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No. 1648251

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No. 1648255

File: 1663195868568.png (22.48 KB, 1335x225, JAPAN Gender Counselors Hired …)

what the fresh hell is this

No. 1648259

christ, source?

No. 1648260

Hilarious, great thread pic

No. 1648261

No. 1648268

>Minori Tokieda, a trans-identified male who heads the advocacy group Rainbow Tokyo Kita-ku, has campaigned extensively for women’s universities to admit men. At the beginning of the year, Tokieda presented a lecture on this topic at Tsuda Women’s University.

>“An announcement by a women’s university that it will be accepting transgender students not only broadens the academic options for the target population but also sends out the heartening message that the university is their ally,” Tokieda said.

>“This will also give an opportunity for non-transgender students to learn about diversity in their close surroundings,” he added.

Absolutely bleak. And of course it's orchestrated by a troon who can't just apply to normal universities.

No. 1648277

File: 1663198018376.jpeg (171.49 KB, 756x756, 9BC1A7AD-C983-4F34-B56F-1C946B…)

It’s always women who have to sustain this brainwashing, every time. Where is the FTM equivalent of this occurring? Where are all the male students being forced to undergo this “diversity” training? Men would laugh her out of the university. So tired of this shit being a thing that disproportionately affects women, I hope to god they fight back.

He looks so pleased with himself for demanding women give him the attention men are always craving from us.

No. 1648278

You just know that the people gloating in her replies about Jess and her innocent family getting doxxed and saying how they deserve it are the same fucking people tweeting about how kiwifarms is literally murdering people and doesn't have a right to exist on the internet. Doxxing is only okay when they do it.

No. 1648280

If being Japanese and going to an American college is considered disgrace in older days, I wonder what being a man going to a womens college would be? I don’t see this taking off (I hope)

No. 1648285

Absolutely, I was thinking about that earlier. It’s double standards all the way around. I don’t understand how they can say doxxing is wrong and immoral in some cases but not others.

No. 1648288

Browsing these threads a few years ago, I convinced myself (through the power of copium) that these AGP pigs are rare and they're only hyper visible online because they themselves are chronically online. I managed to find a wild one myself through a friend of a friend, who later turned out to be a NPD abuser, no surprise there. I'll never forget one day I went to hang out with friend and said AGP, and he sat his fupa lard ass down next to me, the only cis woman in the room, and told me how great his hormone treatment was working and how he hopes he can one day breastfeed. We had only previously spoken once. I feel like some of these AGPs get off on how "gross" they are. I feel like they get off not just on the "sissification" but on the fact that they know theyre big hulking ugly monsters. I'll never forget the shudder-inducing blubbery, lardy chuckle he gave as he tried to talk about his uwu swollen breasts uwu

No. 1648293

File: 1663198983029.png (3.25 MB, 886x6137, EECDC7B8-AECC-4575-B6DC-D256FA…)

tldr: TiM finds a terf sticker at his workplace and rages to HR about it, calls a woman a terf because she doesn’t wear makeup and explodes at her before finally he is accused of harassment by her, where she is taken seriously. This post has the bonus of him comparing himself to a black person, using gendered slurs like bitch and cunt, etc. Reposting because I meant to post the archive link too. https://archive.ph/sfV1f

No. 1648295

I also think they get off on it or at least try to hold it over our heads. “I don’t have to change anything about my appearance or behavior and can do whatever I want and no one can say anything.”

No. 1648301

File: 1663199383210.jpeg (387.15 KB, 1150x662, 24FC7ECC-FDB5-4831-9BEB-4192BA…)

Why do they say this? Women don’t kill people “en masse”. That’s a thing men have done for centuries. Is this just projection? I never even cared about what these people did before they acted so entitled and demanding about everything without displaying an ounce of empathy for women who are rightfully distrusting of males. I don’t care to harm or kill them, I just want them to stop shoving us around. Have they just not been paying attention in history class or what?

No. 1648302

>terfs try to make trans women look deranged
No, they do that all on their own. The post this comment was for was one of the most aggressive, deranged things I think I’ve ever seen one post.

No. 1648306

File: 1663199829986.jpg (404.6 KB, 1066x1289, Screenshot_20220915-014326_Fir…)

bridget is officially a troon

No. 1648312

Drug induced paranoia. Possibly for tampering with their HRT or consume DIY hrt, whatever. That male is one bad trip away for a full-blow psychosis and i hope he get fired because he's obviously a danger to others.

No. 1648314

Kinda off-topic, but guys like this always use misogynistic language like bitch and cunt towards women. And they always use the excuse that these women are not worth respect because they are TERF's or transmisogynist, or whatever.
But we still have to use their pronouns while they are murdering or raping women and kids.
They are men that, legitimately, think men are just naturally entitled to respect. They don't have to earn it, because they are bypenised creatures.
Truly the most male trait in the world.

No. 1648316

surely this is bait? like he really harassed some woman because she spoke about harry potter, wears no makeup and doesn’t personally like her? if this is real they really do tell on themselves, this whole unhinged rant reeks of misogyny. they are freaks.

No. 1648318

this reads so undeniably male, it's hilarious. or it would be hilarious if it weren't for the women harassed by this self righteous prick with blatant anger issues.
>tried to make her say TWAW which a terf never would
lmao as if we'd spontaneously combust

No. 1648327

apologies for samefaggeroo, this is the same dude who did the 'Can we stop using words like women and girls when talking about AFAB people in Afghanistan' post, absolutely unhinged.
tbf the Afghanistan Post kinda sorta could've been bait but the rant re TERF just reads so authentically angry I totally believe its real

No. 1648328

TRA mfs are going to groom an entire generation of "trans kids" and tell them
>It's okay to be groomed into troonism by those closest to you, you're just like Bridget uwu
whether or not they detransition lol (but if they detransition and don't come back, they'll be seen as traitors). Calling it now

No. 1648330

Anon, please tell me that they fired him. I can't imagine that unhinged loon being an asset to any company.

No. 1648331

of course, that’s what i meant in my original post. that sissy agp should have just accepted himself and bought dragon dildos knowing the beautiful penis-wielding ogre he is!

No. 1648336

>"I was just doing a pee"
This person writes diaperfag/ABDL shit.
>fingerprint scans over a sticker
Kekkkk. This individual is insane, he ticks every box on the narcissistic tranny checklist, down to racism, lack of self-awareness and blatant sexism. Wishing him a very happy 41%, or at least that his ass gets fired the next time he tries to start shit

No. 1648341

File: 1663202172897.jpg (359.02 KB, 939x720, Picsart_22-09-14_20-36-34-696.…)

xier not wrong. i definitely would kill AMAB trans folx en masse because they are men and all men are evil by their very nature in the realm of my TERF ideology…

No. 1648348

i always see people asking if something is bait or trolling, but if you’ve lurked trans spaces for a long time, you know 99% of the stupid, misogynistic, homophobic, racist bullshit is real. this is what these men really are like. remember when mra types used to joke that gamers and incels were the most oppressed groups in the world? well, apparently they’re all troons now and they weren’t joking.

No. 1648359

File: 1663203758167.jpeg (352.37 KB, 960x1079, 3B23364A-9CB9-451D-A691-4F8057…)

daintyda1sy has something to say about cis women and their bathrooms

No. 1648364

> as soon as a man in a dress claims to be "uncomfortable" about something then obviously he is completely right and society should pander to his delusional beliefs

No. 1648365

they can have this weeb pedo shit who cares

No. 1648366

File: 1663204004132.jpeg (914.56 KB, 960x1470, E27F1605-57B0-4AF5-8E13-49CD6F…)

No. 1648368

kek that tranny should have taken his own advice with that whole bathroom sticker ordeal.

No. 1648371

How is it bigoted for women to want to remain safe when men have a track record of hurting us? For example, I’m not black but I think black people should be able to have spaces just for themselves because they have a history of being hurt by white people, the group I’m a part of (American, so speaking from my own country’s history). You know who does have a problem with black people gathering together? A lot of bigoted white men, the same ones who are pressuring women to bow to everything they say. Funny, that. They’ve never experienced oppression of any sort, so the moment someone says “no, this space is for me,” they have major meltdowns. The entitlement is absurd. They don’t have to fear women coming in to hurt them in their own bathrooms because that just plain doesn’t happen. They claim to be scared of other men, but that’s not our fucking problem and we aren’t their safe space.

No. 1648375

I’m floored. This sounds identical to the shit fundie christians teach their girls in order to be a “proper” woman.

No. 1648377

> They claim to be scared of other men, but that’s not our fucking problem and we aren’t their safe space.

A-fucking-men nona

No. 1648380

File: 1663205061080.png (31.73 KB, 635x328, girly girl uwu.PNG)

So aggressive, I hope he's a troll like that kill all terfs person. But I don't have much hope.

No. 1648383

> Starts sentence with “fuck off”

Wow yes thats sure to get people to listen to you and get on your side and not a peek at your male psyche and aggression. Uwu much girl~

No. 1648386

File: 1663205604945.jpg (5.33 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20220910_182738115.jpg)

Saw this one in the wild last weekend. It was (obviously) worse from the front but I missed my opportunity.

No. 1648388

saging for blogpost but i only think its bait because my faith in a given woman being terf is at an all time low. every single nonreligious woman i know capes for male trannies, or at least dgaf about them jizzing all over female spaces. im double doompilled because i see how many handmaidens are among the next generation of docs, allowing women to lose traction in the place that matters most (womens health). in the places where it matters most, there is nowhere safe to say what that sticker says.

No. 1648389

This is one of the things I never understand with people like this (mainly far left TRAs). I get standing up for yourself and your beliefs, but no one is going to want to listen to you if you’re aggressive with them from the start. I believe that saying “you catch more flies with honey” is true, look at how it works for evangelists, cults, salespeople, and others like that. If you actually want someone to agree with and understand you, you don’t start with pure rage. I know what anger feels like, especially when rights are taken away (since I’m actually female and have experienced my rights being eroded unlike these moids). You learn to deal with that rage and channel it in constructive ways. These TiMs who’ve never experienced it seem to think they can just shout and stomp their feet and they’ll get anything they want. That’s not how people work unless you’re trying to build a dictatorship, and well, we’ve seen how they say they want us in breeding facilities and everything so maybe that is actually the future they want.

No. 1648394

i havent checked but he gives me incel to troon pipeline vibes, which explains the intense aggression when it comes to the topic of real women

No. 1648397

wtf jannies asleep

No. 1648409

Trannies always have a mental breakdown on which way to turn on a light is more ‘feminine’ if only they knew it doesn’t matter because they will always be male

No. 1648416

Literally tho. Jannies be asleep and leave cp or racebait up for hours at a time, but god forbid you type something stupid like ":(" or ";-;"

No. 1648420

Ren faire? Yeah I saw a troon at a ren faire too. He was with a group of girls who probably did his hair and bought him the dress and he spoke in a falsetto and skipped after them, absolutely terrifying.

No. 1648425

no moids need safe spaces ffs, women need safe spaces from men regardless of their colour.

No. 1648428

Yep, Renn Faire. It was a small one, so there were a lot of them thee. Saw a lot of trans pride flags and trans-related items to buy. I live in a fairly conservative area and we had to drive about an hour to get there - I was shocked how prevalent and out in the open it was there as opposed to where I live. And there were so many children. Sick.

No. 1648436

File: 1663208875633.png (68.01 KB, 579x721, Untitled.png)

Average rational and polite TRA comments that Jess is getting, and I can only assume worse in her dms.
The ones being fine with Jess' dox are the same people who were melting down over keffals I'm sure

No. 1648441

isn’t freedom of association a fundamental human right, period? if i wanted to make a group only for left-handed bilingual brown eyed people who like the color pink, i should be able to do so in peace.

No. 1648446

File: 1663209415156.png (498.9 KB, 1434x1500, daintyda1sy.png)

I made an image with this guy's significant (read sexist/predatory) posts, I only left out the post about the terf sticker, and the post about afghan women, left the boring complaining out too. Every post of his account is about trans shit, so I'm not sure if he's for real or not, I'll leave it for nonnas to decide.

No. 1648449

this is what equality feminism did to an entire generation of women. men and women are equal as in exactly the same! men aren’t predators, they’re just victims of patriarchy!

No. 1648454

they write long ass posts navel gazing about femininity and their crippling dysphoria (which actually just agp), only to act like misogynistic pigs that hate and fetishize women just like regular shmegular men, no dysphoria whatsoever about that.

No. 1648456

this could very well be my final straw. literally degenerates this is the shit they say in public imagine what these fucking freaks are doing in private.(imageboard post screencaps)

No. 1648500

imo it doesnt actually matter whether ops like that one are "real" or not. everyone in the community responds in sympathetic agreement as though they are, and thats more telling than any unverifiable reddit story.

No. 1648502

OT but to the trannies spamming:
step 1: cope
step 2: seethe
step 3: dilate
step 4: ???
step 5: profit

No. 1648511

File: 1663215238186.jpg (412.38 KB, 1080x1483, IMG_20220915_051238.jpg)

No. 1648518

Bet it identifies as a transbian

No. 1648521

I don’t think Japan will give. They’re not exactly the kindest to this mindset and the Japanese nonas alone on twitter are telling. It is tokyo, which makes it a small possibility but, I am hoping it’ll die.

No. 1648527

File: 1663216165622.jpg (981.94 KB, 1536x2048, FcmQPNnX0AAFfwB.jpg)

of course tranny tube as an actual woman playing his wife in his play

No. 1648528

it's already happening, the report is just mentioning that it's now sending people to brainwash women at that university to accept men.

No. 1648529

Where does the confidence come from

No. 1648531

Misplaced confidence seems to come from the Y chromosome.

No. 1648532

The sad thing is, most women are denied entry into top universities in Japan because the powers-that-be think women will "waste" their professional degrees by choosing to leave their jobs and have children. Meanwhile, it is men who made it so women are forced to leave the workforce in order to raise children. If a "woman" who can't give birth comes around, then, the men in charge will rejoice! We can accept this man who thinks he is a woman, pretend like we support his lunacy so that we can up our woman numbers, and still keep the birthing people out of our schools! So basically, the troon will have an even better chance of getting into more prestigious and high-quality co-ed schools, but he still insists that he belongs at the women's university which only exist because truly top schools discriminate. It really is all about the desire to be idol-worshipped and seen as the most oppressed and the most progressive by white American standards. Ugh.

No. 1648533

with the tide turning and having a clear example with what happens when you let one stupid tranny in over here in the west hopefully they won’t take the bait or bend the knee
japan is just now starting to enter its baby feminism stage

No. 1648535

File: 1663217229019.jpg (644.11 KB, 1437x2048, FcToG7HWAAE_ArG.jpg)

man they really fucked up his jaw kek

No. 1648540

Everything about philosophytube and tbh all the other 'famous' youtube troons gives me intense secondhand embarrassment. Does anyone remember the writeup theorizing about how one of these tim's sexually assaulted some adjacent moid, or did that get lost in the shuffle? I think it was possibly this scrote himself, actually.

No. 1648542

4chan troons tinfoil that tube assaulted hontra.

No. 1648545

File: 1663218475574.jpeg (796.99 KB, 750x3360, 19AD6525-C037-4738-866A-4D9B07…)

the way tims write is so fucking gross.
>I want the full breadth of a female life. I want to feel the ups and the downs, every emotion and sensation.
you can tell he was typing with one hand and jerking off with the other.
stop masturbating to women’s most mundane experiences, that should fix your extremely MALE dysphoria/fetish. the more you engage in it, the more disgustingly male you become.

No. 1648550

File: 1663219475004.jpeg (4.31 MB, 3072x11106, 0AB3D9A3-DEEC-4175-A78F-E11038…)

seeing a particularly gross post and then looking at the op’s selfies on his profile is always a doozy.

No. 1648552

>male dealing with internalised misogyny
that's just plain old misogyny, love. slapping 'internalised' in front of bigotry doesn't make it better even if you are part of the affected group (which he isn't so)

also kek at those male hands

No. 1648561

Kf is up and he has a thread there

No. 1648566

Women don't have a checklist of bad things that happen to them freakin weirdos.

No. 1648572

one of the worst experiences i’ve had as a woman was realizing there are men out there who want to impersonate us and make a whole sexist subculture around their fetishes, completely supported by major institutions, corporations, and public personalities. it’s like the movie get out, but instead of racism, the skinwalkers are motivated by misogyny.

No. 1648574

Keep in mind that that character is his self-insert character and is being played by him.
Like, nice job admitting that you're fully aware that you hated women in the not-so-distant past, Choob.

I'm curious to know if he'll boymode for the role. It doesn't seem like the play would make sense if he didn't, but if he did, it'd be obvious even to his fans that hiring an actor for the trooning out announcement video was a completely unnecessary stunt done for the drama of it.
It's funny how much of his larp as a true and honest transwoman has slowly fallen apart over the course of this. He was never a transmed, but he still pretended to suffer dysphoria in some form, hence hiring that Rhys actor to play him. Now he's completely unafraid to say that everything he's done has basically been entirely elective. He's just one step away from admitting that he did it for the coom and the clout.

No. 1648575

i personally think (hope) it's just another terfsbeware case. but just like with terfsbeware it still says a lot how many actual trannies take him seriously and agree with him.

No. 1648576

Man manages to make one token female character and she's like that

No. 1648578

what is this from? the blur in the background looks like Ashley Johnson

No. 1648580


God that word has lost all meaning hasn't it? I hope he gets fired. He sounds like a insufferable manbaby.

No. 1648584

Saged for blogpost

The pain I feel when I enjoy quality content about a niche interest from some male (likely autist) creator so I look them up and discover that they've trooned out is unbearable

male autists simply cannot be trusted

No. 1648587

Kek what I do all of the things he says a woman will nevur evur do uwu, I guess I am a man now

No. 1648589

Is he on drugs?

No. 1648594

His twitter

No. 1648600

>the government is full of terves
sage for blogpost. But a few weeks ago french libfems had a collective spergout about trans rights on social media because Planned Parenthood made a poster with a pregnant man which supposedly angered the mean conservative white terf boogeyman, and this one woman who posts about sexism in media and other women's issues all day long, has read several books and written some and is by all means literate, made a deranged sounding story about the TERF menace and how we are undercover alt-right sexism enjoyers, and implied the men in the government were actually TERFs.

I can laugh about it when it comes from a retarded troon who got his entire identity from porn, but when it comes from someone with culture and common sense, it's so disappointing.

No. 1648602

File: 1663231782135.webm (17.26 MB, 576x1024, Part 1.webm)

We are living in hell. Part one

No. 1648603

File: 1663231823810.webm (16.38 MB, 576x1024, Part 2_1.webm)

Part two

No. 1648604

Mild power level, I follow a lot of of what are known in Bongland as 'nonce hunting' channels, basically To Catch A Predator type stuff. A month or so ago, this particular TIM who calls himself Danielle Edney was caught after having groomed a child decoy online. The video was notable after he unsuccessfully attempted to claim in it that his status as a trans person with learning disabilities granted him 'diplomatic immunity'. The video was later scrubbed by YouTube tranny Jannie's because it featured the word 'transgender' in the title and you can't upset the stinkditch brigade by implying they might be pedos, even if they definitely are.

'Danielle' then took the unprecedented step of contacting one of the channel owners and asking to do an interview to explain themselves… And somehow only managed to make themselves look worse. It's two hours long, but if you want something to play in the background and hear a tranny get caught up in their own bullshit excuses, it's quite amusing/interesting, nonnies.

No. 1648610

can you give me a quick run down of what's happening in these vids? I usually don't click on troon videos because it is embarrassing.

No. 1648613

Peter Pettigrew lookin ass

No. 1648615

>don't talk too much
>don't turn the conversation back to something you're interested in
sounds like this dude got some coaching on how to converse with people instead of just autistically monologuing about anime and gundam to anyone that has the misfortune of passing him
the narcissism, the mediocrity, the pretention, this is so embarrassing

No. 1648626

this dylan infuriates me so much. ik it’s a cliche to compare to the emperors new clothes but holy shit i don’t not understand the extreme level of caping for this man? i don’t see how anyone can see him as more than a grifting gay man, hell even trannies like keffals at least chop their dick off. the comments under this girls tiktok and twitter are repulsive, and why? because she took the piss out of him? people on tiktok mock and laugh at cis people constantly, even clearly autistic or disabled people (which i personally find much more offensive than laughing at a twink who has finessed his way into a career by larping as a teenaged girl), and hardly any backlash. but as soon as a woman mocks a gay man for parodying a woman she is evil? it’s just misogyny plain and simple. it makes me so miserable in online spaces, but at least it’s good to know that (for now) the majority of people who aren’t chronically online would still scoff at a man advertising period products he will never need.

No. 1648630

kek love the shaking hands once he realize

No. 1648632

A big part of troonism is to push the boundaries of women, they want to make you uncomfortable and for you to just accept it so they can go even further and further until they can do whatever they want to women. A man has to be deeply sexist to even consider transitioning.

No. 1648635

File: 1663238686668.jpg (125.03 KB, 658x1200, 20220915_124520.jpg)

Maybe try going outside ever so often, god these reddit troons are so chronically online it hurts

No. 1648636

File: 1663239133545.jpg (764.4 KB, 750x1294, IMG_1006.jpg)

saw this moron on my fyp- his whole tiktok page is about how much of a "lesbian" he is. he's a self-described amab enby, which of course means his comments are swarming with handmaidens asspatting him. yuck.

No. 1648637

He must be trolling, right? I refuse to believe it's real

No. 1648640

sorry anon, looking at women is forbidden unless you're at least an 8/10

No. 1648644

A real beautiful moment for me is when he whined about the hunters shining a light in his face because he has epileptic seizures triggered by bright and flashing lights, and then when the host asks why he has his Christmas lights up he doesn't pick up on the implication at all and just immediately starts talking about how nice and jolly and Christmassy they look, missing the point and dropping himself in it completely.

No. 1648645

interviewing a literal sped though. the same bonehead 'hunter' wants to interview mark feely who is essentially below the age of criminal responsibility due to having a brain the size of a walnut. the concept of people being literal retards is too hard for Norf/sahf FC chavs to comprehend.

No. 1648649

That guy is a bit annoying, yeah, sperging about having such a super high IQ that he considers most ordinary people to have learning disabilities.

You're a chubby neckbeard with a YouTube channel about pedos, mate. Be a bit more fucking humble.

No. 1648650

I totally believe that the average Instagram fapper has jerked it to CGI women so long that he has no idea what real women even look like anymore. The same way solid 4 men really think that they can get a Victoria's Secret model for free.

No. 1648655

im seriously hoping that's the case, but i dont think so, unfortunately. heres a link to the profile- you can see for yourself:

even if he isnt trolling, the fact that theres so many people defending him makes me quite frankly a little perturbed.

No. 1648656


Why do they always try to use black people this way? They have no idea how anyone else lives or how workplace discrimination rules actually work. It's like they learned about the entire concept of HR from right wing caricatures.

No. 1648662

>Why do they always try to use black people this way?
Most troons are racist. You have to see people as stereotypes to be able to think transitioning is a valid concept in any way, so it's no surprise they see black people as racist stereotypes to be used for their own gains.

No. 1648666

File: 1663242515758.png (158.7 KB, 2066x1694, redpillphase.png)

Self-proclaimed feminist TIM seeks validation for his redpill phase from transmascs. Blames radfems for the incel/alt-right pipeline:

No. 1648674

>It’s womens fault I am a women hating coomer!
Men will never take responsibility for anything.

