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File: 1668129341037.jpg (447.52 KB, 2048x1152, 1667158459294.jpg)

No. 1697440

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No. 1697463

Those gigantic fucking Krusty the Klown man-feet sticking out from under that hideous flag, like two canoes on the end of his legs. Kek.

No. 1697466

>killed by death
Is this satire?

No. 1697494

>Not getting what I want
No nonna it’s totes not photoshopped!

No. 1697498

It's crazy how jerking yourself off into mental illness leads to men doing stuff like the OP pic.

No. 1697501

Those flags always look so cheap and nasty. Wouldn’t hurt a tranny to run a low-heat iron over them.

No. 1697510

File: 1668136560297.png (4.26 MB, 750x1334, 80F46823-F76A-43D4-9BD7-CAA7B9…)

No. 1697515

Are those… Nazi trannies? Dear god.

No. 1697534

Their cold, dead stares make me uncomfortable in my own skin.

No. 1697537

Aren’t they all? They love to bring up the nazi to trans pipeline anyway.

No. 1697540

File: 1668142057007.jpeg (Spoiler Image,478.72 KB, 1700x2200, rot-pocket-surgery.jpeg)

still can't understand how they can insist neovaginas are indistinguishable from actual female vaginas. One google search will tell you all you need to know. I read a few studies earlier and typed up some key takeaways, the pic related is my doc (spoilered bc some are nasty). given the disgusting conditions so many TiMs live in, I doubt that many are actually keeping up with a cleaning regime. Also only thing worse than a rot pocket is a hairy rot pocket

No. 1697556

Ew ive seen degloved hands and those give me nightmares

No. 1697557

a content creator i follow just got diagnosed with autism and i feel bad that my first thought was that i hope he doesn't troon out

No. 1697560

No. 1697561

you just know they smell really bad

No. 1697567

I can't get over this. How many people believe that this scrote really has a half-and-half sack with an external ovary, and that his period blood comes out of his pores because he has a "sealed shut vaginal canal"? I suppose we're not supposed to know what happens to girls with imperforate hymens during puberty? Sorry to all the nonas who had to learn that from a Google search right after reading this post kek.

No. 1697579

File: 1668148411327.jpeg (89.09 KB, 750x226, F0F26220-9C6D-48F9-86E8-F99BA1…)

Personal cow who trooned out, you’re the one with the sausage, also you just know he’s seething at an actual girl being around his gamer friends kek

No. 1697595

She probably faces misogyny in the group (even if it's subtle "girlfriendzoning") and he's jealous of it.

No. 1697605

just guys being dudes

No. 1697608

topkek anon this is the perfect description

No. 1697618

He wishes his incel friends would run a train on him and is mad there’s a woman there preventing that from happening.

No. 1697624

File: 1668159825156.jpeg (189.74 KB, 1366x769, 401AB4DB-1590-4B7A-995A-D884C2…)

The women who do like Samus always prefer her power suit design and appreciate her as the star of her series. Only moids like bimbo catsuit smash Samus in those ridiculous highlighter yellow stilettos.

No. 1697628

cysts that's interresting. Maybe the one's that say they have uwu period cramps are just having pains from cysts and they don't know it.

No. 1697629

File: 1668160360234.png (509.48 KB, 1297x570, scroteeee.png)

this interaction made me want to a-log. look at his autistic grin and dead adam lanza eyes

No. 1697630

“I have pcos ”

No. 1697645

File: 1668164769174.jpg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-11-10_13-09-14-807.…)

Lol he thinks he gets periods.

No. 1697646

Nonitas, I wish we lived in a world where Dylan Mulvainey was a legitimate comedy act and not some narcissistic delusional theater kid with a failing career who saw trans as a way to get into celebrity status. I'm glad just his videos are peaking material without any persuasion needed, but still.

No. 1697652

That is one Gerard Depardieu ass honker kek I bet he can see it at all times.

No. 1697657

File: 1668165928507.jpg (210.75 KB, 1124x950, FhRDhbqWIAAihFM.jpg)

Lia Thomas "gf" with the blue hair looks like he passes well, but I think thats only because the others are so blaringly masculine to look at

No. 1697660

disgusting nose

No. 1697661

File: 1668166314523.png (549.13 KB, 590x574, brunn.png)

The "boyfriend" whose periods he is obsessed with. Brunn also seems to have a teenage daughter which is depressing.

No. 1697662

File: 1668166366607.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x2073, B127AEB6-C263-45A4-B3D4-DB2738…)

>passes well
>CWC phenotype
Kek okay

No. 1697663

there's just something about male teeth that screams dangerous chimp

No. 1697665

God, they have no sense of fashion whatsoever. I guess the first one tried to dress preppy but anime schoolgirl skirt and stained socks scream AGP

No. 1697670

If anyone else would like to see it, I have found an image of a degloved penis. Couldn't find my favorite one because I didn't save it, but I am hesitant to share this because I'm not sure if it would be derailing, even if spoilered. I don't want to unintentionally break any rules.

The surgery is very interesting but it's pretty fucked up nonetheless, and I don't know what man in his right mind would think to do this. I'd really like to know who came up with this manner of surgery. Twisted, but very creative, not condoning it at all.

No. 1697672

Nta but I think because he doesn’t stand out as much as the others in the pic. If he was in a pic on his own or others he probably would stick out.

No. 1697677

File: 1668167740937.jpeg (17.3 KB, 480x271, images (2).jpeg)

Damn, didn't know Count Olaf had trooned out.

No. 1697678

KEK this took me out. My baby just gave me the most wtf face bc I wheezed so loud.

No. 1697696

pinocchio looking ass

No. 1697697

This is what happens when you lie about being a woman.

No. 1697701

Cyrano de Bergynephilia

No. 1697702

File: 1668172226312.jpeg (45.57 KB, 498x498, 4A4B2897-0F30-4C7D-964A-D9B230…)


No. 1697717

Lying about the first half I know for a fact kek there is no battle, he hates the woman

No. 1697718

Mf looks like fat Cosmo Wright

No. 1697719

File: 1668175803426.png (60.37 KB, 646x381, Ffjby80XgAAKsl0.png)

Another day another trans pedo

No. 1697720

god they are not even trying to hide it

No. 1697723

>"It's so hot I want to be just like that"
the common troon

No. 1697724

File: 1668176139145.jpg (220.74 KB, 1008x2048, FhHzDdEXgAkxnCn.jpg)

A troon from halloween… yes im sure when the dads knock on your door theyre gonna think youre a cougar and not some old bloke

No. 1697729

dudes face is looking randomly generated from a few different male faces. but im amazed at how even the decor is super masculine

No. 1697732

File: 1668176629197.jpg (121.22 KB, 1177x588, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1697733

File: 1668176694449.png (1.45 MB, 1139x1320, Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 8.21…)

why do so many of them have this weird diamond shaped growth on their nose bridge., they truly are of a different breed

No. 1697734

Lmao I thought I was the only autist who noticed that commonality between tons of them. It’s such an ugly, pure male feature too kek

No. 1697741

It’s much more common for seriously ugly people to fall down the kind of pipelines they do, because no one likes them when they combine their shit personality with being hideous, so they spend more time alone and have to seek out other outcasts through niche groups and invent weird ways to imagine they’ll become good looking and likable. It’s also why many of them were alt right MRAs a couple years ago and why a lot of them are in hideous polycules.
Everyone is always rightfully shocked when a decent looking guy troons out, and it’s because it is really rare. Those guys get propped up and lauded as celebrities and heroes because normies are genuinely put off and unsettled by the appearances of most troons being so ugly. I’ve seen tons of normies go as allies to pride events and come out of them confused about why there are “so many awkward ugly guys in school uniform skirts and long socks there, can that really be what gay guys look like now?”

No. 1697745

File: 1668177916197.png (81.49 KB, 312x233, image_2022-11-11_154515684.png)

No. 1697746

the only ppl who will knock at his door would be the jeovah witnesses

No. 1697748

sage for blogpost. passed by a troon and it was so brief but the discomfort i felt lasted for quite a few minutes. colored hair, eyebrow piercing, outdated 90s green eyeshadow with absolutely no other makeup other than smudged lipstick.

No. 1697749

People are trying to have fun with their kids and he wants to seduce them? What the fuck.

No. 1697750

openly admits that the entire point of his life is for the coom

No. 1697752

File: 1668179762826.jpg (1.45 MB, 810x6498, Screenshot_20221111-095858_Boo…)

If you're against TIMs in women's prisons, you're a fundie fascist! I don't make the rules. Preddit does kek:

No. 1697753

That sounds horrific, anon. Do you have a gofundme for your therapy bills? Would definitely donate.

No. 1697754

>found jk rowlings secret reddit account
>93 updoots
Rent free

No. 1697755

I wish I could send you a donation for your suffering nonna kek I saw a Robbie White looking HSTS on my trail run the other day and the shrill faggy voice legit triggered me to run faster

No. 1697756

I went to a huge goth festival and had to face one of these every 10 minutes, I feel you.

No. 1697762

Fucking seriously. This guy did an AMA and everybody just ate up what he was saying, even though anyone with the slightest knowledge about DSDs knows he's full of shit. AFAIK the combination of a penis, and testicles with a functioning vagina (with cervix and a uterus) underneath has never been documented on a human being. It's a porn fantasy. Yet everyone in the AMA questioning this guy were downvoted. Fucking reddit.
(I'm sorry this guy makes me want to a-log)

No. 1697764

I work as a tech in college classrooms and some tranny would come in as an evaluator or some other role. I didn't ask. He looked decrepit but managed to have a very conservative outfit with a long pleated skirt. I wish he was around for last night's class where they went over sex inheritance. The y chromosome/male/testes/sperm lecture would have driven him insane.

No. 1697768

File: 1668181760714.png (62.31 KB, 1251x371, lunacy.png)

This guy actually believes that he can pee while erect because he has a vagina and a uterus

No. 1697770

The majority of the public are very ignorant on intersex/DSD conditions. I don't really blame people as those with DSD conditions are like 0.014% of the population(not sure if this is for the US or world wide). This makes it easy for troons to use DSD conditions as a excuse to destroy female-only spaces.

No. 1697774

A lot of people think intersex is the same as hermaphrodite, which doesn't even exist. A human can't possibly be both sexes

No. 1697781

File: 1668182497589.png (1.18 MB, 1600x840, 3x0cb9ymv5n91.png)

I had to check him out. I think he might be an actual retard kek he thinks light coming from the right side means the left side of his body is a different skin tone

No. 1697786

File: 1668183126672.jpg (145.51 KB, 1080x1576, FhClI6wWQAE2agQ.jpg)

No. 1697790

File: 1668183258357.jpg (245.57 KB, 1536x2048, FhClJa7WIAEHaX0.jpg)

No. 1697792

Meanwhile if an actual pretty real girl tried this everyone would dogpile her for it and probably also point out even minuscule flaws. A woman on par w the ugly scrote who posted this would be mocked off the internet for such a post. God I want to a-log. Their eternal vampiric need for muh validation is such a cancer.

No. 1697795

>neolabia might have rugae (ball wrinkles)
kek remember the guy from the last thread who was obsessed with vaginal rugae? I bet 1000% if he was left with his weird ballsack wrinkles on the fake labia, he’d try to spin it like he totes has real vag rugae just because of that word being used. Nevermind that they aren’t in the same place (one internal, one external) but it reminds me of how excited they get to say they have a clit now but you see it and it’s an obvious dick head that doesn’t resemble a clitoris in the slightest.

No. 1697797

File: 1668183891431.png (1.47 MB, 1298x934, 91238479823.png)

Found these two horrorshows flirting back and forth on FB after one commented on some post.

No. 1697798

File: 1668183930644.png (1.08 MB, 1111x824, 23423545323.png)

No. 1697799

File: 1668183989520.jpeg (731.16 KB, 1125x1124, CE4BD2A1-3577-4B7F-85D8-04DAFA…)

Kek the little dick tip clits never fail to send me into a fit of chortling bc they look like picrel

No. 1697801

I’m always happy when this happens, huge fan of T4T, I think all ugly moids should date each other and leave us alone

No. 1697802

He sounds lame and insufferable. Playing games with men is exhausting because they make everything so sexual and annoying. I play with a friend group of women but sometimes we have one of our guy friends join in and the mood always feels so different, even if he’s nice. That’s one reason I hate men being in female spaces, that sense of safety and the chill, sisterly vibe is always instantly shattered even if the man is “one of the good ones”. So it’s funny when a TiM is in a group for women and says he was “made to feel uncomfortable” like nah bro you’re just somewhere you don’t belong and aren’t welcome and no one wants to say anything (except for handmaidens, I guess, who never want to stop giving fake compliments and patronizing them). I know that’s not what the post is about but it happens often enough it made me go on a tangent.

No. 1697804

I am curious

No. 1697805

They always look stinky like they smell of unwashed balls.

No. 1697807

File: 1668184392449.jpg (823.13 KB, 1960x2015, 242577456_10216621805136819_14…)

No. 1697809

kek doesn't even choose a breastplate remotely near his skin shade

No. 1697810

This image is legitimately terrifying. Serial killer selfie.

No. 1697811

File: 1668184484443.jpg (61.7 KB, 720x960, 31052256_10209153225386993_201…)

No. 1697812

File: 1668184598063.jpg (168.8 KB, 881x2048, 279014843_10220698027416208_15…)

This one is another that comments and flirts with either of them. lmao

No. 1697813

File: 1668184764491.png (1.74 MB, 768x1656, 237848237423.png)

Just imagine being some teenager working at dominos for min wage and THIS is your assistant manager.

No. 1697815

Is his FACE bleeding?

No. 1697816

KEK But honestly it bums me out how many teenagers probably have to deal with interacting w gross AGP old men these days especially in more metro areas and burbs near the city.

No. 1697817

I lol'd. What a unique affliction!

No. 1697818

Oops I meant this bleeding face.

No. 1697819

File: 1668185423145.jpg (773.76 KB, 1895x1894, 44830485_10210176567809914_420…)

probably nicked himself shaving

No. 1697820

That’s his rouge obviously nona kek. Have you guys ever noticed how the older AGPs tend to use outdated words like rouge or hose (instead of tights) or call themselves sissies and transsexuals instead of more “correct” terminology? It’s interesting because it’s like those words are part of what helped their AGP develop and are connected to their fetish that way. They always seem to be particularly focused on whatever attractive women were wearing when they were younger, which comes up here sometimes when they dress like they’re from a different decade.

No. 1697828

and yet the guy with two dicks and the girl with two vaginas had to supply medics documents or photographs beforinh doing an AMA. i thought reddit needed proof before an AMA could be opened up?

No. 1697829

ily nonas, at least men like him remind me that no matter how i look like or what tasks of femininity i refuse to perform, im a woman through and through.

No. 1697831

> It’s interesting because it’s like those words are part of what helped their AGP develop
Bingo, the old hons go back further than when they were young men. Not to get all Freudian but the language and sometimes the style go more to the era of their mothers. But also to an era where glamorous women were presented in the media in a different way.

No. 1697840

They always have the weirdest rooms and furniture, like they all live in their grandma's basement

No. 1697841

Dude looks like a Fallout 3 NPC suffering from intense radiation poisoning.

No. 1697844

I'm absolutely keking over nikita dragun. All the butt hurt troon dicksuckers boohooing because he got put in the mens portion of county lock up before bail posted. For 1 He has a dick, so… goes with men. But even then 2 he will be seperated in PC because tits and famous. He assulted cops, a firefighter, and good taste. Let him sit in the drunk tank.

No. 1697848

Killer klowns from outer space lookin motherfucker

No. 1697852

Elon Musk trooned out and is T4T! Good for him!

No. 1697855

The fact TRAs target actual retards to join, mimick, and chant their gender ideologies as a way to legitimize their delusions is so sickening. What a hoot, though.

No. 1697874

>Questions get deleted by mods
Reddit moment.
Nona I'm so glad you said this. I thought I was going crazy, scrolling through and waiting for someone else to point out the resemblance.

No. 1697883

Oh my god, is he living in a lean-to? At the very least this has to be an unauthorized addition to the side of someone's trailer that doesn't face the main road so it can avoid detection by the city. It literally looks like a crime scene photo.

No. 1697895

> looks like he passes well
cope and dilate, even when you pretend to criticize a tranny in this thread you have to stick to your religious larp that men can trick people into thinking they are women. none of them ever pass. let go of your delusion.

No. 1697903

some TCC vibes from this one yeah

No. 1697908

honestly the eyeliner isn't even that bad, yet still looks so awful at the same time? I've noticed a handful of troons can apply their makeup decently. They still look like men with makeup regardless. Feminine makeup application does not suit male faces and their features what-so-ever, and it's honestly counter productive.

No. 1697918

The smoothness is fine, and it's properly aligned with his eyelid, but it's black eyeliner against ginger lashes, and he made the tail extremely long. It's "good" by troon standards, because it's not shakily applied a fully centimeter above his lashes, but I never see any women do their makeup like this. A ginger woman would likely use mascara to darken her lashes if she went for black eyeliner, at least.

No. 1697922

Anon are you serious? It looks awful because that's not how you wear eyeliner

No. 1697923

I've seen a few women with noses like that. I think it's just a type of nose shape some people have.

No. 1697927

NTAYRT but I'm not sure how badly he overlined it because of how tiny his upper eyelid is and how giant his forehead is.

No. 1697935

Men on the average have a higher browbone which is usually followed by very hooded eyes. They don't realize this though so they make it the same thickness across the whole eyelid and make the wing extremely long and not straight which makes the eye look extra droopy. Women with hooded eyelids usually have more sense than that and just don't wear eyeliner or do it in a way that works with their eyelid type, males don't pay attention to details like that though and just copy their middle school crushes make up style.

No. 1697941


No. 1697945

File: 1668196713720.jpg (631.37 KB, 1072x1258, 1668196277824.jpg)

Well that's enough gender autism for today. Are men who prefer, or who are even required, to clean shave women now, lmao?

No. 1697950

File: 1668196885361.jpg (74.37 KB, 720x1351, FhQ63b1VIAAINFt.jpg)

fucking barf

No. 1697959

Every time I see this image I notice something new. This time it's his bacteria-ridden nail beds.

No. 1697971

some weeks ago I was talking about this degenerate in my school crossdressing. Turns out that motherfucker came out as a trans lesbian and is now dating a girl that came out as lesbian, but now it’s pretty obvious she’s a bissexual. My friends aren’t radfems but it was all obvious to us that he’s not a woman. He’s a coomer. I’m so disgusted. He’s so fugly too. Wonder how his transition is going to turn out.

No. 1697982

The frontal view diagram you drew looks like a dick kek

No. 1697988

Yeah, I wonder how hold the op is, because in what age group of men is shaving your facial hair considered invalid? Maybe it's a cultural thing, is op Muslim tranny? The real answer is op is probably mega retarded

No. 1697989

File: 1668199077419.png (286.97 KB, 575x392, Goodbye newman.png)

No. 1697992

File: 1668199557331.png (3.26 MB, 1356x2270, samus.png)

This has always pissed me off because she is clearly a Ripley/Sarah Connor type, but since the beginning, moids at nintendo have used her body as bait to finish the game faster. Luckily, that used to be difficult to do, but now with smash she's a coomer barbie doll. Sad.

Anyway, when I looked for the evolution of her "zero suit" I found some troon's comment on youtube about it, of course (picrel)

No. 1698001

so many of them are closet fags mate-guarding their harem, i mean male friend group

No. 1698002

>every trick or treat group recoils in horror when he opens the door
>gets on his socials
>"the men in this neighborhood just can't get enough of this slut ;)"

No. 1698029

kek I hope someone thought he was dressed up as a woman as a Halloween costume and said that to his face but tbh he's not putting enough effort into the womanface for anyone to notice he's not your average scrote

No. 1698041

The only thing I can say is I think it makes sense she’d have a tight suit beneath the armor, and at least now it’s an entire bodysuit instead of a bikini, but it doesn’t really make sense to why it wouldn’t be more binding instead of all her assets being on display. I mean, it’s obviously about the coom but that’s always gotten on my nerves.

No. 1698048

I would love to be educated by this image.

No. 1698064

I don't fucking get these creepshows. He looks fucking terrifying, like freaking Buffal Bill tone and all. Do these guys not see how creepy they look in their pics or is that the point?

No. 1698094

these are the same men who admit to trooning out because they don't understand why they're labeled as creeps and they think it will help…so no, they categorically do not understand why women and the general population is wary of them

No. 1698104


I've noticed they've increasingly moved away from the gender thing to just trying to claim they are female. They actually get upset at you now if you adopted their older arguments and say transwomen are males.

It's also kinda bizarre that the most accurate term to all the underlying logic was probably whatever pornbrain came up with shemale ie female pronoun and male sex. Stuff like MTF is actually completely wrong and inaccurate for both GC and TRA perspectives.

No. 1698132

What the hell is this shit? Food isn't gendered yet proceeds to contradict himself. You not liking meat does not make you more feminine. There's a sentence I never thought I would be typing. Fuck these sick in the brain creeps.

No. 1698169

File: 1668215365773.jpeg (Spoiler Image,19.79 KB, 280x197, EE6CA691-5299-4729-BD2A-BF78A2…)

Sure thing! Spoilered image is a degloved penis, the degloving is part of the construction of the neovagina. I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole, but their construction is interesting!

No. 1698179

ngl i love when thru do these die-ins. it’s so hilariously dramatic. trannies are the only people who can threaten suicide and call it is genocide. only men can be so up themselves.

