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File: 1608594805856.png (1.26 MB, 1011x1788, thread.png)

No. 1112272

Jonny Craig and his fiance Syndey English

Last Thread

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old Milk:
>Syd final shit out her baby and names it Storm Parker Monroe Craig
>Taylor in a fit on jealously posts on twitter about how that was her and Jonny's name for there nonexistent child
>Syd still vague posting about Tay on her IG
>Jonny claiming to be sober while walking to the store with a white claw in his hand. Claims to have hurt himself on his walk to the store
>Jonny still on heroin after showing off is bloating corpse body and freshly shaven face
>Syd has a social media freakout on an innocent women who commented on Jonny's Instagram
>Both still fighting with each other over Social Media
>Jonny claims to be taking Syd on a "vacation" to propose to her after both of them post cryptic messages about each other on social media
>While working on music in AZ Jonny posts a series of pics and vids on IG of him eye fucking himself and badly lip syncing to his shit tier music. Pupils nonexistent and face freshly shaven
>Jonny posts on FB about heading to NY but instead goes to LA
>Jonny goes to AZ to "record music" ends up going to LA instead without telling Syd and goes on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive and buys himself discounted designer shoes and buys his son used and dirty shoes
>Syd and Jonny fighting which ends in Syd removing Jonny from her bio twice
>Still bragging about his shoes and money then a few hours later begging his fans to stream his music
>Posts on IG about how much he hates to IRS
>Still living in Syds moms trailer while claiming to be looking for a home in Sacramento
>Still scamming people via song features and voice lessons
>Syd still batshit crazy as ever
>Jonny still talking about his "come up" but doesn't realize he fucked up every chance he got to back it big and now hes just washed up
>Syd posting depresses shit to her IG and old pics of her smol body
> still on-off
> drama over alleged kidnapping of their son from Jonny and Syd's mom
> turtlemom inserted herself
> Syd still together with Jonny
> Syd made her account private (at least for the moment)

New milk:
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his next court date is feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but Syn doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260 >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163

Previous Threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146

social media links:

No. 1112388

Thanks for the new thread, anon! Good work

No. 1112393

thank you! this is my first thread so I was bit nervous how it would turn out

No. 1112428

Thank you for the new thread, anon. These two are the disfunctional gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

No. 1112751

File: 1608668894292.jpeg (322.69 KB, 828x1451, D82F5C4C-C749-46AB-9FAA-ED1513…)

Re: our debate over whether he gets money when someone listens to Jonny era DGD or emarosa, etc. Or maybe he’s talking about Slaves only?

No. 1112756

pretty sure he gets no royalties from his old bands except for maybe Slaves lol

No. 1112915

it helps keep his name out there even if he doesn’t get royalties, which are tiny from streaming
this is the least objectionable thing he has done, it’s just normal professional self-hype

No. 1113124

File: 1608698753507.png (255.27 KB, 1125x894, 1608690509700.png)

So even they know the only type of men whose willing to date them

No. 1113144

Anon yr lost

No. 1113151

File: 1608701037914.gif (2.24 MB, 480x492, 34F5D4F8-11B1-4A7E-BFED-DDE489…)

No. 1113180

I’m reluctant to post proof because I don’t want to expose who I am, but I’ve met Jonny and done mild drugs (not heroin) with him. When he’s on heroin, he is nearly impossible to understand. Before his teeth surgery, he would never fully open his mouth and would mumble incoherently when he was high. You can always tell he’s on drugs by the way he talks. Sorry if this is inappropriate or boring. I’ve met Liz and Amanda, but not Sid.

No. 1113194

Proof? Or this is boring.

No. 1113196

if youre not going to post proof then dont bother posting here, it's pointless

No. 1113303


I mean we knew this already. Most of us hopped over from the Taylor thread and got to experience high Jonny and Taylor for months. Do you have actual milk or proof?

No. 1113367

not to bully you off but there was no point in posting this unless you were going to add proof or actually give milky details.
if you're just here to chime in i hope you enjoy the ride!

No. 1113900

Does Sid hate you too? Has she ever sent you some crazy messages?

No. 1116309

File: 1609123923620.png (225.54 KB, 828x1792, C993FD69-E71E-433A-BCB6-6096D1…)

No. 1116313

And here i am thinking all the milk has run dry.

No. 1116317

Looks like her "keep the crazy on the DL" resolve is finally wearing thin

No. 1116334

File: 1609127863496.png (2.08 MB, 640x1136, 41721193-F9DB-4133-93CE-A43F82…)

Before that first story

No. 1116335

File: 1609127902635.png (438.27 KB, 640x1136, F6624E1C-E2B1-4805-8440-286EFC…)

Y’all think she’s talking about jc tho? For some reason I don’t know

No. 1116350

Nah probably her mom or something. I think she is still holding on to JC.

No. 1116384

Not sure how this is relevant or milk, maybe next time sage it…

No. 1116482

“Ready for bed” with a whole three faces of makeup on.

No. 1116775

Gotta make sure to look your best all the time when you're with someone who takes pics of you while sleeping and posts them without your consent.

No. 1116927

File: 1609199857388.png (197.92 KB, 640x1136, CDB03232-E73E-48ED-B932-236808…)

No. 1117169

What a weird BPD way to say "I want to feel comfortable in someone else's house" but ok.

No. 1117338

This is like that meme with the kid stuttering. Between the two of them Storm is going to be completely illiterate.

No. 1117905

Basically saying she hates her life.

Syd, you had a choice to have a baby with this man or not. It's not like you found on four months in.

You made these choices of trying to play perfect fucking family picnic with jonny CRAIG, and now you have to live with it.

No. 1117970

File: 1609322538108.jpeg (69.59 KB, 828x590, F1532D11-3E07-4899-AAB8-561E31…)


No. 1117981

Can never tell if he’s just being dramatic or if he’s about to step into family annihilator territory

No. 1118069

File: 1609341920517.png (78.32 KB, 619x414, Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 15.21…)

I wonder if it's anything to do with this expose of Sawyer.

No. 1118070

File: 1609341982614.png (100.41 KB, 623x402, Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 15.22…)

It's a bit of a sidestep, and JC apparently hates MS, but he might get dragged in to it.

No. 1118106

What happened to 2021 iS OuR YeAr

No. 1118109

I’d be surprised if Thats true. Mikey used to idolize Jonny and was so desperate to be friends and all Jonny did was treat him like shit and make fun of him. I don’t think they’ve ever been on good enough terms to share needles together, but who knows.

No. 1118112

Yeah I noticed there was no Christmas “look at our perfect happy family” post. But I’m not friends with syd so dunno if she did or not.

No. 1118122

I really hope this doesn’t mean they’re pregnant again

No. 1118165

C'mon anon! If the first baby doesn't change him or lock him down, another one totally will!!

No. 1118385

Does anyone know if we’ll be able to listen in on the next court date?

No. 1118400

I mean junkies who know each other 5 min and desperately need a rig will share so it's possible?

idk how I didn't even notice that they didn't do some fake bs happiest fam in the world on Christmas post

No. 1118655

File: 1609405943332.jpg (343.37 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201231-092555_Twi…)

No. 1118659

I mean is it possible that something could be wrong with Storm? We didn’t speculate too much on the reason he needed surgery so maybe something is wrong and he’s struggling? Then again with Jonny who knows what this could be about. I just hope the kid is okay.

No. 1118692

That or maybe another battle with cps?

No. 1118728

Imagine a CPS issue and him dumping this child just like his first one after making a huge spectacle about his SON kek. Storm would be better off without him unless he pulls some miraculous recovery/stint of sobriety anyways.

No. 1118760

Jonnys court date is coming up in 30 days so maybe it's got to do with that? Whatever happens I hope Storm is safe.

No. 1118907

File: 1609437711253.png (665.39 KB, 828x1792, E5F5AFAC-A3AF-47FC-85FA-248180…)

No. 1118922

>Short people cannot go to heaven
> Tattooed people cannot go to heaven
Not like the DV is why he'd go to hell lmao, his only sin is being 5" 5' and tattooed. Why do I feel like he's becoming more like syd all the time kek.

No. 1119265

imagine having your second attempt at a kid despite being nearly sterile and you fuck it up in the first year because you couldnt put down the needle and not hit your wife

kids fucked

No. 1119391

File: 1609481584681.png (1.77 MB, 640x1136, 746E6681-74F9-4D3A-958F-F3A972…)

Sure Syd, sureeee.

No. 1119393

File: 1609481631978.png (1.97 MB, 640x1136, CDDD9BDC-CED1-4999-8191-00FAB5…)

Those eyebrows tho

No. 1119418

File: 1609488011491.webm (511.73 KB, 828x1792, FullSizeRender 2.webm)

Are you fucking kidding me… every time I think he can’t get any trashier/nastier

No. 1119421

File: 1609488530224.png (2.83 MB, 828x1792, CCCF3592-0409-486F-B3E0-D6FA22…)

No. 1119424

.. oh, ew

No. 1119425

Fucking yikes ^

No. 1119429

Imagine being in your 30s, having a baby with serious medical issues, and still thinking trashy shit like this is what other women are jealous of and how you should be spending your life. Letting bloated junkies lick your buttcheek for the internet to feel sexy because you had a baby with a loser and did nothing in life.

No. 1119439

He always looks high but he looks especially high here, I wonder how much she pushes him to sober up behind closed doors or if she's realized she can't have him without the drugs too so she's kinda just accepted it.

No. 1119454

lol I saw the pic before watching the video and thought "fair play Jonny, even as a fat washed up junkie you can pick up a short woman and place her on your shoulder"

no he just slowly and awkwardly bent over hahaha

No. 1119474

I'm sure she's put him through enough at this point that he has probably threatened to walk away if she doesn't stop obviously cucking him on IG, so she tolerates it and helps him hide it in exchange for little gas-ups where he shows off the one part of her anyone but him can stand to look at. Staying with an abusive junkie loser for instathot clout, what has the world become??

If he's high maybe he was going slow so he wouldn't fall over?

No. 1119509

Man they both look like absolute trailer trash. How embarrassing.

No. 1119529

She has the thighs of a chunky baby. So strange.

No. 1119710

she probably didn't even know this was being taken lbr.

No. 1119784

File: 1609539361472.jpg (1.19 MB, 3338x3075, PicsArt_01-01-05.09.27__01.jpg)

Sage for no milk but can we please talk about how JC looks like a much trashier version of Riff Raff. Which is really saying something cause Riff Raff is the embodiment of steamy trash. Syd's story is littered with jc white trash faggotry and I'm keking at the fact that she decided to breed with that fucking thing.

No. 1119792

File: 1609539649521.jpg (48.25 KB, 450x300, hills2hadesbig.jpg)

This is what I imagine sex with jc would look like…

No. 1120024

File: 1609566480623.png (215.24 KB, 828x1792, EC8A4ECE-D553-4A4A-864E-5AC45D…)

No. 1120032

File: 1609567811292.jpg (14.38 KB, 591x75, dgrj34.jpg)

She's a bit a of a cow herself.
They seem to have been 'friends' for a long time. Wouldn't surprise me if this was one of the women he was cheating on taylor with too.

No. 1120034

That’s funny. Not to blow her cover but I’m pretty sure Carissa Star is a farmer. Girl got the milk from the source and dumb horny ginger dick was dumb enough to fall for it. Stay mad Syd.

No. 1120046


Jonny is a home wrecker you dumb bitch Syd, it's not like girls have magical real life syren powers where they sound their horns and men are suddenly hypnotized into falling on them and accidentally slipping their dick in.

He's making the conscious choice to flirt and cheat with other women, how does that not register to her? He will forever keep on doing it too because Syds an idiot and will always blame the other girl instead.

I couldn't stay with someone having constant doubts and anxiety about them cheating every time they left the house or even another room with their phone, why would you decide to stay in that sort of toxic state?

No. 1120060

File: 1609572300950.png (30.87 KB, 669x467, cs.png)

They are FB friends, and she talks to him/about him a lot, but he really doesn't respond back. He seems like the type that would do things behind the scenes tho. Not sure if they are actual friends, or she's a mega fan.

No. 1120062

Someone probably sent this to syd and she went into full psycho bpd mode.

No. 1120067

lmao it's literally textbook. narcissists do something called triangulation, where they just involve another girl, typically provoke her or just get her to flirt back and hide what they did to provoke her, and then "coincidentally" it somehow becomes knowledge to the one in the relationship and they get jealous, put on a fucking show for the one pulling the strings, and give them that sweet validation. narcissists are not people, they are literally vampires lmao. every single time she responds in any way, especially even negative responses, he wins. the more he fucks up, and still gets her to fight for him, he wins. it's that simple.

she lost the moment she gave him time, let alone even have his whole ass child that will outlive both of these dumb fucks. pray for that kid to get the attention of a teacher or social worker who will encourage him to be even stronger than his parents, and shatter both of their empty narcissistic juggalo delusions.

No. 1120068

Sage but I loled when I saw she was an MLM hun (Monat.) Says a lot about a person honestly

No. 1120078

I know the Carissa girl somewhat. We’re both in a Jonny group on Facebook and shell talk shit to anyone who talks shit about him. She claims she knows what “really” happened that night of his arrest, claims he didn’t even assault Syd. (Not saying I believe her). I’ll look for that post and include a screenshot here shortly.

No. 1120083

From looking at her profile it says she’s lives in New York so unless she’s there I doubt she knows any real “truth” of exactly what happened that night without witnessing it with her own eyes. I looked at her public FB every other post mentions JC she just looks like a huge fan tbh but I’m not sure what their relationship really is.

No. 1120091

File: 1609577006043.jpeg (427.92 KB, 1125x1978, 6285E157-2B26-4482-9566-70BDD1…)

No. 1120092

File: 1609577096041.jpeg (407.46 KB, 1125x1986, 45BD8AFD-EB00-47D1-B8B2-A908E5…)

No. 1120094

File: 1609577174007.jpeg (386.13 KB, 1125x1957, FFF49E85-DD72-4533-A883-F14CE0…)

No. 1120095

File: 1609577243739.jpeg (398.19 KB, 1125x2002, 3CD8D480-6283-4C02-ABA8-144B24…)

No. 1120096

File: 1609577387580.jpeg (855.63 KB, 828x1420, D88B996A-F34D-48A5-811E-0898FD…)

Pretty sure this is her. They follow each other and I scrolled down and she does have pics of them in a car together. So it seems to me she is more than just a super fan, but I don’t know much more than that

No. 1120097

File: 1609577456378.jpg (138.82 KB, 722x676, 20210102_195042.jpg)

I think they are friends considering jonny follows her on Instagram.

No. 1120098

Anon beat me to it. And I’m pretty sure I posted those and some other odd screenshots on here? But they got deleted.

She’s probably a drug buddy. Her pupils are fucking giant in some of her pics. Probably coke or meth.

No. 1120099

Eh Jonnys drug of choice has always been heroin tho

No. 1120103

Meth and heroin dealers normally sell both. Or if someone can find meth, they can probably find heroin and vice versa.

No. 1120105

So? Just because someone does one doesn’t mean they do the other. They are completely different highs for one.

No. 1120106

File: 1609578599571.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, 45F4EAB0-E849-461F-A108-F6D928…)

Syd has definitely known about this girl for awhile even in the post from Carissa back in March 2020 from her IG. She even tagged Syd’s IG in this referring to JC and Syd’s kid as her nephew. I get the vibe this was once a hardcore fan who actually made it into being a friend but still in that warp tour star struck phase. I get the feeling she wanted to date JC but the feelings weren’t mutual so her way of keeping him in her life is clinging to that he’s my brother/BFF thing girls do. Just my guess

No. 1120107

I was the anon who posted the screenshot of that post and not gonna lie, I didn’t read the caption so thanks for pointing this out! If her and Syd were once cool, I wonder what made Syd post the home wrecker story hmmmm

No. 1120108

Bpd made her

No. 1120212

Nice profile pic, anon.

No. 1120216

My guess is she was snooping through his phone again and saw some flirty dms. I always laugh when this shit happens right after they post a bunch of lovey dovey bullshit on their stories haha.

No. 1120219

File: 1609599693904.jpg (205.6 KB, 958x1144, Screenshot_20210103-015945_Sam…)

Tinfoil, jonny has HIV right? He gave it to Taylor, and if he's had a baby with Syd it's likely she's also got it. This could explain a lot about storm.(tinfoiling, not milk)

No. 1120221

No, he has/had Hep.

No. 1120226

I remember I saw this post and shared it on TNDs thread when they still didn’t officially announce and she wrote that publicly lol.
They prob fuck on the down low. Just one of those fuck buddies

No. 1120229

If they’re good friends and she cares about him, she might just be telling him Syd isn’t good for Johnny/abusive (the irony) or something and telling him it’s okay to leave her. Which Syd would see as homewrecking instead of a reason to examine her own psychotic behavior. Just a tinfoil, though, I don’t know.

No. 1120256

Maybe Storm needing surgery so often and so soon is related to a health issue caused by JC's drug use? That could be why they refuse to talk about the baby despite Syd obviously being thirsty as fuck for any attention she can get.

No. 1120305

That’s a bit of a stretch. I think it’s pointless for us to speculate on Storms health problems. There are tons of things babies can be born with or develop that have nothing to do with the parents actions or even genes sometimes

No. 1120344

I agree with you, carisa probably told jonny to drop Syd.

Do you guys remember Syd posting a screenshot of someone saying "I told jonny this is why you don't knock psycho fans up" or something along those lines. Wonder if it was Carissa. I looked in the old threads but couldn't find it.

No. 1120349

Well she said baby nephew, did she mean Storm? That would mean she's referring to herself as a sister, that'd be really weird if they hooked up lol. She said she defends him from internet trolls and breaks him out of hospitals, so maybe he uses her for that and brought her to after parties in exchange idk. Getting that insecure and calling this girl a home wrecker is like next level fucking embarrassing. She needs to spend quality time with people instead of doing this, even if it's an online class because of covid, it will give her space and Johnny may actually come to her. Maybe in child development so she can understand the damage she's doing to that innocent child.

PFP is really cute btw, Syd's probably jealous of you too.

No. 1120357

File: 1609613483176.png (183.25 KB, 1232x564, Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 12.4…)

Lmao her subtweets toward Taylor. I wonder if they actually hooked up

No. 1120371

File: 1609614787275.jpeg (165.45 KB, 1242x420, C25505D9-E456-43E4-B1AB-F9C81D…)

From the post where he announced asking Syd to marry him

No. 1120436

What I meant was meth/heroin dealers normally sell both together. So if you're addicted to heroin, and you find a meth dealer, then that dealer probably sells heroin too. Or at least knows where to get it.
I'm an anon in recovery speaking from experience, you don't need to tell me the highs are completely different. I think everyone on this thread already knows that, lmao…

not trying to be rude at all! I think you just missed my point. Anyway. I just noticed Carissa is not his fb friend anymore? And JC deleted the post from his wall. That has Syd written all over it.

She probably threatened to kick him out if he didn't. Imagine being THAT insecure.

No. 1120456

File: 1609624019705.jpeg (783.93 KB, 1242x1313, 5027B381-FA53-4F9E-8B89-95CF3C…)

It seems like Syd will continue to try to force JC to get rid of every female in his life, even the ones who actually say nice things about her. Can’t tell if she’s trying to make sure he doesn’t cheat or just that unstable.

No. 1120472

"sNeAkInG qTiPs FrOm ThE nUrSeS"

To shoot up, perhaps?

No. 1120477

Why would you need qtips to shoot up? Use the cotton to filter?

No. 1120478

No. 1120479

File: 1609625484510.jpeg (556.01 KB, 640x984, 4BEA52C3-E488-4EA8-A346-DF01E5…)

Too bad Sydsopyscho scared her off. She could’ve gotten some free eyebrows from homegirl. Would’ve done wonders for her ugly mug.

No. 1120507

Yah this chick seems to have an actual life and some money, a job, a home, the side hustle as a Hun, syd doe st do anything and has been in jonny life for less than 2 years, no doubt she's jealous but I wonder what set her off this time

No. 1120559

File: 1609631311817.png (1.89 MB, 640x1136, 3A1AF431-8FAA-4AA7-9272-F15B3A…)

Holy shit. It’s getting milk in here, ladies!

No. 1120561

I meant it’s getting milky. Anyway, looks like she took that picture from another phone that’s cracked. I wonder if JC cracked it to try to hide evidence?

No. 1120564

Wait am I dumb? How does sending money equal cheating? Trust me I want milk just as much as the next but I don’t understand ha

No. 1120573

That girl is on onlyfans

No. 1120575

File: 1609632046601.jpg (829.88 KB, 1079x1903, Screenshot_20210103-000047_Ins…)

No. 1120577

What does that have to do with anything tho, lots of girls are. Genuinely asking, not trying to argue

No. 1120580

Syd clearly believes that JC paid this girl for some kind of pornographic material. Which Syd considers cheating.

No. 1120581

File: 1609632644412.jpeg (564.15 KB, 828x1411, B103C774-3398-4B01-961E-5563E1…)

No. 1120582

Wow she looks just like jonnys type! I would ship them together.

No. 1120584


Or it's an old phone of Jonny's that he stopped using because of the broken screen and Miss Crazy got hold of it

No. 1120586

but is says "macy white paid you" so like she paid him tho? idk i don't get it either. also he's been r*ping, assaulting, and beating women for years, she needs to get out of there because he's going to pretend to let this go for the sake of his "career" and then do something he can't take back.

No. 1120595

File: 1609633455486.jpeg (79.82 KB, 750x357, 8F929F31-73B2-4710-B43F-AB7D92…)

A burner account left this comment 16 hours ago on Macy’s first IG post, which is of Jonny.

No. 1120600

Maybe she paid him cuz he’s slanging drugs on the side to pay for his own drug habit. Tinfoil of course

No. 1120601

Whenever JC and money is involved I assume it's drug related

No. 1120603

I never said he cheated. Who knows if he did. I posted it because it’s milk. She’s clearly going after a lot of people who’ve helped him out or have been in recent contact with.

I wonder who smashed the phone and why? Lmao

Oh to be a fly on the wall for 24 hours in that house of horrors

No. 1120605

Damn Angel’s fat ass is lurking and taking credit for my screenshot. She’s probably masturbating at the same time, we all know that’s what she does when JC drama is alive and well.

No. 1120614

I was that anon. I never said YOU said he cheated? The screenshot you posted is literally Syd saying he cheated

No. 1120616

Lol anyone who follows Syd could have sent her that screenshot. Yours said 6m and hers said 12m. Not wk the twitter queen but you sound dumb

No. 1120633

File: 1609636500719.png (666.01 KB, 828x1792, B3BE306F-4B5E-4C14-8228-51EEC8…)

Lmao jonny is out getting loans from his friends, so much for living his best lyfe!

