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No. 1327844

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1327847

File: 1632016707289.jpg (66.87 KB, 967x967, Collage 2021-09-06 18_17_46~2.…)

New thread.

No. 1327850

File: 1632017132981.jpeg (242.48 KB, 1242x1998, BC5ED247-634C-48BA-B3F9-F28F6B…)

No. 1327851

Finally I have wanted to post this for a while now
This is from the Swimsuit round of the Miss International Queen pageant, which is the largest and most viewed beauty pageant for Transwomen

I swear this is the funniest shit I've seen in weeks

No. 1327855

File: 1632017433003.jpg (95.12 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20210918-190934.jpg)

Kek Columbia's hips

No. 1327856


Can't wait to get banned from this app for blocking tw lol

No. 1327857

Yikes looks like tumors
I didn't know tranny pageants were a thing why do we need to include them in women's pageants again?

No. 1327863

He kept his butt mostly hidden with the scarf, so I guess he's aware it just looks bad, kinda sad, that botched job must have cost a lot for him and he can't even show it in the dumb swimsuit competition

No. 1327865

>swastika lama

No. 1327868

Anon, why didn't you include a highlights summary of the previous thread?

No. 1327869

>these are the guys chasers rave about being super passing and feminine

No. 1327870

Highlights from previous thread:
>talking about how shit ex-military men are
>tradthot white knighting her conservative nigel that seemed to go on forever
>bi anon thinks bisexual women can be lesbians
>nikita dragun being a retard (again)
>tranny gorespammer returns
>assigned gringo at birth
>wondering why tifs wanna look like the nice jewish boy stereotype
>comparing male/female faces and looking at before/after ffs photos

No. 1327875

File: 1632020456199.jpg (34.52 KB, 480x480, 1466794262880.jpg)

No. 1327877

>tradthot white knighting her conservative nigel that seemed to go on forever
I just had a look at the previous thread and jfc.

No. 1327879

Hello Mr skeltal

No. 1327880

I kept thinking about the amount of chasers this event probably attracts, scary

No. 1327890

File: 1632021846119.png (197.47 KB, 450x437, image_2021-09-18_232402.png)

The Uk tranny has the same malnourished look going to on too, as well has having the stereotypical ugly imbred british look. The look like a melted version of the australian tranny. Truly tragic.

I thought this picture was them sitting on the steps. Seeing it in motion is even more tragic. Clearly done in a hotel room. Also, more botched surgery

No. 1327893

File: 1632021916609.jpg (154.83 KB, 1004x976, Collage 2021-09-18 20_23_18~2.…)

No. 1327895

You know they will use this attention to prove that tims are stealing are the men from women. I do think a lot of trans people watch things like this and get inspired, because admittedly, some of them are fairly unclockable, at least with makeup, a secure tuck and wigs on.

No. 1327906

lol, I can't believe there wasn't a better candidate in the entire UK, he looks so awkward and gloomy next to the others

No. 1327908

>he looks so awkward and gloomy next to the others
That's because he's from the UK.

No. 1327914

I've never seen a good looking mtf in the UK before since most of them are usually agps, so yeah, this is the best anybody is going to get. You can tell his dad probably hates him.

No. 1327916

File: 1632023685634.jpg (11.84 KB, 300x212, rkbkd.jpg)

>Getting banned from a lesbian app for saying you don't like cock
I'm done.

No. 1327917

File: 1632023705240.png (993.16 KB, 720x1057, Screenshot_20210918-131313~2.p…)

I used to think Insta Moore kinda passed but I recently seen him a pic Quannah Chasinghorse (native American model) posted and I mistook him for a flamboyant man at first. He's on the far left

No. 1327919

File: 1632023803859.png (366.16 KB, 720x784, Screenshot_20210918-131306~2.p…)

This woman hating weirdo likes to blame women for every little thing meanwhile he is dating a fucking rapist lol I'm glad hes starting to age like the sad little man he is

No. 1327921

Indya* not insta

No. 1327922

Just once I'd like to have a thread where some /pol/ schizo doesn't derail about DA JOOZ. I'm 80% sure it's trannies false-flagging so they can screencap their own posts and squawk on /tttt/ about how "the terfz are anti-Semitic!!1!1"

No. 1327928

File: 1632024657015.png (792.13 KB, 1081x1101, screenshot.png)

the entitlement

No. 1327936

No. 1327937

Only a country full of HSTS can have "decent" looking trannies. They are still ugly as fuck but not like the fat balding AGP with a a hentai addiction and programmer socks.

No. 1327942

Holy shit. Part of me wants all these fuckers to get SRS and uterus transplants just so they can all die of sepsis but I know they're not getting these uteruses from handmaidens (highly doubt most will donate theirs even if they lie and tell their troon friends they'd totally do it). It makes me sick that these fools don't realize these uteruses will come from ACTUAL WOMEN like they clearly don't care how they get it. Fuck all the poor women being trafficked and harvested twanz women NEED to be validated. Buffalo bill ass bitches I wanna throw up. These imitators hate women so much and their pathetic handmaidens refuse to see it but always cry about cis straight men like their gay, bi, and tranny brothers don't also oppress them

No. 1327944

Women are practically begging to have them thrown away! Not like it's major surgery or anything. Let's overlook where a uterus comes from and then demand our rights to them!

No. 1327946

I really wish I didn't choose to be an organ donor. I don't want to die in a car crash and have my uterus implanted in a sweaty autogynephiliac's body for his sexual pleasure

No. 1327947

I've been seeing a lot of discourse about uterus transplants lately, and what I don't understand is why somebody would want to go through so much frankenstein-ing a reproductive system into their body when the eggs wouldn't even genetically be their own, it'd be the donor's eggs.

No. 1327950

I completely opted out after learning about what male medical students did to female corpses.

No. 1327951

After watching this I've come to realize men cant have cinched waists, their hips are too high. Look at the swimsuits. On almost all of them their hips sit far higher than the hip band of their bottoms. The only ones that weren't so were gangly with long torsos.
Not to mention that a majority of them were wearing high cut bottoms, which are supposed to sit just above your hip. And they would, if they were on a woman.

No. 1327952

I honestly dont want to know. I was hesitant on becoming a donor for those kinda of fears but gave in to societal pressure. I wish I said no bc in the end the woman who was processing my ID didnt give two shits what I chose.

No. 1327953

Wow exactly what I said would happen, fucking bleak.

No. 1327955

Don't worry anon, it's an impossible surgery and will never be commonplace enough for that. The few troons who continue trying to experiment with it will thankfully die

No. 1327956

I swear these surgeons are purposefully fucking with them, they put the wide part of the hips in the wrong place every fucking time. It should be way further down the thigh

No. 1327957

File: 1632027308694.png (28.17 KB, 509x192, sss.png)

No. 1327958


No. 1327959

They have a "right" to our bodies? Lmfao we got conservative men telling us to have their babies and liberal men telling us to give them our fucking reproductive organs. They are 2 sides of the same fucked up coin. I think I need to stay off the internet because seeing people from all types of political parties want to control women makes me feel very bleak about the future and very sad for little girls these days the world is so upside down

No. 1327960

Love how women's literal words are violence to them but a troon cracking women's skulls and choking them is brave uwu. I hate these faggots. Troons are just more proof of how badly the Y chromosome has deteriorated.

No. 1327961

Could you elaborate, Nonnie? I was thinking of becoming a organ donor.

No. 1327965

I never used to mind the idea of "respecting my body postmortem", until I realized scrotes would likely still sexually defile or pervert my remains. The only reason I still want to be an organ donor despite this is that I'd rather have my organs on standby for women who desperately need them, even if the people who give them the organs are deranged or horrible. I'd rather know for sure my body won't be defiled, and it's sickening to me that I have to risk it to potentially help other women, but I'll take that risk, simply because I value the health of living women over the sanctity of my corpse. I wonder if there's a way I can only grant access to my body to female surgeons and scientists, but I doubt it.
How about this: Moids won't prolapse without uteruses, whereas women often (if not always) do. Your feelings do not outweigh actual medical crises. Even following troon logic, we need to understand priority of treatment. That being said, troons do not need uteruses. It will not cure dysphoria, or "make them more of a woman". It would be no different from putting a swim bladder into a human body.

No. 1327971

I remember reading about male medical students performing "vaginal examinations" on their female patients when they were unconscious under anaesthesia because the women never agree to it when awake.

But it's not just medical students, all males in medicine are capable of this disgusting shit.

No. 1327972

Don't forget that almost all the liberal guys who aren't troons still feel entitled to lie to you and use your body like a whore who doesn't even get paid. And probably spend some of your money on themselves, on top of that. I hope troons help peak other women on all men, the same way they did me. Once they realize they can admit that women are fundamentally different from men, who knows what male nastiness they will stop denying.

No. 1327973

I have to give him props for having the shaved head. I’m the same ethnicity as him and I think most of our people wouldn’t clock him because they are completely oblivious to troons unless they are hons (but specially oblivious to TIFs). To me it’s obvious when you see his head, looks like any local twink. I think he is def masculinizing with age. He used to look more “feminine”. Anyway, I can’t stand him he is so pretentious and self important.

No. 1327974

yeah, if you ever look at a drag queen in a revealing outfit, they have to add hip pads to basically lower the illusion of their hips further down.

No. 1327976

And troons still wanna act like the root of female oppression isn't the female reproductive system.

No. 1327977

Necrophilia, anon.

No. 1327980

How is this sub still up?

No. 1327986

Getting sexually assaulted post-mortem is proof that women can never find peace from men. Not even when they are dead.

You're a kind soul, anon. But you might not be helping women at all. Women are way more likely to donate organs than men are, but men are more likely to need them. There's a chance your organs will be given to some moid instead. It's always women giving and men taking.

No. 1327988

File: 1632031414668.jpg (342.12 KB, 1080x1872, 20210919_005611.jpg)

sage for retarded, but i can't tell if this is an agp or a man blitzed on meth

No. 1327989

File: 1632031555457.webm (2.66 MB, 296x640, OkDglCRdS0qdgO_O.webm)

She needs to grab her daughters and leave

No. 1327996

File: 1632032716584.jpeg (156.99 KB, 1242x441, 2E736A73-4F99-4B1B-8DF9-110548…)

The fact of the matter is that if these men would date each other no one would ban or complain about lesbians.

No. 1327997

Are they married? She called him her teenager fucking YUCK. I can't feel bad for this dumb bitch but this weirdo just keeps walking around dressed half naked like that when they have kids???

No. 1327998

File: 1632032975897.jpeg (362.81 KB, 1015x1850, E328D886-8B56-4AF6-85E8-0EADF6…)

No. 1328001

File: 1632033328904.jpeg (13.87 KB, 311x162, images (1).jpeg)

Bottom row

No. 1328003

Ok so why DO FtMs usually want to look like either chubby Woody Allens or early 2000s sk8erboys?

No. 1328007

AYRT And I think I'm okay with that. I've heard that cross-sex organ transplants are more likely to be rejected, and even the most minute risk that a deserving woman could need organs I would no longer be using and was refused them by my own anxieties hurts my heart. I'm pretty sure I have O type blood, too, so that adds to it.

No. 1328008

The Former are lesbians and that's the closest they can get to passing as male, the latter are straight and find those type of males attractive
They are essentially becoming their own childhood dream boyfriend

No. 1328011

Holy shit these people are sick in the head.
How do they end up doing a complete 180, be misogynistic and still call for progressiveness? Women are already denied their rights for reproductive health and their concern is shoving a female reproductive organ into a male body?

No. 1328018

File: 1632036473065.png (798.84 KB, 720x1296, 1617340820374.png)

However "becoming the bf" has mixed results, cause their adult women trying to look like skinny teenage boys

No. 1328020

No. 1328024

I mean technically wouldn't transgenderism be ableist? If I was a vegetable I would be able to experience gender identity so that would mean that female vegetables are not girls/women. Also cis people don't understand gender identity in the way trans people describe which makes them nb by their logic. Same goes for scrotes. So trannies are the true cis. But their idea of gender is what they think cis people go through which makes their gender identity void by extension. If cis women can't be women (on the basis of sex) then trans women can't be women either. Their identity hinges on the existence of ours. Gender identity is a pretext, biological sex is the real reason for troonism. They want to be cis girls. They could be happy if they the desire go or just minded their business but alas: it's all self inflicted.

We're out here trying to navigate the world as victims of misogyny while they're out here stumbling over the first fucking hurdle, being recognized as women.

Being trans is literally for people who are either victims of rigid gender roles, homophobia and misogyny or privileged, sheltered and or porn sick. The dichotomy is real.

Men are making me go gray so I won't come back to this thread. All scrotes do is reduce our lifespan and the more time I spend here the more I feel my vitality fleeting. Kudos to men for coming up with so many ways the ruin our lives. So fucking obsessed jfc.

Sorry for slightly ot sperg. I just hate girldique w/ a fiery passion.

No. 1328027

That stupid empty headed look with his finger in his mouth his pure bimbo fetishism, and hes sitting there as a parody of a woman beside his wife (an actual woman) which makes the fakeness of it all more apparent by comparing their behaviour

No. 1328031

>fertile women’s uterus’ should be transplanted into trans women because diversity win
This would make a Japanese POW camp chief shiver. Ironic that they’re so desperate to have bio children given that most queer men are rejected by their parents and they constantly sneer at het couples with families as “breeders”. They really are so desperate to be us kek.

No. 1328033

My issue is less so that it's not their eggs but rather they could use their sperm to have a child with a woman indirectly which is miles more creepy. Heck the idea of troons giving birth is already fucked. These truly are the end days.

No. 1328040

Alot of gays are desperate for straight approval. I get wanting to be seen as normal but trying to force people who oppress you to fuck you and larping as a straight person is fucking pathetic. I feel bad for normal gay dudes. The gay and tranny scrotes that have no concern for the women who's wombs they rent for children, fetishize pregnancy, brag about stealing closeted gay/bi men from their biggest supporters (women),and now these freaks want to play God and stick women's body parts in them like a fucking serial killer psychopath. I only include gay men because besides TIMs certain gay men also have deep womb envy. They need to embrace that they're gay men! And that's ok! But no these freaks wanna be women they literally have alot of the same talking points MRAs do and I NEVER seen any of these men say they want to be a mom and actually nurture and take care of the baby. It's always crude jokes about their bussy stretching (barf), orgasmic birth, breastfeeding fetishes, etc. Idk how women see gay men as our allies they are even more thirsty for straight male approval than we are some of these fools seek out homophobic closet cases just to feel validated that a "straight" man wants them. It's why gay, bi, and trans women always come for women instead. They are so desperate to be accepted as one of the guys by straight men (yes alot of these fools wanna replace their gfs/wives but also they just prefer the company of men to women because they are men and want to be included by het men). These fools used to preach to be urself and it gets better but some of them figured being a gay man wasn't good enough and decided to get abuncha of surgery, hormones, makeup, wigs to look like the opposite sex in hopes of maybe finally being accepted by straight men.

No. 1328042

I think gay men & troons seek out straight men because they grew up hearing how they're weird/sinful for being gay and seeing most people be in hetero relationships.
So they try to fuck straight men to prove in a way that being gay isn't weird. Because if a straight man is out here having gay sex that means it must natural or something. It's a really warped sense of thinking, especially since they say straight men are their oppressors but want to fuck them. They like fucking closeted married men so they can feel like they, as gay men, are as valid as the wife/gf, but really these men are fucking homophobic closeted gay/bi dudes who like using women for emotional labor and other things and gay men/troons for sex. They are literally proud of being cumrags to gay/bi dudes who are too pussy to come out or just leave unsuspecting women alone. Ive even heard of some gay men wearing wedding bands pretending to have wives so they get more play from other gay men LOL

No. 1328046

File: 1632039809446.jpg (809.45 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210919-102146_Chr…)

Brave and stunning trans woman chimes in to mansplains how being a lesbian is the same as hating 'roasties'. Once an incel, always an incel.

No. 1328047

File: 1632039970576.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1536, Polish_20210919_102428257.jpg)

And he's a 3D modeller weeb, calling himself Yukiko, very 'emotional and sensitive' looking for a 'top'. What a bunch of stereotypes.

No. 1328052

willing to bet a million dollars that this idiot isn't even japanese

No. 1328054

File: 1632041097338.jpg (777.8 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210919-104413_Chr…)

This is him.

No. 1328057

>is it common that trans lesbians underestimate their looks
Jeez man have any of these scrotes ever looked in a fucking mirror before?

No. 1328058

Most are uggo white men but previous thread did have a legit degenerate Japanese tranny.

No. 1328063

>woman lights herself on fire in front of a shopping mall in berlin and dies
>it's a "transwoman" from iran
…and yet nobody is connecting the dots. The reactions range from either wondering why "she" would do that or uwu the mental health of trans people is so delicate, they suffer so much!

Whenever I see Ellen Page I imagine being stuck in a mutilated body and immediately panic. He likely was forced to transition to avoid death penalty for being gay, of course living in that body must have been total horror.

No. 1328073

>He likely was forced to transition to avoid death penalty for being gay
I would say the chance is 100%.

No. 1328075

Can you select which organs to donate? I remember women on r/gendercritical were opting out of organ donation en masse if it meant TIMs would be gaining access to their uteri. Women are already overrepresented as organ donors and men are the main recipients for donated organs.

No. 1328079

The whole Iran mandatory gender transition for gay people is fucking tragic but I bet some AGP troons literally get turned on by that thought, its literally a forced feminization scenario which I couldn't believe actually happens

No. 1328081

No. 1328085

Is nobody gonna talk about the threadpic? Am I missing a joke? Why does it say "she" and "her" for the troons? And why does it seem to talk about actual women instead of trannies?

No. 1328086

It's taken directly from /tttt/, and I assume is being used mostly ironically here. I agree that it's a bad choice, though.

No. 1328088

holy shit, content warning: dude's got his skirt hiked up so high in the back that you're constantly assaulted with an upskirt shot during this extremely feminine brawl.

No. 1328090

File: 1632046978855.jpg (1.15 MB, 1280x8392, Cringe.jpg)

This is the most AGP thing I've ever seen

No. 1328098

File: 1632048237953.jpeg (952.78 KB, 2140x3820, F4D36141-CF19-487F-B994-2C60DC…)

Why can’t that sub’s mods recognize trannies stealing pictures from women? They can on /transpassing. This scrote stole pictures from Insta model Abby Rao and he’s getting ass pats in the comments. What’s creepy is that he posted the same picture on the same sub in 2016.


No. 1328103

the funny thing is that the troons that look similar to that and are the most feminine are never transbians but "straight trans women"

No. 1328105

The comments on shit like this where other moids say it's "transition goals" or whatever would be sad if it weren't so funny. I don't feel pity for them when they have extremely unrealistic standards for themselves, because they apply those standards to actual women, too. It makes it a karmatic punishment; Real women can't look like the perfectly shaped, pretty-faced, photoshopped models these moids hold so dear, but they'll always be closer to them than any moid could ever be.

No. 1328107

Maybe it's some troll trying to make troons feel shitty and 'trigger their dysphoria' kek

No. 1328110

File: 1632049519098.png (466.71 KB, 994x2797, screencapture-reddit-r-Lesbian…)

Look at the handmaidens defending this troon who probably looks like Chris Chan. I think trannies do this so they can get their dicks hard in a "wow lesbians find me attractive" way, like a fantasy. I agree, it's disgusting that mods allow it to happen. Abby is famous on Tiktok too.

No. 1328112

>maturity is attractive
>uses words like henlo and nyoo

No. 1328119

/pol/tards do shit like this on reddit all the time, Trannies are too narcissistic to not post their own ugly fat faces when they know handmaidens and coomers will give them asspats even if they look like shrek in an Ali Express wig

No. 1328120

That part was so creepy, full Buffalo Bill vibes

No. 1328151

somehow saying males have a right to women's organs is woke now

No. 1328168

Whenever I make a comment poking fun of trannies on a site like YouTube, I'm always attacked by other women. It's not trannies or non-tranny moids (I don't think most moids could give a fuck about trannies or transphobia). It seems like women are always trying to be moral and righteous, even if these troons are abominations destroying women's rights. I'm so tired of this shit.

No. 1328169

Marriage, virginity, anti-abortion legislation, surrogacy, and uterus transplants are all just different methods men have used to exploit and control women's reproductive capability.

No. 1328173

They've been brainwashed into thinking that troons are harmless victims instead of predatory coomers.

No. 1328178

ayrt, failed to reply in the last thread sorry. i stumbled upon the scat tranny while looking for pedo degenerates to report who like tweets from the pedo accounts from this thread >>>/snow/1316004
he replied to multiple extremely pedophilic and misogynist tweets with pictures of him eating shit

No. 1328179

Idk, but I sure as hell hope so

No. 1328185

I think a lot of liberal white women have accepted seemingly every position that's the opposite of the mainstream right, It doesn't matter if its nonsensical they believe that they are correct if that position complies with mainstream progressiveness
This has been a disaster for women politically in this last decade and its only going to get worse, the more outrageous positions mainstream feminists take up the more its going to alienate average people from feminism and left wing politics as a whole, this is what's happening in Europe with the liberal parties talking about shit that only appeals to a minority of Online Zoomers, English speaking twitter feminists, academics and Journalists
The right is going to win more and more cause of people like this

No. 1328196

If I'm being honest, I'm fairly certain it comes from a mix of intellectual laziness and political ennui. Most of the libfems I've met will openly admit to thinking things are "too complicated" and that they base their politics on "just wanting everyone to be happy". Libfem women are exhausted by daily life as women and by the constant feed of suffering we all consume through internet communication, and they don't want to expend further energy on creating nuanced sociopolitical views, especially if they involve acknowledging grand scale horrors such as human trafficking or femicide, because they understand that this knowledge is painful. They want to live in a world where there isn't a problem as catastrophically unchecked as 50% of the population having violent hate for the other 50%, that the worst problems in the world are easily-resolved disagreements caused exclusively by ignorant bigots, and that evil is rare, and far away from them and everyone they personally know. I don't say this out of any malice or sense of superiority, but as someone who was a libfem who realized that my views came from this exact intense coping mechanism, myself.

No. 1328197

Am I missing something? Has uterus transplant to TIMs become normal and I'm blissfully ignorant of that or is this discussion just theorical?

No. 1328203

It's theoretical - it's basically impossible too so it's so bizarre that any troons entertain that idea

No. 1328206

We all know medical impossibility hasn't stopped them or the doctors they go to, yet. Why would any of them become rational for this?

No. 1328210

it just not seems like a good reason to not be an organ donor for me

No. 1328212

See you are part of the problem as well, you spout shit that only appeals to an extreme minority of overly online people in your case, libfems do this as well
Its like no has ever heard of the concept of Optics, at some point it feels like the right wingers deserve to win cause they don't act like Idiots by alienating the majority

No. 1328219

AYRT and I'm personally not revoking my donor status, but I can empathize with women being uncomfortable with the way their bodies are treated postmortem by the system. We already run the risk of postmortem rape, and adding "organs may be donated to someone who will 100% not be able to use them and will likely die from complications, all in service of a sexist/homophobic ideology" onto that certainly doesn't help. It gives the impression that your body will be misused and mistreated, instead of actually helping people.

No. 1328240

Postmortem rape??? Saged because slight derail, but are people raping our dead bodies too??

No. 1328252

And, yes. Just look up sexual assault in morgues and sexual assault in medical forensics.

No. 1328284

File: 1632067556879.png (153.09 KB, 448x278, nikita.png)

Nikita did a 4th nose job where they put a piece of his rib cartilage inside his nose to get a "caucasian" look. He's completely healed so this is his result next to a normal Asian woman's side profile.

