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No. 1479818


This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1479824

>>1479813 just googled his name, yle being shady with photo choices

No. 1479825

This particular episode of PPG was incredibly relevant, these three were obvious males in literal paper thin disguises were pretending to the powerpuff girls and the people of Townsville who are shown to be idiots, all end up believing them

No. 1479828

File: 1648132262238.png (22.81 KB, 593x264, OzmaRacc.png)

keep this man far away from baby raccoons

No. 1479829

Why is the prospect of these people killing themselves a bad thing again?

No. 1479833

You can't milk a dead cow?

No. 1479834

File: 1648133141077.png (1.17 MB, 1157x741, jade.png)

the Finnish TIM? Their name is Jade Nyström.

but at least they aren't joining in on the trans woman in sports bullshit as of now.

"As a high jumper, her goals haven’t changed. She still aims to enter major championships, specifically in the men's series. In the near future, her goal is to exceed the two-metre limit, from which she is five centimetres away. Ella Junnila's women's record in Finland is 196.

"I probably won't change categories, but I haven't made any decisions about it yet," Nyström says."

No. 1479850

You can call him a he, it's okay.

No. 1479851

How the literal fuck did furries ever stop being at the bottom of the Internet totem pole?

Back in the day, these people would've been trolled and bullied to within an inch of their life for even daring to consider saying shit like that online.

No. 1479859

Yknow I was sad about @Fanny_Traggot and @Ranting_Trans deleting their twitters because they were so entertaining but thinking about it from another angle, it may be a good thing. The loudest and grossest troons are actually being chased off the internet by being openly made fun of online and that's kind of amazing. Maybe the tides really are turning.

No. 1479863

File: 1648135856728.png (50.32 KB, 1189x195, beholdawoman.png)

People are mocking trannies more in general, and I don't think it's just confirmation bias this time around. The minute mocking trannies becomes more vogue than being scared of trannies the whole movement is done for. Because these narcs can't handle being mad fun of, so they'll just go full psychotic.

No. 1479864

Because degeneracy is accepted now. It's the same as ADBL, ageplay, DD/lg and BDSM. Years ago all the shit would have gotten you mocked and trolled but now..the worlds gone all to hell.

No. 1479866

File: 1648135933936.jpg (651.17 KB, 810x2484, Screenshot_20201119-030937_Chr…)

I spent over an hour digging for this screencap. I knew that I had read somewhere about this @fayemikah troon being a missing person/runaway:

No. 1479881

hats off to you nonnie! Thats same A grade digging!

The Millie account is def basing a lot of her arguing points around UK gender laws so it's from the same area possibly.

Maybe connecting the accounts might work if ee search thru Fayes contacts in the nearby areas that are studying medicine to connect it back to the Millie's daughter larp tweet?

No. 1479892

wasn't this the same threadpic a few threads ago

No. 1479895

This souds like a wokie being sarcastic to me, anon.

No. 1479899

File: 1648138015014.png (1011.75 KB, 1080x1620, B3409E66-E1BF-4DC5-9294-B59302…)

Yes it was. I was hoping they’d use this. It made me kek so much

No. 1479903

File: 1648138310372.png (99.15 KB, 1169x442, nope.png)

You'd be wrong.

No. 1479905

check the account retard

No. 1479911

I don't use twitter but alright, I stand corrected

No. 1479921

this wendigo looking ass

No. 1479936

File: 1648140306518.png (595.64 KB, 1049x457, OddysseyTalks.png)

this TIM identifies as a mushroom. okay.

No. 1479939

kek at the girth of his massive neck. the troons who try to emulate this insta baddie style always miss the mark and only exaggerate the qualities of their hulking moid bodies that they want more than anything to hide.

No. 1479942

He very well may have multiple fungal infections throughout his body so this may be partially correct

No. 1479947

File: 1648140962220.jpg (58.25 KB, 736x679, ed3ce9e3610185d1e5a246a52066d8…)

If he really wants to serve mushroom, he should go all out with the haircut. He should also go live out in a forest somewhere far away from civilization. How sad for him…can't pass as a woman or a mushroom

Also wtf is xenogender?

No. 1479957

File: 1648141618385.png (31.78 KB, 592x314, LilGirlCressida.png)

"fatgender" LMAO

No. 1479964

I thought this was sarcasm, but it’s hard to tell with these dumb trannies. I think it’s real since the emojis and Twitter name check out.
So is anyone fat considered fatgendered? Would it be fatphobia or tranphobia to mock them? This is just so dumb kek

No. 1479965

>fat affirms my femininity
Fat people all look the same no matter their sex tho…

No. 1479966

>Also wtf is xenogender?
It's an umbrella term for basically made up genders. There's a weather gender where your gender changes depending on the weather, cat gender where you larp as a cat etc.

No. 1479967

File: 1648142448683.jpg (334.69 KB, 1440x1285, image (2).jpg)

No. 1479971

File: 1648142689953.png (7.32 MB, 1170x2532, 3A0E9760-6D33-4F96-B566-AABF16…)

My bad if this was already posted, I haven't caught up on this thread yet.

Frank Niu is an ex-tech bro popular on tiktok (650k followers) for just talking about any topic prompted by his followers. He was asked about trans athletes and responded that males are inherently stronger than women. He states, "How a man can decide to compete in a women's competition after deciding to transition is an absolute joke."

Handmaidens going apeshit in the duets (response videos) and some in the comments as well. However, he has a pretty decent like ratio on the video (150k likes for 1.1 mil views) considering the topic, and has not experienced significant follower loss. A large portion of the comments are supporting him, and some are even ratio-ing comments that are in disagreement with him.

Fuck Lia Thomas, but she's finally initiated the mass peaking, ladies.

Uploading videos is a bitch and never really works in mobile so I've provided a cap and link to the actual video. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTd5XMH7A/

No. 1479972

Fat women can also have problems estrogen production which causes male hair growth patterns. They're still women, but it's not their weight that makes them feminine or mtfs wouldn't have eating disorders to make themselves look smol. It's like you can't create your biological sex based off stereotypical male expectations because women are human beings with variations, but still biologically identifiable as one strict category.

No. 1479973

looked him up thinking this has to be a joke but no he's an actual retard kek

No. 1479978

If my child ends up like this I will kill myself

No. 1479981

Ugh of course. What does that have to do with gender? Don't they realize that just shows all this gender stuff to be the delusional nonsense that it is? I wish they'd identify as mimegender and shut the fuck up.

Shit like this makes it so hard for me to feel solidarity with women at all. These women will cape so hard for these freaks who constantly show how much they hate us, yet they will never stand up for other women with the same ferocity. It only fuels the arguments of sexist men that we brought this upon ourselves

No. 1479983

File: 1648143675428.jpeg (319.28 KB, 828x725, 065D5D9E-EEB0-4397-9CF0-6A985D…)

eventually all women’s sports will be overrun by insecure, mediocre moids obsessed with winning

No. 1479988

We're going to see more men do this, not even because they are passionate but they want to be famous and get attention. I bet you Lia Thomas is going to get some amazing endorsements and opportunities eventually. This is going to be the new way for men to make some big bucks and attention off of their hate for women.

No. 1479989

I think maybe it's a good thing males seem to be forcing themselves into a ton of women's sports right now, though obviously a detriment to the actual women competing. This will be the beginning of the mass peaking.

No. 1479990

He looks just like the dudes from Milli Vanilli

No. 1479995

This was from 2018.

No. 1480001

File: 1648144522939.jpg (154.22 KB, 852x1022, Milli-Vanilli-1988-billboard-1…)

Lmao you beat me to it. Was just about say…damn didn't know Fab transitioned

No. 1480005

Once people decided that degeneracy=kinks=queerness and therefore should be central to pride festivals, it was all downhill. "Kink-shaming" got lumped in with homophobia against LGB people so you couldn't call out perverts forcing their sexual degeneracy onto the public anymore. Once they had the freedom to be open at pride fests, it was only a matter of time before they decided they could display their perversion everywhere. Another instance of LGB people being forced to share space with freaks.

No. 1480007

I can understand why a man who was sexually abused would hate his genitals and feel dysmorphia about it, but a man wanting to have a womb feels like such a blatant fetish. That's not accounting for the zoophilia aspect in this, too…

I hate how the bar is so low that I'm okay with this and I;'m glad he knows his place. Notice how it says "encouraged to", not that he wants to - Isn't it "transphobic" to not respect transpeople's identity choices??

No. 1480021

File: 1648146462455.jpeg (227.7 KB, 724x686, DFB915B4-C34C-4BE9-AE79-213025…)

Reminder that Andraya here was not even on HRT when he began competing with girls. The HRT argument is a red herring. There is NO HRT requirement for school sports. How could there be? it’d be considered unethical. All it takes to compete in the girls’s team is to change your gender at school, not even legally in most places (IIRC places like Texas requires a birth certificate, which is one more step. But as we know your sex can be changed in your birth certificate) This is an institutional problem. When they say “let kids play” they never bring this fact up and try to obfuscate the truth by talking about pre-pubescent 8 year olds playing flag football together and shit.

No. 1480033

File: 1648148065041.png (276.71 KB, 760x1054, Erin Trail Mom on Twitter.png)

easy access to hormones shouldn't be legal, you need actual assessments from doctors to transition.

No. 1480040

File: 1648148394405.png (24.25 KB, 582x254, ewewew.png)

No. 1480043

He needs to be euthanized immediately wtf

No. 1480045

File: 1648148607097.png (26.83 KB, 748x249, (@jakki__CO) _ Twitter.png)

love me some tranny infighting. blaire's tweet was funny and practically true

No. 1480048

File: 1648148743628.png (21.38 KB, 748x172, (@jakki__CO) _ Twitter (2).png)

>for saying biology exists

No. 1480050

File: 1648148910363.png (533.15 KB, 740x788, (@jakki__CO) _ Twitter (3).png)

his profile is some delusional stuff I'm surprised this one doesn't have a thread with all the shit he spews.

No. 1480052

Mental illness

No. 1480053

File: 1648149360102.jpg (51.42 KB, 318x400, pig-in-a-g-string-ruth-cadden-…)

No. 1480056

take me out now

No. 1480061

then why transition at all? If there is no biological women

No. 1480069

Why do they always have to post pictures like this of their nasty bulges that nobody but them wants to see? Reminds me of flashers on the subway. They get off on the fact that it's gross and you don't want to see it. I guess add exhibitionism to their long list of fetishes

No. 1480076

File: 1648151079763.jpeg (612.06 KB, 1125x1111, 138362B4-E179-4FB7-8965-CEAE42…)


No. 1480078

next thread pic

No. 1480079

Seeing shit like this does wonders for my body dysmorphia

No. 1480085

File: 1648151406906.jpeg (54.93 KB, 828x317, B09BC298-CC32-4E21-AB7B-E3E178…)

I’ll stick to calling these mentally ill men and women trannies

No. 1480090

Sorry to blogpost, I need to vent. I've been considering "coming out" as a TERF to a few of my friends. I think one or two are potentially also closeted TERFS (one is pretty openly radfem), but I was testing the waters with my best guy friend, one of the few moids in my life I respect. I considered him because we've talked about being gender nonconforming before and he's a "male feminist" (I know some of you will laugh at that, and I don't really take male feminists very seriously, but he's a pretty sound guy). I only mentioned that I wanted to watch the new Fantastic Beasts movie and immediately he mentioned JKR being transphobic. So I chickened out and changed the subject. The thing is, I can't really pinpoint the moment I peaked, but even before I did I never really understood what made JKR a transphobe? Especially at the beginning, she said very mild stuff. I'm a lifelong leftie, "live and let live" kinda person, grew up in a very diverse environment… and the thought that now I'm considered a bigot just because I think human biology is a valid argument just makes me feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. The fact that we live in a world where defining what a woman is makes you a nazi is just completely bonkers to me. Only my boyfriend knows I'm a TERF, I need some more IRL allies before I loose my mind.

No. 1480091

File: 1648151800587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.23 KB, 1536x2048, 20220324_205427.jpg)

No. 1480094

What the FUCK are these body proportions??? I'm dying. Also check out their fucking mitts. They cut them out of the picture but you can still make out how wide and huge they are. Horrific.

No. 1480095

This finnish troon would get absolute chewed and spat out by all the parent coaches if he dared to compete amongst women and he is young enough to still have a career outside of sports. He ain't gonna compete with women, I am willing to bet some kela bux on it.

No. 1480096

It’s like you photoshopped a mask of a woman, added realistic textures and pasted it on the body of some really unfortunate looking 13 years old boy getting pranked by his friends.

No. 1480097

Coomer moid got a hold of one of those body/facetune apps, edited himself to something he can coom to. Introducing: Digital Autogynephilia. Ya heard it here first.

No. 1480098

File: 1648152445147.png (162.13 KB, 1495x1038, Twitter thread.png)

made a best of from that dumb thread

No. 1480100

i hope they just disregard male specific symptoms of heart attacks because they think they should have the female symptoms instead.

No. 1480102

I hate it, conservative shit like this just ends up hurting actual gc and radfem activism… Just let people ruin their bodies, as long their adult who cares…

No. 1480104

I feel you anon. The Lia Thomas situation might be a good jumping off point. It's hard to deny his clear advantage when you look at the photos.
Sage for blogging, but I was really lucky when coming out as a terf to my friends. It actually started right after the JKR controversies first came up. My friend was like, "Did you hear she's been saying all these transphobic things?" I took a chance and called her out and asked her if she actually read JKR's article and if she could explain what was transphobic about it. She said no she hadn't read it and it actually lead to a pretty good conversation between all of us. She even apologized and said she was embarrassed at how readily she just accepted what she was told without question. She also admitted that she felt uncomfortable with some of the things her AGP friend who trooned out shortly before would say and do and resented how he denied having experienced any male privilege. Many women are harboring these concerns in secret because they're afraid of being dogpiled. Your friends may be more receptive to it than you think.
I would just have this conversation in person so they can't use any screenshots to defame you in case one of them is a handmaiden.

No. 1480105

No. 1480107

>he mentioned JKR being transphobic. So I chickened out and changed the subject
If this happens you just got a feign ignorance be like "Oh, what did she do that was transphobic?" make that person be specific about what she said, tweeted, go over her letter and point out the transphobic parts.
If they point to something then be like "How is this transphobic? I dont see it"

If the person has not drunk the koolaid that should help them wake up. If they have, it won't work though.

No. 1480109

There are mentally ill and autistic women ruining their bodies because a few privileged perverts decided it's ok for anyone to have life ruining surgeries. I care

No. 1480111

god they’re all so incredibly stupid, how did that “RN” even pass biology 1

No. 1480112

While I agree that it's sick and fucked up for doctors to allow clearly mentally ill people to do that to themselves, I kind of see where she's coming from. Stuff like this makes it easier for TRAs to claim that all opposition is from conservatives and that terfs are conservative too by extension

No. 1480118

I think that's unfortunately how it has to be for the time being. Also troons believe a ton of stupid fucked up shit, but at least with conservatives things are actually being passed into law and physical changes are being made.

No. 1480125

they're exhibitionists

No. 1480128

File: 1648155002234.jpg (84.39 KB, 585x609, glinner.jpg)

Graham Linehan getting weepy on the BBC. I used to respect him for platforming women, but considering how lately he's taken to speaking over them and even calling some "unhinged", I think he's about worthy of cow thread himself.


No. 1480129

That’s exactly how I came out to my friends. They also never actually read anything she said initially. Funny how a little context changes everything.

No. 1480130

What is the solution then? Just sacrifice vulnerable people until society peaks?

No. 1480134

NTA but, to be honest? After seeing how trannies have treated women I'd like for as many of them as possible to have their wieners removed. Sucks about the TIFs but tbh they're all pretty terrible, too. It's not like people haven't tried warning them lmao

No. 1480139

Troons have been saying all terfs are conservatives or Nazis for ages and now the actual rightists are joining in and appropriating terf arguments so it’s validating the troons

No. 1480141

Surprised to be hopepilled today. Thanks babes!

No. 1480144

Obviously I don't care for male ones. And it's not fair to say people have warned tifs, mentally ill people aren't rational

No. 1480146

Conservatives will say restricting trannies is for women’s rights but they will also restrict/ban reproductive health services, particularly birth control and abortion services; the definition of rape for the purpose of the public funding of abortion; the prosecution of criminal violence against women; and workplace discrimination against women.

Women are politically homeless.

No. 1480147

File: 1648155749354.jpg (76.8 KB, 900x852, 1629754708985.jpg)

No. 1480148

so he can be driven to 41% asap and stop using our taxes for his pointless surgeries

No. 1480152

That will only solidify their martyrdom. You see how normies coddle suicidefags even if they were wasted of air.

No. 1480157

Tbh I don't know what the solution is. We're really stuck between a rock and a hard place here. I'm just super hesitant to ally with conservatives because my reproductive rights are more important to me and more of a material issue in my own life than tranny shit. It's bad enough I'm in a state where it's already essentially illegal. I'm gonna look out for myself first before trying to protect mentally ill people who want to mutilate their genitals

No. 1480159

This. Reps won't stop at trannies, they'll decide the government can control ALL bodies despite being "small government." And of course women will be the main victim of this- trannies will just go back to being male. "No tranny surgeries" will turn into "no tying your tubes."

Mentally ill people will just find other ways to mutilate themselves. Instead of giving government the right to tell adults what they can do to their bodies, have it so insurance doesn't cover it anymore. And put more resources into mental health care, maybe?

No. 1480160

I don't talk to many people, but I'm pretty out and TERFy at work. I have a wagecuck job in the US by the way. But yeah, this convo has come up between customers and me before. Older people and normal Americans see this bullshit fo what it is. One day I was chatting with an older black man about it, nd a new co-worker (a zoomer lesbian) left the convo. I assumed I had offended her. She later told me she has "strong feelings" about troons and she's basically a TERF herself. She thinks they're toxic to LGB and gross. The kids are gonna be alright. I discussed it with another, more normalfag coworker during the Dave Chapelle controversy. She sees through this bullshit too. Honestly, it feels far worse online, especially if you come from fandom spaces full of wokeshits with internalized misogyny. People in real life are pretty down to earth.

sage for blogshit

No. 1480167

File: 1648156946373.png (23.35 KB, 590x309, you are not a biologist.png)

i know ben shapiro's a moron, but here he is responding to known rapist and troon extraordinaire eli erlick

No. 1480171

>Ben FUCKING Shapiro is coming across more sane and likeable than a large percentage of liberals
just fucking kill me

No. 1480173

File: 1648157272899.jpg (41.96 KB, 1024x576, Circular-Reasoning-1024x576.jp…)

This shit is so fucking dumb. I can't believe people are seriously trying to define anything this way. It's completely antithetical to what a fucking definition is

No. 1480175

Yeah, it just makes you wonder why the OgreInTheMorn thinks he couldn't have transitioned if he had to go through therapy in order to do it. He's literally giving ammunition to our side here kek
(And even more hilarious that he thinks he couldn't have gone through living as his desired gender before getting hormones as it was done before because he's fully under the delusion he's stealth and passing now)

No. 1480177

>a giraffe is anyone who identifies as a giraffe
>a doctor is anyone who identifies as a doctor
>a black person is anyone who identifies as a black person

No. 1480178

Well I guess I care because I'm mentally ill and I know first hand how terrible mental health professionals are especially if you're not a normie feminine woman

>And put more resources into mental health care, maybe?
Of course, that would be ideal. Mental health care has always been terrible though so in that way you're right these people will find another way to ruin their life. I guess there's no solution

No. 1480187

I second a thread on him. I can’t make it bc I’m dumb but there’s info on him on the other farms dating back to before his current RadMale Warrior incarnation

No. 1480189

File: 1648158010775.jpg (267.38 KB, 2048x1084, IMG_20220323_173450.jpg)

Youtuber troon meowriza spends thousands of dollars only to come out looking like the same disgruntled caveman he always has looked like kek. Can only begin to imagine how bad it looks under the snow filters

No. 1480190

Religious conservatives also hate porn and it doesn't stop me, a radfem, from hating porn. What is different between us is the reason why we hate porn; they think Jesus judges them when they have a wank and I think porn degrades and exploit women and have real life repercussions on us.
I think it's important to remember that when trannies say that TERFs are nazi conservative right wingers, they don't make an honest argument based on facts, they just call us Bad Words so everyone know to hate us and not to listen to us under threat of social exclusion. Even if no TERFs ever came closer than 100m to a conservative event, they still would keep saying that we are genocidal conservative, just like they call TERFs any women they don't like, even if those women aren't radfem.

No. 1480194

File: 1648158410392.jpg (36.25 KB, 680x540, 93f.jpg)

No. 1480197

File: 1648158505198.png (851.19 KB, 525x1065, fat_male_cheater.png)

But there are really no physical advantages for trannies in sports even when fat, out of shape TIM men like Rhys can win in a race against women /s

No. 1480198

File: 1648158662493.jpg (190.13 KB, 722x700, timescale_of_fat.jpg)

But I must admit that I'm liking how his entire life is going to shit even more, even after losing his tenure and scurrying to his mother's basement in Canada

No. 1480200

reading this shit literally makes me want to cry like ???? and the fact that so many people in my third world latin american country are also adopting this mindset i feel like I'm going insane nonnies is this ever going to get better? I've seriously lost all hope at this point

No. 1480201

Radfems allied with the right to get porn banned in the 80s and the right just turned on radfems when sex positive feminism “won” in the 90s. I can’t believe radfems today are still trying to ally with conservatives.

