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File: 1647384842146.jpeg (148.8 KB, 1080x704, 1647287116540.jpeg)

No. 1469175

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1469183

Thread picture is a thing of beauty.

No. 1469186

File: 1647385041819.png (3.3 MB, 1427x1733, 5.png)

A paper bag would be much more effective than a mask.

No. 1469189

this looks like a nerdy guy.

No. 1469190

I kinda wish the hanged man had been drawn in, wearing a skirt and cat ears.

No. 1469192

damn it's only been about 2 days and there's already a new thread lmao

No. 1469195

This is one of the best MTF thread pictures of all time

No. 1469216

File: 1647385854858.png (53.61 KB, 600x522, What even IS sex.PNG)

Sorry, I'm just lazy and post the other farms link, this is such a shit show my brain is turning to mush


Girls with PCOS, you are intersex now yaaaaassss

No. 1469218

The last one moved so quick cuz of the gay male sperging kek

No. 1469225

STOP, don't mention it I don't want to continue it

No. 1469227

File: 1647386251394.png (633.93 KB, 644x620, 234523423re.PNG)

>anime girl

No. 1469233

File: 1647386419299.png (491.7 KB, 648x610, lesbiansapparentlyre.PNG)

Playing "find the troon" on r/actuallesbians

No. 1469237

I'll make it easy for you: every single one

No. 1469243

File: 1647386947265.png (15.59 MB, 3992x2896, negative sperg.png)

Here's my very autistic addition.

Negative Legend reviews content for little girls. He always would claim that him and his sister would watch the shows together. I've been keeping tabs on him for the past few years because something felt off about him.

No. 1469245

He's got that thousand-yard stare of a soon-to-be child killer. Mark my words.

No. 1469248

>For little girls
I mean, are you sure? He has coomer doujinshi in the third screenshot there, hardly for little girls. I saw his Alice in Wonderland video years ago, no idea he began to troon out.

No. 1469249

his makeup is horrible but his videos are kind of entertaining. At least he doesn't force a feminine voice.

No. 1469250

File: 1647387125187.jpg (124.64 KB, 903x1200, FK5xzx2WYAEU78v.jpg)

Cueball Katie kek

No. 1469253

I have a strong feeling he molested his sister

No. 1469254

File: 1647387241805.png (1.82 MB, 1365x811, are you sure..PNG)

are you sure? He's always had a mix but a lot of his videos are of shows/books for little girls kek. His most recent video from today is Rainbow High and even reviewed a doll in another.

No. 1469256

The mental image of a female bodybuilder beating the shit out of a sickly agp after he harasses her is so funny kek

No. 1469258

I had no idea. Did he start uploading more kid centered stuff as he began becoming more troonish?
I also recall in the Alice in Wonderland video he defended Lewis Carroll's pedophilia accusations

No. 1469269

File: 1647387754934.jpg (27.63 KB, 360x450, Eqse6hKW8AAjeGI.jpg)

He looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

No. 1469270

File: 1647387788689.jpeg (87.11 KB, 1170x249, 041DDC52-25E3-4CD0-AB17-1A6092…)

Another tech billionaire trooning out? Unsurprising

No. 1469271

I believe that's what happened. If you look at his oldest videos and slowly scroll to his new it goes from board games to girly.

No. 1469276

File: 1647387874131.jpeg (38.17 KB, 478x640, 1519DB56-E11C-45EE-BED9-C491AC…)

Noooooo fuck, not my Wainbow Higs! Fashion dolls are blessedly free of troons, as they are usually more into Transformers or similar. Or real dolls / anime coomer titty dolls.

No. 1469283

Go back to ovarit

No. 1469285

TIL I'm a pedo for liking fashion dolls kek

Gay men have always been into fashion etc, doll collector communities are full of them. Dunno about that weirdo tho, is he gay or not

No. 1469286

I don't wanna open Pandora's Gay Box again but fashion dolls have always been very popular with gay men. If you look up doll review channels you'll find tons of fags

No. 1469287

File: 1647388377794.png (308.3 KB, 584x637, rename.PNG)

Yeah gay men have been collecting barbies for decades now. I think he's bisexual because he has a gf.

No. 1469288

I really doubt it'd be serious. Well, as serious as trooning out can be. But more likely I could see him doing it to prove how retarded identity politics are, since he's been pretty loud about that.
I'm not a fan of his at all. But the idea of everyone having to go along with him being a woman just because he says so would be hilarious, considering how liberals feel about him. But this is clownworld, so maybe he does wear women's underwear, who knows.

No. 1469289

Kek, Elon isn't trooning out. He's trolling Grimes for dating Bradley Manning.

No. 1469291

I think he’s fucking around, if you scroll down there’s some anti-trans kinda shit down there or he’s raggin’ ‘on em.

No. 1469293

Lot of views for a grown ass man watching shows for girls.

No. 1469298

This makes me wonder if there are discord groups, or just circles of troons who watch this kind of shit just to get a rush of a grown man talking about stuff meant for young girls. Like it's some coded pedo shit.

No. 1469304

Troons would love the Rainbow High show, it's like a manual fir their womanhood. Everything is just make up and giggling and pyjama parties!

I collect the dolls but I hate the show, my sisters wanted to watch it and holy shit it's vapid lol

No. 1469312

Does he have achondroplasia?

No. 1469314

is it wrong that i think he passes? i'm so bad at clocking troons

No. 1469315

Me too, I think we need to calibrate our troondars nonna

No. 1469321

Troons are hard to clock in photos. You need to see them in motion to appreciate how few of them really passes.

No. 1469322

No just has the unfortunate megamind phenotype

No. 1469323

it's not even coded, i'd say it's pretty rare for them to not be interested in some kind of childish hobby/media.
this + let them open their mouth

No. 1469325

File: 1647390090477.png (84.82 KB, 1196x570, 2.png)

How does he even pay for all of his medical bills?

No. 1469327

Full body shots are the dead give away. Can't give FFS to a male skeleton

No. 1469328

i see it, actually, only because the bar is so low. now if we saw him in a candid photo surrounded by other women, he wouldn’t pass at all.

No. 1469330

File: 1647390245165.jpg (73.07 KB, 720x1184, bryanna-nasck.jpg)


No. 1469332

Dude reminds me of a young Deryck Whibley. Too bad he gives off red flags and trooned out.

No. 1469333

No they're not. Look for the stubby, inbred fingers, the massive brow ridge, adam's apple, thick neck… it helps to be an artist.

No. 1469334

Full body shots when they stand next to an actual women.

No. 1469340

Isn't this a pretty major surgery?? Jesus

No. 1469345

This, hands and feet are the biggest tell imo. You can photoshop the neanderthal brow ridge but you can't photoshop ugly man hands to look like beautiful women hands. Like seriously, womens' hands are used to model for a reason.

No. 1469351

He's a fucking Newf and troons get free surgery in Montreal. My cousin had his done there and it was free airfare, limo rides and a personal nurse for aftercare.

No. 1469352

someone said in the last thread that he’s from newfoundland, so it’s free

No. 1469355

Good. This serves him right. Please post pics, moid, so other trannies can see the horror.

No. 1469373

File: 1647392853365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.74 KB, 1142x1390, ostomy.jpg)

yes, it basically means his colon is fucked and he'll have to poop thru a bag attached to his body until it heals

No. 1469375

Yes he does pass well in pictures. Videos not so much

No. 1469383

An agp my bf knows who trooned out last year posted on their ig story a manga of a loli getting filled with cum like a balloon and said “things guys will never understand”. Do they seriously think women like this shit??

No. 1469387

File: 1647393928435.jpeg (60.16 KB, 1140x641, 7BFD44A4-EFDB-4A3F-84B4-C0512B…)

Tomorrow is Thomas the Tank’s big international swim meet. Lia is so coddled they don’t think they have to Throw it like the weightlifting one. I expect nothing less than gold

No. 1469396

We can't know what's going on behind the scenes, I suspect the people around him have been explaining to him why he should throw for a couple weeks now. I'd say there's an 80% chance he throws, the 20% comes from him possibly being too autistic to give it up in the moment. What do other anons think?

No. 1469397

Why do you keep calling him 'they'?? Either you respect his pronouns like a retard or you don't, you clearly don't but refuse to call him what he is

No. 1469401

Wtf are they talking about? Does their franken-labia reach all they way to their butthole or something? I have big lips but this has never happened to me

No. 1469404

I think it's too late to throw. He already threw to a TIF and that didn't make people any less upset. If he had thrown the very first time he jumped in the water this never would've gotten this far, but luckily he was too autistic to realize the consequences. People know he's significantly better than all of his teammates. And he's been caught saying what a breeze it all is. So my guess is that he'll just keep winning, because why not? Not like anyone is going to do anything. Those impossible records will be there forever, mocking every woman who dared think she could compete against a man.

No. 1469405

nice. there is a chance with every temporary ileostomy that it could become permanent. good luck to him, he will need it.

No. 1469407

The reason he's going to throw this race is because it's a very high-profile event, more than any he's swam before, and the people around him know that if he blows away the competition in this race, all hell is going to break loose from the silent majority. Mark my words.

No. 1469410

Him being able to compete at all is such a joke. If he was "still" a man he never would've been picked since he was so mediocre among males, but just because he feels like a woman he gets to take the place of an actual woman. Clownworld.
Him being there at all is already pure misogyny. Piece of shit.

No. 1469412

Sooner or later, this will all catch up with him. I wonder if he's gonna try and become a coach down the line. That'll go really well.

No. 1469419

My vag is pretty normal and I have had this happen before a few times. It's gross they are fetishizing it though but whate else is new

No. 1469432

Have you read the articles? The college he’s swimming for is LOVING this. Beyond ideology. They are trying to keep as many articles about Lia as possible. They want gold and college accreditation waaaaay more than they want a twans award.

No. 1469437

….are you seriously implying Deryck was hot

No. 1469439

yyyo he's got rape face.

No. 1469442

no he's ugly as fuck troll doll.

No. 1469445

Lias too autistic to throw it in abstraction of trans causes. He gets off on beating women in sports. He has never apologized or remotely had optics for his “cause”. Personally I am betting on him not throwing it because there are zero immediate repercussions (as of now). Hopefully it will be a mass peaking event.
Not every trans athlete is smart enough to throw it. Eventually there’s gonna be a narc who doesn’t care

No. 1469451

> Hopefully it will be a mass peaking event.
it would be, which is why I'm certain he is being pressured to throw. Whether or not he's smart enough to listen remains to be seen. He's autistic and a narc but I don't think he's stupid enough to be completely oblivious to what the consequences of a win would be.

No. 1469452

File: 1647398624704.jpeg (153.75 KB, 828x668, E435850F-4884-4DC6-B626-A7FDBD…)

let’s hope his moid genes come out and he tries to spite the rest of the team

No. 1469454

nonna you’re thinking like a woman. Narc Men do not feel beholden to causes if it doesn’t benefit them. Im sure several people have told him to throw it and he won’t, because he’s fucking entitled

No. 1469455

i think/hope hes too stupid for that. why does he care if it hurts other troons as long as he gets to set a world record?

No. 1469459

low key it ticks me off how much they get funded in a lot of countries these days.

I believe FFS and Boob jobs should be off the table for government support.

Normal woman can have small tits and more masculine features and they don't get gender affirming surgery support. They just deal with it. And figure out payment on their own if they want to do something about it.

Governments should support HRT and SRS only. And they better be paying for woman who need HRT for real reasons as well if it's gonna be fair.

No. 1469460

This is exactly what I think, plus the school is really aggressively pushing Lia because they want fame. The last meet was UPenn’s first win.

No. 1469463

100 percent agree. It's cosmetic bullshit, not a life saving or necessary surgery. Don't support Starbucks either because they offer these kinds of trans surgeries to young teens and adults for workers with them. It's disgusting.

No. 1469464

It's more to do with how your sitting and if there is no where left for it to go but that way. It's a gross fucking feeling thou I don't know why they like it. Makes my skin crawl and wanna jump in the shower when it happens to me.

No. 1469467

File: 1647399787372.png (85.75 KB, 1218x836, Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 22-57…)

I haven't even started reading the comments

No. 1469470

Wow, those hammy hands playing guitar in the intro are super clockable. Is he HSTS? He looks a bit too groomed to be the typical transbian.
Hope UPenn is ready to be famous for all the wrong reasons. When all this gender nonsense blows over, they will be infamous for their idiocy. Just hope it's sooner rather than later.

No. 1469472

Don't feel bad you can't really tell when most troons shoop n use certain angles for their videos & pics. Even some normal people (meaning not trannies) edit their shit slot of people lie online. If you see them in person or a candid their walk usually gives it away. Not just TIMs but TIFs too. Our pelvis is tilted or something so that's why we walk different

No. 1469475

colleges are just as responsible for rubberstamping this cheating just because they want to win

No. 1469477

Now I have, it's just the usual. "There's really no difference physically in strength at all, no advantage to see here whatsoever!"

No. 1469478

sage for ot but who is the woman? She has a great body.
I was just talking about that with two women I work with the other day. They won't pay for essential female surgeries either, naturally.

No. 1469479

File: 1647400525507.jpg (626.19 KB, 810x2103, Screenshot_20220315-225850_Boo…)

An AGP rationalization I keep seeing more and more of lately from troons is likening their masochistic emasculation fetish (e.g., sissy, bimbofication, forced fem, etc.) to women who have rape fantasies:

No. 1469480

>Hey echo chamber, should men compete in women’s sports?
>hey thanks, echo chamber, don’t let those with real arguments against our hivemind tell you what to think.

No. 1469482

The troon basically just admitted he's an incel kek

No. 1469486

Most of the people who would vote no have been banned from that place already, or have no interest engaging with that level of mental perversion/retardation

No. 1469489

how are you even allowed to explain? anything other than “yaaaas they’re real women!!!” would get banned for being transphobic.

No. 1469491

Her name is Christmas Joy Abbott and she does crossfit and was Nascar's first female pit crew member! She was also on the worst seasons of Big Brother and will be on the upcoming CBS: The Challenge show. She's pretty crazy but based af and probably a terf.

No. 1469494

I wish they would bother looking up what woman's rape fantasy actually entail instead of trying pin their fucked up shit on it.

Most woman erotic "rape" fantasies are based of the ravishing bull crap from romance novels and suggest and underlying power play in the woman's favor as the male is over come with physical/romantic attraction.

And the averse - erotic type fantasies are often fantasy about their partners or their ex's overstepping a boundary in what would of been a consensual encounter otherwise and leave the person with mixed positive - negative reactions.

And the averse rape fantasies are just outright trying to cope with what bad thing can happen and how they would try and deal/fight off the advances.

It's not usually full blown masochistic bull crap like they obsess over.

If they want to be viewed as woman, learn how we actually think instead of trying to play out some fetish ideal cooked up in their coom-chimp moid brain.

No. 1469499

Thanks! She apparently lives in my state too, neat.
Its also, at least among fujos, them enjoying fictional males raping other males. Of course, the ones who like that shit usually are batshit anyway, but we all know that.

No. 1469500

File: 1647402033291.png (44.64 KB, 1114x414, Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 23-39…)

Yeah, it's mostly this

No. 1469501

File: 1647402121686.png (49.7 KB, 1281x311, Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 23-35…)

Apparently estrogen completely reshapes your bones kek

No. 1469511

File: 1647402718784.jpg (331.42 KB, 999x1869, Erin brother in womens clothin…)

>posted on r/trans
Now post this in a real subreddit

No. 1469512

File: 1647402747647.jpeg (446.47 KB, 1242x1931, 4704ADE6-7AA5-4CAB-831A-E0D683…)

No. 1469514

Literally looking like a Hasidic Jewish man with those curls (not trying to racebait)

No. 1469515

My immediate thought as well.

No. 1469522

Usually just think troons are funny but this one’s face actively bothers me

No. 1469528

KEK i was just about to say "legitimately not trying to racebait but this hair looks like those jewish men with the curlies" and then i saqw your comment lmfaoooooo

No. 1469529

File: 1647403891233.jpeg (33.36 KB, 828x304, 4E2FEE66-F547-4E49-B023-0AFB6D…)

went to check on our friend kairi to see if he 41% and he’s deleted his manifesto… he couldn’t even last a day? plus it seems one of the scotes we’ve seen before said something even his tranny friends found creepy (pic related) and now he’s gone private and according to the replies to his hidden tweets, is bitching and crying kek

No. 1469530

they should lose some bone density from HRT if I remember correctly. But it can easily be mitigated with supplements.

But reshaped is not the word I would use for that…

the delusions these mentally ill mofos come up with. Why do people just go along with it?

fujo's are another ballpark entirely imo. do moids even have a comparable thing? I don't here much about moids getting off on lesbians raping each other that much. They always gotta self insert somewhere with their dicks.

No. 1469534

Moids jacking off to lesbian rape probably exists, but yeah, I usually see any rape content involving the woman as the victim, or sometimes, the man as the "victim" of a hot chick.

No. 1469535

My sides. I didn't check but it definitely got deleted tho.

No. 1469537

yah I saw that too. looks like his manifesto managed to emotionally manipulate the tranny crowd he was in, into letting him back into their circle cause the paw prints are back in his bio again. Might also have to do with that crowd being harassed for their own stupid bullshit they spouted lately as well. So I guess they are feeling some shared victim comradeship atm.

And he has started up friendly contact with his ex TIF most likely trying to guilt her into shit again thru his victim bullshit.

What ever divided them was most likely him fucking over the TIF in some way imo. So I wonder what he did to her tbh.

No. 1469539

File: 1647404405141.png (2.99 MB, 1234x1181, rats nest.png)

his hair bothers me, look at how greasy it looks.

No. 1469542

what manifesto?

No. 1469545

last thread

No. 1469547

Kara Dansky, Karen Davis, Posie Parker and a lot of other TERFs/GCs protested in front of the White House and spoke today against troon shit. I missed it because I was at work, gonna catch it later. But here it is for you, in case you missed it.

No. 1469548

Wow, you're right, that's exactly what he was doing with that. Super unsettling, but you can see why it works.

No. 1469550

Two suicide attempts in a few months? I know moids lie to elicit sympathy but I feel like that’s real. Maybe the adult man who named himself after a 12 year old girl in kingdom hearts will actually 41%

No. 1469552

Maybe he can serve as the poster child for grs regret

No. 1469555

File: 1647405057111.jpg (498.32 KB, 2048x1534, FNywAInXwAUrqog.jpg)

damn what an awful photo

No. 1469558

File: 1647405274332.png (371.81 KB, 596x935, uwu grippy socks.png)

yah 2 attempts and like 2 more threats or posts eluding to it (you know they posts where they post like a singular bye or something) if I remember correctly.

I know for sure one was a def hospital visit required attempt cause he posted about his uwu grippy socks.

He def seems like the sort with obvious mental health issues, but is also prone to try and use them as leverage to getting his way.

No. 1469563

File: 1647405821315.png (2.58 MB, 1137x1029, troon.png)

>reddit tattoo

No. 1469564

File: 1647405944641.jpeg (5.42 KB, 226x223, asdfdfdfd.jpeg)

I think he's had such a polarized reaction, the hate probably makes him want to shove it in our faces, and the absolute support probably makes him feel like the handmaidens will go to battle for him no matter what. I think he takes it

No. 1469566

He already said if you don’t think he has a right to swim and win then you don’t think he’s a woman. Good for us, he’s extremely arrogant

No. 1469570

File: 1647406491163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.12 KB, 800x450, era.jpg)

No. 1469571

why do i feel like i'll get a phone call telling me i have a week to live after seeing this

No. 1469573

Damn this ugly cunt had a really pretty ex wife, thank goodness she managed to escape this troon. Feel bad about the kid tho.

No. 1469579

anon that's clearly a troon, close your laptop, you're too high

No. 1469583

File: 1647407609615.jpg (489.67 KB, 1330x1666, old dox 2.jpg)

I'm talking about gap tooth mcgee's ex silly. I'm not that faceblind nona.

No. 1469586

i feel so sorry for this woman

imagine taking pity on a moid like this only for him to repay you by trooning out and trying to steal your motherhood

No. 1469591

Wow, the guy had it made; fun, cute wife (despite his unfortunate appearance), multiple kids– and he threw it all away for the coom. I think that idea of being that much of a slave to cooming is something that we as women will never be able to understand. It's like it takes over their brain and makes them completely irrational.

No. 1469594

I'd love to know how she's doing these days. I hope well. Probably is still a bit bewildered by her husband's abrupt troonage.

No. 1469596

File: 1647408915807.png (1.78 MB, 989x1168, keking at the mini skirt.png)

No. 1469601

File: 1647409082819.png (20.81 KB, 743x230, poor nurses.png)

You're doing those patients a favor tranny.

No. 1469602

trailer park troon

No. 1469603

I 100% agree here actually

No. 1469608

100% those poor people having to put up with that. …nauseating.