No. 1698187

File: 1668217798850.jpeg (25.83 KB, 500x667, 13624B1B-2F4E-4234-9572-006143…)

No. 1698190

Anon, please, I need to read your manifesto

No. 1698194

File: 1668218760582.jpeg (790.62 KB, 750x1264, DB098C81-4F46-4CA6-9045-079946…)

Saw this today. Actually made me angry. Ofcourse the gender non-conforming character had to be apropriated by troons.

No. 1698196

Luisa was specifically made to appeal to women of that stature. Latina women arent all thick and curly. some of us are built like brick houses. I hate men so much.

No. 1698198

File: 1668219172633.jpeg (343.19 KB, 1464x2048, BEC79C11-892E-414F-901C-08535E…)

Hes like a mentally ill, ugly version of this dude

No. 1698202

I love Luisa and feel rage seeing this too. Her physique was perfect and everything about her was biological woman. I wanted to be her friend or date her.

No. 1698204

damn it leave Matt Smith out of this. He is weird-looking but actors usually are. and do you see his follicules? He has undeniably great hair. Nice fat stalks of keratin. For that, he deserves not to be compared to stringy-haired troons.

No. 1698205

"ugly version"

No. 1698214

Using this whenever I get dick pics in my inbox, thank you Nonna.

No. 1698222

File: 1668220959867.jpeg (101.26 KB, 751x1024, 0F82EB41-41C4-4195-B0EB-985AE5…)

>I believe I have Bartholin’s glands instead of Cowper’s glands.
HAHAHAHA this is a new one

No. 1698225

>rational sex tm

No. 1698237

They always look so much more masculine in womanface kek

No. 1698252

File: 1668225588009.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1876x3256, F9BF6785-4F8F-4F1B-9962-6C30C8…)

a compilation of men who can’t figure out why women who don’t like penis aren’t into them. kek i wonder why they even still call the app “her” at this point

No. 1698254

File: 1668225708653.jpeg (Spoiler Image,900.06 KB, 3093x3165, 93FF939C-F426-4D61-A732-7300FB…)

they go to such lengths to make something that vaguely resembles a vulva, only to stuff an obvious dick head piece inside, on top of the rest of the mystery meat. it looks weird af.

No. 1698256

Lmao this is so fucking funny. Just pure male retardation.

No. 1698262

File: 1668227080760.jpeg (1.52 MB, 750x8030, D6B25FB0-4AED-4FBE-B8A5-070F93…)

so he has a dick and balls, but he thinks he menstruates through a vagina located under a skin graft? sounds legit.

No. 1698263

Oh that one on the right from "Nia" is telling. According to him, terfs (read: lesbians) aren't real people. On a dating app for lesbians.
Every time I see anything about lesbian dating I feel bad for lesbians. You'd think someone would capitalize on the gap in the market and make an app that shadowbans males.

No. 1698264

Insane Clown Posse core

No. 1698274

File: 1668230102627.jpeg (299.99 KB, 1242x603, 8BC57F87-A8E7-4D89-AAAE-9C4CD4…)

this question made me laugh hard. men can't

No. 1698281

>hasn't had a doctor confirm literally any of this
>is just making anatomy up as he goes along
>fallopian tube in testicle??? kek
So dude has one shriveled up testicle and one larger swollen testicle covered in cysts as well as a rash that forms every few weeks and even occasionally oozes? No wonder he's desperately trying to convince himself it's definitely because he has a super special secret vagina. Fucking grim.

No. 1698285

Honestly doesn’t look much different from when it had skin on. Anyway I’m going to send this to men when they act up

No. 1698286

Troons respond that they agree but the degradation it turns them on.

No. 1698291

This. I think even Disney was surprised because a lot of little girls preferred her. I hate men.

No. 1698298

The only difference between a troon and a "normal" male is that one is a little bit more mentally ill, just enough to think "hm, it would be hot if I took the place of a woman, after all they seem to enjoy the degradation"

No. 1698312

File: 1668235824053.png (1.91 MB, 1559x2048, chrome_screenshot_166823544738…)

No. 1698313

File: 1668235857767.png (1.74 MB, 1267x2048, chrome_screenshot_166778119210…)

No. 1698314

File: 1668235873273.jpeg (578.44 KB, 1170x1750, ABC19843-2050-4D6D-8395-201C2B…)

This has been hilarious tbh

No. 1698320

i don't even have a penis and this still made me scream internally. how can they do this to themselves?

No. 1698323

If he's telling the truth, I think he might just be a retard whose mother had syphilis or herpes and gave it to him through the pregnancy/birth. Imagine having lumpy, oozing genitals, asking your mom about it, and she replies with something like "Honey, you have what I have, down there." Now imagine all that, but you're also retarded.

No. 1698325

File: 1668237641093.png (564.92 KB, 2048x1317, chrome_screenshot_166823751639…)

You've not seen many of them then.

No. 1698329

>"Real vaginas are axe wounds"
>"Surgically altered body parts are superior"
>"Men are better at everything than women, even having vaginas and being women"
>The sheer amount of cope and malding
Studies show that male brain and female brain aren't natural or fundamental, but TIMs always manage to sound like megamoids, despite HRT, surgery, and desperate attempts to LARP as something else. It would be impressive, if it weren't a cancer on society.

No. 1698330

Omg I want to subject a man to this so bad now. Brutal

No. 1698331

Wow they really peeled it like a banana huh

No. 1698332

this is why i believe all surgeons who do srs are cryptoterfs

No. 1698333

File: 1668238202012.jpeg (288.08 KB, 1170x2532, 7CC1388F-8F18-4E53-A1C9-B24F42…)

I was looking for the screenshot I had of an axe wound and cant find it but found this troon pic

No. 1698334

it's so funny to me that moids that troon out are all megamoids. they're all in IT or ex-military and their hobbies are always something like video games, d&d and/or comics. there's nothing feminine about them.

No. 1698336

Wow, Leafy is transitioning into Paul Dano at a rave? Congrats to him, he's doing a pretty good job. In ten years, he will undergo twinkdeath and the transformation will be complete, with just one box of hair dye.

No. 1698338

They're not crypto-anything, they're just after the money and don't care about the damage they inflict upon their clients. They mutilate insecure girl's perfectly healthy bodies for profit too and that's like the opposite of feminist.

No. 1698339

They'll really just make any shit up huh

No. 1698341

ikr, it’s like a form of natural selection. if a moid moids too hard, his own ape brain tells him to castrate himself, chemically or surgically kek.

No. 1698342

Then I will become the world's first male-only gender butcher!

No. 1698345

Honestly it doesn't seem like troons have any hobbies at all, everything they do it just a means for them to coom, and it just so happened that video games and dnd allow them to live out their deranged fantasies. When woman plays video games or tabletops she enjoys the story and has fun pretending to be an adventurer/spy or anything else really. When troon does so, he only wants to pretend to be a woman to exploit her in some sexual way.

No. 1698348

yeah, there are women who are into all those things but they enjoy them in a non-degenerate fashion

No. 1698349

I remember playing dnd with some moids and they all larped as sexy elves and half dragon women lol

No. 1698355

File: 1668244797383.png (896.66 KB, 1062x1163, tranny.png)

No. 1698356

I saw this on the homepage and thought it was Mr. Repzion for half a second lmao

No. 1698357

File: 1668245252432.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg)


No. 1698364

File: 1668248429800.jpeg (588.15 KB, 1327x1236, 61B79A98-9753-4BF9-8720-5CFA63…)

twitter troon getting torn apart for being disgusting and insane kek

No. 1698365

File: 1668248460488.jpeg (266.77 KB, 1169x1872, ACE327C9-82B5-4456-B152-D92ABE…)

roommate is trying sooooo hard i would have been on the news that evening tbh

No. 1698370

File: 1668248721496.jpeg (406.18 KB, 1327x1014, A73A8DA8-4E49-40A5-BDBB-77157B…)

the sheer moidery of it all. QTs on this are hilarious https://twitter.com/femaieboyfriend/status/1591279511706152961

No. 1698372

File: 1668249501939.png (2.38 MB, 1169x942, unknown-19.png)

How I feel being in this thread

No. 1698384

There's the Giggle app created by Australian businesswomen Sall Grover. It uses facial verification software to prevent males from getting on. The app was originally created for simple networking among women, such as a women looking for a female roommate. Lesbians may have started using it for dating. Sall is also a terf who was sued by a TiM because her app doesn't allow men. The lawsuit was dropped. According to Sall they get thousands of men a day attempting to gain access on Giggle.

No. 1698389

File: 1668253839731.png (391.01 KB, 583x555, timmie.png)

It doesn't do a good job though. The AI can only work so well. Plenty of moids on twitter boast about being able to get on it and troll women. Of course, many of them are lying but still.

No. 1698390

File: 1668253866369.jpg (206.92 KB, 720x1172, brojustfessup.jpg)

He's claiming he did this as bait for more subscribers on OnlyFans now, but he also posted a picture of literal clean dishes in a sink, which you can see water and rice on the side of. Man literally cleaned the dishes and staged a picture to make it look like his roommate was complaining about a couple clean dishes being left in the sink, when the text already told us that he leaves half-eaten food out on the couch. Btw, "natural roach spray" seems to go for anywhere between $11 to $40, and they've been having this problem for 2 months. The roommate probably didn't want to use any harsh chemicals out of fear of hurting her(?) fish. I'm not sure how that racked up to $600, because that means buying around 11 to 54 bottles/cans, depending on the price, but I guess I can imagine a desperate young person with no experience and an intense roach problem going to those lengths.

No. 1698391

keffals in 10 years

No. 1698392

Does he think that there's a team of actual humans checking the selfies in the verification process? Kek

No. 1698393

File: 1668254408848.jpeg (113.2 KB, 675x1200, FgqwkY-WYAIgUjp.jpeg)

Btw this is him. He literally pinned this selfie and thinks he has thick thighs and an hourglass figure. TRAs replying telling him he's sexy when he looks like a greasy moid wearing lingere, just like you would expect. https://twitter.com/femaIeboyfriend/status/1588275963632111616

No. 1698394

Thought this was a robot face at first glance

No. 1698395

hes tensing his thighs to make them look thinner and curvier kek its so fucking obvious. not to mention that brickhouse face

No. 1698397

Robot friend made of strategically placed clean dishes, crying out for help.

No. 1698401

Samefag, I'm inspecting the picture closer and I have a couple questions. What's up with the second phone on the floor? And the pill bottle in the trash, prescription label still attached and not blacked out at all, facing the camera perfectly? Even if no one online can decipher anything from the pill bottle, throwing away an in-tact prescription is a fast way of getting your prescription (or even ID, the label has your full name and address on it at least) stolen.

No. 1698402

File: 1668255082305.jpeg (212.79 KB, 1139x1080, A96AA0A4-136E-4C17-BA59-1F45DE…)

The greasiness of his hair is making me legit gag like when it looks wet you know the scrote smells so fucking bad…I wanna a-log hard.

No. 1698403

File: 1668255121093.png (399.24 KB, 1122x957, Screenshot 2.png)

Troon tankies(both MTF and FTM) always give either infuriating and or hilarious takes

No. 1698404

samefag bc you know he has never, ever vacuumed let alone carpet-cleaned that shag rug. It is likely full of every disgusting thing one can imagine. Wanting to a-log double hard and also clean my area rugs even though I just did it kek

No. 1698405

It would be really funny if western troons immigrated to China en masse. See how tolerant they are of their lazy and self-centered ways.

No. 1698406

Let them wander blindly into the countries where they would end up prostitutes as a best case scenario, and let natural selection do her job.

No. 1698407

File: 1668255333802.jpeg (229.04 KB, 1001x1600, stock-photo-handsome-young-man…)

man with his legs in a wide stance = hourglass curves. kek the delusion

No. 1698408

Which is more likely: That this is his roommate's room, or that Gatorade bottle once had piss in it?

No. 1698409

Nonna pls I’m already struggling to cope with this kek. (You know that Gatorade bottle 100% was a piss receptacle barfffff)

No. 1698410

The country which literally banned men from wearing tight pants from appearing on TV, truly a haven of non-toxic masculinity

No. 1698411

he reminds me of the two filthy moids i was roommates with in college who expected me to clean up after them like i was their mother

No. 1698414

Yeah, not quite the word I would have chosen there kek.

No. 1698418

File: 1668257285969.jpg (62.77 KB, 720x653, ostensibly.jpg)

Credit where credit is due, he used the word appropriately, even if it wasn't intentional.

No. 1698421

all of these MTFs are autistic and its so crazymaking because they cannot comprehend how ugly they are

No. 1698422

File: 1668258135711.png (83.92 KB, 1023x940, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 07-54…)

Estrogen makes me cry like a teenage girl. Second puberty, teehee!:

No. 1698429

File: 1668259160318.jpeg (28.51 KB, 627x286, 68FEC873-48E1-461F-88DC-4B5D28…)

sage for sameblogfagging but as a corollary to that, these failmail autists will never have a conception of the agony that is female puberty, they will never experience that crippling insecurity and the feeling that youve transitioned into an object of use instead of a person because they are “born” into a world where everyone is afraid to even judge their appearance negatively let alone their behavior. they are top of the food chain. and then they have the audacity to whine about how they were deprived so cruelly of female puberty, which of course means having sleepovers with your besties and giggling about boys and looking sexy to pedophiles. picrel is what they view as the “oppression” that they think they would be free of if they went through female puberty

No. 1698434

>i tried telling people its teen girl puberty emotions plus a life time of suppressed trauma mixed in. but people just do not understand the concept of a second puberty. so we do not get the leeway that emotional teen girls get, especially at 37.
1. teen girls, including myself, have become to face of mockery and ridicule. to be a teen girl and to like something, is that that something is now cringe or embarrassing, that our emotions are not real and made up. i was not diagnosed or treated at all until my 20s.
2. how much you wanna bet they get 'euphoria pedophile boners' each and every single time they type 'teen girl'?
i hop Kampfer84 41s himself by 41 nonas.

No. 1698435

samefagging to say how much do you need to hate yourself to be a real woman and humiliate yourself while VaLiDaTiNg troon delusions kek. has to be a larper it has to be

No. 1698446

Exactly what I was going to say anon. Teen girls don't get "leeway" for being emotional, they get punished. I don't know why they think everyone is suddenly coddling towards teen girls, it's the complete opposite

No. 1698447

Fucking spot on. And when something bad or even legitimately traumatic happens to a teenage girl, society bends over backwards trying to make it her fault. Hard not to reeeee

No. 1698452

I'm in a fashion discord for a style that's mostly worn by men. I saw someone with a female name and she/her pronouns in their name, so I thought there's no way this person is a woman. I go and check their images and, to no one's surprise, he's a moid that wears men's clothes and looks like a regular guy with short hair and posted a shirtless pic of himself to ask for advice building muscle. Someone explain this to me

No. 1698453

File: 1668263502431.png (47.56 KB, 1154x204, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 17.30…)

No. 1698465

File: 1668265974432.png (22.3 KB, 900x196, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 10-08…)

>I'm a sex abolitionist
But TRAs aren't trying to erase the distinction between gender and sex!

No. 1698467

When the fuck are they going to learn both men and women have naturally occurring testosterone and estrogen in their bodies? It irks me to no end, but then again these fuckers are doing their best to destroy biology so there's probably no end in sight. The more this stuff becomes normalized and accepted the worse the outcomes for women, our bodies aren't taken seriously by medical science to begin with.

No. 1698470

so how does he explain those pesky sex differences in genitalia? why doesn’t a penis morph into a vagina with enough exposure to estrogen?

No. 1698471

They will literally redefine biology rather than admit they're motivated by AGP. Relevant article:

No. 1698479

File: 1668269051441.jpeg (576.13 KB, 828x1522, 4BD0DCE5-8300-474D-8B12-A92F12…)

it’s annoying how rad fems and gender crits have been this saying that the bottom surgery troons get is fucked and they get dragged for it, but when an actual troon comes forward and says the same thing everyone agrees? this trans woman got bottom surgery says his vagina looks “barbie” (gross) however he admits he’ll never live a normal human life again. he has to constantly dilate or else it’ll close up, a bubble will form inside & he will get an infection that’ll kill him. hmm, wonder where i’ve heard that before? look at some of the comments. literally morbid

No. 1698481

File: 1668269131523.jpeg (589.58 KB, 828x1572, 57F89B7C-E289-43E3-90A2-E3943F…)

this guy just admitted to castrating himself and being trapped in an endless loop of sticking a plastic thing up his open wound so he doesn’t get an infection and die yet they’re all so casual about it

No. 1698486

not a troon but i heard PPV (the one jazz jennings had) doesn't require lifetime of dilation and it doesn't close up like a wound

can any medfag confirm/debunk this?

No. 1698490

I also work in healthcare and have been wondering what it's going to be like in the future. I can only imagine the extreme complications so many are going to experience once they start getting up there in age and having other issues that involve incontinence, catheter care, weakened pelvic floors, etc.

No. 1698492

iirc jazz's mom has talked publicly about his dilation. gonna assume whoever told you it doesn't close up is delulu or lying to you

No. 1698501

it's the autism bubbling up

No. 1698502

File: 1668270701277.jpeg (101.26 KB, 828x258, 9C01B10A-DE3B-457E-B1D4-029527…)

ayrt according to this person, older troons claim that the dilation frequency decreases over time

No. 1698503

I remember that. She was telling her friend that she would wake Jazz up and make them dilate like some kind of drill sargeant. Some of the most bizarre and disturbing shit ever on TV. Your mom having to police when and how often to shove something in your private region? Absolutely bleak

No. 1698504

>inserting something in a wound is the same as brushing your teeth
brain worms

No. 1698506

Yes, didn't she literally act like she would strangle him if it closed up? Like she was pissed at Jazz being too lazy to dilate

No. 1698507

So ridiculous this is what men use their privileges to do and then get confused when not everyone buys into it.
"Well then just become a man then if you don’t like it" - troons probably

No. 1698509

File: 1668271114723.jpg (195.82 KB, 917x1073, FhXtM7WWIAI65lp.jpg)

The thing about Lia Thomas "gf" passing? Yeah nvm

No. 1698511

”Lia’s” “girlfriend” looks like Rick from Degrassi trooned out to me kekkkk god they deserve to be as ugly as they are and I’m glad.

No. 1698512

File: 1668271204837.jpg (185.33 KB, 791x939, FhXtM7TWAAADpKH.jpg)

Why do they always have the worst makeup taste AND skills

No. 1698524

I just realized that some of these degenerates will make it to a retirement home one day. I was hoping to live out my golden girls dream when I'm old and now I realize there's no escape from these sex pests. Luna Lilith Jezabel McHugeTits will be fucking up bingo nights for us all

No. 1698526

The comically long arms, huge hands, feet and dome lmao faggot

No. 1698528

Definitely happy about the recent trend of troons dating each other. If they can cancel each other out of the equation maybe there is hope for the rest of us. We can send them all to a farm upstate and they can frolic and go spinny in their ugly shein dresses for the rest of time.

No. 1698530

>A Nintendo fan
The jokes just write themselves

No. 1698532

Hoping they die of health complications from all the synthetic hormones they take or 41% themselves before they get to retirement age. Fingers crossed

No. 1698533

If it's any consolation, there was a report going around about a post-op TIM in a retirement home whose dementia made him forget his fetish LARP, so he became extremely distressed and started asking people why he had boobs and where his dick was. From what I understand, HRT for troons fries their brains and increases general mortality rate (both suicide and illness), so it's likely that if you go into a home and there's a tranny there, he (or she, this includes TIFs) will be dementia-ridden and scared of his(/her) own body.

No. 1698535

ew his teeth are more yellow than his hair

No. 1698538

When your dick is so small you think it's literally a clit

No. 1698545

his teeth look like milk teeth and it's freaking me out. i work with toddlers and a lot of them have teeth like that (but whiter ofc).

No. 1698549

Nah PPV closes up too. Because the hole they're making down there is still artificially created and carved out, that's what tries to close. It doesn't matter which method is used, they both will always try to close up

No. 1698551

This makes me want to alog so bad. How deluded can you possibly be to think that if you just jab enough hormones into yourself your chromosomes will change?? If your beliefs are this far from reality why are you not in a mental facility?

Also, re the idiot who thinks that because his balls ooze he is menstruating and has ovotesticular disorder, NORD is one google away.


You still present male or female, it's just your internal sex organs that are changed.

No. 1698571

another stereotype that troons seem to possess about women.

No. 1698575

They are great at ruining things by association. If they all start attaching "fangirl" to everything, nothing means anything anymore. As if a title like that isn't already cringe inducing enough they have to appropriate it kek. I'm just gonna keep my interests to myself.

No. 1698577

not to mention the dementia many of them will have causing them to wonder (and possibly panic about) wtf happened to their junk
imagine being a health care provider in an old folk's home who has to dilate the senile old dude's poop wound for him while he asks you wtf happened to his dick

No. 1698578

Ugh wouldn’t they just let it close up at that point? I hate thinking about some poor woman most likely having to do it because she needs that job to live.

No. 1698580

File: 1668277843808.jpg (167.31 KB, 1001x889, IMG_20221112_192456.jpg)

>omg this is not about you!!!
we know, it never is, you don't give af about your fellow women.

this nikita shit is making me so mad, they all go "she will literally get raped, tortured and killed in male prison, they're like animals there! men rape much more than women, it's facts!" but also "nikita never did anything to a woman, plus she isn't attracted to women, she is no risk!"
and the worst "female inmates constantly rape each other yet you only cared about the one time a trans woman did it!"

