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File: 1665833456375.jpg (15.59 KB, 275x256, 1665405230825.jpg)

No. 1675940

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1676047

File: 1665846751394.jpeg (187.36 KB, 750x979, 1F433023-3DE2-432B-978B-E6C634…)

Remember the detransitioner who talked about how hormones made her bald? She got a lot of bad responses.

No. 1676049

File: 1665846869880.jpeg (134.46 KB, 750x992, 46E8F9FC-FFA2-47B4-8823-7A74D3…)

No. 1676054

>haha ur ugly
>but I'm not tee hee
I hate how narcissistic and superficial troons are.

No. 1676062

they really are its even worse when you know them in real life and they act like this. I knew a trans man like this in real life who would constantly compare herself with other trans men and talk about how much better looking she is than other troons and constantly call others ugly and fat.
She is extremely short like 5'1 and used to be obsessed with yaoi before she became a trans man, she also would pretend to be bisexual and she would catfish people on amino.

No. 1676064

So encouraging people to transition and then mocking them for not being attractive enough is cool with the "be kind" community. So shitty

No. 1676066

I'm pretty sure what you have is called filters, not hormones

No. 1676072

File: 1665849253121.jpeg (91.06 KB, 565x800, 93EE5AE2-A658-46DD-80D5-C0F022…)

I’m usually very good at spotting troons. I always suspected Gackt was a FTM but I get called tinfoil for it.
>inb4 it’s just because he’s Asian and effeminate
No. There’s lots of effeminate looking Asian men who wear makeup but it’s easy to tell they are guys. Gackt just looks like an Asian woman on T to me. Not sure if anyone else agrees with me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1676073

File: 1665849351121.jpeg (88.72 KB, 992x1264, BE6AE9DB-23D6-4287-BD6F-581FF3…)

Also thought his tits were very big for an Asian man (even though he’s on roids clearly) and that his hips are wide for an Asian man too. As he gets older he looks more and more like a middle aged woman imo.

No. 1676074

File: 1665849405712.jpeg (51.39 KB, 600x381, C08AA626-6D17-4568-A416-E3298C…)

Another photo where he looks like a middle aged lesbian Japanese woman (among many kek)(Tinfoil retardation)

No. 1676075

'be kind' is only for stunning and brave beauties like Eddie Izzard.

No. 1676079

File: 1665849561428.jpeg (106.84 KB, 634x908, A4DE2775-2632-4C69-B822-B6FE77…)

Why did you have to remind me of his existence nonny

No. 1676082

literally just the worst kind of competitive handmaidens. 10 years ago theyd be stacies. they only transitioned because you cant be a female stacy with short hair and pants so they had to be man stacies to not feel like dykes

No. 1676121

I will not accept this slander.

No. 1676133

Do they realize the age in which men bald at is determined by genetics? If they don't bald by 20, they'll bald at 30, 40, etc. On any long dose on testosterone it's not a question of if you'll bald, but when. At least then when people see the bald patch they'll assume they're a (unfortunate) dude. That is the whole point, no?

No. 1676135

Pictures you can smell

No. 1676136

what the shit are you talking about. you and ftm-drake-chan should be friends

No. 1676167

hairloss is coming for all of them sooner or later.

No. 1676170

Ty did this a few years ago.

No. 1676175

Queen, you're so vain you got "masculinising" fillers that don't make a fucking difference. You beg for attention constantly on Reddit, and the gay moids you participate in rape on tape with misgender you when you think you're "one of the gays". You are in no position to mock a woman for going bald.

No. 1676177

what a retard, just look at his hand, its very clearly a male one. btfo troon

No. 1676194

Am I a bad person because I won't feel bad for them once the health challenges sneak up on them?
100% These were the NLOGs of the past who hated the girls that were actually tomboyish and hated it when people assumed they were lesbians.

No. 1676223

OT but some men don't go bald. If their x chromosome doesn't have the info for balding they'll keep the hair until they die.

No. 1676296

>rape on tape
Words have meaning

No. 1676331

nta but rape on tape refers to porn. porn is taped rape.

No. 1676482

File: 1665884564149.png (530.45 KB, 525x568, bog.png)

Me this time last year hated troonshit but might have still had some doubts about calling them cultlike but there's no way to deny the culty behaviour and extreme narcissism when it's fully on display kek. Anyone detrans or not totally wanting to validate their delusion makes them shit their pants in rage and gang up. The second one looks like a Bogdanoff btw, imagine basing your transition off the most basic twinks who abuse fillers

No. 1676491

File: 1665885756936.jpg (63.92 KB, 633x292, wut.jpg)

stumbled upon this hot take kek

No. 1676513

File: 1665888193350.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.95 KB, 1080x2439, Screenshot_20221016.jpg)

She goes on underneath the post, and then the tweet right under that is… let's say stunning and brave. She does a lot of porn on her account in general too, moaning with her creaky frog voice.

if not for troon shit, engorged clit and tit scars, she'd be a cute-ish woman smh

Reposted because I couldn't spoiler properly lmfao

No. 1676544

>full grown man
No, you're a mentally ill 5'3" 20-something in what appears to be a shitty Stranger Things cosplay.

>full head of hair

With a hairline like that? I don't think so lmao.

No. 1676545

I see she went to the Momokun school of butthole-blurring.

No. 1676576

nta but it's brilliant. I'm gonna start using it.

No. 1676588

File: 1665902770733.jpeg (12.76 KB, 225x225, 8E5EC5E9-7938-4858-89C0-8F14F5…)

Tbh I was impressed by the shoulders on this one so I googled.
Nah sis just angles and hunching.

No. 1676625

Indeed they do and that's why I would never refer to what happens in porn as fully consensual sex.

Wow I wonder why it is that gay men complain about being gay and you ladies don't… that's a real head scratcher! Seriously though, how can they post this shit and not realise that they are not subject to homophobia and never have been? The closest most TIFs get is when they're assumed to be butch lesbians which is always funny to watch because they'll shart and scream about it for a week, kek.

No. 1676644

Nice filters, sis!

No. 1676645

File: 1665916699595.jpg (166.25 KB, 900x900, EhzpnUVX0AQGyZD.jpg)

Not sure why, but it looks like someone went a long way trying to "beautify" The Adoring Fan from Oblivion and yet couldn't quite get rid of that "uncanny valley" look.

No. 1676647

Kek, even with just the tiny pfp to compare you could tell it was all angles and filters. And I could spot the forced hunching because I always see retarded roided gymbros do it, except they at least have muscles.
Dead inside.

No. 1676657

lmao this is spot on nonny. literally just yassified adoring fan

No. 1676677


No. 1676697

Oh man that first photo was misleading

No. 1676720

LMAO she's so tiny.

No. 1676792

sage for unrelated but when/why tf did i wake up in the timeline where eddie izzard is whatever this is instead of just a gnc comedy man my mom watched in the 90's. i feel like there was a time where people were comfortable being themselves while challenging and erasing gender stereotypes, but it must have been a weird fever dream.

No. 1676819

It's been hilarious to see how stereotypically feminine/mean girl-ish/bitchy their response to that detrans woman has been.
>uhm u ugly, now look at this picture of me… I am like SO sexy in this dress/mansona cosplay
A man would send violent threats and these aydyns are sending selfies lmao.

No. 1677000

I find it funny that none of these women have realised that themselves. These are the people who worry that having a coloured phone case will result in them getting clocked as trans (actual reddit thread I saw once, kek) yet they've not realised that men - even the most catty of gay men - don't act like this? The delusion is seriously strong with these cultists.

No. 1677102

File: 1665962196184.png (16.34 KB, 225x225, wojacksoy.png)

>the peak masculine a ftm can achieve is a fucking soyboy, the most low testosterone male there is

No. 1677136

File: 1665964667904.jpeg (323.81 KB, 750x660, 9AE7A7CA-73E2-495D-AFD7-A2F6AB…)

Felt conflicted in whether to post this on spicy straights or here since she doesn’t even want people to use male pronouns on her just wants everyone all to knows she’s “trans fluid” which sounds like some horrible symptom from a venereal disease

No. 1677138

kek at the fact that she still looks so clearly female

No. 1677176

>fight to be considered gay
And that's how you know you're not gay. Real lesbians and gays never had to fight to be considered gay because they just are. They had to fight for actual material rights and to not be hate crimed and discriminated against.
>Most trans men are ecstatic to be seen as gay. We don't take it for granted.
That's because you see gayness as a trendy new label and a way to validate your 24/7 LARP as a man instead of just a state of being. Real gays complain about being gay because they've had to face real struggles because of it. The ones who don't want to be seen as gay feel that way because of shame and fear from leaving in a society with homophobic freaks like this.

No. 1677202

This is the gender equivalent to an ouroboros, except instead of a serpent eating its tail, it's a human being disappearing up her own ass.

No. 1677214

Womanly but not "tiny"

No. 1677257

His pickme personality fits her as well.

No. 1677378

Honestly. Interacting with these people irl feels so insulting as a gnc lesbian. It's not just the larping there's just something about looking a woman in the face while she tries to peddle this lie to me while we know full well we're both women and only one of us is being a dishonest loser about it. BFFR.

No. 1677510

nta but she tiny, the body proportions and head to body ratio tells you that. Like 120lb, 5'5" woman right there, while trying to look like a roided out gymbro and flexing online >>1676049

No. 1677618

File: 1666020167739.jpg (329.04 KB, 960x1792, pleaseshutup.jpg)

Either be a pothead or be a troon. They're too annoying to be combined.

No. 1677633

File: 1666021238234.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1665922983498.jpg)

> all my friends are straight

No. 1677658

How is smoking weed masculine. Also look at that pathetic joint
>all my friends are trans and gay
So straight. They are straight.

No. 1677676

Read: all my friends are ~quirky~, so I'm quirky by association. And it somehow has almost 100k likes.

No. 1677708

Because our delicate little lady lungs can't handle weed, silly! I'd bet money this girl has got sold oregano in the past and not even realised, kek.

No. 1677723

The irony of her claiming smoking makes her feel masculine (lol what is this the 1920s?) when she's smoking a joint with lavender in it. Obv men can smoke other herbs with their weed but I typically associate that sort of thing with hippie/witchy female stoners. Like when herbal cigarettes were popular at my school. I only ever saw girls smoking them.
Social contagion

No. 1677820

honestly if bio moids had faces like that they'd actually be god tier hot, but mounted atop that bod it's just a homely, stocky fujoshi

No. 1677831

apparently she had her jaw done with filler (roflmao) so she'll look like a bloated melted garden gnome in about 2 years

No. 1677906

File: 1666043934410.jpeg (31.03 KB, 400x400, FD91C79F-4108-4FF9-AD6F-F93B06…)

Another from twitter. This one looks dead.

No. 1677916

Looks like it was generated by an AI with the prompt "portrait of an accursed victorian poet".

No. 1677942

Why does she look like a tumblr sjw tried to draw sideshow bob

No. 1677950

this literally looks like every old timey photograph of a teenage English boy who was forced to work in the mines at the tender age of 12 and lost his arm in an accident and was nicknamed Billy the Stump

No. 1677973

Yeah the peasant shirt missing some buttons from scraping against the stones in the mines really sells it, too

No. 1677977

Is that YTer CopsHateMoe? Because she’s another transmasc who throws tantrums about TERFs and trans activists who don’t agree with her.

No. 1677993

File: 1666049318569.jpeg (519.49 KB, 1170x649, 4E4DA8C6-F048-475C-A8B6-FAF63E…)

Yes. Her pre-transition self looks like the horsegirl who called me a dyke in high school.

No. 1678000

literally a peasant victorian boy

No. 1678028

File: 1666052480069.jpeg (56.73 KB, 800x533, 0790D730-2194-41E5-94CD-D1523E…)

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas-esque

No. 1678194

Her hairdresser asked what she wanted and she just replied, "Cheetos."

No. 1678200

File: 1666063190404.jpg (24.92 KB, 600x315, charlie-and-the-chocolate-fact…)

>>1677906 Oh hey it's the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

No. 1678203

Why does she look so normal in the second pic? Did something happen between this comparison and this >>1677906 ? She went from an average baby faced butch to a ptsd riddled pauper who begs on the street for coppers kek

No. 1678204

It looks like started smoking crack between >>1677993 and >>1677906

No. 1678206

She must have an eating disorder. I know that recently she was e-begging for a breast removal surgery.

No. 1678240

In a land of myth and a time of magic…

No. 1678366

>Billy the Stump
god it's so accurate

No. 1678395


No. 1678456

File: 1666099546195.jpg (19.51 KB, 590x107, firefox_2022-10-16_01-55-15.jp…)

Do you believe Jacob, anons?

No. 1678462

I mean, yeah there probably are five scrotes in her inbox taking advantage of her by pretending she's a true and honest man, but they ain't gay kek. Girls like this are all over social media with their sex positivity and coombrained one track mind, so of course scrotes are adopting a fagsona and messaging them for nudes in droves.

No. 1678469

>bragging about twitter coomers wanting to see your nudes as if it’s something to be proud of

No. 1678475

1890s Shinji Ikari

No. 1678488

Men are disgusting and put their dick everywhere.

No. 1678492

File: 1666102124900.jpeg (243.16 KB, 820x1280, 507CD815-1564-49BD-A87F-38B545…)

Hey fat bitch, get off this site you are not welcomed

No. 1678496

>7m ago
Stop self-posting. Drink your water and go for a walk.

No. 1678499

She's waiting for the terfs to be mean to her so she can screenshot it for her echo chamber and get that sweet, sweet dopamine.

No. 1678514

I wouldn’t self post if I was a fat chick with a neck beard

No. 1678517

File: 1666103937268.jpg (117.73 KB, 909x669, Untitled.jpg)

Well she retweeted this on the 13th, the same day this was posted to the last thread, so I'm leaning towards self-poster. It's not uncommon for these freaks to play both sides of the fence.

No. 1678520

File: 1666104539885.jpg (149.41 KB, 871x603, Untitled.jpg)

Samefagging but the jokes just write themselves with this one.

No. 1678523

Kek nice catch, I believe it. Spicy straights are so starved for attention and self-hating. Sis just lose weight and get an identify outside of kinning drag homos.

No. 1678539

File: 1666105709080.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1500x2804, 6CBE0BB0-BF60-41C6-99F1-713478…)

>a fat man is so empowering for doing the least bc he doesn’t have to adhere to female beauty standards
>doesn’t realize that men get praises and asspats for being funny, creative, whatever, whilst fat because people consider men as humans with personalities
Hun you can not identify out of sexism. A funny fat girl will not be celebrated the way a fat gay man is. He is not uplifting you, a woman, in any way.

No. 1678541

Stop milking the self-posting cow that’s what she wants

No. 1678550

Zoomer fashion is so disgusting holy shit bring me back to scene time please, she looks like she's wearing a big of flamming hot cheetos

No. 1678580

They seem to base their self worth on how "fuckable" they are and how many people want them and validate them. Bleak existence.

No. 1678584

this is so retarded. Gack is taller and bigger than average japanese man and has had at least 2 nosejobs (first one in the 90s and second one in 2007) and probably eyelid surgery aswell so his "feminine" features aren't even real.

No. 1678631

We call those men bisexual. Possibly straight if they’re desperate enough.

No. 1678665

Izzard gave interviews about being dysphoric and choosing an acting career over transitioning years ago. It's not new.

No. 1678709

File: 1666120188548.jpg (197.66 KB, 1080x961, twinkbf.jpg)

Checked up on a personal cow I knew from ages ago, turns out she's yet another one to go the "twink gay achillean" route while just looking like any other woman with hirsutism.

No. 1678730

>while just looking like any other woman with hirsutism
Hey! I might look like a werewolf when I don't shave but I at least bathe regularly and have some fashion sense, kek.

No. 1678756

Twink always had gross connotations, but they're really just calling anyone a twink these days aren't they? lmao

No. 1678769

a woman who induced "hirsutism" artificially no less

No. 1678771

Severely underrated comment nonna, kek.

No. 1678809

looking like the gross loser uncle who outgrew his shirt, drinks, and stinks
except with loser aunt hair

I wouldn't even give this thing a gender, I'd just stay away from it lmao

No. 1678866

they want to be ugly men though. that’s the fucked part. if they’re men they can be hairy and greasy with those gross little pencilled on moustaches and they think it’s sexy.

it absolutely boggles my mind that they go out of their way to make themselves as repulsive as possible.

No. 1678905

Hips don't lie

"Twink" has lost its meaning with how many TiFs use it. Good riddance, the whole twink bear thing is cringe.

If it was more acceptable to let yourself go as a woman, be disgusting and hairy without calling your gender identity into question, there'd be less girls with no self esteem turning to testosterone to solve all their problems. They wouldn't stop being disgusting unfortunately.

No. 1679201

File: 1666179514950.jpg (304.63 KB, 1570x1416, 1634117334603.jpg)

Are there any stereotype charts for FtMs yet? It's been a few years into the whole tranny trend, so there are probably quite a few subtypes people can distinguish from the "unwashed hairy blob" to "Shinji Ikari/Ellen Page-core"

No. 1679223

File: 1666183248721.png (567.38 KB, 2720x2720, 1653630480166.png)

from a previous thread

No. 1679227

If girls that aren't even particularly muscular can call themselves himbos, this pudgy lady can call herself a twink too

No. 1679228

Nta but I had suppressed the memory of this chart because of the chaotic enby

No. 1679382

literally face of anorexia. cringe

No. 1679421

File: 1666204372347.png (228.66 KB, 512x621, 1948CA77-C197-4F81-83EA-729D8D…)

Sage for vidyasperg but this was so funny. I’m gonna copypasta this anytime a tra comes after me.

No. 1679444

File: 1666205534561.jpeg (210.5 KB, 750x1087, 62B7DA30-0D87-49AB-A483-50373F…)

Off-topic but a lot of TIFs really hate lesbians. Brandon Teena, the TIF murder victim, had extreme hatred for lesbians, as shown in this article.

No. 1679454

File: 1666206948045.png (419.27 KB, 1346x662, 466578.png)


they feel so entitled to asskissing from actual gay people lol. this thread is filled with so much contempt towards normie gays and lesbians for not being the lgbtqia+ activist caricatures they read about on reddit

No. 1679479

I thought she was a lesbian? Also unsourced.

No. 1679529

>the neutral fakeboi was exactly me when i was going through my TIF phase i even look like her

No. 1679542

File: 1666212115184.png (55.33 KB, 926x435, Screenshot 2022-10-19 133940.p…)

This whole thread is everyone being offended by everyone/anyone and complaining about being hurt and a victim by someone or anyone. Funny when they're spicy straights crying that they're not welcomed by homosexuals.

No. 1679555

>literally nazis
Not this shit again

No. 1679559

>"Nazi's aren't big on inclusivity"
>thinks they agree with lesbian feminists

No. 1679561

looked it up and that article was written by Carolyn Gage, Gage is a minor cow in the radfem scene, she's like a lesbian feminist version of Milo Yiannopoulos in that she believes her own lesbiansm was caused by her father molesting her, she has also has a weird obsession with incest, like she advocates for victims of csa by their parents(which is understandable) but she brings up the subject a lot in her works and has written multiple plays featuring father's molesting daughter's and mother's molesting son's, and stated that Louisa May Scott was molested by her father and then she molested her sons,
you should take what she says with a grain of salt

No. 1679574

File: 1666213371997.png (24.15 KB, 641x234, dealing.png)

It's all so bad I have to refrain from just screen capping and posting everything, but this one is one of the best.

No. 1679583

I work as a psychologist (if it matters I'm not in the US) and the parallels between some women and girls posted here and people facing eating disorders, self harm and child sexual abuse trauma in the 00s is shocking, culturally speaking. You got the same self destructive behavior, rebellion, trying to distance yourself from your body and specially the characteristics that you perceive as what brought your suffering upon you… I can't throw diagnosis but I'd bet these women/girls would be regulars on forums about the aforementioned topics if we were just 15 years in the past. I have met a couple of anorexic clients who idealized a male shaped body for themselves (more specifically the tall, lanky variety) but had no desire to actually be a man, so it's not out of this world. Nowadays they'd be told they're suffering and restricting food because they want to be a biological man and not just have that idealized impossible body. It's sad to look at. Instead of getting proper help and have their issues addressed they are lead towards a path that only creates more problems.

No. 1679603

>gay people in a gay community are mean to me, it's SHOCKING
Wow, it's almost like you don't belong there or something.

No. 1679619

They’re probably ruder since they already have to waste time turning down more genderspecials than gays in small towns do.

No. 1679642

combo of bpd and ocd. They split on themselves and can't accept their body as part of themselves and like people with eds they have extremely rigid thought patterns

No. 1679653

I'm sorry but gay men being catty and rude? Wow, who knew.

No. 1679661

File: 1666217201058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.98 KB, 750x360, 07ED3A0A-70BD-45E9-84FD-95E169…)


The comments are gold

No. 1679679

They are so close to getting it it hurts

No. 1679693

I genuinely could not imagine wanting to be in these spaces. Cis gay males in highly affluent areas are just coomer sociopaths and arguably the only real male Patrick Batemans. Why would you want to throw yourself into the trenches of a space that notoriously only wants, cares about, thinks about, and shows any humanity for men that look exactly like them. I think the naive belief that gay male spaces like that are accepting or will view you as anything more than subhuman is exclusively female, because even gays from outside this clique are completely aware they’re horrible human beings.

No. 1679695

>fellow gay men
They will never view you as a man. They will always view you as some sort of third thing, call you a eunuch, call you a closeted lesbian, call you all sorts of vulgar names as long as you or others like you aren’t around and will kiki about how mutilated you are as long as the internet isn’t there to take down receipts. Desiring to be around men who will never view you as a person is wild.

No. 1679706

The only "gay men" who like ftm are bi, straight or whatever. The problem is most ftm look like women or don't even try to look like men. It's just as annoying as balding mtf scrotes who want lesbians to fuck their girl dick. Can't force attraction on people like that

No. 1679709

Perhaps they feel like less predatory spaces bc the men don’t want to have sex with them. A conundrum.

