FoEWbVviOpk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309755

There's a femboy thread.

No. 1309765

The middle one has strawberry penis, is the shaft going to grow hair???

No. 1309790

Surprisingly they look a lot better than the neovaginas, they're comical looking but not outright traumatizing bodyhorror like rot pockets. Women win again

No. 1309797

File: 1630096491266.jpeg (133.17 KB, 641x797, D7873114-FBA2-4E60-9F9E-3E7A41…)

>English comedian Nish Kumar calls out Ricky Gervais for transphobia

>“All he is, is just the same as every other rich white dude comedian who gets too successful, runs out of ideas, and so just shits on the latest minority group. In the 1970s that was my fucking family, it’s Black and minority ethnic people, in the 80s it was gay people.

>“Trans people are just the latest to get it in the neck from comedians who can’t be bothered to try at their jobs anymore. I cannot stand there and watch another dogshit comedian go, ‘Oooh if a woman can identify as a man, maybe I’ll identify as a chair’ – why don’t you identify as a good comedian you hack motherfuckers!”

Thoughts?(ban evasion)

No. 1309800

To be fair, they don't look anything like penises, and you don't really see the "months or years after" photos of frankendicks like you do with neovag. From what I understand, neodick often just falls off. I'd never touch either, but I'd consider at least touching hands with a TIF, if she was hygienic enough. There's no "if" with TIMs, they're all nasty.

No. 1309801

Am I the only one who thinks all male TRAs are closeted chasers? Because no man would be invested in activism of any kind if it didnt serve him in some way

No. 1309813

Literally who? Nasty neckbeard looking motherfucker virtue signalling for libfem points to be seen as a progressive hero with 0 effort, or is secretly a chaser. I don't even like Ricky Gervais, but shitting on that bit is equally as lazy, especially since it's been so long since it happened. Hope he enjoys his two seconds of relevance and then disappearing back into obscurity.

No. 1309816

it's not like lesbians have been calling trans shit out. Just another virtual signaling dude getting easy asspats for keeping on script.

No. 1309818

So he goes, "rich white" as if Dave Chappelle doesn't exist and as if thats not a more recent example, but I guess that's "punching down" to call out a black "cis" man.
Nope, we've talked about it at length, theres hardcore Male TRA's who always fit into these boxes, They are chasers, about to troon or like Haasan Piker super woke and want to be on the "right side of things".
You always see Male TRA's who have a certain kind of audience pretend they'll totally date/sleep with a transgirl, oh they are so much hotter/better then women, but they never do. They'll just say anything for a coin and to be woke.

No. 1309825

I like how he quietly glosses over the fact that he was born and raised in a wealthy area of London and has a history of doing stand up in deprived or poorer areas and making jokes about how white men have everything. Regardless of how you feel about colonialism, transphobia racism and discrimination, standing in front of the poorest people in the country and telling them they have more than a wealthy comedian when they've splashed out on something to make them laugh is never going to look good. It's woke "let them eat cake".

No. 1309826

absolutely le owned by completely misrepresenting the conversation

No. 1309830

Maybe because chapelle is American while Ricky gervais is also English so it makes more sense…
Very popular English comedian, makes regularly appearances on Tv and game shows
To be fair the conservatives seem to make the most noise against trans people…
You’re kind of changing the subject there and racism has been a big problem in Britain, especially in the 1980s(ban evasion)

No. 1309832

Cope, Britbong autist.

No. 1309836

What am I coping about? I was just giving you background information.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309844

I agree with you, so many of the voices talking about POC oppression are actually the children of the wealthy, I know because I grew up with these people. (I’m not white but I’ve lived a life of privilege compared to my working class friends.) It’s obnoxious because there are genuine problems caused by racism like severe poverty in many communities, but these jokers use it to fucking grift. He should be the one to find some new jokes honestly.

Also the same dudes don’t even notice when their female relatives wait on them hand and foot or are mistreated for being women. I love a lot of aspects of my culture—the art, the history, the literature, the language etc—but only men can so loudly defend “traditional ethnic culture is always better than whitey” without reservation because they reap all the benefits. He’s certainly never been banned from touching anything in the kitchen on his periods, but he goes out there to yell about trans women’s rights. Motherfucker.

No. 1309846

Attack helicopter jokes are overused and not funny unless it's your first day learning about gender ideology. But he also talks about how the "Women's' sign won't stop rapists from assaulting regardless if they're officially allowed to enter or not. But then how is going to the women's toilet protecting transwomen from assaults? The men will just come in and beat them up anyway. Also shit like exhibitionism exists, they don't need to touch little girls to disturb them for life.

No. 1309849

>"progressive" male troon enabler
How long until he gets outed as a sex pest?

No. 1309850

know there's no point in responding but lesbians have been calling this shit out long before conservatives got on that train. We're just not listened to cause we're women or it doesn't fit their narrative of "evil bigot conservatives"

No. 1309852

Like a flesh sock filled with pudding

No. 1309859

File: 1630099758437.jpeg (222.84 KB, 2206x615, VRchat_21.jpeg)

At least these VRchat redditors are self aware.

No. 1309889

The "girls" he's referring to are other MtFs.

The only actual female people on Grindr are delusional FtMs, which MtFs typically avoid unless they were together pre-transition.

No. 1309902

I never understood why roast beef is an insult. Roast beef is delicious and big labia are sexy imo.

No. 1309912

it's only an insult because scrotes are insecure creeps who are attracted to inappropriately young women because they prefer a partner who's too inexperienced and naive to know what worthless turds men are and they want to make women as insecure as they are so we'll be easy prey for their depraved bullshit

No. 1309923

Yes, straight women who think they are gay men. They had their brains melted away by yaoi and go on long rants about how gay men are transphobic for not liking their “front holes” or whatever.

No. 1309929

>women aren't oppressed, but trans women are, but trans women are women, but women aren't oppressed

No. 1309939

No. 1309949

The drag race fan types are hilarious because they talk about gay men’s bodies the way drag queens talk about women’s bodies and suddenly even gay man who defends that shit is clutching his pearls.

Like I think those women are quite homophobic as well, but it’s a bit like… all the men who have gotten defensive when I’ve said I don’t love it when drag queens say bitch and dyke or make fun of the tragic deaths of female celebrities are suddenly on about how you can’t say this or that. (Once saw a drag Queen do a shot to Anna Nicole Smith’s sobriety ugh.)

No. 1309955

File: 1630107887815.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, 281f1c950cf5a7eb9fe50b450dfa7e…)

What point is this tranny even trying to make?

No. 1309963

lol but how can we differentiate when by their logic "anyone who says they're trans is"

No. 1309964

File: 1630108416390.jpg (363.78 KB, 2560x2560, xUCoi6b.jpg)

what the fuck!! one, that poor rabbit. the cage is way too small and it should not be that close to the toilet, it's obvious he doesn't close the lid when flushing.

two, that is a fucking box of kotex click tampons on the back of the toilet. he has absolutely no mention of a partner, nevermind a female partner. this troon is a period fetishist.

No. 1309965

Tranny thinks anyone makes exceptions when they say "men are a danger to women". You are XY, you have higher testosterone, you likely have a penis, you are male, and are a threat to women. I don't care if mouds feel unsafe around other moids, they're on even ground; equal peak physical strength, equal social power, and neither can get pregnant. TIMs are not oppressed by other men the same way women are, and they never will be.

No. 1309967

Ngl I used to be a bit of a fujoshi back in the day, and even now still read fics sometimes. No joke and no exaggeration, literally every other girl I knew growing up who liked the same stuff trooned out and is either a full on pubestache'd fakeboi or theythem awaiting a fashion mastectomy now. I still wonder how reading fanfictions about two fictional male characters fucking was able to convince so many women and girls to chop their tits off and live out the rest of their days as a balding gremlin.

No. 1309968

Of course they are homophobic. Any straight person who thinks gay people should just fuck the opposite sex are homophobic.

No. 1309971

Every “bi” girl (mostly just straight girls pretending to be bi because they don’t want to be an icky ‘cishet’) I knew as a teenager who was super into M/M media is now either a non-binary or “gay” trans man.

No. 1309972

Boyce can't scoop up an audience here or from megan murphy. we hate his influence on her work, feminism is for women and does not have to include male issues. fuck off

No. 1309977

i swear most of them only troon out not because they actually think they're gay men trapped in women's bodies, but because it's now "problematic" to consume yaoi as a woman. it's funny seeing how unrepentant fujo women make pooners seethe.

No. 1309981

Everybody would call themselves "bisexual" back then to seem trendy but now being bisexual is not "cool" enough. We have gone from 'Myspace bisexual' to 'Tumblr transgender'.

No. 1309986

i was super into m/m and realized it was my own gayness. i was just using m/m because i didn't find lesbian representation that i enjoyed at the time. sorry to blog, just feel strongly about this topic

No. 1309987

Which is funny, since the only people who ever tried to police girls liking m/m material were other girls. Gay guys couldn't give less of a shit about girls writing fanfictions where their favorite two male characters have unrealistic gay sex, it was always other girls nitpicking fujos for fetishizing gay men and whatnot. Which led to an entire generation of fujoshis actually fetishizing gay men, ironically enough

No. 1309990

I think some of them do become delusional enough to believe they are "gay men trapped in women's bodies" and wish they had a male body because they are fearful of male sexuality directed to them as women, and they have a lot of internalized misogyny since they view male as the default sex.

All straight TiFs I know are romance obsessed. They want an "equal" relationship (heterosexual relationships have inherent power imbalances) and they also feel like they strongly relate to the fictional gay male characters. However, this is only because most of the gay fiction they read was written by straight women for other straight women.

It's like TiMs who claim to have discovered their identities from watching lesbian porn and come out as "trans lesbians" because of it. Lesbian porn is directed by straight men for other straight men. If you are so obsessed with and compelled by lesbian porn because you feel like it speaks to you in a way that nothing else does…then it's just more proof you are a straight man. Not a lesbian.

Many gay men do hate M/M stuff written by straight women, but the people who are the most vocal and complain about it non-stop are "gay trans men". This is because fanfiction and romance fiction in general are female-dominated interests.

No. 1310003

And unlike in gay porn which does feature actual gay men and is made for gay men, the porn stars in lesbian porn are almost never lesbians. They're usually straight women (sometimes bi) who are "gay for pay". This is why men think women have "fluid sexuality" but in reality female socialization causes women to seek out male approval. Mia Khalifa discussed this in her interviews about how she got into porn because she wanted to be liked by men.

No. 1310010

>derailing in the MTF thread, a thread about men, specifically to rant about those nasty evil bi women

No. 1310011

Holy fug
These things will do anything to not be called male, but can't stop telling women what to do, how to do it, and what's best for them

No. 1310015

Yeah because somehow, me, a bi woman, criticising straight women pretending to be bisexual and adopting even more identities like “non-binary” because they think the LGBT is some fun club is me attacking bi women and proof that I’m a troon.