No. 1698581


I honestly don't think most of them will make it to old age. They have to take hormones and clean their open wounds everyday and most men can barely manage a shower and drinking water. And I have a feeling that the ones that do make it to at least middle age will kill themselves because most people grow out of being gender special during their 20s and being stuck as a man with no dick and a smelly hole you have to dilate everyday sounds miserable.

No. 1698582

>cops will abuse twoonswimmin every chance they get.
Good. Hope they do it tons. They abuse us fucking plenty. God I’m so full of rage.

No. 1698583

If you let it close up on its own, the end can seal before the inside end and trap miasma in there. While I'm not against troons getting sepsis with their festering bad choices, it would chew up emergency room space and the "solution" would be opening and cleansing, wasting time and resources. That said I'm not sure if you can amputate the tube inside and seal up the exit to simplify the problem.

No. 1698584

for once a troon is getting fully ratio’d even by the typical TRA crowd, he had to go private KEK

No. 1698586

so women live on easy mode but men who believe this theory and want the same easy mode life dont? retard troon logic

No. 1698593

fucking weird how I have a few degrees of separation from Lia Thomas by way of a former moid friend (a SA goon kek, big surprise) who's now a TIM and part of Lia's local tranny ratking. sorry for blog but dang, small world.

No. 1698597

How do the cops know who is a trans woman? I thought you couldn't tell who is trans and who is cis. If removing your make up is enough to "pass as male", I have very bad news for you

No. 1698598

So they admit they aren't even close to passing without makeup? kek

No. 1698605

It's your brain on Troonshine. No rhyme or reasoning to it.

No. 1698609


every time this argument comes up i just say there is literally no reason to put transwomen in women's prisons that wouldn't also apply to even vaguely effeminate men.

like if we're going to put the teenagers, mentally ill, elderly, sick, frail, and meek men in the men's prisons what is honestly the difference? at least the prison reform people who want to fix the whole thing have a point.

with TRAs though, you know they wouldn't actually want to go to an all trans prison ward either, they want access to women and validation points. it's just fucked up.

No. 1698614

File: 1668282827536.jpg (230.05 KB, 1064x682, FhYPGIxUUAEmGgM.jpg)

Another ugly moid cheating in womens sport and winning

No. 1698615

No. 1698617

Sorry for blog, this is my first time posting but I had a really confusing experience today.

A friend from my hometown visited me today and got her period while we were out, so I said I'd take her to my college's student union where they have stations of free sanitary products in the bathrooms. Once we got there the station was empty, not too suprising as people always want free pads. But the weirdest thing was as we were leaving the bathroom talking about going to fetch some from the reception, a guy overheard and told us there were some in the mens bathroom?? So we had to actually walk into the male bathroom, I made sure to grab all of the products and take them back to the female bathroom. If my college pretends to care so much about diversity and making sure everyone who needs period products has them, there is absolutely no excuse for not making sure the women's bathrooms are fully stocked, while keeping the men's overflowing with products (obviously because they are never used as they never need them)

No. 1698622

makes me want to fucking alog. i miss when these threads were entertaining.

No. 1698623

holy shit nonnie

No. 1698625

God bless you anon. It shows how misogynistic this movement is. It's all about taking from women giving to men

No. 1698627

whats his name?

No. 1698629

they are always patchworked tattooed leftists too

No. 1698632

it's probably for the tifs, but yeah

No. 1698634

? he’s an old man with a leg tattoo, not a patchwork tat zoomer lol what are you on nonna

No. 1698639

File: 1668284984457.png (193.48 KB, 1462x704, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 23.27…)

aspiring rapist learns that long hair and programmer socks only worn by agp men arent attractive to lesbians and is mad about it. who knew?

No. 1698641

File: 1668285067266.jpg (178.14 KB, 631x1280, 34rasbdzolw91.jpg)

agp smirk kek

No. 1698646

>Is it really true that lesbians won’t sleep with men, even if we tell them we’re women?
Yup, surprise surprise, it turns out that those cruel, cruel homosexuals won’t even consider having sex with someone of the opposite sex! Who woulda thought?
Also, I seriously doubt any of the lesbians needed to see the trans flag to realize what was up. I’ve seen troons in lesbian bars in Seattle, and even there, they were shuttled off to the side and avoided, left to scavenge amongst the other male rejects.

No. 1698657

A tranny I know is gloating online about the republicans losing the midterms because people stand for trans rights. It just pisses me off because it’s obviously for other reasons like roe. Not trying to start a political debate but I wish there was some way they knew a lot of liberals secretly hate troon shit

No. 1698662

Sorry you know a troon, nonna. My genuine condolences.

No. 1698663

in their world, the entirety of the world spins on an axis balanced on their girldicks

No. 1698664

File: 1668287787023.png (157.28 KB, 1023x2110, MyClosetedBiAlt-dailylifeofatr…)

How do these narcs do it? Manage to rope in a woman despite creepy red flag behavior, have kids, troon out on her, and still together. Men really get to have it all, huh.

No. 1698669

File: 1668288278628.png (51.78 KB, 521x362, FfsqCakXwAYU3BC.png)

What does he mean "REAL" solution?? Theres no way to get shorter, you wanna chop some of your legs off? They always expect there to be some kind of surgery for anything

No. 1698671

Sage for old news, but the trans issue is absolutely hurting democrats, and women who have less to lose (eg hillary clinton) are starting to hint at it. (For comparison, depending on how the question is asked, up to 70% of Americans believe that abortion should be between a woman and her doctor—it is a winning issue for dems.)
Trans people, in their infinite insecurity, have started guilting people for simply having sex pattern recognition, and guilting people for perceptions they can’t control is unsustainable. It was one thing when their messaging was “you have to be nice, even if it’s an ugly male in a dress.” Now their messaging is, “you have to look at an ugly male in a dress and see a beautiful woman and if you don’t, you’re a bigot. Oh and also you have to have sex with us, especially lesbians.” People can’t help but to see an ugly man in a dress when what’s in front of them is an ugly man in a dress. Additionally, I think most people, even women socialized to put others’ needs first, would rather be labeled a bigot than go anywhere near their festering genitals—I mean, totally realistic vagina analogues, kek.


No. 1698672

If you'd rather be a man than a tall/fat/ugly cis woman then ya aint have gender dysphoria(''cis'')

No. 1698673

File: 1668288409470.jpeg (178.47 KB, 1000x746, 32F8D141-BE0D-4FB1-A60E-0866B3…)

He could always go for the Cotton Hill surgery, like picrel kekkkk

No. 1698674

File: 1668288439093.png (1.74 MB, 1054x1791, tranny2.png)

No. 1698675

he wishes he looked natural kek

No. 1698677

Leah Thomas is from one of the state’s (Texas) richest areas. He went to a school that hated poor kids so much, they created their own school district for their rich neighborhood only. He is 100% one of the AGPs who wants to cash in on some made up “adversity” since he grew up in an incredibly well off home with privilege. He definitely has had everything handed to him and has never been told no. 100% of AGP troons are like this- spoiled men who think they’re entitled to forcing their delusions upon everyone else, especially so they can receive brownie points for their made up adversity.

Sorry for sperging

No. 1698678

Are bones a social construct? How the hell would hormones make you shorter?

No. 1698681

“You look so natural” meaning you look 100% like a man just with an Amazon wig kek. Men will never realize that we are blatantly laughing in their faces- they just aren’t socialized to see it.

No. 1698684

File: 1668290386504.png (63.85 KB, 1023x659, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 16-56…)

Most sane tranny
shin jelly kek

No. 1698689


No. 1698690

shocking how a majority of troons looks exactly like projared

No. 1698691

why mention half naked toddler?

No. 1698693

I was thinking the exact same thing. Super super weird thing, set my mama radar off like crazy. They really love to tell on themselves. Also every time they call themselves “us girls” or whatever it makes me want to spit with fury.

No. 1698694

File: 1668291962749.png (543.22 KB, 551x773, lmao.png)

No. 1698698

Who fucking cares if it's a "preference" or a "requirement?" It is HEALTHY to have hard boundaries about who you will and will not fuck.
They want to use ridicule to break down women's boundaries and make them second-guess themselves so they're easily coercible.
I'm so scared for younger lesbians especially, having to come of age in a world that is increasingly hostile toward them and their totally normal, healthy boundaries.

No. 1698700

White male predator physiognomy

No. 1698702

File: 1668293102485.png (161.95 KB, 809x609, Screenshots_2022-11-13-06-42-2…)

but it still can look botched and have complications tho

No. 1698705

kek nona Cotton was the first thing that came into my mind too. he is dangerously approaching transabled territory here

No. 1698707

>Meet girl who decides to make me a project to save after her ex killed himself years after they broke up and decided to be friends.
>Trauma bond. Date.
>Learn she's autistic.

That's how. They find a vulnerable disabled woman, force an unhealthy bond, then take advantage of them being unable/unwilling to leave. And they'll outright admit this.

No. 1698717

File: 1668295977881.jpg (85.1 KB, 1200x675, 1650939665224.jpg)

>men are a danger to women
>so lets put this man in a womens prison
this logic just kills me

No. 1698718

>cis woman

No. 1698722

File: 1668296755285.png (34.72 KB, 1111x369, I hate it when I get an emphas…)

Another of his posts

No. 1698723

File: 1668296785918.png (1.43 MB, 1114x1328, 2.png)

No. 1698727

>cat eared glasses
Did he just refer to cat eye glasses, which resemble cat eyes, as cat eared glasses? I can't with these retards

No. 1698728

remember nona, they're more woman than us because they try harder kek

No. 1698733

I hate how they imply that any man who wears a "feminine coat" (lol wtf is that) should be referred to as a woman. Like, are men not allowed to wear makeup etc.? Should they be called "M'am" now as default? How are people who see you wearing cat ears not going to assume you're an autistic porn-sick man?

No. 1698734

File: 1668298240097.jpg (710.36 KB, 1255x2185, 1641017569256.jpg)

this same guy goes on reddit to complain about how he is so hot that he is constantly hounded by men on the streets, and he feels so scared like a smol girl. i find it hilarious that in order to not come across as a fetishistic coomer, these guys have to pretend like they dont want positive attention while in public (if they even get it which i doubt), but even bringing it up is a humble brag about how "well" they "pass". has anyone else noticed these bullshit posts from trannies like "i got catcalled by a hundred men on my way to walgreens, and i felt so violated and unsafe."?

No. 1698735

File: 1668298257191.jpeg (194.16 KB, 1668x393, 04B7009C-BA82-4BDC-8AA8-B1742C…)

Fixed it for you

No. 1698736


honestly i always felt the genital preference thing was people trying to be nice. there is no polite way to say you don't want to date the performative version of a woman and just want someone who is naturally that way without having to think about it or use drugs and surgeries. like there's a real comfort to knowing that the person half asleep waking up next to you to go take a piss isn't temporarily in their man self before they turn on the performance again.

No. 1698742

I can’t imagine how common it would be for TiFs to be using male bathrooms and to be confident enough to grab one while men might be around. It’s all just posturing.

No. 1698744

File: 1668300503051.jpeg (189.62 KB, 632x546, AA50A26D-4A00-4013-99C5-5366B1…)

No. 1698746

kek that’s hilarious

No. 1698747

This is what I don’t get. They say they’re all about breaking gender stereotypes but then they stereotype every little thing, clothing included. Just wear what you want and don’t expect other people to read your mind.

No. 1698749

File: 1668301692240.png (74.22 KB, 984x504, tEcTeg9.png)

i guess it's not going so good

No. 1698751

he's a jailhouse scribbled millennial, he just looks like shit. i count three tattoos

No. 1698765

So fake

No. 1698768


it really bothers me even the left doesn't tell them to just leave the service workers alone. i don't know what it is with trans specifically but none of the other social movements are antagonistic like that. even the people angry of the happy holidays stuff didn't act like you were personally trying to spite them.

No. 1698771

Can't stand it. Every service person they bully is usually just some normie who's being polite by using "sir" and "ma'am" like they're supposed to, and probably isn't terminally online enough to be conditioned into gaslighting themselves. They don't deserve to be bullied and they aren't transphobes, they're just people trying to get through their damn day.

No. 1698772

File: 1668308032258.png (46.95 KB, 992x550, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 21-48…)

>Nobody is attracted to sex. They're attracted to gender.
>You don't learn someones cis/trans status until after you're already attracted to them
His user history is something else.

No. 1698773

Oh God these freakshows are coming for our sex ed aren't they? Just a bit ago I heard that some schools were teaching very young children that "men can get pregnant". Not even "trans men", just "men". They're seriously trying to confuse people about simple biology. Imagine screwing up some young kid's understanding of fundamental biology by telling them things like "women can have penises" without even explaining to them the bizarre-o logic you use to justify that statement, it's as if they want no critical thinking or any dialogue, just statements to be churned out and repeated. Concerning, but I'm sure somebody will come along to fix it.

No. 1698798

the tranny flag sweatband. just in case you weren’t sure it was another man taking a woman’s space.

No. 1698805

>beep boop put me out of my misery

No. 1698813

Trannies once again flaunting their male brains. That is obviously not a compliment.

No. 1698833

File: 1668322908298.png (949.4 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221113-020112.png)

This is how I dressed when I was like 7…

No. 1698835

trannies trying to be not like other TIMs alert

No. 1698836

that hair is so gross

No. 1698837


fun fact in california trans prisoners can choose to go to prisons that match their gender identity (there's a whole thing like it has to be documented etc) and guess what happened when they started transferring transwomen to the womens' prisons? a whole bunch of new pregnancies.

No. 1698841

i saw an interview with a female inmate who was in a prison with men who identified as women. she said the girls thought it was really funny the condoms were there until they realized why they were there. she also mentioned that when two male inmates transferred in, she heard them say "stick to the plan" which is fucked up. i also remember her saying that some of the female inmates sort of got in with the guys and they formed weird gangs with the trannies to have more power in exchange for being more willing to have sex with them, and the male guards looked the other way because they would also sexually harass the female inmates.

No. 1698857

File: 1668330336114.jpg (436.42 KB, 1994x1436, FhZVTSnUoAAIQyJ.jpg)

Northampton International Cyclocross Day 1 winner Austin Killips

Womens sport is doomed if nothing happens soon, I wonder how far it will go before people begin realizing how fucked this is

No. 1698860

damn he looks like the worms from men in black, how is that body type even possible

No. 1698873

i wonder if they actually believe that they're winning fair and square. are they so deluded that they think they don't have an advantage or do they just not care? you would think that easily beating women with their male brute strength would be "dysphoria-inducing".

No. 1698875

File: 1668334910073.jpg (184.51 KB, 839x662, 1641215780198.jpg)

sage for OT but I hate "commie" troons, more then any subset of TIMs, there's just something that's so utterly hypocritical and offensive that pisses me off, transgenderism is against the core of communism, the collective mentality and the force of the majority. it's ridiculous to think they'll get free mutilations since they're, supposedly, less than 1% of global population.
troons can only exist in this era, were hyperconsumism and hyperindividualism are allowed.

No. 1698881

File: 1668335811988.jpg (945.07 KB, 810x2589, Screenshot_20221113-053248_Boo…)

Malest thing I've ever seen

No. 1698883

Males are socialized to be competitive. That's all he cares about is winning. Not getting "caught" is what fuels him.

No. 1698885

Troons are more likely to have early onset dementia because they do HRT. The male brain's cognitive functions rely on testosterone production. They're gonna forget they're trans in a very short amount of time and freak the fuck out.

No. 1698890

>I don't think most of them will make it to old age
That is fair. Having worked in a long term care facility though, a lot of the younger residents are only in their 50-60s. I could definitely imagine an influx of butchered troons beginning to appear at these places in the next 20-30years time with all the damage they are actively choosing to do to themselves. Men typically don't live as long as women, so the ratio will definitely start to taper off 60+.

>regardless of who Nikita Dragun is as a person
>keep makeup wipes in your glovebox
>cops have shown they will abuse transwomen
Nikita was literally running around public hotel property NAKED, what the fuck would makeup wipes do in this situation, lmao. Also, fuck cops, but that last bit was ironic considering Nikita was the one attacking hotel staff, cops, and seemingly anyone else who was trying to stop him.

No. 1698899

I feel the same way nona. I had to unfollow/leave a lot of once-interesting acid marxism pages and groups because it became so obsessed with trans stuff. Like what does surgery, synthetic hormones, fetishes, clothing aesthetics and uwu validation have to do with this? Argh.

No. 1698900

Guaranteed he typed this one handed. Men love to imagine themselves getting harrassed like women do.

No. 1698901

bleak af. jesus christ

No. 1698903

Insanely fake. Italian moids are gross as fuck, but they sure as hell know what women are, and it’s not hulking men in schoolgirl costumes. Most people in my city look at troons like the freaks they are.

No. 1698907

This kek. Italian moids ARE gross, but they (and women as well) openly hate trannies there from what I remember lmao. I’m sure that hasn’t changed with the majority of people. Once I saw a group of teenage boys insulting one on the street and I had to laugh as I passed. They may be racist and sexist as hell but most people I know from Italy are very against troons.
>t. lived in Florence for five years bc opera singer.

No. 1698920

File: 1668344537499.png (667.09 KB, 718x779, 951631C7-4053-4619-BD1F-0A39FC…)

The internet and its consequences

No. 1698921

Japan has always been open to degeneracy so dunno why this is surprising to you

No. 1698924

File: 1668345367075.jpg (616.96 KB, 2048x1364, FhXBsSOUoAAhHUT.jpg)

It was mostly foreigners and westaboo orbiters from what I could see on twitter. I recommend anyone who needs a painful laugh to check out the tag. The screaming moids in horrible drag blocking out the 4 foot tall TIFs, despite the TIFs outnumbering them on a scale of like 20:1, is incredible. Male behavior.

No. 1698925

kek the tiny short haired women in shirts and giant males in make up and dresses. never not amusing.

No. 1698926

>hulking giant western AGPs next to diminutive japanese women pretending to be men

No. 1698931

>look more feminine
Holy shit. My sides kek

No. 1698936

File: 1668348053268.jpeg (447.65 KB, 1170x1276, FB9A7C80-2C87-4550-9723-2FC3DA…)

Apparently they don’t think real women say the word retarded

No. 1698938

"the r word" makes them sound like frat bros but not literal vitriolic misogyny. okay.

No. 1698950

File: 1668349417448.png (41.58 KB, 712x261, unknown-44.png)

Does this fit here?

No. 1698952

File: 1668349816290.jpeg (568.61 KB, 999x2000, 2EC57BAE-818F-4F63-A2B1-74A791…)

it’s getting more and more obvious as he ages kek, i wonder if he’ll give up and detrans cause this is just pitiful now

No. 1698954

since it's news yes, but then he should go into detrans cows.
kek even the wokes who slammed him for being transracial defended his new gender identity tooth and nail against anyone who dared say it was just another way for him to fish for attention. of course this clearly proves that he's very stable and very normal.

No. 1698960

File: 1668351122054.jpeg (913.76 KB, 1125x1447, CD1A91EF-C1C1-4324-B8CB-F1CE4B…)

All the comments are full of troons complaining how “sus” it is that cis lesbians aren’t commenting positively on this meme about “choking on cock” kek

No. 1698961

File: 1668351259922.jpeg (294.79 KB, 1125x917, FC87AC0E-3842-4C24-8F15-FABD0A…)

No. 1698963

File: 1668351341064.jpeg (699.74 KB, 1125x1786, E6550D29-ED2B-4D3C-B800-5386DD…)

“Strangely silent” what a mystery, it’s almost like they don’t want your cocks gentlemen

No. 1698965

File: 1668351492136.png (1.13 MB, 722x812, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 9.51…)

i was waiting for him to be posted here, I'm glad his time has come. He's my personal cow. I hope someone archived the link though because he deleted it.
>I'm not sure how that racked up to $600,
I'm assuming it's a typo and they meant $60.

There are multiple photos like picrel, I think we can safely assume he's the problem.

No. 1698966

Support your trans sisters by saying you want to CHOKE on their dicks, lesbians but never make vagina jokes because that excludes them at hurts their feefees. pls kill me now.

No. 1698968

Deport them all

No. 1698970

Are the other racers holding hands behind him? I hope so. I like seeing the solidarity between the real winners when this happens. I really like the look on the woman to the left’s face in this pic too >>1698614. They all know the truth.

No. 1698971

beyond me that they can’t even conceptualize someone not wanting to fuck them. Its either because they’re terfs (want them but in denial) or afraid of wanting them publicly. I’m praying for the t4t thing to take hold so they self quarantine.

No. 1698973

What? The AGPs are Japanese too anon

No. 1698974

Oh my god nonnas they really think lesbians are afraid of commenting because they’d be “fetishizing the girlcock”. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, they really think all women think about coom 24/7 like they do. It would be hilarious if they didn’t always reveal themselves as rapey incels.

No. 1698975

File: 1668352364932.png (94.12 KB, 580x453, Screenshot 5 (2).png)

The handful that aren't degenerates call these types "soycialists' or "fatsocs" they might outnumber us but they will never actually take power in the, cause they are delusional and think exercise if fascist

No. 1698976

Are the staff supposed to dilate for them when they get too old?
It's annoying because they don't live their politics, as they're the ultimate consoomers

No. 1698985

File: 1668353453717.jpeg (217.33 KB, 1290x1008, 356E5357-52BE-4ED7-A93A-DBAB4A…)

comments from the same post

No. 1698986

>LGBT+ are part of the working class
kek the T+ is anything but "working class"
this has to be a psy-op.