No. 1328289

>medical associations reduce mothers and pregnant women to "uterus havers" and "birthing people" because it's verboten to associate pregnancy with womanhood
>but at the same time, troons NEED to have a uterus implanted into their hulking male body to go through pregnancy so they can be valid as a "woman"
God, I hate these people.

No. 1328291

Sir Jimmy Savile OBE

No. 1328302

they let men post

No. 1328330

File: 1632070129463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646 KB, 1080x1459, IMG_20210919_184538.jpg)

I hate commie Twitter when they rt shit like this

No. 1328356

The tumblr terves have talked about setting up advanced directives regarding which specific tissues are allowed to be donated, but I've never looked into the actual legal side of things so I couldn't tell you if they're talking out of their asses.

No. 1328359

File: 1632072218477.png (46.82 KB, 728x422, etswts.PNG)

And everyone clapped
These are like tumblr attention seekers I swear

No. 1328363

File: 1632072320084.jpg (189.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1632038915436.jpg)

>"I just… pass now?"
>started estrogen as a 33 year old man
Sure hon

No. 1328365

What the Fuck

No. 1328370

I wish I knew how many are genuinely delusional, how many are fooling themselves and how many are just playing nice

No. 1328379

>they recoil when I speak
They probably expect him to at least put on a lady voice instead of just his no effort manly bass

No. 1328385

Men are a disease. Cause of liberal feminism being so halfassed scrotes fucking evolved. Transwomen are literally mrsa.

No. 1328398

File: 1632074610784.png (646.23 KB, 720x1449, Screenshot_20210919-125958~2.p…)

I saw this person on lil marikos insta and thought it was a nonbinary woman on testosterone bc the voice was so weirdly going back n forth between sounding feminine to a high pitched gay dude so I'm positive this is a man

No. 1328400

I have followed this woman for a long time because I realy like her and her bags and I have seen her multiple times dogpilled by troons. I pray she's peaked already but it's sad that she has to keep things quiet in her main for the sake of her business

No. 1328403

it's a "nonbinary" woman who digitally alters her voice, anon

No. 1328404

You can sense anime rotted his brain.

No. 1328405

I honestly can't tell. Why do people like looking confusing like this and expect us to know how they identify?

No. 1328408

Wtf rib cartilage?

No. 1328409

i'm pretty sure her point is to confuse people

No. 1328410

He looks like a Mexican man lmfao

No. 1328414

File: 1632075144395.jpg (149.41 KB, 900x1200, EPKDpqMU8AAUu67.jpg)

Dorian Electra is literally a woman, moron. She looks confusing because she's non-binary. Did you do any research before jumping to conclusions? sorry to get snappy but we've discussed her before on this site many times and a simple google search will show you older content of hers

No. 1328416

I meant to sage, shit. Also samefag but I'm not defending her being nonbinary, but that's just the reason why you can't really tell

No. 1328418

Lol could u imagine if people made themselves look racially ambiguous to confuse people. We're not supposed to think people who look like gender blobs are retarded but when ppl like bhad bhabie or danileigh do all types of shit to look mixed we rightfully call it out. idk it's all just so weird and retarded to me if I ever met somebody like this I'd probably just call them an it

No. 1328421

I don't go on this site alot or at least the tranny side I mainly went on the animation thread so my apologies lol(newfag)

No. 1328422

nonny are you just now discovering what nonbinary is?

No. 1328468

No. 1328470

Lmfao. Troons replicate though the delusions and lies they tell each other.

No. 1328474

File: 1632080545162.jpg (50.8 KB, 770x435, wtf.jpg)

I appreciate you putting this shit behind spoiler but what the actual fuck.

No. 1328536

Protip for any anons encountering this: just don’t respond. If you get cornered by a troon on a dating app like this, just unmatch. They do not need an explanation. They’re waiting to report you. Men don’t have to explain shit about their preferences and neither do you.

No. 1328562

Nikita Dragun is half Mexican.

No. 1328612

File: 1632095135259.png (66.4 KB, 866x462, 213213.PNG)

Many such cases like picrel. This is just one where the man ended up getting caught.

No. 1328613

From womb to tomb, women can never escape misogyny and the violence of men.

No. 1328615

A morgue where only women work and men that might be need for some things are never left alone with the bodies, that would be a nice thing.

No. 1328620

Necrophilia has been happening for thousands of years and women are at greater risk of it because they are female. It's not surprising at all that men would rape female corpses. Men will rape their female friends, men will rape their female relatives, men will rape elderly women, men will rape infant baby girls, and if men could rape female fetuses then they would do that too.

No. 1328631

File: 1632097901066.jpg (91.8 KB, 456x960, tumblr_nne5m92QK01twgjgpo1_640…)

so here's another rendition of a tumblr special forces MMA tranny Alana McLaughlin from the previous thread

remember. long hair=woman

No. 1328633

nona i live in a rural area and have seen "from womb to tomb" signs alongside BLUE LIVES MATTER and confederate battle flags in NORTHERN PA, i'd just like to kms

No. 1328634

File: 1632098059616.jpg (156.04 KB, 1027x958, Collage 2021-09-19 17_32_17~2.…)

The autism is off the charts here.

No. 1328636

Nta but Damn, it's such a good saying as well.

No. 1328638

Imagine if this happened to a family member or something. I would castrate and kill the man myself.

No. 1328639

Maybe a way to combat this is to push for more women in these fields? More women in mortuary sciences/examiners? Kick the scrotes out?

No. 1328646

Men will take advantage of any opportunity where women are left vulnerable to them. This is why radfems tell women they should always choose female doctors over males if possible (part of female separatist ideology), and they are 100% right. Especially for something like gyno.

No. 1328650

Even the first one was being generous IMO, I would have guessed mid twenties, definitely not a teen. With hour blurry the pic is, he could look even older irl.

No. 1328652

How did he only get sentenced three years for raping a decapitated corpse???? Men deserve to be a-logged

No. 1328655

In still photos some pass as ugly women with too much surgery, but in motion it's undeniable. The way they walk is so unnatural it looks like they've got weights attached to their ankles while trying to keep a hotdog from falling out from between their asscheeks kek. Female pelvises are tilted, our hips naturally sway to keep balance. No matter how hard trannies try they will always look clunky and rigid, they just don't have the structure to pull it off. It's kind of sad they've dedicated their lives to the impossible rather than embracing their own natural beauty. I'd like a male beauty pageant, it's too bad the definition of beauty seems to exclusively pertain to what men find sexually appealing. I guess it's their own fault lmao.

No. 1328667

> a lot of gays are desperate for straight approval

Are they? Idk. At the end of the day gay guys and transwomen are still men. They will seek to dominate everything, including other men, accordingly. This is probably why there seems to be this "straight man" fetish among both parties. They are pathetic in some ways, sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will always be less successful.

No. 1328676

Seriously thinking about adding a "don't touch my fucking uterus" clause to my will now. If it's not in my body when I get cremated, someone's getting haunted.

No. 1328693

I'm going to end up talking to a lawyer to see if I could somehow refuse male coroners/scientists/etc in my will. Maybe claim religious beliefs, or something. I doubt it's fully possible, but anything I can get would be worth looking into.

No. 1328697

dorian electra is the token enby "FTM" for the hyper pop scene. they are doing like kpop drag king hyper pop which is like an amalgamation of all the latest trends smashing into one, but what doesn't hit is that she's not gay so it doesn't appeal to anyone. straight men or lesbians don't like her, the only people her bullshit appeals to are the gay men who perform through her like a marionette.

No. 1328700

going through his tumblr and he is a delusional narcissist.

No. 1328705

I know a lesbian who is obsessed with her unfortunately and think she's really doing something, but she believes in gender shit so I guess that's not too surprising.

No. 1328706

I had a friend who was a med student and she said that some of the male med students would act perverted around the female cadavers as a "joke". She didn't see any necrophilia but I wouldn't be surprised at all if that happened.

No. 1328750

>only 3 years in prison
Please tell me they added on more years when they discovered he was doing this to the other bodies.

No. 1328756

men being morgue workers is the same as men being gynecologists to me. suspicious as fuck and I automatically think they’re creepy. they should have to go through extensive background checks first.

No. 1328761

>sex with 100 female corpses
This type of shit is really sexually arousing to some moids because there's fiction out there with this same premise. There are also hentai doujins in Japan about the Junko Furuta case. Men actually drew porn out of horrific incident and men masturbate to it. The hatred men have for women knows no bounds.

No. 1328771

Your body still has to be processed by coroners, and cremation isn't an autonomous process. Someone will be handling your body when you die, and it's more than likely multiple people will be involved.

No. 1328776

Lol, I posted my comment too early. I was supposed to add on a second part: "Hopefully in some housefire or violent car crash".

No. 1328809

i'm sorry i don't know how to save a tiktok (i'm on a laptop) but what the FUCK is going on here? i don't understand if it's a reaction, if there's a punchline, what those hand movements and swaying mean. i don't understand what this video is or why he looks so smug like he thinks this is a witty beatdown or something

No. 1328814

File: 1632112061229.jpeg (689.23 KB, 3463x2308, 04F8DBC5-04CC-46E3-A785-7C856F…)

the comments are actually hilarious though

No. 1328818

yeah because the only worth women have is their physical appearance

No. 1328831

This kid, Charlie, was put on puberty blockers and transed, so I can't judge him for being retarded.

There's also this: https://vimeo.com/184395090
Weird rich family trying to pitch white Jazz Jennings… good thing it wasn't picked up by any network.

No. 1328832

Jennings is already white, anon. He just has an unfortunate nose and a bad Florida tan.

No. 1328836

My god, they're so young. How could their parents let this happen?

No. 1328841

He's Jewish, nona. Jennings is a stage name, their real name is Bloshinsky.

No. 1328844

Handmaidens don't actually give a shit about the people they "advocate" for. They'll do or believe literally anything for the sake of looking morally superior. They'd let a lesbian bleed out on th street it it meant getting asspats online.

That's how men trick women into going along with their bullshit– they manipulate us into believing their retarded, selfish agendas have a moral basis. See pro-life women for another example of that.

No. 1328847

That's still white, anon. They speak English exclusively, they live in the United States, and they have light skin.

No. 1328852

NTA but holy fuck you're right wtf

No. 1328857

I always assumed he was Lebanese or something, they don't look very Caucasian

No. 1328858

File: 1632116427210.jpg (287.8 KB, 1194x669, libfems.jpg)

I hate libfems so much, there's really no hope for them

No. 1328859

Can you conservitards stop shitting up these threads? Don't think that because we hate trannies we hate your misogynistic asses any less. It's your retarded strict gender roles that got us here in the first place.

No. 1328866

>The position with less nuance/explanation must be the better one
Never understood this logic, it just strikes me as anti-intellectual. Sometimes things are complicated, retard. You could just as easily flip it around and have the GC woman be saying "Sex based oppression is real" and give the libfem a wall of text explaining why troonism isn't like transracialism and somehow doesn't reinforce gender stereotypes.

Imagine applying the "short explanation better" logic to anything else. It's like believing "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" because it's more concise than "steel is an alloy that loses its structural integrity long before it reaches its melting point, an explosion from a jet engine is more than enough to destabilize a large building."

No. 1328893

It can be accurate or funny in some cases. I always read the whole post of anyone I debate, and there are a lot of people who type out endless paragraphs of poor justification of their worldview without any substance, so it fits there. But versions like the one in the post you replied to are essentially saying "I've already decided that I'm right, so I don't bother reading what you have to say". I think the best ones tend to post the "one sentence" figure stating a problem, rather than an arbitrary slogan.
Anyway, any real GC/RF would just respond "rights to what".

No. 1328908

Louis Rossman had to prematurely leave a meetup at a restaurant last week because his wife's stalker showed up and ruined the mood. The dude traveled over 1000 miles to harass the wife of a guy who makes videos about circuit board repair and NYC slumlords. You know how troons and libfems insist that no man would ever troon out just to creep on women? Anybody with good sense should see right through it.
This is on point. My grandmother used to say
>Don't cut off your nose just to spite your face.
I never realized the full meaning of it until watching women over 30 who are still going through their Hot Topic "fuck you mom and dad" phase.

No. 1328909

dw they are punished by being trans widows

No. 1328910

Nonnie, Jews are not white just because they have light skin. It's a very complicated topic that even Jews don't fully agree on themselves, but it's really not that simple.

No. 1328912

The other kids look oddly young for their ages, maybe I'm just a boomer who thinks of 15 year olds as looking 12, or maybe they look younger due to the fact that they didn't go through puberty normally.

No. 1328913

jews are white. they owned slaves ffs(racebait)

No. 1328925

It's the blockers, it stunts their development. God knows what it does to their cognition…

No. 1328931

Not even just one decapitated corpse, over a hundred female corpses from women who were murdered or died premature deaths.

No. 1328934

>I regularly discuss violence, rape, and transphobia.
I bet his kink is rape. Also why does he care about "social justice" when he was a US soldier in Afghanistan wtf? Literally an imperialist.

No. 1328935

Race is unironically a social construct but there is different ethnicities of jewish people like sephardi and ashkenazi. For sane people white as a concept only exists to explain and understand racism.

Pedophilic dream

No. 1328937

Literally so did most African and Asian countries, slavery isn't exclusive to "whites" or Europeans. End this derail.

No. 1328939

What’s up with the constant mentioning of discord?>>1327844

No. 1328940

If you sign up to be a donor where I live, they list the organs that are eligible for post-mortem donations and uteri are not in any way.

Also if you're an organ donor your body doesn't end up in medical schools, it's given back to your family.

I think everyone should look into the process where you live instead of this fearmongering of tranny uterus transplants & medical students fingering your corpse.

No. 1328941

Africans have slaves, that doesn't make you white. Jennings doesn't even pass as white unlike a lot of Ashkenazis.

No. 1328942


No. 1328950

the hairband to hide the male hairline though. fucking kek it gets me every time.

No. 1328964

File: 1632135699282.jpg (1.38 MB, 2000x2177, pcm_al.jpg)

Been scrolling through the transgender_surgeries subreddit. How the fuck is this shit not illegal? Literal legalized mutilation

I refuse to believe any of the stealth stories, they must be larps/fantasies or rape by alcohol/drugs

Also saw a dude who got botched and ended up with 2 holes?? Like not just inside but externally, with skin in between. Not posting the pic but have a meme instead

No. 1328976

I don't like blaming women but fuck libfems are the main reason we have so many TIMs that think they can get away with anything

No. 1328984

>Pedophilic dream
This, most "transkids" don't ever look like women, they look like little boys in wigs and dresses, a pedophiles perfect fantasy
Think how many of these underage boys are doing photoshoots showing off their artificially adolescent maintained bodies, its must be an treat to all the pedos

In one of the previous threads an anon posted about a "GNC boys camp" where boys could be feminine and do what they like, which yeah is cool but it was mostly photos of little boys in very sexualized female clothing and make up and most of the boys ended up coming out as Trans, like Jesus Christ that's fucked up

No. 1328989

Libfems are damn vicious too. They spend all their time arguing with radfems. They talk about how evil and terrible radfems are while they defend trannies who rape little girls. I don't understand radfems either because they have way too much empathy for all women and keep wanting to help libfems despite how horrible libfems are towards them. Some women just don't want your help and they are a waste of time. I'm not a radfem so maybe this wil sound offensive to them but I think some women truly deserve to suffer. Radfems should save their time and energy for women who aren't deliberately trying to sabotage women's liberation from the patriarchy like libfems are.

No. 1328992

>some women truly deserve to suffer
that's a bit much, women do deserve to be punished for any crimes they commit but no woman ever deserves to be "punished" for having the wrong views, even if they are awful views
I do agree with your sentiment about radfems, organizations like WOLF are making smart choices, gaining influence and more exposure with the whole tranny nonsense

No. 1329007

I agree tbh, my psychologist is a major libfem who tried to convince me into accepting that my rapist (a TIM) was just as much of a "woman" as I was. She didn't tell me to forgive my rapist but she kept pressuring me into using feminine pronouns and telling me that even if my rapist was trans, my transphobia was "unacceptable". I was already a traumatic mess and her bullshit made me even worse.

No. 1329009

I don't think they 'deserve' to suffer per se, but I'm not terribly bothered when the troons they spend their lives defending end up turning on them. If they so vehemently insist on constantly gargling tranny balls, why should I be surprised when they choke?
Jfc, that's fucking awful. You should report her if you haven't already, that's beyond unacceptable.

No. 1329011

I've heard people excuse violent TIMs by saying they only harm people because they have depression and stress caused by "gender dysphoria" and living in a "transphobic society".

No. 1329012

NTA but psychology is all about affirming troons now.

No. 1329013

what the fuck? report her. i hope you get closure nonnie, so sorry this happened to you.

No. 1329021

>asks if it's a concern
>finds out it is
>reports the person

Fucking yikes.

No. 1329022

I’m sorry that happened to you, anon. One of my psychologists was similar. I was telling her about how a TIM (a programmer, who could have guessed?) at my work was always making degrading comments about my body. My psychologist just said that maybe it was because I was “triggering her gender dysphoria” and that I should be more understanding of how “privileged” I was to be a cisgender woman.

No. 1329026

off topic but i just dont understand how discussion of gender and gender nonconformity never seem to acknowledge the fact that gender for girls is literally "making yourself look decorative and fuckable and keeping quiet" at the end of the day. like gender for men is neutral humanity. this is why i cant get around radfems who encourage "GNC boys" because the feminine gender is inhumane as fuck. also why i could not give a rats ass about "GNC men" because they know exactly what theyre doing when they skinwalk femininity- they're dressing up to look fuckable and pleasing either to themselves or other men.

No. 1329027

I actually lost a very dear friend of mine over this, she wasn't a completed libfem and was even against some tranny nonsense like with transing kids but she always was insistent on using a TIMs pronouns
she claimed that not calling certain TIMs women regardless of what they may have done is like calling certain black people nigger if they ever committed a crime
I fucking hate that I lost one of my best friends cause of Troons and TRA bullshit

No. 1329028

File: 1632143319775.jpeg (174.83 KB, 750x712, 39D19BED-0A8D-4700-B36C-009F20…)

>fuck a man without protection
>wowee gee is it possible I could be pregnant??

The people defending troons are just as delusional as the troons themselves

No. 1329029

I don't really see radfems praise GNC males because they think gender in general is harmful. Some also criticise men who act out femininity or find it "liberating" because it doesn't harm them the same way it does women. However, they would rather men just be GNC and call themselves men rather than thinking this makes them women. "GC" people on the other hand seem to believe in anything. I don't know why they call themselves "gender critical" when they hardly even criticise gender.

No. 1329030

This is pretty common with libfems. They think misgendering is worse than rape. They will defend a rapist's pronouns and his right to call himself a woman.

No. 1329033

Did you respond to the wrong anon?

No. 1329035

Lol imagine having PIV sex with a man but calling him your "girlfriend". Does she think she's a lesbian too? Libfems are insane.

No. 1329038

It's 50/50 for me. Some libfems are just ignorant and "want everyone to be happy". If you show them enough peak trans material then they might begin to have doubts. Some of them will be libfems in public but also "crypto terfs", which I find quite cowardly but it's better than nothing.

Others are downright malicious towards their own sex, think TIMs are superior to women, and are completely delusional but still under the impression that they are the "true feminists". It's impossible to convince those ones and they are indeed a waste of time.

No. 1329039

To me its not about being GNC, its that things or activates shouldn't be pointlessly gendered, for e.g a girl liking blue or a boy liking pink or purple, tts the dumbest shit cause kids like bright colors regardless of gender, I think kids should be really want, no kid wants to dress up in sexualized clothing but all kids like comfortable clothing, they like whatever toys they can get their hands on and they like bright colors
that's what I want for kids, this shouldn't be GNC it should be normal

No. 1329051

File: 1632146107602.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.91 KB, 1125x533, 730C7BCC-D7D6-4B8F-960A-930D53…)


No. 1329052

File: 1632146133713.png (Spoiler Image, 4.57 MB, 1125x2436, 895B8C4D-6483-43C2-A870-41DB2B…)

oh my god i CACKLED (2)

No. 1329055

two faggots that have never seen a really woman close up other than their mother

No. 1329058

I approve. I think troons should ONLY date each other.

No. 1329061

>I refuse to believe any of the stealth stories, they must be larps/fantasies or rape by alcohol/drugs

I assume it's this or the person is a chaser/brainwashed and plays along so they don't hurt the tranny's feelings

No. 1329074

You’re not alone. I knew a woman who was raped by her ex boyfriend. He ended up trooning out and he took her name for his new identity. It’s just a fucked up situation all around and it solidified my belief that trans people were evil.

No. 1329080


Most of them date other troons from what I've seen. They WANT to date lesbians, but in real life they still usually get told to fuck off so they end up with other troons

Wild how they're basically okay with being in a sexual relationship with another dude despite being straight, just to validate their twaw feelings

Some of them do date bi women though

No. 1329081

Why do so many Trannies do this, I know a TIF who took the name of her sister's son who died when he was nephew
its super inappropriate

No. 1329095

I checked his page and saw pics with some enby libfem. Maybe he's talking about her? I can see how she would play along with his delusions.

No. 1329104

File: 1632150423423.jpg (112.18 KB, 442x810, tumblr_inline_nrz2d35e3h1scbr8…)

This tumblr,jesus

No. 1329105

File: 1632150584280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.91 KB, 681x718, fire.JPG)

No. 1329107

File: 1632150743599.jpg (33.38 KB, 640x175, j7dgyf01hqn71.jpg)

1. you will never be a woman
2. you will never be an anime girl
3. friends, family and coworkers will be disgusted by you, as normies are getting familiarised with AGP (I've described it to countless of normies online and they are equally disgusted kek)
4.you will kys when you come to your senses.
5. your corpse will read as male for all eternity

No. 1329113

Just watched this. Most irritating cameraman in the world. Keep still!

No. 1329114

He really thinks this is some clever gotcha, doesn't he?

No. 1329117

Why can these people never seem to accept that sensitive, gentle men are just another type of man, not "failures" like they like to claim? Just embrace who you are instead of throwing your life away for some untenable fantasy, christ

No. 1329118

Why does the tranny one have a second wave feminist symbol (venus symbol with a fist in the middle) on it's shirt? Are they trying to claim it as theirs? Fuck them.

No. 1329119

>Implying AGP men want husbands, instead of bangmaid wives
>Implying troons would be decent, or even passable, parents
>Implying that society wouldn't be better off with sexually obsessive moids necking themselves

No. 1329129

They shouldn't transition because it isn't possible to become the other sex. Easy. They should invest into therapy instead.

No. 1329131

it also doesn't magically make their sexual deviancy disappear. at least they can't rape or reproduce anymore once their dick has been cut off, but the misogyny they spread is almost as bad

No. 1329163

File: 1632155537954.png (231.12 KB, 1062x938, lc2.png)

No. 1329165

Laverne Cox being in Promising Young Woman undercut its anti-rape culture, anti-misogyny, "yes all men" message, especially since his role was "one of the women trusted by the misandrist heroine to get revenge for her friend's rape and possibly her own murder". He just keeps proving that.

No. 1329170

He types/talks like a teenage boy.

No. 1329174

they blame everything for the death of transwomen except for the MEN killing them. LSA has it's TRA's but in general most the women don't fuck with troons, especially ones like LC. Also, a lot of troons make it very clear they ONLY care about TIMS, not "cis" women. They expect everyone especially BW to protest and support them but never do the same for us.

No. 1329184

Jesus Christ, find a different therapist.

