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File: 1658364622270.png (716.35 KB, 567x750, coomjuring.png)

No. 1592784

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No. 1592789

File: 1658364775519.png (204.9 KB, 1080x471, Screenshot_20220718-013607_2.p…)


No. 1592791

File: 1658364859818.png (67.99 KB, 978x504, 1.png)

Maybe moids go to the washroom to peak at other moids penis' but women don't fucking weirdos.

No. 1592793

File: 1658364935138.png (65.7 KB, 762x561, tru.PNG)


a lot of the comments seem to be women peaking, or close to peaking. good to see

No. 1592795

File: 1658365062679.png (68.3 KB, 792x681, 2.PNG)

this gives me hope for reddit lol

No. 1592802

> they still have their male socialisation and sex drive / behavior
Oh shit

No. 1592806

File: 1658365651228.png (51.66 KB, 2378x390, 59.png)

top 4/5 are tranny subreddits

No. 1592821

File: 1658367035525.jpeg (344.67 KB, 750x863, 9AAE39D3-73F2-4D1D-9020-9DE096…)

you are engaging in predatory behavior, and it’s only gonna get worse when you become an adult.

No. 1592829


No. 1592840

File: 1658367769137.png (18.58 KB, 1202x744, FYGh6NQWAAAi_4p.png)

Colon with the smart takes yet again

No. 1592841

If he only likes 15 years olds and only 15 years olds, then yeah, he's a future pedo. Yet more proof of why letting teenagers and kids talk to strangers on the internet is retarded, seriously, they don't need internet friends or internet communities, these kids need real friends and real communities.

No. 1592843

File: 1658367910672.png (493.54 KB, 811x875, 13.png)

No. 1592844

File: 1658368000605.jpeg (202.92 KB, 1078x1551, 1652533983353.jpeg)

No. 1592845

File: 1658368014712.jpg (29.73 KB, 477x416, wtf.jpg)


is this shit real or just a troon trying to pedal their agendas as all terfs are racist monsters?


No. 1592846

>the tittle
>the picture
So, how do trannies defend this moid?

No. 1592847

File: 1658368126941.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 583.53 KB, 750x1168, 5AFBF3F5-CECC-4006-BEA6-5CFE93…)

that looks so fucked up.

No. 1592848

File: 1658368145429.png (41.28 KB, 607x407, kek.PNG)

No. 1592851

How could anyone defend this? I'm struggling to wrap my mind around this headline and caption, it's just pure fucking evil

No. 1592853

looks like a baboons anus

No. 1592858

something something black women

No. 1592868

Kekk they are so retard. The stars were used to identify the Jews and not the nazis, so he is saying that TERFs are the victims, I love when they tell on themselves kek

No. 1592876

I almost replied the same way as you but if you go to the link it's an outrage thread that Stars of David are being appropriated by these groups (TERFs, SWERFs, tankies, as well as anti-vaxxers in another image in at the link); it's probably a TRA behind the images in the first place trying to claim TERFs etc are equating their position to Jews in the Holocaust, in order to ridicule

No. 1592878

File: 1658369673903.png (43.9 KB, 807x444, hypocrisy.PNG)

so many people were replying to that tweet about how terfs are full of themselves for comparing their plights to jews during the holocaust, yet the troons on r/mtf did it and the only person who commented that it was insensitive was downvoted.


No. 1592881

File: 1658369898117.jpeg (441.17 KB, 750x1110, 241DDCD4-AF7F-475A-9D1F-49F413…)

was recommended a video by this troon who at first I thought was a girl with very unfortunate proportions but then I was like…wait a min….

extra kek for all the pics on his page with 5oclock shadow and intense AGP stare

No. 1592882

File: 1658370018116.jpg (79.57 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_20220721-041839.jpg)

Never seen so many ugly moids in my life. This tweet is a gold mine kek. Pick out your favorite troons, nonnas https://twitter.com/Hideki_Naganuma/status/1549464675464925184?s=19

No. 1592885

File: 1658370394677.jpg (38.07 KB, 720x365, Screenshot_20220721-042319.jpg)

Reminder that this account belongs to a 50 year old Japanese man.

No. 1592888

HIS FUCKING FACE my god what a demon, he's feeling hella (heckin') euphoria in that pic

No. 1592890

He legitimately looks like a serial killer, the kind who dress up as their mothers and keep her corpse in a closet

No. 1592892

Kek I am blind. That's rich coming from the very own assholes who like to use intersex people, black people and LGB as a shield when confronted. Also, Reddit being TERF friendly? That site is like troon HQ. I am so tired of TRAs

No. 1592896

Color me surprised, another fugly troon using weeb words and especially one that is usually aimed at middle/high schoolers.

No. 1592901

File: 1658371491008.jpg (314.02 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220720-193903_Twi…)

Lmao at the smoothing filter turned up to 11

No. 1592902

look at this ugly ass wig wearing scrote

No. 1592903

File: 1658371598253.jpg (278.25 KB, 1125x1707, FX8peocXEAIbLZW.jpg)

No. 1592905

File: 1658371701012.png (471.13 KB, 712x664, 55.png)

No. 1592909

using tranny clout to cover up the fact that you dm’ed teenaged girls

No. 1592911

Did he edit his head bigger to try to look like a 13-year-old girl or is he just really disproportionate?

No. 1592916

Don't understand that argument.. if you wanna challange that notion and you're a girl.. then how about continue on male teams? Make a transgurl get first place in some male league or whatever, show how a girl can beat boys, I mean twaw amirite. How does that challenge anything by playing against the girls? Unless that means you're aware you're a freaking boy and arguing you don't have any advantages which is simply not true, acknowledging sex differences doesn't mean "boys are superior" or some shit. Whatever logic they go through here contradicts their narrative. You'd think they would at least try and think about the bullshit they spew but nah, it doesn't have to make any sense, it only has to use nice words to sound intelligent

No. 1592917

File: 1658372809020.png (18.41 KB, 1535x126, 52.png)

No. 1592920

File: 1658372951404.jpeg (93.28 KB, 828x761, 264EA273-1046-485D-9DD1-1A57FE…)

Have you noticed if their identities aren’t references to porn it’s all cartoons or other childrens pop culture media? Why are they so obsessed with the alt girl from Daria or the goth girl from Danny Phantom? It’s so fucking creepy

No. 1592922

File: 1658372986366.jpeg (81.54 KB, 828x549, 71AE6B2E-8B41-44AD-9A9C-539853…)

No. 1592928

File: 1658373403716.jpg (164.1 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_2022-07-20-22-13-40…)

I just found this small subreddit where supposedly trans people mock old trannies, and I'm trying to figure out if these are radfems in disguise or if these trannies seriously lack this much self awareness kek

No. 1592937

File: 1658374290463.jpeg (275.22 KB, 750x1013, 98FC7D89-C52E-470E-A54E-A711F2…)

troons thinking misgendering is an insult or an own outside of their cult mentality is so funny. no one gives a shit, no one except you has a dumb gender.

No. 1592939

File: 1658374605726.jpeg (533.51 KB, 750x981, 1AE1CC4B-C17E-4801-8BE5-3DED0B…)

holy wtf is happening here.

No. 1592943

Someone went overboard with their faceapp

No. 1592947

they're not radfems, they're all trannies (i went through some of their post histories). there's a lot of tranny infighting and superiority over late transitioners or whatever. it's particularly rampant on the 4chan board, they're like monkeys flinging shit lol

No. 1592948

boys r not better then girls, I'd say pre-puberty boys and girls are roughly equal to boys physically speaking, but after puberty that changes of course, the difference between males and women in strength is insane but there are certain events that women out perform men in, cause of our biology, endurance sports and gymnastics more grace then physical strength

No. 1592949

Props to him for remembering girls complain about ACs being too cold

No. 1592963


No. 1592965

Comment section is amazing. So nice to see.

No. 1592982

File: 1658379966916.png (34.34 KB, 777x373, barf.png)

And this was posted by the coomer scrote giving "UwU Mommy headpats"
They have no self awareness. It's so disgusting.

No. 1592983

File: 1658380137243.png (14.94 KB, 793x186, askmen.png)

samefag but kek, hope he ends up joing the 41%

No. 1592990

It makes me almost irrationally angry how these retards lump "terfs" together with conservatives and right wing men, as if these groups don't hate each other more than they hate troons.
In what fucking world does Blair White pander to terfs? Has OP ever been on his Twitter?
Whenever they see someone being "transphobic" that person is automatically considered a terf, no further questions needed. Like dude, what makes you think "Mr. WoundCrotch" is a terf instead of a run of the mill conservatard?

Also I have to laugh at the idea that REDDIT of all places is getting "terf"-friendly. These people are fucking nuts. The only sub that is "cis women only" is a rape porn one. Even badwomemsanatomy and twoXchromosomes are "inclusive", making them a parody of themselves. And it STILL isn't enough jfc

No. 1592991

>pets cat ears
God they’re such cringeworthy degenerates

No. 1592993

I urge younger women to not give boys, gay men, or men under 25 too much credit for being "good" and not raging overt sexists. It's like getting a 5th grade class to all swear that they won't smoke crack cocaine. Good character shines through when a person is presented with temptation and don't cave. Leftie hons aged 20-45 grew up in American culture that hasn't changed for the better in decades, and said the same sorts of things these guys said. And then when it was convenient to abuse or mistreat women, or let fetish consume their entire lives, that's what happened.

No. 1592994

I’m not even kidding when I say that a good portion of them probably don’t know that TERF stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminist”

No. 1592996

I'm telling you, they like to cope and act like conservatives and right wing men don't exist. That their main haters are terfs because they we're jealous of how feminine they are. Also because it lets them be as misogynistic as possible and get away with it. Just look at how they try to brigade the lesbian community compared to gay men, and how they'll be up in arms if a woman is anti trans compared to if a man is anti trans. They literally ignore criticism from the right and act like we're nazis persecuting them

No. 1593001

File: 1658382103223.png (1.97 MB, 2000x1690, muh good girls.png)

okay last one on this, made a mini comp of the ""good girls"" from that post too just for shits and giggles
It's definitely because of Dave Chapelle and his identification as a TERF in The Closer and the controversy that followed. He literally just said something along the lines of "oh J.K. Rowling keeps getting called a TERF for saying trannies aren't real women but tbh I agree so I guess I'm a TERF too." Now normies think TERF = run of the mill transphobic, but it seems tamer and less bigoted because no phobia suffix or something lol. And since both trannies and normies are braindead and don't understand nuance, TERF is literally anyone that's transphobic. Kind of ike how incel is now just a synonym for scrote/moid/etc. Men who are just fuckboys will be called incels now. Words don't mean anything anymore.

No. 1593037

i love being a terf. it means i trigger troons just by existing, which makes me feel powerful.

No. 1593043

>I love being a woman. It means I trigger men just by existing, which makes me feel powerful.
Nonny, you are more powerful than half of the population.

No. 1593048

File: 1658390245270.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, D4B4F93E-8B82-4F23-9074-F4F926…)

>I want to curl up in a ball and be hugged by a woman while she comforts and affirms me

No. 1593050

File: 1658390583594.png (552.2 KB, 798x631, screenshot.PNG)

So stunning and brave!!

No. 1593084

What? This doesn't even make any sense, that's not at all why the debate is about?

No. 1593088

I can't tell if he's misunderstanding it on purpose or if the HRT has killed all his brain cells

No. 1593095

That's just GirlBrain you silly, teehee!

No. 1593099

This guy is an actual moron lmao. So what do they call TiMs who are parents? Apparently not mothers, so…are they not women? Colin is so stupid he's shooting himself in the leg and not even noticing it

No. 1593137

File: 1658403502981.png (321.88 KB, 1170x866, 4176B457-6B40-453A-BDBF-5FFCA1…)

male socialization isn’t a thing guys!! promise!!

No. 1593140

>Thought gamergate was a good time
>Now a troon
>Hated radfems even before trooning out
A common story with these misogynist pigs.

No. 1593143

File: 1658403931043.jpg (61.37 KB, 609x560, obligatorystatementrequired.JP…)

The lesbian from last thread got threatened I guess

No. 1593145

I think the trannies are meant to be tifs, so they gave birth but are not mothers. It's fucking retarded kek

No. 1593150

File: 1658404459132.png (483.3 KB, 627x677, 4337.png)

The amount of open chasers in any of these orgs is hilarious, they don't even try to hide it like right wing freaks. I bet he will troom out expeditiously
Shout out to the MN nonnita that made this neanderthal wearing his sister's panties shit a brick. "give up bitch" KEK

No. 1593171

>I didn't intend to be exclusionary in this personal exchange with my doctor

Definitely speaks to the way these literal strangers demand you include them and think of them in your personal life, narc trannies insist you are thinking of them at all times otherwise it's ViolEncE and Twansphobia

No. 1593173

File: 1658406976578.jpg (66.02 KB, 510x680, FYEcNNlWYAE8Ph6.jpg)

my fav hahaha

No. 1593175

At no point in his ass clown life has he ever grasped what a radical feminist is. Women hating retards just like having a word to boogeyman.

No. 1593176

>former antifeminist
Bro you are still one

No. 1593177

I was wondering too why they are all obsessed with these goth girls. Maybe they were goth mall kids when they were younger? It makes me think it's all pedo because most goth fashion targets a younger demographic through hot topic etc.

No. 1593179

The ballsack…

No. 1593180

it's funny how they accuse radfems of being alt-right, when most of them used to be unironically goose-stepping neo-nazis

No. 1593182

If he’s talking about hormonal treatments, those usually serve a purpose other than validation for people who aren’t loonies. They aren’t giving themselves a severe hormonal imbalance, just trying to keep things in a healthy level so shit works.

No. 1593183

TERF was already used as a meaningless synonym for transphobe before Dave Chappelle. Trannies popularised it as a way to other dissenting women and then people re-reclaimed it. Similarly, incel clearly morphed an ideology like a decade ago so the word is used to identify members of that group by their beliefs, behaviour and intentions. Incels were never actually involuntarily celibate, so it’s meaning hasn’t really changed.

No. 1593184

File: 1658407691634.png (602.83 KB, 1214x1204, 247348864_924309704852961_9118…)

They used to jerk off to goth women, now they jerk off fantasizing about being a goth woman… or a goth girl since they hardly call themselves women.

The type of woman/girl they try to skinwalk is what they find sexually attractive.

No. 1593185

All moids who play any sort of atrocious “mall goth”/emo/Soundcloud “rap” are rapists, pedos or both and you cannot convince me otherwise. People like Dahvie Vanity are probably role models for these predatory scrotes.

No. 1593186

Don’t forget that if they ever try this on Twitter, there is a new rule against misgendering, so you can report them for it. Use their stupid shit against them.

No. 1593187

>wants to be a small girl and a teenage girl
>implies those things have inherent sluttiness
Yeah, no pedophilia to see here or anything!

No. 1593188

You know they’re men because men expect women to attend to their needs all goddamn fucking time.

No. 1593189

Is the left triangle their plan for what they’re going to be doing to women? Because that shit certainly isn’t happening to them.

No. 1593191

It honestly tickles me when triggered troids level “terf” at us as an insult. Why yes, I am a radical feminist who has unreserved contempt for misogynistic scrotes LARPing as women, what an astute observation, have a cookie.

No. 1593193

She complied, but TiMs still get so mad when people don’t genuinely believe this crap but still say it because they’ve been bullied into doing it. They’ll post things on Reddit like “my friend says I’m a woman but I don’t believe it because I feel like they’re just saying it to appease me” and it’s like. Yeah, no shit Sherlock. You guys did this. You bully people into repeating mantras they don’t care about or believe, and by doing so you’re placing a seed of resentment and hatred within them. The only kind of movements that do this are the most masculine ones that seek to control and abuse. It makes sense since TiMs are some of the most misogynistic men in existence.

No. 1593194

It was literally just posted. The thread is not even that long.

No. 1593197

(op is from the previous thread but I had this typed out and didn’t post it all this time, don’t waste your time going back to read it)
>grown women wearing shorts!?
Short shorts and crop tops did not originate as teen clothing. It’s a womenswear style that’s always been worn by mothers. If you weren’t such an isolated porn addict you’d also know it’s rather been considered inappropriate for girls to dress revealingly like adults. That’s where the whole “where are you going dressed like that missy” talk comes from. Hollywood’s sexualised destruction of girlhood and pedo porn brain rot culture actually has people offended by adult semi-nudity now, crazy.

No. 1593201

File: 1658409066330.jpg (154.79 KB, 1152x2048, FYDOTiRXgAAR8jz.jpg)

there's something mortifying about a 50 year old man saying "you can have a little estrogen as a treat"

anyway lol, sonic shirt

No. 1593204

File: 1658409318985.jpg (70.1 KB, 640x863, RaMmuLv.jpg)

Sigh…it's all so tiresome.
>""radfems"" were involved in gamer gate
>by far the most prominent figure in GG was Anita Sarkeesian
>pic related

No. 1593206

Exactly, without context nobody could guess which other moidy subreddit it was posted in.

No. 1593207

KEK there’s something in the water

No. 1593214

sorry for double post but I can't believe they're blaming terfs for shit like gamer gate. Especially when you consider that Zoe Quinn was involved as well….a literal MtF!!! All the "feminists" they apparently hated so much are hardcore libfems and TRAs. But admitting that looks bad, so we're gonna spin the narrative and blame it on terfs. Fuck all of this

No. 1593219

Opinion discarded.

No. 1593220

not even hinting at the existence of the raging misogynists either. all terfs! any problem you have can be blamed on them, no matter what it is. fucking retard logic

No. 1593224

No you fucking pornsick faggot, I didn't get a daily growth hormone treatment because I wanted to feel more slutty, feminine and have big boobs, I took that treatment to not become an extreme womanlet with oesteoporosis in my 20s and hormone imbalance induced depression and memory loss. The only thing we have in common is that we're living on the same planet, unfortunately.

No. 1593225

Lol anon Zoe Quinn is cis. Where did you get that she's MtF?

No. 1593227

Anon confused her with an actual MTF whose name I forgot.

No. 1593229

samefagging, the MTF is Brianna Wu.

No. 1593232

Oh word, I forgot about him entirely lol

No. 1593234

My bad kek, I did confuse her with Wu. I don't really remember what either of them look like, just their names. Ironically, Zoe Quinn is a they/them genderspecial nowadays so she still fits

No. 1593238

I mean, not surprised she is since she got attacked so viciously. Can't blame her for wanting to separate from womanhood ig

No. 1593240

it’s also a play on the name of the director dario argento. this guy probably has binged a lot of giallo films (which many are typically misogynistic). a bit weird if he decided to choose that as his “female name”, but then again these trannies pick ridiculous names all the time.

No. 1593241

Women that get surgery to be prettier because society makes them feel ugly ≠ trannies who have a fetish and try to become the opposite sex

No. 1593255

File: 1658413091007.jpg (167.61 KB, 1080x1371, 20220721_143904.jpg)

Theyre stil trying to claim their. Agp boners are just hApPiNeSs when its obvious they are all fully aware its not

No. 1593258

So is the insidious nature of TRAs, as the same old raging reddit misogynists. You’d think after all this time or just in pretending to be some sort of feminist he’d review it but he can’t let go of “grr, why isn’t there more porn around?!? Must be the evil women’s fault!”, he doesn’t even see if for the deranged, harmful shit it was. Seems he’s been living in the exact type of echo chamber that’d create a troon. TRAs have seen how well their anti-TERF system has done for normalising their fetishes and sexual coercion, he’s just throwing his next “sin” at the wall to see how much acceptance he can curry for it now. It so clearly shows how these degenerate men just use pseudo feminism as a tool for the complete opposite. The groomer’s probably hoping those who don’t remember will see it as prudish karens making a fuss and not something of ‘the fappening’ era and the likes.

No. 1593266

Even the way they talk about these “happiness” boners is fetishized and gross. “It’s like wagging your tail” like a happy little dog. No. It’s a disgusting reaction to thinking of women as objects and trying to objectify us through mimicry. No amount of making it cutesy is going to stop it from being deranged and predatory.

No. 1593267

Fucking disgusting!! I hate how they try to woobify their collective degeneracy. Comparing basic happiness or an animal wagging its tail to some voyeuristic fetish erection.

No. 1593279

If it's just happiness then why aren't ftm subreddits filled with women saying how wet they get when they wear boxers and get a haircut

No. 1593287

It's been mentioned before, but I honestly think that the obsessive tranny hateboner for J.K. Rowling is just Anita Sarkeesian 2.0

These are spergy men on the Internet driven to frothing madness over a feminist woman saying something factual that they don't want to hear.

No. 1593293

and why aren't men popping boners when they graduate college, get their first job, get married or have a child? if it's just happiness.

No. 1593294

KEK it would be great to play dumb and pose this as a legitimate question just to watch them tie themselves in knots trying to justify their """euphoria boners"""

No. 1593299

No, I think it's very, very different. Anita ,as sperging about muh sexist video games despite not knowing anything about video games and was harassed by gamers, and normies didn't even notice because it was a very niche thing and not everyone is a hardcore gamer who will know or care about, idk, Nintendo censoring their JRPGs on the 3DS and the Wii U. It's a very American thing, the only people outside the US who know about gamergate are huge nerds who are so into video games they speak English as a secons language mostly for the hobby speaking from personal experience. Meanwhile, JKR is way more famous, normies from many continents who don't even use social media and never, ever read her own posts know about her reputation as a "terf" thanks to extensive clickbait and slander by trannies, she does her research on what's currently going on with troons and women's rights and was always very supportive of LGBT rights, and more importantly she isn't harassed because of her opinion on some pop culture thing, she's harassed because she's asking for actual, real, living and breathing girls and women to have rights and to be respected and not assaulted or raped in women's bathrooms, changing rooms or shelters. The scopes are so different it's insane to claim they're similar cases.

No. 1593301

Samefagging to say that on top of that, a lot of people defending Anita and other women by during gamergate are currently shitting all over "terfs" and JKR.

No. 1593305

Nona, are you really going to say that there ISN'T a lot of sexist, objectifying shit in vidya games?

Anita Sarkeesian might be a useless fucking libfem who rolled over and showed her belly for the troon brigade, but she had a point with her Games Vs. Women series.

