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File: 1605360738826.png (6.26 MB, 1242x2688, 1111.png)

No. 1082146


Last Thread

If you're new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old Milk:
>Syd final shit out her baby and names it Storm Parker Monroe Craig
>Taylor in a fit on jealously posts on twitter about how that was her and Jonnys name for there nonexistent child
>Syd still vague posting about Tay on her IG
>Jonny claiming to be sober while walking to the store with a white claw in his hand. Claims to have hurt himself on his walk to the store
>Jonny still on heroin after showing off is bloating corpse body and freshly shaven face
>Syd has a social media freakout on an innocent women who commented on jonnys Instagram
>Both still fighting with eachother over Social Media
>Jonny claims to be taking Syd on a "vacation" to propose to her after both of them post cryptic messages about eachother on social media
>While working on music in AZ Jonny posts a series of pics and vids on IG of him eye fucking himself and badly lip syncing to his shit tier music. Pupils nonexistent and face freshly shaven
>Jonny posts on FB about heading to NY but instead goes to LA
>Jonny goes to AZ to "record music" ends up going to LA instead without telling Syd and goes on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive and buys himself discounted designer shoes and buys his son used and dirty shoes
>Syd and Jonny fighting which ends in Syd removing Jonny from her bio twice
>Still bragging about his shoes and money then a few hours later begging his fans to stream his music
>Posts on IG about how much he hates to IRS
>Still living in Syds moms trailer while claiming to be looking for a home in Sacramento
>Still scamming people via song features and voice lessons
>Syd still batshit crazy as ever
>Jonny still talking about his "come up" but doesn't realise he fucked up every chance he got to back it big and now hes just washed up
>Syd posting depresses shit to her IG and old pics of her smol body

New milk:
> still on-off
> drama over alleged kidnapping of their son from Jonny and Syd's mom
> turtlemom inserted herself
> Syd still together with Jonny
> Syd made her account private (at least for the moment)

social media links:

No. 1082148

So, I made the new thread. It was my first time and I don't know if something is wrong. I couldn't find the rules to do a new thread.

If someone has more new milk to add, please do so.

No. 1082160

Thanks for the thread, good job anon.
How long till Syd comes off private? I reckon she won’t last until Monday.

No. 1082171

Dating a neglectful shithead is only useful when she can let everyone know he's a "celebrity" and all hers. She won't be private long.

No. 1082173

File: 1605367429720.png (478.05 KB, 828x1792, 4F06D90E-22F7-43DC-B28D-68E223…)

I mean… maybe people think you’re using because Syd is straight up saying you are? And people wouldn’t worry so much if Syd didn’t spend all her time posting all your dirty laundry. Just a thought lol

No. 1082174

File: 1605367494014.png (434.04 KB, 828x1792, F0D5FE95-F745-4FBB-91CB-46AD4E…)

No. 1082190

Not bad for a first time. Next time, you want to link the milk too for easy finding.

No. 1082203

File: 1605373634286.jpeg (70.51 KB, 750x373, 118BBD58-846D-414E-B235-533E01…)

Syd’s new bio. Guess she’s trying to be more private. We’ll see how long that lasts.

No. 1082218

“since storm was born”

….ok, and the 9 months leading up to that or…?

also, pretty sure we’ve seen stories where syd had a drink or it was implied she was drinking like the “engagement”

No. 1082224

I wouldn’t be shocked if Jonny was using. But I honestly don’t think syd has used or ever will. She saw what it did to Taylor. I believe she did smoke pot/drank in the past like she said, but nothing like meth / heroine

No. 1082228

> But I honestly don’t think syd has used or ever will. She saw what it did to Taylor.

Like that’s ever stopped anyone from getting high.

No. 1082303

Yeah, they were drinking on their engagement trip.

No. 1082421

File: 1605396432652.png (997.59 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201114-152654.png)

No. 1082423

File: 1605396479762.png (338.94 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201114-152701.png)

No. 1082427

>ReAd ThE BiO
Jesus what is he? 15? Embarrassing.

No. 1082499

No surprise he’d say… same man that keeps talking about his new CD coming out lolol

No. 1082516

"Ugh I have NO TIME for haters!! In fact, I have so little time that I'm writing paragraphs on instagram about how unbothered I am!!"

No. 1082584


"You won't ever have it like this"…. thank GOD.

Literally no one wants an abusive on and off again relationship
with an abusive bum who abuses hard drugs.

No. 1082621

File: 1605412343845.png (189.59 KB, 750x1334, 1D4D8B2B-659B-447A-B365-81FE86…)

Incoming stories from the last 24 hours from JC. (1/6)

No. 1082622

File: 1605412370688.png (311.09 KB, 750x1334, B65C56A3-F75F-484B-A2A4-8D9566…)


No. 1082629

File: 1605412616158.png (439.08 KB, 750x1334, C36B54E8-0E8C-4C2E-8C04-0C5FEA…)

(3/6) - what is he even talking about here?

No. 1082633

He broke his own dumbass self, we just watch the dumpster fire lol

No. 1082634

File: 1605412727402.png (234.25 KB, 750x1334, FA2DD193-5767-479D-A10D-5C7C45…)

(4/6) what?????

No. 1082636

File: 1605412811177.png (202.01 KB, 750x1334, F378F276-3CD2-492E-9026-3C8B8D…)


No. 1082640

He's the ugliest inside and out so that's cute he thinks he gets to shit on women even more, considering his fat drug addict body and face

No. 1082643

File: 1605412941023.png (304.19 KB, 750x1334, 17C1979D-9BEF-4F69-AB72-2CD617…)


No. 1082644

Also no? People can be fucking offended because you are OFFENSIVE. Literally nothing he does doesn't offend me. Gross.

No. 1082672

Sober people don’t post these kinds of things ^^^^^^

No. 1082677

Syd’s been unusually quiet for 24+ hours. Is this her record?

No. 1082743

I think she realized posting dumb shit like Jonny and her mom kidnapping her baby will upset a lot of people. And those said people could get CPS involved.

No. 1082789

File: 1605431689437.jpg (64.67 KB, 1080x868, Screenshot_20201115-101348~2.j…)

Well that lasted for a while

No. 1082807

You don't stay in a relationship with a drug addict like Johnny and not get wrapped in it yourself

No. 1082825

Homeboi is only able to see eye-to-eye with a garden gnome.
A stepping stone for what.. falling into the void?

No. 1082861

Looool anon. My thanks go out to you.

No. 1082877

Ya welcome. I just can't with his grandiose vague posting today.

No. 1082902

Like syd, keeping you around for clout and with hopes you will actually record music together to get her name/voice out there when she clearly fucking hates you lol.

No. 1082943

This is what I think too. That’s why I don’t think she will get into hard drugs, I feel like she is just using Jonny to get her name out there. Bc we all know she’s caught him cheating. All of these are tinfoils btw. For all I know she can be using, ive never met the girl.

No. 1082996

File: 1605467431156.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201115-110527.png)

He's not really working on anything but covers lately, he's so desperate for some kind of big break that isn't coming. Running off the internet is not going to stop my need to shit on him and Syd so either way his critics are waiting. He acts so hard then runs away all the time when people talk shit, he cant handle any heat and it shows. Taylor was right, he does throw little tantrums when the internet trolls hurt his wittle fweeings. Poor craig, life must be so very hard being a washed up singer.

No. 1083006

That’s the thing… he already had his “big break” and squandered it. DGD was huge and still successful within their audience. Johnny Craig had an insanely gorgeous and unique voice. Now he sounds like he has a perpetual sinus infection. Drugging and drinking trashed it, plus he has no professional maintenance/training. Dude is a washed up piece of garbage. The idea that this dumb thot thinks people are jealous of her.. fuckin kek

No. 1083059

This is the only reason I think she would keep coming back after publicly shaming him and calling him a cheater on her IG. She hopes some other loser musician will come Knight in Shining Armor her ass away from JC.

No. 1083063

Yes, he did it to himself. As a huge DGD fan, his voice is behind Tillian but before Kurt in my book, but having good pipes isn't a free pass to be an abusive, cheating lowlife sponge.

No. 1083124

File: 1605477777699.png (956.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201115-140251.png)

No. 1083136


No. 1083143

The best thing he could do for himself and his family,
to turn his life around and generally improve their situation,
is get an actual 9-5 job with benefits.
He lost his chance at long-term success in the music industry YEARS ago…
the opportunity was there but he fucked around and squandered it.

That's ok. We all fuck up in life (though most of us not nearly as bad as him.)
It's crazy how even being such a piece of shit,
he has a chance at personal redemption (aka a normal and happy life) by just getting offline,
going to rehab, getting sober, being a good dad,
and focusing all of his energy on a new career (maybe trade school or something) and his son…
but instead he's begging people to allow him to participate in the music industry,
and counting on his dwindling fan base to support his music.

No. 1083162

File: 1605478770674.png (2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201115-141833.png)

No. 1083165

why did you write this like a poem

No. 1083216


Beautiful poetry anon. Easily up there with Dickinson and Wordsworth.

No. 1083551

How is that poetry? Any paragraph with random spacing and line breaks = poetry these days?

No. 1083554

it is to fellow junkie luna!

No. 1083592

File: 1605506479999.jpeg (139.01 KB, 828x734, FCE84888-8AF2-4977-8E11-998DDA…)

She took Jonny’s name out of her bio again.

No. 1083642

Her page is still full of him though.

No. 1083668

it was a joke, captain autismo. unclench

No. 1083775

I don’t think it’ll last, as usual, but I feel like once they do finally break up for good she still won’t delete the pics of them. It’s her only “claim to fame”. She’ll pull a Taylor and just update the captions to reveal the shitty things he did right before/ after they were taken.

No. 1083804

File: 1605543230665.png (6.91 MB, 1125x2436, 5EDC1FDA-48D8-421F-9878-92E0AE…)

Guessing he’s not staying with her right now since we’ve never seen this cat, but is that a weed grinder? I know it’s legal in some states but you’d think with cps on their tails he might try not to post that shit?

No. 1083842

It absolutely is. It's a super common design that's sold for cheap in just about every smoke shop. And the return of the corkscrew. Classy.

No. 1083971

Didn’t he just say he was going ghost like a day ago? Must have needed some validation from strangers on the internet again.

No. 1083978

Yeah it’s a weed grinder. He’s not even in his house calling cps, or wanting cps to come is such a stretch, for something that should be federally legal and legal in a ton of states

No. 1084021

Didn’t say they should. But considering this turtlemom girl is obsessed with them and the one pushing people to report things, I don’t know why he would wanna give her any ammo for her cause.

No. 1084041

Not to WK but should they really have to curate every aspect of their sm presence because one woman is obsessed with Jonny? If JC had any money he would have legit grounds to get a restraining order against TM. She’s been tracking his every move obsessively for seven years (her own admission and she’s proud of it,) reaches out to anyone even tangentially associated with him (including Taylor’s dad,) openly brags that she wants him to die, calls CPS on him, tries to dox him including posting his passwords, legit defamation on matters she claims are from “an inside source” but really she’s just WOACB levels of crazy.

Like they absolutely should be more mindful of what they post on sm, but not because some 400-lb psycho stalker is going to call CPS over a grinder.

No. 1084196

He’s back in her bio lmao

No. 1084226

I’m confused why they haven’t got a restraining order. They have all the reason too and should. I want to see turtle mom taken down. She is just as much of a cow.

No. 1084338

he legit should.
she’s been stalking him since the manda days. people used to this it was manda bc he had cheated on her w chelsea. turtlemom is cosmixhoney.
shes the only one with such a sad life. she tries to befriend all the exes and I’m pretty sure she’s hung out with Chelsea and Liz. Manda was threatening legal charges and vic versa against cosmixhoney for a while. seemed they had both got ahold on ip addresses or something and were threatening to expose each other. manda supposedly found evidence cosmixhoney was trans to. or at least it was heavily implied. turtlemom is just the last of many of these fake accounts. just to catch up any newbies.

No. 1084370

He has started posting song covers on YouTube and it’s so crazy how wrong all of the fans in the comments are about his current state

No. 1084420

Thank you, I didn't know that. Who is she in relation to jonny and the situation? She seems like a complete rando. Also she's so obese and proud of it, like yikes anons are right she's her own cow. Her twitter captions lmao, "fat angel blessing your timeline" um no baby you look repulsive please eat a salad for the sake of your arteries, thanks.

No. 1084421

File: 1605591798494.png (Spoiler Image, 4.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201116-214123.png)

This is turtle mom in all her glory anons

No. 1084424

File: 1605592527170.jpg (28.11 KB, 600x450, perfect.jpg)

No. 1084558

her name is angel and she is a complete rando. she’s inserted herself in his life a few times by befriending ex’s but she’s a total nobody.

No. 1084590

lol at jonny uploading youtube vids faster than taylor.

No. 1084594

Shayna in 5 yrs

No. 1084605

she was tweeting some of Jonnys passwords and email earlier hard kek

No. 1084700

Ewww what's her obsession with Jonny? Is it because she looks like she could be his sister? Kek

No. 1084726

if she was a dude hanging after a woman like that people would just think he's a creep. My guess is shes jealous of Jonnys "type" like small and petite girls with cute faces (except for Taylors head).

No. 1084863

Judging by some posters in her room it looks like she likes his genre of music, so my guess is she met him at a show and he was a dick to her like he is when most fans try to talk to him and she couldn’t get over it so she dedicated her life to try to ruin his kek. I’m not mad about it. It’s pathetic but it clearly bothers him so I hope she continues.

No. 1084935

Hahahaha (tinfoil) I bet he called her fat, and that’s why she became his #1 stocker. She probs looked up to him, and hated the reality she got. She is a total creep. I don’t care what gender you are, your actions speak for themselves. Like her hobbies are stocking Jonny fucking Craig. Trying to get noticed/ ruin his life. Like girl let it go.

No. 1084986


are you being silly or is this one of those new "me mes"?

No. 1085032


She has bipolar disorder and probably feels better about her own mental health by trying to be a savior to girls like Syd.

No. 1085179

File: 1605670627626.png (2.85 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201117-193331.png)

No. 1085184

the state of that cheap knockoff suitcase is bleak

No. 1085190

Tinfoil but I’d put money on she started as a fan and was thirsting after him then got rejected. If she looked like more his type she wouldn’t be a weird stalker, she’d be one of his abuse victims. He has a type and she ain’t it, she probably got pissy

No. 1085215

I’m sorry I’m just retarded haha

No. 1085260

“Taking all my badmondayapparel with me is gonna be dope”
Has one lonely shirt in a suitcase

No. 1085298

File: 1605690466640.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201118-010732.png)

This shit is worded so weird

No. 1085344

God I dont use the r-word lightly even on lolcow but he is so god damn retarded with the jonnycraig4l shit.. jfc no growth with this dude if he thinks he can still act like a piece of shit that he was in his 20s until now.

I hope syd and his stalker makes his life miserable so he has to get a full time job in starbucks or something.

No. 1085359

>thinks he can still act like a piece of shit that he was in his 20s until now
Apparently there is no shortage of thirsty emo girls stuck in the 2000's like Syd that are dying to let greasy washed up post-hardcore heroin addicts nut inside of them. This is their chance to redeem themselves since no one would let them backstage at warped tour. Never give up on your dreams girls.

No. 1085376

That was beautiful and perfectly accurate

No. 1085436

Jonny Craig is such a whiny little bitch. Who goes on ig crying about how another artist won’t give you the time of day because you’re a dirtbag. The kicker is him tagging him like how desperate can you fucking be?
Get it through your head that you’re a washed up heroin addict that no one with clout gives a flying fuck about. It’s “his year” EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. We can make a whole compilation of tweets and ig stories of him saying this. It’s so fucking pathetic.

No. 1085446

Based anon, the accuracy hurts. Validation for all the late-20s tattooed facial piercing dangerhairs that thought they could make a career out of being a scene girl and forgot to actually do something with their lives.

No. 1085498

Beautifully accurate anon, makes for good milk tho so no complaints here. Lmao

No. 1085809

This deserves a spot in the lolcow's own caps thread.

No. 1086186


Jonny you're a grown ass man and a father. This is pathetic af that you're basically begging this person to give u the time of day. Nobody wants to associate with a rapist heroin abuser.

No. 1087591

File: 1605929496205.png (1.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201120-193115.png)

God she's annoying

No. 1087662

"Avoids toxic people" you and your ugly fiance are both incredibly toxic, u dummy lmao

No. 1087668



No. 1088079

File: 1605989518879.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201121-121152.png)

No. 1088081

File: 1605989546290.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201121-121159.png)

No. 1088085

When all your plans fall into place…

No. 1088137

Gross she kept a screen shot of him following her. Ngl I just think that’s pathetic.

No. 1088138

Every single one of these is a red flag, LMFAO.

No. 1088141

As someone who grew up without the internet, it's crazy that "celebrities" are using platforms like FB and Instagram to meet their baby mommas. People used to warn you against things like celebrity accounts randomly following you, that they may be imposters, but now it seems like they really do that stuff. Where's the management anymore?

No. 1088152

Does anyone even manage jonny? Fuck I can't imagine wanting to work with that man professionally ew

No. 1088176

We get it, you have a hate boner for Syd, but pretty much none of these are red flags. It's not a red flag to smell nice or have rbf.

No. 1088190

File: 1605997219010.jpg (576.16 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20201121-151957_Chr…)

How can everything be falling together when home boy ain't even there

No. 1088200

He’s been arrested? What are we looking at?

No. 1088202

Use common sense. It's a picture of his booking info. They put him in the hospital because he has heroin in his system and he has to detox now.

No. 1088207


Underrated comments.

No. 1088214

File: 1605999450635.jpg (335.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201121-175710_Bra…)


No. 1088219

But he's so perfect LOL

No. 1088225

How is one of those things even close to a red flag? Most of them are good traits… like, you think smelling good is a red flag? Janky. Syd is a bitch but this type of comment is what people use to discredit what’s said on this site. Please make sure your comment is based on reality next time

No. 1088229

Why the fuck are you focused on that when jonny may be in jail I need to know more about that!!!

No. 1088240

Honestly I replied before reading the rest of the thread. But it says “family violence” so he hurt either Syd or the baby….. I’m gonna assume it was Syd though, and she called the cops and he got arrested. They are “fighting for it”, I see. What a fucking loser.

No. 1088250

Mentioning the kid isn't milk but damn if this doesn't depress the ever living fuck out of me. Babies aren't blind or deaf and they certainly can develop disorders later in life from having their most spongey formative years immersed in a toxic chaotic environment. Syds a horrible mother for doing this to her kid. Her selfishness in this situation is incredible. The fact that she'd rather chose a failing relationship with a washed up junkie over her own son is heartbreaking.

Hes going to grow up knowing that while his mom could have been playing with him and making sure his life was as peaceful and calm as possible she instead was chasing his deadbeat sperm donor around because she wanted to live her highschool emo girl dream.

I hope Johnny didn't hurt Syd because if he did he will absolutely hurt storm next when hes old enough to piss him off too or even worse gets inbetween his mom and JC fighting. We know Syd has no intentions of leaving because she sees the fucking abuse as "baggage" and not an immediate threat to her child's safety. Its so gross to watch her and know she's giving her own child an environment that will develop mental illness without giving a single fuck about anyone but herself.

No. 1088252

And it'll be way to late for her when she finds out. All for some lopsided heroin dick

No. 1088266


I was losing hope about the milk flow since this thread has been kinda dead, but I should have known better lmao.

No. 1088273

Having to highligh basic ass "traits" like these are the tell. If you havw to point out that you always smell nice, which nobody realistically does, it's probably a cope. "Prefers to chill at home" is the type of thing Bratz-meme sharing hoes say when they're boring as hell or can't get invited anywhere because they always start drama. There's a reason only trash instathots repost memes like these, and it's bc they're copes. Nobody posts shit like this unless they spend most of their time alone, arguing with 'haterz' in a filthy hovel.

No. 1088300

The fact that he bragged about being clean now is fucking hilarious

No. 1088314

Welp. Now we know why he’s been silent. I should’ve known something happened right then cause he never shuts tf up.

No. 1088336

How is he legally allowed to be around that baby at this point? Syds obviously not going to protect him if she’s staying with him.

No. 1088346


>going ghost

Curiously timed, no?

No. 1088351

File: 1606008367881.jpeg (133.47 KB, 750x403, 245D4990-E5EA-4ABB-8D04-00D292…)

If this doesn’t scream proof that it is indeed, cosmixhoney, then I don’t know what does.

No. 1088360

Lol how did you know as well that it is lopsided? I know this too so I thought it was funny someone else did lol. Have you slept with him? Or just seen his nudes?

No. 1088377

File: 1606010204395.jpeg (998.77 KB, 1125x1957, E929CE54-C727-4FE6-9660-A7AF08…)

She’s already admitted that. It’s no secret

No. 1088378

File: 1606010275115.jpeg (661.92 KB, 1125x1599, 64B6F999-C547-433C-8582-F97492…)

Sorry, wrong SS

No. 1088386

All this forum and you ask me why I said he had a lopsided dick?

I said it as an insult, nothing more.

No. 1088387

He must have done something pretty bad to actually get locked up. A lot of counties in the Bay Area just release you after being booked unless you did something egregious enough. The fact they’re detoxing him in the hospital before keeping him at the facility is a big tell too.

No. 1088410

Good she should. They are both crazy but I don’t want any of them to get physical

No. 1088425

Thanks anon for the screenshots. Sorry, I thought it was just speculation. I had no idea about these tweets or that she admitted to it.

No. 1088428

Well your insult was right so I thought it was funny. Not sharing how I know this information tho, LOL.

No. 1088431

no one cares, read the rules, LOL

No. 1088452

$10,000 bail is doable for the average car owner. I wonder if Syd’s mom will post it for him.

His nudes have been floating around the internet for a decade anon, no need to embarrass yourself by implying you’re personally familiar with his dick.

No. 1088463

Usually with a bond you only have to put 10% of the bail up. I have a hard time believing they could scrounge up even $1k, though

No. 1088531

“No matter the baggage that comes with this man.” How desperate and pathetic and oh so romantic

No. 1088532

He probably tried defending himself from syd and she called the cops on him and they took him in.
I seriously think he hasn’t broken up with her still because he has nowhere to go. He isn’t in love with you syd, he is putting up with you / using you. Lmao.

I only feel bad for the poor baby that had no say if wanted these losers as parents

No. 1088578

Yall think he’s in jail bragging about being a famous singer, how expensive his clothes are and how he has a ~CD~ coming out next year, all while he can’t afford bail?

No. 1088589

Holy shit, thanks for this new milk anon. How did you find out? Is he honestly being detain right now? Will this have anything to do with syd reporting him the the cops? If yes it makes this >>1088081 even funnier and cringy (also want to add that imagine being this excited about a D-list junkie following you to kept that screenshot to remember, is she 12??)