No. 1698990

Thanks for confirming nonna.
I’m from a different region but the mask off disdain and hatred of troons from other women here warms the heart kek

No. 1698991


I used to get into it a lot with them over most of the T+ very much not being working class. A lot of them were basically either 14, NEETs, or just hanging out in university forever. The thing was though they would always be able to take over any discussion just because they had near unlimited free time.

No. 1698992

I want to go outside and scream into the sky every time I read the goddamn word “girlcock”. There. Is. No. Such. THING. AND OF COURSE THEY SAY GIRL RATHER THAN WOMAN BC THEYRE ALL PEDOS. Sage for losing it, sorry nonnas.

No. 1698994

lmao even in that airbrushed pic of him he still just looks like a dude with long hair.

No. 1698997

File: 1668354381842.jpeg (8.39 KB, 240x210, reeer.jpeg)

NEETs hold too much power. they basically control reddit and most online communities. cancer.

No. 1699012

>Being a violent male with a gun obsession, but virtue signaling against the NRA
>Turning Rosie the Riveter into a violent TIM
Sometimes I wish that TERFs were as genocidal as trannies claim they are.

No. 1699013

Yeah, no shit it’s “telling” that LESBIANS don’t want to choke on cock. They tried telling you that already, you reeeed & melted down & shamed & threatened them for it, and now their silence is speaking for itself. It’s just your deranged male entitlement standing in the way of you getting the message.

No. 1699020

>buh-buh-but it's a GIRL PENIS
No. No it's not. Lesbians want nothing to do with a flesh and blood male with a penis. Period. They think they can use this "discrimination" card but it will not work. Lesbians do not want your funky man penis, fucking deal with it you degenerate psycho. I'm not even a lesbian and can figure that out pretty fucking easily.

No. 1699023

>Weeb shit
>Lowkey furry shit
>Involves suffering
>Involves penis
Gee I wonder why the actual "cis" lesbians don't want anything to do with this. Also, they're so transparent when they whine about how there's so many posts about vaginas, and not many posts about dick. As if you don't have a preference as well, Tim. No, you just want to police women and make them talk about dick for your own satisfaction.

No. 1699030

File: 1668357499963.png (507.39 KB, 470x713, frommars.png)

imagine being in an old fashioned cafe enjoying a slice of coffee cake and then seeing this sitting at the next table

No. 1699034

It is admittedly pretty funny to see AGPs getting mad when they see actual lesbian behavior and realize they don't relate to us at all, because we're homosexual women, and they're men with porn-induced pseudobisexuality who are more attracted to clothes and concepts (like "femininity" or "being dominated") than actual people. Now if only they would leave us, our language, our human rights movements, and our legislation alone, maybe we could just laugh at them in peace.

No. 1699036

I would love to know what this person looks like

No. 1699040

File: 1668358260842.jpeg (871.63 KB, 1668x2145, A7857886-95EA-4E8F-9F13-83F85E…)

>front page of r/actual lesbians
>first post is mod-pinned post about not mentioning AGAB
>second post is that awful meme about trans women being better women because they…uh…like it more than someone’s actual mother?
>third post is a meme about horse piss pills
>fourth post is a troon bitching about troons needing more love from r/actuallesbians, accompanied by a NSFW image
Could they possibly be anymore male? They have fully taken over this female space, filling it with nasty porn even though the whole point of r/actuallesbians was that it not be pornographic, and yet they are STILL complaining about not getting enough attention.

No. 1699043

>still got 1k upvotes
these trannies are so stupid.

No. 1699045

It’s always good to think of Tranny politics as akin to the political system of Oceania in 1984. See, on some level they simultaneously know the subreddit completely supports them, but also believe that it doesn’t, the point isn’t to reach towards somethings we call truth, liberation, or equality; the point is that there will ALWAYS be internal enemies, normies must ALWAYS be made to feel they aren’t doing enough for troons, you must ALWAYS be focusing on the emotional well-being of deeply mentally ill strangers otherwise you’re a bigot.

Honestly I don’t see where they think this ends because mentally ill freaks that make up 1% of the population definitely aren’t going to successfully control the masses unless literally all employers go full tilt for troons.

No. 1699047


Even when I hadn't peaked I really hated what they would do to every place they took over. All the actual content disappears and you just get this creepy mewling 24/7. I remember every time people would get weirded out and ask them to stop, of course one of them would've managed to be a mod and would spit out some mumbo jumbo about how straight sexuality is normalized so that means you have to let turbo autist sexually harass everyone.

No. 1699050

They’re mad their echo chamber is an echo chamber filled with no one but them. They want actual lesbians to kiss their asses, but all the actual lesbians left when they took over with their gross hentai and pedophilic girlcock sperging.

No. 1699052

Oh yea, completely forgot the other interpretation, that they want to sexually harass women and are seething that there are no women on their sub to harass

No. 1699055

I love how bad they are at pretending that they see each other as real women. And they always cope with bullshit like, “oh, I can tell because I’m trans, too! I have a special sense for these things!” That special sense is called sight and actually all humans have it lol.
They try so hard to convince lesbians that cocks in frocks are identical to real women…then seethe when they’re alone in a room with no real women. I thought it was impossible to tell? Top kek

No. 1699056

Top post is a unintentionally a perfect summary of a male’s primary needs: boundless love, attention, and mommying from a woman, and a generous pinch of delusion.

No. 1699064

None of them look western/white to me?

No. 1699065

File: 1668361438208.jpg (174.36 KB, 1080x1771, Fhc-gZCWYAEFNP8.jpg)

Why do they always overshare so much? Like fucking keep shit to yourself

No. 1699072

>they had near unlimited free time.
this is the most logical explanation of why troons dominate seemingly all online spaces, its cause their terminally online NEETs who are unified

No. 1699074

I don’t know of any woman that orgasms just from being “euphoric” but whatever.

Btw, they overshare because they’re overwhelmingly autistic, honestly wouldn’t be surprised if trannyism is just repackaged eugenics where people with conditions like autism basically get neutered

No. 1699082

File: 1668362650315.jpg (1.2 MB, 810x2910, Screenshot_20221113-125821_Boo…)

Apologies for the wall of text. They're such hypocrites. Just had to get that "meat curtains" insult in there as well:

No. 1699084

They also control academia here in Anglophone North America.

No. 1699089

>anime loli furry shit
>degenerate “mommy dom” BDSM shit where they lie back and get serviced by a woman
>choking women with their cock

Notice how rarely these so-called “transbians” ever talk about eating pussy, giving women pleasure, or anything related to lesbian sexuality. Their sexuality is identical to every pornsick straight male - degrading fetishes, hurting women, being serviced by women etc. And they wonder why “cis” wlw avoid them like the plague!

No. 1699091

In the "passing" photo, he looks like a rejected von Trapp orphan

No. 1699092

File: 1668363341300.jpeg (448.44 KB, 960x1321, 1A5B73F6-7D55-4FD3-B7EA-19E3A0…)


No. 1699093

>a bunch of extra meat curtains
Wow they really hate vaginas.

No. 1699095

This is such a high concentration of retardation I feel like I lost IQ points. Can they hurry up and you know what themselves my GOD.

No. 1699096

This is what pisses me off even more about this situation. It wasn't a "girly" crime. He was assaulting people with his (super feminine) penis hanging out. How can you defend that going to a woman's facility? If he really had a "female brain" wouldn't he be doing … not that? How would that not pose a problem to all the other women in the prison? How can everyone be so dumb this is so depressing. I hope more things happen to peak young women because I feel really alone in my peer group. like I'm walking on eggshells constantly. It's so tiring. How did they scam us into willingly giving up what we/our parents/grandparents fought for?

No. 1699099

Correct. They loathe that which they can never in any capacity have.

No. 1699101

I am really hoping he does because I feel like he's so close to peaking. I really appreciated the episode of euphoria where they had jules talk about maybe detransitioning because they felt like they were defining womanhood by the male gaze. Maybe I gave too much credit to the shitty moids behind the show though.

No. 1699107

Of course they use the AGP smirk emoji

No. 1699109

They don't even know what female genitals are. Extra curtains? Do they think each woman has a different amount of labia?

No. 1699111

to the person who drew this, I hope you're doing well

No. 1699114

File: 1668364692180.jpeg (818.55 KB, 1186x990, originalcomic.jpeg)

I like that that it originally a comic from a straight girl that they edited some eyelashes onto

No. 1699115

which sub

No. 1699118

lesbiangang. all the lesbians are getting more and more fed up, i hope this is a sign of a turning tide. theyre even talking about the choking on girlcock post from AL.

No. 1699122

File: 1668365465239.jpg (825.52 KB, 810x2276, Screenshot_20221113-134854_Boo…)

No. 1699123

They’re still reiterating that “trans women are women” in the post complaining about moids posting their cocks, idk maybe they just don’t wanna get banned by reddit, the admins are aggressively pro-troon

No. 1699124

File: 1668365736059.jpg (105.1 KB, 583x792, troonsinlesbianspaces.jpg)

No. 1699127

Lesbians really need to stop posting there and just let it all be moids giving each other headpats. It sucks that the space has been taken over but I think there’s no saving it at this point.

No. 1699128

lol as if that will prevent them from getting banned. they might as well stand up to it because no amount of pandering is good enough if it isn't literally worshipping "girl dick"

No. 1699132

And they wonder why we call them men and can’t stand them. They’re no different than any other incels who throw around those words or “roastie”, or say we smell like fish or any other misogynistic bullshit. The thing that I wish is that handmaidens understand they feel that way about ALL women, not just terfs. They’re not actually getting any points by pity praising these men bc TiMs hate every woman.

No. 1699133

Preach. Most lesbians I know enjoy pleasing their partners but men are always me me me dick dick dick.

No. 1699134

There can't be many actual lesbians left. Even the most brainwashed seem to be sick of the penis talk, so AL is probably 99% men and spicy straight handmaidens.

No. 1699136

I hate how so many women still feel like they have to say they support TiMs. You don’t have to. You can just say you’re uncomfortable and it should fucking be enough.

No. 1699140

They did, that’s why the moids are whinging now. Ofc they’re rationalizing it by saying 50% of lesbians secretly want their girlcocks but are too shy to speak up, and the other 50% are evil terves (who also secretly want their girlcocks.) It couldn’t possibly be that lesbians aren’t commenting because they just aren’t interested in flirting with rapey men.

No. 1699141

Weird how it was furries who used to do this, then it was bronies. I'm convinced it's the same people and the specifics just changed.

No. 1699144

the poor women they manage to get on their side are the ones who were already married to them before they transitioned or gen z thembies. literally preying on the vulnerable

No. 1699145

It’s the exact same people, autistic incels that spend their entire lives online. Half the former bronies unironically became troons, and it’s funny because people used to despise bronies despite just being some creepy coombrained fanbase, whereas troons are actively trying to spread their mental illness to people susceptible to trooning out and people (largely women) who are willing to go along to get along and accept a man can be a woman

No. 1699150

has he ever seen a vulva? like ever?

No. 1699156

File: 1668368042110.png (111.54 KB, 1288x550, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 22.32…)

the jokes write themselves

No. 1699158

File: 1668368085516.jpeg (144.76 KB, 1080x1179, askgaybros.jpeg)

I know this is posted here a lot but it never stops being relevant. i wish lesbian women were afforded this frankness without getting banned.

No. 1699159

god im so jealous of them. cant even speak your mind online without an ugly troon breathing down your neck

No. 1699160

exactly lol always having to preface their comments with TW ARE WOMEN!!! but..

No. 1699161

if that comment was allowed to stay up on any of the lesbian subreddits they would have been nuked from orbit

No. 1699162

>Steven Universe eyebrows
And he dog ears aren't a fucking filter lmao just gross

No. 1699163

How generous of her to assume it's bisexual and "pansexual" women that are ruining lesbian spaces and not just hundreds of trannies.

No. 1699164

File: 1668368358978.png (65.1 KB, 739x655, Untitled.png)

the girls are waking up

No. 1699165

File: 1668368411491.png (139.34 KB, 1690x268, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 22.39…)

this is fucking sad

No. 1699167

if they were even more obsessed with sex shit, but in a vaguely ~woman respecting~ way it'd still be gross asf

I do not want to hear them talk about sex more. A man will say anything to get some.

No. 1699168

it breaks my heart. women have to preface speaking their minds with copious apologies and edit themselves to sound as sensitive as possible, and still get booted in the face for it.

No. 1699172

>meat curtains
Back in the mines.

No. 1699173

What were the original comments?

No. 1699174

This gives strong bippie vibes imo

No. 1699177

File: 1668370010197.jpg (194.85 KB, 854x1190, FhdY0crWQAA717E.jpg)

No. 1699179

Transwomen are women it's just that they all seem to like rape, pedophilia, their penises, women sucking on their penises, vulgarity, but uhhh they like watching two women kiss so they are obviously valid lesbos! Trannies are women too!!!!

No. 1699182

>Lia's local tranny ratking
I need to know more about this lmao. Share the milk, anon.

No. 1699184

…pee? cum?(sage)

No. 1699188

STANK GOOCH ASS NIGGA..Average male personal hygiene

No. 1699192

>constantly in pain

kek what

I hope no woman ever, ever dates or sleeps with this moid

No. 1699193

>ballsack skin is basically the same as labia
>rubs what I assume is his nasty poison jizz on his dry, stanky balls.
>”problem solved! It’s just like natural lubrication vaginas have, amirite fellow laydeez??”
I hope he 41%s soon. I’m so tired nonnas.

No. 1699196

File: 1668371692202.png (15.88 KB, 420x278, walter's_call-3037484656.png)

No fucking way no fucking way no fucking way did this guy just say he uses his sperm as lotion on the ringworms surrounding his dick. He jerks himself off to rub his jizz on his fungal infection. His reasoning?
>its like a labia
It's not even a sufficient answer.

No. 1699201

What was this in response to?

No. 1699206

nta but see here >>1699122

No. 1699209

File: 1668373729314.jpeg (497.43 KB, 1123x2120, 5F3EA414-23EC-4822-88D1-41F686…)

Ty nonna, I love this thread

>gets regularly washed

The shade has me screaming!

No. 1699211

KEK the shade I fucking love it, I hope all troons reading it 41%

No. 1699212

Ayrt and I wasn’t saying I wanted them to talk about those things ffs. I was saying they constantly tell on themselves that there’s nothing “lesbian” about them and they can’t even (poorly) impersonate us.

No. 1699213

You realize a lot of moids believe this and if you sleep with moids, you likely have already slept with someone who believes this?

No. 1699214

File: 1668374224305.png (305.88 KB, 522x927, cope.png)

which "girlcock" one? this one??

No. 1699216

>>1699214 its this one >>1698960. please scroll up next time its right there

No. 1699221

>know what they're doing
Anyone else see that one clip from Jazz's show where, DURING THE SURGERY, the doctors are fighting about what to and what not to cut? "Ostensibly" for sure my dude.

No. 1699223

File: 1668374826492.png (124.93 KB, 1231x632, manboobs.png)

Kek these comments are SO shady but so normie, I'm laughing at how bewildered and yet utterly disgusted all the lesbians sound in the comments. This is the way it should be!! Picrel is them blankly stating that trans "womens" boobs are man boobs and that the breast memes they make are clearly sexualizing actual women from a male gaze.
Also they're right about lesbian relationships not solely being about sex. The fixation on sexual organs in AL is so male. I feel like if women took it back over then the posts would be more cute and inspiring couple photos and less raunchy captions and anime reaction photos.

No. 1699224

Sorry nonnies, it's somehow more repulsive to me to realize that there's more than one post/meme about "choking on girlcock" on a lesbian sub. Utterly disgusting.

No. 1699227

You’re so right, I’m rooting for a takeover of r/actuallesbians by actual lesbians, but we all know the tranny jannies would nuke it from orbit the minute that happened

No. 1699238

It’s so stupid that you can’t even say this when it’s consistently and obviously true. Why else do they think TiMs act like men instead of women? They say they were “born in the wrong body” and “feel female”, yet they say and act and do everything that every other man does. It’s reflected by TiFs, who tend to get overshadowed and spoken over by their TiM counterparts. The socialization is beyond obvious.

No. 1699242

This is so refreshing. Sad that the sub probably won’t avoid the banhammer.

No. 1699246

File: 1668376230784.jpg (173.36 KB, 1080x1695, FheVmbvXgAAWWW1.jpg)

We need to stop being so nice to these freaks ffs

No. 1699247

non transitioning……..transwoman…….

No. 1699249

Feels such like a troll lol but I can see them defending that

No. 1699250

I'm a non-transitioning transitioning woman, what's so hard to get?

No. 1699252

So men don't know what the labia majora is and think women just have constant moist crotches?

No. 1699253


it's like a jedi mind trick except the force is the HR department

No. 1699256

Its scary how hard it is to tell if troons are legit or if its a troll because the actual troons are so far out anything could be real

No. 1699258

South farce

No. 1699259

Poe's law

No. 1699261

KEK what a throwback! Does anyone know who drew this? Is it from lc or the kf thread?

No. 1699263

> XL and fits like a dream!!
How embarrassing

No. 1699274

ostensibly is not the word to use when talking about someone slicing & rearranging delicate tissue

No. 1699276

File: 1668378578285.jpg (35.35 KB, 720x757, D6unbsrUYAAxSxa.jpg)

Males are a mistake.

No. 1699293

File: 1668382019276.jpg (616.03 KB, 1000x2000, surprise.jpg)

What a surprise

No. 1699294

but u are a man lmfao

No. 1699295

as if his whole reason for transing wasn't because he has a humiliation fetish and sees women as submissive objects. it's unbelievable.

No. 1699296

it was posted originally to the i am jazz thread on /tv/, my friend drew it

No. 1699297

>"this poster seems like a man"
>"ahem actually I'm a TRANS WOMAN :-)"

>"this animal seems like a canine"

>"ahem actually it's a DOG :-)"

No. 1699298

someone in the comments made this lol

No. 1699299

File: 1668383298964.png (511.21 KB, 537x550, nicejawline.PNG)

lmao this troon claiming hormones changed his jawline. yeah and hormones give you thicc anime hips and a snatched waist too!

No. 1699303

samefag nvm this existed before the retarded reddit post which is somehow worse

No. 1699304

of course its two gay moids larping as women with their ugly falsetto voices.

No. 1699305

File: 1668383488410.png (148.77 KB, 589x472, unfunnymoid.PNG)

honestly he's probably been posted before, his entire personality is being a troon and trying to 'own' people who say he looks like a man.

No. 1699307

the trans voice is so freaking creepy and cringe, it's almost like that gay devil from the powerpuff girls but somehow even gayer

No. 1699308

>same amount of makeup
>one is darker and one is more natural
men are dumb

No. 1699311

File: 1668383885439.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.97 KB, 853x2048, 640FE0D1-F884-4CE4-9BFC-E5CCBC…)

I went to this troons twitter out of curiosity because his voice was already awful enough and god damn, nonnas I’m gonna be sick

No. 1699312

File: 1668383924662.png (329.34 KB, 590x456, hormonehips.PNG)

kek i scrolled further back through his timeline and found this.

No. 1699313

at least his lies only making other trannies seethe more that their HRT didn't alter the shape of their skeleton.

No. 1699314

File: 1668384364612.webm (1002.16 KB, 320x568, brG-AJYbHxG7NEGo.webm)

the forced "sultry" voice kek. found on his twitter

No. 1699315

It’s not too late to go back to being a cute twink

No. 1699316

Lmao HSTS trannies are such pickmes I can’t.

No. 1699319

>suckling on my breasts
yeah no woman would write something like this lol. suckle literally means breast feeding, as in a baby nursing.

No. 1699320

you could write the entire constitution on that forehead

No. 1699322

denverkris is a woman though, I remember looking into her account the last time it was posted here. She's since been banned from reddit to no one's surprise but if you Google the username she had posts in the girlgamers sub too. I'm sure she's still out there being based

No. 1699323

mf looks like paul dano

No. 1699324

amazing, I didn't know that. so she found the only place she wouldn't get banned and said it. based.

No. 1699325

File: 1668385985260.jpg (525.83 KB, 1080x2560, Screenshot_20221113-193145_Red…)

"They dress like the women they're attracted to"

No. 1699330

He would like nice as an androgynous guy but those boots are cursed

No. 1699331

hiking your thong that high screams "give me attention". this dude's pathetic and is clockable irl like most of these goons. I'm sure his hormonal imbalance is very healthy!

No. 1699332

That was unexpected but hilarious

No. 1699335

>the theme was emo night
>shows up dressed like the token street walking tranny hooker in a 90s tv movie
Nailed it.

No. 1699336

if it wasn't for the boots he would just look like one of the weirdo thugs from 80s and 90s action movies, maybe even with the boots tbh

No. 1699338

File: 1668388442716.png (10.85 KB, 1050x100, Am I being unreasonable for le…)

I hate when people need to be muh TRANNIE MEN ARE WOMEN before they have any sort of criticism against them.The trannies are still going to hate you anyways no need to sugar coat it.

No. 1699339

Troons out in the wild! Do you masturbate to this thread?

No. 1699341

Oh ffs. The whole point of feminism/rejecting tradition was to get CHOOSE. Ever heard of a bottom? That's basically what he's describing and it can be any sex. Hell, even I can be a bit tradthot-y in my interests but I'm a radfem because I believe that I should be allowed to do what I want. Fuck trannies for insinuating my hobbies and personality weren't my own agency. I'm so angry.
Also fuck this inverted scrote for his equating women to rape objects. I thought men get raped too? I just can't with these reject moids.

