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File: 1651531930659.jpg (239.38 KB, 723x1024, 1651443028917.jpg)

No. 1518032

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1518047

File: 1651532716106.jpeg (310.22 KB, 810x2812, 406D40FC-5116-4142-930D-1A3A85…)

It’s always the most stereotypical coomer shit.

No. 1518051

Dropped my link to the thread archive.

No. 1518055

>discovering I like butt stuff
uhm… most women don't

No. 1518070

can kikomi have a bio transman friend named Tim?

No. 1518100

File: 1651536877450.jpg (115.19 KB, 828x1340, FRxtIChXIAAC6lx.jpg)

The coomer avatar fantasy vs

No. 1518101

File: 1651536918070.jpg (106.19 KB, 828x1391, FRxtICeWUAIiM7s.jpg)


No. 1518111

File: 1651537290771.jpeg (122.64 KB, 828x650, 888748BB-4849-4EA0-8BE8-DD7050…)

this troon male admitted he tried to rape a woman and yet thinks he can comment on womens issues
here he is purposely misinterpreting the fact women are different than men because of the fact they have a uterus/different biology

No. 1518119

Oh my fucking god. Vile.

No. 1518120

He just looks like an autistic tech bro with a tumor. I find it hilarious the troons that get the surgeries like huge tits and then do nothing else to commit to their womanface. It’s hilarious and disgusting all at once. Shows how braindead porn has made them, I have no idea why anyone would entertain a man like that or take him seriously. Like if your fetish is attached to your body in the most ridiculous way imaginable I’m going to judge you even harder than normal

No. 1518122

File: 1651537832342.jpeg (42.56 KB, 828x215, 79FC6A22-EF5C-4470-9792-3C7951…)

samefag his twitter is filled with his gross male takes on everything, I hate how rapist scrotes like him think they are entitled to womens spaces and have a say in womens rights issues

No. 1518123

I think that one is wearing one of those silicon breast plate things

No. 1518124

>butt stuff

You can just tell its a scrote by the phrase "butt stuff". They're hardwired to try and make anal seem cutesy and fun when reality it's someone sticking their dick into the dirtiest part of a humans body kek. They instead try and groom our with the term "butt stuff" because "anal" means painful, disgusting, rough sex with the part of your body that produces fecal matter while "butts" is usually soft and cute albiet silly word.

/end my sperg rant I just hate when moids pretending to be a woman or not sugar coat their absolutely degenerate thoughts

No. 1518126

Why would that reply bother the OP who made the post? Why do they think they can guilt trip us for stating facts? I don’t care about male opinions or emotions, and especially ones that don’t deal with the realities of womanhood while they try to wear our skin. They really think crying crocodile tears while shouting “terf” or “bigot” at women who have better things to do is going to matter.

No. 1518127

Oh ok. I thought he was like that one guy I think was on Barcroft who really did get massive tits and made it his entire personality. I can’t remember his name though.

No. 1518128

Always with the projection. Even if this were a true statement and women were more perverted, women aren’t normally out there sexually harassing and raping people.

No. 1518152

Trannies are the ones constantly talking about sex and their dicks but we're the perverts

No. 1518188

Don’t get me started on Amber Heard and the MRAs frothing at the mouth because they finally have a high profile case of a female abuser to ree about. “SEEE? Women are as violent as men!”. Meanwhile, Chris Brown continues to have a career, and abusers continue to be overwhelming male.

No. 1518191

So what are you guys bets that trannies are going to making the possible overturning of roe v wade about them? Idk whether to count on TiFs whining that articles are talking about women or the TiMs laughing in our faces.

No. 1518196

File: 1651544034323.jpg (78.04 KB, 590x500, i hate them.jpg)

It's already happening. These showed up not long ago under RoeVWade.

No. 1518201

My eyes can’t roll far enough back into my head.

No. 1518207


No. 1518208

holy shit, I might NEVER stop laughing. bless you for this anon. holy fucking shit

No. 1518222

File: 1651546903051.jpeg (125.77 KB, 828x603, 91ADC8A4-1C5A-403E-A4BA-270F0D…)

he is truly insufferable
context: infamous ratio tranny tried to ratio some tweet about roe v wade being overturned and is now assblasted people are annoyed at him for it

No. 1518227

Answer to both his questions: yes.

No. 1518258

Can he seriously not understand why this doesn't affect him?

No. 1518260

File: 1651551006733.jpg (500.41 KB, 1076x1873, Screenshot_20220502-230538_Red…)

So apparently these people can take up money from hospital charity funds, which are intended for people who need life saving medicine/surgery but can't pay for it, so that they can transition?

Congratulations! You just took money from a cancer kid to flip your dick inside out!

No. 1518261

I have no words. I'm amazed at how someone is able to exist like this with no shame.

No. 1518271


Phoneposting so I can embed the link

This was a hilarious watch. The voice KEK. Also, him realizing he’s a “woman” bc he was shaving his legs is… something!

No. 1518281

i genuinely hope this faggot dies.

No. 1518289

File: 1651555064558.png (40.54 KB, 844x493, no.PNG)

Apparently Princess Peach is a queer icon among gay males and trannies.

No. 1518295

File: 1651555990731.webm (5.27 MB, 480x852, nightmare fuel.webm)

No. 1518297

File: 1651556758733.jpg (443.42 KB, 1536x2048, 20220503_074519.jpg)

No. 1518298

File: 1651557009179.jpg (58.68 KB, 680x680, FRtAxmyXIAADmB3.jpg)

bradley be manning

No. 1518299

bradley "I punched a dyke" manning

No. 1518300

I'm a boomer and don't know how to tiktok. Can someone post the latest webm of day #### of being a girl, guy? The last I saw in full motion was him trying on bikinis with that bimbo lady. I feel it should be documented for when he does something terrible.

My bet is cannibalism. He's going to eat a true female to consume her, and be like "hahah day 727 of being a girl!! I am one now!!"
It's all in the eyes.

No. 1518302

very impressed these women can keep a straight face while being menaced by a balding + greying man dressed like a 14 year old

No. 1518310

As if you need to ask what's in his pants if you just look at him. And he cuts her off in such a moid way too. What a weird creature.

No. 1518318

>safe reproductive healthcare
They get their dicks cut off, what about that screams "safe" to them?

No. 1518320

Rumplestiltskin-ass feet

No. 1518321

Nonna the youtube field is RIGHT THERE, even on mobile

No. 1518324

He's a faggot, he'll either get AIDS or HIV.

No. 1518330

is it me or do these gays/troons who make these videos either look for things that aren't there or use word salads that barely make sense. Also him trying to sing with his voice cracking lmao.

>that one guy I think was on Barcroft who really did get massive tits and made it his entire personality.
this guy is one of the most cursed troons that I have ever seen. It's almost like a parody but it's simple pornsickness.

No. 1518348

artificial moobs so low he just has a beer gut

No. 1518350

File: 1651565117772.jpg (178.59 KB, 743x1183, me me me me meeeeeeee.jpg)

they really have to make everything about them. bonus coathanger joke, of course a moid would love to profit from exploiting women in need…

No. 1518354

isn't this the moid who admitted to trying to rape a girl?

No. 1518357

it's obviously a joke but how does this nobhead not see that the jokes he's making is misogynistic as fuck? 'hurr women gonna need coat hangers to peform their illegal abortions now, gonna buy a bunch so I can exploit that' like….?


No. 1518358

only deeply mentally ill men would think "abortion ban" is bad because then they can't cosmetically modify the appearance of their fully functioning dicks into permanent wounds that literally smell of their own shit

No. 1518364

when will these creatures grasp that we don't need to "check their genitals" to know what they are? every last part of you looks and sounds like a male, unmistakably. they say it so much that it makes me wonder if they secretly coom to the idea, it's gross

No. 1518365

Yeah this is the guy I was thinking of. Disturbs me.

No. 1518371


I suspect a lot of them have terrible faceblindness and/or spend so much time online that they have no concept of what actual human beings look like and how they interact with each other (including recognizing sex). And yeah, others probably just get off to the idea.

No. 1518373

Or he's delusional and selfish enough to think that at some point in the future he will get a functional womb transplant and might himself need an abortion.

No. 1518376

Wouldn't surprise me if keffals did porn prior to being 18 since there's a bunch of his pre-srs porn still around and he had the surgery at 18-19, which if true would mean he is a creator and distributor of child pornography.
Iirc he also encouraged underage tim boys to take an send sexually suggestive photos, did he not? Yet he ratio-reees about not being a groomer… if the shoe fits keffals.

No. 1518379

Maybe they’ve brainwashed themselves to really believing it by now. They don’t realize how much of being a woman is tied to having a fear of men and being nervous around them bc they snap so easily. It’s absolutely not hard to know they’re men just from how they look, mannerisms, speech, etc. It isn’t rocket science or some spiritual bullshit. Like we just know they’re not women, point blank.

No. 1518381

patiently waiting for that particular one to 41

No. 1518384

File: 1651570407102.png (23.07 KB, 334x332, 233.png)

this is the same kind of teen boy who used try to do the shonen anime "Tch" sound of contempt and mumble about his power level when he got called a gay nerd. now they've all grown out scraggly bangs and call themselves lucy/sophie/emily.

No. 1518390

christ sometimes I think Keffals should have his own thread. His hatred for women just seethes out of all of his tweets. He and that creep sophie from mars are so vicious. I wish their kiss ass fans would turn on them and quit providing them with the means to live like the wretched little fops they are.

No. 1518393

File: 1651572088114.jpg (128.23 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20220503-085113.jpg)

Ooga booga middle aged women enjoying themselves Reeeee neckbeard mad

No. 1518395

File: 1651572136954.jpg (32.03 KB, 432x432, 20220503_085104.jpg)

No. 1518397

File: 1651572443530.jpg (233.08 KB, 1170x1937, FRN47BjXwAEv5j6.jpg)


No. 1518398

File: 1651572605747.png (92.67 KB, 220x288, ylf.png)

did not follow instructions

No. 1518399

Always the most soy dudes lmao. Moids keep seething over women gathering to talk shit about them.

No. 1518400

Off-brand Christ Pratt is very angry women won't have his babies.
Yes, rich people thing like… having lunch? When most techbro troons are the biggest consumers existent currently.

No. 1518401

File: 1651572844999.png (24.71 KB, 329x242, 977.png)

lmao the comments on the original post suck shit but there are a few women there being funnier than men and lifting my spirits

No. 1518402

File: 1651572959667.png (20.88 KB, 326x217, 566.png)

No. 1518403

I second this, keffals spews enough misogynistic shit to warrant a thread on his own tbh

a clear example of a man with an exhibition fetish

No. 1518404

File: 1651573674936.png (38.82 KB, 599x256, 783hgddghh.png)

>they call me an evil, manipulative, psychopathic, greedy fetishist
>for 'existing'
checks out

No. 1518407

I think you mean Chris Fatt anon.

No. 1518409

File: 1651574391746.jpg (467.19 KB, 2731x4096, FQPxHeZWQAkEB9J.jpg)

lmao sorry if this was posted in the last thread but that little belt is straining to contain the aptly named Mr. Tube

No. 1518411

Glad he's suffering

No. 1518417

This is so true anon.
He looks like what he is: A young boy who didn't get to develop properly but instead got a bunch of plastic surgery and now has aged weirdly. Disturbing.

No. 1518420

This whole body is unfortunate. Do men just stop working out once they troon out?

No. 1518425

File: 1651576446068.png (21.3 KB, 737x222, abortion.png)

mtf troons will see women's rights being stripped away and think "hmm, how can i make this all about me?"

No. 1518427

It's so funny this dude has those HUGE silicon blobs stuck on his chest but he still reads 100% male

No. 1518430

How utterly revolting, it is literally just a fetish for these moids. I hate them all

No. 1518436

Is he skinwalking his daughter? Wtfff

No. 1518437

I looked this guy up, ofcourse he has an onlyfans too, all about his tits.

Is there any troon who DOESNT have an OF?? Its so transparent it hurts that its all just a coomer fetish

No. 1518441

As he is himself trans, I would believe his statement that trannies are perverted. His statement that women are more perverted, without providing evidence, makes me want to punch him in his girldick.

No. 1518444

and remember that this one tried to rape someone

No. 1518445

View you as less of a woman? Why, I don't even view you as a woman. Hell, I struggle to view you as a human being.

No. 1518446

Kek, and yet men still try and claim they watch vtubers for their "personality".

No. 1518447

begging people on here to check the thread before posting stuff, this got posted just a few hours ago already >>1518350

No. 1518448

File: 1651579201925.jpeg (985.71 KB, 4032x3022, C0A595DB-4D18-4FEE-9CBD-52CC11…)


It’s no a reality. He has to take the fake breast form off first.

Are you all dumb, I didn’t even have to zoom in to know it was one. Surgery isn’t magic.

No. 1518452

Most tranny “icons” are usually their source of cooming.

No. 1518454

Literally no one said the breasts were real or plastic surgery? We are all making fun of how ugly he is, and how different he looks from his vtuber avater.
Sounds like youre the dumb one

No. 1518458

File: 1651580899521.jpg (217.16 KB, 1241x1865, 8Dir27v.jpg)

God this is grim. Where does this statistic that most women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex come from? Moids who are terrible in the sack? 1/2

No. 1518459

File: 1651580940521.jpg (245.05 KB, 1241x2010, KpwnTFF.jpg)


No. 1518460


Literally 2 people said it was surgeries, so no… you just have poor reading comprehensions.

No. 1518461

No. 1518463

File: 1651581600343.png (364.75 KB, 734x798, TransDana1996.png)

literally no one is catcalling you but okay

No. 1518467

HSTS can get on my nerves but I have a deep aesthetic and spiritual loathing for AGPs. How can they wear us as a costume and get it SO wrong? They literally just look like men in porno schoolgirl outfits. No effort. What woman would ever wear this and present herself this way at a social gathering? This is how they view us and it makes me sick.

No. 1518473

They do this whole thing about “well how can you tell someone’s sex if you don’t look in their pants, hmm?” when 99% of adult humans are instantly clockable on sight and the other 1% as soon as they start talking. If they want to delude themselves that they “pass” that’s fine, but the human brain has no problem isn’t fooled by moobs and programmer socks and has no problem discerning sex.

No. 1518476

They were trolling the freak and are going to laugh about how they sexually harassed a tranny for weeks

No. 1518480

File: 1651583542663.png (72.16 KB, 596x592, birthing bodies.png)

are the normies finally waking up to TRA misogyny?

No. 1518483

>birthing bodies

Regular old misogyny, but make it “progressive”!

No. 1518494

Kiwifarms wrote a song about Lucas Keffals. Kek

No. 1518495

We are not even people/persons to them. Just bodies. Really saying the quiet part loud here.

No. 1518499

i can't wait until they move on to calling us "breeding stock" or "incubators".

No. 1518500

File: 1651584914730.png (872.41 KB, 974x1204, shrekslostson.png)

Saying "birthing bodies" is so fucking demeaning, it's literally reducing women down to their reproductive abilities. Ironically, even the tifs/enbys trying to get away from female sterotypes are also included in this phrase, had she just said "women" they could have larped on and pretended it didn't include them. Nope Aiden, chopping off you tits didn't make people stop seeing you as anything but a birthing body! Does she also call men "inseminating bodies"?

Well that was a bit spergy so have an ugly troon to laugh at nonitas

No. 1518508

Jesus christ that's just so biologically untrue.

No. 1518515

It's true that most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone. But it can still feel good because we have actual vaginas and not surgical wounds forced open by dilating.

No. 1518518

Ooo I got so many caps to make from this thread for my "trans women hate women" collage…

No. 1518520

Drunk old men around here will catcall anything with long hair or a skirt. What a compliment, really.

No. 1518523

File: 1651587845046.jpg (435.86 KB, 1459x1089, image.jpg)

No. 1518528

What a garbage sack of male feces.

No. 1518530

Being called a "birthing body" or "pregnant person" or "uterus haver" is what's peaking most normies. We have to remember that most of them aren't online enough to have been exposed to TRA rhetoric and until recently saw troons as "super extra gay" and felt sorry for them.

No. 1518532

This is a collage of micro sized images and i could still clock this as a tranny from the home page thumbnail kek

No. 1518535

What a massive cope. You can't even feel bad for these sickos because they're lying about the female body to convince people they have a real vagina. It makes me happy that they'll never know the pleasure of penetrative sex, all those surgeries just to end up with a numb rotting pocket of skin kek

No. 1518536

"birthing bodies" doesn't even acknowledge our humanity. i have a birthing body, but so does my neighbour's cat.

No. 1518538

damn I never thought about it that way. this is all so fucking grim.

No. 1518544

I still don't understand how calling people with a female body women is reducing us to our genitals and makes you a nazi but literally reducing us to "birthing bodies" is woke as fuck

No. 1518556

Oh no cry harder.

I didn’t notice it at first and in truth the fake tits look not much different from the bolt on the guy in that vid has. Some of them do get ridiculous surgeries, no need to call women in here stupid for not seeing a thin line at his neck.

No. 1518560

Learn to integrate or go back to /tttt/

No. 1518573

I'm not American, so I'm not personally affected by it but I feel so bad for all nonas there. But this shit still makes me scream. The law is trying to turn back 50 years of progress on multiple platforms, but no, men are most affected!

No. 1518576

Wait a minute, he's an HSTS and he looks THIS BAD. He looks like your classic AGP

No. 1518585

if we're gonna have inclusive language for women + TIFS we're gonna also need inclusive language for men + TIMS. how about we call them scrotes?

No. 1518594

I only follow a handful of people and am still seeing people shoehorning trans rights into this, and as usual the only time they wheel out transmen is when it means transwomen can force themselves into the conversation.

No. 1518595

File: 1651594224409.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2828x2828, D76787AC-B1B5-4192-BAC1-1B91F3…)

Stumbled across this troon on Facebook commenting about Johnny Depp and whining about being abused by women. Even when they pretend to be women they can’t stop with the mens rights bullshit. I got a good laugh out of his profile pictures though, he has like 30 and each one is funnier than the last.

No. 1518598

Those wigs are so bad they look like he just photoshopped some hair on himself. How's that possible

No. 1518599

i'm totally a woman guys this is evident by the fact that i wear clothes 50 year old soccer moms in the 2000s wore! how the fuck can they claim to be women and have no clue what women's fashion actually looks like? they're either depressed librarians, programmer sock seifuku catgirls or dressing like the dudes from the movie "white chicks". literally 0% trace of this so called "female-brain"

No. 1518608

No. 1518610

This. Most normies vaguely support trans rights because they see them as even more oppressed LGBs and they're not up to date on the latest woke lingo. This type of language is rightfully going to strike them as dehumanizing. "Birthing bodies" is even worse than "birthing people" since it doesn't even acknowledge mothers as people and unironically plays into GOP talking pointes.

No. 1518612

These interviews with men who have detransitioned tell us everything we already knew but I am glad to see people having gc discussions in the comments and calling trans activism out for its cult behavior

No. 1518615

I love that Soft White Underbelly is highlighting this.

No. 1518623

I mean, anon, they're right about that one, although just because most women cannot orgasm from it, it doesn't mean that it can't feel super pleasurable for us anyway.

No. 1518640

I wonder if he’s lost any viewership because of it.

No. 1518670

Troons are the adult equivalent of those 2009 kids who badly photoshop themselves with six packs and post it online.

No. 1518674

These mfs would be a lot happier if they just called themselves femboys and got some therapy for the NPD/BPD they all seem to have

No. 1518685

Laita’s probs a chaser, but I love that he doesn’t care about any kind of backlash, he just lets these men talk. Brian’s story was interesting (TEHM king)… the other one was serving schizo vibes tho.

No. 1518688

Less than 5 min in and I already feel sick. And this is the kind of person TRAs wants to shut the fuck up, they kick them out of the trans community, or flat out deny that they even exist.

No. 1518702

File: 1651607072815.png (93.21 KB, 1232x414, B4E4F064-7D73-49F7-BD89-DBD3EC…)

Question. What have they ever done for women? Why do they expect us to bend over backwards for them when they mock us, threaten to rape and kill us, etc.?

No. 1518707

File: 1651607416245.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1437x1477, 0FA0C9BA-B619-4EAB-9451-B3F925…)

Here is a fun little story of a MTF getting upset that a female client didn’t want him as a masseuse. There are three parts so give me a second to get them here.



No. 1518708

File: 1651607446518.jpeg (405.3 KB, 1413x626, 5EAC949F-284E-4832-BE47-A3B6EC…)

No. 1518711

File: 1651607517909.jpeg (652.61 KB, 739x1339, 3C7DEC8A-38FD-49BA-AD2A-13FFC1…)

The woman’s email. Nothing here said is transphobic. She sounds afraid and wounded and this narc of a man can go fuck himself.


No. 1518712

it's like they're threatened by how much this issue doesn't effect them. so they start lashing out, as usual. the attention seeking narcissism is off the charts.

No. 1518715

The answer is absolutely nothing. Not to mention trannies are such a small percentage of the population whereas Roe affects every woman and girl in the country. Of course it's all hands on deck, stupid scrote.

He doubles down in the comments too that she's transphobic. Surprisingly, most of the comments are actually telling him he's being a selfish asshole about it and defending the woman.

No. 1518716

I saw that too. He was so mad she called him “male” while also using his preferred pronouns. Why can’t they except the fact of their biological sex? Why are they so deluded about this? It’s getting to the point where the ones who actually acknowledge their being male or female is refreshing and that’s kind of fucked up.