No. 1120645

wow, attacking the other woman, dumbest move yet especially because her lips are fire. she could've been polite and reassuring, letting her know what happened and that jonny is 100% responsible for her own actions, and her name will always be protected, then ask permission to maybe ask some questions that she needs to ask, keeping it at a minimum and only for her health. beside hep c, it's highly likely he's just passing around herpes. even if this woman has an ongoing hookup agreement with jonny, it's only on him not to go see her and stick his dick in her. he probably told her he has some open relationship like all cheaters do. her brain is a rock.

No. 1120674

Lol syd so psycho thinks he cheated because he was sent money?
This is why you don’t get together and have a baby with a serial cheater. Because you’ll always think they’re cheating on you. And I’m sure he is cheating on her. But all her evidence isn’t proof of cheating.

What a train wreck.

No. 1120681

>JC hitting up random women for a couple hundo to "pay the bills"
This explanation adds another layer of embarrassing

No. 1120715

imagine your baby daddy asking some chick he knows for $$
and staying with him
and flipping out on the chick who was being generous to a washed up junkie

No. 1120716

Disgusting but not surprising, jonny is the type of person to let someone else clean up all his messes and even raise his kids it looks like, and with everything syd puts out he's gotta miss flirting with FB girls who have a glint at a future, syd you're such a loser for everything you did to yourself, how can you be in his DMs and blare them out but ignore them tomorrow?

No. 1120729

You don’t have sex with your sister tho

No. 1120731

Dude. Chill.

No. 1120733

How was that in any way un-chill

No. 1120741

OT but she'd be so beautiful without all that work done in my opinion. Her lips remind me of PNP lmao, and that's not a look any woman should want.

No. 1120745

What’re you talking about? That’s Sid in the bottom right corner

No. 1120750

File: 1609648985433.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 11514-animated_gifchat8etf.gif)

No. 1120779

File: 1609653439663.png (470.11 KB, 828x1792, 7A715680-9AF8-4DFA-B0AC-DF24E8…)

No. 1120780

Macy's first IG post is of Jonny? Where are you seeing this.

No. 1120782

Syd sweetie. Get yourself a therapist. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1120785

Sydney to stop being trying to expose people. She is looking crazy. Yes people cheat, but it’s never the womens fault, she never made a commitment to you syd. Jonny did. It’s Jonny who broke that commitment. These women owe you nothing. Jonny does.

No. 1120791

I looked at it earlier today right after >>1120595
was posted and it was still there, but she deleted it

No. 1120793

She's so embarrasing I want to rip my own head off and suffocate myself with it. Jonny is having the absolute time of his life fucking everything and anything because Syd never blames him

No. 1120800

Kek I wonder how much more of this Jonny can take. I’m surprised he’s stuck around this long. Seems like his fan base is dwindling , especially after his last jail stay for DV. I’m sure ditching his psycho fiancé and baby boy that has potential special needs And multiple surgeries, is probably career suicide.
I think he’ll suck it up for one more year.

No. 1120801

I can’t see him putting up with her by the end of 2021. I have a feeling something very bad will happen if they stay together.

No. 1120805

Exactly this, at least with Taylor even though they were dysfunctional she played the part of making their relationship look good and happy on social media, she had money to blow on him 24/7, and they did drugs together. Literally everything he could have wanted. Syd is just fucking psychotic and you know what, I can’t help but just laugh because he’s getting what he deserves. Look at how much he used to post her and make sappy posts about her to make their relationship seem like it was all great, and now he is barely active because every time he posts her she just goes batshit on anyone and everyone in his comments. She is literally chasing what little amount of a fan base he has left away. Everyone can tell they are both miserable together. Having a kid didn’t fix a damn thing like she clearly thought it would. They’re both miserable and deserve it together, but at this rate I can’t see Jonny putting up with it anymore by the end of this year. At least he will be able to have proof of how crazy she was and be able to say he was the victim in this relationship.

No. 1120817

It's so heartbreaking to me that an actual baby has been around all all this. He was happier with taylor for sure, he met his match with Syd.
> let's place bets on how long they will last at this rate I give it till October / November 2021 at a maximum. Hats off to whoever leaves first because a baby shouldn't be in their toxic cesspool of a relationship.

No. 1120820

File: 1609664738646.jpg (768.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210103-022110_Ins…)

Now we have this…kek

No. 1120821

File: 1609664853745.jpg (341.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210103-022119_Ins…)

No. 1120837

Lmao syd it looks like this “home wrecker” is actually financially supporting your child buying his diapers. More than you’ve contributed!

No. 1120844

The sad truth is Jonny probably spent that money on drugs, not the baby

No. 1120849

But his shoes “cost more than my rent” hehehe
He has some nerve asking other women for diaper money when he’s the type of loser to act like buying a designer item is something brag worthy. Meanwhile the child is living in white trash EBT hell

No. 1120851

Embarrassing as fuck for Jonny. I’m sure syd won’t hear the end of this.
Borrowing money supposedly for his kid is bad because she splurges on designer shit he can’t afford to front. Or he lied about that and used it for drugs. Also a bad look.

Jonny is gonna end up leaving syd, watch.

No. 1120854

Nitpicking but “Dudes that have females” what kind of english is that? Fake woke white thrash? Kek

No. 1120855

Such pickme language, but I guess even she can't call that shit stained trainwreck a relationship anymore, eh? Poor JC, he thought he was getting free pussy but it turned out to be a rusty bear trap.

No. 1121020

File: 1609695668941.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2688, 8CFDFEE4-A803-486F-AFA7-D93EE9…)

Lol at psycho exposing herself with this story and this correlation with that fake insta

No. 1121023

Syd better have more evidence of cheating other than she sent him money. I still don’t get how that equals cheating in her mind.
How embarrassing for Jonny tho kek. $250 is definitely not for diapers. Maybe some went to diapers but you can buy a months supply for $50. He probably shot up the other $200.

No. 1121025

Syd is so stupid. If it’s not to help with bills like she says then it’s drugs. Honestly either of which, her ass should be grateful for because everyone knows her and Jonny aren’t bringing in shit for their own child.
She probably saw this and looked up this girl and got jealous that (face tattoos aside) she’s better looking, makes enough to just be able to lend sums of money to friends, and has a healthy baby.

No. 1121036

Why can’t she see it’s not these women that are the problem it’s her “fiancé” fucking these girls. Your dick doesn’t actually slip in. He’s cheating on purpose. Like he always has and always will. Baby, ring or not. He’s a shit bag. The entire world knows. Being in an abusive relationship makes it hard to see the facts even when everyone else sees it. Leave Johnny like his last baby momma and keep that kid away from him for your sake and your son syd.

I’ve been in an abusive relationship and I know what it’s like. But please syd, if you see this leave for yourself and your son.

No. 1121047

I would respect her a bit if she did leave him and at least do OF or something to make money for Storm. She can probably make Jonny pay child support, but she needs to stop relying on a known failure and flake. Clinging to him for his former fame is only gonna make their son's life harder because Jonny isn't willing to change for anyone or anything, including his own damn career, much less his 2nd child.

No. 1121057

She’s using motherhood as a shield

Like how Taylor uses mental illness and addiction

These are not shields people, the only shield I can see being valid in any way is being a minor.

No. 1121077

Well said. I mean at this point I’m starting to believe she is just as fucking stupid and doesn’t care about her kid either. I have a kid and the dad is a piece of shit. I had NO trouble leaving his abusive ass for myself and my child and never once looked back. Is it ideal, no but if they are so fucking terrible, it’s better that they aren’t around. Definitely watching a dumpster fire at the moment. It’s sad but I can’t look away. Plus Johnny CLEARLY doesn’t have any money cause he’s getting it from his “friends” for diapers? Man up get a job and make your OWN money to care for your family. Not that fucking hard.

No. 1121082

File: 1609700131041.jpg (162.57 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20210103-185529_Ins…)

No. 1121089

Oh my god so fucking what? I could see this being for formula or other necessities that aren’t necessarily planned at the time you’d make a registry and even if it wasn’t- why would you go blast someone just for giving your fiancé/family a couple hundred dollars?

No. 1121091

So it was sex money, like this woman paid JC because they smashed? Making him a prostitue? I don't get this connection either. She's so willfully blind.

Someone needs to point a megaphone directly at this girl: DRUGS! This demonstrates that he hits up his fans for drug money! Syd. Wake up.

No. 1121093

This woman has nothing in her life other than bitching on IG stories, does she now?

No. 1121094

Like unless she’s trying to publicly bust her own fiancé for being a dealer to make ends meet, why is she doing this? What part of giving someone money means they’re cheating or is worth trying to drag them on the internet? It’s not like Jonny’s selling himself on the street corner lmao

No. 1121096

Money could be for medical bills maybe?
Or legal fees? know hes got that court date soon.
Or for just some plain ole drugs?

No. 1121099

I wish the girl she’s trying to call out would just air it all out

No. 1121118

I doubt she will get much more money, bc she is being very unlikable.

No. 1121135

She did on her Instagram. Jonny paid her back the money, but Syd has apparently made a fake account to harass her with and is saying Jonny only used this girl for money which he then spent on drugs

No. 1121136

Screen shot?

No. 1121140

File: 1609704602259.png (834.5 KB, 828x1792, A11A6C6F-A1BD-493E-9EEC-BC02F2…)

No. 1121144

File: 1609704729271.jpeg (166.27 KB, 828x1370, B77CBF80-2CE4-470B-8D53-D70421…)

No. 1121145

File: 1609704974201.jpg (597.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210103-201621_Ins…)

No. 1121153


Holy fuck Syd is legit crazy crazy, she's legit pulling actual lies out of her ass for the sake of nothing.

I swear to God Syd is chronically jealous of every living thing with a vagina and tits, thank God she didn't have a daughter because Syd would probably be jealous of her too.

Syd won't post evidence of cheating because there probably is none! She's not posting any evidence at all because she knows she's wrong. I can't believe the sheer insanity we're witnessing here.

No. 1121154

File: 1609705945726.jpg (371.21 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20210104-073200_Ins…)

No. 1121162

how does that make the other woman look bad?
it just makes syd’s judgment in having a child with worthless junkie jonny look even worse

No. 1121164

It doesn’t. Syd is just so far down the rabbit hole of her delusions that she actually believes that “Ha! He spent that money on drugs” is some big gotcha moment or burn that proves the other girl is in the wrong. Really it just proves that Jonny is as big of a pos that we all knew he was

No. 1121182


Ma’am he still owes you $40

No. 1121191

>"never spoke to this bitch besides telling her I knew bout the cheating"

So… you actually did 'speak' to her?

No. 1121198

I just wanna see the damage he’s done to himself. Wtf.

No. 1121206

Yup. Could explain why he hasn’t really been posting?

No. 1121213

Holy shit.

No. 1121215

Maybe Syd did the damage to him

No. 1121216

Hahahahha holy shit I knew she was insane but this is like Dr Phil levels of insane white trash. Next she’s going to think Jonny is hiding whores under her bed and think her own underwear belongs to another woman.

No. 1121221


So here she's saying she definitely told little Miss Macy she knew about the alleged "cheating" after which Macy blocked SYD.


And here we have Syd trying to back peddle saying she never said a word to Macy, but in the same sentence admits to having contacted Macy about the cheating?


Then lastly, here on this burner account Syd made, she admits to having blocked Macy, not the other way around. So Syds public statement she made is completely full of lies.

Sometimes I wonder if Syd goes into such a rage, that she's not aware of what she's saying or doing and can't keep track of what's been said or done, that could be why she seems like she's got no idea what's happening and makes herself look mentally incapable? Or challenged in a way? I wonder if she has learning difficulties or struggles with logic and reasoning and that's why she couldn't complete school and doesn't work?
She can't even figure out basic conversations between two people or make sense of anything she's saying or doing, Bipolar/Bpd people have mental instability but they aren't THIS delusional and stupid.

No. 1121226

The way she talks does seem very uneducated lol. I’m like what hillbilly language is this she’s speaking?

No. 1121247

Just wondering how you know she didn’t finish school and doesn’t work. I mean I’m not saying your wrong I just wanna know what you know.

No. 1121255

I'm betting maybe another six months or so? Probably seven or eight. Syd is going to be the most evil resentful baby mama there is, I can already tell. I mean she's already evil and they aren't even over yet.

No. 1121257

Man Syd just loves to scream “You want him? Have him!” all the time for someone who flips shit over someone being a friend, liking a picture, lending money, etc. She always says this like she’s so ready to pass him on to someone else to then go absolutely ballistic over literally nothing.

No. 1121260

No wonder why your mom is filling for custody

No. 1121273

Congrats Syd. You look completely batshit for lying about blocking and confronting this woman: >>1120821

You blocked her without a second thought, and then posted to the public some imaginary story that you pulled out of your ass. ALL to make this girl look guilty and to make you look like the ultimate victim. Bc you're THAT shitty of a person. Nice burner account houkiedoukie. Go play in traffic, bitch

No. 1121279

How do you know this?

No. 1121286

A rusty bear trap… kek. So many entertaining image ideas going around in my head for the next thread pic. But by the amount of screenshots these two are feeding us, I'm sure we'll have more than plenty of great stuff to pick from.
This is fun. Personally my favorite cows. More entertaining for us bc it's not like Syd is gonna just wake up one day and not be a pyscho-evil-miserable piece of garbage.
A part of me really wishes JC would retaliate and they start going at it over IG stories like back in the good ole' days.

I genuinely cannot think of a more destructive partner to be with. (Besides JC, OBVIOUSLY) I mean she's straight up trying to ruin what little of a career he has left. She's definitely sabatoging any chance he has at gaining new or more fans/support. I don't get it. You've BEEN wanting a famous dude, you got one (he's famous to her, c'mon guys). Now that you have him you don't want him to make or receive any money… you don't want him to leave to go record songs… I can't imagine how she'll act once he leaves for his next tour. Actually I can, and I'm looking forward to it. This is better than reality tv.

No. 1121288

I wonder what injuries? Milk is flowing tonight holy shit - syd is unhinged af! But they are living their best life tho kekkk

No. 1121292

Also where is jonny in all this?? Is he not gonna calm his psycho syd down and let her make burner accounts to terrorise his friend that lend him money? Some friend he is!

No. 1121295

Hopefully this doesn't come off as a spoonfeeding request, but this is the first time I've heard that Syd was holding Storm when she was pushed. I looked over the last thread and couldn't find anything in there about it either. Did anyone else catch this livestream?

Autistic tinfoil, but part of me wonders if that has something to do with the surgery. It would explain 911 being called in the first place when we know Syd would never leave her junkie king.

I certainly hope the fuck not but anything is possible with two idiots and a baby in the same room.

No. 1121302

>You've BEEN wanting a famous dude, you got one

Syd thought this was the happy ending, she didn't realize there was more to it.

No. 1121309

Wait so Syd is houkiedoukie AND macyloverbloop? Jesus. This is so embarrassing. She literally had to make two extra email accounts to make two different IG profiles, had to verify them, all to harass this girl? She didn't want to do it on her main account cuz she didn't want to get exposed for the crazy piece of trash that she is. Well it backfired. Take care of your baby Syd. It's sad that this is what you do in your free time. And now you've become a cow. Congrats, superstar!

I don't think Jonny's dated a broad this crazy since Amanda. This is giving me Amanda vibes. Manda had like 50+ profiles on IG and twitter, her and JC broke up in the beginning of 2014 and she would NOT shut up about him on twitter for about four years straight. I could see Syd doing that when they break up. She'll probably trash him online for the rest of his life, AND long after he's dead. Probably for the rest of HER life.
The funniest part of this is she THINKS she has fans and supporters. When in reality, all the people going after Carissa and Macy just do it because they are invested in the drama/want to feed it. They don't give a FUCK about Syd. And I hope Syd reads this and knows that.

No. 1121358

Wonder what’s been going on in the “Craig” household since she stole his phone, snooped through it, found him cheating or not, blasted his shit all over the internet and harassed other girls. If he really is so abusive wouldn’t you want him to not beat on you? Doesn’t seem like a good way to avoid his rage. Or does he just not give a fuck anymore and is just hoping she will break up with him. Or that she will make herself look so fucking crazy that when he does leave it will look like he had nothing to do with it and it was all because she was fucking crazy with evidence? Or is he only keeping quiet and calm because his court date. Either way, I’m sure we will all find out….

No. 1121366

Too bad Taylor is still a junkie at this point, I would of enjoyed commentary from Taylor of I told ya so to further enrage Syd.

No. 1121370

And >>1121309
This is kind of irrelevant. But Amanda still posts about Jonny to this day. Look at her twitter. But yeah, Sydney does seem infinitely more insane.

No. 1121390

"i never messaged you on my account" she literally thinks harassing her on a fake account she made just to communicate with her doesn't count because it's not her MAIN account lmfao. what.

and of course jonny is saying she's just someone he hits up for money, she's also probably "crazy and ugly" too.

jesus what the fuck. syd really needs fucking antipsychotics and to get away from this guy. he's going to self destruct on his own, and she should've learned from every single one of his exes who got severely fucked over by this guy. he is so vengeful and it's not likely he's going to just put up with this.

No. 1121391

i laughed way too hard at this

No. 1121398

I really want Macy and Carissa to bring this delusional psycho down and air out all her psycho behaviour. I'd honestly rather die than live a life being severely and psychotically jealous and threatened by all women, she even got jealous over jonny spending too much time with her own MOM! She probably rages and cries cheating if she even finds porn in his history.
I just can't imagine the kind of dark headspace she lives in where every single girl is viewed as a major threat that she needs to go out of her way for most of the time no reason, to attack them.

No. 1121521

Do we even know if Jonny is out of the hospital?
It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how she got his phone and even used his fingerprint to unlock it while he was asleep or something. Maybe he doesn’t even know what’s going on.
Usually he tries hard to make his relationships look perfect.
My tinfoil is he either doesn’t know or this is his out. He’ll use this against her in court, the public etc.
See judge, she’s completely crazy and can’t be trusted. I never harmed her she’s the bad one, look at all these lies and trouble she starts…

No. 1121534

I don’t think he’s in the hospital, see the vid/pics of him licking her ass on New Years >>1119418

I haven’t seen him post anything on IG since then and nothing in Twitter since December 31 so maybe he has no clue what’s transpiring on socials

No. 1121539

This comment is underrated. It's fucking gold. I wish this was reddit and we could give out rewards, or react to replies on here. Lmao

No. 1121556

I'm not the anon you replied to but when Syd's ex A came out about all those things about her he said specifically "She doesn't work. She never will. She can't hold down a job" - and he said it had something to do with her mental disorders, or her temper/attitude towards people she has worked for? As far as her never finishing school, I'm sure everyone here is aware she's not in college. Did she compelete high school or get a GED? I have no idea, and it's never been talked about. So idk where they would know that from.

No. 1121562

It's not irrelevant if you've been following his drama since he was with her (2012-2014). I was, and it was the most toxic relationship I've ever witnessed. And there were extreme similarities and situations that remind me of Jonny & Syd, that's why I said that. But most people in here know him from just Taylor… some people remember Chelsea and Liz. Not everyone was around for that tho

No. 1121581

He could be out now but his phone got smashed… that’s why he hasn’t been posting yall

No. 1121582

The reason that one screenshot was cracked was cuz she smashed it after she went thru it. Did she go thru the entire phone? Probably not. U know she smashed that shit pretty quick, lmao.

No. 1121610

i don't think she has his phone because if she did, she would have deleted these girls from his socials. i don't know about carissa, but he's still friends with macy, at least on FB

No. 1121615

I said she smashed it. She had it at one point, bc that's how she found out about his venmo transactions. Then she went into a rage and smashed it. I'm sure it's trash now or not useable

No. 1121642

File: 1609752759528.jpg (738.65 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20210104-203138_Ins…)

Good on her I'm glad someone finally stood up to Sydsopsycho.

No. 1121646

Could that have been posted from the camera roll to make it seem like he's out? He's been too quiet aside from that one post.

No. 1121657

I met her in high school so I know she didn’t graduate. She was fucking nuts then and is probably worse now, and that poor baby is likely nothing but a bargaining chip because she had no problem discarding her mistakes before Jonny. As shitty as it must be to be with someone like Jonny, being with Syd has always been an absolute nightmare. I’ve never met someone more manipulative in my life. They seem to deserve eachother, but that baby deserves so much better. My heart breaks for Storm.

No. 1121663

She's such a bad liar too. Why would you specify "my account", you fucking psycho idiot? Like, dead giveaway that you've been making burners to harass ppl lmao

No. 1121664

or she found an old phone he upgraded from bc he smashed the screen at some point and was too lazy to just get it fixed
more likely. why are you so confident she smashed his current phone in a rage

No. 1121665

Because it's Syd we're talking about here, jonnys a junkie but he seems way to obsessed with his materialistic items to just go smashing them, he's more likely to keep his goods intact for when he's desperate and needs to pawn them for money. Syd seems like the type that would throw shit in a raging fit after snooping around and finding something that doesn't actually exist the way she thinks it does.

No. 1121718

I’ve seen pictures that he’s posted of him taking selfies in a mirror and his phone has been cracked. Or his old phones were cracked, him and Taylor’s. I think he just doesn’t take care of his phone and can’t afford to get it fixed cause he’s poor.

No. 1121725

@Anonymous 3 hours ago No. 1121657

You were in high shool with her, did she already do crazy shit back then? Do you know If she was a JC fan as teen?(newfag)

No. 1121733

The tinfoil on the broken screen is dumb. Everyone move on. without a screen protector a phone can be dropped and the screen breaks. It could’ve been from anything. Focus on actual milk, not iPhone screens….. of course a drug addict wouldn’t pay to fix an iPhone screen- you don’t have to be a genius to come to that conclusion.

No. 1121822

Still friends with a rapist but good for her

No. 1121852

File: 1609782495063.png (406.54 KB, 828x1792, 65937CE2-5DC5-4559-9037-0F8712…)

The fact that she acknowledges it wasn’t spent on diapers means she likely knew it was for drugs.

Anyway here’s his Venmo.

No. 1121867

is this Mike Balch of Front Line Assembly and Revolting Cocks?

No. 1121903

She's really pretty and is handling this situation like any sane adult would, actually seems very sweet and level-headed. I can see why this makes Syd so jealous, angry, bitter and paranoid.
I'd say "Jonny, RUN" if this wasn't exactly what karma had in mind for him. An absolute gem of a gf - an unbelievably unstable, undeniably MEAN, childish, irrational being that has 0% self respect, 0% self awareness and 0% shame. She's airing everything and anything and if there's nothing, she'll find something.
Good luck trying to save your career in the middle of this constant shitshow, Jonny. Good pick.

No. 1121907


She says right here >>1121144 it was for drugs. Once again outing him.

No. 1121975

Somehow just realizing that syd copied this girls hair lol that’s hilarious.