No. 1593306

File: 1658417188954.jpg (3.91 MB, 3596x2328, 1658413066378908.jpg)

Can't believe this shit is being sold as an inspiring journey of a trans teen.

No. 1593307

And THAT'S the irony. They're participating in the same weird witch hunt moral panic mentality as all the dorky GamerGate losers and they can't see it.

No. 1593310

I'm saying that you cannot compare female characters wearing bikini armors in a video game to real women being raped in prison by male prisoners or shelters being closed because of some tranny being upset he wasn't allowed to work here and have access to vulnerable women. The video game INDUSTRY is full of crazy, sexist bullshit for sure, at the very least in the West but I remember her videos being about the games and fictional characters themselves and not, idk, this faggot David Cage insisting on putting a nude 3D model of Ellen Page in one of his visual novels without her consent.

No. 1593315

File: 1658417662958.png (130.2 KB, 1114x710, okeydoke.PNG)

normal, healthy, female behavior.

No. 1593323

And what are the trannies mad at J.K. Rowling for? Giving the mildest criticism of transgenderism and the erasure of the word 'woman'. That was enough to make her so hated online that you can't even mention her name online without some sperg saying what an awful hateful transphobe TERF bigot bitch she is.

What were the Gamergate moids mad at Anita Sarkeesian for? Giving the mildest criticism of video games and saying, "Hey guys, maybe this female character shouldn't be entering a fighting tournament in high heels and a string bikini? It's a little objectifying, don't you think?" That was enough to make her so hated online that you can't even mention her name online without some sperg popping up to tell you that she's a liar and a fraud and just hates gamers and men.

It's a really apt comparison.

No. 1593326


No. 1593330

Are you a scrote? You see the name 'Anita Sarkeesian' and can't fight the urge to REEEEEEE?

No. 1593335

Did this freak just write fanfiction about killing his family? Wtf man

No. 1593336

No, I just think you can't compare an event that only American nerds know about and that's currently irrelevant with JKR being shit talked by people of all races, sexual orientations, ages, and from all over the planet.

No. 1593338

I REALLY don't think anyone outside of American and Western European nerds honestly give a fuck about this 'J.K. Rowing is a TERF' thing, anon.

Most normies don't even know what a TERF is.

No. 1593341

>JKR being shit talked by people of all races, sexual orientations, ages, and from all over the planet.
The goatherders of the Mongolian steppe are especially vociferous in their dislike of her, so I hear.

No. 1593345

Like Demon’s Souls Astraea? A selfless maiden who tried to heal the sick and dying only to become a demon herself? Troons would never. They’re more like the Dirty Colossus.

No. 1593348

Trannies always pick the dorkiest fucking names for themselves, I swear.

No. 1593360

You don't seem to know what you're talking about either, retard. Games are incredibly sexist especially in Asia, why do you immediately react like someone is a feminazi for pointing that out. We can't criticize fiction, even when trannies admit again and again that they want to become their favorite anime girl?

No. 1593366

File: 1658419824909.jpg (83.69 KB, 600x593, songsaboutfucking.jpg)


His twitter background is the cover art for this Steve Albini album which is like the dictionary definition of "edgy but 'artsy' scrote music"

No. 1593375

Consider… If video games didn't contain sexist depictions of objectified women, troons wouldn't be naming themselves after female video game characters.

No. 1593380

If you think the western video game industry is bad and degenerate (which is it), I have some news for you about the japanese game industry. At least in the west you're not allowed to market and sell games about raping 6 year old girls

No. 1593381

File: 1658420604105.jpg (69.95 KB, 680x680, FYDgPD7X0AQIZR7.jpg)

No. 1593383

It doesn't matter if you grovel because they know you'll never really believe it.

No. 1593385

Kek, I was just going to say this but everyone has a huge western hate boner.

No. 1593390

I follow a few Japanese artists and I keep seeing more and more of them trooning out and using English terms in their Japanese posts on Twitter though. Some are releasing manga about troon shit too. Same shit for English speaking artists born and raised in South East and East Asia and still living there. I also know a few people from my ethnicity who are extreme TRAs while also complaining about "muh white males" and being very in touch with their cultures and family abroad, so yes, it's spreading everywhere slowly but surely, don't underestimate that shit.

I know but I can't think of very specific examples. I know about Activision or Blizzard employees stealing breastmilk from their female coworkers in the office's fridges to put beer bottles in the fridged instead for example, I know about Blizzard employees spreading a female employee's nudes in a group chat and harassing her until she committed suicide, but I don't have specific examples like that from Asian companies in mind.

No. 1593400

I wish I'd saved every single "worried it's a fetish" and "euphoria boner" screenshot since these threads began 'cause I'd literally have hundreds of examples I could use to peak people

No. 1593442

Geddy Lee, NO!!!

No. 1593446

>Giving them a boner when you use their pronouns

Even more reason to misgender them

No. 1593447

>"Astraea, Astrea or Astria (Ancient Greek: Ἀστραίᾱ, romanized: Astraíā; "star-maiden" or "starry night"), in ancient Greek religion, is a daughter of Astraeus and Eos. She is the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision."
>justice, innocence, purity

No. 1593452

>I will never accept a feminism (women's rights movement) that doesn't include men
This is like insisting worker's unions are run by the managers and CEOs otherwise it's "exclusionary"
it's a bit obvious including your enemy in your rights movement is going to stall it, at best

No. 1593456

File: 1658424869796.png (235.7 KB, 598x524, Screenshot 61.png)

Not a commie, buts its hilarious seeing western so called leftists get offended over the basic fact that TIMs, TIFs and gender specials would not be accepted in any real commie country and would be shot for being bourgeoisie degenerates

No. 1593457

Human males have larger muscle attachment points, which significantly affects the capacity of the muscle, regardless of its size. Puberty doesn't change that, you're just born with it. There are other factors like lung capacity and bodyfat distribution too. This "males get stronger in puberty" bullshit is what trannies want you to think and it's not true. Human males and females are much CLOSER in strength when children, and females going though puberty earlier might make some large enough to overcome the inherent difference in strength, but males, on average, still have a natural, biological advantage.

No. 1593459

File: 1658424889293.jpg (739.13 KB, 1202x1450, oldgreg.jpg)


No. 1593471

men actually kill women however. there has been no "radfem" violence towards men, unfortunately.

No. 1593472

Not to mention they'd shoot them for being pedophiles and welfare babies

No. 1593531

At least it's nice seeing it say MAN and MALE and not woman in a bleak attempt to make it seem like a female did it. And troons can't contend it because if they do it just brings more attention to the case. They can keep denying trans pedophilia is a massive problem for as long as they want because people will always find out the truth in the end. If these people truly cared about saving kids they wouldn't deny it and try to silence victims, they're just like the molester priests trying to cover up for each other.

This guy looks like he's just taking the piss, I truly can't tell which ones are real troons and which ones are… trolls.

No. 1593537

Unfortunately they probably wouldn’t take reduxx seriously anyway though since it’s feminist news.

No. 1593549

another case of sissy/BBC cuck fetish?

No. 1593556

Why does it matter if you have a lock on your door mr monty, I've never seen anyone try to break into your house. Having a lock is discrimination, are you saying you don't want POC and LGB people to enter your house? Remove the lock and let them in you bigoted racist.

What's that mr monty? You're saying you don't mind average POC or LGB people, but it's still a violation of your privacy and criminals could get in and harm or kill you? Damn that's really bigoted of you to not care about the feelings of the criminal, don't you know their feelings matter more than yours?

No. 1593562

At least it will help spread the news so other outlets can pick it up and they'll be less scared to use proper terms for these men.

No. 1593584

No. 1593590

>troonoid thinking his family would give him a gun as an attempt to man him up

They would throw him out as soon they heard "Astarea"

No. 1593593


That game was made by a mtf troon and a ftm troon dude, I'm sorry

i used to admire the girl a lot b4 she trooned out. online is hell, never admire anyone you don't know irl.

No. 1593596

File: 1658433513453.jpg (220.77 KB, 1080x1175, FYL75cxWYAAi3wH.jpg)

Youre right, theres literally hundreds of these

No. 1593602

File: 1658433742231.jpeg (232.88 KB, 960x1792, 642A3668-F939-4E10-A652-9CD1B7…)

I can't believe nobody else posted this one yet. It's the first one that shows up for me.

No. 1593620

kek why do they always look like they have fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1593621

Troons are always writing fanfic about murdering people because they’re the exact kind of violent incel that is always itching to do that shit (like Randy Stair). I used to work a job that involved going through hundreds of writing submissions and every time a troon submitted something with a troon main character, it would be self insert fic about them becoming a sexy woman with giant implants and proceeding to violently murder people. Every time. Tons of different writers. Always ended up about them wanting to shoot people or bash their heads in. And not a single normal woman ever submitted anything like it.

No. 1593627

Big tiddy goth gf meme

No. 1593630

incredible how they effortlessly nail the amateur porn shoot look every time

No. 1593654

Oh I more meant why normies have started flinging TERF now too, on both sides of the NLOG defenders and lukewarm conservatards who think it just means theyre transphobic
>incel clearly morphed an ideology like a decade ago so the word is used to identify members of that group by their beliefs, behaviour and intentions. Incels were never actually involuntarily celibate, so it’s meaning hasn’t really changed.
kek true I wasn't trying to hail it as a valid word or anything, more that it already had "meaning" and its already deviated from said meaning because of normies… though in retrospect an insufferable personality really is one of the only things that would make you ""involuntarily"" celibate, so you really could just use it as a scrote insult. Was more just comparing how modern (mid 20th century+) words are losing their meaning because of the mental gymnastics internet poisoned braindead people do

No. 1593669

File: 1658438614486.png (182.07 KB, 737x543, yuck.png)

>Short shorts and crop tops did not originate as teen clothing.
Semi unrelated, but it reminds me picrel that I saw in a tranny subreddit. They wear this having the same thought process as the anon you were replying to, thats it's pornified slutty teen clothes…. yuck

No. 1593683

Trans people will always be enemies of the working class interests.

No. 1593697

great observation. which makes anitas’ handmaideness incredibly aggravating. does she realize she’s supporting the very same men who harassed and threatened her in the past? the only difference is that they’ve caught the agp brain worms and now say they’re women. i recognize the humanity of genderspecials, i just happen to acknowledge the reality and immutability of sex.

No. 1593703

ayrt and
>Yes, most use the excuse of 'missing out' on that stage of life
I also posted >>1592982 and yeah it's so obvious that they fetishize literal puberty. They love thinking they're an uwu loli and then once they gynecomastia hits and their crotch starts to smell like red tide they think they're a budding girl going through puberty, all to then blossom into a "young slut" as if that's whatbeing female is inherently about. It's fucking revolting watching them delude themselves that their deteriorating body is just "going from girlhood to womanhood". They justify having a week of being moody and crampy as "just like menstruation!1!1" without considering that they have a literal self-inflicted hormonal imbalance on top of being neurotic in the first place. God I fucking hate them. Tbh even the "normal" ones just cause mild visceral disgust in me, but AGP autists make me rage

No. 1593720


They really don't like it if you point out all 4 basically looked the same until the around the 70s when NGO growth exploded in the west and created modern activism.

No. 1593744

File: 1658443453300.jpg (820.32 KB, 2048x1152, D7439306-6BA7-4B49-AD62-856CFF…)

the transwaman who made the bloodborne playstation 1 demake is so fucking cringe. Just the way he looks like and how he posts on twitter. Not very milky per se but just really cringy.

No. 1593750

The m’lady way he fans those cards out, my god…he could almost just be any given neckbeard with some makeup and clothes photoshopped on…

No. 1593760

File: 1658444483612.png (121.97 KB, 452x391, Girugamesh01.png)

serving picrel

No. 1593767

Can men please stop trooning out into their fetish.

No. 1593773

Bingo. Troons harp about radical feminism with the same willful ignorance their fellow right wingers cry about critical race theory. They don't grasp the theory or engage it on any level, they just use it as a rallying cry/buzzword to manipulate people to their side.

No. 1593799

Why does this read so much like a self post kek

No. 1593802

I promise you its not, I just see this dude pop up a lot on twitter so I thought I would share cuz he seems annoying

No. 1593803

It’s the
>you gals

No. 1593806

Get the hell outta here scrote

No. 1593840

It's also the I like going through his page like any of us enjoy seeing these people

No. 1593844

scrote got clocked instantaneously by like ten of us kek I love women

No. 1593845

>hello fellow gals
barf lmao instant clock

No. 1593846

File: 1658449663318.png (61.69 KB, 740x590, ok.png)

went on his twitter and this post is perfectly in line with when he was whining about eebul transphobes making a video mocking him or something, kek
probably got buttmad about some incel bullying him and now needs to set up bait to place blame on eebul TERFS too and also attention or something. No matter what the text screams "as a moid I think this is what women talk like" soooo cringy amirite gals?

No. 1593848

it's also the photo choices and the use of

No. 1593851

i’m reporting it just in case.

No. 1593852

Ntayrt but some of you are being really weird and paranoid. I highly doubt that a famous troon with 60k followers doesn't have better things to do than post on an obscure, niche image board.

No. 1593853

Stop selfposting you cow omg, you are so obvious to someone like me and you don't even know it. Stop trying to bait out attention and kill yourself, you will never be tiny or teenage again.

No. 1593855

File: 1658450637256.png (455.95 KB, 620x597, justrippedass_letsmakeout.PNG)


here lie Zack, crop dusted and smooched by a serial pants pisser, may he rest in peace

No. 1593857

None of what you said applys to me. So yeah I'm starting to think some of you nonas ITT are unhinged lol

No. 1593860

> I highly doubt that a famous troon with 60k followers doesn't have better things to do than post on an obscure, niche image board.

You're fucking joking and coping, but I am not going to give you more attention and de-rail the thread as thats what you want so I will just report and move on if you reply.

No. 1593861

the post wasjust weird, could be a moid vendetta, selfpost, anything rly, but they failed to integrate so paranoia or not it's worth it to call out the weirdness
>a famous troon
kek we can all at least agree he's a narc, try not to inflate his ego a little more if it is a self post

No. 1593862

File: 1658451478818.jpeg (346.07 KB, 750x1392, 3AFC2716-2F77-4A3E-80DA-8A9B19…)

waaaaah! my troon boyfriend will kill himself if starbucks doesn’t pay for his designer rot pocket! genocide!

No. 1593863

>paranoia or not it's worth it to call out the weirdness
Fair enough. Thanks for not being bitchy like that other anon. I'll stop derailing the thread now

No. 1593864

It's the rules to blend and not draw attention to yourself if it is him and yeah just comes off as really manly, I can't pinpoint it myself but just the vibe, I am glad someone else saw the
and rolled their eyes out of their skull too, who cares, especially to then go on to say the site was small, okay yeah sure seems like ya post here lol.
Jeez la wheez some people I tell ya nonna, some people.

No. 1593866

Ahahah if we weren't sure it was a selfpost you have to double down and call yourself famous with 60k followers, mighty kek

No. 1593868

Every post clocks you even more, I love how trannies cannot even pass via text

No. 1593872

Ikr not a single one can and nobody can prove otherwise.

No. 1593873

Must suck to have a troon bf who doesn't even wanna live for you.

No. 1593875

Since when is 60k followers "famous"? Lmfao you guys are so delusional

No. 1593881

File: 1658453025696.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1990, 5AB46A92-69C1-4451-9E7F-D0B538…)

No. 1593887

Love that it's the only comment but it's far more effective to point out the manly features they have than to tell them reality, they delude themselves to reality but each one has a weakspot they wish to hide as none can pass.

No. 1593890

>you can take me home to your family but I can be a bad girl
>spanks himself

No. 1593893

File: 1658453521297.webm (4.09 MB, 576x1024, egg.webm)

No. 1593896

HOW does this guy have fans? This is just so weird and creepy

No. 1593897

Why is Jack Skellington cross dressing?

No. 1593901

File: 1658453919141.png (260.76 KB, 672x450, oie_22336191nNeutRe.png)


>famous troon


sure whatever helps you sleep at night steven

No. 1593905

every fucking time kek Steve

No. 1593910

File: 1658455323604.png (672.54 KB, 725x604, lkakstltj.png)

>those overlined lips

No. 1593921

It’s always Lilith, Luna, or Lily. Or the name of a woman they’re skinwalking.

No. 1593923

Or Beatrix, any gay ass fantasy incel book woman name that gives away they literally cannot think like one, they are so dumb when they choose names.

No. 1593926

File: 1658456488642.png (1.32 MB, 1014x1161, srsyedfghdrtf.png)

I see a lot of Alice/Aly/Allison too

No. 1593927

File: 1658456529552.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 577.6 KB, 750x1314, 492BA201-70D7-45DD-97EA-C6AA9C…)

the fuck is wrong with this guy’s nips?

No. 1593929

Holy shit that’s disgusting
Apparently HRT makes your nipples huge. Dylan posted a video about it a week or so ago about how his nipple were cute uwu tiny and now pepperoni nipples

No. 1593938

It makes gyno worse, no gyno, no horror nipples.

No. 1593943

File: 1658457118250.png (535.9 KB, 789x573, traaannssss.png)


No. 1593945

One of the saner troons picking up on pedophilic gay men I see.
Run lil tranny run!

No. 1593950

We know he is lurking but this is unfortunate, he used to be cute but he looks ridiculous now

No. 1593954

Into twinks eh? I don't think he ever looked hot, looks like a lazy moid who doesn't want to be a man due to lack of effort more than wanting to be a woman.

No. 1593958

He must feel so validated but its just a closeted gay scrote that wants to pump him dump him and gay panic defense after hes done. I bet the replies are filled with coomer roleplay kek

No. 1593960

File: 1658458580986.jpg (43.53 KB, 642x728, Screenshot_2022-07-21-21-55-05…)

No. 1593966

probably pumps them as a fetish on top of gynecomastia tbh

No. 1593969

your sleep paralysis demon looks down as it sits on your chest, you cannot breath, you cannot move

No. 1593970

File: 1658459411359.png (65.48 KB, 1656x804, purecoincidence.png)

This is genuinely incredible posters on that lesbian sub are 46 times more likely to post on mft than other redditors.

Meanwhile check this out the subreddit for gay men is dominated by users who browse other gay subreddits, meanwhile lesbian and just LGBT subreddits are dominated by users who browse trans ones.

No. 1593971

ok this confirms it for me that this is just performance art and he's fucking with everyone.

No. 1593976

which is more male, the excessively long story about farting or the taking advantage of someone's niceness?

No. 1593978


> be troon

> Literally be too retarded to know that he thinks the troon is a sex worker

No. 1593979

Advantage of other's kindness, I may have autism but farts are funny lol

No. 1593984

Outside of it being trendy to talk about having IBS I don’t think long winded Johnny Depp tier spiels about farts appeal to anyone except autistic males

No. 1593985

> is it ~ safe ~ to accept uwu
They really do fetishise girls being abducted and raped huh, who woulda thought

No. 1593987

No, just some cheap fart jokes do make me laugh

No. 1593997

that’s what i thought when i saw people identifying as fae/faeself enbies on tumblr. “this can’t be real, it has to be an elaborate prank”. never underestimate people’s stupidity.

No. 1594006

File: 1658462363880.jpeg (137.05 KB, 640x346, BDCBC82D-E25F-4065-8C43-C93CE5…)

The eyes of a sweet, kind and innocent girl.

No. 1594007

File: 1658462395443.jpg (72.37 KB, 600x726, nonono.jpg)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this but its little wonder these guys are so emboldened with idiots preaching this BS.

No. 1594014

this motherfucker is way overdue for his date with the 41%

No. 1594016

well, that's disheartening, yet not surprising.

No. 1594019

womens march was taken over by trannies years ago sadly

No. 1594022

who wants to bet the troon who tweeted this cries himself to sleep because he’ll never be a woman kek and if it’s a handmaiden, i hope her partner troons out and she peaks.

No. 1594026

File: 1658464452004.jpeg (600.61 KB, 750x936, 7666D4B5-D25F-47B5-A3A4-42C2CE…)

3.5 years? ask for a refund, bro.

No. 1594027

this retard just posted in the makeupaddiction sub too and I wanted to insult his frog face so bad

No. 1594029

File: 1658464871193.jpeg (288.47 KB, 750x1248, E7BBA2A5-DAED-42A1-9EF6-63AE57…)

KEK i mean, he does look like a mystical creature, like some kind of hideous ogre or goblin.

No. 1594031

These threads feature psychopath eyes so heavily as to suggest troonery is a symptom of sociopathy/psychopathy, especially when you see the same exact expression on troon pedophile mugshots >>1592843

I wonder if they genuinely believe we can't see the derangement. I think humoring/using the right pronouns etc actually makes the psychopathy worse because it feeds into their notion that they are fooling anyone and we can't see the derangement on their faces.
Tricking people is a major part of this type of madness, but since they are so bad at passing they have to use threats and coercion to try and create an ideal scenario where they appear to be fooling everyone and thus fuel their psychopathy further.
I think JKR did some research into all this for her crime novels and that's why she's always been so confidently on the right side of history. She knows the root of all this is plain psychopathy and you obviously do not bow to a psychopath's whims unleas you want to end up cut into a hundred pieces in his bath (reference to this, not a troon but a definite delusional psychopath: https://www.villagevoice.com/2020/09/18/the-untold-story-of-the-tompkins-square-murder/
the journalist who wrote this and got overly involved in this story and spending time with lowlifes, died a couple of years later after emulating their behaviours as 'research' for his book)

No. 1594034

File: 1658465770658.png (221.17 KB, 1195x596, 111.png)

reminder that the CIA intentionally introduced proto-wokoid rhetoric this into universities to destroy class consciousness.

>According to the spy agency itself, “post-Marxist French theory directly contributed to the CIA’s cultural program of coaxing the left toward the right, while discrediting anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism…” Here the professor was making particular reference to a recently declassified CIA report, authored in 1985, that focuses on the intellectual milieu around Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Jacques Lacan.