No. 1518720

seems fake tbh. first of all, very weird that the woman would forward him the email. and although i know moids ARE this entitled and self obsessed, something just seems off about this particular story, especially as these are his only posts.

No. 1518721

File: 1651608216915.jpg (369.73 KB, 1170x1870, FRyXO9nUYAEzFp1.jpg)

Australian Museum let a troon in fetish gear play in a children's Lego pit. A woman would be confronted by angry moms and kicked out of the building in less than 5 seconds.

No. 1518722

It says the account is a new/throwaway one and that the manager forwarded the email, not the client herself. But I get what you mean, it could just as easily be fake.

No. 1518723

Maybe it is, but honestly who even knows at this point. They say these kinds of things so often that reality and fantasy have blurred together. Even if it is fake, it’s nice to see people calling out the mindset in the comments. It shows once they get out of their echo chamber people can see through their bullshit.

No. 1518725

That woman was more than kind in that email. God, moids are narcissistic

No. 1518728

What the fuck they have no shame at all.

No. 1518730

I was thinking about it more for a second, and I wonder if it is not fake. I feel like they would have come up with a more vitriolic email in that case, because the one that was shown was incredibly tame and kind, sympathetic with the troon.

No. 1518731

Fucking disgusting, I bet he jacked off afterwards. I bet he gets turned on by showing his shit to kids wtf fucking clown world

No. 1518734


This guy must be trolling, he posted it in r/trans and even they told him to fuck off.

No. 1518735

Nah I think they wrote it sympathetic on purpose so the troon account would look extra-crazy. I'm calling troll.

No. 1518736

Really? I don't fucking believe it

No. 1518740

I can't screenshot on my phone but everyone is claiming it's fake and not transphobia. I'm just leery of taking throwaway Reddit accounts seriously with how much that troll "terfs_beware" used to get posted here.


No. 1518746

Damn, they can surprise you sometimes. I assumed they would call the woman a dirty whore etc

No. 1518751

File: 1651609652823.jpeg (760.11 KB, 1284x2377, 303119E5-6171-49AA-B6CD-EB994F…)

Loving this guys logic and reasoning. He shouldn’t be working with people at all

No. 1518754

This is probably an unpopular viewpoint here, but I do think a lot of trans people are regular people struggling with gender dysphoria, and it's the really misogynistic/crazy/terminally online ones that get posted here. Unfortunately those are often the loudest voices who set the agenda.(literally no1curr)

No. 1518757

It’s australia, nothing will happen especially since the election has a bunch of troon promises

No. 1518780

I also think a lot of trans people have suffered abuse as children so probably do actually empathise with this woman's trauma response. a lot of them are still kids and i hope they snap out of the trans cult and get real help before they fuck their lives up for good.
then a hefty portion of the rest are entitled narcissists (like the guy in the post) and AGPs (who would actually enjoy the woman being scared, probably)
but misogyny is at the heart of all of it.

No. 1518781

i completely agree with you

No. 1518785

I agree, I don’t feel like it’s my job as a woman to coddle and console them though.

No. 1518788

I've never met a regular troon that wasnt an HSTS. It's always coom otherwise, no matter how carefully they hide it. Gender dysphoria just seems like internalized homophobia and misogyny to me.

No. 1518790

File: 1651612538619.jpg (308.74 KB, 1381x813, Screenshot_20220503-163430_Twi…)

I never really browse these threads but anons, i just cant keep acting like this is fine. Our rights are literally being stripped away due to something that is based in misogyny and this is what theyre concerned about. This is some "all lives matter" type of shit

No. 1518792

HATE when they divert attention from women's issues with garbage like this

No. 1518793

so women aren't human??

No. 1518794

We really can't have shit to ourselves huh?

No. 1518796

my takeaway from this is that the reptilian elite are making males transition and get neovags so that women can effectively rape men without the threat of it happening back. I would love to wake up one morning in a world where men are socialized to be too weak to open a fucking jar and have no penises. tall women will rise up to be alpha warriors, killing inferiors in ways that never satisfy their sexual fantasy version of their deserved demise. fuck men. literally.

No. 1518797

They could rename it to "AFAB rights" they still find a way to not be happy

No. 1518799

if we can find a way to torture men that is unique to their biology, even with their dicks intact, we can win in spite of any outcome

No. 1518800

File: 1651613179799.jpg (870.37 KB, 2168x2100, history checks out.jpg)

Saw the post, checked the profile, kek

No. 1518812

I've met a few (relatively) normal troons, the old-school kind who transitioned in the 90s. They all had abusive fathers and seem to have reacted to it by becoming violently misandrist and trooning out in an "I reject everything to do with maleness including certain features of my own body" sort of way. In a sense I can't blame them for trying to NOPE out of toxic male culture.

But I've also met plenty of narcissistic AGP freaks too, which is why I'm here.

No. 1518830

I bet her 'girlfriend' has a cock.

No. 1518831

File: 1651615567251.png (33.65 KB, 749x472, Commander Stephanie Sterling o…)

How do I make this about MEEE

No. 1518833

Just my personal experience but the men who appear to be anti-men the most on the surface, are usually the ones to be most wary of. Just because they deny that in themselves, doesn't mean it's not there and usually means they are less likely to see and acknowledge when they are being misogynistic assholes. And if they're violent as a result, then they can refer the behaviour to "that part" of being a man that they reject. they never own it and take responsibility.

No. 1518834

IMO long term even the “normies” eventually become self involved anxiety messes that are awful to be around for more than 5 minutes.

No. 1518840

File: 1651616449489.png (15.16 KB, 1115x165, The supreme court abortion ban…)

No. 1518849

File: 1651617083710.png (188.27 KB, 1160x1012, tco.png)

they've caught on

No. 1518851

I hope lurking trannies know they'll never be a woman!

No. 1518853

You must be new here. Trans people are all insane and misogynistic, “dysphoria” is a fixation on sexist stereotypes and a fetish.

No. 1518855

Take your meds, schizo retard.

No. 1518857

File: 1651617586106.jpeg (677.35 KB, 828x1421, D53CAB4A-D275-49BD-A014-56268C…)

good old male socialization, and the poor girl is too scared to bring it up to him bc she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings uwu

queen this has been posted like three times already in this very thread

No. 1518864

I saw some of my mutuals being soft peaked by this, truly ridiculous

No. 1518865

File: 1651618557105.png (7.86 KB, 626x143, c697ddb9f363b4a34bc0d6feb09f40…)

Someone forgot to take their meds and now the big evil terf island bullies are coming to discuss taking away the ability to ID yourself into a new sex

No. 1518871

File: 1651619533988.jpg (214.71 KB, 1812x2048, FR1lyZ4XwAAVEbK.jpg)

TRAs are just constantly threatening suicide, more than any other group of people, even depressed teenagers dont manipulate people this hard with suicide bait.
Maybe trannies commit suicide alot (which btw isnt as much as they claim, that 41% is a lie) because they dont get their actual mental illnesses fixed instead of just being told theyre stunning and brave for wearing a wig and panties

No. 1518879

I’ll never understand why they think threatening others with suicide stats is progressive. Has there been any other social justice movement that has pushed suicide fear mongering so hard? Do they not feel like asses telling everyone “you have to accept our delusions or we’ll kill ourselves”?

No. 1518880

It's so manipulative. There are BILLIONS of people on this planet dealing with oppression, discrimination and lack of medical care far worse than Western troons who don't attempt suicide. Troons are mentally ill and face an elevated suicide risk just like any other people suffering from major mental illness. And the risk only increases after "gender affirming surgery", so that alone tells you they're not killing themselves over lack of healthcare.

No. 1518882

i used to think that until every single one of the "normal" trannies i know ended up being revealed to be complete perverts too.

No. 1518885

File: 1651620372486.png (322.28 KB, 1486x1252, Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 6.25…)

This was a pleasant surprise (scared to read the comments tho)

No. 1518887

Must be nice that despite the fact that people dislike him, he still feels safe enough to move/live there. I can't go for a walk, anywhere alone at night because I'm scared of being overpowered and raped and/or kidnapped, much less moving anywhere my heart desires.

No. 1518889

samefag, move*

No. 1518890

Breaking news, mentally ill people commit suicide because of their mental illness. Except in any other case we try to treat the illness, not encourage it…

No. 1518893

The all lives matter of reproductive rights

No. 1518897

if you don't think a tranny believing he can change into a woman is misogynistic and crazy then idk what to tell you

No. 1518902

pleasant? where? a man thinking his hole drilling surgery and experimenting with hrt is at the same level as our body autonomy? him calling us 'cisters'? the oh no the transphobic republicans can't gain power note at the end? get a brain

No. 1518916

File: 1651622328630.png (211.83 KB, 426x440, laurales100gecs.png)

Laughing at how male "Laura Les" from 100gecs looks at coachella. They didn't even use the usual highpitched voice filters because this troon thinks his voices passes as female now (it doesn't kek). Anyways, what a shitshow.

No. 1518920

Lmfaooo that hairline

No. 1518932

so distasteful to make a coat hanger joke.

No. 1518967

File: 1651626671902.png (27.2 KB, 587x226, reeeee.PNG)

Just came here to absolutely seethe about trannies trying to make this abortion situation about them. And all the handmaidens saying shit like 'people with a uterus' and that this is about human rights and not women's rights.

No. 1518969

It’s just so annoying. The entire thing could be remedied by using the word “female” bc that’s a scientifically accurate word but even it also hurts everyone’s feefees.

No. 1518983

>delusional men doing what they think women would do

No. 1518985

>And all the handmaidens saying shit like 'people with a uterus' and that this is about human rights and not women's rights.
how do i even combat this without immediately exposing myself as a terf? would just mentioning that the old dudes in congress 1000% passed the bill with women in mind help?

No. 1518991

Try asking how that line is different from "all lives matter"

No. 1519042

the totally girly feminine urge to shove objects into your rectum, uwu

No. 1519048

They need to stop playing stupid before we go so far back they’re being sterilized and shoved in boiling water to fix their “female hysteria”. We’re not like those icky girls! They cry as they demand the icky girls put them first when the boys come to pick a fight with everyone.

No. 1519054

File: 1651632078946.jpg (337.63 KB, 1344x2048, jakki__CO-1520842315027271680-…)

when you wear your skirt half way up your torso to hide your male body

No. 1519069

I don't want to zoom in but I swear his dick must be poking out. It will definitely be on display when he sits down.

No. 1519088

I did zoom in. You can see his cock through the mesh part of the skirt

No. 1519089

File: 1651635321665.webm (4.51 MB, 576x1024, erininthemornovarit.webm)

Anthony, bedside feminist kek

No. 1519090

Omg the way he's trying to cry!!! I hate this fucking creep

No. 1519091

partnering where exactly anthony? your hommies' linking with pedophiles, murderers and big pharma is so big i can't see it.
also it's my first time seeing him with his mouth open lol looks like he would stop me on the streets to talk about tractors

No. 1519097

I love that he's hate reading ovarit lmao

No. 1519100

Local man tells women they don't know what feminism is.

No. 1519102

File: 1651637593825.png (289.59 KB, 1164x645, yikes.PNG)

i know there are tranny kids books but this pic related is especially bad since it's written by a psych who only deals with trans kids. it's literally indoctrination. from her website:

"My passion and specialty is working with transgender and gender nonbinary (TGNB) children ages 2+, with more focused expertise working with transfeminine youth ages 8–12."

2 year olds aren't even potty trained, but yet they can tell mommy they're a boy?

No. 1519109

File: 1651638826070.jpg (395.37 KB, 720x2011, carolinecarter1.jpg)

california is scary

No. 1519110

File: 1651638889516.jpg (334.39 KB, 720x2053, carolinecarter2.jpg)

> queer-femme femxle
> pediatric hypnosis

No. 1519112

Speaking of Ovarit, does anyone happen to have a spare invite code I could use?

No. 1519120

I have codes, not sure how to share them without accidentally inviting TRAs.

No. 1519121

Actual stats from long term studies: 0.6% of trans people commit suicide.

No. 1519128

The trans suicide narrative seemed to pop out of thin air when Joshua Alcorn killed himself. He was gay, and his parents were homophobic.

No. 1519136

File: 1651643528430.jpg (159.61 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20220504-002208_Boo…)

No. 1519137

What happens if a woman pretends to be a TIM to get a little bit of this male privilege? Would it work? It should, I mean, we’re not supposed to tell the difference.

No. 1519146

What? It’s a fine fucking outfit. Don’t post if you don’t actually have milk you dry ass bitch. Thank fuck you saged for nitpicking. Maybe just don’t post next time if you don’t have anything of value to post.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1519147

nta it's not a fine outfit, his dick is hanging out of his skirt

No. 1519151

I don’t see a dick and didn’t originally either. Stop shitting up the threads, if you didn’t know explicitly that person had a cock, you wouldn’t think twice about seeing it somewhere else.

No. 1519152

If your skirt can't cover your dick, maybe you should raid your mom's closet instead of your little sister's.

No. 1519153

???? kek

No. 1519156

He doesn't say if he previously said male or female, for all we know people discriminated against him thinking he was female but now that they know he's actually male they want him
But they're more likely right, they're a diversity hire to make the company look woke, it clearly has nothing to do with his skill level or personality

No. 1519157

Are you the troon that got posted? Why are youso mad?
The troon is literally wearing the skirt up to his moobs to hide the fact that he ain't a woman kek! Stay on twitter and remember ywnbaw!

No. 1519163

His underwear is literally visible, because he pulled that shit way up to hide his lack of waist. Where are YOU looking?

No. 1519166

File: 1651648779327.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 695.47 KB, 1908x4032, kTKx9dR.jpeg)

Anyway, here's a picture of an ugly ballsack pocket.

No. 1519167

Leave it to a moid to think this outfit looked "fine".

No. 1519168

Literally any non mentally ill, sadistic male can see why a woman wouldn't want to get a massage from another man in a separate room from the rest of the world, his thought process is even more male than it is for the average male kek

No. 1519169

Dave Chapelle just got attacked by a tranny at his Netflix set then immediately joked about it


No. 1519170

This almost looks like shayna's kek

No. 1519171

"now THIS is going to make us look sane and well-adjusted"

No. 1519173

Wait so this is a moid who made a program specifically aimed at giving opportunity to vulnerable young girls… yeah no there’s absolutely no fucking way that he’s doing this out of the goodness of his own heart.

Between billionaire money and politicians pushing this crap in schools, men like these, and the number of kweer elementary school teachers I see on tiktok and twitter, I can’t help but wonder if the fight is already over. They are indoctrinating kids whether it be through education, media, or peer socialization. It’s not just TiMs but mainly enby narcissists that I see online who brag about teaching their students pronouns and making them say the pledge to a rainbow flag. Does anyone know why so many elementary school teachers are genderspecial narcissists? Is it because America underpays teachers so much that the only people who really derive anything positive from it are pedophiles?

No. 1519174

Lol no it isn't and that stands for the majority of troon 'fashion'. They have no idea how to dress outside of the male form

No. 1519175

Isn't this old news? Troons should have done this months earlier if they wanted to get attention.

No. 1519176

thats a 40% waiting to happen. sad but true. he ain't getting any younger.

No. 1519177

File: 1651649746853.jpeg (100.05 KB, 828x296, D60C1CF6-F02E-4275-AFA9-D0958B…)

“infertile”… sir you are a whole ass male with a fetish

No. 1519178

where is the 'clit' in this? How can they even orgasm anymore?

No. 1519180

lol seethe more. it's easy to clock male anatomy, doesn't require a penis inspection to see that person is a male (in spite of what YOU might be used to)
So fucking offensive to actual women who can't conceive jfc

No. 1519183


This fucking bs is the bane of my software career. Every time I get introduced to an engineer with a female name, i hope it’s a woman, but it’s always a troon. Every. Time!!!!

No. 1519185

It’s because teachers are stereotypically a female job, and there are very low standards for teaching little children so troons and ESPECIALLY narcissistic female enbies cling to it because they are literal overgrown children and can’t do anything else. Enbies talk like how people talk to babies, just all the time. I think it’s because they’re autistic and watch childrens cartoons

No. 1519187

his trans comment was just a joke, it doesn’t seem to actually be a tranny and the guy got super fucked up by security with his arm bent backwards

No. 1519188

Troon spotted

No. 1519189

File: 1651652157015.jpg (861.47 KB, 1484x1280, FR2dXyfWYAESp67.jpg)

Twitter just shows me troons in my area at this point.

No. 1519191

"infertile lesbian" you're a straight man who willingly chose to sterilize yourself

No. 1519193


No. 1519194

Forgot to screenshot so I don't have any caps but has anyone else seen this phenomenon of people talking about how "cross dressers" make them uncomfortable? They describe cross dressers as fetishizers, basically just AGPs without explicitly calling them AGPs. I think that many people are actually disgusted by AGP trannies, but HSTS propaganda has made them sympathize with who they believe are pitiable gay men rather than a mixture with degenerate straight men.

Moving forward, I think those of us who are closeted transphobes wanting to peak those around us could use the strategy of complaining about trannies by disguising it as hatred for these "straight cross dressers." If you specify that you hate them for being straight men and not trans women, wokies will be more likely to agree with your complaints.

Wish I had the balls like some other nonas to be more upfront with my hatred, but in today's climate this is the best I can do.

No. 1519196

Arm facing backwards guy is probably going to become a legendary meme.

No. 1519198

I've been thinking about this! Every TIM I meet has cannibal vibes but every TIF reminds me of a children's television presenter

No. 1519201

It's like predator awareness year on meeting apps too, at this point I just compile the ones that live close enough to be dangerous and warn my friends about them. Fuck these troons

No. 1519203

not only is it a dick swinging outfit the fabrics look cheap and shitty, the skirt looks like an underskirt and the shirt like it's gonna go to trash after two washes

No. 1519208

you can literally see his balls and pink underwear ( i hope it isn't just flesh) through the mesh, skirts should not be that short. you're retarded as fuck clearly

No. 1519211

Kek came to say the same but you already did my sweet nonita

Even if there WASNT a whole cock and balls hanging out of the skirt, the skirt is way too high. If he bends over even a bit his wholeass is hanging out. I guess that's part of his fetish.

Also notice the tranny calling us all kinds of misogynistic slurs, especially "dry". Your dick is showing sir, please go away.

No. 1519213

Good thinking, but the most handmaiden-y women would just argue how we cannot kinkshame, and he might be a poor closetes twans wimmin!!

No. 1519214

but then they would have to acknowledge that TIMs include those perverts and open the discussion about why we might not want to share spaces with men who are perverts and exhibitionists, literally getting off on our discomfort.
It’s a good strategy nona

No. 1519215

This. You can start peaking handmaidens by saying things like "well straight white cis men who crossdress as women for a sexual fetish are really gross and bad for women AND trans people, right?" and it gives them mental permission to start questioning some aspects of the trans community.
Later show an example (from some likely place like twitter or tiktok etc) lead with "ugh look at this gross straight man pretending to be a trans woman just for a fetish, he's just trying to hurt women and make trans people look bad". They can't argue against it when you're pointing to it as transphobia lol Eventually when you send more they'll start realizing there are lots of AGP men "pretending to be trans", which means not all who claim to be trans are valid. And slowly they'll peak more from there.

If anyone ever questions why you keep looking for "fake trans people" just say you're just so tired of their fetish/transphobia hurting real trans people kek

No. 1519220

why are you zooming so far in on her crotch, freak

No. 1519221

kill yourself tranny

No. 1519225

Y'all can't pretend to be women for 1 second. It's just BITCH ROASTIE DRIED UP WHORE

No. 1519227

Troons back. You mean he. The disgusting male pretending to be a woman so he can jerk off later on. The male wearing a skirt so high to try an emulate a womens waist that his cock and balls are showing? Most of use don’t need to zoom in to understand anatomy. It’s hanging out right there- his micro penis and shrivelled up nut sack.

No. 1519228

The hole is so dark it's like staring into the abyss.

No. 1519229

no need to zoom at anything, the shitty outfit, the man hand and man body, just gross scrote written all over it

No. 1519231

>troon wears his skirt high up so people can see under it
males stay gaslighting

No. 1519232

I know we’re not supposed to give them attention but I have to this time because this is quite possibly the most obvious troon posting I've seen. You might as well just come out as a transbian at the point, it’s so apparent from the way you post.

No. 1519234

>> This fucking bs is the bane of my software career. Every time I get introduced to an engineer with a female name, i hope it’s a woman, but it’s always a troon. Every. Time!!!!

I'm sorry nonna. I work in software and there are actual female devs at my company, but they're rare. Like 90% of the troons I've met have careers in IT too, it's bizarre how consistent it is.

No. 1519235

the person in >>1519109 seems to be a handmaiden woman. she got education (and probably grew up) in a wokey town so she probably truly believes calling herself a femxle and indoctrinating kids to deny facts flat-earthners style is good.

No. 1519238

File: 1651661966679.png (56.66 KB, 737x519, au_natalie.png)

"gender euphoria makes me want to masturbate. is this normal?"

No. 1519239

There's a completely revolting mega-autistic AGP that most of my friends know (huge fake breastplate, teen girl fashions, ugly cheap wigs, only hits on lesbians, takes off his female costume when men are around) and he's been peaking the women around him. I even know a few HSTS who really hate this scrote for making them all look like deranged LARPers, lol.

I've also had good luck at peaking my female friends on the topic of fakebois/FtMs. I'm a butch lesbian so nobody is surprised that I have strong opinions about how wearing jeans and shaving your head doesn't make you a man, Sharon.

