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No. 1038163


Last Thread

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34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting jonny/syd in the TND thread

Current Milk:
>Syd final shit out her baby and names it Storm Parker Monroe Craig
>Taylor in a fit on jealously posts on twitter about how that was her and Jonnys name for there nonexistent child
>Syd still vague posting about Tay on her IG
>Jonny claiming to be sober while walking to the store with a white claw in his hand. Claims to have hurt himself on his walk to the store
>Jonny still on heroin after showing off is bloating corpse body and freshly shaven face
>Syd has a social media freakout on an innocent women who commented on jonnys Instagram
>Both still fighting with eachother over Social Media
>Jonny claims to be taking Syd on a "vacation" to propose to her after both of them post cryptic messages about eachother on social media
>While working on music in AZ Jonny posts a series of pics and vids on IG of him eye fucking himself and badly lip syncing to his shit tier music. Pupils nonexistent and face freshly shaven
>Jonny posts on FB about heading to NY but instead goes to LA
>Jonny goes to AZ to "record music" ends up going to LA instead without telling Syd and goes on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive and buys himself discounted designer shoes and buys his son used and dirty shoes
>Syd and Jonny fighting which ends in Syd removing Jonny from her bio twice
>Still bragging about his shoes and money then a few hours later begging his fans to stream his music
>Posts on IG about how much he hates to IRS
>Still living in Syds moms trailer while claiming to be looking for a home in Sacramento
>Still scamming people via song features and voice lessons
>Syd still batshit crazy as ever
>Jonny still talking about his "come up" but doesn't realise he fucked up every chance he got to back it big and now hes just washed up
>Syd posting depresses shit to her IG and old pics of her smol body

social media links:

No. 1038211

Holy shit, that OP pic of Jonny. Imagine that rooting around and pawing you for sex. He literally looks like a pig, it's like bestiality. Disgusting.

FFS. Everything wrong with him is summed up in that picture. Sid, you need to love yourself more. Or at least love your baby more.

No. 1038271

God DAMN. He’s so fucking ugly.

Imagine having sex with THAT and sucking on his dirty dick that used to be all up in TND…. disgusting.
Remember that next time you’re blowing him, Syd.


No. 1038284

I would’ve never guessed he was 33, he looks 65

No. 1038368

"Still scamming people"

He's still doing features for other artists and recording his new album. He hasn't done vocal lessons in years. Get caught up or shut up hoeeeee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038428


whatever jonnyboy

No. 1038511

Hi Jonny(hi cow)

No. 1038517

File: 1600094936447.jpg (148.97 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20200915-004713__01…)

Just checked out his IG thanks the this thread… Wtf is this creature? Where does his "relevancy" stem from. Genuinely confused why people are following this middle aged man with face tats kek.

No. 1038542

Cause people have been hyping up is below average signing voice which is mostly strained and sounds like he hasn't gone through puberty yet

No. 1038551

Oh so he's the new and "improved" Susan Boyle? Gotcha.

No. 1038559

OT yet every time I see this thread in the catalogue I think the pic is of fupa from shats thread

No. 1038586

You mean begging for people to pay him for features kek the only reason he’s been following through on them now is because he no longer has Taylor as his cash cow and needs money for shoes and drugs.

No. 1038592

File: 1600100343305.png (2 MB, 1379x2048, Screenshot_20200914-101828.png)

Anyone know how old Syd is? Also more woah is me, 1st world problems

No. 1038596

This "middle aged man with face tats" is still making more $$$ than you'll ever see in your lifetime. Ha.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1038597

Yeah not having a house or a car or anything to show from it besides a computer and fake teeth that his ex girlfriend paid for and ugly shoes. Really showed us there. I'm soooo jealous.

No. 1038599

Why do losers always wave around their petty cash like it's a mic drop when everyone knows they'll be irrelevants on welfare in a few short years? It's not like he has a nice car, home ownership, stocks, etc. He didn't even take care of his looks so now he looks 60 in his mid 30s. He's got literally nothing.

No. 1038605

Johnny and/or Syd go take care of your infant, you're not going to convince any of us that you both aren't fat losers with no money. $900 shoes and other expensive, wasteful objects don't translate to cash. Your baby is the biggest but most worthwhile money drain you've got.

No. 1038614

This either is Jonny himself or Syd. They are both dumb enough to think they are "flexing" on any of us kek

No. 1038617

How did the old man find his thread so fast? And why is he so tilted by my post KEK?

No. 1038637

Georgia, canyon or crayon or w.e. that purple prick's name is, now johnny or syd self post? Is it my birthday?

No. 1038657

Definitely Jonny. Even she doesn’t act that retarded.

I’m hoping this means she’s finally opened her fucking eyes and is leaving him. He’s still not back in her bio after a week or so. Maybe that’s why he’s spiraling and fighting people on here today haha

No. 1038746

No you don’t, go get a job and take care of your son instead of posting passive aggressive stories about your retarded girlfriend and flexing your ugly ass shoes on instagram all day

No. 1038755

>>1038596 ask your gf why she was sending nudes to her ex weeks before she even saw you for the 1st time? Show us your bank account with your name and credit score if your really balling you dumbass, you can't even afford a car like your gf. You're more poor than all of us.

No. 1038797

This douche doesn’t even have a record label because literally no one will sign him at this point. He’s not fooling anyone. He gets pennies from the few people still willing to stream his shitty songs that get progressively worse every time. Then as soon as he gets a check he blows it.

No. 1038863

to be fair he was trying to still be with tay while talking to syd so they're both awful

No. 1038901

File: 1600126204092.png (327.73 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200914-173015.png)

This bitch has a whole ass child and she's on IG acting like a depressed teenager

No. 1038914

Sydney, Anthony doesn't give a fuck about you anymore, stop acting depressed like you're 16 all over again for fucks sake and do something with your life.

No. 1038925

Not a WK, but sometimes Syd's edgy "woe is me" posting has me seriously concerned that its post partum depression or something

Not really feeling bad for her, just the baby. Hope the little jonnyspawn is alright.

No. 1038948

It could be, and/or her unmediated BPD, which I think was confirmed in the previous thread. I’m sure she’s okay. I don’t think she’ll let anything bad happen to Storm, she’s too much of a narc and it wouldn’t fit her perfect mommy abd me image, especially since Johnny isn’t going to stay in the picture.

No. 1038998

Jonny is signed, shows how much you even know about the guy…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1039016

Wow Jonny. Triggered much? Please go get a job, home, and vehicle for your "family". So much for being signed.

No. 1039028

Hahahha wow he knows how to sage

No. 1039134

Signed doesn't necessarily mean paid, fam. The music biz loves fucking over young artists and retarded addicts who don't read contracts and assume the grouo signing you has only your best interest in mind. JC is a walking liability and PR nightmare, rapist and a fugly bloated corpse. Only mentally ill cloutchasers who did nothing with their lives like Syd and TND think he's anything but a joke.

Imagine having the ability to make a great living from your vocal abilities and still choosing tk be a washed up druggie who fucks bottom of the barrel internet groupies.

No. 1039139

What's with this fag

No. 1039141

Signed by who? His drug buddies shitty wannabe record label that he runs out of his house that no ones ever heard of? Oh. Ok.

No. 1039161

Never in my life I’ve seen any musician or any functioning human being that has “made it” in life would come over to a gossip forum trying to one-up strangers that apparently makes less money than him. Lmao thanks for making my day jonny or syd!

No. 1039310

wish jonny would come on here and finally spill the milk about taylor. Also interested to hear who he was texting late at night!! Whats the tea with you and syd?? When are you… i mean him proposing?

No. 1039317

I feel like they are the couple that you see arguing in the wal-mart parking lot in their pajamas

No. 1039349

she’ll fuck the kid up to get back at jonny, happens all the time.

No. 1039355

File: 1600198365140.png (111.34 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200915-133330.png)

Hopefully this means her and Jonny are done

No. 1039411

File: 1600202203068.png (5.38 MB, 828x1792, IMG_4142.PNG)

No. 1039413

File: 1600202266741.png (228.36 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4143.PNG)

No. 1039429

100 percent this. I fear what Syd will do to that poor kid :((:()

No. 1039443


Is this another reference to Taylor's tattoo? It's the lyric line "stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters, collected the pieces and I picked out a dagger.

No. 1039454

It appears that she’s the one leaving him, so not sure why she’d hurt her son to get him back? I for one am proud if she really is. Didn’t think she had it in her. Question is how long will it last until he comes clawing his way back.

No. 1039468

What is this???

No. 1039495


Lmaooo with Syd wearing cookie monster pajama pants and pushing a stroller while Jonny holds a Monster energy drink in one hand and a cigarette from the gas station next door in the other

No. 1039502

Highly doubt she's done. She was on n off with her ex for 5/6 years and she still comes back to him every year to this day, i.e. messaging him before getting with Johnny lol shits pathetic.

No. 1039534

He’s just playing the sad boy act for now like he always does when his gfs finally grow the balls to leave him. He’s probably already got another one lined up.

No. 1039539

File: 1600213468660.jpeg (198.87 KB, 1125x1999, 1B53CE0D-0F89-478A-9907-402481…)

No. 1039541

That was fast

No. 1039546

Maybe he's referring to his son? Like if Syd is the one leaving him with the baby, she'll probably be against him being a weekend dad.

No. 1039548

In case people itt start with the "Good for Syd, so proud of her! I knew she'd mature, I'm rooting for her!" Don't forget that Syd is the same crazy bitch who got pregnant by Jonny after a few months long relationship to spite Taylor, continuously stirred up drama between herself and other people during her pregnancy, went after and publicly attacked other women who had the audacity to make completely innocent comments on Jonny's instagram, supported Jonny knowing of his drug use and history of raping and abusing other girls, ignores her child and leaves the baby with the grandmother so she can laze around in bed and bitch and vague post on social media, and can't be dicked to get out of her mother's house and get a job to support herself and her child, etc, etc, etc. Don't start defending her and praising her if she breaks up with Jonny, because she's just as much of a gross horse ass as he is.

No. 1039549

100% agree. Syd is a grown ass women. She made her bed and now she has to lay it in kek

No. 1039555

She’s 27 iirc? WAY too old to act the way she does

No. 1039602

If jonny did leave, why would she word it like this? It makes it sound like SHE wishes she could "Up and leave", I hope she doesn't grow resentment or regret for that Innocent baby if she hasn't already because the way she said that makes it seem like she wishes she could just walk away and leave it all behind.

No. 1039615

It sounds more in reference to leaving as in taking a trip or just going out in general rather than actually leaving your family or relationship. The latter would be a way more dramatic reaction lbr and new mothers resenting fathers who just go about their lives like normal and have time away from the kid is pretty typical.

No. 1039685

File: 1600237105329.png (282.08 KB, 750x1334, 501334C3-24CE-43D4-A8DC-A9A777…)

No. 1039701

They really sound like 14 year olds talking about each other like this on their stories rather than talking to each other like adults.

No. 1039702

File: 1600240347054.jpg (215.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200916-021431_Ins…)

I think one of jonnys friends died, I don't feel bad for the dude but if that's the case damn syd

No. 1039825

Yes Syd you are selfish?? Do we need to spell it out?? YOU ARE S E L F I S H!!

No. 1039853

File: 1600269127067.png (120.09 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200916-091219.png)

No. 1039855

File: 1600269197307.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2588, Screenshot_20200916-091114~2.p…)

Looks like Jonny unfollowed Syd

No. 1039856

What the fuck is this suppose to mean? Makes no sense??

No. 1039859

The photos maybe? Who even knows, she's embarrassingly vague

No. 1039863

It’s a cycle with these idiots. Johnny will love bomb her and buy her some things so Syd will forgive, then Johnny will fly off again and act like a single man with no kids or responsibilities.

No. 1039865

Not talking about syds cry for help, talking about Jonny incoherent drug rambles

No. 1039866

What did she expect? She got with a drugged out broke ass "Rockstar"?? She's delusional just like Tay was kek

No. 1039870

File: 1600271511579.jpeg (7.91 KB, 190x260, images (4).jpeg)

Off topic but the no teeth Bono thread pic fucks me up everytime I scroll past it.

No. 1039911

File: 1600277582871.png (523.98 KB, 828x1792, 92087D32-51AC-4888-97A9-3EE5F8…)

Oh anon you are right

No. 1039912

File: 1600277648385.png (235.51 KB, 828x1792, AAAFB50B-EB14-4713-A0A0-5BF88F…)

Bet they are gonna be all l love you and ride or die in a few days or so.

No. 1039914

I wonder if she’s somehow just finding out about his first kid or if he lied about it being his and it’s somehow now been confirmed. Kek.

No. 1039919


Maybe jonny wants to make an effort to see his first kid? And Syds mad about it? Hate how neither of them just come out and say it the vague posts give me a headache.

No. 1039921

Thinking the same thing, or he got another girl knocked up while he's been away "working". Cause according to him Storm is his first child. Or maybe she's kist referring to him leaving her like he did his first BM?

No. 1039924

File: 1600278940448.png (84.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200916-135209.png)

No. 1039930

The first baby mama ran the whole way to Canada to get away from him, i dont think he really left the first kid.

If he is trying to see his first born, Syd is most definitely the type to get jealous of a child lmao

To me it sounds like someone close to JC died. Which if thats the case it just shows how crazy Syd is haha like damn thats your bonded twin flame soul4l girl atleast let him grieve before you get mad hes not paying attention to you lmao

No. 1039932

She is so pathetic. Does advertising what a chump she constantly is make her feel vindicated somehow…? It makes her look a million times more pathetic because she is literally like “look at me, I put up with a shitty boyfriend that isn’t faithful!” and everyone around her supposed to … feel… bad? She’s choosing that? She hasn’t learned from any decision she’s made. Just like someone else said, even if her and Jonny are done, she’ll continue being an idiot on her own, just like Taylor. And, well, most of his exes. They don’t get with him because they’re good people.

No. 1039934

Already deleted lol.

No. 1039994

Uhh yeah that's exactly what you are??

No. 1040015

The way they post literally stresses me out. I grew out of my "passive aggressive public posting" phase when I was maybe like 14 and these two are still at it in their late 20s-30s. Having a kid didn't even force her to act like an adult. She will probably never mature mentally and her poor child WILL end up on the receiving end of her insanity once Jonny is inevitably out of the picture. Someday she's going to be posting "lol imagine having a child that hates you" because the kid burps up on her or eats her snacks or some shit.

No. 1040125

Weird he unfollowed her but she’s still in his bio

No. 1040132

Could be she blocked him

No. 1040149

File: 1600305357474.png (3.96 MB, 1125x2436, AD6A6684-3338-4B12-92C2-EFDC46…)

Annnnd he’s back in lmfao.

No. 1040152

she is so mentally unstable it’s giving me whiplash.

No. 1040166

Kek I had a thought that she probably keeps his @ and the emojis saved in her notepad so she can copy and paste it every time she has to put it back in because removes it so often

No. 1040204

You are probably spot-on with that tinfoil, anon.

No. 1040239

I’m curious, who do you guys think would leave who first? I’m gonna go with Jonny. I don’t think he loves Syd nearly as much as he’s trying to portray, and I think her psycho aggressive attitude will drive him away. Jonny thinks he is a God and wants to be treated as such.

No. 1040240

Is he still not following her? She has me blocked (went OFF on me for no reason when I was trying to send a nice message to her, back in her super early pregnancy days.)(no1curr)

No. 1040254

Tinfoil syd is just negging johnny and she’s more abusive than he is

No. 1040324

I think they're both toxic codependent people. My opinion is we can expect this Rollercoaster ride to last for years, esp that a baby is involved. Jonny (iirc) didnt broke up with any of his ex's, and still contacted them after. Syd was with the same guy back and forth for 5/6 years like another anon said. This could be the forever they've been looking for… i don't think neither of them are leaving haha

No. 1040325

They’re still not following each other. I assumed she finally got sick of his shit and sent him packing but based oh her “must be nice to up and leave” but now I’m wondering if he’s the one who left her and is just trying to act sad about it. Maybe she put him back in her bio in an attempt to get him to come back.

No. 1040326

I remember people saying he met his match with Taylor, but no i really think Syd is his match

No. 1040359

Remember when everyone thought syd was better than Taylor?

Pepperidge farms remembers.

This chick is the queen of bi polar freak outs.

No. 1040387


I'm 100% in this camp, this bitch is poisonous af.


I haven't been in these threads, just since the mid-tail end of Taylor - has he had an ex that was as overbearing psycho as she seems to be? Maybe he doesn't enjoy to be treated like he treats others so maybe that's what Syd's energy is like and he'd bounce?


I know… it's hard to believe there's crazier than Taylor, but here we are. But they're crazy in their own little unique lolcow ways.

No. 1040406

amanda was pretty crazy, but it's hard to tell if she always was or if he made her that way. she was literally YEARS ago and she still posts about him every so often.

No. 1040431

Just checked and they’re both following each other.

No. 1040434

well more milk for us. You're still gonna end up a single mom syd, don't think you've won anything lol

No. 1040525

File: 1600370079118.png (110.65 KB, 1440x888, Screenshot_20200917-111751~2.p…)

Confirmed, either she unblocked him or he followed again

No. 1040735

File: 1600393128669.png (435.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200917-183847.png)

You didn't know that you're the problem? Cognitive dissonance at its best folks

No. 1040736

File: 1600393245165.png (236.37 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200917-183906.png)

I can't tell if this is supposed to be her moping or if it's supposed to be empowering

No. 1040737

File: 1600393324498.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200917-183916.png)

Last one, she misses life before she had responsibilities lol

No. 1040744

nah i think taylors his match, syd is way worse

imagine having a child with someone and soon after a close friend dies. you decide to go to their funeral and shortly after your s/o uses your child to freak out at you for taking a funeral visit
i know jonny isnt just funeral visiting, but thats the abusive gist
now add on to the fact that anytime he does anything she knows she can publicly freak out and he will have to act inline or his followers WILL see if he puts the baby above himself or not, and he already went too public with this one to pretend its not his. syd may even somehow be more abusive than taylor!

No. 1040761

You act like JC doesn't deserve a psychoslut like Syd. Are you forgetting what a sack of shit he is? Even if your tinfoil is true, he deserves that shit. He was perfectly happy using Syd to torment TND when they first got together.

No. 1040833

Everyone who talks about their late teens as the best times of their life are always trash. lol at missing 4lokos

No. 1040916

File: 1600423606987.jpeg (794.24 KB, 1125x1995, 9EEA185F-9CF6-4BEB-B7C4-5C1746…)

No. 1040927

Lmao you know your life is shit now if you constantly have to look back on memories and reminisce the “good old days”

No. 1040990

wow, she really resents that baby, doesn’t she. Better days without having him. Even if you feel that way, don’t say it in public?!

No. 1041005

This is double shitty because Johnny is the shitbag making her miserable, not the baby. Poor Storm was a pawn, Syd assumed a baby would lock down a deadbeat… they never do, they chase them away faster. The only way to lock down a narc is to let them abuse and belittle you for the rest of your life (Lindsay Usich, anyone?).

No. 1041094

Yea I don’t know why women think a baby will change a man to be more “homely”. If anything it’ll change you and your motherly instincts kick in. But if you’re too deep into your mental illness then you have the disaster that is Syd and Jonny.

Sure, you can look back and think “wow those were fun times” before kids and shit. But “better”? I hope she realizes how badly she’s going to mess that poor kid up and shapes up quick.

No. 1041105

Omg this i lol’d. Anybody over the age of 20 that does this is cringey.

No. 1041107

Sheer narcissism. Either that or being tragically naive, but in Syd's case him being a musician obviously played a factor.

No. 1041130

Imagine hating your life so much you have to live in the past and post about it everyday.

No. 1041188

File: 1600455513032.jpeg (90.88 KB, 1125x1960, 9EE62269-E907-4F76-9E38-052450…)

Deleted story

No. 1041230

Real winners in this relationship are the exes hahahaha

No. 1041249

not saying he doesnt deserve it, i think he does, i just think shes crazier than he is. at the end of the day hes just a dumbass heroin addict

No. 1041263

I reckon her son's eating dog shit and drinking the juice he found under the sink while she tweets about how much she hates her life.

I'd hate my life too if I got knocked up by a fat heroin gnome.

No. 1041270

Addicts and unmedicated crazies go together like beans and rice, anon.

No. 1041286

They go together like lamb and tuna fish

No. 1041299

The perfect storm (pun intended)

No. 1041340

Seriously. I hope her mom is at least making sure the baby is taken care of while she’s lying around acting miserable.

No. 1041644

File: 1600525075975.jpeg (66.91 KB, 1124x1413, D3044602-9C33-423A-BA0D-581948…)

Saw this posted on tnd thread. Seems to be deleted now but holy shit is she seriously jealous of jonny hanging out with her own mom?? Not sure is PPD but I swear she is one of those people that gets jealous about their spouse devoting more time to the newborn or something.

