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No. 987337


If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting jonny/syd in the TND thread

social media links:

No. 987340

Bless you anon. A compilation of old Jonny milk is in the first TND thread:

No. 987341

File: 1592164585315.png (3.24 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200610-101520.png)

I feel like this would fit better here?! But Johnny posted that statue on the 10th. I can't wait for Syd to have the baby. I feel like even though it's boy he will ditch her. I wouldnt be surprised ifn he tries to get back with Taylor since she was his meal ticket.

I find it pretty telling that he's barely spent time with Syd during her pregnancy.

No. 987343

File: 1592165373550.png (442.43 KB, 750x1334, F8306E4C-E1FD-415D-8FB7-47E252…)

Is someone able to understand what he’s trying to say here? Did he have a convo about Syd with another woman and Syd got jealous? (If that’s even true it was a conversation about Syd., I’m sure he’s sexting with other girls and cheating on her constantly)

No. 987344

Copy pasting that recap.

formally in bands dance gavin dance and emarosa. now has his own band slaves. recently lost label due to accusations
- is a known abuser, rapist and heroin addict
- tried to shoot up his ex girlfriend with heroin while laughing as she cried
- held a knife to another exes neck and raped her
- cheats on every single one of his girlfriends and calls them crazy when they speak out against him
- has been in rehab and hospital beds many times but continues to relapse
- is usually homeless and broke and leeches of his girlfriends, moving in with them quickly and using their money
- much older scandal, but he scammed hundreds of fans by selling macbooks and never sending them out. keeping the money to buy drugs
- has been in jail at least once

No. 987346

File: 1592165740440.png (429.35 KB, 750x1334, D3CC4782-AFB2-404A-B861-FE3F03…)

Sad if that’s your favorite memory of your time together. He doesn’t even recognize her while she’s hanging onto him, looking all smug into the camera. There is nothing to be smug about girl. It’s just sad man

No. 987347

File: 1592165980192.jpeg (75.65 KB, 750x403, 5EEC54DD-A0A6-4C36-BF1F-B3FFA0…)

This comment interaction screams abuse.. does she meant Jonny would have issues with her posting pictures like that?

No. 987348

No. 987349

I reckon Syd is jealous that he is talking to his friend’s gf while he tried to gaslight her that they are mainly talking about her and its not “too friendly” according to jonny

No. 987358

That post A made in the TND threads should be in here too, to let everyone know how crazy that bitch sydney is

No. 987372

Bless you anon, finally the bullshit can stop in the TND thread.

Anyway people were wondering why Syd and Jonny are so public about their fights when him and TND weren’t, and my tinfoil is he was able to keep Taylor quiet because he had so much dirt on her, in addition to supposedly having her login info obviously. Tay had everything to lose by airing out their dirty laundry where Syd has nothing. On the flip side Jonny had to keep his mouth shut about Taylor because he also had shit to lose at the time (still in Slaves touring claiming he was sober) and she was his piggy bank. Syd doesn’t provide shit for him until their son is born and she starts using him as a bargaining chip.

If you look back at Jonny’s history with his exes, he loves publicly attacking them. Taylor was the exception, not the rule, and he’s back to his old tricks considering Syd is a lot more like Chelsea and the rest than she is like Taylor.

(Sorry for longpost, I’ve had a lot to say that I wasn’t going to derail TND thread for)

No. 987373

And samefag, but I 1000% believe that that’s exactly what Syd will do when her son is born. She’ll flip between threatening JC that he’ll never see his son again to being all “woe is me he abandoned us I can’t believe he would leave me alone with his newborn son.” Because the bitch ain’t stable.

No. 987384

File: 1592173181629.png (784.25 KB, 941x603, dramamama.png)

It's about this woman, who supposedly ran to Syd to say that JC was flirting with her. Her boyfriend Dillon is friends with Jonny and I guess he ghosted her in the past couple of days.

No. 987385

File: 1592173278283.png (182.35 KB, 482x843, dramamama2.png)

No. 987393

After I quit Taylor's thread i forgot all about these Tards. I feel bad for the baby

No. 987454

File: 1592180317891.jpg (203.22 KB, 768x808, 20200614_201611.jpg)

glad this was made, thanks anon! i find syd and jc much more entertaining and i have a feeling the milk will be flowing soon.

No. 987490

These two hood rats are way milkier than TND. TNDs thread has been nothing but her identical wall of texts and rehab tinfoil. Glad this thread was made!


I would put money down on the tinfoil hes cheating on syd. We all know what a scumbag is and I'm sure her histrionic, bpd-esqu behavior drives him up the wall. She's no better than Taylor honestly, just a smaller platform with less stans to sick on people. Iirc, didnt syd think she was in lolcows good graces when they first got together? I seem to remember her posting @ lolcow in her stories. Anons were gassing her up with shit like
>Wow she looks like tay but prettier
And she thought we were all rooting for her or some shit. Considering Johnny knows about the threads, do you think she will end up wking her self here a là Victoria?

No. 987493

Post it then.

Eh, I think most anons that said she's prettier than Taylor just did it to make Taylor jealous lol. I personally do think she's a bit cuter but that's mostly because Tayter just ruined her appearance

No. 987498

File: 1592184664841.jpg (47.95 KB, 828x1472, 103816287_166149444912025_7346…)

I'm with the gaslighting anons honestly.
>some chicks just mad they got dudes who really care

The absolute state of this neanderthal, kek.
I agree, but It definitely went over syds head. For a hot second there she was riding the high of "winning" jc and being the "better version." I noticed she tried really hard to be the ~smol kindhearted peacewarrior~ type. Now every story is bitchy and angsty, airing their dirty laundry, or passively aggressive vagueposting.

No. 987517

Why are they even in long distance atm or whatever? I can't remember what the deal was with that.

No. 987531

iirc he’s out of state working on music.

No. 987558

I hate “son we created” with a relationship that sounds like they haven’t even left high school with the cod and the hoodies. It just sounds so unnatural

No. 987561

Samefag but I missed this detail through all the “don’t post about them in this thread” posts. You don’t need to leave the state to work on music. Recording, mixing, mastering, can all be done remotely if you really wanted to stay with your pregnant gf. I bet on cheating

No. 987593

Nothing like watching Jonny repeating the same gaslighting shit he did with his exes. Does this r-tard not understand flirting/cheating is a type of abuse too? They are so white trash, I love it!

No. 987595

Yeah, I don't even know about cheating in particular but seems like this music-gig deal could easily be an excuse for him to avoid being around her. Doesn't vouch very well for his fatherly instincts, does it? But hey, we knew that about Jonny already.

No. 987701

i'm glad this thread is here, i'd been checking tayters thread for these two clowns tbh. i feel so bad for this baby.

No. 987727

Same! I know its annoying to see them being pull into tayter thread but the thought of taylor lurking this thread makes it so much better!

No. 987728

File: 1592242324968.png (370.57 KB, 750x1334, 4E48E611-31A8-4BE4-B85F-060E65…)

No. 987730

File: 1592242419549.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 6BFA0125-B456-4ADB-95B6-6CB110…)

No. 987734

File: 1592242460452.png (454.18 KB, 750x1334, 6DF08BCB-FA25-40F7-8983-E6C2CF…)

No. 987735

does she not know she wont have that body anymore after ruining it because she got pregnant with a thumb faced manlet kek

No. 987737


lol, she doesn't even have that body anymore and never will again. Just ew. This girl is such a raging, unlikable bitch. How does a complete nobody before Jonny come off with such an attitude like she's hot shit?

No. 987745

Yeah and what I also don’t get.. what does she expect happens after the baby is born? They are long distance, barely seeing each other, still constantly fighting on Twitter. And they were together for a minute when she got pregnant. When he leaves her alone while being pregnant and still expected to be in the “honeymoon” phase of your relationship.. does she really think it’s going to magically change after the conception? That he somehow then will be around? If she really believes that she will be in for a surprise

No. 987748

I feel really bad for her, she'll probably have to deal with a severe postpartum depression on top of having to care for a newborn. Johnny is fucking scum.

No. 987751

why would you feel bad for her? she literally got pregnant cause she was lonely and getting old lmfao. the only victim here is the kid that these idiots are putting into the world.

No. 987753

>These two hood rats are way milkier than TND.
For sure, Taylor is a fairly generic (aside from the animal hoarding) self-centered attention whore whereas Johnny destroys everything he touches in a spectacular way.
Hopefully she dumps the kid off with family before she and Johnny have the opportunity to do permanent damage.
She doesn't deserve your sympathy; in addition to making aggressively bad decisions, based on what her ex has said she is a vile human being.

No. 987757

She’s so…flabby. Skinny fat. With her flabby pancake tits she has to pull up to give them any volume at all

She’s going to have loose skin and stretch marks like crazy.

No. 987771

Syd is so deluded if she thinks her body is going to be exactly the same after giving birth. She won’t have the energy or time to take time for herself too because Johnny will not be there to help lmao

No. 987801

What's her due date? I'm sure the real drama will be 2 months after the baby's born and stops being new.
Should we start a pool for how quick he "takes a break" from his new family?

No. 987805

I’ll give it 5 months only because it’s a boy and will probably put in the tiniest bit of effort at the start. If it was a girl he would of bolted already.

No. 987806

THIS person is about to be a mother? real fucking mature fighting with instagram haterz

No. 987821

Lmao its funny because in the TND posts sydneys ex said that not even a couple of months before she got with JC she was hitting him up trying to get back with him… what a human peice of garbage lmao. Imagine being that lonely.

No. 987839

Don’t you know you don’t ruin your body after pregnancy. Like she will be covered in stretch marks but that’s about it. Not ruined…

No. 987853

>saggy belly
>saggy tits
>tummy pooch
>huge nipples
it definitely won't look like it did here
>>987730 anymore. especially because i doubt she will have time to work out to get her body back to pre-pregnancy weight, considering she will be a single mom and all

No. 987987

File: 1592281533910.jpeg (637.78 KB, 1125x2011, 0F6B1A33-596F-4C48-A9AF-F435E5…)

Lyrics that are rumored to be about JC:

Ditch it fist bastard
Cancel all your fans
They're passed out in the pasture
Sucking up the spam
You look just like a person
But missing all the man
When life becomes a burden
Just pull a fucking scam

No. 987988

Oh shit me, this manlet is going to be a dad? Fuck what a terrible life choice.

No. 987992

he's naming the kid stormtrooper

No. 988018

tinfoil: jc isn’t with sydsoretarded right now because he relapsed

No. 988037

Relapsed? Anon he never quit the H lol. Despite whatever hes telling syd.

No. 988040

Anon he is already a dad. Not his first child.

No. 988048

Is there any signs we could see if he is on the H? I remember chelsea were saying he always covers his scabs with hat/cap and combs his hair down. He seems to be not doing that atm so not sure if any anon could enlighten if there is any signs to catch

No. 988094

how's he gonna abuse the kid with a retarded name before it's even born, jesus. i know this is something he's talked about doing anyways, but /actually/ doing it is a whole other thing. i hope they just name the kid Storm and leave it at that, christ.

plus if sydsostretched (in the stomach and pussy after giving birth) lets him name their kid stormtrooper…..she doesn't give a shit lol

No. 988128

Imagine waiting all your life for a boy and then naming him storm trooper. JC got daddy issues and having a boy won't solve em, cause he'll still be a shit dad, its unfortunate.

No. 988130

They're naming him Storm Parker Monroe Craig"

No. 988138

overall i just hope the kid is physically healthy. it’s not the child’s fault he has such useless parents. i wonder if long term heroin use negatively affects sperm?

No. 988164

oh thank god

No. 988536

File: 1592427990414.jpeg (565.09 KB, 750x1135, 32D26B3F-9A1E-4CE8-ABE1-A54AAC…)

No. 988537

File: 1592428023288.jpeg (410.46 KB, 750x691, 581DE730-BF31-457C-AC4E-948E69…)

And the love bombs continues…

No. 988551

File: 1592428797550.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200617-005308.png)

She's definitely lurking. Gotta work off that icecream syd(newfag)

No. 988562

She's literally 8 months pregnant, maybe don't nitpick over ice cream? Lrn 2 reply, also.

No. 988602

I do feel bad for syd though, read this I kinda just want to give her a hug then tell her to get therapy.

No. 988611

i fucking don't feel bad for her one bit, she posted an old pre-preg photo and said "probably hella jealous i look better than you ever will". she does not deserve a hug. therapy, for sure. she willingly went into a relationship with a known rapist and junky and got pregnant months after they met thinking she could change him. tinfoil but also sounds like a possible eating disorder if she feels guilty for eating ice cream and has to walk it off when she's 8 months pregnant. baby jesus help this child

No. 988639


Just wait until she turns cunt mode on one of her insta stories and that sympathy will go away real quick.

No. 988665

Not that anon but idk, seeing her act bitchy over that shit makes me even more sad for her. People like Johnny are hollow and have a black hole of a heart that can never be healed, and this girl is going to suffer because she was to proud and dumb to admit she should've stayed away. I'm not trying to protect or pity her, I'm just curious in a bad way how her downfall is going to play out. Cuz it's inevitable at this point.

No. 988846

Same anon… I feel like she has been through some shit to act like that sometimes.

I am not defending that she is not a complete narc too, but I think you have to be really damage to cling on to jonny like that. Plus… there is literally no upside/happy ending waiting for her on the other side with that man-child. So yes I do feel somewhat sorry for her

No. 988853

File: 1592478954360.jpeg (109.9 KB, 750x352, C13A493B-FCB4-47F2-9EA0-DAB067…)

I really hate that Jonny’s endearing nickname for her is a slur for little people….. they are SO beyond white trash sometimes

No. 988859


Anons don’t be fools, she has a history of acting like an abusive cunt for no reason. She thinks she’s hot and can get away with being a bitch, that’s it. Syd has finally met her toxic match in Johnny, and she’s going to end up fat with a bratty child like every other mean girl you went to high school with. She’s not special or worth your pity.

No. 988898

i still dont understand why her username is sydsosmall when shes kind of chunker irl

No. 988904

especially since she’ll be sydsostretched the further into her pregnancy she gets. I doubly she’s going to have a bounce-back body at all.

No. 988905

kek I hope her belly ring hole gets all stretched and freaky looking

No. 988955

File: 1592497817693.jpeg (130.28 KB, 1242x563, C240F9D5-0E05-4D4C-9751-DB8934…)

Because just like every other Instagram thot she wants to be small and tiny and can’t admit that she isn’t actually that small, especially after she has this baby. Time for a new username syd, also wonder who copied who here?

No. 988962

because there's literally nothing else interesting about her. She has zero personality. After this kid is born, her entire personality and identity is gonna be 'mommy' which she'll play up even more when Johnny eventually leaves.

No. 989291

File: 1592529280583.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1106x1909, 9CF3CC6E-ECAF-4543-8CD0-4BB588…)

No. 989292

File: 1592529308278.jpeg (297.57 KB, 1125x1980, AB165F46-1CD0-41C1-B4C5-A20922…)

How long til the love bombing starts?

No. 989293

File: 1592529355790.jpeg (240.17 KB, 1125x2304, 41AE514B-3FA2-4257-B008-A688BA…)

It must feel great to be in your 20s/30s with a kid on the way and post passive aggressive shit like a high schooler

No. 989294

File: 1592529453211.jpeg (314.55 KB, 1102x1840, F7C51F98-314C-4CA8-BCAA-036445…)

now her last one is deleted and this replaced it

No. 989295

File: 1592529525554.jpeg (182.94 KB, 1125x722, B3F4AAAA-AA18-487D-BEE5-D97D31…)

No. 989298

I don't understand, they post passive aggressive shit in their stories, but then their actual posts are about how much they love and adore each other?

No. 989309

With Syd having BPD and 5150'd over a dozen times, I can see where this is going lmao. Next comes the abuse. Watching this shit show is funnier than TV, honestly.

No. 989372

Nitpick, but her eyebrows are atrocious.

No. 989408

File: 1592562245863.png (141.65 KB, 750x1334, F400449B-A065-464D-B64E-D5848A…)


No. 989442

She deleted her response comments lmfao

No. 989751

Wtf.. they really are like high school kids playing mind games.

No. 989902

File: 1592626439637.jpeg (535.43 KB, 1125x2092, EE0EDBC0-C0E2-4A4F-B2BE-40A36D…)

What a miserable person she must be

No. 989950

File: 1592640440651.jpeg (215 KB, 750x394, 329D52BA-2044-4084-8926-378768…)

Guess this is relevant to include in here now.

No. 989958

File: 1592643940628.png (209.55 KB, 1125x2436, 762BDF6A-F4BC-40E9-8FC2-357354…)

doesn’t this get old to her? reminds me of fucking highschool me and shes like what 27?

No. 990020

I feel sorry for the people that dated this crazy bitch before this happened. I can only imagine lmao

No. 990147

File: 1592680517738.png (461.12 KB, 828x1792, BD911DE8-376A-46FE-94F0-77D9B1…)

the hypocrisy of saying this shit while your baby daddy is jonny fucking craig lmao. cow status achieved.

No. 990177

File: 1592683114714.png (854.52 KB, 1242x2688, D96E783E-836E-4390-8376-1BD777…)

No. 990188

File: 1592685005088.png (342.87 KB, 1125x2436, 543EA45A-28CC-4F38-A8D9-603EC0…)

She already deleted this

No. 990194

Tf does she mean by task lmao

No. 990197

Can we get an ip check to see how many times Taylor posted here?

No. 990209

File: 1592687693801.png (296.7 KB, 1125x2436, 91D310FB-F457-4F9D-8BB8-4EC718…)

i don’t think taytay is posting here tbh, syd is just retarded as fuck

also lol. “moving on” then shut the fuck up maybe? god i feel bad for this baby

No. 990227


She’s not wrong about Taylor but obsessing over haters on Instagram like she does isn’t exactly normal either. She’s no better than anyone she’s calling psycho.

No. 990231

Agree. I don’t think Taylor is involved in this. I’m OP of this thread & I can confirm that there are people all over Twitter (particularly opinion twitter, people who talk about folks such as Acacia Brinley & other mommy vloggers) have picked up on Syd being a massive psycho and cow. It’s bigger than Tay. Getting knocked up by an abusive addict draws an audience.

No. 990346

File: 1592704938349.jpeg (388.22 KB, 1125x1964, FEF6915D-4E7E-466D-9366-0997E7…)

No. 990368

"my girl changed all the things you couldn't" bahaha that's gonna hit tay hard

No. 990386

You think it's true though? Syd didn't change shit. It's impossible.

No. 990391

File: 1592710809963.png (92.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200621-003052.png)

No. 990392

File: 1592710832650.png (481.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200621-003115.png)

No. 990404


Mad she didn’t end up with a broke ass bitch who is uglier than sin? Honestly she probably is mad but she shouldn’t be.

No. 990426


lmao @ this bitch talkin about being above addicts. at least addiction is a mental disorder.. last time i checked, there's no medical diagnosis for purposely getting knocked up by a famously abusive ugly little asshole who lives in a gaming chair. oh, and is also an addict

fuckin terminal stupidity

No. 990442

No i don’t but I think it’ll get under tays skin and bother her

No. 990471

They all have mental disorder anon…. they all need therapy and need to properly grow the fuck up

No. 990511

She has BPD though

No. 990623

lets be real, i give this chick a year before she starts using too just like tnd

No. 990630

same i have no idea what's going on

No. 990654

File: 1592757939805.png (96.71 KB, 1319x694, screenshot01.png)

Old milk from thread >>>/pt/743273

Sydney's ex talking about how Syd is unmedicated bipolar and BPD, has not been able to hold down a job, and has no money/nothing to her name. Interesting to read in perspective to the white trash online drama we're seeing now. That kid is already fucked and it hasn't even been born yet.

No. 990655

File: 1592757975843.png (8.53 KB, 831x200, screenshot02.png)

No. 990656

File: 1592758088018.jpg (61.38 KB, 720x538, 1577872206572.jpg)

No. 990660


There's a lesson in there: change your phone number if you have a crazy ex then they can't contact you years later with their crazy shit.

No. 990685

I feel like Syd is the one spamming the thread lmao

No. 990689

Probably so. What else does she have to do?

No. 990690

Just report the spam, that's all we can do lol.

No. 990799

all this unchecked mental illness shit is so ridiculous..

knowing that your boyfriend is abusive, presumably even before you get with him, and just choosing to ignore that is INSANE. not to blogpost but i know plenty of people with BPD and none of them are that fuckin crazy. finding out mid-relationship and staying is a very different scenario imo, i've seen it happen multiple times because the guy already has already sunk his teeth in and can lie and manipulate his way out of anything at that point. but everyone knew about JC. it's like choosing to become buddies with fuckin kevin spacey in 2020.

she seems like the type to hide behind mental illness as a cover to be a fucking horrible person. exactly the same as JC uses his addiction as an excuse for his past actions. BPD absolutely has to be fucking managed exactly the same as addiction and other disorders or you people will end up getting hurt. simple as that.

instead of managing it, she allowed her symptoms to run rampant and deluded herself into thinking she was creating a new life out of love, when she just kept the baby out of insecurity and spite, knowing full well JC is not fit to be a father to ANOTHER child, but hoped that keeping it would give her leverage to keep the asshole around. i just desperately hope she is a good mother by some miracle. no child deserves to grow up in this situation.