No. 1519247

Damn, I've noticed that there have been a lot more posts like that lately. I'm wondering if there's a TERF psyop going on to expose how all trannies 'validate' the fact that it's a fetish, a bit like the reddit user u/terfsbeware was doing.

No. 1519251

Just saw this poster pop up in a couple of lefty groups I'm in. I can't bear to be in these groups anymore because it's honestly just a free pass for people to be misogynistic creeps. It's ok to hope a woman gets raped and murdered if she is a TERF and it's normal to think women's groups are "hate groups" akin to nazis. Even Extinction Rebellion shared that poster. They literally don't give a shit about women's rights. So fed up nonas.

No. 1519252

Same, I feel so alienated from the left and it's made me completely blackpilled

No. 1519257


I almost had a stroke. What kind of mental gymnastics is this?

No. 1519258

File: 1651665499495.png (55.09 KB, 738x527, MagmaDog02.png)

"trans or fetish?" if you sick freaks have to keep asking, then it's probably a fetish.

No. 1519259

File: 1651665527197.png (104.8 KB, 1729x490, Untitled.png)

No. 1519260

>How should I deal with him?
Uh…move on with your life like a normal person?

No. 1519262

KEK they really have such fragile egos

No. 1519265

Hahahah holy shit I'm this close to trying this. It's valid when you are a biotrans woman assigned cis at birth

No. 1519267

File: 1651666987706.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2819, grosssssssss.png)

i'm gonna PUKE

No. 1519268

Nta but do you have screens of threatened rape? I'm not caught up.

No. 1519282

File: 1651668743864.jpeg (342.09 KB, 1170x662, D3AAF0B4-5F37-45F3-B725-E95509…)

No. 1519284

File: 1651668780518.png (686.54 KB, 640x853, lol.png)

No. 1519285

even when women attempt to include them as allies it’s not good enough

No. 1519286

File: 1651668866380.jpeg (224.84 KB, 1170x1083, DFAF4FAB-17A1-4811-BDBA-7A949F…)

dropped my pic, couldn’t delete for some reason

No. 1519289

>do they also exclude women in exclusively same-sex relationships
Rape exists you retard. And plenty of lesbians do IVF, sometimes even wanted pregnancies need to be terminated if there's a health risk.

No. 1519290

File: 1651669206352.jpeg (67.7 KB, 475x362, CEE88BB5-F0A4-491A-BFFC-97F715…)

What the fuck does he even want? Jesus Christ, trannies are fucking obnoxious.

No. 1519293

Right? And plenty of infertile women have children years later on accident. Plenty of post menopausal women at one point lived with the reality it could happen to her before menopause. You know who it could never happen to? A male with a prostate in his ass like the fags they are and no female body.

No. 1519294

File: 1651669642310.jpg (5.86 KB, 225x225, lataus.jpg)

No. 1519307

I'm glad he got his gonads spliced up so he won't burden the world with any offspring.

No. 1519308

unfortunately he has a son already

No. 1519313

I would argue that all the woo woo shit pushed some people to vote trump instead of hillary and now something that actually mattered got fucked up.

No. 1519325

Kek based bank dude

No. 1519332

This is why the evil terves don't need to do any "recruiting". The troons will peak people all on their own. The more they have space to speak and appear publicly, the better. Like >>1518721

No. 1519336

Also to add, just in case the lurking trannies think they have a gotcha moment. No, I do not support kids being molested good god. In that case the parents were there and rightfully suspicious, and like good parents took their kids away from the fetish freak.

No. 1519338

File: 1651675210838.jpeg (215.24 KB, 960x981, 97B2E1B4-7263-4007-A23D-DF5766…)

Dave Chappelle got tackled on stage by some dude last night. Not sure what the motive was but people think it has to do with troons.

No. 1519342

File: 1651675687205.jpeg (198 KB, 1170x1877, 5B0BD329-0F6F-4391-AD16-21AAC7…)

Males calling themselves "lezzies" really activates my almonds

No. 1519343

that autogynesmile + the title and hashtag makes me want to off myself

No. 1519345

File: 1651675941189.jpg (17.76 KB, 625x100, chappelle.jpg)

No. 1519346

File: 1651676012326.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.6 KB, 1472x2048, 0C0BD532-A7C3-4D13-958E-937FD7…)

The attacker after Dave’s bodyguards took care of him. Note the nail polish.

No. 1519360

File: 1651676894881.jpg (527.53 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-04-18-04-07…)

Someone linked some /tttt/ threads about KF on KF. I'm sure there's threads about both farms on there constantly but I don't step my foot in that anime fetish hole lol. Still pretty funny, the projection.


No. 1519372

All those words to just say she is a white woman. Incredible. People will do anything to avoid it.

No. 1519373

Eh nail polish doesn't mean much by itself. This just looks like a guy

No. 1519375

Why are you here troon? You get off on women calling you ugly or something?

No. 1519385

>actual mental illness
They can’t even come up with their own unique insults.

No. 1519386

You could like, read the 60 threads we have here and you'll know why

No. 1519389

You don't hate misogynistic pedophilic rapists? Do you need a psychiatrist?

No. 1519392

File: 1651678519616.png (2 MB, 998x2469, justafewexplamles.png)

No. 1519393


I'll never say it enough. "Serious" enbies are all autistic girls with puberty trauma.


It won't always work. If there's one or a couple smarter trannies anywhere in their sphere of influence, they'll just go #notalltroons.

AGPs try to get into the lolita fashion community all the time and it peaks nobody.

Even when I was a enby I did it all the time. But because I had normal behaving trannies (all TIFs. surprising isn't it, women keeping the whole damn movement together and getting treated like shit by men in return as always) around me that I didn't want to throw under the bus it didn't peak me at all.

We need to find a way to make it more obvious that they are the controlling entity of the movement. Also saying pretty much anything about fetishes is considered a "terf dogwhistle" now.

I think that when the global situation worsens, the maladaptive troons will stand out and peak almost everyone, but it's just sad we have to get there.

No. 1519395

watching this troon slap around a detached torso… god theyre all degenerates

No. 1519406

stop putting troons feelings above actual womens safety and we'll stop hating you freaks.

No. 1519407

Kek did you quote a wrong post?

No. 1519408

nonnies, sorry if this isnt the right thread, but can younger troons be trusted? this is my first job where i have to work with like 4 mtfs and theyre are really nice and two of them are clearly autistic and its annoying having to refer to some of them as she when they have beards but i dont want to get fired…im just starting to feel some compassion toward the ones i work with because they are really kind and younger and well intentioned so i feel its nasty of me to look at them in a negative way. anyone outside of them though i obviously question their intentions and look down on them.

No. 1519413

Looking through his youtube the crossdressing to troon pipeline is in fact real.

No. 1519417

Anon no offense but this is the most naive thing I have read all week.
>they are really kind and younger and well intentioned
These same bearded men are most likely sniffing their little sisters panties and cooming over lesbians being forced to take their girl dick.

No. 1519424

Edgy guys wear black nail polish pretty commonly, also not sure why Dave would know it’s an actual trans person after a few seconds of being tackled. He just said it as a joke because of the controversy and people ran with it.

No. 1519429

>this is my first job where i have to work with like 4 mtfs and theyre are really nice

laughs in "has read many of these threads and even the teenage, or innocent-seeming, or good looking ones are all depraved and insane"

Good luck nonna

No. 1519430

You should read more of these threads. Even 18 year old moids are pedos and rapists

No. 1519432

File: 1651681727016.png (Spoiler Image, 517.55 KB, 596x760, livulose.png)

Has this edgy incel been posted here yet?

No. 1519433

It's okay to make nice and be civil to the troons you're forced to work with, but don't trust them. Keep them at arms length imo

No. 1519437

Those torso sex toys and variations of it freak me out so bad. It really shows how men see us and it scares me.

No. 1519438

Imo younger ones seem even worse than the old ones. A lot of the old ones are transvestites and even though they’re misogynistic as fuck they still usually have some grasp on how their life is fucked. The younger ones hate women even more though, point blank. They’re the ones screaming about TERFs and taking pics with guns.

No. 1519439

File: 1651682102797.jpg (1018.57 KB, 1000x2399, cringe.jpg)

I can't tell if this meant to be a TIM raping a girl or a girl pegging a "femboy", cause TIMs do love their cringy goth feminization fantasies

No. 1519440

kek ive read these threads for ages. i just feel like its nasty to treat them badly at work if they treat me very kind and have helped me learn a lot at my new job? but i dont want to be naive like the other anon said and i definitely dont plan to interact outside of work. its kind of retarded that we have to put pronouns next to our names at this new job but i already misgendered one of them and got spoken to kek. so im just trying to be kind and cool and not think so poorly of them because the autistic ones may just be self hating and confused and not coomers? sorry thats a naive take but i feel their troonery is just a result of being social outcasts because none of them are rude or weird (at least at work) and some of them still have facial hair and hulk like bodies but theyre very very sweet…sigh i dont know how to feel anymore

No. 1519442

File: 1651682346855.jpg (145.25 KB, 1080x908, Screenshot_20220504-093733_Twi…)

Jesus christ this guy is insane. He also appears to be porn addicted and only 18. The zoomers are not okay

No. 1519443

File: 1651682382772.png (89.07 KB, 609x464, livulosetweet.png)

not sure about the original art but his intention = TIM raping a girl. he even says "real women". his edgy jokes just serve to prove how insane this whole thing is though.

No. 1519444

extremely deranged and pathetic. this is what porn does to the brain.

No. 1519446

I will await you returning in like four months to tell us one of them caught feelings for you and is stalking you or threatening you.

No. 1519449

File: 1651682834873.png (2.42 MB, 1084x1222, delusion is magic.png)

No. 1519450

Be nice to them, don’t cape for them and for the love of god never be alone in a room with one of them.

No. 1519451

You can still have compassion and not be mean whilst also having boundaries (not your job to coddle anyone) and accepting reality (that they aren't really women). That's not being negative or unkind. That's just your female socialisation telling you that.

No. 1519453

File: 1651682992425.png (3.06 MB, 2500x1884, womens day.png)

His entire post history is quite something. Hes also on every single social media platform and posts endlessly about video games. He will post the same selfie on 7 different subs, his womens day selfie made it onto many.

No. 1519454

You will never be a woman, sir. Don’t forget to dilate.

No. 1519455

File: 1651683042722.jpeg (23.98 KB, 300x250, 1647277879841.jpeg)

No. 1519456

Seconding this BUT please dont worry about being 'nice'. Just be polite and distanced, dont get written up to HR for not using the "correct" pronouns. If you come across too friendly they wont leave you alone. Learnt that from experience.

No. 1519473

File: 1651683935093.png (58.66 KB, 738x377, Untitled picture.png)

I hate how they have convinced everyone that they are they are these poor defenseless creatures. These are dangerous men. Will the handmaidens ever wake up?

No. 1519475

i was about to post in the thread this morning about this too. i have two mtfs hired at my relatively small workforce job where we are all very close and outside of work friends. it would be openly frowned upon by my very liberal and well meaning coworkers to misgender them so i havent bothered referring to them as “she” but just use their name. it’s making me upset that the fucking first thing one of them said to me was being excited because they found a slutty top and commiserating with me about having little boobs. fuck off. i feel like i’m surrounded by mental illness watching my coworkers call them she.

No. 1519478


You don't have to treat them badly to think trans women aren't women.

You can be polite to them at work and still think they're men. the reason we believe that trans women are men isn't because we hate them, it's because trans women are men, regardless of our feelings or theirs for that matter. Nice or not, they're just men.

stay safe nona.

No. 1519485

Have as little to do with them as possible. Gray rock method, don't laugh or interact socially with them AT ALL. Be as boring as possible. Don't compliment them in ANY way, don't tell them where you got your clothes, shoes, or makeup if they compliment you. Be prepared for one of them to probably develop a crush or obsession with you. Or skinwalk you. Don't give them any info on any of your social media. If you know theirs, block immediately. Do not be alone with them. Don't go to the bathroom with them. And I can't believe I'm having to say this, but remember some troons steal used menstrual products, so you need to think about that and probably dispose elsewhere. And most of all, stop feeling sorry or sympathy for them. They are fucked up, no matter how "nice" they behave at work.

No. 1519486

You can be civil and treat them as humans. You're right that they very likely are autistic, self hating and confused, but don't let your guard down. You are only seeing their outward offline persona, you have no idea what they get up to on discord. We can be against them politically without being cruel to the individuals in our lives. For as nice as they seem, I bet they wouldn't feel this much compassion towards you if you were to make your political stance known.

No. 1519489

Samefag,, also whatever hobbies or interests you have, do not discuss with them.

No. 1519491

Don’t feel bad for them. If they knew you’re a terf, they’d get your ass fired in a second. They wouldn’t have any compassion for you, so why waste yours on them.

No. 1519492

Wouldn't him talking about the size of your breasts be an HR violation?

No. 1519495

He looks like Macron

No. 1519500

File: 1651685384646.jpeg (96.5 KB, 675x900, FJ1zbRbWUAgoD_K.jpeg)

This man is in the replies

"the best porn genre is any kind where a cis woman is being dominated and clearly hates it"

No. 1519510

i swear i have seen this one before but i can't remember where

No. 1519513

me too but not sure if it's just because they all look the same with that hairline.

No. 1519523

>gender nonspecific meme
Implying this could refer to TIFs as well as TIMs when we all know this is entirely a TIM phenomenon. Even Gaydens who transition (in part) because of yaoi don’t talk about “euphoria wetness” or whatever, it’s always euphoria boners. Does egg_irl even have TIF posters? Every screenshot I’ve ever seen from there has been full on AGP though it may not be a representative sample.

It peaked me, but I don’t know of anyone else who has. Most of the others still chant TWAW and insist that the many sissies and AGPs we’ve had to deal with over the years were fakers and one-offs who totally aren’t part of a pattern, no sir MA’AM! Nothing to see here! Even the ones who’d fully legally transitioned were actually fake trans, but also nobody ever pretends to be trans for nefarious reasons, that is a terf dogwhistle. Sure so-and-so sexually harassed a bunch of us but you know who’s really hurt by that? Trans people! So we’ll never speak of this again. Until it happens again and we’ll all pretend to have selective amnesia and be totally shocked. Anyway how about them macarons?

I don’t really believe I’m the only one who’s peaked. At one point it was common knowledge that our mods’ main job was keeping out creepy men, and one ex-mod mentioned having to deny join requests from obvious fetishistic crossdressers on at least a weekly basis. Now we all have to pretend that this never happens and that the fetishists are just a terven boogeyman. Surely others must have noticed the blatant gaslighting? I guess everyone’s afraid to speak out because nobody wants to be ostracised and the TRAs in these parts are pretty rabid.

No. 1519524

This picture is making me homicidal.

No. 1519533

Trans ideology is inherently misogynistic. Any trans-identified male is 100% guaranteed to be a misogynist who sees women as objects or abstract concepts for him to consume and to wear. If they saw women as fully formed people they would not be “identifying as” us. I’m glad these guys manage to behave decently around you but don’t be fooled into thinking they respect you in any way. Other anons are right that you should remain civil but not let any of them get too close.

No. 1519534

I think they got memed off of tumblr after they posted a "glow up" ~2015 and all the comments were kissing their ass. Wish I could find it

No. 1519570

File: 1651690594121.png (246.91 KB, 828x772, 2AE4B5F0-B717-4C46-A473-7F8F86…)

this is from is old account leftylemongirl but his @ is cropped, I'll post another with it in too

No. 1519573

File: 1651690689686.jpeg (90.54 KB, 720x703, EC7670E0-57D8-41AC-B12E-49290B…)

here's another of his posts

No. 1519587

>the biggest risk to trans youth is suicide
And the biggest risk to female youth is murder. At least scrotes have a fucking choice.

No. 1519599

Gotta love how this puts the onus on the (female) victim to protect herself from her moid attacker so that he can “live with himself”
Maybe you shouldn’t be able to live with yourself and you should 41% already, rapist pig

No. 1519600

File: 1651692210813.jpg (103.43 KB, 591x712, shocked.JPG)

No. 1519613

It also infuriates me that they do this as “defense against the TERFs” when I’ve never heard a report of a woman hurting or killing these men. If anything maybe a handbag whack as a defense but like they just want guns to be able to kill women who won’t kiss their dicks.

No. 1519614

This. Grayrock, give them nothing else. They aren’t worth the emotional labor.

No. 1519623

"TERFs" is basically a way of them hating and aiming violence towards women in a way that is celebrated. if they were truly concerned about their physical safety they would be calling out the men who are the biggest threat to them but they never do.

much like the men who called women "WITCH!" and felt entitled to kill them as "protection" against their evil powers. the more they act like we're something to be feared, the more justified their violence towards us becomes.

No. 1519637

And we are just an easy target bc women are essentially expected to be kind pushovers. Men HATE women dissenting or getting upset with them for any reason, and they always want an excuse to put us down literally and figuratively. Troons are a good example of can dish it but can’t take it.

No. 1519730

No matter how nice they seem to be to you it doesnt change the fact that their entire identity is based off of misogyny. I'd be civil but keep distance if i were you.

No. 1519746

Right? I’m sure Rachel Dolezal is nice and a troubled individual. She’s still not black or a good person for pretending to be something she’s not and appropriating the identity of an oppressed group.

No. 1519760

How the hell is this not schizophrenia

No. 1519761

If you ID as trans you can say anything with no ramifications, including the suggestion that you might need mental health and are paranoid.

No. 1519769

File: 1651702235969.jpg (63 KB, 680x445, FR8H3oxXIAEPbKl.jpg)

Glad someone already called him out on his disgusting pornsickness

No. 1519778

they're really calling troonism science when the entire board is like a modern portrait of a 19th century mental astlum

No. 1519780

File: 1651702783142.jpg (23.16 KB, 480x472, 25768a54.jpg)

>the entire board is like a modern portrait of a 19th century mental astlum

No. 1519786

we need better mental health screening to buy guns in the united states specifically because of mtfs. they have no business owning guns.

No. 1519788

Lol wtf? Teen boyfriends don't "teach and guide" their girlfriends, they don't know how to fuck either. This is so creepy

No. 1519789

>it's cute and they're innocent
uhm wtf? Pedo alert. Also their bfs are most likely virgins too they're not daddies who will teach them

No. 1519797

Wtf this is gross, why are they all like this its like as if they all got the same manual in how to troon and there first thing in that manual was how to be a creepy pedo. They fantasize about teen girls from their sleepovers to their first time. So fucking disgusting, honestly, why can't the 41% become higher already?

No. 1519802

File: 1651703655693.jpg (2.23 MB, 4480x2752, Francisco_de_Goya_-_La_casa_de…)

Trans twitter has the very same aura as tttt. It always reeks of degeneracy and severe mental illness. Policing others' sexuality, constantly posting about porn, treating the slightest disagreement as an existential threat, ignoring any nuance, claiming to be the purveyors of truth when their own movement can't agree on whether you need dysphoria to be a tranny, thinking pills will magically change your sex, hand-waving all the sexual predators in their community, making schizo rants about how JKR is literally killing trannies, thinking abortion "isn't a woman's issue" when being born a woman is the reason gaydens and enbies might need one in the first place…

It's too numerous to list, honestly.

No. 1519817

they all grow up to be these low iq wolves in sheeps clothing predators. also how is is even statistically possible that there's 4 of them at your workplace?

No. 1519818

if femxle is supposed to be "gender neutral" female, is the opposite of female is called femole

No. 1519823

who let this fucker out of jail?

No. 1519826

if she works with IT or in the military i believe it

No. 1519827

matt christman trooned?

No. 1519837

File: 1651706043557.png (72.16 KB, 211x244, 1512592120781.png)

>waah waaaaah ME ME ME
It's not about you you retarded troon holy fuck

No. 1519866

female socialization is one hell of a drug

No. 1519873

Anon, remember when people say 'but he seemed like such a nice guy' about serial killers after they are caught. People can lie and behave differently according to their situation and acceptability. While they probably are self hating autists with mental issues, remember that men often externalise their mental issues while men internalise them.

No. 1519874

*women internalise them

No. 1519882

File: 1651708421119.jpeg (202.58 KB, 828x1235, 04B67666-AA29-430B-A301-B01DFC…)

No. 1519888

>without adult supervision
Right because women have the brains of children, all our thoughts are frail and stupid and fraught with hysterics.

No. 1519891

Weird we're in 2022 and we're still hating women huh

No. 1519905

as was pointed out earlier enbies, ftms, and mtfs tend to talk to everyone like they’re children on barney. weird kids show host tone and condescension

No. 1519912

Yeah, it’s incredibly annoying and condescending. They all have such a stick up their asses.

No. 1519920

I was wondering if you guys could help me find a book that was mentioned in a twitter controversy a while back (I can't remember if it was a jk Rowling controversy, lindsay ellis controversy, or a contrapoints controversy).

It was about a MtF who, despite fully visually "passing" as a woman still feels like shit when around women because he never fully grasps what they are talking about/thinking. According to the tweets complaining about it, the moral of the book is that the guy is just going through the motions of what society wants women to be, not actually being a woman.

Twitter was tearing the book apart so at the time, like the good little ally I was, I dismissed the book, despite the fact thst the premise seemed true to me and really got me thinking.

It was only recently that I was able to admit to myself that I don't see MtF people as women, admit that I am annoyed with everyone saying I must be nonbinary just because i am a woman who doesn't want/like kids, and admit that talking about ways trans people have hurt me isn't transphobia. If you don't know the exact book any others you think might help me would be nice!