No. 1480204

And they're both cheats lmao

No. 1480205

File: 1648158986421.jpeg (358.97 KB, 1355x1702, 41C481A5-F5AC-4631-8D66-4103ED…)

I don’t know why this absolute unit of a moid ever tried to pretend there was real confusion over whether he was a troon or a real woman pretending to be a troon. Even through all the extreme photoshopping and filters, he’s so undeniably male. Didn’t he also used to do shadman themed trap porn?
Anyone else remember forever ago when the femboy thread was getting spammed with obviously shopped images of him and comments insisting he must be a true and honest woman? I don’t think I need to put on my tinfoil hat to say neither subtlety nor self awareness are his strong suits.

No. 1480208

>work in HR
>huge meeting online with almost our entire company to teach us about discrimination and how to avoid unconsciously discriminating against people you interview
>the woman doing the presentation obviously talks about racism, sexism, stereotypes, personal bias, impostor syndrome, poc being underestimated by their bosses and clients and getting promoted less often, and women underestimating themselves and not asking for raises and promotions as often as they should
>"obviously men and women are physically different but what matters are skills relevant to their jobs"
Can't believe I felt relieved when I heard something so normal and obvious, but maybe it's because the trans shit is less prevalent where I live and I forget that because I've seen too many ameriboo SJW talking about trans rights.

No. 1480221

I thought we already used the PPG thread pic

No. 1480228

File: 1648160204210.png (120.71 KB, 1248x650, hm-1.png)

This (supposedly) intersex woman is trying to say terfs exclude her from feminism…also saying "women have vaginas" is misogynistic. I don't understand.

No. 1480230

I'm linking this in the MtF general because she's of course a handmaiden who feels that men are including her better in feminism, for some reason.

No. 1480238

File: 1648160657281.png (268.36 KB, 767x757, grace_lavery.png)

He started shelling money against for professional photoshoots and I can't stop laughing at the idea that he willingly handed money to get that in return, then posted it on SM, thinking it makes him look womanly.

No. 1480239

Is it bad I prefer them mutilating themselves especially so they can’t procreate or rape women?

No. 1480243

>TERFs: female means your body produces ova!
>Intersex women: my body doesn’t produce ova, but I’m still female right?
>TERFs: yeah you are.
>Intersex women: why?
>TERFs: …
Because you don't have a y chromosome, that's why.

No. 1480245

We did, so whoever made this thread kind of failed. But considering how quickly the threads have been moving lately we can make >>1479899 a thread pic soon

No. 1480249

The intersex argument is always so annoying, being intersex is a birth defect. It makes your genitalia, inner and/or outer, messed up and alot of them are infertile. Its not a magic argument for not being able to say what a woman is. People with chromosone differences from regular xy or xx have a ton of issues and often dont develop a proper puberty, have heart issues and much more. Its a defect, not a plus, not a magic third gender, not a magic argument for how women are or arent. Its literally the same as arguing that all human people have the ability to produce correct amounts of insulin, so that means people with diabetes are not human.

No. 1480253

holy fuck i haven't checked up on Rhys since pre-pandemic kek boy got CHONKY

No. 1480263

she had also definitely used steroids to train before making that record.
so a woman on PEDs would still suck ass in an underage boys' sport.
lia can't rope fast enough.

No. 1480264

Yeah its weird that they pretend being intersex is the same as being trans. Don't intersex people have a primary chromosomal gender anyway? It's not like they're 50/50 and can choose or something

No. 1480266

File: 1648161960463.png (224.37 KB, 956x706, femputer.png)

No. 1480267

my god. the woman with the "world's flattest ass" trophy has a rounder ass than that.

No. 1480275

looks like wee man's body

No. 1480279

yeah but no one's gonna know he suicided cause he's off twitter now
if a troon 41s with no wifi around, does anyone care?

No. 1480284

File: 1648163149165.jpg (135.94 KB, 1080x905, IMG_20220325_010539.jpg)


Jesus the combined brain cells in the comments are not even in the triple digits. Show me a radfem who says you need to have kids to be a woman. Jesus christ.

No. 1480285

he is one of the dirtiest looking people i have ever seen

No. 1480286

Lol radfems are such a tiny minority its funny how all these "intersex activists" always go after radfems when TRAs are so much louder and larger yet "intersex activists" rarely ever criticise TRAs for spreading misinfo about intersex conditions.

No. 1480291

I used to think it allying with conservatives on this wasn't that big a deal, but then some anon said in a thread or two back that conservatives have never helped women get any rights.
And now I'm thinking have they? Can we trust them for anything? Is working with them like being the frog who lets the scorpion ride on your back?

No. 1480295

It's taking all my restraint not to post this in /tttt/ and watch them all seethe

No. 1480296

Why not… just do it and maybe leave some bait responses and then wait a few hours

No. 1480298

Not sure if this is a LARP or they really are just that much of a handmaiden. A lot of people pretend to be intersex these days, especially TIMs.

It's not so simple. Like, tell me if you think someone with Swyer Syndome is supposed to be male or female.

No. 1480304

Yeah it's just going over there raises my blood pressure through the roof and I don't wanna attract any more of them to these threads

No. 1480305

Unfortunately this is exactly what many radfems predicted years ago: if the democrats / leftists cling so hard to idpol that they won't do anything to fix the clearly out-of-control troon issues, then the only people left to fix it are the republicans / conservatives. And the conservatives will clearly fuck things up even worse, which is why many have been pushing so hard for leftists to open their damn eyes.
This is not even a partisan issue at its core, considering it's about unnecessary surgery and medication, mental health, biological reality, and safeguarding children. It does become partisan once you dig into the misogyny aspect, the porn addiction aspect, and the fetish aspect, and it's been sickening watching so-called progressives defend this misogynistic bullshit. Leftist scrotes don't want to talk about the connection between porn addiction, AGP, incels, and mental health, because they won't like what it says about them. All of this has unmasked the left as extremely regressive when it comes to women's rights and autonomy, and hopefully more women are seeing it clearly now. They are weaponizing abortion against us now for refusing them, just like Dworkin warned.
I hate this fucking asshole so much. Can't believe he's even showing his facing looking so gross and obese. What a sportsman.
Guess his narc injury finally healed after getting fired and running home to Canada in tears.

No. 1480306

>people who don’t have ovaries don’t have periods
Accidental terf. And what’s funny is that you actually get banned from badwomensanatomy for saying this in any other context

No. 1480309

File: 1648164174934.jpg (123.74 KB, 478x775, jesus.jpg)

"Nobody knows of her trans status"
Good job outing "your daughter", plus if nobody knows, why is "she" so scared of being clocked? Sounds bullshit to me. Of course people are tagging JKR in the quote tweets. Scums.


No. 1480312

When it comes to intersex people its not about what chromosomes they have, its about whether they have a functional SRY gene. It's a misconception that sex is defined chromosomes (hence other the sexes of other species have different chromosomal arrangements). It's the gametes that do so, of which there are only two types.

No. 1480317

HMM maybe someone should call the horrible transmisogyny out!

No. 1480318

This is actually a Troon larping as a woman nonny, look at last thread and you can see his deleted tweets asking other troons how to "self -med" hrt moobs. They're all so fucking stupid

No. 1480325

File: 1648164989452.jpeg (119.91 KB, 575x1024, 79D99994-06B7-47C3-AED3-731D88…)

saw “she/her” and “smash bros player” in bio and immediately knew

No. 1480327

Troon drama is such a blessing to the conservatives even though they barely spent any time campaigning against them. They can finally make the liberals look even more unscientific than them.

No. 1480330

File: 1648165411383.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 696.08 KB, 1170x1055, 4ADA269E-CC66-459F-BA63-3DF34C…)

>news of sexual harassment at gaming company
>troon: immediately draws furry porn

No. 1480334

The fucking uwu anime girl pose. And the shitty party city wig which he can't even be bothered to put on correctly. Probably mains Peach because he's just so girly teehee

No. 1480337

Whoever created the terms TIM and TIF is a fucking legend.

No. 1480338

File: 1648165796951.jpg (78.34 KB, 540x645, 256723fe703e_cd4fb718_540.jpg)

No. 1480339

>tell me if you think someone with Swyer Syndome is supposed to be male or female.

Not the person you responded to but I'd say female as the have parts of the female reproductive system and no parts of the male one.

If you define female (male) as has a reproductive system that produces ova (sperm) or one that would produce ova (sperm) if intact and working correctly, then that pretty much covers everyone.

No. 1480344

Swyer syndrome women lack female reproductive organs so they do not produce ova at all. They don't even experience female puberty or grow breasts unless they take HRT.

No. 1480346

This whole shitty ideology has been a boon to misogynists in general. TiMs get to destroy sports and spaces women have fought hard for, and misogynists get to sit around and laugh about how women are weaker than teenage males. TiFs who detrans only embolden them too, and their whole "women live life on easy mode, that's why she detransed" shit. I hate it so much.

No. 1480348

I definitely agree. I also believe the culture surrounding masculinity in white men is so "lazy" yet strict when it comes to appearance. Black and brown men's culture is more accepting to what white culture deems as feminine, such as the way men groom themselves when it comes to various areas of the body. You'll rarely see the common white man with his hairline and beard edged up, long hair, lips and skin moisturized, and wearing various forms of jewelry unless there's a high probability he's homosexual.

No. 1480349

Yeah it's got me feeling pretty hopeless wrt the future of women's rights. At this point I'm just hoping for some sort of mass extinction event that mostly affects males

No. 1480350

File: 1648166091822.png (39.1 KB, 547x360, c7b5567b42d2b97_45d281.png)

No. 1480353

File: 1648166214365.png (38.28 KB, 479x638, 820938209.PNG)

Kek this can't be real.

No. 1480355

I hate the fact that I’m starting to like Ben Shapiro, lol

No. 1480358

Female = Normal
Male = Walking abortion

No. 1480363

This sounds like a troon or handmaiden larping, but who was never actually one of us. I guess they want to make it look like they exist just like how ex-trans now gc people exist, but it’s not realistic at all.

No. 1480366

File: 1648166491578.png (13.37 KB, 482x185, 21983093.PNG)

Maybe they never understood the points radfems were making at all since they aren't a native English speaker.

No. 1480368

He's still, by large, a tool in my opinion. He relies on talking fast and speaking over people in debate to "win", and he gets pissed off when he goes up against someone who won't take his bait.

That being said, broken clock and all.

No. 1480369

File: 1648166530152.png (25.45 KB, 748x247, im triggered Twitter.png)

No. 1480370

>Also I'm nonbinary now xD
The way they think they are pwning radfems with this lmao

No. 1480371

oh my god i talked to this chick when she claimed to be a terf. She knew almost nothing about basic radical feminism. I'm not 100% certain if she was larping because she cleared off her entire terf blog. I feel like if she was it'd make sense to keep it up to show she really was a terf. but idk it wouldn't surprise me if she was.

No. 1480374

Why the fuck are these troons always into Smash Bros and speedrunning? Obviously they’re NEETs, given that they’re all coombrained scrotes who play videogames all day and never left the house and learned how to integrate into society. But why is it always specifically Smash Bros and speedrunning on twitch?

No. 1480375

File: 1648166672195.jpg (81.47 KB, 673x596, nice outfit fanny.jpg)

No. 1480376

Reminder that Daria Morgendorffer is a radical feminist.

No. 1480377

Just shoot them already what the fuck

No. 1480378

I'm surprised that male enbies aren't more common.

No. 1480380

Kek this is brilliant I'm gonna make my own with other radfem quotes.

No. 1480384

Autism of course. Amazing yet not surprising how trannies make the most mentally ill autistic neet on lolcow seems like a functional human being.

No. 1480387


No. 1480394

I made one of Winnie the Pooh quoting Mary Daly and I just about died.

No. 1480395

I love how trannies claim you can’t tell what genitals someone has aka what sex they are til they tell you. My 6 month old baby hates men and won’t let them hold her.

sage for blog

No. 1480400

yikes, didnt these troons say E was the fountain of youth? why does he look like he Jazz's pedo uncle?

WORD. intersex activists are like "dont touch or operate needlessly on our bodies until were adults and can choose what we want." and TRA are like "MY 2 YEAR OLD IS NON BINARY" and "LET KIDS CHOOSE THEIR GENATALIA"

those shoes made me audibly say, what are those

No. 1480401


No. 1480416

File: 1648169076567.jpeg (289.52 KB, 828x920, C59B473D-DA1E-4A51-987D-9F7986…)

recent viral anti troon tweet, i love this

No. 1480419

God I wish more women athletes would do this. I know it would be scary though.

No. 1480427

always so sad when i see what jamjars looks like today

No. 1480428

He used to be a good looking bloke but he had so much self hatred over being a gay man he thought the solution to his problems was bimbofication.

No. 1480435

Hahaha amazing

No. 1480437

nyart but please share, I’d love to see it

No. 1480439

I'll bet he begs people not to play the evil terf game.

No. 1480444

sancock now

No. 1480445

Lmao what a fucking queen. Let's see how long until this tweet gets taken down for "hate speech"

No. 1480446

Nice to see it still climbing.

No. 1480452

File: 1648170874636.jpg (52.17 KB, 518x518, -d3fo2y.jpg)

It never even began

No. 1480457

>stopped using Reddit because of twasphowobia
What? Nobody can say shit about trannies in there.

No. 1480459

File: 1648171384975.jpg (3.12 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20220324_212038064.jpg)

Ah, Mr Jamie Ryan Dee. I used to follow him pretty closely on Tumblr. Now I'm getting crazy flashbacks to 2009-2012 era. I just checked their instagram and HOLY FUCK, I am screaming. The first picture is how I remembered them. I am floored.

No. 1480460

Literal tranny janny plague site. They fucking replace all womens sub mods with men pretending to be women. Do they mean that people who don't play pretend for them still use the site and haven't been kicked off due to being on the more male-based anti-tranny side, like conservatives, TumblrInAction which was for shitting on SJWs which now has a lot of anti-troon posts for being SJWs and delusional, etc.

No. 1480462

I can hardly believe this is still up, and pinned on her page no less.

No. 1480463

why are so many male troons obsessed with anime? to my knowledge japan pretty openly hates trannies and gay marriage isn't even legal there and lgb stuff in general is looked down upon let alone the tq+ nonsense, most comedy anime will include a scene or characters that make fun of male troons (the ugly troons in gintama for example), and a lot of manga/anime creators are what troons would consider "far right" in their political views yet troons - particularly male ones - have latched onto anime
why is it this? I find it ironic how they started avoiding harry potter stuff because of jk yet they have no problem with japanese media despite the creators of said media and most japanese in general hating trannies

No. 1480464

what a waste.

No. 1480465

File: 1648171791076.png (516.21 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20220324-202753~2.p…)

Kek this is the first thing that comes up when you Google him

No. 1480466

Fondness for Japanese culture is really common on internet spaces in general. It seems to attract strange people with bad social skills. I personally don't care for Japanese culture or anime at all.

No. 1480468

I think even twitter jannies are getting tired of troons. Granted that didn't save the babylon bee.

Seeing these glammed up trannies makes me want to peak women on makeup more than I already do. Leave the unrealistic beauty standards to the men and let them plaster their faces in shitty makeup.

No. 1480469

It's autism + racism. The racism makes them fetishize another culture and bastardize and misinterpret their practices. The autism makes them view the exaggerated mannerisms in cartoons as the way Japanese people act irl because they lack the capacity to understand social nuance. It'd be like if a Japanese person took cues from SpongeBob as to how Americans behave

No. 1480470

File: 1648172062213.png (597.14 KB, 590x600, tagged .png)

i always kek when i look at troons tagged pics. even professional brand name photoshoots cant undo the male form

No. 1480471

>It seems to attract strange people with bad social skills.
Yup including imageboards like this

No. 1480472

File: 1648172098447.jpg (150.36 KB, 500x715, tumblr_m24ea4U5Ye1r20tb5o1_500…)

Oh how the mighty do fall… Pictured next to felice fawn which is just poetic considering how much of a cow she is herself

No. 1480475

Hmm…what my heart is telling me is that she’s full of bullshit

No. 1480479

I guarantee you he's only saying that shit because he thinks it will impress you/ thinks that you are also a trans supporter.
Exactly. Ask what she said that was transphobic. Point out that there's nothing offensive about saying the word "women" instead of "people who menstruate".

No. 1480483

NTA but I made one of Winnie the Pooh quoting Andrea Dworkin

No. 1480485

Terfie the Pooh

No. 1480489

This is what AI should be used for.

No. 1480494

that's true but it's weird how they have a fondness for a culture that resents them instead of getting angry at japan for being "transphobic" and demanding change like they do with everything else in the world
this actually makes a lot of sense considering how many of them seem to try to act/look like anime girls despite that making them come across as social lepers

No. 1480496

File: 1648173431528.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1124, sketch-1648173312023.png)

Based TERF Pooh

No. 1480498

File: 1648173960179.png (92.28 KB, 880x674, 2567ee8440362ce584ae3676cf7573…)

using reddit is a form of self harm for me at this point

No. 1480499

It's kind of funny because I was always a radfem and there's no way I could invite men in dresses into my idea of equality. Then I was a "trans-ally" because of pressure from my leftist acquaintances but I couldn't shake my internal monologue that kept saying "this isn't right. Maybe if I learn more I can sincerely believe that these men are women. I'm wrong in thinking they are men. Maybe their brains really are different and I just don't understand it but I don't want to look stupid.". Then I realized I couldn't justify the behavior exhibited by these fetishist coomers and they will always be dick-brained. I can't do it. They'll always be mentally ill men to me. I can have sympathy for a mentally ill person but I'm not going to pretend you're a woman. It makes everyone look stupid and I don't care to play that game.

No. 1480503

What in the fuck how could someone even joke about this. I hate them.

No. 1480506

based baby

No. 1480507

>estrogen and boobs and soft skin

Estrogen because you're taking it as medication.

Boobs which can be bought or gynocomastia which is a MALE trait.

Soft skin is absolutely not a female trait. Many women don't have naturally soft skin they just use moisturizer and don't traditionally work trade jobs or have hobbies that cause them to have shitty skin. It's a social construct created by men to keep women docile. It's offensive to equate women with "soft skin" as if this is fucking georgian england or some shit. Weirdo coomer motherfuckers.

No. 1480508

Woman become enby due to internalized misogyny which makes them want to identify out of being a woman. They know, however, that they can never become men, nor do they want to identify as men because they at least understand that men are violent and oppressive. Thus women who opt out of womanhood will often go for the neither-nor route of enby.

Men, on the other hand, have no reason to opt out of their privilege except for 1. the coom or 2. misogynistic views that "women live on easy mode" (combined with coom). They also have the baseless male confidence that makes them believe they have the right to co-opt the female identity and actually "become" women. For men, then, opting out of manhood becomes a straight shot to womanhood. Any male enby is just a moid passing through a they-phase before becoming a MTF or a gay man who wants more attention but isn't willing to let go of his male privilege entirely.

No. 1480509

This is hilarious.

No. 1480510

it's true. /m/ is just weebopedia

No. 1480511

Oh so you're susceptible to cervical cancer now? Breast cancer? Where?

No. 1480512

The prostate just dissolves on it's own too!

No. 1480513

This troon is the most sane troon I've ever come across.

No. 1480516

There is no such thing as a "sane" troon. Stop shilling for that false dichotomy of good troon/bad troon. All troons are bad.

No. 1480517

In that first picture he looks like someone mummified a knock off Zendaya and stored the body in a freezer.

No. 1480518

His womansona art also has that same pornsick appearance common among trannies.

No. 1480519

I got my hopes up from your description anon, you let me down

No. 1480520

Lol so now, instea of baby incubators we're boobs, estrogen and soft skin. Makes sense, thanks trannie.

No. 1480523

File: 1648175026966.png (210.28 KB, 272x768, screen-shot-2016-06-03-3_0.png)

Exact vibe. When you give a male sim a female frame.
How old is he? Holy catfish he looks like 50 year old Real House Wife cast member with plastic surgery.

No. 1480525

If they were a sane troon they would detrans or 41%.

No. 1480528

Isn’t that Peter pettigrew?

No. 1480529

I really hate the "neurological characteristics" thing they're pushing. I'd love for them to describe what it means for their brain to "function just like other women" without devolving into super misogynistic brain sex theory. Also you absolutely do not have the same "hormones going on" that women do. Yours are artificial. Our bodies produce ours naturally, and it follows a cyclical pattern - unlike their horse piss routine

No. 1480531

top kek

No. 1480532

sorry nonny but i can't hear you my woman brain is telling me to go paint my nails

No. 1480535

That fucking picture, he looks nothing like that what a joke I hate shooping

No. 1480538

Sage for off-topic, but it bothers me when people claim Simone de Beauvoir or other past feminists would automatically be in favor of the tranny nonsense, and the only reason they weren't openly so was because "they didn't have the vocabulary we have now." I hear that so often in my PhD program, and I always need to keep my mouth shut unless it gets out that I'm full TERF because that would be catastrophic for my degree.

Like, de Beauvoir proposed the idea that women are made not born, i.e. they are socialized from a young age to become women. To have experienced that socialization is what it means to be a woman. A man can't suddenly claim to be a woman if he did not have that same experience. So idk what part of her argument makes MTF and handmaidens think she would be a TRA. I once tried to ask someone this (saying I was "concerned by the TERF overtones") and they were like "Oh, well, she also talks about little boys who are sad when they are weaned from the mother at a young age while girls get to stay with the mother, so I think she leaves room for transwomen there." Like..???? That is just a boy who is being forced into an emotionally deprived manhood at a too young age. Or even just a GNC boy, if we have to push it. How is a three old wanting to stay with mommy a sign of being MTF? It drives me insane.

No. 1480545

File: 1648176142236.png (153.62 KB, 720x492, 1648159893810.png)

Got this from kf, apparently this troon is obsessed with ratio-ing people to own the terfs.

No. 1480549

Not to mention TIMs have XY chromosomes in their brain just as they do in every other cell in their body. So much for "female brains".