No. 1679724

>upset people not paying attention
sums it all up really

No. 1679743

There's a TIF version of this somewhere too (not the one posted below) but I don't know where to find it. I remember two of the wojaks in the TIF one were Kpopper and AAP coomer

No. 1679751

Did they really just say that TERFs punish GNC women for being too masculine?

No. 1679759

I’m tired of TRAs confusing transphobic tradthots for TERFs at least make your insults count

No. 1679809

File: 1666233242413.jpeg (210.16 KB, 1050x1168, 3C042DEE-597F-408F-BE64-0F662D…)

Vendettaposting one of my personal cows but what kind of piercing is that between the eyes called it’s making me queasy

No. 1679811

it's called a "bridge piercing" and has a high rejection rate

No. 1679813

File: 1666233361891.jpg (83.22 KB, 683x1024, f7596f0bf63da12786a7d26fad504d…)

It looks like a bridge piercing with ugly jewellery in it

No. 1679823

whoever drew it probably detransitioned, she knows way too much about tranny culture

No. 1679833

Correct. Those edgy stoppers screw in real tight to the skin too to keep that effect so unless they only wear them for photos/a night out or something, it'll end up rejecting even faster.

TIFs are about the only group left I know that really love eyebrow piercings too.

No. 1679858

It was drawn by a farmer

No. 1679864

a farmer who detransitioned, then

No. 1679891

Eyebrow and bridge piercings are still really popular in the alt community

No. 1679946

No. 1680007

Why is it all troons have bad fashion sense? Myself and other masc women can look great in mens clothes but troons pick clothes and accessories like a colour blind 5 y/o would.

No. 1680028

as someone whose people actually did survive an ethnic cleansing in living memory, this is so utterly offensive, some frogvoiced TIF living in the west actually arguing that a "genocide" is gonna towards trans people, and it will lead to literal fascism

No. 1680038

Not watching the video because I don't wanna punch a hole through my laptop screen, but when troons pull shit like this it makes me wish there was a genocide against them. Sick fucks would probably enjoy it too, they're just begging for some serious form of oppression against them to make their sterile, middle class lives more interesting.

No. 1680039

Pipe down you all look like tiny Eminems

No. 1680043

Eat shit, I look like a 6'2 Eminem.

No. 1680049

File: 1666268774054.jpeg (802.25 KB, 828x971, E5E85DE5-07E9-4119-8966-D783DF…)

No. 1680051

that thumbnail alone triggers a deep primal rage within me.

No. 1680052

>how to cope when the trees won't validate your kweerness and the wind doesn't whisper your pronouns

No. 1680062

>the queerness that is nature
kek this is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen. I'm so sorry nona

No. 1680076

I'm too busy being offended by the graphic design to bother with the kweer cringe, the rainbow coloured words are just unreadable.

No. 1680077

>On April 1st, we will be discussing what it means to exist as an LGBTQ+ person inside the local convenient store

No. 1680101

>smol frogs and color-coded fantasy animals
>inappropriately-dressed people
>proclaiming an interest in identity-signalling activities only
>only using PoC because white people bad, and all TERFs are white people

Looks like they actually understand the target. They could've just found clip art of two men or two women going for a walk together, or centered the "nature" aspect instead of performative queerness. But queer is never about just loving who you want and being allowed to exist. It is about dominating any space you enter which apparently now includes nature!

No. 1680110

I just know you look like Big Bird

No. 1680111

Has gay become a bad word now? Is queer just a word non-practicing bisexuals use to feel more ambiguous?

No. 1680117

File: 1666276581755.jpg (43.92 KB, 560x560, 86c7bc11ff628b3ad08071086a4d14…)

No. 1680119

Most of this is cringe for obvious reasons but I kinda like the Fraulein-Maschine personification of LGB classic. It's more fun to refute! (kweer theory)

No. 1680122

File: 1666277058846.png (260.73 KB, 640x896, 3E574154-5F36-4314-9A24-F63957…)

This Oliver Twist wannabe was the one who posted that detransitioners regretting the irreversible damage done to their bodies are no different than people who get shitty tattoos.

No. 1680126

File: 1666277395278.png (264.93 KB, 568x960, 871D88FE-BDD6-4DE4-8DD5-666F4F…)

Also props to the person who added this on tumblr. I know there are some shitty communities on tumblr but I’ve noticed more users questioning the trans movement.

No. 1680136

I mean… this is exactly why people say 15 year olds shouldn’t get tattoos, yeah.

No. 1680143

Can you link this post?

No. 1680146

No. 1680159

Except tattoos don't require regular, lifelong upkeep and expensive medications/surgeries. And they won't cause major organs to malfunction and atrophy.
Even then…you need to be 18 to get tattooed, unless you're parents don't really care about you and give it the greenlight. There probably should be more gatekeeping involved in tattooing anyway considering so many people my age have the dumbest and most hideous tattoos I've ever seen.

No. 1680167

Derail but no no no, that is a photoshop, a bridge piercing goes on the bridge - ie above the eye ducts

No. 1680174

She's using the auschwitzcore picture as her pfp on purpose?? dear lord, someone with this poor taste shouldn't even be allowed to have a temporary rub on tattoo

No. 1680177

File: 1666282518966.png (234.77 KB, 1092x870, autistic_woman_moe.png)

looked her up on twitter and she has the girliest writing style ever and is of course autistic

No. 1680179

>every single tall scary butch woman is so attractive to me, its gotten out of hand, she could literally be the worst person ever but I'd be out there fighting for my life to excuse it.
Okay, most of us are "terfs", is she going to fight for her life for us?

No. 1680203

The masquerade ball post instantly would clock her as female to me. No different than the other girls I grew up with in the 2010s online writing style wise..

No. 1680213

>sherlock and watson
Is she superwholock too? Also just imagining her doing a victorian era costume to look even more like a skinny 1800s child who died of tuberculosis

No. 1680218

Lookin' just like Peter Parker's lost retarded cousin.

No. 1680241

>actual gay people are so transphobic
hmm I wonder why
>Second-wave "feminism"
>the wave that gave women the right to divorce, use birth control and abortion, and open bank accounts in their own name
What does this clown think feminism is, if not for the liberation of females from males?

No. 1680245

Most likely she hasn't spoken to another GNC woman who isn't a fellow kweerio. Most of us are pretty vocal about the crap we get from the begendered and our views on that. Maybe that's the attraction though, forbidden terven fruit.

No. 1680252

She's not the only aiden who dreams about a terf domme kek. This thread used to be full of "forced detrans" kinks.

No. 1680312

She threatened to curb stomp trutrans activist Marcus (The Offensive Tranny) because Marcus has truscum beliefs.

No. 1680320

Tranny vs tranny, and a tranny "threatening" someone with cartoony violence when she can hide behind a keyboard, what's new tbh

No. 1680322

File: 1666298057469.jpg (41.02 KB, 600x435, f2bb1df16c4f1847c1f45a72d6c7d5…)

In my experience "pacifists" always end up being passive aggressive and bitchy, it's like copium for those who know they'd get their ass kicked if they ever got into a physical altercation. I sincerely hope "Moe" gets her shit rocked by mouthing off to the wrong person and I can say that with zero guilt. Fucker has it coming.

No. 1680363

File: 1666303024079.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.44 KB, 1080x1686, Patrickstar.jpg)

Looked at this reddit out of morbid curiosity and this was the first image. Patrick star was beheaded for this, rip. NSFL as these usually are, dunno why she'd tag it "celebratory".

No. 1680381

Coke can cock

No. 1680384

File: 1666304452068.jpg (1.03 MB, 1170x2023, Nh9nT96.jpg)

Can someone decipher

No. 1680394

No fucking idea but my best guess is something like

>“Me changing my made-up gender to be more simple for when I’m with people who are semi-normal and don’t have time to research my extensive niche microlabels instead of my batshit insane friend group who enable all of my mental illnesses and support me creating a new gender identity other every week while somehow also wanting to abolish the concept of gender at the same time”

So basically admitting they’re so insane and convoluted that even other LGBTQ activists wouldn’t understand or support their “identity” kek

No. 1680400

My mouse ran over this image while I was scrolling for another thread and I nearly screamed kek. Imagine being happy with a fat ass chode

No. 1680407

what do you even do with that thing? doesnt look like it can stay hard or fit in any hole

No. 1680408

even real chodes are useless
whatever doctor did this is an asshole. I've seen more realistic dildos

No. 1680414

this is the most "realistic" phalloplasty I've seen thus far and it still looks fucked up.

No. 1680416

File: 1666308987419.png (539.74 KB, 748x735, twt.png)

my fave thing about "gay trans men" is the fact they all go out of their way to wear the most feminine clothing they can find. (also kek at the harry potter book on the shelf behind her)

No. 1680419

unpopular opinion but fakebois are often so cute in comparison to Tim troons, it's such a shame they hurt themselves and it should be illegal to spread all the anti butch/tomboy propaganda

No. 1680421

unpopular onion but by the looks of it aydens are superstraight hyperfeminine childbearing hips maidens, and trancels are hypermasculine hypersexual troglodyte chadjaws who probably have an extra y chromosome and twice the testosterone of a normal male

No. 1680434

File: 1666309941351.jpg (84.85 KB, 796x1200, FafE-RUWIAEHNMu.jpg)

she wasn't butch/tomboy pre-transition. she was a pink-loving long-haired straight girl obsessed with dr who and sherlock.

speaking of which: i would LOVE to see a venn diagram of tifs and superwholock. i feel like reading so much explicit slash fic about ugly men is a big part of their identities. like of course you're gonna think you're a gay man if you've pavlov'd yourself into associating gay men with pleasure.

No. 1680436

i think a lot of nonnies into masc women agree with you, but I see the same sentiment for feminine women posted in here sometimes too
this unpopular opinion is a basic observation of a portion of troon demographics nonny

No. 1680450

And that's solely due to the tattoo artist's skills lol

No. 1680456

This deadass looks like the vegan chick in my philo class?? Help?????

No. 1680465

She just wanted to be skinny

No. 1680483

its orange compared to her actual skin, is that the tattoo?

No. 1680487

This is a very recent, very western phenomenon that I think has more to do with fandom culture than slash itself. Japanese fujoshis never troon out, and they produce and consume a metric fuckton of fanart, fanfic, doujins, etc on a regular basis. I definitely attribute part of the superwholock-to-TIF pipeline to the whole "girls liking slash/yaoi is fetishization" rhetoric that went wild on tumblr starting 2015ish

No. 1680574

idk, not a rabid fujo hater but I do think that over consumption of any "erotic" thing can and will eventually fuck up your brain chemistry

No. 1680584

A young woman I know irl made a tumblr in the pandemic, found superwholock, and trooned out. Like all in less than a year. She had never heard of fandoms or shipping before then and wasn't even gnc. What is it about superwholock specifically

No. 1680600

Can we address how fucking LARPy and embarrassing it is that this sad, middle class white woman who's clearly never committed a crime in her fuckin' life goes by the name 'CopsHateMoe'.

No. 1680615

File: 1666339648637.png (930.39 KB, 1194x818, moe_is_a_woman_who_likes_fashi…)

>Also just imagining her doing a victorian era costume
anon you're not gonna believe this

No. 1680616

Why are these girl often into larping men from the 1800s specifically?

No. 1680617

Holy mother of god, I'm in tears. I can not imagine how mentally ill you'd have to be to willingly pay for this. Why is it so high up. Why is it so fat. Why is it so short. I have so many questions.

No. 1680623

over consumption of BL

No. 1680626

Because real living men scare them and they know they will never measure up to them. Plus historical males seem more effeminate and "soft" because they wore nice clothes.

No. 1680628

Girls tend to romanize that era. Male clothes had more frills and were a bit more feminine and were therefore "gay" by today's standards, so they can be into more feminine looking clothes while still convincing themselves they're gay boys.

No. 1680629

>Because real living men scare them and they know they will never measure up to them
I think this is a big reason they like historical and/or fictional men. They can't actually relate to the real men they see and know so they project onto ones that are far away enough that they never have to confront this fear.

No. 1680630

File: 1666343842978.jpg (326.68 KB, 1080x1235, PleaseSirCanIHaveSomeMore.jpg)

Ayrt, oh kek. Despite her efforts though she somehow gives the vibe even more in her normal pictures, especially the top left where it's like she's about to go pickpocket for Fagin.

No. 1680641

I also doubt that the Japanese fandoms and communities were overflowing with the moral zealous that Anglo communities have

No. 1680642

Nonnie I agree
I wish i could fix her

No. 1680656

>Patrick star was beheaded for this, rip.
My little sisters love Spongebob and now I'll never look at Patrick the same again, KEK.

No. 1680664

I’m so confused by queer being okay now. For a long time it’s been an insult but now it’s totally okay? I thought till recently that people saying they were queer was just self deprecating humour or something.

No. 1680667

This girl literally could've cut her hair and gone to the gym without any of this gender nonsense to improve her shitty self-esteem like any other normie.

No. 1680668

At some point people started using queer since the acronym just keeps getting longer and looked like a joke.

No. 1680669

Queer goes hand in hand with the “i do not wish to be perceived” adult children crowd.

No. 1680670

Stressing that these are pics from a year ago just makes it sound more like she's about to die.

No. 1680681

She looks exactly like that Loki troon.

No. 1680686

Fahr wishes she was that thin.

No. 1680696

>makes me wish there was a genocide against them
i genuinely believe they're all going to have incurable cancer diagnoses within the next 10-20 years from hormone usage

No. 1680702

It's either that or Alzheimer's where they're gonna be in great emotional pain wondering what the fuck happened to their body; it's already happening and as much as I hate troons, it's heartbreaking to read about.

No. 1680712

>Patrick star was beheaded for this
I'm literally dead anon

No. 1680715

And they're enjoying them actually, since trannies are a bunch of munchies, they always talk about
>muh I'm dying
>muh I have chronic pain
>Geez I wonder why I'm so uwu sick sicky
I just can't believe they're allowed to mutilate their bodies when they're just your average munchie, I wouldn't be surprised if most of them tried to get their legs amputated like that one munchie cow.

No. 1680722

Sorry if this is mean, idk how you can be this ugly and this self-obsessed.

No. 1680735

I don’t know about Dr Who but Sherlock and Supernatural are quite misogynistic, especially Supernatural. The few female characters in these shows are at best twodimensional and boring and at worst Jezebel figures that hurt the uwu male characters with their evil feminine wiles and deceit. There’s a reason these shows produced fandoms that stalked, harassed and threatened the female partners of the male lead actors. I’ve never met a dedicated Superwholock fan who didn’t have a ton of internalised misogyny.

No. 1680736

> The media they obsessively consume and absorb as part of their identity is misogynistic
It’s always it with fakebois

No. 1680748

>Japanese fujoshi never troon out
Actually, the japanese BL fandom has a growing rate of TiFs because gender ideology as we know in the west is slowly getting more and more popular in Japan.
Gengoro Tagame also said in an interview from a few years ago that trans BL writers have always been a thing (same for lesbian BL writers, male BL writers, etc).
That said, even if gender is turning popular in the japanese BL fandom, it will still be much less political than ours, as they want to keep it a place of escapism and hobby instead of a ground for activism.

Self-sage for off-topic sperging.

No. 1680750

I hope it's a roundabout way to get troons to touch grass

No. 1680822

It also doesn’t help that English publishers like cherrypicking biographical troon and/or x gender manga and group them with BL

No. 1680840

probably wrong but I assumed it had the same roots as the steampunk fad

No. 1680869

I see alot of k-artists going by they/them too.

No. 1680874

she won't but i will ♥
that's why butch women are attractive. mini eminems

No. 1680880

that’s just the never ending American influence but before it wasn’t a thing.
I noticed that too it’s really weird but tbh I keep running into Arab enbies all the time.
It’s insane how far this has spread and because of that I have a hard time imagining it will go away

No. 1680893

what country though ? I notice many gulf girlies developing western levels of brain rot, due to being terminally online

No. 1680895

How many are actually becoming zippertits and not just calling themselves X gender or half male/half female, though? I doubt the Japanese medical establishment gives out testosterone and mastectomies like candy the same way western ones do.

No. 1680899

Never actually saw gulf enbies mostly just Moroccan, Tunisian, Palestinian, Egyptian, and obviously diaspora.

No. 1680914

It amazes me that someone joined tumblr AND got an obsession for superwholock in the year of our lord 2020…

No. 1680921

I only know one Tunisian ayden because of her really ugly MGS fanart on tumblr, I don't think this shit is popular with North African girls as a whole. And I barely know any fellow NA fujoshi, all the ones I know who are into manga and anime just stick to Shonen Jump anime and a few shojo anime, I'm talking about the diaspora as I'm part of it, and about Moroccan and Algerian girls I know born and raised there. Although, I don't think you should call us Arabs in that case, I did see a few artists into zoomer shit like Genshin Impact insist that they're Amazigh and the Kabyle ones will absolutely remind you on a daily basis that they're Kabyle and not Arabs, but I don't think they're TIFs, right? I just saw a few of them because of some recent controversy with Genshin Impact characters's skin colors or some shit.

No. 1680924

never heard of an Egyptian enby, but have encountered 1 Tunisian TIF and palestinians are infamous for being either islamist or the worst types of western educated tankies

No. 1680927

sage for OT but could you post that drama and sidenote they were likely berbers, both berebrs and arabs are very proud regarding their identities

No. 1680933

I don't know much about Genshin Impact, maybe anons talked about it in the Genshin Impact threads on /m/, it's about new characters being from a certain region inspired by North Afria, the Middle East and parts of Asia, and people complained about how light skinned they were or how their outfits weren't similar enough to real traditional clothes. I saw all of this out of context and then a friend of mine sperged about this after I asked her wtf was going on. idk there's some catgirl in there that has a NA first name and people were made she's wearing a bikini armor or some shit idk.

>they were likely berbers

Yeah that's what I said, and I'm one too. But these twitter girls weren't proud of it the usual way, they were copypasting typical American SJW speeches in their posts and bios, it was weird to say the least. Btw I blocked the Tunisian TIF long ago and can't find her account anymore but iirc she's a lesbian and she legally transitioned in France so she's taking hormone treatments and got surgery, I wouldn't be surprised if she did this because of homophobia and because of expectations placed on women in our culture and Islam.

No. 1680955

>I only know one Tunisian ayden because of her really ugly MGS fanart on tumblr
dontdierobb? God, her ability to make characters so hideous really is something else. She's got serious brainrot from being terminally online and IIRC in one of her e-begging posts she mentioned having a child and being a single "father". Poor kid.

>palestinians are infamous for being either islamist or the worst types of western educated tankies
I'm half Palestinian and it's fucking embarrassing how westernised some have become. They'll scream about how bad the Americans are and then lecture you about "neo gender" shit that was invented by American middle-class white teenagers on tumblr.

No. 1680963

Yes, it's her! I looked her up on twitter and it looks like this ID isn't hers anymore but I blocked like two of her accounts so I guess she just changed IDs. I found her on tumblr first though long ago because she was friends with one of my mutuals (who's a French girl who wasn't an actual TIF but very close to becoming one)

No. 1680975

I blame Ericka "I'm totes a lesbian in spite of marrying a man u guise" Moen. At least that's the first place I heard someone using "queer" as a label for themselves. I think it's caught on because its modern meaning is so vague & nebulous that spicy straights can apply it to themselves and their relationships, unlike "gay" and "lesbian" which have more solid definitions.

No. 1680985

you're spot on, nonna. if they call themselves a lesbian or bisexual, or even something stupid like pansexual or trans man, then you can argue they don't really count because they don't match the definition. but queer has no definition so even "kinksters" have been calling themselves queer and sneaking into lgb spaces. it's just anything they don't think of as "normal".
it's also an easy way to groom kids by getting them under the queer umbrella too, since that makes it easier to slide in pedo and troon ideas without it being as big of a jump. they're gonna feel like they're part of the queer team and want to cape for anybody else who calls themselves that.

No. 1680992

File: 1666388256905.png (599.3 KB, 709x1000, 3FA9524A-CA21-4FD1-B3BA-601F9F…)

This girl on TikTok said basic facts and made a lot of fakeboi’s mad lmao.

No. 1680997

Good. We need more young women like her to point out how ridiculous this shit is. Bringing up the fact that the "lol u mad, ur so triggered" crowd get's triggered by pink packaging is a good way to start slowly peaking people.

No. 1681046

File: 1666393314497.jpg (118.11 KB, 271x588, file.jpg)

"masc women dress bad xD"

No. 1681071

honestly i think if you want this as a japanese ayden, you can just travel to thailand or something

No. 1681124

that “ur too pretty for this” comment is insane

No. 1681136

She looks like a woman who looks good for 40

No. 1681156

File: 1666403863067.jpeg (799.64 KB, 828x1560, 0B634C22-2D90-451D-8FA8-92D472…)

I’ve actually noticed the tides kind of turning on there recently. At least among more normal, smaller creators. Maybe my FYP is curated though.

No. 1681181

No. 1681190

Can’t find a concrete source but my guess is ‘a fucking mess’

No. 1681193

File: 1666406827654.jpeg (578.55 KB, 1170x1077, 4497D7DD-ABAB-4E14-84B0-2BEE39…)

tswift used a tif in one of her videos

No. 1681196

The lesbian rumor…

No. 1681224

a fuckin mess lmfao

No. 1681292

I firmly believe most troons actually love it whenever one of their own is killed or 41%s since it gives them ammo for emotional blackmail and they're all at least borderline sociopathic. I don't think any except the most self-loathing/masochistic actually want bad things to happen to themselves though (they just want to whine about the possibility of it for sympathy ass pats)

No. 1681355

I don’t see the big deal

No. 1681359

File: 1666432892735.png (980.5 KB, 1080x1674, sad.png)

Sorry if this is off topic/was
discussed before but they made a doll from kid's franchise genderspecial
Also the actress of that character in the live auction is a fakeboi
Rip edgy monster high

No. 1681361

> Bringing up the fact that the "lol u mad, ur so triggered" crowd get's triggered by pink packaging
Those were the same people that kickstarted the whole “please add triggers!” on the internet, so fucking weird how the gendies side of sjws adopted a weird edgy personal

No. 1681379

I like how they made the themlet not stand out from the girl characters at all. At least its realistic.