I swear hopeful when we move past this and start to accept gender non conforming people more widely as a whole we will look back at this SRS bullshit with the same horror we look back on eunuchs thru history.

No. 1469610

My theory is that men are so sexually obsessed with the trappings of femininity, that when they wear such items, they legitimately can't see past them and truly believe they look sexy. Because they're sexually attracted to the bras, skirts, makeup, and panties, and not the human wearing them. This phenomenon would also explain why seemingly "straight" men start fucking fellow trannies after trooning out. They have a fetish for performative femininity so strong that it blinds them to everything else. (also why normal men stop being attracted to women as soon as they stop shaving, wearing makeup, etc). Obviously this can't be the natural state of men, or else the human species would never have propagated itself before clothing was invented, but I think it shows that male "sexuality" is extremely easily influenced and manipulated by external stimuli, like pavlov's dogs, only instead of a bell it's high heels.

No. 1469611

Could you imagine all the troons committing sudoku if trans legislation cease to exist? I dont think troonism is ever going away, too much money to be made and too many troons that will go on a rampage.

No. 1469612

Can't believe I'm saying this but trooning out was actually an improvement for that ugly fuck. Just goes to show people (including pretty women like his wife) have 0 expectations of moids to take care of their appearance, meanwhile the moment he became a female he somehow knows to get his eyebrows done and get rid of that heinous haircut.

No. 1469614

Thank god I thought you were having a stroke too nona, guy looks like a pedo thats been pulled up from the marina trench too quickly

They're fucking around with rats with that theory and giving them "rat lingerie" fetishes and it makes them coom harder and only fug artificially feminine rats. Hypothetically asscociating external stimuli with any possible sexual receptiveness breaks the moidal brain because they're wired to orgasm with whatever possible

No. 1469615

there's really no hope for moids

No. 1469616

That's fucking hilarious, moid brains are so broken lmfaoooo. They get so easily trapped in nonsense behavior patterns due to their libido, having a Y chromosome should make you count as mentally impaired and therefor not allowed to be in charge of important things.

No. 1469620

File: 1647411196023.png (60.63 KB, 480x767, not everyone is a troon or a c…)

yah tbh I don't think transsexual rights will go away. And I'm fine with that to a certain regard, cause I do believe they deserve to be protected from prosecution just for existing.

But I heavily disagree with the they way they are pushing to be seen in the same lens as AWAB. And then disregard how it affects literally half the population (females) rights to safe spaces.

as far as it goes with me I consider it as followed..

Trans woman are Trans woman.

…pushing it further is bullshit.

Pircel this Australian troon is low key gearing up to break up with his supportive girlfriend once he gets his designer pussy cause HRT has made him realize he wants to ride the dick carousel. IMO

No. 1469624

File: 1647412080314.jpg (27.43 KB, 242x320, lloyd fistula.jpg)

He looks like he's skin walking Jim Carrey/Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber KEK

No. 1469625

File: 1647412158570.png (54.58 KB, 598x437, 1647106467759.png)

No. 1469627

didn't this guy botch himself

No. 1469628

File: 1647412293215.png (468.73 KB, 641x924, 1647107487928.png)

No. 1469636


all of these clothes always look like they were purchased from lularoe or at the airport>>1469511

No. 1469637

I love when troons pull this against eachother. I dislike Blaire but the biggest issue they have with him is people think he passes and is "attractive".
I remember seeing a reddit to
Thread about something "transphobic" Blare said and it was full of troons making comments about his looks.
"He's only respected because he passes, it's pretty privilege, I used to compare.myself to blaire but not every trans woman knows how to do make up, hair and has money for surgeries"
They tend to pick apart troons passablity and looks more then any "terf" trying to clock.
This dude and Blaire look like shit. They show their true jealousy when they do this. They love coming at the looks of women/anything claiming to be a woman when they are mad, yet will cry transphobia when we clock them.

No. 1469640

File: 1647413462546.png (895.38 KB, 986x1114, hetried.png)

Only a moid would take an hour to put on this shitty makeup

No. 1469647

Let me believe it was because of women being done w this shit.

No. 1469648

File: 1647414154409.jpeg (491.81 KB, 1170x1507, FBC44CE8-3C3D-429A-8BC9-7A49A5…)

Browsing r/mtf and searching up “period” is about to make me a-log

No. 1469650

yes because that's what women do

go around telling people we're on our periods and then cry in the bathroom

No. 1469652

Wow I wonder which one is female and therefore and actual woman

No. 1469653

I hope they die in a very violent way. So tired of period fetishsts.

No. 1469654

I know a lot of girls who do that… but they’re in middle school

No. 1469656

Wtf is that pink shit on his face? Looks like a terrible rash or skin cancer . Why would you intentionally do that

No. 1469657

he's cosplaying d.va from overwatch

No. 1469671

I dont support troons but I do think he is right, having to do something with your genitalia, regardless of how messed up they are, should require you a solo room

No. 1469674

File: 1647416837746.png (21.69 KB, 601x253, ether5656465456.png)

This poor nurse

No. 1469681

File: 1647417680876.jpg (304.4 KB, 1046x1889, FN6sAnsWQAYx0Sk.jpg)

that's a reference to Ramzan Kadyrov's telegram post, in which he calls Elon "Elona" and sarcastically offers him a combat training course

No. 1469682

but anon, that's a troon's perfect age range!

No. 1469684

Amazing how they don't think saying this is going to cause all their coworkers to laugh awkwardly behind their backs lol. Troons have no social awareness, it's hilarious

No. 1469717

File: 1647419977321.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, 1606352429730.jpg)

So anyway ladies, how great is it to have a natural female body? No infections, no poop leaking from our mutilated hackjob genitals, no need to dilate. It's so nice to just exist and be a woman without trying. Feeling blessed xo

No. 1469721

I can wear a mask, have my hair in a messy hair with sunglasses, oversized hoodie and sweatpants— and still noone will ever misgender me. Even then I look more like a woman than anyone posted in here, kek kek.

No. 1469723

Love how even the words chosen to spam are so.. Female.

No. 1469727

he's right, cis people and trans people should be separated at all times kek

No. 1469731

I followed him on Youtube when he wasn't "famous" yet, some videos were interesting in the way that I would rememorate my favorite shows this way. I remember around this time when he said he was feeling depressed but when his channel started to peak that's when he slowly played with gender norms uwu I guess attention from social medias really turns you this way.

No. 1469740

File: 1647422105254.jpg (39.94 KB, 480x360, 8CMjpDa7fvs-HQ.jpg)

I was on youtube and I got recommeded Jim Sterling and I just got so sad seeing the thumbnail. I used to love this scrotes videos years ago. Imagine coming back to this idiot who used to review bad steam games and seeing this. Even if I wasn't Gender Critical I'd still be upset by it.
Then all he does is scream about JKR on twitter. Also, funny story, I used to listen to his podcast with that troon, I had NO idea it was a troon.
I only found out when someone mentioned it, this was before I peaked and i went back and was like, "Wow, this is a straight up man's voice, how could I not tell?". Jim and Laura would always cut off the only normal seeming guy on the podcast whose name I can't remember.

No. 1469744

File: 1647422327201.png (235.84 KB, 440x318, Jimothy.PNG)

Also,I have no idea if he's supposed to look a mess to be funny while he runs around a playground at NIGHT in drag, or if this is his outfit.Regardless he's wearing a checkered shirt, a long dress and some weird sweatpants? Or leggings?
He looks a fucking fool. I can't tell if it's on purpose or not. Seems like he only has like 6 pieces of women's clothing and he's wearing it all in this video.

No. 1469756

File: 1647423898117.png (905.15 KB, 986x1082, man.png)

Dude couldn't even bother to shave his five o'clock shadow

No. 1469766

File: 1647426213627.png (438.1 KB, 1572x1820, should of just gone to therapy…)

the spam posting came off as rather juvenile so I scrolled up to see who we have been talking about today and I'm guessing it's this troon if anything >>1469186

for those in the TLDR camp
>14 year old gets into transformation fetish
>still confused about sex wonders if he should tell his parents
>not attracted to people yet, just gets off to transforming fantasies
>15 identifies as a femboy and starts wearing thigh highs and bras in secret most likely showing people on the net and getting groomed further. gets "euphoria" (boners) when online people call him cute
>starts delving deeper into the larp, unsure about what to label himself but driven by the desire to get ride of his penis and transform
>people on reddit literally instruct a 15 year old on how to tuck. Just shove them balls back in yah ma'am and get a gaff.
>decided he is trans comes out parents think he is to young to start transitioning yet (15 years old going on 16)
>goes full ball transitioning socially anyway with the support on internet trannies
>gets imposter syndrome starts larping self harm with a pink razor.

Kid should of taken the advice to get therapy when he was 14 getting into transformation porn.

I swear internet porn rots young moids brain.

No. 1469767

Wait holup, are they putting rats in tiny lingerie somewhere

No. 1469773

He is a paedophile groomer. This is his unintentional confession. What kind of adult complains about 14 year olds being frigid?

No. 1469777

Im VERY close to just going full terf with my face showing. I think rn is a time to voice your opinions to make other people less afraid to show theirs.

God I am waiting for Lia to peak everyone

No. 1469786

I am close to this point too, part of me really just wants to say fuck it and make it clear that I am a real person and I am a terf and I don’t fucking care!!

No. 1469792

File: 1647429198161.png (703.51 KB, 774x490, 1499193509845.png)

It wasn't lingerie, it was vests. The research paper is Somatosensory conditioning of sexual arousal and copulatory behavior in the male rat: a model of fetish development
James G Pfaus et al. Physiol Behav. 2013. The results had pop psychology pages write up think pieces.

No. 1469796

Nonnies I feel you so bad, part me almost wishes there was a selfie thread so the moids and troons can scroll through and cry; I'm literally so close to creating a terf twitter just to @ them

No. 1469798

File: 1647429629723.png (46.23 KB, 2066x372, everyonetreatsmelikeaschoolsho…)

Future Elliot Rodger in the making:

No. 1469799

Remember anons, men are irrelevant, especially troons, so ignore bait posts. They'll cope, seethe, and dilate from the lack of attention.

No. 1469800

And this is why the tranny movement is going to fail hard and fast.

No. 1469801

Man fetishizes woman? Shocking.

No. 1469802

Men are so ego driven that they ban everyone from not going along with their delusional fetish larp.

No. 1469803

currently thinking about what character to pick as a mascot on twt for maximum troon seething

No. 1469809

File: 1647430184131.jpg (477.46 KB, 1080x1350, FN27KB8XIAUofrw.jpg)

well we already have the disappointment seal

No. 1469810

sperg I'm not subscribing to some moids yt to argue with him in the comments.
Based anon, love this, new thread pic?

No. 1469812

please no, this was drawn by that racist tardthot fuck who has sex with neo-nazis

No. 1469813

Reeks of scrote

No. 1469814

Don't bother replying anon. It's some moid chimping, probably a troon. Like all unhinged men, they post cp and gore and screech like tards when people don't cater to their delusions.

No. 1469817

We do and you’d know that if you weren’t a male lurker

No. 1469818

Are you the one posting disgusting CP on /ot? It’s not going to make your arguments any stronger.(do not engage the scrote)

No. 1469819

File: 1647430591827.jpg (447.33 KB, 3000x3000, lolcow mascot.jpg)

oh no that is a shame. I can't keep up with the personalities on this website tbh. I am a simple woman and just wanna laugh at troons.
I liked her lolcow mascot drawing.

No. 1469820

protect your identities nonnas, but i'm all for creating a @ for trolling them

No. 1469821

File: 1647430744823.png (3.53 MB, 2560x1600, grooming victim.png)

No. 1469824

The only reason he got with her is because both of them were Christians. Her family probably pushed her to be with his ugly ass. I feel so bad for her. Imagine lowering your standards to appease your family then getting blindsided by him trooning out and calling himself a mom. Goddamn.

No. 1469825

I love being a woman, despite the world and history always favoring men just knowing that one can't wear frilly dresses and do girly things without being perceived as a pedo while I can do it freely is so funny to me because he's so mad at it. Also "good girl", really?

No. 1469836

File: 1647432394835.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1324x2338, 2666B989-9B59-47B9-86B0-EE7A6E…)

These threads move so fast lmao, I found this thing and people in the comments enabling it.
“Do ittt”

Most girls treat MTFs like gay guys anyways. The bitches in the comments 100% do not see him as a woman e2ither


No. 1469846

He should totally do that so we can laugh.

No. 1469852

File: 1647433861401.webm (4.76 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

he even holds the makeup brushes like a man

No. 1469857

fuckind died when he removed the bangs, don't they feel ashamed in the slightest?

No. 1469858

the agp smirk at the end lmao

No. 1469869

Take away the fake breasts, nails, hair, make up, the hormones, the surgeries etc and let’s see just how “”feminine”” he will be lmfao. While the real women he’s talking about, regardless of how they look to him, can be feminine both with AND without all that crap, because they just are female, end of. Plus does he not know there are girls that exist who don’t want to be/actively avoid being feminine?? They can never provide actual arguments so they just resort to berating women on their appearances… just completely male brained.

No. 1469872

I mean, if he took care of his hair and didn’t have probably nasty looking, deformed nails, people wouldn’t mock him for that. It’s something I seriously hate of this whole troon movement, scrotes nowadays are even more fascist than decades ago.

No. 1469874

my god I've never done makeup that badly in my entire life, not even when I've been hungover and rushing to work. If you don't know how to do eyeshadow, JUST DON'T and practice off-camera. Men like him are so confident in their mediocrity.

No. 1469883

Wow. The only good picture I've seen of this man is from the back.

No. 1469884

File: 1647437926585.png (92.53 KB, 179x260, Screenshot 2022-03-16 9.37.54 …)

Made it even better.

No. 1469887

More like GRIM Sterling, amirite?

No. 1469888

File: 1647438150932.jpeg (469.7 KB, 1170x1123, D61054B4-7336-48AC-AE27-0F3BC4…)


No. 1469889

Why tf does he care if 14 year olds are sex-obsessed or not? Vaush moment.

No. 1469892

This will be forever retarded, their pedophilic mind really makes them believe that boys and girls look the same, but they don’t, they’re clearly different except when they’re literal babies, so I guess kids should get transitioned right after they’re born so they can “pass”.

No. 1469894

We already have proof this isn't the case. Jazz Jennings was put on puberty blockers, had the tranny childhood these moids dream of, and what did that get him? He's obese, mentally stunted, depressed, he doesn't even have enough penis to make a rot pocket. He looks like a giant, fat male child. It's so uncanny looking.

No. 1469896

File: 1647438973032.png (73.85 KB, 1181x398, defd.png)

Ladies, we have reached maximum peak off. Prepare the popcorn!

No. 1469901


Thank you nonnie, interesting stuff. Makes me wonder, actually: would nonitas want or use a spreadsheet or some kind of doc with all the links, studies, scientific evidence we find that gets sprinkled in these threads? They're moving so fast now and we see girls asking for items that got posted previously a lot, mostly to help peak their friends. Would a reference doc be useful?

No. 1469908

Sure. You gonna put it together?

No. 1469914

No. 1469923

File: 1647440894289.gif (191.97 KB, 220x132, 1622739056437.gif)


No. 1469929

Erin's an r/egg_irl moderator, a fact that somehow escaped my notice for years.

No. 1469931

please explain for non americans, we dumb dumb :,(

No. 1469934

D.Va is the biggest troon magnet character in Overwatch.

No. 1469935

the pronoun thing was never going to last outside of troon and troon-adjecent spaces anyway

you were never going to have normies ask for the pronouns of every single person they meet or doing pronoun circles

No. 1469937


Why are they removing them? Is there any other reason besides trans issues generally losing support?

No. 1469939

It was a trend to placate troons for everyone (including politicians) to put their pronouns in their bio on twitter. And now for some reason they're all removing it hahaha

No. 1469940

No problem, nonnie. I will educate you.
About two or three years ago, it was decided that putting your pronouns in your bio was "trans friendly" because it makes transpeople feel safe for some retarded reason. Basically by normalizing saying "my pronouns are she/her, they/them, he/her" so trans people felt accepted by everyone around them. It's a tranny dogwhistle, basically. But more like a neon sign saying "I SUPPORT TRANS RIGHTS."
Harris (our vice president) and Biden (president) had their pronouns in their bio, showing that they were compromised and supported trans people.

A common story I hear, and I also went through, is that former libfems, when they had doubts about troons, quietly deleted their pronouns from their twitter bios, etc. I did the exact same thing.

I'm not saying that Harris and Biden are now terfs, but clearly there's something deeply unpopular about transgenders that they're reacting to. And they're doing it all within days of each other.
oh, to be a fly on that wall

No. 1469942

It's hip in anerica to put pronouns in your social media bio to normalize trannies asking for pronouns/normalizing saying your pronouns in general. To remove the pronouns after so long, it reads like they've stopped supporting that dumb little fad.

No. 1469946


FYI championship starts today (wed) but he doesn't compete until Thursday and Friday in the women's 200 and 500 freestyle.

I have no idea if he'll throw. I can imagine everyone in his corner screaming at him to not blow the other girls out of the water. We'll see.

No. 1469951

Everyone imagining they'll be a big backlash against tranny shit is doing a bit of wishful thinking.

This 'deleting pronouns from the bio' thing is how it's going to go down. People will just quietly pretend this whole trans rights fad was never a thing and all quietly go back to normal.

But the terfs will remember.(sage your shit)

No. 1469953


Oh, okay, got it, thank you nonnies.
About pronouns, in general that thing it's stupid as hell. My language is a gendered language and people on insta are putting stuff like they/them like????
We don't even have the sound of TH, plus everything is gendered, these people are fucked in their head.

No. 1469955

sage your shit and stop reddit spacing

No. 1469956

I'm just shocked they did it so soon after the Texas legislation.

No. 1469959

Are… are you fucking kidding me? All this while his elderly neighbors sometimes can't even get proper ambulance service and have to pay their own way to go to the mainland for complex surgeries? This makes me want to a-log, holy shit. I think this might be the most I have ever resented troons.

And then the nerve to complain when all this is covered for him… holy shit reeeee

No. 1469960

Me too, nonna. That tells you that some REAL shit is going down behind closed doors.

No. 1469963

stop this spacing gaddamn it, respect the rules in the house of the lord

No. 1469968

File: 1647443145379.jpg (55.98 KB, 686x841, ExcphbwW8AIG2OS.jpg)

It was only matter of time. You have normies being told to introduce with pronouns in every situation, to not apologize when they get pronouns wrong because it puts an emotional burden on the trans person, to say thank you when corrected, to practice pronouns in private. You can only test well-meaning people so much before they get annoyed. And for the troons your best is never good enough.

No. 1469997

File: 1647444951060.png (148.38 KB, 1183x587, 095317082538697590145.png)

lmao Fart Fanny being a Karen at the hospital. I'd pay to be a fly on the wall in the staff break room. All those nurses must talk shit about him.

No. 1470000

Oh, to be in front of him and asking "was it worth it?"

No. 1470007

The poor women who will need to share a room with this man and his rotting colon. That is incredibly fucked up. I'm actually shocked they aren't getting some sort of euphoria from the thought of dilating in front of other people. Seems like it'd be a tranny fetish.

No. 1470013

File: 1647445894250.jpg (147.55 KB, 748x586, sad-lonely-girl-at-lake.jpg)

Sage for autism, but this tweet and in particular the "how am I to dilate now" part reminded me of those pinterest quotes about loneliness with a girl sitting on the pier as the background kek

No. 1470014

File: 1647445894571.png (9.31 KB, 687x108, 1647429926745.png)

What the fuck is this "reddit spacing" autism? I've been on image boards since I was 12-13 (now 27) and people have always used spaces to make their text more readable

Definitely. Such demure, ladylike moid aggression teehee!

No. 1470016

No. 1470019

Exactly. Women aren't born with some innate ability to do makeup but we all know better than to go out looking like that.

I just know if a woman posted a video like this of her trying out makeup she would be mocked relentlessly. Scrotes always get a round of applause for doing the bare minimum

No. 1470020

Are they trying to tone down the troon stuff for the midterms?(sage your shit)

No. 1470024

Everything he does is masculine. Even aggressively patting in foundation with that sponge looks like hammering a nail. It's only when he becomes aware that he gays out his gestures, which again, look like a gay man, not a woman. The lack of precision is startling. I'm guessing this is just autism. Can't they ape youtube videos? There's only a billion.

No. 1470025

File: 1647446431663.png (381.52 KB, 522x768, 1647439781849.png)


No. 1470030

File: 1647446562656.jpg (313.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201113-065613_Boo…)

>I'm actually shocked they aren't getting some sort of euphoria from the thought of dilating in front of other people. Seems like it'd be a tranny fetish.