No. 1480550

KEK i hate her but this was funny, wish she kept the tweet up

No. 1480553

File: 1648176909733.jpg (34.37 KB, 600x413, 600px-Oof_Size_Large.jpg)

No. 1480556

That's why I said system not organs. Unless you are telling me Swyer syndrome sufferers lack a vagina, and a uterus and fallopian tubes.

No. 1480559

File: 1648177285705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.91 KB, 680x383, FOgdMGcVEAEQmfK.jpeg)

Funny looking moobs

No. 1480560

I'm pretty sure ovaries are more important for indicating sex since they're actually gonads.

No. 1480562

File: 1648177647595.jpg (151.08 KB, 1071x1070, Disturbing troon.jpg)

No. 1480564

I'm a woman and mine look like that nonnie :(

No. 1480566

Sorry to contribute to the offtopic but women with Swyer syndrome are still of the sex that produces ova, even if they themselves do not produce it. Therefore still female. Female = of the sex that produces ova, male = of the sex that produces sperm. Simple as.

No. 1480567

eh pretty normal looking to me

No. 1480569

His first name is Landon. Yes, land on his cock.

No. 1480570

File: 1648178449602.webm (6.98 MB, 640x360, Vasuho.webm)

Is the pedo horsecock lover peaking too?

No. 1480571

these are fine and normal tbh if these belong to a tranny they look really good

No. 1480574

Could you please define what you mean by "sex" in this context?

No. 1480575

Chromosomally people with Swyers are male. They just end up looking female.

No. 1480577

tinfoil but the tattoo choices are pretty authentically "female" (flowers, crying sailor moon eyes?), and the head to the potential adams apple + waist is conveniently cropped out, and the boobs look normal… anyone think a tranny posted this to try to get us to shit on a "cis woman" and prove to themselves there's no difference?

If not then these treoon boobs are unremarkable anyway, so not sure why anon posted it.

No. 1480581

File: 1648180210807.png (97.32 KB, 1332x128, Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 12.5…)

Whoops, got it mixed up with a different one. Sorry. My point still stands.


No. 1480586

No. He's still pissed at Contra and Kat Blaque.

No. 1480587

Hontra disagreed with him on Twitter and set off his narc rage.
He might finally be so butthurt by trannies he's now willing to fit them under his umbrella of misogyny. Very validating uwu.

No. 1480588

>Soft skin is absolutely not a female trait.
It actually is, men have a thicker, bumpier outer layer of skin that feels rougher than ours. Ofc the skincare helps but we do have fairly different skin regardless.

That said seeing AGPs wax poetic about ~soft skin~ makes me feel fucking ill, they're the nastiest fetishists and their skin is no doubt still shit.

No. 1480592

No. 1480596

"sane troon" That's an oxymoron.

No. 1480597

He's right but for the wrong reasons. All these same criticisms could apply to him too. He is every bit just as cancerous and has only made trannies bolder by enabling them as much as he has

No. 1480598

You realize I was talking about people who have gonads that didn't fully develop and don't actually qualify as ovaries.

No. 1480600

100% some troon sockpuppet. The question is, whose?

No. 1480601

Yeah these don't bad to me. If it is a real woman, then she has pretty normal looking boobs. If it's a troon, then he just got really lucky and is the exception not the rule. I've never seen tranny moobs look this convincing, but I'd also have to see a pic of them at a less manipulative angle

No. 1480603

That's exactly what happened lol. "Let me post a pic of an actual woman and catch these filthy terfs calling her a tranny!!!"

No. 1480609

I can’t even tell what is happening here

No. 1480614

is that a fucking diaper or what?

No. 1480616

Holy shit, vaush said something based? Is he peaking???

No. 1480620

File: 1648183965950.jpg (36.77 KB, 356x500, 51l37sL00uS._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Just theorizing as a long time weeb and ex-haindmaiden, but I think it has to do with the hyperfeminine and idealized version of girl/womenhood in some genres. For example, shows like K-on are like a glimpse into the lives of characters who everything they aren't - girls who are small, soft, cutesy, saccharine, innocent, talented, full of friendship/homoromanticism and fulfilling their dreams. But these aren't accurate and honest depictions of girls and women, they're written literally to be as appealing as possible. Any flaws they have are made to make them more endearing and their appearances are always cute and perfect no matter what, and of course, they never talk about the downsides of being a girl, like periods or sexual harrassment or discrimination. Trooms want to have these hyper romanticized versions of girlhood/womanhood because they either feel they "missed out" or because they find thise characters/scenarios appealing and want to see themselves as appealing too so they insert themselves into the girls' shoes. Weeb troons are almost always AGPs obsessed with these kind of shows. All of the moids I know into the "cute girls doing cute things" and yuri genres trooned out or love futa/femboys and are coomers, meanwhile the moids who are more into shounen and action tend to be average nerdy men. Just anecdotal, but look at the tastes of any troon anituber like Digibro or Zeria vs mainstream anitubers like Trash Taste guys or Mother's Basement.

Another side note is that a lot of anime these days does have femboy or straight up troon characters who are drawn to look exactly like female characters and are voiced by women, so it gives troons false hope that they can be just as cute. And while Japan is still conservative, a lot of youth is supportive of gay marriage or are aware of the concept of "newhalf" (remember that the majority of Japan's population is old as balls and younger ppl have less social influence as America) so it's not like every person in Japan is some brainwashed conservative - like most places, people who want to become artists tend to not necessarily follow the crowd anyway and are more likely to have more "liberal" ideologies that can be portrayed through their art and attract others who think/feel the same.

No. 1480621

"Women arent walking wombs" he says, then clarifies a woman is "boobs and soft skin"
Lmao glad we cleared that up

No. 1480624

>shocked that a troon is wearing a diaper

No. 1480629

File: 1648184871056.jpg (245.84 KB, 720x1120, 35830.jpg)

I like how in the gif they held on close up shots that made him look slightly feminine then gave less than a second to his far away shot. There were only ten comments so ppl were either not interested or the comments were deleted. The few comments on it were not having it either.
>he is a he
>delusions are not inspiring, they are psychological problems that need treatment
>why is being transgender or gender less being so heavily promoted these days?

No. 1480635

I'm sorry I needed to be reminded but just… it looks like it's OVER the clothes and if this is a common thing I have somehow missed it every time until now

No. 1480636

Yes. Absolutely.

No. 1480639

There's a story going around about some troon from some reality show, claiming a 6 ft black gay male beat his aas for taking to his white friend. Troon claims he had a "crush" and all he did was flirt with the white friend and the gay black man attacked him.
What's funny is I see people going, "he beat up a transwoman! Oh my God he beat up a transwoman!"
Okay? So two men got in a fight. The Troon seems like he's lying. But its amazing how if the white Troon was a white woman claiming a tall huge black gay man (he kept emphasizing the dudes height) beat her ass, I'd see a bunch of, "I'll wait for the facts, Becky may be lying" or some dumb shit.

No. 1480641

He's just assblasted that Hontra blocked him. Vaush is a piece of shit.

No. 1480643

These threads are moving so fast, you may have missed it. A nonny seems to have figured it out last thread.

No. 1480645

Because Japanese culture is highly misogynistic and heavily reliant on gender roles just like troons are.

No. 1480646

Tinfoil, but is this person pretending to be German/ESL? Or is it just a corny German trying to be uwu Tumblr quirky?

No. 1480648

File: 1648185988561.jpg (60.13 KB, 200x356, 3484051-2cb747cf970fd41c2e69d8…)

No. 1480649

File: 1648186101012.jpg (44.38 KB, 200x356, 3484054-83534b722962513a745237…)

No. 1480650

No. 1480651

File: 1648186154006.jpg (78.85 KB, 200x356, 3484060-a1ff23c5a12c08e7b17e05…)

This is the scrote he was flirting with.

No. 1480652

they look normal and dare i say… nice (so long as they're not on a moid's body) don't worry nonny your boobs are perfectly okay

No. 1480653

File: 1648186198486.jpg (91.83 KB, 200x356, 3484056-d4038583b2f941754a68c0…)

This is the dude he claims beat his ass.

No. 1480654

This is an old video of this fat, dirty scrote. He is slightly less fat and cut off his ponytail since. I only know this because I watched part of his trannies in women's sports video that was posted here the other day. Still, broken clock and all.

No. 1480655

File: 1648186245657.jpg (225.22 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_20220325-012044_Chr…)

This is the troon. Not sure if anyone I interested in the drama

No. 1480656

File: 1648186285929.png (115.35 KB, 338x600, 1648180266339.png)

And this is the gay dudes response to the troons accusations

No. 1480658

I can't begin to imagine what this troon looks like in motion without filters. I wonder if he was actually attacked or he's looking for sympathy.

No. 1480659

So Vaush used to be hostile to trannies but now he loves them?

No. 1480664

The males are standing with their feet apart and the woman with hers together kek. This happens in like every photo I’ve seen where a troon is standing next to a woman.

No. 1480666

Hell yes good for her for not backing down and for standing up to them.

No. 1480667

It's funny when Disney characters say it

No. 1480668

But it’s the mean women who are literally killing trannies right?

No. 1480669

gender critical goofy after max comes out as trans

No. 1480675

"let alone a TRANS woman" …. okay then.

No. 1480685

>The male chromosome is an incomplete female chromosome, Maxie. In other words the male is a walking abortion; aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples. Gorsh.

No. 1480686

This took me out.

No. 1480705

lol what a fucking narcissist

No. 1480714

Who does he think he’s fooling with this photoshop kek

No. 1480720

File: 1648191446736.jpg (464.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220325-020459_Red…)

Just uwu lesbian things.

No. 1480725

Lesbians just absolutely love anal sex you guys.

No. 1480730

File: 1648192272682.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 720x1280, 3428932476.webm)

No. 1480737

My question exactly. So many trans smash players, why?? What is it about that game specifically

No. 1480743

File: 1648194607142.png (475.54 KB, 833x960, eb3da5be91ee4830b9f635ee8f3eba…)

Based post. Very accurate, screencapping!

This made me think of how girlhood is portrayed in media in general across the world. I don't identify with it at all. Troons always whine and cry how they missed it, but it's not fucking real! I never had sleepovers or make up testing with friends or whatever the fuck they think we do. Feels like their image of girlhood is one giant sleepover with a huge NO BOYS ALLOWED!! sign. Like you see screenshots of adult fucking men demanding their wives and her friends arrange those for him as he is a TiM now. And… I don't think most of us actually had those. Or did you guys? Are they an American thing?

No. 1480745

Wtf is he trying to do, be like the porn anime gifs he watches? There was literally 0 bounce my ma'am, I would update the jiggle physics of your coom mod.

Ah yes, so very lesbian! Me and my gf always just fuck each other in the ass!

No. 1480748

I don't understand this obsession with "living the childhood I never had". When you've passed a certain time in your life it's gone for good. You can't make up for lost time. Sure you can indulge a few things you might not have had as a kid but going so far as to reliving your childhood is just weird. And these guys are especially weird for wanting a childhood that doesn't exist and even if it did they'd never have it because they're men.
My sleepovers were just watching TV and eating junk food until bedtime. And why do they think girls are in their underwear or sexy clothing when they go to bed? We were all wearing old t-shirts, pajamas and sweats. These guys just live in their own coomer fantasy world.

No. 1480749

I'm American and the answer for me is…yes and no. I had sleepovers with friends and we would sometimes do each other's makeup and talk about boys and all those other stereotypical girly things. But the way it's portrayed in media is very exaggerated. It leaves out all the other stuff we did like playing video games, exploring in the woods, and having personal conversations about our lives which could range in topics from our dysfunctional family lives to cracking up over fart jokes. I imagine it probably didn't look too different from boys' sleepovers at the same age. We had pillow fights, but they weren't weirdly sexualized and uwu girly, but straight up violent battle royales that would end up with us exhausted on the floor gorging on pizza and turning on a good movie. I look back on it fondly, but it's not this idealized fantasy that troons pretend it was. It was just kids being kids. That's the big issue I see with the way they romanticize girlhood. It's just so clear that they don't view us as fully human - just people experiencing life and all the ups and downs that comes with that - but rather as these ridiculous characatures imagined in the heads of delusional men. They whine and moan about all these things they missed out on, but they didn't miss out on them because they were boys. They missed out because they were lonely misfits who are unwilling or unable to empathize with others. It has everything to do with them, and nothing to do with us.

No. 1480750

i noticed tim are more obsessed in relieving whatever childhood, or girlhood, they missed while tim prefer to face adulthood as a man. Guess medias portrayal of male puberty aren't as appealing to fakeboi considering it's always raunchy, oversexualize and overly-masculine. maybe even a bit more realistic than the portrayals of entering 'girlhood.'

No. 1480752

Hah battle royale pillow fights and fart jokes sound adorable

Wait, I did have sleepovers!! We played with Bratz dolls, read a raunchy joke book and had a fart competition. Like who can make the loudest fart kek

No. 1480753

File: 1648196749401.jpg (215.94 KB, 1080x2030, 52b5e376-688e-57d8-9fc8-289d04…)

Three kids and all of them become trans huh? What a weird coincidence.

No. 1480757

He misspelled fag as lesbian.

No. 1480761

Haha yes! I remember all the weird crackheaded storylines we'd come up with for our Bratz/My Scene/Barbie dolls - including tying plastic grocery bags to them and tossing them out the window like little army paratroopers…only for them to quickly fall to the ground like a sack of rocks.
And god the fart jokes. All the toilet humor in general. Little girls can absolutely be gross little goblins, and it was honestly so much fun.
And like >>1480748 said, we never did this any of this shit in our underwear for christsake. We were always in ratty old t-shirts and sweats.

No. 1480762

>Forcing your own children to get castrated and injected with hormones.
You the world has gone to shit when this is considered normal.

No. 1480763

I thought anime in general is a bit more liberal though? For instance, Sailor Moon aired from 1992-1997 and they had a gay male couple, a lesbian couple, and a man who was attracted to other men and would also cross dress as a woman.

No. 1480767

Sailor moon did seem pretty liberal yes, but most of the time when you see crossdressers or "femboys" in anime it's part of some fetish which only makes the situation more confusing honestly

No. 1480774

Love how her first tweet is short, simple, polite, neutral and factual and the TRAs started screeching and insulting her and then women as a whole.

No. 1480775

I got sleepovers and we used to play with toys, watch bad movies and fake deep conversations. Nothing exceptional but surely we werent on underwear because life isnt a porn. The weridest and funniest thing to me is that tims always cry that they "didnt have any sleepovers" but i got plenty of sleepovers with male friends. They were the same as the girl sleepovers (and still no underwear) and even if it wasnt co-opted i know that when i was a kid guys of my age used to casually have sleepovers all the time, in a "we went to my house after football practice and x friend stayed over just because" way. So is even more ridiculous to me. I think that they don't went to any sleepovers because they're nasty hypersexual autistic guys who smell like piss & sweat. Scrotes don't want to have anything with because they're too Werid and Hypersexual even for the average moid and women just see a socially illiterate parody-of-a-person who triggers a fight or fight instinct and all the "possible rapist" red flags that one can have.

No. 1480779

He looks like the frog from that godawful Thumbellina movie, but even more deformed somehow.

No. 1480781

File: 1648200381216.jpg (38.49 KB, 445x416, Mrs._Toad.jpg)

The resemblance is uncanny. Lips that are that pumped with filler always look so painful to me. Surely they must lose some sensation after putting them through all that. Doesn't seem worth it to me

No. 1480782

Not gonna front these boobs look great lol

No. 1480786

Honestly proof trans is as much a social phenomenon as a mental health issue

No. 1480788

File: 1648202032992.jpg (93.4 KB, 599x520, wat.jpg)

I am genuinely confused by this. Is he saying he just likes unconventional women? Or is homeboy trying to come out as jacking it to trannies? Imagine being a reporter in a warzone and thinking its a good idea to post your existential crisis about your wank material.

No. 1480789

File: 1648202256842.jpg (146.53 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20220325_105623.jpg)

No. 1480790

My girlhood was fucking traumatic and had me going homeless at age 16. This idea that girlhood is super fun and easy only applies to very privileged girls.

No. 1480792

This reminds me of that one athlete who came out as "bi" but said they were "not attracted to cis men" (he said he only like cis women and trans men kek).

No. 1480793

TERF doesn’t mean radical feminist to most people it just means “someone who is moderately critical of the queer movement”

No. 1480794

File: 1648202772834.png (62.57 KB, 766x743, 2832032.PNG)

No. 1480795

I can't believe this isn't the Onion.

No. 1480798

So he comes out as "bisexual" but says he's not attracted to other men?

No. 1480801

Based British Terf

No. 1480803

Someone mentions Yaniv in the chat so I think >>1480654 is right in this being an older video. I can't believe Vaush actually said something this true once upon a time.

No. 1480805

File: 1648203444289.jpeg (888.54 KB, 1242x1692, ABA0C11C-8AD1-4E6C-822A-AB0161…)

Kek at some of the replies to her tweets

No. 1480806

Attention seeking straight people have been "coming out" as bi/pan/queer for ages. Now thanks to queer theory they can actually get away with saying they are bi but only attracted to one sex.

No. 1480811

File: 1648203702299.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1512, 08141F1D-5590-40A4-90E8-4CE0C6…)

No. 1480812

File: 1648203812783.webm (9.28 MB, 960x720, 13t0c4WSw1z9jqn9.webm)

because trannies are just beta men

No. 1480813

I think he's saying he likes troons. He's being honest that he doesn't see them as women (that's why he doesn’t feel straight).
Or he could just want attention. I feel like it's both or else this is retarded. I saw another dude do the same thing. Came out as "non straight" and low and behold it was because he was jacking it to Tran y porn and couldn't fully trick his brain into believing the man with tits was actually a woman.

No. 1480816

He's a GAMP.

No. 1480817

americans in replies coping by saying "you're british" that's your cousin retard

No. 1480818

LMAO does he have an infection of some kind?? Or is that… his make up?

No. 1480820

File: 1648204231687.png (462.86 KB, 471x621, agp smirk.png)

classic agp smirk

No. 1480822

>she goes HOURS without peeing?
Excuse me? Oh, one of their tranny medications has that as a side effect, right, it can even cause incontinence, which is likely why they "get wet" after transitioning even without SRS.

No. 1480823

nothing for "male" lol

No. 1480825

They have to pretend to be bi rather than straight even if they're not attracted to men at all, because they're attracted to tif's and female enbys but they're not allowed to admit those are all women kek

But usually it's to cover up and cope with their own homophobia of being attracted to men "it's not gay if he's wearing a dress!! Dress = woman!!!!!"

No. 1480827

This may be completely ot and I apologize inb4 ban but I think the what is a woman thing is quite easy: a woman is someone who was born a girl, went through life as a girl, was treated as such by society, then she begun being treated and seen as a woman. Xx babey.

No. 1480828


nta but, series that weren't scrote-oriented occasionally had gay characters and cross dressers who weren't okama/trap caricatures. and at least a couple characters that one would consider canonically non-binary today.

It changed when "moe" became prevalent, as characters that weren't appealing to male otaku became unprofitable. So only the uwu femboys were allowed to stay.

coomers ruin everything as always. And it's very telling that trannies don't like the "old" representation (which was honest) and instead prefer the "new", coomer-pandering characters.

No. 1480831

File: 1648205047257.png (532.74 KB, 1080x1059, IMG_20220325_124338.png)

[eyeroll emoji]

No. 1480833

beautiful black woman speaking the truth, naturally the white troons and handmaidens fear her kek

No. 1480834

All libfems are part of the same retarded hivemind.

No. 1480835

holy strawman

No. 1480836

They keep insulting her for being British. Which is funny because most of them are American and that's 1000x worse.

No. 1480837

If she ever understood radical feminism she couldn't even think nonbinary makes sense. Everytime I see a woman come out as nonbinary I want to set myself on fire and have to try my hardest to not say anything, even though all I want to tell them is that women are all different

No. 1480841

So if according to this person JK rowling thinks transitioning changes your sex, doesn't that mean she's the opposite of transphobic? Kek

No. 1480842

rent free

No. 1480844

It's really funny when I see people criticize radfems for supporting "bioessentialism" and "girlboss feminism". They just don't know what radical feminism is at all. I'm not a radical feminist but the actual ideology is nothing like how most outside observers describe it at all.

No. 1480846

Shit excuse, I'm not native yet I think I understand things quite fucking clearly, we don't have pronouns or shit like that though so maybe that's why it's easier for me to see that stuff being twisted and turned very freak show-like.

No. 1480848

There's a lot of anti-feminist propaganda in mainstream culture and "radical feminism" is the most vilified type of feminism by far. Even other self-identified feminists like the liberal feminists hate radical feminism. There was never any actual discussion of how their views differed from other feminist branches. All people would ever say was that radical feminists were all "ugly hairy man-hating lesbians" which ironically very sexist because it judged women's worth based on their attractiveness and usefulness to men.

No. 1480863

A lot of people seem to think that radical is a synonym for crazy or extreme, so they assume radical feminism is everything-they-think-is-a-step-too-far feminism. For most people that means free bleeding, bra burning, enforced “masculinisation” (aka going au naturel, keeping hair short, men’s clothes), separatist lesbian communes sacrificing male infants to the moon goddess, etc. Getting people to list what misconceptions they have about radical feminism is actually a great way to find out where their personal priorities lie because it’s mostly projection.

No. 1480867

They also think libfem activism like troon acceptance and sex positivity are radfem things.

No. 1480869

When male trannies are taking your promotions, creeping out your kids at JC Penny's and filling every "woman" quota in government roles, I hope everyone rubs this tweet in your face you absolute retarded handmaiden. The internet never forgets.