No. 1329188

Feel you anon, lost my best friend of many years as well as others over this bs. Good on you for sticking to your principles

No. 1329189

Absolutely inappropriate and disrespectful towards victims of racism.

No. 1329196

"detox coming at you with a slow verse"

No. 1329198

Just because their dick is gone doesn’t mean the can’t and won’t sexually assault women with objects or in other ways.

No. 1329200

how many of these women do you think just marry their gay best friend cause they feel bad, and then maybe feel like they're getting a new "girl" best friend when he troons out ? this is the same guy who was lighting his bbq in lingerie? i wish someone would just direct these kinds of women to a sperm clinic.

No. 1329201

i see they're copying right wing memes again, just like with terf bangs etc

No. 1329205

oh sure it is the "calling us men in dresses gets us killed because we are actually women and thus the wrong targets for these crimes, sure men can keep killing men in dresses but leave trans women alone uwu"

how about you argue that men shouldn't be killing men in dresses the first place?

No. 1329224

>"women are female humans" is essentialist
>"being a woman is to be a submissive, decorative fuckhole for men, and if you don't like that you aren't a woman" is not
Fuck Roderick and fuck troons in general

No. 1329227

They sure as hell aren't fantasizing about changing shitty diapers, then doing hours of house cleaning while a baby screams in the background. More like, they think sah moms are pampered by their husbands, "living life on easy mode", and hanging out with sweet, clean TV commercial babies all day. Just an extension of being a fucking manchild who goofs off all day while somebody else does the work.

No. 1329230

botched and bogpilled kek

No. 1329234

>there are also hentai doujins in Japan about the Junko Furuta case
I know it's derailing but fucking hell I just can't deal with the world. holy fuck, I hate men. I'm 28 and been exposed (on purpose) online to people dying in the worst ways, gutwrenching gore, seen so many corpses but reading about her case back in the day is probably the most haunting, fucked up thing I've dealt with and gives me anxiety every time I think about it. I'm flabbergasted rn.

No. 1329242

They still have a better chance in getting less deviant if they try to work on themselves and combat their delusions (which a rare good therapist should help with) then just full on dive into unattainable dream that'll never come true and only tear their mental health down until they violently lash out onto someone (usually a woman they hate because they can never become one) or eventually an hero.

No. 1329280

Dorian Electra is certified female. More or less a gay(trans)-till-graduation/fujo mix. But most of all I would put her under the permanently online edgelord category that seems to be the modern version of punk. Lately she's been prefenting mostly as female and exploiting the weeb girl archetype. She had a picture with Grimes that was going around. Perosnally I like her and her music. Don't care that much about all the gender nonsense.

No. 1329285

Its supposed to be a "cis" trans ally whose owning a transphobe who is depicted as a male

No. 1329287

File: 1632164045320.png (349.81 KB, 1000x636, 1591236394502.png)

Tranny cringe is so bad that it can cause physical pain

No. 1329309

File: 1632166371399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.05 KB, 720x960, 185836090_4245082535557299_618…)

I did a tranny deep dive on facebook and can't believe this shit doesn't violate their TOS. I hope the younger ones know that this is their future unless they 41% themselves. Look at this dude sitting on his ween with an old ass naked man fondling him.

No. 1329312

Is genital exposure not against TOS? Report this shit.

No. 1329313

Man's got a massive cock wth

No. 1329319

File: 1632167918003.jpg (24.06 KB, 275x275, 1632083957965.jpg)

>"Decimate your flapping addiction"

No. 1329327

The worst part is, it doesn't really even do that. Some of them jack off less often because their dicks don't work, but I haven't met or seen a TIM who recovered from porn addiction while on estrogen. They continue to be coomers in every detrimental way they were before taking horse piss.

No. 1329331

Lol I was just on reddit and this troon kept posting porn of him and his gay Asian bf on /whitegirlsasianguys and he kept getting his shit removed. He argued with someone in the comments saying he IS a white girl. These troons will all end up like pic related. Two gay men fucking each other in the ass like they have always done.

No. 1329334

It only goes to show what a non issue actual MTFs murder actually is for these people, they are privileged, they know they aren't in any actual danger like poor boys prostituring themselves cause they have no alternative, and those are good for nothing but being used as a half assed argument against any criticism.

No. 1329343

File: 1632169415439.jpeg (425.51 KB, 750x989, D7F805C8-0EB2-421B-9BEB-48E847…)

Ugh can we not? I’m so tired of the tranny asslicking on Reddit. Bet the tranny never once thought of not being offensive to lesbians before the date

No. 1329345

File: 1632169613920.jpg (1.86 MB, 2560x1600, kek.jpg)

Samefag. The constant coping and seething about not being a white (anime) girl is hilarious. He is proud of his shrived up dick and balls as seen on his page. There's gifs/videos of them having sex in their room and he looks like a Jewish twink. Their room must constantly smell of shit.

No. 1329347

Feels like a larp but I know some libfems really are like this. Hope she peaks lol

No. 1329357

Therapy might affirm their gender feelings, actually. Loads of psychologists already lecture women who have suffered misogynistic abuse about transphobia.

No. 1329365

Bi women need to stop dating trans jfc. Leave that shit to bi men.

No. 1329370

Men can be transphobic but women get crucified for it. This reminds of how porn sites have “gay sections” and they will even warn the user when they are in the gay category because straight men hate seeing gay male sex and will make a huge fuss about it. You can watch lesbian sex, women getting whipped in violent BDSM, race play with black women pretending to be slaves, and women getting fucked by horses without any warnings but two guys fucking is considered obscene.

No. 1329377

This is bullshit. I've wandered into gay male sections of porn sites before without any warning

No. 1329378

Isn’t it funny how men never fail to identify who is actually a woman when it comes to porn. They also know who to call “cunt” or hire as a surrogate mother. Interesting.

No. 1329381

NTA but I’ve heard it is on some of them like xvideos but I don’t watch porn so I don’t know for sure.

No. 1329382

Ntayrt but it actually is a thing.

No. 1329383

I bet those men are like “we only accept porn of cis women”.

No. 1329385

sage for derail; she's been known to selfpost on 4chan, so it'd be no surprise she's moved on to lolcow with shit like this now

No. 1329388

kek, I wish more TIMs would force themselves on subreddits like that, then cry transphobia, which would be right considering how otherwise reddit pretends to be so inclusive and validating

No. 1329389

>Its like no has ever heard of the concept of Optics, at some point it feels like the right wingers deserve to win cause they don't act like Idiots by alienating the majority
lmao what right wingers are you talking about. nick fuentes, ethan ralph and baked alaska are all degenerate idiots.

No. 1329390

sage for OT but just found out xvideos isn't a thing anymore when trying to watch a video linked in KF of a TIF inflating her phalloplasty meatsausage, was on a legit-ass medical resource site with an embedded xvideos link

No. 1329391

Lol the most obsessive weeaboos always try to get Japanese romantic partners.

No. 1329394

God its that tranny with the "thick ass" that he constantly shows off
Someone a posted a pic of him in a previous thread and his full body was fucking hilarious to look at

No. 1329401

I want trannies to start posting on porn subreddits, get their posts deleted, cry transphobia, report the subs for “hate” and get those porn subreddits taken down.

No. 1329409

Kek it will never happen because Reddit hates women and trannies (both TIMs and TIFs) never go after moids but trannies could finally be useful for once if it did happen.

No. 1329455

>Has sex with man and might be pregnant
>"Has anyone been in my situation before?"
Nobody else, ever, in all of history, surely!

No. 1329457

Lol he has absolutely no ass. Gay men do squats, lift and are healthy but this skinny troon looks horrible naked. As I said look at their videos and it’s 2 skinny men fucking.

No. 1329458

But she's straight. She only dated men before and wasn't attracted to cis women, only woman she could date is a man.

No. 1329477

can't believe i'm saying this but based tranny. get all the trannies into the porn subs to get the subs finally banned for transphobia when they say cis women only.

No. 1329486

I want this too, I've seen scrotes bitch about gay porn or trans porn being in the wrong sections on pornsites, and I often think, "If troon/man was in the straight section of all pornsites, I wonder if straight men would truly rise up" or if it'd make them chasers. I've heard stories of men freaking out on seeing troon porn/gay porn in the wrong sections. I'm honestly surprised no troon has cried about that.
"Why is trans porn in it's own section? Transwomen are women, so a man and a transwoman having sex should be in the straight section!!"

No. 1329495

Lmao I'd love to see a libfem or tranny try to explain how males having an inherently higher red blood cell count isn't an unfair advantage in sports. Estrogen doesn't change your bones– that includes the marrow, where red blood cells are made. Taking horse piss isn't gonna do shit to get rid of the blood cell disparity

No. 1329499

>They sure as hell aren't fantasizing about changing shitty diapers
An alarming number of them fantasize about wearing shitty diapers, though.

No. 1329502

Literally none of these things are true kek, particularly
>improved mental state
right, because if there's one thing trannies are known for, it's being mentally stable. whoever made this meme must have somehow forgotten about the whole 41% thing.

No. 1329511

I had to uninstall this app because it was so infested with troons. It's so out of control that I started questioning my own judgement about potential matches; if a woman looked even slightly unconventional, I was paranoid that she might be a tranny and ignored her like. Most of the dudes on the app are obvious, but some are just ambiguous looking enough that it's not hard to get tricked into striking up a conversation, so I can see how the OP ended up in this predicament.

I really hope that some based woman creates a women only app that isn't trash someday. We shouldn't have to swipe left on dozens of troons just to find each other.

No. 1329514

She didn't say she wasn't attracted to women, she just said her relationship with women didn't work out. Unless it's another one of the thousands of straight women who are Myspace bi and has deluded herself into dating women.

No. 1329521

>dates both men and women

No. 1329524

Men who watch porn don't care about social justice issues unless it helps them coom like the sex-positivity movement

No. 1329527

Maybe she is super delusional but most myspace bis never even get close to dating the same sex. They just whine on the internet all day long about the imaginary discrimination they experience, brag about how they aren't some cishet (they shit a lot on "boring" straight women…even though they are straight), and claim their straight relationship isn't actually "straight" because they are ""bisexual"" (even if they were bi, that doesn't mean the relationship isn't straight?).

No. 1329529

Trannies rage so hard over FDS for being "cis women only" but not subreddits like r/strugglefucking or r/misogynyfetish for the same thing.

No. 1329545

She literally said she went on dates with other women, no straight woman does that. You have to be retarded if you think a woman who dates other women is "straight".

No. 1329572

File: 1632186336471.jpeg (151.33 KB, 1280x957, 5F47FF5C-59B4-4415-A533-CD1E87…)

>they actually believe this

Fuck whatever comm that lets these things in. I’m glad more Lolitas are becoming TERFs

No. 1329591

jews just say they're not white to get out of being accused of racism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1329611

I’m a Jew and my friends and I joke about this all of the time

No. 1329616

Welcome to lolcow where men who voluntarily fuck other men are straight and women who pursue and date other women are straight. Also any gay/bi man who's a degenerate is also somehow straight.

No. 1329626

AYRT I actually do think some straight people have sexual relations with the same-sex for money, society pressuring them to do so, or in pursuit of a crazy fetish. I knew a straight woman who would have sex with other women to impress her boyfriend (he would watch).
But a woman who is actively going on dates with other women and falling in love with the same sex is definitely not straight. That's' genuine sexual attraction.

No. 1329635

Nonny if you constitute genuine sexual attraction as the ability to date and fall in love then I have some bad news for you about straight men…

No. 1329663

straight moids are capable of falling in love, it's called autogynephilia. its when they are in love with their womansonas.

No. 1329664

She was talking about bi women dating women, not straight m*n.

No. 1329665

Ashkenazi Jews are white. Simple as.

No. 1329670

I'm sure white nationalists agree with you.

No. 1329681

They don't need to, DNA does. Show them a picture of Scarlett Johanssen and watch "white nationalists" flip flop and confuse themselves.

No. 1329707

You think these misogynists even slightly understand how the female body works? It's a fetish they don't even care about us as people.

No. 1329713

You know these 2 could actually have a decent audience if they marketed themselves differently, currently they are trying to appeal to trap fags and coomers who like femboys but the market of "traps" online is over abundant and dime a dozen at this point, however if they tried to appeal to Fujoshis they could gain a sizeable audience
I mean one's a skinny white guy and the other is a skinny Asian guy, plus the anime aesthetic
Its perfect for Fujoshis

No. 1329731

I don’t think fujos like trannies.

No. 1329734

I'm saying if he dropped the tranny schtick and just identified as a skinny femboy or whatever

No. 1329737

Hell no the white guy is ugly as fuck

No. 1329743

File: 1632197019692.jpg (24.12 KB, 400x400, 4QxEyAOd_400x400.jpg)

>Hell no the white guy is ugly as fuck
do you think that's just stopped Fujos in that past, honestly the only requirement Fujos seem to have is being male and not being fat
He could be a mediocre looking white guy at best and that's all he'd need

No. 1329744

How much porn does Japan produce exactly? I feel like that country must be filled to the brim with porn. It must produce similar volumes as the US even though it’s population is smaller. So degenerate.

No. 1329749

Oh, another HSTS in sex work with a bisexual boyfriend who probably pretends to be straight. These couples are a dime a dozen.

No. 1329754

You don’t often see rice queens tho.

No. 1329776

There's a whole genre of that, it's called "ryona" and its just sexualized violence against women. A lot of them focus on women being raped, beaten, psychologically abused, and brutalized in all sorts of ways by a man/men or some horrible male-like entity. Originally, the term was coined because men thought a woman's moans and screams of pain were arousing.

No. 1329793

File: 1632199919186.png (32 KB, 667x359, 3243243.PNG)

ok japaneseguy5

No. 1329832

Dude looks like he could rampage through downtown Tokyo

No. 1329833

>For sane people white as a concept only exists to explain and understand racism
>sane people
Please tell me this is a typo and you're not actually this retarded

No. 1329844

>Literally an imperialist
Oh boy… you need to read up on Afghanistan. (Two words: cultural pedophilia)(derailing)

No. 1329865

This thread is a shitshow right now. Stop derailing, I'm begging you.

No. 1329868

What are you talking about, xvideos is still a thing

No. 1329869

tbh Muslim states deserve to be ruled over and suppressed, Islam has no place in the modern world, it needs to suppressed at all costs

No. 1329874

you're right anon, the usa had absolutely nothing to do with islamist terrorist groups whatsoever(derailing)

No. 1329921

We don't.

No. 1329924

Fujos just do this weird thing where the men get pregnant but they aren't female at all.

No. 1329927

Most fujoshis aren't into mpreg. Check out the fujoshit thread in /m/, the anons who post about mpreg get ridiculed about assbabies.

No. 1329934

>Reddit hates trannies

No. 1329938

It doesn’t help that troons use uncanny valley editing apps like the FaceApp. My rule is that if they have filtered/blurry/low quality pics up, or pics too close and cropped or far away, it’s a tranny.

No. 1329942

she didn’t say that though, she said trannies never go after moids. they only attack women.

No. 1329975

File: 1632224802220.png (Spoiler Image, 577.46 KB, 743x608, Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 12.45…)

I love how his bf is sat in the background completely disinterested

No. 1329981

The one video where the tranny is shaking his ass and his chaser bf doesn’t do anything cracked me up.

No. 1329996

File: 1632227519675.jpg (85.04 KB, 1313x563, E_whPzTUUAU_grx.jpg)


No. 1330005

I think the bf might be just some Homo

No. 1330008

yeah you do. I remember loads of fujos loving the redhead transgender from that shitty kuroshitsuji anime.

No. 1330011

You feel the same about uyghurs? Or is suppressing islamism only ok when america does it?(derailing)

No. 1330017

His bf identifies as bisexual.

To the surprise of absolutely no one.

No. 1330026

Look at that cock-eyed mess

No. 1330043

We don’t, however being a TIF is more acceptable online than being a woman who likes male homoeroticism. I can’t think of any trans free fujo spaces.

No. 1330044

I always thought fujos were trannies.

No. 1330047

For a second I thought you were talking about 4chan's mecha board and wondered why anyone would be bringing up mpreg there, kek
A lot of the younger ones are, unfortunately. Usually they troon out specifically to enjoy their hobby without being accused of fetishizing homosexuality, only to become the fetishistic, predatory gaydens you see over in the fakeboi thread.

No. 1330048

I mean when you build a whole community around being coomers, expect it to attract coomers…

No. 1330081

oh snap my bad, I meant xtube

No. 1330091

I've been reading through the last two threads and Tumblr radfems have been mentioned a few times. Does anyone have any specific URLs of good radfem blogs? Not a radfem myself, but I love to read their takes on trans

No. 1330096

mpreg is more of a meme than anything. And if they are it is a vert small niche, like those alpha/omega people.

No. 1330098

I'd argue that reddit hates trannies cause they dont let them in their porn space like the totally valid beautiful women who pass that they are. If they were to fight against this oppression I'd unironically put our differences aside and support them.
Is freelancing photo editing for troons to look more feminine a sustainable business?

No. 1330108

there was someone on FB with a business of "gender affirming" edits of people's baby/kid photos to transwash their entire past

No. 1330117

it's the greasy ass bangs covering the footlong forehead for me

No. 1330119

When are you getting your ovaries ripped out, Jayden?

No. 1330120

Ayrt, these idiots do genuinely equate disabling their pp with beating porn addiction… and they're somehow the moral compass for wokefags? Incredible

No. 1330122

Fujo Aidens are annoying, but I'll always have a place in my heart for regular fujos due to how absolutely furious they make the game/anime bros in fandom.

Constant streams of violent, depraved hentai? No problem. Fanart of two male characters blushing while they hold hands? Absolute fucking meltdown. It's hilarious. Keep on truckin'

No. 1330135

what is going on here

No. 1330136

I hope you fired that psychologist.

No. 1330148

male feminist doesn't get enough attention for being sympathetic to rape victim in cartoon show, becomes ultimate victim instead

No. 1330152

Fujos and Yaoi responsible for 90% of modern day TIFs, just cause Fujos piss off scrotes doesn't mean they aren't just porn sick degenerates

No. 1330157

enough with this shit, you won't convert anyone to a fan here. i am manifesting azealia coming for your ass.

No. 1330158

File: 1632241048346.png (24.17 KB, 734x196, jhjjh.PNG)

mtf just shows how they see what makes a woman, strong woman? They aren't women-only weak people are

No. 1330159

File: 1632241089187.jpg (78.38 KB, 910x596, 5mtFL4fnfoV6__wq3dpqurYmtxJcPa…)

No. 1330161

It's definitely a contributing factor, but I'm pretty sure the desire to escape sexualization is the main reason straight women and girls troon out. The preteens who want to wear binders and get mastectomies aren't doing it because they read too much m/m fanfiction, they're doing it because they see that girls are expected to be brainless, decorative fuckhole-maids once they hit puberty and they want to avoid that fate.

No. 1330162

This is a parody most likely

No. 1330163

the days of blushing-and-holding-hands fanart are long past

No. 1330165

File: 1632241322529.png (450.76 KB, 944x2742, screencapture-reddit-r-MtF-com…)

Low-T male tings.

No. 1330168

I think they don't like trannies, I know a fujo and she actively posts her hate for troons. Fujo brings out loads of different areas in sexuality for them. Some of them are more wholesome and others are just straight-up chopping off limbs and raping. They like men who accept they are men, not men who are trying to be a woman. That ruins the entire idea of why yaoi/BL appeals to them. It is no longer about men but men trying to bring womanhood in is a turn-off to a lot of them. Fujos don't interact with scrotes about their fujo shit normally so scrotes getting mad about a group that keeps this type of thing on a down low I find hard to believe.

No. 1330169

This. Also from what I saw trooning out was a domino effect thing. If one person in a friend group trooned out, other people would see this and also start trooning out. Tumblr back then also made it very easy to spread the gender garbage and let these batshit people convince teens they were enbies and trannies.

No. 1330174

Troons have the most hilarious body proportions.
His implants are gross. They're just sitting on top of his chest motionless. If you draw a line across where his nipples are you see they're crooked and most of it is on top.

No. 1330177

>I know a fujo and she actively posts her hate for troons.
I know one too on twitter, she's hilarious. It's too bad most aren't as based.
I think troonacy spreads to easily in these circles because they're comprised of girls who are uniquely vulnerable to trans ideology: usually young, often on the spectrum or suffering from some other kind of social dysfunction, uncomfortable with growing up and/or the expectations placed upon women, etc. But instead of realizing that being a woman doesn't mean you have to accept all the social baggage that comes with being one, they decide to try and opt out altogether. It's honestly heartbreaking.
Literally every 'progressive' man with a presence in fandom spaces troons out. Literally every time. I almost prefer the dudebro coomers since at least they don't pretend their fetishism is a form of activism.

No. 1330181

does Nikita Dragun (Nicholas Nguyen) have his own thread?

No. 1330189

>thicker, longer lasting shinier hair
Trannies always have scraggly greasy thin ass hair kek. They multiply by spreading delusion.

No. 1330209

>"I can't make meringue anymore!"
>"Neither can I! I messed it up twice!"
Literal gramdmas make meringue, what the fuck?
>"Men's strength surprises me!"
You are a man, and that strength is exactly why you can't be trusted in women's spaces. That, and moid degeneracy and violence.

No. 1330218

Not even troons are dumb enough to believe horse piss pills can make a man lose 22 fucking lbs of muscle in less than a year, kek

No. 1330233

Some fujos just want to see two pretty men fucking. What’s the problem? Not all of us have some weird desire to become men bc of it.

No. 1330234

A man reading lesbian Hentai every other day ultimately rots his brain and becomes some type of degenerate, same with Fujos

No. 1330280

It depends on how much value you put into cooming and how terminally online you are. There are a lot of normie men for example who consume copious amounts of lesbian porn but never troon out. Rapid onset gender dysphoria is definitely caused by overexposure to these niche online communities.

No. 1330283

File: 1632249978407.jpg (75.11 KB, 659x659, 20210921_142827.jpg)

Hey look Sexism 2 finally dropped!

How do tifs not find this incredibly patronizing

No. 1330287

no but he came up in the most recent celebricows thread on ot

No. 1330297

I mean its not untrue, TIF musician try to replicate softboy core that seems like it would be popular on Tumblr, while TIMs make some electro-pop songs about wanting to overthrows and LARPing about killing people and being "badass bitches"

No. 1330301

Being a degenerate coomer is never ok, not for men and not for women. In general people should stop talking about what they jerk/jill off to. Have some shame.

No. 1330485

da i only talk about it in fandom spaces and haven't trooned out yet. there's no problem here.

No. 1330526

File: 1632260055294.png (122.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210921-222802.png)

Even the chasers know HER is infested with troons

No. 1330534

incredible. I can see the male hairline through the bangs

No. 1330552

File: 1632261388712.png (281.15 KB, 921x527, 5425421554.png)

No. 1330555

File: 1632261522449.png (448.21 KB, 913x524, 65326532.png)

No. 1330558

>looking to get topped
Kek, this screams bisexual male. They pretend to be straight and always want to be bottoms.

No. 1330570

notice how the biggest issues these idiots always have is about "women" being seen as women? I never ever see them questioning what a man is as much or as hard as they question what a woman is. The only time they get close to it is when they try to say how troons are not men, but it's never about how men don't exist or it's white supremacy to call a man a man.

No. 1330581

Africans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, South American, and Native American women all knew the difference between men and women, Alok. I'm sick of this privileged retard acting like he speaks for all nonwhite people of the world, when he's probably one of the most privileged dark skinned people on this planet. He straight up gets away with saying pedo shit, being horribly sexist, and being culturally ignorant without any real repercussions.