No. 1648683


I hate how they co-opt black experiences while understanding nothing. POC are accused of seeing racism "where there's none" and encouraged to let heinous shit go all the time. All the time. Craziness. This is why places full of black women have been peaked for years.

No. 1648699

Swap this with copaganda and watch them call you a class traitor cunt. He could have called out tech corps for their predatory algorithm that creates feedback loops that are perfect for breeding fringe ideologies, but nope its "TERFSTERFSTERFSTERFSTERFS". Sage for autism.

No. 1648700

File: 1663244852712.jpeg (38.9 KB, 719x402, truth.jpeg)

Nice trips. Here's a relevant comment from ovarit that fucking nails this sort of crap. Nobody sees "not all women are like that" shit, because low self esteem women quadruple down on trying the be the "perfect" woman, by destroying themselves with even more cool girl bullshit. Men just go NAMALT at one issue, act offended, and ignore the fact that each one of them has dozens of other shitty, disrespectful behaviors. Guys like this think that they're virtuous just because nobody has made an individualized checklist of all the nasty things they have done.

No. 1648701

File: 1663244927621.png (360.57 KB, 1000x1000, seike.png)

This is too funny to not share, this semi-famous swedish jrock weeb guy Seike (rumoured to be ftm) who is known for being a dick is apparently a huge troon supporter. Makes sense, if it's a ftm. But the funny part is that he claims he dated a trans woman when he was 19 (over 10 years ago) and that he had no idea they were trans and he couldn't tell at all even after having had sex. It's virtually impossible in every way for a teen or young adult in Sweden to secretly have had srs (and so many surgeries they pass in other areas) especially so far back in time. We've seen how bad the current srs results still are, there is no way he wouldn't see a difference.

I think this guy got real life Kikomi'd and a girl lied to him about being trans and he bought it and still hasn't figured it out.

No. 1648703

File: 1663245421862.jpeg (186.71 KB, 1125x2436, 5BCC8981-9942-46B1-A73E-5F8A98…)

I’m smiling with no joy. This is truly so unhinged it’s EXACTLY like when some loser beta male gets rejected and then spergs out online/spams the girl with gross shit or just messages her over and over accusing her of being a bitch and a whore for not choosing him. It’s the same shit just wearing a different outfit. The troon trying to force the woman to call him a woman lmao she is truly based for refusing. I am planning on making stickers to put in every bathroom I possibly can. They’re gonna say “41% of trans women can admit they’re not women” or some shit ugh I’m just so full of rage

No. 1648707

File: 1663246334886.png (355.32 KB, 603x490, Screenshot 9.png)

He just shaved his beard and lost a little weight

No. 1648713


The most frustrating thing about all this is the idea the whole "SHE INVALIDATED MY IDENTITY, ISN'T THIS WHAT BLACK PEOPLE GO THROUGH?"

Like fuck no, black people are objectively people. You could nuke the the entire earth and have aliens dig up the corpses a thousand years from now and make the same observation. Humans asserting their innate humanity and demanding humane treatment is not the same as men identifying as women and demanding subservience.

No. 1648715

not the same people, left is a streamer called Destiny

No. 1648716

shit didn't realize it

No. 1648717

i dont know why twitter tims are so allergic to dressing like normal grown-ass women. if i had a drink every time i saw a tim in an Amazon schoolgirl skirt and a graphic tee in these threads, i'd have liver failure by now.

No. 1648720

But we would never actually do that because we're socialized with way more regard for human life. Most homicides are committed by men.

I don't want trannies dead, I want them to go back to being GNC men and stay the fuck out of women's business. I want men to shut the fuck up, stop being overrepresented in positions of power, and stop being disgusting coomers. If men would literally rather die than make those changes, that's their problem.

No. 1648724

Seconding this. Yeah yeah, Poe's Law or whatever, but having this post be right after the Afghanistan one, and the fact that he says "cunt" and "bitch" about a million times? Like that would be unhinged even by tranny standards.

If I had to bet, I'd say 40% real tranny, 60% gayop.

No. 1648729

His face looks desiccated like an unwrapped mummy's face. Ghoulish.

No. 1648731


No. 1648733

Transes the Second

No. 1648737

Race is literally more of a social construct than gender yet they hound on “trans racial” people for being racist/mentally I’ll yet they see no problem with being a troon

No. 1648743

The top one definitely violates TOS.

No. 1648751

Unironically a woman being an online terf and attaching her face, name and identity to her online persona is braver than any US marine. The amount of death threats she is getting is unhinged.

No. 1648752

Typical male, typical troon, bows up and attempts aggressive intimidation and only backs down when another male responds in defense. Troons do their best to steam roll over women because typically we aren't taught to respond to aggression with aggression. Men can't handle women standing up for ourselves, but near instantaneously back down when other men do it.

No. 1648764

Sorry if this is too ot, but has anyone else seen that everyone malding about the harry potter x colourpop collab. Even workers from the ulta subreddit were saying that they would go into an entire rant about jk bad if anyone bought anything from that collection. How the fuck has it gotten to be this bad that you can't even be excited for makeup anymore, jk is a fucking saint compared to what a majority of makeup companies get away with. I actually bought a couple of things from the collab because I was so tired of their malding, I can't wait to use my butterbeer lip balm.

No. 1648767

they won' do it in real life because they would be reported if they do it. Also, we all know how reddit deletes every comment against trannies and trannies etc. upvote pro-trans things like crazy

No. 1648772

I really Wonder why every TiM you meet turns out to be an insane asshole, while TiFs (exception of terminally online ones) tend to fly under the radar and are less entitled as well. It’s just really weird

No. 1648773


NTA but tim gets caught trying to lure a 13 year old girl by pedo hunters. Argues and then gets arrested by cops.

No. 1648787

File: 1663252831252.png (24.76 KB, 369x380, FcsrXu7XgAEfzdQ.png)

Yes it is very wrong, the end

No. 1648788

Just bought some eyeliners from the collection!

No. 1648791

File: 1663253190007.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1997, newfemale260.png)

is halloween early this year?

No. 1648792

Exactly, and men already demand subservience from us, so what is this changing? I don’t understand how people don’t see this for what it is: an oppressive class of people finding new and worse ways to push around the group they’ve been oppressing since humans have existed. They can bring up all the two-spirit, “this has always existed” stuff they want, but in every group they mention that has included what they want to label as “two-spirit”, which is already offensive to use if they aren’t part of a culture that actually has such a concept, the people who were ostracized were effeminate men who were deemed “less” than masculine men and therefore took on different roles. Even now it’s like that. It was still just men punishing men for their own arbitrary rules about what masculinity is and had nothing to do with them being women, because they weren’t. Patriarchy has always been at play and actual matriarchal societies are extremely rare because men have always tried to brute force their way into everything to take what they want. I hate when they try to play the role of the group being oppressed because quite frankly, the loudest TiMs are usually straight white men and have no idea what it feels like to be prevented from doing anything. This is the first time some of them have ever been told “no” and it makes their brains explode.

No. 1648793

few days before grandpa gets dementia and forgets he is trans

No. 1648801

hahaha i recommend switching jess with charlie hebdo shooting
paints it more obvious how deranged TRAs are

No. 1648802

This, and most people who aren’t terminally on Twitter/Reddit or are normie HP fans don’t care anyway. I guarantee there are plenty of people who virtue signal about trans rights online but have bought the new HP game or some of the HP makeup because the screeching is for show. That’s just how people are, they make a big fuss over the issue of the day then just go back to doing whatever they want.

No. 1648803

He looks like he’s skinwalking itsblackfriday.

No. 1648805

File: 1663253955335.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1749, brianna_michelle69.png)

reminder that liberals hate middle-aged "cis" women and call them karens but will worship any middle-aged man who puts on a cheap wig

No. 1648811

Yeah exactly. I live close to a Universal Studios and half the crowd is usually wearing some kind of HP gear whether it’s a lanyard or shirt or entire robe. Normies won’t let go of their beloved franchises because a man in a skirt told them to. I’m pretty sure there’s a big portion of trans people who still love HP too and just act like JKR doesn’t exist. It’s not going to die after gaining the status of franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

No. 1648814


I honestly don't buy that anyone except the really young zoomers who don't remember shit about shit actually wants all the HP stuff gone. I haven't been into the series in forever now, but it would feel really sad if they took down the HP section in the bookstore and stopped acknowledging it.

No. 1648815

>72 yo
Male degeneracy never ends, no matter how old they are.

No. 1648817

I heard Sephora isn’t going to carry the collection for that reason

No. 1648818

Leftover Party City wig found at the bottom of the Halloween bin.

No. 1648819

i'm getting ready for the seething when the big harry potter game comes out and sells like hot cakes

No. 1648822

I think it's because sephora doesn't carry colourpop in general but ulta does because it's drug store makeup. Any tranny telling you that sephora carries colourpop and stopped because of jk is lying.

No. 1648825

File: 1663255164947.png (469.79 KB, 1080x1140, terf violence.png)

oh so they're finally admitting that it's men, not "TERFs," who are committing most of the violence against them?

No. 1648827

I was watching a streamer react to the Sony state of play and the forced groaning they did over the game trailer was so fake and stupid. If you don’t want to play it you don’t have to act like a three year old, just don’t play it. It is obvious when people talk shit about it for show and don’t really care about it either way.

No. 1648828

Yeah I’ve never seen colourpop in their store or on the website.

No. 1648829

They will probably just say men are transphobic and violent because of TERFs "propaganda", it's always women's fault somehow.

No. 1648835

that's one of the most retarded TRA arguments (this says a lot because all of their arguments are retarded) because if "terf propaganda" really worked on men we would have focused on stopping them from raping and killing us first rather than ~oppressing~ the TIMs. they really are self centered as shit.

No. 1648837

I can’t believe they think alt right or neo nazi men would give a fuck about any sort of feminist rhetoric. Do TRAs even hear what they’re saying out loud? Yeah, the neo nazi men are all reading Andrea Dworkin and saying “wow, men really do suck” before they go shoot some place up. To my knowledge there’s never been a mass shooting or bigger incident with TiMs getting hurt or killed, it’s all been one-on-one and situational.

No. 1648851

No. 1648852

File: 1663257389164.png (137.85 KB, 1048x957, average male hysteria.png)

but nonnas, haven't you heard the evil terfs are already designing nazi posters to encourage men kill twansies? they're not but that's exactly what would they do, duh!

No. 1648854

File: 1663257734693.jpg (238.15 KB, 720x1181, 20220915_171324.jpg)

Brianna Wu (the troon who had a victimhood parade for themself during gamergate) got jealous of the racism around The Little Mermaid and is now claiming the story is queer to ensure that he can also be a victim of the controversy. They really can't sympathize with a situation like this. They always have to find a way to insert queerness into these things and eventually worm their way into being the "true" victims

No. 1648860

I have read original little mermaid and its honestly just a super christian story, I can't remember anything "queer" about it

No. 1648864

You'd think these dangerous genocidal terfs would have names, but strangely they never have, wow, it's almost like they don't exist! I'd like to see at least some news article of terf terrorists being arrested for hate crimes or something, but it's just always "facts" taken from their asses.

No. 1648865

File: 1663258906599.jpg (53.22 KB, 826x1267, FB_IMG_1663258892778.jpg)

why do troons think they look like this

No. 1648870

transactivists have done a great job of smearing radical feminism by conflating it with conservatism. they probably think matt walsh is a freaking terf. it’s all lies, slogans, and propaganda, as per usual.

No. 1648873

tbf The Little Mermaid has been discussed as a piece of gay allegory for a while (person from a different society cannot confess their love without dying, there are books and articles that go further in depth about it and HCA) but that doesn't really have anything to do with what I'm presuming is a straight AGP and isn't relevant to the new movie. Also weirdly feels painful after the original score writer was also gay and died of aids but he didn't mention that despite it being more relevant to the movie version.

No. 1648874

What are they talking about? Do they realize radical feminists hold virtually no political power? We just lost our abortion rights in the US, so how would we have a hold on this? The only reason there are any opponents at all are because of old conservative white men in power who hate everyone who isn’t them. Most radfems will say they feel “politically homeless” because neither side cares about women. We hardly have a card to play.

No. 1648877

It was speculated but it was never true, simply an interpretation. This theory isn't the problem. The problem is that troons are obsessed with pushing a theory as fact when they feel like LGBT isn't being viewed as the target of harassment

No. 1648882

>transactivists have done a great job of smearing radical feminism by conflating it with conservatism.
To be fair radical feminists are also doing a great job of smearing themselves by playing nice with right wingers on the troon issue. Every radical feminist community online ends up getting infested by conservative retards who worship Matt Walsh.

No. 1648884

File: 1663260811054.png (Spoiler Image,400.26 KB, 743x556, srs.png)

inverted penis warning

labia majora do not look like this. of course other troons and handmaidens are praising this one because it isn't festering.

No. 1648885

File: 1663260928637.png (309.65 KB, 342x590, Screenshot 6.png)

No. 1648886

Jesus christ I thought he was naked for a sec

No. 1648887

You cannot convince me he isn’t completely psychotic. I know it’s been repeated ad nauseum but like lmao those are some top tier unhinged peepers. Also like… his nasolabial folds frighten me.

No. 1648891

that guy is absolutely horrendous. i remember him calling a vagina a barbie pouch or something. god he is insufferable and this is all a fetish to him

No. 1648899

See I go back and forth on this because, yes the Barbie pouch thing was unspeakably vile. Honestly idk if it’s even a fetish for him as much as it’s like, him trying to hold onto being a twink and also his career being a big nothing otherwise. He is clinging to relevancy and he found a hell of a grift to do it with ugh

No. 1648902

insert any preddit post made by troons and their "dysphoria"(seething at the mere existence of women) here

No. 1648911

>to be fair radical feminists are also doing a great job of smearing themselves by playing nice with right wingers on the troon issue
Nah. Working with them isn't new. Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon worked together with Christian conservatives to try and get porn banned. Radfems and conservatives have a few of the same basic opinions at first glance, e.g "porn is bad…". It's only until you get the "because…" when the difference becomes apparent.

"Progressive" supporters of male supremacy (troons, TRAs, libfems, etc.) will always use this superficial similarity between our beliefs to pretend that we are the same as them. Allying with them, or not, won't change that. I don't think we should, though, cause conservatives are trash.

No. 1648915

File: 1663261958315.jpg (91.27 KB, 493x846, FFS.jpg)

Ugly guy to less ugly guy

No. 1648916

what an ugly nosejob, jfc

No. 1648922

File: 1663262412726.png (581.48 KB, 508x480, trooney.png)

It was really hard watching this word salad so for all nonnas who don't have time to watch this pathetic seethe a sum up:
>I'm rich and successful look at me I'm so busy I was modelling.
>If I was depressed and saw it I would kill myself and it's your fault.
>It's not funny, It's evil.
>World is so scary and If you die you would be only the woman who hated troons.
>I'm not AGP even tho I act like AGP.
>I'm so good I'm so kind I'm a woman and I'm more of a woman than all women I'm so woman.
>Do something else because it's not popular and only few people are watching your content, better be an attention whore non-binary.
>Fuck I'm so successful, more successful than all people alive.
>I'm a girl.
>Use your time more productively and spend 5 minutes on tiktok autofellatio.
>I'm so happy I literally need to remind people about it every 30 seconds.

Why moids are so boring to listen to lmao.

No. 1648929

because school girl outfits and striped thigh highs are associated with their fetishes. IF they're already pretending to be woman might as well go all the way with their fetish.

No. 1648933

why was he naked while holding the baby or did he purposely pull down his shirt to assault that poor baby?

No. 1648934

the health field in general is over compensating to seem woke cause people can easily be fired for this stuff And people are known to be vindictive shits and report you over everything. no where is safe social media, anonymous forums, talking in person.

you gotta cape the troons or risk your job these days.

No. 1648941

because that’s what happens when you’re politically homeless. you end up accepting any help you can get, any platform that will have you. beggars can’t be choosers, unfortunately.

No. 1648943

I've hate this druggie ass ugly ass swede bitch for so many years, he has been so creepy towards me and my friends, pedo adjacent dick. No wonder he is a troon maiden.

No. 1648945

nonnie scroll up, it's been posted and please learn to sage.

No. 1648952

exactly why I don't believe we will win this fight

No. 1648953

File: 1663264361882.jpg (436.88 KB, 540x401, FEHW5Dm.jpg)

the one on the right is the after? LMFAO looks JUST as male despite them using "tricks" to make him appear more female like putting the hair down and wearing a feminine top compared to a collared top with hair pulled back

No. 1648956

True, but they act like we’re whispering in these mens ears when they don’t even listen to us except when they can use us to push their own agendas. Like Matt Walsh and his documentary, it was things feminists have been saying but all of a sudden he’s a saint to conservatives for being so bold and brave to ask such a simple question. Or the way they use female detrans as pawns. Conservatives don’t care either, in the end they’ll just drop us into the wastebin too.

No. 1648960

I'm going to keep saying this, I'm waiting for the few streamers I watch to make some statement when asked about will they play it or a disclaimer about it if they do. I know some will do it just to be like, "chat shut the fuck up, i get it, just Rowling bad" but I'm going to stop watching them. lowkey, I can see Jerma do this is he ever plays it or talks about it, and that'll be when I finally give up on his already decreasing in quality streams

No. 1648966

Because to them the point of a vagina is sex and they just want it to look like anime porn or something, just a slit between skin. Handmaidens have internalized hatred for themselves and their natural bodies so they think some surgical flesh abomination with a hole is more aesthetically pleasing than their natural appearance because all of the Internet is judging women on every aspect of their appearance including their vulvas of all things. So some creepy dolphin mouth is seen as a success because men must like it.

No. 1648968

nonnies one of my "friends" from my highschool trooned out. he changed his name from Julian to Julia KEK. his before and after pics have him wearing the same shirt that i swear hes had since high school and he covered his hairline with his bangs. theres another pic of him sitting cross legged on a campsite table, big ol hands in view. its so fucking funny i wanna tell my highschool friends but idk who hates trannies too

No. 1648970

the ultimate clownpill is the fact that dylan, an industry plant at best and a troll at worst, has stans.

No. 1648977

I dare u to post screenshots lmao c’mon Nonushka we wanna laugh at Julian too!!

No. 1648978

even worse is the fact that all those anime vaginas are very clearly meant to look pubescent at best for as uncanny as they are. That’s the real horror to realize that they’re all getting this chop trying to have an approximation of a child’s parts.

No. 1648982

Same. I will stop watching anyone who puts that disclaimer, I just don't have the patience for this anymore. Some time ago I stopped watching two youtube channels because the owners put disclaimers in their hp videos. The worst for me was the guy putting a "fuck jkr" at the end of his vid, the woman just put a long ass disclaimer in the description, it was absurd.
Like, just don't mess with hp if you hate jk so much! It's not that hard.

No. 1648987

kekkk anon…
jesus shaving off THAT MUCH jaw mass for sure has ill effects. id also be concerned about the structural integrity of that nose…

No. 1649001

>she tried latching

infants literally run on instinct. my niece tried to bite my arm because it was warm skin near her head.

also fuck off she let him use the breast pump. that’s disgusting.

No. 1649003

as much as they try to minimise and “feminise” the features they’ll still have massive man skull.

No. 1649007

File: 1663268830117.jpg (25.2 KB, 316x480, HowlinMadMurdock.jpg)

Major Howlin' Mad Murdock vibes from this one, kek

No. 1649023

Nonnie he is openly pro-troon and pro-porn. There are better streamers out there.

No. 1649025

damn wish we could get the state to oppress cis men while were at it

No. 1649027

if this were true it would be a story sublimating a HOMOSEXUAL male's anguish. has nothing to do with you, agp troon.

No. 1649029

they are just repeating the rhetoric of what they've seen work for other groups appealing to corporate benevolence.

No. 1649030

he looks particularly meth'd out in this one

No. 1649031

why doesn't his agency reel him in on making these unhinged rants?

No. 1649033

He gave himself fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1649034

philtrum still too long and his side profile is terrible, he has turkey neck now. thousands of dollars to get botched and ensure you age terribly!

No. 1649035

what i dont understand is the thousands of comments of people praising this scrote. why are women and lesbians approving a MALE into their sexual orientation just because he claims to be "nonbinary"

No. 1649036

>born a literal man-mountain
>decide to troon out

why do we as a society continue to take these troonatics seriously?

No. 1649038

when i hear medical professionals talk about troon shit it's because they want to be accommodating to kids, kids saying their all these genders to their parents is what is swaying normies and opening the door for the perverts and pedos. every normal politician or professional spouting this shit has a kid or relative's kid lost in the sauce.

No. 1649040

Don't be so defeatist. Women managed to get the right to vote, keep their last name, be legal people, be legal people when married, get a divorced, etc under much more worse sexism than this. We'll win, it's just going to take some time.

No. 1649041

File: 1663272823884.jpg (94.88 KB, 1080x890, FbkXzV0XwAE2fAi.jpg)

Why do they CONSTANTLY ask these questions online??? I feel like this has been asking 500000 times on reddit, oh no mah euphoria boner
Feels like they just wanna tell people they get boners

No. 1649045

It must take a lot of balls (lol) to go outside like this. How embarrassing.

No. 1649046


No. 1649050

Ugh I know. “My uh oh” brb vomiting

No. 1649051

File: 1663274023216.jpg (280.9 KB, 1000x1000, harrypotter.jpg)

I visit book stores at least twice a month. They all still have entire sections dedicated to HP, all sorts of editions of the books as well as a fuck ton of memorabilia and whatnot. It's actually not uncommon for there to be 2-3 spots in a given store for HP. One by YA books, one near the fantasy stuff, and one in the front of the store. These are like, full table or shelf set-ups made to look eye-catching and nice too, not just books tucked into a shelf with everything else.
TRAs can screech all they want, HP isn't going anywhere.

picrel, typical current day Barnes & Noble set-up for HP.

No. 1649052

File: 1663274160449.jpeg (648.22 KB, 902x1460, 420E2AB8-4A5C-4A00-A9C2-94D870…)

This man apparently works with highschoolers.

No. 1649055

File: 1663274213231.jpeg (191.42 KB, 807x1287, 8E2335CF-9928-4FE8-A0A8-1A25C4…)

A clearer shot

No. 1649058

I used to be on these guys’ side, but I regretfully dated a TIM. He would wear my dresses and panties and shit, and there would always be cum stains on the clothes whenever i’d go to wash them. These people make me feel sick now

No. 1649059

File: 1663274396402.jpg (74.18 KB, 414x895, Tumblr_l_64766962366866.jpg)

No. 1649060

There's no way…

No. 1649061

Men: your natural body is pornographic and must be hidden away, it is inappropriate for a school environment.
Also msn:

No. 1649062

In fucking wood shop? Lmfao

No. 1649063

You're fucking with us right? Please say yes.

No. 1649071

What the FUCK

No. 1649073

absolutely this this fucking holy hell this. I'm praying that this is shooped or something

No. 1649079

Anon, it was a video, he had ballloonlike structures under his shirt. Sorry for ruining your day

No. 1649080

Link to video?