No. 1470035

Yes and no. It's a little soon since those are in november. And even if it was, that would imply that siding with trannies is a liability to getting elected. That was not a common sentiment even a year ago.
JKR has been so outspoken about this issue, too. And democrat officials have been talking about organizing against troons. I think something is brewing, we can only see the wisps of smoke atm.

No. 1470038

Kek I don’t know much about the artist, but he describes himself as “wholesome”. Seems like a guy TRAs would hound for “representation” comics.
This is such a backhanded subtle way to say troons are predators kek nice

No. 1470045

was this made unironically?

No. 1470047

I had the same experience with the podcast, now I can't stop thinking about the "I have a vagina!" post srs tweet whenever I am reminded about the co-host. Oh, and the train wedding photos. I would love to be able to go back in time and show some back-then fans what Jim's channel has become today.

No. 1470051

i really hope this means that the troon madness will end soon.
when the mass peaking happens and it’s no longer “cool” to be a tranny, will there be a rise in destrantioners and srs lawsuits? or will trannies just become “niche” again and stay in their corners? i guess both. i mostly wish that my friends that trooned out will snap out of it when support ends.

No. 1470056

What you're talking about it called "supernormal stimuli"

No. 1470057

Apparently! The comments say the fact that it's a wolf in sheeps clothing makes it even better, since the stigma on poow twans wimmin

No. 1470058

and no one is pointing out that wolves actually DO eat sheep?

No. 1470059

File: 1647447572434.jpg (407.99 KB, 1080x2150, Screenshot_20220316_171642.jpg)

the artist claims so and wrote this about it, the fact that he doesn't apologize or acknowledge the obviosus makes me think he knew what he was doing kek

No. 1470070

File: 1647448141692.jpeg (457.74 KB, 1170x2014, B9222BC0-BE70-4AC9-A065-D38148…)

kinda ot but trans gofundmes are so retarded, this one in particular

No. 1470072

like zoinks, you're right kek

No. 1470074

The bang and hair colour difference is annoying tf out of me

No. 1470079

Unrelated but I like the song

No. 1470080

I know this is the TIM thread but
>our oldest son, Ben, came out as a transgender boy
Fakebois who want to be seen as real men always go for Ben or some such shit kek. I know like 3 TIF Bens and they're the worst TIFs I've met by far. Sage for pointless shit.

No. 1470086

File: 1647448663946.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1860, 9E57B838-A506-462E-AA32-DB650E…)

imagine having to go to the dentist with your dad and he looks like this

No. 1470087

No. 1470094

Wish HIM luck??

No. 1470098

so that he doesnt embarrass himself

No. 1470101

“They’ve been exceptionally patient with me today” gross why are they literally all so patronising. Same energy as them calling people uneducated

No. 1470102

Troons should be legally prohibited from having custody of children.

No. 1470114

File: 1647449743406.png (196.38 KB, 1202x819, postmodern misogyny.png)

No. 1470119

I get a good laugh whenever they say crap like this because you know they're just seething behind their screens.

No. 1470121

he's an HSTS, so he doesn't get aroused around women thank god.

No. 1470124

File: 1647450052547.jpeg (380.45 KB, 1536x2048, FN7iDn5aUAEBVi6.jpeg)

He's a no bed frame deadbeat dad.

No. 1470128

The contrast between what they're saying and the giant boney man-faces in their icons is funnier than the actual tweets.

No. 1470135

Oh, the copium. Hilarious.

No. 1470143

File: 1647450927111.png (939.51 KB, 998x1157, 2022-03-16 .png)

AGP is a helluva drug. if you're a tranny in 2022 doing SRS then it's your fault.

No. 1470147

I know he recently put out a “mental illness” type video. He describes that his family life is fucked and he has severe anger issues/depression. I think his handmaiden gf should ding dong ditch this clown because a big red flag is anger issues even if they’re “under control” .

No. 1470151

He has a face like one tranny I used to follow on Youtube years ago, he had a disorder or something. The tranny looked quite nice iirc, but that creature you linked, hell no

No. 1470158

File: 1647451681172.jpg (84.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This one? I watched him a bit before he trooned out. His face is so weird I honestly find him one of the better passing ones, just because you could assume his manly traits are part of the disorder if you squint hard enough.

No. 1470159

I vote chop your dick off! Less chance of raping a lesbian that way and it speeds up your realization this was all a huge mistake and peaking yourself

No. 1470161

So the obvious solution is changing his gender instead of seeking mental health treatment, because that's never made the problem worse or anything

No. 1470163

Oh yeah, that one. Well maybe his face is a bit more extreme than I remembered kek

No. 1470168

Or maybe just teach the next generation that they don't need to conform to society's views on what girls and boys should be and that they should learn to love their natural body parts.

No. 1470176

Pretty sure he said he got therapy for his issues. I still wouldn’t trust that because there’s a chance he’ll go apeshit.

No. 1470178

how do puberty blockers help little tifs? they just end up being permanently 4'9 with osteoporosis

they don't have to get mastectomies but that's about it

No. 1470179

Wish him, not the kid luck. Of course. Also that outfit is atrocious

No. 1470191

the cardigan is adorable. but the blouse and skirt scream "i have a schoolgirl fetish"

No. 1470201

File: 1647453214131.png (28.85 KB, 595x184, Screenshot 2022-03-16 1.51.50 …)

Kind of like how men shouldn't be put in hospital rooms with other women.
Reading tranny tweets about how botched they are is like erotica for me. Tell me more about how you fucked your life up even more than it already was.

No. 1470202

Yeah they don't give a fuck about little girls. Every TIF I know is twans uwu because they were molested/raped as a kid and then further traumatized by being sexualized during female puberty. If they were to not go through puberty they wouldn't troon out in the first place. Any sick fuck who thinks that sexually abused kids should be given hormones and life altering surgery just so they can keep cooming needs to be shot.

No. 1470204

File: 1647453450121.jpg (79.4 KB, 431x600, ted.jpg)

Now I realize why his face was making me feel so uneasy

No. 1470205

Love how he says to wish HIM luck even though he's presumably only driving his kid there lol

No. 1470206


jimquisition looks like kristen from buzzfeed

No. 1470207

Holy shit HE DOES, it's uncanny

No. 1470211

Oh, I like it too. Just all of it paired together is horrid.


No. 1470212

Weren't the USA federal government actually super slow to put out that condemnation about the Texas law? So much, it felt just like lip service. (Not American either, so I might be mixing things up)

No. 1470215

File: 1647454013465.jpg (101.93 KB, 900x1349, pc2d54SDMO1wfcaqdo1_1280.jpg)

Something about moids pretending to be the mom ticks me off. I don't care about troons in polycules with other men playing pretend lesbians. This right here though.

No. 1470216

File: 1647454123812.png (172.64 KB, 960x1481, allyship.png)

You might think this is a parody, but every single thing listed is real advice from troons

No. 1470218

Trans women who have to dilate shouldn't be put in bathrooms with cis women yet you are fine exposing us to that.

No. 1470227

File: 1647454455266.jpeg (116.55 KB, 491x734, bertwilliams.jpeg)

You know what I'd like to know? Why exactly is blackface outlawed and completely shunned, but troonery isn't? They're the exact same thing. No man would EVER force a black man to tolerate another man in blackface. And yet they do this to women.

No. 1470228

File: 1647454520682.png (1.05 MB, 1028x716, Untitled5.png)

He has FFS (picrel is a candid from his pre-op appointment) and also something he called facial reconstruction prior to that. The way he looks is only part of his syndrome, the rest is just really bad cosmetic surgery choices.
Kek at how he looks literally like a different person between his filtered YT videos and this more of a whole person impression.

No. 1470233

SHEESH ok, that's rough

No. 1470236

Because in tranny-land, sex isn’t 100% definable and immutable, but race is. As we all know, there’s a clear list of characteristics that white/black/Asian people always have and never deviate from.

No. 1470237

File: 1647455050765.jpeg (84.09 KB, 600x800, 87231F68-3E71-44A6-8EB9-C37A5B…)

I know I’m a bit late to this, but he kinda looks like Dylan Klebold

No. 1470243

It will probably be like everyone who did terrible things, troons, docs, etc will just go quietly back into society and no one will say a word. Kind of like the nazis back in the day. Just slip back into regular life and pretend nothing happened.

No. 1470248

In response to the last thread, it’s because cats are the closest thing to good pussy that they’ll ever physically have/own

No. 1470252

Why does he always dress like that lol

No. 1470256

I miss when he just identified as the gay man that he is. I kind of liked him.

No. 1470257

I get what you’re saying nona, but please never compare it to erotica again. They’ll just try and frame someone saying that as the terfs secretly want to fuck trannies thing.

No. 1470260

No. 1470261

I am so embarrassed for you.

No. 1470264

File: 1647456134725.jpeg (669.29 KB, 828x1253, E8AC0760-4164-4426-B5FF-8E1363…)

I haven’t kept up with him in a while but he seems to have settled down and stopped being a cringe TRA for the most part and just plays video games/programs/stays in his own lane. He’s a relatively harmless, albeit a bit unfortunate looking but that has more to do with his disorder, HSTS in my eyes.

No. 1470265

>I honestly find him one of the better passing ones
>that razorburn on his neck

No. 1470269


No. 1470270

File: 1647456270561.jpeg (311.33 KB, 828x981, B3A41311-7804-49BB-B1D2-A78E72…)

Samefag my bad he designs video games not programs them, whatever. Kekking at him reacting to a run of the mill troon.

No. 1470271

That brow bone is like a joke it's so manly

No. 1470274

Lmao what the fuck

No. 1470275

By "designs video games" you mean he actually makes fully-functioning, decently-programmed games? Or just sits around coming up with ideas but never does shit?

No. 1470287

why are hsts so much more palatable than agps/"transbians"? i know a few (i live in seattle, on campus) and compared to the agps i've sighted around the university they're like…i don't know, they seem like genuinely normal guys who have gotten roped into tranny shit

No. 1470289

Probably bc they’re gay men and a lot of gay men have decent hygiene.

No. 1470292

He’s “head narrative designer” for either a gaming website or company called Paidia Gaming, no idea what he or the company does but at least he’s semi-productive/stays in his own lane/isn’t a sex pest. He’s trans but not really milky.

No. 1470297

Aaah. I work in games and I know straight away that "narrative designer" is code for "guy who sits around all day, writes up stupid bullshit ideas that inevitably fuck over the rest of the team".

No. 1470298

does anyone have that drawing/comic of the woman in blackface approaching the troon who's like "wtf! you can't do that!" then he's silenced by someone else who goes "quick give me one argument against her i can't use against you".

No. 1470299

File: 1647457389292.jpg (35.83 KB, 605x456, nikokylvyssä.jpg)

The fetishism is usually not so apparent, and they usually seem to have other interests as well - unlike AGPs, who base their whole persona on the transness. I feel the same with fujos / transitioned lesbians. Seems like the natal homosexuals have transitioned out of the world treating them like shit for being GNC, while the heterosexuals are just after the coom.

No. 1470304

I think that screencap is from when he was a normal gay guy.

No. 1470307

Define what exactly is "normal" in that pic.

No. 1470309

It's more like schadenfreude, anyway. Seeing men with everything stacked in their favor end up with no friends and a sepsis ridden nightmare dimension between their legs to maintain for the rest of their lives will never stop being funny.

No. 1470315

File: 1647457937052.jpg (152.45 KB, 1280x720, santaji.jpg)

Obviously I meant before trooning out. Stop being pedantic.

But I'm honestly not sure looking back at it. He always had a flamboyant style, so.

No. 1470321

Just checking out Truly after some time and wasn't expecting to discover this AGP living quite close. It's interresting that he says he still is a "boy" inside. If he goes to men's toilets i guess it's the best scenario for this kind of person. It's still sexist and cringe though.

No. 1470330

File: 1647458250529.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2458x3072, 47FC7CCC-9F92-4E7E-8993-CDD8F9…)

So much money and work put into transitioning just to only look “passable/good” at certain angles in certain lighting for a year tops, then he was thrown to the side by TRAs for gaining weight/not being “hot” anymore just like Jazz Jennings kek. He was definitely the flavor of the month for a while right when he transitioned. Proof that all the money and attention and validation in the world will only be fleeting and fucking up your body permanently/putting yourself at medical risk isn’t worth it.

No. 1470339

HSTS are gay. Often times they're not white because black, latino, asian etc cultures are not big on homos. Either that or they're white but from a very religious family. This means they're used to being treated like shit and they know how unfair the world is. They know they're one bad encounter away from being beaten to death by some random homophobe.
Meanwhile straight men (AGPs) are often white and are used to being treated like the default. They're used to throwing their weight around and women just bowing out of the way out of socialized politeness. They're used to their rage fits getting them whatever they want. Basically they're entitled moids, the worst of moids. The bottom of the barrel, most mentally ill of moids. This is why lesbians trigger so much cope and seethe.
HSTS are still misogynistic. Their very existence is an insult to women, because they're still gay men, and gay men treat women like shit. But they're less likely to murder and rape you than an AGP. They'll just mutter that you deserve it while it happens.

No. 1470357

erratas rusts

No. 1470358

Same. The level of narcissism is toned down in hsts. I know this usually goes deep into "no tranny is a good tranny" then spirals down into "is the gay man evil" spergs. Just personal experience, but the ones I've met are fun to be around. Listen to 80s music, drink cocktails and talk about tons of shit that isn't "just girlie things." Whether they hate or ape my gender is another issue. For now, my issues only lie with the agp transbians.

No. 1470362

File: 1647459048207.gif (1.97 MB, 320x241, 6A5722E7-7B68-46BD-B7FA-835BB5…)

I can totally see it kek

No. 1470366

KEK he really does look like he was put through an extreme character facial customizer

No. 1470367

Looks like fetishy coomer shit.

No. 1470372

File: 1647459270508.jpg (4.71 MB, 3590x4800, sad.jpg)


IRL clearly a lot of people peaking and stumbling across this thread. Works for me.

Finally got out of work to do this but, why do these troons always go for looks behind a screen. I mean we know why, because in person they always look hilarious and they can filter and anglemax to oblivion. They always say stuff like I'm so feminine compared to cis women but the minute you play their game it's transphobia. Point out the elephant in the room like their shoulders and it's "nooooo you can't say that!" so thEn don't bring up feminine features.

All the Frankenstein surgeries, hormones, extensions, professional makeup or contour, lashes, high femme clothes given to them but if you place an average women next to them you'd know who's who. God forbid you put a Madison Beer next to them. Even when you try to be nice a look at candid photos of the troons they like to parade around as the attractive ones you just have to laugh.

Left photoshopped instagram photos and right are candids. Was nice and left the makeup on and didn't even post the candids without makeup.

No. 1470376

What's going on with his face in the bottom left corner? He got beat up?

No. 1470379

he really seems like a rapist

No. 1470382

kikomi, duh

No. 1470391

File: 1647459750632.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.01 KB, 600x400, ED5C7E3E-7A2D-4E03-B5E4-83E61C…)

That’s him post-FFS/nose job. What they have to do to even slightly resemble women.

No. 1470393

i love how they clearly know that they get those insane over the top comments for the same reason ugly women get "you are so BEAUTIFUL!!1!1"

No. 1470396

File: 1647460059097.jpeg (41.51 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpeg)

No. 1470399

This is the most confusing shit ever.

No. 1470403

Many women also sub to the bimbo culture, so he could pass as one of those I think. But put without makeup next to women also without makeup, you know whats up

No. 1470404

File: 1647460634452.jpeg (390.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1637257900091.jpeg)

Got u covered anon

No. 1470407

Looking like that and speaking with a breathy helium voice

No. 1470410

Why does this rat have nicked ears? Why aren't they using albino lab rats? Poor baby

No. 1470413

File: 1647461203257.jpeg (133.36 KB, 1500x810, image.jpeg)

Best argument against this is Jazz himself.
Trannies think he got perfect transition path - starting transition at 3 years old, tons of support along with fame, easy access to hormones, puberty blockers and early SRS, tons of privileges like getting into harvard (even though he is far from harvard material), probably set for life…

And yet:
>depression so bad he is unable to function normally
>lost motivation in life
>never got to mature
>never got to sexually mature either and never will
>huge problems with obesity that is hard to control
>a lot of other mental problems

So "safe happy normal lives" my ass.

No. 1470418

Had the "perfect" start and still can't a vagina to stick to his body

No. 1470423

Holy shit he's a blimp

No. 1470424

Damnnn this kid could have been the new poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1470427

Fuck I feel bad for laughing

No. 1470428

Holy Neanderthal brow kek

No. 1470431

I still can’t believe he hasn’t 41% yet, his parents must have 24/7 surveillance on him.

No. 1470434

thanks nona. now i need to attempt to break this down so i can handle others breaking it down against me. my immediate thought is that there's no difference between black/white/asian/etc. brains in the way there are differences between male and female brains.

also white people have 0 chance of being born as black but everyone can either be male or female until they pop out of the womb.

anyone wanna attempt to debunk what i've said ^?

No. 1470441

And his obesity problem comes directly from binge eating away his emotions, it's not just some gradual weight gain from a bad diet. Being able to gorge on food is probably the last positive feeling tying him to his body

No. 1470447

Holy Neanderthal body more like lol He looks like he can pick up with a single hand and throw on the other side of the room the adult male doctor in the picture, all without breaking a sweat

No. 1470451

devil's advocate here but isn't part of his issues being in the spotlight/public eye for so long? that's gotta fuck with anyone's head

No. 1470454

File: 1647462950234.jpg (119.86 KB, 1080x1079, Jazz.jpg)

Also Jazz Jennings had a dragsona that's a woman. KEK typical gay male behavior. These men and their faghag supporters make me lose iq points

No. 1470456

Bimbo trannies don't really pass next to women who are into that aesthetic. Sage for OT but when I was a stripper (I'm against that shit now and quit as soon as I was able to get a real job) You could still tell women with extensive surgery were still women. They had an uncanny valley effect for sure but troons always look off they have to hide their bone structure and pray nobody notices they look off next to actual women. Same with TIFs

No. 1470459

My only criticism of this is that you’re engaging them in a nonsensical argument on both counts. You couldn’t conclusively identify male/female any more than you could identify black/white/Asian by just looking at a brain - internal organs aren’t sexed. Also, race is not an objective category: someone can be born any percentage of mixed, at what point do they “become” black? You don’t need to debunk stupid points. Just engage them on the actual point: men can’t be female. Ever.

No. 1470462

Samefag in case someone wants to be pedantic - internal organs except the reproductive ones, obviously.

No. 1470466

File: 1647463956551.png (58.76 KB, 665x195, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 4.50…)

This reminded me that recently, a lesbian feminist activist (terf) died in my state and this troon was upset that people donated to her funeral instead of his gofundme to buy a car

No. 1470470

>my immediate thought is that there's no difference between black/white/asian/etc. brains in the way there are differences between male and female brains.
There are some differences. Caucasian and Chinese people have different brains because of differences in language development, for just one example. You could argue that if someone is quick to pick up a certain language or feels more drawn to it than English (or like…their "forcibly assigned language at birth" if you really want to get troonish, kek), their brain understands that it's naturally in tune with it
Even if there weren't any significant differences, that actually almost boosts the argument, because it can be argued that since our brains aren't really all that different from each other, it makes sense for, say, a white person to find another race's cultural practices or appearance more relatable or personally comfortable. "People should identify as whatever race they want because we're all the same, and we all have our own personal preferences for what we want, how we want to be seen and how we'd like to carry ourselves in the world"
>also white people have 0 chance of being born as black but everyone can either be male or female until they pop out of the womb.
There are mixed people who look like just one race, and cases of twins being born with one looking black and one looking white. There are people who go through life thinking they're 100% one thing, but they turn out to be mixed. DNA tests aren't entirely accurate. "Whatever you connect the most with is most valid, because that's the truest to your heart"
Literally all this shit is based on ambiguity, feeling and personal identity. Taking people in good faith and "trusting" that they're not doing fucked up things while playing victim. You can easily leverage that to race, culture, etc. Anything can be "valid" in troon logic, science is an afterthought

No. 1470472

This could get you on a tangent, but race is a construct - sex is biology. Someone who is Dominican can look Black, but they're actually Hispanic. Their Dominican genes and DNA does not guarantee anything about their biological makeup. Human beings created country borders - so what these races are referred to are made up by man.
However, males and females, no matter what race or categorization, have drastically different biological functions. This is true for all species that don't reproduce asexually. Throughout history, all though science and biology, both a male and female are needed to produce.

Trans is also different than intersex. Trans is mental, intersex is physical, so they can't be compared.

No. 1470474

I really for Jazz one of the few troons I have huge empathy for.

No. 1470481

Jfc. Did anyone comment?