I honestly think at this point storm is better off without them, at least he might at least get a chance to be in a somewhat healthy household. That kid is fucked 4L (pun also intended)

No. 1041656

If JC and her mom are hanging out, he's at least bot getting high? Makes me think Syd is posting vauheshit to stir up the thread, and maybe they're both more sick of her behavior than she should be of his. Not to defend JC intentionally, but we don't know what goes on between the two of them when they're alone now that Storm is here and the novelty wore off. Syd is absolutely not the type to be okay with being the sole, round the clock caregiver and I bet she's probably doing the bare minimum while her mom and JC pick up the slack.

No. 1041686

Maybe they wanted to give you some time to rest? Go watch tv with them? The fuck? Do you need to be invited? Are you a vampire?
She must be insufferable. And if her communication skills are vague on social media, I can only imagine how bad they are in person.

She’s fucking psyyyychoooooo holy shit

No. 1041714

this is sooooo batshit. she acts equally as butthurt whether jonny is in another state or on the couch in her living room. syd, this is not the man for you if you're gonna invent abandonment issues out of nothing, just wait and he'll be vapor and then you'll really have issues

No. 1041886

She is crazy, but crazier than JC? Jonny raped a girl while stabbing a knife against the wall and screaming "you want that, you like that".
Honestly, I hope Syd drives him mad, he deserves it.

No. 1041905

I really do hope she's as crazy as he is, he deserves it

No. 1041945

File: 1600575765717.png (2.98 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200920-001845.png)

Omg the white trash energy in this picture

No. 1041954

She looks like a bloated, middle aged chola

No. 1041966

She’s live on ig now.

No. 1041969

I can't screen record, sorry. But the IG live is so painfully cringy. Someone asked why she's doing the live and she said why do people go to the bathroom? Why not just pee your pants?

…is she drunk?

No. 1041970

She seems to be drunk, on something or having some BP manic episode. Weird ramblings that don’t make sense, flipping her hair back and forth pouting at the camera thinking she’s the dogs bollocks. What an ugly person inside and out.
Of course she had to throw in a remark about being “prettier than Taylor”. You’re on the same level Syd, and that’s pretty low.

No. 1041981

on her live rn. my god. she speaks so slow.

No. 1041982

she just went on about being mixed race and having "unmanageable hair"…

No. 1041983

That’s what I’m wondering too. She keeps saying “let’s see what questions I’ve been asked” then reads it out like she has a comment section full of them but all I can see are her two friends hyping her up. Just want someone to ask about her how she feels about her lolcow thread so we can see her go OFF

No. 1041986

I don't follow these cows at all but isn't she white with 2a hair?

No. 1041988

as someone who is very familiar with bipolar.. this girl hits the nail on the head. bipolar poster child

No. 1041990

Literally no one mentioned Taylor. So Syd literally asks herself
"how do you feel about Taylor Nicole Dean?" and she goes
"probably the same way I feel about a toilet full of diarrhea
ask Taylor how she's feeling she probably needs a good pick me up"

No. 1041999

I realized people could ask her questions and I think she could see those on her own, and the comments were separate from the questions (I think). Doesn't mean she wasn't making up questions though.

No. 1042019

Oh my god kek grow up you chubby idiot, you’re 27. Who says shit like that seriously at 27 with a child? She’s hopeless. Unless Storm is high IQ and recognizes what trashy morons his parents are and breaks the cycle himself, we’re gonna have a Johnny Craig clone on our hands. Great. Truly the definition of why some people shouldn’t procreate.

No. 1042026

File: 1600600880135.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, AA1C1D64-DE73-49A1-AF6C-26CE3C…)

She loves posting pics like this smiling all big and dumb like she wasn’t having a total meltdown for how long now? And J is in the background passed the fuck out on the headboard with his hat still on. Seems like something someone who’s not noding out on heroin would do.

No. 1042027

File: 1600600952147.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 1A2CFA35-8684-49AE-B1F0-60CB96…)

No. 1042049

I hope this ushers in an era of syd bpd meltdowns on live

No. 1042050

did anyone happen to screen record?

No. 1042054

Why would you record your known junkie bf lookin nodded out like that…
looks like she only went live to prove to the haters that she has her gross man and he’s just passed out in the back. These two are trash flavoured trash

No. 1042086

Sydney mom is black. She is half white and black.

No. 1042108

omg the live video. it was so boring to watch and you can really tell she isn't very smart or clever.
she was asked what kind of job she would like to make and she tried to seem smart so she nitpicked that she was asked about a JOB and not about a CAREER only to say she would love to sell merch lol.
I don't know she only talked about her hair and it was so boring to watch I honestly fell asleep.

I see jonny is shaved and wearing a hat what could that mean? (HE!IS!USING!)

No. 1042114

>shaved and wearing a hat

Not to ask for spoon feeding but is there a reason for this? I believe you, I just think I’m missing something.

No. 1042158

One of his exes said if he's clean shaven there's a 99.99% chance he's using at that moment.

No. 1042223

Really?? I thought i saw further back ott that she mentioned being mixed Hispanic…. did she say on the live that her mom's black?

No. 1042256

No, she has pics with her mom on her IG.

No. 1042258

File: 1600631398974.jpg (165.65 KB, 1438x580, Screenshot_20200920-135008_Ins…)

Found Syds ex on IG; that bio tho

No. 1042275

File: 1600635560564.png (770.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200920-135934.png)

The videos go a great job capturing what an abusive turd you are, probably why you don't like them Craig. The cozy representative is a pretty good YouTuber in my opinion, he's so butt hurt that people know the truth about him hahaha

No. 1042276

File: 1600635677959.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200920-140139.png)

Let me show off my selena gomez merch right quick, yes I go hard lmao

No. 1042285

Dude wearing a fucking xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl tall tee to hide is fat ass stomach hahaha. Dude probably claims the bay now and reps mac dre Hhahahaha

Pathetic on so many levels fam.

No. 1042305


Haven’t watched but probably salty about how he went from everyone in the music scene loving him and thinking he was so talented to hating his guts and being a laughing stock and referred to as a scammer. He fucked his own life up, his Wikipedia page is probably a lot kinder than if you talked to anyone else that knows of JC, too. So, I don’t get why he’s so mad if he’s “just YouTubing his Wikipedia page.”

No. 1042340

This tee is so long. It’s like a tall tee??? I can’t get over how bloated he is…imagine having sex with him. His swollen fat fingers probably are the same size as his penis.

No. 1042355


"Put it in, daddy!"

"..it is"

No. 1042382

It’s probably just a regular tall tee but since he’s a dwarf it looks extra foolish on him.

No. 1042411

Super long tees (“longline” is what they’re usually called) are a trend with young black guys right now. Seeing it on Jonny’s middle-aged dad bod is funny.

No. 1042430

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1042471

Jonny really loves H&M and the literal women's section of urban planet, flex where? It's 12 bucks

No. 1042489

what does wearing a hat have to do? (genuinely curious)
I do get the face shaven - also because one of his exes did mention it and when he was with Taylor, he had a clean shaven face many times + eyes dead giveaway so made sense anytime that occurred

No. 1042492

and you know those details how?

No. 1042494

Of course that played a factor. She made sure to get knocked up too

No. 1042498

Because that’s probably Chelsea posting herself lmao. She literally used to post about lolcow on twitter and thought it was HILARIOUS they were making fun of Taylor, and gave everyone the link. There is no doubt in my mind that she participates in these threads. Otherwise that post would have been worded SO differently.

No. 1042513

I could be wrong but his ex Liz mentioned him doing shit like that. if you look through her twitter you can find it

No. 1042567

yeah I remember she was all up in the tnd ones.

No. 1042568

File: 1600693130651.jpg (41.11 KB, 820x456, c.jpg)

she has this picture with her mom and she looks more hispanic than black

No. 1042578

well for one, hispanic is not a race.
also, the photo is in black and white. based off features, maybe her mom is mixed with some black.

No. 1042631

Sis is not black at ALL. Her mom looks part Latina or Filipina

No. 1042637

Regardless Syd is white as a sheet and acts like it

No. 1042645

I specifically remember Chelsea telling the knife story, she would tag Jonny’s old band members like uh… awkward? Liz told the story of him holding her down and pretending to shoot her up as a joke. While I don’t discredit that he is abusive and did something similar to that… first of all, you NEED to tie off if you’re hitting an arm vein. Second off you gotta pump your fist and actually feel for a find a vein. I’m sure he just held the needle close to her arm (which is scary enough) but you can’t just stab your arm and shoot up. I love Liz tho I’m sure she didn’t know any better and was terrified.

Sage for ex addict rant.

Sorry I just remember these girls stories vividly because it was disgusting. I wonder if he has been physically abusive to Syd yet, or vice versa.

No. 1042657

OT but I thought the dude in the pic was Dusty Smith for a split second.

No. 1042721

Can we stop race guessing ? Like does it even matter. It’s not even milk

No. 1042842


i've known multiple people who don't need to tie off at all. i didn't have to when i first started shooting up, it just depends on your veins.(no1curr)

No. 1042855

For some reason you blog about shooting up and not even saying is….weird.

No. 1042958

Also ex addict who blew all their fuckin veins. he could have jabbed it in a muscle and it would still work. Fucked and horrible way to get an abscess but it will metabolize. If she had no tolerance it would fuck her shit up too.

No. 1042994

File: 1600755736506.jpeg (943.16 KB, 1125x2005, 676B3E47-CEBA-415A-9A52-71014B…)

She’s obsessed with Bert McCracken

No. 1042996

File: 1600755795060.jpeg (990.37 KB, 1125x2030, 8B89C00A-D41B-4147-B49B-161DA2…)

looks like they’re on a trip somewhere. (country music is playing and so he wrote “cowboy room”)

No. 1043001

Bet he is gonna propose here.’

No. 1043006

File: 1600757632511.png (40.02 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200921-234723.png)

Syd's probably going to ruin the trip before he can

No. 1043019

She’s now doing an awkward Instagram live stream while Jonny nodded off. Nothing really interesting though. They are on a vacation as her mom took storm for a day or two she said. Only noteworthy things were that she claimed she doesn’t know of lolcow and someone asked her if she resents Jonny for leaving her with a new born for work and she denied that. Said even if he didn’t make money this time it’s his passion (sounded like she was subtly roasting him here)

No. 1043022

Funny because she talked about lolcow back when TND was still in the picture and they barely were going out.

No. 1043026

File: 1600762837364.png (4.97 MB, 1242x2688, 8CC945F3-C8EF-4C1F-83C3-5B39A3…)

Now she’s semi crying about how jc is her everything and best friend after boringly talking about how they met and how even though people hate them they are meant to be together blah blah blah

No. 1043027

She didn’t activate the Q&A box but she said, “let me check the questions” and came up with, “you we argue a lot?” “Nooooo…?”
She’s so boring

She said she also never up to this day checked for him on the internet. Like his wiki page etc.

Suuure Jan.
She knew all about TndS threads here and I bet she still checks on them

No. 1043028

She said she didn’t know about LOLCOW til tonight loll

No. 1043041


Fuckin hell I just popped onto her page and she’s still on live an hour later, dancing in the bathroom clearly trying to keep herself entertained while JC is passed out. Truly a depressing spectacle.

No. 1043044

she had a q&a on before and someone said "jonny is going to propose to you in cancun" and she ended the whole stream and started a new one two minutes later lol
wish I'd screen recorded it now

No. 1043050

Those eyebrows are tragic

No. 1043055

On her live she said they were just a couple hours away from home so still in Ca.
What a great vacay while your Manlet is knocked out due to drugs

No. 1043090

In her previous live she kept talking about The Used as "my friends band" and I couldn't help but think she met them once and now tries to pretend they're buddy-buddy.

Also, anyone catch in her live when she said something along the lines of 'sorry you're ugly and can't get a rockstar boyfriend like me' or similar? She sounded like Taylor just wanting the experience, except Syd seems like even more of a psycho groupie imo

No. 1043102

File: 1600779569193.jpg (22.86 KB, 329x281, 1345251260222.jpg)


I've rarely seen when someone's eyebrows are BETTER in the throwback photo. Holy fuck, how do you get worse at doing them over time instead of better? She got them Shayna Clifford "I do my eyebrows with my stark black eyeliner" brows.


Who over the age of 12-years-old WANTS a "rockstar boyfriend"? Oh, yeah, groupie poser bitches that pretend they luUuUuv the music and "the scene" when really they're just clout chasers like every other hanger-on groupie. Grow up.

No. 1043108

Man she really did let herself go. Definitely looks like your typical white trash walmart shopper. Now her and Jonny can be short and fat together and wear stupidly large t shirts to try and hide it.

No. 1043127

Why does she do her eyebrows with sharpi ?

No. 1043152

Best day of her life? Bitch everyone in chico hated you that day. Even Travis. We even had to apologize because you screamed at the top of your lungs at homies roommate like a psycho. We had to tell you I was "talking to him" to make you feel better, when I was telling him "sorry shes so crazy bro" in the bathroom foh. Then you stole all his weed cause "he deserved it" lolwat.


That day bert gave her his phone number and "ThEyVe BeEn iN cOnTaCt EvEr SiNcE".

Aka her begging for guest spots on their shows, begging to go to their tour bus, via text, ect. Pretty pathetic.

No. 1043164

Anon, how tf do you know this?

No. 1043166


Can you verify this at all or explain how you know this information?

No. 1043167

I was with her that day. Why else would I know so many random details about that day?

No. 1043170

Without proof, what reason does anyone have to believe you?
Honestly does sound like some shit Syd would do tho.

No. 1043172

Not here for proof.

Here for the truth.


No. 1043175

Was just gonna ask if you were Antwan from the TND threads, nice to see you back. Please spill whatever more milk you have!

No. 1043181

Not here to "spill milk" just point out any inaccurate posts she makes and telling the truth about them.

Her and I went to chico for a few days to watch her favorite band. She blew a gasket multiple times that day. All I remember is her yelling at one of the hosts roommates at the top of her lungs over some petty shit. i had to take roommate into the bathroom "to let him know im not gunna take any disrespect to her". But in reality I was apologizing for her freak out, letting him know how crazy she is and that she is un medicated. Dude understood completely after that and was nice, but he went to a party later that night, and she straight up stole and smoked all his weed he had laying on the counter.

No. 1043222

File: 1600800578606.png (7.11 MB, 1242x2688, 3D762F7A-C5C2-433C-B143-5A300C…)

Forgot I had this screenshot from earlier. When she came back on live for the millionth time, she had on rap music hence the west side hand lmao. She’s such a try hard wanna be.
They also asked her what it’s like to be with a celebrity.

Lmao. Isn’t he washed up ???

No. 1043226

what meds does she take or should be taking?

No. 1043228

He hasn’t been relevant since he got booted from DGD. He had maybe two decent songs with slaves. Everything else has been garbage. Even at his peak he didn’t qualify as a celebrity whatsoever. No one outside of that little music scene has even heard of him. And no one in the scene wants anything to do with him.

No. 1043229

same anon that posted this screenshot - when she was asked about being with a celeb and she went on about how it's a bit different - sine it's her first time experiencing it blah blah but at the end he's a human being, she then said and i quote, "when he graced warped tour" lolllll

No. 1043230

She looked drugged out to me in jonny’s story. But I didn’t watch the live.

No. 1043231

When he got kicked off of warped tour for sexually harassing minors and the merch girl or whatever she was.

No. 1043233

Nta but she should obviously be on bipolar if not BPD meds.

No. 1043239

Shiloh vibes

No. 1043242

Her and Jonny have bloated up so bad. Wonder if they both wear the same clothes size Kek

No. 1043275


Them’s some chunky-ass legs, gat damn.

No. 1043291

no anon, she's so smol and cute!! get it right!

No. 1043293

Who is 'niccolsosmall'? Some weirdo who copied Syds handle or are they related/friends?

Sage for not sure if relevant at all.

No. 1043298

Is it so crazy to think she'd use H with him ? The bloating could be from just having a baby but she's deluded enough to think it'd bring them together, in my opinion. I mean it's clear to me he's not 100% clean and he won't put that above Syd and the baby so it's a matter of time before she says NO or decides like taylor to give it a go.

No. 1043300

Pretty sure it's a friend anon

No. 1043305

"Hasn't been relevant since DGD"

Lmaooo that's funny.

No. 1043316

If it's the same Nicole as the last live, it's some chick she's never met in person who just sucks her ass online

No. 1043320

This is hilarious, my friend was in DGD years ago.
I showed my friend this thread and he said “Hahaha, Jonny’s the gift that keeps on giving! I can’t imagine him as a dad, that’s nightmare fuel”

No. 1043324

Jonny anon that you again? Lol.

No. 1043439

obvious bait but
kurt travis that you?

No. 1043455

Very obviously lmao

No. 1043456

File: 1600827620564.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2156, Screenshot_20200922-201914~2.p…)

Syd changed her username

No. 1043461

Finally admitting she’s no longer small lol. She’s just short now.

No. 1043486

>the dogs bollocks
she is that though

No. 1043520

idk why but people who keep their significant other in their bio always come off as mentally stunted

No. 1043599

They usually always are unhinged and especially the ones that passive aggressively updates the bio when they have a fight. Kek

No. 1043694

I figured it was just insecurity?

No. 1043700

People who are compel to show off their “uwu relationship goals” has one motive only - to trigger their exes and their partner’s exes. 90% of the time its all a fake happiness facade.

No. 1043728

Agreed. But most people can see thru this with all the passive aggressive stories they post about one another. You'd think they were teenagers with the way they act on social media.

No. 1043765

File: 1600878257714.png (726.95 KB, 1316x2048, Screenshot_20200923-102445.png)

There's this sock account on Twitter claiming to know Jonny "like a sister" but it honestly either is Jonny himself or Syd. They are regurgitating the same "soul mate" bullshit

No. 1043788

totally would've assumed that photo was taken in 2006 with the way she's dressed lol

No. 1043795

Lol he was drinking mimosas on live 2 nights ago so he is most Def not sober

No. 1043803

Unless he's TNDing it and sober from heroin kek

No. 1043869

File: 1600886509746.png (2.93 MB, 1323x2048, Screenshot_20200923-124004.png)

Lol what happen to the Cancun proposal?… KEK!

No. 1043877

File: 1600887481880.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200923-125847.png)

This bitch has the ugliest eyebrows ever

No. 1043881

That bottle is either close to $3,000 or close to $200. Probably the latter

No. 1043882

This is all he could afford anon. He spent all the Cancun money on, ugly ass shoes and oversized shirts.

No. 1043883

Fiance number 3* ♥

No. 1043887

We all know Jonny isn’t attractive by any means, but I always wonder why he settled for someone who looks like Sydney. She’s isn’t even a little bit cute. His previous girlfriends were tolerable appearance wise. But Sydney just isn’t pretty to me.

No. 1043888

that smug lainey-esque look though

No. 1043891

Do y’all think he reuses the same ring for each chick or nah lololol

Wtg Sid. I’m sure he will totally follow through this time.

No. 1043894

I actually find syd attractive… but those lips girl, get some fucking chapstick and a water bottle. It’s like when spongebob and Patrick go into sandy’s dome and completely dehydrate.

No. 1043897

I'm going to assume you're commenting on her lips because her eyebrows are too obvious kek. I don't disagree actually, she has a cute face and she's on par attractive-wise with Taylor before she ruined her face with lip filler, but she does herself no favors with her makeup. Or personality. Or chunky mom bod.

No. 1043898

Lol someone said that someone on her live told her this would happen.
he’s so dumb to propose, to someone so toxic. This will be fun to watch. They won’t make it down the aisle though lol

No. 1043903

This has been posted already anon

No. 1043904


So if we assume that every time she took him out of her bio that they broke up, not to mention all the passive aggressive vague posts, its safe to say they've been together for a year and already broke up twice lol. But now they're engaged??? It's just not logical. The first year you're with someone should be the best, no? But shocker not even a baby could fix this dumpster fire.

No. 1043905

What's with her skin? Is it a condition or does the bitch not wash off her makeup.

No. 1043906

File: 1600889471754.png (16.99 KB, 562x382, jcengaged.png)

but i guess let syd keep thinking she's special?

No. 1043907

Oof I thought this was talking about syd before I read the dates…how embarassing for her

No. 1043909

Lol they look like the perfect white trash couple.
Those eyebrows be looking like step-sisters. Too. Woof.

Lol it’s a $200 bottle. Bet the bottle cost more than the ring.

No. 1043911


No. 1043913

Waiting on Tays timely return to cry about how that wedding ring was the one her and Jonny picked out for her

No. 1043916

She could be cute but she does her eyebrows so bold it’s all you can look at

No. 1043918

What are you talking about ? It looks like skin

No. 1043919

Good god her skin. She just keeps putting on new layers of makeup over the previous ones and now she's got the cow-look going. Quite fitting actually.