>Abundant evidence of course exists of the CIA’s complex cultural interventions into French intellectual affairs — but it is critical to recognise that it was the political shortcomings of communist organizations themselves (i.e., Stalinists) that had the determinant impact on the obscurantist trajectory of left-wing academic ideas. The CIA’s own determined cold warriors were well aware of these problems on the Left, and hence these are exactly the arguments they put forth in 1985 within their then internal document “France: Defection of the Leftist Intellectuals.” This “research report” — referred to within Gabriel Rockhill’s essay — is clear, the CIA sought to examine the changing attitudes of French intellectuals so as to “gauge the probable political impact on the political environment in which policy is made.” So considering the intriguing theoretical focus of this report it is worth dwelling upon some of the arguments presented therein, if only as a starting point for exploring the failures of the most influential parts of the French Left in the aftermath of World War II.

essentially the CIA used pretentious intellectuals to stop communist and socialists parties from gaining more influence in he west, so they essentially shilled them, ruining leftism and making it so pretentious that normal people would steer clear from anything related to the left, these morons and those who follow him probably are not ever aware of this(too busy sniffing each other's farts)

No. 1594042

File: 1658466847617.jpg (117.85 KB, 720x692, 20220722_021013.jpg)

Massive OT but i started reading the article you quoted and other hyperlinked articles and i found this interesting comment. If it's radical feminism the only thing interfering the CIA's influence on the (western) left, this explains many things (also you may find the link useful, i checked it and it's legit)

No. 1594046


No. 1594049

File: 1658467476190.jpg (262.65 KB, 994x1466, clocked.jpg)

>dyke in username
>famous nintendo waifu in username
>the pink/orange lesbian flag
>joke post about hentai [animal] girl
Eeeeyup, immediately clocked. And wow what a surprise, he's "jewish" and he's a twitch streamer! A nice threefer.

No. 1594050

File: 1658467541672.jpg (714.87 KB, 1079x1658, OOFTA.jpg)

Here's what this thing looks like kek

No. 1594051

It's pretty obvious that trons use both flairs that stay transbian and lesbian on them. I noticed that a while back. The users of that sub are 95% male, The rest are confused lesbian TIFs who interact with AGPs when they hate them and straight handmaiden doormats who are too afraid to leave their perverted husbands and bfs.

No. 1594053

Does he think straight moids want him? I can’t tell if he’s a creepy AGP or just a pathetic gay man

No. 1594054

Extremely Chris chan.

No. 1594055

File: 1658468292473.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1980x3334, E7FE0514-2BF1-49E6-B5DB-A2254D…)

i cannot.

No. 1594056

I get Foucault because he’s always been an open pedophile and Lacan because he’s a regressive misogynist, but I’m shocked about Derrida, he was always very feminist.

No. 1594060

File: 1658468626844.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1587x4981, 4EC25055-C008-473B-AE0B-4388EA…)

the delusion is unbelievable.

No. 1594062

Goes from calling us "gals" to "bitches". Lmao predictable scrote.

No. 1594063

if any Jewish nonnas have mothers asking when they'll bring home a nice Jewish boy, just say they're all agp transbians and peak her. same goes for any other nonnas really.

apparently there's about 5-14 TiMs vs 2-3 TiFs per 1,000 males/females respectively. ultimately we are looking at a serious shrink in the dating pool because of this wave of mutilation. I'm growing increasingly worried I'll never find a Nigel of my own because of how degenerate and repulsive scrotes are - both trannies and the normal rape apes alike. the troon fad is just exasperating the issue, skewing the gender ratio similar to the effect of the one-child policy in China.

No. 1594064

Ew I linked another Hideki tweet in a previous MTF thread and this troon replied then too. He baits attentionwhore troons and this one has to be the ugliest of his reply guys. Woody Harrelson looking mother fucker.

No. 1594067

File: 1658469544267.jpeg (393.92 KB, 750x2272, FFCC258F-682F-4E84-A300-FA9CAA…)

this steve buscemi looking mf is the perviest troon i think i’ve seen on reddit, and that’s saying a lot. his whole profile is pictures of him with his dick out in public and asking how to cook with moob discharge. revolting.

No. 1594069

>"I loved the taste of my mom's breaat milk"

until what fucking age was he feeding to be able to remember the taste? I personally have 0 memory of breastfeeding because I was a fucking infant.

No. 1594071

It's less about what they say/what they really believe (except Focault the "ex-marxist") and more how they can deform it. As long is snobby they can manipulate it to create the post-left. None of them are particularly pro libshit either and their deepest consern of troons probably was if they looked underage enough but you see the absolute state of western left here >>1593456 and it's because the CIA intervention.

No. 1594073

omg what a fucking idiot putting black lipstick on his lipless mouth. yt trannies are so hideous just look at that that lip to chin ratio kek. I've seen women with no lips but they can pull it off and never look so ridiculous. then again, they're not a middle aged man in a Beetlejuice blouse, party store school girl neon green tutu, and fishnets; pretending to pass and fantasizing about pregnancy.

haha I'm dying at his glasses, hair, and septum piercing kek. ofc he has the lesbian flag too, moids can't resist decorating with flags. I know he's probably just lying about the pregnancy comment altogether, but how much of a chance do you think there is that someone was mocking him when he was whining about his womanly symptoms uwu and he's just too autistic to get the joke?

No. 1594075

File: 1658470466632.jpeg (244.48 KB, 750x1713, B4A65D9B-7AED-430A-A02F-EBC430…)

why would anyone be attracted to this monstrosity?

No. 1594077

File: 1658470595795.jpeg (259.99 KB, 720x1383, 50CA35A7-C8DF-4056-94B9-61D5BD…)

No. 1594079

the way this is written is dripping in typical moid narcissism. you're neither a mystical creature nor a young woman, hon. they're absolutely clocking him and are of course only using female pronouns out of political correctness or fear of being berated/assaulted by a deranged tranny.

if trannyness was so full of drooling men, they wouldn't be constantly whinging about how small their dating pool is. kek at the obligatory reference to danger. as if.

No. 1594082

File: 1658471488998.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2048x5196, 9E9F829D-33DB-4D96-8542-AEAC2D…)

the filters are killing me kek

No. 1594083

If the gf is real, someone free her..

No. 1594085

>the absolute flattest ass I've ever seen

when did Dylan announce he was on HRT? I thought he was pre everything because he's just trolling. or is he lying about being on HRT?

No. 1594089

File: 1658471652178.jpg (122.57 KB, 720x1414, Screenshot_20220722-082959.jpg)

No. 1594093

good for her. i hope she peaked.

No. 1594095

File: 1658472230823.jpeg (433.24 KB, 750x2313, 35F8505F-FB77-4F6F-A84D-30D3A6…)

these posts appeared on my feed one right after the other kek. what in the cursed synchronicity.

No. 1594096

this is actually annoying me more than it should because the last time I had a creepy scrote offer to give me a ride while I was walking was just a couple weeks ago. I was having some incredibly excruciating period cramps, I don't need to explain to you nonnas the pain. then I hopped on here when I got home and read about the dumb troon who was crying about having period cramps (pre-HRT even, not that it'd make a difference but fuck). I have utter contempt for trannies whining like the spoiled, ungrateful manbabies they are. I owe them no patience or empathy, they exhausted that years ago and offer none in exchange.

No. 1594098

>this is so fucking wild to me
>looks identical, just shaved his facial hair and lightened his hair color a bit

this smells like a Steve self post trying to be incognito imo

some of that fairy gender shit is actually peak-worthy…Tumblr and its xenopronouns/xenogenders/microlabels did so much damage

truly one of the worst cases of man hands and arms I've seen on here and that's saying a lot

No. 1594099

File: 1658472919816.jpg (16.46 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

the way the entire moob is areola makes them look like picrel

No. 1594101

File: 1658473259030.webm (7.3 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

dunno, i dont keep up to date with him, i just saw a recent video, he mentions taking estrogen, is that not the same thing? sorry i'm retarded

trigger warning, square headed fridge bodied man talks about his pepperoni nipples and gets 4 million likes


No. 1594104

File: 1658473588122.jpeg (207.92 KB, 1170x608, 2744B5BE-1A7D-4F0E-91C5-3E86B1…)

they really just do not get the hint huh

No. 1594106

okay this one has to be a joke i audibly laughed, the party city wig & grandmas night gown??? it can not be real

No. 1594113

ok ty nonna. gotta say the way he gestured to his body and talked about having curves kind of seals the deal for this being elaborate satire though. plus the need a real bra soon comment.

No. 1594115

Ntayrt but there’s no way it’s satire, are you kidding? He’s fully “trans”

No. 1594116

he sounds so disgusted with himself when he talks about gaining weight and getting pepperoni nipples. if he’s on estrogen and growing moobs, he’s gonna start getting real body dysmorphia soon.

No. 1594118

He has gynecomastia. That's what happen when men have too much estrogen. It has nothing to do with normal breast development. That's why it looks horribly wrong.

No. 1594121

Who the fuck takes pride in having "cute little nipples" to begin with?

No. 1594123

a gay man going through a severe, profitable, corporate sponsored, twink death related identity crisis.

No. 1594124

i still can't believe this man is 25 years old. mf looks like he's pushing 40.

No. 1594125

The amount of likes he has is infuriating. He doesn't even refer to his "journey" as womanhood, but girlhood. How nobody in the comments questions that fact is beyond me.

No. 1594127

welcome to the worst timeline. take a seat, grab some popcorn, and laugh so you don’t cry.

No. 1594129

God damnit why do they always platform the pedos fucking hell.

No. 1594133

No way. There's no way this guy is younger than I am. I thought he was in his mid-30s.

No. 1594135

Jessie Gender did a livestream talking about his facial feminisation surgery. It sounds, unironically, fucking horrendous. Hearing him talk so casually about vomiting blood, sagging skin on his face, how they chiselled his chin down by going through his fucking mouth. Body horror shit.

Also, I personally enjoy all the little touches in this video - the usage of 'y'all', the wrinkled trans flag hanging in the background, the 'plz no bully' Games and Harassment hotline number displayed across the bottom of the screen.

No. 1594146

File: 1658478936481.jpg (179.39 KB, 1200x726, FYLkVWrWYAE88Qo.jpg)

I know Anna Slatz, but she made a good point about this subject, DerricK Jensen and Lierre Keith also have discussed then in more death, a bunch of pedophile academics(supported by the CIA) started all this

No. 1594147

>now she has nothing to live for
Imagine just accepting that your partner doesn't even see you as a good enough reason not to kill themself like literally just telling people that your partner places you lower on the totem pole than cosmetic surgeries

No. 1594149

here's a lecture on the topic

No. 1594155

Did he only blink once during this whole thing because he was too busy eyefucking himself in the view finder? Holy hell he is scary.

No. 1594158

They probably choose Beatrix because they like Kill Bill. Which is a moids rendition of female revenge so it fits for trannys for sure lmao

No. 1594171

>i'd commit war crimes
of course you would, moid.

No. 1594175

where do they get this confidence from, like seriously? He looks like he eats his own shit. I looked at that sub and the women posting their pictures look really nice and you can tell when it's a troon posting a picture due to how low effort and ugly they are. The discrepancy is so obvious. Crazy how no one can tell them they are ugly and disgusting so it's a positive feedback loop of hideous troons spamming their mugs everywhere.

No. 1594178

crazy that I couldn't open this in the YouTube app at all by searching until I searched for the specific channel and scrolled all the way down to the original post date.
Tinfoil time.

No. 1594179

File: 1658482120532.png (70.32 KB, 1194x284, he needs to get the chop asap.…)

>need a warm vagina to do some cardio in
as opposed to what, a vagina with built in air conditioning?
also went to his profile and he posts comments in mother-son incest subs, all of his comments are disgusting rapey coomer troon shit
pic related is one of many vomit inducing things he's said, how do people not see troons like this and peak instantly

No. 1594186

File: 1658482769573.jpg (48.7 KB, 860x1200, 5ae.jpg)

>she's totally willing to receive oral pleasure

Chad Stacy using her beta boyfriend as a clit massager

No. 1594187

File: 1658482776795.png (210.51 KB, 1134x598, defective y chromosoid.png)

samefag oh my god his post history is insane, someone needs to make a compilation of it to be used for peaking because what the fuck am I reading
his entire post history is talking about incest with his mom, creeping on women posting selfies and nudes (of course only actual women and no "transwomen", almost like he knows transwomen are men or something), and posting pics with his dick out
I will never understand how can women on reddit see this shit and not think these men are creepy sexpests

No. 1594195

File: 1658483565849.jpg (167.95 KB, 780x1200, 20220722_115228.jpg)

No. 1594196

File: 1658483704599.jpg (103.56 KB, 615x1200, 20220722_115247.jpg)

No. 1594198

File: 1658484192801.png (144.65 KB, 1180x432, I am going to a-log.png)

sorry last one, I am too disgusted to read any more of his posts
here he is admitting he masturbates in the victorias secret changing rooms and saying that it's totally ok to do that
he needs to go on a sex offender registry

No. 1594200

File: 1658484438322.jpeg (131.64 KB, 1080x808, 20DB6585-2201-4080-BB4E-E1101E…)

again with the cartoons, as it’s obvious any tim older than 25 is a male in womanface.

No. 1594205

>Yo wtf nonna this guy cannot be in his 20s

I had to google it to confirm and I still can't believe my eyes. Thats a really sad case of twink death right there.

No. 1594208

File: 1658485838207.png (653.79 KB, 960x719, 27D1C815-6828-4A48-8DE3-4A8681…)

Having eyes is transphobic.

No. 1594212


No. 1594213

is this the guy who made a video about different tampon/pad sizes and referred to vaginas as "barbie pouches?" yuck

No. 1594219

File: 1658486860473.jpg (42.85 KB, 680x454, fascinating behaviour.jpg)

why the fuck does he look manlier as a troon than as a guy?

No. 1594225

Because no Trannies can blend or pass and nobody has proof otherwise.

No. 1594228

Anon pls take ur blatant bigotry elsewhere, geeze

No. 1594230

Anon this is tranny bait it's the same person don't swallow that.

No. 1594234

You will never be a woman.

No. 1594237

File: 1658487753411.png (187.83 KB, 494x501, troons dont like zoom.png)

Oedipus complex, AGP, exhibitionism…give or take 3 months before he appears on a sex offender list
They can't blend pass even to themselves, picrel

No. 1594240

Ikr so delusional to think they could ever compete with actual women, where do they get off whining about how Manish they are and expect them to be taken seriously?
Their obsession over 'beauty' gives away the agp tendency and I doubt even a single one is comfortable in their own skin. Though I spose if one could pass and acted like a woman I wouldn't know so maybe I should stop posting in this thread before I start wondering too hard about fucking trannies.

No. 1594249

I was going with Beatrix LeStrange. I never read HP, but I understand that's the closest HP had to a real My Immortal character.

No. 1594252

I have never heard of a child sexually abusing their own mother. That's enough of this thread for me today.

No. 1594254

chris chan is not as unique as we thought kek

No. 1594256

He was an adult when he did it, it doesn't make it right but it's not unheard of. I didn't think that 8 year old boys could be a threat to adult women but here we are.

No. 1594258

If an 8 year old is that fucked up I blame both parents at that point. Not the kid.

No. 1594261

I don't know some children are just born evil. I have seen it for myself. Normal parents give birth to a nasty little shit and they are a bad seed as soon as they know right from wrong.

No. 1594266

File: 1658490101253.jpeg (61.48 KB, 665x617, C910B139-3F86-4497-8EB0-A70346…)

Jan Foster did it better

No. 1594269

File: 1658490224860.png (213.71 KB, 586x458, 9a297b97-e606-579e-83c2-9bd0e4…)


look at the male proflie on the left lmao

No. 1594270

Fair point.
Lol my god catering to trannies so hard, when I see a "woman" who looks like that I don't even look for their pride stickers, I tell them they'll never be a woman straight away.

No. 1594274

the male profile looks like "charlotte" clymer

No. 1594275

Search “youngest serial killer.” An 8 year old boy started a murder spree and killed three female relatives, one of which was an infant. The family didn’t report the boy to the police because they didn’t want to lose their precious son just because he had a habit of brutally murdering girls.
In 2012 (forgot which country?) more 11 year old boys were charged with sex crimes/rape then all adult women.

No. 1594278

>The family didn't report…

Ayupp like I said I blame the parents, you wanna go off on literal children do it somewhere else lmfao, this is nonsense blaming children who don't have developed brains and are just sponges for their parents ideology until the around the age of 16.
I'm not saying kids aren't born evil either, some are, take them out back, shoot them and don't tell anyone like a good parent should.

No. 1594280

Samefagging to say I bet it's because of penis law. They auto call children the perpetrator for penetrating and let the pedophile walk free for being a moid in woman's skin.

No. 1594282

It’s not because of the parents lmao, countless girls have awful parents and they don’t become babykillers at elementary age.

No. 1594290

File: 1658493493423.jpg (101.91 KB, 484x816, Untitled.jpg)

at least the replies are saving my sanity. trannies are getting ratioed there.

No. 1594291

His profile truly is one of the most disgusting and degenerate things I've ever read in my life, you weren't joking, nona.
Full of mom/son incest shit, the Y chromosome truly is defective. I would be ashamed of birthing a moid like that, and fix that myself.

No. 1594292

File: 1658493713344.jpg (49.51 KB, 750x640, FYNPOZTWAAAxIoE.jpg)

some of these are fucking gold lmao

No. 1594294

File: 1658494083861.jpeg (185.88 KB, 634x1310, BAC487FC-4920-4932-BC7D-1BBEE6…)

some hopefuel for you guys

No. 1594295

File: 1658494182055.jpg (55.69 KB, 828x680, FYNbEcAVUAAJwlq.jpg)

more good'uns from that disaster of a "womens"march tweet

No. 1594297

File: 1658494207027.jpg (46.34 KB, 616x680, FYNubKpWAAIt_hs.jpg)

No. 1594298

File: 1658494233030.jpg (108.76 KB, 1170x1065, FYPMO2NUIAAYhFg.jpg)

No. 1594311

File: 1658495353340.jpeg (194.78 KB, 828x629, 9EDD26B7-8E86-4AD6-B5B9-521C22…)

As a black woman im so fucking tired

No. 1594312

are there any articles written by black women regarding how they feel about this? how white trannies constantly use them as fodder for "look, women can look so unwomanly and masculine just like them!" i would love to read it.

No. 1594316

Kek showed this pic to my moid and he asked if the man is a pervert chasing the women

No. 1594325

How the FUCK does this psycho get so many likes? I'm honestly starting to believe China wanting to mess up western people by pushing this shit

No. 1594331

>where do they get this confidence from, like seriously?
male socialization and delusions

I hope this guy peaks many handmaidens

No. 1594333

I don't understand what china has to do with it. All they do is own TikTok, it's western people directly promoting identity politics themselves.

No. 1594334

not in the mainstream sadly, all the wokie approved bw, retards like khadijah mbwoe literally argue that bw face the same struggles as TIMs and blames white feminists for various issues

No. 1594372

File: 1658501298359.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1284x2407, 409DAC42-AC26-4966-A561-F5C347…)

“most of yall didnt even know i was trans” I promise we can tell. All the comments hyping him up lol

No. 1594383

Nta but they run irl botfarms which are hundreds of phones lined up which are automated to scroll, like, interact on the app as if it was a real person. There are videos of this kind of setup. artificial interaction which is registered as real interaction because it comes from a real phone (x hundreds)

I think this explains why shit-tier videos get so much interaction compared to somewhere like Youtube, it's ostensibly the same western audience watching both so why are tiktok stats so high compared to other platforms?
Chinese also use a similar setup of dozens of phones for individual streaming, there are so many streaming platforms in China an individual user will stream on them all at once to reach the widest audience, via this crazy setup of dozens of phones all pointed at them.
So this kind of thing is normal there and might explain why terror troons and other shit content has very high likes/views.

No. 1594394


"JadeTheSlut" oh my god fuck you

No. 1594417

TikTok is a Chinese app, and literally answers to the Chinese government. That is not a cospiracy theory, it's the truth. That's why the US was banning TikTok not long ago. Some tinfoils believe Chinese government is doing soft warfare by affecting Western zoomers with the algorithm. Some believe it's the CIA doing it, maybe it's all of them, I don't know. I just cannot understand how a psychotic looking man in a dress talking about his pepperoni nipples can get MILLIONS of likes.

No. 1594418

God I watched her a bit before I found out she's a NoNbInArY LeSbIaN

No. 1594420

isn't she dating some fat asian dude though ?

No. 1594421

The caked on makeup… the 5'oclock shadow… the fucking infected shaved chest hair good LORD. And his gf is not into him?? What a mystery

No. 1594424

Really? I swore I heard her talking about her partner with sheherprohnuns but maybe it's a genddrspecial moid

No. 1594427

>Is it "safe" to accept?
100% safe. Go for it.

No. 1594430

they do a podcast together

No. 1594431

These troons are insane, I would 100% call the police or security if I heard a man masturbating in a lingerie store dressing room. That’s disgusting. I hope he ends up in a male prison.

No. 1594437

>I never realized how unnerving a glance or stare could be till I was on the other end of it
But they're totally socialized female

No. 1594442

Lipstick Alley is full of black TERFs, there’s probably links to some materials on there.

No. 1594445

File: 1658506238882.jpg (42.7 KB, 680x680, FYNMwYhWIAAbE-g.jpg)

No. 1594448

I thought this was the Dylan scrote for a a second. Same maniac face.

No. 1594449

Can these cases PLEASE get covered by mainstream media? I think reading these headlines alone would make people peak instantly. The trannylovers at aclu have done great work in making sure they'd rather have little girls be raped than have a mainstream media outlet say anything bad against rapist pedo groomer trannys

No. 1594452

Isn't this the jacuzzi troon from previous threads?

No. 1594459

File: 1658507053889.png (1.58 MB, 2100x1500, troonie.png)

love it when they're obsessed with hating on JK.