No. 1519978

What the fuck is that thing oml

No. 1519991

File: 1651715927343.jpg (11.79 KB, 611x111, enjoyedthisTOOmuch.jpg)

holy shit jessie gender is in the comments of this vid LMFAO

No. 1520000

I’m not sure but it sounds pretty interesting. I’m curious about it too. It’s wild to me how regressive this whole movement is when it comes to gender/sex stereotypes.

No. 1520032

this needs to be bigger news

No. 1520036

File: 1651718868451.png (44.57 KB, 751x640, 4thWaveNow on Twitter.png)

No. 1520041

File: 1651719325538.webm (6.69 MB, 720x1280, -AXPAvpbcKTShmnD.webm)

did he just compared an axe wound surgery to an abortion???

No. 1520043

Uhhh yeah. He did. Wtf.
>I know if these roles were reversed (…) y'all would be there for me and I'm gonna be there for you in anyway that I can
Name one thing troons have done for feminism in the last fifty years.

No. 1520045


Ax wound surgeries prevent degenerates from procreating, so in a way they are like abortions and I support them.

No. 1520066

File: 1651720534828.png (127.79 KB, 2116x474, clitdischarge.png)

Do y'all have this problem? I don't.

No. 1520069

I can't stand this crazy eyed man thing. He needs to stop lying to himself, he will never get rid of his penis

No. 1520070

File: 1651720716302.png (857.05 KB, 1376x726, diaper fetish troon.png)

what did canada do to deserve this?

No. 1520071

File: 1651720777790.png (890.69 KB, 1537x989, no news on this.png)

No. 1520087

Tolerate troons

No. 1520088

Canada has been lax forever on gay rights laws and TRAs took this as a chance to push their agenda even harder. it's awful

WHy am i not surprised it's another black man attacking an asian with another hate crime in NYC? this shit is getting harder to here living in the city. now a black tranny…great

No. 1520091

He’s back in Canada? I thought he fucked off to Europe??

No. 1520093

File: 1651722258878.jpeg (174.7 KB, 750x357, 6E254D37-15CD-4AAE-AF0C-82B3F2…)

When they did this

No. 1520099

rape and kill Native American children about 100 years after America did and 50 years after everyone agreed it was a mistake
Whitoids being trannies makes complete sense

No. 1520118

File: 1651724356033.jpg (60.36 KB, 760x505, jeffreymarshbydanielsilbert201…)

Twin crazy eyes

No. 1520122

File: 1651725398404.png (638 KB, 633x743, 876543567876543.png)

No. 1520138

Why do black people in the US hate Asians so much?

No. 1520140

i can’t play these vids on my phone but is this about that dude dylan?

No. 1520141

'clitoral discharge' HAHAHAH Why don't they call it what it is? 'Penis-tip' .

No. 1520142

No. 1520156

File: 1651728715592.jpg (103.47 KB, 640x1136, download (6).jpg)

moids are closer to male monkeys than they are to human females

No. 1520161

there is a roughly 1.5% gene difference between women and men and between women and female chimpanzees so you're not wrong

No. 1520209

This guy looks exactly how you’d expect an AGP to look. Fugly, pasty white, greasy dyed hair, shitty skin, dresses like a toddler, somehow more male looking in girlmode.

No. 1520236

We’re at a point where I’m grateful he’s being called a transwoman rather than just a woman. Most mainstream publications will only acknowledge their trans status when they’re the victims of something but when they’re perpetrators it’s
>Woman In Diaper Kills Family With Machete

I guess the entire country is like a haunted burial mound.

No. 1520252

An abortion is not a axewound. Fuck off. And yet if you object to anything he said, even a polite 'maybe dont compare the two' you're a TERF REEEE burn the witch

No. 1520253

File: 1651737190109.png (180.11 KB, 601x583, that_chin.png)

look at this troon, also that profile name is so fucking blatant

No. 1520256

File: 1651737271819.png (4.07 MB, 1170x2532, E990A046-A200-419F-BEB6-D54E33…)

trannies face the wall

No. 1520257

File: 1651737296338.jpg (626.25 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20220505-004404_Boo…)


No. 1520273

Did they define men in the same way? I'm a eurofag but if that was a thing here I might actually have changed my gender legally on paper just to take the piss out of it. Civil disobedience kind of thing. In the late 70s when being gay was somehow still listed as an "illness" in my country people called in "sick" to work saying they were "too gay today" to work, until they had to redefine it to not being an illness kek
Sometimes you gotta fight crazy with crazy.

No. 1520295

File: 1651739339301.jpg (11.76 KB, 300x294, httpsmemedukaan.comimagesPolis…)

>lesbian nazi back in the day
Oh yeah let's forget about all the women who were sent to camps over being a lesbian, just like everyone likes to forget about black triangle women, even on fucking remembrance day.

No. 1520319

They're complete opposites.

Dick amputation srs: Always a choice made by the male himself. Made purely for aesthetic reasons. Does not fix any kind of physical health problem and is done on healthy bodies. Hopefully has a placebo effect to improve his mental health. Only ever affects male bodies, who oppress females because of their bodies. Is often done because of a sexual fetish, which many AGPs openly admit to.

Abortion: Can be an active choice, or to prevent health complications and literal death for both the woman and the fetus or baby. Is medically necessary, is never done for aesthetic reasons. Only ever affect female bodies, who are oppressed by men. No woman ever WANTS to have an abortion, they NEED it.

No. 1520329

imagine screaming about feminazis like this in current year, why are moids

No. 1520335

File: 1651742083187.jpg (416.25 KB, 810x1629, Screenshot_20220505-051001_Boo…)

Sucking dick to own your TERFy ex:

No. 1520337

File: 1651742114553.jpg (507.18 KB, 1080x726, 1651741919066.jpg)

No. 1520345

He's so fucking fake he's just one of those people that really wants to be seen as super pure and kind and everyone's pal but hes just a depraved sociopathic social climber underneath it all. You can see it in his shifty fucking eyes. Only surgery he needs is head reduction surgery bc j don't see how he can keep his neck straight without pain.

No. 1520348

Typical wolf in sheeps clothing TiM. They always act so sweet and pure uwu and call themselves human puppies cos theyre so sweet and loving! But are then total fucking perverts and freaks

No. 1520384

is that you or are you retarded

No. 1520417

I fear for her safety, seriously

No. 1520427

these trannies are so obnoxious. lost count of how many times this man wearing pigtails asked “what’s up, Karen” but I wish the woman filming would have given back at least one “sup bro”

No. 1520440

File: 1651750979983.jpg (64.82 KB, 828x606, FR9DZyUWQAMhmBe.jpg)

Its not the HRT, its not because youre "turning into a woman" you stupid moid, its your porn sickness making you dumb and only thinking about your fetish. Fuck off

No. 1520441

File: 1651751204651.jpg (29.81 KB, 640x640, 5b85d005adca5897.jpg)

I'm gonna fucking a-log man

No. 1520444

i hate moids so much

No. 1520445

This has finn or swede energy to it

No. 1520446

it's a swede because that happened in sweden and my finndar didn't detect finness even before i got to that part

No. 1520449

While this is obviously a sexist troon, we can't rule out the fact that having the wrong hormones injected and the natural and essential hormones blocked is actually literally harming their brains and making them dumber. Enough of them claim it, it's fully plausible they all sustain a noticeable amount of brain damage from HRT.

No. 1520450

It is also possible that this troon was horrifically stupid even before he transitioned.

No. 1520451

I never remember which of us had that too sick to work thing, but asia selvä luutnantti!

No. 1520452

He already saw women as dumb superficial bimbos, and that's what his act is based on. The idea of having interests and a brain is incompatible with his sexist idea of what a woman is. Many (all) such cases

No. 1520453

>my looks
>tv shows
>boy bands

Fuckin none of these people have ever had a close relationship with a woman, and their idea of what a woman is, is entirely formed by 90s romcoms written by sexist men.
I kinda hope that's true since that would be them doling out their own karma every time they take their titty skittles. 1 IQ point reduced per skittle.
It's also possible these guys were dumb as fuck to start with and simply stopped trying now they can pretend to be a dumb bimbo.
Regardless of the reason, it's so offensive of these men to repeatedly suggest estrogen makes you dumber, since it suggests overall that women are less intelligent, despite the lumbering, raping, murdering violent apes of the world in fact being the ones laced with testosterone.

No. 1520459

File: 1651754390278.jpg (62.01 KB, 1080x760, bb06w.jpg)

Made me chuckle

No. 1520463

yet here in germany where self ID is being discussed terminally online twitter trannies parrot the talking point that "self ID doesn't affect the cissies anyway! why are they so concerned!". the fucking double standards. it's always flip flop with these retarded ass scrotes

No. 1520466

Boy bands?!??! How is this not a joke? Even if HRT did magically turn you into a girl, which it does not, it wouldn't also turn you into a 10 year old. Sexist pig ass moid

No. 1520468

This makes Kim Petras’s “slut pop” even creepier. Since he’s in the music biz, I’m guessing he’s had to suck some dicks/get fucked. All while, sexually, he’s the equivalent of a prepubescent boy. Blech

No. 1520480

Not sure if anyone else has brought this up yet, I have a lot to catch up in in the past and current thread.. but I can't help but chuckle at all the "no uterus no opinion" posts I'm seeing from handmaidens I know. The same people that will go around calling others transphobes, I thought biology was moot to these people in the name of troonism but they so effortlessly prove their hypocrisy every time the abortion argument comes up.

No. 1520483

File: 1651758052044.jpg (232.36 KB, 1280x1223, 4324233422432334234.jpg)


No. 1520485

>tens of thousans would take their lives

and nothing of value would be lost

No. 1520487

I find it funny too. I’ve seen many libfems on my FB sharing straight up uterus art while also praying to the troon menace it’s very strange. People will say you can support both but after years of easing myself away from that I believe that no, you can’t. These are the same people who want to wear our skin and tweet about having abortions “for fun”. I have nothing in common with men like that except that I unfortunately must live on the same planet as them.

No. 1520495

File: 1651759211552.jpeg (239.78 KB, 1242x1763, 3EAD1251-F763-469A-A7B1-A22476…)

Troons clean your fucking rooms challenge. Also imagine taking a picture at this angle and being like “yeah this seems fine to post online”.

No. 1520497

File: 1651759476842.png (31.29 KB, 1034x640, D2194938-6509-43A2-BC83-B4E743…)

This larp is one of the ones I hate the most.

No. 1520498

File: 1651759628632.png (105.02 KB, 2066x1160, E8FE442D-0380-45D0-9E48-F2FE25…)

Projection. Have we seen a single one who hasn’t been secretly (or outwardly) pedophilic?

No. 1520499

it's complicated, but the most cogent argument is that struggling minorities in any culture often turn on each other. It starts with economic difficulties, the idea that a group is receiving preferential treatment+benefits+opportunities, and becomes associated with race. Then even when removed from the original situation (eg. black people expressing animosity toward wealthy asians who are not receiving more or any benefits) the animosity remains.
You'll notice many working class people tend to 'hate immigrants'. This is a fear born of having to share resources when there are ostensibly not enough to go around. Conservative politicians play to that fear by trashing immigrants. Liberal politicians play to that fear by fearmongering about racism (for example, in San Francisco, it was reported that anti-Asian hate crimes had increased by 567% from 2020 to 2021. The % is huge because of the low numbers. 31 of the 60 total attacks were by one white guy who was mainly trashing storefronts.) This misdirection is useful for politicians because they don't want to address the economic oppression that caused the tension between working class groups in the first place.

The majority of troons are middle class men in male dominated careers, so I think the media reporting Jeffers's assaulting people as stemming from being trans is misleading when he is clearly an impoverished mentally ill homeless person. Troons are mostly chickenshit dandies who wouldn't get in a fight if there was a million dollars on the line. They express violence as all soft-bellied rich boys do (mostly on the internet to strangers and by being a parasite IRL).
I have a theory that AGP is a strategy for men to comfort themselves when confronted with women not loving them like Mommy. Mothers love unconditionally, as if the child is an extension of herself. A child is eventually meant to incorporate that love into his self-esteem and realize affection is earned, but if he never learns empathy, he'll just assume he's entitled to it. A man dressing up like a woman who ~loves sex and would be really, really nice to him and give him head pats and never EVER ask him to stop gaming~ is inventing a woman who loves nothing else but the man in the dress, unconditionally.

No. 1520502

Report them and get arrested for fake police reports. Cope harder tranny.

No. 1520504

There's like 25 major porn sites besides pornhub, and hundreds of other smaller ones and this guy is threatening to kill himself over one. Pathetic

No. 1520505

You can talk about female biology and everything as long as you don't dare imply it's female. It doesn't make any fucking sense. They obviously believe female biology is inferior and we can only be equal to men if both sexes can have the exact same body

No. 1520509

That is so creepy. The people commenting were like "wow nice review", like male degeneracy has become so normalized we don't even react to this stuff anymore.

No. 1520514

who the fuck keeps liking his videos?

No. 1520517

I don’t understand why TRAs are so averse to the words “male” and “female”. They are accurate words we can use to describe bodily realities if the world is so dead set on not using “men” and “women”. They try to bring up intersex people as a reason not to, but intersex people are still male or female, even though their disorders may make them outliers in some ways, but most people understand what the words “male” and “female” generally apply to. However, troons are now obsessed with calling themselves those things as well despite the fact that a male can never become female and vice versa. It was so much easier to let it slide when this wasn’t part of the equation, but they’ve begun to really fuck themselves over with their magical thinking on this one. Does neutering a male cat make it female? No, so why the fuck would it apply to humans?

No. 1520519



No. 1520525

Handmaidens and faghags most likely.

No. 1520531

The most disturbing thing about Kim Petras’ hypersexualization is that the guy got developmentally stunted and castrated so young he’s never even had an orgasm. And that’s the AGP dream for some reason, getting children to transition so they can vicariously experience their fetishistic fantasies of girlhood through them. It’s so creepy and demented.

No. 1520537

Jfc thats disgusting

No. 1520542

>troons clean your room challenge
They can't Nona, they're men so they don't know how

No. 1520545

Well maybe they should stop fetishizing boobs and periods and fetishize cleaning and being the emotional packmule for everyone around them instead, if they want the real woman experience.

No. 1520548

Lmfaoooo right? If troons really want to be good breedable housewives they could focus on getting good at cooking and cleaning for once

No. 1520552

I didn't understand why people couldn't accept the sex isn't gender idea either until a non-fanatical troon who was sort of a friend of mine once told me that he was happy to admit he was male, but calling himself a 'male woman' sounded really bizarre. And it does, right? The truth is, male adults are men.
There are men who want, for whatever reason, to be seen as women. That's all the ground I'm willing to concede. I'd say 'men who live as women' but they've proved they have no idea how we live and no interest in finding out because it's not always sexy.

No. 1520553

File: 1651764432507.jpeg (453.25 KB, 1284x1041, 6966EA75-9E7D-4782-9813-7D6E99…)

Is it bad that I don’t give a shit about their access to HRT? Reproductive healthcare for women is way important than “titty skittles” imo. I do care about HRT for menopausal women. TRAs keep trying to say this stuff about trans HRT under the guise of bodily autonomy and how taking away abortion will have a bigger impact on bodily autonomy in general but no one is going to take away their ability to mutilate themselves because it brings in so much dough. They might prevent it from happening to minors, but adults are fair game. People care way more about these pornsick men than low income women who have trouble accessing abortion.

No. 1520555

File: 1651764622209.jpeg (695.47 KB, 1284x1247, D0F0A750-7F9D-4567-BF55-6BD135…)

Btw, does anyone actually have any stats on how much money PP makes from abortion vs trans shit? I would have to assume at the rate the trans stuff has grown it would have surpassed anything else PP offers, esp w the informed consent model.

No. 1520595

File: 1651767544783.gif (2.93 MB, 225x225, D4F4AC08-8B15-4C73-89E1-AFE9E7…)


No. 1520606

Oh my god where's this from? The fat rolls, so bizarre. A female pop star wouldn't go out like this.

No. 1520612

it's like with cats, male cats get fat after you snip their balls

No. 1520630

The only adults I know who are still into boy bands are gay men

No. 1520635

Wow he's actually jiggling

No. 1520638

Troons always have huge nostrils, yaniv nose.

No. 1520640

He’s slowly turning into Jabba the Hutt.

No. 1520642

at this point he should just become a body positive influencer on ig or smth

No. 1520645

I felt physical pain when he grabbed and squeezed the breasts, I hope he never interacts with real women

No. 1520671

I’m sure this creeps a father, he might do it on the same Chanel but it might be on another one where he talks about jk Rowling and has a big strop. I think it was to do with the crimes of grindlewald franchise when it came out they wouldn’t show the relationship with dumbledoor and he actually made a good point (a stopped clock and all that) where he talks about LGB people and says “it’s okay if you didn’t envision us in your world, but don’t invite us in and then refuse to aknowledge us” or something to that effect. It made sense at the time but since then Jo’s unveiled herself as a terf and friends with lesbians so it was proberbly more of a studio decision after all of the drama.

Anyway at some point he shows the books and talks about how he has some hell read to his kid one day but I can’t remember if the kid is real or imaginary though kek.

No. 1520682

Sorry if this ends up being a double post but Vera (reviewing the sex doll… that he asked for consent from…) this is the channel and likely the video in referenced in my last post. I watched a few of his videos back in my handmaiden days and thought he had some kind of point. I’m not sitting though it all again but his channel is “council of geeks” if anyone needs to look him up.

Anyway just another Troon making content both aimed at young people with the nice little sideline into his perverse sissification content.

No. 1520696

Terfsbeware was also pedophilic, misogynistic, an incel, racist, and homophobic, which proved that all those prejudices/bigotries are overlooked and coddled in the supposed liberal side of the trans community.
That only thing terfsbeware wasn’t was a Nazi. It’d be very telling if someone made a neo nazi troon acc and flew under the radar in MtF and trans subreddits. Ik of Nazi troons on Twitter so it’s not like they don’t exist.

No. 1520738

him and jazz should be plenty of proof that kids shouldn't be castrated at a young age.

No. 1520758

damn, he looks horrible and it happend so fast. Guess it just doesn't work, even if you have the chance to troon out from the age of 5 and I still don't understand how any sane doctor could have made that possible.

No. 1520790

"kinda fucked up how much money it gets through abortions"

kinda fucked up how a troon thinks it's somehow immoral that a healthcare center conducts mass abortions, as if they shouldn't be a part of society. he's not even right—most of the money is made from STD interventions. i hope he commits die.

No. 1520845

File: 1651780930635.png (102.6 KB, 1039x337, moob spreading.png)


No. 1520849

Just squish them into a push-up bra and give them a little chocolate, as a treat. Eventually your moobs will become perfectly round perpetual cleavage titties flowing with milk, which is exactly what the cissies have. Hope this helps!

No. 1520850

>There is so much at stake here

Yeah fuck those women who will die from backstreet abortions and no medical care, what about my titty skittles?

No. 1520862

File: 1651781824248.jpg (324.8 KB, 1080x1458, FSA9gHNWQAoRmKj.jpg)

No. 1520863

File: 1651781894151.jpg (287.63 KB, 1080x1203, FSA9gR8XoAQt_Nk.jpg)

The doctor is saying the odds of this happening is a 0.1 percent, but this is not the first nor the second nor the third tranny ive seen this happen to online, so i can only imagine how many it happens to who doesnt write about it on twitter or reddit

No. 1520866

i know he's wearing makeup but test does seem to make men look like ruddy pigs, why does it do that?

No. 1520867

File: 1651782194801.gif (4.37 MB, 350x350, 3kuK.gif)

No. 1520870

his act is so transparent, the only people he fools are children.

No. 1520873

You rub butter on them and step into a sauna, so the fat in the butter absorbs into the tits. You can hold them in the position you would like them to be in while you wait. Old Finnish trick!

No. 1520888

Good. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I hope fetishizing women to the point of trying to skinwalk us and own our genitals was worth it.

No. 1520906

>when he put his fingers inside of me
is it me or is that perverted phrasing?

No. 1520915

mememe it's all about me and how i (a male) respond to and feel about womens issues

No. 1520930

If your ex is thinking about getting 'revenge' on you while fucking someone else, next step is probably murder. Also why would her saying trannies fetishize womanhood and femininity mean she's 'projecting'? That doesn't make any sense. Projecting would mean that she herself fetishizes being a woman. What would that have to do with her self esteem? Trannies are obsessed with the idea of women being jealous of them.

No. 1520932

is someone going to tell them that period cramps are caused by your UTERUS contracting?

No. 1520933

Also why would she care about him sucking dick lol. It’s so stupid. And about her self esteem and projecting, I guarantee 100% she’d rather be a slightly insecure woman than an intensely self-hating tranny who feels like sucking a dick is an act of defiance or revenge or whatever. At most maybe she feels pity that he’s so pathetic.

No. 1520943

>he actually made a good point (a stopped clock and all that) where he talks about LGB people and says “it’s okay if you didn’t envision us in your world, but don’t invite us in and then refuse to aknowledge us” or something to that effect
What did he say EXACTLY? Because as far as I know JKR just said she wouldn't show Dumbledore and Grindelwald as a couple just yet, key word here is "yet", because this was the second movie in a series of 5 movies, and even if they don't interact on screen directly in that one it's obvious they were a couple. For some reason people saw clickbait headlines saying the movies will never be gay at all and rolled with it.