No. 1470485

My point is also that that the "brain sex theory" is not actually true. And race is a fluid concept, sex is not - even intersex conditions are sexed (correct me if I am wrong). And even if they would not be, someone born with a disorder does not debunk a system 99.999999…% of the human race has. Someone can be born with a missing leg, but that does not mean humans are not bipedal.

However, the thing with the brain sex theory not being popular in radfem cicles - how is male aggression and shit explained if brains are not gendered? I'm genuinely asking. If it's because of hormones, then you could say a male taking estrogen from a young age becomes a woman.

Are they not? Every cell in your body contains all of your genome and chromosomes, just different parts are turned on/off. So every cell in a male body would have y chromosome. I actually had to look up can you transplant organs between sexes - you can, but male organs in female body have a larger failure rate (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-heart-transplant-idUSTRE4AB7FK20081112) but it was most likely due to size and hormonal differences.

No. 1470486

I forgot to add "right?" in the end of my claims, I'm not that well versed in biology

No. 1470489

Looks like Sid from ice age

No. 1470492

File: 1647464940175.png (32.97 KB, 647x90, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 5.08…)

yes its all support comments, when i searched her name i found more posts about her - pretty despicable way to publically post towards a dead woman regardless of your disagreements in beliefs…

No. 1470493

File: 1647464956942.jpg (161.02 KB, 1080x679, Screenshot_20220316_230614.jpg)

Bowel surgery patients get stuck farting and pooping among the general ward population after their treatment but hospital private rooms for anyone willing to dilate for the rest of their lives!

No. 1470494

because we know they aren't trying to fuck/rape every woman they see then screech and scream when we say no, and agps give off huge serial killer vibes.

No. 1470498

You can't tell by those differences if someone is white or asian, male or female. Your best bet is going by the size of the brain that's related to the size of the skull.

No. 1470501

Hormones dont mutate your brain into female or male brain. You behave according to your hormones but they dont change the neutral structure of the brain. People always think that brain is literally them so it must be the gender they feel like, but brain is just an organ like any other with its functions.

No. 1470507

But the study TRAs always refer to studied brains of dead transsexuals, who had been on hormones for a long time, which apparently made their brains resemble female brains?

No. 1470512

>If it's because of hormones, then you could say a male taking estrogen from a young age becomes a woman
Lol that's definitely not enough, estrogen isn't magical. So in that situation the child would need to have his testicles removed to stop any production of those hormones and have a whole simulated cycle of estrogen and progesterone. And even then, other organs that produce hormones have differences between men and women and different sensitivity to how they react.

No. 1470513

Kind of like how trans people shouldnt be in cis people sports.

No. 1470514

If they studied a dead persons brain they wouldnt be able to study the responces of the brain. All you can observe on the dead brain is the size. So it maybe shrink because womens brains are smaller on average? lol. Its a nonsence study. Dead brain is just a jelly mush.

No. 1470515

Brains do the same things in human beings. There is no 'male' or 'female' brain. It generally works the same in all human beings.
Reproductive organs are the only organs that are male or female. They have completely separate functions.

No. 1470518

And what is a female brain? It's 10pm here so I can't be arsed to read that study, but neuroscientists have said multiple times that differences between two people of the same gender can be bigger that differences between a man and a woman. Our brains develop throughout our life and habits and mental illness shape the physical parts of it.

No. 1470519

I used to watch Jim sterling's reviews on games all the time, even about the devs doing shady shit. It was a ton of fun. I also followed Gavin from miracle of sound. You could tell he basically tolerated Jim's troon friend laura. It was such a mess of a time. I had no idea Jim sterling would troon out. What a wild ride 6+ years ago were.

No. 1470523

File: 1647465949138.jpg (48.21 KB, 672x613, c9i7e.jpg)

Hmm ah yeah that's true, I forgot how complex the hormone cocktails the brain receives from all over the body is.

Yes, but every cell in your body is sexed in a way that all of them contain either XX/XY, right? Not saying it makes the brain sex theory true, quite the opposite since you can't change your chromosomes?

No. 1470525

If we’re thinking about the same study, I don’t think they even matched female brains, they just looked slightly different from the brains of straight men who hadn’t been pumped with female hormones for decades. There’s a slight sex difference in size of some little part of the brain that I can’t remember the name of, I think somewhere by the amygdala? But i don’t think it actually has a real effect on functioning. Iirc, regular gay men also had the same minor differences. It doesn’t prove what they think it did either way, like other nonas said, you can’t get any real information about functioning from a dead, non-diseased brain, and brain sex as the idea that men and women’s brains inherently function differently is a proven myth.
There’s also the fact that even if we were to assume female and male brains exist in that sense, the simultaneous existence of people who’s brain didn’t match their sex would disprove it. How can you argue that male and female brains exist while arguing that male and female people have brains that don’t match their sex? It’s nonsensical.

No. 1470527

You nonas are so smart thank you

No. 1470530

People with XX chromosomes have female reproductive organs and people with XY chromosomes have male reproductive organs, regardless of what size their brain is. See the continued correlation?
Sure, there are very, very few people out there with intersex conditions that don't fit this, but the different intersex conditions are only experienced by people of a certain sex. Intersex is based on biology, transgenderism is all mental, so again, they are not comparable and it's false to conflate them.

No. 1470533

File: 1647466284927.jpg (334.84 KB, 2880x2880, 20220316_163006.jpg)

No. 1470539

That man brow, jaw and thin lips. kek

No. 1470540

The sex of a baby is also determined at conception, either before the brain is formed, or in tandem with the brain being formed. The brain never comes first and then tells the fetus what sex it is.

No. 1470541

NTA but I think the "gendered brain" theory just hides the question of nature vs nurture, and even more complex- what makes someone's personality? And we don't have the answers to that and can't conduct studies because it would be inhumane to raise children for studies like that. Trans people latch onto this theory because they want a valid reason to be somehow different biologically, but they aren't different from others aside their beliefs/personality.

No. 1470552

There are different studies floating around so not sure we're talking about the same one, but when a study say "resemble" there are many caveats.
First it means that in the statistical sample analyzed, a group of people (trans) was closer to another group (women) than (man) on some measured variables. Not even identical or close, just closer to women than to men, who themselves can different just by a slight degree.
Second is that the measured variable that is found to resemble women is usually a very very small area of the brain. There are no pink brain, blue brain with dead trannies found to having the full pink one.
Third is the question what even that area is in control of. Scientists studying brains through MRIs like to grandstand that they cracked the humanity code, but frankly, there are very often pulling shit out of their ass because the knowledge in the domain is far from being complete.
Fourth, confounding variables. The most famous study in TRA circle the difference found can be explained by the fact that the trannies looked at were attacked to men/HSTS and the area that was different was linked to that. It's not spelled clearly in the study and even less by activists.
Last and most important, the size of the measured population, meaning that if you studied 20 trannies, which is too small, your study is probably shit and has big chances of not being reproductible, and then the general scandal with P hacking and non reproductible papers, meaning that scientists, who need to publish or perish in the current academia, just fumble numbers in a scientific manner or do stuff like scans on 5 groups of 4 trannies, find a minor difference in one group and none in others, so just a statistical anomaly, but still dishonestly go on to publish a big paper "Mysteries of Transsexuality unveiled, TWAW, slay queen!"

No. 1470561

Wasn't there some study done where gay men had brains shit similar to women and the scientist tried to push that meant they were women, not that people who want to fuck men had similar brains or some shit? Like, doesn't that just mean women and men can have similar brains? When we called eachother man and women, it wasn't because we saw each others brains, we didn't have the science. That doesn't suddenly change because men want to pretend to be women for coom, homophobia, or predatory purposes.

No. 1470563

He looks like a fantasy creature to me, like he's from Dark Crystal or something.

No. 1470564

File: 1647467293029.png (112.26 KB, 933x779, Screenshot (77).png)

Based microsoft

No. 1470569

The irony is that the chocolate craving many women experience during menstruation is due to changing levels of magnesium in their bodies. Something that oestrogen-riddled males wouldn’t be experiencing because they’re not losing any blood

No. 1470570

It's so fucking funny reading trannies explain "mestruation symptoms", it's like me trying to fake I'm sick to my dad when I was in elementary school

No. 1470572

If Nate from Euphoria was a troon

No. 1470577

>Everything lines up except I don't bleed

No. 1470578

I can't wait honestly since I doubt he has much penis to work with.

I also think a lot of troons rush to get SRS is because they don't want to lose length from HRT for their neo vags.

Otherwise they get neovag like Fanny's kek. And aren't the poop chute graft neovags more prone to complications?

No. 1470582

File: 1647468081694.png (471.98 KB, 2212x1527, Untitled_2.png)

Here's some info re brain sex for the anons who were discussing it

No. 1470596

Can we stop this? It's derailing.

No. 1470600

I myself want to know there is scientific basis of my hatred of trannies, thank you very much

No. 1470613

Schadenfreude is the perfect word for that. Don't give troons a chance to twist it to their gross "wanna fuck narrative"

"Reading tranny tweets about how botched they are inspires a wave of pure, unadulterated schadenfreude"

No. 1470625

>race is a construct - sex is biology
Tell that to forensic archaeologists, lol

No. 1470647

How do they even come to this conclusion though? Do they mark their calendar every time they have diarrhea and realize it occurs on the same dates every month or…?

No. 1470648

I have to fight the urge to A-Log whenever I see TIMs saying they experience "periods," especially when all they list off are stereotypical symptoms you see in media. Any woman knows the difference between period cramps and stomach cramps because they are literally different parts of the body. Getting stomachaches because your diet consists of Cheetos and soda is not the same as feeling your uterine lining shed

No. 1470654

The reason he looks this way is because he stuffers from a Down Syndrome tier disease idk what it's called but it makes them look like retarded cave goblins.

No. 1470656

That's a bit harsh on Dark Crystal.

No. 1470660

race as we see it is a construct. the only material differences are slight phenotypical variations that can suggest someone is of either caucasian, asian, or african descent. that leaves out a lot of ethnicities that are socially significant, and it's only gonna get less accurate as people are no longer as restricted to the part of the world they were born in and interbreed with people of other ethnicities. even going just by skeleton, we are much better at distinguishing the sexes than we are at identifying race, and all women share more genetic similarity with each other than any of us do with men of our race.
t. take a wild guess kek

No. 1470663

inb4 the president troons out

No. 1470664

You don't have a uterus. Where are the cramps coming from hun??

No. 1470686

Early candidate for next thread pic

No. 1470688

File: 1647473628608.png (20.06 KB, 669x118, Screenshot 2022-03-16 163257.p…)

nah dont be shy, uncover his name!

No. 1470696

Maybe the dems are finally caving now that they see how unpopular and dangerous pretending biological sex isn't real is? Virginia lost the election to a republican because of the whole Loudon thing + teaching crt. God hoping, since the rest of the world usually follows suit.

No. 1470698

File: 1647474006087.jpeg (248.37 KB, 1170x887, 381B9CB3-7D6C-4C53-9F1E-8C01FC…)

find me a single terf who says if a woman can’t have children then she’s not a woman

No. 1470706

trannies pedophiles
obsessed with the genitals of children

No. 1470708


No. 1470710

File: 1647474697648.jpg (218.42 KB, 810x1779, Screenshot_20220316-130348_Boo…)

If this fucker was actually given hormones by a doctor I…..


No. 1470722

Vaush is one of my absolute favorite cows right now. Is he still seething over not getting enough asspats from Contrapoints and other troons?

No. 1470724

ok pedo(responding to bait)

No. 1470726

File: 1647475165306.jpeg (360.66 KB, 1170x1019, 6A980380-C810-4B20-B03F-D0B911…)

Trannies get so defensive whenever people start seeing through them kek

No. 1470727

Oh no an obese pedophile cuck is insulting me. How will I ever recover from this(responding to bait)

No. 1470730

I’ve been reading this thread for a while and did not realize I live in the same province as him, wow.
Do we know his actual male name? Can’t believe I could see him out and about one day and know what his axe wound looks like, disgusting.

No. 1470731

haha vaush is still pissing his pants because some of his precious troons complained about his blatant misogyny. you know he must be a shitty excuse of a human being if even the scrotes are mad at you.

No. 1470732

File: 1647475314086.jpg (11.29 KB, 603x258, 8j5qJMn.jpg)

I was taking a survey and this happens.
Stop, just stop. Why can't I just say I'm a woman, without trans thrown in?

No. 1470733

File: 1647475351230.jpeg (339.1 KB, 828x1032, 983097FE-EA4F-4B56-AD6A-553AAE…)

No. 1470734

File: 1647475392852.png (37.99 KB, 608x406, kek.PNG)

U mean JK rowling is BTFOing Vaush and exposing his pedo degenerate ass

No. 1470735

Yup, he shat his pants over controon blocking him on twitter and started comparing the backlash (which was as mild as a couple people saying they didn't find his misogyny funny or helpful before he started picking fights with them) to what happened to Lindsey ellis

No. 1470736

his reply sounds like a damn stroke

No. 1470738

the pronouns will come back during the next election cycle.

No. 1470741


No. 1470742

Lindsay Ellis 100% deserved that shit and I will die on this hill.

No. 1470743

Eh. No one wants to be in a room with a troon. Especially one who has to dilate/be dilated.

No. 1470745

It's lovely to see troons are here hate reading 247, then attempt to own the evul terves with fucking VAUSH lmaoooo

Remember, you will never ever be a woman

No. 1470747

What happened to her?

Why did hontra block him?

No. 1470748

there's no reason to take them out mid cycle just to put them back in later. the pronouns in bio didn't even win them any support, the trannies they were pandering to saw it as an empty virtue signal and everyone else thought it was just stupid. maybe there really is something going on, I think I heard about some GC protest outside the Whitehouse this week. I doubt one protest is gonna change their policies but it could tell them that maybe the left and liberals are more divided on trans shit than they thought.
the info for both should be on the breadtube thread. hontra/vaush drama is at the bottom, I think the Lindsey stuff is earlier in the same thread

No. 1470749

hope he joins the fistula frat

No. 1470751

File: 1647475898800.jpg (37.71 KB, 720x405, 1645658311776.jpg)

kek The fact that they support that pedo horse cock degenerate defending them is the icing on the cake

No. 1470755

Clicked on the stream and he's just arguing with a black guy over why the black guy can't relate to rap music just because he's black, he also has to be a billionaire rapper. Intriguing, deep conversations.

No. 1470757

File: 1647476208272.jpg (388.26 KB, 1361x2050, HariNef.jpg)

lol this comment reminded me of that ugly troon from netflix "you" who literally looks like someone put a wig and some mascara on Nate Jacobs

No. 1470758

i'm sure some of it is from hormonal imbalances too, at least cortisol and the desire to eat, probably borderline hypothyroid

No. 1470759

Well he tried to defend his "ironic" misogyny yesterday by arguing with Kat Blaque, a black mtf, that his misogyny was the equivalent of a black man fighting racism through misogynistic lyrics, and equivocated Kat to Ben Shapiro using rap music to denigrate black people, so that's probably where that came from.

No. 1470762

I really hope so, nonna, in my Western European country, the only viable leftwing presidential candidate for this year election has already said that he wanted to add the right to change gender a on self-identification basis into the constitution. And he's an oldschool borderline Marxist leftist and we're not even that pozzed with the gender nonsense generally speaking!
Fuck this timeline.

No. 1470777

black men don't fight racism through misogyny, black men attempt to lift themselves up and align with patriarchy at the expense of women. kat blaque is literally a gay man doing womanface.

No. 1470787

His argument is so obviously retarded I didn't think it needed to be said, but yes, I agree.
Lmao this picture is incredible, I always see people shoving Hari as an example of a perfectly passing troon but he's so obviously male in every picture he can't run through a filter.

No. 1470793

When he mentioned in You modelling in Japan because his hair was unique, I was like "Your a man in a wig, the Japanese can wear blonde wigs".

No. 1470800

They're probably the pedos spamming cp. That'll sure show us that we are totally wrong about them being unhinged and dangerous coomers.

No. 1470806

Sage for derailing and autism but does anyone know any female game developers? Whenever I see a “woman in game dev” it turns out to be a tranny 100% of the time. Only real one I can think of is the Heartbeat dev (who’s openly a terf by the way kek)

No. 1470810

The ladies in the video game thread on /m/ might have more suggestions for you. I feel like we used to have a thread for women game devs or women in tech, something like that, but I didn't see anything looking over the catalogues.
you can also go to the board that shall not be named and ask, it could use some more activity

No. 1470812

I fucking hate how they took the word misogynistic. Also like 20% of the fur community are nazifurs

No. 1470813

This sounds almost exactly like my ex kek. Honestly I'm surprised more people here don't talk about how often terminally online troons pretend to have DID. I think the majority of people faking DID these days are trans.

No. 1470830

More of an Aiden thingy than an mtf thing

No. 1470840

File: 1647479675508.jpeg (229.85 KB, 828x1439, B8EF0763-5464-4C1C-8D47-BD420B…)

Do you ever think about how unprecedented it is that a huge portion of the male population under 40 is just refusing to get a job and pretending to be a woman? Imagine showing this to their dads 40 years ago. What the fuck happened?

No. 1470848

Aidens may be doing it more, but there are no shortage of TIMs doing it. Watched it happen to my ex and now he spends all day on twitter with other "lesbians" larping that different anime girls are in his body. He's fully white and pretends that one of his alters is fully fluent in Japanese kek.

No. 1470849

Previously, there wasn't as much delusion over being able to put on the programmer socks and make a living ebegging. This is what happens when you combine everyone wanting a low effort career off of e-fame, trans bullshit, and decades of loser incels sperging out about how women live life on easy mode.

No. 1470852

nta but kat saw right through his reasoning as well. he refused to engage with that hypothetical for a good while but vaush wouldn’t let it go and he eventually said no, misogyny is misogyny regardless of the identity of the person it comes from or the supposed purpose. i’d post the screenshots of their conversation but it was (not exaggerating) over 60 images.
his texts and tweets give the impression that kat’s becoming increasingly aware of the misogyny and homophobia of trans activism, but then of course he says things like
>your frustrations here don’t personally matter to me because whether you’re frustrated or understanding, one of us lives with the reality of being transgender and transitioning in a world that is antagonist towards us, and the other doesn’t
zero self awareness
>i don’t deal with hypotheticals, i deal with realities
zero self awareness
>speak your mind, but ignoring the reality of the power dynamics we live under is incredibly out of touch
zero self awareness
i know cognitive dissonance is practically the basis for trans activism but it’s always so weird witnessing it especially as a former TRA, seeing it always makes you think “how did i ever believe this shit??”
all in all though, kat decimated him. vaush was so incredibly insufferable in their exchange, even if you agreed with him for whatever reason you’d still cringe at the way he conducted himself in that conversation.

No. 1470854

Apparently the organizers of that protest met with some Democrats who were also fed up with troonacy but we’ll see if anything is actually done in the coming months/years.

No. 1470860

Porn wasn't as widespread or accessible due to internet.

No. 1470867

File: 1647481108313.png (241.71 KB, 720x552, Screenshot_20220316-202754~2.p…)

Does anybody else remember this dude Angela vanity? He was the first TIM I was exposed to in highschool and I remember feeling guilty because no matter how hard I tried to see him as a girl, my brain couldn't help but scream "that's a man baby!" at some of his mannerisms and vocal fry. I remember thinking all trannies tried to pass like he did and were only attracted to men lol. It's insane how in the past 4 years pretty much 90% of trannies' I meet are disgusting AGP coomers. The HSTS I meet are all Nikita Dragon types who transition for attention. Literally only know 2 old school HSTS (come from homophobic families that don't except gay or GNC shit so they have genuine GD). Why the fuck is this now a movement for pervert female-attracted men? I frankly don't even mind the NikkieTutorials and Janet Mocks because I at least don't have to worry about those poor bastards groping me or telling me to suck girl dick. However I do feel their very prone to 41 tho when Twink death hits and they no longer get attention for being trans. But for AGPs it seems even after the chop some still maintain their fetish.

Sorry for the rambling it's just crazy to think at first I thought I was supporting gay men with gender dysphoria to lIvE thEiR tRuTh but now it's metamorphosised into a trojan horse for incel rapists to get rid of our spaces

No. 1470870

File: 1647481225063.png (279.89 KB, 720x543, Screenshot_20220316-202627~3.p…)

No. 1470874

boomers had playboy though admittedly it’s not as degenerate as inflation Sonic vore hentai. I blame the autism rates skyrocketing in the 90’s.

No. 1470875

sage for newfaggotry but what is this 'board that shall not be named'

No. 1470883

I’m assuming they mean /2X/

No. 1470888

am I fucking stupid? I can't find it.

No. 1470889

KEK. next thread pic please.

No. 1470891

Sometimes I enjoy the spacing between paragraphs like that especially when it’s a long chunk of text.