No. 1043922

This is coming from the same guy flaunting that he's all about that high money $$$$ and yet this looks like a cheapshow considering what he ought to be able to afford.
A white sapphire ring, with what appears to be no extra chips or fancy filigree work, isn't an expensive ring. That wine isn't expensive in comparative scope. Proposing on the beach is free.

This would only convince retarded teenagers who've never had money that this is something high-falutin', but maybe considering the scope of this man's so-called talent, them's exactly who will ever give his music the time of day.

No. 1043927

so true, anon.
if he had the $$$ he wouldve taken her to an expensive or at least nice restaurant. then propose at the beach? but no, drinking on the beach to propose lol so romantic.

this engagement wont last long. theyll be breaking up on instagram soon.

No. 1043930


Yeah it's just some discoloration. I have a little on the side of my face. The eyebrows are the real problem.

No. 1043943

It looks like vitiligo

No. 1043944

Lmao don’t be too proud syd.. there’s been 3 or 4 fiancés before you and there will be more after you. And he still treats you like shit. A ring isn’t gonna change that. He just got scared you were gonna grow a spine and leave with his son.

No. 1043948

I see what you mean with the weird tan spots around her face. It looks kind of like vitiligo to me if it was a condition, but its likely either unwashed makeup around the hairline or just a really weird tan, because vitiligo would be a tan face with pale spots instead of the other way around

No. 1043956

Does she think we all forgot that just a week ago she said it was all over and not long before that was trashing his behavior in her stories? And they want us to take their little “engagement” seriously. What a lunatic. I was really hoping she would put her son first and get him the fuck away from that mess but she really doesn’t care about him enough to do that. More important to prove the haturz wrong. Next she’ll demand they go to the courthouse since no one believes they will actually get married.

No. 1043957

Oldfag here, married for 7 years and my husband and I don't it indicated anywhere on social media that we're married to each other, barely even interact for that matter lol

Sage for no1curr but I just wanted to say your assessment is accurate

No. 1043962

It’s not a weird tan or unwashed make up. It’s textbook light-skinned vitiligo.

No. 1043965

It's ok, vitiligo anon.

No. 1043966

if you google it, its 185€ whatever that is in $$.

No. 1043967

Looks more like melasma (probably from pregnancy)

No. 1043981

exactly. this is gonna be hilarious when she’s posting that she’s alone and fuck this life it sucks etc etc by like next week or 2 tops

No. 1043992

There are many rings from Saphire Studio that look like Syd´s ring.
Even though I don´t like Jonny, I have to admit I´m suprised he picked a pretty one.

No. 1043997

Too bad he didn’t pick one of those tacky fucking rose gold rings. I Do look forward to the closeups though, I hope it’s something cheesy instead of classy.

No. 1044000

Maybe he picked that ring but in completely silver? He liked star wars and isn´t his son named after star wars?

If that´s the ring I take back my comment about it being pretty. It looks pretty fom afar but up close not so much, at least not to me, for star wars fans it might be lit.

No. 1044003

Sorry for double posting
The star wars ring comes with different materials https://www.sapphirestudiosdesign.com/collections/star-wars/

No. 1044005

Nice birthmark on face, also her eyes are so dialated … tinfoil but she might be using

No. 1044013

Who posts a photo of the ring on the counter? Why not her wearing it? It’s just odd. Sorry for nitpicking but it further shows how dumb he is.

No. 1044018

lol omfg what if it didnt fit her bloated sausage fingers? You're right, it's weird as fuck to take separate pictures of the ring and Syd. Why didn't Syd show off the ring on her hand in the beach photo?

No. 1044019


It's probably not her size lol

No. 1044021

The skin issue might be melasma. It’s common in that area or upper lip. It’s actually a bummer to deal with but most commonly occurs with big hormonal changes (pregnancy or birth control even). Her eyebrows are a choice but melasma isn’t.

No. 1044022

Is syd even into Star Wars? I thought that was Jonny’s thing. I would be so mad if my fiancé got me a fandom ring

No. 1044027

I have my own tinfoil, I don't think she's on heroin but it's sketchy how often she appears to be drinking when she made it seem like she was breastfeeding her baby. Syd becoming a wine mom seems way more likely to me.

The livestream with Jonny nodded off and Syd manically proving to her haters how great her life is? I think anons were right when they said unmedicated crazies + junkies make a very bad combination lol.

btw did they ever say why their baby was in the hospital, seems weird to leave a baby that was in the ER 2 weeks ago with family members

No. 1044034

mine is probably a reach but in her last live i noticed her pupils were bigger than normal and she said she wasn't able to sleep so i would think some kind of stimulant?

No. 1044044

File: 1600900233405.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200923-182952.png)

From her story smugly showing off her toy box ring. How fucking ugly it's 3 different colors. It's blurry but it doesn't look high quality.

No. 1044047

File: 1600900464896.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, E4DF668E-5F06-42AE-9E13-993D94…)

Is that a double or a triple chin?

No. 1044053

anon are you okay ? stop diagnosing cows

No. 1044057

You can drink while breast feeding if you wait the appropriate amount of time before breast feeding again

No. 1044061

You’re giving him way too much credit anon. That’s a $150 bottle

No. 1044069

No. 1044081

It’s so tacky even in sketchy low-res. Waiting with bated breath for a close up. At least she might be able to pawn it for $40 in a couple years.

No. 1044083

His jawline to neck has no definition. It’s so weird. How is he not embarrassed by how bloated he is? It makes my skin uncomfortable and I’m not even experiencing it!

No. 1044093

He really posted this himself, willingly. Wow.

No. 1044098

The majority of those look like cheap costume jewelry to me but to each their own. Jonny certainly picked a ring on a budget.

No. 1044107

Even Jonny manages to put up a youtube video before TND does…

No. 1044114

How tacky lol. Literally does look like 5 dollar costume jewelry. I think he said that she picked it herself in the Facebook post about proposing.

No. 1044151

File: 1600912120862.jpeg (112.28 KB, 750x1198, D4511E57-F942-4A2F-A819-2187DE…)

That’s not even all the comments about his bloat. I know his little feelings are hurt but he’d never admit it publicly.

No. 1044154

Funny how his mindless sheep attribute bloat to being healthy and sober. Yikes

No. 1044157


Bad eyebrows can be fixed. Jonny's hilariously bad sideburn tattoo is forever.


I think she naively believes that being married will change his behaviour. It won't.


He probably bought it for someone else lol
new shoes for Jonny, secondhand ring for Syd


Maybe even prescribed medication? Antidepressants make your pupils huge.

No. 1044164

I think it should be noted that they went to hermosa beach ca and not Cancun… he couldn’t even take her out of the state lmao

No. 1044168

Can't wait for that ring to end up in the toilet and then for them to run off and "elope" after the next few fights, like why don't they at least try and get their own home? Those rings look like hot topic rings

No. 1044172

No. 1044199

Wow, it’s worse than I thought. From Iva post it just looked meh, but that is on tacky and cheap ass ring. Gross. Looks plastic even

No. 1044256

Am I crazy or does Syd have a wild case of melasma going on?

No. 1044262

Being bipolar and being unmedicated can cause your pupils to be larger than normal, especially when going thru a manic episode

No. 1044264

I know syd is a horrible person and all but Jonny is still punching well above his weight, at least looks wise.
I can’t get over how bad those huge red fucking face tats are. Just like I can’t get over her ugly ass nose piercings. WHY?

No. 1044273

Bet he tells her his shoes cost more than her ring when they have a fall out.

No. 1044284

File: 1600937810516.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 4AFCC811-84B8-431D-8196-2A45E6…)

How swollen are her feet??? And why does she post them?? I almost threw up

No. 1044286

Are you retarded? That's her baby.

No. 1044290

Please delete this, it reflects so badly on farmers

No. 1044296

File: 1600940395182.gif (1.65 MB, 275x207, 39B87849-7198-425E-95A5-F70F39…)

No. 1044311

fucking hell anon really thought those baby feet were syds and she called them 'the best little feet that ever were'


No. 1044313

hahaha he would though.
Nailed it, anon

No. 1044315

File: 1600943279669.png (5.66 MB, 1242x2688, F6CA6E29-EA94-473F-A7DA-D23A74…)


No. 1044325

This has been posted. Start lurking more!

No. 1044340

Nta but technically not the full photo where we can also see her hideous brows and crispy fried hair.

No. 1044368

This story honestly made me sad. I have terrible taste I'll admit but in his DGD prime he was "somewhat" hot… Now he's just a bloated pig and his voice sounds like shit. I don't think he's going to be alive much longer honestly

No. 1044369

taking bets on them
a. breaking up for good before actually getting married
b. eloping spontaneously after a fight
c. having an actual white trash wedding

No. 1044375


All my bets are on B.

No. 1044385

Me too because isn't that basically how they got engaged anyway? Him trying to win her back after all her vague posting about how much her life sucks?

No. 1044386

Bets on A

No. 1044393


Exactly. He's gotta keep moving that lovebomb bar forward every time he fucks up. She's too pathetic to leave him though, he doesn't realize he doesn't have to do any of this, she'd stay with him even without Storm or a marriage.

No. 1044395

I don’t see Syd not going through with a white trash wedding. How else is she going to dunk on Jonny’s exes as being the one to finally become “Mrs. Jonny Craig”? And being with JC is literally the only thing she has in her life

No. 1044396

B for sure. Jonny talked big about a cancun proposal and then took her to a cali beach lol. It'll be the same for the wedding. Syd will plan a trashy goffic wedding and jonny will maybe buy her a walmart cake and some discount halloween decorations to celebrate in syds (mom's) house.

No. 1044554

If she thinks those eyebrows actually look good, her wedding would be white-trashy no matter what.

No. 1044625

File: 1600979329984.jpeg (394.57 KB, 2048x2048, 230FE937-BEFB-42E4-8C31-54E446…)

No. 1044707


No. 1044729

no, a close up of that fug ring was posted dumb ass. Start paying attention more

No. 1044732

Also, are her pupils looking pinned? not an H expert lol.

No. 1044734

Bets on A bit can see B happening. She’s gonna change her last name to Craig ASAP.

Also, too bad he doesn’t get royalties on his music. So even if they divorce or he dies she won’t get much. lol.

A though and hoping for a TND reunion after lulz

No. 1044741

I genuinely think it’s the sun and we are always being like pinned eyes means there high in this thread. I get it when it’s a normal room but you can literally see the suns reflecting on her skin. Even my eyes get pinned in the sun.

I know jonny is a druggie and I wouldn’t be surprised but heroine goes through breast milk. I highly doubt they would risk there child’s life for a high

No. 1044774

Imagine trying your hardest to fuck bert mccrakin and you settle for JC ahahahaha

No. 1044860

She really just slaps her brows on without blending them in the front or touching them up at all huh lol.

No. 1044971

That’s what I thought anon, you’re right about the sun. She def smokes weed while breastfeeding tho. Don’t think she’ll breastfeed for long too.

No. 1044979

I bet she smokes weed too. Sadly because it’s not federally legal, they can’t technically do the proper testing on how it would effect infant development

if she were smoking pregnant too, oh god I just hope not

I don’t think weed is bad either if your the legal age limit, but I just think it’s horrible to involve a child

No. 1045039

Is she high? Wtf those are some ugly ass feet. Like fat midget feet. Oh wait…

No. 1045042

i agree with you that a high isnt worth the childs life but i am unsure if drug addiction works that way, anon

No. 1045051

If Syd wasn’t using before, she’s not going to start now that she has a newborn that both her and Johnny are still involved with. Even Johnny isn’t that stupid. I don’t think, at least.

No. 1045103

How do people not see that these are the baby’s feet lmao.

No. 1045105

Honestly it’s so blaringly obviously little infant feet it’s weirding me out people can’t figure this out

No. 1045173

Ah shit, here we go again.
Another idiot that can't recognize baby feet from adult's feet.

No. 1045270

Ah shit here we go again. Another anon that doesn't get it

No. 1045283

What are you on about ? Just curious

No. 1045451


I’m not the one who posted the picture but guys, it was an honest mistake. There’s no need to be rude. I honestly thought for a moment myself that they were her feet, until I saw the comments about it being baby feet.

Syd calls herself small and little and likes to remind everyone, every chance she gets, I mean shit that was what her whole personality revolved around before she became White trash mommy. So the caption containing the word “little” could have confused some. Again, not the anon that posted the photo - just trying to stand up for them. It was an honest mistake, and we’ve all made them.

I think we should all just bond over our mutual disdain or these two idiot cows. (Unless someone’s being completely stupid/out of line)

No. 1045455

Is it possible for her to get her brows micro bladed even tho there’s basically no hair? (She shaves two thirds of them off). Homegirl’s brows need SERIOUS TLC like by yesterday. I wonder if Jonny likes them/what he thinks of them. He HATED Taylor’s lips “Oh did she get her stupid lips done again?” -from his livestream.

As he should. Idk why the hell she went all out and so overboard, she could have gotten a smaller size, and looked fine. Human. Pretty, even. (pls don’t kill me for saying that) and not a blow up sex doll.

No. 1045457

Shit, I thought they were all product and no actual hair.

No. 1045458

B FOR SURE. Who the hell would come to their wedding? Even if they invited a bunch of people, like Jonny’s “friends” in the scene, how many would actually show up? How embarrassing for Sydnotsosmall. She would have a meltdown, right before walking down the aisle. She probably would anyway.

No. 1045468

Her wedding dress would have to be an extra plus sized "my first communion" kids dress that was measured off the proportions of a beer keg. Why invite anyone to see you like -that- marry -this dude-? At least if they eloped she could shop some of her "biggest mistake ever made" weight off.

No. 1045481

File: 1601098187004.png (2.14 MB, 1242x2688, FF285764-3515-4D47-AF3A-E8A1DF…)

Anyone could Ask for? But they fight constantly via ig stories, and he cheats on her.

No. 1045490

No. 1045506

I am also hoping for a TND reunion and then he gets back with Syd. Lord pleaseeee.

No. 1045507

I think she’ll breastfeed for as long as possible. Anything to cut down costs on baby stuff (formula).

Who is supporting this unfortunate child? Her mom I’m assuming? (Unfortunate because of his parents, I think he’s precious and wish the best for him)

Why don’t they get on government assistance? Syd could totally get a SS check for her mental illness… if she would fucking acknowledge it though.

No. 1045524

Some states are drug testing for assistance programs.

No. 1045525

What's that old saying, if he does it with me he'll likely do it to me? He's never seemed to me like the kind of guy to take commitment seriously. Syd said he flew her out to see him, that they were talking on instagram for awhile. If he cheated on taylor with you syd, what makes you special? Not even being purposefully mean I just don't get how this goes over peoples heads when getting in new relationships.

No. 1045546

Those dumb clout goggles made her not see that. Her nobody ass wanted an ugly rockstar junkie because all she had before that was being short as her whole personality. No matter the what it takes, including making a poor innocent child the bandaid.
With other women I'm sure the logic is "people chaaange" or "I'm differuntttt" when in reality they are gravely underestimating the pathological horniness of most dudes.

No. 1045563

Here you are telling others not to be rude while being rude about baby feet yourself.
When you (or others) are allowed to give rude comments about someone's posts then every one else is allowed being rude about your "honest mistake".

No. 1045594

And let the infighting begin. I can tell you're a bunch of single bitter women hahaha^

No. 1045596

Johnny boy back at it again

No. 1045628

MAJOR tinfoil

No. 1045630

>single bitter women
What do relationships have to do with the fact that your hobbit looks so swollen that people could believe that chunky baby feet were hers at a glance kek

No. 1045727

>using "single" as an insult
>in 2020

Johnny fucking wishes he were still single lmao

No. 1045844

Hahaha what a faggot

No. 1045858

What did Syd even do? You hate her for the fact she's engaged to Jonny, and that Jonny is finally clean and doing better than ever. If you want to keep talking shit that's whatever you're gonna do it anyway, but you can't take away from what they have.(whiteknighting)

No. 1045871

LOL Jonny clean!! Stop your making my sides hurt! KEK!

No. 1045877

they have nothing

No. 1046001

I'm still fucking laughing at the feet holy shit lol I just know by looking at her that she has cankles and that's probably why everyone thought so too. and says so much that we all know she's insane enough to post a comic sans shitty weird photo praising her own feet dear lord I'm dead

No. 1046008

>hate her
Lol who says we hate her? Just shit talking here. She’s a psycho ass bitch and Jonnys a dead beat junkie.

If you’re her friend, tell her to dump Jonny and get help for her mental illness before she ruins her baby’s chance at a decent life. Poor thing was born with a job and is already down a shit path. He didn’t ask to be born to two inept retards.

No. 1046021

I don’t even hate syd i just genuinely enjoy pointing out her flaws. Jonny is even milkier.

No. 1046209

File: 1601180037242.jpeg (200.43 KB, 750x604, 767F5E0A-9C8D-4C9E-A94F-47DFCD…)

This needs to be the song where she walks down the aisle.

No. 1046756

File: 1601243041075.png (4.39 MB, 750x1334, ED2EE638-D898-4B16-9E87-9BA39B…)

Wow. Another thing he blew money on that could have gone towards Storm.

No. 1046757

File: 1601243081665.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, F9ECFF23-08A6-4197-961A-E19007…)


No. 1046761


His style is so WHACK. I don’t understand. Every pair of shoes he blows god knows how much on is fugly as hell. I also want to point out that this man frequently uses the phrase “back on my bullshit” at 34 years old.

No. 1046784

WTF is his deal with shoes, ffs. It's like he's the reincarnation of Imelda Marcos or something.

No. 1046888

he never left his bullshit in the first place lmao >>1046761

No. 1046931

she's not dead retard

No. 1046938

When people are too fat for cool clothes, they hoard shoes

No. 1047832

That anon never said that person was dead. Chill out. I swear this thread and the TND thread are full of rude bitches that prioritize arguing with and insulting other anons, more than focusing on the milk and insulting these three cows. All it does is clog up the thread, and now I’m clogging up the thread by pointing this out. It’s fucking annoying and it’s not needed. We’re supposed to be making fun of Jonny and Syd. But go ahead and keep clogging the thread up by being so hostile towards everyone here.

No. 1047852

>doesn't want everyone to be "hostile" uwu

>we're SUPPOSED to be making fun of Jonny and Syd

El oh el can't have it both ways:)(:))

No. 1047906

Who are you talking to? If your gonna use the thread at least read the fucking rules and stop infighting and clogging up the thread

No. 1047957

Sage for skateboard autism but he not only spent money on those nyjah shoes, he also has new trucks and wheels which is like 100+ dollars because the board is scratched from board slides yet the trucks are in pristine condition and the wheels are white and not black from asphalt or concrete. He put new a new set up on an old deck

>t. Sk8fag

No. 1048803

No new milk in 24 hours? Wow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048833

Bumping the thread to say this? Wow.

No. 1048894

You bumped the thread to you fuckface I’m not even that anon but your post was so autistic

No. 1048895

do you even know how this site works

No. 1049112

I am kind of autistic but at least I know the difference between “to”, “too”, and “two”

No. 1049224

Oh my god I've never said this but newfags you are so retarded


No. 1049787

File: 1601612685296.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, EAC0B3F4-CA5C-4384-9EF3-EEBD46…)

That nose tho. Lookin like a witch. And Jonny’s big ol oaf hand. Cute memory, SydSoBitchy.

No. 1049985

the thread pic and these actual orthopaedic shoes really have me convinced this dude is a weird fat crusty grandpa

No. 1049987

File: 1601640667235.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2577, Screenshot_20201002-054115~2.p…)

Jonny removed Syd from his bio which is a first

No. 1050004

File: 1601643007963.jpg (62.35 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20201002_085137.jpg)

I noticed that. This in his stories too

No. 1050037

I wouldn’t take either of these things as a sign of a break up. He still has his little family emoji in his bio. Besides he shouts “fuck ___” into the void too often for it to clearly be targeted at Syd

No. 1050290

File: 1601672640669.png (1.47 MB, 1454x2048, Screenshot_20201002-131757.png)

She's back in his bio after there attention starve asses didn't get the attention they wanted kek

No. 1050388


That's the "my life peaked when I scored this washed up singer" smile. It's nice to have goals lol.