No. 1310019

You’re not fooling anyone.

No. 1310020

>saying women and children must be protected is "anti-trans"

Yup, more proof that TRAs are MRAs. I do think "protect women and children" is too passive of a statement though because it doesn't label the perpetrator - men.

It's like how I am not a big fan of the phrase "violence against women". So, violence is just happening against the women randomly? Why don't we call it "male violence against women" to be clear? Name the problem.

Anon, you must be delusional if you think 'Myspace bisexuality' isn't something that happens. People absolutely do adopt different identities to seem more "interesting".

No. 1310021

sage if you're gonna infight plz

No. 1310023

Samefagging but I actually also don't really like how "children" are lumped into one category. Boys can be horrifying towards girls. Boys can rape and murder girls (full grown women too). Boys aren't excused from enacting misogyny. It's not like boys only become a threat when they turn 18 or become men. Does anybody else feel the same?

No. 1310027

You're right, but most people thinking of "boys" are thinking of prepubescent kids. Not to say that child on child bigotry and assault doesn't exist, but it's generally a lot tamer and less genuinely criminal than with post-pubescent males. I have heard of sexual assault between literal children, but it's an outlier; there is room for discussion on kids going through puberty (9-14 years old) and teenagers (14-19 years old), though. Talking about the crimes of men is generally easier than of boys, though, because we can guarantee an adult can be held responsible for his actions, and people will likely stop taking you seriously altogether if you even imply a child can do anything wrong, especially something as heinous as sexual crimes.

No. 1310035

Ntayrt but many people are reluctant to accept the reality of male violence. People always try to spin it into a poverty or racial issue, or they say only mentally ill people do it. 95% of violent crime is committed by males but their sex is rarely ever brought into the discussion. You have a woman do something terrible and people never stop talking about how she’s an “evil female” and they call her a bitch, cunt, etc. They also take the random woman who commits crimes and use her as “proof” that “women can be just as bad as men”.

No. 1310038

File: 1630116796368.png (48.53 KB, 632x442, 980980.PNG)

It's not just men. It's all males.

No. 1310040

you really ought not to save articles where the source is unidentifiable like that

No. 1310043

No. 1310044

>Ten year old boys
>Eight year old boy
Who wants to bet the sudden rise in prepubescent boys committing sex acts, including sexual assault and rape, is related to their access to the internet? I don't think children should be able to access the internet at all, except heavily monitored for research purposes, especially boys. It would've saved me and a lot of other girls from grooming and high sexual exposure, and boys are just getting trained to be little sociopaths using porn, shock-content, and male-on-male encouragement of negative behaviors, such as misogyny and racism.

No. 1310046

I didn't take that image. It was something I saw on Twitter years ago.

No. 1310049

>eight-year old boy
>questioned by police on suspicion of rape

All Y chromosoids should be eradicated.

No. 1310050

I heard that 10% of under 18s who are regularly exposed to pornography are under the age of 10. So, yeah.

No. 1310052

>fairly rare
It's not even "incredibly rare" or "extremely rare", it's just "fairly". Fuck.

No. 1310054

File: 1630118080937.png (22.28 KB, 533x208, a98d3f1ff74_d1f9b0f.png)

I am currently at university studying IT and this type of stuff makes makes me seriously question if I should ever get into the tech industry.

No. 1310056

I've met a number of scrotes who were addicted tobporn alread between the ages of 11 and 15 years old. Some so much that they were presduring girls for nudes and specific sex acts before they even turned 16, mostly girls who were younger than them.
>literally saying to stop hiring women in STEM
Stop living, scrote.

No. 1310057

100% true. Boys just can't handle unrestricted internet access. This one started attacking girls on the street at only 14.
One of the Slaton sisters got molested by her future husband when he was a teen and she was prepubescent.
Pretty much. When TRAs first started attacking women's shelters years ago, there were sob stories about how big meanie shelters were splitting up or turning away families with teenage sons. They acted all indignant that anybody could ever be wary of an innocent uwu teenage boy, and treat him like an adult man. But the #1 reason women with children end up at shelters in an abusive husband/boyfriend/babbydaddy. Moids learn to abuse from their fathers. Moids don't learn to be empathetic people from the experience, they just act out the abuse on the next smaller victim they can find. So shoving angry teenage boys into a shelter full of little kids is the worst possible thing to do.

No. 1310061

Tbf I can understand why gay men would be frustrated with material made by and for straight women dominating the m/m romance market, but the gay men I have seen most annoyed with it usually criticize how the women who write it hide behind their "queer" identities so avoid criticism.

No. 1310067


This is the WORST shit I’ve ever heard. Does anyone know if this is an industry plant indie cow?

No. 1310070

Even if we're not talking about sexual assault, little boys still torment girls and gender socialization makes it that they learn male supremacy from a young age. I'm sure most women have stories of boys being terrible to them like thinking of them lesser for being female or throwing rocks at them.

No. 1310074

This is the type of shit that caused me to peak more. I already peaked by that point but all the stuff about 'AFAB privilege', creating "gender equal" spaces by having all the "women" be TiMs, and denying that rich TiMs or TIMs in STEM had male privilege infuriated me.

No. 1310077

this dude got popular through vine don't think he's a plant lol

No. 1310079

There's plenty of stories of boys raping and killing women and girls, but a lot of people excuse this with "boys will be boys". Ironically, a lot of men who commit crimes are labelled "not real men" (as if somehow "real men" are paragons of virtue) or they say shit like "it was boys that committed this crime, not men!". They will make up hundreds of reasons to excuse male violence.

No. 1310082

>why dont you identify as a good comedian (/writer/actor/person etc)
Christ this line is soooo tired. Pretty sure I actually first read it used regarding Gervais by some tumblr faggot like, 5 years ago lol. This mong is lifting his "jokes" wholesale from the industrial waste bin of bluecheckmark twitter. Lazy, privileged, millenial Brahmin cunts always borderline coom with glee that in the West they get to larp as poor oppressed brown refugees- bet he wouldn't be such a champion of the oppressed races if that meant impovrished untouchable caste janitors and not him and his affluent 2nd-3rd gen university chums. Hope he kills himself lol

No. 1310086

>this type of stuff makes makes me seriously question if I should ever get into the tech industry.
Depends where you live. I'm in a shithole country (Brazil), so the field over here is okay… "okay" as in women can get hired for an IT job, but have to bend over backwards to show they're not retarded while mouthbreathing moids can fuck up whenever they like and still keep their job. However, most bosses are men or upper class women who are too conservative and/or religious to allow unhinged degenerates tarnish the image of their business(es).

IT in the US is obviously infested with TIMs, but I haven't heard of such horrors (programmer socks autists or AGP CEOs) all over Western Europe… yet.

No. 1310092

Lol I wasn’t into it as a teen and people told me it was homophobic and I didn’t like yuri either, so I figured I was maybe uncomfortable with gay people before I realised later that the actual problem was that I was deep in the closet as a lesbian.

That said nothing is funnier to me than the men who say they realised they were women because they liked yuri/“cute girls doing cute things” type anime. I’m sure they exist but I’ve never met someone who is super into yuri “as a lesbian” who wasn’t just a dude or like a straight person calling herself queer lel.

No. 1310093

File: 1630123044795.png (330.26 KB, 478x430, Tariq.png)

>screeches about rich white men being evil
>simps for rich white men in dresses
buck broken

No. 1310095

This is why I prefer saying “women and girls” to “women and children”. I also feel that the grouping of women with children contributes to men infantalizing women and viewing women as inseparable from childcare and domesticity. If that makes sense.

No. 1310097

Shit noni you just made me discover something about myself
Yay fellow South American! IT in Argentina is more left leaning but luckily we don't have a lot of troons in general. Like using dating apps is actually a thing you can do as a lesbian here. Last year when Tinder made passport free I couldn't believe how many dead-eyed, bearded, balding transbians with pink or blue hair there were in Europe and North America.

No. 1310100

If I'm being honest, manga tags are really difficult to sift through, but I'd say the best lesbian content is between "josei" and "shoujo ai", rather than "yuri". But I do like the odd thing here and there that is considered to have "yuri"; never moeshit without any plot, depth, or substance, though. It's really hard to come across something of substance, because selling to straight men (~48% population) has more of a market than selling to lesbians (~1% of the population). Super not into yaoi, though, but I fell into the group of people who did. From what I've read here, though, I'm the odd one out.
I can confirm to you, though, moids (especially transbians) have terrible taste in manga, and worse taste in lesbian representation.

No. 1310112

I’ve heard about boys who had a porn addiction since they were 3. I guess that explains why some boys commit rape on girls when they are only age 7.

No. 1310116

File: 1630126307806.jpeg (752.28 KB, 750x1063, FC5CE4DB-82BF-4024-9DCE-90B1E4…)

I know Reddit is low hanging fruit, but on r/flexinglesbians you can really tell when it’s dudes doing fetish shit because of how their muscles develop.

You’re not alone!

This should prob go in the manga thread on /m/ but it’s so hard to find series with adult women and a little plot but not too much that it stops being escapist. Recently I’ve liked: Mojito by noftB, Hitogoto Desu kara! by Yuni, and Collectors by Nishi Uko.

No. 1310119

AYRT, bless you. I'll check them out and report back in the manga thread after I get to it. It may take me awhile, because I procrastinate.

No. 1310138

>Europe and North America
Most Western countries are like that but it is especially bad in Anglopohone countries and those that have a high level of English fluency. I think Anglophones are especially susceptible to troon bullshit because they have more culturally in common with the USA. Since India has a lot of people who speak English, there's even troonery getting in despite how conservative the nation is (not to mention India is wildly misogynistic but since transgenderism is a reinforcement of gender, they accept it easier than they do homosexuality).

No. 1310150

Working in tech is what caused me to peak. I started out black-box testing and eventually worked my way up to dev manager and had to compete against 3 separate troons for 2 separate promotions over the years. I was/am constantly working under a microscope and being second-guessed, but every troon I've ever worked with (at least a dozen now) just got to skate by like every other moid. Even the most competent women in tech can expect to have retarded moids with far less experience looking over their shoulders and mansplaining shit to them unsolicited.

No. 1310154

File: 1630132540718.jpg (43.62 KB, 640x640, 1617467759471.jpg)

same but game dev

No. 1310163

You're right about pressuring girls into sex acts. My sister is 14, and already some nasty little scrote shit head told her that he wasn't happy with her as a person because she wasn't willing to perform sex acts on him. I think he is also about 13 or 14. This scrote has also posted himself having sex with another girl on his own snapchat story.