No. 990819

File: 1592771935561.png (270.62 KB, 625x526, u cant make this shit up.png)

pouring one out for the poor kid he forgot about tonight if anyone wants to join

No. 991031

wow. The balloons in the background say it all. It's because it's a boy. Little girl didn't count, I guess. That is some messed up shit.

No. 991064

File: 1592785456647.png (407.46 KB, 750x1334, B8F3CCBA-9E75-44A8-902A-DF2238…)

Just in case she didn’t get the memo…

No. 991170

I'm not WK but there is plausible deniability on JC's side, since legally he isn't recognized as the father. Iirc, his baby mama chose not to pursue anything because of international issues & bc she recognized her baby was better off without the abusive creep JC if he was the father.

No. 991313

Thats correct legally speaking. However, being the POS he is, he gave out her name in an interview and people found her social medias which pretty much confirmed it b/c her daughter bore a very close resemblance. Thankfully, it never escalated further and, as far as I know, his daughter is still unaware of who he is.

No. 991494

is this 30-something junkie trying to imply that he depends on insta-thots in their 20's to change him? What a goddamn loser.

No. 992437

Says SHE has the same number, which makes me believe she somehow found his phone number out. And contacted her ex. If that's true thats disturbing on many levels.

No. 992441

wait wasn't she hitting up HER ex 2-3 months before this whole JC thing happened?

No. 992481

>Call me A
Signs off -Antwan

Glad that we finally got round to calling her shit behaviour out. IIRC we were cutting her slack in the TND thread?

No. 992498

No we weren’t I think everyone knew syd is problematic in the first place. But fhe ex just confirms that she needs to be medicated, but she refuse to get help. So yes - Jonny, Syd and tay are peas in a pod.

No. 992500

Jonny did the same when he was trying to get with Tay as well I think he was still keeping his ex - Liz while trying to get on with tater. So wont be surprise they are all shitty people jumping into a relationship together

No. 992618

I'm still inclined to take that with a grain of salt. The time frame is 14 to 19 years old. Bipolar can be diagnosed <18 but BPD cannot. Someone can fully wild out as a teenager and still come around to being a moderately well-adjusted and not mentally ill adult. That doesn't seem to be the case for Syd, but. Just devil's advocatin'

The shit about cutting her wrists in front of him is obv fucked up though.

No. 992915

Who posted that about Jonny? Himself? I’m confused

No. 993212

File: 1592974871534.jpeg (92.15 KB, 750x381, A0ECCEBE-99E8-4AF3-8917-74DB05…)

Guess Syd is gonna be moving to Arizona. I’m sure she’s thrilled lmao.

No. 993301

“Over 2 rooms” lmfao sounds like a great family home for someone who always brags how his shoes cost more than his exes rent

No. 993330

It's trailer fabulous.

No. 993534

Did he ever had his own apartment/house to his name? Or did he always live in his fathers basement or tagging along his ex girlfriends?

No. 993545

File: 1593006176478.jpeg (183.25 KB, 1125x1999, 8324301E-52F0-4BE7-8261-FBF996…)

No. 993650

Girl, you should shut the fuck up. About to bring a child into the world and still acting like a middle schooler on the internet. Embarrassing.

No. 993916

Phx anon here. I've seen him on local show flyers. There are a lot of independent recording studios, it's possible we have mutuals, ick.
I might have to attend a show, I've never seen a cow IRL. Won't speak to him or cowtip, no worries anons. He might mean 2bedrooms, there aren't a ton of studio apartments (in my experience) outside of student housing.
I feel bad for Syd, pregnant and moving to Arizona in the middle of summer, it's going to be 111F/44C here tomorrow.

No. 993968

File: 1593032496679.png (262.09 KB, 750x1334, BC6F1D96-28DA-40D8-975E-30F7B7…)

No. 993970

File: 1593032582639.png (289.69 KB, 750x1334, AEA29C85-5982-4AE6-9B17-B37E05…)

I dont get it.. she could go private now and regulate her dm.. but of course she loves the attention too much and I m here for it.

No. 994094

Did Johnny cheat on her?

No. 994103

syd posted it on her story. other pic is his bio

No. 994158


I give it a week.

No. 994243

File: 1593056113142.jpeg (212.1 KB, 623x1133, ADC72895-F079-487A-A381-2ABB2A…)

It’s really weird that Anisa follows Syd. What would their relations even be? Syd is a nobody.
Is Anisa a JC Syd farmer, or am I reaching?
Sorry for off topic but it is weird.

No. 994246

I think it's been said before that Anisa lurks, so yeah this kinda confirms that.

No. 996984

Until MY son is born… yikes. Not even a team effort lmao

No. 997366

File: 1593299458228.png (423.51 KB, 750x1624, 8A2D0215-1BA8-4ED6-B826-69CD69…)

She’s a bully so it’s not surprising

No. 997730

She’s a piece of shit is what she is.

No. 997835

File: 1593357585663.png (263.94 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200628-181922.png)

No. 997950

Does anyone know when she’s due exactly?

No. 998199

If I remember right it was July 27th. The only reason I remember is because it’s my birthday.

No. 998396

lmaoooo shes got "public figure" in her bio now

No. 998517

getting busted in by a washed up junkie and being a cunt = 15 minutes of being a public figure

No. 999103

This is an image board

No. 999139

File: 1593514719321.jpeg (112.51 KB, 750x555, 51C6C946-95B3-4220-8A8C-C3E403…)

No. 999263

File: 1593532646670.png (206.75 KB, 750x1334, 4FC348D9-F3FA-43C4-A629-CF8991…)

I wonder if this is meant for Syd.

No. 999854

File: 1593560292401.png (395.37 KB, 750x1334, 4CE7DD05-74FC-4E57-B302-565EA1…)

Thought she wasn’t posting again till “after her son is born”.

No. 999871

Hard to believe these people aren’t in high school, they’re so immature

No. 1000139

File: 1593573421698.png (542.69 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200630-221646.png)

Tuesday apparently.

Also kek at Syd is still posting on insta like she never planned to stay away

No. 1000187

Wow. According to the timeline of her posts this would be a few weeks early. I bet Jonny wasn’t prepared. Are we taking bets now on if he’s gonna be there for the birth or not?

No. 1000317

He'll probably show up after the whole ordeal is done.

No. 1000370

File: 1593611171762.jpeg (205.13 KB, 1125x2024, C8DE09CB-B8AE-4164-94E1-A56ECD…)

I hope they got all the supplies they were begging people to buy for them from their registry

No. 1000605

I guarantee you he'll bounce once the baby starts "crying too much"

No. 1000688

File: 1593642762511.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 6FCC160F-230F-47D9-8A22-37EAD3…)


No. 1000739


Nothing worse than “pregnant chicks” thinking that letting some loser jizz in them means they can do whatever the fuck they want and all of us have to bow down to them. Being knocked up isn’t some special privilege.

No. 1000743

She just HAD to mention how uwu smol she is. And bitch you don’t deserve special treatment just because you’re short and didn’t use a condom

No. 1000888

Syd get the fuck over yourself. The world doesn't revolve around you. Just like the other anon said you aren't special for letting a junkie fiend rapist jizz in you.

No. 1000910

File: 1593670290217.png (372.64 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200702-005125.png)

Apparently all the dope has seriously fried his brain, but we already knew that.

Imagine feeling the need to announce that you're going to be living with your kid's mom for the first time during her final days of pregnancy. I definitely don't see him making it more than a couple/few months with Syd and a crying baby. Also wondering if she's really going to Arizona or if he's going to move in with her and her mom lol

No. 1001139

I am embarrassed for her

No. 1001611

File: 1593804556073.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 6D20719C-10FC-4DB1-80A1-D7792B…)

the “””photoshop””” on this to enhance the green has me ROLLING

No. 1001620

All of her tattoos are of other famous peoples autographs… imagine that lol. Btw, nice cankles

No. 1001660

Why is her head so fucking huge , piss poor editing?

No. 1001756

nah, her head is just naturally ginormous just like tay tay’s.

No. 1001954

baby yet anons?

No. 1001961

On babywatch aswell. Hope it's soon and hope they aren't going with that dumbass name.

No. 1001981

File: 1593843841816.jpeg (145.86 KB, 1125x1993, FDD0DDB5-AFD4-45AB-825C-840C0C…)

Of course he doesn’t want to wear a mask when he’s on a flight… why do something logical to protect your pregnant girlfriend and baby

No. 1001982

File: 1593843870092.jpeg (108.57 KB, 1125x2002, BDCEF78B-7DC9-4359-859B-DD06A5…)

No. 1001991

baby isn't due until tuesday

No. 1002128


…part 2! Not going to happen if Jonny and her are going to be together in person lol. She’ll be on there posting passive aggressive stuff soon.

No. 1002227

Can someone translate this to English for me?

No. 1002280

"These people are wearing dumb paper-thin masks, why did I bother wearing a thicker one"

No. 1003488

File: 1594107644474.png (240.39 KB, 750x1334, FE56C407-7BC6-4387-AA03-388C0A…)

Lol always complaining.

No. 1003539

She really is so negative. I thought you were logging off social media, sydnotsosmall?

No. 1003545

File: 1594127117847.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1992, 9E82A2AE-15BD-4612-A426-A4EA0A…)

This is definitely a hospital

No. 1003552

He did say Tuesday. Must be a scheduled c section?

No. 1003672

File: 1594144970489.png (520.38 KB, 750x1334, 7C097BE0-133C-4C48-AE1B-2A08F1…)

Imagine posting shit like this while in actual labor.

No. 1003674

File: 1594145016050.png (23.2 KB, 594x256, bff.png)

>"wasnt he BFF with that disgusting shane dawson dude?"

Like you're one to talk…

No. 1003694

Can’t wait for Taytay’s nonchalant return after the baby makes a social media appearance. She’s probably getting high off her tits right now to deal with it. Has anyone tweeted at Mama Dean her new bestie’s track marks?

No. 1003815

File: 1594176199480.png (380.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200707-224126.png)

No. 1003836

File: 1594182611518.jpeg (121.43 KB, 1125x1988, B5C8A66D-F995-42A1-BE91-29E49C…)

No. 1003838

Hope the kid is okay. With these cryptic idiots it’s hard to tell wtf is going on.

No. 1003840


What do you think happened?

1. He chickened out
2. Something is wrong with the baby
3. Relapse

No. 1003855

File: 1594192510669.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, BD524808-DA7C-42E9-9ED4-3A0276…)

I don’t think it’s much of anything other than Jonny relapsing, or being a dumbass

No. 1003857

who knows. she could be crying over the fact that he didn't bring her her favorite candy to eat and she's crying that she told him to leave. They sound like children

No. 1003871

File: 1594197847006.jpeg (185.82 KB, 1125x2011, AE8C9D87-B486-4C57-B32B-EB90C9…)

No. 1003880

God, I wish the best for their child. He has the most selfish, childish, self absorbed parents possible…

No. 1003886

Exactly: imagine being born to two grown adults who hold passive aggressive arguments through Instagram story posts. That little Storm Trooper is fucked before he’s even out. Sorry little dude.

No. 1003953

I think that it's something wrong with the baby, but minor, but Johnny is going to use that as an excuse to leave anyway.

No. 1004045

I think he chickened out. He knows he’d be a shitty father and doesn’t want the responsibility. Probably refused to sign the birth certificate so he won’t have to pay child support when he leaves. Don’t think if something was wrong with the baby syd would be spewing drama on ig right now. I know she’s a shitty person but I think she’d put the baby first over this asshole. She’s been fed up for awhile.

No. 1004050

File: 1594226120080.jpeg (205.2 KB, 1242x2279, 20AC1815-9294-4C14-9DC8-DC374F…)

No. 1004236

I’m betting…
A. The baby is a girl LOL
Or B. Baby is a different race or looks NOTHING like Jonny.
I’ve been wondering this whole time if Jonny was really the father. Syd is the type of person who would convince him that she is just to keep him or say that she “won.” It’s weird that Jonny spent YEARS with several other girls and none of them got pregnant. Maybe they were on BC and I’m just tinfoiling, idk. But that would definitely be a plot twist.

No. 1004373

If he thinks not signing the birth certificate means no child support, he is even dumber than he thinks. States don’t play.

No. 1004626

Do you guys reckon this time next year Syd and Jonny will be broken up and she probably move in with her mom and raise the kid herself. Just like all jonny’s exes…

No. 1004627

Doesn’t she already live with her mom?

No. 1004628

File: 1594286204470.jpeg (324.39 KB, 1125x739, C177D26E-0563-472C-BFC1-F81FAC…)

No. 1004630

Do you guys reckon this time next year Syd and Jonny will be broken up and she probably move in with her mom and raise the kid herself. Just like all jonny’s exes…

No. 1004715

Yeah no doubt about that. Good luck, you're fucked, Syd.

No. 1004889

100% of the people who post this kind of shit have the most bottom of the barrel fucked up shithouse lives

No. 1004931

Is he Bipolar that we know of? This is honestly written like how a manic person tweets.

No. 1004937

He’s a drug user.

No. 1004942

honestly i think it's just projection anon. he's overcompensating. he doth protest too much

No. 1005000


He usually tweets this "#BLESSED" shit when he's not spiraling

No. 1005046

eyeroll @ JC tbh. hope the baby is ok. do we know anything?
samefag as the anon you replied to, i'm aware hes a drug user, it doesn't really answer my question.

No. 1005059

Being an addict is an “illness” in itself apparently. It’s usually safe to say the neurotypical doesn’t just start shooting h one day for the fuck of it.

No. 1005170

Is it possible the baby could have been born with drugs in its system?

No. 1005171

how the fuck do you expect anyone here to know that? we can’t exactly piss test Syd.

No. 1005194

If you’re asking that cuz of Jonny then no, there’s absolutely no way. And Syd may be a lot of things but I don’t think she does drugs. I do wonder if something is wrong tho. Cuz Jonny said he was gonna post “so many pics”. It’s three days since the birth now. I wonder what’s going on.

No. 1005227

It’s possible cuz she smokes weed. (Per her insta profile)

No. 1005260

If any drugs even weed is in her system the doctors test for it. CPS will get involved and put the baby in next of kin's custody if both parents test positive for anything.

No. 1005273


I've been curious too, but it's possible that the baby's just not born yet. He posted one photo that looks like a hospital, but that's not proof of a birth. I saw someone upthread saying it's still ahead of schedule, despite his confusing post about baby time.

If the birth actually happened and they still haven't posted, that's a big sign something went wrong. But we might just be getting ahead of ourselves.

No. 1005295

File: 1594413848043.png (574.63 KB, 750x1334, 54658EF0-90CD-41C8-8961-F63926…)

I remember posting shit like this when I was 12 and going thru a scene girl phase. Lol what a strange girl.

No. 1005300

Or they are just busy with, you know, having a baby. Maybe reality has hit and they’ve realised some things can be done offline. Kek.

No. 1005313

But they're still posting?

No. 1005330

Tinfoil that JC is going to take it way more seriously than Syd-not-sosmall. She’s going to meltdown fully and he’ll end up the the kid.

No. 1005343

There’s no way these two ego maniac narcissists would not blow up their stories with pictures immediately for attention and praise.

No. 1005348

My opinion is that Jonny showed up high to the delivery and sid or her mom kicked him out

No. 1005353

If you tell everyone you’re having a baby in the next few days, then start vagueposting about things being wrong but refusing to elaborate on whether mom & baby are okay, you know exactly what you’re doing. It’s shitty and manipulative.

No. 1005619

You don’t even pay your bills Syd. Your mom does. You’re a loser, just like JC. Better get a job soon cuz that baby deserves more financially than you two poor excuses of parents can provide him. That poor child. He will never know stability. She should just give him up.

No. 1005620

File: 1594506005529.png (847.9 KB, 750x1334, C9E0E4EC-448C-40AB-88AA-3EA981…)

Don’t know why this didn’t post with that.

No. 1005827

File: 1594551650848.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x2235, F5DDCD6C-F4B6-4B93-A404-5547FE…)

I don’t think she actually had the baby. This was posted by Jonny the day he was at the hospital.

Have a feeling he was there for himself and not for the baby being born. Unless it was a weird random repost?

No. 1005883

I think this is an old pic based on his face tattoos

No. 1005971

File: 1594577497766.jpg (36.75 KB, 1085x338, Capture123.JPG)

looks like they did have the baby.

No. 1006017

"so far hes beautiful"
Yikes. That sounds like such a weird thing to say about your own child to me.

No. 1006034

Same… such an odd comment to make

No. 1006038

Retarded ass nitpick. Every parent, especially one who thinks they have fame and want to “keep things low key” say “oh the baby’s healthy and beautiful!!!” I bet money you’d call your child beautiful too.

No. 1006042

I think it was the 'so far' bit that is throwing people

No. 1006043

I think it is the "so far" he added. Like, is he expecting him to not be beautiful in the future?

No. 1006049

I think he just doesn't use punctuation. He probably meant " everything is well so far. He's beautiful" that makes sense to say. Baby is born, so far so good.

No. 1006076

The “I’ll explain everything soon” part makes me think there’s a problem. Neither of them has posted a single thing about him when they posted all the time about him before he was born. Maybe a birth defect? He’s a heroin addict and she’s a pothead.

No. 1006118

Maybe a problem legally, maybe DCF knows about all of it and is looking into taking the baby

No. 1006270

No. 1006272

File: 1594623409833.png (105.96 KB, 828x1792, 14C0E253-5C96-4B54-A248-7884B3…)

I think you’re right. Another cryptic post from JC. I checked on Syds Instagram too and no pics of the baby which is really strange. Maybe the midwives reported them after hearing what they’re gonna name the little Storm Trooper!

Ugh sorry dropped my phone and it replied. Hence why there’s an empty post above.

No. 1006298

File: 1594631250538.jpeg (810.41 KB, 1125x2071, 01D61ECD-BC4C-4ECB-BF1E-DC98B7…)

got bored and found her old twitter, she’s been vague posting for over 7 years now.

No. 1006309

File: 1594634031136.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2153, 3624AC1E-CD4D-47F1-AB3D-501613…)

No. 1006317

Fuck I guess the slit wrists story checks out. Hopefully she won't pull her manipulative BPD shit on her child.

No. 1006318

File: 1594637225096.jpeg (228.14 KB, 828x509, EBF270F2-81A2-4EF5-ADDF-1ADEC0…)

Jonny crushing his fatherhood at bare minimum..

No. 1006330

Why is he acting like this is his first kid?

No. 1006334

Hope someone calls him out.

No. 1006335

I think it’s better for the first kid that Jonny has forgotten her. He can’t ruin that poor kid’s life when he’s not around.
For Jonny’s defense: the mother did not gave him option to be a dad so this is his first opportunity to actually be a dad. The OG baby mama must has some sense in her.

No. 1006347

I’m really starting to believe a CPS case was opened against them. I’ve worked in both a NICU and PICU. Nurses are trained to report EVERYTHING from shady behavior to the mom being an incompetent idiot. This is the only time you won’t see (potential) child abuse/neglect slip through the cracks.

JC was probably high to the sky and acting like a loud moron. Syd was probably instigating fights with him and it was all reported. Sounds like they might be home now? CPS probably investigated for a few days and released the baby to parents. They will probably follow up with home visits as well to ensure the baby is healthy.

I just can’t imagine these two dip shits not having a run in with CPS at the hospital given how they act online 24/7.

No. 1006380

Why CPS? More like the baby was born and something is wrong with him.

No. 1006401

cause as far as he's concerned it is. he p much abandoned his first daughter, pretends she doesn't exist and never acknowledges her. i wouldn't be surprised if he was hoping his newer fans would forget about her and the ones who never knew her would think this IS his first kid

he literally SAID something about "becoming a dad" a few posts ago, as if it's brand new

No. 1006420

File: 1594667083768.png (212.78 KB, 828x1792, 3D0C88EF-6725-454A-9515-E1F551…)

He is also slowly grasping adulthood! Wow! He is somewhat a functioning adult and he is so compel to post how annoying it is..

No. 1006468

These don’t seem like proud new parents at all. All they’ve done to mention him so far is complain about not sleeping and making appointments. There’s gotta be a problem. Why would there be multiple appointments to be made? Who’s even gonna pay for the insurance lol. Neither of them have jobs.

No. 1006478

you are, taxpayer sunshine

No. 1006572

I’ve been looking for solid evidence that the first kid is his. I know his ex said it was… but is his name on the birth certificate. Can some one point me to the right direction to look. Thanks and much appreciated

No. 1006582

well legally it isn't his. but the kid is a spitting image of him.

No. 1006613

The kid is obviously his and no he didn't sign, but that's because the momma didn't want to chance him ever having rights. That woman knew what a piece he was, and chose to be a single mom for the over all well being of that child.