No. 1121979

Just as Jonny got his act to it's peak: small family w/ a new gf and a cute lil baby, sober as the pope, constantly reminding everyone how happy and blessed he is, making music and getting back on his grind…
…it's all exposed by his own gf every damn week. It's hilarious really

No. 1121983

Eh, I don’t think she knew. The money was sent around the time storm was born so I think everyone assumed he was truly using it for his son/family and believed he was clean. And she’s a mom, it’s easy to sympathize with a new struggling family. Especially when the kid has medical issues.
I’m sure now she realizes it was used for drugs. Still don’t understand how syd thinks this is cheating tho lmao.

No. 1121993

It’s even funnier because literally no one wants him but her (and he wants anyone but her.) He looks like a bloated 60 year old, Syd I promise no one in their right mind wants to fuck your ugly ass fiancé. Being with JC is not the flex you think it is.

I hope they stay together though. They are both terrible fucking people who deserve each other and neither of them should have the chance to ruin another person. They are each other’s punishment. Hopefully Storm gets taken away too, no child should be raised by people like this.

No. 1121994

This is what gives me life. This fucking absolute flaming piece of garbage really got hit with the karma when he hooked up with Syd. I love that she's always ready to expose him at the drop of a hat. Homeboy has no hope of ever turning his life around now and even if by some miracle he does, Syd will be right there waiting to out him for anything and everything.

No. 1121996

Anon, not to wk but that is basically baby's first alternative haircut. I dont think she copied her, it's just that there are only so many flavors of "I suck junkie dick for clout" hair styles out there.

No. 1122000

Syd is the type of crazy bitch who would make her man block his own sister bc god forbid she’s not the only “fEmALe” in his life and would start bitching at waitresses for daring to glance at his direction when asking what he wants to order

No. 1122023

Meh, she's alright but that bridge piercing and those fucking dinner plate stretched ears ruin it for me. Wonder if Syd's gonna size up her lobes now too kek

No. 1122090

Considering she already told the whole world she's jealous of her own mother spending time with jonny, she would absolutely be this type of girl.

No. 1122123

File: 1609801308110.png (243.51 KB, 828x1792, 413FB4A8-B761-444B-9002-F00830…)

Manda putting her two cents in almost a decade after Jonny dumped her. Almost starting to believe that she is more insane than Sydney. Not sure if this is milky or not. Kek

No. 1122131

Amanda is extremely milky. Not sure how much anymore, but I used to follow her for years and years just simply based on the fact that it was amusing to see how obsessed she was with Jonny thru all of his relationships

No. 1122206

I absolutely love the fact that Pork Boy Jon is still following both Macy and Carissa. Sydsopsycho must be absolute flaming about it.

No. 1122273

Syd comes off more sane now than in high school which should put things in perspective. She didn’t give a fuck about JC, didn’t even like him, but he was the only famous person she could get her talons into for clout. That was always the goal because without the help of anyone else, she would be nothing and she wants people to be jealous of her for some weird reason but she has nothing to be jealous of… JC is the only thing of value she has and she’s going to ruin him if she has to give him up. Syd would have gone for any semi-famous guy, but she swooped in on JC when she knew Taylor was in rehab because she knew JC was weak and she knew exactly what to say to get him to come to her because she is a master manipulator. I don’t think she is capable of honestly loving anyone but herself, it’s all self-serving in the end. Syd probably hates JC but would threaten her own or her child’s life if he tries to leave her so she can stay relevant cause that’s the kind of shit she pulled before, terrifying people into sticking by her. JC should just leave. Who knows what she’ll pull when she’s desperate enough. I’m telling you… It’s scary being in her orbit. Save that baby.

No. 1122446


The injury is his arm, super bad with cellulitis from shooting up.

No. 1122473

File: 1609844341462.png (1.71 MB, 640x1136, E802A9F9-8658-4D9C-A487-0E223B…)

Going to see Jonny perhaps? Or to rescue him. I think it’s pretty evident he hasn’t been living at Syd’s house. Probably spending all his money on hotels.

No. 1122479

Seriously. THANK GOD SHE DIDNT HAVE A DAUGHTER. That would’ve been a jonnys karma but the universe always comes through one way or another and it came in the way of Syd lol.

No. 1122545

Uh oh going to Caliiii ahahah

No. 1122573

And we don't see syd at her house any more. Maybe mom kicked them both out.

No. 1122584

Try imagining Syd attempting to take care of Storm without the help of her mom, or ANYONE. That's such a depressing fucking thought. Her mom must be a saint, bless her heart. The only stable adult in that child's life. (actually I'm just ASSUMING/hoping she's stable, I guess we'll never really know?) I hope Syd is grateful and doesn't treat her like crap. I'm glad her mom is there. It would be awful if Syd was in the middle of a physical meltdown (pretty sure she has one every other day) and she just completely neglects Storm. ugh. Hurts my heart thinking about it. He needs to be adopted out before it's too late. They have an open CPS case, let's PRAY cps does their job right.

No. 1122671

She was not that bad. I doubt you even knew her. If this is her ex you know you were abusive af. Which is why she accepts this terrible behavior from jc. She believes she doesn’t deserve anything better.

No. 1122707


but we also we have to remember that BPD is usually caused or exacerbated by some form of childhood trauma so who knows what syd’s home life was like growing up. do we know anything about her father? i can’t remember if he’s been mentioned here at all

No. 1122711

is that u anthony(samefag)

No. 1122719

You're right. I apologize. I guess I've never taken that into consideration. It's kind of hard when every single thread trashes her. I'm guiltty, I haven't done it to be mean though. I guess we're all just trying to figure out what goes on inside the head of these two.

I remember it didn't start off we were trashing her. Some were even sticking up for her against TND. She seemed SO much different in the beginning. Staying with JC for so long & getting pregnant has definitely changed things A LOT. That, OR she was just good at hiding her true personality at first? Or it took awhile for the real her to come out. She waited until she was comfortable with JC. Cuz he would have left her ass A LONG time ago if it weren't for Storm. They announced the news around new years? They would have been broken up before that point if she didn't get knocked up.

No. 1122796

She lost the right to people feeling badly for her when she brought an innocent baby into the world. If she’s so bad off that she can’t help be this way, they should take the baby away, and then everyone can talk about her abusive ex or dad or whatever.

No. 1122824


oh no i wasn’t excusing her behavior at all, that baby definitely needs to be out of that environment. i was more wondering why people are quick to claim her mom is fit to raise a child when she clearly didn’t do the best job with the daughter she has, which then led me to wonder whether her dad was more to blame for her turning out how she is. and i couldn’t remember if he’d been mentioned. just speculating over here

No. 1122914

Lmao this dumb bitch does not love herself

No. 1122918

Oh HEYYY Syd! Glad you could join all of us!(hi cow)

No. 1122924

File: 1609877627135.png (3.63 MB, 640x1136, 696B622B-2F9F-4D80-8C53-D11E65…)

No. 1122930

Sydney. You're clearly trying to make Jonny's female friends jealous with how much you just had to mention that yall ~cuddled~

Doesn't change the fact that we could make a scrapbook out of your dumpster fire of a life.

This is life an episode of 16 & pregnant I stg.
I take that back, this is like a WHOLE season of Teen Mom. But extra trashy.

No. 1122933

*LIKE an episode, fuck

No. 1122937

Who's living room is she talking about.

No. 1122948

Jonny looks like he doesnt know where he is

No. 1122974

ANON! Lmao I’m in fucking tears.

No. 1122976

I’m dead hahahahahaha

No. 1122980

This girl is beyond predictable, she is textbook abusive without the drugs.

She drags jonny through the mud publically exposing his drug abuse and accusing him of things he hasn't done with little to no evidence (abusers love doing that) and then she love bombs when she decides it's over.

Of course she was different at the start, people like Syd always act perfect at the start of the relationship until they're comfortable enough and the honeymoon phase starts to wear off and they start letting the crazy out.

No. 1122982


He’s only with her cuz he feels stuck. I’m sure he’s on something and out of it just to put up with her.

No. 1122986

I just happened to notice that Syd's IG follower count jumped back up from like 11.9k to 12.3k just since this morning. Weird since it's private and she's been getting a ton of flack for being extra psycho lately.

No. 1122988

I noticed that last night as well! It's very interesting.

No. 1122993

Samefag as above but I'm wondering if she got a ton of follow requests from all the drama. In which case, she's stupid to have accepted them because it's just people wanting to creep on her Freakshow life. But then again she probably cares more about internet clout than people following her just to laugh at her

No. 1123000

Actually maybe it was a glitch in the app. Right now for me it's saying 11.9k again? Maybe it was the other way around and it used to be 12.3k? Maybe she's going thru and deleting some followers? I couldn't do it. Sounds very time consuming

No. 1123006

She said "especially in a fresh enviroment"

Ergo, they don't live with her mom in anymore.

No. 1123008

Lol I noticed that too anon! Remember tay’s video of jonny - the only real abuse she was sad about was how jonny did not cuddle her and she had to “cuddle herself to sleep” lmao yes syd you clearly win here, knocked up by washed-up junkie, living in your mom’s house and having episodes of public meltdown, but so goals right! Lmao

No. 1123011

Maybe she meant sleeping in the living room instead of sleeping in the bed = fresh environment

Come on anon jonny cant even afford diapers after shooting up!

No. 1123015

If that is truly what she meant by a NEW ENVIROMENT then I am fucking DEAD. hahaha oh my god

No. 1123031

This would be a cute picture if it wasn't of jonny

No. 1123045

I was actually (and I hate to admit this) thinking he looked ok here. I don't know if it's the extra facial hair but his head doesn't look like a bloated meat balloon like it normally does kek

No. 1123048

Kek. But seriously, it sounds like they aren’t living with syd’s mom anymore. “Fresh environment” sounds like they are staying somewhere else. Wonder if mom kicked them out after his jail stint. Maybe mom is paying for it or maybe they’re sleeping on the living room floor of a friend. Who knows.

No. 1123071

How do we know this?

No. 1123074

How do we know this?

No. 1123081

This ain't me chief

No. 1123096

Uhhh it literally says in her story that she's going to Cali, or rather states when she gets back from Cali

No. 1123193

It says in that Carissa girls story shes going to cali but idk wtf that has to do with Jonny and Syd…

No. 1123218

Jonny and syd live in California so other anons were speculating that she is going to see Jonny or “save jonny” (this is not what I’M speculating, I’m just explaining why it is being mentioned by others here)

No. 1123330

It’s the angle. Jonny was pretty cute for the scene ten years and lots of heroin ago. This angle is just showcasing what is left of his jawline.

No. 1123404

File: 1609903238650.png (3.55 MB, 640x1136, C86700AA-7CBB-45AD-A8FF-9930A2…)


No. 1123449

I love how she brags about cuddling like Jonny ever does anything else except lay around and nod off

No. 1123451

Oooo, Syd is gonna lose it over this!

No. 1123467

My body is ready for the milk. She’s never gonna let Jonny leave his house without a chaperone. But when inevitably leaves the house without an escort, syd will go full psycho.
I’m surprised jonny has been so quiet. Maybe he’s been too ill to care.

No. 1123479

This comment just made me remember too how Taylor would always complain that for the most part he was always so cold, she would literally BEG him to cuddle her and then cry herself to sleep because he wouldn’t and all that shit. We all know he doesn’t give a fuck about Syd or even love her or her body. Why else does she have this mega focus that she has abs now or whatever after giving birth?? Like lmfao girl stop. Jonny will fuck anything with a vagina and tits, he is following girls WAY prettier and more his type. I’m going to agree with anon above, the only reason he hasn’t left her psychotic ass is because he doesn’t have another girl lined up yet. I’d imagine that’s a little difficult for him to do when she is snooping through his phone every chance she gets.

No. 1123509

Wow anon earlier called, it can’t wait for all the milk!

No. 1123529

File: 1609913607643.png (9.92 MB, 1125x2436, 06F845FD-D581-4E4B-9857-3B9F3A…)

No. 1123531

It's just an infection, chill out. way to use a minor health issue to deflect drama

No. 1123533

>Jonny (through Syd)
This just sounds like Syd's tripping on shrooms and has connected to JC on fucking spiritual level

No. 1123545


This is fake as fuck.
If Jonny wanted to say this why didn’t he post it himself.
Maybe she skinned him alive and his wearing him as some next level JC merch

No. 1123557

Yeah because him flipping off the camera is really gonna make people take your “profound” message seriously

No. 1123561


incredible that her ex still pathetically lurks around here. people who google stalk their exes are the most fucked-up pathetic losers

learn to sage, faggot

No. 1123567

No offense because I use this site too but remind me how that's any worse than any of us reading and talking about them on a gossip forum site? So what if that is her ex? Why are you heated? I say bring out the milk about syd's past. I find it interesting, at the very least it paints a fuller picture.

No. 1123568

If she thinks this means he's gonna get clean she's seriously dumber than I thought

No. 1123570


do not defend scrotes. and you know damn well if your boyfriend, 10 years later, was sitting around googling his ex, keeping up with her life and getting all emotional and heated then you'd be pissed off. the dude is straight up pathetic.

us girls are just being girls, enjoying these clowns while we laugh and live our lives. we don't have baggage with them, don't compare it to being hung up on an ex

No. 1123583

Infections can become deadly, and they talked about hospitalization in the past

No. 1123586

I’m a diff anon, but… He clearly has something against syd tho, I wouldn’t take anything he says to seriously. Like he comes here multiple times in the past year to shit on his ex in really long essays. Clearly he has a vendetta and isn’t over there relationship. So I would be surprised if he was untruthful to make things more dramatic and make himself look more like a victim. It’s just so weird to keep thinking about your ex enough to come here over and over again to read her forum/post

No. 1123591

Are we not all looking at the same pic? He has a 2in long gaping fucking wound on the back of his arm (much like TND claimed on her legs but was untrue kek)! Damn that shit is nasty af and after seeing him and tnd's junkie den ik he has 0 sanitation or harm refuction going on

No. 1123592

I had no idea it's been a decade since they dated.. I definitely can agree with the fact he's obsessed to a different level then what I previously assumed.
I am not at all 'defending' this asshole lol. I want milk like all of us, the rest of your points though; fair enough. He is a weirdo.

No. 1123593

Holy shit how did I not notice that before ewwwww

No. 1123613

with this wound and with his greasy hair he looks exactly like all the homeless junkys going around the city begging for money.
exept he has a "baby moma"(=an abusive controlling chick who tells the world and probably him whats best for him) and a place he can stay.

No. 1123624

So she doesn't know about Carissa coming yet, lmao

No. 1123678

ZERO proof Carissa is coming to Cali for Jonny, quit trying to stir up shit

No. 1123693

Looks like the wound has been debrided, guessing that is what he was in the hospital for and to get some IV antibiotics.
Weird he doesn't have a dressing on it now though.

No. 1123694

Except the “JC4L” hoodie she’s wearing in the “guess where I’m going” IG story, dumbass.

No. 1123792

Not to WK or anything but I am pretty sure the ex said syd was still in and out of his life right before she met jonny.

The ex was like a rebound and syd dive straight in to jonny the first chance she got.

No. 1123801

Holy shit, I didn't even notice that. I thought it was just some random kindergarten looking letters on her hoodie. Someone needs to send this to Syd lol

No. 1123808

I laughed so hard at this. Declaring herself the best thing that has ever happened to him. More like worst and he’s just stuck whether he likes it or not because you intentionally got knocked up to trap him there. It’s so obvious Jonny didn’t have any input in that post other than the middle finger. I seriously hope that carissa girl is going to bust him out of there.

No. 1123814

Why anyone would brag about going to see JC is beyond me. All these bitches are something else. Like love yourselves ladies. You can get better dick than Jonny fucking Craig

No. 1123942

True… I also don´t understand why they don´t have any friends that tell them "girl, you´re fucking stupid and an embarassment…". A JC4L shirt… no way she doesn´t want to fuck Jonny, Jonny didn´t want her, except her cash, yet she still wears that pathetic shirt.

No. 1123966

Dude how does that justify any of his actions, it’s been like over a year since they broke up

No. 1123968

I know I bet syd is pissed, why else would she be flying out to meet him, trade camp fire stories ? Hahah no, they are planning on fucking.

No. 1123970

I think she’s going out there to ‘save’ him from Syd.

No. 1123972

By getting dick hahahahaha

No. 1124038

File: 1609962946208.png (1.63 MB, 640x1136, 076726A1-1E49-48E6-9B4E-970E39…)

Nice mustache Syd. You can see it better when you watch the video on he stories

No. 1124045


i've been following jc for years, and carissa has been around for years. there is no reason to think they have sex, maybe they do? idk, but the fact she is going out there to 'save him' because syd is so crazy is a lot more milky than the idea syd is right that they are having sex.

No. 1124081

What? Coming online to anonymous forum to share his experiences about his psycho ex when farmhand asked him to? Again not to WK it seems pretty harmless, and I just feel its self-righteous for anyone to say we are better than him here lol

No. 1124092

Is this the same ex bf that was in the last thread claiming he had “inside information “ about JC’s arrest and that he was going away for 20 years? Kek

No. 1124108

There is a chance that was that turtle mom. She was inserting herself publicly during that time. Obviously there is no way of knowing but they were completely wrong whoever it was.

No. 1124148

The fugliest woman I have seen

No. 1124155

Did she just dye her entire head platinum? I wonder if she checks TND's thread, I literally posted in there not too long ago that blonde was the one color Syd could NOT pull off.(samefag)

No. 1124192

What is even the point of wearing fake eyelashes if you're just gonna put them on so they point straight out instead of up??

No. 1124291

I am not her ex but I love how that's the only reason you'd discount everything I've said. I both have a vagina and was a friend of hers in high school. She threatened to kill herself when I tried to stop being her friend, so I am here because I enjoy seeing her get what she deserves. Case closed.

No. 1124296

Again, not her ex. Would never date her. I am 1) straight and 2) tried to get away from her many times and she manipulated me many times to stay in her orbit. I simply can't stand people that gas her up as a positive influence. And yes, you all are doing the exact same thing talking smack on this forum for 10 years yourself. I only JUST arrived cause I heard through the grapevine that this was going on.

No. 1124315

Maybe learn to read the rules, have any proof, like a year book or something, or are people just suppose to take your word ? Bc strangers on the internet are just so truthful

No. 1124324

Tell us more anon.
To cut yourself some slack, read the board rules and integrate. Then we’ll all get on fine.

No. 1124332

I’m not outting myself cause all my proof would and Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly give out punch cards for abortions. What I already revealed about her threats wouldn’t out me cause she did it to multiple people at Lynbrook but how am I supposed to prove that? I didn’t take a picture when she tried hurting herself, I tried to deescalate the situation.

I didn’t know this was some big by-the-book undercover shit talking operation and I certainly didn’t know there were rules, so sorry for skipping over those, but I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I don’t know how to delete shit here and I have lots more “milk” but I’ll take a seat. It’s probably best I forgive or at least forget anyways. Cheers.

No. 1124338

I’m not really sure why people even care. A good portion of this board is just people pulling half baked theories out of their asses and acting like they’re facts anyway.

No. 1124345

File: 1609987761154.png (2.79 MB, 640x1136, A3922E21-228A-4368-9A9F-B10C00…)

Update from the lOve BiRdS

No. 1124354

Hey, I'm not the anon bashing you. I'm glad you're here. Don't pay attention to them. Just learn to put "sage" in the email field before you post. What is the worst thing Syd has ever done to you? I'm just curious. She seems absolutely insufferable to me.

No. 1124355

i think the CRAZIEST part of this low budget Nancy and Sid rigamarole is the fact that after posting a 20 hour tantrum, airing out his dirty laundry, and talking about him like he's dirty fucking dog, she'll post up with him sitting pretty the next day like nothing happened. She just told every tattooed bitch on the internet to take that nasty druggie who doesn't take care of his kid and then pretends it never happened. it's fascinating.

No. 1124358

What are you even doing on this forum then? Leave.

No. 1124362

Is that a beer he's drinking? I can't tell.

His liver and kidneys must look like shit.

No. 1124367


Does she even know what the word means

No. 1124370

He looks like a geriatric here lol

No. 1124371

He looks high and terrified at the same time. Blink twice if you need help J-rapester

No. 1124374

File: 1609989136981.png (212.91 KB, 297x530, cider.PNG)

yup! appears to be this cider. he probably doesn't have much time left. as someone said on the tnd thread when junkies start getting these infections and swelling from their untreated hep c etc it they often don't live long after that especially if they don't get clean.

good to see him giving his organs an even harder time with probable antibiotics booze heroin etc. keep it up ya pos!

No. 1124375

With the way Johnny looks in the last two photos, I legit think he's dead and Syd has been posing his corpse for photos.

No. 1124376

You don't have to out yourself. For example if there is a yearbook take a pic of her page or smth. If there is not a yearbook I bet there are a few similarly easy Ways to prove you're not some troll

No. 1124381

I am soooo fucking done hahahahaha

No. 1124384

You don’t have to out yourself ? No one said that.

You said you went to high school with the girl, just take a photo from a year book cover to prove the high school, or show syds photo from literally any year of the high school.

What the fuck are you sperging about. You sounds fucking crazy like syd

No. 1124392

You could literally take a photo of her picture in the year book and we would be satisfied. Literally ain’t that hard. And it’s not outing you. YOURE The one who came on an ANON board claiming you personally knew her. Learn the rules and how this place works. But go ahead and be salty and pissy because were not fawning over your personal gossip on an anon board without proof. Jfc.

No. 1124402

Her fake laugh in this video tho… it was like so scary and desperately “WERE HAPPY AND SO SILLY SEE? HAHAHEHE”

No. 1124409

File: 1609993444922.webm (1.39 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-syd.o.knee_7519…)

Ew I forgot he did the nasty tongue thing too

No. 1124410

also sorry samefag but kek the fucking obvious takeout burgers on the plates trying to be act like they aren't gremlins that live in a dark bedroom drunk/high all the time

No. 1124416


Syd, no one is buying this garbage act you are putting on. He loves h more than you. I dont think he even loves you at all. On the next insta story you post ask him to list 5 things he likes about your personality lolol.

No. 1124417

Does he have to take his teeth out to eat?

No. 1124419

I was gonna say that but didnt want to seem like i was nitpicking. She did NOT cook that shit. They got that while out and about.

No. 1124420

Also, nice broadcasting u left the house during a pandemic when you have a 6 month old at home. and u didn't even leave for necessities.

No. 1124421

Her personality is unlike-able. If anything, he likes a free place to crash, food to eat, a vagina to fuck. that's all she is to him.

No. 1124422

Yep! He "needs" her for shelter and an ego boost. She confuses that with love.

No. 1124423

She uses him right back too. Match made in heaven.

No. 1124451

Woooow he looks so old. Like he’s 40. Pretty sure no one but syd wants him

No. 1124476

He looks like a New Balance-wearing dad about to try the burgers he just finished grilling on the bbq, pared with his girl beer (it’s a cider but they literally taste like juice).