No. 1088642

Fuck I feel so bad for Storm. Poor kid never had a chance, both his parents are nuts. Here’s hoping by some miracle he turns out okay

No. 1088740

Then he would have defensive wounds. Don’t make shit up, also cops aren’t that retarded

No. 1088784

Ur an idiot. Disgusting humble brag.

No. 1088800

I don´t think Jonny needs to be attacked by Syd to get violent. There are numerous examples of him beating, threatening and raping people.

I don´t like Syd but I don´t want her to suffer the same fate as Chelsea did, that guy should stay in prison but it´s probably not happening.

No. 1088817

JC has years of abuse under his belt and almost every single ex he's had has coroberated one anothers horrific stories. He's a heroin addict who gets his girlfriends addicted to fucking heroin. Johnny isn't just some loser he's genuinely a dangerous and bad person.

Why the fuck to anons reach so hard trying to shit on cows they start defending the mongoloid abusive scrotes making these women even more batshit. Syds a cow and a bad mom but Johnny has been fucking up women since before she was even a thought in his junkie brain.

>he was probably defending himself from Syd uwu

Yeah sure anon, and Syds also the reason he's a cheater, a liar and why every person who's met him thinks he's disgusting

No. 1088869

File: 1606075595190.png (553.9 KB, 828x1792, 52BABD80-75C7-4F50-938A-5A910F…)

Lurking on twitter threads and apparently it wasn’t syd that made the report

No. 1088880

I'm surprised turtle mom hasn't reported his arrest and hospitalization to Alternative Press or Loudwire. I'm surprised anyone hasn't yet already. The case file is public info.

No. 1088891

I don’t even know how this info on his arrest was found. I searched high and low and found nothing on google. But thought the same, hoping alt press would become aware and put him on blast.

No. 1088896


The fact that this has mandated reporters is weird to me. Are mandated reporters just for child abuse? Or do they report domestic abuse against the spouse too? Sorry if this sounds tinfoil-y

No. 1088902

I question whether this is even true that the page has “mandated reporters”. Like what even is that? I think maybe it’s something she made up to seem less psychotic calling the police on them.

No. 1088915

You can see anyone's public records by going to the states court website.


Click criminal case index search. I'm tempted to just go to altpress myself with this info…

No. 1088928

Yeah something sounds fishy here with these mandated reporters. I mean cps has to investigate but it really takes something big, with proof to arrest someone. The baby wasn’t taken away as far as the info we have so it may have been against syd. Idk, I think something else happened and turtle wants to take credit for drama reasons.

No. 1088948

Everyone on the #taylornicholedean annoys the shit out of me. Most of the don’t even know what they are talking about, and all of them armchair themselves and happen to have every mental illness in the book

No. 1088983

Mandated reporting does not apply to people who are not wards of the state and are not minors.

No. 1088992

Oh okay. So, not saying Turtlemom is telling the truth, but if she was this would imply that Johnny was arrested for violence against Storm?

No. 1088999

Police probably came to do a well check or some shit with CPS and found drugs and arrested him for possession and maybe child endangerment? If he’s alone with the baby and nods off or ODs or whatever …that puts the baby at risk. He’s just a potato now but once he starts crawling and walking he’s going to get into anything and everything and it goes right into the mouth.

No. 1089010

God what a horrific thought. A baby being around hard drugs and needles, with two parents who have the IQ of a mcdonald's sweet tea. Someone should spill this to alternative press, throw his name deeper into the gutter jonny fucking deserves it

No. 1089013

I don’t think turtlemom has any info on what actually happened and is just inserting her lardy ass into this drama in a bid for relevance. Most people who haven’t worked in some kind of human service or healthcare capacity like to throw that term around without actually understanding what it means.
Mandated reporting usually involves a call to CPS or the local PD, in which case they will perform a welfare check and do an investigation into any suspected abuse or neglect. This rarely leads to immediate charges filed.
If turtlemom is right, the implication would be that he harmed the baby, severely enough to warrant arrest.
I just don’t see that happening. This is probably some run of the mill white trash romance drama, and the baby is probably just ok.

FWIW though Storm has like zero chance at a normal life, being born into these two morons. He will probably continue the trailer park cycle and become another blemish on society. Rinse and repeat. Sorry kid.

No. 1089015

Most likely scenario tbh

No. 1089079

im a mandatory reporter but haven’t seen anything i feel would warrant a CPS call. def a lot of speculation but nothing confirming a child is physically in danger.

i agree, cosmic fatass has nothing.

No. 1089108

A mandated report is someone who works with “vulnerable populations” like children, the elderly, etc.

The majority of the instances I’ve known of, the mandatory reporter is a health care worker and if they saw anything suspicious that would potentially endanger or lead them to believe the baby could be at risk - needles in the home, or perhaps a doctors appointment discovering bruises, or even track marks on a parent - would end with a report to CPS. A wild guess, but as Jonny does have some criminal history and has or had a restraining order against him, that could be why there would have been a police officer accompanying a social worker.

However, some states actually include all citizens as a mandated reporter if they believe there is risk. Unfamiliar with their states outlook, but it could have easily been a neighbour who hears screaming matches, sees fighting, sees dealers pop by.

No. 1089112


Agreed. She didn’t even mention it until the info was put on here. Seems like she wants to take credit for it and seem powerful.

Curious why JC got arrested and not Syd. She seems like she’s just as unhinged if not more so. That poor kid.

No. 1089193

Okthx and Turtleneck are both cows. They take everything from these threads to post on twitter for clout.
From what I can remember, Turtleneck has claimed to be a mandated reporter in the past. I am sure it was her that reported it and now she’s pretending like it wasn’t her.

No. 1089212

File: 1606102001923.jpeg (502.82 KB, 1125x1700, 9348041A-DA0D-430F-80B9-947219…)

She claims it was mandated reporters following her account, she’s such a cow. This woman is batshit trying to take credit for his arrest what a retard.

No. 1089217

Hilarious that his “rockstar” self or his “ride or die” friends and baby momma couldn’t even pony up a thousand bucks to get his junkie ass out.
Fuckin’ kek

No. 1089228

It says 10g retard. If anyone cared about him enough they would bail him out. Weather it's 100 or 10,000

No. 1089231

You only need to pay 10% of the bail amount, maybe educate yourself on shit before calling people retarded and outing yourself as a fucking retard

No. 1089234

>the IQ of a mcdonald's sweet tea
fuck you i just pissed myself from chuckling

No. 1089242


kek. more like a twisted tea, no?

No. 1089244

File: 1606107353029.png (210.22 KB, 2056x1066, Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 10.5…)

San Jose county, have to search by one of the numbers

No. 1089245

File: 1606107387523.png (231.41 KB, 2208x1012, Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 10.5…)

well, I'll be damned, it's real. This fuckers really in jail.

No. 1089247

I’m surprised AP is still in print but if you’re going to, do it and/or stop posting about it.

No. 1089250

You don’t know how bail works retard

No. 1089253

now that I think about it he probably was sent to the hospital so they could drug test him because jails dgaf about junkies detoxing since it won't directly kill you (though people do occasionally die from dehydration). kek priceless that he is now in the jail and has to detox in the worst place ever. May Taylor have equally shitty karma for all the animals and people she's mistreated and/or killed

No. 1089254

Not proud of knowing how people bond out of jail, but yeah. You’re a fucking idiot

No. 1089371

I bet syds at home sulking this whole time begging mommy to scrounge up the bail money. I seriously hope when he is released he is not legally allowed to be around that baby. Clearly he did something bad enough to be thrown in jail and she would choose him over protecting storm any day.

No. 1089444


So what's the court appearance date for 11/24 (tomorrow) for?

No. 1089471

it’s his arraignment, so they’ll read him what all he’s been charged with and he either pleads guilty or not guilty

No. 1089494

Some courts live stream their hearings. Someone should look into that, and see if Santa Clara does that, because it would be hilarious to see that.

No. 1089496

Highly doubt that. You should check

No. 1089511

No its a thing, courts do live stream SOME hearings on youtube.

No. 1089519


It sounds ridiculous but it's true. I watched the livestream of my personal cow's last court date on Youtube.

No. 1089526

Well shit I want this link, this would be hilarious if they were doing it for his court hearing

No. 1089529

Santa Clara does a phone call in line where you can listen to the cases lol

No. 1089551

God, someone please do this. Maybe we should inform turtlemom that this is possible. We know that dumb hoe has nothing better to do

No. 1089568

File: 1606156545306.jpg (17.01 KB, 463x115, numbers.JPG)

Looks like it's this number. Unfortunately I'm across the pond and it's prohibited to record, someone will have to summarise.

No. 1089576

Wouldn’t expect much from it, probably just gonna discuss charges, bail, and his plea then it’s on to the next case

No. 1089586

I’m curious what the charges specifically are. If they’re against syd, nothing will come of it as she won’t testify against him or cooperate and charges will be dismissed.
If it’s drug related he might just be on an ankle monitor and do his sentence at home plus probation. With covid they’re not trying to keep a bunch of lower offenders. It’ll force him to stay clean tho cause they’ll piss test you constantly.

No. 1089615

That’s exactly what will happen. Will be good to know what the indictment is though.

No. 1089762

Inside source tells me he's going to be going away for a very long time. Trust me on this guys. You will all find out in a couple of weeks. I'd report this to AP asap but idk how to lol

No. 1089766

They have an email on their website you can contact them to send in stories or tips

No. 1089775

This is an anonymous board, can't you just tell us instead of vagueposting from your insider sources? lmao

No. 1089781

I highly doubt that. And you wouldn’t have any idea about his sentencing because he hasn’t even been arraigned. Like what kind of BS is this? Muh inside sources~ kek you sound like a cow.

No. 1089805

He got caught up with fent. On his way to the airport

No. 1089807

Half an oz of it.

No. 1089808

Also I've been feeding you guys all of this for almost a year and you still can't trust me? Shame.

No. 1089809

That literally isn’t what is stated on the county arrest page. Fuck off

No. 1089811


Caught with fent arrested for domestic violence… that doesn’t add up or make any sense

No. 1089814

Up to you to believe it or not, I don't give a fuck if you do or not, but I've been right about everything I've posted. You guys wanted milk, here i am giving it to you. I can just not post anything lol

No. 1089815

What exactly have you been "feeding" us?

No. 1089818

You haven't been feeding anyone here shit because you don’t even know how to sage. 1/2 oz of Fent is dealer weight, not low life junkie BS. This scrub would be dead in two minutes if he had ever seen that kind of volume. Quit shitting up the thread and get the fuck outta here. If you’re gonna “feed” us milk at least make it believable.
Dumb ass cunt

No. 1089819

Someone can't put 2 n 2 together >>1089815

If it wasn't for me you wouldn't of even known he was in jail lmao

No. 1089826

Aite ill just keep everything to myself

tootles dumbass

No. 1089828

are we supposed to know who tf "A" is?

No. 1089830

Someone hasn't been following the thread.

No. 1089834

you provide no proof. do you know how this website works?

No. 1089835

File: 1606171264877.jpeg (555.72 KB, 3880x2726, 0EBF7B41-8AED-4F7D-A3CD-1D8E2C…)

>iF iT WaSn’T fOr mE

No. 1089836

I do follow the threads but I don't remember every single irrelevant NPC in this saga. The guy who gave us some Taylor milk was called "A", wasn't he? That's the only person I can come up with lol.
Either way, proof or gtfo. At least give us some shitty screencaps or something.

No. 1089839

Watch his bum ass show up with a public defender too. “My shoes cost more than your rent” no account piece of shit.

No. 1089841

There’s been two people from what I can recall. One was reeing about what a bad person Syd was in the very early stages of her relationship with Jonny, and there was another person that used “A” to give us Taylor milk which wasn’t all completely accurate.

Either way, Jonny would not be jailed for family violence if he was caught with fentanyl. That would be a drug charge.
Maybe he was being violent and had fent but this person seems like a clown.
Post proof or gtfo

No. 1089844

Oh now you want more milk for your tea? Yeah I don't think so, believe me or not. Up to you. I have the screen shots, but I won't give em up, because why? You guys have been nothing but assholes to me, yall don't deserve shit anymore.

My screen shot of his booking in itself should be proof that I know about this. Howd I find out? Someone close to her messaged me.

Get your head out of your ass.

Is it too hard to think?

I will gtfo, gladly…

If you look back on the threads you'll find out how to reach me, and ill gladly send you a SS of everything I know. Until then, fuck faces.

No. 1089846

read the fucking rules or dont post, retard

No. 1089847

don't chase away the milk lmao there's probably a leak. iirc he's syd's long-term ex and he and syd probably still have mutual friends

No. 1089849

Believe it or not, she's been a shitty person to everyone in her life. Friends included. Yes we have mutual friends. No, I think ill stop posting after this one.

No. 1089851

You’re correct. Anton or Antwan or something. He’s the one who told us how batshit crazy Syd is. He always signs off with -A.

No. 1089854

You sound like a literal child.
Any “evidence” you’ve provided has either just been walls of text or screenshots of shit that’s already out there online.
There is no way he’d have been arrested for domestic violence if he’s been charged with drug possession in a location, ya know, away from his home and family. If you do have milk you gotta at least elaborate and not just do the whole “well I had the milk but why would I provide screenshots to you assholes!” Was anyone here being an asshole before to you? But now that people want proof and are rightfully calling you out for some possible plausible bullshit NOW you don’t wanna show receipts yet you already had them??

No. 1089856

pleaseeee keep posting when stuff comes out don't listen to the rest of them

No. 1089857

You won’t post it here but if someone comes and asks for proof you’ll hand it over ? Kek uh ok. You sound like an attention whore.

No. 1089859


Who cares? This person is annoying as fuck & the milk will be made public soon enough anyway, probably by the cows themselves.

No. 1089862

stop chasing this guy away if he's bullshitting us then we'll find out tomorrow at johnny's arraignment and can stop humoring him for good

No. 1089865

theyre probably gonna get banned anyway lmao

No. 1089866

If Jonny was arrested for drugs he would have drug related charges. Possession, etc.

But his charges are family violence. You guys are all fucking retarded for even giving this dude the slightest bit of attention.

No. 1089870


I have absolutely no patience for some attention whore who willingly comes here to hint at improbable milk, expecting us to fall all over ourselves saying please and thank you

No. 1089873

Well he acts like a retarded child so he can kindly gtfo

No. 1089875



No. 1089881

“Leak?” girl you are on an anonymous message board thirsting for milk about a washed up junkie and his oversharing hag of a girlfriend. This ain’t the FBI.

These idiots spill the milk themselves, that’s the beauty of it. Let this jealous ex boyfriend fuck right off. This scrote is more thirsty for attention than his mentally ill ex girlfriend.

No. 1089890

Jealous lmfao

No. 1089896

Fuck off scrote. Nobody gives a fuck that you stuck your dick in this desperate sharpie eyebrowed thot

No. 1089897


You’re still here? Are you aiming to have your own thread, little wannabe cow?

No. 1089903

I’m not from US but if someone was really going to be going away for a loooong time, why would they be able to get themselves bailed out for only 1k?

No. 1089907

They wouldn’t. The guy that posted this is just a bitter sped that used to fuck Syd

No. 1089909

“A” is andre(?), sydsocrazy’s ex that gave us the info about her being a straight up unmedicated nut last year. Whether this is reaching or not, I have no clue. But the charges say nothing about drugs, so…

No. 1089932

File: 1606177797573.jpg (61.83 KB, 1052x349, Screenshot_20201123-165305_Mes…)

Awh, someone's mad. How cute. Is my presence triggering you too much?

No. 1089933

You don’t like them, we don’t like them, makes sense to share, no?
No need for all the infighting.

No. 1089937

Jfc this trolling reminds me of 13 year old edgelords. Kinda sad. and I am saying that as someone who checks a drama site on nobodies lol

No. 1089939


Jonny’s on heroin?!?! Absolutely groundbreaking revelation lmfao

No. 1089943

File: 1606178524233.gif (460.95 KB, 244x172, 457460D0-FF9C-4382-AF16-CABC57…)

Wow syd is a psycho and Jonny is on heroin?!

No. 1089945

File: 1606178792076.jpg (84.78 KB, 1438x428, 20201123_153021.jpg)

Wrong SS

No. 1089947


Johnny is retarded, but not "bring a half oz of fent to the airport" retarded.

No. 1089948

Again, this is not what the report says

No. 1089949

Being high on heroin makes you do stupid shit.

No. 1089951

How is this proof of anything. I can make this shit up in 5mins. Also nobody thought syd was on heroine at least I didn’t. I always thought Jonny was though. So big surprise

No. 1089953

Well clearly you’re stupid because you don’t sage. Are you on heroine ???

No. 1089954

Who is this retard.

No. 1089956


Oh, “A” doesn’t need to sage ‘cause he brings the very highest quality milk LMFAO

No. 1089960

So why doesn’t his charge reflect that? I’m not sure how it works in Cali with the bail reform but I know in NY we just write appearance tickets unless it’s serious violence or murder. Even drugs unless that are on probation or have warrants. Which airport btw? Does he have a charge in a different county and they held him on the violence charge in the county he’s in? I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

No. 1089961

File: 1606179441709.jpg (663.65 KB, 1184x2172, Screenshot_20201123-154908_Mes…)


No. 1089967

I know. clearly they don’t know how court works. It’s pathetic also his charges would be completely different if he was caught with that much

This screams turtlemom, why don’t you kill yourself fatty

Still doesn’t prove shit retard. I could fake this exact messages within 3 mins

2 hrs later and your still posting, why don’t you gtfo gladly

No. 1089968

Lmao 1/2oz of Fent as you claim is still enough to kill a dickload of people and this is 100% the charge that would stick, not the DV, regardless of changes in minor possession laws.

This isn’t milky or accurate. Trying to CYA for when your gossip turns out to be bullshit. Where are the fucking mods

No. 1089970


No. 1089971

So YOU are the one who said that he'll be locked up for a long time and your source disagreed with you. Amazing milk kek

No. 1089976

>wouldn't of

Retard confirmed.

No. 1089979

can confirm i've done the same. sorry for offtopic but is your personal cow by any chance also a twin?

if this is true I guess we'll find out if anything new gets added to his records. Not sure how it works in the US but could felony and civil charges be filed separately or would there maybe be a reason for it not to be shown yet? I want this to be true but there's no real proof yet so idk

No. 1089981

“Apparently caught a domestic violence charge” fucking asshat that’s literally the only charge it shows.

You dumb wannabe tea spilling cunt. You’re too stupid to be fabricating shit so please stop trying.
Jabba the Hut lookin’ ass. Jesus Christ go back to twitter to hawk your failing OF.

No. 1089984

Kek 20 years. Wow such milk. Pathetic.

No. 1089991

Felony and civil can be filed separately. If he was arrested on a DV charge and drugs were found in his possession, if it was enough to constitute a minor possession charge, they might not add it on. Possession of that much fentanyl would be listed though since that’s more likely to stick

No. 1089993

There is no way he had a half ounce of fent. That would an insane amount, even for a heroin "veteran".

No. 1089994

tinfoil but who's to say he isn't dealing? where did a bum like him get the money for the $900 shoes?

No. 1089995

Actually, when my ex got arrested for DV for beating me up I said I didn't want to press charges, but the state did anyway. This was in WA, idk how the courts in CA are tho. So they might still press charges even if she didn't want them filed or testified.

Anyone know what time the court appearance is? I can probably listen to it/record it tomorrow.

No. 1089998

it’s at 1:30 lol

No. 1089999

Underappreciated comment. Let's say some anon is a social worker and at work, is a mandated reporter. If that anon is reading a thread on here and sees Johnny passed out with Storm in the background, they are not mandated reporters since this is outside of their professional role. Can they still make a report? Why not, but they can't misrepresent themselves as a social worker acting in an official capacity.

Each licensing agency has their own code of ethics and this is just an example. I don't live in California and my own licensing agency doesn't require me to report shit I see on Twitter since I am not a mandated reporter when looking at fucking Twitter on my own free time. Angel seems so full of shit that it isn't even funny.

No. 1090001

Maybe "A" is Angelynn Saffell/cosmixhoney? Just a thought, who really fucking knows at this point.

No. 1090005

That's just his booking information. Technically he hasn't been charged with anything. There was a warrant for his arrest based on what Syd told police. The DA will formally charge him tomorrow based upon the police report.

No. 1090008

So 3:30 my time in CT now. Perfect. I'll see what I can do.

No. 1090012

The state can still press charges but the victim has to cooperate. It’s not easy to convict without the victim’s statement or testimony. At least in California anyways and in my county.
Unless he really just beat the shit out of her and she was in the hospital with missing teeth and shit, the charges won’t stick without syd.

No. 1090015

>everyone itt humouring this sageless cryptic edgelord
>everyone itt also skimming over 'A' as in Pretty Little Liars

No. 1090016

Syd's IG is not active

No. 1090020

Yes it is. Private, but it’s active.

No. 1090021

oh, it most def is kek
she thinks she’s a part of this because she has made it her life for over 5 years.
she used to sign off “A” on all her old fake Twitter account. people thought it was “a for ananda” but it was that man-faced fatty

No. 1090035

File: 1606185819393.jpeg (765.7 KB, 1242x1012, 5AB8D04D-6262-4C99-B591-A1C5DE…)

Wonder who is posting this for him and trying to act like he’s not in jail?

No. 1090038

Feel free to never post again retard.

No. 1090039

Furches twins 4ever

No. 1090066

The fuck happened to this thread.

No. 1090067

File: 1606189024828.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 26E2FBA3-BF9F-4D6B-AD3A-635EC7…)

Classy Syd

No. 1090137

Ot and different anon but holy shit I was wondering why they never had a thread. Kekkkk.

No. 1090164

Wasn’t either OG anon but they are so milky it’s incredible

No. 1090166

Not on the topic of court- weren't his organs failing? I've been out of the Jonny Craig loop for a while, how is he not fuckin dead?

No. 1090190

You guys it's fucking angel. Turtlemom. How are you so confused who A is(emoji use)

No. 1090193

Jfc for those who are new to lurking this thread. “A” is Syd’s ex, he been giving us insights about syd madness when they were dating.

Turtlemom only posted the screenshots on twitter after its been announced here. So yes I do think “A” has insights into this, regardless whether the charges are correct - we atleast know jonny is in jail.

Could we stop the infighting when someone is providing milk and stop nitpick about the details?? Swear some of yall lowkey sounded like the cow posting this.