I know that he is obviously one of the more extreme cases of what we're talking about, but "boys" are just as much of a threat to women than any man. Saged for blogging

No. 1310167

Your case is horrible but still quite "tame" because I'd say one of the more "extreme" cases would be the 7 year olds boys charged with raping 5 year old girls (or younger). Do not underestimate the depths of male depravity.

No. 1310168

I was being pressured into making out, sending nudes, and giving blowjobs when I was as young as 12, and that was roughly 11 years ago. I didn't cave to these things, but several of my (female) peers did. Since then, the internet has become an even more hostile and pornographic place.

No. 1310169

>I know that he is obviously one of the more extreme cases of what we're talking about
No, teen girls being pressured to have sex or objectify themselves by teen boys is very common.

No. 1310171

>game dev
Truly the worst of the worst.

No. 1310172

>every troon I've ever worked with (at least a dozen now)
Wow, that's a lot. Are you from the USA?

No. 1310176

Likely USA, but gamedev work has a much higher saturation of troons than other work, due to male nerd autism.

No. 1310177

Hi! Yeah, it's the same thing here for lesbians as well. Most trannies in Brazil are gay men so they don't pester us at all.

He shitposts all over that sub. It's ironic he's the only one posting full body pics wearing short dresses and skirts, while the actual women are wearing gym attire and posting cropped pictures. lol

No. 1310198

File: 1630140690023.jpg (481.91 KB, 1080x1922, PhotoCollage_1630140917392.jpg)

From the new Bella Fiori video on the torture murder of Rick Aston. This is Paul Reid Luckman, a man who assisted in the abduction and torture of a 13 year old boy who was then buried in the Australian outback while still gurgling his own blood. The two men were soldiers and upon investigation were found with a stash of bondage porn, satanism literature, masochism related items, and essays about abducting young men at knifepoint to outback areas and torturing them to death.

This one trooned out, received a reduced sentence and was set free in 1999, and for some reason gets his she/her pronouns respected despite being the same person who mauled a child in one of Australias most notorious true crime cases.

Saged because it's not new but I wanted to ask- why is it that these people get their pronouns respected? Even recent articles refer to this demon as a woman

No. 1310201

Wow, it's almost as though body dysmorphic disorder and "gender dysphoria" are correlated, or something.

No. 1310206

Because people genuinely believe that women are defective men and therefore it makes sense to them somehow despite men actually committing the majority of violent crime in this world.

No. 1310209

The state also paid for his dick chop and hormones. Your tax dollars at work, Australians.

No. 1310213

File: 1630142673872.png (71.9 KB, 747x586, fascinating.png)

>both of them receive life imprisonment
>one is fed hormones by a quack
>gets released just because gril
Wtf. Is it normal for 100% guilty lifers in Australia suddenly get their sentence flipped like that?

Anyways, picrel, someone vouching for him. Just bros looking out for bros.

No. 1310214

weird how men only spaces are still completely normal.

if only nish would stop sperging about trannys and oppression for 1 second he’d be decently funny comedian.

No. 1310217

Oh right cis women never get harassed, attacked or raped for their gender out in the streets, never get denied jobs due to their gender, never receive hostility for their gender, never have their problems dismissed by medical professionals for their gender, no discrimination at all! I'm so glad I have my cis privilege, no need for female-specific spaces at all.

No. 1310220

>cis women never get harassed, attacked or raped for their gender
>never get denied jobs due to their gender
>never receive hostility for their gender
No, not "gender". They experience that because of their sex.

No. 1310221

> a sex offenders program at the Cooma Correctional Centre
excuse me?

No. 1310227

>why is it that these people get their pronouns respected? Even recent articles refer to this demon as a woman
It's not that they necessarily "respect" the tranny's pronouns, journalists are forced to comply with style guides. In some countries, trans rights activists had successfully campaigned for media companies to use preferred pronouns for all transgender people in publications. If a journalist does not use the preferred pronouns for a transgender individual then they can face strong criticism and/or legal trouble. US influence in Australia is making it increasingly trans-friendly and feminists who stand up against this are constantly attacked.

It's an Australian Aboriginal world, probably derived from the word 'Coombah'.

No. 1310256

Tax payers had to pay for his troon out. Kind of sick that in a weird little way, the murdered boys parents pay the taxes to the state that funded the penis chop that allowed this prick to go free. Sickening system. And this was in 19-fucking-99 before all this woke horseshit so I just cant fathom how the system allowed this

Ayrt, but that's kind of what I mean. Not the journalists themselves being forced to respect their pronounce for fear of backlash, but the people who actually start backlash by demanding this ugly pedo murderous scrote gets his pronouns respected. They really do protect their own

No. 1310258

File: 1630150003081.webm (2.31 MB, 540x961, 1601909289932.webm)

Christ I hope this is fake

No. 1310267

File: 1630151171771.jpeg (166.76 KB, 750x826, 4CA05E7D-C540-49D6-9C14-FFD566…)

I want to be die.

No. 1310268

File: 1630151221671.jpeg (347.51 KB, 750x796, CC22C881-F4CD-44DD-A5A9-6CCAB1…)

No. 1310269

"Teehee I'm dating my dad's friend, such a bitch(female) move :3c"
No female would ever do that :|
Troonies acting out female Hollywood tropes and stereotypes but never acting like an actual woman kek

He's got more curves that the tranny

No. 1310271

No. 1310272

Yes. West coast, too. Troons are everywhere where I live.

No. 1310274

“non-men” fucks me up so much.

like there’s only men and everything else. it’s bad enough being a lesbian and called a terf cause i don’t want cock near me but now we’re being completely erased to make room for genderspecials.

then they have the gall to dowry out because “nb isn’t just woman-lite” pick one

No. 1310276

abinary… as in non-non-binary?

No. 1310277

>dowry out ??

*sperg out. christ im mad.

No. 1310279

congratulations your 19 year old boy and having sex with a 40 year old man whose taking advantage of you, something that's more associated with gay males rather then "cis" women

No. 1310280

File: 1630152434857.png (71.26 KB, 728x580, 156215151.png)

I tried reading that thread and my brain is melting, words don't mean anything anymore. If you like pink pixiecut only while having green short hair, you're an enby4enby, but you're also a lesbian, what do these words MEAN

No. 1310287

It's as if men are the default and women are the defective version jesus christ we've come full circle

No. 1310299

Reminder that Australia is also the country where a rich white TiM attempted to kill two random people in a convenience store with an axe after getting rejected by his lesbian Tinder date for being a man.

No. 1310305

They all sound genuinely autistic.

No. 1310306

>HSTS goes through "sex reassignment" surgery
>flips between regret and denial so much he changes between "life being ruined" and "it's not big deal" like 5 times within an 8 minute video
>thinks the problem is that the neovagina healed too well
>doesn't like how the result looks
>it healed so fast it looks like a "croissant"
>dialation brings him so much pain he can pass out, so he avoids it
>but it just means it's even more painful later
>doctor wants him to do it 3 times a day but that means he'd have no life, so he goes with 2
>still tries to brag how "boys like it when it's tight" after talking about the pain
>apparently already hooked up with men while suffering from this
Any government that approves of this shit needs to be brought to a human rights court

No. 1310311

He still looks like a man but I'm surprised by the number of HSTS who sound like women when they talk.

No. 1310317

File: 1630157132551.jpg (3.13 MB, 1728x8640, 111.jpg)

These comics were drawn by a some NB ally libfem but I see them posted a lot on Tranny spaces

No. 1310318

>troon dilating party in a hotel room
Fucking sick. Also his lies are so obvious to real women “guys love that I’m super tight and think it’s my first time.” I can’t find the thread, but some troon fucker said neovags don’t feel like vaginas at all. They feel like super long belly buttons with hair inside

No. 1310321

That's literally thing scrotes provide for society, to "protect" us from other scrotes, even in the matriarchal cultures this was the role men were assigned
if you can't do that, then fucking kill yourself

No. 1310323

Why to these insist on trying to pontificate about complex political topics in dumb cartoon form? No one is going to change their opinion on ICE because some genderspecial's OC made a weak case against it, kek

No. 1310325

It's so strange how hilarious and uplifting this video is.

No. 1310328

its uplifting to see others suffer, why? he got fooled into thinking he could be a woman and thus made mistakes. we cannot act like the translobby isnt extremely strong with their propaganda. i feel horrible for that dude…

No. 1310331

Yeah, I was surprised at his voice. Like people praise Blaire White, but for me he sounds like a really catty gay man, but this one could fool me without the visuals. I clicked on his coming out storytime, and he has been on blockers since his teens because it's was a "question of life or death". He also talks about how he liked Disney princesses, wore his sister's dresses as a toddler and hated his sister in his teenage years because of the attention she got from boys. Sounds like a very stereotypical gay childhood to me, but we can't have that nowadays.

No. 1310337

>a question of life or death
A choice between having a fully functional normal penis and having something that, in his words, "looks like a croissant" and causes him to pass out from pain with just the maintenance alone, and the mangled parody of a pussy was the "life" he was referring to? I don't think hes gay I think he's mentally ill and making up his own origin story so he can say he has always been a girl. The fact he brags about how guys love fucking his open surgery wound is as coomer troon as it gets, and even just deciding to let guys fuck a hole that he claims can't even be dilated without serious pain is just shows that this is all just fetish

No. 1310346

In this case, yeah, it is. Women grow up to pretty much hate themselves and here we have a delusional 1% trying to achieve what we have naturally.
Sorry, but I feel zero sympathy for members of a community that willingly entrench themselves into a world of lies and think we're nothing but a costume. The lobby is real, but it takes two to tango.

No. 1310348

He doesn't strike me as a straight AGP, homosexual men do transition just to escape the stigma of being a "lesser man" and hope that it opens up the straight dating market. I think a lot of them also want to avoid "twink death", ie. becoming a balding middle-aged guy in the gay dating scene. I can't really blame naive young people from falling victim when you get medical twitter saying "a penis and a vagina are basically the same, just inverted".

No. 1310351

>Will spend the rest of his days mutilated, mangled, and falling apart both literally a figuratively due to his brutal castration and dependence on cross-sex hormones
>Probably still hates his sister for being a normal straight woman who gets normal male attention, all he gets are handmaiden pity-stares and chaser glares
>Will never actually become the straight women he wants to be, likely candidate for the 41%
>Would've been a healthy, normal gay man allowed to grow out of his dysphoria
>Probably wouldn't hate his sister after getting over his teenage angst since he'd be able to have relationships with other normal men who actually like him
>Would've had far better mental and physical health, functional sex organs, and no need to LARP as the opposite sex for the rest of his life

No. 1310352

ntayrt but nah, I may have empathy for him but fuck misogynists. you're wasting energy feeling sorry for these guys (and sage your shit)

No. 1310354

Doesn’t gender transition for gay people count as a type of conversation therapy and isn’t conversion therapy something people have banned/are trying to ban? I hope they look into banning gender transition. The whole process is sick and meaningless.