No. 1699344

Not to mention that not all facilities have a required age range. We had some residents who were adults with disabilities in their 40s. I think it's a very real and likely possibility that there will be a large influx of troons going into care in the coming years and I really have to wonder how they're gonna handle dilation. Hopefully I'll have changed jobs by then.

No. 1699352

File: 1668390006436.png (800.34 KB, 844x583, kirbys.png)

>work in dental office
>tranny is a patient there
>try not to laugh when I talk to him over the phone
I want to call him by his real name too :((:()

No. 1699355

Why not? Kek

No. 1699361

File: 1668391279133.png (6.84 KB, 1066x80, Am I being unreasonable for le…)

the trannies found the thread

No. 1699363

Sage for random thought but the “transbians” who have colonized actuallesbians and are now complaining about the lack of “cis lesbians” commenting how much they love cock has got to be the clearest case of rapist mentality I’ve ever seen. Think of how much power these scrotes feel forcing a lesbian with no attraction to penises to say she loves gargling girldick or whatever. It’s not even enough that they effectively took over the only mainstream lesbian subreddit, they want women in the subreddit to cater specifically to their posts and comment on them, which is total absolute control. And lesbians have to deny their aversion to penises/males and profess their love for corrective rape. Ik we call them rapists but this becoming a common tone on actuallesbians perfectly shows their entitled rapist mentality.

No. 1699367

Came across this troon in my recommended. He's 21 now, men age fucking horribly and think estrogen is some magic cure to their pre mature balding.

No. 1699370

Imagine a world where not a single troon existed
Or even better, these freaks still existed, but were once again shamed and forced into the shadows where they belong

No. 1699372

File: 1668393119719.jpeg (684.76 KB, 2017x865, 02956565-E518-4DA2-9599-82C40B…)

>They removed the OP

No. 1699374

File: 1668393239604.png (814.47 KB, 1382x4214, leftypol on fitness.png)

at the end of the day we shouldn't be afraid of them, despite their all their threats. they are still a bunch of coomer nu-males who think the concept of physical fitness is "fascist"

No. 1699375

i’ve seen one video of his. i didn’t know he was a troon, all he does to “pass” is wear terrible eyeliner. he told a story about how his thoughts were so perverse he developed ocd around the idea of being a predator. of course he’s an agp, color me shook.

No. 1699376

Nonna…almost all the replies are saying physical fitness is good and that people should execrise?

No. 1699377

>he told a story about how his thoughts were so perverse he developed ocd around the idea of being a predator.
why would anyone confess this? ew

No. 1699378

Imagine these being your beliefs in life. Be fat, hate fat women, contemplate voluntary suicide, spend your free time discussing why you should be fat, saying you wouldn't be fat if not for Capitalism, etc. Just embarrassing and extremely childish. How much of leftypol is trans btw?

No. 1699389

nonna I'm the one who made that thread, it was literally only me telling them they just some minor exercise would do them some good
more then a quarter, I honestly think I'm probably the only woman there(rest are all TIMs)

No. 1699392

Thank you. If he wants to be submissive and bottom for a trad guy, be my guest. What gay men do is none of my business. Just don’t pretend for a second it has anything to do with womanhood.

No. 1699393

I get you but she's just trying to not get banned. Mods deleted the comment above that just said "no offense to them but there seems to be a disproportionate amount of trans women who are obsessively into anime." Reddit accepts nothing less than choking on dick at all times.

No. 1699397

Honestly what confuses me is why Reddit and white liberal media in general panders to these weird degenerates that make up roughly 1-3% of the entire population

No. 1699405

Damn, that's a clocky voice. He's on par with Contrapoints on the Hon scale.
Actually the point of feminism is female liberation from oppression at the hands of males. Choice means nothing in a coercive society. But that's a topic that derails these threads into fighting between choice feminists and radfems. Also top/bottom is specifically for gay men in reference to penetration (ie do you prefer taking it in the ass, or giving it in the ass).

No. 1699408

i’m pretty sure it was in this video.

No. 1699422

File: 1668399553551.jpg (14.92 KB, 584x219, FM8EUEaXIAw7kpc.jpg)

>trans women are more at risk than cis women

Somehow I doubt there's a stat for that. Maybe a stat that proves prostitutes are more at risk than general society. Men are inherently violent than women. The stats DO prove THAT

No. 1699443

File: 1668402565025.jpeg (35.77 KB, 644x476, 6928526190219.jpeg)

Hard agree. That's some PC principal ass logic they've got there.

No. 1699445

Yeah he’s knee deep in the troon juice with a nonbinary girlfriend. Shame as I think he’s very clever with words but you can see he’s troon delusions are pushing him to 41% with each video. A hulking ogre moid with no sense of self.

No. 1699447

File: 1668403010167.jpeg (94.38 KB, 551x675, 1658207419276.jpeg)

sage for OT but you ever notice how TIMs sexualize political opponents. "transphobic" men are secretly gagging for girldick. and 'transphobic' women are pussy fetishists or secretly like girldick too! it's creepy

No. 1699448

It’s because trannies are autopedophiles as well as autogynephiliacs. Seeing women age into confident mature elegant or curvy women drives them mad because they could never.

No. 1699452

okay but the homophobic republican man getting caught with underage male prostitutes is the same exact archetype of guy as the ones who hate trannies and gets caught livestreaming with trannie porn on their phone.

No. 1699460

This gets posted almost every other thread. Lurk moar.

No. 1699462

File: 1668406620441.jpeg (315.69 KB, 750x742, 4BD13486-E532-452C-AB0C-934002…)

now take this self-awareness and put it towards a worthwhile goal that doesn’t involve fetishistic identity theft and stripping women of our rights. oh, that’s right, you won’t because you hate women more than you hate yourself and hurting us is the entire point.

No. 1699463

File: 1668406638459.png (Spoiler Image,277.44 KB, 810x887, Screenshots_2022-11-14-14-05-1…)

saged and spoilered
according to incel to troon guide trannies are less likely to be killed (but they are higher risk of dying from prolonged HRT use which is self-inflicted)

source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5551594/

No. 1699464

File: 1668406800731.jpeg (122.36 KB, 1400x2146, EF46A492-9A0F-417A-9161-3C374E…)

Nonnas I highly recommend you all to read this book. I just picked it up because I’m a medfag and I wanted a brief critique of evidence-based medicine (if there was any at all) that might support how the healthcare field handles gender dysphoria today. But it’s way more than that. I’m nearing the end and it’s like peering deep into the gaping black maw of a conspiracy. It’s incredibly fascinating and lucid. I mean, we all already know that transactivism is patriarchy in a dress but this book details the whole saga. Please recommend this to everyone you know seems remotely anti-TRA, or at least isn’t brainwashed beyond hope.

No. 1699467

Why the hell are you bothering with those retards? They responded to
>Men should occasionally exercise and practice good hygiene
>Reeee fat women never have to exercise and they all get gymbro Chads!!1
And I guarantee you, literally everyone who replied to the thread is at least overweight, if not obese, with poor hygiene. Men would rather scream at people for giving them honest advice than just take the goddamn advice, even when it's easy.

No. 1699471

I usually stay on the /lit/ threads for resources but yeah it was my own fault for venturing to the rest of the board

No. 1699479

the actual fuck is going on

(is this youtuber okay btw or? dont watch her but this vid is fucky)

No. 1699483

File: 1668411061866.png (76.2 KB, 625x605, 1560597789833.png)

1-3% of the population but 3.5 times more likely to commit a sexual crime

No. 1699505

>non transitioning trans woman
they're getting real lazy, where are the programmer socks and bad wig

No. 1699506

File: 1668414752626.png (2.14 MB, 2339x2582, Untitled400_20221114193108.png)

Transwomen sending hundreds of racially-motivated, detailed rape threats to a fifteen year old girl. But healthy female sexuality, am I right?

No. 1699507

File: 1668414927285.jpg (491.25 KB, 810x1824, Screenshot_20221114-025456_Boo…)

Kek the trans nazi comic artist is ruffling feathers:

No. 1699508

File: 1668414957665.jpg (344.79 KB, 810x1554, Screenshot_20221114-032406_Chr…)

No. 1699511

File: 1668415155493.png (2.67 MB, 2339x2582, Untitled400_20221114193759.png)

2) More racially motivated pedophilia, but these people totally aren't moids, right?

No. 1699512

Racist, pedophilic, misogynistic, rapist troons. Color me shocked!

No. 1699518

File: 1668416028075.jpeg (62.82 KB, 500x463, 4E7F91A3-DFF2-4A8B-A549-67CCDD…)

I hate them I hate them I hate them so fucking much this is the shit that makes my blood boil the most how are they allowed to just exist being the worst of humanity and also get fucking asspats from seemingly everyone I can’t fucking take it I’m going to try and peak all my cousins on thanksgiving reeee.

No. 1699522

I feel it might be easier to peak normies but with committed libfems it would be impossible, for them deep down they might be aware that troons aren't real women but they want to have the accepted moral high ground over others

No. 1699524

Call me parasocial or whatever but the urge to love-bomb TERFs like everyone on this thread when I see them express their raging disgust and anger at troons, the love-bomb is there to cheer them up and also to simply tell them they are based, kek.

yeah that is NOT how OCD works lmao. I'm so sick of these perverse faggots using it as their new excuse or that they think you can just develop OCD out of nowhere like that.

No. 1699525

File: 1668416764420.jpeg (288.3 KB, 750x902, ACBDC6AB-10A9-4B7C-A320-F6FCAF…)

he even admits he doesn’t see his girlfriend as his own person, only a shadow of what he thinks he can be. who wants to bet he’s studying her like a zoo animal so he can
steal her name, style, and mannerisms when he openly troons out.

No. 1699527

*her own person.

No. 1699537

File: 1668420840979.jpg (204.35 KB, 1170x2038, FheOzq3WYAIz2-f.jpg)

So you shaved your beard off

No. 1699538

absolutely no life or soul in those eyes

No. 1699539

if I was a cowtipper I'd send this to Jamie Lee Curtis' retarded adopted moid who is ruining her legacy but I'm busy not being a troon and have shitposting to do

No. 1699544

Even the first one is for him, not once does he consider people should give other people presents because they think they’ll like it, not because he just wants to have her look nice for his own pleasure.

No. 1699549

File: 1668425092315.png (534.89 KB, 590x568, chrome_2022-11-14_12-17-10.png)

Not fond of Musk, but this is stones in glass houses. If I were Mandibulus Maximus I'd not rip into other's appearances like that.

No. 1699551

moonman trooned out? racist incel to tranny pipeline does it again

No. 1699557

My god just from the tiny thumbnail I can see how hideous he is. At least Musk has normal facial proportions, troons are always deformed and look like the result of incest

No. 1699559

Musk does not have normal facial proportions but yes.

No. 1699561

I'm gonna be sick tbh

No. 1699562

This is why they’ll always just be incels in skirts. Sick scrotum having freaks.

No. 1699564

>get satoryuga’d
What did he mean by this?

No. 1699565

I googled it and it's some Japanese idol guy who got kicked out for having a gf.

No. 1699566

I thought that too but something seems to have happened with some other tumblr user
Sounds like they are Korean and triggered a bunch of scrotes in skirts

No. 1699568

File: 1668427521992.jpeg (340.81 KB, 1242x1209, 57241AFC-C083-47A7-A71B-2BF2F6…)

It was a Korean feminist. She blocked some tranny who was harassing her and the tranny sent his followers to doxx and harass her. They gave her address and info to some moid incel group in Korea telling them she is a radfem and her and her family ended up getting rape and death threats.

No. 1699569

File: 1668427575916.jpeg (301.19 KB, 1242x1149, 43B8B156-583C-4BE2-8BB3-326450…)

Trannycels and incels threatening to rape her and talking about making her into a breeding cow

No. 1699570

File: 1668427604817.jpeg (351.97 KB, 1242x1076, A262CC15-8A1A-44E0-947B-DCC4A4…)

No. 1699573

File: 1668427824814.jpeg (430.21 KB, 1242x1159, 6542E565-A392-4447-A2EB-5692D9…)

Seems literally all she did was block a prolific tumblr tranny who was telling her to suck his dick and it set off his personal troon army. Surprise surprise, trannycels collaborate with incels because they are one and the same.

No. 1699576

Lmao exactly

No. 1699583

lol, is the one holding the sign in the middle wearing a Marsha P. Johnson shirt?

No. 1699584

File: 1668429965611.jpg (909.87 KB, 971x1959, Screenshot_20221114-133409_Twi…)

not sure if the artist is a TiM or a TiF (I suspect TiF) but due to the subject matter I'm posting it in this thread. it makes me want to a-log, luckily many others have already beat me to it. (1/2)

No. 1699585

It's possible. He went ham on the tucutes and non-binaries a few months saying they make trans people look bad.

No. 1699588

File: 1668430360679.jpg (835.28 KB, 971x2591, Screenshot_20221114-134926_Fir…)

this is the art s/he got bullied over, it's so gross. whoever said s/he's a pedo who hates lesbians is absolutely right. hope s/he 41s soon. (2/2)

No. 1699591

>He went ham on the tucutes and non-binaries a few months saying they make trans people look bad.
Was this posted in the threads? I don't remember it but it sounds delicious, trutrans is the first step towards peaking

No. 1699592

I suspect TIF, there's something really TIF-ish about that art style

No. 1699595

>roughly 1-3% of the entire population
You're overestimating the tranny population. They're less than 1% of the population in any given country. In the US they're 0.6% and that includes the non-binaries.

No. 1699601

i was going to make a post asking why it had been removed but i think the op deleted it herself. probably troons are harassing her in the dms

No. 1699605

File: 1668435904684.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2560, 22-11-10-13-15-40-553_deco.jpg)

Reminds me of these I saw on Twitter recently. Sent to a black radfem

No. 1699606

>Less likely to get killed
and there it is. they know it, we know it, but the lie that trans women’s lives are in grave danger every time they leave the house must continue

No. 1699607

She is a TiF. She posted progress pics on her instagram story just yesterday.

No. 1699614

This is clearly just a mentally ill tif making ugly tranny drawings, they aren't even porny, do you have a vendetta or something?

No. 1699615

These messages should be enough to peak the average normie but I remember the argument against pictures like these is “that’s not every trans person” and “not every trans person is like this”!!! What do you even say to them after that? I’ve usually tried to argue like “well it’s the vast majority of them and it goes unchecked in the community which is a clear distinction between trans activism and other civil rights movements”.

No. 1699616

I knew it

No. 1699617

It's the same concept as "not all men". Point out how male this type of attack is and how most trans women didn't transition till adulthood, meaning they spent their life as men (and still are kek). If they can't put it together in their own head they don't deserve time. The best and worst thing about peaking is you can't undo it, once you realize that makes be males it's impossible to ignore all this shite.

No. 1699621

File: 1668438207678.jpg (1.06 MB, 810x4384, Screenshot_20221114-100217_Chr…)

The poor transbians don't feel safe in lesbian spaces. Let's keep it up!:

No. 1699622

Ah, the common genocide tactic of downvoting posts of forums. Trannies are truly the most oppressed group on earth.

No. 1699623

What post are they replying to?

No. 1699632

This is the one that peaked me, along with all the TERF violence talk that's meant to keep wrongthinkers in line.
Forgive me for alogging but each and every one of these nonces needs to have their penises degloved and fed to them after pulling their teeth out one by one.

No. 1699634

the craziest most deranged part of this is that the tranny himself admitted that tumblr user satoryuga was probably not a terf but he needed a popular enough tumblr user as a sacrificial lamb to threaten the actual terves into staying in line

No. 1699639

Of course this emboldened, y-chromosoid pedophile is fine with sending hundreds of graphic rape threats to children, regardless of their supposed innocence in his eyes. This is why I refuse to touch tumblr ever.

No. 1699643

File: 1668444711474.jpg (642.08 KB, 1079x1418, Screenshot_20221114-155041_Chr…)

Can some nona explain or point me in the directiin to what HRT actually does? I've never seen a difference in any before and after photo. I found research on the side effects (which no informed/mentally healthy person would ever consent to). But all the information on the "positive" effects seem biased.

Picrel, the difference is earrings and looking jaundiced?

No. 1699648

The biggest change in TiMs on HRT is they grow moobs. TiMs have also said it causes body fat redistribution in their hips and thighs as well as softer skin. I'm sure there is some body fat redistribution but the softer skin is made up bullshit.

No. 1699650

who is the 15 yo these troons are brigading? it seems exact same as satoryuga - except again all the replies are from dead accounts. i dont understand why all thr accounts are empty? it seems like some kind of incel/4chan raid. satoryuga got doxxed, someone needs to protect this girl

No. 1699652

>They get measurably less strong but remain significantly stronger than ciswomen.
>Adult height unaffected even in TIMs who transition in adolescence.
These were top hits on google.

No. 1699653

it's most likely one or two trannies sockpuppeting to scare any terve or potential terve into staying in line

No. 1699654

but its hundreds of accounts, it cant all be one person. although it might be, we know a majority of trannies are neets

No. 1699655

sorry for saying so much im just really upset over this and worried because this is going on unchecked. no one is breathing a word of this. the post on lesbiangang got deleted. theres now another tranny appreciation post (i gather its in light of the lg post). wtf

No. 1699657

File: 1668445922599.jpeg (171.27 KB, 1020x1251, 9067D91E-7692-4722-AFF8-4CC7AD…)

The 0.6% number is from around 2016, when the majority of the growing trans movement was underage tumblr TiFs who weren't counted in adult statistics. The movement has grown a lot since then, especially among young people.
The numbers from this study could very well be an overestimation, but I doubt it's wrong by an order of magnitude.

>About 5% of young adults in the U.S. say their gender is different from their sex assigned at birth

>1.6% of U.S. adults are transgender or nonbinary – that is, their gender differs from the sex they were assigned at birth
>Some 5.1% of adults younger than 30 are trans or nonbinary, including 2.0% who are a trans man or trans woman and 3.0% who are nonbinary
>This compares with 1.6% of 30- to 49-year-olds and 0.3% of those 50 and older who are trans or nonbinary.
>The share of U.S. adults who are transgender is particularly high among adults younger than 25. In this age group, 3.1% are a trans man or a trans woman, compared with just 0.5% of those ages 25 to 29.

They still aren't a huge amount of the population overall, but they absolutely dominate online spaces meant for young adults. With that framing, it's not that weird that places like Reddit pander to them.

No. 1699663

>the unmade bed
love when taking a picture of your crappy "outfit" for your mentally ill communities is literally the only reason you got up that day. trans workers working hard!

No. 1699664

Honestly not much, even for kids it's mainly the blockers that do anything and even then it just delays and slows puberty and make you look like a weird short boy (jazz looks like a fat version of his brothers with long hair yet he is one of the supposed "best cases" since he started so young. I don't know why people believe that blockers do anything cause it's not like we can't tell a child's sex until after puberty). Adult men and women's features still grow and mature after puberty so after the blocking is done they still develop into adult men. Not to mention every cell in the male body responds to testosterone so any amount will still keep them male (which is why low t males don't become xy females and still go through pretty normal puberty). Kim Petras for example is looking more and more dumpy and male as the years go by and is developing eunuch fat like jazz has. Noses especially keep growing so even if they get facial surgery it will need redoing, especially if the nose grows weird due to how it was broken up.
The most the hormones can do is change the chemistry of your skin a touch to be softer (if it runs in your genetics to have it), reduce or slow malding if you're lucky and start early (but for all we know the men claiming to not deal with malding may not have dealt with it for a few decades anyways or are the 7% who don't), fuck with your fat distribution depending on the person but can't give you actual female fat distribution because women are built with cellulite in the womb, and throw your entire homeostatic system off balance fucking with every process in your body that requires hormones which is practically everything.
They're paying for diarrhoea, moobs they aren't going to be happy with and replace with implants anyways, and all the lifelong complications from long term hormone use at high concentrations not given under any other circumstance. I'd feel bad for them for being played like fools by the pharmaceutical industry for no upside except placebo but it couldn't happen to a better people (I feel for the brainwashed gay kids though of course)

No. 1699666

Troons have a NEET army on standby. They constantly brigade shit. Happens all the time on reddit.

No. 1699673

lol they downvote, report and ban/delete any woman who doesn't actively stroke their egos and then whinge about a few downvotes (that don't amount to anything anyway since they're the majority on that sub)

No. 1699680

The girl is stacaesar on Tumblr, trannies are/were (?) harrassing her for defending satoryuga after she got attacked by the korean incels.

No. 1699687

What the actual fuck? That's all it takes for these psychos to go mask off?

No. 1699691

Let's not forget how sex hormones do not only play a role in sex related characteristics, but are also associated with regulatory functions, bone growth and immune responses. The body uses the same chemicals to carry out different processes this includes hormones. Effectively using sex hormones for sex related characteristics are receptors and enzymes. That's the most Bio 101 I can put it. The actual numeration of metabolic functions that carry out the appropriate responses to hormones aren't even understood properly. This also means that you will get of undesired, shitty and dire effects that have nothing to do with sex. It's like SSRIs that effect mood, but since serotonin is a multi-tasking chemical it can fuck with tons of receptors like thirst (I sometimes can't stop drinking water because of my god damn SSRI). I think Troons are terrified of research because they know they aren't effective and causes too many side effects to be approved by their countries' regulation agencies. We're going to find some fucked up revelations about these medications, anons.