No. 1649082

and yet a female teacher with a swimsuit vacation picture on facebook would be fired if students found it and raised attention to it. a woman with implants that size would never be hired. teenage moids suck so much that i'm not that upset about them having to tolerate an older scrotes nasty degeneracy, but wearing a fetish breastplate to teach teenagers is cut and dry sexual harassment. this school district needs to be sued and made an example of. the teacher needs to face sexual misconduct charges and terminated immediately. this is how hollowed out education has become. the conduct standards are so high for women that over the years competent women are weeded out, and now the pay is so low that the job is only appealing to perverted men, and mentally ill gender ideologues who aren't capable of anything other than baby sitting. american companies know how poor the state of education is in america and will not want to hire citizens educated here, and will continue to outsource cheap and competent labor elsewhere in all professions. america is not a society anymore that even pretends to uphold a social contract with it's citizens, it is a corporate, neo-feudal state already.

No. 1649084

what school and who is the teacher?

No. 1649089

File: 1663276122496.png (Spoiler Image,41.17 KB, 800x800, artificial-silicone-fake-breas…)

it's a plastic cosplay breastplate, literally fetish gear on amazon or dhgate

No. 1649094

No. 1649095

Honestly, that makes it even sicker if that’s the case. I kinda believe it could be real because charms has me scarred. But idk how far mens skin on their chest can stretch.

No. 1649102

it looks like plastic, the nipples are insane. he's probably testing the waters and when he's gently called out by his scrote superiors, he'll take it off and just wear a smaller one. i hate this gay earth

No. 1649114

Adult women (or men) don't cuddle stuffed animals.

This is a fetish combined with arrested development.

No. 1649117

I have a really close friend who cuddles plush toys and he was a victim of really horrific childhood sexual abuse and he was institutionalized for most of his childhood. He's not a pervert, he's actually completely asexual but he regresses in age when he gets stressed.

I wonder how many of these "I'm a little girl" men were actually molested by pedos.

I'm not defending them but it could be an explanation.

No. 1649129

I was gonna say I like chilling with my plush toys but not to "feel adorable" which sounds like why he does it. It's a comfort thing blog but I'm a schizo and was molested too so kinda checks out

No. 1649130

File: 1663279126020.jpg (351.12 KB, 1080x1475, BecomeTheGFFetish.jpg)

No. 1649135

Yes we do. We just don’t get boners when doing it. That’s some suspect shit.

No. 1649136

Based on the amount they complain about lesbians on dating apps, I’m going to say this is pure cope unless their matches are other TiMs, which would make sense if new profiles are popping up every day and their (male) interests align so well. I’m sure handmaidens message them too but I bet some of them ghost the guy before the date happens.

No. 1649138

I was going to ask if it was really that weird. I have a pillow shaped animal I like to cuddle while I sleep because it relieves some pressure on my back. I also just think it’s soft and cute, but I never would make a weird deal over it. It’s just a thing I have in my bed.

No. 1649142

If you have some kind of trauma that makes you regress to childhood then yes, you probably do, but generally it's not something that most adults do. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a coping strategy, but it's not typical.

Males are also more likely to sexualize their traumas into fetishes.

No. 1649143

That's not true, cuddling a plush or pillow is simply relaxing or comforting when falling asleep, it's not that deep. But of course moids, especially trannies, can't do anything without making it some disgusting fetish.

No. 1649152

Women and men can have cute toys. What’s sinister posting about it, elaborating (when there’s cutesy language or too much detail you know it’s fetishism) and pretending your arousal is innocuous uwu. Guys can hug toys without being AGPs of course.

No. 1649154

Yeah it's not that weird, look at the amount of adult women who collect squishmallows now and have beds full of them. It's getting horny because of a stuffed animal that's weird.

No. 1649166

i thought this was mocking tims

No. 1649170

this has to be a violation

No. 1649172

I hate this stupid ugly moid so much. The only reason why he is successful is because tras have successfully scared people (mainly women) out of being honest with their true opinions about filth such as himself. I'm sure kikomi-chan made him seethe and the real reason why it took him a while to respond was because he needed to simmer down from his masculine rage. kikomi-chan will forever be an icon, but unfortunately one day the novelty of troonery will wear off and he will have nothing.

No. 1649174

I like cuddling with my plushes and i was not molested…

No. 1649175

he's way uglier in the after now
before he had an interesting face, the kind you'd see in old paintings. In the after pics, he now looks like the kind of ugly guy whose looks take a little too much after his mother to be attractive on a man, and if you'd heard he had a sister you'd assume she's rather plain.

No. 1649179

I wasn't trying to imply only people who were molested do it I was just agreeing that it could be done for regression or comfort in relation to that. I don't think it's strange to do it if you haven't been molested.

No. 1649188

File: 1663284568255.png (1.15 MB, 750x999, image (4).png)

found more, and found someone on twitter claiming to have his name and school (1/3)

No. 1649191

File: 1663284590970.png (1.64 MB, 946x2048, image (6).png)

No. 1649201

File: 1663284805438.png (992.68 KB, 828x1792, image (5).png)

No. 1649209


i don't know what the fuck is going on anymore. i feel like i live in a cartoon

No. 1649211

nope, that’s a walking red flag if there’s ever been one. someone please get him fired before he molests kids, if he hasn’t done so already.

No. 1649219


Oml this creature needs to be fired. I despise the grip trannies have on society, no one feels safe reporting them, or at the very least feel it will go nowhere.

No. 1649220

why can't they fire him? They can't even tell him to take off the inappropriate breast plate? I remember having a high school teacher who told us (all girls btw) that she got in trouble for wearing a low cut blouse. I didn't even see any titty. Just goes to show how moids, trannies in particular, are the most protected group in western society.

No. 1649221

the school's website still has his name listed as Stephen Hanna, teaches tech, of course. Looks like he's using his last name to get children to use a female name on him since it appears he hasn't bothered to get an actual name change yet.

No. 1649227

Soon it'll be transphobic to not allow troons to come in with full fetish gear or straight up naked with their axewound out

No. 1649228

There is a communist tier cultural speech repression in Troonada that will be studied in history books about the methods of control exerted in the early 21st century Western era. These pictures are simply unfathomable. How does this person have a job? How are the students not sensibly mocking them to their face? Why is the government OK with this? Where is the accountability? It's literal actual clown behavior.

No. 1649230

I was in a hospital for chest pain and didn't wear a bra. I was told by doctors and hospital staff to wear one because my nipples were showing through my shirts. In a hospital. Of course this troon can get away with this lmfao.

No. 1649231

They're (white) men in a dress. It's that simple. Same power and privilege they always had, but now with insanity.

No. 1649232

I feel the same as you, I think they'll study this shit in textbooks and social studies classes in years to come and everyone will be fucking shocked that it was allowed to get this far. He works with kids ffs. I'm just glad there are no female students in these photos with him, but it's still fucked up to make teenage boys look at this, although I'm sure they're laughing at him instead of feeling scared.
Kekkkk what the fuck. Literally out in fetish gear on his way to work. And can you believe they're trying to make it so that we can no longer legally point and laugh at this freakshow?

No. 1649236

this troon shit makes me feel suicidal. but don’t worry, i’ll live, only out of spite.

No. 1649243

unironically i hope he dies. how come every woman is expected to wear a bra else they are called unprofessional or inappropriate but disgusting fetishists can walk around like this? it’s a fucking fetish breastplate what the fuck do they mean they can’t do anything about it- fire this freak and put him on a register.

No. 1649245

This has to be a joke, like it's their last day of teaching and they wanted to do something ridiculous. I can't fathom this person is taken seriously, and has a career at a school while wearing that.

No. 1649249

It's canada, so obviously he'll be just fine

No. 1649252

If the administration doesn't let him go or doesn't try getting him to use something more modest, then these kids will ruthlessly bully him until he kills himself, or quits. I don't think the country matters, kids will be kids, and they've already leaked this stuff so this man will feel the pressure, and won't be able to handle it.

No. 1649256

If this is true then the delusional moid is still going by a man's name. Obscene breast plate in front of young boys but can't be bothered to not change his name. Totally not a fucking fetish

No. 1649269

I'll be waiting, and praying, for this to be an elaborated marketing campaign for some comedy series.

No. 1649295

We can only hope nonna. Canada is just completely cucked for absolutely anything a troon does, so something as heinous as this doesn't surprise me

No. 1649303

This is fucking me up. I'm a lurker and I don't post but I've never seen anything more horrific from the people of gender. Can't find this twitter exchange, or any of the videos mentioned. Is there more information? Those kids are being sexually harassed out in the open, I just want to cry for them.

No. 1649307

@livisragw deleted his replies for whatever reason, but the exchange is here:


No. 1649309

File: 1663289996766.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 53F3261E-07DE-4498-9A6A-1DF659…)


No. 1649312

I know nonas here like to say we're on the right side of history, and I want to believe that. But with this amount of blatant sexism and propaganda, I'm scared I'll never live long enough to see it end

No. 1649321

Imagine if a TIF had a 3 foot long packer stuffed into her pants and went to teach like that. She'd get fired instantly.

No. 1649325

I cannot wait till that day comes where some idiot tries stuffing a dildo or packer in their pants, and the hypocrisy gets so much outrage

No. 1649338

Do you have a screenshot of that?

No. 1649342

It boggles the mind every time. Literally no one needs to make anti-trans propaganda. I don't even think anyone would make up some shit like this, it's too blatant. Out in the fucking open, bringing his fetish to work. And you just know the students aren't allowed to say shit about feeling uncomfortable.
I wonder how the pro-trans crowd will try to gaslight about this one? Like, how is this not a fetish, and what sane school would allow it? What's with the fake nipples obviously intended to stand out? How is this defensible?

No. 1649347

Now that this is starting to affect boys and men we will see a shift real soon. Sad that it has to be this way.

No. 1649352

They might say something like “boobs aren’t sexual organs it’s your own fault for being offended you puritanical prudes”

No. 1649359

File: 1663293032084.png (915.96 KB, 611x1011, unknown (3).png)

I don't know how much I'm allowed to say to prevent breaking doxxing rules but I know this teacher, yeah his name is Stephen Hanna. He teaches tech/woodshop and his email is available on the school's website,

He was a man last year and started wearing giant fake tits to school

No. 1649377

No. 1649379

Samefag. This is so sick and I’m actually nauseated. Disgusting but I shouldn’t even be surprised. They didn’t even ask this man to wear a bra. If a woman like myself (extremely chesty) wore no bra at work, they would definitely find a way to tell me to wear one despite HR policies and unions.

No. 1649381

this is some mr garrison shit what the fuck is happening

No. 1649385

i posted his info with some caps on 4chan. they'll get him fired.

No. 1649395

But remember. AGP isn’t real.

Any student expressing discomfort is just gonna be sent to the counselor to be re-educated.

No. 1649398

Just one of the reasons why I homeschool my kids.

No. 1649403

They’ll tell girls not to wear tank tops but let this adult man expose underage students to pornographic fetish props

No. 1649406

excellent work! this is why we need sites like kiwifarms. what's Canada's equivalent to tucker?

No. 1649425

link? I don't want to scroll through 4chin if I don't have to

No. 1649426

This is just BEYOND the pale. At first I thought this must be a poor taste/gross on purpose Halloween costume but he actually goes to work like that every day? Holy shit man

No. 1649429

It's because the venn diagram of tech bros and troons is almost a complete circle. Normal people hear the word "doxxing" and see trannies spamming social media about how their going to kill themselves in minecraft and automatically think "bad" because their thoughts are surface level. Theyre ignorant or just don't care that the men LARPing as women come from the same circles and 9/10 are being doxxed because of they are dangerous predators. Troons have a great way of using internet slight of hand to blame the vile shit they do on dark web boogie men when the most dangerous tranny ideology is being pushed on twitter and reddit. People will always assume an unhinged troon is a bad actor even with the sea of evidence right in front of their eyes that these men want nothing more than to dominate just as much as toxic masculine men but their too weak subconciously to compete with other males so they LARP as women to compete with something they see as inferior. Of course they think they can definitely out woman a woman as a man because theyre men who are so conditioned to feeling like women are less than. It's the only normal conclusion to what we were being forced to normalize for the past decade because males do what males do. They took an inch of sympathy from misguided people who meant well and now are trying to rearrange society forcibly and they feel justified. Typical male behavior that couldn't even be bleached from their DNA.

No. 1649433

post link before your cowtipping ban

No. 1649435

That mantitty teacher has me maxxed out on clown pills. I need to get off the internet. This is my limit. I need to go live off grid. It's over. Society is finished.

No. 1649436

Like, is he actually sincere about this shit? He's not fishing for a wrongful termination lawsuit or anything?

No. 1649437

File: 1663298125442.png (189.88 KB, 3798x1844, oths_stephenhanna.png)

Yes, but it's very dox heavy and I don't think anything more than picrel is allowed on here. The rightmost column was all email addresses so I blotted all of that out. It's from the school's faculty page.
if this is real, do the parents know about this? Are they doing anything? Is the school ignoring them?

No. 1649441

If this doesn't peak everyone, we have actually gone too far. There is no hope for human civilization if something like this can be normalized

No. 1649446

I would pay a lot of money to listen to the staff meetings at that school right now. Shit will pick up steam. This could be on Tucker Carlson. It could be an international clown world scandal. But more importantly is that the people who pushed all this up to this point have to pick, do they call this out as absurd, or do they push the gas pedal and tell people this person is just living their gender identity. Surely the second option is impossible.

No. 1649449

The thing about this is unless it gets posted on a large account, this video probably won't been seen by a lot of people. And even if it does, I suspect the troons either cape for the fetish gear or pull "this doesn't represent all of us!!".

To which I guess the last part is somewhat true; not all troons have their fetish on such an extreme display

No. 1649452

Way to kill tech at your school. No student is going to sign up for tech if there's even a slim chance to get that monster as a teacher.

No. 1649454

Are you sure this isn't being done to make a point or to take the opportunity of teacher shortages to troll in a job he no longer wants? It could well be a moid wanting to complain about sexual harassment rules that prohibit commenting on a staff member's cleavage at work or some dumb moid tantrum like that. Flipping out and turning into kiwifarms doesn't seem to be warranted yet before confirming this shit.

No. 1649460

They actually can’t do anything under Canadian law - any form of discipline is considered discrimination when applied to trans people.

No. 1649462

Parents need to collectively pull their kids out of school until that teacher is removed, this is insane.

No. 1649472

And youre telling me a brastrap is distracting?

No. 1649474

I am so glad that I have decided to home school my kids, better then whatever this shit is

No. 1649476

File: 1663302866477.jpeg (875.02 KB, 1591x2039, 02FF1BD2-B011-4A37-A42C-2BF25B…)

No. 1649485

File: 1663304338302.png (297.85 KB, 556x658, 1660060723629.png)

dear god

No. 1649493

I think DM's are better to reach her

No. 1649494

What the shit!!! Im laughing but like im angry at the same time. Soooo many of us (real women) grew up with destructive, crippling body dysmorphia despite actually being completely normal looking teenagers. But I am confident that I have been better looking than this man since the day I left the baby incubator. I truly dont understand. Trannies claim theyre so dysphoric but like…they need to be more dysphoric, not less… why arent they ashamed of being eyesores?

No. 1649498

kek remember that south park episode where mr garrison finds out if he gets fired for being gay he can sue the school for alot of money so he purposely tried to get fired by acting like a degenerate and bringing fetish shit into in the classroom? that episode aired in 2002 and 10 years later here we are

No. 1649499

Let me off this motherfucking clown planet. Goddamn.

No. 1649500

>10 years later
Nonna, you're missing a whole decade. Are you okay?

No. 1649501

my finger slipped

No. 1649502

Nonas I'm a burger so I don't know Canadian laws. Is it true this sick fuck teacher can't be fired for wearing this outfit? I read on twitter he can't get fired because the laws in Canada protect trans people from being fired unless they are arrested

No. 1649506

if enough parents complain, he is certainly in dress code violations.

No. 1649509

Right looks feminine but in an ugly man way kind of like >>1649175 said. He's now in the same genre of man as Ben Shapiro.

No. 1649512

I'm flat chested and never wear bras, but I got told by my male supervisor today that I need to wear one. And this man can wear literal fetish gear around children. We live in a society.

No. 1649515

I'd bully him so hard. I'd make Regina George look like a Girl Scout.

No. 1649517

That’s not what cowtipping is

No. 1649520

File: 1663310012459.jpg (201.23 KB, 853x480, tfw.jpg)

Is it true TERFS don't wear make up? It's the first time of hearing of this. It's funny cause I never wear make up lol

No. 1649521

There surely have to be some minors protection laws. He is making them participate in his fetish, that's sexual abuse.

What boggles my mind is why the kids aren't making fun of him everywhere. Boys at my hs were absolutely viscious towards teachers and here you have Mr.Stephen Hanna and it took a whole year for someone to post him on social media??

No. 1649522

Radical feminists are rightfully against the make-up and beauty industries, yes. But still says a lot that defying corporate patriarchal beauty standards is a sign of a "bad woman" in their eyes.

No. 1649524

Fear of being anti-trans, against the hive mind.

No. 1649531

Nonna, two spirit was invented by one person.


No. 1649536

you know what they say about canadians

No. 1649544

you too?? he was a rude dick to me when I was 14 at one of his bands concerts

Troons love to be homophobic while taking over gay people's spaces so this checks out

Thanks nona, I needed to hear this xo

No. 1649545

File: 1663313939139.webm (953.12 KB, 360x660, 1663304890779449.webm)

No. 1649547

Holy hell

No. 1649549

File: 1663314943407.png (741.44 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220916-155655.png)

troon claiming nazis burned trans medical research books

No. 1649555

They burned degenerate content and child porn

No. 1649560

It looks like he's wearing hip and ass pads under the spandex shorts as well.

No. 1649569

one can read all about Hirschfeld's research. if these books were burned how do we have access to it today?

No. 1649570

because some of his research was copied and held in other institutes an privat persons?? still a big chunk of his research and his institutes research got destroyed.

No. 1649571

I would drop out of school if I saw this irl

No. 1649576

>trans medical research books
>degenerate content and child porn
It's the exact same thing

No. 1649577

I'm sure they all did roast him amongst themselves. Maybe they posted him online earlier but it didn't get traction until now

No. 1649580

the ONLY thing that would redeem this is if it's an anti-troon parody to show how ridiculous it all is that a man can put on fake tits and no one can do anything. But the more likely answer is that they're letting this porn sick scrote work with and around teen girls.

No. 1649587

Faketits sensei has a LinkedIn. Somebody better cache it before he DFE.

No. 1649598

dammit nonna archive it

No. 1649605

File: 1663322738953.png (641.29 KB, 378x709, cba9fc1f16a91fc6b44031e00bc0f1…)

saw this reposted on twit. it's absolutely fake but the comments are eating it up, along with handmaidens offering up their uteri for delusional troons

No. 1649607

which was the correct thing to do

No. 1649608

These people are fucking retarded.

An absolutely unprecedented feat of medical science and this isn't all over the fucking news? You hear abut it from some fucking rando's TikTok?

No. 1649610

this just shows how dumb and young all these supporters are to believe this

No. 1649611

File: 1663323625054.jpeg (17.56 KB, 277x376, 4ffa342f34dc4.jpeg)

I don't have linkedin, so all I can see is the name, and a photo (of his classroom). So he didn't even put up a photo of his face, he knows what he's doing is wrong, even more than the average tranny.
Just look at how far they have advanced with all modern techniques and knowledge (absolutely nowhere in more than half a century). Whatever he wrote must have been pure fantastical bullshit straight out of the Victorian era.

No. 1649613

What on earth is 'cozymoding'? I can't keep up with the troon subculture lingo anymore.

No. 1649616


His linkedin is empty. No info at all, nothing to cache.

No. 1649621

File: 1663325842667.png (335.25 KB, 600x600, 08637f56bb43aabc584d17f9e6da4d…)

The fucker must have known he was going to cause a shitstorm, but still decided to wear fake tits the size of two beach balls to class anyway. Men are incomprehensibly driven by their dicks.

No. 1649622

File: 1663326096124.jpg (655.13 KB, 3471x1723, trans parents.jpg)

that poor child who has those two retards as his parents

No. 1649628

troons dont care about reputation, they only care about coom

No. 1649636

File: 1663328661919.jpg (24.22 KB, 360x500, 9Jpk9kpTURBXy80NDM5YmYwZGQ0MjN…)

The comic on the left reminds me of the time a troon who didn't get a legal sex change married a woman in Poland, and the liberal media were creaming themselves over this wholesome 'first lesbian wedding in Poland' even though this was a man marrying a woman, and I still am not allowed to marry my actually female girlfriend.

No. 1649638

iirc a similar case also happened in Russia but the man didn't even call himself a transwoman but a heterosexual male androgyne and was actually quite homophobic but western kweers still ate it up neglecting to mention this

No. 1649673

It blows my mind how spicy straights completely took over the whole concept of "gay", and pushed out homosexuals, in less than a decade. It really feels like this shit didn't go mainstream until some point in the past 5 years.

No. 1649674

nta but that specific case happened in Russia, even in my shithole non-european country alternative people are still relatively conservative and I'd 99% of them are homophobic

No. 1649680

I think this spicy straight/troon movement definitely started around 2015-16

No. 1649683

Not one single fucking Canuck parent objected to this retard? No complaints whatsoever?????
Anyway, the audacity of men never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1649689

File: 1663335595792.jpg (403.67 KB, 1439x1648, RRR.jpg)

and this is what he looks like

No. 1649691

Which pretty much shows how much male privilege they have. Like a lot of other nonnas said, if a woman doesn’t have a bra on at work or dares to even have a bigger chest she’s getting written up or scolded, and those things aren’t even for her pleasure, they’re just her existing in her natural body. This is all so asinine. If a woman brought something fetish-related to work, there’d be an outcry of parents and teachers and everyone freaking out.

No. 1649692

I feel like they must have and their complaints weren’t heard or something, because I know if my child told me about or showed me a photo of this teacher I would be calling the school immediately.

No. 1649693

They’ve erased so much progress made by the LGB and by women in such a fast time, it’s incredible. Almost like it’s a movement of mostly well-off straight white guys.

No. 1649695

the next generation is going to be so anti troon I feel it. Not because they're somehow conservative but because kids are rebellious and irreverent. Teachers and other adults doing this fetish shit out the open will be mocked for being uncool.

No. 1649696

I also felt inspired by this stunning and brave REEEEEEmale to have some stickers printed. I've decided that I'm going to put them on the underside of toilet rings in the women's bathrooms and let nature take its course. Helping the 41% along, like.

No. 1649698

Oh definitely. Even the ones who support it now are going to grow out of it when it starts becoming “uncool”, but just think of the kids who are having this forced upon them and are born with genderspecial parents who try to force it on them too. The rebellion is not going to be pretty in those families.

No. 1649721

File: 1663338801369.png (237.33 KB, 713x339, lemieux.png)

Reduxx posted an article about this nasty AGP and it's getting a lot of attention on Twitter.

No. 1649728

Omg what is that photoshop.

No. 1649730

This is absolutely revolting and perverted HOW is this allowed? I want to throw up. I am absolutely DISGUSTED

No. 1649731

>Authored by lolcow Anna Slatz
Probably a selfpost. She researches stuff here and then writes about it and posts it on her twitter along with her ass-pictures. Fuck off journo whore.

No. 1649732

kek you're probably right

No. 1649734

She does self-post, but this time it's not her, I promise tinfoil-chan. Just wanted to share the hilariously facetuned pic from the article.
Truly hope that has happened kek

No. 1649735

What fucking difference does it make? And there's no way a man who'd do this isn't AGP.