No. 1520945

lmao. get your sternum removed. These people want Sims4 sliders on their actual fucken bodies.

No. 1520955

imo, the actual reason for their "support" is that they want to use it as a cudgel to beat women who don't support them after this (hey, we defended YOU now go out there and have a slut march to protect us!) but they're so bereft of empathy for women that they have to will each other to imagine men will ALSO suffer or they can't muster the energy to even pretend to care.

No. 1520962

porn brain. it wasn't even necessary to describe the procedure to explain his point. Imagine having a breakdown over your body falling apart and still being like "ah bwoo hoo, it was kind of euphoric when i shit out of my vag tho (like a real girl)"

No. 1520964

Ewww the buttholes in his ears

No. 1521007

we could tell them , but they won't listen and they wouldn't understand as they lack knowledge of basic human anatomy. I also don't think that these "cramps" are in any way comparable with what many women experience, if it would be like that, we would know, because they would post pictures of them crying on the floor in stupid, ugly outfits.

No. 1521009

I think what he was trying to say is that gf claimed he was only attracted to himself, and he fucked a man to prove otherwise.
However, he described himself doing the sexy act, and did not describe the man. The man was a floating penis. The AGP sucking dick was what the AGP got off to. So gf was right, in other words. lmao.

And yeah, the 'projection' part is insane. They think women have AGP. The self-esteem thing I think probably means that she acted very uncomfortable with him cheating on her with other troons over voice chat or something, and she said it hurt her self-esteem. A lot of women confuse disgust for insecurity. One of my friends found her bfs porn and told me how insecure it made her feel. After I grilled her a little (friendly grilling) it was obvious to me that the porn was really disturbing, and she didn't feel insecure, she was sickened, and was ashamed of herself for feeling that way about her bf.

If you turn anger on yourself it kills your confidence. All the women who stay with troons seem to believe they deserve to be used like dolls by man-children. it breaks my heart.

No. 1521028

File: 1651789360328.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, 6D9B2F64-EE69-471A-8C97-BB54BB…)

AGP is alive and well ladies. of course there were scrotes in the comments saying it’s totally normal and that AGP isn’t real. “Women get turned on when they feel sexy too!” Not the same thing dumbass

No. 1521040

they can't seem to stop shooting themselves in the feet with these posts. I love the ridiculous juxtaposition of the soft girly expression/filter with the stereotypical male vulgarity and huge girl cock reference. not to mention the pretty girl looks and dresses like your typical male American private Christian school student from 2009

No. 1521045

File: 1651790235876.jpg (318.23 KB, 2189x2678, l2d6lep77nw81.jpg)

I find it so weird when attractive men troon out. Like you're throwing that away for the coom

No. 1521046

File: 1651790240399.png (178.99 KB, 492x504, 1651759874181.png)

No. 1521049

went through his twitter and multiple tweets how "men shouldn't be making laws about women's bodies" yet he doesn't see the irony of going into a women's restroom as a cis male to "piss in the ladies toilets using his huge girl cock". I swear to god males have a a brain hemisphere made of lead, that's probably why their brains weigh more. Their thought process is so disturbing and unsettling it's like not even fully human or whatever I don't even know like half-robot/human but also animalistic beast/human

No. 1521052

Now this, this does put a smile on my face

No. 1521053

This is genius nonna

No. 1521054

File: 1651790603309.jpeg (84.13 KB, 640x729, 1637298736389.jpeg)

Whatever happened to that crypto-terf tumblr blog called something like "listen to trans women" or something that would just post terrible tranny tweets but pretend to be genuine? Or did it ever exist? Either way, we need more blogs like that.

No. 1521062

Perfect. So far I haven't heard a single explanation on the validity of being transsexual compared to other mental illness. Hell, it's not even considered an illness today. How is feeling dysphoria about your natural body something to be encouraged or treated with trying to conform to the distorted thinking that generates the dysphoria in the first place? Makes no fucking sense. Why not just encourage someone to be comfortabl being a man with a male body who wears dresses and has long hair or whatever?

No. 1521065

File: 1651791729006.jpeg (989.5 KB, 1170x1801, 4A18C57D-67B0-4E5A-B81F-BD8B25…)

Why are there so many troons in engineering/compsci? I haven’t encountered any in uni (thank god) but I fear the day I actually have to enter the workforce. As if regular moids aren’t a pain to deal with already. Sage for blogpost.

No. 1521067

My old workplace made a couple diversity hires, two white tims, maybe doxing myself, but the were named Alexia and Violet lmao. awful considering many woc and people with real disabilities applied, like the people whos input and experiences would actually be very informative. helping us better access different pops or w/e. but no they just wanted more white men just ones that wear skirts. theyre really no different than the ones who wear suits, only our companty makes sure they're in every photo op. i hated sharing a bathroom with them, they would always try to talk to me about "girl things".

No. 1521070

is he wearing the dress backwards?

No. 1521075

as someone attracted to GNC males, these threads are the most depressing

so many of them could have been so attractive if they had just been feminine males and stayed natural (the ones that aren't fat with obvious autistic face, that is)

No. 1521077

It really does seem like this happens in like 50% of cases and the doctors majorly downplay how common or probable it is

No. 1521082

plenty of women do but they just put their fingers in their ears and pretend they can't hear us.

No. 1521087

same narc smirk in both pics

No. 1521088

It's disturbing and uncanny seeing a grown man dressed as a little girl, in a tiny body with a gigantic head.

No. 1521089

Doctors lie and hide all kinds of outcomes for years. Look at the silicon breast implants that magically keep coming back on the market. They need more oversight, I wouldn’t be surprised if the complication rate is much much higher. I remember seeing a smaller study years ago (I’ll have to find it) that mtf with penile inversion had like a 62% chance of developing a potentially life threatening infection or something.

No. 1521090

men will really hire flat out retarded men over competent women

No. 1521093

i hate this. the idea that TIMs can offer new perspectives is hilarious. Bet they love this workaround of not having to hire women and change anything, whilst still ticking the diversity boxes. sorry you had to deal with them nona

No. 1521096

It has to just be for the coom bc some of these gymbros could and I’m sure have had partners, male or female. They don’t seem to have the same kind of autism as the tech bro ones so I just assume these are the ultra masculine military narc types of AGPs who also seek to conquer womanhood and believe they can “do it better”.

No. 1521098

I hate the ones like that, that complain about men invading womens spaces, etc. like dude you ARE that man.

No. 1521099

I definitely think he has an ED. I’ve only seen that lollipop looking body type on severely ana people.

No. 1521100

I wonder if the MTF who sits next to me at my new job will realize I’m a TERF because I haven’t put pronouns in my email signature unlike 90% of the other employees at our woke company do?

Or maybe he won’t notice anything because moids are ignorant af about social cues kek

No. 1521102

File: 1651794001963.png (290.76 KB, 568x341, 01w.png)

No. 1521130

>The number for FTMs who were sexually abused as children is something insane like 86%
>The number of MTFs abused as children is under 5%

How does this not set off immediate red flags to anyone

No. 1521139

Seriously I continue to be amazed by the profound hideousness the Y chromosome can conjure up. Like this dude is supposedly to be a physically (not mentally) healthy male and he looks like he has some kind of deformity and/or genetic defect, or some kind of nasty unnatural ape/human hybrid experiment. I'm starting more and more to believe the new-agey woo-woo claim that your vibrational energy affects your physical appearance. If anything will offset vibrational energy it's having an unnatural, deformed Y chromosome and all of the associated debauchery and evil behavior.

No. 1521154

Forgot to add that I can always spot MTFs, even the ones that have transitioned for longer and are relatively passable, because there is always this underlying animalistic ape-like tinge to what would have seemed like regular human female features. Things like the simian brow ridges, protruding nose/mouth, coarse wild beast-like hair and smell, empty predatory eyes, and of course the horse teeth and cavernous predator mouth

No. 1521171

Now let’s get the percentage on how often those two groups sexually abuse children themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s much higher for MtFs even despite the genderbread FtMs trying to re-educate children these days.

No. 1521174

sorry to ask nonna, but could you possibly provide the website/article you saw that statistic in? google suppresses this type of info smh

No. 1521185

> Why are there so many troons in engineering/compsci?

No. 1521189

It's weird, but a decent percentage were not at all the "virgin with rage" type before and looked kind of good. Then they became an ersatz "woman", a second rate person whose ugliness keeps perpetuating because they keep clammering to a state they physiologically cannot achieve. And with so many of them they could have just done non-masculine things instead of gaslighting others on sex and fucking up their endocrine system. A lot of them lose muscle mass and end up disheveled blobs in order to "pass".

It's freaky, what kind of state do you need to be in wherein an ugly and uncanny caricature of the opposite sex is prefferable to a body so many incels seethe over?

No. 1521208

File: 1651799248541.png (39.23 KB, 1158x357, Transphobia and how ya'll deal…)

totally happened

No. 1521209

File: 1651799314159.png (41.9 KB, 754x524, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter.png)

No. 1521212

File: 1651799625289.jpeg (209.33 KB, 1170x393, 23BA1DCA-2B38-4220-A528-34FAAE…)

Troons out there with the wildest and borderline pedophiliac takes as always

No. 1521213

>advising men to call the police

Be gone men

No. 1521215

Would it kill them to stop mentioning children for once?

No. 1521220

this makes me angry nonnas, it makes me so angry. i am so angry that TIMs have women fooled into thinking they are oppressed when all these posts are basically admitting how infrequently they even hear a single verbal insult. the average women gets insulted way more often on the basis of her woman-ness than male trannies ever do. when it comes to physical insults and assaults the chasm widens even more. we need to popularize the phrase “trans privilege”

No. 1521239

File: 1651801169863.png (37.89 KB, 768x591, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

No. 1521241

File: 1651801203462.jpeg (886.61 KB, 1100x1857, FD239A04-CCD2-41F9-A444-0BF067…)

No. 1521250

File: 1651801511653.png (349.73 KB, 748x1298, AngEme on Twitter.png)

>forced to delete an article referring to the troon rapist as male

No. 1521252

File: 1651801607123.png (628.5 KB, 1446x970, Transfem Charged With 12 Felon…)

can't stop won't stop

No. 1521261

Or a better and healthier idea is that the parents could restrict internet access to such sites inculding the fetish stuff but we know these zoophile troons would just cry -phobia! Groomers gonna groom.

No. 1521264

Well, then that patient is going to die. Indian doctors are willing to perform that permanent iris color change surgery that fucking destroys your eyes. I’m not surprised an Indian surgeon is willing to use a TIM as a guinea pig

No. 1521284

to be fair it's not that a lot of women confuse disgust with insecurity, it is that we are told that its actually just insecurity. Men don't want women to be honest with them so they gaslight us into believing that totally natural reactions to intuition, because she was fucking right about him being a weird fuck, is just a personal failing or internal sin.

No. 1521307

File: 1651806116712.jpg (49.13 KB, 1080x742, FB_IMG_1651806042969.jpg)

How dumb are these people?

No. 1521320

File: 1651807080368.png (144.57 KB, 1096x533, Screenshot 2022-05-05 11.16.48…)

michelle visage had the "little girls are kinky" guy on her podcast. disgusting.

No. 1521321

File: 1651807172467.png (36.69 KB, 780x210, Screenshot 2022-05-05 11.19.09…)

>the ultimate rule breaker
yeah that doesn't sound creepy at all given what we know about him

No. 1521332

I was just thinking this. In all the posts I've seen about the 'spike in transphobia lately' they can only name one or two occurrences, and it's always this really pointless trivial shit too, like shit I wouldn't even mention to my girlfriend. Barely anyone is brave enough to shout slurs or throw things at a hulking ape in a tutu.

No. 1521345

They’re the ones making this about sex stereotypes, not us. I don’t understand how they don’t see that doing whatever the fuck you want wrt how you present yourself to the world while ALSO accepting the sex you are would make so much more sense that this backwards reasoning. There’s no need to alter your body chemistry long term or get things removed or grafted (which they also say you can have any genitals while IDing as any gender but then they go get a dilation hole or flesh tube? Is there any fucking consistency here? Do genitals matter or don’t they? Make up your fucking minds). It all makes me feel like I’m going insane and idk how they keep up with the changing thoughts on a daily basis.

No. 1521349

that's an interesting euphemism for it

No. 1521364

File: 1651812530595.jpeg (667.79 KB, 1170x1895, 8E765DC4-0869-48CD-8ED5-F68B92…)

scrote is wearing his fetish shit outside where kids can see. neighbor tells him to stop politely and he starts doing it even more. is shocked when the cops tell him to cut it out.

No. 1521369

>siding with christcucks

No. 1521372

was he wearing an apron and a wig and nothing else? that's pretty "quricky"

No. 1521374

The troon clearly added 'christian' in there as a buzzword to garner more sympathy. He probably got told he was scaring the neighborhood kids but that wouldn't make for a very sassy reddit story.

No. 1521379

Guarantee he is out in bondage shit or a skirt with his ass and balls hanging out.

No. 1521386

He's so misogynistic he doesn't understand how any man could just… relate to a female character. Troons don't see real women as human.

No. 1521392

meanwhile if we apply trans logic to astrology we can say that shy and sensitive people cannot be leos and those who happen to be shy and sensitive while having been born between july 23rd and august 22nd need to legally change their birthdays to have a more fitting sign.

No. 1521400

I honestly can't wait for one appearing at my job. How fun will it be to be all snarky and mean to him! And since men in general are less into handmaidenery I could be open about it with coworkers and we could all have fun together.
Good gas station dude, keep it up.
Nah, astrology is a genuine and complex field. The 'signs' people have is actually the position of the sun when they were born. When doing astrology properly, you look at the whole sky. If someone is a leo but let's say has moon in cancer and mercury in capricorn, then according to astrology that could match your description. If anything trans ideology would be the horoscopes in magazines men popularized in the 90s - useless and not based in anything.

No. 1521403

>something so fucking nasty
>obscenely transphobic
>"you'll never be a woman"

these people really wouldn't survive a day as a woman.

No. 1521422

He says this like those kids didn’t find that furry inflation porn on 4chan derivatives in the first place. That or they find it on Google Images and it links them to those imageboards.

The only ‘spike’ is in their own oversensitivity and entitlement. Maybe twenty or thirty years ago ‘transphobia’ would be a HSTS getting beaten up by a group of homophobic men but in 2022 ‘transphobia’ is when women talk about their own reproductive health using the correct medical terminology or when a lesbian won’t fuck him. They will continue to move the goalposts until women being out in public will be considered a transphobic attack on them. I’ve already seen several posts in that vein about pregnant women daring to be visibly pregnant near a TIM.

No. 1521423

>astrology is a genuine and complex field
this is the same mindset that lead to people believing people can be born in the wrong body, pseudoscience is harmful and makes you think meaningless coincidences are related. Not much difference in saying "this man is slightly feminine, he must have a female brain" as to say "you must have these exact personality traits, because stars"

But they're not groomers!! They just want to pee!!! I really hope someone somewhere is keeping tracks and making real studies on crimes committed by transwomen, they're extremely disproportionate for such a small group. Statistically transwomen may be a higher risk to women and children than even "cis" men.

No. 1521424

File: 1651822557812.jpg (1.79 MB, 4800x10800, l83wcbu5eyc21.jpg)

r/egg_irl moderator. Where 1/3 the demographic is underage if we go by its sister sub r/traa. The grooming is the most despicable thing I've learned about Anthony so far.

No. 1521425

I always wondered about the mental state of the female partners as it happpens. I don't get it at all. I understand people will excuse bad behaviour sometimes, but this is outrageous.
What level of excuses you need to even begin to support such a transgression? If you like men and you're not even ni or interested, why stick around?
I said this because I listen to horror stories in wich the coomer began transtining and even growing boobs and some stay for some reason… If my parter would ever, even considered talking about sometimes barely related to trans stuff I'M OUT.

No. 1521426

I somehow got a relief when it said they will take the womb from an ftm who removed it, that will kill him tho.

No. 1521430

you know he's fat

No. 1521431

Goof is an insult where i live… For a pedo

No. 1521441

>horoscopes in magazines men popularized in the 90s - useless and not based in anything.
this is what you're referring to

No. 1521442

its 3% of funding goes to AB/VAS support at PP

No. 1521446


nta but astrology being a complex discipline with rules still doesn't make it science. Thinking of it as anything but entertainment or an art is harmful. sage for ot

No. 1521447

No, the position of stars do not affect us or our lives in any way, all astrology is bs. You're free to have religious believes but don't act as if they're somehow the one only truth. Don't be like the troons and handmaidens who blindly believe random shit because it sounds nice

No. 1521451

>astrology is a genuine and complex field.
Thanks for the laugh kek

No. 1521455

Perhaps some healthy communication between them

No. 1521458

Either they just like the character and think she is the best choice. OR most likely their coomer brains enjoy looking at the character (since a lot of games design female characters to look like porn stars).

No. 1521463

I mean tbh if a man is wearing a dress outside thats like an actual renessaince fair dress, calling cops would be the butthole move since it's just a dress and those are quite modest dresses. But since it's a scrote it's probably a "sexy oktoberfest girl" costume bought from party city or w/e where his dick hangs out.

I have so much respect for men who just love dresses and wear them in public just because but sadly most men make it a weird fetishistic spectacle and it disgusts me sm, especially cause I'm into frilly cute (very modest) fashion and wanna wear it without being clumped in with them

No. 1521464

acting like women believing in astrology is what helps fuel men into acting like deranged lunatics is an insane leap to make. maybe spend a little more time trying to understand the women who do believe in astrology (and why) and you'll hopefully realise it comes from more than "because stars"

No. 1521465

File: 1651831846692.jpeg (39.87 KB, 800x450, Barbie Kardashian.jpeg)

Picrel as reminder of his Joker face, since no news websites are using it. Or mentioning that he is a man, or even trans. Apparently videos on him have been blocked too. I don't get it.

His real name is Gabriel Alejandro Gentile and he isn't underage so I see no reason to suppress this information.

No. 1521468

File: 1651832953878.jpeg (320.52 KB, 1242x1375, C2EE658F-9FCF-4566-A026-7DFB73…)

am i the only one who finds it really weird and gross to use someone else in your “joke”, ultimately tricking people into thinking they’ve transitioned, and then tagging said person in the thread and saying the troon side of twitter wants you to wear a dress and be a lady because why not! if i was famous and someone had used a picture of me in their creepy transition timeline post to try and be funny i’d be absolutely mortified

No. 1521470

Fucking disgusting and misleading on top of that. They really do get off on publicly pressuring people to accept their bullshit. Kristian Nairn should sue this retard.

No. 1521471


She/her more like ho/dor

No. 1521478

File: 1651835274082.png (26.97 KB, 608x328, 12.PNG)

No. 1521479

men expecting women to kiss their feet for doing the absolute bare minimum to 'support us' (i.e. by tweeting about how they wish they could have abortions themselves), what's new

No. 1521480

What "rights" does he even want?

No. 1521485

Why do they adopt the same speech as radfems when they talks about libfem who hate them lol

No. 1521491

I took you to taco bell, give up your holes NOW

No. 1521492

File: 1651837978350.jpeg (422.22 KB, 1294x1536, A2DC7FC9-093F-43E4-B73E-D85C55…)

In the past year, sex crimes committed by women has increased by 38% in Australia. Wonder what caused this? Such a mystery.

No. 1521503

Artificially inflating female crime rates. "Barbie Kardashian" lmfao

No. 1521532

File: 1651843643025.jpeg (129.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1D2C003D-7F96-477A-9515-54A923…)

No. 1521536

File: 1651843865884.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1504x2015, 5713D0A0-F178-47B9-A61E-A4129D…)

trooning out is an escape for abusive men to get away with being abusive men

No. 1521537

Sometimes it’s better to put down the old cats. But seriously, how old is this moid?

No. 1521541

He’s in his mid 30s

No. 1521543

That shit scares me bc what’s stopping them from attacking a pregnant woman (or any woman) just bc she’s in their vicinity and looked at him the wrong way? It’s becoming a liability to even let them out in public with how violent they act online and in person.

No. 1521545

Yeah the moment he mentioned it I would be going to stay with family while I got my bearings straight AND taking all of my clothes and underwear with me that day so that he doesn’t steal or wear them.

Okay. When I was younger I was involved in several RP groups and 100% of the chars I played were male because it was easier to not be called out as female and have some of the inevitable creeps in the group take notice. I don’t think that makes me a male. It reminds me of gaming and like other anon said. Men who play female characters will do it so they can stare at the character or get off on pretending to be a woman in online spaces, while many women who choose to play men are doing it to be left alone. Can’t count the number of times one hears “gg dude” while playing a male char as a woman vs “show tits” while playing a female char in general. Troons probably get validated by that. To most women it’s demeaning and scary.

No. 1521547

File: 1651844954032.jpeg (422.22 KB, 1210x1490, A0DED57E-BA96-459E-B405-DE7F0C…)

how do they look in the mirror and not see the blatant man staring back

No. 1521550

File: 1651845119745.jpg (49.2 KB, 451x450, 20220506_155211.jpg)

No. 1521551

File: 1651845210963.jpeg (89.13 KB, 402x694, 3F7143FB-E916-4381-95D3-C3FFE9…)

No. 1521553

this is it. this is the best reply in LC history.
nonnie, i applaud you for murdering my sides.

No. 1521554

Wow, he’d make a great kokomi cosplayer!

No. 1521556

Life imitates art.