No. 1699692

no. fucking. way.

No. 1699697

>dick you're trying to hide
So they accuse her of being a transwoman herself? Kek. It's like the racist Michelle Obama shit all over again.
Is this the radfem with the short, blonde dyed hair? I don't remember her name but I did see her around on Twitter a few times and thought she was really pretty.

No. 1699699

>Noses especially keep growing so even if they get facial surgery it will need redoing
probably the most interesting aspect of all of this to me. paying thousands to get your junk cut off, paying even more for cosmetic touch ups and inevitable follow-up surgeries for complications, then thousands to get your STILL GROWING AND CHANGING FACE done, and done again, and again (and they're still clocked kek)

the money they invest alone makes it obvious TiMs are spoiled middle class social outcasts living out their degenerate fantasies while hoping to reverse their status as balding fetishist rejects by spending copious amounts of money. truly modern lepers, but not even jesus can help

No. 1699707

>tired of pedophilia
>username daddypigswhore

the fuck

No. 1699709

western culture is spreading like a plague

No. 1699711

2 nuclear bombs werent enough

No. 1699714

File: 1668455108250.png (114.7 KB, 822x346, hmm.png)

Ah yes, the feminine urge to watch gay porn.

No. 1699716

File: 1668455205172.jpg (520.72 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20221114-135032_Chr…)

No. 1699721

nayrt but i think its really gross for an adult to be drawing teenagers with top surgery scars and with both obviously taking sex change hormones

No. 1699722

File: 1668456217480.jpg (386.2 KB, 1080x1128, 20221114_134425.jpg)

Trying to downplay how predatory trannies really are doesn't make it true.

No. 1699724

daddy pig as in the peppa pig character as in obvious joke

No. 1699727

you forgot the "whore" part

No. 1699728

They're anime characters who the fuck cares lmao. They get sexualized on their own shows but god forbid some mentally ill woman draws scars on them to make them relatable, she's literally Hitler

No. 1699729

File: 1668456744040.png (37.21 KB, 431x506, Daddy_Pig-0.png)

it's a (trashy) joke, who the fuck would unironically call herself a whore for this

No. 1699730

did he catch on to the "if transwomen are women then why do none of them like yaoi" jokes

No. 1699732

No. 1699733

File: 1668457803935.png (62.36 KB, 387x491, Mummy_Pig.png)

Get off lolcow, George is crying again.

No. 1699734

File: 1668457907732.png (187.63 KB, 772x978, Ff2VLNdX0AUlSK9.png)

No. 1699735

File: 1668458065974.png (159.89 KB, 861x1099, Ff2VLNgWAAEl4em.png)

No. 1699739

they buy the brigades, it's a bunch of empty accounts from some for pay bot net

No. 1699740

i hope this ugly tranny 41s himself. makes me want to alog how much they equate womanhood to demented perversions that men project onto us. ugly lowlife neet waste of oxygen

No. 1699741

I know a woman who was put on spironolactone and had to stop taking it because it was affecting her eyesight. Even in normal people taking them for non-troon reasons these medications can be dangerous.

No. 1699742

i don’t know why i decided to google what a werewolf masturbator was. furries are so fucking gross.

No. 1699743

yes im glad we agree

No. 1699745

File: 1668458866678.png (125.11 KB, 1110x516, headscratcher.png)

I can't imagine why this post was deleted.

No. 1699747

File: 1668459059452.png (144.57 KB, 1227x842, sdgnozsibg.png)

She's obviously an ebil terf for bringing up the fact that her date was a mtf. I bet if her post was something like: I finally found another person who's as kinky as me uwu, all the trannies would be praising her and this post would have been gilded not removed

No. 1699753

Go back to Twitter retard

No. 1699760

>troons invading fujo places
Nooo nonnie that would be my worst nightmare, they already ruined all fandom, leave my fujo shit alone

No. 1699765

File: 1668461809217.jpg (589.22 KB, 1865x1667, 20221113_093052.jpg)

Saw a dude reading this in the bar. Not a fetish at all.

No. 1699773

File: 1668462519779.jpeg (23.42 KB, 416x447, D49WSNiXoAAu7x-.jpeg)

this is seriously unhinged wtf. he has at least 2 previous reports of stalking, he made a fake bomb threat to a HOSPITAL in 2015 and previously served 7 years for card fraud 0_0(0_0)

No. 1699774

why do trannies think long hair will make them less like pornsick sweaty creeps?

No. 1699775

Genuinely funny how troons will claim any depiction of an AGP is just evil terf propaganda but all of us before we peaked can recall at least one tranny that made us reevaluate. My peaking didn't come from terfs it came from watching troons post pornsick shit and try to take away any defense vulnerable women have from crazy men in skirts who call themselves women. Newsflash for all the trannies reading here thinking they're "one of the good ones". Every single trans person is at least severely mentally ill and at most a danger to themselves/the people (women) around them. No exceptions. Your brain has been permanently damaged by porn, consumerism and narcissistic tendencies brought on by social media. Women will never ever except you because we instinctually know to be weary of mentally ill men despite us gaslighting ourselves to be handmaidens. The only people who see troons as women are troons who think cartoon characters, furries and anime are real women too.

No. 1699778

File: 1668463113399.jpeg (123.28 KB, 826x468, CCA3002E-AA45-4428-B1BE-9685CA…)


No. 1699779

i agree that antivax moms are retarded but this is on the exact same level of retardation, if not worse. the moms at least do it for their child, this man does it bc it gives him a euphoria boner.

No. 1699782


No. 1699783

My thoughts are, why did you bother to block out the name unless you're the troon in question?

No. 1699784

File: 1668463453881.jpeg (309.37 KB, 960x928, 5D6D3322-4202-407E-80DF-57C766…)

No. 1699786

File: 1668463596660.png (10.3 KB, 503x65, bbbbb.png)

Kek less than a min of searching. This isn't reddit, you don't have to censor troon names

No. 1699787

Makes me want to a-log. Nursing costs a lot of energy to an infant
Women have been told for decades by the medical field that their milk was bad quality and they should switch to formula. Yet a troon can come in and force it's worthless secretions down an infant's throat and it's not only allowed but even encouraged

No. 1699790

>trans people can be lesbians
Yeah, the TiFs can because they’re women.

No. 1699795

Holy shit, that's child abuse. I don't understand how the mothers let them do that tho. I mean, I know the handmaidenry is intense, but there is a point where it is affecting your baby child and thus unacceptable. Like it is literally subjecting your baby to malnutrition and sexual abuse.

No. 1699797

Samefag, I got so upset that I looked over that the baby is a girl. That somehow turns 10x worse, this creep should be in jail.

No. 1699798

This feels pedophilic

No. 1699804

this is the fugliest comic art i've ever seen holy shit, and featuring so much narcissistic male autism. had a look at some of his others and they are all like this. glad it's peaking some people though, at least.

No. 1699807

File: 1668465850419.jpeg (128.31 KB, 1079x604, letwomenspeak.jpeg)

checking in to see how the Let Women Speak event in NY went today, and pretty much as expected

No. 1699808

This feels extremely pedophilic because pedos like Shayna the cow and other twitterfags say stuff like "kiddo" instead of child, baby or kid to thinly veil their pedophilic intentions.

No. 1699811

Fucking disgusting. Imagine growing up and finding this out. Makes me want to barf.

No. 1699812

dog whistle

No. 1699813

fucking this

No. 1699815

I saw this on the front page and immediately knew what thread it must belong to. Gotta say they both look Stunning and Brave while yelling at women to shut up.

No. 1699816

File: 1668466652177.png (127.76 KB, 1303x816, delusional.png)


Damn Unditt is my new favorite tool. This man is seriously unhinged. I feel soo bad for that poor baby. Wish someone would call CPS on him

No. 1699819

File: 1668466857395.jpg (64.35 KB, 1080x608, theylive.jpg)

same. really enjoying all the based banned comments on these subs.

No. 1699820

I'm gonna vomit. I can't believe the mothers of these babies let their insane TIM partners feed their newborns with nasty hormone nipple cheese. It's nothing close to breast milk. I wonder what months of preparation and trying looks like?

No. 1699821

>I find it so fascinating that you care about infant abuse more than the coom
Reddit is instant peaking material

No. 1699825

File: 1668467054797.webm (13.55 MB, 640x360, letwomenspeak.webm)

just a cuppla violent TIMs threatening to beat up a woman at the NY event

No. 1699827

ah yes, the most powerful insult
"no man wants you"

No. 1699828

File: 1668467221690.png (166.15 KB, 240x426, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 02.05…)

is this obese faggot posing? also why are they all shirtless, they look like a deranged version of 2014 magcon.

No. 1699833

sorry for ot but can you post thst pizza furry art? she's really cute and relatable

No. 1699834

Nothing says "I'm a real woman" like inciting violence and rubbing their moobs in people's faces. I fucking hate these faggots, but the silver lining is enough normies will see these freaks and begin to peak. They're just digging their own graves at this point like thread picrel. It's beautiful to see. Hopefully no innocent women gets hurt standing up for themselves though.

No. 1699835

They would know, right? they don't even beleive they're women kek

No. 1699838

Get better tastes retard

No. 1699839

It's so fucking bizarre seeing clearly violent apish males crossdressing and then trying to be badass. Go join a real gang.

No. 1699841

is the blond dude chanting 'nazi scum' at the end?? nice projection.

No. 1699842

>I got bodies!
Lol, soon to be one yourself, sir. Leave it to these baboons to escalate a peaceful demonstration into a physical altercation. It's like watching zoo animals.

No. 1699844

A normie would watch that and probably think 'why the fuck are these gay guys yelling at those girls and why does that one have massive fucking man tits', I do not think a normie would even know what a terf is or why women are fighting for same sex prisons when they already exist

No. 1699851

yeah it's ok but she uses 'correct' pronouns for troons so she ain't that based.

No. 1699856

I mean…a lot of straight women and fujos do watch gay porn but it’s disgusting when a tranny does it lol.

No. 1699863

Porn is disgusting full stop. Cope harder

No. 1699865

its literally proof that theyre gay men if they watch gay porn lmao

No. 1699867

i have heard of some people having a type of ocd where they become paranoid that they’re a pedophile when they’re not actually one so that’s what i assumed he was talking about and it was kind of off putting. i didn’t finish the video so i have no idea how it’s supposed to be connected to the try guys drama

No. 1699880

literally looks like a group of frat bros at a football game when you watch it with the sound off. they should have painted their stomachs too

No. 1699881

That’s your opinion, millions of women still watch porn including many users here, stop moralfagging and derailing lol.
True and that person is obviously a tranny, but lots of real women who are stuck in their yaoi phase still watch it too, let’s not pretend.

No. 1699882

I actually hope she will get better, those art skills are clearly wasted on such a lame cult ideology.

No. 1699887

can't believe they bailed out chris chan just to counterprotest sex segregated prisons. the state of moidery.

No. 1699904

Damn didn't realize being against the exploitation of women and being viscerally disgusted by the sight of two moids giving each other aids is moral fagging. Porn sickness really is a disease.

No. 1699910

NAYRT but I think she may have changed on that - she definitely keeps calling them “males” and “men” on Twitter lately. doing a genocide every time she tweets.

No. 1699916

File: 1668470280761.jpeg (101.51 KB, 827x482, C9CB520C-C68F-4F3F-BD74-5A7CB6…)

So many things in this image make me angry. Ugh.

No. 1699921

File: 1668470465220.png (408.16 KB, 1721x1199, betterhelp x transanta email v…)

This year, @transanta has partenered with BetterHelp to give 6 months of free therapy. The most interesting info about this collaboration comes through an email when you register (am scamming for free gifts lol). In the instagram post, they have a more positive portayl of their collaboration. But in the emails, they admit BetterHelp has had problems in the past, but trans people can use them to access surgery and HRT. Sorry for large image, I wanted to squeeze all the info into one place for easy comparison.

No. 1699926

moids will moid. doesnt he realize most women’s breasts are actual painful if not sore before and during periods kek

No. 1699927

>heard a woman say she gets horny around her period once.
>develops a fetish.
i don't get how retarded you have to be to think that you can have periods without a womb. i hate hearing about their HRT diarrhea cramps

No. 1699930

Getting surgery letters through online scam therapists, what could go wrong?

No. 1699932

oh that's good to hear I recant my statement

No. 1699934

Isn't this literally just a made up scenario? He clearly wants to bring up the giant fake titty tranny teacher but he knows he can't make that sound normal kek.

No. 1699937

99.99% of porn is just misogynistic shit made for men, can't believe the pickmes that come here sometimes

No. 1699939

>yeah it's ok but she uses 'correct' pronouns for troons so she ain't that based.
you could not be more wrong. She is incredibly based. She had to use female pronouns because her publisher was kind of insistent on it so she gave in on that because it was very hard to find a publisher in the first place. Watch any interview of her on youtube to see just how based she is.

She said this a few months back, got called 'trans eliminationist' for it, and doubled down and stood by her words in an interview a couple of weeks ago.

"…we have to try to limit the harm. And that means reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition and that's for two reasons. One of them is that everyone of those people is a person who has been damaged. But the second one is that everyone of those people, is…basically, you know, a huge problem to a sane world.

[Like if you have people who have transitioned, are happily transitioned, unhappily transitioned, have detransitioned,] if you've got people who have dissociated from their sex in some way, every one of those people is someone who needs special accommodation in a sane world where we have re-acknowledged the truth of sex.

And I mean, the people who have been damaged by it, the children who have been put through this, those people deserve every accommodation we can possibly make, but everyone of them is a difficulty. I know that sounds heartless, I'm trying to say exactly the opposite of sounding heartless. I'm saying every one of those people for 50, 60, 70 years, is going to need, things that the rest of us don't need because the rest of us are just our sex. So the fewer of those people there are, the better in the sane world I hope we reach."

No. 1699940

can they at least try to not act like limp wristed fags

No. 1699941

Do you have to pretend to be trans for this? I could use a few free sessions.

No. 1699943

Get well soon

No. 1699945

such flamboyant, male gestures

No. 1699947

How can someone have such weak spiritual fortitude that anonymous comments online could push them to suicide, yet still believe they’re fit to survive in this world?

No. 1699962

I peaked when troons tried arguing to me that there is no biological difference between males and females without a hint of irony and that “woman” doesn’t mean “adult human female” but some mystical bullshit

Got pissed that they basically wanted me to embrace a delusion and was done with them, the fact that their grip on online spaces got tighter and tighter only made me hate them more

No. 1699964

I'm not sure what this person is feeding their child but if it comes from their body won't it have hormones in it? I've seen troops delusional enough to do that and God, makes me so furious because its probably like sweat or something and that makes me want to vomit. Can that contain harmful substances? Even if it wasn't harmful its so gross literal babies are being used to support a grown man's delusions (which totally aren't sexual)

No. 1699967

Classic male insult. "Oh yeah, well, NOBODY WANTS TO FUCK YOU!!"

No. 1699975

This looks like something the Soft White Underbelly guy would interview from Skid Row

No. 1699983

Well, based on these two articles, it seems like the discharge can mean anything depending on the color, but it's discharge, not milk.
While they do talk about moids having some atrophied milk ducts, which tend to get atrophied during moid puberty, they're literally useless, even if they have /some/ "working" milk ducts, they're useless.
Which means that knowing how these moids get boners over the thought of producing anything from their moobs, they don't try to check out the color or consistency of their chest spunk, they could be feeding the babies stuff like, and quoted from the first article
>"discharge that is greenish or multicolored, thick, and sticky"
>"thick discharge that has a green tinge"
Ignoring those with bloody chest discharge because those tend to happen because of tumors and stuff like those, the quoted ones happen due to hormonal imbalances and being a fucking retard with your body as a moid.

No. 1699984

I mean BetterHelp is known for being pretty shit but if you are truly desperate, I'm sure they wont closely check as there's going to be hundreds, if not thousands of applicants that are getting the code.

No. 1699985

At my fujo-est I tried watching gay porn sometimes and it never did anything for me. It's nothing like what we like.

No. 1699986

I want a nutritional profile of moid discharge. These babies will no doubt fail to thrive. I'm sure they're 'supplementing' with formula.

No. 1699988


You can really tell why they don't want people speaking freely about anything on other sites. I went through the same thing and it made me realize a decent amount of these people are just legit fucking crazy. Not "trapped in the wrong body" or gender dysphoric, their minds have lost touch with reality completely.

It made me realize that this isn't like the gay rights movement or even the thing where rightwing people try to compare it to the Chinese cultural revolution. The US has basically created a neoliberal version of Lysenkoism. Except instead of disastrous agricultural pseudoscience ours is based in medicine and sociology.

No. 1699989

Period LARPers really do piss me off immensely. These moids have not the slightest clue what it is like to experience menstruation, they just repeat the most stereotypical "symptoms" they picked up from the Internet or TV or whatever. Imagine if they ever started to take this seriously… how do you explain it? "AFABs, your period means you will shed your uterine lining and bleed for a couple of days. AMABs, idek headaches and craving chocolate, it's totally the same thing though!!!"

No. 1699991

Honestly thank you so much for this. I have been scheming for awhile to get a trans-friendly therapist that I could get to write me a recommendation to have my tubes-tied ass gender-affirming care for being "nonbinary" because I can't convince them to perform the operation on me as a 28 year old woman who doesn't want kids. I just haven't unleashed my plan because I was worried it would fail then I would lose lots of money on useless therapy.

No. 1699993

samefag *as not ass lol

No. 1699999

absolutely bleak that you have to pretend to believe you're not a woman in order to get a procedure for women.

No. 1700000

I hope she's ok and got support to drown out the tranny basketcases

No. 1700001

I am a fujofag and find 3dpd gay porn disgusting. Tried to watch and it is not the same as lemon.

No. 1700008

It's what peaked me initially. Begging on my hands and knees and getting denied a perfectly reasonable procedure that i'd be paying for entirely because insurance considers it elective, while men got their dicks mutilated on a whim, maybe even for free.

No. 1700014

File: 1668475182197.png (2.01 MB, 888x2357, tranny.png)

When is it not a tranny awareness day/week/year?

No. 1700015

The curly haired one sounds like your typipical femmey misogynistic gay man while the blond sounds like a jeering frat boy. So much diversity in the maleness.

No. 1700022

starbucks pays for tranny surgeries entirely.

No. 1700033

File: 1668476044228.jpg (307.51 KB, 1538x2048, Fhi3mAeXoAIVxAL.jpg)

No. 1700041

I'm not sure they do anymore, there was a tranny seething in a quite recent thread about not being covered fully so they've definitely changed some of their rules.

No. 1700042

well i do need a job, time to enter the "larping as a nonbinary barista" era of my life i guess

No. 1700050

any medications you take pass through breastmilk, it's only a question of how it affects the baby. looking it up, medications like estradiol have evidence of decreasing the volume and quality of breastmilk. though that hardly matters since trannies are not feeding these babies actual breastmilk anyway.

No. 1700052

nice rat nest on top of his head

No. 1700054

File: 1668477138811.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720, 3859365-4db6f2abbbed83e76e223c…)


No. 1700058

File: 1668477348865.jpeg (161.85 KB, 637x1280, DCE0CF96-57E7-4332-9D07-14F435…)

Idc about twitter but kek I wonder how these freaks even get hired. They’re so off putting.

No. 1700064

File: 1668477727153.png (635.45 KB, 447x602, Screenshot_1816.png)

fred did this look better, hell he even passed better than this mofo. when will they learn that opening their eyes wide makes them look like charles manson and not baby deer

No. 1700068

File: 1668477915506.jpeg (539.72 KB, 1005x1028, A51032BA-4BE3-4C42-B304-067DF1…)

>>the hairy chest
>the eyebrows
>the angle

No. 1700070

File: 1668478017903.jpg (824.51 KB, 750x1116, IMG-5352.jpg)


No. 1700077

File: 1668478508945.png (586.66 KB, 748x806, Jaclyn Moore on Twitter.png)

the poor female tsa worker having to touch this ugly gorilla

No. 1700078

Why would there be body fat redistribution? Is that a real thing?

No. 1700079

at least she made the most of the opportunity to misgender this beast as much as possible

No. 1700080

>oh you want your tubes tied? sorry hun no can do you might regret it later!
>oh you want your tubes tied AND your breasts removed plus exogenous hormones? sure thing dear, you will definitely not regret this, have a good one!
Make it make sense

No. 1700081

gay men get rights and this is how they repay us

No. 1700082

File: 1668478872072.png (33.86 KB, 748x462, Jaclyn Moore on Twitter (2).pn…)

he got "molested" by her ???

No. 1700086

>the fat TIF with the flute thats peacefully flaunting the troon flag while the TIMS scream and threaten the women and tell them they are useless because no moid wants to fuck them
holy shit i have never seen such an obviously display of the differences of being socialized male and female

No. 1700089

File: 1668479227497.jpg (562.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221114-102535.jpg)

No. 1700095

I want to alog so bad right now. I remember when satoryuga was being harassed and these freaks were saying some of the most vile, disgusting shit I've ever read. Just more proof that moids aren't human

No. 1700096

File: 1668480100081.png (6.43 KB, 675x84, 패트렌 1호.png)

No. 1700101

no. body fat distribution is determined by your genes.

No. 1700102

what a shame. he probably would've made a good lackey in a movie about the italian mafia

No. 1700110

damn she should've detained him and gone gitmo on his ass

No. 1700142

This is our business, drainage pipe. What it's not is your business

No. 1700144

why can’t trannies be regular weird people and not sexual predators? no one wants to see a grown man in fetish is gear and giant prosthetic breasts, or worse, a naked man at the women’s section of a spa, flashing his dick in front of little girls.