No. 1310358

God idk I’m still a fujo now but like I still want functioning sex organs and a non-mutilated body. I can deal w the pure fantasy of it.

No. 1310360

>you're wasting energy feeling sorry for these guys
I feel sorry for people in North Korea who worship their leader like a God, too. Even if they're incredibly naïve and dumb for believing it; you can't blame someone blasted with propaganda from all sides all of their lives to eventually give in to the propaganda.
Many of our countries are getting close to the amount of propaganda for troon worship as NK has for dear leader. If we were required to have pictures of moids in our bedrooms; the facsimile would be complete.

No. 1310362

We need to start using “non-women”.

No. 1310367

Best thing to do, I have found, is to not acknowledge their attempt at language lawyering. Calling them non-women is acknowledging that they even have the ability to call themselves non-men. Just call them men and women. Playing their word games only empowers the legitimacy of their game.

No. 1310368

Reading this thread has made me realise that everything the radfems warned people about came true.

But I know in the end people are going to blame all the tranny shit on “radical feminism” somehow, society will try to forget about how men contributed the most damage, and then we wait for the next big movement to erode women’s rights. The radfems will be the first to speak up against it but no one will listen. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1310374

>If we were required to have pictures of moids in our bedrooms; the facsimile would be complete
Well troons are all over "female-centered" social media nowadays, and you're not allowed to remove it

No. 1310392

File: 1630163626544.jpg (117.45 KB, 1280x720, 11.jpg)

>Well troons are all over "female-centered" social media nowadays, and you're not allowed to remove it
reminds me of this
>3 Gay men
>2 Drag Queens
>2 TIMs
>1 Woman

No. 1310400

A lot of them missed the memo about fujo content being created by women and catering to female interests, and as the vast majority of them are unironically autistic they believe this is genuinely how men act and are and it's how they should be in order to enjoy a fulfilling relationship dynamic and be a charismatic character even if most of them being fully aware of how awful real life scrotes are. It's not a mirror of narcissistic AGPs fetishizing lesbian relationships for cooming as the motivation lies more in "I want to be respected as an equal in a relationship and by my peers" than "I want to be a worshipped and have a mommy bangmaid wipe my ass while I larp as a sexualized little girl".

tl;dr: Many female characters are badly written and female celebrities are only given the trait of "being attractive" based on how well they perform femininity and literally everything about women is sexualized for male gaze instead of allowing them to explore their own needs.

No. 1310401

Wait the three people in the bottom row aren't the same person?

No. 1310405

Sage for OT, while this may be true in certain extents the way Fujoshis push aside actually well devolved female characters, healthy heterosexual romances, all for the sake of a random m/m ship of two characters that barely interacted is telling
Its just a degenerate fetish and pretending its anything more then a dumb fetish is asinine

No. 1310407

>pursues and fucks men
>isn't gay

Anon, I…

No. 1310408

>Deflecting anon think women transition because they're degen misogynistic coombrains like AGPs and not because the world around them is reminding them daily what a hellscape it is to live as a woman, much less a GNC or a gay woman, especially in patriarchal communities
Go back to /tttt/

No. 1310413

TIFs and Fujoshis are much less awful then TIMs, but their awful

No. 1310416

Agreed. I always get weirded out by straight/bi women who exclusively ship, read and write m/m. If you think f/m relationships and female characters are badly written, why dont you write an improved and deeper version? Isn't that the whole point of fanfics?

No. 1310419

Sage because stupid vent, but I'm br too and I have some mixed feelings on "trans rights" because the absolute majority of TiMs here are an actually oppressed group who commonly need to prostitute themselves and endure physical violence, many times on top of being other kinds of minorities like black and poor. So of course I feel compassion for them and see how the state failed them on so many levels. But then trans rights discourse is hijacked by shit like "lesbians not sucking my dick is transphobic", which is just a particularly gross flavor of first world problems.

No. 1310422

Honestly, whenever I see that Nikkie danish troon, I'm surprised he had people deceived for so long. I didn't know him before, and hindsight is 20/20, but he looks extremely plastic and no different from the drag queens in the image. The single woman is the only one with actual human facial features.

No. 1310423

Same anon but wanted to add that Brazil probably has the largest population of tranny chasers (closeted of course) and the venn diagram between them and the perpetrators of transphobic crimes must be almost a single circle. So yeah, chasers are also violent scrotes.

No. 1310427

getting into the middle east transgender issue is a whole other problem where they violently force gay men and women into transitioning just so they can establish a heteronormative society. and then first world trans people applaud the middle east for doing so. it’s insane.

No. 1310429

No country does that except Iran, and Iran is nuts

No. 1310432

File: 1630167467460.jpg (94.73 KB, 1200x1200, rs_600x600-200122055420-600-ni…)

he's also massive, Ellen isn't a small woman btw she's around 5'7

No. 1310433

Just another real women proud to sleep with her dad's friends. Completely normal.


Just another real woman having to penetrate herself with friends in the room cause that's sisterhood~ But if you shift enough guys won't be grossed out in photo of the croissant.

No. 1310435

File: 1630167902918.png (1.31 MB, 1268x970, n.png)

He's 1.9m. There are so many funny photos of him next to people.

No. 1310440

>lesbian can only mean nonmen who like nonmen
Said no terf ever

Kek that giant head

No. 1310446

Man this dad's friend is such a nice guy, respecting his friends sons pronouns and then having anal sex with a guy half his age who is also his best friends son! Much better guy than the transphobic dad!

No. 1310458

i need a pic of him next to shaquille o'neal now

No. 1310461

>interests, and as the vast majority of them are unironically autistic they believe this is genuinely how men act and are and it's how they should be in order to enjoy a fulfilling relationship dynamic and be a charismatic character even if most of them being fully aware of how awful real life scrotes are.
It really is jarring how the men they're drawn to and emulate are always another woman's fantasy of what men are like, and never an accurate representation of one. At least normal fujos have the sense to realize that their fantasy men are just a fantasy, but TIFujos honestly seem surprised when actual gay men don't act the same way gay men in their fanfictions do. Autism is one hell of a mental condition

No. 1310470

Fun fact: The blobfish actually doesn't look anything like its most recognizable form when in its natural habitat. The form we see is actually extremely wounded from being pulled up from a high-pressure environment to a low-pressure environment. This genderspecial is kinning a melted avulsion wound victim that couldn't survive a second in our environment. I suppose it's nothing, if not accurate.

No. 1310471

File: 1630171471134.png (51.07 KB, 657x220, basedPsychiatrist.png)

someone give this psychiatrist a raise

No. 1310474

I wish he just acted oblivious the whole time. It seemed OP was already dumbfounded by that.

No. 1310482

Sadly he'll probably be sent to a sensitivity training instead

No. 1310486

Transwidows need to get it together

No. 1310495

OT but your post makes me remember how even in preschool you're told garbage like "when a boy picks on you, that means he likes you". If little girls are being told that at such a young age, what are the parents telling their sons? Makes me wonder if they're encouraging them to harass us at such a young age. Since fuck, there are truly some cruel ass kids who beat you for literally no reason, and half the time you don't even know them.

No. 1310531

File: 1630174742686.jpeg (999.68 KB, 1242x2005, 5650F802-8268-4418-95FC-5B1931…)

White men love playing victim, they larp as a woman and say they’re oppressed and actual women eat it up and defend these degenerates. Johnny is right it’s an open wound

No. 1310534

File: 1630175103953.jpeg (802.49 KB, 1242x1225, C52D5C21-B8F8-4F19-AF5E-48D914…)

misogynistic men who think they’re better than women being brainwashed into cutting off their dick and willingly getting a disgusting open wound is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1310543

Parents need to stop raising these men to be degenerate little shit heads. That boy is going to be a future rapist with the way he talks to young girls at such a young age. You should report him I’m sorry about your sister anon. It’s scary to think about having a son in this time period, everything is so disgusting and perverted, now I can see why Jesus freaks are saying this is the end times. Jfc.

No. 1310552

My first thought when I saw him the first time in one of his videos was literally "is that a MTF? No, maybe I'm getting paranoid and she's just a disabled or very obese and tall woman who smokes a lot", I wouldn't be surprised if people guessed it correctly because of the videos of him next to female celebrities and youtubers because they didn't look like they were even from the same species because of how different their proportions were. And in his pics where you can see his full body he isn't what I'd call obese yet, and top heavy women don't look this massive either. I saw some anons here and some fonts on LSA saying there were a shit ton of rumors circulating in the Netherlands where he's from, and a little on gurugossip before he came out of the closet.

No. 1310560

I agree. Reading the comments under that HSTS botched troongina video some young tranny was asking a question if he would need dilating for the rest of his life and being profusely apologetic about asking "such an invasive question". These people don't just wake up one day and decide to believe into the gender bullshit, it's a long grooming progress conducted by a cult that snuffs out all critical voices and refuses to discuss any negative consequences the mutilating surgeries or popping synthetic hormones would have.

I know we here are all familiar with rot pockets oozing fecal matter but a lot of them just don't know what the surgery entails and even money-hungry medical professionals are assuring them that it's just like the real thing. When you're mentally ill and being taken advantage of like that, being told that if you just get dick inversion or remove your breasts all your inexplicable sadness and feeling of emptiness will disappear, there's a good chance you start believing it at some point. We're all vulnerable to manipulation, especially at young age when we simply don't know any better and there's nobody telling us otherwise.

No. 1310576

>women being brainwashed into cutting off their dick

wtf are you even saying retard? also you would be surprised how many of these men arent misogynistic but simply transphobiv, because its mental illness.

kys retarded foid(male)

No. 1310581

My friends always watched his videos to mock him. We have never done that with a woman so we knew.

No. 1310585

Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it? Here let me help you understand that sentence:
>misogynistic men (who think they’re better than women) being brainwashed into cutting off their dick

No. 1310591

> kys retarded foid

You aren’t supposed to be here, leave incel.

No. 1310595

Even before this internet trans activism took off, I always heard sexual reassignment surgery being dropped casually like it was not any more dangerous than other plastic surgeries. So I guess a lot of people go from thinking "oh it's a safe procedure" to "lol designer coochie", partly because not that many people actually go throught it and partially because malicious misinformation and omission. I only found out how dangerous and how bad the results were once I started visiting less "savoury" websites, kiwifarm's for example has a positively tragic thread full of SRS pics

No. 1310600

>after one year it heals

saying for a second that this is true.
imagine living in constant pain for a year. i’m sure that’s great for your mental health when the wound is already self inflicted.