No. 1594485

File: 1658508345009.jpeg (401.4 KB, 1536x2048, D57DDF28-6A2E-4BF4-A893-22E345…)

this retard scrote is in the replies replying to everyone and is trying to convince other people that he passes and is as dangerous as an actual woman. the agp smirk doesn’t lie you stupid troon

No. 1594490

File: 1658508628097.jpg (146.89 KB, 643x1199, FYSNbaLWQAI8xzU.jpg)

if this was my husband i would kill him and then myself

No. 1594495

how can anyone see comments like this and still want to raise male children kek

No. 1594500

Nonna no, divorce him and go live your best life while he wank-cries alone into his stuffy and browses Reddit

No. 1594508

I legit have met more adult males who sleep with stuffed animals than females.

No. 1594509

why does he assume that boys don't have stuffed animals as a companion they take everywhere? That thread makes him sound like a paedophile, not like someone who missed out on having a stuffed animal as a child.

No. 1594516

China literally just cares about money. All this gender identity stuff is being pushed purely by western, capitalist, post modern, liberal culture. The algorithm caters to what is popular and profitable to the app.

Amerifags who blame china for all their problems are patriotic conspiratards. Literally the Chinese just care about maximizing profits. A lot of cheap western and slave labor is outsourced to china and the Chinese literally only care about profit. The west pick the product.

No. 1594531

All this woke gender identity politics is coming from western funded pharmaceutical companies and college campuses.

China if it does have a part is literally just paid or indirectly incentivized to create a product.

No. 1594536

china would also never accept this kind of widespread degeneracy within it's own borders. they freak out about k-pop idols being too effeminate.

No. 1594542

Bingo. Many AGPs are also autopedophiles.

No. 1594544


No. 1594572

Womens March has always been woketard libfem shit. They platformed a male "sex worker" once, Linda Sarsour, who was on there for two years, defends places like Saudi Arabia, and admits to putting on a hijab because before that she was a "boring white girl", among other typical libfem shit. Its always been trash.

No. 1594581

File: 1658514490375.jpg (36.87 KB, 601x524, Screenshot 2022-07-22 112251.j…)

A celebrity woman would be crucified if she had bolt-on tits.

No. 1594583

>but they are the gay faggy boys who had stuffed animals and cry when an ant gets crushed in an online video
What does that have to do with anything? AGPs are personality disordered and heterosexual.

No. 1594585

File: 1658514806462.jpg (788.71 KB, 1920x1920, FYO37L0UEAACxR7.jpg)

More from the "they just want to pee" crowd. I especially love the "trans liberation by any means necessary" one. Absolutely the types of people I want to share my gym with.

No. 1594587

They have to talk in circles because being honest would mean admitting they think you can identify into the opposite sex.

No. 1594588

can someone please explain what they need to be liberated from? white straight trans identified males are THE single most privileged and protected group in the west right now. there isnt one thing theyre not allowed to do. rape and murder has 0 consequences for them. what exactly do they need liberation from? mean women online?

No. 1594589

File: 1658515447266.png (283.85 KB, 590x505, rugby.png)

another L for trannies in sports. you love to see it

No. 1594590

Kinda wanna steal the far right middle pic idea and change it to say "Women's Liberation" instead.

No. 1594591

If it is only about peeing, why can't he do it in the men's room?
I love how TRAs constantly drone on about how being a "transwoman" in a male space is a dangerous position, but the tw who's just as male somehow isn't a danger to women.

No. 1594596

>pepperoni nipples
I'm still holding out hope this dude is satire, but trannies are such sexist deluded pieces of shit, it's getting harder to tell.

No. 1594616

What's the difference? Gender and sex used to mean the same thing

No. 1594617


No. 1594620

> I just cannot understand how a psychotic looking man in a dress talking about his pepperoni nipples can get MILLIONS of likes.

It's botted for sure, not that China wants to promote this garbage but somebody does (bought follow/like/views from botfarms as above) so they take the money.
Also more people join tiktok if they think they will get 'famous' on it because the views/likes are so high, then more biometric and every other kind of data can be collated, collected, and sold.
People post a lot of personal information on there as well as face, name, voice etc and data is worth a lot.
Because China's population is so high they don't think 2 million or whatever is a suspiciously high number when botting, this Chinese vlogger I follow on Twitter with 2 mil followers on Youtube has posted to say that in China, this is considered tiny/nothing/unimpressive.
So it makes sense why you see some retarded video on tiktok with a million views or some nobody with 2 mil followers.
On Youtube only the absolute top users have 2 million followers or 1-2 million views per video, this is (mostly) accurate stats from actual western audiences, the western population are not actually large enough to have as many interactions per influencer as you see on TikTok.
It's kinda funny because people are performing/posting for bots and thinking they're famous, most tiktok users are not techy/nerdy so they don't see anything unusual.

No. 1594621

The thought of a guy with a platform his size, getting all those endorsements and shit, eventually dropping the JUST A PRANK bomb on the tranny/handmaiden mob is too good for me to give up on. Even though I know its most likely just fanfic at this point.

No. 1594632

sorry about the long post lol;

It's ultimately bullshit on their part, whether they realize it or not. They talk about "gender" a lot, but they really mean to say sex. Most of them don't because they want to pretend there's a difference between them calling themselves a woman and calling themselves biologically female (they already do both). They're skinwalking as women and get their kicks from their idea of one. They also love to ignore that most of what we call "gender" today is based on various aspects of biological sex.

You also have some especially deluded ones that try justify transgenderism with science about sex. "Katy" Montgomerie unironically thinks humans can change sex and references clownfish for some reason. Some other trans-adjacent hack wrote a paper about "intersex" people being able to produce both sperm and ova and referenced research on crustaceans. They all use disorders like Klinefelters to claim binary of sex isn't real. I think they claim the world is 2% "intersex" when the number is much lower.
The really stupid ones misunderstand science even further: India Willoughby had a chain of tweets where he was saying human cells regenerating naturally meant you can "become a woman" because of HRT, cause "hormones alter gene expression". What he forgot was that gene expression is based on information in the DNA, where those pesky XY chromosomes are and always will be. And yet he thinks changing a letter in his birh certificate and hormone injections will make him female.

In short, when they say gender, they want to say sex. They're not content with being "male-born person identifying as a woman". They want to be seen the same as what they call a "cis woman" while also constantly flashing their trans status and being misogynysts.

No. 1594655

just exclude converts and that takes care of it.

No. 1594657

i can't believe people post this shit online with their face attached.

No. 1594664

if it's any consolation his agent probably buys most of them.

No. 1594667

jensen is so cool.

No. 1594671

Men truly do age much worse than women, it's just that nasolabial folds, eye wrinkles and forehead wrinkles are expected and viewed as attractive and mature on men in their 20s but unacceptable and disgusting on women for some reason (the reason is mens pedophilic preferences).

No. 1594673

Does this mean starbucks finally realized paying for people's self mutilation is a bad idea and they're trying to put some breaks in? Starbucks will be infamous for having openly supported child mutilation once the trans trend is over

No. 1594677

So true queen. There is something fundamentally wrong with the Y chromosome, they're complete violent retards devoid of empathy and guilt, most just learn to suppress it until they're teens/adults, and a very small percentage (basically mythical) supresses it their entire life.

No. 1594678

Terf island doing good

No. 1594679

File: 1658520780139.png (804.36 KB, 1000x660, shutterstock_192451649-3874196…)

i have bad news for you

No. 1594680

God it would be so funny if it turned out he was doing trans-hating satire all along, all the TRAs would cry tears of blood over having defended him

No. 1594682

The similarities to this and Incel’s beta uprising shit is uncanny.

No. 1594683

They're so confident and for what. Bottom tier males (all of them) should only feel one thing: despair. This is all the fault of patriarchal state enforced monogamy which allowed every man to breed.

No. 1594688

another psychotic gay man

No. 1594693

there was a mtf tranny at a starbucks near me who was mia for a few months and is now back with insanely long and puffy self harm scars on full display. i wonder if he got told the well's run dry.

No. 1594696


No. 1594699

Men fundamentally don’t understand women compliment each other in a fake way to be nice. Troons are autistic losers so they mistake pity for every woman thinking they’re really hot. I seriously think a huge influence on AGPs is the 00’s autism mom “my boy is so special he could never do anything wrong” parenting strategy. These Moids have been coddled playing video games their WHOLE LIFE. There’s a reason they can’t stand TERFs, because it’s not playing along and breaking the fantasy.

No. 1594702

That's a pun on the director Dario Argento, the way lights and colors work in his movies is something breadtube troons are very fond of for some reason.

No. 1594706

Way more likely is not wanting to be involved in lawsuits from angry troids

No. 1594712

I meant bad idea as in it's a massive money drain for starbucks to pay for some of the most expensive (yet completely unnecessary) surgeries to exist, especially when it's the one easy-to-get job all troons flock to

You're right about men not understanding women, but men really do not need women to turn them degenerate. If anything it's growing up in a patriarchy telling them they can do whatever they want to women because they're men.

No. 1594716

I wasn’t blaming women at all, I was saying it’s on us to not give moids any more rope. The best way to stop trannies is to stop pretending because their social validation points are all they care about.

No. 1594719

they see him as a gay man and for whatever reason women love fawning over gay men

No. 1594722

Nta but I always thought those were computergenerated images? Never heard it might be a psy op. Maybe I'm retarded and don't get it, then ignore me

Oh that's where they got the colors from. Not surprising, these troons have nothing creative about them

No. 1594725

Pretty much. That's why I like to go with Posie Parker's quoting for "Terf" which is "Tired of explaining reality to fools"

No. 1594731


No. 1594737

Yes it's a computer generated image, idk why this thread is filled with conspiracy theorists now. It can't be the "same person", it's not a fucking person

No. 1594743

Sage for no milk but there's a younger (<25) TiM at work and he's so unsettling to be around. Also has the exact same parody-of-a-woman voice as another troon I encountered in college once.

No. 1594744

the screenshots are in dutch, if it were a selfpost they would be in english. you all need to chill lmao

No. 1594762

>Nta but I always thought those were computer generated images? Never heard it might be a psy op. Maybe I'm retarded and don't get it, then ignore me
Scientists aren't magicians. It's just an edited picture. Most of the time they combine images into one face to get a "neutral" face and then edit it. Sexual dimorphism is real and even if some people are androgynous, it doesn't change their sex. This thread is full of moids. Disgusting.

No. 1594763

Because anon's not the tranny, retard

No. 1594770

Bizarre to ally with white men in an attempt to crush white women.

No. 1594774

Children are products of their environment and upbringing, plain and simple. Genetics play a role, but there's no "evil" gene. No child is born an "evil seed" as if a demon is possessing them, what the fuck. They experience trauma or something they probably shouldn't have seen at that age. Maybe you should be keeping an eye on those "normal parents" and other adults in their life if a child is acting out and they're blaming the bad behavior on the kid being evil. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1594803

all y chromosomes are born evil, gtfo boymom

No. 1594811

Sorry for off-topic. But what is the correlation between pedophilia and anarchism? Or between queer theory and anarchism? Ive been getting into anarcho-egoism (stirner, not rand). Im just curious.

No. 1594817

Egoism and Anarchism are autistic and without basic morality or respect. Stirner would call you his property and womens rights a spook.

Stirner died of a fucking bug bite and the only person who showed up to his funeral was the guy who cucked him and caused his wife to leave him and he went because he felt bad. Retarded piece of shit “philosopher”

No. 1594824

pretty sure there’s a whole chunk in the ego and it’s own about womens rights

No. 1594855

File: 1658535449713.jpg (174.55 KB, 1242x1242, FYSXm4HXgAEZ6GX.jpg)

No. 1594857

File: 1658535485341.jpg (189.26 KB, 1242x1242, FYSXqp-WQAAyGZV.jpg)

"Lesbian" sex advice

No. 1594858

File: 1658535538552.jpeg (132.72 KB, 726x588, D73022E2-6B71-4131-BA0E-9C5DDE…)

how naive do you have to be to think it’s just the old TIMs who are fetishists? It’s all of them.

No. 1594859

if my partner has a penis, he’s a man! hope that helps the people at healthline!

No. 1594861

File: 1658535680258.png (431.2 KB, 715x588, 6.png)

its not the onion sadly

No. 1594862

i bet if you searched up the same advice but for gay sex they’ll just straight up use male pronouns and not humor this shit

No. 1594863

Read The German Ideology next. It's Marx & Engels' answer to Stirner, and boy do they have words for him.

No. 1594866

File: 1658535849845.png (66 KB, 695x585, wtf.PNG)

this is one of the replies on that thread. why are they so obsessed with being teenage girls? why not 50 year old women?

these retards keep saying second puberty like it means anything

No. 1594868

>wants to be teenage girls
>next sentence, practically spells being a teenage girl as synonymous with feeling attractive

some jokes write themselves

No. 1594874

File: 1658536590501.png (42.29 KB, 813x348, kek.PNG)

oh my god this post is so funny to me because they're so close yet so far. not talking about the male terf thing, but the last sentence

>There's just too much of a historical precedence of men using women's rights as


No. 1594882

The Jews?(racebait)

No. 1594891

"Corporate sponsored twink death" would be a killer band name

No. 1594897

File: 1658538626126.jpg (151.78 KB, 2048x1536, FYJSIJCVUAA5xFU.jpg)

I had to see this, now so do you

No. 1594902

Too bad garage bands aren't a thing anymore.

No. 1594904

Every time I look at this thread I'm made aware of yet another trans subreddit. They seem infinite like Candy Crush levels.

No. 1594905

File: 1658539429644.jpeg (351.57 KB, 750x1218, 194D7F35-DAC9-4C29-AA1D-600613…)

i can’t with their drama and entitlement.

No. 1594906

Why the fuck does the obsession only creep them out if it's a male TERF? Some "allies" cape way too hard for them and it's a hundred times creepier. Also male TERFs where?

I guess you're joking but can you not?

No. 1594909

I apologize, I shouldn't have jumped in but that set up was too juicy.

No. 1594912

>I will fight for it with sharp elbows and sharper words.
>sharper words
sending rape threats isn’t “sharp words”, it’s degeneracy, troon.

No. 1594917

File: 1658540242472.jpeg (409.16 KB, 730x1873, 911C580D-2BD4-44B4-9D28-3E245E…)

>nothing too gross

No. 1594918

Men can’t be terfs dumbass. Basic radical feminist theory.

No. 1594921

ladies don't you just hate when you have to spend time scraping wads of dead skin out of your vagina every morning? such an annoying part of a woman's daily routine.

No. 1594925

Have they ever watched this cartoon kek

No. 1594931

File: 1658541085390.jpeg (553.34 KB, 750x1192, 94693FE0-C47D-45EA-B76B-D7481C…)

it doesn’t get more cringey than this.

No. 1594937

You don't wanna know what I think.

No. 1594940

File: 1658541434836.jpeg (1.02 MB, 750x1386, 60DF4645-3D6D-471D-B2CF-91A712…)

>dyed hair
>frumpy skirt
why do they all look the same?

No. 1594948

File: 1658541734601.jpeg (522.61 KB, 750x2667, 60FA2E38-9330-4C91-B004-9BF8CB…)

this absolute caveman thinks he will pass one day kek

No. 1594949

>pointing out how grotesque it is that TiFs cut off their tits is "sexually motivated"
Their chest are fucking disgusting, and unless they're Ellen Page mode skinny, they look outright concave because so much flesh has been taken out.

No. 1594950

I'm late, but I think it's mostly due to relativity. If a guy has more feminine features, it tends to show because the features are relative to him being male. If the same guy transitions, then those features don't necessarily translate to feminine, as they are still male. They are more feminine than those same features on other men, but always far more masculine than the same features on women. Feminine features on men are not female, they are just more feminine looking than your average guy. (Ex. a softer, rounder face may look feminine on a man when compared to other men, but not so much when compared to a woman with soft, rounded features). I really hope this makes sense.

No. 1594953

I suggest a washcloth on a dildo.
Accelerationism is the best thing that can happen to failmales. The more dysfunctional they get, the fewer of them will breed. The gene pool would never have been soiled in the first place if they weren't so greedy, selfish, and lazy.

No. 1594964

I read this as Johnny being too stupid to clock troons so he thinks it’s an actual woman kek

No. 1594966

File: 1658542633042.jpeg (688.39 KB, 750x1221, 529DAF23-D7DC-46E4-8E79-292BB6…)

everything about this outfit is cursed.

No. 1594970

Getting awfully close to eugenics talk there buddy, let's not attract racists with that kind of talk or we will get /pol/ flooding in here and we all know it.

No. 1594972

male detected

No. 1594973

g8 b8 m8, seriously cool it with the eugenic remarks.

No. 1594982

For what you enable this site to be then stop next time you feel like being lady hitler.

No. 1594983

pointing out undesirable males isn’t a racism you sperg. stop derailing.

No. 1594994

File: 1658545468392.jpg (488.39 KB, 1503x4581, 077ponzaylc91.jpg)

It's ironic to call it that, since the master race isn't sending their best. Photo stolen from boomerhoncringe. Like 98% of troons pictured in these threads are white.

No. 1594998

File: 1658546012009.jpeg (276.72 KB, 750x872, 81A9A8E4-9D8B-4A41-81AC-EEB289…)

it hurts because it’s not a clit, it a butchered piece of your dick.

No. 1595002

Only to incel men is not fucking failsons and glad they cut of their dick because they’re degenerate the same as hitler kek.

No. 1595004

they literally carved your cock head down into a half-jellybean and you're on reddit asking why it's ouchie? kek

No. 1595005

This shit always makes me laugh, I wish I could talk to the surgeons that get in the room and just chop shit off and rearrange it to mimic the oposite sex's parts. Do they seriously believe they're doing something good at all? Do they believe in what they're doing? Because if it's for money, I get it, I would do it too, but if they absolutely believe they can grab a dick to turn it into a vagina I wouldn't have words to describe how insane it is.

No. 1595007

File: 1658546816196.jpeg (586.41 KB, 1170x1098, 665CCA58-1FE2-4119-9AB2-E4DB59…)

Idk if this belongs here but I can’t believe it’s not satire

No. 1595020

Of course, and when will men learn that access to vinegar is a medical necessity for women and not just something for salads.

No. 1595029

File: 1658550873985.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 764.38 KB, 750x1210, 3705EB0A-A034-4F66-A31B-1CA357…)

the fuck is this meant to look like? Is it supposed to be labia?

No. 1595030

sorry, i forgot.

No. 1595039

File: 1658551939582.jpeg (661.25 KB, 750x1141, 2FDDACEF-FE53-482A-B316-A8413D…)

always with the dumb cat ears.

No. 1595043

Cat ears, ethot makeup, danger hair, stubble, autistic video game bracelet. Tracks.

No. 1595044

All I can ever see in these rorschach tests is a mutilated ballsack. I guess it would be passable to someone who has never seen a vagina or has only seen vaginas of waterlogged corpses that have been dried out. No wonder they love the results, they often fit both of those character flaws.

No. 1595045

Oh and the anime figures, crystals and ugly piercings. Lmao it’s like a uniform.

No. 1595064

it looks like his "labia" each have their own mini labia. This is clearly a double success; the more pairs of labia = the more womanly you are, and he got two extra pairs at no additional cost!

No. 1595077

wtf I've never even heard of finnish doctors doing axewounds, color me disgusted, also that was stitched to shit holy fuck

No. 1595088

did the surgeon completely remove the dick? i thought they at least keep the head of it to pretend there's some semblance of a clit

No. 1595097

the over the top reactions to JK being gender critical and sticking up for women are so telling. they're afraid of her, they know she's telling their secrets to the world on a huge platform, so they try anything they can to diminish her. But guess what? Whenever anyone looks up "Quadball" there's gonna be a nice little sentence saying something along the lines of "based on a creation by J.K. Rowling". they will never be able to erase her.

No. 1595111

I'm going to pop a fucking blood vessel. Do they really think this will gain traction with any opposition that will view this? This argument is incomplete and didn't even answer the central fucking question of what a woman is. For a class of people who constantly cry "trans genocide" they have no urgency whatsoever to draw boundaries around themselves, enforce important definitions, and gatekeep like what every other legitimate marginalized community does. God, I want to egg the sheltered dweeb who made this.

No. 1595118

>didn't even answer the central fucking question of what a woman is. Fo
That's the whole point, I think you're misunderstanding? That graphic wasn't made by a TRA, it's a gender critical argument about how the entire concept is illogical circular reasoning.

No. 1595138

Welp I’m retarded. Or I need to go to bed and sleep before posting. Thanks for correcting me

No. 1595172

They honestly gain more traction the more politicians hate them, it's a pendulum and it really is kind of too late to stop it. I know why you're so upset, and so am I though maybe not for the same precise reasoning as you.

No. 1595175

File: 1658563647829.jpg (356.2 KB, 810x1921, Screenshot_20220723-040114_Red…)

>I am the ahegao-ing fishnet-wearing, heavy-eyeliner-using, cock-having, goth e-girl the internet warns you about. I LOVE IT

No. 1595176

File: 1658563878792.png (597.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220723-085756.png)

Why are you so obsessed with getting your dick out in front of women?

No. 1595181

>cock-having girl
Please just join the 41%

No. 1595194

File: 1658565891745.jpeg (40.48 KB, 626x562, 330A877C-B5DB-498E-A264-F03B41…)

this video and Jensen's overall critique is fine, but I have personal experience seeing him blow up when feminists have told him to stfu. no picrel unfortunately. he is a narc moid like they all are, so take his analysis for what it's worth and reject his attempt at being a head of a personality cult

No. 1595195

File: 1658565902722.webm (8.89 MB, 320x568, cBbQxDBwulgeJPMJ.webm)

This word is overused but this is literal grooming, like why do TIMs have such a desire to gaslight and abuse children

No. 1595196

File: 1658566050177.png (239.93 KB, 597x637, Screenshot 72.png)

those poor kids

No. 1595202

Well anon you see the thing is that they are, in fact, pedophiles

No. 1595203

File: 1658566832363.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x831, 1658566446288.jpg)

Fucking addicts. This sub is like 1/3 minors. This is like allowing cigarette and alcohol ads in teen magazines. I'm sure the post is full of dangerous misinformation too:

No. 1595224

File: 1658571883717.jpg (130.75 KB, 697x788, bitch please.jpg)

>the internet warns you about.

I mean, he's not wrong, the internet truly is a strange and scary place.

No. 1595252

this is a MtF?