He also looks like he’s got a gun pointed at him off camera.

No. 1124485


his continued silence says more than anything toxic, delusional syd posts.

No. 1124514

The chin tattoo I am fucking screaming his face melts into his neck

No. 1124524

ew, her laugh is so fake. like you know that mean girl laugh in chick flicks, when the bitch character is all over the main character's love interest and trying to rub it in?
literally they're together out of spite, it's so obvious

No. 1124579

he looks like a dog that someone put a bandana on to cover up a wound on its neck

No. 1124618


i can’t get over the fact she got him to pose his hand on the table to show off his “engagement ring”

No. 1124831

It looks like it physically cannot come off

No. 1124891

Holy shit he looks like a someone put a turtleneck on a rotten hotdog. His terrified expression is the icing on this white trash cake, my fucking sides

No. 1124943

File: 1610055131543.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, E85124C4-3673-456B-B472-A0D8B9…)

This scary shit better be the header for the next thread like truly her essence shows

No. 1124951

So did she take away all his social media accounts or what? She's making it so that the only way for anyone to hear from him is thru her, which is creepy as fuck. He really does look like he's being forced. Imagine choosing this life.

No. 1124952

weird, nitpicky tinfoil.

No. 1124970

I didn't post that but no it's not nitpicking. Gtfo this forum

No. 1124974

This is gold. New thread pic for sure

No. 1124976

Get off lolcow if ur gonna defend either one of these two. We don't want that kind of energy here.

No. 1124979

not that anon, but pointing out nitpick isn't defending someone. it is in the rules to not nitpick after all

though it is true that's not a nitpick, a weird nitpick is this >>1124038

No. 1124994

So people can make fun of her looks, personality, body type, weight, and I can't point out that she has a visible mustache? Interesting

No. 1125003

buddy dont take offense, just read the rules. nitpicking doesn't contribute to anything. sure people nitpick all the time in this thread, which is fucking annoying. thats literally the only thing they do and think it's milk. well it's not. just let the actual milk flow.

No. 1125005

This guy is pissing me off so much. Was a fan a long time ago and found this site/thread after googling his name to see what he was up to now. What a waste of talent. A perfect example of somebody with immense potential that wasted it all on drugs and being a shit human being in general.

I guess they do deserve each other. Thanks for the milk.

No. 1125013

I feel like Syd could be so much better looking if she eased up on the brow product and changed her hair entirely. Like just a dark brown, no bangs and she’d look so much better. She looks like a coconut head here.

No. 1125194


Looking like a hostage in a terrorist video lmao.

No. 1125258

File: 1610077244110.gif (6.93 MB, 600x1170, ezgif-3-072ee929db3b.gif)

For your consideration, it's early in the thread yet tho

No. 1125323

and you're nitpicking posts and infighting, shut up already mini mod

No. 1125324

Someone should paint a clown face on her. Or make her eyes red or black.

No. 1125345

Yeah and let her hair be natural since she is mixed. She would look so much better.

No. 1125374

She also needs some intensive therapy and to get rid of JC.

No. 1125376

JC's putting out a new song on the 22nd. I'm sure he'll come back to social media now. Can we place bets on another public fight to break out before then?(imageboard)

No. 1125388

Isn’t that carissa girl in California visiting Jonny? I’m sure there will be a massive outburst soon enough.

No. 1125395

Did you hear the lyrics? Sure seemed like they may be about Taylor, something about “getting lost in the memories of you.” Wondering what Syd’s crazy mind is thinking about it

No. 1125437

I heard them lol. I thought the same thing you did.

No. 1125535

Post the lyrics/title?

No. 1125582

Well don’t mean to be rude but you can literally just go look on JCs insta. But I literally posted the lyrics, the song isn’t out yet and it was a small snippet.

No. 1125672

Looking at the photo compilation with the song it might actually be about touring and doing live shows and seeing fans. He’s clearly not happy in his situation so maybe he’s reminiscing on all of that

No. 1125682

Sir, this is an image board.

No. 1125767

true, she would look so much better If she had somewhat natural eyebrows, right now it looks as if she painted them on with a sharpie.

I´m actually not sure how Syd really looks like, the photo quality is bad and she makes this weird faces… In the last she is smiling weirdly, in the picture before she looks stoned and her lashes turn forward. I can´t distinguish her face from all the other alternative insta girls.

No. 1125782

i actually love the white blonde and it's a difficult color to pull off, but yeah it's a lot of upkeep. her bangs go all the way around into the sides, but idk mullets are back lol. she would look way better if she scrubbed off her 2010 abh dipbrow and stencil eyebrows, took out her piercings, and just went with a lighter natural look overall if she's going with the light eyes and light hair thing.

im really so sick of seeing women getting convinced they need to stay with abusive men for any reason, or do such vapid competitive things that really do not matter at all. like she doesn't fucking need him and she's way too young to throw away her life for this festering wound, and so is her son. jonny knows what he's doing though, it's weird when people get angry with her like she's in control. she's in way over her head, look at her fucking eyes. he's stealing her life to live.

No. 1125831

Idk about that anon, I think you’re giving her a little too much credit there. She has shown over a long span of time that she is just as controlling and abusive as JC, and has a laundry list of psychological issues that she should really be taking to a therapists office, rather than airing out all over social media. I had sympathy for her in the beginning. . It’s too dragged out and pathetic at this point. She’s got it in her insecure head that she needs to be the hero[in] who sticks it to all his exes and “changes him” so badly… Basically just a sad case of strung-out sunk cost fallacy. Inertia and a child won’t keep this going for much longer.

No. 1125851

What is she mixed with?
I am living for him being sentenced to this crazy bitch, it's almost better than jail.

No. 1125912

she has no fucking idea what she is doing and i can't buy that she's either an equal or more skilled manipulator than jonny. he has gotten away with so much shit that it's funny until you realize how many lives he's destroyed. do you really think jonny, who has assaulted people at knifepoint and has only had babies to save his career, would just let a woman publicly abuse him if it wasn't serving some greater scheme? i'm not defending her, i really do not think she understands what it even looks like to be in control of an adult life, let alone her own. she believes whatever he tells her to. she still thinks it's 2008.

No. 1125919

NTA but who did he assault at knifepoint? I thought that was a baseless Twitter claim by Kiki.

No. 1125946

sounding like turtle mom low key but anyway I never felt sorry for syd but if I had to choose I’d pick Taylor over her as jcs girlfriend altho syd is ice karma, so there’s that

No. 1125965


No. 1125980


I don’t think he is in as much control anymore as you may believe he is. But who knows. Yes, Syd is most certainly a child herself, with a naive and impressionable mind that is ideal for him to manipulate. However, she is also proven to be unprecedentedly vicious and has him backed into a corner at karmic knifepoint now. Never before has a girl so openly outed him for the trash he is, while with him. And he’s stuck paying that poor baby’s child support for 18 years. If there is any sort of agenda at this point, it’s a last-ditch attempt at control that screams “any publicity is good publicity!”. Which, if true, is working. He’s getting the attention he wants (tinfoil) and even sympathy from those who believe Syd is dragging him into an early death, rather than his own lifestyle and decisions. This man is allergic to any sort of accountability.(learn2sage)

No. 1126009

Pretty sure you don’t pay child support when you don’t have an income. And considering he has to bum money all the time, I doubt he’s ever going to have a legal job. And there’s the whole he doesn’t make royalties bit (maybe, not sure if that was confirmed). Let alone live 18 more years keeping up his addiction.

No. 1126209

don’t know if california is an “imputed income” state, but if it is he’ll have to get a job or show that he’s trying to

No. 1126740


Yea, I don't think he's going to live long enough to pay 18 years of child support. Especially since he's been abusing for so long. He almost reached the average lifespan of an active heroin addict (37.5). At this point he's not going to change, especially since his previous attempts at being sober were coming off more like being a publicity stunt than a genuine want to change himself. He still has the online personality of an edgy teenager at 34.

The best thing Syd could actually do if she was half-sane would be to cut ties and run. But that's probably not going to happen either given that the whole point of her relationship is to gain attention from it. She's probably going to milk this relationship until he's long gone.

No. 1126747

Why don't these posts get flagged anymore or users thrown out by farmhands?? Every thread I check lately has unsaged walls of text that are either just tinfoil or people's opinions. It's getting annoying

No. 1126814


Translation: Waaaaa! Someone does something I don't like on an internet forum. Get a life.

See you never. Medfag out with his "opinions" supported by data.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1126861

youre a fag, all of your shitter posts are unsaged, l2integrate, kill yourself, lurk moar

No. 1126879

samefag, every time this thread gets bumped without milk a heroin fairy loses its wings

No. 1126901

He did so much messed up studf… I can´t find all the sources now, you don´t get many results on the internet when your search includes rape so
- he raped an ex girlfriend while stabbing a knife next to her face against the wall
- he held an ex at knife-point and tried to inject her with heroin
- he introduced multiple people, women and men alike to heroin
- he threathened to rape taylor after he put duct tape on her mouth et.
- I think there was also a scandal about him trying to assault a girl that sold posters at one of his concerts and another scandal were he attacked a fan? Not sure about the details of the last thing.

But Jonny Craig is definetly violent, syd is crazy but I not that dangerous… honestly, a part of me wishes Syd was REALLY crazy so she could fuck up JCs life for alle the lifes he ruined.

No. 1126927

Whatever is going on with the mods is site-wide lately, posts get redtexted and anoms get banned for absolute nonsense while other posters run threads in circles and then into the ground. Makes me think some small time cows tried to grab some lowly form of power over the farm and don't know how to use it & the boards are suffering bc of it.

No. 1126987

Idk, syd puts off a fatal attraction kind of vibe. Not that the world would lose anything if she went full psycho on jc though. .

No. 1126998

honestly that's why I love that they are together and I want badly for them to STAY together. They're both controlling abusive pieces of shit and as long as they are together no one else is subjected to them. Also nothing of value will be lost if they kill each other.

No. 1127240

Haha happy I’m not the only one to realize this

No. 1127317

Her mom is black and white

No. 1127560

Got a ban for the post you're replying to saying "take the moderation tinfoil to meta". Case in point, no-context bans for saged posts having a discussion while unsaged derailing goes unchecked.(>>>/meta/19020)

No. 1127572

Was that worth it loser? I guess you're the one who's been spamming this thread. Read the rules retard. It's not a diary, it's an image board.

No. 1127660

Lol chill

No. 1128606

Honestly, I would suggest we write the "sage" rule as first comment in every new thread? Because I didn´t understand how that works for a long time… yeah I know this will spark comments about me being stupid lol but I think it would help others who just don´t get it like me at first. I don´t think people who forget to sage have malicious intents, just dumb or uninformed.

No. 1128658

Anon, your kindness and gentleness is a breath of fresh air tbh

No. 1129006

I second that notion you lovely human I went through the same thing on this site lol

No. 1129096

Imagine getting that angry over a drama forum. Your life must not be very exciting. Bless your heart.

No. 1129103

>dumb or uninformed
Yes, you’re both. Read the rules, learn to integrate like everyone else blah blah I’m sure you’ve gotten that reply in multiple times, in various ways. Learn from it. Do you see YOU MUST PUT SAGE IN EMAIL FIELD in any other threads? No. Why would it start now because you retards can’t keep up?
You must be newfags too

No. 1129135

That’s the point of lurking. You learn board culture, how to sage, how not to be a retard, etc. Literally just lurk moar.

No. 1129152

you guys are as embarrassing as syd

No. 1129153

People that bitch about people not “lurking” properly or using board etiquette are literally way worse than newfags that don’t sage a comment.
This person pointed out a good suggestion since it’s this board that you find more people complaining about forum etiquette than actual milk.

No. 1129160

File: 1610429348664.jpeg (54.64 KB, 704x396, DEE4E319-45E9-4F86-A28B-34A376…)

No. 1129165

I’ve been here for years, but cool to know you like to shit on people for acknowledging someone else’s kindness.

No. 1129166

the fucking irony in your post is delicious

No. 1129180

A concept: We get back to roasting Syd and JC

No. 1129211

agree, but sage pls. when is jonny's next court date?

No. 1129223

File: 1610440855677.png (19.39 KB, 1742x388, hearing2.png)

No. 1129467

Same. As much as I want to see the meltdown on both sides if they break up, they are each other’s punishment and I hope they’re miserable together forever so no one else ever has to deal with either them again. Jonny has finally met his karma and I’m glad he’s suffering.

No. 1131617

why the radio silence? is it because her profile is private?

No. 1131641

File: 1610659053512.png (59.17 KB, 457x500, 1518309193278.png)

>Get a life dude.

No. 1131684

There's just no milk for now I think

No. 1131734

The milk dies and then it floods, rinse and repeat.

No. 1132036

File: 1610683379664.jpeg (95.75 KB, 1242x739, 41EF9E57-F9F0-4E0C-BA03-4D7834…)

This is from the comment thread on one of his posts about his upcoming song. I bet Syd is mad that even after her massive tantrums, he hasn’t blocked these girls.

No. 1132044

He's following them too LOL

No. 1132134

I've seen the girl Carissa is talking to all over Jonny's facebook. They have pictures together, they don't seem flirty tho. At this point it's obvious he has a lot of female friends she's gonna have to let that shit go eventually. She's had male friends in the past I'm sure. She's so hypocritical and toxic.

No. 1132138

File: 1610697300027.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, C9C983DA-892B-4DA8-A52D-3ED41E…)

She does have male friends, she was with one earlier.

No. 1132144

Side note and not milk but ew her signature fake laugh in this. She really thinks she’s hot shit when she’s just cold diarrhea

No. 1132281

Has she posted anything with Jonny recently? He hasn’t posted about her in so long. Wonder if he dipped out and they don’t want ppl to know.

No. 1132399

Woah. The double standard though. If Jonny posted a video singing with a female friend she would probably slit her wrists.

No. 1132736

In the story she posted was wearing her engagement ring so I’m assuming so. If they broke up she would be spamming her story with indirect non sense

No. 1132940

File: 1610771923150.webm (3.95 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-syd.o.knee_7488…)

No. 1133041

No. 1133122

These videos never play for me. Do you have to be on a desktop or something? Curious what’s ew.

No. 1133167

It's just a video of Syd mouthing/speaking the words to "move bitch" by Ludacris while sitting next to a guy in a car. An almost 30 year old mother of a sick newborn, who gets jealous when her baby daddy likes other women's pics, is working to make herself seem as desirable to other men as he is to his shitty fans… But she just looks trashy and cringe because she's trying to act like a single, carefree 20 year old on a date.

No. 1133208

Maybe Jonny did leave. She seems like the type of crazy to continue wearing the ring after he’s gone.

No. 1133217

SAME like I’m so curious why I can never watch them

No. 1133218

I found they only work on my laptop when I’m in safari. But 99% of the time I’m on lolcow on my phone. I think they only work for certain browsers. Doesn’t work for Firefox.

No. 1133246

Hmmm, I'm not sure why?! I'm the anon who has posted most the vids. I use story saver and then convert to webm using online-convert. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated. I can try a different converter next time

No. 1133298

Wasn't he was in jail or the hospital? Was it ever confirmed that he got out of either and went back to Syd? From what I saw, she got the ring and started calling herself Mrs. Craig just before Jonny changed his bio and stopped posting, maybe he can't and she's using whatever pitiful clout she gets from pussywhipping him into submission to boost herself socially. I wouldn't put it past a shitbag like Syd to try to score another washed up industry guy.

Chrome and Adblock browser both play them on mobile.

No. 1133616

Jail, then hospital. But she posted stories where they were together after the hospital stay. He’s made a few posts promoting a new song but that’s it. Maybe he left to record again or something so she’s trying to make him jealous by hanging out with dudes while he’s gone and posting it.

No. 1133926

She hasn’t liked any of his posts about his new song either. What a supportive “fiancé” he’s got.

No. 1133964

And she hasnt been arguing with anyone in the comments! I was disappointed, i was hoping it would pop off

No. 1134063

But couldn't that just mean she has control of his accounts and was posting to make it look like they were together while she has control of his accounts? One seems much less crazy than the other, but I genuinely don't see Syd calming down and going out with friends all of a sudden after chimping so hard on Jonny over the Carissa girl while he just goes radio silent. It's all too weird.

No. 1134593

No?? There’s literally videos of them together that she couldn’t have faked by stealing his phone. They’re in these threads.

No. 1134870

He definitely is not making those posts. Idk if Syd is, but its not him. You can tell by the proper spelling and correct grammar lol

No. 1134889

This. That's why I was asking when it was comfirmed that he was free and back at Syd's, because he obviously hasn't been the one posting and he's been so quiet while Syd posts gushing love letters to herself and suddenly has friends. Feels like something's off.

No. 1135173

She definitely deleted those two comments from Jonny's girl friends cuz I don't see them anymore anymore. That or she made him. Can you even imagine giving a fuck that much. She should be flattered a small percent of the population finds her gross prize even remotely desireable

No. 1135657

I think she has control of his accounts, and he might still be in the hospital or jail and she's using the in between to benefit herself without him being able to creep around behind her back. This smacks of Syd trying to lock Jonny down while she makes him jealous going out with other guys while preventing him from talking to any of his female fans. Something is up, they went from 100MPH to almost 0 and now Syd is acting like all her meltdowns over JC talking to Carissa never happened and don't matter.

No. 1135803

Colin and Chelsea both confirmed when they were trying to keep him clean that he didn't have a phone. So maybe thats why she took it.

She was crying on Insta that JC kidnapped the baby then turned around and said that the people concerned need to get a life and they don't know anything lol

No. 1136074

Well I guess JC did hand over the controls of his social media to someone else. Maybe someone finally convinced him that the outrageous nonsense he was posting was a bad look (as if he could look worse). I do miss the milk though.

No. 1136080

I think he has someone handling his insta and fb but I don’t think it’s Syd. Let’s think about it…. she would be pretending to be JC posting hella shit about herself and how amazing she is as opposed to just promo stuff.

No. 1136082

Same anon who replied above, I didn’t mean to reply to your post like you were claiming it was syd. I was agreeing with you, just to clarify

No. 1136088

I'm wondering if his radio silence on social media is at the urging/advice of his attorney with his upcoming case and all.
We all know he can't shut up and makes himself look like an ass, including his "I just pushed her" comment awhile back. I'm sure it's hard enough to defend the guy at this point.

No. 1136101

I don't think it's Syd either. It's too professional. Seems like some type of PR type person handling his accounts. I agree with anon above too, probably at the urging of a lawyer or something.

No. 1136430

Syd posted a vid to her stories singing and she sounds fucking awful.

No. 1136526

Someone please screen record and share, I’ve been dying to hear.

No. 1136576

I tried with v recorder it keeps saying unknown file type whenever I try to upload it. She's singing to Gwen Stefani, trying SUPER hard to sound like Gwen Stefani's voice but it sounds like what you'd hear at a karaoke bar. Just imagine that lol

No. 1136580

I'm not surprised at all she can't sing. Amanda can't either although she would claim to. If either of them could then they wouldn't be fucking losers to this day. And JC would probably put them on a track, and he DOES put females on tracks so that should something.

No. 1137081

Don’t let Syd see this and realize. She’ll get pissed there are other women’s voices in his songs but not hers?? How dare he! God she’s so fucking possessive it’s scary but Jonny deserves it 100%.

No. 1139323

Tinfoil and not milk, so sage obviously. But has anyone heard his new song? I can’t figure out if it’s about Syd or Taylor lol. Also I’m wondering if maybe he’s on a record label and they had someone take over his insta in prep for his music releasing. And maybe they restricted Syd from being able to comment. If we want to take this tinfoil a step further maybe they had him go to rehab? It’s weird that Syd hasn’t been posting literally anything with him considering she loves to show off their “amazing life together” as much as possible. If this is dumb or I’m just a retard tho, feel free to tell me so.

No. 1139385

Sage. Not sure who it’s about cause that “nobody else will interfere reign” part reminded me of Chelsea cause her last name or Twitter anime is raine. But could just be coincidence.

No. 1139465

I didn’t think he had a label. My bet is either he left her for good and neither wanna admit it (he wouldn’t wanna admit to leaving his kid and she wouldn’t wanna lose the clout), he’s in jail, or in the hospital again. Regardless of what it is he doesn’t want anyone to know. Definitely don’t think he’s been on social media himself, but I don’t think syd has control over his accounts either. It’s gotta be a friend or “manager”. Wonder if he will show up for his court date.

No. 1139471

Rehab is a real possibility, but if that’s the case it’s a waste of time. He’ll never quit heroin. Loves it too much.

No. 1139478

you have to type sage in the email field. saying sage does nothing and it's not necessary to announce it.

No. 1139616

He has to be in rehab. He hasn’t even replied to any comments on the new song, no listening party….
He always goes live on insta when a new song drops. He loves the attention and the hype his fans give him on new songs. And the video is all old clips like he wasn’t involved in the making of it.

I think it’s about syd. The last ep was about Taylor. If he was calling Taytor the love of his life Syd wouldn’t have let it see the light of day

No. 1139625

According to Spotify the new song is under “SGB records”

No. 1139637

Its about Taylor. He did a live on insta of him recording it and with the "thought we'd share a last name" or whatever part he said but I don't want to anymore because you're a bitch. This was during the "im so sad I have to leave my family to record and get high" era so its not Syd.

No. 1139839

there are a couple of labels called sgb, either defunct or not related
sbg is slaves’ label

No. 1139877

File: 1611384767351.jpeg (189.99 KB, 640x745, 7D682DB2-E42C-4356-AFE5-0BA9FF…)

Not me just reading thru comments

No. 1139946

Not you but you literally screen grabbed it as it was posted lol

No. 1140307

Either way that is completely true, I’ve always found it hilarious that she posts other musicians in her feed like “we become friends on Insta 7 years ago, love u friiieeend!” But doesn’t even say a peep about Jonny in however long now. More people should be coming for her in his comments, it seems like his whole account is likely being controlled by a manager. I can kinda see one of the above tinfoils being true, if they broke up or temporarily split they would definitely keep it hush because they want everyone to still think they’re ~happy and in love~

No. 1140794

She hates him, she has said so.

No. 1141550

no, no jonny can't do better get your head out of your ass. you guys are so fucking embarrassing he looks like an uncut chode.

leave her alone she's driving him insane and i doubt putting her under more stress is going to effect the kid well. idk don't give her a reason to worry about social media. who gives a fuck if she "promotes" him to her followers that are already fans. i understand the principle but they have a kid she's already promoting his sewage genetics.

No. 1141734

She acts like she has his balls in her purse now, while at the same time obviously hanging out with other guys as his accounts are censored by whoever. I can't wait for the blowup milk after this little quiet spell, these two are way too selfish and sloppy for nothing to be happening behind the scenes.

No. 1141853

He is likely in rehab because he has his court date coming up. He wants to show the judge he’s “clean” and wants to do better by his family. I’m not certain on rehab rules but I doubt they let you have your phone.