No. 1090198

100% with you on this tinfoil anon, wont be surprise he is grasping for straws now with his whatever album he is “working on” and a handful of idiots that are still supporting him. He is also plugging his ugly merch hard last few months, kek

No. 1090210


That would be syd. She did “the album cover art” for the last EP which is the exact same edit

No. 1090241

I'm so happy I'm not alone lmao they definitely deserve a thread

The only person who has ever namefagged as "-A" is Syd's ex (like >>1090193 said), not turtlemom. Turtlemom doesn't have any 'inside sources,' she just has us, and her so called mandated reporter followers who are apparently mandated to report things they see on a drama twitter page.

No. 1090273

File: 1606228275210.png (96.71 KB, 1319x694, B3AED972-172F-4B84-B016-63EFFC…)

So I went back to the first JC and Syd thread. This had been carried over from the last TND and JC thread. A is Antwan, he proved it with pics and he’s been here multiple times signing off with A. That doesn’t mean he isn’t acting like a cow though, because he most definitely is.

No. 1090292

I highly doubt he would give his passwords to syd. Can you imagine her looking through his dm’s? Messaging every girl who likes his posts? I think there’s a better chance he gave it to one of his buddies.

No. 1090302

Thanks anon, confirming what I said here >>1089851

Which somehow everyone missed.

No. 1090303

Fair point, imagine that.

No. 1090314

Some of the anons here have been abusing “A” ever since he came into the thread with milk. I can understand why he was pissed off? Some of yall are abusing him and ask him to fuck off and when the milk was dry everyone was begging for him to come back. Lol cant win like..

No. 1090331

You all are just out of the loop w/ drugs

There’s a thing the kids call ‘fentadope’ or ‘fentalogue’ on the street. It’s not pure pure fent, unless you are distributer level. But if he was caught with “1/2 oz” it’s 99% likely a half oz of cut shit, which probably only levels out to be like 10-50mg of actual fentanyl. It’s pure fent cut to about 75-500 micrograms a dose. It’s cut with citric acid, maltodextrin, lactose, niacin, acetaminophen or whatever sort of cheap inert powder distributors can get there hands on.

They call this ‘fetty’ or ‘fetty wap’ or ‘cut fent’’. Also the original meaning of “China white” is gone, originally meaning east coast dope or ultra purified white diacetylmorphine. China is also used now to denote fentanyl laced powder. How do I know this, I work as a substance abuse counselor. The clients are very open to defining street slang they currently use. I’m not a junkie lol.

No. 1090341

Boohoo so abused. He’s acting like a retarded cow. Literally is jealous about syd. Ask yourself this, why does a exboyfriend give a shit after over a year. Also they don’t know how court works and clearly faked screenshots. Those text messages were so cropped it was laughable

No. 1090342

Oh watch out we got Taylor Nichol Dean here, drug expert, here to teach us ignorant folk about drugs

Youre so retarded

No. 1090346

Either way, don't chase off milk. I would rather Antwan hang out than Turtlemom's ugly mug shit up the thread and take credit for "mandated reporters" that isn't even true as per >>1089999

No. 1090348

I honestly think it’s turtle mom, because why would an ex be so desperate to talk shit about his ex gf way later. It would be pathetic. Like bro move on, find someone new.
Turtle moms always acted superior and in a secret loop even though she isn’t in one. She’s always tried to act all secretive and giving bad info. She literally wants revenge/ suffering on syd and Jonny for no reason besides her delusions. I don’t know what’s up with her vendetta. Like Jonny is a shitty person, but wtf

Example of wanting suffering : asks people to call local cops, cps, clearly want Jonny in jail, takes pleasure in their suffering

No. 1090349

It’s not even milk, those screenshots are fake. Do you want me to make some fake screenshots and start posting it as milk and signing -A

Then you’ll all think I’m him. Like if I can do it, why can’t turtle mom.

Why would he give a shit about what strangers think of syd. And why would he be trying to even give “evidence” on syd. It’s sounds fishy if it was even him

No. 1090352

Milk or no, I’m tired of reading about some namefagging attention whore

No. 1090361

What milk? Those screenshots provided nothing but speculation assuming they’re real. If you were going away for ~20 years (laughable and also he hasn’t even been fucking arraigned) you wouldn’t be given a 10k bond. Please. Anyone with more than 2 braincells can tell that its bullshit. The milk will come on it’s own without some attention starved ex boyfriend.

No. 1090365

If I dated a mad cow like syd for 10 years and have her put me through some traumatising shit and only to cut things off when she met jonny - I would hop on dedicated forum to talk shit about her in a heartbeat. Kek I dont understand why yall are mad or suspicious, is an anonymous gossip forum like. Chill!

No. 1090369

You’re the cow, sydsopsycho

No. 1090370

On that note, maybe “A” is giving false screenshots cause syd is trying to pull a rebekah vardy. That would actually be very funny and I love to see her having a meltdown realising that all her friends hates her

No. 1090371


Going back on the tinfoil of Jonny dealing, it’s really not far off; it’d explain the designer brands he’s been bragging about lately

No. 1090377

we find out today if Antwan is totally full of shit! and then you all can gloat about how right you were and how retarded the rest of us are. no point speculating about Antwan now

No. 1090434

I forgot to sage retard so sorry. I find it hilarious that a anon said the ex was “abused” by other anons.

No. 1090436

That’s his fault for dating someone so “traumatizing” for ten years. I automatically don’t trust people who paint themselves to be a victim, and seek attention. Go read “a” posts again. It’s getting desperate

No. 1090437

Agree that "A" is likely Angel/turtlemom who is just too fat in the head to think of another name for herself. She is dancing on the edge of insanity, rolling forward like a unstoppable trainwreck. The original story of A seems like something armchair psychologist turtlemom would whip up in a second.

No. 1090438

It’s not like they just broke up, she has a baby with another man, it’s been over a year.

No. 1090440

im a completely other anon that youre responding to, but I do find it hilarious that you thought I cared about you saging or not. didn't even notice that.

No. 1090441

Thank youuuuu

No. 1090444

You literally called me syd, I thought it was bc I didn’t sage

No. 1090446

again, angel used to sign off “a” on all her old “tea accounts” about 5-6 years ago.

I’m also over posting about people who bring us milk. Idc who it is but don’t expect us to owe you something. This train wrecks itself just fine. Anyone planning on being on the call for his arraignment?

No. 1090447

I feel as the turtle mom makes way more sense we haven’t seen the ex in forever, an turtle mom‘s been consistently posting about Johnny. She’s the real one to get anything out of this.

No. 1090449

I am from ireland, we use “abuse” as a slang as “making fun of” jeezzz

No. 1090455


I'm planning on being on the call.


Can we please shut the fuck up about who A is now?

No. 1090464

Sure turtlemom, let's just ignore the fact that you accidentally chose the same signature as syd's supposed "ex boyfriend" and let's just eat all the false info you're "feeding" us(hi cow)

No. 1090472


If this comment is serious it's cringe af. Chill out, anon.

No. 1090511

Damn, I lea e this thread for a few days and JC ends up in jail kek… Anyone got an update? Is it a domestic or a suitcase of fentanyl?

No. 1090512

File: 1606244406177.png (35.25 KB, 1280x520, GROJTSY.png)

anyone able to listen to jonny's hearing?

please shut the fuck up

No. 1090518


It's in two ish hours. I'm gonna try.

No. 1090528

Domestic violence is all we know so far until his arraignment when charges will be read

No. 1090533

The comments on his last 2 posts on his Facebook page are hilarious. Whoever on his "team" thought it was a good idea to post while he's in jail is a retard. Just brought so much drama to it kek and of course all the losers telling everyone else it's "fake news"

No. 1090565

Can you please provide a screenshot?

No. 1090567

Same. I gave this thread already up and then read it on the TND thread (that is also only a shadow of its former self) and was like.. oop.

No. 1090576

File: 1606248863042.png (1.36 MB, 1080x3862, StitchIt_20202411031354_475.pn…)

No. 1090581

File: 1606248968936.jpg (226.68 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20201124_151527.jpg)

Same fag but this killed me and it deserves to be spotlighted on its own

No. 1090604


I thought it was at 1:30 pacific time, no?

No. 1090608

Ah shit you're right lol sorry I'm in Canada and all screwed up with the time zones

No. 1090632

Thrilled that it’s an open court and even has a dial in. So whatever bullshit Sydsopsycho tries to spin, we don’t need to “look for clues”, we can just listen to hard facts. Kek.

No. 1090637

File: 1606251342699.jpg (33.79 KB, 1027x240, Screenshot_20201124_155428.jpg)

Reposting - set your alarms! 35 mins to go!

No. 1090646

do you think europeans can listen along as well? Would it cost extra? I really want in on this

No. 1090648

I don't think so unfortunately. 888 numbers appear to be toll free just for North America.

No. 1090649

File: 1606252234531.jpg (568.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201124-130603_Chr…)


Curious where you got this phone number and access code. Maybe I'm not digging deep enough but when i called the number it asked me to confirm if i was the host. Bit sus but i haven't seen this option before. The number is not listed online from what i can tell.

No. 1090651

I got it right from the Santa Clara website - search for "courtroom public access telephone lines" and you'll find it.
His hearing hasn't started yet so that's why it's asking for a host. I just hit pound and it had me wait but it doesn't start till 1:30 PST

No. 1090653

No. 1090654

Is stuff like tinychat still a thing? Can someone stream the phone on speaker in a room so us non-US types can have a listen?

No. 1090655

File: 1606252811065.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1989, 26CD1D50-22DC-46D4-B15F-77D92E…)

I highly doubt Anthony Green did anything ~special~ for washed up Jonny Craig lol. He probably just ordered the merch and lied to Syd to impress her since she’s stuck on trying to get clout wherever she can

No. 1090660


Hopefully not, AG struggles with addiction and relapsing, but seems a trillion times less scummy than JC. Hopefully she's bullshitting, Anthony should steer waaaaaay clear.

No. 1090664


Thought about it but not sure of the legality of it.

I'm sure plenty of people will be giving live updates tho.

No. 1090666

I'm on hold. Can't wait, hopefully this is interesting.

No. 1090667

Goes without saying, keep us updated anon!

No. 1090671

Yes that’s when it starts but it’s not like right at 1:30 he is arraigned. they go down the list although I don’t know in what order. So it could be up to an hour before he stands before a judge.

No. 1090672

Same, the suspense is killing me kek was supposed to have started already

No. 1090673


The conference was just ended?

No. 1090674


did you guys get hung up on too??

No. 1090675

Did you get hung up on too?

No. 1090677

Anyone else get a message that the conference is ending and the line dropping? Hopefully some of you are getting in to listen.

No. 1090678

Yeah just hung up on me but I called back and am waiting again. Maybe you can only stay in hold for so long?

No. 1090679

It kicked me off about a minute ago, it said the conference was ending. But I called right back and I'm on hold again. Says the "host" hasn't arrived. Who is that, the judge?

No. 1090680


Did the same and back to waiting with a "host has not arrived" message so that may be it.

No. 1090683

Oh god, what an anticlimax
Maybe the line has some hickup and you have to try again?

No. 1090685

I'm on hold again. Probably boomers not using technology well. I'm curious though; my Caller ID says this is Fresno county while San Jose is in Santa Clara county

No. 1090691

Maybe that's where his court hearing is? Is he booked in Santa Clara county? Maybe Fresno county is bigger and they transported him there for court?

No. 1090692

can we not clog the thread with this stuff? just call back when/if you get hung back up on. they’re probably just running behind. we don’t need to all discuss this.

No. 1090694

24 people in it just started.

No. 1090696

This. If US hearings work like UK ones, they’re given a start time but won’t necessarily be seen immediately or in the order they appear on the cause list.

No. 1090697

Here we go. There's 20 people on the call. I wonder how many of them are farmers.

No. 1090698

All I'm getting is silence. Not trying to clog the thread. Do we just wait for them to call him up?

No. 1090700

yes, literally just wait.

No. 1090709

I’d venture to say that most of them are farmers.
And probably Tayter, if she can be bothered to be awake at this early hour

No. 1090710

It's radio silence for me, I hope im on the right one?

No. 1090714

File: 1606254994263.jpg (708.6 KB, 1920x2825, IMG_20201124_164151.jpg)

It is right but like a few ppl have said already this shit is always behind. We could all be on the line for an hour before anything happens

No. 1090716

it’s silent until they’re ready. courts aren’t always on time.

No. 1090718


No. 1090720

And we are liiiive

No. 1090721

Not sure if this is JC, but the prosecutor (?) is listing criminal history right now.

No. 1090722

God you can barely hear shit on this call but I don't think they're at Jonny yet

No. 1090723


I don't think it is. I heard something about Last name Bach.

But holy shit this is damn near unlistenable.

No. 1090726

Did we just hear the end of jonny's? I heard something about a 148 (resisting arrest) and methamphetamine but I thought maybe it was prior to Jonnys. This is a different case (DJ Bach?) it seems :/

No. 1090727

No, it wasn't. They were talking about him having a job and being a lifelong resident of the county.

No. 1090732

they’re naming names that were scheduled for after jonny. they might have turned on the conference late lmfao.

No. 1090734

I just caught that too, they're doing people that were scheduled past 1:31pm.. just our fucking luck lol

No. 1090736

so will his court date be listed online?

No. 1090738

well, if we missed jonnys, his case will be updated by end of day tomorrow and we’ll know his next scheduled date.

No. 1090739

We didn’t miss Jonny’s. They are on the last name C still.

No. 1090740

they’re not going in alphabetical order.

No. 1090741

My bad, it sounded like it at first.

No. 1090746

From the site it looked like they were scheduled in alphabetical order, but if they've done DJ Vach, that was for 1.34pm and is much after Craig. Might be worth listening for another 10 mins in case of last minute rescheduling.

No. 1090748

well i have to call courts for work constantly so if the case isn’t updated by tomorrow morning i’ll give them a call for an update lmao

No. 1090751


No. 1090752

Here he is!!!

No. 1090754

Ok so nobody is scheduled for 1:34 or 1:31, they are listing those times for transcriber. Usually they schedule all criminal court for the same time, inmates sit either in a row (not during covid) or a satellite room, which is more likely. Just stay on the line as they only go in the order in which the cases were placed in a stack.

No. 1090762

I can barely hear shit but confirmed it's a family violence case and he plead not guilty. Feb 1st at 9am is the new date.

No. 1090763

february 1st 9am department 49 next court date

No. 1090765

He plead not guilty and only could hear something about family violence.

No. 1090766

They entered a plea of Not Guilty and his bail was amended to $5k. It was stated that the victim wasn't connected to his current residence, but that is all I can hear. His next hearing is 2/1/21

No. 1090769

Oh shit Syd is there but I can't hear what's she's saying

No. 1090772

How do you figure she was there? The woman speaking was the Public Defender.

No. 1090773

did she ask for a no-contact order?

No. 1090774

no contact order was changed to equal contact order per syd’s request

No. 1090776

Syd just asked for a no contact order?! Storm needs surgery tomorrow too

No. 1090777

kid has surgery tomorrow at 6am

No. 1090778

Holy shit Syd just spoke. They’re talking about Storms surgery tomorrow.

No. 1090779

The baby has surgery tomorrow.

No. 1090780

someone is having a surgery tomorrow morning according to syd? is it storm?

No. 1090781

They called here up because she wanted to speak. Like are you not listening to the same shit we are? She even spelled her name lol

No. 1090782

He’s getting released today.

No. 1090783

he's being released and has to contact child services tomorrow

No. 1090786

the judge clarified that he may not stalk harrass or strike about 3 times on the call. sounds like him and syd got into a scuffle. She said she was at the court earlier last week and asked for a no-contact but now wants to reduce it.

No. 1090789

Holy shit thanks all the anons for the updates! Is it over now? That is so mess up, I hope storm is okay, like flying fresh hell..

No. 1090790

All this going on behind the scenes while she pretends they're "so in love" on the internet. That poor fucking kid. Anyone know what he needs surgery for?

No. 1090793

Wait so is Storm's surgery related to this incident or not?

No. 1090794


They didn't say. Just that he's scheduled for surgery at 6am and Syd consented to Jonny being there for it.

No. 1090795

i highly doubt they’d release jonny if he harmed the kid so bad he needed surgery, but the system is fucked so who knows

No. 1090799

For what it's worth the judge or whomever it was had the tone of like "are you fucking sure" when Syd asked for the no contact to be reduced and for Jonny to come to the hospital

No. 1090801

very much so lol

No. 1090803


listening in on the call today made me feel so sick. like this is her chance to get out of a relationship with this deadbeat who makes her miserable and she won't take it

No. 1090806

Because all she cares about is being gf and babymama to a "rockstar". That's why she got pregnant on purpose. The only one I feel bad for is the poor baby.

No. 1090810

hey at the end of the day, this was sorta fun guys lmfao. i felt like we were watching the season premiere of a show we all like. except it’s reality and it’s really really sad.

No. 1090815

Taking bets on who makes the first post of them being "reunited" and "beating the odds"…

No. 1090822

Shaken baby maybe? Hopefully it wasn’t the kid that was hurt.

No. 1090825

It’s take people awhile sometimes to get out of abusive relationships. It’s hard to empathize with her because she knew going into things who he was.

And if the kid was hurt wouldn’t it get taken away by CPS until syd was evaluated too? She wouldn’t be without responsibility if that was the case.

No. 1090827

Thanks anons for listening and reporting back. I hope Storm is okay and more details leak soon.

No. 1090828

Sydsopsycho will definitely be first. Also she'll be posting about being the best mom to Storm during his surgery tomorrow. Poor kid.

No. 1090831

I just know something like this is going to happen again… wasn’t it the other week the baby was taken away from Syd due to being in a i save environment? Also with Johnny’s history of abuse, and Syd being fucking mental, I fear something awful is going to happen to that baby.

No. 1090835

^ Unsafe environment* sorry

No. 1090839

Thanks anons for the live updates. The crazy duality of modern day IG life/real life playing out in front of us at the same time is perfectly illustrated by these fucking morons. They’re talking DV, contact orders, surgery for the kid whilst also posting about non-existent new music, garbage clothes and sweet memories. Fucking hell.

No. 1090841

Where's that retard with the inside sources who was here earlier talking about fentanyl at the airport and Jonny basically going to jail for life??? fucking kek

No. 1090858

Storm's been in and out of the ER a few times so the surgery might be for something congenital and Johnny didn't do it, or whatever he did has been going on since september - Johnny vaguebooked about it in an earlier thread >>1033962

No. 1090860

If the kid looks anything like Johnny hopefully they've booked him in for plastic surgery.

No. 1090866

Congenital a.k.a something wrong with Jonny's junkie sperm or Syd drinking or drugging while pregnant

No. 1090874


It makes a lot of sense given her history of outing him, but still staying with him, that she would go in and reduce charges. She probably thinks it will teach him a lesson. Yeah, JC is garbage, but Syd is the real trash here because she puts him over her kid, over and over.

No. 1090875

Syd doesn't give a single fuck about her son, he's been in ER multiple times, she claimed he was kidnapped, he's getting surgery, and she barely talks about him and there's 2 photos of him online since he's been born, I understand if they wanna keep this stuff private but Syds entire online presence is a facade, her meltdowns are the only glimpse we get of her TRUE self. I truly think her love for that baby is sporadic and superficial.

I hope his surgery is non related to anything his stupid, delusional, junkie alco parents did.

No. 1090891

I used to feel sorry for Syd, I thought she was a fangirl who was blinded by her “love” for her idol that she didn’t realize she was being used by JC. After all of this shit, it’s clear that she doesn’t give a fuck about the safety of her baby. Domestic abusers don’t just stop, the abuse almost ALWAYS escalates and this won’t end until she or little Storm ends up in the hospital. This won’t end well. Poor Storm.

No. 1090902

Oh, anon. Kek.

No. 1090905

I’m going to hell for laughing, lmao

No. 1090906

I get the feeling Syd's mother is doing the majority of the care for the child, Syd uses him like a prop and seems way too well-slept to be the mother she claims on social media. I mean it's a newborn with health issues, how the fuck can she spend hours stalking Jonny's social media and freaking out on everyone he knows in DMs for hours every time he goes outside without her?

No. 1090911

Can you imagine being Storm and growing up and seeing all of your parents’ dirt and abuse and drug issues that were posted all over the Internet, and how much of a shithead your dad was and how universally hated he is when he had such potential to be a nice, well-respected and successful performer? That kid is going to need so much therapy.

No. 1090928

File: 1606265622635.gif (4.31 MB, 320x240, 5EF098F6-742C-4D2C-9CDB-D84F04…)


No. 1090943

File: 1606266343490.png (316.67 KB, 1432x2155, Screenshot_20201124-180307~2.p…)

No. 1090944

File: 1606266394874.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2195, Screenshot_20201124-180259~2.p…)

No. 1090947

>time to tie that knot

What an idiot.

No. 1090964

Wow. Ham planet actually has a visible jaw bone here.

Syd, you’re a fucking moron.

No. 1090988

Acting like this kid is going to grow up being a decent person with any sense of shame raised by these two. Even if the gma is raising kid, she created Syd, so… Optimistic, anon.

No. 1090999

>only we know the details of our lives
She's gonna have a breakdown when she lurks and finds out anons literally listened to the arraignment lmfao. She's so fucking stupid to want to marry him still. No way they will have an actual wedding, they will elope at the courthouse like true white trash.
I wonder if they offer a no-contact order termination + marriage licence bundle deal.

No. 1091014

Fingers crossed they take that fucking baby soon. She would let them do that way before she would leave Jonny. So so disgusting.

No. 1091022

Completely fucking delusional this bitch is. Like mere hours ago you were in a courthouse asking for your no contact order to be reduced at your fiance's preliminary hearing for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I'm assuming she didn't ask for the order in the first place then or what? Can someone else request that for you?
Or is she seriously this fucking retarded? Oh wait…

No. 1091033

p sure only YOU can request an order of protection against somebody else meaning she had to have asked for one, they usually ask you at the time of the person’s arrest if you want an order of protection/restraining order

No. 1091035

I fucking hope so. They confirmed at the beginning of the hearing that he was in the hospital after being arrested. Why would he be there unless for drugs? He must've been out of his mind when they arrested him.
I'm amazed they haven't taken that child yet, like wtf are they waiting for? This is the second time in about as many weeks that there's been abuse going on and clear evidence of him using. Get that fucking baby away from these two before they kill him.

No. 1091039

It’s possible she had a moment of clarity and when the officer asked her if she wanted the no contact order she said yes.

Or she did it to scare him / manipulate him like “see? I can make you disappear from your son”. Who knows I feel like it could go either way with her.

No. 1091057

this bitch has bpd and one of the hallmark symptoms is black and white thinking. to me it def seems like she bounces back and forth between absolutely HATING jonny one minute and thinking he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her the next. i can def see her asking for a no contact after a bad fight and then regretting it like two hours later when her bpd rage calmed down a bit

No. 1091069


"This year sucked but next year everything will move forward & get better!"