Dog goes out as a sheep into a sheep’s space. Other sheep (women) look on dead eyed, unsure, and feeling rather unsafe. Dogsheep gets validated by a different species, cat (men, handmaidens) and dogsheep feels euphoria and validated.

Many such cases.

No. 1470893

Playboys you had to buy and hide. You also couldn't always access it using your phone and portable devices. You always had to buy a new magazine, and couldn't access a tone of options for free quickly and easily. Two very different things.

No. 1470894

File: 1647482559119.jpg (100.03 KB, 500x700, miriam-rivera.jpg)

No not familiar with that troon.

Thou on that note, I believe my first TIM I was exposed to was that Mexican guy that got famous for pretending to be a girl in a reality dating tv show. I was pretty big news at the time and resulted in the male contestants refusing the prize money and filing a law suit for being lied to. I ended up seeing the troon on big brother as a flavor of the week guest to hype up the show getting a run in my country.

I remember thinking they looked very fake but trying to be supportive and open minded about it. But even then I still got that feeling of distrust when they where asked if they were feminist and the troons obvious discomfort with it.

Ended up looking into where they where now the other day and it turns out they died under suspicious circumstances involving sex trafficking. Cause they ended up getting into sex work after a nasty fall from a balcony in the us and needed to support themselves to pay for the surgery involved.

I believe their name was Miriam Rivera.


Nonnies who was your first troon you remember seeing being pushed in the media(youtube counts as well if they where super popular imo)?

No. 1470896

Bruce Jenner.

No. 1470897

File: 1647482676648.webm (5.48 MB, 1280x592, lx1af7ihz1cRQF9K.webm)

My guilty pleasure is liking Loona and I came across this.
Poor Jinsoul, holy shit, you can see the discomfort in her eyes, if only the moid knew that radical feminism is the major type of feminism in South Korea.
And I'm just salty that a man in a dress probably hosted a group order - the only way you can get a videocall, getting money from girls that actually like Loona and can related and feel inspired by them (for those who don't know and just know the stan loona meme: they're the only group under their company, their concept is about feminism, woman power and self love. The company recently announced a boy group concept and they got blasted by their fans saying they don't want men, which is kinda based) and wasted his time with one of them just to rub his cock afterwards since he got validated by Loona. I am sorry for her, and I wish him to dilate soon.

No. 1470900

File: 1647482844016.jpeg (320.25 KB, 1170x2532, 65ED8D5E-5642-4E01-9A53-DBCCE0…)

Surprise! He’s back!

No. 1470901

sage the loona sperg, we all feel bad for the kpop stars who are forced to interact with degenerates, troons included

No. 1470913

Goddamn, nonny, you are spot on with this!

No. 1470916

Boomers also had bondage type porno mags too. Ted Bundy was exposed to his grandpa's at a younger age and I don't doubt it fried his brain like porn does today

No. 1470917

File: 1647483510469.jpg (51.75 KB, 589x312, hontra almost understands.jpg)

Grain of truth? More like a whole beach of it.

No. 1470924

Is that 'cause all men carry some Neanderthal DNA whereas women don't?

No. 1470930

But even then I still got that feeling of distrust when they where asked if they were feminist and the troons obvious discomfort with it.

I noticed some HSTS like traditional gender roles and want to be kept women lol. Their whole idea of womanhood is being submissive to a man. I feel like those types of HSTS fetishize misogyny the same way AGP do (except they do it to please men). But most won't admit it out loud because it's sexist as fuck and only narc dumbasses like Blaire white admit these views to handmaidens

No. 1470931

A podcast came out pretty recently about that. "Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera." I thought it was a pretty good listen. It tells the story of the reality show from start to finish. But it's narrated by a Tim and it's drawn in a very trans positive light. Spends alot of time talking about how beautiful Miriam was, despite the fact that the game show contestants immediately clock them. It actually ends of being kinda funny to listen to, but in a snarky way. I rolled my eyes alot.

No. 1470933

That didn't last long. At least these aren't in a public or workplace bathroom

No. 1470934

Anon will you please translate his tweets into newfie speak with his accent, i would kek into oblivion

No. 1470937

Bet they got misgendered irl or deadnamed to their face

No. 1470938

Ew can trannies leave kpop idols alone? Most of them are working in hellish conditions and are in slave contracts. Wtf are they gonna do for some retard in cat ears and thigh highs

No. 1470943

File: 1647484286571.jpeg (108.7 KB, 885x960, 6847C51A-0BF3-4190-AE56-FB8852…)

A retarded gender special woman I know posted this and I want to scream. I wonder who made the original image

No. 1470945

File: 1647484422603.jpeg (260.27 KB, 828x1007, 0273F22E-6835-408B-87BF-152653…)

No. 1470948

Post it on Facebook and tag her relatives saying “OMG I remembered this picture you posted and it really is something you would post”

No. 1470951

File: 1647484531385.png (20.8 KB, 481x209, rape.png)

eh we all knew that was coming. He got what he wanted writing up that letter to guilt people into letting him back into their lives and now he can go back to begging for scraps of validation online to fuel his trauma triggered hyper-sexual self harm behavior.

ANDREW if your reading this you need to have a serious talk with your therapist about your long term goals with all this bullshit behavior. Deep down you know these are not healthy relationships you are forming with people and your hypersexual actions are putting your self at a disadvantage and further risk. The BDSM I can see would have an appeal since it does reaffirm the concepts of consent that you might of had trouble internalizing after your rape but the BDSM community is also way to prone to predation and really boils down to more self harm like behavior in the long run.

Ask yourself who and where do you wanna be when your 60? Can you see the lifestyle your living right now being healthy at that age? And if your answer is "we'll I'm most likely be dead why worry?" than thats your depressed brain running the show and fueling your self harm tendencies to self sabotage. You preach about trying to get better and being more mindful of your mental health but your far to often lay your problems at others feet with your actions.

No. 1470952

It’s ironic how they try to convey this while at the same time pushing srs and hrt to all ages while reinforcing ancient sexist stereotypes and also giving predators easy access to women and children

No. 1470955

I watched parts of that show Something About Miriam and honestly the whole premise is just fucked up. Whoever hyped Miriam up to think it was a good idea to try and trick men was a dumbass. At different points in the show the men would say how they suspect she's a man. Even at the end when she picks the winner and reveals she's trans one of them is in the back like I knew it. It felt wrong on so many levels to watch these men realize they made out with a man and for that man to realize he isn't actually a woman to the very people he wants to see him as a woman (straight men). I feel bad for everybody involved

No. 1470960

it’s serving homophobia

No. 1470963

Don’t give cows advice, nonnie, cows are cows because they can’t reflect on their actions. Maybe if he gets the rot pocket installed he will understand how retarded he is being by not going to a real therapist.

No. 1470967

>If you're a masculine women you're really a man, and if you're a feminine man you're really a woman.
It's hilarious how tras think they're progressive when they're also trying to erase gnc people.

No. 1470969

Can you explain why please? Sincerely asking because I'm dumdum head and I wanna know

No. 1470972

So he went into a space that wasn't for him and rape was involved. Interesting.

No. 1470973

Takei-non? Pls no
Always the anime lolis.
I'm glad I saw outside of platos cave and im no longer a kpopfag. That shit is some psyop

No. 1470976

yah wonder if that is just the tale he spun to try and get out of it with his mates tbh. he does have a confirmed record of lying thru his teeth to get out of trouble instead of owning up to his actions…

No. 1470980

Hard agree.

No. 1470985

Hi Nona… I am a terfdev. Although I’ve taken a break from it since I was sexually harassed at my last job prospect. Going to college for it was rough because you are gatekept to shit by troons and neck beards, I thought I was strong enough but it wears you down. The industry just needs to be overhauled. I mostly make procedural stuff! We exist

No. 1470989

oh god, i'm reaching out to you nona. i left before i got as far as you but jesus – i thought i was strong enough too, but i wasn't. if there were real "women in games" groups/studios/etc, i think i could have lasted longer, which really fucking haunts me, b/c it won't get better until more of us stay, but…it's so hard. i am cheering you on.

No. 1470995

they both got ffs surgery to look more like the women their making of of in this tweet. the irony

No. 1470997

You're amazing anon I hope wherever you go works out well and doesn't treat you like shit.

No. 1471001

Nonas, let's not do this

No. 1471006

PhilosophyTube raped contrapoints

No. 1471010

Also a terfdev. Luckily I finished schooling just before troon shit really took off. Last I remember there was 1 troon in my class. Now I suspect there will be many more. It was kind of shocking how stereotypical people who go into game dev because they are gamers are, I went in as a casual gamer more interested in the art and creation aspect, while all the guys seemed to just want to re-create their favourite game when the teachers ask them to develop something new and is not 90% story reliant such as interesting mechanics. Also had to deal with moids reeing that women aren't real gamers, as if being a gamer is impervious or a real skill beneficial in real life, like sport is. Seems they needed to compensate for no physical skill to pretend they had something to provide a prospective gf. The IT bachelors which were non-gaming based, like security, software dev, even app development, were much more down to earth and normal people. I just went into gaming to learn IT skills for jobs but still be involved in art. Maybe it is about the autism and escapism of people with no social life?

No. 1471011

chris. imagine seething this hard. being this desperate. looking this manly.

No. 1471015

File: 1647488913015.jpeg (133.5 KB, 1078x1193, D0F20145-B856-431E-8980-3209C6…)

Like literally everyone warned me but it was worse than I imagined. Dudes powerleveling their kekistan shit. Was funny seeing the speedrunner troon moids go at it with the conservative marvel CoD dudes tho. Just cause we don’t want to deal with our bosses talking about masturbation habits with us doesn’t mean we are weak though friend we just have a hobby/ interest that’s infested with y chromes.

No. 1471019

File: 1647489098160.jpg (47.39 KB, 807x1024, 9780041cf888df9d49f75225843f2b…)

The saint abigail troon looks like jojo from horton hears a who

No. 1471021

Yes most of the people that didn’t drop out were straight dudes who had a life outside of gaming and were into comp sci or art. Surprisingly I got treated with respect from my programming professors despite sucking, it was the artsy, “fun” ones that were the most condescending and sexist. Like bitch you don’t even know the zbrush hot keys don’t talk to me

No. 1471029

I remember watching this and remembering how dead she looks on the inside as she refers to the company's slogan. So gross, I can't believe troons even interact with kpop idols. I dropped TWICE the second they did the (born this way) "No matter gay, straight or bi,Lesbian,transgendered life.. I was born to be brave "
I just wonder how many middle-aged troons try to join GG companies in korea thinking they'll accept them KEK
my ex-troon friend changed from mtf and he would always claim he was oppressed by the men in his office and that it was "so hard being one of the only woman developers in the office"… he even tried to relate to ME working in construction to him in a dress. batshit

No. 1471034

And dads probably used to be better at raising their sons.

No. 1471036

I feel like this whole show seems to just highlight the fact that men are retarded.

No. 1471039

File: 1647490730427.png (60.56 KB, 1197x554, doctor my arse.png)

No. 1471043

I don't think they ever really raised there kids. It's mostly the internet thing, now parents let the ipad teach their kids while making degenerate shit easy to access and free. Nothings really changed other than the internets presence in everyones lives. Moids are shown to spiral and seek more and more deranged shit over prolonged use.

No. 1471047

Lain because they love to “relate” to her

No. 1471048

Nowhere in the comment does it mention whether the women studied had partial, total, or radical hysterectomies. If the ovaries or part of the uterus remained, of course they could still have hormonal symptoms. Doesn't mean men can get PMS, lmao

No. 1471053

Feels like parents are just getting shittier at parenting, then. I feel like I won the dad lottery 'cause mine is still teaching me useful skills and is a cool guy.

No. 1471056

a lot of women who have hysterectomies keep their ovaries so yeah no shit they could have cyclical symptoms

troons take the same amount of hormones over and over, nothing cyclical about that

No. 1471066

Did this guy name himself after an anime character? He totally did.

No. 1471067

File: 1647493308007.png (21.97 KB, 748x168, (@KatyMontgomerie) _ Twitter.p…)

rolls eyes

No. 1471068

Post-hysto women on HRT claim to still have periods-without-the-period. Whatever is causing phantom period it's not like it's vestigial would-be-uterine tissues trying to contract in males because the same thing is happening in women without any uterine tissues, nor is it caused by estrogen cycles because they're both on a flat dose.
It's not a literal period, and the symptoms may even be psychogenic, placebo, or confirmation-biased, but the side-effects are still described this way by actual women who have had periods for decades.

No. 1471073

Wow, I can't think of a single way!
>All AFABs and no AMABs, the convention everyone already defaults to to define who is male or female.
Even troons reveal consistently that this is what they really believe and the only thing that makes sense on a sociopolitical level. They just immediately police themselves for their "internalized transphobia"…

Technically you can't 100% define it as "born with a vulva" because conditions like sirenomelia, where babies don't have genitals, exist and have survivors.

No. 1471079

these scrotes clearly don’t care about vaush being misogynistic they only care about how it makes them look bad and proves us right. deep down they know when guys like vaush talk down to women, it doesn’t include them

No. 1471082



No. 1471096

That’s commiedickgirl from kiwifarms. I heard he’s dating the user sneasel.

No. 1471101

OMFG thank you for posting this guy anon. I remember watching a few videos of his a few years ago but then missed quite a few of them for about a year or two. I then come back to his channel in 2021 and I noticed that he was now wearing makeup, he did a makeup routine video and everything.

I also noticed that he was reviewing more media that was aimed at little girls and look, there's nothing wrong with little boys liking media that was pushed towards girls and I really want to hope that this guy won't troon out because he seems like a nice enough kid.

But knowing how the whole troon rabbit hole goes with nerdy men who seem to live on the internet, I can't help but feel like he's gonna troon out sooner or later and it's gonna be disappointing because for once, I'd love to see a man who owns being feminine without being a delusional fuck who thinks he's a woman because "Teehee, I love "girls shows" and makeup".

I really hope I'm wrong, I really do. And hope that this guy is not some creep.

No. 1471103

noel fielding

No. 1471105

noel fielding is prettier than this guy

No. 1471106

no they just make stuff up

No. 1471110

i know when my doctor asks me when my last period started i just tell them the last time i had diarrhea and gas

No. 1471119

You'd be forgiven anon, I think he passes at a glance as well in his photos but like the others have said, he only passes in photos which I'm very sure he heavily edits in an editing software or app.

No. 1471123

That username is so fucking funny to me. It’s like if a kiwifarmer made a fake Troon account in order to troll. He unironically calls himself a commie AND a dick girl.

No. 1471127

guess on top of two XX you also have two chromosomes 21 where do board names go? come on i believe in you

No. 1471136

Me, lol.
We did, I made it, I'm guessing it got eaten up by the /m/ purge.
Can we be friends PLEASE all the other women at my work are fucking handmaidens for the resident troon (who's also in my department and I want to break his neck every time he speaks)

No. 1471140

they really cant help but bring up black people at any possible occasion to compare their "oppression" with. sorry, buddy, but "sir" is not a slur.

No. 1471150

and ?
she's based

No. 1471152

The mainstream daily usage of endocrine disrupters, suburbanisation, and the invention of the finance sector. It has crippled everything males needed to form a masculine identity.

No. 1471155

he should have stopped in the 3rd row on the far left when he seemed more "fuck social norms I wear make up" like 80s rockers. i was watching him too and figured he would slowly slide down this path what a shame.

No. 1471159

youtubers who troon out almost alwas have a gnc phase before trooning out fully

No. 1471165

File: 1647503044025.jpg (294.85 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20220317-034223_Boo…)

No. 1471166

File: 1647503124484.jpeg (98.56 KB, 827x581, FCBABC82-36C7-4BBA-BC92-2F70F1…)

giving up on never not farting and shitting out of the trole ever again

No. 1471168

File: 1647503384868.png (254.12 KB, 1020x598, Screenshot 6 (2).png)

They can't even let us hate them without turning it into a fetish and getting off on it, I remember reading Valarie Solanes had a similar experience after publishing SCUM manifesto, she would get letters from men asking to be castrated, made into drag queens(sorta forced feminization she wrote for the book) and yeah some of the comments of self mutilation were so awful and graphic that even she got disgusted

No. 1471174

Oh no I was implying that what he just described is comparative today within trans communities. Men are entering women’s spaces pretending to be women so that they can rape and sexually abuse women. He entered a space not meant for him but in his scenario he did not do the raping. I’m not implying he wasn’t raped or heavily coerced into sex at all.

No. 1471175

I found this scrote through pink haired Tumblr famous albinwonderland from way back in the day, came to check on her recently and she's married to a troon

No. 1471177

Love how they totally ignore the amount of women on testosterone who still get periods

No. 1471178

so their estrogen goes up during the first half of their "cycle"? they have a sharp rise in lh in the middle of their "cycle"? after which they experience a rise in pregosterone?

No. 1471206

It implies that biological sex isn’t as important as gender and believing so is “outdated”. A quick google search for “biological sex” also leads to immediate results that it’s an”outdated myth”. Trans ideology cannot exist alongside homosexual ideology because it denies the existence of same-sex attraction and that is why it is homophobic. I also feel like this whole thing pressures gay people (including young kids) to troon out hence all the hsts you see in the “queer” community.

No. 1471218

Lmao I keep seeing this dogshit tier argument, they don't even phrase it right because the way he says it "cis woman" is literally the definition he is asking for. "Cis woman" does in fact include all cis women, while excluding all trans women. "But what about trans men…" Nope, they are irrelevant because you only asked for it to include "cis women"!

The reason they keep spewing out and retweeting this exact phrase without irony proves they literally do not even understand what they are saying. They are so blinded by their own faith and ideology that they fail to see blatant contradictions and flaws in their own arguments. But it's not even about the argument itself, but the fact that not one of them stopped to think "wait hold on a second…". They do not think, they do not question.

What they should have said for it to make sense is something like "you can't define woman/female in a way that both includes all afab people and excludes trans women" so that it also has to include "trans men", aka women who don't identify as women. However if they include trans men it would imply they see trans men as women, which would mean they are transphobic, so they can't say that. And the second problem is then that "afab" would still be the very definition they are looking for - it includes all afab people(women), while excluding trans women. The only flaw in this argument would be if you assume some sort of intersex condition where someone was "assigned" the wrong gender due to ambiguous genitals. However, no one is actually "assigned" a gender, our sex is simply observed at birth. Someone mistaking another persons sex on first sight doesn't make that person a different sex, reality is still reality = their sex is still innate.

"what about when someone is a hermaphrodite and has both female and male tissue, check mate terfs!" well in that case you can funnily enough still see exactly what parts of them are made of male cells, and which are female cells. If I cut off a man's arm and attached it to myself, I would still be female, but with an arm made of male cells. There will still always be a dominate sex, because human bodies are not designed to be able to handle 2 sexes at once - hence why even just giving people cross sex hormones causes them to become permanently sterile. Insisting that people born with intersex conditions are either not their biological sex, or some kind of "non-binary" or "third gender" is super incredibly demeaning and ableist.

And this is by playing by their own shit rules of pretending cis and trans are valid biological identities.
Woman really means adult human female, it includes all women and excludes all men, regardless of how any person from either group identifies.

No. 1471221

adult human female

No. 1471226

Imo the things people "joke" about reveal a lot of their true leanings. The veil of irony is like a safety blanket that makes them more confortable to be their true self.

No. 1471236

It really isn’t a coincidence that a movement full of “ex” anti-feminist/rightoid/rapist men works to completely deny the existence of sex based oppression and attraction (while conveniently ‘validating’ anything that results in fucking said men).

No. 1471239

Right? “Grain of truth” as if the entire thing isn’t just men reeeing at the existence of women as an exclusive group.

No. 1471240

Lia swim yet?

No. 1471242

>throws a fit about being in a room with a bunch of cis people
>doctor moves him to a private room
>throws a fit about being alone

No. 1471243

File: 1647517211698.png (175.26 KB, 1966x1376, timtalesexuallyharassedbyawoma…)

TIM makes up a story about being sexually harassed by a young woman at a nude spa:

No. 1471245

Are you trying to call them a downy? cause that's TRIsomy 21. As in three copies of chromosome 21.