No. 1649738

File: 1663340032764.png (397.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220916-075010.png)

Nonitas, I just looked at the dress code for the high school

"Dress code must prevent students from wearing clothing that exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples"

You can see the breast plate nipples in multiple photos

Link to dress code on the official school website:https://oth.hdsb.ca/students

No. 1649743

So based ily nona.

No. 1649747

File: 1663341102464.png (10.76 KB, 465x178, a5cd31fe-f189-52f0-8e42-5789aa…)

New definition of "woman" just dropped.

No. 1649754

File: 1663341445339.jpg (574.36 KB, 2021x2804, familyportrait.jpg)

not to derail too much on breastplate-chan but i've been looking at thread pic and i think that the girl on the right must be the ogre's daughter? they have the same nose, cheek and eye area looks very similar
keep in mind i am faceblind af so this might be completely in my own head lol.
if so, I hope hope hope that this is a jokey family photo of dad just taking the piss cos otherwise it would just be another reason to never leave the house any more

sage for obvious autism

No. 1649756

He used ALL the Photoshop, KEK.
So ridiculously protruding areolas and nipples are perfectly ok since it's silicone. Ok then.

No. 1649758

I feel like if this had happened at my high school in the 2000s the male students would have started stuffing their shirts with big balloons or something to make a statement and cause enough of a stir the school would have to do something. I’m glad the videos are being posted around but I wish the students, parents, and other teachers felt comfortable enough saying this isn’t right or even just mocking it.

No. 1649761

Nona I am saying that he broke school dress code because you can see the breast plate nipples

They do look eerily similar, I feel bad for her if that is the case. I guess at the very least he isn't skin walking her

No. 1649762

I don’t think that nona was attacking you, just being sarcastic about the rules.

No. 1649763

I know im late but
>unironed polyester amazon skirt and thigh high combo
Every single time with this shit. I wish trannies would pick something else and at least try to gain a sense of fashion. The woman he's with is wearing an appropriate ren faire costume so why cant he put on a less lazy and fugly outfit? The pinks don't even match. I dont know why that particular combo on troons irks me so much but every tranny/tranny adjascent moid i know irl picks the same goddamn ugly ass clothing while LARPING as a kawaii ugu girl and it makes me wanna alog.

No. 1649764

Even if the school disregarded the dress code in this case, are there not some kind of rules or guidelines for safety in a shop class like that? Shouldn’t his hair be tied back, be wearing gloves or eye protection? If they couldn’t call him out on the fetish gear why couldn’t they bring up the safety hazards?

No. 1649769

Nonna I promise I'm not coming at you, I was expressing frustration at how this man is just flagrantly breaking the rules. Thank you for finding and posting the dress code.

No. 1649772

what a shitty poem… its like hes larping as chaucer or shakespeare but he has absolutely no linguistic mastery or cadence. imagine sitting through a whole ass hour of this garbage

No. 1649774

In that video he passed his hand underneath a moving saw blade to grab a piece of wood like it was no big deal. This school either doesn't know how he teaches or doesn't care about shop safety.

No. 1649776

>dunking and reporting on trannies found in this thread is bad

No. 1649777

File: 1663343002789.jpg (154.57 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20220916-104107_Fac…)

From Libs of TikTok FB page. About Breastplate-chan.

No. 1649783

Any updates on teacher titty troon? Any Canadian journos picked it up?

No. 1649792

File: 1663344118120.jpg (4.12 KB, 220x194, 1657630912019.jpg)


No. 1649800

You know damn well Tranada doesn’t have free speech anymore; if the journos there did pick it up the focus would be on the ebil TERFs and conservatives bullying this poor stunning and Brave woman!!

No. 1649812

File: 1663344970692.jpeg (97.42 KB, 834x1314, 19BF4E33-F092-43EE-919D-CB3A21…)

No. 1649813

File: 1663344993484.jpeg (81.85 KB, 706x1192, FC4719CD-BC69-4602-B13F-96FE53…)

No. 1649815

File: 1663345016129.jpeg (58.99 KB, 706x1014, B54D1345-6737-4B03-A26A-B398D1…)

No. 1649822

File: 1663345075747.jpeg (172.21 KB, 1088x1014, 719CD8EF-D6C5-48C7-841D-499398…)

No. 1649824

Some student should just throw a ball of paper at those things, or maybe even a stapler. Imagine throwing a stapler at this creature's silicone breastplate and hearing a thud and he goes "oh my", just kidding he'd probably grab that kid's head like it's a basketball and dribble him against the floor. Maybe then he'd be fired

No. 1649834

That’s basically the law. Can’t fire trans people unless an arrest occurs.

No. 1649838

Some brave student needs to step up and assault that thing's breasts

No. 1649840

What's the board say? Ms. Lemour? Spoilering since I don't know if that's another teacher's name instead Wonder if this guy has a twitter account or something under his troon name as they often do

No. 1649841

Why does it look like he’s wearing a mask? So creepy

No. 1649846

Nonnie gotta be honest if the troons see this post they're going to Kiwifarms us into the ground and claim we're doxxing trans women as a cult, it might have been better to not say that and just do it silently. We literally had a "pest" on the board dying for a single opportunity to catch LCF out for something like this

No. 1649848

I mean at least for the email, it’s public. It’s not like they found his name and school from a door handle lol

No. 1649851

If trannies want us gone they can just make fake posts themselves on this completely anonymous imageboard. You're really stupid if you don't think they will flood this place with fedposts, which will be a hundred times easier than it was on Kiwifarms cause they don't even have to make an account.

No. 1649854

I'm not going to do it, but damn I'm so tempted to send this pic to the school and ask if how it's okay that teachers don't have to follow dress code guidelines like students have to.

No. 1649856

The school already knows, that thing walks around like that everyday

No. 1649863

>we're doxing trans women as a cult
Meanwhile they groom children as a cult and expose them to fetishes. Even if LC goes down, this can't continue forever with creatures like him getting bolder and bolder for all to see. If they cry foul on us then even more people are gonna witness these ridiculous pictures, I wonder if they can afford that. Maybe they don't care but their hubris can only carry them so far. Troons chronically tell on themselves by nature of their fetish and detachment from reality. The more they do this (and they can't stop), the more people will peak

No. 1649868

Stop talking about him violating dress code. He’s just gonna get told to modify his outfits or wear a bra. And the whole thing will turn into a “evil terves are bodyshaming women”. Normies don’t know what a breastplate is and have been brainwashed into thinking this is just his “gender expression”, they don’t know it’s a fetish. He’s gonna get a smaller chest plate or one without nipples and continue to display his fetish in school, unless someone somewhere were to find his socials and expose him. It’s impossible this guy isn’t writing fantasies SOMEWHERE about how these boys can’t take their eyes off him and secretly want him.

No. 1649873

Anyone who says this is body-shaming is a gigaretard

No. 1649876

That defense doesn't fly, pretty much everything that got kf down was public info or was found from screenshots on public accounts. The trannies don't care and we can easily be called a hAtE sItE because we are boolie terfs

No. 1649877

Seriously. It's not even his body that's being called out. It's fetish gear he's wearing to modify the appearance of his body.

No. 1649879

did you even look at the pic in the purple shirt? Even the most normiest of normies would find that distasteful

No. 1649880

As if they needed any reason.

No. 1649894

File: 1663347849693.jpeg (600.81 KB, 1125x1254, D1A4CF2C-3F4F-44A9-B0E2-568D91…)

Update, apparently goes by Kayla Lemieux. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a social media account where he posts creepy shit under this name or similar like >>1649868 said

No. 1649899

File: 1663348020481.png (426.33 KB, 548x539, theyhaveseenitallnow.png)

The faces of these students…

No. 1649900

If only you knew etc. etc.

No. 1649923

File: 1663349579467.jpg (120.99 KB, 353x283, bigfoot.jpg)

Same fucking energy.

No. 1649927

File: 1663349956952.gif (236.51 KB, 720x720, t.gif)

The journos have picked up the teacher story.

No. 1649933

File: 1663350227795.png (63.73 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png)

No. 1649940

If he's indeed a troon (yeah, I'm still in denial), no way he doesn't have a fetish account somewhere with cringe fetish pics of himself, because he's obviously an exhibitionist.

No. 1649945

File: 1663350897180.jpeg (1012.5 KB, 1125x1425, A99FF196-7A48-4797-AD5D-B19BE4…)

Holy fuck, I was wondering why the WPATH guidelines (new version SOC8 just released) had a section on "Eunuchs"
>A Professor Emeritus at California State University who has given academic talks on “expanding the transgender umbrella” has for over two decades participated in a fetish forum that hosts and produces extreme sadomasochistic written pornography involving the castration and torture of children.
>Thomas W. Johnson, a retired Professor at California State University in Chico (CSUC), is a formative member of the body modification fetish site The Eunuch Archives
>Johnson has published research based on surveys he has personally conducted with other members of the Archives. His academic interests advocate for expanding the concept of ‘gender identity’ to include men with sadomasochistic and even pedophilic castration fantasies — something that has now been included as a Male-to-Eunuch identity in the draft Standards of Care for the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), an international medical body that sets guidelines including those related to the transitioning of children.
>the Eunuch Archives hosts over 3,000 pieces of fictional child pornography that detail the rape, torture, and killing of children. In some narratives, children with stunted puberty are raped by doctors. In others, children are castrated by force as part of a sadistic sexual torture ritual.
>According to Johnson’s own research, the majority of site members who participated in a survey cited sexual fantasy as their main reason for interest in castration.
>In addition to Johnson, the identities of two other leading site members have also been determined by Reduxx as similarly prominent academics.
The fetish site was also cited in the guidelines. At some point an apology had been issued
but the new version still contains an entire section on eunuchs
Actual fucking pedophiles with nullo fetishes I'm gonna be sick. Not like we didn't already know this but jesus.

No. 1649948

This is what happens when we're told that social shaming is bad, excluding is bad, "kinkshaming" is bad, and to just love and accept and include everyone. And imagine that, MEN are the ones with the most grotesque flaunting of this. Always always always degenerate, always breaking boundaries and social norms. Between breastplate-chan here and the troons abusing infants trying to make them breastfed their horsepiss moobs…I'm fucking done. Sage for sperg.

No. 1649951

I am relieved that I decide to homeschool my kids, none of these freaks will ever get near my children

No. 1649957

>What boggles my mind is why the kids aren't making fun of him everywhere.
Probably because he looks so crazy the kids will worry about him doing something even crazier to them if they so much as protest a little bit. My classmates in high school were all spoiled rich kids who would ruin classes and make fun or talk over the teachers that were too nice and didn't have a lot of charisma I guess, but we had a philosophy teacher who was batshit crazy (negative of course) and everyone was calm because they just wanted the teachers to not find a pretext to start shit with them and the classes to end asap. My philosophy teacher was acting like a turbo retard because he couldn't be fired by law so he quitted his job himself and wanted to ruin everything for everyone for his last year, and yes he explicitly told us on our first day with him. I wouldn't be surprised if that was a similar goal with that tranny here.

No. 1649961

These people don't read or watch the actual news kek, you're talking about people who will spam info that's reported everywhere by a shit ton of actual journalists online and on traditional media nonstop with the caption "WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS?? HMMMM I WONDER…"

No. 1649962

File: 1663351892962.jpg (387.66 KB, 1080x1602, IMG_20220916_191030.jpg)

When you call your mother an "egg donor".

No. 1649970

The fact that he had to edit it to clarify "egg donor" because even tims were confused by his misogyny.

No. 1649986

It's sad to realize that men dump all their shame on women and girls. And it doesn't even work to alleviate their negative emotions, they still get bad feelings every now and then and rage at women and girls even harder.

No. 1649995

nonnie this is so fucking funny

i cant stop thinking about these poor kids. on one hand it’s disgusting that they’re being exposed to this. on the other, i’m sure 90% of the kids there have been peaked on trannies. i’ve been cracking the fuck up thinking about all the jokes these kids make about this cretin

No. 1650010

Off topic but I’m surprised by the amount of nonnies who homeschool here, I’ve been planning to do it in the future ever since peaking

No. 1650011

it's banned in my country so fml for my baby

No. 1650020

there is something extra infuriating about him calling his mother an egg donor.

sperm doner makes sense cause that's all a male contributes to making a baby.

But a mother contributes so much more than just an egg. The ungrateful moid was created cell by cell thru his mother's blood, bone and flesh. Housed inside of her at the risk of his mothers health, for over 9 months till his little fleshy meat bag could survive outside her womb. Then a durther risk to her life during child birth which hinestly is tramatix af for lots of woman. And then likely even survived of her care and milk if breastfed for a year or more.

A mother donates a lot more than a single cell to create him. Unless of course it's a weird surrogate thing.

But if he wants to be a woman so bad maybe he needs to start respecting the biological reality that our sex live by. He isn't interested in being a woman, he just wants to dress up in the frilly shackles society forces on woman due to our reproductive role.

No. 1650025

What I mean is shaming isn't necessarily negative or bad. Nor is having a sense of shame, which these men don't appear to have. Human beings NEED to shame deviant behavior, exclude the people (men) who demonstrate such behavior, and hold boundaries of decency and common sense. We are made to feel today that we can't ridicule taboo behavior. And that's why we're at a state that we are.
Ok plz no ban, sorry for OT, back to mocking troons.

No. 1650029

File: 1663356850110.jpg (187.03 KB, 1151x2028, J4Tqyt1.jpg)

No. 1650051

so you agree, they're mutually exclusive

No. 1650058

File: 1663359539560.png (644.82 KB, 451x775, 2022-09-16 22_20_13.png)

lmfao real-life kikomi made this faggot mad https://www.tiktok.com/@dylanmulvaney/video/7142702100097797422

No. 1650059


No. 1650063


Malta also has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, it's not legal even if the woman's life is in danger. How can people not see that this is not a progressive movement?

No. 1650070

This is like the third time this has been posted. Lurk moar

No. 1650071

ayrt, i feel u anon and i mostly agree. just had to let out a shitpost after hearing a girl at a bar say she was reading Whipping Girl and it was "like really important but like, also just so outdated"

No. 1650075

Anyone have a link to the og video? I really want to show my friend. She hasn't fully peaked yet, but she really hates Dylan.

No. 1650082

yes, someone please post her OG videos, i cant find any of them! :(

No. 1650084

I’m pretty sure that tumblr user is on our side and is just using their logic to prove how stupid it is.

No. 1650085

anons please use a sock when sharing tiktok videos. some trannies will try to doxx your account

No. 1650092

I have a very unfavorable opinion of homeschooling, but with breast plate-sensei, it doesnt feel like the right moment to argue about it.

No. 1650112

sadly yes but hopefully this degeneracy isn't as rampant here

No. 1650124

So is the breastplate teacher named Stephen Hanna or Kayla Lemieux? I'm hearing both names but is one incorrect?

No. 1650141

He's known as Kayla now and Stephen is the "deadname". That's probably why there's 2 tech teachers at the school, cuz there's actually just one.

No. 1650195

File: 1663565917927.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1520x1173, least misogynist troon.png)

found this gross troon on gelbooru, i have been puking all weekend over it

No. 1650197

File: 1663566158271.png (Spoiler Image,115.37 KB, 1098x362, gross.png)

all his likes are either ''uwu shota tranny'' or ''women/little girl getting mutilated/raped/murdered''. I find it ironic that all of the gore porn is of real women, while the ''normal'' pics he likes are of tranny pedobait.

No. 1650224

Japan has trains to separate the predators from women so i doubt they will give in to their demands
arent asian moids supposed to be the most easily ''passable'' kek? he looks so masculine

No. 1650229

Dat headtilt is doing nothing to hide his Adam's apple.
Fucker is showing his face next to misogynistic murder porn, autistic serial killer vibes.

No. 1650231

File: 1663569455905.jpg (333.49 KB, 2254x1284, kek.jpg)

Troon arrested after he and his MRA buddies, among other things, threw smoke bombs at women peacefully holding speeches in Brighton, England. I heard that more men were arrested as well. Sweet justice finally.

No. 1650233

File: 1663569543351.jpeg (286.33 KB, 1170x1928, BA53AA2F-B6D1-42D4-97FD-809E1D…)

glad we're back because i've been saving this cap that genuinely made me sick when i first saw it

No. 1650234

it’s just too peaceful without my beloved mtf thread. can’t let ourselves forget the horrors of mankind

No. 1650237

File: 1663569839481.png (859.25 KB, 1205x812, rem.png)

>Fucker is showing his face next to misogynistic murder porn, autistic serial killer vibes.
its so sad that these moids are shielded so hard by the internet/media they can openly brag about raping women cadavers while their ugly mug and ''real'' name is attached to their profile

No. 1650245

Anon can you do some sleuthing and report this to the FBI or a suitable agency? I’ve done that with trannies in the past who have violent tendencies and/or CP

No. 1650246

i hope someone will cast real women and all white cast just to spite this faggot

No. 1650250

File: 1663571537923.png (579.92 KB, 564x708, neff.png)

I missed these threads in a horrible kind of way, so it's good to be back

No. 1650253

File: 1663572061584.jpg (1.08 MB, 4500x4500, 693e21a2-21e9-576a-9012-59c014…)

Ahhh back from vacation with a fresh, revitalized hatred of troons. I don't care how much push there is to accept mentally ill men as women, your entitlement and narcissistic nature will always instantly clock you. As though the 5 o'clock shadow wasn't enough lmao

No. 1650272

File: 1663573660243.png (231.33 KB, 1034x362, tranny owns guns.png)

no idea how to, i tried to find his socials but he only has his porn accs under that username. He's definetly dangerous and owns a gun, i hope the rope gets fast to him before he harms any woman or girl.

No. 1650276

File: 1663573880053.png (Spoiler Image,105.95 KB, 582x323, confirming he's a necrophile.p…)

i have a whole folder of this troon and believe it or not this isnt even the most disgusting shit he comments. Here he confirms he's a necrophile.

No. 1650283

File: 1663575005453.png (855.79 KB, 1390x715, Fc_zPboWQAM1xzw756e4w3.png)

No. 1650285

nta but I came up similarly after I searched his username. I want this freak exposed.
Have you tried reverse image searching his pfp?

No. 1650286

i really hope the parents change their children from school next year i worry for the safety of the poor girls/boys this troon is going to def groom

No. 1650287

File: 1663575469044.jpeg (114.37 KB, 1074x985, BA499E35-759F-459F-8176-B79639…)

Crossover from the coquette cringe thread. Ethel Cain is an extremely mediocre and derivative "musician", a misogynistic male and apparently is quite malding

No. 1650290

File: 1663575668616.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 2193x984, mental illness2.png)

>Have you tried reverse image searching his pfp?
i tried to but gelbooru doesnt let you open pfp, i even made an acc to try to get stuff from this troon. He has a realbooru acc and a hentaifoudry, the latter only has one comment but i havent checked his Realbooru

No. 1650299

there is no way he doesn't find sexual pleasure from harassing these kids. he's literal scum

No. 1650302

I'm pretty sure this is a Jessica Yaniv-like situation. Once this hits the mainstream it's going to be pretty much universally recognized as absurb imo. (Maybe I'm overly optimistic.)

No. 1650308

File: 1663579391018.jpeg (104.14 KB, 789x888, E8CCF03B-57A9-47B9-9C67-7B8EC7…)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate trannies so much it’s unreal. The worst part about this is that there are so many troons that I’ve seen in the wild that are also into this kind of thing. Trannies and extreme porn sickness go hand in hand.

No. 1650309

File: 1663579779526.png (6.8 MB, 1812x2133, asu989a8sah7.png)

from the tweet thread in one of the videos, I love this based lesbian smoking a cigarette while standing on the hideous new flag

No. 1650311

kek iconic

No. 1650312

sigma female energy

No. 1650316

slightly ot, but I have a seething hatred for the idea that a woman is "too old" to wear something. No one ever says this to men for one, and then women are essentially being told to cover up their age as well as buy new clothes, feeding into unnecessary consumerism. I get that doesn't quite apply since both are celebrities who can afford designer clothes whenever they want, but still. If it fits and is still in good condition, who tf cares?

But then there's this, this entirely overt double standard. Not only is the woman demonized for wearing something that fits her figure, but then the obese troon is praised for wearing the exact same thing even though he's visibly bursting out of the dress at the gut, moobs, and shoulders.

No. 1650318

File: 1663580750823.jpg (364.74 KB, 1536x1246, homophobes.jpg)

She is a wearing a "Lesbian strenght" top - which was an event the day before that was cancelled because of safety reasons (troons and other MRAs harassing the lesbians). She must be so done with their shit.
Here is a pic of the anti-lesbian protesters.

No. 1650321

the male with the yellow scarf on his face activates my fight-or-flight, he's got serial killer eyes

No. 1650323

File: 1663582074664.png (863.83 KB, 1431x694, 748b9019511a16f9700cadc.png)

>hopefully this degeneracy isn't as rampant here
nonna I'm sorry but post-war Germany was one of the leading distributors of child porn in the world, not to mention the "sexual liberation" in west germany led to social experiments like this or giving pedophiles accesses to child porn in hopes that it would deter them from harming real children


No. 1650325

samefag, It's long read and it is difficult to read thought but becomes riveting once it gets back to Marco, stick with it, the most insane thing I found about this was Kentler(the one responsible for those care centers run by pedophiles) only realized that adult-child sexual relationships were exploitative and harmful after the suicide of his adopted son whom he had a sexual relationship with. As if before that it really never occured to him for decades. Whereas it's immediately obvious to almost anybody with an ounce of common sense, it really drives home for me the divide between pretentious academic thinking and what we call common sense, and how only respecting the former and dismissing the latter can have seriously bad consequences.
also sadly many of the people involved in this are still in politics today. This article quotes a current member of the European parliament who pretty much admitted to being a pedo and molesting raping children in the 60s

No. 1650327

File: 1663583377027.jpeg (42.17 KB, 160x152, avatar_873240.jpeg)

Zero matches on tineye. I don't know what other sites someone could use.

No. 1650331

He is totally there for a chance of beating up women.

No. 1650336

File: 1663584883836.png (743.77 KB, 810x846, Screenshots_2022-09-19-18-54-3…)

No. 1650338

This fills with me so much rage, I truly don't care what these bastards do themselves but the harm they do to children needs to be stopped, no civil society should let this subhuman be near a child

No. 1650345

and this is yet another way a whole new breed of toxic masculinity gets passed down

No. 1650360

File: 1663587067938.jpeg (200.87 KB, 2048x947, Fc81IY4XkAId8N-.jpeg)

What an absolute chimp. Whatever this hominid is, it will never be an adult human female. I don't even think it hits more than one of those criteria.

No. 1650361

fucking pedophile

No. 1650370

File: 1663587932065.webm (2.46 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1663587637810.webm)

how are troons not embarrassed to dress like this

No. 1650371

ayart, yes, I read similar articles in German as well. I can't really make sense of it all. It's one abhorrent thing after the other. The only thing I've noticed is that there aren't as many troons who do this in the open/in public as in the US and Canada - from what I've experienced.

No. 1650375

because they're delulu and think they look like their favourite loli once they put on cat ears

No. 1650380

normal pants and a tshirt for male clothing and a costume and cat ears for female clothing. again, why does anyone listen to them?