Literally the same damn shit every time, with every girl.

No. 1091095

Who's betting she'll try to get pregnant again?

No. 1091096

Look at this delusional bitch thinking she can change him, girl he's still going to cheat on you every chance he gets, he's not going to stop doing drugs, the fact you constantly take him back in and forgive him, actually means it will most likely keep getting worse for you but you suck in drama like you need it to survive, you're a drama vampire.

No. 1091098

You know what they say: if the first baby you had to trap the man doesn’t save your relationship, try try again

No. 1091120

That’s not how it works. If someone gets arrested for DV they put in an order of protection whether the victim wants it or not. It’s not optional. You CAN request an order of protection but in DV arrests it’s typically a condition of release for the offender no matter what.

This stuff happens a lot with DV cases, that’s why they make the order of protection non-optional because so many women in abusive relationships go back to the abusers and wind up getting hurt worse.

No. 1091148

Does BPD cause women in their later years to act like they're 14? Is that common? Because I don't understand how this grown ass women in her late 20's can act so mentally delayed unless she's actually delayed, it's like she hit 14 and her brain stopped developing.

Also, she does not seem at all concerned or worried or feeling any type of way about her baby's upcoming surgery, she's been all jonny jonny jonny I love jonny nonstop since she screeched kidnapping, where's the lovey dovey I'm so concerned for my baby and hope he is okay? For someone so open about certain things online you would think she'd milk this one for sympathy like she does with her depressive episodes, which makes me wonder if his condition is actually something they caused, she doesn't have a maternal bone in her body, I get the feeling she cuddles him when he's calm and cute and then palms him off to grandma to do the rest.

No. 1091149

File: 1606289504601.jpeg (113.56 KB, 828x472, A26A7093-E44D-4BC8-A100-E6A23E…)

This fucking loser. He’s so repulsive

No. 1091156

No her bpd is not a reason for all her actions and personality. This is just who she is. Not eveyone with bpd is a copy paste of crazy syd

No. 1091163

File: 1606291943288.jpeg (286.15 KB, 750x848, 68BF7284-A505-41F9-A949-88502F…)

No. 1091165

File: 1606292090749.jpeg (289.46 KB, 750x864, 41E6362E-F9B4-4ADC-946F-751284…)

No. 1091166

he's disgusting,that baby needs to be removed, he probably has done worst, pushing turns to slapping real fucking quick.
Ugh, I hate him and men.

No. 1091168

He’s so stupid. It absolutely can escalate to slapping real quick, especially high. And who knows how he would be near a baby in that situation!

Can his social media be used against him at his next court date?

No. 1091176

fucking thank you.

No. 1091184

Syd: time to tie that knot!
Jonny: I just pushed a bitch, didn’t slap a bitch

No. 1091189

File: 1606297270489.jpg (192.18 KB, 1080x1732, 20201125_014056.jpg)

Boo fucking hoo

No. 1091204

He spent over a week in jail and got a non contact order bc he only pushed her? Does that sound right?

No. 1091206

This is really disgusting. I can’t imagine trivializing pushing a “loved” one. Syd and him are both sick fucking people.

No. 1091224

thats a BIG fucking yikes from me dawg

No. 1091235

File: 1606302783734.jpeg (307.7 KB, 828x643, 87B459ED-2072-4A1D-8B81-B0CE97…)

This made me kek! The narcissism is off the roof - jonny you are literally squatting in your baby’s momma house right now and had to move in with your dad when taylor kicked you out. You are 34 year old man child and insecure af! Ya love to see it

No. 1091240

File: 1606303840661.jpg (391.59 KB, 1609x2360, IMG_20201125_062946.jpg)

In case you were wondering if Jonny had any brain cells left, no, no he doesn't.
Thinks a battery charge is better than violence/assault. Battery literally means to fucking hit someone kek

No. 1091261

lol Jonny is such a fucking scumbag - the fact he wrote "her" and not Syd's name feels very Bill Clinton "that woman" to me: i.e. he's bullshitting.

At the very least he's trying to distance himself from the situation because it's more severe than he wants people to know - Cali don't fuck around when it comes to domestic violence laws from what I just quickly googled (feel free to correct me CA anons), I dont know if Syd can even stop the charges from coming, and if he's successfully charged then access to Storm will probably be limited. He's probably started guilt tripping Syd with that fact if I had to guess where his brain-dead junkie manipulation went.

>I really want to be Storms dad but if you let me get charged with domestic violence I won't be able to see him regularly, you're depriving your son of a father.

No. 1091264

Imagine saying how youre always gonna love and support your baby daddy on Instagram the day he gets out of jail and he goes on Twitter "I pushed her, not hit her!".. "I didn't technically hit her"

Lmao Syd, im so embarrassed for you. No one believes your relationship is anything other then shit. You've been together for a little over a year and already this shit has happened?? It only gets worse. It only goes down hill. It will NOT get better "next year"

No. 1091266


Jonny coming in with the narcissism lol. "Instead of changing my actions and bettering myself, or publicly apologizing to my fiance and baby mama ILL JUST DIE so everyones happy."

Big yikes.

And this is wedding bells for SydsoPyscho?? Time to tie the knot? No baby girl time to get a restraining order!

No. 1091281

God forbid thus junkie retard could lay low for a bit. Immediately jumps on Twitter (likely after scoring and getting high minutes after being released) to proclaim that he's free and arguing the semantics between assault and battery. "Yo dawg she just like walked in to my fist, it wasnt my fault, ya feel me"… Holy hell

No. 1091285


>After the Used show

We get it Syd you know 3 whole musicians

No. 1091286

How many more dumbasses are gonna fall for Jonny Craig? Pretty sure Syd will get out eventually, she's stupid but even she can tell this is a broken relationship.

Syd is pulling out all the manipulation tricks to try and get him to change. marriage, cops, lovebombing. It's disgusting how manipulative she is, the way she tolerates jonny's abuse for "the big happy family narrative" is beyond pathetic.

> "See If I call the cops you're fucked from seeing your son, I thought we was getting married!11, stop cheating on MEEEEEE!!"

Syd needs to grow a spine and stop being a such a loser. At least do it for your son FFS.

No. 1091289

>Pretty sure Syd will get out eventually, she's stupid but even she can tell this is a broken relationship.
Anon pray tell where you see this kek

No. 1091290

File: 1606313199100.jpeg (209.58 KB, 750x993, 19E227BF-D43A-4D73-A884-B03219…)

Unreal, and that’s how he talks to one of the 4 supporters he has left

No. 1091292


Oh please Syd will take that breadcrumb of emo clout to her grave even if it means losing her kid.

No. 1091293

He’s gotta be fucking kidding me with that insult. He’s never owned or even rented a house/apartment on his own in his life. I wonder if he really believes all the crap he shits out his mouth. Is his brain really that deteriorated or is he just attempting to save face with all this big talk. And where is he going to go now? Back to the trailer? Is he allowed to at this point? He’s gonna be the one couch surfing.

No. 1091294

What a piece of shit. The day he dies won't be too soon.

No. 1091296

yea she's buried in self delusion rn but she knows its fucked imo. Just like Taylor and the other girls craig dated, they wise up when they realize you can't fix a junkie. They'll cry aboooose, but ignore the ways they enabled his behavior for so long. The cycle always repeats, jonny sure as hell ain't gonna settle down LOL.

Anyone who supports craig at this point is just a tard with no self-respect.

I'm thinking syd will give up her son eventually. Storm will be raised by someone else, family or otherwise.

No. 1091307

Agree. She’ll just let cps take him so she can finally focus all her energy on chasing Jonny around while he cheats on her and shoots up. Kinda wondering though by the way he’s acting on twitter about it, anyone think he will leave her after she put him in jail? Maybe she’s nervous and that’s why she’s been love bombing on her stories. Like is her mom really gonna let him come back around when he put hands on her daughter?

No. 1091314

Nah jonny won't leave syd till he's got another meal ticket lined up, he's a coward like that.

No. 1091316


His death is an interesting thing to think about. Chelsea said that the doctors told JC to stop drinking and drugging because his liver's dying. And that was a couple years ago. I wonder if Syd is aware of this and is just hanging around till his death for the pity points "uwu my fiance\husband died" Major tinfoil but curiosity.

No. 1091322

Anon, this so much. Gloating that he didn’t “technically” hit her. Push? Okay so I’m guessing push and “she got hit in the scuffle, it was an accident!”
What an utter fucking loser.
Live updates from court was peak lolcow for me. Just unbelievable. The kid will be removed. I’m sure of it.
Look at his Twitter responses to women - all violent with the big psychological no-no, ‘sexually related insults’. This guy is emasculated and despises women.

No. 1091335

He’s acting like he needs to punch her in the face for it to count as domestic violence. You can push someone so hard they fall to the ground and break a bone or crack their skull. Not saying that’s what happened obv but he’s acting like he pushed her enough to just move her. Which is bullshit. He pushed her hard enough that someone called the cops.

Yea he knows charges will get dropped because syd isn’t going to cooperate at this point.

What a fucking scum bag dude. That poor ducking baby. Jfc.

No. 1091338

I'm guessing pushed against a wall, or thrown to the ground. Something along those lines, add to the usual break shit and punching holes in the wall.

I think jonny got spoiled during his "peak" music days. He was able to fuck groupies and now he's an entitled scrote who thinks he owns womens bodies.

Poor jonny gonna cry? No hotties wanna fuck you anymore do they? Cope more bitch LOLOL

No. 1091342

So much for “mandated reporters” and fentanyl. ~A
This pos will be like I never abused anybody, I didn’t hit them, only pushed. I’ll bet he also believes sodomy isn’t really rape also.

No. 1091345

Ehhhhh not exactly. It could be as simple as putting the victim in fear of violence. Like him threatening her and yelling enough for neighbors to hear his threats. Every state assault and battery have different meanings. I just checked Texas. It really depends on what misdemeanor (C,B, or A) he gets then will know if he actually hit or not and how badly it was. There is a change he didn’t though, and still get those charges of battery misdemeanor C.

I’m putting bets on he did hit her though, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

No. 1091346

Kek what a loser. Hopefully those anons that thought we were chasing away the milk will stfu next time some attention seeking cow comes here with ~insider information.

No. 1091347

Ooooo okay he definitely is downgrading what he did. I happened to not see this screenshot. I’m just exited to see the charges exactly. I feel bad for the baby bc that’s a toxic environment

No. 1091349

Syd is pretty small and Jonny is a big guy. Something like a push from him can do some damage. Really depends on how she falls though

No. 1091351

Pretty sure he's being charged by the state of california not Syd. If domestic violence is called, SOMEONE is going to have charges pressed against them. The state can't afford to show up every time to settle domestic disputes, so now someone ALWAYS gets charged, whether both parties want it or not.

I'm guessing Syd was a dumbass and didn't realize this and Jonny got sent away. Her narc manipulation plan backfired. Now they've gotta deal with the court bullshit, fees and showing up.

I don't think Syd wants to leave jonny at this point, no temp restraining order or anything. Gotta be awkward AF to explain to your mom your heroin baby-daddy is coming back home after jail.

No. 1091354

Wait they are in California I thought Jonny never left Texas. I’m so stupid. I need to reread the forums

No. 1091364

Lol Jonny is not a big guy by any means. Obviously bigger than her but he’s pretty puny for a dude.

No. 1091367

Jonny is short as hell. That's why he calls Syd midget to make himself feel tall.

No. 1091369

File: 1606321968892.jpeg (209.07 KB, 750x995, 048A795B-4CE4-43D2-92D6-174D92…)

He’s so all over the place

No. 1091371

Yes on one of the booking/arrest documents or whatever it is, it said "The People of the State of California vs. Jonathan Monroe Craig"…
My tinfoil is that Syd didn't even call the cops but someone else did, maybe her mom? But who knows she definitely seems like the type that would in the heat of the moment without thinking of the long term consequences

No. 1091377

File: 1606322544711.jpg (354.52 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20201125_114211.jpg)

Turtlemom coming in hot. She's absolutely right too

No. 1091382

Yes he is. You can still be short and weight a lot. He is build like a bulldog. Short and but has mass

No. 1091387

Omg why is he just openly tweeting about it? This is so messy

No. 1091393

File: 1606323826261.jpg (235.17 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20201125_120338.jpg)


No. 1091394

For a sociopath and narcissist, they actually genuinely think their life is great and have no self-awareness! Just funny to see he thinks its an insult given his current state. Kek

No. 1091395

Drugs…it's because of drugs

No. 1091400

could those tweets be used against him? It seems very stupid of him to gloat about all this

No. 1091401

I hope so. Normally you can use stuff like this in court, espeicag if it's made public. It gets a little trickier with private status updates or personal messages but this shit is right out there in the open. He literally has admitted to putting his hands on her, regardless if he thinks pushing her isn't a big deal or not.

No. 1091402

Probably not. At best it could be used to show a lack of remorse for his actions. ALTHOUGH, he plead not guilty yesterday but is openly admitting to domestic battery now on social media so maybe who knows…

No. 1091403

Yes they can. I wasn’t going to mention it because I love watching abusive assholes dig their own graves.

No. 1091426

But if syd doesn’t want to press charges could they doing anything to him? Like would they even have a prosecutor for this case? And will they go out of their way to scrap through his SM to gather evidence? Sorry if stupid question, not entirely familiar with family courts in the states!

No. 1091428

like this screenshot >>1089212 says, it's the state of California v. Jonny, not Syd v. Jonny. the state is the one pressing charges, so Syd isn't the one who gets to decide to drop them

No. 1091429

Opinion tweets from a lard ass, obsessed retard isn't milk. At least sage that shit if you're gonna self-post fatty.

No. 1091430

Well, again this the State of California vs. JC not Syd vs. JC… I don't think it matters now what she wants or does

No. 1091433

They can continue to press charges without Syd since it’s the state v JC, it would just be a hard case to sell if she won’t cooperate. They might push more for this case considering he had a criminal record within the state and a child is involved. He’s also posting on public accounts as a “public figure” so they wouldn’t really have to do much digging to find that lol

No. 1091441

I doubt anything will happen honestly, this is basically just an idiot tax to prevent overuse of police/court resources.

It will probably end up being dismissed unless she looked truly hurt.

No. 1091446

Thanks anons for the down low. I just wonder how much would they pursue this case since I feel like they probably deal with this all the time. Plus with syd’s siding him at court, I feel like it would bunk under a priority list or even a lighter sentence?

Regardless, he is bumped with drugs and have strings of law shit prior, and the icing on the cake would be he is actually dealing and they can put his ugly ass in jail for a long time!

No. 1091458

I doubt he will see jail time honestly. He will likely get probation and have to attend classes like anger management and child development. It’ll cost him a lot of money and force him to be clean. Otherwise if he violates then he will go to jail. But California isn’t really keeping anyone in jail with covid unless they rape or kill someone or anything along those lines. It’s super fucking annoying.

No. 1091463

ot but i really hope the kid gets handed into foster care or taken away from them. i know thats usually a different hell altogether, but i think it'd be better then having an in-and-out dealer daddy who comes to beat the shit out of my mom and i whenever hes home, due to being high on meth

i hope he put taylors name on the life insurance clause, just so we can see syd seethe

ya wait.. he plead not guilty to any assault charges.. you cant say not guilty to not touching her and then tweet that you touched her

wtf lol

No. 1091479

Agreed all that will happen is he is required to take classes, might get a parole officer (I hope bc then he has to stay clean) , and pay a fee. Unless she was beaten up bad nothing much will happen

No. 1091481

This post is so retarded and uneducated

No. 1091504

File: 1606329839790.png (5.83 KB, 496x46, anotherchance.png)

I love reading what those on the DGD subreddit write about him.


No. 1091515

Anyone familiar with the horrors of the January and Bohdi Schofield case will know California CPS isn't shit unfortunately :(

No. 1091516

Just read up on there and he does look high in this video he posted, but shit the boy can sing

No. 1091520

That fucking chin line beard gets me howling every time. Dude, it doesn’t work. Kek.

No. 1091527

If you're into faggot emo music he's alright. His music is shit and so is he, no need to shill his music here.

No. 1091530

okay wtf thanks for sending me down this rabbit hole anon. haven’t heard those names in years. i read the dad’s book when i was young. had no idea they were being abused wow

No. 1091533

I think the bands he is into is shit too, I was just saying he has a nice voice. But really in that video he looks high and it was posted two weeks ago. I shouldn’t have given my opinion on his voice, also in that video he’s not even singing emo music so you clearly didn’t watch it.

No. 1091534

Based kek thank you

No. 1091542

Why have multiple posts on here hinted he even has life insurance? That’s a bill you have to pay and his bum ass doesn’t pay bills. When he OD’d on Chelsea he didn’t even have health insurance and the hospital ate it on like over $100k in medical bills.

No. 1091544

chelsea is 100% posting in this thread, she went private before i could screenshot but she tweeted "i hope you rot in that cell"… obsessed

No. 1091548

Everyone knows Johnny boy went to jail, Syd, she probably went private so people wouldn't annoy/question her because once any girl has ties with this loser, she'll be dragged into his relationship bullshit. I'd hardly call wishing a fat abusive junkie to rot in his cell "obsessed."

No. 1091586

kek imagine caping this hard for that rotten piece of dough

No. 1091603

so are taylor and jen, you know they are living for this.

No. 1091670

Right? And he definitely would not qualify for a new policy at this point if he even did pay bills

No. 1091776

who wouldnt be tho, you know? they all tried to play savior for poor misguided jonnyboy but not one could get him in jail or to stick around

syd probably wont get him to stick around, but shes pretty much the only one whos successfully snared him in legal trouble. and shes finally damaged his reputation among his very small but dedicated following. its hilarious.

he shouldnt have had the kid if he wasnt going to get sober lol

imagine getting mad at saged conversational speech. get the fuck off the board if you're gonna act so pathetic

No. 1091801

File: 1606356114363.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1995, D5C94768-32F5-491A-9255-5FDB6E…)

No. 1091802

He’s been in legal trouble before.
She hasn’t “snared” him in anything, she just has his dumbass on the hook because she let his crooked junkie leak inside her.
She’s also too stupid, insecure, and clout hungry to drop his ass and move on as a single mom. This will probably turn into a regular occurrence until the state throws him away for a while.
Storm has no chance at a normal life but considering the stock, he’ll probably be too dumb to know the difference. Sorry kid, hope the surgery went well

No. 1091805


as if pushing her made it ANY better? this dude is a fucking clown jfc

No. 1091818

“Acting like I slapped a bitch”
In reference to a physical dispute he got into with the mother of his child. This man is a walking piece of worthless trash. Abusive, washed up, fat, ugly, short, and stupid as hell.

Syd is really chugging that dumb bitch juice.

No. 1091839

Don't get mad at us kekw, you're the one who called the cops on him ya dumb bitch! LMAO

No. 1091843

you took back the man who was violent with you after you just gave birth to his kid, but we're the weak ass bitches? okay syd. drop the baby off at your moms and go fuck around with John boy. do the world a favor and get spayed.

No. 1091844


i have such weird feelings about Syd. like clearly shes got severe mental issues & i hate the back she brought an innocent child into her & Johnnys toxic bullshit but i just cant help but feel sorry for her.

No. 1091847

There is no proof that Syd was the one who called. It could have been her mother, fed up with the fighting and obviously dysfunctional relationship. She intervened earlier during the "cut foot/kidnapping" drama. It could have been a neighbor, etc.
Syd was the one who had the OoP but that's because she was the one who he assaulted. It doesn't mean she was the one who called.

Tinfoil, but anon above mentioned that in court he said he wasn't connected to his address. If mom called, it'd make sense she wouldn't let him back. But Syd can choose if he was there for surgery, visitations, when she chooses etc.

No. 1091854

Go take care of your baby Syd, didn't he have surgery? You're a piece of shit no good mother if you're still OBSESSING over internet drama, if you didn't care about what others had to say you'd keep your dumb mouth shut and stay unbothered but you can't help yourself. People talk shit on washed up celebs, and you cause it most of the time because you can't shut your mouth about jonny.

If anybody is weak it's you, you're mentally weak, staying with an abusive, rapist junkie who lies more than he cheats, the only losing is you Syd.

No. 1091866

If I was her potential employer (hypothetical) and I searched her before hiring and saw her connection to this shot bag I’d toss her resume. Does she not realize that this isn’t a glow up for her but a huge burden? She looks like a rape apologist and child endangered. Can’t relate.

Sage for personal opinion

No. 1091867

Endangerer* bleh

No. 1091881

File: 1606364183393.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20201125_23134567…)

Her own kid won't make her change her life but I wonder if losing her beloved "clout" will… I noticed her follower count on IG is decreasing by the day

No. 1091898

It’s because she is currently being openly problematic. Even the fans are disappointed and that’s saying something

No. 1091914

Anons who listened in on his hearing, was it clear that Syd was the victim? Is there a chance he attacked Syd’s mom or someone unrelated? The part about the victim not being connected to his current residence confused me, even though Syd is the one with the protective order. I’m just flabbergasted he’s talking about Syd like this publicly. Usually he keeps his relationships’ image so squeaky clean with the Twitter lovebombing (remember Taylor said she was ~abused~ because he wouldn’t cuddle with her until she tweeted about how great their relationship was.)

No. 1091935

The way the judge made it sound, Syd was the victim, not somebody else. Also, Jonny has admitted on social media he shoved her

No. 1091945

I listened and although the quality was bad I caught the last name England or englund? Then a few mins later the public defender announced that Syd was there. And she went on to ask for the no contact to be moved to peaceful contact. So I’d imagine it was her.

No. 1091961

File: 1606370696805.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, D38F5623-EE2C-4279-A909-120ED0…)


No. 1091973

I guess Syd is jealous of the chick she's trying to get her followers to harass. The woman has a job and a skill set, unlike Syd. So I can see why she is feeling insecure.

No. 1091978

the girl posted on her story about jonny being an abusive pos and tagged him in it hence her “we name and shame” comment so syd saw it and is sending followers to harass the girl as a result

No. 1091988

File: 1606373682953.jpeg (235.59 KB, 1125x1629, 0C8668B5-9D30-4403-84D7-F62A4F…)

Sage because it’s not milky, but I just looked because I was curious who this girl is but apparently knows Taylor possibly. Either way no wonder Syd is insecure as fuck and trying to harass her, this girl is basically a way prettier version of her. Syd is probably pissed Jonny reposted her, and laid eyes on someone who actually pulled off this hairstyle and has a nice face, makeup and body unlike her.
Newsflash Syd he wants to fuck everyone but you because you’re disgusting kek, I can’t believe this bitch is seriously posting about drama and “us vs the world~” still when Jonny basically just outed their relationship as abusive lmfao. I really don’t think she wants to tie the knot because she loves him anons, she is hanging onto him because she is thirsty for clout and wants to prove us haters wrong. It’s so clear how miserable they both are and I feel so fucking bad for that baby.