No. 1050526

File: 1601689957157.png (3.69 MB, 750x1334, 2C399A41-83C7-4F51-8525-ACD5D2…)

What the FUCK is he wearing? Out in Public, too. Saying “humunuh humunuh humunuh” lmao

No. 1050543

And people think this ass hat is sober lol

No. 1050559

File: 1601693801930.png (1.33 MB, 688x1396, p2w8gRg.png)

this mf looks like he's wearing a barrel kek

No. 1050563

lol right? He looks absolutely faded in the last vid

No. 1050578

lmao no one believes that- Sud is just in denial

No. 1050580

File: 1601695876059.png (185.42 KB, 407x731, jonny.PNG)

wow damn it sorry forgot to post the ss

No. 1050616

File: 1601702347518.jpeg (664.32 KB, 1125x2007, E1F891C5-0754-4B11-B72A-18E696…)

Pre-Chorus 2]
I'm just a call for love
But you can't get closer
Somehow I'm always too much
Yet never enough

I'm just a burden, I'm just a burden
And I need your love
And I need your love
I'm so uncertain, tired of yearning
I just need your love
I just need your love

I could almost believe you
When you said that you loved me
I could almost believe you
When you said that you loved me
I could almost believe you
When you said that you know I'll be fine

(I'm just a burden)
I'll be fine

No. 1050664

You know anon I thought that too but virtually all his supporters think he's sober right now. On his latest YouTube video all the comments are about how he's gained weight and 'looks sober' but the truth is he's puffed from H and alcohol most likely

No. 1050670

File: 1601712599317.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201003-010230.png)

My god if he doesn't kill himself in the next few years I'll be stunned. Sage for no one's cares but I've sadly seen a lot of addiction IRL and everything he does reeks of an addict not getting the help they need and spiraling. Who posts videos of themselves like these when they're sober / have an adult life with responsibilities? Not to mention a baby to take care of? My hats off to you Jonny you've outdone yourself & I am dumb for thinking maybe a son would humble you a bit. I can't imagine having a beautiful baby like storm and buying myself shoes and romping around in a fucking barrel by myself during my days.

No. 1050920

File: 1601748306058.png (173.19 KB, 475x475, garbador.png)


I know what Pokemon he is.

No. 1050942

File: 1601751712612.png (9.69 MB, 1125x2436, AB5C5D3A-AFAE-4D0C-A6D2-E8B6B3…)

Jonny boy punching holes in walls again I assume with the fucked up hand.

No. 1051038

File: 1601761225388.jpeg (106.21 KB, 750x932, A774AF69-265D-4A3F-A986-CC7015…)

Lmao everyone was giving Jonny so much shit in his new post for being high

No. 1051051

File: 1601762585296.jpeg (260.96 KB, 1242x1814, 10AB2942-5D24-40CA-ABEE-75E8C4…)

Comments on Jonny’s insta post

No. 1051062

File: 1601763821570.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, EBAD412C-03C5-41CB-AA96-15F3AC…)

Those pants are so tight, homie needs to buy some spanx.

No. 1051066

File: 1601764122760.jpg (176.95 KB, 1080x1594, 20201003_152959.jpg)

No. 1051075

He limited comments on the post

No. 1051078

>He wishes he was high on life and happiness and not what he’s on

Did she just out him lol

No. 1051087

Yep. And that he's cheating. We've been suspecting it forever but something big must have happened for Syd to publicly post about it.

No. 1051089

File: 1601767336924.jpeg (150.91 KB, 750x1288, 4F2939DC-7698-422D-86D0-70A267…)

No. 1051090

File: 1601767460679.jpeg (112.34 KB, 746x1180, 06921262-366F-4BDF-B803-8F99E6…)

No. 1051093

File: 1601767650276.jpeg (118.13 KB, 750x1288, 796AD9D3-1268-4386-92AE-CE8DC0…)

No. 1051094

File: 1601767786633.jpeg (159.82 KB, 1201x856, 36D81570-B83D-4875-9662-CD2AF3…)

No. 1051104

I dont know about that anon, granted that jonny has always been a cheating piece of shit and doesnt think is wrong to cheat but syd has constantly tweek out out of jealousy, so I am not keen to jump on the tinfoil he cheated but him being high is defo a big probability. Irregardless, grateful for the milk and how quickly things fell apart after their engagement.

No. 1051106

Which one of these unrecognizable blurs is supposed to be a girl?

And how does she know it's a girl if all of Johnny's friends are slobs with long greasy hair?

No. 1051109

Lmfao. This is gold. All of these comments. For one, how psycho do you gotta be to post all of these comments on his pic. I love it. But it’s a little more infuriating now because she admitted she knows he is on drugs and cheating and still won’t get her innocent son out of that shitty situation.

No. 1051110

File: 1601769239515.png (452.79 KB, 1125x2436, 05DB9E4A-EE6E-45E4-846B-638BEE…)

Goddamn. This is a lot.

No. 1051113

File: 1601769445231.jpeg (133.71 KB, 750x1283, D4950226-ED0D-4CE6-94E0-7F4C1D…)

Sounds like the trash took itself out to me

No. 1051120


I like how she’s talking all this mess about him but still is presently calling herself his fiancée. Pathetic. You know all this about what he’s doing but choose to stay.

No. 1051130

Doubt this will change anything, as long as Syd can say he's "Mrs. Jonny Craig. She'll still hang on to him even with his drugs and cheating. She's fucking pathetic!!

No. 1051131

File: 1601770985432.jpeg (152.39 KB, 828x609, 190D8E47-6540-4502-A371-CA72F0…)

Wonder which chicks she’s referring to on his Twitter I couldn’t find anything

No. 1051137

We fucking told you Syd! Why don't any of these stupid fucking bitches listen!! Honestly she deserves it, like the rest of them

No. 1051146

File: 1601772136134.jpeg (142.55 KB, 750x1280, 1D255164-4440-4471-93F0-8C27B5…)

Still jealous of random chicks on insta

No. 1051156

File: 1601772778683.png (333.23 KB, 1440x2424, Screenshot_20201003-185321~2.p…)

From some Twitter account. If it's true he just up and left her and storm! That's fucked!

No. 1051159


I'm curious what "left" really means in this context, given his habit of taking off for a few days very frequently. What makes this different– did he take all of his shit and he's not coming back? I know we'll just have to wait for answers but surely something big happened for her to be freaking out like this.

Sounds like she can't get ahold of him and is sperging out in his comments to try to get his attention.

No. 1051162

File: 1601773336482.png (229.74 KB, 750x1334, 7012E1E7-384B-4B7C-A321-00C2B7…)

So since she is clearly furious with Jonny, I wonder if this post is about her ex, A? Anthony or whatever? By the way, I can’t believe (well yeah who am I kidding, I actually can) that this happened SO quick after the proposal. Anyone know exactly when he proposed so we can see how long they were engaged before he up and left her? I guess I’ll go scroll up and find out myself lol.

No. 1051168

I wonder if Syd will actually be done with him now… I know she’s pathetic and what not but this is seriously beyond fucked up. Leaving your three month old son and fiancé DAYS after you proposed and leaving with all the money too, that was for the baby. The money he made himself, but still, LEAVE something for the fucking baby! What a soulless piece of shit! I bet the clout and attention of just being his fiancé might just be enough for Syd, and this is just my tinfoil so I’ll sage but maybe she’ll be done now and either go back to her ex (idk if he’ll take her back, honestly tho) or look for another musician to get with. She’s certainly gonna take this to the bank and post about it as much as she can, for max sympathy points. But even I agree this was FUCKED of him to do.

I wonder what caused it?

No. 1051182

File: 1601774197287.png (479.19 KB, 828x1792, 336760A8-68DA-4C3A-92F7-A7724D…)

I think is this?? He is just saying to his rando fans?? So stupid, this is super entertaining that syd outted him out of blameless jeslousy! Keep it up syd!

No. 1051186

That Fatal Doll girl on Twitter is not even cute. She’s probably just a friend, or he’s friends with her dude or something. But either way, someone will definitely end up sending that to Syd (or she already stalks his Twitter and will see it) and it will make her jealous anyway.

No. 1051191

She's not cute but she's cuter than Syd, and she's only as good looking as Jonney and we all know he'll fuck whatever garbage waste he can get. He'll fuck her and dump her, all the while knowing Syd's at home with their son like the cuckquean she is.

No. 1051200

Can we stop saying these women are cute when they are all fucking ugly

No. 1051205

Thank you. I get we’re all here to shit on syd but she ugly. He ugly. They’re all ugly. The baby cute tho.

No. 1051210

I checked his ig post. It looks like she’s deleting her comments or he is. Some of them disappeared. I can’t find the one where she says it’s a girl or that he is high

No. 1051213

I noticed that too but she's still commenting right now. Just saying "lol" to people that are telling him they're disappointed.

No. 1051344

Thank you. What I originally meant by she’s not cute was that she’s ugly.

No. 1051347

Lmao so I checked and they’ve been engaged for ten days. Didn’t even make it two weeks. Woooow lmao. Not that I expected any different, these two dumbfucks fight every other day. Almost every single day…

No. 1051427

File: 1601808612247.png (335.31 KB, 828x1792, A088EDF6-FC27-477A-87AC-7C66DB…)

Still some there and everyone’s backing syd now.

No. 1051441

File: 1601811972267.png (267.31 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201004-044137.png)

Her twitter bio says she has a husband, I really don't think she's who syd's worried about but idk that's just a feeling I get. Everything was too quiet from their end & it was just too sus, this was the explosion I've been waiting for lol

No. 1051448

File: 1601813009730.png (301.57 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201004-050446.png)

From Twitter 1/2

No. 1051449

File: 1601813039837.png (197.47 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201004-050451.png)


No. 1051471

No. 1051500


I seriously doubt that Syd is specifically jealous of this girl – it really just seems like a quick public interaction with a fan. However, the fact that she didn't know where he was until he got randomly spotted by a fan would be upsetting. Taking off without a word is his MO and if she basically discovered his whereabouts via a random Twitter fan, it makes sense she'd be mad.

On top of that, Jonny has a well documented history of cheating. So Syd is probably not wrong about him meeting up with other girls. He just didn't meet up with this particular girl.

Syd is paranoid and histrionic, but Jonny is actually guilty of everything she fears, so it's kinda hard to tell where the actual facts of the matter lie. I'd definitely believe he's cheating in general right now though.

No. 1051501

Why is she doing all this knowing damn well she won't leave him

No. 1051508


Most likely she wants him to show regret for his actions. Publicly own up to it and apologize and promise to do better. No idea why she would stay with this fuckwad knowing his history and current events, but I guess this is the hill she wants to die on.

No. 1051520

You'd have to high on heroin to think of take her back

(Thanks for the ban btw)


No. 1051543

This is what I don't understand. You know the guy is literally a flaming pile of shit when you got together, why would you think anything would change that? If TND couldn't with her actual clout and YT money why would he change for a nobody? He doesn't care that you gave birth to his kid

No. 1051575

He didn't care the first time someone gave birth to his kid why would he all of a sudden give a shit about anyone but himself?

No. 1051589

She's a raging crazy bitch but I kind of admire her autism commenting on every single fan comment so he'll lose more lol

No. 1051733

File: 1601845251636.jpg (414.02 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20201004_165954.jpg)

Someone just woke up

No. 1051738

File: 1601845536365.png (67.86 KB, 1440x551, Screenshot_20201004-170401~3.p…)

The irony of syd liking this post after airing out thier dirty laundry like a fucking psycho

No. 1051739

Kek. I hope she’s making him a miserable piece of shit with her psycho antics. He deserves it.

No. 1051740

That is fucking pure irony. He's probably directing this right at her passively aggressively and she's too stupid to realize it. Clearly she just sits waiting on social media for him to do anything too. So desperate for that "Mrs. Jonny Craig" title… Like this is what comes with it. Disappearing husband, cheating, heroin, lies, bullshit… Congratulations? Lol

No. 1051747

Lol syds comments yesterday were great and to see this today even better

No. 1051756

File: 1601847470795.png (3.03 MB, 1269x2048, Screenshot_20201005-073848.png)

24th of September he posted this.
As other anon said, roughly 10 days?

No. 1051758

Uh, yeah good counting skills anon

No. 1051760


A normal adult would just leave their partner without saying a word to anyone else but these two are stuck being dramatic 15 year olds. Hell, I'm sure highschoolers are more mature than these two

No. 1051791

File: 1601851233730.png (181.29 KB, 750x1334, 958BBD10-159C-4A1F-AEB0-DF4480…)

What’s he confused about?

No. 1051805

He finally came down off his drug binge and realized what had happened lol. I can’t believe after that shit storm he’s still in her bio and she’s liking his replacement post. But then again yes I can.

No. 1051818

Tell your 'fiance' not to dump it all publicly then? You're a public figure I guessed you'd know eyes are on your life? Lmao he can't handle criticism for shit. Honestly the only way he can redeem himself in my eyes is to go to rehab and actually give a fuck about what they say and get help. We all know that's not going to happen but I genuinely hope he does and at least tries to be in storms life. He'll most likely be storms dead beat dad that facebook messages him every few years when he needs something.

No. 1051964

JC won't change his behaviour until he hits rock bottom, and he's the kind of cockroach that won't ever get there.

No. 1052085

File: 1601884913532.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201005-010234.png)

Showing her where he's at? This makes no sense to me but alright

No. 1052086

File: 1601885029932.png (2.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201005-010245.png)

Ah yes the old heroin and ice cream bender, a classic combination for rejuvenating mind, body & soul

No. 1052092

He’s in the apartments on top of the shake shack on Hollywood blvd. Have at it anons

No. 1052126

I love how people think he's sober bc he's fat, but then he posts shit like this. Fat people can get high, too.

No. 1052139

Chris Farley approves this message

No. 1052145

Cass Elliot approves this message

No. 1052176

Is this supposed to be of some significance?

No. 1052197

How can his broke ass afford that?

No. 1052200

John Candy approves this message

No. 1052234

Luna Slater approves this message

No. 1052254

Dolly Mattel approves this message

No. 1052294

The fuck are we supposed to do kek

No. 1052327

Philip Seymour Hoffman approves this message

No. 1052407

>not your personal army

No. 1052410

John Belushi approves this message

No. 1052416

kek he would be staying by a funko store

No. 1052440

He’s probably staying at some girls place. You think he’d be able to rent one out

No. 1052460

File: 1601931203464.png (617.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201005-135310.png)

No one should be trusting you either lol

No. 1052465

File: 1601931521037.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201005-135257.png)

Imagine being in your late 20s / early 30s and posting song lyrics this often to express yourself. Syd gives off energy like her development got stunted big time and she's perpetually an angry 15 year old. Idk if jonny prays on stupid women or it's just his type because he's clearly no scholar but yikes either way to the both of them.

No. 1052469

File: 1601931614134.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201005-135248.png)

Last one & I'm done sorry for filling up the thread it's just so funny to me after their big blow out all she can do is post sad song lyrics and presumably sit & wallow in her self pity

No. 1052470

>Getting in a fight with your bf and posting vague song lyrics on snapchat

Imagine being over the age of 14 and doing this smh

No. 1052503

File: 1601934305777.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, 052ED196-E8B5-4089-AB75-283853…)

Idk who’s hands those are but looks like a crackhead with those dirty fingers clutching a cigarette. And is he gonna try to make money on the stock market now? That should be a rollercoaster ride.

No. 1052552

File: 1601938806449.png (8.74 MB, 1125x2436, F57F601D-ED5A-4D77-AFDB-02D40F…)

Looks like he deleted the other one and posted this. So is he finally admitting his music career is a joke and doesn’t pay shit?

No. 1052553

Excited for Jonny’s wallstreetbets saga. There is no possible way this can go well for him.

No. 1052578

My thoughts exactly plus he’ll never stick with it. The first time he’s itching for drugs or some lame designer merch he’ll sell all his shares to get the cash.

No. 1052586

Probably this new scheme that's been rotating about foreign exchange marketing. "turn your smartphone into an atm" I've seen a few profiles littered with ads about it.

No. 1052631

He's about to go into even more debt. Investing in the stock market and expecting to make a stable income is the same as thinking playing slot machines or blackjack will give you a stable income.
Even so, if you want to make a significant amount of money, you have to invest a, even more significant amount of money. I'm sure he doesn't have enough cash up front to buy anything other than penny stocks, and I'd bet money he doesn't know he'll have to pay higher taxes on his earnings if he's looking to make a quick buck.

No. 1052706

File: 1601953237014.jpeg (174.83 KB, 1125x2007, 06FA23F3-06A1-48AD-BFA4-3FA732…)

No. 1052957

He deleted the posts lmao! too late for damage control now jonny boy!

No. 1052995

Syd.so.psycho probably thought if a baby couldn’t change him maybe shaming him on his IG would do the trick kek
It’s not a bad tactic. You gotta hit narcs right in the ego.

No. 1053045


How fucking desperate and lonely do you have to be to publicly stalk ur "fiance's" page talking about how he's on a drug bender and cheating on u and STILL BE WITH HIM? Syd…that's the most pathetic thing i've ever heard.

No. 1053867

File: 1602096784244.png (8.21 MB, 1125x2436, 0A8515A1-F02D-4517-A3F4-868441…)

How lazy can you be to complain about how hard it is to get free money? Go get a fucking job at a gas station. Also, how are you gonna try to show off Gucci clothes and $900 shoes and then advertise you're trying to get state benefits? The definition of scum.

No. 1053898

He’s probably trying to get Storm on state assistance. He will equate this to supporting his kid and dip out.

No. 1053899

Holy moly. You’re right it’s embarrassing. Also he isn’t about to get “paid.” I emailed EDD in July and still haven’t heard back. Even if he does get approved (highly unlikely since he’s technically self employed). They only give you a literal fraction of your earnings. Also he might not qualify because you need to have a consistent amount of income to qualify. I doubt he made enough to get approved.

No. 1053931

File: 1602104304398.png (1.83 MB, 828x1792, F14427E5-E364-4042-BF0A-6C9120…)

I’d love to know what’s going on he looks wrecked all the time

No. 1053973

Definition of washed up. He used to be kinda cute back in DGD and Slaves days.

No. 1054058

So he went from robinhood stock bro to govt assistance in a span of 24hours? Impressive.
And are we still staying the fuck out of his personal life while he chooses to post all his pathetic financial details.

No. 1054066

File: 1602122806702.png (477.68 KB, 828x1792, IMG_4404.PNG)

so Jonny just posted a video of him having a karaoke session with his sister. shortly after, Sydney posts this message on her story. I don't want to jump to conclusions but is this bitch actually upset that Jonny is spending time with his sister?

No. 1054081

What if it's not his sister though , I mean it could be but he's also high and always lying according to all his exes so idk that's my dumb tintfoil

No. 1054082

I wouldn't be shocked if that were true, she has meltdowns whenever she's not literally clinging to him

No. 1054084

>>1054081 it is his sister. I did some digging and he has one sister by the name of Natalie, plus he looks exactly like the chick.

No. 1054095

He did a song with Natalie on it too

No. 1054111


maybe she's pissed off he's not at home helping her out not that he's with his sister

No. 1054112

I mean when you're stuck at home with a slobbering shit machine while the man who seeded you gets to go out being high and having fun….I get why she's resentful. Like it's her fault, but it makes sense. She's probably also jealous because she sees him having a different positive energy with another female, even if that is his sister.

No. 1054268

She’s probably also jealous because she’s made it known she loves to sing and would do anything for people to hear her. She had that video at one point of her on stage with Jonny I thought but looks like it’s gone. She’s probably mad he’s letting his sister use his platform for that and not her.

No. 1054458

Why's Jonny in LA? And not at home helping raise his baby?

No. 1054461

So some of Taylor's claims do make sense. Specially with Syds bpd rage and airing our all there dirty laundry. The only time Syd takes pics of Jonny is when he's passed out. Probably happy he'll be sober in the morning. Or probably the only time he's calm and not strung out

No. 1054683

Okay I’ll bite, what claims are you referring to

No. 1054689

He’s a junkie, the only time they are not assholes is when they are high. The morning is the worst because you need your fix ASAP.

No. 1055167

File: 1602271055209.png (224.27 KB, 828x1792, FBCEFBAC-6E81-4F54-9EB9-18ABEA…)

No. 1055478

Karmas a bitch lol. How may people trusted this dude over the years only to be shit on? Just more manipulative bs

No. 1055516

File: 1602301411137.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x2001, 7899BAF0-587A-4036-975C-AACF1D…)

Interesting use of something with the word “trust” after JC posted about the people he trusted… tinfoil lol

No. 1055517

File: 1602301434092.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x2030, B5DAD810-F4EA-4948-BC3B-33993D…)

His fingers look like sausages

No. 1055530

File: 1602304213325.jpeg (82.88 KB, 828x1426, 337BC9DA-542F-4100-B7F8-71DCAA…)

I wonder how this one will go

No. 1055543


His swollen hands make it seem like he's getting congestive heart failure.

No. 1055555

Is it bad i read this as she was asking her followers if she should live- as in…stay alive. Kek
She knows what people are going to ask…I guess she’s counting on it.

No. 1055566

Hahaha I’m glad I’m not alone, anon. I absolutely read it this way too.

No. 1055576

File: 1602311703063.png (361.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201009-233605.png)

Who's Travis?

No. 1055577

File: 1602311791086.png (323.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201009-233611.png)

Lmao imagine dealing with this woman irl

No. 1055578

File: 1602311968914.png (407.79 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201009-233620.png)

'any strangers wanna help me make jonny jealous ? he's actively fucking up rn and I want my turn to do fuck all' is how this read to me idk about y'all

No. 1055633

Where the fuck is your baby, Syd? You know, the actual infant who needs his mother, not the overgrown manbaby you keep chasing after ONLY because a lot of people know who he is & you want that for yourself. What a shameless attention starved dramawhore.