No. 1330587

this is 1000% a fetish

No. 1330656

File: 1632266173747.jpeg (400.69 KB, 1409x970, 8D59760E-0AA8-47D9-A60C-F1B523…)

In 2000, Grace married Tiffany Danielle Kay. The marriage ended in divorce four years later in 2004.[6][57]

In March 2006, while touring as an opening act for Alkaline Trio, Grace met visual artist Heather Hannoura, who designed merchandise for Alkaline Trio and other bands.[3][58] The two spent the summer together on the Warped Tour, began living together, and got tattoos of each other's names.[3] They married in December 2007, after a year-long engagement.[3][6]

Grace and Hannoura have a daughter together, Evelyn, born October 30, 2009.[3] Grace's feelings of dysphoria "started coming back really strong" about the time Hannoura became pregnant that February, but were not acted on.[3] The family moved to St. Augustine, Florida, in 2010, when Evelyn was about a year old.[3] The couple separated and then divorced in 2013.[59]

Right now, I'm in this awkward transition period. I look like a dude, and feel like a dude, and it sucks. But eventually I'll flip, and I'll present as female."[3] In 2015, Grace said, "I think it's perfectly valid [for a trans person] to never undergo bottom surgery".[65] Grace plans to continue performing in Against Me!, saying "However fierce our band was in the past, imagine me, six-foot-two, in heels, fucking screaming into someone's face."[3][64]

This is a man.

No. 1330663

File: 1632266577985.jpeg (82.81 KB, 500x500, AFAC3B6C-8380-4AAF-A151-60BB08…)

Look at this album cover. Tell me this isn’t literally comparing a woman to meat. Why is every anarcho punk guy a complete predator?

No. 1330696

Pretty sure by the name it's a tif, and honestly I think it's a read on 'transfems'. I notice this a lot with tifs, they point out sexism 2 shit like this out all the time and tims hate it, I can never figure out if it's by mistake or not kek.

No. 1330697

delusional narc, i hope he chops his dick off

No. 1330733

>Wife gets pregnant
>Suddenly "dysphoric"
Every time.

No. 1330758

Surely this is something you research BEFORE you decide you don't need birth control?

No. 1330828

Had female estrogen levels my entire life since birth and never been a two trip grocery person.

No. 1330867

>my spouse
>easily carry them around
why doesn't he just say "wife" and "her"

No. 1330895

>loses some muscle tone, may be experiencing muscle cramps
>fantastic feeling of weakness uwu
lol can't even hide his humiliation fetish

Wife is probably a they/themlet now.

No. 1330896

That illustration is straight up racist.

No. 1330903

>Accusing someone you disagree with of being an egg
Tranny detected.

No. 1330917

There's a big difference between the very mainstream fetishization of lesbians among straight men and the niche hobby of BL among geeky women. Men viewing lesbianism as a display for their sexual fulfillment is just part of a patriarchal system of oppression that strips us of our sexual autonomy. It's "punching down," basically. The women who like BL are basically just looking for a fantasy about a relationship where the systemic power imbalance inherent to straight relationships doesn't come into play.

Basically, if you think it's "equally bad" for women to objectify men as it is for men to objectify women, when men are the oppressors historically, you need to have your head examined.

No. 1330927

A lot of them are. Though the TIF fujos will claim they are not fujos because they are actually "gay men" and say it's only the non-tranny fujos who are the fetishists. Yaoi shit is a degenerate hobby so it's inevitable that TIF fujos make up a large proportion of the demographic. There's also some who like the same shit TIMs do, like cross-dressing moids and mpreg.

There's a lot of weird conversion therapy stuff, too. I think some TIFs will turn the male characters they identify with into their TIF self-insert and ship them with gay males because they think it validates the "male" identity of the TIF character (and therefore themselves). Transbians do this a lot too where supposedly lesbian characters become obsessed with fucking transbians because the transbians have a cock (they think it's impossible for a woman to not like penis) but since the transbian is also a "woman", it's all okay and it's not actually "homophobic".

No. 1330962

File: 1632287646164.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1572, 0361523D-F6AB-456E-8EFC-919BA2…)

No. 1330968

Haha he's so ugly

No. 1330971

isn't it funny how there's pretty girls that are so insecure about themselves and think they're ugly even though they're totally fine and then there's these fugly men being overly-confident

No. 1330973

File: 1632288218600.jpeg (694.13 KB, 839x1374, 24F3E2DC-12C9-415C-9AAC-2B6223…)

The UN are posting this when they should look into troons raping and abusing women in prison and sex offenders and rapists going to women’s shelters to continue their crimes.

No. 1330974

RT news are the only ones covering tranny violence in female prisons


No. 1330980

He looks more male in the right picture lol. The human brain is a TERF.

No. 1330984

This is pitiful. A dating app for lesbians looking like Grindr.

No. 1330989

what's really funny about this is… in a lot of cases libfems/TRAs trying to explain gender will go off on thousand word tangents compared to the explanation for everyone's understanding of what sex is being simply male/female down to your DNA
to be fair, there's a lot of things that are considered GNC, such as being gay.
>improved mental state
cope, HRT increases the risk
early onset dementia
>wide hips
your bones done change with hormones kek
>thicker hair
the wig ain't real
not this moid again.. sure, the text is coming from somewhere else, but all of these are pseudoscience philosophies. majority of other genders were pejoratives for GNC men.
this. the reason men are into lesbianism is because their fantasy relies on them ending up with the women, successfully converting them.

No. 1330993

File: 1632289581526.jpeg (298.05 KB, 900x1200, 65CB1333-3358-4EE1-B7A4-ECD3C7…)

It’s a fetish and low T men are still way bigger and stronger than women. It’s the same argument MMA troons use.

No. 1330995

File: 1632289746379.jpg (74.78 KB, 653x653, rust.jpg)

Women being treated like shit since time immemorial: cool & good.
Degenerate males from Anglophone countries crying that no one allows their fetish(es) in public: awful, must support them at all costs.

Wonderful world, love to see it.

No. 1330999

Of course the UN doesn't care about women, UN peacekeepers were responsible for the sex abuse scandal in Haiti. They had even raped girls as young as 7 years old.

No. 1331023

I like how the troon they chose for the picture is a hulking rapehon with five o' clock shadow. Maybe there's a TERF in their marketing department.

No. 1331035

>"I am who I say I am"
Stop validating delusional people. Imagine the UN doing this for transracials and otherkins one day.

No. 1331042

whats a ofos femme?

No. 1331049

File: 1632298118163.png (286.4 KB, 1284x857, cover6.png)

This thread is so refreshing. I live in a country where the "birth certificate sex" debate is raging on and I can't help but wonder what the old school TRA's would think of this. Say what you will but at least they actually had something to lose and all they wanted was not to be arrested or attacked at queer spaces instead of fighting their way into women's spaces. They would probably turn their noses up at this shit and want the certificates to say FTM instead, since they knew that the distance between them and cis women was an ocean.

I fucking hate how fragile modern troons are. If you're so determined to dress like the ugliest chick at vidcon and call yourself a woman then fucking own it. Don't have a panic attack every time somone takes a look at the stub-legged broad-shouldered hunchback in front of them and assumes they're a man. If this is really who you are deep down then it's not going to matter what anyone else thinks, right? And if gender really is just a construct, it shouldn't offend you so much to be misgendered. My sexuality isn't so flimsy and my sense of self isn't so fragile that I throw a hissy fit and write a four-page thinkpiece every time someone assumes I'm straight, so what makes you so special?

For any of the troons hatereading here, take with you this: You're never going to be a pretty woman, and that's okay. Lots of cis women aren't pretty women and they still manage to live their lives. HRT and bolt-ons aren't gonna make you Kate Upton. If that's the reason you're wanting to transition, save the surgery money and spend it on some therapy.

Sage for finally sperging it off my chest.

No. 1331052

Thanks for sperging. The mini-series La Veneno really highlights the difference between ye olde trans and new Twitter trans. Even when the old guard were horrible crippled ogres hooking for pennies to pay their abusive pimps and on the lookout for roving Nazi punks who bashed them, they were still happier than the limpwristed speedrunners of today.

Not to say that they were happy really. The underlying mental illnesses like depression and self-loathing were still there, it just didn't completely envelope their whole being.

No. 1331053

Literally the bullshit in Afghanistan is happening right now and this is what they fucking post…

No. 1331054

I don't know why you're praising oldschool troons. Troons have always been disgusting misogynists who think their male biology somehow makes them superior women to actual women.

No. 1331055

If your image is a reference to Marsha P. Johnson…he wasn't even a troon. He identified as a gay man and drag queen. And loads of other gay men at Stonewall like Fred Sargeant have talked about how Marsha was an annoying creep that no one liked lmao.

No. 1331067

It's basically a troll at this point. It's like a twerking african american dwarf staring at you in a clothing ad. "Go on, say something… I dare you"

No. 1331070

>Say what you will but at least they actually had something to lose and all they wanted was not to be arrested or attacked at queer spaces instead of fighting their way into women's spaces.

That's not even true. While homosexual transsexuals used to make up the majority of transsexuals throughout history, autogynephiles have always been around. Even back in the 70s they were declaring themselves lesbians, harassing women, and arguing with radical feminists about the root of female oppression. Janice Raymond and Sheila Jeffreys both made predictions that transgenderism would become one of the most challenging problems radical feminists would have to deal with within the next few decades. And they were right.

No. 1331072

I was going to say this. Also, he wasn't even at Stonewall when the cops raided, according to witnesses and his own report. Neither was Sylvia Rivera, there were no witnesses who mentioned him being there, and Marsha said Rivera was passed out on a park bench when he was heading to the bar (though, Rivera is arguably a troon). Stormé DeLarverie was there, and I've seen some troons try to say she was a TIF, but "weirdly" (it's the misogyny) most of them aren't enthusiastic about the prospect of a non-TIM troon being the "hero", even though it would still mean that a "POC troon" was the "savior of Stonewall", if she was. She wasn't, though, she was a butch lesbian and drag king. From what I understand, there wasn't a "first brick", it was more likely a "first punch", and the most reported candidates for who did it are Stormé or some unknown, white-passing gay man.
To be honest, I wouldn't say troons were "better in the past". Most of the ones you hear about having any concern for LGB people, or other people in general, are poor HSTS, mostly nonwhite and prostitutes. You can find the same shit we see now from the white, middle class or higher ones, fairly far back, though. I recall a newspaper submission claiming that troons were better than "gennies" (a historical version of "cis"), and I sincerely doubt the AGP types that buried their fetishes were less misogynistic or had more concern for LGB people than the ones we see today.

No. 1331073

I see michfest as the point where troons won.

No. 1331077

Michfest makes me so sad. I'm gay and live nearby, so I would have loved to have gone, but it was gone by the time I could've attended. You can't even talk about how fucked up what happened was, without people deciding you're a TERF. Bands were harassed until they pulled out from performing there, troons camped nearby to heckle and harass women trying to go male-free for a little, and lesbian couple and their son were murdered by a troon in a sick form of "protest", but somehow the festival and its attendees are the evil ones, along with anyone who feels that this should be talked about.

No. 1331078

it means "old fashion, old school".
so basically a 50's housewife fetish. classic troon fetish misogyny.

No. 1331080

>cis women
Don't use this stupid ass term.

No. 1331082

Yeah, troons have always hated women and had the same agenda of woman erasure. Going back to the first uterus transplant in Denmark in the 1920's, then that Berkley post in the 70's by a troon teacher expressing his contempt at women, basically admitting that in the future women won't be "a necessity". The future meaning when medical science has advanced enough to implant uteruses in males. These sentiments are parroted by men today. Not to mention all the AGP serial killers who have butchered women. There has never been "good" trannies, they are all extremely male misogynists. Trannies are worse and more male than other males.

No. 1331085

Womb envy is eternal. Transgenderism is just another manifestation of men trying to create genetic offspring now that they can't get wives so easily. Women in some countries can get their own jobs and property so they don't have to rely on men to survive anymore.

No. 1331088

File: 1632304069653.png (29.45 KB, 771x226, 343423.PNG)

So the supposed gay media company LGBTQ Nation turned against Stonewall veteran Frank Sargeant because he was "anti trans". I swear to god, all these gay rights groups and media companies ONLY care about trans rights now. I think they hate actual gay people. PinkNews is the worst one.

No. 1331093

>I swear to god, all these gay rights groups and media companies ONLY care about trans rights now. I think they hate actual gay people.
This is why LGB alliance split from Stonewall UK.

No. 1331096

>Trans has nothing to do with us and we owe them nothing.
Based Frank.

No. 1331098

The transwashing of the Stonewall Riots is so weird. So many people were brainwashed into believing "queer trans women of color" started the protests. I guess the majority of the Stonewall protestors being white gay "cis" men didn't look progressive enough.

No. 1331150

the literally insist it's true and honest facts in essays because their unshakeable source was tumblr and twitter.

No. 1331152

>imagine me, six-foot-two, in heels, fucking screaming into someone's face
lol we don't have to imagine that, trannies freak out and show their male aggression by screaming in people's faces all the time

No. 1331158

>They married after a year of knowing each other
>Grace's feelings of dysphoria "started coming back really strong" about the time Hannoura became pregnant that February
Holy shit, what a narc. I didn’t want to look into this because I like their music and was like “uuuh I bet he’s not one of those troons… right?” but here we are.
> imagine me, six-foot-two, in heels, fucking screaming into someone's face.
no thanks, we’ve seen this already enough M’lady. It’s nothing revolutionary if a man wears heels while screaming at someone you fucking idiot.

No. 1331169

> lesbian couple and their son were murdered by a troon in a sick form of "protest"
And the troon who murdered 2 women and a child is being held in a women’s prison

No. 1331175

>Nazi punks who bashed them
not gonna lie, kinda based

No. 1331176

I remember reading on Tumblr that most attendants of Stonewall were mostly white and Hispanic young men, how true is that ?

No. 1331184

It was a middle class bar in the 60's. It was mostly white.

No. 1331191

Tumblr likes to make things diverse without actually taking facts into account. There were obviously POC involved, but it Stonewall absolutely is not a case of POC being pushed to the side. These people were gay. They didn't have privilege or else they wouldn't have to start Stonewall in the first place. Tumblr people seen Hammilton, said "yes", and now make every single part of history out to be a POC genderkweer revolutionary act no matter how irrelevant being POC or being gay was to the situation.

Fighter pilots in ww2? Gay Spanish people. The trail of tears? All the natives were gay. England battering Ireland? The Irish were mostly Muslim and the Muslim gays saved Ireland

No. 1331206

File: 1632316142022.jpg (95.49 KB, 429x891, Untitled.jpg)

just your local e-beggar and medical resource waster here

No. 1331207

Hamilton was the result of tumblr-esque diversification of both media and histiry, not the cause. People were already dumping race-changed, disabled versions of characters from popular media with pride flags attached well before 2015. To make a point, Hamilton was released January 20th 2015, and the "caucasian" joke in Homestuck, which was a response to obsessive fandom policing about making the characters nonwhite, happened either on the 13th of the same month, same year, or earlier. Corroborating this is the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda is friends with the McElroy brothers, who are also known for pandering to tumblr wokesters. What's funny is that, it still wasn't enough. When Hamilton dropped, tumblr immediately made it more diverse. I have a feeling that, even if Miranda released Hamilton with the versions of the characters tumblr made (trans, pansexual, black Thomas Jefferson wearing a Miku binder), tumblr would have made it "even woker".

No. 1331208

based psychological warfare

too bad a lot of the comments are just "YOU GIVE ME HOPE FOR MY TRANSITION"

No. 1331216

Ah shit I meant "Fred". Why the hell did I write Frank?

No. 1331218

And now they all hate him lmfao

No. 1331222

File: 1632317621448.png (186.77 KB, 1416x942, troons.png)

fixed this for you

No. 1331223

this video is not new but I haven't seen it posted, and even if it was I think it's worth posting again. might help peak someone who is starting to listen to reason.


No. 1331225

The actual truth.

No. 1331227

sage but why ? what grave unwoke opinion did he hold that made tumblr hate him

No. 1331229

He made slave owning white men poc lol and glorified colonizer, also something about Puerto Rico? I don't fully remember what he did there but yeah he's problematic now

No. 1331236

Damn, so they roasted him for playing their game? There's no winning, kek.

No. 1331239

>the heritage foundation
No wonder TRAs think radfems are conservatives.

No. 1331241

There's a handful of conservative psyops and actual retards (maybe tradthots) that come into this thread, in particular, to post shit from the Heritage Foundation or generally whiteknight for Republicans.

No. 1331242

Yeah I know it's slightly hilarious. Knew someone who was obsessed with Hamilton and then once he was "cancelled" didn't want to go to the show she booked anymore lmfao

No. 1331245

Kek, WoLF is such a joke. They really should have just stuck with ecofeminism. Older radfems had warned them to not ally with conservatives since the latter completely fucked over radfems during the sex wars.

No. 1331246

They also said nothing when their buddies at the Heritage Foundation was trying to push for more anti-abortion propaganda. Like a lot of newly formed radical feminists orgs, they hyper-focus on the tranny issue and ignore everything else.

No. 1331251

File: 1632319613745.jpg (105.72 KB, 571x660, gringo.jpg)

No offense but your silly meme and post made you sound like a libfem who'd just peaked and still separates the "good true transwahmen" from the "bad troons".
No one is born knowing how much TIMs are a menace but you gotta realize that they've never liked us, not even 50 years ago. This has nothing to do with looks or passing, their raison d'être is enabling their mental illness and seething envy. They know this [current year + 6] crybulling/fake fragility gets their way, even if it crushes women in the process.

Just some gringo forcing his way into Japanese lesbian spaces (who already aren't in a good spot as real women in Japanese society), crying about it to the Anglophone media, then getting away with it.

No. 1331252

Yeah, there was that screeching tradthot from the previous thread who went on and on about how she was married to a wonderful conservative man.

No. 1331258

Even their ecofeminism is retarded, the main group that its connected to, Deep Green Resistance is run by a misanthrope nutjob who despises the human and human civilization and even before the trans issue Lierre Keith(the Woman who runs WoLF) was on rightwing spaces and talked about how much she loved Guns

No. 1331292

Look up photos taken of the riot. The crowd was pretty pasty and male.

No. 1331318

kek that shitty article deadnames ellen page, yikes transphobia much. if page has always been a man why is he being upheld as some authority on lesbianism?

No. 1331332

>a misanthrope nutjob who despises human civilization
based. how can you be knowledgeable about trans insanity and not despise human civilization?

No. 1331336

Derrick Jenson is the only man I think that is probably a true misandrist, he was physically and sexually abused by his own father who was a lawyer and lost faith in mankind and the systems of Government

No. 1331339


> wrote that the bar had no official policy regarding trans customers and should be clearer about what they mean by “women” when they hold women-only events.

Owner puts up “cis/assigned woman at birth only”

kek. fucking based

No. 1331340

super late response but how does this guy manage to look like both luna and lurch? men in lolita fashion disgust me the most and it's why i would never upload pictures of myself in lolita online.

No. 1331343

Thank you. You have sense. There are definitely women who go overboard with it but it is in no way as bad as men who watch “lesbian” porn, which has real people compared to yaoi fujos. The only problem I see is those who get gung ho into shipping real people. Pretty fucked. Still not as bad for those celebrities as the women who ar actually in porn though imho.

No. 1331346

Even knowing how troons and their enablers are, I'm still shocked by how brazen this guy is and how easily his "cause" was championed. Gay rights are basically nonexistent in Japan, social homophobia and misogyny rife, and Japanese lesbians barely have a place to call their own… so wokesters decide to harass one of the few lesbian bars into admitting some hulking, awkward, Japanophile white male father-of-three because of his laydeefeels? Unbelievable.

I hope this troon's poor wife divorces him and the Japanese government sends his gaijin ass packing.

No. 1331350

File: 1632327975802.png (702.21 KB, 1139x585, gringo scam.png)

This happened on 2019, so Shinji Page was only a pathetic lesbian handmaiden at the time.

He invoked the Law of Troon Suprise in 2018 on his wife and "they" are (well, him) still suing the Japanese gov to recognize his laydeeness.
Yes, it's a gofundme. He checks all "transbian" boxes (white male, creep, privileged enough to inflict his fetish on everyone, crybully, weeb, e-beggar).

No. 1331357

Shit, I was hoping he'd at least get himself bankrupt

No. 1331358

File: 1632328987149.jpg (105.96 KB, 370x1024, letter.jpg)

reminder for all who believe in "old school trannies are different from current trannies" meme

No. 1331369

I'm dressing up as kikomi for Halloween. Any other anons?

No. 1331372

>Free from the chains of menstruation and childbearing, troons are obviously far superior

Lmao, nice cope. Is that why they’re constantly moaning about their periods and demanding uterine transplants?

No. 1331374

I wonder which one the man is. No one could possibly tell.

No. 1331377

Any man that says women don't face violence or discrimination always turn out to have a rap sheet of crimes against women and or children. Switch gennys for cis (I hate even typing that asinine word) and that could have been written today. Even dangerously mentally deranged men in dresses are taken more seriously than women.

No. 1331393

jesus fuck that should have a spoiler, that is some absolute serial killer shit

is his wife wearing a transflag poncho??? girl RUN

No. 1331396

based WoLF-criticizers. as a radical feminist I hate that org so much. GCers really don't gaf about optics or female liberation for that matter.

No. 1331398

I remember telling Derrick Jensen to stfu a few years ago on Gail Dines' page on a post of hers (I forget what the conversation was about but he was being out of pocket) and he cried to Gail about the mean feminists kek. blogging I know but I never get to tell that story

No. 1331416

File: 1632334634498.jpg (6.73 KB, 292x300, s-l300[1].jpg)

based, please post pics when you do

No. 1331426

File: 1632336038301.jpg (1.68 MB, 2896x2444, 20210922_193516.jpg)

I'm convinced all trannys (scrotes too probably) have narcissist personality disorder, I truly can't imagine walking around looking like a sped edition troll doll and thinking anyone would even give me a second thought.

No. 1331432

Kek can guarantee there are zero women who think that

No. 1331437

>have never had to suffer discrimination, self-hatred or fear that a transsexual must endure and survive in their lives.
>Genetic women are not ridiculed as severely, killed, tortured and arrested simply because they are transsexuals
You're right, women face these things because they are WOMEN not trannies. The hatred and oppression of females runs far deeper and goes back further than troonery.

No. 1331459

File: 1632338809032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.26 MB, 2560x1600, gross.jpg)

This dude is easily the top 10 most disgusting troons ever posed.

No. 1331476

I googled her name and came across this article about her


>Trigger Warning: Contains Transphobic Content Below

>In case you didn’t already know, some of the most hurtful and hateful speech against transgender people comes from radical feminists. Not radical in the sense of radically inclusive, rather they are radically exclusive. Led by lesbian separtists these groups say really awful things about trans people. Many believe the only reason a man would transition to a woman is to rape women, while any woman that would transition to a man only does so to escape sexism and assimilate into patriarchy. Entire websites are dedicated to the discrediting, dehumanization and shaming of trans people and the queer movement. This undoubtedly contributes to the culture of violence, suicide and harassment that trans people face on a daily basis. Fortunately, these extremist views are shunned within the feminist movement at large. However, as a vocal minority they certainly make their presence felt.