No. 1091995

File: 1606374211546.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, 71612A75-43A8-469A-A03B-2B91F4…)

No. 1092018

No one is obessessed, we are laughing at you.

Only clout-chaser losers will date jonny and have his kid without thorough health check. Jfc i feel like storm is dealt with a shitty hands of cards with unknown health problems and his toxic parents.

No. 1092019

File: 1606378917852.jpeg (362.13 KB, 794x1792, 50416B16-7EB0-417B-B962-88AD3B…)

Syd slide into her dm. Doesnt she has baby to take care of?? Surgery and all?

No. 1092027

"time to tie that knot" WHAT A DESPERATE BITCH. Quoting for emphasis because I can't believe she actually typed this out. Pressuring much? LOLZ

No. 1092028

File: 1606380151043.png (721.34 KB, 1242x2688, AF8FAD99-69E3-49F9-A792-DE7DC7…)

He loves to push doesn’t he? I remember Taylor also said the same in her jc video.

As for the screenshot I’m sharing, he commented this that same day, but he was still in jail during this time right? Funny because someone else was posting on his Twitter trying to do some damage control.

No. 1092029

the irony calling someone else a dumb bitch when in reality …..

No. 1092030

Tin foil but literally everything about Syd so far has screamed to me she smoked weed and drank while pregnant. I've been following her for a long while now, and I remember it being alluded to by her or jonny. I don't have caps but another anon mentioned it as well so I'm not just creating that memory, which I initially thought because I usually post caps here. I'm v recorder anon lol. Her bio reading as "THC" right by "mommy" and that always rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 1092045

I really hope she was not that stupid but then again I wouldn’t put that pass her. I have been thinking of that tinfoil cause storm looks very thin and small for a baby - granted that all babies grow differently - but its cause of concern when both his parents are wackjobs.

No. 1092047

Syds last name is England.

No. 1092050

I knew when we all first saw how Syd is - angry, no boundaries, no lines she won't cross, classic BPD, desperation for any kind of love, no job, no life, stunted at an 11 year old emotional level - that this would end up baad. Taylor has issues but Syd is basically Jonny in female form. Genuinely scared for what she's gonna put that child through while she uses him to get to that beady eyed albino possum she calls her man. A match made in absolute hell. Hopefully cps is on their ass and forces them to.. I dunno.. Get jobs, raise their kid, grow the fuck up..

No. 1092087

Lmao at beady eye albino possum!

Unfortunately anon, syd cant hold down a job while being unmedicated and jonny is still doing drugs. I dont think storm will change anything, since jonny loves his “lifestyle” too much. He will have to hit rockbottom for any chance to bounce back.

No. 1092090

Perhaps liver failure/cirrhosis could explain why he's well on his way to looking like a bloated corpse? I know hardcore alcoholics always bloat up like this when their bodies start giving up on them.

No. 1092124

might explain why his pallor is more yellow than usual. tinfoil but maybe getting a bit jaundice? any medfag anons in the hood why he look like he's actually blowing up day by day? besides the obvious. like he looks like water retention personified and the milky eye whites? can't imagine how he looks/smells IRL. and this creature bred??? jfc poor storm. sorry kiddo genuinely hope he gets looked after

No. 1092134

So not a single update from either of them on how their son is doing after surgery? Oh yeah that’s right they don’t care. He is an afterthought to them. They were probably fighting at the fucking hospital.

No. 1092143

File: 1606404738922.jpg (396.12 KB, 1125x1500, IMG_2637.jpg)

we've all established he put hands on Syd and has been open about it on social media but i haven't seen his insta be posted yet, hes also replying back on his insta how it was just a "push". How can he be pleading not guilty then going on twitter and instagram and facebook admitting he did lay hands on Syd.

No. 1092147

Jonny's probably wondering how he can use this opportunity to slide into this chicks DMs kek she looks like his type and in my opinion way hotter than Syd.

No. 1092202


Basically his organs are failing. kidneys, and liver can't turn fluid in his blood into piss. The waste builds up in the body and he gets puffy.

Jonny is a literal walking bag of piss.

No. 1092211

Yeah leave it to jonny to downplay the whole situation again! At this point now I really hope he spends a lot of money for his lawsuit and still get put into jail, lock him far away from storm. Maybe syd and storm would have a chance then,.

Jesus, syd find a non junkie dead-beat next time would ya?

No. 1092213

They would have found that in the babies system at the hospital and the baby would have been taken away. As long as she pumps and has extra breast milk it’s no biggy if she drinks now (don’t feed the baby the toxic milk obviously) . I bet she does smoke weed and drink currently, but I doubt it while she is pregnant. Also she never really post photos of her baby often, and the baby has medical issues that they haven’t disclosed to us

No. 1092216

Dying would be the best thing Jonny can do for anyone in his pathetic life.

No. 1092218

Also imagine growing up with a dad like that, bet jonny is those type that use violence as a punishment. Remember that video he fell off the stage and grab a fan by the neck in public for laughing while everyone is watching ?? Send me chills thinking that he would 100% do this to his son (Cant find the video now but if someone does please link it)

No. 1092321

File: 1606423433105.png (810.06 KB, 1440x1616, Screenshot_20201126-123914.png)

Did a little research into my theory that Syd smoked marijuana while pregnant. Anons his low birth weight and other health issues absolutely correlate with what we know about smoking while pregnant. God I'm so angry , even if she didn't do it and I am wrong which I seriously doubt… How fucked up would it be to do this to your unborn baby, and then when they are born focus on your druggie manlet? Even after trauma like surgery? Fucking deplorable parents. Having a baby is a gift and it's being treated here like a commodity, I hate them both with my whole being for that.(armchairing)

No. 1092383

Armchairs annoy me so much.

No. 1092386

Thc would have been detected in the mother and child, because of how long it stays in your system.

No. 1092388

she can just claim to have been angry/hysteric/newly become mom whatever and they'll drop everything, or give him a small fine for taking up their time. Also who the fuck thinks that tweets have any legal value anywhere. So much shit that is tweeted every day, half the worlds population would be in jail by now.

No. 1092393

Syd really couldn't give a fuck about her baby, I wouldn't even trust that bitch to look after a puppy properly. He's treated like he barely exists, and you can tell Syd an Jonny do not care AT all about his surgery, they've just been online feeding the drama and acting like the mentally stunted white trash they are.

What ever is going on with Storm, I believe was caused by Syd or Jonny because why else would they hide it? Syd would have screeched "hIs cOndItiOn!!!" When he was kidnapped or something or at least have mentioned it, what ever it is, I bet my bottom dollar that it's been inflicted upon him somehow and that's why they're being extremely hush about him.

Syd doesn't deserve that baby, she makes Taylor look sane, at least she made sure not to have his kid.

No. 1092403

File: 1606431549108.png (566.89 KB, 828x1792, EB492F82-81B0-4CE4-AF53-0D0AC5…)

Looks like syd wrote this lol

No. 1092405

>hey loves

yea JC did not write that at all lmfao they really think they can fool ppl

No. 1092407

Lmao she really thinks everyone is as stupid as she is
What do you wanna bet the "big news" is "we tied the knot at the courthouse!!"
Tinfoil but I bet she was pissed at him and he was like, "hey bitch let's make it official! If only this court thing wasn't in the way of us…"

No. 1092408

>the craigs

No. 1092420

While I agree that no baby should ever live in these conditions you gotta chill out with the gift stuff. A baby is what happens when humans have sex, just like it does with animals. It’s not some special holy gift, it’s literally what genitals are for.

No. 1092436

Yeah I’m not a fan if Syd but there is literally no reason to suspect this.

No. 1092438

You guys going crazy tinfoiling over weed and Syd's pregnancy, meanwhile there's me here in Canada who was on antidepressants before I got pregnant and who's doctor advised me to smoke weed (extremely moderately, mind you) instead of being on meds while pregnant. But I'm talking like a couple times once in awhile, not all day, everyday.
It's not as horrifically bad as you all make it out to be. Drinking is definitely worse.

No. 1092442

Hey your the anon from before that syd makes Taylor look sane. Go reread Taylor’s threads. I think your crazy for having that opinion. With all the dirt on Taylor compared to your tinfoils about syd is retarded. Like get some evidence she smoked weed and not to holy intuition

No. 1092443

i feel sorry for your child’s future brain development

No. 1092444

The happy smiley heart and tee hee uwu message, immediately following a domestic assault that landed JC in jail … it's so disturbingly surreal. How are these real people? How can they be so horrible?

No. 1092447

My doctor recommended the same thing but I choose not too, because it’s not studied properly yet bc it’s not legal federally. Drs sometimes recommend it if it’s worth the risk, bc of your condition

No. 1092487

File: 1606438655959.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201126-195647.png)

Lmfao ew, syd. You could at least pretend to be in love instead of staring into the camera to make sure your angle is right

No. 1092493

>lets fight until were both dead for our love
barely coherent as usual but sounds about right

No. 1092497

If that’s not foreshadowing idk what is.

No. 1092499

Then fucking be annoyed bruv. I'm not going to change my opinion because some idiot on the internet is annoyed by me. I think it's a fair assumption based on what we know so far,and if I'm wrong well I'm fucking wrong oh well. Like I've said I remember it being brought up by storms parents but I don't have the caps sadly.

No. 1092500

You're on the same level as syd for endangering your child and I hope you feel remorse for what you did because you absolutely should.

No. 1092506

I’m not annoyed, what ? I was just pointing out that they screen at hospitals after you give birth. Why are you attacking everyone in the thread ??

No. 1092507

It was never brought up, your just tinfoiling. We have caps in the thread, and your just mad not everyone is hoping on your baseless tinfoil. There is no point in fighting about your beliefs

No. 1092509

healthy relationships don’t end in arrests or constant exposing the other person on Instagram. Bickering is normal but good god I’m sick of seeing ANY posts stating fighting for love is soOoO worth it. Love shouldn’t be a fight. Period.

No. 1092511

I'm the same anon and my kid is 5 years old now and perfectly fine and functioning. I was advised by my doctor to use it as an alternative to meds. Like I said in my original post, I only ever took a toke when I felt I was too overwhelmingly anxious, that the opposite would be worse for my kid. I actually got off prescription medication altogether because of this. It's obviously not the norm and not widely recommended for everyone but don't dispute medicinal marijuana in place of pharmaceutical drugs.(blogging)

No. 1092515

Honest to god these two retards act like it's not, literally, themselves who are fucking up their lives. They act like all this "drama" is from some outside person or collective, that's trying to tear them apart. If that's not a stunning example of mental illness or drug psychosis, I don't know what is….

No. 1092523

I tagged the wrong person and didn't realize, sorry.

No. 1092526

My bad, I misread it as you just got stoned whenever while pregnant because the doc said it's fine. I knew a girl like that and her baby was born severly ill so I'm sorry, I was heated on that bias.

No. 1092530

I can't recall this for certain, but didn't Taylor mention that jonny used to brainwash her into an "Us against the world" mentality and tried to make her think the problems were caused by the internet haters to take blame off himself?

Imagine continuing a relationship with no trust or loyalty, ones a junkie and the other is mentally 12 and psychotic, all to spite some haterz? Because it seems Syd is genuinely enjoying all of this drama and really thinks she's owning the webz right now and it's hilarious. They'll be back to fighting and having problems in no time, I think she's continuing this because she loves the attention it brings, meanwhile we're all sitting back watching her royally fuck her life up because it's entertaining, she may act happy now but we've all seen her depressive posts and know she's not genuinely happy and hates jonny half the time, there'd be nothing to talk about if they didn't air out their dirty laundry themselves.

No. 1092531

You're*. I hoped someone else had the screenshots but they don't. At this point it's irrelevant to me whether it's actually true or not. I honestly just hope storm is doing okay / is attended to after seeing their love bombing sperg tonight.

No. 1092532


stop attacking everyone, you’re not suppose to fight other anons, and being a grammar nazi isn’t a good look. Even if you didn’t mean to tag me, you are getting on people nerves and I can see why

No. 1092542

Am I wrong or did jonny’s face tattoo used to run along his jawline?

No. 1092543

Exactly! "Fighting for our love" means working together against any odds, not literally fighting each other and staying together anyway. It's juvenile and pathetic. Syd's gonna cling to this douche for years and be a bitter, washed up single mom constantly sharing posts of the same three shows from 15 years ago

No. 1092565

File: 1606452512970.jpg (754.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201126-224840_Twi…)

Syd is the dumbest of all, Johnny literally still has tweets up saying all this same type of shit about and to taylor on his twitter if you scroll her name for 30 seconds, it's almost astonishing how stupid she is when he is the way he is

No. 1092572

Yeah it's just on his fat now. He's the wurst looking guy ever.

No. 1092598

Well, she was attracted to him for a reason, eh? People attract people like themselves.

JC is a confirmed heroine addict and narcissist, Syd is confirmed mentally ill and unstable. You have to understand a basic fundamental premise of people like these two: they do not live or function inside reality. Everything is 100% emotions, hormones, and drugs for them.

No. 1092604

>Sydney Craig

She absolutely got control of his accounts over this DV arrest thing, she's working double time to make herself his celebrity GF by name, when the name she's trying to use isn't even hers legally. It's like she wants to cause drama for attention, then use that same drama to lovebomb herself into the Starfucker Hall of Shame. She really is trashy and crazy enough to think any attention is good attention.

No. 1092625

H E R O I N not heroine you keep making the same mistake and everyone can identify you because of that

No. 1092635

I feel like every time I come on lc all I see is you whinging about someone not spelling a drug's name correctly. Is your life that boring?

No. 1092638

First of all, first time I couldn’t bite my tongue anymore. Secondly, this is an anon board, the point is for everyone to integrate so you can’t tell whether it’s the same person or not, just like you confused me with another anon. So how about you sit your ass down, read the rules and learn the board culture.

No. 1092655

This anon has a point, it's a retarded spelling error particularly in a thread about a literal heroin addict. But the idea of heroine addiction is v funny.

No. 1092667


It fucking annoys me as well…especially when you see everyone around you spelling it HEROIN. And we are supposedly all adults who should be able to spell a six letter word

No. 1092678

I just realized that this last story where he's kissing her is the same pic, or at least, from the same series, as the one on top of this thread.

No. 1092681

File: 1606479940449.png (181.93 KB, 540x774, Screenshot_2020-11-27-07-21-58…)

He really is unhinged.

No. 1092692

I know heroin is his drug of choice but how methed out is this stupid motherfucker rn kek

No. 1092707

Lol sure.. as if he didnt confess to taylor that all the internet bullies is taking a toll on him. K jonny keep telling yourself it didnt bother you lmao

No. 1092709

Just because you keep saying it doesn’t make it true. He’s been on the “haters make me stronger” narrative for years and every year his dumpster of a life just gets even more pathetic.

No. 1092732

I hope he spirals down into nothingness! What an absolute clown

No. 1092735

BINGO. He is having surgery for something they have caused or else syd would have def mentioned "his condition" when he was taken away. As for smoking when pregnant, also wouldn't past it but who knows at the end of the day.

No. 1092741

I remember TND saying this as well.
I find it funny that jc always has problems with each partner and they are always fighting for their so called love LOL clearly he had the best luck when picking out syd and accidently making a baby. now he's stuck with his female version and getting his karma.

No. 1092794

This is so funny. You can tell which posts are hers and which are his just by the way each of them types. How cringe. Saying they'll fight till they're dead is fitting though. He's not long for this earth as it is but I could also see this ending in a murder/suicide.

No. 1092824

Actually I’m the anon that spelled it wrong before that’s someone different. They might have a iPhone bc mine always auto corrects to heroine

No. 1092826

But it’s not the same person hahahahha

No. 1092833

What ? If they caused him to have surgery from abuse the baby wouldn’t even be with them. How retarded are you ? The were just in court for domestic violence so they will now have house check ups, and I’m sure cps has already checked out the baby and what’s wrong with him. Also if the doctors though the baby’s surgery was caused by the parents the dr would also have call cps and the baby would be taken away otherwise the dr would be liable

No. 1092841

I get so much enjoyment of his misery with Syd, because even though Taylor has her own issues, I think everyone agrees that Syd is ten thousand times worse than her. Now Jonny's truly getting what he deserves, lol. Even if he'd break up with her she would without a doubt torment him for the rest of his miserable life.

No. 1092858

You don’t speak for everyone lol

No. 1092867

Can y'all stop with the grammar police shit? I didn't come here to read about some retards arguing about grammar. I'm here for the tea.

No. 1092868

File: 1606500592586.jpeg (80.35 KB, 750x373, 362B942B-12F6-4F79-A5D3-05DA66…)

Momma Dean saying it better than I could have. She’s a crazy bitch too but this tweet is truth.

No. 1092876

I can’t wait for your daughter to od under your roof. She is doing just as bad with jen when she was with Jonny. Force your daughter to a 90 rehab program. She has never completed 90 days

No. 1092886

what? his female version are you fucking joking? last i checked syd never raped or assaulted anyone, what is wrong with you

No. 1092892

Like isn’t he the one that’s crashing on his baby momma’s moms couch? Isn’t he the one that doesn’t own a thing to his own name, no house car etc? Yet he talks big shit while he has to walk his high ass to the bodega/to get his fix. Washed up has-been, woman and child abusing, toothless nobody. People only give a shit because he’s still abusing women and now his son too, otherwise nobody would even talk about him. Syd deserves him too, the two of them are trash.

Final OD when? Chris Watts when?

No. 1092895

File: 1606502422624.png (1.69 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201126-195643.png)

didn't see it posted, saged bc not milky but I thought it was funny. this is so hilariously sad

No. 1092898

Longtime lurker- never posted before so I hope I saged/generally did this right.

Has Syd deleted her Instagram? Noticed her @ had disappeared from my search history and can’t seem to find her. Would be hilarious if she blocked me despite having no interaction bar following her.

No. 1092900

No she hasn't, it's syd.o.knee and if you can't find it you're blocked lmao

No. 1092904

File: 1606503117267.png (218.22 KB, 750x1334, 441A048D-36FF-48CE-B501-6E6C4C…)

He was on there asking if anyone knows which restaurants were open too. I was wondering if he was in syd’s house or somewhere else due to the assault. Or both syd and her mom can’t cook. I’m sure syd can’t cook top ramen.

No. 1092907

Yeah Idk some anon keeps trying to put the narrative that syd is the worst human possible. I think she is just mentally ill and untreated. Like Jonny is actually human trash, who ruins women’s lives

No. 1092952

She's not the worst person ever but she doesn't just seem untreated, she's also soooo fucking mean. Usually mentally ill people who lash out feel terrible afterwards because they still have empathy and some sense of justice. She just shits on everyone and then sits on that proudly.

No. 1092971

Never said she wasn’t mean. I think she is a total bitch, but saying she is worst then Jonny is a joke

No. 1092974

Also you don’t speak for mentally ill people. Every person is different every scenario is different. Not all mentally ill people are like oh no UwU I was so mean bc of my illness I feel so bad now. Like what

No. 1092978

She’s trash for staying with his abusive cheating nasty ass and endangering her child.

No. 1092991

File: 1606508363484.jpg (66.85 KB, 649x960, FB_IMG_1606508279084.jpg)

Sage for OT but these two remind me of this couple. I guess they posted this on FB as a joke that went viral lol

No. 1093309

File: 1606529995115.png (1.68 MB, 828x1792, 57236EB2-79A2-4C31-895B-819E5F…)

No. 1093341

That actually is a defining characteristic of borderline personality disorder. The other anon is right that it's strange that she's so unrepentant and downright mean. People with BPD are aware of their symptoms and feel intense shame and guilt (this is part of the diagnosis). They create a self-fulfilling prophecy by being aware of the fact that their erratic behavior will push people away but being unable to control it. People with BPD are also actually MORE empathetic than normal people (also a diagnostic criteria). I wonder if she was misdiagnosed and has npd

No. 1093348

File: 1606533776354.png (996.68 KB, 796x1221, Screenshot_20201127-221433.png)

Aweee someone's music career is falling through the cracks. Maybe now he's realizing how many people actually hate him and the internet bullies are becoming too unbearable. Boohooo

No. 1093350

You know what, I've noticed Syd has like no personality at all, what even are her hobbies or interests besides stalking and obsessing over musicians? Can she even cook? Jonny looking on the internet for Thanksgiving dinner is depressing and funny, what does Syd do besides make herself look like a carbon copy 2007 edgy girl?
She posts the most boring crap that nobody gives a fuck about, what on earth do either of them do all day?

Get a hobby Syd, for sanity reasons. Taylors fucked but at least she had a hobby which made her slightly more interesting, shame she didn't stick to it and put the care and effort in properly.

No. 1093357

Syd, you're also just another hole to fuck, you're just a place to stay and just a bitch for jonny to use to make himself look stable when it's obvious he's not.

I can't with how fucking dumb this girl is, jonny could probably do anything to this girl and she would still find a way to blame anybody but him.

No. 1093358

File: 1606534286777.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20201127-222343~2.p…)

Here we fucking go again. Guessing Syd's stressing him out and he's gone into the arms of a sleezy doped up chick or some young girl he can take advantage. Sorry reposting for cause spelling errors and we have grammar nazis on this thread

No. 1093360

File: 1606534488332.jpg (132.58 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20201128-143438_Ins…)

Jonny has never and will never be faithful, he's cheated on every single he's ever been with and it won't stop with you Syd.

No. 1093361

She just makes herself look like a shit mom and dumbass by posting this stuff and then the next day saying she can’t wait to marry him. Pathetic.

No. 1093366

Is Syd like completely brain dead??He's using you too you fucking cum sock. All you did was just trap him into having a kid cause you're worthless. Girl get reallll. You're not famous. You're still just as much of a loser as you were before. now you just have a druggy washed up rockstar fag and an sick baby.

No. 1093367

I mean she posted that her followed her back in nov 2018 when he was definitely still with Taylor so idk why she keeps pretending to be shocked. Not to mention that she was also warned kek

No. 1093369

What some women will do for a little bit of followers. It's pathetic. They don't love each other. She doesn't even love her baby. If she did she would have left him and done what ever she could to keep storm safe. Instead she's doing quite the opposite. Tinfoil but I honestly think she's doing drugs with jc. Maybe not while pregnant but in my own opinion it's not a crazy assumption.