No. 1006674

File: 1594698474750.jpeg (969.47 KB, 1242x2095, 40E2F91C-EF3D-483F-A5A8-557565…)


No. 1006676

File: 1594698545876.jpeg (1023.53 KB, 1242x2021, 8E5E9447-3A56-4FB2-A816-8303D7…)

No. 1006677

File: 1594698663343.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x2187, D5DD3473-B9D5-4256-B838-D760F6…)

No. 1006682

Hahaha he certainly has his father's face

No. 1006685

File: 1594698953837.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1338, 9A6B21DE-6FA8-46E7-B23E-C5AB96…)

No. 1006692

“I just don’t wanna flash him around like a pair of shoes” what a weird thing to say

No. 1006699

I’m not gonna snark on healthy pregnancy weight, but I am gonna snark on the fact that she posted >>987730 this egotistical shit less than a month ago

No. 1006718


I respect that they want to keep him private (Don't know how long that'll last though)


Hopefully, that's just squishy-newborn face & the kid doesn't grow up looking like Scut Farkus 2.0

No. 1006723

Not to tinfoil and nitpick but JC has pinned eyes, and very very swollen hands. Was he using while Syd was in labor??

>>He's been the best dad!
Bitch it's only been like an hour. Say that again in a week. A month. A year. I hope for the best but damn gurl, dumb as fuck.

No. 1006726

tbh I don't think he ever got clean after breaking up with Taylor. Cut back yeah maybe compared to when he was at his dad's a desperately streaming but I think that may be what he counts as getting in control of his problem. I don't see him ever getting clean unless people stop blindly enabling him

No. 1006729

But to show symptoms of being blatantly high while your girl is in labor? I agree he is and never will be clean until he dies, but even if seemed off or using recreationally that's pretty fucking low of him
Oh well to be expected tbh

No. 1006732

Being a mom is gonna be her new personality trait now that she’s not smol anymore

No. 1006735

File: 1594704285084.jpeg (582.52 KB, 1125x2056, 63C86E22-C58D-478D-B2FB-986C4F…)

Says the guy who knowingly posted a teen’s nudes and tried to get with a 17 year old before Taylor lollll

No. 1006745

>He's such an amazing father
>Never would have had a baby with anyone else on the planet

Lol ok

Give that about a month

No. 1006756


Is that Chris Watts?

No. 1006813

File: 1594721700237.jpeg (387.11 KB, 749x1334, 03804A07-FADE-4AE4-AE90-148509…)

It’s funny af how she changed the “@jonnycraig 🤰🏻“ (cuz it wasn’t going well between them) and now that the baby is born She put the “in love”
It’s pretty sad that they needed a baby to stop the passive aggressive stories towards each other
Watch that last a week

No. 1006814

No lol but he looks it
Chris Watts is very much locked up

No. 1006875

she gained a lot during the pregnancy. guess it was a stressful time.

No. 1006886

Damn the mother should have forced a dna test by the court then she could get child support. I’m pretty sure it’s to late for that. Thanks so much for the response

No. 1006892

I kinda get it Bc a ton of family channels and parents will flash there child for $ and views and it’s gross

No. 1006894

@momsosmall hahaha

No. 1006901

As stated she wants nothing to do with Jonny for the sake of that child. Besides do you really think Jonny would pay child support? He can't even support himself without mooching off a female.

No. 1006908


No. 1006929

How long til Johnny starts cheating, if he isn't already?

No. 1006998

He definitely is still sexting girls

No. 1006999

But if she wanted nothing to do with him why did she make those fb post saying he has a child. Like just don’t ever bring him up if you don’t want him there

No. 1007002

I’m so confused why were they posting all dramatically and then pretending it didn’t happen? I get they’re unstable af but that’s got to be annoying even to fans.

No. 1007007

Never been pregnant but is it safe to assume ladies hands blow up since I know their feet do? Or is it just a ~coincidence~ girls involved with Jonny have druggy sausage fingers, including Taylor?
Also gonna say she sure got fat in the face, just cause her personality is being ~uwu smol~

No. 1007030

Never been pregnant but a lot of women tend to gain a substantial amount of weight when they're pregnant, if only because their eating habits change and can balloon quickly if you're not careful. I had a teacher who was very tiny, petite and skinny, and then she got pregnant and through the school year she gained a fuck ton of weight because she wouldn't stop eating

No. 1007037

you never seen a pregnant woman before, havent you anon? its also as easy as a google search. swelling (in hands and ankle/feet) is very common particularly in late pregnancy.

No. 1007209

File: 1594773807482.jpeg (189.86 KB, 1125x1992, F1A96514-EBD4-4097-9A65-8081CC…)

No. 1007211

File: 1594773846671.jpeg (165.95 KB, 1125x1993, EAE91D87-6AFD-49AD-883A-C8894A…)

I’m translating this as he doesn’t pay taxes and owes tons of money

No. 1007213

File: 1594773899137.jpeg (629.98 KB, 1125x1985, A87F7206-BE67-49FF-84F6-DDBA77…)

Anyone have twitter and know what they’re saying there? Or do you think she’s talking about here

No. 1007263

>>1007213 definitely talking about here

>>1007007 have a child, the last couple weeks of pregnancy I had such swollen hands and feet that it felt like pins and needles. Ob said it was extremely common so it's likely just that

No. 1007275


Nobody has to “try to make shit up” when she makes it pretty god damn easy to laugh at their joke of a relationship since she puts it all online like a middle school girl. Zero fucking self-awareness.

No. 1007291

Lol Syd who are you kidding, you're not happy
You now have a child with a known abuser and heroin addict, have lost your skinny, hot body and are now fat, and are most likely going to be going through hell raising a child for the next few years because you underestimated the challenge that raising a baby is. Good luck to you, Sydsoswoll. You're gonna need it.

No. 1007299


>You now have a child with a known abuser and heroin addict

…And a rapist as well.

No. 1007300

Sounds like the average faggots that lurk in here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1007454

She has a really swollen face / neck too though. Tbh it just looks to me like she put on a lot of weight in addition to baby weight.

No. 1007469

>Calling your gf a midget right after half assedly thanking her for birthing your son

I feel bad for her. She's so young, and in the moment she might think this is perfect, but the high of having just had a baby, the attention and help, it wears off, she won't have help or support from Jonny, she clearly isn't capable to do it alone and is beyond emotionally immature and naive. It's such a predictable story mapped out ahead of her. More than anything else I feel awful for that baby. I'm glad he's healthy, he's very cute, but I hope Syd grows up fast. We all know Jonny never will

No. 1007488

Nice bait.
I think gaining weight during pregnancy is pretty normal, but especially given we are in quarantine.

No. 1007503

TBF, she’s like 26 or something. She’s just super childish

No. 1007565

I don’t know how much more offensive and white trash that nickname can be…

No. 1007575

Lool, ok Sydney England of San Jose, California.

No. 1007583

Bro that’s normal

No. 1007620

I meant to say dumb not young lmao

No. 1007645

Did we forget about this, anons? We know pregnant women gain weight in general but she pretended like she didn't, and I'll laugh when she doesn't lose it afterwards. Maybe she'll make being a mother to Jonny Craig's son her new personality and embrace it.

No. 1007657

That's my point. It's not drug induced as some users were implying.

No. 1007865

File: 1594856651834.jpeg (246.37 KB, 1125x1991, A767908B-E624-4D3D-98E3-E6301E…)

No. 1007868

File: 1594856703506.jpeg (306.45 KB, 1125x2007, 93E80F76-B77B-4310-9E8D-21CDF4…)

He’s the one making all the money? Must be why he and Syd live with her mom and he was mooching off some other guy her entire pregnancy

No. 1008018

Making $13 from twitch streams every month and $1.25 from spotify from your 9 remaining fans isn’t gonna feed your son, Jonny

No. 1008105

File: 1594898258232.jpeg (541.84 KB, 828x1334, 26B65E0F-5A81-494A-9EB7-D5284A…)

No. 1008190

She never pretended like she didn’t gain weight… she posted an old photo of herself saying she can’t wait to have that body back, people reported it, then she posted it in her story calling out the people who reported her… nowhere did she act like she was skinny my dude

No. 1008214

Her entire personality is being skinny and small, it’s literally in her Instagram name, what are you talking about?

No. 1008254

If she never got a blood test then it’s honestly not his kid. Even if it looks just like him, that’s literally just a tin foil then. she choose to not have him in the possible daughter life. She could have also been sleeping with multiple people. Either way it’s for the best.

No. 1008262

She calls herself small because she’s like 4’11”, if that. The nitpicking honestly.

No. 1008276

File: 1594920386210.png (652.55 KB, 598x599, Annotation 2020-07-16 132253.p…)

Samefag with pic so we can put this nitpick to bed, here's a picture of her with Lights when she was 20. Lights is 5'5" and minus the backcombed scene hair, Syd barely reaches her chin.

There's a reason JC calls her midget besides the fact that she might be short enough to actually be classified a dwarf. He's a 5'6" manlet and is used to everyone (Tayter included) towering over him. Syd is the only one who doesn't.

No. 1008283

Ugh I feel so bad for lights.

No. 1008287

Not to whiteknight but… why? Because Syd went to her show seven years ago and took a picture with her? I'm AYRT and this is what I'm talking about. The nitpicking is insane.

No. 1008314

Sometimes I feel Tay might be in this thread. Or Chelsea. We know they both lurk. Or maybe just a dumbass anon who keeps bringing up "smol" and "not his first kid!!"
Smdh when it feels like I'm defending a cow because anons are being more retarded than the cow.

No. 1008439

File: 1594934167184.png (237.66 KB, 750x1334, 9544B8A1-AD34-4313-8919-081DBC…)

No. 1008622

If you weren't butthurt about it you would make so many posts commenting on it Jonny

No. 1008773

File: 1594994487775.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, F16AAE48-026D-4CFD-8F72-37A059…)

It Honestly feels like he is posting all that just to get at Taylor. Just to show her that he “won” lmao. I’d feel so bad if I was syd. He is basically using her to piss off his ex, it’s so obvious

No. 1008825

YIKES, I‘ve always thought her eyebrows were atrocious but fucking hell. Tweaker brows lmao.

No. 1008949

she just shaves her brows.. looks shitty sure but come on now

No. 1009119

All I said were they were tweaker brows, as in they resemble tweaker style brows. Didn’t call her a tweaker, no needed to get offended for this twat. Lmao

No. 1009154

File: 1595053437873.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1125x1998, CB06F83D-03BF-4BC5-87EB-8747B9…)

No. 1009156

File: 1595053472923.jpeg (286.54 KB, 1125x2001, 79BD943A-549E-445C-A8A9-F22D02…)

No. 1009157

File: 1595053504959.jpeg (495.45 KB, 1125x2010, 4858AC83-6473-45A7-BC59-3E38E2…)

Don’t they have a baby to take care of?

No. 1009159

Spoken like someone totally HINGED…These two are straight trash. Good luck to the kid he's gonna need it.

No. 1009163

File: 1595054307460.jpeg (164.55 KB, 1125x521, 0FC94A24-2D6B-4D96-A05B-ECDB77…)

No. 1009179

For real though, you gain in the last trimester and the few days before birth, you fucking SWELL up. Not fat, like actual swelling with water or something. The body does super weird stuff to prepare for birth.. It's pretty intense.

No. 1009226

Pressed much? We just think you are ridiculous, you pair of idiots. Providing us lols since time began.

No. 1009277

Mm yes, these four days of weird threats to strangers and unflattering pics of your baby mama must have been grueling for you, truly the pinnacle of fatherhood

No. 1009300

what a kind gentleman they’re going to raise

No. 1009301

That's def shade towards Taylor

No. 1009415

who are these mysterious angry people they’re always talking about? like surely they lurk here and can read with their own two eyes that they’re seen as a massive joke…? nobody’s wishing ill on the baby and nobody’s “angry” that it’s healthy (?) i wonder if it’s just drug induced paranoia kek

No. 1009509

She looks like an ugly goblin here.

No. 1009511

File: 1595107753661.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 7BCD3DB3-7BBA-4CA1-A1DA-51147E…)

Weird thing to comment on but I never knew Jonny had a brother. I didn’t even think he had a family tbh. It’s just hard to picture it lol cuz it makes him an actual human.

No. 1009515

“They always take things like a threat?” Wtf does that even mean? Neither Jonny or Syd are intimidating, in the slightest. I’m sure neither of them could actually throw hands. So unless they’re like legit threatening to harm/fight/kill people while fighting with their Instagram haturz what could they say that is threatening? Y’all think they would actually threaten to harm someone? Cuz I do, 100%. Iirc Syd has posted things In her stories telling people to go die, and we all know Jonny uses that insult on twitter occasionally. They’re both horrible, evil people.

No. 1009597


so they turned out one non drugged up terrible tattoos son.

No. 1009606

Lmao this thread cracks me up. This comment specifically.

So glad this thread was made.

No. 1010064

It's about a dm or a comment he got that led to an argument with a woman online. Not Taylor

No. 1010065

Lmao that k you for the caption it made me cackle. At his most basic core anon he isn't a human, he's so vile. I hope his kids has a good life but with a father like that I'm not optimistic

No. 1010085

Oh hey look, even Johny swelled up to support his gf! How sweet

No. 1010195

His brother looks so normal, he must be relieved to be nothing like Jonny. He and his wife probably got Jonny and Syd so much baby stuff cause they know the baby wouldn't get any of those things otherwise. Soundcloud won't pay for a child.

No. 1010243

since time began? hyperbole much?

No. 1010295

yes that would be hyperbole, you sure got em anon

No. 1010312

They're both such unhinged narcissists

No. 1010389

Hyperbole anon here. Was gonna let it go cause zzzz but thanks anon. Kek.

No. 1010393

File: 1595283622881.png (411.14 KB, 828x1792, 6195E5CB-F714-4E55-941A-25F0CA…)

I guess jonny trade his addiction for alcohol?

No. 1010460

He didn’t trade anything he’s always been an alcoholic

No. 1010483

Just hope their kid gets the care it needs.

No. 1010484

File: 1595297322879.jpeg (287.68 KB, 1125x2005, 79900ADB-CB6D-4339-BC57-6D0FEF…)


No. 1010494

lmao what

No. 1010496

They're so self destructive what makes you think the kids won't be around all of it and suffer? I hope so too but they're literally middle schoolers mentally trying to do an adults job. Raising children is something Jonny has flopped at completely in the past

No. 1010497

I agree anon trying to understand him honestly gives me a migraine.

No. 1010522

They JUST had a baby and they couldn't even pretend to be responsible adults for a week online?

No. 1010555

How has he flopped at it? The mother wouldn’t let him see the child, claim that it’s his or allow him to do a blood test. It’s not like he had a chance to be a father and sucked at it. So I don’t understand what you meant there.

No. 1010594

File: 1595323055399.png (1.84 MB, 1125x2436, 10D72D40-AD89-46C7-AA49-F8031C…)

kek check his phone, syd. he is cheating

No. 1010642

File: 1595338253427.png (28.42 KB, 158x149, IMPLYING.png)


Don't pretend to take the moral high-ground if you're posting this on Instagram, claiming you respect privacy, while broadcasting to everyone all this vague shit that people will speculate is about your boyfriend being faithful. You know she'll twist this to say it was about something completely different, etc. but it's just a slimy way to imply something without saying it so she can have an escape route when they're on good terms again. Also, if it's "haunting" you, that's answer enough what's going on, ain't it?

No. 1010667


Tinfoil: the other woman is Taylor.

No. 1010669

To me it sounds like maybe she has reason to believe he cheated with a bartender? Hence “maybe if I was a bartender I’d be worth something”?

No. 1010671

kek I took it as ‘maybe if I were a bartender I’d make some money,’ another anon took it as Jonny preferring alcohol to spending time with her, and now maybe he’s cheating on her with a bartender. I swear she is so obnoxiously vague it could mean any of these, or something else

No. 1010689

Her posts are like Rorschach tests but with words. Everyone sees something different.

No. 1010694

didn't taylor say that jonny was at the bar every single day and even twice a day? he probably found a new bar to go to wherever they are staying

No. 1010731

probably this. gotta reward himself for the one day he managed to be a decent father lol

No. 1010757

File: 1595364104966.jpeg (188.16 KB, 750x1197, 8956789F-3298-4B51-BDE3-88D332…)

For someone who is moving on from the past he sure likes to talk about it a lot

No. 1010758

some girls need to realize that having a baby with a BOY won't make him stay.

No. 1010875

I feel like someone should reach out to "A" and let him know they finally got their own thread lol, maybe he'd elaborate more on his story with this crazy bitch haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1010957

Baffling how these people are "parents" above the age of 17.

No. 1011186

If he was a good man he'd be around his daughter and you know that anon don't be dumb. The woman was doing what she needed to do to be a mum but he never did. Hence he flopped. Didn't get sober, didn't fight for his kid, did what he does. Smh he's a failure.

No. 1011190

This is what happens when you peak in high school lmao, at least for Syd. Jonny's career is like non existent anymore but he will still ride the wave acting like he's somebody important

No. 1011237

But he never did a blood test so he doesn’t know if it’s even his kid. She denied him that. How can you fight for something your not sure is even yours

No. 1011262

Why are you always on defending his paternal rights? Seems suspect that anytime the child is brought up you just go straight to defending JC. Feels a little too much like you have something to prove by defending poor Johnny.

No. 1011266

agreed. of course the baby mom denied him the rights. He's a known rapist/paedophile/abuser. You'd have to be crazy to want him in the picture. Does this mean everyone needs to get a dna test or they can't parent their kid?! If he REALLY wanted to be in that child's life I'm sure there would be a way to do it legally; he clearly has chosen not to pursue it which proves he dgaf about that child.

No. 1011269

Were not the same person bro I only made one message kinda defending him.

I was just saying it’s a fact he didn’t have a choice to even raise his first child if it’s even his kid, so I don’t understand why people get upset that he’s not currently in his MAYBE daughters life. I still think he is a horrible person and abuses women

No. 1011280

How did he not have a choice though? She lives in the US and if he really had wanted to, he could’ve gotten a lawyer or something to help him fight for rights and get a blood test on the child. But he chose to remain an addict and write songs about how the child was a mistake instead

No. 1011283

THISSSSS YES!! he wasn’t helpless. If it isn’t his okay let’s move on but he could’ve fought for a dna test and custody. So to say he’s a helpless man and this big bad woman denied him rights is absurd. Let’s all agree he’s a dipshit and we can’t put it past him that he’d abandon responsibility. No need to defend him in this scenario. Based off his past actions I 100% wouldn’t put it past him to abandon the effort in figuring out if a child is his or not. Poor damn kid.

No. 1011322

She lives in Canada

No. 1011345


Her posting this shit about his phone is so embarrassing.. She needs to grow the fuck up. She's a mom now, holy shit.

No. 1011365

Jesus Christ, do your research anon before you spread BLATANT lies.
Jonny’s MAYBE first baby mama lives in Canada. He has talked about it in interviews, and it has been mentioned here more than once. You must be new.
No one here is defending Jonny in the way you are insinuating. No one is defending his character or saying “poor Jonny, he never had the chance to be a father to his daughter.” We are simply saying that the mother would not allow a blood test, whether it’s because she didn’t want him involved, or it wasn’t really his daughter, who gives a flying fuck. Talk about something relevant here. Instead of speculating what happened with the first possible baby mama because neither you, I, or ANYONE on this thread knows what really happened. Now drop it, newfag. If you’re gonna be involved in this thread be useful and stop posting lies that have already been proven.

No. 1011366

Babymomma actually lives in Oregon.

No. 1011392

This. She’s not too difficult to find on twitter. She lives in the US

No. 1011399

Finally, a good take

No. 1011400

Why would he bring up Canada in an interview then? Maybe she moved to Portland I guess.

No. 1011405

He said she’s “from Canada” but the song references Portland too. So I always assumed she lived in the PNW but grew up in Canada or something

No. 1011406

File: 1595484038733.jpeg (430.38 KB, 1125x2002, 0C2C3B35-F9A6-4BFC-9E3D-328774…)

Here we go again

No. 1011503

so he's already cheating, got it

No. 1011510

We know, Syd. He’s cheating you, like he has cheated every girlfriend he ever had.

Cows with babies are the worst. The baby is not even two weeks old and the parents are stuck up in their drama instead paying attention to the most important thing in their lives right now, the newborn.

No. 1011512

Ugh I have been trying to find her for years out of curiosity but don’t know her name. The oldest ex I know is Larkin but someone said it’s not her and I can’t find her socials anyway.

No. 1011515

Just look up the interview about the song “Children of Divorce.”

Also, imagine being in the same room with your newborn and boyfriend and posting passive aggressive Instagram stories. What a life

No. 1011528

Definitely don’t know how they have the time or energy with a newborn to be posting sad memes and bickering on ig stories. Must be her moms taking care of the kid. Sometimes I wonder if she knows she’s housing a rapist.

No. 1011534

File: 1595511998344.jpeg (164.68 KB, 1125x2007, 70E69FBA-CBCB-413A-9557-A1300E…)

No. 1011557

lmao what is he whining about? syd giving more attention to the baby than to him?