No. 1055635

wait where do jonny and syd live? does this mean she's leaving the baby to chase him down in LA? or try to make him jealous with a rando in LA I guess?

No. 1055638

They were crashing in her mom's trailer in TX(?) so it's extremely likely she just left the baby there. No way she flew to LA with a newborn, she can't hold a baby and spam that much shit on insta at the same time, the poor kid must spend most of it's time just watching her text.

No. 1055643

I bet she’s going to resent the baby, he’s going to be a constant reminder of Jonny and how bad she fucked up her life.

No. 1055647

I bet she already does, or else she wouldn't be chimping out this hard, publicly, over a bloated corpse like his father and would be focused on being the best mom she could be.

No. 1055700

Thought her and her mom lived in San Jose. But yeah this definitely screams “I’m trying to make Jonny jealous, someone please help me out”.

No. 1055747

AYRT, I wasn't sure hence the ?.

No. 1055761

if i recalled correctly, travis was her best friend in the past

No. 1055898

File: 1602360757606.png (2.07 MB, 828x1792, EF144AD5-08B7-40DA-B342-D1C4FA…)

You know he only love bombs like this because they are in a fight again. Typical kek

No. 1055903

in réponse to what he wrote on that photo, I love how he wrote "without you I don't have a home." actually Jonny with her you don't even have a home. actually neither of you do. Syds moms place isn't yours and its nots syds.

No. 1055909

They have never lived in TX. That was Jonny’s last three exes, TND, Chelsea, Liz. Syd is from San Jose and still lives there with her mom and the baby.

No. 1055955

I feel like he always leaves his girlfriends alone saying he’s working on all these projects but we never actually see these projects completed. It’s an excuse to run and cheat but they’re all too dumb to figure that out.

No. 1055974

File: 1602367705161.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, E1F2EB83-1CD0-4D35-A40E-A094CD…)

She should

No. 1055986

Always baffles me that he finds desperate, insecure dumbasses that will sleep with him.

No. 1056026

File: 1602373511284.png (282.47 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201010-164626.png)

LMAO I bet you do Syd, I bet you do

No. 1056027

File: 1602373566556.png (436.33 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201010-164620.png)

Honestly? I hope he's super duper extra miserable today. I find it so hilarious.

No. 1056078

Shouldn’t his biggest obligation be his son? If he had a real career that made him enough money to support his family I could see going on trips for weeks at a time but he’s literally just getting high with his buddies and fucking off while she is living like a single mom.

No. 1056086

Even if he is a cheater, this is abusive in itself.

Nobody is making you stay with him, Syd. In fact, everyone is telling your stupid, sorry ass to leave him. Anything he does to you after you choose to stay knowing how he is, is on you and nobody is gonna asspat you for being embroiled in white trash junkie drama instead of even thinking about your baby and how you plan to provide for him without his deadbeat sperm donor "dad".

No. 1056101


not like any sane, self-respecting woman or even one with an ounce of taste would go near him anyway.

No. 1056111

>hope I get this CD done quick

He keeps trying to hold on to this public image that he's a successful musician and anyone outside of the business might get fooled by this shit. As if "making a CD" is a term used by musicians in 2020. It seems impressive to anyone with no knowledge of the modern music industry. No one makes "CDs" anymore. He's hanging out with burn outs and diddling around in home studios. His terminology is outdated because he's stuck in the days when making a CD was still relevant.

No. 1056118

This. He's doing buddy-tier busywork to get him around his user friends and clout chasing groupies.

No. 1056200

File: 1602395603378.png (248.21 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201010-225345.png)

No. 1056201

File: 1602395711640.png (446.48 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201010-225352.png)

Is he going to fucking kill himself or is he talking about his cd? I don't like him but Jesus I don't want him to off himself

No. 1056237

how gullible do you have to be to think this fat fuck would ever kill himself intentionally? accidental od maybe, but he’s way too much of an attention whore to end shit permanently.

No. 1056280

I think he’s talking about his co called “cd” lol

No. 1056651

File: 1602458908451.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 87CDB549-9AA4-43CB-9F48-E8044E…)

And the love bombing continues

No. 1056656


That kid has so much hair! Very cute. Shame he has these two idiots as parents, but he didn't get to choose.

No. 1056682

what a cute picture and baby, fuck the parents though

No. 1056741

jonny would be more useful to syd and storm in death lmao his life insurance is probably more than he has in the bank

No. 1056791

If he didn't cash that out for a fix a long time ago.

No. 1056833

Hes well known for being broke in my opinion

No. 1056849

Don’t give syd any ideas, u know she’s psycho

No. 1056872

I don’t think people usually get life insurance until they’re married after their childhood policy expires. Unless I missed the part where he brags about his life insurance policy

No. 1056909

People who are knowledgeable about insurance and/or responsible (or at least more so than Johnny) get it before marriage because it’s cheaper when you’re young. I doubt he has any life insurance or any investments for that matter. And with his drug abuse history and health he wouldn’t qualify for a policy at this point. If he did, it would be insanely expensive. He’s too busy spending his measly earnings on shoes and drugs

No. 1056959


Couple days late but that looks like a wedding ring on Mr. Sausage Fingers. Or did I miss something?

No. 1057030

Two weeks late. Engagement number 3. Which literally means jack shit until they say “I do”. It’s just another manipulation tactic to rope syd.so.psycho along for the ride.

No. 1057031


Yes but traditionally in engagements the guy doesn't wear a ring….Although i'm sure it's something Syd has made him do. "wEaR tHIs sO pEOpLe kNow yOU'rE mInE"

No. 1057618

File: 1602601158559.jpeg (72.04 KB, 750x562, D7120D5B-5074-47FE-B08C-A873D4…)

But I thought he was already in the process of “making his cd” ? Now he’s saying he can’t wait to be in the studio. Which one is it?
I know he wasn’t lying to syd about working just to get out of the house. Lol.

No. 1057848

File: 1602615324968.png (202.29 KB, 828x1792, E8207289-EAA0-4F1B-ABC2-76BC7B…)

is she outing jonny for not actually working/making money??

No. 1057852

I wish this constantly mad at something girl would just say what she wants to say instead of vague posting like an angsty kid. The way she acts makes her legitimately seem brain damaged or slow in some way.

No. 1057862

Vaugeposting is what drama whores do to keep people interested, they think they're being mysterious and clever.

No. 1057881

I don’t even know what this is supposed to say lol but yeah, sounds like she’s catching on that he’s away for literally no reason other than not wanting to be around her and storm. Where even is he at the moment? I thought when he records he goes to AZ but last we knew he was in LA supposedly with other girls.

No. 1057922

Doesn’t she not have an fb? Lol.
Pointless since his posts are public and well, she prob has a fake fb account to stalk him. Then there’s here where she also checks up on him.
Pathetic low lives

No. 1058212

I can’t find her insta anymore

No. 1058271

It’s there. Maybe you’re searching her old username.

No. 1058331

File: 1602651526950.jpeg (185.69 KB, 1125x1978, 6BE94700-BD0E-4266-92CD-0EF3EA…)

No. 1058352

Zero context with this post and zero milk. She’s talking about her pet being cute. Gtfoh

No. 1058403

It was posted hours after. To me it came across like it wasn't about her cats but who the fuck knows what she means lol. Only her.

No. 1058445

My bad, I took the “tiny Ws” to mean “tiny wins” like she was laughing at someone else

No. 1058520

I guess it’s just not working for me then. I searched syd.o.knee and sydsosmall and it’s not highlighted in Jonny’s bio anymore. I had never interacted with them before so I wouldn’t be blocked.

No. 1058558

I got a friend to look her up and I guess I’m blocked which is weird

No. 1058559

cool story, sage ya shit

No. 1058903

File: 1602713477223.png (471.48 KB, 1125x2436, 2D084676-2F46-44A1-9E17-7EA594…)

Ten bucks says it’ll be syds initials Or something. He’s gotten tattoos for all his other ex’s so I’m sure he would pull out that card on her too to try and prove something. I hope he finds someone to do it haha. He gets uglier with each new shitty face tat.

No. 1059075

is it…normal to refer to tattooing as a face blast? it really sounds like hes trying to mouthfuck someone to me lol

No. 1059078

File: 1602733070842.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201014-203843.png)

"my midgets" kek

No. 1059079

File: 1602733108348.png (447.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201014-203853.png)

He's so pathetic lol

No. 1059080

File: 1602733149534.png (831.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201014-203900.png)

It's might be because you fried your brain with heroin for more than ten years idk a thought

No. 1059083

File: 1602733197566.png (461.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201014-203909.png)

We all knew you were reading here, sweaty

No. 1059092

File: 1602733705460.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201014-204951.png)

Syd looks so fucking high here

No. 1059105

I don’t think she necessarily looks high but I light weight have the feeling this was a nude that he cropped out the nips for lol

No. 1059110


Getting “blasted” is getting a big piece done or just getting tattooed in general honestly.

No. 1059111


No. 1059125


oh jonny. the only fake thing here is your sobriety.

No. 1059131

Uh was she wearing novelty contacts or did he Photoshop her pupils here because theyre like ragged and not round and both exactly the same

No. 1059137

My first thought was fuck she looks high because I used to do uppers and it makes your eyes look like that. It's not contacts, those are her eyes obviously. Some drugs will expand your pupils, unlike others that make them extremely small. She's high as fuck or they're Photoshopped

No. 1059139

Man this woman aged so quickly. Those wrinkles around her mouth and tired ass eyes.. Girl needs a nap and to put down the pipa

No. 1059140

I really hope so, that would really make taylor seethe lmao

No. 1059174

It's photoshop or a filter. Her eyes aren't that round. When she edited them wider, it distorted her pupils, that's why they look huge and oval-shaped.

No. 1059191

why is she "called out" every selfie? has syd ever been confirmed for doing the shit jonny does? like she smokes weed and drinks but thats not doing heroin or meth or whatever.

acid/molly/LSD dont halfway dilate your pupils, they're fully black for basically the whole trip. once you get to the point that they shift around depending on light its when you're basically off of them and its too hard to tell if someone else is or isnt on them. shrooms you cant tell depending on the dose, cocaine/anti-depressants also fully dilate them, etc.

so what is she on thats halfway dilating, druganon? a blunt? if i was her i'd probably go smoke some too, imagine dealing with fucking jonny and a child while living in a trailer home. terribly sorry for that child

No. 1059206

Anon she's dating a heroin addict its not the craziest tinfoil lmao.

No. 1059228

Lmao! He is so pressed by handful of lolcow anons, clearly an individual thats truly thriving in life and not obsessing about random strangers pointing out his clear failures. Enjoy the government aid jonny and i hope syd makes your life a living hell.

No. 1059231

File: 1602759327852.png (2.07 MB, 828x1792, 48D72320-0445-4AC4-9191-B3DC02…)

Lmao we really hit a nerve with these two. I actually feel like the amount of shit tay had go through in lolcow is almost laughable about how syd and jonny getting so upset by an anonymous gossip forum that barely talks about them aside from the retarded show they put up.

No. 1059257

literally no one said she was chunky before she had the baby. she looked fine. syd we were saying you looked chunky after (given, which is normal after birth) but we know that jonny probably wasn’t tolerating the post baby weight and we can tell it was bothering you too. all her posts after saying she immediately wanted to lose weight, her only personality trait being “smol” and all lmao

No. 1059273

Lol syd that's what happens when you're midget sized. Every pound looks like 10 on you.

No. 1059277

kek why do cows think posting about being unbothered by us is really convincing? I'm actually kinda surprised syd hasnt posted anything directly naming the site either though. probably loves the fact shes being posted about 'cuz she's totes dating a celebrity'

No. 1059313

You all are fucking tinfoiling you can not tell she is high from that photo. It makes everyone on the site look like a clown when your just making shit up

No. 1059314

She is breastfeeding so it is.

No. 1059329

With all his girlfriend they always have to “fight” to be together. It’s such bullshit. The only thing they’re fighting is his cheating and general assholery. You don’t have to fight to be in a relationship with a grown ass person of reasonable maturity.

No. 1059331

Sure, SydSoStuffed. Your before body is cool and all, but your arms and face are still hammy. Very cute that her and Johnny matching fatties, though ♥

No. 1059447

I think it's fair to tinfoil, he pushes drugs on his significant others, that's known anon. Syd had never came across to me as a woman who wouldn't fuck around with drugs. She has weed in her bio it's part of her identify lol,not that weed and uppers are the same but come on. It's photoshopped or she's high there's no other way in my brain that photo makes any fucking sense

No. 1059450

Weed doesn't mess with your pupils, idiot

No. 1059455

File: 1602788581419.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201015-120428.png)


No. 1059456

File: 1602788615180.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201015-120422.png)

The blonde is… Something

No. 1059495

Yes I was just about to say this, yes love takes work but it’s pathetic how he has to try to cover it up with the lovebombing like this. They aren’t “fighting for love” like a normal couple, they are actually fighting constantly because they are miserable together kek. I really don’t understand how long she is going to keep up this act like she’s won and she’s so lucky. It’s clear that they both are fucking miserable together and they assumed having a baby would make it all better (all dysfunctional relationships think that), when in reality it’s clearly made it worse. They’re a terrible couple as is, and I’m sure they’re equally shitty parents, I hope that baby is taken care of by her mom at least.

No. 1059658

Based on her latest story, she’s bottle feeding. Don’t know any breast feeding moms who wake up in the middle of the night to warm up bottles.

No. 1059771


Kek, thats from someone who gets jealous and pick fights with random women in jonny’s insta comments.

The cognitive dissonance is reals with this cow. Imagine being this stupid and unaware at her age. Then again, she has mental illness..

No. 1059773

To willingly fuck jonny craig and procreate you'd need a serious diagnosis lmfao

No. 1059827

Have you ever known anyone who had a kid? Many breastfeeding moms pump and keep their milk in the fridge. That's dumb af.

No. 1059894

The blonde looks good on her. I think her eyebrows would look better, If they weren´t razored on the side. Why do people do this? Looks weird on everyone.

No. 1059896

The hair would get in the way of her sharpie.

No. 1059904

I know, I was thinking the same thing. Everyone warms up bottles, breastfeeding also

No. 1059944

She was probably crying as she typed this hahaha who holds onto their prior weight down to the decimal point like this?

She's not breastfeeding confirmed. Wonder why not because it is cheaper? I wasn't sure about the drugs tinfoil but it holds still I guess.

No. 1059951

anon. warming up a bottle does not mean she isnt breastfeeding. please stop being retarded

No. 1060017

I like that she was self aware enough to change her username from sew smol to that dumb phonetic spelling though kek

No. 1060133

Are you kidding? That blonde washes her out. Those fug eyebrows also don’t help

No. 1060144

im breastfeeding right now. so yea, i know people who have kids.

and yes, we warm up bottles but not in the middle of the night. it’s quicker and easier to whip out a tit and go back to sleep. not spend 20 minutes making a bottle and 15 more feeding the kid from said bottle.

do you honestly think this twat is selfless enough to breastfeed?

No. 1060236

>she's selfish so she should breastfeed because it's cheaper
>she's selfish so she can't perform the selfless act of breastfeeding

there are reasons why a bfing mother might heat up a bottle in the night. also could be that she's formula feeding and shooting up dope 24 hours a day. this isn't even milk (kek)

No. 1060264

His live today lmao.. debating posting caps it was only mildly interesting. Syd fighting with strangers, jonny being a bloated shell of a human singing in the studio

No. 1060280


It's probably something very mundane like she's on medication that gets into the breast milk so she can't breastfeed the baby.

No. 1060314

Post the screenshots

No. 1060327

Yes it’s probably really mundane. Wait for the milk to flow and don’t reeee about her breastfeeding. If she’s on drugs we’ll figure it out.

No. 1060331

What medication would she be on that wouldn’t allow her to breastfeed? She has bipolar disorder and her ex already confirmed she’s unmedicated. Which he didn’t need to, we can ALL tell she’s unmedicated. I’ve never seen Syd post anything about her breastfeeding. Not saying she’s not, but didn’t Jonny post something about buying formula and diapers from the store recently? (Can’t remember if that happened for sure or not)
My opinion, and my opinion only is that she’s not breastfeeding because she’s smoking weed.

No. 1060333

Yes please post them. I want to see Syd fighting with strangers lol. What was she saying?
Imagine going live and your crazy ass baby mama is on their fighting with random people. How fuckin embarrassing.

No. 1060424

File: 1602936155856.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 5EC33529-12C9-45BE-8133-9A9615…)


No. 1060425

File: 1602936190417.png (425.11 KB, 750x1334, 11C95A7D-AED2-425E-A247-B1BE66…)

No. 1060426

File: 1602936697124.jpeg (47.87 KB, 745x349, 6C361CCF-4C8A-4598-91CE-1C1CE0…)

The comments on his latest insta post are hilarious. There’s more but i didnt want to clog up the feed. People are catching on to his bullshit.

No. 1060459

Anon, didn’t you learn anything from Taylor? You can drink alcohol and still be sober!

No. 1060509

I was just reading these literally kek'ing
>Do you ever lift bro?

No. 1060519

Maybe I'm retarded but is this how normal musicians record music? Tiny millisecond snippets of singing in between rambling and stumbling around?
I can't believe he still has that vid up

No. 1060526

It is when youre a washed up old hack that no reputable self respecting producer would ever touch.
Him recording=hanging out with his drug buddies getting fucked up and avoiding responsibilities at home

No. 1060600

What a cringefest, he sounds fucking terrible. You can hear like a weird snort or wheeze in his voice too, along with sounding like he's fucking drunk. Can't sing the same line the same no matter how hard he tries

No. 1060661

I deleted it when I saw he posted the live. In hindsight I feel dumb because you can't see what she and others are commenting. Essentially a TND fan came in, told Syd she isn't relevant, jonny said he loves Syd after she white knights for him and abruptly ends the live.

No. 1060806

File: 1602981990065.png (5.08 MB, 1125x2436, 109D0B54-6519-4E3C-83EA-C9C15B…)

Legit lmao over this atrocious hair. What even goes through ones head to think “that’ll look good!”. Makes everyone think she went blonde when it’s just the bangs and a weird chunk on the side.

No. 1060855

I hate these blocky e girl hair trends… This has to be the worst I've seen. Blonde front black back? Lord have mercy.

No. 1060918

How did THIS turn into

THAT. Like I don’t get it?

No. 1060919

If this is how you feel then do you really think she’s the type to stop bf because she’s smoking weed because I dont

No. 1060960

I can’t stand Syd as much as you all can’t but I don’t think she’d expose her newborn to weed via breastmilk. So maybe she’s feeding him formula. Who knows. She’s never confirmed if she’s BF or doing formula.

No. 1060971

Kek no love bombs comment from jonny on this selfie?? Thats a first. Still remember back each time tay posts a selfie, jonny cant wait to love bomb the shit out of her and call her kweeennn. Most probably cause syd is not financing him. Lmao

No. 1061114

I know I really don’t like her but she seems genuine when it comes for love for that baby. I don’t think she would risk the child’s brain development.

No. 1061131

File: 1603035454216.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 77CDCC42-FF9E-4260-82A1-0A70A1…)

Lol. There are no rumors when it comes to these two. Everything people talk about on here is straight from their socials. They air out their own dirty laundry then get mad when people laugh at them.

No. 1061299

She could be talking about anything on this forum lol but it's all shit they've put out there, exactly.

No. 1061303

File: 1603051945770.png (1.25 MB, 1440x1291, Screenshot_20201018-131233.png)

She has some of the trashiest tattoos I've ever seen. And her hair oh my godddddd.

No. 1061367

File: 1603058720357.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, EDAA956D-07F0-4A33-BE2F-DF7515…)

It takes a real knob to brag about all your designer labels when you live in a trailer park and it’s not even your trailer. It’s your baby mamas moms trailer. Idk if the white trash can get any trashier.

No. 1061378

Her hair is hideous and having to take her photos from that angle to have an angled jaw makes me kek.

He is such an ugly loser it’s astounding.

No. 1061383

What good are brand name clothes when you look like a stubby middle aged hobbit? People with legs that short shouldn't wear white pants let alone try to flex with them.

No. 1061414

i cant get over how this man is literally the definition of white trash. Wearing clothing with logos and TAGGING the brands is already white trash, living in your baby mom's trailer just kicks it up a notch.

No. 1061433

>your own baby is at the mercy of ANOTHER adult for shelter but as long as the labels you wear are deemed desirable, who cares? Gotta respect a dude who can’t be bogged down with self-reflection

No. 1061441

Wasn't he just whining about how confusing applying for unemployment was? I'd would be way cuter if the baby was wearing little designer stuff. But he's probably not even getting coloured toys

No. 1061445

What are colored toys?