No. 1700146

trans people make trans people look bad.

No. 1700147

it was removed by a mod —> https://archive.is/3vuSW

No. 1700153

>supposedly I’m a racist
>proceeds to spew horribly racist shit about black women.

No. 1700177

probably stole that choker from his 12 year old sister

No. 1700187

you must be really desperate if you’re willing to work with troons, that would be psychological torture for me. i hope you get a decent job elsewhere.

No. 1700189

If men who identify as men were doing this, they would be rightfully accused of pedophilia. But since it’s men with girly souls, feeding moob discharge to an infant for the euphoria boners is totally poggers.

No. 1700194

Why do I feel like he’s typing this with a boner and his search history is 100% BBC porn?

No. 1700205

yes she is

No. 1700207

File: 1668490065149.jpeg (649.56 KB, 750x1179, 7F6E69DA-BE3D-4275-A6F0-2CD279…)


No. 1700211

pardon my ALOG, but i hope Serano dies a very painful death for his propaganda

No. 1700213

>by entering women spaces and making women uncomfortable we enforce our male privileges

No. 1700216

Twitter thread ? wanna see the reactions by normies

No. 1700219

File: 1668491044843.png (477.5 KB, 983x830, nelson.PNG)

A horrorcow who was posted here in February >>1449672 was just sentenced to nine years in prison for attacking three people with a knife, including his ex-girlfriend. Collage incoming.

No. 1700223

I remember reading a while ago that the percentage of women committing violent and sexual crimes has been raising the past decade and scientists have been trying to find out why, does anyone have the link to the article? I am angry that troons are ruining our image, every time i see a woman do something violent or sexual its ALWAYS a troon and ofcourse they end up in female prisons…

No. 1700227

from the same event, I swear TRA's seem utterly brainwashed
surprisingly the blonde is actually a TIF

No. 1700236

Jesus and I thought my job was bad, at least Im not forced to touch nasty perverts to fulfill their public fetish

No. 1700238

File: 1668494589794.jpg (214.25 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20221115-001914_Ins…)

this guy was a stereotypical funny man/ex goon and super into stereotypically autist shit like obscure retro anime but I never thought he'd troon out and call his moobs tits. another case of become the woman you want to fuck. apparently he's also full blown furry now, as noted by the cat ears in the public women's restroom

No. 1700239

No. 1700242

File: 1668495732432.png (1.87 MB, 1768x2130, pandoraelectraalegalwoman.png)

Matthew Richard Nelson/Emma Nelson/Pandora Electra
Reddit: /u/sonicnelson3
News links:
When he was a free man, Matthew was an active reddit user. Most of his posts were HRT updates and he frequently commented on posts in such wholesome subreddits as /r/NSFL, /r/eyeblech, /r/morbidreality and /r/selfharmscars. His posts in such subreddits included him cutting himself a “new vagina”, the aftermath of being attacked by a man with a hammer, and his neighbour having his arm blown off in a gardening accident. Some highlights from his original thread >>1450806 >>1450862 >>1450860
In the leadup to his attack, Matthew began regularly commenting on r/RoastMe, with many of his responses being race-based insults aimed at Indian posters. It’s worth noting that the attack took place at an Indian restaurant, and based on this and other posts in his history, it’s likely the ex-girlfriend he attacked is Indian.
>According to an initial police summary of facts released to media soon after Nelson’s arrest, she entered the restaurant through a rear entrance about 8.35pm on May 4 this year. Inside, two of the victims – a man and a woman – were standing in the kitchen with their backs to the back door.
>As the summary states, the accused entered the kitchen, with one arm raised and, holding a knife in their clenched fist, approached the man “in a quick and aggressive manner” before stabbing him in the left shoulder in a downwards motion.
>A customer was in the restaurant at the time and attempted to intervene in the fracas – but was then stabbed in the right side of his abdomen. He lost about a litre of blood as a result.
>The injuries to the female victim – now known to be Nelson’s former partner – were severe. They included a laceration to the left side of her face and a stab wound to her upper left back which, as a result, punctured her right lung causing it to collapse and blood to flow into her chest cavity. In spite of her injuries, she ran out the front doors of the restaurant and across the road to the BP service station to get help.
>The impact on the victims was profound. The man who owned the restaurant and was stabbed first was in hospital for four days. He can no longer lift heavy pots and his business had to be closed for three days because it was a crime scene.
>The female victim was having ongoing problems with pain when breathing, coughing and crying.
>The final victim was a farmer and was having dinner with a friend at the restaurant when the attack happened. He was in hospital for five days, and was left with a scar from the middle of his chest to just above his pubic area. He had not been able to work properly since, and cannot bend over or walk or drive for long periods of time.
>Nelson’s counsel, Glenn Dixon, said his client, a transgender woman, had been in Spring Hill Prison but was now incarcerated in Auckland Women’s Prison. There, she felt safer and was motivated to engage in drug and alcohol rehabilitative programmes, as well as a business and creativity course.
>After being arrested, Nelson declined to be interviewed by the police, however the summary records that while being forensically swabbed by a doctor in the presence of a police detective, she stated: “This is a bit excessive for only stabbing three people”.
For nearly killing three people, including his ex-girlfriend, and having absolutely no remorse in the aftermath, his reward is nine years of free food and accommodation in a WOMENS PRISON and likely having his transition covered by the taxpayer.

No. 1700244

how is it he's managing to look more masculine than ever kek

No. 1700258

Where the fuck are these from??

No. 1700269

good work and thank you for compiling all of this info on this horrorcow nonny. kiwis are so fucking cucked it's terrifying (as an aussie)

No. 1700270

i've always wondered why someone would look at pictures and videos of people being injured and/or killed for fun, but now i get it; it's because they're psychopaths.

No. 1700271

If your mental condition makes it so you almost have a breakdown every time someone refers to your biological sex in the most mundane normal manner then you're not mentally stable enough for most jobs tbh

No. 1700272

I'm pretty sure Dylan isn't even taking hormones right? I think he's too narcissistic to think his body needs any changes

No. 1700275

he's ana-chan enough that it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. the only thing hrt does for moids is make them grow moobs and you need some fat for that.

No. 1700276

the TSA agent was a guy if they kept calling them sir. im pretty sure you can't get frisked by an officer of an opposite sex. i hope that brings some comfort to you nonnas knowing that it was definitely a dude!
t. anon who has gotten frisked in australia, asia, europe and the us.

No. 1700277

Twitter is a slightly bigger shitstorm atm, but if all troons got fired from content moderation and political misinformation that can only be good. Gender ideology is an insane extremist religious movement, they should not be allowed to regulate anything

No. 1700279

File: 1668502827626.jpg (395.47 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20221115-034919_Chr…)

Must be physiologic AGP day on r/MtF:

No. 1700280

File: 1668503044796.png (1.27 MB, 807x1627, Clipboard02.png)

No. 1700281

>Period LARPers really do piss me off immensely
It used to annoy me too until it was pointed out that they probably do feel sick and in pain for real because hrt literally ruins their bodies and brains, they have just convinced themselves it's a period when they're actually having serious medical issues. So any time you see these posts just remember that they are sitting there in pain, suffering, and thinking that's a good thing because they're too dumb to figure out they're in actual danger

No. 1700282

File: 1668503167855.jpg (Spoiler Image,589.16 KB, 810x1728, Screenshot_20220224-030515_Boo…)

Holy shit, anon! I remember coming across this psycho earlier this year.

No. 1700284

samefagging but i looked more into it and yeah, this troon lied completely or embellished.
>TSA officers are not authorized to conduct “a secondary pat-down outside of a checkpoint area,” the statement said. “A witness must be present when passengers are patted down by officers of the opposite sex. Those searches must be conducted in a private screening area.”
that article also talks about male denver officers false flagging attractive men so they could assault them.
it sounds more likely that either the troon imagined a hot woman feeling him up (ugh) or he just got frisked by a man who kept calling him sir because men aren't allowed to frisk women…

No. 1700285

>breasts felt nonexistent

what a retard

No. 1700286

what does that even mean?

No. 1700287

that he's retarded

No. 1700303

File: 1668507091956.jpg (194.14 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_20221115-050650_Chr…)

r/MtF has been on fire today.

No. 1700308

spoiler plz

No. 1700309

File: 1668509402057.jpg (76.15 KB, 1080x416, Screenshot_20221115-114732_rif…)

Man I'm tired
>I'm not into trannies
>I'm not into dicks

No. 1700311

I'm so grateful for their advice, I now know the correct response is
>"I'm not into troons"
and not
>"I'm not into girls with -"
as the latter would imply they are a girl, which would be silly because they are not girls! Thanks troons, I can be a better ally now!

No. 1700315

File: 1668512060644.png (106.51 KB, 2046x1130, enrollinginwomenschess.png)

>I wear androgenous clothes,pronouns pins and shave my beard
So being a woman is clothing, accessories, and shaving your beard.

No. 1700318

File: 1668512744848.png (489.27 KB, 600x1997, katymontgomerie-gcholocaustden…)

Apologies if this has already been shared, Monty and his knuckle draggers accusing GC of Holocaust denial

No. 1700319

Don't worry we are well on our way to legislating protections for even men identified as male pedophiles to do this without that pesky trans hurdle. Only time will tell if we get the "marry a horse" or "marry a child" movement completed first. Love is love, why are you judging? Stupid easy mode life females don't know how much I need to feed babies with my man boobs. They want me to die

No. 1700320

Androgynous clothes could literally mean a tshirt and jeans. And I guess all men are actually women since they all shave their face sometimes. And of course, pronoun pins, the only true indicator of sex, that's why every woman wears them!

No. 1700322

Fuck these troons, guess which trans people were killed by the Nazis? the HOMOSEXUAL ones. Crossdressing itself was not the issue, you can look up "Transvestitenschein" and even Wikipedia admits that the Nazis were fine with it. They are acting like "might get arrested for causing offense in public" means they were literally taken from the streets right to a concentration camp.

No. 1700324

File: 1668514633971.jpeg (43 KB, 617x378, C621FF25-F614-4860-BF16-EA2E67…)

he tweeted this once and then quickly deleted

No. 1700327

trauma and rape is just their male fantasy. nothing new.

No. 1700335

File: 1668517015195.png (97.56 KB, 616x796, actualtransbians.png)

Almost half of /r/actuallesbians is ftm wtf

We're gonna see it explode in the near future.

No. 1700340

We already knew the sub is men and straight couples, no actual lesbian would be around the shit that gets posted there.

No. 1700341

You know those moids that say all women have rape fantasies? They're literally projecting onto us. Moids can't resist talking about how much they wanna be raped

No. 1700345

The percentage really surprises me though.

For comparison, the overlap between (male)gay subs and trannysubs is like 5%.

47% mtf in an lesbian sub is actually colonizing it.

No. 1700354

Lucky thing he has a male body with a male liver. I don’t know any woman who could have 13 drinks in a night. If I was out with a friend who had 6+ I’d be worried about getting her home safely.

No. 1700357

File: 1668520172399.webm (11.64 MB, 640x360, jcv2.webm)

sage for OT, taken from the FTM thread, compare the difference between the way the TIM and TIF behave, the TIM brandishes his fists to women: "Imma kick your ass. These hands do not discriminate", while the TIF goes "I would have killed myself without testosterone"
Male aggression against women, vs. female self-harm. socialization alone clocks them

No. 1700359

Just upthread this tall TiF got called a frat boy typical man though kek

No. 1700362

It upsets me a little bit too but then I remember how much they seethe because they don’t actually get periods and they’re fully aware of this. It’s all cope and they’ll forever be upset we have something they don’t. Same with the mystical female orgasm, which they don’t understand is incredibly similar to the male orgasm in how it actually works but it’s funny watching them get so worked up over it. They’ve made me appreciate what my body can do so much more even down to the period pains.

No. 1700364

File: 1668521139331.jpeg (764.46 KB, 828x1334, D920F4F3-444E-4858-96A8-DE85D4…)

i refuse to believe someone would actually believe this lmao do they really think this is why we’re against their movement?? i don’t even know why i’m still on that sub. It should be called actualtransbians

No. 1700387

>trans enbys

No. 1700389

Tbf it's hard to tell when all you can hear are incoherent slurs, the other video had mainly the HSTS yelling (complete with stereotypical gay yass kween voice too) and since most of the APGs seem fine with their horsepiss moobs it's easy to assume she was a Tim too. Looks like she even tried to let her zippertit scars heal properly, a rarity among Tifs these days.

No. 1700405

why does he looks like a jeovah witness

No. 1700406

File: 1668524775638.jpg (182.77 KB, 1079x2035, FhVgtiYWQAAb-Wi.jpg)

If this is him happy imagine him being sad

No. 1700410

Marilyn Manson trooned out?!

No. 1700412

Kek men don’t feel threatened or give a shit about trannies. A lot of sick moids actually like trannies BECAUSE they harass women.

No. 1700417

dont speak it into existence nonna

No. 1700422

Holy fuck those shoulders

No. 1700426

She's the equivalent of the girl who hangs around frat bros and tries to be "one of the guys" in a "Right Wing Women"-esque bargain fir safety against misogyny. It's clear as day that she was just copying the TIMs, because as soon as someone spoke to her, specifically, the violence and yelling almost entirely went away and was replaced with "I would have killed myself uwu" in frogvoice and hugging the other TIF.

No. 1700427

>Sexual predator moid who wears heavy makeup

No. 1700434

if only we'd get so lucky that he'd chop his dick off.

No. 1700463

men look 100x uglier in womanface.

No. 1700464

It's not even unusual behavior. I got hundreds of rape and death threats on tumblr for making a funny post about my dog having better self control than men. I guess that made troons mad enough to comb through my blog and figure out that I am a radfem because I started getting hundreds of girlcock rape threats including a fun series of death threats from an ex-military tranny who always flexed about his kills. I wish I had archived it, it got so bad I started having my moid clean out my inbox every day because like hell am I capitulating to that behavior. It's funny, I've been on SA and imageboards as long as they've been around and never experienced such violent misogyny and obsession with rape than I did from fucking troons on Tumblr

No. 1700479

No. 1700490

https://www.tumblr.com/stacaesar/694029464861032448 a 15 yr old girl who defended a south korean woman (satoryuga) who was doxxed in her fandom. from her pinned post looks like people were also angry that she was defending the victims of some troon pedophile groomer too.

No. 1700491

I fucking hate this person. My personal cow

No. 1700492

ot but yeah honestly her "your husband wants to fuck us" + terrible lipstick gave serious entitled TIM vibes. she has been well trained/practised at playing an obnoxious man.
>"i didn't want to be a woman"
it's sad.

No. 1700494

File: 1668531836055.jpg (358.69 KB, 1283x1239, y2px3vq644y91.jpg)

interesting, while there are are some pro-troon defenders the vast majority of comments are from normies who are obviously disgusted by this behavior, they really do suck at optics they don't realize that outside their twitter echo-chamber everyone think's their degenerates, reminds me of this meme where overline online tankies don't realize how severely unlikeable they are to the working class

No. 1700496

File: 1668532031832.jpg (132.46 KB, 574x817, starting from scratch .jpg)

because every single woman knows how to do these things from the moment she's born, right? And of course we all enjoy it too and have never experienced frustration with it, not like this poor tim.

No. 1700497

File: 1668532032871.jpeg (598.22 KB, 1170x1191, FE5657E4-C481-4C81-9CDD-3DDD5B…)

I’m going to alog. I want off this planet

No. 1700498

it's missing the complication that it can burst and leak shit if it's a sigmoid neovagina

No. 1700500

pathetic. and so ugly it makes me want to die.

No. 1700501

File: 1668532257524.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2312x3519, FB9DAC9F-9077-4308-88EC-34297A…)

I feel like this dude is trying to skinwalk Jojo Siwa

No. 1700504

someone should make a r/cisbians sub

No. 1700505

Kek maybe the makeup looks bad on him because the tutorial is meant for women, not ugly moids

No. 1700506

File: 1668532596130.png (1.58 MB, 1096x698, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 17.16…)

No. 1700510

Doesn’t HRT really fuck up the liver? I’d be careful with alcohol if I were them.

No. 1700511

does anyone have that comic where he gets triggered by that regular couple ?

No. 1700512

They don’t ever choose to actually engage with or understand us though. All they do is use their male privilege to stomp us down.

No. 1700514

Reminds me of those posts about how grown men think they're making deep art while saying the same shit teen girls have been saying for generations. This is laughably pathetic, a grown man having a breakdown for not being able to figure out a makeup tutorial video.

No. 1700516

File: 1668533138758.png (1.85 MB, 3443x3417, stacaesar replies.png)

these people are fucking unhinged. this isn't even all of the replies.

No. 1700519

What's up with TiMs in cycling lately? There's been at least 5 that have taken top spots in women's cycling this year. And again where are the TiFs competing in men's events?

No. 1700526

Most women don't do this shit on a daily basis. How many women do you see going to the grocery store with fancy hairstyles? And yet no one thinks they're men

No. 1700531

File: 1668534594212.jpeg (264.58 KB, 1463x2048, 1662760452151.jpeg)

found it

No. 1700533

Likes and dislikes disabled, comments disabled. Handmaidens decide to inflict these men on us but don't want to hear our opinions on it.

No. 1700534

it's funny how you can always clock a moid by their artstyle and the shitty colors they use.

No. 1700539

File: 1668535302940.jpg (788.33 KB, 2448x4096, FaMSJa0WAAIrI1W.jpg)

No. 1700544

god his art style is so repulsive. even the colors are disgusting. in typical moid fashion he refuses to improve

No. 1700547

Holy shit wtf

No. 1700551

File: 1668536379529.png (2.58 MB, 3442x3460, satoryuga replies.png)

satoryuga's post and the associated replies. most of these have been up for MONTHS, by the way. tumblr staff clearly doesn't give a shit about women.

No. 1700556

File: 1668536586378.png (83.59 KB, 1200x386, 277-1.png)

So many tims have these fucking repulsive, extremely male art styles. Case in point (text is not relevant so I'm not gonna bother translating it)

No. 1700562

File: 1668536865202.jpg (107.64 KB, 594x836, envy.jpg)

>in another life that could have been you
because you cant joyfully dance in public as a man i guess.

No. 1700566

No. 1700569

why does this retarded moid spend all his time drawing the same comic over and over again. go to therapy or join the 41%

No. 1700571

but… he draws himself that way… He knows he looks like that and he's still upset???

No. 1700573

There’s bound to be a huge correlation between seeking out violent/gory media and going on to commit violent crime. It Could Happen Here podcast did a really interesting episode discussing the Highland Park shooter treating violence as a form of content. Highly recommend a listen.

No. 1700578

OT but I was literally looking for a podcast to kill an hour or so. Gonna listen right now, thanks nonna.

No. 1700580

>why did no one notice
he has elliot rodger incel vibes. whiney entitled moid that thinks the universe should evolve around him and is dismayed and traumatised when it doesn't. other people just exist to validate him or invalidate him.

No. 1700582

How many times can one moid make the same "content" about how his life is fine, he's not in danger, people support him, etc, but none of it is ever good enough because he hates himself and that's somehow everyone else's fault? In the one you posted, there's a trans rights poster in one of the shop displays, and no one harasses him or bothers him at all. In >>1700539 this one he has friends who invite him out and try to placate him, but it's not enough if they make even a single mistake and use the "wrong" pronoun once. In >>1700496 he's upset by women sharing how they do their makeup when he's not good at it, as if women are somehow naturally good at making their faces look different by smearing chemicals on them. He's the one who decided makeup = woman in the first place, he could just live as a man if he can't meet his own retarded standards. But I'm sure he'd say "oh women aren't naturally like that, it's just that cis women got the correct socialization to teach them," even though "cis" female socialization is an oppressive nightmare, not a validation of women's "true inner selves."

No. 1700586

he's not, he's just a gay dude who enjoys J-fashion. Or, well, that's what he was before he got infected with a bad case of pronouns.

No. 1700588

I wasn’t sure to put this in the vent thread or here but I’ll go ahead

Do any other black or PoC nonnies feel a type of way when troons just scream “trans rights” at the end of arguments or inserts? Like it feels like such a self important “gotcha” moment that feels like a threat. I’ve always seen it used to speak over BLM issues and it always felt in the same manner of “SHUTUP TERF.” Like the statement doesn’t come from a place of wanting humanitarian rights or sympathy it’s just screamed over voices to get them to shutup in fear of being canceled. I’m starting to see some regular people point this out but get shushed by handmaidens anyways just wanted to express how exhausted I am

No. 1700591


No. 1700593

take your meds and stop fucking derailing

No. 1700606

Of course he's in Aucklands women's prison. I fucking hate my country.

No. 1700609

This is so annoying to me because they all go out of the house in the worst makeup ever. Literal clown paint shit, to the point where I can never tell what’s real and what’s someone having a laugh.
Girls learning to do their makeup keep at it and don’t leave the house until they can pull together an okay look, lest they get picked on by their classmates—including moids exactly like this one. They have no idea the pressure girls are under, even young girls, to always look perfect and seem totally put together & pleasant.

No. 1700616

I had the exact same hair and glasses in high school kill me now

No. 1700635

>Will they ever see me as who I am?
Everyone sees troons as who they are, men. You have to actively brainwash and delude yourself not to see reality as it is.