No. 1681380


>we're so inclusive, unlike those mean TERFs
>pretty girls should follow the popular narrative, all TERFs are ugly crones

My first thought was wondering how the Gaylor tinfoilers are handling this. Do they bring up the biologically female elephant in the room or do they pretend it's business as usual?

No. 1681398

File: 1666442783020.jpg (254.46 KB, 1873x891, fmva.jpg)

FTM incels are just sad to see, like imagine arguing that feminism is why straight women aren’t attracted to them, when they look like picrel and you know don't have penises

No. 1681405

>#metoo ruined everything
For who? Rapists? What a dumb bitch

No. 1681412

The only reason I could give this one a pass is since she’s made up of body parts of various people. In that sense it’s kind of stupidly funny.

No. 1681413

How do you even reach this level of internalized misogyny?

No. 1681414

this is an ftm?????? on god i thought this was a nonbinary fag. she needs to be more misgendered on the qrts

No. 1681415

File: 1666446847986.jpeg (323.48 KB, 828x1091, D72DA440-A9D8-4F16-91F4-C11F59…)

samefag. not a ftm

No. 1681416

fuck didn't realize that, is he a TIM then ?

No. 1681434

I think this is just a cis man, what he's posted is just typical cis man commentary
>wah I'm alone definitely nothing to do with my personality or looks
>all the loser men I talk to get their opions about women from other loser men online, so just repeat peterson/tate/bad feminists/metoo rhetoric.
No trans nonsense to be seen, so Iuno why he is posted here unless I'm misreading something

No. 1681435

I assumed it was a FTM cause of the trans-flag and the fact my mutual called him a FTM

No. 1681436

This image format needs to be used more
The fact you can often spot a TIF because they have soul and kindness in their eyes, which is disturbingly absent in many/most cis men's eyes

No. 1681438

Kek nona

No. 1681443

>you're too pretty for this
The aidens are so shallow. Ofc everyone on tiktok is fucking shallow but that's the angle she's going with this? You're wrong because you can't be pretty and disagree with me

No. 1681445

File: 1666450667260.jpg (47.13 KB, 271x588, 1666393314497.jpg)

slight improvement

No. 1681458

I read Japan has very strict requirements for trooning out. You must be childless, unmarried, and they will have you sterilized.

No. 1681466

>Tipton and Old Hill
Makes me sick to think that this street urchin might be wearing something belonging to one of my ancestors. Great great uncle Alfred sweetie, I'm so sorry.

No. 1681474

File: 1666453913793.jpeg (876.62 KB, 828x1167, 10F0FF6A-EB5D-4C77-9509-4FDACB…)

US tranny survey is open

No. 1681479

No. 1681510

No. 1681517

Might fill this in with my wife later for a giggle. I'm just going to pretend to be the worst type of AGP or AAP, kek.

No. 1681519

based japan. what abt the married men who suddenly troons out tho? do they remove their children ? if thats the case then japan is 100x based

No. 1681524

File: 1666459229371.jpg (32.75 KB, 1191x137, Untitled.jpg)

Ok maybe not.

No. 1681526

Can't get married to a woman because she's a woman too and somehow that's transphobia not homophobia

No. 1681531

she’s already homophobic herself for thinking that she’s a man

No. 1681584

no do AFAB MTF kikomi style

No. 1681588

nta but I did fill it out not being a tif or detransitioner and it mainly just made me question why i was doing the test. Most of the questions dont have anything to do with self ID or feelings. I wouldn't fill this out even for the meme, its just boring and you cant really milk a "le epic terf own" through mass poll-taking with this one.

No. 1681639

they can surely know what I think about them ruining their bodys…

No. 1681757

File: 1666478690871.jpg (57.1 KB, 762x182, 1666478288206.jpg)

Why do they write like this

No. 1681760

Oh heckerino!

No. 1681771

File: 1666479853484.png (126.21 KB, 1171x559, 3E4D7FB5-1902-4661-AA08-D1B6B9…)

Haha we should enter pretending to be fakebois just to see what happens. Imagine one of us taking the prize from an actual tranny

No. 1681810

Shit… I'm not American

No. 1681830

I feel like a survey disseminated through social media that takes up to an hour to complete and has no compensation would introduce so much selection bias as to make your results meaningless.

No. 1681831

Sorry, up to an hour and a half. Terrible study design.

No. 1681845

It's such a cutesy way of talking, they seem so sheltered to believe men are these adorable twee creatures, like men are literally the worst monsters on the earth considering the harm and torture they inflict on other people and the environment, then you get these girls talking about their duderuses like that's a thing a single cis male would come up with

You can't even blame fiction/media since men are accurately represented as monsters in much of fiction. I don't see how trans mascs can balance the knowledge of what a man is with their belief they are one.

No. 1681876

it didn't take that long. they have written response questions that i'm assuming they predicted would have people telling their entire sob stories. in reality it took me like 10 minutes.

No. 1681887

what questions does it ask?

No. 1681890

what gender are you, is your gender identity different than the one you were assigned at birth, why do you present as a different gender/why don't you present as a different gender, how are you discriminated in life/society because of your gender?

No. 1681976

You can take the girl out of Tumblr, but you can't take Tumblr out of the girl.

No. 1682027

File: 1666514786423.jpeg (865.43 KB, 1170x2022, AB0D38D9-3887-4C1E-BC66-FF6037…)

For an account that frequently posts about gender affirming surgery i have to laugh

No. 1682028

File: 1666514843831.jpeg (937.22 KB, 1170x1961, 6E86A32A-A7D4-4897-B5E9-BCDC79…)


No. 1682034

her body is gorgeous though

No. 1682040

t. totally not Isabella

No. 1682041

I don't want to body shame, but I notice that a huge portion of trannies both ftm and mtf are overweight or outright obese. I find it weird how they are obsessed with changing their looks with cutting their dicks and tits, while they still stay kinda fat. I just find it weird IMHO. Like, if you want to have a make-over and change your body drastically, why not to loose weight along the way?

No. 1682044

Hrt and testosterone in weird doses in bodies not meant for those levels can do weird shit, such as having fat be oddly distributed.

No. 1682054

What I don't get is that they're literally roiding, but it's near impossible to get TiFs to lift.

No. 1682066

aside but doesn’t removing your uterus make your vagina prolapse?

No. 1682087

The original works better imo bc it shows the male grip handmaidens always pay with their dignity to be under

No. 1682090

>how are you discriminated in life/society because of your gender?

leading, much?

No. 1682091

What? You think every woman who had her uterus taken out due to medical reasons walks around with a prolapsed vagina?

Very scrotey.

No. 1682096

are you stupid, underaged or a male?

No. 1682103

feels too much like the popular girls in school making fun of you again

No. 1682114

A lot eat to feel something since the hormones/surgery ruins the usual way to feel good. Check out the Jazz thread, he ballooned almost immediately after surgery.

No. 1682117

trannies are massive consoomers, trooning out enables them to consoom more (need to buy dumb shit so you have the perfect clothes for every gender you have and so that you look visibly kweer!) and eating too much is also part of consoomerism.

No. 1682120

The tampon thing is the worst to me. Women don’t buy them to consoom and feel heckin cute, it’s medical necessity.(learn2sage)

No. 1682123

Vaginal prolapse can happen after a hysterectomy.

No. 1682124

It's funny because I think a lot of them think they're trans BECAUSE they're so fat. Like, they hate their bodies but misconstrue that feeling for being trans instead of connecting the dots that they hate themselves because they're ham planets

No. 1682126

They're not really edgy, misgender them casually, not letting them perceive you as doing it on purpose so they don't get snarky to own the terfs, and they'll throw a fit. Just like they throw a fit and cry in their bedrooms at night thinking of the cashiers who casually misgendered them and how they'll never pass. They're the equivalent of a 12 year old listening to Slipknot for the first time kek

No. 1682131

I noticed that a lot of the time, trooning out for TiFs actually comes after getting fat and losing their looks. it's a cope

No. 1682139

yeah the risk is there but your vagina doesn't automatically prolapse after a hysto

No. 1682184

You get to a certain point of obesity and you end up somewhat androgynous.
…which the TIFs still manage to fuck up, still insisting on getting the titchop to be 100% completely flat just like their anime boys even though a man that size would absolutely have manboobs, thus making them easy to clock and just generally giving them a weird shape.

The weeaboo to weeble pipeline, if you will.

No. 1682196

…you realize that's extremely rare, right?

No. 1682197

That's what I don't get about ftms. If I were put on male hormones that will affect my muscle mass, I'd lift weights like there is no tomorrow and get to low body fat. That is the only good thing about T and scrotes in general, that you can become ripped easy peasy. Like imagine becoming a male and don't even trying to do the most simple thing to make you more masculine. I guess sitting on your ass growing pubes on your chin and drinking soda is easier.

No. 1682211

I know literally just one TIF who is taking advantage of T for that purpose.
Said TIF also has a muscle growth kink, so I'm certain that she expects to become one of the massive musclebeasts she always draws thinly veiled fetish art of.

No. 1682215

Most people are out of shape. Why would they be different?

No. 1682221

ntayrt, but I think it's weird because troons put so much time and money into hormones, clothes, surgeries, etc., but they won't bother going to the gym or just generally taking care of their health.

No. 1682228

NTA, but they're literally roiding, it's weird to not do ANYTHING with it.

No. 1682231

my guess 100% of them are severely depressed which makes doing anything difficult

No. 1682242

Sorry for blogposting, but a TiF ex-friend had no problem going to kpop dance classes, but I couldn't drag her to the gym even if my life depended on it. She just spent all our time hanging out whining about me being more masc than her, while at the same time not wanting to do anything about it and not accepting any help.(blogposting)

No. 1682296

They remind me of those pathetic guys who are too lazy to work out and too dumb to research proper nutrition, so they just pump synthol under their skin to look like they are buff.

No. 1682297

A lot of them are inundated with body positive woo which promote concepts like intuitive eating and demonize tried and true concepts like CI/CO. The fitness community is so antagonized by kweer body posi thinking that they seem to think gym/dieting is automatically bad. Every influencer is taking roids or starving themselves, just eat whatever you want and testosterone will melt the fat off your thighs

No. 1682303

For real, I knew that pudgy guy in my uni who turned into a very toned slim guy with 10/10 jawline… his secret? He ate whatever he wanted as long as he ate 3 times a day, also no sugar. He also worked out 3 times a week. That's how easy to get in shape with T. Just don't eat like a fucking pig and get some exercise. God, tif are pathetic.

No. 1682310

>Said TIF also has a muscle growth kink, so I'm certain that she expects to become one of the massive musclebeasts she always draws thinly veiled fetish art of.
Of course the only way to get a troon working out is for them to coom to it. Christ on a bicycle.

No. 1682351

I'd imagine most TiFs are like this because men are given way less shit for being slobs than women are. They use transitioning as a synonym for "I give up". Most TiFs don't seem like anachans after deciding they weren't Female, but rather were when they were very young, which is always a lonely feeling if you're too ashamed to tell peers about it.

No. 1682358

honestly not even real moids take full advantage of t, so why should aydens?

No. 1682361

OK but I would still love to know if Gackt is gay or not.

No. 1682389

Learn to sage.

It does happen.

No. 1682393

Rare doesn't mean it doesn't happen?

No. 1682480

> Most TiFs don't seem like anachans after deciding they weren't Female.

Ellen Page and >>1677906 definitely do which seen more like a sort of middle life crisis where they refuse to get old(understably since old women are treated like shit, specially lesbians) and since for tiny women is so easy to pull the boy look they troo out.

No. 1682496

I feel like it makes them more the female equivalent of Jason "innercity" Blaha than a regular scrote since they're actively taking something and not just taking their natural T levels for granted.

No. 1682570

Her body is gorgeous. This wasn’t a trans positive post it’s a body positivity one aimed at women I just shared it because @feminist have become so extremely supportive of srs so it’s pretty ironic for then to post about how comfortable you should be in your body and just exist while simultaneously encouraging zippertits and tif ideology.

No. 1682600

If a person is already unwilling to exercise or eat less to lose weight before trooning out, there’s an extremely slim chance they’re going to after. I’d also say that given how sensitive/insecure trans people are they would go apeshit if anyone even made the suggestion.

No. 1682711

Most of FtM troons troon out to look troony, not masculine. You'd think they would actually work on themselves to transition, but all we see is buying hormones and surgeries, zero actual effort on their part.

No. 1682720

Because trans itself is the identity.
Why put in all this effort only to end up just a regular person? When you're trans you're SPECIAL and everyone has to pay attention to you!
I'm convinced that this is why the word "queer" is so commonly used nowadays (because being a regular ol gay or lesbian seems so normie) and part of the reason why surgery scars are so glorified (it's permanent proof of how UNIQUE AND SPECIAL you are)

No. 1683037

Because gay and lesbian have specific meanings, most of people who use queer is straight

No. 1683090

File: 1666602242511.jpg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1574681392155.jpg)

No. 1683104

Imagine the horrors they will be doing to themselves once titscars are not enough to be special. Either that either mass peaking and 41 for those who went too far

No. 1683150

>I’d also say that given how sensitive/insecure trans people are they would go apeshit if anyone even made the suggestion.
The FTM I work with constantly moans about being misgendered. One day she asks me how I can get occasionally read as male when I'm "just a butch, not a real man" like her (kek), so I tell her that I have a typically masculine frame and politely suggest that she lose weight (she carries a lot on her hips and ass) and start building muscles, particularly upper body strength if she wants a better chance of appearing male. Last fucking time I try being polite to a troon because she sperged the fuck out about it. She ranted that the fitness industry is fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic and racist (poor widdle straight white girl) and that I was incredibly rude to suggest such a thing to a "marginalised person". I really wanted to argue back that there's also rampant misogyny in the fitness industry, not that she cares about it, and that I'm a middle eastern lesbian yet I don't use these excuses to not work out. But I knew it would be like talking to a brick wall. Troons like her are lost causes, they've meme'd themselves in believing they're so oppressed that they can't do practically anything.

No. 1683169

File: 1666614380097.png (674.96 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot.png)

You can't fix fakebois
Also check out r/arethecisok, it's full of milk

No. 1683176

It's not like you need to contribute to any "industry" to go for a jog or do push-ups in your living room and eat less kek Course, I doubt she actually understood anything she was saying and was just parroting excuses her fellow wokes told her for why she shouldn't have to put in effort and do shit she doesn't like to get what she wants and it's everyone else that should change to make her happy.

No. 1683238

>Last fucking time I try being polite to a troon because she sperged the fuck out about it. She ranted that the fitness industry is fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic and racist (poor widdle straight white girl) and that I was incredibly rude to suggest such a thing to a "marginalised person".
iktf, that is how I lost my friend, besides her not wanting to do anything together anymore after she trooned out bc everything made her feel too feminine and gave her dysphoria

No. 1683306

I wonder if there are tifs posting about this on tiktok. Just a never ending stream of "this buthc/masc woman gives me dysphoria by just existing"

No. 1683379

I know that NoahFinnce and Jammidodger make videos like that. It's funny how much they want cis people to be okay when they're never okay.

No. 1683391

that almost makes TikTok sound appealing, because that would be hilarious

No. 1683407

>straight white girl whines about how she's so oppressed and marginalised, to a middle eastern lesbian
The fucking irony, if nothing else you at least got some entertainment out of such a clown

No. 1683419

This reminds me of the time I had just learned that the male depicted in Taylor Swift's "the man" music video was actually Taylor Swift in heavy prosthetics, I didn't know it was her till the exact end of the video, but when I showed it to my husband without context, he clocked her instantly. According to him, the way she walked/moved was blatantly feminine, despite all her efforts and I wanna try similar thing when the new music vid drops, it seems men are way better at clocking TIFs then women

No. 1683432

> it seems men are way better at clocking TIFs then women
and women are better at clocking TiMs is something that's been discussed a lot, I can sort of buy it but suspect women are better at clocking both, it makes sense though that we would be naturally inclined to be better at seeing something "off" with the opposite sex

No. 1683442

Her shoulders don't move enough, knees sometimes too close together, wrists too limp, knees too pointed inward (q-angle) etc. It especially gets bad when she high fives the colorful hands in the hallway or when she goes to "pee" against the wall. I generally don't care for Taylor Swift's music, but I do actually really like this song and video clip, don't often see Drag Kings

No. 1683467

File: 1666634346074.jpg (42.08 KB, 573x350, 1666349612362540.jpg)

I went to universal studios the other day with my nigel, and I saw a lot of TIFS. There was one who was black, who was wearing a cape that said "trans bitches are witches", my nigel pointed it out at first, which I didn't see, but when he saw her again I saw it. Her friends were all white tifs.

Sorry to blogpost, but I noticed that all WOC who are tifs always have white friends. I pointed out that woc are usually ostracized from specific communities, so they usually troon out or act like caricatures of white queers. As a woc myself, I did this on my own and when I see woc fall into the same trap, I always feel terrible.
My own cousin calls herself nonbinary despite only dating men and being very feminine. How do I help my own friends and family from stopping themselves to get like this?

No. 1683477

its not that complicated, the black community is not that welcoming towards black girls with alterative interests, that's why so many hyperwoke woc end up dating white guys, its cause those are the guys they interact most with

No. 1683484

I'd have thought Taylor Swift would make a better looking man. But congrats to them for making her look like a completely average punchable moid I guess.

No. 1683490

File: 1666635406038.gif (127.85 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

This is going to be kind of gross and specific to fandom, but remember how mpreg was seen as this cringe fetishy fujo trope? It's now apparently seen as a trans thing and most people who like it now are ftm?? It's really weird

No. 1683502

File: 1666636256487.jpeg (124.88 KB, 1346x474, BIUZnp4.jpeg)

most TIFs don't seem to interact with regular men other then their father's and brother's

No. 1683508

File: 1666636472759.jpg (118.3 KB, 892x845, squats_and_oats.jpg)

>she doesn't know about the squats and oats meme
that TiF is never going to make it

No. 1683511

For me, it was her face. Men rarely have big eyes and short nose like women. Even if she looks like a disgusting scrote, she is still too pretty to look like a man to me. Same reason why I still find >>1681193 pretty. She has those beautiful and big eyes that most women have.

I too eat my feminine oatmeal every morning.

No. 1683515

fellas is it womanly to eat oatmeal for breakfast

No. 1683533

the more things change, the more they stay the same

No. 1683541

You know, I also never saw a man eating oatmeal… you know why? Because people eat it for breakfast and breakfast is usually eaten in home. Also it not something you would pack in your lunch since it will taste like shit cold or heated and you also wouldn't order it in a restaurant.

No. 1683544

>Also it not something you would pack in your lunch since it will taste like shit cold
How about overnight oats though Nonna? Don't shame me and my massive jars.

No. 1683547

The two genders: soygender and oatgender.

No. 1683555

>mention that I don't care for mpreg
>immediately get called transphobic
Gurl I'm an old school fujo that shit is still cringe to me, the new trans angle makes it MORE cringe if I'm being perfectly honest…

No. 1683586

Lol what a stupid and frankly pathetic existence. Living in constant fear of just being yourself and always second-guessing your every action because you know deep down you are just an insecure woman in a costume.

No. 1683590

>gender is a social construct! do what you want!
>oatmeal is for women, I must keep my breakfast habits secret
Fucking bleak. I can see why the 41% want out of this existence.

No. 1683615

Aside from the mannerisms she still "passed" better than the average troon, but for a song about how women shouldn't have to feel like trooning out is an option kek

No. 1683655

how the fuck?
i thought mpreg was supposed to be a fetishistic thing but now it's considered progressive i guess???

No. 1683671

File: 1666648565557.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20221019-173826.png)

Imagine spending thousands of your family's money on unnecessary surgeries then going no contact with them for violent pronoun abuse to move to your QPP's hoarding house with a throuple of sex offenders in Portland all to wear makeup, heels, dresses, and shave daily.

No. 1683684

How is this confusing to them? It’s incredibly accurate. Young women are trying to opt out of womanhood because they think it’s the only alternative to sexualizing themselves. It’s depressing.

No. 1683688

i fuckking hate these type of attention-whore pictures. only fucking normies use this and those are the same normies who doesnt do anything extravagant outside of their computers. always the same fags w normie fits and mannerisms n shit. but somehow they are MUHch different online. fucking hate them i wish their parents would shame them daily

No. 1683691

You got some examples?

No. 1683700

reject modernity, embrace tradition sis.

No. 1683706

Drag king Taylor swift is not something I would have expected

No. 1683895

u don't actually like overnight oats… that's Shaytaan whispering in your ear nonette…

No. 1684061

File: 1666688665865.jpg (388.24 KB, 1080x892, Dumb.jpg)

came across a "he/they" in the wild while scrolling art twt

No. 1684066

Only thing masculine about her is that she dresses like an MTF.

No. 1684299

remember the tif who was complaining alone that T made her bald and all the trannies were harassing her? well now she officially detransitionned, i hope she finds peace tho

No. 1684304


Hope she's alright. It's way more obvious she's a woman with the hat on, if she gets off T and let's her body heal I think she'll be okay. Her story was sadly typical of TIFs - trauma, untreated mental illness, love bombing, the cult assuring her it would just get better if she kept going….

No. 1684395

Good for her, but in a messed up way, i see the harassment she got from troons as a blessing in disguise.

No. 1684406


Can someone explain the phenom of using male pronouns while presenting themselves hyper femininely? Is it some epic own? I've been mistaken for a man more than once, it doesn't really feel good.

No. 1684417

Feminine woman = basic bitch
Feminine man (fakeboi) = quirky and special

No. 1684425

and also: fetishising feminine men and wanting to be one because being gay is much cooler than being straight.

No. 1684433

Do they realize they're even more basic for lying about it? I guess if you want you can be non-binary while presenting as the gender you're born with, but implying your trans while making no effort to even remotely look like the gender you "feel"? Peak retard. Can't wait until ~trutrans~ start eating off the poser trannies. I'd like to see the TRA movement fall apart, it's been going on for too long.