No. 1093370

Yikes syd. How do YOU not know how pathetic and embarrassing this is for you? The only one who is seen in a negative light here is you. Jonny cheated on ever girl he's been with. And whoever he's cheating with is probably as delusional as you. YOU are the one staying with your "fiance" who you can't wait to tie the knott with, even after going to court for DV and hes laughing on Twitter about how it was "just a push."

And here you are, crying on instagram because he's cheating AGAIN. I dont mean this in a condescending way but therapy goes a long way. "We accept the love we think we deserve."

I cant even shit talk right now this is just so pathetic. Storm doesn't have a chance.

No. 1093372


Syd doesn't want therapy. She wasn't to cry "I have bpd this is who I am" she's been unmedicated for a while according to her ex Anton or whatever his name is. "She wants to scoot by in life with as little to no effort as possible. She's so lazy with her mental health. So fuck I don't even feel bad for ripping on her. She's a fuckin walnut.

No. 1093373

I agree, probs smoking it or shoving it up her ass which is less likely because the amount of room her head takes up in there.But a lot of the love bombing sounds like "rushing" from H. That euphoria is a hell of a thing and then the emo vague post of lyrics n shit when she isnt high. Still just a tinfoil but it's not easy being around a druggie and not dabbling because it seems so normal when exposed to it regularly. The only thing that throws this tinfoil is I doubt Johnny would share, especially "wasting" it smoking. But it's a possibility for sure.

No. 1093383


But the one thing druggies love is company. To not feel so alone with their addiction a lot of addicts get others hooked to feel less terrible for using. So to this tinfoil is believable.

No. 1093384

File: 1606536318976.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 45573D9F-ACE8-4391-8B96-23F306…)

Maybe he is in a hotel? Those feet are gross

No. 1093385

He is that’s a hotel stand with the coffe machine he’s getting high

No. 1093387

>yeah he’s cheating on me, but you’re just a side piece! I’m the real deal!

this is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read.

No. 1093390

File: 1606536579745.png (283.08 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20201127-230801~2.p…)

Do I smell a breakup coming? Or is this some kinda stupid bait shit/pitty posting. From what Syd recently posted it looks like she's starting to get real fed up. But to be honest I have no faith in her actually growing a sac and leaving him.

No. 1093395

Actually now that I think about it. It sounds like he might check himself into rehab.

No. 1093396

This is clearly directed at syd, I can see the breakup

No. 1093398

He's going to cheat on her every single chance he gets because Syd let's him, she basically gives him permission to fuck other women because she doesn't do anything about it, he's cheated on every single girl he's been with multiple times, he was still with Taylor when he got with Syd so I don't know why she even bothers acting hurt.

What she doesn't realise is jonny is also using her and taking advantage of her, she's a stupid doormat with shit for brains and zero self worth, she can forever stay mad because shes happy to be a doormat and be treated like shit.

No. 1093399

If he does I’ll actually feel like he’s doing something right for the first time ever

No. 1093403

It's weird to say they're only breaking up for 2 months though. I'm guessing he's facing 60 days in jail.

No. 1093405

Syds mom kicked him out until the next court date??

Rehabs aren't that nice lol. That's a hotel. One could dream he makes a good choice for this child tho.

No. 1093406

Yeah the 60 days in jail seem much more realistic than him actually checking himself into rehab. Have fun in jail you fucking trashcan.

No. 1093427

File: 1606538476812.jpg (352.61 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20201128-153924_Ins…)

Right after jonny posts that he's alone, jonnys a piece of shit but Syd is such a cunt for using this baby boy as ammunition to try and hurt him. This poor boy is growing up in hell being used like that.

No. 1093428

I love how he has to post “proof” that he’s alone because syd so psycho is having a meltdown.
Ugh those swollen ass feet. Dude looks like a bloated corpse.

No. 1093429

The 2 months is his court date Feb 1st he is on supervised release so he can’t go near her or stay with her (by law)

No. 1093434

All this over a "push" apparently, they are definitely hiding what really happened.

No. 1093436

He’s probably already looking for dumb twitter hoes to keep him company.

No. 1093438

Yup that's exactly what she's doing. Weaponizing your baby that just had surgery, that's a new low. Way to go Syd, you insufferable pathetic parasite. What are you gonna do when the kid is old enough to see through your manipulative bullshit? JC will be dead by then and your kid is never gonna want to talk to you. Then you're really going to be alone huh sis.

No. 1093449

did the other chick send syd a pic of his sweatpants? kek they are so fucking trash

ew is that a little spot of blood on his left thigh?

He probably knows that even if it was not offered as a plea deal or whatever he surely knows people going to rehab makes them look god even if it's just fake af and doesn't last. I bet taylor is super upset if he goes to rehab because even she ~couldn't get him to get help~ kek

No. 1093450

She really outs her man for cheating but not putting hands on her. Anyone else see the issue with that? Like, ill be hush hush and love you if you push me but your ass is getting put on blast if you cheat! I'm the MAIN SQUEEZE. You only get to push ME! lol

No. 1093452

How can she be so fucking braindead to post this shit while probably at least in the same room as her son, syd i wouldn't call you the main if the sides are his preference over being all in for you and your son, I really hopes she takes storm and ditches jonny, probably won't happen until he's actively dating someone else just like with Taylor, Chelsea, Amanda and whichever other teeny boppers

No. 1093453

Babies purpose are not so you can not feel alone. Their purpose is so you can properly raise them you idiotic delusional weird mother fucker.

No. 1093454

OT, but how do you join the discord ? it’s all private when i try and join

No. 1093459

Lol this feel like such a jab at syd, 2 months? He can't even put out merch and lots of us heard his court hearing, so there's no "big thing coming", he's probably in some sort of medical housing, but yah he's def already looking for girls with low self esteem and drug hook ups 

No. 1093464

I said this too! No personality, no life, no sense of self, no job or hopes or dreams.. She's a grifter who leeches off random toxic relationships. Her ex said something about that too.. That she never had a job more than a short period of time, would freak out on people and just be an overall huge piece of shit. Ive known people like this and holy shit, the relationships get rough. When you have nothing to lose and no life of your own to focus on or care about, you do some psychotic shit. She had that baby to keep him, not to actually raise a child and connect and bond with it. The dirty laundry she airs on IG is enough proof that Jonny is fuuuucked having a baby with someone like that. He will never, ever be able to escape unscathed and I'm sure her drama and lack of boundaries will lead to the destruction of what's left of his career. I mean, he deserves it but yeah, he's fucked.

No. 1093495

I think anon here is right about the npd. tinfoil but she doesn't have the validation seeking that most "bpd" egirls have. she's too proud

No. 1093501

samefag and armchair, but reading some articles about npd and psychosis, when she was freaking out over her mom and Jonny taking storm she didn't seem like "oh poor me" (like TND, "oh Jonny shot me up!! helpless victim!!") syd seems extremely vindictive and like she would be on a warpath against anyone trying to shit on her. Jonny doesn't complain much about the relationship as she does, when he's usually egging it on

No. 1093534

What made y'all think he's actually cheating and it's not just Syd being a psycho about some girl who commented something nice to him like last time she flipped out on a fan? Yeah he's cheated with other girlfriends but he was famous back then. He has nothing but a very public toxic relationship now. What perks could a side girl find in him? He has nothing, he is widely hated, he has syd barking at him constantly, he's fat, he has no car or place to live. No bitch will touch him but this trailer trash clown.

He's in a hotel because of the court order. She got it lessened but it says they still can't live together. They're too dumb to see that it doesn't mean shit. No one checks up on it. If they fight and someone calls the cops again it's a problem bit if they behave for 3 months he can live with her. He knows they couldn't last 3 months without fighting and her mom's probably looking for an excuse to kick him out and have one less mouth to feed.

No. 1093550

Part of me wants Taylor and Jonny to get back together just to see what will happen.

No. 1093555

I’m glad that there is at repercussions for his actions, last time I checked this thread Johnny was released from jail and both of them were acting like nothing happened. At least he has to suffer from his actions once in his pathetic life, even if it is sitting in a room all by himself.

No. 1093559

you know what I mean, quit nitpicking shit. theyre both horrible people, each in their own special little way, so yes so fuck off.

No. 1093560

exactly this. that bitch is evil.

No. 1093566

that YOU is def directed towards Syd. YOU are causing these problems, syd. according to your fat addict loser bf. LOL.

No. 1093570

I seriously hope tnd and jc get back. after all, tnd isnt doing any better with her frickin MOM, might as well move back with your druggie bf. at least you provide enterainment on twitch streams and shit. lol

No. 1093620

Yes to all of this! I haven't seen anyone call out that Syd will not let Jonny have a career. Whatever is left of his, Syd will ruin. Imagine if he goes on tour lol. She'd leave Storm with her mom to go supervise his performances and yell at random women in the audience. She's already attacking randos online! She literally will not let Jonny have fans. I find this hilarious that he doesn't see this being a potential proble or he just can't control this girl haha. Not afraid to ruin whatever tiny morsels are left of his reputation, being jealous of fans, bitching about being stuck alone with the baby when he's in Arizona recording. For wanted some ~rockstar~ she sure gets upset about the Rockstar lifestyle. And yeah I get Jonny isn't trustworthy and is a crap person. But we ALL knew that. Ruining what's left of his career is just hurting her and Storms pockets.

No. 1093622

I haven't lost hope on a TND + JC reunion and I will not lose hope until one of them ODs and dies.

That is TRUE toxic love and I'm here for it bitch.

I dont even think Jonny likes Syd. Or Syds pathetic ass even likes Jonny. It's just desperation. Tay and Jonny atleast had a connection. An unhealthy, codependent, drug fueled connection…but it was there kek.

No. 1093637

Syd is approaching PT status with her fast milking cycle.
In two weeks there has been baby kidnapping, jonny’s trip to jail and new sidechick. Not to mention the usual lovebombing/passive aggressive emoposting.

No. 1093651

There’s always another gross groupie with mental health issues/ daddy problems that would jump on his dick if he acknowledged them. I think she definitely blows things out of proportion with some of her accusations but once a cheater always a cheater. I don’t doubt he has cheated on her at least once.

No. 1093666

Women like Syd will never understand a man doesn't cheat on you because he finds another woman more "special".

Its a lack of impulse control, empathy and seeing women as objects they can get their ego boost from. That can't be fixed by fighting or talking about issues or any of that bullshit. It gets fixed from the source - the man who 9/10 is perfectly comfortable cheating over and over because at that point you've shown him you'd allow it just by staying.

They don't care about feelings. They don't care about love. They care about their own wants and will piss on your feelings each time to get it. Not a single thing in this world will stop Johnny from putting his dick in another woman besides Johnny.

No. 1093668

This. Maybe it wasn't really love, but you could tell Jonny was atleast very content with TND - she was pretty, she had an audience and fans, and most of all she had money that she was very willing to spend with Jonny - new shoes, new teeth, a lot of drugs… And she tried her best to hide all the toxic shit going on in their relationship and basically was covering Jonnys drugged up ass all the time.
But Syd is more than willing to openly display every single petty drama they have and make them both look like absolute clowns. She's broke, mean and unpredictable. Now Jonny's gaining weight and getting older, his career is in bits and he's forever connected to the lovely Syd by that poor kid of theirs.
If TND would crawl back to Jonny right about now… yeah it'd be buh-bye to Syd

No. 1093669

File: 1606577093804.png (539.13 KB, 828x1792, B2C95F7D-85BB-4927-B5F6-C29CCD…)

Saw this on turtlemom post on #jonnycraig thread in insta. Syd is so maniac, I love that she is making a living hell for jonny. Keep going syd!

No. 1093672

Fucking kek maybe she randomly dms people that he’ll be with them so he can break up with her to be with someone else, she’s obviously miserable with such a disgusting loser of a human being. This is just batshit psycho behavior, it’s disturbing she does shit like this all day when she has a baby who just had surgery?? I hope to god for the kids sake Syd’s mom is taking care of him because clearly Syd isn’t.

No. 1093678

This is some next level psycho gf shit. Holy hell. INSANE.

No. 1093732

I know it’s because she’s insane but this behavior is baffling. What is her goal when she does this? What is fighting with strangers through DMs going to accomplish? Jonny doesn’t respect her at all so there’s no reason cute girls on Instagram should either. These random girls could just up and be like “okay cool” and DM him and be riding his nasty ginger dick within the next 12 hours. Syd is even giving them ammo to message Jonny and ask “hey, are you okay? Your girlfriend is messaging me some crazy-person shit,” which will earn him some sympathy because they’re obviously in an extremely toxic relationship.

It must be hard living like she does in such a volatile and self-destructive way. Medicate the poor girl.

No. 1093739

>to accomplish
I would honestly be stunned, anon, stunned! if that word was even part of Syd's vocabulary.

No. 1093762

I think he is taking a jap at syd here since she follow up with this >>1093427

Like wow some clown ass gaslighting here, that said syd is insane but too bad jonny decided to impregnate her

No. 1093783

Ah, that implies she ever thinks outside or ahead of her insane mood swings and outbursts

No. 1093797

ok so someone cheats and you defend the cheater? and make fun of the victim for being cheated on? christ

No. 1093803

She dated a known serial cheater and a drug addict, got pregnant and now blames other women for his cheating habits but refuses to leave. No one victimized Syd, she victimized herself.

No. 1093805


Read it again anon;

>"The woman has never spoken to #JonnyCraig and only liked a few of his posts."

No one is "defending the cheater". If Jonny has Syd so paranoid to the point of DM-ing girls for just liking something he posted, then maybe it's time she should dump his ass.

No. 1093822

File: 1606596167614.jpeg (142.6 KB, 1242x932, 0E54CFC8-0C7F-4E71-91A0-0E83C9…)

LOL at her saying health is everything.

No. 1093823

Yikes. She is bat shit crazy!!!!!

No. 1093826

File: 1606596403011.jpeg (321.91 KB, 1242x854, F9CBA05F-693D-4A10-B52B-5EF5C7…)

Reminded me of nba player Doug Christie’s wife. Minus the millions obviously. LOL.
She really is going to ruin whatever he has left of his career.

No. 1093828

I feel like they did love each other, toxic and unhealthy nonetheless but content as you said, anon. Syd is just dead weight he has to deal with for the next 18 years. Even if he leaves her.

No. 1093937

File: 1606606116062.png (404.36 KB, 828x1792, DC91E954-89B4-470B-86D0-0479C0…)

that’s rough Jonny boy

No. 1093962

Did I miss something? Why can’t he sell merch or is this just saying no one is buying it?
I’d love to know how he’s going to afford a hotel for 2 months.
Do the state put you up when there’s orders stopping you returning home?

No. 1093966

The state doesn’t pay for your hotel room when you’re out on bail for domestic violence charges.

No. 1093982

Umm… I’m pretty sure he’s saying that his merch sales aren’t doing well lol

No. 1093986

look just write “music=life” and get it over with.

No. 1094005

Not typically, but with Covid they’re trying to keep the homeless housed in hotels. If he’s “homeless” the state might actually put him in a hotel to keep him sheltered. At least this is what the Bay Area is doing in various counties. Not saying that’s what his deal is but it’s a possibility.
If Syds mom doesn’t want him there, and he has no other place to live, then yes they could shelter him to keep him in the state pending charges or possibly rehab.

No. 1094015

Syd is clearly a jealous women, I truly think it's not entirely jonny who caused her to behave this way.

I genuinely believe this girl hates herself and is extremely insecure, that every other women intimidates her, that would explain why she's so content shitting on other women all the time and blaming them for jonnys infidelity. It explains her desperate attempts to act unbothered like she's top shit, but deep down she's a jealous, sad, boring girl with no personality or brains. She's constantly feeling threatened by other girls to an extreme/psychotic point.

No. 1094032

File: 1606612172562.jpg (131.06 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20201128-200659.jpg)

Putting your man on blast for cheating.. Then saying you're getting your ring resized. You look ridiculous.

No. 1094035

Who would want to buy some junkie domestic abuser nobody's merch?

No. 1094043

She just accused jonny of cheating on her.. spent her night messaging poor unsuspecting girls who've done literally nothing wrong telling them to dm jonny like the psychotic fuck head she is, and now she's talking about resizing her ring?

I can't with this girl she's got to have some kind of mental disability, it's beyond a mental illness at this point.

I bet jonnys sitting there regretting all the times he screeched "all my exes are crazy" now that he's met Syd because this bitch tops them all. She's downright mentally psychotic/disabled.

No. 1094045

File: 1606613224925.jpg (220.05 KB, 1080x1987, Screenshot_20201128-202049.jpg)

Don't know if Syd actually received. This was sent sent to me. Not my convo.

No. 1094047

Jonny has a type and Syd ain't it.

No wonder she's been on this health fad recently and trying to "get small"

No. 1094054

Losing weight won't stop that man from cheating on you Syd, he'll still resent you cause you remind him of his baggage. It's sad to see her dance like a monkey for this disrespectful, ugly soon to be felon who can't even sell a shirt.

No. 1094056

File: 1606614401756.jpg (163.09 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20201128-204335.jpg)

>>1094032 decided to do a little digging and found out that the ring is around $300 to $400 according to some of the solar rings on the website. How fucking sad that your man can spend so much on showed and clothing but not a dime on your son and only a little on you… Pathetic

No. 1094057

File: 1606614433481.jpg (117.31 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20201128-204407.jpg)

Sage cause idk how to combine photos

No. 1094060

I just realized that's Euros but that's not much more tbh. It's still around a few hundred dollars. Don't come for me anons

No. 1094062

I seriously can't imagine dating a man that does this sort of shit

No. 1094067

And if I remember correctly he posted liek the creators totally hooked him up with something custom, she either had the bat or the skulls, looks like hot topic to me

No. 1094070

How can you plan to marry a man like that. This is why you have protected sex. This exact reason.

No. 1094071

Same anon and not to be the bitch that cares about diamonds, but that's literally a lab created sapphire studio, they're nice but not worth the flex they put out, like I don't care about the value of rocks but it's just funny to me that jonny can't get a diamond for his 3rd or 4th proposal but buys brand name bandanas because its all he can swing from brands anymore

No. 1094106


I'm guessing this is supposed to be from IG, but it doesn't seem real?

No. 1094108

Why do you say that

No. 1094115

yeah i don't think it's real. or it's super old. can't find that person's account or the other person who commented on it's account.

No. 1094131

“My shoes cost more than your engagement ring”. What a bloated pos.

No. 1094143

Samefag but Gravy’s caveman also bought her a similar ring, from the same place and they live in a trailer surrounded by sewage if that says anything.

No. 1094219

She's trying to stake with this, trying to not so subtly flex about her ugly ring and the fact that she "got" him

No. 1094223

stake a claim, sorry

No. 1094254


same. and what are we supposed to be looking at? anon saw jonny thirsting so they screenshotted the evidence and sent it to syd, then screenshotted THAT and posted it here??

No. 1094298

Yeah seems fake I cant find the account either. Who’s your source anon?

No. 1094316

File: 1606638614107.png (1.17 MB, 828x1792, 2CDD266E-BC1D-4169-9EC3-653834…)

Money is drying up eh jonny boy?

No. 1094329

File: 1606642646956.jpeg (261.72 KB, 1242x2357, BED6C4B5-C3BA-422E-A702-308775…)

Jonny and Sydney are milky enough. You don’t need to create fake shit.

No. 1094346

File: 1606645504394.jpg (292.98 KB, 1080x1758, 20201129_112449.jpg)

ok sydsopsycho

No. 1094347

Kek anon if you want to fake screenshots at least get jonny’s handle right, he doesn’t spell his name with a capital “J”

Can we stop with this fake ss? State your source next time

No. 1094375

>Special surprise
Sounds gross

No. 1094433

So let me get this straight,
She’s had him arrested AND bailed for DV or “a push” as he likes to claim,
She’s accused him and her mother of kidnapping Storm
She constantly outs him for having cheated on her

& she’s still planning on marrying this man?
Get this woman some therapy and meds.

She’s going to destroy her own- and more importantly, her childs life if she carries on with this clownery

No. 1094443

Live music isn’t coming back anytime soon so idk why he’s taking about shows. He must be dying to get back on the road away from his responsibilities and babymama drama. I for one can’t wait for him to tour again. Syd is going to hit the fan every single day.

No. 1094479

SHE still plans on it but I don’t see Jonny going through with it. I give it 6 more months before they’re done for good.

No. 1094681

Looks like Jonny turned off comments on that post because of Syd lol.

No. 1094702

And a big ‘ol block to Saralovie kek

>block her or never see your son


No. 1094703

File: 1606686288013.jpeg (52.83 KB, 750x832, CD3B4169-B661-4D85-8E68-BE1D35…)

Forgot pic sorry

No. 1094764

Syd is so mentally disabled. The last remaining hand full of people that still support Jonny and there Sydsopyscho goes and doesn't even let them interact lol. Hes REALLY gonna struggle with selling that merch when he's not even allowed to have fans.

Funny too because you think she would encourage his supporters? Considering he barely has any anymore? If not to be a supportive partner but so he can potentially earn more money. She is literally taking food out of her sons mouth bc she's so damn insecure.

No. 1094814


I’m surprised she doesn’t have a Facebook just so she can force him to say he’s engaged to her, and watch all of the females he has added on there lol

No. 1094860

File: 1606697317484.jpeg (357.76 KB, 750x943, B5440E2C-FB08-4309-B58C-4E6BE0…)

Was snooping around for fresh milk, this made me lel. Link for punchline…


No. 1094887

so is syd just blocking people randomly? just realized i'm blocked and like >>1092898 i have never interacted with her nor jonny

No. 1094888

File: 1606699856026.jpg (291.96 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20201129-202329_Sam…)

He changed in insta bio.

No. 1094891


same with me, i have never interacted only lurked and im blocked

No. 1094892

Holy fuck. That is batshit. Clearly written under duress. Kek.

No. 1094898

Also blocked, never interacted.

No. 1094908

File: 1606702835360.jpg (277.72 KB, 1170x1614, IMG_9824.jpg)

oh my god LOL i found this in his tagged pics on insta from november 12, his target run with syd.
fucking YIKES. looking mad bloated my guy.

No. 1094942

File: 1606706996576.jpg (92.89 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20201129-222654.jpg)

I went to see if I was blocked and I noticed Anisa (idubbbz's gf) follows Syd. Weird.

No. 1094949

Not surprised she attracts a nazi enthusiast

No. 1094951

I don’t see why she would she’s part black. Her mom is half black lol so why would a nazi like that

No. 1094976

File: 1606713906284.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20201130-162429_Ins…)

Oof he looks rough, why does he look like that

No. 1094979

File: 1606714481447.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2688, 28F68550-B2E3-474D-A016-F1668D…)

suuuuure jan

No. 1094980

Years of constant drug abuse and continuing to use heroin will do that to somebody

No. 1094983

What she really means is "I can post anything like my boyfriend cheated on me, used drugs, kidnapped my baby but don't take it literally guys lololol"

What's with the injuries on his face? What's up with that eyebrow

No. 1094988


he picks his skin when he's high, according to Chelsea.