All the basically TIMs in everything but name femboys I knew were also into speed running and smashbros and threw huge shit fits whenever they lost. I would tell any straight ladies here to make their boyfriends play smash bros and see how they react when they lose. I am not joking, I think this is backed by the scientific method.

No. 1480875

File: 1648208435862.png (23.07 KB, 595x257, NullMercy.png)

how is twitter a real website

No. 1480877

File: 1648208535476.jpeg (185.29 KB, 1078x1122, 5FBCDA19-4D05-4A76-9D8C-C80A82…)

Absolute unit

No. 1480878

Put a sheet on your shitty twin-size bed you lipstick gorilla, goddamn.

No. 1480880

When did Rami Malek troon out?

No. 1480881


I wish there was a feminism branch like that, that sounds like an ideal life goal

No. 1480886

File: 1648209568942.jpeg (23.77 KB, 400x308, main-qimg-a14035f2904e2f23aa06…)

this can't be real

No. 1480888

I think one of my friends is going to troon out and I’m so sad. Is there anything I can say to him to prevent him from doing this to himself? Help.

No. 1480889

Just focus on getting out of that friendship

No. 1480890

This. You can't get between a man and his coom. Unless he's gay, then maybe you can convince him he's fine the way he is. But if he's a AGP lesbian, just get out before he starts fantasizing about wearing your underwear (and eventually your skin).

No. 1480891

If he does actually troon out I will. But right now he’s just in the questioning stage so I still have some hope left.

No. 1480894

I really feel like he’s either repressing his homosexuality and he’s super depressed. He’s never been a coomer or anything close that I’m aware of, just very easily influenced by internet echo chambers.

No. 1480895

That sounds based. I wish straw feminism was real.

No. 1480897

Is he white? Not trying to racebait here but that actually does matter when it comes to convincing him not to troon out. Because most not white troons are gay.

No. 1480898

File: 1648210482031.jpg (262.93 KB, 1549x1029, 433733799.jpg)

she/it troon in his 30s that's been popping up on my timeline. the hairline and psycho stare is killing me

No. 1480901

He is white. I don’t know, I’m just distraught I will have to figure out something to say to him to prevent him from fully trooning out. I’m just not sure what to say to him that won’t alienate him completely.

No. 1480902

I thought it was because porn is such a big contributor to fetishes (like AGP) and Japan produces the most fucked up porn in the world - especially in animation, video games, and comics where they can feature women being impregnated by cockroaches or men gnangraping newborn infants. The Japanese population is smaller than the US one and yet its sex industry is worth billions more. A 2012 study found that 6,000 new women in Japan do porn every year and the number is probably higher now.

No. 1480906

Wow now that does sound like narc rage. The terminology he uses like subhuman and excised, ill, cancer…
These people, troons/genderspecials and vaush are all narcs who freak tf out when their fragile self is questioned. It's why 'muh canceling' is a thing. They are going to eat eachother like this.

No. 1480907


sorry if it sounds like tinfoil but I believe it's actually very, very closely related to autism.

All the female enbies who truly believe in their "identities" are autistic (the ones who don't are just regular pickmes, not much theory to write) if you look at popular autism awareness and ressource pages on social media, lots of them are owned by enbies and talk about the correlation between transgender identities and autism, usually mis-interpreting it in order to advocate for trans rights. You can even go on the lgbtqia+ wiki, where the existence of the most absurd xenogender is word for word justified by the tiny handful of autists who like it.

The whole of the "faithful" core of the non-binary community is autistic women. Generally with a life of being somewhat isolated and uninformed. If you consider gender as only a social thing defined by stereotypes, their unconventional life experiences don't make them "full" women. But you are right in saying they understand that men suck, and they don't have a typically male life experience either, so they can't logically identify as "full" men. thus they are non-binary.

They also have usually absorbed at some point the conscious or unconscious belief that other people have some kind of spiritual substance that they do not have and cannot understand, but must respect, sort of like a religious belief. They are used to being told to believe and practice things "because it's the right thing to do" without being allowed to question them. They make excellent candidates for the trans cult.

Autistic handmaidens are a backbone of trans activism because they make such good soldiers (read parrots) once properly conditioned. And because enby identities are considered more nonsensical than binary trannies by the average everyday transphobe, the mockery is focused on enbies, helping said binary trannies become more acceptable by comparison. Ideal scapegoats that help AGPs build their ideal coomspace.

AGPs are misogynists of course, so they see autistic women as useless subhumans. They don't mind throwing us under the bus to smooth out the bumps on the road.

The second part you wrote about men is 100% right though.

No. 1480909

why would you befriend a moid in the first place

No. 1480912

average troonbian

No. 1480916

>Autistic handmaidens are a backbone of trans activism because they make such good soldiers (read parrots) once properly conditioned.

Which means they will become the new target when troonism is no longer popular. White, autistic (often overweight) girls and women will be easiest to bully and mock. You know the ones, the ones with that one personality and that look in their eye/face.

I'd just be honest with him, nonnie. If he hates you for it well at least you can say you tried. Personally I would tell him troons creep me out. But the truth is if he's already contemplating it around you then he's been hooked on tranny sissy hypno porn for months.

No. 1480917

People are already blaming the handmaidens of the trans movement for everything instead of the actual TIMs. They will always find a way to blame women.

No. 1480920

This has to be shopped, look at how tiny the head is.

No. 1480923

File: 1648213651781.png (Spoiler Image, 2.5 MB, 750x1334, 7A617D20-5A81-4311-9EA7-3556A1…)

Well maybe she should have gone a step further and cut her uterus out and put it in a jar like this TIF did.

Spoiler warning that’s her uterus in a jar. She also bought a spinny light up base for it so she can have it on display.


No. 1480924

Fucking freak

No. 1480926

nothing says "MAN!" more than putting your uterus in a jar on a spinny light up thing for display. almost like she's proud of it.

No. 1480929

>You know the ones, the ones with that one personality and that look in their eye/face.

No. 1480930

File: 1648214195935.png (258.1 KB, 594x666, I am 13 years old.png)

No. 1480931

please tell me she at least had a proper medical reason to take it out…

nightmare fuel man.

No. 1480933

As far as I understand she’s been on testosterone for 10 months and she’s 20 years old so I doubt it especially as they let her keep it in the pickle jar.

Her brain hasn’t finished developing but take out a major organ at her request? Okay.

No. 1480934

thats mento illness luv x

No. 1480935

my god

humanity should have stopped at the industrial revolution.

No. 1480939

File: 1648214902473.png (1.11 MB, 1466x1092, qxqdryy3.png)

>“Afterwards, one of the guards said, ‘you’re a guy, so get the hell out of here’, and told me I should be grateful they didn’t call the police, even though I have a legally valid document that states I am female.
>“‘Go to the war’, they replied, adding that more than 3 million people had already fled the country and they weren’t going to let me out.”
>“They told us to take off our jackets. They checked our hands, arms, checked my neck to see if I had an Adam’s apple. They touched my breasts. After examining us, border guards told us we were men. We tried to explain our situation but they didn’t care.”

based ukranians

No. 1480941

Fucking good.

No. 1480944

>B-but I have pink hair!

No. 1480945

> They whine and moan about all these things they missed out on, but they didn't miss out on them because they were boys. They missed out because they were lonely misfits who are unwilling or unable to empathize with others. It has everything to do with them, and nothing to do with us

Based, nonna

No. 1480947

Love how the only pictures in the article are from a distance or unfocused. The fact that overworked guards stopped him at the frontier during a war showed that he must be a super hon, but the Western media must try to shore up sympathy for those freaks and they know that men wearing women clothes doesn't create that

No. 1480949

this world is truly broken. it might sound cringe but seeing such a sick, mentally ill person who was let down like this is really heart breaking (and made me cry a little). the one real miracle; the miracle of life that only women can deliver… something so small but so incredible stored away in our bodies and she just cut it out as if it’s pure evil. yeah ofc periods/menopause etc suck and a woman is more than her uterus, but i feel incredibly blessed to have such a thing in my own body, literally nothing is cooler than being able to grow and push out a tiny human…. men could literally never.

i wonder how soon she’ll regret this and realize what a horrible mistake she’s made

No. 1480950

>nonbinary wife
Kek of course they're both transbian agps. Now troons know what's it like to not be able to identify out of your gender role

No. 1480952

File: 1648215568197.png (1.19 MB, 960x833, 1638413524214.png)

I think "regret" in regards to these horrific troon surgeries are often muffled into silence by the sunk cost fallacy. It takes a lot of bravery to publicly admit to regret, or making a mistake.

No. 1480955

Every one of them have those autistic dead fish eyes. There is no spark of life behind their eyes.

No. 1480956

I mean I feel the same way about this as I feel about males getting their dick n' balls cut off - good thing they willingly gave up their ability to have children

No. 1480960

File: 1648215843300.png (740.69 KB, 1057x613, albejorn.png)

this furry troon calls himself bispecies, help

No. 1480961

Get him to talk about his actual problems and why he thinks trooning out will solve them.

Read up on desisters and detransitioners so you can have some arguments for why trooning out won't actually solve them.

Also, read up on the bad effects of estrogen for men so you can point that out.

But when you talk to you him, you have to be curious, non-judgemental. If you come of as judging at all, it wont' work.

No. 1480963

Rocking that hammer head shark look

No. 1480965

Yeah, I can't help but think "thank fuck, another spineless retard fell right into the eugenics trap." It's almost like the people who paid to have their genitals tossed into the biohazard bin probably shouldn't have gone on to become parents of the next generation anyway.

No. 1480966

I was just thinking that. Years of peace have made men forget about the horrors of their own gender role. They're the ones who have been living life in easy mode until now.
I wonder why we don't hear about TIFfanys complaining about not being drafted. Wouldn't dying in a war with your fellow men be the most gender affirming experience for them? We know about TIFs getting wet because of AIDS, I'm sure there's someone crazy enough.

No. 1480967

Damn good. Imagine wanting to accommodate a refugee woman in your house and it'd be actually a man. That would freak me out… border guards protecting us too and they don't even know.

No. 1480969

File: 1648216068350.jpg (34.45 KB, 800x450, pathethic.jpg)

her last name being Kalb is killing me as an arabic speaker, lord get a backbone lady this is pathethic, I never see men going this hard for women at all

No. 1480978

off topic but I've seen a bunch of mtfs call themselves buddhists lately. it's just weird to me since a lot of their identity is just pure aesthetics and vanity.

No. 1480983

thank you for your advice, I'll do my best to prevent another tragedy

No. 1480990

The obsession with adult males reliving the "girlhood" they missed out on is delusional and unhealthy and I don't know why it's so indulged as a valid coping mechanism. Part of life, and living a mentally healthy life, is accepting reality and letting things go. And especially with the internet and access to so much media it's easy to look at others lives and fantasize about what could have been. Like sometimes I wish my childhood took place in a walkable city instead of the isolated suburbs. Or sometimes I wish my childhood took place on a horse farm lol. Or I used i wish I grew up a boy so I could experience my teen years without misogyny. But i didn't. And nothing will change that.

And do these troons realize that alot of us women didn't have to a stereotypical girlhood either? Like I grew up awkward, no friends, no stereotypical parties, sleepovers, or first kisses.

No. 1480994

Because they’re in every space colonising everything. Spirituality is popular with woman (we all know the hippie girl into yoga and meditation that collects crystals and burns incense whos a vegetarian and who talks about being a Buddhist)

There is NOTHING they won’t colonise and NO woman they won’t fetishise. Even if she’s a hippie who doesn’t wear a bra or shave or perform femininity they’ll find a way to fetishise her, they’ll fight there way in to talk over her and be celebrated above her. They’re in PCOS spaces, endriomitosis spaces, menstrual spaces, pagan spaces, sports, lesbian spaces ANYWHERE there’s women that can be talked over and sexualised there’s a man on the sidelines looking for ways to get off to her

No. 1481011

Why don't liberals and handmaidens ever get this pedantic when discussing racial issues? They never say blacks don't exist because there are mixed race people and different black ethnicities. But they will argue until they're blue in the face about how you can't define womanhood because rare chromosomal mutations and infertility exists.

No. 1481014

I legit don't understand them anymore. They act like fucking idiots 24/7 then wonder why their opposition is gaining momentum. They hide behind the veil of gender upon any criticism. They claim gender roles are outdated and invalid while also buying into them as a rite of passage. They shit themselves when you bring up sex and claim biology is too complicated. They bring up indigenous/non-western cultures and lump them all as one to protest this, conveniently ignoring the ones that place a ton of roles onto sex and see any aberrations as evil and degeneracy (or y'know, the ones that ate people). They'll claim any scandal is a hoax.

It's too much. They're too much.

No. 1481015

File: 1648220318311.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, F953E57F-3B37-45AA-9BE9-02E5FB…)

So on trans day of visibility the mens (trans womens) team is going to play a womens team in a game of football (soccer for burgers). Place your bets now ladies.

>>1481011 because talking about race isn’t the same as pandering to men.

No. 1481016

File: 1648220411129.jpeg (298.76 KB, 972x644, 119DBE2F-F4E7-4731-B936-A7A8C2…)

Tranny team, apparently the team is regularly made up of a mix of players but in that match it’ll only be the ones who identify as woman playing.

A link to their website incase anyone wants it: https://trukunitedfc.com/history-in-the-making

No. 1481020

Top left is terminally online, so pale lmao

No. 1481023

Trannies may have ruined absolutely everything for women but at least now I'll never "be kind" to retards again. No more pity niceness for balding, ugly, retarded men ever again.

No. 1481024

Damn elon musk up there by the blud haired lad. These all look like men who are begging to physically harm women in the name of "sports"

No. 1481025

How the fuck is there still an actual woman involved in this. Being around so many fat, balding, disgusting old pornsick scrotes, I mean "transwomen" would peak me so fast.

No. 1481027

Tell me you're a pedo without saying you're a pedo. Jesus fucking christ

No. 1481029

You can literally see the mental illness in her eyes

No. 1481030

This, being trans is the ultimate escapist fantasy, either in the way they treat the childhood they presumably didn't had or the whole thing since too many of them try to escape their current self to another imagined one of "women" which is supposed to be that thing that'll finally make them happy.

No. 1481031

Her internalised misogyny runs fucking deep. Imagine choosing to play on the men pretending to be womens team instead of actually playing with the women. She proberbly thinks she’s super progressive.

Also I wouldn’t put it past any of them to assault her. 98% of British woman have been assaulted, at LEAST one of those freaks has assaulted a woman

No. 1481032

Damn, yeah. I think I had a classically good childhood and a bunch of us neighborhood kids had sleepovers with both the boys and girls (like before puberty made things weird). So many kids just act in the same ways as kids- playing games, with dolls and action figures alike bc it’s what’s there, etc. I will never get these moids obsession with some pure girlhood that doesn’t exist.

No. 1481035

i know this is the mtf thread but GOD i miss the cow that was felice fawn.

No. 1481036

File: 1648221884806.jpg (124.81 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20220325-082412.jpg)

No. 1481037

Wish you would have left the other guys feet in the frame too so we can better observe the obvious male mannerisms lmao. The maleness is literally in their DNA its so funny

No. 1481040

Levi larping so intense she took her uterus out, but does still not look anything like a man. Sad.

No. 1481044

Do you think if We went to the match We could start a classic footie chant? I’m thinking “Belly’s gonna get ya”

I can’t stop laughing nonnies I’m dead. LOOK at them! This is the men who think they can compete with us!

No. 1481046

I've met this tranny a couple of times while partying along the gay strip, he's a total dickhead & I bet he started the fight with the black dude. Wouldn't be the first time lol, hope he got his shit rocked.

No. 1481054

This is an old clip, like a few years old

No. 1481059

>pink hair
>shitty winged linger
>named Alice
>poorly posing for narcissistic "candid" shots
Did I get a bingo?

It's hard for my heart to break for her because I know she would readily throw me to the wolves for saying I like Harry Potter. Save your sympathy for those who actually deserve it

No. 1481060

>Save your sympathy for those who actually deserve it
Exactly. Steel your hearts. Having empathy for these people is how we got here.
These people would get you fired from your jobs for saying you don't want women to be raped by men in jails. They don't deserve your kindness.

No. 1481064


Goddamn I can't even get my tubes tied at 36 because 'maybe you want children. Most women want them.' But it is totally fine to make 18 years old infertile.

No. 1481093

If madison beer was a fridge-bodied troon

No. 1481094

Slightly off topic but I always loved the light pink/baby blue color scheme and I hate that the troons took it for themselves

No. 1481096

There's this saying that goes along the line of "those who pity the poor ends up taking their place" that just comes into my mind time and time again when it comes to troons
It's sad to say but women really did this to themselves by being too nice and feeling sorry for these creeps

No. 1481100

File: 1648226277712.gif (295.91 KB, 540x540, tumblr_f8e1a1fb2d09522d87bcc09…)

FUCK, ME TOO! Everything cute is now ruined. Same thing with Ikea sharks, RRREEEEE

No. 1481105

Awh, I got excited 'cause I thought you were a fellow Swede, but then I realized blåhaj is just the name of the plush

No. 1481110

Förlåt! (I even had to check how that's spelled from google lmao)

No. 1481112

we need to establish more swedish forums as all there is here is incelcentral flashback.org

No. 1481113

Don’t these women get tired of dick sucking trannies all day?

No. 1481120

Are the Brit bongs ok?? Why does tranny shit have the UK so gripped?

No. 1481122

My blåhaj is a major terf and radfem

For real though, trannies are everywhere and try to claim fun things. Everytime I look up fanart of literally any show ever, people have shoved their troon headcanons onto everything. I dont wanna see any fucking characters with top surgery scars or girldicks, for the love of god!
I also love rainbows, theyre just cute, but im afraid of being associated with crazies if I wear anything rainbow in public.

No. 1481125

maybe we can make familjeliv our base

No. 1481127

File: 1648227772430.jpeg (53.74 KB, 1024x570, EMleOOPXYAYvDMK.jpeg)

No. 1481129

You know what he’s right he doesn’t need a wig. He needs to go to a science museum and stand with the caveman statues.

No. 1481134

KEK see you at Familjeliv, Nonas. Älskar er btw. Det är inte lätt att vara svensk terf.

No. 1481146

File: 1648229114341.jpeg (477.65 KB, 1500x2000, 2B7065B2-206B-4F20-9644-8B033C…)

brave and stunning

No. 1481147

File: 1648229191757.jpg (272.61 KB, 1280x1068, 1646493237790.jpg)

You might right. If my pic related is true, then I wouldn't be surprised if troons hijacked the idea and started posting cropped women so when someone says something bad about them they can say to themselves "see, they're biased - you totally look like a woman and people telling you you'll never pass are lying".

No. 1481149

How many times has this pic been posted in these threads now? 10?

No. 1481154

Imagine being in the middle of surgery to bring a child into this world and all you can think about is the magic book author. Truly rent free.

No. 1481169

File: 1648231244347.png (889.04 KB, 1034x1062, 1648230685748.png)

This just makes me sad. All the pics I've seen of her with him (including that hilarious one of him dressed as the goat mom in Undertale) show she's trying to be a supportive mother and bond with her son. Imagine putting in all that effort only for him to turn out like this. If I have children, I can only pray I never have a son. It's apparently supposed to be WoW cosplay too…

No. 1481173

Let the newfags have fun

No. 1481175

Imagine adopting a son and he ends up like this

No. 1481176

Jag är bara glad att jag inte är den enda Terfen i detta land.

No. 1481179

How are things in Sweden with gender shit? I assume most of your political parties have troons girlballs deep in their asses?

It's clearly an important part of a nonna's peaking journey

No. 1481181

nta but no

No. 1481182

It's funny everytime an actual woman gets posted here anons are calling this out immediatly. It's like there a difference lol

No. 1481184

not that anon but the media here are more critical against troonery than the media in the us. our national broadcaster made a documentary about the increase in teenage girls transitioning a couple of years ago.

No. 1481185

File: 1648232281142.jpeg (467.08 KB, 661x972, 0A37A561-9C71-4824-88F9-AF1C85…)

it is a part of my journey, sorry for the repost. i’ll harvest more caps while i’m mass unfollowing the people i once handmaidened

No. 1481189

File: 1648232507153.jpeg (344.37 KB, 1055x999, 70494D28-EFBE-460E-BE1A-DE1C4E…)

oh good god

No. 1481190

We just banned puberty blockers and hormone treatments for kids (unless the kids are part of a medical study). The tide is turning a bit even if Sweden is woke central. Gender ID is still on the table though.

No. 1481193

is the person he's marrying also a troon? I couldn't find much info other than he's marrying someone named cynthia

No. 1481198

Absolutely repulsive.

No. 1481206

Here’s the interview where it’s announced she’ll be cosplaying a WoW character because that’s her son’s favourite game.

No. 1481208

I hate that they, and their shitty enablers, have done it with alt fashion. I've always loved alt fashion and music, and these freaks have colonized it completely.

No. 1481214

The upside is is that they killed chokers for everyone. I've always hated chokers.

No. 1481215

I like chokers. But yeah, between the troons and the men calling them blackbelts in cocksucking or whatever the fuck, I don't even bother wearing any.

No. 1481221

I’d like to see him have the balls to slap a black woman in the face. If he met this lady on the street and she said it, would he still do it? Cape for men in skirts over a WoC and be violent to her?

No. 1481222

File: 1648234040855.jpg (351.97 KB, 780x1045, MCZoYXNoPThjMDA5ODA1NTE4OTkwOT…)

He's clearly an unattractive autistic weeb, so of course it was only a matter of time

No. 1481224

Yeah the majority of people who get called “terf” probably know very little about actual radical feminism. The word means nothing at this point and is just some sort of gotcha.