>What you may not have known is that the organization that acclaimed author Derrick Jensen co-founded and is the figurehead of, Deep Green Resistance (DGR), is one of the more vocal and prominent supporters of the radical feminist and anti-trans agenda. In addition to referring to trans women as men and denying the existence of transphobia they’ve also posted links on their Facebook page to the most hateful transphobic websites. Even more, the transphobia and bigotry known to many activists within the organization was publicly confirmed on Saturday when DGR released a video that they claim represents their “official policy and position towards gender.”

>It’s important to note here that while Aric McBay co-wrote the Deep Green Resistance book with Jensen and Keith he left the organization in 2012 due to their transphobic policies. He writes:

>I left the organization at the beginning of 2012 after a trans inclusive policy was cancelled by Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith. Many good people and good activists left the organization for that reason.

>I find these transphobic attitudes to be disgusting and deeply troubling, and it bothers me a lot to have any past association with people promoting transphobia.
>For me, trans rights and trans inclusion are fundamental to building effective movements and to building a world worth living in.

>One prominent example of the transphobia comes from Derrick Jensen’s response to a DGR member asking him to clarify their position on transgender people. Jensen wrote:

>Dear All,

>I have no ego investment in the following. I liked what I said to Julia or whatever his name was who wanted to join DGR: You are not a woman. You are a man who believes he is a woman.
>Thank you,

>Rachel Ivey, the 23-year old activist who gives the newly released Deep Green Resistance presentation on gender, acknowledges that their position is controversial. It’s their only perspective that has caused them to be banned from speaking at events she states. Deep Green Resistance factions have defected over it. She also explains that “there is no debate” acceptable within the organization about their policy on gender. Further evidence of DGR’s unwillingness to engage in dialogue or conversation about gender comes from an incident where they were banned from the Flying Brick Library. They state,

>When we responded to DGR, we made it clear that we were willing to host them as a group – as long as they were willing to discuss these issues and how environmental and anti-civ work are intrinsic to resisting gender oppression – and vice versa.

>Sadly, Deep Green Resistance made it clear that they are not willing to let anybody but themselves guide the conversation, and that as we insisted on such, that we are not ready to fight the (so-called) “real fight”.

>Further evidence of the absolutist position DGR takes on gender comes from a former member who is trans. In addition to being denied access to female spaces she highlights how Jensen and Keith played central roles in spreading the anti-trans message.

>I was told that in wanting access to women’s spaces I was implementing the male violation imperative. Saba Malik, Lierre Keith and Derrick all sent emails to my chapter and one other chapter that supported trans folks with the usual rad fem attacks. Gradually my group and the other chapters were presented with a choice: put up with trans phobia or hit the road. To be in DGR was to be rad fem in the exclusive sense.

>Trans-TextIn the 40-minute video Rachael reads the words of DGR co-founder Lierre Keith. Keith is the author of the provocative book “The Vegetarian Myth” and editor of the “Derrick Jensen Reader” in addition to co-author of the book “Deep Green Resistance.” What exactly does Keith believe? Among other things, that the “phenomenon of trans” was created from porn culture and “that men insisting they are women is insulting and absurd.” Rachel not only celebrates Keith’s position but she labels it as DGR’s official stance and states that she can’t understand why people were bothered by it. After hearing Keith’s statement those in attendance break out in applause.

>As the video above states this view on gender the “core of DGR.” After making this claim she went on to read part of this quote from Lierre Keith (see video below),

>Well, I’ve personally been fighting about this since 1982. I think ‘transphobic’ is a ridiculous word. I have no strange fear of people who claim to be ‘trans.’ I deeply disagree with them, as do most radical feminists.

>Try this on. I am a rich person stuck in a poor person’s body. I’ve always enjoyed champagne rather than beer, and always knew I belonged in first class not economy, and it just feels right when people wait on me. My insurance company should give me a million dollars to cure my Economic Dysphoria.

>Lierre Keith is the author of “The Vegetarian Myth.”

>Or how about this. I am really Native American. How do I know? I’ve always felt a special connection to animals, and started building tee pees in the backyard as soon as I was old enough. I insisted on wearing moccasins to school even though the other kids made fun of me and my parents punished me for it. I read everything I could on native people, started going to pow wows and sweat lodges as soon as I was old enough, and I knew that was the real me. And if you bio-Indians don’t accept us trans-Indians, then you are just as genocidal and oppressive as the Europeans.Gender is no different. It is a class condition created by a brutal arrangement of power. I can’t fathom how mutilating people’s bodies to fit an oppressive power arrangement is frankly anything but a human rights violation. And men insisting that they are women is insulting and absurd.
>There is no such thing as ‘woman’ or ‘man’ outside of patriarchal social relations. These are not biological conditions–they are socially created, by violence in the end. If I can’t be a rich person born in a poor person’s body, then I can’t be a woman born in a man’s body. Not unless you are going to argue that man and woman are biological or essential conditions. The whole point of feminism is that they are neither; gender is social to the roots, and those roots are soaked in women’s blood.

>So there it is.

>I would highly recommend reading the work that radical feminists have produced critiquing the entire culture of queer, including s/m and porn, that gave rise to the phenomenon of ‘trans.’ Sheila Jeffreys’s books _Unpacking Queer Politics_ and _The Lesbian Heresy_ would be a great start.

>[The Trans Community is] in fact deeply misogynist and reactionary when it comes to any understanding of male power. Indeed, they often claim it ‘oppresses’ them to even use the words ‘men’ and ‘women.’ Meanwhile, men are raping and brutalizing women on a mass scale. I hate to say this, but it’s porn culture that really created the whole concept of trans. I watched it happen… for your own edification, you might want to read up on Pat Califia, whom I talk about at length, and whose life and writing proves every point radical feminists make about queer politics, pornography, violence against women, sado-masochism, the eroticization of power and breaking boundaries (including the boundaries of children), and trans. All of it is right there.

This is a short clip from the talk. See below for the full talk. (The entire video has been downloaded just in case it gets taken down.)

>Any flack that Keith has received for her transphobic statements is “unfair” according to DGR. This isn’t surprising given that Keith’s statement reflects the core of the organizations beliefs.

>I’m not going to respond to Keith’s entire statement, but we know that people have deep felt experiences of gender throughout life which of course differentiates it from things that aren’t biological like an experience of race or class. This is why Rachel’s question “Why is being a trans woman acceptable when deciding that I’m trans black is not?” is ridiculous. Gender is influenced by both biology and society. And of course trans or gender variant people existed long before the advent of “porn culture,” in a wide variety of societies.

If they make trannies seethe so much they are based imo

No. 1331495

Did you really post a whole article of quotes to try to convince us that GC women who stand with anti-choicers are actually based? I don't stand with radfems because they're GC, I stand with them because they're feminist. I only hate troons because they're harmful to women and girls (and many other things), my ideology doesn't revolve around these retards.

No. 1331507

File: 1632341373020.jpeg (135.81 KB, 750x938, EE1218D0-C214-4D9B-A309-C7A16C…)

Hory shit…the ‘tism in this one…

No. 1331512

looks like Sam from WKUK

No. 1331513

The original was spoilered for a reason, goddamn it. Also, infuriating that actual lesbians can get cancelled for using the labrys, but failsons like this are allowed.

No. 1331515

Nonas, what are you talking about? I want to know.

No. 1331540

His wife is completely accepting of his crap and goes along with harassing lesbians. A lot of Japanese women are mental wrecks because they are HUGE pickmes and it’s disgusting. I’m speaking from my own experience of having a Japanese mother. You have to accept that some women are just class traitors and will always side with men over their own sex.

No. 1331554

Learning to read and google key words will get you further in life.

No. 1331558

> I truly can't imagine walking around looking like a sped edition troll doll and thinking anyone would even give me a second thought.
Even his $5 tank top is as faded and worn as his hair. As if he couldn't afford another cheap undershirt. They're always so fucking dirty and unkempt. Nothing makes me appreciate female levels of hygiene more than seeing men attempt a grubby imitation.

No. 1331587

He looks like a weird mix of the streamer smallant and the cow melonpan.

No. 1331590

Thanks, bitch.

No. 1331635

Gods, please, grant me the confidence of straight white males (not the shamelessness and lack of hygiene, though).

No. 1331654

Most of these new radfem communities literally only developed because of the growing tranny issue. As much as I dislike newly peaked libfems, the conservative women LARPing as radfems are so much worse because they’re saying shit like “the leftwing and rightwing are equally bad”, defending religion, and making allies with literal anti-feminist orgs like the Heritage Foundation.

No. 1331664

There are far too many conservative women comfortable calling themselves terfs now, it's annoying especially when they regurgitate weird right wing conspiracy theories that make them seem delusional

No. 1331672

I think the problem is that since radical feminists are very left-wing and have been ideologically opposed to trannies from the very beginning, the TRAs call anyone who disagrees with them a "TERF". They were even calling Donald Trump a "TERF". Yeah, because Donald Trump is such a radical feminist.

No. 1331678

Yeah I understand why it's just annoying to see them grab onto a label when there's nothing about them that's particularly feminist

No. 1331679

They are equally bad. To say or believe otherwise is the desperate cope of people who really think that either political demographic are "The Good guys" who will suddenly solve the troon problem.
The Left in Charge?
>Okay with taking away a woman's right to safety and choices regarding their own bodies.
>Infantize women to the point they believe they can't speak for themselves.

The Right in Charge?
>Okay with taking away a woman's right to medical attention and choices regarding their own bodies.
>Objectify women to the point they're considered fancy lawn ornaments.

Nonnie, there's no hope. The only thing to do is burn it all down and create anew.
People can believe in two separate things. There's no rule or law against it. ie. A person can be a republican and still be pro-choice.

No. 1331680

agreed. it's really weird since radical feminism is hard left and all the radfem pioneers were like…communists. not a radfem but it's so weird to see anti-communist anti-feminist allying with them now.

No. 1331681

ok conservaterf

No. 1331684

Do you think the troon problem is the only issue that affects women? And yeah, the left is shit but still better than the right.

No. 1331689

>Nonnie, there's no hope. The only thing to do is burn it all down and create anew.
The fuck do you think "left-wing" even means. The left-wing is diverse but they are all opposed to the social hierarchy in some way. The right on the other hand views the social order as natural or desirable.

No. 1331721

File: 1632352076052.jpg (28.41 KB, 500x535, 6725a978c167564218a050531f6175…)

Is there someone shilling conservatism in the thread again?

No. 1331724

Are you the sperging tradthot from the previous thread?

No. 1331737

File: 1632352723264.jpg (25.35 KB, 492x449, 1497368589464.jpg)

Not that weird, they just don't read. "Radfem" is nothing but an edgy label and a nice repackaging for them, it's useful for furthering their goals. The same thing that happened to libfems will happen to conservaterfs: conservatard moids will pretend to give a shit about women's rights for a while (say, kick troons out of sports, maybe out of female shelters), then pull the rug from right under them when it's convenient (bodily autonomy? oops, can't have that). Again. Just like moids took over libfem.
Same dance, different song.


No. 1331739

Just report and ignore the ~le both sides~ sperg, guys. It's a obviously tranny trying to derail the thread and make it seem like we align ourselves wholly with conservitards.

No. 1331747

Liberal feminism is in such a sad, pathetic state now. Liberal feminism gave birth to the Suffragettes but now liberal feminism thinks prostitution is empowering.

No. 1331750

Don't bother, don't you know the us vs them thing is really working so well and totally not radicalizing people who care, pushing away those who never picked a side, and ultimately wasting everyone's time talking in circles and going nowhere? Lazy retards who piss and moan all day about how much other people (who pretty much want the same things but disagree on how to get there) are ruining their life without lifting a fucking finger to actually do anything about it deserved to be ruled by the elites tbh.

No. 1331752

>piss and moan all day about how much other people (who pretty much want the same things but disagree on how to get there) are ruining their life
If you think radical feminists and conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation want the "same things" then you're completely delusional.

No. 1331762

Lib fems have devolved into a bunch of woman-children that agree to men's demands because they're too scared of being called mean names. Weak and self righteous.

No. 1331779

Can relate to this. One of my aunts is an immigrant from Japan and her internalized misogyny is through the roof. She is always trashing her daughter for not being feminine enough, making her put on lots of makeup even though she doesn't want to, and she told her that she shouldn't act too independent if she wants to find a husband. At the same time she thinks she is a big feminist because she tells her daughter to study hard and get a good job. She also clearly treats her son better than her daughter (but I feel like this is common with mothers in general). If a random man told her that he identifies as a woman because of his "gender feelings" then she would absolutely believe him because she believes gender is innate.

No. 1331789

File: 1632354777561.png (487.88 KB, 760x871, Screenshot_20210922-165118.png)

Sincerely fuck these men, she was a lesbian. Mags is a clown

No. 1331790

File: 1632354778708.jpeg (281.37 KB, 750x926, 8482B42B-B9C0-4272-8D20-27305E…)

There’s a new anthology of stories from women who were harmed by AGPs.

The introduction is up on medium and touches on how women get silenced and made to feel crazy when they get abused by these men: https://medium.com/@kittyit/you-told-me-you-were-different-an-anthology-of-harm-ab6d43debab5

No. 1331792

This is the troon who talks about his "period" constantly, right

No. 1331793

His Twitter is a whole mess

No. 1331801

Androgynous beauty =/= trans


No. 1331815

Damn it's physical copies only

No. 1331821

>androgynous =/= trans
>beauty =/= trans
>woman =/= man
Proposed fixes for you.

No. 1331830

that looks nothing like abby…

No. 1331861

Sadly out of print for now. I would have liked to purchase it.

No. 1331864


A bit late, but I'm looking at this app called Ulindr and it's giving me "women only, we mean it" vibes

No. 1331866

Was Hepburn really a lesbian or was it just the celebrity gossip mill making it up to ruin her career?

No. 1331869

Anyone who believes that two groups are ideologically related simply because they have one minor view in common is a retard. The processes by which radfems and right-wingers arrived at the conclusion of "troons bad" are completely different, like convergent evolution. Conservatives think troons are bad because it goes against tradition, basically. Radfems think troons are bad because they reduce womanhood to a costume and ignore sex-based misogyny.

Basically, conservatism is a broken clock. It happens to be right on this one issue, but that doesn't make it any less wrong about damn near everything else. As much as I despise trannies, I'd still rather side with the party of troons than the party of banning abortion.

No. 1331872

not out of print! second edition is out with more submissions.

No. 1331873

Conservatives think gender is innate like troons do. They both believe women are born to be intellectually dull but nurturing cheerleaders to logical and superior men. I would say most of the conservative resistance to transgenderism is because of how much they associate it with gay people. Conservatives absolutely hate gay people and might even treat trooning out as a "cure" for gayness.

No. 1331881

>endlessly scolded for the language we used to talk about those who harmed us
Ugh, why is this so hard for people. You want someone to believe you, you don't express that you have an incentive to lie.
>She raped me.
It's not that hard to swallow your pride (never thought I'd say that about women lol)
Obviously I'd never tell a victim this, but it actually does get on my nerves.

No. 1331890

>Those of us who spoke openly about our mistreatment, including rape and physical assault, were accused of lying, endlessly scolded for the language we used to talk about those who harmed us, and told speaking out about how we were harmed directly contributed to hate crimes against transwomen.

A lot of psychologists do this now. How fucked is it that people who are paid to help others with their mental health are abusing them in this way? Though I have never had much respect for the psych industry.

No. 1331916

>genetic women are becoming obsolete
It's pretty funny that they've been saying this ridiculous nonsensical shit for 40 years now

No. 1331925

kek come back and say that when you can carry a pregnancy and give birth

No. 1331927

Seriously, that shit was nuts to read. Sounds like something you’d see in a Twitter thread.

No. 1331932

File: 1632368084599.jpg (857.92 KB, 1126x2048, PicsArt_09-22-08.34.12.jpg)

No. 1331938

lol he looks like kid rock

No. 1331942

He is living the AGP weeaboo dream. He lives in Japan with his nutty straight Japanese wife who LARPs as a lesbian along with him, and he threatens actual Japanese lesbians into letting him intrude on their exclusive spaces.

No. 1331944

the troon teaches philosophy and linguistics LMAO

No. 1331947

File: 1632370450826.png (506.38 KB, 507x437, 4324234.PNG)

Not only has the American troon remained married to his pickme Japanese wife but he even has a Swedish artist girlfriend who lives together with his wife and three children. Oh, and the Swedish lady is some type of gender abomination too since she uses he/him pronouns.

No. 1331948

File: 1632371016820.png (106.4 KB, 590x1037, 78678432432.PNG)

I am so tired of libfems like Heidi. Whenever a woman points out how terrible troons are, 80% of the time it's another woman who rushes in to tell her to stop being disrespectful to men in dresses.

No. 1331949

File: 1632371383241.png (940.97 KB, 932x591, a gringo and a pickme (clown w…)

He even roped in his wife into his ultimate weeb fantasy: opening a dance club with a moeshit theme.
You can read more about the mindset of his progressive™ wife and how he has her completely wrapped around his finger.

So he even managed to check the last transbian box: having a polycule. Fascinating.

No. 1331950

but does he have the thai-issued neovagina yet?

No. 1331951

File: 1632371680372.jpg (494.42 KB, 1166x1656, Ca_eGdyUAAEiQvf.jpg)

I can see why he wants to get into a Japanese lesbian bar. Not only does it validate him but lesbian bars in Japan advertise themselves with flyers that make them look like strip clubs or JAV DVD posters.

No. 1331958

> names their club fucking WAIFU

fucking hell

No. 1331959

He literally called it "WAIFU"? Oh my god just kill all weeaboos already.

No. 1331960

He had 3 children with his wife, surrounds himself with like-minded gringos and americanized Japanese people who enable his fetish 24/7. He's not getting rid of it.
Only a minority of TIMs get the chop, btw.

No. 1331964

He's got a younger Swedish artist girlfriend now. No way is he giving up on his dick.

No. 1331973

I agree a lot of Japanese women are mega handmaidens but she's bad even by Japanese standards.

>stays with her husband after he troons out

>becomes a trans rights activist
>harasses lesbians for not like TIMs
>calls herself a "lesbian" to validate her husband's identity
>lets her husband have his younger swedish girlfriend live in the same house as their three kids
>helps husband open up a tranny-focused club called "WAIFU"

No. 1331980

Both the troon and his wife are professors. This is proof that sometimes smart people are actually dumb.

No. 1331984

She even says she is no longer in a romantic relationship with her husband because he has the Swedish lady, and yet she hasn't left him lmao

No. 1331985

Maybe it's something to do with Japanese culture. Like, single and/or divorced older women being looked down upon, so they have to find a man and stick with them no matter what; doesn't matter if he's violent, if he's cheating… or if he troons out.
(Idk, just guessing. Read about this years ago but I don't really remember.)

No. 1331989

I think staying with a transbian husband and having an open relationship where your husband's girlfriend lives in your house is more shameful than being divorced.

No. 1331990

of course for all his whining about being oppressed for being queer, he wouldn't actually date a man and his gf denies being a woman.

No. 1331995

Does it come with free pingpong balls?

No. 1331997

TRAs call literally every singe woman they dislike a TERF or a radfem, even J.K Rowling who is a moderate liberal is now a TERF for them
when you get called a radical feminist so many times, you at one point start believing it

No. 1331998

Nah, it was real. Although she did say she really loved Spencer Tracy. So maybe she would be classified as "bi", but who can say?

No. 1332002

Conservatives don't like troons because they target children.

No. 1332003

Good point.

No. 1332004

>yes but maybe no
So the truth is no one knows.

No. 1332005

Well, you can read up on Scotty Bowers, but it's all just his word we have to go on. I doubt anyone has physical receipts they could procure.

No. 1332016

Cynthia was Filipina, not Thai.

No. 1332046

File: 1632386608837.png (225.03 KB, 860x904, 396-3968885_transparent-tina-b…)

Bob Belcher trooned out

No. 1332055

You sound retarded

No. 1332059

White moid coomer will go this far to get his coom fantasy fulfilled. Never underestimate the lengths male coomers will go. No shame or anything. Isn’t his wife embarrassed???

No. 1332068

No, she continuously backs him up on his shit and even seems proud to harass lesbians.

No. 1332072

>Muh intersex people
These retards keep bringing this up, as if there isn't access to a huge library of information to tell us that intersex people aren't both/neither sexes. They're one sex with genetic mutations that result in some opposite sex characteristics. As far as I've seen, there's no intersex condition that results in having both sets of genitals, especially not a functioning set. The "biological diversity" they screech about is women with some extra male characteristics, but don't produce semen, and men with some extra female characteristics, but don't produce eggs or have wombs. Most of these people seem to grow up to look like troons (Caster Semenya looks like a TIM, for example; and he pretty much is), or actually being deformed, crippled, or sick. It doesn't support troon logic at all. In fact, if they want to equate themselves to intersex people, they're not the gender they identify as, they would just be deformed versions of their birth sex.

No. 1332074

Kek, the way she tells Joana to Google it and doesn't substantiate any of her arguments even though the onus is on her.

No. 1332076

Did this moid just to confess to treating his Japanese wife as his chattel.

No. 1332079

I can't believe they even have a documentary.

No. 1332081

They always do this, as if Googling things didn't lead us to our solution. Not everyone is uninformed, just because you want to be the smarter, better-read person in your discussion kek.
>"Waifu is less derogatory/dehumanizing than wife"
Waifu is literally a term used for your 2D brain bangmaids with one-dimensional personalities, but okay. I guess anything is more respectful than actually being married to this scrote.

No. 1332082

So the troon brainwashes his wife everyday about transgender shit and she's such a handmaiden that she just accepts it.

No. 1332083

File: 1632392017048.jpg (394.64 KB, 1440x1148, 20210923_110652.jpg)

It will never fail to make me kek how TRA'S think anybody with 5 working senses wouldn't immediately be able to clock 99.99% of trannys without looking at their disgusting rotting frankenholes. Also kek at the 'but what about the non-passing cis folk' the levels of copium these twitterfags consume is immeasurable.

No. 1332085

I bet he wants to change his race since he gets a lot of privilege from being white in Japan but the most he could do was change his "gender" to at least avoid legally being a white man.

No. 1332086

As if we hadn't been doing fine with this until they came around. And even now, it's not that we aren't clocking basically everyone properly (yes, even GNC people), just that we're not allowed to comment on it. I'm pretty sure the amount of people harmed by allowing scrotes into women's spaces vastly surpasses any potential harm someone could face through brief scrutiny before entering the bathroom (then passing with their voice).

No. 1332092

File: 1632394377086.png (942.71 KB, 870x1033, 0314245.png)

I just want to ask him why…

No. 1332094

What an absolute waste

No. 1332095

i cannot wait for the day i encounter a tranny in a public bathroom. hysterical laughter or being extremely mean and condescending, i will decide spontaneously.

No. 1332096

File: 1632394497170.jpeg (158.3 KB, 1122x2208, Q6hmHuV.jpeg)

No. 1332098

went from buff incel to soyboy incel, nowhere near feminine. does he even try? this guy wanks it to tranny porn all day i can just tell

No. 1332099

I mean he was an incel either way, but it's an absolute cope for him to imply he "looks better now". He didn't look like an ape, he looked like a strong man with a decent face. Now he looks like a shriveled, greasy rat coated in powdered makeup.

No. 1332100

File: 1632395098300.png (1.25 MB, 2036x1243, 02985170498083.png)

He's gay, ex military (?) comes from a conservative family, gun owner. He went from a handsome gay chad to whatever this is. His account has been inactive for 2 years, depressed tranny moid + gun owner ended in suicide most likely.

No. 1332105

File: 1632395660963.png (305.93 KB, 986x967, rip tranny.png)

This is his last post on Reddit. Homie is dead. What a shame.