No. 1650395

Just some straight up Buffalo Bill shit right here

No. 1650398

File: 1663591969408.jpg (247.64 KB, 1242x1928, Fc-gP4SWAAA9Jcl.jpg)

Period cramps huh……

No. 1650400

File: 1663592324667.png (1.88 MB, 1081x2346, chrome_screenshot_166359189125…)

No. 1650401

The way this is written it looks like they were just discharged with nothing wrong and just assumed it must have been a period cramp. Or the doctor told them it was "just cramps" and they in their brain dead Coomer state assumed "period" cramps instead of just intestinal cramping probably from switching to a new type of horse pill which is known for causing bathroom issues in the first place lol

No. 1650403

Oh yes, anecdotal story is such proof. Also this >>1650401. The post even said it was “from hormones”. That doesn’t mean anything without a female reproductive system that would be causing said cramps. It’s kind of wild to me how a lot of these men start experiencing genuine negative side effects from HRT and instead of feeling more concern about how it’s damaging their bodies they feel “euphoric” over it. It reminds me of alcoholics who ignore liver pains and remain in denial about what they’re doing to themselves.

No. 1650404

Wait, is he saying the brown stripe is for AIDS victims?

No. 1650406

Isn’t the rainbow supposed to be representative of the community as a whole? I know it’s the “gay” flag, but at this point it had become a symbol for pride in general. I’ve never understood why they keep adding things to it and making it less and less appealing stylistically. Shit is ugly.

No. 1650407

a man wouldn't be able to withstand period pains without offing himself. or checking into the hospital every time it happens.

(u/deleted. hmmmh…)

No. 1650411

File: 1663593209053.jpg (957.79 KB, 900x1738, trtrkiki.jpg)

No. 1650419

Funny how you never hear from women who had hysterectomies and actually need the estrogen say anything like this. Almost like they know it's retarded and impossible

No. 1650421


No. 1650431

Kikomi is a blessing.

No. 1650434

ILY, Kikomi-chan
We are truly blessed

No. 1650439

1. a drop in estrogen and progesterone is what triggers a period so taking the same amount of estrogen on a daily or weekly basis would not give you anything like a monthly cycle 2. if you do not have a uterus you can't get uterine cramps 3. a period is not a period without bleeding 4. wtf

No. 1650455

thank you kikomi-chan, i hope you’re doing well and welcome back

No. 1650456

Kikomi nonny, please make one with Kikomi wearing huge breast plates like Wood shop professor-chan

No. 1650457


No. 1650483

File: 1663597694128.jpeg (723.26 KB, 1170x1859, 6FC529CC-0CFB-4200-9985-753A7F…)

Straight nonnas do this with your moids

No. 1650486

File: 1663597743312.jpeg (991.32 KB, 1170x1295, AD8478E0-5F39-428F-8224-69ABE7…)

The former, thank you.

No. 1650489

File: 1663597857490.jpg (372.56 KB, 720x3200, 05.jpg)

context, some e-girl made a joke post with her bf, doing the whole "1 year on estrogen" prompt, about how she looks like a gender-swapped version of her boyfriend and for someone it went viral on troon/progressive twitter, troons are claiming that this harmless joke is literally mocking trans women's experiences, I personally think the troons are mad cause it ruins the fantasy that they could ever be the hot egirl they desire and will always be ugly moids no matter how much they try

see the reactions, they are absolutely hilarious and absurd

No. 1650491

they're only mad because she's cute

No. 1650492

I wonder what school will be like today. Maybe we'll get new Kayla pics?

No. 1650494

germany just loves its good old propaganda. next year we'll have overtaken the us and canada when it comes to insane trannyshit.

just a totally wholesome family movie written and acted by one of the most popular actors about a 6yo trooning out…

No. 1650496

E-girl is the ultimate Stacy. I want what she has, no matter how many anime profile picture having troons tell her to die they will never be women. <3

No. 1650498

File: 1663598436311.jpg (49.09 KB, 828x465, 20220919_163928.jpg)

Thats not cyperpunk thats just disgusting

No. 1650500

literal head start on the rot pocket by using a corpse to make it

No. 1650501

Imagine donating your body to science only for it to become part of some autogynephile's amhole

No. 1650513

I wonder if the cadaver was actually an organ donor?
This is something I think every once in a while, how "cis" men, even if they are misogynist creeps, might think twice before airing their unhingedness or do so anonymously, because they wouldn't want to make it too obvious they are a serial killer in the making. Meanwhile, troons pretty much dox themselves next to demonstrations of their violent fetishes and nothing comes out of it.

No. 1650523

"New"? Did Kevin's hole close up or something? Last I heard he was dilating and putting out his nasty of content

No. 1650525

File: 1663599968964.jpg (604.38 KB, 1080x1344, 1663595605229351.jpg)

No. 1650529

could be a clothing model here nowadays. the more deformed and hideous the better

No. 1650531

Imagine being 6 years old and already looking this masculine. A future hon in training

No. 1650538

File: 1663600489786.jpeg (277.99 KB, 938x860, E001D2B5-4D25-4D66-A3D8-139A0E…)

We are their gods. Crying on the kitchen floor because he will never look like us, ripping out whatever is left of his hair in fistfuls while having stress diarrhoea in his unwashed panties. Seething and sobbing, rolling on the ground like syrian child who just had both of his femurs shattered by sharapnel. Another massive W for Womankind.

No. 1650539

>hitler salute
The fucking reach, didn't she just let the other flag fall down by her feet? Imagine having 0 brain cells to connect the dots and being so desperate to make lesbians = nazi connection that you just have to embarrass yourself like that.

No. 1650542

File: 1663600619139.jpg (31.18 KB, 359x400, 748b901.jpg)

knowing germany's history with state backed child sexual abuse, this is expected, anyone who speaks up against this film is gonna labelled a fascist and that will be that, I hate pedophiles so fucking much
A transgender six year old is like a vegan cat. We all know who's making the lifestyle choices.

No. 1650543

This was posted here years ago, mods pls delete old milk

No. 1650545

Kevin didn't dilate that much, so the amhole closed up. He is now getting a revision surgery with the human cadaver skin.

No. 1650555

They always talk about how they hate us, how we’re all ugly and this and that but then they aspire to look, act, and function like us. What is the truth?

No. 1650565

File: 1663601431832.png (117.42 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20220918-160314-225…)

No. 1650566

File: 1663601463485.png (95.03 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20220918-133058-377…)

No. 1650567

I clicked and the tweets showed in my language and one of the tweets said "go fuck yourself you fucking whore you bitch fucking slut I hope you die and a building falls on you"
So feminine, also it is curious that none of the hate went to the guy, just her. Troons are the most misogynistic assholes I have ever seen

No. 1650571

So troons get to whinge about “appropriation”, how very interesting

No. 1650574

It’s the same way when drag queens are brought up. I’ve seen TiMs say drag queens are making trans women look bad or are appropriation but then completely miss it when women try to bring up how what they’re doing is no different and even worse in many cases.

No. 1650575

Seeing troons cry about cis people 'appropriating' trans identity without having their struggles peaks me over and over, like look in the fucking mirror. Your entire life revolves around identifying into an opressed class without actually relating to any of that classes material struggles. The ultimate projection.

No. 1650604

File: 1663604087685.png (1.39 MB, 1844x1572, Screenshot.png)

even by troon standards these reactions fiery, like I don't even understand what their upset over, its a fairly harmless shitpost

No. 1650610

Encountered a troon in the wild today. I work part-time at a daycare while I'm studying, we were out with the kids in the afternoon and this ghoulish middle aged troon walked towards the entrence. I was also walking towards the entrance since the kids wanted toys. I didn't say a word, he was apparently there to pick up his daughter. Typical troon get-up, skirt, makeup, pony-tail with a receding hairline. Idk Nonna's but something about a wrinkly ugly mood with a full face of makeup just makes me want to vomit. His daughter came in while I was looking for the toys inside. I felt so bad for her. She's the cutest thing ever and this is her father. I usually talk with the parents about what we've been up to etc but I didn't say a word to him. I said oh you're going home to confirm it's his daughter, she hugged me and asked if I was coming tomorrow. I did not feel comfortable with him there at all. He he kept glaring the whole time. Another teacher came in, I picked up some skipping rope and other things and left. What a fucking weirdo. I feel so bad for these children, especially little girls. He is a clear case of AGP and probably fetishizes little girls himself. I haven't met her mom yet but I'm sure she's struggling. Fucking hell.

No. 1650642


Hey quick q: what the fuck am I looking at?

No. 1650645

It's so funny but so tragic. These people have 0 self awareness. I love seeing people troll the troons, not that it's that hard when they'll seethe over dogs sniffing out their maleness

No. 1650653

you are my salvation kikomi chan, bless u

No. 1650657

"New"? Oh did the first surgery not create a perfect, functional, self-cleaning and menstruating real vagina after all? Who knew! Funny thing is so many of these men think the only function is for it to be used as a fuck hole, and then it can't even be used for that because their bodies work against their brains and closes the wound the best it can. Truly a miserable existence. Imagine having had a failed rot pocket surgery and still deciding to do it again. Mental illness is scary.

No. 1650658

sorry for blogpost but last week i was on a uni field trip for ecology and the women i was sharing a room with seemed cool and we got along nicely (all like animal crossing, into similar shows/youtubers) UNTIL harry potter got mentioned, and one of them says "but i hate jk rowling she's horrible" not wanting to out myself, i acted dumb and asked what she had done, and essentially none of them could actually give an example of a time she was twansphobic. they just kept saying the same vague shit that's regurgitated on twitter by handmaidens and troons. what's worse is one of them talked about some of her tif friends and how she thinks that it's ridiculous how terfs could say they can 'always tell' when someone is trans because that's bullshit, she can never tell. i just don't get it. are they seriously this deluded or are they just deeply afraid of voicing their real opinions on the matter because these days being outed as a terf basically puts a target on your back. the jk rowling thing is what really gets me. she isn't half as extreme as violent moids who publicly admit to wanting to murder trannies, and yet rowling can say "oh well i do love trans folk, but women's safety and fairness in sports is more important than men seeking to identify as woman, and at the end of the day they are thinly disguised misogynists" i can't grasp that beliefs like that can be spun in such a way that she is suddenly responsible for these fucks killing themselves. i know it's been discussed to death on here but hearing and seeing this jk rowling nonsense being voiced irl, by women i had hoped to become friends with, really really sucked. how the fuck can i surround myself with women who don't adhere to this bullshit and see it for what it is? or am i going to have to settle for handmaidens/libfems. it's easy online but in real life, the options seem scarce.

No. 1650659

Both Lolcow and Kikomi-chan are back? What a blessed day

No. 1650660

File: 1663606169520.png (327.5 KB, 597x548, Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 5.48.…)

bf made his own post
No death threats that I could see but thats not surprising

No. 1650661

Kikomi-sama I love you so much

And it's so fucking true, I bet these gross fuckers would cry twansphobia at this scenario even though they know sissyfication and AGP is the driving factor for the vast majority of troons. I hope more people get exposed to it so they peak

No. 1650664

Is that the anime gore scrote? Kill him in self-defence.

No. 1650666

File: 1663606408092.jpg (182.75 KB, 720x1642, IMG_4986.JPG)

KEKin at this post someone made and said it was a good thing for episode. Even got the crooked eye man-face for the TIM and the girlish look for the TIF

No. 1650671

No, delusional troon. You are "outted" because you look and behave like males.

No. 1650672

The TIF literally just looks like a cute short-haired girl.

No. 1650674

Dolph Lundgren trooned out and started working at Hooters

No. 1650678

i like the one with alex the lion since in reality the woman will beat him up

No. 1650682

Patiently waiting for news on Mr. Oppai, I read somewhere that the school was preparing themselves for protest on Monday, but I wonder if there is anything actually happening or they are just being cautious, I'd just tell my kid they weren't going to study there anymore.

No. 1650683

It closed up almost right away because he didn't dilate lol

No. 1650698

File: 1663608845714.jpg (300.9 KB, 1170x1571, FdBhZVCX0AQCYf2.jpg)

No. 1650699

He kinda looks like jerma on the right

No. 1650704

"antisemitc vandalism is ok tho"
Is this Philip Pullman as in the writer? Is he reverse J. K. Rowling?

No. 1650705

And samefag, but is this thread autosaged?

No. 1650706

I want to scream to his wife's face that it's time to pack her bags, splurge some money on vacation to Portugal, get a new place and live a peaceful long life tending her garden and meeting friends for poker. Once her husband dies she could go visit his grave to spit on it.

No. 1650716

File: 1663609903829.jpeg (61.34 KB, 635x816, FcsEauNWIAE0r3o.jpeg)

Pig in a wig.

No. 1650720

Is Pullman a secret troon or something? Why would that be anyone's first reaction otherwise?

No. 1650725

File: 1663610652931.png (40.06 KB, 572x305, lol.png)

hahahahahahaha oh noooooo

No. 1650737

LOL its time to give up the goat. What makes him think this time will be different? He's literally frankensteining himself together with corpseflesh so he can get his (nonexistant) rocks off. I thought he loved dilating and masturbating and all of that good stuff?

No. 1650746

if he the one that was whining about buffalo bill? because how fitting if so

No. 1650751

troons have single-handedly made me consider taking myself off the donor registry

No. 1650753

Germany got a head start on the art of calling all your detractors "literally a Nazi" to shame them into silence.
A peat bog mummy trooned out.

No. 1650762

File: 1663613620799.jpg (112.45 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20220919_214946.jpg)

Breaking: a man experiences an emotion that's not rage

No. 1650765

Hope it keeps rotting and he dies of it. Even in death our bodies are desecrated for moid sex fantasies.

No. 1650770

File: 1663614456226.jpeg (381.94 KB, 1284x1630, CE2AFF53-2C0D-48FE-A844-3AA47A…)

my personal cow posted this i’m laughing because those were there before the hrt bc of chub
god the reach will never not be hilarious

No. 1650771

also unrelated but i found out that “ember” still talks to some dude who got called out for being a pedophile
birds of a feather and all that loool

No. 1650773

File: 1663614634452.png (Spoiler Image,107.99 KB, 200x270, 6_13_21.png)

A gallery of abominations resulting from men wanting to fulfill yet another fantasy: a hole AND a pole (this is not a butthole in picrel). Open at your oen risk https://www.mozaiccare.net/peritoneal-pull-through-vaginoplast

No. 1650775

One day the amhole will be sentient and turn against its master.

No. 1650776

>syrian child who just had both of his femurs shattered by sharapnel
wtf is this comparison
scrote alert

No. 1650780

Absolutely, yes. Until we rid these maniacs from the public education system I will never allow my children into those institutions.

No. 1650794

Not going to lie….The thought of a my skin being used in an amhole gives me the creeps…..Is it internal or external skin I wonder?
How long before some sick doctor starts putting random lady bits in moids to see if he can play god?

No. 1650810

Did a very light search of what can be donated from an organ donor, and skin is definitely one of them. Though I could not find out details on how that skin may be used. I always assumed burn victims and the likes. Which I 100% want all my bits to go to those people if I can help them in my death. But I am now really terrified that you will not be able to specify any exclusions on what you do not want done with your body. Like if I can fill out a specific form of what donations I am allowing after death and which ones I am not.

I hate the thought of declining organ donation because of the possiblility I may die just to be reincarnated as a stinky unwashed man hole. I can't. I feel sick thinking if it. And the moral question of 'Am I willing to risk becoming an undead amhole if that means I am also potententially able to save truly sick and needy people with my heart/marrow/liver etc?'

I feel sick.

No. 1650814

File: 1663616687066.jpeg (846.78 KB, 1284x1621, 239D1837-A87B-4524-854A-2A1460…)

this person cant be serious

also is this person a furry??? why are all tims furries???

No. 1650821

more like "hahahaha i love being a man and stealing female experiences for funny internet points while never having to experience any of the negative downsides that being female inherently comes with"

No. 1650825

Of course he is. They're all so self obsessed and narcissistic. They don't want to BE women. They want to be above women and get all the perks they think women get.

No. 1650831

File: 1663617403231.jpg (15.83 KB, 480x480, Reaction-Meme-18.jpg)

Holy jump scare. This ogre needed a spoiler

No. 1650833

Isn’t that the guy who physically abused his toddler.

No. 1650835

Blessed Kikomi-chan, you have graced us yet again! We love you!

No. 1650840

I see them talk about this a lot how "if I had the option to be a cis woman I wouldn't do it". They want to be man's idea of a woman and deep down they know that it doesn't exist outside of their heads. I also saw something where it asked MTFs if there was a pill that would make them cis women, but they'd be ugly women, would they take it? and they all said no.

No. 1650854

File: 1663618580941.png (Spoiler Image,578.59 KB, 598x1313, 1663615126163004.png)


No. 1650855

File: 1663618624680.jpg (Spoiler Image,324.45 KB, 1080x1421, stanko.jpg)

This is what women use menstrual pads for, right?

No. 1650868

not a queen we deserve, but a queen we need.

No. 1650881

Men are so fucking nasty. Every time I see a woman who's down on herself for not currently having a male parasite, I want to show them things like this. Men are no prize.

No. 1650885

File: 1663619743902.jpg (200.94 KB, 852x681, minor.jpg)

He means he's going to stop advertising the fact that he's affiliated with the DIYHRT website. I doubt he will actually stop targeting kids.

Who runs that website, anyways? They added a disclaimer that says it's intended for people 18 and up but they forgot to scrub text that mentions minors.

No. 1650912

File: 1663620625736.jpeg (185.65 KB, 990x1321, D2CDC3C9-8BB8-4600-95D3-BEF2E6…)

Filtered beyond recognition

No. 1650937

File: 1663621214176.jpg (253.04 KB, 1080x685, f.jpg)

TIMs find the idea of becoming an amhole sexually arousing because of course they do.

No. 1650947

File: 1663621600842.jpg (353.46 KB, 1908x1146, 22343664-0-image-a-14_15765742…)

looks like an orc skin walking humans

No. 1650950

File: 1663621676983.jpeg (77.07 KB, 768x412, whatsapp-image-2020-05-18-at-1…)

Image of him being brutally swatted after being doxxed by terfs.

No. 1651000

File: 1663622836882.png (1014.99 KB, 1081x5436, chrome_screenshot_166362272411…)

Some grade A compium.

No. 1651004

File: 1663622908445.jpg (475.23 KB, 2068x1287, FcdkxljWQAE-wnw.jpg)

sounds like a lie, he just won't be out in the open.

No. 1651011

one lone guy protesting. looks like nothing will be done with this pervert

No. 1651014

File: 1663623270124.jpg (176.03 KB, 876x1517, Fcyy1UQWQAIQ2bl.jpg)

Kikkomi-chan please do one about the troon teacher.

No. 1651025

File: 1663623718092.png (71.12 KB, 1342x226, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 2.41…)

uhh sisters??

No. 1651030

There is a Vice article being written by a Twitter tranny about “female radicalization online” in the wake of KF going down and they’re going to mention this site as TERF brainwashing, prepare for more scrotes and attempts to get LC off cloudfare

No. 1651055

How do you know? Which twitter troon is writing it?

No. 1651058

File: 1663625029267.jpeg (Spoiler Image,376.18 KB, 2047x832, 52DCB6A7-6AC8-471B-8495-BB4484…)

It really is bizarre they think this will turn them into a loli

No. 1651065

This is so stupid and I guarantee it’s “payback” for all the articles written about incel and TRA radicalization. The thing is that even when women ARE “radicalized” to the point of man-hating (which I assume is what bothers them so much), women almost never get violent about it like male radicals do. Women usually amplify their voices about why the treatment given to them as wrong due to misogyny and sexism, or at the deeper end might become separatists, but that’s not a violent action. It’s saying “leave us alone” which is one of the main things a lot of feminists want. Men threaten, men stalk, men beat and kill. All because we just want to be left alone or said something that hurt a male’s feelings. It just isn’t the same as MRA behavior. If the worst thing a woman can do is speak her mind but men can get away with murder then that’s pretty fucked up.

No. 1651072

Anything about trannies are usually relegated to this single thread there's nothing else that they have a reason to take down LC. Don't worry nonnie it's not going anywhere, if they take down LC they'll need to take down ovarit and mumsnet. That wouldn't happen.

No. 1651088

File: 1663625955001.gif (96.18 KB, 205x234, 1458593146154.gif)

all these rotpockets posted here and somehow this is the closest to make me barf

tims truly are an amalgam of every filth on this planet

No. 1651090

Already have, I may be weird old school and spiritual but I want to keep my body to myself even after I’m dead. People try to guilt and shame non donors into being some bitch killing people just because I’m selfish and dead anyway but would you want to have your corpse defiled if you could help it? All these horrible examples keep stacking up as well and it only reinforces my choice.

No. 1651097

nonny… it’s not his poem, it’s an actual shakespeare play. he just trooned out some characters kek.

No. 1651102


it's surprising how much a terfdom arc is just seeing them vehemently deny things things you reason out about trans identity and then they just kinda admit it later. like imagine if you could zap that image back to when they were all using the "trapped in the wrong body" narrative.

No. 1651105

As someone who has interacted with multiple mtfs, they hate feminists way way more than right wingers. The podcast bernie left of the last five years has been about discrediting womens rights and buddying up with right wingers - the leftcows thread is a good example

No. 1651119

this couple is so based kek, I wish them a long and happy relationship together
well that brings a whole new meaning to "rot pocket" now doesn't it? Kevin is disgusting.
yep, that is the Philip Pullman, the writer. He's been a troon simp for years

No. 1651123

on your state's DMV website you should be able to specify which organs you consent to donating. if you only want to donate internal organs, or a specific one, you can definitely do that (at least in California). I'd actually really suggest reading more about how organ donations work because they can't just harvest any tissue after you're dead.

I truly cannot comprehend the level of horror that is someone else's dead body being used to Frankenstein a fuck hole for a pedo/furry/agp's degeneracy. imagine dying and some sexist pig uses a piece of your corpse to shove a tentacle dildo up inside of himself. so misogynistic if the skin comes from a female donor…feels necrophilic or something too. I hope the cadaver skin for his hole was donated by a male.

No. 1651127


Every time they push the "radicals" crap I just hammer in that our beliefs are what upwards of 90% of women around the planet already believe. TRAs represent an insane bougie western enclave and even as fucked up online weirdos on this specific issue we're the normal ones representing the views of the average person.

No. 1651147

can we talk about how the tranny is arguing with the catch-a-predator guys exactly like any old moid arguing with other moids? the body language, the tone, the attitude say it all really. male behavior kek and that's not even getting into his appearance or the bass of his voice. he can inject himself with as much horse piss as he wants, but he still exhibits textbook scrote aggression.

side note, but I was looking at the sex offender registry list in my neighborhood and there were several TiMs in the extremely small geographic area I zoomed in on. definitely an overrepresentation when you consider how little the tranny demographic is. not surprisingly, all the TiMs had offenses involving minors. and while there was a diverse mix of races in rapists, white TiMs outnumbered "cis" POC moids in pedo shit.

No. 1651152

File: 1663628700555.jpeg (188.06 KB, 940x819, 78F9B2EA-9BA2-49D1-87C6-7DA3B8…)

Kek why not tuck those away for the picture

No. 1651155

trannies take a selfie without dildos in the background challenge (impossible)

No. 1651160

It's the same way FDS sent them into rages, even though most of it is exactly what a nice grandma would tell a girl, and there is nothing to "radicalize", most of the women who ended up there were probably on the verge of giving up on relationships with men anyway, they didn't need any kind of ideology. If that recent Bill Maher whine session was accurate, most unmarried scrotes aren't getting any sex.