No. 1481229

File: 1648234410855.jpg (464.99 KB, 810x1853, Screenshot_20220325-144555_Boo…)

TIM earned the title of "mother" while his "bitchy" ex who birthed their child just had it assigned to her:

No. 1481231

True. I've seen people not even remotely in the realm of being tad fems get called terf. Example, Blaire White, a conservative TIM.

No. 1481232

This to me is one of the most egregious things that troons do. That poor woman. She's living an actual nightmare

No. 1481233

File: 1648234698209.jpeg (52.46 KB, 720x800, FOmQ4fxXwAAVnNG.jpeg)

It's being censored

No. 1481234

I like his glasses, anyone know where I could get a pair?

No. 1481236

Holy fuck that dick bulge. I am vomit

No. 1481239

>Black woman calls out the elephant in the room
>Man responds with violence

Every. Damn. Time.

No. 1481243

I wasn’t allowed to have many sleepovers but the ones I did have were basic—watch tv, charades, gossip, whatever…no underwear and bounding and sexual shit.
I also had a traumatic childhood being molested by a male family member so idk what the fuck these TIMs want…life isn’t a porn. But, I guess being molested by a man is ~validating~

No. 1481244

Yeah, and they prove time and time again they don’t even know or understand “terf” talking points. Like they say radical feminists think women who are masculine or who have had a hysterectomy or gone thru menopause are not women. No radfem in the history of ever has said those things.

No. 1481245

File: 1648235180814.jpg (195.78 KB, 1170x1603, IMG_20220325_140428.jpg)

No. 1481246

Still viewable over here in good old Burgerland, but I'm not surprised. Its truly astonishing how hard this shitty ideology has captured institutions all over the world. Its getting bad even in countries in the global South now too.

No. 1481247

File: 1648235211689.jpg (491.31 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220325-150544_Sam…)

Thankfully it's only blocked in Germany, kek. Twitter often blocks tweets for "breaking German law" but if you appeal the ban with "I don't fucking live in Germany" they reinstate your account. Fucking glowies.

No. 1481250

File: 1648235369649.jpg (231.01 KB, 921x2048, IMG_20220325_140432.jpg)

No. 1481252

Men have no shame. Sometimes I imagine how much I could accomplish in life if I had the same delusional confidence men have.

No. 1481253

The Chris Chan phenotype.

No. 1481254

File: 1648235620943.jpg (65.55 KB, 1080x472, FB_IMG_1648235584105.jpg)

Someone on my feed shared a post the other day basically claiming terfs hate trans people for "smashing the concept of gender and traditional family" and I'm like… Bro, those are conservative talking points. Look up what rad fems actually believe. Here's the picture in question.

No. 1481256

This is so dystopian. Even if it's still up in most places, many similar tweets have been removed before. What other group gets this same amount of coddling? You can easily find the most disgusting sexist and racist tweets, but god forbid you even mildly criticize trannies

No. 1481260

Man gets some leggings and hand weights and thinks he's a fit queen. Literally just restrict calories

No. 1481262

He will never be able to outrun that body, which is nice. It's like his punishment for being a coomer is attached to him until death and everybody is aware of it. Like walking through Dante's Inferno without having to die first.

No. 1481263

Classic I kek every time

No. 1481267

Nta but she says c section?

No. 1481270

What’s funny is that the other tweets in response had to beg others to retweet them. “Like this if you are an ALLY”, “Like this to show it isn’t true”, “Like this to show TWAW” and had many of these TRAs literally begging big accounts to signal boost them to others show their passive ideological allegiance. She just tweeted a statement, didn’t ask for retweets and still go this much clout lmao

No. 1481272

File: 1648238292944.png (630.98 KB, 1023x661, Perversion.png)

No. 1481273

File: 1648238322602.png (30.6 KB, 727x278, PerversionPart2.PNG)

The OP's comment is sending me.

No. 1481274

>pretty sure I nail this outfit

Pretty sure you couldn’t even nail a hole in the wall

No. 1481276

>euphoria horny
so they admit it. Euphoria = horny

No. 1481278

The closest response to her amount of likes has something like 66K followers to her 46K, and they failed to ratio her completely. People are getting sick of this shit and are less afraid to hide it.

No. 1481283

What "natural" beauty? You pumped yourself full of hormones.

No. 1481285

File: 1648238818441.jpg (1.05 MB, 1333x1380, fat lavatory.jpg)

Ewww Grace Lavery lookin' fucker.
Poor Jamie Lee, saddled with an AGP autist.
Soooo many troons are adopted or from the foster system. There are unfortunately a lot of adoptive parents going through this right now. (Though it seems a lot more TIFs than TIMs follow this trend.)

No. 1481293

Probably because they were exposed to meth/crack in the womb and are retarded because of it. Sure, it could be because lack of identity you see in adopted people but imo they always look retarded so that's my hypothesis.

No. 1481295

I noticed this too. It seems that bitter birth mom TikTok has been telling adopted kids that their identity was ripped from them during the adoption process and the troon groomers saw an opportunity and took it

No. 1481307

File: 1648240014156.jpg (268.92 KB, 713x952, 20220325_152452.jpg)

Trannies crying again bc no one wants them in womens spaces.

No. 1481317

>pink hair
>stringy ponytails
>pasty skin
Every time

No. 1481318

>It is no different than a cis woman dressing up and feeling sexy and aroused

Um…yes the fuck it is? 'Aroused'?? Cis women don't feel ~aroused~ when we look at ourselves. These men really tell on themselves without realizing it, don't they

No. 1481320

The sleepovers I went to always involved a ouija board, true crime docs and hide and seek that went too far because someone hid on the roof

No. 1481334

File: 1648241968619.png (162.71 KB, 1186x778, Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 1.59…)

yeah it tells me you're fucking retarded

No. 1481335

File: 1648241983437.jpg (19.07 KB, 340x388, oh lord.jpg)

No. 1481336

Men really assume we get wet in our panties when wearing a dress. I think they’re confusing confidence with horniness, not like they’d know the difference since it’s all justification for their fetish

No. 1481349

What does horny in a gay way mean in this context? Does he mean he's sexually attracted to himself? Because no, women do not do that. I'm bi and I know I'm pretty but never once have I been into myself the same way I would be into another woman. What the fuck is wrong with the Y chromosone that messes men up this badly?

No. 1481363

No normal sane person gets aroused when seeing themselves naked, that's some severe mental illness.

No. 1481365

i’m sure the green bay packers fan in the crowd is totally from the UK and isn’t an american TRA exporting their gender cult

No. 1481366

I was bored looking through YT and wondered what this old sky news report on radfems v troons had to say. Lo and behold who should appear but Jess Bradley, who got quietly sacked fast NUS trans officer for flashing his nob and writing smut about underage boys. Best part is when he says there is no such thing as a real woman with a smug expression on his wall-eyed face

No. 1481372

Kek I have to admit the Stacy troon is quite funny

No. 1481374

File: 1648245651593.png (183.23 KB, 828x564, 1648236239949.png)

Plot twist: the roles he chooses from are the same

No. 1481386

It's truly a dark time for women who like shy sensitive artsy guys

No. 1481392

Trannies have put me RIGHT off “sensitive” artistic gnc men.

No. 1481410

Autogynephilia is attraction to himself.

No. 1481415

File: 1648249179471.jpeg (57.61 KB, 756x960, 2878CAD1-A0DC-469C-A46A-079885…)

So womanly

No. 1481423

damn, I didn't know when my hair stopped growing blonde that I was losing my womanhood with it. I guess we better all hit the salon before our ovaries shrivel up.

No. 1481431

File: 1648250528579.jpeg (65.43 KB, 450x774, A63C67F7-591C-41E3-973E-8669D3…)

This is such a big issue in general between men and women. While I believe girls will typically have it tougher because of predatory men and how much more intense puberty can be with the addition of a period, there’s such a “the grass is always greener on the other side” issue with trans. TIMs hate being lonely “disposable” men who don’t have the freedom to be desired just for being cute and innocent, want the indulgence in femininity they fetishize and cherish as “pure”, want the sense of belonging they feel women have naturally with each other because of the “female struggle.” And TIFs hate being seen as weak, dealing with the fears and feelings that come with being a visible woman, want that sense of strength and non-challenge in life they see boys have, to be respected for what they do and who they are without fear of people’s opinions of them clouded by the baggage of being a girl.

I sympathize much more with a TIFs struggle but at the same time, I wish people would understand the solution to your baggage isn’t to escape your gender, men have their own sets of problems, and women have their own sets of problems and that’s just how it is. If you were born the other gender, you wouldn’t have had a better life you would have had parallel issues to the ones you have now. You’d still be autistic, you’d still be depressed, and you’d probably still be dysphoric.

No. 1481434

I remember watching a documentary in high school on intersex people and it explicitly stated that medical professionals considered intersex people male. The rule was basically if they had a y, they were male. It didnt matter what combination XXY, XXYY, XXXY those are all male. They just had surgeons tell the parents to raise their children as girls bc their genitals were more fitting of a woman.
I can only imagine if people watched that documentary now they would be going apeshit about its "archaic" beliefs on intersex people.

No. 1481442

File: 1648251694022.png (337.61 KB, 741x705, millie corner.png)

Someone cowtipped and posted the post from the last thread about the Millie account being fake and "she" responded to it kek

No. 1481443

Any comment on why this true and honest mother is "self-medding hrt"?

No. 1481444

But with Swyers most of them have no idea they are actually chromosomally male until puberty because they don’t menstruate or grow breasts.

No. 1481445

Well that "someone" has to be you or someone you follow, because the account is locked. Only followers can view tweets from locked accounts.

No. 1481446

I do follow her on my side account for terf stuff, yeah. So?

No. 1481454

who can see this "glow-up" and be like yeah i want this for myself. this is totally good and healthy.

No. 1481455

Swyers is a weird one because they have XY chromosomes but many female reproductive organs, can gestate a pregnancy but can't produce their own ova.

No. 1481456

Why do mtf trannies always get fat? This guy, Jazz Jennings, Kim Petras, definitely more. Do they think it'll help them pass better? Estrogen can't cause THAT much weight gain, right?

No. 1481461

The way that I learned it, and I'm not speaking as an expert, was that intersex conditions can only happen if your male. Since you need both the male/female chromosomal patterns to front both male and female sex organs. Once again I dont know much about the intersex condition, I only watched this hour documentary on it. I'm basically saying that I always assumed intersex people were male. If that is not the case, I dont really know where I'd stand on sexing these people but I still have a belief that sex is binary.

No. 1481462

Intersex conditions affect both males and females.

No. 1481463

Nah, either sex can have some deformity or chromosomal error. There are intersex conditions that only affect women, like Turner syndrome.

No. 1481465

High levels of estrogen can cause insulin resistance which can lead to weight gain. Obese men who aren't taking hormones like mtfs are still tend to have high levels of estrogen but the link hasn't been very well studied.

No. 1481466

why is he bootlicking the troons now?

No. 1481467

i hate how they make their departments seem more inclusive

No. 1481469

why do trannies all sound the same lol. this guy sounds like anthony's fake voice

No. 1481471

It's probably better attributed to the sexual abuse that children in the system frequently experience.

No. 1481473

Neurological difficulties, trauma and there’s unfortunately lots of narcissistic adoptive parents with mother theresa syndrom.

No. 1481475

If she didn't want her uterus or babies couldn't she just have gotten her ovaries tied? Doesn't T stop periods? In that thread someone linked a study that it leads to early onset dementia, that's awful.

No. 1481477

for lots of people it's a hormonal issue and they have completely normal chromosomes

No. 1481478

Nonitas there was great terf communities on Facebook back when that was still being used. I havent felt lonely in my believes since like 2014. And we have Ekis so its not all bad.

No. 1481484

What the fuck. How has it become normalized so much for people to amputate healthy body parts to the point where this is considered normal? It took the lobotomy fad in the 40s-50s about 10 years from gaining popularity to lose credibility, how much longer can the gender insanity go on for? I keep thinking it's going to burn itself out eventually but every few years it just seems like it gets more and more insane and unhinged and it gains more popularity and acceptance at the same time. Sage for autism but jfc this feels hopeless

No. 1481491

File: 1648256476407.png (115.48 KB, 751x488, bou0vbhw.png)

Holy shit this is bleak. So TWAW is law in Germany?

Meanwhile in Pizzaland, a "lefty" politician wants to take in TIM refugees because "they're women" (same politician advocating for self-ID law).

No. 1481521

If this ends being like Lysenkoism, which also was science denial combined with institutional capture, it could take 30-40 years for this to burn itself out. We might be waiting on the kids of gen z to grow up and view this non-binary/trans stuff as old foggy nonsense that they want nothing to do with. And then they will actually look at and accept the science and end it.

No. 1481522

This is hilarious because the farms predominantly shit on becky type "actual" MTFs for being porn-sick programmers. Just goes to show the absolute lack of male self-awareness

No. 1481526

File: 1648259088432.png (1.23 MB, 1612x788, killstar.png)

Same. I love trashy goth clothes, but troons are ruining that for me too.

The one of the latest lines in killstar has the Mercury symbol all over it. It's a gender symbol or intersex people and genderfluid/gender nonconforming individuals. Originally used for hermaphroditism; before gender and sex were depicted as separate.

Like I can get behind the gender non conforming stuff but it smells of troon pandering to me, so it put me WAY off. Honestly I prefer the edgy devil/wicca symbolism over this…

No. 1481530

File: 1648259276718.png (279.66 KB, 764x898, stTwitter.png)

No. 1481535

Imagine taking these pics and posting those words and not even sucking in lmao

No. 1481539

Also Kizuna Ai is for pedophiles so

No. 1481548

Putin is right tho. The West is cancelling JKR for the most insane bullshit. It's like a witch hunt.

No. 1481560

File: 1648261859226.png (1.09 MB, 748x1101, Erin Trail Mom on Twitter.png)

>buys attention whoring shirt off amazon
>couldn't even buy it off one of the hundred charities that does the same type of shirt.

No. 1481566

This male disappointment can't even raise his own child.

No. 1481568

I want to be friends with you so fucking bad

No. 1481583

Fucking hell, I'm depressed nonas. The Trans wave is unstoppable now, isn't it? It's never going to end, just get worse. I'm afraid to have a child because if they decide to troon out there's nothing I can do. I'll have to let them mutilate themselves or face legal and social repercussions. And if it's a non troon girl, she will never have a real sense of womanhood. She'll grow up surrounded by nasty men who will keep her from talking about her own body and experiences.
Fuck this gay earth.

No. 1481585

You can raise your children normally and they won't troon out, my mother is a handmaiden and even I saw through it as a dumb zoomer. They're very likely going to make it illegal to transition minors soon in a lot of countries, and overall genderism is continually on shakier foundations as they're visibly insane and hateful. It's a house of cards depending on ignorance and submission of everyone

No. 1481587

File: 1648264296717.jpg (125.68 KB, 581x737, biologist.jpg)

Some of the replies to his thread are great.

No. 1481589

File: 1648264537028.png (23.5 KB, 740x273, no one wants a woundhole for a…)

No. 1481590

Uhm, Killstar has no tranny models, I'm assuming if they were going that route, they would have. They did this line because mercury was in retrograde on the dates that the line came out, hence the line being called retrograde and them using the mercury symbol.

t. buy killstar like every weekend

No. 1481591

I thought his shirt said “preteen trans kids” and thought he came out as a pedo kek

No. 1481592

lmao i can't tell if you're being serious or not but just in case I personally like eyebuydirect, i got really cute heart shaped ones for pretty cheap considering my prescription

No. 1481597

File: 1648265206257.jpg (226.24 KB, 956x2048, FNbF5PzXwAk6doC.jpg)

No. 1481601

File: 1648265256384.png (1.14 MB, 753x1192, what is it.png)

No. 1481603

a broken clock blah blah blah

No. 1481604

Yeah! Trans girls do better in things like balding, have gross legs, adam's apple, acting like 12 year old girls, nasty deep voices, trying to insert themselves in female spaces, pretending to have periods… I could go on, it's just sooooo many things trans girls are better than women at….

No. 1481607

menstruate, get pregnant and give birth then. or continue coping, seething and dilating.

No. 1481608

No, I disagree. The trans movement is already toppling on itself. Have hope nona, they want you to give the fuck up, so they can try to take your place. They never will. Reality and fact will always win.

No. 1481611

File: 1648266655273.png (2.4 MB, 1258x1791, tran goth sample.png)

mercury symbol is still ruined for ever for me thou. But it's nice that killstar hasn't jumped on to the tranny model bandwagon. Lots of alt brands did a few years back if I remember correctly.

not pic of model, but to stay on topic lets look at some lovely tran goth babes~ kek

No. 1481616

>get a normal looking fem face
I wonder why women who are called dogs, and put down for having no value for being ugly didn't just start taking hormones? Estrogen is a beauty elixir and available only to trannies.

No. 1481618

Seems like forever ago that attraction to ppl with a certain set of genitals was a thing, so much so that ppl who were attracted to other ppl with the same genitals were persecuted. Have we just all accidentally gone to an alternate dimension and not realized?

No. 1481619

File: 1648267959668.jpeg (76.58 KB, 509x828, 004EA9FA-ABB7-4873-B6A1-3D376B…)

How bad do you have to fuck up for liberal Yahoo to report on this? Let’s give a big hand to Lia for screwing her own movement over

No. 1481620

Sometimes, I wish I had half the confidence these ghouls have.

No. 1481622

This. The 14 thousand who liked this post >>1481589 do not represent the majority AT ALL. They fail to realize they’re being tolerated and when push comes to shove the public will act against it regardless of political beliefs. I think in 5 or 10 years we’ll look back on this veeeery differently.

No. 1481626

It definitely feels like we're in another dimension. I remember growing up not all that long ago when this shit would be the subject of comedy sketches. Gays and lesbians in media were actually allowed to make jokes about only being into dick or pussy respectively and saying otherwise would be recognized as obviously homophobic. Wish I could've been an adult back in the 90s or early 2000s and get to feel like I had a community - and actually get to meet and hang out with women at lesbian bars without some hon ruining it for everybody. Adding the T to LGBT was a catastrophic mistake. Now all LGBT get-togethers are full of gay men mostly still doing their own thing, troons beings creeps and calling themselves lesbians, and all the real lesbians calling themselves men and chopping their tits off. I want out of this fucking timeline

No. 1481627

Do you like in America or something lmao. If you want the troonery to end then protest in the US or something. It's because of American bullshit that its spreading all across the world and only America can take down the problem because they have cultural hegemony.

No. 1481628

NTAYRT but being openly a terf is pretty much only an option for wealthy women with nothing to lose socially. The average girl can’t just protest without losing her job.

No. 1481629

File: 1648269155940.jpeg (140.9 KB, 764x764, 0EA5577B-9098-45D0-BCF4-B0F5AC…)

Why are they all fucking Nazis holy shit I hate them so much lmao

No. 1481630

The good thing is the rest of the world is already rejecting American free market globohomo bullshit ideologies. We’re in the beginning stages of it - Russia, China, India, South American the Middle East etc. Are all splintering off into their own systems.

The next Olympics are gonna have mtfs on the womens team and it’ll become an international talking point that america is promoting this.

No. 1481631

there has definitely been no point in history where trans is the subject of comedy sketches but gays and lesbians aren't and nobody is homophobic but nice alternative reality fantasy you got there

No. 1481632

I'm so fucking tired of American cultural influence. I wish my government would ban American websites because they spread so much toxicity through Reddit and YouTube.

No. 1481635

The UK's cultural and linguistic proximity to the US explains so much.

No. 1481637

I think if anything americans love trannies because Britain shaped their culture and sociology. Fuck Anglos

No. 1481639

It's actually more related to how much value Americans place on individualism and capitalism due to its Calvinist roots and history as a settler colony. Of course Britain was involved but the Americas were colonized by a whole bunch of different European groups.

No. 1481640

Fuck the West actually.

No. 1481641

Tell me where in my post I said that gays and lesbians were never made fun of in comedy sketches? Where did I say no one was homophobic? I just said they were allowed to say what homosexuality actually is - as in men who like dick and women who like pussy. If you tried to suggest that trannies are totally real lesbians and not wanting to fuck them is bigoted, you'd be laughed out of the room. Everyone would just see them as creepy, homophobic men trying to use a stupid lie to get pussy. Bitch why are you so pressed?

No. 1481642

Lol anon you underestimate how the Dutch contributed to the American understanding of freedom of religion.

No. 1481644

Thankfully the UK has more class analysis than the US.

No. 1481646

Someone link me to the other forum or give me a hint, I’m retarded. you can delete it after a few minutes

No. 1481648

I'm surprised Russia didn't start censoring its internet sooner. The Russian government clearly does not like trannies but a lot of young Russian people are already degenerate trans furries because of their unfiltered access to Twitter.

No. 1481649

no need to completely lose your head because I think you're a little ridiculous, kek

No. 1481650

Someone tell Chris-chan to go back to prison

No. 1481651

Many people claim globohomo and slippery slope are right wing conspiracies but the last 20 years have shown to me that they are actually real IMO. America has a weird fixation with trannies and keeps talking about how foreign countries need to accept trannies to gain credibility on the international stage.

No. 1481653

"Lesbian trapped in a man's body" was literally a common joke and the men who made it got more respect than any lesbian…

No. 1481656

File: 1648270722398.jpg (107.75 KB, 596x574, tranada.jpg)

What the actual fuck. Can any Canadians here confirm this?

No. 1481657

File: 1648270813570.jpeg (23.07 KB, 274x274, 1EBA1BB2-C35F-4447-8C02-159808…)

No. 1481658

Why is Canada like this? Always acting like the USA's moronic liberal brother.