Once he is out of rehab and his court date is over, they’ll start being loud again.

No. 1142105

File: 1611617835000.png (1.74 MB, 640x1136, 21BF9D82-B662-4C02-979E-C83B74…)

Still reminiscing on how ~sMoLl~ she was

No. 1142106

File: 1611617914128.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 640x1136, 5F59B013-5DF7-44E9-8AEF-D39B1C…)

I was the one who said Jonny had a big dick but no proof I was with him recently. Then I found this baby floating around the internet. I was right lol

No. 1142110

Who the hell said Jonny can or can't do better. Lay off the pipe.

No. 1142113

He's not in rehab.

Definitely not about Chelsea. Her last name is Zaragoza.

No. 1142157

Post proof or gtfo

No. 1142172

What makes you say he’s not in rehab? It makes perfect sense.

No. 1142189


Why post her last name? It's not public knowledge or easily found, she's also not the topic of this thread. You seem like you want to come in posting 'facts' without really saying anything of value. Milk w/proof, or go away.

No. 1142195

So Jonny's following this girl (not Carissa) and has liked like 30+ of her pics and theres pics of them. Is it weird that Syd didn't react to this?

No. 1142198

It's online. Her and Jonny got initials together, C and Z. It was public. People asked in the comments what Z was, and he said Zaragoza. Plus he's called her by her full name when he was talking about his exes on twitch

No. 1142199

got their initals tattooed together*. You must be new here, clearly

No. 1142247

Screenshots please

No. 1142311

File: 1611636654599.jpg (244.04 KB, 1892x2463, 21-01-25-23-49-25-822_deco~2.j…)

NTA but here u go

No. 1142320

Hmmm her profile is private now. Does she lurk here?
>>1142195 Because this anon was able to see her profile soooo

No. 1142539

AYRT, it was already private when I took the caps and has been for days, so whoever called attention to her when they posted the censored comments and posted about the stories has to be either the girl herself or a friend of hers trying to make her the new mystery it girl in Jonny's life, just like that "Maria" chick tried to do in the Jmusic thread with Yoshiki.

No. 1142907

I'm the one following this girl and Syd/Jonny/this whole dumpster file. I follow most girls that I see Jonny interact wtih more than a couple times. I had to request her a few months ago so maybe it's been private, I only requested her cuz he's following her. I'm just trying to catch him slippin

No. 1143109

She looks familar tho

No. 1143125

Would love to see some screenshots of the pics of them together that were mentioned

No. 1143158

File: 1611727937492.png (4.81 MB, 1125x2436, AD941308-3039-4068-B680-0A5969…)

No. 1143406

I only know of him from his start with TND and have only seen him from that point on… he really looks different here. Almost normal. What a good "just say no to drugs" advertisement he is.

No. 1143409

Not till he start smiling anon, lmao - remember his teeth were so fucked until tay bought him new teeth!

No. 1143789

Jonny almost looks semi-attractive in this shot, wow. Too bad he’s a piece of shit as a person and ugly as fuck especially now. Had he been a nice person and not a druggie he might look somewhat decent, with an actual career in music. Must suck Syd that he doesn’t look this good in the pictures of you and him. She’s probably stalking the fuck out of this girls profile as we speak for such a photo of them existing.

No. 1144024

Nah if you read earlier in the thread, the girl has her profile on private. Probably for that very reason, because Syd is insane haha

No. 1144077

She looks like syd with a bad boob job. he sure does have a type, it’s weird

No. 1144108

Yea Ive seen amanda and her get into it on twitter for a few years. Amanda would call her out and vice versa.

No. 1144110

Anyway she still posts stories about jonny and calls him her homie and promotes his songs. Theyre facebook friends too. I haven't posted any screenshots cuz i haven't seen anything milky. Except back in the twitter days before I knew about this place.

Im not even the one whos posted the last few screenshots or posted about the comment she left under his post. I'll keep an eye out for any milky posts.

No. 1144113

And his own girlfriend doesn't. How embarrassing.

No. 1144537

Not to WK but they don't appear fake to me. Once you see more of her photos you can tell who looks way better.

Syd will never be pretty to me idk

No. 1144785

My ex is friends with scorpioxlady. She smokes meth and met him after a show. Wouldn’t be suprised if she helped him get meth while he was touring in Texas

No. 1144831

How does he know she smokes meth?

No. 1144832

Receipts please

No. 1144884

My ex told me in person, I don’t have receipts besides the pics my ex has with him also bc im pretty sure they met him together. It was over 6 years ago that I was told about this so I’m kinda rusty. I’d give more details but I’m not trying to expose my identity either

No. 1144933

Ive been following her for years Im pretty positive she doesnt smoke meth but alright

No. 1144950

I didn’t think my ex was on meth either before they literally told me. Social media is deceiving. But either way, take what you will from it. I have nothing to gain either way.

No. 1144967


they definitely do drugs together. she’s been in the picture a long time. seems like nobody here was around during the amanda/chelsea drama

No. 1145531

File: 1611960029163.jpeg (377.17 KB, 640x842, 027EE7FA-FE14-4701-B5CD-8D7962…)

I was definitely around for Amanda/Chelsea. Enough to know she’s been around for awhile. She is even friends with one of his exes, Lindsey. The stripper he dated from Austin in between Chelsea & Liz.

No. 1145545

Again, social media is deceiving. Just bc you follow someone doesn’t mean you know of their drug use or history of drug use.

No. 1145672

File: 1611977407097.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1991, 75054C3E-F45B-43DD-A357-F9F640…)

No. 1146039

File: 1612031482629.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2442, Screenshot_20210130-132735~2.p…)

there's no way jonny wrote the caption on this post

how delusional do you have to be to write this about yourself on your SO's insta??

No. 1146058

Oh come on, I really don’t think Syd is controlling his insta. She wouldn’t bother to do all the promo stuff that had been posted and would have been posting more stuff about herself instead. If anything he may have scheduled this ahead of time or told whoever is in control of his insta (probably someone for his label or a PR/lawyer related thing) to post it on her bday

No. 1146237

>>1146058 ntayrt but normally I'd agree with you, anon. But somehow I just can't see him writing those last few lines, esp the princess emoji. After all the strife between them lately, I find it somewhat odd he's posting old polaroids rather than taking a new pic with the birthday girl, but that's just tinfoil.

No. 1146436

She's only 28? Idk why I thought she was already 28.

No. 1146453

Any updates on this?

No. 1146504

I think his next date is Monday or Tuesday. It was super early feb iirc.

No. 1146509

File: 1612064906096.jpeg (499.49 KB, 1242x1172, CE51AE0F-B84B-4AAC-9355-170354…)

Went back- it’s Monday at 9am pacific time.

No. 1147320

File: 1612100976508.jpeg (135.45 KB, 750x1206, D4F97717-A53F-4E2D-A23C-A87964…)

She’s being uncharacteristically polite

No. 1147326

This is called "damage control".

No. 1147334


I'm one of the anons who listened in last time. I'll see if i can listen Monday but if not there were a handful of us so someone will be on it.

What a mess. Wonder if Syd is still insisting it be dropped. California don't play that way Syd, you should've known.

No. 1147456

Kek she sounds so fake and condescending when she’s trying to be “nice”. Just ignore the comments, syd. Unbothered people don’t respond.

No. 1147462

>>1147320 I’m sorry but this chiefkeif commenter is cringey IMO

>>1139877 same person who clearly self posted here

Yeah we all hate them both but I don’t see what commenting on their posts is going to accomplish except getting blocked

No. 1147886

So I was Syds very close friend since we were 13/14. Everything the ex “A” told you guys, was a lie. I know this “A” person personally as well. They dated for like MAYBE 2 years on and off. The only ex she dated for long term was a guy named Cody.
Me and her were technically ex’s as well.
She was always a hot head, always had a very distorted view on life, but this relationship sadly falls into line with her past relationships.
She even cut me out of her life for not prioritizing her over my own family.
I just can’t sit by and watch the “A” lie for clout and recognition when this person knows they are lying lol
I could go deeper into it but I don’t think anyone cares to know anyway(newfag)

No. 1147887

post proof or gtfo, read the rules, and don't use emojis. if you can't prove what you have to say we don't want to hear it

No. 1147902

I swear so many people have come here to expose syd by being her ; old friend or ex with literally no proof. Proof isn’t even hard if you really were close.

My crazy tinfoil is that it’s Taylor, but even I see that being unlikely due to the fact she is probably high af rn

No. 1147904

Taylor wouldn't try to paint Syd in a positive light or stand up for her at all.

No. 1148089

File: 1612196613213.jpg (85.14 KB, 1316x619, 1.jpg)

For anyone who is interested, here are the details for Jonny's court hearing this morning at 9AM PST.

I'm posting twice: this one for reference, and the next one for the phone number and access code to Department 49 (to listen in on the hearing.)

No. 1148090

File: 1612196636485.jpg (96.1 KB, 448x780, 2.jpg)


No. 1148159

Did anyone listen in?

No. 1148305

No. 1148320

Lying for clout on a forum youre special kind of dumb

No. 1148382

I did. It was difficult to hear. He was the 3rd person called to the stand. He appeared in person.

His attorney (public defender?) asked for another court date, stating that Jonny has completed two "programs." I was unable to hear what (if anything) was said about the details of these programs, but I assume they were for drug addiction and anger management?

His next court date is April 8th at 9A.M.

No. 1148405

A good assumption. He’s showing the judge he’s been ReHaBiliTatEd ~ so the state will drop the charges. All predictable and what we all ready assumed. Probably why Syd has to act like she’s not insane on IG kek

No. 1148460

So JC is stuck in Jail doing rehab and anger management while (someone) gasses Syd up as she quietly hoes around with other guys? God, they're a perfect match for each other.

No. 1148610

Who the hell is gassing this whack ass broad up.

No. 1148726

Is he in jail? I mean this is all happening in California and they allow very dangerous people out, charged with rape, assault or sometimes even murder because of bail reform and covid. So what makes you think he is in jail? While violence is violence but jc probably wouldn’t be in jail for DV unlessss he violated his terms of release and got caught. Rehab is possible, but I’ve never heard of inpatient anger management, however it is California so maybe that’s a thing. Just curious anon.

No. 1148982

File: 1612245964954.jpg (74.64 KB, 851x499, 25ctao.jpg)

He is not in jail. California does not have Inpatient treatment for Anger Management. He is not in jail he was o.r'd ( Released on his own recognizance). Please next time stop spreading lies that he is in jail. When you could just Go to the county Jail website and check if he is on the Roster. I mean if people really want to know they could even go to the Superior Court And get the actual minutes.

No. 1149003

No one blatantly said he was in jail. Literally, the FIRST sentence of the post you’re replying to says, “Is he in jail?” Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1149017

File: 1612250969412.jpg (68.51 KB, 300x300, oh-you-know-jonny-craig-person…)

Oh shut the fuck up I tagged the wrong fucking Reply stupid ass. If your ass fucking literally read above you could see it. You anon bitches are the fucking Pathetic and uneducated. Simple fucking Google search can answer all your questions. Is this fucking better for you dumbass. It legit says he's in jail. Fucking retarded ass bitch.

No. 1149019

File: 1612251282384.jpg (49.8 KB, 952x575, 1602884009940.jpg)

you seem like a well balanced and level headed individual. i like the random capitalizations throughout your sentences too.

No. 1149020

that post is also just a question.

No. 1149021

Oh, cool, the thread’s an autosage now. Good job.

No. 1149065

File: 1612257767449.jpg (333.68 KB, 1000x500, wyr3.jpg)

Lmao yeah you got a couple of screws loose. At least make it less obvious you just sperged out in 3 posts instead of one. Spread them out or at least delete and make a longer post. But want to call someone unstable for RaNdOm capital letters.

Johnny is trash. Stop giving false information. Stop making milk when there isn't any.
He went to court.
He showed up in person.
The courts opened back up in California last week.
He was not in Custody.
This is all public information.
He has been talking too damn much like right after his last court case. His lawyer probably advised him to keep shit off social media.

No. 1149257

Those were different people. How’s this guy not banned yet?

No. 1151570

File: 1612413548235.png (153.69 KB, 750x1334, CB4C89B2-AA6F-41E1-9C92-4A90A4…)


No. 1151571

Wonder what this guy did or who the fuck he is.

No. 1151572

File: 1612413638034.jpeg (913.12 KB, 750x1277, 63266791-43C5-4B0B-9A79-500EC6…)

No. 1151599

File: 1612415475941.jpeg (87.06 KB, 750x493, 423F5DF7-AF19-41C8-A695-A31B01…)


No. 1151604

This man gives off overwhelming butch lesbian vibes. He seems like your average showgoer/music-adjacent type. He also hasn’t been active on Instagram or Twitter for months.

No. 1151613

There’s a lot of Jonny’s employees and band members and exes that follow this girl. My guess is she must be a friend of his or we would know if it was ever something more. That or she’s a super groupie thot, idk lolz.

No. 1151889

Ahh, I knew it was only a matter of time before the white trash queen made a comeback! Who thinks he pissed off Syd by ignoring her vs. pissed her off by ignoring Jonny?

No. 1151971

Probably yet another one of Jonny’s friends telling him to leave her cause it’s the logical thing to do.

No. 1152291

Yeah I know syd, A is a weirdo. Wasn’t he like into insane clown posse? She shoulda stayed with d. Also like who the hell that is almost 30 has time to come onto a forum this many times to slander their ex like get the fuck over it bud.

No. 1153068

I love how people shit on her ex and say they know him, without a shred of proof that they know him. No ones going to believe you know him without proof, and your comments are irrelevant to the whole thread.

Read the rules.

No. 1154300

Maybe he’s the one handling JCs insta & making it impossible for her to go wild on fans? Kek

No. 1154480

Wait what milky things did you see? If it's from twitter you can still find it. I bet they've hooked up

No. 1154482

File: 1612662127453.jpeg (45.39 KB, 750x223, B15597CF-45A5-48A9-99EF-7ED72B…)

Nah Jonny’s handling his own insta just being lowkey about personal shit. He liked this comment from his ~homegirl~

No. 1154505

Just because this was liked automatically means it was Jonny? Why couldn’t it be whoever is in control of his IG?

No. 1154576

Because who, besides JC, would bother to like her comment?

No. 1154609

I don't get why some of you are so against people claiming they know a cow. It's a gossip site and to me it's not different than farmers tinfoiling. No one is forced to believe it and no one should without proof, but that doesn't mean it can't be entertaining
NTA but if the Tim guy is handling his insta and Syd hates Tim, it makes sense he would do that to piss her off. Not saying that's the case, but a liked comment is not proof of anything

No. 1155253

File: 1612738363770.png (960.45 KB, 750x1334, 70BE678F-DA0D-4797-A92C-A34E43…)

No. 1155731

The way she describes personal memories/friendships with people is so weird & stiff. she’s trying so hard to prove to everyone that she has a life. Her word choices irk me so much like ‘making a bond’ wtf? Nobody describes making friends that way. She has no soul and blatantly isn’t making these tb posts for her own nostalgia.

No. 1156634

Idk if she actually has bpd or not (idk if it's been discussed and I don't want to armchair) but it gives me the vibe of someone who has no actual friends but wants to seem like they do and so reminisce about the only times they actually hung out with people. Taylor does/did it too. Syd seems to only have her mom and now Jonny. she must be miserable to be stuck around

No. 1158804

Not to necro on this but any noise on JC? It’s awfully quiet…
I would not be surprised if there was a situation with untreated bpd. Especially since she’s been pregnant, she can’t take psych meds even if she wanted to.

No. 1158875

>last post 2 days ago

No. 1159344

>>1158804 dumbass there are no meds for bpd specifically. and sage ur post. plus she's not breastfeeding so even if she were to take meds for depression/anxiety, that doesn't affect anything after pregnancy

No. 1159793


Ntayrt, but you really look stupid af when Lamictal is a medicine for people with BPD and you're calling anons a dumbass.

No. 1160122

File: 1613163639143.png (79.4 KB, 701x451, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 3.56…)

for bipolar disorder, yes. but there are NO medications used for borderline personality disorder. None. im not the one who looks stupid lmfao and im not even arm chairing because i have a doctorate degree in medicine(medfagging)

No. 1160123

File: 1613163684582.png (90.06 KB, 871x471, Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 3.56…)

annnnd the non-FDA uses

No. 1160126

Lots of bipolar meds are prescribed for borderline as mood stabilizers. There are no meds specifically made for bpd but lots are prescribed for it.

Source: I have BPD and have been prescribed that exact medication for it.(medfagging)

No. 1160128

I mean..just google lamictal and borderline personality. I’ve known so many with bpd who have been prescribed a bunch of different typically bipolar medications

No. 1160129

not sure if you were mistaking the acronym BPD with bipolar disorder tho, but the BPD acronym is for Borderline Personality Disorder which is not treated by medications. most of the time the patient does have depression or anxiety or other disorders which can be treated but BPD itself is treated with particular types of therapy like DBT

No. 1160130

A doctorate degree in medicine but you’re on lolcow. Seems totally true bro. Where are your patients?

No. 1160132

you can be prescribed medications for co-morbid conditions but there are no medications to treat BPD. I am also diagnosed with BPD(medfagging)

No. 1160133

in my free time i like to check up on what the abuser to one of my friends is up to and hoping he's still shit, didn't know that was a problem

No. 1160136


I’ve seen it prescribed specifically for borderline.


Just google it, there are tons of evidence of it being prescribed to help with borderline symptoms.

No. 1160137

I said “psych” meds not “bpd meds” but take a chill pill dude.

No. 1160144

yes, the symptoms/co-morbidities that most patients have.. not BPD itself tho, thats what i've been saying. this article's sources do not even relate to BPD, it just specifically states how to manage the manifestations that can occur with BPD like mood swings and depression.. but im just saying there aren't any meds that specifically treat any type of personality disorder.

No. 1160155

can bpdfags stfu already or take it to another thread?

No. 1160174

File: 1613167010796.jpeg (20.47 KB, 225x217, B5F2343B-7FBF-4AF7-83B9-5A970C…)

Audibly kekked

No. 1160181

Jesus christ. We got it all on this thread lol

No. 1160198

the threads finally off autosage and retards like >>1160136 are going to get it put back on. why does every thread have bpd sperg outs, I'm so tired of hearing about everyone's expertise on the #1 self diagnosed illness on the internet.

No. 1160208

No one cares about your mental illnesses, stay on topic.

No. 1160217

Omg KAYLA LOL I was wondering when this bitch would pop back up. Always coming to defend him any chance she gets. Too bad this forum isn't very old I don't see anything milky on here…

No. 1160493

It’s pretty weird how quiet they are. maybe they’re separated

No. 1161054

If she had enough clout she would have been on here years ago. Bitch is unstable in her own special way. Try a hybrid mix between TND & Syd. Drugs galore and always talking shit about something/someone

No. 1161081

Scorpioxlady is sober now, and please stay on topic unless you see something milky.
And talking about past incidents don’t count unless you know her Twitter.

I’m sorry I just don’t want Syd to read this and come for this girl it looks like she’s just a friend right now. Macy & Carissa didn’t deserve it and this girl is no different,

No. 1161803

File: 1613346793303.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1125x1998, 28AD8C32-6DE0-4EE7-AFD4-42823C…)

Looks like they’re still together. (I edited out the kids face)

No. 1161823

File: 1613348413247.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1989, 0284EA60-B5DA-46C3-A3D6-4AC4A7…)

No. 1161866

Sad that she looks better upside down.

No. 1162542

Eh I think Johnny looks less swollen here?

No. 1164872

I agree, maybe he's sober or infection went away. Good for him. He needs to stick to it for his child. But with a partner like Syd, how easy could that be? Not WKing him AT ALL, they are BOTH toxic as fuck duh. So it's just a sad situation for the kid all around if they can't get it together as a couple.

No. 1165482

They never will get it together as a couple, because they are both disgusting people inside and out. They have been doing this forever but are just now getting better at hiding the bad. They try to look like "couple goalz~! uwu" on social media but I 100% guarantee are still having the same nasty fights behind the scenes. Syd became so unhinged at one point and just aired all the dirty laundry of him cheating on her constantly, but magically they've both finally stopped. They probably got smart and realized how much less hate they get if she shuts the fuck up on their socials. I'm sure they'll eventually be back showing the same old shitstorm but for now they are doing a better job of keeping it quiet. They look so fake posting together, especially from Jonny's last post. It really seems like she has a gun held to his head at all times lmao

No. 1166712

He’ll never be truly sober. He may have stopped using because of his upcoming court date but the second he’s in the clear expect to see a clean shaven swollen scabby Jonny

No. 1167164

the hostage photos give me life

No. 1169980

File: 1614232995627.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 27BB6056-AF08-4AE2-B473-0BB47A…)

No. 1169986

File: 1614234272903.jpeg (292.74 KB, 1125x2302, A2BDA31F-BDA5-4B3D-9901-6507F9…)

This psycho really got a terrible tattoo of Jonny hahaha. I do wonder if she did it on free will or not… remember how he threatened Chelsea if she didn’t get his initials tattooed on her?

No. 1169997

Is that supposed to be a fucking funko pop??

No. 1170021

yes… it is…. i am in fucking awe

No. 1170059

Kek so having a baby with him wasn’t enough of a declaration of love? Syd needed to be branded? Such a cow, literally.

No. 1170100

Valfre did this? It looks awful

No. 1170103


It looks like something out of a meth basement. christ.

No. 1170240


If other anons hadn't said it I literally would have never realized this was supposed to be JC. Wowza….

No. 1170282


The next time Jonny talks to one of his female friends:

"insert women's IG handle is a homewrecking whore!! You may suck his dick but only REAL ones have a funko pop tat of their king on them! I feel bad all you whores will never have one for your man… #fightforit"

No. 1170785

Ten bucks says she did it hoping he will get one for her now. Pretty sure she’s the only gf he hasn’t gotten one for so that’s gotta make her jealous af.

No. 1170798

>>1170785 true. I think he still has “Amanda” across his stomach. Imagine blowing him and looking up to see another girls name hahaha

No. 1171027


She probably thought it would show him how deep her love for him is and hope it makes him stay faithful.

And I have a strong feeling she told the artist exactly how she wanted this thing to look because it's not even in the artist's style, which is the number 1 indicator that the artist wasn't given creative control on how to execute this shit idea.

No. 1171252

He has Amanda's initials on his entire atomache its HUGE. I don't think he got a tattoo for Taylor though. Surprised he hasn't gotten one for storm. Probably because he spends all his money on clothes, shoes and h lol.

No. 1172202

Not true. Jonny didn't get a tattoo for Liz and vice versa, they were pretty serious. Jonny didn't get a tattoo for Taylor either… and vice versa. Not even that stripper he dated either.