No. 1521560

File: 1651846031516.png (151.85 KB, 1409x865, transgirllesbian.png)

"actuallesbians" at it again

No. 1521561

File: 1651846135078.png (91.26 KB, 1506x506, transgirllesbiancomment.png)

No. 1521564

they "want" to be women so badly yet like typical moids refuse to even take ten minutes to learn how female anatomy works. do they even realize that a period is shedding the lining of an organ they'll never have due to a lack of pregnancy, something they'll never experience? feeling a little upset in your tummy from mutilating yourself with hormones isn't the same as having a period. they're so delusional

No. 1521567

File: 1651846686990.jpg (2.37 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20220506_101405583.jpg)

Only took about two swipes before coming across one of the ugliest troons I have seen. Homeboy needs braces desperately.

No. 1521568

Idk how they are this dense and can’t understand that lesbians are women attracted to women. They have no interest in a male larping as one, whether they still have their dicks or not. Whenever the troons say “oh but I’m post op” I almost find that more disgusting because the mangled mess between their legs looks like it’d make me vomit if I had to get close to it. What gay woman would want to be in the vicinity of that, especially when it’s attached to a male who gets off on skinwalking women? Any time I’ve heard of a lesbian woman dating one of these guys it was almost always through coercion and she walked away with some trauma from it. If that’s not the case for someone I’m assuming she’s bisexual and trying to get oppression points for dating a troon. I legitimately don’t know how anyone other than chasers could be attracted to these guys, they’re so uncanny and misogynistic, you’d have to already have a fetish for them to be interested at all. Grinds my gears so bad they’re trying to manipulate young lesbians and doing the same shit men have done for ages, just now it’s more blatant than ever. No shame.

No. 1521569

File: 1651846729251.jpeg (73.88 KB, 1000x476, image.jpeg)

TFW the abortion rights protest is about you

No. 1521570

Oh my fucking god can they just fucking stop. It’s not FOR you stupid man. I would majorly side eye any scrote dressing like that because you just know he’s jacking off to the idea.

No. 1521571

>I used tinder and only transwomen wanted me
If TWAW that is just perfect, it literally means lots of women wanting him, but of course it's not enough. He doesn't even believe that crap, I mean, how does he even know they're all transwomen and no cis women are hitting on him? I thought trans are indistinguishable from cis.

No. 1521572

File: 1651846866467.jpeg (400.89 KB, 640x811, 45F6B27F-B187-470E-824B-49077A…)

i can’t believe a woman actually made this comic

No. 1521574

File: 1651846998211.jpeg (282 KB, 1284x870, 757A3C14-D117-44C3-917F-0175F8…)

Right. They know what a woman is. It’s just like the example that often comes up of the porn subreddits that say “cis women only” in the sidebar. Men are extremely aware of who counts as a woman when it’s time to involve their dicks.

No. 1521575

I don’t understand the point it’s trying to make because I’m not sure how TERFs enabled anything in the conversation. They are enabling men to make decisions about abortion? No, they’ve been adamantly fighting against it since the beginning? They’ve enabled men to cross dress? Again, no, but libfems sure have. If anything, troons are enabling the abortion thing with their behavior because it’s been turning so many women against the Democratic party, who we’ve seen hates women just as much as the Republicans. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard women say they feel “politically homeless” right now because of men on both sides.

No. 1521576

File: 1651847213333.jpg (6.33 MB, 4096x6146, GridArt_20220506_102518762.jpg)

So I'm supposed to consider all of these specimens women? I can only imagine their twitter or tumblr pages.

No. 1521582

ot +might just have been awake for too long but im lmfao at the anorexia wojak thats so funny

No. 1521583

They think terfs enable conservatives
Because if you're against trannies obviously you support Nazis
Despite, y'know, all the fucking edgy unironic 4chan/twitter Nazi trannies out there

No. 1521584

my interpretation is that by being opposed to trans rights, we side with people who are opposed to abortion rights, and therefore we generally bolstered their ranks to the point where they were enabled to pass this law. which of course is patently false

No. 1521595

Anon I think you're mistaken. That's a pic of a horse

No. 1521601

No, I know. It’s so tiring and they always want to point fingers at women instead of men in power or even themselves. They should stop to think of why so many women are uncomfortable with this movement. It isn’t rocket science. I guess they’re too distracted by giant breast plates and stripey socks and skirts go spinny and the awful yet validating periods they all seem to suffer from. I don’t get how they can see this sort of oppression as it relates to any other group but not with women.

No. 1521603

> my vagina was full of poop
Just girly things

No. 1521604

File: 1651848876688.jpeg (77.24 KB, 618x241, A49A18CE-D054-45F9-BE62-CB6A75…)

ahahah okay

No. 1521605

Ok this is infuriating, especially as I have endometriosis and have been in unbearable agony from it this week.
But notice the points. He gets upvoted more for this misogynistic, dimissive, delusional and factually incorrect take than the women discussing things they should be able to discuss in a fucking lesbian group. JFC i hate these moids.

Exactly. He wants a "real lesbian" to soothe his ego but can't say it.

No. 1521610

This didn't even happen, if anything we wanted trannies to stay out of it

No. 1521611

File: 1651850145753.png (2.07 MB, 1231x1528, 098A018D-10E9-45A2-B367-EA9E26…)

I don’t get how is it that radfems are to blame, like, let’s look at this picture with trannies marching against abortions, was it full of radfems? I honestly mostly see aidens, then again, male trannies consider aidens as sub-human as normal women, so they probably think they’re not “tru-trans”

No. 1521614

File: 1651850888631.png (49.18 KB, 624x175, montgomerie.png)

And retards like montgomerie who are trying to get evidence of conservative or christian women who are gender critical but also against abortion (lol) so they can say that gender critical (extending to radfems) don't care about women's rights at all. As if women's rights aren't the whole reason we're opposed to them. Very very dumb.

No. 1521616


kek why do these literal giants always troon out

No. 1521620

>I would expect equal attraction from all wlw.
>"OP doesn't expect equal attraction from every wlw."

No. 1521621

samesies, I hate being caught between "I don't care if men wear dresses" and "he's leaving critical details out of this story I just know it."
if he lived in a place where people really acted this way over a man literally just wearing a dress in his own garden, he'd be afraid enough for his safety that he wouldn't antagonize them like this. Men are dumb but they typically have the same self-preservation instinct any other animal does.

No. 1521624

Tbh it makes a lot of sense for trannies to be pro life rather than pro choice. They’re the true conservatives pushing their outdated gender roles on everyone and pushing big pharma.

No. 1521627

File: 1651852514300.png (26.38 KB, 591x281, ugh.PNG)

Conservatives have been taking advantage of women not knowing where to go for a while. That famous detrans cow has been tradpandering for a while, this cow over here calls herself a "reactionary feminist", there was that leftcows adjacent "radfemhitler" who was also a RW calling herself a radfem, etc.

We can say they're not real feminists all we want but they're still going around in large numbers associating their conservative bullshit with being gender critical, and GC women are kinda having to choose between tolerating this shit in exchange for a wider reach and being completely isolated and unheard. I think it's a stupid idea and we'd be better off isolated and trying to reason with the woke left than putting our weight behind people who would like women to not be allowed their own bank accounts, but… it is a thing that's happening.

No. 1521642

I feel like GC feminists truly are stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s almost impossible to reason with people on any side and I feel like the far-reaching ideologies have completely taken over peoples minds. There is no logical reasoning on either side because logic and mediation on some things is not an option for both the far-right and far-left. They will keep the pendulum swinging widely about this shit while using women as cannon fodder in the mean time.

No. 1521653

Of course troons can't just do or not do something, they have to attract attention and ask organizers/etc. to stop and validate them while protesting things about them. It's the ultimate moid technique to leech on organizational and emotional resources in women's spaces.

No. 1521658

wtf is that humongous MAW on that asian (?) one, holy shit

No. 1521668

>i have flirted with, dated, befriended lot of girls
SCREAMING the mask slipped he thinks all the they/thems are nothing but girls too

No. 1521684

>Trannies are completely indistinguishable from cissies, and therefore I expect all women to be attracted to me
>But I can tell which ones are the cissies and the trannies and I would much prefer the cissies
Every time. Leave lesbians alone scrote

No. 1521695

I thought troons were supposed to be “indistinguishable” from actual women kek

No. 1521699

Didn’t you know? Trannies have special super senses that sniff out other trannies. Obviously silly cissies don’t have those advanced skills!

No. 1521709

I don’t need a special sense to sniff them out when I have eyes.

No. 1521711

God I want to punch this guy every time I see his face. I wish nbs/ftms would stop screeching about "not everyone who gets pregnant is a woman!!!" and I wish mtfs would shut the fuck up entirely. SRS is literally self-mutilation and nobody is ever going to legally take your right away to ruin your fucking life (see: people obsessed with body mods, people with EDs, etc. might be looked down upon in society but they can't be tried in court for what they do to themselves). That shit might be (and should be) banned for kids in the future, but the idea that it is an actual fear for adults is insane. I wish they'd stop moaning about "the connection between transness and women's rights". Scrotes have never been biologically able to host an unborn human and it's exactly this difference between the sexes that means in no fucking extant galaxy will letting a surgeon play origami with your dick be the same as abortion oh my fucking god

No. 1521718

Or a nose in case they have a pus leaking open wound where their dick once was

No. 1521726

File: 1651859931757.jpeg (177.31 KB, 975x841, 2E71B664-B8D7-43EB-9411-FB8161…)

Kind of relevant.

No. 1521733

File: 1651860475816.jpeg (503.39 KB, 1170x1658, 40E6E1C7-AD92-4F4B-87A0-7DEEEE…)

The cope. Imagine having to wake up and tell yourself this every day instead of just existing effortlessly as a woman.

No. 1521734

File: 1651860557356.png (236.88 KB, 828x465, C904F322-9ED6-4BE2-A6E6-4B7AA2…)

And violence against women or grooming children? What of those?

No. 1521739

ACAB, but also could you please jail everyone who "sir"s me thanks

No. 1521745

KEK the level of delusion these freaks are at. That it's two guys fucking and then one of them goes like, wait there's no women here I'm dying

No. 1521756

lmao what a way to wake up from the delusion
i'm sure everyone is telling him some bs about "internalized transphobia" but i bet he still feels it deep inside of him, the realization that it's true - no one can escape their sex and trans women are men, and always have been.

No. 1521757

Havent you gotten the memo, nonnie?! us women are just floating uteruses meant to pleasure the greater sexes, trans “women” and moids!!! crimes against us dont matter when a trans gorilla—I mean, “WOMAN”, gets mistende red despite having his dick hanging out of his tutu!!

No. 1521760

samefag, *misgendered

No. 1521763

Excuse you?! He's a GIRL, not a gross old WOMAN! To the gulags!

No. 1521772

No need to use trans woman AND moids. Just moids will suffice, they’re the same thing.

No. 1521774

>French name
>British teeth
I've very confused, where is he from?

No. 1521778

The frenchies get the unsexy teeth gene sometimes it’s not ALWAYS us!

No. 1521779

The trans agenda is extremely similar to conseravtives, the only difference is troons think people can change sex and/or be non-binary. Same gender roles pushed "real men don't like feminine things, only (trans/)women like that girly stuff". Blind faith in their non-scientific agenda, religion VS gender separate from sex. They attack minority groups and keep women oppressed while making sure men aka people born with dicks are in power. They never listen to anyone who's not 100% on their side, yet spend all of their time talking shit about the believes they think they have.

No. 1521787

>cuddles or something more serious

my skin always crawls at lines like this. are they trying to act non-threatening or have they bought into the “lesbians only lay in fields cloud gazing and stay in to bake uwu” shit

No. 1521796

I don’t know but it just makes me believe they’d act like creepy dudes who want to cuddle on the couch while sneaking a hand under your shirt or whatever and then they’d probably freak out saying you were into it if you said anything.

No. 1521809

ayrt. or the greasy fucks at con who go “where’s my hug?” urgh.

No. 1521812

File: 1651865339797.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1232x740, troonhands.png)

went digging for troon hands… this is pretty sus, just saying. Save the pic.

No. 1521813

File: 1651865397707.jpeg (486.6 KB, 1170x1227, 8A74AB4E-CD4E-4B95-BD2A-25BB79…)

I love defunct game journalism websites kek

No. 1521820

these are the same people who think rapists should get away with raping women if they just say "sowwy uwu" afterwards

No. 1521826

File: 1651866935101.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.42 KB, 892x1790, 478B086D-9583-4F75-9B09-23ABE6…)

don’t unspoiler

No. 1521833

File: 1651867365246.png (178.53 KB, 400x388, copium-png.png)

No. 1521840

thats hebrew on his arm, right? what does it say?

No. 1521852

File: 1651868232537.jpg (245.81 KB, 1080x1801, TheresWally_2.jpg)

Eww wtf, no I won't. Fucking gross, is this a self post in hopes to make evil terves to look at your genitals?

No. 1521857

Can guarantee this troll had nazi memorabilia. Why are most troons nazi lovers before trooning out?

No. 1521858

Why save it? Who is this ugly guy? Did he fuck a child or animal? I’m so confused with this post

No. 1521859

I’m also leaning towards it being a self post.

No. 1521863

It's a satire account nonnas.

No. 1521870

God his giant fucking skull sitting on his lanky twig body trying to have a hot tak with that awful gay guy voice makes me want to punt him into the sun.

No. 1521872

Sad part is these days you can never tell.

No. 1521878

But let me say as a bisexual woman I would never date a transwoman. You can at least pretend a transman is just butch. I also don't know any bi or pan women who would date a post op transwoman. The only queer woman I know who has dated a transwoman broke up with him when he wanted grs. The surgery was just too much for her to deal with.

No. 1521880

it's the "girl" obsessed with cervixes that posted her hands a few days ago from /ot/

No. 1521882

Thank you nona, I was trying to remember where I saw the hand.

No. 1521889

they're trapped financially, mentally, and sometimes bound by kids

No. 1521893


No. 1521895

File: 1651871468436.jpeg (40.01 KB, 400x400, AC76122D-09E9-4964-AA86-A8F96D…)


No. 1521898

>no teeth

No. 1521901

The Bosmer called, they want their Fargoth back

No. 1521902

File: 1651872536352.jpg (60.6 KB, 1280x720, tranny.jpg)


No. 1521903

Hrmmm, almost like covid was a way to keep people in line, and trannies played on that fear of speaking out BIG TIME

No. 1521905

Welcome to the cult of the left, what did you expect?

No. 1521906

I bet the troon wished he had his ring of healing back after the operation

No. 1521914

faggot you ARE Gilead

No. 1521931

I'm taller than the average man, but a guy this tall is huge compared to me. He's delusional if he thinks he can be this tall and pass

No. 1521938

File: 1651876346773.png (122.81 KB, 926x622, 1911DB72-1ECE-4588-90B9-DA9EA2…)

Idk how lesbians stay on this subreddit anymore. Between this and the head pat posts it seems like one of the most male spaces on reddit.


No. 1521939

File: 1651876413753.jpeg (203.05 KB, 2160x676, FCA0F79C-50C2-4890-B489-4164EB…)

Now I wonder why that could be.

No. 1521940


I'm surprised that yahwol's response got so many upvotes

didn't they do a poll recently and it was like 70% of users

No. 1521941

File: 1651876939987.png (92.91 KB, 645x970, 64201576-B86C-4E97-8FC5-16AD3C…)

nobody here is going to be your anti abortion based conservative tradwife

No. 1521943

Pre surgery there's a sexual organ to enjoy so you can at least enjoy straight sex with a dude who hopefully associates femininity with sexually caring for their partner unlike most straight men (aka ideally more during sex than just piv). Post op there's nothing there except their disgusting hole. There's nothing enjoyable about going down on a wound, and it can't taste like a real pussy either so at best it's like going down on a weird anus. You can't have mutually enjoyable lesbian sex with what they have post op and if they start using a strap then you're still better off with a real woman because they can give more than just the strap. And if you like dick you'll probably prefer a man who actually has one because dildos aren't a substitute for the feel of a dick, and the tranny likely won't be skilled enough with a dildo like a lesbian or bisexual is considering lack of experience and ability to relate to make up for the switch. Also I just realised that double ended dildos are probably off the list too seeing as their hole needs to be treated like glass and one wrong move from their partner could probably screw things up. Not to mention their insides may never be able to fit conventional dildos anyways.

My theory is that most Tims turn into starfished pillow princesses expecting their partner to do all the work post surgery and think it's a valid lesbian experience. Most straight men can't think of anything beyond penetrating their partners exclusively during sex (except maybe hitting their partners) so what will they do when their penis is gone? Going down on a girl is still "foreplay" to them so they turn to the only other lesbian sex thing porn taught them aside from strap-ons which is the pillow princess role for if they just want to cum (and of course the girl cums from massaging the other one's tits right? /s).

The better alternative to a Tim is either a real woman or a bisexual man if you want dick. M/F bi4bi you're probably more likely to find a guy into mutually fun bedroom activities than the tranny who thinks pegging validates his womanhood or something.

On the other hand I find TIF's are overall less delusional about the surgeries and are significantly more likely to just cut their tits off and stop there. They usually at most exclusively top and don't want you going down on them (which can be a bit of a turn off imo but if you're someone who enjoys that it's cool) but most just act like butches so they're significantly less dysfunctional in the bedroom overall. The arm penis is nasty to me and basically non functional but at worst you're still with a woman who was used to life without one and can pleasure you regardless of what she has down there (if it can be used to penetrate you then it at least should feel right enough I guess vs the useless hole).

No. 1521946

File: 1651877203036.jpeg (161.55 KB, 1195x574, 2EEBF5E3-B6E4-4DD8-B426-84A1C6…)

Another MTF weighing in on an issue that doesn’t concern them. I find it fascinating how many people have such a big problem with semantics. They would get equally mad if the conversation was around “female” or “afab” rights even though you would think those descriptors would be okay. Anyway, it’s so annoying seeing people argue over words instead of the actual issue at hand here.


No. 1521947

File: 1651877229435.png (132.8 KB, 1728x677, coom.png)


No. 1521948

It’s like divine retribution when they lose the ability to orgasm.

No. 1521962

File: 1651878936710.jpeg (37.26 KB, 474x473, FE77054D-66F5-426E-8356-092629…)

>baby clit

No. 1521967

Lol good. Let them sterilize themselves

No. 1521972

The same moids who are crying but what about transmen??!?1? Are the same ones who say that FTMs have male privilege and creep on their before and after pics on Reddit saying I wish I looked like your before pic. I have yet to find one tranny that cared about womens issues unless they could get something from it. They are the textbook definition self serving.

No. 1521978

>very nearly pass
so you look like a man, then. also if trans women are women why do you care whether your 'female' partner is cis or trans?

No. 1521989

Is someone going to tell this troon that the large majority of women only orgasm from their clits? not that he'll ever orgasm again, either way. like dude you don't have a g-spot, you just have a rot pocket.

No. 1521993

I guess he still has a prostate. He can always be a very feminine woman and use that.

No. 1521997

Interesting, this woman used to be a 'lesbian' and is now all conservative and married to a man

No. 1521998

They fuck up their prostate when they get the stinkditch

No. 1522000

File: 1651883075224.jpeg (850.22 KB, 1170x1789, F965A6D4-981E-4DD7-B7E8-DD238B…)

should have just shot him right there kek

No. 1522001

Kek is this real? It sounds like satire

No. 1522002

File: 1651884018024.jpeg (150.72 KB, 828x649, EA8FEE74-2213-49A8-A835-01F673…)

Ah yes because abortion laws will affect troons more than actual woman

No. 1522004

This one should have gone in the FTM thread I think. Iirc that person is female.

No. 1522009

The penis is typically tucked in between the anus and prostate based on the anatomy references. So no he doesn’t even probably have that kek.

No. 1522012

I can’t believe they do that shit willingly.

No. 1522026

File: 1651886715221.jpg (23.48 KB, 401x500, 51pc9unwSoL._AC_.jpg)

Leslie Nielsen coming back from the grave to arrest troons. Based and nonniepilled.

No. 1522037

First out on drag race energy.

No. 1522042

No. 1522062

File: 1651890368156.jpg (25.31 KB, 827x821, shinyjynx.jpg)

No. 1522065

File: 1651890606206.jpg (113.16 KB, 413x395, 1646236735426.jpg)

No. 1522066

No. 1522076

my favorite part of this tweet is that you can see the bedroom door in the photo and it hasn't been kicked in

No. 1522082

the pyramid of g fuel, the gamer girl cat ears, and the kim jong-un tapestry really tie it all together

No. 1522110

For info:
>scrote creeps into the girls bathrooms in his school
>school rightfully tells him to stop doing that
>throws a fit and NEETs out in his room and streams him playing video games all day
>cops come in because he's not going to school
>one of them blurts out "are ya winning?"
KEK I got my own beef with cops but some of them can be based. 17:15 for the timestamp

No. 1522116

File: 1651897032659.png (13.01 KB, 656x97, kek.PNG)

Found this absolute gem in the comments section. Also what abuse? They came to his house because he's a truant, not to arrest him for being trans. I don't know the full story but I assume the cops came by the house to talk to the parents and the parents were probably like 'yo dog idk you go talk to him'. The fact that he kept streaming with the cops just standing there is so fucking cringe too.

No. 1522119

File: 1651897069526.webm (5.58 MB, 478x272, minceraft hardcore day 7.webm)

Tranny po po

No. 1522120

god his fucking voice. the weird forced vocal fry to make it sound like he's going to cry.