No. 1481659

Me disagreeing with the way you interpreted my post is "completely losing my head". Sure.
Do you understand what the word joke means? No I don't think those jokes are funny because they were mostly made by annoying straight bros, but no one actually took what they were saying seriously. No one would ever legitimately regard them as lesbians. That's literally the punchline. Everyone knew they were men

No. 1481660

One day America will sanction a country because they claim they don't believe trans women are women. Bet.

No. 1481661

File: 1648271055586.jpg (99.83 KB, 640x640, 1637695607602.jpg)

>Hitler Ate Sugar fallacy

No. 1481664

>America has a weird fixation with trannies
No kidding. When Russia invaded Ukraine a whole bunch of American journalists scrambled to publish stories about how TIMs deserve to escape as refugees because they are actually women.

No. 1481665

I used to think the same but I think it’s basically been proven to be right, a few years back it was all “Let gay people marry” and that’s what everyone was obsessed with, and now that gay people are widely accepted within the US (which is a good thing) they’ve moved on to trannies, and once trannies become accepted (god forbid), MAP rights are the next thing since there already seems to be a big amount of people who think pedos just need help and are totally innocent little babies who didn’t choose this. I like to believe the whole “mass peaking” thing but we’re so far from that and I doubt the troon trend will die out anytime soon.

No. 1481666

Are the FTMs going to fight for the right to be conscripted? It would make sense, following tranny logic, but you don't see FTM issues being brought up at all, anywhere. It's so obviously an attack on women, because men get to keep manhood intact, they get to exclude trans men from gay spaces, and no one bat's an eye.

No. 1481669

File: 1648271496754.png (150.51 KB, 1706x1261, Untitled.png)

You can already guess what the OP's post was about.

No. 1481670

Globohomo itself is right wing. How is imperialist American capitalism values asserting themselves over (mostly nonwhite) culture anything other than right wing?

No. 1481671

File: 1648271656720.png (23 KB, 1187x169, 3493032.PNG)

No. 1481672

File: 1648271689461.png (27.42 KB, 748x222, Vaguely Rational on Twitter.pn…)

that ratio

No. 1481674

File: 1648272032114.png (563.46 KB, 754x792, Belstaffie on Twitter.png)

No. 1481676

File: 1648272342695.jpg (174.71 KB, 793x1136, FOr6no5WUAcrx8M.jpg)

No. 1481677

>be a TIM
>escape the draft
>be a TIF
>escape the draft

So basically be trans and you will be safer than the rest of the population.

No. 1481678

File: 1648272487517.png (27.32 KB, 751x409, Manchester Trans Rise Up on Tw…)

"hate group"

No. 1481680

"Globohomo" is real and its a form of American cultural imperialism. But the name is really stupid. People need to stop conflating same sex attraction with transgenderism.

No. 1481681

A couple of trans agps tried to volunteer for Ukraine and got sent back or missing in combat.

No. 1481682

File: 1648272635101.jpeg (227.81 KB, 1242x1093, 5EBEC79E-FA24-417F-888E-483DDA…)

this many likes for a delusional man claiming he has a uterus and ovaries when he really just needs more fibre in their diet. twitter was a mistake! but at least 99% of the qrts are telling him exactly what he is (a retarded man)

No. 1481683

….Globohomo stands for Global Homogeneity. Like global markets. Not Global Homosexuality

No. 1481687

File: 1648272876527.png (61.19 KB, 761x614, female on Twitter.png)

No. 1481689

This shit its getting too far. The saddest thing is women supporting these freaks. When they start invading and raping women, its gonna be too late.

No. 1481690

File: 1648273121042.png (33.39 KB, 748x329, Twitter.png)

read the qrts, they're so funny

No. 1481691

File: 1648273419105.jpeg (737.37 KB, 2993x1577, C4E2B091-7526-415B-8AE5-E5E506…)

even the hst huns are calling him out for the lies kek

No. 1481692

No. 1481693

NTA but it can also mean "global homosexualism", it's another way of saying "gay agenda".

No. 1481695

So much for facing "literal violence" every second of their lives.

No. 1481696

I hate that troons think that their cramp shits are periods when cramps are the side effects of having a period.

No. 1481697

It can mean both.

No. 1481698

File: 1648274085959.jpg (157.76 KB, 1169x2001, FOuJQ9bVEAEkumb.jpg)

No. 1481699

File: 1648274259683.png (170.65 KB, 2100x780, sneaky.png)

that and the troon rights campaigns and stuff have been purposely hidden behind other popular rights that have been pushed into law cause they knew they don't look as wholesome and easy to support in the media. They have been pushing for rights bit by bit till it got to the point where it was easy for mass grooming to occur. Now that they have a large enough number of members they can pick and choose better representatives to try an push it publicly.

There is a reason that most of the troons in the public these days only "had their egg cracked" in the last 5 years.

>news article on troon tactics:


>actual document talked about in news article


No. 1481704

I want you all to know I sometimes visit an overwhelmingly Straight Male Gamer discord for updates on a certain project and there was a convo the dudes were having about how AGP incel trannies are forcing their way into womens spaces.

Was quite nice to see to be honest, sometimes I feel like no one else cares about this problem.

No. 1481707

I hate these fucking moids so much. Next thing you know they are going to start fretting about a missed period and trying to act like they are scared of being pregnant. They won't be happy until they steal every ounce of womanhood, good or bad.

No. 1481709

File: 1648275122578.png (37.12 KB, 753x357, on Twitter.png)

No. 1481710

>I have never felt pain like this
This man saw some tiktok about how women’s pain in obstetrics and gynecology is ignored (a trending topic all through the past weeks) and thought, I am missing out on this female experience… how can I get in on that? The result was this tweet.

No. 1481713

tinfoiling but I bet in the future there'll be an identified link between gastric disease and men taking estrogen/people with body dysmorphia similar as to how autists have gut bacteria problems. They'll claim "transwomen have periods too" was a falseflag created by terfs/transphobic doctors to lead troons into dying of tummy cancer or something

No. 1481715

i agree with other anon

based baby

No. 1481716

Can’t wait for the medical reports that reveal trannies will die earlier deaths due to how much they fucked their bodies up
They die early either by suicide or illness
Though this may make more of them decide not to do HRT which will also make the agps more dangerous since I think HRT kills libido

No. 1481729

Kek me too and I had to enlarge the image just to make sure

No. 1481730

>Seattle, WA
free me nonnas it's a hellscape up here

No. 1481732

It puts the lotion in the basket

No. 1481737

File: 1648277688009.jpg (442.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220326-025324_Chr…)

>$10 DM fee kek

No. 1481740

Both steroids and exogenous estrogen can cause liver cancer, increases the risk by 25 after 9 years iirc. Add a shitty diet to that, lack of exercise, alcohol or drug consumption, being overweight, oh boy. Liver problems can also lead to digestive issues.

No. 1481744

The internet was a mistake, lol. Back in the day, your village might have one 'town weirdo' that wears women's clothes or ranted about nonsense in public and everyone just ignored and ostracized them. Now, the freaks from every town can connect and receive instant asspats and positive reinforcement from each other and aren't forced into being a normal member of society for survival.

No. 1481747

is this the same handmainden from last time

No. 1481748

No. 1481749

Did they actually use the term AGP? And by women's spaces did they mean bathrooms or more so women's sports bc the Lia Thomas stuff is in the media rn? I'm just genuinely curious bc it's hard for me to imagine gamer dudes talking about trannies this way so I wonder if even normal guys are starting to see how misogynistic troons are

No. 1481752

The only thing more cringe than terminally online Ameriburgers going "Ew, the British!" (when you know back in the days of Tumblr and Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch these motherfuckers where the biggest fucking teaboos ever) is ACTUAL Britbongers like Jack fucking Saint going, "Ew, the British!"

No. 1481756

Yeah it’s cringe innit . Have some self respect. We are the TERF capital of Europe without being violently homophobic.

No. 1481759

lol and just like i will never be a white man, these pathetic /pol/tard incel faggots will never be women. they can't kill themselves fast enough, imo.

No. 1481760

I can smell the halitosis wafting from this image.

No. 1481761

NTA but the Lia Thomas stuff has peaked an amount of people I wasn't even expecting. All the online leftist-leftish male-dominated spaces that I frequent that were neutral, tolerant in the general sense or just ignorant about transness even a year before are now riff with terf talking points and the only people speaking up for trannies are trannies themselves. It seems like sports is going to be the turning point for regular moids, especially when reading up on the subject they'll next learn about children getting hormones and surgeries.
What do you think is going to be the mass peaking event for women? Handmaiden are obviously beyond saving, but is the tide turning for normal women?

No. 1481765

Doesn’t like four months of HRT permanently make you ED and infertile

No. 1481770

Ugh one of my fave goth brands started liking tranny hauls on Twitter and I wonder if it’s a “god I have to be nice or we will get cancelled” way bc they never share the pics. They are AWFUL

No. 1481771

Saged for blog, almost lost two of my best friends for posting rowlings law. One tried a comparison with nazis, which, as a European I took huge fucking offense too. When she noted it, she swapped to the freedom rally instead. Yes. Rad fems are like the freedom rally.. That was my PSA of the day, carry on.

No. 1481777

More troons going into changing rooms will peak mothers. People peak when the troonery directly affects them and they are made uncomfortable. If a mother doesn't feel something viscerally wrong when a troon is exposing themselves to children she's beyond saving.

No. 1481779

File: 1648281882683.jpeg (233.55 KB, 828x807, E57C2A0E-CB3B-4BB6-88E6-1D0FB8…)

No. 1481780

someone tell him that he has indigestion and just has to fart really bad

No. 1481782

File: 1648282071262.jpg (81.6 KB, 388x286, Screenshot_20220326-075931.jpg)

So, it's a forgone conclusion that this guy is going to troon out at some point, right? I swear, every fucking time I see him pop up in my YouTube recommendations, this shopsoiled Louis Theroux looking motherfuckers's droning away in his monotone Scottish accent, stanning for trannies.

No. 1481783

>sassy side-eye and Dreamworks eyebrow in the thumbnail

My first instinct was that he's white knighting because he's hoping to score some leftist girldick on the dl, but I don't know, his demeanour suggests a level of narcissism and personal investment in these issues that seems odd for a supposedly straight cis male.

No. 1481787

I agree, won’t be surprised if he suddenly decides to troon out one day.

No. 1481788

File: 1648282516344.jpeg (197.01 KB, 1241x1997, 28522DF2-7A15-401E-8C2A-89D451…)

And more evidence such as this

No. 1481791

State Media blew this guy the fuck out in one of their videos.

No. 1481796

>What do you think is going to be the mass peaking event for women?

This question gets asked every year and it just never happens.

No. 1481797

The US is literally an ex-colony of the UK and the two have huge cultural similarities. If the UK is cringe then the US is cringe also (probably worse).

No. 1481799

Isn't Germany very strict in general? I heard that a bunch of completely normal videos are blocked on youtube for some reason. By the way, the tweet is visible in France, the very few times tweets are blocked in France are when they're legit very racist in a way that's very obviously illegal from what I've seen.

No. 1481801

File: 1648283092420.jpg (65.33 KB, 820x750, 1591912195845.jpg)

The handmaidens in the comments

No. 1481802

In my experience, Americans get massively butthurt whenever they're shitting on the British and the British respond, quite fairly imho, that they have socialized healthcare and no school shootings.

No. 1481812

Turner syndrome patients are unambiguously female though? Even if it's a chromosomal disorder because instead of having XX chromosomes they just have one X, they don't have anything ambiguous about them that could make them seem male or anything from my knowledge (the topic came up with my endocrinologist once, I don't remember all the details)

No. 1481818

>be me
>just want to watch a video about comic books
>"oh league of extraordinary gentleman, cool"
>first minute is amerilard doing a terrible impersonation of alan moore
>seems to do this primarily by speaking very slowly in a brummie accent and making poor alan moore sound legitimately mentally defective
>little cringe - hope he doesn't keep it up for the whole video - but it's okay
>then suddenly
>"by the way, if anyone watching this is ENGlish, I want to apologise for my NoRtH hAmPtOn accent…"
>clueless yank pronounces 'northampton' as if it's two seperate words
>"…um, on second thoughts, no I don't, ha ha ha, screw you TERF Island, have fun being the world's biggest exporter of independance days."

No. 1481821

Sorry but no, this mess is 100% grade a neo-liberal bullshit that is spreading like a plague.

No. 1481826

I'm having flashbacks of working in retail and being assigned to the changing rooms like 98% of the time.

No. 1481829

File: 1648284991632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.21 KB, 514x680, cToLG2hP.jpg)

this reminds me of a chinese troon i saw once, except he did it to himself at home

No. 1481841


Totally not a mental illness, though, folx.

No. 1481849

I know HRT isn’t the same as birth control hormones but, if anyone may know, I know BC can cause gastro-intestinal issues, can just estrogen as well?? I don’t know how it works exactly but it’s a side effect of my last pill and I had to go off it. I was bloated with like a rock hard aching stomach half the time. I always assumed TIMS thought they were getting period cramps because their estrogen was giving them stomach issues.

No. 1481855

File: 1648287549359.png (80.5 KB, 492x886, narc tears.png)

I feel sorry for his mum.

What a fucking hypocrite calling his mum a narc and bitching about how she doesn't care how he feels. He is doing the same shit by will-fulling denying to acknowledge the lose a parent will feel in this situation.

Wants to be a woman, will never empathize with a mother pain.

No. 1481857

File: 1648287618384.png (1.24 MB, 1181x1728, kyscombo.png)

this brave and stunning support looks an awful lot like bartards circklejerking drugs

No. 1481858

File: 1648287787203.jpg (588.83 KB, 810x2086, Screenshot_20220326-054025_Chr…)

Jasmine is back for now. He's just so unfortunate looking.

No. 1481866

File: 1648288857045.png (699.35 KB, 530x858, 12312.png)

No. 1481868


Killstar did have 1 troon model. But scrolling their site I don't see him anymore.

No. 1481872


Why do so many troons adjust their fake breasts to shoulder height. It looks ridiculous.

No. 1481874


To be honest, he does master that 5 o clock shadow better than I do.

No. 1481877

File: 1648290102945.jpeg (924.86 KB, 3140x1828, 40061BAB-322A-482D-94FA-7D2D2B…)

and he’s been voicing his gross fantasies about his own group of male friends… he is such a creepy coomer. they all have such porn brains, completely incapable of thought without making it so repulsively sexual. I wonder if they are aware he sees himself as their ‘wife’ and he wants them to gang fuck him lmfao, I can’t imagine they’d be happy to hear.

No. 1481879

God I hope someone posts those tweets to his friends.

No. 1481892

>I have never felt pain like this
Stop taking estrogen then? Women take pills and get surgeries for the pain but this totally real woman enjoys the pain, which is an intestinal issue and he's gonna die anyway

No. 1481899

but other countries legalized gay marriage before america and they didn't start the troonlunacy. it's something about america that is wrong not legalizing gay marriage

No. 1481900

like there really is this specific type or american misogyny. it is hard to explain but american misogyny seems to be this specific sex obsessed type of misogyny which troonism as a paraphilia represents.

No. 1481901

If they want to pass as biological women, my number one tip would be to not get fucking estrogen molecule tattoos like holy shit no woman would ever do that. Gj tattooing the thing which will most likely shorten your life by giving you blood clots or cancer onto your body, you're really sticking it to the terves kek

No. 1481903

Not even handmaidens are lost causes. Lots of us here used to be handmaidens but finally saw through their lies because we witnessed it first hand. I grew up on fucking tumblr and look at me now kek

No. 1481905

File: 1648293645773.png (36.43 KB, 902x247, terfing on main.PNG)

She won't stop shit talking them kek

No. 1481907

>blush on their adams apple
KEK this woman is so brave

No. 1481908

What a queen

No. 1481909

now that i think about it, usa also has most serial killers in the world like something about that culture makes males develop completely unhinged psychosexual obsession with women and womanhood.

No. 1481910

File: 1648293880816.jpg (87.24 KB, 1025x635, FOu1RyeVgAk3e-O.jpg)

Imagine birthing two kids and then having your ex husband suddenly wanting to be called the mom for his own fetish filled ego reasons

No. 1481912

File: 1648293963388.jpeg (593.68 KB, 1170x1770, 111F5B44-BC7E-40BE-9F03-32F6C0…)

this shit is so bleak

No. 1481913

>forcing your kid to troon out so people get used to it and you can troon out after them
what the fuck

No. 1481916

why the fuck is the adam's apple blushing? It emphasizes that they're a man even more. Which is the least thing they wanted.

No. 1481917

More and more ladies are getting openly sick of trannies. I can't wait for it to be considered cringe to defend them, it's already happening in male circles like >>1481704
said. Another social trend will come along, and those cocks will never come home to roost lmao

No. 1481918

your kids are 5 and 7, of course they have your back.

No. 1481925

File: 1648295796195.png (292.54 KB, 1330x888, lmao.png)

There's this tranny called Keffals getting cowed on the farms, he's obsessed with "ratioing" people on twitter and just got Destiny banned off of twitch (I have no idea who that is), but the farmers are going through all his accounts and found a live tiktok where he outright admits he hates women. They barely got it before Keffals started deleting all of his tik toks in a panic

No. 1481930

File: 1648296195360.jpg (1.09 MB, 810x4094, Screenshot_20211226-054426_Chr…)

I'm glad this tranny is finally getting his due. Keffals and Jasmine crossover.

No. 1481938

This is such male behavior jfc

No. 1481951

It's because of the extreme levels of individualism in American society. They value an individual's liberties above the collective. The US is also a very capitalistic country where corporations basically control governments.

No. 1481956

File: 1648298417638.png (565.81 KB, 956x1767, destiny vs troons.png)

No. 1481958

The current online radfem movement also had its roots on tumblr. I actually knew about online radfem groups from before tumblr but they were really fringe so tumblr really helped to give the community a platform that it didn't have since the 1960s. There was a lot of funny lingo being coined in early 2000s blogspot/wordpress radfem groups like "Not my Nigel" and then there was this drama over trannies. I remember when "TERF" was being used for the first time. It was coined by the dumbass tigtog who claimed to be a radfem but she always came off as a shaky libfem. It was really controversial since tigtog was a big name in the community back then and contributed to blogs like finallyfeminism101.

No. 1481959

File: 1648298675820.png (316.19 KB, 598x878, keffals012.png)

he doesn't even try not to sound like a man

No. 1481962

File: 1648299095588.png (396.29 KB, 950x770, 304890248890.png)

Oh the TRA's are going to loath this one. A de-transitioner's interview was just posted on a pretty popular uploaders account (insufferable scrote known for interviewing drug addicts and "sex workers").

Best points he made:
>was gay and confused because of family shame
>fell down far left hole in college
>started to watch tranny porn
>tried to talk about feelings, was urgently bum rushed into transitioning immediately as if he would die if he couldnt start doing it right now
>thinks its way too easy for people to transition

and that's as far as I'm in so far but the shock and peaking in the comments is fantastic. No doubt this one will hit a million or two and bring even more attention to how bad it's really gotten

No. 1481963

I feel like in the early internet days the radical, socialist, and liberal feminism all kind of blurred into each other because feminism was not mainstream and all the feminists would kind of just hang with each other regardless of their specific framework. Liberal feminists back then had more of a backbone and weren't so male coddling. Socialist feminists also believed in materialist analysis since they hadn't been infiltrated by male leftist scum by that point.

No. 1481965

Kek I do think its funny how Israel has been so effective at using hot military women to get horny moids to support their illegal occupation

No. 1481966


No. 1481969

I don't doubt for a second the trannies will try their hardest to get that taken down.

No. 1481970

File: 1648299817979.webm (5.73 MB, 600x270, BalKqo3uBP5ratMK.webm)

Destiny called this fat dickless fuck a "girl". Honestly don't feel bad for him. He's been sucking tranny dick for years and spreading TRA shit only to get cancelled by one. Kellefer or whatever his name is is ironically based imo. One less moid with a microphone spreading pro-tranny propaganda.

No. 1481971

Honestly its the Calvinist influence in American culture.

>Though the German monk Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation, French theologian John Calvin arguably played an equally significant role in early Protestantism. Living in Switzerland during the Reformation, John Calvin developed the set of doctrines known as Calvinism—most notably the doctrine of predestination, which states that all of humanity is utterly wretched and God simply chooses a small minority to grant salvation to, damning the rest as they deserve.

>Beyond Calvinism, this doctrine went on to influence many subsequent Protestant traditions, particularly the Puritans. In sociologist Max Weber’s view, Calvinism’s doctrine of predestination is “unique [and] of the utmost psychological efficacy,” developing several traits crucial to the rise of the “capitalist spirit.” Weber argues that Calvinism’s doctrines play an outsized role in developing the modern capitalist spirit, especially through the doctrine of predestination which encourages an “austere,” individualistic, and “methodical” approach to life, conducive to capitalist enterprise.

No. 1481974

The only reason Destiny is chimping out and saying random anti-trans shit is because he is annoyed troons got more power than him. He didn't defend women when we were getting the choke hold by TiMs. He gladly shat on women when it benefitted him. I hope he loses everything and dies off from the internet.

No. 1481975

oh good, since he has a lot of tim prostitute interviews i think handmaidens will be open to hearing his story as it's far from an evil terf channel. Unrelated to troons, his interviews with (female) prostitutes are hard to watch but good eye opening material to show "listen to sex workers!!1!" libfems

No. 1481976

This. The Puritans were Calvinists and Calvinism is a highly individualistic denomination and well-suited to capitalism (the so-called "Protestant work ethic"). The religious history of the USA really explains a lot about American psychology.