No. 1684446

Nonnie that already happened years ago and the "trutrans" aka "truscum" aka "you need dysphoria to be trans" side lost.

No. 1684467


Damnit make them try again I'm so tired. I don't wanna be lumped in with the mentally illness brigade because men's clothing has more pockets

No. 1684471

File: 1666721811806.png (268.35 KB, 638x460, 56.png)

reposting from the MTF thread, a former FTM did a blog post about the fujo to troon pipeline

>It seems to be even more common these days to see these het girls who are now “gay men”. The vast majority of “Trans women” who previously lived lives as straight men are actually Heterosexual Males who fetishize women and lesbians and like to fancy themselves “real women” in order to aid in their sexual fantasies : aka autogynophiles. By now most of you in gender-critical land are familiar with this term.

>However, there is a growing minority of “trans men” who assimilate into trans status out of fetishizing gay men and homosexuality as straight/bi women. Obviously a lot of it(why a female believes she is actually male) is a personal effort to escape female oppression (many het FtT’s are victims of sexual abuse by males, very early, and probably repeatedly) , but to deny that females don’t ever fetishize gay men is dishonest. It’s not exactly the same as autogynophelia. Consider the following before drawing the connection :
>Many of these young women get their intro into modern trans identities, “pan sexuality” and assorted garbage-tumblr-thought from anime and manga communities. Which are mostly, teenagers and youngins, though many adults also creepily participate in these communities (which is easily done through children lieing about their age online and adults also lieing about being way-too-fucking-old-for-this-shit).
>Particularly, I’m talking about Yaoi manga communities.
>Which for those who’ve never heard, is a female produced gay porn/romance erotica comic that objectifies gay males from a very stereotypically feminine perspective and typically involve the theme of statutory rape, and male-on-male pedophilia) similarly, but not as brutally violent and real as how straight men objectify lesbians via “lesbian porn” and fantasies from a masculine/male gazing perspective. These genres of pornographic imagery are in no way representative of REAL homosexual relationships or connect with the lives of homosexuals actually in the gay community. They are fiction, fantasy.
>The biggest difference between these yaoi-bois “gay trans men” and the autogynophiles, is these females aren’t viewing themselves the way that women typically objectify men. They don’t want to be hairy, muscular male models. They want the long eyelashes, long hair and slim build of a teen boy that looks like and behaves like a stereotypical girl. But as young females, they may already have these characteristics, so its not about coveting and masturbating to the image of a grown man body they want, but rather an escapist fantasy of a lifestyle that exists only in romance novels, minus the presence of the brutish lout that is usually the hero in such phallocentric storylines.
>The typical yaoi-crazed FTM wants for others, specifically real gay men with similar effeminate qualities to see them as male. She wants for gay men to date her because she wants to recreate this yaoi fantasy IRL. Unluckily for her, gay men don’t like vaginas, they don’t like female bodied people. But because females aren’t conditioned with such violent boundary violations, they are unlikely to call anyone a bigot or lash out at a gay man who doesn’t understand why a “trans man” (gender non conforming female) is trying to sleep with him. The reality is that outside of the young trans-trender bubble at the anime convention, a lot of males probably don’t want to re-inact the “queerified” heterosexual version of yaoi in their personal lives. Even more unfortunately for her, men prey on these female-to-trans. The het and bi FTMs aren’t really Gay Men, so they CAN get pregnant, and having sex with bisexual men puts them at a big risk for AIDS and STDs.
>This phenomenon posses as big of a danger to female-to-trans as “lesbian trans women” face to actual lesbians. And I’m not really sure why no one is bringing it up.

this was written all in 2015, and its only gotten worse

No. 1684479

Sage for ot but I don't understand how omegaverse shit became so prevalent. It used to be a weird niche fetish that occasionally popped up and now it's everywhere, even the femslash fandoms (amd yes i know i'm datong myself by using the term femslash)

No. 1684490

File: 1666723045980.gif (3.29 MB, 576x1056, 1664551605621.gif)


No. 1684492

File: 1666723188261.jpeg (400.28 KB, 828x988, D67F058A-337E-4A44-86AD-10A00D…)

No. 1684495

Side note but it always amused me how the "you don't need dysphoria to be trans" side called themselves "tucute" (too cute) and called the "you need dysphoria" side "truscum" (true scum). It just seems so immature kek

No. 1684519

Sorry. My bad.

No. 1684521

I guess this is copypasta material?
Nonna can you explain in the dumbass things or retarded shitposting thread, why they want me to eat overnight oats?

No. 1684529

Can you imagine how miserable one has to be to put every aspect of their life into boxes? Can't even have some fucking oats without worrying it doesn't suit made-up ideas about "gender". How does it feel to be more regressive than conservatives

No. 1684558

Not really fair to say she "passes" better than the average TIF when they used a body double for more than half the music video.

No. 1684665

Liking Omegaverse and TiF-ism is correlation, not causation. It's a part of the larger Female fanfiction sphere and began to be a thing around the time Teen Wolf was really big. It's sexually weird but ultimately harmless. I've heard part of the appeal is to have it be commentary on power imbalance and oppression in gay/lesbian relationships, though it's also just used to write non-con.

If anything TiFs are more likely to bitch about Omegaverse because it's not the "true and honest" gay Male experience and "Female fetishisizers are at it again!"

No. 1684702

new copypasta just dropped

No. 1684716

>It's sexually weird but ultimately harmless
come on, are you really gonna argue that "omega" isn'y just basically just a female character in every conceivable way

No. 1684740

Ntayrt but I agree. I'm also an old fujo who never got the whole appeal of mpreg, and adding omegaverse/A-B-O dynamics on top of it makes it that much less appealing IMO. Feels like one of the main selling points of BL is the idea of relationships where A) there's no pregnancy risk and B) neither party has been born into some sort of pre-defined sex role. Omegaverse shit pretty much wrecks all of the above.

I'm not saying all fujoshi who are into A/B/O are TiFs, but I'd strongly suspect that there's a lot of TiFs who are into this kind of thing, and that the increase of TiFs is leading to the increase in omegaverse fans. Because your submissive tradwife/broodmare fantasies are totally heckin' ~valid~ if you're also fantasizing about being a man at the same time.

No. 1684770

File: 1666737780600.jpeg (64.53 KB, 750x832, 392F5ABB-629A-4388-ACBB-6EA4D5…)


No. 1684787

looks like it's edited from the one about the MtTranny pipeline

No. 1684789

File: 1666739038897.jpg (16.16 KB, 300x254, 300px-Company-of-Scientists_Or…)

fr it must be so tiresome to inhabit these contradictions in the search for something to make you special

No. 1684800

No. 1684830

my brothers LOVED the maple&brown sugar oatmeal packets growing up

No. 1684838

please provide a source to the OG post

No. 1684879

Kek nonnie, you were so blinded by your rage that you missed the opportunity to make a "shayckles" pun

No. 1684969

It gets worse: tucute is short for "too cute (to be cis)" and truscum for "true (transsexual) scum"

No. 1685036

its from a new deleted tumlbr blog

No. 1685059

No. 1685071

your Nigel is talking out of his ass, there are plenty of biological men who move the same fucking way. the person itself looks like they're wearing a disguise - the hair is an obvious wig, and their face has an uncanny valley like quality but otherwise I do not see Swift at all. she did an amazing job passing for male.

No. 1685110

At least trans people themselves coined the usage of and agree that trans people are and should be referred to as "scum"

No. 1685111

Good for her, every detrans person is a win. The trans community really shot themselves in the foot by bullying her so openly when she hadn't even detransitioned at that point

No. 1685139

admitting you can't clock tifs is not a reason to be defensive nonna, tifs won't hurt you because they're women

No. 1685152

How was it growing up with two FTM sisters?

No. 1685174

This is amazing for a first time Drag King attempt, but there's still a lot to work on. This is about walking, but there is also a lot about wrist position etc. Sure there are plenty of biological men who move that way, they're called gay or effeminate generally, since men pick up on it.

No. 1685176

samefag, to see the difference on an actual man instead of simulations and cartoons. Especially fighting your q-angle is difficult. This might help with clocking TiFs or to practice for being a Drag King. End of autism.

No. 1685189

File: 1666786305143.jpg (565.49 KB, 1170x2144, M9XTOsJ.jpg)

How did they go from "if people don't perceive me as masculine I will kill myself which is why I have to perform masculinity" to "actually doesn't exist" without breaking their brains.

No. 1685192

Why is everyone in this thread more aware of how to pass than every FTM posted here? Why are they so terrible at it and so unaware? It's crazy.

No. 1685199

>Stupid normies think I'm average straight girl REEEEE
While she is literally the most basic average mediocre straight girl imaginable. Why do modern teenagers think being average is bad? Why do they think claiming to be special while doing nothing to actually stand out will work? Who the fuck are they trying to impress??

No. 1685208

>she is literally the most basic average mediocre straight girl imaginable
kek yes, and trooning out in order to feel special only emphasizes that

No. 1685212

Personally I look that stuff up to remind myself why it would be a bad idea to transition and I would like to do drag someday. If you're more self aware, you're less likely going to transition.

No. 1685243

>I've heard part of the appeal is to have it be commentary on power imbalance and oppression in gay/lesbian relationships, though it's also just used to write non-con.
It's not a commentary on jack shit, it's a pure fetish thing. Some people like >>1684665 may read BL to escape heteronormativity, but with Omegaverse, applying extreme heteronormative rules to homosexual relationships is the whole appeal.

I'm not scandalized over people liking A/B/O or anything, God knows I'm a fujo with some weird-ass kinks myself, but with things like Omegaverse, you have to admit firsthand that it's about eroticizing inequality and there's no real way to morally "defend" it.

No. 1685246

Fuck, meant to refer to >>1684740

No. 1685249

Because most don’t have dysphoria and therefore aren’t trying to look like men. They just want to look alt/edgy/not-normal

No. 1685251

File: 1666794858304.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2149, ABFC6C98-506E-48BE-892C-BFF2C6…)

The American brainrot is showing no signs of slowing down. They’re all carbon copies of each other.
The thrifting video is her trying her dad’s pants.

No. 1685253

every. single. time. Every single one of these fuckers is always an ebeggar.

No. 1685264

File: 1666796816337.jpeg (116.05 KB, 750x832, 1666737780600.jpeg)

fixed it

No. 1685275

I unironically love this version nonna

No. 1685312

File: 1666801596963.jpg (384.9 KB, 3512x1669, bimboshit.jpg)

kek at the last one. how sad is it that even while pretending to be men they have to be "sissies" AKA men who are seen as lesser and humiliated because they're feminine. The conditioning is so strong that they can't even picture themselves as anything other than objects and submissive.

yep, here's the original. OT but I was going to say that even in the edit you can tell the drawings are AGP (as in it's a MtF due to the sexualized feminine clothes) but I found out that the artist is lacryboy kek.
based af

No. 1685322

Buck angel had an interview with her lately. While everyone is suspecting her of being a plant or they're busy rubbing it in her face that THEY didn't go bald from hormones.. She's textbook detran. Hair is the least of her worries. She experienced CSA, had to go to court and relive it, grew up in purity culture and was shamed for having 'lost her virginty' at like 7 years old to her abuser. She was told her future husband would be losing out on the privilige of taking it instead. Thats how grown men treated her and spoke to her all her life. When she's (no fucking surprise) suicidal as a teen she's rushed onto hormones without question.

I wish her the best. Her views are pretty middle of the road rn. All she really wants is for teens to not be so fast tracked onto hormones. Of course nobody cares about her full story. Petty shits like Ty Turner just care about gloating.

No. 1685335

File: 1666803948557.jpg (98.85 KB, 1200x477, EtgJiLjXAAAo1bR.jpg)

this was made by a TIF btw

No. 1685339

> this was made by a TIF
You can tell looking at the thumbnail of the image from across the room, why do they all have the same artstyle?

No. 1685344

I was about to say that transitioning into a discord mod was more realistic than into something like hot fit emo bf, but she still drew it like an animu twink, so nevermind.

No. 1685345

She's such an obvious TIF I can't believe there are people in the art salt threads who think she's male.

No. 1685346

this reads as them snapping because Moids are gross. So the solution was "Become what I hate. Now I'm the degenerate"

No. 1685352

She obviously has a severe porn addiction if you know the kind of shit she draws and has drawn in the past. So yeah, typical case of a girl learning to cope with misogyny by becoming just as gross and vile as a man.

No. 1685356

File: 1666805369000.jpg (281.66 KB, 1827x2048, 32caa001e93045b4b4da9ddd8d5837…)

she draws hetali porn for christs sake and is into riddlebat

No. 1685369

>yaoi in general
>young twinky guys
>nerds with glasses
>her art focuses just as much, if not more, on the guys as on the girl
>pointy yaoi chins
The degenerate female-focused art she draws might throw some people off but she has a clear preference for male-centric stuff, and despite the scrote porn brainrot it's still obvious.

No. 1685374

File: 1666807010519.png (537.48 KB, 1080x761, 1653994139453.png)

You have to be woefully naive to think this female artist is a man. If you can't tell from the art style alone, her username is literally a reference to a fucking Nicole Dollanganger song (with "boy" tacked on at the end like every fakeboi on the internet does/calls herself)

No. 1685379

looks like the most generic fujo crap ive seen, makes me remember old tumblr times. the artstyle is so bad that i wouldn't be surprised that this artist is into some fucked up fetishes.

No. 1685392

she has drawn loli/shota, incest(dad and son) and a lot of trap shit

No. 1685398

I think she's into gore (she has a side account for this I think) and has two OCs who are 17 year old brother and sister who fuck each other. She's probably into other fucked up things but those are the ones I remember. She also used to draw the uke as a femboy/trap in her yaoi but she seems to be reverting to standard twinky yaoi boys in her Riddlebat phase

No. 1685432

This is kinda odd to me considering her gf doros3n has said she's anti porn on her curiouscat because she saw a documentary about how abusive the industry is. 2d porn isn't as bad as 3d, I guess they're both more on the "fiction is fiction" side.
The art style, their entire game being exclusively yaoi, and one of the characters being a gay boy with anorexia, (along with anorexic girl culture, diet coke, "ugw" saying being told being weak and frail is a compliment, pretty much Scott's entire character is exactly something a girl who's dealt with an ed first hand would write, has all read as female to me, but honestly the drawing of a futa fucking a woman's corpse lacry did was enough make me think she was an actual guy at first. I don't follow her because her stuff varies in degeneracy too much but I do follow doro.
But all that with the fact that her get to know the artist thing said something like "take a wild guess" under gender instead of just saying she was a guy is convincing me she's either just a coombrained woman or a bi man who's very very in touch with his feminine side thanks to his gf, because I just cannot see a normal dude writing the anorexic character by himself.

No. 1685442

okay no male, even one who is "in touch with his feminine side" would be drawing that much riddlebat, its something only a woman could ever make, plus if larcyboy was actually a male he'd have trooned out bye this point

No. 1685447

her art passes as the opposite sex less than the average TiM's face, kek

No. 1685522

File: 1666817683285.jpg (555.77 KB, 3000x3000, Genderbent ocs.jpg)

Forgot about this pic yeah she's a woman

No. 1685549

All of lacryboy's degen art is an effort to be as degenerate as real men. No man, even gay moids, draw the male figure in a way that is actually appealing to women. XYs simply don't understand what we want or find attractive. XYs also aren't capable of drawing facial expressions that aren't ahegao or pained faces in women, and disinterested or smug faces in men.

No. 1685574

I know in my heart and soul that this artist has the "4chan girl physiognomy" or whatever that's called.

No. 1685576

File: 1666821258310.jpg (73 KB, 640x765, femcel.jpg)

No. 1685578

I hate having brown hair and glasses.

No. 1685604

I fucking wish I looked like Jodi

No. 1685608

Based Jodi!

No. 1685624

File: 1666824784563.png (230.76 KB, 336x356, YWNBS.png)

you will never be sid

No. 1685665

>anna sorokin
How dare that poster put a giga Stacy next to all those Beckys

No. 1685709

Femcel physiognomy is similar to pooner physiognomy aktually (low and narrow cheekbones, long and rounded face, receding chin). Only top and bottom left on that picture really fit that, everyone else has nothing in common except le mousy outfit.

The only difference is that femcels have a more "predatory/schizo" and therefore more "male" stare than tifs kek

No. 1685741

leave jodi alone

No. 1685753

The woman in the middle left has a lot of fanart because of course she does

No. 1685796

Men are too retarded to recognize the nuances

No. 1685817

just out of curiosity, is she a lesbian? i saw some comments on her video bringing it up but it wasn't mentioned in the video itself iirc. the cult-like narcissistic bullying she's received has been terrible, i hope it's managed to peak some new people as well

No. 1685825

how fucking ugly are you?

No. 1685851

Yeah coombrained woman is way more likely. Maaaybe a rare edgy FtM who doesn't mind what people think about her identity.

No. 1685854

Yet another attempt at making women look just as bad as men kek. That shitty """femcel""" collage is pathetic compared to the /pol/cel one that was so accurate it caused /pol/ incels to have a mega tantrum.

No. 1685859

> top and bottom left
Bella Janke and the girl who stole Pelosi's laptop? Definitely the most /pol/tarded of the girls pictured but kek.

No. 1685910

I need to see this now

No. 1685930

Trans people bullying CSA victims? Nothing new there

No. 1685965

>the /pol/cel one that was so accurate it caused /pol/ incels to have a mega tantrum
I want to see it now.

No. 1685987

File: 1666867968160.jpg (843.75 KB, 1080x1750, 20221027_124154.jpg)

No. 1685988

File: 1666868210810.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.32 KB, 879x755, polface.jpg)

Here's one of several versions, spoiler because OT

No. 1685990

This girl. She even said she’s aware of detrans stuff and still chooses to take T

No. 1685994

File: 1666869024359.jpg (190.53 KB, 1200x558, JustGirlThings.jpg)

No moid would ever write this gay or not. Most women over the age of 12 wouldn't either. Aidens are the most girly girls in existence and I can't begin to fathom why they think they're really men.

No. 1685999

This is just a straight girl swooning over men lol

No. 1686000

I've never seen women or girls write blog posts like this, only TIFs. At most I've seen them praise their own boyfriend.
Do women fear being called sluts for saying these things? Is this why some Aidens troon out?

No. 1686002

Also have never seen an actual gay men ever write shit like this. lmao

No. 1686003

File: 1666869728357.jpeg (431.13 KB, 1536x2048, B7290C6B-6494-4A88-8A04-F11D3B…)


No. 1686010

i wanna cry the 2017 one looks like my ideal bf

No. 1686011

The T does this to them. Any FTM I’ve ever known of became an insatiable coomer as a result of it and idk why but even if they were lesbian, it would make them straight. Maybe someone with more knowledge on why can chime in, idk the science behind why.

No. 1686013

Can you use the tif/Tim terminology to refer to troons? This soup letter is so goddamn confusing for those of us who aren't terminally online and don't really care about mentally ill people feelings.

No. 1686017

Idk what tif/Tim is honestly. FTM is just female-to-male and is pretty much used everywhere.

No. 1686019

>Aidens are the most girly girls in existence and I can't begin to fathom why they think they're really men.

It's because they're NLOGs. That's why half of them still present feminine but use male pronouns. For some reason, a woman being feminine is seen as a bad thing so they're trying and failing to escape it.

No. 1686020

What does this type of aidan feel when they see hot chicks dressed exactly the same way but without the overcompensating pube beard

No. 1686021

Horse girl phenotype.

Jesus Christ, spoiler that shit!

No. 1686024

No but I think these kind of completely out of place posts are actually sex work ads from the accounts owners cause you know a shit on of thirsty men will dm them asking for more pics

No. 1686030

trans identified female / male, it's used when you don't want to imply that one could actually change sex. Personally idgaf and use both, but the tif/tim one is more popular in radfem circles.

No. 1686033

Shane Dawdaughter

No. 1686035

Still more feminine than 99% of trans "women"

same I actually thought the same thing when I saw it, I even cropped it

No. 1686037

"oh shit I could've drawn a moustache on with eyeliner and driven everyone crazy"

No. 1686040

No. 1686044

this is some of the stupidest shit I've ever read, congratulations!

No. 1686054

The only thing in common with all these women is brown hair and glasses. Some of them are prettier some of them are uglier though. Which tells me men are so fucking retarded they can't even tell apart a pretty woman's face from an ugly one as long as they have some sort of shtick going on that their ape brains can identify with "hot gurl traits". (It's funny because if I'm not wrong Jodi got a makeover pre-trial to look more inoffensive and sweeter, i remember her with blond hair and no glasses in her interrogation tapes).

Men literally can't stop owning themselves lmao, no wonder they always get scammed and taken advantage from by said "schizoid Femcels" if all it takes is to put on a wig and a pair of glasses.

No. 1686063

That’s what years of taking lgb jokes seriously and letting it get to your self esteem even thought same-sex marriage wasn’t allowed in the US before 2015 (i’m assuming that OP is American).
I used to feel bad but for people that let the woke rhetoric get to them but literally just log off.

No. 1686085

testosterone promotes sexual malleability

No. 1686092

finally found a positive fitness motivation/meme channel that was positive and wasn't misogynistic
>one of their most popular videos is about a TIF
why do I even bother sometimes

No. 1686104

on god men are so ugly

No. 1686105

kek gymbros call practically everyone "bro", has nothing to do with gendering, but TiFs probably don't understand that since they were never interested in fitness before. Same way how TiMs all screech at you if you call them "bro".

No. 1686118

may be because i prefer women but but from afar to me all men look identical a slit and two eyeballs

No. 1686121

feminist on Instagram is actually run by two men

No. 1686170

File: 1666889679698.png (1.13 MB, 1180x1088, hmm.png)

No. 1686172

File: 1666889778364.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.24 KB, 1200x687, hmmmm.jpg)

Spoilered for nsfw coomerism

No. 1686197

is this her self inserting ?

No. 1686222


No. 1686223

kek I love the turn this thread has taken
probably yes.