No. 1011564

It's probably spot on. A narc man-baby who has to share the attention with a newborn.

No. 1011575

just setting up the stage so he can justify cheating and have some excuses for when he eventually dips out of his son's life.

No. 1011586

Then why does he say legal issues are hard to get a blood test bc they live in two different countries.

No. 1011646

Because he’s a liar and knows he’ll sound like a piece of shit for not trying to contact his daughter or get visitation rights while she lives in the states. No blood test needed, he cannot deny her, she is a spitting image of him.

No. 1011845

Go tell a judge that. Haha no dna test needed your horror they look identical it has to be his kid, now give the mother child support…. haha good luck

No. 1011903

oddly familiar incoherence

No. 1011904

Hi Jonny(hi cow)

No. 1011947

I’m not Jonny dumb dumb. I think he is literally trash who abuses women. This is stupid arguing. We just have different opinions on dna test

No. 1011950

jonny or not, holy shit, shut the fuck up about DNA testing or WKing jonny for his past baby. he didn't give a shit, nor shaped up to be a competent human being. stop bickering about it. he has a child now so can we watch how hes going to give up and actually prove how scummy he is?

No. 1011969

Good god. They only need dna-testing if she wants child support from him, and he says it's not his kid and therefore he doesn't want to pay.
As far as I could read her on multiple occasions he never said she was not his biological child.
But when the mother doesn't want support from him (what is understandable) this whole dna discussion is pointless.
She doesn't want that loser in the life of her daughter.
And for petty reasons he is now flaunting his son as his only offspring because he is not allowed and doesn't want to be a part in his biol. daughters life.

No. 1012115

File: 1595611657552.jpeg (108.97 KB, 640x640, 3281F5C9-2C91-4102-B906-128BCF…)

the way jonny writes really reminds me of someone

No. 1012182

Lol how jonny sweet talks syd. A true prince charming

No. 1012191

Hahahha honestly he is basically Ricky and syd is Lucy… oh no that means there baby will be smoking cigs by six

No. 1012394


I know everyone thought this one stripper in Portland's kid was his but it was just a rumor because they looked alike. I feel like maybe that got mixed up with his actual kid? In any case, I have no idea who the alleged mother is but I always heard she was from Canada as well.. Seems like she really stays away from all the drama.

No. 1012399

File: 1595655480591.png (1.42 MB, 750x1624, A7CB1242-4BE3-4F59-9E64-76EA30…)

No. 1012400

File: 1595655520814.jpeg (141.89 KB, 750x1341, 5C995FF7-E031-4A32-A917-59CF98…)

No. 1012402

babe, people all over the internet aren’t congratulating you probably because they don’t know who the fuck you are and don’t idolize you for whatever stupid reason like they do with jonny’s trash ass

No. 1012404

File: 1595655835971.png (554.09 KB, 1125x2436, F22B6DF9-BDE2-4679-806F-D9EE5C…)

No. 1012416

What a weird thing to care about after giving birth. That poor baby…coming in third after her phone and validation.

No. 1012417

Can someone explain what is happening here?

No. 1012421

He's getting his noodle wet w other girls honey ):

No. 1012423

File: 1595659002184.png (256.37 KB, 750x1334, 358F1117-7C1A-483B-8277-7A5245…)


No. 1012424

I was about to congratulate syd for being mature enough to at least censor the name while airing out her dirty laundry but turns out anon censored it. This no name bitch really thinks she has stans to attack some random girl?

No. 1012426

I’m not sure about any stripper in Portland. I got the first baby mamas name from an interview he did. He did say she was from canada. But her socials now show Portland

No. 1012427

Am I misunderstanding or is she trippin and drawing conclusions over this girl calling him “homie” and congratulating him/them?

No. 1012428

It looks like in the message she sent the girl a screen shot where she must have said something about being wet for him lmao

No. 1012429

it's two different girls. she's clearly the psycho girlfriend ready to bite head off any girl that even looks at jonny

No. 1012430

All I can make out is a bunch of those dripping emojis and the next message is “fuck whoever is saying terrible shit” then something about Taylor

No. 1012432

Oh I thought it was the same person because in the messages it said “sorry I call everyone homie” meanwhile she’s getting salty under a comment of a girl calling him homie.
Unless that message is lacking punctuation and they mean they don’t have texts because they call everyone, homie.

No. 1012433

It’s the same girl. The message username is who she replied to on the comment from another username. So she must have changed her username

No. 1012434

Can’t make out the rest but it says Daddy before the dripping emojis

No. 1012435

might be a tinfoil, but it looks like the picture syd sent this chick is a picture of jc’s phone taken with her phone. Snooping confirmed?

No. 1012436

She won’t be able to handle him touring. This is going to be such a shit show of a relationship. Insecurity and being with someone who is in the spotlight, however small that may be, will never work. She’ll prolly get mad when he hugs female fans.

No. 1012437

no shit dude how else would she get into his messages

No. 1012442

Or he let her look because he’s a narcissist that thrives off the drama of women fighting over him

No. 1012454

i’m trying to imply that jonny didn’t let her because she had to take a picture of it with her phone.

No. 1012479

That’s what I thought. Syd went snooping like she was hinting at a few days ago, found this girl thirsting over JC and went off at her.

No. 1012513

Oh my god you have a NEWBORN to take care of go throw your phone away and do that for fucks sake

No. 1012580

Seriously… can you imagine giving birth to someone's child and then a few weeks later having to snoop through their phone AND finding evidence of cheating? Why procreate with someone you can't trust AT ALL?

No. 1012601

Because the baby was going to fix everything and make them immediately happy and in love forever

No. 1012612

File: 1595703743128.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1242x2129, A092A807-4613-49EA-8297-11082A…)


No. 1012624

File: 1595705877553.jpeg (51.11 KB, 742x543, C1D83830-FD9D-470B-BE57-554A17…)

Lmao he follows her

No. 1012628

honestly that is so sad, brand new baby and already getting cheated on. Also fuck that girl, what a terrible person condoning such behavior esp when she knows he just had a baby as well. Trash ass humans.

No. 1012629

File: 1595706236312.png (6.5 MB, 1125x2436, 2C053374-9FAF-4BEB-AEE2-651A49…)

No. 1012630

File: 1595706276005.png (5.2 MB, 1125x2436, F8C8EF3B-0643-466B-8625-888C0D…)

No. 1012634

Sept 2019……they go back……Have chilled…….he’s probably been in her shit for years lol

No. 1012636

The pic of them is from 2017 and he’s still in her business lmao

Dump him syd

No. 1012637

literally the biggest I've EVER seen his pupils

No. 1012640

File: 1595707017468.png (564.32 KB, 1125x2436, 9B3505D8-630A-4F6E-A67D-4EFAAD…)

No. 1012643

File: 1595707552665.png (234.23 KB, 1125x2436, 55330050-2B66-4FFD-AE87-84D880…)

No. 1012644

File: 1595707596550.png (3.52 MB, 1125x2436, 1DE2B5B0-A58F-4B63-9316-9FA495…)

What is even going on right now

No. 1012646

Jfc to all the passive aggressive posts, she just had her baby like… run syd run!

No. 1012647


I guess she finally decided to snoop his phone

No. 1012652

I’m all for cheating to be called out but this is so cringe.

No. 1012656

God, she is so pathetic. What did you expect?
She really thought a baby would lock him down. Lmao.

No. 1012658

The girl syd is posting about has been liking JCs pics for a while, except the ones of syd he posted

No. 1012660

File: 1595709296275.png (624 KB, 1125x2436, 14968936-CCB7-4875-A7AD-491DE1…)

This is on the post of syd and him with the baby he liked her comment but doesn’t seem to care about other people lol

No. 1012667

Syd reminds me of a really insecure 15 year old girl, she’s not small anymore after pushing out junkies baby so any girl he associates with that she deems prettier or smaller she sees as a threat.

No. 1012672

Anon you must be new if you think jonny is not cheating. He admitted to cheating to all his exes including taylor and show no remorse and think its perfectly natural to cheat. With syd pregnant and their LDR period, he 100% cheated. That said syd is definitely acting like an idiot now, I feel so sorry for the son.

No. 1012678

File: 1595710538104.png (3.14 MB, 828x1792, 4D0AC00C-7002-400E-96CB-DC70D9…)

Syd is clearly upset right now and Jonny is still shit posting about shoes and movies nonsense to poke a reaction for her. What a shit show

No. 1012701

File: 1595712161748.jpeg (471.79 KB, 993x1415, 07D03436-793F-48BB-A923-B61406…)

Aaaaand it’s gone

No. 1012706

Jonny isn't following the side piece anymore
Wonder if he did it or Syd make him unfollow her. She still follows him tho.

No. 1012722

damn, Syd hit the crazy button fast af. I wonder if she's struggling with any post partum issues tbh, especially since her pos baby daddy def isn't helping out

No. 1012729

File: 1595715367388.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200725-180908.png)

$471 on ugly ass shoes jonny? How many diapers is that? Priorities for a broke ass drug addict

No. 1012735

Honestly tickled to find out in what way/how badly Syd will fuck with Jonny now that she’s had the baby- I don’t think he’s had someone who is anywhere close to his league in terms of manipulation and craziness, and now she’s got a baby to protect.

No. 1012741

I'm so fucking disgusted with this trash man I stg. We all knew this was going to happen, but still, man, literally NOT A MONTH later and this is how he's treating his supposed girlfriend that JUST HAD A BABY. Have some human fucking decency? Like dude. Syd you're a dumb fucking bitch for having this scum's offspring.

No. 1012744

File: 1595718052773.png (3.47 MB, 1242x2208, 62EA8838-4EBF-42F2-870C-880EBB…)

From the girl Syd posted about being ‘up against’

No. 1012751

Syd is a lunatic. They’re gonna compete for who can be the most toxic. She digging into 2017 to find old female fan comments lmao

No. 1012754

Aw how cute, Johnny got himself a push present after his long arduous pregnancy

No. 1012757

Kekking at watching Syd become so insecure over every vaguely attractive woman Jonny interacts with. That's what you get for getting knocked up by a serial cheater

No. 1012766

File: 1595720402582.png (616.97 KB, 1242x2688, BC865D2E-26F1-4221-AD0C-BBE803…)

Legit she is lurking everyone who comments on JC’s posts
Yes he’s probably cheating but she’s literally making shit up just to have drama it seems

No. 1012769

File: 1595720632429.jpeg (89.83 KB, 750x401, FD1785EA-B9BF-4E93-8AC9-32DFAF…)

No. 1012774

Lmao honey you're gonna lose. In more ways than just this one.

I mean sydsopsycho goes tf off when someone calls him "homie" so got forbid this girl takes a picture with him… 3 years ago.

Why does she feel the need to be so confrontational and bizarrely snarky about any and every tiny little thing. Jonny don't get those ugly shoes, get your girl a therapist instead.

No. 1012776

Some supportive baby’s daddy he is airing syd’s like this on twitter when she have post partrum depression. No one could narc better than jonny

No. 1012777

popcorn? ready

No. 1012778

File: 1595721491080.png (650.44 KB, 828x1792, 9496E4E3-5CF7-4B9F-BE15-98278D…)

Lmao All the people calling jonny out, his tweet backfired real quick..

No. 1012792

File: 1595723485642.png (736.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200725-203112.png)

holy shit what a fucking psycho

No. 1012793

Oh my god. She could've just ignored her or something to preserve her peace. God help that baby they made…

No. 1012794

Jesus she bipolaring hard on social media! Stay off it syd.. that poor innocent girl got dragged for no reason.

No. 1012796

can we remember with the TND thread the ex boyfriend who said she was insane?

No. 1012797

I can't help but cackle thinking Taylor might be in this thread enjoying the show with us.

No. 1012798

the best part for me is I know she's flipping the fuck out because she knows she was actually doing this shit with Johnny under Taylor's nose, she knows he'll run off with anyone like he did with her. How you get is how you lose em sydsostretched

No. 1012799

I think some reposted the thread in this, might need to scroll a little to track it down tho

I hope tay’s savior complex kicks in and try to help syd again, that be some milk

No. 1012800


It’s literally not the naked girl’s fault if your boyfriend is sitting there enjoying her being naked. That’s his fault for seeking it out!


Also ZERO FUCKING SYMPATHY AND ALL THE KEKS since it wasn’t long ago where Syd was claiming everyone is all jelly they couldn’t have her ~*~amazing~*~ body. Are you mad you don’t look like that anymore? Mad you can’t compete with this chick’s body? l o l

No. 1012802

File: 1595724659646.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x2005, FF824C36-072A-4ED8-82BA-091950…)

No. 1012813

The only good thing he’s had? He’s dated girls in the past that are prettier and not psychotic like you.

No. 1012824

Oof. I was feeling a little bad for her because I know postpartum is a bitch. But she’s straight up flipping out on this chick because she took a photo with him 3 years ago and is cute and skinny.

Fucking psychoooooo

No. 1012831

I feel bad for this random girl dealing with her craziness.
It’s not her fault if Jonny is into her.

Girl should focus on the girls he’s actually been cheating with not some woman he met 3 years ago.

No. 1012836

Girl should focus on her baby. They’re literally so much work there is no way that kids getting the care he needs while they argue and bury their faces in their phones.

No. 1012898

She's so openly and unapologetically acting insane it's actually a bit scary. I feel bad for the kid; what a toxic and nasty enviroment to grow up in.
Syd's also really trying it. Does she really think a child is enough to tie Jonny to her forever? She's literally setting up a scene for Jonny to dip out with a valid reason: she's absolutely unbearable. She feels like she has him trapped now and is unloading all of her self hatred and anger on Jonny, demanding him to give her love and validation that'll never be enough for her, because the root of her unhappiness and bitterness is within herself. Jonny could unfollow every hot skinny girl on insta and Syd would still be freaking out about him possibly thinking about another pair of tits. Exhausting scenario

No. 1012901

That happens when you date a know cheater, maybe she is so paranoid cause he was very sneaky when he was talking to her while simultaneously dating Taylor.
Plus the past history he cheated successfully on all of her past girlfriends too.

No. 1012924

any last small sliver of sympathy i had for her is out the fucking window

No. 1012942

Lmao she deleted this part of her story
guess the crazy wore off and she's embarrassed, or trying to play nice w Jonny again

No. 1012972

kek, im glad jonny is with someone that is probably gonna end up being just as abusive as he is. he deserves it honestly

No. 1013065

She was mentally ill before having a baby, her ex confirmed she's a crazy bitch. Don't know why anons thought she would be cured afterwards or deserving of sympathy for having a baby. If anything it's worse. She doesn't deserve sympathy in any way just because she chose to get pregnant with Jonny Craig's child.
This is going to get milky if she's going after any girl on instagram that has even mentioned Jonny. I had to scrolllllll for that video she chose to post to her story, and for the Jonny pic. The post includes photos with other people too, not just Jonny lol. How delusional. The funny part is, he's probably just hiding whoever he is cheating with better.

Then he always makes out well like this because when he dates psychos like Syd and Taylor, he can now call them crazy and people will agree with him.

No. 1013074

File: 1595790120965.png (791.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200726-120159.png)

Here's the other half of Syd having a meltdown. Found this gem on Twitter, imagine talking to another woman like this. I can't.

No. 1013081

“cheating on taylor too then” lol and to no ones surprise of course jc cheated

also syd sure talks a lot about that girl not being worthy when syd is the one posting cringey sad posts on her story and being insecure about her body

No. 1013092

Imagine being soooo trashy and crazy that you have to go in like this on another woman… over a childish, grungy cheating addict. AND acting like you won some sort of prize.

These hoes, I can't even.

No. 1013095

Wow, who would have thought that the woman who gleefully got knocked up by Jonny Craig is a crazy bitch? She was crazy before but postpartum/pregnancy hormones seem to have made her downright rabid.

No. 1013096

File: 1595793047905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 299.31 KB, 1112x1843, 7006B525-2425-4892-A303-E7BD09…)

Is that her nipple in the back?

No. 1013099

On the subject on Jonny cheating I can confirm he hasn’t posted about his kid or syd on Facebook besides super vague posts about ‘being insecure’ and all that, his friends list is full of alt girls that he’s most likely talking to all the time, syd doesn’t seem to have a fb, and you need to have him added to see his posts and friends

No. 1013102

Maybe, she's a breastfeeding mom and it's blurred to hell so who cares.
But "our little god" yikes. I have a feeling if jonny sticks around he's going to constantly build this kid up then knock him down. Poor kid's going to inherit his father's narcissism or his mother's BPD. Maybe both

No. 1013103

Love bombing right on schedule but dragged the baby into it of course. Fucking sad

No. 1013106

Gah, she is so hateful! Like… really? She is going out of her way to start (bull) shit because she wants to. What newborn? It’s so unhealthy. Plus, she’s making a fool of herself in the process when she doesn’t have the (assuming truthful) facts straight. I wonder what she’s been doing up until she met JC? like you’re 26 ffs! This isn’t a good look and she doesn’t appear to care enough to pursue improving this in any capacity. Not for herself or her son which sucks

No. 1013107

Yes, it is. Syd's IG is probably abt to get reported by Taylor with lightning speed.

I guess so much for "my baby won't be posted on social media" eh, Jonny? The appeal of showing off a singer's baby was always gonna be too much for a nobody psychoslut like Syd.

No. 1013133

I remember syd’s ex - A said she needs to be medicated for BPD. I feel like she might be gone off it during the pregnancy and after labour? Look at her other part response, she is convinced that girl posted a fake screenshot of her message to syd. She is so unhinged!

No. 1013159

>tfw you're such an insufferable cunt that you make a piece of human garbage like Jonny Craig look like the sane one

No. 1013169

Syd has said in livestreams she's against meds and wouldn't even give her son meds if anything was wrong because "they make them not you" she doesn't take meds for it lmao

No. 1013172

*make you not you
Which is the fucking point

No. 1013175

That is a cute baby and he deserves better parents. Fuck these two. Also, of course Syd freaked out about that anecede girl—she looks like a prettier Taylor.

No. 1013176

Good to know she's not planning to treat the personality disorders she and her junkie abusive boyfriend will inevitably cause this kid to develop with their dysfunction.

He gets to learn first hand what having an untreated BPD mom is like as she will put Johnny and the turmoil that their relatioship goes through first everytime. She will project her insecurities and an anxieties on her kid but remain blissfully unaware of her own child's developing trauma and actively ignore it because it makes her feel like a bad mom. The cycle of abuse and trauma starts again.

Its actually depressing that two selfish humans like them are allowed to be in charge of a tiny human life.

No. 1013178

I really hope the best for the child and he will grow up to be a good person after being dealt with parents like this..

No. 1013219

Does anyone have those livestreams? I'd love to hear her say it in her cunty voice

No. 1013229

File: 1595815522721.png (302.26 KB, 1125x2436, E0D3474E-33C5-43C8-B654-1F3729…)

No. 1013231

Ok I had a break and its actually right on his twitch ill see if I can upload it

No. 1013232

It cuts off a bit but I dont have time to see if the rest of the convo is mixed in his clips rn. But yah so dumb

No. 1013234

Bless you anon.
For a man that only eats 1-2 meals a day (boo hoo) he sure is chubby. Guess it's worth putting your kid through hell just so you can proudly say you don't medicate

No. 1013251

File: 1595819895217.jpeg (501.68 KB, 1125x2011, 63EB5228-6B78-4F68-8C74-8B6CF0…)

she does have a fb

No. 1013293

File: 1595830045601.jpeg (689.52 KB, 1125x1523, DECA1D58-3B05-4655-8354-E57564…)

lol dedicating baby pictures to your ~HaTurZzz~~ grow up

No. 1013361

It's gross how she's flaunting a human baby like a status symbol to rub in the faces of other girls she thinks she "beat". Because she got knocked up by a fat band junkie.

No. 1013436

this baby is just an accessory to him, something to show off - like his shoes

No. 1013489


(Pretends to be shocked)
God, I hope someone saves this poor kid before they ruin him.

No. 1013527

Cute baby, poor little fellow with absolute trash parents. He deserves to be completely shielded from this shit. Imagine not only being retarded enough to publicly post your baby like this but to also direct it at people who dislike you? Leave your child out of this, scumbag.

No. 1013530

That's one ugly baby. Looks exactly like Jonny.

No. 1013571

THANK YOU! I don't get how other anons are calling this little gremlin cute when it looks just like Jonny's ugly ass.

No. 1013578

I mean, I think it's more of a matter of caring more about the cows themselves, who are full-grown adults, than their newborn baby.

No. 1013598

All babies are ugly. He's cute in his innocence. That kid's a clean slate and his parents are going to scratch it all up with their issues. It's fucking tragic.