No. 1332114

he went from buff jerma to gay jerma

No. 1332115

Before and after Porn addiction. They should put this on posters.

No. 1332124

He didn't realize he was getting treated just like an actual woman here.

No. 1332125

Slightly ot but I was thinking recently about how women are being referred to as 'womb havers', 'bleeders' etc but the same thing isn't happening to men.
Obviously this is because of plain old misogyny but I was thinking about how I see a lot of posts on instagram, twitter and tik tok saying 'men are trash', 'i hate men''men are stupid' and if these same people started referring to men as 'penis havers' these posts would then rightfully include TIMs

No. 1332128

kek when do you guys think trannies will rehash the michael obama conspiracy on their terms? this could hypotheticaly be a funny little gayop for any lurking tranny larper accelerationists.
sometimes? all academic circles in the west (and as evidenced here, even elsewhere) are infested with the most retarded bullshit you could possibly imagine. academia really attracts 120iqlets who feel think they're much too clever to do actual work like a prole but aren't smart enough to actually make something of themselves.
the saddest pill to swallow is realising that some women must also be mercy killed in the great solanas cleansing.
how the fuck has his face changed so much??? did he really get muscle wasting on his fucking facial muscles?? the recessed chin jumped the fuck out.

No. 1332133

A lot of muscle in his neck just vanished, I think the combonation of pencil neck and recessed chin accentuated both features. Look how unnoticable his weak chin was when he looked like he really took care of himself. He probably fixated on features like that and convinced himself they were "feminine" features, took the path of least resistance and trooned out. Its a shame that these people don't realize "gender dysphoria" is just a self destructive way of reclassifying body dysmorphia

No. 1332139

File: 1632400734438.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

mandatorily have to post this

No. 1332152

File: 1632403094411.jpeg (106.59 KB, 640x480, 282FBC8D-B77A-4BCF-8CB9-48A700…)

Seen on Reddit

No. 1332158

>admitting they're socially awkward pussies
Kek so much for muh punch a terf.

No. 1332161

Kek. I ordered this same dress from Amazon and had to return it because it doesn't fit on anyone who has more than aa-cup boobs since there is barely any fabric in the front. Male priviledge smh.

No. 1332163

Kek, they think we don't know they're socially awkward retards. Moids still don't belong in women's spaces, even if they're weak, because moids are statistically more dangerous to women and girls than women are. Also, being socially retarded =/= being weak or not being dangerous. Retard strength is real, social workers get seriously hurt by clients all the time.

No. 1332168

>toxic masculinity
All masculinity is toxic because gender is a harmful social construct. “Toxic masculinity” is one of my least favorite libfem terms. It’s up there with “slutshaming” and “whorephobia” in terms of stupidity. Radfems have funnier terms like “handmaidens”, “yonic”, and “not my Nigel”.

No. 1332180

I hope you're brave enough to do this anon. The first time I encountered a tranny in a bathroom I just looked at the ground and tried to get out as fast as possible. I was honestly pretty scared bc it was a middle-aged AGP hon and there was no one else in the bathroom.

No. 1332181

That's now what its about though, the thing is that these overly masculine males who troon out have an incredibly fragile sense of masculinity, they set an impossible standard on how a man is supposed to be on themselves, when they don't meet that standard they think is real, they start believing that their not real men anymore and they should just give up, but IRL no one fucking cares though, its 100% self inflicted

No. 1332190

"The following morning, I told Midori about it and she was so enraged that she looked like a Super Saiyan."

My fucking sides

No. 1332208

What the fuck, this sudden muscle loss must have been so daunting on his body. Forgive me but I'm feeling sorry for this one.
Weeb levels are off the charts

No. 1332215

gotta wonder what percentage of overwatch players are troons

No. 1332236

By the amount of porn produced for the game I am sure it's quite a few who trooned out just because of it.

No. 1332240

Followed the Alpha Male rhetoric right into the Troon Pipeline.

No. 1332249

interesting that they masculinize the "terf" (woman) against the uwu dainty trans girl as if she's the "true" woman

No. 1332254

kek anon I thought the same thing

He was probably always addicted to porn tbf. Most men are.

No. 1332259

Both sides are supposed to be TIMs. Left side is how TERFs see TIMs (wrong), right side is supposed to be how TIMs "actually are" (double wrong). The reality is that TIMs speak with the social retardation and weakness of the right, but the agression and hate of women of the left.

No. 1332260

Unless I'm missing something, I don't think this is a case of porn addiction and more deeply disturbed gay man, he wasn't going for the bimbo look, he just seems like he was uncapable of accepting himself

No. 1332265

File: 1632413721162.png (2.74 MB, 2576x1408, wow.png)

I… just.. wow

No. 1332274

If I could offer any advice to troons hoping to pass a little better, it would be to get your fucking teeth cleaned professionally.

No. 1332279

File: 1632414358143.png (31.79 KB, 341x179, Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 17.25…)


No. 1332288

Nuclear level cope lol, he knows he's an ugly fuck

No. 1332290

Moids have no attention to detail. They’re not socialized to learn it, because women are expected to be the meticulous ones who care about aesthetics. They think long hair and pink lipstick = “beauty.” They literally don’t notice the stubble, rough skin, massive square jaw or yellow horse teeth. If a woman had even one of these undesirable features she’d be embarrassed to leave the house, let alone flex on Twitter. But you can’t stop moid arrogance.

No. 1332296

AKA Jerma. (That's right, shots fired)

No. 1332303

anecdote but a year ago or so my mom (who is very polite and very small) encountered a massive hon in a public women’s bathroom, and was visibly confused and startled for a short moment after entering because she didn’t expect a giant man in a dress in there. Without her saying anything, the hon got super pissed that she got startled by him and aggressively told her that he belongs there and that he can show her his genitals to prove. She just apologized shortly because she was scared of him and got out of there asap.

No. 1332327


cultural disease

No. 1332336

File: 1632417564435.jpeg (739.02 KB, 1242x1861, 27AFC234-0706-4521-8F01-820239…)

>compass eyes pointing west and east.

No. 1332359

Retarded is creating needless conflict with people and then expecting them to side with you.

No. 1332367

File: 1632420126026.png (663.52 KB, 798x985, 20210923_191334.png)


No. 1332368

this is peak male delusion

No. 1332397

This kind of shit makes me so angry. He had five seconds of empathy and now he claims to be a woman. He is dressed like an alien who never saw a woman in his life. I hate that so much. He watched a show made by a woman, 50% of the world population is female but he can't understand what a woman is.
No, it doesn't make sense. Men hate us and are appropriating our struggles just to have fun, to gain power over us. That's how unwashed and unloveable men are controlling us.

No. 1332398

The clock stuck 12 on this mf

No. 1332406

File: 1632423710766.jpeg (78.89 KB, 240x340, CCD85F6D-0C81-48F6-AB82-4E4E8B…)

holy shit it's troon sartre

No. 1332412

Just a friendly reminder not to reply to paid shills trying to “many sides” you into pretending radfems and conservatards have a goddamn thing in common besides beefing with troons. Report and move on.

No. 1332414

Quiet, libtard.(infighting)

No. 1332418

File: 1632426486435.png (68.47 KB, 496x394, Screenshot_20210923-134116.png)

>White man describes black people as sub-human monsters
>"It's okay, he said he was sowwy!"
>Woman says that sexism is based on physiological sex
>"Irredeemable! Burn all of her books!"
And these retards have the nerve to call themselves "feminists."

No. 1332422

OT but lovecraft was extremely racist even for his time, he had a panic attack when he learned he was partially welsh

No. 1332423

That wasn't OPs point and a random TRA comment is not milk.

No. 1332425

OT but I really need to read a biography about him, guy was a cow ahead of his time

No. 1332426

File: 1632427235407.jpeg (826.82 KB, 831x3464, thathappened.JPEG)

This reads like a really bad lesbian porn script, definitely never happened

>we entered a coloring competition together

>she tongued my anus
>she called my dick a clit
>she totally saw me as a real woman and was not a chaser

men are so fucking weird

No. 1332429

>she came from touching herself with one hand while fingering his butt
like in a film, indeed

No. 1332430

>Lovecraft was a product of his time
He wasn't, though. Lovecraft was extremely racist, even for his time. People regarded him as a terrifying and hateful man, even when he was alive. He also was surrounded by minorities (his Jewish wife of two years and several gay friends come to mind) who were nothing but kind and patient with him, but he never changed his mind. The "renunciation" was him saying "maybe I shouldn't have been as openly hostile", which is simply the pathetic last realization of a man dying practically alone.
JK Rowling, on the other hand, has been very kind and liberal for her entire career. She's only shown support for LGB people, nonwhite people, and women; For all the claims of her being "hateful", I've never seen her do or say anything hateful, at least not without prompting, and only to malicious people when she does. She was quiet, passive, and gentle with her initial essay, not saying anything derisive about troons, just "I've seen a lot of misogynistic and homophobic attitudes from those circles, to the point it's become dangerous for vulnerable people" It was only when she was srnt endless death and rape threats, and had posts of literal children's drawings responded to with porn and violence, that she became hostile. I'd say that's well deserved.
The two aren't comparable at all.

No. 1332433

Silence moid.

My sides. Lovecraft was and forever will be a degenerate scrote.

No. 1332438

There is so much in this to comment on, that I would be writing a novel if I tried. This definitely didn't happen, though. Perhaps the most telling part imo is "We walked arm in arm back to her place, smiles on our faces discussing feminist philosophy or some serious shit like that". There's something so childlike, bitter, and unknowing to it. It's like he hates the idea of women talking about feminism, but wants to be one, and thinks all of them do that any time they're together for more than an hour, so he "has" to do it.
Also, writing the totally real ex girlfriend as being bigger than him ("she loved how small I was uwu"), stronger than him, taking the dominant role, but she's a full femme (I assume with no visible muscles? kek) who is super interested in everything he has to say and does everything he wants without him ever having to communicate any of it. It reads as fake to such an extent that I don't buy that this moid has ever had sex, or even kissed anyone, let alone this perfect dominant bangmaid he's written.

No. 1332451

i feel so bad for the kids, it's shameful to be related to that insane narcissist

No. 1332473

What is it with men writing ridiculous shit and thinking that it sounds even remotely realistic? It's like you can feel the impossible fetish fantasy oozing out of it. It's so out of this world and they genuinely can't tell. Is it the autism? The natural male retardation? He says he's a woman but even when writing he's undeniably and disgustingly male.

No. 1332479

That pedo stare…

No. 1332481

There’s no way this is actually accepted with the Japanese public. They look at you funny if you dye your hair an unnatural color.

No. 1332484

Lesbian writing about her first date with a woman:
>"We watched a movie, walked around a bit, then went to her place to get to know each other better."
Scrote writing his self insert first date lesbian smut:
>Ten paragraphs writing about a woman who agrees with him in every way, has all the same interests as him, and has kinky sex with him in the exact way he wants on the first date.
And they expect us to but it kek.

No. 1332503

You have to take into account that Japanese people give white people a pass so they can get away with a lot more in Japan. If you’re a Japanese person doing it then you will be shamed, if you’re neither white nor Japanese then you will just be hated in general since you don’t have any racial/ethnic privileges.

No. 1332545

This reads like fanfiction written by a horny teenager

No. 1332549

not that he wasn't a shit, but the creepy stare is bc he was partially blind

this man has ever spoken to a woman tha isn't his mother

No. 1332558

File: 1632439560147.png (Spoiler Image, 440.36 KB, 612x454, noelfielding.PNG)

A Starcrawler reply guy. I can't spoiler this enough.

No. 1332565

>when you can only see the chin but that's enough to leave you in disgust
btw does anyone know what that discoloration going down the middle of the balls is? I don't think I've seen it before.

No. 1332567

he looks like he could be one of Bolsonaro's children. gnarly

No. 1332569

God, his wife is such a cuck. I doubt she would take this shit if her husband was Japanese. Since he’s a white man she just thinks she’s ignorant and he must be more enlightened than her about ~LGBTQ issues~.

No. 1332572

The troon and his wife calling their marriage a “same sex marriage” is such an insult to gay people everywhere.

No. 1332584

>She was a strict lesbian, but she experimented with men
Not really a "strict" lesbian then, is she? Or really a lesbian at all, sounds more like a bisexual in denial. I'm a lesbian and just the idea of putting my mouth anywhere near a man's hairy ass makes me want to vomit. All of that is neither here nor there though, because this didn't happen. Sex on the first date isn't necessarily uncommon, but anilingus on the first date definitely is. Even women who are into it (talk about pickmes having shit taste kek) don't start with it. When straight people (including the fictional cis woman in this story) do it, it's to "experiment" or "mix things up" in an established relationship.

Gay scrotes do it on first dates or one-night-stands (lick it before you stick it is an old adage among them) but we're talking about women here. The fact that OP's creative writing sounds more like something gay men would do tells you everything need to know about his insight (or lack thereof) on women.

No. 1332588

File: 1632443295833.jpeg (462.51 KB, 1021x947, B65A34F8-8F48-485D-9AE2-9722BA…)

Black trannies hate black women, but they especially hate ones that don’t need to (or want to) sink tons of time and money into looking feminine.

No. 1332590

There are no self respecting women who chow on a can of man ass no matter how in love they are. First date? Never, it just doesn't happen ever

No. 1332592

kek what subreddit was this on

No. 1332594

I never understood why people say “black women aren’t feminine” when black women spend more time, money, and energy in performing femininity than most groups of women do on average. So many black women are ashamed of their hair texture and don’t even wear their natural hair.

No. 1332595

lol just reading through his other posts… if there's even a kernel of truth in this, it's that he was looking for a second mother for himself/his children and was gently rejected by a desperate, but not that desperate, bisexual.

No. 1332600

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1332601

I’ve always hated the “let black women be feminine!” libfem bullshit. As if being held to Eurocentric beauty standards and performing femininity hasn’t seriously fucked with the self-esteem of countless black women.

No. 1332606

This thread is countless demonstrations of how femininity is rooted in biology. Yeah there is euro beauty stuff, but it encompasses much more than that

No. 1332610

what are you even talking about lol, sex is biological but gender isn’t

No. 1332616

>femininity is rooted in biology
You sound like a troon.

No. 1332617

File: 1632445604855.jpg (114.21 KB, 744x495, Darren-Agee-Merager.jpg)

So I just heard some news about Darren Merager, the troon who walked around Wi Spa in Los Angeles in front of women and girls with his dick hanging out. Andy Ngo reported on this guy: apparently he's now a fugitive after a second arrest warrant was filed. This also isn't the first time he's done this to women and girls, in 2018 he did the same thing to girls (as young as 10 years old, according to Andy) in a pool changing room. This is why I wish it was legal to just kill these people on sight.


No. 1332618

Things that would be considered feminine stem from secondary sex characteristics. E.g. petite, thick hair, rounder eyes
Things like makeup are used to add emphasis
People's idea of femininity isn't just "eurocentric beauty standards"

No. 1332619

In Praise of Shadows made a very TL;DW video about Castle Freak and H.P. Lovecraft and at one point says, apparently completely seriously, that he believes Lovecraft was trans.

I nearly choked on my drink laughing.

No. 1332621

Male hair trigger temper induced by having entitlement (nearly) questioned.
Your poor mom!

No. 1332632

Wtf. He needs to be in prison, getting raped by Big Biff. Disgusting piece of shit!!

No. 1332637

That video is really cringe, because he falls on his face trying to pretend that he's not saying "for sure" that Lovecraft was a troon, and that he's not using troonacy to justify Lovecraft being a terrible asshole, but he also definitely did both of those things. The fact that he implied Lovecraft could've been a troon at all, right after pointing out the much more obvious source of any effeminate behavior and bodily insecurity (his schizophrenic mother constantly referring to him as ugly and wishing she had a daughter instead of him), is almost comical. Reading that many racist diatribes to "show what a piece of shit Lovecraft was" and "prove he's not excusing him" feels weird, too. Anyway, he's not wrong to suggest Lovecraft fits in with your average TIMs, but he is wrong to suggest that that's because Lovecraft may have been a woman. Lovecraft was a man; a spiteful, bitter man who hated women, gay people, and anyone not sufficiently "ethnically pure" enough for his liking. He fits in with TIMs because they're the same thing. Sad, angry, hateful men. He did the math right and got the wrong answer.

No. 1332638

File: 1632447607557.png (101.13 KB, 621x439, öälä.png)

toxic masculinity specifically means when masculinity backfires and hurts men. It's implied that masculinity is bad for women. At least that's what it originally meant

No. 1332646

Found discussion here >>>/ot/914348 and here >>1332418

No. 1332658

If this story is even true (which it isn’t), the woman is bisexual. I don’t know any lesbians who’d lick a man’s hairy asshole, let alone on a first date kek

No. 1332660

Only a troon would consider a woman “dusty” if she’s not wearing a wig, fake nails and fake eyelashes.

No. 1332672

yeah i was completely turned off from this band when he came out, this album cover disgusted me so bad as a younger female fan and everything about it seemed so fetishy. this cover even reminds me of that japanese cannibal guy they did a vice documentary on?? sorry for late response but i used to be really into that folk punk/anarcho punk/diy scene…. (sorry for sperg but if any of the AJJ guys ever troon out i'll be so disappointed, although their new music sucks)

No. 1332682

What demonstrations? Give us a tangible example then, not retarded ambiguities.

No. 1332711

File: 1632454709781.jpeg (573.35 KB, 750x1202, 8AB0C978-C99B-4CC8-9B17-292B64…)

Bonus: Troon looks like this.

He works at Dollar Tree btw.

No. 1332718

This dude needs to cut waaaaaaay back on his porn consumption

No. 1332722

Andy Ngo is a whiny crybaby faggot.

No. 1332734

File: 1632457003462.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1488, DDDF0F7D-736B-414C-BB7F-75BB84…)

Why do all troons own this cheap 2 dollar choker from Shein?

No. 1332738

The top comment under that post is a moid GAMP saying “cis straight men do this too”. I took a quick look at his profile and he’s married to a tranny and he goes to MTF subreddits to make them feel good about themselves.

No. 1332739

>plastic furniture
>calvin klein
checks out

No. 1332742

not the fucking strabismus…

No. 1332743

To camouflage their Adam’s apple.

No. 1332744

File: 1632459608076.jpeg (167.85 KB, 485x356, 56A07D1D-F874-47F0-A1CE-DE03BE…)

>that crusty, worn-out, unlined black lip
They really don’t do themselves any favors do they

No. 1332746

File: 1632459865844.jpeg (282.9 KB, 750x317, FEA8C2E3-0067-4676-896B-2DAF65…)

No. 1332771

While it's still stupid I can understand them wanting to headcanon heroic historical people like Mulan as trans, but why the fuck would woke idiots want to trans the misanthropic racist who wrote "on the creation of niggers"? lmfao
In a hundred years will idiots be making videos about how far right personalities from our time like Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes were actually stunning and brave transwomen?

No. 1332777

Well Lovecraft was a reclusive delusional paranoid narcissist who hated black people so they actually have a lot in common

No. 1332785

yeah male dating male,totally not gay!

No. 1332797

File: 1632466924870.png (233.29 KB, 929x703, 1619508628950.png)

They are literally trying to Trans Ernest Hemmingway of all people

The main proof of the trans-ness Hemmingway was that when he was a baby his parents followed the then upper class Victorian tradition of having kids wear gender neutral clothing frilly clothing up until the age of 4, that and Hemmingway insecurities regarding his masculinity, I'm not a Hemmingway fan by any means but even I think this is disrespectful

No. 1332803

Fascinating how these anonymous troons online always manage to find a kinky "femme top" mommy bangmaid who aggressively wants to make out like in a porn movie all the time and eat and finger their unshowered asses. And of course she as a lesbian gets so off to fingering a man's ass that she orgasms from that alone.

I often think about this as well and I can only guess that they know it's bullshit but want to live a fantasy life and believe it's real.

No. 1332809

File: 1632469798020.jpg (60.45 KB, 1200x385, Italian.jpg)

his life is hilarious in all the wrong ways and honestly his racism isn't even offensive to me cause its so fucking comical, he's a literal /pol/ serotype who didn't even consider Welsh or Irish people white

No. 1332847

even in this current troon world gender is still the same as sex in 99% of cases. It's not even that a "cis" persons sex and gender match, there is literally no distinction between the two for most people and is only made up so troons can pretend their delusions are based in biology when in reality it simply isn't anything but a delusion. It's like saying an anorexic is skinny-gender because they feel with their entire being that they need to be skinny to be happy, and their body is wrong by default for not matching their skinny brain. But in reality it's a sick and harmful delusion.

No. 1332849

File: 1632475743476.png (Spoiler Image, 864.83 KB, 804x1279, Screenshot_20210924-054727.png)

Is this the "missed childhood" they wish they could've experienced? Looks like a pedo's fantasy. It seems the manga is about the kid being non-binary and 14-15, but of course egg_irl loves this image for some odd reason.

No. 1332857

In their mind sex is biology and "gender" is just their way of defining their personality. They say "gender" instead of personality, that's literally it. So if a girl has a strong or "dominant" personality, doesn't like dresses, is tall and muscular and isn't interested in pregnancy and children, then her gender is "man" because girls who aren't petite and super feminine aren't girls. Then if a guy doesn't want to or can't live up to standards, he's obviously a woman because "failed" male = woman. Their whole ideology is rooted in bigotry and bullshit gender roles. Also men seek to slither in women's spaces and diddle children, so the trans and woke shit offers a good shield for them.

>Looks like a pedo's fantasy
Because the majority of them ARE pedos, anon.

No. 1332862

File: 1632477765611.png (253.13 KB, 1824x4040, E6BUrWhWUAA90Vn.png)

another mommydom feminization fantasy comic

No. 1332864

>Is this Anime for pedos?
Dang, I dunno… Is a toothbrush for cleaning your teeth? Do tires go on your car? Is pedophile media made for pedophiles? Guess we'll never fukkin know.

No. 1332880

>In their mind sex is biology
A lot of them do not even believe biological sex exists or they say that it is a “spectrum”. It’s strange because I don’t remember trannies in the past completely denying biological sex being a real thing. Now gender has become the biological reality whereas sex is the social construct.

No. 1332881

This isn't even in the top 100 of awful shit TIMs do but something that always makes me furious is when TIMS name themselves after goddesses
Artemis, Athena, Freya, Juno, e.t.c
they literally are taking everything that belongs to us, even the most scared things

No. 1332895

Pedos, all of them. I study most of them at uni and this has never come up.

No. 1332899

>porn in which a mentally disabled woman is under the guardianship of a vintage female bear woman, who then falls and pisses herself while outside in her underwear and starts crying

No. 1332901

File: 1632481814844.jpg (585.43 KB, 1646x1080, IMG_20210717_152028.jpg)

No. 1332914

I'm an avid kink shamer of moids but women who eat xy ass are the lowest of the low. I can't think of anything more degrading and disgusting hygiene wise. I'd kms.

No. 1332915

No. 1332917

Imagine acknowledging that men have notoriously bad ass hygiene, have actually crazy hairy bear asses, and are men, but still choosing to put your mouth on the butthole voluntarily

No. 1332929

File: 1632483502389.png (1 MB, 1134x1087, wth.png)

He wasn't good looking before but why do they always look 1000x worse after transition? It's scary how worse they look now compared to before.

No. 1332934

File: 1632483815315.jpg (143.64 KB, 1080x1413, 176168458_305029277642890_4204…)

No. 1332941

File: 1632484131022.jpeg (263.31 KB, 1536x2048, 2F3200D3-D13F-4235-837C-2DDCCF…)

Found this hon in the wild on Twitter @simonetheboss2 don’t even know where to start here. And of course he has pictures of himself at work looking like just another normal fat dude inbetween larping as a woman. Peak male privilege.