No. 1651194

It can never be said enough that trannies will always side with MGTOW

No. 1651195

Exactly, most women are “radicalized” not by words online but by the violent behavior of the men they interact with. And yet men are actually radicalized by other men because women aren’t giving them the sex they think they’re owed and then they act like they experience any sort of sex-based oppression.

No. 1651218

this is almost impressively terrible. if he put his fucking thesaurus away he might have a shot at writing in actual, properly accented blank verse (which is the bare fucking minimum requirement for the style i assume he's attempting to emulate). but he's just thrown a bunch of stereotypically ~shakespearean~ words together and it's INCOMPREHENSIBLE. i've seen middle school english projects with a better grasp of metre than this masturbatory piece of trash. put a too-small skirt and some poorly drawn eyeliner on male mediocrity and suddenly it becomes the new artistic vanguard.

No. 1651224

File: 1663631794382.jpeg (320.26 KB, 749x1400, 6D09F023-1785-4712-AA2D-44B982…)

the word feminization has officially lost all meaning.

No. 1651248

No. 1651252

she got way fatter lord

No. 1651258

you’d eat your feelings too if you were a girldick sucking handmaiden with a hideous troon husband. poor woman.

No. 1651266

I’d get fatter on purpose so the troon leaves me and I can be free.

No. 1651271

>feeling sorry for the woman who encouraged this

No. 1651280

If you're mad about "transition timelines" being appropriated for a joke, imagine how mad we are about having our entire sex appropriated for a fetish.

No. 1651281

lol no attempt to feminize his voice. I would end it if I was married to that.

No. 1651287

What if they do the same thing they did to KF and make fake fedposts to get cloudflare to stop protecting us?

No. 1651288

File: 1663636380501.png (32.81 KB, 745x417, Lissa. on Twitter.png)

No. 1651291

sure, everything is women’s fault, especially men’s fetishes.

No. 1651293

File: 1663636827517.jpg (399.07 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_2022-09-19-17-58-56…)

>They know that I'm going to live my life in a perpetual state of puberty having very healthy hormone levels
There's nothing healthy about an adult going through perpetual puberty
>never dealing with menopause and all that it reeks on women's bodies
Unlike HRT, menopause is natural and wreaks far less havoc on the female body than horse piss pills do on the male body
>I feel bad for them
Menopausal and post menopausal women are women, something you will never, ever be
>But I know, the same way that I envy every woman I see, that may be how some of them feel toward me and that is validating
We don't envy you.
I swear, troons are so fucking delusional. IF, and it's a pretty big if, he has true and honest female friends, they're blowing smoke up his ass and pretending to take his advice about hormone levels seriously because they feel sorry for him. Kek troons really think they know more about women's bodies than women do. Insane.

No. 1651296

>I didn't have male socialization, I instead had a lack of any proper socialization and became socially inept
wow so much better

No. 1651297

Then we'd all be released from this addiction of doomscrolling the world's ugliest troons, nosage-san. No point making the suggestion out loud for them when there's nothing to be done about it.

No. 1651303

Kek what is he even saying? "Why are you crying, faggot" is female experience now? Imagine if this retard had the same experiences of a 10 year old girl, his weak ass would've 41 already

No. 1651304

KF has been doxxing lolcows for awhile

No. 1651311

I'm glad all these scrotes are melting down AND don't have the good sense to not point women in the direction of other women. Troons peaked me on all men, and I was pretty far down the cool girl hole.
Men like this are why the English upper class invented the stiff upper lip. It's embarrassing to witness the amount of manipulative whining, crocodile tears, and grossly exaggerated self pity that scrotes will roll around in, like a pig in shit.

No. 1651314

The troon in question has a feeder fetish. I am not kidding.

No. 1651331

Wtf, I can't understand how philip pullman and margaret atwood can fall for troon shit while jk rowling got free, you'd think the older they are the more bullshit resistant they'd become.. now I'm depressed.

No. 1651335

nonnie you don't know who this person is lol. she use to work for buzzfeed and you know how insane those people are.

No. 1651337

File: 1663638723698.jpg (179.04 KB, 600x335, dodell616.jpg)

I remember this dude. He's a creepy pedo.


Thought he DFE after he admitted to feeling jealous of a 6 year old girl.

No. 1651348

edit his pictures

No. 1651351

Same, nonnie. Took myself off the registry last year because of this. Also, with the way the US government is run these days, I do not expect them to follow proper legal procedures regarding organ donation.
So, instead of getting mental health care/therapy/counseling about this experience, the only solution is to say you're a woman? We are also told to "stop crying" as children. Somehow, some way, we mature mentally and realize that the things people say to us do not define us. If every woman who was shamed for crying as a girl decided to become a troon, there would be no normal women left in the world. I won't mention the fact that we are fetishized and molested literally from birth. Fuck this moid.
Menopause is a natural, female bodily process. It is something solely part of being a female, and we gasp LIVE THROUGH IT.

No. 1651355

If only moids could understand that having uncontrolled feelings (outside of spite and rage-based ones) and/or being a giant pussy doesn't make them female.

No. 1651363

>be careful not to go out alone
>always tell everyone where you are going
>dont dress like that
>always go to public bathrooms with friends
>dont tell anyone you are on your period

there is probably more but i have always been tomboyish so i probably didnt experience those, but being socialized female is basically having everyone around you worried some moid is gonna hurt you.

No. 1651365


Progressives have really gone backwards on what the word "privilege was meant to illustrate. Like even my really conservative grandfather would intuitively know a 10 year old girl being asked "Why are you crying, dyke?" immediately has way darker implications. That's where the privilege is.

No. 1651399

No. 1651416

being called a faggot for crying is literally as male socialized as you can get kek

No. 1651469

File: 1663645408561.jpg (15.09 KB, 400x400, 9fa0016946332c.jpg)

can someone explain what exactly is supposed to be offensive about this ? I don't think she even intended to be "transphobic" or whatever, it seems like a random shitpost/inside joke meant for your followers and mutuals

No. 1651473

There's nothing offensive about it, they just get off to harassing women, and are desperate to take any chance to do it, because women are usually way too nice to them.
They are also jealous of the cute alt girl with dyed hair, because deep inside, despite all the cope they know they will never be her. Like this guy >>1650538

No. 1651483

Exactly, troons are just men who have landed a way they can harass women and face no repercussions for being vile shits. Someone pointed out here >>1650660 that the boyfriend posted the same thing in reverse but barely got any interaction in comparison. If it were really about transphobia, they'd both be getting ire flung their way in equal amounts. Trannies are just MRAs, lipstick on pigs.

No. 1651484

File: 1663646515608.png (163.69 KB, 481x571, Screenshot 11.png)

what >>1651473 said, its mostly driven by envy that they will never come close to looking like a real egirl, their mentality is that 'I wish I looked like her but I can't so I'll personally attack her'
also troons and TIF handmaidens are spamming her other posts, calling her ugly and telling her to kill herself

No. 1651487

good for american mcgee for getting the trannybux

No. 1651488

this is extremely strange

No. 1651490

what the fuck is wrong with vice?

No. 1651495

he's probably into feederism in order to trap her into staying. paraphillias come in clusters.

No. 1651507

I’ve literally just been coming here and scrolling in hopes that more about chestplate sensei is posted

No. 1651511

no one can make fun of troons remember?

No. 1651513

File: 1663648778524.jpg (485.05 KB, 1200x1789, pale_lady_gammell_illustration…)

No. 1651529

What a delicate female form

No. 1651532

File: 1663650222715.png (263.71 KB, 601x515, Screenshot.png)

many troons come to think "No one can tell. Maybe some people could tell when I was early in my transition, but not anymore. No one questions. No one can tell." and they start believing it
Taking out the best looking people who transition, the ones who spend hundreds of hours on appearance and taking pictures from every angle possible, under every type of lighting, etc, maybe 2 or 3 in a 100 can fool someone in a picture.
None of them give no tells in real life. Literally, none. As soon as you're close enough, you can tell. But no one will tell them that because they think if they do they'll cause the person to kill themselves. And noticing means you're a bad person and a bigot, so Imagine a troon seeing this post and getting their hopes up for estrogen to make them look like a perfect born female and how those hopes would be crushed realizing its just a regular cis-girl, that's why this post has unironically done more critical damage than a million YWNBAW rants.

Just 4 words and a clear picture of something that they will never achieve.

No. 1651562

(reposting what was on ovarit) an interview from rebel

No. 1651564

File: 1663654182682.jpg (57.8 KB, 686x283, rebel.jpg)

summary the user posted

No. 1651588

Things like this make me despise the ghoulish corpse of what the left has become even harder than I thought possible. Only one brand new man will stand up for all the girls this scrote teacher is sexually harassing every single day. People can wear all the pussy hats and girl boss shirts they want, they obviously don't give a shit about women or girls.

No. 1651590

it is so funny to see how many troons believed it to be real and thought they have a chance to turn out that way kek. They literally ignored that everything from the bones to the height is completley different and not possible to archieve

No. 1651599

File: 1663658909933.png (48.43 KB, 742x462, 978656r5e4w3q12456.png)

This is a comment about the first article, I believe. It really seems like people are very careful talking about him for the moment.

No. 1651600

It's funny because it's not true and they all know it, so the troons seeing these tweets will feel like failures because their dick surgery wound can't do all, or even any, of those things.

The only purpose tweets like this serve for them is to lure in more men to troon out. They don't want to feel like a stupid failure and be the only ones who were hurt and tricked by this, so they try to get more men to follow so they're all "in it together".

No. 1651606

a whole city acting like wives stuck with abusive husbands

No. 1651609

File: 1663659972726.png (411.96 KB, 599x686, another_man_who_speaks_for_wom…)

The barbie pouch tranny, who is since around 150 days a "girl" and sees himself not even as a "woman" (according to the comments, I won't watch this troon) was invited to speak instead of a woman https://twitter.com/ForbesWomen/status/1570804743420755970

No. 1651610

Even the hypothetical gay tim can't wear a woman's normal clothes to a formal event, and has to wear fuck me club gear.

No. 1651611

File: 1663660839419.png (97.73 KB, 621x727, Screenshot 2022-09-20 095942.p…)

The replies give me hope

No. 1651613

File: 1663661296363.png (501.22 KB, 800x450, original_littles.png)

They're finally coming out of the pedo closet and using fetish terms for kids. I don't think it's a coincidence that normalizing "littles" comes at the same time that they're normalizing child eunuchs.
Sorry, can't embed because troontube obviously isn't going to let this much truth sit on their servers.

No. 1651616

Surely he's been a troon for longer than 150 days by now? If they HAVE to feature a man I wish they'd have a detransition male explaining why he was wrong to ever think he was a woman and showing how sexually motivated most of the mtf trans community is.

No. 1651618

File: 1663662074019.jpeg (247.16 KB, 828x1355, E2F8C001-8CCC-487F-A9D9-C79EAD…)

Shooting themselves in the foot so hard.

No. 1651619

"I don't see how his adult man wearing fetish gear in front of the teen girls and boys he is an authority over is bad" Aight pedo.

But ok, let's for a split second give this man the benefit of the doubt. If he's SO mentally unwell with body dysmorphia that the ONLY way he can alleviate the stress of it is to make teens feel sexually harassed and uncomfortable in a place they're meant to feel safe - then he's clearly far too mentally ill to work, and especially shouldn't be around teens at all. The comfort of these kids greatly outweighs any mental benefit for him.

No. 1651620

Nonas if you've ever wanted to peak your handmaiden or normie friends but didn't know how to approach it: show them this guy. He has no redeeming qualities that warrants him pity, he's just a gross fetishist misogynistic pedo preying on the teens he's supposed to teach. And trans people are protecting him, because he's one of them.

No. 1651622

I hope the man who protested is not discouraged by this, by being the only one there. It seems that might have been in the middle of the school day, perhaps that's why no one else took part. I could see a second protest being much larger. If the students organised a school-wide walkout, that would send a much louder message to the school's admin.

No. 1651626

File: 1663664111477.jpg (77.22 KB, 629x960, tumblr_n5wjchdl071sjep8do3_640…)

Aella_Girl isn't a troon, but I am so sick of seeing her around. She's an NLOG cam girl that advertises herself through interviews and articles about "sex work." I don't even follow that kind of stuff and I am sick of seeing her porn handmaiden crap every several months or so around the internet. She will simp for moids no matter what and never talks about the nastiest parts of the porn industry or how it harms women. No surprise she's a handmaiden for coomer trooners too.

No. 1651630

she knows those troons are her customer which is why she is a handmaiden

No. 1651637

tucker carlson had a segment on oppai-kun, pedophilia and castrating kids. he even mentioned reduxx and libsoftiktok. cue sperg on how only fox news covers it.

No. 1651641

I wonder what impact this might end up having on politics in the long term, the left wing in Poland and Hungary have a similar problem where they advocated for troonism, pedophilia and ace as degenerate as possible and don't seem to understand how massively unpopular and disliked they are, they lose election repeatedly and tear apart their own parties for not being progressive enough, I feel a similar situation might happen in the west, where more and more regular voters will either stop voting for their parties or might be swayed to vote right wing, and you could end up with right wing parties in charge for quite a long time and either the left wing will tear themselves apart for not being inclusive enough and accuse each other of supporting fascism

No. 1651644

File: 1663666922567.jpg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, euphoriaboner.jpg)

found this dude making multiple posts about female clothing with full-on in-your-face dick print. but not a fetish, clearly not.

>flirts welcome
get in there nonas, the male wants attention!

No. 1651647

Not sure if this store exists outside the USA, but for anyone unfamiliar, Plato's Closet is pretty much an overpriced thrift store for teen girls. They only accept stuff that's still fashionable. This scrote is literally getting off on wearing clothing that previously and recently belonged to teenage girls specifically.

No. 1651651

i’m sickened. his fetish is all over his face.

No. 1651653

File: 1663668614862.jpg (169.24 KB, 1079x679, PlatosCloset_Instagram.jpg)

oooh no, am on terf island and plato's closet is not a thing here - at least i don't think so but might be wrong as i am an adult woman and don't wear teenage girls clothes so wouldn't know. picrel is screen from their IG.

no wonder everything is so tight on him. just imaging the employees watching this hulky hairy male stomping into their store to dress up as sexy teen girl with his whole boner showing, beautiful

No. 1651655

Hello fellow terf islander - good point, yet another bit of proof they never want to be women, they want to be their nonceified version of a teen girl.

Also pretty sad that the contents of thrift stores aimed at young girls is now being bogarted away from the target demo of lesser privileged girls just to feed this moids fetish.

Those clothes could have gone to an actual teenage girl in need of them. Every aspect of these abominations is fucking selfish

No. 1651662

Fox only covers the shit they can use to own the libs. Anything that requires more explaining than "pedophiles" and basic moral outrage they tend to ignore. Especially anything that is a scrote conflict of interest. If the smug bastard really had balls, he'd be on the scene questioning every drag freak twerking infront of kids rather than rely on second/third/fifth hand Twitter videos.
Vice is the roosting ground for this nonsense.They don't hide it and they've never hid it. They were the first on board with Everyday Feminism talking about how we need to be trans inclusive and stop preforming the vagina monologues. God. I fucking hate politics in this country. Don't want scrotes being scrotes in your spaces? You must be a republican. Don't want old men telling you what to do? You must be a democrat. But then it's old men in dresses telling you what to do and if you fucking hate that? You must be a republican.

No. 1651664

I agree and from China to Eastern Europe rn the perverted queerness is one of the main arguments against the west and any progressive ideologies, however back then Hungary and Poland wasn't about troons but about The European Council pushing their immigrant policies onto all EU members. TEC also wanted to intervene with Hungary's corruption and election manipulation and Poland's ruling party messing up their jurisdiction system. Troons wasn't an issue when it all started and the discussion only started post-covid. The most you could hear was homophobes sticking "lgbt free zone" stickers in their cities.

No. 1651665

Ugh. He looks 45, but he's probably like 32. And Plato's Closet is definitely a teen thing, college student at the latest. I wonder if the partner is another moid, or if some woman who should have known better enabled him. There are two framed prints on the wall, appropriate curtains, a bedspread, and two side table things, so it may be an actual woman.

No. 1651671

File: 1663670462642.jpg (869.8 KB, 810x2317, Screenshot_20220920-062933_Boo…)

The comments are beyond delusional. He's had tens of thousands of dollars of work done as well:

No. 1651674

ayrt, Plato's Closet has been around for a bit here but I haven't gone in one since my college years. Even that last visit was just an attempt to offload stuff I didn't want anymore (which they didn't take because it was not recent enough). They really only accept the sort of very recent fast fashion and on trend sort of stuff that teens buy.
>the employees
are also mostly teens, maybe younger college age women with the exception of like a middle aged manager who is always a woman. This guy is a total pig.

No. 1651676

Link? Do they mention LC by name?

No. 1651678

File: 1663671312565.png (170.19 KB, 636x632, i am vomitoc.png)


No protest I think? It was one guy who showed up, unless you mean another more organised one. I wish there was a way to keep track of this specific case better. This is why KF was useful.

Is the school Oppai-sensei teaches in a boys school or is shop class usually just all boys? I'm asking because I desperately want someone to ask a non-handmaiden girl student what they think if they know they're going to be protected from the harassment that'll come from being honest. I genuinely think that's why we're getting dripfed here, no little girl wants their life preemptively destroyed by troons.

I hope more of them come out online even if they have to obscure their identities

picrel; some shit oc i made

No. 1651680

Can't read all of one of the framed pieces, but "the kind of women" are visible words and it looks like those sorts of "live laugh love" things. There's definitely a woman enabling this and she should have absolutely known better than to go along with him into that store.
Him calling her a "partner" means he's not only trooning out but will be calling himself a transbian in due time.

No. 1651685

people like this touch things in public and sit on benches, in public transit, in restaurants etc. but i'm the one in therapy for my contamination OCD… maybe my irrational fear isn't that irrational

No. 1651687

File: 1663672424106.jpg (943.71 KB, 2796x2010, platostroon.jpg)

>Him calling her a "partner" means he's not only trooning out but will be calling himself a transbian in due time
he's already 80% there nona, female name on FB and a healthy degen bio. i think what's stopping him is him being a hairy hulking 6'2" kek

No. 1651689

there are girls too. not in shop class probably because what girl would want to be close to that teacher thing.
and i thought this one is mild and only starting his agp journey…

No. 1651693

kek at his hairy gorilla chest

No. 1651703

they are so retarded the faces are completly diferent but i guess they are so deluded they cant tell the guy had a massive jaw compared to the woman

No. 1651715

Is that purple thing a football boot? Kek
If so he is trying to follow a trend where women on instagram make tops using their bfs/husbands/male friends' football boots

No. 1651717

Well, we can’t wear pussy hats anymore because they are a terf symbol now according to TRAs.

No. 1651718

Says a lot, doesn’t it?

No. 1651722

How do they not see that it’s inappropriate on so many levels? It’s obvious fetish wear, especially with how he styles himself the same way every day as fetishists who crossdress often do. It’s not even logical for him to dress this way from a safety standpoint given the class he teaches. The school should be wanting to fucking speak up and say “hey, sorry, this isn’t okay to do around children and if you don’t stop, you’re out”. I can’t imagine any other situation where this would play out the same way for anyone else. If a woman who had plastic surgery came to work like that, she’d be talked to for how she dressed or never hired in the first place. If any other teacher was expressing their sexual fantasies at work, they’d be punished (I hope, but then again who knows). The absurdity that everyone refuses to say anything for fear of public humiliation is so crazy, I know it gets said all the time but I’ve never seen this kind of Emperor’s New Clothes thing play out so hard in real life.

No. 1651734

I don’t know how to put the way I feel into words but that teacher wearing the ridiculously large prosthetic breasts has really pushed me over the edge about this whole thing. It is just so surreal that we have reached this point, so insane, I don’t even know what to say but I want to post and get the frustration out. Something you’d see on South Park is real life and even though it’s utterly ridiculous, it’s not even funny, it just makes me feel like it’s all hopeless. If they can’t even admit that this is too far, it’s only going to get worse. It’s completely embarrassing, he is taking the piss and I cannot imagine how it makes the female students feel, I would simply not be able to turn up to lessons. I just hope that this at least peaks some more people.

No. 1651736

I feel this. Remember when people used to say that if someone in your group is acting badly and causing harm, you need to be talking about it? Well, I’m a leftist and I’m trying to call out the bad behavior. Even if I was still a TRA, I’d be able to pick a clear side when the choices are women speaking about harm from men vs men yelling and threatening to harm women. It’s not that hard, I go with the one who has experienced more oppression and has a right to talk about it. I’m listening to the people who are directly hurt by this and I’d like to think that even if I wasn’t one of those people too I would still have the decency and empathy to do that. Their inability to let women have the platform for even a second is rife with such male entitlement, if you’ve been in an abusive relationship with a man you see how it’s no different. Anyway, the point is that we should be able to call out the bad people in our own community without being accused of being on the other side. TRAs are always telling others to do that, but they won’t even do it themselves. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that many TERFs will easily state their complaints about people who align with them with no problem if said person has done something questionable. Men like Matt Walsh or Tucker Carlson, women like Vanessa Vokey or Karen Davis. Obviously the second two have less issues than the first but I’ve still seen women point out that Vanessa has some questionable standpoints or Karen takes her pettiness too far sometimes. It’s fine to have a discussion on that, but maybe TRA’s inability to ever call out anyone in their in-group is why they feel so unstoppable. Besides, in the end if someone actually has committed crimes and IDs as trans, they’re likely to say “oh that person wasn’t REALLY trans”. Somehow we’re supposed to know the difference while also never doubting anyone’s ID or misgendering them. The logic is so confusing and I really do have a hard time following it sometimes.

No. 1651741

My first thought was for the women who’s old clothing is being used for a man’s fetish, then it went to the women and girls who work there. I wonder if they have specific training on how to deal with the obvious pervs who go there.

No. 1651745

File: 1663680758908.png (97.82 KB, 566x644, What is a Woman.png)

Apparently a woman is whatever people want it to be!

No. 1651751

welcome to the mental acrobatics finals.

No. 1651752

File: 1663681376176.png (1.22 MB, 2388x1668, 522DF4F6-1F3D-4D95-B2A1-C2F093…)

>he’s teaching right now
Kek, so the school misgendered him when reporters called to speak to him?

No. 1651756

ot but i love karen, the only youtuber keeping me sane these days.
the last paragraph is such projection. his subconsciousness is having an orchestra trying to reach him.
>cultures and language are not set in stone
the entitlement these men must have to believe their perversion and fixation on sex stereotypes is important enough to have the entire world change words' meanings. you being trans is the peak of being male, deal with it.

No. 1651758

what's the left from?

No. 1651759

they can't even define what they want to be.

No. 1651761

animals can't define themselves as anything. whole lot of words with little weight.

No. 1651762

I think all the students should go to school wearing ridiculously oversized fake breasts with nipples sticking out. And call the school transphobic if they dare question them.

No. 1651763

It’s just a woman burning her bra.

No. 1651765

But you see, the nipple rule is only for students. Teachers, especially male teachers in fetishwear, are held to different, more lax standards.

No. 1651766

plus animals know very clearly the difference between male and female. the males know they can reproduce with females, the females know to run away from and protect their offsprings from the males, etc. hell, some species act differently depending on whether they deal with women/girls or men/boys. there are animals that evolve mimicry mechanism to appear as the counterpart but that doesn't change their biology.