No. 1471248

Why do TIMs call breast augmentation/boob jobs “top surgery” sometimes? Is this another way of them trying to colonize dysphoric women? Kek

No. 1471254

A literal creative writing exercise, jesus fucking christ. He's totally having kinky lesbian threesomes and gets objectified by "perky" girls in hot tubs…

No. 1471256

>tells the girl he wishes he could be a stripper
>gets mad when she asks if she can see him naked

There's a 0% chance this story is real tho and not a sexual fantasy

No. 1471258

File: 1647518923240.jpg (301.48 KB, 600x2363, Joe.jpg)

So this is "drama' that happened over a year ago but its still perfect example of why you can't ever win with TRAs, Joe Hawley the former frontman of the 2000's Indie pop rock band Tally Hall(the one's that made the Ruler of Everything song) got DM'd by an underaged nb Ayden who asked him if he could put his pronouns in his bio, he politely refused and got into argument regarding non-binaryism and pronouns and in this conversation, his "problematic" views were revealed
see he thinks trans people are "valid" and believes Transphobia is real, but he doesn't buy into that Idea that anyone can be non-binary, he also believes that children don't have the mental capacity to know if their trans or not and shouldn't allowed on hormones and referred to some "trans affirming" surgeries as multination(which they are) and that got him cancelled, like the whole of woke twitter fucking hates his guts now for views that aren't even remotely offensive and likely what the average normie lib believes in

No. 1471259

Mid 20s woman asks "can i see it?" when man tells her he has a dick

sounds like a dumb moid porn scenario

No. 1471260

Unfortunately "Lia drown yet" is a tad bit too optimistic.

No. 1471262

File: 1647519209716.jpg (23.16 KB, 480x472, 25768a54.jpg)

OOOhhhh now I get why people replied to my cancellation on tumblr as "this Joe Hawley kinda beat" around that time lmao

I'll have to listen to him now I guess

No. 1471265

>mid 20s cute and perky and my type wants to see my dick while eyefucking me
>gets casually asked by lesbians to flash his junk in his day to day life
>3some with two gfs WITH VAGINAS cuz I get all lesbo poon with no dick competition like a true alpha… woman

Moid wrote up a shitty porn plot. What else is new.

Wait also where tf is he stripping if a gay bar has too many moids in it? Is he working in a regular strip club without moids in it??

No. 1471275

And this is why trannies are going to lose all their supporters. These views were not considered "bigoted" even 5 years ago. This was the baseline.
But it's never enough. They just keep demanding more and more and more. And people are sick of it. Even the most "be kind" well intentioned retards are getting sick of it. Every single time they burn a public figure, hundreds of people sit back and say to themselves that nothing the bigot said was unreasonable. The sheer toxic insanity that is troons is unsustainable. The minute you question this movement and it spits in your face, you either sink further into the abuse or you check out. And people are checking out en masse as more troon shenanigans are put in the public eye.

No. 1471276

File: 1647521240169.jpeg (174.57 KB, 748x748, 55BCA35B-FFAC-4077-8B0A-65610B…)

New bingo has dropped ladies!

No. 1471277

File: 1647521659541.jpeg (214.92 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg)

so close but didn't make it

No. 1471278

File: 1647521967172.jpg (521.52 KB, 1024x1024, winner winner chicken dinner .…)


No. 1471280

File: 1647522025183.png (576.92 KB, 748x748, givemegrannypantiesorgivemedea…)

i wish we femcels could have our own island. I think we'd resort to cannibalizing with a week but at least it would be fun

No. 1471281

File: 1647522038931.jpeg (169.1 KB, 748x748, B838574C-7566-459C-93A1-0A5875…)

so many near misses

No. 1471282

File: 1647522184788.jpeg (184.21 KB, 748x748, B89CFB29-980A-424E-9A84-D2F23C…)

Done. I really want to cut my hair again…

No. 1471285

File: 1647522315753.jpeg (450.29 KB, 828x824, 3B245E02-B873-4CCB-A975-81394A…)

We’d be killing each other within hours if we had our own island Lmao

No. 1471286

File: 1647522401465.jpg (201.74 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpg)


No. 1471287

File: 1647522495406.jpeg (407.85 KB, 750x804, E4A3CB0F-F7D0-4FA4-9B66-784CFE…)

so close but no bingo

No. 1471290

File: 1647522700859.jpeg (312.84 KB, 1242x1242, 502185CD-21D8-4C65-942C-445C19…)

schizo and proud

No. 1471291

File: 1647522712697.jpg (164.17 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpg)

Smh not even close, need to step up my game

No. 1471292

Four of us within minutes who have been victims of sex based crimes. Fucking bleak.

No. 1471294

File: 1647522834641.png (428.59 KB, 764x762, 1 off.png)

It's too fricking hot here to cover up.

No. 1471296

File: 1647522958334.jpeg (170.3 KB, 748x748, ACAD0DD0-E962-4624-9D43-7BAB12…)


No. 1471297

File: 1647523015306.png (257.34 KB, 501x827, huntershittier.png)

sorry to interrupt the bingo session but I found this one on twitter. Imagine getting euphoria (no pun intended) from being told you look like another man kek

No. 1471298

File: 1647523036440.png (27.12 KB, 744x286, gf.png)

this is his gf

No. 1471299

File: 1647523090953.jpg (286.87 KB, 748x748, femcelbingo.jpg)


No. 1471302

Ewww I hate honters bulge is that Euphoria pic ewwwwwww

No. 1471303

i can't believe i'm saying this but hunter sweetie i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry that an ugly ass bitch like this would even say that

No. 1471304

File: 1647523225004.jpeg (160.8 KB, 603x608, DC479432-E704-44A4-9334-DE4BD7…)

not yet a proud terf tho. had accidentally referred to contra as a he in a twitter thread between a group of friends and deleted the tweet after a friend noticed i misgendered him

No. 1471305

Oh fuck, what was the consequences?

No. 1471310

God they are way to comfortable flashing their "girldick"…can you imagine if they started pushing the "people with a uterus" on moids.

In the interest of the greater public's safety "penile persons" should not enter female restrooms to avoid cases on non consentual penile insertion. kek

No. 1471311

A woman is a female human. Female = of the sex that produces ova. Note that this still includes female people who are infertile, intersex, or who are missing secondary sex characteristics. The only people it excludes are those of the sex that produce sperm–i.e. males.

It's so fucking easy. All cis women included, all trans women excluded. Done.

No. 1471312

Is it a thread or a board? because there's no board at the top with /xx/ like there is for /g/ or /snow/. Can someone just help me out and tell me please.

No. 1471313

File: 1647524480259.png (454.93 KB, 748x748, doublebingo.png)

the rare double bingo. what do i win

No. 1471314

File: 1647524545376.jpeg (158.13 KB, 748x748, 4BC67A50-1790-4F89-93FE-E41283…)

wouldnt have considered myself a superterf or femcel anyways but i am at least a staunch tranny hater and anti-moid apologist

No. 1471315

The board is /2X/ not /xx/

No. 1471316

File: 1647524762965.jpg (385.35 KB, 810x1652, Screenshot_20220317-094241_Chr…)

First rule of misogyny

No. 1471318

I'll stop derailing now but there's also no /2X/ board at the top with the rest.

No. 1471320

Do they not understand this 'joke' was started by transwomen talking about how they used to be nazi incels? They're the ones making that 'joke.' Someone should make a collage of all the different epic trans gals talking about how they used to hate women and minorities. These people literally cannot stop lying.

No. 1471323

Yes, that's on purpose, but it doesn't mean you can't get to the board.

No. 1471324

this reminds me of when troons wanted to make everyone use "womxn" instead of "woman" and then someone pointed out it was stupid and suddenly they decided that it was actually the terfs ideas all along

No. 1471326

It's a triple if you count diagonals!

No. 1471328

you're right! lucky me

No. 1471329

File: 1647525435166.jpeg (171.68 KB, 748x748, EED31DE4-BD2F-4F0F-B100-4BC13E…)

The amount of people with the bottom right corner checked is making me sad. Anyway bingo!

No. 1471331

File: 1647525525876.jpeg (196.11 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg)

give me a pair of scissors and a couple weeks and i'll hit the first row bingo lol

No. 1471332

File: 1647525559826.jpg (215.78 KB, 748x748, 76huyytru.jpg)

schizo hag queen of femcels here

No. 1471334

File: 1647525599889.jpeg (177.11 KB, 748x748, 3002A4A0-5F96-4779-807A-A89C27…)

Reliving the personal mtf horror story was a nice trip down memory lane, thanks nonas

No. 1471335

File: 1647525839782.jpg (452.36 KB, 972x2481, Screenshot_20220317-150257_Chr…)

A fucking period tracker for men

No. 1471336

No. 1471337

File: 1647525890082.png (965.55 KB, 1103x1112, nobingo.PNG)

No bingo for me unfortunately, also ashamed of not getting to SCUM Manifesto yet

Is this actually real?

No. 1471338

that's one ugly ui

No. 1471339

This is it, everyone. Peak capitalism. Finding a market for delusional men who fetishize the menstruation of women.

No. 1471343

>the wolf theme

No. 1471345

i love this because if this is true then who is "cis" and who is "trans"? if there's no tangible difference

No. 1471346

should get some sheep's clothing for it

No. 1471347

humans are not bipedal because some humans are born without two legs

No. 1471349

No. 1471350

That sounds like that one meme where a guy is catcalling a girl walking by his car and she walks up to him like let me see your dick then and he gets all scared lol

No. 1471351

File: 1647526626855.jpg (126 KB, 1200x1200, _actress-playwright-valerie-so…)

No. 1471353

File: 1647526727870.jpg (38.95 KB, 640x640, 1645101062611.jpg)

sage for OT, I know its a common meme/truth that there are many TIMs in programming, but I wonder why are there almost no TIMs in engineering, you'd think there would be overlap
me ex-girlfriend used was an engineer and all her colleagues were weird socially awkward men(surprisingly a lot of women as well) and there were no TIMs among them

what gives ?

No. 1471354

When I was a dancer I don't ever recall there being trannies working at clubs with female dancers. I feel like that'd be a quick way to lose money or turn your club into a LGBTQ+ one

No. 1471357


Girls don’t you just LOVE remarking on the physical characteristics of someone who has just sexually harrassed/groped you and deciding if they’re your type? Fucking what man. No girl speaks like this. Dude fucking outs himself so hard with this weird ass wording. Like holy fuck.

>I just got sexually harassed on the train I felt so uncomfortable and unsafe, the guy was hot tho

Like who the fuck? Lmao

No. 1471359

Lia, you autistic narcissistic moid, please win gold and fuck over your cult by triggering mass peaking. Please win gold.

No. 1471360

Stop shitting up the thread you fucking newfags. Nobody cares if you have a hairy snatch or not.

No. 1471362

His belly button is so much higher than Zendayas it really bothers me

No. 1471363

File: 1647527061704.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 1471364

inshallah he wins gold

No. 1471365

Fingers crossed!

No. 1471366


>>Granny panties

>>Covers up as much as possible
>>Short hair

We get it, it's a crime for women to be physically comfortable and pragmatic. If your lifestyle isn't somehow physically restrictive, uncomfortable or even outright painful then you are not doing womanhood right. We must all lead lives like Marilyn Monroe complete with skittle at 34.

No. 1471367

File: 1647527108341.jpeg (175.25 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg)


No. 1471369

File: 1647527174018.jpg (216.62 KB, 748x748, 76huyytruuuu.jpg)

i'm >>1471332
do you honestly, seriously believe you have been here longer than me.


No. 1471370

You guys are fucking retarded if you think it matters either way. The tranny will win gold and the males will laugh, and the libfems will cheer, and all other countries will follow the example because they know they will win more medals.

No. 1471371

Yes, very obviously since your behaviour is so embarrassing and self cantered

No. 1471374

k, get over it

No. 1471375

Like… not only are all women begging to see his cock, but he also totally has threesomes guys. Lol ok.

??? wtf you on about?

Also I did not tick "hairy" because my hair is so light but I don't shave, should I have ticked it lol

No. 1471377

that dumbass would have likely supported TIMs if she was alive today tbh, most radfems were low IQ subhumans

No. 1471378

>tranny wins gold, causing mass peaking and outrage
>tranny throws the race, causing a woman who actually deserves it to win

Transwomen in sports are truly a blessing in disguise.

No. 1471379

I literally stopped reading after he said his friend were strippers. i just cant read moid bullshit that's that stupid.

No. 1471381

Shut the fuck up you annoying ass newfag

No. 1471382

File: 1647527460248.jpg (3.54 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20220317_103039398.jpg)


OP's replies are a rollercoaster to read. "I would have given it to her in the tub had she wanted it". Who the fuck says that lol

No. 1471383

(C)rapperchan? Anyway radfems are based and some of the only people doing the right thing nowadays.
Predictions for Lia winning gold? If he doesn't he's blatantly throwing but if he does I think it will really peak a shit ton of normies.

No. 1471384

Seems like a troon has ecaped the twitter/reddit containment again to brew drama kek

No. 1471385

File: 1647527468971.png (577.42 KB, 748x748, 3EDBEB37-7A14-4558-B8F5-0D0CAE…)

Here’s mine

No. 1471387

What'll they do when all teams are brave and stunning women? Invent a third tier for "bleeders"? Lmao.

No. 1471388

File: 1647527481073.jpeg (38.75 KB, 275x275, 1647521240169~2.jpeg)

Damn so close lol

Funny how trans bingo is a bunch of degenerate shit centered around their obsession with women and terf bingo is a bunch of trauma survivor shit pertaining to men

No. 1471389

File: 1647527491813.jpg (153.58 KB, 469x491, Calm_down_time_book_sample2.jp…)

No. 1471390

File: 1647527505342.jpg (156.5 KB, 1080x767, Screenshot_20220317-153137_Chr…)


Few years ago people used to make fun of gendered products. Now it triggers the trannies because everything has to be blue for boys and pink for girls.

No. 1471391

i love that they have to face that dilemma

either they win and everyone hates them or they lose and an actual woman wins

No. 1471392

The story and replies are literally just coom fanfiction. No one who is actually sexually assaulted fantasizes about it this way

No. 1471393

You know he wrote those responses with one hand in his pleated tennis skirt.

No. 1471394

I've had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries still intact) and have symptoms and pain from endometriosis since it had spread into my ovaries. I do not ever, FUCKING EVERY say I have a period. I do not have a uterus. If I have any menopausal symptoms I always say "it's probably around the time I should have had a period." Doctors and any other medical staff chart that I do not have a period due to a hysterectomy. Women's health, like all biological concepts and mechanisms have specific functions. A period is shedding of the endometrial lining. Ovulation is when your ovaries release an egg. I will not have men further distort women's health, which is overlooked by the medical community (unless it involves fertility of course). I'm not out as a terf by I correct any and all trannies that say they have a period in person and they will shrink back because of how dense they are about real women's bodies. Focus on trans issues like losing your job because you need a dilate and cry.

No. 1471395

>mimosas and threesomes with my gal pals teehee!
X to doubt

No. 1471396

based hospital,let the tranny fart out of his wound for the rest of his life

No. 1471401

File: 1647527820098.jpeg (37.25 KB, 275x275, 1647521240169~2.jpeg)


I'll add to my free space. 'Social outcast'

No. 1471402

>Post-hysto women on HRT claim to still have periods-without-the-period
Huh? I find that hard to believe. I'm post-hysto on HRT and I feel nothing, and I've never seen anyone claim otherwise

No. 1471407

well honestly some might do that but some actual woman having an understandable cope over losing her periods is a way different thing from troon fetish copes

No. 1471408

Hmm married with kids but according to this chart, I’m a femcel! Oddly proud moment

No. 1471409

Some radfems used to see trannies as the only acceptable type of moid back in the day (because they try to become women and abandon their male way of life). I think that is what anons referring to. Not all radfems were retarded in thinking that TIMs could be our little sidekicks that help us dismantle patriarchy

No. 1471410

Sage for OT but I generally hate women's scented products because they attract insects in summer. No practicality at all. I don't want to be attractive to fucking wasps.

No. 1471417

File: 1647528241578.png (14.73 KB, 757x172, Was I... harassed MtF.png)

his fucking reply lmao
>I would have shown it anyways!!

No. 1471420

File: 1647528321989.jpg (34.13 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)


I was thinking if this trans shit really develops into subpar moids taking over women's spaces in female teams and sports becomes male teams and not as good male teams, actual women would just find a way to isolate themselves again.

Possibly through invitation-only private sports clubs where the rules of admission are not available to public but everyone can see they will only accept real female atheltes. And then those clubs would make their own championships and everyone interested in actual female sport would watch it instead of watching bunch of failed abortions compete as "women" like Lia. Then the moids would start whining again, trying to enroach those clubs and so on.

And what we get is history repeating itself. Men trying to invade women spaces in any way they can while women trying to create new spaces where they can be free from moids.

No. 1471421

Why the first thing you thought about was hairy pussies instead of you know having hairy pits, hairy legs etc

No. 1471425

File: 1647528409760.jpeg (133.27 KB, 748x748, bingo.jpeg)

That's a bingo.

No. 1471428

Its a shame he couldn’t just stay like his Alice video (top right) because it was his best look. Like I’ve mentioned in previous comments he was destined to Troon out. The mental illness/anger, doujinshi/hentai, family problems, made him a ticking time bomb.

No. 1471429

File: 1647528565972.jpeg (349.02 KB, 1125x1007, 1FB5B742-1DF0-4EBF-8E87-7C9FA5…)

His replies are even more deranged than the original post and he definitely has a boner typing this lmao

No. 1471430

As we all know, women are naturally completely smooth except for their pussy

No. 1471431

No. 1471432

He didn't say he was stripping anywhere. He was fetishising the idea of becoming a stripper like his two female friends. And they told him "yeah the place we work wouldn't hire you, maybe try a gay bar" kek

No. 1471434

File: 1647528651148.png (246.36 KB, 921x715, Screenshot_20220317-104643.png)

"If the woman in the jacuzzi was a terf I wouldn've ended up in jail or dead"

No. 1471437

Replace snow with 2X in the url browser it's a hidden board that other anon is being obtuse about

No. 1471440

This reminds me of when I saw a review for a strip club years ago and some TRA woman was like, "this club is transphobic, my best friend is trans unclockable but she has a penis and they won't let her work here! Another trans woman with a vagina was also turned down!"
I kinda wonder why I don't see troons complain about that more?

No. 1471441

File: 1647528783488.jpeg (245.04 KB, 1093x655, 697B8238-FF75-4D62-BDCC-DA9B53…)

Aww he was totally about to have a 4-some with this totally hot babe and his 2 equally hot stripper friends in the jacuzzi since he slays so much pussy, but the specific way she asked to see his dick caused him DySpHoRiA uwu

You can’t make this shit up kek

No. 1471443

Which makes me wonder how we can even start to organize while being restrained by the terminology of mentally ill troons. They've successfully erased us as a sex class and brainwashed autistic retard TIFs and libfems to do the dirty work themselves.
So what terminology can we use? Gyn identifying gyns? XX identifying XX? Because the minute we allow TIFs is the minute they pry open the door and let TIMs in, gleefully, like a bunch of tards.

No. 1471444

So he thinks its assault because the woman didn't want to fuck him after?

No. 1471446

How are they all so delusional?

No. 1471449

I thought of beards for some reason but am now realizing hairy applies to me since I rarely shave even though my body hair isn't that thick lol

No. 1471451

File: 1647529322170.png (314.72 KB, 745x1323, Attorney General Ken Paxton on…)

deleted in 3..2..1

No. 1471452

Lol narcissistic troon can't live without attention. Attention comes before fixing his farting vagina. The only attention he'll get now is from stinking and literally shitting up any space he is in. That and the inevitable attention from when 41% is finally achieved

No. 1471455

The easiest way to avoid troons is to smuggle some anti-porn advocacy into all activism. Moids can't live without their porn, so the AGPs will flee.

No. 1471456

So now mom, sister AND doctors are all assholes for not giving him enough attention? Hmm maybe there’s a common denominator here?

No. 1471460

File: 1647529600018.jpg (639.28 KB, 810x1835, Screenshot_20220317-102709_Red…)

No. 1471461

>this is now considered a bigoted statement
November is going to be a bloodbath. Enjoy abortions while it lasts.

No. 1471463

>decimate your fapping addiction
Literally the only true statement here

No. 1471465

How is this not a cult?They honestly believe half this stuff will actually happen to them? It's the actual women that suffer in the end.

No. 1471466

You have to have actual critical thinking skills for that, not just autism

No. 1471467

The absolute hilarity of a tranny calling terfs femcels. Also haha at the weird attempts to make it seem like they're not just seething over/in these threads.

No. 1471469

I think women are already organizing through various radfem and gendercrit groups. I think the situation has not reached it's tipping point yet, as many women are still unaware of what is actually going on, but with every medal Lia wins (and so on), more and more women peak.
Now if government becomes even more aggressively pro-tranny and starts proactively erasing women in sports, these things will happen naturally.
Suddenly noone will watch female swimming in olympics, but everyone will watch Rowling cup in swimming organized by Terven group (a private clubhouse)(sage)

No. 1471474

God the femcel bingo results are so embarrassing. I wonder how some of you nonnies function irl.

No. 1471475

File: 1647529918749.jpg (420.43 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20220317_161043.jpg)

jsyk the bingo was not made by trannies

No. 1471478

They really have no empathy for women at all. It scares me.