No. 1595254

non-binary teacher, but still a groomer

No. 1595257

is this a woman though? If so, probably belongs on the tif thread

No. 1595262

This is obviously a woman, are you retarded

No. 1595276

Wrong thread, but if I was a teacher and I had a colleague email me about them wanting to talk to my class about being trans I'd flag them for being a potential groomer. Since troons just love hiding behind and comparing themselves to black people and their struggles, have you ever seen a black teacher going around and explaining to children that they are black? And then smugly making videos on tiktok about it?

I really hope there are teachers actively debunking trans lies in class and that they're just smart enough to not post about it publicly online.

No. 1595282

File: 1658581340157.jpg (51.62 KB, 604x629, FYO30UQXgAARJtA.jpg)

we are witnessing pure delusion

No. 1595287

Sorry, how is he “more woman” than anyone else will ever be? You’re either female or you aren’t. He clearly isn’t. It isn’t a competition, it’s just mammal biology.

No. 1595291

>have success with a lot of cis lesbians

No. 1595294

>I have so much sex with women
If TIMs were not on the top of the oppression ladder this would read like any other incel with their totally believable statements about their sex lives.
I also want to cut off their tongues. Not cute, still a dude.

No. 1595312

Why does he brag about having sex with “cis” lesbians if there is fundamentally no different between cis and trans as they claim? Why would this be a bigger W than dating another transbian? I thought we were all just women, guess not kek.

No. 1595315

If trans woman are more women why dont they date eachother then and be "more lesbians". Why are they so obsessed with fucking real women if they are more real than us?

Oh yeah thats right, its all mental illness I almost forgot

No. 1595316

Back in my handmaiden TRA days I used to think "gender dysphoria" is a weird feeling that only a small amount of the population experience, similar to body dysmorphia, but now I realize that it's just the feeling of being confronted about a troon's delusions and how they'll always be their birth sex.

No. 1595320


it always ends up reverting back to chauvinist shit. like he can't just be secure in his identity, all the chicks also have to love him and he has to superior to them. #lesbiandayofvisisbility, but also "i am more woman than actual lesbians" same reason they end up being so racist. a lot of moids will never accept being lower on any kind of hierarchy than black women. they can try to hide it but it always leaks out how upset they are that black women might have any kind of privilege over a mimic.

No. 1595330

then they're not lesbians sorry

No. 1595345

Goes back to the rapey male impulse to "turn" lesbians onto dick because they cannot stand the thought that there exist women who cannot and will not ever be attracted to men.

No. 1595355

Plastic surgeons are regular doctors, anon. They took the same oath but really don't have the same ethics as a heart surgeon or any other specialist that isn't cosmetic. A surgeon is interested in your quality of life such as breathing, mobility and comfort. They'll leave horrible scars on you if it means that they can help organ function, etc. SRS surgeons are just plain butchers. They will destroy functional healthy organs to get "your" desired cosmetic look. They try to save function, but they're the ones ruining it in the first place. Real doctors do not think like this. All these doctors think is "they'll be happy with this," "we can save some function by doing this" and superficial shit doctors shouldn't prioritize. But I do think they delusion themselves into believing they're helping their mental states. Not many people that go through med school ethics can live with the idea of being a butcher.

No. 1595366

You sound like people who talk about "real trannies" kek. There are plenty of non-surgeon doctors who are psychos

No. 1595373

They all claim to be a real anime porn goth egirl uwu irl and in reality they are all just the same unkept doughy hairy white guy. Their fetish circlejerk RP is cringe regardless but it wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t then expect everyone IRL to buy into it and change legal policy to call them women based on the fact that they’re jerking off to the thought of imagining looking like Belle Delphine.

No. 1595384

File: 1658594959946.jpg (266.57 KB, 1080x1796, 20220723_184425.jpg)

The handmaiden is being ridiculous considering this IS literally meant to be a male head, to include troons. "Hurrdurr bio women also look like this" doesn't even matter when the intention is for it to be read as a male, just one that has a mental illness that makes him think he's female. It IS dystopian.

No. 1595388

File: 1658595082305.png (1.09 MB, 810x1080, 36512E02-E9B1-4ACD-9C23-199D58…)

The “days of girlhood” retard takes off his costume so he can make money off Mormonism. Uh oh!

No. 1595390

File: 1658595357604.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1350, 929C95BD-4256-48BF-852F-41ABA2…)

No. 1595392

this was him like two years ago in a book of mormon play. We've been over this.

No. 1595393

Same expression.

No. 1595400

I live in EE and can confirm you see women with that face shape and profile all the time.

No. 1595402

File: 1658596085438.jpg (84.12 KB, 974x1059, alba.jpg)

honestly, i was thinking the same too. it's in the same category as nonnas shaming art of masculine looking women in the art threads. and hooked/big noses are common across races, pic related is alba flores, a spanish/gypsy actress

No. 1595404

I see where you are coming from and agree to an extent.
I feel if Womens March was trying to be more inclusive of differing appearances, they wouldn't have left the other two faces looking exactly the same.

No. 1595405

File: 1658596397115.jpeg (246.07 KB, 1275x1746, B8BA1FEF-334D-490E-9921-95B87E…)

It looks like Tilda Swinton.

No. 1595406

The other two faces don't look exactly the same, they are slightly different. Assuming that's a man is a problem for women who have those features and kind of racist.

No. 1595412

You are all missing the point. They added a male coded profile on purpose, it's supposed to be and represent a literal male. When you see the classic male/female restroom stickmen logos you don't take offense to the male wearing pants because "women also wear pants" do you? It's just a symbol for a male person. They had 3 female faces that looked almost exactly the same, and then replaced one to look male to be inclusive of troons.

No. 1595416

As an artfag this reads as male not because of the nose, but the thin lips, craning neck, and lack of difference between the slope of the nose and forehead. Men have more prominent foreheads and worse lip to jaw ratios in general which can be seen here.
The other two faces are also very poorly drawn so I don't think this deserves a debate, we'll just rile each other up like the endless tall vs short argument, but that face does read male to me due to factors other than the nose shape.

No. 1595417

This just reinforces the idea that women all have the same features and it erases women who have certain features.

No. 1595418

its just a nose. both genders can have that nose. they are inclusive to women with that type of nose, not troons.

No. 1595419

File: 1658597211595.png (12.69 KB, 900x901, png-clipart-2017-women-s-march…)

not this nona, but besides everybody missing the point, who is even using this logo? i searched for it and i can only find it on the facebook page of the New Mexico women's march. the red/blue/white logo dominates the search results and i can't find any press about an official logo change.
here's another version almost nobody is using to get mad about

No. 1595420

your the one policing what people can talk about.

No. 1595421

File: 1658597429275.png (110.33 KB, 500x253, womens-march-washington-logo.p…)

This is what the logo looked like before fyi

No. 1595422

He's a former theater gay, which actually explains his entire demeanor. If only he'd stayed a theater gay

No. 1595424

Samefag, this logo with a symbol representing a male shoehorning himself into it reminds me of how they 'fixed' the gay pride flag to include trannies steamrolling over it, symbolic af
Honestly doubt people would use the new one considering how it's obviously worse than the one that shows up in search results, so hopefully people keep using the old one

No. 1595427

This. It actually literally is meant to represent a trans woman, aka a male. It's entirely purposeful that it looks like a man. It's not supposed to represent different facial features among actual women - it actually is a man's face for the sole purpose of including men. It's insane tbh

No. 1595428

What the fuck is this? It looks like profile of three racial stereotypes.

No. 1595429

File: 1658597981642.png (220.28 KB, 1440x711, telegraph.png)

I couldn't find any news stories about it either but did see this, terf island coming in strong yet again (it's subscriber only unfortunately)

No. 1595432

Sage for blogposting but I have been trying to work this out for a while and it feels like I am going crazy. I am a public school teacher and all of this gender bullshit is getting to be too much. I have a list of complaints that I just really need to get off my chest.

One of my coworkers, let's call him Mr. Econ, came out as a TIM two years ago. It worried me because he doesn't hesitate to share his personal life with his students. I have heard him discussing his divorce and dating life with his students. Additionally, he likes to touch students on the back, waist, and shoulder without their permission. Despite reporting it, nothing has been done. I have no doubt that he is a groomer and nobody is doing anything. It reminds me of the teachers that would sexually harass me when I was there age.

Ever since I started teaching, I have addressed students by their last names. This has worked out wonderfully because it reduces the issue caused by having multiple students with the same first name, and I find the students acted more maturely when addressed in that way. Unfortunately, since Mr. Econ came out, I have experienced some retaliation from students who consider themselves to be trans or non-binary. They claim I am doing it to deliberately avoid using their chosen name, when in reality that is simply a side benefit. Most of them quiet down when I explain that there are six Johns in one class and I am trying to avoid confusion, but some still kick up a fuss and go out of their way to disrupt class because of it.

I have had plenty of time over the summer to select books and exercises that I feel meet the standards that I must follow. I try to have a few classics, such as Othello and The Bell Jar, but also work that isn't typically on the required reading list, like Speak and Meridian. I know I am going to have to deal with some students and parents for not including books written from a sufficiently "queer" perspective, so I have already drawn up documents justifying every book and article I will cover. I do have a handful of books selected if the student can not handle the subject matter of a book, but those are more typical of a standard English syllabus and not an honors course. This way I can avoid students suggesting their own "alternative" reading options.

Despite this, I was feeling great until a couple of weeks ago when we were given permission to start setting up our classrooms and had a few meetings to outline the basics of what we need to keep in mind this school year. I found out Mr. Econ had apparently changed his name over the summer to my first and middle name at the first meeting. Now, my name isn't very common. My mother gave me a poorly feminized version of her father's name, which has never placed in the top 500 names for women. He has also dyed his hair to match mine and took up wearing (very obvious) green circle lenses. I made my discomfort known about this to the administration after our first meeting, but they say there is nothing they can do because that is his legal name now. They completely ignored the new hair and contact lenses. I tried commiserating with some of the other teachers but they just said I should take it as a compliment because it means he obviously looks up to me. How can they not see how creepy it is? I always hated my name. Nobody I met ever got it right and it sounded bad, but I am still mad that he took it, and I also feel ridiculous for being mad. I don't know. Maybe this is the final kick in the ass I needed to change my name like I wanted to in high school and college? I just know that is going to rock the boat and come across as petty to handmaiden coworkers.

The worst part is that this is a rural school system in a conservative area. If they are getting away with this here, what are they getting away with in more "accepting" areas? Thank you for letting me rant.

No. 1595438

Jesus christ, shut the fuck up idiot

No. 1595444

I mean you should. She's working with an oversharing TIM teacher who is skinwalking her

No. 1595445

I think this is happening everywhere and there's not much you can do about it other than find another job. Just know that all this madness will reach a climax and end in the next few years, if not sooner and every disgusting troon will get what they deserve.

No. 1595446

File: 1658599241277.jpeg (641.96 KB, 1170x1620, D35B72D9-E509-45E5-949B-878B9B…)

Do they not realize how fucking racist it is to equate black women to men. A woman with higher testosterone levels is still a woman. Hell, TIFs pump themselves full of testosterone and they’re still women.

No. 1595448

Troll harder, everyone we shit on in this thread is a fat, ugly white man, which I assume is also an accurate description of you.

Cope seethe dilate

No. 1595449

Something like this wouldn't ever have happened if troons didn't try to shoehorn their way into women's sports anyway. Hormones is just a small part of people, pumping in more estrogen or being low on it hasn't ever changed anyones sex.

No. 1595452

>I found out Mr. Econ had apparently changed his name over the summer to my first and middle name at the first meeting.
>He has also dyed his hair to match mine and took up wearing (very obvious) green circle lenses
>they said I should take it as a compliment
mhmm I bet they wouldn't take it as a compliment if he was skinwalking them

No. 1595458

Nonas, you best not be taking the bait, just ignore the scrote.

No. 1595461

I can't help but feel bad for the kids. Even if they don't like their teachers, they are still influenced by them significantly. Even the ones that don't troon out are going to have to look back and wonder why no one tried to protect them from these obvious predators. I try to do what I can, but it is never enough to get these power hungry fetishists away from kids. Reporting does nothing and providing kids with after school clubs to take their minds away from the internet and gender stuff only helps those who want to get involved and have parents that will let them.

No. 1595464

Ok tranny

No. 1595466

That unusal name might help so you can more easily find him on social media and see what he's really up to. A groomer troon is without doubt posting about it online somewhere, and they're all vain enough to post selfies so you can verify it's him. Screenshot anything even slightly suspicious.

Keep making it clear to your colleagues that he makes you uncomfortable, if you say it enough they'll start to see it and agree. Also make it a point to do some anti-groomer education for your classes (maybe even suggest it to the whole school?) and make sure to tell all students that it's not ok for teachers to touch them if they don't want it, even if it's just on the shoulder. Tell them things like "if a teacher at THIS school does this…" etc and sort of imply that one teacher around them might be dodgy. Actually, bring up exactly what he does as signs of grooming, but don't tell them it's about him. "That teacher is a pedo" spreads really fast among students.

No. 1595471

being mentally retarded doesn’t make you gnc

No. 1595482

This is what happened with "Barbie Karshashian," though you can only blame one of the parents. The father was so abusive to the mother that the child started abusing her too.
I don't want to go back and read all the nasty details of it all, but iirc, the mother herself and her child away from the father, but the child was so abusive he had to be taken away and put into foster care or something. "Barbie" went on to abuse far more women, often violently. Last I was aware Barbie was in prison, a women's prison of course.

No. 1595483

I'm so sorry this is happening to you anon. If you have wanted to change your name for a long time, I genuinely think you should now. And if the TIM asks you about it just be honest like "yeah, I was always embarassed about it" you can at least take solace in the fact that that will crush him lol

No. 1595484

File: 1658601365654.jpg (154.75 KB, 1170x1614, FYV0PmyWAAAfrhU.jpg)

Imagine having this little self confidence that some strangers words can affect you this much

No. 1595485

sage for blogpost but yesterday i just experienced a troon in the bathroom with me for the first time. i walked in the women’s restroom and there was this 6’3 scrote with washed out green hair, stubble and a skin tight dress washing his hands. i had to do a double take because i thought i accidentally entered the men’s restroom and said “excuse me?” and he looked at me all angry and walked out. these motherfuckers are terrifying irl

No. 1595486

That is an excellent idea. I have always tried to outline the importance of consent and boundaries in my class, so the administration wouldn't feel like it is unusual for me to suggest the whole school discuss it. I could also place an emphasis on the imbalance of power that happens when a teacher or boss violates those boundaries. I will also see if there is anything I can screenshot about him. It would certainly help my case.

No. 1595488

if this is true find a new job

No. 1595494

I know a lot of people in this thread are literally autistic (anon please get tested) but i'm going to put this as simple as possible (and sorry for the esl-ism): artistic intention matters. To give a similar example about an artistic representation of women, i'm going to say coomer art. Even if sometimes i can find it technically pretty, or even appealing in a werid way, that doesn't erase the fact that the artist didn't intendeed to be seen in that way (i.e for the enjoyment of women) or that it was made for audiences like me. Here is the same. It doesn't matter we can see it as the silhouette of a non-anglo woman, that was not the intention and intention matters, especially when making a political statement. As much as many ex-coquettes and twitterfags who lurk here could think, we don't call out hons because they're ugly or they don't conform to the beauty of their race (because lets be honest, most troons posted here are american white men and they do not pass as american white woman) We call them out because they're derraged, degenerates and dangerous. Being ugly is just the cherry on top. Is never about beauty or "passing" is about their very nature. You understood?

No. 1595496

If you really want to build a case, keep a diary of every inappropriate things he does in school. It's easier to dismiss you just saying that he does x, y, and z then it is to dismiss a document that outlines what he did, who he did it to and when he did it. The diary should just be dry facts no emotions like "on April 4, Students B, C, and G told me he told them that he went on a date with a woman and she was very pretty, and they drunk a lot of wine, and she hasn't responded to his calls"

Oh, if you want to mess with him, start dressing way more masculine (if that's comfortable for you) and do change your name. And when people ask you about it, tell them Mr Troon inspired you to be your true self. Bonus, you can model being a gnc woman to your students.

No. 1595505

I will write those incidents down in a document and keep them with the screenshots. As for the dressing more masculine, I don't wear makeup or do much with my hair, but I do have some men's suit jackets and pants that I can break out more often.

No. 1595510

Keep us updated. You know going extra masculine or extra feminine will get the same results. Not sure what name you'd want to change, but it would be really funny if you changed it to something extra pretty and feminine, meanwhile he's left with some masculine turned feminine name (kek at the irony). If he asks you can say it was too masculine for you. If you want to alert other people to his skin walking you can get a slightly different hair style or hair cut. If he changes his to match then some people will empathize with you a bit more.

No. 1595512

It’s crazy to me how little respect they have for women. The male socialization is staggering. I just think of all the times I’ve had to pee really bad and considered using the men’s but didn’t, not even for my safety reasons, mainly just out of general respect. Like I’ve used single stall mens before in rough cases bc that’s not super weird if it’s an emergency, but the idea of walking straight into a men’s bathroom with stalls just sounds weird bc as much as I hate them they can have their privacy. Was waiting in a really long line at the women’s bathroom yesterday and just wondering why the fuck a troon would want to do that, plus it was really nasty. I guess they do get off to shit like used pads and pee on the toilet though idk.

No. 1595514

This. There was nothing wrong with the original logo really. Why would they change it like this while TRAs and men wanting to be women is the current hot button thing? It is meant to appeal to TiMs. Of course there are women with more masculine features, but it’s about the timing more than anything, and the fact that they do now support troons.

No. 1595518

whenever someone has to say "i fuck THIS MANY people" you know it's a lie

No. 1595522

sage for ot but do any of you understand WHY they skinwalk? i understand mimicking the alt egirl type but someone you are related to/are friends with/work with?? do they not get embarrassed or feel ashamed at all? like what is the endgame here

No. 1595526

oppression points and a way to deflect any negative criticism.
blogposting a little but one of my aquaintances trooned out (ftm) and will use that to excuse her lesbophobia and racism under the pretext that she is a "plus-size gay man"

No. 1595527

The endgame is literally just sexual gratification. They mimic women who arouse them and that they already objectify and fetishize, the fact that sometimes it is their mother or sister or whatever makes what they do even more fucked up. Their AGP combines with the fetishes they already have that deal with “big tiddy goth gf” or incest or whatever other thing and just goes haywire when they get too pornified. I think it’s also just related to the male desire to conquer and colonize. When they skinwalk the girl they crushed on in high school, it makes them feel like they have some sort of ownership of her.

No. 1595528

Holy shit anon, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope that everything works out for you and your students.

No. 1595530

File: 1658605307480.jpg (71.82 KB, 640x852, 43836.jpg)

narcissism is an inherent part of troonery
they skinwalk women because its the easiest pre-made way of gaining attention (the pic related principle)

it's also linked to the coomer impulse of AGP because it makes the target error attraction (i.e. cooming to femininity and the idea of being a hot loli, big titty goth gf, bimbo etc. 24/7) easy to construct as a preset ('become the gf')

No. 1595539


it's partly because a lot of them are autistic and don't really know how to fit in other than mimicking the people who do seem to fit in. with some they do it as men too but it's just not as noticeable.

No. 1595546

thank you, i get it now. jesus christ

No. 1595549

You asked and got answers. Why are you mad about it?

No. 1595553

sorry, i meant 'jesus christ' as in being exasperated at troons, i just wanted to say thank you for the explanation. i feel like my tone was misunderstood over text.

No. 1595557

File: 1658607094014.jpg (189.76 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20220723-154939_Chr…)

Transwomen make better women, example #723678

No. 1595558

File: 1658607140441.jpg (464.37 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20220723-160930_Chr…)


No. 1595561

File: 1658607352532.png (4.61 MB, 828x1792, C7078AFC-B4A3-4DFB-94BD-FDC8E7…)

Sure he did…

No. 1595565

Sage for oldfag rambling but it was pride in my city today and it’s never been more obvious that all these young troons would have just been goths 20 years ago. The similarities between the little gangs of them roaming the streets this morning with their flags and teenagers then who wore Emily Strange T-shirts and held signs for free hugs were honestly uncanny. Thank god we could escape this retardation by simply deleting our Bebo accounts instead of being permanently mutilated.

No. 1595568

Go look at the replies yourself if you believe it's just sarcasm.

No. 1595587

what the fuck is going on here, stop bumping with psychotic shit

No. 1595588

File: 1658608822979.jpeg (211.05 KB, 750x453, A330DEAE-F1F6-40CE-837D-A4B92D…)

Whenever I see posts like this it’s always a red flag, this specific cow I’ve been following for a while is always posting about how “dainty and small” they are, low and behold they’re a “trans-girl”. They have also made several posts comparing themselves to loli characters…

No. 1595590

File: 1658608888303.jpeg (690.33 KB, 1536x2048, 5C2E641C-A2B4-4BDC-8AB9-5E36B2…)

Here’s what they look like btw, the miku tattoo…so small and dainty indeed

No. 1595591

it's an insane tranny showing off his maleness, just report him and keep posting milk as usual

No. 1595594

Stop using his retarded pronouns. Anyways, kek, he will never lose that weight even if he starves himself, the horse piss is doing its job.

No. 1595595


No. 1595596

File: 1658609089875.jpg (79.63 KB, 1018x576, Hatsune-Miku-1018x576.jpg)

Oh god is that a Miku tattoo

No. 1595601

File: 1658609490998.jpg (77.11 KB, 495x292, gennys-cis.jpg)

I just read the Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond and this is the same shit they've been saying since the fucking 1970s. Its insane how troon brane is just a constant cycle of woman hating clichés

No. 1595603

Sorry to blogpost, but yeah… I have an ex friend who is a troon, and she developed a huge crush on my (current) boyfriend. When she realized that he was into me, she started dressing like me and doing her makeup like me. When he and I made it official she went off about how men always choose “cis women”. Lol. As if she was ever actually competition in the first place. She skinwalks every woman that has a boyfriend she finds attractive.

No. 1595605

File: 1658609716040.jpg (172.18 KB, 1079x1470, 1654466940816.jpg)

Lol its always the most unfortunate looking troons who are the most arrogant and misogynistic, the jealously towards real women is very evident.