No. 1522126

This belongs in the FTM thread, but also this artist has had a bilateral salpingectomy so there is literally 0 risk of getting pregnant

No. 1522135

kek stop this is too funny. are you winning son

No. 1522143

I did some rough math off of that last graph, so it appears that approx 81% of users are white. I expect that number might be higher bc many race fakers are white so it might actually be around 82-83%. If the last graph is a count of responses then only ~370 people completed that question which is kind of small in comparison to the entire sub. I wonder if that's the same for the country question, as a wide geographical distribution like that over 370 participants is hardly a normal distribution.
Considering how narcissistic troons are I'm a bit shocked by only 370 in total. Like troons wouldn't be suuuuuper excited to fill out a bunch of shit about themselves. I assume that troons know how the majority is largely white straight men and thus filling out a demographic survey would be incriminating for the group always namedropping black and indigenous trans women.
If someone wants to produce an actual survey with decent responses from troons that gets rid of potential nonresponse bias, my personal suggestion is deception. You can try disguising it as a study with some troons are victims narrative like ~shame and euphoria boners uwu~ or something trivial such as media consumption or fashion and makeup which would be 'fun' to them. You just throw the demographic questions in there like surveys normally do, then report back to terf circles with your demographic findings and disregard everything else kek.

No. 1522148

Uh this is a satire account, and a HILARIOUS one at that, so I highly suggest that you follow her. She nailed the stereotype of woke academic on liberal twitter to a fucking T.

No. 1522156

he posted his instagram and yes he is.

No. 1522160

File: 1651899561227.png (23.23 KB, 607x270, terrible-worldliness.png)

lmao the reply this guy left on some other troons botched dick

No. 1522173

this is pure poetry, cant wait to see the mental gymnastics they'll whip out for this one

No. 1522186

FWIW, results are over 3+ years old when the sub was 1/5 its current size. My apologies for not sharing the link:

No. 1522189

looks like a mentally ill young boy from san fran to me

No. 1522194

Holy shit it's grew that much in such a short time?

A pornsick guy I know has been getting worse with his coom addiction, and has started ""joking"" about trooning out. God, it would be a cherry on top of his crusty sperm sock cake. He's also been developing pseudobisexual tendencies, like gushing over a male celebrity lmao

No. 1522202

File: 1651905574386.jpg (108.67 KB, 564x986, 4d376f970f0124fb8ffc64fb3a5921…)

i hope this hasnt been posted on here already but i was scrolling through instagram and this popped up…this looks like something out of a horror story

No. 1522221

File: 1651908379263.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1262x1566, sweetmanmadehorrors.png)

"Already talked to the doctor, got the "this will heal in the coming weeks/months" talk and directions to keep it dry and cool. Mostly looking for reassurance and tips from others, because those holes at the bottom look…super gnarly and scary"

Gnarly and scary indeed.

No. 1522224

File: 1651909359507.jpg (51.05 KB, 855x854, 1644628672421.jpg)

>when i'm horny i buy sexy lingerie
of course

No. 1522226

File: 1651909713855.jpg (469.26 KB, 971x2788, Screenshot_20220506-194239_Red…)

Thankfully the twanphobic wongtink was wemoved uguuuu

No. 1522228

File: 1651909773575.png (7.85 KB, 656x162, 1651892042951.png)

No. 1522234

What’s hilarious is a fourth degree vaginal tear doesn’t look as horrendous as these axe wounds. I just don’t understand the why and hope the off themselves when they see their failure of a hole.

If you haven’t been pregnant, don’t look it up or it may put you off. It heals, goes back to normal, it’s fine. Personal experience.

No. 1522237

Hello slenderman

No. 1522239

bestie this was already posted

No. 1522240

The last last last last edit is new, bestie

No. 1522254

posted this on the altcow thread but rather disappointed to see someone high in the community be a troon sympathiser and ditch her friend because he identifies as terf.

The friend is a gay dude that gave out 10 opinions as to why trans is bullshit and even though he likes to dress feminine he’s not trans. He stood his ground on what he likes and got hate for it. When will this trans trend die? And of course all the comments are from handmaidens or “trans women goths”.

No. 1522256

File: 1651918658447.jpg (469.69 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20220507_121441.jpg)

Someone crossposted OP's post on other subs too to discuss since it got locked. The discussion is of the expected quality
>lesbians can have genital pref as long as it involves neovaginas
>also if you happen to be attracted to women who call themselves men, you're invalidating and hella problematic

No. 1522264

Goths in general are indescribably ugly. Troon ones are no exception

No. 1522272

>t. moid that got rejected by a goth girl

No. 1522280

who hurt you

No. 1522292

You’re right kek

No. 1522293

So he thinks being harassed by moids and troids isn't what it's like to be a lesbian in 2022 hmm

No. 1522303

File: 1651930460593.jpg (325.91 KB, 1057x956, Screenshot_20220507-093328_rif…)

No. 1522304

detrans baby?

No. 1522305

>If you claim you're attracted to "everyone with a vagina", suddenly you're also inclding a whole category of trans men and non-binary people solely because of their body, with no regard to their gender, and acting as though their body is more important than their gender. That's transphobic.
I thought according to them gender, as opposed to sex, was culturally tied shit that's often assigned to one sex or another. Like women wearing dresses and men wearing suits. This almost feels like a clever way to make AGP shit more moral than normal sexual attraction.
>You being attracted to a pre-op trans man in the same way you're attracted to cis women is transphobic and bigoted! I, an intellectual am only attracted to people who wear lipstick and dresses all of whom I'm going to call women regardless of the bodies they have underneath that stuff. It's not a fetish. :^)

No. 1522311

File: 1651931782655.jpg (57.59 KB, 712x532, howistrannyformed.JPG)


No. 1522313

Unfortunately it's difficult to just up and leave someone and they guilt trip you with the "I understand if it's difficult for you" whilst knowing full well that leaving them would be suicide on the partner's fault and they may very well be ostracized/cut off from most of their friends. This sounds specific because this happened to a gay friend. He broke up with his bf and most people sided with the troon. He currently only really has 2 friends including myself.
tldr; pre-op trans will literally lie to get you to date them knowing that you wont be able to get out

No. 1522314

how can you be a pioneer of ivf and not know ectopic pregnancies are not viable?

No. 1522317

File: 1651932402515.png (466.7 KB, 594x633, yas.png)

oily london finally trooned out kek

No. 1522324

File: 1651933027498.jpeg (249.4 KB, 867x1300, A6F95FEB-BDC6-4D2A-AF28-60FBF8…)

Dude looks like a bloated corpse

No. 1522336

Then you could have replied to the original anons post with just the latest edit.

No. 1522337

he's obviously partly a troll, but I'm still confused af

No. 1522338


No. 1522340

I’m sad. I really like her videos even though she can come off as holier than thou at times. This doesn’t surprise me though. I’ll have to watch the full thing later. I wish I could just find at least one person in a group/subculture I participate in who wasn’t eaten up by gender ideology or at least looked at things reasonably from other angles. It’s impossible because everyone is too afraid to speak up and most influencer types who do are right-leaning. Where the fuck did normal lefties who weren’t prone to magical thinking and gender religion fanaticism go? I thought we believed in science, not this bullshit.

No. 1522343

I do not for the life of me understand how they think millennia of human sexuality is just supposed to change at the drop of a hat. And these were supposedly some of the same people supporting gay rights ten years ago. How does it make sense in their minds? Do they think being a lesbian just means being attracted to femininity despite butch lesbians existing? Do they not hear themselves and do they just put their fingers in their ears when gays and lesbians talk about their experiences with things like conversion therapy? This is one of the most insidious things about them imo, and they almost never put this sort of ire on straight people. It’s probably 90% pressure on lesbians right now.

No. 1522355

scroll up this has been posted twice >>1522000

No. 1522356

Can you guys PLEASE read the thread before posting. It’s already been posted and discussed.

No. 1522384

Not to be a tranny apologist but I can tolerate and even somewhat sympathize with trans that understand fully that there will always be a distinct biological, aesthetic, and inherent differences between them and a cis person of the sex they desire to be. I also prefer that they keep to themselves in the bedroom and try not to engage with cis people sexually(even willing ones because many just do it out of social pressures). They deal with a twisted mental illness that they aren't given treatment for and so long as they know their place I don't really care what they do to themselves(sage your shit)

No. 1522391

I am >>1522340 and I went back to watch the video now that I had a second. Despite not agreeing with Angela's beliefs (which I'm not sure she understands everything going on as she didn't know what "TERF" meant and seemed to be of the position that "trans people just want to live like everyone else, etc."), I have to respect the fact that she was coming back at the TRA bullies who were stalking her shit to find her friendship with this guy from four fucking years ago. She even said she was baited by this person who came at her and that she isn't a performing monkey who's job is to placate them at all times. I honestly wonder if her opinion would change if she knew more about their abusive tactics, since she experienced a little bit of it first hand. Anyway, the video was not nearly as abrasive towards TERFs or supportive of TRAs as I expected, which I guess I should have expected anyway, because she tends to be vocal about things that annoy her. Her thoughts felt a bit all over the place though, you can tell she doesn't want to deal with the bullshit while also not wanting to step on toes.

No. 1522393

File: 1651940509571.png (266.24 KB, 2478x1108, i n v a l i d.png)

He has tried painting his toenails and wearing socks but that didn't activate "girl mode". Something must be wrong.

No. 1522394

fuck off, astrology tard. literally how do planets control our minds? you also know that what we're seeing in the sky is how it looked thousands of years ago, right? if a planet or star is a thousand light years away, then the light takes a thousand years to reach earth. we have no idea what the sky looked like at the time of your birth 19 years ago. you fucking retard. kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1522395

File: 1651940546454.png (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 1732x1710, botchedaf.png)

Another coomer can't coom anymore. I call that a win for humanity.

No. 1522396

Why do you people come here and say this every time? The fact that they understand biological reality while also performing damaging gender roles and fetishizing womanhood doesn't free them of their actions. Men are jacking off to rape and incest porn in their bedrooms, does that make it nice that we don't have to see it going on at least? If we used something like NPD or ASPD instead of gender dysphoria as a mental illness example, would you excuse those who take advantage of or murder other people just because they were mentally ill? Sure, it is a reason for why they act the way they do, but it isn't an excuse to just let them keep doing it and hurting people in the process.

No. 1522397

Most of us feel that way Nonna, we only hate them because their narcissism and male ego drive them to want to take over established women's spaces instead of fucking off and making their own

No. 1522398

it is not. real. tell me right fucking now how light from 3,000 years ago exlpains decisions we made this week. you are holding women back and making us look fucking stupid. actually go kill yourself. islam fundamentalists provide more educational work than you do. you spend hours upon hours looking at charts of rising, retrograde, suns, moons, it's like reading a scientology textbook. it's fiction. actually fucking kill yourself right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1522399

stay away from my cat

No. 1522401


No. 1522402

Shane Dawson's next logical step

No. 1522403

One Piece, from the okama island

No. 1522404

>W.I.P. Woman In Progress flair

>don't know what woman means to me

But apparently it just means wearing skirts and sundresses over programmer socks

No. 1522405

What is your proposed solution then? Eradication? Conversion therapy? Stripping them of their rights to have surgery and call themselves women? I already said I don't believe they shouldn't be allowed to interact with cis people in most situations. Pray tell and if its viable then I'll agree

No. 1522406

*dont believe they should be allowed to interact with cis people

No. 1522408

NO. is this megan rose gedris?? rosalarian, the proud lesbian cartoonist??? the fuck???

No. 1522410

Doesn't know what it means to him but he DEFINITELY is one…
These AGPs who have a fetish of looking like an anime bimbo and never will but are allowed into women's spaces anyway because their deranged fantasies are valid.

No. 1522413

And they used to post insane tiktoks from trannies, right? I miss seeing that unhinged content.

No. 1522419

Regular fucking therapy like with every other mental illness. Meds too, if they are reasonable. How is this bad? Why do you jump to the most violent and illogical answers?

No. 1522427

>Stripping them of their rights to have surgery
nta but cosmetic body mod surgery isn't a right. Why should troons get special treatment?

No. 1522429

Ah, always brings a smile to my face to see them get the chop

No. 1522437

There is a big difference between allowing people to do something and throwing them a fucking parade for doing it. When a woman gets a boob job, a few moids in her life will be happy, the people who love her will be sad she mutilated herself, and overall, people move on with their lives. It doesn’t give her a permanent pass to act like a psycho.
Obviously trans people (and all people) should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, and we, in turn, should be allowed to trust our (correct) instincts, avoid them like the dangerous creeps they are, and keep them tf out of our bathrooms.
I could call myself a fucking butterfly, the problem would be if the government started enforcing my “right to butterfly status” or some shit.

No. 1522447

I’m confused about what anon even wants. They are asking if eradication and conversion therapy are okay while also saying troons should be kept away from cis people while also saying they should be able to have surgeries and call themselves women. First off, comparing things like eradication of a group of people with not allowing them to call themselves women because it’s hurtful to real women are not equal in any way. It sounds like they want separatists troon colonies where they’re free to do what they want away from the rest of society. I don’t understand.

No. 1522454

Tbh I just think that there should be
- hormones/surgery should be banned for anyone under 18
- Up the requirements for HRT perscriptions. Give patients, especially young people, thurough mental evaluations, train doctors to look for signs of autism, hitory of sexual abuse, evidence the patient is gay and raised in a homophobic environment, or fetish-based motivations for transitioning.
- Use therapy as the main treatment for gender dysphoria
- no legal recognition of gender changes/no gender ID laws, so TiMs go to men's prisons, and are kept out of women's washrooms/changing rooms, etc.
In the end if people really wanna mutilate their bodies you can't stop them, I generally think people should be able to do what they want. But there should be way higher standards on who is allowed treatment and TiMs should not be grouped in with women.

No. 1522456

I wish there would be a rule among journalists that you have to write transgender in the title if it's the case.

No. 1522463

Exactly this. Mental illness should be treated appropriately and biological realities should be acknowledged—really not all that “radical”

No. 1522464

Yes to all these and porn ban/stricter rules for porn on social media. Unfortunately hyperseuxalisation and misogyny is already so embedded there is only a certain amount of damage control that can be done. I mean Reddit just wouldn't exist, it's basically designed to give you mental illness and porn addition, but pretty sure most of these people could have normal lives if it wasn't for the porn rotting their brains and making them troon out.

No. 1522465

Why should HRT be prescribed as a treatment for mental illness? It doesn’t treat anything, it barely helps them “pass”.

No. 1522469

The only way to appropriately regulate porn is to keep it all behind a paywall so that minors cant access it and adults have their name/credit card tied to what they choose to view. There’s no reason free tube sites should exist.

No. 1522473

File: 1651945568767.png (7.84 MB, 3024x4032, Mário de Sá-Carneiro.png)

'To be a woman' by Mário de Sá-Carneiro (1916)


No. 1522474

If anything it probably helps fuel their delusions when really they should be helped to feel comfortable in the body they are in. I know people bring up the anorexia comparison a lot, but why is it okay to help people with EDs get healthier and learn to accept themselves/work through trauma, but with trans it’s all about instant validation? Why not just give anorexics liposuction and what not to ease their suffering? Oh right, because there is more to it than the superficial. Same thing with those people who have BIID and want to lose a limb or blind themselves. Most doctors wouldn’t agree the answer is to actually do it. Why do trans people get this treatment and validation that literally no one else with similar sort of issues get?

No. 1522475

A hundred years, and nothing changed

No. 1522476

Ah yes the thoughts of every woman. They romanticize and fetishize it so much it’s embarrassing for them. They don’t see us as people, just caricatures of femininity. I was going to say this sounded like a historically repressed gay man but the focus on breasts and womanly manipulation of men make me think he was just an AGP.

No. 1522478

Videos should also be impossible to record or download for their illegal distribution, which honestly would be better for porn creators since that means their porn stars may not go out of fashion as quickly as they do. But I guess they just like to lose their money and obsessive coomers are rich as fuck, enough to support the whole industry.

No. 1522479

Hearing them talk about HRT makes me so mad as my mum is going through the menopause and has been put on and trying various ones to suit her as she has been going through so much with all of her symptoms for years now and it has affected my family too. And to see these men in girls clothing tweeting how they are xx days on HRT makes me so angry. Especially with this shortage thing we have in the uk or something

No. 1522481

File: 1651946209621.jpg (294.12 KB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20220507-125652.jpg)

Him in his fedora

Makes me wonder about the blonde man and fat little boy comment

No. 1522482

Simply forcing coomers to purchase their porn through “legitimate” companies would help to curb the demand for porn featuring trafficked women, although of course it wouldn’t solve the problem.

No. 1522483

Back during covid there were troons tweeting out that it was literal murder that women were being priotised for HRT in the UK, even though medicine in general was scarcer and it was much harder for the NHS to meet your medical needs regardless of who you were.

No. 1522484

This was posted on reddit and a few transwomen were commenting that they found it disgusting too. But I don't think they realise that even if this poem said "positive" things about women (eg. I want to be a woman so I can be more caring and gentle) that would STILL be ridiculous. It's still stereotypes, even if it's less demeaning than being described as manipulative sex objects.

No. 1522486

File: 1651946443617.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)

>girls envy you

No. 1522487

Wow what’s more important? Women who are experiencing legitimate side effects from the detrimental aspects of menopause or man in spinny skirt who needs to coom? Yeah I’m going to go with the woman who actually needs HRT for her body to function properly over a moid with a fetish who uses suicide threats to manipulate society.

No. 1522496

>a single pair of women's underwear that I probably wear more often than I should
>I Am not seeing a woman

At least he is somewhat self aware, less delusional than most

No. 1522500

Reminds me of that speech PhilosophyTroon had when he came out. Dude was trying to make it some inspirational moment for UK trannies and couldn't resist talking about how NHS not prioritizing them in surgeries and hrt over actual women was this big act of systemic oppression.

Yet to see one of them who wasn't a coomer and a narcissist.

No. 1522512

File: 1651949505264.jpg (244.61 KB, 720x884, 20220507_200658.jpg)

I'm afraid to read the article because I don't want to know the details, but we really need people to understand that there is very obviously a direct correlation between trans people and pedophilia

No. 1522515

Holy shit, his eyes are so scary and soulless. That poor child.

No. 1522516

AYRT, thanks. Like >>1522194 says, it's crazy how much the sub grew in such a short amount of time. It's not exactly proof against the theory that troonism is peer influenced.

No. 1522520

naryt, but honestly it makes sense considering how often you start seeing random trans jokes or "as a transwoman" in the most random subs and posts

No. 1522523

The arguments made by them that destroyed the definition of woman can also be used to destroy age of consent and redefine when children should become sexually active to "experiment" and "learn about themselves and their gender, attractions, etc." That's the biggest issue aside from many of these trannies being pedophiles prior to transition. Porn breeds pedophiles, rapists and troons.

No. 1522540


Truly, there are no depths to the degeneracy. Many of them are self-proclaimed maps who are doing the same shit older pedos tried to do back in the day by latching onto LGBT identities. By opening the door for men to get out of anything just by saying they’re trans, they’re fucking up the lives and rights of so many women and kids. It’s sickening, and they will project it onto us by saying we are “obsessed with what’s in kids pants” while being actively involved in CP and grooming. Alternatively they’ll make statements that the pedo in question “isn’t really trans” so that it isn’t a blight on their community.

No. 1522547

Yeah it’s her. She started dating a (cis) man a few years ago, and my theory is that she began trooning out (taking it further and further- she started as a theythem but now she’s wearing a binder and talking about taking testosterone) because she’s desperate to maintain her status as a special oppressed kweer minority, rather than admit that she’s now a privileged heteronormative white woman.

No. 1522555

removal of Self Id laws, and affirmation therapy

No. 1522557

Yep. Liberal media and handmaidens have consistently supported their true scottsman bullshit. Always sounds like "One bad apple isn't representative! Okay, three isn't a problem. Alright, maybe there's more but that's not me! You have to let the Trojan Horse in, you fucking bigot! I'm not trying to rape and kill you right now so clearly there's mostly good apples! Be thankful I am a good one and be patient with the bad ones. We are so wounded and oppressed already!"
Nah. Gulag. All of them.

No. 1522560

Scientists can determine a human being's age range, race and even cause of death with just a skull and yet delusional TRAs and pickme's really are arguing that a persons skeletal system doesn't matter and that its somehow a disproven science


No. 1522566

what is it with liberals and their denial of ANY biological differences between groups of people?

No. 1522579

he's getting cole sprouse'd in the face lel

No. 1522587

hunter schafer will never make any sense to me. some tims do pass in carefully angled + cropped photos but he’s literally never looked like a woman, even in photoshopped images

No. 1522588

>daughter she fathered
kek i know the editor broke a sweat writing this.

No. 1522594

if you tolerate these people and allow them to fester in their mental illness they will feel embolden to act out and take their fetish to the next level. public exhibitionism, assaulting people, and molesting children.

No. 1522597

yeah, detoxing from pornography and online communities, and talk-therapy about how you can have any interests or personality and still be a male. that fetishes and sexual orientation aren't the same thing. people deradicalize political extremists and cult members all the time.

No. 1522600

File: 1651956958357.png (58.28 KB, 723x98, peakening.png)

Trans"women" being men and men being degenerates means these stories just keep coming, the TRAs are dropping like flies.

Aside, hope he rots in there, sick fuck.

No. 1522604

Grooming is one fuck of a drug. Turning teenage boys into useless AGP coomers.

No. 1522605

hope someone minecrafts him in prison. but who else had to read the headline about 5 times before they understood the 'woman' fathered the kid? fucking hell/clown world is the same thing.