No. 1471481

File: 1647530225192.jpeg (462.71 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg)

Thought I would have more than this

No. 1471482

File: 1647530236752.png (213.08 KB, 761x654, Miaon Twitter.png)

Fucking canada

No. 1471483

We're just making fun of ourselves it's not that serious. "Femcel" is a ridiculous concept anyway. I think we all know that

No. 1471484

You do know wojak twitter accounts are not tradwives right? Any normal femcel bingo wouldn’t focus on lOLcoW tERfs.

No. 1471485

Their critiques about us are literally the exact same as misogynistic incels.
So fembrained

No. 1471486

File: 1647530415528.png (910.75 KB, 750x1257, Kyle Kashuv on Twitter.png)

No. 1471488

i honestly believe i function a lot better than you because i honestly, seriously do not give a shit what bunch of online strangers think of me on an anonymous forum.

No. 1471489

File: 1647530484545.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2233, 3F922804-2F87-4DBA-89B1-9CA15B…)

I had to look him up kek

No. 1471490

This just shows how degenerate and completely disposable they are. Meh.

No. 1471491

>all super edited weirdly angled photos

No. 1471492

What is so embarrassing though?
Hairy? Granny panties? Anti porn? Bad experience with men?

You sound like a moid

No. 1471493

Clearly male even with the most intense of snapchat filters. God that has to suck, I can't imagine being him.

No. 1471494

File: 1647530816349.png (468.78 KB, 748x816, Obianuju Ekeocha on Twitter.pn…)

the state of womanhood

No. 1471496

and really, what exactly do lot of those results say anything about functioning? do people get put on government benefits for not shaving their legs and wearing practical clothing? is the manhate suddenly too much? women truly do hit the wall after 30 and need to drop out of society?

people who get embarrassed are just pick me cowards. i am free!

No. 1471498

Plot twist: the woman was also a troon

No. 1471499

? One of the funniest things about the bingo is how basic most of the items are. Quote the card you think can’t function in real life.

No. 1471500

self id isn't a thing in my country yet but knowing how easy it follows others, especially germany.. I've actually been political party shopping. Technically climate change prevention doesn't matter anymore, our planet is ruined already, corruption wherever you look, politicians bow to a whatever minor percentage with pronouns and fucking up kids..

Might as well look for something else. Our green party tried a coalition with the "new" right wing party.. The greens gave in on every single thing. Everything. I'm so appalled.

So shopping. This time I'll simply pick the one that doesn't go for self id. Nothing else left or important anymore anyway.

Haven't asked the communists yet

No. 1471501

It is so insulting to me how our entire lives men and boys mock our periods and call us disgusting and now they all desperately want one so badly so they trample on us to be like “nyeh stupid bitch I have one too”, etc.

No. 1471502

File: 1647531037626.jpg (358.53 KB, 1920x1080, Reality.jpg)

Literal real life South park episode

No. 1471503

If you're not wearing granny panties you are not living your best life.

No. 1471506

Imagine not wearing the most comfortable underwear because of the opinion of moids. I could never.

No. 1471508

File: 1647531370778.jpg (388.75 KB, 1080x1130, IMG_20220317_163519.jpg)

Double bingo! Hell yeah! Peaking one friend at a time.

No. 1471509

Based. Literally so comfortable. I know I'll never have to deal with granny panties sliding down my asscheek mid stride.

No. 1471512

For real I hope all the women ITT who choose their underwear based on the opinions of scrotes find a way to recover. There is light on the other side of the tunnel.

No. 1471513

File: 1647531636347.jpg (890.84 KB, 748x748, InkedInked1647521240169_LI.jpg)

got ourselves a bingo ere

No. 1471516

If the underwear doesn't come in a pack I don't want it.

No. 1471518

Solanes literally talks about the last males being turned into Drag Queen and serving women as slaves, tell me that isn't some TIM feminization fantasy
she's also lucky she was born in the west as a white woman

No. 1471519

This is like letting white people claim to be black. Or to let wolves claim to be sheep.

No. 1471520


Nonnies they are so fucking comfy. I bought a few packs of black granny panties for postpartum and never looked back. They are the main underwear in rotation now.

Would recommend to all nonnies for days you wanna be comfy and not expecting to have to show off your underwear.

No. 1471521

Grandma knows best.
Also I thought this was the Dumbass shit thread for a second…when did the MTF milk thread turn into general chat?

No. 1471524

She was mentally ill, she probably thought that "TIM fetish" stuff was cutting edge and scary to most men. She was based for SCUM and she was based for trying to kill Andy Warhol.

No. 1471525

honestly the general chat is nicer than the usual infighting

No. 1471527

Here, I'll round it back to troons.
The great thing about granny panties is that they don't make old AGP dicks hard.

No. 1471532

Remember to not engage with scrotes, just report and move on.

No. 1471540

So Vaush is trending on twitter. Something about contra, trannies, and someone named Kat? Anyone know what the drama is about? I see that trannies are either mad, asking for people not to pit them against each other or pissed at Vaush? I'm not autistic enough to follow it.

No. 1471541

I remember it being a big thing to make fun of people for buying those packs of cotton panties or whatever that were really cheap instead of some crap from VS or Pink. Even when I was in middle school I would feel embarrassed about my underwear, it’s wild. Maybe they should make a thong equivalent for men and then market it on an international scale to the point you see it modeled at every mall and store.

No. 1471542

It's in the breadtube thread but vaush was misogynistic to jk rowling "womwn need to know when to shut up!", contra disagreed and said that misogyny is bad, says that by saying that vaush is affirming the "grain of truth" that misogyny is in the TRA movement. Vaush is heartbroken that contra didn't recognize his misogyny as martyrdom for the tranny cause, went on to debate troon leftist Kat Blaque (who is black) and says that black men are combating racism with misogyny with rap lyrics. Kat says that misogyny is misogyny regardless of who it comes from. Thus vaush lost two big tranny supporters it seems.

No. 1471545

File: 1647533737186.png (100.41 KB, 600x664, Panties_styles_-_en.svg.png)

What counts as granny panties? I use the ones in the middle, usually cotton "cheeky" hipsters in a multipack, very comfy.

I used to use my gfs boxers but stopped when I became a boring hettie again, they were very comfy too but we both wore them so high they showed a bit a cheeck lol. Tfw no gf to share undies with anymore rip

No. 1471547

File: 1647533894851.jpg (241.19 KB, 1080x676, Liarthompson.jpg)

I take joy in knowing the majority of women on his swimming team don't support him. Imagine how many girls stopped or didn't start swimming because they knew a man was in their changing room, looking at your naked body, with his dick out, stealing all the prizes meant for women. Literally 1 man's comfort and opinion outweighs the large majority of womens.

No. 1471548

Thanks, anon! Let them eat each other. I think I read in this thread something about Vaush saying you have to be misogynistic to cis women means that trans women shouldn't be hurt because they aren't real women? Although trans women always insult cis women about privilege despite claiming they're just one of the girls. The mental gymnastics. Calling out Vaush as a pedo in twitter and calling out troons is definitely peaking a few. I love to see it. I'm liberal and frustrated that we're always the first to turn against each other, but in this case, I enjoy it. Must be how conservatives feel.

No. 1471549

File: 1647534208480.png (526 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20220317-122013.png)

"Female" They're trying to spin this as some kind of discrimination against GNC women. Lia is not female. We know he was born male, has a dick, and is performing 400 times better in the female category than he did in male swimming.

No. 1471551

them being cotton is the most important thing imo

i'm not about that yeast infection life

No. 1471552

File: 1647534358400.jpeg (17.47 KB, 425x283, ab8.jpeg)

so glad i get to see this saga play out in real time

No. 1471555

I've never seen a MAN in my life with shoulders like that. The fact that he has that body and was mediocre in the men's league is pretty hilarious. Fail moids.

No. 1471558

People will say anything that even covers your ass a little is granny panties so idk, I’ve never worn a thong in my life and I’m so glad

No. 1471559

>I remember it being a big thing to make fun of people for buying those packs of cotton panties
For too long many women bought into the idea that scratchy sweaty polyester thongs were the way to go, now is the time to embrace the cotton, the comfort and vaginal health.

No. 1471560

every time an article says "experts say" it's some bullshit

No. 1471561

File: 1647534678565.png (167.78 KB, 387x391, 8D93tgINmVhgAAAAASUVORK5CYII.p…)


No. 1471563

Don't. Super uncomfortable. And idk why moids like them, they always dive into your ass crack and rub your asshole. No matter how clean you are, that area will always have poopoo bacteria. Ewh.

No. 1471565

File: 1647534865714.jpg (166.8 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg.jpg)

Inch resting

No. 1471566

I agree, he looked rather nice in the Alice video. Though

>Family problems

I never looked into this guy's social media and it seems you have, think you can shed some light on this? Are his parents like homophobic or something?

No. 1471567

bikini or cheeky/hipster for me
I little bit of peek a boo bum makes me feel cute.

No. 1471568

File: 1647535037630.jpg (189.28 KB, 748x748, 20220317_113438.jpg)

So close to having super bingo

No. 1471569

File: 1647535099417.png (28.82 KB, 475x284, nurses.png)

same. low key excited when twitter troons announce their upcoming SRS now, cause I can't wait for the possibility of a shitshow.

feels sorry for the nurses dealing with him atm.
classic brief. helps with menstrual bloating.

No. 1471570

File: 1647535270977.jpg (221.87 KB, 1053x1021, 1647529918749_(1)~2.jpg)

Bingo bango

No. 1471571

I'm married with kids but today I learned I'm a femcel, this is such a proud moment my fellow hairy sistren

No. 1471572

Why doesn't he dilate under the covers like a normal person? Does he really have to expose his neovagina for all nurses to see?

No. 1471579

I'd love to see a picture of this guy. I mean we already know he's either A: fat, balding pedo or B: a hulking fridge with a fivehead

No. 1471582

Don't wanna derail but bikini cut is where it's at.

No. 1471584

File: 1647536126426.png (16.2 KB, 589x197, wergwggwgewe.png)

Why would you be on grindr in the hospital with your new "vagina"? Nobody on that app is going to want you anymore

No. 1471585

Eternal coomer.

No. 1471589

she literally failed to kill a pretentious artist who was three feet away from her, do you know how incompetent you have to be to fait to kill a man with a gun who has that near you, honestly its embarrassing more then anything
like the most extremes mahating feminist is just comically awful at even basic actions, that even children show more competency in

No. 1471590

>NBC News
Uh huh.

No. 1471594

So he admits that he's a homosexual man while simultaneously claiming to be a woman?

No. 1471596

I don't understand how none of them haven't poisoned him yet. Or how they have the mental illness to STILL be on that team, STILL be in that changing room. Like at what point do you just sell your soul and go "whatever, let him do what he wants"?

No. 1471597

Is he really that shocked? Men are so brain damaged and troons prove it.

No. 1471598

Classic briefs all day, every day.

No. 1471599

This is him
His pictures are so shopped, filtered and angled that I have no idea what he actually looks like though. It'd be interesting to see a candid.

No. 1471604

What are you talking about?

No. 1471606

It's some anti-radfem sperg shitting on Valerie Solanas (who was sexually abused by both her father and grandfather, so you can see how her view of men would be pretty radical and negative). Anyway just ignore them.

No. 1471610

Thanks, nonnie. Will do.

No. 1471613

I have been abused by men as well, I don't develop into a pathetic loser, who shoots a random artist who did nothing to me, she shot warhol cause he wasn't expecting it, but actual dangerous men who abuse women
she'd probably piss herself, so I don't hate her, I hate how western radfems idolize her for no goddam reason

No. 1471614


No. 1471615

Because comparing a man who's being rightly criticized for forcing himself into women's spaces (for coom purposes) and women being criticized by misogynist males is totally the same thing.

No. 1471621

File: 1647537853241.png (438.42 KB, 748x748, bingo.png)

bingo, but only kinda cause im actually trying to grow my hair out

No. 1471625

Theres a piece today in the new Yorker on Lia and sports in general that makes me cautiously optimistic in the sense it doesn't outright support him. It did reference that "study" on long distance Trans runners but noted the small sample size and how sports like swimming and jumping can't be measured on aerobic stats. Of course it's unfortunately still calls him female but I read it and honestly don't think the author supports him lmao. Inb4 image board its a long form fucking article read it for free.

No. 1471626

andy warhol was a stealing plagiarizing piece of shit also artist men are pretty much given to be rapey freaks

No. 1471628

Post the link at the very least?! Or did you read the actual newspaper like a respectable human being?

No. 1471630

thomas won

No. 1471631

he genuinely lost her play and no shooting random people is fucked up and not feminist, I live in a shithole Muslim country, where I can be legally murdered by the state for basic acts and freedoms
western radfems have done nothing for women in the global south

No. 1471632

ofc he did

No. 1471633

Let's see the TRAs cry and cheer while the rest of the world and actual women are peaking en masse.

No. 1471634

Of course he did. Peak narcissism.

No. 1471635

oh my god

No. 1471636

Pakichan? Can you please stop derailing, nobody cares that you're the one and only true radfem of the entire world.

No. 1471637

i can't wait for the next olympics

No. 1471640

I wish all people a very happy peaking.

No. 1471641

I love you paki chan. You’re right about everything you say.

No. 1471643

He won the prelims, but I think he'll throw at the finals.

No. 1471644


kek @ the audience not clapping until the actual women finished

No. 1471645

File: 1647539045832.jpeg (322.86 KB, 1170x1170, 7BD580C6-A50D-4AF8-B73E-C16397…)

I mean, I’m pretty sure more women than not have been victims of sex crimes. There’s a lot that doesn’t get reported, including mine.

Double bingo, oh my.

No. 1471648

File: 1647539164559.jpg (158.54 KB, 750x746, uetue9rit9eiuwiefhif.jpg)

Why granny panties though?
I wear men's boxer briefs, they're cheaper and better quality than women's underwear for some reason. The sizing is also more consistent.

No. 1471649

I've seen this bingo card all over my timeline and I had no idea so many of my mutuals are lolcow users. Kek, I wonder how many if them I've unknowingly interacted with here

No. 1471651

That's a good psyops tactic: do nothing when he wins.

No. 1471652

No he won't. Why would he? He's already taken the place of an actual woman by competing, so what difference does it make if he wins it all?
He has people cheering him on. He doesn't care about making his teammates uncomfortable in the locker room. He doesn't care about the resentment they have towards him. He doesn't care about people dunking on him for squeezing himself into a woman's swimsuit and destroying women's sports.
At this point he just wants to be known. He doesn't care if he's famous or infamous. All he wants is his narc attention fix. And you don't get that fix by losing right at the end. He's going to win, and then he's going to gloat about how easy it was. Then he'll take off his little lady swimsuit and go back to being a man.

No. 1471654

Exactly. Don't reward bad behaviour.

No. 1471655

hope this peaks people en masse. i'm not surprised he was too narcissistic to throw

No. 1471656

For me, I don’t like that annoying hole/bulge thing in the crotch. I buy the grannies in one size smaller than I normally would and they feel perfect.

No. 1471657

also he's 5 seconds ahead of everyone else while the women are within 1-2 seconds of each other

No. 1471658

His tranny sexual market value with a necrohole is pretty much in the negative. He's a homosexual coomer so this will probably drive him to soduku.

No. 1471660

I wish, somewhere waiting in the wings, was a big fat lawsuit.

No. 1471664

yep. the truth is that everyone who are into troons want a troon with a dick. neither gay men nor chasers are into axe-wounds.

No. 1471665

He thrives off of attention so ignoring him must hurt his ego kek

No. 1471668

Don't forget the performative trannies who can't get either a man or a woman so they resort to troonies with destroyed willies.

No. 1471669

Troons don't want other troons really. It's prison gay all the way down.

No. 1471671

File: 1647539780145.jpg (327.72 KB, 1592x1592, Ungrateful little shits .jpg)

Exactly! Wait, aren't those the same type of retards who were talking in circles, derailing and shitting up the last thread, pretending to be female? Wow what a FUNNY COINCIDENCE

No. 1471675

File: 1647539942374.png (116.32 KB, 2046x1090, literallyjizzingthemselves.png)

Literally jizzing themselves:

No. 1471676

all hail terfdevs. we must unite against scrotes in dresses taking over our fields

t. terfanimator

No. 1471678

Awww shit. I'm a terf concept artist. (Y-you don't have a Discord by any chance do you)

No. 1471682

There's a level below prison gay and it's tranny gay like with Kevin ' Kathryn ' Gibes. His dick cavehole sealed shut and he brags about being gay for troons only. No cisses.

No. 1471684

fucking crazy how they convince themselves it's not a fetish

No. 1471686

Terfworkers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains (scrotes).

t. terfnurse

No. 1471691

Kevin Gibes is still prison gay. No filthy unqueer would touch him with a ten foot pole. It's other troons or nothing.

No. 1471697

>Not wanting to be attractive to an order of insects that is matriarchal and has reduced males down to haploid organisms females can produce on demand to meet the needs of the colony, who are then abandoned and left to starve outside the colony after they have fulfilled their purpose

hymenopterans are based as fuuuuck

No. 1471700

i'm a terfteacher (kindergarten). i'm working hard to keep gendershit away from the kids.

No. 1471701

This is actually infuriating. I wish Liar Thomas a nice 41%

No. 1471702

File: 1647540839313.jpeg (164.16 KB, 748x748, 5CB4D230-713E-497A-BB2C-66ED44…)

I’m a few hours late but—
I’ll “hit the wall” in a few months…so close, but no cigar.
Adding—when I was sexually assaulted as a young teen, I immediately went full tomboy mode and started dressing as gross and butch/masculine as possible, but I never wanted to be a man. Just not attractive to men.

No. 1471704

Same. Unscented everything. (Asthmatic) No bug bites and I don’t smell like 40 scents

No. 1471705

I wish we terf nonnies could find some hidden way to communicate. So many people hiding in their fandoms because of psychotic troons.

No. 1471706

Has your school district tried forcing gendershit and CRT on you?

No. 1471707

okay this might be all true, but this app is very clearly meant for TIFs not TIMs, I don't even think its possible to track or predict the bouts of diarrhea TIMs experience due to hormones

No. 1471709

I mean we could all meet up on discord

No. 1471712

He had to despite all the PR people telling him not to, because he knows that next year he'll be up against other TIMs with an even playing field. Bleak.

No. 1471715

same kek. i finally made an alt tumblr for terfshit because i could never get away with posting anything like that on my fandom account & it feels really freeing to be able to say what i want now. would recommend!

if someone made a lolcow terf server id absolutely join

No. 1471716

Kind of wish I could have a non anonymous discord with all these gals

No. 1471720

in my country teachers decide how the curriculum is taught, so no not really. i just stay away from those topics, and put away any books about them that makes their way into the classroom. no one has caught on yet.

No. 1471722

Then why does it say "if you are AMAB you can use this app to record symptoms caused by GAHRT" under the "non-bleeder" section?

No. 1471723

File: 1647541378971.jpg (58.87 KB, 550x627, 550x627.jpg)

I haven't really had that bulge issue, usually it stretches flat for me, or maybe I just have a fat mons pubis kek. Pic for the type, won't derail further than this post, promise.
I tend to buy a lot of "men's" things, I've noticed people started to "them" me. It's really like we've gone backwards. Just because someone prefers a spicy ginger scent over sweet flowers, doesn't have to mean anything.

No. 1471724

Based protector of children
KEK I hope he doesn't assault any women when he watches that tape back and notices nobody cheered for him, he'll be furious

No. 1471726

We could meet up on the lolcow discord and add each other! (And hopefully eventually make a big group chat)

No. 1471727

Someone has made a discord server for lolcow terfs before I think! I also have a general voice-verification server, not terf focused but like everyone is a terfie werfie I think so lol

I honestly do not give a shit, I've become Terftimus Prime and still have pics up with my face showing a bit etc. Though I'm not in any super wokie or large servers

No. 1471728

>no one has caught on yet
Hahahahaha based sleeper agent teacher

No. 1471731

File: 1647541867908.jpg (40.83 KB, 612x332, 131620360-612x612.jpg)

There's so many hairy femcel sisters here I love it.

No. 1471752

File: 1647542591163.jpg (198.21 KB, 748x748, 164752124pp0169.jpg)


No. 1471753

Always the bridesmaid, never the bingo hall winner

No. 1471759

File: 1647543156872.jpeg (177.59 KB, 748x748, C3E7419F-0607-4465-BD7C-B35046…)

(Sage) Summer’s coming up but I can’t stand how skimpy women’s clothing is. Too bad men’s clothing is so damn ugly.

No. 1471760

boo fucking hoo. i will enjoy liking insane women no matter how you emotionally guilt trip others.