No. 1595606

sorry but it sounds like you're jealous of slavic women. i'm from EE and i've never seen that profile in a woman. please be less obvious with your cope next time

No. 1595607

lmfao, this at least makes me happy to see that they’ve been delusional about their place as being superior to women for generations. keep dreaming, rotpocket.

No. 1595609

No. 1595611

I'm baffled, nonna, I hope you can help your students, that moid sounds dangerous as fuck.
As the other anons said, changing your name is a good idea, if he changes it again then the skinwalking will be more obvious and getting a haircut is a great idea as well, maybe even changing the color to something new, like with some highlights or something like that.
I feel really bad for those kids, so I don't know if getting a new job would be a good idea, because then the students will be surrounded by enablers letting that disgusting piece of shit moid do whatever he wants because the school will want to be the wokiest of them all.
If it gets unbearable leave, of course, but at least try to show them that they need to keep their guard up.

No. 1595613

File: 1658610281849.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.63 KB, 750x1094, D9D13552-20C3-4EBA-820B-28A340…)

He also has this album that he posts in, I think the title and pictures speak for themselves. He posts all the time but I don’t want to clog up the thread

No. 1595618

I can smell the moid polfag in this thread. You are too malebrained and retarded to fit in, just kys.

No. 1595623

I can smell your autism

No. 1595624

why do americans think eating food is an achievement

No. 1595632

File: 1658611608645.png (333.22 KB, 600x672, 1649186056568.png)

No. 1595643

File: 1658611938589.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 763.4 KB, 750x1206, 24D2AD0A-1E47-4DE9-8E83-C5CAFD…)

an attempt was made.

No. 1595661


No. 1595663

why would you think mods would side with you?

No. 1595694

Imagine being sad because you can’t look like a drawing that’s designed to be as porny and titillating as possible. I feel like this another reason they hate real women, because most real women don’t look like their 2D waifus and are therefore useless to them.

No. 1595711

love how it's always a vagina without prominent inner labia

No. 1595712

is it bad that I don't feel anything looking at those ax wounds? I see it, compare it to what I know is female and don't feel anything at all, no disgust, no horror, no wondering. I'm only curios how they made it and how it might work and how much money they got out of it and how it will be destroyed when they get older.

No. 1595714

What the actual fuck is that.

No. 1595716

File: 1658616724876.png (Spoiler Image, 756.76 KB, 1030x1056, cursed.png)

No. 1595724

at least he washed his hands. my first encounter with a tranny in a women's bathroom was at a public library, he left without washing his hands and gave me a mean ass mug

No. 1595725

waiting to die more like it

No. 1595726

File: 1658617156200.jpg (98.05 KB, 868x987, 1658358017908761.jpg)

literally picrel

No. 1595728


i feel like there's a weird historical significance to the photos. like it's the evolution of when you read about the really bizarre things they would do to treat diseases before people knew what germs were.

No. 1595731

the ones that are posted nowadays are okay-looking, they used to be so much worse lol

like actual rotting, melting, bleeding gaping holes leaking with fecal matter

No. 1595737

There are some that I find utterly disgusting but for the ones that don’t look like they’re actively rotting off I don’t feel much either except superiority, mainly because mine is real, functioning, and has an entire system of organs attached. I guess for TiMs it’s fine to get nothing but a shallow hole since that’s all they think women are.

No. 1595773

So many still are like that though

No. 1595778

I think they’re educational. Troons want to convince everyone that there’s literally no difference between rot pockets and vaginas, when that’s clearly another one of their delusions.

No. 1595781

All that money, pain and effort to still be clocked as a fat, aging male within 5 seconds.

No. 1595808

File: 1658622159314.jpeg (634.68 KB, 828x1200, 8C2AB6BC-37BE-4684-8EB3-5EC52A…)

Projection tbh

No. 1595811

It is and who cares anyway? Those terfs are still women.

No. 1595815

Someone commented that it’s misogynistic and like 10 ppl replied and liked OP’s reply which was “Idc”. I found a new niche today, misogynistic tranny supremacist coquette mtfs. Get me off this ride pls

No. 1595816

File: 1658622792996.png (2.71 MB, 1542x1638, 1655061753766.png)

Love the self own, they know it's an insult to look like them lmao. Not that it matters either way, TERFs do not need to pass as women because they are women.

No. 1595819

I thought the HRT was meant to reduce the male pattern body hair?? wtf

No. 1595822

File: 1658624577785.png (2.66 MB, 1528x1870, craiyon_210310_beautiful_trans…)

No. 1595823

Horsepiss basically does fuck all to grown men, nothing positive anyway. They're all absolutely delusional in what they think some female hormones can do to their bodies, literally talking about bones shrinking or changing shape and other absolutely schizo tier nonsense. Doctors should seriously just start giving them sugar pills and the placebo effect from those would have as big an impact on their bodies, but with way fewer long term health risks.

No. 1595830

File: 1658626109482.jpeg (471.91 KB, 750x3377, B9F9978F-C2C5-449A-85A1-22C266…)

I’m so confused, he looks the same! Did they just punch him in the face and charged him for it?

No. 1595835

File: 1658626647203.jpg (667.74 KB, 1080x3230, 1658535428733212.jpg)

No. 1595840

I encountered a troon the other day as I was leaving for work. He was sitting and waiting by the lobby. I only got a 3/4th view from behind as I was drinking from the water cooler but I knew it was a troon because he had a women's hairstyle and wearing girl shorts. Funny how I was able to clock his hulking male skull and massive brow ridge even if I didn't get a good look at him lol. I wish I had an excuse to wait by the lobby because then I could have taken the seat across from him and give him a disgusted look while I pass by him.

No. 1595841

This guy is so fucking annoying, he’s another not like other troon Blair white knock off

No. 1595842

Either an attentionwhoring post or the surgeons scammed him for his money

No. 1595844

kek we're on the cosmic timeline where somehow that's the ethical option

No. 1595847

Surgeons scam the shit out of these men. Just filing down 5% of that huge chin did nothing but make him even uglier.

No. 1595857

pritzker is laying the ground work and paying content creators to shill him as "socialist" because he's going to run for president and cement this trans bullshit for his "aunt" and their money-making trans-medicalist dynasty

No. 1595864

If he was so happy with the results he wouldn't have any issue posting how much this cost him.

No. 1595873

File: 1658629558783.jpeg (433.56 KB, 828x1339, AB1D9E8B-AA71-4849-8DA1-2F328E…)


This shit is so retarded. They’re acting like artistic intent isn’t a thing and this terf got btfo. No one thinks cis women cant have a side profile like this it’s the fact they openly support trannies and changed the logo at around the same time. 36.3k likes.

No. 1595880

I live in Sweden and I had 2 women irl mention how they are sad JKR is transphobic, so… You'd be wrong there.

No. 1595883

This reads like a fake post. First and middle name? Absolutely do not believe this.

No. 1595893

>Slavic women
Are still women. And obviously, visibily, undeniably so. This is a horrible take. Don't fall into this troon-enabling bullshit, nonna.

Signed, a slavic nona.

No. 1595903

Finland reporting in: they keep talking about in the news outlets here too, it's all very tiresome but unless you're a woke queer/kvääristöliittolainen, people don't seem to give a shit

No. 1595904

there is something so deeply unsettling about a castrated moid, something other than the obvious autism and sex pest nature these trannies possess

No. 1595905

I literally recoiled at the nasty ass hair. That photo is so fucking male from the crusty socks with the hole in the heel to the general grime and moid body. His nips are like >>1594099 too.

No. 1595906

she straight up uses the term 'accomplices' interchangeably with 'allies' kek

No. 1595908

>it's nonsense that corsets make it hard to breathe
So this scrote really thinks women weren't shifting their internal organs around and causing themselves permanent physical harm with their whale-boned corsets just because he's not wearing a proper corset?

No. 1595919

File: 1658636165188.jpg (1.11 MB, 810x4119, Screenshot_20220724-001035_Boo…)

Because that's what girls do. Grope each other and compare breast sizes, teehee

No. 1595922

File: 1658636380899.jpg (175.29 KB, 460x460, game-of-fear1.jpg)

Even a computer thought Zoe Quinn is a troon. The middle image is definitely her.

No. 1595925

nobody cares about your hate boner, scrote

No. 1595929

disgusting, these are just pornsick men writing fanfics for each other to get off to
it's like ao3 for misogynistic agp pedos

No. 1595930

Lmao that has to be a lie or the biggest scam ever

No. 1595933

What are the comments under that post like?

No. 1595943

File: 1658640264296.jpeg (46.42 KB, 750x141, A9B72434-6795-4220-A937-7B904D…)

No. 1595955

File: 1658642890324.jpg (85.75 KB, 640x853, ay7cuq92ded91.jpg)

I'm not even a scrote. I just think it's funny that she intertwined her metadata with malevolent trannies so hard that a computer looked at that, her faded manic panic hair, her unwashed mug, #videogamescreator, and threw her selfies in the tranny pile.
He was better off just zero effort ugly. Now he's a living, breathing red flag. He really looks like he would ask you to help him move a sofa into the back of a van.

No. 1595972

This reads like a bad AITA post lol.

No. 1595974

I hate when overzealous retards like this make us look bad. I get that people are really eager to get angry about shit when they're newly peaked, but try to have some self control. No one cares about this charity's stupid logo. It's common sense that a lot of supposedly "feminist" charities are retardpilled and sucking trannydick. Just support the charities that actually help women and ignore the libfem ones.

I wish more GC women knew how to pick the right battles. Women are being raped by men in jail. Neurodivergent teenagers are chopping their breasts off. Gay people in Iran are being forced to transition. These are the things that matter. A shitty charity's logo does not.

No. 1595981

this is incredibly insulting to the women who died and suffered brutal, excruciating injuries in from the 16th-20th centuries.

No. 1596006

I've said this for at least 3 years now, since I've peaked on men (and ofc trannies are men): they literally have no self awareness

No. 1596014

I'm surprised nonas are falling for this post tbh

No. 1596034

Not super interesting but I wanna share. I work at a clothing store and was working at the fitting rooms when this guy came in. Grey hair, balding, probably someone's grandpa, but he also had THE fakest looking tits. And he was trying on girly kids' pyjamas. It felt so wrong, but I can't do anything against that kind of thing.

No. 1596043

File: 1658659046357.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1912, 41F9689C-9C78-451A-BC92-4A39C4…)

No. 1596046

a lot of gcs are middle-aged conservative women who would never have considered themselves to be feminists 5-10 years ago

No. 1596053

jewish, lel

No. 1596056

File: 1658660662731.png (15.2 KB, 735x166, untitled - 2022-07-24T070146.2…)

If people are calling them predators for their opinions on children, maybe they should consider that they may be predators.

No. 1596057

what a fucking degenerate

No. 1596058

Wah, I don't want to face the consequences of any of my actions - just ban them. Fucking babies I swear.

No. 1596063

File: 1658663584565.png (343.66 KB, 2046x3510, euphoriabonersaffirmyourtruegi…)

Euphoria boners are just your body's way of affirming your true girly self!:

No. 1596065

>my therapist says it's sexual
>sounds like you have a bad therapist
I hope nothing happens to one of the few honest therapists

No. 1596066

do they actually believe this shit?

No. 1596068

Unfathomably, yes

No. 1596070

File: 1658664737724.jpg (162.84 KB, 1170x1743, 20220724_135215.jpg)

But still not a fetish

No. 1596074

Yeah I’m inclined to agree with this. I mean yes, including a male silhouette in the logo is retardpilled (thanks for the chuckle, nonita) but there are far more pressing issues for us to get rightfully mad about.
Are they really feminists though? Are they even gender critical? Just because they hate trannies as much as we do doesn’t make them one of us. It’s like “terf” being used as a catch-all for anyone who is “transphobic”, people like Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson aren’t terfs, they just hate troons more than they hate women.

No. 1596080

Ah yes, every natal female's dream. They're just like us!

No. 1596082

File: 1658665988436.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 955x2232, 9BF65A45-7F2C-423C-B6BA-0FCFB8…)

I love this. It’s not the first time I hear about troons wanting to cut their balls off themselves at home but they rarely go through with it.

No. 1596084

holy shit

No. 1596085

these people are scary

No. 1596094

>equates lesbian sex to "essentially jerking off to their own bodies"

what in the lesbophobia

No. 1596098

Change your name, nonna! If Mr Econ can change his to "feel better in his skin", you can, too! It's your right! On another note, like another anon said, obtain proof whenever possible of anything shady he does. Keep it to yourself until it builds up, and you can actually prove the kind of person he is. I think people are enabling him now, but give it some time and he will show his true colours, then more people will start to be on your side. Also, I don't think "get another job" is good advice, sometimes we have to fight the good fights, not run away from them! Maybe you like your school, also it's not easy to change living places, and you'll have obstacles wherever you go, anyway! Stay strong, and good luck!

No. 1596099

the whole language they use is so male, I've never met a woman calling her breasts milkers or something like that. Still, hope they go for those heavy, not able to breathe anymore, breasts, they deserve it.

No. 1596105

ah yeah this oldie but a goldie. think this is the third time this has been posted in these threads.

No. 1596106

theyre so fucking retarded from excessive porn use that they cannot fathom the idea of women feeling present in their own bodies during sex, just that we're objects to 'jerk off to'. cant wait til they all turn their dicks inside out

No. 1596112

File: 1658669633064.png (725.22 KB, 800x1194, A1AAEA64-60C5-452A-AFF1-A70C8F…)

I will never get over this legendary comic.

No. 1596123

Oops said the quiet part out loud

No. 1596124

Kek, the cat who does not regularly interact with sheep/is not one, thinks the wolf is totally like the sheep, just like the men who are not women nor those who do not interact with women very much think a man pretending to be a woman is totally a real women because they do not understand how women see themselves as human and do not performatively dress as women.

No. 1596130

Nah she's just being polite.

No. 1596135

This has been posted multiple times before.

No. 1596138

Note how the only one who calls the wolf a sheep is the cat working as a bartender. Obviously the cat does not want to be fired for correctly recognising the wolf as a wolf and instead is forced to play a long for job security, just like in real life.

No. 1596139

File: 1658674189741.jpg (924.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220724-104335_Red…)

Tranpa tryin to switch teams. Everyone lapping it up ofc.

No. 1596140

File: 1658674229494.jpeg (40.45 KB, 900x900, download.jpeg)

The phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing," literally refers to predators that masquerade as their prey. Not exactly the kind of metaphor a TRA would lean into, but then again these are the same people who try to "reclaim" Buffalo Bill as a stunning and brave twans woman, so I guess you can't put anything past them.

No. 1596145

Holy duck are those his balls? Did he get an infection? I hope so

No. 1596147

I looked into this– the athletes the article talks about technically aren't cis women, they're intersex women with XY sexual development disorders. They weren't aware that they had these conditions before signing up for the Olympics, which is a reflection of the poor state of Medicine in their home countries. It's a very similar situation to what happened with Caster Semenya, another intersex athlete from a sub-Saharan African country. I doubt it's an attempt to cheat – I think the medical resources just aren't there in the developing world to catch these conditions.

The Olympics also didn't "ban" these women– they're just required to take a low dose of hormone blockers, which they refuse to do. They claim it's because the drugs caused them to gain weight, but I think they know the testosterone gives them an advantage and they don't want to give it up.

No. 1596148

I'm so sick of males too, you disgusting crusty old moid.

No. 1596152

I’m a blogging too, someone blood related changed their name first and MIDDLE to mine. I felt like pulling my hair, losing my mind. Doesn’t help they are like 50yr old gross man. Pretending to be a women. WITH MY NAME. we do not share a last name, but I’m legally changing my first and middle name. I think it should be illegal to clearly copy someone you knows name. First name isn’t a huge deal, but it’s when you take the middle name too, and start acting and skin walking the person, it gets creepy. like are they gonna kill me and wear my skin creepy. There is NOTHING you can legally do either. Not many people understand how hard it can be.

I am so sorry, I know how hard it can be. I know how frustrating it is how everyone around you treats you like YOURE the crazy one. My name is so unusual too, I’ve ever met another person with it. I fear that this is happening in your area too, I have no where to run. I’m from a big liberal city, and been dreaming of moving to a small red state town hoping that will save me from another one trying to take my name and skin walk me. How is this not a form of stalking?!

No. 1596154

>A 15 year old exclusively interested in people his own age is a future pedophile
Twitter brainrot.

No. 1596160

Pretty sure all the men taking hormones dominating women proved it doesn’t matter your hormones. It matters if you were born a man or women. There is a reason no wtm are in mens sports. The fact they are takin away right from born women, but continue to let men talk those places from them. just insanity. America has become such a shithole

No. 1596161

Caster Semenya is a man (xy with testes) and I'm guessing these other two "cis black women" are as well.

No. 1596162

the irony is that hes a grooming victim himself if hes only 15 and already deeply entrenched in tim spaces. ive noticed many agps have started moving on to little boys too. especially on discord. theres whole servers dedicated to organizing sexual exploitation of random autistic boys they come across

No. 1596168

File: 1658678628386.png (420.33 KB, 809x778, dumb.png)

retards are using this as a gotcha when they "forget" to screenshot the whole thread explaining that these women are intersex.

No. 1596169

File: 1658678825245.png (369.34 KB, 792x958, 12.png)

fat pedo is still trying to be funny on twitter

No. 1596173


Noooo, Mr. Rogers, put your shirt back on.

No. 1596180

Testosterone and its effects on development gives such a huge advantage in women's sports it shouldn't even be debatable. Obviously, an exception would be XYs with androgen insensitivity whose development is fully indistinguishable from cis females but this is not the case here.

No. 1596186

but have you considered it hurts the feelings of the most important beings in the universe, men?

No. 1596198

I went to the thread this tweet took screenshots of to repost out of context, and someone posted this interview with Caster Semenya that I'd never seen. This is….a man. One hundred million percent a man. "She" even sits in a manspreading pose the whole time lmfao. No wonder he was investigated and tested. He literally doesn't pass one bit.

No. 1596200

wasn't he even raised as a man?

No. 1596206

File: 1658681463988.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x450, thatsthejoke.jpg)

No. 1596210

File: 1658681595170.jpg (107.11 KB, 828x1114, FYcgde4XgAA2Tqk.jpg)

No they belong in the dumpster

No. 1596212

File: 1658681705563.png (353.5 KB, 724x695, news.png)

No. 1596213

File: 1658681793550.jpg (178.45 KB, 1242x1242, FYEIDT-XoAApogE.jpg)

No. 1596215

I can’t believe these subpar male athletes cheat and get awarded shit like“South African Sportswoman of the Year”

No. 1596217

File: 1658681954041.png (36.18 KB, 891x348, pedo.png)

How the fuck do they let these pedos do what they want in prison?

No. 1596221

Presumably yeah, that's actually why this interview was posted because he describes a very male-oriented childhood in it. He doesn't come right out and say he was raised as male but the context points to that

No. 1596225

The fact that none of them even look feminine for a male

No. 1596228

File: 1658682780927.jpg (138.07 KB, 855x1024, FYXp2lvXEAEuOkD.jpg)

No. 1596230

wait is this genuine or a shitpost

No. 1596235

Is Maya Forstater even white?

No. 1596237

File: 1658683334002.jpg (354.74 KB, 1536x2048, FWNZt3QXkAUyjA5.jpg)

No. 1596239

File: 1658683395573.png (390.32 KB, 731x712, 35.png)

and another

No. 1596240

Why do they always act like anatomy is the only things terfs care about? There are masculine women. For TiMs it’s not just how they look, it’s how they act, how they treat women, how they dress, their mannerisms, their voices, etc. There are a million other little tells that give them away even if they are the best passing ones around. The ones who pass are almost always HSTS anyway and just act like stereotypical gay men who have been botched. It’s not some huge mystery when you combine everything about their existence. I don’t need an anatomical graph or to check their genitals. I don’t WANT to see their genitals because they already get off on the idea of terfs seeing them or whatever. Vaush is such a loser pig.

No. 1596241

>the giant chunky hands

No. 1596242

Probably because male guards don’t give a shit and are just as awful as these men. I mean for fucks sake there was one prison where they willingly let men into women’s area to rape them. I feel like it was posted last thread but I might have seen it on ovarit. If anyone remembers it and has a link I would be thankful.

No. 1596243

I bet most of the HSTS ones don't chop off their dick either

No. 1596249

another cute dude lost to Toxic Masculinity, he could have been long haired lean fit dude and been so hot, and instead he choose the tranny route

No. 1596253

File: 1658684274059.jpeg (388.46 KB, 1284x950, 62F7931D-094C-4818-A876-FEBFE7…)

Here is an article about it. Unrelated to TiMs but related to the prison issue. But why would we want men in women’s prisons again? It’s probably some huge joke to the guards, they get to see women in pain. Sorry for the deleting and reposting I just did. Forgot to link to the post.

No. 1596255

File: 1658684621717.jpeg (103.31 KB, 960x540, vaush.jpeg)

It's ok Vaush. I dont consider you either sex as your species has neither

No. 1596261


I don't know why you are dancing around this but Caster and the other athletes are full males. Not any type of woman. They have disorders of sexual development where their testes are undescended and their external genitals are ambiguous or look kind of like vulvas (but are not vulvas because they are male). But they have testicles and they work.

The disorder is called 5-alpha reductase deficiency and it only affects males.

>They weren't aware that they had these conditions before signing up for the Olympics,

Doubt. Caster says in several interviews including the one above that he grew up hanging out with boys, which points toward his parent's knowing.

No. 1596263

File: 1658684994966.jpeg (162.76 KB, 378x1946, 1656736650717.jpeg)

vasuh is a disgusting troon chaser who will troon out himself in less then 5 years

No. 1596266

File: 1658685180671.png (1.55 MB, 2048x1536, 1591135290055.png)

Daily reminder Vaush had a troon 'gf' and this is what it looks like. He fucked the missing link

No. 1596272

he has a whole "poly harem"

No. 1596292

how can i find a terf discord server? i was just in one for a popular female streamer and it was all fucking troons being hypersexual all the time.