No. 1061492

File: 1603076485834.png (467.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201018-200123.png)

Everything he says is worded in a way that makes negative sense. I leave feeling confused and uncomfortable like I'm actually loosing brain cells trying to decipher the shit he says

No. 1061494

File: 1603076575905.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201018-200118.png)

It's the never ending love bombing for me

No. 1061581


Honestly does he has any other pants?? Poor pants holding on its dear life wrapping around his fat legs. Kek

No. 1061672

Don't do drugs, kids. They scramble your brains.

No. 1061682

He really got all dressed up in designer clothes to go record in his buddies shitty apartment? Ok. Also thought it was funny he was talking about staying at air bnbs, soo his buddies don’t even let him crash on their couch anymore? Lmao

No. 1061885

File: 1603138025399.jpg (139.51 KB, 720x782, 20201019_140313.jpg)

No. 1062099

File: 1603154911481.png (101.17 KB, 720x623, Screenshot_20201019-174849.png)

No. 1062135

She answered your question in the caption kek

No. 1062188

File: 1603167506884.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, E0676837-1A05-421B-AF33-7F4CDB…)

No. 1062191

She seems pretty salty

No. 1062193

Oh Jesus. How much longer is she gonna go on announcing every shitty thing he does to the world, while simultaneously claiming they’re so happy and in love and a perfect family. How fucking fried is this girls brain? Imagine having so little self respect you let the ugliest mf on the planet treat you like dirt and cheat and still think he’s a prize.

No. 1062226

Wow I’M getting bored of this and it isn’t even my relationship…

No. 1062234

Same with you anon.. its just syd tweaking out of no reason, she really needs to get help and medicated. Bright side, at least she is making jonny’s life miserable and I love that. sips tea

No. 1062263

She's probably right because we know Jonny but how does one assume just from this picture that he's on a date? Especially when his story right before this one is how much he loves and misses her and their kid?
What an exhausting relationship

No. 1062269

she probably has every photo he posts open in photoshop zoom-enhancing looking for girls in the reflections.
She will have had every inch of that pinball machine pic Terminator-scanned for any hint of female reflections.

No. 1062290

File: 1603200245500.png (198.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201020-092412.png)

Apparently someone tipped her off, she had two posts before that

No. 1062292

File: 1603200286942.png (449.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201020-092416.png)

Still dramatic af but maybe not inventing it for once lol

No. 1062303

She posts this but will go back to kissing his ass and posting how perfect her fiancé is sometime this week guaranteed. Embarrassing. They both deserve each other, I can't believe she was the stupidest of his gfs and got knocked up by this loser.

No. 1062327

facts, in 12 hours it's gonna be all, "no one can come between us, #strongertogether"

No. 1062405

This is the most toxic relationship I've ever witnessed. More toxic than when he was with Taylor. Honestly, I find it laughable and enjoyable since they're both idiots and they keep my cup filled with milk.

No. 1062433

He literally had to make a story and tag his friend to “prove” to Sid he wasn’t on a date. It’s so fuckng weird

No. 1062463

File: 1603222004495.png (223.15 KB, 828x1792, 62F316FF-124F-40C2-A9D7-376BC1…)

Jonny gaslighting and putting out the fires lmao.


Post the screenshot next time anon (gentle reminder)

No. 1062525

ha, the acct he tagged doesn't even exist
mostly likely just his illiteracy showing, but still

No. 1062661

File: 1603239082727.jpg (435.94 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20201021-111208_Ins…)

Looks like he's written lyrics about Syds over controlling jealous behaviour.

No. 1062755

Yikes.. this is very telling

No. 1062766

he owes her an explanation of why he’s not parenting their son

No. 1062778

How could you expect him to parent? He's jonny craig, lmao. She has her head so far up her own ass thinking he's a family man or something. I honestly hope they're not too enmeshed for storms sake. It's hard to leave someone you love but he's not the kind of person a child needs to grow up loving. I've seen what an addict can do to a child growing up and it's so traumatic to be around, especially if he's anything like what his exes have described jfc. How she signed herself and a baby up for that shit is beyond me. Maybe she's ignorant to the problems here but heroin and relational abuse is NOT something to treat like no big deal. It's her own fault she isn't getting help, she choose him out of all the men in the world and has to deal with him now. Boo hoo.

No. 1062781

He's a Heroin addict, serial cheater, serial liar with a plethora of bad history not just with women but band members too, he didn't even give himself a second of time before moving on with Syd. She's a dumb ass, what did she expect? Small town nut jobs like herself believe the holy grail of keeping a man and changing him is to have his baby. She's got nobody to blame but herself. She should use the time she has alone wisely to practice being the single mum she's going to be.

Syd is the literal definition of Insane, which means to do something over and over again expecting a different result, she keeps forgiving jonny over and over even after cheating (allegedly) and she expects a different result each time they make up again.

She's not mentally sane in any sense whatsoever.

No. 1062803

She literally thought a baby was going to change him. Girls- it won’t. They will not change for a baby. You will change and you think they will too. They might for a little bit, but eventually that new baby high wears off for them fast.
Break up syd and set your boundaries with him. You’ll be happier and so will your son.

No. 1062899


Do they seriously live in a trailer? How did I miss this?

No. 1062917

Lol anon, shitty people attract shitty people. Syd is an absolute bollocks as well.

I stand by point that storm is better of without them. (Regardless of possible trauma of being in the system)

No. 1063039

File: 1603298648551.png (568.82 KB, 1242x2208, 946A43A2-E4B1-42D8-8E2F-C6A982…)

Sid just shading the shit out of her own lover

No. 1063040

File: 1603298692584.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, 6E9CAEE2-60EE-4981-A57A-E3380C…)

Samefag— this is what John posted

No. 1063049

Ot but that’s fucking retarded anyways kek junkies gonna junkie though

No. 1063062

Honestly, the OxyContin thing is HUGE.
I would have never expected big pharma to plead guilty for that, so not milk from jonny.

Jonny said his new songs would "shut some mouths". I´m thinking some lyrics may be regarded to taylor (again)

No. 1063097

Sounds like syd lol
He doesn’t owe an explanation - he gave many and they’re all online to search for like you already did pre and post Taylor

No. 1063129

The "explanation" is pretty self explanatory - he's a heroin addict, alcoholic, cheating loser who's always been a flaming piece of shit and always will be.

You don't have a baby with someone like that and then demand a reason as to why they're a piece of shit kek

No. 1063234

File: 1603317857639.png (239.53 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201021-150521.png)

"oh".. cue suspenseful music lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1063248

File: 1603318941162.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201021-182257_Ins…)

The trashiness is off the charts, holy shit

No. 1063266

File: 1603319731256.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201021-153611.png)

Oh my god

No. 1063268

File: 1603319760132.png (3.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201021-153617.png)

Nice teeth taylor bought lmao

No. 1063271

File: 1603319822072.png (2.89 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201021-153653.png)


No. 1063283

did you really have to bump the thread spamming basically the same picture?

No. 1063294

How high is this man here?

No. 1063297

Hahahaha now Taylor is going to say he got the same piercing as her to hurt her. Even though it very popular

No. 1063334

Good to see he’s hard at work recording and not fucking around at all. Also good to see he’s saving the money he makes for a future home for himself and his baby so he can move out the trailerpark…oh wait…

No. 1065404

Let’s be real this thread is like 90% Vrecorder anon samefagging.

No. 1065466

Holy fuck the state of his pupils. He gone gone.

No. 1065467

I'm not the only one using v recorder here. Also, it's entertaining? He's clearly fucked up right now. Sorry for bumping the thread I guess, the last ones there were similar pictures but some of y'all are actually ridiculous. Should I just not post at all? That your solution? You want to post all the stupid shit they do because I don't see many anons doing that! It's fun to keep up with these two tards and what they post. I follow the rules here best I can & I'll keep posting here if I want to. Fuck off.

No. 1065471

yuck, he's literally so revolting. You think at some point I'd get used to it but no, it's a fresh hell every time

No. 1065482

Thought he already had the piercings. It’s the dumbass gold teeth that are new. And I’m guessing syd said “oh” because she probably had no idea he was gonna go spend stupid money on that. Seems like she has no idea what her fiancé is up to most of the time.

No. 1065483

Don't worry anon, your posts were repetitive but all within same timeframe. One bump is basically same as 1 bump 2 sage posts for everyone but fags who check every 2 hours (I'm one).
I've been b& for posting "not milk" in the TND thread, but I was also one of the only anons screen shotting at the time, so you do you.

No. 1065490

Thank you anon lol

No. 1065588

Please keep the milk flowing, I don’t know what the other anon is bitching about. Much appreciated!

No. 1065761

I find it hilarious that while Syd is quite pretty, this…. this is the best she can get just because of her DASHING personality.

No. 1065766

And it's the best she ever will get again because she has an infant and mombod now. Not a catch in lifestyle, mind, body, or soul.

No. 1065892

any man worth his salt wouldn't care about her child or changed body, but she doesn't go after men worth it. It's personality & awful attention whoring habits she needs to change.

No. 1065944

File: 1603403128146.png (4.29 MB, 750x1334, 77D5B8CA-0716-403B-957B-000E89…)

What an odd pic to take of your sig other for a love bomb

No. 1065945

File: 1603403163613.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, A1F765BA-324B-4781-AAC9-6A14D1…)

Still sober

No. 1065959

File: 1603403958703.png (2.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201022-150012.png)

And while they're off drinking I assume storm is in the trailer with grandma? I feel bad for Syd's mom, she must feel like she has 3 children rn.

No. 1065977

Omg of course these two morons can’t even catch a flight on time yet they take care of an infant

No. 1066035

lol in this video she zooms in on his face while he looks annoyed and she says “love youuuu” and he says “I don’t know you man!” then she says “tell me you love me too!”

No. 1066058

File: 1603413519437.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2353, Screenshot_20201022-173456.png)

No. 1066114

File: 1603421949249.jpeg (569.86 KB, 1125x1747, 1D6D4567-76D2-407D-98E2-DC8473…)

it’s so cringey when adults say they have to “fight for it” when it comes to love/a relationship. relationships are hard work but always saying you’re fighting for what you have sounds so high school

No. 1066115

homegirls eyelashes look like they are on backwards

No. 1066138

Someone mentioned this before but he's like, seriously, leaning into this Gilligan's Island "aesthetic" isn't he? All of this is so fucking cringe. I was just going to tell Syd to enjoy it while it lasts but judging by her IG stories he's too busy furiously texting other people while he's with her that it can't be much fun.

No. 1066143

File: 1603426513605.jpg (714.98 KB, 1324x3305, IMG_20201023_001614.jpg)

Samefag, had to document it kek

No. 1066175

>Gilligan's Island "aesthetic"
Lmao anon

No. 1066251

Nice pupils, Syd

No. 1066298

File: 1603463416893.jpeg (104.55 KB, 750x641, D76F7C17-54B9-4FA8-B591-ACBB70…)

No. 1066305

Are we going to do this anytime they take a pic in the sunshine / day light / by a window.

Pupils dilate to light

No. 1066314

she owes him an explanation of why he's the only one "working" to support their son

No. 1066360

Thank you. Someone had to say it.

No. 1066380

If anything his puffy fingers are proof that he's high on H, the pupils are telling but not when they're outside. I don't think Syd is on what Jonny is, if she's on anything but weed and alcohol right now.

No. 1066859

Did Luna Slater do her makeup here or? Lol

No. 1067181

She’s also paying lol
Doesn’t he make the money in that broken family?

No. 1067237

I seriously doubt he's paying much of their finances anon. They live in a trailer with Syd's mom, he's known for leeching off of women. He's always flexing his name brand stuff so what little music money he's making he spends on himself. He likes to receive shit, not give. Literally she could get a job but she's too self absorbed to do that.

No. 1068040

He only has like 12 fans left so I doubt he makes much money and everything he does earn is immediately spent on ugly ass shoes

No. 1068104

File: 1603735065419.jpeg (431.56 KB, 828x1137, 90A89CC4-4FA6-4000-8BA0-93AC47…)

Late post so sage but I saw this gem and can’t help myself about posting jonny uwu about life - funny how life sucks when you are on drugs and make poor choices. Lmao

No. 1068190

File: 1603739768592.png (674.46 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20201026-151404~2.p…)

rotated for ease of viewing

No. 1068191

File: 1603739876208.png (231.6 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201026-151353.png)

damn, can't provide for his family but won't hesitate to spend on random women
What a keeper, syd

No. 1068194

File: 1603740416134.jpg (166.49 KB, 1080x1919, 20201026_192623.jpg)

No. 1068202

Yeah, she's the crazy one, Syd. Okay.

No. 1068209

Lol she just doxxed the person’s number and send her “stans” on her now. Nice one syd, is it illegal in the states to share someone’s number on social media without their censent?

No. 1068213

Does…she have stans?

No. 1068214

Hence my air-float quotation mark anon. Lol i apologize, I hate using it for this context too

No. 1068218

is that what she's saying? Honestly I hate how she types I genuinely can never understand what she's trying to say.

So you took it as Jonny bought another girl shoes and had them shipped to her moms trailer and Syd found out, right? Bc I took it as Jonny buys some womens shoes and she's pissed and selling them? It's hard to understand degenerate, sorry. How did everyone else take it?

No. 1068224

File: 1603741692926.jpg (153.19 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-1639409402.jpg)

Love how she's willing to doxx this woman. I've been missing this kinda milk y'all.

No. 1068226

I took it as "Jonny bought shoes from a girl" too until I saw the message screenshot and reread it as "Jonny bought shoes FOR a girl"

No. 1068239

History repeats itself again. He always has to flex for the gram and randoms when he doesn’t have shit of his own. It’s easy to buy flashy things when you don’t have to chip in for the lot fees on the trailer. All his exes have complained that he rarely helped with rent or to buy household essentials but could go out and fake flex for strangers. Even Taylor mentioned that he used to call that big house they had together his house when his friends were around but she said he didn’t help pay for any of it.

No. 1068282

Lmao at her having a go at the so-called "whores" Jonny fucks behind her back, when you KNOW in a day or two she's going back to the "fuck the haters, our love is perfect and our lil trailer family is HAPPY and you're just jealous!!!" This is so embarrasing it's actually hard to watch.
Someone should make a cringe compilation out of all these screenshots

No. 1068286


Syd you stupid bitch, jonny is a whore. And you're far more stupid than anybody because you'll stay with him and defend him and act like it's not him doing this shit when it is.

No. 1068289

I can only imagine the STDs he passes around, he’s an IV drug user and will fuck anything that moves. There were rumors of him having hep c, idk if thats true or not but I’m sure thats not the only thing he’s bringing home to his fiance. So she needs to leave the whores alone. Theyre all sharing the same diseases. She’s no better.

No. 1068296

He does have hep C, Taylor got it from him.

No. 1068301

File: 1603746180553.jpg (20.68 KB, 600x398, images.jpeg-142.jpg)

When you get caught cheating so she fights the girl you cheated with instead of you.

No. 1068302

Sorry for doubleposting but actually this is not hard to watch only because it's embarrasing, but it's also scary as hell. Syd is not crazy in a way someone like Taylor is. Syd gives off Onision vibes - that something is truly, deeply wrong with her, in a way that's beyond any help. Like I can imagine, if I really stretch my optimism and imagination, that in some extreme situtation someone like Taylor could actually grow somewhat selfaware of their actions and excuses and change.
But Syd has a really sinister feeling to her. If Jonny ever gets away from her, I'd definitely triple lock my doors if I'd be him. I think she's capable of doing some fucked up shit if she gets mad enough.

No. 1068306

Imagine embarrassing yourself this hard for some dick. And STAYING WITH HIM. I know she’s trying to humiliate jonny into stopping his ways but she’s just humiliating herself in the process.

No. 1068307

I took it immediately as he wears women size shoes (since he’s a Manlet) and she was selling them lol

No. 1068309

Considering she's happy to commit a crime by doxxing someone, I agree, she's fucking deeply disturbed somehow, she's also posted a meme about hitting men an stuff before, wouldn't be surprised if she's hit jonny a few times already in the midst of a bitch fit. I'd love to see her behind close doors having a total freak out because I bet my bottom dollar she goes absolutely nuts.

No. 1068313

It's like she thinks that if she leaves him she's "losing", when the reality is that staying with this douchebag is incredibly stupid and pathetic
Spiteful pride is a quick vehicle to rock bottom, syd! do better, you have a whole kid now, dummy

No. 1068315

File: 1603747469604.jpg (187.96 KB, 1125x1013, 20201026_172247.jpg)

Got these from someone on a Twitter thread about this. They're from the girl Syd doxxed.

No. 1068316

File: 1603747546804.jpg (108.43 KB, 1125x604, 20201026_172249.jpg)

No. 1068319


Her poor baby tho. Jesus. That kid just needs to be loved and put first before anything and she’s just out there acting like a complete psychopath and making herself look like a shit person and a shit mom. Nice priorities. Go take your son out for a walk.

No. 1068323

Love that she cares more about this random stranger buying drugs than she does the fact her junkie fiance sold them to her kek

No. 1068412

oh, is this that hairdresser chick? pretty sure she’s his fRiEnD of 10 years who all of his exes have suspected that Jonny cheated with.

wonder what it’s like to have no friends to text about this kind of thing and instead post it on social media. how do they keep storm off their streams with how impulsive they are? oh…wait…they don’t care about him…

No. 1068466

She's textbook psychologically abusive, getting absurdly jealous and making accusations without proof, doxxing people, love bombing, silent treatment, all of it. What a psychotic women, she's so delusional she doesn't realise how stupid she makes herself look.

No. 1068559

They truly deserve each other. Storm did nothing to deserve either of them though, what a fuckin shame

No. 1068599

File: 1603766601872.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, EA855A4A-34DD-4EE3-99DC-69E40F…)

Is she claiming that she comes from hell? Just like that other anon said, she gives me sinister vibes as well. Syd is a fucking demon if I’ve ever met one.

No. 1068601

Sorry to double post I’ll sage this one but what I took from this is that she takes pride in being evil or thinks it’s funny or cute.

No. 1068610

i think you're looking too much into it. it's just a silly comic.

No. 1068612

I’m here for all the milk, but can we talk about how all these “texts/screenshots” can literally be someone messaging themselves. There is no evidence this is even the girl Jonny is clearly fucking. I’m sorry but I just don’t trust that easy

No. 1068626

I very well could be, I just thought the timing of her posting it after acting like a real life demon was ironic.

No. 1068690

File: 1603777342063.png (544.84 KB, 750x1334, C165DE67-C3FC-435D-97A7-8AB006…)

Fuck you and your “iNcReDiBlE nIgHt” Syd, like you weren’t just being a psycho demon brat just hours ago. Damn you really are the queen of bipolar disorder. I wonder if your friend knows how crazy you are. I’m surprised you even have a friend, actually.

Lol what if this didn’t even happen haha.

No. 1068699

Someone like her would take a heap of pictures for the mEmoRies she's always reposting. Odd she didn't this time.

No. 1068761

This is so fucking sad - she sat at home seething over Jonny having friends, tried to wedge herself between the friendship, and when that didn't work she attempted to one-up him.
>You were hanging out with a friend of 10 years? Well I was hanging out with a friend I've known WAY longer than 10 years! We've known each other so long I've not spoken to her in 10 years and we're still besties!

No. 1068878

We all know Syd is bat shit. But having mood swings throughout the day isn’t what bipolar is at all. Sorry I just hate when people say things like that and further stigmatize the illness. If anything, it’s her her borderline personality disorder that’s constantly making her look like an idiot. Regardless, she in desperate need of psychological help, but she’s too mentally ill to see that.

No. 1068890

I m always curious about how americans like her live like that? Does she not need to work? Or make any income at all? Does she get government support? I remember the ex said her mom holds down a decent income but its not alot. So holy shit I m constantly amazed by how tards like her would make poor life choices like having a kids without any financial or mental stability.

No. 1068893

She can get welfare benefits now that she has a kid, but the US doesn’t have federal benefits for able-bodied unemployed people beyond short-term unemployment when you lose a job.

No. 1068907

Who’s babysitting tho while these clowns are out having all this fun with all these friends?

No. 1068911

Syd is living with her mother.

No. 1069018

File: 1603827453437.png (568.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201027-123428.png)

Directed at us I assume? Syd I don't hate myself hate to break it to you but there's a lot I dislike about you and your manlet so

No. 1069019

File: 1603827522070.png (470.94 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201027-123437.png)

Her path with jonny has been nothing short of a roller coaster!

No. 1069022

File: 1603827652228.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201027-123456.png)


No. 1069049

Not likely true, they can’t even spell his name but have been pals for 10 years?

No. 1069301

File: 1603853955205.png (280.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201027-195831.png)

No. 1069316

Awwwe, are they back on good terms now? Too cute! #relationshipgoals #powercouple #fightforit

No. 1069360

seriously! christ almighty, I liked coming here to laugh and now it's just sad

No. 1069455

My 12 year old neice has a healthier, more stable "relationship" than these two and she's a literal child, this is quickly going from morbidly amusing to just plain pitiful.