No. 1095001

How is Syd so stupid? She’s braindead for fucksakes. He is higher than a kite in this picture (pinned pupils, scabs all over) and she’s just like “hehe, this is the abusive washed up artist that is around my baby.”

Syd, if you know what’s good for you, leave.

No. 1095027

chelsea also said he only clean shaves his face when he's using. yikes

No. 1095052

I can’t even find this girl’s profile? Is it fake?

No. 1095065

It would take you three seconds to actually read the thread.

No. 1095089

There’s no need to be rude. I’m two days behind on this thread. Because I have a life outside of lolcow, Jonny and Syd unlike you, obviously.

No. 1095092

His nose is so swollen. Did someone punch him in the face?

No. 1095093

Okay, so read the thread instead of being a dumbass.
This has been talked about before in a previous thread but I think it’s probably safe to assume that Anisa is a farmer.

No. 1095100

Uh oh, he is shaving his face. You know what is happening next.
Yep, and shaving his face clean.

No. 1095101

Stop being ridiculous and defensive. We all have a life outside of lolcow.
Just lurk better.

No. 1095113

no he's just ugly

No. 1095143

Tell tale sign of being on opiates. You get itchy but can't feel you're itching so hard you rip your skin open. Also a lot of guys will shave for that reason. Their beards get itchy lol. Funny he's picking his skin and his pupils are looking a little too small for that lighting and Syd is just welcoming him back with open arms.

An addict is all alone in a hotel room, does Syd think he's not gonna use or she just doesn't care bc she wants her main squeeze back so she doesn't have to worry about the side hoes??

No. 1095168

What is home? He goes from one girlfriends house/apartment/trailer to the next. He is a professional grifter.

No. 1095178

Pretty sure with him being on supervised OR, he’s subject to random drug testing so this is going to come back to bite him in the ass

No. 1095182

I remember when I was a kid we found a possum that had drowned in a giant bucket. It was so gruesome. Anyway, it looked so much like this photo…

There's no way he's going to live much longer, his body is literally ceasing essential function. If anyone has a zombie fetish now's your chance to fuck the living dead I guess?

No. 1095235

Sorry for tattoo sperg but goddaaaamn that is some horrible scratcher shit

No. 1095272

Yeah, there has to be some sort of conditions to his release considering he was detoxing in the hospital. You think Syd would use her psycho powers for good and give him the ultimatium of going to rehab or say she'd expose his ass even more or not let him see Storm. Not sure how covid is affecting drug testing, maybe he's hoping no one is going to show up to test him? Or he just doesn't care.

I dont even know if he's legally allowed to go back "home" until his next court date even if Syd and her mother say it's okay. Maybe he's only going over there to visit for a bit then back to the hotel? Regardless, I think its going to get very milky very soon.

I agree lol. Everything about him is so trashy. Like how he brags about his name brand clothes and shoes but lives under his childs grandmother's roof. He's really ballin out in the trailer park.

No. 1095279

He’s allowed to live at home with Syd since it’s a peaceful contact order. I just don’t think he cares anymore. He genuinely believes he’s invincible

No. 1095294

She’s not a nazi, she defended them. It’s off topic

No. 1095300

Why is everyone forgetting that he definitely has drug tests now, and he will end up definitely getting a po. Maybe that’s why someone (syds moms is my tinfoil) called the cops, it would force jonnys hand to get clean

No. 1095316

I assumed the whole “it’ll be a hard two months” is because he has to live somewhere else? His next court date is 2 months from now. Could also be rehab so who knows really. I’m surprised syds mom would allow Jonny back to live with her. Peaceful order or not.

No. 1095629

File: 1606781181728.jpeg (357.3 KB, 750x1054, ECF34634-787C-4DF1-8BA0-D0C330…)

And the happy couple is officially reunited

No. 1095631

His pupils actually look normal in the photo. And he’s in bright light. Not whiteknighting, just stating facts

No. 1095633

File: 1606781414508.jpeg (435.23 KB, 750x997, F488BFF4-E033-43FA-8919-ADF071…)

Same anon, he changed the caption for some reason?

No. 1095641

File: 1606781854063.jpeg (144.12 KB, 750x934, AEE03F43-FB07-4215-8FE3-C81EC3…)

Changed caption again and this mess

No. 1095646

File: 1606782053972.jpeg (153.04 KB, 828x526, CEA6E0E5-951C-400A-88DB-7E843F…)

Syd’s reply lol

No. 1095650

File: 1606782276195.jpeg (287.21 KB, 828x1082, A06F227D-E421-4179-B668-71BC26…)

This proving our point she just wants a “famous” guy…

No. 1095651

She sounds like she does hate him in this reply (last sentence) and then says >>1095650 this shit. What a weird “loser”.

No. 1095653

Holy fuck he’s insane

No. 1095654

Out of the mouths of babes. Well done Syd, you outed yourself.

Can’t wait for this fresh car crash.

No. 1095659

File: 1606782798597.jpeg (137.61 KB, 750x951, ABC0389D-B559-4AE8-944B-7F3369…)

No. 1095660

They are deleting comments so fast, was about to cap the one where she’s mocking some girl in recovery

>miss junkie your cash is paying for our son

No. 1095662

This whole Exchange just got deleted after she Made fun of the person she was replying to for having a past with drug issues and doubling down on the ‘youre a groupie who can’t get a famous Guy’.
Wonder if Jonny deleted it.

No. 1095663

Damn this persons comment thread must have been deleted before I could screenshot another of Syd’s replies saying something along the lines of “y’all don’t know anything about our lives besides our vague posts” and I just wish so badly someone would tell her that we all literally listened to the court hearing LOL

No. 1095664

I hope Johnny’s feelings are hurt and he flips out on her about it kek. He’s so insecure about being a piece of shit loser junkie himself.

No. 1095665

HE TURNED THE COMMENTS OFF lol. Can't control sydsopyscho

No. 1095666

Multiple people did point out the police files to which she did not reply. Comments are now disabled.

No. 1095667

I think she probably knows. The reference to “vague” posts was for our benefit, since that’s what we were all saying.

No. 1095668

File: 1606783318192.jpeg (197.75 KB, 750x1048, 8C85DEF2-2503-4388-A122-433AD4…)

Another caption change

No. 1095669

Jonny turned off the comments because his girlfriend was making a total ass out of herself.

I was going to screen shot the part where she shamed someone in recovery by calling them Miss Junkie and saying how she's glad she's never had a drug problem..

She acts like she didn't tell the world just weeks ago he was out using drugs, fucking other women, kidnapping his own child somehow, and she sits here trying to act like the fans made all this up??

The only psychosis coming out is from Sydsopsycho.

She is the least self aware person and what's scary is she's stupidly proud and happy with her fuck ups in life.

No. 1095670

Lolle this is what occupies their time the minute they’re back together. Nice one losers.

No. 1095672

File: 1606783370698.jpg (174.44 KB, 1080x1130, 20201130_194116.jpg)

What does our boy know?

No. 1095675

That she’s insane?

No. 1095676

God she's hideous, look at that mug and outfit, she looks like a true white trash female Kyle.

No. 1095677

Do you think he purposely posts this ugly ass picture of her as low key shade?

How's she saying miss junkie when she got knocked up and engaged to one? Like how isn't that offensive to Jonny who "shes in love with"? She ends up marrying him SHE would literally be Miss Junkie!! Dumb cunt.

No. 1095680

*Mrs. Junkie

No. 1095683

(I mean that as a silly joke not being a grammar nazi Lol)

No. 1095684

Vote to make the last three of Syds reply the next thread picture.

Also throwing this in anyone's face next time they try to wk Syd when Jonny cheats again she finally admitted she trapped his dumbass lmao. Makes the screenshot of him following her even creepier like was she just waiting to jump on him? Is that why she's so insecure and thinks everyone else wants him?

No. 1095687


I think he does it on purpose, she looks like a nasty, trash cunt In that picture and I remember how insecure she was all the time about jonny posting pics of her, he'd always caption them with "she gon be mad when she see this".

I'm starting to think Syd is on speed or something, the way she acts is not normal, speed or brain damage? We will never know.

No. 1095689

Lol no offense taken.

No. 1095695

Well there it is, straight from the cum socks mouth! She had his baby to trap him and thinks jonnys going to provide them with everything through his already dead music career.

Delusional, so SO delusional.

No. 1095696

i love that he had to throw this awful sienna filter over it to give her funeral face some life.
i didn’t feel a way about her because she’s mentally ill and jonny is obviously targeting and exploiting her, but holy shit those comments are bad. i could understand if she went off on jonny considering how abusive their relationship is, but those random people don’t deserve that under any circumstance. all that projecting about “wanting a famous guy” and the weird judgements about past drug addictions are all so obvious. you have to wonder what he’s saying to her though to gas her up this bad, he was known for being the most stunted shitdick on twitter and she’s acting like she has any talent to deflect onto like he did in the past. i don’t think they have any real love, because all she does is post memories of him following her, performing with him, merch he got her, etc. it’s all like trophies to her and nobody else wants them.

i did laugh hard at him just writing I KNOW as the newest caption. that poor fucking kid.

No. 1095698

She really thinks ppl believe the little show she's putting on. No one is jealous of you or believes your delusions. Thats why you have a forum. Bc your delusions and insanity are entertaining… no one actually likes either of you! You guys aren't winning. We can all see you're losing. And the more you try to act unbothered the more transparent you become and the more cringey it becomes. You're man isn't famous anymore people just like watching his train wreck of a life and you and your mental illnesses just happen to be apart of it right now. If he lives long enough you'll be replaced, just like all his other "queens". We can see how miserable you are in that ugly ass picture he posted of you. Syd you are such a stupid ugly bitch.

No. 1095708

That's because she's a Groupie herself that's probably always fantasized and had crushes on guys from sappy 2006 emo bands.
Like that one guy she's obsessed with from the used.

It's why she's so terrified and threatened by jonnys female fans and feels like she has to dm them unprovoked at 3am, because she thinks they're all just like herself! And obviously that's a terrifying thought to her and says a lot about how obsessive Syd is.

She's probably a massive slut that would slide into heaps of dms of band members and going to concerts hoping to be the chosen one, she reminds me of this girl I went to highschool with who went to ONE BMTH concert but for the next 2 years constantly made up bullshit stories about how she knew them on a personal level when in reality she probably got no more than 6 metres close to them.

No. 1095728

It's funny because the more she acts like a raging cunt the more I'm sure Jonny misses Taylor and wishes he knocked her up instead. Messing with Jonnys fans and putting out all the dirty laundry? Taylor would never. (Not while they were still together anyway lol)

No. 1095834

It is so infuriating that she inserts her innocent child into petty drama on Instagram because she’s a dumb jealous bitch and thinks she’s proving something by reminding people they reproduced. Like everyone should ignore that he got violent with her and went to jail and cps are involved. She’s so delusional. Jonny has never been “famous”. No one but dirty scene kids have ever even heard his name.

No. 1095835

Are those energy drinks or beer cans? Genuinely can’t tell.

No. 1095837

How do you listen to the court hearing?

No. 1095845

Didn’t he call Taylor his queen too? Dude really can’t come up with original pet names for any of his girlfriends

No. 1095849

wtf are those emojis supposed to mean?

No. 1095851

anons listened to it live, there was a phone number you could call to join the hearing. no recording unfortunately but if you read upthread you'll find everything that happened.

No. 1095892


Wait, what??

Now he kicked her in the ear “lobe” so kicked her in the head? Big difference from “a little push” what the actual fuck?

As soon as he finds a new girl to leech off he’s out of there. I assume he can’t leave the state until the next court date though

No. 1095912

Haha they both deserve each other, I hope they never break up. Syd has proved that their little drug baby is fucked either with or without Johnny in the picture. I’m getting second hand embarrassment on behalf of Johnny, he’s really scraping the bottom of the rent free girlfriend barrel.

No. 1095913

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic

No. 1095941

Agreed. Next thread pic I vote for her comments confirming her being with him only because he’s KNOWN not even famous. She wishes.
Also the screen cap of him following her. Let’s also get the kidnapping story added on there if possible? whoever makes this is our hero.

No. 1095943

He would comment the same shit about Taylor. He’s shade post her too. He also said the same thing about people wanting to “tear them apart” and “fight for it” Lol. Rinse and repeat

No. 1095945

She trapped someone that doesn’t even get royalties from past music from DGD. He will leave you with nothing (OD or divorce) except his sperm donation

No. 1095946

File: 1606812500721.png (5.55 MB, 1242x2688, D00D9762-C0BC-425D-9153-6745DB…)

Yes, you are a control freak. Good job picking this one, Jonny! Have fun for the next 18 years with this batshit psycho fug face. Taylor was way better. Karmas a bitch ain’t it

No. 1095969

File: 1606815474113.png (628.53 KB, 828x1792, B066CB66-A466-4410-95CE-73BFC9…)

Jonny you dumbass, no one in a healthy nay, NORMAL relationship go through problems like you and sydsopsycho

No. 1096006

"well im waiting.."
lol shes so desperate to get married. loser.

No. 1096025

File: 1606826233651.jpg (479.69 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20201201-073710_Twi…)

Someone never got over Amanda.

No. 1096031

Who said he doesn't get royalties from past DGD material? Hahaha

No. 1096040

Are people really buying old DGD music now though? If he’s making any royalties at all, he’s probably immediately blowing it on heroin and ugly shoes

No. 1096057

I looked through this whole thread and the last one and can’t find any info on the trial and what actually happened that night or whatever.

No. 1096062

I'm sorry you can't read, anon. That's tragic.

No. 1096063

I’m pretty sure it was Taylor that said he didn’t receive royalties from his work with DGD because somebody brought up how they wanted to enjoy their older stuff but didn’t want to put money in Jonny’s pocket

No. 1096064

No. 1096067


Anon, it’s in this fucking thread.

No. 1096102

File: 1606836436406.jpeg (261.93 KB, 828x803, ADBF94D7-8043-4EDD-8D21-649E66…)

found the tweet lol

No. 1096116

There is a 3 part video on Jonny Craig from a guy that goes through the history and down fall of artists in the scene jc was in, and he mentions it there. I didn’t know tnd said this but great find, other anon.

No. 1096118

same anon, the YouTube 3 part is actually pretty good. https://youtu.be/YiVfAO24bxc

This is the first part, but dont remember where the dgd / royalties mention is exactly.

No. 1096151

I thought one of the perks of being with a “famous dude” was getting to move into their nice place and ride around in their nice cars. This bitch is living in the trailer park with her mom and his bum ass is walking to the store for baby supplies and she has the nerve to act like she’s really living her best life.

No. 1096153

Shoutout to The Cozy Representative. This is a good watch for anyone who's not seen it yet. He does a lot of these on the post hardcore warped tour scene. I watched his other series on the downfall of BOTDF too

No. 1096156

Jonny hated that this was going viral kek… He called out this dude on his Twitter a few months back, called him a loser who knew nothing, thus directing more traffic to Cozy's YouTube page lmao

No. 1096158

I think the only perk she was after was the band wife title and Internet attention. she wanted to be a famous band wife so badly she clung to the first band dude who gave her attention which was jonny

No. 1096168

I think one of the perks for her is being able to say that she got the jonny craig, the singer of omarosa and DGD, which she probably listened to when she was a teenager. He's a prize to her. Getting a guy who was one of her personal idols and who is so well-known and talented makes her feel more accomplished by association, without having to do anything to develop her own personality; she gets to absorb his. Unfortunately for her, Jonny Craig is no longer the prize he used to be, he is the butt of the joke for anyone with an average IQ

No. 1096172

I only know of Jonny through these threads, so I've never seen the "talent" people talk about until this retrospective video. Damn, it's crazy to think of this bloated, washed up corpse as a successful musician. He looks like a different person entirely. I'm not into this music scene, but I can finally see why people liked him in his heyday… all of that is long gone now.

No. 1096180


Same anon. I first heard his name as associated with TND. It’s not music I’d choose to listen to, but he was good at it. Even sadder to see he wasn’t always as useless as belly button lint.

Also wtf he’s Canadian? We do not claim him

No. 1096205

Jonny Craig was unreal in his prime. Voice aside, dare I say, he was even hot (in a hot ginger way obviously kek) but his voice was unparalleled… I actually get sad when I watch old clips of his bands but then I remember what a horrid, god awful shit stain of a person he is and that everything's that's happened to him is his own fault

No. 1096412


Ha. If he was still with Taylor, I bet she'd have gotten him a new PS5/Xbox, and she'd be encouraging her fan base to buy his merch. Instead he gets court dates, motel rooms, and he can't even post on IG without his psycho gf ruining the post. As someone who has been following JC for years, it's great to see even a tiny bit of karma hitting him.

No. 1096444

Same. I had to look up him music because everyone was saying he had a nice voice. I get the appeal and not my cup of tea in music but I didn’t hate it. And dare I say he was kind of cute but that’s just comparing him from then to now (but I also have shit taste in men kek). I don’t get it honestly. But hey, she got her bloated beady-eyed rock star. Hope they live happily ever after in syd’s moms double wide.

No. 1096718

File: 1606869699388.jpeg (103.92 KB, 750x585, 427FFFC6-335C-4116-8754-F0E676…)

A final(?) caption change

No. 1096720

Hah! Recognising the fact that everyone knows she is Sydsopsycho.

No. 1096740

Stop being so sad? I can imagine that’s hard to do when your “fiancé” abuses you and fucks other groupies and takes off to hang with his drug buddies, leaving you with the baby you trapped him into having.

No. 1096753

I’m curious, and I may have missed it in an earlier thread, but do we actually know for sure they live in a trailer? Or is that just a joke we all like to make LOL

No. 1096811

File: 1606874403418.png (3.08 MB, 828x1792, 658E2B3A-4032-4966-8158-36EAD6…)

No. 1096817

The trailer is inside their hearts

No. 1096818

File: 1606874649539.jpeg (731.73 KB, 1242x2429, DC14EC37-1071-45A0-B309-45491D…)

It’s because you are a threat, Johnny. This is why people hate you. You threaten the safety, sobriety, and sanity of those stupid enough to be around you. You delusional fucking loser

No. 1096831

Syd’s mom’s place looks like a trailer in the photos, but it might just be a cheap, crappy house.

Jonny was never a big star, but he was a working musician with a following at one point. Now he’s just a joke and a wreck. It’s sad, but it’s entirely his own choices that got him there.

No. 1096832


>"Or they want to be you."

Yeah, because I always wanted to be a washed-up gold-digger who's slowly but surely dying.

No. 1096836

File: 1606876144115.png (4.57 MB, 3840x2160, sydsostupid.png)


something like this?

No. 1096837

File: 1606876231452.jpg (1.55 MB, 3840x2160, sydsostupid.jpg)

i'm sorry i dont know how to go back and edit but realized this was transparent so not sure if that would work, if not heres the same thing with a white background.

No. 1096842

Yes I want to be hitler. That’s why I hate him. This logic is so damn retarded.

No. 1096963

Yup Jonny you got me. I want nothing more than to completely destroy my entire life beyond repair before I even hit 35 and be trapped with a retarded psycho that still acts like she’s 14. So jealous.

No. 1097011

He’d still be streaming and trying to become a streamer even tho he sucked at playing lol. Whatever happened to that. Did he end up selling the whole set Taylor bought for him? Don’t it see it posted anymore. U know how he loves to brag about material shit.

No. 1097118

Hitler certainly thought that everyone was omg so jelly of him and Eva.
I swear the delusions of that couple (Jonny & Syd).

No. 1097119

I like the transparent one. I think there would be no problem using that.

No. 1097121

I was wondering what happened to his twitch channel as well. He was really into that $15,000 computer or what ever he claimed it cost. And he was also acting like he was going to be a stock bro for about 30 seconds a few months back too. Too useless for either I assume, that and he’d sell anything for drug money.

No. 1097129

She only likes him for his "fame" but if she continues to anger and insult his remaining fans he won't be famous anymore. Interesting method there Syd.

No. 1097151


Omg yes that one forex post hahaha well remembered

No. 1097158

His set up is probably still at his dad's I think that's the last time he streamed iirc. He house jumps so much its hard to keep track.

No. 1097184

She's really looking so smug here like she's the cat that got the cream. Syd everyone knows you're miserable and angry behind closed doors, it's so pathetic to fake a relationship for your haturzzzz.

No. 1097193

fat is not a look good on him

No. 1097539


Damn that jawline tattoo did not she well….

No. 1097551

i think you're lost anon.

No. 1097714

File: 1606964358153.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, 9BE307E0-AD50-487F-B74F-504B8E…)

No. 1097722


The fuck does he even mean by this?

No. 1097725

sage because this is not milk, it's old news, but i'm re-reading TND's first thread and I'm really shocked at how dire her situation with Jonny was from the very beginning. people were scared for her life. he threatened to kill her cat as a joke, and they stayed together for like a year after. with TND we had people who were willing to publicly advocate for her, who knows what's really going on behind the scenes with Syd


No. 1097748

Rinse and repeat, I normally don't feel bad for syd but this is gross, he's put out every girls he's ever dated intimate photos and they all fall for it being some display of love? But then within the next 5 days she'll find some other cute girl to call a whore for the same content

No. 1097750

But it is posted right there, right now. I … Will JC ever type something that makes sense?

No. 1097752

Same anon and I've pointned it out before but you can still find posts like that about taylor on his socials, she really thinks she's special and reigning him in

No. 1097755

Her butt does look good though.

No. 1097757

He probably means posted here.

No. 1097773

Eh, it's flabby, but it has mass so it's not as noticeable.

No. 1097778

Anyone’s butt would look good from this angle. Ain’t nothing special.

No. 1097781

20 bucks says she sent him this and told him to post it because she’s that fucking insecure over the girls on his ig.

No. 1097825

He posted Taylor’s lewds without her permission before. It’s something he does.

No. 1097898

He needs to leave her. Well they need to leave each other but he needs to do it first or it won’t happen. Wish we could make that happen somehow.

No. 1097908

ehh that doesn’t really mean anything. There are people that don’t go on a deleting spree on every single post or photo an ex is mentioned. But yes, syd does think him posting this is a form of showing her off and like another said, she most likely had him post this for the haturzzzz.

Ass looks good (good angle at least) flabby or not. I’ll give her that. Most likely an old photo though? Pre pregnancy trap?

No. 1097931

I think that Syd is atrocious-looking, but I will say that her butt looks really good here. Most women don’t have perfectly-toned, flab-free asses.