No. 1332947

notice that trooning unlocks the power to take pics in the shithouse.

No. 1332948

hilarious that even the intonation of his post title reads male

No. 1332975

File: 1632488017251.webm (3.88 MB, 480x270, 2392625-4c0919d14dbe98f33731c3…)

Found this and thought you might also enjoy it

No. 1333009

This is delivered in a way some normies might accept.

No. 1333027

Found the full version on youtube

No. 1333028

File: 1632491632949.jpg (45.22 KB, 720x720, truth.jpg)

No. 1333031

>women who eat xy ass are the lowest of the low
There are worse women. I know some women who are into scat, knifeplay, and raceplay. Also all the women who engage in rape roleplay with their boyfriends are fucked. Anybody with rape fantasies is a piece of shit and I don't understand why people defend it.

No. 1333032

nta, other then literal gore or knifeplay eating a man's asshole out is the worst possible sex act I can think off

No. 1333033

Most women who are into rape-play were raped at some point in their life or molested as children. Your early experiences shape your sexuality for the rest of your life. Replaying the scenario, but consensually where the woman is in control and can stop it at any point sometimes helps with trauma.

Sadly a lot of people who were abused as children will forever have a fucked up sexuality and often perpetuate the cycle by becoming abusers themselves. As long as they don't hurt others and keep it to themselves I honestly don't give a shit what other people do in the bedroom. My main issue is how normal it has become to completely overshare shamelessly and talk publically about your "kinks". Just keep it in the bedroom.

No. 1333039

Anybody into rapeplay is insane.

No. 1333043

File: 1632492899099.png (394.75 KB, 587x559, male_feet_on_a_wc.png)

Why do they do this, seriously?

No. 1333046

Every moid on earth wants a mommy bangmaid who caters to their every need and gives them kinky sex on demand. Troons just get to pretend this basic male fantasy is uwu empowering, valid and gender euphoric.

No. 1333051

Anything BDSM is worse, especially the ones which involves sticking sharp objects into a woman's vagina, stretching the vagina open with tools, etc. People who pretend to be kids or roleplay incest are also grosser than any woman who eats man ass. I ain't even trying to defend women who eat man ass but there's so much more fucked up things people do.

No. 1333053

>where the woman is in control
make it make sense

No. 1333054

You can find literal FGM vids and "limbless fuckdolls" on porn sites. I am also surprised bestiality isn't illegal in most countries. Jesus.

No. 1333062

What kind of body proportions are these? In the TiM pic, He looks like a midget that was put on a medieval torture rack and stretched to his limits. Fucking stupid looking stretched out midget retard.

No. 1333065

File: 1632493681600.jpg (171.84 KB, 529x801, bra_fetish.jpg)

>no boobs
>wants to wear bras
>feels unfeminine when not wearing one
>is concerned about not wearing a bra LIKE women do (not while sleeping)
This is almost as ridiculous as pretending to have periods.

No. 1333070

File: 1632493966078.png (1.75 MB, 2559x1599, when will it end.png)

the other accounts don't have pics up, and that's a little boy at the bottom asking how to "squeal" like a girl. Totally not a fetish.

No. 1333075

Rape fantasies are insane period, but I do draw a line between genders on this topic. Women who have them (especially those who go as far as to act them out with men) tend to be mentally damaged pick-mes reenacting childhood trauma in unhealthy ways. Moids who have them are actual rapists too cowardly to act on their impulses who seek out “consenting” victims for plausible deniability. They are not the same to me in terms of harmfulness and sheer degeneracy.

People can do what they want in their bedrooms, but any woman who publicly discusses an interest in gross kinks is a fucking idiot bc it’s guaranteed to attract the worst scumbag moids around.

No. 1333076

Samefagging but I need to point out how typically male it is to say that without boobs female bodies aren't ''femenine enough''. Most men call flat anything from C cup to below and I bet this fatty has A cup manboobs under that piece of polyester.

No. 1333080

Back in the day moids like this were called transvestites or cross dressers, and they wore bras and wanked to the fantasy of being women in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Their suicide rates were also much lower because they accepted it was a fetish. They weren’t gassed up by the media to be ReAL WaHmEn and encouraged to mutilate themselves with hormones & surgeries until they inevitably realized it wasn’t possible and joined the 41%. Idk how anyone can read this emotionally tortured, delusional word vomit and think the current state of affairs is better for ANYONE involved.

No. 1333085

File: 1632495282018.png (594.4 KB, 557x676, 94D09DA7-2942-4820-8B74-4D320E…)

They’re so upset. Yes honey, I’m sure you’re petite and cute.

No. 1333090

But the second pic is an obese person regardless of gender kek. I always wonder what's the relationship these guys have with their mother's, I'd love to see him saying that to his mother's face.
Also, straight men only interested in women, who'd have thought

No. 1333091

File: 1632495897349.jpg (540.78 KB, 2148x1772, uh huh.jpg)

No. 1333093

I swear half of these troons are trans-age as well, because I have never seen more busted looking 20 and 30-somethings.

No. 1333104

>blowed out
The vagina is surrounded by muscle and expanding and contracting tissue. He's talking about his used and loose asshole that makes him smell like shit no matter how much he wipes and cleans because it's wide open. Instead of injecting estrogen and REEE-ing about vaginas, go to the gym and lift like the gays do so that asshole stays somewhat closed.

No. 1333111

File: 1632497001179.jpg (183.46 KB, 1016x778, tumblr trancel.jpg)

No. 1333120

>"I'm a social butterfly"
More like a social mosquito. I bet this nasty fuck only talks to people online. Calling himself "attractive" is a massive cope, I've seen actual dirt prettier than him.

No. 1333122

>stinky cunts
Wait until the only person to lay him is a transbian with a very brave and beautiful axe wound he has to pluck and scrape before sex. They smell like flowers.

No. 1333125

A lot of slimy men in kink communities are just there to find and abuse vulnerable people, thats my issue with it

No. 1333129

Kek, it's almost like there are actual straight guys out there and they're not attracted to gender presentation and the idea of what a woman should look but to the female sex.

No. 1333132

Exposure therapy is often used to justify why rapeplay might be healing or therapeutic for rape victims, however exposure therapy does not work for trauma/PTSD. They do not sit combat veterans down and light fireworks to get them used to them again, and you cannot recover from being raped by trying to get used to it. It’s one of the most vile copes of this generation, trying to tell traumatized women that they should just simulate getting raped again and again until their sense of self preservation is so dead they think they’ve recovered.

No. 1333138


Lmao, as IF any moid would turn down this woman on the left or the right. Troons stay salty. Omg, straight men prefer fertile women with vaginas - the injustice of it all!

No. 1333141

This needs to be the next thread pic LMAO

No. 1333143

NTA And you're right that it doesn't work, but it feels a bit fucked up to call women who have a kink that's clearly a vad coping mechanism for trauma a "piece of shit" like >>1333031 did. They're mentally fucked, yes, but they aren't rapists or monsters– They're victims of misogyny who need psychological help. It's like what >>1333075 said, women with rape kinks are most often victims and men with rape kinks are most often (if not always) monsters.
We're not blind, no.

No. 1333148

Is he related to shoeonhead by any chance? A retarded younger brother or something?

No. 1333161

We're not talking about real rape, the topic was rape-rp. Consensual rough sex with your partner where you can stop at any point and real rape is not the same. The whole point of roleplay is that its not real and with someone you're attracted to and you can design the scenario however you want.

No. 1333172

File: 1632501368178.png (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 1504x1804, rofl.png)

had the misfortune of seeing this pasty nerd in a very obvious chestplate, so you have to see it too


No. 1333173

File: 1632501561460.png (Spoiler Image, 359.59 KB, 756x660, rofl2.png)

and this is what his actual moob growths look like

No. 1333178

I hate the Western concept of bigger breasts = better, to the point if unnaturally large chests being an extremely common fetish. If a woman had breasts that big, I would be deeply concerned for her and hope she gets a reduction for health reasons.
Why do all troons get these long areolas and nipples? I think I've seen them on TIFs, too. It looks like someone put their nipples on a stretcher in an actually horrific way.

No. 1333185

I’m not an expert but I do have a morbid curiosity for these kind of things.
The troony moob or pointed troon nipple is an example of extreme nipple play on the part of the troon. In some circles it is believed that you can induce breast growth with nipple play or induce lactation with breast pumps. HRT and estrogen do not guarantee big anime kasan oopai. Some coomer troons will go to these length to make their hentai fantasies reality.
Unfortunately they’re more likely to kill them selves than actually grow hentai milkers.

No. 1333188

I see! That makes sense for degen TIMs, but I wonder what's up with shriveled-breasted TIFs? Either way, horrifying, thanks!

No. 1333198

I find it kind of fascinating that even on estrogen men tend to gain less chest fat than the obesity moobs of your average fat guy. It's amazing how the human body works, their male bodies aren't actually made to have boobs so even when trying to force it through unnatural means you get a subpar result that's nothing like that of a woman's body.

No. 1333202

>exposure therapy does not work for trauma/PTSD. They do not sit combat veterans down and light fireworks to get them used to them again
How do they treat combat ptsd then?

No. 1333213

NTA But other kinds of therapy. Anti-anxiety treatment, coping mechanisms, learning limits and how to avoid your worst triggers when needed. Exposure therapy just causes panic attacks, reinforcing that certain stimulus is always a danger to you.

No. 1333216

Nta but while exposure therapy is used, it’s partial exposure, in a controlled environment, with a professional and probably a team of professionals there to help in case something goes wrong.
Not in the bedroom, with a retard fucking you until you pass out, nor on Twitter, reading about how a guy wants to rape you until you bleed, nor reading about getting your corpse fucked.
Seriously, the internet has made so many people think they can do anything when in reality, they’re just messing themselves even more while also fucking up gullible people’s lives.

No. 1333219

It's irrelevant if exposure therapy works or not. Letting violent moids abuse you for their own gratification because CSA left you with low self worth/too numb to feel anything is not any form of "therapy", no matter how many patriarchal shills lie and claim so. NO ONE is telling combat veterans to handle lit fireworks in their free time and expose themselves to bodily harm for "exposure therapy."

No. 1333222

File: 1632505085278.png (67.52 KB, 535x537, 219902-al223.png)

I don't know what to say

No. 1333226

So womanhood is skirt twirls….huh?????

No. 1333227

I feel the same way, Anon. It’s oddly interesting. I try to understand the enemy (the troon) to an extent. I blame my curiosity. A man is easy to understand and manipulate. Even if they think they’re women or know the mind of a woman.
A lot of troons find their interest in alternative hentai themes such as BE (breast expansion), Male BE, and TG aka gender bending. Through their interest in many alternative hentai comics they try to find real world cheat codes to achieve to grow anime tiddies. Some try herbal concoctions of supplements. Others try breast pumps, massages , and nipple sucking sects toys. The desperate will try everything. None will get satisfying results.
Most coomers troons and closeted AGPs can discern reality from eechi fantasy but it’s obvious from the many tranny threads that so many believe they can achieve an alternative hentai life only to find that they’re always going to be perverted men.

No. 1333232

I’m actually gonna fucking vomit

No. 1333233

>55k notes
i give up

No. 1333234

Okay but where the fuck is his penis

No. 1333235

Pick mes are literally insane. I understand the appeal of roleplaying, but I can't imagine feeling safe in bed with a man who could get off on even "pretending" to rape somebody. Same for pedo/incest roleplay, raceplay, Nazi imagery etc. Stuff like that is so evil and depressing in reality that I can't imagine anyone seeing it as a sexual turn-on unless they're wired wrong in some way.

No. 1333243

Christ just end us already, what did we fucking to deserve this n

No. 1333244

i get MASSIVE pedo vibes from this one

No. 1333246

that warning is kinda useless considering we are in the mtf thread of all places kek they are all scrotes

No. 1333247

Psychedelic drugs seem to work, actually.

No. 1333248

Thanks, was asking cause I have ptsd (not rape related).

No. 1333249

ayrt and holy shit I love it kek

No. 1333250

The warning is for the actual ballsack that is visible in the picture.

No. 1333257

Wow, it's almost as though troons don't have any understanding of what a female childhood is actually like and are pretending it's all sleepovers and dollies because that's what the fiction they masturbate to tells them. This Hand-Aiden was so close to getting it, but she had to find a woke way to spin "males don't understand what little girls do through," to uphold her worldview. Pathetic.

The juxtaposition between "suffering" and skirt-go-spinny almost feels like a pisstake.

No. 1333263

File: 1632508408820.png (182.36 KB, 784x427, 116BE8E4-A1C5-42A3-96E6-13D7A2…)

Women and men’s breast are built fundamentally different. No matter how “big” their moobs get they never look as good as a woman’s of comparable size, because theirs cannot physically fill on top like ours and cannot have the right shape. That’s why the “bigger” their boobs, the more downward and tubular.

No. 1333268

Intimately checking everyone is a bad idea. Reason being if you get a man to do it them actual women get harassed by men if a women does it exhibitionist will abuse the system and subject those women to dick and balls. It could serve as a deterrent for some but a motivator for many.

No. 1333270

Did they get their penis removed but not the balls?? Where is his penis?? I'm so confused

No. 1333274

I was wondering the same thing

No. 1333281

This makes me want to die cause post pregnancy and weight loss, my boobs are flat like this and won't fill out up top anymore. If this is moobs I feel like I look like a tranny. Bye, nonitas.

No. 1333283

Anon your tits nourished a whole goddamn baby, they can look however they want.

No. 1333290

The responses going “see TERFs are just jealous that trans women are actually happy as women!” …Is it that hard to realize women have been saying this whole time that males are so happy as “women” because they aren’t oppressed like us? That’s literally the entire point. We are born into an oppressed class and they’re playing dress-up for fun and then playing victim when anyone doesn’t go along with their uwu super happy fun skirt-twirly game. As always I’d love to see them apply this logic to transracialism.

No. 1333293

It's actually sad to me that they come this close to realizing that, yes, being a woman in this patriarchal, misogynistic world is, in fact, suffering. Suffering isn't innate to womanhood, though, it's just because men fucked it all up for us. If you were born into a world without men, there wouldn't be anything particularly awful about being a woman. The reason why TIMs "make womanhood look fun" is because they view our being as a fun game, a fetish, or both, in a way that women born into this world cannot, because we are all uniformly oppressed on a biological basis using the things these men opt into and can choose to give up at any point.
Even as a feminine woman who enjoys feminine things, you are forced to live with the reality that these things are expected of you, and that you would be shamed if you stopped enjoying it, and you are treated as an object for doing so. Femme lesbians understand this deeply: They revel in their femininity, but are treated as sexual fantasies and objectified by straight men. Femininity cannot just be something fun for women, as it is responded to with sexualization and condescension, just as gender nonconformity is responded to with hate and violence. Regardless of what kind of woman you are, the fact that you have XX chromosomes and a womb (or a body denoting such) results in dismissal, violence, and sexualization. A TIM has no experience with this, and never will have experience with this, so when you see a TIM "enjoying femininity", you are actually seeing him enjoy male privilege that you cannot replicate.

No. 1333300

Actual ballsack yes, but seconding this anon, where the fuck is his penis? I can't wrap my head around the geometry of that metal clamp thing, looks like it's pinching the skin horrifically

No. 1333301

File: 1632509527570.jpeg (14.82 KB, 236x353, c2949863e51adc89eb7bec1395be1a…)

looks like an infinitely more busted paul scheer lmao

No. 1333303

Is…his penis squished inside of the metal thing?

No. 1333307

not putting the lid down…male trait

No. 1333309

>has a feminine looking uke pfp
Its almost too perfect

No. 1333317

Uhh except your tits look like that because they achieved a useful and beautiful purpose, and troons' tits look like that because they took drugs to try to look like you. You're the real thing and they're riding your coattails. It's not the same!

No. 1333324

Keeping an eye out for selener.

No. 1333335

I remember when an anon once posted about how she used to be into violent and degrading sex and thought that was the only way she could have any sort of pleasure, until she met a normie bf who didn't indulgence those degenerate desires and instead tried to please with her normal vanilla sex and she ended up finding the latter more enjoyable
I feel any normie male has to do is just be a decent person who actually cares but most don't, they take advantage of these vulnerable girls cause they know they can get away with it

No. 1333339

>I’d love to see them apply this logic to transracialism.
Here you go forgot to tag
I love trans blacks for lots of reasons, but I think the biggest is that growing up as a black person for me was SO hard. horrible. nightmare. But they make it look happy and enjoyable… they redefine what personhood as a black person is to me from something horrible to something beautiful… very hard to explain… me being a white is awesome… and seeing trans blacks love being black in a way I couldn’t is even better. Thank u blacks.
I look at my mom and ask “what is it like to be black?” She shrugs and says “idk, suffering?” I look at my now black partner to ask for the same question and he/she just puts a rap song to dance to it.

No. 1333353

>some miss Trunchbull looking bulldyke

a bulldyke is still a woman tho lmao

No. 1333356

The visual you've given is so comical that now, any time I see a troon trying to be girly, I will reveal that I am a cryptoterf by laughing uncontrollably.

No. 1333362

File: 1632512053722.jpeg (390.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1611296233837.jpeg)

Lets say you were to make an argument for transracialism using the same logic as TRAs do, how would you explain it ?
related to comic btw

No. 1333374

I can't believe they brought back the skirt go spinny again. All AGPs must share a hive mind.

No. 1333381

File: 1632513361856.gif (1.8 MB, 400x228, Z.gif)

No. 1333386

File: 1632514162923.jpg (4.83 MB, 2560x1600, 1958921578675645342.jpg)

where is his dick… this store that sells breast plates and other weird shit have a gallery and 100% of the pictures are of men, even though they sell abs and male body suits.

No. 1333388

File: 1632514398234.png (Spoiler Image, 602.6 KB, 615x1035, scrotes will be scrotes.png)

Okay so I looked for an answer out of morbid curiosity and the first thing that popped up on his twitter was a video of the thing, he pushes his dick inside his body with it and it looks painful has hell

No. 1333390

I- WHAT? since when can men retract their penises???

No. 1333391

Oh god, I will have so many nightmares, i the this.

No. 1333395


this is something I'd like to try out on an unsuspecting male in the wild.

No. 1333397

File: 1632514889084.jpg (40.48 KB, 596x403, nerds.jpg)

I picture it like the obssession it is. Big autism about to start: You're a white child, you're crazy about japanese stuff and anime. You've watched a lot of anime since you're very young, it's the only thing you enjoy. People mock you. You fantasize about an irrealistic ideal of Japan that you've build in your head from your anime obssesion and lack of other reliable means of knowledge. You're miserable because you obssess over the idea that if you're unhappy it's only because you aren't an actual japanese living in Japan. You start ''learning'' japanese on your own through an unconventional process, leading to poor results. You start dressing and styling yourself like your animu characters because that's how you think they dress in Japan and also start mimicking anime characters' mannerism for the same reason. You decide what's actually japanese based on what you like. You get to a point where you're starting to convince yourself that you've been japanese all that time and your ''journey'' is the result of yourself naturally leaning towards your true culture. You believe you have a japanese soul. You choose a new name for yourself, a japanese name. You even start pretending you have a japanese accent while talking in your actual language. You approach real japanese people and act towards them as if you were one of them, which they don't buy at all but they respond nicely because they see you are mentally ill. You finally move to Japan, there you larp until you realise nobody wants to follow your delusions. You get angry at them for being ''westenized'' and not being traditional japanese like you. At some point you realise you will always be a white guy with a fetish. You commit sudoku.

No. 1333400

"Rapeplay is totally healing" is a meme that has been taken way too far by the scrote-positive sex-positive crowd. Ever heard of Pavlovian conditioning? This type of roleplay is exactly it.
SA survivors are not learning how to take control of their dysfunctional sexuality, they're eliciting a pleasurable response from their own abuse.
Guess who benefits the most from this "therapy" being normalized?
Hint: they have a broken chromosome.

No. 1333404

File: 1632515555831.png (360.79 KB, 597x826, quote.png)

Anyone remember the immense screeching from TRA's when some women said they thought Terry Pratchett would've been gender critical? According to them radfem Discworld fans are ghouls who desecrated a dead person's corpse, just because they wondered what his politics would've been like.
Meanwhile TRA's have no problem with literally taking quotes from dead terfs and changing them to fit trans ideology (nobody did this with Pratchett). Trans activists are the real ghouls.

No. 1333412

Not all women into rapeplay were former victims of rape and a lot of women who hate the women who encourage it are actually rape victims.

No. 1333418

I think this falls under "misdirected anger towards women". Women aren't coming up with rape "kink" on their own, they're exposed to it by degenerate scrotes who want to tske advantage of them or other women via relationships and surplus of heavily spread/marketed rape porn. The monsters here aren't the misled women who, if they haven't yet been abused, will be abused by men. The monsters are the men who fetishize raping women, make the porn, encourage women to partake in it. It's the exact same as BDSM. Just another tool to oppress women, to convince them that the abuse they suffer through is natural, healthy, or even enjoyable.

No. 1333419

A lot of women are just massive pickmes. I have rape trauma and those types of women don’t give a shit about other women at all, they only care about pleasing men.

No. 1333430

It's called penis inversion, the Kombai tribe does it (sorry, couldn't find an embeddable video)

No. 1333445

All the AJJ guys have intense troon energy. It’s the soy beard and glasses look. That entire genre of music is groomer shit

No. 1333451

I'm so sad I lost my screencap of a hilarious thread on reddit where an MtF was asking the other MtFs to say positive things about womanhood and how it is actually dreamlike, because he went to ask his mother and maybe a female cousin or aunt about what are they glad they were born women and they bummed him out by telling him that being a woman is much harder than being a man. But instead of reflecting on that he just wanted trannies to say how his actually female relatives are wrong.

No. 1333453

There’s a lot of men who give me troon energy and I expect to troon out one day. Like that one McElroy brother. Any others you expect to troon out?

No. 1333455

NTA but Lil Nas X might end up as a non-binary since he is an attention seeker and keeps getting shit on by both the left and right for being a gay man.

No. 1333468

This, he’s probably gonna get sick of people trying to cancel him for his CiS gAy PriViLeGe and troon out

No. 1333470

>hemingway hated women and was a greasy violent scrote
nice self-own, troons

No. 1333471

I don't understand why straight men worship him so much.

No. 1333473

Nah, he may go enby so people will stop REEEing at him (like Janelle Monae unfortunately had to do), but he won't troon out. He's a proud & annoying gay guy, that's his whole thing.
If he wanted to trans his gay away he would've done it years ago before fame like other black TIMs (Laverne Cox and that black TIM from Pose).

No. 1333475

Janelle Monáe isn't non-binary but I hate how she's always bowing down to the troons who bully her. She made that music video featuring yonic imagery and had to apologize to TIMs.

No. 1333477

Yes, he might end up as one of those "non-binary gay men" (however the fuck that's supposed to work) like Jonathan Van Ness or Sam Smith.

No. 1333485

If Monáe identified as non-binary then people would immediately believe her because she's an artsy female musician who found mainstream success but she doesn't sexualize herself and likes to wear suits. It's the norm for female pop stars to be sexually objectified and people think femaleness = bimboism. Pretty sad that Billie Eilish began to sexualize herself in her music videos after turning 18.

No. 1333487

>working-class black lesbian is the oppressor
fucking troons

No. 1333489

Janelle Monáe is bi but I agree.