No. 1310609

>in discord vc
>chatting and joking around with others in the chat
>enters a TiM, says he's a lesbian
>joking about being female on discord privilege (like free nitros from simps kek), he gets so butthurt because he doesnt experience any of it
>i joke about how hot I am, he says in a creepy voice "ooooh can I seeeeee" and weird shit in that regard

He also talked in that very high pitched voice that I think was him trying to imitate a women's voice but I just thought he was a gay guy at first kek

No. 1310614

>I always heard sexual reassignment surgery being dropped casually like it was not any more dangerous than other plastic surgeries
Same here. People my parents’ age who are barely even aware of modern trans ideology sometimes talk about being surgically made into the other sex as if it’s, well, a real thing. My MIL actually thinks it’s possible for a man to get a sex change and then get pregnant. She never thought about where the uterus and associated structures would come from, just assumed surgeons can conjure it up out of nowhere. A lot of people overestimate what modern medicine is capable of even without misinformation campaigns telling us that an inverted penis is exactly the same thing as a vagina.

No. 1310642

It seems as though that generation of UK comedians is big on making fun of Gervais and his views on transpeople. James Acaster also has a routine ~2min30 into this video but it's a little cringe.

No. 1310651

Oh no, James, why? You were so funny for a long time and now you've ruined it

No. 1310656

Kek I thought comedians were supposed to be original to keep up in a competitive market. British people used to be funny, at one point.

No. 1310663

The most depressing loss for UK comedy was Frankie Boyle. His comedy was extremely dark, now hes a virtue signalling handmaiden hypocrite. Jimmy Carr seems to have phased out and gone into hiding by exclusively working on shows that nobody watches in order to hide his dark comedy past

No. 1310667

Joe Lycett also tweeted recently in support of transpeople because of an article the Guardian(?) recently put out that I think ties to some show on the BBC.

I have mainly only seen him on Mock the Week and he was enjoyable. I'm a Burgerfag so most of my consumption is whatever I find on YT. And yeah, Jimmy does seem to just be doing shows. I loved his stuff when I was in college… and also find him as one of my weirder crushes (but that's very OT for this thread lol)

No. 1310685

I know it's wrong but in general I think most male comedians are coomers. 90% of men don't start putting on capes unless they are directly sexually and mentally involved in these kinds of topics.
Yet they'll all shit on women because nobody cares about making jokes about us, only the "Women" who happen to be born male.

No. 1310692

one of lycett’s specials had a whole routine about troons so I’m not surprised.

No. 1310695

The people who own the beauty industry are also male, kek. I will never understand why some women think makeup is “empowering” when it fucks up your self-esteem and the it’s women throwing their money at billionaire males.

No. 1310702

Craziest comment:
>Think we take for granted not having to go through so much surgery.
Yeah anons, maybe we should check our non-surgery, natural pussy privilege.
These handmaidens are so retarded, they act as if troons make up like half of the population when in reality they're irrelevant (or at least should be…)

No. 1310704

He’s Dutch, a lot of people just thought he was an absurdly tall Dutch woman.

No. 1310720

Literally the worst insult to Dutch women ever. Or tall women in general. If more people had known that he looked like a hulking beast IRL instead of just seeing him put ugly drag makeup on his doughy fat face I bet the tranny rumours would have been more widespread.

No. 1310722

To be fair Dutch are tall and quite masculine looking

No. 1310724

The Netherlands is always try to look so woke it’s embarrassing.

No. 1310725

None of the Dutch women I know have bodies that look like Nikkie’s.

No. 1310731

I never said that lol, I don’t think any woman has a body like that haha

No. 1310735

>If more people had known that he looked like a hulking beast IRL instead of just seeing him put ugly drag makeup on his doughy fat face I bet the tranny rumours would have been more widespread.
I'm not surprised he managed to trick so many people, since he was filming himself and chose the best angles possible. If you only see his face and shoulders without the rest of his body and don't pay attention to his weirdly deep voice you'd just think he's an obese woman with skin problems and he definitely knew that.

No. 1310738

>same sex marriage is illegal in japan
>bestiality is completely legal in japan
>you can legally change your gender to “non-binary” and trans rights in japan is becoming huge
>possession of hardcore CP only banned in 2014, creating softcore CP featuring real 6 year olds still legal
>has a larger porn industry than the us and is the world leader in extreme porn
>women still expected to be housewives and walk pigeon toed behind their male partners
>women can’t even become respected sushi chefs because they get periods and their hands are thought to be warmer than men’s
>girls do better on standardised testing than boys so they have “affirmative action” policies for boys where they don’t have to score as high as girls

No. 1310748

What the fuck? I knew Japan was shitty, but this insane. Maybe the USA should've nuked them more.

No. 1310754

As if the USA is any better

No. 1310757

USA is bad, and I'm not denying child abuse happens there, but they're not quite on the level of "softcore porn featuring 6 year olds is legal" bad.

No. 1310758

Since a lot of Japanese women immigrate to the US to gain more social freedom and further their careers then it probably is.

No. 1310760

I joined radfem twt and why is it filled with trans men, retards who think troons can join radrem spaces and nicefems? I cant blame female socialization. This is so fucking pathetic.

No. 1310763

Anybody who calls themselves a radfem because they want to join a community they found on the internet instead of actually reading theory and participating in radical feminist organizations is probably not one.

No. 1310765

Anon, if you’re on lolcow then you’re probably not a radfem either.

No. 1310766

God, why is Japan such shit? I will never understand weebs who suck off glorious nippon with an autistic fevor.
>>possession of hardcore CP only banned in 2014, creating softcore CP featuring real 6 year olds still legal
How in God's name did they get away with that, much less rationalize it as a good thing?

No. 1310768

>I will never understand weebs who suck off glorious nippon with an autistic fevor.

Don't you realize that the degeneracy in Japanese pop culture, being a developed non-white country that is "exotic" but not too much, and Japan's imperialist past of allying with Nazi Germany is exactly why?

No. 1310770

>radfem twt
Kek, if you were serious about radical feminism then you would join your closest in real life radfem collective instead of being on this website. I never label myself a "radfem" because I am not an activist nor do I have any presence in an actual radfem collective. If you're going to call yourself one but not do any activism then you're also diluting the meaning of radical feminism.

No. 1310772

Trans men are women, nonnie. Bad bait.

No. 1310786

It's because Japan is the Asian country that has the closest relationship to the West and the world lives under a Western hegemony. Japan is always glorified and has its serious faults excused. Lmao, no wonder Korean radfems consider Japanese pop culture to be cancer.

Yes, softcore CP is still legal in Japan, they usually get junior idols (girls under the age of 15) to pose in skimpy bikinis and cat ears. They sell videos of them half naked (a lot of closeups on their crotch) or their photos get put on merchandise (like trading cards) that is usually collected by men who are more than 4 times their age. Japan only banned possession of hardcore CP in 2014 after a bunch of Western countries pressured it into doing so. Of course, "simulated CP" like lolishota animation and comics are still allowed.

There's also the practise of making really nasty sex toys. If you love a particular Japanese porn star then you can buy a "cloned onahole" which are masturbation aids for men produced based on a particular woman’s vagina and vulva (designed with molds or 3D models taken directly from the women’s body). This allows the consumer to pretend he is having sex with the porn star. The most fucked up thing about this is that they also make cloned onaholes based on the vaginas of young girls. You can pick a "13 year old girl onahole" or a "5 year old girl onahole".

The Japanese sex industry also invented anatomically-correct child sex dolls (sometimes based on real children) and they are spreading across the world. The sexualisation of young girls and youth in general is extreme in Japan.

No. 1310790

based anon

No. 1310796

Samefagging but here's the image cover for a "softcore chidol DVD" from Yahoo! Auctions in Japan. It's not explicitly sexual but it's weird and gross: https://i1.wp.com/auctions.c.yimg.jp/images.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/image/dr000/auc0402/users/0/9/1/1/gekokujyou5648-img633x806-15189721973unytj13021.jpg

There used to be an English-language forum that would share chidol images. I believe it was called "Lolita Empire" but it was shut down because it was hosted on a Western country's server and viewed as distribution of CP. If it was happening in Japan it would be viewed as perfectly fine though.

No. 1310800

Holy shit this is fucking disgusting

No. 1310804

is trans rights actually becoming big in japan? i feel like japan is just a bunch of overworked normies

No. 1310805

I can definitely feel a difference in Japan's acceptance of trannies compared to the early 2000s. I am not surprised though, Japanese people really look up to the West (especially the US) and since there are strict gender roles in Japan then transgenderism is actually easier for a lot of normie Japanese to accept than homosexuality.

No. 1310806

Sage your shit, and yes. Reminder that Utada Hikaru begun to identify as "non-binary" this year and her entire Wikipedia page had the she/her pronouns completely wiped from it lol.

No. 1310810

Loads of younger Japanese people believe in gender identities now but thankfully there has also been a growing radical feminist movement in Japan. Ironically, it is inspired by South Korean radical feminism which views Japanese influences on Korean society as cancer.

No. 1310817

File: 1630198652567.png (297.05 KB, 642x692, lmao.png)

Online "radical feminism" in the West is mostly dysfunctional group therapy. Find local collectives that tackle real issues and avoid the chronically online ones.
Sage for ot.

Anyways, here's a dude in a midlife crisis.

No. 1310818

>calling yourself a "radical feminist" while browsing lolcow
This is just as pathetic.

No. 1310821

Based ya-gnomesayin.

No. 1310823

Come on anon, Utada Hikaru grew up in the US and is clearly not an average Japanese person. Trans rights are absolutely not a big thing in Japan and Gender X shit is just as much of a meme as nonbinary in the west. I have no idea why people try to pass Japan as some tranny pandering hellhole while SK and China are "based", both of those countries are just as misogynistic and homophobic, China being the worst offender of them all.

No. 1310830

China actually still scores better than either Japan or South Korea on gender quality and it used to be even better when it was full-on commie (it discouraged makeup and had full paid maternity leave which most Western countries didn't have). It's only become worse over the part few decades because of Deng's capitalist reforms.

No. 1310833

File: 1630199410509.jpeg (525.43 KB, 1200x1979, 17290.jpeg)

>China actually still scores better than either Japan or South Korea on gender quality
No it doesn't kek, get out of here China shill

No. 1310844

Ntayrt but legal rights does not mean higher gender equality. Thinking the legal equates to the social is libfem logic.

No. 1310847


No. 1310850

I'm talking about the 'Global Gender Gap Index', retard. And don't use bullshit like the GII which claims South Korea to be more "gender equal" than Australia.