No. 1596300

I don't remember the stats but it's a very small minority of troons who get SRS anyway

No. 1596304

Anyone else think ugly freaks will take over the internet? They spam the internet with nudes/porn and their faces and they like other ugly people's pictures it's like a circle jerk and a positive feedback loop. At times I forget pretty and normal people exist, they are not terminally online. I'm thinking in 2030 or so the internet will be a dump for anyone self posting because don't get attention irl.

No. 1596308

it's already like this

No. 1596317

Just delete Twitter and go outside

No. 1596320

File: 1658688184941.jpeg (1018.17 KB, 1000x2000, 1656731313495.jpeg)

Someone who is just as ugly as him

No. 1596321

File: 1658688243418.jpg (121.85 KB, 1435x1109, FYNTsUxWAAAdvu8.jpg)

No. 1596326

jfc why are handmaidens always so aggressive? It pisses me off, not gonna lie. They're more hostile towards terfs than to the men they supposedly hate so much. Weak ass hypocrites.
He only cares about this issue because it gives him an opportunity to deflect from the fact that he is a pedo kek. So transparent it's almost embarrassing

No. 1596329

i was thinking the same, idk how to find them

No. 1596334

Yes women invite other women to feel our breasts in the target changing room. Not like they're employees overlooking the changing rooms for theft or nothing.
This fake story will make a really good kikomi comic

No. 1596338

File: 1658688789707.jpg (169.21 KB, 1075x1343, FYOMhWfUsAASe5H.jpg)

No. 1596341

File: 1658688977262.jpeg (678.8 KB, 1242x1169, 20632D22-CD35-48ED-BFCB-CF84B1…)

Oh dear how exhausting.

No. 1596343

File: 1658689040095.png (454.23 KB, 797x1014, 01.png)

I don't want my children to grow up in this kind of world.

No. 1596356

File: 1658689595986.jpg (76.11 KB, 696x507, RrLMkj5.jpg)

>must weigh below x
yeah, sure, just pull something out of your ass when nothing else works. I just looked this nobody up and apparently he is the creator of that godawful TiF Netflix show, fucking kek. What is a woman Hamish?

No. 1596367

File: 1658690051979.png (36.88 KB, 1065x240, 41.png)

gayman fetishizes tifs

No. 1596369

File: 1658690276417.jpg (648.97 KB, 2048x1442, FYWVwsMXoAERcx-.jpg)

dublin mural

No. 1596380

File: 1658691216168.png (350.61 KB, 1514x1080, 1647801269056.png)

Nice self own

No. 1596384

File: 1658691437013.jpg (159.17 KB, 926x673, ugly to uglier.jpg)

No. 1596386

the development is so wrong, so in reality I'm a man because I hated pink and girly stuff while growing up? Truth is, I hated that, because my mother taught me, that being a woman isn't good and you are better of being a man. Another truth is, I grew up further, don't talk to my mother anymore and now love being a woman. Today, they would make a boy out of me, with every irreversible consequences that are out there. That's another reason I'm happy I don't want to have children, I can't imagine how hard it has to be to grow up today and how annoying other parents might be.

No. 1596388

File: 1658691638091.jpeg (368.71 KB, 750x969, 4F27264C-37A1-4C46-AE21-F5BFC6…)

Not malicious! Women can be so retarded!

No. 1596391

File: 1658691810273.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1400, Dejshontaye Goddeszholliwould.…)

interesting name

No. 1596392

Okay this one is terrifying. This 50 year old dude is dressing like a 19 year old. Hope he isn't around kids.

No. 1596395

File: 1658691947323.png (190.7 KB, 805x587, 04.png)

they're just telling on themselves now

No. 1596398

File: 1658692021300.jpg (109.49 KB, 748x1024, FX69XgBVsAErsAm.jpg)

he's into roller skating, which a warning sign on its own

No. 1596400

Does he do roller derby? I feel like a ton of them do so they have a “valid” excuse to hurt women.

No. 1596402

File: 1658692097487.png (27.72 KB, 796x324, tranny delusion.png)

>act, think and look like women
>but will never be women

No. 1596404

I'm sorry wtf is that name. I looked up and this is the only result so he must've made it up

No. 1596405

how are these children getting monkeypox? abuse from faggots or just from their faggot relatives sleeping in the same house?

No. 1596408

monkeypox being peddled as aids 2.0 is a stupid hoax made up by homophobes, how are you falling for it lmao

No. 1596412

File: 1658692564362.png (216.86 KB, 1788x650, g42.png)

Just an average day on /tttt/

No. 1596413

>I am a unicorn! I am, I am
They recite these things to themselves and then get hit by waves of dysphoria the second they leave their hovel and see any actual woman out-womaning them because they are a man.

This timeline would've been funnier if it was my little pony fans who decided they are horses
>All you need to do to be a horse is feel like one!
>all horses are horses
>my little pony rights matter
>we must be allowed in stables with the horses or it's discrimination
>If the horses don't want to fuck me it's violence

No. 1596415

nta, but is it a hoax that it's primarily spread by/among men who fuck other men?

No. 1596418

afaik monkeypox is a skin disease which can be passed by sharing towels and sheets and stuff, easy for a family member to catch it if one person had it

No. 1596426

File: 1658693032388.jpg (402.19 KB, 1536x2048, FXwEdHGUsAEmEhN.jpg)

60 years old creeper

No. 1596427

why do you think i care about faggots? i only care about women and girls

No. 1596431

proof or stfu

No. 1596444

File: 1658693877943.png (728.32 KB, 1164x2048, chrome_screenshot_165869378257…)

No. 1596445

More proof that gay men were all molested as kids and have a forever fucked up sexuality where they want to recreate their abuse.

No. 1596446

points and laughs
That’s what you get. You shouldn’t feel welcome because you’re not welcome.

No. 1596450

doesn't she have XX chromosomes tho?

No. 1596451

No. 1596456

Animation looks like such dogshit now

No. 1596463

Somebody put a mustache on him

No. 1596469

here's your gold star handmaiden, good job!!

No. 1596482

File: 1658696484023.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 369.34 KB, 750x1956, 91D82907-1283-4BA0-B248-FD4D94…)

just like real vaginas!

No. 1596487

Last I heard this pedo was committing bestiality acts with geckos, how the fuck does he still have fans?

No. 1596491

"Those bitches! How dare they checks notes have a club for themselves that excludes me?!"

No. 1596493

File: 1658697241133.jpeg (662.67 KB, 750x1188, 13AC79E3-C596-41E7-B4E0-B4862F…)

tims’ selfies stick out like sore thumbs on the lesbian subs.

No. 1596494

File: 1658697288060.gif (338.43 KB, 538x572, 1647911532776.gif)

thanks nonnie
>mfw when they try to pass off a dude with a micropenis as a woman

No. 1596496

File: 1658697322898.png (111.2 KB, 946x676, 1601157811517.png)

Wtf I just looked this up. How is this guy not in jail

No. 1596497

is this Vaush the MRA rapist instructor or some other pervert?

No. 1596502

File: 1658697713971.jpeg (219.72 KB, 750x1286, 5DA61855-623A-48B1-95F8-BB995C…)

on the bright side, his wife asked him for a divorce, but unfortunately she and their kid are still trapped in a house with this blobfish looking excuse for a man.

No. 1596504

kek whats wrong with his front teeth, they don't even align correctly

No. 1596505

I fucking hate this

No. 1596506

I don't like using this term, but the fact a pedo scrote can openly just abuse his kid in front of the whole world and no one seems to CARE, maybe proves we are living in clown world

at around 00:30 is Leiv and Kai

No. 1596511

his neck has simply collapsed under it's own mass into a blackhole and cannot be found

No. 1596516

He makes him put his fucking hand on his cock is this a joke what the actual fuck

No. 1596519

Cats are also predatory animals. They have nothing to lose from indulging a wolf pretending to be a sheep. The wolf isn't after him.

No. 1596523

my thoughts exactly. who gives a fuck about males including faggots? definitely not me. they can get all the aids flavors for all i care, just get away from the women and girls. i dont give a damn about them as long as we stay safe. i mean why should i even care? i wouldnt even if i knew anyway.

No. 1596524

damn if they have the confidence to go outside looking like that then i have nothing to be insecure about. Amazing

No. 1596537

File: 1658700439755.jpg (228.09 KB, 1600x900, FYYJXTgWIAI5MdD.jpg)

No. 1596541

File: 1658700606353.jpg (212.73 KB, 1224x2048, FYI6xhNX0AIb3RW.jpg)

No. 1596549


No. 1596552

poor kikomi

No. 1596554

lol and we should care…why? I want them to block me, takes away the work I’d have to do myself otherwise.

No. 1596555


No. 1596562

i checked out SLXTHKWEEN’s discord (it’s linked in one of the previous threads) and it looks like a solid server, and although there are some troons, many terfs shat on them

No. 1596564

File: 1658703002629.jpeg (115.34 KB, 1480x780, 69CCEF2C-0A7D-45AD-8538-9CC114…)

Holy shit, I just had a galaxy brain idea. China in collaboration with big pharma needs to make sure the American army starts giving free gender affirming care to soldiers. Troons will flock to the military as a result. They will get maimed by surgeons and become essentially useless. Then, when China starts WW3, Americans soldiers will be too concerned with their hormones, pronouns, and rot pockets to do shit. China wins.

No. 1596565

arab anon here: what the fuck? ew. literally haven’t met a single woman arab who actually stand by trannies except for the heavily westernized pick-me’s that kiss men’s asses left and right. disgusting.

No. 1596579

Oh wow I forgot I made this, glad to see it in use

No. 1596595

maghrebian nona here : dont fucking compare me to a Nazi bc i dont want to see a bunch of retards thinking that having long hair and wearing shitty outfits are the main things that makes u a woman

No. 1596596

fucking same nona, althought im quite mad bc theres some arab countries that funds trannies surgeries

No. 1596603

gay people, namely lesbians, in iran especially have to transition and put their bodies through the trauma of surgery and hormones just to be together legally and libfems see it as woke representation

No. 1596605

File: 1658704509598.png (864.34 KB, 1700x1250, Capture d’écran 2022-07-25 à 0…)

sad news nona, but the chinese are following the same path as the muricans

No. 1596607

I mean all this gender ideology is pretty indistinguishable from the otherkin/therian shit on Tumblr

No. 1596613

I love how these tweets are accompanied by profile pictures of the two pastiest people on Earth.

No. 1596616

File: 1658705029937.jpeg (749.07 KB, 1170x1143, F710F419-B5EF-48E0-88F7-C0C159…)

I didn’t know Jimmy Fallon was into hair metal

No. 1596618

File: 1658705152055.jpeg (366.4 KB, 750x1563, DF81EFF1-4D92-4118-8E00-268C75…)

when the lubrication your rot pocket is producing is just fistula discharge.

No. 1596621

Why do they bother, what a big fat waste of money and resources he looks no different, absolute raging mental illness. Someone is getting super rich off of this bs

No. 1596625

When have any of us ever said any of that? The only thing women "must have" to be women is to have been born with female sex characteristics. That's it. TIFs take tons of testosterone, but they're still women. Women with cervical cancer might have hysterectomies, but they're still women. Tall, muscular, square-jawed women are still women. Guess what all those people have in common? They were born with female physiology. That's literally the only standard.

No. 1596626

The U.S. army barely even uses infantry anymore. It just murders people with drone strikes from a million miles away.

No. 1596627

looks like if the guy from nickelback trooned out.

No. 1596628

You know what drives me fucking mental? When AGP trannies say stuff like “lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man.” You literally are a mediocre white man

No. 1596629

i saw a tranny iranian saying that the iranian gov are not helping them enough lmfao, like bro be happy that fags can still be alive even if they get their weiners chopped off at the end. lesbians on the other hands are just stoned to death if they came out

No. 1596630

mediocre is generous but true

No. 1596631

Just looks like he got into skin care. Couldn't do that as a man?

No. 1596632

That’s absolutely true, mediocre scrotes don’t troon out. These bottom of the barrel losers have way more “confidence”, too.

No. 1596635

honestly makes sense troondom would first me popularized in shanghai, its the most western influenced city in the country. trust me when i say no mainland chinese person thinks trans is valid. i could see families encouraging the trans of their daughters to get a son though, kek.

No. 1596636

Lesbians get trooned out too, you fucking retard. Also, no law-abiding person deserves to have their genitals hacked off. I'd honestly rather die than have someone mutilate my body.

Sick of the polilez speds in this thread acting like homophobia is okay as long as it's not happening to lesbians. I hate men, too, but violent homophobia is never limited to just gay men and bisexuals– it always spreads to gay women eventually, so don't condone any of it.

They absolutely do. If there's one thing these threads should teach you, it's that this mental illness can affect males of any level of attractiveness. I've seen horrifically deformed speds, chiseled Adonises, and everything in between. Literally any male can be mentally ill– his appearence has little to no bearing on that.

No. 1596640

File: 1658706498700.png (378.76 KB, 840x542, 1653391520130.png)

China is full of troomers and enbyscum who are big time brats of party functionaries. The biggest chat host in China, Jin Xing, is a troomer who was a colonel in the People's Army. So you can be jailed for 'gay propaganda' but being a troon popping HRT on WeChat is OK
Anyways, this isn't new. The DDR had such clinics in the 1980s and the USSR experimented in trooming out prisoners. Unifying with West Germany set back troomer 'rights'

No. 1596641

As someone who owns geckos, I hope Vaush catches salmonella in his dickhole.

No. 1596646

yeah, totally sane, mentally sound person there. cutting off your own testicles in your house absolutely does not indicate a serious psychotic break from reality or mental disturbance.

>axe wound is wet from bloody fistula
>I'm wetter than the natural women I've been with
all this moid is doing is admitting he can't get women wet kek not even before he trooned out.

No. 1596648

wonder why he doesn't tell everyone that he has his period and therefore, with that kind of surgery, he is not only wetter than any other cis women he failed to pleasure, he also can have a very natural, female period.

No. 1596652

so true nonnas

No. 1596655

File: 1658707372275.jpg (295.24 KB, 1908x1146, 55986615-0-image-a-45_16486186…)

it's easy to diagnose lieb scheiber's deal (terminal moiditis and being a pederast scumbag like most moids across history), but what's wrong with megan fox?

genuinely what possesses a woman to do this? or charlize theron, who dresses her african-american unrelated adopted boys in miniskirts and hairbands?

this makes me subscribe to that tinfoil thread

No. 1596660

That doesn’t mean that the rest of China agrees. Shanghai is fairly ‘liberal’ with its beliefs anyways. I highly doubt it’ll be openly cheered and wide spread like here, as China fucking hates the west.

No. 1596661

Ugh pls don't remind me. I am still annoyed at the scrote who dared to say that bleeding for four weeks post op was so awful and totally got him caught up on our decades of suffering. Like sir, that wouldn't even be half a year's worth of periods, let alone a lifetime. And it's still not a period at all anyway; they will never experience PMS.

No. 1596666

Not in Iran you fucking downie, lesbians are most likely be killed before asking for whatever gender option they have since they're female. Heck, they cant even remove their hijabs freely or going out without their male relatives stalking them daily and you are going to tell me that they can seek the gov to take hormones by themselves ? Have you also forgotten that honor killing is still a thing there ? Iranian gov only accepts fags to change themselves as troons since they are males, mentally degenerated males. That would never be applied to lesbians from what i've seen, unless u have found one then i'll shut up.

No. 1596667

Why do people still think war is going to be fought on a battlefield with soldiers like it's fucking 1940, no, war is fought with ideology and with weapons of mass destruction silly

No. 1596673

Chill the fuck out, anon. Only two kids were infected in the U.S., and one of them isn't even American. If the evil faggots were making kids sick, there would be a lot more cases among kids and it would've happened sooner. More likely than not, the parents are just retards who decided to take a vacation to a developing African country, as white people often do for some unfathomable reason.

No. 1596681

Celebrities are brain-damaged narcissists whose stage parents probably allowed them to be molested as kids. They're inherently awful parents with no sense of boundaries or age-appropriate behavior. They alternate between treating their children like fashion accessories and dumping them off on random stranger "nannies" who do most of the work of raising the kids.

No. 1596682

It’s very clearly MGK’s influence

No. 1596683

ngl i dont like fags at all but i feel like given how prevalent monkeypox is among them already, this would be an insanely LATE development if they were all supposedly fucking and raping kids. when syphilis appeared in europe it spread to children immediately (i.e. within a week)

No. 1596687

I can’t wait for the statutory rape accusations to come out for this faggot, Hasan, and Felix Biederman.

No. 1596688

and with drones and other terrifying autonomous weapon systems..

No. 1596689

This thread is about trannies, schizo-chan.

No. 1596698

File: 1658708648318.png (746.17 KB, 720x869, 49.png)

No. 1596701

I think so too, she wasn’t like this when she was with her ex, who was ‘normal’ and not a degenerate like mgk

No. 1596703

I dislike men in general, but given the choice between fags and straight ones, I'll pick fags because at least they're less likely to babytrap and leech of off women. The only time I really dislike gay men is when they marry a woman they don't love because they're deep in the closet and they want free babies. Those ones in particular can choke. But the fags that just sleep with each other and don't pretend to be women? I don't care.

No. 1596707

Its mainly because of Magnus Hirschfeld, pioneer in Transsexualism ideology and same faggot who let Lili Elbe in his troon delusion and killed him with his so called "life changing surgeries" (who would ever thought that an transplanting an uterus to a male body could lead him to death hmmmm…)
Also Erwin Gorbandt performed the first 2 “sex change” operations in history (both patients were homosexual men who died after undergoing many, many surgeries in a short period of time). Erwin Gorbandt went on to torture Jewish people in concentration camps a decade later. He conducted the infamous hypothermia experiment. He is listed as one of the infamous Nazi doctors.

No. 1596710

nonnie, put “sage” in the email field if you aren’t supplying milk

No. 1596712

i feel like it's the one who is only posting random pictures of ugly troons we don’t know

men hate trans because they are « degenerates », look bad. All they want to do is bully them, they don’t hate them for the same (and valid) reasons women do

No. 1596713

The Nazis actually had a successful troon patient named Hinrich B (Henriette). He was some troon walking around Vienna who kept being jailed for obscenity. They castrated him via his consent in 1940 and (to my insane shock) even allowed him to adopt children while en femme. This case is almost unknown in Germany and completely unknown in the West, I had to read sexology-related books in German to read about this case

I dont know whether the DDR inherited the Nazi or Weimar (Hirschfeld) framework, from what I know they went off a case of some USSR TIF troon from Latvia in the 1970s. Men will always find some way to justify troon bullshit

No. 1596718

>"It isn't necessarily a sexual response"

No. 1596719

sage your shit

No. 1596722

Don't bring up the pink swazi here, it is not the place for it.

No. 1596724

USSR TiF ? never heard of that, who is she ?

No. 1596728

'Inna'/Innokenty, supposedly. I guess the method the surgeon used developed out of intersex correction surgery?

No. 1596735

File: 1658711284016.jpg (851.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220724-210732_Red…)

Chad pipeline

No. 1596738

Wow, he used to look like a fairly normal person. What's that thing we keep saying about the internet memeing people into anything?

No. 1596739

It's coom addiction, it's why it effects a wide range of men but is much more common in the nerd poppulation who are much more likely to watch porn and become pornsick due to their social ineptitude/lack of hygiene/social retardation, but it also can affect men who are less retarded and well off/successful, just like drug addictions.

No. 1596742

File: 1658711912739.jpeg (47.84 KB, 739x415, 930E457F-CAC2-431F-A505-4A5164…)

why does he looks like retarded cartman on the second pic

No. 1596761

File: 1658714259719.jpg (549.71 KB, 828x807, hmm.jpg)

they always have serial killer eyes and chemically damaged hair. bet this one smells too

No. 1596762

File: 1658714260973.png (522.1 KB, 631x798, 37.png)

No. 1596763

File: 1658714291916.jpg (111.78 KB, 1024x512, FYcLiWUX0AEX4ta.jpg)

No. 1596782

What the actual fuck is that early 2000s alcoholic older woman aunt top? I didn’t know they made things like that anymore??? Can’t vouch for Walmart fashion but I’m like 99% positive it’s more updated than that.

No. 1596799

I mean they’re kids, I don’t understand what’s wrong with this it’s just clothing? I thought that was the safest and most respectful option, let people choose what they want and be free to grow in any direction, and accept however a gender wants to present without pressuring them into surgeries or having to claim another sex. I think it would be pretty cool if they were able to safely remain males and dress however, so their self esteem wasn’t tied to an outfit. The outfits are also not sexualized, would be appropriate on girls, and it’s cool that one of the shirts says something about strong girls, which boys never rep.

This isn’t the same thing as that father dressing his son as a female child prostitute and touching him all weird, like at all. Who cares.

No. 1596802

Nah I haven’t seen that style in stores in decades. This troon probably got it from a thrift store or eBay. He’s probably trying to skinwalk a “milf” he liked when he was younger.

No. 1596829

The older I get, the more I hate leftists. They are so slimy with their racism. They think they're defending black women, but they are just degrading us.

No. 1596837

this is why I only skate with friends in informal settings.

No. 1596843

is she still accepting new people into her discord? I finally made a discord and I was thinking of joining some terf-ish servers but I think her invite link expired. If she's not okay to opening the server up again thats okay though but idk how else people find terf discords, im guessing they get in through twitter groups..?

No. 1596853

File: 1658721758635.png (145.82 KB, 2066x1374, isitnormalforplatonicgirlfrien…)

Another pornsick troonfic. Troon boasts about his married platonic girlfriend coming onto him and asks if this is normal behavior between girl friends. He's in his 40s, btw. And trashes his ex in typical troon fashion in the comment below his Penthouse troon letter.

No. 1596859

File: 1658722104445.png (881.48 KB, 864x911, Screenshot_20220725-000521~2.p…)

Megan has been dressing her boys like girls long before MGK.
She probably wanted girls to dress up and make pretty like her.