No. 1013650

File: 1595898528232.png (266.15 KB, 750x1334, 180DB8D2-4DF2-4452-A697-E8DE81…)

Taking bets on which excuse he’s going to use to “get stuck” in LA so he can avoid his fatherly responsibilities

No. 1013663

low-key hope he doesn't go back after. as fucked up as Syd is, that child would do better with no father than he would with Jonny teaching him that it's okay to beat, rape, forcibly drug, and cheat on women

No. 1013679

Ooooh syds gonna flip anytime again, johnnys gone to get work on his teeth from Taylor. That must bug her alot, she has literally no money. Plus she'll think he's cheating like every other trip he takes

No. 1013712

Well he made it a point to announce he was leaving his family. Open invitation for all the thirsty dumbass groupies to slide into his dm’s lol. I think even if he wasn’t cheating already, her accusing him and going batshit crazy probably pushed him over that edge. Next we’ll hear the classic “she thought I was cheating anyway so”.

No. 1013765

File: 1595914270503.jpeg (171.61 KB, 1125x577, B760A1B4-4DD6-44AC-90CC-2AE05A…)

what money

No. 1013767

Truly. Most of us can say our rent is more than johnnys rent, since he bums of syd, her mom, his dad literally anyine he come into contact with. Hell my cheapest shoes are more than johnnys rent

No. 1013794

imagine flying to a viral hotspot to get dental work (pearlies over girlies) while your deranged babymama screams at innocent women on the internet and your newborn withers in the corner. kek

No. 1013846

File: 1595939296292.png (211.04 KB, 828x1792, 3178D71A-A9BD-4D0E-BDBE-4406FF…)

Gotta tell the whole world that jonny only be gone for 15 hours.

No. 1013848

Could I also said that she is so fucking lunatic to keep saying that she and the kid are the only good thing jonny got going on right now?? If she really convinced that no other idiot thats way hotter and dumber than her are gonna take jonny up in a heartbeat and squeeze out a kid.. she is about to welcome a rude awakening when jonny dumps her for the next shining thing.

No. 1013868

As long as she doesn't off herself when that happens and leaves the child pretty much an orphan…

No. 1013889

File: 1595949774205.png (1.79 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200728-092215.png)

Please no! Lol, syd honestly can have her "prize" what a winner

No. 1013890

Thank you for the anon who made this thread because this shitshow is fresh milk and i love it.
Taylor’s rehab cycle is old news but I bet there will be many public outbursts from Syd’s unstable ass

No. 1013894


No. 1013895

File: 1595950474368.webm (62.83 KB, 1080x1080, InShot_20200728_092508050.webm)

Srry mods! Vid didn't upload

No. 1013898

This is the ugliest man in the world. Definition of a neck beard

No. 1013914

Lmfaooo imagine making a fool of yourself and fighting for THIS
Like damn, bitch, love yourself

No. 1013935

Am I too evil to think that their son might be better off without them??

No. 1013948

Nope. He probably will end up without them, or without a dad around at least

No. 1013967

Sooner rather than later too with Jonny’s swollen liver failure ass celebrating being a “dope dad” with beer kek

No. 1013968

File: 1595959611520.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200728-120625.png)

So much for being gone for 15 hours. Looks like hes already back to hanging out with his drug buddies

No. 1013969

Wonder if he offered to pay for gas in exchange for some H

No. 1013972

Why does he look so swollen all the time?? Like not only does it seem like he got fatter but his body just looks bloated as fuck. I don’t get it. He wasn’t attractive before but especially not now.

No. 1013974

Pay? As if.

No. 1013976

Heroin, my dude.

No. 1013980

Legitimately didn’t realize that happens on heroin! Usually I don’t want to shame anyone ever with weight issues…. but thinking about these girls fighting and ruining their lives over this bloated bozo irks me!!!

No. 1013986

You're right anon, it's syds money or her moms

No. 1013987

Maybe not evil, but a little sheltered. If they did lose custody of him, it'd probably be Syd's mother taking care of Storm. Look how Syd turned out, it'll just be multigenerational trauma (not that it isn't already).
Or foster care? That's a pretty shitty situation sometimes, living with strangers but still seeing your family of origin. Say something major happens and custody is severed quickly…best case while he may have the "young kid" thing helping him he won't be adopted until he has already been in the system and probably developed attachment issues.
A shitty trailer with immature shitty parents is not the worst outcome here by far.

No. 1013993

Fair point anon, I guess its too soon to say what’s gonna happened and I do sincerely hope that the kid comes out of this and be better than his parents.

No. 1014004

He looks like Ed O'Neill and I'm sorry for making that comparison.

No. 1014008

Yup, it’s a common side effect that mostly affects hands, feet and face.

No. 1014141

File: 1595983928241.png (678.04 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200728-184813.png)

She needs to put her phone down and focus on her baby

No. 1014154

File: 1595986099161.png (447.79 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200728-192705.png)

Waiting till Jonny starts shooting her up

No. 1014157

>>1014154 Sure syd. Because happy people constantly post their BPD meltdowns over hot girls jonny glanced at and proudly showcase their hate mail. It's quite clear to everyone around you that you're living the dream.

No. 1014158


How old is Syd? This is middle school level cringe-inducing immaturity and lack of self-awareness

No. 1014160

File: 1595987482108.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200728-195043.png)

Who wouldn't want this swollen carrot with heroin running through their veins

No. 1014164

He's not even paying attention to her or the baby. Relationships goals we're so jealous

No. 1014169

Swollen carrot lol can we only refer to him as that from now on

No. 1014195

File: 1595992308076.png (3.56 MB, 1242x2688, 54F85959-C958-4F9C-920A-E1C6C2…)

Too right you’re ‘above low level insanity’
Your insanity is through the roof!

No. 1014212

I’m sorry but since when has “thriving” meant being a useless fucking adult? Does she even have a job? No. Is she trying to pursue higher education in the meantime? No. Does she have her own place? No, she lives with her mom. At this point all she did was fuck some washed up rapist druggie and got pregnant by him the first opportunity she had. What a delusional cunt to think she’s “thriving” under these pathetic circumstances. I’m so jealous because these two are really showing us /s.

No. 1014224

Her ego is so big. I'd feel bad for her if it wasn't so obvious to everyone else how toxic this relationship is and that having a baby with him was a mistake. It's not to late to leave and we can all hope he will man up and be a father to his son but no one's betting on it.

No. 1014226

'step up' all you've done with life so far at 26 is spit out a heroin addicts baby. Not much in my opinion. I'm in college, have a job, and have a loving relationship with my partner and family. She acts like she knows who we are IRL LMAO Syd you know nothing about us outside of laughing at you online and your sad life. You can go ahead and 'STEP UP' but I don't feel I need to really I'm doing great right now. Can't speak for y'all but my standard of thriving is very different from yours Syd. You set the bar like low low honey and that's on you, not us.(blog)

No. 1014229

syd's definition of thriving is having a male in her life. Bonus points if he's "famous". Bonus points if she stole him from another girl to get that sweet dope rush of "winning". No penalty for being abusive, lazy, ugly, a cheater or a literal heroin addict. She sure is thriving /s

No. 1014234

He cheated on Taylor with her and he will cheat on her too. If they're willing to do it for you, then they're willing to do it behind your back too. The child doesn't change anything but she seems to think locking him in made him love her more, like she's all he's got? News flash: You're a toy to that narcissistic man Syd and he will discard you too when the next fun thing pops into his life just like he has done before. You aren't so amazing as a person he has changed for the better. And tinfoil but he's definitely on hard drugs right now if it isn't obvious. He's so bloated and sickly looking in all those photos. If he can't get clean for his new baby, his new son he's always wanted for christs sake, he won't get clean for a woman and the idea of having a picketfence little family. He's to self destructive and full of himself to be a good dad and be committed like that.

No. 1014271

File: 1596009388590.jpeg (437.96 KB, 828x1356, 1F10193B-4BEE-499A-BAF4-07DA64…)

Could always trust jonny to make rape jokes. Not milky but funny..

No. 1014272

She obviously thrive from getting hate like that, what an unhealthy way to get your ego boost.

We are only a the the start of their trailer trash parenthood, this is the only thing getting me through second wave lockdown now.

No. 1014280

Was it confirmed that he cheated with syd or is it tinfoil from the timelines of thier relationships.

No. 1014306

File: 1596023048619.jpeg (10.6 KB, 167x107, 69F9731C-5335-4947-BC6B-30A3B9…)

>“the psychos that message me”
>literally messages and bitches out any female that follows/is followed by JC.

Yeah, but she’s not psycho. It’s everyone else.

No. 1014307

She's cheated on Tay but not with syd during their relationship. But Tay started fucking bro duck as soon as she got into sober living

No. 1014309

There’s no way he’s not still on heroin after years and years of “trying to get clean” and failing and no professional help. Syd doesn’t even deny that he’s still shooting up. Every other ex of his would try to cover for him and say “he’s clean, he’s doing great, I’m so proud”. She literally doesn’t care that the father of her child is a heroin addict and allows him to “care for” a newborn. And that is what I call being a shitty mother. Just wait til hes high out of his mind and drops the kid or rolls over onto him and suffocates him (I noticed their negligence of letting the newborn sleep in bed with them).

No. 1014633

File: 1596084271888.jpeg (167.78 KB, 1125x1986, E5850157-3813-47B6-A323-7C29E4…)

Not really milky but it’s so funny he goes from bragging about his money to saying stuff like this which makes it clear he’s broke

No. 1014676

File: 1596093435394.png (1.26 MB, 828x1792, F410DAED-3826-413E-96A9-B051BE…)

Posted this on taylor thread but throw it in here since is relevant. Months later he did got away with this since tay’s “abuse” is just not getting enough cuddles!

No. 1014680

File: 1596094355668.jpeg (58.44 KB, 604x340, 60EC2AD1-A50D-4E63-906C-082B3D…)

No. 1014873

Major tinfoil here but I believe the reason Syd doesn't acknowledge Johnny's addiction is she is an addict herself. I can see them both shooting up or enabling each others addiction. Like Lurch and Tuna. If that is the case I feel so bad for their baby. I hope jonnys brother takes him or someone responsible in their life

No. 1014882

Maybe the IRS has finally caught up with him and his deadbeat ways. He probably hasn’t paid taxes in years

No. 1015102

Don't think she takes drugs (besides smoking weed possibly). If she used H it would make her maybe more chilled, tho.
And btw her mantra is "no mind altering substances (=meds)" so it would be very inconsequential.
But tbh I know people who were afraid to take meds for their anxiety and depression but took illegal substances.
Error - Logic not found.

No. 1015115

honestly i've thought the same thing before.

No. 1015119

I feel bad for the baby… financially I wonder what will happen. How does she support herself?(namefag)

No. 1015181

File: 1596209135761.png (1.22 MB, 1079x2048, Screenshot_20200731-092301.png)

You're a 30 year old man still trying to make it

No. 1015182

Then what is weed is its not a "mind altering substance"

No. 1015197

It’s not illegal in a lot of states, and she could just be using cbd. With a dr. note it would make a lot of sense. If she is smoking thc then she is getting high and it’s basically mind altering like liquor. So yeah idk she should just be taking her meds bc it fixes the chemical in balanced in her brain and those in balanced can be considered mind altering.

No. 1015205

kek what a faggot

No. 1015247

Big Strong Animal memes are the moid version of Live Laugh Love

No. 1015270

Lmao, that photo gave me second hand embarrassment

No. 1015304

Yeah, I know.

No. 1015320

Jonny man finally found the perfect woman. Someone who will sit right beside him while he's shooting up with they baby in her lap. What a wholesome American dream

No. 1015337

Lol I love the people congratulating him on 6million streams, one guy commented “and this is only the beginning man!” Lmao what? Jonny’s been in the music scene for 14 years now.

No. 1015346

File: 1596241612743.jpeg (53.25 KB, 750x232, D2875EE2-5129-4C4D-9067-596BBC…)

Here’s the pic lmao. The beginning? More like the end. What is he gonna do with his life once he has to retire? We know Syd’s unstable ass won’t get a job. How are they gonna support a whole human being for 18 years lol. Her mom I guess? This is just sad.

No. 1015348

File: 1596241862050.jpeg (207.23 KB, 750x734, FDC7C44C-9302-4FAF-B3DA-A939BC…)

Oh my….

No. 1015354

File: 1596242216107.jpeg (528.43 KB, 750x1116, 6B0164A7-6776-4B80-8E82-EB8415…)

No. 1015355

File: 1596242274239.jpeg (521.38 KB, 750x1099, 87BFE9B4-1361-4427-A212-B59DCE…)


No. 1015357

I wonder what Syd would think of this. Surely this is enough to get her pissed off, seeing as how a six year old photo of a fan with him did.

No. 1015362

She SHOULDNT care sense she has all these other dudes signatures that "saved her life" all over her lol

No. 1015363

Syds so unhinged rn now anything can set her off. Point proven

No. 1015438

Does the tattoo belong to a girl or to a guy? I think she wouldn't care if it was a guy.

No. 1015442

i get getting a tat cause she has a parasocial bond with jonny, but jonny? of all people? there are waaaaay better people out there to be a fan of. yikes.

No. 1015457

The dramatic spiel over a tiny tattoo gives hope they're young enough to look back at this and laugh

No. 1015495

It’s a female lol.

No. 1015562

leafy and other youtube cucks trying to take down pokimane is the most cringe thing he's ever done.

TL;DW of his "content nuke" - old news of that time pokimane dmca'd smaller channels for posting her clips. talked about how she has a very manufactured clean image…

then spends the half of the video telling her subs that they're simps, poki will never date them, she's "3/10" and went on a sperg rant where he talked about he respects people who watch titty streamers more. that poki is boring and titty streamers are more entertaining and are "actually hot"

somehow his video is well received? xqc "reacted" to it and defended her and got called a simp lol(wrong thread)

No. 1015721

File: 1596315037223.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, 8982F5E3-5982-4A9E-B300-8911AF…)

Walking to get baby stuff because your broke ass doesn’t have a car or a license. Also acting like he needs a break…I doubt he does anything around the house.

No. 1015729

File: 1596316490223.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 0BB9F992-06BC-4F09-B252-D41CD5…)

No. 1015735

Imagine you have a newborn and your baby daddy gets picked up for open container before the kids a month old. Lol

No. 1015771

good ole’ JC and his willingness to run errands like the doting dad he is! Does Syd drink? Interesting choice of drink (although he probably got more than just cans of whiteclaw) since he got off his ass to walk to the store

No. 1015804

File: 1596327150943.png (175.3 KB, 750x1334, 86FF49A5-9B1D-40AB-8B0D-9D3078…)

Wishing her baby daddy wasn’t drunk on white claws wandering the street

No. 1015820


what a cunt

you have a newborn, you don't get time to yourself unless you choose to leave your partner alone - a luxury she doesn't have

goddamn i hate this clown

No. 1015824

File: 1596329315731.png (139.83 KB, 750x1334, 23FE2F41-A3CC-405F-B208-44B84F…)

Uh oh

No. 1015825

White claw buzz must be going strong kek

No. 1015840


lemme guess, he got so close to the store then hit the bar instead

No. 1015845

Syd knows he’s a piece of trash and publicly calls him on it every other day. So dysfunctional. What an awful environment for a child to be raised in.

No. 1015846

And spent all the baby money on claws

No. 1015850

File: 1596331947690.png (595.53 KB, 750x1334, 41D11688-057C-4653-ADE0-A4CBB3…)

Yeah he must have went off the rails on his walk to the store

No. 1015861

Did he not allow her to go on this trip with him? That seems sketchy af. Probably had to meet someone for drugs.

No. 1015863

And here we go with weappnozing the baby, poor Storm.

No. 1016000

Jonny is already playing absent father and Syd insists everyone is jealous

No. 1016013

This kid has to introduce himself as "Storm" for the rest of his life…Even as a Grown ass man. My heart goes out to the him.

No. 1016015

He can go by his middle name.

No. 1016123

I actually know a few people named Storm…it could be worse. It could be Storm Trooper. At least he can always change his name or go by Parker.

No. 1016131

They can't afford to send him anywhere but public school. He'll get bullied for his name and his washed up "rockstar" father. I'm sure syd will gush to this kid about how special and cool he is for having a "famous" dad. (I'm picturing Alex Vause-esque childhood)

No. 1016155

Holy shit anon spot on. At least Syd didn't have a girl lol, would be way worse.

No. 1016256

if syd had a girl she would bully that poor kid herself. Syd strikes me as the type of woman that hates every other female that takes up an ounce of attention- children included. At least she can dress her son up like jonny to console herself when he leaves.

No. 1016281

File: 1596404518494.png (504.41 KB, 750x1334, 851CA68E-5E01-4961-B1BB-23CFEB…)


No. 1016284

Well. this is why I'm personally glad storm is a boy, he couldn't respect woman if he wad being paid, God hes gross

No. 1016286

he doesn't know what proactive means

No. 1016361

im sure he wouldnt be happy, or even around, if syd has a girl.

No. 1016457

What a miserable human being this little girl is (she is nowhere near a woman). Like her life seems so sufferable, even STILL with a baby. Can’t even call it Post Partum cuz she was like this before. Maybe be miserable in silence and not broadcast it over social media constantly? It’s embarrassing, and pathetic. She got the little “family” she’s always wanted and is STILL miserable. Jfc, there are kids in other countries with no water, clothes, food, safe shelter, ect. Kids being sex trafficked. But every time this little girl complains, she’s also showing that she’s just ungrateful for life in general. For fuck’s sake, be grateful and happy for the LITTLE things. Try being grateful towards your mom for supporting the THREE of you.

That poor child is gonna grow up with a heroin addicted, alcoholic father and a mother with SEVERE mental issues (bipolar disorder, major depression, crazy mood swings, jealous possessive cunt).

She’s 27, no car, no job, (no college degree I’m assuming?). Lives with her mom. Wah wah wah, sounds like SUCH a hard life. Somebody call the wambulance!

We all know she isn’t providing SHIT for the child financially. Jonny seems to have spent a little bit of money on him (unless EVERYTHING was a gift, I’m just hoping at least a little bit of it came from him). But the rest of the money is going towards heroin. He’s been addicted for over ten years, his tolerance has got to be through the damn roof. Ugh sorry for the rant. Just wish this bitch would shut up and not complain for a week, try to express gratitude instead. But at the same time, it’s milky.

No. 1016468

What a weird fucking thing to post and brag about. No one cares that you practically live in Jonny’s asshole and won’t let him out of your sight because you’re too jealous and threatened. Also, there’s literally a million other “healthier” things you could teach your child. The fact that you think your relationship is something to look up to or something to be idolized, aka “role model” material for a child, is pathetic. The delusion is real with this one. I can’t decide what’s more dysfunctional, Jonny with Tay or Jonny with Syd. Make sure to teach your kid to go off on and threaten anyone who even looks towards his significant other’s way! And instead of talking things out when you’re angry at each other, make sure he knows to post passive aggressive (sometimes vague) messages all over social media! Oh and don’t forget to tell him to not let his significant other out of his sight because he has no sense of self worth without them, he’s nothing without them. Even when they go to take a shit.

Funny how she posted that they need to constantly do EVERYTHING and go EVERYWHERE together but HIS post about the walk said “always take time for yourself”. LOLOLOL sounds like she’s smothering him! It’s hilarious how different their views are on that issue.

Maybe he really was by himself and she didn’t want the internet to know that in case any girls would try to hit him up? We all know she’s THAT psychotic.

No. 1016475

File: 1596423167807.png (513.51 KB, 750x1334, 5BC00166-63A2-4D3E-BD70-4A8734…)

Y’all… I can’t WAIT for this. Let the shitstorm commence, once again! Passive aggressive posts are gonna be more frequent, potential cheating so jealousy and insecurity will be through the ROOF. I thought this bitch was sad just cuz they were long distance nearly the whole pregnancy, but even while he’s there she complains. He probably can’t wait to get away. LOL.

No. 1016624

I think some people got ripped off last time he did the feature scam no? He gets the money and never delivers the song? He offered voice lessons once and ripped a bunch of people off

No. 1016638

He only goes through with the features when he needs the money bad enough. But let’s be real he’s not going back to make money for his family, he’s going back to make money so he can buy drugs and fuck off in AZ where there’s no responsibility and syd isn’t breathing down his neck and going through his phone. I’m calling it now, he won’t be returning to them when he’s done with this feature. He’s a sociopath so wouldn’t be hard for him to dip out on his son. My other thought was maybe syds mom requested he leave since she’s probably supporting all of them right now including the baby, and I’m sure hears them bickering all the time. Sometimes I wonder how he acts towards syds mom since he very publicly shit all over his last two ex’s mothers.

No. 1016809

File: 1596479438484.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, AE89167B-1F2D-4384-9488-7D43F9…)

Still talking about that walk to the store

No. 1016820

they didn't collab with Gorillaz. Slaves is also the name of a band from England and that band collabed with Gorillaz.

No. 1016857

what a tub of lard. cant even walk without hurting himself. unless he got tipsy off those whiteclaws and stumbled into some trashcans. outstanding father

No. 1016863

If you have to walk 8 miles to a store for baby supplies you have no business having a child.

No. 1016871

seriously. I can see jonny neglecting to buy diapers or baby food because he's "too tired" to walk all the way to the store… or getting stuck in a bar along the way

No. 1016914

What the fuck does he mean by not impressed? Like bitch who the fuck you trying to impress??