No. 1481978

This is going to happen to most of these types. Except the ones who date troons. Destiny has fucked one, he's probably attracted to some but women seem to be his preference. Actual women. He hates women and he only defending troons because his hate of women and it being seen as the "right" thing to do.
Also it brings in the money. Vaush is another one. He's attracted to troons/men, he hates women but troons have more power and they are extra annoying and hard to please.Hassan, claims he's more attracted to trans-women at one point and how he needs to get over his dislike of "dick" because it's transphobic, but he prefers women and who knows of his attractos true or something he'd act on.
They'll all get torn down by the girl dick they praise. It's only a matter of time before they are all like, "hey, trans rights but I hate some.of these troons ".
They'll start like Destiny is by shit talking "white privileged trans women" but we all know they hate all troons. Not because they are women but they are annoying males.

No. 1481982

>his interviews with (female) prostitutes are hard to watch but good eye opening material to show "listen to sex workers!!1!" libfems
this is actually what peaked me tbh. the deterioration in real time is seriously hard hitting (they always end up missing teeth from being beaten by johns in later interviews). a constant reminder of what sex work really is, which is violence and cruelty.
if it blows up they will for sure since up until now, all his tranny interviews have been mostly sympathetic despite showing how theyre nothing but whining std infested prostitutes. funny how they always screech about being killed yet still turn to literally the most dangerous "profession" there is

No. 1481983

Vaush got blocked by Contra and Kat Blaque. The infighting is hilarous. On one hand there are these TiM's trying to further their agenda of infiltrating women's spaces through pushing the "We have a fEmAlE sOuL, we are not sexist or predatory" and then we have these misogynistic "cis" moids trying to defend their bretheren and cannot contain their seething misogyny. Of course the latter variant of moid sabotages the former tranny variant because the goal of TRAs is to make women as a category obsolete and that can't happen if women aren't on board opening the gates for the trojan tranny horse.

No. 1481986

How and why does mainstream feminism even defend prostitution? It is completely mind boggling to me. I can't think of an industry more exploitative and misogynistic than prostitution. Even when I was a dumb child who thought feminism was bad I still hated prostitution.

No. 1481989

Same reason they think muslim women freely choose to wear hijab even though religion is the most misogynistic thing ever, and women freely choose to do porn even though those women tend to be mentally ill drug addicts. They think liberation of women means women being able to harm themselves if they choose

No. 1481990

Feminism is when women brainwash themselves into thinking their oppression is liberation and the status quo remains exactly the same.

No. 1481991

File: 1648302173934.jpeg (103.04 KB, 522x960, 3B68EC2B-57BB-498E-B43A-20DB95…)

Every single “gotcha” I have seen trans rights activists try to pull have all been racist as fuck

No. 1481992

File: 1648302216890.jpeg (138.39 KB, 978x1254, C7E7609F-0B90-4C99-9652-22370F…)


No. 1481993

It's the "le hyperfeminine east asian woman".

No. 1481994

It's an backlash to the sex negative attitudes of radical feminism in the 1990s.

No. 1481995

what do you mean?

No. 1481997

What's his point? White women are men?

No. 1481998

Some feminists said prostitution, pornography, BDSM, sexual objectification, etc. were bad because they were misogynistic. This caused a huge rift in the feminist movement because they argued that porn and shit was like free speech and banning prostitution was authoritarian.

No. 1482000

*because sex positive feminists

No. 1482001

Radfems said porn was bad, libfem said porn was good. Libfems won because they appealed to men more. Third wave feminism formed in the aftermath and it was a pro-porn movement.

No. 1482014

this is a gross oversimplification. the "pro-porn" position came less out of immediately going "wow porn is so great for women" and more "in real political terms, this anti-porn and anti-hetsex crusade is getting us getting us absolutely nowhere , what else can we do?". dworkin and mckinnon basically threw every single other feminist issue under the bus for their obsessive anti-porn larp that had zero chance of accomplishing anything politically. they even had to resort to working together with pearl clutching family-first conservatives, which did long lasting damage to feminism's public reputation. there was an entire generation of women that grew up scared of feminism, because while they may have been umcomfortable with porn, they sure as hell didn't want to end up as an angry fat celibate.

fyi this isn't a moral defense of porn iself, just giving historical context before any smoothbrains yell at me

No. 1482017

File: 1648304932894.jpg (60.79 KB, 889x519, 1648303667645.jpg)

No. 1482021

kek this has been posted 3 separate times now and i'm honestly just glad this tweet got us all mad, since there are some handmaidens in the replies talking about 'gatekeeping periods' as if that's what we're doing, but ngl it's encouraging to see that actually most girls find this shit insufferable and totally insane

No. 1482040

Isn’t it interesting how every TiM period consists of stomach cramps, chocolate cravings and muh PMS but never ever anything else? Some how none of them ever have back cramps, vagina cramps (kek), lethargy, or migraines. Or you know, just feel relatively fine, like a fair portion of actual women do.

No. 1482050

absolutely, the depictions of their 'periods' are so obviously literal stereotypes that only men believe, and every time someone asks them to go into more detail about what exactly they claim they are experiencing it's so clearly a larp. i just hope that whatever they are actually feeling (if they are experiencing anything at all) is something terrible and life-threatening and will eventually lead to their demise kek. yes you poor scrote, of course you have period cramps, now lay down and stuff your face with chocolate and definitely do not go to the doctor to find out what it actually is.

No. 1482053

>i just hope that whatever they are actually feeling (if they are experiencing anything at all) is something terrible and life-threatening and will eventually lead to their demise
I'm pretty sure they're not lying about the cramps, estrogen harms men's organs and these retards think it's a period kek

No. 1482061

i went through the whole thread and someone posted a link to some porn this scrote did, my morbid curiosity got the best of me and i watched some of it and i just want to ask what the fuck is that pink thing inside his axe wound? it looks like a pink water weenie toy has been stuffed up inside him, what the hell is it? also lol at how undeniably male his moans are, christ.


No. 1482062

It's diarrhea. Your body is desperately trying to shit out the poison you put in your body.

I find it strange trannies don't ever talk about the biggest PMS symptom which is irritability. That sounds like something they can fake and blame their "bitchiness" on. Maybe it's not cute like their "uwu pain choco cravings"

No. 1482063

Yeah like he wasn't and (still is) a manchild now.

No. 1482069

File: 1648309345196.jpg (367.18 KB, 2048x1536, FOTQn_qXEAkuaEm.jpg)

No. 1482070

Have you guys seen that troon whiteknighting in the altcows thread?

No. 1482073

this better spread like wildfire on twitter

inb4 it's just a joke

No. 1482074

File: 1648309662599.jpg (43.86 KB, 1080x397, Screenshot_20220326-164429_Chr…)

His panties are inside out??

No. 1482075

Currently live in seattle too and one of the major reasons I’m moving is because I can’t stand the tranny shit anymore
Praying that you get to move too or that everyone peaks soon nonny

No. 1482076

lol what did they do to his urethra?

No. 1482077

Probably hasn’t washed them in weeks. Men do gross shit like turning underwear inside out to the “clean” side.

No. 1482080

That taller people have an advantage in volleyball. Not hard to work out

No. 1482081

File: 1648310284034.png (950.89 KB, 1079x308, Screenshot_20220326-155111.png)

Queen is trending again

Sage for blog but when I was out last night and there was a big group of people sat on the table behind us. I overheard one of the women say how when she was applying to something the options were 'cis female, cis male, trans woman, non binary' etc and how stupid it is, the others agreed they don't like being called 'cis' and they're just women. Even the couple of token scrotes in the group were in agreement that it's stupid. It was so nice to be reminded that outside of the internet your average person is also tired of TRA shit

No. 1482082

File: 1648310320587.jpeg (187.09 KB, 827x1020, CF2B36AA-CACE-4D15-A84A-0545F3…)

After learning that 15 years on T made Buck Angel’s uterus go septic (picrel) I wouldn’t be surprised if the cramps are because their testes are slowly rotting, kek. Who knew the doctors providing these troons with ~gender affirming care~ were the real TERFs all along?

No. 1482083

Obviously but sports are separated by sex not height

No. 1482084

dear lord that's fucking insane

No. 1482086

Yeah I was thinking the same. Lots of sports have the “ideal body type” if you think about it.

No. 1482087

File: 1648310955788.jpg (113.8 KB, 603x872, troon.jpg)

No. 1482089

File: 1648311198700.png (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 1362x1520, they're teh same thing templat…)

made this for you nonnie.

No. 1482090

File: 1648311217915.png (46.29 KB, 720x290, keffals046.png)

ratio troon giving blackmarket hrt websites to minors. how is this not considered pedo shit?

No. 1482095

File: 1648311411426.jpg (451.34 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_20220326_171544.jpg)

earlier anons were saying that Lia peaked more men than women but I swear I've been seeing significantly more men defending her on twitter. also gotta love how fat ugly men making fun of women's appearances is woke now

No. 1482099

Why do obese men think they can make fun of women's looks? At leash he's gonna die before 40

No. 1482105

No. 1482106

I’m not American but making fun of school shootings is pretty psychopathic. I agree though other countries need to get on par with Britain’s TERFism.

No. 1482109

oh my god it really is the same

No. 1482125

File: 1648313100305.jpg (278.05 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20220326-174357_Twi…)

Here comes the fat MAP knight, ready to defend the honor of trannies

No. 1482127

Man I’m so tired of hearing about this stupid attention whore, he embodies everything I hate about moids. I hope he dies.

No. 1482128

Sorry to a-log but when will this faggot kill himself

No. 1482129

Vaush at it again with the misogyny, even after he got into huge drama over it last time.

No. 1482130

Your audience only exists in filters because they would break reality with ugliness you fat pedo piece of bitch.

No. 1482133

you should look him up on youtube. hearing that gruff manly voice coming out of that plastic face is so funny.

No. 1482134

Isn't he persona non grata with trannies now? And he's still simping and posturing as The Good Ally? What will it take for wokies to realize that trannies are, at their core, combative, disconnected from reality, and chronically dissatisfied? There's no appeasing them. The peakening can't come soon enough.

No. 1482135

says the south park caricature

No. 1482137

File: 1648313777765.jpg (103.55 KB, 706x597, keffal1.jpg)

No. 1482138

This won't make terfs seethe, it'll only make them feel bad for the poor maladjusted mentally ill children this pedophile gave hormones to.

No. 1482143

ok groomer
ok child abuser

No. 1482144

Most scrotes are insufferable, but these “leftist” twitter reply guys are truly cancerous. Why does this hideous, terminally online beached whale feel entitled to tell a fucking female olympian how to feel about her sport?
Also he is genuinely revolting to look at, which makes the comment on her lips even more unwarranted. Not that her appearance is relevant in any way to the topic but she’s cute in such an natural way. Her smile is so warm and lovely.

No. 1482148

HSTS calling out AGP for period larping isn't as based as you'd think. AGP fetishize womanhood and try to get lesbians to sleep with them. Claiming to understand an (almost universal) female experience is one way they try to infiltrate female and lesbian only spaces. HSTS are different in that they are often misogynistic gay men trying to get straight (or bi, really) men to sleep with them. For the typical HSTS, women's biology is disgusting and not something to be replicated. They brag about not having periods as if it makes them better sex toys for straight men. The HSTS are not telling the AGP that he does not have a period because he supports women. He is doing so because MTFs having periods would destroy the brand HSTS have built for themselves.

No. 1482149

>Also he is genuinely revolting to look at, which makes the comment on her lips even more unwarranted.
Yeah, and that girl looks completely normal. I think the guy thought the comments on her lips made him look sassy. You know how at some points there were a bunch of black Americans speaking "AAVE" making shitty "muh lipless Karen/Becky" jokes? Now straight white males are making those same remarks because they think it makes them feel cool.

No. 1482154

Definitely, he has the creepy AGP eyes. I’d bet money on him trooning out

No. 1482155

I'm not even british but this new "brits bad" trend in retarded and 100% came from TRAs. Makes me sideeye a lot of the users here that drone on about brits in /ot/. Why are you so pressed about a tiny island?

No. 1482156



No. 1482158

File: 1648314892264.jpg (21.37 KB, 400x400, fat.jpg)

fat, ugly scrote with bad eyebrows and beady eyes attacks womans looks kek

No. 1482160

Nonna I'm not sure if you heard but the Bri'ish used to do this colonialism thing and have kind of an huge empire that might have something to do with it idk

No. 1482164

nta but what does that have to do with anything? America and other counties also haven't taken part in colonialism? You seriously think this wave of "british = bad" is over colonism? Retarded.

No. 1482165

File: 1648315237793.jpg (196.71 KB, 800x800, 047f782b-1729-47d6-924b-e48047…)

he's definitely using the hoodie to hide the fact that he's a whale

No. 1482166

HAHAHAH WTF, and this creature is mocking a woman over their looks?? Jesus christ, he should be happy if a woman even glances his (and his tiny microdick buried under mountais of fat) way.

No. 1482168

kek at you actually believing colonialism is why these woke libtards dislike the UK

No. 1482169

File: 1648315556169.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x4958, A1315B2C-2841-4C4E-887B-645713…)

Hundreds of my Facebook friends have been reposting this “clap back” about Lia. “NOBODY CARED about womens sports until they wanted to be transphobic! What about Michael Phelps!”
I’m afraid we’re still in the minority, none of my friends seem to have peaked at all. Or, if they have, they’re quiet about it. I just want off this clown world

No. 1482170

i want to say that it's probably the intestine surgery they do?? they probably took a piece of his intestinal lining and made that his axe wound.

No. 1482175

Then by this logic that black woman who said nobody actually believes trannies are women but everyone is lying out of politeness shouldn't be shit talked for being British. Since it's obviously not her ancestors who invaded and colonized half of the planet. I always thought the whole thing was more about laughing at British accents and modern culture as a whole.

No. 1482176

The people in my online friend group are still very much handmaidens, and its fucking depressing. Even worse, thee people are approaching or are in their 30s, and some of them still talk about being nonbinary or having body dysphoria. I've honestly started to separate myself from them somewhat. Partially because I stay busy with work, but partially because handmaidening this shit in your 30s is an ungodly level of cringe.

I'm glad I'm finding plenty of people everywhere else who are getting sick of this shit though.

No. 1482177

> “NOBODY CARED about womens sports until they wanted to be transphobic!

This is especially hilarious because none of the handmaidens cared about women's sports until they could use it to suck troon dick.

Really, the only people who cared about women's sports were the women in those sports.

No. 1482179

File: 1648316920763.png (141.4 KB, 2238x342, dong.png)

No. 1482184

File: 1648317103038.jpeg (55.5 KB, 670x123, 1ABEC943-7D17-4BCA-8C9B-2857FB…)

Yes. Censoring the name just out of respect but this is a straight guy. It was great to see. Others were agreeing with him.

No. 1482185

>from 2012
what is this? funny but i need context LMAO. are there updates on his SRS?

No. 1482187

it's keffal's porn name

No. 1482190

OH KEK i missed that, good post thanks

No. 1482193

File: 1648317504960.png (1.01 MB, 977x732, skyer3.png)

how secy

No. 1482195

The picture is ridiculous, but honestly his face is not that bad considering the other beautiful Laydeez we get in these threads lol

Why does it mention he likes to FUCK PUSSY FUCK YEAAH BROOOS, and then saying he will get his dick turned inside out? How is that arousing to men?

No. 1482196

File: 1648317838969.png (20.02 KB, 474x119, dream.png)

because nothing can compare to real vagina unlike the one his troon boyfriend has

No. 1482197

But how can he do that if he chopped his dick off?

No. 1482204

File: 1648318246521.png (335.15 KB, 1528x342, Keffals _ Clara Sorrenti _ Luc…)

Apparently keffal(clara) was a big Putin fan? The sweet irony when he posts about jk rowling being admired by Putin because muh transphobia.

No. 1482214


I bet the fat kiddy diddler would just love to resort to racism. Seems to really mess with him, that women dare to have an opinion.

No. 1482222

>woman: makes a good point
>man who disagrees: well u ugly

moids gonna moid

No. 1482226

Saw this first thing when I woke up, what a great way to start the day

No. 1482232

I hate when people try to speak for an entire group. Like who made her the spokesperson for all women?

No. 1482235

i get so unreasonably angry about them saying shit like this. my reproductive system is such a big source of shame, anxiety and pain and it enrages me that moids try to appropriate that.

No. 1482236

File: 1648320100836.png (343.07 KB, 735x587, m3.png)

Lol I know it's not even about looks, but she's literally out of his league. She looks like a black Allison Harvard. Any insult towards a woman's appearance coming from Vaush is worthless if you know what he looks like, and what his uh, "partners" look(ed) like. It's so pathetic when men try this shit

No. 1482237

This is kind of funny bc if a man truly suddenly started having period cramps in actuality, there’d be like seventy studies on how to improve them stat.
>why do we let people live like this
That comment tells me this man has probably never listened to a woman or believed her complaints about period pain in his life.

No. 1482238

moids get so brave about commenting on women's looks. he's the epitome of a fat, white neckbeard and he's coming for a woman that looks like THAT?

No. 1482239

No lie I just had a long ass conversation that sprung up from this tweet and managed to peak someone.

Sounds like a good list of people to start unfollowing

No. 1482241

He's unbelievable. Someone should report all his shitty posts so he gets banned.

No. 1482244

Right? Especially when they’ve been the ones shaming us for it for eternity. Sorry but no. Failed men don’t just suddenly get to decide periods are sexy and they want them to the point of appropriation. Fuck them.

No. 1482246

Looks like a model. No wonder he compared her to a doll in a desperate attempt to insult her. You literally can’t insult these looks.

No. 1482256

She called them blokes in wigs which will always be true. She didn't even say they were ugly, just dudes in wigs, objective truth. He went straight for her looks, which besides being absolutely incorrect, is also subjective.

Someone find a picture of the top of his head/hairline, stat!

No. 1482257

I wish for every time Vaush insults a radfem, someone brings up his horse cock and defending CP comments under his reply.

No. 1482260

File: 1648321724418.jpeg (375.29 KB, 1170x1103, CD3AA0A2-9B5C-45D4-9369-885F6B…)

JK is trending again. The copium.

No. 1482263

The beach towel…

No. 1482266

>we don't know what a woman is
>but transwomen are definitely women
they should all kill themselves

No. 1482268

>left behind as time goes forward
Why do troons, tras, and libs use this weird rhetoric about history and the future and how there's a right and wrong side to history. Getting left behind out of what? Are we merging to another dimension? Are all the troon lovers moving to a fucking island? Or is this a fancy way of saying that people who don't cheer for trannies are living in the past, because who cares, we're all in the present and I don't dictate my actions based on what some random unborn people will think.

No. 1482272

A tranny rapture sounds lovely. I hope it's real.

No. 1482278

who the fuck is "her"? are you calling the swimmer tranny she?

No. 1482282

They’re gonna end up like people who got lobotomies back in the day.

No. 1482285

Why does that sound so sick and perverted lmfao, 41% already.

No. 1482286

I love that woke zoomers think that all TERFs are middle aged fat white British women, it literally could not be further from the truth. a large number of zoomers are radfems and that's only gonna continue to grow because there's nothing stunning and brave abt trannies that the media can push anymore, so only the freakish agp moments are broadcasted just speeding up the peaking

No. 1482287

Something about how his pale face emerges from the brown sweater makes me think of a fat earthworm coming out of the dirt.

No. 1482289

File: 1648322567170.jpg (627.33 KB, 1620x2160, 20220326_211049.jpg)

Yep she's gorgeous. Overall she seems like some rightoid but a broken clock, etc. It must really hurt both the vaushy cucks and troons to know hot women think they're jokes. Or maybe not in this case since they're all flaming racists, but still.

No. 1482291

Isn't this a Photoshop making their difference much more than IRL?
Also anyone in the medical field knows if all that lunacy at least gave us some new knowledge about endocrinology? Like I know it's a very complicated field, but maybe trans people provided useful data by being willing lab rats?

No. 1482295

The brits that have gone from being loved by the same people terminally on tumblr obsessing over doctor who and Benedict cumberbatch make me LOL because if they met a hot britbong they’d fall in a puddle in half a second and obsess over their accent and culture. It’s just a cope.

Secondly British women can be really outspoken and really unafraid of being perceived as rude. As the zoomers grow you g British women (like Esther) will speak out louder and louder and refuse to be shut up.

The thing that’s currently keeping people quiet is that speaking out against trans people is going to get you into trouble, especially with your employer. But I think as time goes on the narrative is going to change. Yeah it’s cool now woo woo let’s support the lunatics but it won’t be the first time in history we’ve taken a medical thing too far and then had to back track. The tables will turn and it’ll be there necks on the chopping block and see how quick the handmaidens will drop them then. All your casual well meaning friends that support them right now will stop when it’s not cool to be trans anymore just like it’s not cool to have side bangs and back combed hair with raccoon tails anymore.

Someone else said it earlier in the thread but the newer generations will think it’s wierd old people shit to change gender.

My friend works in the school system in the UK and for years stonewall has been in the classrooms pushing trans agenda (it doesn’t even come under sex Ed so they don’t have to forewarn parents that it’s happening) I know a few nonnies in past threads have talked about working in school and the way the trans agenda is pushed. Anyway she explained that the school system started to realise that they’d pushed things too far and let stonewall push too much of an agenda and now they’re working to change it. It won’t last forever.

What sells better than the good trans woman hero? The bad trans woman villain. It’s comming, I believe it

No. 1482297

File: 1648323237074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.32 KB, 1200x654, EhF7FxVUYAA-Kdj.jpg)

The audacity of vaush to come for anyone's looks

No. 1482299

Does that qualify as a micropenis?

No. 1482310

Is that supposed to be a girl on his shirt or a femboy?

No. 1482311

EW babydick

No. 1482312

Isn't the only way to know is if the benis is erect? otherwise how would you know what the max size is?