No. 1333491

File: 1632524907956.jpeg (269.95 KB, 1366x2048, C61D9FF1-AE26-405B-9BC2-02714A…)

My brother says he suspects that one of his friends might transition despite being straight (allegedly the friend keeps saying he’s “so in touch with his femine side” and that he “feels more female than male”, openly likes to wear dresses and make-up at home, watches trans youtubers, openly and explicitly fetishizes transwomen, watches anime, etc.).
My brother says he wouldn’t end the friendship over his friend becoming trans.

Should I be worried that my brother might troon out himself since he’s so accepting? He showed no other signs before. I don’t think I’d be able to handle losing my brother like that.

No. 1333493

Oops. Honestly, she began pandering to the woque crowd and said whatever pronoun is alright (not a bad thing, tbh), so I just assumed she was nb. Yeah, she's bowing down to troons which is pretty sad, but it's not like she can tell TIMs to fuck off without those psychos targeting her.

No. 1333494

Every time I see Ellen Page in that suit I burst out laughing because she looks like a 10 year old boy who was dressed by his mother to attend a wedding.

No. 1333496

Being accepting =/= being on the same degenerate pipeline.
Unless he's showing the same signs/patterns of his friend, you shouldn't worry.

Btw, you should tell your brother about autogynephilia.

No. 1333497

Tell him if he troons out you will always think he's an AGP coomer and want nothing to do with him. Just be honest.
My brother toyed with the ideology himself and I told him exactly that. Granted my parents were on my side, might not work if you have a pick me mother.

No. 1333498

File: 1632525362236.jpg (78.7 KB, 800x532, 232.jpg)

She looks like a page boy.

No. 1333499

Ellen Page Boy.

No. 1333500

Weirdly enough, Arin Hanson gives me troon energy. He checks off a lot of the typical boxes

-overly sexual
-had a femsona that he was obsessed with for a bit
-cross-dresses "ironically"
- from Florida

No. 1333501


No. 1333503

Even still, people who aren't going to troon out but are accepting or defensive of this type of nonsense are terrible people to interact with. Like libfems.

No. 1333504

File: 1632525629102.jpeg (45.3 KB, 360x421, DB532901-BB3C-4765-B02E-4556FB…)

+1 for Arin I’m shocked he hasn’t been discovered to be a non binary groomer. This last podcast guy always gave me troonout vibes and is friends with the McElroys

No. 1333509

Another reason why anon should tell her brother about AGP. Normies don't know about this, they still think all trannies are broken gays.
Besides, if her brother's friend really troons out, he is going to see the horror unfold right in front of eyes anyways.

No. 1333512

Lil Nas suffered from years of internalized homophobia and he has only learned to embrace his homosexuality relatively recently. A lot of his fans are young people so it would be super messed up if he became a "straight trans woman", especially with the message it would send to his fanbase. I can see him identifying as enby to avoid criticism if the constant harassment from conservatives and delusional TIFs continues.

No. 1333515

File: 1632526359329.jpg (250.01 KB, 1200x1200, EhP1L27XcAEY9Ec.jpg)

I'm surprised Travis doesn't identify as non-binary already.

No. 1333519

Any moid from Breadtube who hasn't already trooned out, Arin Hanson, xQc, Travis McElroy, Brian David Gilbert, or Nick Robinson. It's hard to telk, because it's usually "the less relevant, the more likely", so the ones you can think of off the top of your head or easily find on lists of influential personalities are less likely to troon out than the ones who are desperate for attention.
What the fuck is wrong with his nail? It looks dirty or infected.

No. 1333522

Good god he's ugly. He looks like a coloring page finished by a two year old.

No. 1333525

damn he got into the ugly pills

No. 1333526

xQc? Lmfao why him? He's a cow in his own right but I don't see it

No. 1333528

Jesus Christ he looks like a caricature of what conservatives think liberals look like

No. 1333529

Why Nick Robinson?

No. 1333531

Seems like there's a correlation between TIMs and video games.

No. 1333534

her face looks wrong. like her skin looks waxy and her smile looks like her mouth is hooked to her ears. if that even makes sense.

it’s fucking me up.

No. 1333535

god, pls don't. Not all theater kids are troons in the making, come on.
It would be depressing af if he trooned out, specially for his gf.

No. 1333537

He plays Overwatch and does troonish things with his hair.
Horny, irrelevant creep gamer.

No. 1333541

Samefag but I just realized the confusion might be that the other anon was thinking of the actor Nick Robinson, and not the ex-Polygon staff Nick Robinson. I don't know anything about the actor and wasn't referring to him.

No. 1333542

binding, esp long term, can deform breasts kind of like breast ironing does.
would genuinely give up if he trooned

No. 1333543

Honestly think xQc is just an edgy gamer I think his fanbase would rip him apart tbh if he did but I guess weirder shit has happened

No. 1333545

Does anyone know if she got plastic surgery ? Her face does look off

No. 1333546

Theatre kid culture is one of the ingredients in the recipe that created modern troons. It’s (almost) as bad as being an adult gamer. Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda liberal shit.

No. 1333548

The edgelord to troon pipeline is real.
Sorry nonnies but he's a scrawny, sensitive white man who's into theatre and worked for Polygon.

No. 1333551

>Horny, irrelevant creep gamer.
That's like the majority of young straight males.

No. 1333554

NTA but I thought you were talking about the guy from 'Love, Simon'.

No. 1333555

Reminder that degenerate Digibro used to make fun of SJWs all the time and then he trooned out.

No. 1333559

On this topic, isnt count dankula a chaser? All these alt right internet guys give heavy troon / nazi femboy energy

No. 1333560

Yeah, but most guys haven't worked for Polygon, been friends with any of the McElroy brothers, or lost their job because they swapped nudes with fans of their online content. I also don't see many guys with asymmetrical side parts.

No. 1333561

Maybe, I remember him talking about how TIMs are great at sucking cock. He looks like the type of guy who would go to Thailand and fuck a ladyboy prostitute.

No. 1333563

Probably won't troon out but he has GAMP potential.

No. 1333565

I'm new to the thread and this might have been discussed before but I have to ask what do you guys think will happen in the next few years with the whole trans agenda? I'm very pessimistic because not enough women are reaching peaktrans point? I feel like majority of lesbian even aren't rebelling against this degeneracy and if you take into account the pharmaceutical lobby backing it it's almost impossible to defeat this shit. Are women really doomed?(newfag)

No. 1333568

ellen wants to commit unalive so hard that i have trouble looking at her. i hope her family knows when to call in a wellness check

No. 1333569

Even JK Rowling has trans friends (I know she's not really a radfem but transgenders act like she's an extremist), so being friends with them doesn't necessitate buying into trans ideology.
If your brother watches anime too (or western shows like Steven Universe and MLP) that's a red flag though, especially if it's ecchi or moe anime.
If your bro brings up these things about his friend feeling more in touch with his female side by wearing dresses, you can mock it by bringing up transracialism, like suggesting his friend should get in touch with his black side more by eating some fried chicken and watermelon (if he's black use some other stupid racial stereotype). Trans activists usually have no defense against transracial arguments, so it just makes them look like idiots.

No. 1333571

i fucking hate the mcelroys but would hate them a little less if one of them was a straight cis male who just happened to like putting paint on his face for no reason

No. 1333572

There's no such thing as a "cis male", they are all just male.

No. 1333575

JKR is just a liberal lady. She's a billionaire but she she behaves like a normie because she came from a poor background (an actual rags to riches story).

No. 1333583

File: 1632531553203.jpg (41.4 KB, 940x528, piece of shit.jpg)

Normal people in general (lesbians included) don't know about autogynephilia, they still assume that all transexuals are either "gay+" or "born in the wrong body"; those who dare asking questions are crybullied and/or deplatformed by the watchful eye of middle-upper class white AGPs and their footsoldiers (pickmes and chasers). The only way normies can peak is through exposure.
Picrel has left a very bad taste in everyone's mouth. There's also that ex-military MMA fighter who's recently made the rounds on Twitter, the female prison situation, women's shelters situation… and many cases out there that are being swept under the rug.

Maybe Anglophone countries will stop spreading this virus by 2025 after Big Pharma gathered enough lifelong cashcows. Maybe.
Detransitioning will be phase two of this whole thing, imo.

No. 1333585

I'm hoping Wi Spa peaked a lot more people.

No. 1333589

If Andrew Dobson ever returns to the internet it will be as a "lady".

I think things will get worse before they get better but keep in mind most normal people don't buy into this. The people who do go along with it often don't even know or think about what they're supporting. I've rarely heard of someone with GC opinions becoming a TRA but GC spaces are filled with former trans allies and moderate supporters. It's an ideology that thrives the less people know about it and the ugly truths will eventually seep out. There's still hope.

No. 1333594

Most people don't seem to know about Wi Spa from what I've seen. The farce in the Olympics is a good starting point, along with the superstraight fiasco.

No. 1333600

Mainstream media purposely dropped the Wi Spa story out from circulation which is why rightwing shithead Andy Ngo was able to get the scoop. The MSM was excited to report that the Wi Spa was a "hoax" to gaslight those women and pretend trannies are victimized, but now that that the TIM is a confirmed sex offender they have gone silent.

No. 1333620

File: 1632534863614.jpg (22.08 KB, 398x304, kbpioa1d57p31~2.jpg)

Jesus Christ, I'm in pain just looking at that and I don't even have a penis. Is there anything these scrotes won't do as a fetish?

No. 1333623

I think Chris chan getting arrested was unironically a turning point

No. 1333625

He doesn't play Overwatch and hasn't for a while, and his hair is normal now. I think like 10% of his chat want him to troon out though, since they bombard him with "femboy" comments but he doesn't read his chat anyway. He better not go full tomtroonery

No. 1333648

His bf is absolutely watching Charlie

No. 1333668

File: 1632542830431.jpeg (480.83 KB, 1195x1255, F973C3F9-FB31-4082-8079-954A0F…)

How many normies peaked with one tweet, I wonder…

No. 1333678

Why the fuck do Anglophone countries treat "woman" like it's a slur

No. 1333679

I mean an Indian kid once successfully passed himself as black for 4 years, during the Soviet propaganda films Siberians were cast as native americans beating the white colonizers who were played by baltic germans

No. 1333680

A lot of Siberians can visually pass as indigenous Americans really easily. OT but a lot of (indigenous) Americans have an interest in Siberians and Ainu people since they're some of our closest relatives outside of the Americas.

No. 1333682

I thought a lot of white Americans were of German ancestry? I think it's mostly British Isles + German descent. For some reason they tend to downplay their English-ness in favor of their Irish-ness even though English ancestry would be the most dominant lineage.

No. 1333683

File: 1632545691439.jpg (32.87 KB, 500x518, 1631945150182.jpg)

It's happening everywhere. In Finland I even see our version of NPR/the public broadcaster using words like "pussy haver" except the word is more like a baby talk word for vagina/vulva than a porn-y one. Baby talk is fine, using words that make men in dresses cry is a no no. Literally every single time a women's issue is mentioned someone has to weasel in the compulsory not everyone who does/is/has x is a woman, it's so fucking tiring. If those women try to identify out of being women why are they so hell bent on being grouped together with women?

No. 1333684

Is trans rights a big thing in Finland like in the USA/UK/Canada?

No. 1333686

Yep, and getting worse every single day. The future truly is bleak. People here are even mad that Finnish only has one pronoun, because how are you going to brag about your cool transition and show off your cool pronoun badges when everyone has the same pronoun? Meanwhile so many other languages are trying to get rid of archaic gendered forms. Here people just put English pronouns in their bios.

No. 1333687

That's so stupid. A language that is gender neutral is great because it doesn't have patriarchal terms built-in, but now they want to add gendered terms in to appease TIMs?

No. 1333691

because ignoring the fact females exist means sexism isn't a thing, a very progressive stance towards true equality. "woman" is just an identity and anyone who wants to feel a victim to something can call themselves a "woman". only "women" are meant to be traumatized and abused and feminine, misogyny has nothing to do with being seen as inferior due to the sex your are born as. also remember that some men can also have a uterus and boobs!

No. 1333704

sage for OT but some of those soviet propaganda films were smuggled into indian reservations, they were so popular that one of the most famous actors of these films Gojko Mitić became honorary chief of the sioux tribe

No. 1333705

> People here are even mad that Finnish only has one pronoun, because how are you going to brag about your cool transition and show off your cool pronoun badges

That is hilarious. They are ridiculous everywhere they exist.

No. 1333706

File: 1632548533596.png (226.13 KB, 1023x494, 4543543.PNG)

……I had no idea this was even a thing.

No. 1333709

File: 1632548939800.jpg (56.07 KB, 1512x851, mgid ao image mtv.com 659336.j…)

Dam she looks fucking horrible in that suit

No. 1333713

Race is a social construct though. "Race" is a relatively modern concept. Ethnicity is much older but it's always been an illusion since new ethnic identities get formed, people end up joining new ethnic groups through assimilation or adoption, a lot of ethnic groups are extinct etc.
Biological sex isn't a social construct like money or race are at all. I'm not saying a white person can just identify as black, of course. Money is a social construct too but a rich person can't just identify as poor. However, people who think transgenderism is ok but not transracialism are seriously confusing. The greatest genetic difference is between the sexes so all women across the world are closer related to each other than they are to men of their own ethnicity.

No. 1333714

The big boy shoes are what really get me

No. 1333718

She gives me Peter Pan syndrome vibes. She doesn't want to grow up and wants to live the boyhood she never experienced.

No. 1333720

Late reply but you left out the part where you get race reassignment surgery to make your eyelids look Asian.

No. 1333723

This oversized mess Shinji is wearing is Balenciaga, it's "supposed" to be tacky. Her day-to-day instagram look is not boyish, she dresses normal (she has the same dead-eye stare in most pictures, btw, but ppl pretend they aren't noticing and would rather "YAAAAAS KING" her instead).

No. 1333724

They think race = biological reality and sex = social construct now. They will always say you can't change your ethnicity because "ethnicity is in your DNA" even though sex is literally genetic whereas ethnicity is really wish-washy and involves many others factors than just ancestry. Thai people view themselves as an ethnic group but Thailand is incredibly genetically diverse (as is the rest of Southeast Asia).

No. 1333729

so many TIMs are adult men who try to be little girls and its horrifying to witness, but seeing this adult woman trying to be little boy is just pathetic and comical

No. 1333730

A lot of TIFs in their 20s-30s will call themselves "trans boys" and act like a stereotypical teenage boy. I knew a 25 year old TIF who hated it when people called her a "man", she only ever wanted to be addressed as "boy" because she thought men were evil oppressors. As if boys are exempt from enforcing the patriarchy.

No. 1333733

Trannies in general have very shallow understanding of patriarchy. They don't even see how the root of female oppression is tied to sexual reproduction.

No. 1333734

she probably wanted nothing to do with adult men, ugly and balding, she fetishized boyhood as well as boys themselves

No. 1333749

I think white weebs get deluded because they think anime looks like them when it absolutely does not. It’s like an another, but similar form of delusion that plagues trannies.

No. 1333763

File: 1632554915800.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1387, 9B456179-2E86-42F4-9305-C60258…)

It’s that time again, the time where you can’t browse an online shopping site with reviews without seeing some gross AGP shit.
be my friend please I’m serious

No. 1333776

Question for nonas into online shopping: was this >>1333763 normal 10 years ago?

No. 1333787

File: 1632559041485.jpg (65.81 KB, 940x616, 1630247782272.jpg)

None of this stuff leads to tranesss though, I think any male can potentially troon out and it only requires two things

1)be a coomer and complete porn addict with ever increasing fetishes
2)have a noticeable level hatred and envy against women(the envy against women being the most important factor)
bonus reequipment is having an extremely online presence, men who are extremely online are all fucked up one way or another and need to get off online

Im thankful the DIY scene is still safe, however online based and modern "punk" in general is filled trannies, handmaidens, kweers and genderspecials who don't know the first thing about punk and just use it for their "gender expressions" while bashings on the previous generation of punk artists, honestly punk is dead the "kweers" have claimed it
picrel is what the average punk band looks like these days

No. 1333793

Basically yes. Sweden, not to be outdone by Canada's wokeness, took it one step further and invented a gender neutral pronoun for the hordes of enbies as there was no singular they in Swedish. Now they have hon (she), han (he) and hen (uwu).

No. 1333795

I think hen was originally meant to be used when talking about people you didn't know the sex of but now it has been completely contaminated by the queer movement.

No. 1333796

>hon (she)

No. 1333797

Punk has mostly been a dead poser genre since the mid 70s.

No. 1333798

That makes sense, they love to co-opt things not made for them. Actually that's their entire modus operandi, just look at what they did to intersex terminology.

No. 1333804

File: 1632562014743.jpg (29.2 KB, 640x360, -evans.jpg)

>hon (she)
It's been 10min and I can't stop laughing help

No. 1333859

AGPs will AGP, some will detransition out of shame because in 5 years, normies will know what AGP is and thus MTFs will be looked at in disgust everywhere they go. The ones who continue to larp as having female souls and deny that it's a fetish will be isolated from their families, probably end in suicide. AGP isnt the only thing that will shift public opinion. As more and more troons are allowed into women's prisons, shelters, sports teams, locker rooms, bathrooms, the inevitable will happen: more WiSpa situations, more Hubbards and Laughlins, more troons raping and abusing women in shelters and prisons. Majority of people are already iffy about troons, but it will get worse.
The trans kids will suffer and have a reduced life spans as a result from puberty blockers, surgeries and HRT, especially TIFs. Testosterone on the female body is devastating and they will have some major complications if they don't stop. SRS is even worse.
I think Reddit will be investigated by the FBI for grooming children, but idk, the government loves to protect pedos.

No. 1333862

bruh no way in hell that the mainstream media's gonna report on stuff like that, they do everything thay can to keep it away from the public eye. i have no idea how average people who see through this agenda could unite and do some concrete material action

No. 1333880

File: 1632575587632.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x2560, 21-09-25-14-48-22-647_deco.jpg)

This man dient even bother changing his common male name. Yet he intrudes a large girls only facebook group to shit on terrible moms that dont teach their kids not to laugh at him.

> the facebook group has been around for long

> over 100k swedish girls
> mostly non political, just normie girls
> many muslims, so racism is a big no but its genuinly normies just talking about wall quotes or "fun" things kids have said
> the rules have the normal no homophobia or sexism and so on but usually the biggest fight is when vegans sperg out
> there is literally nothing of enjoyment to find unless you are a straight girl who wants to talk about babies or hot actors
> reeeeeee i ask you adults, but especially mothers, please teach your kids about trannies and to respect them. im tired of kids pointing and laughing at me.
> i go to his public fb page
> its only hentai

No. 1333883

File: 1632575717007.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x2560, 21-09-25-14-46-47-162_deco.jpg)

No. 1333885

File: 1632575847447.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2560, 21-09-25-14-53-27-154_deco.jpg)

>A Loli a day
> What is worse, not teaching kids to not laugh at males in ugly clothing or jacking of to kids

No. 1333887

Äckliga pedo mansjävel. Hoppas det är sant att barn trakasserar honom.

No. 1333929

jag hatar män

No. 1333934

This was fucking awful to watch, and these people try to convince you being a tranny is not mental illness in need of swift intervention.

No. 1333969

I’ve honestly been expecting it for years now

No. 1333993

holy shit thom yorke trooned out

No. 1333995

It would be funny if he did. He's been throwing out red flags without actually going for it for so long, that if he went for it, he'd likely reveal that someone had been stopping him, behind closed doors. It would be extremely milky. Even without the personal drama, GC/RF types could point out how they saw this coming for years, and it would just be more proof that TIMs are just degenerate autistic men. He has such an extensive library of content logging his personality to point out shitty moidisms, too. Him trooning out would be the perfect opportunity to bring up the time he mentioned enjoying rape JAV, or the time he joked about a hypnotherapist molesting a child, or the time that he said he prefers playing as women in video games because he likes seeing women's asses ("I want to be a woman so I can objectify myself"). It's like when Chrischan trooned out, there's too much on record to prove how much of a nasty scrote he is.

No. 1334003

xQc is a scrawny cumbrained gamer but he is too retarded to feel ashamed of it

No. 1334011

Maybe I'll get shit for this, but I don't think any GNC behaviour is a sign a guy is about to troon out, unless he's a deranged coomer or attention whore

No. 1334064

there's no way a straight man would be gnc without a fetish involved

No. 1334070

That's too specific and targeted. The real issue is that all men are coomers, not just specific groups of men.

No. 1334077


why are they always "bimbos"

No. 1334079

I talked about this in the FTM thread, Femininity and masculinity are social constructs, think about how right now Pink is so very associated with Femininity even though just 100 years ago it was associated with boyhood or how historically across cultures skirts were considered gender natural, masculinity and femininity are in a sense bullshit
Its feminine to like cooking but masculine to like grilling even both those overlap

so even GNC behavior is also arbitrary, a guy liking the color of pink, fashion and other "girly" stuff isn't gonna troon out, he's a man at the end of the day but a tell tale sign of trannyness is the coomer behavior and the envy and hatred these males posses against women

No. 1334093

Because bimbos are the ultimate pickme. They mutilate their whole body to be more pleasurable for men, the actual process of doing so being a huge fetish for these freaks. When these fuckers troon out they actually see it as their own bimbofication

No. 1334097

The issue is that men fetishize anything that is associated with women, so they can not look at things like a dress or the color pink without thinking of a woman wearing a tight pink dress or pink lipstick. People can not look at things out of context just because "well 100 years ago pink was a color for men".

No. 1334101

lmao anon I would have never noticed

No. 1334140

>any moid from breadtube

Nonnie this is hilarious but almost of the people you mentioned especially xqC are far from being breadtube leftists. XQC has to be the most proudest capitalists out of the bunch, he only streams to get money and does absolutely nothing but pretend to react to videos by saying 3 words throughout reacting to the videos he streams and doesn’t understand copyright for shit. He won’t troon out since he has also has a girlfriend but he is also as depraved and shit-eating as Hasan or Destiny because almost all male Twitch streamers are down for trans women not because they’re progressive and actually believe these walking fetishists are women but because it’s required of them to lie about these things to keep their easy e-begging jobs.

No. 1334162

What the fuck is up with all these weird conservative men pretending to be women horny for conservative men in this thread

No. 1334168

That wasn't a list of breadtubers, that was a list of potential troonouts including all of breadtube as one entry. Also, thinking that a moid won't troon out if he has a girlfriend is borderline retarded, a lot of AGPs troon out while in relationships. We see many, many AGPs who troon out well after getting married.

No. 1334179

America was created by British dudes chimping out at England. They've been a boogie man ever since.

No. 1334184

Yes wtf. Anything that distinguishes a "womanly" orgasm can't be replicated by a male body, the rest is just sexist assumptions and particularly ridiculous gender stereotypes. Why does this even need to be asked?

No. 1334193

Agreed. Do people forget that a good portion of the AGPs who troon out tend to be in their 40s and 50s and are usually married, sometimes with kids. It's not a sure thing that if a AGP has a girlfriend or wife then he's less likely to troon out. Some would say it's even more likely to because he gets jealous of his girlfriend/wife for arbitrary reasons.

No. 1334232

So is trooning out just the modern version of a midlife crisis?

No. 1334236

I agree with you. Nobody is 100% gender conforming in the first place anyway and gender is a social construct that changes throughout history. A lot of tradthots know how to read/write, are strongly opinionated, go to college, and are employed for example lol. None of those things are traditionally feminine.
I feel like a lot of straight TIMs and TIFs are respectively more masculine and feminine than the average population. Yeah, sure, may