No. 1016942

It's a bad look when you're THAT desperate to get away from your crazy baby mama

No. 1017000

File: 1596508539652.png (357.49 KB, 750x1334, 760CA34C-F4E9-4127-887D-B09C22…)

So is he saying he’s down right now? I thought he was on top of the world with his shoes.

No. 1017013

This dude is what, 30? And still "learning" obvious shit like that?

No. 1017057

File: 1596516784095.jpeg (496.62 KB, 1125x2044, 7B664C70-ECF3-438C-9D0D-53CFCC…)

No. 1017058

File: 1596516816731.jpeg (252.12 KB, 1125x1752, 07DF042D-1BC0-45AC-B63B-05A2A1…)

So he finally admits he’s broke after all his bragging

No. 1017070

He’s 34

No. 1017073

>suggesting the new baby that just arrived into the world a month ago is the reason he’s flat broke.

If only you didn’t have to spend money on diapers, you could buy yourself a plaid man-moomoo and some knock off timberlands.

No. 1017301

>2 bucks

No. 1017321

Syd is going to SHIT when she sees jonny talking with someone who says her baby is worth $2! She was already going wild in the insta comments about her perfect baby.

No. 1017338

Way to passive aggressively shit on your newborn.

No. 1017384

Ooooh he's so bitter! Poor baby boy isn't even a month old and Jonny is already upset that he exists
What a jackass

No. 1017404

Aw, poor Jonny didn't know that babies cost money and require care and constant attention! Fucking walnut probably thought Syd would pop out a son and it would cost pennies for diapers and formula. Just wait until he starts getting older Jonny, that's where the real money starts coming in.
Syd is probably regretting all of her life choices now. No more freedom, no more sexy skinny body, no more doing whatever you want all the time, she's constantly bitter about the fact that Jonny is a deadbeat who's not there half the time. No one wants your man, Syd.

No. 1017437

you really chose a great man syd. He's out here wishing he could buy overpriced homeless clothes instead of baby essentials and shit talking his own baby. You really are living the dream sis. How embarrassing

No. 1017619

This just makes me sad for the baby for having this POS as a dad. Not that it wasn't already sad, but he doesn't have to be so open about being a shit father already

No. 1018107

File: 1596662955831.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, C7F8E50B-4BE3-4902-9590-D889E4…)

For the love of god, please tell me this isn’t really Syd’s new tattoo. She is trashy enough/has trashy tattoos already, so I could see her getting tatted something DUMB that Jonny drew cuz it would be ~so speshul~ to her.

No. 1018118

… he drew on her back with pen. it's literally not a real tattoo. but yes I agree she would probably get something stupid like this.

No. 1018162

You really can’t tell that it’s a pen drawing?

No. 1018163

Ok Taylor(hi cow)

No. 1018178

so is jonny such an idiot that he can't spell sober or do you guys think he's high/drunk around the baby

No. 1018200

the dude’s an idiot drunk or sober, not sure he’s ever written a fully coherent paragraph

No. 1018338

File: 1596694814683.jpeg (278.26 KB, 1125x1975, 7DA36595-B9C0-40E6-AEA3-5F1513…)

It’s shit like this that makes me cackle. It was just what, 2 months ago maybe she was posting pictures of her pre-pregnancy body saying stuff like “you’re all probably just jealous I’m hotter than you haters will ever be!” lmfao. You can tell by her psycho attitude she’s insecure as fuck, and I guarantee it’s x100 now that pregnancy has ruined the body she once had. She’s so full of shit saying she’s “happy and thriving and so in love” but it’s so obvious both she and Jonny are both miserable together. That poor kid. Having a baby isn’t nearly as glamorous as they clearly expected it to be. All for what, to show up Taylor? Sis nobody cares you let a disgusting excuse for a person like Jonny knock you up. Ya’ll definitely won’t last.

No. 1018339

And you know she's not gonna lose the baby weight. She'll stay bloated and probably put on even more in the years to come. Jonny is not the kind of man to appreciate a mother's body.

No. 1018364

Haha same I have to laugh at her whining about how everyone congratulated johnny and not her. Sis your reward is your baby. People hype up johnny because they hope every event gets him clean, you got your prize syd, its your baby, fucking treasure him because he's the one that deserves it

No. 1018393

File: 1596716066179.png (410.07 KB, 750x1334, 5210323C-D808-4064-81B8-9EAB79…)

He stays kissing Slaves’ ass. It looks like they try to distance themselves from him but idk

No. 1018578

Its funny I think they want nothing to do with him anymore publicly/career wise. He is also plugging his ugly ass merch, the money is running dry!

No. 1019054

File: 1596809028370.png (671.84 KB, 750x1334, 0F08FF98-B36E-4027-8B2C-E55E85…)

Yes, Syd. Enjoy your stupid life. You pretty much ruined your life although it wasn’t too great before as it is. And it’s only going to get worse. Poor Storm, neither of his parents are working or taking care of him financially. Neither of his parents have a car or a license. What’s gonna happen when the baby is crying due to running out of diapers or food and his grandma is at work? God forbid the grandma has to leave in the middle of the work to pick up the slack of these two shit parents. If anyone is familiar with Teen Mom, this bitch reminds me of that loser Jenelle Evans who can’t financially support her child with an abusive partner, and allllll the responsibilities will be put on her mom.

No. 1019057

Well this aged well LULZ.

HAHAHA how does it feel to be NotSoSmall, Syd? Well all know your lazy ass won’t exercise, especially since Jonny is about to dip off AGAIN to Arizona to get away from you. Watch him lose his interest when she never gets her pre pregnancy body back. We all know how shallow he is. I’ve NEVER seen Jonny even HANG OUT with a chubby girl, every single one of his exes had nice bodies because that is the sole thing he looks for in a partner. Second thing is if they’ll take care of him. I’m surprised he chose this clown since she doesn’t have a dollar to her name. I wonder if he knew that, maybe she lied and made it seem like she was this hot shot in the music/tour/show industry. Then she trapped him with a baby. Lol no wonder he’s always so quick to get away from her any chance he gets. That baby will never get to bond with him or feel comfortable/recognize him as his daddy. Especially since he’s leaving once again before he’s two months old. Shall we take bets on how long has gonna be gone this time? I’m gonna say AT LEAST a month, minimum.

No. 1019061

Definitely not Taylor here, chill the hell out. I knew it was pen he drew. I was saying I could SEE her getting this tatted on her, aka “please tell me this won’t be her new tattoo”.

No. 1019206

File: 1596825656100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 363.39 KB, 828x1401, F4BEBF6B-A1BC-4912-91D4-25971A…)


No. 1019212

Normal people taking photos of their significant others butt isn’t bizarre….but I guarantee he took it and she encouraged him to post it so other girls could be envious of her lololol

No. 1019310

Your baby got a wedgie and it’s gross lol no one wants to see that.

No. 1019314

I suppose that’s the best view he’s got, since the fronts all flabby now and covered in stretch marks and the face is still bloated, no doubt tits are sagging.

No. 1019333

File: 1596834815592.png (174.64 KB, 750x1334, 6B4D179C-EE1F-4BAC-8549-75823F…)


No. 1019364


Lol that butt isn’t round whatsoever. The underwear is all the way up her ass crack maybe giving off that illusion, and her legs are bent sideways underneath her. So it’s not look like they are straight down and her butt has volume. That ass is flat, and flabby. But nice try Jonny.

No. 1019413

farmhands, ostensibly women, still believe that pregnancy completely destroys the body and leaves it a disgusting mess. Guess it is the age bracket here.

No. 1019452

If all you do before and after you give birth is lay around and eat then yes, "pregnancy" does "ruin" your body.

No. 1019468

Yeah not taking care of your body ruins it, not pregnancy

No. 1019470

Yeah I don’t think her body is rUiNeD but let’s face it, Syd is as vain as Jonny is shallow and it’s funny to watch them try to deal with it.

No. 1019491

her hips literally dip in. She not thicc she's "smol" pick one syd

No. 1019493

I agree shes not a heinous looking girl overall its her entire personality that emphasize her shortcomings

No. 1019538

No, not an age thing. First hand experience. You can work out all you want (which she’s not) but tits are still gonna sag and stretch marks don’t go away. Those are facts. Didn’t mean I personally think pregnancy “destroys you”, but scumbags like Jonny who are used to having hot girls flooding his dm’s are not the type to appreciate that.

No. 1019545

Those eyebrows are heinous. Not sure whats worse, when she paints them on with what looks like a sharpie or when she doesn’t bother and they’re only half brows kek

No. 1019651

File: 1596873439387.jpeg (215.67 KB, 1125x1996, 56591051-D1F7-4082-9D05-E4244C…)

No. 1019676

Why are you WKing Syd? GTFO with that. We all collectively dislike her on this thread. If you like her or feel the need to defend her, then go to another thread. No where in that reply did he or she say the front of her body is flabby and whatever else they said due to PREGNANCY. They were just saying what her body looks like. Didn’t say it was cuz of the baby, nor did they list any reason. But YOU had to go there. They could have said that for any reason. Maybe for her lack of healthy diet, lack of exercise, her habit of being a lazy slob who lays in bed all day that started BEFORE the pregnancy cuz her ass isn’t working. We are all entitled to our own opinion here. The main opinion we all have in common is we hate Jonny and Syd. So if you wanna nitpick what a fellow farmer says and defend this shitty girl, go be her best friend away from this thread.(infighting sperg)

No. 1019763

Shut the fuck up lol^(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1019776

nta but holy fuck calm down, that was not wking and yes a couple people were getting a little silly with the omg destroyed by pregnancy thing. Jesus.

No. 1020039

because he's too lazy to make apologies and change his behavior. Just keep hoping for endless second chances. Hope you found it with syd bro, this thread is gold and I hope it never dies

No. 1020058

he sure does love to post half naked photos of his gfs. didn't he also post a half-naked Taylor before to "show off"?

they're obvious just an object to him.

No. 1020089

didnt he post naked tay all over his story like a month before they broke up? maybe its a repeated behavior to lovebomb to demonstrate hes not cheating lol

No. 1020149

Yeah he did lmao, and apparently without her permission but Taylor tried to cover it up and say she said it was ok when she actually didn’t. It’s just something he does to try to make all the “haters” jealous. Maybe Syd was going through old threads and saw it and told him to do it, who knows. I bet she’s seen it and is pissed because at least Taylor’s picture was of her front side where she looked fit/slimthicc. Syd’s gonna have nothing to show besides this side of her now, which is ironic considering the way she was boasting about how much hotter she was than everyone else a month ago. Karma really is a bitch huh Syd?
And no, these anons are right, pregnancy itself doesn’t ruin your body, not taking care of yourself before and after is what ruins it. I think everyone’s just been using that phrase because of the irony of how much she boasted not long ago when in reality now she’s a bitter bitch since she doesn’t look that way anymore, and Jonny’s attention is clearly on other girls more now.

No. 1020668

File: 1597034409555.jpeg (342.77 KB, 1125x1999, 896FF5AB-608B-4A80-BBBB-571CF8…)

No. 1020669

File: 1597034437439.jpeg (295.04 KB, 1125x1985, 6B70540E-3B3C-473B-B73B-B14812…)

I really think he relapsed

No. 1020678

I wonder if he's still using Kratom. They way Taylor and his other exes talked about it it seems like he always reverts to that (and what sounds like crazy amount to me) when he's "sober"

No. 1020743


Either that or he’s realizing the income from his declining singing career isn’t enough to take care of a whole ass family.

No. 1020823

Definitely that. But also I’m sure syd has been giving him hell over going back to AZ probably begging him not to and guilting the shit out of him. Meanwhile he can’t wait to get away from her and have his freedom back. So he’s using the classic “I’m doing it for us baby”. Any money he gets he’ll buy drugs and shoes, then maybe some diapers with what’s left. I really don’t understand how two adults with no money are allowed to have a baby. Must be on government assistance, which then it’s the taxpayers supporting their kid. Which I wouldn’t talk down on if she didn’t intentionally get knocked up to trap him.

No. 1020833

The stupid bitch just needs to get medicated for her mental issues. Boo hoo syd meds "don't make you you anymore" but responsible adults with mental illness get help so they can function in society. She needs to put in the work to get therapy for her BPD because it is a very curable disorder contrary to popular belief. I hate bitches like her that blame everything on their mental health without even trying to fix it.

No. 1020842

Meds making her “not herself anymore” would be best case scenario lol. Honestly does she ever leave her bed? Every single picture that is posted by either of them she’s just laying in bed. What a life. And what a life for her kid who should be seeing new things and places and introduced to the world he was brought into.

No. 1020859

The meds will actually make her act like a normal human, but her own perception of herself is that her being crazy "is herself". That's why she won't change. Because she's scared to act like a normal functioning human.

No. 1021022

What are the chances of this poor baby going into care in the next 12 months?

No. 1021027

lmao this is the dumbest nitpick, have you seen a newborn before? This young all they do is eat and sleep. Not trying to come off white knighty but holy shit some of you are naive.

No. 1021036

I literally have a child… and there’s plenty you can do with a newborn aside from lay in bed. But I guess when you’re lazy and have no other responsibilities why bother right.

No. 1021162

NTA but did you forget there's a pandemic still?

No. 1021181


No. 1021203

Man y’all get SO offended when we say her body is ruined or pregnancy ruins bodies. Angelynn must be in this thread. Hi Angel!(hi cow)

No. 1021285

doesn't mean that you should just lay in bed all day even with a newborn. If jonny was even a man, he would take turns with Syd so she can get up and do other things than post on instagram like a teenager. We haven't seen him post about him taking care of his son.. it's mostly him posting pics of syd's ass and drinking.

What amazing parents /s

No. 1021332

Honestly I don’t think the nitpick is that wrong. For two people with such inflated egos you’d think they’d be doing more than just laying in bed all the time. Yeah there is a pandemic but doesn’t seem like Syd does fuck else except lounge around. Being a mom is hard but the point people are making isn’t about the energy it takes to parent, it’s about how they boast like they are so damn great yet image after image is a passive aggressive statement or laying in bed. Having a baby with an abusive drug addict while living at your moms house doesn’t help the photos either…don’t get it twisted.

No. 1021414

File: 1597180660587.png (213.15 KB, 750x1334, 0724E88A-5027-4C1A-8599-6C164A…)

No. 1021416

File: 1597180689627.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, ADFABD80-2C52-4A83-A80A-3B458C…)

No. 1021449

>And what a life for her kid who should be seeing new things and places and introduced to the world he was brought into.
Huh? It's a fucking newborn. Lying around inside healing and nursing is completely normal for the mother, and a newborn doesn't need to be ~introduced to the world~. Start complaining when the kid is a bit older if you want but right now it's fine.

No. 1021457

Please do it already
Kek sydsostumpy, you can tell how chunky her legs are

No. 1021475

The kid is like what a month old? Literally they sleep for 18-20 hours a day. The fuck are you supposed to introduce him to? They can barely see and all they care about is being warm, loved and fed.

>if it weren’t for my son
You mean the kid you barely take care of? The one you shit all over because you had to walk to the store and spend what little money you had on diapers, and couldn’t buy your shitty hobo clothes? Yea ok.

No. 1021551

If you don’t thing it’s syd just being her lazy piece of shit self then I guess we’ll just have to chalk it up to different parenting styles, because it wasn’t difficult to take my newborn outside for fresh air a couple weeks after my c section.

No. 1022206

File: 1597308940581.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 5BD368D1-D6FC-4BF8-98AC-9936BE…)

Great to see Jonny is wasting away baby supplies while being broke like this. Kek

No. 1022310

File: 1597323188203.jpeg (57.6 KB, 745x310, 1FDFAEFB-31AB-477C-BE26-10CD15…)

What a bunch of crap. I’ve never met him but he seems like the most selfish and childish person on the planet. All this whining lately makes it sound like none of his musician friends want anything to do with him anymore.

No. 1022345

Can't wait for him to fuck up the pipes flushing these non-flushable wipes

No. 1022349

Does is have a glass of soda in the bathroom with him? Next to the things you wipe your ass with? No doubt there’s alcohol in the glass too.

No. 1022396

Jc is so rich he's using a peice of paper as a coaster, take that HaTeRsz

No. 1022517

File: 1597349280452.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 1A107421-D4D9-435A-A69C-415637…)

No. 1022519


Putting in bets that Jonny and syd is gonna split next year today.

No. 1022529

File: 1597351702912.jpeg (40.71 KB, 520x358, DE1071FB-9EBE-4B5F-AB66-257741…)

generous anon

No. 1022537

yikes on bikes. I would feel sorry for Syd, but considering the fact that she has the mental maturity/capacity of a toddler……my sympathy is gone(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1022542

Fair, just thought with the pandemic will actually force them to tolerate each other a little longer/jonny pretending he is living his best life mooching off syd and her mom.

No. 1022562

I'm putting bets on an Abby Brown-esque break up and then get back together 10× over situation. They're both pathetic but their pathetic-ness draws them together like 2 white trash magnets

No. 1022592

If the sign wasn't circled he would have thought this was just a photo of a car.

No. 1022730

File: 1597382864888.jpeg (305.55 KB, 1125x2001, BF22ECBF-16D7-44A9-8651-A95C3E…)

No. 1022796

what a child lol
what did he think having a kid would be like?? it's fucking expensive, dummy

No. 1022956

Saw this in the TND thread and thought it was odd it wasn't posted here.

No. 1022958

An hour and a half of some moid talking about rapist Craig? You'd have to be delusional to think anyone wants to watch that

No. 1022967

Syd must be seething seeing her babydeadbeat talk about her precious angel like that kek. How genuinely shitty and disrespectful. Taking care of the needs of a newborn is burning money but heroin and ugly clothes aren't.

No. 1022993

The brass balls of 2006 Emo Ed Sheeran to put himself in the thumbnail.

No. 1023033

I bet they will be done by 2021, early when 2021 starts.

No. 1023200

"Fall"? His last EP went #1 on the R&B charts, safe to say he's far from done. Sorry Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, and all the other dumb whores who run this gossip site filled with slander and lies.(whiteknighting)

No. 1023225


We're not any of those women, you don't have to be abused by Jonny Craig to know he's a wrong'un.

No. 1023237

In what world? Chart records show his last album didn’t place on R&B charts, and overall placed #75 on Billboard and #32 on iTunes

No. 1023251

Lol hey Syd.

No. 1023304

Haven’t you got a baby to care for?

No. 1023311

So obviously syd clutching onto that delusion that she won a prize. Attempting to polish a worn out, embarrassing turd.

No. 1023344

Delusional thoughts from fantasy island

No. 1023345


I think they will break up in 2020…for the first time, not the last

No. 1023383

Hey Syd. Hope you obsessively read every single post on this thread

No. 1023452

File: 1597522966861.png (133.62 KB, 750x1334, E6C8B5AC-DB03-481C-9FB6-D50D6C…)

No. 1023456

I think he deleted this, I don’t see it, but he’s definitely going to dip. Bet he won’t even make it to the baby’s first Christmas.

No. 1023516

Do we have any betting threads?

No. 1023529

File: 1597535004395.jpeg (685.16 KB, 1125x1792, 86AB3ADB-088E-4647-89D3-8B71B1…)

I guess all his crying lately is about not getting paid much by Spotify

No. 1023611

Sounds like he’s saying he’s done with music. My guess is syd gave him an ultimatum. They were definitely posting passive aggressive shit about it. Probably threatened to leave him and get him for child support if he left, since she knows he wouldn’t come back and would be at the very least flirting with girls on IG, if not cheating with the local bartender.

No. 1023700

He literally said on his “streaming party” or whatever it was called that he refuses to pay for Spotify when ads played.
That surprised me, I would think musicians would support other musicians and help them get paid more..

No. 1023712

File: 1597578552982.jpeg (146.13 KB, 1125x2020, 67757320-D1CD-4B7C-837D-AC4B1B…)

looks like he really left

No. 1023844

This is not the first time he’s complained about standby…too broke for first class I see. I think in the past he’s mentioned his dad works for an airline or something so he’s getting cheap/free flights but it has to be on standby. Forever mooching.

No. 1023874

File: 1597611363522.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, F00DA0F8-6909-4544-938C-44E4BA…)

More idiotic post from jonny

No. 1023884

Why do you need to "meet so many new people you never knew you could love so much" when you have a family?

No. 1023916

File: 1597616310536.jpeg (450.69 KB, 1125x1989, B1DD1A8F-BB89-4BA1-AC6B-48F06A…)

No. 1023917

File: 1597616341612.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2005, EC9AD333-1C8B-49C3-B008-DE70E7…)

passive aggressive posts coming in 3, 2…

No. 1023961

Already deleted lol

No. 1023967

Did she dye her hair?

No. 1023971

To be honest, as a fellow parent, I totally understand this. Especially if you already have mental health issues before you became a parent. Others act like a baby will magically fix all your problems but it makes things so much harder and while you can be selfless, your issues don’t just stop because you have a baby now. You can’t vent about postpartum without being guilt tripped as a mother and it sucks. Not a fan of Syd, but I understand this completely.