No. 1686225

File: 1666893938040.jpeg (173.52 KB, 828x453, EA173458-31B3-4FA1-859E-BE0580…)

ngl but Marcus (aka The Offensive Tranny on ytb) is kinda cute, too bad she couldnt insert herself as a tomboy. she also is the most « not like the other trannies » possible, worse than Kalvin Garrah kek also i would like her to top me

No. 1686232

ben shapiro's little brother (female)

No. 1686244

I don't know why so many of them grow pedostaches and pube beards, they're not a good look and any man who can't grow facial hair and isn't a complete slob will keep it clean shaven.

No. 1686251

I hate being into ultra masculine women because it makes trannytube torturous to look at. Ty Turner is a complete asshole but lord forgive me… I'd top the troonism right out of her.

No. 1686266

she looks hideous tho, whole ass canadian lumberjack looking. also didnt liked her comment on KC Miller's video

No. 1686274

Lumberjack looking women happen to be my type. She's absolutely foul though, mocking a woman for being honest about her troubles and having the audacity to do it when she's got, what, three years tops before her hair is in a similar state? Dick move and straight up cultlike.

No. 1686283

File: 1666899226434.jpg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, wingardiumterfiosa.jpg)

nonnies what do we recommend true and honest Mr MJ here cover the totally noticeable terf tattoo up with?

No. 1686285

I just found her channel recently and actually think she’s kinda based and the least obnoxious of this genre of fakeboi that I think I’ve seen. Could you give some examples of why you don’t like her viewpoints? I also have a mini crush too, though I wish she’d just shave her face and detransition

No. 1686290

>Lumberjack looking women
this person >>1686225 just cause she isn't traditionally feminine doesn't mean she's masculine in any sense

No. 1686292

nta Ty Turner is a different TiF

No. 1686293

I was referencing Ty Turner, not "the offensive tranny".

No. 1686300


You can tell shes really a woman because of how she feels the need to apologize for just liking something. The self loathing is real. I don't even care about HP or JKR personally but this is just pathetic

No. 1686302

pretty sure that's a mtf

No. 1686305

Why not just get a huge, throbbing cock tattooed over it? That way people will know you're a kowtowing handmaiden and definitely not a TERF.

No. 1686310

ah it was posted by a tif and weird schizo boi made me think this was tif shit woops

No. 1686326

booo make Bruce a woman too

No. 1686347

File: 1666905236083.jpg (149.15 KB, 739x742, t.jpg)

claims testosterone made her jaw take on a new form. looks to me like she's jutting out her neck and lost some weight.

No. 1686350

Doesn't even look like she lost weight. She just has intense gamer neck now.

No. 1686353

File: 1666905740206.jpg (11.75 KB, 230x219, DRvmANjUIAE61Ma.jpg)

No. 1686355

Speds like this are some of the worst troons because they lie about testosterone like it's some magical wonder drug and indoctrinate their fellow retards and naive kids.

No. 1686372

File: 1666907766097.jpeg (121.47 KB, 749x756, FB884641-6FC6-476C-B139-D58EA4…)

She looks like a lesbian Buddy Holly.

No. 1686377

you say that like it's a bad thing.

No. 1686384

to us (well me and you at least) it's not but to the tif herself it is, being compared to any kind of lesbian really pisses tifs off

No. 1686385

nice jaw fillers, you're gonna look like a bogpilled garden gnome in 3 years

No. 1686388

>blue undercut with glasses
>fandom tattoos
>holographic mermaid aesthetic skirt
>fat enby

This person is the most stereotypical 2012 tumblrina I've ever seen

No. 1686389

my jaw looks like the right fml

No. 1686393

File: 1666909442430.jpg (350.07 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20221027_151603.jpg)

Horrifying. I know she's not a TIF but this is what happens when they encourage women to mutilate their breasts.

No. 1686406

Kek this is kinda based since genderspecials are the biggest misogynists and fuck over women, then they go do the most womanly thing of all and choose to be pregnant and carry a baby, then whine that everyone should be called incubators or gestating humans because of their own embarrassing internalized misogyny as grown women. They’re women who never grew up and continue to behave like cringey middle schoolers. I can’t believe these trifling woman-erasing bitches never feel dysphoric getting dicked down and nutted inside their vagina. Or carrying a baby for 9 months like holy shit. They should be allowed and encouraged to abort since there’s so many complications and also 100% that kid will unfortunately be trans anyways. Not because it’s genetic but because the parents are fucking crazed cultists that will mutilate their child for the TQ religion.

No. 1686409

nona i don’t know if you read the post but she detransitioned and is now facing the consequences. this sounds like a nightmare

No. 1686413

What the fuck is a seahorse dad?

No. 1686415

it's what FTMs who decide to give birth call themselves

No. 1686416

I also enjoy laughing at dumbass aidens but it seems like this one tried to de-trans. Still a stupid bitch for cutting her tits off when she wasn't 100 percent committed but that's just my opinion. She dug her own grave. Hopefully she wasn't a minor when she got top surgery cuz then I'd just feel bad.

No. 1686426

Sadly in the interview she had with Blaire White she said that she started out as a lesbian but testosterone ''altered her sexuality'' and considered herself a gay man. I never bought that, I always assume that TIFs that say that were into men all along but pretended to be bi/lesbians to feel special, but honestly KC seems like a very honest person to me so I kind of believe her. I'm glad so many lesbians are showing her support though.

No. 1686427

Welp, I thought I liked masc women/butches too, but any sort of facial hair makes me wanna hurl. Get rid of the pubestache and maybe we can talk.

I did find one spastic TiF on Youtube who had detransed after getting the top chop and she did make me feel some kind of way, though mostly I was just pissed that the only women who are free to go topless on Youtube are the ones who have mutilated themselves.

KEK now I can't unsee it, ty

No. 1686430

I find butch/masc women attractive too but my attraction instantly evaporates the moment they troon out. Mental illness just isn't cute I guess.

No. 1686434

I'm not surprised by her right-wing preaching but I would have never guessed that she's a gayden. Most "transmed" TIFs are lesbians, I hadn't seen a straight one before.

No. 1686450

Where does it say she detransed? It says female identified but that could just mean she's a truscum kek

No. 1686474

She looks like kalvin garrah and Ben shapiro's manlet lovechild

No. 1686482

Me with “non-binary” women. A GNC woman who still calls herself a woman is hot, a “non-binary” thing is unappealing in every sense.

No. 1686488

Sorry for not saging anons I can’t even highlight my text to repost it saged LC is cancer on mobile

No. 1686493

Storm Ryan was a transmed straight TIF before becoming tucute.

No. 1686519

that's interesting, from that description i'd assume she was bi (i am) but who really knows. she tweeted about growing up same sex attracted in a conservative environment and there's definitely a lot of social contagion type shit around being a "gay man" as a tif, even for women who are actually ssa

No. 1686548

Testosterone imbalance and overdose can cause people to be more attracted into the other sex, from what I have heard.

No. 1686554

She's one of the women who identify as "cis" but get their breasts removed anyway. It's happening a lot more now.

No. 1686557

>women who identify as "cis" but get their breasts removed anyway
wtf that's a trend? why would they go through the ordeal of surgery if they aren't even committed to trooning out?

No. 1686569

Reading her posts she's an antivaxxer and married to a porn addict. It seems to me like she traded the troon cult for the tradwife one.

No. 1686573

honestly average female redditor

No. 1686576

Honestly that makes her an even bigger retard than most tifs

No. 1686605

File: 1666923799016.jpg (60.19 KB, 707x429, Screenshot_20221027-222107_Bra…)


No. 1686607

File: 1666923872648.jpg (143.73 KB, 720x749, Screenshot_20221027-222146_Bra…)

Boyfriends is basically patient zero for being able to tell when something was drawn by someone w/a vagina

No. 1686630

Author of boyfriends is a known TiF, one of the characters in the series is also a TiF, in case anyone wasn't already aware.

No. 1686636

Cranky because you get clocked immediately aren't ya?

No. 1686638


I like most of her takes but it’s like she’s 95% there but still has this cognitive dissonance and double standards towards herself. Sorry to blogpost but I’m a detrans TiF and a lot of her talking points were the same as mine just before I fully peaked so I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before she does too.

No. 1686640


Samefag as above, KC tells no lies, T totally made me crave dick more and same with heaps of prior lesbian n bi TiFs - my sexuality is going back to what it was before all that shit only now and it’s been almost a year

No. 1686644

Would love to challenge this girl to name one BL written by a gay man and see if she can provide a single example that isn't just a tif

No. 1686677

"crave dick" is such a weird way to put it, do you mean it increased your sex drive? because if that was the case, which it most likely is, there's a huge difference between seeking partnered sex and just wanting to get off. it's weird to assume that people have sex b/c they're "horny" imho - when there's another person involved, their presence changes the dynamic. especially if you're the woman.

buck angel also said that she started having sex with men after transitioning, despite being a man hating lesbian beforehand or something. I think that getting validation from males is probably appealing to women during that tumultuous time, idk. because you're so marginalized and others for larping as a man you just take all you can get, maybe.

every single straight man who has gone along w a TiF's charade to get sex seemed like a pig, though.

No. 1686683

he's unbearable, my fucking god. gay men forcing airhead fem affectation will never fail to wrestle my jimmies. quit being a vapid parody challenge!

No. 1686690

Didn't everyone think Boyfriends was made by a fujo until she revealed her pronouns and suddenly everyone apologized to her? kek

No. 1686692

Not a TIF but "intersex" female with high test and I do crave penetration more than anything, but I don't want it with moids. I just really like strap on harnesses/being a "bottom". I can sort of see how a TIF could confuse that feeling for "I'm into men" or find them more appealing.

No. 1686716

File: 1666937100570.jpeg (592.07 KB, 780x1105, D54EB9C8-A915-4AFD-B145-8AD68D…)

this fakeboi lauren who now goes by river. she uses the social media handle queefcafe or queefcafeteria. she was known for making fun of gsa kids on tikTok as a butch lesbian and being a mega terf on tumblr but now she injects herself with testosterone and acts like a boy posting her barely developed tits on tumblr

No. 1686717

File: 1666937139742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1170x1413, 0F2A5E91-135D-4C93-A0EB-E49ADC…)

No. 1686718

No. 1686723

She has nice lats and I would too, but it irks me how TiFs roid and then get physiques they could've gotten without roiding. What the fuck is the point of roiding for this? This is like 1 month into lifting or pull up challenge tier.

No. 1686724

How tf is Heartstopper fetishistic? I thought that it didn't mention sex at all.

No. 1686725

she also follows the same logic most TIF’s have where they start liking men after they start hormones

No. 1686726

I think people underestimate how easy it is for formerly religious people to brainwash themselves into believing something that is blatantly untrue and illogical, particularly young adults who are still developing their identities outside the cult. I was 18 when I left home and ran straight into the arms of my local 'queer' support groups and it wasn't hard to shift my thinking a bit to the right and make peace with it - until I started talking more with some of the stunning and brave transwimmin I was supposed to be championing.
Agreed but she seems insufferable.

No. 1686727

Looks like a twink with synthol injections.

No. 1686738

Thinking a fictional gay couple is cute counts as fetishistic to genderspecials when you're a straight woman

No. 1686765

Why is literally fetishization to ftms? Fetishization is like their favorite word lol

No. 1686766

*Why is literally everything fetishization

No. 1686772

>getting dicked down and nutted inside their vagina
thb you sound more misogynistic than the average tif.

No. 1686781

i think religious personality is a thing, and you can have religion tier beliefs about anything (reedit atheists are a pretty notable example of making not believing in god into a religious dogma)

No. 1686785

I've only heard of enbys doing this before to look more "genderless". In a way cis identified women doing it is just going to highlight how all of this just comes from hatred of the female body, and is just a sick body alt trend

No. 1686787

Love for you that you detransed nona, what made you finally peak? Anything your friends could have done to help you peak faster?

No. 1686792

I watched her on tiktok a while ago, she's one of the weird cases where she seems like she's peaked but is still trans. She makes those parodies about being tumblr woke in middle school and has talked about how her girlfriend is a lesbian and she's ok with it even though she's a "man" because lol pussy.

No. 1686822


Thank you nonna! Honestly it was after lurking here and kf, then reading up on any peer reviewed studies available- after years of HRT I was still miserable and hated myself so I just started working on that instead and the need to live a lie vanished, funny that

No. 1686884

File: 1666960452084.png (59.78 KB, 508x129, dies.png)

no, you don't

(cropped to save your eyes from revolting ftm porn)

No. 1686886

No. 1686891

File: 1666961177075.jpeg (415.23 KB, 1536x2048, 6B17FE9F-23A8-403A-8E73-BEB601…)

The artist irl

No. 1686892

This faggot is pregnant too kek, judging by her art she shouldn't be anywhere near kids

No. 1686895

please let us see the full thing

No. 1686898

File: 1666961827231.png (4.96 MB, 828x1792, 4E9E259A-E7FE-40A9-89C1-9EF98D…)

No. 1686915

File: 1666963511361.jpeg (202.91 KB, 1009x828, CE6568D0-EB62-4BCC-B83F-59D994…)

What the actual fuck. Lowkey disturbing.
She claims to be “happily married” in her carrd, but seems to be living with the twitter user tagged in her bio with heart emojis around it, (who’s also a fakeboi). And she’s also really vocal about ‘self shipping’ herself with fictional men. Who tf is having sex with this ugly retard

No. 1686921

imagine growing up and finding these tweets from your mom lmao

No. 1686923

>Nooooo you can't just call yourself a woman, you're too unfeminine for that!!
fuck this world

No. 1686924

I’m always shocked by how undeservedly egotistical tranners are about their own fuckability. They always look smelly and unwashed but have the idea that everyone wants to see them naked.

No. 1686929

It's always the last people on earth you'd want to reproduce that end up having kids, huh.

No. 1686932

She has a pregnancy kink (vomit & piss kinks too) why do TIFs always have to be disgusting.

No. 1686937

It's a cope. they know they're repulsive to people outside of their weird kink cults.

No. 1686952

damn.. kinda would

No. 1686954

she's straight??? damn i feel betrayed

No. 1686960

hope she at least stopped T meanwhile, she sound so crazy and uninformed too (like fucking putting CW for pregnancy), cuz shes gonna fuck up that baby on sight

or at least i wish she gets a miscarriage, this baby is gonna see hell w her

No. 1686979

File: 1666969141740.png (624.1 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20221028-075800.png)

I actually believe that cause it happens a lot with TIMs. At first I thought it was plain ol regular perversion and misogyny but I can't imagine how fried your brain gets with cross sex hormones. It would be interesting if there were more studies on this, I could only find one survey and it's behind a pay wall

No. 1686989

>written by a gay man
No, it was also written by a woman who thinks gay men are something to jack off to, like many other fujos before her. But its OK to be a dirty icky fuko as long as you become a stunning and brave troon first

No. 1687017

File: 1666971408642.jpeg (483.16 KB, 827x1448, 4C741B97-6DEE-4BEA-99AE-C523AE…)

That doesn’t even look like Jesse kek

No. 1687026

I know we burgerfags are never going to make troon hormones illegal but could we at least sterilize them before something like this happens?

No. 1687041


most of them sterilize themselves because of this shit before they ever get a partner, there's no need. poor fetus probably won't even survive with all the T in her bloodstream, depressing

No. 1687051

Detrans lesbian here. I didn't take T for long enough to cause any significant physical/mental changes, but in my troon phase I did think I liked "guys" even though I had only ever dated women before (and since). I've got a theory that for some people, they're attracted to perceived similarities or differences between their partner and themselves, rather than strictly attracted to certain body types or whatever.

Consider women who don't want guys who are shorter than them (or even close to the same height); without a specific kind of height difference in the relationship, these women feel unfeminine/unattractive. Also you could say that "attraction to similarity" is common in gays and "attraction to difference" is common in straight people, but that's not 100% accurate, buff tomboys who like twinky dudes are still straight.

I'm also not saying that T turns women into men and that's why their sexuality appears to change; it's happening in the mind. "Oh I'm a boy now and therefore it's OK for me to express my previously-suppressed attraction to men because we're both guys and I no longer have to feel icky about being so different from a male partner."

Sage for blogpost/retarded armchair theories

No. 1687090

Blanchard used the term "psuedobisexuality" to describe AGP TiMs who never expressed attraction to men until trooning out, and the idea is that their fetish progresses to the point where getting fucked by a man is the ultimate validation of being a "woman."

No. 1687109

Damn if she weren't a delusional tif…
i could fix her

No. 1687139

File: 1666977961513.jpeg (Spoiler Image,707.87 KB, 1170x1201, E3AA3B93-2D68-442C-98AF-701819…)

more photos of her tits

No. 1687143

File: 1666978003865.jpeg (Spoiler Image,741.51 KB, 1170x1094, 6368719F-B12A-465A-839A-258781…)

No. 1687153

File: 1666978542436.gif (2.04 MB, 640x640, F1FFCF1B-71A6-4EEA-B79E-6E0AD0…)

No. 1687156

Quit self-posting and fuck off

No. 1687168

File: 1666979369775.png (3.74 KB, 163x46, Screenshot 2022-10-28 13.49.18…)

ywnbam even typing this

No. 1687210

glad we're all in agreement here even though it's probably a self post kek

No. 1687216

Her annoying psuedo-bro attitude is preventing me from seeing her as being attractive in any way shape or form.

No. 1687287

"jasper," of course. i also love how this shamelessly illustrates the social contagion effect. why does she have to be so hot though, gender ideology is unironically making me an incel

No. 1687323

same nonna, same

No. 1687390

Since when does pregnancy need a fucking content warning??? Does EVERYTHING make these gendie woke lunatics feel unsafe??
CW dumbasses you're alive and living in a world with other people and you can't control absolutely everything.

No. 1687408

To be fair I don’t want to see a pregnant tif either

No. 1687452

No chin tho

No. 1687554

I swear I'm tired of this bitch, tired of seeing her drawings published everywhere, God what I want most is for her to get away from the breaking bad fandom

No. 1687561

i really want to believe this is a joke and she's just bloated and pushing her belly out because otherwise it sounds like she got pregnant to live out her breeding kink

No. 1687566

this is godawful. pregnancy when you have induced an endocrine disorder is a bad idea. props to her for proving that you don't stop being idiotic woman after you decide to larp as a man.

No. 1687568

also I despise any dumbass trying to mimic males. "nutted in" ugh

No. 1687573

Same, I think it’s an mpreg kink. Extremely unusual for anyone to be “showing” at 6 weeks. Otherwise, my condolences to whoever ends up with this nutcase as a mother.

No. 1687589

File: 1667011807464.jpg (800.59 KB, 1079x1765, Screenshot_20221028_224912.jpg)

The amount of neurodivergent girls who are tifs is concerning

No. 1687590

File: 1667011910592.jpg (16.11 KB, 380x248, Werewolf_(GS1).jpg)

No. 1687596

File: 1667013004360.png (362.36 KB, 1079x1443, Screenshot_20221028-200940.png)

At this point it's safe to assume every tif is some flavor of ND, mostly autism. The "autism is the ultimate boy brain" larp that Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen released for sure led to a whole generation of awkward shy girls thinking they're boys because they're weird

No. 1687604

It's almost as if the gender that's not asked to process its own emotions in any capacity (placing the responsibility over what they feel on women instead) will display these tendencies in a more exaggerated way when an IQ deficiency is present. It's also very easy to have an abstract interest in "systems" when all the mundane burdens and pitfalls of social interaction and caretaking are assumed by someone else.

No. 1687647

She's just annoying.

No. 1687719

File: 1667028512907.jpg (41.05 KB, 889x500, raul.jpg)

there's a fakeboi in that new stopmotion halloween flick out on netflix
at one point he shows the MC a past photo where he is very feminine, and remarks that that is how she "tried" to be, because obviously if you are not super feminine you're a man

No. 1687721

File: 1667028664431.png (293.81 KB, 429x372, photo.png)

"pre-transition" photo

No. 1687728

How can someone watch that in cartoon form and not think it's fucking dumb

No. 1687737

Good thing the art style is hideous, nothing of loss especially with how much junk streaming platforms dump out in the regular.

No. 1687740

Blogpost but part of the tests I took when assessed for Asperger's Syndrome were written by this prick. I remember googling him and finding this male brain stuff and thinking "oh this is why I'm GNC and always feeling like the odd one out and maybe I should've been born male". Thankfully I had a no nonsense mother who told me point blank that it was bullshit and I quickly dropped the idea, but I do wonder how many other young women/girls use his stuff as justification for trooning out after being exposed to his work during the assessment period. I know a lot of the "truscum" use the male brain theory to prove they're real and honest boys but I think being exposed to his stuff in a "legitimate" setting first puts autists at high risk of actually believing this shit.

No. 1687755

What a great show. Telling young, black girls who probably already feel different from their friends that if they don't want to slay in their pussy-pop-XL-hoops and revealing clothing with a wig or their hair slicked back as the cherry on top that means you are a man. Wtf is this, Jordan?
>one of the producers is a blonde, jewish woman
Never mind.

No. 1687766

a lot of "truscums" are gaydens, in fact in my tumblr days i remember the truscum gaydens being the most vocal about only wanting "cis" men because "muh dysphoria"

No. 1687767


No. 1687770

wouldn't be surprised if these women have been repressed bisexuals all along, considering all the sexualisation of women and bisexual women in particular, they see that all bisexual (or "bisexual") female representation is hyperfeminine and pornified and willing to fuck "anything that moves" but will only settle down with a male and since they do not relate to that they assume they must be lesbians. and then they go on T which does increase the sex drive so they just get more horny in general, including over men whom they now also feel more comfortable to pursue as "mlm"

No. 1687774

File: 1667040098938.jpg (520.76 KB, 1079x1436, ..jpg)

No. 1687775

File: 1667040144114.jpg (462.3 KB, 1079x1357, ...jpg)

No. 1687777

Yeah I don't buy that T "changes" your sexuality; it's just your perception of yourself and your sex life that changes. I have PCOS and when my sex drive rose I didn't miraculously start craving dick. Same with some ex "straight transmen" I know; they became fuckboys and slept around more but they never went near a moid. I don't blame OSA women for having weird feelings towards being intimate with a man giving how sexualised women are by men, the power dynamics, etc, but you're not a "lesbian" that suddenly evolved into a bisexual.