No. 1700640

tifs suck, but their art is usually decent enough. i never noticed before how bad tims are at art compared to tifs. it’s almost like tifs are stereotypically nerdy girls who spend a lot of time in fandom spaces perfecting their fanart and original content.

No. 1700644

File: 1668544474702.jpg (434.14 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20221115_223108_com…)

Dude doesn't understand why sometimes people refer to him as sir because his appearance doesn't align with a man. He's wearing a sweater and jeans in the video.

I should let my grandfather know him wearing sweaters is femme presenting.

No. 1700647

It’s ‘marry a child’ - see the MAP movement gaining traction in academia and psychology, as well as California expanding their Romeo and Juliet laws and no longer require offenders to register.

No. 1700662

File: 1668546564340.png (731.4 KB, 2048x1680, chrome_screenshot_166854644156…)

Sorry what?

No. 1700663

I'm not even a lesbian and I am deeply offended by this

No. 1700664

>no longer require offenders to register

No. 1700665

Something about this art style is so 2004 deviantart. The colors are so sickly, the anatomy and perspective are bad and the lines so chicken scratchy. I bet this dude is like 35 and still sucks so bad at drawing.

No. 1700667

Butch lesbians aren't trans, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1700668

>non man
and yet they're still centering their entire personality around men. deepthroat harder would you?

No. 1700670

Off topic but I really hope both of them are fine and that satoryuga recovered.
If anything, those things would make me hate troons more

No. 1700674

Why post it here? Maybe I'm wrong but this seems like a gender special lesbian not an mtf

No. 1700682

WTF? I have no clue about the fandom or the drama but am I understanding correctly that they are all melting down because … someone blocked a tranny on tumblr?

No. 1700706

>the way I present is not in line with a man at all.
being a man has nothing to do with presenting as anything, the only requirement is being physically male.

No. 1700709

File: 1668549964231.png (240.91 KB, 492x1813, 7wXvn5t.png)

pretty much exactly that. one of the trannies explained the situation in their own words.. vile

No. 1700710

wrong. a lesbian is a woman who is sexually and romantically attracted to other women. tims are men.

No. 1700719

>treating the western world as default
>treating history post Enlightenment era as default
Americans once again thinking that they are center of the universe.

No. 1700721

how is this just allowed to happen

No. 1700722


Maybe it's just bad memory but i feel like progressives in general used to be smarter than this. Like even if you support all of what's going on the statement doesn't make any sense.

No. 1700723

Racism and sexism AND pedophilia! Awesome!
…Why are accounts like these virtually untouched again?

No. 1700726

Oops lol when looking at her tiny hands, yeah it's obvious that she is female. For a moment she passed, not as the fabulous drag queen type guy she wants to be, but as an annoying AGP.

No. 1700728

I know something that infuriates me about troons, as a fellow PoC nonna, is the fact that “trans rights are human rights” tier bullshit literally means NOTHING, troons aren’t denied rights other people have, and unfortunately none of us have a legal right to housing, healthcare, gainful employment, and community. I hate how it’s a stupid euphemism for
>Have the government legally enforce total strangers being nice to us

No. 1700729

maybe someone can correct me if wrong, but from what i understand she blocked a troon on tumblr that sent her sexual messages. Troon then cried on twitter and and sent his followers to harass her. Eventually doxxing her address and somehow gave it to a korean radical anti-feminist site (korea's antifem men are dangerous), and she got attacked. So for a while she got vile messages from men stalkers on tumblr, but after this viral, people went in to support her. She hasn't updated since… but fuck i hope shes ok or was able to move houses.

No. 1700730

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but all those posts are probably made by the same troon right? I checked out the post and most of it seems to be bots, they dont have any posts on there dashboard and no likes. Did this tranny just buy all these bots and wrote over 100 messages?

No. 1700736

File: 1668551590013.png (7.04 KB, 543x69, 4634563465.png)

from my understanding thats exactly what happened. people have been reporting those replies for months and tumblr hasnt done a damn thing about it.
they diligently watch this thread, btw. i wouldnt be surprised if this is the same group of trannies that occasionally spams cp and gore in here.

No. 1700738

going by this screenshot >>1700709 it looks like they had a group of trannies creating fake accounts up until their discord imploded because one of the mods was raided for possessing CP.

No. 1700743

>the troon mods was raided for possessing CP.
Wow who would have thought. This all sounds very messed up, does anyone have maybe some more info on who was involved with this? Like any discord or twitter names? For example the troon who made a post on his twitter as >>1700729 mentioned

No. 1700744


Same. I was always kinda scared to say anything, but yelling out "trans rights" is kinda like saying "Schizophrenic rights!". Yeah people with schizophrenia face a lot of issues in society, but they were never any nation's underclass or labor pool or anything that actually creates the dynamics for systemic oppression. The other problem with it I have is they position cis people as the oppressor and start using terms like cishetero patriarchal blah blah blah.

Which of course doesn't really make sense because all societal structures primarily consist of cis people on every side. But more than that the vast majority of people in that category don't recognize the category itself. They aren't in mutual collaboration. Nobody in any warzone is putting the muzzle down because the person in front of them is also cis. Again, it'd be like painting anyone with mental stability as the oppressor of schizophrenics.

No. 1700749

File: 1668552709545.jpeg (362.25 KB, 750x1489, 5B848C73-7E48-480D-9860-A6A8F6…)

real lesbians suck on carrots, touché terfs.

No. 1700753

to further clarify a bit, >>1700551 is satoryuga explaining things and trying to understand why shes being targeted for harassment. you can see her post in the top left of the collage. >>1700516 is stacaesar (who is UNDERAGED) coming forward with her support for satoryuga.

No. 1700754

From what I've seen looking through satoryuga and stacaesar's replies is that this troon thea-nymo on tumblr was the one who had started the harassment against satoryuga after she blocked him for sexually harassing her and then the pedophile that started the harassment against stacaesar was the user neckspike, who apparently was angry at her for both defending satoryuga and also for defending his grooming victims after he accused all of them (more than 10 underage girls) of lying and said they were all terfs trying to make him look bad. This pedophile neckspike had also made a post at the time of satoryuga's post claiming that the harassment against satoryuga was faked by terfs. His discord is also in his bio, so I'd bet he was in that discord server mentioned in the other screenshots.

No. 1700755

i find these really funny because it's the exact type of thing i would make to mock these people. every comic reinforces how manly he is, how self-centered he is, how mentally ill he is. it's like making a victim comic about your life sucking but being completely honest as to how much of a piece of shit you are and how you are deserving of the alienation. it's peak self-deprecating humor yet absolutely not self-aware. i was tempted to think this guy was trolling with these at first, but i guess not.

No. 1700759

sage because blog but i’ve had people pull this on me.
>you’re repulsed by penises but eat phallic shaped foods.
yes. i’m eating. i’m not expert on blowjobs but pretty sure you don’t chew on a dick.

No. 1700763

File: 1668553574136.png (580.83 KB, 1080x969, unknown.png)

r/actuallesbians is an actual cesspool now
>We don't hate lesbians they're just bitches!!11!111
also kek at "not forcing penises on lesbians" but every other post and comment mentioning them

No. 1700793


the hilarious thing is the internet vibes are just the hypersexual anime lesbian stereotypes they themselves keep posting after the took over the reddit. there's no female equivalent of chasers and all the dickgril/futa porn was made by and for males. i don't know who they think they are fooling.

No. 1700801

Reality is at odds with his fantasy, o noes!
Are people supposed to feel sorry for him because of this?

No. 1700804

File: 1668556682389.jpeg (455.33 KB, 1170x2097, 8D8D5440-6028-47F4-A5E0-D5D2B8…)

it’s been going on since like june i think. i remember seeing this tumblr post a while ago.


No. 1700819

File: 1668557757888.jpeg (664.98 KB, 2048x1462, C695CE0B-25A0-4FBE-8B3C-C12FAA…)

Holy shit, so I’m guessing Google is actively promoting the troon agenda, yeah? I searched up actuallesbians hoping if anyone is discussing the fact that this subreddit explicitly for women has been taken over by men, and wouldn’t you know, the only time Google actually gives me relevant results it’s the link to the subreddit and the postings of these fucking freaks

No. 1700824

This thread always reminds me that I could never do medical work. I know they're basically robbing trannies with these surgeries but damn this work must make humans feel like a bunch of parts.

No. 1700825

And on days like these I truly wish Reddit wasn’t a US state asset because that website needs to fucking go
Honestly all the hives of troondom need to go, tumblr gotta go, Twitter luckily did a troon purge, Google mostly gotta go, fuck Google

No. 1700832

The replies on this post is alot to put together and I’m on mobile but someone defended her and got doxed too. The replies are as about as scrote-like as possible. I hope this gets more attention

No. 1700834

File: 1668559124787.jpeg (290.97 KB, 1080x1673, 5B03549E-0EE3-4518-BE7A-AECA27…)

forty-one percent

No. 1700835

Ime it has nothing to do with rights and they know it. It's an attempt to trap a person into saying something anti-trans so they can be attacked with no guilt. If you say nothing, or take too long, or say it's not on topic, you can be accused of being anti-trans too. And if you just read it out neutrally, you get people cheering in the comments and you're now stuck being branded a troon-supporter.
I've been seeing usernames like "trans rights are human rights" pop up as donators to streamers who read names out, and it's always so nasty how they can use such a basic feature as a weapon.

No. 1700840

File: 1668559867515.png (770.01 KB, 631x633, Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 00.50…)

a moid gets to compete in Miss New Hampshire. they look just like real women though, bet you can't spot him!


No. 1700841

are there receipts on the raiding? would be nice to regain some hope in humanity after seeing those deranged troons harass a child in such a vile manner and facing no consequences for it.

No. 1700847

File: 1668560324631.jpeg (61.59 KB, 778x445, 9394A729-44C3-4B29-BA58-8677A5…)

>'I am so honored to be crowned your new Miss Greater Derry 2023, and I am thrilled to show you all what I have up my sleeves.'
ffs please don’t

No. 1700850

did he eat the winner?

No. 1700854

KEK the differences in the head sizes

No. 1700855

No. 1700857

didn't think i could peak anymore. i have never seen this level of targeted harassment before from troons, so many from bot like accounts so a part of me wants to bet a hand full of them are operating it but i also 100% believe it could all be different people because they're that unhinged. I feel so fucking sorry to that little girl and woman

No. 1700861

oh no, an ugly dick haver saw himself in the mirror! call the anti-hate crime police! reflections are transphobic, patriarchal social constructs that don’t validate trans gorls’ true selves! all mirrors must be shattered NOW!

No. 1700863

maybe this is just me being hopeful, but has anyone else noticed a small shift or a tipping point concerning transwomen now that there's been a HUGE area of visibility of nazi-anime-avi-loving-troons? I've seen so many different SJW twitter accounts of varying size say things along the lines of "hmm maybe they aren't trans if they haven't deconstructed sexism?" which is a baby step but still a step??

same with the "bioessentialism" talk, some are finally getting around to the idea that you can't have a "wrong" body as long as it perfectly functions. so many troons have gone full mask off and have talked about how they feel more "dumb" and "submissive" with estrogen. Some Tifs have also remarked on their newfound "logic based" brain with testosterone (surely as a cope for their protruding gut and receding hairline)

No. 1700865

can’t wait until a rich anti-troon person buys reddit, that would be awesome.

No. 1700867

if only trannies were capable of creating their own shit instead of invading and ruining every space that was initially intended for women.

No. 1700873

samefag, scrolled up and saw it straight from the horse's mouth. >>1700709
my bad nonnas

No. 1700880

File: 1668562700656.png (102.23 KB, 599x686, ha.png)

he never fails to make me laugh

No. 1700882

by this logic this affects women too but troons dont give a shit bc theyre men

No. 1700885

>quoting Julio Sir anus

No. 1700887

Lmao, the absolute weakest, most pathetic people in existence then
The Troon Holocaust, the only genocide carried out entirely by the “oppressed minority” voluntarily committing suicide because they couldn’t force everyone to love them and give in to their demands for extended rights nobody else gets

No. 1700890

We can tell how exited he is by the sole idea of raping an underage korean girl, just like his porn videos nonnas!! The terf thing it's just an excuse so this autistic animal-thing (can't call it an human) can pretend that his fetish is rigorous and no one can call him out. Once his rapestick start to malfuction thanks to the hormones it's game over for him hopefully, nature heals itself.

No. 1700893

>male privilege doesn't exist because men like pretending they're women.

No. 1700894

It's because part of the easy mode they think women live in and they they wan to have is that it is so easy or women to get sex. Because men will fuck anything. So they assume that if they "become women" everyone will just fall into bed, but quickly they learn the hard way that that is not at all true. Because 1. Someone who will just have sex with anyone is not someone anyone wants. And 2. They aren't women.

No. 1700895

The Korean girl and the underage girl are two different people. The guy in the post was saying "South Korean or not (satoryuga) 15 or not (stacaesar)" I'm so tired of these freaks calling any women they don't like terfs just so they can get away with vocalizing their rape fantasies with any consequences.

No. 1700896

samefag. I meant *WITHOUT any consequences.

No. 1700901

Holy shit, I'm usually able to at least laugh off tranny antics, this shit has my blood boiling. Excuse me for a-logging, I legit want all tranny scrotes to kill themselves.

No. 1700905

I mean you got the results you searched for, nona… Maybe if you added keywords like idk, "transgender controversy" or something you might find critical posts, all Google is giving you there is what you asked for.

No. 1700927

File: 1668566521919.png (644.3 KB, 1170x2532, AE624F91-FB0E-4163-BB37-8CABFA…)

here i’ll do the heavy lifting

No. 1700938

And yet if I receive a pizza with pineapple on it, I'm allowed to send it back without receiving death or rape threats.

Deciding that one's own personal "tastes" are an objective good is a pretty fucking male thing to do.

No. 1700944

File: 1668568314180.jpg (76.48 KB, 640x862, realfemaleexperience.jpg)

>women: we experience a lot of pain and suffering
>scrote living his fetish: wrong!!!

No. 1700956

these have to be government planted sway public opinion against troons lmfao. what the fuck?

WAY more women are killed just for being women than trans people are for being trans. now what?
>bathroom, sports
Sorry, didn't know banning you from making women uncomfortable was genocide. Won't happen again.

No. 1700965

he can't even make anything up for D because they want to sterilize themselves, kek

No. 1700966

>By embracing our own femaleness
You're not female. No matter how much you try to perform femininity, you will always have XY chromosomes and male reproductive organs, which means you cannot possibly be female.
A moid has the privilege to dress up as a woman for a fetish (because troons see women not as people, but as mere sex objects). You still see us as inferior and as a set of sex stereotypes, and get off to feeling like an "inferior" woman. No troon wants to be a woman because he thinks women are superior or equal to men, and wants to help womanhood achieve equality in society or destroy the patriarchy or destroy the very gender roles that oppress women and that he tries to emulate for his own entertainment. No, every MtF troons out because he's pornsick and mentally ill and gets a boner when wearing a skirt, so that's how you know this is bullshit even without knowing their true nature.

If they really wanted to prove something they would be feminine without calling themselves women and would encourage masculine women to be comfortable with their sex.

No. 1700967

i honestly assumed he'd be over 6', 5'8 is tall for a woman sure but it's within what most people would consider a normal range. he probably wants to be an uwu smol anime loli.

No. 1700970

But none of those things are done with "intent to destroy", which is the first sentence right out of the gate.

>d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

See how this one gets skipped over? If intent is ignored, then they're genociding themselves.

No. 1700976

File: 1668571734649.jpeg (Spoiler Image,5.97 KB, 225x225, scurry.jpeg)

Just wait until you search the term "gender critical" in Google and see what comes up. Then try it in another search engine and compare the results.
Last time I checked Google had nothing but hate themed articles and negative criticism of GC but no results that actually defined it in a neutral way. So even if you try to find out what it is, you'll only "learn" that it's a hateful movement and not much else. Maybe they'll call it biological essentialism. DuckDuckGo had relevant articles that described what it was.
I'm not trying to search now because I don't want to upset myself.
Anyways, yes. Google is actively promoting the troon agenda. You have troons there like Elliot Fong Jones. He makes my skin crawl and I actually hate looking at him because he makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 1701006

You can literally look up
>I hate troons
And even throw in 4chan to make it clear you don’t want bullshit woke search results, and they still link you bs postmodern academic papers about muh troon hate crimes lmao

Troons are actively trying to prevent thought crime, which consists of just not liking them

No. 1701020

As you should. He was accused of assault and he calls it "a consent accident". Dude, you're a predator.

No. 1701027

god these emotionally stunted functionally retarded neanderthals never grew out of the phase of childhood where you think people are supposed to pretend you are a fairy or a unicorn or whatever just because of some item of clothing

No. 1701030

File: 1668578602699.jpeg (40.92 KB, 275x267, F2FB43DC-A7D8-4FC5-B9B1-95BA78…)

Honestly one of the most insane raids I’ve ever seen online. How is it a bunch of racist pedophile incels gang up on a woman and literally call militant anti feminists to BEAT her can get a pass? And for her unforgivable sin of denying the ability for a grown man to send pictures of his “girldick” to a fucking child?

I swear to god this tranny shit is is weaponized inceldom. It’s the strategy of unsuccessful men trying to gain on women who have been granted more rights (but mainly the issue men have is a woman’s right to deny them sexually). They created this giant fucking amalgamation of failmale interests and wrap it up in liberal talking points to make it politically incorrect to push back against. Somehow males publicly engaging in their misogyny fetish, demanding access to women and their spaces is a civil rights issue and to deny them is an act of genocide. It’s absolutely disgusting how they co-opted the actual suffering of marginalized groups and the sympathy people make for them so they can be literal predators.

I don’t know how anyone can read this shit and take the side of these men, let alone think they’re actual women. It’s so obvious these are just psychotic incels using the power they have to abuse and torment women, in the most MALE way possible of course; masturbatory fantasies of corrective child rape and being racist as fuck on top of it.

I’m just so mad nonnies I’m so mad

No. 1701033

Hate to say it but I figured this would happen when someone dropped the name of the sub. Anytime someone responds to a screenshot of a sane lesbian space with "sub name?" or similar I assume it's a troid (sorry to those of you looking for community, it's just a given with the nature of these threads).
Projection. Boring, normie, old-school homophobia. Tell a gay man he's not really a man because he's gay, see how far that gets you. They only seem to bully women.

No. 1701045

File: 1668582046036.png (233.69 KB, 500x224, laser cheese.png)

pathetic little poor-me-baby-bitch. fails at being a man and can't even go to a store and try putting on eyeliner without having a crisis and makes a druhmatic comic about it like it's trauma !
the sentiment is genuine though, the awful art is another display of laziness and inability to persevere
the blob people ! this looks so gamer-chicks-2006 with a fetish edge and soaked in rancid sweat and mountain dew, also love the nazi armband

No. 1701047

it’s so transparent how misogynistic and degenerate troons are, i don’t understand how people are eating up their bullshit, especially handmaidens. it goes to show that tribalism and fear of social shunning trump logic and morality. it’s so demoralizing to watch society fall for pseudoscience and totalitarian hate disguised as progress over and over again, humanity never learns from history.

No. 1701049

File: 1668582609399.jpeg (325.73 KB, 572x747, DD743BC0-2107-4EFC-8519-DB5F2A…)

the more things change, the more they stay the same.

No. 1701053

File: 1668582847594.jpg (121.43 KB, 640x820, 1668515159703.jpg)

not to defend troons here, but radical feminist theorists have argued a similar proposition as well, that lesbians aren't actual women cause they transcend the western idea of womanhood by their mere existence cause cause something something pretentious bullshit, this is what happens when you let obvious retards lead your movement instead of actually caring about real issues

No. 1701055

It kinda pisses me off that if you told them this, instead of taking it as proof that putting on makeup is not what makes people women, troons would take it as a sign that they're no different from a real woman ("oh wow we have the same experience, that must mean I'm a real girl!")

No. 1701056

it’s depressing how successfully male supremacists took the weakest aspects of feminism and weaponized them against women. i believe the same can be done with gender ideology, at least in theory. the tucute/nonbinary side of the trans movement offers plenty of room to sabotage it from the inside, although women would need more social power to accomplish that.

No. 1701058

I read this as “lesbians prove that women as a group are not “object” to men by nature but by politics”, have I misunderstood?

No. 1701059

whaaat the fuck is that picture lmao, also nonnie you might need to spoiler that

No. 1701060

western marxists(and thus radical feminist) had this whole thing where they focused less on the material aspects(like the Soviets and Chinese) and thought more about post-modernist concepts, its why I discount the entire field

No. 1701065

It's a bit hard to tell, but honestly it's good to be cautious when reading what second to third wave feminists have to say about lesbians, considering they're responsible for political lesbianism. With that in mind, this is very easy to read implications of "lesbians prove that women don't serve men because they chose women over men for moral reasons" (homophobia) in the somewhat ambiguous piece.

No. 1701084

File: 1668588491508.jpg (76.37 KB, 1080x753, Fhpy4ETX0AAUqX_.jpg)

Yeah sure go ahead buddy

No. 1701085

love how he completely glosses over the "national, ethnical, racial or religious group" part

No. 1701086

>"I have decided to insult you by calling you a (trans exclusive radical) feminist, but you aren't really a feminist! Ha!!!"
It's funny how they try to use "you aren't feminists" as a replacement for the "you aren't women" they get. They can't say women aren't women (unless they're attacking black women, they love to say it to them) so they try to attack something only women would care about being that can't be throw back at them - except it doesn't work at all lmao cope seethe dilate