No. 1522607

File: 1651957792031.jpg (224.52 KB, 891x2048, lyracreepy2.jpg)

No. 1522610

imo autistic men shouldn't be allowed internet access at all. it turns every single one of them into some kind of weirdo or another.

No. 1522616

I read it and regret it. Basically 3 trannies kept a 7 year old girl in a cage in a basement. The pit her in a collar and they created child porn as well as tranny porn. The girl was forced to call her troon father (pictured) "mom".

No. 1522622

Honestly so glad I started reading these threads. I used to be a libfem and went along with this whole "trans people just want to live their lives in peace" thing despite the fact that all of the trans/nb people I knew were either crazy or had harrassed me (sometimes sexually). It is Honestly really nice to find that i can still be a feminist and not deny my experiences/preferences (when I was 13 I got into pretty big trouble on tumblr because, as a bi woman, I am not sexually attracted to trans people and I made the mistake of saying that).

No. 1522629

>has a dictators poster up like a retard
>expects us to feel sorry for him

No. 1522640

How is the embryo supposed to gestate in the abdominal cavity? Can you even transplant a placenta from an actual woman to another?

No. 1522642

File: 1651962256329.jpg (267.56 KB, 1242x1945, h1gw7ZA.jpg)

>Don’t know how well received this will be
Like troons don’t receive tons of ~uwu~ validation for shit makeup

No. 1522644

All those awards just to look like that. This is another way you know they aren’t women. Women are judged much more harshly by their peers when it comes to beauty and fashion. The fact that women on reddit throw awards at these guys reminds me of old women who say “bless your heart”. No one thinks this looks good, they’re trying to appease him.

No. 1522649

File: 1651963117306.jpg (3.64 MB, 4096x4096, Skinwalker.jpg)

Spotted in the wild. Trooned out after a kid, many such cases kek

No. 1522655

The whole poem in portuguese sounds even worse, idk but the words he uses ugh

No. 1522657

>Eradication? Conversion therapy? Stripping them of their rights to have surgery and call themselves women?

No. 1522671

autism and/or low test

No. 1522673

File: 1651965870071.jpeg (112.02 KB, 544x584, A57F80AB-8CE5-41BC-AEC4-A6989D…)

This man is so ugly why does he always make such a gross dead fish face in his selfies

No. 1522684

File: 1651967070534.jpeg (795.84 KB, 1536x2048, 90565508-3424-49C2-86D0-7E0CB1…)

why is he wearing a nightgown for 7 year olds

No. 1522691

Yet another pedophile trying to dress like a little girl

No. 1522697

this more has 'chubby 45 year old mom sleep shirt purchased at disney world' vibes

No. 1522706

Probably the only childish thing that would fit over his revolting body.

No. 1522709

File: 1651969812010.jpeg (113.69 KB, 828x1030, D3D5291A-0278-42EA-A3F6-97A3F5…)

Man who can’t get his fetish validated at school is worse off than the millions of girls worldwide who don’t even have access to or are prevented from education. Yeah. Okay. Can they not empathize with women and girls for just one fucking second?

No. 1522710

File: 1651969852757.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 407x720, save.webm)

Troon walking in an airport, nearly naked, with children present.
When will it end?

His Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DANAISU0211

No. 1522711

File: 1651969923648.jpeg (594.78 KB, 1365x2048, D1E274AA-7597-43CB-851A-3A6D3B…)


No. 1522713

Sorry might not be an airport, but a mall

No. 1522714

nice breast form lol

No. 1522723

File: 1651970732502.jpg (272.56 KB, 720x1239, 20220507_194325.jpg)

Women is when you use makeup

No. 1522728

this totally happened.

Why do trans act like woke culture and shame culture isn’t a thing rn? If someone said that in my city, you’d get so many dirty looks maybe even assaulted

No. 1522730

File: 1651971109128.jpeg (4.01 MB, 4032x3024, CC4A54DB-3C36-48F1-AB90-BE7227…)

Nonnies look what Free Comic book day has available.

No. 1522734

This is kinda heart breaking from 100 yrs ago and it’s the same

No. 1522744

the boobs look like balloons

No. 1522754

File: 1651973929563.jpeg (46.99 KB, 534x650, 5A572836-FE61-4BE6-BC28-83AD26…)

Has anyone else noticed Hunter hasn’t been in anything other than Euphoria? His career is a complete dead end. He’s already looking manlier and his voice is getting deeper. In a few years when it’s not as trendy he’s not going to be getting any roles.

No. 1522756

Ew I can see his bulge

No. 1522758

I predict the opposite. He’ll probably get casted in some Marvel movie as a female superhero and shoved down our throats until the end of time.

No. 1522760

i find him really attractive for some reason idk why they gotta ruin themselves with fake tits and hormones. probably got a baby dick too smh.

No. 1522762

girls without makeup are guys i guess

No. 1522768

>jadzia axelrod
picking a star trek characters name lmfao immediately clockable

No. 1522773

vandalize it

No. 1522778

Because he’s a good looking gnc handsome guy. He looks retardedly masculine.
Eh. Marvel movies seem to be on their way out too. Culture comes in ebbs and flows, the pendulum is about to swing.

No. 1522783

it seems like lately it's been biopics. wonder who'd he play.

No. 1522791

File: 1651978879042.jpeg (65.21 KB, 640x769, fwt64cv164t41.jpeg)

He could play Daniel Johns from Silverchair

No. 1522793

Idk, Marilyn Monroe? The dresses she wore are being destroyed, and clumps of her hair are getting handed out as souvenirs, so why not further trash her legacy by having a troon impersonate her in a biopic? Seems depressingly plausible.

No. 1522804

He looks so fucking nasty while she's like a little cherub angel woman, wow

No. 1522805

Yeah they’re going to start casting trannies in blockbusters soon in big female roles. Since Hollywood is primarily made for Chinese and Russian money these days (like how they hated the black guy and the girl in the last Star Wars and tailored the sequels to fit that) I very easily see it completely bombing because nobody who is an Anglo tolerates AGP shit. Euphoria would not be successful in any non English speaking country.

No. 1522808

A lot of Western countries that are all in on the tranny shit are not English speaking nonna

No. 1522809

His IDBM has him listed as being in some movie called Cuckoo but it doesn't even have a release attached, I think it just entered production. The women he's staring with all have at least one other project in the works and the one with the least (Gemma Chan) has something releasing soon in addition to the other in production credits. That's so embarrassing for him.

No. 1522810

I don’t wanna derail the thread but america and England dictated the social policies of post WWII Europe and still have a big pressure on countries like Germany. Really anything west of Eastern Europe, Russia or Mongolia is basically a proxy of USA and that is where the real culture divide happens.

No. 1522819

i'm convinced all men go to hell

No. 1522825

File: 1651985438364.png (412.22 KB, 1874x1294, whaaaaawhaaaaa.png)

I want unnecessary plastic surgery for free, but my stupid job that will pay for my ax wound surgery doesn't cover the miracles I would need to start looking like a woman, I'm so helpless and oppressed!

No. 1522828

>I'm not confident enough to date
Which concerns your employer how? They don't give ugly people free facial surgeries.

No. 1522834

I guess they can use the fabricated dangers of not passing as an argument for why they "need" ffs, but I don't understand why they should get free boob jobs just because their HRT moobs aren't the pretty anime tiddies of their coomer dreams. Many women have "ugly" or physically debilitating breasts that they just have to live with 'cause they can't access surgery for whatever reason, but yeah, let's prioritize giving troons free vanity breast augmentations so they can coom harder while telling actual women that they're better than us 'cause they have "designer" tits and pussies.

No. 1522868

File: 1651995353797.jpg (113.9 KB, 1357x655, aQajsPu.jpg)

its astonishing just how masculine he looks next to his boyfriend, despite being on hormones since he was a kid and his face plastered with make-up, his neanderthal features such as his naturally wide shoulders, man jaw and thick neck stand in contrast to his soft circle-faced bf who looks like a TIF next to him

No. 1522869

File: 1651995374301.png (715.78 KB, 870x1280, 1651994459867.png)

and here's the two of them standing next to each other

No. 1522873

What if we just blast these pedos with pepper spray every time they try to coom in public. Just ruin their sexual assault fantasies at every turn.

No. 1522874

His boyfriend looks like a TIF next to him, wtf.

No. 1522877

File: 1651997013024.jpg (70.43 KB, 752x466, eG25ibQ.jpg)

Came from the altcow thread because this comment under a video made me mad. There's so much retardedness in this single comment.
>"biological" women
Is there no such thing as a born-woman according to you, retard-chan? Why are these sick TIMs trying so hard to look like women (cosmetic surgery, implants, etc.) and "pass", then?
>they don poor cosplays of feminists
How is a feminist supposed to dress? Are you saying non-conforming women aren't feminists? reminds me of the JKR dinner where scrotes were mocking the other women for being too "old" and "manly".
>reduce women to their genitals (which is the opposite of what feminism tries to do)
Well, the discussion of sex organs is important when it comes to women's rights. Just look at what is happening to Roe v. Wade. Now women will lose their right to control their own uterus.

No. 1522881

What a lovely photo of two gay men!

No. 1522889

He got bolt ons now and looks disgusting. He would have been hot as a guy.

No. 1522897

File: 1652002728915.jpg (59.64 KB, 540x734, tumblr_4a6eeedc476ae245ea384f7…)

Hi any trannies lurking!

Just came to say I "respect your pronouns" publically, and put a fake smile on my face in your presence. But that's purely for protecting myself. I do not want to lose my job or worse thanks to some looneys. I smile and nod like a good little handmaiden, but inside I fucking hate your guts and have no delusions that your "gender identity" is rooted in reality whatsoever.

No. 1522898

Nigga are you actually announcing your y chromosome here? Get tf out.

No. 1522902

Kill yourself and also we didn’t ask.

No. 1522905

how fat are you

No. 1522906

did you go to /ot/ to spam child porn? no wonder you lurk the tranny thread you looking for degenerate contacts?

No. 1522907

I feel like this bait could be better. There's potential, but it's just so unimaginative. Up your game, scrote.

No. 1522909

Idk about you nonnas but I feel "gender euphoria" whenever I see those weirdos try to crossdress as a woman

And the look we share with other cis women and men when in presence of a troon, just to communicate that it's all a farce. At least in my experience

No. 1522913

This is why they are so puzzled as to why no lesbian dates them. They don't realise the validation they receive is all an act. It's the same reason transbians exist, no real women wants to date them, especially if the real woman is a lesbian. Only hsts/agps who go for men can even get semi-regular hookups (never real long term relationships), as they are seen as an easy lay due to the desperation of being unable to find anyone interested in them.

No. 1522916

Bless you sweet mods for removing the rape ape rage (I would put a heart here but it is Forbidden)

No. 1522919

Ot but nonny,it's IMDB, my sides

No. 1522928

Fuck I hate troons I really wish the study about troons and pedos come out soon so they can be weeded out

No. 1522931

Poor child. I hope he suffers until his last breath.

No. 1522933

What was that?

No. 1522939

Angela is currently back peddling on calling the gay guy a terf because she didn’t do any reaseach or watch his video on why he’s not a fan of troons. Mainly because everyone keeps forcing him to say he’s not gay, that he is trans since he likes dressing feminine and that hd needs to date troons.

That whole comment section under Angela’s video is full of troons and hand maids. You won’t see a single comment in support of a gay man standing up for his sexuality. I feel sorry for the gays and lesbians

No. 1522947

File: 1652014797585.png (266.46 KB, 738x939, Ojdidntdoit617.png)

the troons on r/MtF are having their daily discussion about crossdressing boners and this one grown-ass man admits to ejaculating while trying on a quinceañera dress. they're all pedophilic freaks.

No. 1522950

That's some sick shit. My bf's sister is having her quince soon. I hope to god some uglyass male didn't touch the dress she chose.

No. 1522951

WHAT THE FUCK. she’s gorgeous, why Does this shit always happen.

No. 1522961

>It’s normal to jack off into teenage girls’ dresses
He sounds like a fucking serial killer

No. 1522967

it's perfectly normal to coom wearing dresses intended for 15 year old girls, because i, a total sex pest and porn addict, do it too!
they really have no clue how their degeneracy is being received outside of their misogynist cult do they

No. 1522971

The Silence of the Lambs was truly ahead of its time(sage your shit)

No. 1522982

File: 1652020746204.jpg (166.98 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20220508-103555_Boo…)

Pepperidge Farms remembers when this behavior was rightfully called transvestic fetishism.

No. 1522986

The fucking entitlement is unreal with these people.

This actually makes me want to throw up. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1523000

>It's normal

The fact that dress went back on the rack? How do people defend these shitheads?

No. 1523003

File: 1652024256608.jpeg (120.19 KB, 1080x958, 742D08E6-85D2-492F-91B3-29DDD2…)


No. 1523006

Male behavior to not know this

No. 1523018

File: 1652024994378.png (153.99 KB, 1196x1358, C8FC18D1-D81D-4B9F-B219-770387…)


No. 1523039

>euphoria for being women
Yeah I have a boner 24/7 for being female. Of course. Also I am just so ecstatic to be female because that's how existing as your sex works.
Troons keep changing what 'euphoria' means to them. It seems apparent that many of them acknowledge that euphoria is the same thing as sexual arousal. I guess this is a covert way of saying all women are sluts. Males are retarded, what else is new

No. 1523042

It's another "women enjoying femininity or their own biological existence is the exact same thing as me getting turned on thinking of being a woman in itself. My sexual pleasure is a woman's sexual pleasure" episode. I guess it makes sense if you're a moid who can't even conceive that other people's self-expression isn't either the exact same as yours, or a mild variation of it
If this cope were true, 95% of women would be into bimbo hypno shit, lobby for free breast implants, try to buy other women's worn clothes to get off to/cultivate specifically sexual obsessions with things like pantyhose and fondly remember cooming from putting on a birthday dress or going bra shopping for the first time when they were younger or something. These people wouldn't need their own spaces to describe their "gender euphoria", because "cis" women would already have discussed it openly, over and over again in chick flicks, journals, wattpad fics, personal blogs, romance novels, etc. They're different from us and they know it, but they're so addicted to this LARP. I pity anyone who'd actually believe it

No. 1523045

whose gonna tell them that the entire concept of “gender euphoria” became a thing bc of trannies? i have not met a single woman who even HINTED at the possibility that she gets turned on when she wears risqué clothing. not only do they now skinwalk women, but now they’re trying to turn us into these sexual caricatures too to THIS EXTENT. how does a handmaiden not find this weird? how is this in the internet without someone calling them out?? death can’t come soon enough

No. 1523048

To them, just the concept of being a woman is so sexy, it's literally impossible to live as a woman and not have it be some long fetish play

No. 1523053

How else are you supposed to take a selfie? Actual dumbass.

No. 1523075

Bro I… do women ACTUALLY do that???

No. 1523076

To add onto this, no one I know who interacts with trannies respects their pronouns behind their back, we all misgender you and laugh. Trannies’ only saving grace is that most people have been taught to be nice to obviously mentally ill and retarded people.

No. 1523077

Yep. Always notice how the “unsexy” parts of being a woman are the ones they get the angriest at. Whenever we want to talk about our scary or traumatic experiences or any sort of thing that’s medically relevant to our biology, they get their pitchforks (or find a way to jerk off to it). How dare women have support groups for miscarriages or PCOS and not include them? They have mommy fetishes and pregnancy fetishes but can’t comprehend actually caring for a child the way a woman is expected to. They have housewife fetishes but can’t be bothered to clean their pigsties for a day. It’s all about the coom, baby! I guess I’ve been living my entire life as a woman wrong because I don’t get off to any aspects of my womanhood. Maybe the men can re-educate me.

No. 1523079

The only time I’ve ever heard of a woman touching herself while looking in a mirror is to get a better idea of what all is down there, so to speak, bc most of us aren’t even taught much about our own anatomy. But that’s obviously not a “sexy time” kind of thing, more just a depressing one since sex ed sucks.

No. 1523083

The fact that these troons don't understand how women socialize is a very key sign they are men.
No one thinks they are women, it's just not the baldness but the massive body and angled sharp features that give it away. They can have surgery all they want they will still look like a deformed serial killer who is very clearly a man.
No one I know likes trannies, we say their pronouns but mock how they act and look because they are just doing black faces of women. I have no idea why woman's face is accepted when women have been historically oppressed by these fetish freaks. The fact they even call actual women men shows how braindead and sexist they are. They are most sexist and racist group, more points to why people mock them.

No. 1523089

Because black people can be men. Women can't. So there is more outrage for anti-black racism than there is for misogyny. Black men are more respected than black women and treat black women terribly just like white men do.

No. 1523090

What is worse when trannies do blackface and womenface, I hate it so much. Black women looks very feminine and the fact these sexist racist freaks compare themselves to black women is disgusting.

No. 1523099

This exactly

No. 1523102

XY in the front
XY in the back

No. 1523103

>confused af
He got addicted to surgeries just like Rodrigo Alves. You can only do so much surgery and still look masc, so they said fuck it I'll be a girl then. Endless surgical opportunities - bigger and bigger lips, boob jobs until their titties nearly explode.

Most of all, they're gay men. Fags aren't attracted to fake looking botched men. But straight guys fucking love a botched bimbo tranny with huge plastic tits.

No. 1523104

File: 1652031375207.jpeg (476.19 KB, 1536x2048, C2BCF87D-869D-452A-BC5C-3CE30A…)

Thank god I don’t live in Chicago

No. 1523110

File: 1652032335963.jpeg (278.03 KB, 1080x898, 7C01628B-2636-4CFA-B0DD-DF1FEA…)

He really just draped the other dress over the toilet. No respect.

No. 1523115

File: 1652032599404.jpg (26.03 KB, 280x210, ericcarol-1.jpg)

No. 1523117

as a dressmaker, this guy would be banned from ever coming back into my store (if I had one), people that treat dresses like that don't deserve to come anywhere near them and then telling everyone he orgasmed into that dress, if I had the time and knowledge, I would find that store and tell them.

No. 1523119

I hope someone out there has recognized the place and sent his post to the business owners so they can ban his ass and warn other companies.

No. 1523121

File: 1652033162963.jpg (47.24 KB, 642x589, reazh.JPG)

it's not his first time, he has tried on several wedding dresses without the intention to ever buying them, hope they clean those dresses after him.

No. 1523127

Someone could figure it out by asking in the thread about him cooming

No. 1523133

i know the women handing this man these dresses are far from thrilled to have him in their store. trans rights boil down to coercing women into complying. that’s it!

No. 1523140

File: 1652035802441.png (163.98 KB, 2354x480, coomer.png)

Maybe stop living out your fetish 24/7, put some pants on, and contribute to society?

No. 1523142

Do they talk or think about anything that isn’t related to sex

No. 1523143

Time I have orgasmed because I put a dress on: 0
Times I have felt elated because someone "affirmed my gender" by sexually harassing or assaulting me, calling me by female pronouns, so on and so forth: 0

No, fam, women aren't AGPs

No. 1523151

I don't get it which one is supposed to be the good looking picture?

No. 1523153

mf not even 30 yet and looks like that already

No. 1523156

Christ I thought he had to be at least 40. Men talk about us hitting the wall and yet look like that.

No. 1523159

File: 1652037118352.jpg (226.53 KB, 940x788, fem_mb-1522881506024345601-img…)

If you ever wanna peak anyone about troons use this infograph.

No. 1523163

File: 1652037201792.jpg (216.12 KB, 971x1688, men can change womens language…)

No. 1523167

File: 1652037309936.png (1.79 MB, 990x1238, James Rose (@jamesissmiling) I…)

picture from his instagram btw

No. 1523168

File: 1652037317731.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2033, B13BF47E-68E5-404A-9514-9C0BD0…)

Why can't he just be infertile and not procreate .. ew

Idk if he gives other reasons for freezing his sperm I can't stand seeing his face long enough to watch the entire video.

No. 1523172

He really has the most punchable face I’ve ever seen. Always with that creepy, shit-eating grin. And he’s so condescending about everything he talks about. Can’t stand this man.

No. 1523173

Fucking woke culture kills me. Abortion is overwhelmingly a women’s issue. Just because there are a couple thousand people who have uteruses but don’t identify as women, it shouldn’t invalidate the millions of women this could affect. They should be willing to just suck it up and know that they’re inherently included. I’m not saying “people with uteruses” when it’s a womens issue

No. 1523174

File: 1652037756317.png (340.14 KB, 748x1052, only becomes a feminist after …)

colin finally got the attention he ordered.

No. 1523175

This creepy ass mask man trying to tell me what words to use, fuck all the way off.

No. 1523176

Is it possible to know who is the sperm donor? Because I can’t imagine someone getting that shit inside her and then getting a mentally ill child because his sperm is cursed.

No. 1523177

nonny the scary thing is it's not the same guy, that's jamesissmiling

No. 1523181

Samefag, wait a fuckin-
>women's rights
>reproductive rights

Like they're the same thing!!! Like the only thing women fought for was the right to abortion??? That's the extent of our rights. It means the same thing. Thank you, sentient mask.

No. 1523182

File: 1652037916903.jpg (173.54 KB, 1170x1170, jk_rowling-1523251575724331011…)

No. 1523185

LOL oh my bad. Well. Then I guess there are two of them who look punchable.

No. 1523186

How did she “miss the point”? She answered the question exactly.

No. 1523187

More like troons weaponize the patriarchy against women by telling women what women should be.

No. 1523189