No. 1310854

Anon, you do know that according to this criteria, Peru is considered to be more progressive about women's rights than the USA..
As a Peruvian, this is completely laughable.(derailing)

No. 1310857

Also during Deng's reforms gender equality was being improved, but took a rapid plunge in 2013 when the current chairman Xi Jinping the Pooh came into power. https://www.cogitatiopress.com/socialinclusion/article/view/2810

He's an insecure incel obsessed with sexist confucian beliefs who's been even criticized by party officials for his excessive misogyny and who declared feminism a political movement that has to be cracked down and erased. Remember that he is practically a dictator who can make things happen the moment he wants them to, not some random boomer politician spouting shit

China is a fascist authoritarian state and claiming it's some feminist wonderland surpassing South Korea and Japan (who are misogynist in their own right but nowhere near as bad as China) is ridiculous, almost all countries besides Taiwan in Asia are ripe with sexism but at least be truthful about this shit

okay well even on GII scale Japan is ranked 17th while China is 39th so I guess if that works out better for you then fine by me kek(derailing)

No. 1310864

>besides Taiwan
Yet it scored worse than South Korea in the GII? Not the anon you are responding to but the GII is completely nuts. Though I have zero doubts Taiwan is very sexist too.

No. 1310865

So why is GII a worse barometer? Measuring gender equality is extremely hard due to cultural reasons and big regional differences inside the country's borders so you're only left with such factors as adequate access to female-specific healthcare or ability to make and sustain your own income. iirc GGGP gives them a score based on how equally resources are distributed (such as political power and economic participation) so I don't see how that's more accurate than "bullshit" GII. Japan's score was 0.656, South Korea 0.682 and China's 0.682 so that's not much of a difference between those three. The highest was Iceland with 0.892, lowest Afghanistan at 0.444 to give you an idea of the scale, and by the way even on that list countries like Namibia, Rwanda and Nicaragua rank in the top 12 amongst countries like Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

No. 1310883

File: 1630202341839.png (85.91 KB, 712x653, 234324.PNG)

It's interesting how some trannies think AGP is real while others vehemently deny it exists. It seems like most trannies believe they have intersex brains. Anons, what is your take on the causes of transgenderism. Do you believe it is something that is biological or the result of socialization? I used to believe in the transmed arguments that gender dysphoria was the result of brain intersexuality but the more I looked into it, the more it didn't make sense to me. Why is it only your brain that is intersex? It still doesn't change all the other genes in your body. So every cell in your body is male, except for the cells in your brain? You have a female brain trapped in a male body?

My god, quit your off-topic sperging.

No. 1310886

File: 1630202534834.png (38.92 KB, 677x247, 76575.PNG)

I hate it when they try to suggest that women also suffer from autogynephilia like these men in wigs do.

No. 1310897

File: 1630203043325.png (262.18 KB, 532x592, ctf7rjd6cuj71.png)

No. 1310899

I’ve always viewed gender dysphoria as something with no biological basis. Even the stuff like “brain scans” TRAs post don’t prove that you are actually the opposite sex. If brain scans are so effective then why don’t we scan the brains of all people who claim to be trans then?

No. 1310901

File: 1630203309646.jpg (60.14 KB, 640x853, zcg6apcsswj71.jpg)

They really think women are jealous of them?

No. 1310903

I would be jealous of the political power they hold, not their fucked up faces though

No. 1310911

it's funny how freaked out ellen looks in this photo

No. 1310919

Please, Shaq will mog his ass any day.

No. 1310920

It's a socialization problem. Hedonism and envy for some, trauma for others.
The whole body is "sexed", is not just the brain. The lady brain argument has been rehashed so many times by old school misogynists and woke misogynists that I feel like we're slowly regressing to the 1800s.
The intersex argument is another can of worms tho, TRAs have been trying to take over intersex activism since the 90s. It's just a genetic anomaly, those individuals are still male or female (albeit with a fucked karyotype).

Why can't troons never do their eyebrows? It makes their cavemen browridge even more obvious.

No. 1310922

File: 1630207130697.png (430.55 KB, 576x568, a.png)

>ever do their eyebrows
Only gay and non-autistic ones that bother with it.

No. 1310926

>If brain scans are so effective then why don’t we scan the brains of all people who claim to be trans then?
This sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder if the transmeds have ever considered it themselves.

No. 1310936

anon i just wanted to join a radfem space because i live in a shithole and i care about fgm, male violence and femicide. i browse lolcow because cows are entertaining. Saged anyway

No. 1310937

Mike Stoklasa doppelgänger.

No. 1310942

bottom left is transitioning into ben shapiro

No. 1310945

Am i the only one who noticed troons who only date men put more effort into looking feminine? Is it because they know they have to make more efforts for men because women have been socializes to accept uglies? As opposed to transbians who look balding and fucking disgusting?

No. 1310948

They're gay men, and transbians are straight men. You do the math.

No. 1310952

That's a pretty common difference between HSTS and AGP.

No. 1310960

sage for OT, another awful thing about Japan that's not discussed enough is the amount of crime, a lot of "suicides" in Japan and even "Korea" are actually murders, some by the Yakuza, some by random scortes that get classified as suicides so they can maintain the illusion of an extremely low crime rate, this goes back even to the 80's where your store could be exploited to gangs and the Japanese police would do jack shit

No. 1310961

>Though I have zero doubts Taiwan is very sexist too.
It is. Taiwanese men are notorious cheaters who expect women to do all the housework and Taiwanese society is obsessed with encouraging women to be sexycute, childlike, and speaking in what they call a "dolly voice" because of the pervasive Japanese influence on the culture. There's other issues like human trafficking women to be sex slaves. If anywhere in East Asia is going to be embracing transgenderism like a retard then it's going to be Taiwan because it wants to be like their former colonizer, the Dutch lmao. I feel like the least sexist place in Asia is Singapore but it has issues too and nowhere in the world is free of sexism, not even some country like Iceland.

Well, troons who exclusively date men are gay while the troons who exclusively date women are straight, and gay men generally put more effort into their appearance than straight men. Men always screech about women having unrealistic expectations but men actually care about the appearance of their partners far more than women do. Gay men desire hot men and want to look attractive to other men. On the other hand, I have seen so many beautiful women date men who look like moldy feet. Straight men know they don't have to look good and a woman might still fall for him because of his money or personality. Women are socialized to always look for the good in men or have low expectations of them.

No. 1310962

finally, i wish more men would leave lesbians alone

No. 1310964

based psychiatrist

No. 1310971

yup, it's definitely taking foothold there. check out vidrel

No. 1310973

I’m not surprised at all. Japan can be one of the wealthiest countries in the world but they still think “woman” is a feeling. Feminist activism in Japan has long been a joke too because Japanese women are intensively socialized to be handmaidens to the nth degree.

No. 1310975

When she mentioned Judith Butler I got mad lol.

Wealth doesn’t have much to do with gender equality, sometimes it makes the sexism worse because capitalism. The cultures closest to “egalitarianism” between the sexes are some South African hunter-gatherer tribes.

No. 1310989

sage for OT but Same shit happens in South Asia but its even worse, I posted this in the previous thread but it needs repeating, feminism isn't a thing here, 95% of people have never even heard of the term, the only "feminists" in my country come from the minority bourgeoisie class and they can't truly commit to feminism, they can't ever truly perform any meaningful feminist activism, we can't criticize religion outright(considered a form of blasphemy and the punishment is a literal death penalty) can't criticize any religious figures(cause again blasphemy and death penalty) and can't organize any protests or gatherings cause some local Islamists will throw stones at us and beat us with sticks(worst part is that its usually Islamist women who are ordered to beat feminists up)
so the feminists in Pakistan and India live in an online and social bubble, where they are completely removed from Pakistani society and horrors, they talk about western woke talking points, queer theory, Judith Butler and even aspects of Critical race theory but try to apply towards Pakistani and Indian societies(it just never works well)
eventually you end up with shit like this

No. 1310997

Interesting how they were all TiMs yet people always claim “trans men have privilege over trans women”.

No. 1310998

File: 1630220810631.jpg (58.66 KB, 640x553, caste.jpg)

that's the thing, most "third genders" people are just gay men, they were pushed out of society cause of the hierarchical nature of Indian society, in Indian society if your a street sweeper and you will always be a street sweeper and your children will be street sweepers, cause that's the way gods intended it be
If you try to challenge that system then you can be punished and get designated an even lower caste

No. 1311006

File: 1630222696526.png (80.5 KB, 1175x419, mtf.png)

>troon feels down, cries about not being born a woman
>women feel empathy and try to explain him that being born female isn't just sparkles and ponies
>explain the pain, embarassment and missed opportunities involved with having a period
>explain how girls get sexually harassed for growing breasts since childhood
>troon doesn't listen to a thing they say and hears "LA LA LA I have this a you don't"
>says being sexually traumatized for being born female is some first world privilege in his comparison
The transcels are at it again…

No. 1311010

He can rant at them, but they can't rant at him without immediately being dismissed. Male socialization knows no transition kek.

No. 1311027


From the comments:

"She sounds like ftm in denial"

"They sound trans"

"Sounds like you´re talking to an egg"

"I mean is she…not a she? Sounds eggy to me but okay"

I hate them.

No. 1311031

Something tells me this guy doesn't know what a cervix is. Maybe if sex education wasn't such trash in the United States, trannies wouldn't be as common.

No. 1311032

File: 1630229893260.jpeg (98.75 KB, 750x1006, E9wBFf1WQAExETJ.jpeg)

It's because they constantly brag about getting a "designer vagina" and that a vagina just a hole and an inside out dick (something doctors actually thought was true until like 50 years ago). It's hilarious and gratifying to watch them talk about how much they are suffering because they wanted to perpetuate an extremely misogynist Aristotelian view of women's anatomy. And it's usually this surgery that makes them realize that they will never be women. I have read Neovagina regret posts on Reddit (the ones who don't get removed). One even said he was going to Europe to get Euthanised because he couldn't live with the pain. I always say this: the biggest TERFs are the surgeons who perform these surgeries. They castrate (which makes their AGP go away) and botch them so they live with pain for the rest of their lives.

No. 1311036

Feeling inconvenienced by periods and breasts doesn't mean women want to be men, holy shit. Bras are itchy and tampons are overpriced, but I'd pick them over male pattern baldness and gross body/facial hair any day.

No. 1311040

File: 1630230679703.png (779.11 KB, 627x1000, 1630110765110.png)

Reminder that this is what they thought vaginas looked like in 1600's, literally an inside out dick, because they refused to do proper autopsies on women. It wasnt until 2005 that scientists did a complete MRI of the clitoris


This is shamefully stolen from KF but it's important that women know that the medical industry DONT GIVE A FUCK about women. That's why they refuse to warn TIFs about how dangerous testosterone is on the female body, and that they have significantly higher risk of suffering terrible side effects and develop medical conditions/dying from testosterone than MTF's ever will on estrogen.