No. 1069531

So fucking pathetic

No. 1069687

File: 1603914126639.png (429.07 KB, 828x1792, 29442720-E650-4B5C-8EBA-282498…)

Its like dejavu.. didn’t he say this a billion times now?

No. 1069688

File: 1603914150296.png (528.51 KB, 828x1792, 10A9FD46-EDBA-485D-8D4C-EEDE98…)

No. 1069689

File: 1603914186094.png (329.72 KB, 828x1792, 8AE7335A-9DBB-4CCB-A4BE-A475A8…)

Then syd passive aggressively complaining in social media again… truly the golden couple

No. 1069702

how long has he been away in the last like 4 months? I swear he's only been home for like a week or two total, but I'm not sure. he's an absent father Syd, get used to it

No. 1069704

Yup, same shit on repeat. And spoiler alert: he’s never going to do anything worth a damn, he’s gonna keep being the same lame ass bum he’s been since 5 girlfriends ago. Amanda, Chelsea, Liz, Taylor, now Syd. He’s gonna keep bumming off these women till they have nothing left then move onto the next one. And his so called career just gets more and more pathetic as the years roll on.

No. 1069778

File: 1603921611848.jpeg (225.01 KB, 750x1251, 0108C8B6-F336-4BF5-A676-D6E2E6…)

People on twitter are not for his crap either, there were like 8 comments, all negative towards him

No. 1070034

File: 1603940391780.png (360.59 KB, 828x1792, 290FD182-51DB-4951-A7B7-EBE993…)

No. 1070242

Why does she expect this washed up druggie to suddenly turn into a prince charming? Delusional.

No. 1070243

I have to laff

No. 1070432

File: 1603995289368.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201029-111224.png)

Ah yes, I'll wait a year to 'support' my family, that'll be super useful!!!

No. 1070435

File: 1603995660498.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201029-111203.png)

Hate that my phone cuts these off, she's reminiscing of him before he was fucking up so regularly which is honestly sad. You can still wake up and leave him Syd, if he doesn't treat you or your son good enough you're not obligated to be with him anymore. And the same goes for Jonny because I wouldn't be surprised if Syd is verbally / emotionally abusive to him at the very least. They're both toxic people, maybe it's meant to be.

No. 1070441

File: 1603995905913.png (2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201029-111320.png)

2/2 Syd's story. Honestly their relationship is so funny to me but today it just bums me out. The cycle of their relationship is tiring to watch at times, I can't imagine how they deal with one another in person or through messages.. daily. It's normal in relationships to miss the beginning sometimes, but Syd isn't feeling fulfilled and is obviously not happy with where they're at right now, which is different. They should break up or if they're staying together (for the kid maybe) they should invest in couples therapy. But we all know they're not that smart lol.

No. 1070453

Yeah, it was probably nice in the beginning when he was still hiding what a piece of shit he is, now his true colors are in full effect. Also the reality of him not being a big successful rockstar is setting in. She thought she had nailed one down but nope, her mom’s gonna end up supporting him too.

No. 1070827

File: 1604029161007.png (559.28 KB, 828x1792, 35BD8DAE-95EF-4C96-99E9-F4CA4C…)

No. 1070843

Can I get a translation? I don’t understand this junkie illiterate or what the fuck he’s trying to say.

No. 1070861


I literally can't understand wtf his point is or what exactly he's trying to say..

No. 1070862

I have no idea, it’s to confusing. He can’t be sober

No. 1070879

As far as I can translate: a girl posted a story of a cold beer, he replied to it and said “give me that” and she went to Syd to tell her it was “weird” that he said it

No. 1070920

I’m not sure if the story was ABOUT a cold beer or rather one was in it. He said “give me that” or whatever and she took it as an advance? Or maybe he meant it as one and is back pedaling.

No. 1070940

File: 1604055652741.png (403.45 KB, 828x1792, 67AE2760-0BCF-489B-9007-6FD9E9…)

Ah thanks anon… all clear now.. also saw this gem posted. Great parenting skill jonny!

No. 1070950

I don’t even feel bad for her, it just makes me laugh. She is such an awful person, she deserves exactly what she has.

No. 1070956

It looks like he was trying to get in some other girls DMs, so the girl approached Syd. Im sure Syd did some BPD screeching at him about talking to other women so now he's on the defense.

No. 1070967

So she just missed feeding her baby because she forgot Jonny wasn't there? 10/10 parenting

No. 1071052

Every single day I feel bad for storm

No. 1071073

thank god she's not breastfeeding though, who knows what's in her milk. for example, hep c

No. 1071124

Can we stop saying she doesn’t breast feed bc of bottles. Do you not know there are breast pumps ? Have you never had a child ? Like the audacity

No. 1071131

please don't start the sperging about breastfeeding again jfc

No. 1071226

Thank you. That other anon said “the audacity” LMAO why are they so pressed? And offended by what the other person said? I literally don’t understand

No. 1071229

File: 1604095824989.png (3.39 MB, 828x1792, 4C1544BF-CD36-4247-84E6-66830D…)

Syd got a face tatt lmao! at least its for storm and not jonny..

No. 1071233

Good to know she never plans on working despite having a child lmao

No. 1071234

Damn, this bitch really wants to work less than Taylor huh

No. 1071235

LOL wow, just really digging into that trailer trash hole, huh syd
At least go to someone good if you're gonna get a face tat, that artist's work in general is so wonky

No. 1071236

File: 1604096818526.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 17E8BBD3-D206-4920-9863-71127E…)

Wait a minute I’m so confused. I thought THIS was the tat she was getting lol

No. 1071238

Omg that looks like absolute shit LOL. Even for a face tat. And those earlobes… grosssss

No. 1071239

File: 1604096963040.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 5B1410AC-1D9D-4D9F-8C15-2C7D79…)

Hmmm. I can think of a number of things. It’s pretty sad that Syd has to even question why…

No. 1071241

File: 1604097159014.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, DC61806A-036C-4D73-8143-4C1096…)

She got a few, the screenshot I grabbed was a video from a tattoo artist. Thought the face tatt was more hilariously white trash lol

No. 1071245

How the hell did she even pay for these. Her mom? Money from Jonny that was supposed to be for the baby?

No. 1071268


No. 1071278

She gets social security checks from the state of CA for being batshit crazy, why would she want to work if she's getting paid out?!

No. 1071292

Her tattoos are so poorly done

No. 1071370

Pretty sure this isnt Syd. The caption says ‘up next Syd’ so probably did the face tat on some random and Syd was next in line for that… foot. The one anon mistook for her own back in the day kek.

No. 1071382

it is syd. if you see the complete story it shows the face tat, one on her hand, and the foot, all in the same story.

No. 1071417

I can just imagine Syd sitting in the chair while getting her tattoo like “Yeah, this is for my son, who’s father is my fiancé..Jonny Craig!” and the artist is like “….am I supposed to know who that is?” and Syd’s like “he’s a famous ROCKSTAR! hehehe”…

No. 1071421

File: 1604112033814.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201030-193943.png)

Not as bad as i thought it would turn out but still, it's bad

No. 1071423

File: 1604112108308.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201030-193916.png)

Her ears are .. no thank you. Also remember when jonny tweeted he wanted to sexually assault women with face tattoos? Hmmmm. Interesting choices Syd.

No. 1071424

File: 1604112171832.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201030-193935.png)

This tattoo I don't quite understand if it's for jonny or the baby

No. 1071425

File: 1604112206902.png (4.44 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2050.PNG)

looks like she did get a tattoo for Johnny. Not even original. 11:11 is everyones special "time"

No. 1071484

lol remember when Chelsea said he threatened to abandon her in another city if she didn’t get a tattoo for him?

No. 1071563


what does SPMC mean?

No. 1071576

Storm Parker Monroe Craig is the unfortunate name of the baby

No. 1071585

Lurk better before you sperg.

No. 1071675

Most people grow up when they have a kid and put their own wants and needs aside. Not these two.

No. 1071694


What number girl is she to get him/something tattooed about him on her? 4? She is special tho, so it’s ok

No. 1071813

Holy shit…
I´m shocked anyone would tattoo the initials of their child RIGHT IN THE FACE.

If I saw a woman with initials on her face and she would tell me "it´s the name of my son…" I wouldn´t know how to react? What do you say to that? It´s in her face…

No. 1071865

Personally this placement doesn’t bother me much as a face tattoo because it’s on the side of her face by her ear and it’s for her kid, whatever. The most damning thing about is that god awful font.

No. 1071900

Lol, why does she have the Planck's constant tattooed?

No. 1071914

Funny jonny hasnt repost that story she tagged him on and for a tattoo she got for him, usually he will be all over love bombing for that. Probably sick of syd’s constant mood whiplash kek

No. 1072043

SERIOUSLY. That’s what it looks like. That ‘C’ is so poorly done, the whole thing looks like shit actually.

Doesn’t Jonny have a face tattoo on the side like that as well? Cant remember what it is, or if I’m mistaking him for someone else. But if he does, that’s super cute that she copied him.

#relationshipgoals #powercouple #fightforit

No. 1072051

She’s dumb as hell cuz this in Roman Numerals font and the proper form for 11 in Roman Numerals is “XI”……

No. 1072097

i believe his exact words were "rape at first sight." such a prize. imagine calling that your soulmate

No. 1072134

I noticed that too. LMAO

No. 1072155

Face tattoos are fine. It would definitely be better if just said storm. And wasn’t in such an ugly font. Do you think she created this in word and her tattoo artist traced the letters?

No. 1072338

She could have even gotten a little storm cloud, if she was even a little bit creative, but no, let's get ugly lettering on the side of your face

No. 1072365

reminiscing and that shit was just a year ago. LMAO

No. 1072377

File: 1604237969118.jpeg (549.63 KB, 1242x2072, DAE6B2CD-54DD-4138-9946-23D3DA…)

“Sharing the stage with you will always be one of the most blah blah”
She says this as if she’s shared it more than once and it will happen again. Lol loser

No. 1072390

She acts like she's a fucking Rockstar just because she sang one time at a random place once lol. Funny af.

No. 1072393

Bless you for thinking of Planck’s constant.
I’m pretty sure in her case it’s supposed to be the symbol for Saturn - some astrology shit?

No. 1072541

I love how in this caption she says “singing OUR songs”. Um… you mean Jonny’s songs? Or are they just automatically both of yours since your the baby mama/fiancé?

Gross. I cringed from secondhand embarrassment from this post.

No. 1072545

"My pumpkin king" lolz, they really are mentally 14

No. 1072549

hahah I didn't even read to the end. So cringeeee

No. 1072552

I don't get it. I thought it was the time 11:11 aka 1111
that there is II II = 2 2. LOL
so they should have used roman numeral numbers instead for 11/11.
they're idiots.

No. 1072553

she also didnt just get Storm tatted, because she wants people to ask what SPMC stands for, so in a way she has "craig" tattooed on her, but just a C. what a psycho

No. 1072642

Why did she post this without sound? I was hoping to hear her sing.

No. 1072672

I was wondering that too. Makes me wonder because someone recently mentioned this very video and how they wanted to see (hear) it

No. 1072682

Also how short is jonny? I know its hard to make the height here but he is always so insecure about his height and he is barely that much taller that sydsosmolllll lol

No. 1072729

File: 1604271416344.png (2.44 MB, 828x1792, 6537154C-D226-4161-9A34-AE87BC…)

No. 1072730

File: 1604271452148.png (1.49 MB, 828x1792, 306D7092-0382-4037-B1C5-78A38A…)

No. 1072732

Pretty sure he’s 5’6 but lies saying he’s 5’9 lol

No. 1072741

Proof Syd is lurking? People mention her bpd flip outs here often so that'd make sense

No. 1072763

The cope for herself and all bpdfags kek

No. 1072774

Soooooo.. things that literally any person could have?

No. 1072819

File: 1604283199127.png (310.3 KB, 405x736, mallwalkers.PNG)

What are they mall walkers now?! lmao I could see her saying this while they're just walking through a normal ass store shopping

No. 1072833

which one is she calling big boy and which is little man?

No. 1072975

Bpdfags r mad deluded

No. 1073020

“We are super creative” - yes we could tell from your over-creative face tatt lmao!!

No. 1073210


No. 1073886

File: 1604401691648.png (134.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201103-053225.png)

same song and dance, different day
gotta be exhausting posting this shit 3x a week

No. 1073896

Isn't she ashamed of herself and their pitiful relationship posting these same old "Jonny's cheating on me again"-cries every damn day?

No. 1073906

File: 1604405442494.png (194.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201103-070919.png)

Lmfao apparently not
Why communicate w your baby daddy when you can be messy instead?

No. 1073907

File: 1604405520453.png (1.43 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201103-053235.png)

tbh I thought she was being sappy but then she posted this too, so now I think it's standard issue snideness

No. 1073946


She's such an insufferable bitch, I can't wait to witness her eventual melt down over their inevitable breakup.

She seems to literally have no sense of self awareness at all, how can she not see how stupid she makes herself look by bitching about his cheating all the time but always going back to him? How does she not see how dumb she makes herself look? Sydsostupid

No. 1073965

Because BPD?? I really want to think her psycho episodes are due to her being unmedicated. The ex says she can’t even go to work because of BPD and she is off meds

No. 1074146

File: 1604429166063.jpeg (371.66 KB, 828x1248, A37C1A98-DBCB-4766-9101-0098D4…)

Thought this might be suited to post here but is mama dean taking a jap at jonny? Lmao he is so fat now.

No. 1074147

I can imagine her going batshit on a random person who asks a simple question

No. 1074167

that or it's towards her own mess of a daughter and friends. jen isn't above passive aggressive tweeting her children.

No. 1074171

Kinda like having a kid you can’t afford (and then getting a face tat of them lol)

No. 1074276

File: 1604439077091.png (529.79 KB, 1242x2688, 7ABB949B-D652-44A6-840E-46E99B…)

Leave him then

No. 1074290

She’d probably accuse jonny of sleeping with any cute coworker despite them never being in the same building. Some poor girl just minding her own business and syd so psycho going up to her and yelling I HOPE YOU AND JONNY LIVE HAPPY LIVES TOGETHER FOR EVER YOU SKANK

No. 1074320

Leave then, stop bitching and whinging when you're the one putting yourself through this.

No. 1074382

File: 1604448572427.png (300.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201103-190808.png)

I can't even feel bad for her. You don't HAVE to stay with him, idiot

No. 1074431

She’s never even excesses how lucky she is to be comfortable enough to be worried about other girls rather than shelter for her own child. Imagine her mom kicked her out and told her act like, idk…an adult? Would she even be able to afford the phone she whines with?

No. 1074445

File: 1604453403370.jpg (252.47 KB, 768x1014, Screenshot_20201104-122329_Ins…)

#Allmine yet every 2 days including today she's crying about him cheating on her.

No. 1074471

I wish Syd would come out and expose him like she did when he was off giving some female drugs. The pure amount of shit he must be up to behind the scenes of what we get, grrrr. When they inevitably split though maybe we'll get an explosive episode from Syd. Go full on taylor and expose texts, show us how much of an asshole he really is to women and shred what little bit of a reputation this manley still has

No. 1074638

Shell probably also expose some Taylor tea, whether she’d be telling the truth or not on that (because she obviously hates and is jealous of her just because she’s Jc’s pay ex before her) but I’ll be here for it.
She’s def the one to expose JC and make him look stupid (and her lol) She does it now constantly on her stories ffs.

No. 1074639

Favorite couple? Lol. They’re nobodies!

No. 1074701

File: 1604493622556.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2688, 99A61099-09E3-4A2A-9846-5A9EC0…)

She loves telling on him lmao.

No. 1074877

Can we all just take a moment to look at this man's fat hand and fingers. I don't even need to say he's been getting high it's so painfully obvious he's using. And if his son couldn't make him wanna be sober, nothing will..

No. 1074906


They'll never break up unless she finds another washed up musician to leech off of

No. 1074942

You know you may be right, I hope she leaves for storm. It's kinda crazy she's stayed this long. The shit people willingly do to themselves kek.

No. 1075252

She's legitimately starstruck and posts her swollen pig like he's a prize. She won't be the one breaking up with him, that's for sure.

No. 1075504

as if this bpd fag doesn't get actual life force from drama. I swear this thread feeds it too cause she's obvs balls deep in it trying to prove something to the hayterz
you have a child, woman. look after your kid stop shitposting on instagram about how toxic your relationship is with your diseased junkie washed-up piece of shit (bf? fiance? what is it again? oh that's right) GO FEED YOUR CHILD
fuck she's literally worse than taylor
he's soooo toxic yeah he's full of heroin bitch and you are too. your poor child

No. 1075542

File: 1604597391104.png (412.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-092701.png)

No. 1075543

File: 1604597455320.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-092752.png)

her ears are begging for mercy

No. 1075556

File: 1604598275968.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-092812.png)

No. 1075557

So trashy. Idk anyone over the age of 20 who still thinks stretched ears are cool. They’re nasty and smell like cheese. She literally has the mental capacity of a 15 year old.

No. 1075743

File: 1604612054884.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2688, 6FACFA4B-E786-4DBF-83E6-D8C3BF…)

You do care, and she loves the attention. This bitch is psycho. He’s gonna regret tying himself down for the rest of his life (or at least 18) with someone as batshit as her

No. 1075746

Exactly this. Star stuck and even more now that she is in a shit thread, but a thread nonetheless lmao. Loser.
He’s a washed up old druggie has been nobody now. His ship has sailed. She just wants to be with any type of musician. Wasn’t she obsessed with one from the Used?

No. 1075754

A somehow even uglier and more cracked out version of tesah and crayon

No. 1075770

Is this in reference to TND’s new IG/Twitter default? Who else has she referred to as “weirdo?”

No. 1075772

File: 1604613504682.png (464.61 KB, 1242x2688, 8599126C-D050-4D60-B6F0-0FF71F…)

Meaning jc is talking about money he doesn’t even have

No. 1075780

Well Jonny, that’s 2 things actually. I guess his family is less important than time and money.

No. 1075817

File: 1604616523676.png (76.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201105-174754.png)


No. 1075847

jonnys looking rough as usual in his new cover. for someone who’s such a piece of shit, he can sing. imagine how much better his life would be if he used that talent and stopped being a cunt? what a waste.

No. 1075989

File: 1604628624710.png (668.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201105-210911.png)

I guess she pitched another fit?

No. 1076015

File: 1604631570945.png (72.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201105-215734.png)

jesus christ just break up already
wtf else did you think would happen syd

No. 1076017

She wants Help… from Jonny Craig lmfao. This bitch is delusional. Who wants to break the news to her that she’s with a used up druggie. Get with the fucking program already for your baby’s sake.

No. 1076025

I thought the same. Seems like something she’d do. Assume that anything any girl does is because they wanna steal her man.

No. 1076028

I bet syd and the baby would like that too but I’m sure he didn’t allow them to join him. Probably had to check in with his side bitches. Man I wish she would be a good mom and fucking send his ass packing and demand child support.

No. 1076043

File: 1604634623300.png (539.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-194923.png)

Okay we get it lol

No. 1076046

File: 1604635027894.png (420.57 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-194929.png)

No. 1076058

File: 1604636255981.png (424 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201105-200704.png)

No. 1076067

this sounds like her trying to excuse her insane and abusive behaviour yikes

No. 1076172

Am I the only one wanting to see a recent picture of Storm? I feel like she literally never posts him. She posts him in her stories every once in a blue moon but you can never see his face. I just personally think he's a cute baby and would love to see a recent picture/how he's growing to see how he's doing. I hope she's taking good care of him. He unfortunately didn't get to choose his parents. I really fucking hope they don't mess him up mentally or he inherits their issues.

Jonny never posts pictures of him either. I can't even find any on his IG, other than from the birth.

No. 1076174

I think that's exactly what she's talking about. We all know she fucking hates Taylor, and she posted this literally right after Taylor changed her profile pic on twitter/instagram. Funny how she hates Taylor so much yet I'm sure she constantly creeps and checks up on her. That's just her insecurities screaming and probably to see if Tay mentions Jonny or her. I also find it ironic that she's calling Taylor a weirdo. You're definitely no better, Syd.

No. 1076175

LMAO all three of these stories are already deleted. She is literally so embarrassing. I fucking hope she reads/checks every post on this thread constantly.

No. 1076192

Of course she does!
I didn’t catch when Tnd changed her picture but don’t doubt at all that she immediately wrote this afterwards because of it. She really is psycho and obsessed. Insecure af. I’m sure jc also tells her that when they fight.
As for the soulmate post, jc is not your soulmate clearly lol

No. 1076193

File: 1604652681228.png (11.18 MB, 1242x2688, BEA2F0AC-06FD-42C5-A454-F05A8A…)

Captioned “alone forever” at the very bottom. LOL.

No. 1076198

I do as well but I don't have any reason yet to doubt Syd's mother as a caregiver, because she's the primary guardian in storms life at the moment. I hadn't even thought much about how little they've posted of him lately, it is a little worrying but they also may just not want to share him as much. If they have any decency they'll give him a level of privacy growing up.