No. 1097939

saddest ass, ugh

No. 1097970

How is the skin on her ass significantly smoother and nicer than her face lmfao

No. 1098003

Easy enough to photoshop and use a skin smoothing tool. I would also bet this is an old pic.

No. 1098037

Anon, pls.

No. 1098052

err anons you do realize we are living in an age of deception and digital photography? Literally everything posted online is curated, doctored or altered in some way. Perception/reality are not the same here.

Jonny is posting thirst traps to feed his ego, his self worth is so fragile he needs to prove to the internet he has "a hot gf". It's disgusting, and truly sexist behavior.

No. 1098068

If you think this is the saddest ass you should spend a little time in Shatna's threads.

No. 1098087

Lol anon Syd made her bed and she is lying in it by being a psycho attacking fans in jonny’s comment. They deserve each other but sad that they brought a new life into their mess, that kid is gonna grow up so broken..

No. 1098133


He has posted nudes or photos like this of every single girl he’s been with. Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, Taylor, and now Syd. Why Syd can’t see the cycle and continues to think she’s special is wild.

No. 1098165


You know she's so fucking smug about this, too. She's always going on about how she's got a perfect body and she'll be excited that her "rockstar bf"'s following gets to see how "hot" she is. He's done this for every gf he's been with, Syd. And also….you don't look like this anymore lmfaooo

No. 1098180

She doesn’t, anon. She lurks here and has probably gone through his entire past history of his gfs because she’s an obsessive psycho. She knows she isn’t special and he has done this to literally every single other girl he’s been with, it’s just rinse and repeat. She is trying to create an illusion to prove to the haturz that she is special and they’re such a happy family and so in love etc etc. But as seen from these threads we all obviously know it’s the dumbest fucking facade she is failing miserably at.

No. 1098199

I’m sure she read every single comment in all of Taylor’s 63 threads.

No. 1098218

Me too. Of course she fucking has. He would have caught serious heat for it. But you know why she thinks she is the WiNnEr…Storm, the weaponised infant.

No. 1098305

Is it just me or is he super phlegmy when he sings now?
Like I don’t know if he’s actually getting worse at singing or he’s just so gross that I’m making myself believe he sucks now?

No. 1098311

if you thought he sounded good in the first place you might want to get your hearing checked.

No. 1098319

His dental implants don’t fit right, and his S’s are slurred because of this. He’s super nasal sounding now, probably has a deviated septum. He’s also gained like 100lbs which will effect your voice… Probably never had proper training/technique and has absolutely trashed his one shred of talent he had.
Oh well, sucks to suck

No. 1098324

I think the guy is a bastard. But you don’t have to lie about his voice, it is good. That’s why he was successful, until everyone realized he was a piece of shit drug addict

No. 1098360

he hasn’t known what to do with his mouth since taylor paid for his teeth. taylor doesn’t either, though. it takes a long time to relearn how to fix tongue position and all that shit so you don’t lisp. so it’s fucked his singing too and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

ngl syd is great for him because she publically hassles him. whether it’s because she’s nuts or not idc, it’s just nice to see someone giving him a hard time because he deserves it.

No. 1098386

"Successful". kek.

No. 1098495

No. 1098530

I wonder if Syd thinks of Taylor every time she looks at Jonny’s mouth. It would be weird to wear gifts from an ex in your new relationship but it’s his fucking teeth lmaoooo

No. 1098622

I distinctly remember reading an article (or maybe it was the review of his solo album?) in AP mag that said he had vocal training from growing up singing with his church, but I guess I imagined that because his Wikipedia page doesn’t suggest any such thing. Still, I’m inclined to believe he has had training because his voice is still intact despite his range and occasional tendency to do unclean vocals for the past 20 years.

Like >>1098360 said, probably the teeth fucking him up.

Y’all don’t have to deny facts because you hate him. He was the shit coming out of Ghost Runner on Third. Magazines were falling over themselves just to smell his farts. It was a pre-“cancel culture” time and people like him, Dahvie Vanity, and Jesse Lacey were allowed to have careers and the women (or girls) they raped and abused were just collateral, the price of talent. Jonny’s success is what allowed him to become the absolute piece of garbage you see before you today.

No. 1098628

File: 1607051826299.jpeg (270.66 KB, 960x1792, 7E8B7359-9DC8-4D55-997D-BD2F87…)

Censored the baby out since last time my post was removed for showing their baby even though it was posted to the public on syd’s story

No. 1098642

File: 1607053093307.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 1551896387001.png)


That same pettiness worked for Taylor for like, a week.

Ah yes, Jonny's "family"…

No. 1098654

It’s funny bc some of those pets she doesn’t even have any more

No. 1098689

Still say they don’t deserve that baby. Shittiest fucking parents I’ve ever seen myself. 5 months and she doesn’t even know how to hold him correctly. She’s such a joke. Enjoy your 5 minutes of “happiness” this week.

No. 1098692

not to wk but they actually all look cute here, i bet the junkiest junkster poser is seething with jealousy and i luv it

No. 1098693

File: 1607057149674.png (185.16 KB, 565x404, family1.png)


didn't age well for taylor, let's see how well it ages for syd.

No. 1098711

File: 1607059581292.png (10.33 MB, 1242x2688, 1BB687FB-ED89-4929-8342-4B7850…)

Pinned pupils even here huh

No. 1098712

File: 1607059666815.jpeg (390.68 KB, 1241x1841, 0F84395D-D728-4E3D-8188-7B6B13…)

Cute baby but anyone else kinda see maybe some Down syndrome? posting picture because photos are public on jc and syd’s

No. 1098713

all babies look weird anon ffs what a stupid nitpick

No. 1098717

Shut the fuck up anon, zero percent downs in this innocent baby.

No. 1098718

Wtf are you even saying not all babies look weird.

No. 1098719

he looks like his father, that's all. hope he grows out of that but. other than that he's a normal-looking baby anon

No. 1098721

I see more FAS (eye folds, flat midface, no philtrum, lowset ears) but it's usually not more visually obvious til they're older. As other anon said, all babies look weird.

No. 1098723

It’s so fucking gross to me when he posts candids of his girlfriends when they’re sleeping or in no makeup or not prepared to have their picture taken. Like sure, those pictures are for you, don’t put them on the fucking internet though. It’s like weird subtle negging while pretending to be an act of affection.

No. 1098725

Lol maybe the baby should be censored if some ass is going to say this innocent child looks like it has downs

No. 1098739

Not all babies look weird are you fucking kidding me right now

No. 1098745

It was.
This weird nitpicking on a tiny baby is fucking gross. There’s enough milk between these two cows, leave the actual infant alone. Props to the original anon that blocked his face out.

No. 1098748

Baby looks totally normal. I know we all have hate boners for syd and Jonny but you seriously don’t need to be ripping into a little baby. The fuck.
I get that not all women are “maternal” but jfc. It’s a baby.

No. 1098753

Agreed. Can everyone stop picking on an actual baby? He’s not the topic here. Leave him alone.

No. 1098759

Yeah, I don’t think he has downs…. I mean, we do know something is wrong with the baby though. Why did he have surgery recently? I remember Syd being in the hospital with complications prior to his birth and weren’t they in the hospital for longer than usual after his birth?

I’m just curious as to what actually is wrong with the baby.

No. 1098762

“Stop nitpicking the baby”
“Leave the baby alone”
“Jfc he’s a baby”

>What’s wrong with the baby
Good lord anon read a room

No. 1098771

They don't look pinned when you zoom in, they look normal. Not trying to WK

No. 1098772

Did anyone see tays pic in the TND board? it's on her story too, an ass pic just like this, two of them.

No. 1098774

File: 1607071439546.png (4.33 MB, 1242x2208, taylordean2.png)

My bad here are the pics

No. 1098775

File: 1607071494931.png (5.44 MB, 1242x2688, taylorndean3.png)

No. 1098776

No, not ANYONES butt would look good from that angle. Not Mama Junes, and certainly not yours, turtlemom/angelface/cosmixhoney. Don't be jealous

No. 1098777

He’s a cute baby but ducking Christ we know something is up with the child since he just had surgery and his parents are not the healthiest humans, so it’s just a genuine question if he looks like he might have DS? it’s not a nitpick, tards.

No. 1098783

She has her own thread you know

No. 1098792

It is a nitpick and you know it ffs. Could it simply just said we know the babies had health issues, and you’re the only one who thinks this and is pushing it. Anyways, of course they are playing happy go lucky family after old JCs arrest

No. 1098804

at least try to be funny, instead of sounding like a broken record? make an attempt.

No. 1098830

the baby has some kind of health issues (like how could he not, i'm kind of impressed jonny isn't streile)

but can we focus on what we know? him being in a horrible household. imagine your dad being high, writing with blood on the walls, acting insane, fighting people, always smelling bad, fighting with your mom and "pusihing" her. and your mom just going insane on instagram or smiling like a clown.
he has pretty good chances for a mental illness with these genes but holy crap this household really will fuck him up.

No. 1098832

The baby's appearance reminds me of Acacia Brinkley's baby, Rosie, that ended up having alagille syndrome. He looks like he has a low birth weight due to how thin his face is, but he still looks cute. I'm not medfagging, just saying that's who my mind instantly thought of. Something looks "off" and that's not to say that the infant is unsightly or anything. Just like Rosie.

No. 1098836

Thank you, anon. Storm is actually very cute. It was just a genuine question. People need to calm their tits

No. 1098852

Working with these things, I second that the child shows strong characteristics of FAS, which can resemble DS in the eyes and mouth a bit but yes.. FAS.(armchairing)

No. 1098855

Fasd* as a spectrum, not strong characteristics of FAS, the most severe form. Sorry, had to correct myself.

Just speculating, of course. Speculating doesn't mean Im attempting to shame or bully the baby.. I'm speaking strictly from what I see. FASD also carries complications that can result in the need for surgery, such as heart defects. There's really no way to truly tell though, unless they disclose his medical issues or more info comes out as he grows.

No. 1098857

I agree with you anon. I think he is underweight and obvi poor thing just had surgery this week.

Look I think its fair as well we shouldn't be commenting/nitpicking on the baby’s appearance which I think the first anon is not trying to nitpick but pointing out an observation??

And for storm’s sake, I just hope he is ok and not in any pain despite his circumstances and his retarded parents.

No. 1098868

Thank you other anon. See. I was not nitpicking and especially not trying to include the innocent baby in any bashing. I feel for him, but since it’s a board on these two assholes, and we are all concerned about the kid, why not discuss it especially after everything that has been happening with them lately. sheesh

No. 1098869

Yes, exactly just pointing out an observation. Some people on here man

No. 1098880

kind of sad to see how happy this wee little guy looks. feels bad, knowing what kind of parents he’s got.

No. 1098892

it makes me sad to see this sweet little happy baby in the clutches of these two but im a public worker with kids so ive seen it all. he won’t be the first or last raised by incompetent parents who value chaos over them.

that being said- i immediately see FAS features. especially the philtrum and small eyes. could just be the picture and jonnys eyes are beady too. don’t think it would be a cause for surgery but the surgery must have been necessary/serious/urgent to put a baby so young under anesthesia.

No. 1098924

Omg he’s so cute, it’s been a while since seeing a picture of him. I hope he comes out better than his parents. I know a lot of people who have had absolutely selfish, junkie, trainwrecks of parents that have become better for watching their parents be awful pieces of shit. Even if he carries that trauma, he can be a better person, and I wish that for him as he grows up.

No. 1098930

File: 1607090869692.jpg (595.35 KB, 1920x3131, IMG_20201204_090731.jpg)

I have no doubt in my mind that this child has fetal alcohol syndrome…(armchairing)

No. 1098947

Imagine growing up and finding your baby pictures on an online forum where strangers are discussing whether or not you have FAS.
Stop pretending you care and that you feel sorry for this boy, when you are doing this shit. At least leave the photos out if you absolutely have to discuss it.

No. 1098951

Not any of the anons that have posted photos, but I mean, I’d be more pissed at my parents for giving me FAS and being shitty enough to warrant a thread on some anonymous board kek. Do you feel holy though?

No. 1098956

Syd and Jonny are shitty parents, and the anons who are posting photos of Storm discussing his appearance and if he has FAS or downs are shitty too. It's not a competition

No. 1098958

Yeah idk why there has to be a discussion about whether he has downs or FAS. He's a fucking baby, it's not like he can help what he looks like or what his parents do. I think he's adorable, but idk if that matters either honestly kek.

No. 1098961

WHy are you guys thinking that discussing FAS is a bad thing? It is a well-known syndrome and if someone can tell for sure that the baby has it, it is not a bad thing to mention it and it is definitely not shitty. People can express their concern by saying that the baby might have FAS.

No. 1098963

Exactly. Anons can post what they want in this thread, clearly people want to discuss this and I think it’s interesting. No one is bashing the baby ffs. No one has the high moral ground here.

No. 1098969

Thank you! Jesus Christ some of you are pissy today. It's not like someone went and took a picture of him and started making fun of him. Jonny posted that photo and now we're discussing what he looks like. Given who his parents are it's not out of this world to assume he's got FAS or anything else for that matter.
Get over yourselves

No. 1098972

My guess is that there's not really a point?
>People can express their concern if they can tell
What can you do with that concern, though? He's a baby and can't help it, and if no one can help or do anything about it, then what's the point of discussing it? He didn't ask to be born to Syd and Johnny. Not criticizing or trying to infight, I just think that's the train of thought.

No. 1098974

It would explain why they didn’t post the baby right away when he was born. And why syd was so “fuck you, he’s perfect” on jonny’s ig when he did post the baby and anyone made a comment.

No. 1098979

By that logic this website shouldn't even exist then. What's the point of talking about people who we can't change or do anything about? Smh

No. 1098981


No. 1098990

Ayrt, but cows are adults (no minor rule) versus Storm being a baby. Again, not trying to infight, I just get it either way. Idc and find it extremely dumb and annoying that anons are saying "uwu what if he finds this!!!", but I also get the other side.

No. 1099015

a baby having FAS is absolutely a condemnation of the cow mother, not the kid

No. 1099016

Exactly, it’s not like it was the poor baby’s choice.

No. 1099017

That’s a good point, anon. I know this is OT, but Rosie looked a lot less “special needs” once she got her feeding tube. She weighed 11 lbs as a 2 year old when she was admitted to the hospital. Starving babies’ faces make them look almost non-human. Not saying Syd is starving him, since we know he had a low birth weight.
Also Acacia makes my blood boil. She should 100% be in jail. How do you let a 2 year old weigh as much as a 2 month old.

No. 1099021

idk if you misunderstood but I’m saying I think it’s okay to point out because it’s inherently a criticism of Syd

No. 1099026

Yea and I’m agreeing with you. It is 100% Syd’s fault.

No. 1099051

This thread is turning full retard. Can we take down the minors photos ?

Where my doctors degree ? Because it seems like the threads just passing them out now. I’m ready to start diagnosing babies with photos online.

The baby looks like a normal baby. This is completely unnecessary. I also think this cute kid will end of having dimples.

No. 1099063

I’m confused because I keep seeing anons saying low birth weight so I went back and found that Storm was 7.7 and that is average birth weight, completely average actually. Anyways, I hope the baby is healthy and if he isn’t I’d blame the parents. Jonny’s rotten sperm and syd’s toxicity that radiates from everywhere.

No. 1099073

Yes exactly this anon, as I said no one was being ill-willed and bashing the baby. It was an innocent observation given how jonny and syd are, so there is a point to point it out?

Seriously are those people getting piss off about this - virtue signalling much?

Plus whatever storm is going through is very much related and caused by jonny and syd?? So technically we are discussing if syd might be drinking while pregnant or that if jonny drug abuse may have caused issues for storm’s.

No. 1099086

Totally normal and average birthweight for a baby. And Syd is ~sO SmOl so it makes sense that she would birth a “smaller” baby. Her anatomy won’t allow for a 8.5lb baby.

Low weight in general is normal for a struggling BFing mom. He doesn’t look malnourished but doesn’t have that baby chonk you’d typically see. The fact they won’t talk about his issues makes me believe it had something to do with syds pregnancy. If it was a fluke in genetics (no fault of anyone) I feel like there wouldn’t be shame in talking about it. But they’re so hush hush.

No. 1099093

Storm doesn't have pronounced epicanthal folds, doesn't have a flat mid face, doesn't have a short nose, doesn't have any obvious ear abnormalities, doesn't have short palpebral fissures and we can't comment on his chin because we can't see it and he's smiling so naturally his upper lip will appear thin and his philitrum will appear flat.

Can we move on now.

No. 1099105

Exactly. I don’t get these idiots

Even ones saying they’ve worked with kids with FASD and continue on saying he looks like he has FASD. Like what? I’ve worked with kids with FASD and unless the mom was pounding back the booze, which I doubt Syd was doing, but even if she did let’s not just assume, I usually can’t even tell the kid had FASD until getting to interact with them and witnessing some mental delays.

Also, because some anons are overly stupid, if the kid did have Down syndrome, which he doesn’t look like he has at all, it wouldn’t have had anything to do with Jonny or Syd.

And to the absolute idiots with mental delays of their own, calling these “innocent observations”. Saying a kid has downs or FASD or whatever the fuck else based solely on their appearance without any medical degree makes you a scumbag bully. There’s nothing innocent about that.

If there’s something wrong with the baby, they’ll probably discuss it when they break up and blame one another. From now on, maybe let’s keep the baby’s face covered so assholes don’t fill the thread up with their nonsense baby bullying.(medfag/armchair)

No. 1099107

If you don’t like the topic being discussed how hard is it to change the subject or come back later? jfc every single post on this site has someone whining for the mods. It’s becoming almost unreadable.

No. 1099113

Holy fuck, can you sage your shit and also shut the fuck up?

No. 1099118

Right? This is getting so fucking annoying. If you don't want to read it, go to another thread or better yet, change the topic to something other than your sperg out autist fest over what other people are discussing

No. 1099125

Exactly. Chill out anons, it's an anonymous image board, no one is going to give you asspats for defending the honor of Jonny Craig's baby kek

No. 1099160

>1.2 Do not medfag. This is going into depth on a medical subject leading to derailment about the actual topic a hand.
>1.3 Do not engage in armchair psychology or attempt to diagnose a subject.

Stop trying to armchair/medfag whether the baby has FAS. That is not milk.

After this we will start handing out heavyhanded bans for it.

No. 1099166

Them moral-fagging here is fucking top tier cringe embarrassing.
Look, the father looks like an albino shit weasel possum, therefore there was always a great likelihood the kid would also. FAS or whatever imagined syndrome is a PC way of saying the kids is ugly. No one can help being ugly, but if you're part of a snark image board and are getting precious about children that are openly posted on the internet by their 'infamous' parents for public consumption it's time to look inward and reevaluate.

Syd is in an abusive relationship and she seems to live for it, I no longer have a shred of sympathy for her. She's going to continue to weaponize whatever spawn comes of this unholy union and then turn around & treat the kids like shit for holding her back and reminding her of their shit father, just like every other white trash family since this country's founding.

No. 1099178

Thank you, this thread was going to hell with the armchairs and tinfoils

No. 1099199

Well… this thread went to shit lol.

No. 1099315

It’s so bad that I’ve done a time hop to TND’s threads…starting at number one.

> Look, the father looks like an albino shit weasel possum, therefore there was always a great likelihood the kid would also.
Thank you. Exactly.

No. 1099329

File: 1607115019080.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2688, FE8179CA-21BC-43E7-916C-6F02E0…)

Syd looking a hot ass mess on jcs ig story

No. 1099341

>NBXmas wall decor
Of-fucking-course kek
Can’t wait for the dollar store white trash wedding

No. 1099456

She honestly looks fine. The nitpicking in this thread is ridiculous.

No. 1099459

Bedsides the horrendous Sharpie eyebrows she looks fine

No. 1099728

File: 1607137506663.jpg (9.46 KB, 225x225, dog.jpg)

Those bangs are atrocious.

No. 1099984

>This is what I live for

A fat albino bloated corpse who runs around on you and kicks you in the ear? A herion addict who used to be a decent musician, but is now an insufferable ball of smegma that refuses to have any self awareness or concern for anyone but himself and his ego? Either way, gotta double down on your bad decision since any attention is good attention when you have BPD!

No. 1100322

>used to be a decent musician

Syd, if you’re going down the hitching your cart to a famous musician route, you’re meant to get them when they’re relevant.

No. 1100386

File: 1607202868814.jpeg (111.23 KB, 1242x2203, 77025B92-9805-489D-92FC-0BB772…)

No. 1100421

Didn’t icky just post this too?

No. 1100555

I legit don’t understand why she doesn’t leave. She is pretty. One day I hope she sees her worth bc jc is gross and she deserves so much more.

No. 1100605

Nah, she got what she deserves. So did he. Match made in hell. Hope they stay together forever so as not to traumatized any unsuspecting decent people

No. 1100632

Syd is a psychotic, nasty cunt, she got exactly what deserves and so did JC.

No. 1100700

Just like Lame & Onion, each person got the mate they absolutely fucking deserve and I hope both couples stay together forever.

No. 1100807

File: 1607230353747.jpeg (364.86 KB, 828x1320, CE10800F-11F8-4F45-BD03-195BF9…)

Lol he’s “happy” and she’s the good person? Oh goodness lol

No. 1100829

He got me at “select team” lol

No. 1100896

last I remember Taylor was the one that did everything for him. So more for you? Try again jc.
Taylor bought your 20,000 dollars worth of teeth, a roof over your head, designer clothes, your favorite drug, 6,000 worth of computer for your streaming days that’s already tossed to the side.

You look miserable with psycho. With Taylor, although you had problems in that relationship too, you didn’t look as miserable as you do now lol.

Syd meanwhile talks shit to your last remaining fans, outs you for things we already know, and just trash talks you any chance she gets. Congrats!

No. 1100902

Please keep in mind he probably wasn’t miserable with Taylor because she bought AND die drugs with him. Don’t romanticize their relationship…it’s gross.

No. 1100913

I don’t think anons are romanticizing it, he just objectively was happier with Taylor because she bankrolled him and they did drugs together.

No. 1100915

File: 1607240494367.jpeg (255.28 KB, 828x1383, 0BEE0CA4-BC37-4851-A27E-67E04C…)

That’s not science, Jonny. It’s called advertising.

No. 1100916

Is this him coming out as a covid denier/anti vax? God damn he never stops being funny. This guy’s full retard tank is a lot larger than most.

No. 1100920

That’s not science tho… those are advertisement for selling products

No. 1100930

That’s where my mind went too. Poor Storm.

That is literally what the caption says.

No. 1100951

>implying "science" can't be funded by corporations and the results skewed to appear in favor of the corporation's product for advertising purposes

No. 1101021

File: 1607258416069.png (278.62 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20201206-073437~2.p…)

She's fucking unhinged lmao