These are the only girls who he's gotten tattooed for:

No. 1172815

is that over the easiest access place to veins oh wow
he's branding her as if her having his child isn't enough. did he get one of or for her? of course not. she really thinks so low of herself and he just takes advantage of that. you can't convince me the tattoo artist doesn't have low opinions of people to the point where he or she agreed to do this. i mean fuck.

No. 1180295

Why does it look like a stick and poke

No. 1180385

File: 1615328824930.png (2.48 MB, 828x1792, A7F8AE7B-3471-475C-B237-5D6F09…)

Saw this posted in the TND thread with no explanation at all thought it might be more relevant here. Anyone knows who is she? And any back story here?

No. 1180386

Sounds like he’s been staying with her and she was sharing whatever they were doing on her stories.

Super curious about the stories. No way syd would allow this unless they split up.

No. 1180440

Just had a peep, looks like girl A is doing a series of throwback posts for girl B. Nothin new.

No. 1185436

File: 1615853736216.png (374.76 KB, 412x735, cringe.PNG)

the cringe never stops with these two

No. 1185605

Why do they pretend they’re happy? It’s so weird we all know they’re not.

No. 1186739

Because they apparently think it works, maybe on some but definitely not on any of us here. They try so hard to make it seem like they are living the dream happily ever after to their followers, it's sad. I don't doubt they still live the same miserable, unhappy life of chaos. I feel so fucking bad for the kid with them as parents, he's going to be so screwed up. The only difference between now and last year is Jonny isn't flexing the money he doesn't have and posting her nudes on social media every other day. Him finally shutting up, or being shut up by his management, is one of the best things he did for his public image recently but we all know he isn't sober and is still a fuck up in every way. Jonny and Syd's interactions look so forced I just can't help but laugh. I'm curious if they will ever return to their shitshow on social media, or if they have finally learned that the less is said the less trouble they get in, so they resort to just having her post random, forced looks of "happiness" on her profile every so often.

No. 1189849

File: 1616366431511.png (9.41 MB, 1242x2688, 3FBD31BC-6E9A-4553-9EF5-7278D6…)

Can’t believe this hasn’t been posted yet.

And we thought the brows couldn’t get any worse.

No. 1189887

i dont get it, why should it be posted so badly? this isn't milk.

No. 1189931

It’s not milk, thus the sage

It’s just tacky and her eyebrows are a regular cringe here.

No. 1190521

I'm sorry, but were "glitter brows" ever a thing? Because please put that back where it came from, this is just atrocious.

Also, I love her passive little "uwu look at our cutsey board in the back, we're so in love and such a happy little family~". Everything about her is so cringe, girl please stop acting like Jonny didn't just cheat on you and hit you a few months ago.

No. 1193315

Wait, who did he cheat with?

No. 1193890

Syd has been doing this since the beginning of their relationship, you'd have to go back through the threads to see who she'd call out but it was random chicks she would accuse him of cheating on her with over her IG stories. She did this ALL the time, they were super problematic on social media. It so eerie how they both suddenly went quiet, I think they must have finally realized how much more hate it brings them and how shitty of a couple it makes them look like when they fight over the internet. And she of course doesn't want that at all, after her episodes she'd love bomb the shit out of him (a taste of his own medicine) to make it appear like they're so happy and in love over SM. It's definitely still done behind the scenes now, just not a public spectacle anymore which is a shame because it was pretty entertaining while it lasted.

Isn't Jonny having another court hearing coming up in April?

No. 1194339

pretty sure after his court case is settled he'll get access to his socials back. There's no way he can go this long without posting something.

No. 1194626


April 8th is his next court date. His case will probably get dismissed since he completed 2 "programs" and is "staying out of trouble."

He stopped posting on social media because anyone can look at his posts at any given time and tell he's not sober.

He doesn't wanna blow his cover of "we're a perfect happy family". Even though clearly if cops are being called in any relationship, then it's dysfunctional.

No. 1195183

I wonder if he's actually cheated though, that's why I was asking.

No. 1195379

I’m sure he has at least once or twice. He cheated on all his exes without giving a fuck. She’s no more special. He only loves himself and heroin. I don’t doubt she exaggerated some of those times though cause she’s psychotic.

No. 1195534

File: 1616932170164.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1125x2055, 1ACF2E09-87C7-4529-8C38-73D560…)

Jonny looks like he’s being held captive lmao

No. 1195535

File: 1616932206553.jpeg (382.1 KB, 1125x1988, FAE8B52B-9BA7-41CB-B3E0-5C6721…)

No. 1195860

Yes Sydney but normal mistakes and jonny mistakes are very different. Cheating on and hitting your bitch while your infant is nearby are on a different level than the average joes daily fuck up.

No. 1196091

Jesus he looks miserable. That is the most “send help” look I have ever seen. Is he like, brain dead from all the drugs and she’s using him as a puppet in pics now? There’s no way he’s disappeared from the internet by his own choice and is sitting around playing house like one big happy family when we all know they’re not. Also did they actually get married? Wonder if that would be on some kind of public record.

No. 1196234

At least he does look clean for once, but for how long?

No. 1196292

This reads like a threat. Bagel better roll fast away into freedom.

No. 1196537


"Grow all old with you" Syd he isn't going to live that long. I bet he has 5 years left…MAYBE. Chelsea said it's a miracle he even survived this long with the medical problems from his drug use/alcohol problems.

No. 1196775

Chelsea lies all the time. I would take anything she says with a grain of salt.

No. 1197613

Thank you, I like how this dumb bitch tries pushing the narrative that it's ok to cheat on but especially hit women and then play it off like it's nothing. "I didn't even push her that hard" like kek really Jonny and that makes it ok?
No kidding, he looks scared out of his mind in that photo. I think he is just really playing it safe until his court case is up, but honestly who knows maybe he will continue this social media hiatus considering they get a LOT less hate publicly the less he posts. But I do find it hard to believe he can happily go this long without flexing how much his shoes cost more than tha haturz rent. Whether they are married or not, Syd will push this happy family image on social media until the end of time so of course she will call him "hubs" even if they aren't legally married.
I'm howling at this comment anon this is gold. Honestly though I don't know which of the two gets the worst end of the stick, Jonny's face for months always has this "send help" look in his eyes but at the same time, Jonny has no problem sexually assaulting girls and now hitting them like he did with Syd a few months ago, so I have no doubt she's physically being thrown around even if she is the type to start it and push him first. They really do deserve each other, trapped in their own misery together. That poor baby, I see her post photos of him time to time (not going to post here because he is a minor) and he's actually so cute. I feel so bad for how fucked up he could turn out in such a toxic household though.
As much as I'd like to agree with this everyone has been playing this record on repeat for years now, "any day now/any year now he's gonna drop from the drug use/drinking, his liver is failing!" While that could be true I'll believe it when it happens. Some people take shit care of themselves and live longer than you'd ever expect them to, and others take great care of themselves and die suddenly.

No. 1198371


What has she lied about? I'm never going to trust a source 100% but unless I've missed something chelsea never really gave me a reason to think shes a liar

No. 1199969

NTAYRT but You're joking right? Chelsea is insane… If you don't know what she has lied about, then you haven't been around for long enough and are irrelevant, or haven't paid enough attention.

No. 1202584

Photos like these could inspire the most co dependent people to get therapy and stay single

No. 1203146

His court date is tomorrow. I remember for his last court date someone streamed it. Is anyone going to stream or record this one? Would do it myself but I don't think I will be able to access via call.

No. 1203466

Oh shit, is the court date today? Anyone have updates on this?

No. 1203645

I miss the collective train wreck that is Jonny and Syd. Was excited when I saw this thread again. Crossing fingers for some milk soon.

No. 1203749

File: 1617857628904.jpg (253.87 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210408-005306_Chr…)

Here is the info for the court hearing.

No. 1203847

So does anyone have the milk from the hearing?

No. 1207982

File: 1618377718046.jpeg (384.47 KB, 1125x2156, 2695C5ED-17D3-47E7-81C7-676206…)

Syd finally commented on one of his new song posts. I wonder why she can’t wait for everyone to see this one…

No. 1208038

File: 1618390035253.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1972, FED2765B-0648-4369-B90E-FD55B1…)

No. 1208837

I was wondering when someone was going to post this. Does it show screen shots? It showed me one time someone screen shot my story and I never want do it now

No. 1208844

No. Instagram only tells you when someone screen shots an image you directly sent to them.

No. 1209934

File: 1618596034791.jpeg (524.84 KB, 1125x852, 2B583562-963C-45B2-9349-0DFEBF…)

i quit checking this thread but just saw the video/heard the song and honestly good for them! Jonny seems genuinely clean. Maybe age/fatherhood has worn out his usual antics, despite what everyone says. love to see it hope they stay on this good path.

No. 1213794

File: 1619044581969.jpg (320.62 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20210421-183458.jpg)

Her artist needs a new career

No. 1213967

It’s a copy of a Valfre design, so not really anything to do with her artist.

No. 1214028

The line work looks like shit

No. 1214340


The line work actually isn't the real problem. The line weight is relatively consistent. However the shading technique used to make this is pretty shit and shows a clear lack of knowledge and practice, especially the way the black hair just has color packed in completely wrong which is why color is dropping out at random sections instead of being an even black. It'll look worse and blur/fade badly as it ages. The "artist" definitely has no concept of "bold will hold". Did they just buy a machine off Amazon or go to one of those poser tAtU sKoOlZ?

If it's not Valfre, why is her dumb ass insulting the shit artist by not even tagging them and just tagging what they straight up copied?! They're also not much of an artist because most artists have an actual style and won't just copy the art exactly (especially since people sue over their distinctive art being copied without their approval, like Kat Von Douche did when she tattooed the famous blues musician from a portrait without the original artist's approval).

The worst part for me is the fucking hamsa tattoo next to it… Sydney is such a basic bitch that she has a hamsa tattoo?! Wow… good choice with this one, JC aka Junkie Clown.

No. 1214352

Thank you for the tattoo sperg, I always feel so alone when I'm explaining WHY cows tattoos are bad kek

No. 1214939

Y'all I was coming after the tattoo artist not Valfre. All of Stds tattoos are grotesque. So it seems like she keeps going to the same shit artist for her crappy ideas and stollen work. (Assuming she didn't ask for Valfres permission and straight up copied it without throwing in any style to it. Meaning that the artist is straight dog shit.

No. 1214941

I love how my phone auto corrected Syd to stds. That's halarious.

No. 1216426

File: 1619385705231.jpg (168.06 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20210425-171642.jpg)

Funny how you sperg all over social media and claim jc is a cheater when he breathes near another female. But yeah sure let's call that commitment u deranged ape. Not saying he's not a cheater either I heavily believe there is cheating in this trainwreck of a relationship.

No. 1217048

File: 1619460421812.jpeg (846.42 KB, 1242x1409, 40DCF0DB-1AE6-4568-BAC6-C0C756…)

Looks like she changed her Instagram handle

No. 1218582

File: 1619594593477.jpg (960.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210428-102230.jpg)

Looks like someone got rid of all traces of Jonny

No. 1218605

File: 1619598055900.jpeg (417.96 KB, 1620x1433, 7297F86D-9B20-47CA-986D-5A0BB6…)

Wonder if Syd has seen this. Posted on the SGB Records YouTube (couldn’t see the video on JC’s YouTube)

No. 1218617

Idk if you care or not but your profile picture is showing.

No. 1219173

Of course Syd has seen it, she was hinting before it's release on IG that she couldn't wait for everyone to see it, and has commented on the IG post about the video too. I couldn't agree more with the comment that was left. No offense to the anon above who is saying good for him, maybe he really has turned his life around, but that's very naive to think. This is his cycle for years, to "clean up" his act and life, then back to fucking up, rinse and repeat. He's simply not present enough on social media right now to be showing his true colors, same with Syd. Neither of them have changed. This song and music video is doing exactly what they want it to do, is paint them as this happy family who got over all their troubles and are so ~in love~. I mean lol, that's laughable. We can't just all magically forget what a disgusting person they both are, and showed it every day on IG. Like the comment said, she is disrespectful af to his fans. That's the real Syd. Not some glorified baby mama who changed him and is his "savior".

No. 1219571

does Jonny have another court case coming up? Why hasn't he posted on social media going on six months now? We all know its not him posting on his IG/FB

No. 1219694

Of course that didn’t last long lmao but good to know they’re still miserable as ever.

No. 1219910

File: 1619734877193.jpg (710.45 KB, 1079x1693, Screenshot_20210429-181739_Ins…)

He's back in her bio and posts lmao what a surprise

No. 1220164

No I meant I wonder if she has seen this comment as it’s on the records page, not JC’s

No. 1220851

File: 1619853105850.jpeg (421.82 KB, 1125x1991, E484AAC2-453F-47E5-A657-74BD27…)

(1/3) Looks like Jonny is starting to post on his IG stories again. His baby’s face is crossed out for his privacy, but gosh he’s so cute. I feel sorry that he ended up with a disgusting POS father like Jonny Craig.

No. 1220852

File: 1619853223142.jpeg (282.13 KB, 1125x1998, A1F65EF6-7130-422E-8CBA-05F17A…)

(2/3) This is already deleted less than 10 minutes later. You can definitely tell this is him and not a manager posting this by his language. Glad he hasn’t learned a thing from his social media break and still talks like he’s brain dead.

No. 1220854

File: 1619853366247.jpeg (360.52 KB, 1125x1984, 21461C28-911E-4FAE-8984-FBCEAB…)

(3/3) Not sure why he thinks it made sense to delete the last one and replace it with this one. He just sounds worse and even more salty lmao.

Apologies if I should have saged, it’s not particularly milky but it seems he could be making a return to social media. Interesting timing since an above anon was curious if he’s clean from court and will be coming back to talk his usual shit again on IG.

No. 1220859

Look at the size of his pupils >>1208038
He’s not clean

No. 1220966


Some of you really don't know shit about drug use if you think his pupils are pinned here. It's also quite difficult to tell from pictures who has pinned pupils. That's something you can only see if you're in person and can clearly see the person is moving into varying shades of brightness and their pupils still stay small (as in smaller this his pupils here… his pupils can be totally normal depending on the person). Now if he took multiple unfiltered candid photos right after each other in everything from sunny to dark rooms and his pupils were the same extra small size in every picture in every different light, then you can claim he had pinned pupils and it's more believable.

Stop tinfoiling drug use if you don't know what you're talking about. It gives lolcow a bad name for having dumb kids gossiping about shit that's totally wrong to anyone with basic knowledge of pinned pupils and opiates.


I learned from someone who booked him before and was there at the NJ festival where other bands got bent out of shape about drunk shit he said to Colleen the merch girl (who wasn't even mad at him) that JC doesn't bring in enough money to be given a management team to handle his social media. Just because a band has thousands of fans doesn't make them money makers to an industry built on the backs of which musicians pay the bills. Junkie Clown is more of a liability than an asset. So let's just stop thinking he'll ever have a management team manage his social media or recommend smart PR shit to him. Musicians and bands like JC are closer to independent in the sense they are predominantly on their own amd live their own lives until they're ready to record and then the label pays for studio time and to press it. Only then is JC brought in like a work horse to play a show or do a tour or promote an album, since the label is trying to recoup their investment and make a profit. The label/management will only give a shit for a bit while JC is "on the clock", then they're left to fuck up their own lives. It's a very standard way of life for musicians that aren't at Blink 182's level.

No. 1221019

>gives lolcow a bad name for having dumb kids gossiping about shit that's totally wrong

No. 1221068

Nobody gives a damn about preserving the image of lolcow, this IS a dumbass gossip site, not a twitter call out thread.

No. 1221207

Aww did I strike a sore spot? His pupils are tiny. It’s quite obvious. You don’t have to be in person to be able to tell. Cry some more

No. 1221270

Even I agree that it’s not evidence. You need to see them in person. I can make my own pupils that small. You’re reaching

No. 1221291

who does he think is “trying to stop” him? delusional

No. 1221389

Who purposely tries to make their pupils small? Keep making excuses. They both look high af

No. 1221473

pretty sure Jonny sold his computer bc his newest story has him gaming on a laptop kek.

No. 1221775

NTA but neither of their pupils are pinned there, all of you sound dumb. Esp the anon who immediately started going ooH did I hit too close to home? No. You're just wrong.

No. 1221828

Wk. Did I ruin the narrative you were trying so desperately to spin?

No. 1222325

Hes out of her bio again right now lol

No. 1222811

She's so psychotic I mean seriously who has the energy and time to remove someone from their bio every time they're mad at them, seriously it's embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 1222823

That’s her choice of weapon to use against him when he doesn’t obey her. Judging by his posts about “no ones gonna stop him” it sounds like he’s sick of playing house and wants to get back out there and she’s probably not having it and pissed he’s back on social media. If he was smart he’d give it right back and take her out of his bio in return ha. She would probably jump off a cliff.

No. 1223818

File: 1620195256916.png (35.93 KB, 488x878, Screenshot 2021-05-05 2.13.45 …)

Not sure what she's talking about but this seems worrisome with no context.

No. 1223838

he was back in her bio now she took him back out

No. 1223852

File: 1620202344670.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1975, 3538C1A8-6130-457B-9046-9F7A81…)

Are they on a train?

No. 1223853

File: 1620202384415.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1125x1988, 97224979-2688-443B-9B36-940F9E…)

No. 1223898

I dont follow her and she has private her insta, any context from her last stories? Help what?! This is driving me insane.

No. 1223950

No context yet, she’s been taking his username in and out of her bio multiple times a day for the last couple of days and now since posting that last story she archived their pics together AGAIN. That’s about it for now though

No. 1223964

God she’s so fucking ugly. Those eyebrows are hideous. Being stuck with her is a punishment worse than jail, hope he doesn’t have to go kek

No. 1223988

Kinda makes me believe more that their kid has a major health problem. Why would they need to take a train to his appointments? They must be far away. Most people do travel far to see specialists.

No. 1223998

must be trouble in paradise after that drs appt. She's batshit nuts so she probably did it over literally nothing lol

No. 1224063

Could be a heart problem. He’s had multiple surgeries and he doesn’t look malnourished or anything. They could be going to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto. They’re known for their cardiovascular surgeries. They’re also walking distance from the train station.

Sage for speculation

No. 1224096

Well gee I wonder why that poor baby might be unhealthy. Surely not the heroin deadbeat dad’s contribution, not to mention whatever Syd did if anything.

No. 1224224

Shame on you anon! You have reason to believe that baby is suffering just because he has a psychotic mother who goes batshit on social media that someone stole her child, and a deadbeat father who does heroin and "just pushes" around his so-called wife? Sheesh anon give them a chance! /s

No. 1224226

File: 1620251191820.jpeg (825.97 KB, 1118x1993, 0CC1A762-6C70-44D1-93A8-17E10B…)

No. 1224230

File: 1620251540481.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2027, 5975AB55-7FC5-44CE-AAE6-99DE13…)

His name is out of her bio and photos deleted again. Actually IG gives an option to “archive” photos now so I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s been doing so she can bring them back when they’re “on” again

No. 1224242

What a great message to spread to those already in extremely toxic and manipulative relationships, like your own. You should totally force yourself to love someone who doesn't care about you or your kid.

Who the fuck has time for this? She give social media more attention than her baby. I think IG has had the feature quite some time now to archive photos and put them back on your profile whenever you want, but I don' think you can bulk archive/unarchive them so unless I'm wrong about that, she is taking the time to go into each and every post she has with Jonny and take them away/put them back individually every time she's mad at him. Which is apparently several times a day every single day. Seems like a loving, stable relationship.

No. 1224261

Late to this, but it probably explains why he stopped streaming given the fact that he really desperately needs money. Man, feel bad for the kid..

No. 1224287

File: 1620255759705.png (6.56 MB, 1125x2436, F1279BEC-4A31-40B8-B32D-5007B8…)

I know this dude is not drinking hard cider directly on the way to his kid’s Dr. appt. Seriously Jonny, can’t go even a moment without alcohol and be sober for your child’s visit at the doctor? Jfc.

No. 1224288

File: 1620255825791.jpeg (138.48 KB, 624x624, 6723F072-5CEF-414D-9E24-0F8191…)

Apologies for double post but photo is for reference of what he is drinking.

No. 1224301

imagine you're a medical professional that has to explain some pediatric condition to this psycho nightmare man, while he reeks of alcohol and the vibes between the parents are so rotten there might as well be visible stink lines rising off them. Bleak

No. 1224398


I'm gonna assume the "help" she needed was a ride to her kids appointment.

No. 1224401

File: 1620276333462.jpg (434.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210506-004429_Chr…)

So he relapsed and that's why Syd doesn't think he loves her and he's once again out of the bio.

No. 1224403

File: 1620276391636.jpg (482.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210506-004434_Chr…)

No. 1224457

I wouldn't be surprised but how did you get relapse out of that

No. 1225099

File: 1620350848043.jpeg (229.61 KB, 1242x777, F428F974-28E8-40B7-B4B8-A73F6D…)

He took her name and that shitty caption about his QuEeN giving his life PURPOSE out of his bio, he still has pics of her and the ring post up tho so it’s just tinfoil that there’s finally real trouble in paradise

No. 1225103

Finally grew a pair!!! He’s also asking who in sac wants to hang. Wonder if he ran.

No. 1225213

Could be mirrored but I don’t see no ring on that finger. Guessing she takes it off every time she’s mad at him.

No. 1225226

There must be another blowout going on. They are out of each other bios, she archived all their pictures of them again, and they don’t even follow each other kek

No. 1225228

File: 1620364763096.jpeg (816.33 KB, 1242x919, 670EFFA3-26F0-4913-8DA1-9A8A22…)

Good catch anon, this pic is of the same hand so it’s safe to say she’s not wearing it as of now

No. 1225302

Have to admit that I am waiting for turtlemom to update on this latest milk on twitter, seems serious now given the fact that she hasn’t jump on any of the passive-aggressive social media feud jonny and syd is doing atm.

Tinfoil - poor storm is not feeling 100% and that accelerate the mess that these two are in.

Plus we all know that jonny only love bombs syd when he is being a POS hence probably the stories on the train.

No. 1225306

not to bring taylor into this thread but she posted she had to change her number again due to safety reasons she claims…. I wonder if jonny has been trying to contact her??

No. 1225319

Nah I doubt that anon, but it would be milky if so!

No. 1225339


Nah cause i've always believed that Taylor never REALLY got over JC. She just knew that she could never go back to him after everything got out. I don't feel like she would change her number bc of him.

However I DO feel like JC has been texting tons of other girls lmfao.

No. 1225473

yeah same! like i’ve always thought she would maybe take him back tbh

No. 1225514

stop bumping the thread when there’s no milk. jfc.

No. 1225618

File: 1620424782774.png (248.67 KB, 828x1792, 67BBD97D-4DCE-4EA9-A20E-C45C6B…)

Any NA anons care to translate? Is he leaving for sac?