No. 1311043

That "rendition" is revolting

No. 1311046

Autistic moids don't understand social interactions like "trying to make someone feel better". It really is embarassing that they think they are women when it is so glaringly obvious that they can not perform any social interactions that come absolutely natural to women because women are kind and empathetic by nature. If they had "girlbrains" they would not be completely lost anytime a woman interacts with them. It's the same thing with them not realizing that the compliments they get from women are out of pity.

No. 1311051

nta but the only thing even remotely biological I recall was that there were some soft indications that hormones during pregnancy might influence the child’s tendency to later develop mental disorders like dysmorphia/ autism/etc if I recall it correctly.
The “brain scans” are just proving the opposite, i.e. that there are no gendered brains. TRAs are basically cherrypicking and freely interpreting bits from stuff like the mentioned above to make it fit their narrative and present it as ‘fact’. Most of them cite all those studies and get all “the science is on our side blah blah” about it without even reading them thoroughly, which is sad and absolutely unscientific. That a shitload of those studies actually contradicts with their esoteric takes is kind of hilarious if not for the dumb reality that most people don’t bother to read them.

No. 1311054

This is why I can't be friends with them, I know they'll try to groom well meaning people
men and women

No. 1311056

I don't think women are capable of being AGP. My understanding of AGP is when men get aroused by fantasizing about being women and that the sexual part is a submission thing because a moid understanding of femininity is being "submissive and breedable". Basically, an AGP thinks being a woman in a sexual context is the same as being a 24/7 sub.

To me, or at least to my understanding, women can't be AGP in the same way women wouldn't be interested in creepy sissy fetish shit. We don't see femininity as something that should be humiliating like an AGP sees it, we don't equate womanhood with sex.

Am I missing something important to that argument troons make? Imo they're taking the experience of finding a shirt I think makes me look really nice and making it about finding a shirt that turns me on because I feel nice in it

No. 1311062

TL;DR- Men are fetishising women's existances.

And women are so totes autogynaphiles cuz we like to spread our legs in front of a mirror and admire our glorious vaginas, lol! I bet that's what AGP think we do.

No. 1311067

File: 1630236736981.jpeg (114.09 KB, 872x960, 76BABC81-DAAB-420F-B885-FC6699…)

this just in: the future is exclusively for retards

No. 1311070

Kek of course Japan would be the type of non-Western country where trans rights would gain traction. It’s women’s rights are a joke, it has strict gender roles, and there is porn everywhere (every Japanese man I have met has a severe case of pornsickness).

No. 1311071

>sex workers getting coin
Why are liberals so obsessed with sex work? There are many different careers that need reform and deserve respect…but they all focus on prostitution. A disgusting, misogynistic job that only exists because of patriarchy. I don’t want prostitution to be more normalized or widely accepted in society. I want johns to die and for prostitutes to find safe employment elsewhere.

No. 1311073

File: 1630237588569.jpg (89.57 KB, 750x938, 21.jpg)

He's been on Hormones since he was a child, has had numerous surgeries and is used as an example of how "feminine" Transwomen can be and yet he still looks like a donkey in make up
why do even bother if this is the best they can do

No. 1311074

They're a parody of women and its gross. I tried googling "autogynephilia in women" and they seem to all say it's possible, BUT, I would like to point out that said articles frame it with trans positivity, so I don't really trust the results to be honest. One said 57% of women reported autogynephilia but I'm far more likely to believe that these women were asked "do you ever feel sexy as a woman?" and then twisted their answer to make the result "women feel sexy because they're women"

No. 1311075

If you shave his hair he loses all his femininity (not that there is any to begin with)

No. 1311076

Is there a neck-reduction surgery yet? Shoulder-reduction? Hand-reduction? Height-reduction? Sadly until these things get revented, trannies have 0% of passing beyond the age of 22.

No. 1311078

None of these people will have kids, so no. These trends will die out with them and the normal people will continue to reproduce and laugh at them.

No. 1311079

File: 1630238054973.jpg (581.25 KB, 1536x2048, p165548_p_v10_aa.jpg)

No. 1311085

Can anyone fill me in on what surgeries he's had because this is a dude with long hair, like he's a member of an 80's rock band.

No. 1311087

File: 1630239731515.jpeg (22.45 KB, 764x401, images - 2021-08-29T141931.802…)

I was watching some clips of euphoria and everytime he comes up I can only hyper fixate on his Male-ness. The only time where he looks androgynous and could barely pass for female is in low lighting and very heavy makeup.

No. 1311096

This tweet is copypasta material. Humanity goes on by men and women having kids, even if you rebrand all heteros into queer.

It's funny they think they will be the future on a timeline where even in the current day are becoming virtual avatars and pretty primitive sex robots are becoming their biggest competitors.

No. 1311098

sage for off-topic but aren't castes officially illegal now in India? I've read that somewhere but I know that in practice castes still exist. I know that in Japan castes aren't a thing anymore since a few centuries ago but old rich families still investigate if one of their kids wants to get married to make sure they're not going to marry a burakumin, the lowest caste but beyond that castes are completely irrelevant.

No. 1311099

File: 1630241693819.jpeg (113.01 KB, 716x716, 85AABA96-8DD2-4C13-AF22-ECD616…)


No. 1311101

File: 1630242011568.jpg (639.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210829-085947_Red…)

Is this… Is this true? Or is OP just a fucking liar

No. 1311103

even the natives rising against colonizers (which most people can get behind) has a bad track record in recent decades. These people are delusional utopian thinkers.

No. 1311104

He looks like some random skaterboy

No. 1311105

File: 1630242326327.png (58.22 KB, 1328x232, Screenshot 2021-08-29 at 15.05…)

apparently it's possible

No. 1311108

It is possible for a male to lactate but this moid being so overjoyed about it is just a disgusting AGP with a lactation fetish.

No. 1311112

Yes, I've seen a documentary where a dude induced milk production to feel closer to his wife after childbirth. But if he just started lactating during his teen years, he might be just fucked healthwise, and it's not a thing to celebrate.

No. 1311113

It's not uncommon for anyone to lactate on antidepressants for example.

No. 1311114

ot rant, this almost sounds like a parody. Why fight against sexism if you can just use mental acrobatics to pretend that sexism is totes alright? Also what have the other topics to do with this issue I swear some people love to cram as much social media flavor of the month themes into one sentence as possible. It probably gives them some euphoria to cope with the fact that most of them are terminally online keyboard warriors, I wonder how many of these screechers actually care for disabled people other than trying to socially profit off them in their social media bubble.

No. 1311119

File: 1630244090742.jpeg (73.29 KB, 828x495, 09C3AA5A-822A-4CDB-9254-A41F8E…)

It’s equal parts hilarious and frightening how little these people actually understand a woman’s anatomy. “Just grow a bush to hide your rot pocket” yeah okay, jan.

No. 1311120

File: 1630244137916.jpeg (152.21 KB, 828x961, E0B11D91-2695-4A4D-B039-692E14…)

No. 1311122

I legit feel like troons/femboys and even some regular gay men think that one day "Cis women" will go outta style and everyone will be gender special, but the "transwomen" will be the ones who are most desired because straight men/lesbians stop having the "wrong think" and tried girl dick/neo-hole & know that that's the true way.
No one will be "straight" except men into transwomen, all women will be special gendered, all men will remain men and all lesbians will remain lesbian, but they'll just prefer the new brand of woman.
Plus, these people naturally think every POC is a TRA, so nothing will change for us. Because apparently the majority of us think men can be women, except the ones brain washed by WS, but they'll be fixxed as well!

No. 1311124

>my vulva looks better than most women's
Press X to doubt, and also a phrase no woman says lol

No. 1311126

File: 1630244589411.jpeg (64.11 KB, 720x666, C4DAC8B5-BA6C-4201-8F9E-29670D…)

>it healed so fast it looks like a "croissant"

No. 1311127

>it looks better than most women's
copium overdose

No. 1311129

I am so confused. Why would you need to induce lactation? It's not like women lactate all the time, so you dont need to produce "milk" all the time to "pass better". What is the point???
The only possible explanation is that it is a fetish.

No. 1311130

No. 1311132

Right? What does it even mean that it "looks better than ciswomen"? In what way? Such a cope.

No. 1311142

File: 1630246035825.jpg (490.87 KB, 1080x1680, SmartSelect_20210829-083630_Fa…)

On today's episode of Facebook is cancer :

No. 1311143

It’s funny to see how non-tranny males don’t worship the ground that Timmies walk on but so many women do

No. 1311153

File: 1630247061778.jpeg (88.17 KB, 641x641, B4DD21CD-1F15-46B6-9F2A-0B9B0C…)

China had a famous talk show host/dancer named Jin Xing (picrel). He’s a self hating gay man who had many connections through the military so he was the first person to get gender reassignment surgery in the country. He’s incredibly trad and misogynistic though, he once had a show where parents would matchmake children because family knows best.

This all annoys the shit out of me because while I think Chinese society is misogynistic, many young Chinese women believe in having personal independence. It’s why a lot of them just straight up are refusing to get married to the overprotected mammas boys that are the majority of Chinese men. I’m guessing that’s slowly going to go away and I hate it.

No. 1311156

File: 1630247458262.jpeg (542.6 KB, 750x1108, 56623A75-E3D1-432F-A9CB-5D3309…)

Also Sixth Tone—a state funded more progressive English language outlet think AJ+—recently published this article about the “”plight””” of Chinese nonbinary people lmao. The language doesn’t even have gendered pronouns when it’s spoken AND being a bit more gender non-conforming isn’t unusual lmfao so they have to resort to ugly outfits like picrel.

Shits really bad for gay Chinese people though and the only person I know who’s doing the NB stuff is a gay man. But then the lesbians I know unfortunately quietly end up marrying men, whether it’s gay men they’re friends with or conversion therapy-img themselves.

No. 1311157

My favorite thing is to watch troons melt when men tell them to BTFO. They have respect for other men more (for example, people understand "straight men" not wanting penis, so if they deny a troon with a dick, it's not "transphobic", but with lesbians? They gotta take whatever and NEVER talk about not liking dick) because other men are equal to them and can beat their ass.
They can't intimadate or guilt men into believing they are women, not even the men they fuck/have relations with. With women? They can and have a mixture of female/male TRA's who will work with them to make sure that TERFS aka women, get with the program or expereince their male rage. HSTS are especially Pick He's. They'll deal with all kinds of shit from DL Chaser scrotes, being treated like a dirty secret, but have all this anger and hate towards any woman who doesn't think they are a woman or don't want to date men behind them.