No. 1687847

I wonder if autism or simple youth causes some of these TIFs to think human behavior in terms of rigid streotypes.

I remember seeing a show by a TIF stand-up comedian, who described her identity crisis over being "butch" but liking guys, how she "tried" to be a lesbian, and how identifying as a "gay man" finally clicked with her. I was pro-trans when I saw her show and even then I was baffled over she saw human sexuality; why "try" being a lesbian if you're not actually attracted to women? Couldn't she have been just a masculine straight woman? I wonder if many TIFs have similar view, where human sexual orientation is about behavioral stereotypes and not who you are attracted to.

No. 1687860

A lot of TIFs are going through adolescence or had stunted development at that age, so I think being confused about their sexuality is also a factor, let a lot confusion over their identity which is something all teens go through.

No. 1687865

Masculine straight women get so much shit it's not surprising the weak ones decide to pretend be gay men instead of being called a dyke constantly, and denigrated for not trying to attract men despite being attracted to them. People cannot wrap their heads around it, even some of the masculine straight women themselves. They think they still need to perform to attract mates

No. 1687894


Idk I thought I was a lesbian for the first 20 or so years before I realised I was bisexual and my aversion to moids had stemmed from CSA. Glad I’ve come to terms with my bisexuality now.

No. 1687899

AYRT, I think it's totally different when you've been through CSA though. Like I can understand how that would make things very complicated when you're trying to figure out your sexuality and why you would might assume you're not attracted to men because of an aversion. When it comes to TIFs who haven't been through that I think >>1687860 and >>1687865 sum things up well. I also think the kweerio types will just try to claim the "coolest" orientation or whatever gets them ahead in the Oppression Olympics, hence the "lesbians" that were actually bi or even straight all along.

No. 1687908

Lord I assumed this was a random tif drawing even though the bottom reminded me of Jane. God whyyyy

No. 1687909

I believe this to a degree but I also think with tiktok tifs you have to take them with a grain of salt if they outright say they have autism, adhd, etc. So many people faking those things for clout and special points right now.

No. 1687923

File: 1667055760714.png (85.87 KB, 448x842, bleak.png)

so depressing

No. 1687934

if theyre not trooning out then whats the problem.

No. 1687935

NTA but obviously it's the surgical removal of healthy body parts you dunce.

No. 1687940

Ah yes nothing more masculine than commodifying your body and sexually objectifying yourself for a relatively small amount of money…for the purpose of removing a perfectly healthy body part so that it will not longer be sexualized.
There's no hope for women, there's no hope for women, there's no hope for women

No. 1687995

This is so ridiculous i don't know whether to laugh or cry. What about this is the life saving surgery they say it is, she's taking nudes with them and printing them out she can't hate them that much and i just don't understand how the logic can be this much out the window

No. 1688042

File: 1667067598334.jpg (458.77 KB, 1440x1841, Screenshot_20210621-000909.jpg)

God does she actually think she looks like a male?(attention-seeking male)

No. 1688048

this is so funny lol. she says "love interest" instead of boyfriend because she's so engrossed in fictional media. she sees herself as the main character of some yaoi or kdrama.

No. 1688055

Two sides of the female objectification coin

No. 1688097

She kinda looks like a low test male yeah

No. 1688120

File: 1667072484722.jpeg (449.59 KB, 1170x940, D1FDDA2A-C0C7-42C1-94E4-BAE0DE…)

A TiM worked on it so I’m not surprised it turned out to be TRA propaganda.

No. 1688142

Get the fuck out with your obvious troon self post

No. 1688154

looks like a standard fat lesbian

No. 1688158

File: 1667074835301.png (91.01 KB, 666x528, hi troon.png)

how embarrassing to get caught self-posting on lolcow kek

No. 1688168

clocked lmao XYs stay suicidal

No. 1688172

kay why ess. trannies stay invading women’s spaces. Gtfo

No. 1688175

sage your autism for the love of god

No. 1688176

File: 1667076242849.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1160x1679, 95E2BC37-F03A-42EA-A25D-7CD2CC…)

Kek at the troon acting like trannies lurk or post lolcow without being clocked. You are hideous, I have never seen a normal woman dress like you. I can see your Parkinsons esque guyliner from here kek. The barrel chest. The austistic stance. Good god if i was this ugly I’d honestly just end it all

No. 1688177


autism phenotype, checks out

No. 1688181

File: 1667076375462.jpg (256.03 KB, 1057x1438, Screenshot_20221029-133811_Chr…)

Anyways. onto something else.
Female Paul Dano here thinks she's a femboy. And furry freaks are a dime a dozen but this one's in relationship with an autistic fakeboi who wants to fuck animal dick the handles are @fangciful and @biiedriver

She is a bit less interesting than her partner though both are also awful e begging grifters with low quality art.

No. 1688184

Nope. It’s your bone structure and posture, unmistakably male and ugly. YWNBAW. you will never have a womb. Die mad

No. 1688185

File: 1667076626348.png (45.87 KB, 1039x264, 1.png)

she's so close, poor girl.

No. 1688187

Low test male indeed, but a male after all. Thanks god he's castrated now, but the trousand yard autismo stare is pretty disturbing ngl.

No. 1688188

>astroid swatting man hands
aww so close moid

No. 1688189

No because there is no such thing as an actual tranny, but many ftm are future terfs. If they're not already crypto on their own werid way. I still remember the "only afab housing!!!" post a few thread ago. Even they know that autistic failsons are a danger, thank god. Their peak is close.

No. 1688190

File: 1667076954343.png (488.53 KB, 937x945, 11.png)

agps dont have a deluded sense of self challenge go

No. 1688201

What's going on here on this blessed day? Tranny posting on lolcow dot farm? What a life we live.

No. 1688207

>Tranny posting on lolcow dot farm?
Just another day on the farms

No. 1688209


Learn2sage retard nobody cares about your self deluded autismo posting

No. 1688211

stop giving the scrote attention by responding to him. i will be monitoring and deleting his posts.

No. 1688283

Looks like a melted miley cyrus

No. 1688296

Funny how the only one woman is "into toxic masculinity" lmao the TIF is probably threatened because in her backwards view the woman is more 'manly' than her

No. 1688299

TIFs see a character who is retarded and go 'must be a tranny'

No. 1688332

I scrolled past this pic when it was posted, but even then I thought it was highly suspicious. It was the arms and hands for me kek, plus the face a little too. I love how the first reply got it right. lmao at him looking even more obviously masculine when he's in a dress and with makeup on

No. 1688367

It seems like with TIMs, they never see bi people as the better/more realistic dating option because they're so fixated on the idea of being validated by having a gay man or lesbian be attracted to them.

No. 1688372

I've never been a big fan of Jesse but he doesn't deserve this shit

No. 1688380

disgusting. those female boobs on a boy-looking body are disturbing.

No. 1688403

“boy looking body?” kill yourself you retarded conservative or scrote, I don’t care. That’s what a woman with muscle mass looks like. She’s female, so she looks like a woman.

No. 1688461

her and her partner were also outed for collecting serial killer merch + her partner (also a tif) had a locked account for necrophilia shit. regular portland troons lmao

No. 1688608

Those are some wideass hips for a "boy". The only disturbing thing is losing your natty status over this. It's just a woman who has done a lot of pullups.

No. 1688622

it's so funny when men with necks as wide as their heads pretend that they look feminine. you look like a thumb.

No. 1688626

File: 1667111374223.jpg (314.52 KB, 1080x1835, 20221030_081236.jpg)

Here's how misinformed tifs are on a topic they should know more about as it very much touches them. I saw the knee surgery being mentioned here before too and i also have no idea how that's something to compare this to
They just say the same things, they all do
"Changes from testosterone are totally reversible and minors haven't received non-reversible trans care" Are they just lying or do they really believe this blindly?

No. 1688632

holy FUCK. and i thought the misinfo for psychiatric drugs was bad. this is absolutely next level ignorance and i hope whoever this is gets her head out of her ass before she realizes she is absolutely fucking herself. honestly. most recreational drugs have better safety profiles than hormones, if you want to fuck your shit up you're actually better off snorting fat lines of ketamine, at least that's an entertaining way to self-destruct.

No. 1688663

I need that pooner to explain why hons screech over their "mutilating" male puberty so much if it's fully reversible. Also why using an anabolic steroid even once disqualifies a female athlete from her sport permanently.

No. 1688667

>most recreational drugs have better safety profiles than hormones
This, isn't most of the medical transition process experimental? From puberty blockers to sex change surgery? Isn't there a part of the treatment literally used to chemically castrate pedophiles? I wonder what TRAs have to say about that. How the fuck is experimenting on children for profit ethical in any way?

Young TIFs fucking believe that their breasts can grow back after they chop them off, so this doesn't surprise me in the slightest
>there's peer reviewed research that disproves your claim
>a lot of the opposite is happening look at my studies
Doubt. Aren't most of those studies actually not peer reviewed? Let alone funded by pro-trans orgs and pharma companies.

No. 1688677

File: 1667118024125.png (321.79 KB, 540x818, Screenshot_2022-10-30-02-17-15…)

Absolutely kekking at this TIF.
Why are they so fucking delusional?

No. 1688680

By wahmen you mean other poons?

No. 1688681

File: 1667118470575.png (158.21 KB, 540x731, Screenshot_2022-10-30-02-18-12…)

I almost feel bad for her. Girl, your can date your dream bf and be yourself without pretending to be a man. Ironically enough, troon ideology and porn are the main causes of the lack of cute long hair men these days so why are you even supporting it in the first place if your ultimate goal is to date one of them?

No. 1688689

No she means "cis" women. She thinks lesbian TIFs who like "cis" women are the vast majority, which is of course a ridiculous claim to make considering that FtMs are known as "gaydens" since so many of them wanna live out their yaoi fantasies lmao. Also who the fuck is forcing them to date normal women.

No. 1688693

TIFs see a character they relate but oh no, the character is the wrong sex, so they cannot relate to them, the only solution is to trans the character or trans themselves or both.

No. 1688701

I don't get it. Why breaking bad? Seems like it would be way too problematic for these types. Doesn't this uwu softboi make some heil hitler joke? I'm surprised they're all into this. The og picture makes no sense, she can clearly see the tit scars but still feels the need to ask? The kangaroo is what tips her off? Whatever.
Very strange. Would love to see her explain how mastectomies or voice changes are totes reversible. Irreversible changes are the whole reason tavistock is closing down. Why do they just lie?

No. 1688713

First of all what normal wahmen will date a poon

No. 1688721

I wonder if it's due to autism

No. 1688722

Your cute metalhead bf is dating big titty goth gf, stupid poon. As for wymym born wymym lesbians, the ones who like straight women like normal feminine ones, not fat fujos. Take a look at lchat sometimes and humble yourself.

Your only options are """"womym"""" fugly metalhead gf (whom you curiously didn't include in the icky wahmen category) and reddit soyjaks who will settle for you only because they know there's absolutely nothing a becky like you wouldn't do sexually.

No. 1688725

Very likely.

No. 1688735

Lesbian TiFs were the majority up until a few years ago, she's not wrong about that. Also many gayden t4t TiFs are butch4butch lesbians, who ended up trooning out, because it's looked down upon, not well known and it ends up being easier for them to conceptualize it as a gay male relationship. Lesbian TiFs are HSTS and are seen as trutrans by the medical establishment, so are more likely to be given the greenlight to transition. Even conservative therapists push for that shit, because it's easier for people to think that you were born in the wrong body, than to just accept the concept of butch. Which is why straight TiFs often lie about being lesbians, in order to be allowed to transition.

No. 1688745

File: 1667125821175.png (164.73 KB, 592x646, mento illness.PNG)

Just saw this random twitter post. This girl (call herself a boy and says she wants to be a malewife) really "came out of the closet" to her asexual ""brother"" because she said she's attracted to men. The mental gymnastics these people go through just to call themselves gay.

No. 1688758

File: 1667127301429.png (157.96 KB, 810x604, Screenshots_2022-10-30-18-49-1…)

found on Amino, do TIFs really think being NLOG makes them a tranny?

No. 1688761

Why is this blatant sexism celebrated nowadays?

No. 1688766

File: 1667128668580.gif (332.27 KB, 220x220, 1665089085875913.gif)

Boyfriends was invented by an Asian TIF iirc and two of the four characters are also TIFs, and Heartstopper was invented by a British girl who thinks she invented wholesome BL, they both seem like shit but one author is definitely more consistent and less retarded than the other imo. And lol, gay men and bi men absolutely treat tops and bottoms as specific categories irl, many of them online talk about it either to make jokes or to say it's retarded but it's not a concept invented by women at all.

No. 1688782

This truly is a cruel world for butch appreciators.

No. 1688784

File: 1667131894106.jpg (1.47 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1667053068881.jpg)

No. 1688786

i hate alice oseman's shit because it's all fluffy oowoo kweer shit that 13 year old self-proclaimed asexies with pronoun pins lap up. but at the same time it's kinda smart to capitalize on the alphabet soup trend and create a book about every flavor of kweer.

No. 1688792

I wish more women who are trans identified would actually recognize that no matter what they do, men are still going to look at them as women and you can change your pronouns, your name, you can even get expensive and invasive surgeries yet at the end of the day that still does not change male gaze of the female body.

No. 1688793

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or met a TIF that was actually legitamtely attracted to women. It’s always men

No. 1688797

irl gay friend of mine says he cannot watch heartstopper because it's too unrealistically fluffy and depresses him lmao. And he is even pretty woke. The actual gay dating world must be the opposite of what TIFs and fujos imagine, though I think only TIFs are completely delusional about it.

No. 1688809

Oh ffs. I hated dresses and skirts too but it's because I was a tomboy who loved playing sports and knew that I couldn't climb wearing those things because even as a kid boys will stare up your skirt. Then I grew up to be butch, it's not that deep. Also you're not "LGBT" you're one specific letter or maybe two if you're a troon.

No. 1688828

Well, yeah? They believe the lie they've been sold that women are naturally drawn to "feminine" things such as pink, dresses and makeup and therefore they (the TIFs) have a "male brain in female body" for not being like a typical girl who performs femininity. Gender theory depends entirely on the belief that women's roles and stereotypes are innate and not just oppressive manmade constructs.

No. 1688854

annoying that she's the face of anti-wokeism, but at least someone is trying to do something, since it's getting worse and worse in scandinavia and the government are the worst american bootlickers to date atm … bet she's trying to get the founder of danish rainbow council to fuck her but it aint ever gonna happen babe … i still haven't seen her interview w helen joyce tho, interested in seeing how that pans out

No. 1688866

these fuckers complain about their dating pool (which she's severely overestimating anyway since no self-respecting lesbian wants to date an aiden) like they didn't go out of their way to make themselves unappealing to most of the population

No. 1688879

I thought she was okay until I saw her one vid talking about her sexuality and she claimed she had trouble coming to terms with being a "gay man" because of her "internalized homophobia". That was just too much bullshit for me to take from a person and I couldn't stand listening to her after that

No. 1688893

Doesn't help that if you're naturally unfeminine and dislike makeup, skirts, heels, etc you get called an NLOG or pick me like you're doing. It's probably alienating especially as a zoomer since hyper femininity is pushed on them so much that they think the only way they can be their natural selves is by identifying as NB/trans.

No. 1688922

>im so gay
>is female pretending to be a man while sleeping with a man
>you make me want to act like a girl
What? You are a girl. This isn’t the subversion she thinks it is.

No. 1688933

Yea ntm the diaperfur art for their weirdo babyfur moid friend who's definitely taking advantage of their autism and the spicy straight fat goth girl he's dating who's both their friend

No. 1688937

File: 1667146730810.jpeg (806.6 KB, 1170x1448, BCBF69E3-2711-4E9C-B39B-F9A1A0…)

Ban porn

No. 1688941

its 2022, nobody cares if you're not acting "feminine", hell unfeminine women arent even being labelled "tomboys" anymore since most people who are western city folks arent even gender conforming anymore.

choosing to identify with something that will make you feel special/better/not like than the rest of the girls is peak NLOGgery. therefore NB/TIFs are NLOGs.

No. 1688950

I'm a fujo and I know of other fujos who can't fucking stand heartstopper. It's so painfully fluffy and feminine, I'm surprised the author's not a tif (yet). Tifs claim to be men but act in the most stereotypically feminine way ever, some of them even have tradwife ideologies but "it's okay because I'm the husband!! My straight boyfriend totally thinks I'm a man!".

No. 1688972

fucking disgusting

No. 1688977

>some of them even have tradwife ideologies but "it's okay because I'm the husband!! My straight boyfriend totally thinks I'm a man!"
and some of them have TIM boyfriends and they act very much like stereotypical trad couples but they call it subversive and feminist and queer because it's "t4t" and "he" is the "malewife" and "she" is the "girlboss"

No. 1688986

File: 1667149434649.jpg (51.59 KB, 640x574, ilovesexualizingmen.jpg)

It's so obvious these girls are uncomfortable with female objectification and degradation, and yet are desperate to give society what it wants (female objectification and degradation), so they pull these insane mental gymnastics about how it's a "he/they pussy, not woman pussy."

No. 1688989

>identifies as asexual
>which means not cishet
Asexual is not an lgbt identity by itself, it doesn't make you lgbt reeee

No. 1688997

File: 1667149970286.png (823.04 KB, 874x1155, 1667149962666.png)

its a fujo trend I notice, where they feminize the uke so much that their women in all but name, like what even is the point then,

No. 1689017

>totes a boy
>drawn with female proportions
>but is flat chested
We need to ban porn right now. The yaoiz is absolutely fucking up these girl's brains and them also trying to appeal to scrotes' coombrains only makes it worse.

No. 1689028

deku is depicted as essentially female in over half the bkdk Fandom

No. 1689046

It's been a "trend" since forever. I remember people mocking hyperfeminine ukes when I was in my mid-teens and I'm in my early 30's now.

No. 1689057

I find it hard to believe that these tranny porn artists draw "he/they" pussy because they find other trannies arousing. Most of them probably wouldn't wanna be near anyone elses vagina. It's purely masturbatory self-inserting

No. 1689058

at least those hyperfeminine ukes in the 2000s didn't have literal vulvas and were called trans representation

No. 1689060

It isn't new and they always talked about anal as if it was the same thing as vaginal penetration. They describe assholes if they were pussies. There isn't anything in the world more straight than BL.

No. 1689061

That would explain that anal fixation by fujos, I never found that sex act arousing but they see it's a PIV stand-in huh?

No. 1689074

but why though? I can almost understand the logic of wanting to see two hot guys together, but when one character acts and is treated like a female character in all but pronouns, what would even be the appeal that you couldn't get from a regular het romance

No. 1689083

Because they hate themselves and they don't want to see their hot smexy husbando with another girl because that makes them jealous. It's funny how massively this has backfired because now they are jealous of the uke ("I want his gender uwu") so they troon out to be more like the yaoi

No. 1689094

There's no "other woman" for them to feel jealous of. Ever wonder why fujos are so hateful towards any female character in the show they're shipping in? They're into BL because they want to fuck the character they're shipping but feel insecure about even thinking about fictional women with their husbandos. Having gay ships with an extremely feminized uke is a way for them to project their fantasies without feeling inferior and still feel valid because they're not making a self insert/Mary sue. It's a weird mental game where they must be taken VERY seriously in the fandom they're in and people need to validate their ship in order for them to feel justified with their projections onto the characters so they can't straight up admit they THEMSELVES want to bone the handsome anime men so they funnel all that psycho energy into making their BL ships as close to their own fantasies. It's also why a lot of fujos troon out. Massive "not like other girls" syndrome meets an inferiority complex and an extereme need to be valid/feel superior in their circle of peers.

No. 1689098

don't forget mpreg, I mean at that point you really shouldn't even pretend that that character is male in any way

No. 1689124

"forced to date women"
no one is dating you

No. 1689131

well she passes in one thing and thats having the same entitlement as moids.
You just know she is hideous, but feels entitled to hot alt-men who are a rarity in itself too.

No. 1689142

This is fucking bizarre, they just need to chill and be yumes. It's way less convoluted.

No. 1689170

With het dynamics, there exists an inherent power imbalance that makes them uncomfortable but they can pretend that misogyny doesn't exist when they call the woman a boy. Hence also why they troon out.

No. 1689176

The webcomic general on /lgbt/ loathe Heartstopper for the same reason kek. It's fun watching them pick apart all the tif comics for to how unrealistic they are.

No. 1689182

what fucking planet are you living on where women aren't punished for not being hyper feminine. and how do i get there

No. 1689212

TIFs retarded way of thinking will never not surprise me. easiest thing to do to get a metalhead scrote is pretend to be goth and not being a troon, since metalmoids usually are right wingers or anti globohomo anarchists. being a TIF only repels any kind of cute alt scrotes

No. 1689213

Ntayrt but my hometown discouraged girls from being too girly. It might have something to do with farming communities, since you can't exactly wear a pretty dress while mucking out stalls.

No. 1689217

Holy fuck that’s Deku and Bakugo?

No. 1689223

That is true, it's clear that tifs are trying to escape from misogyny and inequality. However, if you're already fantasizing about m-preg and such you could as well make up a fantasy scenario where a woman had equal or more power over a man.

No. 1689276

they want to escape misogyny but only for themselves because they hate other women

No. 1689322

She does get along well with Arielle Scarcella. (Off topic but Arielle is a lolcow who deserves her own thread).

No. 1689329

Where is this because my family stopped talking to me because they think im a lesbian, im a straight gnc tomboy with a boyfriend.

No. 1689332

>its 2022, nobody cares if you're not acting "feminine", hell unfeminine women arent even being labelled "tomboys" anymore since most people who are western city folks arent even gender conforming anymore

Love to read stuff like this and then go outside in my western city and everything is as normal, i think genderspecials see their hugbox as the whole world and actually believe troons are everywhere where in real life they are nonexistent

No. 1689341

>most people are gnc
What's it like to be delusional?