No. 1596878

This is why Edelfags suck, knew a lot of them were troons bc they're obsessed with how smol and uwu she is

No. 1596882

File: 1658724556469.png (1.13 MB, 656x842, simulatedsaint.png)

No. 1596953

File: 1658730139489.jpeg (332.48 KB, 1125x1495, ACB31D67-C432-481A-88A8-045E0A…)

another twitter transbian being misogynistic after going “uwu i love [anime] girls”

No. 1596964

That's Patricia (formerly Eric) Taxxon. He is literally the most hideous, manly troon I've ever seen. I had no idea that him and Vaush were a thing, but I know he groomed Jay Exci into trooning out, which is super creepy.

No. 1596971

File: 1658734266699.png (92.38 KB, 706x483, Screenshot 1.png)

>it’s just clothing?
there definitely are normal boys in this world who think skirts just look neat, but this isn't the case with megan's kids, do you really believe that an 8 or 12 year old boy would go out of his way to wear a shit that says "strong girls" and daisy dukes, do you really believe he wore those clothes without any sort of influence from his narc mom
of course this is not as bad liev schreiber(not even close, at least not yet) but you would have to be delusional to think that these boys choose to dress like girls seemingly every day(especially when they were literal toddlers)

also it looks like she's planning to groom her eldest to troondom so she can be brave and stunning mom of transchild

No. 1596981

File: 1658736768055.jpeg (1.26 MB, 971x1924, BF9EC1E9-17AC-48D1-9BE9-BF4979…)

apologises for the god awful quality but why are these troons so obsessed with Emma ellingsen? He was a literal child when he transitioned

No. 1596985

Lol the first one passes for a blowup doll.

No. 1596990

Men love to play they "technically it wasn't a lie" game, so who knows how embarrassing his life with his ex was. Probably talked her into having three toddlers at once, all stuffed into a 1.5 bedroom apartment, and then threw a fit over her wanting real furniture instead of sleeping on a mattress on the floor. And no curtains.

No. 1597014

Not even remotely surprised by this. Even though I was appalled by the way she was dogpiled, I always felt that Anita was a poser libfem with extremely clickbaity, surface-level takes. It's kind of incredible that scrotes looked at a casual like her and genuinely thought she was a radfem. It's no wonder they've jumped to calling people Nazis for saying that women have uteruses.

No. 1597019

This logic is so retarded. If these erections are so innocent, why don't men get them during every positive experience? I don't see grooms popping boners at the alter. Never seen a football player with a hard-on after scoring a touchdown, or a lottery winner with a stiffy while he poses with his winning ticket.

Trannies get "euphoria boners" because they're humiliation fetishists who find dressing up as women to be degrading and therefore titillating. That's also why the get off of being catcalled, and supposedly getting "worse" at math. Women in their eyes are the ultimate subs, so larping as women fulfills their fetish for being degraded.

No. 1597022

>Both parents coddling this shit into men definitely had 0 to do with the current massive troon issue made up mainly of fucking autists Who have been coddled into literal social retardation their whole life, it's all the patriarchy!
As a woman in tech you don't have a fucking idea how much I hate the parents that created these fucking fecal matter of a generation of men, both parents, not just the mom, should be accountable. There is a reason why men have the natural instinct of beating up their sons and I say, let them be and join from time to time. Spoil your daughters but keep your sons in line for fucks sake.

No. 1597025

>fags that just sleep with each other and don't pretend to be women? I don't care.
I wish that was the case for most of them and kept their asses out of female hobbies and spaces, anon… They may not actively troons out but most of them still encourage this degeneracy through shit like RuPaul and showing support to the LGBT community (instead of taking a stand for LGB rights). You are a fool if you think most gay scrotes don't have weird complexes towards women, anon.

No. 1597029

All these Hollywood celeb children have been super-mega molested, that's why they are so fucked in the head.

No. 1597030

Wanna add that to me the biggest enablers of these degenerates have been the gay community, together with handmaiden libfems. You are deluded if you think otherwise (or a gay man invading a female space, again).

No. 1597031

This so hard. Male autists are allowed to run amok and act like retards because society coddles them as ~misunderstood savants~. Meanwhile women with Asperger's are lucky to get a diagnosis before adulthood, and masking behavior is drilled into us by adults who refuse to acknowledge autism in girls as a possibility and instead insist that we're just "sensitive," or "tomboyish." I spent two decades not knowing what the fuck was wrong with me, why are struggled making friends with other girls, why I got bad grades. If I was a boy I would've had the excuse of being autistic from the word go, but as a girl I was left to feel like an inadequate, broken person who sucked at school and relationships by some fault of my own.

It makes me so fucking angry that instead of addressing this horrific injustice against autistic women, our shitty culture is just coercing them into slicing their tits off. God forbid we actually acknowledge these inequities, nope! Let's just obsess over the tranny fad and hopefully that'll distract people.

No. 1597032

I feel like all these examples show the same level of ‘passing’. Going for different styles but are all still clearly boys. Whoever made this is is being wilfully obtuse or doesn’t see faces well. Like the giga one is literally a super zoomed in photo with a hood and hair covering their face shape. Any gay kid enamoured with instagram.

Also what kind of cope fantasies are those descriptions. You don’t need to be “hyper fixated on passing” to notice any of them, Honster is on tv getting clocked by the nation (even I watched euphoria before knowing about him and thought his character was cool for being a cross dresser from his intro bike scene alone).

No. 1597034

Moids transitioned young are just laughable at best. Never once have I glanced at one and thought it was a woman. Being an autistic visual kei weeaboo had it's perks kek. Subject kids to feminine men at a young age and they'll always be able to tell.

No. 1597036

I clock Honter every time I see him. His shoulders, long middle face, and browline are all huge tells. Plus scrotes age like milk, so he passes less with each day that goes by.

No. 1597058

File: 1658749814763.jpeg (940.23 KB, 1191x941, DEC56E3B-26E1-4802-BE32-814A43…)

“Rate my vibe”
10/10 impressive lipstick application for a sewer rat

No. 1597062

That’s a compliment to them.

No. 1597063

what the fucckkkkk DA I used to like a few of his videos, what happened to logging the fuck off dude????

No. 1597064

Looks like a 90s/early 2000s character who is the MC’s teen brother’s older quirky friend who’s into selling drugs on the side or something.

No. 1597082

File: 1658751827348.jpeg (831.94 KB, 990x2210, 633DA8FB-96CE-4001-9197-94BEAD…)

Masterpost of men engaging in incestual underwear stealing and masturbation habits.

No. 1597095

I would be so furious if someone took my underwear and I would notice instantly that it was gone. Comfortable and affordable underwear that meets my standards isn't easy to find. The whole house would be turned upside down especially if one of my bras went missing and I would make the little shit stand there and handwash it while I watched and lectured him about respect for other people's possessions.

No. 1597096

You're retarded. Fags who sleep with each other still pay poor women to make a baby for them and then get mad when the baby is a girl. They're not leaving us alone, they see us as walking wombs. All men are shit and have womb envy.

No. 1597104

I won't do it (because it is against the rules and because some of these idiots are that labil that they would commit suicide), but am I the only one who wants to write under all these "do I pass?" and "what can I do to look more feminine?" (and where all the other MTF ones write some lies like "Nothing, you are allreday such a beauty" and "I would have never guess you were not born as a girl before", because they wantt o avoid the words trans and biological as much as possible) no you do not pass and nothing will help you to look morelike a woman because you are obviously a man? I will never get how they can delude themselves even as a balding man with a beer belly that they can pass and that the other transgender join in this madness, when it is obviously a lie

No. 1597105

how can all these SJW find nothing wrong with posts like this, where they mention getting hard. Why the hell to the MTF have such a huge humuilation kink but at the same time are so brutal and disturbed? Like someone mentioned here they live out their sub fantasy and that women are for them the perfect subs, which they try to recreate, but why are they not submissive then? Why do they want women to do everything they want and force them into accepting these transitions (especially in relationships)? Like how much of an misogynists are they, that they cannot even do the submissive thing (which they think women are by nature) correctly? Like even in gay (BDSM) relationship it works, so why are only these MTF ones like that?

No. 1597106

honey, gay men are often very misogynistic but it gets hidden by the "sassy" stereotype, which they hide behind. Like look up how many of them put women down and say how much better they are. Because they are not going to be in a relationship with a women almost never, they have no idea that women are not like the stupid stories they hear.

No. 1597108

File: 1658755869069.png (472.64 KB, 1428x710, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 9.30…)

>I realized that I wanted the same discharge in my panties
i'm gonna be sick

No. 1597113

That literally doesn't make sense in any context other than fetishizing women. Discharge is one of those things humans have that we don't want, we just deal it. It's like a woman being jealous of a man for having pubes on their balls or whatever… Why the fuck does something like that matter unless you have a fetish for it.

No. 1597116

I've never been so agains male fetuses in my life, girls don't deserve to have subhuman males as siblings, parthogenesis now

No. 1597117

Remember when there was huge discourse on magazine photoshopping? Selling the image of an unobtainable beauty standard? Well, if girls can get anything from overwhelming troons posting selfies it's that they can become more grounded and secure about their looks. Imagine a young 15 year old scrolling through tumblr seeing some moid saying "I'm more beautiful than any cis woman could dream of" while wearing a cheap plastic blonde wig that's crooked, rounded heavily hooded eyes looking up with a beady pupil in the middle of a sea of white. The troon restricts to look smaller but instead it shows off the natural heavy male bone structure making him look more imposing. Chicken legs and jerky muscles in the tiniest skirt possible and $25 ali express corset. Any girl would look down at her jeans and t shirt and suddenly feel natural and effortless.

No. 1597153

File: 1658762717442.jpg (73.17 KB, 614x680, FYeCt75aQAAPnFW.jpg)

Their obsession with periods is so alarming

No. 1597161

They actually made me learn to love my period on the basis that they will never experience one and want to so badly. It just feels really cool having something that men are unable to conquer no matter how much they fantasize about it.

No. 1597162

File: 1658763730840.png (228.39 KB, 1200x1172, 1200px-MenstrualCycle2_en.svg.…)

is he saying this happens to him every month?

No. 1597168

I don’t even understand how they think they could be having a cycle at all anyway, even if it’s based on hormones and nothing else. Aren’t they taking the same dosage at all times unless they’re purposely trying to fuck themselves up more?

No. 1597170

File: 1658765662236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.25 KB, 810x1894, Screenshot_20220413-015031_Boo…)

Same troon. Freedom to express his degeneracy.

No. 1597171

File: 1658765802565.jpg (190.78 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20220725-111531_Chr…)


Exactly! Like what a complicated medicine schedule you'd have to keep up with just to almost mimic the natural hormone changes. Don't even know if it's possible, but think of women doing IVF who have to do shots all the time just…more. And for what? Nonexistent uterus shedding nonexistent lining. Prolly giving themselves endometriosis on their bladders or smth retarded

No. 1597180

File: 1658767664181.jpeg (831.08 KB, 1170x1903, 10994AEA-0B04-47E1-892B-1A4570…)

What happened to gender dysphoria and suicidal and shit

No. 1597181

same nona, even when im hit with the worst that pms can offer i know their diarrhea cramps will never compare.

No. 1597183

Nta but same, and I actually apply the same principle to living life when I'm feeling very down, like I imagine an alien looking at human life and being jealous of all the nice things about it and I feel empowered.

No. 1597190

File: 1658768724490.jpg (791.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220725-115432_rif…)

They keep reeing about existing, because they don't exist unless people swallow their disgust and lie to their faces. They have no sense of reality and require people to prop up their delusional agp bullshit- any honest, visceral reaction to their dumbfuckery just crumbles their whole world.

If you walk around looking like you took a break from a serial killer ritual murder, you're going to get treated accordingly. That poor cashier guy isn't obligated to pretend you don't look like an unhinged deviant.

No. 1597195

Biggest shocker of this is that his girlfriend is a "cis lesbian" allegedly and I can't imagine the level of mental illness this girl must have to actually be with this grotesque creature (6'4" 400lbs??) and then also call herself a lesbian

No. 1597200

Lol I'm glad they at least have the capacity as men to perceive the mood changes.

No. 1597222

they're not staring at you because they "clocked you" you freak, they're staring at you because you weight 400lbs and probably look like a bulbous lovecraftian entity with rippling coils of fat forced into a seatbelt, that which can barely contain the mass of your pendulous man-tits from causing any vehicle in a 5-mile radius to orbit around you

No. 1597227

How is he not existing? The way people react to them is a product of their own making. They have made it so no one wants to speak to them, be around them, or attempt to communicate with them in any way with anything more than the most basic politeness because literally anything else you say or do could make them go apeshit. They’re mad now that they can’t be actual thought police and force people to see them the way they want, which like. Sorry but I don’t think any person on earth is going to view a 6’4”, 400 lb male as a dainty little anime girl who just so happens to have massive mommy milkers. I’ve honestly prided myself for a long time on being able to get along with pretty much anyone for the most part, regardless of our differences and as long as both parties are decently respectful of the other. Not everything needs to be about politics or things that make us different. Obviously if someone is just a really shit person, that doesn’t apply, but troons are the first entire group of people who have really tested my ability to do that because you feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells around them. They’re incapable of talking about anything without interjecting their TRA shit and can’t carry on a normal interaction without becoming creepy and fetishy or downright jealous and spiteful. Anything can set them off. I don’t think it’s strange at all that the general public hates being around them. I remember in my TRA days I went out to eat with a TiM friend at the time who would get depressed every time I had to go pee because he had had the chop and had major complications from it. Like, I’m sorry? I’m not going to hold it all day or wear a diaper just to protect your feelings. They’re always upset about things they brought upon themselves and expect everyone to cater to them. So much entitlement.

No. 1597233

Same vibe of people dying hair neon pink and complaining about comments and judgement

No. 1597244

File: 1658771444322.jpg (279.43 KB, 1080x1977, FYd-8raXgAEZnCb.jpg)

Imagine thinking ALL "cis" (aka real) women are just adored by men all day long, men just throw themselves at their feet on the streets and shower them with love and affection 24/7! They have such incel mindsets and know absolutely nothing about being female

No. 1597245

No there isn't any point of you living, please 41% immediately.

No. 1597252

No hon, people don't treat you like a cute girl because you aren't a cute girl. You're an off-putting autistic guy that scares both men and women alike.

No. 1597253

First off, it’s like you said. He’s acting like the same scrotes who think if you’re female you live life on easy mode. But my other thing is, do they ever consider the energy THEY give to other people? Maybe those two women were in a good mood and were friendly instead of acting self-conscious and brooding or whatever. Sometimes you really just have to put out what you want back, especially if it’s towards someone like a barista or retail worker. It’s not rocket science.

No. 1597254

>Reeeeeeeeeeeeee why people don't think about me like i want reeeeeeeeeeeeee
I have so little empathy for autistics

No. 1597256

pin this to the OP

No. 1597258

He knows about the harassment women receive, he just doesn’t want to hear about it because it doesn’t relate to how his fantasy plays out.

No. 1597262

File: 1658772166095.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, FOBcxA6WUAEXyuu.jpg)

>his sisters used panties
fuck these disgusting creatures. I wish there was some way to dox this creature to warn his poor sister.

No. 1597266

File: 1658772514670.jpg (83.09 KB, 792x1390, very-obese-man-GJ4Y4H.jpg)

Dear lord

No. 1597278

Repulsive, stealing your sister's underwear since aged 12, jacking off in it and smelling them
I echo this screaming cat >>1597262

No. 1597279

>men don’t treat me the way I used to treat women
>men don’t treat me the way I want to be treated in my fantasy world
>this is somehow womens fault and my hate is directed toward them instead of the moid who wanted to serve 2 cute actual girls over me, a hulking beast who was clearly a man that has problems


No. 1597283

Somehow it’s always women’s fault. They will simultaneously treat us like we’re all old ugly hags who are worse at being women than they are while also hating us for being too feminine, too beautiful, too carefree, etc.

No. 1597284

File: 1658773462385.jpg (135.29 KB, 988x1025, FYDQgtPUsAAGzpF.jpg)

holy shit this tt thread, have some more pics nonnas

No. 1597285

File: 1658773499208.jpg (182.57 KB, 1440x1440, FYG8aJoagAE9-0g.jpg)

yas queen slay

No. 1597286

No. 1597288


>38, 6'4", 400 lbs, "B-cup"

>she looked at me like a monster just rolled up

mofo transitioned from a man to the Thing

No. 1597290

File: 1658773640035.jpeg (59.09 KB, 750x605, F74A7878-2892-4D34-AC4B-FBF21A…)

Moid moment

No. 1597292

These are my favorite things to read. Remember nonas. behind all the threats and insults and hatred for us, they'd do anything to be us. The fact that they never will is collectively killing them inside. Your normal effortless existence as a female human is hurting them. And that's a good thing

No. 1597297

File: 1658774051714.png (85.7 KB, 643x571, FYevGgqXgAMz4vc.png)

No. 1597298

Exactly, every time they say they make better women than real women, it’s a huge male cope. They aren’t and will never be women, so it’s not even a competition. They’re the ones working themselves up over it for no reason.

No. 1597300

Being on hormones doesn’t change your chromosomes

No. 1597302

thigh highs, skirts, cat ears..you know, the tranny uniform.

No. 1597304

>thigh highs and cat ears
Kek oh my god this almost seems like a satire post

No. 1597308

File: 1658774595076.png (12.65 MB, 3276x4096, BBDAD674-6B84-424D-95C6-9BF470…)

Saw these pics from a photoshoot of Jaclyn Moore, that TiM with the dickgirl tattoo. You can tell he thinks he looks like hot shit lmao.

No. 1597312

the last bullet point literally says "you can still be a boy and wear dresses," it seems like she's teaching him to be gnc? didn't machine gun kelly wear a skirt recently?

No. 1597314

My guess is they want to be like the pampered princess archetype (Taylor R or Yumi King comes to mind) who does fuck all and has a partner to provide for their every need. Because "pretty girls don't need to work" or some bullshit idk.

No. 1597316

File: 1658775056493.jpeg (187.65 KB, 1170x437, AAFE3781-84B5-4793-9FAA-186D8A…)

Amazing sticker

No. 1597318

File: 1658775131821.png (1.07 MB, 1081x5625, chrome_screenshot_165877458295…)

Cleaning your stink ditch everyday with lube, urine infections. Just trans things.

No. 1597319

I like your description here nona topkek

No. 1597323

>38, 6'4", 400lb
>The size of three women combined
>Why don't people treat me like a cute petite woman instead of a great hulking male??

I don't know what goes through the minds of huge-troons where they think for a moment that they are or could be a woman

No. 1597330

File: 1658776022911.jpg (83.92 KB, 828x787, FYdKTl3UYAAmiDZ.jpg)

So openly misogynistic

No. 1597331


Damn, dr. dickchop got a fast fucking hand. The dr cut this man's dick off in 60 minutes flat, hole punched his ass, and then ghosted. I don't feel sympathy for this loser and his rot pocket at all. In fact, I'm gonna go buy a chainsaw and an auger from the hardware store and become a doctor too. Inspiring.

No. 1597332

butch lesbians are unable to find dates according to this moid

No. 1597337

The way these dudes talk about their ""periods"" is always so telling that they don't have the sligtest fucking idea about them in reality. They sound like a kid reading flu symptoms online wishing to skip school.

No. 1597338

>attraction to femininity
Then wtf are butches?

No. 1597339


Wow that's a doozy. Urethra looks more like a vagina than the axe wound part so people fingerbang your peehole, which also droops like a flappy dick, erection inside your fake vagina lmao, "some women have long perineums" do they really tho? I haven't paid good attention but I'm pretty sure most are just like mine and the vagina and asshole are like townhouses and not rural neighbors with long driveways. I'd feel bad about this butchered man, but naaah. He gambled and now has to pay the price of trying to live out his nasty coomer fantasy. Goes to show that even the ones that don't outwardly look like mengeleian fanart are still fkn weird failpockets.

No. 1597340

>dig the rocks out of your vagina
Kek, projection, troons are the ones who get rotpocket stones, hence that one post where the guy scooped yellow pebbles out of his wound

No. 1597343


Deluded man go, "I don't know what lesbians would possibly be attracted to besides performative femininity." So female of him.

No. 1597347

That's actually so funny. I love karma

No. 1597348

>My girlfriend (she's a cis lesbian)
No..no she isn't. is that what you make her say?

No. 1597349

It annoys me so much because they act like the world is ending every time they remember they're supposed to be larping as having periods, meanwhile actual women still go to school or work or generally get on with our lives because we can't sit on the internet whining about it all day for uwu validation.

No. 1597351

Is the "comfortable wetness throughout the day" referring to his ejaculate?

>cheese and fish
Guaranteed HSTS misogynist

No. 1597379

kek if i had a quarter for every blonde eyelashed jewish person i met i'd have 25 cents to my name. and that's over the entirety of my life as someone with jewish ancestry. i'm so sick of obvious WASPs pretending to be jews online. it's pretty fucked up when you consider it hasn't even been a full 100 years since jews were genocided.

No. 1597382

File: 1658780344740.jpg (572.45 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20220725-161653_Boo…)

>Stop posting about vaginas!!!

No. 1597383

These people need to learn that you're going to be miserable if your entire sense of self-worth rests on the validation of others. I know that this is basically central to troon ideology by this point for whatever reason but it's basically setting you up to fail because someone will inevitably say you're a moid.

No. 1597385

If it makes you feel awful maybe take the hint and remove yourself from lesbian spaces? No wait, just leave anyway you fucking creep.

No. 1597388

The homophobic rapist jumped out, how dare people have their own sexual preferences that don't include me

No. 1597396

stuff like this makes me love my body so much more

No. 1597407

>we don’t care!!!!
>proceeds to make an entire post complaining about it


No. 1597413

i'm glad there's more actual lesbians than kweers in the comments

No. 1597418

File: 1658783360503.jpeg (339.48 KB, 1284x678, E1F5F0F0-E5D2-405F-92FB-4AE367…)

He is sooooo butthurt lmao. He posted this on one of their shitpost subs.

No. 1597420

File: 1658783409913.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x1967, 9057F2E2-9AAE-40E8-AFA3-9B4D5B…)

No. 1597423

File: 1658783656889.jpg (198.03 KB, 1534x606, 41%soon.jpg)

>in woman only server