No. 1076201

Her eyebrow is sliding off

No. 1076274

>The fact he wants to sing songs with me is a dream

Now we know why she clings to him like a rat to a sinking ship, does she still think he's her ticket to being a singer??

He says that to get you naked or calm you down when you're in a fit of BPD rage, Syd. If he gave a shit about your singing he would have let you song with him more than just once ages ago to get you naked.

No. 1076291

I personally don’t agree with this. I don’t think she’s “starstruck” for him, look at the way she bitches and cries about him every moment she can get? That’s not the attitude of someone in love and in a happy relationship lmao. She wants people to THINK she’s starstruck and in the most ~amazing~ relationship ever because she, just like Taylor was, doesn’t want to admit she’s wrong. She stays with him to prove the haturz like us wrong, and I think especially to make Taylor jealous (we know damn well she’s still not over him). People like Syd are miserable but try to make it appear otherwise on social media, that is when she’s not telling on him and crying about being cheated on. It’s honestly really sad. I think she really thought having a baby with him would change him, as all dysfunctional couples do. She thought she’d be the one to change him but nothing will ever do that and she learned that the hard way, after having a kid. Sorry Syd but nobody sees your nasty ass manlet as a prize. It’s so obvious you both make each other miserable as hell daily.

No. 1076344

nah I think she’s starstruck, in the sense that as long as she can gloat that she’s dating a rOcKsTaR she’ll ignore the benders, the cheating, and the fact that he looks like he was dredged from a lake

No. 1076345

Maybe she thinks she can use him as a step-up to either get another singer, or become one herself? She obviously cares more about being seen and followed than being with JC himself. She so obviously wants to traipse around LA getting high and bumming around studios, it feels like she wants his freedom and fame and thought having his baby would opt her into that.

No. 1076419

Wasn’t she following him and messaging him so that’s how they started talking too?

No. 1076461

I think so? That's popular now that social media is so ingrained in people's lives, fans are literally able to DM their favorite artists and many of them run their own accounts and just go with it because people, in general, are shit at predicting the long term consequences of impulsive, emotional actions.

No. 1076479

Pretty sure he said himself she wouldn’t leave him alone even when he wouldn’t respond or gave one word answers. Seems like something she’d do. Every singer she’s met, male or female, she acts like she has some personal connection to when really she just paid extra money for a meet and greet lmao

No. 1076575

So it's probably not even about Johnny, he was just the only "singer" stupid and trashy enough to get P-trapped by her. Maybe that's why she drags him so hard on her stories? She feels cheated, but is still clinging to some fantasy of becoming a singer?

No. 1076695

File: 1604707603773.jpeg (113.49 KB, 1125x1943, 384ACD3F-A15C-428D-B193-1EE701…)

No. 1076697

File: 1604708013157.jpeg (315.94 KB, 1125x1896, ED82B0DF-0E42-4FDD-A35E-F44970…)

No. 1076698

Wait, where the hell is the kid if not with her? I missed something here.

No. 1076702

File: 1604708702412.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1625, 4DD6D830-2E6E-47B6-8DFD-0B6657…)

Older doppelgänger? Wtf happened come on Syd!

No. 1076704

Whoa, johnny took the kid?

No. 1076706

What the fuck? How did this happen?

No. 1076715

File: 1604710110639.png (2.54 MB, 828x1792, 95795EDB-0FDD-4D3B-8021-BBE440…)

No. 1076717

File: 1604710559489.png (892.94 KB, 984x624, www.PNG)

She deleted this, but now has another story up with just this chick's name @. What the hell happened? Johnny took the kid and is now with another woman? Wow.


Apparently they know each other.

No. 1076718

Samefag, this is her mother lmao.(don't involve family)

No. 1076719

So basically a known heroin addict who has barely been around during his son's life thusfar and some rando took Storm?

He's obviously not getting the best care from Syd, and we really don't know much about her family, but I was hoping there was at least one semi-sane person in Storm's life. Now he's… kidnapped by his father? Wow.

No. 1076722

wait… not some rando… her MOM?
Jonny and her own damn mother kidnapped her son? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. I mean I'm sure they had some reason for doing so… but still. He's obviously not better off with Jonny.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1076728

she's not old enough to be syd's mom, the #mydaughter tag is prob just some affectionate "younger friend" thing

No. 1076734

File: 1604711966308.jpg (79.37 KB, 746x495, 38638161.JPG)

if it's not her mom then why would Syd write this >>1076715 and tag her? She could be old enough to be Syd's mom especially if she was a young mother, don't be fooled by filters anon

No. 1076735

What the actual fuck. I honestly feel like this baby is in danger. I can’t think of any reason they would “take her child” unless she tried to/did hurt him, or maybe was neglecting him. It wouldn’t be so shocking if Jonny wasn’t included in this. Easy way to fix this if she did nothing wrong- call the cops and report that he’s been kidnapped by his drug addict father. The fact that her mom busted in her room and cut her foot makes it sound like there was an incident. Is this when her child was taken from her?

No. 1076757

If Syd's 27, say that she had her when she was 18, that would make her 45. Or 47, if she had a baby at 20 years old. That's reasonable, imo.

No. 1076764

Some people have babies in their teen, but I don’t think it’s syds mom

Also holy smokes, where the hell is the baby ? Syd call the cops it’s called kidnapping. They can’t just take him.

No. 1076769

>wtf do I do to fix this

I guess post to your Instagram some more, that’s a normal response to your infant being kidnapped

No. 1076777

Jonny can take Storm wherever if there isn’t a legal agreement, unfortunately. If there isn’t a court ordered custody agreement and he’s on the birth certificate the police can’t do a thing.

But imagine being the type of person to make a spectacle on Instagram over your newborn being taken by his heroin addict dad. I want the best for poor Storm, but I’m honestly so stoked to see what each of their versions of events turn out as lmao deadbeat Jonny may take the kid to show him off and act father of the year to impress a chick but we all know Syd is insane so what the fuck happened

No. 1076787

Meanwhile Jonny probably took the kid out for icecream or something and Syd is screeching kidnapping!!!! Into the instgram void.

No. 1076788

I’m not trying to white knight because they are both trash to me… but I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions here. He is the baby’s father. So to claim “kidnapping!” is a bit much. People on Twitter are talking about calling 911 and shit. We only know what Syd has posted. How do we know he didn’t just take the baby out for a quick drive to the store or walk around the park? How do we know she wasn’t throwing a tantrum or threatening to harm herself or the baby and Jonny just took the baby out while she cooled off or something? Again, we don’t know shit so let’s not all jump to conclusions.

No. 1076791

You know it's bad when there is a potential child abduction and you can't even take it seriously because of how mentally unstable syd is lol.

All jokes aside, if Jonny has Storm, then Storm is with his father. Absolutely no way can you say that is kidnapping unless you have a custody arrangement. Police aren't gonna do anything, like another anon pointed out. Maybe if Syd doesn't want Jonny alone with the baby she shouldn't have had a baby with Jonny lmao. I guess they are really going to be "#fightingforit" soon huh

No. 1076800

File: 1604717336796.jpeg (71.41 KB, 788x562, 54B6782A-7F7C-4B4E-A3C0-ADC6D8…)

I only just figured out how to post stuff here (I’m dumb sometimes, I admit) so this is unrelated to the “kidnapping” rolls eyes and it’s late but I see no one posted it here. I caught it before Jonny seemingly deleted it. This is just so cringey and embarrassing…

No. 1076808

File: 1604717691740.jpeg (127.01 KB, 828x562, E77213D8-78E7-4DBE-A9DB-C94E55…)

And now Syd’s little stans are starting to accuse Syd’s mom of kidnapping before they really know exactly what happened. Pretty sure that’s what she hoped would happen when she tagged her in her story

No. 1076809

Wtf is going on guys…?! did Jonny take the baby with a rando, or with her mom? I’m honestly so fucking confused right now. That woman DOES look like she could possibly be Syd’s mother, but where the hell would Jonny and Syd’s mom GO? Makes me think it may be a rando? This is all so fucking strange. Wow lmao.

No. 1076810

It’s 100% her mom, whom she lives with. I don’t know why everyone is thinking otherwise, it’s clear to me from all the posts and stories.

No. 1076812

Bettieretro’s page has various pics of her and syd, including one from all the way back in 2011. It’s def her mom but even if it wasn't her mom specifically, it certainly isn’t a “rando.” Come on, people.

No. 1076813

idk enough about syd to know if its her mom but if you check out that womans twitter she posts about 3 other kids pretty frequently, the oldest being 15ish, and nothing about syd.

No. 1076822

File: 1604718383811.jpeg (319.23 KB, 828x1346, 75067DDA-15DA-45D2-8844-F2C901…)

It’s her mom.

No. 1076824

Okay I get that it’s her mom now but my question was that where the fuck did her and Jonny go together? It seems like Syd is at the house by herself? It all sounds so fucking weird.

No. 1076829

What makes you think that she’s alone though? Jonny could have just taken the baby temporarily out of the house/situation. Not sure why everyone is assuming that Jonny and the mom completely disappeared with the baby. All I’m saying is it seems there’s more assuming going on than any of us knowing at all what’s actually happening. Obviously I’m concerned about the baby too, but we don’t need to all be getting crazy with assumptions.

No. 1076835

You’re right. I apologize. I forget that Syd is dramatic and over exaggerates, which is probably what is happening.

No. 1076839

Thats exactly what I’m worried is happening. I’m just trying to play devils advocate here. It could really go either way though with these two scum bags.

No. 1076871

File: 1604721739419.png (597.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201106-200202.png)

No. 1076883

That’s not true depending on your state. One parent can’t just steal a child from the other. That is still considered kidnapping in many states.

Seems like Jonny is going to leave syd and take the baby too me. Completely a tinfoil

I’m just happy the baby clearly isn’t kidnapped and with Jonny and his grandmother. I kinda feel bad for syd. She is clearly unstable

No. 1076887

I think Jonny and Syd probably got into some huge yelling match in her bedroom and her mom had to intervene since it’s her house so of course she had to hear all the craziness. Syd might’ve been way over the top so mom took his side and decided to remove the baby from the situation. I don’t think the baby was kidnapped just removed from toxic parents yelling temporarily.

No. 1076896

File: 1604724087387.png (373.06 KB, 1242x2208, 32835FF3-E82F-4621-8080-8EA466…)

No. 1076897

File: 1604724127074.png (303.06 KB, 1242x2208, 6ABD0CD3-F266-4CB1-BC97-DAF598…)


No. 1076901

She deleted this already lol that was fast

No. 1076902

Already deleted.

No. 1076915

File: 1604725392494.png (204.63 KB, 828x1792, 17DCD77E-A88E-46FE-9C98-CA1C9E…)

I get that her relationship ship sucks but does her child not make her happy? You would think the year her child was born wouldn’t be the worst year…

No. 1076916

File: 1604725429181.png (499.3 KB, 1242x2688, 573DCEC9-3BDF-4B6C-A1D9-E71553…)

Her indirect reply to Jonny’s story.
Most of these stories are gone too.

No. 1076918

I think she was hurting him or neglecting him as a way to hurt Jonny. If her mom had to bust in open and sydnee got cut like that, because she was forcing the door shut. That baby is not safe near her mom. The mom probably helped Jonny take him.

No. 1076920

a baby is not a ticket to happiness.

No. 1076921

It’s clearly her mom (see username!) Her post also says @username and Jonny took my baby.
Plus that cut on her foot and her story of her mom pushing the door open says to me that her mom was trying to bust in because who knows what psycho syd was doing to that poor baby just to hurt Jonny in some way - the mom helped Jonny retrieve the baby.

No. 1076925

Unfortunately I can totally see her doing this. Everyone (more so on twitter) was quick to jump to the whole syd is an innocent mother getting her baby kidnapped. Yeah, Jonny is a bad guy, but that doesn’t mean that in every situation he is always the bad guy. She is just as shitty and capable of doing bad things too. Also, it seems to me she never posts about this baby and is only ever posting about her relationship so that’s a red flag to me, idk.

No. 1076926

She said worst year start and end, not the worst year in general

No. 1076928

Sounds like she has severe PPD and is not bonding with her child because she’s too caught up with the fact that a baby didn’t keep jonny from sticking his dick in other girls.

I hope that poor baby is safe. Fuck you, syd. Get help. You’re about to lose your baby.

I don’t think jonny will be able to get custody since he doesn't have a place to live or a stable income, but Syd’s mom could definitely get emergency custody if she has a job.

No. 1076930

This could be the case too. But for people to say kidnapping so fast, not good. Jonny although a scumbag, wouldn’t let someone hurt an innocent baby. Syd is so unstable! And clearly the mom agrees because she helped jc get him out of there.

No. 1076931

I knew he was going to. He can also get custody easy with her mental health not being stable.

Also like why did they choose to have the baby. Eveyone knew they wouldn’t last. I feel bad for storm because growing up with a single parent is shitty. I wish people planned on finding someone who they will last with, before bring a child into there shitty relationship.

A Child won’t fix your relationship EVER

No. 1076932

I called it (that or she read her and is now saying it) but I said on here I bet he uses her mental illness on her when they fight. Probably calls her psycho anytime they’re fighting for it lol

No. 1076934

File: 1604726770086.jpeg (242.99 KB, 750x963, 33D04903-632D-481D-B474-38930D…)

Wow lmao. What a hot mess.

No. 1076937

As someone with mental illness, I obviously would never want anyone to make fun of me for it or call me names… but I do want to point out that you can’t always blame your mental illness for everything you choose to do. Some of the things she chooses to say or do are because she’s choosing to be a shitty person. I’m getting tired of people doing crappy things and being like “but you have to forgive me for that because I have mental illness.” Especially when your actions end up falling into the mental abuse realm. I don’t act like a huge asshole all the time and expect people to forgive me because I have mental health issues. Just sayin….(no1curr)

No. 1076946

It sounds like Syd had some kind of major meltdown and threatened to hurt herself or the baby, and I'm sorry but Jonny didnt kidnap his own son, you can't kidnap your own child!! Unless of course there's court mandated restrictions involved which there is not.

We also know Syds mom has been raising that baby more than Syd has.

If Syds now apparently aware she's mentally ill, she needs to get some fucking help instead of constantly bitching and acting psychotic online to total strangers.

No. 1076948

I doubt he's bullying her for it, he's probably just frustrated with her bullshit and doesn't want to play into her psychosis and that sends her even more crazy.

No. 1076950

Where are Twitter? Should we search for jc’s username and teeets will show? I didn’t know syd has a Twitter account if she did

No. 1076953

Syd doesn’t have Twitter as far as I know. If you search for posts under the jonnycraig hashtag by latest you’ll see all sorts of idiots completely jumping to conclusions when they have no idea what they are talking about. Particularly someone who’s name is “Serving hot tea” and her username is something along the lines of “turtlemom” or something turtle related

No. 1076985

She's telling people to call the cops if they see him like a lunatic

No. 1076989

File: 1604733895830.png (365.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201106-232251.png)

I hope she's okay. They've had a rough night and it's so shitty she may be going to sleep tonight without her baby, I really don't know what to think. It may be for the best.

No. 1077015

Honestly it sounds to me like Syds showing signs of post partum psychosis? It's something I've seen in family members before - her refusing to let anybody else hold the baby and saying she's "the only one who has never left him" is very telling. She went on that engagement trip with jonny, she's being dramatic and insane when she says she's never left the baby with anybody else.

Sounds to me like she's bonded with the baby fine, and has problems with her mother and Jonny right now for intervening.

This reads to me like jonny told her that her mental health is a real problem and she ignored him because "he makes fun of her for talking about mental health issues"

No. 1077016

Yeah, this reads to me like she’s being 5150’d. This is sad but we all knew she was nuts.

No. 1077017

Turtle mom used to troll TND hard. I’m sure. That name used to come up their thread all the time

No. 1077022

Yeah it’s that deathfat Angel cosmixhoney or whatever the fuck who’s been obsessed with Jonny and every single one of his exes for years

No. 1077037

Yep. This.

As for the “someday” post by Syd. She’s so dramatic. Which is why no one will ever really believe her when she gets dramatic for every little thing bc she always ends up back with jc.

No. 1077042

Too bad nobody understands the point of the "boy who cried wolf" story anymore.

No. 1077058

File: 1604748460462.jpeg (852.11 KB, 1242x2330, 797CE5E5-C1A2-4ACC-9841-12813B…)

Not sure when, but don’t think it was from this fight, but her engagement post is gone

No. 1077059

In one of her first posts (one I’m replying to) she mentions how she says she can’t do it anymore when she’s “crumbling” but always takes care of her child. It really does sound like she had a meltdown (probably one of many) and enough was enough. She absolutely needs help, she is no doubt spiraling and as another anon mentioned, maybe even resents the baby.

No. 1077065

File: 1604750581934.jpeg (176.46 KB, 1113x1980, A63A797C-6F39-4702-B83B-126580…)

No. 1077076

She’s definitely crazy af. No way her mum just randomly decided to bust in her room and kidnap the child for no apparent reason. Her mother has been supporting her and the baby all this time and now she decided to just take the baby away despite Syd being a great mother? It doesn’t make sense at all. It’s likely that she was fighting with Johnny, locker herself in her room and threatened to kill herself and/or the baby and so her mother forced her door open and took the baby. Her ex said that she slit her wrists in front of him so it doesn’t seem far fetched that she’d do something similar.

No. 1077094

I wonder why are her and jc pictures still up. Watch them get back together in a week.

No. 1077106

File: 1604757506732.jpeg (631.47 KB, 1242x1353, 2F6979E0-FDF2-4932-8F9D-D3A820…)

For those who need a little help…

Twitter search Jonny Craig, no hashtag needed.

Here are some caps of the extreme mental retardation associated with Turtlemom.

Personal favourite is discussion of breast feeding and mastitis. These fucking leeches.

No. 1077107

File: 1604757541070.jpeg (963.19 KB, 1242x2067, 45A0DC01-D36D-422C-ABAB-F9FF98…)

No. 1077112

File: 1604757687544.jpeg (866.89 KB, 1242x1941, 7E4F2D7F-3F7A-446D-8E1C-CF3B8F…)

No. 1077113

This baby needs a new home with capable parents who love him. This is the easiest stage of raising a child. They can’t move. She is never gonna make it in motherhood when he starts walking and getting into everything and she doesn’t have time to vent her problems on social media.

No. 1077115

File: 1604758725796.png (224.34 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201107-091539.png)

I went back and read JC's captions from when he announced Syd was pregnant and it's sad how badly he wanted to be better for Storm, but I guess he just didn't know anything about Syd yet.

No. 1077116

File: 1604758760656.png (220.74 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201107-091549.png)

No. 1077131

I know I feel like people are jumping to the conclusion that she hurts her baby just as fast as kidnapping. It’s like you realize those are tinfoils right ?

No. 1077134

Yup. He didn't know who she really was, what issues she may have (does have now obviously) and this just confirms completely that Syd got knocked up intentionally to lock him in.

No. 1077135

Who is this retard on twitter involving themselves in their person lives ?? I’ve seen that account before and they are pretty stupid and sound like a child. Please for god sake don’t call 911, you will block actual people that need emergency services

No. 1077137

Imagine being more insane than both TND and Jonny Craig lmao

This is getting super milky between Jonny's normal dopehead shit, Syd's BPD cranked up to 11 after having a baby, and all the cringy dramafags stirring up shit and pearl clutching on twitter

No. 1077138

No it’s doesn’t that’s a tinfoil. I don’t think people realize how unexpected it is to get pregnant. It’s not like you fuck once and a babies in you.

No. 1077148

She had a mental break down.

She's gunna be 5150'd, again.

Is she talking about her ex "ill come back to you someday" thats some manipulative shit if so.

I give it a week.

No. 1077172

I didn’t say that there wasn’t a way to prevent it. Most of Americans have sex with strangers without pregnancy preventives which is gross.

The only point I was trying to make is it’s extremely hard to get pregnant on purpose to lock someone, because you have to link sex with your egg dropping and sometimes that’s not always on the same date for women. Testing your basal temps months ahead of time everyday, and keeping a record of it for 6 + months can make it easier to trap someone. It’s just very unlikely this whole pregnancy was planned

No. 1077175

Not every woman has issues getting pregnant where they have to time it out like that. White trash is fertile 24/7. She'll have 3 more with 3 different baby daddies by the time she's 35.

No. 1077188

I’m not saying she planned out some meticulous scheme to trap him, but I can see her not taking precautions and letting chance take over. I really don’t think women who struggle to get pregnant are in the majority.

No. 1077234

I wasn’t even saying women who struggle. This is what I learned at my college for women that PLAN to have children

No. 1077244

So cringe.

No. 1077263

These people are retarded lmfao

No. 1077357

Except it can happen just like that, which is why the vast majority of people who get pregnant have it happen to them to begin with.

No. 1077362