No. 1651768

aaaand the video went private

No. 1651769

File: 1663683244422.jpg (170.16 KB, 1170x1110, seethlmao.jpg)

based Stacey - if she does the handmaiden I'm Sorry speech I'll be disappointed. Also that zaptiee acc/the boyfriend is that YouTube commentary guy Turkey Tom. Troid Accepter Nicholas DeOrio is defending the tweet in a surprising move.

People are already calling for the cute girl to get doxed. I can see things like "punching down" bc uwu trannies are sooo opwessed
lots of remarks saying they should be "put down"

To quote a few iconic posts that sums up these troids ;
>yall really took the L and added gbtq+ to it
you can take horse piss tablets and mutilate your sex organs but you cant take a joke.

No. 1651770

And that's when the students accuse the dress code itself of being transphobic and not preserving their right of gender expression.

No. 1651781

I'm pretty sure that's one of the girls in Iran protesting honor killing. They burn their hijab and cut their hair.


No. 1651782


They really love calling everything a social construct, but by the same token "trans" is a social construct we can get rid of if we want to.

No. 1651784

So let me get something straight: any time a male makes a rape joke, we’re supposed to be cool with it because “it’s just a joke bruh”. Any time a TiM makes an overtly sexual post about cis women or terfs and there’s a layer of dark humor with it, we’re supposed to just think it’s funny too but we’re bitter cunts who have no sense of humor. But when a girl makes a joke that’s not even violent or sexual and is a clear shitpost, it’s harmful and derogatory and she deserves to die. Lol. No.

No. 1651787

sigma butch

No. 1651788

Just say you are an "AFAB transwoman" (after all, trans women are women right?) and see troons malding over it and saying it id not the same thing

No. 1651791

this literally looks like chris chans taint wound

No. 1651792


I sometimes wonder if the pseudo socialist TRAs ever question doing this stuff. They have to know on some level it's just abusing people without labor protections and that in a heavily unionized country they probably wouldn't be able to do this. Like a lot of all this is basically predicated on normal people not having any good way to defend themselves against the nonprofits.

No. 1651803

im a closet-terf lefty and idk anyone of a similar political persuasion to mine who thinks it's good to get randos fired, it genuinely is an incredibly small number of people who endorse that shit lol

No. 1651804

im pretty sure its a woman burning a hijab/chador specifically

No. 1651806

File: 1663686912745.png (Spoiler Image,552.34 KB, 1200x8038, r-askreddit-exludingtranspeopl…)

sage and spoilered for autism, but I wanted to read thru that comment chain. What a shitshow. I know it's been repeated ad nauseam, but why does anyone bother debating troon shit on reddit? Instajannied comment graveyard every single time!:

No. 1651816

it's so simple, imagine a real woman, imagine her going to work at a school with her nipples (real or not) on display every hour of the school day and then imagine the reaction of the other teachers, parents and the school administration. Now tell me, would this woman have to cover up or would they tell her how great it is what she is doing and that because it's her identity she should keep on doing it.
Every single nonna here knows the answer, what this guy is doing and the reaction to what he is doing has a lot to do with male privilege and a whole lot people being afraid of speaking out against such bullshit.

Little blogpost, this guy reminded me of the teacher I had in 5th grade. It's been the same subject he teached, he had porn magazines in his desks, always got very close to us girls and we felt creeped out by him. Later my brother, who is some years older than me, told me that he experienced the same things with the same teacher and the girls in his class reacting the same way we did. We told it our parents, we told it the principal, no one cared, the guy stayed at the school until he retired. I'm glad that troons weren't a topic back then and they mostly stayed hidden. If my kid had to go to a school with such a teacher I would see if I could find another school with a safer environment.

No. 1651820

File: 1663687758171.jpg (162.36 KB, 748x939, NXfKi8U7bwN.jpg)

They genuinely don't seem to understand that if any sort of communist revolution ever were to happen, they would be either shot or sent to a gulag, every successful communist revolution has be taken over by a military populist strongman, Castro, Stalin, Mao, Saddam, Nicolae Ceaușescu(who was borderline illiterate)

No. 1651827

They need to realize you can't debate mentally ill people. I just tell them they're a man and send them the "you will never be a real woman" copypasta.

No. 1651828

I keep seeing people try to paint KF as a "terf site" but wasn't the user base like 90% men?

No. 1651833

oh shit lol, i guess it makes sense why i never liked shakespeare too much

No. 1651835

Thank you, I learned something today.

No. 1651836

Of course most of those points are about sex, what else would they be. I hope trannies "squirt" on each other and get pink eye from it.

No. 1651838

"daddy stalin" would have sent him to war or, like you said, to a gulag. They will never see that they are the people that will get killed first, because they are useless, annoying and lack resilience.
It's like the Neonazis in Germany, they want Hitler back and think that he would be fond of them, that they would play an important role in a new Third Reich. The reality is, they would be cannon fodder, nothing more and nothing less. It always baffles me how highly they think about themselves, is it all a way to cope with their inner wish to finally kill themselves or are they just so out of touch with reality that they really believe they are a gift to the world?

No. 1651840

yes nonna, kf is completely different bc it was run by a racist dumbass scrote and apparently no rules against using racist slurs as men on the internet often do, i never spent so much time there but there was probably plenty of sexism too. they also love cowtipping wheres we have rules against it. In short, almost nothing like lolcow and i fucking hate the association with those scrotes. rant over

No. 1651844

Supposedly they have a sizeable female population, I find it believable because the "female" boards are pretty active. But you know how things are, kiwifarms could have been wehateciswomenespeciallyfeminists.com and the second someone made a troon thread, they'd be a terf site.

No. 1651848

KF's female user base tends to be mostly concentrated in the threads about lolcows like Amberlynn Reid and Chantal Sarault and other delusional fatties. From what I saw, they were by far some of the most civil/well-organized threads and were actually good at self-policing compared to a lot of the lolcow threads which tended to devolve quickly into either A) shitposting B) retards or C) shitposting retards whenever there was no fresh milk.

No. 1651849

You are right about the sexism and racism, but KF actually has strict rules against cowtipping.

No. 1651850

depends on the specific cow thread

No. 1651851

I find it funny how his bunny collection is meant to be mental illnesses and one of them is gender dysphoria kek

No. 1651853

remember when mr garrison trooned out and got a poopwound (complete with actual poopwound surgery footage), at some point pretended to be a lesbian, bought himself tampons, thought getting no period meant that he was pregnant and tried to get an abortion then detrooned when he realized that even with a poopwound he can't get pregnant? surprisingly ahead of its time kek

No. 1651854


I'm going to shamelessly cape for KF a bit here, jannies can put me on the naughty step for it. Sorry for the OT/Blogpost - but I want to demonstrate the importance of the farms.

KFs troon threads and predominantly female input is what peaked me. It's passing KF users mentioning certain GC spaces that gave me a place of safety when I've had troons negatively impact my actual life. There's even specific usernames I would thank if I could. I never posted, made an acc or anything, just lurked, but KF gave the safest space for a free opinion and discourse I have seen in a long time.

I'd also like to thank those women for everything I've learned. There's even been wholesome - largely female-driven - threads on surviving while poor, and it's actually helped my real life. But that's not what the troids and twitter want to hear right? ree KF evil blah blah.

No. 1651855

>first black transwoman to [get pregnant]
is he implying that there have been pregnant trannies of other races? and people believe him? kek

No. 1651858


Tbh, the younger transitioners don't come off as men in drag too often but that's solely due to the fact that many are teens and barely passed for post-pubertal before. If you've been on the chans you'll immediately notice how the TiMs are split off into sub categories and how much resentment there is towards "youngshits" or the males who transed as teens. Absolutely none cares about the potential consequences of inducing a hormone imbalance when you're still growing all the care is how well they approximate whatever conception of women they have in their heads. It's spooky how well informed they seem and how they use any potential flaw or uncertainty in what little research there is on "trans healthcare" to defend what they do.

Anyway, males definitely fetishize pubertal looking bodies, even the ones who are in their teens still (or else why share so many sexualized pics of ur nude bodies?). The trans culture overall seems like a celebration of male degenaracy.

No. 1651860

There has recently been a case of a 22 year old woman killed by hijab police in Iran. Her name was Mahsa Amini, she was beaten up for wearing ‘improper hijab’, went into a coma and sadly passed away in hospital. A lot of women are protesting now, they’re burning their hijabs and trying to spread the word. It’s really sad… I hate religious moids so much. The police said her death was “unfortunate”.

No. 1651861

>difference in code for teachers and students
Now ask if actual women can wear nipple poking tops

No. 1651863

KF definitely has a sizable female userbase now. The first time I really noticed a heavy increase of women on KF oddly enough had nothing to do with troons. It was with the HAES movement, the deathfats, and when mockery/gossip on that was getting banned left and right on mainstream sites. The deathfat gossip was extremely normie stuff too, pretty much the internet equivalent of the kind of shit on TLC.
Most of these normies were exposed to this stuff on youtube/IG/facebook but would go to reddit to gossip. When reddit subs got banned, the communities migrated to KF which already had sizable threads for a bunch of the bigger cows.
Troons hitting female subs en masse didn't happen until later, but that led to reddit bleeding female users now going elsewhere, here to some extent, but mostly KF. Then when feminist and GC subs were hit, it was more of the same.

The notion that KF is a terf site is pretty funny though because surprisingly troons do not appear to have been responsible for the largest spikes of normie women signing up. I bet most were actually pro-troon before if anything. And I bet they're not anymore after the shit troons have been pulling on KF for the past month. Troons are great at peaking people all by themselves.

No. 1651864

He's so edited there. Now show the real photo.

No. 1651865

there was also a migration to KF when all the gender critical subs were banned

No. 1651867

Why did they private it?

No. 1651868

File: 1663691848001.png (117.82 KB, 604x898, Screenshot 30.png)

Troons really do tell on themselves, like they can't even sympathize with female fictional characters, this comment in reference to a meme making fun of misogynist breaking bad fans hating on skylar

No. 1651873

File: 1663692180694.jpg (275.82 KB, 1035x1531, Goes to womens jail.jpg)

Wow this never happened before.

No. 1651876

File: 1663692234513.jpeg (66.92 KB, 828x618, FdG5ipdWYAAIwF3.jpeg)

No. 1651879

kim is liked because her love and support for the male main character is unconditional for (almost) the entirety of the show. those are the only female characters moids like.

No. 1651880

If a woman is whatever they want it to be then what if my definition of woman is the opposite of what a tranny is. Troons just need to respect that if we go by their logic.

No. 1651881

god i wish that was true

No. 1651882

The fuck is meta-myth?

No. 1651883

File: 1663692725219.jpg (291.27 KB, 1080x1439, 56.jpg)

Troons making shit up what else.

No. 1651887

Can they say what are these procedures that stop that from happening?

No. 1651892

File: 1663693270303.jpg (243.17 KB, 640x820, HjqtqfNr3AV2SdZJfn39HO9GCc9ffG…)

She has a history of pandering to troons. There are unfortunately many such cases among women who make a living by attracting silicon valley orbiters.

No. 1651894

what is even the point of having separate options? is it supposed to be a porn game or

No. 1651898

>why are all tims furries???
paraphilias usually come with co-morbidities

No. 1651900

>women aren’t capable in math or theoretical physics! i am very enlightened and progressive, tee hee!

special place in hell for this level of pickme

No. 1651910

I've looked at this a few times but not SUPER closely until now.

These dipshits really believed estrogen caused a full rhinoplasty. They think we have ~magic~ in our veins.

No. 1651911

No. 1651912

File: 1663695186229.jpg (1.8 MB, 1439x3696, 1663655165041676.jpg)

If I was a student I would take the accelerationist route and show up to school with a fat bulge in my leggings jus to see if administration would have the cojones to stop me.

picture unrelated

No. 1651914

trannies: we fought for lgb rights!
also trannies: pushing a gay dude who actually fought for lgb rights

No. 1651915

And Kim’s character was total dog shit. A ride or die for no clear reason
Man and I thought burgerland was bad

No. 1651916

there is some talk on how mr.hanna and oppai-sensei are actually two different people. the school has privated the teacher list but has any of you seen there being two shop teachers on there?

No. 1651917

those who transition in early puberty have maybe 5 years of somewhat passing before the Y chromosome makes itself known lol.

No. 1651922

File: 1663695764292.jpg (903.15 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20220920_134224.jpg)

Sage for mild blogposting but the absolute fucking irony seeing this after the "procedures put in place" tweet about rapist troons… my god I wish I didn't live in Ontario. I hate this fucking hellscape. I can't take it anymore lmao, someone from a more sane land take me in.

I've been seeing posts on Facebook about the troon teacher and the amount of people supporting him is jarring. If necrophile rapist troons and bimbo teacher trannies aren't enough to peak the masses, nothing is. We deserve to burn.

No. 1651923

File: 1663695775309.png (292.78 KB, 696x456, cant have anything.png)

This will be the only one the usual suspects will talk about. Even Vice reported CWC as a victimized transwoman without mentioning that he's currently in jail for doing unforgivable things to his mother.
You're missing the point. it's infuriating that it's true. This was supposed to be the decade of women making advancements but every single time, it's some scrote who couldn't cut it with the boys taking away the victory from the girls.
That's even better! It changes the whole situation from
>a teacher trooned out and is disgusting
>we hired this disgusting freak on purpose

No. 1651937

>You're missing the point. it's infuriating that it's true.

but im right there with you nona. it’s absolutely infuriating. i was just floored by the level of “ally” pandering from this woman that she would act like it’s a good thing that men are once again taking away from our accomplishments.

No. 1651940

How can they act like this is okay? I feel bad for the LGB people who actually worked to make major strides for the community only to see what it’s become because of the TQ. I will never understand this propensity they have for violence either. I just can’t imagine physically attacking someone I don’t even know because they said something I didn’t like. Normies won’t care about this because it doesn’t affect them and they lump us together as alphabet people, but I wish they’d start listening to the LGB who are speaking up. I hope some of them are paying attention to how lesbians especially are being beaten and harassed.

No. 1651950

there was a study recently and ist something rediculous like 75% of young people get their new from tik-tok and over 90% get it from social media
we are living in a time where brainwashing has never been easier and people only see the 'news' they want to see

No. 1651952

I knew someone was going to say this, hence why I put
>at least in California

No. 1651957

the generation that grew up with smartphones and social media will be insufferable. look at people who never grew out tumblr and became parents… humanity is screwed.

No. 1651981

File: 1663698830074.png (71.07 KB, 881x329, AE65DFEF-2949-4A73-9D6F-5375B0…)

Troons discuss why incest is aye okay

No. 1651984

File: 1663698903034.png (179.91 KB, 879x765, 74BE8714-6084-45C0-ACCF-10E54A…)

No. 1651992

File: 1663699347252.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.23 KB, 357x356, ED71CCEF-F8DA-44F3-8B35-51AE9D…)

Sure thing, tranny. Because picrel is totally the same thing as run of the mill autism or a cleft palate. I swear all they know how to do is be disgusting and unapologetic

No. 1652004

>being disgusted by incest means you’re a eugenicist

I fucking hate it here

No. 1652013

File: 1663700055420.png (56.63 KB, 598x393, Screenshot 32.png)

I have seen some discourse on twitter about how being disgusted with cousin marriage is a product of european colonialism and that its completely natural, I wouldn't be surprised if wokeoid started defending Incest cause muslims and brown people practice it

No. 1652019

it's nonce behaviour but the very real (and reasonably well kept) secret is how many extremely disabled kids it produces.

No. 1652022

>You only see the news you want to see
>you only see the news you are allowed to see.
>news tailored to your political leaning
I watched what is a woman, one time and I started getting ben shapiro shit on my facebook feed. Critical thinking is banned everywhere. It's like people forgot that people can agree on or two points and disagree on everything else. It's all or nothing with these freaks every single step of the way.
Call it juvenile, but whenever I see people like this. I think of Syndrome from the Incredibles. Their whole life mission is to make everyone but just as equally gross and disgusting as they are.

No. 1652025

Muslim marriages are like 50% first cousin marriages. No one with an ounce of common sense thinks that’s normal or ok. Islam is a garbage religion based on oppressing women, so I’m not surprised troons defend it. And it makes them feel better about jacking off in their sisters’ underwear

No. 1652030

we're witnessing the end stage of existing for years in a 24/7 echo chamber that no criticism can penetrate.

No. 1652038

right as gay marriage was legalized nationally

No. 1652042

report this tweet for misogynistic slurs

No. 1652050

it goes over their heads, like the troon episode of rocco's modern life and that one trans kid orville episode. they have a very surface level understanding of most things that wiley creators can take advantage of.

No. 1652051

sexist and racist.

No. 1652052

It's over ten times the amount of birth defects/disability as other cultures. This is what a culture completely controlled by scrotes does, scrotes are so fucking lazy and greedy that they don't care if their own sons are born retarded, missing pieces, and full of cancer.

No. 1652063

File: 1663703107603.jpeg (372.32 KB, 1284x1778, F63B5014-AA66-4794-81A3-5F8F17…)

troons have two moods: self-awareness and lolita larping

No. 1652094

File: 1663704770331.png (1.83 MB, 1081x2470, chrome_screenshot_166370380550…)

To have the confidence of a mediocre male

No. 1652103

File: 1663705722236.jpeg (517.27 KB, 960x1406, 160F30ED-151A-4BC6-84C1-A99A80…)

can someone PLEASE explain to me the value and worth of protecting a male teacher donning gigantic silicone breast prosthetics. i want to alog so fucking bad nonas. they’re protecting him and for what?
if i was a student at the school i’d feel disgusting and disgusted. i hope that tranny never has a single day of peace and 41s himself.

No. 1652104

dont ever underestimate a moid’s level of retardation

No. 1652105

Kek he has the face of a rural high school football coach. Nice try w the carefully angled pose to hide his manshape, but no dice

No. 1652109

>you made us think there was a chance we could look like the cis girl of our dreams how dare you trick us
>b-but cis women and transwomen are the same!!!
Holy kek Batman there is no better cure for internalized misogyny than seeing how hard troons seethe because they will never look like you no matter what

No. 1652114

>teehee i'll be a young pubescent girl forever uwu
I'm trying not to a-log this nonce.

No. 1652133

the troon was posted before lolcow went down, why didn't they release a correction right away and instead waited for few days, letting the other teacher have sexual abuse accusations stick to his name?

No. 1652154

social media gets people burned alive sometimes. like set on fire outside a mexican police station because of facebook

No. 1652156

File: 1663708119606.png (1.53 MB, 1022x1308, 000.png)

It's literally Shakespeare, you fucking retard.


No. 1652201

Because it's Canada. I guarantee 99% of the staff at that school hate this creep but they're terrified of getting fired or charged with a hate crime if they say anything about it.

No. 1652208

This. It's the country Jonathan Yaniv comes from. They are suicidally progressive over there.

No. 1652211

File: 1663709467011.jpg (396.31 KB, 1170x1885, 1663708814966449.jpg)

No. 1652215

I saw someone doxxing this guy when he was live once, is he a pedo or just a regular creep?

No. 1652218

how are all these men so ugly

No. 1652221

Look at that face, nonna. He is a pedo if ever I saw one. (I don’t actually know fr but tbh they do always tend to have that gross beady eye type)

No. 1652249

Ethan Ralph genotype. Women need to stop procreating with these ugly ass deficient moids.

No. 1652283

Yeah, and maybe I'm paranoid but it's kinda fishy they wouldn't clarify that right away, but maybe it's indeed just a completely different guy.

No. 1652289

i was thinking that the female teachers could protest by boycotting bras, but… kek. im fucking stupid. it wouldnt be taken more seriously than fap material for the male faculty and students; theyd just get a slap on the wrist for being provocative. on the other hand, mr. tit inflation fetish probably wishes that male faculty and students WOULD see him as fap material. its just too messed up

No. 1652358


the thing is typically women teachers would feel uncomfortable doing so even in protest. they would consider it harassment/indecency to their students. they know they're in a "role model" type position and it's inappropriate in a professional setting, especially working with youth. regardless of how unfair the expectations and sexism is, sexualisation of bodies, all that considered… it just isn't comfortable or appropriate and most women are conscious of this and their influence on youth.

men… well, we know exactly how responsible they feel about the comfort of women and children at their own expense. it's like a challenge to them.

No. 1652365

The silence surrounding this is insane. The other day the school was the top trending search on google

No. 1652370

God, men are such a failed design. Just this photo of him makes me recoil in disgust.

No. 1652418

This scrote is probably a lost cause, but this kind of narrative can be fought in some simply with information and education. Sources that are as official as possible are preferable, such as government sources that permit self-ID. Then pair that any number of troons gaining access to women's prisons via self-ID. That will peak a lot of people.
Not that this scrote specified it, but most are under the impression that it takes years of therapy before hormones are even prescribed and then years more before the surgeries. It can help to show how "truscum" are treated by the larger TRA community, the ones who saw the importance in medically gatekeeping all of this and how swiftly that was torn down by the fetishists.

No. 1652443

File: 1663717121975.jpeg (388.79 KB, 1236x695, 30BA7BF8-B0A9-4E24-BCA7-909FBB…)

I KNEW op reminded me of something but I just now realized what it was

No. 1652450

Exactly, it actually underscores the misogyny. Skylar had other family to worry about besides Walt. She wasn't convenient. Hank also wasn't convenient but male competition is OK, females must always be useful.

Kim had childhood backstory to explain why she was such an enabler but it was underdeveloped because scrotes aren't interested and don't need the explanation anyway.

No. 1652576

Wow I'm actually surprised that debating troons is being upvoted (and left up), extremely rare reddit moment. Of course when I go to find these comments though, they're all gone

No. 1652599

why would a student identify the wrong teacher as "mr hannah?" i don't believe this at all.

No. 1652603

looks like fun land from the sandman

No. 1652658

I remember seeing a graph of occupations/education/etc broken down by sex and it showed that although women tended to be more educated overall the very specialized, super obscure occupations that really set the gifted apart from the rest were held by men.

No. 1652684

It's pure gaslighting. I don't think for a second that the student put out the wrong name in that screencap. My guess for the misspelling of Hanna was probably due to auto-correct changing it to Hannah.

Unfortunately the video put out by Rebel Media has been taken down, but the reporter actually went into the school and had made several calls.
Multiple people who worked at the school when asked about Stephan Hanna went on about how (paraphrasing somewhat) gender identity expression has to be respected and tolerated. Many people, including one of the phone calls, immediately decline speaking on the matter when Stephen Hanna by name is brought up.

If the reporter had gotten the wrong name, wouldn't someone along the way have cleared that up? Instead every adult visibly had the reaction of knowing exactly who was being talked about and why. They reacted exactly how everyone familiar with Canadian law on this would have expected them to. If there had been a wrong name, it would have been so easy for the school board to have addressed that immediately, closing the case.

Lastly, the reporter even speaks to a former student there! It was that one guy at the protest. You'd think that would be yet another point in all of this where any incorrect names could have been addressed.

No. 1652691

What a crock of shit.