No. 1024001

Same anon. PPD is a bitch and it definitely has that extra shame component added to it that garden variety depression lacks. People act like it's a character flaw instead of a legitimate, well-documented medical condition.

No. 1024065

hard to feel any sympathy for hot shit syd. Her life sucks everyone knows that but she goes around trying to brag like she won the lottery getting knocked up by a deadbeat. She was dumb enough to think a baby would fix her emptiness and now she can wallow in her shame and misery. If she wasn't such a cunt maybe people would at least pity her.

No. 1024071

Someone mentioned the post from Syd's ex in the TND thread and well here is the first post >>744359 if anyone is interested

No. 1024078

wrong post anon?

No. 1024195

File: 1597653274505.jpeg (296.14 KB, 828x923, 2E73525F-B471-4999-A6D7-4BD3C3…)

And he wonder why he is such a douche. Go get therapy jonny..

No. 1024196

Life is hard when you don’t have a gullible woman funding your life huh jonny?? Kek

No. 1024465

File: 1597694276376.png (643.54 KB, 750x1334, A9459617-AE2E-4BD2-A30F-1DB2AB…)

No. 1024483

Wrong link???

No. 1024775


Syd's ex's posts with milk from TND's thread. Also screenshotted by another anon upthread.

No. 1024791

He was right. She is bat shit crazy.

No. 1025192

File: 1597768951995.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 021762AA-8788-4BBF-BC3A-648A10…)

He cant wait to get the hell out of there

No. 1025337

It’s messed up that he’s dipping on her like that but I can’t imagine he was much help to begin with. At least now he can’t use up his baby’s wipes.

No. 1025416

File: 1597793263180.png (195.19 KB, 750x1624, 63345E67-C5A0-4FDD-8080-EA3919…)

No. 1025430

Wow. Not sure if she means her kid or Taylor for some reason, but wow.

Grow the fuck up Syd, you fat sack of lard shit, and stop vagueposting on snapchat and go take care of your son. I hope CPS step in and kicks your ass.

No. 1025431

Well bandanas don’t do shit in terms of protection so uh…. fingers crossed.

No. 1025446

I find it so funny that one of the above comments thinks this page is run by his ex's. They are all doing so much better without him, especially Liz. Has her own place, makes bank, and has a hot bf. The only ex I can really think of that's still hung up on him is Manda. They dated YEARS ago…(I was like 16 when they dated. I am now 24.) she still posts weird things talking about how much he hurt her. Also did anyone see the video on Jonny's instagram story? He was crossing a crosswalk with Syd and he asks "where you going boo?" and Syd doesn't turn around and keeps walking. It almost sounded like he was taunting her. Also in response to Syd's vague posting..imagine almost 30 and 40 and still behaving like this??? ……….Yikes

No. 1025460

Nah Taylor is still very much hung up on him too and not doing well at all, but it’s her own fault at this point.

No. 1025484

Taylor is at least doing miles better than Syd, who basically has nothing and is obvious salty that the man she bragged about turned out to be a sack of shit. She probably thought that getting knocked up by him would make him settle down so she could shove it in Taylor's face, without realizing that Jonny is pure trash and will continue to be so regardless of what's at home. Now she's fat (the exact opposite of what Jonny seems to go after), and has a kid to take care of for the next 18 years. Syd is an idiot and got what she deserved, and Jonny will too, in do time.

No. 1025497

Taylor just admitted to using both heroine and meth during her last relapse lol. Sucks to say it but both Jonny and Syd are in better places than her, although at the end of the day they're all still going nowhere in life.
*it's due time, not do time, by the way.

No. 1025509

Taylor can get better and turn her life around at some point. Syd just popped out a kid in an attempt to make a retarded, cheating heroin addict stick around, and now she's going to be constantly reminded of how much of a retard she is by looking at her own kid for the rest of her life, whilst constantly salt-posting on snapchat about her boyfriend's ex, and said boyfriend's inability to be a parent. She's not better off than Taylor by a long shot.

No. 1025562

agreed. Taylor isn't doing much better either…she's doing METH for gods sake. Jonny, Syd, AND Taylor are a lost cause at this point. Syd just surprises me each and every day with her level of stupidity. She needs serious professional help. Hey Syd does it feel good to not take responsibility for your mental illness and be 27 with zero work experience? Mommys not gonna fund you and your junkie "boyfriend" forever." PATHETIC. Also as someone who is very much involved with the LA music scene, rest assured NO ONE fucks with Jonny Craig anymore.

No. 1025649

She deleted that.. I wonder why!

Also just to add-on the other points from anon, all of jonny’s ex are definitely better off without him regardless if they are current thriving or not (including the dumpster fire that is taylor).

At least none of them are still tied to jonny or brought an innocent life into this mess like syd.

No. 1025666

File: 1597838857931.jpeg (160.63 KB, 748x1249, 0E93DC54-13E0-4448-A7C8-52B80A…)

When is the last time he’s seen $9k cash?? Come on. If he had $9k he’d be dead from all the heroin he’d buy. But we all know he doesn’t have shit but what be begs and borrows. (They’re talking about a $9000 surpreme microphone)

No. 1025678

jonny would be that idiot to buy a $9000 mic when he has $9001 in the bank just to flex on the haturzzz

No. 1025788

Yet a couple weeks ago he was too broke to buy $30-50 shirts hahaha

No. 1025802

File: 1597867093502.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, C04309FD-66C4-4F63-881A-301AD1…)

Ignore the bloody marys, check out the absolute gut on this piece of shit, yes syd we’re all jealous you got the fat Elvis version of this broke junkie

No. 1025818

i'm more interested in what is going on with homeboy's eyebrows???

No. 1025854

He's ugly, anon.

No. 1025893

wow he’s so swollen he’s got the wrist and forearm of a 400lb hambeast

No. 1026190

christ. how much is he drinking to be this bloated? unless he's using on top it as well.

No. 1026320

File: 1597964684406.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x2010, 1CFCA392-A488-44F2-9E40-CB627A…)

What a prize

No. 1026341

imagine letting that tub of lard heave on top of you for 3 minutes, nut inside you, then leave you alone with a baby. Tragic

No. 1026354

Those fingers are so swollen, chelsea used to say you knew he was using when he was clean shaven because the hair would irritate and he would scratch it like crazy.

No. 1026364

Permanently meth mouthed

No. 1026368

Why does he always look like a weird old man with no teeth?

No. 1026370

File: 1597970129020.png (2.17 MB, 750x1624, E1C43539-8CB3-4D7D-9CE9-92FA4B…)

A screenshot from his story but he looks horrible. There’s no way he’s not on something

No. 1026380

chelsea said whenever he’s clean shaven he’s absolutely on something.

No. 1026391

Syd, ya picked a real winner you dumbass

No. 1026403

File: 1597973716375.jpeg (169.29 KB, 750x1202, DBC6637F-6006-4CB9-B9E9-DCDEF8…)

No. 1026414

Okay vaguebook, so music?

No. 1026428

I feel like this is saying music triggers her probably because Jonny does dumb shit every time he leaves to “record music”

No. 1026464

Every time she vague/sad/rage posts all I can think is a sarcastic crying noise. Waaaahhhh and boo fucking hoo, Syd. Literally all you do is complain.

No. 1026468

Because he is?

No. 1026479

File: 1597985889923.png (571.59 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200820-215812.png)

Her communication skills to jonny are A1 lmao

No. 1026575

File: 1598016188600.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 6346F74C-404F-4953-B1EA-3F3DB7…)

Flexing on the haters with some funky matted up carpet

No. 1026576

It's an incredibly cheap carpet from Ikea, no less. I've only ever seen poor people and people with large industry advance payments flash money, and neither of them really have it. Seems suiting. If he ever gets the chance to pay his own rent, I'm sure he'll be flashing a handful of cash near the start of each month, too.

No. 1027368

File: 1598144261500.png (236.77 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200822-185759.png)

Looks like it finally happened. Jonny is in AZ

No. 1027383

File: 1598148568766.jpeg (180.26 KB, 748x1198, EBE7C9D4-6102-447B-9363-92978A…)

Uh oh she took him out her bio, it must be serious

No. 1027384

File: 1598148697702.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, BD27149E-B4A0-4782-839F-04E2C3…)

He must be broke broke

No. 1027396

File: 1598150844107.png (333.85 KB, 1109x2048, Screenshot_20200822-204656.png)

More teenage vague posting

No. 1027420

Newfag but why does she go by "mummy" if she's from L.A? Sage for irrelevant question.

No. 1027434

Probably to sound edgy. Not “mum” like European, “mummy” like “I’m such an alt goff mom guise”

No. 1027437

File: 1598160211798.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200822-222134.png)

I think this is the same guy he was high with last time?

No. 1027439

File: 1598160752867.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200822-222154.png)

I'd upload the video but I don't know how. He's just looking at himself dancing again

No. 1027441

This is giving me major White Chicks vibes. White Chicks meets Soundcloud loser.

No. 1027449

File: 1598164684041.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x2010, 3F33D8FB-741B-4E47-8357-28E8DB…)

He sure does look like he’s “on one”

No. 1027450

syd can you wake the fuck up and realize that jonny doesn't leave you all alone with his child to "record music". He's leaves you to do drugs and probably fuck whatever girl he can find

No. 1027502

File: 1598172854924.png (534.24 KB, 828x1792, 6D9835D0-098F-449A-864F-F4DA62…)

They really are doing this parenting shit so well.

No. 1027563

Unfortunate that the baby looks so much like Johnny and has the stupid name Johnny wanted for him then.

I think (hope) she realizes that since she took that loser out of her bio and vagueposted about only needing her baby a la all single moms w deadbeat dads. She’s a fucking idiot.

No. 1027587

It kills me endlessly how her IG profile pic and her actual pics on her account look like two completely different people.

No. 1027589

He’s defo tweaking in those stories

No. 1027607

She's not from LA. She's from San jose.

No. 1027609

I also feel like once you become a mom it’s pretty trashy to still advertise your love for THC on a page with pics of your newborn. She’s edited her bio enough times now it could’ve easily been removed.

No. 1027635

File: 1598195556707.jpeg (252.88 KB, 1242x574, 20783D56-D915-402C-9C4F-651110…)

I agree, but this is a thing for stupid white women bc of course it is.

No. 1027651

He's drugged the fuck out!!

No. 1027716

Learn to sage babe

Yeah Jonny looks like shit. There is no way he is sober. Syd really fucked herself over with this one. I highly doubt they will be together at the end of the year.

No. 1027717

File: 1598208111643.png (44.12 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20200823-143920~2.p…)

She also unfollowed him, oof
That didn't take long lol
(reupload bc I'm an idiot and hit spoiler image)

No. 1027731

No. 1027764

File: 1598213480010.png (409.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200823-130544.png)

He still follows her though. I honestly hope she realizes he isn't safe to be around. I don't have a child but I would not trust a man high on heroin with around any baby jfc. Especially if there's a chance he may abuse the child's mother. He still wants her but maybe she's coming to reality, I really hope so for storms sake she blocks him and never looks bacm

No. 1027775


I doubt with how many times they’ve played these little immature, passive aggressive social media games that it’s anything other than that. She’ll go back to him. This is the woman that thought a baby would change a man.

No. 1027809

Imo she'll be done with him when she deletes all of their pictures and posts together, for now she still has everything up even if she unfollowed him. So they'll def be back soon.

No. 1027902

my money is on them breaking up/getting back together for a rocky 3-4 years before jonny finally runs off with another girl leaving syd a fat, broke and bitter single mom

No. 1027999

File: 1598258709099.jpeg (409.21 KB, 828x1123, F2F3689A-6B86-45C6-97AA-D81D73…)

No. 1028010

File: 1598261829728.jpeg (69.88 KB, 828x602, 1A49FCA2-A380-4EF2-93AB-5FDACF…)

the love-bombing begins.

No. 1028032

Looks like he already ruined the surprise…

No. 1028077

She’s nowhere near strong enough of a woman to actually leave his scummy ass. She probably realizes now he’s disgusting and just doesn’t want to admit to all her haters she made a terrible mistake. I still think it’s hilarious she acted as if she’d won a prize when she got him at his absolute worst and no one else would even look twice. Still makes me cringe that she let him put his std infested peen in her unprotected.

No. 1028082

Lmaooo what a joke

No. 1028102

Imagine being this embarrassingly spineless ladies.

No. 1028109

Wait, what's that stormy cloud emoji supposed to mean? Is she indicating they're fighting like that? Imagine having to communicate with the father of your child through emojis in your IG bio.

No. 1028119

Pretty sure it's supposed to represent the kid.

No. 1028129

File: 1598284056685.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200824-084713.png)

1/3. Again, no video for those not on his insta, I'm sorry. His friend is clearly annoyed, he eye fucks the camera with his tongue out and it's just about the scariest shit I've ever seen

No. 1028130

File: 1598284086619.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200824-084720.png)


No. 1028131

File: 1598284140525.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200824-084729.png)

3/3. His sobriety is really appearant in these.. kek

No. 1028132

Also to those who haven't seen these videos I MUST emphasize how much he has his tongue out and just looks like he's sucking an invisible dick. It's so difficult to watch but I couldn't look away for the life of me. Making Syd proud each and every day(:((:)

No. 1028135

Please no emoji even if sarcastic.

What losers they both are. Even if he groveled and Syd forgave him, if she sees these videos, she should kick him right back to the curb. Dick and appearances over the safety of your child, though.

No. 1028142

When did Syd unfollow him? Maybe she’s seen the videos and had one short lived moment of self awareness

No. 1028170

She’s already following him again. Must’ve had one of her bipolar episodes. Or she wanted him to pretend he cared for a minute.

No. 1028182


Remember when he did this for Taylor (The Pact)? He literally does the same thing for every single girl, and every one of them still manages to convince herself she's special/different

No. 1028185

File: 1598291897668.png (17.53 KB, 584x251, brokentrack.png)


No. 1028193

Damn I got my hopes up maybe she was becoming self aware. She's a bad person for what she did to her ex so I don't want it to seem like I'm rooting for her but Jonny is dangerous to women. She seems like someone desperate like Taylor, maybe she'd even do drugs to bond with him too. It's clear to everyone he's high lately, it's been over mine months so it's definitely been around her at some point or another.

No. 1028194

* Nine. And I'm not saying it's 100% I'm just saying it really seems likely to me. Not because she's so open about the pot because that's one thing but because he's manipulative and if he wants to get high he doesn't care who if hurts. Misery loves company.

No. 1028196

File: 1598294127998.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200824-055550.png)

He's one ugly mother fucker

No. 1028197

Bloated and pinned eyes

No. 1028210

File: 1598296775019.png (1009.73 KB, 750x1334, 21E54395-EDAE-474D-B44A-CB90C2…)

Sounds butthurt to me.

No. 1028224

from what i understand, people don't necessarily lose weight when using. I thought that was a myth. Especially when they're "functioning" or whatever.

No. 1028227

yeah heroin tends to actually make even shit tier food taste amazing and h addicts tend to crave fatty sugary food so a lot do gain weight. They really only lose weight when they don't have the money or access to food and prioritize the drugs so yeah it's a myth.

No. 1028228

It seems like all he does is drink beer and white claw, binge watch streaming services in bed, and order door dash. No wonder he’s bloated as shit. Plus whatever effects the liver damage is having.

No. 1028240

Implying he's ever been a twig lmao

No. 1028250

Using wouldn’t make someone thin at Dadbod Jonny’s age.

Also, agree with everyone about the barrel belly/fucked up liver look.

No. 1028269

Drug use doesn't make you skinny, unless you get to the point to where your only focus is getting high instead of eating or showering. He already looks greasy and bloated on his benders, if he does start dropping weight since the baby was born it'll be way more obvious.

No. 1028287

Jonny's never been a twig fucking kek! He's always been a bloated lard ass. Must be butt hurt from all the anons talking about how fat he is

No. 1028336


I used to know a street junkie who I'd help out now and then because I'm an idiot soft-touch. Jonny looks worse than he did. Hopefully he'll buck his ideas up before he also ODs and dies.

No. 1028337


Sorry for double posting but yeah, if Philip Seymour Hoffman could be a junkie for years without getting anywhere near slim then it's perfectly reasonable to assume Jonny is also high as a kite.

No. 1028410

File: 1598333291447.jpeg (849.91 KB, 1125x1991, 6B485092-976D-45E3-A41A-498C72…)

Like your boyfriend?

No. 1028426

File: 1598336695599.jpeg (970.01 KB, 1125x1991, C55352DD-8A7D-4EB3-A49F-298034…)

“Hose” everywhere = hoes everywhere? This bitch is crazy. How about instead of blaming other women, blame your sorry excuse for a man who cheated on every woman he’s been with… including WITH you

No. 1028432

Could be "trash" or "messy" Jesus syd go clean your mom's trailer and show your baby some colours

No. 1028511

File: 1598363192927.jpeg (160.85 KB, 732x1024, 77D22968-E118-48A3-9131-B2EF0B…)

Going back to daddy’s house, that’s where he goes when he can’t bum off of anyone else anymore.
And still kissing the ass of other musicans who want nothing to do with him. Pathetic.

No. 1028550

So I’m guessing he cheated on syd and is moving out. syd is blaming the girls ig ??

No. 1028559

File: 1598372516517.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200825-121653.png)

Jonny you're the definition of a bad father. You're running around getting high instead of getting a stable job to support your baby and baby mama (you'll never be his wife syd, keep dreaming). You know you're going to abandon this kid. Just pack up and go before you pass on your mental illness.

No. 1028562

Heroin really fried his brain and stunted his already delayed mental development huh. Good fathers don't post shit like this.

No. 1028590

bold of him to say when he has a child he has literally never met

No. 1028630

Please don't start this shit again anons.

No. 1028660

File: 1598387407465.png (777.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200825-131846.png)

No. 1028701

File: 1598393585756.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, 7E2AF334-6EE2-4138-959E-48F236…)

No. 1028720

Has a baby but prioritizes being smol. Incredible. These losers are made for each other but that baby is fucked.

No. 1028742

anon that's her whole personality. She's uggo in the face and flat as a board. She needs the smollness to be interesting!

No. 1028746

and kek that pic is from 3 years ago. Syd. Let it gooooo. You're a fat mom now. Stop reposting old pics to show up jonny's hoes. We know you don't look like that anymore.

No. 1028768

Lmao didn’t he gain most of his weight during his admitted drug binge with Taylor?

No. 1028780

yeah because they laid in bed and ate whataburger every day

No. 1028875

Not to anachan but she just looks regular, like for sure not fat but she’s just shortish and her thighs look like every other other average chicks

No. 1028888

I wouldn’t speak so soon, we really haven’t seen a full body picture of her. And she just stated she hasn’t been working out. She’s probably a chunker right now.

No. 1028902

that's her years ago anon. She won't post what she looks like now

No. 1028907

Ntayrt but pretty sure they’re saying even years ago she wasn’t smol and I agree

No. 1028923


Nah that's definitely "hose" for "hoes". The dog and basket with the lotion in it are from Silence Of The Lambs.

> "it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again"

No. 1028927

Oof I'm super dumb and need glasses I thought that was a vacuum, Shouldve known, the only thing syd cares about in life is other, prettier women sniffing around her bloated half corpse boyfriend

No. 1029140

File: 1598457971423.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 119AA4EC-5BCC-4F5E-8492-DF9A37…)

No. 1029148

I love how shitty men always defend shitty men by decrying the claims of the women they treat like shit.

>THIS is the person that I, someone of the same gender who will bever be their intended victim, know. They would NEVER do this to me, and because I associate with them I have to help protect their image by association! Stop the lies!!!

Like… yes, of course the Johnny you know is way different than the Johnny Syd and all his groupies knows. I highly doubt he hangs out with you for the same reasons he picks stupid, clout chasing groupies to talk to. The measure of a man's goodness isn't supposed to be solely based on how he acts when he's getting his way while hanging with friends and enablers. If that were true, then everyone would be a "good person", it's all about how you treat people who don't directly benefit you or agree with you.

No. 1029153

Idk what this theheavyempty dude is all about but jonny is scum and fucks over everyone. He’ll rip off this guy or some foolishness soon enough. Then the tune will change.

No. 1029157

He looks like one of those wannabe producer/sound engineer types who way overvalues their role in production bc they got a BA instead of becoming a real musician. Guys who want famous friends but aren't worth fame themselves tend to get jobs in the industry like that, it's very clout-chaser-y.

His IG has 6 posts, starting in 2013 and his last post is a textwall claiming that production matters more than talent… which guys like this do actually believe.

No. 1029195

File: 1598466062623.png (2.72 MB, 1125x2436, E58A5DB5-25F8-47EB-A028-B8280F…)

Oh that’s cute. She thinks she’s actually gonna have time and energy to workout when she’s basically a single mom. It ain’t happening.

No. 1029198


Funny how hard she fell off that high horse of being ~*~sew hot aren’t you bitches jealous~*~ when she saw Jonny chasing after other girls.

No. 1029202

Now that Jonny boy is heading to Watertown. Last time he was in NY was went mama Dean kicked him out after Tay OD. Wonder if it was Syd or her mom that gave him the boot??