No. 1482323

Yeah, some are growers. But even increasing 3x in size, this guy is tiny. And what's with the lumpy balls that look like they were placed on a shelf? Is that normal for men? I've seen a few dick outlines in my life, but this one has to be the one of the most putrid looking ones.

No. 1482324

I grew up here… seems every friend I have with a shitty failed nerd moid husband now has to call themselves a lesbian and be poly (n o joke, during covid at least 10 of my friend's husband's trooned)

No. 1482334

File: 1648325902326.jpg (97.68 KB, 828x1299, IMG_20220326_151436.jpg)

Why they are so obsessed with period?

No. 1482337

File: 1648326072149.webm (720.08 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1482339

Looks like a pile of plastic prank dogshit underneath his pants

No. 1482341

File: 1648326251142.jpg (94.22 KB, 1242x1369, 1642614469365.jpg)

That makeup, nooooo kek. Blueprint of horrible looks for sure, they all have the trashiest makeup, wigs, hair, fashion sense, etc. I've ever seen.

They're obsessed with periods because they know only real women get them and they're envious they don't get periods because that makes them "lesser women" and make them look like fools. They cope by saying that sex is not binary and that it's a social construct but they don't believe their own arguments themselves.

No. 1482342

File: 1648326261590.png (68.83 KB, 1176x452, ThousandsOfBees.png)

if you see a troon say some deeply misogynistic bullshit there's like a 95% chance their social media presence looks like this

No. 1482343

File: 1648326348708.jpg (18.86 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-802004836-612x612.…)

this mf gave himself alien eyes

No. 1482345

Because they'll never have it, so their only hope is trying to change the language and discourse around it. They're hoping to get all the libfems in on it until they're insisting on it like their life depends on it, which will naturally confuse the more naive sane/normal people into wondering if they have a point. After the confusion's been spread, they'll flip to "Well, does it even matter? You can't tell. What is a period, anyway?? It's not just bleeding/menstruation, there are sooo many other symptoms. Did you know men can PMS too? If you believed I had a period anyway, it means I pass and I'm a woman regardless, you don't need to know if I bleed every month freak"

No. 1482346

Wow saying what men have been saying for centuries very womanly!

No. 1482351

One of the roughest 25s I've ever seen.

No. 1482352

File: 1648326863021.png (1.09 MB, 1079x1281, Screenshot_20220326-163328.png)

They really think this is a win when the average troon looks way worse than any of these women?

No. 1482353

>plural system
Why are people so willing to indulge straight up delusions nowadays? Not only trannyshit, but all the fake DID (arguments could be made for all DID being fake, or at least it doesn't look like how these freaks portray it). I guess people are scared of being called ableist for calling out these obvious fakers. But even if they somehow actually did have DID/multiple personalities, you're not supposed to enable them by treating them like a literal group of people. Any reputable therapist would work towards getting them to come to grips with reality. What's next, are they gonna try this shit with body dysmorphia and EDs? Schizophrenia? They are only hurting people, and the general public at large, by lending any credence to this magical thinking. The internet was a mistake

No. 1482354

If you want some proof of mass peaking check out the comments section from the fat new zealand guy who was competing in womens weightlifting & compare them to the comments on any Lia Thomas video. Women are seeing this & standing up and normies are definitely starting to peak.

No. 1482359

literally ends the tweet with grooming behaviour

No. 1482363

Those situations had nothing to do with troons though. Can we make a starter pack for trannies?

No. 1482382

Peaking the gaming community with the coming HP game
Peaking the sports enthusiasts community with Thomas
What's next nonnas? Anyone who is tiredcof hearing how "awful" jk is, since she trends almost everyday on twitter now?

No. 1482383

I'm confused. These are all white women, so couldn't they be trannies? We're not biologists.

No. 1482389

I think the sports thing is more than enthusiasts: girls are losing out on scholarships and careers because of the troon invasion. They have friends and relatives.

No. 1482391

Yes, it’s so annoying because it’s clear these people are unstable & have too much free time. Wonder what will happen when she’s brutally murdered and dismembered by an obsessed troon.

No. 1482399

Well on the brightside if J.K. Rowling gets murdered by a tranny the entire TRA movement will crumble instantly

No. 1482401

dont jinx it anon

No. 1482402

Even being only okay at Super Smash Bros Melee requires a lot of practice/autism since the basic techniques are just glitches that were never intended and barely work as it is. Compare this to most other fighting games which have far lower skill floors.

One guy I knew who participated in tournaments said it took about 2 or 3 years of work before he could actually compete in any way.

No. 1482403

Same. My static consists of me and 7 Gamer Males (TM) and they think TIMs are weird as fuck. I've shown them some of the posts these AGPs make and they think it's disgusting, offensive, and downright creepy that men are out there claiming to get periods. They also are also surprisingly concerned about women's safety in women-only spaces; they definitely think these AGP freaks are trying to rape or, at the very least, creep on women in spaces like spas or changing rooms.

No. 1482411

exactly, took a screencap of this bc it's so spot on

No. 1482416

Facts. I've seen tims straight up say they're superior because men don't have to worry about impregnating them.

No. 1482432

From a psychology standpoint, even the most pro-troon one, the mom is right. Parents in fact mour their children who trooned out (even the most liberal ones, because it has nothing to do with politics), and that is the correct term. People mour a lot of things, especially parents and "it doesnt always make sense" (even in this case is perfectly understandable) I hope the mom starts mourning soon about the fact that his son isnt a good man, but a mentally stunned narc with a buring hate for women even for her, and so can cut him off her life before she gets old & vulnerable and the son start using her diapers in an stunning and brave way.

No. 1482440

File: 1648331171109.jpg (3.69 MB, 701x20538, trancels.jpg)

No. 1482442

File: 1648331312887.jpeg (5.95 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

This moid looking like a zoomer Ernie from George Lopez lmao

No. 1482443

now without the angles

No. 1482445

He's 18 in these pics so he looks like a young boy. Stop equating young boys with "passing better" that's some pedophilic shit.

No. 1482447

File: 1648331492216.jpg (44.26 KB, 650x650, y1ix9egbnie51.jpg)


No. 1482450

troons are freaks of nature of course normal people wouldn't want to date them.

No. 1482451

File: 1648331827996.jpg (93.08 KB, 1072x1440, FNDFrDfXsAMqSLJ.jpg)

No. 1482453

This is just self harm, these men have to be high and/or drunk 24/7.

No. 1482462

the stubble on his moobs. kek

No. 1482464

I remember laughing at this guys pictures on this thread and joking about how he looks like a serial killer or a divorced man trying to sell his wife’s underwear on eBay and I had no fucking idea the horrible shit he’s done. Russel Williams, everybody.

No. 1482465

It really is, a lot of teenagers look pretty androgynous until their later teens (I know it can differ between them) and it really highlights their pedofilic nature when they use them to prove passing better. The only thing they pass as is an over dressed child.

Also regarding sports, who gives a shit even if I WASNT interested prior to the male colonisation of womens sports? I’m not interested in knitting and I still don’t want a man in an all womens knitting group. I wish they’d stop using that as an excuse for the debate, I don’t want men in womens spaces the fucking end. It’s not complicated. Sit down.

Also I’m mad because my boyfriend liked some pro trannies in womens sports tweets. I’ve been trying to quietly peek him and I know he’s just liking it from a Good Samaritan bystander point (and as soon as it’s not trendy he’ll be openly repulsed by them I know he is secretly).

No. 1482472

troons weren't interested in women's sports until the tranny started competing so it's the same.

No. 1482473

I wish the blue hairs kept us out of their mouths

No. 1482477

Idk brits are keeping nuclear weapons in the border of my nuclear-weapon country. They all can die as far as i care, sadly troons aren't going to do that because they're a byproduct of anglo liberalism and many of the programming-socks types should be on MI6s payroll themselves, and you don't fully bite the hand that feeds you.

No. 1482479

I thought with gay couples it was pretty normal to only call one of them "mum" or "dad" even though both are the parents from a legal and social point of view. They recognise that terms around parenthood are imperfect and its the relationship that actually matters, not the titles.

Surely some of them have experienced something similar with step-parents and siblings? Why are they so insistent on being referred to as mothers?

No. 1482480

File: 1648333316549.png (484.38 KB, 756x1006, keffals on Twitter.png)

>10k under some random tweet
this guy loves to buy himself some bot likes

No. 1482482

I hope people can prove he's using bots. Twitter is this retard's life and losing it might actually make him reevaluate his existe-LMAO

No. 1482483

What country are you talking about? The only nuclear weapons in active service are aboard submarines. Are you referring to Faslane in Scotland? In that case you're still a smelly neo-liberal Anglo.

No. 1482484

File: 1648333612915.png (55.12 KB, 520x548, FOuK1yMXIAQ5M0p.png)

No. 1482491

He's a male autistic and can't cope about it. That is it. If you asked what horrible trauma happened to him to "have DID" he would mention the inherent trauma of being autistic or something, because there isnt a most annoying criature that a low-medium grade autistic male. And they're all crybabies. Women are incomprehensible because he's an autistic male and won't fuck him because he's ugly. And mom isnt a bangmaid for him so out of hate and confusion they troon out. Here, there it is, i described most troons who appear on this thread.

No. 1482496

File: 1648334591602.jpg (187.38 KB, 1241x1835, FOuD7BYVkAEKQ9w.jpg)

No. 1482497

File: 1648334626404.jpg (62.98 KB, 1150x850, FOt_-8uX0A88YJd.jpg)

No. 1482498

And this is why you should avoid any man that treats his mother like shit. Tbh, this goes for friendships too, both male and female. I stg 80% of troons have some sob story about how their parents are super abusive and when they tell you more it's like their parents said they couldn't get a reddit tattoo or told them to get a job.

No. 1482500

File: 1648334725523.jpg (188.67 KB, 1080x1709, FOnqsaqXIAwSa0a.jpg)

No. 1482504

File: 1648334818690.jpg (114.83 KB, 1284x1174, FOoq9t9WUAUgoIn.jpg)

No. 1482505

>I am very smart

No. 1482508

Nonnie he looks bad WITH the angles

No. 1482509

File: 1648334929644.jpg (50.31 KB, 750x666, FOqeEh_aQAEpyKe.jpg)

No. 1482510

i remember hearing about that guy on the news a decade ago, freaky shit

No. 1482511

scotfag crying about nuclear weapons while putin starts a european war. notice they didn't refuse the filthy english vaccines.

No. 1482512

oh yeah nonna I wasn't implying he looked good lmao

No. 1482513

Thank god for Jennifer Bilek

No. 1482518

File: 1648335487502.jpg (84.78 KB, 1051x1635, FOykUhCXwAEhIo3.jpg)

are people blind? How does her body compare to his?

No. 1482519

File: 1648335539294.jpg (52.4 KB, 691x691, 1605808319636.jpg)

kek, what's this "I'm not a biologist" meme? I have a hard time following the news these days.

No. 1482520

Has ledecky said anything about this whole thomas thing? I can’t remember if she signed the letter or not.

No. 1482522

File: 1648335669882.jpg (22.66 KB, 474x266, th.jpg)

No. 1482526

File: 1648335786197.png (81.5 KB, 744x865, why are you so obssessed with …)

replies under the thread

No. 1482529

I have no context and don't know all the fine details of politics in the USA but did she answer that just to appeal to troons or to avoid getting in trouble with someone or something regardless of whether she's telling the truth?

No. 1482534

oops yes i was, my brain automatically associates the name Lia with female pronouns

No. 1482535

No one really knows. But she looked like she had a gun to her head so I think she was trying her best not to piss of the trannies but republicans had a field day. I don't know much about her except this statement and the fact that she's soft on child porn cases.

No. 1482547

Its probably a combination of
>She wants to keep Democrats happy so they vote for her
>She wants to avoid pissing of Republicans so they vote for her
>She wants to appear impartial since everyone is always complaining about partisan supreme court justices
>She wants to show that she's a good judge and doesn't give a shit about spur of the moment feelings only solid judicial theory and facts

No. 1482558

They wish

No. 1482561

Sweden is going back on it and the US looks to those countries to try and imitate it's humane practices.

No. 1482565

File: 1648336799869.png (633.52 KB, 1170x1267, itsprobablycancer.png)

Is it just me or are more and more peaked tweets getting high like counts?

No. 1482570

Man these people are delusional. Her shoulders are nowhere are wide and her hips are clearly rounder

No. 1482571

I actually feel sorry for her. answering this question in public, as part of your public job interview, would be terrifying. I hate this timeline.

No. 1482572

File: 1648337177589.jpg (504.19 KB, 1280x720, 1642741519_Lia-Thomas3.jpg)

no anon you're wrong they look totally alike

No. 1482573

File: 1648337177814.png (545.77 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20220326-182215~3.p…)

Nice try trannies, but Katie Ledecky's body is not comparable to Lia(r) Thomas at all

No. 1482574

why are his legs so splotchy? is blood and circulation problems from estrogen or just from a NEET who gets no exercise?

No. 1482578

every nerd herd has that one closet case boy who is extra misogynistic because they're afraid one day they'll lose their harem.

No. 1482580

File: 1648337387589.png (35.32 KB, 746x499, Watson on Twitter.png)

No. 1482581

I hate both the US and UK but I find it funny how Americans always complain about the UK being colonizers as if the US isn’t one big settler colony. Most white Americans directly benefitted from and are descended from European colonizers. It’s so absurd when I see white Americans complain about colonialism. Sweeties that’s you.

No. 1482583

Why do we see significantly more AGP troons being cows as opposed to HSTS troons? Also, why is it only HSTS that (rare as it may be) are willing to admit/acknowledge biological realities? I've made this observation combing through many threads/forums where troons are being discussed

No. 1482586

I can’t believe it’s come to this.

No. 1482587

Samefag, but why are there seemingly more AGP serial killers than HSTS serial killers?

No. 1482593

Probably because there’s more straight men in the world and women are much more vulnerable than men. From my experience HSTS aren’t violent but AGP are. Maybe it’s because AGP are a hypermasculine form of maleness (as ironic as it would seem).

No. 1482594

Because AGP is packaged with a number of other mental illnesses. Their brains are literally broken and prone to sexual violence.
HSTS are self-hating, degenerate gays that hate women. But AGP are literally hardwired into getting a sexual thrill out of hating and mimicking women.
HSTS want to be a steak because men like steaks and they hate women for being the sexier steak. AGPs want to be a steak because they want to fuck, kill and mutilate steaks.

No. 1482596

sexual perversion drives a disproportionate amount of murders, most serial killers start out with degenerate fetishes that escalate and got more extreme and violent over time. google lust killers. hsts are just confused self-hating fags

No. 1482597

"garage sale doll" what a wordsmith

No. 1482601

another misogynistic closet case

No. 1482602

When men want to insult women they always make fun of their appearance, supposed biological inferiority, or threaten them with sexual violence.

No. 1482606

>supposed biological inferiority
A lot of the moids in the anti-Lia side are so happy to go on and on about how women are physically weaker than men and hear it from women themselves because it makes them feel superior.

No. 1482609

Yeah I've gotten that impression too. You can tell when they point out female Olympians losing to male high schoolers, they're not saying it out of any actual concern for our rights. They say it with such glee that it really just feels like gloating. I prefer it to them trying to deny reality, but it still rubs me the wrong way

No. 1482613

File: 1648338996998.jpg (516.45 KB, 2834x1091, 1632497620541.jpeg.jpg)

A certain troon reminded me of this

No. 1482617

For god's sake stop derraling about the English here there is an eurofag thread in /ot/, debate or post trannies or gtfo piratas de mierda

No. 1482618

File: 1648339289430.png (407.01 KB, 740x624, Untitled.png)

No. 1482620

File: 1648339609207.jpeg (12.59 KB, 224x224, 209839CE-0B71-4315-8CDF-BC8400…)

>"There's no difference between males and females"
>Names several differences
>"OMG why are you obsessed with people's organs creep"

No. 1482631

how is saying "women have vaginas" misogynistic? honest question. the idea that i'm "reducing people to their genitals" by saying it does sound kind of bad, but what the hell, it's not like i'm saying that's ALL women have.

No. 1482635

File: 1648340770686.png (122.61 KB, 1200x1015, Screenshot_20220326-173926_Twi…)

That bald scrote who reviews music interacts with Ratio Obessed troon. Starting to think he's a chaser or some shit. Imagine your husband/boyfriend dm-ing a troon about ANYTHING. This scrote also got mad at Dave Chapelle. I don't trust "straight" scrotes who constantly stick their nose in troon business. It's a 80% chance they are a chaser/soon to be troon. Especially white scrotes, they have a greater chance of tranning out.

No. 1482638

Supporting overt misogyny that dashes the efforts of hard working female athletes really isn’t good samaritanism. You should just openly tell him how wrong you find it, no need to tiptoe around your own boyfriend, especially if you know he agrees. I also mean no disrespect to you by any of this.

No. 1482640

Inb4 “trans men start ejaculating on testosterone”

No. 1482643

I cant tell if he’s a chaser or just a regular misogynist

No. 1482646

>Eli Erlick
ok rapist

No. 1482654

I saw the radfems on tumblr start this campaign to get him fired from his jobs by outing him as a rapist to the HR departments kek.

No. 1482659

bitch maybe if u ran at ALL

No. 1482665

I remember when a woman disagreed with a review of his and he called her a terf on twitter and all his fanboys were saying the vilest misogynist shit about her in the replies.

No. 1482673

No he gave a negative review to a Fiona Apple album and a TIM called him a misogynist and he called the TIM a TERF.

No. 1482684

I thought it was a woman but she had a TIM friend defend her?

No. 1482685

Kek two msiogynists pointing at each other.

No. 1482693

File: 1648343042886.png (254.22 KB, 1200x1121, Screenshot_20220326-180019_Twi…)

He's marriee/dating a bw I think, which makes me sad for her because I get major chaser vibes. I'll admit the only one who feels feels the blushing emoji is lowkey flirting or weird? I know he'd woke but…yeah it's weird.

No. 1482697

the same logic could be applied to 'what is a subhuman?' and see where that ended up in 'different places/times for different people'. This CIA funded shit has ended up more out of control than Bin Laden.

No. 1482703

Women are a social construct and it’s because of this social construct that they can produce ova.

No. 1482710

File: 1648344103363.jpg (942.29 KB, 1056x2183, EwReddit.jpg)

No. 1482719

File: 1648344581419.png (607.8 KB, 505x759, 1.png)

obsessed with the wig

No. 1482721

rtg isn't a tranny

No. 1482724

Very eerie how these two explanations from two different people in two different instances are very similar and also mention the definition of woman changing from time and place. It's always the definition of woman. The definition of man presumably hasn't changed from time and place for some unbeknownst reason of course, again this is because moids think moid-mode is the default. Also holy shit the way people word these definitions as if they couldn't be more insufferably faux-intellectual neo-liberal retarded nothingburger spammers. That's what angers me the most probably, it has to be people speaking pretentiously and using all of their SAT words to essentially say absolutely nothing. Moids shouldn't be allowed to learn any languages.

No. 1482731

looks like a cosplay wig for mrs incredible or whatever her name is that coomers are obsessed with

No. 1482732

can you guys shut the fuck up about non-mtf women and stop posting them here

No. 1482737

fantano is such an annoying stupid faggot and idk how he gained such a platform or why anyone cares about his music opinions

No. 1482741

I blame Judith Butler’s gender word salads.

No. 1482743

File: 1648345707761.png (49.5 KB, 519x480, KEK.png)

his face is cracking me up KEK

No. 1482749

she just looks like a typical ugly masculine woman lol

No. 1482750

I hope everybody who has ever said TWAW on their social media gets held accountable when the tide turns. Like Stephen King, Philip Pullman, etc.

No. 1482753

Why are they lumping bisexuals in with kweerz and nonbinaryshits? Sure, bisexuals are probably slightly more inclined to trannies than heteros or homos, but I think even most bis don't want mutilated genitals near their face.

No. 1482755

A lot of bisexuals on the internet are straight LARPers just like the kweers are.

No. 1482756

We don’t. I like people who have their genitals intact and aren’t mentally ill coomers.

No. 1482757

I'm holding my pitchforks at the libfems like Lindsay Ellis.

No. 1482760

Would be pretty glorious and embarrassing to see all the mass retractions made by public figures about this issue. If there ever is a huge backlash to it (I hope).

No. 1482761

I figured as much. Its annoys me how people try to pawn trannies off on bisexuals sometimes. No one wants that rotpocket.
Jennifer Bilek easily deserves ten times the followers she has. She's doing some of the best work about this shitty movement.

No. 1482764

Hitler was anti-smoking therefore smoking is actually good.

No. 1482768

Correct. The vast majority of male gender crits are like this, just using being gender critical as a means to be sexist.

No. 1482784

Doubt Fantano is a chaser. He’s just a disgusting social climber trying to not be irrelevant

No. 1482789

It will be scrumptious, I want to see how the big companies will react, are they going to burn all of the trannycult merch in a symbolic manner while crying for the lost money? I’m sure most of them will try to just pretend nothing happened, but I want to see them all get embarrassed throwing statements here and there about how they were wrong.

No. 1482793

For some reason they all seem to subscribe to a Hegelian idea of history even though we all should know how horrific that mindset is.

No. 1482796

As much as I want to see people like Stephen King and George Takei get humiliated publicly they won’t. They’ll pretend to have never said anything.

The tide is already turning. Multiple TRAs are already removing pronouns from their bios, companies are moving towards neutral gender language shit as opposed to pro trans or anti trans, etc.

In 5 years when the public is much more acquainted with AGP rape and violence statistics and it isn’t trendy many of these people will simply delete their tweets and duck their heads. I think a ton of mtfs by then will either be vilified perve