No. 1652773

tell me you grew up benefitting from male privilege without telling me and all that.
they cannot comprehend that the largest proportion of incest is not
>2 consenting adults having fun with each other
but plain old child abuse. girls being abused by their fathers/male relatives being the main victims. even if this holds over into adulthood, grooming from a young age is often at play. but these are coomer males growing up in coddled middle class homes, it is literally impossible for them to consider experiences that are not theirs/dont make their atrophying dicks hard.
same as above. these faggots make me want to a-log so damn hard nonnies, what is his hellworld

No. 1652774


How much do you want to bet they are denying a connection because Stephen Hanna is his "dead name"? The school knows he is a fetishist, and so they were instinctively referring to him by his real name and his male pronouns before they had decided on an official stance. Now that they have decided to support the fetishist, they need to respect his gender identity by saying the "female" Ms Oppai-sensei is a different person than Stephen Hanna, and that Stephen Hanna is unrelated to this event because Stephen Hanna is "dead."

No. 1652776

You are right anon but it seems that videos related to this are being taken down, even the fox news one is not available

No. 1652781

>threw smoke bombs at women peacefully holding speeches in Brighton, England.

They are escalating. They are totally going to kill some poor woman.

No. 1652783

this is what i believe they are doing, and it is so disingenuous.

No. 1652795

They killed that TIF in, I think, Germany? At a pride parade. And there was that lesbian couple and their son who went to MichFest (rip) and one of the Camp Trans people killed them in their home

No. 1652803

>have to hard dig to find anything about it.
>twitter scrubbed it.
>Google scrubbed it.
>almost all the links are dead except the victim advocating links and the actual legal dockets against the murderous scrote.

Patricia Wright , Charlotte Reed Wright and Benny Diambu-Wright were murdered by crazed Camp Trans worshipper "Dana Rivers" aka David Warfield, who like the sillicone bimbo in this thread, trooned out while teaching his students.
The trial is for next month, finally. Fuck.

No. 1652820

FUCK pullman, typical reddit soy atheist who hates women. There is nothing more gross than marxist scrotes.

It doesn't even matter that every parent there must be upset at this and want that perv gone. Notice how public opinion and majority people's demands are now completely irrelevant, authorities don't even pretend anymore to listen.

No. 1652823

I mean at the Speaker's Corners and other assorted gender critical events and meetups.

>They killed that TIF in, I think, Germany?

I thought that Tif was killed by a regular old lesbophobe, not a TRA.

No. 1652829

File: 1663735672345.jpeg (832.38 KB, 1170x1338, 149ECEF4-2994-4A5D-9E60-280113…)

All the troons and handmaidens on tiktok are defending and/or glossing over this fucking freak … it's clearly a problem how the hell is a man forcing his students to partake in his fetish NOT a problem ??

No. 1652835

> “Kaelie”
> is in his 50s at minimum
Kek that fucking name; why do troglodytes never pick names that are suitable/believable for their generation?
We can add this to the list of supporting evidence that they are not trying to be perceived as actual women or “stealth”

No. 1652839

Because they don't fetishize middle-aged women, only girls.

No. 1652945

i'm actually in shock over this. they really have completely turned off their brains.

No. 1652996

Idk I saw a twitter thread about this and Hanna was the other, non troon tech teacher. The Troon was Lemieux Kayla. Unless it’s a dead name and a new name.

No. 1653002

File: 1663745283556.jpeg (430.91 KB, 1170x1358, B980E581-EBE5-4A76-BA0C-9D461A…)

we get it you want to rape lesbians

No. 1653005

No. 1653007

all this word salad just to tell lesbians they aren't valid and must force themselves to like cocks.
I hate this parasite so much, i can't believe he makes 12k a month from his handmaidens, chasers and skinwalkers

No. 1653009

Is this him saying he sees females as castrated males? Okay

No. 1653012

women having vulvas = castration? what is this male as default shit?

No. 1653016

what's this for?

No. 1653017

This dude is seriously trying to be like "it's not very lesbian radical feminist of you to not let dicks fuck you against your will". Shut up misogynistic homophobe.

No. 1653018

What's the point? Like yeah bro good that we're on the same page and you'll stay in the men's restroom where you know you belong.

No. 1653020

The troons and handmaidens defending this is great peak material. This IS the trans community and what they defend.

No. 1653022

right? what peaked me is trannies defending predators because ''it's ivalidating'' even gay moids try to distance themselves from the pedophiles and predators

No. 1653023

>lesbian sexuality is not just about not liking penis because women are not just castrated men
>conveniently ignores that lesbians don't just not want to touch penises but actually do want to touch vulvas (no, poopwounds are not vulvas)

No. 1653033

yes. all trannies do. that's the basis of twaw brainwashing. troons are at their core claiming males can castrate themselves into females.

No. 1653052

File: 1663752023347.jpg (17.92 KB, 658x591, freak.jpg)

I agree. This picture was floating around and it looks a lot like the same person imo

No. 1653057

He's referencing Freud's psychosexual development which (briefly) defines female sexuality as revolving around the feeling of castration and penis envy. I don't know why he included it, maybe he wanted to sound smart

No. 1653062

File: 1663753233539.png (18.93 KB, 665x127, Screenshot.png)

I checked what the mid-2010s tranny Twine game creator who calls himself 'Porpentine Charity Heartscape' has been up to, it's exactly what I expected. I remember when Tumblr users were all obsessing over his work and it was so blatantly fetishistic.

No. 1653065

That's what's so telling. Every other (supposedly) good/righteous social group kicks out and shuns the pedos and predators. But the trans community has ALWAYS actively protected them in the name of transness. It's always been:
>"just because they raped a child doesn't mean you can dead name them"
>"how dare you call the violent murderer a he, SHE changed HER gender to female yesterday and should be respected for it"
>"look at this disgusting TERF reporter calling the pedophile a man, that's equally bad as the crimes this Woman committed"
And these are real life examples I've seen from TRA and troons.

The few handmaidens that are naively thinking it's false pedo accusations will have a rough wake up call when they realize every pedo on earth is now in the trans community, and they all welcomed them in with open arms.

No. 1653096

Try going "I wasn't socialized white because another person called me white trash once" and see how your logic goes down

No. 1653098

I know it's supposed to be uplifting for troons, but it's really just the depressing reality of being a woman rn. Any female achievement award is given to males instead. And typically those awards were meant to encourage women in already sexist environments…

No. 1653105

literally "i can't have white privilege because i'm poor" but applied to male privilege kek

No. 1653109

yup, tif was killed by a chechen asylum seeker

No. 1653118

>So you agree?
Literally nothing is low enough or off limits for handmaidens. They are an inch away from defending sex offenders at this point.

No. 1653149

it's uplifting tims, no tifs. which is the same old story
they've done that already

No. 1653153

File: 1663765038156.jpeg (2.59 MB, 4032x3024, 6630C460-2E0F-4F6B-AFA2-E843EC…)

saw this disgusting tranny on the bus
there is so many where i live i carey pepper spray and an alsrm keychain incase they come close.

No. 1653157

jfc is this troon wearing cat ears in public? was there an event or is this normal everyday attire

No. 1653162

It’s everyday attire for these fags. I see this shit all the time but I guess that’s what I get for working for an endocrinologist

No. 1653178

its very revealing to the fact that he does personally see women as castrated males, because he cant conceive of the exclusion of penises in sexuality as being secondary for the desire for pussy. to him pussy is not an active thing that exists seperate to penises, it's just a signifier of a lack of penis. hilarious that hes trying to clown on freud while proving that he structures his conception of male/female that exact way…

No. 1653180


Off topic but Pullman has a longstanding grudge against JKR and built his whole career on being anti-tolkien/lewis, both famous religious men. He's put zero seconds of thought into it and is embracing the idealology to be NLOA - authors

No. 1653186

Never forget
>> “Nipple policy is for female students only not teachers and faculty.”

No. 1653187

File: 1663769144918.png (3.43 KB, 382x88, firefox_zsDDu47iCE.png)

I still browse /vg/ to get datamines of some online games I play, and I noticed how tranny rhetoric is getting shitposted so hard that some people started ironically embracing it.

No. 1653188

Pullman is a moid. Rowling actually faced struggles in her career as a writer due to poverty and being a single mother. She understands the bullshit that women have to go through more than Pullman can ever understand. Pullman’s remarks just seem like reactionary crap pulled from Twitter and Reddit rather than from real, lived experiences.

As for Atwood, well, she is Canadian.

No. 1653190

Neil Gaiman is a big tranny bootlicker as well

No. 1653195

His Dark Materials was my favourite book series when I was a primary schooler, I hate that he swallowed the troon line hook and sinker, especially as many famous early 00s atheists are anti tranny now

No. 1653206


Even in coed schools shop/tech class tends to be boys only. I took shop for several years in school and it was always me and maybe one other girl in a class of 20. That's what makes this extra insulting, any girl who's taking shop is already being brave and in a tough spot, is usually GNC already, and then they have to walk in and see…. This…. Monstrosity, mocking them and who they are. Knowing TIMs I'm sure the teacher would be a total creep to any girl, too, with their "teehee just us girls" talk. Baby lesbian me put up with a lot of shit from boys in shop but at least our teacher was a cool older grampa dude who never treated me weird and usually told the boys to cut the shit.

No. 1653208

So women can be whatever people see them as but it can't be adult human female. Right.

No. 1653231

File: 1663772882124.jpg (479.76 KB, 1079x1164, Screenshot_20220921_110501.jpg)

Smiled from ear to bloody ear when I opened Facebook this morning. My cities news networks are reporting on it and the locals are quite disturbed. There's still some hope left for us… maybe

No. 1653237

nothing has been done though has it? he hasn't been fired or anything? ugh

No. 1653239

The state of Canadians. I feel sorry for any leafanons here.

No. 1653245


I see two outcomes from this. The public pressure becomes enough for the Troon to leave his job quietly, or they're just waiting for publicity to die down and back to normal. The provincial laws sure as shit aren't going to change in regards to gender identity and I don't think this will be enough for the locals to vote new people on the school board which have the ability to change school dress code and such. I really don't see this man being the catalyst for that though. If only it was being reported that he's also into loli and guro.. because it's Ontario it's really only a one way street rn.

No. 1653247

you know this is just a fetish and it is utterly revolting and disgusting I hope he kills himself

No. 1653251

Unfortunately, I don't even think he has the intellectual capacity to self-reflect or feel shame so he likely won't kill himself because of that.

No. 1653256

Rowling got shit on for making Dumbledore gay for no reason at all. She caved to the pressure and got bitten by these people once, then when the tranny shit kicked off full steam, they wanted her to cave again and she said no. Margaret is an oldschool,semi-racist fag-hag who's hate for scrotes only extended to straight white/black men who rejected her. I swear, no one has actually read anything she's ever written.They just watch the shows and thinks she's great ally. Trannies only turned on Atwood because they wanted representation in the Handmaids Tale show and she said no. If these losers had actually read the book, transwomen and gay men were the first executed meanwhile the show barely touches upon that.
Their entire identity is making sure you know what they are. I remember fondly highschool when people who went out of their way to be seen as goth were laughed at by the actual goths. Actually, it's the same thing. They think women wear meek uwu cat ears and maid skirts all the time.lmao Gender Posers.

No. 1653291

File: 1663775873794.jpg (586.07 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20220921_115707.jpg)

No. 1653318

>I remember fondly highschool when people who went out of their way to be seen as goth were laughed at by the actual goths.

I'm sorry but lol how old are you? This has no relation to men who cosplay as a different biological sex.

No. 1653330

iirc Dumbledore was always supposed to be gay but Rowling wasn't allowed to explicitly include that in the Harry Potter books because of children's book content laws in the 90s until mid 2000s

No. 1653331

there's going to be some sort of retarded theater around this. kayla was so upset she quit, now our only shop teacher is steven hanna. are you bullies happy? and then he quietly takes off the breastplate and can keep his job under his dead name. so eyeroll enduing.

No. 1653335

I wasn't sure where to post about this buy today on a full tram, a kid was staring at this troon with the greasiest hair ever and said she didn't want to sit next to a man. Little queen.

No. 1653336

File: 1663779092722.jpg (60.06 KB, 560x378, 414b77_92297fc4087c42c3a7a1f82…)

Why the fuck is everyone acting like those plastic double Z perma-hard nipple fetish boobs are a natural part of this man's body? They're literally approaching it as though it were a woman who had unusually large breasts and just didn't realize she wasn't wearing the right clothing at school. I'm fucking flabbergasted. He can take those things off his chest any time he wants. There is literally no reason for him to wear them other than for fetish reasons. I don't want to hear about gender identity uwu because plenty of actual women have flatter chests or had to get a mastectomy that insurance won't pay to reconstruct. Help everyone I feel like I am going insane. Those are fake fetish breasts on a man! They are fake!! Take them off!! They are not growing from his chest!! Don't re-dress them, TAKE THEM THE FUCK OFF

No. 1653339

why can't vigilante hackers ever attack reddit or twitter?

No. 1653340

Based princess. Children have to be protected from these disgusting predators.

No. 1653342

What makes me MATI about breastplate-kun is that moids always complain about sexual harrasment towards men not being taken seriously but where are all the self-proclaimed MRAs when this creep is sexually harrassing all those boys. (jk i know mras don't actually care about boys and men. also i'm not caping for moids in general but those kids in his class are most likely minors so they are legally still kids)

No. 1653344

File: 1663779420188.jpg (514.97 KB, 1448x3216, 3sly6jy8n8p91.jpg)

I think this guy was posted quite a few threads back because he'd post in r/femalefashion and get comments fawning over how stunning and brave he is, but I just saw he posted again in the streetwear subreddit. Which, by the way, is hilarious to browse because it's full of autists who can't dress themselves.
This is the pinnacle of troon fashion. notice he doesn't get such a kind reception in a space that isn't just meant for women, kek


No. 1653346

oh, it's the guy with the fetish for… cool chunky shoes? truly peak autism

No. 1653347

File: 1663779582782.png (697.65 KB, 873x783, stephenhannabeforeafter.png)

Good find. Made a quick side by side, Look at it kek, same nose shape, eye shape and downward angle. Even with the mask it's clear as day it's the same person

No. 1653348

LMAOO THE GREASY “BANGS”… I saw something like this recently, he was stomping on the ground and swinging his arms trying to do a “catwalk” in the worst neighbourhood of the city. The only people there were men trying to rape trannies and I who had gotten lost kek. It was the the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a long time

No. 1653350

File: 1663779788210.jpg (465.81 KB, 2652x1673, kaylalemieux.jpg)

samefag, found this facebook account which seems to have only been created two days ago. Haven't seen this picture posted anywhere yet. Probably a fake account, but definitely a picture of the same guy, fake oversized boobs included.

No. 1653351

If my kid was going to that school I would worry if she's even learning anything there when the standards are so low.

You don't even have to go full "transphobic" play their own game and say how that attire is inappropriate and makes the school look like a clownhouse.

No. 1653360

honestly this just proves that they can get away with anything in western countries. It's truly baffling and idk what to do anymore. super bleak considering I have a child.

No. 1653361

All info on Ontarian teachers' education is publicly available through the OCT website. These two guys do look similar, but based on qualifications I'm not sure they're the same person.

This is definitely boob dude, he went to Mohawk like his Facebook says:

Here's the other guy, fairly certain because he is a tech teacher:

No. 1653363

File: 1663780705020.jpg (74.3 KB, 1097x384, peaking.JPG)

Just imagine being a girl in breastplate-chan's class..

No. 1653365

It's an obvious attempt for the school to play dumb. We don't know any "stephen", just a "kayla". I know Canada is a liberal shithole but that's just ridiculous. They are willing to let this shit slide because of gender politics while it's clearly some fetish this weirdo have. You can't find prosthetics that size like these at any walk-in store. I know some women cosplayers buy prosthetic tits to make fake nudes of their cosplay but that's the extent I ever see anyone use those in a "serious" context.

The double standard sincerely baffles me. There always been some rule of being appropriately dressed for school or work. I had friends being sent home for an obscene shirt in school but I don't recall anyone walking around with a 4 foot prosthetic cock in their pants. The cops were called just cause a student brought a hookah pipe to school once.

But here, we just have a paraphiliac walking with a massive pair of fake tits and it's fine because "it's gender affirmation". Give me a fucking break.

No. 1653390

Where is this info even coming from that the one named Kerry is even a guy? The first link you posted is for a Kerry Luc Lemieux, not Kayla Lemieux.
I have found one fb profile for a Kerry from Ontario and it is clearly a woman. Not posting any of her info or caps here because I don't think she is involved at all with any of this at all. There's not much on her fb and she's probably another teacher in the same district at a different school.

There are two stories I've seen going around regarding this "Kayla Lemieux." One is that this used to be Kerry but I am not finding any evidence of this. The other is that this is the female name Stephen Hanna has taken. Nothing confirming that either but that second story seems more plausible seeing as Stephen and "Kayla" teach at the same school.

For all we know, there could be a real Kayla, someone completely different. It would not be the first time a troon catfishes and skinwalks a woman he knows in real life. Troons love to steal names from women they personally know.
Also that facebook cap is in no way confirmed to be real, it was created only two days ago so it's probably as fake as Stephen's oversized tits.

No. 1653391

The freak wishes he had girls in his class. He just wants to give confused boners to developing young boys. Grooming in every way, shape and form possible.
>Two days ago.
Fake as fuck. Someone this narcissistic probably lives on fetlife and not facebook.

No. 1653392

sage for tinfoil, but maybe Stephen Hanna wants to skinwalk this "Kerry Lemieux." If they work in the same school district he may have met her and become fixated on her. It would track with the tendency for trannies to skinwalk coworkers and women that reject them.

No. 1653407

Honestly if this was the case and the woman has long blonde hair and breasts on the larger side, I'd bet it would freak her out and peak some people. Because it would be hard to deny that's what this is if it's her name and looks all wrapped together on this creep.

No. 1653416


if you ever really want to upset them just say you don't want to date because you can tell they are mentally still men and the male mind is not attractive to you. got into trouble because i was thinking even in a cyberpunk world where you could go full body swap i would still want the body to have an actual woman's mind.

No. 1653425

File: 1663784606606.jpg (366.88 KB, 2925x1710, kaylabtn.jpg)

I really don't think he's trying to skinwalk the Kerry I found (presuming it's the correct person in the link).

Lemieux is a French surname which seems to be fairly common around Montreal, no surprise there. Most I've found with the surname are in Ontario, Quebec, and the states of the USA bordering those regions. There could be any number of women he's encountered or simply knows about who have that last name.
I am mostly inclined to think that Kayla is either his false name or is another younger woman he knows. See picrel, the trend of the name Kayla follows almost the same exact pattern by year in the States too btw. No use until after the mid-80's, then sharply peaked around 1990-1991. Most with that name are going to be 25-30 right now.

No. 1653427

My bad, when I typed Kayla Lemieux it automatically redirected me to that page and I didn't reread the name close enough.

No. 1653434

File: 1663785656793.jpg (25.61 KB, 600x587, 1662228835579821.jpg)

holy kek, he's literally not concious of what he's written
he thought that he'd double down on argument against sex-based attraction by digressing in the second sentence but to do it correctly the problem of the previous statement also has to extend to another
instead he entirely abandons the subject of the 1st part, thus the digression serves rather as a subject determination, not problem building so when read together we get

'phallus-repulsion = attraction to castration'
'attraction to castration = lesbianism in terf rhetoric'
'genitality = penis or no penis'
and then you make a circle to guess what sex is according to him

you'd expect from the oh so great intellectual not to be a complete bot but transgenderism is such a mental illness

No. 1653550

Isn't 'Luc' a man's name?

No. 1653588

God bless you for using old.reddit

No. 1653595

Angeltroon from the egirls thread literally dresses like this kek

No. 1653619

Sorry to blogpost but I was bullied in school (and one time in public) for having a large chest from a young age. I couldn't just take it off like this teacher, I had to have breast reduction surgery. If I walked into a class with this weirdo teaching, I would have been just waiting in dread for the comments to start. The boys would take this as open season to mock and shame girls bodies, and the school will only be interested in protecting the troon. It's hilarious on one level but I honestly feel so so sad for the girls at that school and the culture they have to try to learn in.

No. 1653633

What subreddit is that? It's a bit surprising that someone commented that on reddit and that it hasn't been deleted yet.
The funny thing is that most places and websites that would sell this kind of shit are upfront that their products are fetish paraphernalia and sex toys, but let's just all pretend it is like wearing a wig or something.

No. 1653639

File: 1663797637464.jpg (761.03 KB, 1950x1573, sh1.jpg)

the sub is for the town of the school where this is all happening, there's quite a lot of comments that I'm surprised haven't been removed

No. 1653644

Damn, that's good. I am genuinely surprised how we went from "transsexuals" and having to "pass" as femnine looking, to fat men in little girl outfits and actual rapists and killers needing to be respected for their gender expression like in vid related.

No. 1653670

File: 1663799602181.jpeg (122.83 KB, 900x657, 0AF46600-F740-4A86-94E1-B11247…)


A fat troon is in the local news for embezzling money from the poorly managed troon shelter charity that he founded and fucking off to South America with the money.

Some choice quotes from the article:
>it was reported that Corado (the troon in question) did not deliver an updated organizational chart for the board of directors that Casa Ruby should have submitted to the D.C. government. She also failed to file income tax returns for 2021 and the organization’s annual reports.
>Complaints from employees and clients are not new. In 2018, there was already discontent due to the lack of pay and low salaries received at Casa Ruby.
>For the former employee, it was “unpleasant” not to receive her salary on time, in stark contrast to Ruby’s actions. “On one of those occasions, she went to Mexico to have plastic surgery done, and we hadn’t been paid. She preferred to go for cosmetic work instead of paying us,” she said.
>“I started seeing things I couldn’t unsee. Sex work, drug solicitations, right in front of me. One of the employees had a knife at the front desk,” Ford said. She went on to allege that that a person very close to Ruby “was prostituting young girls who lived [at the organization’s shelter], and that’s when she forced them to sign confidentiality agreements. Others engaged in sex in exchange for a roof over their heads.”
>Ruby Corado ended 2020 with a salary of $260,416. In seven years, her annual income from Casa Ruby funds increased by 800%. Executive compensation was $450,754, as in previous years, at her complete and sole discretion.

No. 1653676

>to fat men in little girl outfits and actual rapists and killers needing to be respected for their gender expression
Speaking of which, the fat bald rapist killer that did a home invasion in Connecticut trooned after he was sentenced to SIX life sentences in prison.


No. 1653690

File: 1663800563315.jpeg (160.1 KB, 750x1002, 8A882246-138F-452A-BA2E-FFE44A…)

these handmaidens don’t even know breastplate-chan is literally wearing fetish gear to school they think it’s his real body kek

No. 1653692


I do wonder if we're accelerating towards the end of all this. They're freaking out about Youngkin's school policy in Virginia, but it feel different this time. They are going for the narrative about people getting tricked by the moderate republican act, except people specifically voted for Youngkin to stop the gender crap. He has a popular mandate to do it and he actually got democrats to cross parties because of how insane this shit is.

It feels like he's the proof of concept that people can and will come down on this from a community wide level.

No. 1653700

File: 1663800869827.jpeg (188.02 KB, 750x1012, D267D343-2595-4045-8122-F5825C…)

2/3 comment section on pornified breast prosthetics teacher. lmao as a busty woman, it’s so annoying that people really don’t think we’re treated unfairly since we’ve been minors for our fucking natural bodies. meanwhile this sick scrote is being coddled, protected, and defended the way a real curvy woman never would be. he doesn’t even have those tits, handmaiden. it’s just agp degeneracy.