No. 1471761

File: 1647543278374.png (33.39 KB, 597x402, 63463633636634634.png)

Ofcourse our favorite idiot Erin supports Lia Thomas. Its not like the female swimmers have worked their entire life for a fair competition or anything…

No. 1471762

File: 1647543311469.png (474.14 KB, 748x748, bingo.png)

double bingo wooooo

No. 1471763

sorry for ot but what does everyone mean by virgin physically but not spiritually?

No. 1471764

and it's always the same emotionally manipulative bullshit. you can't find insane women hilarious because women suffer in some countries, blah blah blah evil western radfems this and that pity me i could be murdered any moment now. same hysterical shit trannies pull all the time

No. 1471768

Mine was not reported either, nonny. I like your strawberries.

No. 1471770

I wear a midi dress with bike shorts underneath or capris with a loose blouse. Women's clothes don't have to be revealing nonita.

No. 1471772

You know the ones who aren’t commenting feel the same way as the girls who are actively opposing them. I hope sometime they feel comfortable enough to speak out too.

No. 1471774

>comparing brown women to men
TRA spotted

No. 1471776

I'm amazed they even let you guys use the internet

No. 1471778

shut the fuck up idiot. this is not about that but about pakianon's emotionally manipulative bullshit(derail)

No. 1471780

in fact, typical fucking tranny bullshit to start screeching about razzisms. brown women can be idiots, deal with it

No. 1471785

>western radfems have done nothing for women in the global south
neither have libfems and i would argue no western structure period has done anything for its global southern counterpart. i'm sorry that you're going through shit but there's largely nothing we can do for you half a world away in country where we, also, could be murdered simply for stepping foot in there.

No. 1471788

>western radfems have done nothing for women in the global south

Why is it the job of western radfems to save you? We have our own shitty moids to deal with. Form a global south radfem coalition and show us how it's done.

No. 1471789

I would love to hear her give a list of things western radfems can do for women in the global south so that maybe some western radfems can help her out. Except I don't think there's anything western radfems can do for her that would make her happy due to the reasons you've stated.

No. 1471791

>We have our own shitty moids to deal with
Tell me about it. At least the Middle East doesn't have troons taking women's sports away

No. 1471792

CRT isn't taught in K-12, no curriculum even exists for it at that grade level Fox News-chan

No. 1471793

You're so right, Loudoun County parents were just lying.

No. 1471795

File: 1647544756814.jpg (43.11 KB, 969x134, ooooooooooooof.jpg)

disgusting i hope this one gets a srs

No. 1471797

>with my little pussy hiding away under my cushion
Holy fucking shit. Reading that made me immediately wish death upon him.

No. 1471798

File: 1647544981658.jpg (410.64 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20220317_202200.jpg)

Stop the unrelated infighting no one cares. Also Lia won

No. 1471799

Sage for blogpost but there must be some bad energy in this thread because I’ve been lurking for 2 years but started posting just less than a week ago and I had caught sight of a transgender for the second time in all my life. First time was 8 years ago.
Anyway I was browsing for makeup at an ulta like shop and I heard some girls laughing with a man, I looked up to see who the man was cause ofcourse I’m in a makeup section of the store and the girls were staff members. When I looked over the kiosk all I saw was his wig so I assume it was a girl until he looked up and I saw the caveman brow and obvious male eyes. He was wearing a mask and was constantly checking his appearance in the mirror and adjusting his hair (wig). I didn’t see him speak to any customers or any customers speak to him. Locked eyes once and never looked at him again. I was scanning around for makeup and I remembered what an anon said about giving them an extra painfully obvious wide berth and I had a couple makeup products in hand so I walked around him to another member of staff and asked for purchase.

No. 1471800

It just made me laugh because it's never going to happen, he'll end up looking like a botched man just like the rest

No. 1471805

>small crowd

No. 1471806

he's going to get srs, his testosterone levels are going to plummet and then he'll 41% himself because he can no longer coom

No. 1471813

is it a paid app? i wish i had the entrepreneurial spirit to take these people to the cleaners like so many other enterprising start-ups. a calendar app, so easy.

No. 1471815

there used to be not so many TIMs in programming when it was boring, average paying, and hard, blame the matrix and anime stereotypes drawing power-seeking narcissists into the elite haXxx0r field with inflated pay.

No. 1471821

Lol I got taught CRT when I was in high school 5 years ago. It happens in liberal areas

No. 1471824

Will we please stop calling that moid “Lia”? His name is Will.

No. 1471827

he's so desperate for any attention he'll hop on grindr as a last resort. sex addiction, abusing sex to self-harm, and hypersexual behavior as a maladaptive coping method for personality disorders and sexual trauma need to be recognized.

No. 1471828

Whenever I start hating myself and feeling critical of my face/body, I just remember how a troon would kill himself to be me and that makes it better.

No. 1471830

she killed him spiritually. he was never comfortable around bohemians again.

No. 1471831

I've noticed that even the typical trans positive people I know have been radio silent on the Lia situation. It's like they're dying for it to go away so they don't have to comment on it. They don't want to acknowledge it because the numbers show how undeniable his advantage is. You can't support his swimming career without just being like "too bad for the other bio women, get good" Only hardcore TRAs have mentioned him at all.

No. 1471832

shut up warhol fag.

No. 1471834

classic briefs or bust

No. 1471836

This reminds me of the girl who decided to start transitioning because more of her alters were male and overruled her on starting hormones even though she didn't want to. Does anyone know who they were and if there have been updates on her situation?

No. 1471839

Because we are actually under the authority of men who will beat and kill us without a second thought

>We try to stage feminist march, well they throw rocks till we're bloody and bruised

>We try to call out men's sexis¿ in public, we get beaten by said men
>We try to oppose sexism in the state religion, we get accused of being a kafir and hanged

So we can't do jack shit for ourselves here alright, the least western radfems can do is help us

No. 1471840

You made me check tumblr and you're right. Not a single post celebrating. Wow.

No. 1471843

It makes me wanna go terfy on main socials because it's impossible for people to argue that he doesn't have an unfair swim advantage.

No. 1471845

the west can't invade the country and kill all of all the men there. it will take a mass exodus of women to flee the country and that way of life for men to realize they have no broodmares to to sustain the way they want to live, and that they will have to make concessions to survive or face population collapse. https://www.cgdev.org/publication/why-increasing-female-immigration-flows-gender-unequal-countries-could-have-significant

No. 1471846

He's a gift to Terfdom really. This shit is peaking normies left and right. If Liar cared about trans acceptance, he would stop swimming, but he is an uncurable narcissist so he won't do that.

No. 1471848

This is what I mean when I say western radfems are so far removed from the struggles of the world
90% of women in Pakistan don't even know the directions of their own districts, let alone have the resources and methods to leave the natiln

No. 1471855

Ntayrt, but are you being wilfully obtuse? Saying that it would take a mass exodus does not = saying that it's currently possible.

No. 1471858

if you live in that part of the world and have access to the internet, a computer, you are ahead of 99% of all women living there. you have the resources to teach yourself a skill you can immigrate with, and you have the capacity to teach other women in your country. any strong-arm change forced by the west will be opposed by claims of imperialism, or cultural racism. change has to be organic and come from those from the culture itself to be legitimate and not derailed as western meddling.

No. 1471859

trannies use this exact argument about how “privileged” white cis women are in the west

No. 1471861

Look at how mainstream media outlets are covering this.. cnn just put out an article saying “Lia Thomas qualifies in 500s” not “Lia Thomas wins first place and breaks the previous record”. They REALLY want it to go away but based Lia refuses to take one for the team

No. 1471863

You have obviously never visited a third world country, anon. Lots of poor people have cheap android smartphones and cheap data plans in poor countries.

She does know English however, which makes me think she's middle class in Pakistan.

No. 1471864

File: 1647549931479.webm (4.05 MB, 720x1280, 345435543.webm)

No. 1471867

no i haven't, and neither have most westerners. it's a luxury to travel to exotic and dangerous places like that reserved for rich neolib idiots like vice reporters. i am so uneducated and provincial for having never been to a third world country. hilarious.

No. 1471868

How can I help the situation there?

No. 1471869

Did some lady call him a cheat at the end? Based. Also the energy of that room feels incredibly uncomfortable. God, those poor girls.

No. 1471872

File: 1647550310692.jpg (769.73 KB, 1080x1882, boomer.jpg)

This boomer made me kek. When you don't even know basic human biology but you still don't think Willy Thomas should compete against women.

No. 1471873

I hate the smug look on his face.

No. 1471874

i am happy to hear that sexual violence poverty health issues death violence and other nasty things are eradicated from else where than third world countries

No. 1471879

I suggest just being openly terfy in real life if the conversation comes up. I don't hide my opinions and I think it helps in case people who might feel scared saying something now know that they can come and talk to me about trans and radfem shit. I can't always recall statistics but I do know a lot about trans inmates and well-read women who are opinionated are basically moids/troids worst nightmare so I think we should just start being 'out' and open if the ability to speak comes up. I don't recommend wearing terf merch because it might get you assaulted by some troid but at least with just voicing your opinion you can have plausible deniability and claim to be an autist who prioritizes stats and facts over gender ideology tenets. That's what I do since I actually do have a background in stats and I think it helps a lot.

No. 1471883

same. especially the troonbian skinwalkers. the only silver lining to this madness is I shed all my self-critical body hangups

No. 1471885

File: 1647550525577.jpeg (748.56 KB, 1170x1162, 56E3C1C2-7B1F-4C08-BDAD-5EA5B0…)

late to party. unfortunately my almost TIF moment really just originates from my “not feminine enough” insecurities, otherwise i’m pretty glad no matter how ugly I am people still recognize me as a woman and my existence is enough to make TiMs seethe

No. 1471886

File: 1647550595723.jpeg (383.17 KB, 750x712, 1626494510403.jpeg)

radical feminists will never understand the struggles of the global south!

No. 1471893

I know you censored it but I still wish this was spoilered holy fucking shit

No. 1471899

You can see that there's nothing behind his eyes except coom. Minus zero IQ.

No. 1471907

File: 1647551599552.jpeg (150.17 KB, 748x748, F95FF33C-BA37-4B5B-9C78-2D1A55…)

Goddamnit, fuck you anon My fate is sealed.

No. 1471908

Look anon, there are feminists in every country ruled by muslim moids trying to fight for their rights, except Afghanistan possibly. I don't know what's going on there since the US left.

Why don't you find those women and help them? I mean bitching on lolcow isn't going to do jackshit for the women in your country.

But, if you're really committed to doing feminism via whining on lolcow you could at least look up those groups and blame us for not helping them specifically.

No. 1471919

File: 1647552201525.jpeg (238.25 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg)

double bingo!

No. 1471922

You'd think so but TRAs are bringing up Michael Phelps like it's remotely comparable.

No. 1471925

Sounds like Posie Parker. She's in the US as she was in DC the other day, so it would make sense.

No. 1471929

File: 1647552785131.png (48.29 KB, 898x478, coombrains.png)

right, now porn addiction is just another form of dysphoria kek

No. 1471931

Omfg he's a full foot taller than any other girl he's competing with. Insane
Based ladies for calling him a cheater

No. 1471933

>the yy

No. 1471936

I dont think that has to do with """dysphoria"""…

No. 1471940

Today I heard “feminazi” for the first time in like, six years. It was said by my friends bf who has a ton of troon friends…

No. 1471941

Moids will call porn addiction by any other name, same with peyronies disease.
The only reason this troon (maybe) stopped is because he chemically castrated himself with HRT. It wasn’t dysphoria causing it, it was fried scrote brain.

No. 1471943

It's ludicrous how people will compare feminists with committers of genocide simply for having a different opinion.

No. 1471944

Now is the time when a women's rally/protest would do a lot of damage.

No. 1471945

>my friends bf who has a ton of troon friends
>bf who has a ton of troon friends
You might want to warn your friend of the inevitable outcome of this…

No. 1471951

Next time he says it say the word was created by Rush Limbaugh and you had no idea he was a conservative like Rush Limbaugh. Then give him a look of disappoint or outrage depending on what you can get away with.

No. 1471955

This would totally get him, he’s a Vaush gamer. Posted a black square after George Floyd

No. 1471956

Or tell him that "feminazi" is hate speech against troons because troons are women, therefore he's comparing trannies to Nazis (which they are kek).

No. 1471978

timmies are going to give more girls eating disorders

No. 1471979

wolf-themed because they know their audience? (furries)

No. 1471987

ngl i'm pretty jealous of anyone who can tick off that bottom left box
the more i see of humanity the more i regret ever coming into phyical contact with anyone

No. 1471989

kek the first thing i thought of was a mustache or those female sideburns
t. northern french woman

No. 1471994

i know this was made by a scrote (BPD and autism is major projection, Tim.) but i love it

No. 1472000

File: 1647556266463.jpg (142.93 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20220317-233016_Chr…)

Anon, tifs weren't assigned male at birth. And they don't take estrogen

No. 1472003

>exceptional women
i mean, it's half-right

No. 1472007

there is, and it's zero. he's the zero. because when you divide by zero you are cast into the chaotic imaginationworld that is life as a troon

No. 1472008

His shoulders are fucking huge. Way bigger than a womans ever could be. Is that why he outswims women? I don't know what goes into being a fast swimmer

No. 1472009

File: 1647556651934.png (756.55 KB, 1272x712, omniterf.png)

wow all that time, money, and pain just to sort-of-but-not-really queef.

No. 1472021

I literally live in Loudon County and I don't know what the fuck people are talking about. I guess I learned about lynching and read some Amy Tan, is that what you're all so fucking butthurt about

No. 1472025

This dude is 100% gonna kill himself by the end of the year and no I’m not exaggerating.

No. 1472026

Reminded me of that furry "how to inject estrogen" visual guide.

No. 1472027

File: 1647557575232.jpeg (305.9 KB, 1170x886, E2A76790-E6C3-4B0C-9F2E-34B695…)

I would agree with this but OP is a troon. Why do they try so hard to make themselves seem feminist?

No. 1472032

engineers are also low-concept, aka think of everything in terms of reality/practicality. they don't do theoretical anything. they aren't concerned with the identity or ethics of anything, just whether or not it works.
like even if there are "eggs" in engineering, they aren't going to do shit about it because to them, the technology isn't functioning yet. it's sort of a turbo-autism where you loop back around to being sane

No. 1472033

File: 1647557822441.jpeg (249.67 KB, 828x1116, 8935BD41-ED0F-4FD6-99FD-FA1A70…)

fucking called it

No. 1472034

yeah the whole right hand column is any lesbian who regrets trying to be with men from ages 16-20

No. 1472036

all the engineers i have met have been total weirdos but not in a degenerate way

No. 1472037

you can't use a word in its own definition
is canada against people speaking…languages now?

No. 1472039

File: 1647557887905.png (159.7 KB, 600x750, 025B5B06-326E-4E44-86CF-152194…)

J.K. Rowling is British, what does she have to do with Texas?
(also kek making the poor tranny family ambiguously brown when the majority of TRAs are white)

No. 1472044

Imagine ruining your (presumably immigrant?) parents lives because you want to dress like a loli in public

No. 1472046

No. 1472048

why is the man in a wheelchair?

No. 1472052

That's Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, who was paralysed by a falling tree as a young man.

No. 1472059

File: 1647558704366.png (18.9 KB, 595x200, 634453543345534534345.png)

What a class act.
Also topping a transman, as in a woman who wanna be a man? Why are they in the same ward to begin with??

No. 1472060

>>1471490 and yet >>1471489 still looks like a dude

No. 1472063

Man rapes vulnerable woman. Shocking

No. 1472064

mte. he probably took advantage of her having a mental breakdown.

No. 1472065

The fact that troons are acting like they're refugees in the middle of the Ukrainian invasion lol

No. 1472066

File: 1647558929865.jpeg (131.07 KB, 828x768, 15439A2F-8306-4513-982F-70436E…)

Remember, asserting yourself as a woman means you’re LITERALLY HARASSING AND ASSAULTING poor mens fee fees

No. 1472067

His kneecaps were busted for crimes against the gender mafia

No. 1472071

honestly it's a little ridiculous to act like this is milk or he's getting special treatment during this completely nightmarish surgery complication saga

No. 1472073

why am i no longer allowed to give my kid osteoporosis and mutilate their body reeee

No. 1472080

the fucking what

No. 1472085

A few threads ago somebody said that the trans singer of G.L.O.S.S. Sadie Switchblade raped someone and that there were receipts. Does anyone know what they’re talking about

No. 1472086

by granny panties do you guys just mean like…cotton briefs but for women? all my underwear is that shape…i have no ass. a thong goes halfway up my back, it's wack. boyshorts or briefs from the stupid tween stores are the only kind that stay on right. are cheapass briefs not worn by normal women or women with curves? seriously asking am i missing a body part

No. 1472089

the middle one is full coverage and i wear that. is that granny panties? the other ones go up my back too, that's too much fabric. wtf i'm paranoid that i'm wearing fucking underwear wrong

No. 1472091

They think learning about the existence of racism = “CRT”, just more burgerfag dumbfuckery

No. 1472092

>equating a literal male with women who've been held back in life for being "ugly" on unconventionally attractive
THOSE women were questioned because our oppression is so complete that we can't even perform feats of strength without making sure our faces and bodieds are coom-worthy to oure overlords

No. 1472093

Haha, yeah, until this thread I literally didn't know that not all women wear comfortably shaped cotton underwear and it was called granny panties or something. Like what kind of underwear do you wear on the daily if not this? Some expensive see-through lace shit?

No. 1472094

File: 1647560034511.jpeg (101.44 KB, 988x1050, 614rWd53uaL._AC_UL1050_.jpeg)

This is what "granny panties" look like

No. 1472095

thongs are the reason for poopy perfume smell on women. if you don't shower every day, don't wear a nylon-poly thong and have 2 feet of hair and expect Dior j'adore to vaporize 2 days worth of grease.

No. 1472096

anon you know the answer to that.

No. 1472097

i feel like 3 or 4 of us have said that now. he's showing signs of death so obvious even non-psychologists who've been indoors for 2 years straight can spot it.

No. 1472098

Uh what? No one should smell like "poopy perfume" if they clean their ass, no matter what underwear style they wear

No. 1472099

american universities let students sell their bodies in exchange for tuition (NCAA). so some of those girls would get kicked out of the school even if they have straight A's and money to pay. because the school does not want money, it wants their employment (swimming well to attract funding).

No. 1472100

Are you a scrote? It's not like thongs get covered in shit or something damn lmfao.

No. 1472102

I wear seamless microfiber thongs. I actually find them more comfortable than the big cotton panties, which tend to bunch up weirdly for me when I wear jeans.

No. 1472106

File: 1647560843896.jpg (175.08 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169.jpeg.jpg)

I really have enjoyed reading everyone else's cards, it's given me a good idea how many of us there really are and its comforting lol

No. 1472107

And the kid is to blame in all this? Not the retarded parent for enabling this behavior?

No. 1472112

warhol stans and zooey deschanel stans should all pair up and leave those of us with personalities alone

No. 1472114

god are zoomers so app-dependent they can't even type "new yorker lia thomas march 2022" into google

No. 1472117

urdu chan i love you but you need to understand that the things we find inspiring as a teen are now considered dull and sexist, as time moves on. andy warhol is like that fake lesbian kiss madonna did on tv

No. 1472118

I just have one question… NOT anti-porn? I can’t imagine how anyone could be neutral about it, if I’m being honest.

No. 1472123

Can we please not start an endless ot discussion again

No. 1472124

nah it's legal for people to change their names, a man can be janet or lia or wendy if he wants. he's just still a man. men can wear dresses and have girly names. doing those things doesn't make you a woman so let's not validate their illusion that it does.

No. 1472125

is your post true? if so, that's beyond lobotomy levels of insanity. it's like a doctor getting a diagnosis by summoning ghosts

No. 1472126

File: 1647561859497.jpg (193.73 KB, 748x748, IMG_20220317_195702.jpg)

Yeah, it's amazing how much kinship I feel just seeing everyone else's cards. Also double bingo for me.

I've been wanting to ask my sister what she thinks about Thomas the Tank stealing women's swim records but I'm afraid of outting myself. At least I'm seeing a lot of peaking on Twitter today.

No. 1472127

damn this looks like shit. the dangers of undervaluing the UI designer.

No. 1472128

Nta, but she mad a video and everything.

No. 1472132

congratulations to Emma Weyant, the fastest woman in NCAA swimming!!!
you did it Emma! You're the best female swimmer in the USA - EMMA WEYANT

No. 1472133

File: 1647562170817.jpeg (165.9 KB, 748x748, 1647521240169~2.jpeg)

No. 1472136

it's so insane that in-patient centers and drug rehab facilities aren't sex-segregated and that adults aren't segregated from minors. literally where you go to secure more victims and enablers.

No. 1472138

She's WAY too restrained on her emotions. She should be out there with the fucking trumpets of war.

No. 1472139

protesting is stalking and harassment when people i don't agree with do it.