No. 1225730

Think it was supposed to say “hangs”. And I’m assuming he’s already in Sacramento cause he was asking for people to hang with yesterday too. Must’ve run away to there.

No. 1225826

File: 1620457988636.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x2064, E2D6D58B-2DF6-4C77-A25D-D56AF3…)

Here she goes with her Bert thirst again… I’m sure she’s trying to piss Jonny off

No. 1225828

File: 1620458038081.jpeg (291.77 KB, 1125x1978, 42E69542-1E98-49DC-8B61-BF322B…)

No. 1225829

File: 1620458062236.jpeg (176.44 KB, 1125x1980, 7A847D20-0773-4282-93F7-30ECC7…)

No. 1225961

File: 1620483472471.png (106.92 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210507-192508.png)

I saw this yesterday, but she deleted it.

No. 1226491

That’s not even true with a seatbelt. Does she not wear a seat belt. Such a awkward flex syd.

No. 1226537

File: 1620575828221.png (9.54 MB, 1242x2208, 60F4010B-E365-4972-BF09-0E0CAD…)

I think JC is really shading her with this one because there is NO way this is the only pic of them together, even with the kid included. He really did her dirty on Mother’s Day lmao

No. 1226565

Also implying he’s not there for Mother’s Day. I’m sure she’s real happy about that /s

No. 1226566

Samefag to also point out he didn’t say fiancée but “partner” lmao.

No. 1226693

Ahh and the manipulative, gas-lighting, love bombs begins!

No. 1226805

So gross how old they are, but talk like they’re 14 on social media. Someone send them diaries for their birthdays

No. 1226962

Lmao so true anon, plus we know damn well it’s not the only picture they have. His latest music video is literally several minutes worth of nicer photos of them both with their kid. So he purposely chose this one to do her dirty where she looks atrocious (not shading women who have just birthed out a child, it’s just that Syd has awful eyebrows and isn’t even remotely attractive without makeup).
Good catch, when Syd posted on his birthday she called him her husband(“hubs” specifically), but all she can get called by him is “partner” ouch. I’m sure she’s thrilled about that too. They’re easily predictable but it’s entertaining to watch how the second Jonny comes back to social media he hasn’t learned anything and is the same old dumbass. They both just fight each other with fire publicly, it gives me so much second hand embarrassment for them. They did a better job at pushing the happy family narrative when he was off his socials. It really is showing that they never were happy in the first place just like we knew it would.

No. 1226983

File: 1620622165187.jpeg (264.61 KB, 828x1473, 40B62C66-7771-4C5B-BBC4-130268…)

No. 1227117

File: 1620652754498.png (294.05 KB, 750x1334, BC724718-38C9-42E9-9A5D-AA454C…)

He’s going back to upstate again. Must have to move back in with daddy again.

No. 1227289

I was gonna guess maybe drive his gaming computer to him in CA. Don’t remember if he brought it with him to begin with or no. I thought his dad works for an airline and gets him free flights.

No. 1227362

i’m from watertown ny and it speaks volumes about his career if he has to retire there… sad place.

No. 1228088

File: 1620767714146.jpg (604.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210511-231329_Ins…)

syd is showing off her outfit and posing a thirst trap. the other posts are qoutes about anxiety and other stuff.

No. 1228104

I wonder why no posts with baby lately, did she get her kids taken away or something

No. 1228279

Well clearly she’s trying to make Jonny jealous and lure dudes in, posting her kid ain’t gonna help her in that department. So gross. And tagging the band. Like they wanna see her nasty underwear lmao

No. 1228303

She’s so thirsty for any band dude to notice her. First Bert, now Anthony Green. go take care of your kid Syd

No. 1228318

anthony wouldn’t give her the time of day - hes not the sleazy type and actually loves his wife and kids unlike jonny

No. 1228339

I mean he was definitely a heroin addict who cheated on his wife.

But I agree that he wouldn’t give sid the time of day.

No. 1228407

Isn’t her insta private? Unless the band is following her if not this is an incredibly silly thirst trap lmao

No. 1228481

Good question. Not sure if they’d still receive the “you were mentioned in a story” dm with the pic like you do when a friend tags you in theirs. Either way she’s an idiot.

No. 1229083

File: 1620887417513.jpeg (429.23 KB, 1125x2297, 53978BD4-9C50-40A4-9625-FE66EA…)

No. 1229084

File: 1620887460957.jpeg (350.02 KB, 1125x2302, AD61D14C-84F0-4948-BECA-9485B1…)

No. 1229088

my thoughts exactly ma'am, who tf cares, uwu so smol

this is word salad and yet somehow still one of the most self-righteous and superior things i've ever read. incredible

No. 1229090

We get it syd. You’re sooooo uwu smoll and tiny and lost your baby weight. Jfc. What an accomplishment. Congrats on doing what a lot of women do after giving birth.

I wonder how many more times she’s going to mention her weight and ~100lbs. I guess she has to value something.

No. 1229095


Her eyebrows are straight up Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest, they look so comical and over the top, pair that with the fact that every single photo she takes she does the same weird pout which makes her look like zoolander.

No. 1229118

This has been talked to death but this cow's whole universe consists of social media and fucking nothing else. It's mind boggling how stuck in her bubble she is

No. 1229121

This might be bloggy as fuck but I’m probably as short as her and to get under 100lbs takes watching what eat and working out. I can’t imagine she eats everything in sight while sitting around doing nothing and is under 100lbs. She just loves to boast about how she’s sooooooo smol and tiny and she only gained weight because of baby uwu. And I doubt it was her Uber driver, probably reading comments and shooting back at the haturz.

No. 1229160


As someone who is 5'2" and under 100lbs at age 34, yet constantly trying to gain weight, I get what she's saying. Not saying it's necessarily true with her, but some people have a hard time maintaining a high enough caloric intake to gain weight. Eating a lot for a meal and then literally forgetting to eat all day due to medication or anxiety is common for some people, yet other people who don't have a problem gaining weight will sometimes say, "You're sooo lucky you actually forget to eat". Some people truly struggle with putting on weight, whether due to health issues or a fast metabolism, but that sometimes gets better with age and a slower metabolism. Reiterating that this might not be Syd's situation, but I fully understand that it really gets annoying for skinny people who struggle to put on weight and are self-conscious of having the body of a 14 yr old to have to hear weight comments all the time, just as large people hate people commenting on their weight.

No. 1229161


Haha is she talking about Johnny or Bert Mccracken or some other loser band dude she's trying to hunt/haunt leaving her on read?

No. 1229192

Not to drag her into this thread, but am I the only one who notices that every time Taylor posts some decent selfies syd has to also get “dolled up” and fish for some attention hours later? Could be a coincidence, but probably not.

No. 1229263

you're acting like she has a legitimate complaint when this was her trying to humblebrag about how totally small she is. "Omg he thought I was anorexic but actually I'm not, teehee so small"
like why did that even come up in conversation with your Uber driver, Syd?

No. 1229337

Jesus didnt this happened like 5 days ago?? Assuming she is talking about this? >>1225961

Her life is that boring that a meaningless useless conversation has been living in her head rent free for dayssss. Go take care of your baby syd lol

No. 1230042

File: 1621012331187.jpg (540.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210514-191156_Ins…)

guess it's finally over

No. 1230076

That is a terrible look for someone as short as her lol. Unless she’s trying to look like a legit little person.

No. 1230221

Probably the longest they havent got back together yet..

No. 1230344

Only a matter of time I’m sure. I don’t think she will let him go that easily

No. 1230587

well since Jonny took Syd out of his bio I'm sure he's sick of her shit. Damn like who wouldn't be

No. 1231040

File: 1621130416532.png (4.88 MB, 1125x2436, 83C94C46-F965-4C50-AE54-351FF4…)

His skin must be busting open again from the drugs.

No. 1231120


Is that his hair plastered on the back/side of his neck wtf

No. 1231123

he looks deflated? Like yeah he looks like he lost a bit of weight but also like a wrinkly old balloon a week after a birthday party. I doubt he's getting treatment for his hep c as most programs seem to ask for 6mo sobriety from everything before starting any treatment and he was drinking a cider the other day. Being court ordered to be sober from heroin for a few month must have done his liver some good. I'm sure he'll be reinflated in no time though, these >>1225618 remind me of pre arrest when he waould be desperate for a plug lol. Hopefully this means the case is over and they will be back to posting milky things

No. 1231162

Thats the arm they had to cut a piece of skin out of when he had cellulitis if I'm not mistaken, and who keeps larping that he has hep c? If its cause Chelsea said it, I would take that with a grain of salt. She's so full of herself (and shit)

No. 1231230

Definitely should’ve healed by now but instead it’s probably all nasty and infected.

Trying to bring back the mullet? Gag.

No. 1231256

Dude is probly gunna rip off the "producer" lol

No. 1231898


I mean Taylor also confirmed he has hep c and it's really not a reach of any kind lmfao. He's fucking disgusting I have 0 problems believing he shares needles and reuses.

No. 1231909

File: 1621261689768.png (479.9 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210517-091024.png)

shouldn't have had a "tie him down" baby with a scumbag deadbeat then, idk.

No. 1231974


Jonny could be the best dad and partner in the world and her BPD ass would still be crying because she's not the center of attention. Him being a scumbag is the next best thing to him still being relevant bc she gets to be the victim

No. 1232018

big facts. I feel sorry for that little boy having to grow up in that toxicity

No. 1232038

Did Syd delete her recent stories about being in the hospital getting IV fluids? Because she was supposedly sick with severe asthma and a cold. I swear I thought it was last night but it must have been the night before, I didn't get any screencaps I was planning on going back to it but maybe it was a couple nights ago and I totally forgot, I apologize. I know I can't be the only one who saw them. She made it a point to say that she had the house to herself, and just talked about how soOoOo sick she was. No talk about her baby and if he's being taken care of while she was literally in the hospital though, of course everything has to be about her.

No. 1232039

I saw those too. She deleted before I got a chance to screenshot.

No. 1232125

Yeah there is no way that an IV drug user of over a decade doesn’t have hep c., let’s be real.

No. 1232162

> Jonny could be the best dad and partner in the world
she already knew he was a 100% deadbeat no-show for another kid
idiots who think that somehow a loser scrote won’t act the same way with them

No. 1232194

Basically, losers like Jonny attract people exactly like Taylor and Syd. These two both share the mentality that they would be the ones to "change him". The only different thing Syd did is get knocked up, so she really thought she won by having a kid with this POS. Easily the only reason he proposed to her was to make the world believe he's a "family man" now, even though they both would very clearly be fighting and shading each other on social media every day. They're still the same miserable couple as they were in the beginning. Nobody can save someone as disgusting as Jonny, Syd is delusional for really believing throwing a baby into the mix was going to turn him into some great family man who wants to marry her and make his life revolve around her, use their kid for positive attention and coos on social media, etc. Boy was she fucking wrong kek. It's just sad the kid has to suffer for it as he grows up.

No. 1232863

File: 1621358876415.png (97.24 KB, 1050x637, Screenshot_20210518-132535~4.p…)

> she/they


No. 1232887

Anything to seem more special, kek

No. 1232992

My fucking god, what an attention whore

No. 1232998

the ‘she/her/they) is already taken out she definitely lurks here lol

No. 1233037

Birthing a junkie's baby would be pretty gender AFFIRMING would it not?

No. 1233083

People do that so there is less stigma for transgender people so it’s more normalized giving pronouns

No. 1233390

>attention whoring
>being a handmaiden
They're the same picture anon

No. 1233694

Actually straight people who go by the pronouns they were given at birth are being slammed for using this new ig feature because the whole purpose of it is to clarify it for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to tell and save the “actually I prefer to be called this” conversation. There’s zero reason for syd, clearly a woman with no desire to be a man to have this on her page.

No. 1234322

File: 1621498363999.png (3.19 MB, 1620x2160, 5287246F-463E-4205-B11C-C13DB1…)

Taylor has a mullet… Syd has a mullet.. interesting

No. 1234378

Holy shit this is going to be fun! Same colour and hair style too! Welcome the milk floodgates!!

No. 1234395

Holy shit she is unhealthy skinny, not just uwu smell lel kik, but skin and bones. Jesus christ.

No. 1234399

it’s even almost the same color. wow

No. 1234474

I fucking hate her eyebrows, what year is it

No. 1234478

Being small is her only personality trait so of course she took extreme measures to drop her baby weight. She’s going to start posting a lot of body checks and “everyone says I’m so smol uwu” stories.

No. 1234539


Dang, Taylor may be a crackhead but she is a lot better looking than this rat. Also, the haircut is hideous. She doesn't look edgy, she looks like a retarded 30 year old trying to pretend she's back in middle school.

No. 1234541

File: 1621528698109.png (1.68 MB, 1620x2160, 178A9B08-74FB-4B40-A6DF-7729BF…)

There is something goin on..

No. 1234543

File: 1621528745548.png (1.47 MB, 1620x2160, 97C0701A-EA47-4D2A-9C1C-64136D…)

No. 1234544

That cut looks so fucking terrible on her she looks like a sewer rat lmao gold. Can’t get over those bangs. Not a Taylor fan but at least it looks kinda good on her. She so obviously raced to get her hair all blonde before Taylor had a chance to. I hope she drags her.

No. 1234549

Is she really trying to sell her clothes to support her child? We all know that’s what she needs money for. Most likely for his medical needs. This is so fucking sad. That baby needs a family who can provide for him. Should’ve been taken at birth and never subjected to this dysfunctional life.

No. 1234553

Who wants to bet she’ll start an onlyfans?

No. 1234554

Needs money for serious situation, gets hair done. Make it make sense.

No. 1234634

My bet is on she needs money to fight for the custody of her child against her mother. Just a tinfoil

No. 1234676

Wow looks like the really broker up though I still betting they will get back together.

Be funny if this ignites taylor’s savior complex if she lurks here. I remember she told syd a bunch of time on different occasions to reach out if she wants out.

No. 1234683

damn get a job maybe? lmfao what the hell

No. 1234733

so the GFM is up and it’s to buy her art supplies…? so she can sell the art…? it’s the weirded GFM i’ve ever seen. it just kind of sounds like she wants money. she even mentioned it not being a very good reason.

ian -who i think is a band dude- has already donated $100 kek

No. 1234740

Looking like a dollar store Yolandi. Yolandi is already a dollar store Yolandi so I don’t even know what the fuck this is

No. 1234741

And she supposedly was in an accident and the car was damaged? She doesn’t even have a car does she?

No. 1234744

I just read her GFM and.. It's so poorly worded, complete with spelling mistakes like did she even proof read before posting it?
I don't fully understand what it's for, first she talks about mental health and some car accident but then mentions she wasn't hurt but doesn't follow up with any context on why that was even mentioned and then she goes on about creating without much context on that either, then she wants to compensate ppl who donate.. the whole thing is written weirdly.
She's only asking for a 1k surely it's not that hard to save that up yourself.

No. 1234746

I just read it as well, I think she is using it to also start her “art” business or what ever the hell that means! I don’t think you can do a lot with 1k with a car damage + to also send thank you cards and send goodies for the donation (what?) like gurl are you in need of money or not??

No. 1234798

She’s just saying she wants to compensate others so she doesn’t come off as a mooch or some shit. It’s stupid. Just say you need help. No one is going to help you and then expect to be compensated in some way. That’s not how it works.

No. 1234820

File: 1621553537240.jpg (314.24 KB, 1080x1725, 20210521_093156.jpg)

No. 1234881

File: 1621559098454.png (666.23 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210520-210435.png)


No. 1234883

File: 1621559127445.png (303.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210520-210446.png)


No. 1234896

File: 1621560733183.png (3.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210520-192820.png)

Sooooo tiny.

No. 1234928

Why does she need a backstory to the clothing she wears? It’s not an animal up for adoption.

Oh, right, cause she’s gotta let everyone know she’s so tinyyyyy. Such a quality to have.

No. 1234930

So cringe

No. 1234966

or just put the measurements of the clothes
what a dumbshit

No. 1235135

Why doesn’t she sell her engagement ring? She’s probably afraid to see how little it’s really worth.

No. 1235206

File: 1621612759728.jpeg (785.92 KB, 964x1704, 60448B45-98F2-40D1-B1D5-FE86CC…)

anyone watch this story? i don’t want to SS the video so i took this from the tnd thread but the song in the background sounds just like JC - am i crazy?

No. 1235225

nah the song is not jonny that’s bilmuri

No. 1235226

it’s been adjusted to $750 now, like she could make that if she simply ✨got a job✨(emoji)

No. 1235228

Onlyfans story arc when?

No. 1235245

Lmao it's funny how these two always seem to attempt to sneakily skinwalk the other, please stop fighting over Jonny's attention we know damn well you both hate his guts.

Agreed with this comment, if she's not going to get a job and just wants to ask for help, then just do that. Whether people think you're a mooch or not depends on your spending habits and how hard you are trying to help yourself before asking others for money.

I think the most hilarious part of her asking for money is the fact that just maybe a week ago or so (sorry anons I didn't screenshot) Jonny posted a story saying he "hasn't flexed in a while" and was showing off whatever ugly pair of shoes he was wearing. It's pretty sad when you have to flex on the haters about how "muh shoes cost more than ya rent" and yet here is your babymama asking strangers for money on the internet. The fact she is doing this I think really officially shows that they aren't together anymore. Obviously she's been removing/adding him to and from her bio and pictures on and off forever now, but this is the longest she's taken everything of him off her profile and now this? Homegirl just say you weren't the uwu ~couple goalz~ you always tried forcing on the internet and move on. I have a feeling she'll never admit she was wrong though unless she can be like Taylor and come out with dirt on him to get sympathy. However I guarantee Jonny also has dirt on her so they may have quietly split to avoid pissing the other off and not spill anything.

No. 1235249

Has 11k followers, gofundme is at $214…embarrassing

No. 1235301

I noticed she lost another hundred followers too since posting that lol. She changed her Instagram profile pic to flaunt the terrible haircut some more. Did she post the full size pic? I’m not her friend on there.

No. 1235335

I don’t think ppl unfollow I think she deleted ppl every time her business gets posted on here lol

No. 1235409

She already lost 800 followers in 3 days? lul!

No. 1235477

File: 1621641641416.jpg (127.73 KB, 1080x1080, sydfull.jpg)

No. 1235567

Looks like a wig that should be pulled forward

No. 1235573

File: 1621656675892.jpeg (127.55 KB, 1280x1578, 33F3A649-943A-472B-8223-01AA2A…)

Looks like joe dirt lmaoo

No. 1235668

Wow I really think her and Taylor copy one another now Taylor wants all blonde mullet.
Why would anyone want a mullet

No. 1235679

File: 1621680678611.jpeg (223.95 KB, 1125x1986, 650C93DC-9672-400A-BD93-7E944B…)

No. 1235705

her stories from yesterday have brunch w drinks, new nails, and a new planner. why are we donating to this cunt again?

No. 1235726

that’s ridiculous. can it be mass reported?

No. 1235740

Hence why its been almost 2 days and she only got 9 donations lol. Cant even get 750 bucks.. says a lot about the “friends” she has.

Report what anon? People willingly donate, her GFM post is vague af. its up to here she spent her money on, if you’re pressed, don't donate then.

No. 1235797

Right like this bitch supposedly has a car and “doesn’t want handouts” but can’t make deliveries for fucking DoorDash

No. 1235890

The real cows here are the people that donated. It would have been spent better on their local hobos, they at least get their ass on the street to beg and sometimes perform.

No. 1235902

This is so unrelated and not true

No. 1235957

File: 1621720412743.jpeg (606.41 KB, 1125x2001, B7D84A0F-AA04-4894-A9C1-7F2D22…)

“And stay with your toxic ex’s” ….. just like you???? make it make sense

No. 1236082

File: 1621745007906.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1995, D0BD9510-B85F-44FC-8B01-8300CA…)

No. 1236111

File: 1621751325982.jpeg (196.78 KB, 1125x2007, C69E7D79-462B-4B39-8F7B-0A39C0…)

No. 1236132

Is that jonny? I can’t tell!

No. 1236136

File: 1621755105874.jpg (690.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210523-093054_Ins…)

at least it looks like his bloated hand

No. 1236137

Gotta love cows being cows… she honestly have 0 awareness on how stupid, ironic (also badly worded the posts is) which I think its mostly down to her alleged BPD.

No. 1236145

This is a guy in a band called “A Foreign Affair” aka a band that just paid Jonny to do a feature on one of their songs. (Jonny had posted a story with them and a clip.) So I’m not sure exactly what this is about but seems kinda like she shouldn’t be talking shit about someone he’s trying to do business with lol

No. 1236148

Doesn’t look like Jonny to me? Maybe it’s not and that’s why she already deleted it lol

No. 1236150

File: 1621757900761.jpeg (442.26 KB, 2048x2048, 5E53A562-E3AD-4029-909E-30650D…)

It’s him. Same hand tattoo

No. 1236187

Why not go get a real fucking job, Syd? Having a baby by a junkie singer doesn't make you too speshul to be a cashier or stock shelves.

I hate how every laxy attention whore these days refuses to be seen working and would rather ask strangers they don't even care about to spoonfeed them ideas for monetized hobbies. What fucking entitlement.

No. 1236240

I am assuming there might be a fall out between jonny and the guy? Or syd is going insane again cause he took jonny away from her for work? Lol either way very plausible.

No. 1236528

Syd seems like the type to need round the clock validation and attention, so it makes sense that any time JC is away she's going double crazy due to lack of coddling and his cheating history.

No. 1236532

Oh things didn’t work out at his buddies so he went crawling back to the psycho?

No. 1237061

File: 1621888282184.png (410.96 KB, 828x1792, 01F7C384-2FCC-4032-A3F6-FBA6B7…)

Guess they are back together checks watch

No. 1237075

He stands behind her but can’t even help her financially, I guess he spent his monthly check on shoes

No. 1237093

She shouldn’t have been a cunt to that girl that was lending jonny money before. Now look at her dumbass begging on the internet cuz she has no real life friends.

No. 1237215

They're such a rollercoaster.. it's so tiring to watch. I couldn't imagine being a mom and willingly dealing with such a toxic relationship.

No. 1237276

I honestly don't believe an attention starved narcissist like Syd spends much time with her kid unless it's to take pics or show off for other adults. Her mother likely takes care of Storm most of the time while Syd spends all day on Instagram and Syd takes him to appointments and handles whatever she has to as his legal guardian.

No. 1237313

They're like a more fucked up version of Shayna and Fupa. Harder drugs and a baby to boot.

No. 1238276

Honestly theyre so repetitive its boring at this point

No. 1238308


No. 1238494


It only takes 2 months to do the hep c treatment pill now, and while you're not supposed to drink or take drugs during it, people still do and the treatment still works. Hep C also isn't physically noticeable unless you're in the later liver-destroying stages where you're jaundiced. This clown could have done the Hep C treatment already or not, but we wouldn't be able to tell the difference either way.