No. 1311159

File: 1630247833788.jpeg (570.27 KB, 750x1066, 3CE6A840-959D-4C5A-BBB2-DC6109…)

Also here’s an article from an absolute retarded fakeboi who went to China and can’t tell the difference between a woman with short hair and a man so she thinks it’s somehow proof that Chinese culture is trans or something. Like neither of the people in the picture are gay?


No. 1311162

I know they are not, but first two comments legit read like sarcasm

No. 1311164

illegal on paper yes, in practice its enshrined in society even the Muslims take part in caste based discrimination
Caste is 100% still a thing in South Asia and won't die off a long while now

No. 1311165

wait the second comment isn't meant to be sarcastic

No. 1311169

not to mention I've not seen a troon threaten to smack the transphobia out of joe rogan's mouth.

No. 1311177

File: 1630251707648.png (2.19 MB, 2545x1088, troon youtubers.png)

this whole video kek.
you know it's bad when the most normal looking one is Jessie Gender. The bar is non existent for troons.

No. 1311180

File: 1630252201549.png (2.66 MB, 1723x1482, mental illness.png)

forgot about the host

No. 1311198

File: 1630253673902.jpg (194.95 KB, 1200x900, before and after.jpg)

i thought this was a joke but nah, this troon legit got his chin done and this is the before and his "reveal" of his new face.

No. 1311202

Just painfully ugly.

No. 1311207

Maybe China shouldn't have thrown away all their baby girls in the actual garbage. Now all the celebrated sons are incels and women have their choice of the richest and most handsome men. Even then they're refusing to marry. It's hilarious. Maybe the neovag can help some of their entitled sons get a neowife! Scrote society reaping what they sow.

Fake ass bitches. I bet they were bullies to other girls growing up too. Or judge female celebrities for gaining 10 lbs. Or maybe they're terfs and hoping to get this result:
>>1311177 >>1311180
Combined with male privilege and absurd self confidence because of minimal effort, you get this level of hideous. They're delusional. Women are nitpicked to death. Dark mustache hair, ungroomed eyebrows, wearing a decade old style, gaining too much weight, losing too much weight, putting make up wrong, lack of skincare, smell and everything under the sun. These people are mentally regressed, dressing in mommy's clothes. I can't ever take this shit seriously. I prefer Blaire to this because at least it's a lot of effort. Makes it less of a game.

No. 1311223

File: 1630255237617.png (532.86 KB, 615x487, nathaniel.png)

what is it about MTF hair that makes it so disgusting looking? I don't think it's just hygiene. I seriously think it's a side effect from anti-androgens. There was a guy that trooned out and he had nice hair before and now he looks like a homeless drug addict. Same with

No. 1311225

File: 1630255292518.jpeg (397.38 KB, 750x1089, EAA54B9B-E92D-472E-AC4E-D6835F…)

> Now all the celebrated sons are incels and women have their choice of the richest and most handsome men. Even then they're refusing to marry.

I mean because the rich guys are all trash ass spoiled men too. There was a recent case where an e-girl had to reject this “billionaire bachelor” publicly online because he wouldn’t stop stalking her. Idk if she’s actually a lesbian or just said that so he would leave her alone, but truly I felt bad for her since he’s the son of one of the richest men in the country and clearly just thought he could have anything he wanted.


No. 1311226

File: 1630255300475.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_20210829-122544~2.p…)

Reddit summarized in picrel

>post a video to r/publicfreakout of troon being an entitled destructive retard in an uber

>all "misgendering" comments downvoted to hell
>top comments are moids complaining about how trashy women are

Bonus: troon eating chik fil a kek

No. 1311227

the fucking breastplate….

No. 1311230

All these men were doomed to go bald sooner or later, they are low quality, low testosterone soyboys. Their bodies are too busy producing cum 10 times a day to grow any hair.

No. 1311231

File: 1630256424348.png (2.73 MB, 2560x1600, rip.png)

No. 1311244

File: 1630257685202.jpg (288.73 KB, 810x1957, 20210829_095756.jpg)

another random troon in a random subreddit, but he's admitting it's crossdressing. none of the 'moms' are suggesting that the upside-down pear look could be improved, but instead just telling him he's unbelievably beautiful.

No. 1311250

>Complaining about what a curse it is to live as a woman in a misogynist world "feels like Jeffy Bazos complaining to a homeless man that he has to buy a 2nd harbour to put his 10th private cruise liner"
>"T-the cis girl must be a tranny if she hates having tits and a period that much!"
These people are just showing their Ls confessing to how little they understand women despite "feeling like one". Wish I had he male privilege to believe all women stand in front of the mirror admiring their breasts and being validated by every period they ever get.

No. 1311260

It would be funny if this dude were baiting to prove that it doesn't matter if you're "really trans" or not, and that handmaidens will tell you that you're a perfect, beautiful angel no matter what, since they cape for all moids. But, it's probably just another scrote jacking off to validation from women. A real mom would say she's disappointed or that his fetish isn't her business, though, so subreddit rendered invalid.

No. 1311262

oh wow a demotivational macro

No. 1311267

No. 1311269

Kek, retarded fakeboi has asian face blindness. It's the autism for me.

No. 1311274

To be fair, it's hard to tell people apart when all their features are smoothed out, filtered, and photoshopped. I can't tell most Western e-thots apart from their pictures, either.

No. 1311276

the black hands and white mask lmfao
yes bitch and what about it?

No. 1311286

Quality reference non

No. 1311290

He stopped taking hormones earlier this year I believe. Mf so confused he goes back and forth with calling himself a girl then saying he knows he's just trans/queer, dudes gotta tranny gf but calls himself lesbian idgi his parents failed him

No. 1311309

I noticed that too, nonna, I think it is because they always dye their hair retarded colours and dont know how to take care of it. And also why do they always go for one side shaven haircut? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1311317

>And also why do they always go for one side shaven haircut?

I think they think it makes them look like lesbians

No. 1311318


>i'm a girl

>i crossdress now

pick one

No. 1311319

Post a link next time, I was curious so I looked it up: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/pdnjds/uber_passenger_freak_out/

Love how the driver asks the guy to wear a mask and the guy starts yelling at him and accidentally spitting bits of food on the driver, so he's proving the driver's point.

No. 1311329

Its probably also to hide male pattern baldness

No. 1311333

>why do they always go for one side shaven haircut?
They wanna look like women they're attracted to.

Notice how most of those guys didn't have an alternative look before trooning out.

No. 1311350


what is that about anyway? I noticed that as well and they become SJW.

No. 1311354

The comments are also aggressively racist saying how all black women are like this and black privilege.

No. 1311362

Is this a fetish role play sub?

No. 1311363

Not originally, at least. From what I understand, it's (mostly) a place where people genuinely try to play mom for people who, otherwise, don't have loving mothers. Think disowned people. They give advice and platonic affection there. Reddit is a coomsite, but sometimes they (try to) create "wholesome" subreddits.

No. 1311365

sounds like addie is literally about to go full kikomi

No. 1311368

File: 1630273073531.jpg (69.38 KB, 386x386, word-soup.jpg)

Fascinating, so many words are being used, yet nothing has been said.

No. 1311372

File: 1630273429625.png (52.85 KB, 886x238, q.PNG)

>>"Why are black women so masculine"
>> 12 points

>>"I think it's a man/trans woman"

>> -5 downvoted

No. 1311375

his dad is a pastor iirc kek

No. 1311381

>gives a woman a pseudonym "Greg"

masculinizing women to devalue/insult them is something trannies often do. More attention should be paid to this phenomenon.

No. 1311382

Not just pornsick but slightly pedo too. I’ve never been to a country where so many men have pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1311383

Its always the sons of pastors who are complete degenerates kek

No. 1311384

Yeah, I don’t know what anon means with her “besides Taiwan” bullshit when Taiwanese men are sexist trash like any other moid. Taiwanese men even spend fewer hours on housework than men in Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland. My family is from Macau and I used to hear Taiwanese men joke about how Cantonese men are “pussy whipped” and “emasculated” because they help out their wives with housework more often.

No. 1311393

My mom waiting for me to get down from the stage after my 5th grade graduation

No. 1311400

your mom is a man?

No. 1311423

I noticed many men were aggressive about Chris Chan being recognized as a woman and demanded that he be referred to with feminine pronouns. They love being able to blame women for their problems.

No. 1311428

File: 1630278954805.png (43.99 KB, 819x391, bjhfyt.PNG)

Of course the answer is "no". I am glad these women realise that TiM can't be "gender critical radfems" but the fact that this question has to be asked at all when it would have been treated as an absolute joke by 2010 Tumblr radfems is insane.

No. 1311430

Kek Ovarit is full of just-peaked GC women who label themselves "radfems" but don't even know what "gender abolition" means.

No. 1311436

>I can be sympathetic to them

Please for the love god…stop being so nice. These women seriously need to start unlearning some of the female socialization that makes them coddle males. A man would never have any sympathy for a woman that was against him.

No. 1311446

File: 1630279904855.png (51.81 KB, 1398x518, 564634.PNG)

Some of the responses make me roll my eyes. Others like picrel are based though.

No. 1311450

The women on ovarit give me so much second-hand embarrassment. Isn't it enough that they allow men on a "website for women by women"

No. 1311455

The full interview is great. I really like how Vaishnavi Sundar brought up that not only is Japan deeply misogynistic but Japanese pop culture - that Japan deliberately pushed into the rest of the world as a part of its soft power campaign - has spread Japanese misogyny into other countries too.

>Topics covered:

>Part 1: Inequality between men and women in Japan
>Equality in law, inequality in practice
>Sexual objectification of women
>Lolita complex
>Women's sex-based rights
>The age of sexual consent
>Olympics and health workers

>Part 2: Transgenderism in Japan

>The Fall of Academic Feminism in Japan
>Gay activists as trans activists
>Erasure of biological sex and women's rights
>Self ID and other problems.

No. 1311464

I knew about transgender ideology spreading into India because of the brilliant documentary 'Dysphoric: Fleeing Womanhood Like A House on Fire'. It mostly discusses how transgenderism has affected women and girls, as well as how transgenderism from the West has infiltrated developing countries like India. The documentary consists of four parts and all of it can be found on YouTube.

I really recommend giving it a watch if you haven't. And if you can, please like the video on YouTube or give it a positive rating on social cataloging sites (IMDb, Letterboxd, etc.) because it has been subject to review bombing by TRAs.

No. 1311477

This page lists a bunch of organizations from around the world that support the WHRC's 'Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights'. Not all of them are radical feminist organizations (though most are or sympathize with it) but they all believe that women are oppressed because of their biology and they are critical of transgender ideology. You should get connected with any that are located in your country, if you don't see one for your country then you should try the international ones.