No. 1689420

These people are literally no different from the spiritually obsessed divine femininity/masculinity lunatics

No. 1689454

I literally could not tell who these characters were supposed to be.

No. 1689496

That’s because they’re straight girls who only poon out because they feel left out of LGBTQ. Lesbians are already part of it so they find no reason to.

No. 1689583

Arielle works with a lot of ftms. Had no idea she was milky tho, care to elaborate?

No. 1689645

NTA but they’re probably butthurt that Arielle walked away from the left and is a Republican now.

No. 1689687

There are many lesbians who transition as a result of lifelong experiences with lesbophobia, add to that the fact that butches are the most disliked demographic even within the LGB and the lesbian 'community' itself, or that butch4butch relationships are still looked down upon etc. This has resulted in most TiFs, up until fairly recently, being lesbians. Most of those were mistaken for men prior to transition though, so later on they're 'stealth'. I've oddly enough also heard of some femmes transitioning, so the lesbophobia really can do a number on someone. Not everyone transitions to be spicy, that is a recent thing. You don't notice the lesbian ones, because they're less obnoxious, keep to themselves and tend to not advertise they're trans (as much).

No. 1689769

>what fucking planet are you living on where women aren't punished for not being hyper feminine
nta, any adult woman here trying to be hyper feminine would get mocked for being childish and vain. Even something like wearing a skirt/dress every day would be seen as a bit try hard, unless you're so unfashionable and frumpy that people just assume you have bad taste.

No. 1689785

nta, but almost every woman is expected to wear make up, have long hair, or if it's short it has to be a feminine pixie cut, outside of farming communities. Most young women in big cities get eyelash extensions, lip injections, get their nails done, many get breast implants or bbl's or a nose job. In my culture only women who have become mothers and are above 35 are allowed to have short (but still feminine) hair, not wear make up and dress practical. The young women in farming communities all keep their hair as long as possible, butt length isn't atypical, because the bible says so. Though they won't do the drag tier make-up of the big city and dress plainer.

No. 1689787

Nta but it's so obviously regional there's no way to agree on anything on an anonymous imageboard. Sounds like your region promotes hyper-femininity. Meanwhile I don't even know how to apply make-up and have never received a comment about not wearing it, but do get questions about when I'm going to cut my long hair.

No. 1689790

I agree with you on that, it's just retarded that the earlier nonna said nobody in 2022 cares if you're not acting feminine. It's funny because it used to be the other way around in my region, that the women in the city were also quite gnc and the city culture had a reputation for it, but Americanization and social media changed a lot. Boomer city women went to college with radfems and are very different from the millennials and zoomers

No. 1689807

I don't think it's direct self-insertion the way it is with yumes. There's still the distance that comes from the character being a male, even if it's the kind of male whose POV even girly girls can understand. So you can have things like rape and abuse fantasies with the uke without it ever hitting too close to home. I think contributing factor is also the fact that many fujos can't even imagine what non-heteronormative romance is supposed to look like. I hear it's sometimes similar with yuri pairings (which I admittedly know nothing about).

Fakeboys are their own brand of fujo tho, for them it's absolutely "I'm the uke know", sort of a blend of fujo and yume tendencies.

No. 1689851

Aren't Scandinavian countries walking back on transitioning kids? Finland's new policy on child transitioning is they won't consider a child a candidate for puberty blockers if they didn't display gender incongruence in early childhood.

No. 1689869

>gender incongruence
I know this is a win because less kids are going to poison themselves but jesus christ "gender incongruence" that's still fucked up kek.

No. 1689893

>"Waaa why people don't want to date me"
>Is a mentally ill freak
Every time

No. 1689902

File: 1667222565161.png (212.18 KB, 652x615, rqf.png)

seems to the look most TIFs try to emulate IRL as well, like their so uncomfortable with their femininity they'd rather pretend to be "femboys"

No. 1689932

I don't know how any nona can see this kind of things and still think that these girls troon out because they hate being oversexualized. All of them just have BPD and are desesperate for an identity to latch on no matter how inconsistent their behaviour towards said identity is.

No. 1689934

We are now getting self-id for Finland

No. 1689935

What is it like paying 50/50 for dates and rent? Face it most of the western world is GNC already.

No. 1689941

finland right now is trying to outwoke the western world when comes to trans bullshit.

No. 1689942

That is a grandiose overstatement. There are clearly two types of TIFs, the loser male attracted women who want to live out their yaoi fantasies and the masculine lesbians who troon out because of homophobia. Like HSTS and autogynephiles.

No. 1689952

it's not an overstatement when even the so-called ''masculine lesbians'' suddenly become attracted to men once they get on T. All TIFs are NLOG misogynistic pickmes without exception. Renouncing womanhood because you think you are above it because you have ''interests'' and ''personality'' unlike those pesky wahmen is simply misogyny. There's nothing that those TIFs suffer from that regular women don't also deal with. All women are given the same sexist conditioning at birth. I understand feeling sympathy towards TIFs because most of them are so young and straight up confused about their identity and their place in the world but there's no point pretending most TIFs are GNC butch lesbians when it's not the case at all or at least those kind of TIFs stay on the downlow and don't become online cows

No. 1689958

No. 1689981

Never said "most" TIFs are butch lesbians, just that there are two types of TIFs. Transgender ideology is basically a neo-religion at this point and just like there are insane women who abide by misogynistic religious rules, there are now insane women who abide by misogynistic tranny rules. Every TIF I've met has been sexually abused as a child and/or autistic. I have way more patience and sympathy for a TIF, even the retarded fujo yaoi fakebois, than the average rapehon TIM. Sure, you can label them all pickmes and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong but we live in an incredibly sexist society so are you really surprised? I feel like internet usage and the people you are surrounded by increase the chance of trooning out, too. I know a lot of women that don't even think about trannies and it's probably because they're not on twitter/tiktok 24/7 and because they are surrounded by normal people in their lives. I respect your opinion and understand where you are coming from but I feel like you're ignoring other things aside from pure inherent NLOGism that could drive a woman towards trooning out.

No. 1689988

Nta and I agree tbh. When I was a dumb kid and thought maybe I wanted to be a boy it had a lot to do with wanting to be seen as men's equal and not be seen as a sex object due to trauma I experienced at the hands of men as a child. Luckily I grew up and had enough sense to realize I had internalized misogyny due to my upbringing and that men were the source of the problem, not me being female.

The internet, and especially places like 4chan, tumblr, and now twitter have done so much harm in shaping these women too.

No. 1690025

>wanting to be seen as men's equal
Sage for irrelevant but whenever women mention that as a reason for transitioning, I remember vidrel

No. 1690099

Sweden walked back on hormones for kids when hospitals got exposed for harming kids with it, made a famous documentary on detrans people and are still seemingly doing studies on the negative aspects of transitioning. I think we'll be among the first to get out of this nonsense

No. 1690111

Ah yes, the only gender role: paying for dates and rent

No. 1690142

The police scene took me out. lmao

No. 1690180

Not too bad of a definition when the alternative is "pants and buzzcut" vs "skirt and makeup".

Ask yourself if there really is anything particularly nonconforming about butch women and fem gay men. You still have a caring, empathetic woman who dresses comfortably and a typically entitled, loud, often predatory man who slathers his face in glittery clown paint. What exactly is out of the norm here?

No. 1690206

Doesn't matter. To the majority of society a butch lesbian is weird and "other" and so is a feminine gay man. To most of society these people are GNC.

No. 1690219

nice strawman just because the examples used is the most common form of GNC in the west doesnt mean its the only gender roles that isnt being followed anymore

also the fact that you can openly be lesbian/gay and barely anyone cares anymore except for boomers and bible thumpers/religious nutjobs further proves that GNC is accepted and is the norm

No. 1690248

The problem with this argument is we all have a different idea of what GNC looks like depending on where we live and what's acceptable there, so it's kinda pointless to argue that point here

No. 1690264

> the fact that you can openly be lesbian/gay and barely anyone cares anymore except for boomers and bible thumpers/religious nutjobs
nayrt but this comment is so incongruous with the reality of being lesbian or GNC even in ‘progressive’ western cities. though i have met autistic lesbians and bi women who wouldn’t recognize a hurtful comment or experience as homophobic if it hit them in the face

No. 1690385

Lol, literally. I remember being so confused why rcdart was getting called out for "fetishizing trans men". I was like, isn't she literally female? I feel like tifs are always desperate to accuse people of being chasers because not that many people are into their bodies at all (especially not the gay men they want). I highly doubt rcdart had a tif fetish, to me she just made him trans to appeal to gendies and get woke points and it ended up backfiring. Honestly don't get why she didn't troon out and say she was drawing it to cope with her trans body or whatever, wouldn't have saved her from the racism scandal but we know gendies barely cared about that part.

No. 1690412

Anybody heard about Evan, the TIF starbucks barista who broke down in a storeroom at starbucks, because there was a rush? lol. She's also a union organizer, lol.

Anons this video is comedy gold. There is much entitlement and zoomer bs in here. I'm not going to spoil it. Just watch, it's like 2 minutes, and don't read the article until you've watched the vid.

The only article I could find about this was on redstate, so I've included because they have screenshots of some tweets she made after twitter came after her. she's locked her twitter now. (And I tried to upload the video to burner account on reddit for easy sharing and it was automatically removed. Which is interesting.)

Video Evan posted to Twitter

Trans-Identifying Biological Woman Cries About Having To Work 8 Hours At Starbucks article
http://archive.today/z9xyc(not milk, same self-poster from mtf thread)

No. 1690447

learn to integrate. this is an image board. you type like a facebook boomer trying to fit in

No. 1690450

File: 1667264714759.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2008, FDC7FA67-5F28-43CB-9F08-4FBF65…)

This fella turned up in my for you page, at first glance I thought it was a dude but something seemed off. Scrolled some and realized it’s a ftm with seemingly very loving parents with endless amount of money for plastic surgery. Also using trans status for clout and promoting their shitty music.


No. 1690459

That entire website is Facebook boomer fearmongering and the author sounds like a pos too.

No. 1690472

Have you ever worked at Starbucks? Having only 4 people on the floor is insane. I'm guessing you've never been a full time student either.

No. 1690475

Yeah, fuck that anon. I dislike TIFs but I'm not gonna side with Starbuck or any company over a working student.

No. 1690483

She has tiny feminine hands

No. 1690499

She could do that, but she needs to pretend to be a male because otherwise she can't make her yaoi fantasies work

No. 1690555

Yeah, I didn't want to point out the right wing conservative website because I know sometimes they can be the only source of information on certain incidents but this is retarded boomer "entitled zoomers don't want to work!!" while sitting on your ass on Facebook all day type shit. There's nothing milky about a full time student breaking down at her 8 hour shift we're here to laugh at women who think they're men, not hard-working working class women.

No. 1690572

Why almost every one have autism now?

No. 1690613

File: 1667275916439.webm (592.42 KB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1667275673152.webm)

like I just don't understand

No. 1690624

>are allowed

people can't stop you from doing whatever the f u want w your time, money & body lol

a lot of pressure to conform to constructs comes from being influenced by ads/other makeup/fashion addicts (a.k.a influencers or the kewl kids)

though I suppose there are a lot of women who try to avoid negative attention and/or who try to fit in with their social circle or something but you can also just choose to not give a fuck.

there's a burgeoning zero waste subculture out there that make some very compelling anti-consumption arguments.

I've not really "shopped" for clothes in almost a decade because I just don't see the point of being desperate for other people's approval anymore. Buying a few durable, comfortable pieces of clothing is good enough.

No. 1690678

Cos these people think its a new personality similar to how every straight girl is now kweer.

No. 1690686

Autism diagnosis in girls really started happening in the early 2000s. It's likely some zoomer TiFs had early diagnosises like boys their age. Self-diagnosis in it of itself is also more common lately, Male or Female, not withstanding.

>"I feel like internet usage and the people you are surrounded by increase the chance of trooning out, too."
Agreed. Social media was said to be shit to girls in the 2010s and it's still the case. Seriously, many teenage girls are incredibly GNC compared to the overly-makeuped, robotically posing abominations seen on TikTok and Instagram. On YouTube and the like the gender ratio of people you watch if you're not into makeup or toys is bleak. Any women you do see are caked in makeup and never do voice over. Makeup itself isn't terrible or uncommon for YouTube but it makes GNC girls feel unwelcomed and unable to succeed if that's all they see it on every woman they happen to watch.

No. 1690705

do you have any screen shots of her terf posting?

No. 1690755

File: 1667291897334.jpg (116.97 KB, 900x1200, eurgh.jpg)

female to neckbeard local to me. munchie to the nth degree and "wheelchair-bound". loves to have surgeries and recently had her womb removed. only ever whines, about everything and everyone : rubes not wearing masks, doctors not catering to her every whim, people side-eyeing her for being an unpleasant obese waste of a person, buildings for not fully accomodating her, her parents encouraging her not to waste her life.
apartment full of rabbit droppings and garbage, permanent twitter presence and full-on miserable joyless life.
she used to be an awkward furry teenager, that's what the internet does to ugly duckling girls nowadays.

No. 1690762

File: 1667293010516.png (34.33 KB, 580x446, did.png)

also has a DID larp with various pronouns for her alters, all of which are furries/animals. One of them is named Little Eagle, and while idc about cultural appropriation, this reads like a parody of a native american name and it's way cringe, especially when you remember she's the middlest-class non-anglophone small town hick. Juniper and Heather as well- nobody is named that way here, so those are probably named after characters from cartoons or whatever.

No. 1690765

French gendies now have multiple kinds of neopronouns? as if "iel" wasn't bad enough already

No. 1690766

Spoilers for French but comment est-ce qu'elle accorde les noms et adjectifs avec ces "genres" du coup? Parce que là j'arrive pas à imaginer une conversation à l'oral avec une meuf qui te sort qu'elle veut qu'on l'appelle "xi" au lieu de "elle".

No. 1690771

des fois elle écrit "accord au neutre" mais aucune idée de ce que ça veut dire ptdr
idk whether pronouns are that big of a deal, for it to be a problem there would have to be two entire people 1) who know eachother IRL 2) wanting to talk about her 3) willing to accomodate her bullshit

No. 1690776

File: 1667294942519.jpg (489.25 KB, 2368x1112, EUcXYHxXsAAoqG6.jpg)

all of this in a few years. she was groomed by twitter

No. 1690780

this is what capitalism without ideology does to a mfer

No. 1690782

They hate being female. They have absolutely no problem with femininity, even more if they larp as men. Did you all miss the time when every women was supposed to praise men for poorly applying eyeliner? They think women are submissive by nature, so if they aren't, they aren't women. They sexualise themselves but see it the same way men see it, domination over women.

People like that are fucked by the mindset that every feelings is valide and has a deep meaning. She doesn't feel like shit because her health is trash but because it's her mind and she "can't" do anything if her mind is ill. I feel sorry for her.

No. 1690813

Some of you need to leave the house at least once

No. 1690823

Mods should honestly redtext gnc at this point because most of you use it completely incorrectly to the point that it's become yet another buzzword.

No. 1690837


No. 1690839


No. 1690901

What are you smoking? I live in a very liberal Nordic country, and while being gay is mostly accepted even in the countryside and the average woman doesn't wear a skirt everyday, it doesn't mean we don't have gender roles and a gendered dress code. The average woman's outfit might look GNC to you because of pants, but people from here can clearly recognize the difference between feminine and masculine dress code, and women are expected to pick the former. It's possible to be very visibly GNC without harassment, yes, but it definitely is not the norm.

No. 1690946

um well its because when you put oats in the overnight oats process they get chemtrails in them… hope this helps

No. 1691195

>and recently had her womb removed
Isn't that dangerous since women still need our wombs outside of babymaking? If it's real, why would you even do that, you can't even see it. Actual brainrot and doctors are using these mentally ill people as guinea pigs
Fuck thats sad. What a drastic change, she really went full fedora tipping discord mod. At least she passes, I guess.

No. 1691202

File: 1667336708680.jpeg (354.62 KB, 1170x994, 15FD7F1C-D261-4365-B7F7-D20A8B…)

She is literally so close to getting it it hurts

No. 1691208

File: 1667336988662.png (39.25 KB, 590x528, hysterectomy.png)

it is, it increases your chance of having a vaginal prolapse and very likely fucks with your hormones.
she had it removed for munchie reasons, i found this.
>fucking uterus cramps right now.
>even with painkillers no dice, i feel like breaking everything
>calling the surgeon tomorrow for an hysterectomy.
note, she recently tweeted about not feeling the morphine anymore that her doctor prescribes her for her more or less imagined, more or less self-induced chronic pain.
i think we're getting there.

No. 1691403

So gender dysphoria went from being uncomfortable in your sex characteristics to…being uncomfortable with gendered expectations
I swear this makes me see red it’s such bullshit

No. 1691405

American brainrot ideology is the future

No. 1691476

Maybe we'll come full circle and everyone will concede that 100% of humans are uncomfortable with some part of gendered expectations. If we all have dysphoria then none of us have it.

No. 1691496

kek "nauta" is finnish for cow

No. 1691537

File: 1667376451121.jpg (113.46 KB, 601x900, FghKqwJaMAAtDLP.jpg)

Clockable because of her handmaiden behavior of asking first

No. 1691552

Many of the og finnish tif activists have become less active in social media. Trans to regret/detrans seems to be ca 5 years so we can be seeing the beginning of trans becoming unfashionable. Specially because tif millennials are getting middle age and older genz are approaching 25 so for next gen (alfa?) trooning is going to be embarrassing old fart stuff.

No. 1691569

This just reads like she's scared of tims attacking her, more than asking permission.
>I-I'd never make a caricature out of males who are caricatures of women, pwease tell me you won't bully me

No. 1691656

>Many of the og finnish tif activists have become less active in social media.
I've seen that happen even to the younger ones, at least on twitter. Might also have something to do with the fact that they get posted to suomillanka and they know it kek.
Otherwise they're pushing self-id like no tomorrow here, probably because the next government will likely be more right wing and will not accept the current proposal.

No. 1691729

So sad… Her hair is so thin and her voice is so deep, it likely never goes back again.
She also mentions some kind of euphoric feeling at the beginning because testosterone makes you feel stronger but then she realized that her depression was still there (and this will hit many/most other of these other girls too soon)

No. 1691758

Kek, now anime shit is "my culture, not your costume" for trannies?

No. 1691764

op is a TIM

No. 1691769

This, even in America a little bit. Almost all of the fakebois I wanted to imitate either detransed, DFE'd and went AWOL, or "trutransed" (one step away from peaking anyway). Most phases and trends last about 10 years and the trans shit started in 2012 so it makes sense that it's starting to wind down now.

No. 1691840

crotch boob

No. 1691872

File: 1667415250226.jpeg (783.88 KB, 1170x1770, 59E79F82-A36D-4C44-A0DD-E5D4EF…)

Can someone translate this word salad for me

No. 1691885

Gendies have a weird obsession with being oppressed so of course they'll remake a classic with enbies and throw in some holocaust shit. Also kekking at the "failure to include jewish people in a casting call", so the actor has to be jewish as well? Actors can't act anymore, they have to actually be what they potray.

No. 1691915

File: 1667418422765.jpg (26.6 KB, 600x450, 595b91b3acaa2f706ffbd5f6b713eb…)

every word of of that headline aboustetly destroyed me, juliet is jew-liet

No. 1691920

As in no jews applied? Cos that's understandable when the remake is a nazi romancing a jew, a remake the story didn't even need. Also kinda funny that tifs idolise acting Jewish as easy opreshun points but weren't able to get a Jewish actor

No. 1691945

>nonbinary nazi
Diversity win!

No. 1692017

wtf even is this concept, changing Romeo and Juliet to be about the opressor falling in love with the oppressed is disgusting, let alone the gender shit. It's already failed on so many levels.

No. 1692060

>the problem was that there weren't any jews in the product
>the idea of Shakespearian nonbinary nazis is a-ok though

No. 1692167

shits all documented on tumblr just look her user up

No. 1692179

newfag, that is not how this site works. You bear the burden of milk.

No. 1692343

He’s been dating doro for about six years, that’s more than long enough for lacry to understand what women like in art.

No. 1692386

File: 1667461879638.jpg (216.16 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pctwmoKb1T1xpuj82o3_128…)

Lacry drew this

No. 1692391

Tif art is either ugly anti-sex abomination either ultra degenerate coom shit, no in between

No. 1692423

Shitty version of jojo rabbit lmao

No. 1692431

You have to be legit insane and blind to think a man can make the kind of art she does, she is very obviously a TiF and no male would be able to pick up stuff like this simply from dating a woman for some time?

No. 1692492

This adds an extremely fucked up power dynamic to the supposed lovers??? Romeo and Juliet were of quite equal social standings.

No. 1692556

Who wrote this because its giving the vibes of "woke person sees period dramas of white person in love with pee oh see, wants to make own version, but is white as bread"

No. 1692682

File: 1667494159336.jpeg (15.14 KB, 300x168, 543F45B7-9B9F-4062-867B-FF602E…)

There is a fakeboi in the new show on netflix Wendell and wild. Didn’t know why I was so surprised since it was a Netflix show but it sucks that we can’t have plane ass tomboy characters anymore.

No. 1692739

File: 1667497438913.png (Spoiler Image,760.33 KB, 800x498, d602vr9-5d34dc11-5c94-4728-b91…)

Don't want to compliment her but she reminds me of this husbando by KaneoyaSachiko
She would look better if she was an actual man

No. 1692746

Nonnies how do you tell when a gross porny art is made by an actual male and when a gross porny art is made by a pooner trying to be "one of the guys"?

No. 1692751

The facial expressions

No. 1692753

I doubt any scrote would draw riddlebat in the first place, but also what >>1692751 anon said, and somehow the characters tend to be softer in a way and more female gazey by default.

No. 1692754

the way the breasts are drawn

No. 1692758

I feel like males usually draw women absolutely the same and almost always hyperfeminine (even if the girl character is not sexualized), even when they try to draw a GNC woman, scrotes always will draw her with an hourglass-shaped body and a pixie cut.
Fakebois draw women more diverse and they are capable of drawing actually masculine women.