No. 1238496

Actually, it IS totally possible and common to be using for over a decade without getting Hep C, thanks to Needle Exchanges giving away free supplies like syringes, cookers, alcohol swabs, sterile water, and ties. Before Needle Exchanges, sharing needles was much more prevalent. Now everyone has their own rigs or has enough to give you a couple freebies OR there's always someone selling rigs for $1 near where you cop dope.

And FYI, reusing your own needles is extremely common. Most iv users don't get a new needle after every shot. They usually just change it if it gets barbed due to too many uses or (more commonly) it gets clogged due to your blood clotting while trying to register.

After 2005 and especially after 2010, getting an unlimited amount of free needles and iv supplies has been extremely easy in every state with a Needle Exchange or other harm reduction program.

No. 1239537

Anon, did you slip and hit your head in the tub or something? Wtf about Johnny makes you think he practices harm reduction?

No. 1239714

NAYRT but learn to read.

No. 1239873


You don't have to be anyone special to "practice harm reduction". You just have to be an iv drug user who stops by the Needle Exchange to get a syringe to shoot up and they'll hook you up with a whole plastic bag stocked with drug supplies. Nobody intentionally practices harm redux. They just get high and thankfully harm reduction programs exist all over the US.

No. 1240476

Not everyone has these services. And many people - if caught in a pinch - will do risky stuff instead of waiting to find a ride to the exchange or hop in a car to ride around to different pharmacies. Jonny is definitely the fuck it, I need to get high type. He has/had hep c. Whether he has gotten treatment is another question, I can’t imagine he has health insurance.

No. 1240620

the point they were making was "Jonny is a scrote and probably doesn't care about safe practices, bc he's gross"

No. 1242091

File: 1622384418026.png (819.07 KB, 1125x2436, 65116A5E-B621-4B6C-9443-153412…)

So Jonny posted a story asking people to donate to this. First of all I’m pretty sure syd wrote this herself lmao and yesterday it showed she was over 900 because someone anonymous donated 500 dollars. Now that’s gone? And she’s back at 422. Can you actually cancel donations on gofundme? I was wondering if maybe it was that girl that used to lend Jonny money and she found out and threw a fit lol. Who else would give her/them 500 dollars?

No. 1242157

File: 1622391989745.jpeg (185.49 KB, 750x1241, 51E563C2-3B2C-4545-BA49-7A48D7…)

Amanda has entered the chat, jesus christ she’s still not over it

No. 1242231

File: 1622397857190.jpeg (572.12 KB, 1170x1692, 12EDC9C2-8562-49EE-9104-6040AF…)

All of her tweets are a variation of the word "toxic" or "abuse" and are clearly directed towards Sydney. I thought she moved on a while ago when she stopped obsessively tweeting about him and his new partners but shes back full force

No. 1242348

Ok that’s hilarious. I honestly was thinking how amazing it would be if Taylor donated to it publicly. Even better that Amanda did. His first fiancé (I think). And the 6, 6, 6 I’m guessing was intentional. Here’s the real question, is she gonna send her a goodie bag? Lmao

No. 1242355

Donate to what? Enabling Syd to lay around and love her life online so she never has to work a register or stock shelves?

No. 1242362

File: 1622405043147.jpeg (72.71 KB, 1124x712, 43E79D1D-27FB-428A-A5E9-D10F97…)

I bet she’s having a meltdown right now. She’s probably fuming and yelling at Jonny about it kek

No. 1242388

File: 1622407421505.png (496.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210530-164250.png)

lmaooo I'm assuming that's what she's talking about here, she's so mad about it

No. 1242391

I know she was happy as fuck too when she thought she was getting that money…lulz

No. 1242523

That’s so insanely tacky to complain about on Instagram. Maybe he did a google search and realized she’s an undeserving piece of shit idk.

No. 1242576

File: 1622432685487.png (592.44 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210530-234415.png)

No. 1242583

No. 1242613


Idk about other places, but around here McDonald's is doing $500 sign-on bonuses for new hires.

Syd, go get a job instead of begging for money online.

No. 1242616


Entitlement off the charts… GET A JOB!!!!!!!

If I had donated to her and saw that post, I'd retract my donation too!

No. 1242617

hahahaha what an insufferable cunt acting like she deserves the money instead of being thankful for everyone else who donated

No. 1242628

If Eric M. has been paying attention to her stories that could explain why he reversed his donation. Considering she’s been posting tons of stuff she’s buying or spending her money on frivolously. I thought you were struggling Syd? Looks more like splurging to me!

No. 1242633

File: 1622441054731.png (4 MB, 1242x2208, 4ABF66F4-E724-4D72-94E4-5CEBD7…)

No. 1242640

Meanwhile jonnys posting asking about tattoo artists to start his legs. But he can’t help syd out with her art shit/ whatever she actually wants the money for?

No. 1242684

File: 1622452237397.jpeg (559.2 KB, 1125x1983, 6CC2F735-1128-4C6A-AFAF-F9DB90…)

No. 1242712

Imagine having to shill an almost 30 year old BPD NEET this hard just because you let her P-trap you before she knew you were a washed up deadbeat junkie.

No. 1242780

Can’t wait to see her grade school level art so I can have a good laugh. Someone who follows her please do share lol also wtf are they together or not? Whining about unconditional love yesterday so I thought they were on the outs again. The cycle continues.

No. 1242841

Now I see where Taylor first saw CPTSD. Hahahahhaha she saw this and was like oh I must have that too. Even though it’s not even considered legitimate.

No. 1242843

I don’t blame her for being upset. It’s kinda gay for someone to donate and take the money back. Any anon would be pissy.

That’s just your franchisee owner. That is definitely not the case everywhere else.

No. 1242854

We wouldn't be pissy. We work for what we want. If we were in such dire straights to start a gofundme,
we wouldn't be so tacky to complain if someone changed their mind about donating what could be their entire paycheck.

Some places are offering $50 for interviews, etc. Even fast food places not offering incentives are desperately hiring right now.
She could find work in 1 day if she wanted to.

No. 1242860

I mean it’s totally possible he meant to donate $50 and accidentally added an extra zero. I’ve definitely done that before when paying bills and then freaked out to reverse it. $500 is a lot of money to most people.

She’s ungrateful and I hope people don’t give her any more money. No need to put the dude on blast.

No. 1242898

you can be disappointed someone didn't hand you $500 without being a pissy bitch on Instagram about it though

No. 1243080

File: 1622489615843.jpg (154.34 KB, 1080x1988, 20210531_153406.jpg)

Even Jonny boosting her GFM didn't help her raise money.
Nobody cares.

No. 1243093

Omg i thought the same too anon! Cows are gon cow! Not to derail the thread -
I found the insga underage girl jonny was dating before tay, I swear tay tried to skin walk her as well! Not posting since I cant be 100% sure if thats the same girl since jonny doesnt follow her anymore given the situation.

No. 1243161

When I saw the $500 donation on there for the short period it was it said anonymous. Does the person who set up the gofundme get to see who it was even if it’s not viewable publicly? Thought it was weird she called someone out by name.

No. 1243204

Jonny posted a Bible quote on his story, he's always said he never believed in God so I'm a little confused…if he really is trying to turn his life around good for him. And I'm pretty sure he's actually doing these vocal features bc he just posted another one.

No. 1243233

File: 1622501667826.jpeg (841.16 KB, 1125x1931, 1ACBF946-773D-430E-B370-3E4461…)

Lol true

No. 1243234

File: 1622501695044.jpeg (450.34 KB, 1125x1910, DDCBED52-2EAD-4BFC-940C-70567C…)

It has to be the same person

No. 1243235

File: 1622501738648.png (4.42 MB, 1125x2436, D9D41F24-BE91-473D-A7EF-2502EE…)

No. 1243257

Agreed, she could find work. I live in San Jose like her. Everything is opening back up and I see now hiring signs everywhere. My work is desperate for people. Not that I’d want a crazy ass like her working with me lol

No. 1243295

I mean, could she find work that paid enough to cover child care, though? She might be better off trying to find legit work from home.

No. 1243318


When I worked in food service, almost everyone had at least 1 kid.
You make it work. You call on your support system and if you don't have one, you find one.
She's gotta start somewhere.
If she could work at McDonald's for a month and have a relative, her baby daddy, or friends watch Storm,
then she could save the $1000 she's asking for.
Having a kid is NOT an excuse for not having a regular job.
Especially if you're a single mom and/or if your baby daddy is absent. She needs to step tf up.

No. 1243404

Yeah, at the very least she could go back to school online and get a degree.

No. 1243589

Seriously. What the fuck does she even DO all day but post wook shit and ugly merch on Instagram?

No. 1243893

File: 1622582248837.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2008, 3DFB2DF5-CF99-43EF-8CCC-273630…)

No. 1243904

How short is he? If she’s like 5 foot he’s gotta be like 5’ 6? Their poor kid.

Also noticed she’s not wearing her engagement ring.

No. 1244168

If she were forcing that smol girl pose any harder she'd be flexing kek

Imagine being so basic and toxic that all you can brag about is not being obese, and being average height for your age group. Most Millennial women are around 4-11/5-4 on average, so is it really even considered "smol" anymore? An entire generation grew up on tv dinners and soda then went on to glamorize their stunted growth like it somehow immortalizes their youth factor & Syd internalized it.

No. 1244216

now that's what i call a bowlegged bitch. this looks like some kind of special ed prom photo

No. 1244430

File: 1622667052765.jpeg (508.35 KB, 750x1087, 7B7A5764-4195-4210-B6FF-898C71…)

No. 1244435

The amount of make up is our of this world

No. 1244442

1. Those eyelashes are fucking ridiculous and aren’t cute.
2. Amanda donated 6 dollars 3 times to equal $18 on her gofundme, he’s clearly referencing that in the caption. Which is about all syd is worth anyway lmao

No. 1244443

Her lashes have gone outside the realm of looking like lashes and more towards looking like bug legs

No. 1244446

If either of them think this is a good looking selfie, then wew lad. Tons of fakeup, gaudy faux lashes and a cracked schizo smile… This is just uncomfortable to look at.

Go get a job so you can support your sick baby instead of cyberbegging for handouts online just to scroll Instagram and stalk Jonny.

No. 1244463

File: 1622670469990.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x2001, 04B1B939-F3D8-45F0-B578-ACA5CC…)

And it continues

No. 1244464

File: 1622670497480.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1996, 46821AD3-7645-4002-98B5-AADC29…)

No. 1244486

Is the gofundme for makeup and lashes?

No. 1244538

Nah best she can do is tattoo his initials on her face

lol sure seems like it!

I didn't think anything could get worse than her dated eyebrows that make her forehead look humongous but then she started wearing these

No. 1244542


I didn't think she could look even trashier, but bottle blonde always does it, kek.

No. 1244544

Nails & new tattoos as well!

No. 1244546

>Syd starts a nonspecific Gofundme
>immediately starts going shopping with Jonny and posting new stuff unrelated to any kind of work

I gues "keeping her happy and busy" means funding her shopping trips with her ~sexy celeb BF~ while her mom watches her sick infant & JC posts her face to his fans the whole time so she'll buy him shit, too.

Would explain him plugging the GFM if she's spending the money on him too.

No. 1244553

wait a minute… is her new "minnieskins" name supposed to be some weird take on the saying "skinny minnie"? if so, massive yikes

No. 1244565

File: 1622682131849.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1115x1742, 93A87A5B-0F64-49D5-A1F7-A5A8D7…)

Aaaand he’s back on her profile lol

No. 1244721

File: 1622693419263.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x1986, 427FF0C2-D4DA-4A80-970C-4A1ACB…)

These lashes are atrocious

No. 1244726

File: 1622693455669.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1996, 8B48D8D5-82C4-4691-BE4E-A9028E…)

Do they still live with her mom - is that her in the left of the video?

No. 1244830

File: 1622698703714.gif (167.21 KB, 500x290, 986B126E-1FA9-4C2F-99B4-886AB1…)

this is not a good look for her

No. 1244851

Did she ever end up posting her artwork she said she'd post yesterday?
Making that GFM was a scam I reckon because I don't think she's posted or shown any kind of interest in art.

No. 1244854

File: 1622701630033.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1992, E1EEEDED-122D-4136-9945-37682A…)

Nah, she’d rather spend the money on hair color

No. 1244932

There's no way Syd is taking care of Storm full time after all that public bullshit she and JC went through where they both made it obvious that online attention is more important than Storm (unless it's censored selfie time). I'd feel safe betting Syd's mom has st least temporary custody of him bc Syd is obviously not his primary caregiver if her priorities are ebegging and shoping. All Storm was to her was a way to make sure Jonny couldn't dump her for being crazy and ruining his life, not even he would've tolerated her ass without a baby involved.

How is it NOT a scam? There's no clear goal, she makes angry posts when her goal isn't met, then goes on a shopping spree with JC while they BOTH ebeg. Idk why these two greasy fat rats aren't being hung out to dry for acting like spoiled 12 year olds and neglecting their sick baby until selfie time. They treat him like a character they get to hang with IRL instead of their baby they care for.

No. 1244933

Poor lil guy has something on his leg, looks like plastic?

No. 1245060

His romper is unbuttoned at the bottom.

No. 1245075


I definitely get “mom and dad are visiting” vibes when I see them interact with their son. I can see Syd’s mom getting tired of raising her grandson and giving her an ultimatum, be it relinquish custody or GTFO. It’s always the couples who put all their trashy eggs in one basket during a pregnancy that end up to be the most uninformed, uncaring, performative, and neglectful parents. That baby would’ve been better off born to almost anyone else.

No. 1245079

Yeah that’s her mom

No. 1245179

File: 1622741979139.jpeg (268.04 KB, 1125x1792, 11E38B53-78E4-4C1A-8901-B7BDDC…)

This was his original caption to this post too, he changed it.

No. 1245183

Oh my god yes anon. I get those vibes too definitely. Is it just me or has it been so cringe seeing these videos they post of her with Storm? I get that babies grab/hit things out of excitement but Storm doesn’t seem to even look at either of them endearingly at all like I’ve seen most kids do with their parents. In the stories Syd is reading him a Dr. Suess book and he just keeps thrashing it and when she tried to kiss his face, he just turns away from her lmao it honestly just makes it so cringey. Sorry if this is considered nitpicking but I feel like it really shows that there’s no way Syd actually spends time with Storm and raises him as his mom. Her mom 100% does majority of the work for her. They definitely post videos and photos like this to use him as a pawn and look like the best parents evAr. “He loves his books so much!” as he proceeds to take no interest in it whatsoever and just smack it over and over, she’s so fake. It’s fucked up that they use him to try to make them look better on social media, I just feel so bad for him. I hope Syd’s mom is good to him and he at least has a good relationship with her growing up, she’s probably the only sane person in his life as far as we know.

No. 1245185

I bet she’s been bitching about it nonstop since Amanda did that. Pretty embarrassing for Jonny to even acknowledge her but he allows her to stay relevant so I guess he likes it. Syd is bad that’s for sure. Bad mom, bad person in general. Literally no one is jealous of that trainwreck.

No. 1245200

She's channeling a very specific British look lol.

No. 1245202

I'm just getting caught back up on this trainwreck and if I understand correctly Miss Skinny Minny has a GoFundMe so she can work on art projects? Presumably that she's going to be selling according to Jonny? How is she planning on doing that with a private Instagram account?

No. 1245203

The baby is clearly happy and doing well, no thanks to either Syd or Jonny. No way Storm lives with her or him either, all their selfies from "home" have Storm stuff everywhere, like little reminders of him that they wouldn't need if he were living there with them.

Yeah, but that has nothing to do with there being plastic on the skin of his leg. Most likely it's left over from his recent surgery where they probably had a line in his leg or something.

Also thinking about it, I doubt Syd took him to that surgery, she was probably begging for the ride to the station to ride along with her mother and Storm for selfie opportunities. If Syd doesn't have custody, she wouldn't be the one taking him to his surgeries, his guardian would be.

No. 1245207

While I have no doubt most of this is true, his attention span at his age isn’t exactly made for books right now. Especially Dr. Seuss books that are like 70 pages long. They want to get into shit and explore.

I don’t follow her on IG so I didn’t see the story honestly. But a 1 year old not being into books isn’t a parenting thing.

No. 1245209

Since the GFM all she's posyed have been bodymods, makeup and hairdye. It's literally just to hand her pocket money, she would have to consider herself a work of art lwhich clearly she does) to justify suddenly blowing money on only herself and Jonny after starting a vauge GFM for "art supplies" to "keep her happy & busy" without any evidence of her buying art supplied or creating anything "artistic" other than selfies.

No. 1245213

Love how fast she dropped the tacky blonde after anons said it made her somehow look trashier… for an even trashier cut & color! Never change, Syd.

No. 1245219

Syd's only goal is to freeload through life while being praised and complimented on a loop and getting as much attention as possible. Agree that she only had Storm to trap Jonny with her, she doesn't even care about their baby beyond pretending to be in love with him for Mom points on social media. When hebwas a newborn and Syd clearly was taking care of him, he was skinny and she looked like a fat, sloppy mess. She decided her image and online life as "Jonny Craig's (fake) Wife" were more important than sacrificing her precious sleep, bodymods and internet time and putting him first. I bet she only censors his face because she would get pissy if he got too many comments calling him cute vs her.

I'm glad Storm is with her mom, he looks much healthier and happier now than when he was stuck in the trainwreck he was born into. But fuck Syd forever for having ansick baby just to chain herself to a deadbeat junkie for eclout and to lay on her ass. I don't think it gets any lower or trashier than that.

No. 1245220

She doesn’t censor his face, we do. She uses him like an accessory. He’s so cute too. Poor kid.

No. 1245298

Literally cheap Halloween costume lashes that you buy at Party City.

No. 1245667

File: 1622780904178.jpg (352.5 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20210604-002102__01…)

Syd legit died her hair like last night and it's so washed out already. Guess her hair is so damaged it won't even take the color. Like what a waste of that GFM money retard. You're hair looks like dog shit. Have fun on your movie date that's been funded by innocent donors. Ur an whole ass POS.

No. 1245680

Their crackhead relationship saga reminds me of Bam Margera and his wife

No. 1245688

Loool true

No. 1245729

Maybe someone can record it…on JCs IG stories syd is smoking a cigarette. Kind of pisses me off because her kid has some sort of health issue and it makes me think she was smoking while pregnant. I hope I’m wrong cause fuck women who do that shit. Literally no excuse.

No. 1245736

You sure it wasn’t a joint? She def smokes weed. Also I find it curious that they are in Sacramento at the moment. I thought they lived in San Jose? (I’ve lived in both cities hence how I knew where they were based on that story)

No. 1245825

With all his girlfriends he always tries to take pics like this to prove to people and his exes that he’s in a healthy happy relationship. Any halfway reasonable adult can see right thru this crap and see how performative it is.

No. 1245869

I thought that and watched it a couple times and if definitely looks like a cigarette and she’s holding it like a cigarette, not a joint.

No. 1245870

He also added sac town to his bio? I have a feeling he took off there and she left her kid behind to be with him and they just go visit him at her moms. That kid is nothing to these pieces of garbage. All they need is their shitty tattoos, piercings, ugly clothes, hair dye, cigs and drugs. Grow tf up already.

No. 1245871

File: 1622816144780.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x2203, F4F7CB38-9346-4257-AF08-23127D…)

No. 1245886

she looks like an absolute mess here oh no

No. 1246010

I wish I still lived in Sacramento because spotting them in the wild would be hilarious. She literally looks like the crackheads who hang out at Cesar Chavez park

No. 1246137

I’m just picturing her walking around with him in public like people should recognize him lololol. Imagine being proud to be with someone as obnoxious as Jonny Craig. She seems like the type who would go as far to say “do you know who he is?“ if she doesn’t get her way

No. 1246249

Wow she looks like she’s on drugs or drunk here. What a hot mess

No. 1246305

File: 1622856002417.png (1.23 MB, 1440x1080, Tentacle-Vision_097.png)

She looks like a hunched old grandma

No. 1246629

File: 1622878119808.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x2010, 185C596F-9BA1-4746-B329-A5A860…)

No. 1246646

Her constant humblebragging about how everything is too big or she's too smol is so trashy and gross. Syd, you aren't that small and you're only thing because you probably developed postpartum anorexia when Jonny posted your giant ass on Insta. No way your baby would have gotten that skinny unless you were starving yourself and him as a result to stay uwu. What a disgrace of a woman, 30 years old, abandoned her son after tattooing his initial on her face for her planklike "figure" and hairdye and still acting like an unsupervised 12 year old trashy scenetard.

No. 1246650

How does someone who gets to lay around all day every day and do whatever she wants look so old and worn out? She could be getting all the beauty sleep she needs and have one hella skincare routine, yet she chooses to cake her face and look like a glazed 40 year old midwestern pack-a-day rockabilly barcrawler?

No. 1246670

Shes so into herself it’s disgusting. She can’t post about anything without posting a stupid body check video of her making dumb faces or an equally dumb selfie. She the type of person to be like “RIP my grandma” but then posts a pic of herself and her bug leg eyelashes and how smol she is

No. 1246774

She really can’t go to a show of any kind without claiming she’s friends with the band. This one may be true since they have like no following, but 100% attention whore status. I get so much second hand embarrassment watching her post. I wonder if Jonny ever tells her to settle her fucking panties when it comes to any band dude she gets the slightest bit of attention from.

No. 1246783

Why does it matter if I was a joint or cig. She’s not pregnant anymore. I’m all for coming at a cow, but this is a reach. She drinks a beer and everyone flips there shit even though she hasn’t been pregnant in like a year.

No. 1246785

That is 100% a cig if you think that’s a joint you should kys

No. 1246813

It is a big deal IF storm still lives in the same house as her. An infant with medical conditions being exposed to secondhand smoke is shitty. You can’t tell me she would have the decency to not smoke around him. She cares about no one but herself.

No. 1246814

This. She only named hin what she did AND tatted his initials on her face to shit on Taylor. Storm was only a means to score Jonny so Syd can cloutchase and cuck him at the same time. Syd doesn't give a single fuck about Storm unless she gets likes on her selfies with him.

No. 1246858

Her kid was born with medical conditions that has required surgeries and they haven’t mentioned what exactly it is. That plus seeing her smoke a cigarette leads me to tinfoil she was smoking during her pregnancy and it is the likely cause of whatever is going on with him.

And like another anon said, a baby with medical issues shouldn’t be exposed to second hand or third hand cigarette smoke. Even if she smoked outside, she still brings smoke inside. There’s a reason why in some towns , cigarette smoking is banned within 25 or 50 feet from a business or building with other occupants.

No. 1247066

File: 1622928157121.webm (2.79 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_98…)

Sorry i downloaded/converted this last night but forgot to post it

No. 1247102

File: 1622930994015.png (6.47 MB, 1125x2436, 6F5BE578-FE86-4194-B2E7-629D32…)