No. 1029203

I remember when Jonny first got with Syd all the autistic anons in the tnd thread were kissing her ass calling her pretty and shit

No. 1029211

Definitely odd that after finishing whatever dumb recording he had to do in AZ he’s going back to daddy’s instead of syds. I doubt she kicked him out herself. Guessing her mom said get a job or leave. I’m sure she’s not trying to support 3 kids in her 50s-60s. Poor woman.

No. 1029236

…and all it took is for her uggo personality to shine through for everyone to realise she’s nothing special

No. 1029296

to piss off Taylor probably. The bitch isn't pretty with or without makeup. She's at best average but has cunt written all over her face.

No. 1029302

Her nose is atrocious. i think the anons were just trying to get a rise out of taylor because…no, that nose and those brows.

No. 1029307

kek idk why but you can always tell a woman is a raging bitch by her tattoo eyebrows

No. 1029323

File: 1598481320854.png (536.43 KB, 750x1334, 22A10E79-9098-42A1-967A-3D3607…)

All theheavyempty does is post all his conversations in his story and its all lame petty drama between lame wannabe rappers

No. 1029326

That's the exact reason why A left the comment he did. To let everyone know she's batshit crazy. Now everyone knows. Bless that soul lol

No. 1029333

File: 1598482679213.png (125.28 KB, 750x1334, AB79DD95-1BCF-4A8F-BA36-CED715…)

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a bitter, complaining and miserable bitch in my entire life. I can’t picture Jonny staying with her. I’m surprised she hasn’t already driven him away.

No. 1029336


“That was a test”

…? They tried to shit talk Jonny to her, or what?

No. 1029347

There's something wrong with people who always talk like they're struggling to not be perceived as shitbags, as though they're flabbergasted that they have to actually tell someone else how good of a person they are. It's a really good indicator that they're an image obsessed asshole with a curated social media feed.

No. 1029367

File: 1598488984471.png (4.15 MB, 750x1334, B94CC29C-5832-4076-957F-A0D197…)

Omg look at all those damn STORIES

No. 1029369

I’m talking about the stories posted by the heavy empty, you can’t really see unless you click on the photo on here. I mean Jesus. Who has time for all of that? Does he really think people are going to read ALL of those?

No. 1029371

File: 1598489242564.png (712.46 KB, 750x1334, 39205CB8-7E6A-484E-B21C-297847…)

Sorry, last post about this from me but he talks JUST like Jonny. So narcissistic and arrogant. It’s so gross.

No. 1029378

Am I supposed to know this guy?

No. 1029436

File: 1598509189946.png (3.51 MB, 750x1624, 3A29E6BE-886A-4F86-96F4-D5ED66…)

No. 1029437

File: 1598509222580.png (179.21 KB, 750x1624, 33F03F95-BD8F-4D9F-8C6C-59823A…)

No. 1029453

Honestly wtf, syds closer to 30 than 20 and jonny 40, honestly the way they act makes me think taylor was somewhat good for him because they didn't do this shady shit so often and she made points of correcting him publicly, syd sorry to say you're a serious downgrade from the addict ex

No. 1029473

can they actually just have a conversation like real adults please.

No. 1029487

Lol he’s so fucking high! The baby’s like 6 weeks old? What a record johnnyboy

No. 1029497

^if anything he's had a few drinks, what's wrong with that? He's working on some new songs and he's feeling it. Why do you always assume he's high? Not white knighting him but Jezuz people, quit assuming and making up rumors that aren't true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1029509

Not to "wk" but continues to wk. Kek, gtfo anon. Sage your bullshit

No. 1029510

Are you sure you are on the right page anon? What do you think goes on here? Are you ok?

No. 1029514

yeah, 'cause drinking is super healthy and a good idea for someone with a huge drug and alcohol 'past'

No. 1029519

It's a pretty safe bet to assume that an addict who was kicked out of multiple bands for relapsing, who looks high in his posts, is high.

No. 1029525

everybody fucking knows when he is higher than the eiffel tower. him being shaved, eyefucking himself on instagram, listening to shitty music, singing along and being really weird. yeah you bet he is high. and even when he isn't, as far as I checked drinking white claw or this shitty alcohol ice tea or beer doesn't count as 'sober' when you are a drug addict.

I dont know what kind of mess there is going on with him and syd but I really like this new heavyempty dude. he is as much as an addict as jonny. they have one youtube video together from a time jonnys career wasn't as fucked as it is now. all his former bands have spoken up how bad it is to work with jonny. even if they act like everything is good (to keep the peace) I guess all the musicians now everything and no one wants to work with him. hell even the guy he is showing in his stupid instagram videos is SO annoyed by him. I really hope this heavyempty guy takes him soon and they both binge.

No. 1029580

Fuck off anon, learn to reply to posts instead of your stupid passive aggressive carrot.

No. 1029610

damn syd, what's it like to be left alone taking care of your baby while his dad fucks around and passive aggressively argues with you over Instagram stories? Us anons could only dream of bagging such a man

No. 1029908

File: 1598600224203.png (350.59 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200828-003631.png)

No. 1029910

File: 1598600596560.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200828-003646.png)

No. 1029966

jesus lmfao - she's got such a bloated, fat resting bitch face right now. She looks worse here than she did in the hospital immediately after giving birth.

No. 1029967

Those eyebrows aren't doing her favors at all

No. 1029968

File: 1598617042904.png (193.16 KB, 1091x2048, Screenshot_20200828-061731.png)

Last time he was looking for a truck he got kicked out by mama Dean

No. 1029974

Can’t even afford to rent one. Still brags about his shoes.

No. 1029976

She so obviously stencils those eyebrows on lmao.

No. 1029983

Kek back to watertown to mooch off dad til he can find another dumb bitch to latch onto and drain till she has nothing, hopefully the next one has her own apartment so her parents don’t get annoyed and tell him he has to leave.

No. 1029985

Lmfao it's the ever so casually trying to make her face look slimmer by blocking it w her hand for me

No. 1030054

Crazy how a cheap alloy nose ring and some overdrawn stripper brows make the most plain-to-average women think they're the hottest shit alive, when all it really does is highlight how basic they are instead.

No. 1030113

File: 1598637159343.png (736.51 KB, 750x1334, A671A7B2-B092-4600-9DC9-46A06D…)

Oh please

No. 1030132

File: 1598638908149.gif (471.02 KB, 220x275, tenor.gif)

syd abusive confirmed. Just imagine a fat, stubby midget screaming at you while pounding you with slit wrists.

No. 1030138

How long until she backpedals and deletes this, I wonder? That's abusive as fuck.

No. 1030144

Somehow you can always tell if a girl is a raging cunt if she uses the word "ya'll" unironically and isn't from the south or a "country" area

Imagining this gif as Syd and Jonny made me lose my mind, I'd pay for a video of fat Syd beating the crap out of drunk, stumbling Jonny

No. 1030156

File: 1598642491331.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, CE91C1A3-356A-488A-BF33-D0F0BB…)

She’s really in her feels today

No. 1030179

At least she's actually right about that. She seems like an absolute BPDfag and I can't even feel sorry for her because she just digs her heels into her bad attitude and shitty decisions.

No. 1030184

File: 1598646096750.png (571.89 KB, 750x1334, 3FFDC051-C3D4-464D-BCA3-65E9CF…)

JC’s buddy is having some kind of melt down on his stories right now, it was a whole mess but this was the only one johnny Related

No. 1030188


Stop posting this nobody we don’t care. Smells of self-posting tbh go away.

No. 1030201

It’s jonny related and it was called that JC would screw this guy over and he did. He just did it quicker than usual because they were praising each other a week ago.

No. 1030223

File: 1598650413734.png (692.73 KB, 750x1624, E2C8AA15-B5C9-4F98-A8F0-02BA9E…)

Jeez Syd not everything is about you

No. 1030240

Gonna have to start thinking about yourself waaaay less, that lil kiddo deserves the best and your ass better get to giving it cuz Johnny sure won't.

No. 1030254

imagine being jealous of the attention your newborn kid gets

toxic-ass parents

No. 1030276


She and Johnny are that couple you see walking by the highway in pajama pants to the gas station while drinking Monster energy and pushing a stroller.

No. 1030315

File: 1598661203546.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x2008, B51A386A-5B09-4340-A48E-7F07C2…)

No. 1030317

File: 1598661276575.jpeg (164.19 KB, 1125x1982, 4E8612E2-4981-41A9-A807-ADA3D5…)

No. 1030344

File: 1598665027796.jpg (58.61 KB, 626x626, abuse.jpg)

ah yes right on cue. After a big fight jonny love bombs his girlfriends and the cycle renews again. Syd you are so fucking dumb.
Though I'm sure the abuse goes both ways. You guys really are perfect for each other

No. 1030347

File: 1598665203867.png (862.01 KB, 750x1334, 01572F74-84BB-4462-AF0D-922DF4…)

Her last name is not craig. Has he even proposed yet to be pretending they have the same last name?

No. 1030359

I'm so glad they have their own thread now, they are well milky by themselves. how long until Syd starts shooting up? or will Jonny leave before that point? honestly I'm not convinced he's going to go back at all now

No. 1030362

That heavyempty freak has a recent story vid saying something along the lines of “I learned how to avoid the police from Jonny fucking Craig- when we were on tour together he punched his girlfriend in the face and she called 911 so he hid in the bushes for four hours until they were gone”

No. 1030417

shut the fuck up about this rando

No. 1030438

File: 1598680150410.jpeg (501.02 KB, 750x767, E029E314-726D-4D14-ABA1-FBEFB6…)

They are seriously some genuinely ugly people. I wonder if the child will be ugly too.

No. 1030439

Wtf is that tattoo supposed to be on her hand? The inks all fucked up and running everywhere.

No. 1030441

I’m convinced they’ll have a second kid after their next lovebombing

No. 1030454

File: 1598683008669.png (57.53 KB, 1440x326, Screenshot_20200828-233702.png)

Didn't he do this same exact stuff to Taylor it's so weird to watch

No. 1030510

JFC. I'd say someone should cancel his toxic ass, but I think he's already well on his way to cancelling himself, kek.

No. 1030558

Why are you so butthurt? He’s known Johnny for years so he has years worth of milk. Jonny punching his girlfriend in the face is something I’m glad he’s spilling. Jonny must have really pissed him off because a few days ago he was saying what a great family man he is. He’s a loser junkie too so I hope he spills all the milk on jonny’s using and abusing.

No. 1030561

Sage your shit, newfaggot.

No. 1030577

^shut up cunt god you freak out about people needing to sage, find a hobby or something(newfaggotry)

No. 1030579

Someone make a thread for Amanda and Chelsea's bitch asses they can't go a week without blogging about Jonny bc they're empty inside and pretty af. Would make for a good laugh. Shallowwwwwwe girlz

No. 1030583

pls sage unless your to retarded to understand how

No. 1030584

Wait seriously ?? That’s so sad. They will never improve in life if they can’t get over a ex boyfriend and a addict

No. 1030637

No one cares about Amanda or Chelsea anymore..yawn…..BORING

No. 1030679

Sounds really butthurt over jonnys exes, which nobody in this thread mentions bc no one cares…who could this be?

No. 1030703

Hahahaha. If you're so passionate about following them then why don't you make one anon?

No. 1030707

noooooo. chelsea is only sometimes interesting because shes nearly as psychotic as taylor, but even then not really

its like reading taylors big druggy sperg paragraphs. boring after the first time.

No. 1030733

Sorry didn’t get a screenshot, hope someone got it .
Syds ig stories saying
“ My so called “bf” is in La without even telling me while I’m taking care of our baby and he is out buying Balenciagas”

No. 1030742

Welcome to the next 18 years, Syd! Congrats!

No. 1030745

File: 1598746492836.jpeg (167.46 KB, 750x1052, A1F9F3B8-7C68-42FC-9E81-AE7565…)

No. 1030749

uck I cannot imagine loving someone as aggressive, egotistical, and BROKE as jonny craig. He's out here bragging about buying luxury clothing while he can't even afford a place to live. That's embarrassing

No. 1030751

arent all his dumb fucking shoes worth thousands (and the taylor computer gift too)? god imagine if he sold all them shoes and actually put down payments on a car, bought shit for the baby, talked to a bank about mortgage, opened a savings account, etc.

cant believe syd thought she won lmao

No. 1030756

File: 1598747516956.png (116.95 KB, 750x1334, 5242936A-3B9A-4750-901D-161E31…)

No. 1030758

Seriously. Syd baby sweetheart darling if you're reading this you aren't winning anything. You think that jonny sticking around is you winning? NO. He's dragging you and the baby down. He will ALWAYS be a leech, addict, shitty person. You're holding on to a fucking LOSER.
You'd win if he got out of your life, but you're too BPD crazy to see that. So hang on to your mans so we can keep laughing at you.

No. 1030784

File: 1598750769537.png (160.27 KB, 750x1334, 3709850F-88AA-4D6F-918B-F6E8CD…)

Oh shit

No. 1030792

No worries they'll be lovey dovey tomorrow.

No. 1030793

Sweetie you already had a kid with someone you didn’t even know for more than 6 months. That’s as stupid as it gets.

No. 1030799

I love that we called exactly what he was gonna do. Bought expensive shoes the minute he had money. Think he’s sent a dime over to syd for the baby?

No. 1030807

File: 1598753295267.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1125x1997, ABF73B4F-0D3D-4D55-A201-F92CF1…)

No. 1030813

those are ugly as fuck and there's a loose thread… how much baby money did you waste jonny

No. 1030819

These are those shoes that old women get cause there feet are too swollen

Let's hope syd will stop sipping on this dumb bitch juice and do the right thing for her and her son. She has the right mind set, it's only her and her son. Fuck Jonny!

No. 1030821

She can redeem herself by leaving Jonny and draining the broke ass bitch for child support.

No. 1030829

I can't be totally sure which ones they are but what I saw online the ones that look close are over $900, the nsale bag thing might mean they're not straight from balenciaga tho

No. 1030830

Same anon, but I think that's a Nordstrom bag actually

No. 1030878

in jonnys video you can hear girls laughing and after that he is showing off some gucci clothes.
really nice baby daddy to have @sydsobitter. the downfall came very quick after the flowers and some sweet words. what a nice "husband". hahaha just imagine.
anyway jonnys other exes were clever enough not to get pregnant by this fucker.

No. 1030897

i bet syd hates LA cuz he is there with all his old slaves people and is afraid that Taylor shows up
some rich LA girl turns up and he likes the money and the "oh I listened to your music when I was a teenager I love you so much" more than being a broke dad.

No. 1030899

The beauty of it is that Syd got exactly what she deserved instead of what she wanted. Anyone chasing after clout or image to feel important is gonna get a pretty big reality check eventually.

As for the anons telling Syd to leave JC, I doubt she will. She's probably absolutely living for the fact that she has a LC thread watching her insta, even negative attention is still attention.

No. 1030900

hell yeah anon.
she wanted to be with this singer from the used so bad and now she got an using and used singer.

No. 1030908

I also think it’s funny that this guy he tagged in that video from the restaurant last night has old pics of Jonny and Taylor on his insta. No doubt syd stalked his page and saw.

No. 1030919

File: 1598791366681.png (226.8 KB, 750x1334, 9B5A5343-BA94-4AF1-B29C-CBF09D…)

Deleted already from her stories but saw this one last night..

No. 1030928

she really thought the baby was going to make him change? spoiler alert, sneaking off to LA isn't the only thing he's not telling you about. why do you think he's there anyway? for drugs and for girls who don't have children to tie him down.

No. 1030931

File: 1598795852167.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, 592E13BA-C608-43FA-BC0C-D15067…)

Steady bragging about those shoes…but no one’s fooled. We all know he’s broke as a joke. People who actually have money don’t flash it around like a clown like this.

No. 1030950

Wouldn't put it past taytorthot to sneak off to LA with Jonny. Hell they are probably still secretly messaging one another. She has been awfully quiet recently

No. 1030951

And she’s STILL too retarded to leave his nasty ass.

No. 1030956

That should be the final straw. Taking a plane to a different state buying expensive shoes without telling you. While your taking care of a newborn baby. Honestly he shouldn’t even be leaving the house rn, with the pandemic and his baby.

Syd take his ass to court and get child support he clearly doesn’t love storm. He’s probably at a strip club in la rn. You have no idea how many people he could be hooking up with bc your not there and he has done this to every single one of his exes. Your not special. Without that baby he wouldn’t even be by your side anymore. So sorry abt the rant

No. 1030957

I wouldn’t be shocked if his next secret plane trip was to texa hahaha

No. 1030997

oh my god the mental image of syd pulling her hair out having a BPD meltdown when jonny goes to fuck tay

No. 1031008

Tinfoil on. I think you’re right. I mean what else would keep her so busy except drugs.. and who better to do it with

No. 1031012

File: 1598811525005.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, 48FF57AB-165A-4266-AE8D-655BE0…)

Has to kiss ass now like he wasn’t acting out less than 24 hours ago

No. 1031028

is this actually real. oof.

No. 1031029

This whole shitshow is so awful, I’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a massive bitch.

No. 1031035

I’d feel bad if 1. she wasn’t a massive bitch, like someone said and 2. she wasn’t such an attention whore that is literally the one broadcasting most what a pitiful, pick me-ass idiot she is. She’s telling everyone what a horrible boyfriend he is, lying to her, “doing shit behind my back.” yet she still stays with him. It’s one thing if she never said anything to anyone and kept to herself, she would still have some sort of dignity I feel, but posting all this shit shows that you know you’re getting fucked over, but are too spineless to do anything about it.

But I guess this is the chick that knew Jonny was talking to Taylor while they were together and still chose to have his kid lmao. She knew and still happily took Taylor’s sloppy seconds in the middle of their own relationship. She should have realized then that she wasn’t going to be the one to change him and she was just like all the others.

No. 1031073

Yeah it also shows she has no friends whatsoever to confide in. Sad.

No. 1031077

File: 1598821956348.png (1.12 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200830-171111.png)

No syd. You're a massive cunt and dumb bitch in this life

No. 1031089

File: 1598824097626.jpg (927.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200830-174642_Ins…)

Drops thousands on overpriced shoes for himself. Only dirty used shoes for the baby tho. Sage cause this feels nitpicky

No. 1031114

cackling at the thought of syd's face when he brings these home with his ugly $900 shoes on his feet. Only the best for her (man)baby!

No. 1031130

File: 1598828795187.png (3.05 MB, 1125x2436, 577A85BC-8D44-4CFF-B3AF-CA2BEE…)

No. 1031132

File: 1598828822762.png (202.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200830-185622.png)

No. 1031137

so im guessing he broke up with her?

No. 1031147


His Balenciagas are even in the shot, which makes it so much worse. He's so oblivious.

No. 1031150

pretty sure it's intentional. Flexing on his newborn

No. 1031156


Could this be the beginning of the toxic, competitive co-parenting? I doubt a leech like Syd would cut Johnny off from the baby, in case he did ever get clean or stay in a decent band.

No. 1031188

you think he wants to co-parent? no, he'll show up every few years (if not less frequently,) long enough to feel like he can brag about having a son, or try to get money. he is not going to do right by that kid though

No. 1031194

No, but I do think he might end up buying his son flashy gifts to one-up Syd and gain favor with his son over her. Shitty dads love trying to make moms the bad guy by spoiling their kids when mom says no or can't afford what the kid wants.

No. 1031196

If it turns out Jonny went to LA and fucked Taylor/some random girl behind Syd's back I'll be howling. Serves Syd right for being so nasty online and getting knocked up by a scumbag just to get the last laugh on his ex girlfriend who, now, doesn't give a fuck what those two are doing, or, in another scenario, is fucking Jonny again. I'm assuming that this >>1031130 means he probably made some big, life-altering decision without consulting Syd first and just broke the news to her, like maybe he's staying in LA or something similar.

No. 1031199

File: 1598834096371.jpeg (276.58 KB, 1125x2001, E136B46A-45F4-42BA-83A2-31D680…)

No. 1031219

You really think Taylor doesn’t give a fuck about either of them? LMAO anon that’s her whole personality besides being a junkie

No. 1031234

Nah, and even if she was, she shouldn't. Syd and Jonny are pathetic, low life druggies on their own who can't parent their child, the only responsibility either one of them really has in life. Syd's a failure and obviously knows that, so she projects onto the girl she thought she one-upped because she knows that's all she has. At least Tay didn't get knocked up by Jonny, she even acknowledged how happy she is that she didn't.

No. 1031235

it sounds like she just found out she got cheated on.

jonnys post here >>1031130 is so goddamn vague. it almost sounded like cheating confirmed from the "cant believe ive done this" but then he says its good for him so maybe not? every post of theirs is vague af. the fucking mind games they play…

No. 1031270


My guess is he moved because it was the 'right thing' to do for him, and didn't tell her. Just went there and was like "I'm not coming home" OR he's doing something that is delaying him from going back for his career, but he did it in a sneaky way. Syd is so clingy that it seems like he has to lie about where he goes and does just to do it.