No. 1692759

Damn it yea nonn, males are not capable of not seeing breasts in a sexual way

No. 1692764

kek I thought she looks just like the greasy ikemen that artist draws and anons fap to but I thought if I said anything husbandofags would sperg

No. 1692766

File: 1667499197761.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_2022-11.png)

Sorry for gross art and Off Topic (she is not a tif), but this art is obviously made by a girl and i can't explain why it's obvious. Maybe because it's not sexual? Even when tifs draw fetish porn it's different, like it's clearly not only about coom for them.

No. 1692768

I wish there was a book about the ways tifs imitate male behaviour and what exactly they do different and why.
Maybe in the future post troon era a book like this will exist.

No. 1692788

Seethe and mald, lol

No. 1692805

Have you actually looked at how he draws naked women? lol he’s clearly a moid - the breasts are all drawn the same, the vulvas all look the same/extremely similar, absolutely no body hair unless requested by the commissioner.

No. 1692823

File: 1667504391664.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2026, F3593F1C-0395-4941-B2DF-A80D45…)

How can you make a video like that but go by all pronouns

No. 1692824

File: 1667504418931.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2044, E62E5F80-78A1-424E-949C-525DC6…)

No. 1692825

File: 1667504454006.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x2120, A9E06F88-0BFC-4E76-B6D9-43EE70…)


No. 1692830

TIF's think body hair = boy!! and also they're either straight women or prison gay bisexual women. of course she doesn't know how to draw vaginas because most probably she doesn't like them and has to pretend to (as her art shows it) because no gay man likes retarded autistic women

No. 1692832

So I met my new friends bf for the first time and I’m 98% sure it’s a trans man but my bf doesn’t see it. I feel crazy. There’s no way I can ask her about it because it will be awkward and offensive no matter what the answer.
He had small hands and feet and his chest was suspiciously flat for being overweight, he had really girly hobbies, and had an uncommon quirky nickname you’d never hear for someone his age. Also a messenger bag with anime buttons which is part of the fujoshi uniform.
What should I do? Idk, ignore it? The curiosity is eating at me. He was so nice and polite and I don’t have a problem with him, idk…. I’ve just never been in this situation before.

No. 1692838

This person sounds like they use social media so you’d be able deduce very quickly from that

No. 1692841

fellow faceblind anon, focus on the shape of the hands and fingers. that's one obvious thing.

No. 1692875

>Have you actually looked at how he draws naked women?
NTA but I have - there's plenty of female coomer artists on Twitter who draw similar shit to appeal to a male audience. A ton of hentai artists in Japan are women and draw much more degenerate and male-gazey shit. There's also extremely pornsick women who are into gross stuff like loli, gore or incest, some of them are well-known TIFs. So Lacryboy (typical TIF username) drawing women like that is not proof that she's male. If she's really as bad at drawing women as you say, doesn't that kinda prove that she's more interested in drawing men (as proven by her Riddlebat obsession)?
Also, most of her OCs are cute yaoi boys, even the ones she made years ago that don't exist anymore, did she make those because of her girlfriend too? kek

No. 1692927

I wouldn't worry about wondering if every low T moid is secretly a woman or not. Though the best advice I can give you is just keep your eye open for a trans flag or an all inclusive lgbt flag somewhere. They all have it somewhere

No. 1692935

Does it really matter if she's a TIF or not? Presumably your friend will either find out or already knows when they start fucking. Unless they're being a pervy weirdo to you like a TIM I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 1692955

Fetish art made by women always seems to come from self-hatred rather than outright coom. It’s so sad.

No. 1692959

the goatse photo framed on the wall really ties the whole room together

No. 1692969

Hi lacryboy we know you are a woman stop pretending

No. 1692978

I feel sorry for Sinead, but I also want to listen to her read the works of J.R.R Tolkien

No. 1692982

File: 1667519130113.png (429.57 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pct34bu7um1xpuj82o1_128…)

Lacry drew this

No. 1693058

I guess it doesn’t much matter it’s just I never seen one before so idk how to act. I don’t have anything against him personally and I am not big on hating tifs since I’m just a misandrist terf and would only have an outright problem with a tim. The only thing I’m really worried about is if he is one and gets offended by something I do and it ruins my relationship with my friend, or he tries to cancel me online or something lol. The only experience I’ve ever had with a tif was another friend dealing with an unhinged fujo fakeboi with autism who stalks her and tries to get her lambasted by wokies and lose her job.

I guess I’m afraid of tifs the same way I’m afraid of any other neurodivergent terminally online woman. If (he) just wants to dress like a man and call (himself) a man I don’t care, as long as he doesn’t have an episode that effects me or the people I care about.

No. 1693072

File: 1667525199255.jpeg (278.35 KB, 1238x463, 9035E1EE-E0E0-49D7-B921-6147EC…)

Well that’s something

No. 1693100

File: 1667526513430.jpg (Spoiler Image,307.69 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20221103-063439_Twi…)

No. 1693101

Fitting username.

No. 1693108

"Ugly anti-sex abomination"
Nonna please elaborate anti-coom art sounds kinda based tbh

No. 1693113

I met someone in person that went to Gallagher and she chopped their tattoo in half. “He’s”(I work w them smh) like almost 40 or early 30s. And obviously trans. I was like ohh yea I know her and they said “wow, how?” I had to be like “uhhh jazz Jennings show” thank god she was on there. I couldn’t be like muahahaha kf/lc kek. Nevr had a cow crossover irl I had to share

No. 1693114

File: 1667527832905.jpg (255.22 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20221104_020512.jpg)

you never see anyone say this the other way round lmao, imagine being this much of a handmaiden

No. 1693134

She's literally cuter than any troonwoman. Her (fake?) freckles are cute.. Oh no I'm in love.

No. 1693159

Autistic fakebois are my type, too bad they are all retarded.

No. 1693165

Unintentional mask off moment. They always hurt themselves in their confusion, they don't even realise how glaringly obvious their aversion to womanhood is and then their response is just to go deeper

No. 1693187

File: 1667534934222.png (525.62 KB, 845x657, hfdhfdhfd.png)

Sorry about the poor collage but this is a minecraft streamer, the post about "passing" is confusing because she is very clearly female with a female voice lol

No. 1693192

So is this kikomi?

No. 1693193

It's the "weird girl, ugly on purpose" vibe it has.

No. 1693216

File: 1667538275006.jpg (65.66 KB, 960x1710, hdzlBhe.jpg)

That's not kikomi, this is

No. 1693240

File: 1667540803998.png (1.11 MB, 891x633, two prostitutes by cellar-fcp.…)

is it a reimagination of this uber-famous painting that was on the "most popular of all time" page for years and years ?

No. 1693241

Could very well be, the wallpaper looks the same. Also I loved that painting kek

No. 1693261

File: 1667547324852.png (228.12 KB, 416x669, 27A2BDAE-3A8B-4962-AF60-434E0B…)

No. 1693262

File: 1667547434185.png (109.29 KB, 419x670, 2CDF22A2-A571-48B5-9E53-20E49F…)

No. 1693264

File: 1667547569280.png (91.81 KB, 540x441, 74AEA022-8CC3-492C-948B-710D12…)

No. 1693265

File: 1667547720235.png (67.14 KB, 640x340, B810A7CA-4DD7-41BD-9C06-B3FD3A…)

No. 1693266

File: 1667547789118.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, E8587C04-CB88-433A-AAD0-98CB55…)

this one is just for fun since she made fun of troons just to became one

No. 1693273

"Finally free" from what? Sexual harassment from men? Nope, they still see you as a sexual object to harass no matter what you do. Sexual predators do not ask for pronouns. Free from female gender stereotypes? Nope, people will still expect you to coddle and do the emotional labor for "cis" men and twanswhamen while they all speak over you. Free from mental health struggles? Boy oh boy, nope, it will only go downhill from here.

No. 1693275

I find Sinead so cute tbh that deep female voice with a scottish accent is so soothing

No. 1693280

kek I was about to post the same when she was first posted in the TIM thread but was afraid anons would shit on me

No. 1693307

Uhhh, no milk as far as I can see. She's at peace with being a lesbian, and doesn't seem like a handmaiden whatsoever. Do you just… not like her as a person? That's not what this thread is for nonnie, lol. Sage cause this is a nothingburger

No. 1693313

File: 1667554481990.jpeg (158.98 KB, 1242x614, 6E18CB8B-3AF6-4343-BB24-398A79…)


No. 1693316

Pure fanfiction

No. 1693317

>So far removed from reality
I wish she would read Andrea Dworkin so she can see what radical feminism is about. (against rape and patriarchy duh)

No. 1693318


No. 1693323

Maybe she has read nonnies talk about how fakebois would be cute butch girls if they were not insane and came to this weird conclusion??

No. 1693326

These retard women think terf = conservative so they think terfs are like con men and pickme women and refuse to acknowledge that terf is just the new word for feminazi because if they do acknowledge that then they have to cope with the truth that they support rapist incel men in dresses. It’s why most troons and supporters have personality disorders.

No. 1693333

sounds like she has a fetish for that exact scenario. too oddly specific to be a random strawman

No. 1693349

Bitch what? Is this her subconscious speaking or something? Radfems just want you to be able to wear and do whatever the fuck you want without referring to yourself as male and butchering your genitalia. The transmafia is who'd use you as a breeding mare. (Right before they take the uterus out of you so a moid can feel what it's like to have a period)

No. 1693352

i'm not even sure actual tradcon women want gnc women to be tradwives, i think they just want to sneer and feel superior in the worst of cases.
man does the internet and its buzzwords stunt your growth and your thinking

No. 1693354

That's literally a pornsick male-tier fantasy lol

No. 1693359

I knew this girl had an eating disorder before I even looked at the account

No. 1693370

this is probably the same kind of person that would complain that terfs think all men are rapists

No. 1693375

Why are trans men so pretty and graceful and trans women are actual sewerage rays?
Trans men are women and trans women are men! Hope this helps /s

No. 1693379

If that’s true, it goes to show just how much koolaid she’s drank at this point. Thinking someone is cute and jumping straight to raping them is pure male behavior, radfems would literally never. This is the exact shit we stand against.

No. 1693448

Seriously. she sounds based and it’s definitely weird gendie vendetta posting. the original post was trying so hard to sound like a lolcow poster. “she posts her barely developed tits trying to be a boy” but what does that even mean? why would we ever use that as a point of ridicule over her? and then the TERF posting.

she is buffer and more handsome than you pooner, seethe.

No. 1693456

Even the pfp tells no lies.

No. 1693505

lmao she definitely has a forced detrans kink blog on tumblr.

No. 1693630

File: 1667583328820.png (1008.56 KB, 1062x1590, 82B95B1B-8818-42BD-8B1F-33689A…)

How do you get this deep into internalized misogyny when people are trying to help you and raise important points about situations like the one you suffered from? I’m sure she feels hurt and betrayed but she’s directing her anger at the wrong people. Dropped my link the first time https://archive.ph/sY26Y

No. 1693672

I'm starting to feel like we should just let all these troons drop dead from trying to play God. Oh, the medication you don't need that you're forcing down your throat is causing brain swelling and pain? Baby, that's your Darwin award for thinking you need hormone blockers to be able to wear men's pants.

No. 1693710

She's literally more worried about terfs talking about the medical abuse she recieved than she is about the doctors abusing more trans patients like her. They don't care about protecting trans people, they only care about protecting the trans ideology.

No. 1693732

>Muh choke on dick
Trancel moment. It's okay, you'll own the terfs by literally decomposing from Lupron very soon. Make sure to save face by gritting your teeth through it and continuing to mumble something about raping terfs as you cope with the fact that they were right all along. It's sad, but if anyone will be choking on dick it'll be you, when your parents dump you in a home to rot away.

And don't you fucking dare change your tune and try to ride terf coattails at any point - no refunds.

Yes, you should. Terfs should focus on laughing/gloating at these shitfreaks while maintaining an exclusive club mentality instead of spearheading thankless awareness campaigns for the literally and deliberately retarded. I don't care that pooners went there due to muh sojiny, pickmes will never learn until they pay the ball fondling toll - and maybe not even then. The best way to "save" young retarded lesbians from doing this to themselves as children is having a sideshow of wheelchair bound lupron freaks paraded around in a decade or so, labeled "this is your future".

No. 1693737

She’s barely even underweight. Romanticizes it more like

No. 1693750

Hard agree. I feel for children who are recruited into the trans cult and get fucked up for life for taking puberty blockers, but I'm starting to not care anymore. i wish it wasn't like this but first world western culture is reaching a point where this insanity will only end when there's hard undeniable evidence of the damage it causes.

No. 1693761

At this point I think the "fuck terfs" thing is something they have to say to not get dogpiled themselves and to move the discussion on from that, since other wise other troons will derail and bang on about it forever, instead of staying on topic. Kinda like when talking to racists or any other demographic which is obsessed with one thing, so you have to shit on it for them first, so their autism is calmed down and you can actually get to the point. If you've ever had to talk with such obsessed people about anything, then you know it's a ritual you have to go through first, before you can get an actual answer.

No. 1693781

>JKR, literally the most notorious terf on the internet: you can dress however you want, your sex is not changeable though, don't let restrictive gender roles define your entire life
>Is this her subconscious speaking or something?
Pretty much. A lot of detransitioning tifs will do a full 180 and become the ones to turn into conservative anti-feminist hyperfeminine tradwives (or at least larp as that online). Projection.

No. 1693838

There are probably creepy scrotes who want to turn tifs into submissive tradwifes by rape, probably wont care if it is a tif or terf butch lesbian. Men also are the ones beating up and killing tims, dating gaydens and enbies for easy pussy and misgendering them at their face, generally treating anyone gnc looking like shit. And they are always mad and wishing violence at terfs (=women), is it misogyny or are they retarded and think terf just means anyone opposing trans people?

No. 1693843

Aren't straight TIFs the ones with the male-on-TIF rape fetish and the ones who identify as feminine submissive "boys" though

No. 1693849

This reads like those detrans kink fanfics on tumblr and reddit (r/ftmspunished). She probably wrote this with one hand.

No. 1693854

I truly don't understand the mentally of these women, escaping womanhood but fetishizing misogyny and why radfems need to be blamed for things they're literally against.

No. 1693855

>is slowly dying from all the poison she took to be a true and honest boy
>won't go to the hospital because she doesn't want the doctors thinking she's a meanie terf
>also doesn't want to prove the meanie terves right
the absolute state of female socialization

No. 1693864

Legit breakfast my heart the Finnish vulva positivity artist is trying to get teetus deletus. She was a really cute girl a year ago and now she's a gendie snowflake. It's offsetting to look at her or other tifs insta/comicblog/tiktok and see the process of falling into the troon cult

No. 1693921

Nah, the whole elaborate dick injury fantasy is a bit too excessive for that. They're trying to convince themselves they didn't massively fuck up first and foremost, by directing their aggression at women (because they see themselves in them). A form of externalized self loathing.

No. 1693952

First off, I look at their other art to find out about their preferences and art style consistency across all their artworks. Second, the framing, angles, etc. Moids who draw porn focus more on drawing very sexually explicit and vulgar angles that emphasize the tits, genitals, collarbones, thighs, butt, etc., as well as putting excessive detail on these parts, with female character faces being almost secondary to the tits. Also, men don't draw a lot of straight NSFW art that shows both of the people in the picture, they prefer to draw POV or semi-POV shots, or hiding the male's face as much as possible (the way they draw males is also a huge hint). Meanwhile, women tend to draw boobs like just another part of the body, without drawing as much attention to them, and focus more on the whole body and pose than on individual, exaggerated body parts, without so many crazy, impossible or fetishistic angles. They try to portray female body parts realistically. You could say that female artists tend to draw women more like people instead of just sex objects. Women also draw female characters with less child-like proportions (big head on tiny body, tiny soft hands, massive eyes and small mouth and nose area…), generally speaking. When women draw a man and a woman fucking, they usually only hide the male's face, draw male POV, or draw him as unattractive/plain as possible on request only.

No. 1694044

File: 1667607568468.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.59 KB, 1242x2208, 28287F0C-A1AF-4662-A484-9EB3E6…)

Lmao not really milk but here is something from they/them tiktok girl hell. I can’t rn.

No. 1694310

A white person trying to do edges doesn't negate the fact that you're fat, what's the point of this and why does it have 500k likes

No. 1694349

To get validation from poc I guess? A lot of people do that shit on TikTok.

No. 1694353

File: 1667638127064.jpeg (192.93 KB, 1125x692, 75DA7CA0-DB76-4778-A07B-E16D05…)

if you want to be lumped in with abusers and rapists so badly..

No. 1694369

File: 1667641225114.jpg (670.17 KB, 1267x945, psykoositiivistyy.jpg)

They really are like slowmotion trainwrecks, usually starting out as pretty normal, maybe a bit depressed but still clearly able to be passionate about their interests and do creative stuff, but as the troon psychosis deepens they deteriorate, starting to make content only about troonism, then becoming too depressed to post at all. The endgame is either 41% or detransition, obviously. The way this downward spiral gets repeated with each tif never ceases to fascinate me.

No. 1694370

File: 1667641236663.jpeg (358.85 KB, 1170x1028, 9CBA343A-3013-4AB4-B4FF-A6090B…)

The video is basically a gnc arab woman saying womanhood >>>>> and this she/they left this comment that is clearly inspired from that one tumblr post about how transwomen make womanhood look nice.

No. 1694391

The majority doesn't want phallo and not all of them are misogynist straights. Many transitioned due to trauma and only want to be seen as a man by society, because it makes them feel safer, but don't mind being seen as a woman in private by other women. That wasn't even what I was talking about, my point again was that the terf hating is performative, because it's required in trans spaces, especially of TiFs because they are looked at with suspicion by TiMs. A lot of them would have no trouble with their friends or family being oh so dreaded terfs, but they can't exactly admit that publicly. Whenever they question anything in trans spaces, they first have to shit on terfs to get people off their back about it, other wise they are the ones getting accused of being terfs. Or they get banned by one of the TiM mods. It's not always a form of externalized self loathing, probably in the majority of cases it isn't. It's something they have to put in their posts like you'd put 'kind regards' at the end of every email and I think too much stock is put into it.

No. 1694393

Well said

No. 1694424

>trans women showed me how to be women
Oh brother

No. 1694427

sorry for spoonfeeding but i really want to know what's so good about womanhood Tumbleretards can say
Also, i have never seen this gnc Arab woman but i would die for her

No. 1694588

I hate this shit. This isn’t directed at you nonnie, just the women who think like that. Men who’ve never had to deal with the oppression that comes with living in a female body do not get to speak about “womanhood”. There IS joy to be found in womanhood, but you don’t have to listen to a man talking about “euphoria boners” to find it. Look to your fellow women, find sisterhood and bonding, appreciate what your body is capable of and for how it’s unique. Men are the root of female suffering, I’m not about to listen to an oppressor tell me how good it is to be oppressed.

No. 1694617

One of my good friends I've known since 6th grade is like that and I silently distanced myself from her a few years ago because I got tired of this and it was clear she was sticking with it for a while. I feel bad but I'm not doing the pronoun song and dance. I asked her about T and she flatly said she's not interested

No. 1694619

File: 1667663778975.png (721.82 KB, 1080x1941, retardbitch.png)

Another nonbinary pedopandering nlog, probably a whore (18+ on the profile info). Why do so many genderspecials want to shit in diapers so bad?

No. 1694621

File: 1667663980448.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1972, Scregcs.png)

>looks like a 40 years old alcoholic
>Thinks she's a uwu kawaii loli

No. 1694633

My body image issues also got better after I saw how ugly male trannies are so I get her.

No. 1694641

What does this even mean. Tweets like this drain my soul because it just goes to show how the trans agenda really is just male fragility hiding behind a "leftist" ideal and everyone is eating it up. Soon, even criticizing men as an oppressor class is going to be a bigoted statement. It makes me really sad, it's like the side that was supposed to be empowering us is now turning against us. Maybe I'm missing the context but that's genuinely how I feel.

No. 1694660

Hopefully in another 10-15 years some of these artistic fakebois will have detransitioned and they’ll write some moving graphic novel memoirs unpacking the internalized misogyny that caused them to troon out in the first place.

No. 1694662

File: 1667668673374.png (6.74 MB, 1170x2532, B74CD633-5436-4111-975E-67CB62…)

It’s fascinating what exactly is masculine or male in you?

No. 1694663

I doubt most of them are that self-aware or faking their support for tranny ideology considering how many go through double mastectomies. Last night I went down a rabbit hole of old fandom blogs by women, from about 2006 to 2013, and most of them were already buying into gender theory back then, being inclusive of trans-identifying people and dumbass sexualities like pansexual and omnisexual. They were clearly well-intentioned and truly believed what they said (they wouldn't have faced backlash for not including troons), and I think that's the foundation of today's female-dominated online communities that are full of TIFs and most of them probably do believe all or most of this bullshit. But still, if I am right about this, I hope more of them start to peak, become self-aware and stop believing in trans nonsense.
Also insecure teenage girls can be manipulated easily by a cult like the tranny cult, and taught to really hate TERFs, though obviously not as violently as TIMs, so maybe most TIFs do think TERFs are bad people for invalidating trans identities and for calling TIMs fetishists and predators even if they don't show a burning hatred for TERFs.
But I truly hope you're right. After all, I've seen a lot of infighting between TIMs and TIFs that is basically the same as blaming women or men but instead of saying that, they say AFAB and AMAB, so I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of them were self-aware and faking their beliefs.

No. 1694664

File: 1667668837241.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1170x1908, 00D3A049-B952-41CF-A0DF-5264F7…)

Seriously so masculine
im aware that masculine and feminine are such bs concepts but people like op stress so much over how society views them and they want to be treated according to the masculine idea of society

No. 1694666

40 years old, more like 40 000, she straight-up looks like a neanderthal

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There are already so many fakebois who shit on anyone making blanket statements about how men have been historically abusive to women. They wouldn’t excuse that same thing with any other group that’s been hurt by another group, but for some reason it’s both important that they get lumped in with real men and also that male positivity is celebrated more than women’s experiences are listened to.